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File: 1662836711196.jpg (60.28 KB, 720x960, 3a42075b050ed725d62877209e99ff…)

No. 1334675

How dumb are you willing to go?

Previous dumbass: >>>/ot/1320962

No. 1334676

is it possible for an autistic woman to find love nonnies

No. 1334677

Aw who left the bowl on him

No. 1334693

Look at me I'm a kitty cat
I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat
If I eat them all I will get fat
A bla-bla-bla I'M A KITTY CAT

No. 1334706

No. 1334713

File: 1662838186892.jpg (146.73 KB, 1250x850, d6fw03s-e081a6ee-019f-47d6-864…)

No. 1334727

Should I add blue cheese to my grilled chicken sandwich? I want to put mustard on it but would it go or be nasty?

No. 1334729

Nah, blue cheese and mustard sounds disgusting.

No. 1334730

Blue cheese over mustard, but it depends on what else is in the sandwich

No. 1334734

Thought so
Just romaine lettuce and a tomato.

No. 1334798

Blue cheese with mustard could be good but I like strong flavors so idk.

No. 1334812

i'm really sorry if there are any sandman fans in here it's an alright show but why the fuck does he look like that?? when i saw vidrel i quite literally burst out laughing like he's just so anorexic looking plus that weird ass haircut making his head look 3 times bigger on his twig body especially around 35 seconds why did they do this to him it just pisses me off so much it looks retarded

No. 1334887

File: 1662846683034.jpeg (37.04 KB, 739x415, images (3).jpeg)

>he's just so anorexic looking
I dunno if you're familiar with the comics but Dream is usually portrait as pretty thin, the problem is that he's still a tall and imposing guy, which is not the case here.
>plus that weird ass haircut making his head look 3 times bigger on his twig body
If anything the hair isn't ridiculous enough, he should look goth with messy unwashed post-punk hair.

No. 1335031

File: 1662854864086.gif (1.13 MB, 360x640, cat-standing.gif)

This actor I've been crushing on has a pretty wide body overall, and now I kinda feel bad for making fun of John Boyega's wide hips. Boyegachan loved him entirely and I really respect that. I love my actor and his dad bod too.

No. 1335033

File: 1662854994248.png (40.06 KB, 355x302, rip bank account.png)

Welp just took the plunge and bought myself a Vivienne Westwood ring, now I'm out $145 bucks but at least I have an authentic one made out of silver and am not getting scammed with a fake

No. 1335035

I like Vivienne Westwood jewelry! Just remember it's ok to spend a lot of money on something as long as you take good care of it and get good use out of it.

No. 1335048

Thanks anon! It's going to be an everyday staple ring for me, I'm so excited tbh. It's cute but simple enough that it'll be good for everyday I think.

No. 1335056

I'm jealous!
I was thinking of getting one for my birthday.
I think this is a sign! The little push I needed.

No. 1335058

Lol take it anon

No. 1335082

Congratulations anon I've wanted something of hers for ages now, love this for you

No. 1335100

File: 1662858837412.jpeg (525.48 KB, 1170x665, 7BA632DE-BA9A-4C01-AF2C-D9B23C…)

Charles is lasting a decade at most so what’s the dick report on this one (the one on the left)?

No. 1335103

File: 1662858990018.jpg (70.61 KB, 768x768, 3368293_master.jpg)

i like her clothing lines better but this is a nice ring and $145 is not too bad at all. some of her jewelry is ugly but i like her suits and dresses. i have a few of her red label suits and dresses and they're so flattering

No. 1335104

theres a thread for royal dick reports

No. 1335106

…. There is?

No. 1335107

I reckon he's sucked at the very least 7.

No. 1335109

File: 1662859307784.jpeg (491.12 KB, 847x975, 8FCA2B7C-0371-408F-B34E-A215A6…)

I think lolcow should have catchphrase, like club penguin with its classic “Waddle On!”
Sometimes I think jannies can sound a bit too professional and the average internet user is quite a bit like a horse, massively accident prone due to their temperament combined with their size. (I’m not implying anons are fat, I personally am a size zero, they just spook easily.) Saying “Type on!” or something after putting a user out to pasture would be the equivalent of giving a horse that just witnessed its buddy getting its head blown off by their master a sugar cube. It gives them momentary ease after facing their own mortality.
Example redtext: MASSIVE 6 MONTH BAN FOR NITPICKING- (viewer is scared, ready to buck and bite, is she next?) -Type on! (viewer forgot about the incident already)

No. 1335112

File: 1662859590795.png (117.05 KB, 276x295, wat.png)

No. 1335153

Back when we had a male nudes thread, an anon posted a picture of some guy and I still think about it sometimes.

No. 1335249

File: 1662869294955.gif (1.29 MB, 400x400, 1632971197865.gif)

Everytime I'm in a dangerous situation irl I just keep calm by thinking about the post-ass kicking one liner I'm going to drop when I deck daft rat bastards with glasses (it's always the meganes that give me trouble, always).
Next time you humiliate a mathsperg, say "should have done your rough work"… but be prepared to have a fucking honey badger launch itself at you.

No. 1335255

was it the one where a cute guy is like laying in bed completely naked in front of a bunch of mirrors holding the camera in front of his face taking the photo? Because that's the one I can't forget. That was so aesthetic, I still really regret deleting my whole folder.

No. 1335258

Nah, it was some dude with light fluffy hair (blonde or red or some other color) and a really thick dick.

No. 1335263

I feel a little guilty about the shopping spree I went on the other day, I bought 12 articles of clothing for only $125. I try my best not to consoom and normally I don't often go clothes shopping anymore since I am content with my current closet, but I just couldn't resist checking the place out because of the sale going on.

But I am so in love with everything I bought, and I know I'm going to wear it every chance I get. I got a few dresses that make me feel like the epitome of femininity. I feel so incredibly beautiful in them, and despite my issues with my body image, I feel like they accentuate my natural softness and my beauty just right without being overly revealing which would make me self conscious. I can't wait to wear these clothes out, I love them so so so much. I wish I could show you nonas.

No. 1335283

File: 1662871627427.jpg (136.46 KB, 523x920, 98332471595448aac3a7a9119a473b…)

I made a man cry today, and just heard he had a full mental breakdown afterwards and might get fired from his job. Am I a girlboss?

No. 1335286

give us the deets

No. 1335288

ok now you're making me want to find it

No. 1335298

Can't too much because I'm paranoid as fuck, but basically he's been trying to offload his negativity onto all the women at work and I told him that he needs to take responsibility for his problems and that while it's okay to feel bad, you need to manage those emotions on your own. I said the women in his life were people with their own issues, and he's hurting us by just using us for emotional labor and not being a real friend. One hit K-O instant death

Btw he's in his 40s

No. 1335316

please tell me he doesn't have any children

No. 1335322

No, he's one of those >TFW NO GF types. I honestly feel kinda bad for the guy and was just trying to set some boundaries, I'm not out for blood when I'm on the clock. How come men always chimp out at the slightest social criticism? They really think they should just be able to treat you however they want to.

No. 1335334

Honestly this makes me appreciate my workplace even more, I literally know nothing about my colleagues except their last names, we make small talk and that's it, an an introverted autist its perfect for me, also is he at least decent looking ?

No. 1335345

File: 1662875731745.jpg (60.52 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNTM5YTNmMzgtNTgxNi00MDY0LW…)

You've got the right idea, trying to make friends with men was a mistake. Also the only guy I've ever really thought was good looking is Peter Steele, so idk if he'd be decent looking by normie standards but the way he treats women makes him ugly

picrel, what is stopping moid lurkers from looking like this

No. 1335360

If you find this you need to post it here.
Actually all of you should post these here. I like nice dicks on cute guys.

No. 1335363

File: 1662876820199.png (826.74 KB, 1841x491, paneera.png)


No. 1335370

File: 1662877514794.gif (2.14 MB, 640x640, goofy-floating.gif)

Every time I hear Vision of Love by Mariah Carey I have an out of body experience

No. 1335391

File: 1662880294981.jpeg (40.2 KB, 640x480, C548800C-5800-4A3D-BAB9-B70F09…)

Would anyone be interested in a ‘fictional male characters that would’ve been ruined in the age of the internet’ thread? Though maybe it’d revolve into just posting nerd characters

No. 1335394

That could be interesting, but it shouldn't be limited to fictional males

No. 1335396

File: 1662880585189.jpeg (170.8 KB, 979x701, 645F190C-66BD-4E2E-900C-2153D8…)

For a sec I thought this post was going to be about lolcow users having their own ‘secret’ code to figure out if another person is a farmer irl. Similar to how tumblr has ‘I like your shoelaces’ and Reddit has ‘do the narwhals bacon over midnight’. Maybe something of the lines of ‘do you like the pasture?’ Or something idk

No. 1335408

I just randomly remembered the time an autist (in a relationship with a male autist) posted about his hoodie fetish in the relationship advice thread. He couldnt do anything sexual if I didn't include his cock being in direct contact with a hoodie during it. He wanted her to ball up a hoodie and fuck herself with it. JUts shove it up herself like its a dildo. She wanted tips on how to please him and threw insults at anyone who said the slightest thing against him.

We need a thread for when you randomly rememeber odd posts but you don't have the screenshots. This happens to me all the time and I need to dump the awfulness somewhere to clear my brain of it.

No. 1335417

File: 1662882297805.jpeg (152.33 KB, 1120x1440, 62579511-81A8-48E2-83E3-F7D768…)

Shayna, Pixielocks and ME all got their period today… but what does this truly mean…

No. 1335421

me too wtf?

No. 1335422

WHy are cows announcing their periods? I can understand shay doing it but pixie?

No. 1335424

cow multiverse colliding right now

No. 1335425

she did it because some other DID youtuber is having her period cramps or something and she's like OMG ME TOOOOOO check the thread

No. 1335430

mine is late but should have come today, I'm taking it as a good sign after your post

No. 1335438

I started following a small youtuber lately where the guy just grabs food and chats shit and I'm amazed at the amount of rewards apps and offers there is to sift through over there.

I rushed out to get a free coffee a couple years ago. It was just a no strings freebie. Good memory. Rare thing here.

No. 1335464

Thanks anon, I hate it viscerally

No. 1335478

File: 1662886971662.jpg (111.39 KB, 430x320, dental-implant-parts.jpg)

I need to get a whole new crown made for my dental implant and it's going to cost 800 fucking dollars. I am absolutely kicking myself for not going back to the dentist who installed the crown immediately after it came off. She would have cemented it back down for free, but nooooo I had to wait literally a million years to get it looked at and now the original crown will not fit because my upper tooth has moved downward so much. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I hate that it makes my jawline asymmetric. AND at the time the crown fell out I was under my mom's insurance still and she was literally paying my dental fees. Idiot idiot idiot idiot

No. 1335556

File: 1662894266963.jpg (717.33 KB, 1919x1915, ip.jpg)

I hadn't realized this till a youtube comment pointed it out for me, that all these generic isekai anime mc's are made to resemble the typical Japanese man — black hair, dark eyes, light skin tone and a modest body frame—a sort of Japanese John Everyman, a blank slate that any down-and-out 20 something can project himself onto.

No. 1335570

File: 1662894999208.jpg (293.92 KB, 1283x1265, Fb5qZWaVUAAs-zP.jpg)

I see twitter and youtube currently rambling over the new colorpop collab which happens to be HP. The only thing that bothers me about this collection is that it's so bright? I always thought that the HP series are more dark, so I expected it more grungy. Colorpop says that they donate a big amount of the money they get from it for charity, but's not enough for the twatter folk and tell people to boycott the collection all together.

No. 1335576

When its all laid out together it looks like make up for kids

No. 1335585

Ladies I'm doing a very dumbass thing soon. I'm going to drive to my exes who says he still loves me but can't forgive me and see what the actual fuck his real problem is. And I figure I'll do this because 1) I believe in action not words 2) my horoscope said for me to figure shit out today and 3) after this final plead for respect I will either hate him or we'll be on good terms but by the end of this day I will know where I stand and I can conduct myself accordingly

No. 1335587

Essentially all make up today is for kids if it's not under the main fashion houses brands. When I was growing up Argos use to sell make up for little girls and it was essentially like an art box you'd get with pens and paints but for make up and that's what zoomer make up makes me think of.

No. 1335591

Half of the anime that comes out now is isekai. What the fuck?

No. 1335618

Reee stop putting question marks at the end of statements reee

No. 1335623

I like the black haired harem shit protagonists better than the brown haired ones. Maybe I'm just saying this because I find black hair to be the prettiest and get biased even with random anime uggos but I feel like the brown haired ones tend to be even more obnoxious. I like Keiichi though, but I also wouldn't call him a harem protagonist, so…

No. 1335627

File: 1662900343845.jpg (15.55 KB, 512x288, fe91259101acc3fa51458a68dee51a…)

They all look like Kirito kek

No. 1335630

Maybe I have true crime brain rot but confronting an ex like this sounds dangerous. Good luck tho, post an update.

No. 1335644

Now I’m having flashbacks lol

No. 1335650

I thought this was obvious for everyone, huh

No. 1335679

Visual confirmation the golden age of anime is long since dead

No. 1335706

It was boring. He's a bitch and he dropped me due to his insecurities. Now I don't have to wonder about the what if and can move on. Also that it wasn't my fault lol. So annoying. I am proud I held back on saying some hurtful things too, but he's such a faggot. I needed to speak in person cause he's the type of small ducked faggot to show every one of my texts to anyone within earshot of him because I am a beautiful woman. Fuck that little dude for giving me a hard time. He's probably been so happy I've been trying to talk to him for his ego, but it was just so I could give myself closure. He threw some wild accusations my way and I just needed to understand he's vindictive and not thick as shit.

No. 1335745

File: 1662908135508.gif (31.61 KB, 709x399, 82E52CF6-06C6-4FFF-8008-16F1BD…)

earthworms have a clit lol

No. 1335751

And there is no female counterpart, of course.

No. 1335769

Wow deleting a message and not reading it is like it never happened.

No. 1335798

sooo booooooooooringggggggggg

No. 1335807

this isnt all the same guy?

No. 1335816

Me too though

No. 1335831

Eating macaroni in the pan with only my hands to feel alive again

No. 1335882

File: 1662916507843.jpg (50.78 KB, 542x392, images32.jpg)

And before that it was harem anime mc's kek

No. 1335883

>complaining that Japan is making anime characters that look like Japanese people

No. 1335886

Correct. We deserve a sexy, broad shouldered MC with long colorful hair and a sculpted ass. Deep, luscious voice and who has a charming personality. Japanese wimp self inserts go to hell

No. 1335888

File: 1662916686078.png (646.44 KB, 809x470, OK6W_koKDTOqqqLDbIoPAmux5-68Kk…)

It seems like isekai does the same job as harem anime did a decade ago, it's just an extension of the same genre but with a fantasy twist. It's all so tiresome

No. 1335897

File: 1662917071930.jpeg (205.33 KB, 490x386, 2D42CA48-B07A-411B-9491-B8C724…)

I cannot see 3d. I have always double vision. I probably look like a pug.

No. 1335902

at least the guys had some district physical differences in height, hair and skintone, now its just the same guy in slightly different art styles

No. 1335907

Lily is WAAAAY more annoying than Duo. I hate that flat voiced bitch

No. 1335929

I love Panera and am sad that I can't redeem this rn as I have covid, sad. Thanks though anon!

No. 1335963

all these guys are hot as fuck, the fact that i can't see their ugly moid faces is the best part

No. 1336006

File: 1662922411697.jpg (255.77 KB, 889x667, 1658433379131105.jpg)

I came back from my first day of running, everything hurts. My friend told me to make an inspiration board to keep me motivated on my weight lose goal but i felt bad putting other women on them because i am not doing this to look hot so i put a lot of troons and now my excercise time is rage motivated. I know it will get easier but damn if starting isn't hard and painful but i cant wait until my stamina doubles and i stop feeling like an eldery woman.

No. 1336015

The packaging is so cute but imagine a MUA trying to be serious while saying "I'm applying Dobby on my cheeks with a fan brush". Not everything in the world needs a makeup tie in.

No. 1336016

just keep it up, your body will adjust for sure. in other news i wish i was that fat squirrel

No. 1336020

These at least look like they have a personality, and even their designs are more diverse, some even have brightly colored hair. Anyway who's the top right one?
These were probably derived from the same trend in hentai manga and eroge to make it easier for scrotes to self-insert. I bet all of these anime are porn.
Half of those look exactly the same as at least one other, like, with the exact same eye shape and even hair spikes. I didn't think this could get worse than in harem anime but it happened. Also this thing where they make the male protagonist dark haired for Japanese males to relate more has been happening since forever in shounen manga. For example, apparently Jotaro is Japanese for that reason, like the Jojo being dark haired wasn't enough. In the 80s and earlier a ton of shounen protagonists looked exactly the same.
It actually happens in anime media for girls too >>1335751 in shoujo and otome it's a skinny pale girl with long brown hair and brown eyes that's "plain" by shoujo standards but still cute/pretty. But even then, maybe it's not as ubiquitous as the male equivalent because there are also many shoujo/otome MCs that have more unique designs like blond or white or pink hair.

No. 1336025

Fuck you, I love her. I love all the characters actually. I didn't even know people hated them until I visited the subreddit to know when the voices will be available for the Swedish course

No. 1336026

Ot but I like it when the weather gets cold here because the squirrels become chonky but oh so cute

No. 1336051

The future is looking bleak–I don't even want to know what the main consumers of generic blob isekai are or what they're like.

No. 1336073

File: 1662925603618.png (89.99 KB, 508x486, duotierlist.PNG)

I like them all but Lily is sometimes annoying, especially in longer dialogues in stories. Found a related tierlist so go for it nonnas if you have any strong opinions there haha

No. 1336080

and the only interesting ones get shit tier animation budget. Miss the 00's when even the crappy harem anime had extremely good animation.

No. 1336082

I wonder if she posts here or on CC. She seems like the type.
Makes her even more attractive to me, sadly.

No. 1336091

File: 1662926627238.png (664.19 KB, 700x467, 08605bac6068c8561e739665473782…)

how do you deal with anxiety? i get so overwhelmed so easily i end up wasting the entire day just watching youtube

No. 1336093

Two boyfriends have brought up to me their past experiences with women with boob jobs and one had an on and off relationship with one and I guess my b cups don't make the cut. I like my boobs in clothing, but yeah during sex I feel shy that when I bend over they're just all nipple. Like sorry I can't give a titty wank I'm depressed

No. 1336094

No. 1336095

Are you a Stacey?
How do I become a Stacey?

No. 1336096

Orla Dees

No. 1336105

don't let him make you feel like you owe him a titjob it's his fault he consumes so much porn it warped his conception of women bodies, if i were you i would make him feel bad about his dick size.

No. 1336107

He does have a small dick too and he has the audacity to lament about big tits. So rude.

No. 1336111

do you think your bf worries about how hot his body looks for you during sex? he doesn't so you shouldn't either. focus on getting your pleasure.

No. 1336112

Hi fellow b-cupper, I can relate i think. Normally it's probably the comfiest size you can have because it's light and not in the way, but I can't help being insecure sometimes knowing that my bf's exes had much bigger, "traditionally attractive" boobs. Well. I'm still not about spend ridiculous amount of money to have someone place something inside my body just for the male viewing pleasure.

No. 1336113

Idk I feel like if a man ever brings up big boobs to me in a relationships I'm just going to say if it's such a problem put a baby in me and ill get big tits. They can shut up

No. 1336115

Exactly a boob job is hardly an easy thing. Like isn't there a recovery time like let me just get time off work for a boob job.

No. 1336116

don't ever say this to a man. they will babytrap you and they literally do not care about the consequences of pregnancy and will do it and abandon you and the child just so you can have big tits and he can fulfill his breeding fetish. you can't say this stuff to men as if they're sane

No. 1336119

File: 1662927500160.png (111.73 KB, 1140x541, my-image.png)

These are my combined ratings from Spanish and Japanese voices which are the only ones I've heard.
Some voices are much better/worse in one language than the other. For example, the sporty dude sounds borderline retarded in Spanish but energetic in Japanese. I'd say in general I prefer the Japanese voices by far, but maybe I'm just a weeb. Also I think Sari's voice is adorable in Japanese but apparently many people hate her voice in all languages because it's too high-pitched

No. 1336138

scrote tier comment

No. 1336142

The big boob talk got me thinking. I've never been in a long-term relationship with a man but I just feel like I would have to dump him if he ever criticized my tit size because they weren't big enough or small enough. Like at that point I would just see him as an under-evolved primitive ape creature. I can't help but view men like that in general already.

No. 1336166

same anon.
if man don't like my breast size then what's the point of relationship? Just find someone who has right breast size jeez. I like my breasts and I won't change them for anyone.

No. 1336190

File: 1662931345442.png (97.58 KB, 950x579, 1564E4E7-6256-48FD-A388-B1581E…)

lily haters seethe

No. 1336191

File: 1662931356608.jpg (2.34 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20220911231808.jpg)

Sorry for the shitty photo quality and I know it may not be fully visible but there's literally a fucking triangle drawn on the night sky with full moon and a star inside of it and it' sus as fuck. Also there was something flying next to the triangle and I thought it was a plane but it disappeared suddenly. What if that's a triangle shaped ufo using some sort of a camouflage

No. 1336197

you should post this is the tinfoil thread

No. 1336201

File: 1662931759083.jpeg (551.31 KB, 1399x1856, D633F315-9A6D-4B2B-8BF0-8E60B3…)

everytime i type or read "nona" or "nonna" i think of her… i imagine myself and everyone else who types this as being her… i feel like lolcow has a very strega nona energy.,. love you ladies

No. 1336205

plum skin is so much tastier than the actual flesh

No. 1336212

No sorry fuck the tsundere goth girl and her passive aggressive notifications, this phone isn't big enough for two bad bitches

No. 1336215

The flying thing could be a satellite

No. 1336216

This goes for the majority of fruits that you don't have to peel.

No. 1336225

post details if you get abducted

No. 1336226

ew even apple?

No. 1336227

Sometimes I wonder if my former best friend from high school posts/lurks here. She dropped off the face of the earth, no more social media, but through the grapevine I heard she stopped being friends with someone because she didn't believe nonbinary/trans was a real thing and she kinda fits the profile, at least when I knew her (loner, weeb, probably bpd, depression, terminally online).
We ended on a bad note, then she dropped out, and then she turned up on graduation day and gave me a gift and we never really talked again. It was weird. She was fun though.

No. 1336229

A social media mutual.
She's cute and she's gay and we have similar interests/hobbies. If she posted on imageboards too we'd have even more in common.
Unfirtunately I do have a hunch she prefers white European girls. But I will continue to have a dumb crush regardless. Not like it hurts anyone aside from me.

No. 1336230

satellite this visible? hell no

No. 1336236

File: 1662934562623.png (221.75 KB, 395x309, 5QOyXb9.png)

So I went to the store on my bike, but before leaving I changed my shorts, from pull-on ones to my new cargo shorts, because those have pockets (to carry money). The street is fairly empty today because it's Sunday, but I saw a few people on their bikes and on the sidewalk. One man on his bike kept staring at my shorts as I rode past him. A few other people also stared at me after that. I thought, "is it really that strange for a woman to wear camo print cargo shorts?" and that made me happy because I'm really proud of my style.

I didn't find everything I needed in the first store I visited, so I went a little farther away than usual to find another open store. I took my time because I rarely go outside and thought the fresh air would be good for me. Since everything was quiet except for a few people hanging out in their yards I enjoyed it. However, when I got home I noticed that my fly was down. I bent over to see if my underwear could be seen when I was on my bike, and yes, it was visible. And my t-shirt wasn't long enough to cover it.

It wasn't because I was wearing the cool shorts that I bought at the men's section. All those people were staring at me because they could see my fucking underwear.

I'm already a pseudo-shut in, this is just gonna make me want to go outside less.

No. 1336243

I hate showering at other people's houses. Even if their bathroom is spotless. I close my eyes tight and get in and out asap

No. 1336244

It’s okay anon it’s not that big of deal lol

No. 1336249

File: 1662935212893.jpg (124.45 KB, 1600x1201, the dude abides.jpg)

you will get over it eventually, coming to a point where you dont care about how you look(outside of not being smelly/dirty) is the most freeing mental state you can achieve. I used to spend 30 minutes dressing up to cross the street and buy mcdonalds but now i just put on my crocs and go to the shop with my panda bathrobe still on, i look like a female version of the Dude.

No. 1336255

sorta recently i asked an oldhigh school friend if she lurked/posted here cuz she totally seemed the type but she said no. she knew of the site cuz of like the creepshow drama or something. i still kind of think she might but idk why she would say no when i said i used it. she also kept calling me a TERF (jokingly i think/hope) when i expressed my anti tranny sentiments but like i don't think she particularly cares about trans issues i think she just found it funny for some reason? i wish she had said yes.

No. 1336256

kek nonny your post made me laugh. You're so right (and >>1336244 too), it's not a big deal. Also I guess the less effort you put into your appearance the less embarrassing it is when these things happen?

No. 1336257

of course a moid would stare like the mindless whore he is but if I saw someone with that I would just look away and think oh well whatever and forget about it seconds later. Underwear isn’t that shameful

No. 1336265

don't linger on it. everyone has gone around with their fly open at some point, they just don't talk about it. I've seen many people I know with their fly open but now, gun to my head I couldn't tell you who it was or where we were. wear your camo cargo shorts and let it go.

No. 1336270

we don't have dicks so it's not a big deal for our flies to be down

No. 1336281

I want a cat but then I see a video of them hacking up hairballs and start to rethink it.
Same goes for dogs. It sounds nice but I'm not picking up any other creatures shit. They would need to be litter trained.

No. 1336284

my cat has short hair and ive never ever seen her cough up a hairball. even the longhair cat i had before only coughed one up every once in awhile, but she wasn't super fluffy or anything.

No. 1336289

File: 1662938225828.jpg (69.7 KB, 667x651, Or95itj5oekend.jpeg.jpg)

>be me
>am young child
>hear adult joke on tv or in a movie or something
>know that in my child brain that is sexual in nature
>also think adult comedy is meant to be hilarious
>so why am I not laughing?
>why are my parents laughing but I'm not?
>do I not get it because I'm just a kid?
>I must not be laughing because I'm young, it must be that
>I bet I'll get it when I'm older and I'll think it's funny
>get older
>hear the joke again
>mfw I got it as a kid, it just wasn't funny

No. 1336297

Had an awkward exchange with a friend about Ezra Miller and she kept they'ing him. I continuously said he and I hope she doesn't think less of me now. But how can you unironically call that man a they is beyond me

No. 1336322

File: 1662941228169.jpg (315.25 KB, 794x643, -1520765054-441945556.jpg)

Bump and careful scrolling

No. 1336331

There’s an animal in my room

No. 1336334

the colorful eyeliners look cute, but i'm not a super huge fan of the eyeshdow colors. maybe i'll give it a try since colorpop does have good quality makeup. I like the packaging. Normies and Terfs like me will eat this up.

No. 1336341

File: 1662943013008.jpg (109.79 KB, 1200x1927, avocado-toast-one-dish-kitchen…)

I made avocado toast for the first time today and it was legit delicious.

No. 1336352

same nona kek this performance makes me want to punch my boyfriend in the face out of passion

No. 1336374

But that is a cool fashion statement

No. 1336405

>Miss the 00's when even the crappy harem anime had extremely good animation.
I can't think of a single one

No. 1336410

Anything extra you put in it?

No. 1336416

wow wtf are you me? I did the exact same thing to a man in his 40’s a few months ago. He was acting like the world was going to end and threatening suicide because his ex girlfriend didn’t want to “share custody” of her dog. The man is literally a doctor lmao.

No. 1336421

I often wonder if americans are self-aware of how outsiders perceive them. I find USA fascinating, it's one of the few countries that's interesting through all of it's history and i often leave american news channels as white noise while i work. There has to be something on the water, like lead poison, because i still can't understand how americans can both be so intelligent and cool and so utterly childish and psychos. I enjoy to observe them like it's a gigantic zoo full of weird, fat, on risk of both a cardiac arrest a psychotic break animals. Rn i am fascinated by how americans take down a page they dont like because it hurts a canadian troons feefees while they ignore the daily shooting sprees. Amazing.

No. 1336424

I'm a burgerfag and sometimes I get randomly hyper aware of just how fucking clownish and insane it is. Just utter fucking madness it feels like. You're right, it feels like a giant fucking spectacle, like a giant zoo. I'm gonna sound like a huge pretentious asshole but it seriously feels like we're all fucking lobotomized sometimes. And I'm undoubtedly biased since I am american, so we probably appear to be lumbering lobotomized zombies 24/7 to everyone else at all times. Ugh.

No. 1336425

am burger, totally agree. it's not pretentious, many americans possess no self awareness. nothing in this country feels real, it's so fucked up, horrible, and stupid. for a country that is so wealthy, we're uniquely shit. we have people on assistance arguing against socialized healthcare and ignoring mass shootings as if it's normal that the populace in a first world country be terrified daily at schools, malls, etc. it's like living in the worst reality show.

No. 1336430

Mind you i really love America as a country, even despite how weird and clownish it is i still would love to live there if given the chance, and my small group of international friends are all from the land of the free. It's just that there are some things that are so bizarre, like the amount of shootings, cults, crazy serial killers and conspiracy theories. At least you are never bored there. Still you guys are blessed for having the best artists and i cant wait to visit on christmas and trie some pie.

No. 1336432

you don't need to lie to soften the blow, anon. i understand it's shit and must be entertaining when you're far enough away from it to watch in fascination/horror considering all of the resources we have and the power we possess.

No. 1336436

Nta but this post is so sweet kek. On the rare occasion that I see someone from a different place say they like America it's always funny to me, cause it really does fucking suck over here.

No. 1336437

What was the name of the thread? I tried searching 'male nudes' in the search and I couldn't find a thread like that

No. 1336438

Same but I think most young Americans feel really embarrassed and try to cling to other heritages as a result. I used to also feel ashamed but you can't change where you're from and I do see the upsides in being from this country as most of my relatives came here for a better life, fleeing genocide, potential prison time and execution, and general misery in their home countries.

No. 1336444

It's not available anymore, unfortunately. It's probably for the better but It was deleted some years ago and now only lives on in our memories but fuck I wish they just locked the thread or something.
If you go on the wayback machine, you could probably find it.

No. 1336445

Nah, i am a legit westaboo about America since i was a child for some strange reason, probably because its a pretty weird but also cozy looking country. I dont feel joy in the shootings and i would still find America fascinating without them, i am particularly interested in all the weird conspiracies and love the crazy(but no dangerous) freaks that love big foot and other cryptids. I am salty that the aliens decided to give you all the cool landmarks too.

No. 1336447

Also i am learning how to speak english with a texan accent while watching king of the hill, there isnt enough money in the world to make me say "watah". I like the American english, it sounds more natural.

No. 1336449

>cozy looking country
Maybe in woodsy areas, otherwise not really, especially not in cities or suburbs (where most people live)

No. 1336453

I mean as in its traditions, i find americans way of celebrating christmas very sweet, in my country we normally spend it with friends drinking. Its not that special. I have also always wanted to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving day, and i love how people there(from what i have heard) have a sense of "community", specially in their neighbourhood, i have never talked or interacted with any of mine lol. I hope it gets better for American nonnas, i feel bad when people blame americans as a whole for some dumb stuff when everyone i have meet so far from the country has been so sweet and kind. Also thank you for giving me Leyendecker and Rockwell they inspired my artstyle so much and i cant wait to visit their museums.

No. 1336455

This is so cute I love you anon
I don't know if anyone else remembers, but this is all reminding of how a few months ago an anon was posting about how she would be moving to America soon and was excited just to go in the grocery stores (I think Walmart specifically).

No. 1336461

Kek i am glad someone finds it cute and doesn't laugh at it, my american friends still think i am being ironic and my mom has always found it weird, she sent me to a bilingual school as a child because i was dead set on moving to america and i was heavily dissapointed when they started teaching me br*tish english, who am i, fucking peppa pig?. I also cant wait to visit wallmarts, we dont have those here and i am curious about all the weird snacks, i really, REALLY wanna taste those red spiral sticks that everyone eats in cartoons and i wanna see if the black ones are as bad as they make it seem, also i wanna play bowling we dont have that here either and visit and aquarium.

No. 1336465

where are you from?

No. 1336467

Argentina, it's really boring and there is nothing to do but the food is great at least.

No. 1336475

File: 1662956945664.jpg (61.51 KB, 960x948, 200744394_10159935307074050_68…)

I didn't hear anyone say anything about 9-11 this year. Is COVID the new giant terrible thing?

No. 1336481

Honestly I feel like having the queen die just three days before took a lot of peoples minds off it, at least online.

No. 1336482

Well they were both events used by politicians and those in power to orchestrate political moves and massive transfers of wealth and start the motions of changing our way of life and encroaching on civil liberties

No. 1336509

It's been 20+ years… The kids on the internet these days don't even remember it, or they weren't born yet.

No. 1336521

idk i know older people who remember it but don't say anything about it because it didn't directly effect them. i became kind of desensitized to it with other things going on.

No. 1336522

honestly thank god

No. 1336526

File: 1662962311974.jpg (44.74 KB, 680x554, 1640272586476.jpg)

I'm so bored, miss the weekend thread already

No. 1336533

Not a politically useful event at this point and besides Covid killed way more people than that so it would be kind of a sick joke.

No. 1336536

War on terror is passé, war with Russia is in

No. 1336542

For years this Sims video was the only way I could listen to this BUCK-TICK song online
It has only one comment from 11 years ago and it says:
>OMG Yeah! this is kawaiii, I like Buck Tick and I like the sims, WIN COMBO!
Nostalgic tbh

No. 1336553

I had a dream about this girl I knew in high school. Super cool girl, extremely pretty, but always wore like 5 layers of makeup and had major BDD. She would say she was insecure that she "looked Asian" without makeup despite being white. I looked her up on social media in recent years and she got a ton of plastic surgery done, including that really hardcore one for eye color so her eyes wouldn't be dark brown. Along with lip fillers and a semi-botched rhino. I think about her time to time. I support her doing whatever but it's just too bad she was stunning already and went through all that because of what she perceived. I would have killed to look like her pre-op

No. 1336560

>I support her doing whatever
Why would you support actions caused by severe bdd? Do you also support anorexics when they go on a diet?

No. 1336561

I mean, no. I meant support more like I can't control what she does and if it makes her happy then whatever. I though I made it pretty clear I thought her decision was dumb to begin with but I guess not

No. 1336574

File: 1662967495035.png (8.65 KB, 128x128, animal_crossing_villager_amiib…)

I saw a SJWfag on twitter make a tinfoil that Steven Moffat is a closeted lesbian. I think that's enough Twitter for today.

No. 1336591

I love this pic, where can I find more?

No. 1336598

it's an animal crossing character, see filename

No. 1336600

>that really hardcore one for eye color so her eyes wouldn't be dark brown
Theres a sick irony in risking your eyesight to look 'better' Some people get it done and never get to see the results.

No. 1336616

thats why where do I get more

No. 1336623

File: 1662972970138.jpg (17.43 KB, 676x231, 8345.JPG)

No. 1336648

File: 1662975149235.jpg (72.18 KB, 736x892, ba88905155650f648bf33c5ed69ea8…)


No. 1336650

now i'm gonna read komi even harder

No. 1336701

Browsing lc at work why am I a loser

No. 1336703

same but i'm feeling perfectly fine about it

No. 1336704

I browse almost exclusively at work

No. 1336708

I have a bad visual migraine this morning I was actually freaked out at first because I couldn't read shit on my phone and thought I was going blind for a second and now the aura has finally shown up so I know what it is and can relax. Glad I'm a neet it would suck if I had to drive to work rn. It doesn't hurt I just can't see and feel nauseous and tired afterwards

No. 1336752

I'm always scared somebody will recognize the format and mistake it for 4chan kek

No. 1336781

lmao same… i run the jungle theme at home but if im on mobile it just looks like 4chan and i dont look unless no one is around me out of fear

No. 1336814

I slept 4h last night and I feel like my soul is leaving my body. Never again.

No. 1336821

Does anyone else get into cheeky moods where you just want to argue with everyone in your life? Or you end up saying some things with the intention of provoking someone to try to argue with you? Idk why I get like this but it's just really fucking fun to me. Especially if they try to argue over really mundane shit. It makes me want to giggle and kick my feet like a retarded kid KEK what is this shit? It's fun but I know it's gotta be annoying as fuck to everyone around me but idk how to stop. I genuinely have fun and I never think "ohhhh let's make THIS person mad!" I'm thinking about how fun it is to argue and when people start to argue with me I get happy. What is wrong with me. I never get genuinelt angry in any of the arguments either, to me it's a friendship building excercise kek.

No. 1336823

if you don’t browse LC even when you’re in the hospital then wyd???

No. 1336824

I had a really bad pmdd breakdown and in true fashion I cut off a good chunk of my hair because the weight of it made my scalp hurt and gave me a migraine. I ended up going to the hairdresser to get it fixed and she gave me such a cute cut. We had to buzz most of it, but now I'm walking outside with a fresh breeze on my neck and feeling several pounds lighter. Rip my hair. Welcome quick showers.

No. 1336868

File: 1662993855452.png (306.89 KB, 497x508, 5007728.png)

Pretty pissed to find out that vegan leather is just another type of synthetic leather but under the guise of sustainability.

No. 1336872

>how americans can both be so intelligent and cool

No. 1336876

Kek, what did you think it was? It’s just a marketing name for vinyl.

No. 1336881

nayrt but there's plant based leather made from things like waste mangoes, but it sure as hell isn't used for that £40 handbag. I'm so annoyed that it's become harder to even buy things made from real leather, it's all ''vegan leather'' that's probably worse for the environment than actual leather.

No. 1336893

I remember going to the Vivienne Westwood online store not long ago and seeing a lot of expensive bags with "vegan" leather. Just say it's cheap plastic that won't last and lower your prices accordingly, faggots. I have a leather handbag and I just need to replace some metal parts to be able to carry it on my shoulder again, but that aside it's still perfectly usable after 5 years, I'm glad I spend 120€ on it at the time since I still use it on a semi-daily basis. It's a better investment that shit plastic that needs to be replaced all the time.

No. 1336896

Yeah, I’ve been wearing the same leather belt almost every day (stupid big hips make no pants fit me) for a decade and it’s still working fine. I would’ve gone through 15 vinyl belts in that time.

No. 1336898

I watched a doc exposing how luxury things are made and leather is pretty bad for the environment. The chemicals in tanning and treating the hides literally pollute the air of these impoverished cities and the people are sick from working in those conditions. I guess people assume they just kill the animal and sew it into a fancy purse instead of having to go through multiple stages of toxic chemical treatment.

No. 1336914

Just mashed avocado, tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of hot pepper salt on homemade bread. So good!

No. 1336917

Thing is there's really no winning with manufacturing clothes/accesories when 8bil people need to dress. Producing plastic leather also creates waste, washing synthetic clothes releases microplastics into the ocean, the factories are full of fumes as well. I'm not denying your point anon, but what is worse in this case, processing a meat industry byproduct or manufacturing a plastic item that will never decompose nor be recycled? I lean towards animal leather, but maybe others have more knowledge on this?

No. 1336918

NTA but secondhand leather seems like a true sustainable investment. You aren't buying anything new (though it's inevitable that new leather goods will continue to be made) and leather itself can hold up for nearly a lifetime if taken good care of. I'd much rather buy a secondhand leather piece than vegan leather.

No. 1336919

Maybe if you’re talking about chromium tanning. Can’t imagine veg-tanned leather is harmful to produce.

No. 1336923

Real leather lasts for such a long time, it's amazing. I've had this wallet for 12 years already and still no wear or tear on it.

No. 1336924

Bowling is kinda dying off unfortunately

No. 1336927

I gave myself diarrhea from inhaling drinks with artificial sweetener like a dumbass and now I'm pissing poo out of my butthole

No. 1336932

After 20 years it gets pretty boring.

No. 1336940

america is a diverse country, we got our coastal elites, christian fundamentalists, gender identity cultists, and so much more under the same damn flag. drop kiwifarms has other non-Americans interested though no?

No. 1336941

What are you guys doing
Feelings depressed anxious and lonely rihgt now

No. 1336943

avoiding work for the 7th consecutive hour, yearning to go outside but it's real muddy and rainy

No. 1336945

I hate the threadpic for the autism thread so very much. Almost makes me want to alog. A drawing. Kek

No. 1336946

Same anon, I'm really depresed rn.
I ate something and now just sit there on lc. you?

No. 1336947

About to watch Ophelia while playing on my Nintendo Switch. Please try to remember that feelings come and go, hang in there. Ily nonna

No. 1336959

I spent all day trying to find the exact right white t-shirt, but I failed. Other than that, I also feel lonely.

No. 1336963

File: 1662998546699.jpg (40.93 KB, 826x612, dont turture me.jpg)

being a sad NEET hoping someone will respond to my shitty resume, thinknig of playing morrowind later, currently drawing and listening to music in my dark bedroom bleeding out of my vagina

No. 1336971

Not me, but I once dated a dude who wanted me to be that way. We would have a conversation and later he would be like "I tried to get you to snap back or have a playful argument with me". Like 1.) I'm dense as hell so I didn't even notice (or he's bad at it). and 2.) I'm not one to get petty like that. It's just not me. Why would you want to date someone who would argue with you? Seems masochistic.

Not talking about you anon. Just my own experience you reminded me of. You do you.

No. 1336973

I'm okay, mostly having the dumb realization that I miss the SCA and wish there was a history-flavored LARP group like it, but less war-oriented and only allowed women. I hope all the nonnies here help you feel less lonely nonacita!
kek same

No. 1337005

File: 1663000612797.jpg (105.96 KB, 1024x898, 1652621082789.jpg)

nonnie we are living almost the same life kek, good luck to you twin

No. 1337009

>Rn i am fascinated by how americans take down a page they dont like because it hurts a canadian troons feefees while they ignore the daily shooting sprees.
Did this actually get made to American news? I know the keffals raid was covered on ctv. I've been ignoring the whole drama for a while because it seems like something only terminally online people would get invested in but is it something that even normies care about?

No. 1337014

>If you go on the wayback machine
if some nona here managed to find it this way, please publish your results here… for research of course.

No. 1337020

It's time to break out the pumpkin aardvark

No. 1337021

It made it all over CNN in the US with the Don piece. The ex assistant fbi director in the states was tweeting in support of the troon

No. 1337023

Whenever there's a cat threadpic I pretend to pet it with my cursor when scrolling. They're so cute

No. 1337029

You're also cute, anon

No. 1337037

File: 1663002924117.png (20.2 KB, 275x218, oh nonny.png)

No. 1337055

Lmao this is the cutest thing I've seen today nonna

No. 1337080

Sometimes I have these intrusive thoughts like "Break up with your boyfriend. You know he'll do something to make you ashamed of loving him. Just cut it off now. He watches porn, you shouldn't be his pathetic fleshlight". I think I could do it and not be too hurt by it. I love him and I might consider him the love of my life but obviously I could live a happy life without him. At the same time, I'm afraid to find out something unforgiveable about him so I would want to end the relationship now before it gets bad. Am i insane?

No. 1337089

>He watches porn

found the problem

No. 1337090

File: 1663006503721.jpeg (355.39 KB, 1920x1080, A0A10CAA-C931-459A-9AF9-E514E9…)

Dark souls 3 - I love being reset to try again and again and again. Last few days Ive been helping other people beat the boss I was stuck on. The Dancer is extremely aggravating but I kept at it and after many repeated summoning as a phantom i finally did it in my world and kicked ASS
anywho I just want to share the victory but Im sure its a basic boss to people who are skilled.

No. 1337092

File: 1663006633369.jpg (18.98 KB, 379x379, klwmShVo_400x400.jpg)

ily sweet nonny!! i admit i am solo-playing all of the dark souls games at the moment, but i am so proud of you, thank you so much for helping others!

No. 1337096

File: 1663007019508.jpg (41.5 KB, 640x640, reeeeeeeee.jpg)

REEEEEE i sperged to my irl semi normie friend last night about a fanfiction i'm writing for a video game and even let her read my very early first draft and now i'm too embarrassed to open the draft bc she probably thinks it's cringe and was just being nice to me it's also my first time seriously writing something, even if it's a fic
wish i could own being a cringe kek

No. 1337098

You think I should break up with him? Serious question because I'm scared that I actually should.

No. 1337100

never related to a post more, same girl. what do
literally what the fuck d o

No. 1337101

I just dropped the molten hot liquids of a hot pocket on the inside of my thigh AAAHHH

No. 1337102

samefag how does a pros/cons list sound? shiet

I hate this for you I am sending powerful healing from my mind to your thigh now (I'm srs ily)

No. 1337103

Nonna I hope you summon me sometime and we defeat a boss together! Hoping!

No. 1337105

my head/sinuses hurt SO BAD and I have a maybe still warm bath full of lavender and epsom salts but I dont wanna soak and die what do my anooooons

No. 1337106

if i dont reply i actually died lol

No. 1337110

No. 1337116

None of the vegan leather that exists at this point is sustainable. While leather may not be vegan it is the eco friendly option as it will last an extraordinarily long time if cared for and can be repaired unlike vegan leathers. My dad designs with leather as a career (I don’t want to give away too much) and has routinely asked me to look into fake leather options for him but it’s all extremely gimmicky. I’ve been vegetarian over half my life but have no issue using leather because I’d rather purchase something durable than something that will end up in a landfill.

The dye process for leather is extremely toxic but plant based dyes are becoming more and more popular and look awesome.

No. 1337125

Yeah there was a 60 Minutes special about all of the firefighters who died that day. A number of surviving firefighters that day also had brothers, fathers, and sons that died as firefighting is a family profession. I think the majority of the NYC fire dept died that day but I’m not sure. I appreciate the specials and the news covering it because the victims deserve to be remembered. I also appreciate the stories of people who were saved that day by others, that sort of compassion and heroism helps me remember that humans do help eachother out sometimes.

No. 1337132

in high school my teacher took us to the 9/11 museum (it had just opened) and in hindsight he said he wished he hadn't. theres literally a part where you walked thru the whole day, from the beginning, and they showed everything. it was so awful, they had pieces of the plane, pieces of the fire engines, videos of people comitting suicide out of the building, voicemails people on the planes left, a teddy bear from the site, just anything awful from that day you can imagine it there. honestly looking back, what an evil fucking energy. like seems like they kind of place they would use to like harvest peoples bad energies as schizo as that sounds. im still traumatized to this day from walking thru there, the energy was insanely awful and overwhelming. me and another girl, we didn't even like eachother, we ended up grabbing eachothers hands, looking at the floor, and hightailing it out of there to sit and cry outside the exhibit. honestly this has me wondering if satan himself designed that place. before i went through that section though, i did get to see the steel beams themself, and of course my first thought was "jet fuel can't melt steel beams".

No. 1337134

I cant believe whatever woman is donating these shoes that are $100+ new. I have 2 pairs of the brand and now a 3rd. They're really nice quality real leather shoes with comfy soles. Everytime I find a pair at a thrift store it feels like I hit the jackpot.

No. 1337143

I had a dream a very good friend who has been a massive help these past couple years as well as an inspiration to me suddenly trooned out.
She didn't even fully troon, just the "call me he/him" while changing literally nothing else. Also she wouldn't let her bf speak for himself when asked about how he felt about it.
…it felt so real I actually had to message her when I woke up lol.

No. 1337148

Lucky. My retarded local thriftstore would immediately put a 100 bucks pricetag on that like they do with all the good branded stuff.

No. 1337161

This is what it feels like to walk through Nazi concentration camps, I've been to a few as school field trips and the energy is stifling like you described

No. 1337175

its like irl traumaporn, these kind of tourist traps have to be some sort of demonic energy factories, like why else would they have people walk through mass-killing sites like this. literally harvesting some sort of energies. like that travis scott concert shit seemed fake to me, but if that concept was real it would be through places like these.

No. 1337209

I had to go for work last year. The rest of the place feels solemn, but very light hearted. There's a section dedicated to the dogs who worked on ground zero, which I thought was cute, and lots of art pieces here and there. There's some stuff like the firetrucks and a small plaque on this blue wall to let you know there are unidentified remains right behind it that is a small reminder to where you really are, but walking through the space you described was awful. It just sucks. Towards the end of that exhibit, where they focus on the aftermath, I remember they put on display people's missing posters. There's this white piece of plastic with lots of writing on it, and there was one line from a kid who wrote about how much she missed her dad or something, and it fucking broke me.

Whenever I visit similar museums (when to the bomb museum in Nagasaki a while back), I always feel like I have to take my time to walk through, as a small way to respect those who passed, but god it fucking sucks.

also I went to the new freedom tower to get lunch at my boss's insistence and the food fucking sucked. Get it the fuck together!!!

No. 1337211

it had just opened when i went, so i dont think they had this much to look at besides the exhibit i described. i remember seeing the steel beams, a big american flag quilty type thing (?), and some other random art pieces, definitely no cute dog things when i went. they probably realized it was way too grim and added some more lighthearted things later on. the worst part was we all had to go out for dinner after, none of us had an appetite and all had red puffy faces.

No. 1337233

Ran into a grocery store bathroom to see if my period started but it had one of those blue lights so I couldn't even tell! I was able to put a tampon in easily so I'm assuming I started

No. 1337247

Anynonny else imagine random retarded scenarios and google them from the point of view of someone in the situation? I just googled “my girlfriend asked if I’m autistic” kek

No. 1337260

Would Princess Diana have been a TRA

No. 1337261

File: 1663018571976.jpg (13.35 KB, 720x806, a075fb6c883875129785d7078c1c28…)

>be me
>put frankincense essential oil barley diluted in my diffuser
>it's so good wtf
>i feel uplifted
>this must be great stuff as they use it in church
>sit above the diffuser and directly huff the glorious fumes
>start to feel dizzy, a little giggly, very vivid, struggling to type this

No. 1337263

dangerous question

No. 1337267

I am so grateful to have a saudi radfem bestie, no wokey bullshit, only vibes

No. 1337269

File: 1663018981620.jpg (143.8 KB, 1500x1125, HandmadebyNovember01.jpg)

When your neopet's petpet's petpetpet needs a petpetpetpet

No. 1337271

Yeah uhh be careful nonny don't do that

No. 1337273

Thats the holy spirit

No. 1337276

File: 1663019521143.jpeg (256.1 KB, 902x772, 88E4E3C9-B9AC-4CDA-A7D9-EB79F7…)

Anon I know you're lying to fool the federal agent assigned to you (me)

No. 1337277

I don’t fully understand what this art is trying to depict but I am entranced by it. Garfield + Jojo?

No. 1337278

is this osomatsu or garfield?? killer queen is throwing me off hahaha

No. 1337283

Is this the artist that drew Detective Triangle? I'm fucking obsessed with them

No. 1337284

File: 1663019865776.jpeg (55.44 KB, 826x434, 9C93DA3A-9A83-4722-B5E6-E9C1DE…)

Kira as Jon and KQ as Garfield

No. 1337288

The tumblr that posted it is deleted so idk

No. 1337292

Yeah I actually love it.

No. 1337293

I'm pretty sure it's the same person. They also have an insanely well drawn Lupin fan comic. (username is omagod on Tapas)

No. 1337298

Ngl nonnie i feel so good rn

No. 1337305

Tired of the pink hate.

No. 1337306

You know what you enjoy yourself just don't inhale too much

No. 1337311

Yes mum ascends

No. 1337323

File: 1663021852899.jpg (34.58 KB, 454x680, FcaQPH4aQAAlId3.jpg)

She makes people so mad and I love it.

No. 1337325

Sometimes I like crying, it helps me clear my mind afterwards but if I cry too much I also get a headache, one time after a breakup when I was younger I painted my room while crying and afterwards I felt like I awakened my third eye or something, it was nice but nowadays it's a bit harder to cry, idk if it's because I cried alot so I gained some Resistance or something but it's annoying

No. 1337329

I usually love the wide set eyes on women but idk something is just off about her to me

No. 1337333

Not to medbait but is it concerning my throat muscles are sore? They feel sore and are more so on one side. I do smoke like 2-4 cigarettes a day. I have had an endoscopy last year and it showed some irritation, but nothing major. I'm paranoid about esophagal cancer. But I'm not technically having trouble swallowing. So….I'm hoping I'm fine.

No. 1337336

She's gorgeous.

No. 1337342

File: 1663023065858.jpg (49.62 KB, 500x629, ee7bb7fc2a8c92290ee0691fd8ac2c…)

Her and Anya Taylor-Joy made me realize that I like wide-set eyes. I think Joan Collins also has eyes like that, but not as far apart.

No. 1337344

I dont think they really look up the brand because it's small. We have some retarded thrift stores like that though where anything that was originally $20-200 they'll price close to the og tag and put them in glass boxes. At those I guess the broke cant even have what the middle-upper class gives as scraps, sad. My other score was some nikes at $18 originally $60-75

No. 1337356

No. 1337368


No. 1337370

Non. I hate to say this but you might be trippin. I smoke life half a pack of cowboy killers most days and it’s been a decade on/off of that and I’m just now like fuck I can feel it affecting me. Don’t trip, you’re probably psyching yourself out, but definitely quit smoking.

No. 1337374

Meant to add if it’s on one side you’re lymph nodes are probably jus swollen because of something tryna make you sick. Get some oregano oil, it’s expensive but an amazing antibacterial and I haven’t been sick in 2 years since taking it.

No. 1337380

File: 1663025390258.jpeg (217.22 KB, 1170x413, 96DD8B2B-A19D-4EC5-8F88-958746…)

Your* and I knew antibacterial was wrong picrel is the business not deleting

No. 1337381

File: 1663025397537.jpeg (993.37 KB, 828x833, 970025F8-ADF4-45E6-B372-7B2435…)

David Austin roses are available for pre-order in my area but I have nowhere to put them!!! My new bed won’t be ready until spring, probably.

No. 1337383

Oh wait I’m dumb it clearly says they ship in the spring… move this to the positivity thread then because I’m getting gorgeous gorgeous new roses.

No. 1337384

Perhaps you've applied too much? Sometimes, even with really good nail glue, if you've applied it to the same nail over and over it won't adhere anymore or will take longer to dry.

No. 1337388

I ordered some more, I think the one I used was expired because I've done my own nails forever now and this one just seems to be shitty.. even ones I've used and had too much on a nail worked. I think I'll even get some custome made press on nails from etsy since theres a lot of nice options to choose from haha

No. 1337414

These are so gorgeous!

No. 1337419

Frankincense high nonna here. Just finished Galatians and it hit different. I need to pray more, not out of self hatred but because God is a light to my path. Wishing love to all of you nonnies.

Oh yeah they look like a crowd of little ballerinas. Just the way flowers catch light is divine. I hope you fill your life with beauty, like these flowers

No. 1337427

This is how monks felt 24/7

No. 1337428

i want to play katamari damacy so bad but something about how i play it on the switch always gives me a blister on my thumb? so i have one rn from playing the last few days but i want to play more cuz im sick and its calming. but eventually the blister explodes its gross. its always specifically the left thumb too what the fuck why does this happen?

No. 1337435

drug induced cognitive dissonance is probably why those fuckasses got so confident in spreading their dogma about burning pagans and fingering virgins to check for chastity tbh

No. 1337439

That’s the flaw of male nature nonnie- controlling, and violent behaviour. Not the word of God. I am glad for religious freedom

No. 1337445

Im talking about the cool monks that brewed beer and drew fanart of them and their friends fighting snails in the garden

No. 1337464

File: 1663032293698.jpg (151.71 KB, 1280x720, I LOVE ANIME NONNIES, I LOVE A…)

I am so thankful i was born in the anime timeline, it's the only thing keeping me from offing myself.

No. 1337466

Ugh, same. Konichiwa desu innit

No. 1337467

If you ever fuck a man with a pencil dick you should call him Lanky Dong

No. 1337469

Why do people on Quora give such passive aggressive but also overly complicated answers

No. 1337471

File: 1663032922189.jpg (1.32 MB, 4090x2895, GirlsUndPanzer.jpg)

what are you watching, tomodachi? i am re-watching pic related on my TV, feels good to enjoy anime in BD quality while resting on a sofa i hope i can get a proyector someday.

No. 1337473

I'm sleep deprived so your post made me ugly laugh because thats so accurate

No. 1337475

No. 1337479

File: 1663033866147.png (1.2 MB, 1839x898, shark team.png)

it's honestly not as moid pandering as it looks, 70% of the anime is 3D models of tanks with girls talking about their tactics about how to take the other team down. I also like the designs, specially the shark team.

No. 1337493

Uhh lol I bet you can’t even name 3 nirvana songs

No. 1337507

So is Only Murders in the Building worth a watch? I'm bored and want to watch something new.

No. 1337515

I love Garupan, Yukari is the coolest I love how autistic she is KEK

No. 1337517

When I was a teen I was autistically obsessed with tanks and I was also a weeb. Needless to say this show consumed so much of my life but I'm scared to revisit it. I'm not sure how much scrote bs I overlooked back then due to tank rose glasses

No. 1337518

File: 1663035656923.png (54.25 KB, 68x292, yukari.PNG)

Look at this stupid outfit. Love it.

No. 1337526

File: 1663036038024.jpg (139.38 KB, 850x1200, sample_f48dc6c7c3c4c2587296bf2…)

she's the cutest, i love her fluffly hair
i am currently revisiting it and outside of like 3(sadly from yukari) fanservice scenes from the first eps the rest is just girls battling with tanks, totally worth a re-watch. Tankautists got their anime so i hope aircraftautist get ours someday.

No. 1337532

File: 1663036441949.jpg (185.14 KB, 736x1128, af32d80aa18053ef7be2ef2912880c…)

Just because I bought some merch on a whim, my cat has a bit of a medical emergency. Good thing we had a lot of money saved, but damn, that made a huge hole in my wallet. She's fine and that's all that matters, though. Currently purring on my lap, my 16 year old lady.
As a bad joke from God, the merch is cat related

No. 1337549

File: 1663037384168.jpeg (57.55 KB, 755x649, 53F259B1-E833-459F-93FA-4824ED…)

There’s two dresses that I’ve been obsessing over the past few days because I think they’re so amazingly beautiful and I wasn’t to pull the trigger and buy them but they’re full on real designer and it would be so much money but also I would wear them a lot and they’re so unique and they look like wearable art and I’m in love but it’s so much fucking money

No. 1337555

Post then buy

No. 1337558

File: 1663038131438.png (739.41 KB, 720x1080, EE1810D2-1A98-4EE5-879E-08DA00…)

No. 1337576

File: 1663039576806.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3840x2160, IMG-20220911-WA0002.jpeg)

Look at this soul i made the other day. Tastes great

No. 1337577

Samefad, I meant soup

No. 1337579

FUCK samefag

No. 1337580

File: 1663039742144.jpg (80.27 KB, 620x826, 809f6c897801f96a43dfb2bb44ec72…)

I'm coming over

No. 1337582

You made me giggle teehee

No. 1337586

this is what peak female performance looks like

No. 1337590

Lmao, but also that soup looks amazing and I love soup

No. 1337593

File: 1663040273029.png (16.71 KB, 607x1060, elephant.png)

i wish i could stop daydreaming about the thing i want to do and start doing the things i want to do

No. 1337602

Well if you’re going to start drinking toilet water I’d suggest getting it from the top part, not the bowl.

No. 1337610

That’s no fun

No. 1337617

I hate when men walk around topless, except for when they're swimming I guess, it just makes me so uncomfortable. Same with women who wear thong bathingsuits, why is it okay to walk around with your ass fully out? Both are gross to me and I'm bisexual.

No. 1337621

File: 1663042117867.jpeg (119.96 KB, 960x960, C8A17056-92D5-40C2-A813-0F03E5…)

>The names Obey Bruhh
>I work at Pimpin Hoes and Slapping Bitches

No. 1337640

I haven’t been able to help anyone on the help me find threads and it makes me sad. I just want to be helpful.

No. 1337649

Oh shittttt, different anon but that’s really beautiful. I love the colors and the cut. It definitely looks wearable imo.

No. 1337650

That’s why I help in the stupid questions thread!

No. 1337678

Someone randomly asked me if I've seen the Harry Potter movies and I'm still wondering if they were trying to discern whether I'm a terf or not.

No. 1337679

i havent seen any lord of the rings except the you shall not pass scene what does that say about me?

No. 1337680

File: 1663049637603.jpeg (27.12 KB, 197x325, 3703F09A-76F9-4749-9E25-5692AB…)


No. 1337682

‘Copacetic’ is the worst word and now that I know it’s hardly even a real word I feel justified in hating it. It feels and sounds ugly.

No. 1337684

If you’re a fan of Cate Blanchett you should watch her girl boss scene in LOTR. Imo she was the perfect choice for an elf queen.

No. 1337696

this is beans inside

No. 1337716

Jesus Fuck I can barely stand any cow threads anymore because anons are so eager to fight about literally everything and every other post is some dumb Brit making a tired, unfunny joke about America.

No. 1337730

All of my conventionaly hot lesbian friends date women who are average looking so ladies if you are mid and gay and single never give up. Good luck

No. 1337739

I transcended and stopped caring what others think and I will use my new powers to dry out the wallets from moids thank you and good luck

No. 1337740

B-but anon the psych ward I went to force fed each and everyone 5 Twinkies before having seconds and thirds of Doritos, fried Bald Eagle, and Pepsi, with no water and double portions, but not before we saluted one of the 5 American flags in the cafeteria!!!

No. 1337743

Hahaha, that’s the exact exchange I’m referring to! Luna also strikes me as the type to eat very little in front of people in a attempt to appear uwu super dainty so idk why some anons are acting like her eating less than usual while inpatient is some huge stretch. I just stop engaging when people get hostile about random shit lol

No. 1337748

Thank you nonny I needed that

No. 1337753

I know people who do that IRL and that's so stupid because by looking at them it's obvious they eat a lot. Why do they even do that?

No. 1337756

Shame of their poor self-control issues and denial of their true state

No. 1337757

File: 1663060274708.png (385.2 KB, 1400x720, Lady you better cool it right …)

I find this image funny. Both of the women in this drawing are me at different times, and I think the anon that draws this stuff is funny/cool and not a scrote

No. 1337760

I actually used to be fat and did that but I’m not really sure why. Probably just shame because you know eating too much is what keeps you fat and fear about what others are thinking about the fat girl eating. It’s funny because I’ve been both overweight and underweight and feel like people commented on what/how/how much I ate way more at a lower weight.

No. 1337762

which anon

No. 1337765

wtf this is just what the draw thread person drew

No. 1337767

i keep looking at this to try and find the appeal but i can't its just retarded

No. 1337768

I don't even get what any of this means. I think I'm too sleep-deprived to understand sarcasm right now.

No. 1337769

It really doesnt look like a scrote art too me either, agree it's retarded but in a good way, hope anon wont get discouraged and draw more

No. 1337770

Anon from the draw thread


No. 1337772

I guess it depends on people you were around with. I personally never give a damn about what and how much does anyone eat because I was always taught to mind my own business, sorry for you nonnie. The woman i am talking about always, always for some weird reason keeps telling the r/thathappened stories about how people are 'always so surprised how little she eats', but i feel like even if she would brag about it, that is not a thing to brag about, but in fact would raise ED or any health concern. She doesn't have any self-control and keeps telling people online that she rather pays 4$ delivery for grocery food instead of taking a 20-minute walk by herself to avoid junk-eating.
I understand why would some anons think a scrote drew it, but i personally find it cute. Even though I myself don't really get the message… Would be cool if it turned out to be a wholesome comics!

No. 1337774

I fucking hate those stupid bitch meme things, why the fuck would I admire dumb pink bimbo aesthetics.

No. 1337776

File: 1663062576979.jpg (186.95 KB, 2048x1536, 20220911_200157.jpg)

>woke media cringe
Oh, interesting, let me check the thread
>hundreds of sperg posts
This is turning me homophobic exclusively towards men

No. 1337778

2 baddies 2 baddies 1 porsche

No. 1337779

i'm looking through the thread and still don't get the joke and don't get the original drawing either, especially the 'free lipo' part idk none of it makes sense

No. 1337780

please make the 'keep on clutchin' graphic available as a t-shirt or bumper sticker, thank you

No. 1337784


No. 1337792

i want to believe

No. 1337794

Life by Jen died

Death by Jen

No. 1337797

Same here anon, I saw the drawings and felt like as if it was scrote trying to embody dumb bitch memes while pushing stereotypes as a means to prove theyre women. Especially the “women text and drive we’re all so reckless and stupid tee hee!” shit. I hope the anon who drew it is an actual woman who just has a shitty misogynistic mindset instead of some troon

No. 1337798

Samefag meant to reply to >>1337779

No. 1337808

Someone understands the hilarity of "keep on clutching", I don't understand why anons are taking it so personally when it isn't meant to be at all serious. It's not supposed to be an accurate representation of anything, it's a goofy cartoon and nothing more, you choose to take it personally and you're the ones choosing to try and identify with a shitpost other than ignoring it. You are pearl clutches though, that's for damn sure. Some of you get so paranoid with "that's a moid" posts that you start to sound like twitter users. It's some pixels on a screen, it's not an attack on you. If the schizo tranny was the one making these comics, they would be filled with random racist bullshit and shock imagery, not silly little doodles of stereotypical bimbos.

No. 1337818

my tummy has been hurting for days now what the fuck

No. 1337822

File: 1663068950415.jpg (31.43 KB, 257x386, Cinderella-poster-md.jpg)

If that Cinderella movie staring brandy would've been released today all hell would've broken loose based on how people are reacting to the little mermaid

No. 1337827

i love, love, love that movie, it's creative and warm-hearted. the new little mermaid looks like soulless cash grab wokewashing in comparison

No. 1337828

You don't have to be a scrote/tranny to make fun of the bimbo stereotype, which is what the drawing was doing

No. 1337832

Idgaf what scrotes say, most of the guys I've dated have been 5'4-5'9, unemployed or not making a lot of money and out of shape but the only ones that knew how to treat me were tall, hot rich guys, they actually treated me like their girlfriend in a relationship, this means taking an appropriate time to respond to me and not ignoring me for days on end, not openly lusting after other women, putting in effort in romantic gestures and communicating properly. Genetically unfortunate scrotes fall hard for the "treat women badly and they'll like you" meme and wonder why they never have luck

No. 1337835

This movie is so cute, we gotta stream it in the movie room sometime

No. 1337838

You're right. Has racial tension gotten worse in society or something? What gives?

No. 1337840

File: 1663069896744.jpg (27.8 KB, 350x500, a6903e46ca438ddddcff44234d0aeb…)

They're so resentful that when they actually get a gf they take it out on her and treat her less than just to get back at ""society"". Instead of treating her more than well since she's the one who accepted him. Hot guys are more playful and lighthearted since "ree women grr" isn't their modus operandi

No. 1337845

Yes, there have been serious racist backlashes to society improving for anyone who isn't white. Same for women, look at the backlash to women's rights we're facing rn. Now a commercial can't even say "teach your boys good values and to treat women nicely" without men and male apologists tardraging. Same for anything race related.

No. 1337848

File: 1663070972283.jpg (120.77 KB, 680x377, aaaaa.jpg)

>5'6 bf
>he's embarrassed about my height and doesn't like being seen with me in public

No. 1337851

I don't think men understand their own bullshit but imo, If a guy knows (deep down) that he isn't a catch then he'll assume any woman hes with isn't a catch either. That's the root of it.

No. 1337853

File: 1663071279773.jpeg (128.36 KB, 720x618, D0191341-A17B-44E3-8E49-840604…)

Can’t sleep, send help

No. 1337854

You just reminded me that I visited my friend abroad and she finally presented me her bf irl and he's literally 2m tall. She hit the jackpot I guess because he's also fit, nice and has a nice job, and he treats her like a queen. I hope he'll keep being a good bf to her or our entire friend group will beat his ass.

Tell him that if it upsets him that much he can wear high heels.

No. 1337855

Anon you should not be with someone who is embarrassed of you, that is so sad :(

No. 1337856

It isnt making fun of it tho its trying to embrace it and put it in a good light. Its trying to seem relatable just like when anons push the dark triad stacy meme, except its pushing stereotypes that even bimbos dont follow. Its what men think bimbos follow

No. 1337858

Why are you being an extremist? It's a joke. No one in this thread is doing a Kate Spade mega haul or thinking laptops are chairs lol. You're in your clutcher of the year 2009 era right now huh

No. 1337860

Please don't start with emotes, use your words

No. 1337861

it is spoilered, I just wanted to express my sadness for anon. i don't normally like them but i thought it fit here

No. 1337863

Or an image, since this is an imageboard

No. 1337864

File: 1663072916186.jpg (110.9 KB, 500x375, pitbull-mr.-worldwide.jpg)

So far people have wrongly guessed that I'm Indian, Pakistani, Brazilian, Turkish, a hafu (no idea how, I was in Japan then so I guess people were wondering wtf I was doing here to begin with), from the Réunion Island (a lot of people there are mixed with everything or just a native French apparently), a Middle Eastern, a Tahitian, etc. Does that mean I'm racially ambiguous? Are people blind or bad at guessing?

No. 1337870

but then who's calling her "honey"?

No. 1337871

File: 1663073312242.png (384.33 KB, 1400x720, 1663060274708.png)

I just realized the secret of this picture. Look at the outlet on the right drawing with the plug coming out of it. What is being charged? Look at the cursor or tablet or whatever in the left drawing.
They are girlfriends. Pearl clutcher is clutching because the laptop is too flimsy for her girlfriend's phenomenal ass. The "You: My Enemy" is merely subterfuge.

No. 1337872

It's her, pearl clutcher. She's vowing to get her girlfriend a brand new laptop


ty nonnie

No. 1337873

Observation skills on this nona

No. 1337876

maybe it's a woman but to me i don't find it especially relatable on either side and think it just comes off as strange, particularly on these boards

No. 1337877

A joke? Anon I haven’t heard a “women text and drive cuz theyre stupid and vapid” joke since the early 2000s. Its moid tier and no one here can “relate”, doesnt help that a scrote was caught posting within the thread when the drawing went up

No. 1337879


No. 1337881

Yep, agree with you. At best, it's a woman with severe (possibly quasi subconscious?) internalized misogyny and not even in a dumb bitch meme tier way. Dumb bitch memes are considerably better. This just isn't one and it demonizes both sides for no apparent reason, plus neither sides are relatable. I think the entire theme/purpose is confusing and unclear as well. It's a mess tbh.

No. 1337882

I'm black but am automatically assumed to be hispanic or indian for whatever reason, I'm not even biracial or mixed either.

No. 1337886

File: 1663074641662.jpeg (70.71 KB, 720x960, E132DB16-92FA-486C-BEF5-1034EB…)

ayrt I had the same feeling too, it felt too specific with certain stereotypes that most aren’t relevant at all nowadays. I dont mind dumb bitch memes or bimbo shit, this drawing just doesn’t make sense. Also maybe tingoil tier because Im retarded but I dont like the clutchin’ poster they drew, recently alot of anons were talking about R Crumb being a deviant in /m and in other threads so I can’t tell if its a scrote to scrote homage or just an anon that has major nlog issues

No. 1337889

Fucked an /fa/ poster and okay I think I understand why men treat women like demonic succubi now

No. 1337892

lol aww babies

No. 1337895

Last night I was extremely drunk and being emo and thought it was a good idea to send my boss 4 different emotional messages to my boss, thank fuck she didn't see them but you can tell I removed messages so I'm hoping to god she doesn't ask about it

No. 1337896

Exactly, it feels out of touch in a way that only a moid or severely autistic woman would be. Dumb bitch memes are semi-relatable or purposely exaggerated with a tiny morsel of truth that it ends up kinda funny. This has like no truth on either side, plus again, it feels horribly dated and out of touch. Like you said, like a man's idea of a dumb bitch meme would be.

No. 1337904

Holy fuck it's not that serious, you nonnies are being so retarded about these drawings, you really think you're being detectives or some shit rather than just embarrassing yourselves. Either they were drawn by a woman, and you're freaking out over nothing, or they were drawn by a man and your bullshit whining is giving him exactly what he was looking for. Do you really think not just ignoring it isn't the way to discourage a moid from doing a thing? Do you think playing detective and pointing fingers solves anything? Do you really believe that those goofy drawings are "hArMfUl"??? Get off the internet.

No. 1337906

Refer to >>1337808 if you think the drawings are supposed to be "relatable to your experience" rather than just a shitpost. Get over yourselves. This place is a fucking mess.

No. 1337908

this site is raided daily by men, please stop.

No. 1337911

No, you stop giving them attention and jumping at every opportunity to call someone a moid. Do you think it earns you little lolcow points that you narc rage about how everyone is a moid but you? You're the only woman left on the site, nona, good for you!

No. 1337919

File: 1663077508040.jpg (474.69 KB, 1920x1440, 20220907_231018.jpg)

>the new disney princess blah blah blah
Don't care, disney needs to let go of their "classic" princess tales because they're backwards as fuck. Beauty and the Beast was supposed to groom little girls to be fine with being sold to older men. The little mermaid is a warning tale about giving your everything just for the sake of a man because it's not worth it. Sleeping Beauty was raped in her sleep. Rapunzel was used by a guy and got pregnant and kicked out.

We don't need every woman to be some 2cool4u sword wielding macho woman either. Ripley from the alien movies did it right, she was still believably human and a survivor.

No. 1337925

The colours are pretty, and the characters have soul. This was drawn by a slightly retarded woman.

No. 1337926

Imagine dating a man who feels too ashamed to be seen with you in public. Couldn’t be me!

No. 1337927

Ugly men are straight up evil. Not saying hot ones aren’t, but they’re infinitely better.

No. 1337935

If he can't embrace being a short king then dump him.

No. 1337951

You should be embarassed for not dumping a man who doesn't want to be seen in public with you

there's no such thing as a 5'6 king

No. 1337952

what about the historical ones

No. 1337954

File: 1663080671670.jpg (23.7 KB, 460x288, ce131422ecdf953f8c27ec0ddd1b7b…)

My very slim coworker just joined a weight loss club (one with weekly group weigh ins and all that jazz) and she wont stop talking about it. I'm weirded out that they'd even sign her up in the first place

No. 1337957

File: 1663080905237.gif (1.16 MB, 400x170, ebbad573-981d-4cae-8843-0f5fa3…)

When I was younger I saw that DreamWorks movie Monsters Vs. Aliens and it made me feel something because the protagonist is an everyday woman who becomes a giant badass woman that realizes she doesn't need her disgusting fiancee and becomes totally empowered on her own. The first fight scene where she starts out running away and ends up destroying the giant robot and saving a bunch of people is so cool, you can see her go from "I'm just me how will I do this" to "I'm capable of anything"

This has nothing to do with Disney Princess movies I just feel like not enough people talk about how good of a role model to young girls that protagonist is.

No. 1337959

File: 1663081043970.jpg (103.77 KB, 594x445, tumblr_op156mnZFe1vkgjmeo1_640…)

bump cp

No. 1337960

How light skinned are you though? Because there are a shit ton of pale and dark skinned Indians so I can imagine it, but all the South Americans and Mexicans I've seen irl (not a lot since I'm nevee set foot in the American continent) and in media tend to be light skinned.

No. 1337967

why the fuck is Photoshop so complicated? i feel for all the graphic designers that have to deal with such a shitty program because ''muh industry standars''

No. 1337971

I loved this movie!! So cool to see people talking about it. You have inspired me to rewatch it tonight to relive my childhood kek

No. 1337972

File: 1663082367499.jpeg (13.56 KB, 210x260, 7C60568C-9B9C-4793-B7F7-076E4F…)

I’m half white (britbong ancestors) and mexican, so I have the same issues with insane guesses as to my heritage. A Roma girl literally thought I was Romanian and started talking to me excitedly before her parents pulled her away, Indians thought I was a pale Indian girl ala Bollywood, French people assumed I was one of them and tried talking to me, some rando guy thought I was Egyptian, being considered Israeli, basically any region where women are idealized for having pale skin and dark features. I found it strange because my nose is the type with tiny nostrils and an upturn. Maybe they thought it was a nose job? I’ve always questioned why it even mattered in the first place. It’s annoying to be stopped mid conversation and have someone derail with race sperging. Let us join hands as the “What are you?” clan. This phrase is what some scrote I never met before decided to ask me as I was keeping score for a volleyball game.

No. 1337973

It has a lot of features but you don't have to know them all because you won't use them most likely, especially as a graphic designer. Can't imagine using any other program

No. 1337975

i can lick it i can ride it while you slippin and slidin

No. 1337976

File: 1663082649683.jpg (57.85 KB, 720x834, cute-cat-with-question-marks-m…)

sorry i was sperging because the shortcuts are awful, sometimes shift works to make perfect rectangles but when i want to scale the picture without deforming it it doesn't.

No. 1337977

File: 1663082714906.jpg (69 KB, 1080x787, ijll1uc306k61-1.jpg)

dun wanna study the code dun wanna program while feeling like a moron, i wanna video game and not study. just gotta make the fucking buttons and variables its JUST BUTTONS AND VARIABLES

No. 1337980

>Indians thought I was a pale Indian girl ala Bollywood
Not surprised here, the people who guessed I was Indian or Pakistani were also Indians and Pakistanis, we were in an unrelated Asian country and they were all coming up to me to make small talk and talk about their home country like I was one of them, they were always disappointed when I told them I wasn't even Asian at all. A friend of mine is Black and thought I was bullshitting her when I told her that but when we were in that country together she showed a picture of me to a pale Indian coworker (probably from a high caste idk, she's from a very rich family and pale so that's possible) and she also thought I was Indian. Fun fact, that friend was 100% sure I was white until I told her were my parents are from, and she's the only person I've ever met who thought so.

No. 1337981

I've noticed that Brits and Americans see swarthy, "light skinned" people, with darkish hair, and decide they're some kind of spicy.

No. 1337996

some Photoshop versions have different shortcuts for the shift thing, it's something to get used to. However I also think somethings have the option to use legacy shortcuts, look into that if it really bothers you, otherwise you'll just get used to them the more you work inside the program

No. 1337997

Samefag wth i accidentally wrote in safe instead of sage for that post but it still saged?

No. 1338003

File: 1663084283718.gif (585.94 KB, 400x170, 9fc71014-10bb-4a45-af6c-cb300c…)

I'll watch it tonight too! Enjoy it nonna, I'll probably rewind this particular scene and play it back twice lol. I absolutely adore the fact that Susan literally throws away this useless moid and then they don't shoehorn in a replacement love interest for her. She just stands tall on her own. If anyone knows more movies like that lemme know!!

No. 1338005

Photoshop has gotten really glitchy on me lately, I find I have to restart it at least every hour or it starts doing weird shit. Especially the zoom function

No. 1338007

wow, my people!! I have been asked my ethnicity so many times and I'm always like ????white???? I'm a fat white American woman with brown hair and freckles. best guess to ancestry is british and irish. why do people think i look exotic? it really seems to depend on fashion too, like if i do my hair a certain way people guess that i'm mexican, if i have cat-eye eyeliner on they think i'm half asian. i am literally just a boring regular white woman.

No. 1338008

You sound pretty nona, I always wished I had freckles but I'll never draw them on because fake freckles look awful. Ain't nothing like the real thing baby

No. 1338018

thanks gonna look more into that
i have a beefy pc, dont have any problem runnning AAA modern games while streaming and using discord, however my copy of PS 2019 decides she's too good for me and often lags my entire PC even if it's the only program running. It's the only program that made me restart my whole PC.

No. 1338024

Kek you wrote "saga" for this one

No. 1338029

File: 1663086164542.jpeg (38.03 KB, 736x736, 5799.jpeg)

Somewhere around golden and almond, I thought that was in the medium range.

No. 1338034

You can write anything in the sage field, it'll only sage if you write sage. Aka it won't bump the thread. The reason why the anonymous word goes purple is because it becomes a hyperlink originally meant to showcase you attached an email.

No. 1338052

interesting, never understood why imageboards have an email field

No. 1338067

It smells so bad in my living room that I thought the dog had done a shit somewhere. Turns out it was just my farts - I’ve been eating rice cakes and they’re phenomenally bad.

No. 1338068

I got my period early after a shit week but at least I'm not pregnant.

No. 1338071

We just took the dogs on a walk and our big dog (50kg) just rugby tackled two unsuspecting passers-by from behind chasing after a ball. He knocked them literally clean off their feet at exactly the same time. I said “nice spare” in the wii bowling voice and my mum smacked me. We got a bit closer to see if they were okay and one of them was a lady with cancer, he’d knocked her headscarf clean off. Felt a bit bad after that. Turns out they’re okay, though.

No. 1338074

Keep your mongrels on a fucking leash, goddamn. Is this dog-hate bait or what

No. 1338083

No. 1338085

RIP I’ll miss her cheese hauls

No. 1338087

I was so happy to see this pair when I was playing shining nikki… but they aren't together sigh…
I'm re-watching nanoha

No. 1338103

Didn't she have cancer or am I getting her confused? Makes me wish kf was up so I could catch up

No. 1338105

It's a good day to be me Re: Nintendo Direct

No. 1338161

Are you looking forward to Pikmin,Kirby, Bayonetta or Zelda?

No. 1338184

I think she had cancer in the lining of her womb and they couldn't operate due to her weight putting her at risk. Pretty much every deathfat cow I've followed has either had endo cancer or had a hysto done for crazy ovarian cysts that were a cancer risk. They start to all blend together after a while.

No. 1338187

>Pretty much every deathfat cow I've followed has either had endo cancer or had a hysto done for crazy ovarian cysts that were a cancer risk
Doesn't being overweight mean you produce more estrogen, which can lead to cancer in reproductive organs? Or did I just make that up.

No. 1338196

>Among women, obesity is more strongly associated with the development of endometrial cancer than any other cancer type. In fact, approximately 57% of endometrial cancers in the United States are thought to be attributable to being overweight and obese.

No. 1338210

Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, and Fire Emblem.

No. 1338221

File: 1663096528447.png (80.25 KB, 240x197, lain.PNG)

the time when a friend memed me by speedrunning getting a nerd's nudes.

he noticed a cute, petite guy, who seemed mild-mannered, humble, and silly that was into the same exact nerd hobbies as me, including DnD on a social forum. I hadn't brought him up at all but my friend could tell he was my type.
so he had a hot girl he knew add him and then stream giving him a vague timestamp and feigning interest to ask for a nude. he gave a timestamped nude that was CLEARLY him.

the entire process took under 10 fevered minutes.
to this day that piece of me that died inside hasn't come home.

No. 1338232

I just realized that three of my favorite bands have made songs about the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Weird. The songs slap tho

I swear I've read a post about this exact same thing before. That was you as well, wasn't it? I think that was an extremely shitty thing to do to you, but I recall some anons saying that your friend was doing you a favor by exposing him as a pathetic manwhore.

No. 1338249

Nonnies talking about childhood bullying in another thread brought back a memory. I went to a regular old school but there was a girl in the class who was non verbal. Never spoke. She never had any type of learning assistant. Never got sent to any special classes. Just sat in a regular classroom with us and didn't speak for the whole 8 years. That's kinda fucked up. Why wasn't she in a school suited to her needs? Surely even 20 years ago we had those? She was kind of ignored by everyone

No. 1338253

I dyed my hair red on a whim and not only is it patchy, but it's the exact same clownish red my mom loves, that sort of too bright red that almost every eastern European woman with curly hair in her 50s onward has. Unless I completely falsified that stereotype.

To be honest, it feels kind of nice to do such a spontaneous dye just like I used to in my late teens but it definitely doesn't look nice and i'm glad i'm securely employed because I look a mess.

No. 1338256

File: 1663097867768.gif (312.65 KB, 112x112, 1630292195416.gif)

There's a girl in my class who is very reserved and seems rather melancholy but for some reason I get the feeling she browses here. If this is true and you are by any chance reading this, just know that you are in my thoughts a lot and I hope you are doing okay.

No. 1338261

what's the weight limit for deathfats? always wondered what others thought. in my mind its 400+

No. 1338262

Does anyone here identify as straight edge?

No. 1338273

File: 1663099003725.png (1 MB, 600x914, thanx_ex2016sukima.png)

being into nerdy boys is a curse, they are all sexpests, on the verge of trooning out or age horribly. Better stick to 2D or just pump and dump them.

No. 1338294

>being into nerdy boys is a curse
NTA but true
>or just pump and dump them
this is what I do (or would like to do if I actually got laid)

No. 1338361

File: 1663101681419.jpg (790.68 KB, 1078x1078, reality is a pug.jpg)

Yep, I did post about this once before on another IB (maybe someone SC'd it and spread it around, wouldn't be surprised, I am still in disbelief it happened).

And I think if anything he was trying to show me that even if I was already pretty critical of men…I still was naive, and that my type of guy doesn't actually exist in reality. Not that it wasn't fucked up, but I think around then I kind of existentially threw in the towel.
I don't want to date someone whose logic about intimacy and sexuality is "what? if I see a free burger, I eat free burger. what sociopath wouldn't?" and anything like that. It's so unattractive to me, I'm sorry.

No. 1338447

I have, at times. I don’t drink much. Basically stopped drinking for two years. I had a beer somewhat recently though. It was ok.

No. 1338454

File: 1663105229129.gif (397.05 KB, 245x169, cd98c52390cba2fb5e7837324871bb…)

I did from around age 12 until some point in high school, probably like 17? I learned about it from being obsessed with AFI lol. Eventually I started going to parties and would drink or smoke though.

Funnily enough I'm now sober and have been for like seven years. Not because I had any issues, I just didn't like the way booze or weed made me feel so I stopped feeling like I "had to" around other people. Plus I've been with the same dude for over 10 years so no promiscuous sex anymore. So I guess I ended up straight edge after all despite not using the label anymore haha

No. 1338466

missing kikomi hours

No. 1338475

Bought the scum manifesto for myself to read. Gonna do a reading challenge starting this month

No. 1338482

I wish I could be str8 edge, but I love smoking so much. I am sober, though, and I've never slept around, only stayed in long term relationships.

No. 1338484

I might as well because I am very against putting chemicals in more body that cause nothing but harm.

No. 1338489

File: 1663107188480.jpg (92.26 KB, 430x685, thanksbabe.jpg)

I'm tired of cute witches, bring back ugly witches NOW

No. 1338490

I identify as loosey goosey

No. 1338497

Any person who cries about how something isn’t “historically accurate” for literal fairy tales based on no actual historic event is autistic as fuck no exceptions

No. 1338506

I fucking hate this double standard in GoT

>We (rightfully) put a black guy in our show because it's not about a real period of history, we can do whatever we want


No. 1338532

File: 1663108781833.jpg (1.33 MB, 2340x3797, sm.jpg)

I see Sailor Moon in my 2 year old niece's finger painting

No. 1338534

I see it too.

No. 1338536

I actually hate this argument because there can still be some reality of setting in a story while still maintaining fantasy elements. Like why would Grimm Fairy Tales, set in Germany, have a perfect mix of different races? If someone went ahead and remade Aladdin and made everyone Scandinavian or East Asian that'd make no sense based on its country of origin

No. 1338540

File: 1663109080464.jpeg (58.28 KB, 567x432, 1576929367824.jpeg)

Doing clothes purging and am now overthinking if layering a midweight turtleneck with a midweight t-shirt looks retarded even if it's cozy and a nice way to wear my dumb vintage tees year round

No. 1338546

File: 1663109400177.jpeg (300.75 KB, 2042x2048, F4C51772-868D-4A13-87B9-A955FB…)

You’re exactly the sort of autist most people hate. None of us like you. You are excruciating to interact with. Your whining holds no place in our lives or hearts. You are weak minded and will not survive to your next incarnation.

No. 1338548

That poster was probably a scrote trying to racebait. I usually hear that kind of opinion from /pol/ adjacent moids who get mad at the existence of dark-skinned people in media
Also you said it, they're just fairytales, they can be changed and adapted in many different ways as they have been transformed for centuries

No. 1338550

disgusting, spoiler this shit

No. 1338552

No. 1338555

I want to believe you

No. 1338562

File: 1663109749351.jpeg (42.07 KB, 571x577, 1654952573613.jpeg)

i am truly unhinged, there's no need to repress it anymore, i fully accept it and i won't stop myself from acting like it anymore

No. 1338571

Yeah, it feels unrealistic. It’s not just for kids, it’s timeless, it’s folklore, it’s culture. I want to believe in it and be immersed, not reminded it’s 2022 and random village in medieval finland iSn’T dIvErSe enough kek

No. 1338577

You're right, it's not just for kids but for fat Disney adult autists as well.

No. 1338581

There really isn't a shortage of white women who seethe every single time a non-white woman gets attention of any kind so we are probably right in assuming it's a woman.

No. 1338586

Cringe sex talk ahead, look out nonnas

I'm really happy I learned how to give myself an orgasm. I was 27 when I had my first one. I'm a virgin and will probably stay that way my entire life. But now I have a nice little thing I can do sometimes that feels good, and I don't need to buy anything or rely on anyone else for it. I'm proud of myself for embracing the body I was given. Catholic shame and misogyny couldn't beat it out of me. Being a woman ain't too heck sometimes.

No. 1338589

So just watch the 1989 version if something as simple as skin tone matters so much. Why is everyone acting like this is the remake isn't literally just a remake, the original film will still exist after the live-action comes out.

No. 1338592

There's nothing wrong with adapting a classic fairytale to a different culture than it was originally about. In fact, it's been done many times before. These stories being part of folk culture and such are precisely what makes adapting them for other cultures easy. A lot of stories of that kind have been adapted across different cultures, perhaps ever since before writing was invented.
This can also be done for fun: there's a really cool instance of this that was not done with a fairytale but with Inuyasha, in the character redesign thread, where the characters were reimagined as Russian instead of Japanese.
If the culture or country of the original story is very important, of course it would make no sense to have random people of a race that wasn't common in it, in an adaptation.
This discussion started because someone was racebaiting on another board trying to question why a mermaid would be black, anyway. So it's not even just about fairytales not being based on real events, but about a fictional species that's not even human and should have no reason to belong to the same race/culture as the humans who are featured in the story.

No. 1338597

>If the culture or country of the original story is very important
(meaning that the core message would change)

No. 1338602

Anon that last sentence is so cool but I can’t tell what it means.. was his nudes good at least?

No. 1338603

its so weird how moids try to turn it into a conspiracy when its common in hollywood for actors of different races to play characters of different races.
In hollywood multiple times white actors have played asian characters and taken asian roles especially when it comes to live adaptations, yet no one cares because people are mature and know its just a charachter and not the end of the world so why cant people just chill when its a black charachter.

No. 1338619

Just remembered the Lucy Lucy Lucy thing, and I’m trying to find the original post right now so I can see if a working link still has the song

No. 1338626

My nasolabial folds are going to be so deep when I'm an old lady (which is ok).

No. 1338643

It just means you smiled more. Be happy!

No. 1338654

File: 1663114090308.png (3.14 MB, 1140x2536, 94AAF4DB-A1C6-4E55-BAA7-F561A6…)

Tumblr sexy man tier list I made with my friends the other day
I kept telling my friend I was going to commission a fic where Adachi, Hazama and Starscream were going to bully Anakin (because she loves Anakin) but Shadow would protect Anakin from the bullies

No. 1338667

now you HAVE to do it with lolcow

No. 1338676

File: 1663115979262.gif (1.82 MB, 275x275, 1660786777458.gif)

We have an influx of newfags these days, if you have noticed. I actually added someone from the FF thread not too long ago and they typed like a twitterfag and said "I've never posted on lolcow and don't know the lingo, my friend told me about the website". I won't say who was it for her own sake but yeah, careful.

No. 1338678

File: 1663116052066.jpeg (6.89 MB, 4412x4410, D91B98B0-47BB-4AD2-8D7C-97FBDD…)

These are the agreed upon lolcow sexymen yes?

No. 1338681

I swear a better SoundCloud version was linked later but I can't find it

No. 1338691

No. 1338692

Yes, but also you need to add a couple more from recent threads like dedede im not dededeanon I swear, it's just fair

No. 1338699

It's better to use that thread to explore other nonna's interests so you can meet them in the wild.

No. 1338701

File: 1663117075610.jpeg (196.14 KB, 314x533, D14F7EDC-6430-4F9E-8B5F-5E6981…)

Who IS HE?

No. 1338710

Is that anon even the original creator of that pic? I'd like Bondrewd (though it's pretty much just me and the other anon) and D added.
I was wondering that too.

No. 1338712

one of Sachiko Kaneoya's OCs.

No. 1338715


No. 1338730

i really like this guy ive been seeing but his name is walter and it makes me think of walter white and then i laugh because i keep calling him mr white in my head nonnas help how do i stop this nonsense

No. 1338739

File: 1663118188595.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 204.74 KB, 800x943, ACED64B9-CAFF-4AB2-AF8C-852315…)

I feel like I just got RickRolled into
Looking at gay furry shit.

No. 1338740

File: 1663118236799.png (560.94 KB, 735x912, autism.png)

need Dano's Riddler sorry nonnie you dont get to gatekeep

No. 1338747

File: 1663118445873.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.1 KB, 634x625, E611F4A2-652D-4FAC-9687-7FD5CA…)

You better make him sport this outfit once you get serious.

No. 1338750

File: 1663118594251.gif (998.35 KB, 245x277, download (4).gif)

Need Raiden

No. 1338786

I would never, love him and his Robert Pattinson bf

No. 1338798

But her furry shit is based

No. 1338813

No you should not.

No. 1338833

>all those anime bishies
wasn't the point of the sexyman meme that they're supposed to be weird looking guys that get popular or did i misunderstand

No. 1338846

also what's wrong with victor from the corpse's bride? and how is snufkin a kaworu expy? and how is that hazbin hotel guy not lower god i can't stop sperging

No. 1338858

They don't have to be weird looking it's more of a quirky vibe that predestines them to be popular on tumblr with cringe fans. Usually they have an element of chaos or sleaziness to them idk, once you've endured enough cycles of it you just know

No. 1338862

and there's definitely a sliding scale of just how autistic you have to be to like them which depends on the character. anakin and bishes are relatively less autistic tastes to have

No. 1338863

I think if we're going to do a lolcow husbando teirlist there should be a "level of autism" scale along with a "level of conventional attractiveness" scale, similar to a graph rather than a run of the mill tier list.

No. 1338871

Honestly they're cute together as cartoons, good for them.

No. 1338879

File: 1663124567478.gif (456.89 KB, 256x192, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Wtf, when did Bodoque become a tumblr sexy man? I'm not ready to live in this reality.
Wouldn't that just be inversely proportional?

No. 1338887

>when did Bodoque become a tumblr sexy man?
He probably isn’t and was just added in as a joke, thats the problem with the tierlist in general like 2/3rds of these characters aren’t even tumblr sexymen
Some are deviantart sexymen (a la sephiroth) but a lot aren’t even that like Harley Quinn for one.

No. 1338890

>also what's wrong with victor from the corpse's bride?
He didn’t get with the corpse bride, so he has terrible taste
>and how is snufkin a kaworu expy?
Honestly? Don’t know, one of my friends who I was doing the list with told me to put him there (I’ve only seen like 3 episodes of moomin)
and how is that hazbin hotel guy not lower god i can't stop sperging
I like his voice enough to where he’s not complete trash.

No. 1338898

File: 1663125575362.jpg (21.62 KB, 452x340, 51ddedc224e860e0df59b94ee85c58…)

NTA but Bodoque IS my sexyman. I legit was crushing on him since I was like 8.

No. 1338904

You might as well be crushing on mr blobby

No. 1338907

File: 1663125918349.gif (2.05 MB, 498x373, 31minutos-juan-carlos-bodoque.…)

You wouldn't get it

No. 1338912

File: 1663126033679.png (393.22 KB, 872x1024, Dimentio.png)

I would put dimentio in the same tier as rick sanchez tbh.

No. 1338914


You intrigue me with such rarity.

What makes it based?

No. 1338916

File: 1663126284002.jpg (959.73 KB, 700x796, Kaneoya.Sachiko.full.2197551.j…)

Nta, but it is trust us.

No. 1338918

I have almost never liked furry stuff and not even hers, but maybe it has to do with the element of ratty, shady, depraved men being preyed upon by powerful beasts instead of being in the position of power themselves? like another evolution of basic yaoi power dynamics but on lsd.

No. 1338919

File: 1663126357804.jpeg (271.54 KB, 1200x1200, DLxyeMJVAAA_fAw.jpeg)

nta but she's the only femdom artist that makes interesting art please understand its the only thing we have and we appreaciate it like the last drop of water in the dessert

No. 1338920

File: 1663126463029.jpeg (18.79 KB, 548x560, images (4).jpeg)

No need to compare Bodoque to this unintelligent thing.

No. 1338921

File: 1663126618961.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.54 KB, 900x1200, juan-carlos-bodoque-31-minutos…)

bodoque is a manwhore

No. 1338924

File: 1663126852373.gif (Spoiler Image, 987.7 KB, 318x234, 1460407978143.gif)

No. 1338925

meh, It's sorta annoying how this artist is praised so much all the time, I don't like shlubby dorky guys.

No. 1338928

her art is aesthetically nice but i agree. sometimes she draws them cute but a chunk of the time the men look like they play league of legends and rant about ethots. probably the spotty facial hair she draws in them kek

No. 1338930

File: 1663127562604.png (369.8 KB, 600x425, bluebox.png)

i like her for that reason, i am tired of bishies with dorito faces to be honest, feels nice to have an akward dork for once

No. 1338933

I'm a sucker for how pathetic they look.

No. 1338934

She speaks to all of us who like nerdy guys kek.

No. 1338935

>I don't like shlubby dorky guys.
Those are the absolutely best and most attractive to me kek.

No. 1338936

aren't they almost all bishies but with fuzz and glasses?

No. 1338938

File: 1663127806068.png (1.01 MB, 1078x1258, image_2022-09-13_225808876.png)

Nta, but most stereotypical bishies don't look like that. See:

No. 1338939

File: 1663127845510.png (59.78 KB, 300x100, witch.png)

Evil queen shit, make them seethe.

No. 1338942

tbh I'm using bishie interchangeably with pretty boy. I thought the men in her art were extremely conventionally attractive but just a bit, uh…baked.
also, >>1338701 looks like he could be a superhero or something.

it's a bit of a shame picrel is so ubiquitous as a style.

No. 1338946

>gay furry shit
that furry is clearly a woman

No. 1338948

File: 1663128281633.png (358.49 KB, 400x564, pillow_sales.png)

its art nonnie, fantasy, guys with big purple furries in lsd-colored backgrounds, no one wants to date a smelly ugly fat nerd irl we just want cute/average guys with glasses, dont look so much into it or it's going to give you a migraine

No. 1338952

I love this

No. 1338955

>no one wants to date a smelly ugly fat nerd irl
I do

Incoming copypasta

No. 1338959

File: 1663129015277.png (54.07 KB, 186x275, unknown.png)

Yes I have an e-boyfriend. Yes he's a moderator of a discord server. Yes he hangs around on 4chan. Yes I met him through youtube (originally a fan). Yes he sometimes draws lewd animations. Yes he masturbates for me on camera and we call that sex. Yes he likes anime and hentai. Yes he has a figure and manga collection. Yes he lives in a 1st world country and I live in a shithole. Yes he's a virgin and a gamer. Yes he's autistic. Yes he's greasy and doesn't bathe that often. Yes he's 29 and balding with a skinnyfat tummy. But this is the happiest relationship I've ever had in my life, he really loves me even with my BPD episodes and supports my artistic ventures even though I'm a hikki neet. Really recommend!!

No. 1338962

The idea of an afterlife or sentiment of dead loved ones watching over me freaks me out and I hope it doesn't exist. I'm afraid of my grandparents watching me wipe my ass and masturbate. I don't want my friend's mom to see me pick my nose. I hope the afterlife is just a personal heaven where you don't have to watch over anybody alive. Plus wouldn't it just be sad to watch everyone back on earth having fun without you and forgetting about you?
This is my schizo rant of the day.

No. 1338963

Yeah, he's not a bishonen or biseinen. I don't think he's beautiful or young enough count as either. He might classify as an ikemen, though.

Kaneoya never draws gay shit afaik, and that furry is female.

No. 1338965

I know this is a shitpost but I know a couple exactly like this. Not only that, but they both live in entirely different continents where a single roundtrip would cost either of them on average $3000. I don't even know how you can make that work. Discord couples are so retarded.

No. 1338966

That's Japanese slang for young adult male

No. 1338967

File: 1663129465791.png (Spoiler Image, 348.67 KB, 479x353, PeroPero.png)

same but only in fiction

No. 1338968

Please don't tell me you actually have a fat Discord mod fetish. Please.

No. 1338971

Uhhh have the nerdfuckers from /co/ found this site already?

No. 1338972

I mean I'm on the same page. I'm just salty men like this aren't the default dork irl as someone who's into dorks. I live in a wasteland, kek.
What? Real femdom?!

No. 1338974

Skinny nerd>fat smelly nerd
Raise your standards

No. 1338975

File: 1663129677943.jpeg (31.67 KB, 500x651, 2afeee91ff5b863473d0bfc2a89834…)

Apologies for 3DPD but whenever I see this anime man >>1338930 >>1338919 >>1338916
I'm reminded a bit of Jarvis Cocker lol

No. 1338977

i bet skinny nerds are still stinky

No. 1338979

File: 1663129761426.gif (7.1 MB, 540x540, jarv.gif)

Especially this gif..

No. 1338980

They're supposed to be like the average tired young adult male worker but with her favorite physical features (like the downturned eyes and dark long-ish hair, as she's a big fan of The Beatles)
Why do farmers keep associating real life moids with fictional characters that happen to share a feature or two with a real Western moid stereotype? She's probably not even aware of that kind of male you're talking about

No. 1338981

Yes, but they are skinny.
You caught my interest.

No. 1338983

File: 1663129998486.png (Spoiler Image, 135.45 KB, 735x508, 1597971744617.png)

i know the original posts here but i wont out her
skinnyfat>skinny>chubby>stappling my cunt shut>morbidly obese redditors ''age is just a number'' nerds
lel, this the good thing about 2D is we can enjoy the only good things about moids without having to deal with the real,bone and meat moid

No. 1338984

they are and that's a plus for me kek.

No. 1338985

File: 1663130177887.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.18 KB, 256x256, 256.jpg)

please don't make me post this absolute manwhore of a game journalist

No. 1338986

thats a FtM

No. 1338988

File: 1663130247617.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.78 KB, 1200x690, CsWh2zQUEAAPE9B.jpg)

oh my fucking god

No. 1338989

>I'm just salty men like this aren't the default dork irl as someone who's into dorks. I live in a wasteland, kek.
Fucking same nonny. Cute nerdy men with glasses here are very rare and I always fuck up my chances of getting to fuck them somehow. Even then they're only a match physically, their personality is another story, so I'd just pump&dump them.
>What? Real femdom?!
Yeah? That's part of why so many of us like her work, she only draws hot men in the same vulnerable position that women are often put in elsewhere. And before some sperg starts nitpicking about how "unrealistic" it is for a man to be dominated by a woman because women are weaker, the point is not to be realistic, in Kaneoya's world women are furries who are almost always bigger and stronger than the men she draws.

No. 1338992

File: 1663130441948.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.74 KB, 200x200, download.jpg)

He's not, his name is Tim Rogers kek. Also he's 40-something

No. 1338993

>i know the original posts here but i wont out her
HOLY SHIT I KNEW IT!!!! kek please tell her I love her
Also please use the unconventionally attractive men thread on /g/. You will get mercilessly bullied if you keep posting about this outside of that thread. Even the 2D husbando thread is nitpicky about ugly and gross characters.

No. 1338994

he would look cuter without the pube beard

No. 1338997

File: 1663130566428.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1920x1080, bXeBwe9ZJmjski0Mjn8yMbqsuYaB0Z…)

>implying that's not part of his appeal

No. 1339000

I would breed like a bunny with tim rogers in a second if given the opportunity. He doesn't even need to fuck me he could just cum inside a cum and I would impregnate my own self

No. 1339001

File: 1663130732396.jpg (60.29 KB, 647x483, FP6nGN7XIAItD3Y.jpg)

that thread is only for 3DPD sadly.
i wonder if a nerd thread would be possible here, the nerd threads on 4chan i OP'ed always reached max bump, would be cool to discuss nerdy guys outside of cartoons too.

No. 1339002

File: 1663130817599.jpg (11.4 KB, 240x240, artworks-l3OHvQEOy4oCGBQp-rBwy…)


No. 1339004

File: 1663130978459.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.13 KB, 959x865, 1598132734607.jpg)

>that thread is only for 3DPD sadly.
Yeah, that's what I mean, you're posting 3DPD so post in the 3DPD thread. If you want to post about your cartoon husbandos post in the 2D husbando thread.
>i wonder if a nerd thread would be possible here
>would be cool to discuss nerdy guys outside of cartoons too.
omg that would be fuckng ideal. There's the glasses thread on CC's /img/ but that board is dead as fuck. You think it would be better to make it on /g/ or /m/? Seeing as the maskfag and monsterfucker threads are also o /m/
also I really wanna fuck young James

No. 1339005

>the nerd threads on 4chan i OP'ed always reached max bump
doubleposting but thank you again for making the best 4chan thread I've ever seen. Though the obnoxious fucking scrotes pushing their tomboy fetish onto nerd threads are too annoying for me and the board is too fast..

No. 1339006

No. 1339007

File: 1663131285657.jpg (89.98 KB, 554x554, 70759bbe914f529329550aef63e871…)

She draws human women too and they always look cool.

No. 1339008

aaa i was making my op with questions and stuff but you won

No. 1339009

Yeah I know, I love all the women (furry or not) she draws
Thank you anon!!!
Post the questions anyway!

No. 1339011

File: 1663131420195.jpeg (37.72 KB, 441x605, 340f1e7aaa0bd088b7f50b4e353b09…)

>You caught my interest.
Unfortunately that gif is the only instance of him being tied up. I do think he has the same energy as that anime man (does he have a name..?), though – slightly effeminate, lanky and nerdy. He became something a sex symbol in mid-nineties Britain. I like how cherubic his face was despite being in his thirties at the peak of his fame.

No. 1339013

Nerfucker anon I hope you repost every single 3D moid you posted itt in the nerd thread

No. 1339017

Nerdfucker, are we ready to get even more hate than danofags?
yeah they were always ruined thanks to moids.

No. 1339023

you HAVE to post the questions nonny

No. 1339025

File: 1663132202884.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 1086x622, rrqsiwth3pkzuwjv1g5i.png)

nerdfuckers REPRESENT!!!

No. 1339027

Stop posting ugly ass men on lolcor… my pussy dry

No. 1339028

I know of a super hngggg nerdy guy but he has a gf and I would love to post him to the nerd thread. He’s legit fucking gorgeous I hate it so much. plus even if people found and messaged him I’m sure he would have no idea who posted him and wouldn’t be able to figure it out KEK. Even with the gf, whenever I think of him I just get sad because I just wanna see him be a whore, it’s so much hotter to see a guy who seems sexually inept be corrupted.

No. 1339030


No. 1339031

if you dont come to lolcow to get your pussy dry and not fall for men scrotery whats the point

No. 1339033

>Nerdfucker, are we ready to get even more hate than danofags?
KEK not her but I'm so fucking ready
also are occasional danoposts allowed in that thread?

No. 1339034

Wow this thread is full of hot shit, esp >>1339007 thanks for cheering up my morning anons.

No. 1339035

Nerdfuckers are Danofag allies, so yes feel welcomed

No. 1339038

I love the direction this thread took, bless you all nonnas I love you.

No. 1339041

Me too actually I thought it was gonna be a disaster kek

No. 1339044

File: 1663133235449.png (309.85 KB, 500x500, ELjhDaGVUAEZ8JK.png)

I just got real inspired and drew a bunch of thumbnails for some feminist art pieces. Someday I'll be a famous artist, and I'll let women into my galleries for free. Moids will need to donate at least $20 to a charity for female survivors of assault. And none of my art will ever show women being attacked or sexualized. It's my dream nonnas

No. 1339045

>I just got real inspired and drew a bunch of thumbnails for some feminist art pieces. Someday I'll be a famous artist, and I'll let women into my galleries for free.
I love this! Let me into your gallery nonna pleaseeee. It's my dream to be a gallery artist

No. 1339047

You are at the top of the list right now, when I get my big break I will send you a psychic message and summon you. Until then, let's both practice really hard and become great artists!

No. 1339048

Thank you!!! It's a promise then. Let's give our all!

No. 1339054

Deal! From now on I'll try to devote a little more time for art, just so I don't fall behind you nonna!

No. 1339063

Edating isn’t real. It is not a real relationship. You are larping an otome game. You are open RPing.

No. 1339066

File: 1663134472330.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.15 KB, 768x1024, unnamed.jpg)

(spoilered for faggy moid lol)
picrel is a youtuber who posted this selfie in his community tab and all the handmaidens fawning over him lmao… First of all I do like the vids for the most part but I only listen, I dont look. Plastic Surgery, especially on moids is just too uncanny for me. Second of all, this is more a general youtube thing and not only him, but youtubers treating their channel like instagram or whatever is so weird to me. You are talking about serious topics and being all like #freebritney blah blah and then you post your cringy selfies? Go to instagram for that. Oh wait, you dont have the same followers/engagement on insta or twitter, so you do everything on youtube even if it doesnt fit there.

No. 1339067

File: 1663134545611.jpg (122.95 KB, 680x891, 1663134074941.jpg)

who the fuck is this faggot "alpha" male we only lust for nerdy betas here

No. 1339070

why are his lips painted like kpop girls

No. 1339072

the answers to all your questions is: he is a youtuber and gay

No. 1339074

No. 1339076

>You are larping an otome game
And a shitty western one

No. 1339079

The mascara and foundation crossed with the gymbro vest, muscles and that hairstyle

do you want to be a pretty boy or not?! He looks like a meme

No. 1339080

he looks like a webtoon manwha protagonist but without all the snow filters

No. 1339092

File: 1663136514480.jpg (2.35 MB, 2048x1152, MV5BMTQ5MTgyODg0NF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

who decided paddington would have this awful voice? you anons hear this shit? i'm upset, it's just an unreasonable voice. never heard it until now. some shit for brains making $350k to give this CHILD BEAR an ugly man's voice

No. 1339106

I just heard Snoop Dogg talk about how when he was getting banned from the UK, Queen Elizabeth II stood up for him and stopped it from happening. It sounded farfetched but it's Snoop Dogg so I have no choice but to believe.

No. 1339108

this is like the only based thing i have ever heard she did

No. 1339110

why didnt the queen stood up to smokey nagata then? is she racist?

No. 1339112

File: 1663137599762.jpg (65.07 KB, 520x372, tumblr_b2f21c9a71744956bcba866…)

You have to live in a cyber-world version of one website and it can't be lolcor.
Which do you pick?

No. 1339118

this one i wanna live with the e-lord forever http://dokimos.org/ajff/

No. 1339120

the links to the blogposts were added up to 2020… what the fuck

No. 1339121

No. 1339123

A week and a little bit on from getting dumped out of the blue I'm back on the dating apps and already have a couple of tall haired hotties that want to take me out. I'm not letting a moid strong arm me into a relationship too quick again, I hate being fb official and then it being used as a tool during fights. Homeboy dumped me off of fb before telling me and says he still loves me. Well. I never told him i found his sex unfulfilling, so I'm about to enjoy trying out a few men before I make all the fucking decisions. Men are dumb

No. 1339125

Looks like an alt universe version of Eminem

No. 1339126

I'm in a group chat for some local dealers and I'm currently witnessing a massive fight between some of the dealers and its honestly the funniest fucking thing. I wish I could share caps

No. 1339127

what are they even fighting about, is it breaking bad levels of crazy or just a bunch of junkies fighting for dumb stuff?

No. 1339128

this sounds hysterical and i'm sad i'm missing it

No. 1339131

The main dealer is abusing benzos and some 16 year old kid stole weed off him when he asked to smell the bag. He sent all these death threats so the kid would see. He never sleeps. He's been up for days. Some of the other dealers have woken up and telling him to calm down. The dude says he can't even remember what the kid looks like cause he's so fucked but he says the kids dead when he sees him. Now the other dealers are calling him a junkie and say they're going to remove him from his own group lol. It's calming down now they're telling him to go to bed

No. 1339134

share them but blur names and location details please, I'm very curious

No. 1339135

Is it that he's anorexic or that the norm in media is often men with a bigger frame?

No. 1339136

>He never sleeps. He's been up for days
sounds like recipe for disaster hope the scrote calms down, must be wild to witness all of that. Also isnt it fucking dangerous to be in a [redacted] group?

No. 1339142

seems like a normal weight to me. he's like all muscle but thin? his frame isn't even that small and he doesn't even look ana to me.

No. 1339144

It's anonymous and I got invited into it because I bought off the guy irl and he does deals for a smaller client base. I just buy weed and never get it on strap or want any reason to owe anyone anything.

No. 1339147

sounds cool actually, glad you can enjoy your devil's lettuce and some juice dealers antics as dessert

No. 1339170

File: 1663141365303.jpeg (228.77 KB, 555x597, AE660FF3-33E8-4CB5-B8F7-A55E9C…)

Wtf why all the nerd moids upthread

No. 1339172

it's very unsettling

No. 1339183

Poop is green this morning. We're gonna have a good day.

No. 1339184

File: 1663142603208.jpg (59.13 KB, 207x300, 3770871_1467012202250.34res_20…)

No. 1339189

File: 1663142819881.gif (2.85 MB, 498x356, proxy-image (4).gif)

You wanna know what the best worst part of periods is is having to pee literally, lichterally every 5 minutes exact and only having 2 weeks of sanity per month

No. 1339196

it's the two weeks of sanity for me. It just feels so unfair sometimes.

No. 1339207

this gave me cancer, just a bit though.

No. 1339208

basically a degenerate newfag started posting about it and others joined her

No. 1339218

This is why we should keep newfags out, we don't want that degeneracy here
t. regular poster in the monsterfucker thread

No. 1339220

weren't the sachiko anons always around tho?

No. 1339230

yes, but I was talking about what happened afterwards when the discussion got derailed to nerds in general

No. 1339255

I am sad that this is a scrote singing. I literally cannot comprehend this

No. 1339261

Wtf I'm just learning this too. I heard them years ago and enjoyed them. I thought it was a female vocalist in the same vein as Imogen Heap

No. 1339262

samefag now I'm learning they aren't even British the fuck

No. 1339263

I like to listen to essays, film deconstruction or icebergs and the sort, you know long videos where they show footage of the thing they talk about. How come so many of these youtubers show their face as well and its almost always an ugly moid. Genuinly ugly, not even average or unnoticable, just fucking ugly. I wish I had the confidence of an ugly man, I cannot fathom showing my face to the internet looking like that, especially because your face has NOTHING to do with the fucking video. I take it they do that because they are narcissists?

No. 1339265

File: 1663151004004.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.84 KB, 945x623, rat.jpg)

if youre curious, this is the faggot that triggered my rant lol

No. 1339268

>How come so many of these youtubers show their face as well and its almost always an ugly moid. Genuinly ugly, not even average or unnoticable, just fucking ugly.
Men simply have no shame in their defective brain, I hate this shit too so much.

No. 1339269

File: 1663151968704.jpeg (71.78 KB, 600x600, 2548F8DA-8A04-4AEE-A062-05883D…)

NTA but it gets worse

No. 1339271

>it gets worse
KEK nonna

No. 1339275

File: 1663152406748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.01 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20220914-034359_You…)

Ugh, I fucking know right? 0 awareness. Here's my contribution, spoilered for smug scrote faggoty face

No. 1339277

He looks like Bam Margera post alcoholism bloat. Foul

No. 1339331

I'm hungry but my chicken breasts are still frozen damn

No. 1339341

I dont understand people who come home drunk, puke on their own doorstep on the way in and just leave it there for days.

No. 1339350

Do you feel depressed/unstable during luteal phase, nonnie? Have you tried to correct it with vitamins/supplements? This might be individual, but I felt way better taking calcium (it drops significantly with the beginning of luteal causing both psychological and physical symptoms of pms). Plus you need vitamin D. And enough walking and sleeping, which might be obvious, but not everyone take it seriously.
You may also try antidepressants ofc. I started taking them two months ago again because I currently have some external shit I struggle to handle on my own and it's way, waaaaaaay better now. Can't even remember when I cried or had self-hating thoughts last time.

If someone's breasts hurt before menstruation I also recommend vitamin E, worked for me.

No. 1339355

so annoying. boggles my mind that scrotes don't go through this and just exist kek

No. 1339359

I am waiting for an appointment to figure out my bladder infection and I am supposed to have periods soon. I wanna kms

No. 1339386

>having to pee literally, lichterally every 5 minutes
Damn, I thought it was just me. It's super annoying.

No. 1339393

File: 1663164369730.jpg (1.03 MB, 2376x3744, front_fr.28.full.jpg)

lost weight recently. funny how skinny my forearms and ankles look when i'm skinny

No. 1339395

samefag. i hit send before i could say i love boudin and want to cook something with them when it gets colder here. truly the dumbest of asses

No. 1339401

>tfw since I was young I had UTIs and if I’m not drinking water a shit load a day I catch one right away
“If you’ve had a uti before you’re prone to getting them again”, thanks doctor chan it’s not like I’ve been doing this dance since I was 8. The struggle is real. Pls female bladders just be nice to us

No. 1339407

Am I the only one here who doesn't mind getting my period that much? maybe I'm already insane

No. 1339409

I thought someone is selling peeled bananas lmao

No. 1339412

For a second, I thought those were bananas and wondered what was wrong with gringos.

No. 1339415

Maybe if you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't get pain. I didn't use to mind my period much, it was just slight inconvenience, but that was before getting my period meant my boobs hurting for 2 weeks followed by a week of cramps that won't let me get off my bed without a strip of painkillers a day.

No. 1339417

Saying the majority of fruit words, the word fruit itself, and certain body parts like tongue and toe gives me the same uncomfortable feeling as saying my own name out loud.

No. 1339418

I love looking at videos of older bands and seeing the older ladies in the comments go hog wild with smiley faces and emojis and making goofy comments about how sexy the band was. They're so cute and their love for their 3DP husbandos is heartwarming.

No. 1339420

Craving a good huff of frankincense rn but I’ll stay strong

No. 1339435

I get severe cramps and depression for a week, I guess it's a cope from my brain that accepts it in this case. Usually put myself under a lot of pressure so it can be an excuse to go easier on myself at least. I'm sorry it's this way though nonnies

No. 1339438

Ily frankincenseanon

No. 1339464

File: 1663168295971.jpeg (20.14 KB, 400x400, C0303F66-CA9F-460C-8B33-ECC28D…)

I remembered looking up a Josh Turner (country artist) song on YouTube. He has a very distinct deep voice and on the official fricken music video a lady says “this would be amazing putting a speaker next to your kitty box”.

No. 1339468

Frankinon you’re making me giggle

No. 1339486

I love this thread. It says asked over a year ago, but they didn't say how many years over a year ago is ago.

No. 1339489

File: 1663170032943.jpeg (902.98 KB, 1170x1161, 48C61ACC-9B4C-49AD-9E37-F1C096…)

These Nerds clusters are so fucking addicting I swear to god. I got really high last night while watching tv and I couldn’t put them down, my stomach hurts this morning kek

No. 1339493

So there is a channel where guy explain how body works and slice dead bodies to show shit.
They make thumbnails using dead body parts.
But their new video is fucking werid. Guy posted a thumbnail with a dead person heart next to his naked chest.
Imagine this fucking guy getting undressed, taking this fucking heart from dead body and taking pics. Fucking weird.
I don't watch their videos for long time now but damn.

No. 1339494

link? sounds weird but interesting

No. 1339495

Holy shit you're addicted already

No. 1339498

Could I have the name of this freak show? Sounds interesting but also sounds like he's a necrophile

No. 1339499

Omg I had the sour version of these Nona and I ate so many I nearly threw up. And I don't even like nerds.

No. 1339504

Every day this mother walks past my job site and her 5/6 year old is glued to an ipad or her cellphone every fucking time and it's honestly the saddest shit I've seen in awhile. Like everyday, It's been a month now. Even the daughter tries to look around and wave but her mom doesn't care. So sad. Idk if this belongs in this thread but deffs dumbass shit.

No. 1339509

idk but for me this thumbnail is fucking weird, especially knowing it's a male.

No. 1339511

i went to a family gathering on a gigantic countryhouse and the 2 9yo children were sitting together in a sofa watching youtube videos, not even looking at each other, and ofcourse the parents didnt even make them sit on the table they brought them food to the sofa.

No. 1339530

This is so awful, I don't even understand why people have kids if they're going to place them in front of the screen. I find many parents or guardians who complain children are hard to deal and work with, end up putting their kids in front of the tv/media and wonder why they can't entertain themselves or get diagnosed ADHD. I worked with children 1:1 who were dx'd or in the process and this one foster mother kept trying to convince me and his care team he had ADHD, yet when I asked how she (supposed) to be potty training and entertaining him, she gave him the ipad when he wanted to play outside and fed him chocolates for rewards when he was quiet. He was placed with another parent after we told her he was a regular toddler- she didn't want to adopt him anymore. (You get a couple ??K's in my country for each child diagnosed ADHD). It didn't help her case when she insisted on placing him in a kindergarten/grade 1 class. Poor boy.

No. 1339533

He was two BTW. Turned 3 about 2/3rds into the year. He is doing much better now. These poor kids.

No. 1339545

how depressing/worrying.
allowing kids to sit in front of the TV all day wasn't exactly good either back in the day, but at least most families had only one TV and kicked their kids out to go and play. now they give a screen to their kids all the time. then when they're teenagers and uninterested in sports, reading or studies they'll act shocked as if their stupid child brains were supposed to develop an interest for slower, healthier kinds of entertainment when given ipads at any occasion.
i want to alog parents who let their kids keep the sound on in public spaces so bad. i don't want to hear the sound effects on your kid's stupid ass game or peppa pig episode!

No. 1339550

at least people behind TV childrens cartoons were in the most part artists that actually wanted to teach something to children, now they sit and watch literal shit that only fries their brain. I remember a decade ago parents used to complain if the cartoons were too vulgar/dumb but now they let them sit and watch people with stupid voices play with slime for hours, or worse yet, those shitty Elsa and Spiderman grooming videos

No. 1339555

>gave him ipad when he wanted to play outside
That is so evil, my parents were always very happy whenever I played outside. Why wouldn't you want your kids playing outside?? Maybe it's dangerous? Teach them how to avoid danger for fucks sake.
The new generation of children growing up are going to be so fucked and broken

No. 1339556

she was probably to lazy to watch he didnt get into dangerous situation the new generation of parents are so lazy

No. 1339560

Super lazy. Can't even take your kid to the park? At least I still see kids at the park I go to

No. 1339562

I'm watching this happen to my nephew right now. He got an ipad when he was 3 and now as he's about to turn 5 he will cry and yell every morning because he doesn't want to go to kindergarden, he just wants to stay home and glare at his ipad or watch TV. Sometimes he watches both at the same time. He'll have Paw Patrol running on TV and then binge Youtube Kids stuff on his ipad, and get mad if he notices you turn the TV to something else. Commercials are the death of him because he can't stand waiting a minute to see the next video. I refuse to babysit him because of the tantrums he throws. He even gets to take the ipad with him to bed and fall asleep with it on his face.

No. 1339564

That is just poisonous. I hate when people "watch" both the TV and are on their phones. Adults do it too, it's pathetic. Choose one or the other, stupid brainlets.

No. 1339585

ITT: buncha internet addicted autists riding a high horse

No. 1339587

File: 1663175307518.jpg (44.91 KB, 660x417, michael-jordan-crying-looking-…)

Oh fuck I'm doing this right now

No. 1339596

Is this bait? It's one thing if an adult wants to spend 24/7 of their time online nurturing a hunchback, another for a parent to not look after their literal child.

No. 1339602

It's not bait. If you can't even control yourself, who are you to tut-tut over a stranger's lack of control of another being.

No. 1339605

>t.called out parent that lets their spawn watch Elsa Anna pregnant buttfuck slime session

No. 1339606

t. future mother who will let her child watch youtube all day and become nonverbal, only speaking in youtube terms. Your child will greet you with "remember to like and subscribe" and you will be happy.

No. 1339607


Do you understand what you wrote? You think people being mad at plopping small kids in front of mini brain rot boxes is a bad thing? my mom would have been one of those parents if I was born later, I can tell. She did not like having to interact with the kid me and it was always "go study". Didn't wanna take me to play outside, or inside, it was either study or "go watch TV or something". Plenty of older parents were like her too, and probably the parents who give their kids ipads were the kids that got raised by the TV, so they don't know differently. Not an excuse just saying. This phenomenon of not wanting to raise or interact with your kids because lazy isn't new.

No. 1339610

I don't believe in much of anything but people (scrotes) who get into online arguments with spiritual people and who then screech "the burden of proof is on you!" are the biggest losers.

No. 1339611

Maybe because it's a difference if you knowingly impose your kid to damaging habits because you're to lazy to interact with it, despite deciding to have a kid. Nevermind I'm pretty sure some of the anons whose parents parked them in front of a TV are critical of them too.

No. 1339614

No. 1339618

Lmaooo nonna

No. 1339619

I wish kiwifarms was up sometimes when i wanna fry my brain I look at JustinRPG's thread and have a giggle

No. 1339623

Its been brought up an awful lot lately. I'm not saying its always the same anon but I do think theres at least one anon where 'the overuse of tablets by toddlers' has become her special interest.

No. 1339663

how much should i charge for the logo of a small family business?

No. 1339686

porn shit in vent thread sigh

No. 1339691

Stuck in Lugia's Stomach Alone is actually a banger

No. 1339714

That reminded me of my niece a bit, although she likes attending various courses and since this year school as well. But damn, she would cry and whine because her tablet got discharged. And when we play with stuffed dogs from Paw Patrol, she makes all of them buy phones and computers so then we (as puppies) could pretend that we play Super Mario lol.

No. 1339716

File: 1663180947747.png (272.46 KB, 294x481, Screenshot (5).png)

Happy birthday Amy Winehouse, based queen.

No. 1339722

File: 1663181200873.jpg (127.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1646807316404.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about the dream i had a few days ago, it was of me being all lovey dovey with my closest friend. Thing is, i have absolutely no feelings towards him and i dont think he likes me in that way either, we are just very close friends that share a lot of life goals and have a similar way of thinking so, what the heck was that dream?!. Is this what 5+ years of being a virgin, lonely hikineet whose only contact with men was once a year wishing a happy birthday to my dad does to a mf?

No. 1339730

Men want to look at OF whores and porn and be in a committed relationship, yet they would flip if you made that content. This just totally fucks with me all the time. Maybe I should just be a whore, I don't value myself anyway.

No. 1339732

That guy and the anorectal violence guy should fuck
They're just made for each other
A true lolcow romance

No. 1339736

I'm really concerned about how anons brains work sometimes

No. 1339742

Please fix mine, anon. Here is a wrench.

No. 1339747

Haha work. It's my bains' day off here.

No. 1339750

See, I can't even spell

No. 1339757

Anon, I used to think like this, but then I just didn't do it and made myself get invested in stupid shit, which was a total time waster, but in the end I'm glad it distracted me…
Because now that my brain has developed some more, I cringe when I think back on how I used to think of myself, like I was nothing. We're not nothing, you know. I just hope you're able to get out of that rot one day.

No. 1339765

My brain is already 25 years of age, is it too late? Lmao.

No. 1339766

Everyone just has to remind men how dumb and hypocritical they are when they exhibit something like that. I love it when they all get like sensitive little flowers that close their dainty petals when you say to them bluntly what you actually think of the shit they say and do. They don't get called out enough.

No. 1339769

No. I'm younger than you, but I think you still have a chance you just seem stunted. But tbh this is work only you can do yourself.

No. 1339785

I don’t really get why something being a crime of passion is viewed as like a mitigation legally for violent crime, I feel like that level of extreme inability to regulate emotion or inclination to act on impulsivity is as indicative of a dangerous personality type than premeditation is

No. 1339806

nta but I started feeling much better around my mid-twenties and I'm convinced it was in large because my brain being done developing flipped a switch in my brain chemistry or somethimg. It wasn't an immediate change though, it was gradual and took a lot of effort and will power on my part. I don't think you're a lost cause. 20 year old me would've genuinely never ever believed my current state would've been possible for me, you might feel a similiar way about yourself but it can be overcome.

No. 1339820

Like, I don't know, 9-11 years ago some guy posted shirtless on /cgl/ and was like "what character should I cosplay" and he had the biggest nipples I've ever seen on a guy. It was probably a troll post but it was so funny how everybody reacted. Just hundreds of replies roasting this guy's pepperoni ass ritz cracker sized nipples. It was so funny

No. 1339825

Dreams don’t always mean anything. People dream about their family members in that way and usually it’s just the subconscious trying to make sense of your life, don’t think too hard about it.

No. 1339829

File: 1663184717135.jpeg (68.95 KB, 976x713, B3B72A26-0C69-4EEC-8F77-DE75C1…)

I successfully deleted someone else’s annoying post

No. 1339833

wish that were me

No. 1339838

was it the one in the celebricows thread?

No. 1339846

File: 1663185294062.jpg (110.53 KB, 500x504, 1652929451167.jpg)

NONNAS THE SIMS 4 IS GOING TO BECOME FREE ON OCTOBER. I have wanted to play it for years but i refused to pay EA. Spoopy month is going to be a good month

No. 1339847

So you saw it too

No. 1339849

I was gonna say you could've just pirated it, but lord knows that shit takes too much effort. I hope you enjoy it and aren't disappointed anon! When I play TS4 I usually just do CAS, but if you like the gameplay then you should definitely get mods.

No. 1339852

More OnlyFans pickmes on the internet doesn't just debase the individual, it debases us all as women. This is bigger than your low self esteem nonna

No. 1339854

if so, good for her. that place attracts so many moids and weirdos

No. 1339861

File: 1663185946913.jpeg (53.49 KB, 600x700, 58DF56F6-A9CC-412F-8ED5-B64C28…)

Seriously? After I gave EA a million bajillion dollars? Happy for you tho nona.

No. 1339866

i knew that if i pirated it i was going to end up downloading the entire game+expansions+packs, play it day and night for a week and then get bored of it. I mostly just want it for the construction aspect.
Sorry about that, imagine being the person that bought the game yesterday

No. 1339893

Not enough. They'd have to pay me to download that shit

No. 1339906

just grab your free game and pump it with mods it's the only correct sims 4 experience

No. 1339968

I really want to go to New Orleans just for the food. It seems so lively there.

No. 1339995

Prepare for anons itt to tell you it’s actually a dirty, depressing tourist trap and you shouldn’t be excited to visit or else you’re a dummy

No. 1340010

Had a rough day socially today, however I choose to revel in the fact that a very cute woman didn't willingly engage much with the softboy moid blatantly hitting on her but did make a point to know my name. MY quiet, awkward ass.

Wonder if she's gay since I do try to subtly signal to those in The Know. I'll dress nicely and engage with her tomorrow I guess!

No. 1340017

File: 1663193273119.jpeg (32.91 KB, 640x433, 10F38220-99BA-4958-866B-002DBC…)

There are a lot of men who think they are Don Draper, and try to posture themselves like Don Draper, but they are nothing like Don Draper. In fact I’d argue I’ve seen far more women like Don Draper than any male. I don’t think it’s possible for them to actually be like the personas they so carefully try to project. They are always seething with their own retardation under the surface. Like they think they’re Patrick Bateman or Tyler Durden but they’re just some weak, easily triggered sperg that things clenching their jaws and lengthening their neck posture means they’re some aloof cool sociopath. Loser behavior!

No. 1340024

What's special about the food there?

No. 1340041

Cajun and creole cuisines developed in LA and are culturally distinct compared to other American regional cuisines. New Orleans draws a lot of revenue from tourism so there is a high concentration of restaurants that are able to stay up and running thanks to foodie visitors, with some of them being well established and famous thanks to media representation.

No. 1340045

Was it the one about blacks not being able to swim so the little mermaid couldn't be black

No. 1340054

Ayrt, the creole and cajun food! It's pretty unique to New Orleans, even other southern states don't specialize in that food (except for soul food). I'm a vegetarian but if I go there I would be willing to take a little break from that kek.

No. 1340055

No. 1340083

Fitting to see this in the dumb shit thread

No. 1340128

Everything HURTS and I cannot SLEEP even after a WANK.

No. 1340133

Piscean men are gay boys tbf

No. 1340138

File: 1663200520136.jpg (22.4 KB, 480x476, b3e77e642920d612c699ee3b4317f1…)

I logged in Pinterest today, about to save my pins and everything until I realized that the sub boards got sorted in alphabetic order. Right now, I accidentally saved my pins in the wrong sub boards because I was already used to my specific order.

No. 1340155

File: 1663201370435.jpeg (180.67 KB, 1079x1310, FblNOI2WQAA8hMv.jpeg)

Do you think there's a way to convert period cramps into energy?

No. 1340156

Probably by eating a healthier diet so your period cramps aren’t so painful that you’re drained of all your energy? Or possibly it’s a lack of electrolytes/salts specifically

No. 1340163

I think im really high because this gif is making me really upset. like there are 13 years olds out there wishing that was them. it isn't right. how could they make it why why

No. 1340169

shut the fuck up

No. 1340172

kek that's good advice, but I meant converting the cramping into electric energy. You know like an emergency generator.

No. 1340180

To me it is period diarrhea. Combined with cramps and moodyness I just wish to die

No. 1340216

File: 1663205158893.jpg (107.8 KB, 800x597, ZooBorns_HowlettsWildAnimalPar…)

Carefull when scrolling the troon posted CP again

No. 1340219

I agree with you that I know more women being similar to Don draper than males. John hamm was amazing in it. I was surprised how much I liked mad men when I finished watching it.

No. 1340247

Pedo troon? Can someone inform me on this

No. 1340251

Anons I need your help, I keep having dreams of my hamsters being harmed or having too many animals to care for and so they end up getting harmed because of it. I always try saving them in the weirdest fucking ways. I had one dream where I tried to suck the water out of my dwarf hamster after he drowned. Is my subconscious mind trying to tell me that I should be doing more for them? Please help me rationalize this.

No. 1340262

All troons are pedos, and they can't cope when women have their own place to discuss that. There now you are informed

No. 1340269

I want scene kid hair because I never got to have it as a teen.

No. 1340272

I didn’t finish this before accidentally pressing enter
Part 2)
I don’t actually want to cut and dye my hair like this.
How retarded would it be to buy a scene emo wig to wear on special occasions?
How much would an OK wig cost?

No. 1340285

Schizo mom rant of the day: the rotund lady (7XL I believe) I read about on the other farms cannot be real. The government made her up and all the abuse her children suffer is not real. My mother says this with a straight face despite knowing real trashfire people in our lives who did in fact abuse their children and one did crazy drug benders. Yeah, okay. Kek

No. 1340286

I have a hamster too and when I have dreams like that it's because I know I could be doing more when I'm not. I'll buy myself two coffees or a thrifted item then remember I couldve bought the coco substrate for him to try or a wood toy. For me at least it's the guilt I'm not doing enough even though I provided the largest cage with good equipment while still knowing theres owners who made custom wood or glass cages doing even more. Hes technically a lucky hamster not living in a tiny cage but still I wanna do more, be better, hamster proof my bathroom for him to run around.

No. 1340327

I relate to that completely. I feel guilt whenever I buy luxury items for myself when it could go towards more toys for them or special treats. I think this is especially so since my Syrian is getting older and is nearing 2 yrs old. I wanna give her the longest happiest life possible. Perhaps buying a few more toys will ease this for a while.

No. 1340352

File: 1663214307178.jpg (20.45 KB, 230x307, Emma_Jung_1911_sitting_(croppe…)

She was the biggest pickme. She let Jung fuck and live with another woman in the same house she lived in.

No. 1340393

I hate that my hair is so thick. I cant even gather it into one bun in it's natural state.

No. 1340422

Who would win in a fight, alien-chocolate-chan or frankincense-chan?

No. 1340425

File: 1663218201575.jpg (46.12 KB, 500x745, whitney.jpg)

The whole thing about Whitney Houston and Robyn makes me so sad.

No. 1340442

I was (only semi ironically) obsessed with January Jones when I was a teenager lol, loved her in Mad Men. It’s just very funny to me that men latch on to these hyper-masculine characters that don’t exist outside of fantasy in any capacity and pretend they even hold a candle to that sort of attitude. Like men aren’t capable of embodying “cool” at all anymore, they’re all terminally online speds that think crafting a fake persona that makes it appear like they aren’t terminally online makes it so. Men like that don’t exist anymore and likely won’t from now on. I men who are always logged in are the weakest link but are convinced they’re like, superior to everything and everyone. Zero life experience just autism.

No. 1340452

File: 1663219701728.jpg (88.73 KB, 540x764, tumblr_16fd8a64ed9616892b3af24…)

Second attempt to create merch for a RedBlubble shop. This time I got a new phone with a better camera, so even if my paper doesn't fit the scanner, this time I won't give up.

No. 1340456

Sometimes I forget that the other boards have their moments of mini-drama too. Especially in the husbando threads since I don't use them. Why didn't anyone tell me that 20 days ago kirdede anon completely sperged out at dischargechan, and then called Komaeda
>a college drop-out who bums Adderall pills off of highschoolers dare

No. 1340457

KEK why did she go off on dischargechan

No. 1340459

Someone asked her how she feels about being the most normal amongst her, parappachan, and kirdedeanon, and she said something about how she feels some anons use unique husbandos to get reactions from other anons but her passion for Komaesa is genuine. Kirdede anon got upset at the implication that her love for Dedede isn't genuine. She posted a lot of shit, mostly her describing everything she loves about Dedede. I would post caps but I'm about to hop in the shower. It was in the previous husbando horny posting thread if you want to take a look.
Kirdedeanon if you see this, sorry girl. I just thought it was hilarious.

No. 1340463

It was posted in the caps thread and the copypasta thread already I think.
tl;dr Ko-chan implied that Dededechan's love for Dedede is just a joke to get reactions and this triggered Dededechan enough to post an autistic wall of text.

No. 1340480

File: 1663222923029.jpeg (36.84 KB, 485x506, 86D088D3-B24A-4D61-BD3E-3886C4…)

No. 1340481

Why do moids think it's cute to bush boundaries? If I say no I mean no, not
>uuwuu teehee im so shy you have to convince me!!

No. 1340483


No. 1340484

one anon said it takes some real autism to get into speed running just to make fractions of a second or minute less than the previous autist and i think about it every time im playing a game kek. also some pro player in league or dota that i guess measured where to exactly put his keyboard and mouse

No. 1340486

years and years of work for half a second difference… I think men should die in wars more often

No. 1340491

File: 1663224869774.jpg (76.99 KB, 772x662, 1661595708973.jpg)

Speedrunning is a huge red flag in moids, at least the dota2/lol moids do it to earn money and often have friends to play with. I cant imagine sitting in my ass all day playing the same game over and over and over hopinh that by miracle i stumble upon a glitch. It's so retarded, the most famous speedrunners always cheat for a reason you have to be severelly mentally ill to do it.

No. 1340513

They have the rapist chromosome.

this pic is so fucking sad.

No. 1340533

I get the worst breast pain a couple weeks before my period. It wasn't even a thing that happened to me until I got on the IUD. I mean, I'll take that over heavy periods, cramps, mood swings, and just about every other side effect you can think of, but man do they hurt.

No. 1340540

This happened to me too, and the 25+ friends I've spoken to have mentioned a similar thing. Honestly thank god, I was so over feeling instability in my emotions. I just…. mellowed out? Anxiety subsided, I stopped fretting over things I couldn't control. It was such a pleasant (but as the other anon said, gradual) shift.

No. 1340542

I had a sex dream about Jon Hamm once and it was one of the most loving, exhilarating dreams I've ever had. He was a brilliant lover and we rolled around in the sheets like we'd known each other for years. I can't look at a photo of him now without thinking about it

No. 1340552

It's funny that these unwashed beings like to make fun of casual players (most often they like to insult women) when playing videogames because they can play better and they're "professional". Like okay, congratulations, you spend most of your day on a stupid videogame doing the same exact thing and you pee in a bottle because you don't want to get up. Lol/dota/fortnight players and streamers are the same imo, they spend so much fucking time for the slim chance to be picked up by some team and make money when they could just get off their asses and do a regular job.

No. 1340553

lmao that's so accurate. So many scrotes online are using him as a profile pic and you can only imagine how pathetic they are and look

No. 1340566

I have to go to my Pilates classes but i am so sleepy pls send energy

No. 1340569

File: 1663236139903.jpg (215.44 KB, 1151x627, a282ff6be62faeec94af20b6b74657…)

Dont like critikal anymore, but how can you go from left to right? I am shocked, he looked so good back then. I was surprised he was good looking at all, considering most male youtubers are ugly as fuck. And then he ruins himself with this rat nest some call hair. I like long hair, but he just looks so unwashed and stinky now.

No. 1340570

some people seem to still believe he looks like the pic on the left, just with longer hair. his wet spaghetti hair looks so disgusting

No. 1340571

Why does he look like a huge fag on the left?

No. 1340576

It takes effort to look like he did on the left, if some people still believe he looks the same, and he makes money regardless, ofc he's lazy

No. 1340580

Long hair looks so stupid on Caucasian males, like unbelievably stupid. I have never seen one look better with long hair. Just buzz that shit off.

No. 1340593

Have you never seen a hot metalhead?

No. 1340596

All the hot ones are already conventionally attractive muscle bros, your average metal head look like soy. Most of these men are not Peter Steele and cannot pull that shit off.

No. 1340603

Unbelievably shit taste

No. 1340613

I get what OP means, I just think she's wording it wrong, long hair dude makes already semi-attractive dudes 10x times but it doesn't work on below average males, it actually makes them uglier then before

No. 1340624

No, my taste is definitely better than yours if I can admit that some pasty man with scraggly strands of greasy hair down to his back isn’t special and looks like shit

No. 1340638

I have acrylics on and it makes me want to do an asmr channel where I tap on things kek

No. 1340642

Nta but why did you single out white men. Plenty of men all over the world look bad with long hair

No. 1340645

No. 1340648

File: 1663242373320.jpg (639.84 KB, 1053x3415, Screenshot_20220915-190258165_…)


No. 1340649

Based, I'm tired of bottom-tier men thinking that they're attractive just because they grow out their manes.

No. 1340660

File: 1663242869822.jpg (35.39 KB, 563x389, 55e42790bf29869cd16cfdde695c2b…)

Why am I so retarded nonnies ? I'm so lucky to have a wonderful family but I self sabotage everything. I need to get my shit together but it's like I'm paralized. I can't send a fucking e-mail most days, it's ridiculous. I've lost almost all of my friends because I can't answer a phone and text, I don't even have any mental illness as an explaination. At this point I should get bullied kek

No. 1340674

I can't even laugh at male forced sterilization because if they're doing it to moids then what at all is stopping them from doing it to women?

No. 1340678

India had an over population problem then and now, its not like genocide, also any moids with multiple children were ever sterilized, honestly the world needs sterlization problems all over, remove the useless males(like 90%) and few useless females

No. 1340729

Shit taste, I’d rather touch soft hair than see ugly misshapen head and pimply scalp on wannabe tough ~manly~ scrote. Short and buzzed hair is balding scrote cope

No. 1340732

Found out my scrote friend left his tshirt at my house and i accidentally wore it to the gym(too sleepy to tell if i am even wearing a tshirt at 6am) and it was so comfy, it was the perfect lenght and so light it didnt stick to the skin and left sweat stains, so… should i do the right thing and give it back to him or….?

No. 1340734

Ew imagine liking pube hair

No. 1340738

pls do

No. 1340742

File: 1663247672045.jpg (122.84 KB, 976x549, _115614790_gettyimages-1189411…)

I don't know if this is mean or not, but Johnny Depp genuinely looks like the average heroin addict in my country(heroin is super cheap and common in Pakistan) so you'll heroin addicts on the street huddled together like everywhere, Johnny depp looks like he's done heroin since he was a teenage boy

No. 1340751


No. 1340752

Pakichan, Johnny Depp IS a drug addict and an alcoholic, of course he looks like one. Glad to see you're doing ok despite the flood, I'm relieved.

No. 1340763

File: 1663249577290.jpg (102.82 KB, 776x487, 607651fc53b1d.jpg)

I'm in Sindh but yeah its fucking awful(most of my paternal family lives in Punjab where the floods are happening), Its still literally terrifying even here, cause the banks stopped working some days back and its not going great, the rangers had to step in to prevent more civil unrest, then there was also a protest in Baluchistan against Iranian and Chinese imports and you know there's a good chance my country could collapse or likely another military dictatorship(which most people are expecting) like I was supposed to be in the US two months ago, but now that opportunity has slipped away

No. 1340764

But most of the guys in this pic look healthier than Depp, maybe you're just confused because Depp looks just as filthy?

No. 1340774

Fuck, is there a chance you can go to the US later then? You were looking forward to this, I was excited for you. Are your relative in Punjab doing ok?

No. 1340778

The one thing korea got right is making plastic surgery and beauty treatments so cheap. In America we still have the same amount of pressure to be good looking but most of us can afford the ridiculous prices.

No. 1340783

No, its all ruined, I was doing this without the knowledge of my parents, like the plan was to go live with my cousin but now the airline prices are way too high and my parents will never get me a ticket, airlines might close completely if civil unrest continues to grow, so there's no real chance right now, so months of planning were wasted

No. 1340788

He looks like an unkempt smelly soundcloud rapper. What fame does to a person i guess. Maybe its one of the cases where his ex actually madd him take care of himself.

No. 1340789

That sucks so much. I was seriously hoping you'd succeed, especially because I'm an exmuslim. Is your cousin in the USA still willing to help you if the situation gets better soon somehow? I don't want you to get your hopes up for nothing but I also want you to get out of you country as soon as you can.

No. 1340793

she's willing to house me, but again I can't leave with the way things are right now, this what I mean when I talk about the fundamental fear I have that many can't comprehend, a week ago from now I could be living some military dictatorship(like the one I grew up in) or civil war with tons of ethnic genocide, which has happened in my nation's period 3 separate times

No. 1340818

The mentality of being too old to dress and act a certain way is going to die when gen z hits their 30s. Because of the internet and how the world is now aging is just going to look different.

No. 1340831

I'm 19 hours late but idc, sims 4 base game is absolutely not worth playing nonnie. Just pirate it, it's quite easy if you get the fitgirl repack. You can also look into anadius download but the process is a bit more complicated because you can pick and choose which packs you want.

No. 1340838

Yeah, they love to make the base game free so they can trick you into buying expansions (wouldn't want to miss out on content, right?) Just pirate everything.

No. 1340881

File: 1663258150769.jpg (161.07 KB, 1200x1600, tomato-basil-chicken-quinoa-00…)

My brother wants to start a diet which works for me because I've been trying to lose weight for so long, but normally I have to cook more "interesting" dishes, and huge portions too because he eats so much. I'm not the type of person to go on a boiled chicken and broccoli with no seasoning type of diet, but I prefer to cook and eat simple dishes (like pan fried chicken breast with stir fried kale is one of my favorite go to dishes lol).

I asked him to buy quinoa and have already found a lot of really yummy looking one pot quinoa recipes, I'm excited to try them out! Also will probably make us some batches of muesli and overnight oats that we can take for lunch for work or to have for dinner on nights when I'm just feeling really lazy kek. I'm not looking to lose a lot of weight, and I constantly teeter on the edge of falling back into disordered eating habits, so it's encouraging to cook for someone else but cook good and nutritious food that I will like to eat too that won't send me spiraling from eating it.

No. 1340897

What would be the point of that if she can just try it for free? It would make more sense to try it out and then decide if you want to go through the entire process of pirating it, imo.

No. 1340911

Pirating's not much of a process, the base game is so barebones that it's not really interesting without the expansions.

No. 1340914

File: 1663259315676.jpg (86.05 KB, 564x846, 4c68bb121c28567558bc3f54b05a05…)

Do you admire the curly chicken

No. 1340920

wait what? is this ai generated or real? i can't tell if it's ai weirdness or just jpeg degradation

No. 1340932

File: 1663259603489.jpeg (68.41 KB, 634x593, 74E0DB18-7139-483E-BDA0-236411…)

What do you mean by it looking ai generated? This chicken is real

No. 1340939

File: 1663259706008.jpg (25.94 KB, 250x350, d10b7e78a48842b9ee853ff84ef9ba…)

It's not AI it's chicken

No. 1340940

File: 1663259722557.png (101.62 KB, 246x154, weird feathers.png)

this part of the image was very fishy to me, but the chicken being real is a delightful surprise. what a beauty!

No. 1340942

Who is she, nonna?

No. 1340945

i would like to tuch it

No. 1340947

File: 1663259863955.jpg (97.62 KB, 720x1080, dff847f41efdd139d44becddc64189…)

Not sure, but I'd name it Pecky

No. 1340949

File: 1663259971238.jpg (64.98 KB, 1048x1572, Super-Crispy-Chicken-Tenders-1…)

They look like fried chicken pieces.

No. 1340953

File: 1663260152194.png (178.76 KB, 386x259, chicken.png)

c-can you spoiler that?

No. 1340954

Because you lose out on like 80% of content, which makes the whole point of playing sims 4 unnecessary. It barely has any gameplay even with all the expansions, sadly. And pirating really isn't a hassle at all

No. 1340955

File: 1663260277897.jpeg (183.21 KB, 1920x800, 38B040E4-15AD-431E-B73D-1351AF…)

You say you want to paddington to have a child’s voice, but I don’t think you understand how annoying a high pitched British child’s voice be. Even though paddington experiences childlike naivety, he’s not analogous to a child since acts maturely

No. 1340956

This is literally violence

No. 1340959

File: 1663260427305.gif (439.98 KB, 250x300, giphy.gif)

Not to sound like a Disney adult, but I'm genuinely so excited to see The Little Mermaid remake. Yeah I know remakes are usually trash but it's my favorite and watching the trailer made me feel so nostalgic and happy. I can't wait to relive my mermaid fantasies. Sorry to bring the Ariel discussion here. Doesn't fit in the celeb thread and anons there are unnecessarily hostile

They also are doing Enchanted 2! I'm excited about that one as well. I hope Disney does them justice.

No. 1340980

Same nonna, I wasn't really planning on watching it but my mom saw the trailer and liked the ariel actress so I'll probably be watching with her, guess I'm excited cus she is excited. I watched aladdin too even if it wasn't that good cus she really wanted to watch it. I'm just not watching any of these new animations cus they look so weird to me and make me unreasonably angry, can't explain why, I just hate the new animations so much.

No. 1340986

File: 1663262270441.gif (1.68 MB, 640x598, 1653782533374.gif)

I'm really hoping things will get better for you. Keep us updated.

No. 1340989

Wait is paddington a cub? I thought he was a big boy bear. Pretty cool that he got to meet the Queen in time.

No. 1341013

File: 1663263982994.jpeg (424.04 KB, 1170x1155, 2C0AD4C9-F7E4-42E0-B786-68D60A…)

No. 1341026

File: 1663265763086.jpg (79.54 KB, 564x846, my balloons_.jpg)

decked out my phone with widgets and custom app images. feels good

No. 1341027

I hate that little shit Paddington, I almost choked on a plastic coin of him in a gallet des rois. Didn’t even realize that’s what the pastry was until I nearly died.

No. 1341115

File: 1663271148180.jpeg (370.94 KB, 715x676, 4DF4024B-20B8-4397-A455-7BD3AD…)

I love this so much I want this framed on my wall

No. 1341141

Honestly I should make friends instead sitting here, that's not healthy.
I just procrastinate so I won't deal with struggle of making friends. It wouldn't be that bad but I like to talk with people that I "click" with, but that barely happens because I can't find people like that kek.

No. 1341151

This is true, I had a guy friend a while ago with long poofy hair covering his face, he was really alternative too. People would bully him or low key make comments about how he looks like a shaggy dog. Then he got a normal clean haircut and suddenly I had friends always telling me how hot he is and how they have a crush kek it’s crazy the difference it made, he actually looked like a model instead of some freak who lives in a basement with a drum set.

No. 1341160

one of the worst opinions ive read on this site

No. 1341165

Drank a huge cup of coffee before I went for a super long walk and now I need to shit so bad but I’m not anywhere near my house omg sos

No. 1341171

go to the nearby bushes

No. 1341190

I have never seen anyone be so wrong in my entirely life

No. 1341207

Also here to shit on this opinion

No. 1341208

I'm sure if he took good care of it, and made it look silky smooth instead of poofy, he'd look better. Moids unfortunately tend to be lazy about their hair, and don't know what they're doing to make themselves look better unless someone else does it for them

No. 1341215

everyone is hating on you but i 100% agree. personally if a guy is extremely hot and has a very specific look i like buzzed hair, but otherwise normal or slightly fluffy hair is best. men with long hair physically repulse me. even when a guy is handsome it just looks stupid. also most men with long hair are not handsome but are, in fact, absolutely bottom of the barrel scrotes with weirdly soft hands from repeated use of lotion while masturbating.

No. 1341221

File: 1663279215521.jpg (118.5 KB, 736x1094, coo.jpg)

I think I finally have gotten a creeper for the first time in my entire cursed life of 0 male attention of any kind.

He is 2x my age, has a neckbeard that goes on for god-knows-how-far, full of pockmarks, and morbidly obese. He works at the local post office and he blatantly leers at me while trying to serve others, among other things.

Anons, feel free to call me shallow but I work out + am not fat, I groom myself, etc. A dorky guy my age? Even a little chubby? Actually I would have been cool with that. My one crush back in high school was a shorter fat guy - yes this was my type back then, roast me please - that ended up becoming a literal incel after high school (also he lied and pretended no girl was ever into him–he rejected me and said he was into the cheerleader that looks like a super model).

I'm gonna take my virginity to the grave, kek. But wow, I'd be lying if realizing that I might be on par with a genuinely disgusting old guy that doesn't even take care of himself is an ego punch.

No. 1341254

File: 1663281477316.jpg (839.36 KB, 1824x838, grungegods.jpg)

Having a specific preference is one thing, but to say that all men with long hair are repulsive is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. Go to any metal show and there are enough scrotes with long hair AND short hair who look like unkept smelly rags. Hair doesn't determine whether they are bottom of the barrel or not.

No. 1341257

File: 1663281542618.jpg (199.88 KB, 720x913, 1663281553705.jpg)

This nonny was just too excited for her new wallmart app kekkkk

No. 1341259

You wish you used a cool Walmart app

No. 1341265

The little mermaid remake might be one of the few live action disney features I don't entirely hate.
>They also are doing Enchanted 2!
This is decent news as well, Enchanted 1 was a fun movie. I hope it has 2D animated scenes like the original.

>Anons, feel free to call me shallow but I work out + am not fat, I groom myself, etc.
It's not unreasonable to find that kind of moid repulsive. Especially when he's a fucking creep.
>that ended up becoming a literal incel after high school (also he lied and pretended no girl was ever into him–he rejected me and said he was into the cheerleader that looks like a super model).

No. 1341266

Excellent taste, anon

No. 1341267

File: 1663282113928.jpg (95.24 KB, 470x1057, efa0bb391b6c3ec3376a90882c37d5…)

>Long hair looks so stupid on Caucasian males, like unbelievably stupid. I have never seen one look better with long hair. Just buzz that shit off.

No. 1341268

I've never seen a male look like this in my wretched life, God isn't real and men irl are hideous.

No. 1341271

File: 1663282363120.png (3.12 MB, 1970x2786, bbru1j5cqzi51.png)

Moids are incapable of not thinking with their dicks, nonnie. That he's a creep and leering you says absolutely nothing about your attractiveness

No. 1341296

He would look good (and manlier) with short hair because he’s generally attractive, it’s just a matter of preference at this point but when ugly guys have long scraggly non maintained hair it makes them look way worse than if they had average length.

No. 1341324

attractive long-haired men >>>>
trannies hate when men have long hair because it reminds them that gender stereotypes are retarded, and that they themselves are ugly neckbeards lol. i've seen multiple trannies try to meme that long-haired men are "disgusting" and generally try to force gender conformist bs on both men and women, they get so mad about it

No. 1341337

File: 1663286698460.jpg (497.64 KB, 2048x1454, 1648963481958.jpg)

It's more about the context and finally having that be the only guy ever to seem interested in any way. In a world where apparently men have 0 standards and would go after any woman - or so that's what people claim - that's reaaaally saying something.
I remember dorming with a conventionally attractive girl and can confirm, guys constantly tried throwing themselves at her and smiling at her, trying to get her attention. Back then I wouldn't mind, but that someone that looks 100x worse than Shrek might be the only guy to ever find me cute is rough.
You're right. I just hesitate because as someone that is very ugly, I feel as if I have little right to judge other people's looks.

No. 1341338

I think he's really gorgeous. Beautiful men with long hair and beautiful girls with short hair are the best.

No. 1341341

Not to armchair you, nonnie, but sounds like something mental/emotional is going on to block you from being motivated and spontaneous.

No. 1341342

File: 1663286848624.jpg (48.11 KB, 637x960, 2c15f7ea6ba485f63628a714656e40…)

I agree with most of this, I still think he wouldn't look as good with short hair, but he'd still be handsome. At that point it might just be a matter of preference.
And yeah there's a lot of moids with absolutely fucked hairlines or who don't wash their hair, who would look better with short hair, but the original post said that no Caucasian male looks good in long hair, which is simply false.

No. 1341350

File: 1663287186584.jpg (65.28 KB, 500x667, 0e62a4c94ef974c1a9e9416b8c4eca…)

>i've seen multiple trannies try to meme that long-haired men are "disgusting"
How in the world could trannies justify this ridiculous idea? Is it because they know that they're disgusting long-haired men themselves, and are just projecting onto the attractive ones? kek. They do the same to women who don't perform femininity, they say those women are "wasting" their womanhood or something like that.

No. 1341353

File: 1663287246126.jpg (47.75 KB, 466x700, 23bc161991b2777b7859d72d504c23…)

And here's one for the fujos. I'll go dump the rest in the attractive men thread.

No. 1341355

File: 1663287328396.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, 684042.png)

>In a world where apparently men have 0 standards and would go after any woman - or so that's what people claim - that's reaaaally saying something.
Moids have unrealistically high standards. They think porn is real life and women look like airbrushed and digitally altered actresses. You're undoubtedly too good for Shrek nonnie

No. 1341366

>I just hesitate because as someone that is very ugly, I feel as if I have little right to judge other people's looks.
I don't like judging people's looks either, but think about it: a moid who's a total slob, morbidly obese (extremely unhealthy lifestsyle) and double your age (creep) doesn't deserve someone like you, who puts effort into her appearance, showers, exercises, is a nice person, and is healthy. Looks can sometimes tell you a lot about the other person and that's true in this case.
Yes, you may not be considered as pretty as someone who's conventionally pretty, but that doesn't mean you're "very ugly". The fact that no man has openly expressed interest in you before this scrote (maybe you've just had bad luck) might just be fucking with your self-esteem enough that you think you're uglier than you actually are. You'll eventually meet a decent man who finds you physically attractive. Meanwhile you have to work on that confidence of yours and try not to think too much about it. That's the advice I can give on how to cope with it.

No. 1341367

I want to visit East-Germany so bad. My family that I never got to meet lived there, I'm very curious about what the DDR left behind (I know there's some stuff). I might ask my dad to go with me, it'll be cool. Maybe go to a Christmas market and drink too much Glühwein together after. Want to take a road trip through Eastern Europe too (Hungary, Bosnia, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland). I just want to take a trip everywhere. Hope EE is safe enough for a while. I don't have the time or money right now but I would love to go one day. I hope I one day have the time and money to go.

No. 1341377

Such oily hair…

No. 1341384

File: 1663291102301.png (180.62 KB, 510x500, dahafdhadfhafhafd.png)

What's your favorite

No. 1341392

>Ghastly/Gennaro evo line
>Haven't seen it in too long to say

No. 1341395


No. 1341404

File: 1663292113794.png (106.7 KB, 640x640, baby.png)

Now I'm nostalgic for Neopets, I loved Gnorbus. I had several sockpuppets for all the different paintbrush options. My faves were plushie and darigan.

No. 1341407

ikr, looks like he'd leave grease marks on your pillow and give you acne just from holding you kek

No. 1341410

>Darkrai if legendaries are allowed, Typhlosion otherwise (love ghost and fire types usually)
>Beelzemon if megas are allowed, Impmon if we are only talking rookies (I love demonic looking ones and virus types, Devimons cool too)

No. 1341417

Lol I'm going to call a Gengar that in your honor

No. 1341418

I'm hungry for more radfem influence in my life. I want to fight for change. I'm looking into local feminist groups but I can only find ones that accept troons. I want to start a group of my own, but I'm not sure how. A fire has started inside me and it's given me back something I didn't know was lost

No. 1341430

Just learnt from a comment in this video that most tampons in Europe don't come with an applicator. Wtf? how

No. 1341431

kek fair enough

No. 1341441

>he would look good and manlier
>good and manlier
>in the same sentence

No. 1341457

It's the same in Australia, you literally just shove it in.

No. 1341458

I mean, there was a study showing that women with a very strong preference for high-masculinity traits have a higher tolerance for disgust on average or something.

No. 1341460

I have high tolerance for gross stuff and seeing "manly men" still disgusts me.

No. 1341461


No. 1341473

File: 1663300340366.jpeg (38.8 KB, 350x350, 61903284-AF3A-42F8-B9EB-A3B1EF…)

How we doing tonight

No. 1341475

I'm bored, what is up

No. 1341478

File: 1663300838054.png (214.36 KB, 743x407, 1645066370411.png)

I'm doing alright thanks nona. How about you?

Your pic somehow reminded me of this from the bunker drawing boards. I miss them

No. 1341483

You cherry picked professional, highly edited modeling picks of some random discarded twink that doesn’t even have long hair anymore. You didn’t own me the way you think you did.

No. 1341487

And the pics you used as examples are all smelly grungy men that would have no value of attraction for you if they weren’t vocalists from the 90s.

No. 1341489

File: 1663301158627.jpeg (38.73 KB, 640x640, E00410F3-7FA9-435B-8749-43C2FE…)

I'm actually bout to sleep but wanted to check on my nonnums. I also miss the bunker threads, they were peak LC. How's your weeks been, please include one good thing that happened for you thx

No. 1341493

File: 1663301525608.jpg (139.12 KB, 711x1080, 9170ca810aae8576a069547829e7b0…)

>I want you to post more
ok I will

No. 1341494

File: 1663301685380.jpg (43.49 KB, 640x533, blonde-long-haired-dachshund-p…)

This week someone brought their puppy into the office where I work. It was the smallest dachshund puppy who was only 7 months old. She looked just like picrel, with long fur that was oatmeal colored. Her little stubby legs and tiny furry paws were so cute. A baby doggy

No. 1341497

Nta but wtf anon I'm so jealous.

No. 1341500

I almost forgot the most important part: her name is Buttercup

No. 1341504

Nice, hope you got to pet the wee babby

No. 1341505

I love that you’re just using cherry-picked Pinterest shots that are exited, professionally taken, and probably the only time these soy moids hair looks clean in their lives. When you take away the long hair that man isn’t even cute.

No. 1341508

Not that I associate manliness with good, just an aesthetic preference. I personally don’t want a soft looking feminine man and don’t find them sexually appealing despite appreciating some style, I prefer a more classic handsome look. Which I am also picky about.

No. 1341510

I did! Her head and ears were so soft. I even got to hold her for a moment, but she was shivering a lot so I gave her back because I didn't want her to be nervous.

No. 1341513

I got new books this week, which was nice

No. 1341517

File: 1663302525311.png (3.18 MB, 1280x1387, F7651541-3D3B-423A-9BAD-168ADF…)

Very considerate, I'm happy for you anon. Cute animal encounters make my day every time personally. Hope if she becomes less frightened that her owner brings her again some time, what a sweet
Nice which ones? Reminds me to go after some myself

No. 1341522

Stop anon I'm going to melt from the cuteness!

No. 1341524

File: 1663303093939.jpg (88.1 KB, 563x428, 1648959125521.jpg)

not any of those anons, but do you just like drama, or just want to roast men? trying to better understand why there's so many cat fights over basic preferences all the time.

No. 1341525

This is random but the pic reminded me. I always thought Foo Fighters was wearing a hat, like a swimming cap with the edges cut.

No. 1341526

Seems more likely but I enjoy both depictions. wonder if we'll ever know

No. 1341536

File: 1663303727725.jpeg (41.68 KB, 519x474, AC945151-881B-456C-85B4-0F1418…)

God cursed me with a body that expels everything I eat in the most painful ways nonnies. Just ate spicy jalapeño and spinach pizza and my piss came out BOILING. I EVEN SMELL LIKE PIZZA DOWN THERE TOO WHY CANT I JUST HAVE PAINFUL SPICY SHITS INSTEAD OF PEEING OUT JALAPEÑO JUICE. I even drank some probiotic yogurt before to prepare my stomach and it still didnt work

No. 1341550

File: 1663304473814.jpg (34.58 KB, 480x480, Quorthon-3.jpg)

sorry i had to go pee
>When you take away the long hair that man isn’t even cute.
Uhhh I thought you said that no Caucasian moid looks better with long hair kek
>I love that you’re just using cherry-picked Pinterest shots
Since your original statement was proven wrong by the existence of hundreds of pinterest pics like these, I'm guessing you're just begging me to post more. It's kinda late tho so this is the last one, sorry nonny.

No. 1341551

I wonder how many farmers run their own businesses and I want to pick entrepreneurial minds for insight and encouragement.
Anywho I want to open my own coffeehouse one day, but renovate an actual home and I wonder if business degrees are useful in terms of financial and logistics

No. 1341558

As a fellow lover of men with long hair, we 100% accept some of them are ugly. That is not the point anons are trying to make.
>When you take away the long hair that man isn’t even cute.
Most people are ugly without hair that flatters them. Many men who cut their hair short would look better if they grew their hair.

No. 1341559

Id kill for a bf like this I wouldnt even care if hes broke and bad at smash bros

No. 1341564

I didn't even know this was possible rip

No. 1341565

can you guys make a thread for long haired guys already

No. 1341569

goddess bless the puppers and pupper lovers

No. 1341570

I'm so sorry nonna but the combo of your post + the pic you posted made me laugh out loud. I'm also very sorry to hear about your spicy pee and I hope you feel better. That happened to me one time when I had very spicy ramen and I thought I was gonna die

No. 1341571

The man you just posted is ugly as fuck KEK you are stuck in arrested development

No. 1341577

Anon I’m like an 8/10 and I get disgusting old scrotes looking at me constantly. It’s not a matter of attractiveness and I swear to you, this is NOT your equivalent! Do not fall for any of that dating down bullshit, you deserve your equal, not chubby and with decent hair. Keep those standards high and do not settle. I have settled and I regret that so much. As for creeps idk why but the oldest ugliest scrotes are always the most open about their sickening degeneracy. My theory is that them being desperate freaks out in the open is exercising the little biological power they have over women who are female socialized because they fail as males in every other way and know that they’re pathetic. They are always older, I don’t know why but I never see younger uggos leering and I have no idea why this is such a generational thing.

No. 1341580

I love these stubby legged little dwarf doggies they’re so cute. Unfortunately the only one I ever had was really mean to my other dog and so I am hesitant about ever rescuing another one. dogs are so cute and I especially love the dynamic where bossy little dogs overcompensate and assert their dominance over bigger ones kek. I know of a someone whose chihuahua orders around their Rottweiler and it’s funny to imagine.

No. 1341582

Sorry for the spam ITT, that was a one time thing I promise

No. 1341588

Just use your fingers and then wash them

No. 1341597

It's not the cleaniness, I don't mind the blood, it's uncomfortable to insert without a smooth aplicator for me, it hurts a lot

No. 1341599

definitely agree. even with the application it's not a smooth transition. i've attempted a no applicator insertion and it's sooo painful. i couldn't do it

No. 1341612


…I might be the only weirdo over here who uses O.B. tampons, the little bullets that you just kinda stick in, kek. My mom used them when I was growing up, so that's what I was introduced to. There's also less plastic waste and they're smaller to fit in purses, etc so there's that, I guess.


Oh holy shit that's creepy. And wow, that reminds me of the creepy part in the Twilight saga when Bella has her baby and Jacob "imprints" on her and knows he's going to marry her, kek. It makes sense I guess, since Stephanie Meyers is mormon too

No. 1341614

File: 1663308743476.jpeg (73 KB, 720x960, 7935E8CE-4168-4182-AF52-85997D…)

ayrt I’ve only known a few people in my life who get this way after eating spicy food but we all have some mild to severe form of gastritis kek so your probably safe nonnie
Im better now thank you!

No. 1341626

I want to make a thread for unhinged reviewers we find in the wild or yelp/review cows who make it a full time job. Would people be interested and if so would it probably belong on /ot/?

No. 1341627

I had a dream the other night about someone worshipping Paimon and now I’m fucking freaked out and afraid to sleep pls help me. I’ve been researching a lot of events with evil energy behind them and I feel like I may have summoned something.

No. 1341628

File: 1663310227198.jpg (193.03 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20220915-233335_Fir…)

I've never tried this but can you try using a water-based lubricant? I use OB tampons when I can find them & the outer cotton is relatively smooth/tightly packed and somewhat …shiny? on the outside for this reason.
Somewhat related: I hate 'pons with flat cardboard applicators on top like picrel, if I don't push out the cotton a bit before insertion the edges of the applicator fucking pull at the skin of my vaginal opening and it fucking HURTS. Maybe pushing out the cotton bit is how to properly use these kind but I didn't realize that until it felt like I was fucking losing my virginity again trying to insert it as-is.

No. 1341632

I love this idea because I come across this a lot in Amazon reviews. There is the Shein cringe thread >>>/g/216852 but no one responded when I asked if we can post reviews from other websites so I abstained.

No. 1341637

File: 1663311054815.jpg (369.33 KB, 2535x1588, hhh.jpg)

>my friend started e-dating a random girl from vrc
>EVERYTHING on all of their social medias match, down to the bio status on discord and banner, -everything-
>the only thing he ever posts on our friends server is how they are playing ffxiv together with their 'romantic' scs
>he even went as far as recorded the wedding ceremony in ffxiv
i dont understand how silly can people be, what happens once they break up?

No. 1341639

I'm not white so in that case I can see why people try to guess something, but they always guess it wrong.

No. 1341652

I had no idea it hurts that much, I basically just angle my middle finger a bit as I push as deep as possible. I really don't like using tampons outside of swimming though.
Maybe I should tell my sister about this, she could never get a tampon in and would literally cry when inserting it and it really cucked her out of many water fun times during summer.

No. 1341655

Same anon, I've never been able to use tampons because they hurt like a bitch and as an eurofag we don't have applicators either. I hate using pads but it's my only choice because I'm already in my 30's and tampons never got any less painful. I'm also terrified of the string cutting off while pulling and me having to dig a rancid tampon out of my vagina kek.

No. 1341668

>The little mermaid is a warning tale about giving your everything just for the sake of a man because it's not worth it.
How is this a bad message? If anything Disney fucked it up and inverted it, telling girls that they have to give everything for a moid.

No. 1341671

Cool anon, I will consider making it then. There was also a recent thread about schizo rants spotted in the wild which sort of gave me the idea, but it didn't gain much traction. I'll try and do it tomorrow

No. 1341674

I just binged Big Little Lies and am now watching Sharp Objects, and it's making me want to compile a big list, or a spreadsheet or something, of media about fucked-up female characters that were created by women. Organized by medium, with notes about why and how the women are fucked up, ranging from sympathetic assholes to degenerates. We already have some posts like that in the books general in /m/ so it'd be nice to have an expanded list of Lolcow Canon.

No. 1341680

That seems like a great idea nonnie, please post it if you ever make it. If you go through with it, would be cool if you'd make a thread where everyone could contribute as well.

No. 1341687

File: 1663317537750.jpg (13.55 KB, 239x290, Screenshot_20220916-013840_Nov…)

It took me a while to realize my clock app icon reflects the current time. I think that is so cute

No. 1341702

File: 1663319748467.jpg (239.09 KB, 1000x1333, MV5BODUwNDNjYzctODUxNy00ZTA2LW…)

I don't understand what Americans found so entertaining about this movie, its literally every other modern big budget bollywood action film(single hero beating an entire army is so common that its lost its edge at this point), also it was such blatant Indian male power fantasy, defeating the britishers without any effort and dance battleling an English party and having all the white women ran away with them, its literally just a power fantasy born from insecurity

No. 1341733

nona, i said i FIND them repulsive and that MOST of them are bottom of the barrel. please develop some reading comprehension. and for the record yes, i still hate the long hair on the men you posted. it just gives me the ick for some reason.

No. 1341769

Ion feel bad for businesses who "can't find people to work" cause you know damn well they probably have a history of firing randoms for no good reason as well as ghosting interviees. Ion feel bad for the US military struggling to find recruits after having a history of rejecting people for stupid reasons. Ion feel bad for the medical field being extremely understaffed since every single person I know who works in the medical field has been unfairly fired at least once. I don't feel bad for people suffering from lack of socialization then gives anyone who tries to talk to them the cold shoulder.

You make your bed that you lay in. All of these are easy solutions, you don't get to block people out of things you need just because you're judgemental and then wonder why you don't get anywhere.

No. 1341808

Babby's first ridiculous bollywood action movie.

No. 1341825

I have a super intense parasocial crush right now on someone who is dead and I want to sperg so bad but I can't. I imagine what we would do if we were to hang out together or what our conversations would be like or what he would say if I were talking to him right now. It's profound mental illness kek. Tell me about your hyperfixation or crush on an unattainable man (or woman). I just don't want to feel alone in my autism.

No. 1341830

File: 1663335698247.jpg (426.36 KB, 1080x1562, Jerma Sub Tranny Fetish .jpg)

Can't find the reddit hate thread but there's some highly upvoted tranny transformation fetish shit on the Jerma sub. Honestly I'm done with the cunt. I haven't watched any of his newer streams in some time. Didn't care to watch the baseball stream. I wish I could go back in time and smash his whole streaming set up before the dollhouse stream even entered his brain. Fuck his tranny fans. I'm sure I'd still like him if his fans weren't all crossdressing fetishizers.

No. 1341833

Not him growing fucking EYELASHES..

No. 1341835

My swiss roommate left some OB tampons when she left and I used them, I thought the "non applicator european tampons" were all those little bullet sized ones.

Raw tampons don't hurt when your flow is actually flowin, I don't understand the need to use a tampon when it's not (and therefore you're more dry and insertion is more painful)

No. 1341839

File: 1663336009183.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.6 KB, 685x385, _methode_sundaytimes_prod_web_…)

I'm literally in love with a has-been scottish comedian turned streamer, anon. Your parasocial crush cannot be that autistic. But yes I genuinely love this motherfucker. Reading his autobiography was a mistake. Now I think that we're meant to be soulmates or some such shit. I will think of him in public and break out in a smile. I hope my autism was encouraging!

No. 1341852

i support you limmychan. you're kind enough to use the spoiler function which i appreciate kek

No. 1341857

Hahah this is cute, nonnie. I still remember when I knew him as the "But steel is heavier than feathers" guy way back when. I didn't know he wrote an autobiography! What parts of it made you feel like you guys were compatible? I honestly don't know much about him except for the aforementioned video and also the fact he does streaming now.

No. 1341861

Any thoughts or gossip on the youtuber Loey Lane? Personally i stopped watching like 2 years ago i think its been already, she started to wear colorful wigs, only covered tiktok spoopy stuff and in general it felt like she had nothing fun or original to add anymore. I do like spoopy stuff, but she barely covered the surface so i got bored

No. 1341884

Thank you anon! And yes I think we should all be a little more considerate to the anons who don't want to see ugly/mediocre men kek.
I related a lot to his feelings of feeling "other", like when he was in primary school and always felt like he had missed a crucial day of learning. He always felt like he never knew what was going on and felt like he was behind everyone. I also relate to his fear of intimacy and his sexuality confusion. Quite honestly, reading his autobiography was a bit shocking to me, precisely because of how much I related to it all. The way he thinks things through and how he perceives the world is very similar to how I perceive the world. He's a really anxious guy and always thinks he'd make people angry or upset by doing the most mundane of things. He's just very strange to me, but he's strange in the same way as me. And so reading his autobiography made him really endearing to me. I won't lie, the guy is kind of pathetic with his worries and anxieties. He also did some things for attention, like trying to kill himself over a girl when he was very young and trying to provoke some guys on a bus to beat him up. He acknowledges that those were some embarrassing times, though. And though those were pretty pathetic of him, I still relate to them a lot. I think, overall, he's a bit strange and difficult. I hope this makes sense, I'm a bit tired right now! Thank you for asking nonnie ♥ I've been wanting to sperg about him for some time now.

No. 1341890

They get ffxiv divorced duh

No. 1341895

File: 1663341881246.png (567.28 KB, 648x843, cow dildos.PNG)

No. 1341896

File: 1663341934589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 929.25 KB, 1576x2364, ece-tan-happy-cow-sex-toys_dez…)

The whole pic….

No. 1341898

I hope the cows kick the shit out of anyone who tries to do that to them.
>remind desensitized consumers of the range on emotions that animals can feel
We all know animals go into heat, especially if they're being used to produce products. Why do we need to think about that further or in this way.

No. 1341903

Is this real

No. 1341909

That's really interesting. I really didn't know that was what his personality was like. I can see the appeal. I think there's something really attractive about that kind of vulnerability and self-awareness. I can really relate to that feeling of growing attached to someone, not because you can relate to their accomplishments, but because you can relate to their vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Like you aren't the only one and maybe you'd understand each other. Or maybe because you can relate to how it feels to go through those difficult times, you feel compelled to help them or take care of them in a way (at least for me). Get some rest nona and thank you for indulging me!

No. 1341913

I started my job a day after I turned 31 I mentioned I'm taking the week off for my birthday and a few people were all ooh what age are you going to be and I said 32 and a few of them thought I was just out of my teen years. You sweet stupid fucks, I wish.

No. 1341932

File: 1663346528759.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.46 KB, 640x1137, 424EC745-30F6-4C24-92E2-8626BB…)

istg if another anachan accuses me of being fat just for disagreeing with her im gonna post pics of food (spoiler for anons that don’t want to be hungry right now)

No. 1341935

I mean taking a day let alone a week off for your birthday isn’t exactly a thirties-aged thing to do kek. That’d be half my yearly leave to celebrate my birthday.

No. 1341938

Thank you for listening to my spergery! If you are the anon with the parasocial crush on the dead guy, please post about him in the IRL husbandos thread on /g/! I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings about him if that's alright. I've been meaning to post about Limmy in there. Thank you again for giving me a chance to sperg, I encourage you to sperg about your husbando as well ♥

No. 1341945

nta but I feel so sorry for burgers and their shit workers rights. I can't comprehend how you can deal with having just 2 weeks off work for the entire damn year.

No. 1341946

Idk, anon, I am ugly–I've been told that I look like a goblin, school shooter, screamed at that I am ugly by strangers, a man, tranny, etc. This is different than being an 8. I might not be as unattractive as that guy that resembled Satan's ballsack like you say, sure, but, it's not without meaning considering that's the only person to ever like me.
I can look past looks mostly other than someone who's creepy, twice my age, and obese. I might be insecure and self-hating but no, lol. I will never settle or be settled for. I won't try. I wouldn't want anything less than me adoring him and him adoring me. I don't like being treated poorly either.

And yeah what I've been hearing about men lately (from women and men) is extremely repulsive to me. Why would I want to be with someone who bases his idea of love and sex around porn and consuming women? So many men across the world say women over the age of 25 are unlovable and valueless. There's no way I could trust or have a connection with someone like that. In any case–there's a lot of things fucked up with me, people aren't blind to it, including other women. I don't want to be told there's someone out there for me or be told I'm not ugly.
Just hope in the future I can become more comfortable with myself and train up my other skills.

No. 1341947

I've been overworked and depended on to basically manage an entire department, I've earned a week off. Fuck those bitches I've told them I'm not even looking at the group chat I don't give a fuck

No. 1341955

it's not about your attractiveness anon, old guys just have less shame and will creep on you in public without an issue.

No. 1341968

I already clarified this.
I am objectively ugly. Not as ugly as that but after being insulted over my looks 100s of times, people saying I look mannish, having a deformity that needs reconstructive surgery, etc, I know I'm ugly. Pretty much most the lolcows that are made fun of over their "weird" looks are infinitely more conventionally attractive than me, so I know for certain the people here would find me ugly, or at least invisible. Moreover: that guy was easily the most disgusting person I've seen in years. It really says something that I can go 20+ years being a woman and to be ignored across the board except for the literal ugliest man I've ever seen IRL. Not even a normal frumpy old guy.

Being somewhat ugly isn't the worst thing ever, though, right?

No. 1341970

I didn't know he rebranded, pretty sure he posted a photo of his dick on Twitter once before, can't remember the context. Just a sorta accidentally on purpose dick hanging out in pic situation rather than anything overtly sexual.

No. 1341974

Ayrt, I both thank and curse you for this information. I will be looking through the archives of his dick postings. And saving as many as I can.

No. 1341981

i never even heard of this
t. burger

No. 1341984

I have no motivation, I'm bored, hungry and tired

No. 1341992

The most important thing you should do now is eat. And remember, be content with not being hungry or tired or homeless, you gotta appreciate the fact that your basic needs are being fulfilled, which is the most important, and don't worry about the rest. From there, then, you can seek happiness in other things.

No. 1341993

oh anon, I'm just venting and talking stupid shit but you give me good advices, how can you do that to me
love you

No. 1341999

The poor cat with the bowl on its head is making me sad. Somebody save that cat, please.

No. 1342000

nonnys you should NOT name your baby MERLIN, but that's exactly what a fb friend of mine just did

No. 1342032


No. 1342036

i had a cat named merlin. he was a baby ooh wooh

No. 1342060

I know someone who named her baby boy Archimedes. Why are people like this?

No. 1342071

Many of my family members have named their children after sport stars of different ethnic origins, why is that considered normal and acceptable then your examples ?

No. 1342081

I'm trying to leave my job but I know if I take off at a new job because of vet appointments or just to stay home to watch my dog or coming in late because she threw up or needed a last minute bath or something, people would be like "wtf???" My current boss is really chill and doesn't mind when I do it. I'd like to stay until she passes so I could take time off to grieve under a boss who understands that she means so much to me, but I'm trying to leave to make more money for my dog kek. I get why some people don't understand how losing a pet can be devastating for people but damn I wish people had more empathy.

No. 1342083

it's not.
oh anon stop.

No. 1342087

>I don't understand what Americans found so entertaining about this movie
What Americans? I'm American and have no idea what this is. I've never even seen or heard a single American talk about it.

No. 1342099

File: 1663357088216.png (47.89 KB, 561x769, unknown.png)

i did the horoscope for autists and it turns out i am, indeed, very autistic

No. 1342177

File: 1663362788766.jpg (146.68 KB, 1170x1165, media_FcvhZMyXEAESUm8.jpg)

Yeah you are probably right nonna, I've been thinking a lot about how most of my problems could be potentialy explained by some sort of avoidant personality disorder but just like everything I will avoid going to a psychiatrist/therapist (I almost went two times but I got scared and ghosted them) and I convince myself that I'm perfectly normal and just extremely lazy (could also totally be the case kek). Hope you have a nice day nonnie, also posting a dumb meme because I don't want to be too anoying with muh mental health blog post

No. 1342184


dont understand the need to whine about this movie in particular. Most of hollywood and even more of european cinema is a white male ego-stroking power fantasy. Infact there are so many white savior films that they dominate basically every film made by western cinema (american and european) made in foreign settings. Or did you just notice it because it was an indian movie?

No. 1342220

I hate crystal.cafe

No. 1342221


No. 1342222

Me too I love how neat and easy to navigate lc is