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No. 1327041

Repent for your sins, follower of the calf.

No. 1327043

Shit forgot the link to the last thread

No. 1327064

after I move out, I plan on never talking to my parents again. I didn't even have a terrible relationship with them, but I think they failed me in many ways.

No. 1327068

i totally understand this. on one hand some people were abused by their parents and i would never want to be in their shoes. on the other hand, i resent my parents so much for failing to raise me into a normal person. i don't think i want to completely ghost them but i want to ignore them as much as possible and live a life free of their pressuring behavior

No. 1327075

I think this "restriction just makes it more tempting" thingy is fake because I never felt it in my life.

No. 1327257

Not really proud of myself for this one, but to be honest i don't care about my husbando's problematic behavior, i also couldn't care less about the woman he almost killed, I wish she actually died in canon

No. 1327268

Girl who cares, he's fictional. He can do as much murder as he pleases and your love will still redeem him

No. 1327270

lmao mind telling us who this husbando is?

No. 1327306

it's kira isn't it?

No. 1327314

File: 1662337803432.jpg (117.66 KB, 750x792, the heartman.jpg)

I love kirbyanon
love the danofags
love the driverfags
love carreychan
love komadeachan
and whoever else i'm forgetting but everyone loves to hate them so i wanna say i love them

No. 1327323

File: 1662338406475.gif (1.23 MB, 320x240, 1A459107-0EA8-4994-9ABA-586D0E…)

I’m extremely angry at God for making me a lonely ugly woman with mental issues and not a cute little bird that has no worries, doesn’t have to worry about jobs or love or money, just FLY. Fuck you, God!!!

No. 1327325

I adore boyega chan something fierce, I hope she's doing well

No. 1327340

You forgot pakichan and romanianon

No. 1327353

Nobody likes these two retards

No. 1327356

mod revealed that pakichan is the one who’s been racebaiting about black women and romanianon threatened to kill everyone on this website soooo

No. 1327361

A guy asked me out yesterday and I was tempted to say yes (I’m in a relationship)

No. 1327384

I love the GKfags

No. 1327429

Pakichan is such a fucking schizo it's not even funny. She's in fucking pakistan and she thinks she has the authority to talk about american problems l m f a o. What was she racebaiting about black women for? The fuck kind of business does that derailing freak have with black women anyway? Is she jealous of black american women because they're american or some shit? Kek.

No. 1327435

The scrote site makes sense considering she wants to be Varg's broodmare.

No. 1327437

Hummingbirds need to eat constantly otherwise they’ll die. They’re basically always starving. They can go a couple hours without food if they’re sleeping but they need to eat constantly. And their sleep actually a hibernation-like state called torpor. They have to slow their bodies down so much that it can seem like they’re dead just to survive. Also the majority of them die within their first year of life. Anyway they have a lot of worries.

No. 1327466

My friends are always broke so I never want to bother making plans for big events (birthdays, holidays) bc I already know the answer.
I get it, and for the most part, I’ll make the effort to make plans that’s accessible for everyone but I’m tired of doing the same shit all the time, even for big occasions

No. 1327476


No. 1327484

I was talking to a couple farmers from the friend finder thread, forgot about discord for a week then came back and didn't continue the conversation because it felt awkward and was kind of dead.

No. 1327493

I like my friend so much that I feel like I'm falling in love

No. 1327563

Shut the fuck up tranny

No. 1327612

File: 1662372232996.jpeg (33.24 KB, 739x415, BB85745C-0128-44D2-A4B3-69B667…)

>be white
>got the vindaloo shits this morning
>haven’t eaten all day
>nicotine and pepsi
>decide to break my fast late the evening
>spicy chips

No. 1327622

>and romanianon threatened to kill everyone on this website
too based for this world…

No. 1327628

File: 1662374747717.jpeg (459.8 KB, 750x729, 59F48CDA-BE26-4FB2-8C7F-127524…)

Noooo nonnita kek you’re gonna give yourself gastritis just like me if you’re going to eat something spicy after not having much food in your stomach you should eat some baby cereal. They’re meant to help create a mucus barrier in your stomach so it’ll help let your stomach heal

No. 1327629

I've been told a few times that I could do better than my boyfriend and it's been weighing on my mind. On one hand they're right I'm kinda out of his league physically (he's not ugly but not attractive either, bland in a nerdy way), but on the other hand he is the only man who ever confessed to me, the odds of finding an attractive guy who'd be attracted to me in return are astronomically low if not impossible.

No. 1327631

Told by whom?

No. 1327635

File: 1662376639303.jpg (23 KB, 500x382, FbRIYMPXoAAPPSr.jpg)

Same, I like that we have all sort of weird characters and personalities in here. Women are most of the time showed as very bland and one of my favorite aspect of this site is how weird and funny all of you are (I'm not talking avout the gross men of course), most of the people here as the exact oposit of what "proper" women are suppose to be and it's such a breath of fresh air!

No. 1327652

By some friends and coworkers.

No. 1327748

I saved a couple that had fallen from their nests during a big windstorm. They did fine, the mom even came back and found them and would feed them.

No. 1327852

I’m developing a crush on my professor and I’m going straight to hell for it. Believe it or not, I find him quite charming and attractive. He’s an entomologist, so hearing him go on a fifteen minute sperg about roaches during a lecture was adorable. Even though he’s not married, he’s literally twice my age kek… I’m not fucking retarded, so I’m not going to flirt or act on any impulses because I know that’s going to open a whole can of worms I’m not prepared for.

No. 1327858

When did they reveal this? can't believe I missed a lolcor expose

No. 1327926

i go to work slightly high on edibles almost every day. i don't feel bad about it.

No. 1327945

>there’s nothing pointing to me being a tranny
except for the mysterious posts that mods deleted earlier..

No. 1327950

File: 1662402739494.jpeg (22.22 KB, 413x193, CA977985-084B-4198-BEF8-A24A81…)

whenever i see a conventionally attractive or famous person i think about how they take dumps too. like not even for fetishistic reasons or to make myself feel better its sort of intrusive i dont do it willingly it just comes to me. but like the most attractive sexy/cute person you know or the fittest gymbro or like the queen of england for example etc etc. like they all have taken 1000+ dumps in their lifetime. imagine a roided or badboy tough guy having a shite constipated kek makes me laugh everytime. or not even attractive people like your maths professor for example.
i feel bad because it feels like im humiliating them in my mind but its not like i actively want to and nobody needs to know anyway, well except for whoever's reading this. now you know.
just had to say it because picrel reminded me of this

No. 1327957

I was thinking something like this while looking at pics of some impossibly attractive celeb couple lastnight. They still have to go through all the same awkward shit at the beginning of a relationship where fartin n shittn is hard

No. 1327959

yes, sex with a dog. noticed how that got deleted along with you-know-who's.

No. 1328061

would you eat the bugs for him

No. 1328365

I’ve been fantasizing about getting a terminal illness, not for the typical munchie reasons like wanting to be the center of attention or having people pity me, but because I want a “guilt free” early exit from this mortal coil. I know it’s a stupid fantasy and obviously getting ill like that is absolutely awful but I can’t help but indulge in it these days.

No. 1328370

File: 1662430495514.jpg (287.9 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_20220905-191822_Sam…)

I cancelled plans with friends because I didn't feel like spending money on transit fees and an entrance ticket to the lame event they wanna attend.

I also blew about 200 euros on stationary products in the past few days. I couldn't help myself. The yen is so weak right now!!

No. 1328387

Wow you're so unique

Most of us who want to fuck our professors would at least rather fuck the ones who don't support eating bugs and other various forms of retardation

No. 1328403

I don’t think the coc looks that good on the champagne weeks but I need that weeks so bad

No. 1328405

i can't stop thinking about him nonnies. it was what he said afterwards that was the worst.

No. 1328428

File: 1662434722464.jpeg (106.43 KB, 339x460, D4DDB7BA-7212-4016-833D-F56E75…)

>He’s an entomologist, so hearing him go on a fifteen minute sperg about roaches during a lecture was adorable.

No. 1328430


No. 1328432

i hate that nonnies are running with this picture because it makes me wheeze every time

No. 1328436

I don’t hate my life or myself

No. 1328438

hope nonnie tells her nigel he’s a shitpost on a mongolian basket weaving forum

No. 1328466

the most miserable man on earth kek

No. 1328472

That is a man who genuinely makes me laugh, I hope he makes his owner happy too

No. 1328496

I think I actually am falling in love with my friend. This sucks ass

No. 1328499

Haha the anonnette is falling in love with her friend!

No. 1328502

I have someone I left hanging because I got too busy with IRL stuff. Now it feels too awkward to restart the conversation with her especially since it’s been months now. Sorry to that anon if you happen to be reading this.

No. 1328537

Same. I've hit it off with some anons but I had some shit happening to me irl lately so I haven't felt like socializing.

No. 1328567

My fiancés mother died before we had met…and while she sounded like a very sweet woman, part of me is secretly relieved that I don’t have to “deal with” a religious mother-in-law on top of dealing with my own handful of a borderline personality disordered mother. I could never in my life admit this to anyone IRL

No. 1328571

I shave five years off my age

No. 1328574

I add "and a half" when I say my age, like children do (I'm middle aged). It makes people laugh, they always think it's cute.

No. 1328670

I want to do this too. I can't accept being 24 already I just want to tell people I'm 20 or 19 instead. They all tell me I look younger (ugly) anyway so no one will ever question it.

No. 1328674

Mmmm, crunchy protein..
It might sound retarded, but I am a Zoology major so I find his autism cute and rather fascinating. Also, I'd rather fuck him than any of my dumbass moid classmates who are all anime and porn obsessed.

No. 1328681

>age acceptance issues at only 24
your future gonna be rough

No. 1328685

A few years ago I was fresh out of a long term relationship but was stuck living with the guy for a while as we made our seperate moving plans. My ex had moved on suspiciously fast (almost like he had this woman lined up in advance but oh well) so I was miserable and on top of that fairly isolated. I should've never moved to this area with him in the first place. Regrets, sadness, blah blah. I tried to just concentrate on whats ahead. I got talking to a guy online. He lived a few hours away but he was close to the area I was planning to move to soon. We chatted every day and I thought that after moving and getting settled into my new place we'd probably meet up and see what happens.

Problem was he lived with his parents still. I was years into renting, living with a mixture of roomates or bfs or alone and I so far removed from my neet days or my living at home days. I overlooked it initially because I wasn't in a great position and just needed to distract myself but it was off putting at our age. One day he messages me and announces he might be moving too. I'm excited. Its the one thing that bothered me so I'm happy for him finally getting his own place… hes not getting his own place. His dads job is sending him somewhere so he's going along with their move. He spends the day talking about himself and his parents as a unit far into the future and it really cements how we're in different stages to each other. If his dads job changes he just automatically ups and moves wherever without even considering his other option. He was also moving in the opposite direction to me. I ghosted him after that and felt bad but also didn't want to spell it out to him. I'm guessing he thinks that I ghosted because of the new distance issue but it wasn't even that. I'm kind of glad it played out like that. Shook me awake while I was clearly rebounding.

No. 1328690

Ikr they're acting like 24 is end of life.

No. 1328700

I’ve been friends with this guy for a while, but I’ve been in a committed relationship for a long time so there wasn’t anything serious. He would flirt with me occasionally, but nothing major.
I finally started flirting back with him a little while ago as I’ve officially ended my relationship, and he starts flirting with me.
We have a call one night, and I notice he talked about himself the entire time. I was quite nervous, so while I was confused, I didn’t think too much of it.
We continue to talk/flirt but I can’t help but feel like something is off.
He jokes about us getting married, running away together, etc.
We continue our calls and he starts staying up on such a regular basis he’s averaging 3-4 hours of sleep.
However, if there’s anything I’ve learned about men, it’s that you should never trust them.
Being the insane person that I am, I sleuth. I find that he’s constantly following girls on Instagram/twitter and it’s a wide range of girls.
I silently stew on this, but whatever. Things start ramping up and he starts posting songs I’ve sent him on his story, he texts me every morning, tells me he wants me to visit him etc.
I start really falling hard, but I still notice something is off. He barely replies to me one night and he messages me the next morning to ask if him going to a strip club with his friends is weird, and I say no but that it kinda made me sad. He apologizes and tells me he doesn’t want to jeopardize anything.
I mention this to a few of my online friends and one instantly responds with a picture of his girlfriend.
I am completely taken back by this because we’ve been friends for a lot longer than this girl has been in the picture, and I feel sick by the fact that he’s kept this from me even when it was friendly? I didn’t happen to notice her when i sleuthed because he didn’t even follow her.
Not a peep about her anywhere, but he had a few old photos of his ex?
But this isn’t even the strange part. He had multiple girlfriends at one point.
I message him immediately and tell him that I will no longer be talking to him.
He calls me, apologizes a million times, begs me to be his girlfriend (?) and texts the girlfriend about me.
Despite how disgusting this all is, I ache inside, and I am in denial that this is happening. With the initial shock I am still deeply interested in this guy, but know that it is not possible under any circumstance to involve myself because he will do it to me.
He and the girlfriend break up, she follows me, we talk and compare stories on what he was lying to us about.
He goes radio silent on her but continues to try and engage with me. I ignore it, but he is persistent.
The initial shock and adrenaline wears off and I begin to feel very sad. It all hits me at once and I cry for days.
A weird part of me wishes he’d call me and make it all better, and the other part knows that he couldn’t.
I find out he was talking to multiple girls throughout the whole thing and this makes it infinitely worse.
I’ve blocked him on everything but don’t have the heart to block his number yet. After us not talking for a week, he texts me “Hey” on Sunday. I replied with the side eye emoji, and he just doesn’t reply.
After a day I finally asked him what the fuck that was about, and he tells me he just wanted to check in.
I knew I shouldn’t reply, but I do.
He doesn’t reply to me for two days.
This really drives me insane and I ask him what his deal is? He replies today to let me know he is driving across the states and he’s sorry for not replying.

At this point we are both insane and I only have myself to blame, but I so desperately crave his attention. Yet when I have it, I know that there’s no point because I could never trust him.
I hate it. I hate scrotes.
Yet I fall into their traps every time and will probably continue to do so.

No. 1328785

Once I move out I wanna get a futon and a kotatsu to live out my slice of life weeb dreams.

No. 1328795

Based. Do it nonna

No. 1328808

this is so ridiculous and unnecessary, at 24 especially. that's like 7 years old as far as i'm concerned. i know why women have age related issues but i've seen men act like they're ancient at 20 and it blows my mind

No. 1328920

No it's just that I wasted those years and also at 19/20 you can still do fun and stupid shit and experiment with your life but at 24 everyone expects me to have a degree already and also work a full time job, have a house, a lover, possibly a child and be responsible and think about "important" things, but I'm still dumb as fuck, no degree, alone and I can barely hold a "job". It's just more acceptable to not have your life together at 20.

No. 1328938

i actually think we should classify pedophilia as a sexuality, because then we could stop trying to reform them once and for all and just kill them.

No. 1328955

fair enough. i just want it to be classified as non curable so we off them all instead of trying to "fix" them.

No. 1328983

literally nobody i know had their life together at 24. i was a complete mess at 24. you're ok nonna. you can still do fun and stupid shit if you want to, don't let other people's timelines rule your life. also chances are people's lives are not as "together" as they might might seem on the surface.

No. 1328985

That makes no sense. When people were homophobic around the time of psychiatry just sprouting up in the west, they considered gays mentally ill or disturbed in some way. Do you think they assumed validating their sexuality would mean they could finally just lynch them? Validating pedophiles as having a normal sexual attraction does not lead to killing them all, it leads to social acceptance and integration.

No. 1328995

I'm getting engaged with someone who is about to deploy to basic training and I'm looking forward to the six months I'll be alone.

No. 1329005

It is not and never will be. It’s a paraphilia of sexuality. A deviation of normal sexuality. They’re are also not sexual attracted to people or the individuals which is why they lose attraction as their victims age, it’s a sick fucked fetish and like anon said before normalizing wouldn’t get rid of them. Look at Nambla and the Maps in the states. You’re literally arguing the pedos arguments for them.

No. 1329084

File: 1662492094621.jpeg (102.1 KB, 1170x1714, 1661309839041.jpeg)

I still would

No. 1329088

I'm so tired of seeing this man's washed-up gym teacher knees.

No. 1329095


Love yourself, he looks like a confused gym teacher in suburbia.

No. 1329162

it's a joke…god you guys are stupid.

No. 1329165

am i retarded or is that a bulge

No. 1329175

Holy shit, it might be.

No. 1329183

i don't think his torso his that short

No. 1329249

I feel like such a failure when anons say they got an amazing job or get to choose between some but I'm also proud that hopefully they wont be in the vent thread feeling stuck with their life. Also I think a girl working at my grocery store is cute but I'm way too afraid to ask her out because I have no idea if shes straight. I dont want it to be awkward every time I'm buying food.

No. 1329258

I hate how when you ask people how to stop wanting to be desired they never give you practical advice. I don't know how to explain it. Even if I find some porn star or random ugly, I feel like they're above me because they're being more desired since they have their nudes out. I just wish I could be wholly desired, I have a boyfriend and idk if as good of a person he is if that will do it for me. I don't care a lot of people say I'm attractive, I don't feel that way, I feel unattractive and unworthy and like I am doomed to being a little girl that is abused not because she's desirable but just because she is usable. I don't know how to not want this, it's been part of me so long because I was molested so young. I feel like being sexually desired is the best shit ever. All my other interests pale in comparison to that. I don't care that people think I have interesting opinions (which are really dumb ones, it's just I can drabble on and on) or that I could be smart or talented or anything else. The worst part is, I'll post this, and I'll just get 1 line responses that allude to me being a pickme or pathetic and it's like, okay, I'm a motherfucking pickme, so how the hell do I mend that hole in my brain? How do I stop giving a shit about being attractive and gaining male validation?

No. 1329286

You were abused. There's nothing that can be said on a mongolian basket weaving forum that can restructure your brain for you. No practical advice that can change the way you feel. It has to come from within you. You have to realize that there is more to you than your looks and your sexuality and male validation. Go to therapy.

No. 1329300

I miss my old rp buddy so much. Our characters had such fun and cool dynamics together. We both liked the exact same type of stories and we wrote several hundreds worth of pages of rp notes to each other playing out our characters' journey. We weren't part of any fandom. Every character was 100% ours and it felt so good to expand our world together. She's now an Aiden who stopped doing the roleplay because she wanted to focus purely on drawing porn of her characters instead. I told her I didn't want my characters included in nsfw stuff, and she pretty much ignored me from then on. Her nsfw comics are terrible, and her characters are now just bland tropes fucking each other in increasingly more fucked up situations. She still sometimes messages me to see how I'm doing, but I'm too mad at her to reply. Still, I sometimes write stories with our characters for myself because we stopped right before the big, dramatic ending we had planned. Her characters are so much better in my writings than in her awful comics.

No. 1329314

How can you complain about her 'ignoring' you when you're too mad to reply when she messages you?

No. 1329326

Because she ignored me first as punishment for me not wanting her to draw porn of my characters. Why should I indulge someone who lost her head to porn and fetish art?

No. 1329415

These days, to wrangle in my anxiety I imagine myself doing things like stroking my face loving and telling myself I need to break the mental cycle. Sometimes I also give myself a little peck I know it sounds insane but I do anything to calm myself down. In a few days this won't work anymore and I'll have to find something else to help myself. I also thing that imagining myself letting out the most rageful scream helps, because if I'm mentally screaming I can't be anxious.

No. 1329427

K-pop girl groups will NEVER come close to being the same calibre as western girl-groups.

No. 1329452

Imagine if he has erectile dysfunction and needs sissy porn to get hard

No. 1329496

I was a slut as a teenager, I honestly do not know my body count. I am torn on one hand because I only got with fugly nerds or younger dudes who had no experience so no STDs but they bragged about it and I was made fun of also sex itself is very underwhelming, it’s just the buildup, flirting, the mutual attraction that was so intoxicating.

No. 1329498

Samefag sometimes I miss it tho. I do not go on tinder and I don’t see a lot of guys these day (worth doing)

No. 1329518

the best part is that you left it
this is only good fr fr as recollection (if you manage to think the disturbing memories of fat fugliness away)
i eased myself around men until i was close to thirty, no regrets, but i def would have if i had kept at it

No. 1329519

As someone who grew up a terribly shy hikki… the best time to be a slut is that age. I'm in my 30s and by the time I opened up enough to let a man touch me, they're mostly hideous and have tons of baggage. No young athletic hot guys who flirt without a care… just malding divorcees.

No. 1329526

I feel bad that I never realized Jeanette McCurdy was Anachan even though I followed her show a lot as a teen. I think she's one of those who has a face and frame that doesn't show weight loss much.

No. 1329554

File: 1662531551587.jpg (3.01 KB, 95x205, Z(8).jpg)

You made me look it up out of curiosity and shit, you can definitely see it (now? I think this is a recent pic). But you're right, I also never noticed it on tv, I think it's because she has such a full baby fat face.

No. 1329583

I must have missed the part of my development that gives me normal expressions and emotions, because I am very unsuccessful at making female friends. Other women just flake on me and I don't want to seem desperate.

No. 1329607

I always thought she was bigger than she actually was too, because of her head

No. 1329651

Saw an interview she did to promote her book and she looked very sick

No. 1329716

yeah, she’s looking rough in anything recent.in that past she’s been a variety of healthy weights (as is especially normal throughout teenage years), but was never really chubby. full cheeks and particular styling can keep an eating disorder flying under the radar for a long time (sources: me)
Sam & Cat wasn’t a show I ever really watched, and neither was iCarly, but iirc Sam was always styled as a bit of a tomboy, right? she wore cargo capris, hoodies, and of course lots of layers. everyone wore lots of layers in those years but kid’s tv stars fashion kicked it up to level 100.
point is, I’m not surprised people didn’t notice. people close to her we’re probably worried, but not fans watching her on TV. because they were literal children and it probably went over their heads. plus, the way seasons are filmed. while kids are watching reruns of season 1 she might’ve been dropping in weight before filming another season and ….oh wait we’re still watching recordings from when she was heavier.

No. 1329739

File: 1662555558958.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

If all my posts on here were under a username I'd be a massive cow and I think I'm not the only one.

No. 1329744

Me too nonna. Me too.

No. 1329756

Umm, same. I don't like to think about the mods looking at my post history..

No. 1329764

In which way? Contradicting yourself? Starting fights?

No. 1329767

I can't express how uncomfortable I feel about this but I post nonetheless, idk maybe I trust our mods or am just too addicted to not post.
For all the deranged and utterly embarrassing crap I post.

No. 1329792

NTA but I'm like a pathological liar on here. I pretend to be straight/bi, ask for "sex advice" regarding penetration when really I'm just masturbating, and when complaining about my exes I say they're guys so that the lesbians don't look bad lol. Also from how fucked up and messy my life is, I should not be posting in the advice thread ever.

No. 1329793

While I logically understand that anyone can post any bullshit here, this is giving me anon trust issues.

No. 1329796

If it makes you feel any better, when I reply to people I'm completely sincere. I only feel comfortable lying if I'm OP

No. 1329816

I want this scrote im into to break up with his gf and come crawling to me saying that I'm the one he loves instead. And then I want to reject him so hard that his heart breaks into a million pieces. Would serve him right for leading me on and then getting together with someone else.

No. 1329884

File: 1662568269621.png (86 KB, 360x203, throuple.png)

I had a drink with my two crushes yesterday, they were both sitting accross from me. I got a good look at both their faces right next to each others and it got me so worked up. All I could think of is that I wanted to take them home and have them take care of me. I might sound like a degenerate but multiple males for one woman feels incredibely natural.

No. 1329962

I’ve never read a book since getting out of highschool. I don’t understand how people find the time. It’s especially difficult because I have attention issues too. I’ve started some and then never finish and I haven’t tried again. I know audio books are a thing but I need to actively read to pay attention, otherwise I’ll zone out while listening. I wish I knew how people do it

No. 1329974

Yeah, but what would the therapist say? I don't understand what is needed to change. I practice DBT and that's made me simmer down immensely, I am sober and don't freak out behavior wise anymore. But I don't know how to change myself internally.

No. 1329983

There's no time limit to finishing books, nonnie. I read 1-3 chapter(s) a day, at best, either before going to sleep in bed or while im using the bathroom and have finished a couple books that way

No. 1329988

Farmer with adhd. Recently got back into reading. Pick a book in something you’ll like. One a month. Take the total page count and divide it by the days in the month. That’s how many pages you have to read a day. If you read more great, if not. You spent ten minutes a day and read 12 books! It helped me reset and get through the dopamine detox.

No. 1329990

Are you actively working against the thoughts. Writing them out? Catching them. Making the effort to go no that’s not right because of this. Not trying to preach, just asking. You might need to start working on your cognitive thought patterns now.

No. 1329994

How are we supposed to predict what your therapist will say? That's the point of getting one on one professional help instead of venting online. None of us know you or the details of your unique situation. All we see is that you have a deeply unhealthy mindset and unresolved trauma. Good for you that you have a coping mechanism in DBT but if you are still obsessed with male attention then you're not healed yet, and you likely never will be until you stop blaming others for your feelings, own up to how you contribute to your poor self image, and make practical steps to change it. Get. Therapy.

No. 1329995

I usually read on my commute home from work. Sometimes I'll read on my morning commute, but most times I sleep during then. It's like 15-20ish minutes of reading per commute, but better than nothing. Before reading, I would just spend that time scrolling on twitter or on here anyway, so I just changed the screen I was looking at. I use a kindle for convenience and size, and import ebooks from my library because I'm a cheap bitch. I could get the physical books but I don't like having to go out of my way to go to the library now that I don't work down the block from it anymore.

Ideally I would read first thing in the morning and right before bed, but in the morning I'm too sleepy and shit puts me right back to sleep. Sometimes I'll read before bed, but normally I watch relaxing videos until I fall asleep kek. I have bad bedtime habits.

No. 1330008

>you likely never will be until you stop blaming others for your feelings, own up to how you contribute to your poor self image
Where did I blame others for my feelings? I think it is entirely my fault I am this way. Unfortunately, accepting responsibility is not enough to solve issues.
>make practical steps to change it. Get. Therapy.
What would a practical step be to change this? I have been through 5 therapists and I only got better when I put in the work on my own. I don't know how to change what feels like a life goal. If I delete a life goal, I don't have anything to replace it with. I don't find anything else as enticing. I don't know how to find others things more enticing. I have anhedonia where I don't find interest in most things in general. I am just wondering if anyone else has done anything to get through abuse and if they are healed.

No. 1330065

Fellow personality disorder fag here, don't have your kind of issues though. I don't know about the whole brain restructuring thing, but like sometimes it's okay to just delete a life goal and be a bit aimless for a while. Instead of immediately wanting to jump into something new. I don't think you can ever be fully healed from this shit and nobody should actually have that expectation. It's like being an addict and like how once an addict always an addict. You can get better and improve, but don't beat yourself up over it if you end up with some leftovers. I'm not healed or anything, but I do feel okay with not having a lifegoal anymore and actually feel like it brings a lot less stress. Don't need a reason or life goal to be allowed to exist. I'm not sure whether I'm making any sense. Sorry if I don't.

No. 1330093

No, thank you for your empathy. I can see how having no life goal is better than having a sabotaging toxic life goal. I often feel sad because though I don't qualify for my disorder diagnosis anymore, I still have a lot of the thought patterns. I feel locked, like I don't act out, but I just feel terrible even though I'm "progressing".

No. 1330095

NTA but you have to in the world of my piece of shit father.
>>embrace the suck.
Change is hard, difficult and doesn’t happen over night. A lot of things that will help you and improve how you feel long term in short term ime will feel like shit. You probably need a therapist, a good one, which is difficult to find even more so for Pwpd who are interested in changing themselves and not just holding their relationships and life together which is where a lot of therapy focus was in my exp.
Start focusing on yourself. You are your brain and your body. Both. Both impact each other. Figure out the basics of what your body needs. Exercise, nutrition, supplements, sleep, routine all of things impact how well your brain is functioning. I know I have a lot more trouble when I don’t keep those in check and it’s harder to stay present when my body fucking sucks and I want to escape it on top of my mental head.
There’s not a magic pill or phrase, start forcing yourself to do things for you. Knowing I won’t like it at first. The point shouldn’t be the dopamine and enjoyment. It’s doing the thing. It’s expressing. Feeling. It’s being alive.
The thing that helped me first was realizing chasing happiness was a fools game and no one and nothing was going to make me happy. Happy is a feeling. A state. An emotion. A chemical reaction. I shoot for contentment. I want to know I did a good job. I want to okay with myself at the end of the day.
This planning goals in advance is a trap. IMO most people don’t stick to them and the ones that do typically end up miserable because they don’t give themselves rooms to grow.
It’s okay to not know what you want to do. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to fuck up. Other people may disagree but they’re fuck ups too. Everyone is. We spend our whole lives having this shit pushed down our throats. Get the right job and you’ll be happy. Get the degree and you’ll be happy. Buy this. Do this. Do that. Get married. Have a kid. Whatever. The thing is though? Those things don’t make you happy, it’s a lie. Happiness isn’t a thing we can barter and trade. Maybe this helps?

No. 1330152

When I think about why I like sexual validation, it's because I believe it has never made me feel bad or I've made it so I never feel bad about it even if the circumstance is poor.

For instance, even if my boyfriend and I are both exhausted, I always try to have sex because I know if I don't have sex I'll feel terrible about myself. I'll feel embarrassed that we didn't have sex when we could have had sex and if we don't have sex, I feel like I'm not desirable/worth something. It drives me forward. Even though it makes me feel bad, I don't care, the glory I feel it will get me spurs me forward. The thing is, that "glory" doesn't exist. I feel like it exists for everyone else who displays themselves sexually. I am sorry if this is a schizo-tier post. I've never done sex work, mostly because I am afraid I will fail and it will shatter my idea of myself since irl I get attention for my appearance, but I'm pretty sure I'm actually sexually undesirable/ugly if that makes sense. But the thing is, if I want to move past all this, I just have to basically brainwash myself until I genuinely don't want validation for that, I suppose. I suppose I also will need to not let myself be validated when people mention my appearance or whatever.

No. 1330160

Can you fucking stop being a cunt and reposting jfc its not funny

No. 1330171

Your post isn’t schizo anon, I can see a lot of myself in there too, and it used to be a lot worse for me. It sounds like you’re pretty disconnected from your body? Like your brain body connection isn’t as solid so you can almost “puppet” yourself if that makes sense. You can force yourself to do something like have sex and you know you can enjoy it and physically “it can feel good”, but are you pushing other thoughts and emotions away to focus on that or are there like skips in your memory during sex where it’s like you’re autopiloting?
>> ut the thing is, if I want to move past all this, I just have to basically brainwash myself until I genuinely don't want validation for that
I think you’re almost on the right track. It’s okay to want validation anon, it’s okay to need support. It’s okay to want to be loved and desired by your partner. You’re human and we’re social creatures. You can let your self feel nice from the compliments and enjoy them when they come. But I would start working to validate yourself, do things outside your appearance and sex appeal. Focus on real life skills, hobbies, even if it’s something like working out do it get stronger and be able to do more not to be more attractive. Start focusing in on you and connecting with others and less on how they’re viewing you. You can’t control them, you can only control you, and what you want also matters.
Even in sex you talk about wanting to be desired, but what do you find attractive other than being desired? Figure out what you find attractive and focus on what you can or what you can accomplish.

No. 1330181

found the danonbf

No. 1330404

Sometimes I put on P.O.D. and Alien Ant Farm while browsing the Wayback Machine and pretend I'm back in 2001 surfing the web

No. 1330435

i still think about this time i had full clearance to turn left but this old woman seriously sped up to like 70mph to turn right before me in the intersection and i had to swerve and stop so we didnt fucking collide. i dont know if she was suicidal or hoping for some insurance check but she had the audacity to look at me as if i was the psycho one. she then proceeded to go super slow down the one lane road.

No. 1330440

i experienced something kinda similar. older woman (like late 60s, early 70s), driving in the wrong lane, making a left from a minimall onto the street. i was like ???? at her and she STUCK HER TONGUE OUT AT ME while continuing to be entirely in the wrong

No. 1330443

i live in snowbird state and earlier this year i saw 3 cars driving the wrong way all by old people within the same week. they seriously need their licenses taken away. straight up driving tests retaken at 60-65.

No. 1330495

ayrt, i'm in a snowbird state. i think we're in the same place.

No. 1330562

I bought a P.O.D. cd when it came out. I'm not sure if I regret it or not. I do miss the early 2000s.

No. 1330705

File: 1662623325432.jpeg (64.85 KB, 580x400, EBCDFCA3-0D69-4450-B842-470DD5…)

I have somehow managed to “findomme” a guy out of >4.4k USD in a couple months. Findomme in quotes because I don’t talk dirty, haven’t shown my face or anything really. I literally tell him shit like “I’m not even going to bother checking your messages until you send me $400,” and when I do finally respond it’s just low-effort shit about how much I hate him and think he’s gross.

I think it’s fun and hilarious because I fucking hate moids and buying random luxury shit for myself on some random’s dollar without sacrificing anything myself is entertaining. I don’t even need the money. The only downside is the thought of it being a fetish grosses me out, but considering how little effort it takes and that he has no access to how I look, I really don’t care. Fuck men, they should be taxed for existing.

No. 1330708


You support his fetish. Disgusting

No. 1330711

As long as you're not showing your face it's based.

No. 1330720

be careful thought, just save enough and then cut all contact him

No. 1330730

make sure not to give him any personal information and stuff. men are crazy.

No. 1330732

How the fuck do you even find a moid like that

No. 1330748

I did a lil bit of this back when I was like 18/19. I didn't have to do shit on my end so I took it (at a time when paying rent left me with fuck all spare cash for anything else) I just remember guys like that being very focused on.. youth. They wanted a woman who is barely an adult to have power over them. Time to tuck that gross memory away again. Where's the brain bleach.

No. 1330757

A friend cut ties with me because I'm a bad friend. She sent me these long ass messages explaining all the ways I've been shitty towards her and most of it was true. But I don't care to be honest. We were never that close to begin with, I never realized I treated her like shit until she pointed it out but I'm not even sorry. I don't feel bad about losing her as a friend either.

No. 1330783

It's unfeminist and cringe, but I legitimately loathe my husbando's canon love interest. I tried really hard to like her but she's just insufferable and somehow worse than he is. Whenever she's quoted in canon I just want to throw the book out the window. Cute fanart doesn't even make her more likable which is a shame because her design is classic and iconic. Posting in confessions thread because this makes me feel like a petty tween and I'm ashamed.

No. 1330877

This is why closure is dumb. It just makes you seem pathetic to people that don't give a fuck about you.

No. 1330879

I uploaded a slutty picture on Tinder. Well there's barely any skin shown, but slutty in a butch way. I still wonder whether it's too much and whether I'm damaging my respectability and whether this will bite me in the ass in the future. Or maybe it just looks ridiculous.

No. 1330902

This is superb advice anon. Excited to try this

No. 1330907

Life is too short to worry about what other people may think of you for doing x if doing x is going to make you feel better.

No. 1330908

>slutty in a butch way
>bite me in the ass
Damn nonnie, I'd love to.

No. 1330916

I probably said this before but I really wish my older sister hadn't died. I would trade both of my younger brothers for her, they are subhuman wastes of space and I feel 0 love for them

No. 1330939

I'd trade out my dad if I could get my mom back.

No. 1330941

I think my friend is using a TIM as a cope and I lowkey can't wait till they break up

Amy came out as a lesbian at an early age. Amy is an amazing person but unfortunately every woman she likes they usually end up liking her as a friend (which is fair) Amy admitted me to one night she's sick of being rejected. I felt so bad because honestly I don't think there's anything wrong with Amy at all she just tends to crush on people who don't see her in the same way.

Anyway fast forward and Amy is with someone and I was so happy for her, until I found out who her "gf" is. he's obviously a male, doesn't even attempt to look like a woman at all. I act pleasant but honestly I think Amy is either bi with a preference or this is some type of cope because there's no way Amy can even pretend the TIM is a real woman.

No. 1330952

Thanks, nonnie, that gave me a good chuckle kek

No. 1330977

I think I want to break off my engagement. I feel like I just snapped out of it and I don't understand how I got to this point. This person doesn't really make me that happy, he's just stable and thinks I'm fun. Why did I do this to myself

No. 1331016

do it nona

No. 1331038

I went through with a marriage and fully realised my doubts a year in. I still didn't say anything. Then my partner fucked off one day and it turned out we had both been bottling up doubts from even before the marriage went through. It was a shitshow. I know it seems like a big deal to address it now but honesty rn can save you a whole lot more mess and fallout.

No. 1331043

Reading about the intricacies of dating and relationships makes me feel glad to be a lifelong celibate, I'm a very anxious person and dating would just add another source of unneeded stress.

No. 1331077

Staying single was the best decision I ever made. I have enough to worry about I don't need to add a moid to the mix who most likely will just take away from my life instead of adding to it.

No. 1331086

I was in relationships for most of the time from 19 to 29. I had as many bad experiences as I did good. And then the bad ones.. linger and play on your mind. I'm 4 years into taking a break and I feel like I've learnt alot from past mistakes but.. your brain on 'love chemicals' is dumb. I don't have total faith that I wouldn't end up in miserable situations again if I hopped back in tomorrow. It's not all roses. From the outside people see the best parts but behind closed doors..

I have friends who have babies with men who years after the split still try to play mind games with them and make their days harder or more stressful, For what?

No. 1331092

I don't blame you nona. there's a reason unmarried women live longer. I had my first proper relationship last year and the stress it caused me was unreal, I ended up with suicidal ideation right before it ended. I had been celibate up until that point and the entire experience caused me so much stress and grief. I'm sticking with my husbandos for the time being.

No. 1331093

nayrt but do you not desire a romantic connection with someone though?

No. 1331114

Not really. In my 20s I wanted the whole stereotypical dream life (doting husband and 2.5 kids) but now I don't really mind being alone. In fact I prefer it. I just want to have a cozy little house with a garden and several cats in a quiet community where the neighborhood kids think I'm a witch.

No. 1331119

It's only worth it if you're absolutely know what you want out of a relationship, aren't desperate enough to settle, and know when to cut your losses. The worst shit happens when you date around just because you want someone to fill the void and then settle for the bottom of the barrel shit. A relationship is a huge commitment and risk, you don't want to give away years of your life to just anyone.

No. 1331126

i feel weird about little girls because i used to be one and at the same time never got be one, it's almost like i wish i could relive life but in their seemingly innocent circumstances because i was molested by my own family and i grew up suicidal and hypersexual until my formative years dwelling in regret and a rotting confused mind that i wish would fall out so i could stomp the fuck out of my horrible memories

No. 1331156

I wish I could reach this point honestly, sounds so nice. I think my life would improve vastly if I could cut out the part of me that still desires romantic companionship. I'm early thirties and still holding out to find a good guy and get my happy ever after lol. but the life you described does sound good! wish I could turn off my attraction to moids altogether and embrace the cosy cat cottage witch fantasy.

No. 1331160

same nonna, sending you love and healing ♥

No. 1331164

>know when to cut your losses
Diff anon but this is the toughest part. When you're already invested and your life is all intermingled with a guy.. and then he starts to change. You hold out hope that he'll go back to how he once was. You weigh up the practical obstacles in the way like if you're living together. Its like a trap.

I'm real good at telling others to get the hell out already but admittedly not so good when I find myself in that same position. Wears you down when you've been through it a few times. The one who you thought was better than 99 percent of guys, who had you fooled for 2/3/5 years falls from grace and you don't want to accept the reality.

No. 1331171

File: 1662657189184.jpg (41.44 KB, 640x538, iy59tzlqav241.jpg)

I smoke weed every day after work. It's not a ton, usually I'll roll two joints for the week, but I hate being a pothead. Every time I try to quit, my OCD symptoms get out of control. I've tried to manage my OCD and anxiety with medication, but after ten years bouncing between different SSRIs and SNRIs, I barely escaped with my humanity intact. Weed is my one bad habit. I don't drink or smoke cigarettes or binge eat or have sex. I feel like a failure. I'm trapped in a cycle of smoking too much, quitting, driving to my house 10 times a day to make sure my door is locked, and then giving up to get high again. I wish I was just a stupid little cloud floating above the earth, no brain no body no problems. I'm judging myself too much. I'm not judging myself enough.

No. 1331213

I killed my baby. It was an abortion and “it was the right thing to do“. But fuck I killed my baby. It just hits me. I am not the same since then

No. 1331270

Can't you just quit cold turkey? I'd think it's easy to quit it especially if nobody in your life offers it to you presumably.

No. 1331291

File: 1662659705310.jpg (77.87 KB, 750x724, 386c2bab-fd4b-5850-bbcc-ffa340…)

Ayart, u should come live with me and we'll have tea time rituals in the garden together

No. 1331351

I've quit multiple times, even for a couple years once, but every time I do my OCD just gets so severe. I start pulling my hair out, getting obsessive over my food intake, and feeling like I have to drive back to the street where I saw a cat run across the road because for some reason I'm sure I hit the poor thing on my way home. Oh but I didn't? Better check again a few more times to make sure. Smoking weed makes me not give a fuck about doing that stuff, which is really nice. I think maybe my brain is just broken beyond repair.

No. 1331665

File: 1662664670124.jpg (52.71 KB, 684x800, kitten_smoothie.jpg)

if i had more balls i would have pulled a femcel murder-suicide already.

massively failed genetically mentally and socially and now im laughed at and bullied around by fucking strangers every time i go out in public. i have rarely had a positive experience with people outside of the internet and even then i'm the group bitch. i have to move out in a year but at this point i'd rather neck.

i do not know what the hell my parents were thinking for over a decade now outside of "the phone shuts her up so it's okay".

No. 1331683

don't give up, you can still better yourself, there are many courses to help people overcome net brainrot and besides you can always get fit and find a partner who appreciates you

No. 1331909

When I turned 16 I saved up to get my face pierced like Shifty in vidrel, I still have them (except the eyebrow) and they look fine but the inspiration is still so cringeworthy to me. To add to that I'm a sincere Crazy Town fan, something about their music makes me nostalgic and it just feels like everything is alright (even their angrier stuff). I would never play it with people around but you know at night I'm jamming.

No. 1331982

When I was younger, I wanted a pet budgie and went to the pet shop to get one. There was a really beautiful green one I wanted and he had a mate in the cage. When the pet shop owner grabbed him for me, his mate was attacking him as if she was trying to defend him. I forgot about this until now but I feel really guilty for splitting the pair up.

No. 1332090

I finally had the patience to let my hair grow out this year and I relaxed it recently. I have never felt this confident before. I know my family will hate it but I like it so much.

No. 1332121

This reminded me. I was watching a youtuber a couple days ago. Someone with alot of tatts and nearly as many piercings. Hands and neck tattooed etc. She was talking about how abandoning certain piercings will still pretty much leave you with a lil perma speck of evidence that you once had it there. I have a retired eyebrow and labret and yeah you can tell if you look closely. But she was making such a big deal about it and it came off as so weird to me. Esp on someone with so many tatts and all that already.

Who the fuck is stressing about that. I retired mine years ago and never gave it another thought.

No. 1332288

I will always be scared I have BPD. People tell me I don't including mental health professionals but I can't stop seeing the symptoms in myself even if it's muted. Whenever anons talk about others with it I take what they say to heart. I think I do have it since my previous behavior was textbook, as well as my mindset and family background. Only since I'm socially isolated am I (and others) safe from myself

No. 1332322

File: 1662691058443.jpeg (84.37 KB, 902x516, 96A4B33A-8366-4C31-9C51-A02C7A…)

My neighbor talks kinda loud so I listen to her conversations on the phone as my own personal lolcow. She sometimes puts it on speaker so I can hear what the other person is saying as well. So far her daughter and her daughters boyfriend are drug addicts despite being in their 50s, one of her grandsons is in jail, she’s been to jail, just lots of drama. My favorite conversations she has are when she talks to her three cats, she sings to them too sometimes. One of the cats has a deep meow and talks back to her which is super cute.

No. 1332351

I'm happily NEETing after just graduating university and I haven't been applying for jobs. I don't feel ready nor guilty

No. 1332374

My step mother lost her youngest son today today from an OD and I don't feel bad because he threatened to kill my cat and almost assaulted me once. She always defended him like he was an angel.

No. 1332379

my loud i think autistic neighbor always seems to scream talk around 3-4pm. its usually about his job, rent, or grocery prices. he talks really loud outside proclaiming shit "oh man its rainin over here! the sunsets happenin!" on his phone like everyone cant hear him. on the other hand one neighbor has a nice voice and she sings a little with her guitar.

No. 1332387

I'm glad we lost another scrote, goddess bless you nona

No. 1332394

I’m planning on breaking things off with my fiancé. Our relationship just didn’t go as planned and both of us are worse off in life compared to when we got engaged. My family knows, but he has no clue yet. I have to wait at least 2 weeks to tell him because of some logistics issues. I feel such a mix of emotions- I feel bad for choosing this and then having to hide it from him, scared because I know it’s gonna hurt, but goddamnit I finally feel fucking free. I can’t wait to be in control of my own life again.

No. 1332430

This is a better outcome than a divorce. Enjoy your freedom

No. 1332768

For the past two weeks I can't stop fantasizing about getting coomed inside by an almost middle aged actor and squeezing myself around him. I'm disgusting please kill me

No. 1333262

not even a sin really, but i actually will spend a lot of time researching about a cow that i don't even care about just so i can make a new thread for people when it's close to saging. I just like making threads pretty.

No. 1333263

you're doing the right thing nonna, good luck!

No. 1333267

I did the same thing a couple months back except my breakoff was spur of the moment because I just couldn't take my fiance's shit anymore.
It sucks for me because I have to keep paying on our house that he is blocking me from and I still have to keep in contact with him until we sell the property, but I love being free and you will too <3 The relief is so worth it.

No. 1333273

yeah, last summer I fantasized about Quentin Tarantino and even wrote his name in the sand. we all have our moments

No. 1333275

File: 1662747349496.jpg (876.31 KB, 3023x3181, f0a03d088b087ceb3d437bbe13c5d2…)

I purposefully ask my father to take us to not so great restaurants whenever we are out cause it's what he deserves

No. 1333282


No. 1333287

You honestly sound pornsick anon

No. 1333288

I am not saying who to protect my identity, but I personally know a very popular cow on here and have been mentioned in their thread before. I find it really funny because almost everything said about me isn't true, but I like to keep up with it just to see what insane theories people come up with about me, it's genuinely hilarious. I'm like some sort of character to these people and it's very entertaining.

No. 1333292

how? theyre just complaining that majority of straight erotica caters to men.
Even the ones who do try to cater to women still end up sexualizing the woman way more than the man (for example all those josei nswf manhwas where the woman ends up more sexualized)

No. 1333296

I don’t watch irl porn but I get this, I’ve become accustomed to fujo shit because the alternative is fucked up gross loli hentai with huge boobs and closeup of a vagina in graphic detail. Not that I like graphic anal drawings either in the alternative but at least with male pairings I can focus on the male form and the dynamics of the pairing without feeling grossed out because of the usually rapey undertones and objectification

No. 1333298

Does amberlynn really make you wipe her ass?

No. 1333302

I understand you anon and I hope you can get over the habit soon. I was watching the same stuff for the same reasons, but now I've gotten over it and don't watch any porn at all now.

No. 1333318

ellen degenerate that you!?

No. 1333319

I was a short time contact of a pretty small cow (calf?) and got mentioned in their thread very, very briefly, literally like four or so posts. I just got called something along the lines of pathetic though lmao. I wonder how many of us have had some direct non-cowtipping contact to cows lol.

No. 1333422

>these people
>doesn't even know how to use lolcow


No. 1333546

queen shit, I'm too much of a fatty to go to shit restaurants on purpose

No. 1333548

Honestly wish it were Amber. Would be entertaining to see that hambeast in action.

No. 1333557

I couldn't count how many posts there are about me, but most of them are making fun of my appearance or friendship with said cow. I also knew of others that were active lurkers, which I highly suspect of being active farmers now. I think there's a lot more than you'd think, people are just scared of outting themselves and ruining the real-time milk.

No. 1333564

I’m 20yo and I can’t wait until my prefontal cortex finishes developing because I hate the hidden anger problems I have

No. 1333592

The thumb

No. 1333624

My bf thinks I'm some sort of special "not like other gruuls" because he thinks I don't care about money. But the truth is part of the reason I stayed with him was because he makes a lot of money. I do like him and all but part of the reason I'm here is because he can provide me with financial security, to a certain degree at least. I feel guilty because he likes me so much, much more than I do imo.

No. 1333636

It doesn't matter, he'll probably fuck you over or think nasty shit secretly like all men do anyways so you don't have to feel bad. The stats are not in our favor that the man you find is capable of actual humanity on the level of women. Female presence considering is a huge favor enough

No. 1333642

he sounds bitter and immature

No. 1333656

Don’t marry him don’t even consider it

No. 1333659

I fantasize about fucking this guys brother just to hurt him.

No. 1333794

I like the smell of my cat's breath.

No. 1333816

File: 1662785384566.jpeg (108.38 KB, 960x506, 95FE4385-2232-413A-B630-A197EE…)

Burn all his money babe and leave him wanting. It’s the only thing scrotes deserve.

No. 1333830

hell yea

No. 1333840

I don't get it, why does he think your not interested in money

No. 1333988

Don't feel bad, men like to pride themselves on ~being strong providers~. Use it.

No. 1334016

I wish I could have good sex but I’m a hikikomori freak and my only options are dating apps where all the men are disgusting or, even worse, sitting in a bar waiting for a man who isn’t disgusting. This sucks.

No. 1334023

>good sex
>man in a bar
Lol. You have unrealistic expectations from the whiskey-dick congregation place

No. 1334172

I unironically think BPD women are based when they have outbursts towards scrote and society

No. 1334192

hard agree

No. 1334195

I think that of myself sometimes, esp since I've NEVER had an outburst towards any woman. Sometimes I think maybe I was misdiagnosed and it's just ptsd response or something

No. 1334196

I've been looking for good sex for the last decade. No luck. Men expect a performance on your part than ends on their terms.

No. 1334197

I hate it when scrotes fall for an obvious bpder, they'll eat up the part where she's all hypersexual and yet never stop complaining about the emotional distress that soon accompanies it. I've known men like this and I refuse to listen to their relationship vents. I swear men can smell bpd a mile away but they dive on in anyway and then play victim. "women are crazy" Are you sure you're not just y'know… cherry picking the 'crazy ones' because sometimes people with bpd/bipolar/trauma are hypersexual? You seek it out on purpose because you like certain perks that it comes with.

I met a guy last year, still plays on my mind how hot he was. Its pretty rare that I feel that level of attraction. But he seemed off. Charming but you could get a vibe. He had a history that screamed of just ongoing emotional dysregulation and some messy relationships that he was only too willing to spill the beans on right away.. aswell as some childhood trauma he dumped out in front of me immediately. Basically laid it out to me that he's not stable. He'd no filter. I couldn't play dumb and ignore it. Ime you can tell from early on and you have a choice. I didn't fuck him because I can't take that on. Its that easy. Don't fuck people with underlying issues and then act surprised when the obvious happens.

No. 1334198

No. 1334230

The funny thing is at one point, my boyfriend was literally poor, and he still begged and pushed to buy me things he knew I wanted. If a man truly loves you and has a caring personality, he will put you first even at the expense of himself. Whenever a guy is stingy with money, effort, time and says he loves you he is full of shit. He just loves how easy the relationship is to maintain.

No. 1334235

I'm glad you said this because my current gf tells me she loves me and etc yet hasn't given me gifts since last year or attention because she's 'busy ' at work and having 'game night' with her coworkers. She makes more money than me yet I'm the one offering to buy presents that are useful to her. I'm done giving to her though.

No. 1334240

Try to put some money away in your own private savings while you're with him. Having some money of your own in the bank is security. A bf can leave tomorrow.

No. 1334249

Ditto. I remember when I was in a courtship with a guy who suddenly ghosted me because he found a hypersexual BPD-chan who was willing to throw herself at him. Cue a little while into their relationship, she's suicide baiting him and ruining his life with her drama. They're also drawn to them because they like a woman who's less successful or stabile than them so that they can have a feeling of superiority over their partner but then complain about her not pulling her weight.

No. 1334306

The wife of my boss has said recently that she has being watching the cameras “ALL DAY ALL SHIFTS”…. Even though shes not a manager or anything…
She also hates my existence and is constantly showing signs of jealously. When her husband-my manager- is working with me, she calls him every 5 minutes. When shes at the job shes gossiping and side eyeing me like a poorly acted version of a high school bully.
Even made comments about not being able to find my social media so she must blocked (I dont have social media and have already explained this.)
So yeah, shes obsessed with me. So Ive started to flip off the camera randomly, when Im working in the most subtle ways. Or mouthing “you are so fat and stupid/crazy” to the camera. Just to fuck with her more. Or laughing and flipping my hair when talking to my manager.

Bitch go to the gym, go to a therapist idk. Im here to make money not take your fat greasy dumb man. Watching my every move is not going to change your weight or your shining personality. Why u so obsessed with me???

No. 1334325

File: 1662822787107.jpeg (291.94 KB, 750x846, 0AAA1ED8-1F88-488F-93AE-7DF1E1…)

Otherizing other women with severe issues and trouble trusting men. Heterosexual women never cease to amaze me. It’s a man he’s not a prize, he’s probably ugly as shit and looks like this, don’t talk about BPD-chans like that when they have more balls than you to punch back against a scrote

No. 1334328

Stop posting this pic it makes me die laughing

No. 1334330

Yeah, fuck that. Words mean nothing on their own. If she can't back it up with action, then she just loves what you give her and how convenient you are for her.
It doesn't sound like she's hating on her, though.

No. 1334335

what's the origin of this pic i have seen it reposted several times here?

No. 1334337

NTA but it does she’s dehumanizing that women and implying she’s lesser to raise herself up because she’s jealous over a moid.

No. 1334351

Kek this post is a true BPD-chan moment, someone is talking shit about pathetic men being led around by their dick and preying on mentally damaged women for sexual pleasure and you make it all about yourself and your projection. Good christ.

No. 1334352

Loose, sagging jowls and pronounced nasolabial folds. Dull skin and clogged pores. Turkey neck. Uneven ears and eye sockets. Drooping eyelids. Needs lip lift, chin tuck, endoscopic brow lift, Botox, ear pinning, microdermabrasion, rhinoplasty.

No. 1334378

somebody posted their bf in the Dano thread whilst saying something along the lines of 'my bf's better'. Here's the screenshot >>1323810

No. 1334385

No? It sounded like she was saying men like her ex specifically go for mentally ill women so they can take advantage of and lord over them. And then are surprised when they lash out/are emotionally unstable. She wasn't dehumanizing her at all.

No. 1334389

I dated a guy who in hindsight hopped from one mentally ill woman to another. He thought the woman he was seeing before me was bpd. I have plain old anxiety but it was to a bad degree att that I met him. I was at a low point. It weirdly only got worse when we met. It was rocky but then I start to make improvements in myself. As I improve I'm less prone to having him suck me into pointless arguments. I'm not freaking out and begging him to calm down every time he seems pissed about something. I honestly think he started to miss the drama of all that. We're doing well and then he starts to act distant.

He starts having an affair with a woman who has 4 kids and a partner herself. She jumps so headfirst into this relationship with him that its weird. I take the affair/breakup about as well as you can. I plan to move and I stay civil because tbh I could do with his help moving. He had me isolated where we lived so he knows that and gives me a hand. We spent a couple days together arranging both of our moves and cleaning out our old apartment. During this she messages him non stop, cries on the phone, has a medical emergency, begs him to come back straight away. Next day she has a mental health emergency. Begs for him again. It was nuts. I just wanted to move our shit. We had stuff we had to do before handing our keys back. My last memory before saying goodbye to him is him sitting on the couch in my new place and he whips out his phone to read the longest wall of text that I've ever seen someone send. Idk what was going on because I just wanted to get stuff done and not be seen as interfering. I say thanks and bye. I don't know if she thought we were fucking for those 2 days. I'm not about to make a move on a man who already cheated on me. There was no risk, nothing happening.

Looking back he had some dramatic ways, he'd a short fuse and I think he sought out drama and he'd get bored if a relationship was too clam or stable.

No. 1334441

I feel like the only reason I did anything at all ever was so that I could feel special and superior to others. Whenever I am by myself I feel like shit and can't motivate myself. It's like an endless spiral

No. 1334584

If you've got any old flings who got the job done and are likeable, hit them up. It's what I always end up doing anyway. Every other casual I had by methods like you listed was more frustrating than a vibrator at the very end of it's last battery cycle. And for 7 years now.

No. 1334592

Gifting is definitely not a red flag like some dumbasses believe. It's the least they can do tbh even in courtship

No. 1334604

My last guy was generous with gifts/his 'half' of the bills. He paid for way more than I ever did. Still turned out to be a dickhead after a few years but at least I left the relationship better off. That definitely eased the damages.

No. 1334617

Men have hero complexes too.
They genuinely enjoy feeling like a woman's saviour even if that comes with extra drama. A competent woman can make men feel useless and emasculated. Dating a trainwreck gives them an artificial ego boost.

No. 1334636

From what I've seen of men who time after time pick 'vulnerable types' They like to swoop in and play saviour. Then they end up eating away at her sanity and self esteem even more. But they do it slow enough to not raise any alarms. She gets to be too much for him because she's essentially being emotionally abused and is reacting to that on top of her existing issues. He goes "welp my job here is done" and finds another woman to play fake saviour to. Its a cycle where the woman has to be discarded once she's been worked over. It can't last forever and still fulfill them the same way.

I only have mild MH issues but I met a guy before who almost wanted to blow my issues out of proportion. My childhood was mundane but he wanted to brand my dad an abuser for some spanking that I didn't hold any strong feelings about. I caught the red flags early. Sorry I don't have a super abusive childhood or any big trauma that you can use against me. Like he went digging for trauma and was disappointed.

No. 1334788

I've been wearing the same pair of underwear for several days now.

No. 1334838

File: 1662843667383.jpeg (85.95 KB, 745x606, 5A3AC9FB-CECB-45E6-B690-CC1EA9…)

Listening to my boyfriend eat genuinely infuriates me. Eating noises are so disgusting

No. 1334843

The sans reigned jokes about the queen are very unfunny and it’s even worse when they make sans fat and black. I know he’s considered a tumblr sexyman but he doesn’t deserve the tumblr treatment

No. 1334861

Idk why sans is considered a tumblr sexyman at ALL because when I look at him all I ever see is a short fatass. He looks like Cory from Cory in the House. They'll give the landwhale skeleton the sexyman treatment. Unbelievable.

No. 1334881

I got out of a bad relationship a few years ago and after I moved away from him I almost had this euphoria in the mornings. Those few moments after you wake when you realise where you are and what your day will consist of.. I felt light and free and that perma knot that I'd had in my stomach.. was gone. A couple of health complaints that I had been plagued by cleared up immediately and I was like oh.. it was all stress. It hit me how bad things had been.

I've been pretty set on staying single. The fact that I didn't even know how bad it was til I got away and the weight was lifted, that has me terrifed that I'm likely to slowly slip into misery again if I date. The last guy was GREAT in the beginning. Standards slipped slow enough for me to just stew like a lobster who doesn't know hes getting boiled alive.

No. 1334898

There is this one guy who comes in to my job who’s a junkie homeless dude but he has such a pretty face, he has these puppy eyes and wavy hair and nice lips and eyes. I’ve never heard him speak. I fantasize about fixing him a lot..

No. 1334903

this has the strongest kiki kannibal energy

No. 1334904

Samefag the absolute state of ‘merica. Most homeless men have better bodies than regular guys.

No. 1334917

File: 1662848226527.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, 1655761576188.png)

I believed in Santa Clause until I was 10.

No. 1334925

I never believed in him even though we left out cookies and stuff. I always just secretly knew it was my mom, which was ok but I do kinda wish I believed in him.

No. 1334941

My younger sister was the one who expose Santa not being real
>me:Santa is real, look at the presents, the Santa ones are different than our parents!
>my sister: exposes the wrapping paper in our shed.
I had no words.

No. 1335023

No. 1335029

My Nigel is great in that he builds / helps / fixes things for me, provides for me and is very sweet and loving and great in almost every way except for his communication skills. I can go on and on about something and he will just the like “haha! Yeah!” At the end of my spiel. I find it a little boring sometimes but that’s probably the only thing that I dislike about him. (Not a vent just a thought I wanted to put out. )

No. 1335032

find me a man that doesn't have communication problems, literally sounds like everyone's bf/husband ever.

No. 1335040


No. 1335043

Ayrt, I agree. I think that’s why it’s important to have really good friends other than your bf being your like one and only best friend or something.

No. 1335044

Anon that's not good for you, please change and wash them.

No. 1335079

If it gets that bad just don't wear any, at least she'll get some fresh air. Depression life hacks

No. 1335085

File: 1662858148154.jpg (5.13 KB, 148x168, download-8~2.jpg)

He's cute

No. 1335101

My roommate got a very nice body wash last Christmas but she is allergic to roses and it is rose scented and in a little gift box of other little soaps that she chucked in a bathroom closet and forgot about.

I love roses, I’m stealing that shit when I move in six months.

No. 1335102

he looks like he's pleasant and can be warm and charming despite his looks and would make incels seethe for that

No. 1335110

I think autistic people are morally superior to normies

No. 1335114

I don't care about killing bugs and I think people who judge others for doing so and go as far as to call them psychotic for doing so is retarded.

>You know they feel pain right?

Most things do and I'm still going to kill these fucking gnats, spiders, and roaches that get anywhere near me.

No. 1335117

Most people are okay with eating factory farmed meat and those animals are more capable of feeling pain and emotions than bugs. I find it hard to take people seriously if they call out others for killing pests especially if it's done in a swift manner.

No. 1335126

File: 1662860553641.jpeg (36.18 KB, 480x600, FA2CB1BD-F44C-4BA8-924F-40E13E…)

No. 1335151

She said people, not men.

No. 1335177

I was about to write a sucide letter, just as a way to express how shitty I feel about myself and how hopeless I am. But i'm afriad of death and at the moment I have no plans to kill myself. I didn't do it because I'm afriad it'll cause some kind of bad look for me. Like, "Oh you writing sucide letters but aint going to do it? Well guess what? Tommorrow is your day" or something.
Just going to pray and stay postitive. I have people who care about me, even when I don't care about myself and I have to remember how amazing that is. I hope you nonnies know that as well.

No. 1335183

For me it was this kid in my first grade class, he was right but he didn't have to be a dick about it. I held a grudge on him for years and years and years because of it, deservedly I think. Then he died of brain cancer

No. 1335223

My bad

No. 1335264

ma'am this is the confession thread, the nigel brag thread is in /g/

No. 1335291


No. 1335299

I feel the most visceral disgust when I see Chris Chan, I can't even laugh at cringe videos of the moid. I have an immediate instinct to look away, my animal instinct brain just says "This is a diseased creature, stay away". I feel the same level of disgust and 'wrongness' in my gut as if I were faced with decay or rotting meat.

No. 1335303

i was 8 i think when my sis showed our parents sneaking around. i have to say i appreciate my mom or dad for gritting their teeth and dealing with sweeping the 'reindeer feed' on the side walk outside.

No. 1335306

Then you didn't see enough of them.

No. 1335308

I used to see him as a zany weirdo but now it feels evil like he made himself out to be a lot more innocent than he really is. He preyed on his dementia ridden mother.

No. 1335331

File: 1662874923681.jpeg (81.21 KB, 933x933, B972FD0D-8396-4FC3-A266-83D94E…)

I have sex with men as a form of self harm.

No. 1335343

then stop it, get some help

No. 1335346

Im trying, thanks for confirming this instead of shilling the “sexually liberated woman” meme unlike my irl friends.

No. 1335348

Those friends suck anon, you deserve better, your mental health comes first no matter what others think is "empowering" or not

No. 1335350

I can confirm that your friends suck. You need to cut them off and get new ones.

No. 1335356

Chipmunk Adventures is one of the greatest movies of all time. If you disagree you are wrong and a worthless human being.

No. 1335357

I want to fuck (date) my professor but I’m pretty sure he’s gay and/or too professional/sane to try and hit on me after I graduate. The man is a whole other level of accomplished and extremely hot. I want him bad. This is grad school anon and yes I have posted about this man before in this thread before. I am a sad sad loser. Fuck my life (and fuck me).

No. 1335359

Finally some good fucking opinion

Chipette supremacy

No. 1335362

You sound mentally ill

No. 1335364

I fantasize about cutting off my friends who have boyfriends but I feel like I can't bring myself to. I know I shouldn't be friends with pickmes tho

No. 1335372

if he fucks you, that means he's got no morals and you'll lose respect and be disgusted by him.

No. 1335386

FUCKING LOVE that movie. my mom and i love that movie so much. we watch it all of the time. can't believe there are people in thsi world who don't think Chipmunk Adventure isn't amazing

No. 1335387

I had a little group activity at school the other day and the supervisor was a resident doctor and he was so cute I spent the whole time just staring at him. And I stalked him on Facebook while he was teaching us.

No. 1335388

I was hoping he would not try anything until after I graduate. But if he never does then he’s the one who got away that I will forever reminisce about. He really blows all other men out of the water, it’s sad.
No he’s just really that hot and very young for a professor.

No. 1335405

File: 1662881293441.png (208.14 KB, 582x517, EpH-G9_XIAAclpc.png)

Is that you?

No. 1335412

This is so far from the truth. Even the most high functioning autist is severely lacking in empathy. The fact that they even say this just shows how self centred they are because they cannot fathom the sheer amount of work that people put into them while they give NOTHING back to anybody and use “normies” as their physical and emotional punching bags.

No. 1335423

Autists will never truly understand just how fucking exhausting and annoying they are - partly as a result of their lack of empathy for others, partly because they are so fucking socially retarded they are completely unable to tell when people are just being nice to them.

No. 1335429

kek wtf

No. 1335436

Based nonnas

No. 1335439

The best sex I ever had was with a man who made fun of me afterwards and called me easy. Wtf, I think about the entire thing and I just get so grossed out by myself because deep down I’m dying to get fucked like that again, but I’m also ashamed.

No. 1335440

It's a big ole spectrum so it can go either way. Plenty still have trouble with stepping outside of themselves (and their interests) and even seeing other peoples perspectives.

No. 1335443

Isn't it just a self-own whenever men put a woman down for ..sleeping with them
>haha I can't believe you just slept with me and didn't reject me instead, must be something wrong with you haha

No. 1335483

please talk to people more

No. 1335608

I’m the same anon. My horniness has exponentially increased for my professor. Why must I fantasize about fucking bug-obsessed moids who have authority over me? I truly am retarded. On the bright side, he gave me a sci-fi book recommendation that I’ve been reading this weekend during my free time.

Kekkk we have similar situations! We’ll be sad losers together. There’s something about intelligent, focused men that’s overwhelmingly hot.

No. 1335874

I think its so fucking funny you thought you were better than me. Now you're with a balding moid in a shitty house with a mortgage you cant pay. I see you are finally learning to budget, but damn sis you should have evaluated your finances before getting pregnant and buying a home.
You were so desperate to steal that bf from our mutual friend and what do you have to show for it? A shitty attempt at a perfect family insta and… your home?
Its hilarious to me and a tragedy at the same time so I pretend to care when you post, but its all milk to me.
Ps I told you he is cheating on you with a minor and sent you the ss and you ignored it. How can you claim to love your daughter while sleeping with a predator?
You also claim to be a esthetician but the Spa you supposedly work for doesnt have you on the roster, and your state certification expired years ago…. So…. Why ?
I love watching you fail. I love karma being served, and I think its hilarious that you thought a child would fix the situation.

No. 1335923

I feel the same way about rodents. I have battered a rat to death before and I’ve never felt the slightest bit bad about it. well that’s a lie. It was horrible and it made me feel like shit. Also the fact that I wanted to get rid of it humanely but I was too scared so killing it was actually the cowards way out. Because I didn’t want to have to get near enough to it so I just battered it with a wooden broom. Also the mess afterwards was fucking nasty. If you are an anon that has rats as pets I understand if you want to hate me. It’s one of many skeletons I have in my closet.

No. 1335974

I purposely read the reddit thread so i can scare myself into not getting married or having kids, and is working perfectly. I also feel way smarter than some of the dumbasses who got themselves into retarded situations with moids, its a huge ego boost to not be them

No. 1335996

>I feel bad because I'm sure that Sonic and Dragon Ball are good franchises worth liking
Wtf anon no

No. 1336000

Sorry for deletion but it fit better in the vent thread. And yeah, personally I think Sonic and Dragon Ball are like genuinely annoyingly autistic but I didn't want any Sonic or Dragon Ball loving nonas to feel bad or anything.

No. 1336008

what the fuck

No. 1336136

I'm 30yo neet and haven't had a friend or boyfriend yet. I really hated school and socializing. I hate the me around other people, to make up for being awkward and ugly I become impulsive and lose my boundaries because I want to impress others. The friends I tried to make were the types I usually hate so we fell out horribly. I'm shit at making decisions. Maybe it's better I just stay a daydreamer who can't do anything else otherwise I'll hurt myself by accident or on purpose.

No. 1336139

How have you funded it for so long

No. 1336144

I take care of my disabled mother

No. 1336232

I hate how I struggle with my boyfriend's "aesthetic". It's an incredibly shallow thing to judge him on, and it's terribly unfair to compare him to others, whether they're real people or my previous ideas of an "ideal boyfriend". I truly dislike those thoughts. He doesn't fit in the "aesthetic" of what my ideal boyfriend would have, and when I see someone with it, I immediately get this thought. But I'll continue to grow as a person and slowly these thoughts will fade away

No. 1336235

What the fuck does he dress up like if it bothers you this much

No. 1336239

Like a normal guy, there's nothing wrong with him. I just used to daydream obsessively about my dream/ideal boyfriend. I would imagine the exact type of clothes he'd wear, his nose shape, his mother's heritage, his birthday, and so forth… Whenever I'd find somebody who'd resemble these things, it would be extra special to me. Now that I have a boyfriend I don't look at things that way anymore, but because I was so obsessed for years (lonely teenage girl things) those thoughts still get triggered by certain stimuli.

No. 1336440

YES I had it on vhs when I was a kid and absolutely loved it. I kind of had a crush on Simon

No. 1336564

Nonny you might have misophonia. I've had it since I was a kid but didn't take it seriously until this year. I bought some discreet earplugs and it's helped loads.

No. 1336569

File: 1662966819376.jpg (115.99 KB, 1024x762, boo-boo-the-fool-1024x762.jpg)

samefagging with an update- waiting fucking sucks. Guilt is seeping in and the "maybe we can just work things out" thoughts are plaguing me. I feel so awful having to play house with him while thinking about this situation and our imminent/potential split. Constantly thinking about the pros/cons is burning me out so bad.

No. 1336572

I used to think "teetotal" was "tea total" as in all they drink is tea and not alcohol. can't remember if I posted this confession already.

No. 1336581

This is really cute, bless you nonna

No. 1337312

I think I talk too much about the same few topics here. There's just not a lot going on in my life and I like sharing what little there is with anons. Confessing here because I will probably still post about the same subjects.

No. 1338720

I’ve been sexually assaulted, when I was 4-6 and it fucks with me to this day. The worst part - it was my older sisters (cousins to be exact), who were 7-9 years older, or old enough to know better.
I was 16, when I came out as bi to one of the cousins (yeah, we did still talk at the time), and the audacity of this bitch! She was so homophobic, I wanted to bring it up there and then, but others were listening.
It took me a long time to realize how truly awful it was. Children do experiment with each other, I’ve kissed a lot of my friends, when I was little. But they were teenagers, not kids. And I was fucking 4-6! How can you look at a child this young and think yeah, I will fuck her. The fuck was (is?) wrong with them? One of them has a child, and I’m so fucking worried for him. I want to protect him, to make sure he’s alright, but I don’t know how.
I’ve never brought it up with them and I probably never will. I’m afraid, that they will say I imagined all of that, but I know they’ve done it. I’m never going to speak to them again, it’s too much to handle. I want to kill and destroy and make their lives as miserable, as they’ve made mine.
For the longest time I thought there was something fundamentally wrong with me, that I’m fucked beyond repair and nothing will make it better. I’ve tried to push the memories as far back as possible, but it didn’t really work. I don’t remember all that much, a few incidents at most, but I know for sure it lasted for a pretty long time. I’ve never cried about it, never told my psychiatrist. Only person, who know the extent of it, is my husband. And it was incredibly hard to bring myself to talk about it.
I’ve got triggered recently by some video and I don’t have any idea, how to deal with it. Had a dream afterwards, that brought up previously buried memories. I’ve cried in my sleep, but not a single tear left my eyes.
How do you cope with shit like this? I can’t hide it from myself anymore, oftentimes when I close my eyes I see that one particular incident so vividly, I want to scream or throw up or do something, that will make it a bit better.
I’ve never ever wrote it like that before, it’s so fucking hard. Sorry for even bringing it up, I really need to share that shit anonymously.

No. 1338792

I broke my brain smoking weed in college and then I fucked myself up worse by continuing to smoke for a year because my friends were the people I smoked with and I thought it would be too insane for me to just stop. I was severely anxious. It could’ve been psychosis looking back because I did lose touch with reality but more in a dp/dr way. I was afraid I was a ghost who didn’t know I was dead for a few months. I had this permanent visual haze that made me feel like I was inside a dream or maybe a tv. The air never felt as dense or as heavy as it should, like everything just felt uncanny and fake somehow, and it was a permanent feeling whether I’d smoked or not but it was definitely much worse for a day or two after I smoked.

Anyway it’s been seven years and I started smoking delta 8 again really slowly. I couldn’t smoke around anyone else when I started but I’m able to be around my boyfriend more lately. I know it probably sounds retarded but I wanted to know and prove to myself that I’m in control of my own brain. That I’m not permanently crazy and that I can control my anxiety. I’ve only had one panic attack and it’s because I was in a bad headspace (totally humiliated myself at work that day) but I still feel like it’s been helpful to like work through that and my other trauma shit. Plus it helps with my IBS a lot.

No. 1338799

File: 1663120538141.png (54.42 KB, 231x300, apron_woman1-2angry.png)

I feel bad for this, but I'm glad my manager (? I think, it was never explicitly explained to me, but anyway) is quitting the job. I like her as a person, but she's super stubborn and she keeps micromanaging everything and it gets really annoying really quickly. It's always "you shouldn't leave stuff at the back's fridge, you gotta put everything in the store for display" and once I do she's like "The fridge is too crowded! You can't leave it like that because people won't buy stuff if they can't properly chose!". Or then she'll scold me for not doing some routine shit that I know I have to do and I was gonna do it later but I was in the middle of a pickle that simply wouldn't let me do it properly just that once. Today I basically just nodded silently when she did this stuff again, so yeah, I'm glad soon enough I won't have to deal with this although I'll kinda miss the conversations and stuff.
this was kinda of a venty confession I guess

No. 1338805

I love this illustration! I've seen this illustrator before! Where did you get this pic from?

No. 1338806

I’m really sorry you went through that and that you’re struggling. I can relate to being sexually assaulted by older children as a young child but cannot offer you much advice as I never really felt affected by it. EMDR is supposed to be helpful for specific traumatic incidents and might be worth asking your psych if they can refer you to a therapist who specializes in it. I personally disliked EMDR but loads of people say it helped them so I’m recommending it anyway. One of the good things about it is you really don’t have to talk about the trauma much but you do need to build a relationship with the therapist before starting.

Best of luck anon. You are resilient and you can heal.

No. 1338816

File: 1663120965994.png (210.53 KB, 500x468, D90FE3D7-5AEC-48B2-9FC2-2E699B…)

unpopular opinion: men who make “eggs are dust” “hitting the wall” sexual anxiety jokes targeted towards women are projecting their innate need to want to be pregnant themselves, but they can’t. i think the maker of this fish tank world should swoop down and give men what they really want me by making them shoot out 8 pound eggs out of their dickholes and make breast milk ooze out of this male tit orifices so they can finally get the deep dicking and bonding they truly want from a man and not from a woman that has to endure 8 months of life-threatening changes to her body only to spend hours bleeding out until she almost dies. go suck a man’s cock and leave women alone you stupid XY faggot

No. 1338840

Thank you for your compassion, it really means something.
I’ll look into EMDR, I hope I’ll find a decent practitioner. My psychiatrist will be back from his vacation tomorrow, so I’ll finally bring it up with him. I have a bipolar diagnosis, but now I’m not so sure about it now, since CPTSD fits me much more. I hope we’ll figure it out. I’m still a bit afraid, but I have to talk about it or memories will eat me alive.
Part of me really wants to confront my cousins and somehow hurt them in the process, but the little girl in me just wants to be left alone, so I don’t know, if I should do it. Maybe it will heal some things, that were broken
Sorry again, I hate to bother anyone with my traumas, but it’s anonymous and you can simply scroll down
God, I feel a bit lighter now, thank you again.

No. 1338842

File: 1663122208285.png (677.01 KB, 992x760, FA8E9A97-B727-4F31-9EA4-35DF32…)

Men literally die when they lose their virility, their life has no meaning except for being sex objects so they project their anxieties onto women. They literally lose their reason of existing when they can’t fuck and perish immediately. The fact that women have lives beyond reproduction is incomprehensible to them, that we can live for the sake of ourselves first and foremost. They will never be free from the reign of their dicks and even if they ever reproduce by a cruel twist of fate they will never be mothers (gods.) They could have a million kids and still never feel the warmth of having a family of their own. They can only feel the momentary rush of feeling important and never of being unconditionally loved. It’s all so simple when you know what a male is (a cancer cell trying to duplicate itself) and I could almost feel bad for them if they weren’t ontologically evil. It’s like talking to a chatbot, nothing it says matters because you’re alive and it’s not. And in 50 years, they’ll be 6 feet under and we will be shitting on their graves.

No. 1338872

Don’t worry, you’re not bothering anyone. I’m happy if I was able to help even a tiny bit.

I’d personally recommend against confronting your cousins. As you mentioned, I did some experimenting with close childhood friends. In 2020 the girl I was best friends with in kindergarten (like 20 years ago) messaged me out of the blue and accused me of molesting her and it really screwed me up as I know everything we did was mutual. Idk, I can see why you’d want to confront them but they might respond in a way that causes you more pain (such as denying it happened) especially if they’re still in your life.

No. 1338883

They won’t be in my life anymore either way. I can’t pretend I don’t see them molesting me every time we meet. The age difference bothers me too much, I was 15, I can’t even imagine looking at a 6 yo in that way and I was even younger, when it started. I don’t remember much and was thinking about trying hypnosis to get those memories out for good.

No. 1338908

Hypnosis is not a good idea and can lead to more harm, Nona. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling but please be careful.

No. 1338909

> I know everything we did was mutual
This is a common defense given by abusers, it means nothing. I'm not saying you were an abuser, but I'm just pointing this out because while to you it wasn't abuse, your kindergarten best friend may not have seen it that way. She may have not known as much as you did then, so what occurred would have come off a certain way looking back on it to her. It could still be validly traumatizing to her. There's a reason stuff between kids is never a good idea, you don't know their level of maturity and you don't know if they are just acquiescing because they want you to like them and don't understand what it is that's happening.

No. 1338910

I'm 25 and I still get nightmares of my brother raping me or other people (was abused by him as a kid). It is what it is. I don't fight it, I see it as it happened, that's that, and I will enjoy sex and the rest of my life. Take heart, anon.

No. 1338937

I’m sorry it happened. Your strength though make me see hope again, so thank you.

Nightmares are the worst. I rarely get them nowadays bc of my meds, but I had to go through life, fatigued by the lack of sleep, for a very long time. I hope you’re getting all the help you deserve, anon.
I don’t breath without my psychiatrist’s approval, so if he says no, I’ll listen. I just want to deal with those memories in a healthy and productive way. For now they loom over over me, and it’s exhausting. I know there was more, because I specifically remember remembering more.

No. 1339015

File: 1663131647368.jpg (54.98 KB, 490x293, ikuma_golden-seton-001.jpg)

It's irasutoya, he has a site full of these illustrations. You can download 10 for free every month for any use and unlimited if you're using it for the greater good of a community (like for education, hospitals, PSAs, etc). They're widespread in Japan for that reason, everyone loves it and it's the standard

No. 1339037

File: 1663132734418.png (69.22 KB, 482x272, Lvu3v7G.png)

Your awful taste in men breaks my heart.

No. 1339057

thank you!

No. 1339065

File: 1663134453886.jpg (889.87 KB, 2393x3488, 39a7a8bce4566f00394f8bb00fdefe…)

liking men is enough of a punishment from Xenu, let me live in peace with my shit taste in moids

No. 1339068

i need to share this anonymously this is my confession
i was standing naked in front of my bedroom mirror after taking a shower putting moisturizer on. i trusted the fart and liquid shit shot out of my ass on to the floor. i couldn’t move for like two minutes due to shock

No. 1339071

kek good luck cleaning that, I hope you feel better soon. Happens to the best of us

No. 1339073

I’ve posted about this before but I molested my best friend of the same age when I was younger (like 4-5 years old I think). The only reason I can remember it is because she left my house in tears and went home immediately after. We were still friends for a while after that but she ended up moving.
As an adult I am horrified by what happened and I have no idea why I even did those things. I’ve considered if I was possibly molested prior to that but I don’t think I was. It wasn’t like I had advanced knowledge of sex that a predator would teach. I hope she isn’t scarred by that experience for life even though she cried a lot so I know she probably was.

No. 1339077

thankfully it was a small amount and i used paper towel then lysol wipes then sprayed disinfectant for ten minutes.

No. 1339093

this is hilarious. i really hope you have tile

No. 1339103

No. 1339149

File: 1663140423920.jpg (122.49 KB, 925x739, carpetbath.JPG)

Nonna showing up with one of those carpeted bathrooms, kek.

No. 1339153

I once cut all the dead skin off my feet and fried it just to see what human tasted like.

No. 1339155

legit evil for just saying this alone and forcing us to ask you what it tasted like

No. 1339157

Salty Fried Feet Skin is the name of my grunge rock band.

No. 1339158

I had a carpeted bathroom when I was a kid and it was a nightmare ewww

No. 1339162

I am actually trying to fuck an old washed up actor. I hope I do

No. 1339163

give us a hint

No. 1339164

I bite my cuticles, I already know what human tastes like

No. 1339168

Gorgeous as a teenager and young adult, and was the inspiration for some animus

No. 1339173

File: 1663141630000.jpg (485.64 KB, 1080x1440, actual ghoul.jpg)

…Bjorn? If you're sure, ig, good luck

No. 1339177

Kek, No. he was in a popular action movie. And it was a character from one of the big 3 animes.

No. 1339178

Smelled chickeny, tasted very bland. Maybe I guess like very chewy, hard pork.
I don’t think I’ll truly know until I try flesh. I promised myself that if I ever get anything amputated, I’d try to keep it to cook. I’ll let you know.

No. 1339231

this happened to a relative a couple of weeks ago lmao

No. 1339248

At least say what anime. It better not be One Piece because that one has a million characters inspired by real people

No. 1339295

When I was 20 I went on a date with an unattractive guy 12 years older than me but since I was a naive pickme I didn't realize it was a date, I thought it was just for a friendly drink. Thankfully he didn't try anything, and since I was depressed af at that time I put zero effort into the date, and I ghosted him when he asked me out again, it was only years later that I realized he was probably into me. I know it's a very boring story but I never told this anyone, I felt I needed to write it down somewhere.

No. 1339300

Attack on Titan

No. 1339313

Sometimes I think about Selena's death and start crying randomly even in public. I was not even alive when she existed, but man she left an imprint. RIP selenas.

No. 1339332

AoT is not one of the Big 3.

No. 1339338

I’m not a weaboo

No. 1339536

My only relationship to date was entirely online and she was a catfish. I feel like a fraud irl, I can't bring myself to seek out dates despite my friends' periodic encouragement. I just don't feel like I have anything to offer. A couple years ago I tried, with this woman who told my friend she had a crush on me. We went back and forth in snapchat daily, went on one date and then she got a boyfriend and moved him in with her in the same month. It made me want to avoid bisexuals, but I don't know any other lesbians anyway so maybe not dating bisexuals is just another excuse not to date at all.

No. 1339538

nayrt then why would you comment on weeb shit?

No. 1339543

feel like i could have wrote the first half of this post, except i found out the girl who was flirting with me and suggesting we fuck for like half a year was dating a man and hid it the whole time

No. 1339570

I hate the smell of it burnt skin, I always get so nauseous, which, thinking about it, is probably a good thing.

No. 1339633

i lost my straight virginity to a man in his 30’s when I was 18 and a few years later he was arrested in a Backpage sting operation. he also forcefully raped me at a convention the year before he was arrested. he got like 17 years because during discovery it was discovered (lol) that he had groomed a girl on tumblr and had a bunch of nudes of her.

I feel guilty because he was trying to recover from being a porn sick pig when we met and get back in good standing with the Mormon church and I kinda convinced him to to leave the church.

I started dating my high school girlfriend again after all of this and she told me it was my fault and couldn’t understand why I was so affected by everything. After that I never tried to talk about this shit again.

No. 1339637

You can stop using those websites right now. Nothing is stopping you.

No. 1339645

>I feel guilty because he was trying to recover from being a porn sick pig when we met
Do not feel guilt, the sick fuck already targeted someone vulnerable like yourself and wanted to keep going.
>I kinda convinced him to to leave the church.
Him going to church doesn't mean he still wouldn't commit sex crimes, so many men use religion and church to find new victims. Lot of Mormon girls have dealt with sexual harassment. Whether he stayed or not, he was a bad person who didn't want to change and the Mormon cult couldn't fix that.

No. 1339648

samefag but i feel the need to clarify that we didn’t meet on tumblr. we met when I started my undergrad and he was a recently divorced doctoral student. it turned out we did follow each other on tumblr (classical music blogs) long before we met but I didn’t know he also had a secret retard dom tumblr.

No. 1339653

and yet you keep not only coming here but also posting. Curious !

No. 1339667

That's because I only come here. She can find me nowhere else, so nowhere else is as cool. And I'm not interchangeable with some rando.

No. 1339672

Thank you. I know my guilt is irrational and he has already heading down a bad path I just feel like I made things worse.

I’m not religious at all myself and understand it’s likely he would’ve done this shit no matter what. Before all of this went down he landed a job as a professor in Florida and I had already become so suspicious of him that I wanted to give them a heads up that they hired a sex pest but didn’t have any proof yet. My apologies for semi incoherently ranting.

No. 1339698

Idk if it’s an unpopular opinion or a confession, I guess both but as a straight woman who doesn’t date scrotes I automatically stop taking any young western woman seriously who discusses feminism or talks about how much she hates men when I find out they have a bf or even worse a husband. I find it incredibly hypocritical and cringe. You literally have the option to not be romantically involved with them and give them access to your body, time and energy but still do it. When my taken friends complain about men being lazy and doing the bare minimum and shit, in my head I just roll my eyes. I find it hard to sympathise tbh.

No. 1339715

File: 1663180882715.jpg (86.48 KB, 824x820, girl_why.jpg)

I told all my friends how horrible he made me feel, told them all of the rude and insensitive things he said to me, said I would never see him again and then last night I secretly saw him and got back together. No one will ever take me seriously again, there is no recovering from this and everyone will always hate him and be disappointed and worried for me. But he's a 10, so…

No. 1339718

how is he a 10 if he hurt you, nonie? take your clown wig off and break up with him. trust your friends and your past experiences!!!

No. 1339752

I love crunchy foods and sometimes I will only half-chew food completely so that I can feel the food sort of scrape my throat on the way down. I have no fucking clue why I like the feeling but there's something incredibly satisfying about crunchy foods. Those harvest snap pea snacks drive me fucking insane. They scrape my tongue and throat in the best way. This isn't a sexual thing and hopefully it isn't coming off that way, I just enjoy the feeling. I also enjoy the feeling of really oily and slippery lip balm because I will reward myself by rubbing my lips throughout the day. I'm not autistic btw.

No. 1339759

I hate this/these tranny posters so much, but I prefer the ones where he posts gross penises and gay porn than when it's gore/cp I just don't feel sick when it's the first one.

No. 1339774

I'm pretty sure that was the OP anon

No. 1339792

I ate an entire rotisserie chicken, by itself, with my fingers like some sort of feral beast today. in my defense I'd forgotten to eat (not anachan just retarded) for 2 days and was ravenously hungry. I still feel pretty ashamed about it ngl

No. 1339798

I was just thinking about that! Completely agree

No. 1339802

I'm hungry right now so to me this just sounds like a brag kek. Sounds so good right now

No. 1339803

File: 1663184034195.jpg (16.16 KB, 250x319, images.jpeg-392.jpg)

I've ghosted everyone i knew irl during the pandemic for two years, went nc with my family on my dad's side and the only family member i talk to is my mom who is an orphan, and deleted social media.
i'm moving to a completely different continent and legally changing my name, it's bizarre and freeing to start your life anew from zero, my past feels so heavy and ive changed a lot as person due to some usual traumatic circumstancss and thinking about bumping someone who knew old "me" fills me with dread and anxiety, but its also a little weird to think i could hypothetically dead and no one cared to check lol, ive been effectively missing from social life for two years now.

No. 1339862

100% agree, even during my cringy anti-feminist days I could tell tumblr libfems were hypocritical. The worst thing I saw was a so-called radfem who was married to a military guy and was pregnant with his kid, incredibly cringe.

No. 1339868

This is extremely appealing to me. Good luck in your new life anon!

No. 1339871

Honestly I love being a gremlin and doing shit like this sometimes. Our ancestors had to put food in their mouths somehow.

No. 1339874

I can't stand the ones who say they are rf adjecent/gc/whatever and are still obviously libfems that camwhore, have sex with a lot of moids, and romanticize abuse especially their own. I feel cringe in my soul thinking of these BPD feminists

No. 1339878

I mean, idk. I don't think women will ever stop having relationships with men, so I think it's better for those women to be aware of injustices towards women and speak about women's rights even if they're with men. It also means that they would have higher standards for the men they are with.

No. 1339916

File: 1663188446582.jpeg (21.12 KB, 563x560, CsI3nQXXgAAzS9C.jpeg)

I hate my best friend's drawings and I can't even compliment them anymore.

She never really had that much interest in drawing until we had to apply for universities, she signed up for the exact same courses and schools as me, all art ones. She always loved Photography, but suddenly she wants to do illustration. She full on started ignoring me and getting pissy when I got into the prestigious school and she didn't, me not wanting to go to our local one.
She likes sending me her course work, but god they're so fucking shit, ms paint tier. Her drawings are the same as from high school, they haven't improved, I have no idea why she's trying to go down the same route as me when she has no skills. I want to actually critique her work, but she'd just get upset.

I feel like a judgemental bitch typing this out but I can't help it, she just can't draw.

No. 1339917

whats the point of being in an art field if you arent willing to hear critiques

No. 1339926

I think it's fine if the guy they're with is aligned with their political positions, and is a good person. You can recognize an overall issue with men, and still find exceptions, although it's hard to come by.

No. 1339936

what about a wife who only stays with a man because of her child with him

No. 1340059

despite being a biological woman literally the only way I get off is by looking at degenerate anime porn

I know this shit is so bad. I lie to myself saying it's better than the porn with actual trafficked women and girls. but it still promotes an unhealthy view of sexuality. If anything more unhealthy because it's some sick shit in there… and i fucking love it

I think my brain is rotted from growing up with internet and being introduced to this shit at preteen age while innocently searching for Sailor Moon. I was never introduced to a healthy version of sexuality, parents/school avoided discussing it entirely.

But now I can't O without at least some degeneracy. i've tried a few times and it's just boring. Even when I read written material (to get away from my weeb curse) it's all bdsm crap that's also bad for you.

Ironically i judge the fuck out of moids (esp troons) for this stuff because I see how it ruins them as people

How tf do based radfems and lesbians and so on enjoy sex without there being toxic power dynamics. can you rewire your brain to not want to be objectified.

It's like going to McDonalds, you know it's 100% pure garbage going in but it tastes good. then laugh at niko avocado for being a fatass.

except I can enjoy regular food and much more than mcdonalds crap. but I don't know how to enjoy """vanilla" sex.

Is this fixable


No. 1340362

instead of studying i basically talked to myself for 5 straight hours today, and worse i felt like it had only been 30 minutes

No. 1340419

I love sleeping now bc I get to see the person I have an unrequited love for be kind to me. Each and every day I long to see thier face. The other day I played hide and go seek with them happily.

No. 1340427

I agree with you anon. It's annoying when they turn to "us" for comfort when their scrote is being annoying, idk what they want me to say or do, they get insulted when you deny their ability to have good judgement over scrotes. It just isn't possible to have good judgement with them for the most part. They need to be more honest with themselves but also accept that they choose to accept the suffering that comes with dating moids.

No. 1340458

>But now I can't O without at least some degeneracy. i've tried a few times and it's just boring.
It's normal to try a few times and fail. Doesn't mean that you have to stop trying or that you'll never be able to beat your addiction. AFAIK addictions function just like normal habits do. You can form new habits and get rid of old ones if you try. Neuroplasticity is real.
>can you rewire your brain to not want to be objectified.
>Is this fixable
Yes, check the porn addiction recovery thread on /g/ for resources and advice. I think there are some related posts in the masturbation thread too.

No. 1340461

Stop getting off to the hentai/porn and use your imagination instead. Then, when youre making an effort to do that, go the extra mile and everytime you think about degenerate shit remind yourself of all the abuse women and children go through and are affected by the kind of content that is made.

No. 1340462

what did you talk about

No. 1340464

Yeah… happens sometimes

No. 1340475


thank you for the suggestions, this is helpful and encouraging

No. 1340498

Can't you just not fucking coom for a few days, jesus christ some of you are pathetic and revolting. If you know it's fucked up then have some self control and fucking stop. You're not going to die if you don't whack it to degenerate pornography.

No. 1340525

File: 1663228988031.gif (1.21 MB, 275x275, 1662534378208.gif)

I like some asian food more than I like the food in my own country, and it makes me deeply ashamed of it

No. 1340529

I confess. I was the one that chewed bubblegum in class and then put it under the tables. It was wrong and disgusting, how can I possibly repent for this?

No. 1340535

I've been going through life half-heartedly. My parents pushed me into expensive schools that I wanted nothing to do with as a kid. Didn't care about my objections and told me "the schools were good". They never read the curriculum and just based their judgments off hearsay. Got depressed and started having suicide ideations. Knew they would force me into college, so figured I get the degree and then work while getting the degree I wanted. Catastrophicly fell to pieces. Kept on trying because my parents are stubborn and didn't think I could deal with the emotional abuse onslaught. I'm tired, suicidal, and just don't care anymore. It's posthumous how now I see that I'm their "backup plan kid". My brother fucked off years ago and doesn't speak to either of my parents. I weirdly can't fault him. I hate that I'm the child they rely on but emotionally abuse/neglect. I can't help but hate the term of endearment "doll" they use because that's all I feel like I am to them. There is no "having a conversation" with my parents. Can't ever critique their parenting because "they're doing it out of love". I turn everything inward because one of my destructive habits, trich, gets criticized heavily and basically told "to get over it". Can't imagine how bad they'd be to me if I cut, smoked, or did drugs. I also don't think they would be any better if I was on the spectrum/had downs. All the talk of "championing" they would do just makes me very uneasy since they have no experience. I hate those stupid videos people put out showing how supportive they are to their child. Feels very off. I just want to be swallowed by the earth and turned back into dust. The thought just feels comforting that in the grand scheme of things we're all just dust.

No. 1340537

Not masturbating doesn't solve anything. It won't make her be suddenly able to cum from vanilla stuff, she'll just be a miserable celibate. Been there done that.

No. 1340546

oh nonna i know how you feel. My parents relied on me to go to uni and be the most succesful person. They didn't have the opportunity to study so i had to, my brother was an idiot so they never expected that from him. I tried 2 universities and had a massive meltdown in thid year on both of them and quit. I told my mom i feel like killing myself in a fight. She tells me to this day i should go back to studying and how my other cousin, who's lived in our house and is the same age, graduated and is succesful. She tells me this almost everytime we meet.
I'd love to just be a tree and meditate in a nice landscape all my life, that's what this type of parents do to you.

No. 1340547

That's a choking hazard waiting to happen.

No. 1340557

I've touched chewed gums under the table I was sitting at during one class and my fingers always smelled like mint after, very pleasant.

No. 1340560

mint and spit. and god knows whatever else is living in their mouth.

No. 1340564

>ewwww thats gross like just stop being addicted lmao god ur so pathetic and revolting
Acting like an immature retard, throwing insults and giving retard "advice" doesn't help anyone. In order to get rid of something like a porn addiction you have to address it seriously, not avoid the subject like a Christian prude or telling the person to just not have an addiction (hint: addictions don't just go away after "a few days").

No. 1340577

Actually, nevermind. No use arguing with porn sick weirdos. If you're gonna treat it like a fucking drug dependency, more power to you.

No. 1340578

Whatever lived there I was stronger and came out of this experience unaffected

No. 1340677

i quit porn cold turkey as soon as i learnt about the horrors the women face and endure and what the idea alone and in of itself entails for women as a whole. wasnt affected at all even though i had been watching since primary school. when i get the temptation i jist use my imagination. like its not heroin wtf just masturbate to things created within your mind. im not even a strong or creative person but for real all you have to do is to not consume it, and you'll practice some introspection while you're at it too see what you really like and dont like.

No. 1340741

File: 1663247526728.gif (890.15 KB, 266x307, Tumblr_l_5651200535058419.gif)

the fuck is with you? have you thought, for just a second, that maybe, just fucking maybe, it's not him that's a 10, but your stupid brain making him out to be a 10 so your fears of being alone or whatever the fuck piss off? keep the clown wig on and hit your head with a hammer for a bit so your brain gets back in place. he's not a 10 if he talked shit and made you feel like shit. and i know from experience what it's like to be friends with a person like you, a person who says one thing and does another, so do your friends a favor - get rid of the piece of shit and get yourself straight. no one who truly wants to be in your life wants you to be a two-faced moron.

No. 1340819

The older I get, the dumber I am. At the tender age of 30 I'm crushing on a married man. I will never act on it but why now ffs

No. 1340828

This post is autism on display.

No. 1340830

Do you have contact with your brother? How’s he doing? Maybe he can help get you out.

No. 1340863

i get you anon, i used to have that. i basically quit porn cold turkey. i actually installed stuff so that i couldnt search for porn - i think you should do that too since adding an extra step to reach porn makes you think "wtf am i really gonna disable this extension and break my promise?".
my methodology was
1) quit porn, go by imagination + audio porn (asmr sex sounds on youtube). im allowed to think of as many degenerate shit as i want.
2) slowly decrease amount of degeneracy. start with actually problematic stuff first
3) do that until you have like 1 coomer kink left. i think as long as you think of vanilla-ish sex, its ok to have 1 coomerish thought.
i hope you get over it nona, i understand you and it really is like quiting chocolate. its not addictive like drugs but its really weird to get used to the absence of it.

No. 1340876

It's funny that I had a bf for 2 months and we broke up and then I was upset for a week because I didn't realise I was pmsing and my period would come early, one coworker that likes to think she's my rival was so happy I got dumped and really hamming up her shitty relationship she spent months moaning about before I found someone. Well today I burst her bubble by saying I've already got a date with a big hunky fireman on saturday. Boohoo to you bitch, tell me again how much your boyfriend annoys you while half the factory were fist pumping cause I'm single again. Tell me what's more fun. New experiences? Same old dick? Don't fell sorry for me bitch, I'm lining up several dates for my birthday week which I just got off work. Wooooo

No. 1340879

I have gotten over my current kpop husbando.

No. 1340884

Why are you ashamed?

No. 1340886

Not to astrology fag but are you a scorpio? Cheers to you!

No. 1340889

You are so inspiring anon, I hope I can be as cool as you one day

No. 1340895

not to cause you to get a ban, but who was it anon? also did you do it intentionally?
(im intentionally trying to get over hendery/xiaojun from WayV, its been like a year i dont wanna randomly daydream about them anymore)

No. 1340898

No, an aquarius rising. I think my aquarius traits make me quite independent and able to detach very easily from others lol

No. 1340910

I started working at a high school and it really depresses me how many students are fat. Not just chubby, like actually clinically obese at 14 or 15 years old. I just can't imagine how many issues they're going to have later in life when they're morbidly obese on mobility scooters. It really shouldn't be socially acceptable to let your children become fat so young, you should be considered a neglectful parent.

No. 1340916

Then you didn't have a porn addiction anon. It sounds like OP does and yeah it will be harder for her to quit.

No. 1340930

As a former fatty chan (grew up fat/chubby, was morbidly obese by my teen years and then lost it in my early 20’s) I remember almost always being the biggest in my class, and then in high school being one of the maybe 3-4 obese students in my whole grade level. It honestly horrifies me when I see kids that age now and I have this weird feeling I would have fit in better because it’s just so normal to be obese at a young age. I was in late high school when young/trendy stores had just broadened their horizons to plus sizes, now all those shops have huge plus sized sections because again, it’s just so normal. It’s really sad.

No. 1340951

What the fuck is this? Are you seriously hyping yourself over getting attention from "half the factory"? Is it the same "half the factory" that'd fuck a tube of Nickelodeon slime if given the chance? KEK

No. 1340965

Just a point I'm not sat up on a shelf gathering dust licking my wounds. I'm not going to shit where I work, though there are certified hotties. Chill

No. 1340968

I’m cackling kek

No. 1340969

KEK i dont even know how to respond to this

No. 1340971

It's not really a confession but something disturbing I was told. If SA triggers you, don't read the rest.

My stepmother told me that she has a family member that works in a home for the elderly. This was a while back but according to the family member, they had to lock the doors of the elderly women at night because the old men kept going into their rooms and sexually assaulting them. It was a very common occurrence and I think about this often because it's just fucked. There were a few older ladies who couldn't move without help and they'd target them more.

No. 1340975

When i was 14 i opened a small bag of hot cheetos from the grocery store because i was hungry and the manager smacked the bag out of my hands and told me to leave before he called the cops. As he was escorting me out of the store i left a trail of shit on the floor kek.

No. 1340979

jfc that makes me sick

No. 1340982

You're kekling

No. 1341000

You shit your pants as a 14 year old?

No. 1341037

I worked in care facilities and it's true. Moids of every age will assault female patients if they get the chance. Male staff and other male patients are always a problem. Women should have female only staff and patient homes when they need help or are infirmed. But I guess now some moid will just change his name to Lisa and cry discrimination if he can't go there.
Fuck moids

No. 1341110

I ate a chewy sweet off the floor of a bus yesterday. It just looked inviting

No. 1341116

I wish it would be discussed more widely so women would be more aware of these matters.

No. 1341117

File: 1663271324896.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1623091195727.jpg)

The hell is wrong with you anon?

No. 1341120

Samefag, but did you really eat it in front of other people?

No. 1341127


I mean never orgasming again doesn't exactly strike me as healthy either

No. 1341132

Tiktok is making me increasingly right wing and kind of hateful tbh
I’ve never been like this before either so it’s kind of weird

No. 1341147

Why though, you're afraid to look like a weeb? I don't particularly like my country's food because it's heavily meat based and I'm vegetarian, I'm more fond of lebanese and indian food for this reason.

No. 1341158

It's time to get off tiktok

No. 1341163

I lie I embellish I make up things I fake bsckstories I say one thing and do another but I'm vulnerable and honest too sometimes don't trust a ho

No. 1341168

File: 1663275752945.jpg (37.84 KB, 443x662, 8625438758a02094748bda37558666…)

I could stand driverfags and fraserfags, I tolerated but pitied danofags BUT THE NERD THREAD IS TOO MUCH. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

No. 1341170

File: 1663275847063.jpg (106.09 KB, 1920x1036, Everything.Everywhere.All.At.O…)

My mother wasn't flat-out abusive, but she did do a lot of messed up stuff + obviously wasn't prepared for a kid. I love her to the point that I know I'd want to die if anything happened to her, but I also get annoyed with how often she'll call me for absolutely No Reason. All she wants to do is ramble about her day, or something she saw on TV, or [insert non-essential thing here for upwards of an hour], or make me Google her things because internet providers in the US are assholes and she can't get internet at her own home.

And I've never spoken to her like this, partially because of how she raised me. My social skills are very poor, because she was sure to isolate me from my peers/get furious when I wanted to hang out with other kids (she was worried for my safety so I don't fault her, but eh). When I tell her I'm busy with school or that I just want some silence (or that I have nothing to talk about, and therefore am not trying to be rude when I just occasionally confirm I'm still listening when we have a "conversation") she acts like I've told her to rope or something.

Anyway this is more of a vent but TL;DR I cannot stand my mother more often than not, I love her to death so this makes me feel guilty. She gave up a lot just to raise me.

Pic somewhat related, the mother-daughter relationship in this movie reminded me of my own. I love you with all my heart but you're annoying as all fuck

No. 1341182

File: 1663276978847.gif (312.65 KB, 112x112, 85F675EE-10E5-484B-9CC5-FC8AD9…)

Istg I was about to go to the vent thread to type something pretty much exactly like this. Crazy shit man even about isolating you shits fucked anon.

No. 1341184

>Reee you're only a real woman if you like muscular Chads and fragrance models everyone who doesn't like what I like is a pickme
Fuck off and stop shaming women for having different tastes

No. 1341194

I think this thread is useless because there are
>boy type thread
>unconventional attraction thread
I am convinced this thread was created by a stupid newfag.

No. 1341195

No one called anyone a pickme (or a troon?), but do you think that Adam Driver and Paul Dano are chad fragrance models?

No. 1341196

Does she have good in-person friends/relationships? This sounds like general old lonely person syndrome.

No. 1341197

It's a fetish. I'm pretty sure that everyone in that thread is aware that it's a fetish. I even bet that half the posters in that thread aren't exclusively into nerds and also like more conventionally attractive men.
Also why don't you sperg like this about the shameful fetish thread? There are way, way worse things posted there than just dorky men.

No. 1341198

way to tell on yourself

No. 1341204

She's caught in the trap of seeing other women as her competitors, like most women her age seemingly are. Her "friend circle" consists of men that either want to date her (or she wants to date them). We've had discussions about this, but she is set in her ways and doesn't care.

I don't doubt she's lonel – I'm pretty lonely too. But I'm not, like…calling people just to talk about nothing for an hour every other day either.

Yeah it's such a complicated feeling, and I hate it. She's my sense of comfort, but also a large source of most of my current insecurities and developmental issues. I'm now remembering this one day where she said she would've aborted me if she could right before blowing 3k on my tuition for uni (financial aid was late and the school was going to kick me out). The duality is utterly insane.

No. 1341206

>I think this thread is useless because there are
>>boy type thread
>>unconventional attraction thread
They just wanted to contain all the nerd sperging into one thread. Otherwise they would keep talking about it on many different threads, not really sure where to post. Besides, many different anons wanted it so it's not like there wasn't demand for it.

No. 1341213

Just because you think this doesn't mean it's true. A lot of people wanted that thread.

No. 1341244

File: 1663280950045.jpg (61.55 KB, 1080x484, Tumblr_l_5021631209517359.jpg)

every time my eyes land on "unconventional male attraction" or "nerd type" or "conventional male attraction" or just anything related to males or males being seen as anything other than grotesque i puke internally. they’re an abomination. their existence is torture. i'm sorry, nonnas who like males and have a type, but you could slam dunk me into lava and that would hurt less than simply noticing those threads. i'm sorry.

No. 1341385

Why would you be sorry for not liking men? Just hide and ignore the threads lol no one in those threads expects everyone else to participate.

No. 1341428

i'm making my downstairs neighbor's life hell because she's been nothing but a cunt since she got here. i keep late hours, so i'm no longer going to walk with light footsteps. i'll talk to my girlfriend loud as hell, just like her, since she brings over 30 different guys every other day and shrieks her conversations with each and every one until 2AM. sorry you never lived an apartment before your mommy bought you this one, but you're gonna learn today how to mind your own business, bitch.

No. 1341485

i’m straight but zheani is the most beautiful woman on this earth and i cannot stop looking at her i am addicted

No. 1341499

I hate the TiM in my group chat so much. He's a good 10 years older than the rest of us with zero social skills and no job, and I had to read his fiction once and it read like it was written by a middle schooler. Recently he's decided that he's far enough in his transition to go from being a nobody to a sassy girlboss and keeps sending smug anime girl reaction pictures and it makes me want to vomit when I've seen that he's an actual neckbeard IRL. Genuinely zero respect for this guy and his lifestyle. I'm disgusted that I was blindly nice and encouraging to him before I peaked, like I actually feel dirty for it.

No. 1341512

How did you guys befriend someone a decade older than you without a job.

No. 1341531

I didn't he came attached at the hip to a couple of other friends I had, and I got inducted into the group chat later. I only pop in once in a while because I don't want people to start thinking I'm transphobic after recently detransitioning (most of the others are nonbinary), but I've largely distanced myself from all but a couple of people there.

The dude's shit is just so persistent that I need eye bleach every time I pop in. We were talking about easy dinner ideas once and the guy started talking about how it's hard to think of things like that when the estrogen keeps making him horny (with an xD tacked on for good measure). Hell.

No. 1341532

I just had a massive binge and despite the suicidal regret I'm lowkey impressed with how much I'm capable of eating. Weigh 135 and ate the following in less than 2 and a half hours:

2 pints of haagendaz
Family size bag of jays hot stuff chips
normal bag of peanut m&ms
Chick fil a spicy deluxe meal with mac and cheese and an extra large fry on the side.

Time to restrict I guess.

No. 1341540

I hate being the one in the relationship who works this motherfucker needs to get off his ass

No. 1341546

I hate my bf he’s ugly

No. 1341576

Leave his ass.

No. 1341600

File: 1663307588566.jpg (67.25 KB, 640x480, cat.jpg)

Been there, nonna. I try to remind myself that what I just binged is what some people eat in a day on a regular basis. Drink some water and be kind to yourself. It's gonna be alright.

No. 1341603

My fiancé had a nightmare last night that I told him I didn't love him anymore and the engagement was off. Today he kept talking about how awful and worrying it was, and ended up checking in with me throughout the day to make sure I'm happy. He took me to my favorite sushi place for lunch, I joked that he's treating me well "so I'm sticking around - for now", kek. I truly love him so much, but let's be honest, men need to be kept on their toes

No. 1341604

Kek, why do you hate yourself so much?

No. 1341610

>I truly love him so much, but let's be honest, men need to be kept on their toes
so true.

No. 1341642

Don't restrict to punish yourself anon, it only continues the cycle. If you continue eating your BMR like normal you won't gain

No. 1341664

Have you considered dating people you like nonnie

No. 1341681

That last line.. pretty much. Compare this to all the posts where nonnies are newly married or pregnant and their once amazing Nigel wasn't even subtle in suddenly trampling on boundaries agreed and taking them for granted.

No. 1341772

>men need to be kept on their toes
Come on, this isn't true. If you literally need to keep your nigel on his toes (which I don't believe you meant, you were just having some fun at his expense) then don't marry him.

No. 1341908

dating app made me realize I find black and asian women much more attractive than white women. As a caucasian I feel so ashamed

No. 1341920

it's fine to have preferences..

No. 1341937

File: 1663346822409.jpg (4.81 KB, 219x227, Tumblr_l_22139686398241.jpg)

I have this one coworker, he's like the only person in my department who's really into pop culture, and I can't stop talking to him about Lawrence of Arabia. Before we were taking about various anime, video games and movies but now it's just Lawrence of Arabia. I lost interest in everything we talked about before, I even lost interest in my other hobbies. He said he will watch LoA this weekend and it makes me really happy. But when I finish the book, this is when the true hell breaks loose

No. 1341939

File: 1663347035873.jpeg (201.65 KB, 938x1390, 8DD8CB8A-B83D-4628-8B1E-EB1008…)

I joined a group chat for a niche interest and one woman in particular caught my attention. We both clearly hate moids, she’s also an autist like me, we have similar taste in music and fashion, and all around our personalities and interests seem compatible in a rare way.

I’ve always dreamed about close female friendship with another autist who likes the same things I do, it’s been kind of a passive fixation of mine for years, so of course I got really excited. However, I think I blew it by being TOO similar to her.

We chatted a little bit but after observing her behaviors, I think she kind of prides herself on her uniqueness, so coming across another woman who is passionate about similar things and has extremely similar taste, she has become clearly uninterested in me and almost seems threatened. I almost get the impression she thinks I’m a skinwalker but I genuinely had these opinions and interests before, so I’m just really hurt I guess. We could have been autistic artistic man-hating besties… I still have this weird hope that she’ll come around but I kind of doubt it.

I really wish women wouldn’t view other women as competition or feel weird about other women being into their unique interests too. This is the first time I’ve felt that friendship spark in years and I fucked it up because we have too much in common… fuck. It’s eating me up more than it should but if she’s that concerned about being nlog I guess we shouldn’t be friends anyway…

No. 1341940

haha nonnie you freak, oh well at least you get along with your co workers x

No. 1341941

I admire your love for Lawrence of Arabia so fucking much anon. You inspire me, unironically.

No. 1341950

I have it happen all the time. The last time it happened I had to say, "Don't you think this is less me trying to be you and more me trying to relate you and make conversation????" and I think they ultimately ended up regretting leaving me because they're not going to find anyone patient or understanding enough to replace me (in this specific case) I have no advice, just solace. sorry nonnie I hope someone in the future will be as relieved as we felt when we found them

No. 1341952

you'd love my husband, he's into Lawrence of Arabia as well, but has tons of autobiographies and diaries of various adventures and soldiers of fortune

No. 1341967

Fuck, that’s so frustrating! Sorry to you too nonnacita. I think what set her over the edge was I offered an opinion on [x] that she deemed too eerily similar to HER opinion on [x] though I hadn’t seen her write up on it prior. I don’t even know where I could find her writeup of it. Like I legitimately just braindumped what I thought and she called me on it in the chat “that’s like exactly what I wrote in my review”

Like damn, ok, take that as an indicator that we share opinions and experiences and that’s a really cool and rare thing!!! I’m just bitching at this point but yeah I’m going to be sad about this for a week and hopefully be over it.

No. 1342002

File: 1663351450196.jpg (12.66 KB, 236x419, efa1ef487daef94922603c17b60550…)

I decided I didn't want to see this girl I had been formerly very fond of yesterday because
>she messes me around so much
>she talks bad about everyone behind their backs- her mother, her best friend etc
>said best friend is talked down to by her
>she thinks her grunge lifestyle (drugs and drinking) at 18 is cool
>'i'm just honest!!' (is an pessimistic asshole)
>bpd and ecstasy, conceited with low self esteem kind of girl

So I was no longer going to visit her, I was just in this random town. I couldn't go home until 10pm as public transport wouldn't get cheaper until that time, and I couldn't afford much else. And I didn't want to be with my own thoughts for much longer, so I just made small talk with this random man who was rolling a cigarette- I just got into the habit of being a sociable public nuisance from my time with family in Liverpool, as that's just people there.
Anyway, we talked for a while, and he invited me to eat with him, and would pay. This was a random man in his late 50s, a little dodgy looking, and I was thinking 'hmm will I get stabbed' but I said yes. And he bought me hot food and a drink at a nice place, and I just spent the whole day with this random stranger. He'd keep buying me nice drinks and offering more things throughout the day, and I felt bad for not paying, but I listened to him and was also keeping him company, let him have my gloves as he had shaky hands. We even visited a tourist attraction that I didn't know about, which was beautiful, and he seemed to know everyone in that town. I think it probably looked like he was my granddad. I discovered after a while that he wasn't just being nice, but actually flirting, but I have no interest in men and was simply grateful for a hot meal and to talk to someone. He was, also, very interesting. At one point, homeless by choice, at another, he travelled all over the world, and he knew a lot about using natural herbs, painting, martial arts. I heard stories about how his girlfriend tried to kill him, and how he also heard voices at one point.

I think my mum would absolutely create if she knew that I trusted a stranger that much, but I actually had a pretty good day. I think it was better than wandering around in the cold, hungry. I hope the random uncle in that little town is doing ok.

No. 1342046

true but it kind of make me a creep

No. 1342092

File: 1663356502523.jpeg (104.2 KB, 1280x720, 1B75B93F-08F9-4575-835C-7A9CB3…)

Some coworker punched out my deadbeat dad at his work and I can’t help but be happy.

No. 1342100

This is an interesting picture choice

No. 1342108

She’s very insidious.

No. 1342119

I loathe how my reaction would be the same as that woman's. It happens often enough and I dislike the shallow nature of it all. I know it's purely because I'm insecure. Every time it happens I let go of any expectations or prejudice I have and simply compliment or help the person, then go. I won't try to force a friendship, but I will express that maybe I think they're cool/pretty/smart/unique, instead of dwelling on my envy of that particular attribute. If they want to be my friend, I will welcome them. But I won't force a single thing. I agree with you and hope that every woman can grow in ways that foster sisterhood and self-actualisation.

No. 1342131

I love my boyfriend so much and can't express how grateful I am to have him in my life. Whenever we're together my world expands and brightens. He completes me. I can't believe I've ever lived without him. However, I am plagued by off-putting dreams and intrusive thoughts. In many superficial ways, he is absolutely not whom I ever dreamed of dating, or even marrying! By contrast, he's quite the opposite. I've always had a penchant for light and European features as well as culture. It was really only by chance that I met and fell in love with a man who tans easily, has dark curls and isn't from Europe… Since I love him so much for who he is, and am utterly attracted to him regardless of the daydreams I had prior to him, I love these things about him. I've even come to embrace his curls, almost… But yesterday I had a dream in which my past crushes/current attractive guys in my life all played a role. They all have straight or wavy blonde hair, freckles, light coloured eyes and are European… They're all the type of guy I used to crush on heavily before I met my boyfriend. Having these dreams and waking up from them distresses me so much. I know it's silly, but it's clear I have yet to let go of these superficial things. I know in my heart that I must simply trust God for putting this man in my path and surrender to God's wisdom, casting aside fleeting, earthly characteristics. Part of me simply still doubts… Does it have any reason? Should I not be with my boyfriend? Am I meant to be with someone with a different appearance and background? I just love my boyfriend so much, I couldn't break up with him over something so superficial. I've considered it and even tried to convince myself to see wherr my heart lies. But I can't, I just don't want to break up with my boyfriend at all. I want him in my life and I want a future together. So why do I keep having these dreams? Why do I sometimes feel attracted to guys with totally different features, and wish that maybe my boyfriend could be a little more like them? Why am I so unfair? I know this is a perversion within my heart, as I compare everything, even myself. Nothing is ever good enough for me. I have a lot of growing to do and cannot do it without God…

No. 1342133

I had an interview…dont think i got the job. But the guy interviewing me was so cute. Gross i know. i feel dirty

No. 1342156

Sounds to me like you're settling and trying to convince yourself you don't want some blonde Norwegian scrote because you finally found a decent scrote who treats you right

No. 1342160

I bought a bike and took it out for the first time today and holy FUCK I’m so unfit
I’ve been riding it for less than 30 mins and I’m already red in the face and winded
I’m normal weight too, and pretty healthy. I’m sitting on the bench rn struggling and there’s old ladies on their bikes zooming past me

No. 1342162

Natural blonde men are so boring, like their personalities are dull as dishwater. An observation from talking and meeting to a lot of guys in my dating phase, I can't even describe in words but like imagine a guy who has never had a negative experience nor strong emotion in their life, like a dumb happy bunny. They're kinda harmless in that way, but god, so boring, you are not missing out I promise. Brunette men 4va

No. 1342163

kek I feel the same but with jogging, I can see old people running faster than me kek

No. 1342164

During our teens I would anonymously call my step-sister a thot and other things in a similar vein for about a year because she rejected me as a friend and I was jealous she was prettier, could dress better, and was more outgoing than me. I feel bad about it and I'm pretty sure she knows it was me.

No. 1342170

Are you also a blonde freckled person? maybe you shouldn't race/phenotypemix if so and that's what the dreams are telling you
>dumb happy bunny
I wish, kinda. Boyfriend is blonde and has had as many negative experiences as me. Not the same severity, but same amount. I can tell who he could've been otherwise, but he makes and checks off his own boxes as is and I love him to bits because of it.

No. 1342176

natural blondes are pretty rare so I doubt you've met enough of them to have a statistically valuable opinion

No. 1342180

It makes no sense… I love my boyfriend's type as well, as it's somewhat Mediterranean… Very masculine, much more than many guys with light features are. I love it. And yet I have these feelings??
There's a reason I've never had a boyfriend from my own country before, despite idealising it always. Many of them are blonde and such, but many of them are so off-putting too. I feel like I hit the jackpot in terms of personality, and sometimes entertain the thought that European guys are typically not what I'm looking for. Way too perverted and tainted… I'm not sure I'd call them dumb happy bunnies, but perhaps that's because I've always met men from the city. They're such run-through narcissists with no morals.
I'm not befreckled, but I do have the blonde hair/light eyes/light skin combination I desire in a partner too. Or at least that very European appearance.

No. 1342181

If you're having to think this hard on it then you really don't want the relationship that much. You might just be emotionally unavailable.

No. 1342185

Sure globally it is but you don't know where anon you replied to lives. There's plenty of countries where natural blonde is common or even the majority.

No. 1342191

what country has a blonde majority though

No. 1342199

most Northern European countries? I worked for a scandi airliner and they were all blondies

No. 1342201

Scandinavia, Baltics. Other regions in Europe have not a majority but still a large % of natural blondes.

No. 1342202

Germany for one. 51% blondes, the remaining 49% either brown, black or red.

No. 1342204

nah, I'm finnish but was genuinely wondering because I know one blonde person but I guess this would bring up the age old fight of "is that road grey/mousey brown blonde in some parts of the world" and I am way too tired to think about that.

No. 1342215

samefag now that I think about it, many people were pretty damn blonde as kids and have just dyed their hair for a long time, how tf do I really know for 100% sure. Everyone always thinks I've dyed my hair and that I'm really blonde, so check mate myself, you're dumb.

No. 1343061

File: 1663593714060.jpeg (16.99 KB, 271x225, FB9D40DD-9A09-4CC9-9D23-6995AA…)

I secretly love this anime character, just wish she only targeted that pedo protagonist that liked her and men

No. 1343076

Back when I was like… 18? I think I was 18-19 or so, I followed this 15-16 year old lesbian on tumblr. I think I followed her because of a popular funny post she did. Anyway, I followed her and forgot about it. Well, then she started posting a lot and she'd show up on my dashboard a ton. I usually just scrolled past and never interacted. Then she started posting really aggressive posts about not being like other lesbians and all that NLOG teenage stuff. Then she started posting about smoking meth. Now, she was a (relatively) popular kpoppy poster and she was well known in the stranger things fandom. I was going to unfollow her just for that (I'm not a kpoppy or a stranger things fan) but then she started like, blogging about her meth use and I feel bad about this but it was like an entire spectacle. She smoked meth before taking a class test one time, I think she mentioned something about it making her focus. Just sad all around. I unfollowed her a long time ago and I just remembered her now. She had the attitude of an unhinged radfem in the making so I hope she peaked and stopped caping for trannies and I also hope she's off the meth.

No. 1343101

File: 1663595754325.jpeg (35.02 KB, 338x249, 56E3F45B-78AF-41C4-A32F-2260B1…)

I was a foreigner living in a country that has a majority of Muslim people but that wasn't too strict with the rules those moids got over the hijabs and whatnot.
So I decided to go out one windy day with my father so we could go buy some bread, and my mother put a scarf on my head to protect me from the wind, it was for fun, I love wearing headscarves from time to time.
So I was waiting on the line outside of the tiny bakery with my dad, and we were speaking in Spanish, which was already catching a lot of attention from the people around us, but then my headscarf ended up like pic related, I took it off and the people on the line looked at me like I just cut my finger off with a pair of scissors.
I never wore a headscarf in that country again, but I would do it again just to spite the moids and use my diplomatic immunity to avoid getting in trouble.

No. 1343109

Kind of not bothered about my recent heartbreak and more appreciative of the fact that I am sad and have a reason to connect with love songs because while I was happy and single for 2 years there I did wonder what love was all about again and for those brief 2 months were the moid I was seeing stopped me during the second time we had sex to proclaim his love, it really isn't all that it's cracked up to be or most likely me and him were not compatible. He was thick as shit and kind of trampy and I'm rich and smart. He was intimidated and I reckoned a man like him would be so enamoured but as usual he was actually more insecure which led to controlling and dickhead behaviour which ultimately stopped us from sleeping together and creating the chemical reaction of love.

No. 1343230

This is a very naive outlook I've had I'm in my early 30s. I have been picky with who I sleep with obviously a good thing but like very picky and also in the hopes of when I find true love he'd appreciate that but after dating now for a while men do not give a shit and just presume massive slut no matter what so I am wishing I practiced more loose safe sex in my 20s when there was still a good pick of normal men. It is slim pickings out here and I'm 180ing a lot of preconceived notions.

No. 1343262

I’ve come into a decent amount of money recently, not enough to be set for life but definitely a size able amount. All I really want to do now is start a family but I’m not ready. I want to take this money and give my kids a better life than I had but it’s going to be a long time before I can actually do this.

No. 1343278

I'm jealous of this girl.

The career she has, the body she has, the salary she has and the home she was able to afford with it, they're all things where I know they're nice but I am perfectly content with my own version of those things, but it's her having a husband I can't get over kek. I'm a lesbian so it's not that she has a man, it's just that her man is so undeniably in love with her. They've been together for 10 years now, and he still fawns over her like when they first met. He accidentally sent our group chat a message meant for her and it was just a long paragraph to say good morning, but he gushed on and on about how he adored her so much and was so excited for her to wake up. He's sent us messages when they're in bed and she's fallen asleep and he's telling us he's sad because she was cuddled up against him but then moved away after he shifted around to get more comfortable and how he wished he didn't move at all. And I've seen her return the sentiment, gushing about how he's her best friend and how much she loves him. I've seen them fight, but like all couples, they're just hiccups in the road.

I want that adoration. I want to be loved so wholly like that. I'm always the one doing the adoring and the fawning. For once I wish I could have those gestures returned. I know relationships are more than that, but I can't even get that out of a relationship, much less any other effort it takes to sustain one. I'm perfectly happy being single but sometimes I can't help but think how it'd be nice to wake up and come home to someone else who will light up at the sight of me, like I always do.

No. 1343288

Wait, I’m from a country like that and I would love to do a performance art thingy where I put on a hijab just to violently tear it off. You’re giving me ideas nonnie!

No. 1343293

I'm a lesbian too and want this too. My first love cheated on me when I was so loyal to her and fawned on her. I hope me and you can find love someday.

No. 1343300

I've reached a new level of autism organizing a list of songs I like that sound like they could be christian rock/pop by their lyrics, but aren't. I'm not even religious so I have no idea why tf I'm doing this at all. Confessing here because this is an unusual brand of cringe for me, but I guess it's better than listening to the same song on repeat for two full weeks like I had been?

No. 1343315

Nona this just seems like a funny thing to do on your own time. I make silly playlists like that, too. One playlist I have is called something like "songs that sound like they are about racing horses" and another one is called "songs that make mention of the gay sailor stereotype". I don't think it's autistic.

No. 1343318

File: 1663606184527.gif (134.24 KB, 240x135, DefenselessHonorableCardinal-m…)

Yakuza franchise is my #1 motivation in workouts and bettering my health. Especially Kiryu Kazuma, he is such a nice character despite being on a shy, awkward side, but the way he is written is the reason why I still see the good in things and especially people. It sounds extremely silly, I know, but somehow I discovered this franchise a long time ago and fell in love with it. I am sure you nonnies know how sometimes depression would sunk you so deep that you wouldn't want to be around people at all or feel their support towards you so somehow I have found a tiny light in this series. I wish my partner would work out with me too, but he is a busy person unlike me, a sick freelance artist. I am just glad that there is something that motivates me to keep working out for the sake of feeling and being stronger, because with my health issues, i need at least a tiny thing to make me pretend that I am healing myself.
Majima is my husbando, but I can't help but know that if I had to choose one of them irl, i would choose Kiryu.

No. 1343320

>"songs that make mention of the gay sailor stereotype"
Nonnie that sounds so cool! What sort of songs are on that list?

No. 1343524

I cannot stand my mother. Miserable fat narcissist who hates all other women and enjoys watching my eating disorder slowly kill me. Didn’t believe me about getting sexually assaulted multiple times at school. Belittles me constantly. Shits on all my hopes and dreams. Fuck you. I hope anorexia kills me so maybe she will see what she has done to me my entire life.

No. 1343553

I genuinely resent my mother. I resent her so much that I don't even feel bad about my plans to cut contact with her. I just feel sad that I never had a normal loving mother like everyone else.

No. 1343565

Late reply but Desolation Row by Bob Dylan and Piano Man by Billy Joel. I thought it was weird how both songs sort of reference the gay sailor stereotype so I slapped them in a playlist but I haven't added anymore KEK.

No. 1343595

I made a rape joke about myself in my head, after I was asked by the specialist to report it if I'd end up pregnant before the next scan. She just kept staring after I said sure. It's obvious the only way I'd end up pregnant, is if it would be against my will. I'm not going to first point out the elephant in the room while in a Christian hospital. I preferred the specialists who made it clear it's just a routine thing they have to say and immediately add that they can tell it probably doesn't apply to me.

No. 1343724

I prayed for this little mouse before throwing my trash down the trash chute.

We had a mouse in our apartment and it was getting into the food stashes that my idiot hoarder parents have out. Of course I was exasperated and also grossed out that there was a mouse getting into the food! But instead of setting out the snapping mouse traps that he usually does, my dad decided to use glue traps. I will admit that I'm not normally one to care about killing mice. I don't usually care enough to get those humane mouse traps that trap them and then release them outside. I live in the city, where mice and rats are abundant so I don't give a second thought to using snap mouse traps. But I guess we just didn't have any so my dad used the glue ones.

He said he caught it and that was that… but I went into the kitchen to throw out some trash today and opened up the cabinet where we store the trash bin… and I saw it. I just saw that poor little dude on that glue trap, in the trash. At first I was grossed out, then worried it would somehow free itself, then I just felt so overwhelmingly sad. I just really wanted to cry for it. He was just stuck on the trap, writhing around helplessly. Should I have taken a knife and just stabbed it, put it out of its misery? I didn't know what to do, so I prayed for its soul. I asked for forgiveness for what I was about to do, then I tied up the trash, told the little mouse that I was sorry, and went out to throw it down the trash chute. I prayed that he would find rest soon, and maybe his next life would be a little bit better. I think I should have stabbed it, but I just couldn't bring myself to.

I am so sad nonnas. I really usually don't care, and I don't think this will stop me from using the snap traps. At the very least, at least their death is quick and guaranteed. Those glue traps are a fate worse than death. I'm so sorry my little mouse.

No. 1343732

You threw a live animal in the trash

No. 1343734

It's ok anon, that's life.
Next time maybe step on it to kill it. I did it same with mouse when my dog bring one to our house, it was still alive but barely moving. I just ended it fast.
But it's life, animals often kill for fun and pleasure.

No. 1343735

I understand nonna but you should have at least put him out of his misery, I understand sometimes to try and take out a mouse from a glue trap can be difficult because they're so delicate

No. 1343739

i really think periods are gross, just not in the way men think they are. i have really heavy flow, big clots and i think blood smells nasty. it doesn't give men a right to say shit about them, but periods aren't pleasant.

No. 1343743

I thought the same about periods until I watched some based videos on yt about periods. Now I love it and my femininity.

No. 1343745

kek same nonna

No. 1343747

Periods do suck, unless you lose them involuntarily prematurely. It's like your body's dashboard warning light.

No. 1343750

good for you i guess. it doesn't change that they are unpleasant. a lot of bodily functions are unpleasant, and that's okay. it's fine not to enjoy them.

No. 1343770

Is it wrong I've wished I had unloving parents I despise because the idea of losing my parents fills me with a dread like no other? I really don't know how I'd move on without my mother if she passes away.

No. 1343917

Troon is making rounds around lc ignore and report

No. 1343920

No. 1343928

I hate periods, but I love the fact that I can use them as an indicator of health. I also hate the clots too, especially when you feel them come out, it sends shivers down my spine and makes me want to die if i am completely honest. I still wouldn't nerf my period with meds despite it all.

No. 1343937

I think the whole ovulation and period cycles are so interesting. It’s crazy that your body temperature can change, your confidence can either grow or dwindle, you can be really swollen one day and the next be normal, it’s crazy what happens during different parts of your cycle. I love being a woman even if periods for me personally are really painful. It’s just crazy what our bodies do in general.

No. 1343938

wtf yeah I just love my mom and fear the pain and despair of her eventual passing.

No. 1343941

She isn't talking about >>1343770 she's talking about >>1343915 because they're talking like an incel

No. 1343942

The troon is making rounds on lc and he made a post earlier saying “cause you cry rape at the drop of a hat” to a post itt that got deleted. He deleted his post as well

No. 1343946

I was going to make a new post and explain how ridiculous it is to compare false rape accusations to the real risk women have of being raped. But I figured it wasn't worth it so I just deleted and didn't want to interact with them in any way.

No. 1343947

I don't get what's going on here so maybe my post came off as insensitive. I have just wondered if it would be less difficult for me to deal with overwhelming grief if my parents died early in life or if they were narcissistic parents with no redeeming qualities. That's all.

No. 1343950

Rewriting my post so it makes sense, there was nothing wrong with your post nonna there was just a dumb moid in the thread I was referring to, because he was trolling using your post trying to rile nonnas up because i pointed out he was in the thread earlier

No. 1343959



No. 1343968

ignore the moid, what you are going through is hard enough don't to let a shitstained pedotroon bother you
dont respond just report

No. 1343969

i think i peed into a chipmunk den

No. 1343974

File: 1663640922158.png (Spoiler Image, 3.63 KB, 319x79, 31a9b6b1-0130-49aa-a677-84b329…)

since everyone's confused and i still have my tabs open, this is what >>1343917 was referring to, not the post about parents

No. 1343984

File: 1663641501532.jpeg (33.77 KB, 905x319, 8CEFC531-50CD-40DD-94AB-C715A0…)

Blaine fuck off.

No. 1343989

File: 1663641901881.jpeg (219.52 KB, 1280x720, FA4D12E6-7DD2-4C0A-9896-4A3377…)

Cute anon, I found the series a long time ago too and it really helped after I graduated highshool and was just living aimlessly. Kiryu is also the reason why I strive to be less of a depressed neet and try to be more confident

No. 1343992

You should make like Chad and go book a fucking month in the mines and building shit because you are man.

No. 1344037

my sister lost a lot of her teeth because idk what and this old hag in our apartment building keeps making fun of her, it’s pissing me off and I wanna go strangle the bitch, and I don’t even like my sister that much

No. 1344038

also my sister is literally a pussy who refuses to stick up for herself. If it were me, I’d tell the lady to commit suicide and be with her dead mom or something lmao

No. 1344039

File: 1663646480765.gif (593.61 KB, 480x480, chomp.GIF)

We’re under attack again. Be careful browsing, nonas.

No. 1344047

my hair is really dirty and I want it to be clean but don’t want to wash and comb it

No. 1344337

I have this tendency of pronouncing foreign names like they are in their home country, like for example Dreyfus is very common here but for some reason I pronounce it the german way, it makes me sound like a pretentious snob.

No. 1344343

I think that's pretty cool anon

No. 1344355

This gif makes me incredibly angry and I feel feral for some reason

No. 1344362

I’ve been vegan for ethical reasons about a year now and I’m constantly wondering if it’s really the right thing to do. Physically I feel no worse than I used to but I find myself getting worried that I’ll suddenly develop severe neurological symptoms as a result of vitamin deficiencies. I find myself wondering if it’s really worth the difficulties eating out with my friends — I know that all forms of agriculture result in mass animal death regardless, whether it’s caused by directly killing them for food or by harvesting crops. It feels pointless sometimes, but I don’t know if I would ever go back to eating meat. I don’t want to start a war on here about veganism by the way, I just wanted to talk about my worries somewhere anonymously.

No. 1344363

It's really not worth it anon. I also don't want to start a war on veganism here, but if you find yourself worried then just change your diet. Veganism can be very double standared anyway, like when they use "vegan leather" when they really mean "chemically produced plastic thing" or how they're like "I won't use eat honey made by bees but will eat quinoa harvested with child labor"

No. 1344386

Being a vegetarian seems more reasonable imo, but I'm sure you already considered that.

No. 1344388

i do the opposite, i pronounce things purposefully wrong or "americanized" because i feel like an imposter pronouncing things the correct way even though i can do it and know how.

No. 1344426

Imo if you look at it from the "worth it for the animals" perspective, it really is not. Even if you are vegan in the US, do you know how much of the 3rd world has no regards for animal wellfare? Animals have it a lot better in the US. Most of the world does not give a shit and treats these animals horribly. The efforts made by you and other vegans are single-handedly destroyed by China. Fortunately, lab grown meat seems to be the future, and hopefully one day it will be cheaper to import it than to raise animals so even the 3rd world can participate.
So just be vegetarian.

No. 1344451

it's okay to eat meat from time to time for your health. Some people are just not genetically made to only eat plants, we need to come to terms with that. I don't really see a problem with eating an animal that had a good life somewhere on the grass with a view of the sky. The lifeforce within us, animals and plants is the exact same. Everybody wants to live, even a carrot and you can tell just by the fact that it grows. Plants just function so differently from us that we feel like they aren't really alive, but they are and they are pretty smart! You can see it by the way they evolved and still are evolving and changing to attract pollinators, they have it all thought out but it takes them generations to do something because they are just very slow beings. Anyway everyday you kill something to live and it's ok that's how universe functions.

No. 1344908

Fellow plant-eater here (vegetarian though, never been a vegan). Honestly for most of my time as a vegetarian, I haven't cared about what nutrients I'm eating so I've also worried about whether or not I have or will have neurological problems, especially because my memory is dogshit. I don't think I can ever go back to meat (at least not becoming a full-time meat eater) but it has made me take my diet more seriously. Maybe it would be worth it for you to slowly switch to vegetarian or occasional meat like the anon above suggested.

I know this wasn't helpful at all. Just wanted you to know that you're not alone anon.

No. 1344909

File: 1663696512054.jpg (1.08 MB, 3024x4032, 1267167iA672CD4FFA6761F5.jpg)

Do it now before this is you

No. 1344920

I saw it on main page and thought it's gore

No. 1344925

Oh god, I'm sorry anon lol. I should have spoilered it.

No. 1344926

That’s because you are not looking for the right vegetarian/vegan recipes and medicinal crops that have been supplying people with loads of nutrition and benefits for centuries. Honestly I think veganism is for people who have adapted to farming/consuming plants and carbohydrates. I notice that a lot of vegans and vegetarians have extremely unbalanced meals to begin with. There are plenty of people who actually get inflammation and chronic pain from eating meat and dairy, vice versa

No. 1344949

With a plant based diet it's not so much vitamins and minerals that you need to be most concerned with other than B12 and maybe iron if you don't eat leafy greens. The real loss of a plant based diet is amino acids. Meat is a complete protein source and that means that it contains all necessary amino acids needed for humans. It is perfectly possible to get all the amino acids needed on a plant based diet, you just have to be smart about it and use multiple sources of plant protein with different amino acid profiles or eat eggs because eggs are complete protein source like meat. Lack of B12 and essential amino acids will cause neurological illness in the long term because they are needed to synthesize neurochemicals. Chronic B12 deficiency is a common cause of disability through nerve damage in alcoholics for example.

No. 1344956

Thank you for the advice anon but
>With a plant based diet it's not so much vitamins and minerals that you need to be most concerned with
that was indeed what I needed to be concerned with in my diet lol

No. 1344980

File: 1663698438722.jpeg (28.19 KB, 450x338, 582149DE-8E73-4D25-8B83-C70AAF…)

I have this ongoing desire to make a fake twitter pretending to be an mtf tranny to make a buck. After weeks of blending in with the locals by talking about my boners and hating real women and gaining their trust, I’d start saying I need to get away from my transphobic parents and can’t work or some shit.

Idk I just really feel like it would be easy money, those types hand out web donations like candy at a parade

Also it would be funny

I won’t do it, I mean what a pain, but the idea is solid and I hope someone does it someday


No. 1345001

No so it and see how wrong you are in your assumptions

No. 1345011

Last week I took too much of my anti-anxiety medication and chopped my hair off to emulate how another woman has hers. Now I’m about to buy a bunch of makeup and hair products she uses. I don’t know what’s wrong with me; I’ve been so secure in my identity, but for the first time in forever I’ve found another woman that I relate to and think is cool and I’ve gone completely unhinged. I don’t hate her or anything, I think I’m actually more fixated on her taste in stuff than her herself, so don’t have to worry about any SWF-tier stuff.

I’ve been pretty mentally ill lately and I guess it’s just manifesting itself in this weird way???

No. 1345014

Oh also she is an internet stranger and doesn’t know me so nobody has to worry about me freaking her out. Would never subject somebody to that

No. 1345062

File: 1663700899805.gif (646.74 KB, 275x207, 1654413992003.gif)

Today I deliberately pushed a moid client down the list because he was an entitled asshat who was loudly yelling at the staff because they told him to wait for the equipment to be ready. He was actually second and would've been seen quickly if he just waited like everyone else.

No. 1345072

we need more of this

No. 1345099

Its been done before. Real women pretending to be (very well passing lol) mtfs or pretending to have intesex conditions when they don't. Its just sad.

No. 1345204

I do this with clients who yell at me, they are all male too. I also have more sympathy for female customers.

No. 1345568

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 8 years but recently I've been texting on discord with this girl I met through fandom twitter and we just vibe really well and… I think I've taken a legitimate liking to her but she definitely does not feel the same way (i'm sure she's just being friendly and i'm a dumbass who immediately treats it as special when people are nice to me in a normal way) and we're on different continents. These past weeks have been like a rollercoaster and I feel especially pathetic because I know I'm the only one riding it

No. 1345569

Keep up the good work nonna!

No. 1345575

Should've also pushed him down the stairs

No. 1345612

File: 1663717985976.jpeg (7.92 KB, 200x247, download.jpeg)

Chihuahuas trigger my maternal instincts more than actual babies and children

No. 1345648

When I was in college, I had a huge crush on this moid I knew from high school and I think he liked me back (at least that’s what some of my friends think). Nothing came out of it for many reasons (like we went to different colleges), but I remember being so hurt when we used to text every day and then once school started he stopped talking to me except to send occasional memes. Or sometimes he’d ask me a question and I’d get all excited that he wanted to be good friends again and then it turns out he just needed emotional support and wanted to vent about whatever was going on in his life. In hindsight, I’m glad we never ended up dating and I don’t really care if we aren’t friends anymore. We grew apart so the current person he is or was back when I liked him isn’t very interesting to me anymore. I just get so bitter sometimes because I still see him post on Facebook and he has a long-time girlfriend (who seems pretty cool) and a cat meanwhile I’m still single (always have been) with no cat. I feel bitter like… why did he get to ghost me and have a happy relationship and a cat while I don’t? I mean, I guess I could think it’s because I’ve always been more independent and I know he had a huge phobia of being alone but he doesn’t seem unhappy or codependent now. Well whatever.

No. 1345651

just adopt a cat nonna

No. 1345678

I love this chihuahua talk on lc rn, I really like chihuahuas even if they are kinda neurotic and weird Kek

No. 1345684

not any of the anons you’re replying to but I agree, they’re terrible little gremlins and I love them. I don’t really want another dog but I grew up with a long-haired chihuahua and she was so funny and cute.

No. 1345723

File: 1663724869198.png (404.29 KB, 457x609, unknown (3).png)

I love my chi

No. 1345729

I would like to (actually I have a childhood cat I would like to bring to live with me) but the issue is that I wouldn't have anyone to take care of her (or any other cat) if I were to go home to visit and I live pretty far from home so I'd either have to fly her or drive like 7 hours at a time if I were to take her every time I wanted to go home.

No. 1345812

I am not a dog person, but if I had to get any dog with would be a chihuahua. I love how they always look like they are on the verge of tears, it's cute.

No. 1346324

File: 1663772953371.jpg (32.21 KB, 267x274, 1541110897963.jpg)

One time I farted incredibly loudly in the library bathroom because I thought no one was in there and because I was dealing with unbearable bloating. Turns out there was another woman in there and she started laughing shortly after.

No. 1346627

File: 1663786655206.jpeg (34 KB, 410x373, 4BD5D640-DC35-4591-9C2A-13EC43…)

I’ve had pubic hair all over my body and even on my face ever since I was like 3-4 years old. I remember my parents taking me to the doctors to get blood tests to see what was up and they basically said nothing was wrong. Aside from the body hair, my puberty was pretty normal otherwise, though I might’ve started a little bit earlier compared to others like getting my period at 10. It doesn’t really matter now but it’s weird reminiscing about it

No. 1346753

File: 1663794340273.jpg (141.66 KB, 1080x1080, 20220328_023046.jpg)

I'm definitely a lesbian, but I get off to the idea of domming an imaginary guy. I'm not sexually attracted to men. I don't want to see their genitals or smell them or be with them. But they're so pathetic and cocky it feels right to dream about putting them in their place. I love seeing men embarrassed, or forced to do things they don't want to. They should have their faces pressed into the dirt. They deserve to be beaten and humiliated. I would never do it in real life because I would have to touch a man, but thinking about it makes me feel things. I either fantasize about having a soft, sweet romance with a woman, or making a man cry and bleed in front of everyone. My brain is broken

Also I'm a 32 year old virgin lol

No. 1346880

if it's any consolation, i bet she was only giggling at the noise being funny and not the fact that you farted, but that's just because i would've also laughed for that reason so take that as you will. it's okay nonnie. everybody farts.

No. 1347021

Fuck you Danofags for converting me into one of you!!!!!

No. 1347026

you're not "definitely a lesbian", you're a retarded (likely autistic) het who memed herself into hating men too much to admit you want to fuck them. please stay away from actual lesbians kek

No. 1347115

i do actually like it when skirt go spinny. i promise i am not a tranny though.

No. 1347245

i slept with a morbidly obese bisexual man and he gave me an std and it makes me want to kms. I met him online and I thought he was funny and seemed kind, I thought a man who was so morbidly obese was non threatening. It’s not true he beat me in the hotel room we rendezvoused in. Every single day it haunts me. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea. He seemed smaller to me over the internet and I didn’t know he would be so forceful and manipulative. He told me I needed to have sex with him because he paid for the plane trip and hotel room. It was over a year ago and I still hate myself for it and I feel like I should die because who could ever respect me after learning I did something like that

No. 1347562

I respect you, nonnie

We all do stupid shit that causes us pain, and it’s not your fault he turned out to be different than you expected

All you can do is be safer in the future and it sounds like you’re already there <3

No. 1347564

Maybe I'm asexual then? I'm not attracted to men's bodies at all, gross. When they have the little beard stubble? Ugh

Also did you read the last part? I am staying away from "real lesbians". I stay away from everyone, people are the worst honestly.

No. 1347568

I respect you nona. You were raped and none of this was your fault. No one should respect you less because men are garbage

No. 1347569


No. 1347572

Lmao this reads like a mad moid. Why would I have to be memed into hating you? You're a disgusting parasite. I'd rather die alone than ever feel the chicken-feet hands of a pathetic scrote on my skin.

No. 1347575

>chicken-feet hands of a moid
kek, based

No. 1347579

I was nearly in the same position when i was 19. My parents caught on to my antics and is the only reason why I did not get raped by some Ivan. It's not your fault. We all make terrible judgments about people.

No. 1347584

you did nothing wrong, you just did something a little impulsive looking for the affection of another person and it turned out badly but it is not your fault nor anything to be ashamed of yourself. the man is a sicko and it's not your fault.

No. 1347588

I know this is three days late but I'm the mother resenting anon, and while I think I understand where you're coming from, I still wish I'd had a normal loving mother just so I'd at least have good memories to look back on when the inevitable happens.

No. 1347607

my boss told me this dad he knows who doesnt ever work and moans around to wife are going to get kicked out with his children and the dad has decided its the perfect time to MtF despite their lack of money to keep food on the table. so i told him i am a terf and he said "what? you wouldn't want me to throw on a wig and meet you in the woman's changeroom? are there naked women in there? HAHA" and yes now my boss knows i am a terf.

No. 1347611

I would shag not-a-troon scizoanon, I don't even care if she has kids, if her photos weren't photoshopped or she didn't have plastic surgery then she probably has the nicest body I've ever seen.

No. 1347612

samefag but we are close BTW. hence the conversation.

No. 1347626

what posts are you referring to

No. 1347629

i just had a dream about my highschool crush. I told her she was the most beautiful girl i ever met and i think we were walking outside and then we were cuddling. I had only a few dreams about her since i met her but all of them were very emotional and i felt that for hours afetr waking up. I miss the old days, but i wouldn't do it differently. I was an ugly nerd and though we were friends i never had a chance anyway. She really was the most beautiful girl i've ever seen and i'm okay with being with her only in dreams, but i wish they'd happen more often. She was the only person who naturally smelled delicious to me as well.

No. 1347633

I have a habit of hardly drawing anything for weeks/months at a time and then suddenly spending a week straight drawing copious amounts of porn. Anyway, I’m having a great week.

No. 1348170

File: 1663893206204.jpg (38.23 KB, 500x420, 1663866249683.jpg)

I know it's going to sound schizo, but I think I single handedly contributed a big part to the shift in this website's community after 2019. Call me an idiot if you want to

No. 1348173

Kek more details nonna I’m curious

No. 1348175

Tell us tell us tell us

No. 1348181

It would reveal too much about myself, I rather keep my contributions anonymous

No. 1348183

Awe darn. Would you say it was either the terf or “””uwuification” (idk how else to call it) or something else? You wouldn’t have to go into much detail or share anything at all. It just sounds interesting haha

No. 1348193

I'm not gonna say anything kek. But I'll tell you something, it did make this place more fun to hang around

No. 1348209

File: 1663895760545.png (127.26 KB, 275x275, B85D545B-D072-4575-8527-DE7224…)

At this point is tradition for me to have absolute spergouts on LC whenever I go through a breakup. 6 moids and counting.

No. 1348235

I’m addicted to Reddit and I’ve wasted real money on buying coins to give out awards to.

No. 1348239

Nice. It's ok nonna, it do be like that sometimes

No. 1348276

I am realizing I am too mentally weird to ever make any real friends. I can get along with people, but I have to put on a persona and hide almost all of my real personality. I am very intense, I either love things or I hate them, I think making fun of everything is hilarious, i would kill if it was legal and I don't think I'd even be traumatized. I think about who i'd like to take out and how I'd do it all the time. I think I would enjoy prison to a certain extent. I don't care about nice things and I never buy myself anything because I don't want anything. I hate movies. I don't listen to music by moids. And worst of all, I think 1970s fashion is cool. The only people who know the majority of this is my family and even they think i'm annoying and unpleasant once I reach ~80% real personality.

No. 1348278

Been 3 weeks since I last took a shower and I don't feel like taking a shower today either. Maybe tomorrow.

No. 1348282

File: 1663899863573.png (230.14 KB, 500x495, 1568403816181.png)

>me trying not to judge

No. 1348283

I feel like I understand you. You sound cool.

No. 1348285

If it makes you feel any better i straight up haven't had irl friends since I was 13 (now 25) and I now rely on the internet for all my socialisation needs. I feel like even my online friends find me strange, but at the same time, i do not show them my whole personality and i've already shown them how hard-headed i am when it comes to people. I would also love to shoot people sometimes, but idk about jail tbh. At least i could hone my art skills whilst i am there or learn to crochet with the boomer inmates. I feel like the difference with me is that i don't really require affection, i just like to make silly little comments and fuck off.

No. 1348325

My ex is suicide baiting on insta and one of his friends contacted me in hopes I could reach out and the only thing Im offering that peice of shit is a rope to choke on. Fucking pathetic man. I feel no sympathy; may you suffer

No. 1348329

Hell yeah nonna

No. 1348348

Not that anon but I'm similar age and also haven't had online friends since middle school. Where do you make friends online that are ok with an unusual personality? Places explicitly for meeting ppl are usually normie centrals

No. 1348459

That's the spirit. Fucking amen!

No. 1348492

No. 1348822

File: 1663945835526.jpeg (545 KB, 1490x839, 8BEB1BF0-6CFA-4C69-9C26-F18605…)

I think male nipple removal should become mainstream. There’s something inherently wrong about men’s chests and this simple procedure does a good job at eliminating some of its uncanny valley effect. There’s almost no risk of infection either. It’s more similar to circumcision than any sort of actual body modification as it aims to fix the male form by making it appear more normal opposed to intentionally trying to look freakier with slit tongues & tattoos. It’s just fucking disgusting to see a 30 year old man’s pepperoni nipples peak through his shirt. It should be against the Geneva convention to subject the general populace to the needle-head shaped ones that can somehow prickle through four layers of clothing. It’s unprofessional and it doesn’t matter how expensive your big boy suit is if your man-tits are visible through it. I can’t exactly focus on it’s thread count because you look like the Canadian tranny teacher with two beachballs on his chest. Extremely unsightly. Don’t even get me started on how the y “chromosome” degrading over time has resulted in BOYS growing large gynecomastia nipples. It’s abnormal & makes them look unmasculine. Males should avoid drawing attention to the traits that prove they’re mutilated women, starting from NIPPLES. We know what real nipples look like and what they’re supposed to do, yours look comic in comparison regardless of size. Your pepperonis should be removed for the same reason you shouldn’t wear a dress (it makes people look at your tiny disfigured hips.)

No. 1348824

Nipple autism

No. 1348828

File: 1663946101718.jpeg (200.24 KB, 893x885, 21829F2D-8AA7-4B5F-8B9B-44C045…)

Would you rather I start cutting men’s nipples off with this

No. 1348830

but then what will us nipple enjoyers look at/bite at?

No. 1348831

Do whatever you want, I support women with autism all the way!!

No. 1348835

You can invent a new type of cutting edge technology that will give men nipples that sit under their shirts obediently. Maybe start giving them detachable skin grafts. I don’t know, just don’t subject me to them any further. Do whatever freak shit you want in your private bedroom, not in public with children around.

No. 1348846

I support this autism

No. 1348861

this is the most retarded post i have seen in a while and that's saying something considering i post in the nerd thread

No. 1348872

If you make this a rad fem thing and actually try to push it you could probably get rightwing media to pick it up lul

No. 1348884

Will this get men desperate for female attention to get the nip-chop?

No. 1348899

you can meme men into anything with enough irony and anime, they got memed into fucking trannies and voting trump after all

No. 1348920

this is the only thing japan has got right. no moid nipples allowed.

No. 1349031

Damn, are you me? I fucking hate every group of people and I can't even enjoy movies anymore knowing that Hollywood is run by degenerate moids. I also have a ton of antisocial thoughts about people I think deserve to die that only my family knows about. I have no real friends either.

No. 1349034

My pussy has been quite leaky recently and sometimes I sniff my underwear or even look at my pussy in a hand mirror and it makes me even more horny. I think there is something wrong with me.

No. 1349046

No. 1349276

Sorry for having a wet ass p-word. It will not happen again.

No. 1349286

No. 1349294

You probably assume I must be a tranny troll, but no, I'm just that desperate. There really is something wrong with me. Sorry.

No. 1349296

I am not, was merely bewildered by the transparency

No. 1349325

Did you link the website somewhere kek?

No. 1349342

Probably to radblr or something

No. 1349349

It's cringeshow

No. 1349358

you say im a self-insert mary sue slut, but the truth is i have 50 billion boyfriends and they all love me and youre just mad that im having way more fucking fun than you ever will.
You know whats your damage? Maybe you should try having 50 billion boyfriends too because then you might not be such a salty jealous bitch.
Im just saying.

No. 1349359

This is the confessions thread not the try your hand at satire metaposting thread

No. 1349365

last time i checked this isnt the minimodding thread either, weird.

No. 1349369

Maybe if you learned how to read you wouldn’t be such a salty jealous bitch. Just saying.

No. 1349373

I like man nips

No. 1349381

I cannot tell if any of these are real confessions or if copypastas are being misplaced into the wrong thread

No. 1349394

File: 1663962198414.jpg (20.29 KB, 457x670, ecr8e5coc3u61.jpg)

Sorry to disappoint

No. 1349406

are there any nippleless yakuza edits?

No. 1349447

No. 1349463

why do men have nipples? isnt the whole point of them to lactate? how did they get away from evolution?

No. 1349474

I heard all fetuses start off XX, which is why they have nipples before losing the based X and gaining a Y instead. Just defective moid things

No. 1349515

File: 1663967026318.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.28 KB, 744x450, 9CAB5E08-9A1B-4756-BF9D-F2FF3C…)

For me to suck and touch and stare at

No. 1349516

You want to take away my one happiness in this life?

No. 1349527

This isn't true, you have your final sex chromosomes at conception

No. 1349530

File: 1663967775702.jpeg (24.74 KB, 563x353, 1653195428312.jpeg)

I was happy that we're going to have a brunch at a nice restaurant with friends but then I remembered that one of them doesn't fucking know how to behave and will make it embarrassing. She'll sit like an gigantic baby because she's too fat to cross her arms and legs however she wants now, spill food and drinks on her clothes yet again and spend the rest of the day with dirty clothes, burp loudly and point at people to talk about them as loudly as possible, smell bad, have greasy skin and hair full of knots because she thinks her hair is curly when it's barely wavy so she won't brush it on purpose, but she'll show up with a full makeup face to try and fail to compensate for all of this, she'll be late because of course, etc. I don't know why but it's pissing me off for some reason. I don't have enough patience for this anymore. I wonder what it's like to hang out with normal looking people nowadays.

No. 1349551

i'm pretty sure some enbies/trannies already remove their nipples

No. 1349566

people are disagreeing but you're right. nipples on men bother me so much

No. 1349568

File: 1663970103735.png (15.1 KB, 511x271, 125177734898173.png)

The golden rule

No. 1349586

File: 1663971486373.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.19 KB, 570x538, images (5).jpeg)

No. 1349814

I really, really want my best friend to stay in Spain, I don't want her to come back here and spend more time with her stupidly disfunctional family, specially because of her tard strength haver abusing Down's syndrome brother that always hurts her and the rest of her family.
I also super hate her dad he's a fucking mental case asshole that should've gotten shot between the eyes when he thought of threatening to stab her for some dumbass shit.
I can visit her at some point, and we barely see each other anyways, I honestly think that if she lived in Spain we would meet each other more often than now, specially since I will go to Africa soon.
I know I'm selfish, and I'm leading her a bit to decide to stay in Spain, but I just want her to be happy. I still told her to like think about it and look for the pros and cons, but I hope she stays and starts with a clean slate, she deserves living in a place with basic services, a calm home and with people that like, at least know how to pretend to love her because she felt loved over there.

No. 1350307

i've never desired children before, but i have a friend who i can't stop fantasizing about marrying and having a family with. he has such a sweet personality, and is already very established despite being only early 20s. he's very responsible and punctual, things i'm not so much. sometimes he confides to me about his bad love life kek i think he's the only man i've ever met who i believe would make a good father. unfortunately i'm 9 years older and it just feels wrong to pursue.

No. 1350496

you make a good point about mipples, but like you mention, the real problem is the fact that they have no hips, and also have extremely bizarre looking legs. someone needs to go back to the drawing board with men. the male shoulder to hip ratio is criminal in 90% of cases and if they aren't going to grow real human legs and hips, they need to lose them and learn to float or something. something must be done.

No. 1350599

I want to suck my husbando's mipples so bad.

No. 1350674

I like to say I’m bisexual but really I think I’m just fooling myself into thinking I like girls because I’m been the target of sexual assault on more than one occasion that I’m hoping one day maybe oh maybe I’m actually gay after all and won’t need to be with men but I’m not. I’m just not. And it makes me cry because while I’m lonely I could never date a woman and men scare me and hurt me but I don’t wanna be alone. I don’t wanna die alone but if I must die I’d rather it be when I’m young so I don’t have to go on on longer than I need to alone.

No. 1350689

File: 1664029612255.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 38.36 KB, 455x398, 30BDC583-1C38-4B64-AEE8-4593AC…)

Aaron Taylor Johnson let me fuck

No. 1350745

go for it anon, you are not pursuing him creeply so i think the 9 year age gap is fine. maybe he's also into you? talking to your crush about bad love life is pretty common (maybe im projecting but i did that all the time to the boys i liked, to be like hey look how single i am)

No. 1350767

A part of me is glad Tik Tok memes are taking over because now I can communicate with people better. Pretty sure the internet is making people stupid and giving them autistic-like behaviors, but I've always been retarded so now we can finally speak the same retarded language.

No. 1350875

In my daily vocab I use things like sisters/girlies/ladies a lot but I always avoid it on LC because it rings off the tranny alarm kek, I do sispost sometimes though if the reply calls for it.

No. 1350882

You can tell when someone is trying too hard

No. 1350884

We should just surgically remove their legs and attach them to a wheelchair remote controlled by their wives kek.

No. 1350885


No. 1350888

No I just have a talent for writing very long rants about specific irks I have.

No. 1350891

Ia that trannies are obvious but imo it's still better to avoid it since accusations sometimes derail entire threads

No. 1350895

Honestly you don't want LC to become like CC where virtually all threads devolves into paranoid suspicions of the eternal tranny behind every post

No. 1350905

I have a friend who talks like this irl, someitmes she calls me "love" and it's so cute

No. 1350909

But it already is that kek

No. 1350912

Just report suspicious posts. Nonnas need to learn to ignore obvious bait

No. 1350927

My last relationship was such a faggy little clownshow it made me realise I'm still in love with my toxic ex.

No. 1350939

I use my OC Donut Steel as a metric to judge irl parents. Wish I could stop, because the results depress me too much.

No. 1350950

I love this exchange lmao

No. 1350966

You're literally posting on CC please just go and have one day off for your birthday

No. 1350972

Have been """""quiet quitting"""" at my job for a while now (aka doing the bare minimum because the place is such a wreck and doesn't pay well as other places) and it feels good not to stress out. My boss is an incompetent coward moid who's allergic to confrontation kek

No. 1350982

Beautiful, everyone should be doing this. Hard work doesn’t pay.

No. 1351019

I have a friend who always calls me dove, and I melt every time lol.

No. 1351021

Metric in what way?

No. 1351054

Comparing actual parents like people I know irl or people I read about online to my ttrpg character. It's legit depressing when real people who have real children show them so little regard that they're outpaced by a magic sailor whose idea of birth control is "not tonight". I just don't know how to handle it when I show more consideration to fictional kids through my oc than real people I know show to their own children. Maybe it's just really bad where I live and parents elsewhere are better. I really hope so.

No. 1351056

is she that one youtuber without eyebrows

No. 1351130

I mainly browse here when I am pooping

No. 1351254

I rather kill myself then be with them so … I better start planning. I can't fuck it up. Thanks for reading.

No. 1351267

Just confessing that's all.

No. 1351269

Who? Are you getting forced into an arranged marriage?

No. 1351271

I just wanted to admit it without someone giving me the usual BS speech about "how God loves me and that life is worth living." Is this the wrong thread for it?

No. 1351273

No, I'm being harassed by losers and abusers and well I'm non binary so it's triggering and too much. It's ok, if you don't get the non binary thing or disagree with it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1351278

I'm just here to confess, not infight. Don't like my post, Then move on.

No. 1351297

quit responding to it

No. 1351337

Holy shit same.

No. 1351362

I like the smell of my boyfriend's feet

No. 1351364

File: 1664068035092.jpg (16.96 KB, 262x192, uihgyjftg.jpg)

I have these feelings of intense anger towards my mom even though she doesn't deserve it. I feel frustrated when I talk with her, so I only speak every few days on superficial stuff. I hate talking about education, finances, major stuff with her.

I wish I was never her daughter.

No. 1351367

I wish social media never banned the phrase kill yourself because some people legitimately need to hear it. Seeing people try to work around it doesn't hit the same, though "kick the chair and swing" and "do the Hannah Baker" have made me giggle in the past.

No. 1351374

>useless tubby rage
is this related to tubby custard

No. 1351377


No. 1351401

I honestly love my face and facial structure and while I'm not solely attracted to people who look just like me, everyone I am attracted to has at least one feature or characteristic that reminds me of me.

No. 1351403

I just drank a sauce packet worths amount of leftover Sichuan chili oil . Now I’m bloated and have a terrible stomach ache. I feel dumb
As fuck.

No. 1351414

I'm 32 but I tell people I'm 24 because of my baby face so I can get away with it

No. 1351453

literally every single one of my friends is in a relationship and it makes me feel like such a loser. i haven't dated in 2 years and i just don't know if i want to. but even my kissless perma virgin friend landed herself a bf and at this point i think the only reason i care is because of how i am perceived as always being the single friend

No. 1351502

why wrong? you're both grown adults, a 9 year old age gap isn't that bad if he is an established, sweet, responsible adult. why not pursue him, nonette? follow your heart

No. 1351578

I love the smell of myself, really hope it has addictive qualities as a bonus. Bestest

No. 1351582

there's a thrill telling people my real age despite the Babyface.

it was a mindfuck for this moid at a bar who launched into a rant about women hitting the wall, thinking. was gonna be another 20 yo syncophant

No. 1351593

oh yuh
My close friends and family knows and they are confused and I looove it

No. 1351620

I just turned 32 and I think as a gift to myself I won't be seeing my parents today.

No. 1351736

>20 and 29 or something
in the reverse situation he would've pursued you, you know that right? An age gap of 9 years and the woman being the younger one is terrible common. I'd pursue him.

No. 1351748

I'm 30 but people at school tell me I look like I'm 25 and are surprised when they hear my age. I'm pretty sure they're just being nice to be

No. 1351755

>30 but looks 25
idk what people think, are 30 year old women supposed to look like old grannies? kek

No. 1351786

I don’t think it’s a big deal when women sexually harass men

No. 1351791

so true nona

No. 1351854

Do you genuinely think women age like 20 years in 5-8 years? If you styled a 25 year old and a 32 year old women exactly in the same clothes, hair and makeup you couldn't be able to tell their ages apart. Literally everyone in their early 30's that I know gets "mistaken for" being in their mid 20's because you don't fucking turn to dust in roughly 5 years.

No. 1351891

Genuinely curious, how did you end up here if you're enby?

No. 1352033

>im enby
>therefore harassment is triggering to me
what is this logic

No. 1352079

I want to slurp my boyfriend’s watery transparent snot. It’s weird bc i never ate my own

No. 1352081

Nonna I would like to strangle you (in Minecraft)

No. 1352082

I don't think god will forgive you for this one

No. 1352110

Fuck you. I like seeing man nipples. Especially if it's cold out. I want to see men embarrassed about their nipples.

No. 1352115

I can’t believe I had to see this in the screenshot thread and then again right here. Today is a dark day.

No. 1352146

File: 1664131976755.jpg (34.59 KB, 500x500, icowthereforeiam.jpg)

>Bitch I'm a cow, bitch I'm a cow,
>I'm not a cat, I don't say meow
~Doja Cat
I think I am a lolcow. Today, to deal with social interaction, I drank some of my mother's whiskey. I close myself off too easily, I accidentally have sexual dreams about girls I like, and my hair is very frizzy. Also, the skin around my fingernails is very bitten, and my discipline needs working on, because I pathetically give up on things too quickly. I could definitely be a cow on this site.
That's why I don't get angry at people who are silly and catalogued on the cow boards, unless they're nonces or they're violent. I am my own lolcow and through this I have fun analysing why I do retarded things I do and why cows do silly things too, on the occasion that I do frequent the 'cow' boards. I used to get angry at people and hate, but my sister in Christ taught me not to put my energy into that, and now I use such things to understand/analyse others, and myself. I think lots of women like doing this. I feel silly pretending I'm not a cow, and I think a lot of us here are 'milky' too. What mirth I feel in finding myself acquainted with the informalities of this website. 'Milky' 'Cow'. It is truly splendid. Yes, I indeed have reason to believe that many of us have BPD, AUTISM, eating disorders, deperssion, many mental ailments save for 'ADHD' for it is both false and homosexual. With gratitude I acknowledge the impact this site has had on my being- that, having observed, I can find my own shortcomings, and adjust said flaws. It is with guilt, that a cow like me browses, but with clarity that she browses too. I am a cow. I witness the cow. I am one with the cow. I think it is interesting, but I do feel terrible when the 'milk' is simply calling girls ugly, as opposed to cataloguing bizarre behaviour. I do believe this site found me.

No. 1352154

File: 1664132174897.jpg (100.46 KB, 510x714, Red_Guy.jpg)

I want to fuck red guy

No. 1352170

Me too

No. 1352172


No. 1352178

No. 1352190

It’s his personality for me

No. 1352195

You stole your mother’s whiskey? You sound like you’re 16.

No. 1352199

he's so smooth, and also tall

No. 1352599

My mom was a stingy woman, so growing up she would not give me any kind of allowance and would often let me starve without food in the morning when I go to school. I sometimes ask her for money but if it exceeds X limit, I just know that she would not give it to me (x limit is two digits.)
I have been stealing money from my family for years behind their backs, and it seems like they don't know who the culprit is. Money just gone missing and I've heard them talking abt it but they don't know who or the reason why their money is gone.
Part of me feels guilty because of this, I just hope that I can be financially stable enough since I've pick up a serious job.

No. 1352643

File: 1664158328320.jpeg (57.55 KB, 755x649, D0C06F05-F2F4-4FBF-8DD4-1EE46D…)

My ex dumped me because of his own insecurities and I think if I had groveled he wouldn’t have gone through with it but I didn’t want to beg so we’re over but all I want is for him to call me.

No. 1352663

New meds are making me wanna bail on a 10 year relationship

No. 1352679

File: 1664163859542.jpeg (32.21 KB, 492x624, images - 2022-08-17T014517.613…)

My father gave me money to use for driving lessons but I was stupid and autistic and I used it to buy shit I didn't need now he keeps asking me about the lessons I have to lie to him and I feel so bad now I don't know how long it will take for me to afford them on my own

No. 1352695

I relate to this, started a new birth control and I'm slowly starting to feel the urge to leave my job and burn my city to the ground. I won't tell my doctor though because I actually like the new me

No. 1352704

How much did he give you?

No. 1352726

What did you spend that much money on???

No. 1352733

A full driving education program usually costs $1000-2000. Why did he give you that much? Can you earn at least that much with a part time job?

No. 1352735

$8,000 would change my life lmao

No. 1352737

I honestly cannot feel bad for you anon, wtf

No. 1352743

What in the hell? Its really that much? My mom threw me the keys to the catering van and told me to get to the event. Imagine being a teen and driving a van filled with wrapped food for 150+ By the time it was legal for me to test i had serious experience

No. 1352845

File: 1664184048917.jpeg (57.99 KB, 623x468, 1652831264898.jpeg)

i like my best friend. i love how smart she is and i could hear her talk about anything for hours. i get her and she gets me in a way that i havent felt with anyone ever. weve been best friends for like 5 years. im never gonna admit it to her. im never finding a woman like her. i know i dont deserve her time.

i feel really selfish and guilty about it. i dont want to ruin things. some context my longest relationship was with my bff who i fall in love with and dated 4 years and she cheated and destroyed my self-esteem for years… i cant do that again. it would kill me. plus im ugly and shes literally the most gorgeous woman ive met and im not blind

tl;Dr im living in my own nana relality but its not quirky and fun when i do it

No. 1352851

Pet play is gross and I love to kinkshame, but I bought a pair of cat ears from a kink oriented creator years ago because they were cute and an exact match for my hair color at the time (also there were not as many people making them as there are now). I still wear them as part of a costume and if someone asks me where they're from, I pretend I forgot or say they're aliexpress ears that I customized.

No. 1352867

Gotta be bait

No. 1352868

Nona I give you exactly one month (max) before you are posting about making your Nigel wear cat ears

No. 1352899

I was watching an old concert lately and the singer (my celeb crush) randomly started panting like dog and crawling around like one too inbetween songs. No idea what possessed him to do it but it was equal parts cringe and hot.

No. 1352902

is he a K-pop singer

No. 1352910

No but I've seen that gif posted here so much that I can't help but be reminded of it any time I replay my own fave PUP BOY kek

No. 1353030

I feel you…I confessed to my friend [first love]and the same thing happened to me…she cheated on me. It sucks because when I fall in love I don't even notice looks and instead notice on how they make me feel and if I can talk to them about anything and they make me laugh and are reliable. So I will always unfortunetly and most likely fall for friends in the future. Does the pain of that happening to you ever get better? Do you still talk to your ex? Sorry for the questions, mine happened just recently.

No. 1353063

think I have a lasting crush on bald-chan. i hope shes having a nice day

No. 1353151

I live on a small holding and I name my animals after cows.

No. 1353213

I always get so incredibly jealous when I read about the pricing in other countries. Here it's averaging around $2000 to $3000 atm and it's only getting more expensive by the year lol.

No. 1353229

File: 1664212729696.png (97.99 KB, 291x397, elli.png)

My waifu from my most played childhood game is partly responsible for me choosing the job I did.

No. 1353261

Are you the Harvest Moon anon? Harvestpill me, which game should I play first? I heard there's a stupid one where the game ends when you get married as a woman.

No. 1353278

File: 1664214303851.png (2.45 MB, 1280x968, R4kjxPC.png)

Based, Elli is cool. I liked Mary too.

No. 1353286

I just crushed a fly with a spoon and I feel so guilty. We've had too many maggots lately so I get paranoid when I see them in our kitchen.

No. 1353294


No. 1353331

File: 1664216775898.png (22.18 KB, 200x200, yuzumytriooftownshusbando.png)

You've got to be more specific, I have posted about HM several times already, but I think I'm not the only one.
I'd say Friends of Mineral Town, but that might be the nostalgia talking, or Harvest Moon DS if you want to play it on NDS while being a bit more modern. Character-depth wise I'd definitely say Trio of Towns is the best game, if FoMT weren't my first, this one would probably be my fave to be honest. Though I gotta say, if you're not familiar with the game mechanics and have to figure everything out for the first time, it might be a bit overwhelming (on the other hand, it's a literal childs game, so how hard can it be?), so I'd say play one of the older games. If you want an actual story with a clear goal, I'd recommend A Wonderful Life, although the OG is already about 20 years old, so if you have a switch, you could wait for the recently announced re-release (also, the male bachelors finally look good, and I hope Marlin gets a major attitude revamp lol). Or Magical Melody, but I've never finished that one. Can't recommend Sunshine Islands or A Tale Of Two Towns at all, the villagers might be cute, but the story is dragging on terribly.
There are several games iirc, Back To Nature for sure, and one of them was one of the GBC games though I'm not sure which one. I vaguely remember MM ending if you end up marrying Jamie, but I might be wrong.
Mary was my second wife! I always wanted to marry Anna (all of the moms, except Lilia, actually…) so my logic back then was "Close enough, I guess" lol.

No. 1353620

Made a Reddit account to give randos online relationship advice but I can’t fix my own.

No. 1353773

Sometimes I say dumb shit and i'm joking/acting more retarded then I already am, but Nonnies/or irl people take me serious and I start believing what I'm saying may have some truth to it.

No. 1353794

I haven’t socialized with anyone in over a year and I no longer remember that last time I went to a bar or movie theater.

No. 1354078

I know this is stupid and I'll never have an answer, but I spend some spare time thinking about why I'm attracted to women. Not aspects I like about them, but what made me this way. It wasn't ever something I chose but I don't know that I agree with being ~born this way~. I think about all the social and environmental factors, I have thoughts but that's all they are. Just thoughts, not suggestions or plausible ideas. I don't dislike being this way at all. I wouldn't dream of changing it. It doesn't stop me or get in the way. I'm not launching a hypothesis or writing a shitty book about it, I just wonder about it when I have the alone time. Opening up about it to anyone irl would get me torn apart so I guess that's the confession aspect. People would get defensive I think, "straights were born that way though and no one asks what made them straight!" and it's like, well maybe they could. It isn't a bad thing, but you won't get answers.

No. 1354090

I’m a cheapskate and I use paper towels and socks as pads.

No. 1354102

File: 1664276867767.jpg (132.3 KB, 1164x952, ReusableSanitaryTowelsPads_129…)

Have you considered getting yourself some washable cloth pads, anon?

No. 1354125

God that's fucking horrible! Love yourself more please anon… I've tried using paper towels before for those random times when my period comes early and it's so goddamn uncomfortable, how can you even deal with it like that? at least use something softer, socks also sound way too rough

No. 1354135

good god anon, I would just buy some real ones for you if I could.

No. 1354141

I'm not a lesbian but I drew the conclusion that the reason no one wants to discuss 'why' someone is gay is because it will undermine your own political battles such as the right to gay marriage. Gay rights got traction with the argument no one chooses to be gay and could never have been anything else. (For my perspective, I do believe that people are 'born gay' and I'm not saying they aren't). No one is going to let you pull the rug out from under that idea even just as idle talk. And furthermore it runs the risk of kids of a certain sex not being allowed to do certain things for fear of it turning them gay (well actually people already do this but mostly for males I think). Or parents being accused of having turned their kid gay. It's really a dangerous path to take a public conversation down. Anyway, a while ago I read something about lesbians potentially having been exposed to more androgens in the womb but I don't know if it was a legit article.

No. 1354161

NTA, I think this discussion is very similar to thoughts about gender in relation to a certain type of trauma revolving around sexism. It's almost taboo to discuss.
I've heard of hypothesis of lesbians being exposed to more androgens in the womb, not sure if I can be behind it, even still it's something that occurs before we were born so it's something that just happens.

No. 1354162

Girly listen to me please, do not use fabric. Specially not fabric that you use somewhere else.
I got an UTI from drying off with a towel once after rinsing with water. Also because I didn't want to waste paper. That UTI turned into vulvodinya and now I live with chronic pain and have to spend a lot of money on treatment.

No. 1354166

>I got an UTI from drying off with a towel once after rinsing with water.
like an already used towel or?

No. 1354186

I often like my own IG posts because I enjoy my own humor a lot

No. 1354189

i see nothing wrong with this

No. 1354211

That's not how all UTIs work.

No. 1354222

Using a used hand towel even once can give you a uti, herpes, scabies, etc you need to stop being weird

No. 1354240

I neglect dogs when they grow up. I don’t know maybe it’s my mood disorder that happened to coincide but I used to be very involved with my mom’s dogs when they were babies but now I only give them pets. I feel really bad about it.

No. 1354245

I barely laugh at comedic shows or movies, even the ones I like. I feel like the only way I can actually laugh is if I'm by myself thinking up shit or if I'm talking to another person and we have good banter. I guess I only watch comedic media to appreciate the clever jokes? It always confuses me when people shit themselves laughing at a show or movie. They're just never quite that hilarious to me.

No. 1354249

File: 1664286477901.png (15.15 KB, 128x128, unamused-face_1f612.png)

>It always confuses me when people shit themselves laughing at a show or movie.
Same. I never got it. I wonder if it's just the type of humor or my weird autism. I can chuckle sometimes when I see certain things that click but most of the time I sit there with this expression in my face. It's rare if I ever laugh watching media.

No. 1354252

I think laughter is something we do 'for' or 'with' other people to an extent. It's part of the reason sitcoms have laugh tracks. I'll extremely rarely laugh out loud at something when I'm by myself. It has to be top tier hilarious. Also most comedy isnt really laugh out loud funny to begin with. It's mildly amusing at best.

No. 1354254

I only laugh a little when there's a funny scene but not during a whole comedic movie or episode. And only if I don't exepct anything, which is why I hate movie trailers that show these scenes out of context and just ruin them. I liked Everything Everywhere All at once a lot and I found some parts funny but if I saw any spoilers and trailers before seeing it this weekend because it was released way after the US here I would have been bored to death for example.

No. 1354255

Yeah, laughing is mostly social. I think people that laugh out loud at movies are the minority actually, since I don't remember the whole audience pissing themselves laughing at comedy movies either. When someone is funny in a conversation, you laugh because it's part of showing sympathy and how friendly you are, it's rarely knee-slapping material.

No. 1354260

>you laugh because it's part of showing sympathy and how friendly you are
Nta but I never do that, I prefer if people amuse me for real

No. 1354262

It's hard for me to see women who have had sex with men as people, it just disgusts me a lot. I realized I drifted away from my old friends after they told me they weren't virgins anymore, I know they're good people it's just not something I can handle. I know it's immaturity on my part but it genuinely ruins my opinion of other women I can't reconcile it.

No. 1354267

samefag obviously I don't demean them or anything, I don't say anything about it to them at all.

No. 1354268

sounds moid like

No. 1354273

lol you're so insecure. 'Hard to see them as people' get off the internet and touch grass. work on not hating yourself.

No. 1354274

Somewhat adjacent to that, I think sexually submissive/masochistic women are repulsive (unless they are lesbians). Whenever I hear women casually talk about their nigel domming them or how much they love catering to him I want to throw up.

No. 1354279

Honestly? Same

No. 1354283

that's retarded. it's the one who choose to have children with men, despite already having misgivings about them or seeing the warning signs, that you should feel this way about.

No. 1354285

>It's hard for me to see women who have had sex with men as people
Nona this is like something I'd read on /r9k/

No. 1354290

I feel this way towards promiscuous women, how can you submit yourself to constant humiliation and grossness by fucking men? Just to get some average dick and no orgasm? Hell naw

No. 1354300

I’m not a virgin but I feel this way when some girls brag about fucking tons of guys. 8 out of 10 guys are shit at sex. And like at least 6 out of 10 won’t even go down on you, especially if it’s a one night stand. Yet they expect you to suck their dicks like your life depended on it. Also the risk of STDs. Ewewew.

I understand if it’s an FBW type of situation, because you actually know the person and have at least some sort of sexual chemistry. But I don’t believe any of the women who claim that frequent one night stands are ohhh so amazing and empowering.

No. 1354302

Oh are you the anon who keeps telling anons who talk about anything involving heterosexual intimacy they’re disgusting or whores

No. 1354317

I feel like FWB are a terrible deal for women too. Most men are selfish + awful in bed while too many women are shit at vetting their partners and will keep going back for horrible sex because it makes them feel "desired." It's just a bad combination.

No. 1354330

I get to a point, since it usually comes from a mentality of trying to please men (even when those men aren't around). I remember one girl who had a whole calendar where she counted what sexual acts and how often they performed with her new bf and showed it off like a point of pride. Like who cares how many blowjobs you give him, do you enjoy any of it?

No. 1354368

>FBW type of situation
Nah, unpopular opinion or whatever, but if y'all having sex is not a f friendship anymore, the scrote will just use you for sex without even having to claim you, women always get the shit end of the stick with fwbs

No. 1354375

FWB is such a meaningless expression now too. It's one thing when two friends start fucking, but many already start out as "FWB", where the man doesn't even bring do the friend part. It's just a nicer name for bootycalls now.

No. 1354377

I think the same but I thought it was the autism. Sometimes a friend will tell me she had sex and when I think about it I get grossed out because like… you always seem so proud and you went to degrade yourself for a shitty man?

No. 1354388

>FWB is such a meaningless expression now too.
NTA, but true, I need a new term. What's it called when you want a friend and you do some romantic shit and maybe some physical intimacy? Every word or term for it ends up being fucked up by scrotes reducing it to meaning "person you only text at 2am". And whatever scrotes do ends up getting projected on me.

No. 1354392

This reaction though, I can understand. Degrading yourself for the sake of a moid? No. Completely wrong.

No. 1354400

"Friends" don't do romantic shit anon, get real

No. 1354418

Why does it have to be such a dichotomy? Either be friends and not do any romantic shit, or you have to get into an official romantic relationship with all the neurosis and expectations which come with that? You've never done anything which could be construed as romantic for a friend, at all?

No. 1354436

>You've never done anything which could be construed as romantic for a friend, at all?
No? why would i? it's a friendship, unless the friendship naturally evolved into a romance if i want to do romantic things with a scrote then they never was my friend but a love interest

No. 1354437

eh, depends I guess. The only great regular sex (with a man) I had was when I was in a “no strings attached” situation. Sex in long term relationships on the other hand wasn’t always a good experience for me.

No. 1354453

I've even gone on dates with straight friends before, because it helps them get over scrote drama easier and increases their self esteem. I take great joy in raising straight women's standards, because if I can treat her that well as just a friend, scrotes have no excuse.

No. 1354462

I kinda get what you mean, retards are gonna purposely be dense about this though

No. 1354508

You really should not be calling other people retards kek.

No. 1354517

This week I've realized that some weirdo anons really do want to be in control of what other women, especially the women they know, do. If a woman does something they disapprove of they start to hate them.

No. 1354518

My country's equivalent of 200 dollars which is enough for ten lessons, I decided to get the lessons by doing two at a time, with I can afford with my freelance jobs…

No. 1354572

>I remember one girl who had a whole calendar where she counted what sexual acts and how often they performed with her new bf and showed it off like a point of pride.
That is so pathetic, holy shit.

No. 1354594

this is barely a secret, nor one i’m even ashamed of, but it’s a funny story

>be me, maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding

>she’s been telling the bridesmaids party about how her future sister in law has never liked her because she views her as “stealing her brother”
>fucking ew
>we pay it no mind and thought that it would’ve resolved itself by then
>day of the wedding has arrived
>SIL is no where to be seen, she said she was going to be at the hotel for hair and makeup preparation
>she texts everyone that she’s getting her hair and makeup done else where and that she’d meet us at the venue
>ok, whatever.

>fast forward to the venue, everyone starts getting ready to get into their position for the ceremony

>she isn’t a bridesmaid but she gets first row family seats on groom side (as customary)
>she walks in 5 minutes before bride is meant to start her walk, wearing a WHITE DRESS, with the exact same hair and makeup as the bride
>come to realize that she’s friends with the makeup artist.
>she also stands next to the last bridesmaid in line near the alter.
>i can’t see any of this initially because i’m turned away, and before i can do anything, it’s too late.
>very fortunate that someone’s aunt actually pulls her down to sit at a seat before the ceremony started.

my friend (the bride) didn’t see any of this as she walked up to the alter and finished the ceremony like a champ. but right after she turns around for the kiss, she sees her in a white dress… we can all see her face drops.

>reception starts

>i motion for SIL to meet me in the bathroom to let me fix her hair since i saw some curls fell out
>as im walking behind her, i spill my entire glass of red wine on the back of her dress.
>she doesn’t feel it at all
>i point it out in the bathroom and two other bridesmaids come in and already have a different green or black dress ready
>she claims we harassed her into changing and spilled the wine on her on purpose
>of course we absolutely did that so we immediately gaslight her and anyone else who asked
>she leaves the reception two hours early.

i guess my confession is that i did in fact spill the wine and we did collectively gaslight her. i promise this is a real story, it sounds very “and they all clapped” but this was 2010 and i feel like NLOGs were in full force back then.

she ran a twee fashion blog and has somehow reinvented her entire disintegrating family narrative into one where she’s was a progressive black sheep and that her brother married a women with internalized misogyny for not wanting her to wear white at her wedding…

No. 1354600

What the fuck. I've heard of MILs acting out like this but not the sister??? Is your friend still with this guy?

No. 1354612

No. 1354623

>i spill my entire glass of red wine
Based, wtf was wrong with her

No. 1354670

File: 1664307231981.jpg (27.1 KB, 339x444, 8cc.jpg)

Nonny, you are the best. Bless your soul. Is your best friend still married? How does/did she handle such sister in law? Everything you mention literally sounds like my sister in law. She accused me of stealing the entire family's spotlight (mind you, we've got an age gap of 4 years) and has been skinwalking me for years now. I think the family have noticed that too, but they don't seem to comment about it in front of me.

No. 1354722

Every time I see a girl hotter than me on TikTok posting thirst traps I block them. Yes I am a hater and I don’t support all women.

No. 1354730

Absolutely based. Your poor best friend might be getting married to a mistake though, I hope the husband tells his sister to fuck off

No. 1354761

No. 1354774

I want to know where they all are now. Spill

No. 1354783

There are times I desire to start a NEET piss jug especially late at night when I really don't want to get up. What stops me is not having a dick.

No. 1354811

did she want to fuck her brother? what a freak.

No. 1354920

I make shitty promises and then ghost the people I made them to.

No. 1354930

Get yourself a she-wee or other chinese knock off funnel brands and live the dream, anon

No. 1354931

Im on the toilet and dying and I’m sure I made an exact post like this before. I had dairy

No. 1354934

Was it worth it nonnie

No. 1354954

I will always love you. Always. You'll always be in my heart forever. I know you don't deserve it after what you did to me. But I want you to know that despite everything you will always have a special place in my heart and I still think the world of you. I can see that you have always been lost, but I cannot help you no matter how much I want to. You need to do this yourself. I'm going to pray for you at night that hopefully someone can teach you what love really is.

No. 1355057

I was stoned watching the Willy Wonka remake movie and I almost had a panic attack at the part where Violet turns into a blueberry. It was the intense body horror combined with knowing that this exact scene awakened a bunch of sick inflation fetishists. This shit is why I can't smoke every day anymore

No. 1355072

This is beautiful and bittersweet.

No. 1355105

File: 1664335374806.jpg (49.19 KB, 597x676, 1660240117152.jpg)

I recommend people watch movies from other cultures because when I saw a post-war noir crime thriller from France years ago, there was a short scene of a man crumpled in the dirt, absolutely wailing and inconsolable about the murder of his wife and now I can’t watch any american films where a slightly ruffled, lightly misty eyed man tries to convince you that he’s upset that his wife’s dead.

No. 1355109

What movie nonny?

No. 1355111

most american directors treat the viewers like autistic babies that need to be told what's happening on screan, watch the original oldboy and then the remake and you will understand

No. 1355121

American movies are ham for morons but how does one avoid the incest and child lust prevalent in French films? Better: what other countries have movies worth watching?

No. 1355209

I laugh at this by myself

No. 1355223

I was getting really depressed over how I've had several relationships that ended because he wanted to be with someone else. I've always blamed myself for not doing the right things and then I remembered that Jared and Holly are still together and absolutely miserable so most of the time people who pull this shit are only making things worse for themselves.

No. 1355227

>ared and Holly are still together and absolutely miserable
they are? I haven't checked on them for a while.

No. 1355234

I think they broke up recently, actually. He moved out and she's deleted all photos of them together on her Instagram at least.

No. 1355236

I just checked the thread and apparently not kek. Karma kicked Holly's ass about a month ago. So many long term relationships are also surprisingly bad, even people I know in real life.

No. 1355283

I also want to know!

No. 1355300

I dreamed I had sex with Shayna and she was a really sweet person and the sex was great. The sex was also being streamed online and the thread was watching us and making fun of us viciously. I haven't even been following her thread in months.

No. 1355331


No. 1355387

She also did some kind of balloon animal trick where she pulled my clit into the shape of a penguin. It was impressive.

No. 1355438

I don’t have sympathy for elderly males. You spent your youth living by the “jungle rules” but now want us to believe the weak deserve kindness. You’re not a woman now that your dick doesn’t work anymore (but I bet you still watch porn.) You’re in competition with the young studs and you’re losing. I’m not going to treat you like a granny because you probably used to beat granny up when your body still worked. I’m not going to give you my bus seat, throw hands if you want it TOOTHLESS COYOTE.

No. 1355440

Did that hurt your dream clit or were you just wowed?

No. 1355445

or when they need their wives (read: mommy caretaker nurses) to do everything for them, from remembering exactly what medicine they need to take or when. 80% of my work involves working with the elderly and elderly moids get nastier and meaner for no good reason other than they can. get 70+ y/o men bitching about the cost of viagra… with that attitude how the fuck are you trying to get laid? you full body bruise if there is a slight breeze but you're going to shell out almost $300 for 5 boner pills. not to mention, they're all so fucking ignorant and annoying. every time i have to assist an old man all I can think about is how they're gonna die within 2 years and no one will mourn them

No. 1355451

You’re absolutely right and justified with all of your complaints. Elders are the only age group in which women are merrier than males, probably because their husbands already kicked the bucket. Really puts into perspective how much of a burden scrotes are, even being bedridden in a hospice is made tolerable without their presence.

No. 1355458

I keep on viewing extremist content online.

I am not going to do anything radical, I actually hate violence and have been learning to forgive and make peace these past few years, furthermore, it would be pretty retarded if someone from my background subscribed to those ideas. It just feels like finding these obscure websites is kind of exciting and hidden it's like I'm eavesdropping on the gunpowder plot in 1605. You can get access to places that are hard to find. I originally just had edgy humour, and found that kind of stuff. Sometimes it is scary, and I keep going back to it, because it's like trespassing on private property, or staying up late when you're supposed to be asleep, but I don't subscribe to any of the ideas at all.

No. 1355465

I might be getting my scrote residency in my non-shithole country by marrying him. Could be life or death. It's only been 9 months since I've met him, but we trust and really love each other. I can't help but think this may be a mistake. I've always had a fear of something going wrong or him being untrustworthy in some way (which isn't based on any of his actions or words, it's just a fear I have, but I don't think it's irrational). I'm scared and I feel like some sort of class traitor by not only marrying him but letting my love for him possibly make a huge decision in my life.

No. 1355467

Why is it that men always fall in love with women who can grant them material things like citizenships?

No. 1355468

How well do you know him? Have you been living together already? Is he the one urging you to do it? Do you feel like he might be using you because of things you've spotted on his behaviour?

No. 1355470

just be prepared for him to leave you once the documents are approved, happens a lot fucking more than you'd think tbh

No. 1355476

I know him well, i think, we haven't been living together but we do stay at each others' houses for 4 days to a week, and we've been on week trips together, but this doesn't exactly count, I know.
He didn't urge me to do it - very very stupidly I proposed this idea to him myself.
Of course, anything could be possible in terms of narc behavior but he said he's fine if he has to stay in his country while I leave (we're in the same country). On the whole, I don't feel like he's using me.
I'll keep that in mind

No. 1355478

curious indeed…

No. 1355497

Is this trust based on anything concrete he did, how he acts, or his personality? 9 months isn't a long time at all, but it depends how often you've been talking. I knew I loved and could trust my Nigel 6 months in, but we had been talking every day for hours about almost every topic under the sun. We got to know each other better than people who have known each other for years.

No. 1355507

I don’t believe in “male murder victims.” All men deeply desire to die because they’re incapable of creation. Their barren bodies and minds crave death, and a grown man could easily defend himself from a murderer. A man letting himself get murdered is giving explicit consent. This is especially true about the extraordinarily rare cases in which the perpetrator is a woman. Men are honoured when a woman cares so much about them that she takes it upon herself to stab him in the chest 27 times. It means she cares. Plus, any man could overpower any woman. She basically assisted him in his suicide. The only reason female-on-male murders are punished is because male judges get sexually jealous of the dead man. They want to be him more than anything else, and in their seething jealousy decide to punish the woman instead. The rush of hormones leaking out of their prostates impair their judgement. They squirm as their tingly winky’s go wild, making their butts work a sweat. Literally just leaking cum into their pants wishing he was the one being cut open on the autopsy table. You know it’s true.

No. 1355513

This reads as a deranged sex fantasy

No. 1355514

We've been talking very frequently and for long stretches of time as well. I tiptoed in the beginning of the relationship looking for signs of toxicity or abusiveness, but I haven't found any. I asked him about this fear and he said it never crossed his mind to use me, he doesn't like owing someone something, which is why he doesn't want any inheritance from his parents (house, money, material things).

No. 1355518

Jodie shitposting from prison confirmed

No. 1355520

Trust your instinct. Something huge like this you want to be 100% certain and confident in your decision. 9 months is absolutely nothing compared to the lifetime of potential regret you are signing up for.

No. 1355521

No. 1355522

>I know him well, i think
>not cohabitating
Nona don't do it. Not yet at least. It's only been 9 months there's literally no rush.

No. 1355545

File: 1664372371930.jpg (89.4 KB, 960x720, 0370970.jpg)

I haven't had any form of social media account since myspace. I never made a facebook because I was scared of my friends finding out that I didn't have more friends, which resulted in me losing contact with my friends after graduation and not wanting to use instagram because I didn't have friends anymore. Now it feels impossible to make new friends without a social media presence, like even if you meet someone in person they'll think you're weird and not follow up if you don't have an instagram. I genuinely don't know what to do. If I could go back in time I'd beat the shit out of myself for making bad decisions out of fear.

No. 1355553

I think you made good decisions social media wise. You can make friends with anyone as long as you meet up with them frequently if you can’t talk to them online.

No. 1355554

Is he retarded? You can't owe someone for an inheritance, they're dead.

No. 1355567

Dear anon, I was bullied into creating a facebook in college because the girls in my group project implied I was some kind of loser for not having one just cause they wanted to keep tabs on me lol.

I won't deny that having it probably facilitated some nice friendships I've had over the years, but the reality is it came with a lot of drama attached and equally as many people who didn't end up liking me. Would we even have the majority of lolcows on this website without their socials? It's the easiest way to tell on yourself. You really didn't miss out, like for like.

No. 1355573

Glad I wasn't the only one that felt they had to have that shit. Deleting it all was the best things I've done for myself and I still have friends that keep in touch with me.

No. 1355586

Feel free to send me to horny hell for this one. But when I found out my 3D husbando was dating a woman near my age despite being a decade older than her (and myself) my first thought was "Damn so I could've had a chance too?" I guess it's like before I thought "oh we couldn't be compatible anyway because of the age difference" but then learning how he isn't bothered by that, if I had social skills and he was still single I would've immediately swooped right in. I know it's wrong to think that and he's wrong for dating that way, and realistically it wouldn't work out even if I could date him. Unfortunately I still like him despite knowing he's like that. though this is really the only time he's ever dated someone near my age but otherwise he used to date women sort of near (but not exactly) his age and apparently even older.

However there is a lot of speculation that the relationship might not even be real in the first place, there is something a bit off with how it's presented compared to his previous relationships, but now is not the time to address that. I don't really know for certain.

No. 1355594

Do they imply they think you're weird or do you just think they think you're weird for not having social media? I don't have social media either, haven't had it in 10+ years and I don't get that at all. You've just got to be confident about your decision.

No. 1355600

Same for me but it wasn't for this reason, it was because the students AND teachers were giving info on fb instead of using emails, which resulted in me being fucked over multiple times because I was never told anything important and it made me miss classes or go to uni for 8am and find out there that the 8am class is cancelled and the next one is for three hours later. Don't get me started on group projects. My (retarded) friends use it just for messenger instead of using anything else that's equivalent or better and way safer because "I like the pop up thing on my phone I can reply while still listening to music on youtube xD". If it weren't for them I would have deleted my account as soon as I graduated.

No. 1355608

It's mostly that there's always a part of the conversation where they ask if I have an instagram or something so they can contact me later and I have to mumble something about not using social media anymore which always seems to make things awkward. I think you're right though anon, saying it confidently would probably help.

No. 1355613

It hit me the other day. I don’t care. I don’t care what a bunch of mentally ill non functioning privileged retards think. Lunatics don’t live in reality. Why would I listen to the ravings of a mad man? Every single dumb fuck who thinks gender is real or transitioning or all the sexist shit like sexed brains are fucking crazy. Or men are more logical or whatever the fuck. They’re delusional and I have no respect for any of them. You’re admitting you don’t live in the real world and you don’t understand real struggles. Your parents should have coddled you less but they were to busy drinking their own feelings and mental illness away. You’re not my friends. You’re not my equals. You’re the mental patients that have escaped and everyone is being forced to be nice to you and I wish we could tell you you’re fucking stupid and no one likes you.

No. 1355648

I'm late but there is actual studies about this, it's a quite complex and very intersting, you should check out the Biology and sexual orientation wikipedia. Knowing that a lot of species had homexuals paring was such a huge relief and moment of acceptation to me, I hope that you can find an answer that will give you peace.

No. 1355652

I've seen a few studies that connect homosexuality with CSA/trauma and I haven't been able to make myself read them. I prefer your view.

No. 1355719

I feel like the whole 'but I was born this way' speech is the number one way that people tell homophobes to knock it off already. That if you treat sexuality as any different than that it can invite people to start picking it apart again and demonizing it. I sometimes question if its more complicated than that too but its not a discussion many people want to have. No part of me thinks being gay is bad but I think there might be more factors at play.

I don't know how concrete this is but apparently lesbians have higher rates of pcos. And trans people who take hormones often report a shift in sexuality, especially tifs.

No. 1355747

No. 1355754

why yikes? nonnie giving no quarter to misogynists and TRAs is based asf

No. 1355763

Found the mental patient not being coddled.

No. 1355833

Based. I would add they're incurable, too. Big pharma and the mental health industry has lied to you that pills and drugs can actually /heal/ mental illnesses, but the only thing they do is helping you to cope a little bit better/manage your neurotoxins to help you to not kill yourself. which is important but there is no cure in the medical sense for most mental illnesses, just coping better and those people don't want to cope better, they want to be enabled. They want to be big babies, and society agrees with them so it's worthless to keep them in your life. "Wainting for them to snap out of it" is usually just a big waste of time especially if they're already adults. The mental health complex can't do nothing for them as i already said above and they surely find enablers and handmaidens to fuel their shit, as is the socially aceptable thing to do now. Not giving a fuck is the best thing to do.

No. 1356008

File: 1664389542574.gif (86.76 KB, 298x278, 7E2B866C-695E-4766-BECD-A871E7…)

I hate having abandonment issues and placing my self worth on other people.

No. 1356013

Not to argue but no one ever claims that meds can cure your mental illness… literally first thing you'll hear from a psych if you're to be medicated

No. 1356043

I want to make this neverhappens2. Trannies are my special interest and this shit has to stop.

No. 1356051

Do it. Get a better special interest though.

No. 1356054

They unfortunately invaded everything I loved. Autistic problems I know.

No. 1356066

This website peaked me and I'm incredibly thankful for it.
I can't believe I was somewhat of a tranny adjacent two months ago and now I hold onto much more sane beliefs. Hope this will happen to more women too.

No. 1356073

How did it happen nona?

No. 1356115

I look at a personal cow’s social media now and then for the keks and it truly satisfies me that a tradwife wannabe is falling down a rabbit hole of MLMs, fad diets on pintrest, and just now learning basic finances. Its a guilty pleasure considering she was so confident while pregnant but the baby daddy has been caught cheating! Keep hashtaggin’ you moron. Your #perfectlife is one of the best dumpster fires I've ever witnessed. Bitch you work at panera and you're a failed esthetician. Ps you need some moisturizer and your man is ugly as fuck. No face tuning can fix him

No. 1356124

Same anon it sucks. I recently ruined my relationship because I placed all my self worth on him and was so fucking needy. Wishing you the best though and that you'll overcome it at some point

No. 1356129

Ntayrt but I was also peaked here and honestly what did it for me personally was just seeing screenshots of horrible things they do and say. I'd start browsing mtf and trans subs on Reddit too just to see if those things were actually common or outliers and that cemented it for me, the amount of sexism I saw there is just insane. People on twitter and reddit always talk about how terfs are a cult and use shady tactics to radicalise and recruit people but half the time I'd skip comments in the thread and just look at screencaps so the only thing that radicalised me was them. Meanwhile the trans movement is the one doxxing and harassing people for having thoughts they don't like, which imo is a lot more cult like.

No. 1356130

Also I'm delusional and after thee months I still am in denial over the breakup and think we're actually gonna get back together because why wouldn't he? I'm so fucking great and not annoying and borderline narcissistic at all!

No. 1356142

I just recorded myself doing some tasks around the house and also to see what I look like and not bad. I have a very prominent resting bitch face though, but my smile, it could light up a room. I need to weaponize this

No. 1356461

File: 1664411163607.jpeg (110.41 KB, 724x724, CA014E17-9CE1-46E7-BD78-42F0E3…)

I'm still seething over
>be me
>wake up one day remembering some obscure vocaloid songs I would listen to back in 2010
>search for them
>listen to the songs
>download some illegally
>just like the videos of others so I can listen to them later
>search for them later
>[privated video]
>[deleted video]
Well fuck you too, I just wanted to listen to the music you probably downloaded illegally like me, asshole, my like is probably the only like you've had in fucking decades, loser.

No. 1356481

File: 1664411808222.jpeg (17.32 KB, 220x229, 38FCC9E4-F5FB-4B78-881C-0EA811…)

I have this personal cow from my hometown I’ve kept up with for years. We used to have beef over an ex but we squashed it when my dumbass requested access to her poetry Wordpress with my school email, not knowing it would literally show her my email. She emailed me which was big of her and we hashed it out and we’re cool now, but I do still lurk because shortly after that I found her Reddit where she spent a year asking r/psychics if a kinda-famous emo rapper will fall in love with her and was posting his natal charts to astrology subreddits asking if they’re compatible, which is a hilarious thing to find out about someone you used to hate. I digress. Her dream has always been to be a model even though she’s 5’2”. She was genuinely very gorgeous, but in the past couple of years has made some questionable lip filler, makeup, and tattoo choices. So she started a GFM titled “help me achieve my dreams” to raise money to enter a “competition” to be a “model” for some literally who tattoo company. She didn’t meet even half her goal but still attended the competition somehow, and she lost. Bad. It was a popularity contest and all the comments on the pics of her on this brand’s page are scrotes saying how she looks like a dude and you better check for a dick. Just really vicious shit. Now she deleted her socials and I’m kind of concerned for her. That’s enough schadenfreude for me for one day.

Not posting in the personal cow thread bc this is pure vendetta and it’s Concord McSubway’s time to shine

No. 1356572

This is pretty embarrassing for me to admit but

there was a guy I had fwb relations from December to January with and he broke things off because I "was too much and [he] couldn't handle it". I said ok bye when he broke things off, but even as months passed, I would lurk his accounts frequently. Pretty sure I don't have feelings for this guy (or maybe I'm in denial, Idk) but I would keep checking when I was bored, busy, whatever. It's something that I do with people that I have known in the past and don't keep in contact for any number of reasons, and it just had to be with this guy. Now that I'm sick of being like this, I deleted our chat history, blocked and removed his accounts, and unblocked his number (I had blocked it in case I wanted to see his number, ok, it's stupid). It seems like life is giving me a slap in the face to just get over it and I am actually going to do it. No point in lingering on someone like this.

No. 1356587

File: 1664418265364.gif (6.93 MB, 498x295, 76FCC875-32CD-4E5B-B9AB-0E339E…)

My bf has a condition and it is genuinely awful when I think about the future. He talks about wanting to get married and have children but then proceeds to joke about how then after that he can die. But then, what the fuck am I going to do? As if I’d want to be a single mother, especially if I had to deal with a child that may be born with the same condition. He’s also making no effort to lose weight and sex has been kinda lackluster. This combined with his poor health make it difficult for him to stay hard and he gets tired easily. It sucks.
Sometimes I feel so bad fantasizing about getting a new bf that’s healthy and I won’t have to worry about dropping dead on me. I also feel like an asshole thinking about breaking up with him just because of his condition. I know if I try to leave it would hurt him a lot and it would make things rocky.
It’s all so tiresome. I’m so tired anons and I have no idea where to go or what to do

No. 1356597

Many of them got deleted along with the channels or copyright striked heavily. I started mass downloading vocaloid reupload channels and mmd channels 2 years ago and about 1/3 are nuked now..
If you'd post specific links, no matter if privated, I could try to find the original Nico Nico Douga video.

No. 1356598

i used to be an intense vocafag too so I know your pain, if the problem is that you don't know which songs you lost, take the string of numbers/letters at the end of the url and search it on google in quotation marks and you should get some results that reveal what it was (unless it was something very obscure). That's how I used to have to go about recovering things.

No. 1356601

No, him saying he wants to knock you up a few times and then die is definitely annoying. If he actually cared about kids for the sake of wanting to be a parent, he would not say this. Men who actually want to be parents and, for example, find out after the kid is born that they have something terminal, feel awful about it for the kid and their partner and often say they wish they'd known sooner before they decided to have kids. Now compare that to your BF's behavior when in addition he ALSO knows that what he has is genetic and might pass on to the kids… he is definitely not coming at this from a genuine place and is instead doing the typical male "MUST LEAVE SEED BEFORE DIE" instinct. Do not have kids with him nona. He is not thinking straight.

No. 1356606

is guilt the only thing keeping you with him at this point? sounds like he'd be a shit dad if he was serious, good dads typically don't plan on dying during their potentially special needs kids' childhoods.

No. 1356642

Would a man feel guilty about leaving a woman due to her health problems? No. Anon, you and your future children deserve better. Sucks for this dude but he is not the one you should be building a life with. Run and find more suitable man now.

No. 1356785

um do not have children with this man

No. 1356997

I secretly love to sing but I'm too scared of others hearing me when I'm at home. I can't sing anywhere else.
It makes me so uncomfortable that I can never give it my all.
It's a tragedy having a hobby but being too shy to actually do it as much as I would like to.

No. 1357090

Sounds weirdly cocky that this fat disabled fucker is talking about marriage and kids as if they're going to automatically be given to him. You're only dating rn.

Dating down.. this is what it leads to. You lower your standards and they'll still take you for granted and walk all over you as if they're hot shit or as if you can't walk away. Right now nothing is stopping you. The guilt you feel is a trap. You don't owe him his dreams if it comes at the cost of your own happiness.

No. 1357094

>fat bf

No. 1357353

all these years and i still can't tell the kardashians apart except for kim. even when someone points out who's who i forget within five minutes. also sometimes i mix up shakira, christina aguilera, and fergie for some reason

No. 1357364

I can recognize Kylie because of how strange she looks because of surgery, and Kim but that's it. What gets me is that the names are easy to confuse because they all start with K on top of that, no idea what their mother was smoking when naming them but they look, act and are even named like rich cartoon villains.

No. 1357367

They're awful people but I'll always be a fan of Die Antwoord. They always make me feel better when I have a bad day, makes me feel good about being not like the rest. I don't buy their merch but I'll never stop listening to them.

No. 1357380

Oh my god nona me too. I don't actively listen to them but I have a very fond nostalgia for them. Me and my friends were super into them back in middle school and used to blast their songs from our shitty speakers at school. Also one of my friends was a hardcore Yolandi skinwalker and even got her name legally changed to match kek

No. 1357381

Same, I loved them as a 12 year old lol. I still think they’re pretty good musically.

No. 1357387

>got her name legally changed to match
Kek nonna this has me dying

I never liked them when I was very young but really got into them when I was about 18, I can understand Afrikaans okay but mostly they just make me feel cool for being weird. Not 'muh saved muh life' but I feel better about myself when I see them being themselves (well, exaggerated) and rocking it, puts me in the same mindset sort of.

No. 1357429


lol i forgot i posted this but the rundown now is this:

1) maybe she wanted to fuck her brother, but I think she had an unhealthy attachment to him because she couldn't stand there being another young pretty girl in the family. My friend is honestly drop dead gorgeous, and I think if my friend was uglier she wouldn't feel as threatened socially. The MIL and FIL love my best friend too, and the sister hated it.

2)They are still married, and he did in fact go no contact with his sister for awhile. they occasionally talk at social gatherings, but they didn't talk for years after she pulled that. He's a decent moid, I like him enough for my friend.

No. 1357513

Get smule it’s so fun I love singing too, I’m horrible at it and shy as well.

No. 1357518

I won’t be friends with its women who are prettier than me. They need to be average looking like me.

No. 1357522

Well, thank you for your post nona, it was very entertaining. I love justified mean girl drama, y'all acting like it's a 2007 shoujo.

No. 1357524

I honestly am so conceited that I don't struggle with this because I delude myself into being hotter than everyone around me. But really, it's a good thing you are like this. I had so many friends that said such hurtful things about me because of the male attention I attracted.

No. 1357526

I never would be mean to prettier women but being around them is awkward and they don’t help the situation be less awkward. It’s awkward going out and then she attracts scrotes and I’m just in the back ground being ignored by her and the dudes she’s talking to kek

No. 1357530

I wish there was surgery to make my rectum larger. It isn't worth having fissure after fissure from stool that ISNT from constipation. I'm not constipated, like, ever, but I bleed because I have too big shits. Yesterday it smelled overwhelmingly metallic when I went and sure enough, blood. I can't deal with this for the rest of my life. I've been getting anal trauma from fucking shitting since I was a kid so it's not like it's new, but it's gotten and it's so painful today.

Like idk how people do anal without this shit happening all the time, why does God punish me, a non-anal having anon, for my uwu too small rectum, it's retarded. Like my rectum thinks she's all cute and pink and small and it's like, no, fucking grow up and become big, stupid.

No. 1357532

Try lubing up before pooping it helps

No. 1357538

With what? Vaseline? I need to carry around those little jars with me? Damn

No. 1357539

I'm all for women not dating or fucking men but I still think husbandofags are pitiful coping losers. Why not just stop obsessing over men altogether.

No. 1357540

Lube used for anal or Vaseline works too

No. 1357545

because horny. i can't turn it off nonna.

No. 1357560

Actually you can and you should. I did it myself and my life has greatly improved because of it.

No. 1357563

No. 1357574

Predictable answer from a pathetic failure who masturbates over cartoon men.

No. 1357578

Stop entertaining those thoughts. Every time you feel horny for a male, real or fictional, try to do something completely unrelated to that, even an ice cold shower if you have to.

No. 1357581

What are you even talking about?

No. 1357586

I do not think straight women can become lesbians, or lesbians straight. However, I do believe any woman (frankly doubt it when it comes to men) can become asexual through strong enough will.

No. 1357588

File: 1664487175238.jpg (149.06 KB, 750x736, 765.jpg)

>tfw get horny in the cold showers too
just let me be anon

No. 1357590

What do white men in particular have to do with this?

No. 1357592

Never said it's an easy process, but I know you can do it.

No. 1357595

According to anons on here women literally can't do anything. Everything we do is un-feminist and not good enough.

No. 1357603

File: 1664487485437.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.54 KB, 480x360, clitsperg.jpg)

Tmi post. I always had trouble getting off. I don't know if my clit was abnormally hidden but I wasn't getting much stimulation from anything like oral or manual stim or even vibes. I was big into toys for a while out of desperation to get somewhere. Suction toys or using actual pumps was the closest I got to having some sensitivity down there. For a few minutes at least. But short of that I was kind of numb and didn't know if thats normal. I also didn't want to fuck around with pumps too much and end up potentially causing more of an issue in the long run. I read that it could be an issue if you overdo it, that you should only do it sparingly. It was hit and miss even when I did do it. I couldn't just get with a partner and feel much from spontaneous play or regular activities so I slipped into just pretending like I was fine when I wasn't. Not responding to touch was depressing. I'm not all that into penetration either, definitely can't finish from it either. It became an issue in my relationships. I wasn't getting much from it so my incentive to even have sex was limited. It was more frustrating than anything. I'd get past the initial honeymoon phase and turn into the low libido partner which would be the slow death of my relationships. That became a pattern that I resented. Then while single it was still this shitty thing that I had no explanation for. Feeling broken and feeling like no amount of trying, faking, using toys, any of that would ever fix whatever was wrong. Great situation to be in. As far as I know docs don't care about clits so I was like welp this is my life.

Now for the retarded bit.. I had my tran phase at the grand ole age of 25 and it fixed my clit. Night and day change in sensitivity. If I could go back in time I'd be a tard all over again because it was honestly worth it just for that. I only wish I'd been retarded a few years earlier.

No. 1357605

Go back to liberal feminism where all choices are equally valid and feminist.
You really are an idiot.

No. 1357612

8 years ago nonnie. I wrote clit a million times in my post. I know I'm female kek

No. 1357613

They aren't real so they can't cause any harm. You might as well be telling husbando fags to settle for an ugly scrote because you don't sound any different from those people.

No. 1357620

The way choice validation absolutely destroyed feminism

No. 1357622

I’m glad you got over it nonny

No. 1357624

I'm advocating for women getting rid of their heterosexual urges altogether, I would never tell women to settle for a real life scrote.

No. 1357628

You did not even try.

No. 1357631

You know how homophobic people are usually in extreme denial of their own degeneracy? You kinda sound like one or those. Point fingers at everyone for not being pure while clutching your secret porn folder to your chest.

No. 1357635

Don’t try to switch up. Miss me with the fictional male = male psyop. II know this is some retarded reverse psychology to get women to lower standards for irl scrotes.

No. 1357643

The problem to me isn't all choices being "valid and feminist", it's why do all choices have to be feminist in the first place? Not everything women do has to be radfem or looked at through that lens.
A woman having a husbando isn't doing anything wrong, especially if she's already decided that she doesn't want to have relationships with IRL men. In that kind of situation, straight women will always exist and they don't have to completely repress themselves when it's just fictional men.

Anyway, I won't go further cause I can tell some anons are just here to infight and what's really the point of that.

No. 1357645

NTA but I agree with you what a lot of “feminists” fail to see is we should never fight to control the choices of other women. I’ll fight to give you access to good and bad choices the same as anyone else. You’re an adult. I’m not your mommy. My rights end where yours begin etc etc. feminism is womens liberation. How is breaking down other women liberating anyone?
Also husbando fags are doing nothing wrong.

No. 1357652

Ayrt, yes I completely agree! You said it better than I could. My brain is scrambled right now so when I posted that I was like "I hope someone gets this", glad to see someone did kek

No. 1357654

Ive never found anybody quite as beautiful or even “better” than you

No. 1357660

I think most people are way more interested in settling than they’d every like to admit.

No. 1357666

this is such a miserable take.

Women are going to be straight and get horny whether you like it or not. women shouldn't have to be monks to be happy. husbandofags are having a good time and tbh they make gr8 friends since they never prioritize a real man over you.

my besties are all husbandofags and they're gr8. eat shit.

No. 1357690

Kek normienonnies btfo

No. 1357696

I'd call myself a husbandofag, but clearly I am not dedicating myself enough to it because my life would have zero improvements if I just suddenly stopped being one.

No. 1357699

Only a penis would care, begone scrote, shit bait

No. 1357703

it's weird but good ultimately, husbandofags and romance writing communities are a form of homosocial bonding and connection for women in a misogynistic society to express their sexuality.

No. 1357704

go back to starting fights with gendies on tumblr, retard

No. 1357709

File: 1664492891652.jpg (88.05 KB, 1138x1101, wwizs7w1me471.jpg)

>pathetic failure who masturbates over cartoon men

No. 1357711

There's a moid itt, don't fucking interact

No. 1357714

Only a man would sperg this much about women's choices imo so you're right.

No. 1357736

No. 1358002

Husbandofags are modern christfags, there will always be a movement for hetero women to opt out of having to deal with shitty irl men. Until society returns to the natural order of men being humble manual laborers who die at 30 bc their sperm is no longer useful, it'll keep happening.

No. 1358005

File: 1664508325275.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.91 KB, 750x1061, StudioRansome_Sexy Jesus7675_W…)

Sisters, I come to you with a confession;
Jesus Christ is my husbando.

No. 1358006

Jesus would not be skinnyfat like that

No. 1358007

File: 1664508653648.jpg (255.35 KB, 947x1455, 837262828488484.jpg)

You're not the first.

No. 1358009

And how do you know that wasn't me anon?

No. 1358014

My bad. I didn't know you were the OG Jesusfag in question.

No. 1358016

Oh I'm not, I was hoping you were and I could catch you self promoting hehe.

No. 1358028

>implying smoldering bronze carpenter icon Jesus H Christ wouldn’t be muscled down to every last sinew

No. 1358029

Why are men always so angry when women show even the slightest hint of personal desire. They want us to be miserable so bad.

No. 1358032

I read about a lesbian using another woman’s body in an oddly specific way to orgasm and it is the hottest thing to me, when I have anytime alone I think of it and I haven’t felt aroused like this in a long time, it’s wild. It’s escalated a bit and I feel like shit for it, like I’ve groomed or conditioned myself into this. Boo boo the fool. This isn’t real and it will go away soon. It has to. This won’t get in the way irl, it can’t.

No. 1358034

This is really ominous to me I do not understand. Humping her big toe? What is going on with you