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No. 1335635

Last thread >>1321563
Nepotism thread >>>/snow/1623442

When the thread reaches 1000-1100 posts, remember to nominate which thread pic and name you would like to see for the next thread

>>1321623 , >>1322555 Leo Dicaprio breaks up with another one of his girlfriends after they turn 25, yawn.
>>1321884 A movie adaptation with Anne Hathaway as the lead , based of a book that was a harry styles fanfic.
>>1322114 Christine and the Queens singer troons out.
>>1322398 Demi Lovato did a interview on a Podcast where she talked about disney, being a addict and her ex.
>>1322416 , >>1322420 Lady Gaga's Stylist got accused of sexual assault by a model for her makeup brand 'Haus Labs' and according to him the team was aware.
>>1322538 Brendan Fraser in a fatsuit for a new role.
>>1322595 , >>1323295 Natalia Dyer looks malnourished.
>>1322734 anons questioning why Sweeney got typecasted into nudity scenes.
>>1323357 , >>1323369 Metallica frontman divorce, speculation that he cheated.
>>1323362 Avril Lavigne got a star on the Walk of Fame yesterday.
>>1323489 Johnny Depp had Kate moss take out a diamond necklace from inside his butt.
>>1323576 Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears are being accused of grooming a 14-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother.
>>1323666 , >>1323669 , >>1323671 , >>1323673 , >>1323729 , >>1323732 , >>1323733 , >>1323735 , >>1323739 , >>1326737 , >>1326738 , >>1327777 Kanye still sperging over Kim and other people on instagram.
>>1323697 , >>1329807 , >>1329808 , >>1329818 , >>1333193 Cara Delavigne looks unwell and is seen walking outside in socks, people wondering if she is doing heavy drugs.
>>1323957 KJ Apa(Archie from riverdale) was recently made the hereditary Samoan chief of his paternal home village.
>>1324559 Timmy Charlamed.
>>1324585 , >>1324587 , >>1324647 , >>1324651 Maneskin still looking like the last time they took a shower was 10 years ago, they also have a wardrobe malfunction during the VMA's which lead to their performance being removed and edited.
>>1324716 , >>1324718 , >>1324719 , >>1324720 Britney responded to her sons'tell-all interview interview where they seemingly absolve their father and her parents of their wrongs against her.
>>1324722 , >>1324758 Jameela Jamil got cancelled over misgendering.
>>1324737 (Jason Aldean’s wife) get backlash for a social media post where she thanked her parents for “not changing” her gender during her “tomboy phase.”.
>>1325408 , >>1325414 Paige Niemann (a well known ariana grande impersonator) is starting a OF and many people find it disrespectful because she is cosplaying as ariana.
>>1325621 Chris Rock still milking the will smith situation.
>>1325623 Sam smith did a tiktok with kim Petras and he had pee stains on his jeans……
>>1326909 Lana del Rey.
>>1327936 (maneksin) Damiano's Fiancée wrote a poem book which portrays their relationship as toxic.
>>1328092 Marina selfie…thats it.
>>1328449 , >>1330500 Gerard way stage pics….looks like a mess
>>1328858 , >>1328864 , >>1328884 , >>1328863 , >>1329587 Kim Kardashian for the cover of some magazine, bleached brows and looks uncanny valley.
>>1329890 Alleged ''sources'' are saying Leo is interested in Gigi Hadid.
>>1330035 , >>1330036 First official look at Margot Robbie in Babylon.
>>1330298 , >>1330300 Azealia Banks rants about Kanye.
>>1332097 Ricky Martin is now suing his Nephew 20million $ over the allegations.
>>1333724 Halle Bailey in the new Ariel movie, looks stunning.

Dont Worry Darling drama continuation : >>1327213 , >>1327215 , >>1328133 , >>1328633 , >>1328775 ,
>>1328723 , >>1328705 , >>1328717 , >>1328742 , >>1330023 , >>1330820 , >>1330960

No. 1335663

File: 1662904186683.png (378.64 KB, 712x571, Screenshot 2022-09-09 201325.p…)

No. 1335665

File: 1662904252182.jpg (53.04 KB, 544x679, su9xew9j.jpg)

Rihanna looks glowing i guess its from all that extra money from selling ketchup as makeup to her dumb stans.

No. 1335666

File: 1662904342521.jpeg (399.66 KB, 1365x2048, 99B74B28-C644-458C-9A4F-550C56…)

I get she has just had a baby. But she looks awful here imo, weight gain doesn’t ‘look good on her’ like Twitter are praising her for. Not ana but she looks better skinnier

No. 1335668

Omg anon kek I posted this just after you with a different opinion sorry

No. 1335684

I saw another pic of her lately where it looked like she was wearing a t-shirt as a dress. Her thighs were all lumpy (at the front, not even the back) I don't like seeing celebs stress themselves trying to slim down after a baby but just a couple inches of extra fabric would look better.

No. 1335686

photoshop vs reality kek

No. 1335687

No. 1335689

Saying "not ana" doesnt make you less of one anon rihanna doesnt even look bad esp for someone who was formerly pregnant

No. 1335701

I only said it because I knew I would be called one, I also said I know she has just had a baby. She doesn't look good either.

No. 1335712

File: 1662906588573.jpg (272.63 KB, 1242x1554, FcTi1IzXEAMk7xv.jpg)

nice try but both are pictures taken by the paparazzi.
anon i understand but….she literally gave birth recently its normal for her to gain weight, almost all pregnant women gain weight and then it takes them time for their body to heal after giving birth, why are we weight sperging for something thats normal/biological.
Also Rihanna has a ectomorph body to me so im sure she will lose weight fast.

No. 1335716

>nice try
Nta but I'm pretty sure it was a joke nonnie. We can tell they're both papp pics but one just doesn't show her lower half. That's obvious.

No. 1335736

File: 1662907683891.jpg (80.74 KB, 720x392, 20220911_160613.jpg)

Ray J has released a video accusing Kris Jenner of not paying him money he was promised in return for releasing the sex tape. Could a nonny who knows how to post videos grab it? I think its interesting that this has come about immediately after Kanye literally saying that Kris is going to pimp his daughter out to the public exactly like she is being accused of rn

No. 1335766

I didn’t get a chance to post this in the last thread. Just want to clear the air on Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel. When she did this performance at the Grammies in 2019 (Halle is on the right) the director was so impressed he asked her to audition.

No. 1335799

I think she looks fine, but that skirt does her no favors. It's way too small, her legs barely have room to move. She'd look better in something that fit her.

No. 1335841

Honestly it's not surprising at all, her voice is beautiful

No. 1335870

Yeah her voice really fits Ariel, shame the movie looks so dull, casting her might turn out to be the only nice thing about it.

No. 1335871

File: 1662915988061.jpg (90.68 KB, 831x696, just no.JPG)

The desperation is real

No. 1335928

i think she looks good. i'd analyze her body further but there's no point honestly

No. 1335968

What's the reason that Demi Lovato's antics died down? Like a year ago she was constantly saying dumb shit for attention and now she's very mellow.

No. 1335980

isn't he like 70

No. 1335982

Not even the faggots would want this one.

No. 1336013

File: 1662922663796.gif (1.74 MB, 244x166, B7FEF2E5-4A3A-49B8-91A1-AD974B…)

No. 1336032

File: 1662923841928.jpg (345.15 KB, 720x1157, 20220911_203433.jpg)

We really need to rescue her kids like what the fuck is this? Kim is going to replace Kris one day and do exactly the same shit

No. 1336034

I bet his zoomer burger stans were seething kek

No. 1336045

File: 1662924554923.jpeg (83.41 KB, 1100x1067, F1CDBA48-C343-4D7A-ADC8-4B53FF…)

No. 1336047

the nude photoshoot she was watching kim do made me sick. i hate that its a meme and no one talks about how gross it is

No. 1336053

it’s bizarre because that type of toxic mom-ager relationship with their kids would usually cause severe self-esteem/identity issues like kim has, oh wait.. KEK

No. 1336058

she just needs to learn to accommodate her weight now. like another anon said the dress leaves barely any room for her legs to move, so she should’ve worn a less tight dress/one with a bit more fabric. it would’ve worked when she was smaller.

No. 1336060

she lost weight

No. 1336063

this is so fucking sick. we knew that kris exploited the sex tape, but knowing she watched and chose the "best" takes?? disgusting. kanye is a nut but he is not wrong about kris planning to pimp out north and chicago

No. 1336103

I feel like his wife would be a cow, imagine actively pursuing this old scrote

No. 1336124

File: 1662927799468.png (10.74 KB, 468x425, 1281377879965.png)

excuse me what the fuck

No. 1336135

File: 1662928509859.jpg (288.68 KB, 720x1159, 20220911_215412.jpg)

This is my fault for shit talking the Hyperion rumours

No. 1336162

isn't a black actor meant to be replacing him as superman, kek, why must these movies cape so hard for woke people? why must the source material keep being changed in media?

No. 1336164

I feel like it's very obvious that this is a troll tweet from a troll account.

No. 1336165

Apparently she went on James Corden's show to take a lie detector test and clear her name. Tl;dw it came back saying she was telling the truth and definitely for sure didn't orchestrate her own daughter's sex tape, as if that carnival game meets any kind of modern standard of verification.

No. 1336169

There's no way to actually verify a lie, be it on tv show or during criminal interrogation. Even assuming this thing has the best lie detector in the world and is not set up to show whatever the guests wants it to show, she'd still have months to prepare herself for it. And with months of preparation literally anyone would be able to come out of police's custody fully passing the lie detector test. So yeah, circus show really

No. 1336202

I mean is everyone surprised? They wanted to be famous so badly lol
I remember back in the day when this scandal happened i dlded the vid just out of curiosity. I rarely watch porn but that shit was SO boring kek.
I wish the Kardashians never got famous, they are pure garbage tier.
Oh, and just as a blast from the past, remember when Kim tried to get into singing?

No. 1336234

psychopaths pass lie detector because they have no emotions therefore no bodily reactions to lying

No. 1336259

Ayrt, I'm actually surprised she went for it because it makes her look less credible, if anything. I think it's common knowledge these days that these things are bunk.

No. 1336302

File: 1662940377149.png (689.37 KB, 500x700, gwen-stefani-no.png)

Sorry i'll bring back a discussion from the last thread but i kind of love that Gwen Stefani looks this good at 53, even if it's surgery. I know radfem spaces hate on surgery/fillers, and for very legitimate reasons, i hate what it does to young women, the race to perfect yourself for scrotes, the unrealistic proportions, etc.

But to me, the fact that women can now KEEP their "young beauty" well into their 50s is such a win. Moids have been insulting us for centuries, thinking they age better than us when really a beautiful woman is always so much more appealing than a beautiful man, even to a straight woman like myself. Now we can keep that beauty with fillers and what can the moids do? Just shut the fuck up like the subhumans monkeys they are. No man is as beautiful at 53 as Gwen Stefani is, no man at all. I'm not thirty yet so i don't care but i think i'll do botox and fillers too so i can stay beautiful and continue to mog moids like the superior queen i am. XY can rot while i keep my beauty to myself, because when you look like that at 53 no man your age is worth your time. Don't get me wrong i also love to see old women looking old and making scrotes seethe, but i love that simultaneously you have gorgeous older women kept fresh by fillers/botox and they're mogging the shit out of moids in their twenties.

No. 1336306

No. 1336311

>thinking beauty is the most important thing in life and somehow women can own da moids by falling for capitalism and modern beauty standards
sad. i want to be an old ugly hag.

No. 1336313

I remember one commentary channel and a bunch of commenters on the video being the only people who called this out and thought it was nasty. It doesn't get talked about enough.


No. 1336325

I relate to the keeping your beauty to myself part, that's kind of why I want surgery tbh. I am just a perfectionist. But at the same time, I feel uncomfortable promoting surgery like this to other women because the reality is that most women get surgery for scrote attention.

No. 1336336

Good for you and i love that, perhaps i'll grow to love looking like an old hag, i don't know yet. I certainly don't think beauty is the most important thing in life, at least not in the way i judge other people (women), but it is an important part of who i am i must admit. I'm used to being beautiful and if i can keep this beauty, i'll be happy to indulge, but i know it's a bit of a narcissistic thing. I just want to continue mogging moids.

I get you sis, we're the same. I know i should shut my mouth because God forbid i make it sound like surgery is needed or something. I'm just a perfectionist, i don't care about scrotes i hate them and don't even have a libido.

No. 1336345

Her body looks great, the skirt is definitely too small though.

No. 1336347


This has to be bait.

Gwen doesn't look like the pic you posted. Go back to the previous thread and see what she looks like now.

Fillers, botox and surgery look like fillers, botox and surgery. They don't make you "keep your looks" at all. "Gorgeous older women kept fresh" what the fucking fuck. "Mogging moids" by falling for moid standards and moid capitalism hook line and sinker? Make it make sense. Deprogram yourself sis

No. 1336354


No. 1336361

Maybe he's trying to appeal to the bug chasing community kek

No. 1336366

I am here with the Gerard Way update

Has he been reading this thread nonnies?

Spotted at YSL in the city 2 days ago and is performing in a suit tonight (could it be from YSL?)

No. 1336368

File: 1662946344930.jpeg (321.87 KB, 1284x1120, 19E57D7A-1908-4657-9B4D-058027…)

Samefag, nevermind as I just saw a pic and it’s a horrendous outfit. Some kind of button down shirt with disgusting gelled slicked back hair and a baggy jacket. Business as usual for our boy

No. 1336372

The fat guy is the one with the least terrible cheeks in the thumbnail.

No. 1336375

File: 1662946943307.png (528.91 KB, 504x541, gwen.PNG)

i am picking up what you are putting down, but gwen went too far. she looks insane.

No. 1336386

>i'll mog moids by trying to cater to their insane expectations of women not daring to age
Please come to your senses. The way to "mog" them is by not giving a shit what they spout (because its bullshit anyway, plenty of women in their 50s have a romantic life - nevermind in that age your biggest concern should be your health anyway, not fucking fillers) at any point in your life and collect as many wrinkles as you're designed to. If you're beautiful now, you'll still be beautiful with wrinkles and aging.

No. 1336392

I remember that interview she gave once where she said she always woke up before Gavin to do her makeup so he'd never see her without it then she would wash her face and do it over again later in the day so it looked fresh. She did all of that for a man who clearly never wanted her, cheated on her with the nanny, and had a history of fucking troons. Gwen is a very sad woman.

No. 1336427

this is weird. it's like she's wearing an IG filter

No. 1336428

Did she say that? That's literally quote on quote Dolly Parton talking about her marriage

No. 1336446

I’m with you nonitas, I mean I’m the one who has to wake up every day and look at myself in the mirror so you best believe I invest in a face that I like looking at but I’m also a raging lezzer who hates moids so I give less than zero fucks what they think

No. 1336450

File: 1662954317659.png (433.3 KB, 740x1372, Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 8.39…)

Welp, the reviews for 'Blonde" are out on Letterboxd, content warnings are up on IMDB and it looks like we were right. People are calling it gratuitous, violent rape porn and Ana de Armas is nude for half of the movie.

No. 1336451

File: 1662954339271.png (856.4 KB, 850x1312, Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 8.44…)


No. 1336456

men should never direct anything but explosion scenes. reminder not to watch so netflix isnt encouraged to make more shit like this

No. 1336466

saw a headline saying this shit got a 15-minute standing ovation at some film festival.

No. 1336471

This is literally repulsive, who the fuck would want to watch this? Why is real abuse so graphically shown and some reason people think wow it’s actually so deep and sad! If you’ve ever been through anything like that you know it’s fucking retarded to depict it like that and I hate all the men who will no doubt jerk off to the movie and the casual Netflix users who might be traumatized because of it. Like everyone made a big stink about Cuties so they better get the big guns out for this right? Or is rape so normalized that we can make it artsy for a movie and defend it by saying it’s bringing attention to the truth as if it’s needed to be so graphic to tell the fucking story. Anyway I hate this shit and I thought we’d gotten past the point of rape being some plot device or something to shock the audience into feeling emotion or uncomfortable.

No. 1336484

what doesn't get a 15 minute standing ovation? feel like i've heard more than a few times

No. 1336486

Shut the fuck up. A woman will create a whole life that she carried inside of her body for 9 months and then go out in full glam to feel good about herself and somebody will always have to give their stupid brokey mc broke opinion about her body.

No. 1336490

She has continued to look amazing until this recent round of facial fillers. Now she has the standard pillow face which is depressing.

No. 1336493

File: 1662959406278.jpeg (112.35 KB, 828x447, 9326263A-3B2D-4264-888E-950E6D…)

A vaginal POV of a rape…I’m not sensitive at all but this made me want to throw up just reading. Why are males allowed to be so fucking disgusting and make this shit up, proud to put their name on it?
Ana de Armas was in some Eli Roth movie I watched and to blackmail the main character she has sex with him against his will while he’s tied up to a bed and moids were absolutely seething in the comments about how unfair it is to show men being sexually abused in a movie. It wasn’t even graphic so the double standard is fucking insane. I hope people start making films that trigger and traumatize men in some way and then defend it as being purely for artistic reasons and to stop being offended.

No. 1336494

i can't say i'm surprised. this so so bleak. this will be praised forever considering then

No. 1336496

wow, unreal. honestly i think many moid directors would be more subtle with their misogyny but they way this one is publicly and very obviously aggravated by sensible and obvious criticism speaks volumes. forced labor camps now.

No. 1336511

I guess the "POV" shot is supposed to be of an abortion. Still, wtf.

No. 1336514

And multiple reviews have mentioned the fetuses talk to her

No. 1336523

that… makes it so much worse

No. 1336528

There was no reason for this movie to be made. I think Marilyn would be horrified and heartbroken by this portrayal, and that's enough for me to not ever watch it.

No. 1336550

Why haven’t more people realized that movies and television shows like this include these scenes not for production value but because they get to be on set watching women debase themselves naked for take after take for hours at a time. Genuinely just an excuse to be a pervert.

No. 1336554

Regardless of what you think of her, this is a brutal misogynistic act of disrespect to the memory of a real human being. Imagine if you died and moids made a movie where the most traumatic moments of your life were gratuitously exploited for sexual kicks and then new shit was made up or portrayed that never even happened to you, just to make it even worse. Poor Marilyn, she must be rolling in her grave. Fuck men. I hope nobody watches this piece of shit "film" its so abusive and degrading

No. 1336555

This is grim. She looks like a fma homunculus splice of jeffree star x iggy azalea

No. 1336556

File: 1662965624905.jpeg (7.02 KB, 211x238, download (27).jpeg)

No. 1336565

File: 1662966296321.jpg (28.39 KB, 512x280, Trisha choke.jpg)

im losing it at this post

No. 1336567

>faggot trisha paytas meme
Go back

No. 1336576

nta but no you go back, retard.

No. 1336578

i love thick Rihanna she looks like baroness that feeds human peasants to her cage creatures

No. 1336582

Why is that ketchup gacha thing even allowed again? Is it actually legal?

No. 1336588

did she actually sell ketchup?

No. 1336618

No, in partnership with an art collective, Fenty Beauty sold lip glosses in ketchup looking packets.

No. 1336633

Yes, she sold ketchup. The box set had both lipgloss packets and real ketchup packets.

No. 1336636

>Vaginal POV of rape
You can not convince me that this isn't made by someone who is going to be in a lot of trouble for sexual assault in a few years

>"other than the rape parts, there is is still a sense of rape"
I don't know how to interpret this but I can guarantee you it's not the sense that women have about rape. This is a very weird and fetishy thing, I don't believe for a second that degenerate would care enough about the terror of rape to make anything that doesn't line up with fetish shit

No. 1336674

Male directors stop including graphic rape scenes in their movies challenge [IMPOSSIBLE]
And of course such movies get praise for being so "demanding" and "raw", as if it's not everyones kink to see actresses degraded in such scenes

No. 1336681

File: 1662978520260.gif (531.29 KB, 245x283, 8F3AB7C0-A436-4B90-86AB-61FC72…)

I wonder what he is up to?

No. 1336691

Moids need to be banned from doing anything other than physical labour.

No. 1336698

I started watching The Hateful 8 earlier today and of course Tarantono's incel ass has a woman getting punched in the face and bloodied for talking back to a man while the male characters smile at each other smugly right in the beginning. I turned that shit off, his movies are fucking stupid anyways with the pacing and intolerable zing zing zing quippy nature of the dialogue. I don't even care if it's relevant to the dumbass story, you just know he loves that shit.

No. 1336712

File: 1662981042329.jpg (264.52 KB, 379x409, 1659459170514832.jpg)

is it a redflag if a woman loves Tarantino movies? i started chatting with 'friend of a friend' because she complained she doesn't have friends, and her only friends are men.

No. 1336731

i'm not surprised, he defended polanski before and tried claiming what happened "wasn't true rape" or some shit

No. 1336736

I hated how he mutilated the woman’s in that fatty dicaprio Hollywood movie he made recently. I genuinely think he hates women and it excites him to mutilate their beauty or some similar deranged shit.

No. 1336765

Tarantino disgusts me on an astronomical level. His face could only belong to a man who enjoys sniffing feet, I hate looking at him. He also created one of the cringiest moments in history when he went on BET and started talking in ebonics to the hosts while they sat there visibly uncomfortable. This was like a decade ago, I don't know if the clip is still around. Thanks for listening to me nonas it felt good to get this off my chest

No. 1336798

This is straight up just porn from those descriptions, so netflix hosts porn now

No. 1336866

Look what they've done to my Joyce Carol Oates

No. 1336899

File: 1662995440212.jpeg (114.3 KB, 750x405, 695668A2-A715-4307-8F7D-5C15B8…)

Yes, on Howard Stern, he said it wasn’t true rape because it wasn’t violent and the 13 y/o girl asked for it. He also accepts that Polanski is a pedophile but still defended him because scrote logic
>Later in the exchange, Tarantino told Stern he accepted the act was illegal, and that he'd "beat the hell" out of a man who had sex with his 13-year-old daughter, if he had one.
He went on: "I don't believe that's rape. I believe it's against the law. I don't believe it's rape. Not at 13 - not for these 13-year-old party girls."
Quivers told Tarantino that Polanski could have avoided the situation by not socialising with 13-year-olds, to which the director responded: "He likes girls."

No. 1336901

File: 1662995643986.jpeg (112.91 KB, 828x1137, 1.jpeg)

all reviews are of people being super shocked, even men.
i hope it flops and gets even more backlash, hollywood degenerates really thought they could get away with openly showing their subhuman depravity without normal people being disgusted…

No. 1336902

I really wish there was any movie I could think of where a man gets sexually abused in this type of way and the entire movie is based around his objectification. Someone needs to make that and when men complain we can use the same arguments they use, calling them puritanical prudes who don’t understand art.

No. 1336903

File: 1662995681746.jpeg (160.58 KB, 828x1338, 2.jpeg)

>the rape scenes are unending

No. 1336909

Once you stop caring about conventional beauty standards in yourself and others, it feels like a huge burden is lifted and you can devote more time to things that actually matter. 10/10 would recommend

No. 1336912

Knowing it got this 15 minutes applause I wonder how people can watch exploitation like this and applaud it.

No. 1336913


No. 1336915

File: 1662996350392.png (217.32 KB, 521x853, Screenshot 2022-09-12 112623.p…)

There are other interviews where she goes more into it.

No. 1336929

Kill Bill is good.

No. 1336935

AYRT & nah, for a lot of people it's just Not That Deep. You should (nicely) challenge her thoughts about Tarantino & tell her how he's a piece of misogynistic shit though. Also, >>1336929 this. Even though he gave Uma Thurman a concussion & damaged her knees during filming because he wouldn't stop pressuring her to do an unsafe stunt for a car scene.

No. 1336936

Not sexualized, but the panned biopic Wired (1989) and The Doors Biopic hate their protagonists (John Belushi and Jim Morrison) and seem to revel in their suffering and downfall. Deliverance has a graphic male rape scene but it’s not a biopic.

about 10% of the reviews for the movie on letterboxd are from people who actually seen it and it’s pretty mixed. Meanwhile twittertards are massively reviewbombing it

No. 1336944

Tarantino is a good writer/director, he's just a piece of shit as a person.

No. 1336953

I used to love Kill Bill bc I adore Uma but I can’t watch it any more after I learned how he treated her during filming. He literally has a fetish for women dying in firey car crashes and that’s why he made her do all those unsafe things. He is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1336958

File: 1662998432765.jpeg (142.76 KB, 828x638, 7DFDFB14-57B4-45B5-9836-2FA16E…)

im pretty sure his movies are all just good because of the editor. the editor is the one who really clips the whole movie together, he just directed the filming. iirc there was actually over 10 hours of the movie filmed and they had to cut it down. the editor of kill bill (and maybe his other films im not sure) is also a woman.

No. 1336960

Go figure, a woman puts in the real work and gets none of the credit, ha

No. 1336962


No. 1336969

Muh reviewbombing oh no! Who gives a fuck, it’s called people protesting a film that relies on unnecessary rape scenes to make a point about a woman that’s been objectified and milked as content for decades after her death. I’m sure plenty of those people don’t need to witness the multiple rapes to know they wouldn’t like that in a movie. Film bros care more about movie scores than they do about having any moral stance.

No. 1336980

File: 1662999474204.jpeg (309.19 KB, 828x644, 1C180D29-BBB2-4392-BC04-938774…)

RIP Sally Menke, i hope people one day give her the credit she deserves ♥

No. 1336986

I will review bomb it right now. That sick fuck made up fake rapes to raise views. He deserves to lose every penny.

No. 1336993

So I actually liked Once Upon A Time in Hollywood more than I thought I would, because of the twist ending that Sharon Tate isn't attacked. The Manson followers getting their asses kicked instead was awesome

No. 1336996

literal moid behaviour. more people are going to want to see the movie if you talk about how terrible it is

No. 1337012

If people hear about how basically the whole movie is rape porn and they still want to see it, that's their problem

No. 1337030

Exactly. If you label a movie badly told rape porn that has no real meaning or story and someone goes to see it well guess what they probably just like rape porn and you should stop talking to them. They’re vile

No. 1337155

Nta but I liked it for that reason as well, nona. I honestly was expecting something brutal just like irl, especially knowing that Tarantino is a freak, so that was actually a huge relief.

No. 1337191

File: 1663013110320.jpeg (435.84 KB, 864x1080, titties.jpeg)

so i guess this is why meghan was kinda mia lately

No. 1337198

File: 1663013444705.jpg (89.25 KB, 679x453, megan-fox-boob-job8-.jpg)

NTA. Looks like it, there's no way that flimsy bra is pushing anything up. Not surprising she'd get a boob job considering what she did to her face. Also they look terrible from picrel's angle

No. 1337207

Agreed this is fucking sick and they'd never do this to a scrote, Marilyn seems to be an easy target for these misogynistic creeps.

No. 1337216

good, i'll seethe too. stop validating this magical blood bullshit and get rid of royals.

No. 1337217

>uterus closeup

No. 1337219

yah who cares. her weight goes to her boobs and thighs anyway. she just looks larger, it's not like the's the wrong shape at all.

No. 1337225

anon she is COVERED in slap in that picture. she's a very beautiful woman but she spends the equivalent of one of my paychecks on face putty every day, not to mention all the tasteful/well-done(aka even MORE expensive) botox and detail work that literally all a-list women are required to get now to "maintain" their appearance. aging is natural, and the development of better techonology to hide it (that women still have to PAY for so it's not a "win" at all) just means standards are higher than ever.

No. 1337226

Wow, those are way up on her collarbones. I’m largely against PS but from what I remember when my mom got hers done they’re supposed to drop into place or something. Hopefully this isn’t the final look because if it is they look ridiculous.

No. 1337229

I love her too but she wouldn't even kiss a woman for a million dollars/instagram likes. Still I can dream.

No. 1337231

uhhh her natural ones look perfect? why do people do this? did her moid make her do it?

No. 1337234

Nonnies are going to drag me for this, but I like his outfit in this pic. Reminds me of how I used to dress up my ken dolls kek

No. 1337235

Sorry anon, I deleted the post cause I thought it was a stupid question kek. I just genuinely never noticed that she had her boobs done.

No. 1337250

File: 1663018181192.png (792.88 KB, 742x678, harrystyles.png)

Is he that bad? kek

No. 1337255


No. 1337268

I hate men. I truly do. How many times will moid ""artists"" and ""directors"" keep pulling this shit and keep getting praised, with their ""art"" of shamelessly showing their blatant xy defect being considered something of value? Nothing changed.

No. 1337302

Yeah they're supposed to drop, afaik it could take a whole year before they finally look good. Some of them never do though. Getting a boob job is such a gamble.
Dw! I didn't notice at first glance either, but with a comparison pic it's pretty obvious.

No. 1337337

She got a nosejob and ruined her entire face. She looks like a girl cosplaying Gwen on Halloween.

No. 1337339

This should have never been greenlit to make. How incredibly disrespectful. Marylin was a real woman, not a fictional porn idol.

No. 1337341


gotchu babes

No. 1337343

what a pick me ass bitch.

No. 1337349

I hate her fake tits so much. they look so bad. women need to stop doing this to themselves. She was a natural beauty before all the surgery.

No. 1337357

I actually like Gwen (although I don't know much about her as a person), she seems sweet. But it's mind-blowing how desperate she gets in relationships. When you listen to the songs from Return of Saturn and Rock Steady and realize almost all of them are about her relationship with Gavin… and that's when she was so successful and beautiful. It's almost painful to listen to.

No. 1337360

File: 1663024359193.jpeg (184.25 KB, 724x1080, frogface.jpeg)

dunno what he's trying to do here, but it's not working. and whoever is telling him that it is, is lying.
this colour only emphasizes his frog-like features

No. 1337364

looks like trinny and susannah styled him kek

No. 1337367

Too many shades of green plus cream colored shoes. This is real bad.

No. 1337373

He looks like a randomly generated sim that enters the house without permission and gets a bowl of cereal and starts laughing at the wall

No. 1337377

No. 1337382

>dunno what he's trying to do here
He thinks he's the new Queen of England

No. 1337389


No. 1337400

He looks like a cartoon leprechaun. First he forces Americans of all people to clap for the Queen of England and now he’s done this. Someone needs to stop him

No. 1337404

File: 1663026899593.jpg (24.83 KB, 393x438, CATVLFgWoAAVtdg.jpg)

if it wasn't for the bottom-half this would have been an ok hetro-normative outfit. For Rupaul.

No. 1337415

I love how he makes any outfit idea aggressively lame. He makes anything look straight, i can imagine a jock wearing the exact same outfit and i wouldn’t think much of it only to spire Harry and his stand.
A dress/makeup/handbag doesn’t make you queer. No matter what he does Harry will always look like the straightest man ever

No. 1337429

Is he in one of those mobility scooters now

No. 1337430

This outfit reminds me of Shayna with her ugly mismatched pinks. Whoever is putting him in these outfits needs to be put down like Old Yeller.

No. 1337433

Thank you nona for finding it, but also how dare you make me watch it again

No. 1337434

File: 1663029271072.jpg (102.68 KB, 1170x1397, slmr8oas1gn91.jpg)

kill me

No. 1337438

File: 1663029900297.jpg (85.14 KB, 1242x1683, lqd6fqqbgin91.jpg)

No. 1337446

No. 1337448

No. 1337451


No. 1337452

There’s no hope for women

No. 1337453

Lemme guess this was directed by a moid?

No. 1337455

also he's fucking ugly

No. 1337456

straight women have some standards challenge

seriously though. it's insane to see how crazy beautiful and successful women go over lazy pieces of shit who cheat on them every night.

No. 1337458

As a former fat I can confidently say it’s not fatphobic to say that skinny people look skinnier next to fat people

No. 1337460

yeah men who wear stripper heels all get dysplasia. it wouldn't happen if they occasionally wore a day/kitten heel or flat, but drag retards only see women as a costume made of extremes.

No. 1337462

former fats are like that "i'm trans" at the funeral meme. we don't care that you learned how to close your mouth for more than 5 minutes at a time. you don't get a medal.

No. 1337463

i don't like hillary but at least she earned things by doing work.

"i don't cook, i don't clean, let me tell you how i got this ring"
>purpose of life is to "get" things from moids
>one way to earn prizes is cook and clean for the moid like a servant
>the other way is prostitution
>those are the only two options
>support from men is the only goal in life

how is that dumbass song in any way "feminist"

No. 1337470

>Skinny people looking skinny next to fatasses isn’t fatphobia
Meanwhile you, for some reason
Goodness kek

No. 1337476

Ty for laying out exactly why that song never sat right with me. It made me feel gross but I couldn’t articulate why.

No. 1337492

im crying thank you

No. 1337498

>constantly calls people fat and tells them to lose weight
you bone rattlers are something else

No. 1337499

File: 1663035041749.jpg (274.22 KB, 1080x1570, indiewire.jpg)

My Policeman isn't doing so great in terms of reviews. I wonder if between this and DWD Hairy has finally peaked as a spicy straight/queerbaiter?

No. 1337501

File: 1663035104511.jpg (193.62 KB, 1080x1120, iw.jpg)

No. 1337506

Fat positivity community aside, I've always felt some people feel bitter about fat people losing weight because now they lose their punching bags and they are jealous of the attention and praise they get. I've even heard the whole muh loose skin stuff being spewed from skinny people who actively want to deter them from losing weight.

No. 1337511

File: 1663035451955.jpeg (255.19 KB, 828x412, 116F619E-C312-48F9-88F0-C7CBB0…)

No. 1337512

You’re right anon, it’s weird and it just feels like they want to have reasons to put other women down and it’s easier to pick on fat women who are visibly overweight. I think the whole “health at every size” and most of the body positivity movement is bullshit but the only thing more annoying than that are anachans who are constantly tearing other women apart for even the smallest weight gain/loss.

No. 1337521

>small rock look small next to big rock
oh no this is bigrockphobic

No. 1337522

i didn't tell anyone to lose weight. idgaf about people's weight stories, dreams, or haircut plans

No. 1337524

top and pants are okay he could lose the jacket and bulky chain. also fuck the nail polish can we please leave guys wearing nail polish back in 2008 where it belonged?

No. 1337525

nta but for me, it's that people who lost weight are often like the haydur nation types. they have to bring up their life's story to explain how they're better than ALR/chantal/whoever. former fats judge fat people the most.

No. 1337527

she's fast becoming the new marilyn. i'm glad she's free and hope she stays that way. i don't trust her weirdo husband.

No. 1337531

That's not a good thing anon

No. 1337535

Still obsessed with Christina. Both Selena and Christina have unfollowed her recently.

No. 1337536

Lol she really has a grudge against Christina Aguilera

No. 1337539

I get your attitude but the only reason that you’ll “mog” men is because they are not willing to degrade themselves as much as you. They could also do these things and look good as well, but it isn’t worth it to them because they would see it as fucked up and they have enough money / social power that they don’t need to.

No. 1337540

It's /ot/ and blogposting is allowed, so you'll see more of it. Get used to it kek.

No. 1337552

File: 1663037535895.jpg (65.13 KB, 750x807, EBHVJ_gUYAEsAcw.jpg)

No. 1337567


No. 1337570

She's like "omg the poors grow plants in their sinks!!!" Stupid bitch

No. 1337571

I used to hate her but I lowkey love and admire her for being an actual girl boss. In the docuseries American Crime Story Impeachment there’s this story of Hillary seeing her old high school ex and Bill feeling cocky because he’s some hillbilly man and she must feel like she won the lotto since she’s now married to the president. Bill asks her if she feels lucky that she married him and she goes “No because if I married that other guy then he’d be President”. Such a good scene, if it’s a fake story then I’d be really sad because Hillary does really seem to be the brains behind Bill’s entire career tbh.

No. 1337587

Girl boss! Protecting pedos and rapists for power and money!

No. 1337589

yes i know, that's why i said it. she's becoming the new symbol of women imprisoned by moids that think they own her. please learn english better.

No. 1337591

grudge? or jealous of what she perceives as freedom and having avoided being treated as a laughingstock?

No. 1337592

that's what boy bosses do too, anon. if you want that career, you gotta watch someone fuck a kid.
that's why i went into a trade.

No. 1337594

I'd be kinda surprised if hillbillies had attended the same school as her.

No. 1337598

she lived in Park Ridge, in Chicago. According to Wikipedia, in 1950 the population was 99.9% white. and the top employers are the hospitals and the school district. so its not far fetched that she attended the same school as a hillbilly. her dad owned a small textile business and her mom was a housewife. it's not like she was rich.

No. 1337623

They look like they hurt

No. 1337625


No. 1337639

File: 1663043994952.jpeg (20.72 KB, 320x266, 586A8B3C-6508-4DDA-BE82-F95515…)

No. 1337662

Do you love her for dismissing a 12 year old rape victim too?

No. 1337664

I think Bob Odenkirk deserved an Emmy. I really don't give a shit about Squid Games because its a blant Kaiji rip-off, and of course a shitty Euphoria won too. Surprised that Selena Gomez mid-tier show won too. Meh! Anyone watched the Emmys?

No. 1337674

what the fuck is he doing, lmao
One of the comments is perfect, "This is like season 1 Michael Scott"

No. 1337689

Ugh, he didn't get one? Did Rhea seehorn at least get one

No. 1337705

File: 1663052204081.png (352.1 KB, 1903x868, emmys2022.png)

No… But of course Zendaya with a shitshow called Euphoria won. I wouldn't mind her winning but Euphoria of all things… eugh.
I am happy for Succession because I heard it's a great show. Only Murderers left the building won 3 Emmys in Creative Arts ceremonies.

No. 1337715

Squid game was a shitty fad show, only popular because people on Netflix obsess over Asian media and the premise of death games is intriguing. The main character who won also has DUI and assault history. I did get entertainment from the show but not much else at all, he wasn’t even that good of an actor it felt goofy and overdone to be on Emmy winner level.

No. 1337720

Credit when credit is due, imho Zendaya deserved that Emmy, she was incredible in that one episode showing Rue relapsing

No. 1337725

i prefer to not watch a porn version of skins.

No. 1337742

It was pretty good, but Emmy worthy? Doubt

No. 1337754

File: 1663058879968.jpg (40.77 KB, 1019x836, Nicki-Minaj-Releases-Music-Vid…)

anyone else follow the Nicki Minaj drama?
i'm so tired of this nasty pedo enabler and her retarded fan base. she always comes up with an excuse to start beef with new rap girls as soon as they get too successful for her or, god forbid, collab with cardi. her rabid fans chew up anyone who dare say anything about her without realizing that hating every one of her peers isn't normal or justified.
i can't wait for the day that a Nicki feature becomes meaningless and the new girls stop accepting her offers. super freaky girl was the laziest sample that's come out in a while and she managed to make the "hot girl summer" catchphrase stale in her song with Meg. why are gays and women even capping for a rapist apologist?

No. 1337755

File: 1663059005639.jpg (411.81 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20220913_105013.jpg)

shit like this happens monthly with this woman and it always gets brushed aside.

No. 1337758

She also tried to make fun of Garcelle for having a white ex-husband. It's funny cause just a few days ago Cardi B subtweeted her and said "Let's not talk about husbands". I would post caps but it's deleted and I'm not going to dig it up.

No. 1337764

grooming most likely

No. 1337771

Who is she beefing with now? I watched the music video and the song is so uninspiring. I feel like they tried to recreate anaconda but miserabily failed. She still has some years of relevancy I guess

No. 1337789


No. 1337800

File: 1663066692285.jpeg (39.41 KB, 574x368, C16783E7-5BB3-4C19-8A6E-5B035F…)

I am genuinely so upset at the Emmys snubbing better call saul not a single win?? not even one? the man was legally dead on set for five minutes and they had the audacity to snub one of the greatest shows on tv like that..
I can understand succession winning best drama series but that squid game motherfucker (a literal who) winning best actor?? Fuck that dumbass show and fuck netflix the koreans need to stick to korea Im so over the influx of shoving korean media down our throats

No. 1337809

Squid Game wasn’t even GOOD. It was just that month’s hype show. Has anyone even mentioned it since it came out?

Meanwhile, I’m constantly hearing
About how amazing BCS is.

No. 1337812

File: 1663068240120.png (1018.18 KB, 954x1376, l3gecD7.png)

Doja Cat's been raging at people lately

No. 1337816

She just said based shit though

No. 1337821

File: 1663068928459.png (254.38 KB, 500x385, 78606911-DFEF-4EDA-91DA-1C9EF5…)

No. 1337830


No. 1337837

She reminds me of the worst type of poster on here

No. 1337841

She's probably a farmer anyway.

No. 1337842

i see what you mean

No. 1337843

She's not clever or funny enough to be a regular here. azealia banks is

No. 1337844

lbr not all farmers are clever or funny at all

No. 1337846

Not all anons are the same though. They both behave like farmers even if they don't have the same personality.

No. 1337862

(the irony of her coming for someone's white husband when she has a white man in her music video as well…)
it seems like she's beefing with Megan over a Lil Kim feature. some also mentioned Asian Doll in this mess as another victim of Nicki's insanity but idk where that comes from. maybe old beef?
either way, the way she switches on anyone who looks cardi or kim's way is unhinged

No. 1337885

I’m sad about that too. I thought BCS was really, really good.
Tbh I don’t watch many other TV series so I’m not sure how it actually compares, kek

No. 1337897

lol so randumb xD quirked up!! She cray cray yass wat will she do next??! We just don't know!

No. 1337900

Also instead of just larping and acting crazy for attention, Azelia has actually like an unhinged brain with free thoughts. Doja wishes she had a single drop of Azelia's unstoppable schizo mindset that just oozes out of her and her posts every second

No. 1337903

I absolutely hated the final season of BCS. Turned into the poor man's BrBa (it already did a few season earlier, but by the end it was just terrible) and everything unique about the show was gone. The finale is worse than the GoT finale, except most BCS fans already abandoned it years ago.
Glad Odenkirk is doing better, though.

No. 1337915

I think it depends. I actually enjoyed the BCS ending a lot and to me it made sense. I only wished kim didn't stay with him, but she is too addicted to the whole adrenaline thing and it's not like she is the greatest person either.

No. 1337921

Fat people love to try and "humble" other women and drag them down, especially if they've lost weight. Anons like this are a prime example

No. 1337958

File: 1663080905253.gif (1.71 MB, 315x315, 1662567502836866.gif)

I think the ending is okay, but the bus scene had me hiding behind my pillow because it was hard to watch in a bad way kek.
You are 100% right that the show deviated from what it originally was, which is kind of a shame. I would've loved it more if it didn't become brba 2.0

No. 1337963

the early seasons were best i agree, it lost its charm when chuck died and became focused on the cartel shit. the black & white episodes had a "dvd deleted scenes" vibe to them. the real finale was "fun and games"

No. 1337964

File: 1663081719906.jpeg (259.64 KB, 864x1080, marcjacobs.jpeg)

Pam for a new Marc Jacobs campaign. Her sticking to the same eyebrow shape since the 90s is a choice.

No. 1337966

It's funny cause Brit has no friends.

No. 1337994

As much as people shit on 90s brows, some of the current brow trends are just as retarded and we'll end up looking back on them in embarrasment too.

No. 1337995

I can't believe this fat midget thinks she's hot stuff , like seriously
used another sample in her latest song, those lyrics had me on the floor, they were so bad and cringe

No. 1338000

Jennifer coolage deserves the world

No. 1338066

Based Brit

No. 1338072

Late af, but I think she looks so beautiful. Agree the skirt wasn't the best, but her face looks stunning. This hair & makeup definitely suits her well, she looks so gorgeous with subtle styling.

No. 1338075

File: 1663090145822.jpg (100.78 KB, 605x843, megan.jpg)

Everyone, anon. Basically Nicki had a "tea party" on her radio show on 9/11, to celebrate her dropping a remix of her new song which has a lot of features on it from female rappers. She didn't actually name any names, but people are speculating she was talking about newer and less well known rappers like Megan, Cardi, Latto, Coi Leray, Lakeyah. There may be more that I missed.

One of the more interesting things to come out of the show was Nicki claiming that someone tried to pressure her to drink while pregnant, and when she declined they told her that she could go get an abortion. Barbz are suspecting it's Megan since she's known for drinking. She said it was a lie on twitter. Nicki's fans are crazy so of course when she responded they said it must be her because Nicki didn't say any names, but she was just responding to the fans saying it was her.

No. 1338077

It's funny because i'm the opposite. I like hanging out with ana-chan because it exacerbates my curves even more. When seen alone i look skinny-curvy, but next to an ana-chan? I look even better because they're flat as hell. Funny how that works, i used to be an ana-chan myself and thought that being extremely thin was the best thing in the world. Now i like my big boobs and ass and wouldn't change a thing about my body, i see skinnies and i think they look childlike.

Kind of stupid of me to think like that but i'm sure bone rattlers feel good about themselves around me too, to them i must be fat and they must think "look how better than her i look" lmao but that's only fair since i'm thinking the same thing.(no1currs)

No. 1338079

Looking the the unabomber, kek. He still needs a stylist, badly. He dresses like he's in an anime istg

No. 1338081

He’s especially annoying because he always looks extremely pleased with himself even though he looks retarded

No. 1338082

Im more annoyed by her shoes being too small.

No. 1338086

File: 1663090943359.png (52.15 KB, 582x482, cardi b.PNG)

Samefag, this is what Cardi B said on twitter. Just a few days ago she mocked Nicki for saying that she built her career off of sympathy and payola. Nicki actually said in her recent song that she doesn't need to beg for sympathy from the media, which is probably a shot towards Megan.

No. 1338093

Oh no, extreme arrested development from a woman who has been locked away in an ivory tower her whole life who would have thought.

I’m siding with you. Literally nobody cares if you were a “former fat” there’s no reason to announce it and it doesn’t give your stupid one sentence reply anymore importance or significance. There’s no reason to relate things to yourself in the celebricows thread like that.

Because they are always overcompensating and want to live out that mean girls fantasy they feel they were robbed of growing up or something. Genuinely some of the most annoying people alive.

No. 1338101

File: 1663091534938.jpeg (393.44 KB, 828x850, 463AFBFD-6750-4879-B0B6-F34924…)

I’m so tired of young women thinking they have to act like this to receive any sort of media attention. I’ve been thinking about this since she posted this photoset but I was worried it would come off in a way I didn’t intend, like absolutely I’m judging this with crumbs on my bed or whatever but I’m not a puritan. There’s no reason for these young women to sing about this type of shit that they definitely do not mean, I know this little girl would be traumatized if someone leaked revenge porn of her—it’s just annoying! It feels like beautiful young women are rewarding nasty old scrotes by oversexualizing themselves to the point that it almost seems like parody. Like how is this in any way “empowering”. And it isn’t like any of the music is that good, so why are we still doing this boring shit.

No. 1338102

They’re not doing it because they want to, but because they have to.

No. 1338106

Chloe is just so.. embarrassing she’s been acting like this hypersexual version of herself for the last two years and getting dragged for it on twitter it’s hard to watch
I love halle she’s a lot more mature and relaxed with a better voice too than chloe. I was shocked to find out that halle is actually younger than chloe lol

No. 1338110

File: 1663091837465.gif (515.7 KB, 1024x1024, 3207EAFB-85A7-4F00-A115-FD8E95…)

>Zendaya is the first Black woman to win the #Emmy for lead actress in a drama series twice, and the youngest two-time winner of any Emmy in history.
>Black (racebait)

No. 1338111

>thinking anything in ACS is real

Everything she’s saying is true here. What’s the problem?

Except she’s not.

No. 1338116

Have you seen the video of her licking the lollipop talking in that fake husky voice? That was a choice. She didn’t have to do all that shit.

I wonder if she feels like she has to do that to stand out from her sister? Either way I hate it, not because I don’t support them or because I’m bitter or anything, but because it’s so unnecessary and rewards pornsick freaks.

No. 1338122

You’re flattering yourself immensely. Most of the funny and clever anons have been gone for at least a year and a half. LC is cringe now.

No. 1338126

ok but where did they go I wanna go there too

No. 1338127

There was no reason for you to make this post. Keep that narc shit in the vent thread.

No. 1338129

I’m too scared to watch this because my second hand embarrassment tolerance is very low. Looks funny though

No. 1338130

her sexy persona feels so forced. she has a hot body and isn't ugly at all but her expressions and outfits are all so over the top they land nowhere.

No. 1338133

lol average ana attention-whore who can't help but blog post about her weight and compare herself to anas.

No. 1338136

Yeah it isn’t about her not being attractive, it’s exactly because she is attractive. There’s no reason to pedal herself like this. I think her and her sister are talented and I’m very supportive of them but I hate this as a whole. Like for example I love Meg thee stallion so much but I wonder if she goes home very, very tired of having to keep up that act and also deal with the extreme amount of hatred, sexism, and misogyny she deals with just pelted at her because people feel they’re owed her body and every thought. She’s expected to act unbothered and hype and ready to party all of the time, people are always trying to make her drink, she’s not allowed to stick up for herself in any way without being dogpiled. We need this shit to end.

No. 1338147

Cry more about it. In a thread about the dumbest gossiping where Rihanna is called fat, Doja constantly called ugly, and overall everyone nitpicks the appearance of women.

No. 1338151

Okay and? Nobody gives a single fuck about your blogpost, that was narcissistic drivel and even thinking anyone asked or wanted to read that shit shows you’re retarded

No. 1338164

You could always ignore it, i'm sure many other anons read my blogpost and most of them ignored it because it is what it is: a fucking blogpost on an imageboard, i didn't think i was blessing the thread with it that's why i saged, dumb piece of shit. Only you decided you had something to say, acting holier-than-thou like you're not spending your time mocking the physique of celebrities in here.

You're making it more important than it is because you're mad, just move on, post milk or shut up. No one cares that you don't care about my blogpost, and if you think i or anyone else cares, it's because you might be the one who's narcissistic enough to believe you really did something there. Shhh.

No. 1338167

Kek I can already hear the deathfats saying "b-buh you were my idol when I was a struggling kid!!"

No. 1338168

Once a bone rattler, always a bone rattler. You can gain weight but you can’t cure mental illness.

No. 1338173

File: 1663094417429.jpeg (443.27 KB, 1728x1767, E56B158B-C5E3-494E-93B3-F58C88…)

Christina Aguilera unfollowed her on instagram in protest kek

No. 1338182

I'm kinda surprised more celebrities haven't unfollowed her for PR reasons. We all know celebs don't really manage their own social media so you'd think the teams or whatever would be all over the britney post

Are you the same anon who freaked out about hammie chan? You type like her

No. 1338186

Is it just me, or does it look like her one nipple is basically a quarter out? I've heard it's not uncommon to fully loose nipple sensation after augmentation, especially in the first few months. Can even loose the ability to properly move & stretch your arms above your head. I used to want a boob job sooooo badly for years, (still kinda do), but ik it's not worth it & I'd hate to have to keep going under the knife every decade

No. 1338190

Let me guess, you think you're one of the few funny and clever anons left?

No. 1338192

Oh my god, have these people never met normie middle aged women before? That’s all they post on Facebook kek. Insanity

No. 1338199

I see it too. Maybe it's a pasty? It's in both photos and I find it hard to believe no one on her team would have caught that unless it's not her actual nipple.

No. 1338201

File: 1663095839925.jpg (152.86 KB, 487x600, 20220913_204016.jpg)

These following pictures is how I think shayna and other women into this weird "pink bimbo dumb girl" think they look in their I'll fitting shein clothes.

No. 1338202

File: 1663095860039.jpg (159.49 KB, 480x600, 20220913_203915.jpg)

No. 1338203

Wow you got triggered hard kek

No. 1338204

File: 1663095906244.jpg (145.23 KB, 490x600, 20220913_203938.jpg)

This is favorite, I think her make up is very heavy but she looks great imo

No. 1338205

I definitely did not recognize Vanessa, but these are nice photos.

No. 1338206

File: 1663095966219.jpg (143.59 KB, 475x600, 20220913_203926.jpg)

No. 1338212

File: 1663096093025.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.97 KB, 498x600, 20220913_204030.jpg)

No. 1338214

She’s pretty but god can we let go of this fucking drag makeup, there’s no reason to have so much and have it be so obvious

No. 1338219

It looks ridiculous, I guess it's for the shoot but lord it's ugly.

No. 1338220

I live in a libtard college city. Hate to tell you this nonnie, but ALL the guys under 30 I work w at a pizza place paint their nails, even the normie ones. Some of the older ones too, but usually they're "alt", gay or trans.

No. 1338229

Doesn't look like drag to me. Just looks like they were going for a 60's look.

No. 1338230

Not at all. I just shitposted, i don't mind Britney's post at all it's funny, it just made me realize i do the opposite. I even said in my post i think it's fair if a very skinny woman thinks she looks better than me, it's just a matter of perspective and i feel good with more weight on.

Agreed wtf it looks so clownish, it's time to let this shitty trend to drag queens. always thought Vanessa was gorgeous too and she looks like she never did any surgery to her face nor her body.

No. 1338231

she's right and based.

too heavy on the makeup for me but she looks good

No. 1338233

vanessa is dumb as rocks but she's actually attractive, which is the most crucial part that "bimbo" cows forget kek

No. 1338234

Lmao you can tell she is so out of her fucking element, boomer grandma reaction image vibes kek

No. 1338237

diaper panties

No. 1338239

File: 1663097137489.jpg (66.41 KB, 1200x630, 63201944de513.image.jpg)

Him or Rhea really should've. Better Call Saul deserves way more praise than Breaking Bad, imo.
I am super happy for Julia Garner for winning so much as Ruth from The Ozarks tho!! She really deserved it & I stan her so hard. She also looked beautiful af, picture included

No. 1338241

>you type like her
I know you’re a newfag because you think the very average typing style of imageboard users must be a single person. What the fuck is happening here.

And then she just kept going. And going. And going.

No. 1338242

File: 1663097229267.jpg (198.28 KB, 1080x730, Fcf_h6SWYAEhk49.jpg)

its worse when you google the dancers and they are all normal weight people…..like i would understand if they were actually fat but they are all normal weight.
Britney what are u doing….

No. 1338246

janitor redtext(knock it off with the weight derailing, retards. Continuing the derailing after this post will earn you a 3 day ban )

No. 1338248

Literally all these lyrics are written by scrotes.

No. 1338251

>anons nitpick
>so that means my stupid manifesto about my fat body belongs here
Apples and oranges.

Why the hell did they edit her cheekbones to look like Leah Michelle here?

She’s mentally 14 years old still. I think she’s a definite case study because her situation is fairly unique—being locked away and denied everything, but in an extremely ritzy environment, being enabled and yes-man’d by everyone except the people who are supposed to be taking care of her, etc. She’s unhinged as fuck but that doesn’t mean she deserved to be treated like that.(weight derailing)

No. 1338263

Did Britney ever talk about having an ED? If so, i'm out of the loop. Perhaps she wasn't talking about those dancers though? Christina maybe had some fat dancers at some point. If not, that's so weird i didn't know she was full ana-chan like that.

No. 1338267

Is this heavy makeup or just heavy FaceApp? It doesn’t even look like her. I understand airbrushing for a photo shoot and all, but I hate the sameface ig baddie look everyone has.

No. 1338268

File: 1663098712442.jpg (230.95 KB, 1125x1068, Fcj2Kc8XgAI6R60.jpg)

now she is trying to backtrack.

No. 1338276

Nta so that's a yes because you actually respond like the hamster smasher too kek

Really have to wonder why people are immediately on Britney's case about absolutely everything. The same people on social media who are trying to cancel her now are the same people who tried to bust her out of the conservatorship in the first place, why can't they understand that she has no fucking idea how to navigate the absolute minefield of cancel culture? The media are going to be just as cruel to her as they were before. We will see another meltdown

No. 1338279

File: 1663099320752.jpeg (235.94 KB, 2000x1333, E69AC5A1-0AE8-4B75-9C98-7761DE…)

I think Prince Eric is such good casting. Prince Eric was always my favourite prince.

No. 1338284

Because's been attacking Christina for ages. She posted a pic wishing Christina's abusive father a happy birthday, she posted some gibberish implying Christina shouldn't celebrate her latin heritage because it came from her abusive father, etc etc etc. She's backtracking now because "fatshaming" is problematic.

No. 1338290

his eyes look derpy so no

No. 1338293

Prince Eric is derpy tho

No. 1338295

Opioid crisis eyes

No. 1338297

File: 1663100074326.jpeg (83.04 KB, 800x538, C6134B35-5FC4-4506-9141-96E146…)

Perfect for the role

No. 1338299

yeah but it translates awfully in 3D

No. 1338301

File: 1663100119471.png (61.1 KB, 234x180, 41B34EFE-0E72-4231-A7A6-35523B…)

No. 1338303

Her legs are so long & fit. She has a fantastic body. This whole photoshoot lowkey reminds me of 2012 Marina, just more pink & sultry

No. 1338306

File: 1663100267221.png (942.31 KB, 540x736, 104C286B-8949-47C8-9F87-3BF701…)

He is handsome. If they wanted to cast a black actress, they could of atleast casted zendaya. Halle is not pretty at all, her eyes are too far apart.

No. 1338307

Eh could be worse, could have been an ugly scrote so at least he's attractive. But i don't think he really suits the role, just looking at him.

Not like i will even watch this disney shit anyway.

No. 1338309

kek what's so great about prince eric, hes just a dark haired fabio meathead who gets enchanted into almost marrying ursula anyway, there is nothing unique about him

No. 1338311

christina and Britney have equally hated each other since the beginning of their careers.
If we are comparing then the things christina has done way worse things like that time she took a blow up sex doll of britney to a concert with one of britney's ex (justin).
And i get they are both grown women now but Christina has had the time to mature meanwhile Britney was in conservatorship for over 11 years, so of course Britney still has a vendetta against christina.

No. 1338312

That was 20+ years ago when they were being pitted against each other by shitty powerful men in the music industry and media.

No. 1338313

he is ugly as fuck, your eyes arent working properly. But thats expected since male castings always have uglies or average,

Atleast Halle got casted because of her talents (the one doing the casting fell in love with her voice during one of her performances) but this guy just looks like any guy, his eyes arent even blue.

No. 1338315

i Know but Britney hasnt had the chance to get over the past.

No. 1338318

He has the eyes, but idk. Could've been more handsome. Maybe once I see him styled as Prince Eric I'll change my mind.

No. 1338319

He kinda looks like a baby Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds) to me?

No. 1338320

> Halle got casted because of her talents
He sings too. She got casted to appease woke audiences. But let’s not get into all that

No. 1338321

> his eyes arent even blue.
If Ariel’s skin isn’t important, why are his eyes? Kek

No. 1338322

File: 1663100829979.jpg (303.86 KB, 2000x1000, jt-princeeric.jpg)

Justin trudeau would make a better Eric

No. 1338323

he is hot

No. 1338328

He’s too old

No. 1338330

>If Ariel’s skin isn’t important
it is, considering all the retards who have been racebaiting about ariel in mutliple different threads for days. And dont start with your racebaiting again.

No. 1338336

so true, Fidel's son would make a perfect prince. I'm not even joking

No. 1338338

File: 1663101143810.jpg (77.25 KB, 700x944, young-justin-trudeau-photos-20…)

sad because young him looks exactly like prince eric

No. 1338339

Nooo ugly ass moid

No. 1338342

I think he is very cute, Harry styles was going to play him too

No. 1338345

anon thats just a conspiracy theory he isn't fidels son tf.

No. 1338348

>Harry Styles
Oh my god, my stomach turned. I'm grateful we got him instead then.

No. 1338351

i didn't say i loved her. i wrote in >>1337592 that you have to watch a kid get fucked if you want that career. thats why i'm ok with making so much less money than her.

No. 1338355

I’m glad they haven’t made him another race too. I had a prince Eric doll once

No. 1338356

File: 1663101579329.jpg (106.26 KB, 765x619, freebritney.jpg)

No. 1338360

this person is so weird. she's like that girl in your class who loudly acts nice but when you try to talk to her one-on-one she's mean to you, and she doesn't talk to you again all year until january when she asks you for a cigarette outside SUPER cheerfully.

No. 1338362

>yes she should have her free will back!

No. 1338363

in my program, slavic languages & translation, BCS = bosnian, serbian, and croatian, so I keep reading these posts and at first being like wtf

No. 1338366

it's cause they don't grow back. she probably hasn't touched them in decades.

No. 1338367

SEE this is why i told the weightlosschan to stfu - now she's opened the floodgates for a bunch of body blogging when i just wanted to see ugly pics of harry styles and insult him

No. 1338370

not an ivory tower, a gilded cage. ivory tower is isolated academics/theorists; gilded cage is beautiful rich woman who has no control over her own life.

No. 1338372

File: 1663101902452.png (363.93 KB, 607x582, Screen-Shot-2015-11-12-at-5.24…)

i get it harry is a attention seeker, but lets not lie, he is kinda handsome when is styled well and im sure if he got styled for this movie he would be more handsome than this guy. I think his frogface is charming, infact i think alot of frogfaced people are pretty including trisha paytas, halle bailey, amanda seyfried, tom holland, the singer from 5sos, taeyong from nct etc etc.

No. 1338373

>That was a choice. She didn’t have to do all that shit.
kek her manager's choice and she had to do it if she wants her content to be promoted and posted by bot accounts owned by her agency

No. 1338374

If he didn’t dress how he does or have all of those retarded tattoos. He would be very cute idk

No. 1338375

they went to their jobs

No. 1338377

Anon, that picture is from 2013. He doesn't look like this anymore and I'm sure if he was playing Prince Eric he would find a way to ruin it.

No. 1338378

it's true though. fat girls were crazy about her for some reason. always doing britney songs in school assembly. super weird.

No. 1338379

wow these work really well! she's actually got the face and body of a 60s pinup. i never noticed how beautiful she was in her 2000s clothes. i hope she sticks with this kind of look

No. 1338380

The colours are wrong, and the contouring is the opposite of a 60s look; 60s makeup was obvious and artistic, as well as brightly coloured. it used the same amount of products as insta-drag, but not in an attempt to create an illusion of different features - instead it was used as noticeable decoration.

No. 1338382

she means xtina got normalweight dancers instead of uber skinny ones

No. 1338383

yah maybe we should leave britney alone. i was surprised to see anons shitting on her because she made ONE retarded post. she barely knows how to read and write guys. and she wasn't allowed out of her room for literally years. don't be so harsh.

No. 1338384

Ok frogchan

No. 1338387

What's the difference between her and cows like idk Venus? Or Lucinda?

No. 1338388

it's called "hairfishing", anon

No. 1338389

kf doesn't even laugh at venus anymore. they switched to her mom like one year in.

No. 1338391

File: 1663102551992.jpg (64.9 KB, 1200x675, 0_74142.jpg)

tbh his face hasnt changed at all except for his receding hair, he just started dressing like a weirdo, not taking care of his hair (he needs hair transplants for his receding hairline asap) , not shaving his facial hair etc and this made him look like crap.

He really needs to take care of his receding hairline because he looks like hes about to be bald soon.

No. 1338396

Ok but Doja is ugly and extremely embarrassing.. so….

No. 1338403

She's far from ugly. She is annoying. She can pull it off because she's cute though.

No. 1338410

Genuinely trying to be serious by asking, what exactly is cute/attractive/appealing/etc in any way about her?
I will absolutely never ever understand.. And I don't even want to tbh. Really just wanna know why people think this.

No. 1338412

Well, I'll explain because you asked even though you don't want to hear it. Her facial proportions are cute. I think her button nose is cute and so are her big eyes. Her cheekbones and face shape are also very attractive. Her face suits the shaved head and I think she's funny. That's all.

No. 1338413

Samefag; also she suits being thin and she suits being thick. Some people can't pull both off but she can imo.

No. 1338417

That's cute, I'm gonna disagree, not trying to be dude but genuinely just wanted an answer from at least one person because I'll still never understand, thanks non.

No. 1338419

No. 1338425

>christina wearing bedazzled strap on for pride parade
why do women do this to themselves

No. 1338430

anon this sounds so fake, dont believe everything you read online.
She is already bad enough without having to make up fake stuff.

No. 1338433

She needs to log off. this is embarrassing.

No. 1338434

File: 1663104645799.jpg (22.6 KB, 800x450, robert.jpg)

No. 1338442

File: 1663104849118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.76 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_e516ae1a7873f9032de93c4…)

No. 1338450

>amanda seyfried
long time no see friend

kek yes, pls end it

No. 1338452

I just feel like they are only bringing it up because people are more likely to listen to an ex-fat's opinion on weight loss and body issues than somebody who has been fit and healthy their whole life because they are far more empathetic and understanding than the latter. I also still feel like most hadur nation types of fats who go from failed diet to failed diet but still convince themselves they a better than alr because they aren't as fat. I am defensive of ex-fats because they are the biggest ammunition against the pro-fat people that exist and I don't really mind when they sperge because of it.

No. 1338455

>Hate to tell you this nonnie, but ALL the guys under 30 I work w at a pizza place paint their nails
How else would they signal to everyone that they jack it to tranny porn?

No. 1338457

>free britney
>no not like that
Guess the person running that account is overweight

No. 1338464

Ariel is a fucking fish. Have you seen fish eyes? I’m so sick of some of you just outwardly showing how retarded you are.
So you’d rather have a mixed woman with only half the vocal range? Telling on yourselves.

No. 1338465

I hate this so much for her. I just don't see how this sexy direction is providing more success than her more tasteful direction she had when she was making music with her sister. I also hate this stupid instagram baddie style on her, it doesn't suit her. Scrotes are the ones who responded to the sexy shit and they aren't supporting her music or doing anything to make this direction worth its while.

No. 1338467

Because they think they'll be spared if they can race to debase themselves before society does it

No. 1338469

…Ariel is not a fish. She’s a mermaid. With a human head.

No. 1338471

I’m over it honestly. I’ve been hanging on to lc for far too long but seeing that I’m just wasting time interacting with racist cunts and idiots who think anyone who criticizes obesity is a “bone rattler” was just the push I think need to keep me away kek.

These people are so hypocritical. It’s #freebritney until she says something that threatens the social media puritanism of 2022, then the same gays that pretend they actually care about her beyond the music she released want her agency removed yet again.

No. 1338472

Listen here you stupid slut. The bitch didn’t even have a vagina. She had a big stinking fishtail and talked to a Jamaican crab. Stop being annoying.

No. 1338479

No. 1338481

We don’t need another dictator in Disney, we already dealt with a horny racist priest

No. 1338488

It’s the truth. She had a giant stinky scale covered fin for a pussy. Pick your battles and stop acting ridiculous, none of you were going to see this dumb childrens movie when it comes out anyways, regardless of the cast.

>but lets not lie, he is kinda handsome
I swear some of the dumb shit I’ve been reading on here lately is so loud and wrong that I’m starting to feel like I’m only interacting with British elder millennials from mumsnet

No. 1338491


But all Disney princesses can sing? What makes Ariel that special? Halle isn’t that pretty in my opinion. The original tale takes place in a white country and due to the time period. It’s like lady and the tramp the remake, darling was black. It was 1900s in america. When would interracial marriage have even been allowed? Disney has lost it(stop sperging about the race of the fish you twat)

No. 1338495

You’re an ugly person with mashed potato for brains

No. 1338496

pls how is the seething over a black ariel still continuing in this thread too omg.
Wasnt spamming about it in other threads enough.

No. 1338498

She is very nice but she is VERY insecure about practically everything about herself. She's open about so props for being honest a little honest with herself but it's sad given her beauty and talent. She still writes songs about Tony ffs, like come on girl you dated him as a teen lol the Italian in her really wanted a big traditional family but she never got that fully.

No. 1338499

File: 1663107513622.jpeg (659.48 KB, 1170x2532, CC61A208-A480-4807-8638-A68C49…)

Anna letting Leonid be an iPad baby at NYFW kekk posting here because leftcows is officially dead(wrong thread, not a celeb)

No. 1338500

Anon you need to stop being retarded about these retarded details. Clearly this film is not going to repeat every little detail of the original little mermaid story, just as the animated version took it's own artistic liberties. I am sure the film will likely be shit anyways because even with mulan when they tried to keep true to the culture that flopped horrifically, meanwhile the 1990s version of cinderella with Brandy was a great film. We all know disney wants to be woke and atone for the sins of the past and they clearly don't care what you think or even want to be creative enough to create new princesses.

No. 1338501

I’m at my limit with these crusty two-bit bitches

Can you blame her? Her husband was a bi piece of shit that cheated on her with the much younger nanny. I love her but I’ve heard she’s super crunchy and anti-vax, I still pray in my heart of hearts that it’s bullshit.

No. 1338503

>Halle isn’t a very impressive singer and Ariel should at least be a good vocalist
You, for God knows what reason -
kek I swear these days

No. 1338505

Delete it. She isn’t a celebrity and never will be.

No. 1338507

Calling Vanessa Hudgens an It girl in 2022 is a travesty

No. 1338508

Black ariel was a retarded move. Interesting how this is considered “progress” yet we also just let black women and families rot out of poverty and slowly into the streets kek…the ineptitude and lack of attention to what the real priorities are is humiliating.

No. 1338510

I double down, nothing you said meant anything at all. I called you an ugly brainless bitch because you are, and your criticisms are shallow at best and run in circles with no real corroboration. Also you were whinging about how she’s not pretty—like a scrote, and scrotes only care because they want to jerk off to it. Maybe find a better argument that isn’t so transparent and hollow.(infighting)

No. 1338511

Delete it for me, if you have the deciding power over who is and isn’t considered “famous” per se

No. 1338513

Anon, Gwen was insecure long before Gavin Rossdale. He isn't the root of her problems.

No. 1338515

I’m not the same nonnie who made the post you responded to but I still feel like your paragraphs are retarded and ignore the actual point kek. “You have mashed potato brains” you say as you spend all your time typing novels on lolcow.farm(infighting)

No. 1338517

>Gwen was insecure long before Gavin Rossdale
They must not know No Doubt's first album had the pick-me anthem Let's Get Back Together kek

No. 1338518

Samefag but I didn’t get banned so I’m not sure why this got redtexted…mods aren’t very smart these days(ban evading.)

No. 1338522

File: 1663108340627.jpeg (222.16 KB, 817x1222, julia-garner-mark-foster-emmy-…)

she annoys me and her dress was awful.

No. 1338527

Wtf I love this dress

No. 1338528

The original tale features the princess dying heartbroken and turning into seafoam. She was also never a redhead, never had a yellow/blue fish companion and never called a fork a dinglehopper. Go to bed racist lol

No. 1338531

Based jannie, thank you for that redtext.

No. 1338539

"Twat" made me read this is Gordon Ramsay's voice kek

No. 1338544

File: 1663109342726.jpg (426.44 KB, 1024x1365, mermaid.jpg)

>Halle isn’t that pretty in my opinion. The original tale takes place in a white country and due to the time period.
It's just fiction, black people are allowed to exist, and other disney and non-disney movies sometimes get black actors and actresses for their historical-inspired movies too. If you don't like how Halle sings that's one thing, but arguing about something as petty as what a mermaid might had looked like in the past is such a waste of time. They're mythological creatures that don't even exist and some of them were inspired by manatees. Are you telling me she should look like a manatee to be completely historically acurate?

It's one thing to not like an actress and not be happy about the casting choices of a movie, I think everyone has done that at some point. Specially when it's some random celeb instead of an actress with a long career and accolades fighting for a spot at the top. But to sperg this much about race, something that ultimately doesn't matter, is so freaking wild to me. I hope every other princess movie that comes after this is black just to spite you. Imagine being this much of a Disney consoomer shill that you have the need to vent about the race of one of its characters.

No. 1338554

File: 1663109538267.jpeg (27.83 KB, 467x700, 3980EFBD-8057-4073-93D1-742769…)

>his eyes aren’t even blue
Are you colorblind? Be honest.

No. 1338557

If gayface were in the dictionary this would be the picture next to it

No. 1338559

I laughed at the part when she's walking down the street, her body is shaped like a cartoon bumblebee. And then right then, the lyrics say 'I got a princess face, a killer body' kek

No. 1338560

No. 1338563

Now if Alexander Ludwig played Ken in the new Barbie movie I would cream. Why does it have to be Ryan Gosling why why.

That corset looked dangerous and painful

No. 1338567

>Now if Alexander Ludwig played Ken in the new Barbie movie I would cream.
kek nonnie

No. 1338568

File: 1663109970622.webm (368.94 KB, 1270x360, 1663031748544.webm)


LOL!(mental disability )

No. 1338570

Cringe and scrotal webm. What the fuck is wrong with you people.

No. 1338572

File: 1663110083434.webm (71.02 KB, 546x240, 1663031748544 (1).webm)


No. 1338573

enough with the racesperging

No. 1338575

>Using an AI generated deepfake to make her look porny like a moid would
Disgusting. You should be fucking ashamed.

No. 1338576

It doesn't look like shit at all.

No. 1338580

A racist moid or pickmeisha really soiled their diaper so hard that they had to deepfake a children's movie kek. Desperate

No. 1338582

nta, but that's a deepfake some moid in china did to remove her 'blackness' from the movie, not this dumb anon


No. 1338583

Awful, now shut the fuck up.

No. 1338584

Honestly the sperging about black Ariel makes no sense. Like, cry all you want but they already cast her as Ariel. And if this movie flops they probably won't make another live action Little Mermaid for years at least. Top fucking kek all they can do is deepfake Halle to be white. Okay. That's not gonna change her race and it's not gonna change the casting so, hey, go crazy you silly retards. Anyway this is fucking disney we're talking about who honestly truly gives a fuck.

No. 1338585

Fuck off Blaine.

No. 1338588

I am tired of her. There's plenty of other female rappers who can replace her and do not have pedo bfs. She needs to go away and let her felon provide for her.

No. 1338591

File: 1663110816311.jpg (276.42 KB, 1365x2048, ika04vyayon91.jpg)

Doja looks good.

No. 1338593

I don't understand what's everyone's problem with her being black. Like this is just yet another cash cow Disney is doing for the nth time and will continue to do so for years. The fact everyone is talking so much about it just means they're gunna keep doing w.e they need to do to get people to talk about their movies.

Who cares what race she is? Why is it such a big deal? We regularly have movies that both whitewash and do things for 'woke points' all the time, it's nothing to sperg autistically over unless you're some retard moid from pol…

No. 1338599

I'm loving her "weirdo" era. She's so fucking cute.

No. 1338600

Why do rich people love the homeless look so much? Look at that big ass stain on Kanye's hoodie.

No. 1338601

I'm loving this art hoe aesthetic for doja.

No. 1338607

She looks pretty fucking cool, I hope her music and style transitions into something more artsy and avant garde.

No. 1338611

Samefag if she really does this it would be such a power move and I would absolutely love it. It's so different to what all the other female rappers are doing, this doja era is fucking cool.

No. 1338612

What’s wrong with his face

No. 1338616

Tbh people's standards of how people have looked have gotten so absurd that one deviation is considered uncanny now.

No. 1338621

To be honest he looks like a gayer Danny Gonzalez but it's disney so most of the moids they'll pick will be having major gayface.

No. 1338630

what the fuck

No. 1338631

File: 1663113321417.jpeg (993.81 KB, 1125x1213, 6BA5F622-5D87-4225-9460-7F017A…)

i think they should have casted jungkook for eric. it would have sucked and no one would benefit from it. but they should have done it anyway(JUNGBOOK, JUNGCOOK, JUNGCOCK, JUNGHOOK, JUNGLOOK. Either way No kpop faggotry allowed here.)

No. 1338635

i think it's fine for men to paint their nails if they DO IT PROPERLY. the difference between a guy who likes nice clothes/hype fashion/is goth and a pornsick potential troon is the care taken to push back the cuticle and paint in even layers.

No. 1338637

anon, it's true. a mermaid isn't a person, it's a fucking fish. they're not real people.

No. 1338640

kek i know. mermaids aren't real, ariel could be black and have a green sister and a orange dad. they're magic singing fish - please tell me what human ethnicity that is???

No. 1338641

get out of here, anna

No. 1338644

whaaaaat? she's like a little cate blanchett! i love it.

No. 1338645

File: 1663113620511.jpg (198.21 KB, 1125x1652, Fcg1E1UWIAAe57Z.jpg)

No. 1338646

what the fuck is that thing next to her
is there a male on this entire planet who isn't disgusting?

No. 1338650

jannies i am once again asking you to ban the kpop spergs. no korean man will ever date your doughy white ass, anon.

No. 1338651

nonna i hate kpop. sorry for the misunderstanding i wanted this to happen for the drama

No. 1338655

File: 1663114104153.png (197.17 KB, 1512x1102, sure jan.png)

No. 1338721

File: 1663117798123.jpg (310.77 KB, 844x661, Screenshot_2022-09-13-17-58-10…)

She legit looks like a quality crafted RealDoll. The work she's had done isn't tasteful or subtle and she's only going to look worse with age. Just look at Madonna… there's no going back once you start fucking with your face and body that much. All you can do is keep having work done to prevent everything from falling apart at the seams. I feel bad for her in a way… it's obvious that being BAG's child bride is to blame for all of the questionable decisions she's made since they split.

No. 1338728

and it's intentional. those moids saw her as Marilyn from the start and shaped her into it

No. 1338746

This vvv
And wasn’t blake cheating in his wife with her? Piece of shit pickme. Inb4 welll he’s the one that cheated she facilitated that shit knowing how it feels to be on the other side
She has her own thread, use it. Sorry, you’ll have to venture out of /ot

No. 1338764

because americans are obsessed with race to the point of full blown hysteria. if a fantasy creature from a fictional kid's movie is that triggering for you, go to your doctor and ask to be prescribed antipsychotic medication because you need it.

No. 1338767

this is sick. she was born very lovely and with a pretty good personality - women have never really hated her afaik, and she never had a deluded or outsize ego. she was pretty open that she just wanted money to have a big house and a family, and "be pretty" was a job offered to her for a high salary. as soon as she got work in hollywood, men fucking made her alter her body like a car they were customizing and she now thinks that's a normal and even happy way to live.
i know she's kind of dumb but that's not a crime. it's shit that random-ass men just see a beautiful woman and think they're owed ownership of her.

No. 1338773

Nobody is going to use that retarded and redundant thread in /snow/ to post pictures of her looking good. That thread is so fucking pointless it's funny.

No. 1338780

kek i know, it's like the seething wannabe influencers have turned her into an anti-cow with their sperging.

No. 1338781

wtf i love her now

No. 1338828

File: 1663121662674.jpg (157.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

Ifk if bait or not but since I don't see this pic posted…

No. 1338852

she's broke my heart.

No. 1338866

the side angle an anon posted earlier honestly made her look a lot better… this is way worse. she's gonna age so horribly.

No. 1338875

File: 1663124401018.jpeg (851.12 KB, 1284x1954, 5F9B0709-1F98-43A6-8796-614756…)

Gerard Way is wearing a nurse outfit tonight with tights and ugly shoes

No. 1338881

File: 1663124585284.jpeg (136.67 KB, 864x1080, 1RPPlsSZQQs.jpeg)

No. 1338884

This is actually a really flattering photo of Kylie

No. 1338903

Honestly, way better than the school girl one, at least this one looks appropiate for a nurse.

No. 1338906

i don't understand why he was ever considered one of the cute guys from the emo scene. he's always looked like a gremlin that didn't know how to dress or stand. Pete Wentz and Brendon Urie were always cuter.

No. 1338917

File: 1663126314520.jpg (39.03 KB, 418x430, 369438ea34c6ce04a05ce725bb97a8…)

Hard disagree about Brendon Urie and Pete Wentz. They look like some witch cursed two dopey dogs to live as human males.

No. 1338931

They do look like they're always licking their asses

No. 1339019

i am afraid

No. 1339020

jesus that filler. kris jenner is up there with joe jackson in the "horrifying showbiz parent" olympics

No. 1339024

File: 1663132175395.jpg (288.83 KB, 1200x1800, happiness.jpg)

brendon urie is 4 years younger than marina diamandis, and pete is 4 years older.

No. 1339036

And Marina blows both of their asses out of the water with her talent.

No. 1339049

and her attitude. she's legit an actual role model. like i'm happy that young people listen to her.

No. 1339081

I’m insulted that you’d compare me to that fucking kike. Kill yourself lesbian scum(racebait)

No. 1339089

No. 1339094

She looks so great and I’m so glad she hasn’t gotten herself filled with fillers to fit the IG ideal like Gwen has. Ik she’s not even that old but it’s a competitive industry and I’m sure someone has told her more than once to get work done. She looks fantastic as is.

No. 1339100

She’s fucking ugly but she can sing so casting her as a wall-eyed mythical half-fish creature makes sense

No. 1339101

exercise is the best way to look good!

No. 1339105

I hate this fat, ugly, untalented, misogynistic, rapist and pedo supporting subhuman piece of shit so fucking much, I wish she’d go away forever

No. 1339113

i do think nicki was talented. imagine being rich, talented and hot and doing this with yourself? she's a pedo/rapist PR mouthpiece more than she is an artist now. how dickmatized can a woman be despite being talented, rich, successful, attractive? all of which enable you to escape men and not needlessly pander to literally the worst ones?? it's not even like she widespread dickpanders, she is literally defending the worst of the worst

No. 1339114

Did she get more work done to her face? She looks a bit different, her eyes are a bit brighter. The bolt ons make her look troonish. Tragic

No. 1339115

She looks so…vague now

No. 1339117

File: 1663137900344.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.53 MB, 426x640, megan-fox-boobs.gif)

pretty sure she had them done a long while ago, possibly took them out, put them back in, etc, but they've gone up and down a lot. gifrel is from this is 40 and that was a while ago now. this new pair of bolt ons look atrocious and truly tragic. it seems like this relationship is making her more insecure for no reason, than anything. she obviously has struggled with self image for a while but she seems to really be hitting the surgeon's office every 2 weeks and getting a more yanked back face every time she's seen in the public eye. really sad.

No. 1339129

God this gif makes me feel gross…I don’t particularly like her but she looks so uncomfortable it makes me sad

No. 1339298

File: 1663154825367.png (328.42 KB, 443x810, pr3.png)

Britney apologized to Christina Aguleira with a cute anime illustration

No. 1339303

Korean men have the smallest dicks and men will fuck anything.

No. 1339306

Kinda weird how fat comes before pedo supporting

No. 1339353

oh my god, this picture just launched me back to 2014 tumblr. was this for alternative press or kerrang? what a time

i love her, she's so fucking cool. she's legit been such a girlcrush since like 2012 for me, i'm glad she's still doing well and having fun

No. 1339377

File: 1663162936151.jpg (193.88 KB, 1198x1096, 20220914_154216.jpg)

No. 1339385

@leo and his PR people who recommended this planted rumor: KYS

No. 1339411

the bearding has become blatant now

No. 1339461

File: 1663168117506.jpg (155.25 KB, 500x750, gwen-stefani-hair-32.jpg)

ngl, I freaking love this concept!

I watched some of the clips from this talkshow and it was even worse in motion. I really do love gwen, but damn it's just too much at this point. Rip pretty face.

No. 1339484

She tagged the artist?! I love Britney now. More seriously I can't hate her. Having abusive parents do weird things to the brains. She probably posted the first post without realizing how horrible it was because she was only thinking about what others have done to her. I hope she gets better.

No. 1339491

File: 1663170397159.jpeg (292.9 KB, 1170x2532, 83AFA0D6-EAC8-4AAB-B4AA-6E1D27…)

Sorry this made me kek
>Visually our most stunning
Is half-mixed Yoo-hoo! skin color in a party city wig
I wasn’t particularly a Little Mermaid fan growing up but…I guess this says what it needs to about the quality of disney kek(retarded racebait)

No. 1339515

I think that's rainwater

No. 1339522

to be fair she does look like a fish

No. 1339523

These remakes just become more and more soulless. I went to watch the trailer and why did they have her sing the song as if she's singing at the superbowl?

No. 1339526

>half-mixed Yoo-hoo! skin color in a party city wig
Did you have a stroke? So her skin prevents her from being stunning? Her hair doesn’t look like a party city wig and she isn’t even mixed race. You really though you had some sassy bullshit going there but still hid behind tHe sTatE oF DiSneY!! You sound 60 and inbred.

No. 1339527

Idk the only two bones I have to pick are they should've made her hair more red and the ocean more colorful. Her hair looks orange-ish to me, and the ocean looks dead. I know the ocean irl is fucked but damn, it's Disney, you can make it vibrant who cares.

No. 1339528

I don't think anyone should take anything Disney releases seriously. Disney is a terrible company and I don't want to support them. Even if they would make the new princess as someone as strong and amazing as Mulan i wouldn't care less.

No. 1339529

I was literally thinking the same thing. I think shes particularly uggo with the red hair, it does her no favors. I also just figured out why I consider her ugly half the time but I don’t think Anya Taylor Joy is, girl has a tiny ass forehead. She’s a QT when her hairline is pushed back.

No. 1339535

Just saw this clip of Rita Ora’s warbling rendition of Running Up That Hill at Rock in Rio and hoooo boy:
https://twitter.com/bchartsnet/status/1569111860569600002(post caps or webm)

No. 1339541

seriously I was about to say this. Who cares that she's black. The hair looks terrible, they should've just given her black hair, or firetruck red like the original Ariel, or something fun & new altogether like what is this half measure and why? and yeah the ocean looks dark and miserable. Idk I haven't seen the original in a long time but wasn't it bright, fun, vibrant? this is gonna be just like the new lion king. Boring, uninspired, worse than the original in every way. Can't expect anything else with these cashgrab live action remakes.

No. 1339549

Trisha only likes it because her and the new fish are both wall-eyed flat faced bitches kek

No. 1339557

File: 1663173645411.jpg (20.51 KB, 738x162, kek.JPG)

HOLY SHIT this is awful. The outfit is way too pretty to be worn for this dumpster fire of a performance.

No. 1339559

The colors are so drab and dark. Other than her tail which is iridescent. The Little Mermaid is a joyful movie and it should have beautiful colors, that’s the worst part about that trailer.

No. 1339561

File: 1663173967174.jpg (69.92 KB, 747x714, rita.JPG)

sorry but I had to add this one KEK

No. 1339563

yeah this is really my only gripe. unless they make it so the land is bright and vibrant (so ariel actually has a reason to want to leave) the movie looks fucking awful the color grade is so bleak and sad and her hair is just bland and like it needs to be toned

No. 1339566

File: 1663174491750.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, lisa.jpg)

>people ITT tearing down a young talented actress because they don't find her conventionally attractive enough or don't think she's the correct race to play a cartoon fish woman

I thought moids weren't allowed here

No. 1339572

Now THIS is a scrote-ass comment. Reported.

No. 1339575

it's sad lol. the remake is going to suck because disney and their remakes suck ass but halle is in no way reponsible lmao.


great, either a moid or a complete idiot who gave into the "white girls fuck dogs" meme pushed by white moids. congrats for not integrating and/or being retarded

No. 1339576

another jebaiter…

No. 1339577

Did you forget what site you're on? Or thread? Sorry people don't like your favorite celebrity anon.

No. 1339581


Some of y'all are acting like 4chinners tho

No. 1339583

I don't give a fuck about celebrity status, all I see is marginalized woman trying to succeed. She's done nothing wrong or cowish. Why isn't everyone going after the director or person in charge of casting her if they have such a huge problem with it? Oh because those are both white men, carry on I guess

No. 1339584

We're being raided by moids, judging by the channer language in other threads.

No. 1339586

We definitely are. Hope it gets dealt with soon.

No. 1339590

KEK, I trust that users judgement. Most of these modern pop singers need to stay the fuck away from songs of substance, they just don't have the range.

No. 1339591

Remember not to engage with males! Just report!

No. 1339597

The lion king remake broke my heart. People were super excited by the all black cast because they thought they were going to put the broadway musical in film. I am still seething till this day that all we got was stupid cgi lions instead of vibrant costumes and spectacular dance numbers. They had the right people for the job and the flubbed it. I was also disappointed by the fact her hair wasn't red enough. It looks like they are going for a dark gritty vibe and if they were to do that they might as well just stuck to the original story.

I agree with you heavily. In fact, that backlash should have not started with this film, it should have been with the beauty and the beast movie or the cinderella one, whichever came first. Those films were pandering garbage also, it's just that you needed to watch the films to catch the pandering. They were visually stunning though.

No. 1339598

Kek I wish britney would post on here. Please come home.

No. 1339604

I feel like she would get piled on. She is not very good at expressing her feelings online imo and it's getting her in trouble. I don't think she meant to offend anyone.

No. 1339646

Some people post deranged shit like this about women of other races, but then cry fat tears and pretend to be pro-women/fake feminist kumbaya motherfuckers "devastated by how women's looks are constantly nitpicked and judged" the moment they read or hear something that can be used to describe them kekk

No. 1339678

File: 1663179157935.jpeg (55.21 KB, 343x360, 1633023046159.jpeg)


No. 1339681

Yep, a lot of threads started having race related posts at the same time and some scrotes spammed black porn (idk if its deleted yet) just now.

No. 1339685

Scrotes have a lot to gain from making women separate from each other based on race. The sisterhood is a threat to them and a lot of work goes into trying to dismantle it. Don't be fooled

No. 1339687

Nonny, your post should be pinned somewhere because you speak the truth.

No. 1339694

>why did they have her sing the song as if she's singing at the superbowl
What does this even mean? Are you all just trying to find things to nitpick about this movie before it's even come out?

No. 1339699

>a deal with ga-yayayayayayayayaAAAAAAADDD

No. 1339701

I believe that scene where she's singing Part Of Your World was at night in the original, so that's probably why it's so dark. I also hope they do something where the ocean is dark and the land is bright.

No. 1339703

File: 1663180349464.jpg (81.27 KB, 738x692, demi.JPG)

No. 1339707

File: 1663180476630.jpg (147.64 KB, 1170x1156, FcjpMB0aQAEsBbl.jpg)

No. 1339709

File: 1663180615647.jpg (122.19 KB, 1000x1250, FckRd6HakAAqMna.jpg)

Zac Efron photographed for Variety

No. 1339710

That poster is very mad that they can't sing, kek

No. 1339712

Nobody at the studio had a tube of carmex in their pocket for this chapped chap?

No. 1339713

It's weird because all of this talk about how she's not pretty enough is coming before and after anons itt have had discussion about how women like Gwen Stefani and Megan shouldn't have got excessive PS.
Anyway I'm sorry to contribute to the derailing. This thread is just so crazy to me.

No. 1339720

all the celebs from our generation(s) are looking worse every year because of plastic surgery

No. 1339721

Halle was chosen because she looks like a cute cartoon, had a huge following and "sweet shy princess" media presence, 15 years singing-acting experience, and had a more incredible voice than any other 20 year old starlet around right now. She could be Asian, Latina, European, or anything. she simply auditioned with the best resume.

No. 1339723

How is this race bait? I feel like the black/mixed and lightskin debate is such an American thing, considering the one rule drop. But I’m not getting too much into it, I don’t wanna derail.

No. 1339734

Finally starting to see some real feminist opinions here. Imagine barring a black woman from playing a made-up character in a kid's movie about mermaids, is it 1940 again? All you racist scrotes who are mad that she doesn't get your dick hard enough can die angry and bald. Women support unproblematic women

No. 1339739

Rob Lowe wearing Zac's face.
Not my shemi.

No. 1339756

An anon once said biological sex is more innate than race, and women of different races have way more in common than with the men of their races. It really got me thinking.

No. 1339764

he keeps getting worse with each year, who tells him to keep injecting botox into his face? is he hanging onto his hs musical role or something

No. 1339780

File: 1663183115626.jpeg (568.84 KB, 1242x1416, D105B6D2-FB77-4293-8E6B-B5B16F…)


No. 1339782

It's so fucking funny to me that he re-used the "jaw injury" excuse for his botched ps. He's such a fucking clown

No. 1339784

> Disney has lost it
They are only making these casting to appear woke and appease this generation and it’s demand for poc in film. Despite so many recent remakes have changed white characters to black
Also please don’t cry racebait, because it is true and I am simply stating a fact

No. 1339788

Are you here from LA? Go back

No. 1339793

I agree nonny. I don't trust disney because they are a shit company. There is a difference between desperately trying to leech onto people to get their money and geniunely care about real problems. Arguing about this movie is nothing but a waste of time because at the end of the day, Disney only cares about money.

No. 1339795

I have never been wrong itt and yet I am pelted with insults and tomatoes. You will all see the truth.

I still love and support her. I don’t care.

You’re just racist. Point blank period. That doesn’t even look like a party city wig either, but nice cliche gay man ass insult. Honestly the amount of racism I’m seeing is going to make me go see it in theaters now and pray that everyone else does just so you freaks seethe at the success.

No. 1339807

It’s beyond uncanny valley now. What mental illness does to a faggot. Sad!

No. 1339809

did the admin have an aneurism?

No. 1339810

File: 1663184263166.png (20.88 KB, 1259x324, farmhands.PNG)

Right, what are they doing

No. 1339811

>her hair looks orangeish to me
Ariel’s hair was never red in the story, just in the cartoon. Also since people want to bitch and whine and shit over “muh accuracy” it would make more sense for it to be a muted rust-color, as firetruck red hair isn’t natural on literally anyone. Her tone is closer to a ginger color btw, which is funny considering all the people pulling out the fake ‘why didn’t they cast a natural red head they’re sooo oppressed’ thing. In live action, the Ronald McDonald red is tacky as fuck as illustrated by Amber Heard in her shitty aquaman wig which ironically nobody cared that much about.

You know what’s funny to me? I have never seen a black person make this complaint. All I see plastered all over twitter even are light-hearted jokes about wearing silly costumes to the premier and videos of visibly happy and excited little black girls when they see the trailer. The director himself was interviewed about the casting process and said she was picked out of everyone because she was special, hard-working, enigmatic, and talented. Fuck all of you honestly I’m sick of your stupid empty arguments. Dog whistling at this point. There are going to be tons of happy children, which is who this movie is for, and I promise that children (who are the target demographic for this movie, btw, not you) do not care nearly to this pathetic degree.

No. 1339812

I don't understand why a Disney princess movie, y'know those things that normally have magic as one of their main themes? Yeah so why they didn't take full advantage of their CGI team + having it be a fiction story and just… give her visually stunning amazing magic bright blood red hair. I s2g if that coral reef the bitch has her castle on isn't magic and colourful I'm going to kill myself

No. 1339817

are you stupid or new? do you really think ADMIN is the one over here making posts and redtexting?

No. 1339819

Normal behavior

No. 1339821

Red hair washes out really quick so you cant dye it. Neon red wigs would look worse because it would look beyond cheap. They obviously went for a shade of red that would suit Halle. It does not have to be 100% faithful to the original nor does it have to do with the story. The red hair was also chosen (oin the animated) because it looks better with the blue backgrounds and blonde was taken.

No. 1339822

Why is the skin color such a problem for you? What changes? What does being white do for a cartoon character, and what does it have to do with the plotline? Is that your only culture? Disney and other cartoons? Sad

No. 1339823

Kek this is the weirdest argument for a white mermaid

No. 1339824

She's right, this discussion is fucking tiring

No. 1339826

Yeah, I agree that the infighting should stop. I just thought it was funny kek.

No. 1339827

The Disney version itself was always a separate adaption anyway, it was never supposed to be an accurate portrayal of the original grimdark fairytale. The name Ariel isn’t even from the original story. It’s so annoying how suddenly people are concerned about accuracy when Disney has always taken a ton of liberties. Ariel is their IP, they can cast whoever they want.

No. 1339828

Any further racesperging and racebaiting will result in extended ban length on ALL boards. We will ban your main device addresses too. So cut the shit or you will not be able to talk about this movie any further.

No. 1339832

In the original story walking caused her pain and felt like being stabbed with knives, right? And then she turned into sea foam. Maybe that would be a better lesson to girls anyways, trust no dumb cock-eyed moid you just met and stay in your beautiful ocean far away.

No. 1339834

all of this for some shitty movie, kek yet the troon keeps shitting the KF threads on /snow/

No. 1339835

Nobody cares about the troon. People care about this thread though. Complain in /meta/ and keep it moving.

No. 1339837

there is nothing more depressing than seeing one of ur fav artist just slowly eat up the tranny train… have yall seen his fans are starting to use they/them pronouns for him..

No. 1339839

So does this mean we can't talk about the movie in general or just itt?

No. 1339840

shut the fuck up kiwi-scrote.

No. 1339843

File: 1663185234618.gif (1.37 MB, 220x220, B414B004-3513-40CF-A3BD-5FD761…)

I have no idea why anons have such a hard time just calling a black woman ugly not because she’s black but because she’s unattractive to them and I agree and I personally find nonwhite women extremely attractive because of our unique features and fashion sense and yes I am not white kek. Honestly even though she is not pretty to me I find her unconventional beauty very fitting for Ariel or a mermaid and I like the direction they took with her hair styling, and at least they got an actress that can actually sing her ass off and didn’t pick up some random unskilled nepo baby and called it a day. Just call her ugly and move on with your day, the movie is coming out whether we like it or not and honestly the original cartoon adaptation was boring as fuck. It’s not the end of the world your world isn’t crumbling because a bunch of producers were told to make a movie and casted a black person in it. The world is never going to end because Disney hired a black person to do their job. The world is never going to end because of a black person on your movie screen. Human beings often focus on the wrong things sometimes and need something else to blame and I think it’s unfair that an actress who’s only job is to go to set and promote the movie has to deal with the harassment towards her own sex and race. Go outside(racesperging)

No. 1339844

You can talk about the movie, like if there are any new cast reveals, trailers, photos, etc etc. But racesperging is racesperging. We get it. She's black. There is no need to have 30,000 arguments derailing about it. It doesn't matter if you're just talking about it in a non-argumentative way. Stop sperging.

Obviously we know what racebaiting is. So don't do it.

No. 1339848

Ok, thanks.

No. 1339850

How? Did he kill and eat them all?

No. 1339865

we can’t even defend ourselves against racism or scrotes with the newfag mods who are slowly turning this place into reddit. i hope the admin adds more complexity to the rules and i’m so tired of this shit and i’m tired of the stupid mods you are all trash. you don’t even use your brains you just see “DIS THINGGG BAD!! TIME TO BAN” and base it on your own arbitrary meaning of what racebait is, you’re just going to ignore a reality on every discussion forum/imageboard. are you actually women?(complaints >>>>> /meta/)

No. 1339869

Extended spergery about race has always been banned. Make your own imageboard if you want to keep sperging about race.

No. 1339872

With Igor and Grichka's passing, a new Bogdanoff rises to control our planet

No. 1339879

Funny joke but I'm not a farmhand. I'm tired of being reminded that Halle is black!!! I know she's fucking black, everyone knows she's fucking black. What do you have to say about her race that hasn't been said a gajillion times already? Fucking nothing. Anyway, have any Ezrafags been keeping up with him? What's that fag up to?

No. 1339886

If I was a farmhand I would have banned your IP already. And if I saw you were defying the ban I'd just keep banning your VPN IP's until nobody could use the site.

No. 1339891

are you stupid? racesperging and racebaiting are two different things. please stop being such a newfag and get over yourself. take your ban and move on. it's whiney meltdowns like this that make people think you're a moid.

No. 1339895

oh and not to double reply but
>we can’t even defend ourselves against racism
kek. it's an imageboard. this isn't LSA. we don't need a racism defender league. they will get banned for baiting, why do WE need to jump in and get our two cents out?? like that's going to change their mind or something. goofy.

No. 1339896

File: 1663187833273.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1247x2015, FFD92B30-E63E-4633-9F8F-10EE01…)

He wishes he had a fraction of her musical talent though.

No. 1339897

>deletes their messages quickly
>pretty much explains what you’re doing in plain daylight

this is looking suspicious real fast(sperging)

No. 1339900

Why did you post this, I just got IRRATIONALLY angry from seeing this faggot claim this. holy shit.

No. 1339903

I hope all the yak on his ranch stampede his ass.

No. 1339905

File: 1663188202345.jpg (179.21 KB, 501x863, l564gs54.jpg)

No. 1339907

wtf happened to him

No. 1339908

that’s not what defending means dumbass, doesn’t matter if they’re anonymous I have no idea why you are content on being a doormat and allowing that kind of behavior on a female-only space. we can’t change their mind that’s why we bully them and tell them to get the fuck off our website, keep complaining about how trannies and moids keep spamming this place while being complacent

No. 1339909

Hm, there must be an unpleasant odor somewhere nearby him.

No. 1339910

He looks like the chad meme, what is this. Watching Hairspray will never be the same again.

No. 1339911

Then become a janny yourself. This isn't twitter. There is no point in engaging with males. You're not gonna get any asspats. You're just going to detract from the thread's purpose. You'll be helping them by giving them attention. Become a janny or stfu.

No. 1339912

File: 1663188413078.jpg (42.57 KB, 500x410, KO4aW.jpg)

>Woman bleaches her hair
>Undergoes major plastic surgery
>Exploited and debased sexually
>Gets onto the cover of a fashion magazine
>promotes overpriced meme brand junk
>Photoshopped to hell and back
>After all that, still mocked by a man for her appearance


No. 1339913

File: 1663188423242.png (405.08 KB, 502x509, 1663179213839386.png)

34 years old

No. 1339919

Is he problematic? If not I feel just as bad for him as I do unproblematic women who buy into the plastic surgery shit. He just looks sad

No. 1339920

Is this new or a photoshop of what he said about Kim? BTW everyone thought him saying this about Kim was funny.

No. 1339923

seriously do you really think writing a paragraph that they won't even read and will respond "hehe nigger" to will do anything? just ignore and report all bait and moids. it's not hard.

No. 1339925

File: 1663188757924.jpg (144.43 KB, 2048x1200, gg.jpg)

I wonder how badly Gigi's ugly knitwear line must be selling for her to be willing to touch Leo's sweaty geriatric dick just for some promo. Usually expensive celeb fashion lines are bought by tasteless brand-obsessed Chinese nouveau riche, but Gigi is still very much persona non grata over there, so who is she hoping is gonna buy it all?

No. 1339928

I don’t agree and I think you’re wrong because it doesn’t help, if it did they would stop but they don’t. Your reasoning for dealing with online conflict aligns with scrotes with a complete disregard for other peoples emotions

No. 1339929

You've gotta be baiting at this point. Telling them to kill themselves aren't going to make moids scawwed to come to this site. They've got a Y chromosome which makes them retarded. Just report and don't give them attention.

No. 1339930

I think if Disney wants to keep with the woke crowd but really only cares about that sweet sweet Chinese money. I think the best way to adapt their movies is to do like the Brandy Cinderella (R&H)movie, which did a great job of including different races. Or if they even did it as they did Frozen on Broadway where it's a mixed cast.

No. 1339931

He should sue his plastic surgeon, how long ago did he fuck up his jaw like that? I remember this picture going viral of his ugly jaw some time ago, like almost a year? Did he also do somethings with his nose?

No. 1339933

She does look like him, though. I'm not mad because it's not even her that's being mocked at this point. It's the weird stone face some moid surgeons butchered her face to create, the drag queen makeup a bunch of gay moid makeup artists put on her, and the coomer photoshopping some moid photo editors did on images of her
A painful lesson to all anons like >>1336302 who believe in the surgery, Botox, fillers, etc meme: You will just look like Jeffree Star or any other surged up gay scrote or tranny. Wake the fuck up. That shit won't "keep you fresh".

No. 1339937

If they cared only about that ''sweet Chinese money'' they wouldn't cast black actress.

No. 1339938

>it's not even her that's being mocked at this point. It's the weird stone face some moid surgeons butchered her face to create

Nonna that face is still on her. It's part of her body. If you mock it you're mocking her lmao

No. 1339940

They're mocking the product she paid for

No. 1339941

It’s new, and all his faghag fans are agreeing. Gross.

No. 1339943

File: 1663190002212.jpg (98.89 KB, 1200x675, EDGwFGPXsAAIBka.jpg)

he was so good looking , I fucking hate plastic surgery

No. 1339944

why does he look like a j-pop star here

No. 1339948

Why not make new movies/plays instead of washing and changing others? It would be such a different story if a black character (even one whose story is not all about and directly related to their race) was changed to a white one? It would cause an uproar.(racesperging)

No. 1339950

Miranda cheated on Blake

No. 1339953

hair + he had cute facial features and used to be the dreamboat of all tween girls at one point

No. 1339958

Also I think he got fillers on his jaw tbf, or he's on HGH which can cause facial changes like he has.

No. 1339959

Idk if it has been mentioned. Didn’t zac efron have some kind of accident and that is why his face looks different? I did I dream that? Like when Mark Hamil got into a car accident and his face changed due to injury and surgery

No. 1339960

It's true.

No. 1339961

When it was said about Kim people were laughing and she DID look like Jeffree. This lady also looks Jeffrey like not because it's her natural features, but the ones she brought + photoshop and heavy drag make up. Fuck Jeffrey Star but I positive the joke would have been made anyway. I hate drag make up and plastic surgery. No woman should look similar to the creature that is Jeffree stank.

No. 1339962

File: 1663190601149.jpeg (711.27 KB, 1242x1387, 2A84817C-17B8-4D9C-A219-B8AAED…)

No. 1339963

>chin accident
>"accident"ally added giga-chad chin

No. 1339966

> Just call her ugly and move on with your day
We are not allowed to call her ugly as that would be racist(racesperging/ban evasion)

No. 1339971

David Hasselhoff remake

No. 1339974

>what the fuck happened
he tried to over correct his gay-face by turning himself into david hasslehoff

No. 1339975

File: 1663191146954.jpg (53.29 KB, 390x494, humanshreklookinmf.jpg)

No. 1339983

>Zac Efron: I am having jaw surgery
>Robert Z'Dar: I know… I love you
>Zac Efron: Where is he??
>Zac Efron Senior: You don't know who gave you the jaw???
>Zac Efron: what? starts crying

No. 1339992

File: 1663192045386.jpg (227.61 KB, 669x940, dk54vh.jpg)

No. 1339996

File: 1663192238652.jpeg (472.54 KB, 1638x2048, 461ACCE4-BF38-4F0D-8CFE-1DFC91…)

Absolutely gremlin cackling at this picture of Tom Holland. Why does he always look like he’s playing the mannequin challenge with the devil.

No. 1339997

This is cute don’t roast me pls queer eye comforted me thru the pandemic

No. 1339998

By together they meant they had mediocre sex like one time and the coke money is running out so they need clickbait

No. 1339999

I honestly cannot stand both his and Zendaya's stans. Their 'fanbase' is a bunch of insane teenagers who idolize the crap out of some actors.

No. 1340000

I can’t fucking take it I’m at my limit why did he fall for the gigachad meme

No. 1340001

Exactly… they’re kids.

No. 1340002

That guys dress looks horrific ugh men do not have the bodies to wear shapeless things like that

No. 1340004

Which one is the one with AIDS again?

No. 1340005

This inspired an irrational amount of rage deep within me for a second that made me understand stan twitter for a second

No. 1340006

Actually I will gladly wk JVN, to my knowledge he is completely harmless and has never pushed any sort of agenda about his appearance and is one of the few men in media right now that dresses the way he does because he wants to and not because it’s some quirky attention-grabbing costume. His personality is surprisingly very genuine and for that I leave him alone and don’t care, he’s very comfortable with himself and I admire that. Like I’ve never seen him harm or bother anyone.

No. 1340007

Memed himself into willam defoe

No. 1340009

>thinking they actually touch eachother

No. 1340011

Kekk nonna

No. 1340018

File: 1663193312659.webm (1.73 MB, 720x756, I58317EMFYN7Oodx.webm)

Madonna kissing 26 year old only fans friend/girlfriend I don't know. The ladies a rapper or something.

No. 1340020

File: 1663193474907.jpeg (68.82 KB, 680x454, FcZZWeZXoAQufZD.jpeg)

No. 1340025

P-p-pillow faaaaace~
Are fillers still that frowned upon? Everybody who's at least somewhat fame adjacent get them. Normies get them. So why on earth do celebs keep lying about them in this day and age? So lame.

No. 1340026

File: 1663193588386.jpeg (81.33 KB, 510x680, FcWnrciacAAZXFB.jpeg)

No. 1340027

File: 1663193593258.jpg (23.23 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

No. 1340028

You know they aren’t actually together. Madonna is always surrounded by some gaggle of young hipster opportunists blowing smoke up her ass and she in turn gets the attention she wants.

No. 1340029

This looks planned lmao, what was that nod for?

No. 1340035

She already went yachting with him in the summer, nona. Let's not be naive here.

JVN is a they/them creep who supports childhood transition. He's not a harmless moid who is comfy with himself, he's deep in the troon sauce.

No. 1340042


No. 1340049

he looks like a small version of David Hasselhoff, like the drunk, eating a burger on the floor, Hasselhoff. Can't believe he is only 34, plastic surgery is really helping to stay and look young…

No. 1340053

jonathan. he's HIV+. speaking of, isn't he literally married to another moid? are they doing some poly shit or something with this announcement?

No. 1340066

a male wrote this

No. 1340071

File: 1663197036124.webm (1.28 MB, 320x568, azealia.webm)

Azealia strikes again nonnas.
Nicki a few days ago said that someone informed her that Cardi B is performing voodoo on her. Azealia revealed that she was actually the one who told her that to trick her since she's so paranoid. This shit is too good though.

Having seen this happen irl, I genuinely think Nicki is mentally ill and we're watching her spiral in real time. I feel bad for her son tbh.

No. 1340074

kek WHAT

No. 1340077

File: 1663197373237.jpg (583.92 KB, 2304x2048, azealia.jpg)

Samefag, I don't think these screencaps were in that video

No. 1340090

same wtf. that gif is scrote tier. no woman likes this or having this done to them, and it being filmed for men to jack to. i hate men and hollywood so much

No. 1340092

Why is voodoo and witchcraft such a big thing for female rappers? Like what the hell you don't see Taylor Swift summoning Harry Potter to snuff out Ed Sheeran or something

No. 1340093

It's only Cardi and Azealia who talk about doing witchcraft.

No. 1340101

The Brandy Cinderella is still my favorite.

No. 1340102

I'm not necessarily talking about female rappers who are out loud about practicing voodoo. It's a common enough theme for rap lyrics, music videos, costumes, stage design for live shows, etc

No. 1340106

Who keeps deleting all the comments about Azealia and other famous black people looking unstable. They literally do lmfao not trying to racebait but come the fuck on. Kanye West doesn’t look unstable to you?(ban evasion, samefagging)

No. 1340110

>I’m gonna go waste my money on seeing a poorly made movie! That’ll show everyone who can see that it’s poorly made!

Some of you are actually retarded

No. 1340120

Perfectly said. I hate this tired and harmful shit they wrap up as "empowering" so much it's unreal. It never ends

No. 1340121

His top half of the face looks like Zac and the bottom looks mutated

No. 1340122

Tbf, most famous people look unstable. Because they are.

No. 1340126

What is she holding there? It's blurry and idgi

No. 1340139

You said "literally all black people" not "famous people", kys racesperg(responding to redtexted bait)

No. 1340143

Anon It's blaine, he's also pretending to be a woman on the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 1340145

why are you replying to the tranny, you retard.
exactly dont give attention to the thing.

No. 1340175

It's a Chinese Buddha. She was at a dinner party pretending to be Chinese and pulling back her eyelids etc to mimic the Buddha thing, and Bella's shady ass decided to film her and upload it to snapchat. Gigi was banned from the Sinosphere and had her visa for that year's Victoria Secret show (in Shanghai) canceled. All her fans on hf twitter were doing the "she can't be anti-asian, her boyfriend is asian" thing. It was v hilarious. I never liked Bella until that moment. Girlie saw her chance to finally step out of her sister's shadow and she seized it.

No. 1340218

They're totally harmless and the people they idolize are wholesome and "unproblematic". I'll take that over most other celeb fans any time of the day.

No. 1340220

File: 1663205377555.png (54.76 KB, 1280x720, 1471629412_00030-1555702474.pn…)

i hate this timeline. jvn is the fucking worst and he can't cut hair he has like one cut he can do.

No. 1340221

he is literally an enby narc. couldn't stand him on queer eye. antoni dating his mother in male form.

No. 1340223

WHAT antoni no!

No. 1340224

waaaait i thought antoni was married? nani

No. 1340244

No. 1340245

He's also the one crying about his posts being deleted and spamming racebait/CP.

No. 1340268

dammit kf is down

No. 1340273

they’re not actually together, they’re collaborating on a retarded brand selling “wellness” food to pets https://www.vulture.com/2022/09/antoni-porowski-jonathan-van-ness-pretend-date-dog-food.html

No. 1340288

i hope she finds safety and peace. maybe she could move to canada to evade her shit family? idk about this stuff but i would believe her if she claimed persecution.

No. 1340291

bitch it's /ot/ we're not drafting essays here. we think of the sentence as we're typing it so we can use one of our hands to eat our takis and hummus asap

No. 1340292

i cannot WAIT til kate bush tells the troons to stop claiming her song and we can wave her and harry potter in front of seething agps until they rope

No. 1340293

looks like suicide baiting to me. her new record will be about muh depreshun, calling it now

No. 1340294

oh noooo my god

No. 1340295

samefag - or possibly a munchie/chronic lyme/floxxxing type arc

No. 1340296

escape from LA remake is lookin good

No. 1340297

File: 1663211529658.jpeg (181.84 KB, 828x785, 906ADC9F-C94B-458E-9FE2-E4C079…)

Old news but Lana Del Ranchdressing has talked about it before too
Manifesting this. I wish more female celebrities would get comfortably with speaking truths rather than pandering to moids in dresses out of fear of being “cancelled”

No. 1340298

No. 1340307

yeah idk why but he makes me laugh and doesn't piss me off at all. his spiderman movies are even kind of watchable, it's crazy.

No. 1340309

KEK he looks like he's being photographed at gunpoint by a serial killer

No. 1340312

the zoomer looks like someone built a golem out of potatoes

No. 1340314

actually this is based. she's not a rwer?

No. 1340317

it's part of southern USA black people's heritage, i think. like voudoun performed using images of xtian icons was how enslaved people from west africa hid their religion from slavers, and then it turned into its own thing in louisiana and florida and now it's just another american cultural reference

No. 1340319

why is he a hairstylist when his hair looks filthy and unhealthy? it's clearly fried and he needs to take the bottom few inches off wayyy more often

No. 1340320

[urge to a-log intensifies]
Also how hard is this woman trying to be Beyoncé? Give it up, Rita. You’re married to someone richer and more famous than you’ll ever be, just cut your losses

No. 1340324

A lot of conservatards hate Trump so not necessarily. Plus it could have just been performative to appeal to certain demographics

No. 1340331

i let my kid watch disney channel sometimes and this stupid ass "girl power" anthem comes on sometimes that she sings and it makes me wanna jump off a cliff. she tries to belt the entire thing and it's so fucking stupid.

No. 1340343


No. 1340353

this is what guy ritchie did to her, i believe it 100000%. calling her a grandma like 20 years ago and saying she looks ugly etc etc, probably saying the same shit while they were married plus industry stress and guilt over aging. she said she was verbally abused by him iirc. very sad. she could've aged and been based but i think he did a number on her head when she was still pretty young and attractive imo

No. 1340361

albanian is officially a mental disability.

No. 1340401

>what was that nod for
She might have asked for a kiss.

No. 1340434

You don’t even know if it was poorly made, you’re just racist and dull.

Please, it’s just clickbait.

No. 1340454

underrated kek

No. 1340472

Tinfoil but I think social media has exposed Demi Lovato to the fact that everyone thinks she's annoying and insane. Her year long queer larping was her trying to win back favour, she realised she was failing and it was making things worse, so now she's just accepted the reality of how people perceive her and is throwing in the towel on her career

No. 1340473

File: 1663222152226.png (766.7 KB, 976x750, Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 11.0…)

Also wtf was this she did at the end, she looks so pleased with herself lmao

No. 1340476

File: 1663222718617.jpg (823.78 KB, 1036x1216, Screenshot_20220915_081956.jpg)

that's tokischa, degen reggaeton artist. her lyrics are about are extremely sexual and she calls herself a horny female dog and a whore constantly. not surprised she's degen enough to make out with grandma madonna

No. 1340477

the way his lips curl up at the ends, that's gotta be a botched job right

No. 1340479

>Rob Lowe wearing Zac's face.

No. 1340485

yes! and she was supposed to STAB HIM in the heart while he was sleeping, with this dagger that the sea witch gave her (I think that's what I remember, I was young and traumatized) and if she didn't, she would turn to sea foam at sunrise. And at the end she ends up seeing how happy he looked asleep next to his new bride and she felt bad or something and jumped off the ship and turned to sea foam instead. She got a raw deal tbh

No. 1340517

If you squint at the right angle it looks like a yassified Hilary Clinton

No. 1340523

A black mermaid makes no sense because blacks are much less buoyant and have heavier bones, this makes them less adept swimmers. These are physiological facts, it's not RaCiSt or racebaiting you retard.

Funny how this dumb bitch actually shows up and is seen actually doing something when it comes to a minor thing such as anons rightfully questioning and discussing how dumb and out of place this casting for this movie and the other disney movies is, which is nothing more than virtue signalling and cringe wokeness made to appeal to the worthless eaters to make them feel empowered to get their coin, manipulating them to fund a pedo infested company which Disney is. But this same dumb bitch isn't seen modding when the scrotes spam horrific CP. Yet she's outraged over anons simply expressing their opinions on a stupid woke movie, she's actually here in no time modding badly. Not agreeing with the casting because it's an insincere token and obvious wokeness, and it's so out of place for the characters to be black considering the original movies, oh no that's so oFfEnSiVe, you can't say that! You don't care about the troons posting over in the KF thread? Get your priorities straight you fucking stupid fat cunt. Anons care about that tranny posting and spamming CP and other shit. Go fucking do your job you retarded cunt.
And since you're going to be passive aggressive, i'm just going to go ahead and call you a stupid nigger since you like it so much. So go on, ban me you stupid nigger cunt. Do it. Come on you stupid nigger, BAN ME. Ban me and not the trannies. Look, I even made sure not to sage my post to give you even more reason to ban me. Lmao fucking worthless eater, you're a fucking retard. I spit on your face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1340528

Is this monstrosity a troon? Because it looks like a troon. It looks like a meme come to life, coloured hair, shit tattoos and ugly piercings, fucking gross

No. 1340543

fresh pasta ty anon

No. 1340559

You know mermaids aren’t real right racist-chan? Sorry if this is how you find out

No. 1340562

JVN thinks he faces misogyny because he’s a themlet and sometimes wears a dress. He’s so deep in the gender sauce he can’t even recognise homophobia. Embarrassing.

No. 1340587

You just uphold the "black women are just like trannies" shit rn

No. 1340594

You literally can’t say the word black itt without being called racist kek

No. 1340595

It's real European culture since The Little Mermaid is a Danish literary fairy tale. They even have a statue of her in Copenhagen. The pedo Disney movies based on this. So how about you negroes get your own movies on your own folklore if you want representation so badly and stop appropriating others. And since you're okay with The Little Mermaid being black, you shouldn't mind Mulan being casted black or Wakanda casted white? Or are you a racist? Lmao fucking idiot. You're going to be bred out anyway, since you negro women always chasing white scrotes. Just the way this movie has a black woman paired with a white scrote, funny that. Go get brainwashed and programmed and eat your bugs and be happy, retard.(racebaiting )

No. 1340597

> And since you're okay with The Little Mermaid being black, you shouldn't mind Mulan being casted black or Wakanda casted white?
Based anon, 100% agree. But we can’t say that as that is racist

No. 1340601

>relating specific, culturally-rich region-based stories to a stupid cartoon about a mermaid

No. 1340604

This. That comparison is weak.

No. 1340609

>You're going to be bred out anyway, since you negro women always chasing white scrotes.
KEK the bitterness. "taking ma menzzz"

No. 1340615

>I always give my used toys to the less fortunate.
Ain't nobody want your crusty yeasty vibrator with hitler's face taped on racist-chan

No. 1340616

Disney didn't steal the movie retard, anyone can make a little mermaid movie as long as it doesn't rip off the disney version. Fairytales are extremely difficult copywrite.

No. 1340622

It's a racist femcel or tranny who feels robbed of the chance to self-insert on another generic Disney movie and go spinny skirt uwu, nothing that person says will ever make sense lmao

No. 1340626

Tell me, where in that story does it reference danish culture? Where does it reference danish architecture, culture;m, or anything of the sort? Your argument doesn’t hold up and you lack basic intelligence and home training.

No. 1340627

So you've been fucking Neo Nazis? No wonder you're so retarded, seek god lol

No. 1340628

I just think it's funny that he's been seething about a disney movie for days while nobody here gives a shit, I swear to god all trannies do is post racebait and make everything worse. I can't imagine crying over a fictional character enough to be a nuisance on an image board, it's classic male behavior.

No. 1340635

> this Danish myth/ legend/ fairy tale is culturally rich and region based. Ask the Danish people about its significance
Burgers are jealous they have no culture, mythical or not

No. 1340643

Jfc pointing out that someone looks like a typical ugly tumblr genderspecial has nothing to do with their skin colour, stop reaching

No. 1340644

Americans have apple-pie, baseball, labor day, jazz, black friday, thanksgiving, baseball caps, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, sneakers, jeans, tex mex, country, rock and roll, memorial day, andy warhol, norman rockwell, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, and birthday cake flavored icecream. We have more culture than most other countries think.

No. 1340650

>u-um ackshually we have culture! we make… pies! you don't even know how much culture we have!

No. 1340651

Kek I know this is satire but would that mean a non burger wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat would be borderline cultural appropriation

No. 1340653

^^The sound of someone who never had an amazing pie, I feel sorry for you bud. If i could send you some i would.

I think when non-americans wear cowboy attire it's absolutely hilarious, It's even funnier when they try a country accent.

No. 1340655

The Little Mermaid was in the public domain until Disney bought it, now they own the trademarked characters for the next hundred years or something, I’m not terribly au fait with copyright law so feel free to correct me

No. 1340657

Apple pies and other fruit based pies were invented/created in England. Along with popular meat based pies. Kek

No. 1340659

Pls no Pollock art slander nona (you can slander him as a person though, he was an abusive prick)

No. 1340662

No. 1340663

Apple pie is synonymous with american culture, also since a majority of americans came from england both cultures can be seen as an extension of each other. Foods from different cultures can also be shared.

No. 1340664

Except Mulan’s ethnicity/culture is a fundamental part of her story, Ariel may have been written by a Dane but she was never specified as Danish (not to mention the fact that she’s not even human…)

No. 1340665

Also wasn't the little mermaid set in the caribbean anyway.

No. 1340669

It's just a movie not a civil rights documentary, even the disney pinocchio remake is trash but only a retard would throw a fit over the perfection of a cast for a fictional story. They are only being made to make money and that's ok, it's not offensive to african americans you weirdo. Everything disney makes as of now are shitty remakes and people will go see them.

No. 1340671

I personally give zero fucks about the little mermaid, I’ve never seen the cartoon because I hate cartoons and I especially hate Disney, I have no intention of seeing this live adaptation, I was just pointing out that comparing it to Mulan is comparing apples with oranges, cool it with the great replacement sperging

No. 1340672

they have done the same with English folklore. like Robin Hood. and other Scandinavian/Germanic folklore. They have none of their own.

No. 1340673

That was not what that anon was suggesting kek

No. 1340675

Kek at this thread derailed by mermaids, burgers lack of culture, apple pies and folklore(don't complain about thread in thread)

No. 1340679

>Since the disney movie wouldn't exist if this Danish folklore culture which it is centred on didn't exist
Wah wah wah mermaids exist in every culture's folklore. The Disney story isn't even the same, you know the mermaid is told she has to stab the prince and she ends up dying forever alone at the end?
IDGAF about Disney, but racespergs like you make me want to buy tickets for this movie just to increase your seethe lol

No. 1340680

>Wah wah wah mermaids exist in every culture's folklore
source, mermaids are only mentioned with in the mythologies of northern europe

No. 1340683

File: 1663244388783.png (50.27 KB, 396x843, erifoel.png)

Are you trolling? Lmao
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mermaid(why are you responding to "trolling"? it's bait)

No. 1340688

this is like when J K Rowling said hermione could be black but one of the books it said ‘her white face’ or something

No. 1340689

File: 1663244675361.png (463.85 KB, 747x508, mrmd.png)

I guess the Japanese are northern European now

No. 1340691

I swear those racebaiting tards don't even realize that many cultures have similar mythological creatures, only the racebaiting sperg would say that only euros have "fictional mermaids".

No. 1340693

Are you seriously mad at jr rowling for saying that she was cool with her characters race being changed, she made them she can do whatever she wants with them.

No. 1340694

Nta but JK just said changing Hermoines race for the play was no big deal. That’s all. Sucks that the women she defended stabbed her in the back though.

No. 1340696

File: 1663244972649.jpg (29.79 KB, 255x350, AAnotherCinderellaStory.jpg)

There's like 884646773237 versions of Cinderella and Snow White movies and adaptation, why would a different version showing a different Ariel matter so much? Read the book over and over again if something so dumb pisses you off so much. It's like getting mad at picrel, get over it this is so pathetic it's been days and days of constant derailing about this shit
>all about consooming
It all makes sense now

No. 1340697

Not mad, just comparing. Bringing up in regards to unnecessarily changing the race of characters

No. 1340698

Calm down, Eva Braun. Have a break, have a KitKat
>inb4 someone tries to make a stage adaptation retconning the characters as trannies

No. 1340704


No. 1340705

Oh my god who the fuck caresssssssssssss tomorrow another fucking princess movie by disney or literally anyone else will be made and you'll all forget the little mermaid for 20 more years, why is this the hill you die on?

No. 1340708

Are you equally obsessed with Disney changing the tone and events of the original fairytale too or just the race? Lmao

No. 1340733

File: 1663246963053.jpeg (58.76 KB, 850x400, quote-i-like-to-make-my-husban…)

That's the interview with this inspiring quote

No. 1340735

AGP attention whore tears

No. 1340780

janitor redtext below(The racebaiter is rachelfag who is part of the tranny group spamming this site (yes there multiple of them ), so please AVOID replying to him and instead report his posts)

No. 1340784

just seen this picture for the first time & realised that I misheard the person who originally told me about this casting and it’s not halle BERRY. ngl I did think she might be a bit old for the role when I heard the news
this is true, there’s quite a few different diasporic & syncretic religions/spiritualities in modern America that can be classed as witchcraft like vodou, creole hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, brujería & santería. So its a much stronger cultural touchstone in America than somewhere like the UK, where there’s just revivalist ancient Celtic pagans & modern Wiccans, neither of which are represented in rap kek
imagine waking up before your husband every single day of your marriage without fail to make sure he never sees your bare face and getting cheated on anyway. tragic. wonder how many gallons of red lipstick she’s eaten over the years

No. 1340801

Now read everything else. Disney's straight-moid-approved-version is an opposite of Andersen's story.

No. 1340822

File: 1663254164005.jpeg (547.28 KB, 750x988, BE661DE2-4188-4132-9F07-6B8CF5…)

Wtf is wrong with Emrata

No. 1340823

That kid doesn't have a chance in hell to be a functioning human being

No. 1340826

File: 1663254629204.jpeg (23.4 KB, 332x317, marilyn_gavin.jpeg)

Gavin Rossdale is a certified pervert, he slept with Marilyn (crossdresser) in the 80s. I'm sure he cheated on Gwen with any easy lay. Disgusting scrote, pitiful that she tried so hard to please him. I don't dislike Gwen, I think she's a pickme but I appreciate her honesty more than celebrity women who act like they're "one of the boys", tbh

No. 1340834

File: 1663255163374.jpeg (272.25 KB, 1440x1800, 1.jpeg)

its honestly somewhat hilarious how seemingly every pop-idol is married to some fugly scrote that just happen to be in their social circle, despite the powerful manufactured pop idol image that the "girlies and gays" love, these women are more often then not sad idiots who go after any man who gives them attention, the best they could probably do is some rich normie whose not even the least bit famous

No. 1340835

File: 1663255169677.jpeg (12.26 KB, 360x360, images (14).jpeg)

Unpopular opinion but I think the new Ariel is fine and so is her haircolour. I've seen people do edits of the haircolour and the orange looks better than the firetruck red. It's weird people are so crazy about the hair being the right shade and saying she looks nothing like Ariel because imo you can still tell it's her from the poster. Green tail, purple shells. Even if they cast a white girl, the orange hair would look fine. If the movie ends up shit I don't think it's the actress's fault. It'll be because all new live action Disney stuff is soulless.

Also regardless of race and I know it wasn't intentional, but I really like the widely spaced eyes. Again even if they chose a white girl, the widely spaced eyes look really cute on a mermaid or alien character.
An example is in one of the Pirates of the caribean movies when they cast supermodel Gemma Ward as the head mermaid. I feel like Halle gives the same vibe.

No. 1340839

File: 1663255561713.png (1.48 MB, 898x1194, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 11.2…)

I completely agree on the far-away eyes, and I do think it might've been intentional. I do wish they would've filled in her brows a little bit more for the movie. The actress has sparse brows in real life but they're filled in for most like red carpet appearances and w/e. She's really beautiful but doesn't look as good in the trailer because of the lack of eyebrows.

No. 1340840

Personally I think red hair + green tail + purple seashell bra is such a garish combo. I wish they have her a gold tail, aqua bra, and natural hair because it would be easier on the eyes, I never liked the og ariel design because of it. I also hope that they don't make her wear that ugly ass pink dress and put her in something much cuter.

No. 1340844

is this not Tom Holland

No. 1340846

i am so sorry but she is really unfortunate looking. Her far apart eyes aren't pretty and ethereal like Anya's. They should have casted Zendaya if they wanted a non-white actress. As Zendaya is beautiful.

No. 1340847

god if they change anything else like the tail and bra etc, she may as well be a different character and just make a different mermaid movie!!!

No. 1340848

Why are you so pressed, they changed belles dress, cinderellas dress, even jasmines dress. Why not change the seashell bra and tail to make it more distinctive like all of the other disney live action remakes have done.

No. 1340850

> than somewhere like the UK, where there’s just revivalist ancient Celtic pagans & modern Wiccans
modern wiccans? wicca orginated in England in the early 12th century.

No. 1340852

they changed the styles of the dresses. they didn't give cinderella a bright yellow dress did they? Or belle a red dress? Ariel has to have the original colours or she would be unrecognisable!!

No. 1340853

>Her far apart eyes aren't pretty and ethereal like Anya's
what makes her's any different?

No. 1340854

Agreed. I dont really care about skin or haircolour but the tail and shells should at least stay the same as the cartoon. Even if they just tone down the hue.

My prediction is she will still have the same pink dress but it won't be the hideous 80's style because the movie is modern.

Disagree. I think she's just as pretty as Anya. Maybe not as slim but I wouldn't say she is unfortunate looking at all, she gives me young Brandy vibes. Very cute

No. 1340856

anya just gives off a ethereal vibe. and it isn't just race before anyone assumes kek other women with wide set eyes like that supermodel and Amanda seyfried arent pretty either.
> Disagree. I think she's just as pretty as Anya
that's your opinion anon, I just disagree HARD

No. 1340859

> Agreed. I dont really care about skin or haircolour but the tail and shells should at least stay the same as the cartoon
exactly or why bother having the movie on ariel and the original animated version/story

No. 1340861

I personally don't care about her being recognizable if the color scheme is tacky, I would love for disney to make the costumes with a better color palette. I think changing it would at least make it more memorable and give the stylists more creative freedom, I like it when disney makes live action different from the classics even with clothing.

Are you seriously saying that amanda isn't pretty, post someone other than anya that's a 10 in your eyes.

No. 1340862

Anya isn't pretty or ethereal either anon… Both girls look inbred or like their mothers drunk alcohol during pregnancy.

No. 1340864

> I personally don't care about her being recognizable if the color scheme is tacky
but then it wouldn't be the same!!! it doesn't make sense. if so they should make a whole different movie

No. 1340865

Can you please just make a disney thread? I'm so bored of people crying about this fucking fish. These remakes are all soulless cash grabs, stop being the female version of the marvel coomer scrotes.

No. 1340866

I rather have new additions than to stick to the same old story, if I wanted to see the little mermaid stay exactly the same I would watch the cartoon version.

No. 1340867

Modern Wicca was created in the 1950s nona. I'm sure they adapted parts of it from older Pagan religions though.

No. 1340868

what a retarded red text, out of everything else posted here

No. 1340869

And I disagree with your opinion on Amanda Siegfried. I never found Gemma Ward particularly stunning to my taste but I would still describe her as 'ethereal' like you described Anya. Miranda Kerr and Devon aoki are both also attractive women with the widely spaced eyes but I think Devon and Gemma have the pixie/mermaid/supernatural vibe like Anya whereas Miranda Kerr and Amanda are more conventionally pretty in a wide set eye way. Although even Miranda could probably make a pretty siren depending on how she's styled.

No. 1340872

she was one with wide set eyes I thought of, because I knew that anons would complain racism if I called her ugly

No. 1340874

Can we please have a new thread and everything relating the little mermaid remake be banned

No. 1340875

sorry but she is so ugly

No. 1340877

File: 1663257723108.jpeg (26.39 KB, 360x450, images (15).jpeg)

Unnatural hair colour when a character is adapted from cartoon to liveaction is always a difficult one and I think it really depends on the vibe of the film.
I dont mind her ginger hair. It's fine. I'm glad they went with that and not something like red streaks or some shit. Do you remember when they cast Emmy Rossum as Bulma in that God awful dragonball movie.
They basically copy pasted Lara croft and gave her one blue streak in her hair. Like they could have even given her a blue ombre and it would be more Bulma than whatever this was meant to be.

No. 1340878

i wonder how ezra is doing?

No. 1340880

I think a lot of live action remakes should just be as camp as possible, I mean didn't we have a lot of movies that are over the top but still beloved such as the adams family values, the grinch that stole christmas, the brady bunch, and the live action scooby doo. Why are movie producers afraid of making characters look fun, vibrant and other worldly. I want movies to stop taking themselves so seriously.

No. 1340882

The trailer just came out and people are talking about casting. I'm not a Disneyfag and the racial shit should be banned but I don't see the issue. Its a new movie. The subject will change when someone brings up someone else.

Last I heard he 'apologised' publicly and is apparently trying to get help for mental health but I truly just think its his P.R team trying to save his career

No. 1340883

> is apparently trying to get help for mental health
I hope that he does get some help

No. 1340896

This is exactly how I feel. I feel like cartoons like Scooby Doo had successful remakes because they kept the bright coloured costumes and cartoony vibe even when they had the characters change from the canon outfits they still had the same colour themes. And then they started trying to make shit realistic and water down the character's costumes. So you end up with garbage like Riverdale and Sabrina the teenage witch.
The other thing that sometimes fucks up adaptions as well is using characters that don't have a good story so they end up with shit movies. Like again, Snoopy doo was great because they solved mysteries so there's endless material. But why the fuck did they make a Garfield movie? He is a fat orange cat who sleeps and eats lasagne. You can't really make a full length movie from that. Same goes for Alvin and the fucking chipmunks. That did NOT need to be made and certainly didn't need a sequel.

No. 1340900

I reckon it's all P.R and rehab visits because he is due to go to court soon plus his team are probably trying to save his career.

He gives off cancerous vibes though, I don't think he'll change

No. 1340904

God, don't get me started on the mess that was sabrina and riverdale, it's like they only have one formula for marketing things to young adults to make it "edgy". Even Winx has fallen from grace and was made into a gossip girl/euphoria rip off, I just want my fun and happy fictional characters to stay fun and happy with a more grown up twist. I mean people love legally blond/clueless and the main characters were fun and still relatable. These producers and the blame for trying to make the powerpuff girls edgy, teen titans edgy, even avatar the last airbender edgy. Like who the fuck is even asking for gritty remakes.

No. 1340913

i think it's just a typical zero exercise/no irl friends gen z person. idk why but the only ones who go outside and do non-internet activities regularly are the ones on the professional athlete track.

No. 1340917

Samefag but add the craft remake into the shitty movie remake pile as well when the og was so iconic and amazing. The funny thing is they sucked all the the grimdark witchery from the craft and made it into a movie for twitter, Why the fuck does the og craft have serious topics such as racism/lookism/classim/suicide and is still able to make those storylines so good that people will rewatch it for years despite being ironically more woke than anything being made today and still being amazing. Sorry for the vent I'm just so heated, I only hope that they don't try to remake the movie heathers or i'm going to mcfucking lose it.

No. 1340918

>It's real European culture
holy shit the funniest thing i've read in this thread kek

No. 1340921

shhh be quiet moid

No. 1340922

exactly the scooby doo movies were PERFECTLY cast. they literally looked the same as the cartoon, which is how it should be.

No. 1340924

>labor day
wait is labour day in europe and canada a different concept than the american one? i've never been to usa, this isn't a troll.

No. 1340925

they will and they will change the races. like when they remade the annie movie. known for her red her and freckles. and made her a little black girl.(racebait)

No. 1340928

she could still be asian or middle eastern
pasty fucks can belong to any race except black(racebait)

No. 1340931

Here we go again

No. 1340937

Stop trying to racebait as you've been doing all morning, You aren't slick since the mods have already removed your other posts. This is the venting camp loving op by the way.

No. 1340938

yawn, all this cope and you fatards still can't fit into most clothes (and have to pay extra for the ones that do fit), still seethe at "anachans" that get to wear cute tops including stuff from the kids section, still get out of breath going up and down some stairs, still complain about moids being willing to fuck you yet not be seen around with you, still feel bad eating in public, etc, etc… you fatasses actually sound pathetic trying to be the bullies. "Moids want me more than bonerattlers!" moids would fuck a hole in a pumpkin, a corpse, a tims rotting axe wound neovag, etc. Your flaccid saggy tits, ass on the front and actual ass looking like a bloated Winnie the pooh in urgent need of a c-section are not special. Especially if you actually have to stand next to someone you consider unattractive to feel hot yourself lmao. Actually attractive women don't need to do that. You will never be the beauty standard. Go back to Tumblr or Tiktok where you can sperg about any skinny woman existing and call her out for "body checking"(infighting)

No. 1340941

File: 1663259779602.jpg (38.11 KB, 600x600, img.jpg)

I'm not discrediting opinions, but Halle Bailey is very beautiful to me. She's one of those people when folks call ugly, I just don't get what they mean. Though, extreme features (her far apart eyes) may be a reason why, I guess.
However her eyes,face shape and smile is what really makes her beautiful to me. She does remind me of brandy, not so much in looks but vibes. I hate to see how much hate she's getting towards her looks and in general just for taking a fucking job.

No. 1340944

none of my posts has been removed. what I mentioned isn't racebaiting, it has just happened so many times in recent remakes that it will likely continue(your posts are being removed and you're salty about it kek)

No. 1340961

File: 1663260641463.png (615.04 KB, 599x993, Screenshot 2.png)

I'm surprised no one's talking about the fact that despite all the pandering, wokeoids are still upset with the little mermaid, cause eric is a dreaded cis straight white male and then claiming that original little mermaid was a queer POC story, so they either want eric to be played by some 30 year old moid korean or a woman so that it can be a queer story, Ulitanmetly nothing will ever be good enough for wokeoids


No. 1340962

File: 1663260661029.jpg (31.39 KB, 458x267, IMG_20220915_094454.jpg)

Daily reminder you have more in common genetically with a woman of a different race than you do with a man of the same race. Bait harder tranny scrotes, you won't divide us

Even if someone doesn't think she's beautiful, who cares? Nobody has a fit because Steve Buscemi gets consistent roles. Women really aren't allowed to do anything unless they are visually approved to be sex material by moids. Ariel is not supposed to be a bombshell seductress character. If you've internalized this garbage please consider where it comes from.

No. 1340963

I dont care when they change races of characters but in some cases it feels forced. Annie could have still been done well as a black girl but they removed key components to her outfits.

Velma was made Chinese in another scooby doo reboot and although it was a shit remake story wise, she still had the right outfit ect.
Plus Velma has short dark hair so it's fine. Plus in the cartoon there's an episode where she even says she can speak/read Chinese so it kind of makes sense.

Maybe it's just the cosplay sperg in me but I feel like most adaptions are doable with different races. Having said that it's extremely noticeable when it's purely a diversity hire.
I'm still in shock that monster high remake has so much troon advocacy. Like zoomers complaining about their childhood shows or whatever being ruined is pathetic especially because when the shitty bratz movie came out, millenials just laughed it off but in the case of monster high I'm really suprised they got away with whole they/them agenda especially in a nickalodean movie with licensed characters.(racesperg)

No. 1340964

based af, ty nona!

No. 1340966

Nobody cares about what K-Pop fangirls have to say unless there's money to be made off them. They're not wokeoids they're just teenagers with a crush on a boyband

No. 1340970

File: 1663261508022.jpg (119.81 KB, 720x663, Screenshot_20220915-130236_Chr…)

At this point is it an inquirment in order to be a famous female rapper you have to be a huge pick me lolcow? I know that make entertainers are trash, but more so then not the women end up doing cohosh behavior behind some scrote. Apparently she hired a man (that's what I'm hearing) to beat up some women that offset with cheating with. Correct me if I got the story wrong anyone.

No. 1340972

All I was saying is I found her pretty, that's it.

No. 1340974

*I know that male entertainers are trash
Sorry my auto correct

No. 1340977

Sorry nonna I didn't mean imply anything was wrong with your perfectly fine post, I just wanted to continue the conversation. It's nice to see posts here standing up for Halle!

No. 1340978

yeah i remember this back in 2018, she was were crazy back then.
But to be fair to her she actually has surprisingly changed and became more mature and calm now unlike her rival Nicki who still acts like this even in 2022.

No. 1340981

maybe he's cute for the role or whatever they think but how do they know he can act at all? i doubt he can and i dont think he's fluent either so even if they did pick him kek then it would be a total waste of time money etc and complete embarrassment if they ended up going through with it til the end

No. 1340983

I don't care, if she paid a man to harm a woman she's just as trash as Nicki, they are both the same. Cardi is a violent pick me, Nicki is a pedo supporting pick me. I get so sick of their dumb fanbases acting like one is better better the other

No. 1340984

It’s not Halle’s fault she was offered to audition because of her 2019 Grammys performance lol. It’s not her fault she made the director cry because the audition went so well. There was a job and she passed the audition. I think Halle is beautiful and I hope her sister Chloe gets a Disney princess gig too!
The reason why Ariel is a red head is because it looks good against a blue background and they couldn’t use blonde because of Splash being out a few years prior.

No. 1340987

anon i love you, but are you and the baiter you replied to…slow?
This is what kpop fans do they just spam their fave amongst each other, its kpop twitter stan stuff, it has nothing to do with them ACTUALLY wanting jimin to play prince eric and none of them are ''upset''.
''jimin as prince eric'' posts have existed since 5 years ago, this is just a in-joke between kpop fans of that fandom.

No. 1340990

i agree, what i meant to say is that cardi actually showed some change in behavior these 4 years meanwhile Nicki is still the same person.
Also to be fair unlike Nicki, Cardi was thrusted into the limelight really fast, she had a rough hustle life of stripping so of course she was violent because that was the life and environment she lived in before becoming famous, so yes i am impressed that she has changed her behavior and become more calm.

No. 1340992

I never knew that piece of trivia anon thanks for sharing, The red hair now makes sense but imo the colors of the mermaid tail and seashell bra just don't cut it for me.

No. 1340994

>But to be fair to her she actually has surprisingly changed and became more mature and calm now unlike her rival Nicki who still acts like this even in 2022.
she hired a man to physically assault a woman, you don't mature from that, that is pure evil shit

No. 1340998

> salty
this janny is retarded

No. 1340999

Cardi just spazzes out less and stayed with her cheating husband, vs. Being an annoying shit bag like Nicki/staying with a rapist husband. Honestly looking at both their upbringing you could say, they both are products of shitty environments. Nicki pedo brother, abusive dad, mom abandoning her for 2 years, etc. Etc. Like I said, Cardi is less annoyingly these days but she's not more mature. She was just in an argument with someone where she brought up their house burning in a fire. Nicki and Cardi are the same pick me but in different ways. Both have directly harmed women with their actions or associations. Both are idiots. Both have brain dead stans, Nicki just has more loud and proud ones. Both Will do anything but leave their shitty scrotes who only cause them drama. One is just talented.
Cardi was 26 when she did what she did to those strippers.

No. 1341002

I remember reading that sex workers have a higher rate of PTSD than people in the military. This narrative of "yaaas empowered queeeeen lol it's actually the men being exploited by the strippers get ittt" is preventing abused women from getting the help they need

No. 1341011

stop idolizing rapgirls and realize that rap will never be feminist in any reality

No. 1341014

Don't forget jazz and blues

No. 1341015

oh yes i am kek sorry

No. 1341017

File: 1663264374217.jpeg (215.28 KB, 960x541, 4D710985-59A4-4EAA-AFC5-8D5CE0…)

This is the only trivia I could find about it. Maybe they just really liked the mermaids from Peter Pan?

No. 1341022

all female rappers do is cater for moids, they are just singing strippers

No. 1341031

File: 1663266205665.jpg (31.09 KB, 360x572, mbr.jpg)

This is very niche gossip, but I work in a restaurant and today Ben Wishaw's ginger ex-husband came in and he was an absolute dick (and noticeably drunk despite it only being lunch time). Does anyone know if he's bisexual? Cuz he was perving on me in a way I wouldn't expect from a gay moid.

No. 1341063

File: 1663268750668.jpg (361.73 KB, 720x1024, 20220915_202405.jpg)

And while everyone was sperging we missed this interesting piece. Now, I wonder what happened here? I'd kill to be a fly on the wall for this visit

No. 1341070

the article with these pictures said that they were taken a couple of hours after she left Cara's place.

No. 1341073

File: 1663269294296.jpg (639.17 KB, 924x2045, hqdefault.jpg)

kpop fags are something else, it takes strength and delusion to deny what's right in front of you but this takes the cake

No. 1341086

File: 1663269945302.jpg (132.81 KB, 806x1023, Fct120yX0AAjccm.jpg)

why do celebs who get fat wear such unflattering tight clothing? like how do you have so much net worth and yet squeeze yourself into this instead of getting something nicely tailored

No. 1341093

Thank you Jannie you're the best muaahhh (thats a little kiss)

No. 1341098

File: 1663270423266.jpg (746.54 KB, 1823x2735, 1414570289.jpg)

she is wearing really odd clothes lately as well, like the fuck are those boots?

No. 1341101

The people bitching about ariel's casting choice are nothing but assmad because they can't self insert as the pretty uwu mermaid for once in their lives. These tantrums prove adult disney fans are nothing but womanchildren, no matter how much you scream into the void the film is already done and you're giving it free publicity, if you hate it so much simply don't watch it and inject some heroin to calm the fuck down.

No. 1341102

File: 1663270522847.png (223.88 KB, 600x337, 078.png)

We had this exact discussion 4 days ago.

No. 1341112

kek no i just mean she's gained weight (obviously from the baby), but instead of wearing something that fits she's wearing an industrial strength corset and a too short too tight skirt that she clearly doesn't feel comfortable in (hence the hand on the hem). what is she doing with all her money???

No. 1341153

it's literally just a raid. nobody cares. that actress is pretty and casting zendaya again for something would be extremely boring.

No. 1341156

her style has always been like this though

No. 1341174

File: 1663276302280.jpeg (152.24 KB, 1023x1280, F609AC61-FB8F-4BE3-8015-904256…)

>Blake Lively is pregnant, expecting her 4th child with Ryan Reynolds.
Real question, does Blake even act anymore? all she does is get knocked up and walk the met gala. I can’t stand Ryan Reynolds he’s always given me moid vibes

No. 1341179

All of her kids will end up with her real nose. That’s enough for me lol

No. 1341180

What does her real nose look like, is it that bad?

No. 1341181

File: 1663276957661.jpg (162.08 KB, 780x1790, FcokjbyWAAElgGX.jpg)

No. 1341183

You dumbasses are looking way too deep into this, these are just teenage fangirls

No. 1341185

He looks like a 75 year old hippie-turned-reagan-voter reminiscing of that one time he blew three truck drivers at a gas station simultaneously. Hopefully he kicks the bucket soon.

No. 1341186

god he's grotesque. this is the "hot" fatass that the world crucified an abused woman for

No. 1341187

He looks 80 years old. Repulsive.

No. 1341189

I can't get over his faggy smirk. He's so disgusting.

No. 1341191

He looks like the crackhead from my parking garage that tries to sell me suspicious fruits and cobbler.

No. 1341192

THIS is who people spend their tweets thirsting about? Omg.
She is a director or something like that for a long time now, but afaik shes supposed to star somewhere next year. She also worked on this music video, i think its the first time in a long while when people remembered she exists.

No. 1341201

File: 1663277931806.gif (8.22 MB, 500x330, lolsad.gif)

oh, how the mighty have fallen kek

No. 1341209

> that original little mermaid was a queer POC story
oh my god

No. 1341210

he was so cute in this movie. what an absolute shame.

No. 1341211

depp, pitt and dicaprio are all so hideous these days, i just don't understand why so many teen girls are still going hard for them on twitter. like i understand the retarded millennials still clinging to their jack dawson / captain jack sparrow / mr smith fantasies, but why has a new gen looked at these hideous flabby men and gone "wow he's my blorbo"?

it's like the 15yos on twitter who are obsessed with larry stylinson. how the hell are these kids falling into these ancient fandoms for ageing moids? where is the fbi

No. 1341212

File: 1663278751127.jpeg (59.42 KB, 640x800, DE0BEE48-CB4B-4DB8-A69B-A2C357…)

No. 1341214

Inb4 dookie and constipation jokes.

No. 1341216

reminder that tubbo depp was calling amber heard a "fatass", "flabby ass", etc while looking like this

No. 1341217

something about timmy c skeeves me out so bad. him and harry trigger my fight or flight reflex like no other celeb.

No. 1341226

She's hot shit, he's just jealous.

No. 1341227

I'm taking back all the times I said he was cute, sorry to anyone who was exposed to such stupidity.

No. 1341228

isn't it kind of an open secret that ryan reynolds cheats on blake all the time? They used live in my city and I used to see him often around, he always looks like such a tool tbh, I never understood some people's obsession with him.

No. 1341229

He looks like he pushes a shopping cart down the highway eeeeww.

No. 1341235

File: 1663280279108.jpg (49.49 KB, 469x610, Blogcdelorestucker1.jpg)

Delores Tucker did nothing wrong.

No. 1341238

Ryan is a cheat and a misogynistic control freak. He wants a stay at home wife whose career won't outshine his, but at the same time he also wants to stick his dick in any woman who so much as breathes in the same city as him. That being said, I can't feel too sorry for Blake because she knows all that and still lets him impregnate her over and over. It's like David Tennant and Georgia Moffett but with a much higher budget and better teeth.

No. 1341240

It’s so gross. I actually know of scrotes that think he’s gay because he married a tall woman naked Blake and their relationship is so manufactured but it’s like LOL, he’s not gay he’s just your average sanctimonious asshole pretending to have a wholesome family while fucking any barely legal girl nearby that he can

No. 1341241

Hearing about all of this ruined deadpool for me

No. 1341245

File: 1663280965870.jpeg (81.82 KB, 720x790, 6313ab5a2300003100a4a647.jpeg)

No. 1341247

Woah woah woah, tea on David Tennant? Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but I was not aware he was a horrible scrote.
Fucking gross kek.

No. 1341250

File: 1663281318107.jpg (23.41 KB, 640x479, a2c872b1e525a6b7a9126f076fac1d…)

If even that wonderbread basic ass Picasso eyes motherfucker Ryan Reynolds cant be compelled not to cheat on women like Blake lively and Scarlet Johanson… then men don't deserve families to come home to. They don't deserve to even pretend to be a head and provider of a happy home.

No. 1341253

File: 1663281445207.jpg (637.15 KB, 1346x1683, FcseugVXEAEIVXA.jpg)

Not that bad

No. 1341262

>He wants a stay at home wife whose career won't outshine his

I remember a GC mag interview where he blamed Scarlett for the downfall of the marriage because her career was doing well and his wasn't.

No. 1341277

>Taylor Swift summoning Harry Potter to snuff out Ed Sheeran
kek it might make me actually like taylor

whats up with tennant and his wife? i thought he was very religious or some such

No. 1341279

His french roots are really coming out here lmao I can smell this picture

No. 1341284

omg I remember this, he was such a fucking asshole to her, she apparently tried so desperately to make the marriage work and was very depressed when it ended. The nerve of scrotes…

No. 1341293

He told media (via ""insiders"") in 2010 he was the depressed one and she was an uncaring bitch. And denied he was seeing Blake Lively kek.

No. 1341297

he looks good here ngl

No. 1341345

File: 1663286946419.jpg (14.3 KB, 189x240, 5063777724_d64d5ebf85_m.jpg)

I kind of have to admit that it's giving jim morrison and not too badly either

No. 1341390

imo this is the first time timmybimmy has looked good
im always distracted by his high-pitched voice during his cellphone commercials. good face, but should never open his mouth his annoying af

No. 1341391

File: 1663291510247.jpeg (192.43 KB, 828x379, 5AAAAF95-C154-4A0A-91FC-86403E…)

Oh his tweet was very inspired by this post

No. 1341397

Are you blind and or retarded

No. 1341422

> I only hope that they don't try to remake the movie heathers or i'm going to mcfucking lose it.
they did try a few years ago and made it super woke by making the heathers sjw types iirc. last i heard it got canned and almost no one wanted it kek. wish they’d taken the hint for shit like riverdale/sabrina/titans/winx club though.

No. 1341426

What the fuck?

No. 1341462

lmao, i cri evrytiem

No. 1341466

he "accidentally hurt his chin" and needed surgery just like how a few of my classmates senior year had "deviated septums" and also needed surgery

No. 1341470

kek, have we really reached a point on this thread where we're longing for ezra sperging again?
Because same, at least the infights were funny.

No. 1341472

oh my god, what the fuck. I just had to reverse image search because I had no idea who this was. Horrifying

No. 1341477

File: 1663300784908.png (88.06 KB, 1208x384, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 8.58…)

kek i looked up this person out of curiosity and found this hilariously based tweet from an hour ago amongst her sea of schizoposts

No. 1341509

The owner of that account is a creepy male, so.

No. 1341534

I see way too goddamn much of this piece of scrotal skin on my TL now and I can’t decide who’s face I find more annoying — Ryan’s smugly smirking or suck-up Rob “Eternal Soyface” McElhenny

No. 1341544

really sad because sometimes he's funny.

No. 1341545

Relax anon neither of the moids in question will fuck you

No. 1341555

File: 1663304804147.png (66.71 KB, 765x604, 1.png)

I know he was a fash shithead, but Yukio Mishima was right in his opinion that beautiful men should die young, rather then be allowed to grow old and ruin their legacy

No. 1341556

Women can't have anything for themselves, fuck this shit

No. 1341572

Timothy Chalamet is not cute and Jim Morrison is a rotting sack of bones in a graveyard I’m simply pointing out that giving him fake curls does not make him look like Jim Morrison

No. 1341575

Is it really surprising that a man whose entire online existence revolves around parodying and satirizing women makes posts like these because he’s busy creating people in his head to be angry at for a couple of likes

No. 1341606

Why do I get the feeling that he's going to troon out?

No. 1341609

File: 1663308193162.jpg (92.49 KB, 768x934, 3fb3338914060136006c36e87bf1f2…)

He's taken several cross dressing roles and he has a separate house for his barbies, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise.

No. 1341613

Remember when tiktok audios of amber in court describing being raped by Johnny Depp were used as a joke and all the pickmes were like “omg that’s not traumatic! That’s my dreme come true!!”

No. 1341615

He’s kinda got a hot body

No. 1341617

Nick Cannon is out of control!

No. 1341619

File: 1663309462128.jpeg (19.68 KB, 500x312, D9995AD1-B04F-40FA-9310-DAB153…)

Sweetheart that is the work of a retoucher

I had the passing thought several hours ago that I was surprised he didn’t start trying to half-assedly feminize himself like Brad Pitt is doing

No. 1341620

File: 1663309530231.jpeg (73.68 KB, 673x373, BBFA0AD2-9544-4E9A-9238-909D4E…)

No. 1341621

File: 1663309578234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 894.04 KB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20220915_232542706.j…)

I am reminded of the leaked tapes between Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva from a while back. kek (I'm so sorry nonnas)

No. 1341623

wait wait wait wait WAIT… he collects barbies???? what the fuck

No. 1341633

File: 1663310525141.jpeg (803.99 KB, 1363x2046, 1662257120761.jpeg)

>julia fox attends the elena velez fashion show with her son valentino in matching attire

celebrities stop treating your children as accessories challenge (impossible)

No. 1341641

yes THIS is the rapist to stan and demonize a chronically abused woman for, society! what a hottie with his fucking psychotic whole house full of barbie dolls. absolute mj with the mannequins tier

No. 1341659

But did he die

No. 1341666

What the actual fuck. I knew about his cross dressing roles but collecting Barbies???? What else is this man hiding? No fucking wonder his dick doesn’t work right.

No. 1341669

File: 1663314735497.jpeg (116.42 KB, 670x774, 9FA1A601-5680-40C8-85F8-E54CAA…)

That’s not a real photo nonnies lol

No. 1341670

why wouldn't she match with her son?

No. 1341676

I hate this degenerate white trash crackhead so much, I blame Kanye for making her relevant in the fashion world, and by accepting her the fashion world has proved that it truly is beyond redemption

No. 1341678

at least she holds her son, unlike emrat

No. 1341679

She looks like she has FAS. The character in the cartoon is a walleyed sped so at least they got that right, kek

No. 1341689

File: 1663317613089.png (546.02 KB, 454x1024, johnny-depp-blythe-doll-454x10…)

He does collect dolls though.

No. 1341696

i still don't know who it is

No. 1341697

No. 1341698

my grandad collected rare toys throughout his life, didn't even like them, it was just his hobby, I'm not a depp stan but this really isn't that milky, lots of bored rich people become collectors

No. 1341705

Only In Sharkcouchie’s wet dreams is he anything like Morrison

No. 1341707

File: 1663321296015.png (553.61 KB, 767x625, Screenshot 2022-09-16 113905.p…)

>For those who missed it, Kimmel, 54, played dead onstage while Brunson, 32, accepted her milestone award. Despite Brunson's prompts for him to stand up, Kimmel committed to the gag by lying on the floor motionlessly during her speech.

>Ralph, for one, didn't understand it at first. "I was absolutely confused," the actress, who also won an Emmy for her supporting work on the comedy series, said on Wednesday. "I was like, 'I wish that man would just get up off the ground…. And then I realized it was Jimmy Kimmel."

>She appeared to be the only one in the cast who vocalized her concern. "That's just me," she said on the panel, after her Abbott Elementary costar Lisa Ann Walter said she found the humor in it and thought Kimmel's bit played "funny" in the room.

>As for Brunson, she's reportedly told the TCA attendees that she and Kimmel have talked since then. She's appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night and teased she expects they'll have "a good old-fashioned time."

No. 1341708

File: 1663321352965.png (771.03 KB, 810x682, Screenshot 2022-09-16 114343.p…)

No. 1341711

> actually know of scrotes that think he’s gay
Because it is a dumb conspiracy that every known male actor is secretly gay kek

No. 1341713

kek that actually fooled me!!

No. 1341714

from the context i’m assuming it’s johnny depp

No. 1341716

i know this is too early but this feels like this could be a thread pic for the next thread

No. 1341718

File: 1663322099669.jpg (442.29 KB, 2048x2048, FcukY2kX0AA75u0.jpg)

Julia talking about her past relationship with Kanye.

No. 1341719

File: 1663322521421.jpg (125.3 KB, 1170x1156, FcZ0Ts5aQAEquNp.jpg)

Dylan Obrian (aka the guy from the maze runner because thats the only movie i saw him in) and Sabrina Carpenter are dating.

No. 1341720

sowrry forgot to add that they are probably dating since its not confirmed.

No. 1341724

one picture of one doll on a fan account that uses the same story about him dressing up barbie dolls. i wouldn't give it too much credit

No. 1341726

File: 1663323226372.png (404.27 KB, 632x591, Screenshot 2022-09-16 121456.p…)

Too bad that Nicki is so retarded that she was liking tweets by her fans that were doxxing this woman which is a very bad look for nicki if she takes this woman to court.

No. 1341731

File: 1663323643642.jpg (437.95 KB, 2048x2048, FclcgtMXwAEeFoi.jpg)

Doja Cat says her next album will be rave culture inspired and is currently into the ''90's german rave vibe'' rn.

Didnt she say she would quit doing music after her last album, i guess not.

No. 1341734

too bad the podcast lady is unhinged. more people need to call Nicki out on her bs but instead this dumbass tweets about how Nicki's toddler will be a sexual predator in kindergarten. why even tweet this shit when she boasts about filing lawsuits

No. 1341737

oh yeah i agree her comment was way out of line, never bring up children.
But Nicki was equally unhinged since she was liking tweets and encouraging her fans doxxing this woman, leaking her private information and threatening to kill her.

No. 1341742

File: 1663325512746.jpg (62.34 KB, 632x680, FctGM3GWAAABOTZ.jpg)

Some guy tried to "call out" John Boyega for preferring to date black women

No. 1341744

boyegachan youre back?

No. 1341749

Boyega-chan I missed you. I went to Madame Tussaud museum a few weeks ago, saw his wax statue and thought about you as soon as I saw it.

No. 1341751

Both tweets are retarded

No. 1341753

Boyegachan! You're back! I always think of you when I see those childbearing hips of his!

No. 1341754

File: 1663328870411.png (1.16 MB, 826x1424, 4.png)

she always takes her son to seemingly every event, she even took him to some gay tranny artshow. she's been using him as a prop before he was even born

No. 1341758

File: 1663330415527.jpeg (292.04 KB, 1318x2048, 693B1FA8-E3DF-4BFD-939B-F94039…)

Maya Hawke at at the premiere of ‘Do Revenge’ in Los Angeles.
She has to be one of the top ten worst nepo babies. No talent, no skills, just nepotism

No. 1341761

File: 1663330932320.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1099x998, D23C0BE7-70D8-469E-8018-01FBD0…)

She looked a lot cuter in season 3. I don’t know if it’s the haircut that’s unflattering her or something else but now she looks more like Hila Klein from h3 (same dead eyed autistic look)

No. 1341762

honestly these nonnies are right. even though in that photo she’s just dressed her son to match with her, i still remember this shit a few threads back
>>1132758 with more context
she definitely has been using him as a prop since before he was born.

No. 1341766

File: 1663331495820.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1494, 4B4C748E-53AD-458B-AF25-6072F0…)

I’m dead

No. 1341767

He truly looks like that specific type of late millenial skinny faggot you find everywhere in Lyon and Paris. I don't know how to explain it. It's not an insult or a compliment, just a mere observation.

No. 1341777

I woman would never appear on the cover of Vogue with a face that busted. Picasso ass motherfucker.

No. 1341778

Hide the left side of this photo with your hand. What remains of Timmy looks exactly like Nicholas Cage.

No. 1341780

the amount of hollywood shilling and forced attempts to make this dipshit happen only make me hate his lopsided face all the more

No. 1341783

I like em scrawny so I can beat them up

No. 1341785

>"mad about the boy"
>"the boy"
He's pushing 30. Old enough to grow hairs in his ears. My fucking sides

No. 1341799

kek, i’m astounded

No. 1341804

File: 1663333962069.jpg (51.23 KB, 600x884, d0cb45e7d26c53b3632217fd41ee5f…)

shame timmy's not as symmetrical as even nic cage

No. 1341810

She looks like a normie chubby girl on a night out tbh I anyways never understood whats so special about Rihanna

No. 1341815

Ngl she was my stranger things crush

No. 1341855

File: 1663337852793.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.55 KB, 2002x2002, 1649799360815.jpeg)

Julia Fox on the day her child was born

>“Right after the shoot I went to the hospital and had my precious baby boy,” she continued. “My forever valentine, Valentino. Born on January 17th, 2021. The best day of my life. #milf”

No. 1341871

LM had some bops, but Ariel is objectively the worst princess, so the sperging is extra funny to me. Fighting over trash.

No. 1341878

It's a harsh comment, but at least she is mainly stating opinions. I understand the massive hate of Nicki lately because honestly, she deserves it for uplifting and protecting abusive pedo scrotes for so long. Nicki will lose in court and seethe about it for the rest of her life.

Kek, didn't he have a white gf? His comment is performative as shit, who cares. He did it to appeal to the black pick-mes who seethe everytime a black man doesn't want them because of race loyalty bullshit.

No. 1341885

I mean he's right, I don't get why his preference would be something to debate about. Most people in this world prefer and date people the same race/nationality as them.

No. 1341889

All the actors from stranger things are aging terribly imo… both women and men. Did they all do drugs together or something

No. 1341892

i think it was more that if was the other way around, it would be more controversial. like a white actor said he only likes white girls kek

No. 1341897

File: 1663341941939.jpg (6.07 KB, 196x257, RobertSheehan.jpg)

No. 1341900

Kek Timothee wishes

No. 1341901

He looks like Daniel Radcliffe playing Weird Al.

No. 1341914

I can't believe they didn't even pluck his monobrow

No. 1341921

nta but they say blondes and brunettes lol, no one gets mad at white people dating their own race

No. 1341922

that actually sounds somewhat interesting, looking forward to some non generic music

No. 1341924

he's mostly dated black girls and one asian girl iirc. people tried to ship him with daisy ridleym but he said he sees her as a sister and his preferences are "more brown", so he's been saying it for a while. it doesn't seem performative, i think a lot of white hyper liberal people absolutely break their brains with gross porn and are just weird about "their women" or themselves not being "the standard"

No. 1341934

God, I hate men.

No. 1341936

oh my fucking god anon, I thought of the exact same quote when I saw this pic but didn't want to say anything

No. 1341949

That straight bob cut isn't flattering, it makes her face look longer and gives her the Hila Klein look

No. 1341953

Every time I see his face now I can't stop thinking of the blind item of him saying "I'm going to fuck you so hard after class" to Madonna's daughter next to their lockers lol

No. 1341989

so true

No. 1342008

File: 1663351674976.webm (12.1 MB, 888x1920, Hjyc6VNCZA7FQFG7.webm)

forgot to add but here is a screen record of nicki liking her fans posts harassing and doxxing that woman and messaging her private phone number.

No. 1342013

File: 1663351987330.webm (1.78 MB, 720x988, 2rVayFLjNbmtMnkX_Trim.webm)

Its giving coke

No. 1342015

File: 1663352080405.jpg (169.08 KB, 944x899, FcE5IbLacAAszO5.jpg)

Zayn Malik, looks less greasy compared to the previous selfie.

No. 1342017

unironically looks 100x times better then he did before, before he just looked like the average paki fuckboy but now he's an alt dude and I'm into alt dudes

No. 1342024

still looks hotter then he did before

No. 1342027

he looks really good like this ngl. too bad he's an abusive wacko

No. 1342029

This styling looks hideous on him, like some wannabe e-boy.

No. 1342040

It's weird when non-black people feel some type of way when a black guy (who isn't being performative) says he prefers black women.

Ha! Looking at Timmy's photo next to Robert's just enhances how 'special' TC looks.

I can't stand Nicki, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. My nose runs like crazy and can easily have it just pour out like a faucet on some days.

No. 1342044

kek i feel so bad for khai. her dad is a messy junkie too fucked up to even leave the house (apart from his court mandated anger management sessions), her mom prostitutes herself on yachts and has a tragic case of shiny botox face, her maternal grandma thinks ethnic features need to be erased with plastic surgery (rip khai's paki nose) and openly encourages her kids to starve themselves, her maternal grandad is a rapist, her paternal grandma is 90% lip fillers, and her paternal auntie is married to a man who carjacked and stabbed an old lady. she doesn't stand a chance. zayn's fat lesbian bestie needs to take custody and raise her out of the spotlight

No. 1342050

Is that an adidas necklace or sth?

No. 1342056

What the hell is that song? Please I need to know.

No. 1342064

File: 1663355284663.jpg (157.61 KB, 1253x2048, FcwAg9oWIAIsYTN.jpg)

Drake beefing with a youtube music critic.

No. 1342067

File: 1663355397219.png (392.55 KB, 576x634, Screenshot 2022-09-16 150855.p…)

Nonny, I am a black woman. I am jaded by how many black men talk up and down about how amazing black women are but either completely ignore them or are abusive towards them. I've seen the "performance" far too many times. The more woke they are, the worse they are. I don't actually care who he dates, I hate the pandering and prefer honesty.
Looks like he is entering his mumble rap era, wtf.
The nicki stans are doing some serious damage control and digging dirt on Cardi B. I don't recall Cardi ever saying she was black, but people often call her black regardless. I don't really care that much personally. Personally, they are both complete and utter trash. Throw the whole genre away at this point, who gives a fuck.