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File: 1657843342574.jpeg (27.96 KB, 500x271, F21F0535-D912-4696-AC7A-697ADB…)

No. 1262905

Vent, cry, let it out.
Tasteful thread pic version. Previous thread: >>>/ot/1255654

No. 1262908

If you’re this triggered you need to be either a troon or an ex-mormon.

No. 1262911

Based OP. This pic makes me a little sad, but it's much better than the shitty scrote thread

No. 1262914

Okay inceler, now come and vent.

No. 1262916

It's probably photoshopped like most crying cat pics if that makes you feel better. I don't think cats get tears that fall down their face like that, every time I've seen a cat with tears it's just watery eyes.

No. 1262917

Do you need me to post the X-ray I have of my ovaries or something? Why is it that whenever a farmer does something that others disagree with shes immediately a scrote or a troon?

No. 1262922

File: 1657843800694.jpg (73.48 KB, 1079x1321, 1646958633920.jpg)

I'm tired of having the desire to do things, but not the energy to actually go through with them

No. 1262927

Every single time I’ve posted a confession or vent that has been widely disagreed with or received backlash, I get accused of being a man instead of just calling me a name or something. How is that the best you’ve got?

No. 1262928


No. 1262939

I feel so lost. One of my closest friends tried to overdose with meds and this was already the second time in a rather short timespan. Fortunately her doctors know of her tendencies so the meds she's been described really can't kill her instantly, but ofc I'm still worried as hell cause it's still super unhealthy (I mean no shit). She's not alone, she's living in an apartment with other people that's meant for those who suffer from severe mental illness, there's nurses visiting every day and all, but she doesn't want to talk to them about this since, in her words, "it wouldn't change a thing". She has started to identify as trans man years ago and I recently peaked out of it so I know how much it fucks up with your mental health but I know me even suggesting anything like that would just make her situation worse since I'm one of her only friends and if I told her to consider dropping the troonism, she'd cut me off instantly and she'd have one less person caring about her wellbeing. Also I'd like to suggest that she would at least try to get into a psychiatric hospital since she's a danger to herself but I'm pretty sure she won't even consider that since she thinks she's doing just fine. Well, at least she won't be able to fully troon out even though that's her plan since where we live, you can't get the treatments if the doctors see you're not mentally stable. And she's not.

It's just… frustrating cause I feel like there's nothing I can do except constantly trying to talk her out of harming herself, worry over her safety and such. We do have fun together as well, a lot, but this is also taking a toll on my own mental health. And sometimes I feel guilty cause I'm doing better. I've been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for over a decade, since I was a teenager, and I'm finally feeling like I'm starting to recover and getting my life together. But I sometimes feel guilty if I tell her about my own hardships, even though she never says anything bad, but outside that she sometimes says stuff like "I wish I only had depression" etc while knowing what I've been through with "only" that. And honestly, it's tiring trying to constantly be there for others, especially when they don't want to accept any help.

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I'm just… done with everything. I don't wanna ruin my friendship with her and I do wanna help her stay alive if no one else will but it's hard sometimes, especially since I'm not exactly a perfectly functioning person myself lol. Even if she wants to troon out, I don't really wanna abandon someone I've been friends with for 10 years over just disagreeing on this one thing.

No. 1262941

Yeah, that does make me feel better, thanks nonna

No. 1262943

File: 1657844335158.jpg (105.66 KB, 640x425, fuckkkk.jpg)

I hate living in America because I can't drive a car (anxiety) so fuck me right? I just dont deserve to live? I wish I could move to Japan or Europe so I could live in peace and with dignity. but noooo. All america offers is oversized plywood houses in the suburbs, which i don't fucking want. I hate this country and I want to move but you can't unless you're rich or work in something really highly desireable like a doctor! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 1262945

something in the water?

No clue why someone's vent needs to be met with such hostility or critique. Just let someone vent, not everyone is looking for a therapist.

No. 1262947

maybe you're better off on reddit or 4chan

No. 1262949

It's sweet that you care so much for your friend, nonna, she's obviously suffering a lot, but when someone is so far off that they don't want or accept any help, sometimes the kindest thing is to let them go or cut them off for a while. I would calmly explain either in person or by a message that you are starting to recover, and for your own mental wellbeing, you are not going to talk to her for a while because you are not her therapist and it seems like she does have the resources needed to get better, and it's her job to reach out and take them. If she's a good friend she'll understand that, even in her misery. You deserve to be happy, and this friendship doesn't seem healthy for you at the moment.

No. 1262950

Love hurts so much, doesn’t it?

No. 1262951

I think it’s understandable when it comes to stuff relating to gore or gross pornography since scrotes come here to spam those over /ot/ all the time. But like >>1262927 said, I’ve also been called a scrote over the dumbest things like I once vented about wanting to beat up someone who treated me like shit… I thought that was normal to feel when you were worked up lmao

No. 1262953

who are you quoting

No. 1262955

Oh god is this the handpost tranny again?

No. 1262956

Where does the post mention trooning out?

No. 1262957

I’m sorry nona, I’m going through something very similar and it’s really hard to accept that you can’t just help someone who doesn’t want any help. My best friend has money and a whole support system, loving family etc but it seems she prefers to wallow on her misery and insist she can handle it all herself when she clearly is miserable. It’s not up to you or me to fix people. Please always put yourself first, you can be a good friend but also you’re the most important person in your life and you have to be a priority, now and always.

No. 1262960

Samefag, I didn’t mean that money and a support system should make someone happy, but that she has the tools to choose to seek help and try her best to improve whole not putting that much burden on her loved ones.

No. 1262961

I'm 27 and been told on many occasions I look 18-19 (the exact age range I get nearly every time I tell someone my age, think its cause im short, I do not have a baby face)
And I'm actually getting annoyed when people act extremely shocked by my age like they legit ham it up and are like no way!! "you look so good for your age" < I've had late teen/early twenties female coworkers tell me this shit lol, one time I was just straight up like "huh? What do you mean, 27 is young i look pretty normal for my age, you're just super young"

Every time a person is surprised by my age I'm reminded we live in pedo clown world where late twenties women are expected to look old. Truly insane nonnies.

No. 1262962

Because every single one of your posts are apparently so awful that you sound like a moid, so you might be better off in their spaces.

No. 1262963

Let it go already

No. 1262966

kek so it is you again

No. 1262970

If you get accused of being a moid every single time you post, yes they are.

No. 1262971

Samefag my friends who are around my age also look "young" ( to me we all look our age because I'm not an idiot who thinks we should be wrinkled and haggard ) so it's like where is this standard even coming from, if most 27 year old women look a certain way, that's just what being 27 looks like, that doesn't mean it's what being 18 looks like. I guess the conclusion is men are creepy and think 18year olds look 27, explains why they are attracted to minors

No. 1262973

File: 1657845424384.jpeg (4.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1651602344273.jpeg)


No. 1262976

Thanks for you both. I've been trying hard to get into the mindset that I can't be responsible for stuff like that, and it really helps a lot to hear it from an outsider. You're the best people.

No. 1262978

Have you seen our "cities"? Aside from about 4 you can't live in them without a car. It's all suburban sprawl and intracity megahighways.

No. 1262979

Posting anti tranny pepe ops doesn't change that damaged xy

No. 1262981

File: 1657845796873.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.03 MB, 480x270, 1644427332545.gif)

Fucking kek you're still here hand-kun?

No. 1262983

Kek, I didn't believe the other anon was right about it being you but I guess it is. You picked a bad thread pic, please get over it.

No. 1262985

File: 1657845878904.gif (1018.76 KB, 280x258, giphy.gif)

No. 1262990

lolcow.farm users see an edited pic and immediately start sperging worse than gurugossip homosexuals. Can we stick to posting actual vents and get the fuck over handchan or whoever it is

No. 1262991

File: 1657846064133.jpg (17.15 KB, 396x512, gonnabeokay.JPG)

Something happened today that made me feel incredibly alone and vulnerable for the first time in forever. Got some how chocolate brewing and Netflix to comfort myself into the nightly hours, because I'm unable to even think about laying down in the bed and let my thoughts flow.

No. 1262992

I'm early 20s, live with my parents, no clue whatsoever how to have a career and survive on my own. I don't get any socialization. I'm trying to get my first job soon but only part time to begin with, no career goals. I feel like I fucked up all chances of anything turning out right, ever. My parents support me moving forward but they want me to go so so slow because I'm a wimp who can't handle anything more, in my perspective. I'm a faildaughter, I can't see myself ever having a career and normal life. I'm not usually this upset and self-pitying, trying to focus on just moving forward but times like now it crashes down on me. I can't take it, I hate myself, I'm still scared of other humans, pathetic and hopeless

No. 1262996

File: 1657846299408.png (51.42 KB, 333x338, 1645058701529.png)

People who sit in glass houses, newfriend



No. 1262999

I’ll samefag on your fucking mommy if you don’t stop posting your shitty oc. That’s a million times worse than any pepe.

No. 1263000

I love you nonny. You've still got plenty of time to figure out what you want to do in life and to choose a career. You're not a failure, it's way too early to say that. I know you're in panic right now but you'll still have plenty of chances in the future. I was in your situation a year ago and now I'm slowly but surely making progress.
Find a skill of yours that you think you can improve and use it to get a job, training or a degree.

No. 1263003

File: 1657846837488.jpg (114.36 KB, 960x960, 47414d8ac894d70e368766f38aa104…)

No. 1263004

Nta but
>not knowing about the doodle thread and bunker posting

No. 1263005

This also isn’t the doodle thread

No. 1263009

You also didn't deny the samefagging on top of being a blazing newfag, trannyhand-kun

No. 1263012

>in my early 20s and I haven’t started career training or a career yet
Idk who you’ve been talking to but the only career door that’s closed to you at this point would be professional sports. You’re still very young and it’s not like regular jobs have age limits anyway.
>buh the gap in my resume!
You just say you were ill or taking care of family, nbd.

No. 1263013

>blazing newfag
>tranny hand-kun

So am I a newfag or am I the farmer from the nail post that was months ago? Also, how does having a boney hand make someone a troon…

No. 1263015

stop talking in third person jfc, this is pathetic

No. 1263016

I scrubbed my face too hard because I was starting to break out now my whole chin and cheeks are red and sting like crazy and it hurts so bad I just want to die

No. 1263017

It doesn't look photoshopped. Cats can shed tears but it's not due to sadness, it's always because of some allergy, infection, disease or some other eye-related health problem. Or maybe someone just dropped some waterdrops on this cat's eyes to make it look like it's crying.
Unfortunately it's extremely hard to find the source of the OP pic because of all the retarded crying cat memes.

No. 1263018

I’m not talking in third person, I asked 2 questions. How does having a boney hand make a woman look like a troon? If you don’t have an answer, don’t respond.

No. 1263019

>That’s a million times worse than any pepe.
>pepe being better than literally anything
Not true, scrote.

No. 1263022

The answer is dilate and finally go back to whatever cave you crawled out of.

No. 1263023

Get out of the habit of calling other born, raised, real women scrotes. It makes you look and sound more autistic than you already do.

No. 1263024

This is the cave I crawled out of. You’re underestimating how much time I spend on this website.

No. 1263025

Apparently not longer than 5 months

No. 1263026

>I’m deciding exactly how long you’ve been using this website for because I don’t like the fact that you tell the truth about things

No. 1263027

Thank you nonnies and anon I love you too. I don't mean to sound difficult in this reply but it's my dilemma. Unfortunately I'm American and you have to spend a lot of money for a degree which is what gets you most stable careers, certainly the kind my skills lean me towards. I'm trying to learn coding instead but it feels like I'm wasting my time because I'm not half as sharp, proactive, or interested in it as the STEMbros around me. I don't believe I can do it. Meanwhile there's trade jobs but they intimidate me as a woman, who isn't even physically fit. What kind of career even is left? I hope I'm missing something. You don't have to answer, first anon is right that I'm panicking, eventually I'll go back to being calm and just hoping for the best. I'm sorry to sound this way it's just my thoughts right now

No. 1263028

File: 1657847765102.jpeg (92.99 KB, 662x617, 1631366371276.jpeg)

>Get out of the habit of calling other born, raised, real women scrotes. It makes you look and sound more autistic than you already do.

No. 1263029

I’m not gonna face reveal to prove that I’m a woman

No. 1263030

also anon I should've replied you individually to say I'm so happy you are getting yourself there! You sound like a strong and determined person I wish you the best too.

No. 1263031

>I don’t like your posts on this image board so I’m gonna gaslight myself into thinking that you’re a different species with different mental hardwiring and different anatomy because it would be more comforting than confronting the fact that a woman can feel differently from how I do

No. 1263035

File: 1657848103817.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1655017205051.jpg)

>tranny is so triggered he replies twice

No. 1263036

You retards fighting remind me of the nonnie in the confessions thread who said she likes calling people scrotes just to see the infighting lmao. Shut up already and move on.

No. 1263038

Hey! I’m a software engineer. Don’t be discouraged. First of all comp sci degrees don’t teach you anything useful in the workplace. You’ll learn OOP principles and shit with a degree but what workplaces want is languages, and experience. Each summer we get a bunch of new college comp sci hires that are only just competent enough to turn on their laptops (it’s not their fault; comp sci education can be tragic.) My advice is to get the free tier of AWS, learn some Ansible and take a few ITIL classes, and maybe some ServiceNow stuff. Once you do it for a while you’ll realize 7 out of 10 STEMbros are morons and literally everyone is just looking up shit on StackExchange.

No. 1263040

i only enjoy it when it's actual scrotes

No. 1263041

I’m not a troon. I’m not sure why it’s easier for you to think that I’m a man instead of accepting that women are free to have our own thoughts and feelings. What does it say about you that you’d rather me be a mentally ill man than accept that you’re seeing a grown woman express her feelings?

No. 1263044

>I'm trying to learn coding instead but it feels like I'm wasting my time because I'm not half as sharp, proactive, or interested in it as the STEMbros around me.
Hey nonny you're not alone. I'm also trying to learn coding, and there are definitely a lot of people who feel the same as you do. And it's okay for you to vent like this whenever you're panicking, I really understand how you feel.

Thank you, I wish you the best as well! I still have a lot to improve about myself and I admit that I'm finding it extremely hard to push myself to do this, but compared to one year ago when I was feeling borderline suicidal, I guess this is truly an improvement and things can only get better from here. You've probably learned more and faster than I have though, so don't underestimate yourself.

No. 1263045

I'm a burger too. Here's some advice from a former poorfag. Get your basic classes done at a local community college. They're dirt cheap and are usually especially discounted if you are a local resident. I think I paid just over 600 usd a semester with 15 credit hours a week. With inflation and all that you may be looking at around 800 or so. You can make that in less than a month working minimum wage, or since you have supportive parents you can ask them to pay for it. Make good grades; community college classes are stupid easy, so it's just a matter of being disciplined and following directions. During that time also take some classes that interest you besides your basics so you can get a feel for what you want a degree in. You don't need to have your career path figured out yet. And all those classes should transfer toward your degree at least as electives, so don't get hung up on whether a fun sounding class is going to be a waste or not, none of it will be. With good grades, you should be able to get a good scholarship to transfer to a public university for your 4 year degree. From there you can think about federal student loans, if you need them. The payments are low, you don't have to start paying right after graduation, and you can defer your loan payments any time you are without a job. Don't take out private loans they are very predatory. You have so much time left to figure out what amazing things await you in your future career nona. Don't give up hope!

No. 1263049

>getting groped on the train and raped in nihongo
ah yes the peace and dignity.
>never been on a train in europe with a fuckload of ipad babies screaming and playing memes loudly on their phone
ah yes the peace and dignity

You're a retard. Get off your lazy ass and start driving like the rest of us, you uncultured swine.

No. 1263050

Will also add the pleasure of immigrant beggars on a europe train. So much peace and dignity…

No. 1263051

Have you ever tried to live in an American city without a car?

No. 1263052

>being screamed at for not speaking fluently or messing up grammatically
Very peaceful!

No. 1263053

I live in a large american city and it’s easier to not have a car because of how hard it is to park, let alone drive. Your legs work perfectly fine, and every city is walkable if you’re not a little bitch.

No. 1263055

File: 1657849173841.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 513.67 KB, 1388x2082, 866DEE5F-4397-4605-942E-7554C8…)

>be me, a server
>take a vacation
>come back to work
>customers light up when they realize im working
> “nonna, we thought you quit and almost gave up coming back to this place because you’re the best”
Yet my managers dismiss me left and right. Even after I proved they priced the menu SO FUCKING CHEAP THEY HAVENT PROFITED IN YEARS. -AND “HAD NO IDEA WHY”
Im ready to leave and take my customer base with me.

No. 1263056

Thank you so much nonnies you're amazing. I don't want to go on for paragraphs replying to everything but I'm looking into your suggestions now. I'm actually taking community college courses right now but in measly web design. I took a few in stuff like C++ and cybersecurity, even with those it's so true that community college classes are easy. My grades are good but I still think I'm screwed and doing the wrong thing. Before this I was in a uni but got sick and royally blew it, but it's for the best because it was too expensive and I was just as lost then. All this is why I'm just gonna back off (after completing a basic little certificate this month) and get a part time job at least, slowly stop leeching off my parents who I owe a lot of gratitude. Anyway I'll save your responses, I appreciate that you each took the time to help. Now I'll end my wordy vents and sharing my life story kek. Maybe it shows why I already feel at the end of my rope. Biggest kudos to you nonnas

No. 1263057

I'm in the exact same boat, you're not alone nona

No. 1263058

Not to mention how fucking expensive cars are. You also have to do maintenance regularly.
Also that anon said that she literally can't drive a car due to anxiety. Why is everyone getting so mad at her vent? The fuck?

No. 1263061

Because no woman has to samefag multiple times in a pathetic attempt to hide their gene defect. now kys moid

No. 1263062

It’s not against American law for me to samefag. Enjoy ignoring reality and thinking to yourself that every single woman in the world who disagrees with you is just a troon.

No. 1263065

Hope I don’t get accused of being spamchan but convincing yourself a woman a man because you don’t like that she posted a gross meme is an embarrassing cope kek just stop giving her attention

No. 1263069

The only embarassing thing here is your blatant samefagging, newfaggotry to the point you neither know the rules nor merely month old board culture and your crippled troon hand. You will never be a woman. Cope, seethe and dilate.

No. 1263072

I hate panhandlers

No. 1263074

I deinstalled and deleted all social media and discord today. Everything tied to it has been upsetting me for a while, so I hope this will make the next weeks easier. It's hard to ignore the thought that I'm so insignificant that barely anyone will notice or care, but me wanting someone to care is just selfish and I shouldn't be expecting it. I have never had close friends and until recently basically no social interaction and a sudden increase has made me crave it more. I know that I'm not cut out for it though and I can't shake the thought that I'm too worthless to actually be liked by anyone. Every time I feel excluded from a conversation I end up going in circles, telling myself I'm a waste of space and unlikable and that everyone already has more important friends and there's no space for me and that no one will ever care about me. The bar is really low for this, so I end up spending every other week crying and feeling borderline suicidal for no real reason. I wish I still had a mean girl in my life that would invite me over to show off her stuff and "jokingly" make fun of me to feel better about herself, at least that was real.

No. 1263075

File: 1657851620860.jpg (15.05 KB, 275x275, 1613685925979.jpg)

Most of the time i don't think much about my lack of a love life and the fact that I've never had one, but sometimes I do think about it and feel sad and ashamed for being so behind other people my age I'm 21 and haven't even had my first kiss, especially since so many people parrot the idea that just existing as a woman is enough to get relationships while I haven't had a guy show interest in me since middle school. It's not because I'm ugly or anything (though I'm not a Stacy either), admittedly I think my biggest problem is the fact that I've been suffering from depression and anxiety (as well as cripplingly low self esteem) since I was 13 and never got any proper treatment aside from antidepressants and a few therapy sessions when I was 14 (which I regret quitting), and one of the consequences have been the deterioration of my social skills, which has only gotten worse over time and even worse after I dropped out of community college last year and became a NEET. Also I look younger than my age, like legit underage and that might be contributing as well I've been told I look 14 and have been asked if I want kid's menus when I got out to restaurants with my parents I'm so ashamed of myself. Not just because of the dating stuff but I'm a failure in general. I never thought I'd end up like this.

No. 1263076

How old are you? It will be okay nonnie.

No. 1263086

I can't believe dog boy is a loss meme

No. 1263091

I'm 22 and thank you, I hope so too. It's just that I have no social skills because I've been this way since middle school. In the span of a few months all friends I had dropped me almost at once and I've been avoiding people since then, even when someone makes the mistake of reaching out to me first and I like being around them.

No. 1263094

Please don't think of yourself that way. I have two beautiful friends that are your age and also have not had their first kisses, or gone on any dates. One of these friends dropped out of high school when she was younger and felt the exact same way as you about her situation. She's starting college for the first time this fall at 21. I'm a current NEET as my school hasn't begun yet and nonna, it's okay. Everything changes, life will get brighter and you will eventually take action to make it better for yourself. All the pressure you're putting on yourself is just weighing you down. You are an intelligent woman and just because you aren't doing great things right now, doesn't mean you can't start when you feel okay-er. If work/school is too much right now, start with small tasks you can do to improve yourself on a day to day basis. Wake up early, cook your own meals, do home workouts, etc. I use an app called Finch to get my day back on track.
Most importantly, you are not alone. If help is available to you, please take the necessary steps to start therapy or counseling. If it isn't, then remember that you have people to talk to and a space to reach out if you need a hand to hold. You are NOT a failure, because you haven't failed yet in the slightest. Being temporarily inactive is not failure!

No. 1263116

update, made it past the first part well. I always feel like interviewing is an elaborate lie but I will unalive myself if I have to stay stuck at this job another year. Wish God existed so I could beg for mercy.

No. 1263118

File: 1657858295928.jpeg (50.8 KB, 540x735, BEE9C954-D9B8-4F8E-9BF5-23892B…)

Is it an issue of ego or inflated self image to think most people in my life are fucking stupid? Sometimes I just want to scream and move away but there are morons everywhere. How common is common knowledge?

No. 1263123

i know that it wasnt my fault and he just doesnt understand/respect me but i had so much hope he would be better than that. because i see his good intentions. i just overestimated how emotionally mature he was

No. 1263125

File: 1657859791256.png (363.46 KB, 540x536, 1D23C633-42CD-4433-B5CD-AB86F8…)

I avoid moids as much as humanly possible… except for the gym. The scrotiest of scrotes congregate at my gym. I have tried again and again to get into home gym stuff but always gravitate back to going to an actual gym. It’s important enough to me that I put up with scrotes there. Noise canceling stereo headphones and avoiding all eye contact has helped mitigate the awful presence of gym going males but if any nonnies are in the same boat I’d love to hear any other suggestions/ experiences. The womens only gyms in my city are garbage.

No. 1263126

I think I have Covid, I took a home test that came back negative but for the past like 5 days my smell/taste has been so off and it's replaced the sweet aroma of stuff like coffee, cinnamon, bread, weed, vanilla, raspberries, literally everything with the smell of a rotten corpse. I fucking pray that goes away soon because it feels bad enough to be sick and feverish but when I can't even eat a fucking raspberry without the overwhelming aroma of dead rat it just adds an extra layer of depression.

No. 1263130

Man, that's weird. Pretty sure I had covid (my city was a hotspot at the time and I caught it from public transit, but no test so who knows). I didn't have any of that smell or taste alteration. Just a really bad chest cold. If you have an oil diffuser put tea tree oil or maybe peppermint in it (but don't gas yourself by overdoing it–if your eyes are irritated, stop). That will clear your respiratory system out. Echinacea is also good. Good luck nona.

No. 1263132

I saw a video where a woman had been bothered by this guy at a gym a few times before, she was recording herself lifting weights, headphones on not acknowledging him at all as he’s trying to talk to her and then he walks way too much in her personal space. She put the weight down so fast and very loudly and sternly tells him to walk away or something. I hate scrotes. “Not all men!!” well too fucking many. When almost every single woman has a story of being harassed or assaulted, am I expected to believe there’s just a small group of extremely prolific creepy men? Not really a gym rat so no suggestions, I wish I knew a foolproof way too keep men away.

No. 1263133

Either you’re just as stupid as everyone around you or else you surround yourself with stupid people. Which is worse?

No. 1263137

File: 1657862311889.jpeg (42.92 KB, 1170x1184, C09B5526-E613-477F-AF06-234F19…)

I’m autistic but I don’t tell anyone about it/laugh it off as a joke; didn’t tell my bf about it and laughed it off for 2 years until he actually mentioned me being seriously autistic, like not as a joke. Because we suspect my dad has autism and he said something along the lines of it making sense that I have it too. I was like “fuck your knew this whole time?” and he was all “you didn’t know I knew? Literally how could I not know lmao” like in retrospect yeah it must be pretty obvious because of certain traits but it was hilarious and relieving. Was diagnosed as a toddler and my parents didn’t believe in autism or something so I’ve just gone along with that even though I do weird “stim” shit (cringe, sorry), I try to pretend it doesn’t exist because I’m highly functioning but I feel strangely validated that it’s something he noticed and just took in stride. He even likes my idiosyncrasies. I’m glad. I don’t feel so alone anymore

No. 1263140

My sister is 100% autistic but I don’t think she knows, and I don’t think I could ever tell her without her getting super angry.
maybe I am a bit too but much less than her

No. 1263145

Yeah it’s the same way with my dad, idk if the person obviously doesnt know/is clueless/in denial I wouldn’t tell them but it must be difficult. I can’t tell my dad because he would take it as disrespectful and do that man in denial anger thing but I like to think sisters can level with each other. At least if you yourself know and are maybe a little autistic too you can support her in your own way, like my bf did without mentioning it until now, I think that’s very valuable and kind

No. 1263149

Not the same but I was alone in an aisle looking at clearance and this moid comes up like "oh theres the cleaning supplies!" and I assumed he had bluetooth on talking to someone but he kept persisting about "oh is this product any good? Maybe this one?" but I kept ignoring him until he gets closer to me and asks what fucking sponge I like the best. like cool, nice, ask the woman of course because she cleans, and harassing me until I finally said one then left. Forgot the item i was looking at too.

No. 1263154

I'm so tired. I hate waking up early in the morning but I know I should because of things I planned.

No. 1263168

The women and girls that relate 'hyper-femininity' only to pink, makeup, corsets, and heels should ask themselves why they are relating historically masculine and male made up things to their hyper-femininity bs.

No. 1263177

anon, this is honestly a really stupid take.

No. 1263179

File: 1657867926809.jpeg (77.2 KB, 756x756, 9509B518-55CA-4722-906C-6046BD…)

AYRT and That walking way too close and in personal space I get alll the time at the gym from scrotes. It’s like they will die if they don’t get your attention somehow. Or maybe it’s to try and staunch women out of gyms that they feel should be the realm of other scrotes idk. I’ve had it happen multiple times where I’m in an area in the gym with some equipment, taking up minimal space and a moid will come dump his stuff and start working out right in my space making it impossible for me to continue comfortably. I used to confront them but that never went anywhere and it’s clear that’s what they want so these days I don’t acknowledge them in the slightest and just move to the farthest corner and carry on. I dress in a hoodie and track pants and am an obvious tomboy lesbian so maybe that sets them off but you can’t win. If I was dressed like a Stacey I think it would be the same story.
Sorry that happened to you nona, I can picture exactly the scenario since scrotes the world over pull this shit daily. They just can’t let women be. Women who clearly don’t want anything to do with them.

No. 1263185

Some of you really should use your brain. There's reasons why all that is attributed to women now and very few are good. When your whole identity relies on the color pink… time to do some self-reflection kek

No. 1263189

>When your whole identity relies on the color pink… time to do some self-reflection
No thanks. One day, everyone will accept the best color (pink).

No. 1263191

They're going to be mad at this one but only because they haven't be fully exposed to the horror that is the hYpErFemMe community

No. 1263192

You're missing the point. It isn't that pink is a bad color.
Yeah by the replies so far it's obvious lol I was just venting though so I'm not going to explain it to them

No. 1263193

it's a stupid take because if you get upset at everything that was associated with men that's now associated with women, there's nothing for women to like. kek. also you're acting as if 18th century europe is the only place that exists.

No. 1263196

You looked too far into it lol like the another anon said, that community is a horrorshow right now and if you're not fully aware of their ideals you're not going to get what I meant and that's okay

No. 1263200

first ayrt and
>I dress in a hoodie and track pants and am an obvious tomboy lesbian so maybe that sets them off but you can’t win. If I was dressed like a Stacey I think it would be the same story.
I was gonna say something about this in my first post didn’t want to write too much, but yeah men just love bothering every kind of woman. If you’re an obvious lesbian/not performing femininity/unattractive to males then they bother you because they’re angry you’re not trying to appeal to them, but if you’re a typically attractive femme woman then they bother you because they feel like you owe them your time and attention. There’s no fucking way out.

No. 1263202

File: 1657869075727.png (3.05 MB, 1837x1312, 1655890314420.png)

>When your whole identity relies on the color pink
I don't remember which thread it was but awhile ago this trend was discussed and someone posted this image to show how they really do rely on pink and white. If there wasn't colored assigned, the girl on the left would be considered hyper feminine. They discussed it better but I get what you mean kind of because I've seen their videos talking about how "nothing I do is for men!" when… yeah kek

No. 1263205

>You're missing the point. It isn't that pink is a bad color.
I thought it was obvious that I wasn't being completely serious lol

No. 1263207

So it's just another tradwife pipeline. Typical.

No. 1263211

Sorry I have been traumatized tonight after a deep dive on the matter lol

No. 1263213

It's ok lol. I do love the color pink, it was really the part about self-reflection that I was trying to joke about. Tone is hard to read over the internet.

No. 1263214

The one on the right's video mentions Mama Mia, Amazon's Cinderella, and Into the Woods. What am I missing here? How are any of those hyper feminine? Left is hotter btw

No. 1263215

no anon, you didn't mention a community in your first post…lol

No. 1263218

I did though lol they literally call it hyperfemininity. There is no other word.

No. 1263226

I have to change my s* values immediately. I thought I was detached from it, but now I realize it's become too much of an emotionally-laden subject for me. If I could've kept my feelings in check, maybe none of this would have happened. I can't change the past, but maybe I can maintain what's left. I knew what and who I surrounded myself with had a bearing on what would/could happen, and I thought I was being careful. I didn't realize my own constantly changing internal state was part of that, too. I'm sorry, I'm still learning. Please be safe and find joy. I love you, and thank you for loving me too.

No. 1263240

Sounds like troon shit honestly. Why are women willingly labeling themselves like that?

No. 1263247

you have to use the word community for us laywomen, anon. i don't know every tradthot pickme community that exists.

No. 1263254

File: 1657875459973.jpg (55.34 KB, 700x700, ku-san-bird-latte-art-design-t…)

It's a dumb vent, but I am sad I cannot drink any coffee or any caffeinated drink anymore because it instantly triggers my UTI. This is what I get for working hard for 2 months where I would drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day to earn money and following off my shitty art. I am so weak now and can't get any energy despite me eating healthy and working out. The only thing that wakes me up for a few minutes is a ginger shot, but i cant buy a tiny 1€ can everyday, thats just dumb. I got a smoothie blender and I am trying to figure out what will somehow keep me awake at least.

No. 1263265

Stupid vent but one of my eyelids have been swollen for several weeks now and won't go down for some reason

No. 1263268

Me and my bf were supposed to stay at a friend's place for last night and tonight, and this morning (after being so friendly umtil last night) he basically threw us out for no reason

Turns out he thought we were having sex? Making out? Last night which is retarded af since we pretty much just talked and went to sleep afterwards.

This is a friend we've had for almost a decade and because of him being stupid the friendship is pretty much over, for something that didn't even happen

Who im their right mind would think whispering in another room = sex?????

No. 1263272

File: 1657877951175.jpg (39.2 KB, 679x357, 81qMIxku6JL._SX679_.jpg)

not to sound like a childfree hag but are all children always crying? i live next door to two families each with 2 kids under 4 and goddamn they're always screaming… just crying? they ride their lil scooters in front of my bedroom window (with helmets on… kek) and every little bump or scrape and they're on the ground rupturing a lung… I cannot deal with this every morning at 7. i've talked to them, made smalltalk and introduced myself, brought up the fact that i work weird hours and 7 am is my middle of the night, they were understanding but nothing has changed. maybe i'd be less bothered if they were just… making sounds other than wailing but i guess it's almost hard coded into us to despise the sound of crying children, so we'd be more inclined to idk help them survive or some shit? such cases.

No. 1263274

Once you detox from caffeine you will feel better and not need it so much anymore to "be awake". I was a heavy caffeine user before I got pregnant and haven't had any caffeine for over 7 months now. It gets better.

No. 1263275

At least they’re not IPad kids

No. 1263276

There's not really much you can do about your kids crying as a parent, aside from trying to soothe them. But they just cry a lot. I'm sure they would also prefer if their kids were quiet, imagine how tired they must be.

No. 1263279

yeah that's what keeps me grounded, the moms both look… haggard so i'm sure they dont need the added stress of making sure their kids keep it down at certain times of the day.

but nonnie im so sleepy….. i guess at least i can vent on here instead of being the crabby neighbor. best of luck to the little larvas i hope they grow up big n strong and out of the wailing phase. bless.

No. 1263287

My mother was hiding our financial situation from us and I just found out how fucking bad it is even fucking death is expensive what is the fucking point of this bullshit

No. 1263290

i miss the users i knew in a very small art community but they all left or became gender specials that i left. miss getting online and fucking around like i see other people but i refuse to get close to them because they all turned into ftm self hating women or thembys.

No. 1263301

Some cultures are shit at raising kids like I never saw a slavic kid cry as hard as a westerner one, it's probably because the parents ignore their kids when they call for then and only attend to their needs when they cry. It's parents' fault.

No. 1263305

I agree, and I think a lot of Western parents don’t bring their kids up in ways where they learn healthy emotional regulation.

No. 1263309

File: 1657882401573.jpg (13.89 KB, 564x317, ae4ab60f3aaef5e903f1b2bb1e8cbf…)

(relationship rant, sorry anons;)
I hate it when my bf is spending time with other people, like today he has day off with his coworkers to do some teambonding and i'm just shaking and seething, yes I know it's an extreme mental illinois and I'm adressing it with a therapist but can't help feeling like trash.
Doesn't help today I saw on reddit some post from a woman whose bf went to "camp with friends", friends being one female friend who broke her engagement and needed some "intimate support".
Also I hate how I used to be a normal balanced and trusting person but I got fucked over by so many people I became this scared, insecure and feral and it really seems like there's no real coming back from it.

No. 1263318

Kek are you me?? I'm a completely isolated weirdo who once upon a time had friends but not anymore and my bf is always hanging out with his million and one friends and it makes me feel…weird. I'm envious of him in a way, the way he can just open up to people, the ease with which he communicates, his warmth, etc. Meanwhile I'm a social retard with avoidant tendencies who's deadly afraid of being vulnerable and I think I also give off creepy vibes because people just avoid me. I desperately want to change but I feel like it's harder the older I get and Idk how one can overcome a fear of vulnerability, it litetally poisons everytging, even my work interactions

No. 1263321

kek you dont even know how much you hit the nail on the head nonnie… i'm from a slav country living in the west so this behavior is extra jarring to me.

No. 1263326

Lmao anon this is exactly my life, what the hell. My bf is also this extrovert everyone loves to interact with and if I'm tagging along it feels like I'm this weirdo creeping around everyone tries their hardest to ignore, even if I try to interact it's exactly how you describe, we must give of some really unpleasant vibes because even if the conversation seems to be going ok, it's always cut short and I'm left alone by everyone. Wish I knew what exactly is up and how to solve it! If you ever manage to pinpoint something, anything really, share it here; I'm sure I'll see it lol

No. 1263353

Westerners are mental. I'm Asian myself but western tourists do different than our people because westerners are always so loud and obnoxious, their parents and their children both.

No. 1263357

I just scheduled an abortion. I was in denial for a bit mostly because it happened because I was being really sad and desperate after a breakup and I just couldn’t believe I let myself be so dumb. I haven’t told anyone and I don’t know if I even will but I cant wait to stop feeling like a heifer and get on with my life.

No. 1263361

I'm not saying not teaching your kids any regulation at all is good, but the way you have to bottle up your emotions in Slavic countries ain't that healthy either imo. So many Slavic moids drown their feelings in alcohol, and the buried things manifest in rage and violence, possibly killing their wife and kids etc.

No. 1263369

Not trying to be mean, but I'm genuinely wondering why you're together. This is bound to become a huge issue for both of you in the long run. Why not look for a guy who's more introverted? Even if you seek help for this, it'll take a while before you get anywhere close to his level and you'll just be torturing both yourself and him until that happens. If it does.

No. 1263371

i felt like that before but i don't now. He can hang out with whoever he wants i don't care. As long as he does the work around the house like he's supposed to and is useful when i need it. I like him but i'll never like any man enough to get jealous, i grew out of that phase.

No. 1263373

File: 1657888926953.jpeg (339.33 KB, 827x3942, 23A20546-6DD1-46CA-9919-5CCB08…)

on a video of a concert from the 70s. i just wanted to listen to the song, not have to scroll through comments of fat ugly disgusting moids complain about how women used to be sooo much hotter. i'm so tired of men…

No. 1263374

As much as I don't want to be one of those type of people to obessess over stuff in excess. i envy them for being passionate about something. I don't feel any connection to anything. I just exist and I'm at a point in my life where just existing isn't enough for me anymore

No. 1263384

File: 1657889919096.jpg (21.79 KB, 396x500, mama cass.jpg)

>thats because nobody was fat in the 70s

No. 1263391

It won't happen and, while it's likely to be an issue it's definitely not bound to be one if i get my mental illness in check. My parents are an extrovert-introvert couple and are the most loving pair i've ever seen so I'm pretty sure it's doable, just a matter of building up trust.

No. 1263396

>before processed junk food
That stuff was already around in the seventies

No. 1263406

mystery meat was being consumed by over 80% of americans by the mid 50s. these people are so deluded

No. 1263409

Then what made Burgers so fat since then if not processed food?

No. 1263419

The diet trend of fat=bad, which made processed food manufacturers reduce or remove the fat content of their food, even if it was unsaturated fat. But then the food tasted terrible so they added sugar instead which is way worse. Then it turned into a vicious cycle of adding more sugar to compete with other brands, making people more and more desensitized to the taste, and on and on.

No. 1263420

I always get excluded from every friend group available, but to be honest I think I exclude myself as i think I'm not enough, I've been bullied most of my life so its very hard to get out of that "nobody likes you/go away weirdo" mentality. I wish people knew I'm not a stuck up bitch or a brainless bimbo, I have interesting thoughts to share and I want to hear others pov too, I have no bad intentions nor I am judgemental and I genuinely wish the best upon everyone I meet, but it seems nobody really gets those vibes from me, in fact, I think most people are weirded out by me and I don't know what to do about it, I wish I knew how others perceive me cause is really killing me inside, it sounds schizo asf but i can't help but feel everyone hates me and is plotting my demise and is ruining every potential friendship i could have atm, i feel trapped by my own brain

No. 1263423

"processed" is a very vague term. but yes, they got fat on food, and it was probably processed to some extent. Rinsing rice is "processing" it, and cooking it is further "processing" it to a more consumable form. Fat Americans ate a bunch of food and got fat. It's really not complicated.

No. 1263427

it is important to note though that americans have a fuck ton of "processed" food and so much of their food is pumped with hormones, wax, etc.

No. 1263428

>Rinsing rice is "processing" it
Um you're literally making stuff up.

No. 1263432

going by that logic picing a spinach leaf off the land is processing it

No. 1263433

File: 1657893081495.png (131.09 KB, 250x316, 1F974B77-881E-4080-A606-DEDE7C…)

I'm so tired I'm so depressed I feel like my life is falling apart I feel like I've fallen so far off track that I don't know how to get back to who I'm supposed to be, who I want to be. I'm jobless, slacking on hobbies, isolated from family, sleeping poorly eating poorly unwashed disgusting mess. Yes I'm on my period yes I'm catastrophizing but what if even after I'm done w menses I'm still so fucked in the head? My mood goes up and down up and down I'm so easily defeated so exhausted it's embarrassing and I hate the way I crumble and fall apart. Miraculously I don't want to die or even cut but I just stay in bed accomplishing nothing. I'm a leech and a waste and doing nothing about it. Don't even know what I want anymore. Anything but this. Life is so difficult so painful wish I was better and not suffering and doing what I need but instead. In bed. Neck hurts

No. 1263438

No one is gonna be here to hold me when I cry. I'm scared. I don't want to be alone. The house is going to be completely silent and I've never experienced that before. My heart is pounding and I don't want this to happen, but I can't stop it. I don't know what to do. I'm so anxious I feel like I'm going to be sick.

No. 1263441

I honestly am just miserable. So fucking miserable. So so so fucking miserable. It's insane how miserable I am. I want to shoot myself in the face. I understand that I don't get these feelings on the daily, but I'm so tired of it all.

No. 1263444

Because we have hobbies, general interests and goals in common

No. 1263447

Nah she's right, processing refers to changing food in any way from it's natural state. Baby-cut carrots are technically processed food.

No. 1263452

So? If you're otherwise incompatible, it's pointless. There's plenty of people out there with the same goals and interests as you.

No. 1263455

File: 1657894116506.gif (265.91 KB, 560x315, 1655659609772.gif)

My boyfriend and I have been planning to go to NYC with his friend. His friend asked us a little too soon as we do not have money for a trip but my boyfriend said yes to going anyways. I just like to add right here I've been making money off of streaming lately and that has been my job since I've been having a really hard time getting call backs for interviews. My boyfriend doesn't have a job and is living off money he got from selling a car. Yesterday he asked me to stay home while he goes to NYC alone with his friend and said that one day we will go to NYC together alone. I asked him why and he said "oh its because of your streaming! It will be super weird. Why cant you just take a week off!" I told him I cant do that because it will hurt numbers / revenue and I am willing to go somewhere alone while streaming or meet up with my own friends who live in NYC if it will be too awkward for him/hisfriend. (I just think its funny because he introduced me to that friend as "le streemer gril").. My boyfriend said he didn't want me to go anywhere without him. He then said "we can go to nyc as a business trip" Which is an empty promise. It will never happen. I've been trying to go to NYC for a year now. I told him this. Then he said "well actually if you dont go me and my friend can go stay at this girls house rather than paying for an airbnb." He knows I would not allow that..I dont even know this girl and I told him not to even think about that. I was upset that he didn't tell me that idea at first. It felt like he was trying so hard to convince me to say "yea sure go ahead and go to nyc alone yea!" and then suddenly stay at this girls place. I've been trying to plan a NYC trip with him for a long time and it was ALWAYS "maybeee…maybe..maybe if we have money for it" but while we are nearly dead broke his friend ask and he hops on that idea as fast as he can? I cried because my feelings are hurt. It feels like he is embarrassed of me, he is pushing me out of this trip, and hiding things from me a little. He got mad at me and said I am being unfair towards him. I don't even want to go on this trip anymore.

No. 1263460

I’m pretty sure that some portion of the shitposting, moid-tier replies, infighting and that one anon who calls everyone “mentally ill” iis indeed done by moids themselves. They can’t come to terms with women having a women only space where they can have discussions amongst them. Some of them are rad fems tho, or wannabe radfems who think judging groomed and abused women for their actions or talking over women for their vulnerability is soooooo feminist. You know who talks over women all the time? Misogynistic old men..

No. 1263467

File: 1657895227685.jpg (22.16 KB, 564x564, 6e36b9b16bc95529ddc6c9be25db4c…)

I HATE it when someone I'm not close to/familiar with calls me and I see a random number pop up on my screen. It gives me fucking anxiety. My landlord has a new number and just called me to tell me about heating prices increasing and other stuff and uuuggghh I'm so annoyed. Why not write me an e-mail or a message instead??? WHY call???? ESPECIALLY on a weekday when most people are at work.

No. 1263469

I hate myself so much. I didn't know you can catch HPV from fingering and I didn't know that common warts on fingers are also caused by hpv. If I knew I would never let this guy touch me, at least not until I got the HPV vaccine. I'm a virgin but a let a guy finger me like three times in the span of two months, and after the last time it hurt me and I thought I got some urethra infection since I'm quite prone to UTIs. But one day later I had some blood in my vaginal discharge, and the next day I had a small amount of brown discharge. Then nothing for three days, and today the area around my vaginal entrance burns and itches and it's red, and there's like a white coating, I hoped it may be yeast infection, since I just stopped taking antibiotics and I used to get yeast infections after taking antibiotics in the past, but the weird discharge from 3 days ago worries me and what's worse, I think I can spot something that looks like a small genital wart right below my vaginal entrance, I don't think I had it before. I'm freaking out, I hate myself for letting that happen, I'm scared of getting cancer, my mom and aunt had cancer. Last time I've been to a gyno I couldn't even get pap smear done because she couldn't insert a speculum in me because I'm a virgin and it hurt me a lot. Now that I'm most likely infected I should get it done but the thought about the pain makes me want to cry. I don't know what to do, I'm working abroad right now, getting an appointment here is hard and I'm going home in 2 months

No. 1263471

File: 1657895479539.jpeg (128.15 KB, 700x710, 1CE22477-D303-4CAF-B349-29B2D5…)

I'm scared of the change approaching, but I think I can handle it. I don't feel attached to my teen self anymore.. I won't forget her, but I think I'm ready to let her go now.

No. 1263483

My legs hurt. I still have 2 hours until I can sit down in the train and maybe take a nap.

No. 1263491

hey, don't worry too much. easier said than done but you should get tested. it could just be a uti and an ingrown hair. if it's not, this isn't the end of the world, I promise.

No. 1263501

I hate when hairdressers expect you to jump up and down and like cry out of joy or something just because they did a good job. Girl I paid $300 for this so I assume it's gonna turn out nice. It's not like you did me a favor. I'll always say something like "Looks perfect/great, I like it" and sometimes they seem disappointed.

No. 1263502

every online male friend i've ever had has always come to ME regarding a toxic relationship issue or an e-girl issue and then when they get pulled back into that shit i never hear from them again. what the fuck.

a few days ago i was in my lowest point and reached out to one after he had reconciled with some egirl he didn't hear from for a year. i told him i really need someone and he ignores my pleas and shows me the shitty art she made for him and all their uwu talk and then when i get the chance to talk he just says "your feelings are temporary" havent heard from him since. i need female friends man

No. 1263511

I feel so sorry for anyone who I can tell wants to engage in conversation with me because I don’t fucking know how to have a normal human conversation every reply feels like a generated bot from my brain even when I’m genuinely interested in the topic I’m so sorry I want to get closer I want to be friends but I don’t know how to seem normal

No. 1263513

File: 1657898309547.gif (14.09 MB, 500x500, 1657681017630.gif)

me in the front
other women in the back

feels bad man

No. 1263514

Aww may your journey through life be full of love, life and laughter. Little "graduation" present (fyi it's an amv usually try not to use those on here but in this case the amv version suits the occasion better).

No. 1263516

Yes, almost all of our cities are built around cars so getting food is not a simple walk down the street to the corner store, it’s a whole (often long) drive and it turns into a big affair. Instead of getting fresh ingredients for tonight’s dinner as you walk home from work, you’re only making a trip to get food every week or two, which makes shelf-stable food more appealing.

No. 1263517

I have the worst acne of my life and my face is painful and inflamed on top of it from overexfoliating (spoiler: didn't stop the acne). I look like a red dalmation. All because my stupid fucking period will arrive in a few days. How do moids have anything to complain about. I wish I could crawl in a hole and die.

No. 1263518

For $300 those hairstylists better be massaging ambergris into your hair.

No. 1263520

That's a pretty normal price but yeah it's a lot

No. 1263523

fuck it hurts so much, it this point im sure in have endo fuck ow ow ow ow im gonna kill my mothers shitty scrote, next time loose some fucking weight ibstead of gobbling down pain meds you pathetic waste of space kill yourselffffffff

No. 1263526

me in the back
other women make me feel like I'm in front

not sure how to feel

No. 1263529

I hate looking back at my teenage years because those years make me sad. My mother was so controlling and nasty. Wouldn't let me learn to drive right away and basically told me I was too retarded to (my brother was enrolled right away), made fun of clothes I liked, forced me into a private high school and screamed at me for wanting to go to public, forced me into sports, hated I was in clubs, made me get highlights in my hair because she hated my hair color, and she would kill any self-esteem I had. She's still nasty and controlling but I handle it better than as a teen.

No. 1263535

feel you nona. my own mother was a bit different but robbed me of my childhood, and lied to me about why she wouldn't let me get my driver's license (I was being illegally "homeschooled" at the time).

No. 1263540

Feels. I think men are usually only good for surface level friendshp. Also some people are just selfish users, I've had women friends pull this shit on me too

No. 1263541

assuming you mean to say "picking", then yes. hence why I said processing is a vague term. it doesn't necessarily demote the value of a product. there are certainly all kinds of shit allowed in food products, but calling it processed means nothing. at least in my language game. I suppose some of you guys must be on a differing board.

No. 1263558

I can't believe i am developing a hunchback at 20 FUUUUUUUUUCK, I can live being a pizza-faced,fat, four-eyed freak but i am legit going to kms if i develop a hunchback
>inb4 go excercise
I fucking doooo and i take over 10 min breaks to strecht aswell, i just have the worst genetics and i have scoliosis.

God, i fucking despise pretty people so much, not the dumb blond airhead mean girl, i respect those, but the "uhhh pretty people suffer too" retards. No, cunt, you paying to get your pointy noise a bit pointier and doing the most basic bitch face cleaning routine doesn't mean you "put effort", also being catcalled isn't a downside, yeah, it's a bitch but every women goes through that, sadly.
Anyway, fuck everything, i am going full hermit until i can fix my ugly face.
>ugly nose
>bad posture
>greasy hair
Fuck, i am going to try to fix myself but it's going to be hard as fuck i don't even know what to tackle first… agh on top of that doctors are expensive cunts. I just wanna go full Diogenes nonnies….

No. 1263563

The only person I’ve heard of paying that much for a haircut was my aunt when she had to live in Abu Dhabi. My hair costs $50 and the place I get it from is high-end.

No. 1263567

Sometimes you got to be your own lifeline. All thank gosh for music.

No. 1263575

Maybe fix your fucking cunty attitude you scrote-like hunchback retard, maybe put down the fucking greasy fast food and sit up straight instead of sperging out about how pretty women don't suffer beyond wanting plastic surgery to be prettier. You're problem isn't that you're an ugly loser, it's your fucking obnoxious self victimizing whiny personality. Shut the fuck up and get on a treadmill you useless fat cunt.

No. 1263577

if you're not a man, you need serious help. like intensive therapy, yesterday

No. 1263580

Oh yes and the "pretty woman don't suffer they just get surgery and do makeup and whine about getting catcalled and treated like sexual objects" Nona is totally fucking with it and not insane.

No. 1263582

How tf do pretty girls suffer? I am trying to fix myself, it's fucking expensive and tedious but i am doing it. I hate it so much when pretty girls try to pretend they have it so haaaard, when basically everyone wants to be your friend when you are pretty. You can dress however you want, even those cringe high fashion models with gigantic bows look pretty, people are never going to doubt you because of your appereance, look at all those "pretty girl killers" that people defend because "she has the face of an angel, she wouldn't do that". It's all so tiresome, i specially hate when these people try to sell us, people with low self-steem, their """""secrets"""" when it's basically just good luck lmao.

No. 1263586

she said it's a bitch but all women literally experience it, which is true. she sounds like she's honestly going through it, listen to that list of shit she feels hideous about. she's right that it's annoying the way people are pretending like conventionally attractive women are literally suffering more from myriad problems when girls who have, let's say, hormonal acne and related issues due to their hormones (which means they're literally suffering from a cascade of issues due to them like acne, hair falling out etc), are the same as someone who gets treated preferentially and that people who are at least seen positively in work environments, every day situations, is the same as someone who is more likely to be shit on for not fulfilling their "duty" to be attractive as a female, is insane. the problems that "pretty women" have come with the territory and are generally issues that all women will face. having issues that impact you visually as well as functionally, like scoliosis or a hunching back is far worse than women who… what, have people think they're a dumb, but still will generally treat them with favor vs a woman who is ugly? how is that worse? sorry but that narrative is ridiculous. in society in general it's better to be attractive because in normal situations, when dealing with doctors, authority figures, etc, you will be treated more positively than someone who people figure to be "repulsive".

No. 1263587

And just to clarify, no, i am not saying you can't suffer personally if you are pretty. You can still have a shitty life, but lets be honest, being pretty makes everything waaaaaay easier in life.

No. 1263588

That anon was a bit annoying but you saying she’s scrote-like and then call her a cunt 10 times? You need help too, log off and drink some tea damn.

No. 1263590

Based. She literally thinks sexual harassment isn't negative.

No. 1263591

You have the mind of a teenager, get outside and meet some people. You're mistaking pretty Instagram influencers with everyday pretty women. "How do pretty girls suffer?" Because they're women and women suffer every fucking day. They're treated like objects, that's not friendship or love or respect. You think just because someone is pretty they just get everything handed to them and skate through life unscathed? Grow up.

No. 1263592

I'd still rather burn then go back.

No. 1263593

I am not even a "pretty girl" but a mediocre to ugly grown ass woman and even I know sickness, poorness and life in general affects all women, no matter how pretty. Get help for that rotten brain, anon.

No. 1263594

File: 1657903357010.jpeg (130.41 KB, 892x1024, 1632511342238.jpeg)

I went from barely drinking half a liter to two a day and I have to piss every other minute, I hate hydration, someone give me your kidneys reeeeeeee

No. 1263595

she never said that. she said "it's a bitch, but it affects all women"

No. 1263596

You'll never fix yourself. You hate women and you're a woman. You'll always hate yourself no matter how many surgeries you get, no matter how much you work out, no matter how many layers of foundation you layer on. There'll always be a more beautiful woman and instead of loving yourself, you'll waste your time hating her with your whole heart.

No. 1263597

Yeah this anon put it in a better way, sorry for venting i came off as a cunt. But i am seriously suffering, i developed social anxiety because i was bullied as a child for being ugly, so i barely leave my house and when i do i wear a mask even if i am vaxxed. I don't even want to be pretty, i just want to look normal. It's just so sad seeing all the normal 20yo girls enjoying their life, wearing anything and looking cute, having cute bfs. I just wish i had the chance for a normal young adult life.

No. 1263603

Eh, I've basically made peace with the fact that I'm a water processing plant. You should decorate your toilet nicely since you'll be spending lots of time there, I did

No. 1263604

that anon already said pretty women can and do suffer from a shitty life.

No. 1263605

>ingrown hair
Not they're definitely warts anon, like three small in one place. It's so disgusting, and the stinging sensation on my genitals makes me nuts, it hurts. I have to wait till monday

No. 1263606

Literally posted examples of peopme getting away with being criminals because they are pretty. I am poor, have health issues and i am also ugly as fuck lmao. And my life would be so much better i was at least pretty, at least i would have the self steem to go out and have fun, when you are an ugly freak you are shunned from society. Even fucking TikTok has an algorithm that filters ugly people and you are telling me pretty people don't have it easier?

No. 1263607

If women can't use the word cunt then who can? I'm a goddamn fucking cunt too bitch at least I fucking own it. And I'd rather be a spergy cunt then some woman hating insecure psycho Nona who brushes sexual mistreatment aside like it's nothing if the victim is pretty. Fucking pathetic.

No. 1263612

again, she said all women experience it and it's a problem. she never said it wasn't a problem or traumatic. what's annoying and deceptive tbh is the way people want to act as if only pretty women experience sexual assault. that narrative is FAR more harmful than someone saying "yeah, it sucks, but all women experience it", which is literally true

No. 1263613

That anon is definitely a young pickme, don't waste your breath. I'm an average-ugly woman but I have a better life than some gorgeous women I know because I worked hard and acted smart. Beauty isn't everything. Yeah it will make certian things easier but I found I got harassed by men much more often when I looked attractive so I dropped it.

No. 1263614

Tiktok doesn't have an algorithm, users are just more likely to watch videos if the creator is attractive you retard.

No. 1263616

You sound insane, take some deep breaths.

No. 1263617

I had a shitty week and today just was a cherry on top of it all, I'm just frustrated and angry, but my friend comes in a moment for the weekend and I worry I'll not be able to get rid of these negative feelings. Id appreciate any tips anons, so far I'm waiting for her arrival and doing breathing exercises but doesn't really seem to be getting me anywhere

No. 1263618

My vent was never about that, it's just that self steem is a bitch and pretty people just have it easier, i am not in my PC rn but when i am back i will post proof of the ugly filtering algorithm from tiktok and also people defending pretty girl killers. I just wanna feel better, i don't care about moid opinions, plus they will fuck anything, look at that ugly oc "kara" that every disgusting moid wants to fuck. I wanna feel better with myself, and being ugly despite trying my hardest to fix my problems isn't easy.

No. 1263621

uhh that's not true? they use an algorithm that utilizes AI and facial recognition. it boosts unknown content from more attractive users, and suppresses less conventionally attractive people. it bases the content to promote on its prospective virality, and then obviously because it's designed to predict that virality (and it does it well), people yeah, feed back into it and end up semi-organically boosting the content.

No. 1263622

Bitch why are you getting so mad over a loser femcel? Wtf. Just let the pizzaface cry about how she won't be able to get away with murder cause she's not a model. She cares more about how she's not hot enough than how much sexual assault affects women, she's beyond saving.

No. 1263623

my mum has scoliosis so i'm probably at risk. i try to sit with good posture but find myself always slacking. seiza a few hours a day helps. i tried those posture supports which are the velcro straps and they're awful and useless. i had one moid say something nasty to me about having a "hunch" but if i do it's really slight and he was just looking to nitpick since he was insecure (lmao he was so fat he had to waddle). doctors are expensive and mostly useless anyway. really it's just constant awareness which sucks but eh. also lose weight will help.

what sucks is you can't really tell by yourself, like is the neck curvature normal or the start of a hunch? i dont know.

No. 1263624

it's like none of you actually want to read or interact with posts/users honestly. incredibly dishonest phrasing and manipulative twisting.

No. 1263625

Have what easier retard? You're acting like the only goal a woman has in life is being pretty and if she's got that then she's all set.

No. 1263626

Lmaoo this doesn't exist you lookism autist. I get plenty of unattractive users on my recommendation because I watch their videos regardless of their looks, if it only recommends you hot people that's because of your history and the fact that you're the one who skips the uggos. If you skip their videos, tiktok will recommend you videos that users who also skipped uggos watch, aka videos by hot people.

The ugliest bitches are always the cruelest about looks so I wouldn't be shocked if you skipped over videos by unattractive creators.

No. 1263627

Lol, literally proving my point and using my insecurities to insult me. Anons already told you i never defended sexual assualt, if anything you are probably more likely to get SA if you are ugly and have low self-steem.

No. 1263629

So I should tell anon her ugly fat body is more of a serious issue than the sexual abuse she brushed over? No thanks. Fattie needs to work out and shower.

No. 1263632

>attacks women for being pretty and insinuates they "hAvE iT eAsIeR" and they shouldn't complain about anything including sexual harassment
>wahhhhhhh how dare you attack my insecurities

God I fucking love you Nona lol

No. 1263635

>How tf do pretty girls suffer?
the same way the rest of us do. or does being pretty somehow exempt a woman from sex-based oppression now?

No. 1263636

I dont even use tiktok, i hate it and it would probably make me feel worse. But all the big "influencers" are pretty girls, you can be obnoxious and scream at the camera, have no talent at all and still become a millionaire off that
Damn nonnie, i just made an appointment with a doctor to see what else i can do. I already do Pilates and take swimming classes to no avail… i just hope we find something that helps. So far i have had terrible history with doctors, they made me undergo expensive acne treatments and nothing, it's all so tiresome.

No. 1263637

>How tf do pretty girls suffer?
uhhh child abuse for example. being pretty doesn't stop our parents from being abusive narcs. if anything it makes it worse. finances. being abused and used by scrotes. medical issues, injuries, depression, job loss, etc.
being pretty doesn't instantly make someone happy and a million friends. conversely if your only issue is being ugly then yay you weren't abused as a kid it seems. have more empathy. being pretty isn't even automatic, like you can be born with good facial structure sure, but most aspects of beauty are just self control and hard work, like putting in exercise so you can be in shape. that's why 90% of moids are ugly, not because of genetics but because they refuse to put in effort. men dont even acknowledge that they need sunscreen to avoid sunburn/damage and view putting on sunscreen as "gay". then they wonder why they're all ugly incels. i've never seen a moid put as much effort into his appearance as the average woman does. moids feel entitled to just roll out of bed and walk out the door, and if they aren't instantly a male fashion model tier hunk then they cry and say it's unfair. but you have the same mindset.
this. instagram isn't real.

No. 1263638

Just a brief random reminder in case anyone didn't bother to read the rule book ITT. You must be eighteen years of age or older in order to post in lolcow farm. That number once again was eighteen or 18 if that helps that's at least eighteen full years of age to post on lolcow farm. Carry on.

No. 1263639

>gets made that i "defended" SA and then "attacked" pretty girls
>then proceed to attack my insecurities
Lel, you are literally the type of people i am complaining about. If you are pretty at worst people are going to do those Disney TV movie tier insults of "you might be pretty from the outside but rotten on the inside!!!1!1!" Meanwhile if you are ugly, and make one dumb vent comment everyone attacks your insecurities lol. No wonder so many young women nowadays are so fucked, i am glad i have thicker skin otherwise i would have gonne aideen a long time ago.

No. 1263647

I am talking about "being pretty problems" obviously people have problems despite being born ugly or pretty, but being born pretty gives you an advantage over ugly people.

No. 1263648

You're both retards. If you don't drive/have a car in North Amerira then you have to live your life like a second class citizen who's prevented from fully participating in society. Living in big cities can also be expensive and these cities are designed to be car-centric anyways (vid rel). Not to mention the public transport sucks compared to other first world countries. Even if anon wanted to get around by bike, you'd have to be taking a significant risk of getting hit by dumbass drivers because the roads are not designed for cyclists.

No. 1263650

NTA We can’t even see you anon. This is based off you labeling yourself ugly. You also can’t attack and criticize other people and then not face it yourself. Glasses houses or some shit.

No. 1263651

>i have had terrible history with doctors, they made me undergo expensive acne treatments and nothing, it's all so tiresome.

Same for me but for different issues instead of acne. They charge you $300 to speak with them for 10 minutes and they dont even fix the problem. It's frustrating. I gave up on doctors and just self-diagnose and do home treatments. doctors are obsolete anyway except for actual things like broken bones. if you suspect hypothyroidism or something you can get a home test kit for $100. if you have some random chronic pain you can google and find possible causes and solutions. they have youtube videos for physical therapy treatments. instead of wasting 10 trips to a doctor at $300 a pop i can just DIY. haha being american is sure great! i think doctors do it on purpose to milk money out of people. i've never once had a doctor actually solve any of my problems, but i have had them bully me into doing things i did not want and violate my consent, especially regarding gyno issues. doctors dont view women as human beings. they view us as a walking womb they get to prod whether we want or need it or not. i'll never trust doctors again. i'd rather die of cancer or whatever than let a doctor take my health hostage to coerce me into things i don't want so they can profit off my suffering. fucking bastards. i shouldn't walk out of a clinic feeling like i was just sexually assaulted and then had to pay money to my assailant on top of it.

No. 1263652

If your biggest problem is users on an imageboard who can't even see you mocking you, you have it better than most pretty girls ngl.

No. 1263653

girl this is lc, if you can't handle your insecurities being attacked, don't post about them while talking like a retarded scrote. no one would have cared if you just vented about your appearance but you had to go and rant about other women living their lives and harming no one. makes you look petty and jealous so people aren't likely to be sympathetic to your problems.

No. 1263656

Why are so many anons ITT being such mean bitches? The fuck?

No. 1263657

What attack? I just said they have it easier, which is true. Again, what ugly person can live off making 15 seconds shitty tiktoks? I am just stating the facts.

No. 1263660

i swear you guys are functionally illiterate. when people say things like "how do pretty people have it harder?" they SPECIFICALLY mean "how do they have it harder as a function of being pretty?", because the question very specifically is about whether or not one is more likely to face hardship as A SPECIFIC RESULT of being unattractive or attractive. this is some retarded "all lives matter" shit honestly. can't have a conversation about the honest punishments women face for not fulfilling their "obligations" to society by existing as a female. women are expected to be attractive in society. if you are not, you are punished. end of. that's the exact design and function of misogyny and patriarchy.

No. 1263661

Fuck off fattie chan go hop on a treadmill, you get what you give in this world and if you fling shit at people expect some people to fling it back. It sounds like you just want to be pretty so you can try to avoid accountability somehow and you think being pretty will grant you that. And no bitch I'm ugly as fuck, but of course you think only pretty women defend pretty women, again I say grow up.

No. 1263662

Girl download tiktok and check out how many faceless or uglt creators there are. Most people don't just watch thirst traps.

No. 1263664

Lol as if it's a lc only issues, irl people will treat you differently if you look ugly. I was stating that there isn't such a thing as "pretty girl problems" you can have problems, as nay person does but they aren't caused BECAUSE you are pretty, there is absolutely NO downside to being pretty, none, cero. Meanwhile us ugly peasants have to suffer from normal people problems and also have to deal with our insecurities and our ugly problems.

No. 1263665

You sound like an incel, have you thought about joining cc instead? Your take might be better received since you want to sperg.

No. 1263666

cannot believe anons are at all backing the underage retards ITT obnoxiously regurgitating shit like "ugly fattie, go hop on a treadmill" etc etc and just saying "fatty" on repeat. this place is really filled with obnoxiously underage transplants now.

No. 1263667

Cc trannies and scrotes would live her. I agree.

No. 1263668

A little pissed off.

So, I have been dating someone since late March and we have had a number of dates. Last weekend I finally met his friends, he doesn't have much family and the family he has lives all over the country (UK based). And so his friends are more like family.

He works two jobs. He is quite a busy guy. I understand his best friends will no doubt always come before me because they grew up together and they're family.

He wanted to meet my family this weekend, all week he has been cool with it. But today he apparently isn't well and he called me up to say he thinks it's too fast. He wants to go slower.

Which I am okay with. But he then goes "I don't know if I want anything serious, I am unsure"

So, that has made me a little skittish.

We have a trip coming soon next month in the capital for a show / hotel.

Now I have the worry of him cancelling before then and saying he can't come because I wonder if he is TRULY thinking about it all now.

And I am wondering if I am being used. He said I could go down to his next weekend.

But I know that'll just end in fucking.

I will wait for this trip and when we have had it I will reflect. And then see what happens, if it isn't good enough, I'm just ending it.

We're both almost thirty.

I don't want to wait about and date a string of men. I'm bored it. And I actually like this guy! That is why I am annoyed.

I am trying not to get too deep in with emotions and I am trying to keep a fine line. I tell myself "Don't get attached".

Men nowadays are absolutely fucking horrible and I rarely like any. And I never have luck with them, this is why I am quite hesitant.

I know I will no doubt get hurt in the end. Probably.

No. 1263669

They are nowhere near as "popular" as the pretty ones, though. Man, it sucks i wish i were a man, at least i would get ripped and be somewhat comfortable instead of having to be thin, look young and be "uwu pretty and funny to be around". I just hate being a woman so much.

No. 1263670

She minimized the affect of sexual abuse, women who have went through abuse or know about abuse are rightfully shutting her up. She's the one who sounds underage because thinking beauty wins you everything is something teens believe.

No. 1263671

My /n/ona I love that channel. And seriously yes. in some cities you literally cannot even cross a street as a pedestrian, it's just an uncrossable wall of cars like a river of lava.

drivers here are insane too. i've had multiple drivers try to harass or even assault me just for being on a bike lawfully. i'm not legally allowed to ride a bike on a sidewalk, but if you're in the road every driver feels like they're the police and they scream at you to get on the sidewalk and try to run you off the road or brake check you, which can result in your death, when there are other lanes free they can use. car drivers are completely deranged, violent lunatics (including women drivers, i've been harassed by women drivers too). there are even places where if you choose to walk, the cops will constantly pull over to harass you because literally no one ever does that so they think you must be [idk a criminal?]. it's like i dont' even have the right to live unless i turn over half my income to a car.

it bothers me that californians pretend they're so environmentally friendly but they only have 1 city where you can survive without a car. they drive an SUV for everything, and their cities are sprawled out so much that it generates a ton of pollution just so they can get around. zero walkability. even though they have the perfect climate for it. i just hate what a waste this country became. Geography of Nowhere talks about it.

i just wish i could live in tokyo and take the train everywhere. i hate cars so much and no one understands.

No. 1263673

Just work out and dye your hair blonde if all you want it being perceived attractive by men. It's not that deep.

No. 1263674

once again, she said it sucks and every woman experiences it. again, you're upholding men's bullshit by acting as if attractive women primarily and only experience catcalling or sexual assault. again, this narrative is tremendously harmful. far more harmful than offhandedly saying "we all experience it, that's not something unique to pretty women so it's really not a valid claim as to it making pretty women's lives, specifically, worse". go back to school.

No. 1263675

When did i minimize it? If anything i was talking about how some people minimize it themselves by saying SA is only a "pretty girl problem" when it's a proble that affects all women.

No. 1263679

No on said that, you said pretty women don't suffer or struggle like 10 different times in different variations and then said once that pretty women experience SA too. Obviously that's gonna piss some Nona's off dummy.

No. 1263680

Read the above posts before responding.

No. 1263686

outrage high over misconstruction of point and removing words from context is more fun than using reading comprehension, esp if you're a lolcow "feminist"
who likes to morally grandstand.
not to say there aren't competent radfems present, but in comparison to the narcassistic "feminists" they are few and far between.

No. 1263688

Could be some type of dread game bullshit, making you question the relationship, causing you to panic and try to appease him to stop him from leaving.
>both almost thirty
Yeah do not let him play these stupid games, straight out ask him what’s up or break it off
>doesn’t know if he wants something serious
But YOU do, stop humoring this dumbass.

No. 1263691


Same poster -

Men play fucking mind games and it's a DRAG.

I will give it until the trip anon, after that if it isn't good enough, he's up the road.

No. 1263692

they're absolutely not feminists, nor anywhere near radfems. they're underage and came here recently and are trying too hard to integrate without having a baseline understanding of anything. if they're not underage, they're pathetic as hell because this behavior is pitiful. rarely seen such behavior/bandwagoning happening to this degree so not sure if it's just summerfags summerfagging specifically in vent but it's obnoxious and extremely dishonest.

No. 1263694

Fwiw I agree with you, anon

No. 1263697

Why are you moralfagging on lolcow?

No. 1263700

and this is how it's clear you are new. lolcow isn't 4chan. go back to the shit moidsite if you have an issue with "moralfagging". there has been heaps of "moralfagging" on lolcow for years and years. "moralfagging" is not a problem here. having and upholding basic morals are a pretty basic tenet for most on LC, specifically if we're to talk about the way anons feel about trans ideology, which LC is literally known for.

No. 1263710

Lol okay miss mini mod chan. That's the funny part I'm old as fuck and have been here since Felice Fawn scammed people out of t-shirts with Yolandi Visser's face on them. And every time someone moralfags on lolcow they receive a "moralfag" accusation, it's a joke Nona fucking relax. No this isn't 4chan thank fuck but it certainly isn't somewhere to be if you want everyone you come across to "uphold basic morals" and behave the way you want them too. Fucking lol.

No. 1263714

weird that you're saying i'm minimodding when i'm just saying the behavior is annoying shit teens fresh to anonymously posting do (repeated extremely spergy namecalling posts) when they first come here, if you're refusing to even have coherent conversation and are instead just bandwagoning with namecalling. you're, ironically, the one trying to minimod with complaints about "moralfagging" like male chantards do. go back to the cow boards where you fit in better then with your bitter ass attitude and annoying, extremely repetitive namecalling then.

No. 1263715

lolcow is not known for trans ideology shit, jfc.

No. 1263718

>specifically if we're to talk about the way anons feel about trans ideology, which LC is literally known for.
that =/= "lc is known for trans ideology"

No. 1263720

didn't write out my comments twice. i deleted my post well before i posted my revised post. weird you've allegedly been here since felice's days but don't know what a revised and deleted post is

No. 1263721

Girl I said "why are you moralfagging on lolcow?" It's a nothing, one off comment relax. It's not new behavior to say moral fag or name call it's just everyday occurrences on lolcow.

No. 1263722

either way, the bulk of lolcow isn't like /ot/ so you should probably calm down a bit. and don't insult people who use drama boards.

No. 1263723

Yeah and you did it like 3 times now, how have you not learned to type everything you want to say out before posting. Also why would I be triggered about being called new? As I said I'm old as fuck and have been here way too goddamn long, lol I wish I was new.

No. 1263727

File: 1657908870265.jpg (113.98 KB, 750x669, M9FnXBL.jpg)

Can you dumbass queens stop infighting and please send healing vibrations for my blisters??

No. 1263728

KEK you guys are still fighting, what the fuck

No. 1263730

no, i really didn't? i revised that post once and i don't recall others? i didn't do it like 3 times anon.
rarely see anons making complaints about anons moralfagging except maybe on drama boards where certain anons are particularly vicious towards certain cows tbh and even then, it's really not that common. i would say it's a lot more common on male boards in general. the other anon is right about /ot/ being unlike the rest of LC but the way most people feel about trans ideology is pretty present throughout the site (among normal users) and it's pretty based on it being an ethical mess tbh.

No. 1263731

i'm so tired of the site being overrun by sjws. no one here is going to be offended at fake sjw rhetoric like transphobia or racebaiting. cows aren't milky for hating trannies. and drama threads should not be full of anons who are morally raging over some fake made up offense. even the pixielocks thread doesn't have those kind of anons, and she's pretending to be a csa victim.

No. 1263733

File: 1657909164455.gif (211.57 KB, 220x220, teo-cat.gif)

No. 1263737

I've been stuck in bed with Covid since last week and I'm bitchy about it lol

Omg girly it was a jooooooooooke not a formal written complaint holy shit lol.
Okay I'm too tired for this I'm getting chili cheese fries, I don't care if you think I'm new whatever. Wish I was new jfc. Nona's like you are exhausting.

No. 1263738

I'm disgusted by the act of having long hair but love having long hair. Seriously finding my long hair everywhere, covering my socks and fresh laundry and art supplies grosses me out so much. I vacuum daily and it's still so fucking gross. I also hate how disgusting it feels when its wet and touching me, and I wash it in ice cold water so when it touches me I want to scream. Plus I'm often sick and having long hair while vomiting is tedious. I had short hair forever but now it's just past my nipples and I love how it looks, but that's it. Might buy some hairnets for home use.

No. 1263740

>Calls yourself ugly
>Upset when other people call you ugly
Kek what. Anyway, I don't get the point of ranting about how you think other women don't have it as hard as you. Disliking other women for having a prettier face and body than you isn't going to make you more attractive or change your life.

No. 1263742

anon, i didn't even respond aggressively to you with this post, i'm not even arguing with you at this point. i understand what you're getting at but i'm just saying, i rarely see it. like, we can talk about differences in what we see and how we view things without it being an issue atp. enjoy your fries, hope there's lots of cheese and they don't skimp

No. 1263743

File: 1657909720887.png (6.27 KB, 477x284, 9ac.png)

Disappointed to catch covid after over two years of not getting it. I feel like crap, but my mom is making me go to this shitty local cover band concert so I can be her designated driver. If I say no, she'll guilt trip me and carry on about it.

I've already went to so many of these retarded concerts over the last few weeks, and they're probably how I got sick in the first place. I hate these shows so much. I'm autistic and I can't stand how crowded they are, how the music is too loud, how they all play the same fifteen pop songs from ten years ago. It's shitty of her to force me into going to this not only when she knows I hate it, but also when I'm contagious and a risk to others.

No. 1263744

I've complained about my hair plenty of times before in the vent threads but I have to do it again. I'm so fucking stressed, fed up, depressed, etc etc about my shitty hair. It's getting finer and seemingly weaker by the day. I have so much breakage and what I'm assuming is miniaturization. Sometimes when I move my head I can feel those hairs sway with the movement. It's a mood killer every time. I don't want to lose my hair. I don't want to go bald. It's happening all over my head too. I thought it was just the crown and sides but it's thin as hell in the back as well. I'm seemingly pretty healthy. My vitamin levels and shit are all up, they're all in a pretty good place. I will lose a fuck ton of short, thin hairs with seemingly no hair bulb every time I wash my hair. And it fucking hurts to see it. I don't want long hair. I don't even want medium length hair. I just want something short and cute and I'd be set for my entire life. But now it's a struggle to make my pixie look good. It fucking sucks so bad. I don't want this to happen. I don't want this to be out of my control. I can't risk touching my hair in public because then it'll be obvious that something is wrong, you'd be able to see my thin-ass hair. I wanted it to be telogen effluvium, the derm said that it was. I knew she was wrong. My head was shaved so she couldn't really do much. But I don't think it is telogen effluvium. I don't think my hair is going to come back. I think I'm going bald for real. Fucking shit. It's just not fair.

No. 1263745

File: 1657909767970.png (243.96 KB, 388x260, 5734675229901.PNG)

Satin bonnets are really comfy nonnie. Helps avoid breakage while sleeping too.

No. 1263746

Did you seen an endo, anon?

No. 1263751

Ohhh thank you! Much cuter than hairnets, too. How perfect, I would honestly wear that all day/night

No. 1263753

I was doing the dishes my roomie’s scrote took a shit in out house and then washed his hands in the kitchen sink while I was doing dishes and I asked him if he could do it in the bathroom and he said “not with all the other people around but thanks though”

Wtf I hate the dutch

No. 1263757

I wear them all the time as it's much easier and keeps my hair healthy. Just be careful that the elastic isn't too tight around your head, and let your hair dry a bit before you put it back on after washing. Have fun, I hope you get a super cute bonnet!

No. 1263762

I hate to be bitter I really do, but I have this friend who works 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, for $100/hr. That's $900 for teaching a fucking kid reading comprehension. He has never had a real job in a day in his life and his family already pays for literally everything at 26 years old.

No. 1263766

I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I’ve been losing hair since high school. I had the shitty genes from my parents but what really triggered massive shedding to the point where i started realising I’m really having a hair loss problem was a loss in my family. I thought it’s just temporary shock and it’ll all grow back but no… My world literally crashed when I learned about AGA cause it’s like a death sentence for the hair. I didn’t think I’d have hair years later but I still have a more or less ok amount just because of how full my original hair was. It’s a really traumatic and isolating experience, especially when you’re young af. I still feel embarrassed and sad every day because my hair was the most attractive thing about me and even with the hair loss I still get so many compliments and I’m just thinking what I’m gonna do a few years later when I’ll have visible bald spots? Im thinking to myself no one would find a bald woman attractive cause tbh I myself dont.
This shit doesn’t even happen to post menopausal women. My mom still has a full head of hair and i observe balding only on my male relatives. I really don’t know what I did to be this unlucky. I’m just letting myself grief and I opened up about it with my friends hoping it would help (it didn’t really cause they don’t understand it’s not like a seasonal shedding thing). I also find other young women on social media who have this so I don’t feel so alone and I try to avoid beauty content. When the time comes I’ll just shave it off. I don’t have the energy for useless, expensive treatments. Sorry for the long post but I just want you to know there’s so many of us out there, so you’re really not alone. I still hope for you that it grows back and even if it doesn’t I hope it will be slow process so you can still have hair for a long time. Either way it’s totally ok and understandable that you feel this way cause I see 65 year old women losing their minds over hair loss.

No. 1263780

A moid at work acted like I was dirty because I don't think it is necessary to bring a regular coated dog to a groomer every 6-8 weeks. He is always trying to act rich and it rubs me such a weird way. He was genuinely poor when he was young, too. It weirds me out, my dad has a fuckload of money, multiple properties, but you'd never know - essentially I grew up poor and isolated, we never had anything within 5-7 years that was new and we either had no lunch or ate a pb&j sandwich every single day. My dad is such a miser I had a fucked sense of what poor was - I thought poor people had nice TVs, nice cars, and all that because we had such old, worn out things and I only wore hand me downs. My dad apparently made a fuckload since he managed a huge oil refinery in SoCal. But it's like, sometimes I wonder if it's all a lie and I really did grow up poor. I feel so embarrassed by how thrifty and miserly I am as a result.

No. 1263783

Im terrified of change and there is a lot coming up. I'll be okay, but it's okay for me to be scared too.

No. 1263785

Is he a tutor? I mean yeah it's alright money but it won't last forever and most parents aren't desperate enough to pay $100/hr. No benefits of course. He got lucky.
There's a reason why his parents pay for everything anon, he couldn't live alone under such circumstances.

No. 1263788

So many femboys make me seethe. Not because they're feminine, but there's so many of them who are massive narcissists. I think the fact where they get to the point of labeling themselves a femboy, their ego is already so inflated.

No. 1263793

I'm upsetti

No. 1263795

Nonnas please help me
Today, As I was posting on /tv/, I suddenly got IP banned
This really surprised me since I'm a relatively tame poster
So I go to check what it is that got me booted and it's a goddamn c*nny post made on /int/ with MY IP
Now, I've long since known that my brother is a 4ch user, but this is too much
Is there ANY possibility that it's just a coincidence or am I coping and it is 100% him
If so, what should I do?
Im losing my mind here, esp considering we have a younger sibling
Thanks and I hope you all have a great day

No. 1263799

it's your brother. I suggest beating him up or threatening to show your parents what he is posting online. But also beating him up.

No. 1263801

I've had this happen on lolcor. Im not sure what causes it, but maybe a VPN or something that spoofs your IP. I know it wasn't someone in my household since it was just me at the time. It was a permaban for a disgusting scrotepost. It got lifted almost immediately because ig they figured out it was not for me. Idk what goes on behind the scenes for it to happen but I know there's a chance it wasn't someone who is actually on your IP.

No. 1263804

Did you make sure to save a screenshot? There's a possibility it might be true but it could just be a glitch or someome using a VPN

No. 1263807

This happens constantly with dynamic IPs, they are region-wide. Even here, one day I git an IP with a ban from some scrote a few months ago.

No. 1263809

File: 1657914334293.jpeg (147.79 KB, 748x737, 7671CDB8-81F2-4110-867F-3A33A6…)

He's a 6'1 hooligan and my parents would get a heart attack if they saw this.
God I fucking hope it's just a spoof. Or else I'm living with a borderline pedo terrorist here
Maybe he's being edgy and doing a bit but there are limits and lines that shouldn't be crossed

No. 1263811

Eating is so difficult, but you have to do it to live and I kind of resent that

No. 1263812

File: 1657914442143.gif (1.28 MB, 275x199, 1649167636796.gif)

I cannot find my medication and it's been at least over a week since I've taken them. I had to put off looking for them due to constantly scrambling to do work and homework but when I finally had the time to look for them I can't find them anywhere. I need it so bad. I can't stand spiraling into my depressive episodes. It's different everytime and this time I've just been extremely angry and baseline irritated almost everyday now. I am scared of how bad it might get if I don't get a refill, but im not due until August. I cannot afford to wait that long, and even though ive messaged my doctor the chances of being granted an emergency refill for a non-life threatening illness is slim. I've got so much going on right now and the only way I can make it through anything is with that stupid pill. I don't want to be mean to everyone. I don't want to constantly feel inadequate and suicidal. I want to be able to enjoy my day and not feel like I'm going to crumble at any moment. I feel like a shell and a completely different person, I hate it so much and it stresses me out thinking about reverting back into that mindset even for a little bit. I wish I was born fucking normal.

No. 1263813

show your parents heart attack or not and let them beat him up. then you can find out if it was him or not when he's in the confessional with a black eye.

No. 1263814

I mean you know your brother best, but these bans are really common, half of the time I can't even post on /a/ because some mouthbreather got the entire provider banned due to either spam, posting cp or getting into namefag battles on r9k

No. 1263815

I think a lot of my current mental gloom comes from watching too many 21 year old, six figure job, social media flexers. The (female) ones that aren’t obviously renting their whole lifestyle are very admirable, don’t get me wrong. I’m just praying I get to enjoy some wealth during what’s left of my youth lol.

No. 1263816

File: 1657914849332.gif (445.09 KB, 600x337, throw the towel in, retsy.gif)

Got a new job that will pay be close to $20k more a year than the one I'm quitting. I'm just nervous because it's a contract position so there aren't benefits and we're more disposable than direct employees.
It's a risk I'm willing to take considering the circumstances of my first job had become so hostile and shitty, like the workload isn't even bad or anything, it's the HR and my higher management.
Basically I was lied to, triangulated, ignored, and taken advantage of the entire time I was here–no surprise, it's common. Rules that applied to me were not applied to others, and whenever I pointed it out I was treated like the disrespectful asshole. Tale as old as time. I just hate how some people in the friend's club are fucking pets who got everything they wanted handed to them. Fuck those people. Meanwhile I had to constantly roll with unfair bs then prove myself, and all that only for them to still not care or see my worth. It's like an abusive relationship and I feel gaslit.
Even the support girl who's taking over my position, who is really nice, does not have the actual qualifications to have gotten the job organically. They are giving it to her because 1. I had cross trained her for the past several months 2. I am the best source to learn from as I even onboarded my new manager and 3. They are too cheap and lazy to recruit for my and her current positions, so it's easier for them to tell her to perform two jobs for the price of one. They have a funny way of packaging actual shit situations as 'benefits' to people here. I know it isn't just me because we have always had high turnover for these reasons, but it still hurts my self-esteem a lot. The only thing I can say is at least I was only here for a year and a bit over a half, not several.

No. 1263817

Can't tell if you're trolling me at this point but unfortunately even if I were to do that it wouldn't work
He's done worse
He tried to make a move on me years ago (Well you know what I mean by "move"), and though he was a teenager it was still fucked up. only my mom knew and she did NOTHING about it
Just. Fuck it all to hell
Thanks for at least replying to me and trying to help me
But in the end it doesn't even matter

No. 1263818

did you miss the part that said
>also being catcalled isn't a downside

No. 1263819

If it makes you feel any better a lot of them are probably either vapid or deeply insecure people regardless of the money

No. 1263822

Uh.. your brother tried to make a move on you? Yea he’s a degenerate and definitely made that post.

No. 1263830

wtf you have literal covid, you ain't going nowhere nonnie

No. 1263831

I feel the same way to an extent. Its definitely a concern of mine. Like you said, I obviously admire women who put in hard work and end up successful in their youth, they deserve it. But man I can't believe I'm stuck in a shithole working my ass off and all someone had to do was consistently make braindead faces to accumulate loads of money. Guess it's not too bad, no doubt they'll blow it all as they drift into obscurity once more.

No. 1263835

Anon this makes me believe your brother made that post..that's really worrying

No. 1263837

it's july 2022 in plenty of countries you can go out and about with covid now.

No. 1263845

File: 1657916350699.png (1.35 KB, 233x19, 5ac.png)

Explain to me why "being catcalled isn't a downside". Go on.

No. 1263846

I work as a contractor and it makes me angry because these companies tell me how grateful they are for me while I bail their ass out of hot water, but apparently I'm not good enough for them to hire. I don't make good money and don't get any benefits or PTO. It's complete exploitation. (Only job I could get.) I don't understand why american work culture has to be so toxic. I have the same qualifications and experience or more as their regular direct hires, but I feel like a slave by comparison, I'm treated differently and don't get anything other than a mediocre paycheck. It makes me bitter and I feel burned out and jaded.

No. 1263851

File: 1657916695045.jpeg (95.19 KB, 1024x355, F481FBFA-9F79-4308-A591-B2F429…)

Ok I've calmed down now. I was in denial, it's him 100%.
I realize that I am on my own now and I have to deal with it. My parents, bless them, are completely incompetent. He's shown signs of this extremist behavior before and treats them disrespectfully all the time. I'm not exaggerating he literally calls them trash and stuff like that to their face. My father lets him be while my mother shouts and weeps.

I have another older brother who used to get into fights with him frequently, and I would tell him but I'm afraid that would lead to a literal bloodbath

I don't mean to tell my life story here but I don't have a reference point for what a normal healthy family should be like. Now I'm sure that it's not wrong to say it's far from it, dysfunctional even. The hierarchy is all messed up cause the parents aren't good enough authority figures

Again, thank you for your help nonnas but there's nothing I can do other than make enough money to gtfo of here

No. 1263857

>scrotes adopt mindsets like this (it's all ironic until it's not) and then wonder why no woman wants to marry them, get bitter, and shoot up a school
XYs are retarded. There is no polite way to say it and there is no further explanation necessary. Having an XY chromosome set is a genetic defect which causes mental retardation.

Your parents need to cut off his internet access. Just speak to them about it. Put a password on the wifi and don't let him know it. Negligent parents cause school shooters.

No. 1263865

File: 1657917407943.jpg (24.61 KB, 616x361, 7d92869bfbf996780e8a11dd527f33…)

>waaaah waaah lolcow's userbase is a bunch of shitty meanie radfem feminists black-white-thinking cat-lady femcel narcassistic mentally ill normie fat anachan summerfag newfags
Okay, then leave. What are you doing here, talking to people you don't like? I don't understand these kind of retard posts.

No. 1263869

Unrelated to the news that it's your depraved brother posting, holy shit men have such brainrot in there, this absolute crazy nonsense they post like…goddamn men should not be allowed online, they just absorb up the worst bullshit known by man and repeat it

No. 1263870

god nonna i'm so sorry

No. 1263875

I agree and hate to say it anon, but the only time I've seen a contractor thrive and be offered direct hire is when they're liked by someone in the right place ie. fucking someone in the department, related to someone in the company, friends with someone, or just kissed the right ass.
Quality of work means nothing to a business if they don't like the fuck out of you, and I have learned that trying to be a good employee as a team player and an overall nice person is still the losing battle if they will not accept you on a personal level. They'll use you up to do all the dirty work but then promote the winner of their popularity contest who did fucking nothing in comparison. It's a lesson I'm taking with me to the next gig.

No. 1263877

Omg Nona I just got here but holy shit, reading stuff like this makes me so sad. There's been like 5 Nona's these past few threads with stories of their brothers making moves on them. Are all brothers like this and I'm just lucky enough to get a sister instead? Reading shit like this makes me wanna commit suicide tbh because it's like every single man is just a sex pest or a pedophile and there's no hope in getting a guy that doesn't deserve the chop. Sorry to sperg but fuck life is so depressing and I fucking hate men so much, I'm sorry Nona. Maybe show him the post and try to be casual about it to gauge his reaction?

No. 1263885

That's crazy. What was it like being illegally "homeschooled"?

No. 1263892

yeah and you can poor salt and pepper in your eyes, doesn't mean you should wtf

No. 1263895

right like how are people trying to justify that

No. 1263902

Yeah but it's kind of harsh to subject everyone at an (assuming) indoor venue to Covid, just because you can doesn't mean you should. I have Covid now and it sucks so much, I'd feel like an asshole knowingly giving it to a bunch of random concert goers just trying to have some fun.

No. 1263929

Covid is now worse than ever because people are allowed to not wear masks outside and in public transport and because of people thinking just like you do, dumb dumb

No. 1263935

Pretty much same I learned. I used to bust my ass, do amazing work, recommend process improvements, go out of my way to learn new things and help others. I got used, stabbed in the back, lied to, and thrown out like trash. Now I do the bare minimum. I really hate humanity. Contract work should be illegal, it's just a way to underpay people by skipping out on benefits.

I've worked jobs where they worked the (non-contract) staff literally into the hospital. She had a stroke from overwork. Was back at work the next day doing more 14 hour days on salary. Everyone just laughed about it but I was horrified. So either you're treated like trash with no benefits and a fire-at-any-moment contract, or you're treated like trash and worked 14 hours a day for your salary. Meanwhile apparently half the country is rich and barely work.

No. 1263939

cat ladies aren't just women with cats. they tend to be irresponsible and not take care of their cats and have them roaming outside bothering others. cat lady as a term is misused like karen, when it actually means something specific.

No. 1263942

File: 1657921126288.jpeg (46.09 KB, 512x384, 1650941040881.jpeg)

What's actually wrong with being a "cat lady"? It sounds comfy as fuck
It's so weird how the stereotypes are lonely man becomes suicidal school shooter incel mr robot im a crreep im a weirdo i wish i was special your skin makes me cry drug addict abusive shitbrain wah wah lookatme mommy pay attention ree roastie slut, posting violent garbage and harassing women on the internet all day/night
While lonely woman cares for animals, is friends with other lonely women, is a feminist and…drinks wine I guess. Maybe makes dolls or collects them or likes anime or other "odd" but harmless hobbies. Either unattractive or attractive but just weird (and in the latter case, men still feel attraction). Like that's the worst fate they can come up with. It's as if even misogynists and pickmes innately know women are usually less shitty humans

No. 1263943

Like those elderly women who are hoarders? I think I remember that being a "thing". You're right, I agree with the Karen comparison, there's too many moids who just use it as a vague threat, like "spinster"

No. 1263958

I feel extremely concerned with how Lt. Corbis turned out. I remember watching her videos at some point and it's sad to see her descend into the /pol/ rabbit hole. She has a nugget of intelligence that could be realised, but it's buried under an infinite layer of bigotry. Also Turkey Tom definitely falls into the architype of a person that 'got really into /pol/ and anti-SJW spaces post-2015 but then realised how awful those spaces were in hindsight'

No. 1263970

I have thinning hair where my scalp is plenty visible and I am currently in a relationship. My boyfriend doesn't mind it, he finds me very beautiful, sexy, and cute. He just assumed I had thin hair my entire life. The only time he ever suggests anything having to do with my hair is when I'm complaining about it in the moment, because he wants me to not feel distressed over it. Our relationship is completely fine, not destroyed by my hair. He pats and scratches my head often and rests his head on top of mine.
You're a 10 for someone out there. The thinning state of your hair means absolutely nothing to them because they will love you unconditionally.
Another funny thing, my boyfriend says he absolutely loves my mouth and it's been something I've been insecure about for the longest time. This was unprompted, I never gave hints it was an insecurity, but he right away loved that part of me.
Don't lose hope, anon, along with AYRT. There's tons of patience involved, but you both will find someone to be comforted with you as you are.

No. 1263999

Nta but it's just a cold, you have to move on at some point.

No. 1264022

Why do men do this thing "checking on you"?

And I hate that every time I think "it is because they are trying to make amends".

>he then proceeded to only rant at me

Why am I so weak in wasting my 'caring' this way?

Because I keep fucking replying every year.


No. 1264025

I think I'd be less pissy if the scrote my boymom acts like is her son actually did shit for my parents. Didn't give my mom a piece of the cheesecake she made for his daughter's birthday. Most likely threw most of it away. He's incredibly wasteful. My parents helped him move and never gave them a thank you. My mom bought him a second hand steam mop but couldn't be assed to figure out that he needed to run vinegar through it to make it work again. My mom ran vinegar through it and told him to use distilled water. He'll use tap and bitch again it doesn't work, mark my words. My mom now wants to buy him a used table because dumbass never bought one in the years he's been here (much longer than my parents have been here) but buys dumb consoomer shit instead. He's not in his early 20's but acts like it despite having kids. It's disturbing how much my mom treats him like an early 20-something. I think my mom likes being used and walked all over by certain aged scrotes. It's creepy as fuck to think about it.

No. 1264036

Yeah and it's still harsh to knowingly infect a bunch of concert goers with "a cold."

No. 1264039

Covid is now an endemic and just something we should live with, like the common cold. Ignore the other anons, go out and have fun nona.

No. 1264044

To see if you're still naive. And emotionally invested.

No. 1264046

This isn't my idea of fun though. I just explained why I hate that stuff. It wouldn't be fun for me, I'd just be sitting around twiddling my thumbs while my mom drinks and mingles with her "friends" (women she only goes to these concerts with and can't stand otherwise).

I want to lay in bed with a book and try to recover.

No. 1264047

Surprisingly it would still be disgusting and weird behaviour to go spread some snotty cold, but okay be nasty and hope no one catches that shit

No. 1264052

File: 1657928212974.png (512.9 KB, 1262x639, Screenshot (9914).png)

I'm watching this now and it's gross how many grown adults were egging her on, whether they we're trying to confront the bad things she said or not it's fucking bizarre to see a grown man like Destiny asking a 13 year old to defend why she said she wants to kill any Muslim she comes across. They should've all just collectively ignored her. Also Destiny's thumbnail with her face behind red text that says "ethical child porn" is so fucked up.

No. 1264055

Nothing. Men just hate women who don't put up with their shit. They think every woman on Earth exists to be fucked, be someone's mommy, or do free labor. Women that evade their narrow roles confuse and infuriate them. It also infuriates handmaidens who are jealous of women who aren't trapped in loveless marriages cleaning up kids' diarrhea.

No. 1264058

File: 1657928607200.jpg (69.99 KB, 800x450, sugar.jpg)

Sugar really is a fucking drug. I've tried to drop it for a few years, I've been on keto for 2 months and felt great physically but my brain was like "sugar sugar sugar" all the time and I finally broke and went back to my shitty diet. I was never obese or overweight, sometimes I was even a little underweight, so it's not my weight that worries me. I have severe IBS and GERD and overall shitty immune system, I get various infections like 6 times per year, I know that sugar feeds cancer and I'm very scared of getting cancer, I want to be healthy, and yet I can't stop. I can eat 1 kg of a fucking cake in a few hours. I eat sweets until I feel sick. I don't vomit, I just feel fucking terrible. And I can't stop. It's like I don't feel full until I eat something sweet. Sometimes my hands are shaking and it only stops when I eat something sweet. Eating an entire chocolate every day is something normal to me. I'm starting to wonder if I have some fucking parasites inside of me or something. Because it feels like there's something in me that just won't let me stop. It's funny how I look down on people who smoke or drink and can't stop, when I am addicted myself. God I wish I could just stop and eat healthy, veggies, fruits, cooked meat, eggs, I wish eating those things gave me pleasure. But the only thing that satisfies me and gives me pleasure are tons of sugar and it feels great, until it makes me sick and causes me pain for hours. I'm scared my insides are ruined beyond repair. I'm in my late 20s and I can see my tolerance for this kind of eating is already lower than when I was 19-22. It's giving me more severe symptoms and it happens quicker than before. It's ruining me and I can't stop

No. 1264069

It was always moid cope and a particular type of moid projection. They took a few examples of lonely NLOG attention-whores writing about how they miss Nigelz treating them like a college sex object in the New York Times and acted as if that applies to every single mother or spinster ever. Studies always show the reverse is true. Moids cannot function without women, they are emotionally out of control, needy, desperate and have zero willingness to take care of themselves

No. 1264071

How’s your magnesium anon?

No. 1264074

I knew women like that and they ended up being very lonely in their elderly 70+ years. I think ideally two female friends or neighbors could keep each other company since the only downside of being a catlady is the loneliness it brings.

No. 1264077

Fuck you to the lady at the store with 4+ kids who came down the aisle with one coughing, she should have been wearing a mask. Now I'm sick with something. Guess I'll go back to wearing masks in every store. I was going to see my siblings this weekend but I guess ill cancel since I dont want them to lose time at work.

No. 1264081

Being a cat lady doesn't mean having no friends, it just means not getting married or having kids. Studies universally show that older women cope much better when their husband dies than the reverse because they have strong communities and friendship groups, while moids can't take care of themselves and have no support system once their wife dies.

Personally I can see myself being lonely in my old age because I don't want a husband or children but I'm terrible at maintaining friendships and don't prioritize it. So if I don't have my immediate family (parents/siblings), I probably won't have anyone. But frankly I can accept a decade or so of loneliness in my old age over spending my youth cultivating a lifestyle and relationships I don't actually want, my time and energy is more valuable now than it will be when I'm old.

No. 1264085

It's actually ok anon. I did some blood tests and the things that were below normal were neutrophils, vitamine D3 and ferritine, everything else was ok

No. 1264093

Not to be nosey, but if your ferritin was low how was your iron?

No. 1264096

Most end up alone in the end, especially if they don't live in small towns/rural areas where there is more of a tight-knit community. And small towns offer a kind of accessibility and walkability that really makes a big difference on your mental and physical health; I know "WaLkAblEE AreAs" are a meme at the moment, but they're so important, especially for the elderly. I'm in good health and it's already tiring for me to go out because of how much effort just taking a walk requires: trying not to get run over, constantly looking over my shoulders for cars, shitty infrastructure and shittier roads. Like it's gotten to the point where you have to take a car to get to a semi-walkable area and fucking walk. I am taking a car to walk. It's insane.
Anyway, a lot of the eldery hausfrau's I know live alone after their children moved away and husbands left/died, and they rarely have any connection to the outside world. They're essentially cat ladies, without the cat. After spending a big chunk of your life in an alienated living space and mitigating that alienation/lack of community by operating in a nuclear family, you can guess at the results. The only ones who are still kinda okay are those who stayed in their old small towns, where they know everyone. I'm a thirdie and in the English-speaking call centers here a lot of elderly American people would call just to talk to someone or hear their voice. They'd be really lonely, especially after a spouse had died. Thing is if your supervisor caught you entertaining them for a minute they'd reprimand you. Sometimes they'd cross it off your salary or your time. Gah, getting older sucks, generally. It doesn't matter whether you're married or not. The only way I see it is that they build more walkable cities with community centers and make incentives for older people to go out – "online services" and the increasing governmental push for them is literally fucking evil. "It makes it easier for elderly people" you mean the people who barely had reason to leave their houses are now not going to leave their houses at all? When you're that isolated, the tiniest spontaneous social interaction makes the biggest difference.
I wish we could do something about it. I keep thinking of all the older people in my family.

No. 1264101

I hate parents who let their unhygienic and sick kids run around. If I get sick it's always because I had to be around one of my sister's kids while being told I'm sensitive for not wanting their snotty hands and wide open mouth coughing near me.

No. 1264102

I met tons of women when working in the nursing homes, nearly all of them had 2+ children, grandchildren and were married. Marriage is not the panacea for loneliness or an antidote for the nice 'you'll end up in a home choking to death on your own vomit alone if I can't fuck you' threat that scrotes level at women
People need to deal with the fact they will spend periods of their life alone or with total strangers and that can come at any second, it often comes out of nowhere

No. 1264103

Samefag, but just wanted to add that there's a reason why in those last couple of years boomers went from "muh iphone generation" to having 8+ hours of screen time. It's just the natural result of the world we live in. I've been seeing more and more.

No. 1264105

i don't think they way they use it is correct at all. but what you're describing, having a cute cat family sounds both fun and annoying(imagine trips to the vet) but rewarding.

No. 1264125

Meanwhile my city lets diseased drug addicts run around hacking up a lung with scabs all over their limbs leaking pus throwing used needles all over… but that doesn't bother you I'm sure. Getting the common cold from a rude person mildly sucks. Getting HIV from stepping on a dirty needle in sandals would ruin your life. Priorities please.

No. 1264128

Boomers ridiculed us for "avocado toast" while they went out to eat toast and scrambled eggs at a restaurant every day since they were 16. Just stop listening to boomers. Just spray them with a water bottle spritzer when they speak. I can't wait until they all die so I can afford a house.

No. 1264130

ma'am this is the vent thread, not the "who has it worse" contest. let her vent.

No. 1264137

Nta but shut the fuck up weirdo and let her vent, two things can be bad at once but obviously she's going to be more upset about the situation that pertains to her life dumbass.

No. 1264144

I very much assure you used needles on the street pertains to my life, and I would also like to vent about it.

No. 1264147

So vent without shitting all over some one else's post weirdo, jfc some of you need to fucking integrate.

No. 1264156

You sound annoying. Ntayrt

No. 1264191

Ive been working on my personality and my social skills lately, but it is discouraging when the fear of rejection is still there. I want to eventually make friends, but my appearance doesn't help right now. Maybe someday I will have a friend to hang out with? I don't know, but being alone does not fufill me anymore. I yearn for friendships. I yearn to become a better person. Like a very giving person who isn't pessimistic and anti-social.

No. 1264193

Aw shit, I realized I was quite pessimistic there too. Not maybe someday, I will achieve getting past my hermit life and having somebody to give and share stuff with! I wana be normal again! Fuck this life of emptiness, I want to be fufilled.

No. 1264198

people are so worried about what others think about them that that they dont have the time to think about you

No. 1264203

Hey I just realized this is the vent thread 135 but there's no 134, did I miss something or did OP make a mistake?

No. 1264211

People at work keep confusing me for a teenager and I think it’s because of my acne. It sucks because I never had a problem with it as an actual teenager and now I have it and it sucks ass, I don’t even wear makeup where I break out. It’s so ugly and juvenile looking

No. 1264217

mee too. even when it's important. I feel like I need a tard wrangler

No. 1264218

i wanna hug and kiss the poor cat

No. 1264225

Still, I’m angry for the behalf of the old and for us. This is no place to grow up. Of course everyone is emotionally stunted; who the hell wants to grow up in a world that had no place for them? That offers no meaningful way for anyone to realize adulthood?

No. 1264260

Keen eye nonnie, when I created it I saw that there was already a #134 so I typed #135, completely forgetting that this one was supposed to be an alternative to the #134 who had scrotey gore as a thread pic, not a completely new thread. My bad!

No. 1264264

Sometimes while browsing social media I’ll come across a comment sending sexist/racist vibes and I will check the profile by curiosity to see if I was right. This time a guy came as a massive misogynist. Random sport celeb as a profile pic with a Baki anime banner. It’s always funny to see scrotes raging about women every day on their twitter with other like minded individuals while reading that they’re miserable for a number of reasons (lonely, drunk, stoned, smoker, no gf, bad family, no job, sick, unfortunate events..)
It still makes my head hurts to see these many persons thinking everything is our fault though but it’s w/e since it’s never gonna change anyway. Every man, down to the last one will always be dumber than the average woman.
I’m tired so I’m sorry if my post doesn’t make any sense lol

No. 1264279

I don’t have logical/analytical/critical thinking type brain. The things I’m good at and I like are useless and not in demand at jobs. I guess I’m going to be a low paid wagie for the rest of my life. Probably will die at work. Fuck it

No. 1264282

What are you good at anon maybe I have suggestions?

No. 1264285

Anon have you seen people? How many of them do you think have logical/analytical/critical thinking type brain? Don’t settle for less because you think others are smarter than you, they aren’t. They just got the opportunity to learn how to do their job, which at mid level management, doesn’t require high IQ. In fact, they prefer to not hire independent thinkers for those positions.

No. 1264286

I'm just kind of astounded that I have frugal habits, a good education, above average income, and I can never afford a house. I can't afford healthcare. Boomers want us to give them grandkids but won't let us afford to have them. If I wasn't paying social security taxes to pay for their luxurious retirements into hedonistic excess I could afford a home and family and maybe even to see a doctor when I'm sick or injured. What a dream! Boomers should have everything taken from them and given to people in their 20s and 30s.

If my partner and I get married and pool our income for 2-3 years we might be able to afford 5% down on a 1-bed apartment unless the prices increase at the rate they've been increasing. In which case in 10 years I might be able to split a studio apartment with my husband. Maybe we can hang the kids in nets from the ceiling?

Boomers are greedy old bastards.

No. 1264298

When I'm bored I find racist guys on Twitter with anime avatars and report them, but Twitter usually gets back to me with "sowwy they're not breaking the rules" even if it's a blatantly racist image or telling a woman he's going to rape her. Sucks.

No. 1264317

momo has no milk; it's all dry and her threads are so boring and pathetic nowadays

No. 1264337

such is life for all the classic cows. tbh i think momo was always boring and i don't think her "sexual assault" was even a big deal

No. 1264360

I never followed her tbh, but the “sexual assault” allegations just seemed so overblown. I only saw a video on YouTube where she was tickled some girl and seemingly touched a guy’s butt at a con, but like, really? Seems like she was just being cringe and annoying. I don’t get the hate at all. Her pics are definitely a bit uncanny and overly shooped though.

No. 1264399

Fuck wisdom tooth pain. That shit woke me up in t he middle of the night and it hurts in the worst way possible. The gums are inflamed and it hurts my whole jaw to swallow and painkiller barely work.

No. 1264407

File: 1657961611186.jpg (27.25 KB, 400x400, vEdy6GQM_400x400.jpg)

I feel overwhelmed and stupid for feeling overwhelmed over dumb shit. I've had a shitty day and cried on public transport like a pathetic loser because I'm a resentful bitch, push people away and I hate it. Also one of my former close friends tried to reach out to me today but I didn't accept her call. She ghosted me all of a sudden in 2019. Not even any happy birthday texts, nothing. Her number popped up on my screen and I stared at it for what felt like forever. Part of me wonders "what if" but my pride won't let me contact her back. I wish I was somebody else.

No. 1264430


Some days are, sadly, tougher then others to get though. I hope tomorrow will be a better day and also that maybe someday even you'll be able to reconcile with your former friend, even if it's only in terms of putting a period to the end of the sentence. Sweet dreams tonight and a good day tomorrow to you.

No. 1264433

Thank you for being so sweet! It really cheered me up a bit. Bless u.

No. 1264453


Happy I could help a bit. All the best and thank you for the blessing.

No. 1264467

/pt/ is a study of how time ravages even the milkiest of cows – as the years pass, we, too, will change and twist and eat our shadows, bit by bit, until we perish

No. 1264480

I just spent a bunch of time arranging a birthday thing for a friend of mine (making sure people are coming and setting up activities) because she asked me to and she just said today when it was going to happen she’s arranged to go out with other friends, massive cunt behaviour honestly why do I bother doing anything for anyone

No. 1264486

Every time I go to sleep I "wake up" to my home being invaded and being violently murdered. It's hard to fall asleep at night now because I know it's gonna happen and I don't want to go through it again. It's exhausting, when I wake up it feels like I haven't even slept.

No. 1264490

Wtf?? Did you tell the other people invited what happened?

No. 1264511

File: 1657971914404.gif (1006.74 KB, 220x275, AscendingSeal.GIF)

Have you been invaded before, Nona? I think trying to get to the bottom of this and finding out what caused those nightmares might help
Also, try looking into herbs & such that might help sedate you to an extent
Chamomile tea calms my nerves at night and makes sleeping easier
goodluck and godspeed to you

No. 1264516

You're too nice, they don't deserve you
Make it clear that this is a one time thing and if it happens again it's over. Don't let them make you a pushover, but also try not to come off too strong. Balance is key
Consider treating yourself to something nice, nona.
You deserve it for putting up with that shit and reserving your sanity

No. 1264525

She didn't even tell me directly or apologise because she posted it in the group chat instead and two of my other friends are mad about it 2 since they cancelled stuff to be around for it
thank you Anon I will, Im deff not doing something like this again, due to life experience im a very "one chance only" person so at least I know where I stand with her now

No. 1264530

I have a fever and I think I was writhing around during my entire sleep

No. 1264539

I feel like being black makes me ugly/abnormal by default. I wish I had nice normal straight hair that would simply lay flat, not stick up in random directions. I wish I could comb and brush it without excruciating pain, and I wish it wouldn't take 4+ hours to wash it all. I've had relaxers in the past but it'd always leave welts and burns on my scalp, and it's just too expensive, and I hate the upkeep, and I hate other people pulling on my hair and hurting me so bad I cry. Why can't I just have naturally nice, cute, manageable hair? Im so jealous of girls who don't have to worry about any of this. Im sure they have their own problems but it can't compare to this. It's not fair.

No. 1264540

File: 1657975088153.jpg (26.1 KB, 400x400, Unl3brfc_400x400.jpg)

Sometimes I remember this 31-year-old butch lesbian that I met online. She always hated everything 'feminine', was groomed as a kid, and spent her time in the military as 'one of the boys'. I feel so bad for her because she caught her wife cheating and shortly divorced, lost her job, and has been living with her mother for a few years. The worst part of it all is how she started labeling herself as non-binary and later claimed to be a FtM, began taking hormones which fucked her beautiful voice up so severely. She doesn't even sound like a man, her voice is cracked and still feminine. Before that her voice was so nice, that she would make a great voice actress. In fact, her voice used to sound like a streamer Ouro Kr*nii. I could listen to her for hours. I do not know if it's pills but ever since she started taking them she turned into an incredibly angry and insufferable person. There are a lot of other reasons why I stopped chatting with her, she ended up showing her true colors through power tripping, but it's another story to be told.
It's not the first time I lost a friend because she turned into a TRA or a tranny. But maybe it's for the best. I just wish I could show her the beauty of the world and how its okay to be different. I have women in my family who went to the military willingly but they never stopped being women. Heck, I used to be a tomboy throughout my whole teengaehood. I just wish there was a way to tell people that we all are different and it's okay, you shouldn't stare at forced media and convince yourself that you are less of a person…

No. 1264542

It upsets me that the white women on here will defend each other for the stupidest shit but you see black anons pop up once in awhile and they never defend you against the clear microaggressions in certain posts. You clearly have to have racial self-hate to use this imageboard if you’re so afraid of being banned for “racebait”.

No. 1264548

I've been stress eating. I was never fat or anything but it only adds to my stress that I'm eating so much. It's not binges just more than I usually do and it makes me even more stressed. I already exercise every day to see if it helps with the stress and shit. I've been drinking too but its mostly dry wine and not as much as the food

No. 1264549

File: 1657975544367.jpeg (76.28 KB, 476x480, 84562A50-B8C8-45FD-AF74-EC0EE8…)

1. not all white people have straight hair
2. just shave off all your damaged hair and let it grow out naturally

No. 1264550

File: 1657975705805.gif (3.13 MB, 480x266, 2E3A3979-CCF8-4A82-8436-D31D67…)

Samefag but have a backbone pls. You can admit you don’t like the deliberate ability for other anons to shut down uneasy conversation because it discusses the privileges they don’t deserve, you can admit you don’t only like white men, you can admit that whites women can be just as racist/white supremacist as their white men. Get with the program, certain women on this imageboard are clearly not and will never be welcome and the racebait bans are there to make sure of that by running by a “colorblind” bias even though being colorblind does nothing, it still clear who influences the taste and interests of this website and they are never asked to be colorblind because their race is seen as the default. Their prejudice can become transparent like a ghost and that’s how they hide it always even though it’s very clear in sight. Tiring tiring world

No. 1264552

Ok thanks I guess? Are you trying to make me feel better? I've been growing my natural hair for about five years now, it's not damaged, I just resent it. I don't care what white people have or don't have. I just wish I didn't have kinky/coily hair. Even a looser/more normal curl is preferable.

No. 1264558

I’m sorry lovely, it is exhausting but I’m sure you look gorgeous and little girls around you will appreciate seeing other black women with their natural hair.

No. 1264559

I kind of agree, but honestly, things used to be much worse when moids and pickmes from /r9k/ and other shit places were running rampant. I'm fully convinced they chased off most of the non self-hating black women in the past, leaving behind a handful of legitimately self-hating mentally ill pickmes. Today, things are much better, and it's actually nice
I defend black women whenever I see stupid bullshit aimed at them all the time. Fuck the "racebait" bans, they're ridiculously inconsistent anyway. Also, I strongly dislike both (c)rap-chan and that one digital blackface FtM who literally admitted to being a white woman but posts unhinged rants about white women and randomly brings up "Eurocentric standards" and women of color in general so people think she's one

No. 1264560

Anon isn’t talking about imaginary hair struggles for white women, they’re probably talking about how fucking hard it is to take care of their hair in a world that thinks that everyone has non-black hair already. If you weren’t caught in a bubble it’s why lace wigs and weaves are very popular now, it’s the increasing difficulty and inconvenience of taking care of black hair compared to non-black/white hair. Many careers, jobs, even other people are unforgiving towards black women who wear our natural hair out, so tell me exactly how it’s a struggle for white women to do their hair because that’s clearly what you want to say but you’re too cowardly to say it.

No. 1264562

stop being so self hating
take your meds and stop sperging about the struggles of other races which you will never experience. you will never have a white person's hair so you'll never really know if that perceived "imaginary struggle" is actually imaginary just because you're so jealous of their hair type

No. 1264563

Not either of those anons, but this is the most obvious bait. No one fucking reply, this poster probably has a tiny, unwanted dick.

No. 1264565

They love c(rap)-chan who I just saw in the punchable face thread blaming black women for rap and defending fat, ugly women who’s mediocre music has no place in modern society and is only popular because people love listening to obscure music to feel special about themselves even though thousands of others have heard of katebecause she’s like the candace owens for white anons, she can bash cultures that anons clearly have never been apart of and don’t like without them explicitly doing it. They also love bragging that somehow refugees that go to european countries are out there looking for white European women to exploit and rape because clearly they’re on the highest totem pole above the women who are more in close proximity with the men in the cultures they don’t like. Criticizing their bigotry is enough for them to go into full conservatard speech mode and start calling anyone twitterfags like a parrot on repeat, it’s truly insane to watch. You absolutely cannot have a high-esteem for yourself, the asian anons make that clear for how docile they are to the clear underlying racism. Sorry if I seem extremely paranoid I just had to vent

No. 1264566

File: 1657976489814.jpeg (4.3 KB, 254x198, download.jpeg)

How do anons on the friend finder thread have so many hobbies I'm starting to think I'm not interesting enough to be worth talking to

No. 1264567

nah, quit seething over white peoples hair.

No. 1264569

I don't think it's always out of "self-hate" or fear, maybe they just don't agree with you.

No. 1264570

i couldn't agree more with this, ltcorbis was an edgy broken child seeking attention from strangers online. the situation was made even worse when these grown ass men (to be fair most youtubers are 7 years old mentally) were enabling her by making videos with/about her, which came off to me as really creepy. ignoring her was the right thing to do

No. 1264573

>fat, ugly women who’s mediocre music has no place in modern society and is only popular because people love listening to obscure music to feel special about themselves even though thousands of others have heard of kate
Nta but kek what's with this weird vendetta against kate bush in particular out of all artists? Idgi is this the same anon who derailed the female gaze thread on /m/

No. 1264575

I’m just having one of those weeks where I spend way too much time worrying over everything and falling behind instead of taking any steps to get stuff done. I felt like crap the last two days and yoga/shower/ibuprofen/allergy meds didn’t make me feel any better. I have emails I need to respond to, and the prof of my summer class gives assignments nearly every day. I’ll buy some melatonin today because I’m averaging 5-6 hours of sleep

I thought getting a break from working would be nice, but having a bunch of routine things to do seems to be a better distraction for me

No. 1264584


No. 1264594

Wow the one ffdp song thats actually good and this is how find it? 7 years later
thank you nonna for sharing sorry youre going through it

No. 1264596

Between grown men on the left calling her a "cunt" for repeating talking points they didn't like, grown men on the right sexualizing her for being a child repeating talking points they liked, and racist pickmes like Brittany Venti enabling and supporting her being indoctrinated, she never had a chance.

No. 1264599

>egging a young girl on to say she wants to kill all muslims
What are they gonna do if a crazy Muslim man ends up targeting or stalking her? These thoughts shouldn't be linked to your irl name or face, it's so disgusting hoe literal adults are letting a child do stuff that can endanger her.

No. 1264605

this is fun. i am having fun

No. 1264608

I wish you luck with your ortherexia

No. 1264616

Plus don't a lot of women who lived past 100+ years old say ttheir secret was having no husbands? kek
I'm on my way to splitting up while I'm young and never ever living with a moid again. They bring nothing but extra stress and messes

No. 1264621

I feel like such a useless human being. I have a really big exam tomorrow but I dont give enough of a shit to actually learn for it and just sleep really long, read random articles, watch videos and play the guitar. I have no direction in life, I dont even know why I am doing what I am doing and where I am going with my stupid studies. I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks because I felt that he didnt treat me right but now I feel so fucking guilty for everything I did to him. I dont know if it was justified or if I was just overreacting and being an unempathetic piece of shit.
My friends are breaking away because I was so demanding before the breakup because I felt like shit constantly but I dont feel a deep connection to them at the moment even though they are so nice to me and did so much to cheer me up while I was fucked up before the breakup. I did so much for my ex, I sacrificed so much time and energy just for him to choose another group of friends he really got to know two months ago over me. But just for saying that I feel so guilty and I cant think about how I must have suffocated him with my demands (which I thought were reasonable at the time but I dont know anymore). I am such a self-centered asshole now, why cant I be there for others and only think about myself. I cant even think straight, this whole post isnt coherent in any way shaoe or form and that makes me angry at myself too. Fuck

No. 1264622

I'm a bit late but that's bizarre. grew up with dogs and never once did they go to the groomer. my siblings and I just gave them a bath. do rich people not bathe their dogs at home? Is that why he thinks it's dirty? Now I have so many questions.

No. 1264624

Our bodies need sugar to function, so I don't think you should continue keto or drop all sweets. Moderation is key. Restrictive diets like keto just lead to food obsession and binging. If you want to consume less processed sugar, try to slowly replace some of it with fruit. It won't feel satisfying at all in the beginning and you will probably still crave cake, like any normal person. But the longer you do it the better you will feel. Try different fruit, make fruit salads and go for low calorie, high volume fruit like watermelon. Volume eating in general is pretty good for diminishing cravings, at least in my experience. Also, two months is a very short amount of time and you can't rewire your brain that fast. Be kinder to yourself, you didn't ruin your body. If you seriously feel out of control, maybe resources for binge eating disorder could help?

No. 1264627

this dude is such an ugly, gross, monotonous voiced, manlet. his tryhard "don't care" way of speaking, his running sentences of pure word vomit and his bad takes are so cringe to watch. i see nonnies thirst over him and i think: what is wrong with you?

No. 1264635

it wouldn't even be so bad if he wasn't 5'4 pretending to be a hardass "funny" edgelord and just embraced the fact that he's miniaturized

No. 1264639

it was hell. somehow I got into college (lying was involved) which is one of the best things that ever happened to me. figured out how majorly fucked my life was once I started talking to normal people. I was isolated for my entire life but raised by the internet.
I remember being a teenager and googling "what to do if you think your parents are abusive" and every result was "tell your school guidance councilor or a teacher you trust" so I figured out I was pretty much fucked. like >>1263877 mentioned with brothers, I have 3. one is incredible. an angel. one is a snitch. the other sexually assaulted me and my four sisters but my parents didn't give a damn. to this day it's so embarrassing to admit because he's younger than me and I should have been able to defend myself better.

No. 1264649

i wonder the same thing, he's unremarkable and his voice is annoying.

No. 1264650

Hardcore agree. Also pointless nitpick but I really dislike how he parts his hair to the side. It just gives middle school horse girl and it looks dorky as hell. Very cheugy.

No. 1264653

He's that fucking short? kekkkk Men shorter than me gross me the fuck out

No. 1264654

>>1264407 please feel no shame crying in public. I do it all the time now (yeah yeah I'm a crybaby or whatever). it's very freeing.

No. 1264657

i was just thinking that looking at his hair kek it's such a hardcore side part it literally looks like a ratty wig

No. 1264671

Has anyone ever been socially addicted to benzos? I'm not talking about day to day addiction, the need to take them daily. I'm talking getting conditioned to take benzos only in social situations. I'm definitely socially addicted to benzos. I can go for 2 months alone at home never taking them but if I have to socialize I will takr them. I never successfully socialize with people without benzos. If I don't take benzos most people hate me and I fail getting my ideas and points across since my anxiety is so powerful that it mixes all my thoughts and ideas. I feel like shit shity is chemical.

No. 1264674

I can't see into the future. When asked what I imagine I'm doing in any amount of time I really just can't. The only thing I'm sure of is that in at least the next two years I'd like to kill myself. I feel bad because I don't think anybody in my family knows, they all expect me to one day become confident and get a good job and live somewhere and be a normal person but I don't see it. I don't think it's possible at all for me, nor would I want to. I just want to kill myself, I already have several plans for it. I cannot imagine myself ever becoming successful, I am sick of thinking about "the future", even as a child I thought I'd have friends in high school, get good grades, join clubs and maybe a sport, and it never happened. I tried, too. I never wrote down the negatives versus positives of suicide yet, but I think there are more positives. I take up too many resources like food and space. Whenever I breach I end up submerged again, deeper than before. I just wish my family would realize that I'd be better off if I committed suicide, and they'd likely be better off, too. The circumstances of my birth should have been a hint that I wouldn't grow up to be successful or even very happy.

No. 1264675

His whole hair is shit in general, proof that not every man looks better with long hair. He looked marginally better with a shorter cut (there's an old pic floating around of it but i don't feel like finding it)

No. 1264677

I actually love manlets with long dark hair but he’s just too off putting.

No. 1264678

He has the potential to look all right with long hair if he styled it right, got a decent cut and took care of it. His hair looks like he hasn't had his hair cut in 5 years and washes it with dish soap.

No. 1264680

I signed up on 2 online dating apps recently. Mostly to see what was out there. I rejected so many people because of appearance alone, which was bleak enough. Then I got a catfish on OKC. I had a few matches through Hinge, one was a boring guy, and one guy…well, he was so direct and kept implying that I meet at his place, and it freaked me out so much I just deleted all of my accounts. I was lonely and thought of meeting somebody, but after going through the stress and anxiousness of this, I realized I like my time alone…
While I am lonely, I don't think I am quite "ready", at least for online dating. I wish I could just meet someone in person, but that's difficult too, with work and all. I'm trying not to feel like a failure. I miss intimacy. And I have this nagging voice in my head saying "remember the time your ex said he was already going out on dates?". He was an asshole and a cheater who said that specifically to bother me, and really anyone could go on a date if they lower their standards…but, I dunno, I just feel awful. Admittedly, I miss how easy it was meeting my ex and the little time we had that was good. I could never go back to them though, I know that. I wish someone new could just fall in my lap again..

No. 1264694

i used to take them for anxiety and it was the only thing that let me socialize without panic attacks.
unfortunately depending on them to socialize will make socializing without them that much harder. try to preform some easy socialization without them and only take one if you're really panicking, that is what I did combat the dependancy I developed. benzos are great for treating anxiety and you wont be at much risk for physical withdrawl if you are careful to only take it when you need.

No. 1264702

He'd look way worse with short hair imo, the issue is that his hair is not maintained and the cut is horrible. If he had layers in his hair, he washed it, and paid attention to his ends, it'd look good on him tbh.

No. 1264704

Charlie always gave me FTM vibes

No. 1264706

File: 1657986797395.jpeg (37.46 KB, 480x360, A7880E67-7A97-4EC2-9DD3-32D658…)

he could never suit long hair, he is way too ugly for long hair no matter how much he 'styled' it. it's not even comparable how much more put together he looks with short hair. he's still an ugly manlet tho

No. 1264707

Are you that anon that told the an anons baby to die because she said white people are colorist? For the millionth time that anon was arab. You can't possibly expect people to defend your moid-tier obnoxious acting for being black right? And if you're not black like you claim then you should probably sit down and let black people determine what's offensive not to them instead of shutting them up to speak for them

No. 1264710

Nona you need to stop doom scrolling and spending most of your time on social media
Find a hobby. You don't need to be a skydiving all award winning artistic swimmer
Having one is enough, whether it be reading or drawing
If you have nothing, explore more and like I said lay off the internet pills
Know that you are not not any more boring than the rest of em
Goodluck :] <3

No. 1264711

see i feel he looks a lot more simian like this

No. 1264713

thank you nona. I have a few hobbies besides the internet but nothing involving anything creative so I guess I feel untalented that's all

No. 1264719

I actually find him kinda hot but in an endearing way. sorry. I know, I have the worst taste.

No. 1264727

what are you on he looks like a fucking caveman with short hair. Long hair is definitely better on him, especially if he gets rid of that awful facial hair

No. 1264729

integrate newfag

No. 1264743

I hate how I'm jealous of a fugly moid. I'm jealous because I can't believe how many people enable his nasty ass. It hurts because I wish I had even an 1/8 of the support he gets. Funny how I get told to stfu about certain things but if he talks about it, it's the greatest thing ever. Same with career options. How dare I think about doing art yet he'd do great in it with his mediocre talent and shitty attitude. It's hell to be a woman.

No. 1264746

you do realise he's ugly either way and he just doesn't look homeless with short hair?

No. 1264749

File: 1657988087467.jpg (11.41 KB, 235x280, 9db243cfd62a10746cc5be069b2c2d…)

Why do moids always have to ruin everyone's mood. I was just talking to my mom on the phone, while my dad was busy assembling furniture in the background and he got so pissed off about some pieces not fitting and kept complaining to the point where he ruined my mom's mood and we had to end the phone call. He was most likely too retarded to bother reading the instructions. I hate men.

No. 1264753

your mom just wanted to get off the phone with you. stop taking things so seriously. men really do live rent free in your head.

No. 1264755

File: 1657988472895.png (147.85 KB, 2500x1645, 10F82839-0D33-4BB6-BC26-4BD900…)

Nta but go crywank about it elsewhere scrote. You wouldn’t be in our heads at all if you’d just shut up and fuck off.

No. 1264763

constantly complaining in the background while your wife is on the phone with your daughter is kinda unpleasant and rude indeed

No. 1264764

File: 1657988676031.jpeg (294.93 KB, 1422x2048, IMG_1268.jpeg)

ruined yet another nice family night with my stupid fucking uncontrollable emotional outbursts

No. 1264765

I had a stack of fat quarter cuts in a pile at the end of my bed last night. My cat knocked them over, and one just disappeared. I looked under the bed with a flashlight, took off all the sheets and shook them out, and looked between the mattress and the bed frame. It's just GONE. Where the hell do things go?

No. 1264778

check the cat's poop

No. 1264782

angloturd when an emotion above absolutely nothing is displayed: OH NOOOOOOO

No. 1264802

No she didn't but he was complaining so much in the background that he kept butting in.

No. 1264826

Woke up this morning to my loud ass scrote neighbors doing more loud shit directly outside my bedroom. To top it off they were doing loud shit outside all yesterday and last night too. I scared them off today by playing youtube shows at full volume right against my bedroom wall and am just waiting for the inevitable return so I can put on the really deranged-sounding channels. It's been over seven months and they're still "settling in" on the daily and doing noisy construction projects late into the night, so I've given up on any degree of decency.

No. 1264835

Every month when I get my period my bf gets his depression crisis. Every.fucking.month is the same but he gets to stay in bed being pathetic for days while I have to come and work while my body hurts. Why can't he wait for me with a warm tea and a hug? No he has to disappear for days and suicide bait I fucking hate this

No. 1264836

Kek maybe he is reading tranny subreddits and is feeling DYSPHOWIC about your periods

No. 1264837

>suicide bait
If he's actually doing that I hope you're not entertaining that manipulative shit

No. 1264839

If it keeps falling on those same dates do you think hes putting it on a bit? A bit like how men pretend to be bad at housework to get out of doing it? Sorry babe I can't support you I'm suddenly quite depressed myself…

The suicide baiting is legit emotional abuse btw.

No. 1264847

File: 1657994458118.jpg (6.97 KB, 275x148, 1649594975032.jpg)

Kek Nona noo I rant about how much I hate troons enough for him to know better
My best friend killed himself two years ago and he went through it with me so he knows he shouldn't fuck around with suicide but I'd feel a little narc saying "this hurts me because of this, stop feeling sad"
I said suicide baiting but is not like he sends me messages saying I'm doing it now!! Or anything, he just tells me to not go his place and disappears.
I can't imagine him doing this on purpose but noni you're right he is a scrote after all…
We don't live together so is easy to just not visit him until he feels better. Thank you nonies, don't date depressed individuals

No. 1264848

your boyfriend is claiming to get depression once every month, it coincides with your period and you just believe him?? I think being with a male is making you stupid.

No. 1264851

Next time he mentions it… call services on him. Seeing as he's not faking it.

No. 1264852

My friend deleted her facebook account and it's been four days and she still hasn't seen my whatsapp messages. I'm getting really worried. What if something bad happened to her? We didn't fight, I don't believe she would just cut ties with me without giving an explanation. We were making plans to hang out together just a few days ago. I know she hasn't blocked me because I tried looking for her on another facebook account through a mutual, and she doesn't show up in that person's friends list. Fuck, I don't know where exactly she lives. I don't have the contact of her family. I'm scared.

No. 1264853

Nop he is always depressed it just gets worst with my period but now that you say so is very weird maybe I am becoming stupid ugh

No. 1264854

Helping with rent and paying my phone bill is not an issue to me but every time I have to pay a student loan bill my heart gets filled with hate, anger, and regret at a really fast rate. I wish student loans would fucking disappear but there's a slim to none chance of that happening.

No. 1264858

His " depression " is just him throwing a tantrum because he isn't able to have sex with you at that time of the month. He doesn't want you to come over to his place because you aren't useful to him unless you can spread your legs, and he's probably fucking another woman.

No. 1264860

I'm worried for you nona he sound like a piece of shit. Even if he helped with rough times, the suicide baiting is unacceptable, ESPECIALLY with your history. Please think if he is actually worth it (he's not imo)

No. 1264863

I'm a shit employee and call in sick way too often. I tried to quit before and she told me to stay so I did. They never have enough staff and they don't want to pay more. I don't even know why she wants me to work there. I want to quit kinda badly. Management is ok but they don't pay us enough and the managers are always bitchy and doing nothing. I also trained someone and they don't pay us more because that's the "team environment". I just want to quit jfc. I don't even have a second job lined up

No. 1264865

I wouldn't worry too much nona, sounds like she is feeling overwhelmed and decided to delete her socials/ghost for a bit. I've done that too. I would give her a week or two and see, if her account was deleted then it was manual. It's ok

No. 1264866

File: 1657995452542.png (331.49 KB, 737x696, 434638.png)

Why do people pretend right-wing men are any more moral than any other group? Even here you see poorly disguised tradthot-lite statements. I'm not just talking about this white scrote and his fail ideology, right-wing brown and black scrotes are exactly the same. They're all two inches away from trooning out anyway.


This is so disgusting.

No. 1264868

They said do not quit because they are desperate, and do not have enough workers. Tell them you will quit unless they give your more money. And actually quit if they don't. Trust me, they are desperate, I WAS management. If you have unions, contact them about the training pay

No. 1264869

I've been pretty depressed while in relationships. I waas grieving for my mom. I blame the end of my first serious relationship on me not making enough efforts to help myself. I was a moping misery for too long. The next guy was hands on and at 2 different points he made calls and made me get help. One day he came home from work and he had a home-visit doc with him. He hadn't told me because he knew I wouldn't agree to it but he was putting his foot down. Another time he brought me to A and E. That's how you react to genuine suicidal distress.

Honestly, I respect that he didn't just endlessly put up with an untreated suicidally depressed person. If I wasn't doing enough to help myself he made it clear that he'd make an ultimatum and I either go do something right now or he can't be my endless unqualified support. If I were faced with a partner in that boat, real or fake, I'd take the same course of action.

No. 1264870

yeah idk how anon is so fucking stupid, he gets VERY DEPRESSED around her period every month and tells her not to come over and she can't put 1+1 together… that is an actual intellectual disability. i'm in awe of how she's so blasé over the situation kek

No. 1264873

Fuck off. Always the moid defence squad coming in to blame the woman

No. 1264876

yeah she is to blame because she's so fucking stupid when her bf couldn't be more obvious, and no is defending her retarded suicide baiting bf either

No. 1264884

Nonnie please leave him. I had a BF like this when I was younger who was always 'depressed' and would self harm but it always seemed to get 'worse' when I was on my period/sex drive was down/family events/friends. He would always threaten suicide when I couldn't see him or would concidentally have more cuts on him after my period or weekends we couldn't hang out.
He may be suffering but he is using it as a tool for emotional manipulation and putting you in emotional hardships so you feel obligated to stay. I left my BF because he threatened to kill himself and I came over unannounced to find him playing FIFA online where I screamed and got mad for baiting me and then he pulled out his suicide card "no but it makes me feel better nona, I only ignored you and made you worry so I could play Fifa undisturbed". These men are unhinged and know where to tug on your heartstrings. Please leave him nonnie, he's doing a great job because you're already in the Vent thread defending his suicide baits around your period and making you worry. You don't need this. Many men would make you tea, tuck you in and put on your favorite movie for you. Pleasee take our warnings. " Depressed " men won't be fixed and can't be until they look at themselves. My dad warned me because he used to be one too. Good luck nona

No. 1264901

File: 1657996290201.jpeg (37.51 KB, 585x731, 8e947739cc986ea2b7b647dbd34341…)

I try to break up with my bf several times but each time he says he wants to be with me, but he doesn't treat me like a gf. It's like as soon as we got official he stopped working out and wanting to meet me. I have to initiate everything, when he does it's lazy. I keep having this feeling that he doesn't like me but when I try to say we can just be friends he says he is freaking out and he just wants someone that's nice to him and that he likes when I'm nice and cute. I just want a stable, normal bf like I'm not equipped for this at all. Wtf does he want from me?

No. 1264905

he wants what he can't have, that's it. just say bye and block.

No. 1264918

Newfags summerfags go KILL YOURSELF can’t believe these retards are replying to the male bait thread

No. 1264924

Sounds like one of those guys who just doesn't want to be single. He'll do the bare minimum to keep you there as a stand in til be can hop on over to anyone new. Guys like that get bored easily but they never dump you (or accept being dumped) til they have a replacement ready.

No. 1264931

just break up wtf you don't need his permission to break up

No. 1264934

my acrylic medium ate my midtones im so fucking pissed I dont want to redo a 20 hour painting i just wanna kms at this point

No. 1264935

and to the lamest moid bait too, it's been the same copy paste bait for months now.

No. 1264944

Amen anon. I've seen so many new twitterfags. The summerfags are unbearable, half of them are ana-chans and other half are low quality tradthots.

No. 1264947

I’m sick and i feel so terrible

No. 1264957

what are you sick with anon?

No. 1265039

I hate you all so much

No. 1265045

as you should

No. 1265046

Then leave.

No. 1265056

I blame the bunker thread and Kaitlyn Tiffany. Those were fun, now anons try to recreate that even if it's by replying to moid posts

No. 1265098

File: 1658002599177.jpg (381.75 KB, 1000x1480, DODgardenoflight.jpg)

I got a ton of stuff from a /vg/ thread in 2016 and now the mega links are dead so I can't confirm if I got everything and even back then a shitton of content was lost media from 2003. Blogs? Either died or you are like R*kka who has bias in her translations and became A FUCKING AMATEUR VTUBER on twitch because she's a 35 year old cosplayer now. But I like a challenge and at least collecting all the rare books and art I have

No. 1265111

Just a head cold

No. 1265116

Why is everyone ignoring me…

No. 1265120

No. 1265121

File: 1658003878733.png (47.43 KB, 275x175, 1650026153044.png)

This Ricky Martin shit reminded me of the last time I hung out with my gay, male ex best friend. We went to see the first IT movie, the one with wolfhard, and I whispered how the kid with a lisp looked like his little brother because he really did. Tell me why this weirdo then replies that he wouldn't mind fucking him, thinking it was funny and uncalled for when I told him it was nasty because that's a kid. Never befriending scrotes ever again, that shit grossed me out.

No. 1265126

File: 1658004163718.jpg (60.5 KB, 944x531, 1570395543388.jpg)

Holy shit I had to check and this kid was born in 2003 and the movie came out 2017, I am angry all over again

No. 1265131

I grew up around people who thought gays and pedos were the same thing. Whenever I hear gay men lusting after teens or making jokes about lil boys I'm like.. you don't want to seperate yourself from all those years of gross stereotypes then? You want to lean into it instead? Weird choice.

No. 1265133

Men in general never think that far ahead about anything because most of them are solely driven by the coom.

No. 1265135

File: 1658004668584.png (39.39 KB, 275x175, 1658003878734.png)

The image was bothering me. I fixed it.

No. 1265137

I think the improperly placed text added to the meme.

No. 1265140

File: 1658005010747.gif (640.74 KB, 220x165, F2101E98-07D5-44A3-AE69-A962BD…)

>easier to poop at the beginning of my period
>few days later passes
>pooping becomes painful towards end of period as it always is

I hate whatever entity gave women our menstrual cycle because this is the last thing I need right now

No. 1265141

The two types of people in the world

No. 1265146

I used to feel bad because one time he got beaten up for looking so goddamn gay but now I just see it as male on male violence, he also had some weird obsession with cycling gear, like shorts and Japanese boys.
you took the feral nature of it out but I kinda get you, anon but don't let this become a habit

No. 1265151

File: 1658005582390.png (184.56 KB, 245x345, nowe.PNG)

I love Drakengard 2 I just have a crush on Nowe

No. 1265176

I just remembered something I'd repressed. 17 y/o, on a school trip in Athens with my ancient history class. I have like two other weird friends I'm sharing a room with. All year us three were observing this one particular greasy little autist with no friends – nothing malicious. We just watched him at break watching the clock, no friends, waiting for class. He was very nervous and twitchy, and a little smelly, but we still had this little fan club for him.

We didn't know if he'd come on the trip but he did. So when the teachers told us we could explore the town as long as we were in groups, we invited him to hang with us. The regret was almost instant. His breath was terrible, when he knew he was welcome with us he never shut up, repulsive to be around. We decided between us to try to avoid him but he began following us around in the hotel we were all staying at. It only stopped when we asked some of the boys to step in. It's never worth it girls.

No. 1265210

File: 1658009586594.jpg (299.45 KB, 1080x826, g3r3yewo9x331.jpg)

Walking to work today I passed by 2 obviously intellectually disabled older men and a carer that was with them. One of the men was having a moment. I gave him a lil extra space as I had to pass by him but in fairness he was in his own lil bubble in that moment. I've seen it before in other fully autistic people like that. He'd stopped and the carer was just waiting for it to pass. What annoyed me though. He was nearby a petrol station and some houses and people who were pumping petrol were so fucking loudly commenting on him. Like very loud and over the top like it's a bit of excitement for them. He wasn't doing anything really but ok. Then as I passed by some people that I see everyday sitting in their front garaden I see they're up out of their chairs gawking at him "oh jaysus whats hes doing haha!" full volume screeching. For a moment there I fully just got consumed by the shame of seeing perfectly functioning people making a big spectacle out of a minor autistic episode. For what? They couldn't just quietly glance over to assess what's happening. Screaming about him while he's already trying to calm himself. You absolute geniuses. You gossipy, no sense having, no life having, no discretion having fucktards. He has an excuse but what's your excuse for acting so retarded?

I'm usually so far from being the queen of defending male tists but we're talking about someone with a severe form who needed a minute. Who needed space and quiet and people gathered like he was a fucking chimp at the zoo. I've always felt like those neighbours were weird for how much they watch you pass their house. They have seats our in their front garden and they practically live out there. I never knew if I was being sensitive when I felt like they people watch too intensely. I pass by their house twice a day minumum because of work. I've felt their eyes burning through me a thousand times and it's awakward but I ignored it. What else can you do. They were living for the drama of that happening within eyeshot today. Entertained thoroughly. Giddy. While they made a spectacle of him I thought they were the real spectacle.

I'm on lc defending a male tist, for once. You know shits bad when I'm doing that.

No. 1265212

I hate cap sleeves so much, why are they on so many shirts?

No. 1265215

I waxed my whole body instead of sh/drugs. I know its harmful as well and contributes to a bad self image to remove body hair, but I feel like it at least not as bad or permanent damage.

No. 1265218

I'm having rage issues, I've been stress eating and gained a few kg, existence feels oppressive, things just don't feel right and I think I'll have to go bback to my shrink. fuck…

No. 1265220

I have a habit of tweezing body hair because it calms me. I've tweezed my entire armpit, leg, and pubic hairs before. I could sit there and do it for hours. I still do from time to time but not as obsessively.

No. 1265222

>gnc (undiagnosed) autist, elementary school
>parents break back to send me to a private school better catered to "weird" and disabled kids
>school was a sham, classrooms are small, little to no friends
>become friends with a future cluster b mess
>cluster b mess has a NLOG (but not GNC) yes-girl friend since kindergarten
>social hierarchy established where I am at the bottom of the three
>at the whims of cluster b mess, yes-girl stops talking and ostracizes me, or includes me in the group. Cluster b mess takes priority over me in out friendship
>much of the bullying/segregation and not being defended by peers, cluster b mess and yes-girl included, is related to not being "girly" and being "weird"
>Yes-girl is never excluded by the other girls in the classroom in this manner
>Yes-girl and cluster b mess also bully a moid in our class that clearly has some sort of learning disability
>Discover bisexuality, get rumors spread about it by a moid when turning him down, e-date a girl on senior year, several crushes on females
>Yes-girl has a crush on the same boy from elementary until graduation, several boyfriends after
>Years pass
>Cut them out of my life after being diagnosed a sperg and both of them saying I used it as a shield
>More years pass
>Yes-girl got way into supernatural
>virtue signaling about autism and ADHD activism
>Calls herself bisexual despite only showing interest in moids
>she/they in bio

I want to DM her and tell her to kill herself so bad despite knowing it won't do or mean anything

No. 1265228

Tale as old as time, I know. I went to trim my hair, since I thought the ends were looking a little thin. It was mid-back, almost to my hips before, and while it was pretty, I was self-conscious about it looking damaged. The stylist cut it way shorter than I thought she would, and it's bra-strap length now and looks awkward. It grows back sure, but I regret it and it's going to suck waiting, and right now I keep crying. I'm sorta known for having long hair so having it just, average to short length now has been making me feel less confident.

No. 1265231

I get it girl, it seems like a small thing and we know it grows but it hurts to feel like they 'botched' the haircut somehow. I've been cutting mine at home just to trim the length and my hair sucks but I get it when I used to care I felt like this

No. 1265232

Same nona, I feel like I'm losing my resoluteness bit by bit.
Something that has been lessening the damage lately though is trying to constantly "ground" myself.
Since I can't really depend on my brain to remind me that hey, whatever I'm doing now I'm probably going to regret later, I have some physical object on me at all times.
Something sentimental, whether it's a watch, a ring or even a whole badge with a paper inside it listing all the reasons why I shouldn't do whatever it is I'm trying to resist doing.
I choose the object depending on how stable and calm I'm feeling.

It seems silly but hey, it works

Goodluck to you, hope you become more stress free. You deserve it

No. 1265233

Thank you dear, I haven't heard of this grounding technique yet, I will try it. I wish you the best too. May we not have to see any shrinks afterall

No. 1265234

>I want to DM her and tell her to kill herself
BPD rubbed off on you from your cluster B friend, kek

No. 1265237

KEK it's why I hold back from doing it and shittalk on lolcow instead. I had a narc mother too which doesn't help matters. I gotta be better than them but I have to a-log somewhere

No. 1265250

>You gossipy, no sense having, no life having, no discretion having fucktards.
sounds like lolcow.

No. 1265253

The way most adults treated me as a fat kid was fucking weird, the place I went after school to be looked after until my mom picked me up was so fucked. This old woman would not let me come in the house, but made me walk in a circle outside for hours on end, didn’t let me eat nor drink and would often dump these 3 year old girls in there with me, winter or not. The school wouldn’t let me use anything on my bread and this all sounds made up but it isn’t, my dad was such an abusive pos that I was scared to tell anyone about shitty adults. Anyways, turns out my thyroids were barely working, got meds and turned out relatively normal weighing woman but the fucking fact I never even over ate fucks me up, these idiots made me eat rye bread with nothing on it wtf was that shit.

No. 1265254

I just remembered I got a kidney infection from that old bitch not letting me in to use the bathroom, goddamn weirdo.

No. 1265265

Every man is the same. Your 4chan dwelling incel is no different from a football nut normie. What a shit fucking world to be straight in.

No. 1265270

God mens problems are so insignificant and 100% self inflicted. Every time I expense emotional labor for my brothers, once in a while just to fulfill sisterly duty, I regret it.

No. 1265271

That's bizarre.. So sorry you went through that nona. Fat shaming doesn't work with kids at all.

No. 1265273

It was so absurd, the kids would bully me and in a way, so did the adults, so it's all very twisted somehow. Thank you, I'm doing relatively okay mentally, I don't really have that many bullying related issues but it still angers me.

No. 1265275

You should be angry, that was disgusting and inappropriate. I'm glad you found your peace and healing

No. 1265277

I recently lost my cat due to an incurable cat illness and facebook is showing me ads for cat toys, cat food etc and I want to fucking cry but at the same times I like cats and they bring me joy what do I do

No. 1265279

What illness? I lost a kitten to FIP in february and I'm still not over it. So sad, I didn't even know he had it until the day he died

No. 1265285

I lost her to FELV, I'm still crying days later.
Hugs to you nona

No. 1265286

After the kitten died I adopted a FELV+ cat who also died in a matter of days of multiple organ failure, I feel your pain. It sucks so fucking much that there's no cure!!! Hugs to you too dear.

No. 1265299

My friend is a fucking dumbass. She keeps complaining about this moid she's known for years and yet sometimes goes to fuck him and gets hurt every single time. Worst part is she pays everything when they see each other. She says "oh is my sugar mommy complex lololol", but she's just a retard.
It's come to the point when last time she told me about it she started crying but I couldn't bring myself to feel bad for her because she's been doing this for the past 3 years, not even her self-proclaimed demisexuality stops her kek

No. 1265332

The only reason I don't kill myself is because of my mom. Nothing else. I can't bear the thought of bringing her this much pain. The only way out would be killing her and then killing myself but I think this is pathetic and a moid move, moids are always killing their wives, kids and then themselves. I'll only kill myself after she dies naturally. I love my mom. Nobody else other than her, I'm splitting up from moid because I'm unable to stand other human beings, I can barely stand my own shadow, I'm so difficult and I know it and I don't know how to change it no matter how much meditatiton, therapy and psychiatric drugs enter my life

No. 1265341

My dad sent in the family whatsapp group a photo of a girl in her early 20s who's very pretty and saying she's dating him. I can't believe it. The daddy issues or need for money must be overwhelming, I hope it's a joke because I'm also in my early 20s and it's so creepy. I have him blocked everywhere already because he's a rapist but my grandmother insists on pretending we're a normal family and thus we have a whatsapp family group

No. 1265344

I'm so sick of this housing crisis. I'm still young and it's acceptable for me to live with my parents. We have a good relationship too so I should really not complain but I want to move out and have a sense of independence, and I really don't see it happening anytime. Cut to me being 30 and working on this same laptop from the same attic room, browsing LC during my breaks. With the war too, I really don't feel hope for this world anymore.

No. 1265350

I asked my bf to get me a protein bar and he came back with a Quest protein cookie and it’s disgusting and taste like shit and only has 5grams of protein

No. 1265355

>sugar mommy complex
That’s so pathetic…isn’t the appeal of it the financial dominance you get over someone? Having them at your beck and call? She’s just a cuck with a humiliation fetish.

No. 1265356

>he’s a rapist
Why even hold back? Blast him in the family group chat.

No. 1265368

I'd hit him with a "Is that your new girlfriends daughter?"

No. 1265372

Feel the same, except my parents are crap. I want to move out asap, but rent and living costs are high. I feel so behind, that I don't have my own apartment yet. There are times where I wish I could meet somebody just to move into their place, to get away and get some independence. Be able to go out whenever I want to without being questioned, actually having space other than a little room, living where there's no hostility.

No. 1265376

Was feeling really inspired and good today so I went to the library to get some art books. I picked one up about expressive sketching and the first page I opened it to was a gesture drawing where the whole rest of the woman’s body was drawn with like 3 short expressive lines but her tit was a fully drawn tit. Maybe it’s dumb but it soured my whole day I keep thinking about it and getting pissed.

No. 1265400

I dun thk I wanna pway dis gamz any-morez

No. 1265408

I don't blame you. Even a lot of supposedly "woke" people I know (male and female) including those that have studied art history are fixated on the idea that naked women = epitome of art. Anything about the voyeuristic nature of most of it or the gross objectification is totally lost to them.
"But women's bodies are just more aesthetically pleasing!!" lol shut the fuck up

No. 1265411

File: 1658027499318.jpeg (998.71 KB, 2048x1536, 93624199-9151-439C-ABC6-E6EF55…)

A sinus infection has left my throat so very raw and sore.
For the first time in YEARS I have not been able to enjoy coffee in days, it sends me into another harsh coughing fit.
Coffee… my truest joy. Even mediocre gas station coffee brings me joy. I cant start the day with my latte Ive perfected at home, or a cup of joe at a diner. Yea tea blah blah im doing it but out of DESPERATION.
A chai is beautiful, so are the green and the white teas. Even the pineapple tea i made is ok but I WANT SEXY ESPRESSO I WANT A ROSEMARY INFUSED SYRUP IN A LATTE I MISS THE BEANS BABY I WANT MY FUCKING COFFEE.
>img a beautiful coffee I enjoyed in Spain my heart plz i beg take me back to better times

No. 1265416

godspeed nona

No. 1265421

Poor thing I am addicted to coffee as well. Hope you have a speedy recpvery

No. 1265426

but is it addiction, or passion? Nonna, i cant tell anymore (kekekek)

No. 1265430

I feel you nonna ♥ I hope you find a better situation soon

No. 1265444

I don't want to study for my stupid exams, I want to be on break already and spend all day drawing my husbandos. This sucks

No. 1265490

I wanted to dye my hair so I did and only my ends took the hair dye (ash brown) and my roots are regular brown but my hair stylist said ash was the way to go and now I look ugly and washed out and I'm gonna have to scrub the shit out of my hair tomorrow and I don't have the money to fix it so I'm just gonna have ugly ashy gray hair for awhile now

No. 1265502

A post about shame made me realize that it's the thing that has been ruining my life even though I considered many other things. Me breaking out in cold sweat whenever I had to share things about myself wasn't social anxiety or shyness, it was fear of being shamed for my hobbies and for my personality. Me being completely unaware of my own desires and goals and feeling generally apathetic about every decision I had to make was just a way to erase myself to avoid being shamed. Gravitating towards jobs I hate and people who would reject me was another way to avoid feeling ashamed for doing things I'd potentially enjoy. It also poisoned my hobbies and I realized that it was not perfectionism or fear of failure that prevented me from doing my hobbies either

No. 1265519

Hairdressers are retarded I told one I wanted my hair stripped of colour and she literally just put dark brown hair dye all over it instead And then insisted it would “wash out back to your natural colour”. Luckily I called bullshit and got my hair stripped for free but she just clearly couldn’t be bothered. Never take a hairdressers advice because they are lazy and don’t give a fuck about anyone’s hair but their own

No. 1265577

I was typing a whole novel here about my stepdad being a manchild and a loser, but in the process it kind of made me realize that alot of the men in my life have failed me one way or another. I feel worse.

No. 1265587

Head hurty nose leaky
Noooo I don't wanna be sick

No. 1265590

Tired of overthinking, tired of putting an effort into people who dont give two fucks about me, im tired of loving people who dont love me back im tired of being a retard

No. 1265595

Me too nona, me too. Toxic shame maybe, it's for sure debilitating

No. 1265621

File: 1658061943148.jpeg (24.42 KB, 533x534, 8F1FC5DE-2E10-4F3E-8DF2-1AE03B…)

My parents and siblings all went on vacation to this beach they took us to as kids. I found out because my brother posted on Snapchat and I checked their location with the find my iPhone feature. They’re staying at a really nice resort too. They never told me or asked me if I wanted to go and I feel really depressed and left out. This isn’t even the first time this has happened. They have gone to places that I asked to have family trips at with just my siblings. A lot of these places are really close to my apartment too and they just forget about me. I use to live across the country from them and for years they would guilt me that I would regret moving so far away because they will get old and die soon. My mom got cancer (but she beat it) and I remember crying so much because I felt regret for moving across the US. After the covid lock downs I had a bad breakdown and had to be hospitalized. Ptsd and depression was messing with me bad so I had to move back home with my family. I saw it as an opportunity to make up for lost time. I would ask my mom over and over to spend time with me when I moved back home but she refused and would lock herself away in her room. I’m always so fearful that I will lose a parent and not be able to spend time with them because my dad is always texting me things like >your mom is getting sick again I think!
>we wont be around forever
>your grandpa died at age 50 I’m next!
Eventually my mom got into a fight with me because I got a new boyfriend who paid for his own plane ticket to visit me and got us an airbnb. She yelled at me saying I think I could do whatever I wanted because my boyfriend and I never asked her permission if he could visit. we are 25 and I honestly didn’t think it would be a problem…The next day she told me she had a surprise for me and my dad took me out apartment hunting and they moved me out. We don’t really get into fights, that fight that got me kicked out was the last one and that was over a year ago. They only really had me over for holidays for a few hours after that. They tell me they’re busy all the time and have no money to do anything lol..It makes me feel so sad when they do these fun things with each other on the weekends and they make an effort to hide it from me but my dad slips up in conversations and will accidentally talk about these family outings. I never meant to upset my mom so bad that day. I feel so depressed and feel like my family hates me. I wish I just never existed

No. 1265643

Despite all my best efforts, i still don't have anywhere to live next month

No. 1265654

Nona your family is abusive, straight up. You do not owe them anything. Honestly, have you thought about not talking to them for at least a while? Like 1 phone call a year. Or cut out completely. Your parents are extremely manipulative of your desire for approval from them. They do not sound like quality people where their approval has any value at all. I am very sorry you are experiencing this from people who should love you and be happy with your life's milestones.

No. 1265670

God damn your family fucking sucks. I hope they all catch a horrible stomach flu and spend the entire holiday shitting and puking.

No. 1265672

I have no advice nonna, sorry, but I just want to send you an internet hug. That sounds awful.

No. 1265674

It's true. At their core they are simple dick-brained, animalistic, gross, aggression and sexuality driven retards who yet think women are beneath them.

No. 1265675

The whole "you shouldn't be close with your dad/brothers" shit some radfems on here preach is straight up creepy and borderline groomer tier behavior.

No. Not going to ruin my relationship with my dad and brother, who have always been kind and loving you me as some litmus test of feminism. I love my dad more than I love some random bitter bitch on here.

No. 1265680

I was told I ought to do a writing exercise to work through my feelings right now but I don't want to do it alone so I'm posting it here where I can feel like I'm 'talking' to someone.

I have a black hole in my brain. I saw it on the imaging scans last Friday. It's in my frontal temporal lobe where the speech centers are, which explains why when my seizures happen, I stop being able to form sentences. I can say words, but not in a way that makes any sense. My mom has the same condition - it's genetic - only hers started 20 years later.
Because mine started so young, it's probably going to get a lot worse. There's no getting better, but if it gets worse - much worse - they can take part of my brain out. However, since the black part is where my speech centers are, that might mean losing my capability to talk or even write. Which - getting worse would obviously would mean losing my job since so much of it involves writing and speaking to clients and employees, I couldn't just pare down to the data analysis and coding shit, I'd be a paperweight in the office - but I cannot deal with the thought of being reliant on my boyfriend or my parents for financial support at my age, as a grown adult. I'm already not dealing well with having to be driven everywhere because you can't drive for six months after a seizure.

Weirdly enough, also, one of the parts that makes me most upset isn't the idea of losing the ability to be able to talk, it's losing the ability to be able to write, because then I couldn't be on imageboards or communicate with my friends online anymore. Like irl talking? voice chat? pfauuughh. you can keep it. my anime discord servers??? noooooooooooo.

but also the idea of losing the financial stability from my job - LITERALLY the best job I've ever scored because I tricked them into thinking I was some kind of high-IQ genius on some dumb personality quiz they gave me - is killing me. I haven't even been there for three full months and my parents are already trying to persuade me to quit and move back home so I can get full-time care. I'm not sure whether two grand mals in three weeks is something I should expect from now on, frankly, or if they're overreacting, but if I quit the job, there's only two - well, three options, really - for making my way through life.

1) my boyfriend takes care of my financial needs and i continue to live with him.
this isn't ideal because the brain meds I am on have started to put a huge strain on our sex life and our relationship has been suffering because of it. we've made plans to try to fix it but tbh i am not super optimistic because literally everyone i have spoken to about his response, their response has been like 'girl dump him' including close friends as well as total strangers. also, i don't want to be a goddamn houseplant.

2) move back in with parents across the country
also not ideal because i don't want to be relying on my parents like i'm 16 again or something, that sounds like a nightmare. i can deal with them in short spurts but long-term i would end up going on a crime spree. also moving is 1000-mile process, expensive, and an enormous pain in my ass, and I have no guarantee of finding easier work there ESPECIALLY since we live in cottagecore paradise (read: miles from civilization) and cannot drive for the foreseeable future.

3) quit good job, dump bf, get min. wage job pumping ice cream at dairy queen where no speech or thought is required, live under a bridge like a troll and collect tolls from passing cyclists.
obvious drawbacks.

man i'm just.
i'm at that point where going to sleep forever and never waking up rather than dealing with this situation sounds like a good idea. i feel my body's trying to fuck me over like it hates me.

silver linings: if anyone ever gives me shit about anything ever again 'i have brain damage, the doctors told me' is a pretty good explanation for any dumbassery i have been responsible for. silver linings.

No. 1265687

women i befriended in college went to pride all decked out in nonbinary and asexy flags, and carried signs about killing terfs. i hate these spicy straight bitches. they made me feel like a gross alien when i told them that i was a lesbian, and now they're pretending to be such unique and oppressed kweerios without ever eating a single pussy. i'm going insane in this political climate.

No. 1265690

>Posts art
>No response
>Tranny posts poorly drawn, vomit inducing color palette furry art that says it's ok to be trans
>Crowd goes wild
Why is it like this

No. 1265714

Have you had any seizures at work? You could use Uber as well for driving instead of relying on your boyfriend. Will your ability to read be compromised? I'm wondering if you really need to quit your good job. You could possibly dump your boyfriend and stay at your good job. Is it really just impossible to do your good job? It sounds sales related or something.

No. 1265715

I've never seen anyone here say to ruin good relationships with their male family members, you're bsing or purposely misinterpreting anons venting about relationships with male family members that are already bad.

No. 1265748

File: 1658070093224.jpg (17.48 KB, 218x343, aa3d63566ae425919a6308b9d7416e…)

Fucking pissed at how the internet can influence people in a very bad way. I've known this friend since we were in year 3, now in the late 20s she sucked up all of that "You're valid uwu" "respect mentally ill people!" "personality disorders are valid!" bullshit and now she's turned into the worst fucking person I've ever seen, all in a span of 4 years. Every chat we have eventually evolves in "woe is me, I want to kms" because she has to find the bad things in everything. If I send her a picture of a dress, she goes on saying that will never look good on her and why did her parents ever made the effort to make her so ugly, when I graduated she cried because she couldn't reach my level and feels so stupid, when I had a boyfriend she came venting about how she will die alone and she's unloveable. The funny thing is that I actually went to therapy in my teens and successfully recovered, now I am the therapist. Fuck off. I'm not looking for tips on how to dump her, I already did, I'm just pissed about the hugbox mentality that let people being their absolute worst ever and the normalization of mental illness led to a pornification of it, so you now see people larping and running around to get the latest trendy disorder.
This person never had a fucking problem in her life, good family (I know them), good money, good scholarization until she dropped college by herself to fucking larp on the internet and collect sympathy. Why? Why does it happen? She's not stupid, or so I thought, how did she fall for this trap? Is the attention? Goddamn, I suggested her to get help but she said that the therapist "Don't understand her and she's so complicated". Yeah. You're just 28 and chronically online, get off.

No. 1265762


Two of my seizures happened at work. One was a petit mal (I think - I stopped being able to form sentences and memories but I didn't have full-blown limb spaz-out) that led into a grand mal once I got to the hospital, and that was the first time it had ever happened.

The second time, I knew it was coming because I realized the speech thing was in full swing, and then the grand mal happened while my boss was trying to drive me home. My reading isn't compromised so much as writing, but the writing's pretty important to my job since I'm in management. I don't directly do sales but I have to take care of customers and a sales team and a customer service team and if anything becomes a problem, it gets escalated to me, so what I have the most performance anxiety about is being on a call with a customer and having my ability to speak just cut out like it did during one of the petit mal events. And there's even some times now that I can tell it's affecting my writing, where I'll type something and then repeat the same words or phrasing within the same sentence like within the same sentence like that, so even just writing e-mails to co-workers has become very slow and painful because I have to scan it multiple times for basic spelling and syntax errors that normally I would never make.

It's not impossible yet, it's just…harder. I have to struggle to keep up the appearance of doing things easily when they used to really just be easy for me. And I'm scared that it's only going to get harder, I guess, and that eventually I'm not going to be able to stop the people around me from noticing. I feel like they're already noticing, they're just going easy on me because the seizures happened recently and they're all aware of them, but - I know that sympathy will not last forever, but these challenges won't go away.

JUST CUT OUT THE WHOLE BRAIN ALREADY, you know? PUT ME IN A JAR. HOOK ME UP TO THE INTERNET. if only that option was on the table.

No. 1265770

i love it when people tell me that they've already tried therapy, multiple therapists, the therapists are all bad so they stopped going.

what that actually means is the therapists didn't tell them exactly what they wanted to hear so they quit and refuse to work on themselves anymore.

there's nothing to do with people like that but leave them to their own devices. tbh it does feel like their main source of joy in life comes from crying about how pathetic and abandoned and alone they are on their pitiful driftwood life-raft of their own making (while still managing to be in earshot of everyone else who is properly steering their own lives)

No. 1265788

tbf that's not always true, but for people who specifically seek to not be treated, yeah. there genuinely are a lot of shitty therapists out there that refuse to acknowledge abuse/the effects of abuse and are just generally condescending and rude or don't understand development during abuse or abusive dynamics. not a lot of people are well suited to be therapists tbh, it kind of attracts people who necessarily would be shit at the job.

No. 1265792

I think slot of cluster B people become therapists because a good amount of the ones I met talked about themselves alot, tried to push HRT on me instead of actual help, or they just were insensitive and unhelpful in general. The only good one I had also had a mood disorder like me and had to take time off for personal issues.

No. 1265793

I have multiple mental illnesses and have suffered from them for most of my life and the best thing I learned is to keep a fucking lid on it and that nobody, not even close friends or family, wants to hear it. Or if they do, there's a limit. It disgusts me to see people use it as a badge of honor. Like yeah, the stigma kinda sucks and should be less, but reversing that and making it a full-on pride movement is just giving people an excuse to not better themselves or try to blend in with society.

No. 1265807

this is true, a lot of them seem like or are people with issues themselves and really aren't that self aware tbh and plenty honestly shouldn't be doling out advice

No. 1265811

I feel like most people I know who ended up having kids are terrible people and it makes me so sad for their children. I think the funniest part is most of these people were the types to talk about how abusive their own parents were and how older people don't understand the importance of mental health. Only for these idiots to grow up and have kids that they treat like shit. The worst part is most of them planned to have these kids but still call them vile names and treat them horrifically. I had one friend I cut off because she always called her oldest daughter ugly because she looked like her dad. Like you fucking idiot YOU picked her dad ur kid didn't ask to be born u stupid fuckwit. But the dumb bitch likes to cry online about being a single mother even though she actually has a fiance (father of her other kids) who helps her out. And don't get me started on the deadbeat losers I knew who would cry about their evil baby mommas when the truth was their baby mommas have been BEGGING these losers to see their kids. Like men will really impregnate a bunch of women they hate and then use their kids as manipulation when they pick up chicks. Like "poor me I'm just a single dad who can't see his kids". Like FUCK YOU dude. My dad had a criminal record and still got custody of us so WHAT THE FUCK IS UR EXCUSE. And yes I know being a parent isn't easy I had to help raise my younger siblings because my dad didn't have help! But when I bring this up they say "you'll understand when u have ur own". Um if anything wouldn't having ur kid make u less like to beat or neglect them than having to take care of a kid that didn't come from you? Like I had to do many of the same things my friends with kids do for their kids the only difference is I obviously did not carry my siblings in my stomach so there isn't that mother child bond. So by these retarded women's logic, having a baby gives you the right to hate it and treat it like shit when it's born? I think there needs to be some kind of logic and reasoning and also like a childcare test for all men and women to prevent abusive and retarded people from procreating. Because I can already tell most of my peers children are gonna grow up very fucked up in the head. I hate all these irresponsible abusive morons who are literally poisoning the future but whatever

No. 1265826

the "parental alienation" theory was literally started by an abusive actual MRA who had 0 interest in children's welfare and there are like no studies or observations to show this is a phenomenon that has any basis in reality. mothers are trying really hard to correct it in the courts. MRAs have been fucking shit up for decades in multiple countries. it's often used as a defense against real sexual assault allegations from the children/mother. it's really sick shit. there are, however, a lot of therapists and psychologists profiting off of these bunk claims of "parental alienation" made by abusive fathers. there are a lot of people in the world that are completely unethical and do not give two shits about what happens to children (not talking about the mothers generally)

No. 1265840

File: 1658074033968.jpeg (28.5 KB, 350x320, 49FF6F7B-B7E8-435B-950B-EF271A…)

I hate it how whenever I try to Google sometime I have a question about, the only stuff that comes up is bot-generated articles. I hate the fact that the Wild West days of the internet are over. I hate how online algorithms are destroying the social landscape IRL. Truly the heyday of the internet has passed.

No. 1265886

yeah, i'm the anon you're replying to and to be fair, i'm thinking of a very specific personally relevant situation where the parents basically just let their child drop out of multiple college programs, leave jobs, live at home, and then get out of going to multiple different therapists over and over again because 'they don't understand me'. and obviously none of us are allowed to sit in those sessions so we don't know, right? they could all legitimately just be shitty therapists. but the likelihood that all of them are completely irredeemable is - low. and when 'it's not me, it's them' becomes a pattern in someone's life, you start to notice, which is what i think the original anon was getting at.

obviously bad therapists exist but completely irresponsible dipshits do too.

No. 1265887

I really despise that thing where people repeat what you just said in a nagging, mocking(?) kind of voice… a friend did it to me when we were playing something just half an hour ago.
Not long after I just left saying I need to sleep but I actually just left to cry, I think something this trivial hurts so much because I've been trying to break out of my anxious, antisocial hell and offer comfort and care to people I love and care for deeply but am just a punching bag in their eyes. What the fuck is wrong with me.

No. 1265893

I know lots of nonnies feel this way, but does anyone else really feel like they haven't lived at all? I look back on my life and everything is so mundane. It's not that I don't ever leave the house and I'm not uber depressed or anything, but my life is just working, doing my hobbies, going to bookstores/record stores/parks, checking imageboards, and that's about it. I hear older people talk about their youth like it was the best time of their life and I feel that when I'm older I'm not really going to have anything to fondly reminisce about. People talking about their teens and twenties as the best times of their lives while I'm almost 25 and haven't really felt that I've experienced anything.

No. 1265901

a friend of mine used to do this to me in arguments and it got under my skin so bad, anon, you're not alone.
the thing that was the most annoying was that there wasn't even anything to respond to, they were just repeating something you said back to you as if it was stupid, and it wasn't stupid at all - you had a good reason for saying what you did, they just don't have a good response.

the last time my friend tried that move in an argument I stopped, said that was the end of the argument, they were being disrespectful to me personally, and I told them to leave. They actually backed down and apologized. You mileage may vary, but I do feel that is the kind of move someone pulls in an argument when they have absolutely nothing to fall back on and they just want to piss you off by fully disrespecting your intelligence.

No. 1265903

Yes. But to be fair, I think this is a common feeling. I guess I'm doing okay in life, I got a college degree, a job, a good relationship, a cat, I live comfortably, I even have a nice new car. I feel as though I've experienced nothing. I experienced a lot of sexual violence and neglect in my youth, but it doesn't really make me feel like I've experienced anything. I used to drink/abuse drugs a lot because it made me feel like I was doing something if that makes sense, like I could actually enjoy or laugh at media or conversations. Now I'm sober and everything is flat again as it was before I used substances. It is what it is. I cherish all the little facets of everyday life. My husband's smile and laugh, the few books I've enjoyed, our backyard in the early morning, my lovely drive to work. I even enjoy my job. But even if I enjoy those little things, I still feel empty.

No. 1265905

Dirty nasty fucking moid shaved his pubes in the tub and I had to clean it up

No. 1265909

not really. i chose a very boring life as soon as i could because my life as a child-teen was extremely chaotic and i did a lot of "fun" (but not fun to me) shit in my teens with boyfriends and friends that by 17 i was done. i have stories but they weren't very fun for me even if people would consider them "fun" times, it just wasn't my cup of tea. i love having a boring life just checking imageboards or reading and only sometimes hanging out with my small circle of friends. i don't even know how people have the energy to do all of this extraneous energetic, spontaneous crap still.

ultimately, if you're kind of more of a homebody and person that just wants peace, these "fun" things that people reminisce over just might not have even been the thing for you. if i hadn't experienced a lot of stuff that i did, i don't think i would feel i missed out anyways, just because it's not my cup of tea and doesn't seem appealing to me on its face and never did. i just did things with people because others insisted i would absolutely have fun (i did not)

No. 1265921

Makes sense lol because most women I know with deadbeat baby fathers actually want the dude to see the kid. Some don't even ask for child support they just want the dad to fucking check in on his kid. And I know too many men who fought to get custody of their kids including mine to believe some deadbeat losers who claims he's being kept away from his kids. Men are fucking losers.

No. 1265925

> women should rise above being superficial and should date any guy who treats them even semi well, you can just force the attraction to build over time right?
> gawd why don't women want sex 10 times a week with the uggo bfs we memed them into dating, it makes no sense, why you so frigid babe?

No. 1265930

i have a friend who has "vaginismus" and she and her moid have meme'd themselves into believing it's something physically wrong with her when it's obviously a case of her not being attracted to her effeminate lesbian looking TIF looking boyfriend. yet she's been with him for years and i can't understand why she chooses to be with him, he's barely even worked for the entire time they've been together. low self esteem bruh…

No. 1265941

That all sounds really sweet and comfy anon. I guess maybe emptiness is a regular part of life even if there isn't necessarily anything missing. Sometimes I listen to certain music it makes me feel this really strong feeling of longing and I only feel it then, so it makes me wonder if I'm really missing something to be able to feel so strongly but only when I'm listening to certain songs/musicians. But I should be thankful that I have a job, a roof over my head, and that I can afford to live where I live and that I can browse lc and farmers can listen to me ramble and I feel like I'm part of something at least

That's a good point. I guess it always seems more fun when other people talk about it, but ultimately I don't know if I would have enjoyed those things myself in their position. And I guess the only people who reminisce about "the good old days" are going to be the people who did more wild shit. There have always been people who lived relatively mundane, regular lives and they aren't as likely to talk about how much they miss those days since it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Although when I talk to a lot of older people, they love to reminisce about their youth which is why maybe I felt that I was missing out on something.

No. 1265944

unironically this

No. 1265952

yeah literally. i'm tired of being a volcel, but the state of men…

No. 1265955

try duckduckgo

No. 1265956

nah but do you see the way women get treated by men and other women when they dare to date a handsome guy.
Alot of people start comparing your looks to him and other pickmes keep on telling you how you deserve to be cheated on because he is hot and openly flirt with him, that is exhausting for most women so i can see why they chose to date ugly men they have no attraction yo which is still sad but atleast then no one giving you shit or making it a looks competition with him.
Also its easier to break up with someone you're not attracted to.

No. 1265962

>pickmes keep on telling you how you deserve to be cheated on because he is hot and openly flirt with him
Nonnie just let me vent about men once without someone saying
> oh yeah but pickmes do this thing
Don't care.

No. 1265968

There needs to be a support group for volcel women. Still being attracted to men is the root of our problems…

No. 1265972

no one actively gets together with an ugly dude for the reason "i'm scared other women will tell me i don't deserve an attractive guy". that is smoking huge amounts of copium and is the equivalent of men caring about other men's opinions of their gf.

No. 1265976

i think they definitely do after they have a bad experience dating attractive men. there really is a fair number of women who default drink the kool aid pushed by men that other women aren't deserving of an attractive man/or it's just jealousy. it does exist sadly

No. 1265984

>i dont feel this way so let me invalidate other women's experience.

This a common sentiment among women who have dated handsome men, so how about you stfu.
Also its way more than just what you mentioned, there is a level of humiliation and torment that women get from other women (and men) when they decide to date a actually handsome man that can leave us feeling traumatized and not wanting to date people we are attracted to unless we look like supermodels.

No. 1265989

i've only dated attractive men. you can keep coping and settling for uggos because you're uh "protecting" yourself from other women, lol.

No. 1265991

>i date attractive men

lmao and i bet its hideous ugly Neanderthals who are average at best.
We are talking about actual hot men not your trailer trash boys, move along.

No. 1265993

what a typical response from a totally not unhinged totally not coping freak. you can think that if it makes you feel better, i'll just stick to dating attractive men and you can stick to dating uglies because you view me as your competition or whatever.

No. 1265996

Why do you spend this much energy arguing about whose moids are least repulsive looking, embarrassing.

No. 1265998

so you consider yourself a pickme because last time i checked my post was about pickmes doing that, hm…….

No. 1265999

Volcel support group would be based. Can commiserate over the experience of being attracted to men in 2022 when attractive men barely exist.

No. 1266000

its so weird how you keep trying to invalidate other women on this when this is a well known thing and there have been articles of women saying the shit they have to put up with because they decided to date a hot guy. How about we stop invalidating just because it didnt happen to you and the…''hot'' guy you date lol.

No. 1266001

first of all, you don't know what pick me means. second of all, you said
>pickmes keep on telling you how you deserve to be cheated on because he is hot and openly flirt with him
i would never hit on YOUR moid, the fact that you vehemently view other women so much that that's your excuse for dating ugly moids is just embarrassing. if it were up to me you would just date men you're attracted to, but clearly you're a crazy bitch and you can't wrap your head around other people exclusively dating attractive men because you only go for uggos.

No. 1266004

you clearly care too much about what other women think of you and your boyfriends, how about you stop reading "articles" on jezebel and actually go outside?

No. 1266008

not even going to bother since you are seething over this topic and going for scrote tier insults.
the main post was more of a general statement why women do date uggos and not that i would date one.

Also no one wants to go through the added stress of you and your partners looks being compared all the time and everyone encouraging him to cheat. So why are you so angry, maybe you should call the people who tell hot men to cheat ''crazy bitches'' instead of me. Either way you are bothered by this so have fun with your below average totallly hot men.

No. 1266010

you're not going to bother because your argument is trash. ah yes, it's other women's fault you and your fairytale sexy ex boyfriend broke up. just couldn't deal with all the other women lusting after him, those evil pick me's that are always encouraging your sexy bf to cheaat. it's actually specifically MY fault you guys broke up, because i'm not uwu validating your feelings by trashing other women and using them as an excuse for why you and your very hot boyfriend broke up, forcing you to date only unattractive men. it's totally not you having negative self esteem that lead to the break up. and again, if it makes you feel better, you can think i date bottom of the barrel pig carcasses if you want, but it won't actually change anything in my life or in yours lol.

No. 1266015

You're right nonnie wtf is that dumb cope. Just an opportunity to blame women for her own inability to get an attractive partner. It's the evil bitches' fault that I have to date an uggo!

No. 1266019

Are nonnies actually attractive themselves though? Lolcow is to no small extent 30+ contrash runoff from the mid 2010s.

No. 1266025

i literally dated attractive men lol, now you are just resorting to making up shit and projections, please dont project your inability on to me.

No. 1266029

You're still absolutely nonsensical ly blaming other women for your failures. Deep down you know it's not other women but you who's to blame. Sad cope.

No. 1266030

You were saying how the other anon dates below average men when she said the same thing as you so I don't see what makes you so different?

No. 1266031

you guys are being retarded. women do do this, it doesn't mean they're like the worst people ever, it's just something that happens because of the shit men push and also jealousy. it's not like anons are saying it's women's fault purely that it sometimes isn't enjoyable or is humiliating to date attractive guys but it does happen.

No. 1266035

what failure? wtf, just take a look around at women who are "not attractive enough" to be dating "attractive" men in the media and you'll see that women can get absolutely insane about them. it even happens with uggos ffs, look at johnny depp and amber heard and absolutely unhinged hordes of women calling her ugly and fat and that she doesn't deserve someone "gorgeous" like johnny even when he's rotting, jfc. sorry but there are definitely women who get up in arms about women doing something "wrong" like not being attractive enough to have a man they deem to be attractive. men do do the same and act like psychos about it but it comes from a different place. with women they're conditioned to think this way because they prioritize men over women, and then on top of that, they experience jealousy

No. 1266045

File: 1658083893329.jpg (185.36 KB, 2048x2048, 1615986186689.jpg)

"When I was a kid, I was reading at a tenth-grade level!" okay, you and every other fifth grader. Shit like that from childhood isn't a flex, nor does it put you in the category of a "Gifted kid"

No. 1266051

My boyfriend and I are splitting up, he's going back to his home town after 8 months of living together. Living together and running a small business has been hell and destroyed the relationship. I like him but don't feel attracted to him anymore, we're more like roommates the past months. I'll miss him, but I think it's best… Here he's isolated, I have no friends so he doesn't either, he left his friends and family…I have my rage issues which are made worse by the mental load of taking care of the house and business and he's not very tidy and organized himself despite his efforts, I spent way too much time mommying him since he never lived out of his parents houes before… It just didn't work out, sadly. I'd like to continue the relationship but I can't do LDR anymore. I wish I could say he was some awful toxic scrote, it would make breaking up easier

No. 1266060

>I have my rage issues
if your moid is accusing you of rage don't even bat an eye. anything more than a slightly raising the tone of your voice is considered "rage" to manipulative moids. one thing about being a med, all the med men and women yell so you're barely gonna come across some wimpy DON'T YELL AT ME pussy male lol

No. 1266061

No, he never accused me, I have self conscience enough to recognize it. I do have rage issues and have had since I lived with my mom and since I was 12.Sadly as I said I wish I could say he's some manipulative moid and I would have thrown him out without thinking twice but the fact its just a situation that didn't work out and I'm not enjoying living AND working together makes it so much harder to deal with

No. 1266065

I've seen hot men cheat on their hot gfs/wives. It doesn't matter if you date people who are attractive or not because men thinkw with their dicks and would fuck a mcchicken with a wig and lipstick. Love yourself anons and don't torment yourself for men.

No. 1266079

File: 1658086957045.png (8.77 MB, 1242x2688, EF4B2077-08D3-459E-AA67-B1D20B…)

bf called me mid

No. 1266084

ew dump him

No. 1266097

I just wanted to watch craft videos and now I am crying bc of this woman's cat that passed away

I am genuinely afraid of my cat's passing away in the future, they are under 10 but you never know what might happen, idk how I will handle that. One of my cats lives with my ex and I never see her, I feel like I am wasting time and she will be gone before I know it

No. 1266105

dick into the meat grinder

No. 1266112

Now you got me crying

No. 1266117

ex-bf you mean

No. 1266129

File: 1658089967496.jpeg (95.18 KB, 736x725, Why am I like this.jpeg)

Dear nonnies, please tell me a painless way to end my life because I just lost my will to live after doing something so embarrassing and stupid.

I just started dating for the first time, so I wanted to try some cringey couple shit and bought matching pajamas but, since I'm a professional retard, I forgot about our height difference. Now, the pajama looks too big on her because she's 5.3 while it's short for me because I'm 5.9 — she found it funny, but I can't help wondering why she's even dating a dumbass like me. I wanted to be romantic and shit but I just wasted money and maybe we'll have to return the pajamas.

No. 1266130

File: 1658090081003.jpg (57.31 KB, 261x741, 81Poo1BxlAL._AC_UY741_.jpg)

this isn't even embarrassing but can't you just wear them like capri pajama bottoms?

No. 1266131

lmao anon don't take it out on yourself like that over such a harmless silly mistake.

No. 1266135

>killing yourself because you bought too big pjs for your cute lesbian gf

No. 1266142


No. 1266146

Actually, I don't mind wearing it because I kind of grew up wearing clothes that are too short for me kek. I'm just worried if she secretly thinks she looks a bit comical in hers because they're almost twice her size but she's too nice to tell me.

I know it's stupid but I can't help over-thinking tbh. She has taken me out on cute dates before and overall knows how to treat a partner, so what I did in comparison is disappointing to say the least.

No. 1266148

I want to date a farmer tbh. Can anyone tell me successful farmer ‘ships? Pls

No. 1266149

anon you are sweet for even thinking of doing such a thing
don't be so hard on yourself

No. 1266150

You could just send it back if it's so much bigger than her it's impractical? Or take it in if you have basic sewing skills.

No. 1266159

No. 1266162

I'm struggling with my mental health again. The guy I thought was a good friend stopped responding to me, he was pretty much the only person i've talked to these couple of months. We texted everyday :/ When I have no one to talk to I get suicidal. I talk to myself like a crazy person and vent about stuff that's happened. It feels good but it's insane and I feel so ashamed about it. I googled pets I can adopt, I want a cute dog so bad. I know it's my fault for isolating myself from my family but they are toxic and I wanted to be happy so I stopped talking to them. It's been so long that I'm afraid of reaching out. Today I've been texting him and he responded once after I told him my top smells like him he pretty much made fun of me. I don't know why people are so cruel, I already have horrible self esteem it's like my life is a big joke and it keeps getting worse.

No. 1266169

if he just liked me back i'd be so fucking happy. i wouldnt have to eat candy for seratonin and think of suicide everyday. maybe it happens in a different world idk.

No. 1266170

What’s ew about it? Some of the empathy is admiring and I love to read love doujinshi

No. 1266171

>so what I did in comparison is disappointing to say the least
Yeah no you just made a funny little mistake.

You should've just laughed about it with your gf and then moved on because it's a funny lighthearted situation but instead you're distraught and distressed. Your posts radiate poor self confidence.

No. 1266172

File: 1658092808340.jpg (5.94 KB, 227x225, god (2).jpg)

Jesus, men are getting way too confortable with the "mid" meme. It's always from the ugliest scrote too. In what context did your bf said this nonnie, dump him anyways though ?

No. 1266175

idgi just switch clothes

No. 1266176

i think you misspelled "ex"

No. 1266177

>oh no I have to tolerate a crying baby for 15 to 30 minutes every now and then because I'm a dumbass that can't invest on noise-cancelling headphones
Pussy ass americans always need their safe zone in a car because any slight inconvenience interferes with their ~freedom~. I live in a major European city, use public transit daily, very rarely have problems and it's hundreds of euros cheaper to pay for a monthly pass than own a car.

No. 1266178

>Be in cringe zoomer infested discord
>Bunch of TiMs and ~kweerz~
>One straight cis dude who claims he is not trans but also not cis but also not nonbinary
>"It's hard being a straight queer person"
>Spicy straight girl says cis lesbians are the worst for judging her sexuality for being fake
>One of the TiM troons chimes in saying cis lesbians suck

Lord help me I am about to a-log

No. 1266180

Girl why are you in there, just to suffer?

No. 1266182

Get proper public transportation and walking and cycling infrastructure and we'll talk again you barbarian. Imagine being so ignorant that you actually think car-reliant cities that treat everyone who doesn't want to or can't drive as 2nd class citizens are good and cultured.

No. 1266183

NTA but public transport in the US has creepy men harassing women (and in some cases physically assaulting, there was an incident a few months ago of a women getting slapped because she told a guy to stop taking creepshots), people getting into fights, losing their minds on drugs and/or vomiting so it's more than slight inconveniences.

No. 1266184

File: 1658093644765.gif (1.06 MB, 400x224, metal-gear-solid-v-kaz.gif)

It has some good people, even though the others dominate the culture now. Things used to be better. Ugh.

No. 1266185

It's not a huge deal anon, don't beat yourself up. Your GF is probably gonna look back on it as a funny moment. Silly stuff like this is what makes relationships great.

No. 1266186

>Be in Fandom discord
>Someone talking about Ezra
>"Wow he's crazy. Fuck his pronoun nonsense."
>Resident hypochondriac and they/themie tard rages
>"Respect the pronouns, please. It's an offence to us other They/themies. You can't just take away pronouns because of a bad thing they did."
>It was more longwinded than that. Add in microaggressions and trans rights or some crap.
>"Oh, sorry, yeah you are right. They are going crazy."
>"Maybe a trans person should direct the next film to get the real trans feeling for it."

All in the span of two days. Just leave and dm with the good ones.

No. 1266187

>Trans feeling
It's funny you say this because I've probably heard the term "trans feelings" or "trans vibes" too many times to count. What the fuck does that even mean?

No. 1266194

File: 1658095133946.png (7.79 MB, 1640x2360, E23336BE-640C-4059-8D9C-84F46F…)

My grandma says I’m beautiful and she would never lie

No. 1266195

File: 1658095175168.jpeg (57.75 KB, 618x775, FL-lQxqVcAInjdz.jpeg)

I can't deny that, I do have low self confidence. I struggled with selective mutism as a child and was a friendless loser, hence still have weak social skills and habit of assuming what others think instead of directly asking them. I just assumed she might be disappointed rather than communicating with her.

But the advice of nonnies here did help me realise that I was worrying over nothing. Honestly, I wasn't really expecting to get that many responses, I thought some anons might actually list painless ways for me to end my life (in a joking manner ofc) kek. So I can't describe how grateful I am. I'll immediately stop being a dumbass and just order two different sizes of those same pajamas, so one pair would fit her and the other would fit me. Thanks for being nice to me nonnies, I feel a lot better now.

No. 1266199

Yes, for me, I use LC a lot to cope with some of that emptiness. I get to hear other women talk about so many parts of their life and their unbridled opinions. I value that and I can't find anything else to replace it.

No. 1266206

When someone refuses to fit into rigid gender stereotypes and deviates from that even just a little

No. 1266228

File: 1658097300755.jpg (90.97 KB, 907x1360, 61ZlGLg390L.jpg)

I know this sounds retarded but LC does help me feel like I'm part of something meaningful or special even though it's just a gossip site. It's like a little place just for me where I can talk to women all over the world and complain about things or obsess over things. I am envious of women who grew up in the 80s and 90s (even though I'm sure they had their own shit to deal with too). It just seems like they finding a community and being part of a youth culture was something I never got to experience even though I wanted to so desperately growing up. I can't relate to a lot of people around me. But LC is my community at least and I think it's one very much of this time. It's special because it's not something women in the past would be able to experience and I doubt it will be something women in the distant future will be able to experience either (given how much of the internet is commercialized), so even though it's stupid to even care so much about wanting to be apart of some sort of subculture or group, LC (and cc by extension) is special to me because it does feel like I have found my little place where I belong. At least for me, that takes away some of the emptiness or meaninglessness that I feel. Although obviously this website does have it's faults kek.

No. 1266236

And you will 100% let it slide as a dumb comment

No. 1266245

you don't need this loser. life has more in stock for you. you just need to move on, nothing else.

No. 1266258

Why does he do this to me all the time? Why is it ok for him to do a certain thing but when I do it it’s suddenly a problem? I’m so sick of this, I’ve had a really hard day and just wanted something nice to come back to. Why why why does he make me feel so bad

No. 1266263

still cant believe you blocked them all lol

No. 1266265

Feels great. I never regret a single person I ever blocked

No. 1266268

hahahaha i dont blame you one bit, im just impressed. you just know there's a fallout too, i hope theyre writhing

No. 1266269

I feel hurt even though I know I shouldn't. I've been talking online to someone for about a year and it started at first as a friendship but then we both started liking each other more than just friends. We both knew and agreed that it would be too hard for a ldr so we just flirt and talk about how it would be like if we were together. Even though I know we are not in a relationship, it hurts to see him following random girls pages and commenting on them. I can't talk to him about it because it would be weird as fuck. I can't force him not to try and find someone that can be with him. I should stop feeling like this anyway, it was bound to happen.

No. 1266272

what's this in reference to?

No. 1266273

Can't see your comment, blocked.
(No but really nona it's just some girlies chatting about how they blocked people. I don't think they know each other irl)

No. 1266324

This is autistic and childish as fuck but I'm so upset that one of the artists from this small art discord I'm in drew a collage banner thing of the members icons and ocs and didn't include my icon in it. I wouldn't have cared if I wasn't active there but these past few weeks I've been trying to connect with them in there and attending events and it sucks that they didn't include me who's been in the server since last December but made sure to include 2 people who only joined last week. Like what do I have to do be considered a part of the community?

No. 1266326

I hate my birthday. Call me a bitch but I hate it, others are happy for me and I feel like I'm not happy enough because for me it's just another day and then I feel down because I feel like I'm letting everyone down. Not having holidays or celebrations of any kind and just enjoying small things in life every day I much prefer. It's better for the mind I think to not want everything and be happy when the sun shines, there's a grocery discount on your favorite food or what have you.

I had the same thing happen to me nonna. It sucks but men think with their dicks, you will get over it quicker than you might think especially considering it's online. I found not taking his flirting serious at all really helps, like he's just an NPC once he starts flirting and himself when he's not. If you still want to maintain your friendship of course. It stings but if you try and not take it to heart it will be okay. Take care nonna, no scrote is worth worrying over ♥

No. 1266327

This is one of many reasons why you should not communicate with males online unless you are extracting money from them

No. 1266339

Oh no, I'd be upset about it too. Maybe they just felt awkward about it because they didn't know you well enough or something while they were able to instantly click with the newer members. Don't dwell on it too much and leave if it keeps happening, but I hope you'll get included in things in the future

No. 1266344

i might have to pick up a shitty part time job at my school to get office experience because im sick of working in stores or food. it feels like such a waste since the pay is $12 where jobs need to be $15-20 to really live here.

No. 1266346

I can't handle the heat. Some nights it doesn't even get below 20C overnight and then it's 30+ the next day so there's not even an opportunity for the house to cool down in between. I can't sleep. It's humid so sweating doesn't even cool you down, it just stays on your skin because the air can't take more moisture. The other day I starting getting heatstroke symptoms and I wasn't even outside, just upstairs. How are you supposed to deal with this weather when your house isn't even a safe temperature? For fucks sake. We have AC in one room so at least there's that but I'm scared that we're gonna have a power outage or something. It's so freaky to think about, the only thing making my place survivable right now is the AC unit, fans, freezer to make ice. If the power goes the house will be an oven in 48 hours. I think I'm gonna buy a backup generator tomorrow. Cold is better than heat, in the winter you can layer and sleep with a dozen blankets. I want to crawl out of my skin I've been so uncomfortable all week and it just never ends because the sun is up again before the house can even recover from the previous hell day.

No. 1266348

i dont get why people tell me to go to therapy like id tell the therapist anything they could actually work with. the idea of spilling my guts to a person face to face like that makes me wanna kms

No. 1266349

Damn anon, that makes me sad. They probably just accidentally overlooked it and would happily include you. I would mention it to them and add that you are interested in being a part of the group. And if not, fuck em

No. 1266352

i feel you, and how on earth could i explain some of the problems in my life without looking absolutely fucking crazy, id probably be committed

No. 1266359

CPS doesn’t care. What should I do?

No. 1266361

Let me elaborate there are children in my family that are neglected with rotten teeth and they are not in school and the mom is on drugs. I feel so hopeless, I thought CPS going over there would at least scare her into putting them in schoool or taking them to the dentist. They have issues with the bathroom because the mom doesn’t teach them.

No. 1266363

All I do is eat, sleep, vomit, and cry about it

No. 1266380

crying and listening to bee gees

No. 1266381

No. 1266386

I'm not suicidal, but I wish I would just stop existing. If I could just exist according to my own rules, I wouldn't mind living. But I have to put up with people. I have to worry about becoming homeless. I can't stand it. I wish I could just run away to the country, but the government and aristocrats own every piece of land. Everything is so expensive, I'm trapped.

No. 1266393

File: 1658112303070.png (77.23 KB, 1805x410, bulletfoddertypeface.png)

There's a man posting on /g/ trying to get some advice on his appearance or whatever and everyone was mean to him so he sperged out lol. But I always wonder how men find this site and think it's a good idea to post their face. Like what about the "attractive men you want to fuck" thread makes a useless braindead moid think "Oh, I can get advice here!" Hahaha men are so fucking useless and dumb, if you want to get a circle jerk of compliments going post your ugly mug to 4chan dumbass.

No. 1266397

How old are they?
CPS probably won't take them away unless they are in mortal danger. And then they would just be put into foster care if there isn't another family member willing to take care of them. Those social workers are really overworked and don't really have as many resources as you might think.

No. 1266399

even their fake comradery goes out the window and they start bullying each other when they are any bit actually vulnerable. so much for their "brotherhood", fucking site literally eggs suicidal men on to commit suicide, they're that psychotic and sadistic. but they pretend to band together just to hate us

No. 1266403

That's the one good thing about 4chan, that they encourage other men to neck themselves lol

No. 1266410

kek true. if they're shitty shitty people it's well deserved (and yeah they likely are if they're men on 4chan) but tbh there's still something really sad about a group of people literally cheering to see their users kill themselves on stream. it's honestly really sick and sad to me. then they come here and post how we're "worse" than them, kek. wish i still had some of the caps from chantards coming to /ot/ and claiming we're the meanest people ever, that we're more ruthless than 4scrotes

No. 1266416

They’re 7, and 3 and then there’s an 11 and 14 year old. And yeah, it just makes me so sad. I wish I could adopt them but I can barely support myself and it would be so hard to just deal with the smaller ones

No. 1266420

Wow that man is ugly and has the insectoid rapist phenotype.

No. 1266425

My friend and I were both in need of a roommate so she ended up moving in with me. I really like her but she has been driving me up the wall with how she’s been following me around. She expects us to hang out and chat all the time now, is trying insanely hard to become friends with my friends whom she has nothing in common with, she’s trying to copy my lifestyle, she’s going places I enjoy that she’s always hated and saying she loves them suddenly. She’s even been talking about going goth despite knowing nothing about it nor listening to the music like me despite her always being one of those pink Sanrio D.va weeb girls.

I’ve been hanging out with her and being friendly but this all feels so fucking suffocating. We even work together since I helped her get a job and since we’re scheduled the same shifts, I am with her literally every second of the day. I feel like I’m going fucking insane and I thought about telling her how I feel but who am I to dictate where she goes and who she talks to? And it feels too late. Like I’ve let it go on for so long that it’s too late. I regret inviting her to live with me so much. She’s sweet but idk. I feel like a bad friend for feeling this way but I just want independence and it’s like two of my separate lives have meshed in the worst way possible.

No. 1266430

missed the doodle night missed heathers missed fuckingeverythingifuckinghateitall

No. 1266431

I keep saying anons say they missed the game night and it's making me sad lol. We will have another one! Maybe a different time would be better.

No. 1266457

I got too drunk at a party at my house and I’m so embarrassed. I’ve only been that drunk two other times in my life like 4 years ago and today was my first time having a hangover, I slept for 16 hours and my body still aches/brain is foggy but I feel a lot better I guess. Knowing I made a fool of myself but not knowing what I did is fucking me up. I’m pretty sure I sprained my toe earlier this week and it hurts to stand and now my roommate wants me to say fuck the pain and clean up our trashed house. Ugh. I'm over drinking. I’m going to quit because I hate how last night/this morning made me feel.

No. 1266464

I just spent $150 dollars on groceries with nice ingredients and my bf just fucking threw out the meal that was made tonight because he was 'too anxious to eat'. Like fucking hell dude you could have saved it for me or something or had leftovers for tomorrow. I don't care if you're not eating don't waste it. I hate people who waste food so much, especially with shortages and rising prices. I paid for this all and you just throw it away without even taking a bite out of it? Ungrateful. God I am so sick of him

No. 1266471

so ungrateful. i wouldn't be able to deal with it. i grew up with the mentality that you don't waste food or basically anything ever because it's a "sin" (not literally) to throw things away when there are people who have nothing. i couldn't cope with this

No. 1266472

it's okay anon i just forgot about everything today (was talking to friends all day so it was actually a nice day)

No. 1266480

i love her so much yall im literally going to be the best for her

No. 1266482

Go shit in the street, pajeet

No. 1266485

Old habits die hard

No. 1266491

File: 1658121527820.png (2.25 MB, 1080x1615, 1641001529073.png)

I don't think the ones on the right pass at all either, especially Robert/blaire or whatever his name is

No. 1266493

KEK i love that they added contra. two of them on the right pass to me but irl it'd be 0

No. 1266513

It’s weird seeing people who you thought were scary as a child turn into frail and rather pathetic people as you turn into an adult.

No. 1266514

I want to leave my stupid shitty boyfriend

No. 1266516

Do it nonna, I support you

No. 1266518

File: 1658125768979.jpg (27.88 KB, 480x480, 950cc99d6a3f3d0b.jpg)

Nonna, if I killed myself over something so small, I would be dead a thousand times since I make so many dumbass mistakes way worse than that. You are sweet but a lil dumdum for thinking about ending your life over a tiny mistake. She will 100% think you were just a bit silly, no harm done at all.

No. 1266519

Nonny please do it, you deserve better! I support you too!

No. 1266521

Fuck you past me for throwing out the fridge chocolate bar now I have nothing that's pure chocolate.

No. 1266526

I feel like i’m more behind on my social life than i’d like to be and that i’m mentally aging too slowly, even though i’m now 24. Growing up, my parents were too strict and rarely let me out of the house which made me spend most of my childhood online and it caused me to be socially awkward. I felt like I had to grow up too fast because my older sister was such a fuck up. The few female friends I had during my tween-teen years constantly sabotaged me, and in turn i’ve been intimidated by other women my whole life up until now. I feel like i’ve wasted too much time trying to appeal to men who have come and gone in my life because that was all I knew how to do. I have been in a few friend groups the past 5 years from the music scene i’m in, but i’ve never felt like I totally belonged and I end up distancing myself because people reveal themselves as pieces of shit and I don’t want to be around them. My life now is way better compared to 5 years ago when I was insecure and suicidal as shit, but I feel as if I still have so much to experience and that my time is running out. I’ve been branching out and going to shows outside of the town I’m in because i’m sick of the same people, but I feel so old and lonely in a crowd of mostly teenagers. I don’t know how to socialize with people at these shows because I don’t want to be seen as a clout chaser, and I can’t tell who is my age at these shows. I’ve definitely realized the value of true friendships especially with women over men, but I feel like it’s too late for me now. Yet I don’t want to spend the rest of my 20s being in a boring relationship with someone where we don’t go out and have friends.

No. 1266549

File: 1658130772431.jpeg (58.18 KB, 640x480, 1648271140532.jpeg)

I feel like I have too many hobbies, and because I do all at the same time I don't progress in any of them. Then I also want to play video games, but I feel like I have too many of those too to play, and then I get paralyzed and just browse lc instead of playing anything. I know this is a retarded as fuck problem to have, but I feel overwhelmed

No. 1266570

i feel paralyzed by reality, responsibilities, and obligations to the point where i can't have hobbies and just browse so in a different way i feel you

No. 1266574

File: 1658132676534.png (216.23 KB, 750x513, IMG_3487.png)

I've seen so many men sharing this image and it makes me so fucking angry. What the fuck is wrong with them? Why are they so casual in chatting about what's essentially cheating?

No. 1266578

You're just like them if you think that's funny.

No. 1266588

oh no those poor incel scrote lifes

No. 1266591

My brother tried to commit suicide. You don't know what you're talking about. It's usually the weakest and most vulnerable and most bullied men who try to take their own lives. Not the ones who hate women.

No. 1266603

Was your brother a 4channer?

No. 1266605

Nta but no one cares. If you really want to, talk to a therapist instead of writing it here. If you said your brother had commited suicide in 4chan or reddit, your brother would be made fun of terribly, you're lucky the userbase is female. Why should random women care about your brother? Your parents were the ones who were responsible, not random anons on here or 4chan.

No. 1266607

File: 1658135588938.jpg (65.43 KB, 1280x720, Elliot-Rodger.jpg)

>You don't know what you're talking about. It's usually the weakest and most vulnerable and most bullied men who try to take their own lives. Not the ones who hate women.

No. 1266609

Imagine being this conventionally attractive and rich yet your autism is so strong you can't get a gf.

No. 1266611

Men pretending like they're being held hostage in their relationships.

No. 1266613

>It's usually the weakest and most vulnerable and most bullied men who try to take their own lives. Not the ones who hate women.
Just because your brother is a spineless fag does not mean he doesn’t hate women.
Also kek at the failed attempt. I thought successful suicides was the one thing that men had over us?

No. 1266615

Thank god, I hope all men like him die alone asap.

No. 1266616

literally all her posts about defending men, she's been going full retard in a few threads

No. 1266617

Yeah and then they start being really nice and don’t threaten, abuse or intimidate you any more. Funny how things play out.

No. 1266624

Nonnie the weakest and most pathetic men are the same ones who finally get a nice gf and then behind closed doors they go on to abuse her because they're bitter and insecure and still men after all. Enjoy being an endless sympathy pit for scrotes.

No. 1266634

It's not a her then. There's an indian faggot shitting up every board, it's probably him. He also posted his ugly face in /g/ along with his fantasies of harassing his older russian coworker.

No. 1266638

I was going to cleanse the Attractive Men You Want To Fuck Thread but I can't find any attractive men anymore, why are men so fucking ugly and unkempt. why can't they be more like women!

No. 1266647

Saw my boyfriend laughing about this pic in a WhatsApp chat group the other day

No. 1266651

did you not find benjamin biolay to be attractive, anon? you can post more of him so i don't sperg to much if you do, kek.

No. 1266659

File: 1658138280439.jpg (13.2 KB, 564x564, 707aabd561aea0e06c2fe1fbd2d801…)

I have a friend I used to be very close with, platonic soulmate level; now we live almost 1k km away so the contact is not so close, she barely responds to me online because "she doesn't use online chats much", which I accepted.
She came to visit me on the weekend, I was excited to see her. She started catching me up on what she was up to and more and more she spoke it started to be clear she doesn't care what I have to say, the second I stopped saying something she'd just continue talking about herself. At some point she asked if I'm feeling lonely here; i got stupidly hopeful she will idk, reaffirm our friendship or something since she knows I'm struggling with depression but this question was just a leadup to her telling me she's not lonely because she's good friends at work with X and Y. For the entire weekend she'd also continuously message her friend and her sister on whatsapp, which clearly shows that she does use online chats a lot, just not with me.
I'm hurt and confused but first and foremost feeling guilty for how little I've enjoyed her visit and how I'm not looking forward our planned trip in few weeks. Is it just normal and I'm making a victim out of myself? Did she become a different person, or was she always like this and I was passively accepting it due to my low self esteem? It's sad and confusing.

No. 1266661

sounds like she has grown apart from you and you're kind of viewing your friendship with her with rose tinted glasses. ones that she doesn't have on at all for you, sorry to say

No. 1266665

Like haha funny or haha fucking ridiculous?

No. 1266671

File: 1658139021775.jpeg (51.81 KB, 540x540, 21e903fdd67e2409f991ea516b6d77…)

My entire face hurts and I' miserable. I woke up this morning and my lips were swollen and numb and insanely crusty, dry and cracked. They've been kinda bad before but not totally fucked up like this. I tried contacting a clinic but didn't get through but I'll try again. I'm just so frustrated and in pain.

No. 1266672

Yeah seems like, sucks for sure. Still, there are definitely some mixed signals, like for example she'd be disappointed every time she'd learn I visited my parents in our hometown and didnt let her know I'm there. Ehh

No. 1266675

They were "joking" about how true it is apparently

No. 1266677

Disgusting. Get closer to your male friends, men only realize your worth when they realize you have other choices.

No. 1266680

The thought of having to work for 40+ hours every week for the next 50 years makes me want to commit suicide.

No. 1266684

I am retarded. By no means is this new, but I am really starting to reap the consequences of my retardation. I am broke, have been so for months, and I’m in uni. I can’t get a job in my field (tech) for various reasons right now, so instead of swallowing the continous rejections and finding non-tech related work I am unabashedly trekking into newer and coarser poorfag territory. I don’t want to borrow money from family anymore like a leech but I can’t swallow the humiliation. Every other person I know got a job (through connections, sure, but they have it) and I feel like a colossal failure. Which is okay, but working another job would just cement that. All of this would still be okay, though, if it weren’t for….money. I don’t have it. I am going to starve because of my stupid little pride. I can’t even unspoiler this because of how embarrassed I am at my pride.

No. 1266685

I think it's really rude to offer somebody a favor but complain about the favor the whole time. Either just fucking do it or not, really, you aren't martyring yourself and it's actually not that fucking bad in the first place.

No. 1266687

That's sad as fuck anon, you literally have to leave him now. Good luck. Love u

No. 1266688

god it is so hot in the uk I want to throw up and die I can’t deal with heat and sun. Our houses aren't built for heat and it makes me queasy with a headache

No. 1266693

the next couple of days will be literal hell on earth, if hell existed. i feel like i'm being baked inside the house

No. 1266696

It's like that in all of europe nonna. Every day we get closer to the thisisfine meme, both physically and spiritually.

No. 1266698

i recommend duct-taping bags of frozen peas directly to your torso (ok maybe don't do that unless you don't have to move around a lot but definitely try to use your fridge and fan to your advantage)

good luck, anon!
i was wondering why our AC was broken yesterday and then realized it was 104 degrees outside…

No. 1266705

i am so frustrated with my art skills when i do traditional art i am very satisfied with how i draw but when i try to do anything digitally my skills go into the negative and everything looks like shit but the sunk cost has an iron grip on me

No. 1266706

Enter freezer, hibernate inside

No. 1266709

look at the bright side it's gonna rain soon and get below 30

No. 1266731

File: 1658145826768.jpg (108.69 KB, 720x534, original.jpg)

>Washing machine not removing debris and hair and fur from clothing
>Can't tell if machine is broken or just shitty
>Call maintenance
>They don't schedule when they will show up, so spend mornings anxious about when/if they will show up
>Maintenance guy looks at machine 2 separate times, sees nothing wrong
>Maintenance guy asks for pics and/or videos of the issue to show his managers
>Take photos of dirty clothing fresh out of wash
>Set up phone to take videos of a cycle
>Upload videos to YouTube so they are easy to share with maintenance and management
>Get tired of communicating through maintenance guy, call the property manager and get his email so I can communicate directly
>Email him pics and videos
>"Good news anon, we can be at your place tomorrow morning to replace your machine!"
>Machine comes
>Same exact model as last machine, it's cool, maybe the last one was defective
>Mfw the brand new machine cleans exactly as shittily as the last one

No. 1266736

You need to practice more and get used to it; you wouldnt be immediately good at oil painting even if you're very good at pencil rendering, and this is the same case.

No. 1266738

i've never thought about it that way before holy shit thank you

No. 1266741

The heat makes me feel so lethargic and gross. I have fans on as we don’t have AC? Most uk houses don’t have AC? Our houses were built to keep the heat inside and we aren’t prepared for heatwaves. I want to shrivel up, so dramatic but I have no idea how people can survive in hot countries

No. 1266748

UK has some of the worse builds to begin with, no decent insulation and shoddy work because the houses are all so old, it would cost a fortune to run and install an AC in those. I've seen houses in eu countries and they are cool in summer and keep warm in winter without problems

Make sure to drink plenty of water and if you have a ventilator, put some ice/ice packs Infront of it and enjoy the cool air

No. 1266755

A bit of siding came off the building and is just hanging loose until the landlord gets it fixed… it bangs on the other side of my bedroom wall at night and I keep having dreams of zombies trying to break in with the same banging sound in my dreams

No. 1266760

it has not rained in over a month and lately temperatures refuse to drop below 30C lord have mercy on us all

No. 1266778

I feel like an asshole but I said no to watching my sister’s kids so she could go to an appointment without them. She never makes any attempt to talk to me unless she needs something - if I ever call/text to catch up or say something important happened to me I never get more than an OK or a “I’ll call you back” that’s never attempted. Going back to the babysitting question after I said no she started saying the kids wanted me there so bad, how disappointed they were etc. I don’t care if I sound bitter or narc-y because this is how it is all the time, if I go to a family party they don’t even acknowledge me

No. 1266786

I'm so, so sorry to anyone who had the infortunate experience to meet me, at any point in my life.

I always disappear and ghost people anytime my depression and suicidal ideation gets worse because i don't want to be a burden and/or contaminate them with my poison of endless negativity. In time, they forget about me and must think that i'm an inconsiderate cunt, but i'm sure i brought pain, or at least confusion to so many. I can't get out of these avoidant ways though, because the only time i did and was very open about all my mental baggage with someone, i drove him crazy, his life was hell because of me, he left me and told me how dangerous and morbid i am. And he's very much right, i'm a poison, my brain only works in a backward way, sustains destruction and death. Life and love are impossible things to process for my diseased brain, because i've never known it.

I don't have any family, at all. I'm a stray dog, and i only bite or run away when someone approaches me. And i prefer to run away, i do less damage this way. I've left my job a month ago and got many messages and attempted calls from coworkers who i considered friends, didn't answer to any of them. Today i had the courage to listen to the voice mails some of them left me. They are worried, don't understand why i won't answer, think i just don't care about them. But i'm protecting them.

Imagine knowing someone like me. It's a nightmare at worst, or a terrible waste of time at best. I wish i could offer my body to an experimental science project, i'd be useful that way. Just do dangerous research to cure cancer on me or shit like that, if it kills me; good riddance.

No. 1266790

some people think my dad is a pedo 'cause he's done some weird stuff. even my best friend thinks he may have sexually abused me but i don't remember anything like that. i'm so confused. she's met him only briefly so the theory is mostly based on the way i am and how i act along with stories from my childhood. i'm just so confused. i don't know who to trust anymore.

No. 1266797

Wish I was a faceless streamer just talking/playing games I love with a small group of girls and audience
But I know every predominantly female fandom is filled with gender/woke bullshit
Also my bong accent would put everyone off

No. 1266800

You sound like the kind of streamer I would like to watch nona!

No. 1266802

You don’t have to pander to them if you don’t want to. Many don’t, including women. Wokies will naturally learn to shut the fuck up about their retarded politics or they won’t watch you. The perk of being a small time streamer that no one cares to question your ideologies. You just have to set those boundaries with your core audience. I’m sure your accent is not a problem! I’d support you anon.

No. 1266803

This sounds exactly like me. If I drank or took drugs I’d think I wrote it and just didn’t remember. I’m so sorry anon. I just deleted all of my social media and muted everyone who has ever loved me because I don’t want to get them dirty with my endless issues. I love them so much but there’s nothing to love back and I feel like I’m mocking them by letting them waste their time with me. I’m so gross and disrespectful, having them pour their feelings on me when I know I’ll end up avoiding them over and over.

Every time I’ve allowed them to get close, they get turned off by how negative I am. They’re just gonna abandon me at some point any way. I wish they understood Im just ripping off the bandaid by starting to avoid them myself. It’ll never stop. I’m sorry.

No. 1266804

You did right, fuck people who attempt to use you. I’m glad you didn’t fall for the manipulation of “the kids wanted to see you” if she doesn’t make any effort for you all to meet genuine circumstances.

No. 1266805

i'm with the both of you. i was getting better until 2020 happened. went manic and super-duper isolated myself again. i feel guilty for having anyone to cares about me. it's a sacrifice i feel they should not be making. i'm a leech, always in one way or another, and feel bad for subjecting anyone to my presence.

No. 1266808

My job is an ESL teacher in a kindergarten/summer daycare camp, and it's good for what it pays and most of the kids are well-behaved, but i think it opened my eyes to the fact that the Y chromosome is recessive, or that we at least need to selectively choose what kind of male genes to pass on. I've never met a little girl who would purposefully step on bugs, throw sand at people's faces and laugh, throw frisbees at people aggressively as to hit them, etc.; and when the nannies tell them not to do X for the 100th time, they don't lie out of their asses and scream and whine. I think the dominant male order was partly created so that the overwhelming majority of the female carers of these kids didn't choke the little shits out when they had enough of them.
The worst girls can do in terms of behavior at that age is cry constantly and be very sensitive, wander around or not understand social cues which can hurt feelings (autism), or be extremely active and jump around a lot. None of those options involve fucking hurting people. Where tf do boys get this chimp urge to fight for no fucking reason?
Not to be a handmaiden, but there are also very sweet boys that are nice to their female counterparts and polite to everyone out of kindness where i work, too. I genuinely believe it's just a matter of weeding out the chimps.

No. 1266810

I'm sorry for you too, nonnie. I don't know if there's a way out of this vicious circle for us.

Even if i were to be friends with you, someone who understand me, we would probably end up ghosting each other. What's the point? We can't bond with anyone in this life, can't we?

My grandfather is dying, my grandmother is 90, and i'm no contact with both because i think they're too old to deal with me and worry about a depressed piece of shit. Their lives were hard enough already.

But then, i feel like without a support system i can never get out of my misery. I need to be loved to be "saved", but i don't deserve it and would ruin any opportunity. Existence really is endless suffering.

I'm sorry. I was getting better too until last month when i quit my job on an impulse, isolating myself and ruining my life yet again.

I'm sending you both big virtual hugs, that we can endure, at least.

No. 1266814

File: 1658155607369.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 223.98 KB, 1293x1293, 7A3CB72D-0F9C-4B16-B4C6-871A9B…)

Ngl I smiled a little because I also wrote these words when I was younger, in an endearing way. I have nothing but platitudes to give anons who feel this way. Just know that it doesn’t have to be like this. You can choose to have compassion for yourself. You’re not a bad person just because you’re difficult.

No. 1266815

I wish I didn't exist. Tired of the crying bouts and reliving memories. I hate reliving those past feelings so much I feel like I'm going insane.

No. 1266820

File: 1658156111901.jpg (17.87 KB, 540x540, 6f53a86e7a68af434d0567d4a40fa9…)

There's hope, nonnie? But how? I can try to have compassion for myself but if i don't change my behavior i will always end up ruining people's lives, then the compassion won't work anymore and i'll go back to hating myself. Having compassion for myself doesn't fix me…

But thank you, you're cute.

No. 1266828

Lmao or you can just kill yourself

No. 1266831

Du kommer aldrig vara en kvinna

No. 1266832

>women would hate me no matter what I do

No. 1266833

you'll get hated here lol, I don't understand why you haven't thought about befriending other mtfs instead.

No. 1266834

Talking about crossing boundaries, you just did that by posting here. Read the room moid, always thinking about just yourself even in a space where women blatantly don't wish to communicate with you.

No. 1266837

I hate the hold this balding fat scrote has on me

No. 1266839


No. 1266841

File: 1658157105112.jpeg (273.38 KB, 750x739, 53E6FC2D-5489-4914-B480-9EAEE6…)

Men are not welcomed here.

No. 1266842

>why not hang out with other mtf
because its not about making ''friends'' its about invading womens spaces, silencing them and making it all about themselves.

No. 1266848

I don't wanna go to work today Nd my stomach is upset because of it fuckkk

No. 1266850

Don't even bother replying anons, he knows exactly what he's doing and this is going into troll territory anyway

No. 1266851

i would watch someone like you nonnie, i have a bong accent too.. i think people outside of uk like them.. what accent is it? are you a scouse? or a geordie?

No. 1266854

File: 1658157560933.png (551.38 KB, 750x606, fuckoff.png)

Consider the following:
>Realize that all of us humans are unique in our own way and we shouldn't pander to society's thoughts on what is 'feminine or 'masculine', it is fine to like flowers or whatever as a man without turning it into mental illness
>Be a normal man and leave women spaces alone
>Kill yourself

No. 1266855

what do you mean anon? people dont even hate bong accents. have people told you they dislike bong accents?

No. 1266859

File: 1658157688171.png (165.15 KB, 892x590, 94846BDD-3996-4D63-8912-CA6E8F…)

Yep. Women aren’t a free advice, emotional labor dispenser. No amount of horse piss will undo XY narcissism.

No. 1266862

lmao the guy in the pic looks like the ind moid, the only difference is the ind moid doesnt have a chin.

No. 1266863

This made me feel so horrible, this is exactly how my ex made me feel despite demanding me spend every waking moment with him.
Cementing my decision to stay single for the foreseeable future.

No. 1266866

don't bong streamers usually get positive attention exactly because of their accents? from what I've seen anyway

idk I think a streamer attracts an audience that (to a degree) matches in their own behaviour, if you never mention woke shit you'll probably not attract those type of chatters

No. 1266867

I hate men so much

No. 1266875

Last night my fiancé and I watched a movie where the wife died during childbirth, without thinking I said I would be devastated if he died and left me alone, that I wasn't sure if I would ever fully recover from it. He responded that it gave him an ego boost that I am more dependent on him that he will ever be on me, then doubled down by saying that he would eventually be fine without me. This has really hurt my feelings and made me really question our relationship, which is so silly since we just moved across the country together and got engaged. This one conversation has made me doubt if I want to be with him still, I feel like his response was extremely truthful and while valid doesn't align with what I feel it should have been.

No. 1266880

he sounds like an asshole. it's not silly. this is a red flag for a serious relationship.

No. 1266882

Don't listen to them Anon. One way you can try to blend in better is through vocal feminization as if you're voice is too rugged and harsh you can put others off, an easy way to go about this is practice and throat smoothening. If you want to smoothen your throat to make voice training easier so you sound more friendly and inviting mix 4 tbsp of sodium nitrite and mix it with a cup of water and then drink it, it softens your throat a bit and helps with voice training immensely. Though, keep in mind it's a bit salty at first.(do not engage the scrote)

No. 1266885

It doesn't get better. Make your plans to leave. He knew what saying that would do to you, and said it anyway. He's testing the boundaries that you'll put up with, and I promise you he's going to keep pushing until you break.

No. 1266887

Anon that’s fucked. I could live without mine, but I’d miss him and be devastated. I know it may effect my partner more if I die, but I’d never gloat about it. It makes me want to hold them and tell them I’ll always do my best to not die.

No. 1266891

Listen to your feelings and leave him. If you can't right now, at least don't get married and start looking for a way out. His response is so shitty and so full of scorn that was genuinely meant to hurt you. Why is he even getting married if the thought of your death means that little to him? If you truly love someone, the thought of them dying should indeed make you upset and someone admitting their love for you in that way should never be a fucking ego boost.

No. 1266893

I mean you'd probably be fine eventually too, that's what time does, but it's so unsensitive and uncaring to say it out loud and kicking on the dependency/power dynamic is uncomfortable to say the least. I wouldn't know what to do in your situation

No. 1266894

File: 1658158753947.jpg (243.6 KB, 1763x1416, FQLgYpSWUAc6USW.jpg)

Please, get the fuck out of this place and find yourself some normie LGBT-forum or even Facebook group. Go find people on your local town's facebook group, it's that easy. As a bonus, get yourself a therapist. You will never be a woman.

No. 1266896

He knows what he said. He clearly views himself as the settler.

No. 1266897

What makes you like this? Why do you believe men who hate themselves belong with women? I'm genuinely curious, is it pity?
>salt gargling
Are you a tranny yourself?

No. 1266901

she's telling you to kill yourself, retard. please leave and do so. Can you not read the room? Why do you insist on being in a place in which others don't wish you to be everyone has told you variation to gtfo but yet you insist, I'm genuinely curious as to why you haven't left, is it because you're an attention whore and this is the closest you'll get with being in the presence of the opposite sex? Again, leave.

No. 1266903

I'm trying to study for this retake final and it's so demotivating because not only is the topic difficult but my prof is lethargic and horrendous at explaining the fundamentals. I've passed all my other modules but I can't progress unless I get a specific grade on this paper too and it's so fucking unfair shouldn't my results across the year prove that there's an issue with the prof and not me? I've returned to do a different degree after hating the last one so it's not like I have the newbie 18 y/o excuse to justify any more delays or failures. I hate this world so much where everything rides on money and expectations. Why cant I be a faggot like pewdipie or some shit where I make stupid amounts doing low effort things I love?

No. 1266904

unironically kill yourself

No. 1266909

>Genital preferences
>Claiming to be the same as bio women
>Women wanting their own spaces without troons makes them terfs but troons can have their own spaces

No. 1266912

File: 1658159108562.gif (149.14 KB, 220x189, 1658133498367.gif)

No. 1266914

I was in the same situation recently, that's tough. Can you ask for an explanation from a different professor perhaps? Or a different book on the same material? Sometimes all it takes is a slightly different approach to the explanation to make it click.

No. 1266917

Anon…sodium nitrite causes hypoxia, cyanosis and methemoglobinemia and is a common, inexpensive and very effective suicide method, saying this from experience, as even a small dosage of the stuff can cause death and a bottle will run you $15 to $20. I was politely trying to see if I could get him to try it honestly.

No. 1266918

>pushing yourself into womens only spaces like you're doing right now faggot.

No. 1266921

All I can say is, listen when men openly tell you that they're not worth marrying.

No. 1266923

Go drown on horse piss pills stupid tranny

No. 1266928

>So please can you tell me what you don't like about trans women so I can try to minimize that part of myself.
I don't like them pushing themselves in female spaces, like what you're doing now. You clearly see that people do not want you here, you are being a nuisance. Learn to know when you're not wanted and when you're pushing boundaries and accept that and FUCKING leave. Kill yourself, please.

No. 1266929

Hey Nona I'm really sorry you're going through that, not knowing can be brutal when paired with suspicion. My advice would be to ask your best friend why she thinks that, and most importantly ask yourself why you think you have those suspicions. I used to have back and forth suspicions about my dad until this year I found out he is a pedophile, or at least a "non offending" one. But finding out put everything into perspective for me and made sense of a lot of weird behavior of his I didn't have explanations for beforehand. I was suspicious before but just thought I was being paranoid because he's my dad and I thought there was no way. But if you already have doubts and suspicions that your dad is a pedo you may already know the answer, as sad as that is. Sometimes that kind of thing can come out of left field but often times the person is left with with a sort of "I knew it" feeling when confronted with a loved ones perversions. And it's possible your dad is a ped but has never crossed that line with you, it's actually fairly common unfortunately for pedophiles to have kids but not offend against them directly. I actually have a memory of my dad exposing himself to me when I was very little, but that's it. It's possible more happened and I just don't remember but more often than not these men know exactly what to do and not do to avoid getting found out. I hate to encourage snooping but I mean fuck it, if your suspicious maybe take a look through his personal belongings, his computer as well to see if you find anything that confirms your doubts. I'm really sorry Nona, I know how you feel and I hope you're okay.

No. 1266930

Just leave. Keep coping. And leave. No one likes you here, go back to your troon places.

No. 1266932

Your seriously think you pass? Women are just trying to be nice and not have to deal with Troon rage.

No. 1266941

File: 1658159761460.png (333.6 KB, 500x500, 1657858739067.png)

Considering going back >>>>>> to your circlejerk tranny forums you don't have friends because you're a fucking freak tranny that's your answer now gtfo

No. 1266948

Exam is in 11 days and the uni is out for summer, I think there are some help facilities but no free profs since they're probably on vacation/summer break

No. 1266949

Fuck off dude, accept that you're male and stop pestering women with your made up problems and invading our spaces or cease to be.

No. 1266952

>Would actually appreciate it if you guys said what you actually hate about troons so I could minimize that aspect of myself.. please
At the end of the day, you're a man with a mental issue that makes you dislike your body. This endless fixation on your body makes you prone to paranoia, bouts of narcissism, BPD meltdowns, misogynistic thoughts to cope and making lots of excuses for terrible behavior. You're automatically not only leaving your own mental health in other people's hands, you're putting the burden on others (specifically women) to make space for something we all know is a mental issue. Even if you don't disclose that you're trans, there'll always be a feeling of something being "off" (whether you're just imagining it or not), and if you do disclose it, women will instinctively act different around you, and this is made worse when society pushes them to force a "woke"/"inclusive" persona that isn't real so they won't be branded a TERF. The types of women who accept having to do literal performance won't be real with you, and the types who don't will just avoid you.
Also, literally think: Couldn't the dysphoria you're feeling be triggered by being around actual women? Aren't you inevitably hurting yourself too?
The anon who said to go on some LGBT forum/community is correct, make online friends if possible. Don't try to push into women's spaces, don't be hateful or shitty. Maybe make friends with gay men and see how that works (if you actually pass, they likely will not be attracted to you)

No. 1266955

Then accept yourself as a gay twink and piss off. You’ll be happier that way

No. 1266956

stop entertaining the tranny moid, he's just posting here exactly to get these reactions. let's move on to the next vent.

No. 1266959

I can't believe lil uzi is already on here asking us for advice. Stunning.

No. 1266960

What subject?

No. 1266961

What we hate about you is that you're here, on our imageboards, clogging up our threads looking for advice. This is not the place for you, or any man. We can't have one goddamn thing without you people ruining it with entitlement, you're not welcome here. Fuck off and don't ever come back. Find a tranny forum online if you want advice but know you're fucking place man, it's not here.

No. 1266963

No. 1266964

True. Giving moids attention is stank pussy behavior.

No. 1266965

based and i agree. but mods need to come back.

No. 1266967

File: 1658160227750.gif (458.32 KB, 220x268, it-is-maam-its-maam.gif)

>I will really pass

No. 1266970

The module specifically is Calculus

No. 1266974

post a pic then, if you pass so well.

No. 1266977

I'm doing maths degree too. What topic do u struggle with?

No. 1266979

the multitude of different conversations that take place at the same time on this thread always make me laugh

No. 1266982

>want to post about my husbando since it's slow as work today
>husbando thread is inactive so I have to wait until evening.

No. 1266983

What even is the husbando thread I've never actually been to it, is it just for posting about your husband/boyfriend?

No. 1266986

Will you finally leave then?

No. 1266990

learn 2 integrate

No. 1266992

Np. Also, this is a women's site, so you will be banned

No. 1266995

I'm trying to steer the convo away from the scrote Nona but he just won't fuck off and everyone keeps engaging him

No. 1266996

Currently it's trigonometric functions. I feel like I understood it and I just need to memorize the sin/cos angles of specific angles in radians and practice questions to mash it into my head.
But then she started going on about the derivatives of trig functions and the exponential/log functions and I have no clue what she's saying. I think it's connected to differentiation rules but I'm not sure

No. 1266997

its not against the rules, self-posting is okay here.

No. 1266998

no it isn't, you should

No. 1266999

Ah, I was trying to do the same to be honest. I've been excited to try and use it since I asked which one to use last night in the stupid questions thread. I'll probably just wait until I get home rather than post now. I honestly wish people would stop engaging, what is the point? He's clearly attention whoring harder than the average cow.

No. 1267002

Post about your husbando better than what's currently going on here.

No. 1267004

In a way I'm the ultimate champion because I've saw the demise of my favourite cows, but now all I have is altcows and h3 thread because they're still going. I'm too lazy to be dedicated to a vlog squad thread because I keep up with them but no one wants to talk shit about their various spin off podcasts and the whole squad of them so I've just got ot and g and sometimes anons ruin the vibes

No. 1267006

the mods woke up, ngl though i did want to see the tranny self-reveal.

No. 1267007

men who come here deserve the scorn, but i also mean this for your own good; fuck off. find gender critical or anti-trans gay guys and gay male detransitioners online, there are plenty on twitter. it's really not that hard. Corinna Cohn is a gay man who transitioned and you could benefit from learning about his experience.

No. 1267008

I would but this is the /vent/ thread and since the mods have FINALLY woken up, it seems like this and other threads will be cleaned up soon.

No. 1267010

You'll get banned anyway and you said you pass body wise.

No. 1267011

was that the presence of a mod i just felt? wow

No. 1267015

Is there a farmhand in this room rn? Give us a sign!

No. 1267016

Thank you mods for banning the tranny, may he never come again.

No. 1267018

Weird how they always wake up when 2D anime men get spammed…

No. 1267019

The mods are like mythical creatures at this point lol, we call on them for a bit but they we're busy or sleeping but when they finally hear our cries they just silently swoop in and fix everything lol love you mods thank you for your service ♥

No. 1267020

yeah, thanks farmhand(s). I know dealing with this shit isn't fun.

No. 1267022

NTA but I bet you can tell me all about limits and curves, sheeesh

No. 1267023

>checking up on this site once every 24h for only 5 minutes and then leaving it to get raided again for many hours to come.
this is like bare minimum not its even below that, lets not praise this when the moderation is only geting worse.

No. 1267026

Just do practice questions. Find worksheets online and burn thru it. You just have to use the rules so much it's instant. No tricks nor understanding required. You know what a derivative is right? How much differentiation do u know?

No. 1267028

The mods took a long time to show up. Idk why you guys feel the need to lick them for the bare minimum

No. 1267029

i meant to reply to >>1267019

No. 1267030

NTA but I have a math degree.
Yeah, that's all stuff you just have to memorize. Like anything else, you can differentiate trig functions, exponentials, and logs and while these can be derived by hand, you just need to memorize it for actual use. Good luck!

No. 1267033

Maybe the mods are with fewer and fewer because they only ever get shat on despite moderating this website for free. Idk about you but I sure don't want to deal with cp and gore and on top of that get shat on by the userbase.

No. 1267039

Yet another day
Upset about that mean scrote
Like mosquito bite

No. 1267056

Who cares about the thread being inactive? Then post your husbando and bump it, people in those threads love seeing new posters

No. 1267058

we'll endure my dear anon. I know it might be a bit of a pipe dream, but hope is hope and the hug is reciprocated.

No. 1267061

Cause they don't have to do this at all, it's called being grateful that someone even bothers to put effort into a task that doesn't pay and the benefits are that they have to view cp and gore all the while having a bunch of retarded anons going "tHaTs nOT gOoD EnOuGh!!" Don't bite the hand that feeds Nonas, be grateful we even have mods at all. If I we're a mod I'd say fuck you ungrateful cunts and make you all look at the gore and photos of Nikacados asshole lol.

Agreed Nona, agreed.

No. 1267071

File: 1658163559954.gif (309.68 KB, 220x223, asdfghjkjhg.gif)

No. 1267072

What in the tranny larping catfish is this shit

No. 1267073

Fuck off. Showing your cheek and then front face with Instagtam filter that blurs and changes your face shape doesnt count. Just leave us alone, faggot

No. 1267077

Nta but they wouldn't get shat on if they did a better job lol.

No. 1267081

File: 1658163829474.gif (8.91 KB, 124x67, 1641259381349.gif)

>teach me female socialization
No amount of "female socialization" is ever going to make you less male. The only lesson you need is how to tie a noose.

No. 1267082

Nta but shut the fuck up or sign up to be a mod if you think you can do better asshole.

No. 1267083

This is kind of a vent/confession but I had an ex gf older than me by 5 years who started dating me right when I was 18. I was previously dating a girl in high school where she was 14 and i was 17 because we knew each other a few years previous. We only ended up holding hands and kissing once before breaking up. My older gf at 18 tried to say I was disgusting or the equivalent of a predator/pedo just for dating a younger girl while we were both in high school. Even though we had an age gap and it felt like she had waited until I was legal to admit she wanted to be my gf. This same gf ended up taking in a 13-14 year old girl because her parents were abusive, addicts, and the step dad was molesting her. I found my now ex gf, the one with the 5 year difference, writing sexual post shit with the girl. Guess I know now where the projection of predator and pedo came from considering they have a whole 9+ year difference and she was supposed to be her legal guardian not groom her.

No. 1267084

Sorry. I don't pass I know, just for you to get a general idea at least. Please don't reply I'll try to not invade your space anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1267085

Hilarious how the troon thinks that a few posts can teach him the same amount that a lifetime of being an actual woman can, or replace the lifetime of being a man.
Hope he joins the 41%!

No. 1267087

Well I and many other anons would if SOMEONE could open the mod applications..

No. 1267088

exactly, I get how annoying it is when mods aren't around but people complaining about it is just annoying. they aren't paid to do this. anyone complaining should sign up to do it themselves
farmhand applications were open for ages a while back

No. 1267090

>tee hee I'll try to not invade your space anymore
You're not fooling anyone, smegoid. How about you go put those razors in your bathroom cabinet to good use?

No. 1267092

Then leave already. Stop looking for attention.

No. 1267093

'a while back' being a whole year ago when all this shit wasn't as big of a problem

No. 1267094

this is a place for women. there are so many social media sites where saying anything remotely negative or against about trans people is an absolute crime. this is one of the only spaces on the internet we can talk freely without backlash. go to twitter or somewhere else.. why must you be here?

No. 1267095

Oh I'm so sure you're just chomping at the fucking bit to apply, bitch go on the discord and beg Idfk but I know the appropriate reaction isn't to sit around whining and bitching about the mods when they show up to help us out, grow up you fucking teenager.

No. 1267096

i woke up in just the WORST fucking mood today!!! im so angry about nothing!! i dont want anyone to talk to me i want everyone to disappear for 24 hours exactly so i can get some fucking peace and quiet and then i am going to YELL FOR HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1267097

well anons who are complaining should have signed up back then. cry about it and leave

No. 1267099

"please don't reply" you cant even overcome your pathetic male socialization long enough to stop ordering people around

No. 1267107

nah but at this point we all view the gore, porn and spam too, considering it takes the mods somewhere between 6-24 hours for them to decide check up on the site.
Exactly, i dont know why that anon is dickriding so hard for the jannys when we are going through the most moderator inactivity on this site.
if we knew that the moderation would become like this last year from oldmin to newmin we would have applied, just shut the fuck up with your snarky attitude.

No. 1267108

i don't get why trannies who possibly could feasibly be cute normal twink men have to do this to themselves. they just look fug cryptid monstrocities when they could look cute instead. there are barely any cute twinks nowadays because of this shit and the men who aren't trooning out are trying to be roided out freaks.

No. 1267109

Kek did you take a blood sample at the nurse's office or something?
Remember sideways for attention, longways for results faggot.

No. 1267110

Fucking lol, theres no visible cuts you pussy

No. 1267112

Don't forget to livestream when you finally join the 41%

No. 1267113

amen. the porn brainrot is real

No. 1267114

Sage your shit faggot and stop whining about the moderators

No. 1267116

I slept like 12 hours only to wake up to the moid still being here. What the actual fuck is wrong with mods?

No. 1267117

this is ot/, shut the fuck up with your newfaggotry.

No. 1267118

>longways for results
i'd actually recommend cutting the sides of the wrist for better results. take note, scrotes

No. 1267119

youre a summerfag arent you.

No. 1267121

dont trigger the newfag.

No. 1267123

I wanted to apply back then but I was working full time and now im freelance so now I'd actaully have the time, you jerking off to the gore/porn spam? or are you the tranny posting upthread would explain why you're so defensive

No. 1267125

you realize saging isnt really required in ot/ like in the other boards, ah you newfags.

No. 1267127

Give a Troon an inch…

No. 1267129

didnt you say you were going to do a self-reveal.

No. 1267130

Nta but theres 2 of us defending the mods because we're not ungrateful children who can't show one ounce of appreciation towards strangers who do sign up for a terrible job that doesn't pay dumbass. It's called gratitude, I feel so bad for the people in your life that have to put up with your bullshit. Beg to sign up to mod on discord and shut the fuck up.

No. 1267132

He already posted his tiktok selfies upthread

No. 1267133

> anon is dickriding so hard
not really, but would you want to mod this place? I wouldn't want to spend my free time deleting gore and scrote bullshit and responding to anons nitpicking in snow and not get paid. I am just saying they can't be here 24/7

No. 1267135

He's obviously hoping some sympathetic anons will feel bad for him and contact him on the discord he linked so he can jerk off to the attention or something. Typical male behaviour.

No. 1267137

Been here since felice's days, just tired of you ungrateful cunts sperging about the mods when you do absolutely fucking nothing to help out. It's like a bunch of whiny children in the backseat.

No. 1267139

Imagine demanding women in their space you're invading to stop replying in their own damn space. YOU CAN'T EVEN PASS AS A WOMAN WHEN YOU'RE FACELESS AND HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE WRITING KEKKKKK

No. 1267140

Not like CP being up for hours could get the whole site taken down or anything

No. 1267141

I hate being a man I hate being a man I hate being a man ever since I was about 12 really hope to be born female next life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1267142

sooo is this when we spam dick gore and phishing links?

No. 1267144

do a backflip

No. 1267145

kek why are you acting like the mods are your mom. they're not gonna hug you

No. 1267146

why do you hate being a man

No. 1267148

Then fucking sign up or shut the fuck up!!! Holy shit you people are literal children, stop complaining if you're going to do absolutely nothing to change it.

No. 1267151

The problem is you literally cannot sign up

No. 1267153

applications aren't open, you idiot. anons have been begging for applications to be opened again for ages, but it requires admin intervention, and we literally don't even know if we have one at this point.

No. 1267155

I would personally place the blame on the admin for not opening up mod applications in the last 3/4 of a year, but it’s completely valid to say that lc has gone down the drain over the last 1-2 years. The amount of raids that have taken place and gore/cp that gets posted weekly is ridiculous. I don’t blame jannies for having a life, but there’s hardly anything to be grateful about when anons are routinely being exposed to shocking and illegal content.

No. 1267157

anons are telling jannys to open mod applications if they cant be there ''24/7'' (btw there was moid threads here that were left for almost a whole day and you want to say 24/7 when they cant be bothered to check twice a day)
the other anons are right you are way too defensive for some reason, be honest are you one of the baiters or spergs in the cow boards, because i dont see why someone would defend and excuse inactivity.

No. 1267158

all of this infighting about the mods itt is literally covering up there is a tranny amongst us

No. 1267159

applications are closed you retard and inb4 you start your ''well then you should have signed up ages ago''.

No. 1267160

trannies try to not suicide-bait for five minutes challenge:impossible. Stop being an attenionwhore faggot and do it for real or fuck off back to you validation groomer discord server

No. 1267161

anons go to the discord and ask for a job to mod the site kek. complaining about it itt isn't going to achieve anything

No. 1267162

i'm literally trying to find out how to apply retard why are you sperging about this in the vent thread can you not read? this is were people come to complain about shit

No. 1267164

kek I think the presence of a troon has made everyone angry

No. 1267165

> it takes the mods somewhere between 6-24 hours
I raaaaarely see shit up for more than 6 hours and I'm ashamed I can say I'm plenty here to know I have a fairly good idea of the moderation speed here. On /ot/ anyway, idk about /snow/. And even if shit stays up for 6 hours, can you blame them? Unless they're neets, mods have to work or go to school or whatever too, I wouldn't be taking a look at the moderation log full of dicks either if I'm not in the privacy of my own home.

No. 1267166

you really think anons havent done that you dumb fuck.

No. 1267167

anons have been asking for apps to be open in /meta/ for well over half a year (where mods do check and where admin should be theoretically be fielding complaints), so. again, it all hinges on the admin.

No. 1267168

>really hope to be born female next life
There's no harm in trying. Don't forget to livestream it

No. 1267169

Complaining in /meta/ has not worked either, wtf does it matter to you if anons complain? There is no excuse for 0 communication on site

No. 1267171

And make himself a martyr for the tranny cause?

No. 1267172

why are you all arguing when we literally have a common enemy itt

No. 1267173

ok you just keep repeating the same shit that will get you the same answers so i will say it again IF THE MODS ARE BUSY THEN THEY SHOULD OPEN MOD APPLICATIONS.

No. 1267175

it's not like anons were signing up en masse when the link for applications was up for months only last year, why would this time be any different?

No. 1267176

(only admin can do that and admin hasn't communicated anythign in months) how often do you need to be told this

No. 1267177

Omg you are all so annoying lol, it's summerfaggotry I know it. The thread was not this insufferable in the Spring/Fall/Winter. All I fucking did was thank the mods for trying to boot the tranny and you guys sperg out and tell me to not show gratitude and then continue to shit alll over random strangers that put time into keeping a site going for a bunch of ungrateful twats. Lol you're either teenagers, moids, or insufferable ana chan red scare-esque bitches with massive entitlement issues. It's called gratitude, try showing some and then maybe the mods could be fucked to put more hours in dumbasses. I feel so sorry for your parents.

No. 1267178

Anon, you don't understand, it's their DYSPHORIA!!
"Dysphoria" my ass. The causes of troonism are:
Cripplingly low self-esteem, being an incel (in men)/sexual assault trauma (in women), porn addiction, not confirming to retarded arbitrary gender norms, being shamed or punished for being gender non-conforming, internalized misogyny (in women), internalized homophobia, autism.
"Gender dysphoria" is not based on reality but on sexist, meaningless ideas about what women and men can't/shouldn't do, and/or on porn addiction.

No. 1267179

the way that anon is seething and defending the moderation like their life depends on it.
take a chill pill

Either way admins lack of communication is also very weird….