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No. 1299608

Blessed are the nonnies.

Previous >>1273636

No. 1299626

despite being pretty goddamn terfy/a radfem, I hate having a vagina. i have zero problems with my general body, breasts, or appearance. in fact I genuinely like how I look, I would describe myself as probably hyperfeminine and I'm into vintage fashion. but i've always imagined myself with a dick, and i have no clue why. and no, I don't have gender special feelings, I'm proudly a woman.

I'm NEVER doing anything like surgery because that shit is beyond gross (and mutilation) plus there's nothing wrong with having a vagina, so I won't ever change it. I just weirdly dissociate myself from my own genitalia. Also, i was never molested (that i can remember??)

plz tell me other women feel this way, i've never met anyone else.

No. 1299631

I could have written this post right down to your tastes. you're not alone

No. 1299637

What do you hate about it? I only ever felt this way when I was first confronted with porn, because of obvious reasons.

No. 1299641

Why anon? A dick is so …unergonomic and inconvenient, vulnerable. I can understand desire to be blank like a doll though.

No. 1299659


maybe it's because it's just the opposite of what I currently have, but for the longest time I wanted to be blank like a doll so you're not off.

and yes, I was fortunate in not being hyper exposed to porn at a young age, but the bits that I did see absolutely repulsed me.

even seeing one person relate genuinely makes me feel better, I've felt insane this whole time. and you like vintage fashion? support group when.

No. 1299678

I imagine that my favorite singer is singing his love song covers to me. I can't help fantasizing about doing all that stuff with him.

No. 1299709

I like the concept of religion, I believe in God and all I just don't like how women are treated as inferior in every religion.

No. 1299713

Look up Gnosticism or Wiccan

No. 1299714

Strap on and role reversal,Google it before you call yourself a troon lol.

No. 1299741

>explicitly state how i never want to troon out and am completely opposed to the concept
>"don't troon out kek!"

go fuck yourself. and no shit I've tried that, but I'm not dominant in bed and I never mentioned sexual practice conflicts.

No. 1299742

You probably have bad hygiene so it smells horrendous which is why you're sick of having one.

No. 1299743

The kek indicates I was joking as I knew you would not.

No. 1299783

I work for a cleaning company and exclusively almost never clean the men's bathrooms. If there's paper on the floor I'll sweep it up, easy peasy. But sanitizing the area? Don't give a fuck, not wasting my time, plus its gross in there. They don't notice anyway since they're slobs. The only people that ever complain about the cleanliness of bathrooms are the female tenants and we always keep the women's bathrooms sparkly clean.

No. 1299800

I wish my parents didn't put me in the private Catholic school. The school was hemorrhaging students because a priest was convicted of SA. Ironically my family went to church there (school attached to church) and there was a major blow out with the parishioners. I think by placing me in the school, parents of kids I was friendly with or played with talked. The school itself was terrible but my parents kept insisting that it was a good school despite neither attending the school or even looking at what the school offered. Just blindly threw me in because "lol, it talks about god therefore is good". A lot of my overall issues stem from my time being in that school and how my parents treated me during those years. I always treat it as a weird turning point because my parents behavior became terrible after I entered that school.

No. 1299810

kek I used to do the same at work

No. 1299816

NTA but you sound like some Y-chromosoid freak with a cheesy dick he's bitter about. Vagina envy will take you nowhere

No. 1299838

I have a casual theory that a vagina can be disconcerting to have because it's usually described as a hole, a lack of something… the hole might get bigger or smaller but you're basically told it's a hole with some flower petals around it and that's cute but it's not a lot to connect with. I felt kind of like you say you feel when I was a kid until I found a sex-ed book written by a woman that described more of the internal features of a vagina; it oversimplified it & said something like men's genitals as mostly external while women's are mostly internal so you can't see them but they're still there – if anything we have more going on – and for some reason that clicked. I also looked at medical illustrations of the clitoral gland and how large it can actually be which surprised me. it just gave me more to go off of in terms of having a mental picture of my own body and I finally felt like there was something there and didn't want to be null or whatever. gave me peace of mind in a weird way.

No. 1299859

Right like whenever anons deny women get funk or grime or whatever naturally outside of hygiene or STD issues it's really suspicious and I assume it's just a man posting with zero experience.
Vaginas have a smell, that's how it is. They're literally between your legs in a damp spot and they're foldy. Expecting them to be scentless is coom brained scrote tier thinking

No. 1299860

>unironic gnosticism

No. 1299875

I used to lurk on some cow threads when I was younger out of morbid curiosity but then I suddenly realised how unexpected death comes and what if some cow suddenly just dies while I'm reading their thread? I would feel awful if that would happen. Just gawking at someone who no longer lives private life feels weird and creepy. So now I try to avoid cow threads

No. 1299882

And you're right, it's the raiding tranny mad that he will never be a woman.

No. 1299946

I highly judge straight women that say they met their significant other on a dating app. Only pickmes use them

No. 1299955

" Pick me " doesn't mean " woman who does something I disapprove of "

No. 1299969

she probably washes shit stained boxers and sheets everyday

No. 1299971

no shit it’s a pick me they’re literally trying to find an s/o

No. 1299974

Only pickmes have trouble finding a boyfriend and don’t mind exposing themselves to awful scrotes

No. 1300004

I don't know, I used to think this way, but one of my friends met a guy on some friend finder app years ago, the guy is pretty much perfect, and now they're married and just had a baby. From what I've seen she's the exception though, not the rule.

No. 1300007

I have no idea what that means.

No. 1300024

File: 1660340874856.jpg (57.94 KB, 720x960, b9cyr.jpg)

I ate a lot of onions and now my farts smell like fermented onion soup

No. 1300027

It's the schizo tranny expecting you to know insider jokes he has with himself.just report

No. 1300035

>implying many women irl aren't pickmes anyways
i don't think dating apps are the problem, this is just general female socialization being the problem. the real pickmes are the wannabe trads on twitter or on male dominated internet spaces (chans, discord servers, many parts of reddit) looking for bfs.

No. 1300043

Not everyone watches it. Last time I watched South Park was like 15 years ago on TV and not in English. So I still have no clue wtf you're trying to say.

No. 1300045

south park was rarely funny tbh. extremely overrated show

No. 1300048

Still doesn't make sense. I'm not gonna scream bazinga and act like you're all stupid for not clapping.

No. 1300054

It's the spam tranny. He also posted his unfunny South Park shit on meta

No. 1300062

Once I get better at drawing digitally, I will draw nothing but women hurting, torturing and violently killing men in the least coomerish way, post it on twitter and follow troons with "terfs dni" shit in their bios and retarded incels.

No. 1300072

PLEASE fucking do not, you Will only hurt our cause and give More ammo to TRAs

No. 1300074

Fucking autocorrect capitalizing random words, point still stands

No. 1300090

No sorry, I'm going to draw what I want, which is men being dead. If they start bitching about it or whining about muh feminazis, just pull the same shit they do and point out "it's just a drawing" or name the one million other artists who draw women and children coomer gore while pretending it's high art.

No. 1300095

omg misandry is making us all look bad to the softbois who commit 98% of crimes!!!

No. 1300096

>n-not all men!
are you for fucking real rn lmao

No. 1300104

File: 1660345001796.jpg (102.73 KB, 850x850, __connor_detroit_become_human_…)

I have a huge fetish for robots. I love that they are hyper intelligent, calculating, infinitely strong, but can be programmed to be docile and domestic. I like how they are inherently extremely awkward. I met a guy about a year ago, who, by all means, is a robot. I've rarely heard him express a strong opinion, state how he was feeling, express discomfort, express pleasure, or even really make an observation. He keeps almost everything hidden, and even after befriending him and loosening him up quite a bit he still reveals almost nothing. Somehow despite this, he doesn't seem like a piece of cardboard. He's proven through action time and time again that he's deeply intelligent, brave, chivalrous, naive, and weirdest of all, extremely obedient. After many months of giving hints, he never picked up that I was interested in him. Finally, the first time we were naked together (which took me initiating every step), he didn't look below my mouth. I asked him if everything was okay and he said, "Yes. I'm waiting for your permission to look at your body." It was like God sent me a robot from heaven, what is this? When I allowed him, he scanned me, and immediately got hard. From then on he asked for permission for literally every aspect of this sexual experience, ie "May I also touch your back?" He didn't seem awkward, autistic, or nervous; just… awaiting instruction. Some other funny robot facts about him are that I very rarely see him eat- the times we've eaten together he has taken a few tiny bites and then said he had no appetite. Despite this, he manages to be very athletically built and also constantly insists that he find or cook food for me, as if I need it and he does not. Also since he doesn't give any insight into his own emotional world I try to frequently check in with him to which he almost always replies, "I am well."

No. 1300105


It's fine lol. As long as we have to live with the fucked up shit they draw/repost/actually enact in real life of women and hundreds of posts talking about raping women for being TERFs, I will never fucking care, and no one who actually gives a fuck about women's rights will either.
Libfems will sperg because they think you can be nice to men until they turn feminist, but it's never like that. They just see it as weakness

No. 1300107

Based af. I support you

No. 1300109

i want this but i'm going to wait for a real robot because i don't want my man to be able to think about other people or have too much free will

No. 1300120

Bump there is racebait porn below

No. 1300139

We can't stop it without a broom, ten posts to his one bump is just too much to keep up with sadly.

No. 1300142

Please be careful, that sounds like unresolved trauma and a meltdown waiting to happen.

No. 1300193

I once plucked my arm pits. Took me two Hunger Games movies and the right side hurt more.

No. 1300442

I have a fetish and I would love to explore it more but anyone who is out and open about it are part of the TQIA+ community and they are all nasty and disgusting so I keep it to myself.
Anyone who has a fetish and is proud of it should crawl in a hole and never come out.

No. 1300514

>Anyone who has a fetish and is proud of it should crawl in a hole and never come out.
This sounds like jealousy

No. 1300561

No, just sounds like someone with social awareness.

No. 1300563

Maybe they just find it annoying. Anyone who makes their fetishes a big enough part of their life/personality that they're openly proud of them sounds pretty annoying tbh.

No. 1300569

>anyone who is out and open about it are part of the TQIA+ community
and you're not? what's the fetish?

No. 1300570

nta but that's what I thought too. in everyday life no1curr what gets you off and it's irrelevant, honestly.

No. 1300586

The first sentence where she says she wants to explore her fetish and connect with people who are open and proud with it makes it sound like she wants to be like them, imo. Just very weird to say that you want to meet those people and explore with them, and then in the next sentence say they should crawl in a hole.

No. 1300644

are you a teenager? anon's fetish could anything from kids or piss. the fuck is there to be jealous about

No. 1300667

Read this doofus >>1300586

No. 1300702

non, she wants to connect with people and explore it but the only people she knows are into "it" so far have been nasty types she doesn't like.

anyway it isn't much of a confession without saying what the fetish is! it's probably something absolutely vile like abdl.

No. 1300732

File: 1660371762150.png (2.3 MB, 1390x990, 1660261089434.png)

I wish I lived in a Mcmansion. I don't get all the hate.

No. 1300738

Yeah I get that, but she doesn't say that the troons who have the same fetish as her should crawl in a hole. She was talking about people in general who have fetishes they're open about.

No. 1300740

these newer mcmansions are the nicer style, at least this is semi cohesive but the lack of landscaping is a serious offense to the senses. i don't really understand why people will put themselves underwater for these behemoths though. i can't imagine the electric bill on this bitch either. two story homes in general do nothing for me.

No. 1300783

they're hideous until you go inside one and you realize they're SPACIOUS. the living room ceiling was 25 feet high in the last one I was in. I get it.

No. 1300787

File: 1660373933061.jpeg (60.81 KB, 643x386, 39DA84F1-D6E4-40F6-8284-15E5EF…)

Newer homes are slightly less gaudy than ones from a decade ago but they still feel so desperate. People who want to feel richer than they actually are but don’t have the money to get someone who actually knows what they’re doing. There are some local McMansions somewhat near my house that are the bane of my existence. Randomly situated against the road at odd angles with large area of land but absolutely no landscaping. They’re asymmetrical and have terrible faux-Tuscan accents that don’t match the area in the slightest. One of the houses has random clusters of brick jutting out from the flat stucco to simulated exposed brick. There’s another development that went up around here where they built these bloated monstrosities on regular sized plots so each house only has about 5 feet of space till you get to the next one. Trust me anon it’s better to get a smaller house that’s better designed and save that money on making the interior the way you want it.

No. 1300793

i would legitimately hate a 25 foot ceiling. so much wasted space just to be spent on cooling it? then having to service your overworked ac routinely? no thanks.

No. 1300798

Tbf I don't quite understand all these little details. I just wanna live somewhere big and clean with tons of space. I hate living in a tiny house but maybe because my family's too big.

No. 1300815

I just love a high ceiling

I also like those old southern US homes with really high ceilings (12+ feet not 25) and a path straight through the house to let the air through. cools itself. you see them in Georgia sometimes, still in good condition.

No. 1300835

File: 1660375695175.jpg (46.39 KB, 580x348, 94871a373bf803e0d5f04aa6c5637d…)

post pic of an example of the style home, anon? i particularly like those 70s homes with the asymmetrical designs so you have a touch of a higher ceiling without it being too much to handle (obviously the color is ugly and so is the stonework but if redone would be gorgeous)

No. 1300849

Nta I love that

No. 1300867

maybe I'm just imagining a type of house I've mashed together in my head but when I look around on zillow in Georgia I always see crazy high ceilings in older homes and sometimes you'll see the breezeway too if the realtor bothers to take a picture. I know those features were common in southern houses before air conditioning.

you see big windows & doors in old southern homes too, that's so you can open them and get a nice breeze going through the house when it's hot.

same concept as the UPS guy who drives around with his doors open in the summer… they don't have AC in those trucks so that full-body cross-breeze is a lifesafer (literally post office carriers are jealous of it because they aren't allowed to drive with their doors open at USPS and rolling down the little window doesn't do shit lol)

No. 1300980

Okay, I confess!! ilu nonnies. thanks for banding together to outbump this idiot.

No. 1301238

File: 1660400225476.jpg (54.88 KB, 735x776, 975bec4ef88a3be4fe9f91194fa577…)

When I was a dumbass teenager in 2017(?) I legit wanted to semi-copy toopoor's shitty tattoo 'sleeves' because the egirl look was just coming up and it was cool and different back then (in my mind anyway). Thank god I couldn't by law and was too pussy for stick and poke lmao.

No. 1301244

It's 7/8 years since I last got tattooed and I've moved around alot since then. So I was doing a bit of googling to find anywhere decent near me. One of the places that came up sells lil cheapo stick n poke kits too? Like why would a tattoo shop want to encourage that.. I swear all the places near me now are dodgy as hell.

No. 1301255

I got a few, some were meticulous and some were spontaneous. It’s been awhile I think I’m over tattoos for now.

No. 1301263

What the fuck? It must have just opened, no way that stuff is legal. Sounds dodgy as fuck.

Ayrt, yeah so am I. It's not like I'm that old now but in the past 2 years I haven't looked at a single picture or phrase and thought 'I want that on my body for the rest of my life'. (no offense to tattoofags btw, imo it looks nice on others but it's nothing for me)

No. 1301411

I had to endure CSA and still am pretty traumatized to this day. I used to be pretty dominant in my sexual relationships, liked to pursue younger boys … but I would like to be sexually dominated by my (six years older) office manager. He's very attractive for a man that old and we get along pretty nice. I just can’t stop thinking about it.

No. 1301426

>I had to endure CSA and still am pretty traumatized to this day
Hope you are getting some proper help for this anon.

No. 1301488

I’m in therapy for it and related issues and it’s working pretty well but I really don’t understad why I suddenly desire something so far removed from my usual tastes

No. 1301494

After breaking up with my covert narc ex I was stalking his spotify playlists to try to make some sense of our relationship and realized his playlists are basically diaries of his covert feelings. He has an uncanny ability to find songs with lyrics that describe exactly what he is feeling in the moment. How do I know this? The date of the songs he added to his playlist coincide with dates were things happened throughout our relationship, e.g. songs about cheating when I know he was cheating on me et cetera. Rdaealizing this was a mind-fuck. Anyway, now I'm stalking his activity on spotify every day to keep up with what he's up to (I guess I'm still not over him). Last week he was listening to a lot of break-up songs and self-loathing songs, yesterday basically "pls love me" music (guessing his new supply bailed on him) and today a lot of horny songs. I sense this is becoming an unhealthy fixation of mine.

No. 1301524

Tbh you're probably better off letting go of all the 'covert narc' and 'his new supply' talk. Sometimes people are just assholes and break ups hurt.

No. 1301530

I like to read books about how abusers and narcissists think because I believe I am vulnerable to being manipulated and also because I don't want to accidentally manipulate or abuse someone I care about. Is that contradictory?

No. 1301532

I mean true, but I guess it's easier for me to accept what he did if I can think of him as not being neurotypical. We were together long enough for me to know he's not exclusively a bad person, although he's chronically selfish. It doesn't make what he did okay, and I wouldn't get back together with him either way.

No. 1301534

Its good to be aware of whats healthy or not healthy and how to navigate that but on the topic of narcissists.. there's been an explosion in the amount of people making content about narcissists and spreading the word about how they operate. I think it's good to an extend but I also cringe at how many people cling to it whenever a relationship goes bad.

No. 1301538

>it's easier for me to accept what he did if I can think of him as not being neurotypical.
Wtf says this? Is that reality or wishful thinking?

You're dehumanizing someone as a cope because you'd rather see them as a walking disorder than as a person who was just selfish by choice. That's a bad cope.

No. 1301551

I mean I guess so, it's easier for me to let go if I can see him as not being 100% in control of his actions rather than a evil manipulator, although I disagree that being non-neurotypical is dehumanizing.

I recommend the youtube channel "Heal NPD" for a more compassionate take on narcissism. I recognized a lot of his features in the videos. Again, it doesn't mean people should put up with that kind of behaviour. If you don't assert boundaries they'll never change, but he's a human being too with his own trauma.

No. 1301652

the term is turning into a buzzword thanks to reddit

No. 1301720

File: 1660422095858.jpg (31.69 KB, 440x475, 478bfc017fc69f1f2add42fe2ea7cb…)

I never used to be into the "jock" type but I guess I am now ever since this one guy and I talked about our favorite bands for hooourrs at a uni party about a week ago. I've always thought that he'd be more into hip hop and stuff but it turns out that he's into some metal and our dads share the same taste in music and even played some of the same songs to us when we were kids. Ugh I want him all over me noooooooowwwwwwwwwwww. He's good looking and has a nice build but it's the fact that we had such a good conversation and share the same music taste that makes me want him.

No. 1301728

Liberationist here, and can semi-relate. I don't experience the desire to mutilate or transition, but I wish my body was neutral, androgynously lean with shapely or no breasts, wider shoulders, and no genitalia. I've though about a penis for pleasuring my partner, but it's not something I care about for myself. Having a vagina is unpleasant. I don't like the way it looks, and anything stuck up there is disturbing. It doesn't hurt but it feels "off." I do feel dissociated when I look in the mirror. My body just doesn't feel like mine, there's nothing wrong with my body itself though. Don't have a gender identity or align with the trans narrative either.

No. 1301729

Why is this a confession? It's fine to be straight. Ashamed of the body type? Why? Plays into male power fantasy? They're dumb brutes to control it's not the power fantasy the weak ones claim it is, they're easy to lead around by the nose if you dissect one on an individual level.

No. 1301730

I agree. I keep getting videos from that one Indian or middle eastern doctor who does nothing but make videos about narcissists. She even had a video saying that narcissists like when people remember their birthday and how that's toxic apparently. It really seems like fear mongering and reaching for any trait of behavior to label as NPD. All for clicks and content creation and rarely about helping people. Dark triad videos are super hot right now

No. 1301733

That seems to be a common opinion and my guess is it mainly stems from the sexualization of women and how secretive people make the vagina as that only helps sexist scrotes push it as some trophy they win after xy amount of effort is put in regardless of who they are as a person or what the woman wants.

No. 1301735

>narcissists like when people remember their birthday and how that's toxic apparently
Wtf? Do you have a link?

No. 1301742

Whenever I see a woman say she's into being slapped/choked/general submissive BDSM stuff I think she's pathetic and lose respect for her.

No. 1301743

I don't mind my vagina, if anything I feel having a dick would be weird. I do hate having breasts though. It makes me feel like a cow for some reason. If I had the money, I'd go full flat chested.

No. 1301748

I've been with my boyfriend a couple of months and he has gone down on me a lot and has never asked for a blow job and before I iniate it he's just focused on me then we have penetrative sex. I'm very good at blow jobs. Some day I'm going to blow his mind.

No. 1301750


No. 1301751

true, also being able to wear t-shirts and tanks out in public without a care in the world would be nice

No. 1301756

I'm the anon who posted about having a narcissistic ex and honestly I ended up watching a lot of those videos after we broke up to try to understand, but ultimately realized reality is more nuanced. Again I recommend Heal NPD on youtube for a different take. I don’t believe the majority of NPD abuse videos on youtube are helpful unless you’ve been a victim of severe abuse, but I do believe a lot more people have narcissistic traits than what is currently diagnosed. My ex probably don't have NPD, but exhibited narcissistic traits such as lowered empathy, lying/deception, splitting (we fought very rarely, but on the few occasions we did he would split), social anxiety, maladaptive daydreaming, victim/inferiority complex to name some. At the same time he never behaved as anything other than a sweetheart to me, but in retrospect I believe he masked/fragmented a lot due to his intense fear of being rejected/looked down upon.

No. 1301762

Some guys seem to get off mostly on partnered pleasure, like moids who are not-too-orgasmic. On that single account at least, I can't complain much about my last SO. I didn't go down on him that often either.

No. 1301764

File: 1660424879233.jpeg (42.01 KB, 402x267, 9E74E5F8-A8E4-41CF-A3DD-AAE001…)

bump 4 dick

No. 1301766

No, because I'm usually not into jocks, that was mainly my confession. Because he seemed like your typical douchey jock.

No. 1301767

that anon is probably a submissive who got offended kek, or one of those people who thinks that being "kinkshamed" is a form of oppression

No. 1301776

> I am a sub
Ew. /g/ is thata way.

No. 1301777

I like to choke guys and be aggressive with them so much, and i'm also a bitch too. man i love shameless simps.

No. 1301779


No. 1301781

Divine bait or based opinion, can't tell but good trips to have.

No. 1301782

I think selling stick-n-poke kits was a covid era invention (since you couldn't go to shops in person and they needed to sell something) but I'm not a tattoo person so I'm not positive about that

No. 1301784

I'd be into the idea of having FWB's or sleeping with different guys if it wasn't for being scared of getting pregnant (yes, I've heard of bc but the chance is never zero), STD's or getting assaulted.

No. 1301801

I feel frustrated because rough sex is the only way I get turned on enough to orgasm. Light choking from behind when you're close is an easy way to finish. Unfortunately my partner is an absolute sweetheart (the only person I've ever felt comfortable letting do that since he's earned my trust) and is uncomfortable with even going slightly fast, he tuckers out pretty quickly. I just get really sad and wish the ordeal was over with. We had a nice day yesterday because he finally let me dom him and it's so apparent to me he's a sub, but I won't fight him on it. I used to be very into the idea of doming when I was more openly dyke-y in high school, enjoyed it with women. As an older adult I'm just over trying in general. I really want to know what it's like to be topped by a non-pornsick scrote.

No. 1301802

Me too. Those are the only reasons why I'm not doing this kind of things right now.

No. 1301804

god it's always the anons with rare somewhat decent bfs that are into freaky shit. can you take every other man on the planet instead pls

No. 1301819

>brainbroken by porn
Oh no that sucks. Get well soon.

No. 1301820

I fail to understand how applied pressure on my body makes me freaky. Does a man not asserting physical strength turn you on (not to a level of pornsick violence)? Unfortunately my bf doesn't really touch me and I do most of the work, so unless he's rough, PIV just feels like nose picking. I've already voiced it at least 5 times. He's for sure a sub, which I'm okay with if he'd stop trying to lead when he's clearly not into it.
I don't watch porn.

No. 1301826

choking is a turn-off and seems pretty violent to me even if done """lightly""" (no such thing with a male tbh)

No. 1301828

Sounds like neither of you want to fuck each other

No. 1301832

I’ve been following so many terf and radfem accounts on twitter and it’s making me feel happy knowing that outside of here there are women actively going out there and speaking the truth. Feels refreshing. obviously I’m careful not to get into the right wing conservative stuff

No. 1301833

>choking is applied pressure
nice one.

No. 1301837

anon….your bf just doesnt want to put in the work or please you in anyway…..it has nothing to do with being a sub.

No. 1301843

It's because I'm not referring to just choking… tight cuddles, arm grabbing, being pulled in by the waist, anything really.

No. 1301966

File: 1660438331952.jpeg (98.77 KB, 790x726, D99BD2B1-4633-4599-BB55-CACEB5…)

I keep a digital notebook of all my secret self insert OC Donut Steels for my favorite fandoms.
I would jump into traffic if anyone were to see it, but I put their entire backstory, pictures of them, even drew a whole bedroom for one of them last night.

No. 1301967

File: 1660438457744.jpg (74.61 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-961778602-170667a.…)

I love the smell of my own pussy. I go days without changing my panties because I love how musky it gets

No. 1301978


I masturbate more frequently in secret than my man does. I get off on that fact.

No. 1301984

I want to see and exchange ideas with you. I want our OCs to be friends and maybe even foes. Keep up your creativity nonny

No. 1301986

Does it count as not valuing others opinions if you're also influenced by 'flat chest aesthetic' being in right now? I'm saying this as someone who wants a breast reduction but that phrasing…

No. 1301994

File: 1660440847870.jpeg (39.12 KB, 563x404, a7f7cf1488c654a9aa215a627f3466…)

I sometimes kind of miss the time I was single. I could just be by myself and be miserable and do my own things without anyone to drag me away to the nearest family gathering.

No. 1302003

I never want my brother to get older. I want him to stay tiny and cute and talk to me about sonic when I come home from work. I feel this existential dread whenever I think about him getting older. He even still has that nice baby smell and he's 8. I just cannot cope with the idea of his loss of innocence and I have never felt this way about any other child or sibling. If I was given the opportunity to keep him small forever I would fucking take it because I just want to keep him. I guess I'm ultimately afraid of him developing any shitty scrote tendencies as he ages because I won't be there all the time to teach him important life lessons. My mom is a tad bit if a boymom and has a habit of excusing stupid stereotypical scrote behavior when it comes to the subject of women. I legitimately cry whenever I think of this.

Not the most shocking confession, but I have to get it off my chest and come to terms with it.

No. 1302008

>nice baby smell
Idg this meme, babies smell like shit. or sour milk at best

No. 1302010

Babies smell like baby powder to me, even when they don't have it on. To me it smells fresh. But to each their own.

No. 1302017

Same, but I think when people are talking about a baby smell they mean a newborn baby. Apparently that smell is the amniotic fluid or something. They don't smell like sour milk though, idk what's up with anons nose.

No. 1302018

>sour milk
Agreed this is how babies always smelt like to me, I never knew how to describe it

No. 1302020

You sound really sweet anon. I hope your brother grows up to be a good guy.

No. 1302021

I'm in a relationship, however there was this one guy at my old job I can't stop thinking about. We never hung out outside work but we'd work together lots and I'd look forward to our conversations. Anyways, there was a day I was going through a really rough time and my boss brought me to tears and he saw what happened and offered me a hug. I took it knowing it was probably wrong and would make my boyfriend upset and I've got to say, I've never felt a hug so loving and warm as that hug. I honestly regret not getting to know him better, since my current boyfriend ended up being a huge narcissist. I can't help but think now how much of a better boyfriend he would have been.

No. 1302032

Thanks Nonna. I'm really adamant about my brothers learning to value women and treat them like actual human beings. So far it's going well; my other brother isn't much older than the little one but apperantly whenever he talks to my boyfriend he tells him he really looks up to me and doesn't want to let me down. I have high hopes for them.

No. 1302215

File: 1660459200562.png (874.17 KB, 843x967, autismo.png)

I'm getting to the point that I might not want kids, it feels like so many of my old friends and acquaintances have kids with autism now. I can't deal with that shit

No. 1302218

like 60% of my friends with kids have autistic kids. they're young too so it's not some "geriatric pregnancy" crap

No. 1302222

Something in the water I bet

No. 1302223

Are you guys American? Why are there so many autists there?

No. 1302228

I've been bingeing the hell out of How I Met Your Mother and I swear the constant exes will they won't they plotlines have psyopped me into regretting breaking up with my ex girlfriend which is so stupid, we broke up for a good reason it was a long time ago my retarded brain is just turning into soup but it's like comfort food tv I can't stop watching. Say it with me I am normal we are normal

No. 1302230

I'm neither anon but I am american and I have noticed more autistic kids. I feel like it correlates with the amount of time they spend glued to tablets

No. 1302231

I'm hearing about autistic newborns so very often these days, it makes me wonder if there's actually something that's causing an increase in autism (rather than fewer going undiagnosed)

No. 1302235

You're autistic at birth, you don't just get it from watching ipads It's a developmental disability. Doesn't help ofc.
My friend's niece is a hardcore nonverbal autist and showed very obvious signs before she even could use an ipad. Same with another friends' two nephews, and then my boyfriend's niece is thankfully quite bright and can speak fine but shows a lot of signs. It really does seem more common now.

No. 1302238

It feels so good to have a new husbando, it makes my days a little brighter to think of him. Forgot what it was like.

No. 1302239

I really think it must be some sort of environmental factor.

No. 1302252

File: 1660462894608.jpg (28.73 KB, 400x400, por-que-no-los-dos.jpg)

No. 1302258

if theyre watching ipads all day they cant socialize properly so that's sort of like autism

No. 1302265

When I was in elementary school I remember having maybe one or two "weird" kids in my year, who in retrospect might have had autism but on the higher-functioning side of the spectrum. But now I personally know several people with kids who have severe autism to the point where I don't know how they'd be able to take care of themselves when they get older. It's bizarre and feels concerning

No. 1302266

Are you dense?

No. 1302274

She sits in front of a computer all day, what do you think

No. 1302284

are you? you seriously cant think being exposed to smartphones and sites like tiktok dont impede kids development. maybe it doesnt give them autism but they can certainly get similar symptoms or "issues"

adult brains are done developing

No. 1302287

Nat but I don't think it impedes development. You sound like boomers who yelled how MTV will fuck up gen X. Those quick successive images in music videos will ruin the kids attention span they said

No. 1302288

Attention span issues are rampant in adults today so you're not exactly disproving their point.

It's also been known for decades that screentime over 30 minutes a day is bad for kids.

No. 1302289

Nta, this is an entire new generation of children that are being raised entirely by iPads genuinely. 2+ years old just watching cocomelon and youtube videos all day. It’s obviously inhibiting them severely and it does appear that it’s mirroring autism in several ways.

No. 1302309

Nonny have you seen these cocomelon babies?

No. 1302452

The screen is over stimulating them and fucking up their developing nervous system. Not being able to regulate your nervous system + no attention span = looks like autismo. No wonder rich ppl raise their kids with very minimal/no screens.

No. 1302456

They also were masked and isolated during key developmental periods and aren't developing normal facial and language skills. I know several people who work in early ed and they think the pandemic kids are the worst behaved, alarmingly behind mentally, and emotional loose cannons who can't self soothe at all. The demand for speech therapists has soared.

No. 1302522

shit like this makes me so viscerally mad, so many braindead young parents ruining their children's dopamine receptors and literally dumbing them down are going to fuck an entire generation.

No. 1302776


No. 1302922

I've gotten off to Bladee's heavy breathing in a few of his tracks before

No. 1302934

After starting my first full-time job, I feel like I don't regret that I took six years to graduate college while taking several years off. In the past I was embarrassed that my life wasn't on track and that I was several years older than my peers. But now I feel like it was nice to be able to have the luxury of exploring and taking my time.

I think my biggest regret is that taking extra years meant that my parents had to pay tons of extra money (over $100 grand) in tuition. However, I felt like I got more money in financial aid than I needed in the first place, and my parents are even richer than when I started school. If I had to do things over again I think I would have tried to take more time off instead of wasting semesters at school. idk

No. 1303012

Good for you nona. It took me nearly 8 years (7.5 to be exact) to graduate university because of taking time off, doing internships, working, changing majors twice, and finding what I actually want in a career etc. I was embarassed being a bit older like you too but doesn't mean we were wasting our time. I've met so many people who wasted 4 years of their life on a degree they hate and went back to school for something completely different. Exploring gave me a way to feel more confident about my future.

No. 1303128

Started shaving my armpits as soon as the hair grew there because I hated the feeling. It's not a societal thing at all for me. I also think hard wax helps my kp legs with the excess keratin skin removal.

No. 1303211

I fareskip on the bus.

No. 1303221

have you seen that "the outside they built" meme? that's why. america is so horrible that there is nothing for kids to do except sit inside on a screen. that's why all the kids troon out or become gaming addicts. suburbanites literally genocided the american populace with stroads. lack of socialization and constant screen = 'tism.

No. 1303367

i could heem everyone in here

No. 1303374

tsk tsk

No. 1303389

Personally, I wish a conservative would run Portland.
I am not even a conservative nor do I identify with them in the slightest but I am sick looking at what’s happened there.
It needs to be fixed and those useless Dems have done nothing.

No. 1304065

i despise armpit hair on men and women, all it does is make BO worse. at the very least i want people to trim it. leg hair, stomach hair, etc don’t bother me though

No. 1304103

I just bought merch from my favorite twitch streamer. I am ashamed of my actions but also kind of not.

No. 1304210

I've only ever been active on fanfiction.net and tumblr because I'm too stupid for AO3s tagging system. I made an account a few weeks ago, but I'm still not getting the hang of it. At least I can proudly say I never used wattpad.

No. 1304223

It's okay because I did the same for a vtuber

No. 1304291

Sometimes when people make me feel bad I come on lolcow and call one of you stupid to feel better. I confront whoever made me feel like shit too, but insulting an anon here just releases that last bit of strong negative emotion.

No. 1304296

That just makes u a nastier person in the end tbh

No. 1304301

To be fair, I only do it if the anon is actually saying something bad or nonsensical.

No. 1304303

File: 1660606649010.jpeg (995.22 KB, 3464x3464, D239BE9B-58F1-4710-A8D9-5A63A7…)

No. 1304311

That just makes her extremely based anon. It’s not even that serious tbh it’s like siblings arguing kek

No. 1304313

KEKKKK when I'm feeling irritated I sometimes come on here and nitpick a retarded comment for entertainment. I get you, nonnie.

No. 1304419

Anon, I would never dare mention some shit like this even if a gun was cocked next to my head

No. 1304424

NTA but ironically, it's always the actual BPDfags obsessing over Kuromi and My Melody and accusing other people of BPD kek. Not saying that anon is in the right, though

No. 1304433

File: 1660611821575.jpeg (24.39 KB, 267x233, F946B368-A185-44F6-9521-E5D718…)

I’ve been fighting the temptation to make a gc twitter account. I hate everything about twitter from the culture and the way people talk on it to the limited word count but seeing some terfs speaking my mother language ignited this dumb obsessive thought, i started saving up potential accounts to follow and my brain keeps cranking out tweets that just sit there in my head. I followed a few people i knew irl on a previous account and was always paranoid about people figuring out who i was.
I know it’s such a stupid idea twitter is so fucking toxic but a part of me wants another place to vent and maybe my incoherent rambling might peak someone.

No. 1304446

File: 1660612293101.jpg (64.25 KB, 350x499, do-androids-dream-of-love-1.jp…)

Anon I totally have this fetish too, you should check out the manga Do Androids Dream of Love! the ML is very cute and docile.

No. 1304452

You get it anon. I would never insult anyone out of the blue no matter what the reason is, but if I see something retarded or even an anon being mean to someone else, it's just kind of convenient. If I'm not upset I'm just more likely to scroll past and not respond.

No. 1304453

NTA but I have BPD and the part about accusing always seems more like someone who hates people with BPD. Some people online are legit psychotic and always looking to start shit. Crackhead energy.

No. 1304577

based, fucking do it

No. 1304612

More and more tempted to rush into marriage with someone i'm uncertain about just to feel normal and caught up with my age group. I used to never care about this stuff, but now I do as I've gotten older. I hate it.

No. 1304623

Nonna I promise you the costs and the risks that come with that aren't worth it. I rarely see a truly happy and fulfilling marriage, and I don't mean that they have to be happy all the time but that their relationship is truly healthy as compared to the shitshows I both hear about and witness of my own peers too often.

No. 1304646

My confession is that I secretly hate when people do free in-depth astrology readings for people with varied sun, moon, rising signs meanwhile my clusterfuck of a sun, moon, rising never has any good free resource posts or any answers from other people because my moon and rising are in the same sign. The only human response I’ve gotten that wasn’t some auto-generated reading from astrology sites is “you’re probably really hot” like if that’s the case then why the fuck are none of you giving me any insight into my chart?!

No. 1304647

My fwb started casually seeing someone so he stopped fucking me, understandably. Not so understandably he still sexts me all the time. I go along with it because I'm starved for sex and he's the best sex I've ever had. I have literal wet dreams about him. I feel bad for the other woman but they're not officially dating so I keep telling myself that its fine, even though it really isn't. He's a total fuckboy and she (and me too tbh) deserves better. So yeah my confession is that I'm knowingly being strung along by a fuckboy and hurting another woman by doing it. I hate myself.

No. 1304695

It's interesting how Jennette McCurdy locked up her emotions and when confronted with them, doesn't want to process her emotions and ends up running away from them. She reminds me of myself because when I try to open up, I end up crying (my mom cries a lot and use to as a child at a drop of a hat) and then get told I'm being manipulative by my mother. It's easier not to talk about emotions and just let everything fester until I'm at my limit and just cry in the wee hours of the morning. Emotional neglect and abuse sucks. I just want to talk freely without being put down or shamed for my thoughts. I have to accommodate my mother's feelings or backtrack on any "wrongthink". Why is that always asking for too much?

No. 1304707

jesus christ, horrible idea

No. 1304709

File: 1660633752748.jpeg (39.24 KB, 332x332, 2D2E9FB2-0F1C-4F27-A93A-521704…)

Being in gay spaces made me unironically homophobic. The casual misogyny rivals that of straight moids. Trannies are the worst of all though

No. 1304713

I may be on a sensitive place mentally but I just read in the mtf thread that some horrible piece of shit trooned out of womb envy before his wife had a painful pregnancy and no joke, if my husband did that to me i would kill him. This not an hyperbole. I would kill him and bury it in the backyard, and never report his disappearance. One less plague in the world. Thank god i'm very female-leaning and even if i want kids i want to adopt but if a man trooned out after my pregnancy i would kill him. Is one of the few situations that it would get an instant lethal response from me.

No. 1304765

>my moon and rising are in the same sign.
is that unusual?

No. 1304769

1 in 12 odds for it so yeah

No. 1304788

hot mess of a city, literally nothing to compliment in the whole thing

No. 1304814

I fucking hate pickme/NLOG discourse. I feel like it's been taken so full circle that those terms are used as a way to shut down women who are either GNC or critique other women/femininity. It's not everytime those terms are used, sometimes it's deserved, but I've seen an unpleasant trend of those terms being used to police women recently.

No. 1304836

File: 1660647998280.gif (55.26 KB, 217x231, kawai-cute.gif)

I sometimes make myself sneeze on purpose by holding a vibrator (or any other vibrating thing) to the bridge of my nose

No. 1304850

bless you

No. 1304857

File: 1660650472349.jpg (295.66 KB, 1080x1474, K.jpg)

The area where i work and in the lgbt district of my city i encounter a lot of trannies, namely MTF
the country where i live has a strong shame culture so they're at least mostly high effort trannies (or straight up sissies) but despite how much i have to pretend to not be a terf and be nice to their face, i feel immense smugness that I am exactly what they wish they were. Everything they wear and wish they could do, I can effortlessly pull off without even thinking about it. Go cope and seethe on reddit
The world makes life fucking suck for women, but try to revel in the smugness sometimes nonnies kek

No. 1304976

wroooooooooooong. troons aren't even human let alone women.

No. 1304989

Same here nonna. I've been joking to friends that I'm homophobic now but it's really not even a joke. I don't want people knowing I'm a lesbian because I hate that default camaraderie that those troon fuckers assume we have. No, fuck off, I don't want to be associated with you.

No. 1305253

I've never actually seen the goatse image but know exactly what it looks like based on parodies of it

No. 1305448

File: 1660689126994.jpg (218.21 KB, 1170x1325, 28uxj9enzk491.jpg)

I seriously love to go all over Lolcow and scour for images and click on "[imagefile].[image type]" to instantly save it and then look in my folders and see all the pretty, pretty pictures. I often make it a task in my bucket list to go on here and save images. I hunt for lolcows and I gather for images. Hell, I even save lolcow images if I feel like I like the way they look; I've gone through a few lolita lolcow threads stealing almost every picture I saw because the outfit or the room looked awesome to me.
God, I've always been an image hoarder, but doing it on Lolcow makes it more fun since I get additional backstory with the pictures, unlike when I go on Google and deep-dive into a character or an artist I like and save their pictures.
Um. Picrel is my current favorite hoarded picture of this week. I dug through Rainbow High subreddit's Fan Art tag and found it, it looks so brutal. Art is by dollfather on Instagram.

No. 1305494

File: 1660692924676.gif (106.63 KB, 220x220, kitten-cat.gif)


No. 1305504

I realized I've been horrible to so many people because of my terrible self esteem. This guy was so head over heels for me but I couldn't see it because I find myself disgusting and unlovable, so when I brushed him off I was shocked to find out I hurt him. So many things I do are because I feel I'm incapable of causing harm- how could someone grow attached to me? I'm extremely unlikable.

No. 1305515

I still remember that time I said love was cringe/fake/gay in front of a cute guy that was madly in love with me, because I really couldn't process someone actually liking me like that

No. 1305537

I like standup showers because I can pee in them.

No. 1305538

you can pee in sit down showers as well

No. 1305539

I feel less ashamed peeing in standup showers

No. 1305541

Same reason why I don't loathe myself for being a girl due to periods anymore. Also what manga is that image from

No. 1305560

I was the emotional manipulative person in the relationship.

No. 1305561

if you were in a relationship with a moid then its ok

No. 1305562

it happens

No. 1305567

It shouldn't be normal though. I was an abusive person or at least my relationship bordered on abuse and it was my fault.

No. 1305570

Yeah but you're self aware and have learned/are learning from it. no reason you cant go back and be better one day, or carry said knowledge into the next relationship and be better. we're all on this earth to learn some kind of karmic lesson and the fact that you ARE learning means you're doing something right. dont give up nona i believe in you

No. 1305573

not saying your karmic lesson is exactly how you treat other people you care about or whatever, but its probably an aspect

No. 1305644

men tend to lose all interest once you like them back, so it's no loss

No. 1305674

Women who put a lot into their makeup and plastic surgery annoy me. You are making the standard too damn high for all of us. Im never going to be able to afford all those makeup products and surgery unless I start doing blow jobs for old men. I wish we could just go back to the days when a girl with fresh clear skin and nice hair was enough to be pretty. It makes it even worse when they put all this work into their looks and their scrote bf is hideous or average.

No. 1305675

Stop giving a shit about being pretty, anon. The kind of pretty that surgery and make up gets you is constructed completely by men and you don't need that shit. Love yourself the way you are.

No. 1305687

It's easy to say that. Unfortunately I'm surrounded by scrotes 24/7.

No. 1305688

So why would you want to pander to them? You are in charge of your own body and appearance. You're the one putting weight on what a scrote might think. I understand insecurity is hard to let go of, but you have to understand that you aren't obligated to look any sort of way for any person. Makeup will fuck up your skin and surgery will ruin your life.

No. 1305691

Yeah but scrotes dominate how women think either and women also treat other women or their less pretty friends like shit. Let's not pretend this is a problem exclusive to scrotes. It's everywhere.

No. 1305696

File: 1660708513507.jpg (28.96 KB, 360x371, what.jpg)

Are you under age?

No. 1305697

It's better that we don't waste our time, money and energy on excessive grooming. I'm not even talking about self esteem (though ofc that's important), just practical shit like - who wants to spend all that time in the salon and getting ready in the morning? Who wants to look totally different when they take off their makeup and beauty enhancements? Do you want to risk getting botched in surgery, or waste money that could be used on more important things? Be grateful it's not an option.

Clear skin and nice hair is still enough to be pretty to normal, non-porn sick moids.

No. 1305699

I feel like giving up makeup. It'd definitley be easier if everyone else also dropped it and media didn't show fake people. I don't want to have to spend so much of life worrying about it. I wonder how males would react if we all did this. Fuck cosmetics, fuck surgery, fuck obsessive dieting and shit. Whats the worst that could happen? They get upset?

No. 1305700

I think they would lower their standards because they'd still wanna fuck. I wish we all would just stop shaving, stop the plastic surgery etc

No. 1305702

A woman can make waves just by doing it herself. It was other women being comfortable with their bodies that gave me the confidence to stop shaving and stop wearing makeup. Now I don't have ingrown hairs and my skin is a lot happier, and I've saved a lot of time and bullshit.

No. 1305708

It's just crazy when you think about it. The average male expects you to torture your armpits and labia with hair removals, that alone is much more than they'd do for us. Hell most won't even shave their beards if they irritate your skin.

No. 1305710

Not to mention saving money. All the money beauty corporations rake in selling their "revolutionary" products is repulsive. Drink plenty of water, wash your pillowcase and eat a balanced diet. Exercise on top of all that and you'll look great.

No. 1305833

Ever since I found out that mods can apparently see who's reporting who I'm worried that me accidentally reporting someone will get mistaken as vendetta.

No. 1305846

i think there are too many reports to keep track of who reports what. they see too many racebait gore spams and samefagging tranny posts to care

No. 1305876

Kek like 2 yrs ago I got a 2 second ban so a mod could tell me off in the bantext for being too trigger happy and reporting things that didn't need to be reported (saging in /ot/, I was an overzealous newfag)

No. 1305882

A lot of women 19+ age range here gave up make up I think from covid covering half the face anyway. The teenage girls are either fresh faced or overdone like their trip to walmart is a tiktok. I decided whatever I wear will still look better than some unwashed fat moid going to get a few groceries and no longer care. Only time I wear make up now is interviews or get togethers.

No. 1305883

This. Also men don't give a shit about cosmetics or any of that. It's literally just companies pushing it. The standards are not set by men or women, they're industry-set and of course they will get ever more expensive. The only goal is profit.

No. 1305887

Extra time in bed in the mornings is better than appeasing “unwashed, fat moids” anyway. I’ve never liked wearing makeup, never liked the feeling of it on my face or enjoyed putting it on even if I did like how it made me look.

No. 1305892

True, I stopped wearing foundation because of covid. Was addicted to it for over 10 years. I still wear mascara and fill my brows in, don't see that changing any time soon. But it's amazing how much better I feel about my skin now, or perhaps rather how little a few unclear spots bother me now.

No. 1305951

I dont want to start a fight here, but a lot of women have issues like rosacea, hormonal issues and so on that healthy lifestyle barely influences; and it's pointless to pretend looking like that doesn't hurt self-esteem. Covering it to at least have some semblance of even skin color really helps…

No. 1306018

It's so refreshing to quit foundation, I wore it daily back in high school but ditched it to save time at uni and never looked back. I do a bit of concealer on a blemish if I have one but that's it and it makes your skin feel so free without that layer

No. 1306020

File: 1660740838852.png (461.45 KB, 600x559, 084c6a49e99b4552c52ee3a8d9f2a3…)

I have a scrote tier snuff addiction. I hate myself for it but every time I try to quit I find myself coming back to it, usually after seeing something somewhat violent. I don't doubt I've also stumbled upon real gore and convinced myself its movie magic. I don't want to hurt anyone irl or myself(anymore) but its getting ridiculous actually.

No. 1306026

The point is you shouldn’t feel shame about it to begin with anon. There’s nothing shameful about skin or anything that goes with it and women as a whole shouldn’t be forced to conform to make men more comfortable especially in a way that long term may impact our health.

No. 1306077

Not only that but professional women who don't wear makeup (I'm not referring to heavy drag makeup IG influencers wear, but "natural" looking makeup so there are no comments about looking sick, tired, or unkempt) are proven to be paid less and be passed up for opportunities.
My adult acne did not go away with goop-tier regimens like diet and exercise because it was hormonal and nothing except going on a prescription hormone medication, which is technically off-label use and only cause I asked after trying everything else, helped it. I get pimples like a normal person now so I still have to apply a little foundation and powder before going into the office.

Do women who say shit like "don't wear makeup" even know what it's like to do everything right for your skin yet wake up the next morning like you ate like shit and bathed in grease? Either way, we can be idealistic as much as we want but there is an expectation that professional women wear makeup.
Maybe if you are a NEET or have a work environment where makeup isn't allowed or everyone is super relaxed, sure.

No. 1306097

You miss there’s an in between. You can have to wear makeup professionally. Even I do. But I never wear it personally off the clock. It’s my face if that offends people to fucking bad. You can have to play by the rules of a shit game and still call the game shit. If you’re wearing for things other than work you’re not doing it because you have to anon.
Yes anon. Most women even with clear skin have hormonal breakouts or bad skin days or weeks. I had an autoimmune that took a long time to get diagnosed. I know what I looked like and I know the pressure people put on me to present in a way that they found more comfortable and you know what? If they weren’t paying my bills they weren’t worth the self esteem hit.

No. 1306101

If we all stopped wearing makeup what are they gonna do? Fire all of us?

Also makeup never makes acne look better the bumps are still there, they just have powder and liquid on top making them look worse.

No. 1306127

>You miss there’s an in between.
It's not that I missed it and do not understand that there is one, the post that I am replying to is saying never to wear makeup. And wearing makeup to work is still setting a standard that will impact women who do not conform to it which is what the OP took issue with.
Acne is universally unattractive, and if some people are okay with how it presents then that is fine but it's unreasonable to believe all women can or should. Acne isn't an endearing genetic feature like a prominent brow or a wide forehead that people are insecure about for manufactured reasons. Acne is a condition that causes infections, scarring, and is generally referred to as unhygenic.
Now if someone were utilizing makeup to alter the appearance of their natural face like re-drawing eyebrows, heavy face contouring, etc. then you absolutely have a point and no one should feel they have to do that all the time. But covering up skin disease is not the same, acne causes depression in people because on a primal level we all know it looks bad and indicates issues.

Do you realistically expect all women to come to the agreement and enforce not wearing makeup at the same time? You won't be fired, but you'll find others will get ahead of you because of pretty privilege.

>Also makeup never makes acne look better the bumps are still there

If you're wearing cakey bake foundation, sure. When I had acne I wore a liquid and powder foundation for years and everyone thought I had great skin. When I'd let my guard down and remove it during casual gatherings or whatever, people were aghast. Average people aren't makeup experts and do not analyze as closely as you do.

No. 1306146

I'm starting to think my best friend might be the problem. Over the years she's lost a lot of friendships, and a lot of it hasn't ended in a "we grew apart and have now stopped talking" sort of way, but in a "big convoluted argument but not really an argument we're just "talking" things out but it's definitely an argument." It's always her confronting someone or sometimes someone confronting her. Now it's happening again. I'm just agreeing with whatever she says and she complains to me about it. Maybe I'm just a doormat. Actually, I am kek. I know I'm not confrontational and I prefer to avoid confrontation, most of my friendships just fizzle out and I rarely have to have a talk with someone who wrongs me, I just stop talking to them and move on.

It's kind of tiring to hear her constantly complain about people. I want to be there for her, she's my best friend and I love her a lot, but I'm tired of just nodding my head to it all. I should probably tell her that I think she's part of the problem but she's annoying to deal with when she's confronting someone (we've had a "talk" before and she becomes incredibly defensive and doesn't budge when it comes to compromise). I just don't think it's worth it constantly getting into shit with people.

No. 1306161

Maybe consider taking a break from the internet as a whole for a few weeks….

No. 1306162

Anon I had 8 forms of excema, including one that covered my hands and feet in blisters. Your acne does not make you the most oppressed and calling even cystic acne a skin disease is an overstatement. Yes acne can be scientifically labeled a skin disease but in dermatology it’s labeled a skin condition for a reason.
If acne is an infection and so unhygienic than why does rubbing more dirt, oil, and cancer causing chemicals into make sense to you? It makes acne worse.
I’ve dated people without acne and dated people with acne even more severe than my own and I’ll tell you I never gave a shit but you know who did? Them! They were upset my skin was clear. They didn’t care the things I did to maintain it. They just wanted to talk about how unfair it was. You’re probably more focused on your acne than other people are and people worth your personal time won’t give a shit. Why would you want to be friends with someone who dislikes people for breakouts or dark circles?
I’ve never once thought a women with acne is unhygienic. I have thought it about men and I think a lot of women probably do the same tbh.
And no one said you have to never wear it even for work. Anons were literally talking about just not in general and you assumed that meant all the time and jumped to work places. Notice how most of the focus was on scrotes and social situations? Stuff you literally don’t have too. We were complaining rightful so that makeup is shitty and expensive and that it’s very very shitty we as women are forced to cover our natural bodies for retard moid who won’t even shower and you came in claiming makeup is actually “Empowering because some women are disfigured”

No. 1306163

I'm so lazy I didn't cook at all today. I was working from home and I only hate a donut and some small madeleines and drank water. I can't get anything delivered today because of the weather. So I'll go back to the office tomorrow so I can just order whatever I want in restaurants next to my office for lunch break. I'm a little ashamed.

No. 1306180

Not trying to start anything but why is it always said like it'll happen automatically
>Stop wearing makeup
>Your pay decreases by $5000 the next day
>Promotion after 5 years of work is passed over for junior male worker
It will happen regardless if you have sexist bosses and/or workplace culture, nepotism or they just don't like you.

No. 1306235

Where do you all live and what do you do when makeup is part of a 'professional' look? I've never in my life wore makeup to work, many don't.
What culture are you?

No. 1306251

No. 1306253

>Your acne does not make you the most oppressed and calling even cystic acne a skin disease is an overstatement.
Nowhere did I say acne was the "most oppressed" but you certainly seem to think your several kinds of skin blisters gives you authority on what to deem as oppression and how other people should feel about their experiences of living with a chronic skin condition that cannot be cured by eating a vegtable and a simple face wash.
>than why does rubbing more dirt, oil, and cancer causing chemicals into make sense to you
What are the cancer causing chemicals and how do you know if someone with acne uses them?
Wouldn't it make sense to you that someone with sensitive skin does their due dilligence to find out what ingredients are okay for their face in order to disguise a condition that socially impacts them?

I don't give a shit about your dating life, and I could waste my time giving you my personal anecdotes for when I was professionally criticized for my skin but it sounds like you're gonna keep believing your narrative regardless.
>And no one said you have to never wear it even for work.
I do not care that you want to caveat for the OP and make excuses and exemptions this far down the thread. Don't make it my problem that OP and others who chimed in about how all makeup is a standard-raising boogeyman didn't think through about the implications.
>Notice how most of the focus was on scrotes and social situations?
Scrotes and social situations at work? Well I never heard of it!

You sound like a dumbass kid airquoting shit I literally did not say just so you can make a point. Pathetic.


No. 1306263

Nta, you're talking about how not wearing it makes you feel, which is fine, but it's not legally mandatory.

No. 1306268

>It's not legally mandatory
Never argued it was. Being conventionally attractive isn't a mandatory requirement to live but it sure does grant privileges and opportunities that unconventional people either will have to work harder to obtain or never have at all. We've got people itt complaining about folks that try to emulate beauty standards because how dare they not just settle for how they naturally end up and are subsequently treated in a social system that literally favors pretty people. Yeah, extreme makeup and plastic surgery isn't the way but no not all makeup is inherently shitty and bad.

No. 1306269

I agree, having bad acne can cause unwanted drama from immature people that it's easier to just put on makeup and avoid than to deal with. Cystic acne especially since certain people will get grossed out at seeing it

No. 1306305

>When I had acne I wore a liquid and powder foundation for years and everyone thought I had great skin.
They were lying to you to be polite or they weren’t really looking. You can always tell.

No. 1306315

You're part of the fucking 'social system' too. You're not just the judged, you're also the judge.
There are two ways in which you are playing into it.

No. 1306342

My last friend trooned out. I'll probably still see him until it's too unbearable to look at him, but it sucks. Am depressed by how it poisoned my sweet group of retards over years. Shameful feeling I wish I could do something because I know it is a lost cause once they troon.

No. 1306350

>normies will lie about not noticing your makeup to be polite
>normies will not lie and will not notice a woman with acne to be polite
Mental gymnastics.

>y-you too
Okay and?

No. 1306354

Or you can just be happy for your friends decision and let them lead their best, authentic selves.(b8)

No. 1306357

Are you lost?

No. 1306358

obvious bait

No. 1306374

For standards to change some of us have to take one for the team, anon.
Reading your replies has actually inspired me to show off my pizza face more than I already do. Even at my work meeting tomorrow, because guaranteed if a young man showed up with acne no one would really care.

My cysts are out for you, nona. Kisses.

No. 1306387

See ya at the office, za face.

No. 1306399

File: 1660761120237.jpg (4.1 MB, 4096x3072, imgonline-com-ua-dexifQnH42mxV…)

my autistic occasional hobby is editing cows. I know anons hate it but please forgive my sins, sometimes the picture is so easily fixable i cant help it kek
I try to not be too unrealistic and usually keep it as minimal as possible but sometimes thats impossible
I usually just delete it after I'm finished. My favs to do are shayna and kathy

No. 1306402

Aww, nonny this is cute. You made her look like a j-idol.

No. 1306407

There's a thread for this somewhere. I felt like shopping Kathy too but I feel like itd be a bit difficult to because her pics are already so destroyed by whatever filter she uses.

No. 1306408

I like this, the bangs + eyebrows alone make her look so much better.

No. 1306412

the bangs feel a little mid2000s but is otherwise ok

No. 1306414

I knew the bangs and different eye makeup would be an upgrade for her but ffs, she would look kinda cute if she had any eye for any aesthetics

No. 1306421

I developed rosacea about 4 years ago, I typically get redder as the day goes on so I stay bare faced and I'm usually heading home anyway as it reaches its daily peak. I had a hard time finding basic skin care products that were gentle enough for it so make up seems like a bad idea. I feel like the less you put on it, the better.

No. 1306511

If I think about it too hard, I see that I am a postergirl for the cured bpdfag because she has a kind, loving nigel. I'm too happy living my life to care, but I find it funny and I'm sure it secretly is attractive to my boyfriend.

Better that than the lack of experience Tate shills.

No. 1306586

I love spitting in my boyfriends food when he pisses me off, sorry not sorry he's an unbearable arsehole.

No. 1306590

File: 1660772519323.gif (2.81 MB, 380x284, 35B47C29-1BD3-4F03-B152-5EF6BE…)

anons will do anything BUT dump their annoying boyfriends

No. 1306591

Friends don't lie

No. 1306592

Fr like he spit in your mouth sis

No. 1306595

That's completely invalid if you suck his dick or swallow.

No. 1306596

Go back to Twitter frfr

No. 1306603

Break up with your bf before acting tuff on lc bestie ong no cap

No. 1306615

You're doing this to yourself. Massive cringe

No. 1306622

Upgrade to a pube or period blood. Go hard or go home

No. 1306639

Literally lmafo

No. 1306640

When people stare at me, I pick my nose. I'll eat it if it's a man. IDC. Yes. I am a model.

No. 1306644

The dump him, why would you even spend time with someone you find unbearable?

No. 1306672

Gigastacy Mindset. Have you heard of doing this with period blood before? Women have been doing this for ages and it’s said to have awesome effects!!

No. 1306762

I’m a parade performer at Disneyland and while the pay is absolute shit, I love it and don’t want to be out of the job on the 1st.

No. 1306774

That sounds like an interesting experience. What do you do/perform anon? Any fun stories?

No. 1306783

What a small world, I knew a girl back in high school that did that after she graduated. That was a few years ago though, not sure if she's still there. Why would you be out of a job on the 1st?
I performed in the parades a couple times while I was in high school through a school thing, we always did our easiest parade routine but it was still a lot of work. Don't know how you guys do it!

No. 1306795

File: 1660788793778.jpg (16.83 KB, 350x250, f1f6bb0135ba1505b3d186648b4406…)

>made the nose smaller
y'all always have to do us big nosed girls dirty like this

No. 1306909

Nta but you mean putting period blood in a moid’s food? Based

No. 1306976

File: 1660803395501.jpg (980.31 KB, 1483x2048, imgonline-com-ua-dexifaLXZcRqs…)

Sorry big nosed nonna. I tried to edit her nose back to as close to the original just for you. Mwah enjoy

Kathy is actually one of the easiest to do, if you can get around the awful eyeshadow. No joke, thats the worst part and sometimes its just completely unfixable. You can't do much to it without it creating a weird blurry spot or messing with the lashes

No. 1306978

she does everything in her power to make herself look bad, truly

No. 1306989

now i wonder how someone would edit my photo to make me look better. am i styling myself wrong?

No. 1307002

I had a former friend who photoshopped me to look worse in the photos she posted of us together. Didn't even do a good job, gave herself awful filters so it looked even weirder by comparison. I would have assumed I just took a few shit photos if I didn't have one of the original photos with my normal face. Truly a terminal case of pretty friend derangement syndrome.

No. 1307013

that's very funny actually. horrible friend, but funny story

No. 1307051

jesus, that's real mental illness.

No. 1307060

Did you publicly call her out in that shit? Should’ve posted them side by side and tagged her.

No. 1307118

My sanity has been dropping ever since moving to a new town alone and I became emotionally abusive towards my boyfriend (LDR at this point). I realize as of current state I'm a toxic person and I've distanced myself from everyone in my life, except him. It kills me inside seeing myself follow my mother's footsteps (she was emotionally and physically abusive) and I've tried to break up with him multiple times during breakdowns but every time he begs me to stay and tells me he'll always be there for me.
I just really hope I can land a job and get therapy soon because Jesus Christ being an abusive junkie was the farthest thing from my vision of adulthood as a child.

No. 1307120

Similar but I had a friend who was obese and physically cursed and insecure. She would purposely take unflattering photos of me sleeping, doing facials while eating sloppy foods, etc and send them to guys she liked. Insecurity is a bitch

No. 1307134

I didn’t really see a point, she had almost no followers and I’d already stopped talking to her for some other deranged shit she did, so I just sent the pics in to my groupchat with my friends and we all had a laugh about it.
Sending bad pics of you to guys she liked… honestly I think that’s more insane than mine posting the pics on Instagram. What did she expect?
>Wow babe, your friend looks so ugly there, wanna make out?
Delusional lol

No. 1307152

i love you and been meaning to do the same. we'll find each other on the tweettar.

No. 1307177

File: 1660821741294.jpg (13.73 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n5vlzmKJAz1tt7tqio3_500…)

i love the feeling of longing and unrequited crush, feeling lonely and desperate and putting someone on a pedestal. suffering for love

No. 1307180


No. 1307204

I do have a soft spot for lolcows with rough childhood because I know I'm just as unhinged as them and only thing that really sets us off apart is I don't air my dirty laundry out on the internet with my face attached to it.

No. 1307258

File: 1660828983215.png (361.47 KB, 521x680, 74A3C49D-FF1C-4BFD-9A15-B3BF3F…)


No. 1307420

please stop doing that we don't need it

No. 1307476

File: 1660842768959.jpeg (68.97 KB, 653x584, FaYL71wWYAEIb3U.jpeg)

Slowly coming to the realization I don't really like being solitary and I actually love being with people, I tended to isolate myself due to stupid bullying in middle school. I've ghosted so many people over retarded shit, and I'm even starting to regret sabotaging the budding relationship with the only guy who ever confessed to me (although I'm certain not dating him was the right choice). I feel crushed by all the stupid decisions I've made due to misplaced pride and I feel I'll never be able to be the person I actually want to be.

No. 1308124

How were you emotionally abusive?

No. 1308250

Recently I've been obsessed with putting floss in my gums and pulling on it hard to create a good sort of pain. I get the urge to do this for a few days every few months for some reason.

No. 1308270

I like the odor of my armpits

No. 1308318


No. 1308360

Are your teeth slowly crowding and maybe it's releasing pressure?

No. 1308719

I hate nationalists, but I've also had so many shitty encounters with online political scrotes from Serbia that I cringe a bit when I see someone saying they're from there online. I don't even have anything against the Serbs I met irl, but it's a huge red flag to me whenever anyone from the balkans puts their flag in the username or bio online.

No. 1308865

I've been seeing a much younger guy and he's really infatuated with me.
I really do like him and think he's sort of an old soul, but there's a part of me that can't WAIT for the opportunity to casually drop it into conversations with guys my age or older and enjoy watching them SEETHE.
and I feel a bit guilty for enjoying that for some weird reason like female socialization.
I'm turning 33 soon and he just turned 21
daily reminder that the "wall" is male projection.

No. 1308878

hell yeah, good for you

No. 1309056

I hid the eurofag thread because the thread pic implied Ireland wouldn't overfeed you, I feel like the maker of the image got a few other countries wrong too. Just needed to get this off my chest.

No. 1309057

Euro grandmas everywhere will overfeed you, it's a fact.

No. 1309058

I hate trans people so fucking much. Especially trans women. There’s one at work and I think it’s picked up that I’m rude to it because it’s trans. But also I feel like they all have narcissistic disorders and a horrible attitude because they think it’s quirky.

On the bright side- I told my boyfriend I hate trans people and he just laughed and called me based. Then we actually had an in depth conversation as to why and he gave me his own reasons why he feels the same way. Never give up nonnies (attracted to men), there is a liberal tranny hater man out there for all of us

No. 1309066

Years after we broke up, I realized that I was also super abusive and toxic to my long distance boyfriend. I’ve never been like that in a relationship before and all the issues went away before my next relationship. I think long distance relationships just cause people to act nastier because it feels less real and because you don’t see their face for a lot of it.

No. 1309132

I think The Next 365 Days movie was kinda hot, prety embarrassing given its reputation

No. 1309133

>I think long distance relationships just cause people to act nastier because it feels less real and because you don’t see their face for a lot of it.
I feel this so much and maybe it's the reason why my LDR didn't work out so well. I was the toxic one in the relationship. I always had such a hard time empathizing with my ex during conflicts and arguments and I don't fully realize that I've caused hurt until it's too late. Every time we argued it was all through text. Maybe things would have turned out differently if all our interactions were offline but I do realize from that experience I can be an emotionally manipulative person with narcissistic and egotistical tendencies. That's the first and only relationship I've ever been in so I don't know if I would have these same issues for my next relationship but I know I can't do another LDR again.

No. 1309142

tfw my ex called me a terf and was legitimately bothered by it

No. 1309154

What were his reasons?

No. 1309159

Anon, are you me? Down to the middle school bit. Kinda freaked out ngl lol

No. 1309166

I was flirting with a guy and I thought he was cute but he is a fucking high schooler omg why does this keep happening I'm 20

No. 1309176

I used to a lot of shit alone and enjoyed it, but sometimes I just feel like everyone can tell I am a friendless neet, and I feel like people can notice. I kinda think it’s irrational because people always assume I’m still in the fancy uni I tried to get into, my hygiene is good, I dress like a human but sometimes I just feel like a gross alien and like everyone knows I am a gross alien. I used to feel the same in kindergarten when I realized not everyone had such a fight and booze filled family and I was maybe afraid it was somehow gonna come up or I would slip up because while I kinda sensed my situation wasn’t normal, I didn’t know what was, so I just selectively shut the fuck up about family stuff. I guess it’s the same with my neet and health status, damn I kinda psycho analyzed myself here, makes sense actually!

No. 1309182

File: 1660955064512.png (1.77 MB, 999x942, boot.png)

I didn't think you could develop fetishes later in life, but I really just did. I started seeing this guy with a wickedly attractive sense of fashion. He dresses extremely well and has a nice assortment of high end leather boots. I keep having dreams where him, or other similar looking hot guys, are pressing leather boots into my face. Really slow and sensually, not stomping me, just smothering my face into the floor with a boot. It's super arousing, so… I have a foot fetish? Or at least something adjacent. I thought only moids liked shoes and getting stepped on but I guess I do. It's all I can think about now.

No. 1309183

The leading man was hot.

No. 1309189

Me too, except i actually enjoy being alone, I just find the backlash and inconveniences like not being able to share costs or certain activities requiring other people really annoying. My venture into trying to find friends was mostly to alleviate the look and aseptic of being a loner and despite not really giving a shit about people, I am still forced to be in a society with other humans and know so many traits i possess make life harder. It honestly makes me feel bitter and resentful towards others that they won't leave me the fuck alone and let me do whatever the fuck i want.

No. 1309196

The man I've been talking to sent me a DM saying he likes me so much he'd lick my ass clean and I'm repulsed

No. 1309353

No. 1309380

A (now ex) friend suicide baited after awhile of attention whoring and being an asshole to everyone, giving me especially a lot of trouble and trying to ruin me. Everyone around me was scrambling and worried but I felt zero empathy or panic because I knew it was for attention. I feel pretty heartless because of this and I get scared thinking of the regret I'd face if it actually happened

No. 1309435

His reasons:
>seems attention seeky
>indicates you need therapy for a deeper issue
>most trans people have similar bad/annoying behavior
>hard on the eyes lol

I agree with all of his and I also hate them for a lot of reasons based in radical feminism. I was scared to tell him since we both hang out in liberal circles, but I’m happy we felt the same way and I don’t have to hide it

No. 1309568

I don't want to go to college but I have already paid my tuition for the first year when I was still excited so I have to.

No. 1309587

i have a rape fetish and i am worried that if a moid raped me i would enjoy it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309589

Do not reply to the bait

No. 1309590

Are you sure you can't still cancel? Where I am you can cancel before the start of the year and get all your money back. Might be worth checking if you're not sure.

No. 1309605

Thanks, it's not the actual degree I'm dreading (actually excited to work in that field some day), it's the traveling time, homework, being around people who are younger than me, being in a city that I don't know anyone in or where anything is. It's close to my hometown and I don't live in the city, so I can still see my friends on the weekends and evenings. I worked a shitty min. wage job to pay for the full year just so I would never have to get that kind of job again, I don't want to go but I'm denying myself a chance at life if I don't. Sage 4 blog, guess I should take this to the vent thread.

No. 1309613

Most if not all of them have main character syndrome to the max, then again their moids and most moids have a cringey case of main character syndrome, but once they become something speshal they never shut up about it and go above and beyond to make everything all about themselves

No. 1309625

A song that is trending right now is mostly about my virginity and it's a mindfuck to hear it randomly when it was not a big hit at it's release a couple years ago

No. 1309628

let me guess its trending on tiktok.

No. 1309634

But you'll never tell us what it is like all vague posters

No. 1309651

Mary on a Cross. Do with that whatever the fuck you want.

No. 1309677

Are you Sister Imperator??

No. 1309694

Kek it's always uncanny to come across nonnas with the exact same issues down to the details. I hope you've realized what your issues were and you're trying to get better, I'm slowly crawling out of that hole, ghosting people over petty shit and mood swings have to be the dumbest decisions I made in my life. People (especially my best friend) have been begging me for years to go see a therapist, I'm not ready to do it yet (using money and difficulty to find a good one as excuses) but I know I'll eventually have to do it if I want to get better.

You sound schizoid, which I thought I was when I realized I'm most likely avoidant. I love being on my own for a lot of things but I've also realized I need to sperg about my passions with other autists and there's a lot of stuff I don't want to do alone.

No. 1309764

I'm a little addicted to collecting cute moid friends like a harem. I get a huge rush when an attractive guy starts trying to be friends with me and I love the idea of being surrounded by cute guys who love me. I don't pander to them or make an attempt to reel them in, it mostly happens from local guys following me on twitter/ig and telling me they think I'm really funny on there.

I think this is super shameful and probably comes from growing up ugly and fat. I don't view women that way even though I'm equally attracted to women, I guess I see women as more complex and interesting than that.

No. 1309781

File: 1661016418880.jpg (39.98 KB, 800x447, newmom.jpg)

Pregnant women and new moms are hot. I wish I could cuddle with moms who just gave birth. I would have nice cool towels to wipe their foreheads, fed them snacks and bring water or juice for them to drink as they nurse. Unfortunately, everyone would find it creepy

No. 1309889

And men swear blind that womens bathrooms are more disgusting. I’ve had many cleaning jobs over the years and I never saw ladies manage to get shit smeared on the underside of the toilet seat or leave pubes everywhere. Do they think we go about smearing our tampons or something

No. 1309999

It's attributed to mental illness but I've seen stories of scrotes defacing restrooms out of revenge or as a joke. A woman would never do this unless greatly mentally ill. A normal person would think poop is disgusting and wouldn't want it on their hands, even if it's for petty revenge. Men are practically apes

No. 1310003

Indeed. and everyone knows a story in high school in which a male was defecating in the urinals. It’s just woman hating rhetoric I expect. Men are vile things, good hygiene and living practices does not seem to be the norm with them

No. 1310006

This reminds me of when I was browsing the MtF thread, there was a reddit thread that asked trans women if they notice any difference between men and women's bathrooms and most replies were mentioning how both are equally bad and women can be just as disgusting as men. I don't know if that was true but it did seem like BS since men are always such slobs on a whole different level.

No. 1310022

>men start using our toilets
found the reason the toilets are dirty

No. 1310028

There's also the inherent part of men's bathrooms. Men literally have to pee standing up and risk getting piss and shit toilet water splashing everywhere. Not only that, urinals are disgusting and smell like shit.

No. 1310037

File: 1661031393749.jpg (39.13 KB, 540x960, d1b55845e2dc65f6d55191235b669d…)

When I lived in a house with 2 men, they would clog the toilet and just "leave it to soak". They were convinced it dissolves and goes away. Not that all the times before they moved out, their mom would unclog and clean it. It was quite a shock to them when their massive turd was still there after a weekend trip home. Then when they got an accordion plunger, they'd use it wrong and just suck up the poo into it and think it flushed. It was actually still inside the plunger and would stink up the rooms for weeks until they'd throw it out.

No. 1310040

Tbh my only complaint about women's restrooms is this too though. I've sat on pee so many times because so many girls hover. Guys put the seat up when they piss generally. I've seen shit filled toilets in women's rooms but I assume that's fear of clogging vs the dominance assertion or wanting to be gross like in men's rooms. You'll get the occasional period blood smear or dirty pad but I've seen it maybe a handful of times in my life vs the shit I've seen in men's rooms or heard from other men
t. former janitor

No. 1310044

I hover but I also put the seat up before I do so. I have herpes and want to keep my karma in good standing so I don't take any chances.

No. 1310045

nta but the men in my family still get piss all over the seat (and occasionally the floor too) even with all the lids up

No. 1310069

I must confess, I DESPISE people who go crazy for halloween. It's their personality.. "it's spooky month!!!" "Spooky month is 3 months away" I hate it.

No. 1310072

thanks anon, we appreciate it

No. 1310076

what about christmas people

No. 1310080


No. 1310096

AYRT Yes I live with floor pissers too and it's the worst. I always plant my feet way forward out of instinct now

No. 1310207

File: 1661039534561.jpeg (465.99 KB, 1301x520, CB24D9AB-5A0C-417E-8950-BE41A0…)

This is what my Spotify homepage looks like.

No. 1310247

>I have herpes and want to keep my karma in good standing so I don't take any chances.
I literally never thought that this could be a potential risk with using public washrooms. What the hell, now I'm feeling anxious. I usually lay some toilet paper on the seat because I don't like the mess and it's more comfortable for me but now I'm worried I might come into contact with something if I'm not careful. Should I be worried? Now I'm feeling anxious…

No. 1310255

you have patrician tastes, Stars Are Blind is a bop

No. 1310259


No. 1310267

Mega stacy

No. 1310274

Worked at a place where men regularly left their apartments/rooms fucking nuclear levels of disgusting, but one time a couple of girls accused their borderline functioning autistic roommate of smearing period blood all over the walls and it was spotless when we got there to check it out, and ever since then every moid and pickme woman on my team made fun of her constantly and used it to say women were just as disgusting as men. We had to clean all male apartments that quite literally were unlivable for months after they moved out because of the shit (sometimes literal shit) they did, but one genuinely nice if a little retarded girl gets accused of something with no evidence and all women are just as disgusting to them.

No. 1310275

I love you both. Paris is a queen.

No. 1310295

Based af.

No. 1310297

This. hovering is so stupid. I'm gonna hurt my pelvic bone for it. I just lay down toilet paper or a seat cover. seat hovering is bad for your joints and gets piss everywhere

No. 1310298

xmas fags are literally 100x worse

No. 1310303

Yes but Halloween enjoyers are always nlogs and they always brag about how they are unique for preferring it over Christmas. Like I feel it'd be more off beat to prefer Christmas at this point.
Easter gang, rise up

No. 1310309

>usually half-shaved head or something similar
>fashion color hair
>thick rimmed black dork glasses
>shitty faded tattoos, double points if it's some haunted mansion or nightmare before Christmas shit
>wears hot topic merch and accessories
I haven't met any honest-to-god christmasfags like I have met halloweenfags but I'd guess that christmasfags are all middle american lutherans that live in shitty mass produced suburbs.
t. burgerfag

No. 1310346

File: 1661048657095.gif (841.05 KB, 300x169, FB82B945-7BC2-42C3-B3AD-C5C678…)

I did it ladies…I got over my huge crush. It’s been nagging at me for 6 months and I haven’t been able to tell anyone about it (I posted a couple times about my frustrations here kek)because he’s one of my managers and he has a long term girlfriend and a 2 year old. So it was never going to happen.

I’ve been avoiding him as much as I possibly can these last 2 months which has helped, but the final nail in the coffin was realizing he is an alcoholic. I didn’t notice at first, I’ve never been around alcoholics but a co worker mentioned it when a bunch of us were talking about him.
He’s funny and weird, he makes me laugh a lot. But one day he broke out in a song and dance in front of me and my friend/coworker while we were eating lunch and we busted up laughing. It was super random. So we were talking about it and another coworker said he reminded her of an old boss who was an admitted “functioning” alcoholic.

Then I remembered his car, and how he drove a fairly new car but with really bad passenger-side damage. Like it looked like he side-swiped something and the damage went along the length of his car. So I decided to look up his name in the county superior court; and I found a case from a couple years ago where he drove drunk with a BAL of over .15%. Arrested for DUI and reckless driving.

I’m so happy nonnies. I am free.

No. 1310554

File: 1661068933217.jpg (87.61 KB, 852x1136, 4342d61e360cc1ffa1fd8e1c599aea…)

Yes you should be, there's a real risk of catching some infection from public restroom seats. There's a wide variety of diseases you can catch that way, including monkeypox now. Did you think we all hover just because idk we like working out our glutes like that?
I don't understand why all public toilets don't have squat toilets but only some. They're so much more convenient to both use safely and clean.

No. 1310555

my shits won't fit through that

No. 1310559

Samefag, wait, I do understand why.
Non-squat toilets are a part of dirty Western practices. Westerners are shit when it comes to hygiene, and we mostly follow their standards.

No. 1310562

I'm sorry but how the fuck do you even use these? Either I take off my shoes and pants in a public toilet (not happening), or I risk pissing on my shoes and pants because I'm squatting near them. I cannot fathom how it's remotely hygienic or convenient, the times I've had to use them overseas were disastrous.

No. 1310563

love them. my squat game is on another level plus i feel like you get rid of poop more efficiently in that position. only thing is, i don't want to sit whole vagina out like that in a public washroom, it's better in your own home.

No. 1310565

>you get rid of poop more efficiently in that position
but what if you have diarrhea that tends to fills up the whole width of toilet bowls. like with the sheer amount that comes out it would probably get on the sides if i used that squat toilet in the pic.

No. 1310566

Poop confessions rolling in today. Apparently lolcow's shits are fierce

No. 1310568

I like to create OCs both for fanfics as well as original universes and I have plenty of OC ideas and even developed OCs but only female characters. Every time I try to create a male OC he just unintentionally ends up being a rip-off of some husbando from an established franchise so I just discard him altogether.

No. 1310569

that doesn't happen. and you can just spray away any rouge poop.

No. 1310582

File: 1661074753083.png (100.11 KB, 600x600, tumblr_o483mgMRxJ1sxd1vyo1.png)

I'm going to play SMT5 on easy mode. I already went through half of the game in normal mode but I just don't have time to play as much as I want. Forgive me father for I have sinned.

No. 1310584

I play any game ever on the easiest mode available.

No. 1310595

I can't stop buying graphic t-shirts help

No. 1310602

I create female OCs for established franchises so they can fuck my husbandos.

No. 1310606

That too of course.

No. 1310626

I got picked

No. 1310629

by who

No. 1310631

My boyfriend

No. 1310638

you should be picking him, not the other way around… farmers disappoint me everyday.

No. 1310662

File: 1661089830795.jpg (20.12 KB, 612x413, istockphoto-692955414-612x612.…)

i mean it is the most natural position to poop so it is the most efficient

No. 1310663

File: 1661089932721.jpg (74.09 KB, 1000x882, 5935d6d1669c7c73bfe3601ee881f8…)

they used to call those mary sues, i guess that made the practice rarer these days

No. 1310667

The hate for "Mary Sues" in fandoms was excessive. There I said it.

No. 1310670

I agree with you. Also >>1310663 that pic is adorable.

No. 1310690

Seethe about it. He wanted me first

No. 1310699

You can’t help everyone anon, some people just wanna walk straight into their graves

No. 1310700

agree and i thihk it was mostly misogynistic

No. 1310712

do convince yourself i'm seething because of something as trite as a man and a woman in a relationship.

No. 1310780

I never really heard of 4chan when I first visited lolcow. I was 17/18, lurking for Venus Angelic. I thought lolcow was the only imageboard and was happy that it was woman exclusive. At school I told my close girlfriends about lolcow and they quickly told me how it looked like 4chan and I got easily disappointed, kek.

No. 1310804

You are based

No. 1310805

No. 1310839

I'm obsessed with this song someone help me I'm genuinely irritated at my autism now

No. 1310842


No. 1310861


No. 1310864

When I was like 8 I wrote an open letter on this preteens section/forum thing the BBC had that I was sick of hearing about Madeline McCann, and that they only kept talking about her because she was blonde. This was like 3 weeks after she went missing. It was received surprisingly well.

No. 1310868

Need a case study on people who find this kind of thing funny because …

No. 1310869

Why have I seen this posted with the exact same replies

No. 1310878

I just completed the case study and my findings are that whoever likes that video has an IQ of at least 150 and is very Stacyesque

No. 1310883

Interesting, I just did research and it turns out that your study was actually Dr Oz propaganda and that women who find this funny are akin to sticky five year olds watching cocomelon

No. 1310886

Full offence but fuck you

No. 1310889

She was right. Children go missing in horrible ways all the time and the only reason this generated the attention it did was because she was blonde and white.

No. 1310921

Media should care about no children, instead of some children?

No. 1310923

Among those many missing kids there's undoubtly plenty white and blonde ones that hardly get any media coverage like any other missing kid, but just because there's ONE that the media ran with it's because she was blonde and white? sure. I might've believed you if she went missing in some Asian or African country where white and blonde people are rare but she was from the UK, blonde and white isn't some worshipped rarity there.

No. 1310935

I think it was more about her being on a family vacation when it happened rather than it happening at home. The drama of the parents insisting police over there fucked up and the police over there suspecting the parents. Reminded me of the meredith kercher case in some ways. When police from different 2 countries are fighting over how to handle a case and when private investigators are being dragged in too it becomes international news.

No. 1310936

I genuinely don’t think it’s a thing, I think it’s more like news stations are looking for good stories and choose whichever one that’ll get them more views. Also it’s dumb to fight over missing kids and think some deserve more attention than others. This isn’t the fucking Olympics.

No. 1310990

It’s because she was trafficked under everyone’s noses and everyone involved knew. The media attention was basically like laughing in our faces.

No. 1311128

wow you fucking suck lol

No. 1311177

bump for gore spam

No. 1311192

Shit tier taste, anon. Uggo cyborg with a tiny dick.

No. 1311200

File: 1661116242472.jpg (63.9 KB, 500x497, 246tanz1tey51.jpg)


No. 1311211

File: 1661116394579.jpeg (60.34 KB, 640x800, Idhphr46dacMp1pMFEBmuEqay56KG0…)


No. 1311216

File: 1661116436807.jpeg (117.84 KB, 1044x587, 64AB3259-9324-4F4B-8C45-0C2CAA…)


GORE SPAMMER, remember to report and not engage. They get off on riling you up.

No. 1311227

youre the only one engaging.

No. 1311244

File: 1661116739325.jpg (198.3 KB, 750x1333, E3c9SNdXMAQye92.jpg_large.jpg)

Gore don't scroll

No. 1311247

It’s one single comment trying to prevent threads to devolve into hundreds of back and forth comments like it has happened before, retard.

No. 1311299

I'm in a committed and long relationship with a boy, I’m in my mid twenties.
His cousin is around my same age, just a few years younger. And she has been flirting with me for the lasts maybe 2 or 3 years. It’s pretty subtle, I guess it started when she came out of the closet and started having interest in girls, I didn’t even know it could be called flirting because she’s just this kind of girl who always refutes whatever I say, in a joking way, she keeps coming closer to me, wanting physical contact (like hugs or caressing hands, touching my hair…). I’m a pretty affectionate person so I didn’t pay too much attention at first but after all those years, I realised she’s the only one I got actually closer in that way, specially since last year.
I never asked myself if I’m straight or bisexual, truth is I never had sexual desire for someone who I just met. One week ago, I met with her all alone and she asked me if I was straight. I told her I actually never thought about it, and she simply said that it was easy, “have you ever seen a girl and think I have to sleep with her?”, so I answered that no, I didn’t.
But having this question on my mind for a few days, I realise that this didn’t happen when I met boys, either. And truth is I feel so attracted to her. It’s not the first girl who ever paid me attention, some of my closest female friends confessed to me at some point but I told her that they were so close to me that I couldn’t think of them as anything else.
She told me the same afternoon that I was beautiful and that she really liked my body, also my personality too and I know it’s pretty messed up because my bf is always telling me as a joke that he knows women attract me but I guess it’s the person after all, because since last week I can’t stop thinking about her and how much I like her personality and everything that she does…

No. 1311302

Kinda fucked up that she's flirting with her cousins girlfriend honestly

No. 1311307

>a boy
anons need to start growing the fuck up and calling them scrotes

No. 1311334

..Why did you reply to the gore

No. 1311346

Go for it nonna

No. 1311491

My cat is extremely sick and not improving, I'm broke, and I'm contemplating giving her all her meds at once to OD her because the choice is between paying my rent and taking her back to the vet.

No. 1311495

She will just die in absolute pain if you od her. I'm sorry anon.

No. 1311532

Good personality, attractive, and she's into you I would risk it all tbh

No. 1311538

That's not a good solution anon, you'd never be able to forgive yourself if her death was painful.
Either take her to the vet and pay a flat fee to have her put down (or skip the bill afterwards, what are they gonna do?), offer her to one of the techs out of desperation, or give her to a humane society in your area if you have one. It's also worth doing some kind of public post on an local area facebook page asking for help, you really never know. Some people are very kind, I know I'd help you out if I could. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, I hope your kitty will be okay.

No. 1311540

Samefagging to add, if your landlord isn't a psychopath maybe you could explain the situation and ask for an extension?

No. 1312112

My family was abroad for a whole month and left me home alone. They left a total mess in several rooms, begged me to not turn on the AC in the middle of a month long heatwave despite me working from home, ruined one of my weekends by calling me nonstop and begging me to go see my sister to get some papers and prescriptions and to find an open drug store on a Sunday to get meds for my sister (who got sick from being drunk all night long, smoking too much and sleeping a few centimeters away from an electric fan), etc. So I gave up, did the bare minimum, didn't water the plants, only used the broom like once a week for just a few minutes, and thet left me alone with a big ass spider despite seeing it ruining around the day before taking the plane. Fuck them. This is what they deserve. I know they're gonna go back to yelling in front of my door at 6am every weekends instead of making small talk like normal people. Once I get my own place it'll be clean and calm because this is what I deserve.

No. 1312141

There are some emergency vets that have payment plans and credit options for people who really have no money. You can look into that or ask them for that advice of where to go. Please don’t kill your pet just because of financial issues.

No. 1312160

I just feel really hopeless because I already borrowed half the money for her last vet appointment. I feel pathetic for begging so much. I'm trying to find a new job because my current job cut my hours. It's all too much at once for me.

No. 1312564

I don't know if it's related to my low self-esteem but anytime I cook something that's even slightly elaborated it tastes like nothing to me despite people telling me it's good. It's not a taste bud issue because any other kind of food tastes perfectly normal.

No. 1312607

I still think scene girls look cool as fuck

No. 1312660

Same. I still make/rock kandi and have some coon tail dyed hair but style wise it’s not an everyday thing

No. 1312730

Try to look for low cost vets in your area. I know in my area that they have multiple (and I'm in Texas). I know one near me offers euthanasia services for $50. It's worth googling if you can, especially since it'll help your cat be comfortable in their last days.

No. 1313373

I like to pretend my boyfriend is a girl (not a troon) when I touch him

No. 1313385

With both my exes I would ask for a session where I'm just getting oral. I'd throw pillow over my head and tell them I'm doing it 'to get in the zone' then I'd think about women. It was the only way I could finish.

No. 1313391

You guys are gay

No. 1313394

File: 1661277929170.jpg (269.57 KB, 1251x710, cover1.jpg)

No. 1313397

File: 1661278226358.jpg (5.28 KB, 225x225, ertyuio.jpg)

I just saw on the news in my city that two teenagers were driving one electric scooter with no protection on and got hit and killed by an ambulance. It was presented as a tragedy but honestly, cry me a fucking river. Retards like this should be grateful they lived that long already, it's natural selection at this rate. I've nearly been killed by retarded teenagers driving one of these things in pedestrian only streets while crossing the street and on the sidewalk. Since they're motorized, they're technically not allowed there because they're too fast and too dangerous but each time I'm the one when gets called a bitch when I just sigh because I'm annoyed I nearly got sent to the hospital from the whole ordeal. I've heard about a case when a stupid teenager or young adult killed a 5 years old boy on the sidewalk like this because they're driving way too fast. Fuck them. The ambulance driver might be a retard too but it doesn't change anything.

No. 1313412

Theres a few men in my town who go up and down the path of the mainstreet on these. They're a pain in the arse. You have people pushing strollers or people walking along with young kids and then this comes along and wants to overtake you on a thin path where theres no room to be fucking about. I feel like they're going to push someone out into traffic someday.

No. 1313470

Anons here will call me a pickme or a scrote but I love pegging. If you're in the right position you also get pleasure from it if it's pressing on your clit or if you get one of those that go both ways but even when without that I still enjoy it it's such a power trip. I love seeing men submit and being vulnerable like that and crying from pleasure/pain while I have complete control, and also cause it's kind of degrading for them. I know in the end it's still about the man getting off but it's still so fun. Bonus points if he's big and tall and not some twink manlet.

No. 1313474

Men who are into that always end up trooning out eventually. good luck.

No. 1313475

I once saw an idiot riding one of these and he was zig zaging on a very busy street and cut in front of a bus.

No. 1313477

Admin is a tranny

No. 1313481

so has your future troon wife picked a name yet ? maybe alice or jessica

No. 1313492

I hate trannies as much as the next farmer but what does this have to do with them? Most guys enjoy at least a finger up there it's like their g spot

No. 1313509

File: 1661284988169.jpeg (34.88 KB, 851x678, 43456-5445677.jpeg)

I've literally never heard of a single normal man who's into that, just wait a few months and you'll see. Even other anons who tried this mentioned it happening to their (ex) boyfriends over time.
>Most guys enjoy at least a finger up there it's like their g spot

No. 1313511

File: 1661284995692.jpg (73.64 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg)

No. 1313512

That's a very fujoshi take (nothing wrong with that, just saying)

No. 1313513

Anons just love dictating what others do in bed, meanwhile half of them cant orgasm and whine on /g/ about it

No. 1313516

kinda like the peegasm (in women) werid body oddities

No. 1313517

some guys can enjoy prostate stimulation without it being gay or trans behavior. It’s always been a controversial subject but it doesn’t automatically mean a red flag unless there are other signs of troonage.

No. 1313518

how can you orgasm from pegging
>some guys can enjoy prostate stimulation without it being gay or trans behavior
sure, like 5% of them at most. it's not worth it.

No. 1313521

I don't have a statistically significant sample of men so this is anecdotal I guess but no man I have been with has wanted nor asked for a finger up their ass and I haven't just been with "vanilla" men either. I do not think it's "most guys" nonna…

No. 1313522

I don't have peegasms (?) but honestly sometimes I hold my pee longer than I should because it feels good. Because of this though, I now cry when I have to pee really bad which is awful.

No. 1313524

Before the troon takeover I would have maybe agreed with you but I feel like men who are discovering pegging now have different motivations and those motivations are being sissies which is the path to trooning out.

No. 1313526

can y'all stop talking about male anuses i'm gonna throw up jfc

No. 1313527

No. 1313528

File: 1661286264847.gif (3.54 MB, 498x280, A1B7FE8B-5A9F-46A6-BA4D-DEEE8A…)

Because most het guys don’t, it’s just the ones that do have to be loud about it to get women on their side defending them.

No. 1313579

Ever since the moid who nearly killed me in a drink driving incident got off with a suspended sentence and a slap on the wrist over ten years ago, I've been periodically spying on his social media. He's a bit of a sleaze and I've thought about catfishing him as the type of woman he seems to be attracted to so I can meet up with him and then give him the same life altering injuries he gave me. It's an incredibly stupid idea and I have too much going for me to do such a thing, but it's sure as hell a comforting thought; that if I truly wanted justice I could get it, and the big bad chair force alpha male would never see it coming.

No. 1313615

i gave a blowjob for the first time today, it was with my boyfriend. it was actually twice in the span of like 30 minutes because we were both so into it, and he came both times. i have some sexual oral fixation and i am happy to have finally satisfied it.

No. 1313655

File: 1661295487577.jpeg (126.38 KB, 495x559, 1BB3C006-FCF7-4845-9592-484114…)

I impulsively signed up to do an apartment tour because they have one rental for a female student left. I started feeling ashamed because I just turned 30 and have never rented or owned my own property, I’ve just lived with my parents. It’s 1k a month but I’ve got savings and my job right down the road pays 1.5k a month. Maybe it’s be okay to eke it out for a year and see where things take me.

When I was reading about dysfunctional families I realized I was 100% a lost child. Although I live with my parents they never supported me or gave advice about school, careers, finances etc. My dad’s a huge alcoholic and I felt like being in the house was beneficial to my mom, since she’s more or less trapped with him, but I had to face the truth that nothing will ever change in their house. If I leave I’m pretty much going to be on my own with no friends.

No. 1313664

Anon, if the rent is 2/3 of your paycheck then you can’t afford that apartment.

No. 1313668

I have my savings.

No. 1313671

Do it but don’t meet up with him in person. Waste his time and take his money and then send him on a wild goose chase somewhere stupid.

No. 1313673

Savings are for emergencies and things you permanently get something out of, like a mortgage, not rent.

No. 1313675

I just want to be loved and desired again.

No. 1313677

There's this girl in our friend group and it feels like she gets away with doing a lot of annoying or unforgivable shit and my inner friend circle is always too intimidated to call her out on it. At times she can be an unpleasant friend so I was kind of happy when a fight happened that made her seem like the horrible person she really is but now for some fucking reason people are forgiving her obviously.
I seriously don't understand how you could emotionally guilt someone then cry about how you are the real victim and people forgive you.
I wanted to be close to her, I wanted to be her friend, in fact we probably should be able to get along but I always feel like she's hiding something and I find it hard to ignore/forgive her flaws.
I'm about to give up on female friendships, I feel like there's a huge target on my head that tells other women to just not talk to me or I end up attracting only toxic woke women or women I struggle to hold a conversation with.

No. 1313679

Hating people shouldn't feel good, the whole fight made me feel like a horrible person but in all honesty everyone involved was just fucking garbage and it made me revaluate my friend group + bf

No. 1313680

>when a fight happened that made her seem like the horrible person she really is but now for some fucking reason people are forgiving her obviously. I seriously don't understand how you could emotionally guilt someone then cry about how you are the real victim and people forgive you.
What happened?

No. 1313683

I 100% want you to try living on your own and think it's a great idea but you should not rent a 1K apt with your salary!! there is nothing wrong with living with your parents and if it's making you crazy then there is nothing wrong with leaving either, just do it in a way you can afford because you will feel 1000x more ashamed if you have to go back because you ran out of money which is a very real possibility for you with that apartment

No. 1313688

I wish i could be at peace with my appearance.

No. 1313704

I like m/m stuff but only behind a layer of "totes no homo". I don't like the lovey dovey stuff and obvious top/bottom (actually anal entirely tbh) dynamics which is why very little m/m fanfic seems to be to my taste.

No. 1313725

I really want kids but I dont understand how the positives - happy moments with your kid, building a family/having loved ones in your life, legacy bs - outweigh all the horrible, horrible negatives and possible mistakes, like the kid growing up to be a psycho or bringing it into a much more terrible world. I don't even have to name them all, im sure your average lc poster knows all the 100s of things that can make your life so much harder if you decide to become a mother, yada yada r/breakingmom. Still want them tho, but it feels so alone and hopeless.

No. 1313762

>like the kid growing up to be a psycho
99% of the time that's just a moid problem, but you're right not wanting to bring someone into a worsening world

No. 1313821

I wish I was not so extroverted and social sometimes so I could just go to work and do my job without the public and my coworkers talking to me but instead I'm weak and pathetic so I have to be friendly to everyone even though I wish people wouldn't talk to me. I feel like I'm getting stalked when people ask me questions or interact with me. People have told me it's just to be friendly and that's how people act but I can't help to think everyone is out to get me. So I have to be social so they don't kill me. There is no winning.

No. 1313837

I've been stealing food. Not from a store or restaurant but from a person. I consider it revenge because they are a slob.

No. 1313841

i feel this way too, especially since i live in a country where it's illegal for parents not to let their kids troon out. peer pressure outweighs parental guidance during teen years no matter how supportive and good of a parent you are.

No. 1313852

I don't think I could ever be in a relationship with someone who's more attractive than me and/or physically stronger.

No. 1313867


No. 1313928

No. 1313946

What the hell is a peegasm?

No. 1313953

Im genuinely NOT OKAY with gerard way wearing a cheerleader outfit and it feels so fake and pandering towards social media responses. It cheapens my affection towards their old music and I dont know what to do. Cancelled of course in my book but I'm hurt and needed to say it here sorry
IM NOT OKAAAA^aaaYyyyyyyy

No. 1313956

File: 1661313502904.jpg (167.09 KB, 1280x1075, 731c4e1580aa834f9de3ce5_aea74e…)

I kinda miss when this was a thing and before the weird shipping started and became canon(?)

No. 1314025

What happened? I used to be a fan back before Tumblr lost its popularity.

No. 1314038

Wtf is this monkey cheese haha so random bullshit?

No. 1314048

Maybe consider adoption or fostering. The kids are already in this world.

No. 1314077

nta but Night Vale still just running along, barely anyone expect hardcore super fans listen to it and they basically have to indulge all the fan demands

No. 1314085

Nothing really happened. The latest episodes are hardly any different from the earliest ones as far as I can tell. I keep up with it occasionally and it's OK. The fact that it's just dragging along without seemingly going anywhere is more worthy of criticism I think.

No. 1314114

My mother told me first child takes after all the good qualities of their parents. I jokingly said that must not be true since I’m such a disappointment. She then replied I’m not the first child because she had an abortion, which she regrets.
It’s been months and I still think about what she said.

No. 1314231

I have no motivation to draw unless I get praised for it again. There is nothing I get out of it for me let’s be real I need validation

No. 1314251

Sounds like an artist to me! For real tho that's v a l i d nonna

No. 1314258

Love you nonna I would have been reasonably shitted on for saying that lmao

No. 1314517

It started as a joke but I unironically ship Null & Ethan Ralph. I hope someone out there is writing the mpreg Josh fanfic I'm too afraid to kek

No. 1314524

Be the change you want to see, anonita.

No. 1314558

I called in sick to work and went shoplifting instead, idek know why I just have no impulse control I guess

No. 1314560

BASED. I'm jealous of your audacity tbh. Wish that was me.

No. 1314568

you suck anon

No. 1314583

walmart isn't going to fuck you

No. 1314636

i am not american i don't shop in walmart, but i pay for things with money i earned

No. 1314653

wtf else is the greeter for?

No. 1314679

are you some kind of zoomer to think that shoplifting is a ~*bad bitch*~ move?

No. 1314688

Mad because I saved my money? And you did not?

No. 1314689

I finally cleaned my depression room. I didn’t clean my bedroom for an entire year bc my depression was so bad. I felt so guilty and horrible about the condition of my room, but felt hopeless and like there was nothing I could do to fix it, but I did fix it. I deep cleaned and threw away all my clutter and trash. I’m so proud of myself and happy.

No. 1314692

go and share your haul on tumblr instead

No. 1314699

Shoplifting during manufactured inflation is based though

No. 1314700

it's not based, it's arrogant, why should you steal shit that we have to pay for? and don't say that we don't have to pay for it because it is a literal crime. people like you are so self entitled kek there is a tumblr community you can fit right in with

No. 1314701

no it's not, it will just increase the inflation.

No. 1314702

File: 1661362025213.png (14.51 KB, 295x317, E8FE2A14-6F5B-4BEA-A138-A0D8CA…)

anons itt

No. 1314705

>cw: liftphobia
No fuckig way lmfao

No. 1314706

"Shoplifting causes national inflation" kek nonna my sides, all major corporations have insurance for shrinkage from theft and accidental damages. It does not cost the company jack shit to have someone shoplift from them, shoplifting accounts for less than 1% of corporate losses.

No. 1314708

so you're going to trust corporations now?

No. 1314709

File: 1661362341337.png (502.4 KB, 720x960, 069534AD-2F56-4D84-891A-A91939…)

>why do you get to steal shit i have to pay for
y-you can steal it too, let's be friends and go steal together nonnie

No. 1314716

i'm glad shoplifters will always get caught eventually. they're too arrogant and think they're invincible so they keep doing it and press their luck too far.

No. 1314722

kek, i often feel like I am the only person who feels this way. Shop lifting will never not be trashy to me. Most people i knew who were shop lifters had horrific hoarding problems too.

No. 1314723

Corporations in burgerland have been misreporting shoplifting. They wait till the end of month or the end of quarter and then claim loss even for items they know in advance have already been taken. They do this to skew the data with the hop of claiming “shoplifting gangs” are on the rise and causing huge profit loss, to try to get shoplifters in places like the state dropped from 10k for a felony to $250. So they can punish the poor harder to protect their bottom line. Not that anon

No. 1314725

File: 1661363021210.jpeg (389.81 KB, 1242x1912, D3CDD4D9-66D5-4E07-ACE0-D39FD7…)

go with him instead kek

No. 1314727

it is sooo tacky and i hate these arrogant anons who think they are entitled to do so, i actually hope they get caught

No. 1314728

anti shoplifters are legit amoral, they would rather see a poor person punished with prison and have their life destroyed rather than see walmart lose out on a $20 sale.

No. 1314729

Same. They cry about muh awful co-operations but don't realise that the true way to fight them is to stop being a fucking consoomer and learn to cope without needing 200+ lip glosses you will never used.

No. 1314732

Bullshit, most shop lifters are not poor, they are just hoarders.

No. 1314733

Why are some farmers unable to pick up satire that was obvious in 2014. Come on.

No. 1314735

there is a difference between a homeless/poor person stealing food than some zoomer stealing hundreds worth of mac makeup to make a haul post on tumblr

No. 1314738

We do not live in a dichotomy anon. There can be different people doing different things. Corporations getting more protections passed to punish the poor for stealing while we can’t even get wages properly regulated isn’t the answer. I don’t like shoplifting. I’ve never done it, but I’m also not going to, but I’m not about to defend any corporation for any reason.

No. 1314739

KEK I never knew so many nonnies had such strong moral feelings for defending corporations
>reeee you're just a hoarder!! You're going to get caught!!!!
I steal once or twice a year, always <$100, and always from stores that don't press charges. There's basically zero danger to doing this and it harms no one so I'll probably continue forever. Lick those boots harder.

No. 1314744

Anon please keep in mind if your in the states what you’re doing is a crime and there are currently pushes to drop shoplifting felonies to amounts of $250 from the 10k. Please stop doing this. It’s illegal and you have no way to know what policies, laws, rules are changing behind the scenes. This is very stupid for your future. Not Walmarts.

No. 1314746

it's not about defending corporations. It's the fact that gloating about stealing is tacky and the rest of us aren't as brazen and willing to get in trouble with the law just to steal a palette or whatever else, and actually pay for things we own. fuck off i hope you get fined or arrested, it's not cool

No. 1314747

Neither am I. Think they that it's not really wrong that they want to protect their stock, at the same time i think people need to fight the cooperations but controlling their urges to consoom. That is all. I don't think stealing from them will do anything but make them raise prices, it certainly isn't helping anybody get higher wages.

No. 1314748

I have never and will never steal, but I honestly don't get all this fuss over shoplifting. Unless they're stealing from a small business then it's just not a huge deal to me if someone wants to snag some makeup, a shirt, or some snacks. If they get caught for stealing, guess who's punished? Not me, so why would I care.

No. 1314750

zero danger? now i hope you get caught kek, good look getting a job with a criminal record, then you will really have a reason to steal

No. 1314751

nona how do i start , i need things. any tips? im not an assertive person

No. 1314752

i can picture anons who steal to be tacky and ugly

No. 1314753

>shoplifters when anons rightfully call them rachet

No. 1314758

Thanks for the info, I'm not in the states but yeah everyone should know the felony amount/possible legal repercussions.

Kek I wasn't even bragging, just confessing in the confession thread. It was other anons who decided to start moralfagging and fighting about it.

I would tell you but then I'd get banned kek

No. 1314763

I need the shoplifer nonnies to answer this survey:

>Are you fat

>Smoke weed?
>Are you on benefits/dole
>Do you have mysteriously recurring UTIs and yeast infections
>Do you have an untrained dog that poops on the floor every day

I'm doing an exercise in FBI character profiling.

No. 1314769

kek i bet the answers are all yes for these shoplifting anons

No. 1314770

File: 1661364545873.jpg (67.4 KB, 882x948, FHKenCgXIAQBPde.jpg)

I really want to get into social media or Discord or something because it seems fun and I want to meet people with similar interests to me but I'm completely clueless on how any of it works and I'm too intimidated to start.
Also half the reason is because I'm psychotically obsessed with like three really niche fandoms and I need somewhere to post my giant sperg manifestos about them on.

No. 1314772

File: 1661364598962.jpeg (185.71 KB, 1020x574, 8955F355-A061-4747-B14E-40AA8B…)


I like how the thieves don't care what others do and mind their own business whereas the corporate consoomers screech at any mention of a little harmless lifting and write delusional scribes about how all shoplifters are totes fat uggos with nasty dogs!!!

No. 1314774

Stacy behavior.

No. 1314776

I don't use discord, but finding people to talk to social media isn't too hard. Post about things you like, follow people who also like those things, and reply to their posts. If they follow you back it's a good sign and if you like each other it should grow from there. But keep in mind that you might have to be willing to put up with gender stuff.

No. 1314779

I'm so lonely I think I need to start going to church just to interact with people

No. 1314784

Thanks nonnie. A lot of that still sounds pretty intimidating (posting and replying mainly), but seeing the general steps mapped out is helpful.

No. 1314785

kek anon im sorry but that sounds like an awful idea. i stay far away from those boomer-genx women and their daughters who want to take away any measure of women's right to control their body. last time i went there were posters and cars with various hard political stances in a damn catholic church.

No. 1314787

I'm proud of you, anon. Cleaning up a year's worth of mess is very difficult and it's easy to get burned out halfway through and give up.

No. 1314790

File: 1661365774013.jpg (31.41 KB, 600x400, gallery_medium.jpg)

Ah yes, Stacy behavior. If only everyone were like you, we could decend into chaos quickly and have to unlock security boxes just to buy panties and deodorant.

No. 1314793

I tried doing that in the early stages of recovering from social anxiety and tbh it made it worse. The people were kind, but all other attendees were 50+ and I stuck out like a sore thumb. Unless you tend to get on with older people anyway, you might have better luck joining something with more people in your age group, for me it was a life drawing class. I hope you find an end to your loneliness soon, anon.

No. 1314795

Even when shoplifting decreases nothing gets cheaper and your wages are still cut. Seriously there's fucking child molesters running around and nonnies are wasting their energy foaming at the mouth over dumbass zoomer girls stealing makeup and food. I can't with some of you

No. 1314800

Kek these are retarded looters, anons sticking lipstick in their pocket is nothing

No. 1314804

…okay and? Not everyone can be a Stacy so you have nothing to shit yourself over.

No. 1314813

>unlock security boxes just to buy panties and deodorant.
I hope you're not this melodramatic in real life. I don't know how anyone could stand you.

No. 1314814

go back to your bunker

No. 1314836

my pussy has broken up a whole extended family and male friendship group and i keep flip flopping between feeling sorry for them and pretty damn proud

i've achieved feminist stacyism on par with enlightenment

No. 1314837

Story time?

No. 1314841

>no, cringe
>not really
>no pets

cope harder, consoomer. also
>unlock security boxes
only happens because of racism really, in my experience/research

No. 1314847

>Are you fat
>Smoke weed?
Not anymore
>Are you on benefits/dole
>Do you have mysteriously recurring UTIs and yeast infections
>Do you have an untrained dog that poops on the floor every day
Idk if this counts but she's a senior dog and wears a diaper, she was very well trained before she got old though

No. 1314851

shoplifter anons, make a tumblr account and blog about your hauls over there. there is a proper community of fellow tacky and smug people.

No. 1314854

What the fuck do we have the same dog kek

>yes but not in two years
>same dog as >>1314847

No. 1314855

this is story time, nonna

No. 1314861

I used to be afraid because I've had tons of negative experiences with trying to fit into groups, but joining a discord in the friend finder thread has been very successful for me.

No. 1314863

san francisco, nyc, chicago..

No. 1314878

oooh go on then, it's a long ass complex story but here's the jist;

had a lovely but useless boyfriend for the past 4 years, his best friend admits wanting to bone me earlier this year (i suspect it's a lot more than this due to the drama being created). i'm like meh. it causes issues in the relationship but honestly it's no big deal, it's been dead in the water for a while now, so we break up based on that and a few other factors.

our friend groups are merged so it's a bit of a tough one but w/e, for the first time in my life i dont have to worry about male attention (glow up during serial monogamy) so have the time of my life. the best friend still thinks he has a chance, and the ex is still trying to prove to me he can change with fancy ass dates, unfortunately he's still acting like he owns me so i push it away.

we had some events planned as a group of friends so i smoothed out any issues to just have a good time with intention to cut em out afterwards. lovely twist comes when the best friends's cousin I've fancied for a lil while during the relationship deteriorating makes a move on me and we get intimate at said event. the best friend found out, i thought it would be a blood is thicker than water situation but no, he's binning off his cousin, associated family (including another cousin that tried it on with me), friend group who are telling him he should tell the ex etc, just for me. mums have got involved and it's frankly hilarious considering we're all in our 20s or 30s.

he's the youngest but the most well adjusted with a respectable career, fit bod and cute face. got myself a younger man obsessed with me and cut out the letches in one fell swoop. about to make a profit on the 3 bed i have to myself since i kicked the ex out, ready to downsize to a lovely listed cottage for myself.

i feel so little guilt, men will make their own beds. all i had to do was have enjoyable sex with one cutie as a single woman and people are clamouring.

No. 1314883

i stopped being a weeb because i got sick of the pedo normalization japs have and how damaging it could be to abused kids irl. my younger cousin is a tiktok weeb who watches hentai, and she told me she watches dragon loli crap with her siblings. her family is fucked up, poor, and dirty. her dad is a pedophile. it makes me sick thinking he could be watching watching this shit with them and getting enjoyment out of it. they've never said they've been abused but their parents baby them so they won't leave, so how could anyone know?

fuck weeb brainrot and libfem bullshit in general

No. 1314927

Um???? Get off of lolcow and get a social worker fuck

No. 1314928

what's does the listed in 'listed cottage' mean? oh, that i could live away from the city as well…
also, congrats on the sex.

No. 1314932

protected historical building.

lol thanks

No. 1314936

>dragon loli crap
Just say dragon maid we aren't retarded we know what show you are referring to

No. 1314937

i've had people tell me the show is fine if you simply ignore the pedoshit. it's impossible! there's a shotacon who molests a child literally named shota(yes it's a real name, but it's not a common name for young generations, like gertrude) and the moid insert is a fucking 8 year old. she gets turned on playing twister and touching nipples with the child dragon character. how the fuck am i supposed to ignore that?

No. 1314940

so it's one of those really old and cute countryside chalets we see on british media? but for one person? fml this sounds so good

No. 1314991

It’s so weird seeing so many female artists like the show, and these are huge sjwtypes. It’s so concerting seeing how anime has blown up with normies during the pandemic but at least on tiktok i do see, mostly women, raise questions about it. Now when I get asked if i like anime I say no and say that i hate it, despite being a huge weeb.

No. 1314995

when my uncle was charged he was unable to be around his kids. but that was years ago and he got away with molesting several of my cousins because most of them didn't want to testify. some social workers, ambulance and the occasional policeman will go there because my aunt is a crazy piece of garbage who threatens to kill herself whenever her pedo husband doesn't pay attention to her. at this point workers are jaded and don't care what happens to anyone there, they're just obligated to go
its best to drop weeb shit altogether honestly

No. 1315065

File: 1661379425154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.64 KB, 950x994, w4trqxcmjp131.jpg)

If your friend did not consoom only all of the popular anime, she would have known that there are decent anime titles for children, hell, PreCure exists. And even Umaru-chan is better than Kobayashi anime which has two characters with 0 character design other than big chest. Umaru-chan has a moe character with big chest, sure, but there are no scenes that would make her look sexualized or show her boobs in your face.
PICRELATED IS LITERALLY CANON. They turned the main character woman into a futa for a chapter in which they introduced their recently cursed big-chested 'lolicon'-like character whose whole design is a big black potato bag.

No. 1315091

Just sent an email to the Ministry of Health, but didn't notice that I was logged in to the email I use for NSFW art accounts

No. 1315097

I've never watched or read it, but this Kobayashit thing sounds like troon shit tbh.

No. 1315215

I've posted about this before, but basically I have been exposed to lots of pornography through grooming and unrestricted internet access when I was younger. Although I managed to escape the situation relatively quickly and came out well regardless, it has undoubtedly influenced my view on sexuality. I didn't realise it at first because I was a virgin or in an unhealthy relationship. Now I am in a healthy relationship with a man and we have intentions of marrying one another. We have sex a lot and it is very satisfying. We are very compatible sexually and he is the perfect guy. However, due to the nature of most porn and my groomers, I have consumed a lot of lesbian/male POV pornography. I find myself thinking of depraved "lesbian" scenarios when masturbating and can't finish otherwise. I feel tremendous guilt and confusion within myself. I'm confused not about my sexuality, but about how to solve this problem. I have never been attracted to women romantically or sexually, it solely occurs from a porn perspective, and I feel attracted to my boyfriend romantically and sexually, just not for masturbating or something like that. I haven't watched porn in a long time but sometimes I relapse and it feels very triggering. I hate that it's this girl on girl pornography. I want to be loyal to my boyfriend and healthy, not depraved and objectifying. I want to be healed from these thoughts and finally be fully released from my past.

No. 1315276

My family is so happy that I'm doing better, but truth is that I just felt so bad about having everyone being worried about me, I put a lot of effort into faking it. I'm still as suicidal as I was before, but at least now I can hide it. Overall it's a good thing. My family isn't burdened and I actually have to do stuff to show people that I'm fine, but I hope every day that I'm nearing the end. I just wish I could die in an accident or something so my family wouldn't think it was suicide. It's still a loss, but I believe they would have a much easier time moving on. I hope some nonnas who believe in manifestation can manifest me dying peacefully in my sleep. Make it quick, please.

No. 1315323

the sad larping from the belial tranny always makes me laugh my ass off because no one cares they’re too much talking about how much they want to femdom ben shapiro kek

No. 1315327

Read this
it's long as fuck but worth it if you want to hate porn forever, especially if you have empathy. As for your porn addiction, you might want to try easypeasymethod.org, I didn't use it, but apparently it's really effective. Don't worry nonna you can even retrain your brain to only be able to orgasm to healthier things like vanilla fantasies about your partner without even using images. A series of events made me quit real porn and now I only rarely look at hentai with the purpose of getting off but it's not even satisfying anymore (it's not as good as my fantasies) so I consume it less and less.

That's one of the few things about (straight) women that an AGP tranny can't fake tbh.

No. 1315334

true that nonna

No. 1315335

the sjw types are only into it because they think yuribait/fanservice makes it pro-lgbt. the same thing happened with kill la kill, tons of people acted like it was progressive just because the annoying bowlcut girl asked out the mc during the very last 10 seconds of the show lmao

No. 1315342

NTA but I feel that it's also the artstyle being cute and "girly" that draws a female audience in. Like those eroge CGs that we used to like and repost/edit and were everywhere in the 00s. We were unaware that those were from porn games for males but thought the art style was cute and also pervy ecchi shit was tolerated by teen weeb girls who were new to anime, which we were at that time.

No. 1315363

I'm a vegetarian and have been for years but someone bought lobster and shrimp egg rolls, and I ate 4 in these past few days. They're gone now so I'm done with that and going back to my regularly scheduled program. Yes I do feel disgusted with myself.

No. 1315371

File: 1661399024193.jpg (55.55 KB, 540x520, tumblr_50519013d9c8bc058e1f5d5…)

Sometimes when I try falling asleep, my head fills up with images of how I think my dad's corpse looked when they found him and it makes me feel dirty. First I felt dirty all through childhood to adulthood due to him and now even his dead body is doing the same, I feel insane. It feels so unreal yet real as shit.

No. 1315379

From one vegetarian to another, I forgive you, nona. Your sin has been absolved.

No. 1315386

These memes are so unfunny because we’re supposed to be the better gender. Female elliot rodger tier. Probably created by a sick monster NEET with hairy legs, I pity who has that abomination as a daughter. I suggest her mother to kick her out so she can have open roof cinemas the rest of her murderer glorifying life. Also I hate bottle dyed blonde girls and I hate onlyfans girls.
Sorry your shit dad molested you anon, but you still suck and you need help.(sperg)

No. 1315395


No. 1315397

He didn't molest me but get absolutely fucked, you absolute shit anon. Maybe wash your dick even.

No. 1315402

File: 1661401284860.jpg (290.62 KB, 1280x1774, 1649360853977.jpg)

cry harder

No. 1315405

I agree, people trying to force this stupid cunt as a meme is dumb, she's the embodiment of what moids think all women are. They think they are so edgy and funny but they are as disgusting as the scrotes. At least if you are going to force a female killer as a meme do it with one that killed a scrote that deserved it.

No. 1315406

Not a scrote, your idol wil get the death row inshallah.

No. 1315407

Call down spaz it's a meme. Also how you can type that shit and don't cringe? "sorry they molested (wtf) you but you're hurting my feefees and making me unconfy" the y chromosome brainrot my god.

No. 1315409

I was being sincere, I was raped as a woman by men and I feel very dirty about it, just imagine a scrote touching you against your will. That’s in no way being condescending, just a way of saying, sorry he abused you, but not an excuse to be retarded. That a person who deserves to be punished and not mase memes about, she didn’t kill a rapist, she killed some poor innocent scrote who wanted to be left alone. And I won’t go in discussion about it further, mentally ill people in general tend to never be aware of how sick their actions (and memes) are. Besides many people will be partying when she dies which is going to make those memes less powerful.

No. 1315411

File: 1661401660424.jpg (52.88 KB, 720x432, IMG_20210526_183954.jpg)

Know it's you, ugly tranny.
Maybe you shouldn't post obvious bait while also posting your cp collection and tbp threads.

No. 1315413

Not the anon you replied to, I don’t think it’s the pedo tranny, she’s too coherent, but now that’s a meme I can find funny.

No. 1315414

this website is so cancerous now, you can't disagree with retarded anons anymore because some autist assumes you are the tranny and the discussion derails instantly. This site is just 4Chan for female /pol/ spergs now. We can't have anything good anymore, I hate the modern internet.

No. 1315415

no1curr moralfag

No. 1315416


some of us just like freakfem shit it’s not that deep, chill

No. 1315417

Usually I would agree with this, but did we read the same post? You're lying or naive if you think that entire post (assuming anon was molested and mocking for her that just because she chose a pic you don't like) didn't raise a single red flag.

No. 1315418

>some of us are mentally ill, deal with it

No. 1315420

wasn't jodie's scrote a pedo who wanted her to wear kid's underwear or something? so yes he does deserve it and isn't 'innocent' in the slightest

No. 1315421

I genuinely just picked the first meme I had at hand to lighten my dark ass post, and someone had a meltdown over it but okay nona

No. 1315422

you are underage, confirmed.

No. 1315424

I know you’re just trying to find a way to disagree but I didn’t mock her, she talked about a way of getting abused that resembled rape because that’s how I see my own rapes. I was being sincere. I did mock the OG creator of those memes. You’re being manipulative just because you want an excuse to continue liking a killer like a scrote would. But you’re failing because I’m pretty sure that anon you replied to read my post. Well, if it was truly offensive to assume that she was being sexually abused, my apologies then. (Though I doubt it is)

No. 1315425

I think he was bragging about jodie moaning like a little girl during sex or something, good riddance to that bastard

No. 1315427

File: 1661402371280.jpg (101.95 KB, 736x736, 30f47e094a330e141ae9a083bcfc6d…)

Aw, thank you nonnie.

No. 1315429

So you could have done that without glorifying a killer? Just because you’re a victim, it’s not an excuse to mock other victims. I hope you understand it now finally, but you don’t and won’t.

No. 1315431

He requested her to moan like a little virgin girl. Glad his family got to hear what a piece of shit he was during the trial.

No. 1315432

you retards don't know a thing about the case, he didn't even die stop defending that pickme cunt

No. 1315434

File: 1661402547131.jpeg (150.38 KB, 1080x1353, 970366BF-0704-419A-99C4-F679E8…)

Is it caping hours for scrotes or something? Is this like early Halloween or April fools or something why are you being so butthurt about jodi memes? I’m not even the anon posting them, leave them alone it’s been posted for months and no one has said anything until now.

No. 1315437

You literally did mock her. The only one being manipulative here is you, I don't even care about Jodi.

No. 1315439

>everyone i don't like is a scrote the newfag guide to lolcow.farms

No. 1315440

>no one
That’s not true, a lot have cringed at them and didn’t like them and don’t even save them. Also with the courtney clenney happening, it’s just not fun to see it posted. I prefer Aileen Wuornos because at least she killed scumbags.

No. 1315441

File: 1661402675387.jpeg (403.81 KB, 750x844, 41446AF6-8FFB-4C1A-BCC9-796893…)

>he didn’t even die

terrible bait

No. 1315443


No. 1315444

If you find a bunch of women sharing one ironic meme of a psychopathic woman and have a heart attack over it but not over 99% of memes that make fun of or bash women for existing or joke about killing them or raping them (I’ve seen tons and tons of memes about men joking about wanting to rape women) I think you’re actually a scrote or a pickme. Welcome to LC newfag

No. 1315445

Pretty sure anon was being sarcastic.

No. 1315446

i confused him with another scrote then, these girls all look alike

No. 1315448

Alieen Wuornos > this ugly crazy bitch who deserves to die

No. 1315449

Nta but Jodi's bf was a scumbag. He deserved it.

No. 1315451

Imagine this bitch who has fans by both scrotes and femcels alike is never going to see the daylight ever again.

No. 1315452

Was he a rapist like Alieen Wuornos’ victims? He seemed like a guy who just wanted to get away from her.

No. 1315453

I think they’re both wonderful and deserve life and prosperity

No. 1315454

They definitely aren’t I’ve seen that same point made a few months ago when the same I fight sparked. They’re trying to two-sides this entire thing because realizing how awful men are and empathizing with other women is more traumatizing to these posters, they derail and make a retarded claim and then cry that we’re censoring them when people tell them to stfu. Just don’t say something stupid and you won’t be called someone that usually says stupid shit, i.e scrote/handmaiden

No. 1315455

And I think you’re mentally ill and as a result won’t get very far in life.

No. 1315456

Only straight men get triggered by Jodi Arias memes. Even gays love her. I smell a male.

No. 1315457

confuse her with dalia dipollito
scrote tier thinking of ''they deserved it''

No. 1315458

I think you take insincerity far too seriously and as a result will probably die of a heart attack by 35

No. 1315459

i am sorry for having empathy nonnie, i hope no one you know gets killed by a crazy scumbag

No. 1315461

I do apologise, I shall never ever use a meme for a post lest it will upset someone

No. 1315462

I do not care if men live or die. Nonnie.

No. 1315464

So no man-hating allowed anymore? People jodi-posting is not going to unravel the moral fabric of lolcow weirdo.

No. 1315465

you are just feeding into the incel mentality you are no different from them

No. 1315466

File: 1661403313727.jpeg (57.64 KB, 541x533, 4783D675-DEF1-4949-94C5-636E49…)

No. 1315467

So not being a rapist somehow makes up for >>1315431
Explain to me why borderline pedos don't deserve death. A scrote is more likely to defend this guy if anything.

No. 1315468

File: 1661403337143.jpeg (169.51 KB, 1536x1964, 9E7B6D57-34E8-418E-9AEE-A385B7…)

I can smell your XY from here

No. 1315469

there is a line between hating scrotes for being gross/idiots and then justifying murder

No. 1315470

They’re trying to say aileen wuornos had a more probable cause for her murders because they think women have to be perfect victims to justify their own motives for doing something that isn’t socially acceptable like defending ourselves. Plenty of male school shooters are empathized and humanized by many red flag scrotes in the comment sections of news videos and social media, when we try to empathize but not condone it’s like we’re committing the crime of the century. Their internalized misogyny is jumping out, it’s so cute kek

No. 1315473

Of course you will, you genuinely don’t see anything wrong with it. Sociopathy is genetic + nurture.

No. 1315475

Don’t you see anything schizophrenic about your analogy? It’s like you made a huge retarded jump in your thought process. Regardless, I’m happy sociopaths tend to be jobless and depressed.

No. 1315476

Just like that post you made where you tried to make fun of someone for being a sexual assault victim.

No. 1315477

File: 1661403488506.jpeg (74.01 KB, 562x553, 1652116840009.jpeg)

Smells like there's some samefagging going on this thread.

No. 1315478

She looks like a troon tbh. Glad she will die in prison.

No. 1315479

you know i have always found it fascinating how a drama board that criticizes women for being fat/ugly/handmaidens/pickmes do an 180 and defends such people when they do something horrible like killing a person. Fascinating, really.

No. 1315480

File: 1661403568592.jpg (208.52 KB, 1080x1080, 7073770422665.jpg)

I have a crush on Jodi Arias.

No. 1315481

Because you want to find a way to discredit my opinion, it’s typical incel logic. This would be something scrotes do too on /pol/.

No. 1315484

I made a good analogy. If men are allowed to try to understand the retarded motives and underworkings of sociopathic mass shooters who think it’s totally normal to want to kill the entire human race because you’re lonely and can’t cope with rejection, so can we when it comes to unsavory women and their crazy doings. No one here is justifying or condoning murder, it’s just about damn time when there’s a cultural reset. Those who get this get it and those who don’t, don’t

No. 1315485

File: 1661403662694.jpeg (56.02 KB, 484x333, 1650306957977.jpeg)


No. 1315486

File: 1661403702090.jpeg (100.28 KB, 630x291, 8A50A5A9-8310-4411-939C-5EB0F6…)

No. 1315488

Jodi Arias is seriously so beautiful

No. 1315489

Not everyone uses the same boards and pedos are not people.

No. 1315490

Imagine getting so upset over Jodi Arias like women and children don’t get raped, abused, murdered, and exploited every single day at the hands of men.

No. 1315491

File: 1661403765422.jpeg (302.34 KB, 1400x1922, 92FCAFB4-FAAB-4D81-823F-02D7B0…)

Explain to me why anyone should believe anything that comes out of Jodi’s mouth when she’s proven to be a liar?

No. 1315493

File: 1661403807716.jpeg (45.55 KB, 500x375, FF082C98-094F-490D-9166-64A2E4…)

That was her peak iconic look. Can’t decide whether I like the tacky blonde hair or the bratz-tier hair she had in picrel, I wish some unhinged doll maker would make a bratz doll o her

No. 1315495

I don’t care if she’s a liar. I don’t care about this one random man. Why aren’t you mourning for the thousands of women stabbed and murdered at the hands of males in their family every year?

No. 1315497

And now she is in prison forever. I urge people who spam her ugly face to follow her lead, great happy endings for the rest of the world.

No. 1315499

nta but if men threw themselves off a cliff would you do the same?
i don't understand why nonnies will fight to the death to be as much of a scumbags retards as men.

No. 1315500

Literally something I do, you moron.

No. 1315502

You're really pulling a "scrote lives matter" here in a roundabout way. Jodi's fun and she's cute and there aren't many memeable ones of Aileen unfortunately, god rest her soul.

No. 1315504

She looks like she smells tbh. Like mildew.

No. 1315505

You’re one of those women who still believe there are good men in this world, aren’t you?

No. 1315506

Retards tend to have bad taste in women and men.

No. 1315507

No I’m single.

No. 1315509

File: 1661404026944.jpeg (82.72 KB, 900x600, E1CE4ABB-9B6F-4F3C-B2A0-A5679B…)

No. 1315510

they can’t face the fact there are women out there that will actually kill them

aww, you should be used to that smell you disgusting rotting sack of flesh

No. 1315511

>men are vile
>so i have to be vile too to prove a point!

i will never understand that line of thinking, wish any nonie would explain it to me without saying ''because men do it too''

No. 1315512

To be honest, and sorry for saying this, but this sounds kind of retarded, what are you on about?

No. 1315513

We didn’t start the fire, they did.

No. 1315515

File: 1661404157017.jpg (125.87 KB, 797x791, Tumblr_l_7043125796791.jpg)

No. 1315517

She’s too retarded to do that, she left too much evidence at the scene.

No. 1315519

File: 1661404223865.jpeg (127.52 KB, 800x1200, 7558196A-5A29-42D9-B829-7B83E1…)

No. 1315520

and? how does continuing the never-ending circle of vileness helps us? i remind you, she didn't kill a rapist/muderer/pedo she just killed a retarded moid and lied to the death. You are so fucking brain rotted by the us. vs them mentality you can't understand that behind that guys death there was a mother that loved him and that it hurt her too.

No. 1315521

File: 1661404258468.jpeg (120.92 KB, 750x720, C609D3D6-3595-4800-843D-308F9C…)

Can’t believe we’re talking about jodi and aileen when we’re forgetting??? Like hello? Did you even consent?

No. 1315522

This photo has to be edited, she will never see the day light

No. 1315523

It’s so funny how mens favorite go-to insult if they can’t call a woman ugly is that she “looks like she smells” when they’re clearly well-groomed, neat, and bathed. Pure angry projection.

No. 1315524

I fail to see the correlation between those two things but okay.

No. 1315525

Who in the world is right one?
Theory: jodie foster fangirls used to glorify male rapists on their tumblr.

No. 1315526

Her hair looks greasy tbh. And us women say this too.

No. 1315527

Boomer tier

No. 1315528

You sound scrotish.

No. 1315529

>her hair looks greasy
Oh so you just make things up, I’m not surprised

No. 1315530

Sorry, she’s a good actress. Meant jodie i-dont-know-her-name

No. 1315531

“us women” YWNBAW

No. 1315532

of all the scrotes to ~empuhthizze~ with, can't people at least defend a normie one, why her creepy boyfriend?
women have different motives

No. 1315535

>says that in the same board that has the Shayna thread

No. 1315536

And you sound like you glorified richard ramirez as a teen and now you consumed pink pill theory and decided to glorify female killers instead. You were garbage back then and you’re garbage now.

No. 1315537

File: 1661404471385.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1383x922, 1654559052429.jpeg)

>"if you like Jodi you're LITERALLY a twisted fucking sociopath and no man will ever love you, am I right, fellow women?"
Not saying it's scrotes but I'm thinking it's scrotes, or possibly the [REDACTED]

No. 1315540

Richard Rammirez is ugly and a rapist scrote. Jodi Arias is neither ugly nor a rapist scrote.

No. 1315541

being a crazy cunt is not a motive nonnie. I don't understand how you can still defend Jodi, when she fucking lied about self-defense, literally, she didn't give a shit women get actually attacked every day and they have to resort to murder, she just saw it as a ''get free from jail'' card.

No. 1315542

Your replies are word-salad tier. Shayna actually looks like she’s grease-slicked and odored.

No. 1315543

Not something teen you were bothered about. Garbage is still garbage regardless of the different scent of garbage.

No. 1315545

File: 1661404667695.jpg (149.73 KB, 750x923, Tumblr_l_7039728445021.jpg)

He deserved it.

No. 1315547

>shayna thread

No. 1315548

Isn’t anyone gonna tell me who the right bitchh is

No. 1315549

Why do you care this much about Jodi Arias. I’ve never seen a woman get this passionate over her. Where is this energy for hybristophiles and males?

No. 1315550

Damn the usa is a shithole, them teeths…

No. 1315551

I’m laughing so hard come on anons it’s Valerie solanos on the right pic how high are you mfers

No. 1315552

Okay guys I think it’s [redacted] now. Let’s walk away.

No. 1315553

It's the schizo pedo tranny.

No. 1315554

File: 1661404812928.jpg (65.38 KB, 1024x575, jlzadsiu1t2eiqp0kwu4.jpg)

>makes fun of real cases of abuse by lying about it
>went to jail because of moid dick(lmao, the pickme)
>ruined the life of a mother
such a feminist icon am I right

No. 1315555

>attempted to murder Andy Warhol

No. 1315556

100%, but they should keep posting jodi to piss them off kek

No. 1315557

Nayrt but that’s clearly then subjective whether someone looks smelly or not and still doesn’t mean women don’t do it as you implied, you hypocrite schizo.

No. 1315558

Nobody here actually think she’s a feminist icon, we just enjoy how angry males get when she’s mentioned.

No. 1315560

File: 1661404935159.jpg (500.06 KB, 1660x1080, Tumblr_l_7035191755752.jpg)

No. 1315561

not everyone that disagrees with you is a men, touch grass please. Normal people don't like glorification of murderers.

No. 1315562

File: 1661404959613.gif (4.78 MB, 498x286, 30BCACBE-6683-45BD-A4BC-118927…)

>damn the USA is a shithole look at their teeth

me when I conquer the entirety of europe:

No. 1315563

See this is where you’re wrong, men on 4chan actually fangirl over her too. Lmfao, I guess you really like being closer to scrotes and r9k, which is where most of you ot using faggots come from.

No. 1315564

File: 1661405031356.jpeg (52.96 KB, 525x700, E88CA6AD-BFE8-4501-8966-9FED3E…)

That’s [redacted] he’s samefagging and pretending to be multiple anons now, I’m jumping ship anons. See you guys later, I’ll hop on when peak [redacted] hours are over.

No. 1315565

men just fetishize her becaus e''omg real life animu yandere that would literally kill for my dick'' jodi is the biggest fucking pickme ever she threw away her life for a retarded moid

No. 1315566

good dont come back we dont need more schizos like you around here. Nos vimos nonita!!

No. 1315568

That’s because they sexualize women so they don’t have to feel threatened by them. Even when men present themselves as submissive and masochistic they still use that to overpower women because they center their fetishes around their own cocks. Sadly a mentally ill woman is not going to put up many boundaries like a normie woman would, that’s why they like women they perceive as “dangerous”

No. 1315569


No. 1315570

Sucks he finally started saging his posts, unsaged low quality bait is usually a sign it's him.

No. 1315571

moids made that Japanese girl that tried to murder her boyfriend trending topic on twitter because ''she's cute!! real life animu ughhh my dick''. Men think with their cocks and they are no different to the columbiners on tumblr. Jodi is well known for having a scrote fanbase that sends her mail and stuff.

No. 1315572

He’s gotten creepily elaborate with it, but even his sages posts don’t make much sense. They always contain nonita, nonnie, nonna, or are referring to whoever he’s replying to as schizo because “I know you are but what am I” makes him feel better about himself evidently.

No. 1315574

File: 1661405449879.jpeg (12.28 KB, 194x260, 51D94902-FBE5-4A64-A0F8-1F3266…)

He’s getting pretty tired of being ignored when he goes on his usually egomaniac schizo tirades about taking down lolcow for err.. being meanie transphobes? He can’t really look at the screen where he pretends to be anime characters that are actually attractive and don’t look like a 40 year old game reviewer who likely sends nude pics of himself to minors. Look at this guy’s mug, could be one of anon’s fathers and she doesn’t even know KEK

No. 1315575

File: 1661405499586.png (240.45 KB, 325x533, 1643607533111.png)

can you stop pretending anyone you don't like is him? you are just giving him the power to take our words and make us infight.

No. 1315579

Women enjoy Jodi Arias in a different way ugly coomer moids do. Simple as

No. 1315580

There is no way you can pretend because he’s always active in /ot/ or annoying the fuck out of the mods on /meta/. It’s either him or the TBP racist scrote that keeps shitting up the boards with fed-infested links and CP.

No. 1315581

The way he also loves to say “will you stop pretending everyone you disagree with is him!!!” like everything he posts isn’t so blatantly obvious. Sits and argues with himself in desperate hopes we will give him a crumb of attention.

No. 1315584

you do realize you are giving him power?, just ignore and report retard otherwise it just fuels him. You are turning him into Voldermort and giving him the power to ruin the site by calling everyone you disagree with ''the tranny'. I can't believe this fucking site is so retarded.

No. 1315586

just to add feel free to report me, I am from Argentina and I have posted in the latam thread in Spanish so I am obviously not him.

No. 1315589

/int/ anons are really something else it’s like they exist in a different website when they only use those threads. no wonder the fintards never leave their echochamber

No. 1315590

the site is a shithole what do you expect when every other user is a complete paranoid autist

No. 1315599

File: 1661406754173.jpeg (90.13 KB, 540x466, 65926704-F2AF-438F-B7DE-268763…)

I don’t know what’s going on but I wish more women would kill men. I seriously love Jodi and any woman who kills men, don’t matter her reasons, and will never compare to male depravity and violence. Gaslight, girlboss, garrote ♥

No. 1315603

File: 1661407177809.png (698.45 KB, 1200x675, girlbosses.png)

so true sis, girlbossing to the death!!!!

No. 1315605

>the site is a shithole
just like your country, so you fit right in.(Bait)

No. 1315606

I've seen Travis Alexander's autopsy photos and he still had the stupidest coomer look on his face.

No. 1315609

>t.american grasping for air while eating her 5th burger of the day

No. 1315613

TBP anon really made this website racist huh.

No. 1315865

Are those women or teen boys?

No. 1315870

Where is the confession my child

No. 1315873

sorry nonnie, i clicked the wrong thread in the catalogue. i meant to go to the anger/get it off your chest thread. apologies nonna.

No. 1315879

love you, anon. thank you. i did click the wrong thread but i do think it could've vaguely been posted here due to the generanl nature of the fact that we're literally not allowed to be angry at all about being fucked over without being seen as horrible people. even fairly otherwise normal or sympathetic people get turned off by any display of anger even for the right reasons, it's so upsetting and it's so wrong. it's actually very popular, as you say, to shame people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, for displaying any anger. you just must be the perfect victim at all times or else you're an unsympathetic victim whose complaints are invalid.

No. 1315893

women who raped and murdered a child because they disliked the father

No. 1315901

I have a small crush on my professor. He is super good looking, dresses well, has nice hair, smells good and is really charismatic. Sadly a lot of the other women in my classes also seem to really like him so there is no way anything could ever happen because 1. I'm not into public property 2. He is my professor 3. I am too afraid to even talk to him while other girls are able to shamelessly flirt with him. I don't think he even knows my name kek

No. 1315904

Imagine hurting a child when they could have just killed the father. Cowards

No. 1315909

wow you actually managed to find the only two women on this entire planet who have done something like that you totally proved something

No. 1315917

Wrong. These two are closeted transgender men. No woman could do such a thing. They are men in women suits. Case closed.

No. 1315918

They were psychopaths like the ones in the thread defending women like jodi. These bitches were fueled by hating men just for existing and they hurt a poor child in the process. They were scum of the earth that went to feminist marches claiming justice and then once they came home raped and tortured a poor boy.
>inb4 not all women
just one is enough to make a gigantic shit stain in our causes.

No. 1315922

Maybe you're part of the problem if one crazy bitch ruins the rest of womankind for you. Might as well rope, all women truly must be bad if only a couple are nuts. There is no hope, we're all doomed etc etc. Wah wah wah.

No. 1315924

I wish I made money being a lazy ass streamer and fostering a parasocial audience. I think it’s the low iron talking but I have major anxiety about my future when it comes to getting jobs

No. 1315925

that's not my point dumbass, just saying that your retarded way of thinking only leads to these psychos thinking they have the right to hurt vulnerable men like children because they are justified according to you.

No. 1315926

File: 1661434862112.jpg (167.13 KB, 610x912, 1648813933561.jpeg.jpg)

Yeah, I'm sure me posting cute pics of Jodi Arias on an anonymous imageboard is the reason that little boy died kek. You're retarded, end of!

No. 1315928

File: 1661435022915.jpg (72.73 KB, 1200x675, lucio-dupuy-la-pampajpg.jpg)

you are a literal retard that can't read. Just look at this boy, his mom said the same vile shit you did, she thinks exactly like you. Hope you sleep well <3

No. 1315930

> women who raped
Not possible

No. 1315931

they found his DNA on their sex toys and they also mutilated his genitals

No. 1315932

File: 1661435240841.jpg (1.3 MB, 2000x1340, jodi_arias.jpg)

>she thinks exactly like you
Fr, no cap? Well kinda based in my honest opinion. Sucks she killed her kid though!

No. 1315933

Hope they both died terrible deaths but hyperfocusing on one of the very rarest cases of gruesome female atrocity when men do this daily is a bit weird

No. 1315934

I can’t believe jodi and the anon supporting her directly caused the death of a child in another country. You’re like the retards who are convinced that some kid killed himself because he saw #kam on tiktok

No. 1315936

Sorry, same anon, hope they both die terrible deaths* horrible typo

No. 1315938

I can't imagine throwing my whole life away as an attractive woman to kill a scrote that looks like that. You can drive a man to suicide easily and that's barely a crime.

No. 1315939

File: 1661435552919.jpg (78.04 KB, 680x563, FFOmgC4WUAI9U4R.jpg)

>Hope they both died terrible deaths but hyperfocusing on one of the very rarest cases of gruesome female atrocity when men do this daily is a bit weird
you are not understanding my point, men who did that vile shit never presented themselves as feminists or whatever, they were vile before and after. These bitches did and were very openly hostile toward men and shared the same ''all men deserve to die'' mentality, just saying you people are fueling this behavior and if you think like that you have the same mentality of two child rapists and killers.

No. 1315941

File: 1661435628992.jpg (29.88 KB, 487x608, carter-1-abc-er-190211_hpMain_…)

>you can drive a man to suicide and that's barely a crime
Hell yeah give it up for my girl Michelle!

No. 1315943

Where did this happen / what are their names? Shits fucked up

No. 1315945

I'm not making anyone kill anybody, that's literally their retarded choice. I'm just having fun and hating all men and celebrating their deaths like my favorite football team scored a touchdown.

No. 1315946

> men who did that vile shit never presented themselves as feminists
Why would they be feminists retard? They call themselves meninists, mgtow, incels, etc so they can openly hate men or most commonly don’t call themselves anything because male violence against women and girls is the standard whereas a woman or 2 committing the same type of crime is some ebil feminazi conspiracy.

No. 1315947

Argentina, Lucio Dupuy is the name of the victim it's so awful there is coverage in English too.
guess what moron, they too hated men ''for fun''. Just accept you are all female incels and these two are you Elliot Rodger.

No. 1315949

I don’t care about your point. Femicide happens every single day. Men brutalize, rape, torture, and exploit women, kids, and of course even other men every day. Round the clock there’s a man somewhere raping or killing a woman or kid or fantasizing about doing it. That is a constant reality around the world. I don’t want to sit around and hyperfixate on two random outliers. You keep bringing this up so passionately that it’s obvious you’re male. We are not going to sit around and cry for you, sorry to say.

No. 1315951

>Just accept you are all female incels and these two are you Elliot Rodger.
Aht aht XY detected! You desperately wish that the women you hate could ever have the same capacity for violence that you do. So much so that you are obsessed with this outlier case to the point that you want to compare us simply for hating your species for the sick shit that they do. Go worry about the bald spot forming on the crown of your head and leave us alone, we will never validate you.

No. 1315957

>anon who’s accused of being the tranny schizo BTFO all the retards itt
You destroyed them, and men. Stay retarded men and sociopaths.

No. 1315958

no one is negating femicides happen? you sound like men saying ''but men get raped too!!!''. Just saying that this particular one was fueled by men hatred, something that for some reason isn't sexism because the boy had a penis(they mutilated btw)?
I literally just posted women being equally vile as men and your whole response is ''you have empaty for a boy that was raped that means you are an evil man too!'' get help please, really. You sound EXACTLY like those two bitches.
This isn't an outlier case, there have bee several instances of women killing and abusing children as well, stop pretending as if every woman is some innocent angels who can do no wrong.

No. 1315960

Maintaining friendships into adulthood is a lot harder than I expected. Or maybe I never had good friends to begin with.

To make a long story short, I moved across the country to get away from my family who was spiraling at the time and I couldn't take it anymore. In that process, I've lost most of my friends, including my friends I've had since middle school. Those friends I realize now wanted my downfall more than anything, but since they were my main friends for years my autistic ass really cannot make new friends for the life of me. I try to reconnect with others, but it seems like they seem weirded out by me talking to them, or they are just simply too busy which I understand. I don't know, basically I'm asking if any anons know how to navigate through loneliness in adulthood?

No. 1315962

>in women suits
You can put them in a burqa and they’d still be whores, and honorary scrotes.

No. 1315963

I don’t sound like “but men get raped too.” Those two things will never be comparable. You’re a very pathetic person btw.

No. 1315965

You know what? I hope someone castrates you and forcefeeds you your own genitals for making us have to read your bullshit for the last 16 hours. I hope it’s a woman too, but I won’t be picky. It would be statistically impossible compared to the odds of it being a man.

No. 1315966

>I don’t sound like “but men get raped too.”
yes yo do, the only way you can respond is ''but men do it too'' which wtf does a 5-year-old boy has to atone for what other moids did?
so intelligent, go cry yourself to sleep knowing you are defending 2 child rapists and murderers

No. 1315968

waah you cant keep justifying your retarded hatred anymore waaah? those two child killers wont fuck you fam

No. 1315969

Why should we care. Why do you want us to care about this random child to which whom not a single article exists in English for us to consume or verify at any point since it has happened? You’re stomping your feet and you’re repeating yourself and you are extremely obsessed with this single case like we are supposed to cry for your subspecies. Won’t happen. Go consume more disturbing articles about child murder or something.

No. 1315970

Typical male, assuming we want to have sex with random people we do not care about in any way

No. 1315971

No. 1315973

>you are all exactly like these two random mentally disturbed Argentinian women who killed a child because you say men are sociopaths
Ok and? Cry more

No. 1315974

you both have the same way of thinking a way which led to the killing of a child.

No. 1315976

The more I read takes like yours the more I become 100% sure I will abort a male if I’m ever so unlucky.

No. 1315977

kill yourself retard

No. 1315978

Nonitas don't respond to the male troll, it's a waste of energy

No. 1315980

what are you going to do, kill all the men in the world dumbass? your retarded men hate speech lead to fucking nowhere.
this site is beyond fucked I cant believe I am getting called a male just because I am calling out to retarded cunts who murdered a boy? what the fuck, this site truly is /r9k/ for women

No. 1315982

bet this bastard has never in their entire damn life said same shit to men who post hateful shit about women online when infact that stuff actually causes men to go out and hurt women because men are like animals like that, their mind can be easily manipulated. same doesn't apply to women

No. 1315983

>hating men for regularly abusing, manipulating, exploiting, and raping women and children makes you exactly like these two women that killed a child
Yeah those two things are totally mutually exclusive

No. 1315985

And you know what r9k is because you visit it regularly, yup

No. 1315988

yes i do? i am a usual poster of the MtF /snow/ thread and that's why I am saying you both sound the same
you hate all men regardless of it they have committed a crime or not, you are the same as them.
you know it too, which means omg…you are a moid?!?! perhaps the tranny??!!!?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1315989

oh you're one of those newly peaked "former" libfem types i get it now.

No. 1315990

sorry for not hating men to the point I rape and murder a child and let them live rent free in my mind while defending killers and do in ABSOLUTELY nothing for women in the meantime, I am so sowwy I am not truly pinkpilled like you

No. 1315991

Oh my god it’s literally just [redacted] talking to himself again. Ewww I talked to it.
Literally just arguing with himself again, what a psycho

No. 1315992

kill yourself cock breath. women posting jodi arias online and saying men (rightfully) deserve didn't cause that little boy to die because women aren't like men and can't be memed into becoming murderers like them

No. 1315995

it's pretty funny to see this faggot is still crying around about "you're just as bad as the men you hate!!!" It's like he went to bed, woke up and immediately started up again.

No. 1315996

i just fucking explained these two women said the same shit you did, that's the only reason I posted them to show where this vile thinking leads

No. 1315997

you eat food and hitler also ate food. you hate jewish people.

No. 1316001

the literal cause of the murder is because they hated him and his father for being men. Just saying that these whores aren't going to be the only ones, just like how elliot rodger created a bunch of incel copycats these cunts will create copycats too. But whatever, I am gonna let you go back to helping women by posting cringy ass jodi arias memes and defending child rapists, you are doing so much for us, thank you.

No. 1316008

DNI with [redacted] you are rewarding his dopamine receptors.

No. 1316011

good. go away, how about you go whine about elliot rodger to some incel males on 4chan but you will never do that because it is only us women you expect to be agreeable nurturing and kind and cute and think that we need to care and responsible for every single fucking problem in this world. we as women are supposed to cry our eyes out because of some random little boy who died and ask for forgiveness because how dare we hate rapist moids for killing and raping us, how unfeminine and ugly behavior chk chk girlies

No. 1316023

this could be the former libfem type too, it is typical for them to still want to police women's behavior because that's what they spend doing many years. don't say no to tranny perverts you will cause them to kill themselves, don't post jodi arias online it will be your fault when once in a century female pedophile rape happens. same shit.

No. 1316032

You aren’t a genius one-man psyop, it’s quite obvious all these posts are you. Nobody believes it’s a “former libfem” because it’s you, and you’re even making posts in the exact same style missing chunks of phrases pretending to argue with yourself, which is really weird but we expect no less from you; and nobody here believes it.

No. 1316063

Only retarded schizo pedo trannies hate Jodi Arias with such a passion. YWNBAW.

No. 1316068

He can’t help it. He really built some delusion in his head. He should take his meds. He kills the vibe in a way man hate doesn’t when I’m scrolling. His takes are always max level retard and focused on shutting women down because muh not all men!
Yeah no it is all men. They all benefit. All of them. Fuck ‘em

No. 1316089

File: 1661440549054.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1655017205051.jpg)

Based jodi posters. Making scrotes seethe and mald to the point of desperate samefagging, ily.

No. 1316102

At the risk of sounding like a full blown schizophrenic… I truly believe he's derailing cow threads too, the posts calling shayna's cat ugly are suspicious, they add up with when he was shitting up this thread too. He really thinks he's a epic mastermind troll.

No. 1316110

Cantidad de enfermedades mentales en este hilo, no puede creer que este sitio donde antes se podia tener discusiones intelectuales y podias discrepar como mujeres inteligentes ahora se haya vuelto en tirar ''eres un tranny blah blah'' a cualquiera que discrepe contigo. Es lo que pasa siempre que hay algun espacio para mujeres, entra un troll hombre, empieza a spammear y las newfags retardadas de twitter en vez de ignorarlo y reportar le dan atencion y dejan que arruine el sitio para siempre. La admins deberia haber tirado del cable a este sitio en diciembre como dijo, lo hubiera matado con gracia y no dejar que muera lentamente como un paciente de cancer terminal.

No. 1316113

I haven’t walked my puppy in days because I am too sad and tired. I feed him and let him outside to play and just lie down all day. Most of the time he comes in to play with me and sleep next to me, and he seems happy, but I know he’d be happier with a walk. I feel like shit.

No. 1316122

I think you’re right and it’s why everytime there’s pushback and he’s “caught” even without being labeled a troon or moid we get random spams of the race threads and black dicks like in the vent yesterday

No. 1316125

i love reading/watching stuff with anal in it even though i have no interest in doing it irl

No. 1316150

It's okay nonna. I always feel guilty like I'm not doing enough for my dog, but plenty of other kind nonnies have told me that dogs just live in the moment! They don't know that things could be better, and things are great right now! He's fed, gets playtime, and he's got a loving owner! Yeah maybe a walk would be nice, but he's content to be with you! I'm sure he knows that you're sad and tired too. There are plenty of days ahead, I hope you'll get to take a walk with him soon, but don't beat yourself up over it. I'm sure he thinks that just being with you is enough.

No. 1316163

I want to move on from this site so bad because it stressed me out but I can’t. I had a period of time where I wasn’t going on here at all and I felt really good and this past week I’ve been glued to my screen. I’m so sick of living online nonnas.

No. 1316177

Why get a puppy if you know you're often tired..?

My family has a nest of puppies right now and we get retards who're interested who're like "yeahhh we both work full-time. How we're gonna take care of the puppy once we take it home? uhhhhh yeahhhh idk we have to figure that out still" makes my blood boil.

No. 1316188

In that same boat, nona. It's really hard to keep away from this websites when you have no friends or nothing really interesting going on in your life. I will forever kick myself for being glued to my computer for most of my reformative years, just know you aren't alone.

No. 1316203

people talking about weed even jokingly or in passing makes me crave it and want to pick it back up again

No. 1316220

He's also uses "omg you paranoid retards can't accuse everyone you don't like of being the tranny or a moid!! This site is literally cancer now" when he's called out, it happened last night and it happened yesterday in the vent thread. When you know what to look for he's easy to spot.

No. 1316227

Since Jodi Arias is the topic of the day. I was reading about her once and it mentioned something about her taking nudes and I definitely googled and zoomed in on that shit. I’m not gay I’m just nosy.

No. 1316235

Thank you anon, that was a very kind thing for you to write. That’s a relief to read honestly. He’s such a good boy.

I work part time so I have time for him. I’m just not very well at the moment I think

No. 1316238

Did she have fake boobies?

No. 1316241

It was pussy pic. It was functional I guess.

No. 1316400

I get you, anon. I kind of feel like I have outgrown it or something but hanging around has become such a habit and I get so nostalgic for old threads

No. 1316402

File: 1661454854135.jpeg (7.69 KB, 275x154, 1659543020034.jpeg)

I love watching moids getting blown the fuck out. Men get to rant about how much they hate, want to kill, or even want to rape women and girls but as soon as we say that we hate them, we're somehow as bad at the scrotes we hate? And this is why males always fail at larping as women. Moids can never properly disguise themselves as women because their presence on any platform oozes innate male worship. Males are too sensitive and hateful of women to even pretend that they're not bothered by women telling them to hang themselves with their own foreskin. I bet the moid is gonna come right back in the board just to argue in circles some MORE.

No. 1316444

Fuck it, I'll repost it to the right thread because I've never told a soul.
I think the universe told me that it's time to tell a living soul that I threw a paper bag of my own shit off 11 stories for practical purposes.

No. 1316476

May God forgive me for my frequent bathroom breaks at work where I'll spend 5 minutes sitting on my ass scrolling through lolcow.

No. 1316486

I hope you're having an epic poop time nonny

No. 1316496

When i was a kid my grandma taught me to kill white butterflies and step on slugs because they ate her garden. I am really sorry to all the butterflies and slugs i squished, they didn't deserve it and i think about it way too much. I also once smashed a snail and threw him into a pond because i thought fish would eat him, but they didn't. Sometime around my 20's i started to be nauseous when i see someone killing any bugs. I can kill a mosquito or a tic, fly makes me little sick but everything else …i'm really sick. Maybe it's because i have pet roaches and they are really sweet and have different personalities belive it or not, bugs are just little fellas who want to live life.

No. 1316500

>i have pet roaches
this bitch lives next door to your apartment, wat do

No. 1316502

come ooooon, they are in a fancy terrarium with plants and shit

No. 1316503

>He's also uses "This site is literally cancer now"
Yes, I kept seeing it several time, it's so obvious. Tinfoil but I bet that it's one of the moids from the discord who was leaked a few days ago. They can't handle the man hate for one second of their life kek

No. 1316565

It's the gore/cp/porn spamming tranny, several of his mass deleted samefagging posts also had those phrases with the same intend.

No. 1316721

I really enjoy Pewdiepie's Japan vlogs because of how comfy and relaxing they are, but recently they've just been making me depressed. It really seems like he has the perfect life. He has a cute wife who cooks food for him and two cute dogs and he spends his time exploring Japan with his wife and friends or doing his hobbies. I think that sounds so perfect. My life is so different from that. His vlogs used to be escapism for me, and they still are, but they also make me a bit sad because I really wish my life was like that. I'm sure it's also a phase of life thing because he's almost a decade older than me. I don't really care for him as a person, but I hope when I'm his age that my life can be like that, where I live in a city with lots of cool places to explore, have a loving and attractive partner and a group of friends in the community who I enjoy hanging out with, and lots of time to spend on my hobbies. I'm also not a rich Youtuber though or never will be, so I'm not sure if I'm just holding out false hope.

No. 1316796

I only listen to old music. People generally think Im just an autist with an obssesion but the truth is that I olny listen to old music because I despise the modern world. Music right now just feels fake, i know there are some great artist out there but I guess I havent found one that suits my taste. Its not like I want things to be like they were before, I think the internet is great and overall the livings conditions are so much better but I hate the people inhabiting it. I wished things could have taken a better route rather than the mess that is today. I despise the fact we cant define what is a woman properly because of porn-brain damaged people.

No. 1316799

File: 1661476606097.gif (290.77 KB, 220x257, eww-gross.gif)

>I made tranny friends and even had sex with one
Why the fuck did you do that to yourself… Love yourself more

No. 1316801

Todavía puedes tener discusiones inteligentes, solo que no cuando spamea el idiota mal nacido

No. 1316808

what. why, how, i need context. and where did it land

No. 1316813

I have nightmares of my NEET abusive brother whenever hes mentioned or something reminds me of him. I'm glad I'm away from him. I'm finally healing.

Also that fat loser scrote called me amber heard. Says a lot about him

No. 1316818

you're not a lesbian if you slept with a man. fuck off

No. 1316858

Plenty of lesbians have slept with men before. Don’t be weird.

No. 1316863

lol so fuck women who got married and had kids because of societal pressure who come out as lesbian later?

No. 1316865

File: 1661481501747.jpeg (88.4 KB, 828x814, 2F919BAE-EE10-4A09-B784-7BC67B…)

Exactly, I hated myself and I’m never doing that shit again. Fuck modern feminism. Honestly writing all of it out help me realize that yep I’m a terf and I’ve broken out of the echo chamber.

No. 1317105

Nta but this reminds me of when I told my friend from Discord that I thought one of the other members is a porn-sick scrote who trooned out (worded differently kek), and she ended up "dating" the troon (over discord…smh) for over a year. They are still "dating". This is what I get for gossiping tbh. The guy is only like 21 and already got the chop n dick pushed in but speaks and dresses like a man. My friend is beautiful too, she just clearly has self-esteem issues.

No. 1317318

File: 1661518842978.jpg (158.65 KB, 1252x1252, farq.jpg)

I cut myself terf bangs by accident a few years ago (trying to trim them myself) and I'll never go back. I legit think it's a cute look and your hair is always out of your face. Terf bangs ftw.

No. 1317322

File: 1661519104361.jpg (46.89 KB, 489x600, 87948f227c22ebd7b00bb9da3c7863…)

i tried that once, though i was going for a rockabilly look not the edgy hipster look. my hair just doesn't go like that without styling it and i knew nothing about that then. picrel was me every morning for a couple of weeks. good for you though, good for you kek

No. 1317340

Lol anon, same. Styling is kind of a pain but my hair takes it pretty well so I can quickly straighten them every 2 days and it looks fine. I tried hair rollers once but my bangs looked like a weird hotdog when I woke up, too bad.

No. 1317370

I sometimes go reread some of my old posts on still active threads, especially if they elicited a lot of reactions, I get somewhat nostalgic kek.

No. 1317371

I know this is an old post, but lmao
I could never have disgusting little shriveled up external gonads that get in the way of wearing pants

No. 1317374

I know right, I once had a nightmare when I was really little that I had a penis. I was having a tantrum in the dream and everything.

No. 1317375

Is he still an asshole retard? Just curious since I haven't heard about him in years. I get what you mean though, especially since he's so wealthy from doing what he loves– playing games.

No. 1317378

NTA but he still seems to be a RESPECT WAHMEN idiot from the last time I saw his vids pop up

No. 1317386

>>1317318 I didn't realize these bans were associated with terfs. lol I used to sport them with pride and I'm not even a terf. they looked cute on me and I got compared Audrey Hepburn a few times. but having bangs + curly hair + living in a humid climate made it hard to keep them not-ridiculous-looking.

No. 1317399

I really wish my boyfriend was a bit cooler. I think he's the most beautiful person I've ever seen and I love him so much, but sometimes he comes off like a little gamer kid (he's 30 but looks very young) and I can't help but fantasize about what if he dressed more cool/edgy, was more serious, had a deeper voice, cooler interests.

I know I'll get over this because I'm a few years younger than him and I'm certain I won't care about coolness in my 30s. Oh well.

No. 1317544

I'm listening to Mad At the Internet for the first time and Null is actually funny. I'm surprised.

No. 1317549

feel for you curlyhaired nona.

No. 1317567

I cringe when I think back to my first few years of dating. The naivety. Every guy I dated I eventually fell into this thing of thinking we'd never split. I'd get this tunnel vision of my future including them. I'm not even someone who outwardly rushes things (its usually the guy tbh) but in my head I was thinking oh yeah this guy that I'm dating at 21/25 etc is definitely going to still be around when I'm 40. I mean we've been good the last couple years so why would that change, jesus lol

I regret that I didn't maintain my own sense of self in some ways. I didn't even see it happening at the time. When I'm single I make more progress because I know with or without a guy… I'm moving forward regardless. I have to be my own motivator. After my last split I upped and moved halfway across the country. Before that I feel like I was just going along with his plan. Like I'm the fucking sidekick. I lived in the place that most suited HIS career and it was a waste of my time. The moment we split I was like what am I even doing living here when it doesn't serve my plans in any way? Why did I ever go along with that move. I could've moved out here 5 years earlier and been way ahead. Whats worse is weeks before the split I was listening to him talk about getting a shared mortgage..again in an area that doesn't suit my career needs. He was the one always moving us forward and yet he was the one to drop me for a woman he just met one day. Its a headfuck that at any moment all those plans that you rested on a relationship can be pulled out form under you. I wish I could go back in time and have a word with myself.

No. 1317651

I've been dating this guy for 6 weeks and over the weekend I received a DM from a woman who said she's been living with him for the last 4 years and that he's a serial cheater. I had an argument with him and blocked him but he tracked me down and we tried to talk it over. HE then blocked ME when I gave him a hard time over not being honest with me. I sent him a bunch of texts apologising and asking him to unblock me and we made up, but then I found out he's been chatting to another woman on Facebook, using all the same lines he used on me. I told him I'm into him but that I can't do this and blocked him on FB yesterday morning. He's respecting my wishes and hasn't reached out but it hurts so much that he hasn't even sent me a text or anything to try and talk it over. He'll just let me walk away. I know I'm being pathetic and that this guy is almost twice my age and a loser but I have bpd and feel like I'm dying.

No. 1317657

girl holy shit. This guy sounds disgusting. I feel bad for the other idiot that lives with him but you should all just ditch this moid.

No. 1317662

DO NOT let the bpd take hold, you can do it, ditch him!

No. 1317664

I lived with a guy for 3 years before he started an affair with a fb friend. Afaik he hadn't been cheating the whole time but tbh he travelled for work so had plenty opportunity. I'll never know for sure. You can't blame yourself for not knowing in the beginning but you have to tell yourself now that anything he says.. any feelings he claims to have.. that connection you think you had forming.. not real. Wasting 6 weeks of your life isn't too bad but don't turn into that woman who endures 4 years of this. He won't change.

No. 1317665

>I sent him a bunch of texts apologising
no words.

No. 1317667

You sound very cute ngl anon. Dreaming of a roach owning qt gf tonight.

No. 1317671

obvious bait

No. 1317674

Why tf did you apologize to him. For what

No. 1317677

BPDs will apologize to the ones who ruin them, and ruin the ones who actually care about them

No. 1317693

You described a girl I know to an exact degree, god. She's stuck in 2008 with all of her tastes, literally an I-hate-other-girls-boys-don't-cause-drama invader zim emulating woman who thinks people that aren't asexual are weird normies but regularly posts explicit pictures to said boys.

No. 1317695

I thought Gerard looked funny in that cheerleader costume, I don’t think he was actually trying to look hot.
Sucks how everyone here is doomposting here but I get it.

No. 1317719

Seriously, why do they do that?

No. 1317722

File: 1661544890215.jpeg (35.27 KB, 480x468, C9E65020-C6E7-4623-ACF0-4B1173…)

I’m not actually happier in my 30s than I was in my 20s. Instead, I’ve grown wiser so I’m aware how stupid I am, but I haven’t grown any smarter. Like, at least before I felt like I could just try harder to be happier but now I realize it was just blissful, ignoring naivety.

I feel shitty about it bc I expected to be so much more confident, accomplished and shit by now.

No. 1317745

I hope this is me because I've been having a fucking dogshit 20s time since I turned 20

No. 1317804

File: 1661552765525.jpeg (119.91 KB, 960x960, 8A2AC2DD-8815-4A89-9859-E2F5C9…)

starting to notice I have a thing for fakebois and genderspecial girls, the shy autistic ones I run into irl. I want to hold them

No. 1317817

I wish all my male family members would disappear. They're such a headache and are going to shorten my lifespan.

No. 1317847

I don't like chocolate/chocolate desserts too much.

No. 1317885

File: 1661558862830.jpeg (100.52 KB, 1024x788, 241DD54E-9108-4500-BF04-43A62A…)

I’m honestly really upset about the kf thing. There’s so many cows I only follow there.

No. 1317890

I love wearing hijabs inside when it's cold, it's so much more comfortable than a hat and you can wear them in so many ways. I just wish it wasn't associated with Islam, or I could wear it to work/school without being mistaken for a muslim. It's pretty, comfortable and I love the flowiness of it. I wish it didn't have the connotations and wasn't so oppressive to others or I would wear it all the time.

No. 1317891

What about a wrap or a turban wrap? Where I’m from artsy fartsy aunts do them a lot

No. 1317897

you mean headscarves? me dead babushka would hit you with a rolling pin

No. 1317898

Same, love me some chinny mess.

No. 1317906

Same. I followed the cooking with jack and wogglebuglove threads religiously. The userbase sucks sometimes but the cows made it worth it.

No. 1317917

Meant that yes, I have worn them outside (with my hair hanging out) and gotten tons of looks. There are a lot of Muslims in my area, I have naturally dark hair/eyes and a Turkish looking nose so I guess it's not weird for them to assume. Just don't want people to associate me with something I don't support and believe in (esp. in a school/work setting considering I have to see them for years to come).

I love those, sadly they just don't suit my head shape and accentuate my weirdly small forehead. The curse of having a flat skull on the back smh.

No. 1318134

I don’t like when my bf touches me in public. I feel ashamed , like I want to be seen as asexual And unaffectionate and he’s ruining my image of that.

No. 1318157

how can u call babushkas headscarf a hijab…nonna wtf

No. 1318204

File: 1661599722940.jpg (7.23 KB, 229x220, gayforlolcor.jpg)

lolcor dot farm is still sick and you guys are lovely. the amount of times I've asked for advice or vented or some shit and you've come through. my hardest cackles have been some of your shitposts. if this shit closes down I would be so incredibly sad. I hope my nonas have a wonderful day/night, know you are appreciated.

No. 1318237

I am inside of your walls

No. 1318250

Can you come out and hug me?

No. 1318273

I already do. Every night.

No. 1318290

Cannot wait until the black mold kills you

No. 1318401

I have absorbed it. I cannot be killed. I can only grow stronger.

No. 1318407

read that as black moid at first

No. 1318418

Lmao same, I was so confused

No. 1318633

I love my younger siblings dearly but they always manage to remind me that I really really don't want kids. I can get frustrated and angry very easily and I know for sure I can't handle it. Especially when something mildly annoying/inconvenient happens to them and they act like the whole world is about to explode. I get I used to act that way and every kid does but damn

No. 1318736

I’m not meant to work at all. I just want to lie down, sleep, or daydream

No. 1318741

I swear the straight audacity some anons have to say the shit that they say and being culturally ignorant is ASTOUNDING to me

No. 1318746

I too am absolutely SHOCKED by things people post on imageboards
This is why I stick to Twitter

No. 1318761

I like it when I hurt someone's feelings. What I mean by that is that I never feel guilty about it. Idk why

No. 1318762

Never been on twitter in my entire life. Try again nonners

No. 1318767

But I don't just randomly go up to people and insult them. It's due to pettiness, i guess there has to be a reason for it

No. 1318769

what if it's someone you like tho and they end up hating you

No. 1318772

That's a good question, actually. I don't really give them the chance because I tend to abruptly cut ties with people who piss me off. I'm not patient at all. So… It never happened to me, lol.

No. 1318781

So you surround yourself with doormats?

No. 1318787

Nah, not really. It doesn't happen often. I just like hurting people who hurt me. I don't think I'd like to surround myself with doormats in the first place, because it drives me absolutely insane.

No. 1318806

here's a long one.

back in 2017 i created an OC. but i wanted to give them a personality. so how did i do that? bu roleplaying as them on fucking Miiverse of all things. drew LinkxGanondorf yaoi, Luigi crossdressing and even going to the depths of Miiverse and found the ERP section. after a while of that, i took it to 4chan because we're all anonymous right? well after roleplaying as my OC on 4chan, someone gave them a name. and ever since then i used that as my/their tripfag name. and that name got quite infamous on the board i went to, even to this day. there's some more stuff that happened with another tripfag attentionwhore, but i'll leave it at that for now.

No. 1318810

>I like it when I hurt someone's feelings.
I felt like this before when I intentionally hurted my partner's feelings out of petty revenge. It was only when I truly faced the consequences that I felt guilty for hurting them, who hates me now. We are shitty people, anon.

No. 1318811

You will.

No. 1318824

Starts with an s and ends with a h, add a healthy dose of childhood trauma, mental illness, a low vibrations. The more people who reveal this the more we know we should avoid you, so thanks for sharing idiot kek

No. 1318834

I've also been involved in 4chan drama. I hope all the archived versions of those threads become lost forever one day

No. 1318838

nta but good luck avoiding someone on an anonymous women only basket weaving forum

No. 1318845

>a low vibrations
You can't be serious

No. 1318851

tbh i dont really care about the drama, other than it gets the board to talk about me. ive even given that "persona" their own discord, has their own friends and i still recreate them in everything i play that has customization options. i KNOW it's mental illness, ive recently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and have serious episodes of disassociation. but i haven't told my doctor everything, just some non-descript explanations. i know it's worse than BPD and actually Disassociative Identity Disorder. with some HPD sprinkled in. it's fun having anons bitch and moan about the tripfag persona. and when things got really bad, i took it to /vg/ in /drg/ and got a different name there too. it was still the persona, just not tripfagging because that's only for a specific board. but this DID persona has weird triggers, and got me banned from someone's discord that i was a decent part of because the switch happened and they went mental. and ive told close friends about it, and because my dumbass wasn't doing anything about the mental illness. they went psycho on my friends, threatening to kill me, the host body, and left cutties on my arm. cutties ive done a lot before, and i dont remember if it was me or the DID persona that did them before. but that scenario with my friends, is what pushed me to seek mental help and health. it only took 5 years to happen. ive always tried to mentally lock the persona away, and it never turned out good when something was effecting me mentally and they metaphorically get released.

But that's on my dumbass for thinking this fucking DID condition will ever go the fuck away, when I fucking previously researched that it was a fucking lifelong condition.

No. 1318873

File: 1661652739832.jpg (47.66 KB, 567x636, b2487f87b5941f9c923271fbd0c774…)

No. 1318893

>i took it to /vg/ in /drg/
Why does that general always attract the most mentally ill weebs?

No. 1318897

File: 1661654127880.gif (1.4 MB, 384x288, 23Kp.gif)

No. 1318914

I get extra nervous around Asian males (especially if they're a doctor) because I find them attractive and also know that they'll find me hideous and disgusting because I am the polar opposite of every Asian beauty standard. I don't know if this is racism but I just feel intimidated by them and way out of their league

No. 1318923

idk but imagine having meltdowns and doing cutties with silkmoth and poyo

No. 1318926

File: 1661655899451.gif (2.92 MB, 369x325, 48DAB6AE-B8FC-4716-B576-57862D…)

I’m still waiting for a gta style game where women are able to go up to random npcs but the catch is that they are all men and you get to and kill and rob them in the game

No. 1318934

File: 1661656243182.jpg (102.02 KB, 720x720, 0291f2605426d6899b8a9353596394…)

you can do that in gta online.

No. 1318939

based and cute mod skin

No. 1319047

File: 1661675996800.jpg (989.54 KB, 2894x4093, 95556f7ba1cadbec93d6afb00f21d4…)

To stop myself from crying at inconvenient times, I imagine I'm a war veteran who's about to see his family for the first time in forever. I can't let them know about the damage I've incurred from the things I've experienced, and I have to give them a big smile. The strength of our entire family relies on me being able to hold it together. Pic unrelated

No. 1319054

This is so autistic omg

No. 1319103

I love you

No. 1319104

File: 1661685145692.jpg (43.88 KB, 563x554, b0d89f41ac1f4a1475fe2f8be490c9…)

same nonnie, same.

No. 1319186

I like trolling the sex workers in the Shayna threads. The infights and spergery are more entertaining than anything Shayna does anyway.

No. 1319236

I'm considering lying about my age not for vanity but because everyone thinks I'm younger and I can't meet anyone my age with my interests. Every time I browse the friend finder thread and see a post with my same exact type of interests/humor/hobbies, the poster is 100% always 8 years younger than me. I feel like anyone younger than me thinks I'm a hag when they find out my age, even if they thought I was cool before.

No. 1319239

File: 1661700327764.png (107.82 KB, 224x223, 7A7D0824-E399-4C60-BB04-3D3C78…)

i was starting to masturbate because I thought I was alone and then my super quiet roommate came out of his room and almost saw me with my hands in my pjs and I jumped up so quick and yelled “ahh spider” and quickly went out the other door from the living room, bruising my shin in my escape. I don't think he saw me but that was a close call y’all. Super fucking embarrassed and i hate that I just went with my impulse instead of going to a private area. This bruise is a reminder of my mistakes

No. 1319243

If I saw someone 8 yrs older than me with the same dumb hobbies, I'd be inspired, not weirded out. It's cool to see someone older who still stays true to their passions and doesn't feel obliged to grow out of it. Also, if someone finds out you lied about your age to them, they might lose the trust / friendship they had with you.

No. 1319244

That's sad to hear, but I get you. When I was 22 my best online friend was a 34 year old woman and we had so much fun. I would never have befriended a man that age online, though, for obvious reasons. Eventually work stuff and kids caught up with her and we drifted apart, but her age never bothered me. I miss her. Whenever I feel like I'm getting too old for some of my interests, I think about her and all the silly stuff we enjoyed. Hope you find your friends, anon, older or younger. I agree with >>1319243 that you shouldn't lie about your age.

No. 1319246

Nta but yea trust would be altered in such a way. Id rather hear that you dont feel (age), but more like (age you feel) .
Otherwise its bound to feel sorta predatory and trapping- even if for friends

No. 1319250

Awww my best friend is 30! I love her so much!

No. 1319294

No, it's not.

>and also know that they'll find me hideous and disgusting because I am the polar opposite of every Asian beauty standard
Same but it's not Asian men for me. Recently I've become overly self-conscious about my teeth, and my face in general, especially because I don't wear makeup, and about my lack of shaving, lack of conventional femininity, and a skin condition I had last year that left my legs and arms with scars that haven't healed. I've been having intrusive thoughts about how if the guy I like saw me, he'd be disgusted by me and never notice me because there are countless other women who are much more gorgeous than me, especially where he lives. But I don't really know how bad beauty standards are there, it might not be as bad as in East Asia.
I don't know if you consider having a preference for men of a certain race racism (it might be a complex question), but I think this insecurity comes mostly from internalized racism or something like that.

No. 1319489

when I turned 15 I got a crested gecko as a birthday present, I loved that little lizard but he died long before he was supposed to and I know it was my fault. I didn't take care of him like I should have. I'm not just saying that because of guilt, I literally know it's true and there's no other reason he should have died so young. I didn't think of him for a long time but now I work in a pet store and when I go past the lizard section I get so sad I've actually cried on the floor before. he relied on me and I let him down. since then I've not gotten any more pets I can't take care of and I will stick to that for the rest of my life, but it still hurts to think about him. rest in peace oswald, you were a really good gecko and you deserved a better parent than 15 year old me.

No. 1319499

I don't know about others but I would love to have an older women friend to look up to.

No. 1319505

I like the way my canker sores taste.

No. 1319506

File: 1661721660271.jpeg (22.26 KB, 600x348, 59B90B0E-A490-4E75-A108-ACF7DC…)

I confess that I had an incestuous moment with my cousin.
we were young and weird, we were curious about the puberty we were going through.
I showed him my barely developed breast and I allowed him to touch them, he showed me his "hairy place" and I touched him too.
we got over it by the time we were 15 and have been living normally since then (I'm 22 now) but I wonder if he ever thinks about it.

No. 1319516

Now these are the kind of confessions we are looking for

No. 1319680

I think about this with all the fish and hamsters I had as a kid, I really didn't know how to properly care for them and I think I made their lives worse for it. I still feel bad but at least I've learned since then, sorry about your crestie nonnie

No. 1319717

I am a pre alcoholic. I'm glad I know that so I don't spiral into something really bad.

No. 1319719

I don't understand that but I do enjoy getting canker sores. Call me a masochist but sometimes biting into a cherry tomato with canker sores are a fucked up kind of bliss. It's also satisfying knowing you have that and not herpes.

No. 1319881

kiwifarms can't die i need the homestuck thread to stick around so i can check it every few months and remember the abysmal state of it

No. 1319886

Take care nonny, I came to terms with being an alcoholic this year and gave up drinking entirely, even though I never got to a non-functioning or “gutter alcoholic” state. The sooner you realize the better

No. 1319890

Im in grad school with a limerence issue and I am now fantasizing about my professor who is 10 years older than me. He’s actually hot for being nearly mid 30s and I feel so ashamed for thinking it and wanting him. He looks so good that I have to wonder if he’s gay or just European. I feel so embarrassed around him because he’s so well educated and attractive, I can’t even talk to him one on one.

No. 1319899

why feel ashamed, a hot man is a hot man. feel free to appreciate the eye candy and fantasize but don't feel bad about yourself, poor nonny.

No. 1319908

I just feel like it’s cliche and kind of hypocritical on my part because I’ve had multiple moids in the department hit on me and make it clear that I’m nothing but eye candy myself. I feel embarrassed because I probably don’t hide my attraction to him well and it’s not providing a good example for women in the field to be taken seriously or the same as male students are.

No. 1319919

You're not responsible for womankind in the eyes of indoctrinated men. Misogynists would look down on women no matter what you do. When I referred to him as "eye candy", it's in a lighthearted way to mock how men use it, I meant to say it's natural to appreciate men's appearances and not feel sexual shame we are socialized to. A real hot man is rare, kek. When men refer or see women as eye candy, it is full on dehumanization and disgusting. I'm sorry those asshats treat you like that. The term madonna/whore complex exists for a reason, men struggle to respect women they see sexually. Women do not do this, it's not hypocritical. The more you obsess over it the worse you are gonna be at hiding it. If he's a kind man he'll be a professional, and if he's neither he doesn't deserve your respect or affection. Having a crush should be a fun, casual thing, adds a little spice to your life.

No. 1319922

>actually hot for being nearly mid 30s
I'm crying laughing, this is such a sweet young thing to say lol. you have to save a screenshot of this and set something up so that you see it again in like 5 or 10 years when you're older

anyway he's your professor right? if he pursued you it would mean he's a huge creep. if you remember that it might help you chill (my brain works that way, ymmv). just appreciate that he's hot, he's absolutely not in your dating pool right now.

ditto this, having a crush should be fun

No. 1320012

I am having trouble with the deadlines at my workplace and I actually decided to purchase a transcript software so I can do my job and meet the deadlines

No. 1320102

I am a victim of a pick up artist who recorded women without consent a sold it to men and i just found out he killed himself. How awesome is that? Karma is alive and she's a woman! i'm gonna go roll in a flowery field pet cats and get drunk today!

No. 1320104

I'm currently a cheerleader at a top 20 school. After a lifetime of being bullied, abused, and outcasted by classmates I can honestly say being on the "other" side is better. I'm still true to myself and my values but the opportunities and connections that have been handed to me just because of what I do are absolutely insane. There's pretty privilege and then there's whatever the fuck this is. I need to start taking more advantage of it before I graduate.

No. 1320107

Why were you bullied then if you have the figure, look, and ability to be a cheerleader? Did you have a goff to prep transformation arc anon

No. 1320113

You can have a nice figure and flexibility while simultaneously being an autist, anon

No. 1320114

There's a lot of complexities around bullying. Getting into why I was bullied would be long and boring. Not autistic. I was never goth. I'm not preppy now. Sure I'm fit and have a cute face but I'm not a movie stereotype cheerleader and honestly, my teammate aren't either. Real life isn't a 2002 comedy about mean girls.

No. 1320116

>a lifetime of being bullied, abused, and outcast by classmates
>cheerleader at a top twenty school

No. 1320117

I was joking I just wanted your lore

No. 1320119

She’s talking about college

No. 1320122

I experienced something similar and my life afterwards has been so much better. There’s a sad cycle of people who were outcasts making it their whole personality just like those who peaked make it their’s. Breaking that cycle is good. You have better perception.

No. 1320145

Me too, I'm not American so never was a cheerleader but I'm a nice and funny person who had a goth phase and was into anime in a small Eastern European town. I just moved to the capital, that's all it took.
I'm enjoying it a lot now but I quietly seethe about it when I'm alone at home. I can't believe nothing was wrong with me and I got traumatized for no reason. People suck.
You don't always get bullied for things you can change about yourself and not all bullying is the same. These things can leave lasting scars and not everyone lives in a place where therapy is normal or even available. If you've never had a supportive group of people or even just one person, you can't just get over it. The world isn't black and white, I'm sure most people would rather be beloved by all instead of edgy outcasts if they could, don't be naive.

No. 1320156

Based Stacy

No. 1320200

File: 1661781651647.jpg (93.15 KB, 1080x1080, 0zje3519nc781.jpg)

After being a cokewhore for years and fucking more people than I can count, I finally moved to a small town in another state for work and quieted down. I'm currently dating this dumbass but lovely redneck dude that does everything for me, he's great. I'm his first gf and he believes he's my first boyfriend too and that I'm a nice family girl lmao
He also keeps saying our kids will look cute because he thinks I'm a natural ginger even tho my dark ass roots are showing most of the time. I love dumb men.

No. 1320217

isn't it obvious why, you're now super involved with a specific social network that comes with social benefits, as well as a school team so you get extra shit from the school. i'm glad you're doing well.

No. 1320223

I'm secretely crushing on a guy who's taken and I can't stand the fact his gf is fatter and uglier than me. I've tried to get over him for a year and I can't. No other guy does it for me. I have to see him and interact with him every day bc he's my coworker. It's hell

No. 1320226

>There's pretty privilege and then there's whatever the fuck this is.
"The fuck that is," is called having a supportive social network and in college the athletic sect are particularly held in high esteem.
Yes, absolutely take advantage of it while you are still a student. The connections will absolutely help.

No. 1320247

I look down on people with tattoos and I think they are dumber than me

No. 1320251

this is so cute anon, wish you the best and for you to have a nice life

No. 1320253

Me too, nonna, the more tattoos that person has, the more dumb that person is to me. Specially if they have meme tattoos or random scribbles just because they're pretty.

No. 1320271

I eat the fruit and nuts out of the shared muesli and act dumb whenever anyone complains about their muesli not having any of the good stuff in it.

No. 1320283

i made a hole in the wall out of anger now i have to figure out how to fix it without anyone knowing

No. 1320285

Put a painting over it

No. 1320293

Youll have to cover it and deal with it later, or patch a new peice of drywall in, nail it , and … fuck the best term is probably not “spackle” but you use kinda like a caulking, smooth it over and then paint . I got a migraine so I'm not gonna find external sources but im sure google can help.
Also take up boxing

No. 1320321

i want to fix it but i'll do this for now
thanks, i luckily watched my dad fix a hole he made when installing lights so i know how, biggest problem is finding the paint (my room is blue) in our messy basement

No. 1320355

Well if finding the paint is the biggest problem then you'll probably be fine.

No. 1320394

File: 1661797016173.jpg (58.22 KB, 728x745, ee23595fac918acadfc418a55b.jpg)

My tatts are in hidden places, your radar can't even detect me irl.

No. 1320416

I've been reading into the difference between love vs infatuation and I realize that the feelings I had for my LDR online ex may have just been infatuation, not true love. I wonder if they also thought the same way. No wonder it didn't last long enough for us to meet each other and things always seem to fall apart during conflicts despite both of us trying so hard to make it happen.

No. 1320506

I'm not naive. I'm on your side. You're preaching to the wrong person lol

No. 1320650

File: 1661814603114.gif (380.82 KB, 275x206, 1628009835291.gif)

I feel like a defective woman for not being able to relate to a lot of common female experiences. It legit makes me feel like shit tbh. I wish I could relate and feel/be normal.

No. 1320678

Like what? everyone has different experiences anon, don't beat yourself up for it.

No. 1320700

>common female experiences
Like what, anon. List some examples

No. 1320731

I don't have periods.

No. 1320737

File: 1661822087738.jpg (62.72 KB, 540x540, 1649641688298.jpg)

No. 1320739

like mtf? not that I’m one to really care either way but this might not be the best place to vent about that. and you might find more peace not identifying with gender norms.

No. 1320741

why the fuck would you entertain a man here like this?

No. 1320745

Your parents will use your real name when they bury you + women are frightened by you + males are disgusted by your existence + even your cremated remains can now be sexed as male thanks to recent scientific breakthroughs + your stinkditch has a hairball inside + 41%

No. 1320747

File: 1661822833969.png (243.89 KB, 569x572, us.png)

I've posted about this very briefly before but I wanted to add some detail because today I was thinking about her. I was in a longish term LDR with a woman a few years older than me a couple of years ago. She was bi, three ex boyfriends, had never done anything with another woman before me except kiss. Supposedly never sent a nude before she talked to me. I was/am bi, one ex girlfriend before her, had only ever slept with women before her. I'm diagnosed with BPD and our relationship developed quickly and was pretty intense for some online bs, lots of ups and downs. I felt like she looked down on women who hadn't fucked men and was kind of patronizing to me about it, she was one of those people who thinks lesbians saying they're gold stars is offensive and "erased" her experiences and I felt a lot of resentment to her for that over time, even if she never directly said she thought I was lesser for not having what felt to me like an ~essential bi womanly experience. Before we broke up I started going on dating apps and Fetlife and ultimately fucked three people (two men and one woman) while I was still with her. I've never really felt guilty about it even though I know it's "bad" because in my head she sort of deserved it for supposedly thinking she was better and cuter than me. I still internet stalk her sometimes and afaik she hasn't dated anyone else and is now nearing her mid 30s although we don't talk anymore. I think one of my biggest regrets is not telling her I fucked those men before we broke up. She knows I did it but not that it was while we were "together".

No. 1320761

kys malformed xy chromosomoid

No. 1320801

i hate CO2 detectors and never use them. i hate the earsplitting noise, the fact they give off false positives way too often, and they scare my pets. all my appliances are electric and i dont have an attached garage so idgaf about being poisoned. fuck those shitty detectors.

No. 1320807

Lmfaooo you aren’t a woman full stop, you’re a freak, you already know you will never not feel alienated from women. Just kys now.

No. 1320879

File: 1661833416712.jpeg (60.27 KB, 639x676, 1660326208153.jpeg)

>inb4 moid

I get very horny looking at titties and the female figure in general
I would never admit this to anyone in my life and taking it to my grave

No. 1320881

How is being attracted to woman a confession anon

No. 1320886


No. 1320887

It sounds like she associates it with moid sexuality and feels predatory or coomerish about it, not uncommon. But nonnums >>1320879 you're fine, there's nothing wrong with your feelings or attraction. I randomly have similar feelings sometimes even though I consider myself straight but I'm sure lesbians would understand even better

No. 1320892


I am literally the same way, but I’ve never fallen in love with a girl. It’s so weird. Maybe you’re gay, or maybe you’re straight and just think women are attractive. I know it feels weird because I hate the pornification of women but I still think they’re hot sometimes and I hate it. Whether you’re gay or not, we literally live in times bombarded by sexual images of female bodies all the time, it’s not crazy or immoral to respond to that.

No. 1320952

File: 1661838897509.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.58 KB, 500x375, 432057B6-4CC9-48C5-A426-1AA988…)

I love that my boss tried to serve me some bullshit about not being able to reward My work ethic with a proper pay raise because hes barely making ends meet and that i “should be thankful i make that much”.

So i say “fine, ill take my skillset somewhere else it this isn't resolved by Wednesday”
and his brother, who handles the accounting, pulled me aside after the other leaves and tells me I am getting a pay raise. Apparently my boss is stealing money and his brother has compiled evidence against him. According to the accountant, sales are steadily higher than ever before because of me- and when the numbers werent adding up from the influx of repeat sales he started investigating.
Love to see it.

No. 1320954

Ohhhhh nonnie this is sweet nomnomnomnomnom

No. 1320955

Nice nonna

No. 1320966

minimalist houses/rooms creep me out. they remind me of hospitals, give off a sinister air like the moment before something bad happens in a horror film, and just aren't cozy at all.

No. 1320967

I hate islam, I hate muslims, and I hate racists who treat me as one just because of my ethnicity. I sometimes feel like it's me against the world because well meaning coworkers since day 1 at my job started talking about how they don't eat pork or sushi because they're haram and expected me to be one of them so I can't even escape that shit at work because ever since I was hired everyone is like "oh there's a new burger at mcdonalds that's deli… oh wait there're bacon in it you can't eat that sorey I forgot" or "we're going to another city for a few days for training purposes but don'r worry we'll go to restaurants with a lot of options for you until we're back at the office anon!" or "it's ramadan, you're sure you want to eat with us and during lunch break instead of staying with the others (aka the muslim retards)?" like no fuck you, can I pretend one second that this shitty religion doesn't exist? Please? Man, I also wish there were never that retarded hijabi coworker, thank god she's nor here anymore. She always smelled like shit, I bet she didn't shower often enough because she thought we wouldn't notice since only her face and hands were visible. Even when you go get drinks at bars after work if I say I don't drink alcohol because I don't like it they'll be like "oh I get it, it's your religion, don't worry there are non alcoholic drinks" while pointing 6€ glasses of lemonade because I can't risk telling anyone about my personal life at work.

No. 1320976

> fine, ill take my skillset somewhere else it this isn't resolved by Wednesday”

Absolute Queen moment! Happy you're getting rewarded for this

No. 1320987

Being gay/lesbian still ain’t the norm everywhere mommy. Also trannies for sure fuck up the dating pool

No. 1320988


No. 1320990

You're right, I forgot about that since this is lolcow.

No. 1320996

Kek nta but see >>1320988