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File: 1646253150892.jpg (138.69 KB, 1000x1561, darkest dungeon.jpg)

No. 186735

Temporary movie thread, until the Criterion Collection re-releases the old thread

What have you been watching, are you going to go watch the new Batman?

Previous threads: lost to the Shimmer

No. 186739

im curious, so i may go watch the badman

No. 186747

File: 1646256003639.jpeg (80.83 KB, 1500x2000, rev-1-TBM-SS-PD-0340rv2_High_R…)

It's 3 hours long but there's Pattinson and Colin Farrell in it, I don't think it can go wrong…
I'll probably wait for a week and watch it on a weekday to dodge the sweaty neckbeards crowd though

No. 186748

yeah, good call.

No. 186827

I'm going to see it tonight. Not usually into comic book movies but my friends all wanna go and I love Pattinson. Will report back with thoughts!

No. 186843

File: 1646328772893.jpg (182.2 KB, 655x974, AQACEGcyRuKum3nKfbHDS2KIwC8Bh0…)

I am haunted by this poster

No. 186849

Same here and I wasn't planning to until the reviews came out

No. 187005

I liked it!
LOVED Dano as the Riddler. Pattinson might be my favorite batman. My biggest complaint is the run time but at least it doesn't get too boring.
I wish theaters would bring back intermissions for anything 2.5+ hours.

No. 187006

This could be a decent reaction image

No. 187032

I miss intermissions in films

No. 187081

File: 1646425304901.jpg (160.85 KB, 521x653, Zodiac-sketch[1].jpg)

Just watched Batman
The plot was alright, although sometimes the riddler's a bit over the top, but well that's how his character is supposed to be. I recommend everyone who doesn't know much about the zodiac killer to at least watch Zodiac (2007) before watching The Batman, else you'd miss all the funny little Zodiac references. Batman looks a bit too emo sometimes but it's all for some really nice character development that occurs through all the movie

But above all I absolutely loved the cinematography, which was done by Greig Fraser, who got about 10 awards and nominations for Dune. Nearly every scene takes place at night and about every kind of lighting is used (except candlelight because no one's going to top Kubrick on that). You've got scenes with nightclub lighting, neon street lighting, dawn lighting, phone lighting, projector lighting, fog lighting, police lights on water lighting, you've even got one scene where the exclusive source of light is gun shots. I think Greig Fraser is the next Roger Deakins, and he's certainly going to be the second cinematographer whose name I'll remember

>I wish theaters would bring back intermissions for anything 2.5+ hours.
Yeah towards the end I had a lot of people leaving their seats and coming back, you absolutely have to go to the toilet first or train your bladder before watching it, and drink as little as you can for 3 hours

No. 187088

omg me too.

No. 187108

File: 1646439488354.jpg (105.32 KB, 795x428, 54389534634.jpg)

Could someone please recommend movies (or documentaries) in which there are basically no men? Only thing semi-recent I can think of is Portrait of a Lady on Fire, where you only see a male character for a few seconds maybe twice.

No. 187157

Tl;dr, Primer is beyond me.
I saw primer and I'm watching it again later. I'm not sure the things shown at the end of the film will help me work it out either.
What does the failsafe machine even do? Does it stop the time traveling from having happened in the first place? Why was there so much gravity on stopping the guy at the party when they openly say there's no real danger anyways? Why was the investor guy angry, (did they punch him?) was that the same guy who was comatose?
The voice on the earbuds talking to Abe was Aaron, I think, but was he also talking to another Aaron? The chart I saw says "Aaron 2 and Aaron 6 have a brawl". I didn't even notice they were the same person.
The subplot of granger was so short, it whizzed by me and baffles me.
What were they doing at the dimly lit fountain? They were talking about something.
And why are the time machines single-use? Does he mean they're single use in going to the past, then you have to start it up as a checkpoint again? And, why were they both at the hotel when they have yet to build a machine that can fit multiple people. I know it's a time travel movie but you can't put a big box in a small box. And, I'm not sure they ever make a box that size.

No. 187169

Have you checked this one

No. 187189

Holy fuck this is an incel fantasy on steroids

No. 187226

Women (2008) and the George Cukor film it was based on (1939). I've only seen th 2008 one, it was alright. Wish there were more

No. 187228

>nightclub lighting, neon street lighting, dawn lighting, phone lighting, projector lighting, fog lighting, police lights on water lighting, you've even got one scene where the exclusive source of light is gun shots
I love the sound of this, I'm watching it tomorrow, so excited!! When I watched the trailer I was unsure about it because I was like…what angle can the director give Batman at this day and age, we already had campy, goofy Batman (70s), quirky and dark Batman (Burton's), dark, gloomy Batman with philosophical undertones (Nolan's). Based on the atmosphere of the trailer it looked like a mix of Burton's and Nolan's

No. 187237

Yeah this time it's brooding Batman who realizes living as a recluse and going out just to beat up criminals isn't healthy nor the best way to help. I liked how the movie portrays him as in the comic Batman Year One, that is as someone fallible who looks a bit ridiculous with his out of place costume (Batman's usually depicted running or flying, here he's on purpose walking a lot or often surrounded by cops sometimes taller than him) and who isn't skilled enough to block every hit the regular thugs try to land on him, which makes him ultimately more human and relatable

No. 187297

>joker (2019)
>what if the joker had autism
>batman (2022)
>what if batman had autism

i really liked it

No. 187376

Samefag I just watched it and honestly I loved it even with the occasional goofiness that came with the desire to humanize comicbookcharacters and generally make things more realistic. Batman is now a socially inept tech-obsessed autist starring in 'Father Issues - The Movie'. I liked that they toned down the superstrength thing and also took away his charm that he had in previous adaptations but sometimes it was genuinely hilarious watching him. Like when he awkwardly stood and stared at people. The fact that Batman apparently journals on a daily basis also cracked me up. I also enjoyed the father-son undertones of his interactions with Alfred, the scene where he told Pattinson to take a shower was like watching a dad trying to get his basementdwelling teenage son's shit together kek. Further random thoughts:
- THE LIGHTING! THE CINEMATOGRAPHY!! Gorgeous, i loved the nightclub scenes and the scenes where the gunshots were the only source of light
- The Riddler is essentially the Zodiac, if the Zodiac was raised by the Internet. It might be just me but he also gave off Dahmer-vibes, I wonder if that was intentional with the glasses. Anyhow I liked that the character was grounded in reality and there were visual and auditory cues connecting him to real life serial killers
- Zoe Kravitz is an actual goddess and I would cut off my arms if I was granted a passing resemblance to her. She was terrific. Again I liked that Catwoman did not have cartoonish strength and couldn't cartoonkick Batman into a corner. She was also not used as a sidepiece for one dimensional corporate feminist propaganda, which I also liked. She was fierce and tough when she had to be but wasn't afraid to show her emotions either. I feel like Zoe outshined Pattinson in every scene they were together, and made him look like a wrinkled up cucumber
- The score was also great, felt like a minimalistic adaptation of the Nolan version's score, but darker, sometimes even having a horroristic feel to it
- I'm ESL and know nothing about American accents, could an amerifag tell me what accent/dialect the Penguin had? Boston dialect? Italian accent?
- The video recording contact lenses would be best thing a person with ADHD or memory problems could ever have, I would give all of my money for a pair

No. 187379

I just spent a minute watching a video about his acting and I’m guessing Italian accent. You made the movie sound really interesting so I want to watch it now lol

No. 187386

Lmao and I thought I made it sound horrible

No. 187418

Apparently Colin Farrell based his accent on a 80s NYC building caretaker, and on Fredo from the Godfather, so italian-american
If you liked the Riddler here Paul Dano plays about the same role in Prisoners (great Villeneuve movie)

No. 187441

I did a double take when I realized the Penguin was played by Colin Farrell. I didn't look up the cast before and while I was watching I literally thought he was some unknown actor. I checked the cast list afterwards and my jaw dropped.
>Prisoners (great Villeneuve movie)
Thanks for the rec!

No. 187660

b a s e d

No. 187779

File: 1646729749959.jpg (145.09 KB, 1288x1600, 85USK613thTL36zAFZ4x1HtUfOG9NB…)

Two thirds into the movie, after pondering multiple times if I just should stop watching it, I realized this is just Ordet but with mystical prostitution of a mentally challenged woman
Why do I keep watching Lars von Trier movies? I should have just watched Ordet again. Now that I think of it Dancer in the Dark is just The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)

No. 187781

I want to see Batman. I used to love Batman. Then coomer libertarian Zack Snyder came along and now thinking about anything Batman-related just makes me tired and angry.

No. 187784

I feel like you will love this movie! I'm not a capeshit or even a Batman fan, but I really enjoyed that one. The Snyder movies are cancer just like the Marvel universe ones.

No. 187787

>that awkward moment when I like most of the marvel movies

No. 187790

Well give it a chance either way! Just don't expect flashy fights every second and lol funny one-liners

No. 187804

Snyder was the worst thing that happened to Batman since Batman & Robin by Schumacher, and we can only hope he'll never do DC adaptations ever again

No. 187808

going to see the batman with my friend this week, she has never seen anything related to batman so I might give her a small rundown on the characters in the film and the wider context of it beforehand. I'm pretty excited but I'm not looking forward to inevitably needing to use the restroom after 2 hours. is it true that the Riddler is an incel in the film?

No. 187813

kek I saw it with my dad the other day, the riddler is an incel I guess? (I won't spoil it) but he certainly looks like one.

No. 187821

can't believe the retarded snyder cut became a meme kek

No. 187859

The movie's supposed to be the first of a trilogy so it's adequate for neophytes, I don't think anyone even calls Catwoman "Catwoman" in it, just Selina

No. 188143

there is the "bat and cat" dialogue at the end lol but you may be right that nobody says "Catwoman" outright… it's great for someone that has zero or hardly any knowledge of the universe (as I do)

No. 188244

File: 1646859055572.jpg (255.52 KB, 809x1200, Color_Out_of_Space-821869955-l…)

Putting Nicolas Cage and alpacas in it instantly made it a B(+) movie, but the dedication of the director and Cage, who both wanted to do the movie as an homage to one of their parents who were Lovecraft fans, manage to make it a pretty good adaptation of The Colour out of Space. The music's perfectly alien, there are a lot of references to the other works of Lovecraft and to Carpenter movies (the most lovecraftian director there is), and the acting's tolerable (there's that kid with glasses from the Haunting of Hill House!)
The visual effects really are at their best at the very end of the movie, but most of them don't reach the level of eldritch stygian that's present in the Lovecraft short story. The body horror effects are decent, but CGI really is never going to beat practical effects. Every time Cage's character speaks of an indescribable color, you can't help but think "No it's not, it's called magenta". Maybe it's unreasonable to expect a filmmaker to film an impossible color, yet I have the feeling just regular magenta light isn't the best rendition that could have been achieved. Nonetheless it's still one of the best Lovecraft movies made so far, made better if you read the short story and 2 or 3 others as well before watching it

Sadly the movie bombed badly and it turns out that the director was an abusive spouse all along, which means his producer cut all ties with him, so this is probably the Lovecraft movie with the biggest budget we're ever going to get…

No. 188246

does anyone have recommendations for lesser known movies similar to black swan, gone girl, jennifer’s body, ginger snaps etc?

No. 188249

It's anime, but have you watched Perfect Blue?

No. 188254

not sure how lesser known some of these are but the blackcoat's daughter, the innocents (1961), tag (2015), sympathy for lady vengeance, reincarnation (2005), kotoko, images, and demonlover might be up your alley

No. 188255

yes, actually! someone said black swan was based off perfect blue and i actually ended up really loving perfect blue even though i don’t usually watch anime

No. 188265

File: 1646863321226.gif (1.76 MB, 500x240, 2acc55b74c926d371f621dab63d99b…)

Helter Skelter (2012)!

No. 188273

seconding this

No. 188274


I'm pretty sure the director of black swan bought the rights to the film.

I watched both films and while I though black swan was ok I think Perfect Blue handled a lot of themes in a better and more nuanced way.

No. 188453

I really liked the batman despite how long it was but idk the romance between him and catwoman didn't feel natural to me. Maybe it's partly because I was convinced she was a lesbian in the beginning but I couldn't see them as more as friends/partners in crime

No. 188464

I felt that they had insane chemistry, never got the ship as a capeshit hater… but now I finally understand. I wouldn't mind a gay Selina though

No. 188531

Audition, Annihilation, Les Diaboliques, Suspiria, The Piano Teacher, Martyrs (somewhat), Let the right one in (2008)

No. 188811

File: 1647025780454.gif (1.94 MB, 500x375, tumblr_6d0140f010918cb98110c8a…)

What movies come to your mind when you think of Gothic imagery?

No. 188812

Everything by Tim Burton, of course!
As well as whatever was Twixt (2011)

No. 188820

File: 1647028614459.jpg (76.81 KB, 800x428, 28-days-later-2.jpg)

Nonnas can you recommend some good Zombie movies? (I already watched 28 days&weeks later and night of the comet)
Bonus points if they explore the post-apocalyptic world a bit and/or aren't comedy)

No. 188823

Train to Busan is the best zombie movie I have watched

No. 188831

Pans labyrinth, all Tim Burton movies, Dracula, Crimson Peak, The Woman in Black, Dorian Gray, Stoker, Nosferatu, Adams Family, Interview with the Vampire

No. 188834

I’m here to second Train to Busan! It Stains the Sands Red was interesting. Night of the Living Dead and the rest of the series is good too, but you might like the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead more than the older ones. Personally, I also liked Warm Bodies a lot, despite it being one of those adaptations of a YA novel.

No. 188835

File: 1647035130165.jpg (1.61 MB, 2048x1653, MV5BMzg3NTQxNTk1Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Yous should maybe take a look at George A. Romero's filmography, I really love a lot of his movies, they are always easy to watch but are surprising and way ahead of their time in term of representation (some great female and black american lead) as well as genuinely intersting social commentary! Dawn of the dead and Day of the Dead fits perfectly what you are looking for I think, but they do have some humour in them. Night of the Living Dead is a classic with a more serious tone!

No. 188837

I forgot to add The Girl With All the Gifts. It was a cool take for sure.

No. 188838

REC (2007)is great

No. 188840

Unpopular opinion: I didn't like Batman that much. It was okay.
Not sure why it had to have almost-brothel as a centerpiece. Yeah I don't mind it too much, it just cheapened the movie to me and I started looking at it through much more sceptical lenses. That scene of him watching her undress for two minutes made me laugh. Just why?
I really didn't like what they did with Catwoman. She could be awesome but as she was she felt almost annoying to me.
Also the ~dom/sub~ bullshit. First he watches her undress, then he pushes her on table, then he makes her quiet by putting hand on her mouth while hugging/restraining her against her will, then the weird chin-grabbing.
Catwoman was useless in fights, Batman on the other hand was way too OP and fights weren't fun because of it.
If there's so much fanservice, at least show Pattinson's body a bit more, come on. The whole movie was just wrinkly old men and sexy women.
I liked the Riddler though, amusing villain. Cinematography was great too as well as music.

No. 188841

Haven't seen it yet but knowing how superhero movies go, don't expect much, only that it might be a bit better than the old batman movies which I really disliked.
The only super hero movie that actually surprised me was Shazam. I really thought it was going to be big ass trash but it was fun, watched it again a thousand times already. Billy Batson actor is annoying and talentless though, that other kid steals the spotlight.

No. 188842

File: 1647037609212.jpg (213.19 KB, 756x950, 10322924_1_92[1].jpg)

Day of the dead had my favorite movie poster! (I think it was bluray exclusive though)

No. 188843

>That scene of him watching her undress for two minutes made me laugh. Just why?
It mirrors the very first scene of the movie, which is another parallel between Batman's actions and the Riddler's. It also shows their differences, because Batman is embarrassed and flinches for a moment before deciding he has to keep watching
>Batman on the other hand was way too OP
Actually one of the Batman movies where he gets the most beaten up by random goons

No. 188850

File: 1647041708568.jpg (59.47 KB, 560x600, 1358728260008.jpg)

Thank you so much nonnas, these all sound fantastic! I'm gonna check them out this weekend, again thank you!!

No. 188853

Lmao, the batman movie is so fucking shit. I only can compare with nolan and burton, but like, without comparing to superhero movies, its a shitty movie by itself, in a cringy way. It looks grity and serious, but the lines and acting and pacing and everything are so fucking corny, it just doesnt match.
I kinda of liked that they tried to make batman omnious and inevitable, but they failed, badly.
The director looks shitty, so no big suprise.

But damn, pattison looks like young al pacino with a better jawline. Delicious.

No. 188854

oh man this movie was great. definitely schlocky at points, but the scene where the son and the mom are fused together on the couch fucked me up and to this day horrifies me whenever I think of it

No. 188876

catwoman should be useless in fights imo, she is a burgler with no intention of having a hand-to-hand fight with anybody, thats why she uses guns. and i didnt get any weird dom/sub vibes from any of their scenes since she was the one openly flirting and he just stood there autistically the whole time

No. 188903

Okay, but to a person who isn't familiar with the comics too much, they didn't empathise her burglar abilities much (except one scene and she was just going down on a rope, nothing special) in the movies so she just felt like a bit of an useless person.
I got the creepy dom/sub vibe from first half of their interactions and him being autistic plank while she was flirting the second half.
I also thought she was gonna be a lesbian after she kept calling her friend 'baby', shame she wasn't.
I don't think the movie is bad because of these scenes, it's a comic superhero movie so of course there's gonna be focus on sexy women for the neckbeard crowd, but… It might mirror the Riddler but you know it was put in just so moids could see her slowly undress from her latex sexy clothes and go around in her undies. The Riddler didn't watch women being sexy, he watched a man bonding with his family. The undressing scene was much longer and unnecessary. Batman could've watch her bonding with her friend instead or it could focus on his reactions instead of her body.
The first scene she's in, camera also pans from her fetish boots, legs, body. She's in latex minidress for the most of this movie and not her Catwoman suit, bending down so you can see her boobs. There's almost always scene where all the men are dressed and all the women are half naked.
It's just moidbrain shit, it's not that deep. I still liked the movie but thought it was kinda cheap and took itself too seriously for all the moid fanservice it had.

No. 188914

File: 1647078643720.jpg (185.54 KB, 2000x1580, 20220312_012136[1].jpg)

No. 188915

Yeah it really was a great way to convey that "indescribable horror" feeling, I don't think many movies managed to nail that kind of body horror it as well as it did, except The Thing

No. 188922

>Also the ~dom/sub~ bullshit. First he watches her undress, then he pushes her on table, then he makes her quiet by putting hand on her mouth while hugging/restraining her against her will, then the weird chin-grabbing.
as a degenerate… yes please, that was so hot

No. 188988

File: 1647122364510.jpeg (628.07 KB, 828x597, 01829FE6-76BB-48E4-AF4E-3BF7F5…)

Was anyone else weirded out by the multiple butt scenes in Turning Red? Other than that it was ok.

No. 189002

>The undressing scene was much longer and unnecessary.
idk im really critical of shit like this in movies but its not as bad people are making it out to be imo? she was in her underwear and bra for like 2 seconds and it wasnt portrayed as sexy and lingering or anything

No. 189003

File: 1647129269960.jpg (373.51 KB, 1620x1699, tumblr_5f1637f7c296b8dd4f19732…)

just need to sperg about the batman since none of my friends have seen it yet

i was fascinated with this movie. i had no real expectations going in, because i'm someone who used to be deep into comics and doesn't much care for them anymore + i hate the attempts to make children's picture books super serious and dark. but i felt like this movie was a wonderful new lens put onto batman. i adored this take on bruce wayne, turning him from a handsome, tanned socialite who's always got a woman hooked onto his arm like a prop into this strange, reclusive, sullen, cold and awkward man whose negative traits are balanaced out by the fact that he is killing himself in order to try to make right what he believes is wrong. i loved zoe kravitz as catwoman; she's my favorite since michelle pfieffer. i loved paul dano as riddler even though i hate paul dano as an actor, he was wonderfully creepy. loved penguin, they made him interesting for once. loved jim gordon, ever struggling with his choices and against the tide of corruption. i loved the score. it was grim and only there when necessary. i almost cried when i heard nirvana, and one of my favorite songs. it was beautiful. it was like i was at a concert i could never have attended, hearing that song played in surround sound, for just a moment.

the cinematography? get the fuck out of here. perfect fight scenes, not a shaky camera in sight. close-ups to set a mood. heavy sounds in the background to match the atmosphere. the blurring of lights like you're really there, really experiencing a man being choked into submission, or the rumble of the batmobile's engine that shakes you to your bones. my god. the whole heavy aura of it. i was so pleasantly surprised.

No. 189013

File: 1647133121054.png (780.32 KB, 754x716, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 7.58…)

my mom was but I didn't care

Watched Free Guy then the turning red.
liked Free Guy. It's funny and charming. Turning Red was kind of cute,

No. 189021

>though i hate paul dano as an actor
may I ask why? is it cause he's ugly to you? I know nonnies had a problem with his looks, could be distracting. I really like his acting so it's hard for me to figure other reason. I don't mean to imply you're shallow

No. 189029

lol it's petty but i HATED his characters in "there will be blood" and "prisoners" and "okja". i know it's not fair to judge an actor based on annoying characters they play but i just couldn't stand him for some reason. but his weird appearance and mannerisms worked super well in this movie for me.

No. 189074

Watched the new matrix yesterday and it was very boring.

No. 189078

i NEED more sad bat fanart. NEED it.

No. 189081

I would like to recommend you Little Miss Sunshine at the very least. I loved Ruby Sparks, but you would probably hate his character there too even though it's kind of the point. The Good Heart sounds interesting and Dano's character seems sympathetic, though I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't judge… I need to catch up on his movies.
I understand if you don't want to subject yourself to more Dano kek

No. 189088

Omg the little boy who she had a crush on looks just like my toddler sonsage for blog we had family over and we were all cracking up over that.

No. 189199

File: 1647242538092.jpg (67.35 KB, 1200x600, 5ixwcuFQtKFStHaUGbNWxh.jpg)

Can I have some simple, fun adventure film recs like the Mummy or National Treasure?

No. 189204

Indiana Jones, jungle cruise maybe (I haven't seen it), uncharted (haven't seen that one either), Van Helsing (same director as the mummy, I loved that movie but it was generally panned), Sahara, Stargate maybe (it was free on YouTube last time I checked), 20,000 leagues under the sea, Zathura

No. 189206

Samefag, also forgot journey to the center of the earth which also has Brendan Fraser

No. 189226

it's animated disney, but maybe the treasure planet and atlantis? also the road to el dorado.

No. 189238

Romancing the Stone (never watched the sequel so no clue how it is), The Goonies, Jumanji (haven't seen the new films but the original is a classic). That Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum film, The Lost City, isn't out yet but it looks like a pretty decent comedy adventure film.

No. 189267

I wish the art style was cuter tbh. A lot of people were complaining about the “forced diversity” but that’s just urban Canada. I appreciate it starring girls and focusing on a mother-daughter relationship.

No. 189268

File: 1647274654075.gif (935.39 KB, 500x355, ace80d53d80a9f12cb105d4e10780d…)

What a campy, fun mess Fright Night is, kek, I just finished watching it. The soundtrack was terrific and the special effects were also good considering its time (thankfully no CGI crap, just practical effects). Main vampire dude was hot as heck, although I expected him and his housemate being a gay couple for some reason lmao

No. 189270

an instrumental song from the movie, the guitar is so sexy

No. 189280

File: 1647279115212.jpeg (214.41 KB, 1175x1763, AD3B2D7B-5F09-4E71-8BFD-A0F876…)

>trying to watch all the Oscar nominated movies before the Oscars
>Somehow this ended up being the 2nd film I watched
>Watching this piece of shit feels like a chore.
Help pls. I can’t take the smugness
Nothing is better than 80s horror movie camp. The scene where it’s revealed that his best friend turned into a vampire never fails to make me laugh.

No. 189283

Why do posts on lolcow keep being repeated? I wasn’t sure before now but I know I saw this post several weeks ago.

No. 189291

I only mentioned this movie once before. I mentioned it again because I got around to watching it. Maybe you’re confusing my posts for someone else’s?

No. 189332

File: 1647287005242.jpg (302.39 KB, 1000x1420, 81swIRkFbpL._SL1420_[1].jpg)

There's also the Allan Quatermain movies but I can't remember which ones are supposed to be good

No. 189343

thoroughbreds, knives and skin, paradise hills, the loved ones

No. 189362

the new jumanji movie. not a masterpiece but it felt like old fashioned adventure film

No. 189363

File: 1647292867374.jpeg (12.36 KB, 417x179, A10A4A61-30AF-40C4-9615-1C582A…)

Evil Ed is so hot, he was so cutesy and now, irl animu twink vampire.

No. 189429

Such a great movie. I rewatched it again recently and forgot how expressive Humphrey Bogart could be.

No. 189430

File: 1647309600996.jpg (310.13 KB, 1920x1080, losthorizon.jpg)

If you want a blast from the past, 1933's "Lost Horizon".

No. 189458

yeah tbh, this is the first movie that actually looks like my childhood friend group, and i'm not even an urban canadian. this is just real life for a lot of people. although i liked the art style, lol – i love when young girl characters get to look like little gremlins. i loved the ultra-intense expressions the hardcore girl in pink made!

No. 189510

Anon, he was a furry.

No. 189653

File: 1647380367319.jpg (115.59 KB, 1321x636, 4534543266.jpg)

as someone who ended up in a cultish environment this is one of the most horrifying fucking movie scenes i have seen like for so many people this is romantic but the horror comes from pelle believing in what he says also, like this is one of the most unsettling movies for me because even though it wasn't an insane pagan death cult i ended up in though serious in other things i know i have been dani in my life. like the fact how easy when it comes to those circumstances, having a shit family, shit support system, the moment the people give you a space where you think they understand you and work for a world where no one has to suffer like you you want to believe and end up in weird places

(like serious shit happened in that space sexual abuse, financial abuse arranged marriages etc so i don't mean just stupid things that don't matter but life changing shit happened there even though i managed to survive without it)

No. 189805

this fanart made me buy tickets to the movie lol

No. 189844

File: 1647458622609.jpg (290.21 KB, 1200x675, MV000083900000.jpg)

Samefag, continuing with my 80s horror flicks I watched An American Werewolf in London. Main character was hot but I did not expect a horror comedy to be this depressing. Wtf was that ending

No. 189846

Also, it didn't win a best makeup Oscar for nothing. It's films like these that make me wonder why directors nowadays go with CGI for everything. Like it literally looks better than anything you could make with a computer

No. 189848

I don't even know why they call it a horror comedy, I had more laughs watching texas chainsaw massacre

No. 189878

File: 1647464102603.jpg (76.15 KB, 1080x875, kino.jpg)

Pattinson's top 15 movies
Apparently he's big into semi-obscure french cinema, I don't recognize half of these

No. 189912

supremely based taste. three godards, damn. would rec high life if you haven't seen it anon, claire denis is great and it's a very interesting role for pattinson

No. 189937

corky romano lmao

god damn though, cuckoos nest the movie as number one? come on rob it pales in comparison to the book

No. 189946

File: 1647484069050.webm (2.31 MB, 1224x720, ixFZcdIoft4K3pL9.webm)

I love him so much

No. 189949

oh thank god, i'm not the only one. solidarity, nona.

No. 189950

he's a genuine weirdo (honorific). i feel like i hallucinated this sometimes b/c i've never been able to find confirmation of it elsewhere, but i swear to god he went on /a/ a couple of times back when twilight was happening and had shockingly classy taste.

No. 189969

made a thread for us Robpat appreciators


No. 190088

File: 1647534995669.jpg (175.43 KB, 1200x800, 1099461[1].jpg)

Apparently some tripfag on /a/ claimed to be him with a timestamped picture, and his tastes are broad enough that it wouldn't be that improbable

I'll check it out

No. 190093

What anime did he like

No. 190155

Reportedly, Mushishi and Kino no Tabi (kino indeed)

No. 190254

Literally sitting in cinema right now waiting to see The Batman. What’s the consensus or anons opinion on it?

No. 190266

based, batman hot

No. 190267

It's good, I watched it yesterday and found it very fun. I like murder mysteries so that helped and it's been a while since I saw a sueprheroes comic adaptation that didn't require you to have watched previous movies.

No. 190270

File: 1647590295692.jpg (26.8 KB, 603x704, FN1umOyX0AAqq2Y.jpg)

My husband who has hated every comicbook movie I have made him watch liked it, said batman looked "tactical"

No. 190271

Tactical? Tell him this isn't a Metal Gear Solid movie kek

No. 190273

he's ex-military, he always complains when we watch any action movies
"that's not ambush works" "that would destroy his/her wrist if they shot in that position" "why is there no recoil"
so I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn't as nitpicky with Batman

No. 190274

Maybe he's less nitpicky because Batman's armor and equipment looks annoying as fuck to wear and use so it instantly look realistic. How did he react to the car chase scene?

No. 190282

File: 1647593614185.jpg (38.13 KB, 640x705, c.jpg)

I don't remember him commenting on it, other then him saying the Batmobline looked "METAL asf", he did praise the Patterson's batsuit
claimed it looked like an altered modern soldier uniform and said that this version of Batman is probably an ex-marine or something

No. 190288

Me again. Just got back home. Agree with everyone on R.Pats being an actually pretty good batman, enjoyed his performance. I also liked the sound design and themes, especially batmans, and the characterisation of Gotham, it definitaley felt dirtier, darker, and closer to the comics. The only thing I thought was lame was the streaming shit. Imagine being a fucking streamer thanking your audience for teaching you how to make bombs dressed in your gimp mask, how fucking embarrassing. The end kind of reminded me of The Hater which I watched with anons on movie night. All I could think was how losers online will think they're like the riddler, or that the riddler would probably spam lc with gore or some shit to be an edgy fag. Danofags, you could do better than this one, let alone a streamer.

No. 190296

I get what they were going for, Riddle is very clearly presented as utterly pathetic and delusional but they ended up mixing two aesthetics that didn't work together, the psychotic but genius zodiac-style serial killer and the overly online radicalized Incel
I think he would have worked better as an online schtizo who looks up bomb making manuals on the dark web, rather then asking his subscribers

also this was by far my favorite version of Gotham, It's not just the gothic architecture, new england old world style architecture and the color palettes, but during a rare shot in full sunlight, every building, street, sidewalk, etc. etc. just looked dingy and dirty and in desperate need of a pressure wash, I was impressed.

No. 190297

%100, it conflicted with the whole riddler persona of being a genius, and I felt he was a fucking loser for having followers. He could have even just done his shit without the streaming and inspiring people and leaving instructions for them.

No. 190300

I feel like the streaming was just to further add a realistic element to it. I can easily imagine a retard with homicidal tendencies gathering an audience online and using them to carry out his plan. I mean we had incel retards posting their homicidal plans on 4chin before going out and doing them. I think the director just wanted to emphasize that this could happen

No. 190311

nta, I can understand that with other characters but with riddler it doesn't fit, his main thing is despite his patheticness and delusionals of grandeur he's supposed to be genuinely intelligent, Like I'm fine with him being some hobo bitchute using Incel, I just wish there were details that actually showed his character actually being smart

No. 190313

>psychotic but genius zodiac-style serial killer
idk who told you the zodiac killer was a genius but most of the reason he got away with it was because it was the fucking 60s/70s and police barely knew how to deal with murders. if you had even an inkling of knowing how to lay low you'd be fine. the zodiac killer was literally questioned by police not long after a murder when he was walking down the street and he just told them he saw a guy with a knife running down some other street and they left him alone. the cops were stupid as fuck.

but anyway i agree i didn't love the idea of him being on social media, would make him way too easy to track down in current times.

No. 190316

general social media but I can see him using the dark web, a lot of modern terrorists Islamists, White nationalists e.t.c learn to make bombs, blow up bridges, hack ATM's from terrorist training manuals and documents online
I remember a guy on discord showing me this ISIS made doc that was just a collection of methods on how to commit acts of terror

No. 190321

i don't remember the movie clarifying that it was a darkweb site. i could be wrong. it just looked like a typical "this is totally instagram but not" thing they do in movies. i'm pretty big into darkweb crime and i can't think of any sites where you have followers and its formatted like insta. they tend to use message boards.

No. 190328

I have two pics from that saved, but they're on my desktop PC and I'm out of town rn w/ my laptop, lol. I've literally moved them from PC to PC for years, in the hopes of one day proving I didn't imagine this. When I reverse image search them, nothing comes up, and I never even find anything in 4chan archives – they could be bs, imho, but I just don't know. I wasn't there for the og thread, just discussion right after it happened. One is a pic of him that he'd drawn MS Paint sparkles on and written "SKIN OF A KILLER" and the other…ugh, I can't quite remember, I think it showed his hand with something like "hi /a/" written on the palm in ink? I'll try to remember to post them when I'm back in town.

No. 190352

I watched it with my sister and enjoyed it. It was a cute movie, though the mouth of the main character looks kinda goofy.

No. 190361

where can I read more about darkweb crimes?

No. 190372

ik this is a movie thread but u guys are talking about batman….so are there any batman fans out there?? like comic books, etc. i need to sperg about court of owls but the danoites and the pattersonists are everywhere.

(not that i mind that, but!)

No. 190373

samefag but i want to clarify that danofags are my sisters ofc

No. 190374

I think a comics thread would be a welcome addition to /m/, you could use that as a starting topic

No. 190375

good idea! i like manga as much as the next NEET but you know…

No. 190424

Haven't seen it and probably never will but something about the whole vibe of this movie annoys me from what I've seen of the commercials, I feel like I would end up hating all the characters.

No. 190444

File: 1647640690901.jpeg (24.94 KB, 265x375, Decoder_1984_poster.jpeg)

I've been watching various Vinegar Syndrome releases and there are some really interesting and bizarre films in their catalogue. I am hesitant to recommend going through their catalogue to people, though, since half of it is extremely misogynistic Italian serial killer biopics, forty-nine percent is experimental French gay erotica from 1962, and the remaining one percent is excellent.

I don't think Decoder was excellent, but it was interesting, especially if you've read William S. Burroughs. It's interesting to see his ideas performed in such a different medium.

No. 190489

i listen to podcasts

darknet diaries, casefile's "silk road" series, and hunting warhead are all among the best

No. 190832

File: 1647782679846.png (98.43 KB, 619x413, Turning-Red-9a1d552-e164319800…)

Saw turning red with my friend yesterday and I loved it. With all the self-hating girls who identify as boys these days, chop of their breasts and desperately make themselves look as non-female as possible it's so nice to see Mei choosing to keep her red panda = keeping her femaleness, despite the troubles it gives her and how badly she wished for it to go away at first. The fact that troons hate it simply for being so apologetically about biological girls and not catering to their maleness just makes me love it more. If troons hate it its guaranteed to be great for girls and women.

No. 190924

File: 1647808633730.jpg (473.4 KB, 2000x1500, volver.jpg)

it might be interesting to list our ten favourite films? or around ten films, depending.

No. 190926

i fucking loathe the art style of this. they somehow made one of the cutest animals ugly as fuck and horrid to look at.

No. 190928

File: 1647809195810.jpg (312.96 KB, 1600x901, turningred.jpg)

same. i don't get the western obsession with making everything so rounded and smooth. with the super fluid animation it sorta looks uncanny to me. i haven't seen the movie itself but from what ive heard the story seems nice though

No. 190931

yeah it absolutely seems like a good movie and all, i just can't stand the calarts shit

No. 190932

> i don't get the western obsession with making everything so rounded and smooth

this is a sentence someone took time to type out and then post

No. 190944

>t. enraged Californian that spent 150k to major in beanmouths

No. 190971

No. 190987

File: 1647825787772.jpg (143.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I really loved it too! I just watched it today, I loved how much it purely did focus on women. I don't wanna inject my terfery into the film too much but I did really like the period talk and everything about "becoming women" lel, to make it troon-proof. It feels good to have movies about being women, from the silly boy-band stuff to the mother-daughter trauma.
The animations style wasn't up my alley at all but I kinda appreciated that none of the female charachters looked super pretty, and instead they all looked realistically plain. They remind me of myself as a frumpy tween, and don't look like moid fantasies of little girls lol.

No. 190989

I completely agree with you nonna. Its nice to have media focus on actual girls for once.

No. 190990

I loved it too, and I don't think you're injecting terfery into it at all, lol. I love that it's so honest about periods/adolescence, but that it makes it clear that they're all still kids – I felt so pressured to "grow up" at that age (read: be sexy in a way men wanted), and it's so great to see something about tween girls actually being goofy little weirdos. And I loved how totally female-centric it was – the girls' friendship being so rooted in the type of girly fandom boys mock, the cadre of baller aunties in their Boca couture, the pain of not being able to save your mom from the things that hurt her, sealing the panda being this metaphor for the way women have to put themselves on a leash as they grow, Mei being embraced by her ancestral goddess for choosing a different path….I thought I was reading way too much into it, but I watched it w/ my normie mom and little niece and they had the same reaction, which is awesome. Niece and her friends have already watched it again together.

I'm a little tired of beanmouth, but tbh I liked the style! I love how distinct it made the girls. And I think it's insane that people are acting like a movie that doesn't depict girls as doe-eyed moeblobs is at all "more of the same," no matter how many times someone bitches about calarts. [spoilers]also jfc, every era has a few dominant styles, this isn't just a "ugh calarts 2010s/2020s!!!! problem and I think too many people are swallow bs justifications screamed by men who just hate that women have more power in animation now[/spoiler]

No. 190993

Watching Batman right now, I hope I enjoy it

No. 190996

as much as I may have liked it, I can't stand the degen stuff
"stripper music"
"butt shaking"

No. 190997

didn't know nuns used lolcow kek

No. 190999

I haven't watched this movie - nor do I plan to, since the art style is hideous -, but from what I've seen of discussions and pictures, this movie seems to be really creepy. Apparently her animal form is a metaphor for puberty and she lets people touch it for money? Is that really true? Ugh, and what's up with all those twerking scenes. Considering the Tumblr art style plus the furry shit, I wouldn't be surprised if this movie is some pedo shit at all.

No. 191029

File: 1647841711342.jpg (50 KB, 816x620, 9413 dead.jpg)

Watched a short, silent film called The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra. It's about how dehumanizing Hollywood is and how foolish it is to think you'll make it and be a star. And that's in 1928!

No. 191037

its not that deep no need to overthink so much lmao

No. 191069

Watched it yesterday and I really like it! The art style could be better but it's not too bad. I liked the focus on women, mom-daughter relationship and periods because I'm sick of it being treated like some gross taboo thing by media. I think the movie handled those themes well.
Also I liked all the cringy shit because they reminded me of myself as a kid kek and the mom's kaijuu panda was cool, I wish she would have kept hers as well.
The butt talk and the phrase "my panda my choice" kinda rubbed me the wrong way but eh, I don't want to think too much about it.

No. 191103

Because only a nun would be weirded out by a film showing children twerking…did you forget the Cuties controversy from last year

No. 191129

You talking about it like they had the girls on stripper poles when it’s a cartoon bear shaking its butt as a joke lmao.

No. 191277

ooh sounds interesting, I'm gonna watch it

No. 191279

Can anyone recommend me a lesser known detective film with oldschool vibes that is not Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Mrs Marple or Agatha Christie?

No. 191301

File: 1647946103415.jpeg (50.55 KB, 856x484, 5C515AB9-079C-4E1E-B0F0-41EB47…)

Watched Hustlers and it made me hate everything, specifically men, even more. Was reading some reviews and I love how the only thing the men got from the movie was "strippers drug men and bought new stuff"

No. 191327

File: 1647961448671.jpg (96.09 KB, 850x1304, bfda16e89bac678c3059d702c0b0fb…)

after watching the new Batman film and rewatching the old Christopher Nolan version, I aboustetly do not understand how anyone took that series seriously
Its almost like a parody, the way batman moves with his costume is just comical and voice always males me laugh out loud
Pattinson's Batman was intimidating asf, seemed like an unhinged violent mental case

No. 191328

File: 1647961532623.jpg (45.59 KB, 660x371, PADS OMFG.jpg)

I liked it a lot, saw a lot of 4chin scrotes calling it "DEGENERATED" and being overly offended at the mom carrying a bunch of pads kekk. I really didn't see it, nor did I see the "zomg so impowering" aspect that some people are trying to push. I guess I'm not moral-panicky nor American enough to see it

No. 191332

people mistake heath ledgers incredible performance as anything other than an incredible performance in a shitty movie
if you watch nolans other capeshit films they are the same level of horrible corniness
batman 2022 is the only iteration of bruce that has ever made me feel strong emotions, and the movie itself completely stands on its own, not carried by a single performance

No. 191337

Cillian Murphy by far was the best part in the first film, Liam Neeson also gave a decent performance with the frankly dumb character he was given, his motivations are actually more insane then the Joker's and they make no sense at all

No. 191341

Yeah, I also didn’t see the whole cringe libfem empowering things, she twerks but at the end of the story and because she knows it’s annoying to her mom, not because it’s some super power or because it’s sexy. There also isn’t a focus on how she twerks, it’s for a few moments and what matters is how annoyed is her mom with it.

No. 191347

kek right? I recently rewatched some clips from the Dark Knight and they almost seem comical. Bale's voice makes my throat hurt

No. 191363

File: 1647971527393.jpg (309.68 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BM2EzZmFmMmItODY3Zi00NjdjLW…)

The "for you" scene in the dark knight wasn't memed for months straight because it was good
Which is a good time for me to remind everyone that Nolan is a HACK whose movies are only seen as passable because their overreliance on gimmicks distracts the viewer from the glaring flaws that no competent director would have allowed to make it to the final cut

I really liked Sleuth (1972) and Gone Baby Gone was decent
If you're looking for true whodunits there's not a lot of movies with them, it's a genre more suited for series. There's however a lot of films noirs, courtroom dramas and movies where murderers try to get away with their crimes, as everything Hitchock made (Dial M for murder, Rope), Witness for the prosecution, Double Indemnity, Autopsy of a murder, The Long Goodbye, The third man, Laura, or Brick

No. 191372

File: 1647971914256.png (268.09 KB, 964x1788, X.png)

I remember when some of the first leaked pics of the new batsuit were released, so many male comicbook fags were spearing about it, how it 'betrayed' the source comics and how it wasn't iconic enough, but I really don't care
I'm a comicfag myself and I can see that most batsuits look goofy in live action, I do think Batman should wear a more tactical batsuit that actually is intimidating and practical

No. 191380

>being overly offended at the mom carrying a bunch of pads
kek I'd love to see that. They always find a way to complain about inoffensive movies or cartoons, especially if they're not meant to cater to them.
I saw them complaining about there being "TOO MANY" movies about "female empowerment", completely ignoring the shit-ton of male coming-of-age movies there are.
>The fact that troons hate it simply for being so apologetically about biological girls and not catering to their maleness just makes me love it more.
Exactly, I don't think there is enough focus on girls' issues from a female perspective and/or handled well. We should have more like this, things that make kids feel better about themselves, not avoid it out of fear of offending the tiny vocal minority that is troons. And the less women trooning out out of self-hate, the better.

No. 191390

The suit will never not look goofy with that fucking cowl, Reeves did the best job so far

No. 191397

File: 1647976466940.jpg (5.04 KB, 183x275, download.jpg)

at least he made it look like a helmet that would give him some protection, but nolan's cowl was by the worst and most awkward looking

No. 191405

I kind of wish I still talked to my middle school friends that were obsessed with sailor moon and warrior cats because this seems like the perfect movie to watch with them

No. 191482

this. acting like a movie that acknowledges tweens find butts funny is OMG PEDOBAIT is fucking insane.

No. 191483

she and her friends make $ off making t-shirts and letting kids takes goofy pictures with her in panda form, stop letting /co/ scrotes fill your head with stupid opinions

No. 191878

File: 1648141562993.jpeg (875.18 KB, 1500x2114, z4sbu1P[1].jpeg)

I'm done watching the Project Itoh trilogy, which are three feature-length movies that are an adaptation of author Project Itoh's three novels, Genocidal Organ, Harmony and Empire of Corpses (posthumous), notable because he got SF japanese lit prizes and he died at 34 yo of pancreatic cancer (and was a friend of game designer Hideo Kojima). They all have a bit of gore in them so I wouldn't recommend them to the more sensitive, and while GO and Harmony deal with SF threats in the near future (soldiers without feelings against a mass manipulator; Ergo Proxy-like augmented health investigator against a mass manipulator), Empire of Corpses is in steampunk 19th century where every single character is a literary figure/celebrity of the time, and the plot deals with corpses brought back to life thanks to Victor Frankenstein's notes and Charles Babbage's analytical engine

All of them have some actually interesting ideas in them, and I have found a lot of similitudes between GO and Harmony, and MGS4, 5 and the last two Deus Ex games, which could either show a direct influence between the two mediums, or just reveal elements of what defines 2010s SF
Sadly while they all contain some good scenes and have impressive english dubbing (imo better than the original) the story always gets a bit too vague and confusing with its explanations, or just plain unrealistic/relying on "magic", to satisfy the rigorous SF fan. Also the fanservice in Empire of Corpses is a bit…
All in all worth a watch if you're curious about the current state of japanese SF. Plus Harmony has really great credits music

No. 191918

File: 1648157908704.jpg (212.09 KB, 1200x676, 16294695683527.jpg)

I tried to watch the Eternals and wow, they went above and beyond with Representation, to the point where it's soooo ridiculous you can tell they're just putting checkmarks on the list. Not only change the character's gender from male to female, also from white to black and why not make her deaf also? It feels disrespectful to the actors to just have them used like that, especially since everyone in this movie has so little screen time they feel disposable. All that with shitty dialogue that more than any other marvel movie treats viewers like absolute morons unable to follow anything happening on screen; and also designs are completely uninspired, from flat environments through costumes to ridiculously boring villain creatures race, just wtf. I knew this movie is not going to be good but I'm still surprised how bad it actually is.

No. 191943

What's the story actually? I just know it takes place on an ugly beach. I personally thought that Avengers Endgame was a good enough conclusion to the MCU and I don't want to bother following the next movies and series just to be able to understand potential future movies I'd want to watch later. The MCU managed to gain the problem that the comics have: too much shit to follow at the same time.

No. 191966

How'd you like it, nonnie?

No. 191992

File: 1648180237924.jpeg (103.14 KB, 1280x720, 6A7474C8-4A1A-4B69-8DC8-80ED4A…)

Can anons recommend me movies that depict violence against men? Need to let off some steam by watching men suffer

No. 191993

Ah my instant reaction is American Mary, which is amazing film overall, but there is also violence (sexual) to women. The french film Raw is also good, but the violence is more incidental / different meaning overall. Would describe as a movie about sisterly bond. wait I’ll think of more

No. 191994

sameanon, the first two ‘Hostel’ movies are good. Has been described as torture porn, but it’s nothing like Saw (was my first assumption and why I initially wrote them off).

No. 192000

thank you so much anon! i have seen the hostel movies and i love them so i’ll def also give those a rewatch

No. 192044

File: 1648197369900.jpg (107.14 KB, 1200x675, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_0b…)

Is the Death on Nile movie worth seeing if I want an oldfashioned mystery movie?

No. 192060

No, as murder mystery fans my dad and I fucking hated it, watch the one from 1978.

No. 192064

I should add that the one before it, Murder on the Orient Express, was much more bearable. Death on the Nile, idk, it was awful, like they half-assed the most important thing: the plot. I actually left angry. Poirot's explanation at the end barely covered the important parts. Things were neglected. That's what bothered us most. The acting wasn't anything special either. And much of the movie was painfully historically inaccurate. I also found the many woke subplots unnecessary to the point they managed to detract from the rest. Then there were many sexual moments that had you going "wtf?" for being unnecessary and random, like the men behind this movie all had boners when they made it. Just total garbage. I wouldn't have minded those things as much if they weren't noticeably more important to the filmmakers than recreating a classic murder mystery. They changed the characters around too.

So yes, at least the previous one was better, but there were superior adaptations made decades back. The 1978 version of Death on the Nile was good, as well as Evil Under the Sun from 1982. Murder on the Orient Express with Albert Finney as Poirot was even better iirc. Sorry if any parts of my post came off hostile, I am just angry to remember how bad that movie was lol.

No. 192067

Can't delete my post to update but I was too gentle on the acting lol, they cast Gal Gadot we'll just leave it at that.

No. 192374

File: 1648323623665.jpg (92.83 KB, 700x525, 20220322_055859.jpg)

I am trying to remember movies I enjoyed (for a "favourites" section in my journal) and the list is kinda embarrassingly scrotey aside ones obviously targeted at women.
>legally blonde, the godfather, mean girls, donnie darko, oldboy, sympathy for lady vengeance, fight club (for the storyboard), the addams family, silence of the lambs, alien (also maybe heathers and jennifer's body)
Anyone wanna recommend me some more stuff in that alley that panders to women?

No. 192378

Perhaps the greatest SF action horror movie starring almost nothing but women, belonging to the very niche "A group of characters goes for a suicide mission into a zone where nature has changed beyond recognition" genre
Actually fun
>Midsommar, Hereditary
>Sicario, Fargo
There's not enough movies starring female cops…
>His Girl Friday (1940)
Not that pandering, but a rare example of a black and white movie where they switched the gender of the two main protagonists
>Thelma and Louise
Self explanatory
>Gone Girl
Describing it would be revealing its plot!
>Mad Max Fury Road
Women and their male slave vs male horde
>Black Swan
A dancer trains too hard
>Cléo de 5 à 7
More of an auteur film, the real-time life of a woman in the 60s in Paris. One of the earliest "classic" directed by a woman

No. 192382

Thanks a lot, anon! I watched and loved Fargo, Midsommar and Gone Girl so I'm looking forward to the rest of the list.

No. 192488

File: 1648352154733.jpg (59.43 KB, 796x461, stereo 1969.jpg)

I watched David Cronenberg's first movie. It's alright; interesting, but very obviously a debut. The whole movie I was distracted by how attractive this guy is. I think it would have worked better as a short film since it's more of a thought experiment than an actual film.

No. 192504

Did you go and see it Anon? I just got back and loved it.

No. 192536

Oh yeah, I was >>187081
Turns out I couldn't wait for a week lol

No. 192681

Does anyone have a rec for films similar to brittany runs a marathon, one of my fav films and helped kick my ass to improve my life so I'm trying to get a whole similar list going

No. 192687

he is gorgeous and was in a couple other cronenberg movies, i liked him in crimes of the future even though that movie was weird and bad

No. 192705

I watched Crimes of the Future last night. I agree it was weird and bad, a huge step down from Stereo. But I didn't like him in it. He looked repulsive and did repulsive things and I fear I may never love again.

No. 192723

yeah it sucks, i thought he was pretty cute in the movie but oof that ending, what the fuck

No. 192893

Just watched High Life, I enjoyed it. It begs comparison with Interstellar, and it did everything right that Interstellar missed. It doesn't break immersion with unnecessary "scientific" explanations, it doesn't try to appeal to the masses by becoming an action movie, and it focuses on realistic, unsanitized human interactions. I think it's the movie with the most baby footage I've watched, perhaps the only one showing real footage of a baby's first steps
Pattinson's pretty good in it, but I think Juliette Binoche really shines in it. I only ever saw her in roles where she was demure and well-meaning so it was good to see her in a very different role where she could show her acting skills

No. 193066

File: 1648548472153.jpg (83.93 KB, 854x619, reindeer.jpg)

I watched The White Reindeer. It's the second Finnish film I've ever seen. I liked it. It's basically a simple fairy tale. Very cool seeing how everyone skied and the reindeer were gorgeous.

No. 193382

File: 1648661688193.jpg (102.13 KB, 800x450, thelostcity-trailer.jpg)

Just came back from watching the lost city. It was so disappointing, the movie didn't get decent till the second half, the jokes weren't funny, and the only good part which was them finding the "red headpiece" was ruined because of the rest of the film being bad.

>The Lost City, isn't out yet but it looks like a pretty decent comedy adventure film.
it's not anon who asked about fun adventure films don't bother watching it lol >>189199

No. 193393

Has anyone seen the weird cursed pinocchio by lionsgate? Also apparently 2022 is the year of pinocchio since there is also netflix and live action disney ones coming out so a total of 3

No. 193410

There's also that weird edgy game that's pretty much a Bloodborne mode.

No. 193635

File: 1648729714662.jpeg (57.36 KB, 418x618, FC7A6EA9-EF5A-44C6-A7EC-5A27EF…)

just think of all the Pinocchio smut that’s gonna be made

No. 193638

File: 1648730378134.png (965.53 KB, 1280x720, 1636419003131.png)

>The title is inspired by Carlo Collodi’s novel Pinocchio. It aims to turn the story on its head. In Lies of P, you play as Pinocchio and must navigate through a dark Belle Epoque world where humanity is lost.

>The city of Krat will be the hell in which you begin your adventure and try to discover who framed Mr. Geppetto for what happened to yourself and the world around you. The mystery will be a driving factor throughout the story. As a mechanoid puppet, you’ll control Pinocchio as you craft weapons, interact with the few survivors in the pre-industrial Krat, and decide when to lie and tell the truth. Lies guide you more towards becoming human, which entails its own advantages and disadvantages.

No. 193642

>dark belle epoque
>outfit is obviously early 19th century
the fuck do they think belle epoque is

No. 193840

File: 1648810059806.jpeg (210.25 KB, 833x1241, 7CC69B78-37C7-4E22-AC27-B3366C…)

Is there a lot of nudity in this movie? I plan on watching it with my parents…

No. 193841

Okay so I've read it's brief.

No. 193858

Dead at Pauly Shore voicing him, but I’m excited for Del Toros Pinocchio but I always wonder is there like something planned bts for why certain topics or ideas suddenly get films from different studios released very soon with each other like this or Jungle Book a few years ago or the new Jane Austens coming out also?

No. 194030

File: 1648850672338.jpeg (152 KB, 1403x828, 68F570F8-BE8E-4A67-9FEC-BAF0F7…)

They would all browse LC. Especially my queen, Jess.

No. 194124

What is this?

No. 194145

Black Christmas (1974)! So sorry for the late reply.

No. 194146

File: 1648890050158.jpeg (63.17 KB, 401x764, 80CEFDA8-0CA0-4E6C-964D-92E233…)

late to the party on this one but i just watched fight club for the first time because i saw it on netflix. honestly it was a great film, funny in places and yeah. wasn’t expecting it to be so good seeing how so many men venerate this movie.

i also read some comments by the author of the book about the very deliberate gay elements of the storyline which was quite interesting. the film reeks of homoeroticism i wonder if straight dudes just don’t notice that

No. 194279

File: 1648938343807.jpg (95.43 KB, 625x352, Nureyev-white crow.jpg)

Does anyone have any good ballet based movies (or media) to check out? I've been taking these beginner adult classes after doing it a bit as a kid, and I've fallen in love again and just binge watching everything (but lol why are so many of them pretty tragic?!)

I've seen:
Center Stage
Red Shoes
Black Swan(Perfect blue knock off fr)
First Position
The Company (Neve is gorgeous in this!)
The Turning point
Ballet Russes
Princess Tutu (anime)
Dance Dance Danseur (manga w anime coming)
Swan (manga)
Billy Elliot (of course)
Ballet 422
A Ballerina's Tale
This boring af netflix show and Bunheads
The White Crow (LOVED THIS!)
All the Step up movies (so fun)

I'm I guess looking for movies that aren't english especially if someone knows one that they think I should definitely see, thank you in advance!

No. 194290

Def had a gay undertone to it! Straight men who worship movies like this either deliberately ignore the gay shit or pretend it doesnt exist. (My super hetero main anti hero cant ever be gay)

No. 194365

File: 1648971432130.jpg (129.47 KB, 1000x1482, MV5BZTM2ZGJmNjQtN2UyOS00NjcxLW…)

I don't get it

No. 194366

It’s funny as the satire it is and has some iconic lines but the recent revival of it as a misogyny meme and chad thing because uwu Christian Bale are unbearable and drag it down. It’s not for everyone, the first time I watched I hated and couldn’t finish it.

No. 194383

the author of the book is literally gay, most men who like it don’t even know it’s based on a book though kek

No. 194384

Idk about movies, but there are some documentary style videos on YouTube. There's one by teen vogue, one by AOL, another one by awesomenessTV, as well as several in Russian. Also Disney+ has a documentary style series about it too called On Pointe.

No. 194396

File: 1648982900369.jpg (49.19 KB, 257x388, Theycamefromwithin.jpg)

I watched David Cronenberg's third film: Shivers or They Came from Within or The Parasite Murders or Orgy of the Blood Parasites or whatever you want to call it. Extremely lurid. It's the kind of thing a serial killer would jerk off to. And there's even pedo shit.

I don't know. Maybe Cronenberg isn't for me.

No. 194398

Are you watching them in order of release? Most people just watch the fly, scanners, videodrome or existenz and straight up ignore the weirder shit he did first.

No. 194418

File: 1648992159636.jpeg (255.67 KB, 1000x1500, 80F39F5B-84AF-455A-9253-763B22…)

Watched this and it was meh imo. What really got me though was the grocery store and movie theater scene, especially the movie theater one. When it showed that guy way in the front already looking back at her, it made me think I'd shit my pants if I was in her situation. I feel like those two scenes saved the movie. Oh and the part where the MC has to burn her father made me tear up a bit. I also really liked the hanging bed at her dad's place. That's all I can think of for this movie.

No. 194425

I like watching it with the idea that he Didn't do any of the killing and it was all a cringe fantasy he had before he has an absolute meltdown

No. 194444

gore bump. scroll safely

No. 194470

File: 1649009707860.gif (1.49 MB, 245x200, WqWu.gif)

thank you nonny! I'm basically learning russian with how many ballet docs I've been watching. I wonder what dance movies does anyone like and want to rec? Also careful all, gore in m so bumping

No. 194532

I heard everyone's shitting on it but I haven't heard any specific details, would be interested about your impressions once you've watched it

No. 194542

I just got back from seeing it. Too visually overstimulating and Leto was a Mary Sue. If I have to pick a vampire film, I'd rather watch Twilight

No. 194545

I like Videodrome, the Fly, Naked Lunch, and Existenz, so I decided to watch/rewatch most but not all of Cronenburg's works. Might as well do it chronologically. I always knew he was transgressive, but I never realized how sleazy. I was probably naive.

No. 194560

File: 1649028746468.jpg (42.41 KB, 800x548, Young Edwige Fenech (1).jpg)

any nonas here gialloheads?

No. 194561

Do you have any recommendations? I've seen a couple of Argento films & wanna branch out a bit

No. 194579

Just saw Batman and it was sweeeet, only real complaint was that it was a bit on the long side and the scenes with Selina were pointless, you can tell they were just there because the director got horny.

No. 194622

I actually liked Selina a lot, the scenes I found useless were just the ones when she awkwardly hits on Batman,aka Gotham biggest autist.

No. 194658

yeah, he might not be if you're the type of person to take his movies really seriously and think it's some kind of statement of the creator. cronenberg makes weird films that almost always have a tinge of humor to them, though it's hard to see that humor if you're offended by the material. not saying you were necessarily offended but taking a movie like shivers literally, and that the stuff in it is being condoned, is kinda silly. it's a silly movie.

it's also far from his best work. he was experimenting a lot in the 60s/70s

No. 194661

"the director got horny"? she touches his face and they have the least romantic kiss twice. riddler had more chemistry with the mayor after he killed him ffs.

and i agree with the other anon, selina was great aside from me wondering why this 11/10 girl was trying so hard with bruce when he's such an awkward loser

No. 194662

Clearly, Selina has shit taste in men. She even insulted Bruce before kissing Batman, so she doesn't realize that she has shit taste.

No. 194699

>why this 11/10 girl was trying so hard with bruce
To get him to help her and to have a competent accomplice to do crimes with her (but he only thinks about justice)

No. 194702

File: 1649091118018.jpeg (248.85 KB, 1414x1000, C08EE328-069F-4EE8-BD34-5EA530…)

have you checked out bava and fulci? i’ve also downloaded a couple of movies i’m planning to watch this week, maybe check out the synopsis and see if you’re interested?

What Have You Done to Solange?- Massimo Dallamano (1972)
> A sexually sadistic killer preys on the girls of St. Mary's Catholic School. Student Elizabeth witnessed one of the murders, but her hazy recollections of a knife-wielding figure in black do nothing to further the police's investigations.

Don’t Torture a Duckling- Lucio Fulci (1972)
>A reporter and a young woman investigate a series of child murders in a remote town.

The Church- Michele Soavi (1989)
> An old Gothic cathedral, built over a mass grave, develops strange powers and traps a number of people inside with ghosts from a twelfth century massacre, who are seeking to resurrect an ancient demon from the bowels of the Earth. (idk if this counts as giallo exactly but Argento worked on it)

Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key- Sergio Martino (1972)
> Oliviero is a drunk, burned-out writer who amuses himself by hosting orgies and humiliating his wife. When a number of women are murdered in grisly fashion, Oliviero becomes a prime suspect.

Spasmo- Umberto Lenzi (1974)
> A discovery is made by Christian and his girlfriend on what was meant to be a romantic stroll.

No. 194705

You could try A Bay of Blood (1971) aka Ecologia del delitto aka Reazione a catena aka Carnage aka Twitch of the Death Nerve aka Blood Bath, hugely influential on the american slasher genre, perhaps even created it. I've got a friend who always raves about City of the Living Dead (1980) but I haven't watched it…
They're made by Bava and Fulci, who nona above mentioned

No. 194765

File: 1649107286222.jpg (14.55 KB, 320x320, northman-poster01.jpg)

Is there any new movie you're looking forward to? I just noticed the Northman is going to get released in two weeks but the only appeal it has for me is that it's directed by Robert Eggers

No. 194770

Dying to watch this for Anya, Willem and Björk

No. 194801

File: 1649113552822.png (74.48 KB, 241x197, 1648447945174.png)


No. 194808

No. 194811

Yes I'm so excited for this movie. Bring on the over the top pulpy warrior revenge story. Amazing cast too

No. 194821

I am super excited for The Northman. Alexander Skarsgård is my favourite actor of all time, so him starring in a Robert Eggers film is like a dream come true for me

No. 194904

Acabo de mirar esta. Quizas, entendi setenta por ciento, pero todavia estoy apriendo. Entendi toda la trama aunque mucho del dialogo fue dificil. Carajo, hablan rapido!

No. 194914

No. 194950

File: 1649173014998.jpeg (41.5 KB, 800x450, D48F071A-C4E1-4320-9551-AE42DF…)

I just watched Ingrid Goes West last night and I kinda liked it, I didn’t really like the end tho, I was hoping for more of a “twist” you could already tell that Taylor was a phony alcoholic with a husband who hated her I didn’t like Ingrid getting with the landlord, I could tell that the honeybun looking son of ice cube liked her from the start and uhm idk I just think it’s random also he looks like a teddy graham.

No. 194965

the movie was really good until the end imo but maybe the end was just right like none of the problems were solved she just got famous it’s kind of mad depressing

No. 194970

looked it up, I like films about psychotic women but the film seems cringe asf

No. 194976

i feel like Ingrid at the end of the movie rn except I have no love interest or anyone to pull me out of the hole I've dug for myself. to see the death of a parasocial obsession in real time is just painful, honestly. I hate that I relate to this movie so much

I would actually give the movie a chance if you haven't seen it, it's better than it looks. If you've ever had a bad celebrity or character obsession you would probably relate to it

No. 195043

It only recently came out but has anyone seen You Won't Be Alone? The plot sounds really interesting.
>In 19th-century Macedonia, a young girl is kidnapped and then transformed into a witch by an ancient spirit. Curious about life as a human, the witch accidentally kills a peasant in the nearby village and then takes her victim's shape to live life in her skin. Her curiosity ignited, she continues to wield this horrific power to understand what it means to be human.
Noomi Rapace is in it too but she's not the lead. I'm always here for monster ladies and it's been compared to The Witch so I'm going to watch it in theaters soon.

No. 195087

As someone who really likes most of Cronenberg's films and has a major thing for corruption, yeah this one was kind of gross on many levels. Pretty much "Night of the Living Sex-Parasite-Infected-Yuppies". I kind of got a J.G. Ballard "High Rise" vibe from it, but for real they probably filmed the entire movie in a single apartment building in order to save $$$.

Fun fact: in that scene where the characters are going down the hallway with sex zombies reaching out through the gaps in the walls to grab them (a direct homage/ripoff of Night of the Living Dead), Cronenberg has a cameo as one of the zombies.

If you haven't seen Scanners, that one is worthwhile IMO.

No. 195139

File: 1649229441779.jpg (59.97 KB, 564x800, El_habitante_incierto-75531269…)

I just saw this Spanish movie, I saw it in Spanish so I don't know if it is in English, I'm sorry.
I liked it a lot, I didn't have faith in it, maybe at first it's a bit boring? but it gets good, although I'm not sure if I fully understood it, I would like it to become popular… so that someone can explain the ending to me ahahaha

No. 195242

This sounds so interesting omg

No. 195255

>it's been compared to The Witch
oooh I haven't heard of this one but this makes me want to watch it

No. 195339

I would have watched it for funsies if there were active torrents of it…

No. 195473

I love this movie only because it makes fun of self important scrotes, I genuinely don't get how some people (mainly males) can watch it and not get how big of a loser Bateman is supposed to be, he's pathetic.

No. 195557

File: 1649350765529.png (587.42 KB, 1080x688, morbius.png)

Has anyone watched this? I'm getting so morbiusly obsessed about it I may actually go watch it myself

No. 195558

File: 1649350936533.png (109.26 KB, 763x403, Screenshot 2022-04-07 190046.p…)

It's supposedly really bad kek. But I'm still thinking about it, maybe it's the 'so bad it's good' category

No. 195563

Pirate it. Moid Leto doesnt deserve money.

No. 195564

None of these sound good. They all sound like torture porn for men. disgusting

No. 195574

I saw it with friends. It is incredibly bad. It was mostly just painful bad, but there were some funny bad moments in there. Not nearly enough to justify paying money to see it. Maybe the meme status can elevate the viewing experience, but it really fucking sucked.

No. 195633

Every source I've come across says it really is THAT bad, but I kinda have the urge to see this because I love vampires and have a fondness for shitty films that I can mock while watching. Will definitely pirate it tho.

Have you seen the trailer already? The bit where he suddenly discovers that he can fly superman-style just about killed me. Also he's got some kind of weird gargoyle transformation thing going on, like someone got werewolves and vampires mixed up.

No. 195696

File: 1649392092611.png (69.71 KB, 2560x1463, mx.png)

Any Spanish language reccs?

No. 195704

No. 195799

File: 1649422931009.png (36.64 KB, 261x382, Dead_Alive_(1993).png)

Just finished this lmao, it was such a fun movie

No. 195801

Are we talking Spain Spanish or LatAm Spanish? But I rec Relatos Salvajes and Pan's Labyrinth!

No. 195803

File: 1649423816344.png (724.55 KB, 516x788, lallorona.png)

plenty of bad la llorona movies out there but this one was good and in spanish!

No. 195815

Yess, such a classic!

No. 195829

I enjoyed terrified (atterados) but I think it might only be on Shudder.

No. 195837

Seconding this but I just remembered accidently watching the one instead with Velma from the live action scooby doo and Tuco from breaking bad first while searching for, and that was so bad it was good I have to say

No. 195839

The Curse of La Llorona?? Yeah that one is hilarious lol

No. 195867

File: 1649435322240.jpg (86.13 KB, 880x586, Matt-Sazama-Burk-Sharpless-mar…)

>70% audience score
Every time
I think I'm not going to watch the trailer on purpose, just to get hit by the full brunt of it when I'll go watch it for real. Fuck it, I don't even like marvel movies, I'm paying for the live reactions of the audience
Can someone explain to me how those two hacks keep writing movies? Every single one they did was panned by the critics, about half were box office bombs. Were the last witch hunter and dracula untold such massive cash cows that studios just keep gambling their franchises with them?

No. 195872

File: 1649437158055.jpg (56.82 KB, 650x900, MV5BYzM5YjM4MDktN2E2OC00ZTM0LT…)

>The Orphanage (2007)
prepare to cry, even though it's a horror film. INCREDIBLE soundtrack.
>Rec (2007)
nice, fast paced horror
>The Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
I have mixed feelings about this one, it's creepy part fairy tale, part war drama. Interesting visuals

No. 195873

Forgot to add that the soundtrack of The Pan's Labyrinth is also great

No. 195876

Rec was honestly so good for what it was. The american version Quarantine is absolute garbage in comparison.

No. 195897

American versions are always bad and i stay away from them. Look at the original ver of Let the right one in vs the american Let me In. Shit. Also, pan's labyrinth is great but a bit gorey and depressing.

No. 195903

I rec Ana and the Wolves (my personal fav) but Carlos Saura (the director) has a great list of films I think you might like for good Spanish language films

No. 195952

ok sorry will only watch Feminist Movies with Feminist Plotlines Good For Her zoomie movies. get over yourself and let women enjoy things you miserable cunt

No. 195963

Nta but damn girl relax. She didn't even criticize you but you felt the need to attack her for not wanting to watch movies about femicide, pedophiles and degrading orgies. You do you but I hardly think someone preferring not to watch films based around voyeuristic female pain is a "miserable cunt."

No. 195969

Fr major super online nlog/maybe moid behaviour, either way gross and you know they never act that way irl at all

No. 195971

nta but if that anon didn’t want to watch these movies, they could simply just not watch them no need to come into the thread with such a retarded take when the other anon was just giving movie recommendations that fit the criteria asked by someone. It’s dumb to moralfag over horror movies.

No. 195975

ok i know i was being a bit ott but it is quite frustrating how that anon was being about recommendations i was giving to someone who literally asked for that specific genre. sure some might find it sexist etc but it’s frustrating when every time you like something that’s “problematic” someone here jumps on you and calls you a misogynist a scrote etc. and also i’m definitely not an nlog and not a scrote im a literal separatist lmfao.

anyway anyone watched anything good lately any genre idm i just need recs

No. 195978

Its very weird to me how anons always jump down womens throats for consuming media that is made for “misogynistic scrotes”, like that is quite literally most media? Are we simply not supposed to watch anything? Also why don’t you just idk use this same energy for said misogynistic scrotes who are making this content, I doubt a few women pirating their movies from decades ago is harming or ~literally killing women~ it’s all so stupid.

No. 195990

Thank you both for being chill in your responses. It was really just the vitriol in the original comment that seemed over the top. Call me a carebear but /m/ usually has less shitflinging than elsewhere so it sucked to see. I do get your points about that being the genre discussed. When anons comment out of pocket like that I just take it as a normal part of being on lc but I can see why it felt pointless/annoying.
I do try to avoid misogynistic media by primarily watching content made by women and avoiding anything that centers violence and/or sexual assault. There's more respectful but meaningful content out there than you might imagine even though it's not as heavily promoted as the sexist stuff. That being said I absolutely still have some "problematic" media I enjoy and you're right that anons shouldn't be policed on their preferences.

No. 195991

File: 1649460961762.jpeg (243.72 KB, 1200x720, 9FFC2148-F653-47DB-9E97-F10170…)

Does anyone have a good film that’s similar to Chungking Express in the vibes? I’ve seen the directors other films, Sofia Coppola, Spike Jonze and just looking for a more obscure rec!

No. 195992

File: 1649461236715.jpg (53.56 KB, 837x555, santo hey.jpg)

Already on my backlog!

I've seen both. I like the anthology style of Relatos.


I've seen all the REC movies. I liked the second one at first, but I think in hindsight it wasn't anything especial since it was just the first movie again. Right after watching the third one - Genesis - I hated it and I still kind of do since it was completely pointless, but now that I think about it, I did like certain aspects of it. Still no idea why it was made. The fourth one sucked beyond belief. I have read some people online think it's a "return to form" or whatever and I seriously think those people have an IQ of 76.

Thanks for the Orphanage recc!

Thanks, I'll look into his work! Oh, I see immediately that he adapted Bodas de sangre, which I read recently, so I'll be sure to get that even though I didn't like the story very much.

No. 195994

It is interesting how much of this thread is weird gorey/sexy films from the 70's and 80's. I bet it's a lot of the same poster(s) but still interesting.

No. 196026

File: 1649470290602.jpg (374.18 KB, 2048x989, 15KUMIKO1.jpg)

You might like Kumiko the Treasure Hunter. It's also got a sense of urban melancholy, though with a main character who's deeply alienated from society. It touches on themes of loneliness, escapism, culture shock, and societal attitudes towards aging women (especially in East Asian countries). I've recommended it in a past thread, but if it sounds at all interesting I encourage you nonnas to see it.

No. 196028

File: 1649470629386.jpg (61.86 KB, 1280x720, maborosi2.jpg)

Another film I would recommend is Maborosi, but be warned, it's extremely depressing. It's about a woman whose husband kills himself, leaving her to wonder why he did it. It's very atmospheric and slow-paced like Kar-wai's films, though in this case it's trying replicate the feeling of intense grief and loss that the MC goes through. Ultimately I think it's a life-affirming film, but it's very subtle and doesn't hit you over the head with any messages.

If you like this film try Hirokazu Koreeda's other films. After Lives is one of my favorites from him.

No. 196072

File: 1649488240978.png (802.91 KB, 616x856, Screenshot 2022-04-09 090942.p…)

omg I remember seeing the cover of the VHS of this movie in the video rental shop I used to go to with my mom when I was a kid and it freaked me out like nothing else

No. 196087

File: 1649495116306.jpg (432.99 KB, 1200x1800, nB1mkxQKFRlAUkW8klmXrbs55zo[1]…)

>Tokyo story
An aging couple visits their grand children, no one cares about them
Perhaps rather far from what you seek as it's about 3 men in a ruined factory, but definitely has that certain melancholy
>The Music Room
An old rich landlord lives sadly in his ruined palace, great musical interludes
>Wings of Desire
An angel walks among Berlinese and can hear the thoughts of everyone
>Brief Encounter
A married british woman meets a man and starts thinking more and more about having an affair, great work on her inner thoughts, which are voiced over and very realistic for a 1945 movie
>Slacker (1991)
This really isn't like any other movie, as it follows random characters for a few moments each in the streets of Austin, but if you haven't watched a Richard Linklater movie (dazed and confused doesn't count) it may get you infatuated with his style

No. 196096

>weird gorey/sexy films from the 70's and 80's
You in fact would be hard pressed to find 70s movies that weren't at least a bit weird. The vietnam war, the threat of nuclear war, the abolition of the hays code (which censored nearly anything "controversial", up to blood spatters), the first decade of near-total domination of color films, rise of coke usage and pedophile directors mean that most american movies of that time were either groundbreaking or experimental in nearly all ways.
This means that decade has the weirdest and most original american movies in it (Eraserhead, all Cronenberg early movies, most Roeg movies, nearly every iconic horror movie), which means that yes, cinephiles are going to talk about the period during which american cinema finally catches up to european/asian cinema

No. 196175

File: 1649529354094.jpeg (363.06 KB, 1200x1500, 36A19838-4843-406C-BD02-D45B31…)

Just put this on! It’s been on my list to watch for a while. Have any of you anons watched it? I always found it such a shame Megan Fox was so sexualised by moids so that she was stuck in the typecast of being a sex icon ‘hot girl’ roles or whatever

No. 196176

Thank you so much nonnies!! They all sound so good, and yes I loved Kumiko, I was on a Rinko binge a while back, she's got some great films she's been in

No. 196182

I enjoyed it for what it was, it was never gonna be amazing. I feel like they were still slightly afraid to make her look really roughed up but I enjoyed the whole "man tries to control her one last time but she persevered". Also apparently she was not hancuffed to like a mannequin or anything and the hancuffed person was a stunt man which is quite impressive considering how dragged around the body gets.

No. 196285

File: 1649565715646.png (261.41 KB, 581x350, 2093829754351.png)

Watched this and enjoyed it. The lead character, Nevena, is raised in a cavern and not allowed to go outside until her 16th birthday, so through her perspective the cinematography really conveys the beauty and wonder she experiences upon the world opening up. The story is slow paced but didn't drag. It was dreamlike even during moments of violence. Poetic. Nevena is mute so you hear her inner dialogue which is innocent, curious and a bit odd, like an animal growing accustomed to the human world and trying to make sense of their ways (which isn't entirely off the mark since her upbringing is "feral").

I have mixed thoughts about the main witch who turns her. There's a strong theme of motherhood in the movie and she is contrasted with Nevena's biological mom as cold, lonely, suffering, vindictive. At first I really loved her fierceness. I was hopeful she'd prepare Nevena for the world's cruelty, and she does, but it turns out she emphasizes cruelty too much and attempts to shut down Nevena's appreciation for its beauty. (Minor spoilers without specifics) Past a certain point the witch goes from simply misunderstanding to an outright destructive force, hurting Nevena out of jealousy and rage. Considering her powers and longevity I thought it was strange she remained trapped in the pain of her past rather than warming to Nevena's outlook, but I guess it's not unusual for trauma to hold people back for a long time. I feel like more could've been done in regards to their relationship but can't put my finger on it.

As far as violence and sensitive scenes go, calling this a horror movie is a stretch. There's a lot of blood and viscera but it's not splattered everywhere for shock, it's very naturalistic. It does touch on domestic abuse and sexual assault, but these are handled lightly, and the director truly makes it about women's strength rather than voyeuristically focusing on their pain. Those topics are also far from the only focus. Lastly, the acting was great and the actresses conveyed so much through few words. I love Eggers but I liked this movie more than The Witch. It characterized them as real people, far more than "spooky figures causing trouble." TW is a fun, atmospheric horror movie that deals with the negative influence of religion. This is an artistic look at women's expected roles in society, the concept of being an outsider and family. Hope to see more from this director.

No. 196401

I wanted to check this out. I wanted Megan fox to do darker roles, so here's hoping i like it too

No. 197136

File: 1649885701695.jpg (87.3 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353[1].jpg)

Samehag here, I've watched it. I've done it in a mostly empty movie theater, with gatorade and a medium bucket of popcorn to sustain the body while the soul would starve
All in all, it's a movie that falls with the rest of disney marvel movies, which are designed to build up the never ending marvel universe and entice marvel fans to watch more all-pandering, basic marvel movies, which is doing pretty well so far.
Now, why are critics shitting on that one more than the others? I'd say it's because the creative team is caring even less with Morbius, as scenes carry on as quickly as possible to get on with the plot, ticking the check boxes of every superhero origin movie (sole characters being the hero, love interest, villain, the cops, and uncle ben), not bothering to properly explain some of the more wacky powers (there is no reason jared leto should be able to fly), while over explaining basic plot points or words such as "exsanguinate" to remind the audience that no one expects them to be too clever, and censoring blood splatters, as the producers didn't want a vampire movie to be R rated (like successful 1998 Marvel vampire movie, Blade)
Despite all this, you can feel some semblance of artistic intent behind the coldness and the greed. There's about one minute of total footage that's visually interesting (mainly at the end), some subtle moments are inspired by other mediums (picrel, or that specific flying pose from Prototype), which means that the director isn't completely incompetent and may create something interesting eventually, just not while serving the now very controlling disney.
Superhero movies fans who disliked the batman (2022) would probably enjoy this one, as in nearly all aspects it is its complete opposite

No. 197207

>Superhero movies fans who disliked the batman (2022) would probably enjoy this one, as in nearly all aspects it is its complete opposite
So it's crap like almost all of capeshit. Not that I expected anything else, but duly noted!

No. 197241

nta but great review and this actually made me want to watch it kek

No. 197289

Small erratum: Disney isn't responsible for all recent Spiderman-universe movies, it's Sony. Which would explain why Morbius and Venom have some similar flaws that some "regular" marvel movies don't…
Thanks, I had never watched a bad marvel movie in theaters before so I wanted to give it a try. If anything, it's fun to purposely go watch infamously bad movies just to find out what exactly is wrong with them

No. 198073

I liked it. She did great in this movie!

No. 198074

File: 1650197068357.jpeg (852.62 KB, 981x1469, 77FA67E6-1B7B-4B75-AE1F-8806FA…)

How much of a red flag is it that I watch a lot of movies about women murdering scrotes. Feels cathartic.
Most recently i saw Miss Meadows (2014), written and directed by a woman. Very pleasant watch for me.

No. 198134

Nonny that’s my fav genre now please share what to watch thank you! I’ve only got all of my Aileen Wuornos docs (rest in heaven Queen!)

No. 198185

Haven't seen Miss Meadows but it looks great! Need to watch it when I'm in the mood for murderous ladies.
On a vaguely related note, any good movies about insane, suicidal, self-destructive women in love? I need this content in my life ATM to feel better

No. 198515

File: 1650308053643.jpg (129.56 KB, 1000x1250, MV5BMTRkN2ZkOWMtYzYzMS00OGQzLT…)

watched "Choose or Die" on Netflix yesterday and really enjoyed it even though it's trash (I'm confused why there's a bunch of review on Letterboxd thirsting after the ugly bugeyed moid in it though.) I love movies that feel like they are inspired by or based on a creepypasta, what are some other movies like this? I've already seen all the Slenderman ones and the Channel Zero series

No. 198525

Can someone recommend me good noir or neo-noir movies?

No. 198579

I can only think of some popular ones
>Good Time
>Under the Silver Lake
>Nightmare Alley

No. 198817

File: 1650384909625.jpg (7.98 KB, 198x254, bogart akimbo.jpg)

High school noir movie, with present day present time characters using 50s lingo (starring Joseph Gordon Levitt)
>Gone Baby Gone
Ben Affleck directory debut, where a PI couple investigates the disappearance of a young girl
>Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Nice Guys
Two movies by Shane Black, with high-profile actors, a bit more comedic tone and an honest attempt at making realistic dialogues
>The Long Goodbye
70s adaptation of a 50s Chandler novel, with a fair bit of (good) improvisation in several scenes
60s black and white movie that's still considered a neo-noir movie because of how original it is, it's mostly a regular french noir movie but all characters are supposed to be in some futuristic, 1984-esque city (but there are no SF props). A good start for watching Godard movies
>Sweet Smell of Success
Imo not much of a story, but very impressive black and white visuals
>The third man, The maltese falcon, Chinatown, The Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, Touch of Evil, Sunset Boulevard
The genre-defining classics, just in case you haven't watched them yet. You'll need to take notes during the movie if you want to understand the big sleep's plot

No. 199172

I watched Re-Animator for the first time and I felt a little let down. I remember it used to be hyped as being really over the top, plus it had an X rating when it came out but it really wasn’t that graphic and the only thing I found funny was the cat puppet getting thrown around.

No. 199354

I haven't seen Turning Red yet because to be honest, the art style really put me off as I'm not into the whole "Cal-Arts"/Steven Universe style (but in 3D) it has but I was watching a podcast where these girls were talking about how much they loved the movie and from what they shared, it actually makes me want to see it because of how pro-girl/woman it is.

I just watched this review of it and I can't help but feel like this guy is making it a lot worse than it actually is. Plus the fact that he's a man and had to bring some good old period shaming, something that we women have no control over. I think this is just a case of a movie that wasn't made for or catered to boys and men and thus, they will shun and shit on it because they can't relate with it (as per usual).

I've also heard people saying that his movie is pedobait and that the girls were acting inappropriate but in the podcast I was listening to about the movie, they said that the girls were just acting like regular, embarrassing teenage girls and again, I can relate because I did some pretty embarrassing things when I was a teenager. And honestly any movie directed at kids that feature adolescent characters is pedobait tbg.

>Troons hate this movie

GOOD. The movie is not for them and it brings in that pro-woman and girls message that MANY girls of today absolutely need. Like you mentioned, way too many girls have been developing internalized misogyny and trying to "identify" out of womanhood and though they never can escape womanhood for the obvious, having positive messages geared towards women accepting that which we can't change is a great thing to have in this day and age of troonery and enby stupidity.

No. 199409

>Disney isn't responsible for all recent Spiderman-universe movies, it's Sony.
That sounds kind of complicated, but even though I haven’t seen a single capeshit movie in a decade I was half tempted to watch the new Spider-man after finding out how it tied in with the Raimi movies.

No. 199461

Won't watch that vid because I don't want to be pissed but imho Turning Red really was wonderfully pro-womanhood. I was honestly kind of blown away by how completely rooted it is in tween girlhood, like I think men don't get it b/c it literally has nothing to do w/ their experiences of puberty. This is a big part of why the pedobait accusations are nonsensical imho: it's not ever depicting the girls as sexy, which is what actual pedobait does, it's about them realizing boys are exciting and being dweeby little weirdos (honorific) about it. Tbh I think one of the things the movie really nailed that men can't wrap their heads around is that the way tween girls get obsessed with dream boys is completely different from the way tween boys get obsessed with dream girls. People, esp. men, see Mei draw pics of herself embracing her crush or him as a shirtless merman and have no frame of reference for it that isn't their own fucked-up scrotey "I want to fuck that woman and that means degrading her and making it as porny as possible" memories of being middle school boys.

Also like, TR is just as interested in depicting the shame/anger/friendship/new understanding of your mom as a whole person experiences female puberty brings as the "eeee boys!" moments. But a lot of guys didn't like that either for stupid reasons, ofc

No. 199466

I just watched the E,R take on this movie and have read and seen enough (especially the pedo male fan groups) to know that this movie is so fucking insulting I cannot believe it was approved by 'women'.
Selling a 13 year old girl into prostitution when she gets her 'panda'? Equating women into angry animals? Twerking? Butt shaking? And just really tasteless in your face references. This movie is disgusting and I feel ashamed that this is the first 'female made' pixar film. The producer is a wealthy asf privileged person too. This whole movie is just wrong and totally upsetting when it comes to representing women. Especially with how moids already regard women, this shit is only going to make it worse. Who the fuck says that women = period blood… thats it? thats all we're worth now in everyones eyes? When the fuck are we going to then get a movie about boys jacking off when they have reached puberty? The only thing good to come out of this movie is that troons hate it, but they're such a fucking minority anyway that their opinion doesn't ever matter.

No. 199467

>Selling a 13 year old girl into prostitution when she gets her 'panda'
kek this has to be bait

No. 199469

ok scrote, keep supporting the showcase of young women being treated like objects in these 'woke' films. im sure you enjoyed the scene of a young girl having her pictures taken by a whole bunch of students because she's in 'panda form'. All you scrotes are freaks and always will be.

No. 199473

>All you scrotes are freaks and always will be.
Do you think this helps you blend in sir? It is the unhinged behaviour characteristic of the chimp sex which is the sign, not the words they use. Women who feel the film is bad simply do not ree the way men do.

No. 199474

t. tranny or female neckbeard

No. 199475

>first female pixar film is just about period blood & that all women are pissed off animals
I smell moid influence tbh

No. 199478

>Neckbeard as insult
Lmao, men can't even use the right words for bait. Another thing women are better at.

No. 199479

have you ever been on /g or read a momokun thread? female neckbeards are out there and are definitely used as an insult even on this site
absolute newfag spotted

No. 199480

nta but momo's thread has been a shithole for over half a decade, I wouldn't pride myself in posting there. and it's not weird to not go on /g/ either kek.

No. 199481

The term is legbeard anon

No. 199509

Yeah it's a pretty daring move to pull that parallel universes comic book gimmick in movies. I hope DC never tries to do the same, watching 30+ tepid movies just to understand everything in the interesting ones is a bit…

No. 199513

go home scrote

No. 199522

I didn't relate to any of that at all personally.

No. 199527

>Won't watch the vid

Believe me, you're better off. This comment >>199466 is pretty much it in video form. But all of what you said is the vibe I'm getting from the movie. There are plenty of coming of age movies about boy's going through their own kind of growth into men while there aren't many for girls and I think this is why so many men take offense to Turning Red. Because how dare we women have movies that WE can relate to that isn't centered around boys or written by boys.

From the clips I've seen of this movie, you can so tell it was written by a woman and that's what makes this urban fantasy film so believable for us. And it's not like Turning Red is the first movie about girls going through adolescence and puberty but I suppose men are just bothered that the movie is more blunt about the message like with the Mei's mom bringing in the boxes of tampons.

No. 199539

>isn't centered around boys
it kind of is

No. 199541

sorry anon but a movie representing me as an angry animal when I go through puberty and that all I equate to is pads and tampons is kind of demeaning, especially with how complex girls really are during puberty.

No. 199543

NTA but tbh I feel like Inside Out did a better job at portraying that than this movie did.

No. 199594

Kek okay well yeah, the girls are obsessed with that boy band but the film doesn't center around the boyband themselves but just the infatuation that the girls have for them. No different than when I was growing up and I was obsessed with the Nsync or girls in the late 2000s being obsessed with One Direction lol

I don't think it's necessarily saying that we're angry animals, especially when Red Pandas tend to be chill animals. I mean you could even equate that when the panda gets mad, it's also suppose to be a metaphor for the emotional spike that some of us do get when going through puberty and how we learn to control those emotions. I mean guys get that too lol..

No. 199627

Cope as much as you want but the movie is really insulting and tactless imo

No. 200225

yeah, this. the panda isn't just associated with anger – she's more open and boisterous in all ways when she's in that form. there's a not subtle at all scene where her friend explicitly tells her she's more brave and happy now that she has the panda, ffs

again, scrote, go home

No. 200270

just because I disagree with you doesn't mean i'm a scrote. Get it through your zoomer brain that not all women actually find this film a flattering representation and just because something is 'made by a team of women' doesn't mean we can't critique it too.

No. 200309

I was talking about Jude Law with a friend recently and looked up AI artificial intelligence on youtube because I never watched it and I was curious. First shit I find is Jude Law's character bragging about how he's so good at fucking women and making them moan and scream his name. I thought this was a kids movie kek what the hell is that?

No. 200314

did you watch the movie? there's only one scene where she is very angry at a boy because he was a huge jerk and it made sense because young teens like her can't handle such strong emotions well. she's actually very cuddly and confident in her panda form

No. 200317

Im sorry nonnas but If you likes this movie you should probably look into sterilization, the fact you can ignore grubhubbian art style and the twerking means you probably shouldn't breed

No. 200325

I think it's a scrote by the reeing and buzzwords they try to use to blend in. They reed that periods were associated with women coming of age kek.

No. 200330

E;R is a classic ameritard 4chang moid who keeps repeating the same shit he reads on boards. His content hasn't changed since the 2016 "SJW CRINGE" yt era, I'm not surprised he did a video on Turning Red since woke teen-girls oriented media make robots foam at the mouth. Vidrel is a review made by a really left-leaning person (I'm warning you just in case), I disagree with some of things she says, but it's still an interresting review
The movie was alright imo, far from good but not terrible

No. 200333

Jesus christ this movie’s art style is repellent

No. 200337

Yes, I don't exactly remember how she defended the art style but she said something among the lines of it being funny and willingly cartoonish and that people didn't like it because they're not used to see ugly girls/girls who aren't sexualized portrayed in animation (which is untrue imo). I just hate it because it looks cheap and reminds me of the awful GrubHub commercial

No. 200414

Same on that and I also hated that she, like alot of today animation creators, always bring up "oh I was inspired by these mainstream animes/Studio Ghibli that other grew up watching" and it like, ok so what and they don't seem to really understand what make some anime artstyles work well

No. 200426

AI is a rather cleaving movie. Many people think it's a touching SF movie, I personally think it's a complete mess, that Spielberg is incapable of doing a subtle drama, and that giving the movie to him was Kubrick's greatest mistake

No. 200440

File: 1650908506498.jpg (48.01 KB, 689x713, Profile_-_Lilo.jpg)

Yeah the art style is just… Unpleasant. Like I'm all for portraying little girls in a more realistic way i.e not glamorized like that of a Disney or Nickelodeon star) but there's just something very off about the art style here.

I mean the way that Lilo & Stitch was made, the style was not sexualizing the little girls and though it definitely looked different form the usual Disney movies we got at the time, it had a cute charm to it but Turning Red like, I dunno maybe it would've looked better if it was a 2D animated movie?

No. 200448

File: 1650910422993.png (802.47 KB, 660x502, 7849324037214354.png)

The Northman was fun. Good revenge movie with exciting action scenes and stunning environments. The actors had zero idea what they were doing with their accents so that was unintentionally hilarious, but it was easy enough to overlook. Wasn't going into a mystical action movie with expectations of cultural accuracy. I was a bit annoyed they set up Anya Taylor-Joy's character to be the brains with a "you strong man, me clever woman" line but she doesn't really do anything that creative save for one or two scenes. Oh well. At least Eggers has set up her daughter to be a major character if they make a sequel. I'm rarely into the rugged mountain man look but Claes Bang looked great with all the hair.

Huge spoilers about plot and Nicole Kidman's character (the queen) I kind of saw her betrayal coming due to the foreshadowing by Willem's jester and since she seemed so at home with Fjolnir when Amleth first arrives, but her actions become reprehensible once she explains how she asked Fjolnir to not only kill her husband but her son. I understand the hatred towards a rapist using you as a baby incubator, but to hold zero affection for your innocent child who loved you and never knew any better is just demented. The story would have been more interesting if she'd been happy to see adult Amleth and torn between her affection for him and her husband. Making her a straight up villainess allowed the plot to be straightforward but it was a lost opportunity to me. Amleth's quest is shown to be supported by Odin but it's like the "I will save you mother" part of his promise is totally thrown out by making her a baddie. Guess even the gods can't do nuance.

No. 200449

This reminds me that at some point they made a 2d test scene for Encanto and it looked very similar to Lilo & Stitch. It would have worked so well.

No. 200454

Wtf I love Eggers and I didn't even know about this movie. I hope he's still working on Nosferatu though, I'm really excited for it.

This was one of my favorite childhood movies

No. 200466

Honestly I'm super curious because of the setting of the story and I like cyberpunk stuff but I'm not sure I'll be able to take it seriously after hearing Jude Law yelling "oh yes! oh god! oh yes!" and then tap dancing in front of a 10 years old kid. Or maybe I could watch it as a comedy idk. I looked up other scenes and there's one with Jude Law who's about to fuck a woman and then I saw the last scene(?) with weird looking robots(?) with horrible special effects/3D, I'm morbidly curious.

No. 200472

I'm excited about Nosferatu as well, one of the best concepts of a vampire I think. The Northman just came out recently so you should give it a go if you like pulpy action movies! Despite a few of my gripes it takes a lot of the standard tropes but elevates them in terms of cinematography and presentation.

No. 200494

Honestly go for it, I didn't find it good but at least it wasn't boring

No. 200509

Oh wow, I've never seen that but I agree, I feel like Encanto and Turning Red would've looked a lot better in 2D.

I think that's the glaring issue that maybe people are having with Turning Red's art style. That the style just doesn't look all that great in 3D and would've probably translated and looked just fine in 2D. Then again, I admit that I'm also nostalgic for 2D style animation in general. When Disney made Princess in the Frog in 2009, it was so exciting to be seeing that style of animation again. I'm just really burned out with the default 3D style we get with so many animated movies these days. It was somewhat exciting at first but it got old rather quickly.

>This was one of my favorite childhood movies

Same. The art style was gorgeous and the soundtrack was very nice.

No. 200622

bruh you don't have to like it, you just made specific arguments with obvious problems people pointed out. there's plenty of feminist-minded stuff made by women i don't like, but i don't borrow what are frankly /co/ scrote-tier arguments to critique them. take the l.

No. 200623

being this obsessively mad at a mainstream art style, something literally every era of animation is defined by, is so much fucking weirder. i mean this beyond tr tbh, people acting like cAlArTs STyLe is a unique horror are either transparently scraping for "good" reasons to hate one of the first moments in animation history in which women have actual power or uncritically parroting said reasons. i don't even love the look, but when people make attempts at moral arguments against it it's like, explain to me why this is worse than the rubber hose era and its garter-sporting betty boop. explain to me why this is worse than filmation face.

No. 200706

I thought the movie was pure shit tbh. The acting was bad, accents were shit and all over the place, all the characters sucked so at no point did I care if they lived or died. Women were either whores, rape victims or the love interest. (The love interest was the only non-whore, and they pointed it out just so that you know she's the only Good Pure Woman(TM).)
One of the bad guys had a "gay" accent, just so you know he's the villain. The plot was kids movie tier written by a moid, "jokes" that fall flat, violence and rape to show how strong the men are, a weird random sex orgy scene thrown in for no reason. There was no historical accuracy either (only disappointing because the makers acted like it would be). It had some aesthetic shots, though.

tldr, the northman is a shit moid movie

No. 200736

kek the only thing her and rebecca sugar's ilk picked up from Ghibli are the pig noses and long mouths. Hated the movie because all of the child characters were annoying and their voice actors sounded similarly screechy in an inexperienced way.

No. 200831

File: 1650998845246.png (459.04 KB, 659x384, 68549840239481.png)

>Women were either whores, rape victims or the love interest.
Mostly agree, like I mentioned I wasn't impressed with the female characters especially Queen Gudrún. I wanted better for her. There was Björk's seer who wasn't any of the above but she only had a brief scene. The valkyrie was cool but an abstract concept. Do you recall in the first raid whether a woman was part of the group? It's very quick but I thought I saw a woman riding a horse saying something like "I only want the strong ones (slaves)" as they're portioning out the villagers. Was an odd throwaway.
>One of the bad guys had a "gay" accent
Fjolnir's son? I guess, I felt like they were trying to put him in the same sort of vicious dandy mold as say Barry Lyndon or Fernand from Count of Monte Cristo, but the issue was he wasn't dainty and intimidating, just dainty, weak and stupid. He never felt like a real threat, and that's setting aside the issue that dandies were mostly Victorians.
>"jokes" that fall flat
Eggers' use of stupid fart humor really worked in The Lighthouse and here I thought it was amusing in the vision scene between Amleth and his dad, because it was two guys being stupid and bonding, which is a common male thing but I will admit during the ball game when the kid asks "did we win?" that felt like such a dumb modern nod that it took me out of it.
>violence and rape
I have to take issue with the violence being a problem because action movie. Vikings. You've gotta expect certain things going in, yeah? I was relieved there were no actual rape scenes where we had to waste time staring at an actress' pained expression while being jostled around. There was just women (and men) screaming and being dragged offscreen on a few occassions, which was a decent way to handle a bad thing without eroticizing it. Olga is also put in the position to potentially be raped but I liked when she smeared her period blood on Fjolnir to get out of it.
Just a few thoughts, I respect that it wasn't your thing and I agree there were a lot of areas it could have been improved, but I did like the visuals, the battle scenes and the prophetic feel of the story. The soundtrack was great as well.

No. 200949

>a weird random sex orgy scene thrown in for no reason.
I guess I won't be seeing this with my dad then…

No. 201040

Omg that kid's line during the game was so dumb kek. I agree that a viking movie should be expected to be violent, and with pretty much every other point you make as well. I like that most of the really visceral and gory violence was Amleth's doing.

No. 201060

File: 1651027284384.png (Spoiler Image, 742.78 KB, 578x722, 39043824037821.png)

It's pretty short anon but I understand the hesitation. It's a scene where Olga and Amleth officially consummate things but you see them naked (no genitals) for maybe 10 seconds and the other participants beforehand are just vaguely in the background. It's not say, 300 or Spartacus levels of 5-minute long soft porn, but there is some brief implied sex.

I had to suppress a snort in the theater, seriously! It felt so out of place, especially because it takes place right after such a serious scene and the humor is otherwise pretty minimal. It felt like Eggers couldn't decide whether he wanted to fully lean into the grittiness or treat it more light heartedly.
>I like that most of the really visceral and gory violence was Amleth's doing.
Me too, it was brutal but I find scenes like that kind of cathartic for whatever reason. Some of them looked pretty artistic in a way that reminded me of the Hannibal show's "aesthetic gore." I know Eggers likes historical art and I wondered if The Corpses of the De Witt Brothers painting was an inspiration for a certain scene.

No. 201072

>for maybe 10 seconds and the other participants beforehand are just vaguely in the background.
Oh thank god kek. Thank you, nona.

No. 201077

>I find scenes like that kind of cathartic for whatever reason
I agree. As masculine a character as Amleth is, "you traumatized me as a child and hurt my family and I will destroy you" is a very relatable motivation and it's easy to root for him
>The Corpses of the De Witt Brothers
Good catch, I bet you're right!

No. 201233

I forgot about Björk because she was only it it for a hot second lol but I do think she did a good job with her role. She wasn't playing a human woman though, so she was "allowed" to not be a whore I guess. I vaguely remember a woman saying that "wanting the strong ones" line? Doesn't make sense now that you point it out, wasn't he still with the all-male furry gang then(or did it happen at a later point)? Also it's fair to assume Amleth was a rapist like the other men in the group, that or he's a total virgin… which I doubt. It's just hard for me to root for someone who is implied to be a rapist specifically. (Not just because it makes me dislike the character, it also reminds me that the male creators see rape as something they can nonchalantly throw in that isn't a big deal to them)

The valkyrie scene made no sense to me tbh, and the next second she's like "lol i'm not a valkyrie, you just had a fever dream hun". The visual effects of that particular scene were just… bad to me? I get that they were supposed to look ethereal or something but the "cleanliness" with the vfx made it look like a cheap costume used in a low budget kids movie. There were lots of beautiful settings, but that one looked painfully bad to me.

I didn't take issue with the violence being in it, i may be stupid but of course I expected that, it was more the sort of boring "mindlessness" of it. Like Amleth killing his mom and half brother and Fjolnir walking in like "well this is a drag, guess we gotta fight then sigh". I'm not sure how to articulate it other than a lot of it felt like when a 10 year old boy plays pretend war and thinks people dying for the sake of dying is cool. Or like baby's first movie script.
And Amleth constantly choosing violence even when it's portrayed as the bad option, yet still they made it out like he was heroic for doing so. Then the few times he could have used it to save people with his shadow sword he suddenly won't use it. His mom mocked him for being simple and violent like his rapist dad, and in the end… he proves her right. And this is the person we're supposed to be rooting for.

Am now suddenly remembering that Amleth's mom tried to make out with him, and in The Witch Eggers made the boy visually lust after his sister… is this a theme in Eggers movies? I've only seen those 2 i think but I'm already sensing a pattern I don't like.

I feel like this could have been a decent movie if they had fixed the script and acting. The settings, shots and music were good. It's almost shocking that they failed.

No. 201448

File: 1651073552290.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.64 KB, 736x981, pretty baby.jpeg)

Pretty Baby is a very problematic movie but I just love the fashion/music/aesthetic so much

No. 201460

Understandable. I’m also guilty of finding Lolita (both versions), The Lover, Memoirs of a Geisha very stylish. It has to be on purpose to put a shiny sugary varnish on such upsetting themes.

No. 201537

File: 1651085721037.png (206.56 KB, 533x365, 4832094832484890.png)

>I vaguely remember a woman saying that "wanting the strong ones" line?
Thank you, I thought I might have dreamed that up since it happened so quickly. Yes it was during the aftermath of the berseker scene, which is why I was surprised. Maybe she was part of the groups they were selling the slaves to? When I saw her I thought oh cool they're going to include female warriors after all, then we never see her again.
>The visual effects of that particular scene were just… bad to me
I saw the movie with a friend and she said the same thing. Maybe I'm too desensitized to CG now, it's a fair critique.
>His mom mocked him for being simple and violent like his rapist dad, and in the end… he proves her right.
I agree. I think Eggers knew if it had been implied he was raping peasants we wouldn't be able to root for him at all, so making it seem like he didn't take part (even if unrealistic) was the best he could do. If his quest had been played as a dark and tragic scenario where his trauma led him to follow in his dad's footsteps that would be one thing. Instead we were expected to go along with it and think "welp completing his quest makes him a hero" which is stupidly simplified. Like anon said here >>201077 I felt for him as a child, losing his dad by the hand of a family member, having to run away from home, thinking his mom was suffering all this time. I found the scene where it's laid out with Gudrún sad because she's unecessarily cruel and shows no motherly love even though he was just an innocent kid with a shitty father. Of course, him responding with violence is not ideal. I know this is based on the original legend that Shakespeare turned into Hamlet so I don't know how similar the two are, but with Hamlet being a tragedy, it seems more like the "doomed antihero" approach would have fit better. Most people acknowledge how Gertrude is presented in a two-dimensional way in Hamlet, and Eggers didn't do anything to give that more nuance here.
>is this a theme in Eggers movies?
I felt lukewarm about The Witch. I thought it portrayed religious brainwashing well, but on the other hand it didn't show the witches as a very positive alternative. And yes, the incestual aspect was creepy. I wrote >>196285 and felt You Won't Be Alone did a similar concept much better by characterizing the women in a sympathetic way. It isn't an issue in The Lighthouse because there basically is no female representation except for the fevered mermaid wet dreams of one character kek. It's blatantly intended to be darkly humorous though and (for me at least) succeeded far better in that than this movie. Final thought is that it's a travesty they had Amleth cut his hair. He perfectly looked the part in the beginning and the cropped hair ruined it!

No. 201573

Eggers definitely likes making weird, uncomfortable sexual scenes, the lighthouse had Pattinson furiously jacking off to a mermaid figurine

No. 201684

File: 1651133166496.jpg (31.53 KB, 260x399, Rabid_theatrical_poster.jpg)

Rabid was just a worse Shivers and I didn't like Shivers very much to begin with.

No. 201698

hard agree on the hair chop - give me long haired viking men to fawn over please thank you

No. 201787

I just watched American Psycho. I don't know what was the funniest part, because I was watching the mc slacking off at work while I was also slacking off at home on the clock (some IT problem at the office so yeah) or if it's the morning routine that looked super similar to these fucked up tiktok videos where early 20s girls narrate their mundane lives with the most robotic, flat voice possible.

No. 201848

I usually don't watch Viking stuff for this reason, but I'm glad they handled it like that. I think the only other movie were men and women were raped but not shown on screen was the early Mad Max movies. I wish were movies at least had the decency to do that. Rape scenes are extremely uncomfortable for any woman to watch and unnecessary to show.

No. 201881

I feel the same nona, it felt like rape scenes were everywhere for a while and cheaply used to give male protagonists fuel to avenge an injured lover or as gross "character development" for female characters. Nowadays I try to avoid any media where I know it's not going to be handled respectfully if included. It sadly continues to be an important topic so I don't think it has to be off limits, but there's simply no reason to fixate on the act itself save for fetishization a la Game of Thrones, and I'm not here for that.

No. 201910

Don't give up Cronenberg chan! Two more weird movies and you're getting to the classics

No. 201924

The Viking tv show was actually really good about handling rape shit and is a good show imo

No. 201950

Vikings or are you thinking of something else? I enjoyed it despite the rapes, I don't think you can say it handles them well. I'm pretty sure even by the 2nd episode Rollo is seen raping a slave for no other purpose than to express he's a bad guy, and there were other violent sexual assaults in just about every season.

No. 201957

Vikings felt weirdly fetishy to me. Every episode of the first season has either a rape, a major character cheating on their partner or a viking asking someone to fuck his wife

No. 202077

File: 1651218475991.jpg (289.44 KB, 1000x1481, MV5BNWM0ZGJlMzMtZmYwMi00NzI3LT…)

I want to watch Dr. Strange 2 since I loved the first one but I'm not into MCU cause many of those movies are forgettable. I read that this movie connects with endgame, no way home and ofc the first Dr. Strange movie.
So my questions is this : can I somehow watch this sequel without having to get into the MCU mess and get by by watching max 3 of the movies? Or have a good summary video so that at least I won't feel lost watching it?

No. 202090

Am sperging, but it's almost weird to me that there's so misogyny and rape in viking shit (well not really, men loves glorified violence) when in reality in Scandinavia at that time men were typically punished by death over rape (but I'm sure it happened in war, because men), women had more rights that weren't taken away until Christianity came, women were often the head of the household, a good portion of warriors were female so women going on trips with them was common (kind of obvious, how else would they have populated places like Iceland), scriptures from other cultures written by people who interacted with Scandinavians at the time express shock/dislike over how much responsibility the gave not just to women, but to young prepubescent girls. And then later when vikings started settling down in other places the local men were mad that they were "stealing their women" by regularly cleaning themselves and grooming their hair and beards. And now today Scandinavia are the most gender equal countries in the world, partly because those old values still lingered.

No. 202141

didn't Lagertha kick his ass over that?

No. 202187

im an MCUwhore and you absolutely can! in my opinion all the movies are designed to be enjoyable solo or in-universe. maybe you wont catch every little detail and easter egg but if it's just for a fleeting moment of entertainment, you'll be fine. i would recommend watching wandavision because i believe wanda will be a big part of multiverse of madness and its's a very charming and entertaining show

No. 202222

I had to walk out of The Northman - I just hated it right from the beginning. I really liked The Witch too which is the same director so I don't know why everything about it just rang so obnoxious to me.

No. 202247

I don't think so, and while Lagertha started out as a decent character she literally becomes a rapist herself later on. There are over 10 counts of assault in the show and some of them are pretty horrifically explicit and drawn out

No. 202249

This is kind of OT but if you like tactical rpgs at all you may really enjoy Expeditions: Viking. It allows you to play a female protagonist and is pretty historically accurate, so while there are characters who doubt your abilities, those from mc's own community are actually pretty supportive compared to when you go to England. There's also a big focus on the logistics of raiding, traveling and trade so it's not just mindless pillaging all the time (although you do get to do some of that as well). You can choose whether to forge alliances with certain groups or just attack them outright, which often makes things much harder. I really enjoyed it and THQ Nordic recently put out another in this series for Rome, a far more patriarchal society, but they still let you work around those issues as a female character.

No. 202632

while I agree that Scandinavia had more legal rights then majority of the world at the time, the women being warrior is not al all something that was happening, there were likely upper class women who were given positions of command but women were definitely not Vikings

No. 202641

I think I need to recognize I just don't get Eggers. The Lighthouse was ok and I hated The Witch (haven't seen the Northman yet). I'm lowkey mad about it because everyone seems to love his movies so much and I just can't.

No. 202645

File: 1651396901435.jpg (48.55 KB, 489x534, noggy.jpg)

Cemetery Man was good. If anyone here played VtM:Bloodlines, the quest with zombies in the cemetery is based off it. It's quirky. I liked this retard.

No. 202647

I need to watch that, love that part in the game (almost as much as I love the Gimble quest kek)

No. 202648

When I get that sort of feeling I just remind myself that it just means that I don't particularly care for the aspects the director is good at. Like Nolan is good at making visually impressive movies, but I don't care about it because I prefer believable/consistent plot over it. Tarkovsky is good at making still, atmospheric scenes, and Bergman is good at making movies on the meaning of having a soul or whatever, but I don't care about it because I think these would best be rendered as books. I like Eggers movies because they try to use period-accurate dialogues and to reproduce the scenes of some 19th century paintings, it's okay if you'd rather watch something else

No. 202653

File: 1651399106801.jpg (25.76 KB, 256x388, Phantasm[1].jpg)

I see someone else is watching horror b movies that influenced certain cult classic video games levels

No. 202654

Yeah that's a good explanation! And while I recognize the work that went into researching the dialogue and also the way the movies are shot, they leave me cold so to speak.

No. 202755

Thank you for that link anon, seems like a good resource to have

No. 202972

I just watched the Northman, here are just some random thoughts I had (they include spoilers obviously)

I found it a little bit strange that Anya (I can't remember her name in the movie for the life of me.. if she even had one) fell in love with Amleth, being as he was part of the group that raided her village. On that note, I found it kind of hard to root for anyone in this movie, Anya was the only one I actually liked. I did start liking Amleth near the end of the movie, but I really wanted him to just go off with Anya and live happily ever after, though I knew that was never going to happen.

I also kept thinking about how Amleth sounds like Hamlet and how this trope is really common- the "son you think is dead comes back to avenge his father" trope, like in The Lion King- actually the ending scene of them fighting in the flames actually reminded me of The Lion King lol. Then someone pointed out Gertrude and Gudrun.. I know there's a character in Norse mythology named Gudrun but I never realized it sounded like Gertrude. Even though my grandmother was named Gertrude and was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants lol.

Also I had to pee at one point during the movie and couldn't hold it anymore, it was the part where Amleth reunites with his mom. I saw the end of it, where she was showing him her slave brand, and then she said if he killed her husband and her sons they could rule together and she tried to kiss him. Wtf. I kind of want to see what I missed but I don't want to watch the whole movie again or pay to rent it when it comes out just to see that one scene.

No. 202974

>His mom mocked him for being simple and violent like his rapist dad, and in the end… he proves her right. And this is the person we're supposed to be rooting for.
I don't think you were supposed to root for him. The film had the subtext of satire throughout imo, to me it was mocking the otherwise straightforward myth of the glorified rapist savage.

No. 203004

I want you to be right and maybe Eggers got it more than the film let on? Parts of an interview support this thought (https://www.avclub.com/the-northman-robert-eggers-interview-1848821590)
>A big scene with Nicole Kidman’s Queen Gudrún, Amleth’s mother, complicates the notion that his revenge is straightforwardly righteous.
>everything that she says about [Ethan Hawke’s King Aurvandill]? Amleth doesn’t think that’s bad. The kingdom is a fucked-up patriarchal society… many saga heroes were tortured anti-heroes who are psychopaths or outlaws. So-called villains in these pieces could be cowards at times and also good husbands and good fathers.
It seems he did want Amleth to be a morally grey antihero, but if that's the case I still feel like he made Gudrún too simplistically villainous and Olga just didn't get to do much. And why all the religious backing of his quest? If it's only supposed to represent Amleth's mania thinking the gods are on his side when it's just a personal vendetta, why present scenes where it seems mysterious forces really do intervene on his behalf?

No. 203005

Regarding that scene nonny, Gudrún expresses shock and exasperation that Amleth always believed the story his dad told about her being a "foreign princess" when in reality she was a slave that he took as his wife because him raping her resulted in a male heir. She says he only ever tolerated her where Fjolnir was kind despite her background. She also says she "begged" Fjolnir to kill his dad and get rid of Amleth because he was the progeny of the man she hated. Amleth is stunned and starts crying at this point. He says but you were screaming when Fjolnir took you during the raid, she says no I was laughing. Then she mockingly says go ahead, you can do the same thing Fjolnir did and kill my husband, then you'll be the next in line to take me as his wife and we can rule together. It was a weird scene, I totally would have been on her side had she not tried to have her own son murdered and rubbed salt in his wounds when he was obviously in the dark about the real story for decades.

No. 203025

Who cares if she wanted her rape baby murdered. Sounds like he needs to be put down

No. 203028

I'm just not sure whether to watch the Northman, I love Eggers but I'm not into Viking stuff at all

No. 203065

This might be the right time to say that, for archives purpose, the former thread was
It was the thread #2, this is thread #3

If you watch it you'll be able to tell us how it compares to other Eggers movies

No. 203067

For good measure, I did watch a few vids summing up the clusterfuck the MCU. I will try to watch wandavision till I go and see the movie since I found it very interesting and heard good things about it.

No. 203091

File: 1651517544152.jpeg (892.18 KB, 971x1458, 67F1C9F3-D57A-4F52-B448-A1FA5B…)

You guys watched American Honey?
I cried watching it. It’s such an unflinching portrayal of surviving poorfag in the Midwest. Holy fuck I grew up with all the characters in the movie. At the same time the road trip atmosphere is amazing, the music conjures so much nostalgia and good memories, you can really feel the protagonist’s states of mind. It goes in my favorites of all time folder.

No. 203097

>shia lebouf
god dammit

No. 203099

Well yeah

No. 203131

I probably would not watch it in your position anon. It's not that deep compared to his other movies and it is very much about Viking stuff

No. 203143

I do. He was a little kid when it happened and hadn't done anything wrong. She also has another male child with Fjolnir who he saves from being yeeted by a giant barbarian out of the goodness of his heart. A kid who was going to go on to live in the exact same way that Amleth and every other male viking does. Also spoiler your spoilers for anons who are still thinking about watching

No. 203157

Oooh downloaded it forever ago because I love Riley Keough but haven't watched it yet

No. 203228

File: 1651533248443.jpg (168.02 KB, 850x1270, Catch-it-from-5-May-2020-onwar…)

I cried so hard watching this movie, it felt too goofy at first but when things started coming together at the end I started crying and couldn't stop.

No. 203231

I still need to see it. So happy she finally gets to be the star in her own movie after nearly 30 years.

No. 203233

jfc why is there so much rape? that's so disturbing

No. 203234

For real. and based

No. 203236

This movie emotionally wrecked me for days afterward lol. I would just think about certain parts like the rocks with eyes or Waymond’s speech and I would just start tearing up. Glad I wasn’t the only one who cried really hard at the end.

No. 203249

I was on the fence about this one even though I think Yeoh is fantastic because it seemed so lulz random xd. Guess I'll give it a go

No. 203255

Dang. Thanks for filling me in nona.

No. 203270

No, Lagertha killed a viking who was raping a Saxon. Rollo just raped some slave girl when Lagertha wasn't around. Like the other anon said, Lagertha raped a male character, which was a really pointless scene. That character raped another woman later, but still.

The Last Kingdom has some rape scenes in it too but I don't think they were as bad (or maybe they were, I can only remember two them) but in one of them the woman stabs her rapist to death.

The only historical show I know of that actually has men raping men in it was the Borgias show. Not the one with Jeremy Irons, the other one.

No. 203272

>historical show I know of that actually has men raping men
Outlander does and it also has a rape scene with a child. Which it shows. I'm fairly desensitized but it took me a few days to mentally recover from that one.

No. 203285

I'm going to see it tomorrow the premice looks very interesting and I saw good reviews.

No. 203504

File: 1651621582637.jpeg (62 KB, 500x559, 3BD21341-F6A5-4E79-ADFB-959E3B…)

I was excited to finally watch Welcome to the Dollhouse but I didn’t really like it, can I get some recs for young woman coming of age movies or horror movies with an emphasis on femininity?

No. 203556

File: 1651632754697.jpeg (126.15 KB, 750x1111, F1B4658A-E25E-4671-BE14-B46492…)

This one has an interesting plot. Main character is a witch who can shapeshift. It reminded me of room (2015) + under the skin + the witch. Some parts feel like a fairytale. It also has some funny scenes which i didn’t expect for this kind of movie.

No. 203563

Haven't seen it yet but I'm having such a great time just watching Michelle Yeoh get to enjoy such a gigantic success. I love seeing brilliant actresses finally get their due

No. 203585

I'm glad another anon checked this out and enjoyed it! It was such a soothing movie for me despite the gore and heavier topics it handles. Not the horror movie is seemed the advertisers wanted to push it as, more philosophical.

No. 203722

Coming of age: Mean Girls, Lady Bird
Horror movie: Rosemary's Baby, Annihilation
Both: Midsommar

No. 203834

File: 1651706586307.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1500x3298, 1B24E3BE-8111-4908-970B-57DDAF…)

Short list of horrors/thrillers for you. Mileage may vary on what you’re looking for. But these are some movies that center women and touch on uniquely female emotions and themes.

No. 203862

Not anon, but tysm! This is such a great list

No. 203867

File: 1651718014666.jpg (113.63 KB, 636x816, subida al cielo.jpg)

I was surprised that Wikipedia, both in English and Spanish, just called this a plain comedy. There are a lot of comedic moments and situations in it, but there's also a lot of drama. The reason the protagonist even goes on the Mexican bus ride is because his mother is about to die and he needs to get legal work done to prevent his greedy brothers from stealing everything and depriving their youngest brother, who they outright abuse, of getting his proper education as per their mother's wishes. None of that is comedic. A child even dies during the movie and there's a solemn funeral procession while the grandfather cries. The adultery plotline has a few comedic moments, but it's not really comic.

I think it's hard to pigeonhole it into just one genre, but a straight "comedy" with no other qualifiers is misleading. Good movie, although it felt much, much longer than it really was and not in a good way.

No. 203869

Based list, especially Ginger Snaps.

No. 203888

I actually thought the film was pretty heavy-handed with how mocking it is. Think of the howling scenes and the grotesquely hypermasculine attitudes displayed constantly but in rather ridiculous situations. The tonally dissonant sports scene is not at all dissonant in fact because the whole film is taking jabs at masculine storytelling. The revenge was moronic and pointless, the cycle of violence was extremely male and extremely stupid. Amleth is probably the least morally grey character in the film imo, he's painted as a buffoon who doesn't actually have a personality nor a true moral compass beyond the mantra his equally shitty father drilled into him. His uncle, his mother, hell even Olga are far more complicated characters who show that they have inner worlds, motivations that are driven by their empathy as well as their personal goals. Gudrun is not a villain and she's not really shown to be in my view. Amleth certainly sees her that way, that the film is from his perspective which is why it's framed that way but the overarching narrative is very much in support of the women being victimized by the violent psychopathy of the men that perpetuate the conflicts of war and politics. The undercurrent of satire is strong. Thinking of Gudrun as a villain is literally Amleth tier retardation.

As for the magic forces, I think it's best not to take those scenes as entirely literal. This is a retelling of a myth so I tend to think of that stuff as allegory. Amleth is the protagonist so we see things through his righteous, magically-blessed perspective. It's nothing more than a storytelling technique imo, the story is firmly within Amleth's PoV so you don't see an explanation scene where you're taken out of his viewpoint. That would not make sense with the rest of the film which is basically entirely enveloped in his shitty perspective.

No. 203921

I'm on board with seeing some scenes satirically and the mythical sequences as occurring in Amleth's head. It reminded me of when he gets Draugr and fights against the undead warrior, then the scene rolls back and the warrior crumbles to dust. That and other instances where the characters attribute things happening to the gods because those were their deeply held beliefs. I disagree with Amleth being a buffoon or lacking a moral compass though. Like I mentioned before, he saves his half-brother during the game where if he had been solely focused on revenge it would've been a great opportunity to eliminate another product of his uncle's betrayal. It's actually very ironic because at the time he assumed the child was a product of rape, and saw him as an innocent in the events that occurred. Something his own mother could not do for him. He was also willing to accept Gudrún's perspective, showing growth and counteracting a lifetime of violent male conditioning, and was about to abandon his quest until he learned about Olga's pregnancy and feared for their safety. Would he have killed Gudrún and his brother had they not attacked him before reaching Fjolnir? I doubt it. I might have phrased things poorly by saying Gudrún is villainous, she's certainly no worse than any of the male characters, but no matter how much she may be a product of the abuse and historical period she endured, I just can't see ordering the death of an innocent child as anything but evil. So that one act in particular is villainous to me, although all of the characters save Olga have negative traits. It's also hypocritical that she idealized Fjolnir because he was supposedly so much better than Aurvandill, when Fjolnir would've raped Olga. It's the whole, "It's fine if someone does it to other women just not me" attitude, which is pretty damn tragic. And who is the mother of his existing, older child? Somehow I doubt she was a beloved wife who died naturally before her time.

No. 204595

File: 1652017407045.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1365, MV5BMzg1MzQ4NTgxMF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

How shitty is The Priest (2011) on a shit-o-meter of one to ten? I like Paul Bettany and vampires

No. 204658

File: 1652036369057.jpg (73.64 KB, 400x597, large_kdLnGFkGLk1hijuFX7RmUaxx…)

I have watched Valley of the Dolls (1967) and Beyond Valley of the Dolls (1970), and I think they're a pretty good illustration of the effect the Hays Code had on the american movie industry. As a reminder, the Hays Code (real name Motion Picture Production Code) was a list of situations and events that could not be depicted on film from 1934 to 1968, such as nipples, one character shooting another in the same shot (filming someone shooting, then filming the victim falling down was allowed), miscegenation, the words "fuck" or "damn", etc. More and more attempts to tone down the code were done by directors, until the code was replaced by the current american rating system in 1968, precisely between those two movies
Valley of the Dolls is an adaptation of the book of the same name, with a happy ending tacked on it (the author hated it). It's something like A Star is Born (1937, 1954, 1976, 2018): aspiring starlets go to the city, they're tempted by drugs, money and premarital sex. You can sense the Hays code is ready to break down, as you can see two characters naked in a swimming pool, the silhouette of a naked woman, characters using drugs, etc (underwear in all properly lighted scenes though). Not much to the story, it's the usual soap with surprise pregnancies, surprise illnesses, unintentional funny parts because of how cliché it can get, everyone cheating on each other, a bit too much homophobia, the willful women end in hell while the demure one gets the happiness. It was however one of the biggest roles of Sharon Tate (of Manson family murders fame), so a good watch if you want to know who she actually was
Beyond The Valley of the Dolls, which is not a sequel to VotD (there's a disclaimer saying so at the very start for legal reasons, they wanted to make an actual sequel but the writer didn't) is what you get when you hire a near-pornographer as a director and get your screenplay written by Roger Ebert, while allowing them to do whatever they want. That's not a joke, that's actually what happened. This gives a very weird result: the Hays Code is now dead, so the coomer director (Russ Meyer, of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! fame) celebrated by hiring as much big breasted playboy models as he could and there's going to be nipples in most shots. It gets weirder, as the director's other fetish is domineering women who are independent and can defend themselves against men, which got him called "inadvertent feminist". The whole movie is spent rolling your eyes at gratuitous shots, then realizing that you've never seen another movie where a normal woman successfully defends her boyfriend against someone much bigger than both. The movie was thought as a satire of hollywood clichés, and you get some very original editing and dialogues, which is usual in movies written by movie fans or ex critics (like Tarantino, who loves that movie, and Godard). I'd even call it a subtle satire, not "subtle" as "there are no coomer shots nor decapitations in this movie", but as "many will think it's for real" (the mostly amateur actors certainly did). Is it a good movie? I'd say it has many flaws, it is very camp, it's certainly unique, and it's very interesting if you're into the history of american cinema

No. 204660

not to mention the imagery of the "maiden-king". for instance when he imagines his family tree/lineage and the sword and crown are with his daughter and not his son, and those visions of what looks to be an older version of that girl riding into the great beyond or whatever. I walked away from the movie wondering about her and what she was meant to represent.

No. 204701

>It gets weirder, as the director's other fetish is domineering women who are independent and can defend themselves against men, which got him called "inadvertent feminist".
That was happening quite a bit about that time, following the sexual revolution. Degenerate coomers were embracing their fetishes unabashed and since the weirder ones tended to focus on traditionally "unattractive" women or qualities of women, they were considered as a kind of feminist for defying gender or beauty roles all while they were just jerking off. Probably the most famous of this is R. Crumb, the comic book writer, who made no attempt whatsoever to hide his deep perversion and misogyny, but he was attracted to larger than normal women, so a lot of his contemporaries thought he was empowering women by featuring them so prominently. You see that kind of thing pop up frequently. I can't count how many times I've seen Ilsa the SS Nazi porno chick touted as a kind of offbeat feminist icon. She is NOT.

Thanks for the write up, nonny. I haven't seen either of them, but I've read about both.

No. 204709

File: 1652058264157.jpg (61.2 KB, 500x750, 6872-lci.jpg)

wondering if any of you have watched this, it's an older woman/younger man romance film. I started watching it and lost interest halfway through, it just seemed kind of cringey and forced at some points, I was surprised I had never heard of it though as it has some big names in it

No. 204780

The biggest name I'm seeing is Jason Alexander, which is very worrying for a romance film

No. 204822

Lmao. Well it has Susan Sarandon which I thought was a bigger name

No. 204844

File: 1652113080392.png (45.86 KB, 1450x756, JrqlWfL[1].png)

Huh you're right, I didn't know she kept working after Thelma and Louise

No. 204867

So there's a new horror movie coming out and it's just called "Men"

No. 204879

File: 1652123801259.png (394.67 KB, 1587x2245, d0eiwfqo8cf71.png)

>A24 horror film
into the trash it goes then, seriously I just don't get the appeal of these movies
it always filled with cryptic dialogue between characters, which you have no attachment to for the entire movie because they're completely devoid of any emotion. Long panning shots that look cool but serve little to no purpose. Random gratuitous violent or sex scene which is only there to spice things up and remind you you're watching a movie and cause it supposed to be "auteur", and In the end, the main character finally "understands" what happened or what they must do. What that is, we don't know and may never know. But the fact remains, they understand. 10/10 masterpiece from the critics, complete garbage to the rest of the world.

No. 204900

Men are disgusting
I disagree with this so much

No. 204903

Oh it's by Alex Garland, I've just noticed I accidentally watched all of his movies. Let's hope it'll be as good as Annihilation
Your pic is sort of true but not a single point of your list makes sense

No. 204904

Yeah I'm excited to see it! I loved Annihilation way more than expected and the acting from the two leads in this one looks solid. I love A24 and the growing psychological horror genre so it's definitely something I'm interested in

No. 204931

go back to watching the nun, bitch

No. 204940

File: 1652142973670.jpeg (8.63 KB, 275x177, 21231351.jpeg)

>Long panning shots that look cool but serve little to no purpose
>looking cool is not a suitable purpose
>in a visual medium

No. 204971

name one thing I said that wasn't objectively true

No. 205126

Everything you said

No. 205130

>I love A24

No. 205138

File: 1652214555892.jpg (154.47 KB, 800x584, 6985408540893.jpg)

They're one of the only studios that backs interesting titles these days. That is, Hollywood movies that are outside of the "big explodey boom boom" or "rehashed romantic story #823904" molds. I like movies that allow you to consider how their themes affect your own life, don't need to spoonfeed you a message and have more artistic stylings. The Tragedy of Macbeth for example was visually stunning and paid clear homage to its stage origins, excellent acting and was true to the source material with a few interesting new twists. I can't think of any other studio that would provide a director with a decent budget to make something that addresses a fairly niche interest. It was plenty emotional and engaging to me. Regarding their horror, I'm pretty bored of jump scares and feel it's just a cheap tactic to gloss over a shallow, unengaging story. A lot of their films address more familial and emotional trauma which gets under my skin a lot more than simply seeing a spooky monster chase teenagers around.

No. 205139

Hard disagree too. I obviously don't love everything they've distributed (nor did I watch everything), but I really loved Hereditary and I liked Midsommar. They have no sex scenes, btw.
Tusk was pretty shit lol but I liked the first half until the actual tusk revelation
But I think it's kinda random to judge like a distribution company like that, they don't make everything they distribute

No. 205141

File: 1652215813291.jpg (36.25 KB, 286x400, el_mundo_de_los_vampiros-75276…)

I watched El Mundo de los vampiros anoche.

Unremarkable. Not terrible, but not good. Both better than I thought it would be and worse because there wasn't as much unintentional camp as I thought. There still is some, but it's not overflowing or anything. I read some reviews afterwards that basically said "what a le wacky and silly 60's Mexican horror movie what a MESS" and the people who wrote such things clearly are ignorant of the true state of 1960's Mexican horror films if they think this is ridiculous.

No. 205146

Honestly I only remembered them for shit like spring breakers and now they're putting out some other shit with skete davidson.

No. 205165

samefag, correcting myself: midsommar does have a sex scene. It didn't felt gratuitous to me like sex scenes in horror movies usually are, but yeah I had forgotten about it. my bad

No. 205345

File: 1652299128813.jpg (64.98 KB, 780x439, intro-1619369084[1].jpg)

Just realized that
>Robert Eggers
>Roger Ebert
Great now I'm going to mistake one for the other

No. 205347

Spring Breakers is probably one of the worst rated A24 movies, it's not representative of the rest

No. 205349

This make me want to watch it kek I love obscure shit

No. 205350

File: 1652301051233.gif (1.32 MB, 245x180, f0d83d88aa6868ded63bd8a7647bee…)

This has James Spader in it??!! omg

No. 205352

File: 1652301866944.jpg (359.75 KB, 2257x797, Untitled-1.jpg)

Robert Eggers is the young, hip, A24 director and Roger Eggers is the dead film critic and journalist who originated the thumbs-up, thumbs-down rating system and had won the Pulitzer Price for Criticism

No. 205354

Both are jaw dropping

No. 205417

File: 1652323074620.gif (1.2 MB, 500x280, foxy.gif)

Pam Grier's Foxy Brown (1974) has to be one of my fav movies now. If not for the fun story and badass female main lead, at least watch for her amazing wardrobe. Blaxploitation gonna blaxploit, but Ms. Grier makes it work.

No. 205434

Yes! This movie is a classic, especially the fashion.

No. 205446

File: 1652333762030.gif (902.8 KB, 245x180, giphy.gif)

yes it does nonny, that's why I Was watching it

No. 205486

File: 1652362005072.jpg (57.61 KB, 780x439, oIQMt3Q6Qa37YD0JOdYkrIAPYDk.jp…)

sat down and watched come and see….going in I knew it was going to be bad but it really was more bleak then i anticipated. the part that made me start crying is when they left flor by himself in the burned down village after posing for a picture with him even though it was a very emotionally heavy movie, i'm really glad i watched it. it's very…humbling? if that makes sense

No. 205496

kek ikr

No. 205506

Young James Spader was so fucking cute. damn

No. 205521

Finally watched Eyes Wide Shut, and honestly, I don't know what to think. Nothing really happens but I feel kinda creeped out and intrigued anyway. The set design and colours were gorgeous.

No. 205532

File: 1652371266609.jpg (195.87 KB, 1080x1658, MV5BODM4Njg0NTAtYjI5Ny00ZjAxLT…)

Yeah that sums up pretty well the average Kubrick movie experience lol. Since all of his movies are book adaptations and his first career was being a photographer, he always focuses on the movie's look rather than the plot
It got a really nice poster too. The part that marked me the most was, amid all the violence, the pet loris

No. 205540

ooooh that poster is super cool! honestly i had no idea this movie was "one of the greatest films ever made", my friend was randomly telling me about it. but yeah the loris was wild especially when the SS officer put the helmet over him so he couldn't "witness" what they were about to do

No. 205719

I watched this years ago. I had the file downloaded on my computer with just the filename and I had no idea what it was, so I watched it on a lark. The first scene kind of feels like a weird comedy, so boy was I in for a shock. A somewhat similar film you could watch is Ivan's Childhood, if you wanted more like that.

No. 205777

oh, i'll have to check it out! thanks for the recommendation

No. 205783

saging because i dont know if this the right thread (didn't find any documentary threads here or ot) but i've been watching a lot of adam curtis documentaries lately. i really like how he utilizes visuals and music in his topics

No. 205874

Recommend me a scary movie to watch tonight, nonnies.

No. 205875


No. 205882

Isolation (the 2005 irish movie) is pretty good. It has a small cast, lots of tension and paranoia, and cows

No. 205896

What kinda vibe do you like? Slasher, revenge flicks, paranormal, psychological, psychedelic/arthouse etc?

No. 205899

I, Madman (1989)

No. 205901

Excision is great. Kinda gory at the end though so if you're not into that, fair warning.

No. 205938

File: 1652517725298.jpg (98.38 KB, 1400x700, He-Witch-The-Northman[1].jpg)

I finally got to see The Northman, so to add to the previous reviews:
Great sound design overall, great technical feat at the start where a maybe 4 minutes assault on a village is filmed in just two long takes, fun little cultural details (like the vegvísir on this guy's head, the appearance of svið, norse religion references, Shakespeare's Hamlet references in addition to the original Amleth story). About 1/10th of the dialogue is untranslated icelandic and norse languages to give a better atmosphere. This feels much more like an action movie than Eggers' other movies because he didn't have final cut on this one (which happens when you get 10 times the budget of your previous film). I liked the throat singing, it seems it's going to appear in more and more movies (it already was in Dune)
I've seen some call the historical accuracy in this movie dubious, but at this point only specialists of the period and place will really be able to tell if there's anything wrong with it, your suspension of disbelief is much more likely to be challenged by the magical elements than the mundane details which were still all designed as accurately as can be in a 2 hours movie
Great movie if you like violence, norse culture and sagas, and nihilistic stories. Much less subtle than previous Eggers movies, but I found it very nice to watch something like an action movie that tried to have a bit of depth behind it

No. 205939

File: 1652518071378.png (23.62 KB, 800x800, 800px-Aegishjalmr.svg[1].png)

Or perhaps even an Ægishjálmur…

No. 206455

File: 1652654975391.jpg (126.12 KB, 800x1169, 1111094.jpg)

Bitch (2017) it's on Tubi, with ad block ofc. Intense movie, provocative.
This is if r/breakingmom and depressed reddit wives are one bad day away from a total meltdown, and the scrotes are left to deal with the consequences.
It was quite sympathetic to the moid character but also equal parts condemning. And to be fair, moids irl would have just drove off into the sunset and abandoned their kids if the wife lost her fuckin mind. The actors did very good job, the anguish and despair feel very real at times. Written and directed by a woman too.

No. 206461

File: 1652655887868.png (100.58 KB, 263x379, BFF3F0F2-49B9-417B-AF7F-899854…)

Idk how they managed but the second movie is even worse than the first one

No. 206550

IKR, I was lowkey waiting for it for a fun cringewatch the first one was, but this one was just boring as hell. All dialogues could fit on one page. Hope last one goes back to it's roots of being a bad movie, not a 1,5h long music video

No. 206985

File: 1652802571188.jpg (153.9 KB, 502x773, circusofhorror.jpg)

Just finished watching Circus Of Horrors, I liked Anton Diffring in The Man Who Could Cheat Death and he was great in this too, just wish my fave character hadn't died in the end kek (not spoiling it here)

No. 207158

File: 1652853761291.jpg (22.35 KB, 255x378, Thebrood.jpg)

Watched The Brood. Better than the last Cronenberg I watched, Rabid. The stuff with the killer dwarves was stupid and bad, but the psychology stuff was probably the best psychobabble I've seen in his movies so far. Oliver Reed and Samantha Eggar were really good actors in it.

No. 207171

File: 1652856622186.jpg (34.24 KB, 350x522, fid21437.jpg)

Just finished watching this and I liked it a lot. I liked that the protagonist was kind of unlikable while still being relatable at times – I could relate to her having a handful of skills and talents but no real passion or drive.

No. 207189

Oh god, me and my friend watched this after watching the first one when it came out. It absolutely blows ass, about 3/4 of the movie is just sex scenes with shitty music over the top and somehow the English is worse in this. It’ll still provide you with a good laugh if you need one though just not as much as the first one.

No. 207261

I thought you had skipped Fast Company but it was released the same year as The Brood

No. 207372

I did skip Fast Company, but only because the torrent wouldn't work. At some point in the future, maybe I'll watch it, but not during this Cronenberg marathon.

No. 207750

I finally found time to watch this movie, went in blind only trusting in anons recommendations and I'm so glad, could never anticipate what's to come. I'm surprised how someone this crazy and wacky can end up being so emotional as well. Very unique experience.

No. 207774

File: 1653046775574.png (574.39 KB, 1194x795, the girl with the dragon tatto…)

nonnies, do you have recommendations for movies with women solving crimes/complicated mysteries ? Even better if they are unusually smart and resourceful, anything with women being mad genuius is great too !

No. 207794

>Fargo (1996)
>The Girl on the Train
>Lady Vengeance
>Sharp Objects
>Silence of the Lambs
>Enola Holmes
>Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears
>Erin Brockovich
>The Call
>Bad Genius
>Molly's Game
>Knives Out
>I Care A Lot
>Ex Machina (well it's a robot technically)
Some of them are women doing crimes instead of solving them, or both

No. 207845

File: 1653062885637.png (1.3 MB, 955x836, list.png)

Thank you so much nonnie, I will watch them!

No. 207849

>Knives Out
I watched that recently. It was a really fun movie.

No. 207854

Are you using yts? It works fine there

No. 207897

File: 1653080264843.jpg (24.27 KB, 220x324, Ixcanul_poster.jpg)

Has anyone watched this? I watched this a couple of years ago and I remember it making me really sad as a LatAM anon.

No. 208040

File: 1653130717579.jpg (144.98 KB, 819x1024, 3867756.jpg)

watching this 2 hour long documentary filmed over a span of 36 years. it's absolutely heart-wrenching.

No. 208064

File: 1653141619720.jpg (186.86 KB, 1170x1656, 20220521_095902.jpg)

Made me kek

No. 208068

>Gone Girl
Neither original story nor screenplay were written by a man

No. 208070

But the post is about directors.

No. 208074

nta but I agree with her, I don't think Gone Girl fit in this list at all. I do find funny the description on the list though kek.

No. 208096

I don't think "cleo"'s intent was to say that David Fincher wanted to say that he was "one of the good ones" using particular filming, choice of actors and general cinematography (a director's roles). I think she meant that this kind of message was conveyed by the actual plot and screenplay of the movie, but since they weren't written by a man here Gone Girl shouldn't be in this list. All the other films in this list are however appropriate because in each one the male director wrote the story, and cleo must have thought that Fincher had writing credits too (he doesn't)

No. 208099

sad movie for sure nona!

No. 208117

File: 1653154758017.jpeg (176.38 KB, 750x1083, F919B77C-0C07-4818-B546-42B7A4…)

i just watched Slaxx with my nan, was actually really funny

No. 208155

You watch horror movies with your grandma?
What are her favorites?

No. 208554

Do you know fun rom-coms centered around lesbian relationships?

I watched Kamikaze Girls and while it was only about a strong friendship it still scratched that itch

No. 208560

File: 1653300959752.jpg (964.57 KB, 924x1369, 567a1d81-2ff4-11eb-a88b-02fe89…)

maybe this ?

No. 208576

File: 1653311183602.jpeg (110.56 KB, 1240x744, A1400AB6-B289-4D9E-9E4C-6F9BA3…)

Saving Face is very personal to me

No. 208587

File: 1653319303244.png (1.19 MB, 767x1091, d2nsxww-7160f651-333d-4c7d-ab6…)

old post but i find it funny that lilo and stitch's artstyle is used as a example of non-coomer stuff when the character designer is a complete pervert scrote though kek and he posts his coomer art under a account that's named after lilo


No. 208598

File: 1653323435984.png (341.83 KB, 828x560, IMG_5009[1].png)

Every day I regret less and less having watched Morbius on the big screen

No. 208599


No. 208603

Just because he's a degenerate in general (sad btw) doesn't mean that designs in Lilo and Stitch specifically are automatically degenerate too

No. 208614

This shit should go in the hideous art thread

No. 208615

I don’t understand the Morbius meme, should I see it or na???

No. 208629

nah he's just ew

No. 208634

File: 1653335263880.jpg (154.38 KB, 1156x497, 554532rdf.jpg)

it's obvious lilo's sister's design is masturbation fodder for him though like the thighs etc are straight lifted from his coomer designs

No. 208637

File: 1653335554021.jpg (189.75 KB, 1182x736, 32rwfesdf.jpg)

like the dude has a type obviously and it happens to be hula beach girls

No. 208640

But don’t you know that not being conventionally thin means you’re being inclusive and body positive!! So empowering and realistic. Because we all know most women have thighs twice the thickness of their torso

No. 208644

File: 1653336159819.jpg (241.07 KB, 765x1833, 3243423245.jpg)

like sorry to sperg about this but seriously…

"This great pin up features Nani from Disney's "Lilo and Stitch". The piece was purchased from an animator who worked with the animator that did the piece. He said that during the making of the film pin ups like this were traded around between the animators. The artist of the piece is known but I am keeping that information anonymous so as not to harm the artists career at Disney."


No. 208646

File: 1653336588058.png (309.62 KB, 408x316, 6432094832098.png)

I'm glad whoever the art director was managed to rein him in to prevent her from having huge fake balloon tits. I'm kind of surprised they managed to keep their dick in their pants to that extent considering how "children's" studios like Pixar have been putting out tons of coomer porn-thicc mommies and Disney created this abomination. Like seriously how did this get through multiple advisory boards

No. 208648

File: 1653336890576.jpg (121.62 KB, 1080x1080, Exlib9KXIAMT51Z.jpg)

oh he got his tits but on a minor character, thank god

No. 208660

What am I even looking at here? The fuck..

No. 208665

File: 1653340993298.png (877.84 KB, 891x934, p3Wu3gZ[1].png)

Of course, it's the morbie of the year!

No. 208670

Yeah, it is known that there are tons of official disney porn by disney artists - because everything they drew then belongs to disney
One may ask why disney artists wanted to draw porn of childrens movies characters - well because they are coomer scrotes

No. 208679

Legitimately one of the ugliest designs I've ever seen

No. 208684

Nani is supposed to be an adult and not knowing it was made by a degenerate scrote I always thought she looks cool and hot but in a very natural, non fetishy way. Fanarts and any renditions outside original animation shouldn't really count if we're discussing the movie only imho. Still I'm disappointed and feel kinda robbed knowing who made all this, even if whoever else working with him managed to tame his horny visions for the animation itself

No. 208706

File: 1653355218165.jpg (40.57 KB, 258x387, Scanners.jpg)

I watched Scanners. This is the first Cronenberg that that I've actually seen before, although that was ten years ago. So I didn't remember much and it was basically brand new. I could have sworn the head explosion scene was at the end rather than the beginning, but there you go.

Easily the best of his movies so far. It had a little bit too much action and exploding cars for me instead of telepathic psychobabble, but that's okay. It felt like a return to his first movie Stereo, which was all about telepaths. Some good acting, too. Some bad acting, too. The effects were cool. The plot kind of vaguely reminded me of Ubik.

The guy's head blowing up is very cool. I liked the bad guy. He reminded me of Jack Nicholson. The final scene with him reminded me so much of the Deadites from Evil Dead I had to check and see he didn't play one.

Telepathy is so cool.

No. 208740

The jump in quality comes in part from the difference in budget ($4 millions, so far he only had $1 million to make his movies)

No. 208755

File: 1653382940994.jpg (3.77 MB, 2806x4088, MV5BZjBlMjIxN2ItNTMyNi00NDk5LW…)

I watched this and I really like fictional characters existing and interacting with the real world especially in different medias like TAWOG but I think movie is utterly shit and I refused to think this is canon but a fever dream or a high production fanfic. The constant referencing in pop culture can be a little annoying too.

They sabotaged Peter Pan, one of the most beloved Disney characters into a villain who's aged up like milk and been thrown out referencing to Bobby Driscoll's tragedy. A child actor who got kicked out of Disney's role to play as Peter Pan after hitting puberty. He lived penniless and died alone at the age of 31. It's really fucked up.

Gadget and Zipper are married with +42 mouse fly hybrid kids. What the actual fuck. This is so cursed. Sure I find it hilarious to see furry moids lose their shit that they're being cucked by a fly but it's still weird.Just the thought of having sex with a little fly who played as the pet/mascot of a cartoon series to have maggots growing in the womb and giving birth 42 times is jarring and fucking disgusting. Who the fuck thought having these two together is a good idea?

They brought back the ugly Sonic abomination.

No. 208757

>42 times
She's a mouse so realistically it'd be between 6 to 9 times

No. 208759

File: 1653385282968.jpg (23.46 KB, 450x350, 8d541cd053009140f9ad594ade28b9…)

Bobby Driscoll wasn't just Peter Pan's voice actor. He was the basis of Peter Pan's design. Those are Bobby Driscoll's distinctive facial features.
So, they're not just mocking a dead man; they're using his ACTUAL FACE to do it.

No. 208762

I watched it yesterday too and man, story-wise the movie was shit. It's fun and works as a crack fanfiction with all the pop culture references, but as a proper movie it sucks (and I hate that they call it the sequel to Roger Rabbit, that one was actually well animated and made).

The animation on the main characters is hideous, seriously why couldn't they just animate Chip in 2D? He looks so cheap and expressionless most of the movie, his model looks like a vrchat avatar. Dale looks uncanny in CGI too imo, his head is a triangle and the eyes are creepy.

And of course they turned Peter Pan into a cheap ugly ass villain. They would have been better off with an original one, especially knowing the tragic story of the actor. With the movie's theme they could have pulled off something a tiny bit more serious and less meme-y (referencing his tragedy while talking about the forgotten cartoons would have been a lot better).

I don't know, this whole movie seems like a bad meme that's also a bit disrespectful.

No. 208787

I've seen people defending this plot point by saying the Peter Pan joke is cliche by this point.
But it is really fucked up not only because of the design, but because
a) It's basically the same backstory.
b) This is the Disney version of Peter Pan
c) This kind of joke only works when the movie is not produced by the evil company that actually exploits children.
On the other hand, I think it's funny Disney was stupid enough to let this be a part of the story and let everyone know about their skeletons in the closet. I didn't even know about this until the movie came out.

No. 208788

I'm glad I'm not the only one who though this movie was hot shit as well. It's both WiR 2 and Space Jam 2 but even worse. The fact I've seen people give this trash 10 out of 10 and say that it was "funny" is weird to me. The villain was really disrespectful to the real actor who voice and is design after him.
The references could have worked better because as they are, they're just there for Disney to brag that they were able to get all these 2D/live action cartoons into the movie.

Also Sonic didn't need to be in the movie as it just felt like Disney saw the success of the Sonic movies and wanted to piggy back off it with "Ugly Sonic" (also for folks to point and scream "LOOK ITS THE UGLY SONIC FROM THE FIRST SONIC TRAILER! HAHA CLAP")

No. 208793

>the evil company that actually exploits children.
Who, Disney? In the last 50 years?

No. 208806

Yeah, that my point

No. 208809

You're going to have to be clearer on what you imply because the only thing I could find on Disney exploiting children as of late is pedophiles working in disney parks being arrested

No. 208818

Most of the old Disney Channel actors basically, they were forced to have a cookie-cutter image, and some of them ended up with some kind of body dysmorphia, drug addiction or eating disorder.

No. 208822

I mean that's child actors in general. The whole movie industry is doing it, and child actors get fucked up growing up whether they worked with Disney or not
>drug addiction
That's actors in general

No. 208877

File: 1653430507976.jpg (15.58 KB, 300x300, pBmUrEo.jpg)

Has anyone else seen this movie yet? Saw it last night and was thoroughly traumatized but now I'm just angry and annoyed with Alex Garland. Don't know what else I expected from a male director tbh.
The visuals were good though

No. 208878

Thought of seeing this but I’m not a fan of movies that try to be all oooo trauma and psychological fear! Are there any triggering parts relating to sexual assault? I might check it out just to have an opinion about it

No. 208879

There's a few small moments of SA but it's more like weird touching, nothing too blatant. The whole movie is pretty unnerving and triggering though.

>not a fan of movies that try to be all oooo trauma and psychological fear

It's basically that kek

No. 208880

Lmao well I haven’t indulged in a while so maybe it’ll be worth seeing for $5 movie night, especially since everyone is saying cinematography is nice and I like being surprised by what weird shit happens

No. 208907

Can’t think of many lesbian movies Ive seen that isn’t intense and dramatic or straight out depressing lol. Maybe Crush (2022) on Hulu. It’s an extremely zoomer movie, so if you have some tolerance to that stuff it might be okay. Overall it’s just a teen movie, lighthearted, inoffensive, a bit cringe, not much to think about.

No. 208908

>now I'm just angry and annoyed with Alex Garland
Wait what? Why? Please explain more with minimal spoilers, I was really interested in seeing this because it appeared like it would be spooky fun but sympathetic to the female lead. If that's not the case I'd rather not waste time & money.

No. 208910

File: 1653447985360.jpg (194.3 KB, 600x400, but-im-a-cheerleader-scene.jpg)

But I'm a Cheerleader is pretty cute!

No. 208939

Just the fact that it was written / directed by a male and it's about trauma specific to the female experience (ie being stalked, harassed, SA) is ridiculous. Nothing new though I guess.

The women in Garland's movies are basically just sites of trauma, like that's all their character is.

Spoilers —– a male gives birth like 3 times in the climax scene and it's sort of fucked. Funny how men can't think of anything scarier than vaginas and giving birth kek.

No. 208952

Hmm. Thanks for sharing anon. I don't know if I'm up for that, although to some extent characters used as pure symbolism can be interesting. I'll have to think on it.

No. 209000

File: 1653495899093.jpg (24.81 KB, 450x322, 4526554ec793549da37a5a344f4d15…)

this for sure, I love that movie!

No. 209175

File: 1653588670279.jpg (1.46 MB, 2000x1621, ray-liotta[1].jpg)

I still don't get why he laughed like that in Goodfellas

No. 209180

Oh man, that was unexpected! He was in the middle of a few projects so things are going to be released posthumously and probably with heavy editing or recasting


No. 209181

I loved him in hannibal, maybe he was a shitty old man idk but rip i guess

No. 209209

RIP to a legend. Loved him in Bee Movie

No. 209279

File: 1653630832358.jpeg (83.81 KB, 624x416, CEB4F881-E685-42A5-8597-6183DA…)

So I watched this movie for the first time tonight. I liked it but it definitely had its flaws I hate how they treated Penny Lane,

No. 209290

I think it's the kind of movie that relies a lot on boomer appeal, like you've got to be over 50 yo to see this movie as good as most critics make it out to be

No. 209344

Why do they keep getting shitty and problematic celebs to do the voice acting instead of actual voice actors?? I'm not seeing this garbage

No. 209347

This. My mom loved this movie and I didnt get why until i watched it decades later. It makes sense since this is the time period she grew up in.

No. 209353

>problematic celebs
Who? Mulaney?

No. 209485

File: 1653733140149.jpg (138.21 KB, 1129x1200, FTy9R86UsAIcWml[1].jpg)

And so starts the endless cycle

No. 209486


No. 209510

Fucking what for??? It was slammed by the critics and everyone and their mother, whose dick is he sucking to get the sequel greenlighted?

No. 209513

What movie is this?

No. 209521

Another year.. more Jared Leto. Why cant this ugly, untalented motherfucker just go away?

No. 209523

I believe it's Almost Famous. A movie about a 'band-aid' and her journey with some bands in the 70s.

No. 209526

Omg I just tried watching this movie but as someone who isn’t white or American (I found Penny very cringey) it was just so boring and dull for me, as is most Cameron’s flicks (like we get you have a boner for this time period and were a music journalist also) but cute af fashion tho!

No. 209550

Meme magic made it recoup its budget. Box office was peanuts compared to other Spiderman movies (especially Venom), but producers probably thought that it was profitable enough. Plus, another movie might build enough hype around the character for Morbius-related merch to start selling
Note that at no point producers are actually considering whether the movie is good or not

No. 209554

I have just been informed that this picture is fake. But one day, perhaps…

No. 209835

File: 1653843732383.jpg (21.75 KB, 640x350, e09.jpg)

I only wanted to watch Polar for the action scenes, why do we see Mads Mikkelsen's butt so often?

No. 209846

I’m… I’m gonna have to see that for myself. To be judgy about it of course. Haha.

No. 209847

I'm sure you'll like it, Mads-fucker. Enjoy the sight of him fucking women who aren't you.

No. 209860

File: 1653847726216.jpg (1.28 MB, 2000x2000, dey-young-pretty-woman-mc-squa…)

So I finally watched Pretty Woman. I'm embarrassed to admit how much I liked it. I think it was good as a romance but definitely just a fantasy and would never happen in real life. I also liked Vivian's best friend Kit and wish we would have seen more of her.

But one thing I don't get is why people say this movie glorifies prostitution. It doesn't really. Like don't get me wrong this movie was "problematic" in a lot of ways but it didn't really do that. The movie starts with Julia Roberts seeing a dead prostitute that got pulled out of a dumpster and then going to her roommate who couldn't pay rent because of her drug problem. Later she says she cried during her first time selling sex. I've even seen people say this woman influences women to become escorts or whatever but I don't see how that would make sense.

No. 209889

It's glorified because it's Julia Roberts as the main actress and everyone is movie pretty so of course it's gonna look nice kek

No. 209895

Polar got shat on by critics, the only reason anyone would watch it is Mads Mikkelsen

No. 209901

interesting fact - the movie was supposed to have a dark ending but Hollywood forced a happy one instead.

No. 209903

I don't know or care about critics, I heard about it from Kojima when the movie got released because this man is 10000% gay for Mads, and I had time to kill today. It's an ok movie. Nothing amazing but it's not bad either.

No. 210069

Oh yeah, I remember an anon saying how it was supposed to be a bleak portrayal of the realities of prostitution but Hollywood didn't want that.

No. 210370

File: 1653981733369.jpg (105.34 KB, 1000x1483, MV5BMzQzMDlmYjgtZTcyNy00YTg5LT…)

I really liked this movie

No. 210383

Thanks you've convinced me to watch it

No. 210478

File: 1654013644107.jpg (137.98 KB, 450x600, 1653345679718.jpg)

Can't dip the zip.

No. 210481

Ginger Snaps, Repo! The Genetic Opera

No. 210503

bram stoker's dracula (your gif lol), underworld, interview with the vampire, van helsing.

No. 210539

File: 1654025267603.jpg (192.29 KB, 800x600, Winchester_015.jpg)

Mary Shelly
Only Lovers Left Alive
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Series of Unfortunate Events

No. 210621

saw this tonight and I'd recommend it. i don't usually watch horror films but the trailer drew me in. i was a bit disappointed it came from a male director, but i don't think the film suffered from it. it did a convincing job showing the different faces of misogyny, but it still didn't come across as trauma porn. the mc is often scared and vulnerable, but still a badass doing what she can to realistically defend herself. obv avoid for the triggers but it's a solid piece of social issue horror.

No. 210646

File: 1654066529703.png (446.96 KB, 790x1012, 485fe1805a4425d910dfa310794602…)

I never cared or into furry waifus but seeing Gadget x Zipper as a canon couple is pretty cringe and out of nowhere. Like let's take Cream and Cheese from Sonic for example and have them as a married couple with tons of Chao rabbit babies and Cheese speaking in a deep ass voice. He was just acting as a baby this whole time. I still hate this movie.

No. 210664

File: 1654082782881.jpg (44.64 KB, 220x342, Videodrome.jpg)

Finally watched Videodrome. This is the one I was most excited about seeing again. I think it's the perfect synthesis of all the disparate and connected themes that Cronenberg is interested in. Seeing once again the profound influence William S. Burroughs had on Cronenberg, I am finally going to bite the bullet and buy some of his books. Back when I watched Decoder in March I almost did, but I can't resist now. I remember reading Naked Lunch aloud in high school with my friends like a total edgelord. I'm going to take a break from watching Cronenberg when it comes time for Naked Lunch, because I was to re-read it and be fresh on the feeling of Burroughs more than any real "plot."

Obviously we've reached a level of technology where we can see even more depraved stuff quicker and easier than in Videodrome and its psychic damage to our consciousness is kind of skirted around. I would be very curious if anyone has any reccs for something like "Videodrome, but for the Internet." I really wonder what Burroughs would have thought about the Internet as it is now. We are cyborgs.

Videodrome is pretty famous or infamous so I know a lot of you have seen it. If you liked it, I really strongly suggest watching Decoder, which I mentioned >>190444 When you watch both of them, you'll see the clear similarities when it comes to the man-machine interface theories. Decoder is generally more about music than video, but it's essentially the same. Also, it doesn't have any body horror, so if you just like Videodrome for that, it might not interest you.

No. 210800

>I'm going to take a break from watching Cronenberg when it comes time for Naked Lunch
Are you going to watch Crimes of the Future? I think I'll go watch it tomorrow

No. 211101

File: 1654206860105.png (724.16 KB, 942x937, abramović.png)

And by "Crimes of the Future" I didn't mean Crimes of the Future (1970) but Crimes of the Future (2022), with a top notch cast of Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart that I just came back from
Definitely not a movie for the squeamish. I watched it at the midweek evening showing in my local arthouse cinema (the only one that'd screen it) in a 50 seats stuffed room smaller than my apartment, so you can be sure the spectators were nothing but crazies (we were 3), yet I distinctly felt the seat of my so far stoic neighbor flinch upon a certain scene. Don't go watch it if you don't like kid corpses!
Overall pretty interesting, it's a look at performance art and "inner beauty" as in "beauty of the organs". Cronenberg certainly thought about Marina Abramović while devising the performances of the movie (and so will you!). The whole movie was filmed in Athens in decrepit places, and it has a rather peculiar 90s SF movie, particularly noticeable in a scene where everyone is filming a performance using 90s digital cameras or futuristic recording-rings but there's not a smartphone in sight
What really caught my eye was Kristen Stewart's performance, she absolutely kills it as some sort of nervous, cowardly yet well dressed maniac. It somewhat reminded me of Ana de Armas in No Time to Die (lol) or Kobeni in Chainsaw Man, I hope I'll see more actresses in that kind of role it's rather refreshing
The one thing that bothered me (yes, more than kid corpses) was one shot of two naked supporting actresses that existed for apparently no other reason than titillating male spectators. I'm just going to put it on Cronenberg being 79 yo

No. 211191

My local theater doesn't have it, or I would.

But I'm glad you could!

No. 211192

My local theater doesn't have it, or I would.

But I'm glad you could!

No. 211208

can't wait, I'm going out of town on Sunday to see it, I hope I don't throw up!

No. 211306

File: 1654270910557.png (820.96 KB, 986x836, nJcyc8F.png)

Holy shit this time it's real!

No. 211335

Ugh. why

No. 211398

So it can flop again

No. 211460

I'm so glad this happened, me and my friend were so excited to see it in theaters but stuff kept coming up and before we knew it, it was out of theaters. Honestly it's quite fun as a dumb cheesy movie, maybe not worth full price of admission, but I honestly really enjoyed seeing it.

No. 211461

It's shit and Jared Leto is a pedophile. Hope he rots.

No. 211490

now that he's aware of the morbin time meme it's all over. he ruined the joke.

No. 211493

You know that it being shit is the point, right?

No. 211580

nta but sure, jan. also even if it was shit on purpose, that doesn't excuse anything.

No. 211674

File: 1654373521441.png (38.13 KB, 1009x396, VrxZALQ.png)

Nona was right again!
>The online mockery and “memes” doesn’t mean a damn thing in terms of general audience interest. It is well past time the media stopped treating this foolishness as anything other than amusing but irrelevant comedy.

No. 212340

File: 1654560393042.jpg (88.81 KB, 500x740, 7990056.3.jpg)

Have any of you nonnas watched picrel? I'm wondering about the meaning of silence in this movie. Of course it encourages deeper introspection, but I can't shake off the feeling like there's something more. In most of the scenes we can't hear any noise even if it's implied to be there (there's no sound from TV when the couple is watching yet they're discussing what's said in the show they watch; needle being removed from turning vinyl but there's no music playing, dad asking Ada to turn of the radio despite it being barely if at all audible); and then there's that one scene of three of them watching the match and music video after and both are really loud. Is it something about slipping sanity maybe? I've read some interpretations of the movie and somehow no one is talking about it, even though it stood out so much to me

No. 212352

i saw it and didn't like it. but i was under the impression that it was going to be a horror movie and it just wasn't. i thought it was dumb.

No. 212438

Horror is a very broad term, imho it totally fits into it in it's own way, the same way Frankenstein is considered a horror. But agreed it should be marketed more as psychological horror / drama maybe to avoid audience confusion, since I can totally see how it could be very disappointing when you expect to see something scary or disgusting as most of the movies of the genre are.

No. 212462

watched top gun maverick. never saw the first one until the day b4 i saw the new one.
honestly, i thought the new film was more entertaining than the original, idk if its just because i'm a weeaboo, but it reminded me so much of gundam, especially the scene where they steal the old fighter jet in the enemy hangar

No. 212485

It's not weird to think so, some later Gundams were even directly influenced by Top Gun

No. 212489

I'm pretty sure most reviewers say maverick was better than the original, so it makes sense. I liked it too

No. 212498

Did you like the shirtless volleyball game or the shirtless football game more

No. 212529

Saw this movie last night and really enjoyed it. I saw the nude scene with the 2 supporting actresses as a comedic moment though– they weren't sexualized, just nude. And the context surrounding the scene didn't make it seem shoehorned in or anything.

I wish Kristen Stewart had more screentime. Her character was interesting lol.

No. 212563

volleyball scene is unmatched

No. 212611

Agreed. K Stew fits those twitchy, repressed, weirdo characters very well! I’m both glad and disappointed that she didn’t get cut up. Ngl I kinda got horny about the whole “new sex” thing, your insides, the ultimate intimacy. And I like the message about surrendering to evolution. It makes me think about how many people’s (ahem trannies) idea of “breaking free from the shackles of flesh” is just an obsession with willing the vessel to their own delusions of grandeur, even as nature herself weeps, all in a pursuit of vanity and an escape from boredom.

No. 212652

File: 1654691413658.jpeg (19.64 KB, 747x400, a24-logo.jpeg)

I know there was a24 hate here recently, but does anyone else really enjoy movies they usually produce? I've been picking a movie from them at random every evening lately, so I was wondering if any of you anons would like to share your personal favorites and recommendations.

No. 212655

did you like the lighthouse anon? i get why people can hate other movies but this one singlehandedly makes me ignore the hate kek

No. 212663

Yes! From the description already I've expected it to be claustrophobic but it was still more, hmm, intense? than I've initially assumed. Loved the greek mythology metaphore but there were much more to interpret there. Glad you liked it too.
In general Lighthouse is exactly what I like about a24 horrors, very surreal, up for interpretation and cool to discuss and beautifully shot

No. 212665

yes! i saw it in theaters (twice, rare for me) and it felt like i was stuck on that rock with them. i also really appreciated the accent work they did, both speaking in different old timey working class accents.
i also enjoyed hereditary and could appreciate what midsommar tried to do but i haven't seen any other movies. do you have recommendations nona?

No. 212680

I like both movies you listed, Hereditary is I think my favorite horror movie of last decade (out of the ones I've seen). Otherwise I'd definitely recommend Everything Everywhere All At Once, few anons spoke about this movie already in this thread and I agree with everything said. Out of horror-adjacent titles I really enjoyed Saint Maud with it's insight to devout christianity mixed with slowly slipping sanity in a bleak, small english town; and Under the Skin, with I think the best Scarlett Johannson performance I've seen; where she travels Scotland as a men-killing alien. Both are slow and way more psychological than scary so it's good to have it in mind to not be disappointed by a slow pace and lack of hereditary-like spookines.
If you'd happen watch something else you like please come back here to recommend, if you liked Lighthouse I feel like I can trust your taste haha

No. 212755

I don’t understand how people would dislike one or two popular movies and refuse to watch anything else? I don’t consider myself a stan particularly but here are some A24 movies I like that I want more people to talk about
>Life after Beth
>American Honey
>Ginger and Rosa
>First Cow (kek)
I think Under The Skin is underrated. In a way I’m glad scrotes aren’t all over it because of muh naked Scarlett Johansson. Saint Maud is also a good watch.

No. 212765

I feel the same way nona

No. 212796

File: 1654716969989.jpg (16.83 KB, 288x432, 655775875.jpg)

I like a lot of their movies. One that I watched recently and haven't seen mentioned much is The Blackcoat's Daughter. It was disturbing and sad, I liked it.

No. 212832

File: 1654723070957.jpeg (48.17 KB, 485x315, FA8EC016-3BC0-42B3-B37B-713CAF…)

>watching Hustle on Netflix
>immediately turn off after Queen Latifah, who is the wife, tells Adam Sandler's character, "Your baby's got titties now," about their teenage daughter."
I don't know which jew put that in the script, but Queen disappointed me.. fuck them all

No. 212929

What did you think of the last performance? I had the feeling when Seydoux's character said to the crowd that it was a disgusting thing to witness, she was less talking about a child's rotten organs and more about how his tattooed organs had the "predictable" tattoos such as "Mother" or a skull that Mortensen was joking about earlier in the movie. I think it was a little inappropriate for me to laugh at that scene

No. 213076

Yes, I think she was talking about the tattoos on the organs and the weird connection with what Viggo's character had said earlier in the movie. Definitely a creepy moment

No. 213315

File: 1654897637605.jpeg (147.3 KB, 1200x750, 1_W8-v002uGBDpAGMGcD0FEQ[1].jp…)

I'm back from Men (2022) by Alex Garland (director and writer)
First of all, did you like the ending of Sunshine (2007)? If you don't know what that is just go watch it, it inspired Joshua Graham's character in New Vegas and Cillian Murphy has the main role. Now, did you like the ending? Because you're going to get the same thing as a 100 minutes movie in a british cottage. Don't even think about watching Men without watching Sunshine, a certain character in it has a counterpart here that will look completely ridiculous if you don't catch the theme (the row of teenagers sitting behind me hadn't watched it, they left unimpressed).
While the movie certainly shows several other characteristics of Garland's style, such as his fondness for the countryside and focus on background music, you can't help but feel that they have been shoehorned in a A24 movie format, mainly on two points: the fact that it's a "folk horror" movie, and the fact that the monster really is personal feelings. In that respect Men merely imitates its betters rather than tries to find its own inspiration. Robert Eggers' and Ari Aster's movies did at least a modicum of research on the superstitions they invoked, Garland just throws some baptismal font and a Green Man and calls it a day. Ari Aster movies showed the events the characters went through and let us deduce how they feel, Garland shows the same events multiple times during the film (lest we forget!) and has a character come directly and say to the MC "You feel guilty about the events". The movie isn't completely unsubtle (there's a trick with the actors I just noticed when I checked up the cast, and there are a lot of dandelions, they mean something!) but it really feels like Garland just clenched his teeth and diligently followed the "successful A24 movie" guidelines to get the movie funded. That's understandable, Annihilation was great but a box office bomb, so now he has to do something safer with a limited budget to show he can make serious buck as a director (I don't think it'll work, audiences hate it)
Apart from that, the main title has prodded film critics to call it "misogynistic" or "feminist" but I haven't found anything like that in it, and that's not the director's style

On an unrelated note I tried getting ice cream instead of pop corn, it really is the best

No. 213411

File: 1654943403204.jpg (112.5 KB, 931x600, DEATH.jpg)

Watched Inferno. Spiritual sequel to Suspiria. Not as good as Suspiria. I actually spent most of the movie hating it. It has some arty scenes and especially in the lighting, but the plot itself is a bland nonsensical horror nightmare fairy tale. Badly acted. Strange, kind of kick ass kind of shitty soundtrack. Better than the usual horror movie I guess, but I feel like I mostly wasted my time.

No. 213467

Does anyone know here I could watch this movie?

No. 213489

On youtube lol

No. 213498

OMG I didn't search there lmao thank you

No. 213806

Anon could you elaborate on the connection you found between Men and Sunshine? I saw your post before seeing Men (I just got back from the theater). I haven't seen Sunshine in like 10 years tbf but I couldn't totally figure out the parallel you mentioned, unless it's the forest man and pinbacker??

As for my own thoughts on the movie, it was definitely one of those films I approached cynically (because it's a film about a woman's trauma written and directed by a man) but ultimately I was left unsure of how to feel (but overall positive). The last sequence (if you know, you know) seemed to parallel the generational cycle of abuse, particularly in relation to toxic masculinity, but also the cycle of an abusive relationship (an abuser will promise change and come back the same every time – even further, you could interpret that scene as a commentary on how an abuse victim who has not properly healed might seek out men who are the same as her abuser – the actual men (Paapa Essiedu and Rory Kinnear) are different but the "damage" is the same). As much as I was thinking LOL WHAT AM I WATCHING in the theater, it was definitely visually striking. Also, apparently Garland took inspiration for the visuals from Attack on Titan, which he watched with his kid! I don't really like AoT but I like the thought of artists being inspired by work outside of their medium. I think people are quick to assume a movie called MEN will be feminist, but it's really not, it's just about one character who happens to be female. It's just a movie about a woman who has PTSD, and it only comes off as feminist because women tend to get PTSD at the hands of men.

No. 213866

File: 1655114506130.jpg (123.97 KB, 774x1095, el caso de una adolescente.jpg)

It's cool what you can find on Youtube. I watched this with Spanish subtitles. Corny Mexican 50's movie about a teenager pregnancy. 90% of all Mexican media I've ever seen has been about cartels or the lives of rich people and their maids.

No. 213911

File: 1655131176467.jpeg (155.69 KB, 826x891, 1DD21DD2-B04C-4B44-8BBB-81AA90…)

I knew some troon would say this sooner or later.

No. 213949

The two parallels I found were:
- the endings, which devolved into the symbolic so far as to completely discard the internal logic the movie had. For Sunshine it was this weird part where time and space no longer had any importance so there was that sequence where the 3 last characters were running on a giant cube. For Men, it's the whole cast getting birthed one out of the other when it's been shown during the movie that they are different individuals. The whole movie you're supposed to believe that they are clones out of one original (the green man) while right at the end it turns out it's either a shapeshifter or a self reproducing being, but who also can reproduce clothes and people it has never met (the dead husband). You can tell Garland really wanted to do the multiple birth scene, the symbolic of all of it being linked to the dead husband, and the fact that all male characters were played by one actor, because these are all interesting concepts, but crammed everything in a single movie instead of doing three different ones, just like the ending of Sunshine had a completely different tone with the rest of the movie (perhaps inspired by 2001, which however was mystical from the start). At the end you're left with either the explanations of "It was an omnipotent being that can do absolutely everything" or "It was her imagination", which are lazy, as symbolism isn't a license to do whatever you want
- you're right, the forest man and Pinbacker. Both are naked, hairless men who become the avatar of a natural thing. Pinbacker becomes the burnt, destructive sun, the green man (a real mythological figure) becomes the self reproducing tree/plant (the dandelion) that feels no pain when one of its branches is cut and is fascinated by what a vagina is
I realized another detail: the crow with a woman's mask was a reference to greek sirens, who are mentioned when the priest recites a poem about sirens and sailors

No. 214120

File: 1655200548850.jpg (134.97 KB, 1600x1160, cripple.jpg)

Watched Los Olvidados, an incredibly bleak film about poverty and youth gangs in Mexico from 1950. Only ever watch this if you want to sob.

No. 214179

File: 1655213280209.jpeg (78.83 KB, 399x640, D764A073-5990-481C-8B60-C3490E…)

If anything it has an anti-tranny message.
Also that Perfect Blue profile pic made me think of picrel.

No. 214181

I was just side eyeing Cronenberg when he said but I know with those type of people they just think, poor troons and don't know how awful they really are, but real body horror is a womans domain and no scrote getting his dick chopped off willingly will ever compare kek
Btw is Everything Everywhere All at Once actually good or just overhyped because I only see a certain type of person praising it but they are loud about that praise (I also really like Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis so I'm like hmmmm despite the try hard quirkyness of the trailer, like something Taika's tryhard ass would make)

No. 214194

Mexican movies haven't changed a lot in their topics, except now they're badly written clasisst comedies kek

No. 214242

It's amazing how Buñuel managed to do both "normal" movies like this one and also completely bonkers ones like Un Chien Andalou

No. 214264

File: 1655228460596.png (305.88 KB, 854x385, The Troon.png)

The only claim to body horror trannies have is them being comparable to The Thing's monster.
Like this anon said, it's a woman's genre. Men are the ones inspiring body horror, not the ones relating to it.

No. 214316

Even in this realistic one, he managed to sneak in two kind surreal dream/dying sequences, so it's always there under the surface, I guess. Also, the scene where Pedro suddenly throws an egg at the camera and it splats against the lens made me jolt. That was kind of funny.

No. 214364

To be fair, if a tranny could masturbate his chest vagina with a gun while watching snuff porn, he would.

No. 214495

I remember a while back I read an excellent post by an anon on here somewhere in /ot/ about how horror belongs to women.

No. 214497

File: 1655286684004.gif (754.47 KB, 300x218, E0916F5A-A0CD-46F2-A921-7D1A24…)

Anyone else sick of the sarcastic humor they've been doing for a while now? Where one character says a line and then the other character(s) don't laugh they just stare so the other character is like haha no? anyone? or something within that area of shit. I was watching an older movie and found myself actually laughing out loud because the two characters were bouncing off each other without any pausing and it was just so random. Does anyone get what I mean? I'm kind of retarded.

No. 214515

i think i understand what you mean, i feel the same way if so. for me i think it stems from how nowadays people feel the need to be ironic and self aware at all times, or something, IDK. i am autistic too. i wish that at least in fiction people would own what they say, its just so embarrassing and not funny at all i wish this second hand embarrassment era of comedy would end. like its been more than a decade of this "genre".

No. 214637

I think it comes from a greater shift of humor that started in the 70s around "relatable humor". Comedy so far was centered around exaggerated characters, slapstick, quick repartee with puns (Marx Brothers movies for instance have these all at once) and had done so for well 2000 years, then took a shift towards more subtle humor that referenced everyday's life situations. I personally think it comes from an american influence, especially with jewish, borscht belt humor (not Marx brothers, but Woody Allen humor) which is mostly self-deprecating, perhaps also african-american humor, whose material is mostly based on asking the audience "Have you ever noticed that…?" (like with Richard Pryor). It really got into the mainstream around the 2000s, with comedies like Office Space or that scene from Austin Powers. Sarcasm has always been done, but that bad joke routine you mention is just one of the laziest ways to do relatable humor, as it just shows that the writer tried to find something funny but all they could come up with was bad jokes

No. 214701

File: 1655328001322.jpg (Spoiler Image, 892.57 KB, 1440x1800, FVTf8B-UEAAH3Bt.jpg)

Guess who's going to be in the new Barbie movie?

No. 214703

I want to see this! Can you find it pretty pls.

No. 214704

Aged milk. What? Is it Barbie: The Later Years?

No. 214735

omfg i thought this was fred from the live action scooby doo first kek, ryans cute but not for ken, way toooo old

No. 214807

Kek mte, Ryan slamming into the wall. No wonder its really only closeted scrotes who thirst over him nowadays.

No. 214988

Thank you, anons. I'm glad other people understand.

No. 215063

What are some movies set in the future which has elements that you think could be reality in due time? Could be technology, geography or population related, anything

No. 215153

File: 1655483779257.jpg (202.73 KB, 1175x1763, images.jpg)

I think the most realistic one I've watched was Her, where the innovations are mostly realistic AI and a different fashion
The realistic detail I like the most to see in SF movies is a current corporation still existing, like that Coca-Cola ad in the far future of 2019 in Blade Runner

No. 215231

Another nonnie recommended Replika to me and it made me think of this movie immediately. We really do live in the future

No. 215426

File: 1655595336287.jpeg (33.42 KB, 288x432, images - 2022-06-18T183317.518…)

I'm watching Bring it On for the first time in like 15 years. It's still an interesting take on cultural appropriation but fuck, I didn't remembered it being so male gazey.

No. 215663

File: 1655685352715.jpg (245.32 KB, 1700x1151, THING1982_.jpg)

Just got to see The Thing in theaters for its 40th Anniversary and it was a very cool experience. It was kind of funny hearing people laugh at the practical effects – too goofy for modern audiences, I guess. Overall the movie was a lot funnier than I remember, the jokes landed better but the visual gags were funnier to me, too (like when the last few crew members had their blood tested and flanked Kurt Russell one by one with flame throwers once their blood was cleared lmao). Also the doggies are extra cute on a big screen.

No. 215682

I just saw The Thing today too! I’m glad I got to see it in a theater, I just wish it were a bit longer because it felt like everything progresses so quickly once shit starts to hit the fan. There weren’t a lot of people at the screening but a bunch of us gasped at the end of the blood test.

No. 215712

of course it's male gazey sadly, it was the 2000 and back then commonly assumed that female led movies don't do well unless they are male gazey because apparently no man would pay to look at women unless he could see boobs and bums

No. 215724

What kind of an audience would find the uncontestably best practical effects ever made in a horror movie goofy? Zoomers, it has to be zoomers… Rob Bottin was 22 years old when he created them, spent more than a year working every single day on them and got hospitalized at the end, and they laugh…

No. 215736

Is it really any different now?

No. 215748

It was even worse back then.

No. 215818

Reminds me of this

No. 215865

Kek funny I see your post. I've been thinking about her recently.

No. 215918

AYRT, and to be fair they only laughed at a few effects, like when The Thing is attacking a human and the human is clearly a dummy, it does look a little silly seeing a doll flail around on the big screen, however briefly. There were definitely some younger kids in the audience, but it was Father's Day in America and lost of older couples were out and were also chuckling. I'd seen the film multiple times and still I was blown away by some of those effects. That being said, the audience was dead silent during some of the most tense scenes, including the defibrillator scene and the last standoff, and there was a round of applause at the end (usually I think that's cringe but I appreciate when it's a classic movie).

No. 215919

Also, I'm samefagging but I didn't know those effects were made by a 22 year old??? That is incredible, I have so much respect for people so dedicated to their craft. I am furiously googling him but if you have links to good/comprehensive documentaries or videos I'd be happy to have them.

No. 215965

The best doco you could find on the subject would be The Thing's making of, Rob Bottin retired in 2002 as practical effects got more and more replaced by CGI so he didn't work on that many movies. Aside from The Thing his most impressive works were in Total Recall and the Robocop movies, maybe documentaries on these would yield more results

No. 215975

Me too. Really sad to think she's gone. I recently read the details about her death and it makes me upset how preventable it was

No. 215988

File: 1655812624348.jpg (139.6 KB, 590x871, On The Waterfront Poster-02.jp…)

I finally watched On the Waterfront. I liked it, but not nearly as much as I expected since it's so massively hyped up in film circles. It clearly heavily inspired a lot of later crime films, but I think it was kind of rudimentary. Brando was an inarticulate ape-thing and the movie should have ended much sooner because the actual ending was crap. The romance plotline was tepid and the much more compelling priest character was not given nearly as many lines as he should have had. And even then, his speeches were clumsy and strangely bland for the topic at hand. They really downplayed the religious aspect which I think was a mistake.

I still liked the movie. It's just that I've basically seen this movie a thousand times before and oftentimes better. Mob movies - which this essentially is - are very formulaic and so they have to really have something special to shine. I think if they had discarded the romance plot and gave more focus on the priest and the change aspect of the film, it would have been better.

It boggles my mind that people actually consider Brando a good actor. He is a slurring, droopy-eyed mess. Sure, he'd be perfect as some lush passed out at the bar, but as an actual lead it is ridiculous to me. And before anyone mentions Colonel Kurtz, Coppola had to almost completely disguise him in shadows because he was so fat, and although that does create an impressive effect, it doesn't mean he actually acted the part that well. If you've seen his additional scenes in the Redux cut, you'll see how bad his actual acting was. I don't think he's a completely terrible actor, but nowhere what Hollywood gave him credit for. I think Scorsese seriously has an IQ of 103.

No. 215992

I remember most of his effects. Sucks so much CGI has taken over. Nothing will ever replace practical effects. His work is great. So is Tom Savini.

No. 216027

There's a lot of "classic" movies like this that are only considered as such because they were innovative, like Shane, Bullitt, or 70s-80s comedies, but if released now would be considered rather bland or painful to watch. You can now however say "I get it" whenever you see a pop culture reference to "I could have been a contender!"

No. 216093

>I would be very curious if anyone has any reccs for something like "Videodrome, but for the Internet."
There's a 2002 film called Demonlover that quite a few people say is like this. I haven't seen it myself though.

No. 216457

File: 1656004547201.jpg (392 KB, 1288x1600, FOqxqToJ8GLTXiWaJjhUSo1Fk8kmh2…)

I've watched Cría Cuervos (1976)
The two most internationally famous spanish directors of the 20th century are generally accepted to be Luis Buñuel and Pedro Almodóvar. There are however two movies released between these two directors' peaks that particularly caught the critics' eyes: The Spirit of the Beehive (1973) by Víctor Erice and Cría Cuervos by Carlos Saura. They both share the same child actress, Ana Torrent, who plays in each a character named Ana, and are about a child's experience during the francoist dictatorship (if that sounds familiar, yes, Pan's Labyrinth was inspired by them). I'll let you discover by yourself what The Spirit of the Beehive is about, I'll just say it's better to watch the Frankenstein movie before watching it
Cría Cuervos is about three sisters' trauma after the death of both of their parents. Carlos Saura, who also wrote the story, chose to bring a realistic portrayal of the kind of grief a child can feel, so none of them are crying. The scenes are mostly about the girls doing normal children stuff, interspersed with some chilling remarks or questions they make to their new guardians to show that under the appearance of normalcy they still were deeply affected by the events, and some flashbacks of the times where both their parents were alive. We even get some very unusual flashforwards of an now adult Ana commenting on what was her state of mind as a child, which gives a literary more than cinematic feel to the movie. I had a pretty good time watching it, I recommend Forbidden Games (1952) if you're interested in older movies about children dealing with the death of their parents, a theme that I believe isn't very explored today (except in Batman movies)

No. 216968

File: 1656193713784.gif (1.36 MB, 244x150, marlene_dietrich.gif)

Went to a Billy Wilder 24 hours retrospective (3 movies) at my local artsy movie theater with a film critic of some renown, I definitely recommend the experience if you ever get the occasion to go to a similar event. Everyone is much more cordial in sharing their different points of views and opinions about movies when they are in water bottle throw range

No. 217001

File: 1656202435842.jpg (105.24 KB, 600x900, spree.jpg)

has anybody seen this movie ? and if so, what did you think ? as in, is it worth a watch ? thanks in advance

No. 217004

It's a fun movie with annoying characters but it was fun to watch, I'd watch it again. It's not the most amazing movie but it's not bad. Not really "horror". It felt like a bad Black Mirror episode but it was good enough

No. 217008

>Everyone is much more cordial in sharing their different points of views and opinions about movies when they are in water bottle throw range
Kek nona. Also why was it 24 hours? Really long intermissions? Set times to come back and chat about critique before the next film? Fascinated.

Similar opinion to other anon. I would totally watch it again, especially with someone who can have fun and not take it seriously at all

No. 217067

It was planned as one movie on friday night, one movie on saturday morning, another during the afternoon, with each movie viewing having the critic presenting them for about an hour, then movie discussion then some kind of feast with everyone on saturday evening (I left just before so that I didn't have to socialize). I think they made it 24 hours both to be able to watch 3 movies and build some sort of theme between all of them, and so that most of the participants could come on friday evening and leave on saturday evening/sunday morning instead of having to come early in the morning and to leave late in the night (average audience age was 60 years old)

No. 217424

File: 1656347030388.jpg (92.47 KB, 252x396, The_Black_Phone[1].jpg)

Has anyone checked out The Black Phone? Could be fun to see Ethan Hawke as a horror movie villain but I don't know much about the director…

No. 217433

Good, reminds me a lot of It. Careful, in the beginning it has realistic scenes of domestic abuse of children. It's extremely unpleasant

No. 217434

File: 1656354873185.jpg (22.63 KB, 621x414, ElvisMovie1050.jpg)

Is the new Elvis movie worth seeing? How does it compare to Baz Luhrmann's other movies?
He's a sort of guilty pleasure director of mine, I love-hated Gatsby and Moulin Rouge, I found them both really superficial and I also cannot stand the seizure inducing editing (I think the longest scene in his movies are like…0.02 seconds), but I sort of love the sentimentalism and his attention to visuals

No. 217506

anyone have good radical feminist movies? i've got "i shot andy warhol" + itty bitty titty committee on my watchlist

No. 217520

Has anyone seen the new beavis and butthead movie

No. 217528

I didn’t know a thing about Elvis other than some of his famous songs and was pretty excited to see this movie, then I found out he was an unabashed pedophile and I just can’t stomach seeing it now. Sucks because I so rarely get hyped for movies.

No. 217623

So like action/fantasy with a romance? Ummm maybe Warm Bodies, Moonrise Kingdom, Your Name (anime), First Love (Takashi Miike), The Shape of Water, Mr. Right, Mr & Mrs Smith, Natural Born Killers

No. 217948

File: 1656533186037.jpg (23.49 KB, 540x439, 56465465.jpg)

ngl the grabber was hot

No. 218120

I used to be a huge fan of the Saw movies growing up, they had the first one on netflix and I rewatched it today and I’m shocked at how appallingly bad the acting is holy shit

No. 218162

Same. The Saw movies were my life when I was a tween. I rewatched some scenes of the first movie these times and the acting is grotesque lmfaoo
The movie is still fun to watch but my god it's nowhere near the masterpiece I thought it was

No. 218206

i just saw it and i loved it. i am a huge fan of moulin rouge and romeo+juliet, it's definitely similar in aesthetics, maybe even more flashy than those two. austin butler is an amazing elvis.

he wasn't an unabashed pedophile kek. yes, he met priscilla when she was 14 and he was 24, but he didn't do anything with her until they were married 4 years later. calling him a pedophile is a stretch when all the women he was with after priscilla were in their 20s and 30s.

No. 218227

nta but if he intentionally went out of his way to pursue her at that age it's still kind of creepy. it's not unheard of for men to wait right when the girl just turns 18 solely to avoid legal trouble, not because they actually care, and would've gone lower if they could (similar things happen in places where the AOC is 16, 14, etc)

No. 218240

sorry they got married 8 years after he met her. afaik they met briefly when he was stationed in germany, they just got to know each other. and then a couple of years later is when he actively pursued her. at that time it was still normal for men to pursue and marry younger women (even elvis’ mom was 4 years older than his dad and married him when he was 17). it is obviously strange for our current standards, but to say he was a pedophile is just a lie. there were other things that were bad about him, ie his continuous cheating on priscilla and his other long term girlfriends, plus his drug abuse. the movie was excellent though and i highly recommend it. it was beautifully done and it’s nice to see a movie that is original and fun and not some comic book fantasy

No. 218292

File: 1656666475306.jpg (113.67 KB, 583x699, 2f08d35b99426b164048868c9e429a…)

Perhaps a little too broad but can nonnas recommend movies that just Look Good, the lightening, the shots, the costumes where aesthetic is above plot and anything else? I obviously don't mind a good story but it needs to look good.
It could be popular 'obvious' movies too because I've not watched a movie past 5 or so years so anything goes! I loved Hannibal and Barry Lyndon, and Marie Antoinette if that makes things easier. Thank you a lot! I've jotted down so many recs from here, excited to start watching movies again.

No. 218294

File: 1656669823086.jpg (131.97 KB, 1200x675, grandbudapest.jpg)

Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but perhaps Grand Budapest Hotel?

No. 218295

File: 1656670931106.jpg (86.46 KB, 900x383, 345974.jpg)

The original Suspiria. Also Blood and Black Lace.

No. 218296

The Fall and The Cell

No. 218297

File: 1656671374447.jpg (65.15 KB, 638x479, f4318f58.jpg)

I also watched this film recently called 'Lovely to Look At', terrible but awesome. There's hours at the end where they just dance and do musical numbers and have a random fashion show.

No. 218298

Beyond the Black Rainbow, Dune (the new one), Swallow, Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road and all of the movies anons listed before me! Especially The Fall and Suspiria

No. 218301

File: 1656672193938.jpg (79.44 KB, 700x340, RedShoesUCLA.jpg)

The Red Shoes (picrel), Black Narcissus, Lola Montes, Leave her to Heaven

No. 218360

File: 1656694805956.gif (3.1 MB, 550x367, 21BE1CF4-C818-48BB-AD2E-1EFD33…)

Ooo all the movies anons mentioned and

Wong Kar Wai movies
Wes Anderson movies
Jean Pierre Jeunet movies
Baz Luhrmann popular movies
Hero (2002)
Emma (2020)
The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967)
Helter Skelter (2012)
Anna Karenina (2012)
The Lovely Bones (2009)
Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
The Love Witch (2016)
The Neon Demon (2016)
Her (2013)
Double (2013)
Big Fish (2003)
Magic in the Moonlight (2014)
The Shape of Water (2017)
Lolita (1997)
Last Night in Soho (2021)
Drive (2011)
In Fabric (2018)
Phantom Thread (2017)
Hugo (2011)
Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children (2016)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill for (2014)
Crimson Peak (2015)

No. 218374

Which Suspiria do you recommend? Or both?

No. 218394

Just watched Star Wars 1977 for the first time and it was underwhelming. Didn't like the script and how the characters were written. I'm willing to give the next one a chance though.

No. 218398

Nta but Both! They have quite different aesthetic

No. 218440

File: 1656726298064.jpeg (57.57 KB, 800x400, Valerie-And-Her-Week-Of-Wonder…)

adding on to the lovely nonnette's recommendations

valerie and her week of wonders (picrel, 1970)
the seventh seal (1957)
chungking express (1994)
tampopo (1985)
eyes without a face (1960)
contempt (1963)
all the colors of the dark (1972)
rosemarys baby (1968)
belle de jour (1967)
perfect blue (1997)
marie antoinette (2006)
la reine margot (1995)
amelie (2001)
moulin rouge
midnight in paris

No. 218442

Haven't seen this yet but it annoys me how the main actor barely looks anything like Elvis.

No. 218467

Cheryl Dunye!

No. 218507

File: 1656745885669.jpg (569.08 KB, 1199x1307, 4cdd21598002fde1718a9b3b73fe71…)

Ah, thank you so much, lovely nonnas! They all look so gorgeous, I'm soo ready. I think the best part in movies are shots that really take your breath away, whenever you remember the film you remember those scenes. I'll also try to post my thoughts on them. /m/ is seriously the best part about lc, eheh.

No. 218615

File: 1656780205854.jpg (16.38 KB, 440x247, black-phone-gwen.jpg)

I had honestly enjoyed most of it, but one thing REALLY bothered me. From the trailers, you know it's about a serial kidnapper and it focuses on a boy who is kidnapped and his escape with the help of the ghosts. You know this movie is going to have distressing scenes involving kids. What bothers me about it is (slight spoilers and warning for detailed abuse) All the kids getting kidnapped are boys and the actual kidnapping scenes are fade to black as the kids walk towards the truck and the killings and harm towards them is mostly just described vaguely to leave up to interpretation. It's still strong and unsettling, but it's never as bad as the most graphic scene of adult violence against a child towards the little girl in the movie FROM HER DAD. The dad is an alcoholic and belts her repeatedly and screams at her to repeat herself about how her dreams are fake. I'm not saying make the kidnapping scenes more graphic, I'm asking why the fuck is the little girl getting beat so in your face and how does that end up being more disturbing in a movie about literal child abduction where it's implied that the kidnapper gets off to killing the kids. It doesn't even add that much value to the story overall!! It's referenced one time and the point of it is to show her brothers reaction to it because he never stands up or fights back in general. In the end, he fights back the kidnapper, but he never confronts his alcoholic dad so you can literally cut out that whole scene and have the same outcome.

No. 218618

Anon thank you for articulating it, the most distressing scene is when the sister character is abused, she is a pretty badass character but she ends up pretty shafted, makes me wonder if this movie would be better as a short series so she could be properly developed? But I agree, that scene could have been left out. It doesn't help that I'm >>217948 this anon, and the presentation of The Grabber was immersion-breaking for me. I'm not a hibiscus o phile or whatever you call people who want to fuck serial killers – I laughed in the theater when I saw Ethan Hawke's tiddies out. I think The Black Phone is one of those movies that is a lot of fun to watch in theaters when you don't know anything about it. It's an entertaining experience, but not a really good movie.

No. 218690

What's a silent movie you'd like to recommend? I just watched Sherlock Jr by Buster Keaton and I think it's now my favorite comedic one, the stunts are impressive (he even broke his neck in one) and the practical effects are still convincing

I think The Empire Strikes Back was considered the best one of the original trilogy

No. 218698

File: 1656798059447.png (251.82 KB, 500x600, tumblr_ncu3o8LsSo1qa70eyo5_500…)

if you like buster keaton 'the general' is a must watch

you can never go wrong with 1927 metropolis either.

No. 219258

Anynonny watch Mrs Harris goes to Paris?

No. 219284

Well, since we're talking about Buster Keaton, I love Doughboys! Though, it's a talkie. His second ever.

No. 219314

It'll only be released next week

No. 219356

nonas what's your favorite disney/pixar/that kind of style movies? Especially if you have some hidden gem, I just want to watch some new nice light-hearted fun movies

No. 219428

File: 1657052134154.jpg (776.4 KB, 1864x2752, MV5BNjM2NzNjMDAtZTAyMi00NTQzLW…)

Just realized that Duncan Jones, the director of Moon, Source Code and Warcraft, is actually David Bowie's son wtf
I always have a soft spot for Atlantis and its Mike Mignola-inspired art

No. 220794

I recently watched my first Wes Anderson movie (The French Dispatch) and was disappointed…? It was stylized to the point that my eyes were tired after 30 minutes watching and felt like I just came back from an exhibition. It felt too much, too curated and artificial. Also sometimes the writing gave the impression that it was written by someone who desperately wanted to sound super smart and witty. Is this his signature, are all his movies like this? Did anyone else have the same feeling?

No. 220923

The French Dispatch was a bit of a personal project in Wes Anderson's movies, as it specifically is a tribute to The New Yorker and its journalists during the 60s-70s, including their physical appearances and writing styles (I only recognized James Baldwin), so you'll miss a lot if you're not familiar with the context. It's one of these movies that appeal to a niche audience that hot shit directors plan to do for a long time, then end up making in their middle-to-late career when they're sure one box office bomb isn't going to ruin their credibility to future producers anymore

I'd recommend either Fantastic Mr Fox, Moonrise Kingdom or The Grand Budapest Hotel to get a better idea of how his movies usually are

No. 221539

Can someone tell me why the live action Astérix et Obélix mission Cléopatre movie is so popular in Poland?

No. 221556

probably due to god tier localization/dubbing, i haven't seen it but that's what ive heard

No. 221559

The Astérix 2d animated movies are also somewhat popular in Romania for some reason

No. 221595

File: 1657751582301.jpg (1.04 MB, 871x1387, MV5BZWMxOTEzMjktYjE3NC00NmZjLT…)

I'd like to talk about Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Around 1978 three amateur movie-maker friends decide to do a $90,000 feature length B movie spoof about killer tomatoes.
The movie starts with close-up shots of old people sitting in armchairs looking from left to right, saying "Oh wow, look at these giant tomatoes destroying everything!", revealing the clear intention of the writers: making a movie that's a bit funny, a bit original, with very limited means.
In the next scene, the rental helicopter that was just supposed to land on the ground spectacularly crashes for real, miraculously with no one injured and the cameraman managing to catch all of it, revealing the actual spirit of the movie: spinning out of control by sheer luck and from very humble beginnings reaching massive importance. San Diego denizens will be pleased to know that their city is heavily featured, with an appearance by the San Diego Chicken ( it's a real thing look https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Diego_Chicken )

Critics spit on the movie when it got released, probably because unlike the comedy classics of the era it doesn't feature sexual assault for laughs. It has a lot of slapstick, the same absurd humor that'll be later popularized with Airplane!, and you can tell through the whole movie that the crew and actors (many being clearly students and passersby) had a fun experience making it. Overall it aged much better than John Hughes movies, and not to say it revolutionized the genre but Tim Burton clearly stole its plot twist to use it in Mars Attacks
Now about the sheer random coincidences:
A buyer from Wometco (a then big movie distributor) somehow thought AotKT would be a fine match against Star Wars, which was aired by his competitor at the same time, so AotKT got aired for years in movie theaters in the south of the USA to pay off the investment.
The singer of a particularly annoying song in it was Matt Cameron, the drummer from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. The show was referenced in the Muppet Babies animated show as a joke because it has a silly title. This attracted the attention of a producer who, ten years later, gave them a million dollars to make a sequel. One of the main roles of the sequel is played by George Clooney (with a mullet, post E/R but pre ER), and the humor is now closer to Spaceballs, released around the same time. The sequel was financially successful. There was a Killer Tomatoes TV cartoon series, two other DTV sequels. There's a Killer Tomato festival still going on nowadays, mostly about tomato recipes. One of the writers became a park ranger, the other became a senator

My verdict is that it is The Toxic Avenger but tomato based and family friendly

No. 221639

File: 1657767135472.jpg (835.66 KB, 2000x3000, the-princess-and-the-frog-2253…)

Not to be a Disneyfag but to be a disneyfag; What's your favorite Disney movie? Mine has always been Princess and the Frog, I love the writing, the music especially and it just has an atmosphere, it's lovely. I love everything about it, Tiana is the best Disney princess and I'll stand by that. Hard working woman who knows what she wants and doesn't let anyone or anything get her down. Confession but I watch it whenever I'm feeling depressed, there's so much positive but realistic energy from this movie. Not to mention the beautiful art style, correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know it's the last Disney movie to be hand painted. I love the character designs, nothing bad to say about it. blog but I had this DVD when I was a child and I remember dancing along to the songs with my cousins and having the time of my life, it's so near and dear to my heart which might be why I'm praising it so much kek. But it's the best, go watch it.

No. 221663

A child? How old are you? I was about to graduate high school when this one got released but never had the opportunity to watch it. And yes I also think it's the last 2D handpainted long movie from Disney, unless I'm also wrong. I don't remember of that one Rapunzel movie was released before or after that one.

No. 221672

File: 1657782788050.jpg (40.14 KB, 474x592, a24196a349b377ff4886f1f4c13740…)

Hercules or Tangled. I was a kid when Hercules came out and I loved the songs, they evoke such nostalgia in me now. Tangled I watched in high school I think, idk how good it is objectively but I cried several times when listening to the HAPPY songs? Idk man I still get that feeling seeing Rapunzel happy in the movie, I might be a retard kek

No. 221673

Nta but the princess and the frog was released 13 years ago… Nona could very well be 25 years old…

No. 221675

Already? I didn't even notice it was already that old.

No. 221686

File: 1657791319821.jpg (75.39 KB, 560x830, 7f2abea7e6bc1e4610cee5c51c1841…)

the characters in princess & the frog are very likeable and the soundtracks are bops, it's in my top 2 along with mulan

No. 221689

What anon said, the translation is top tier, so many lines from that movie became memes that are used until this day, especially scribe's monologue, so many people can quote it it's crazy.
But ultimately I think french humor is well liked in poland, for example Les Visiteurs is very popular and loved too.

No. 221690

Mulan, vid related really is That Song and Shang is the hottest disney man. I kinda wanna rewatch it now!

Or the Emperors New Groove, it's the funniest disney movie by far.

No. 221698

I'm 19 I think it was released in 2010.
This collage is so cute ♥

No. 221743

Yes I knew the scribe was also a meme there juste like in France. It's just that iconic. I hate French movies usually but these two movies are good imo, I wonder what that could mean about me.

No. 221783

Since it's a fairly common opinion in France it just means you're french

No. 221867

…My youngest sister will be your age in about 6 months and I practically raised her and I still see her as my little baby, this is really fucking me up right now. I'm not ok.

No. 221873

Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo, Oliver and Company!!! I wasn't a furry for crushing on a dog right?

No. 222328

File: 1657970034394.jpg (301.18 KB, 2000x1334, 10-questions-to-consider-when-…)

Does anyone knows similar films to Office Space? Something about the absurdities of office life

No. 222330

File: 1657971139650.jpg (10.96 KB, 375x316, c200ff69df5bc3371dd68ee5c7d0f1…)

Hunchback of Notre Dame because Esmeralda was a queen and it shows an old and horrible creep falling into a sea of fire at the end. To this day I still feel an immense sense of satisfaction watching Frollo fall to his death, kek. Quasimodo is also cute and I like that while he's in love with Esmeralda, he is happy to let her and the handsome dude have each other in the end because unlike IRL men, he's kind, sweet and brave and doesn't feel entitled to a woman because she's pretty.

No. 222335

File: 1657975567449.png (1.05 MB, 772x1188, Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 8.46…)

how did you nonna's feel about this? i really loved it, i thought it was fun and made good use of it's role as a movie (i.e not something they could've done as episodic, i don't think)

No. 222336

I really love Lilo & Stitch. Even though I haven’t seen it in years I’d probably still like Tarzan because of the soundtrack I was also obsessed with George of the Jungle when I was a kid and finding out how much everyone loves himbo Fraser as an adult sends me

No. 222338

Esmeralda is my favorite and more people need to see how much better she is than modern day disney princesses.

No. 222345

File: 1657978472605.jpg (150.46 KB, 1090x1496, page_19.jpg)

I really want to watch it, but I wonder if I need to watch specific episodes of the recent seasons in order to understand something? Ive been binging it as my background for awhile but instead of turning on autoplay I would just pick specific episodes. I only fully watched the first 4.

No. 222354

File: 1657982404749.jpg (113.6 KB, 1000x1538, MV5BMjAxMTI1Njk3OF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Same. I love the darker themes of HoND too. It has some of the best music in Disney films too

To answer OP I'd say Fantasia is my favorite.

No. 222358

File: 1657983793601.png (208.6 KB, 391x488, marshmallow.png)

i don't think you have to, tbh. but i might be blind because i know every episode.

i absolutely loved it!!! i thought the animation was a bit too good for bob's burgers (kek) but i loved the beautiful shots of for example the burger ingredients or the club house. it was a lot of fun and still felt very much like the original series.

the only thing i didn't like was how they put marshmallow in the tranny pride colors in the credits. i hope they don't start pandering to troons now.

No. 222362

i love disney movies to the point that i wrote my b.a. thesis about them kek. i swear i'm not a disney adult though, have never been to the parks and don't own any paraphernalia except for the disney villains card decks. weirdly enough i hate mickey mouse and the mouse motif that every disney accessory is plagued with. my fave is donald kek

back to topic, my fave from the princess line is sleeping beauty because of the animation.

if we go by era…

golden age: snow white, but only because i watched it 493029 times as a child, i really dislike the very old disney movies even though i can see why they were so amazing.
wartime era: more like flop era… hate them all
silver age: sleeping beauty
bronze age: aristocats
dark age: oliver & company
renaissance: the little mermaid
post renaissance: emperor's new groove
revival: princess and the frogs

honorary mentions to lilo & stitch, both frozen movies, both wreck it ralph movies, big hero 6, the rescuers, and - weirdly enough - home on the range. it's a fun movie about cow besties!

No. 222363

while i would normally agree, they've always kind of had marshmallow as the token trans character, haven't they? i don't think they've ever referred to marshmallow as anything but "she/her" but they very obviously have an adam's apple.

the only thing i'd say is maybe watch the last season because there's gradual wearing and tearing of the street just in front of the restaurant.

No. 222367

marshmallow was always just a transvestite aka some dude that wears female clothes and everyone thinks it's funny and quirky. i worry that they're going down the stunning and brave route with that character.

No. 222379

Are you American? In most of Europe Donald is the favorite character and no one cares about Mickey

No. 222380

i'm german and all the disney stuff i see here is always mickey and minnie shit.

No. 222382

Well I can say the situation is completely reversed in at least Sweden, Italy and France

No. 222424

I love Bob's Burger and idc how normie that is. I had a blast at the theater.

No. 222426

but bob has always called marshmallow things like 'beautiful'.

same. the 'tooth scene' (being vague because i don't know how to spoiler) had everyone in the theater audibly gag together.

No. 222506

I'm not very knowledgable about movies, does anyone have suggestions for cult or witchcraft (witch circle, like the Craft) related movies? Any (possibly huge) lists will be appreciated!

Ayrt, late but this is really funny to me, I too see people even 2 years younger than me as little kids. You're not alone nonna

No. 222551

File: 1658051528243.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.07 MB, 1500x4677, 141626B6-EA56-4563-B935-2F7061…)

Movies I’ve seen. Not all of them is strictly about witchcraft, some just have nice coven/cult vibes. I quite like The Magicians but it’s a show.

No. 222556

File: 1658055748650.png (4.17 MB, 745x4266, 6 (2).png)

Aside from those on nona's list just above, I'll add:
>The Wicker Man (1973)
NOT the 2006 version
>The Blair Witch Project
>The Wailing
>The Exorcist
I also happened to find some years ago picrel which is a list of movies about cults, which I mistakenly saved thinking it was a list about cult movies. As far as I know it's more about scam cults than actual magic cults, but I have only watched Eyes Wide Shut and The Master

No. 222558

No. 222561

That witchcraft list is color sorted, how nice

No. 222860

>it was enough to make all the scrotes in the cinema watching gasp
As if they aren't gay for Thor themselves.

No. 222863

I think everything Taika Waititi does has this kind of vibe

No. 222865

File: 1658154429787.jpg (219.31 KB, 1000x1484, MV5BMDFkYTc0MGEtZmNhMC00ZDIzLW…)

I don't get it.

No. 222891

All I noticed is that it was a terrible movie. All over the place and totally charmless.

No. 222899

Was it fun anon? I was kinda worried about the girlbossification “female Thor” thing. I lowkey wanna see it but I don’t wanna give money to disney. Maybe I’ll moviehop kek.

No. 222908

Guardians of the Galaxy is a good example of a superhero movie that’s just fun good times and not serious. This movie tried to be fun like that at times then would turn around and be super serious, and the result was that it just fell flat to me. I honestly walked out of the theatre and decided it’ll probably be the last marvel movie I see, I’m over it.

No. 222916

nta but there was an overly girlboss moment to show just how great and feminist they are (which felt insulting) but overall lady thor wasn't bad.
new thor is not really a movie worth paying for to watch tbh. i only went to see it cause my friend won free tickets

No. 222920

I think it's fun, pretty ligthearted and I didn't feel like it was pandering to anything even though that became pretty frequent in marvel movies. Not sure what feminist moment >>222916 is referring to but maybe I'm forgetting something?
Christian Bale's character was pretty cool, his character story was interesting and dark but somehow nicely fitted in otherwise quirky vibe of the movie.

No. 222926

File: 1658165256534.jpg (77.42 KB, 700x394, Thor-Gorr-God-Butcher.jpg)

taika had nothing to do with that story though, the Gorr the God Butcher storyline was the most popular and well received Thor Comic in the last decade

No. 222928

File: 1658165401940.jpg (146.47 KB, 252x350, 1647459414008.jpg)

I just hope that Letra Bledsoe gets to watch this movie.

No. 222939

what don't you get?

prison is not designed to fix anyone, lying to your captor is 100% okay, in order to keep a secret you have to not tell anyone… uh, that's just what I remember off the top of my head it's been 10+ years since I watched that

No. 222940

I didn's say taika wrote the story, I was just answering the question whether the movie is fun/worth seeing, but thanks for sharing your knowledge lol

No. 222944

It's from a Stephen King story so the bad guys are completely evil and sadistic for no real reason, therefore it was the moral choice for the hero to run away

No. 222967

File: 1658175951889.jpg (23.73 KB, 300x444, Persuasi_n-134146216-mmed.jpg)

Im cringing so hard watching this awful adaptation. It falls to capture the meaning of the book and even as a period drama its a failure. The dialogues are pure cringe using modern words like empath, ex, always wanting to be ironic and funny and failing. Its so obvious it tries to have the same tone as the last adaptation of Emma but here it doesnt work.
And the cast is awfully anachronic too.
Did anyone else noticed how the quality of period dramas has declined recently?

No. 222968

retard, im more liberal than you
i was talking about the annoying "call me doctor" moment

No. 223072

>Did anyone else noticed how the quality of period dramas has declined recently?
I feel like it’s because they’re being written through a modern lens to appeal to modern audiences. I’m not sure if this has always been the case or am only noticing now that the target demographic has changed.

No. 223085

File: 1658234424713.jpg (703.5 KB, 1968x2909, MV5BZjVjMjY4MzMtYzljNi00NDQ5LT…)

This is an old post but picrel.

No. 223089

File: 1658236053553.jpg (60.9 KB, 1000x542, MV5BMDMwNGRmZDUtYmVjMC00NDMzLT…)

Slums of Beverly Hills!

No. 223106

The Green Mile was better

No. 223108

File: 1658239050857.jpg (507.42 KB, 1052x1500, MV5BMjMzNjMyMjU2M15BMl5BanBnXk…)

I kind of loved it! Definitely not for everybody though

No. 223193

#1 cat footage movie, I still don't get why it's categorized as a western

No. 223438

It's an ok movie but it doesn't deserve to be the #1 movie on IMDB. Never understood that.

No. 223440

i genuinely love the emperor's new groove the most, it's a masterpiece.

my other picks are meet the robinsons (underrated), mulan, the lion king, and i think 101 dalmatians has THE most charming artstyle, i've loved it since forever!

No. 223460

File: 1658353915575.png (52.39 KB, 803x750, the Shawshank Redemption.png)

That's partly because there was a war on IMDB to prevent The Dark Knight from being the #1 movie of all time. If you check the rankings here:
and if you check The Shawshank Redemption's rating, you can see than 55% of all votes rate it a 10/10 and that it is the most rated movie on IMDB. The fact that only 25% of all votes rate it a 9/10 indicates that there was very probably a tampering, since usually there's at most a 10 points difference between the respective proportions of 10/10 and 9/10 votes for any "good" movie
However this still means that it was at least in the top 3 movies before The Dark Knight got released, so why was it so high in the first place? Because of all the characteristics that made it popular: it's american, it got seven oscar nominations (which isn't an indication of quality/popularity by itself, as Bullets over Broadway got the same number of nominations the same year and won 1, Shawshank won 0), it's based on a Stephen King story, it has Morgan Freeman at his popularity peak, it's not controversial or daring (MC is a white guy and wins at the end, it's a violent movie but not too much), and it had a nice VHS box which made it the most rented movie of 1995, and a fond memory for many who still own it
It's also a movie starring only men, and movies where women are absent or not important tend to be highly rated by males (80% of IMDB raters are male, the MC is a woman in about 3 movies of the top 50 IMDB movies). What distinguishes more so this peculiar movie from the rest is the fact that a sad little side character has a sad little suicide in it, and this kind of sad little scenes is so unusual in male-targeted movies that scrotes mistake it for high art

No. 223468

Nta but I didn't know that, I also didn't especially love The Shawkshank Redemption but I appreciate that it's keeping capeshit out of the number one spot.

No. 223553

File: 1658388297112.jpg (2.5 MB, 4096x2730, InCollage_20220721_002438432.j…)

I think it's mostly because moids don't think Skylar (Anna Gunn) is fuckable. Simple as. You all made some great observations as well. Gunn made a statement about the vitriol in Rolling Stone:
>Anna Gunn, the actress who plays Skyler White on Breaking Bad, wrote an op-ed for the New York Times this weekend addressing the vitriol her character has attracted from some fans of the show. Titled “I Have a Character Problem,” the essay explores what Gunn calls a “Rorschach test” for society’s attitudes about gender.
>Gunn writes that she realized from the beginning that Walter White’s wife would probably not be the show’s most popular character, given an audience’s natural tendency to empathize with and root for a show’s protagonist. “As the one character who consistently opposes Walter and calls him on his lies, Skyler is, in a sense, his antagonist,” Gunn says.

No. 223554

Samefag I mean the NYT not Rolling Stone, but I pulled the quote from RS. It doesn't even matter kek

No. 223565

Not only did you manage to quote the same post twice (and did this twice) but you also posted your reply in the wrong thread

No. 224019

File: 1658565854844.jpeg (149.05 KB, 800x800, bldn.jpeg)

Really enjoyed Blood and Donuts. Silly, cute and female gaze-y, I recommend it if you want to watch something just to relax, it's a little like a vampire romcom.

No. 224574

Anyone seen Nope from Jordan Peele? I read a bunch of spoilers and decided to get tickets for it tomorrow since it seems fun and I miss creativity and unique horror movies.

No. 224616

Anon I just got out of it like an hour ago and I really loved it. It's so much fun, the brother-sister dynamic between Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya was really endearing for me, and the story itself was very engaging. Whether you end up liking this movie or not, I left the theater feeling like I had just watched a person's vision. For me, it was an easy 8/10. Loved it. Have fun nona, looking forward to your review if you go see it!

No. 224617

File: 1658809885909.jpg (903.05 KB, 1200x676, akira-slide.jpg)

if anyone is on the fence: spoilers kind of but YOU GET TO SEE KEKE PALMER DO THIS SHIT, COME ON!!

No. 224766

File: 1658875661999.png (420.76 KB, 565x383, AmericanPsycho_main.png)

Watched American Psycho last night, it was so much fun to watch, only after I found out it was written and directed by women? I feel so out of the loop on why it's never been brought up

No. 224767

The fact that it was directed by a woman has been brought up. Multiple times.

No. 224779

I watched it recently for the first time too and just like you had no idea tbh

No. 224832

It’s good. Bringing it up online usually leads to shitposting and arguments

Director did an amazing job. The book is good as a book if you can get into the humor but it would be a horribly boring movie as it was written. She literally lifted the soul right out of it and put it on screen as if it was just meant to do that. I used to have some minor gripe with the end chase scene but I don’t even remember what it was. Movies are a team effort and all that but I think she deserves a lot of credit.

No. 224861

I watched it like last month too for the first time and I thought it was hilarious. I still can't get over the business card scene.

No. 224862

I watched it like last month too for the first time and I thought it was hilarious. I still can't get over the business card scene.

No. 224904

Ikr?? And the fact that incels missed the point of the movie and worship Bateman as an uberchad just makes it extra hilarious

No. 224961

It's less brought up than it ought to because it was the only movie of note in the director's career, to the point that even those who know the director was a woman usually don't know her name (she's Mary Harron)
The cowriter was Guinevere Turner, who happens to be a lesbian as well as the screenwriter of Uwe Boll's BloodRayne

No. 224980

I hope that wherever she is, she is being based and watching this movie. Finally she got her wish.

No. 224981

That scene is brilliant. Re-watching the movie again years later makes me love it more.
Especially when he kills Jared Leto

No. 225001

Yep it exceeded my expectations and I’m glad I saw it in theaters. Damn it was so crazy and had my anxiety going some moments, haven’t been blown away visually like that in a long time and the themes were interesting to dissect.

No. 225155

Nonnies I hope the new Marilyn Monroe movie sucks and flops so that we don't have to see shit like this ever again.

No. 225165

>Ana de Armas has the first role
I'll watch it

No. 225268

Late AF but I finally got to watch it and it was shit. Worse than The Batman, thankfully. Make of my taste in movies as you will.
To exemplify just how "good" the movie/the attention to detail in the movie is (spoiler free) - 15 or so minutes in the boy gets ice cream from the fridge. First scene - a bit of ice cream left in the bowl. Cut. Next scene - full bowl of fuckin' ice cream.
The only good thing is that I got the tickets with a student discount.
Oh, yeah.. Wish Saul's brother didn't try to fake Joker for the first half of the movie, too.

No. 225422

File: 1659106769506.jpeg (63.06 KB, 853x480, prayerbeforedawn.jpeg)

looking forward to finally watching this today

No. 225481

I sort of want to see it, I think she's a good actress. I did not expect her to nail the American accent, who are we kidding, her native language is Spanish

No. 225706

File: 1659221749461.jpg (135.58 KB, 697x1000, MV5BZGU4YzA1NGEtYmVhMy00ZGMwLT…)

Spoiler ahead.
So people were telling me how great this movie was. But I watched it and it just kind of… victim of the victim is the bad guy at the end and the most annoying guy ever saves the day? Not gonna lie, the twists surprised me, but still, even if I were to take it for a silly slasher movie, I don't really felt the satisfaction or fun at the end. I don't know. Promising Young Woman is kind of like it but upgraded.

No. 225978

I dislike Disney. Only Bambi and Fantasia are worth a damn.

Loved this movie as a kid. I'd watch it every year at my aunt and uncle's.

I watched Battleship Potemkin in high school and actually really liked it. Also liked Dr. Caligari.

Personally, The Spirit of the Beehive bored the Hell out of me. But this one's on my list of things to do!

No. 225985

File: 1659348422233.jpg (115.78 KB, 1110x615, cave scrote.jpg)

Watched La cueva (The Cave). 5 people go spelunking on a whim and it goes as well as you'd imagine. It's better than the average found film flick, but nothing special. If you really like spelunking movies or found footage movies, check it out. If you don't like either, don't bother.

No. 225986

Is assume it's not based on that one html website creepypasta (spelunker's diary?), but that's what I immediately thought of (i really don't understand what is supposed to be scary about the pasta).

No. 225987

Ted the Caver? That was a good one from back in the day. Wasn't so incredibly cliched yet.

Nope, the movie is a simple survival story. Nothing supernatural. Just a lot of people crawling around in the cave, being miserable and dying from thirst and exhaustion.

No. 226035

Yeah the spirit of the beehive didn't have much going on. One could blame it on the year of release (the 70s were peak time for movies where nothing happens) or the political context (can't say shit under franco), but the argument doesn't hold much weight when Cria Cuervos got released just 3 years after

No. 226746

File: 1659587541230.jpeg (175.51 KB, 592x841, licorice-pizza.jpeg)

Boring as hell, turned it off after 1 hour and can't imagine how they filled the remaining 1h15m.

No. 226930

are there any movies about loser/weirdo female friendships ? i already watched booksmart and it wasnt quite what i was looking for. thanks in advance !

No. 226983

File: 1659631330628.png (1.17 MB, 1143x767, batgirl.png)

The Batgirl movie got cancelled by Warner Bros, which may be the most expensive movie ever cancelled (between 70 and 90 million dollars). Apparently this isn't due to the quality of the final product, but because of a merger between Warner Bros and Discovery. Due to its "small" budget (it's half The Batman's budget) it was intended to be an HBO Max exclusive, but the new bosses decided that all DC movies are now to only be theatrical releases and have a suitable budget for it, and that they'd lose less by turning the movie into a $90 million tax write off

This shows that 1) big studios are getting more and more wary of streaming services 2) while their influence isn't always obvious and their plans are often enigmatic, producers are still the most important force behind a movie's fate

No. 226985

Heavenly Creatures, Lollipop Monster, Ghost World (but an ugly moid kind of ruins it)

No. 226989

File: 1659634092500.jpg (161.71 KB, 1255x1470, FZMzZV5XwAIr4UP.jpg)

It's not the only movie that got ditched by WB, Scoobs! sequel got thrown into the trash too.
>Per the director, SCOOB: Holiday Haunt was very close to completion, in fact, the animation had just been completed "this past Friday".
>The film was cancelled today at HBO Max, it cost 40 million to make. It's a baffling move and now the film may become lost media.
I know people are mad, but I am happy about it because they involved her roommate character there.
Tbh DC keeps shooting itself in the foot lately, they released something cringeworthy (but hey, it has Misha Collins as an attempt to bring SPN fangirls, I guess) as Gotham Knights TV Show (the plotline is downright stupid). They also renamed themselves from DCC to DC and people are speculating that they might ditch the comics industry altogether, but I doubt it. The only things that are giving their tv shows and movies money right now are the new Harley Quinn season (I admit I don't like it despite being a Harlivy fan, but whatever) and upcoming The Batman (2022) spin-offs about The Riddler and the Penguin.

No. 227213

I cannot stop watching trash movies meant for maladjusted homicidal moids pls send help

No. 227456

Soylent Green is a really good sci-fi movie, even if you already know the twist. All the scenes with Sol Roth are excellent. Typical 70's scrotery when it comes to women, but very affecting regardless. It actually takes place this year!

No. 227458

I feel slightly happy since the troon in the movie got shit on too. Fuck them for including the women hating shit in the batgirl movie.

No. 227484

We Are The Best, Girl Interupted, Thirteen, Little Birds, Whip It, Troop Zero, Ginger Snaps, Me Without You, Never Goin Back, The Little Hours, Tragedy Girls, Lady Bird

No. 227602

muriel's wedding

No. 227655

I assume you're replying to >>226930 – 100% seconded. this is such a good movie. it's so funny (except some of the mom stuff which made me cry and kinda fucked me up) and I can't believe I only heard about it like 2 years ago because of Iggy Azalea

No. 227746

This was so so so good, I watched it last night and oh my god I was so emotional, like sobbing until the end of the movie, gonna watch it again tonight.

No. 228331

File: 1659999137221.png (158.61 KB, 259x384, Prey_2022_poster.png)

Just watched picrel and it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, lead actress was really good, the predator was realistically scaled down in power while still being very threatening (this one is from a different tribe on the Predator planet, more of a brawler and less stealthy), plenty of gore and fun kills. Plus there's a cute dog. Honestly really disappointed it went straight to streaming, it would have been a lot of fun in theaters.

No. 228352

File: 1660004354883.jpeg (464.65 KB, 2000x1530, crimes-of-the-future.jpeg)

late to this but I watched that movie over the weekend and Kristen Stewart's character was the only part of it I liked. her whole demeanor was more disturbing than most of the body horror.

No. 228497

File: 1660047384947.gif (1.78 MB, 500x245, MrHm.gif)

I am looking for movies similar to Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train. I really liked Gone Girls main character because of how smart and strong she was, especially her monologues. The Girl On The Train was an interesting movie because of it's twists and reality of showing how men really are. I liked how in the end the wife ended up helping the main character instead of caring about her terrible husband. I just want movies with women who actually feel like women instead of these typical "damsel in distress " tropes. I loved Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul until the recent season too.

No. 228505

I read that the actors are all native americans and that one of the producers is comanche and really insisted that everything be as authentic as possible, so I'll probably watch it soon

No. 228509

File: 1660049723348.jpg (100.96 KB, 976x549, p03vhcwx.jpg)

Maybe the Handmaiden? even if a few scene are very "male gazy" it's still a great movie imo

No. 228511

File: 1660050601812.jpg (64.8 KB, 600x338, b51429e4755f38bf-600x338.jpg)

i enjoyed "hustlers" a lot and it's based off a true story

No. 228527

Did anyone see light year? Was it cute and fun?

No. 228533

it seemed like it was trying so hard to appeal to gen z

No. 228622

No, it has the most heartless and pointless premise. Wtf would anyone want to see a movie based on a character from a in-universe shitty cartoon

No. 228626

I fell asleep during it at the movies kek

No. 229274

File: 1660188756074.jpg (15.11 KB, 250x419, GNFOS_poster.jpg)

Finally watched this after seeing it memed on the Internet for years. I was shocked at how not racist it was, all the jokes were misogynistic instead. I liked that it didn't devolve into camp and actually treated itself completely serious. Nowadays, this would be a vaguely funny edgy Youtube video.

No. 229275

it was a parody of blacksploitation movies of the 70's so being shocking and edgy was the intent.

No. 229334

File: 1660213506332.jpeg (57.98 KB, 625x410, kamikaze girls.jpeg)

any recommendations for movies that are similar to kamikaze girls? doesn't have to be about lolita or anything but just like kinda quirky yet cool and funny japanese movies

No. 229360

I loved Hula Girls/フラガール with Yu Aoi (she's also in a lot of other movies I really rec like Hana and Alice, Honey and Clover, Japanese Girls Never Die and One Million Yen Girl!)

No. 229481

I liked The Taste of Tea, it even has a cameo by a certain scruffy anime director

No. 229561

Wonderful World End
It’s a Summer Film
Majisuka Gakuen
The Happiness of the Katakuris
Air Doll

No. 229773

thanks lovely nonnies for all the good recs, I look forward to watching them!

No. 230147

File: 1660343500625.jpg (2.06 MB, 1500x2222, 111.jpg)

So I watched Moxie after hearing much about it, I really wanted to like Moxie, but I found it to be a real disappointment, but there is still something to be gained from it, its an insight to how average white libfem see's the world
and through the worldview of libfems we learn the patriarchy is only enforced by white football jocks and no one else and I'm sure there are misogynistic football players in the world but the way the film makes them out to be is cartoonish, akso normal WOC simply do not exist cause white libfems cannot comprehend non-white women are just regular women, also disabled women and TIMs are in the same category as WOC
The one asian character has a strict mom who would rather her die of a disease because it’s an “honorable death?” The one black male is the best friend to the main white dude and says things like “these girls is whack?” and of couse the black girl has to be strong and hold her head high and does all the work and provides all the ideas for a feminist revolution while no one stands up for her and then the white girl is happy to stand up and take all the credit? The disabled character doesn’t have a name and just says one liners about how she’s disabled?

also hate the random rape storyline they dropped in the end(and even calling it a "storyline" is a stretch)

No. 230705

File: 1660484759375.jpg (709.98 KB, 1012x1500, MV5BMDU2ZmM2OTYtNzIxYy00NjM5LT…)

Watched Bullet Train, it was alright. The gags are stretched for a bit too long (the movie relies a lot on running gags). I was expecting some long shot action sequence as David Leitch made some great ones in his previous movies but there wasn't any… It's definitely inspired by Guy Ritchie movies, and it relies a bit too much on style to make the story more interesting. I blame it on the screenwriter, this was the first movie he wrote solo and it does sometimes feel like amateurish work (especially during the ending)

No. 230891

File: 1660533509267.jpg (83.24 KB, 468x711, MV5BMzI3MmEyOTItYjg4MC00MTc4LW…)

This movie inspired the parody movie Airplane (1980) but I didn't know that going in. I thought this movie was actually decent, I'm glad the parody didn't ruin the experience of the original for me.

No. 230897

this movie sucks, its literally just glorified lesbo porn for men with a stupid plot twist. i hate all of his films except joint security area

No. 230898

swing girls, linda linda linda

No. 230917

Agreeed. It was alright. Very stylish, that’s the only real compliment really. Some pretty emotive moments that I feel like were robbed of its potential impact because they spent way too much time with Ladybug who was so fucking boring and annoying. I thought I was watching a Ryan Raynolds character. Like bitch let me see more of those other people, oh nope they died, I guess that’s it.

No. 230935

File: 1660558032280.jpg (302.94 KB, 1013x1500, MV5BNTMyMjI3MmItODIzNS00OWNiLW…)

finally watched this. so dreamy. i love/hate being a girl so much

No. 231431

Mulan just because it has so many bangers

No. 231498

The ABCs of Death is the worst movie I have ever seen. Dropped it after P, but I should have during F. Absolutely horrific.

No. 231510

thanks, these both look interesting

No. 231568

>Ryan Raynolds character
Fun fact, that was Carver

No. 231653

File: 1660762145425.gif (1.09 MB, 245x150, tumblr_mrm99oYIja1rleknbo7_250…)

I watched Ben-Hur for the first time and I cried like a bitch what the fuck. I didn't expect to get emotionally involved I guess. Also, after like 60 years this movie is still amazing from technical standpoint. Simply kino

No. 231669

If you're interested in technical advancements in 50s movies The Ten Commandments (1959) has an early example of blue screen in film, the very first blue screen being used in the Thief of Bagdad (1940!!!!)

No. 231708

File: 1660776037386.jpg (147.45 KB, 1200x900, incantation-netflix-horror-120…)

I've watched Incantation on Netflix recently and I'm really surprised to not see it mentioned here, such an excellent horror! It's been a while since I've had a movie surprise me like it did; it's one of the best found footage horrors I've seen. Best to go into watching it completely blind, or at least the less you know the better. Spoiler for anyone who watched the movie because I really want to talk about it
I loved how they've used optical illusion in the final incantation, looking back at it it was obvious, but I was so engrossed in the movie I didn't realize it's playing a trick on me so then when I realized I cant unsee the symbol becuase of the afterimage burned in my eyes it genuinely sent chills down my spine, so clever!
Also it's one of the very rare cases for me where explicit reveal did not ruin the scare for me; initially I was hoping they'll never show what's inside the forbidden corridor, Blair Witch style, but when it ultimately happened I really think it lived up to the rest of the movie. Cosmic horror demon face was such a perfect design choice, anything more "normal" would just fall flat. It was such a satisfying watch I just wish I could drag more people into seeing it (for non-cult related reasons)

No. 232248

File: 1660995498990.jpg (274.71 KB, 620x1102, Nope-Everything-To-Know-embed-…)

I watched Nope by Jordan Peele, and I'm not even going to sum up the plot, it's better to go in blind
What I really enjoyed about it is that the director tried to involve multiple themes in the story, with some being subtler than others, but most requiring yourself to think "Those two scenes seemed random and not belonging to the same movie, why were they put both here?". Not to say that's a deep movie for the thinking woman, but the modicum of complexity makes it a bit more entertaining than usually simplistic other horror movies
Now it's a two-hour horror movie so it tends to be a bit too slow, especially since the gory bits and few and far between, and after the mid-movie reveal a lot of suspense is lost, but it's still overall interesting. Also there's an Akira reference and even some Evangelion inspiration lol

No. 232258

i was confused why barbie feraria was given a main credit in the opening along with the rest of the cast

No. 232273

This is an example of a movie that put all its best parts in the trailer

No. 232290

File: 1661015493667.jpeg (293.54 KB, 1600x900, 7B830AA4-DDDA-47AE-87D4-02ABFF…)

I watched The Sixth Sense for the first time recently, and even though I already knew the twist, it has become one of my most favorite movies ever. I have seen it three times now and I love it more with each rewatch (once with my boyfriend and once with my bother, both of whom somehow weren’t spoiled so I got to live through their reaction to the reveal vicariously). Even though the twist is excellent, the movie is so much more than that. I cry like a baby at several parts and the relationship formed between Malcolm and Cole is so heartfelt and beautiful. The score and the settings are also gorgeous and give it that perfect sad, beautiful, haunted feeling. I have always loved ghosts and stories revolving around them, and now I can see how influential this movie was to one of my favorite topics. Even though I think the ending is perfect, I wish that Cole and Malcolm could have stayed together forever as the perfect paranormal problem solving duo that they are. I would eat up a whole series about that like hot cakes. Does anyone have recommendations like that? I’m a total sucker for this “man and boy solve paranormal problems” dynamic and the only other thing I can think of is Mob Psycho 100.

No. 232300

Kinda seconding you, except I'm looking for more psychological movies about ghosts and their relationship with the living

No. 232332

NEVER watch the trailer if you're even just vaguely interested in the movie. When they play trailers in the movie theater and it starts looking interesting I just close my eyes

No. 232393

Kek I do the same thing

No. 232434

I loved Home on the range too!

No. 232463

It's a perfect movie imo. I love Signs too, though it's not as good, Shyamalan has a knack for movies that are both weirdly comfy and mildly scary at the same time. Something about the atmosphere and the sincerity of the characters.

No. 232535

File: 1661104932263.jpg (138.35 KB, 1418x1680, 2022-07-24_20-17-46.jpg)

I'm struggling to not obsess over Egger's movie. I've always been very much into period films and he an attention to detail and focus on getting every single thing as accurate as possible.

I want to watch the VVitch and Lighthouse again even though my friends already make fun of me for watching them so often. Northman is technically more impressive with all the details but I don't find it comfy.

No. 232654

I researched Thirteen for the first time and I really like dramas and I loved how naturally the exposition flowed on and how anxious I was for everyone. Hated Evie, sooo so much so they did a good job of fleshing her out as the antagonist.

No. 232883

You saw Evie as an antagonist? She was just a kid and obviously had a fucked up home life and lots of problems herself. I felt bad for her even if she was a bad influence.

No. 234270

Just watched it because of your post anon, it was a decently fun watch, kinda trope-y with jumpscares that it really didn't need, but overall I got invested. I also felt really bad for the foster guy, he went off to find out about the curse for Ronan but she knew it was a curse the whole time, so he viewed the footage and died for nothing. I get that she was trying to save her daughter but that dude raised her kid for six years only to get killed.

No. 234310

File: 1661699322747.jpg (352.9 KB, 1288x1600, thoVlhVudcPZcmdyX8qfGrIFKFByDg…)

I have at long last watched The color of pomegranates (1969) aka Sayat Nova, which is one of those few dozens art films that are hailed as masterpieces by those in the know but will never ever air on TV
The movie is a succession of static shots about the 18th century armenian poet Sayat Nova, but is so symbolist that the only way to link it with his life is to read the biography of the man beforehand. The real focus of the movie isn't on the story, but on shapes, colors, movements, and composition that haven't been seen on film before and will never be seen again, such as 14 monks eating pomegranates at the same time. Those who like me are not versed on armenian culture will however have to watch the many documentaries trying to explain every subtleties of the work to get a full picture of what's going on, even if the movie is enjoyable enough by itself
In the same spirit of focus on picture rather than story are the equally soviet movies Man with a movie camera (1929) and of course Stalker (1979), all three happening to be for free on Youtube

No. 234312

File: 1661699799609.jpg (61.84 KB, 538x768, MV5BMTY1NDQ1MzkzNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I just watched picrel, if you like twisty revenge thrillers you'll probably like this. It's about a middle school teacher whose daughter is killed by two of her students, and she outs their crimes in front of her whole class (that's just the very beginning of the movie so not much of a spoiler). It's kind of shot like a music video in a lot of parts as well, which makes for a unique experience.

No. 234314

where did u watch it?

No. 234322

on the high seas, fair anon. I don't think it's available for streaming anywhere.

No. 234344


No. 234456

File: 1661734067638.jpg (41.43 KB, 394x394, tumblr_o82ecnuewx1thrsv9o3_400…)

Q was the only good one, I remember, N was a girlboss moment.

Anyway, hi nonnies, any movies about ''ugly'' girls winning? I mean not about like ''Hollywood ugly'' but simly plain or unconventional looking girls who just want to live their lifes and be happy (without changing themselves).

No. 234597

File: 1661795082268.jpg (112.31 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BNDg4NjM1YjMtYmNhZC00MjM0LW…)

I know just the thing

No. 234630

File: 1661800827923.jpeg (29.67 KB, 373x647, 64F68F05-6D7B-418C-BF71-A74BE4…)

Audrey Tatou. Ugly?
Granted she’s made to look ‘weird’ in the film but I can count on my hand the number of women alive I think are hotter than Audrey Tatou.

No. 234664

File: 1661807781834.jpg (46.6 KB, 850x446, Amelie-Poulain-at-Studio-28-Pa…)

Nona asked for a plain looking girl and Audrey Tautou definitely plays the role of a plain looking girl in Amelie. It's not a comment on the actress' appearance

No. 234832

It’s hard to even find movies with truly plain/ugly leads, even less so about them “winning”. It’s always something depressing until they have a “glow up” moment, or a psychotic break. Maybe some of these will fit the theme
>The Shape of Water
>Whip It
>Please Stand By
>We Are The Best

No. 234842

She doesn't "win" much, but fish tank on YouTube is free

No. 234843

Wanted to quote

No. 234851

File: 1661858450012.gif (1.42 MB, 500x425, 53mo.gif)

Thank you! They all look great. And looks like I will finally watch Amelie and The Shape of Water.

No. 234866

isnt this just a dumb manic pixie dream girl movie

No. 234867

kind of, but the focus is on her, the LI is barely in the movie. it's more her journey to become a MPDG for her own self. i haven't seen it in years, but that's what i recall

No. 234892

File: 1661872961775.jpg (128.53 KB, 622x985, w3nwzube7f891.jpg)

i agree about going in blind; that's pretty much what i did and i was very pleasantly surprised. i hate UFOs, aliens and visible monsters in movies but this one did it really well. i was genuinely stressed a lot of the time.

for any nonas reading this: what's your interpretation of the scenes that don't go together? the gordy the monkey scenes, essentially

No. 234894

is this another black people whining about racism film that gets praised by progressives

No. 234895

please go back to KF retard

No. 234899

File: 1661874610686.jpeg (227.41 KB, 700x1050, 26030DD3-FEFB-43DB-BFEF-CF2FDE…)

I hated it and did not like that it felt like 3 movies smashed into one. Nothing was cohesive and it felt like like peele had too many ideas for things that would be really cool in theory but they didn’t pan out too well in reality.
I’m so ass blasted by the involvement of the Gordy side plot. The logic you’re supposed to follow to connect it to the main plot isn’t rational or intuitive. If you showed it to a bunch of regular people they wouldn’t have made that connection either. I also hate that the whole Gordy thing was wasted potential for its own movie. Tbh I would watch an entire movie about the gordy incident and I’m sure that’s allegedly what the whole movie is supposedly commentating on but again it’s not evident in film.
I wanted so badly to like this film because horror is one of my favorite genres and I really dug Get Out but absolutely did not like Us.
The alleged main theme of this movie is the human fascination with spectacle specifically in disasters and tragedies but that wasn’t properly displayed or elaborated upon in the film. There wasn’t very much insightful commentary on that and the closest thing we got was the looks of terror the owner of Jupe’s ranch had when he would recall the Gordy incident.
Anyway if I keep talking about this I’ll lose mind. 2/5 stars. Solid acting, jumbled plot akin to a kid on stage with a stadium full of adults looking to him to eagerly put on a show so he pulls out everything out of his ass hoping something will illicit positive response.

No. 234901

The most classic interpretation of the scene was Jupe was scared of the monkey at first, but just before the monkey got killed he thought that he actually had a special connection with it and the monkey wasn't going to hurt him, which is why he tried to touch its hand. This happened in fact not because the monkey liked him, but because he never made direct eye contact with it, as he was looking at it through a tablecloth. This later led him to believe that he also had a special connection with the UFO, which he thought was his friend after he fed it live horses. However he realized much too late that just like the monkey the UFO wasn't tamed, it just wasn't provoked enough by direct eye contact. This is linked with the larger theme of every character in the movie being linked to the concepts of spectacle, audience or recording/filming

A whole movie of the Gordy incident couldn't be made

No. 234904

I absolutely loved it and I thought the suspense was perfectly done. I am still kind of marinating my feelings a bit but I think the overall theme is something to do with how humans are obsessed with danger, and the rivalry humans feel with similar predator species to the point where we put them in zoos and treat them horribly just to prove we're powerful too… I do think there is some racial commentary but it's so much more minimal this time, it's very subtle, and it's more in service to the larger message of the movie rather than being the point of it, like with Us or Get Out. There's definitely a comparison there between Steven Yeun's character as a little asian boy on a white family sitcom having comraderie with the literal non-human co-star, and I think the line is also drawn to the human zoo exhibits that used to exist, where an African family would be lined up as a sideshow next to the leopards. This connects to how black people were considered "genetically inferior" and also more prone to rage or violence, like a lower predator. Then Yeun's character twists it a bit, so emboldened by his encounter with Gordy post-rage that he thinks he can tame a being so outside his own experience and in the process sacrifices like 40 people. Sigh I know I'm not explaining myself well, I have a lot of jumbled feelings about this movie, but I think it was very exciting and compelling and I loved how it touched so many different genres (horror, scifi, twister movies, westerns, movie-movies, animal movies). Also Jean Jacket is a fantastic name for a horse and I always love to see Keith David. My husband said too that 'every character in this movie is interesting for their individual reasons' and I agree with that too, it helped keep each scene compelling.

No. 234912

thanks for your interpretation nona. i still don't know what to think about the child star being in the audience at the UFO show. i guess it's because Jupe wanted to show her that he could protect her from a dangerous creature this time around, but from a movie standpoint it's a little random imo. or even a little sad, like the audience is supposed to find a scarred person inherently creepy looking.

i can see why you didn't like it anon. i see those problems but i still thought the movie worked well in the end.

No. 234918

File: 1661876616768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.29 KB, 531x411, ap_travis_chimp_100224_ssh.jpg)

the people in the audience were references to other famous animal attacks. the woman with the veil and no lips is a reference to another very famous chimpanzee attack, because that's what the woman looked like after it happened. Her name is Charla Nash and the monkey was named Travis.

No. 234938

I hated it too Nonna. I thought it was boring, and you are absolutely right about it trying to be so many movies at once..
The only part that was even moderately scary to me was the (i'm being a newfag and don't know how to spoiler text so this is your spoiler warning) abduction scene, but it cut off too soon and was ultimately disappointing.
Now someone get mad at me & teach me how to spoiler text properly.

No. 234953

sorry nonna perhaps I misunderstood. I think she looks beautiful in Amelie too however.

No. 235001

>didn’t see the movie, or even read the wiki, b4 making assumption bc it has the guy from Get Out
Lmaooo you must feel so fucking stupid