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No. 1269329

No. 1269331


i fucking hate being me
hope someone kills me.
should've taken my chances back in february meeting that person online

No. 1269348

I'm the same age and feel exactly the same. I will not birth children into a world where koalas get burned alive

No. 1269353

I never wanted to have kids to begin with but that aside, I'm also worried about climate change. Where I live the weather changed every summer during the past 15 years so radically I'm shocked. It's even more obvious when I compared winters when I was a kid and now. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for babies, small kids and old people right now, and it's going to get worse. Meanwhile, we're told to just replace plastic straws with paperstraws like that's going to change anything even though it's companies that are doing everything to ruin the environment ever since the industrial age started.

No. 1269360

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa he was the biggest asshole to me for months and I would just let him walk all over me. I'm glad I ended it but still I feel like a clown.

No. 1269363

it's not like nature is sweet and kind to animals without our interference

No. 1269364

Nonnies I hate the guys who suddenly stop texting for hours when it's something urgent so fucking much.
I am talking to a guy who's always disappearing in the middle of our conversation. We used to date (just a month), split and now we're taking again and he's acting even worse than before.
>Offered to sell him concert tickets for a band he loves
>He was really into it but wanted to check if he has something on that day
>Then he fucks off for 14 hours leaving me on delivered
He has covid but it's his like 5th day and he said he's feeling better, sure as fuck can type a reply in those 14 hours. I 100% won't believe any excuse he's gonna give me. I got so angry I called him out on fucking off in the middle of our convo, jesus I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm inviting my friend instead and giving up on this piece of negging manipulative shit. Too bad, asshole. You don't have anyone but me and you're treating me like total trash, worse and worse every week, fuck you honestly. I always believed deep down he's a good guy, just lacks social skills but he's a proper asshole. He's been hot and cold on purpose for last two months, he even suicide baited once and it's mentally draining as fuck. I'm a fucking idiot and I know it, I shouldn't have talked to him again after he acted like an asshole the first time. Like Diane said, there's no deep down, what matters is the behavior they show us and not some sparks of kindness buried away which might not even be there.

No. 1269370

Like >>1269353 mentioned, the most shocking thing for me is how different the seasons are now compared to when I was young. I live in the nordics, and summers as a kid used to be cold. It was a miracle if it went above 20 degrees. We had snow every winter and if you wanted warm weather at all, you had to travel by plane to a warmer country.

Now summers are hot as hell, easily staying between 25 - 30 degrees each day. It's not uncommon for it to be over 30 degrees in the middle of July. If it snows at all in winter, it's only a matter of days before that white snow turns into a sloppy, grey and wet mess. I'm seriously planning to move up beyond the arctic circle just to have something akin to my childhood weather back, if even for a few years. I hate the heat with a passion, and to imagine that it's only getting worse from now on is depressing.

No. 1269372

I also wanna die, so i propose a duel to the death

No. 1269374

I’m also scared as fuck, but also timed predictions have consistently failed to come true, so i wouldn’t put much stock in them

No. 1269376

an ex friend of mine keeps telling people about my nudes from when I was 14/15 and I want to kill myself because I'll never escape it. Why do people keep talking about it??????? It's CP. I wonder if I can go to the police?

No. 1269377

Same, but without the misanthropy. I also already dread all the dystopic bullshit politicians will enforce in the name of climate change that won't actually do much in the big picture.

No. 1269383

i fucking hate insane scrotes and how it doesn't matter how you were nice to them 90% of the time, if you slip up just once they will have it out for you for the rest of your life.
the other day i was walking my dog and lo and behold the guy who fucking stalked me and skinwalked me for years was there. to his merit, im pretty sure he stopped stalking me but it just made me wonder if he looked me up afterwards; he is in a number of discords im in including one im active in even though he posts shit.
just having that hang in my mind just caused me to go into meltdown mode today. it just made me think of how i can't let people online know my real name, how i can't have social media, how any indication of my anonymity slipping or someone saying something private about me publicly makes me feel so powerful.
im tired of it nonnies.

No. 1269385

>posts jack shit i mean.

No. 1269386

WTF anon. IDK if you can do anything if this person is not actually sharing the photos, but you can definitely threaten them with potentially taking action, maybe it will be enough for the talking to stop

No. 1269388

So you doxed yourself on discord? Why would you do that? So many women got seriously hurt or murdered by discord scrotes, don't ever give out your personal information online again and shut down all the accounts that are linked to your identity just to he safe. If you want, you can start fresh and make new accounts but don't make the same mistakes again for your own safety.

No. 1269390

Im mad that I can’t tell if I managed to bruise my face from punching, need to try harder next time

No. 1269391

no, i've never doxxed myself on discord. the stalker is somebody i know irl (adjacent to school friends) and was friends for a brief moment until i felt uncomfortable so he catfished me and stalked me for years afterwards. he infiltrated online communities to do with my very niche hobbies.
my frustration is i can't go back to when i was a literal teenager to handle that situation better so i didn't have to deal with the pain anymore. sigh.

No. 1269392

I wish you guys could see or feel my boobs so you’d understand how disgustingly saggy and wrinkly they are when I’m only 21. I wish I had your average insecurity like my nose or some shit but noo it had to be one of the defining features that makes me a woman that looks COMPLETELY off. My mom had 5 kids and instead it looks like I’m the one who went through that instead.
I swear I’m never having sex if I can’t somehow fix this or get over it

No. 1269393

That's not your fault at all but you shouldn't engage in those communities, at least not the discord ones anymore. You probably didn't handle it badly, he'd have done the same shit no matter how you reacted and even reporting does jack shit so it's not like you could've magically fixed your issues.

No. 1269394

Did you lose and gain weight fast? When did they sag? I'm the opposite with perfect body with ugly face and I kept getting called butterface or whore for being ugly with a good body. Women are doomed either way unless every part of us is perfect.

No. 1269395

I only heard it through the grapevine, but it seems like no one realizes I'm that young in the photos or else I can't comprehend it. I think I'm powerless tbh I want to just report it and the police shows up on their doorstep. I don't talk to anybody on social media anymore. Thanks for your reply.

No. 1269396

I fucking hate that my roommate is staying home from work today because of a fucking stuffy nose just go you work you absolutely pussy I WANTED TO BE ALONE TODAY AND NOW IM STUCK HERE LISTENING TO YOU MOUTH BREATHE

No. 1269402

File: 1658315571963.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 341.71 KB, 2560x1286, adidas_SS22_BRA_KV_BREASTGALLE…)

Have you ever been to like a communal pool where women shower and use the saunas naked together? Idk if every country has those, but I've been to those and believe me most womens tits look nothing like in porn etc. Do you have strech marks, that's why they are "wrinkly"? My boobs grew really fast and I got a FUCKTON of those scars, my tits at 13+ looked like marbled meat slabs, it was fucking awful. But, when years went on the scars faded, and my boobs filled out to like adult woman boobs. Now at 27 they look just normal, I see the scars only when the skin is relaxed like when laying down in bed etc. It's been like that for a few years, I think they started maturing at somewhere around your age, maybe a couple years older. And even if they stay looking "unappealing", that's normal too. Breasts are meant for feeding babies, not to look porny for scrotes. Not that you need to get a baby but you know lol

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/topless-womens-naked-breasts-have-taught-me-to-love-my-body/ does someone have a Telegraph sub to paste the article, is it any good? Theres a pic at least of different boobs

https://www.creativereview.co.uk/adidas-breast-gallery-tbwa-ebrard/ here are some too

No. 1269406

NTA but I wish naked saunas were more common and accepted everywhere in the world. I'm from a country where most women wouldnt even remove swimming suits when showering after the pool, forget being naked anywhere, but I spent some time in Germany and it's a completely different story. Normal women bodies look nothing like what internet and media show, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful. I like art activism projects like your pic, or the vagina related ones, it's often the only time some women can see what actually is the truth and feel more comfortable in their own completely normal and healthy bodies.

No. 1269409

Right? I remember being an insecure teenager when I looked around in a pool changing room, and I realized that lol, everyone is kinda saggy and "ugly" irl. It's been over a decade and a half but I still remember the feeling of ~understanding~ vividly. Bar bathrooms and naked dressing rooms for women are blessed places.

No. 1269414

I just want some nice people to play games with.
Everyone I meet online stopped playing or, even
worse, are weird needy males.

No. 1269416

I lost weight gradually over 2 years since I wanted to prevent sagging skin but even when I was fat, the boobs were still just as saggy. Now I’ve just got more wrinkles since the skin didn’t stretch back. The rest of my body stretched back but my breasts didn’t for some reason.
> Do you have strech marks, that's why they are "wrinkly"?
I do have stretch marks but the wrinkles are different. I think all of my breast tissue is heavily collected towards the nipple so it drags down the whole breast and leave thin/lose skin across my chest with a sack at the bottom if that makes sense. Pretty much like some of breasts in your image but mine hang much lower, imagine a stretched/pulled clay dough ball.
You’re right though that I don’t have much perspective, only my mom and sister, the latter who has a full perky chest, so thank you. I wasn’t trying to say that I want porny scrote breasts… they just look so deflated and sad, a little bit of fullness or even a regular flat chest wouldn’t hurt. I think everyone wants to be desirable and confident when it comes to their sex so the fact that I’m missing a big aspect to that sits on my mind every day.

No. 1269418

Samefag but he replied, me too and he's silent again… I assume this ends our 'relationship'. It was shitty, it was short and he was terrible but I feel like absolute shit. I feel so bad. I'm so fucking alone. I will turn my phone off so I won't think about him replying or not replying anymore. Fuck I feel terrible, I'm even crying. Last time I dumped him but I feel like this dragged on shit hurts even more.

No. 1269421

i really like my job and even though it doesn’t pay much, it gets me out of the house and interacting with people, but a few months back a few of our servers quit suddenly and one of the new servers treats me like i’m a complete idiot. i’ve been there much longer than him and know more about the logistics of the place and work really hard, but he always has subtle digs or snide things to say that are harsh to me but no one else seems to think it’s an issue. i’m seriously considering quitting between him and the only other scrote that works there being complete dicks to me.
also, he’s 27 dating an 18yo? what the fuck? he brags about it like it’s an accomplishment to be with someone who was in high school last month.

No. 1269423

>I wasn’t trying to say that I want porny scrote breasts…
Oh no, sorry I did not mean you do, that's just usually the standard we are held on to. I do understand your feelings 100%. Congrats on the weight loss though, that is a great accomplishment. Have you looked into not wearing a bra? That perked my friends boobs up a ton (over a long time, not instantly of course)

No. 1269424

The first anon you replied to, anon I realize you're uncomfortable with the way your boobs look but a majority of women who don't have A-cups will have an amount of drooping, I even knew girls with A cups who had saggy beasts because it's just super common. I think your weight loss is the reason they're saggy but again, a lot of people have similar life changes and end up with boobs that sag to a degree by the time they're 25.
If you're still very conscious about the way they look, you could however use oils and such to lessen the appearance of stretchmarks and do exercises that help build muscle so you'll have more volume.
If you're planning to have children at some point, don't do anything surgical as they'll sag again even if you don't beastfeed since you'll gain and lose weight. Simpler stuff like exercising and using dermatolog approved topical creams can improve the appearance.

No. 1269434

Not my friend getting angry with me for not trying to sell my art after I told her toxic pressure of the environment to monetize the hobby ruined the joy of drawing for me lmao
IDK if she's just dumb or didn't listen

No. 1269439

My brother killed himself. My bio father killed himself.
I'm fucking tired.
My marriage sucks. My husband is gone 12-14 hours a day and I'm raising our kid alone in a foreign country with no freedom.

I don't want to be here anymore. I don't want to do this. I'm so angry.

No. 1269441

I haven't had my period I was supposed to have it a week ago. I haven't lived the healthiest lifestyle (drinking daily, eating shitty 'food' when I'm not being an alcorexic) but I've done those things before and it never had much impact on my health. I guess it's starting to catch up with me. I wish alcohol was illegal, it does so much damage not only to me but society in general, I hate how accepted it is and how I fell into it because they say a little beer isn't so bad. I don't mind not having my period but I'm scared if I continue this I will become infertile.

No. 1269446

the pandemic too made justifying excessive drinking acceptable. i cut back a LOT on my drinking and the change mentally and physically was really worth it, you should download the app reframe. it helps you keep yourself accountable and isn’t a weird shamey AA thing

No. 1269448

It's such a heavy post I don't know what to really say, but I se your pain anon. Hope things will turn around for you eventually

No. 1269450

You'll be okay nona, you're doing the right thing and soon you won't think of him as anything more than a stepping stone. I promise.

I'm so sorry anon. I hope you can find some peace.

No. 1269456

Hey nona I’m also raising a kid in a foreign country. Are you American?

No. 1269467

Scrote websites are so annoying. They'll call you 'he' 10 times even though your avatar is a woman, they're super hostile to each other for no reason but I guess it's some unfunny joke I don't get. I go there once every 3 months just to remind myself why I only come here.

I'm so sorry nonna, that's awful.

No. 1269473


Thank you all. The hardest and most confusing part is both my father and my brother traumatized me so I can't really grieve them…but I understand how they were feeling when they took their lives.

Yes, but I'm finally going home soon. I never want to come back. Honestly I don't even care if my marriage is over now. Whether my husband can get a green card or not used to bother me but after he brought me here and kept me caged in this stupid fucking house…he can do what he wants without me

No. 1269479

Where are you from?

No. 1269482

US, but currently in a developing nation. Women are treated terribly. I only get to walk around our neighborhood…and even that can be risky.

No. 1269489

Anon I symphatize with your situation, but why did you do that to yourself? Surely you must've known about the living standards and position of women in developing countries?

No. 1269498

Where do you live now? I'm in a third world country rn and I can kind of relate but there are so many western women who willingly come here because they're clueless.

No. 1269507

I am so glad you're moving back! I don't live in a developing nation, but I face xenophobia from the natives either way. I wish you all the best.

No. 1269510

It's a big tourist destination. I always wanted to go. I figured we would stay for a while and come back to my home country.

I thought he was my soul mate. The things we wanted to achieve were cheaper here. I couldn't deal with the climate, his family, or the illnesses. I lost my health along with my sanity and freedom.

Husband decided I was "too weak" to go out or do anything outside of childcare and by then it was the pandemic. Travel wasn't feasible. I really did not know how bad things were for women nor did I think it through…I was too caught up in the brainwashing of "I need someone to complete me" than anything. If I had known what would become of my life I never would have come here. I gave up my freedom for "love" and it was a sham.

I resent him and unfortunately resent our child because I would have been out of here if it weren't for the kid long ago. Raising a toddler alone while imprisoned in a foreign country was my biggest mistake. I never should have had a child.

No. 1269512

Me too. Thanks nonna :)

No. 1269513

I see.. do you have a safe way out at least?

No. 1269516

Yes. It took a long ass time but my kid and I are flying out of here in 10 days or so.

No. 1269518

That's great news nonna, I'm so happy to hear that!

No. 1269519

You got this honey. I trust you can get out of this situation, you’ll be safe and happy in your actual country and your kid will have (and already does) a badass mom that can overcome tough ass situations. Lots of women don’t even realize that they’re in shitty situations that they should change, but you do and you have the drive. That’s the first step.

If you can, please leave without telling the man as to avoid any child custody complications. Leave and don’t look back. You’ll be okay.

No. 1269528

File: 1658323445743.jpg (40.17 KB, 327x475, 511B6493KML.jpg)

Damn this is like not without my daughter irl. Wish you the best of luck

No. 1269537

are you in Egypt by any chance ?

No. 1269545

I'm not going to specify where I am since my situation is pretty specific and I can easily be doxxed, sorry nonny.

No. 1269554

You're gonna get banned for using emojis

No. 1269559

Whichever place she is, she's retarded for going to a third world country with no backup plan, staying at home and letting her husband dictate her. I can't feel bad for her when she knowingly gave up every right to live her tradhoe dreams with a tradhusband as a stay at home wife while us women in third world countries are fighting for more rights. I do feel bad for her child though. Classic case of a retard ruining her child's life because she wanted a useless man's love and now that she despises him, she also despises the poor kid. I hope she has a mother or something back home that can properly raise this child because imagine not having a father and also a mother who hates you because she was dumb enough to give up all of her rights to be a tradwhore.

No. 1269561

File: 1658325220278.png (162.19 KB, 498x310, Screenshot 2022-03-28 4.49.10 …)

oops thanks for letting me know
I am stupid. I deserve to die. Maybe I'll kms too. It runs in the family.

No. 1269562

You shouldn't kill yourself, dumbass. The chile is your responsibility and you need to at least make sure she's safe. Fucking retard.

No. 1269569

Nah don't listen to her. We all have different circumstances. Sucks that she lives in a shithole and is suffering but don't let her make you feel small.

No. 1269570

why do you think I've been struggling this whole time if not for the child? I gave up long ago. I asked to get depression medication two years ago and my husband still has not taken me to see a doctor. I'm getting my kid out of here if it's the last thing I do. You're right about me being a worthless human being but I'm not just going to leave my child here at the hands of my in-laws.

No. 1269571

My mother and I had a similar experience when I was tiny, including her losing a parent when we were out there. You're amazing, anon. I'm so glad you're taking your child and not just leaving them, which you likely could have done. Even if you say you resent the kid sometimes, clearly not enough to abandon them.

I hope everything works out and you can carry on safely together. In our case he followed us and it was a bit of a nightmare, but mothers can be so fucking powerful. Hopefully the father doesn't follow you guys.

Sending love, nona.

She could have had hopes of connecting her child to that side of her kid's culture/family. She also said it was temporary and they had plans to go back home.

Regardless, it's not as if she can turn back time and retract the decision. Saying it's a stupid choice is pointless now.

No. 1269572

I'm sad I only thought to call this bitch "dumbminican" in middle school just now

No. 1269575

She said she resents her child now, even though the child has no fault thats why I said it was her that made the bad choices. I have no empathy for a woman who hates her child for her mistakes and suicidebaits when there's a toddler that'll be left in a very dangerous situation if she dies. There's obviously a mental illness running in her family because they've all commited suicide, she should take the kid back home and let her mother raise her because I'm sure she'd also suicidebait and act crazy with her.

No. 1269580

I have tried to help the women here by spreading awareness. I can understand her frustration. Women here don't have the option to escape to another country when things get bad. In her eyes it's like I volunteered for this even though I had no earthly idea what it would be like. Everyone was fine until I had the baby and then it was masks off batshit insanity.

I'm really sorry to hear you and your mom had a similar situation. How did she manage?

Even if his dad followed us he is not violent..just entitled and pampered by his culture. He is a good dad but absent partner. It's a lot easier for him to be entitled here because he can say "I was working (or wherever he was idk) for 12-14 hours" so he can't do anything meaningful around the house besides laundry.

I love the little one a lot but the longer I'm isolated without any real activities to do the harder it has been. It's not like I can take kid to a local park or even walmart if we need a change of scenery. We just have this house and our street. I can only do so much and be so much but it's never enough. Never. It's worse now because I'm dealing with some weird grief for my brother and my emotions are really unstable.

No. 1269593

>How did she manage?
It was tough, he had us isolated in an area basically in the middle of nowhere and when he broke his absences he would bring questionable people around. My mother had an awful childhood which oddly primed her to keep me safe.
My father was a genuine BPDfag and violent, but we managed to get back. A huge custody battle evolved and my mother almost lost, but we won both due to her persistence and because I was born in our home country. If your husband isn't deranged like mine perhaps he won't feel the need to chase. But if he does, definitely take note of any child abuse in his family, ANY flaws in the idea of him raising your kid, and develop as stable a home life as you can when you get back (housing, employment, another guardian so he can't argue against you being a lone single mother, etc.).

Good luck, anon.

No. 1269601

That sounds horrendous. Your mom is a hero. Thank you for the tips nonna. I am going to do my best when I get home to give kid and I the life we deserve.

Do you remember any of it? Did it affect you into adulthood? I really hope my kid can adjust to normalcy after being cooped up for years.

No. 1269613

As an adult I am healthy by internal (self-love and general happiness) and external (educated and employed) standards.
But I definitely struggled a bit socially and dealt with anger issues/numbness/suicidal thoughts as a late teen. My mother and I disagree on some things now, but she was always the one to help me through all of that and so now I'm stable (with no need for meds). We have an inseparable bond.

Teen years are rough for everyone, but the psych my mom took me was correct when she said the events would have the largest impact when my teens hit. So beware of that.

If you're there for your child and use your own experiences with mental health, I think you can get through it for sure.

No. 1269634

Thank you again for the insight and advice. I'm taking it to heart. I'm really glad things ended up okay for you and your mom and that you have a close relationship.

No. 1269642

Getting real tired of having to reveal my age and have to explain it because I look like a womanlet like they think I'm under 18 when I'm a whole decade older. It also reminds me of 2 of my exes who were pedo aligned/ had a fetish for younger girls. Feels so disgusting and i try everything i think it's my shoulders and receded jawline (i wore braces for like 4 years due to overbite), skinny arms and huge forehead. Doesn't matter what I wear i look like an autistic 12 yr old.

No. 1269645

This is a vent / asking advice so feel free to advise thank you.

I have a nephew I haven't saw since 2020. It's my brothers son and my brother and the mother do not get on. She's been with her boyfriend for years and my nephew likes him so I'm not upset about that. My mother, step dad and I would ask to get my nephew for a few days and also it would give the mother a break. That stopped in 2020 and she's since blocked my parents numbers. She hasn't liked me and even had her friends harass me on social media a few years back. I have saw her since and just kept it civil but we have not text since before then.

My mum is upset she doesn't see her grandson and said she's leaving the mother alone if she doesn't want us involved. I live the closest to my nephew and I got his mums mobile. I'm wondering if it would be futile to attempt some type of relationship even on my own. At one point we were friendly and text each other. I did try to talk to my brother about his ridiculous behaviour and always made a point to stick up for her. She wouldn't know this, and it wouldn't have mattered because we ended up falling out after she started targeting me on social media. This was around 2017/18. I think everyone aside from my brother has matured since then and it would probably piss my mum off too if I text my nephews mother but in my heart it just doesn't sit right that I have a nephew and I can't even send him a birthday or Christmas card or gifts for holidays or even to see him. A part of me thinks she stopped contact with our family so her and her boyfriend can make a go of it and just let my nephew be happy with him as a father figure. I can understand that but then, I think he looks like me and some day he may himself want to know his other family. Would me being allowed to send a card be so awful

No. 1269646

Talked to my mother the other day about being openly gender critical, which I've been for 5 years now. She was concerned about me getting lynched, not physically by a man in womanface, but socially through social media. I told her I don't have any social media other than whatsapp. She then proceeded to semi-defend trannies by arguing that maybe they just don't ''identify'' (yes, she used that word) with what traditionally males do. I decided not to talk about how men remain the fucking same after chopping their dicks off or putting silly dresses, instead I tried to argue that that won't break sex roles, it would rather perpetuate them. She replied that we must erase the idea of certain roles being linked to one of the sexes. Why can't she follow this line of thought and see how ridiculous this tranny thing is? She's been a left wing atheist working class woman all her life. She even agrees with me that gay men have a special type of misogyny towards us, she hass never given a fuck about the LGB people (like a true classic working class left wing heterosexual gen x woman), so why is she unbothered by the trans craze? I've always thought my mother was slightly homophobic. It's weird how this shit doesn't trigger the alarms of so many people that lowkey wish their kids don't turn out homosexual. And it's not that she holds any religious reasoning of accepting trans because it ''makes gay people turn straight'', because as I said, she's an atheist. She literally begged I stop being so loud about hating men who pretend to be women. Is she suffering from common internalized misogyny or is it something else? I told her I couldn't help it, all this shit makes my blood boil, she replied she doesn't care about this issue.

No. 1269658

>he killed 4 children and 2 adults
No, he killed 4 girls and 2 women. I hate it when news try to keep gender out of the picture when the perpetrators are always scrotes with female victims. This was in a school shooting documentary.

No. 1269661

i hope my client forgets her appointment i really don’t want to do a perm right now

No. 1269664

I can relate, it sucks. This is one of the reasons why I never had a bf, the only guys hitting on my are men my age who think I'm younger than them and get disgusted or shocked when I tell them I'm a decade older than they think.

No. 1269665

I feel you anon, my gen X liberal mom is also a tranny defender. In her case I think it stems from liking drag queens and being somewhat of a "fag hag" when she was younger. iN her head trannies are just VERY gay men. I think people who aren't online as often don't get exposed to the ugly transbian shit as much as they see like, the troons from Pose or whatever. They just see them as extremely gay men living the "drag queen" thing fulltime. Meanwhile my mom literally got harassed by some troon at her job, asking her for help to figuring out his bra size and shit, asking for makeup tips, telling her she smells good. All that awful shit. I managed to convince her to quit that job because that guy sounded like a rapist, and she agreed on that specific guy…and still persists in feeling bad for the rest of them. I'll never really get it.

No. 1269666

Late but you do not deserve to die, that anon is a bitter sack of shit that just enjoys putting others down. It's not your fault that things turned the way they did. Most important thing is that you are taking care of your child and getting you two out of there, you are very strong for having endured all that.

No. 1269670

I was browsing LC at work and accidentally clicked on a 4chan link. Usually I either use my data or a VPN on company wifi but I had to reset my VPN and WiFi and ended up clicking the link on company wifi instead. It was blocked, obviously, but my search history is tied to my employee ID and now I'm worried someone at IT will know what kind of shit I browse and send me some kind of warning email or worst, get fired. Guess I'll know in the next couple of days or next week. Feeling anxious right now…

No. 1269699

I was doing amazingly on my weight loss both in reducing the amount of food I eat and working out. Then I got hit with covid which left me unable to work out for two weeks, and now summer is so hot that it's difficult to get outside to jog and hike like I used to, not to mention that my body overall feels shitty after being sick. Then I got blasted with massive period cravings and ate like a pig for a week. Now I have my period and I'm bloated and in pain, feeling more fatigued and shitty than ever. I tell myself that it will be fine and I will be back to doing well once all this is over, but I hate that it's been like a month of feeling like my body is not in my control anymore.

No. 1269723

Why do people watch that penguinz0 guy on youtube? He's fucking ugly and looks like a mega coomer, especially the hentai watching type. I tried watching him for 10 seconds and he already sounds like a pretentious douchebag. And I can't fucking stand when men with long hair part it on the side instead of the middle. Only metalheads seem to get that shit right, every other male trying to pull off long hair needs to fuck off.
Also he can calm down about youtube pranksters, who are more entertaining and funny than he is. I'd watch Baylen Levine who's younger and hotter any day of the week over some retarded neckbeard frothing at the mouth in his computer chair on camera.

No. 1269736

Idk if you're the same anon from the unpopular opinions thread that talked about this recently, but basically he is popular among reddit neckbeards. He has mild takes and tries to present them in a "rational" tone with some edgy humor, while forcing his voice to be more deadpan and deeper. He does a 10min video every day about a random news topic so people who don't follow news and see his clickbait titles check him out for updates. But yeah, he looks ungroomed and stinky.

No. 1269738

I don't think it's that bad honestly, it's not like you were watching beheading videos or porn during a meeting and I don't think the IT guys look specifically at employees' web history, they have more important things to do

No. 1269739

Haha no I'm not that anon. I haven't visited here in quite a while actually. Kind of glad I'm out of the loop on this sort of thing but thanks for letting me know!

No. 1269744

I love having clinical depression that’s medication resistant I love taking absolutely every possible step I can to not fall back into the pit but it happening anyway what part of my brain do I have to remove to get rid of this shit

No. 1269755

Tbh the only "content " of him i liked was his OSRS stream. For "video reaction" content i prefer watching one of the OG youtubers who is a nice dad of 3 cute kids.
I think Critikal mainly became popular because of him forcing his voice to sound deep and he didn't look like an unkempt NEET before he broke up with his first gf. Still, I find him creepy because of his "haha funny" dildo collection and crossdressing.

No. 1269764

If you've tried everything and nothing has worked, try keto.

>Conclusions: The administration of a ketogenic diet in this semi-controlled setting to patients with treatment-refractory mental illness was feasible, well-tolerated, and associated with significant and substantial improvements in depression and psychosis symptoms and multiple markers of metabolic health.

No. 1269766

there are too many attacks on the first page of ot. guess i'll sleep

No. 1269775

Gotta pay respects to the anons who are aged 25+ bc the rest of the posters are shit. I esp love the 30 year old women cuz they are real ones

No. 1269796

Yeah, this. I wish there was a way to enforce an age limit on this site.

No. 1269806

Ngl it wouldn't change too much, it depends on the person's maturity rather than age. You can have 27 year olds who refuse to integrate and post garbage. A lot of our cows are 25+ too

No. 1269836

This is nice to see. I've seen anons rage about older anons having no place here as it was a site for "Young women who haven't ruined their lives yet."

No. 1269849

The illusion that we're immortal is really strong, that's why you have so many kids calling 20 year olds hags. A lot of anons are also weirdly angry or call everyone obese and ugly as a cope, but everyone online does that.

No. 1269852

File: 1658339913975.png (586.72 KB, 719x713, 1650813775784.png)

I lost my phone in my house 3 days ago and I haven't found it since. I'm still searching but I can't godamn find it

No. 1269856

Call it

No. 1269871

she cont due tha wiffout her bloddy phone ya wanka

No. 1269874

you can use the "Find your phone" web thing if you have a Google Account

No. 1269897

With another phone.

No. 1269899

I misgendered the tranny today and I could tell it bothered him but I don't care kek. I'm not going to use your bullshit name or pronouns, not when you're absent and not when you're present. Seethe, cope and dilate.

No. 1269903

This shit is a lie I tried it and all it did was say have you tried looking for your phone?? Like bitch—

No. 1269940

I have, but it goes straight to voicemail

No. 1269956

File: 1658341919323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.45 KB, 258x195, download (30).jpeg)

I hate what the body positivity movement has become. It seems like a massive cope for obese women to force their way into being attractive. Not even questioning why a woman has to base her worth on her looks. I've had psoriasis since I was 8 and I've not once seen representation for it. I used to have a flaking itchy red patch on my cheek that didn't heal until I was 15. And because I've hot dark skin, it left hyperpigmentation. I've got loads of hyperpigmentation patches on my body from psoriasis. I've only got two small patches of psoriasis now but I know its never going to go away. The only other person I've met with my type of psoriasis has it even more severe than I did. I don't want attention, or to be seen as desirable, all I'm asking for is acceptance for people with incurable skin conditions. I don't want to deal with the bullying or the stares or the unsolicited advice. I want to be comfortable in my body.

No. 1269986

File: 1658342529146.jpg (8.59 KB, 228x221, 1654883905739.jpg)

>try to find pics to put in the Attractive men thread
>the guy is Edward Furlong
>want to find pics of him in his 20s, but photos when he was a kid pops up anyway
>click on a photo where he looks like he's somewhere in his late teens to early 20s
>click the link to the website attached
>it's an early 2000s borderline-pedo site involving little boys in swimsuits
>the homepage says 'Ken's World of Boys in Television & Movies Presents Many of The Best Of Boy Actors You will NEVER find any XXX-rated pictures here. You will always find beautuful boy actors at their best! Please only link to this page. Other page locations can & will change. Click on picture to get larger version. Now, for the boy actors. Here's a few lovely examples'

No. 1269992

I hate dumb people who accuse people of being esl just because they are too retarded to actually read the op's post

No. 1269999

sorry men are disgusting, nonny. hope you found the pics you originally wanted!

No. 1270013

I have severe body acne that's left me with a lot of scars, and I don't even think it would make me feel better to be "represented" by a model with bad skin tbh. I don't really understand the mentality of people who worship models who are fat or have one leg or whatever it is. I don't feel "empowered" looking a someone who has the same issues as me but is hotter, I just wish we didn't live in such a looks-based world.

No. 1270035

I'm so sick of everything being porn-y. Even the front page of youtube is steeped in this shit and porn/fetish youtube videos are allowed to slip by. Do men ever get tired of sexualizing women? What do women have besides the marina how to be a heartbreaker music video and harry styles?

Reminds me of men on ebay trading posters of boy actors from the 90s like River Phoenix.

No. 1270063

Omg, I found a site just like that about boy actors around 2008 or so. I was a kid looking up info about the Black Stallion movie. The main character was a little boy, half naked through most the movie because he was washed up on a desert island along with the horse. I never forgot seeing that site and how they described the boys.

No. 1270064

This so much. I went out swimming with friends for the first time and I was surprised how normal their bodies looked. I was expecting them to have Instagram fitness model of bodies since they all play a competitive sport of some kind but they looked like the average women with normal body fat and some chub on their tummies. So unlike the women you see in porn or movies. It made me feel less ashamed about my body and after that it even gave me the confidence to try out a two piece even though I always wore a one piece to go swimming because I didn't want to show off my belly.

No. 1270068

OP here. nvm I found it. It was in my underwear draw of all things

No. 1270075

Not to be all hurr durr trite about it but isn't the YouTube front page tailored for your activity? I get the same 20 videos every day recommended to me shuffled around on my ytfp

No. 1270079

nta but if you're not logged in you get the worst clickbaity/porny shit recommended to you on purpose. i hate it

No. 1270080

Ah ok, I thought maybe that's what she meant. Logically

No. 1270086

I don't have a google account and almost every time I visit youtube, it's either gross men pulling soy boy faces or a video of chicken breast cut to look like a vagina.

No. 1270098

File: 1658344993419.jpg (16.8 KB, 400x400, 1611308632576.jpg)

Why the hell does my sister have to go "well I had it worse, I am sicker, I was actually doing worse, actually you're just whining" when she finds out about anyone, legit anyone being sick with something, be it chronic or not? For example, when someone breaks a bone, she will INSTANTLY go into a smug rant on how she once snapped a finger at school and akshually that's way worse. When she found out I have late stage endometriosis, she shut that down by saying she has worse endo even though she genuinely doesn't, she just fucking doesn't, not that it's a race or that I ever talk about it, my mom just told her because I have been getting a lot of surgeries due to it and she just went on a rant again. "I could've been infertile so mine's worse" and I actually am infertile with cancer suspicion, it's not a fucking race you thin lipped bitch?

No. 1270157

File: 1658346654152.jpg (33.09 KB, 400x555, tumblr_pnp9119nTp1rirva1_400.j…)

Long sperg but god I hate my grandfather to no end - it's not funny, and it angers me that my grandmother just lets him get away with it - enabling of sorts? I don't know how she put up with him for 4 almost 5 decades.

Idiot lives rent free and is a bum. Doesn't pay for anything unless it's for himself or for someone he wants to look good to.(usually young, skinny women and the financially stable…) Has no respect for anyone but expects us to pity him, has piss poor hygiene, is also the biggest fucking know it all. Lies constantly to look good that everytime he opens his shit breath mouth you can tell it's bullshit. Sometimes he even lies about my mother's circle of the family to make us look bad… has ripped my mum and I off several times too. Used to slap me and my cousin's asses when we were kids and would play it off like a joke, sometimes even touched us inappropriately… nobody believed us though. But hell, the pos even impregnated his own sister when he was 22 and she was 14!!! Wish his family didn't protect this sick freak so much… all this shit, and he still believes he's above women!

He's also the main reason why I developed a binge eating problem!!!! When I was a little girl and we'd go somewhere, I'd tell him what I wanted to eat(for example, a little pack of sushi), he'd buy me 4x the amount out of anger and force me to eat all of it, even if I was even uncomfortably full, before we could go home. When I started gaining more and more weight, he'd always make fun of me for it and even started telling people that I was eating all of HIS food, would even give me a shit load of food when in front of whoever he told this to and made me eat it.

All these years I tried to love him but I just can't bring myself to try anymore. This shithead is one of the biggest reasons why I'm a fucked up individual today. Sorry to sperg so much, I've just never felt genuine hatred for anyone before.

No. 1270163

> But hell, the pos even impregnated his own sister when he was 22 and she was 14!!!
Sweet home Alabama!

No. 1270169

I've wasted like 60 at this point.

No. 1270182

Are you starting them indoors? Are you presoaking them and using a heating mat? Also don’t buy the cheap peat pods. It shouldn’t matter but it does and every year I make the same damn mistake and get a bunch of garbage leggy seedlings.

No. 1270187

Inshallah his heart stops beating

No. 1270191

I've tried both outdoors and indoors, I've soaked them for 10-12 hrs. I think the outdoors attempt failed because it unexpectedly rained a lot just after I sowed them, so I've been trying to start them indoors to avoid that. I haven't used peat pods, I've tried it one time with different seeds and quickly learned that's trash. I haven't been using a heated mat, I didn't know that was neccersary, I'll look into it. Thanks!

No. 1270202

>But hell, the pos even impregnated his own sister when he was 22 and she was 14!!!
The fuck? Kill him.

No. 1270203

you are right, i'd really support body positivity if it was shining a light on missing limbs, skin conditions and other permanent abnormalities that are not your fault but of which you have to make the most. instead it's an excuse for elective self-harm via gluttony and indulgence. that IS erasure.

No. 1270214

This. I won't support skellies who starve themselves into looking like corpses or fatties who can't even walk.

No. 1270327

It's sad how much I hate my mom. I want to smack her anytime she talks because apparently only her thoughts are correct. Can't have a different opinion than hers. She's extremely judgmental and has an overblown ego. She also has internalized misogyny. I wish she was no one's mom because she sucks at being a mom. Funny how she acts like she was a great mom to me in my teens when all she did was tank my self-esteem and make fun of my dreams. I wish someone would squash her like a bug.

No. 1270331

They’re all back. People standing behind me and spiders crawling under my skin and swarms of flies that appear and disappear. Can’t afford alcohol to make it easier.

No. 1270339

Watching old Vargskelethor vid, and Joel mentioned how his dad's "asshole friend" once said to a homeless guy begging outside, "We have a forest full of berries, why don't you go pick those and sell them for money?" Joel gets his panties in a bunch over this and how it was so rude and that his dad's friend was a "turd". I fucking hate homeless people, they're always shithead drug addicts who sponge off of society and destroy everything around them. And they're almost always scrotes. Scrotes caping for scrote behavior, go fuck yourself, Joel.

No. 1270342

i think you need to see a dr

No. 1270346

Wtf is wrong with me I ate so much today and couldn't feel full, probably gonna eat more. I also saw a video of someone's cat that looked like their previous cat that died and started fucking crying and had to go hug and kiss my cat. I am on my period but

No. 1270348

Stop taking meth.

No. 1270358

Forgive yourself girl it’s a human moment

No. 1270361

Thank you anon, hope it passes soon.

No. 1270370

My boyfriend and I decided to make plans for a separate day with our friends since he couldn't come to the one we were having today. So my friends all canceled the plans with me to go to his. I'm so irritated. Why am I the second choice? We were both separately friends with them before dating. I don't need to be tethered to my partner to go out. I don't want to see any of them this week now.

No. 1270371

no this is not racebait, tranny janny keep your hands off my vents because I know fine well you banned me last time I spoke up about physically defending myself against my ex-bf.

Sick of being told it's racist to point out that moids of non-white ethnicities fetishize white women. im not saying this as if white women have it the worst in the world, but I feel like you cannot even say shit about this or else you get called racist. I love women of all ethnicities and cultures, i hate moids in the same vein - they are disgusting and vile across the globe and we need to stop shilling for males just because they happen to fit a certain demographic.
in a town near me young working class white girls were sex trafficked and raped by groups of pakistani moids. no one gave a fuck about the girls and they were called white slags and prostitutes. the fact that no "progressive" outlets talked about this for fear of muh racism is fucking appalling to me.

everyone cares about degenerate males more than women of any background but it is specifically annoying to be told that its "not racist" if you call a white girl a white slag and prostitute.
i have interacted with "intersectional feminists" who genuinely thought it was acceptable to say that white women deserve misogyny simply because they are white, and that they don't care what happens to them.
I went to college in a town with a lot of muslim and pakistani men and the vast majority of sexual harassment I received there was by them. I was spat on and every white girl in my friend group would be followed by them or groped by them in nightclubs. you can't talk about it because everyone wants to play hero and butt in with "umm not all of them though" and imply you're racist, and then you feel like you can't even say shit against these scrotes. i look back on this and it's just plain misogyny: "dont speak up about this disgusting male, you will be racist!" literally fuck off, these men are a plague upon their own communities and oppress their own women too and you don't give a fuck about that either because it's so easy to victimise degenerate males.

No. 1270372

Does anyone else ever wonder what Shuaib would’ve thought of those paramedics laughing at the 1/2 of his face that was leftover? Like wow your life was so bad you killed yourself and even your death is a joke kek

No. 1270378

Massive agree on all fronts of this post. Sick of man baby Arabic neet “men” who are breastfed by their mommies until they’re 25 expecting the world to give them all beautiful, well-spoken white women to reproduce their children and uphold their homes.

No. 1270380

That's shitty anon, especially if they're on separate days and they could have gone to both. Honestly I'd confront them and let them know it hurt you or start looking for better friends.

No. 1270384

Honestly as a non-white women I've become increasingly sick of this type of shit. I feel like a lot of men use white women as a sort of scapegoat for all the misogynistic things they can't get away (as much) with saying about other women. And I've had moments of fearing I was becoming a bit racist towards certain groups of people then I realised I didn't feel that way towards females of those groups, only men.

No. 1270386

AHHH I hate typing on a fuckign touch screen I want my goddamn blackberry back with the physical kepboard and endless programmable keyboard shortcuts for every app and action you could ever want

No. 1270394

Haven’t nonwhite women been saying nonwhite men fetishize white woman and treats the women of their own ethnicity groups like shit by holding them up to an impossible standard of whiteness forever now? Like this is half the discourse around misogynoir, for sure. This hurts dark skinned women, so idk why people are acting like it’s weird to point out. Like if you think some of these dudes don’t fetishize white women AT ALL you haven’t listened to dark skinned women’s struggles and are pretending to be woke for points online.

No. 1270397

goddamnit I can't remember which thread I made a comment in and I want to check it grrrrr

No. 1270399

I'm still gender critical/don't think TWAW or TMAM but I now realize how stupid it is to act as if I know the inner details of anyone's life; all I can do is guess. I mean to ask a trans person
>well what is gender :^) ? what's a woman :^) ?
as if it's some sort of "gotcha!" makes me feel so silly now. They've obviously been over those questions before, their answers just led them into the trooncult. Whatever.

No. 1270431

met a really young guy on tinder and he's bugging me to go out tonight but I'm not sure if he will look older in person or I'm going to feel like a pedo when I see him kek

No. 1270433

I'm losing my mind trying to remember which threads I've commented in in the past day or so
Also it must be the sweet spot in my cycle because whoo boy do I feel manic

No. 1270434

are you me? what were the posts about, maybe we can help

No. 1270435

You don't accidentally meet "really young" people on tinder, why did you set the search preference so low you worry it will make you look like a pedo? And swiped right on him?

No. 1270436

File: 1658361859308.png (106.66 KB, 897x246, dfgtyhuj.png)

I feel like such a pathetic boring person. I have no female hobbies/interests but I also don't have male ones. I am not feminine but I'm also not masculine despite having a clear personality. I wish I could get men to like me but I'm not feminine enough. I wish I could at least bond with other women but I can't bond with either gender because there's nothing we have generally in common to chit-chat about.

No. 1270438

File: 1658361909395.jpeg (81.69 KB, 828x818, AD8D8B95-0076-46C3-9893-4CF877…)

I'm so miserable for no reason. I hate thinking about anything money even when I do not spend it. I want to kill myself. Thanks for listening.

No. 1270439

I posted freaking out because I saw some porn of a woman? man? A person with masectomy scars and a vagina but I swear I scrolled down more on their reddit profile and they had a dick too at some point? One nonny mentioned how they can create a fake dick but the one I saw in the profile was real. I couldn't tell wtf and wasn't willing to do the gender math kek
There are more but wouldn't you know it, I can't recall in this moment what they were. In related news this is my first sober day off of weed in many years lmao
What about you nona? What was your comment?

No. 1270440

How old is he anon? Personally I think as long as he's 18 (which you have to be to join Tinder anyway), then you should go for it unless you're like 30+ or something. I feel like if he looks really young people will just think he's a babyfaced guy and not that you're a pedo lol.

No. 1270447

Samefag but I've asked like thrice how anons prefer to follow the threads they're active in, i.e. bookmarking them, keeping tabs open for days, etc. but I got called a glowie lmfao

No. 1270448

it's a running trend in my life that i can't connect with people, so sometimes people will reach out to me in pity and it just ruins the whole group vibe (because people want to be nice and do things they don't have to in order to "get to know me".) just makes me so damn sad because we both end up regretting it big time.

why did god make me so alien to my fellow people

No. 1270452

That doesn't ring familiar but sounds messed up, maybe it was the tif thread? Mine were always either dumbass shit or questions I forgot where I posted, like was it on /g or /ot!

No. 1270454

I'm 31 he's 22, I swiped because he had some nice body photos and one with a beard, but a lot of his older photos on instagram are of him when he was like 18 so it's weird (he only has one of his face from 2020). He has a pretty young voice too. I've gone out with younger guys before (no younger than 22), I don't mind, but they usually have deeper voices and look older. I'm just not sure in person what vibe he will give me.

No. 1270463

You’re a retard anon, life isn’t gender stereotypes and if the people you’re interacting with seem that way you either need to stop projecting or surround yourself with better people. Some interests I have in common with other girls around me include camping, fishkeeping, baking, science, graphic design, drone flying, woodworking, embroidery, and scuba diving.

No. 1270466

Yesterday I got robbed at gunpoint for a fucking cellphone and it's the second time this month (only the first time didn't involve a gun but just half a dozen people around me). Bonus: I needed to stay calm, collected and positive because I can never be the one falling apart, that place is specially for my dear mother. I'm alone now but still can't bring myself to even cry at this misery.

No. 1270473

Where do you live?

No. 1270474

I checked that thread! I think this person was posted in a few threads around the same time. Oh well, thanks nonnie

I'm sorry bb, try to allow yourself space to process and don't force anything. I'm glad you're okay physically though. You're very strong for keeping it together for your mother.

No. 1270475

Sounds like it’s time to start carrying a fake wallet and phone around.

No. 1270476

im getting to where i fucking despise people as a whole (mostly men). i used to be someone who always saw the good things in the world and now i just fucking hate humans and i dont want to be this cynical because its a miserable way to live but fuck. people are so goddamn horrible

No. 1270487

I was going to be funny and ask you to guess but I remembered Brazil is not the only country around here that shit like this happens.

Thank you, nona! Sending you love.

That's actually solid advice and common behavior around here kek. Unfortunately, they took my two fake phones the first time (and the real one). Thankfully I've stopped carrying more than my driver's license and bus card, so at least I didn't lose credit cards and such.

No. 1270488

I'm from Argentina, don't forget about us kek we're no strangers to getting robbed either

No. 1270492

I go to college for theater and I’m in this play with this dude who keeps sexually harassing the cast, but gets excused every time because he’s autistic. Genuinely not sure what to do, cause the dude was filming girls without them knowing, cornering us at the bus stop. I was planning on reporting it, but kept getting “we’ll have you considered he’s autistic? He doesn’t understand social cues so like he doesn’t MEAN to sexually harassing you when he’s sexually harassing you.” and it was obvious they wouldn’t listen and it’d all get thrown back on me. I’m going to probably be in another production with this absolute creep and idk how I can deal with it next semester.

I’ve tried hard not to be offensive cause I’m honestly a total sjw too nice for my own good, but it’s hard when they keep bringing it back to him being autistic to trip me up and get me to stumble over my words. They’re pretending they give a shit about mental health when he’s harassing multiple women who have been raped on the cast. Honestly, though, I feel like he can get away with anything because people are just saying he’s too stupid to know better. I don’t believe that, obviously, because I don’t think autistic people are dumb as bricks. He knows what he’s doing. And if he didnt know what he’s doing and can’t help himself keep him away from women??? But womens mental health doesn’t matter I guess. We just need to protect the dude filming women on campus without their knowledge.

Worst part is he sucks totally and can’t act and we have to work with him, while he bullies us backstage.

Men die in a hole challenge.

No. 1270494

Report him and let someone else deal with it. It's not your job to coddle grown men. Sorry you're dealing with this.
In HS my bf hung around the special-ed kids a lot and he said the one autistic scrote that walked around campus with his carer giving girls long hugs knew exactly what he was doing. Obviously it's a spectrum but this guy seemed very um, affected if you will and still was perving on girls.

No. 1270495

It's 3am. I just woke uo against my will bc my sister yelled. Why? Because a gigantic spider was walking all over her body until it woke her up. I wouldn't have believed her if I didn't see a huge spider (size of a tarantula) a fzw centimeters away from my face in my room last summer. I'm sure my mother got very sick from being bitten by it at the time so now I'm too worried about that to fall asleep again. Those are the same people who yell at me to open the window to get some fresh hair at nighy by the way. No fucking way I'm doing this now.

No. 1270496

Burn your house down

No. 1270498

Oh okay, gotcha. Honestly if he's using pictures from when he was 18 I'm guessing he probably looks a lot different (and probably more mature) now. I think a lot changes in appearance from 18 to 22 so I'm sure he probably doesn't look very young. Anyway, hope you have fun on your date (if you go)!

No. 1270499

Which the current weathee it's going to burn down by itself. Fucking kill me. I'm in an apartment actually and I'm starting ro wonder where these little shits come from. I've never seen these before, spiders tend to be smallee than than in my country in Europe. If I find out a neighbor has been doing stupid shit like keeping big ass spiders as pets I'll burn the whole building down I don't give a fuck. What's next, fucking kangaroos? We're not in Australia, fucking this shit.

No. 1270501

I just went for ramen with my fiance and as soon as we got in line I made eye contact with one of my former co workers, up ahead of me. Don't know if she recognized me. I am extremely bashful and I have fucking chronic blushing issues, so I started getting really anxious and then I just walked out. My fiance was confused but nice and understanding when I explained in the car. I fucking hate being anxious I wish I COULD JUST BE NORMAL

No. 1270504

>What's next, fucking kangaroos?
my sidessss anon, can you ask your landlord to get the place sprayed for bugs? I'm guessing not or you would have done that already but you never know

No. 1270505

When we finished our play it was after the whole depp/heard trial. No matter your stance on the trial it seemed a poor time for me to report weird shit against women. It psyched me out.

I did report to my director, multiple times, at one point everyday, but all he did was give him a talk like “pwease stop harassing women. Not like we’ll stop u or anything tho” so I just got disenfranchised.

If something happens again tho I need to go report it to the school and I will. You’re right.

But yeah he is exactly like you’re describing, putting hands on women and hugging them, even staring at our fucking tits during conversations. I rly don’t want this to alter my view of autistic ppl, but the way he’s able to hide and just pretend he has no idea what he’s doing and be like “I have no social skills tho” is making me rly bitter and I rly don’t want to think that about people. Sorry this is long.

No. 1270507

One time I went grocery shopping to make chicken pot pie and I suddenly realized it was going to cost more money than it was worth but I was too anxious and I literally froze in the aisle bc I didn't know what to do because I felt so fucking stupid. I hate this too nonna. I felt like a piece of shit because I left the basket on the ground in the aisle and walked out. (No refrigerated items)

No. 1270512

File: 1658366104412.jpg (62.7 KB, 660x660, 3-3d-model-hippo-guodong-zhao.…)

wish people would stop expecting me to play vidya with them when no one ever wants to team up in games i play, or respect my time and make me wait hours before they're ready

No. 1270517

You are pretty stupid, it's always worth it to cook for yourself over buying some frozen bullshit

No. 1270519

I didn't buy any frozen food retard, read it again

No. 1270531

I live with my parents and they own the apartment, and on top of that they'll leave in a few hours to go abroad for a month see our family so there's not much we can do. I'm going to be stuck with a tarantula sized spider for a month for all I know because it fled an nobody found it. I still can't sleep.

No. 1270536

I was talking to my MtF friend and he was telling me how his mom was in downtown and scared of all the homeless people loitering around. And then he said that from his experience he's never been harassed by homeless people despite always going outside every night for his graveyard shift. The way he was talking about his mom was like she was a bigot against homeless people or something. And I'm just like?
Okay first of all, you don't pass as a woman and also you've never socially transitioned. Of course you wouldn't know the danger of being in the same space as mentally ill, unpredictable men or know how it feels like to be yelled at by aggressive drug addicts. God, I don't know why I still bother talking with troons.

No. 1270539

I don't care about people who act like saving homeless guys is such a good thing to do. What if hes a sex offender or murder and his family cut him off like… Maybe thats why the tranny loves them.

No. 1270548

>of course you wouldn't know the danger of being in the same space as mentally ill, unpredictable men
Your friend is a mentally ill, unpredictable man as well, he's too crazy for the crasy homeless men so he's immune to their bullshit.

No. 1270551

You are sweet. I hope we both become less anxious

No. 1270559

I only feel bad for homeless women because there's a good chance she's homeless because she was financially dependent on an abusive scrote or came from an abusive household. I feel nothing for homeless moids who brought their situation onto themselves because they couldn't control their ape impulses

No. 1270565

Me too nonna. Unfortunately that means forcing ourselves to do the very things that make us anxious. RIP

No. 1270571

Yes I agree. And even homeless men will have the privlege not to be raped or have to sell themselves while on the street. Its scary to imagine what homeless women go through

No. 1270585

discovering imageboards in 2004 was the worst thing that ever happened to me. it's impossible to leave them.

No. 1270591

When I was young I discovered anonymous kpop meme communities that were slightly less retarded but more faggy

No. 1270593

File: 1658369226743.png (16.85 KB, 160x160, f13cdd8fbd57ddae54e45f0196138e…)

my ex bestie is retarded. i still go onto her social media when im bored because she is such a cow to me now. A bit ago i saw her using her other account to tweet at herself. it was an image of herself using discord to ask something..and her other discord responded. so 4 accounts in total interacting with each other…and its all her. I know its her discords because i have both of them blocked, same profile pics as in the image. Im baffled. How can someone be this mentally ill? I want to message her so bad and ask her what the fuck is up with her, or maybe one of her friends, but i cant. i just wish i knew what goes on in this womans head, what makes her this weird suddenly. maybe im at fault too, perhaps she had some psychological damage due to having no close friends anymore kek

No. 1270594

she's still a pedo grandma

No. 1270598

wish i could witness my ex being so low. but unfortunately she has so many friends despite the terrible things she did to me and others

No. 1270602

only a matter of time then. these things never end well to be honest, some people only snap after a few years of being mistreated. im hoping she gets what she deserves eventually

No. 1270630

File: 1658370641081.png (72.16 KB, 211x244, 1655657600764.png)

My boyfriends's ex is a mouth breathing dimpled chinlet who can't naturally close her lips because of her astronomically large horse teeth and has the body of a surfboard but she was thinner than me when they dated 4+ years ago so that means I'm cripplingly insecure to the point of depression (even though she got chubby and i lost 20lbs and am the thinner one now) and I need to be skinner than her when they were dating or I'll rip my own ears off.

>picrel is me

No. 1270634

File: 1658370833874.png (193.1 KB, 432x314, likiliki.png)

>My boyfriends's ex is a mouth breathing dimpled chinlet who can't naturally close her lips
I present you another character from the same game you posted

No. 1270642

Are you sure your boyfriend isn’t the uggo? I’m sure you look fine nonnie, take care of your weight and health. Bone rattling will open the gate for a million more insecurities.

No. 1270650

At least you're aware of your retardation. This kind of thinking is embarrassing past high school

No. 1270661

Aaaah I don’t want to do my homework and I only have one hour left to write it up
but my grades have been excellent so far so I gotta do it

No. 1270672

Also, did he tell you all this stuff about her? Because if he was shit talking her then he's probably going to shit on your appearance one day

No. 1270688

Pinterest has been functionally ruined by TikTok. Before there was interesting stuff from expert crafters, gardeners, bakers, DIYers, etc. The workout routines used to be decent. Now it’s literally all TikTok reposts of teenagers with too much money giving their uninformed, unqualified opinions.

No. 1270689


No. 1270692

File: 1658373580683.jpg (37.84 KB, 1024x521, 1652560697452m.jpg)

Thanks Nona sometimes I just have to lose my shit for a second

Absolute grade A retardation


it is simple nonnie, I am deeply self conscious and use it as my rage copium

No it's all me, he's too nice.


No. 1270693

I noticed this too. It used to be the old lady app but now it's overrun by preteens like a watered down tumblr. I use it for baking and cooking recipes but those shitty whispers still pop up for me. The shit they say is embarrassing and the amount of cope shit I see on the whispers is weird as fuck. Really forced obvious shit like "i love being fat, tall, having brown hair, being white" like….are you sure? because you don't sound okay if you're thinking about yourself that much.

No. 1270727

I can't stand seeing or hearing star wars anymore. It's so overused and beaten into the ground by trannies, redditors, and certain plot theorists. I use to like to think back to the days when I was a child and beat up my male best friend with a light saber (I mean this light heartedly but his fault for challenging me and having a weaker light saber toy). It was those old plastic ones that didn't break and were quite hard, it was my brother's light saber that I nicked off him. Anyways now I want to find that toy and beat the shit out of these people. Shame needs to be brought back into society.

No. 1270779

I hate that the only two things I enjoy(drinking vodka and binge eating) can kill me and make me look like shit. This is a cruel world.

No. 1270791

I’m almost positive my little sister got sexually assaulted at a party she went to last weekend and I have no idea what to do about it. I don’t know whether to bring it up or if she’ll come to me or our parents when she’s ready. I don’t want to tell our parents because that’s not my decision to make but I don’t want her to try and deal with it alone. Fuck I’m so terrified

No. 1270800

I'm pretty sick rn and having trouble staying asleep for more than an hour at a time and my mom decided to turn on both of the washing machines, the loud ass coffee maker and fuck around with cardboard recycling at 8am. I just want to sleep for fucks sake.

No. 1270823

File: 1658383258237.png (417.42 KB, 564x564, DBE67819-49B6-485A-9154-23D368…)

I’m too depressed to want to consume things omg I used to just go down schizoid rabbit holes of info that would not enrich my life in any way but it would keep me occupied and I’d have some endless trove of retarded information to distract me. I also used to be very into music but I’m having a hard time even enjoying that lately. I don’t like any YouTubers and the fleeting moment of interest where I’m learning things from random ones just are not sticking. I’m afraid I might have to get actual hobbies again ladies, I haven’t had them since right before pandemic.

No. 1270856

Talk to her nonna. Maybe just ask if she is ok and maybe tell her you've noticed her being sad/distant/whatever and are concerned.

No. 1270871

I hate that the Kenneth Branagh Poirot movies both feature high profile notorious woman beater / rapists in important roles. I know Hollywood is full of horrible men but it almost feels intentional.

No. 1270881

i think my coffee creamer went bad early or my eggs were bad ive been having bad nausea since morning and water, food, tums has not helped, or i guess for once my period is doing it

No. 1270887

Just woke up and my cheeks, chest, and arms are bright red and burning like crazy what the fuck. I haven’t been in the sun and I didn’t use anything new. I’m freaking out

No. 1270893

Could it be some sort of allergic reaction? Have you used a different fabric softener maybe? Are they itchy?

No. 1270897

Idk that’s what it feels like but I really can’t think of anything new I’ve used except for a newer antidepressant so I guess it could be that? No not itchy just really hot

No. 1270911

Went to get my shoulder checked out since I was still having issues after I originally injured it and it's nothing you can see with an x-ray so I was just given stretches to do. It fucking sucks so much. Pain is the same even after a couple weeks of rest and stretching. I get so anxious it's permanent somehow.

No. 1270933

Give your doctor a call, this seems suspicious

No. 1270940

Omg every time I go to the doctor for something like that they tell me to do those fucking stretches too and they never work. It’s so infuriating. I hope it gets better soon anon. I’m sure it’s not permanent, sometimes injuries just take a long ass time to heal

No. 1270952

i'm late as fuck but also this guy pissed in his girlfriend's mouth and told it as a 'funny' story

No. 1270955

Plus the kiddie tent in his video bg is 100% for DDLG shit

No. 1270988

decided to check twitter n got recommended several artwork. loved the artstyles, check the profiles
>my age or younger
>self taught
ruined rn. like i've been drawing since i was 6 and i'm still just OK at it even tho i'm passionate about it, i really gotta study harder but i refuse to go to art school hhh

No. 1270993

Please don't look and don't care about people's age, it's completely irrelevant and only makes you feel bad for no reason. "Self taught" means nothing, I guess no actual art school but doesn't mean these people didn't do any art courses and didn't have any professional guidance along the way. Also, it's impossible to measure and compare the amount of hard work that went into it. Research efficient ways of learning, maybe do some courses, just continue developing at your own pace anon.

No. 1271019

Finally at a point of financial freedom in my life yet i feel so empty and any success i achieve doesnt matter because i have no one to be proud of me as i have no parents and all my friends are competitive and jealous

No. 1271020

I want to be awake at all times and I want to be asleep at all times

No. 1271034

I just literally cannot work. Like I keep fucking things up at every place I work at

No. 1271056

File: 1658406784366.jpg (48.19 KB, 591x586, original (1)asv45346.jpg)

I'm proud of you, anon. You have financial freedom now and depend on no one but you, the ultimate goal really. You did it!

No. 1271063

File: 1658407262035.gif (1.27 MB, 540x389, b6a1d7607ca79ed3f57ee3860d0efb…)

Nonna, I hope you will find better friends. I bet you worked really hard to achieve it, good job!

No. 1271068

I'm going to a wedding with my boyfriend (his boss is the one getting married) this weekend and I just wish I could stay home instead. My mental health has been so bad this week. I'm sure it'll be nice enough just.. blah. I'm currently on the bus going to town to buy some stuff and I just feel so disconnected from everything and everyone atm.

No. 1271070

Beaming with pride for my nonita rn

No. 1271071

You could just not go.. is the wedding of your bf's boss that important? Or is it important to your bf?

No. 1271080

Wouldn't it be better to go than later regret for not going?

No. 1271083

Skip it nonna, mental health is important and your bf's boss won't miss you I'm sure

No. 1271093

nta but I can't relate to regretting not going to the wedding of someone as wholly unimportant to me as the boss of my bf.

No. 1271169

If he does anything like it again, pepper spray him. "No means no" and if the school isn't going to protect you guys, take it into your own hands.

No. 1271253

>do 10 mins studying
>take 10 mins break
>it's now 4:30 pm
I'm never getting these 4 lecture done lmao

No. 1271266

Pomodoro timer online, nonnie. Works for me!

No. 1271332

When my friend cheated on her bf, our other friend got so mad about it and basically cut her off. Now that friend shit talks her whenever we hang out. I don't get how she can be so dumb about men… she didn't even know the bf that well, its not like he was her friend. And my other friend is literally so kind to me (and previously her). I feel like she's trying to make me choose and she's not going to like my choice.

No. 1271341

I almost feel a little mean venting about this, but I am training a new employee at my job and I am just baffled that she doesn’t know anything about computers. She’s zoomer-aged and surely she would have learned how to use computer programs in high school classes? And she went to a 2-year college so she had to write essays, right? I’m having to show her basic shit that she should have already known prior to this career job. She didn’t know where to find her saved documents (….your file folder). And then asked me how to write an email, since she doesn’t even know how to start a letter (I learned that in elementary school). English is her first language and she’s had access to school computers (I know because we graduated from the same place). She’s nice and all but it’s getting a little frustrating having to teach her what should be common sense. I would expect this from an old person, but not a young adult. Are zoomers worse at technology now or is it just this one.

No. 1271369

You should direct her to some YouTube tutorials or something. Most AA degrees require at least a basic computer course? That's so weird. I know zoomers who don't know how to use computers but none of them went to college. Either way I feel like that's probably outside your job description.

No. 1271371

Be aware nona, there's old people who claim they can't use computers so you do all the work.
"Ignorance is bliss but arrogance is better" kind of mentality.

No. 1271376

I'm pissed off. I just wish you wouldn't treat me like shit. And I'm not even just pissed off, I'm sad about it too.

No. 1271409

31 years old and still eating Pot Noodles and snacks for dinner when a fresh meal is made for you, all because it isn't something you love. I pity the sad soul who you will eventually trick into marrying you.

No. 1271418

lol if i dont get this salaried job bc i missed my interview and they dont give me a second one ill kms. im tired of scraping by

No. 1271424

I’m chilling on the tablet I share with my bf and the gallery to his phone and the tablet is the same and I find some weird picture of a Mexican lady lounging on a daybed with the text worldhookers.co in the corner. Nonononono it was saved at 12:44 am. This was my nofap Nigel

No. 1271426

Break up with him, nona.

No. 1271427

File: 1658426245809.jpeg (49.78 KB, 375x375, EDDCD156-BF43-46A7-8537-8165F7…)

I do not feel safe around my male relatives. One of them I extremely hate and they have been diagnosed with autism and a few years ago would always send messages to me and my sister via text trying to terrorize us, calling us a bitch, trying to emotionally manipulate me because I rather play a game than hang out with a fucking awful human being who drew a swastika on the drawing board we used to have just to make me and my sister scared. He would fake apologize only because we complained repeatedly to our own mother about being harassed. It truly opened both of our eyes that whatever that thing we are supposed to call our brother does not give the slightest fuck about anyone but himself, but we are expected to be treated like absolute shit just because we never have him attention 24/7 even though he withdrew himself ALL THE TIME. It finally escalated once law enforcement out of all people ended up at our doorstep twice, last one was going on twitter and threatening to kill political officials in our country and wanting to rape/kill people. He got off completely scott-free and all he received was a fucking soft lecture. I’m so afraid of looking through my blocked messages because I am afraid it will say something and it will confirm what I’ve been afraid of for years now, that he wil eventually become a mass shooter and kill the people I care about.

No. 1271430

Why would he actively hang out with me for years and want to have sex with me but not find me good enough to date

No. 1271432

Why are "autistic males" on paper so often sociopathic manipulators in how they act?

No. 1271433

I will, but it’s gonna be a bitch to pack up my things and move

No. 1271434

Because he's male and all they care about is how much they can get out of a woman before she also starts wanting things from him.

on the same boat as u sis it sucks

No. 1271435

Because you were easy enough of a lay without the commitment already
Not my opinion but that's the usual thinking of those type of guys

No. 1271442

Good idea, I might just email her some tutorials. It is definitely out of my scope and not my responsibility, which is what has been frustrating. I mean, it’s even in the job description that you must have basic computer skills to apply, which I guess she lied about having. We use much more complicated computer programs, so her not knowing at least the basics is concerning. She struggles with spelling too, always asks how to spell something, and didn’t know about autocorrect until I told her. It’s odd because she has been to college and should’ve picked this stuff up. English is her first and only language too. Maybe she has a disability that wasn’t mentioned to the rest of us, as harsh as that sounds.
I didn’t even think about that. Most old people I’ve encountered seem to actually struggle (will delete folders on accident, move things to another folder and lose them on accident, etc) with some computer use. I almost wonder if the new employee is doing what you said though? Acting dumb on purpose so I help her? But that’s just so pathetic…

No. 1271453

I'm just so fucking pissed, he was one of the "nice beta guys"
I didn't do it until years in

No. 1271455

It could be a disability or she could have a kind of performance anxiety? I trained an autist at work once who needed clarification on every little thing. Once she was more comfortable at work (it was her first job in the field) she was able to figure things out for herself. I would definitely start directing her to resources so she knows where to look for help. You won't be training her forever.

No. 1271470

I'm going to start my first salaried job soon and I was pretty excited since it feels like a big milestone in my life to start making my own income. I was consulting my mom while filling out my tax forms and she recommended that I put the maximum amount of money that I can into retirement to prepare for the future, but after calculating that and how much money I'll have left after taxes I realize that I only have enough money to cover my rent and that's it. My mom said it was fine and she didn't mind continuing to support me until I can get a higher paying job, but it just left me feeling really shit about myself. I'm already 24 and went through college and a Masters program (which my parents all paid for) and I still have to be reliant on my parents because my job doesn't pay enough for me to fully support myself. I work in public mental health, which is notoriously underpaid and it was my choice to work in this field so I know I shouldn't complain. I just feel like such a loser even though I should be grateful that my parents are willing to support me still (and I am, obviously). My friends (who are financially independent) always make jokes about people who rely on "mommy and daddy's money" and look down on them, but in reality I'm one of those people too so I can't even say anything. If I was really concerned about money, I probably could have gotten a degree in a higher-paying field or I could save up by living with roommates or something but I didn't. I don't feel like an adult- just a spoiled kid who is playing pretend.

No. 1271490

I cant take it anymore. Guy ive been with since the begining of this year keeps playing games. He's told me he is in love with me a bunch of times, each time I kept my mouth shut becasue it was too early. Recently, I told him that I loved him and he didn't even say it back and he kind of looked uncomfortable. I don't know what to do… I'm so gutted and confused. Last night I cried and I woke up at like 4 in the morning covered in sweat. I can't fucking sleep because I feel betrayed and lied to, and of course ugly. I want to thank the old lady who complimented my dress in the store today. I think she knows I was struggling like my face looks horrible and I'm so tired. Part of me wants to scream and go all psycho on him but what's the point. I don't care. There are so many moids to date and today while I was waiting for my med test the nurse who called my name up was so fucking hot. He didnt even call me from the counter instead he walked up to me and kept coming back and looking at me. I hate that I'm sleep deprived i'd flirted back if I had the energy.

No. 1271498

He's probably not saying it on purpose, as he felt like you do before most likely when you did not say it?

No. 1271501

You already answered your question, already being born a man is enough of a disability, adding a shit personality and being a drain on society and the family is enough to drive anyone who has deal with these shitheads crazy. Guess my vents will never be as serious as the anons who constantly deal with their boyfriends and husbands. You can run away/divorce from your husband, you can break up with your boyfriend but if you’re pretty lost in life and still trying to graduate college it’s hard to get away from my shit. Anyone crying about how their little boyfriends have hurt them, think about how easy it is for you to get away from them or get rid of them. With male family members there will always be delusional female relatives like your own mom, sister, feeding into their lies, feeding into their gluttonous parasitic bodies, letting them take up space. But your life experience will always become a reference for these privileged morons in the vent thread when they need to justify something. They will always rally behind pakianon’s rants about muslims/brown men and dunking on black men but where are they when you are actually dealing with them? Where’s the same energy?

No. 1271508

Looking at reddit and related sites talking about fat women is absolutely making my BED worse but I keep looking at replies in the hope at least one person doesn't think I'm a disgusting worthless human being for being fat.
It doesn't help it often comes up in completely unrelated threads too. I know I should just stop reading reddit threads but it's so easy to kill time with.

No. 1271514

My sisters are stupid and make plans with me but never follow them through

No. 1271519

File: 1658431139896.jpg (510.43 KB, 2048x1924, FYJYzFIXoAY-0L5.jpg)

What is it about characters like this that make them tranny magnets?

No. 1271523

My male coworker and frind was making $1 more than me at our job (even though he started after me, has the same amount of experience, and does less work than me) and after the male in question encouraged me to advocate for myself, I asked 2 separate managers to fix our gap in pay, directly stating that I'm aware of it. During employee reviews/raises my manager said she's proud of me for calling out the wage gap and that this is how we overcome these issues blah blah. And then had the audacity to raise my pay to $21/hr and my male coworker to, I shit you not, $21.50. What is the fucking 50 cents for other than to kick sand in my eyes???????

This comes after I asked management to consider me for a certain position if it ever opened, and they were like "we're a small bwusiness we dwont have the mwoney for it sowwy uwu" and then turned around and created the position in secret and gave it to another coworker. She deserves it more than I do so it's fine but why did they lie to my face like that? My advice to all of you is never ever work for a ~female-led~ ~small business~ EVER

No. 1271527

my grandma who was basically my mom died a year ago today & i've been taking all of it really hard. my friend's only experience with grief is her first boyfriend cheating on her in a foursome, them breaking up, him killing himself several months later unrelated. is this horrible shit for a 15yo to go through? absolutely. but to come into my messages like 'im on year 7 and it gets easier!' when im grieving a parent i spent my whole life with vs the asshole who stayed with her for a month at most & didn't even like her that much or treat her right is making me feel some type of way. i'll never say this to her bc it's messed up, im probably just extra angry & on edge today & that's why my reaction is this, but cmon girl.

No. 1271530

your friend probably thinks she's helping but that shit is really dismissive and aggravating when you're grieving so don't feel bad about thinking she's retarded because she is a little bit

No. 1271533

Long hair = girl, duh anon

No. 1271534

I also lost a parent not too long ago and had the misfortune of not knowing anyone who had been in my situation and people said the dumbest shit to me all the time. I now have the misfortune(?) in a way of having a friend who just lost a parents as well and honestly, this is the first time I feel understood even if it's just a little bit because we have completely different situations. It's very fucking weird and painful honestly, hope you can heal anon and your friend stops saying dumb shit

No. 1271542

I'm so jealous I feel sick. I really hate this.

No. 1271552

what the fuck anon, I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have to put up with that sexist bs in 20 fucking 22

No. 1271555

File: 1658433764293.png (375.98 KB, 414x563, 1654145307600.png)

literally every time I go on pinterest it shows me memes about autism for autistic people. I'm not autistic. How do I make the algorithic show me normie shit like gardening and recipes. i thought pintrest was for normies

No. 1271561

damn. im gonna keep my eyes out for that now, thanks nonna

No. 1271564

File: 1658434604151.gif (276.57 KB, 783x704, 1658251777081291.gif)

I've got some news about algorithms for you big guy

No. 1271569

I found myself when I lost my mind, and it may have had greater consequences than I anticipated.

For the first time in years I finally feel liberating love and supportiveness I haven't felt since… ever. I'm not suicidal at all now. A couple months ago the threat of it dangled over my head in the form of a hallucination. I miraculously survived it.

now at peace, I have to prepare myself for the possibility of war. What freed me from my shackles may also kill me. in this fight to save myself I found things out about someone in power I should have never. I also did terrible things and challenged that someone to stay alive. the sharks are encircling me and I'm holding my breath and grasping my arms. I've bled so many times, and I will not bleed anymore. I don't know if or when they'll charge for me or not.

It feels like an ARG and it's not.
I talked about wanting to feel like the main character, not the final girl or first victim in a horror movie. Nothing ever goes right in my life. But this is the happpiest I've been in ages. Even if I die nobody can steal my happiness from me.

No. 1271587

File: 1658435765715.jpeg (625.25 KB, 1440x600, A7F3DCD4-2C72-40AB-B925-CE665A…)

I had some beers and a cocktail at last night’s pub trivia and holy fucking hell i am in a world of pain today combined with the worst diarrhea I’ve had in months. Literally shaking and clammy rocking back and forth on the toilet and I want to die. Mid-30s hangovers are awful and I never believed people when they joked about it. I hate this so much, I hate alcohol, I’m sticking with weed from now on because absolutely fuck this

No. 1271590

>Mid-30s hangovers are awful and I never believed people when they joked about it
Fr at 27 I could just chug a litre of water before bed and be fine the next morning. Now if I drink any significant amount I'm looking at a two-day hangover wherein I feel like absolute shit

No. 1271591

File: 1658435989008.png (36.37 KB, 537x370, thread1.PNG)


late to the game but as a person from a nonwhite/Muslim background, i completely agree.

i don't think people understand how much domestic abuse happens in our families, you think you know but nobody really knows. 10 girls I grew up with disappeared and have fake puppet FB accounts to demonstrate "proof of life" after they were shipped out of the country (and they were born US citizens mind you). so many of us are literally murdered because we get coerced into "visiting family back home" and get our passports taken.

even nonwhite men who play into "woke liberal" rhetoric in public will help their parents abuse their sisters. This thread recently went viral on twitter

No. 1271606

i am at a pretty healthy weight and just wanted to get back to exercising so i can be in shape and not get exhausted after minimal effort. i followed along to a bare bones beginner workout 5 days ago and i am still so sore i managed to do a bit more today but it won't stop hurting kek i knew i was out of shape but this is next level shame

No. 1271609

I'm same age. If I touch spirits I get diarrhea as my main symptom the next day. Beer is a lil safer as it fills me before I'm even proper drunk. Mixing drinks.. might not even stay down.

No. 1271611

AYRT, fucking seriously! I used to be able to drink some water, crash out for 4 hours, roll off my friends’ couch and get through work or class the next day perfectly fine. This is bullshit

No. 1271628

I told my big sister about how I was on my period while traveling to another city and how it completely ruined my visits because a blood clot the size of my fist very suddenly ruined my shorts (which protected my dress thank god) so I had to go to my hotel asap when that happened, and she made fun of me for caring about that and told me if it were her she would have kept visiting the entire city with a huge blood stain on her clothes. I wish I were her kek, I wouldn't dare do that in the era of smartphones and tiktok. It happened once to me in high school long ago, I only noticed once I was back home in the evening, nobody told me and everyone made fun of me for it behind my back the next days, so I was actually about to have a panic attack from that while traveling.

No. 1271643

Absolutely agree. Speaking as a black woman, I am really tired of being gas lit by white liberals for pointing this out. A lot of pick-me white women blatantly enjoy being fetished by black men because it's the only way that they can feel like a stacy because they are racist and love talking shit about black women despite the fact that black men fail at relationships no matter what women they date and should be eradicated from the dating pool. I don't really feel sorry for white women who get screwed over by dating black men because of that, because they only date them because they think they are better than black women and I would terminate a friendship with any non-black women if they dated a black man. I can't help but feel they only want me around to make themselves feel better about not being sought after by men their own race.

No. 1271647

I have the kind of dad where you can't mention anything 'womanly' to him without him acting like you just disgraced yourself and assaulted his ears. He's a very serious, uptight man. Very concerned with what he does and doesn't want people doing in his presence. A few years ago I went through a cervical cancer scare. I lost my mom to breast cancer and since then I've essentialy been waiting for my own cancer to kick in someday. I was freaking out. It dragged on and I had a partner at the time who came to appts and was there for all the crying and worrying. I never told my dad. If it were somewhere else I would've but I don't even feel confident that cancer is enough for my dad to… suck it up and not freak out at me for saying the word cervix to him. I battled with that for a long time. Do I tell him? Do I vaguely hint that its 'personal' cancer. How could I word it? I stalled and said nothing. I cut contact a while ago because that haunts me still. That frozen feeling where my dads neurotic feelings come above my.. serious health issue.

The partner who was my support att actually cheated on me and left me right after my results settled down. Was possibly cheating during it and hiding it well. If I have to go through it again I'm on my own this time. I'm having symptoms. I'm overdue an appt. I'm so fucked up from processing what happened the last time that I'm failing to go get looked at.

No. 1271650

is it normal to have cramps and brown discharge (no smell) during ovulation? asking here becasue this thread has more interaction I need reassurance… never had this before

No. 1271653

no. you're going to die

No. 1271655

Girl you have insecurity issues that you're projecting onto others and need to chill. I'm asian and white mixed and debated on dating a black man last week because I thought he was cute. That's it. I can also get white and asian men or any man really. You're the one who sounds like an envious pickme and you sound really jealous of white women.

No. 1271656


>anonymous kpop meme communities

thanks for reminding me that it could've been worse nona i dont feel so bad anymore kek

No. 1271657

sounds unusual. Call a nurse line. They can let you know if it's something you should be proactive about!

No. 1271661

It's perfectly fine, spotting happens at random times and it could just be old blood from your previous menstrual cycle.

I'm going haunt your dreams tonight. Sleep tight fucker.

No. 1271664

Do we have the same father? Mine is the same, my sisters and I weren't allowed to talk about having your periods to him no matter how relevant or urgent it was as a teen for example. My mother even slapped us at some point to prevent us from saying we couldn't swim because we were on our periods at different points, my mother would tell him we were "sick" and he'd go "NO THEY'RE NOT SICK THEY SHOULD SWIM NOW, WE'RE AT THE BEACH" and insult us. At some point I had enough, told him that I need to go to the toilet more often than usual today because I'm bleeding and having little bits of flesh coming out of me and it hurts and I need to change my pad right fucking now and he was so disgusted he avoided me for like a week instead of threatening to beat me up for using too much toilet paper (don't ask, he's obsessed with money and think everyone is trying to make him spend money all the time, he's probably mentally ill). After that I had a breast cancer scare and he got over himself when I was talking about the exams at the hospital and that I actually don't have cancer but just a huge but harmless tumor. Maybe you also need to make sure your father understands that this is very serious matter and that acting like a whiny bitch because you use the word "cervix" in a medical context makes him a disrespectful little bitch. Hopefully you'll be ok.

No. 1271671

True. People who mix races usually have ulterior motives in some way. But I don't think this is a white woman thing, I think this is a woman in a mixed race relationship think-black, white, asian, hispanic, many women fetishize themselves. If males decided that shaved eyebrows were the beauty standard, straight/bi women would do it.

No. 1271673

I'm seconding this anon, it's perfectly normal. I have some discharge sometimes, asked gyno about it and she mentioned possible pain as well. You'll be ok!

No. 1271682

I didn't answer her because I have brown discharge every period and assumed all women did. Thought maybe it was a moid kek

No. 1271700

i hate moids. i hate all kinds of them, gay, "trans" but biologically male, they're all horrifying and i can't help but feel a lingering sense of repulsion because they genuinely have no respect for women whatsoever.

No. 1271705

Men who shame women for their periods and other bodily functions need death immediately. Women are good enough to sexualize, but never mention things like periods or body hair or b.o.

No. 1271762

File: 1658446070819.jpeg (20.9 KB, 564x538, images - 2022-02-21T153816.865…)

I've been a neet for so long and I tried to claw my way out of it. I live in a hellhole and jobs are scarce. I finally have an oppurtunity. The job is nice, it is something I genuinely like. They've sent an assignment, but being depressed for so long has dulled my talents, I feel like a fucking baby with a tabula rasa instead of a brain. I've been trying to do this shit nonstop for the past week, focusing like I've never focused in my entire life but I've made very little progress. I genuinely didn't even take breaks and I still can't do it. I feel like I might be truly retarded nonas. I'm so close to giving up. I've finally seen light at the end of the tunnel only to realize there is a cliff between me and the exit. I feel so hopeless and I am deeply considering killing myself. I feel like if I can't do this my life is doomed because an oppurtunity like this will never appear again.

No. 1271766

File: 1658446170379.jpg (33.69 KB, 735x726, 1620146558348.jpg)

Anons got a couple of screws loose if they think I'm playing the webms in that Alicia thread.
ugh I hope that kid can be taken away from her or something. It's clear she's mentally unwell

No. 1271771

ovulation cramps and even a bit of blood is totally normal but if it's very debilitating and new to you, could be worth mentioning to your gyno.

No. 1271776

Omfg same. Not watching that thanks.

No. 1271785

File: 1658447512130.jpeg (33.04 KB, 271x234, F171479E-D563-42E9-A1B8-448694…)

Amerifag trying to get her drivers license extremely late in life (not old just way older than the standard age of 16) I waited because right around the time all my peers were getting the permits/ licenses, several members of my family got into car accidents which caused me to have horrific nightmares every night of me being killed or someone I love being killed in a car accident. I don’t want to drive but the way every state in this country is setup (outside of NY) you are royally fucked without a vehicle let alone license. Well, I’m almost to the finish line and feel confident enough to take my test but now the dmv is telling me I have to provide my own vehicle. What? How does that even make a little bit of sense. This is a government agency?? Asking me to bring them a fully registered, intact, working vehicle so I can get my…license??! How the hell am I supposed to do that? Oh yeah-here let me just pull this honda civic out of my ass crack. Okay, let’s go take that test! No one I know will be able to lend me their car the time of my appointment. I am incredibly pissed off and I will probably have to drop $300+ for driving lessons with a school which I really don’t want to do because I just quit my job and I have saved the exact amount I need for a down payment on a car. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?? I need a gotdamn license to get a gotdamn car.

No. 1271790

Is it anything anons here might help with?

No. 1271793

fucking hate tradthots. no it doesn't matter how much you hate trannies i still don't want to be friends with you.

No. 1271796


It sounds like you are catastrophizing nona. Relax, and try again later. You getting the assignment in the first place is a testament to your capability of completing it. Brute-forcing yourself to a better life has limitations, you need to pick up other strategies to avoid falling into the abyss now. Step away, take breaks. You said you made a little progress, but that is still progress! A little bit will eventually add up to a lot. You can do it nona. Fuck that cliff and imposter syndrome be damned, you are going to finish this assignment and it will be the springboard that launches you into the light.

No. 1271801

oh poor nonnie just use a lot of free and available resources and references kek, you have to bullshit it at first to get back into it and refresh.

No. 1271865

I hope I don't have a brain tumour because then when they operate they'll have to shave my head and I have been growing my hair for a long time now.

No. 1271869

Just rent a car if you’re old enough. If not, borrow one from a friend or relative. This isn’t some huge deal.

No. 1271893

File: 1658455405800.jpg (364.36 KB, 1280x1266, tumblr_05b4d481a571026b48bb0c1…)

I'm worried for a relatively old friend of mine that I still stay in contact with. Our lives have gone in really different directions, that's fine, but she's since been in terrible relationships with moids that have obviously been affecting her. Right now she's dating this freelance cosplay photographer who almost exclusively takes photos of other ladies with their ass out, he's constantly interacting with them on socials, etc. while she's expected to be the cool girl about it. He looks like a caveman next to her too! I don't mean to take away her agency from her terrible choice in partners, but it's frustrating, I wish I could convince her that it's not worth it…Though I feel like she would just tell me that isn't very inclusive of me to suggest. Ugh.

No. 1271897

I feel really shitty and sad and feeling that I have no friends. I wish I had people that ask me to hang out regularly. I'm just on a cycle of seeing people every 2-3 months and trying to find things to do to fill my weekends up.
I'm in a fucking city for gods sake. There are plenty of people around. Am I annoying? Forgettable? Unlikable? It hurts seeing people you used to associate with post things online of parties and other fun things.

No. 1271925

started self harming again. punching myself in the face sucks someone stop me please

No. 1271929

Maybe it's worth trying out new hobbies and seeing if you click with the people you meet. Are there any board game cafés with meetup nights or intramural sports near you?

No. 1271943

My mom makes my makeup remover and I love her she’s the best but she got the ratios wrong this time so my fucking eyeballs get cloudy and oily for like an hour every time I use it but I have to use it up or else I’ll feel like an ass

No. 1271947

Please stop, or at least switch to hitting your legs so you don’t knock your teeth out or break one of the bones in your face

No. 1271960

Make sure you're stretching anon. Warm ups and cool downs make a world of difference.

No. 1271978

NTA but replies like this really bother me… There's no reason to come into a thread for venting and tell people their problems aren't a big deal.

No. 1271982

I'm sorry. I was being insensitive for no reason.

No. 1271988

I just feel so done with everything right now.

No. 1271992

I feel ive given a friend many opportunities to talk about her problems, called her to ask if shes alright, and she still goes around saying no one cares to listen. I dont know what to do or say anymore. I might just take a break from trying.

No. 1272033

File: 1658465707601.jpeg (135.16 KB, 750x1031, 80A12826-E370-4788-998C-8A4C46…)

everything that could be wrong with my body looks wise is. i’ve been wanting a double mastectomy for years, stopped for a while but now with summer i’ve been shirtless at home and just can’t ignore how fucked up and bad my boobs are. the thought of someone seeing me naked scares me so much.

No. 1272038

I'm having a small anxiety attack. I was just chillign out checking on fb and I get one of those ads but this time was about alzeheimers and how it can be genetic etc. This is a HUGE anxiety trigger for me since my grandmother had alzeheimers and I know women get it more than men. My father is old (early seventies) and sharp as fuck so thankfully I don't think he will have it… but I am worried that it skips a generation and I'll have it, esp since I am a woman. And if that happens, what am I going to do with my life? Why should I even form a family if at the end I'm going to forget about it? oh man I fucking hate this feeling

No. 1272042

why cant you just wear a shirt, why do you have to mutilate yourself

No. 1272048

your boobs are normal, trust me

No. 1272050

why can’t my body not be gross, i don’t wanna stay covered up in my own home in this heat
sure normal health wise, but they are just completely fucked looking. nobody would like them, they literally have all the least desirable traits.

No. 1272057

>they are just completely fucked looking
According to who, porn? Your breasts are normal. You think none of us have ever thought that our boobs look weird? A lot of women in the real world have "weird" looking boobs and they still have sex and their partners like their body. And if you're alone at home then why do you care if you are considered attractive sexually or not? You're not supposed to care about such things when you just want to be topless at home because of the heat.

No. 1272061

Body dysmorphia is hell. I don't think cutting your boobs off will bring you the peace of mind you think it will. Did someone make fun of you? You keep saying "fucked looking" but what does that mean? Like e.g. saggy? I'm sorry you feel this way.

No. 1272069

i got rejected from a course i was technically overqualified for? i suppose i bombed my interview then kek. i don’t want to be dramatic and spout that “it’s the end of the world” or some crap but i feel a bit hopeless at the moment

No. 1272070

lol it’s not from porn, just everyone hates boobs like mine. sometimes I would see posts of people talking about boobs and it’s always “I don’t like boobs with (trait I have)” every fucking time.
my sister would make fun of my boobs and butt all the fucking time, literally i would just walk into a room and she would say “saggy boobs!” and one time i was watching a movie with a friend and she made fun of a woman’s areola size when mine are even bigger. I hate them, there is nothing good about them. You can say they look fine to try and make me feel better but I know if you actually saw them you would be disgusted or laugh.

No. 1272071

I will try for you nona. thank you

No. 1272079

Hey I also have saggy boobs with big areolas (and tiny nipples), and one is noticeably bigger than the other. Compared to "perfect" tits, they're smaller and have an unflattering shape. But I have learned to accept them as they are and I even like them now.
Also where do you think those opinions come from? Porn, ads, media, everything that tells people what a perfect woman must look like. All women grow insecure to the point of body dysmorphia because of things like these.
Your sister sounds immature as fuck, I hope she realizes now how her words affected you and apologizes for it.
Also there's lots of people who find big areolas attractive, and people who don't even think about the shape or size of a woman's breasts at all.

No. 1272080

Your sister sounds like a cunt. I wouldn't pay her any mind.

No. 1272081

i have similar breasts to yours. i lost a lot of weight and now they sag past my stomach and my areolas are huge. i used to be ill and eat a lot and i fucking hate that no one tried to stop me. i can't imagine how it would feel if i got out of a bad state missing parts of my body.

No. 1272094

She sounds messed up in the head and being put down a lot messes up anyone. I've seen a lot of boobs over the years and none look fucked. I'm not going to tell you what to do but just remind you that it's permanent and may cause more mental damage. I hope you can make peace with your body. Rooting for you.

No. 1272096

I have what I now realise are 'perfect' bewbs (symmetrical, perky, small pink nips) and this
>Also where do you think those opinions come from? Porn, ads, media, everything that tells people what a perfect woman must look like. All women grow insecure to the point of body dysmorphia because of things like these.
I researched breast implants at 15/16, different surgeries and before and afters. This was pre-instagram and filters and normalised internet porn, it's unavoidable.
The truth is if your body is healthy that's all that matters. Men's boners are not our concern and it's ridiculous women internalise it as something we should care about.

No. 1272099

Thanks nonnies, I went for a drive and feel a little better now, and yes my sister is evil incarnate.

No. 1272110

please jannies I'm not trying to race bait.

I'm stressed out by black men on the street. When I'm in my city center I used to be cat called but it happend multiple time that black men don't take my I'm not interested and follow me, wait for me outside of stores and other creep stuff. It has gone to a drunk one living in my neighborhood following me up to my building and I just escaped luckily ( there is restaurants in my street so I knew I was not in absolute danger) . Since I'm face blind I'm extremely stressed out when I pass a normie 20~50 first generation black man and I'm scared one reconize me. I live in a place with diverse communities so I see ton of them everyday, and I feel so bad because the black women in my neighborhood are very nice and friendly and the black guys at my work ( I work in a more artistic background ) are normal and quite nice to work with. It's also starting to fuck with how I want to dress everyday, since iv'e been cat called for wearing fancy accesories with ample butch clothes. I even got followed while wearing full body long coat and head scarf ( for cold and wind, I'm not muslim ). It never happened to me with other ethnicity/ 2nd generation + men.

No. 1272111

Oh fuck I hope you stay alright anon. Do you carry anything in defense worst case? I'm guessing you work close enough that a car is useless?

No. 1272118

Get a nice comfortable sports bra

No. 1272141

you need a drivers license to rent a car. Maybe I could ask a relative to help but like I said I need to save as much as possible right now, still I might try

No. 1272152

Fuck you moid

No. 1272163

I'm fucking in withdrawal and needed a thermometer and went to Walmart and had to fuck around getting any employee to unlock the fucking case (!!!) for the thermometers and I get home and it's a fucking box of plastic thermometer covers fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

No. 1272164

Its even worse when your a "preference" i.e a light skinned bw, my entire life black moids have hit on me, I literally just try to avoid them the best I can

No. 1272166

Doesn't this have the potential to be dangerous?

No. 1272202

File: 1658477569919.jpeg (38.42 KB, 464x351, 46BD90B1-A64A-4278-9DDD-BC7ED2…)

>end up ongoresite
>videos involving women have the highest views, especially compilations of photos of deceased women

I hate these sites and I shouldn’t be surprised but fucking hell

No. 1272205

For god's sake if there are comments DO NOT look at them. Haunted by the comments I saw about a little girl who killed herself.

No. 1272207

just use baby oil or a good japanese makeup remover like everyone else. you're going to go blind.

No. 1272211

File: 1658477863048.jpeg (686.67 KB, 1170x1171, AF9F8668-4AAB-426D-BDC4-3B8F7D…)

Why do men think it’s their job and purpose to punish women. It’s fucking sick. Even handmaidens seldom resort to being so pathetic and obsessive. Even gay men. I’m over it. They’re so obsessed with the morale of women as well and always want to talk about what we do, what we wear, how we look, what would make us look better, what we aren’t doing good enough or what they would do if they were us. Their whole lives just one big long fanfic about how we fail while they do absolutely nothing and dickride men constantly. And if they don’t like a man, they’ll ignore them, unless they’re trying to prove they aren’t predatory to their social media following. Disgusting.

No. 1272213

I was constantly looking at goresites for a year when I was 12 because I was depressed and couldn’t feel anything. Truly made me despise men as the insects they are. But there’s nothing worth watching and it isnt fun so please stop nonnie

No. 1272220

Pinterest went to shit about 1-2 years ago, but it's still somewhat useable compared to instagram, as long as you don't read the comments under pins. The worst part imo is the amount of ads and those new shopping pins. It's so fucking annoying. And even with all these problems it's the only social media platform that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out, tiktok reddit and even YT are so much worse.

No. 1272230

Every time I search help/support/donate for Ukrainian women the first results are always dating sites ‘TeN WoMeN foR EvERy oNe MaN’

No. 1272234

nta but i find pinterest unusable now. because of what you said, coupled with the fact that people who have the same interests as me are interested in the most god awful things ever and pinterest forces me to see it because of how it pools content.

No. 1272235

I found out six or so years ago that my entire online friend group had private Twitters where they made fun of me and called me and everything I like cringe. Obviously I stopped being friends with them after that. I was diagnosed with Asperger's as a teenager and they all knew it, some of them were there for it. It absolutely ruined my sense of trust in people and made me terrified of expressing myself and my interests online. I haven't had social media or friends since, especially since I also found out they were feeding information about me to my stalker ex, who they knew I was terrified of and trying to get a restraining order against.

Against my better judgement I decided to check up on them after all these years. They're all self-diagnosed autistic now. I want to scream.

No. 1272237

It's annoying how I expect men to be normal and underestimate them. For example, there was a guy who worked at a place I volunteered at and sometimes a woman would meet him there. He was really upset after speaking with her one day so I tried to console him. An older guy later told me she was a high schooler and I felt so disgusted. Another time there was an incident in a friend's family where his grandpa's house got taken over by squatters. I felt bad for him… until I saw him looking as his female grandchildren like pieces of meat and making gross comments about them. I've grew up with deviant men in my family, but I still give strangers the benefit of the doubt sometimes, it's a relaxed reaction that's difficult to change. I want to get completely rid of this dangerous mindset.

No. 1272257

Ughhh fuck I am sorry anon. That must be so fucking infuriating.

No. 1272273

File: 1658479909341.jpeg (184.2 KB, 540x960, 8FDED27F-E0FF-42E9-A33B-4F06A0…)

This made me laugh

No. 1272302

thank you nonna, I don't have defense spray or such because I know I'm too dumb to use them and can't run for shit. I only use bus or subways, tbh my only defense tactic is when in danger always take street I know with stores or restaurants open late at night. Also I live in walking distance of a police station in case a guy follow me home again.

I feel for you, especially how little biracial or light skin women I saw irl next to dark skin women who are non white or north east asian.I even saw multiple commercials with biracial girl with black dad and white mom in my country even tho it's not the most common ethnic mix. I'm honestly thinking about faking being married with kids now to see if it can lower the interaction time.

No. 1272315

I'm sick again. Since June, I've been getting a sore/inflamed throat and fever every 15 days for about 3-5 days. Do I have aids??? Wtf is going on??? What do I do? I've been taking vitamin C and d supplements, eating healthy, etc, WHAT IS HAPPENING????????? Am I dying? Someone please help me, this is so weird and I'm scared.

No. 1272321

WHY does Google Chrome's 'search browsing history' suck so bad. I'm trying to find the Lolcow's Own Caps thread.
>type "Lolcows own"
>No results
>type "Lolcow's own"
>No results
>Type "caps"
>Thread pops up
????? Also you can usually use the browser search bar in the same manner but often times websites I've visited aren't in my browser history at all. It fucking drives me crazy that my browser history doesn't save everything in order. What the fuck

No. 1272326

I hate newbie zoomer kpop fans complaining that idols are too young now a days. Hello? Idols have always started their careers young which is why most 2nd gen idols are only in their mid 20s to early 30s now because thwy started at like 12. It's annoying seeing zoomers complain about 15-17 year olds debuting as if that hasn't always been the norm.

No. 1272330

agree. i've seen people who think BoA is a new artist too and then get mad at young groups. bitch you clearly just got here.

No. 1272350

File: 1658485259866.jpg (46.77 KB, 703x430, Screenshot 2022-07-22 032009.j…)

Hmmm no, that didn't work. But I can usually just type the thread name in the browser address bar and bookmarks/history items come up. Here's a perfect example, we're in Vent Thread #136. Why isn't it listed here?

No. 1272353

Samefag, if I type in specifically "Vent Thread #136" it comes up this time, but other times it totally doesn't. Idgi

No. 1272366

i just realized that all my life i've been lied to about my upbringing being secular. and i just realized i didn't get sex-ed

No. 1272369

there is a massive heatwave and I'm dying and my head hurts so much

No. 1272370

Could it be because you haven't visited the newer threads as much as you've visited the older ones? The more you visit them, perhaps they'll slowly appear as the first history suggestions.
Though I don't get why this >>1272321 happens and I agree that Chrome's browse history search function sucks ass. if you don't type in the exact phrase or URL in the exact way it is, or if you search for a mix of parts of the URL and parts of the page title, you won't get any results. It sucks even more when you can't remember the title or URL and are just guessing.


NAYRT but she meant how to search for an already visited page in her Google Chrome browsing history. Not how to find a lolcow thread on Google (on the internet).
Good night, it looks like you're really tired kek.

I for one I'm glad that newer generations are realizing how creepy and fucked up it is that idols start their careers that young since now It's well-known that sexual abuse is rampant in the music industry.

No. 1272377

I don't think that newbie fans care that it's creepy they just feel butthurt that they are getting older and don't want to stan people younger than them. They need to accept that idol music is for kids and maybe they are just aging out of the demographic.

No. 1272380

AYRT,I tried that and told you it didn't work! I really appreciate your responses tho nonnie tysm. Or did you mean to type that all in and press enter? I see what you mean now, those google search tricks to narrow results, like using "-" to exclude a term, etc. I'm talking about not pressing enter, I'm referring to the little menu that pops up when you begin to type in the address bar.

I think you're right that it must be the amount of times I have visited a page affecting whether or not it comes up.

Thanks nonnas!

No. 1272381

I'm not into kpop or whatever but I think kpop idols starting out at like 15 after years of "training" is creepy as fuck.

Well everything about kpop is creepy as fuck if you look from a distance like I have.

No. 1272383

You could also just LC's own search engine instead of going onto google

No. 1272384

Yeah it's creepy but kpop is not meant for adults to be listening to in the first place. In a few years zoomers will be complaining thay idols are in their early 20s and not 30 because they are the most insecure generation about their age

No. 1272385

I use that often, but that's not applicable here. I use the Chrome address bar to quickly access threads I frequent, not to actually find them. Idek if that makes any sense lol

No. 1272387

File: 1658487418380.jpg (32.78 KB, 719x406, Screenshot 2022-07-22 035602.j…)

Samefag, for example I have the Lolcow Search page bookmarked for easy access. When I want to bring it up, I type "LCF Search" in the Chrome address bar without pressing enter and it pops up, as that is what I have the bookmark named.

No. 1272398

Fine, I’ll say it.
Why did you want to be my friend? You didnt have to be kind to me. You didnt have to hangout with me for years. You chose to be my friend. I knew you were friends with my ex but I didnt trash talk him. I didnt alienate you for choosing to be friends with a manipulative moid.
You went to the gym, smoked and chilled with me for years! YEARS. I thought we were actually friends.
Then, when my brother was violently murdered you ghosted me. ME. Who was always one call away, no matter what. You didnt think I needed your support while processing the trauma of knowing my mother and step dad plotted his murder?
You fucking ghosted me as soon as you met your girlfriend. You treated me like a freak for wanting to meet the woman you were ready to marry? Why wouldnt I?!
Why was I suddenly not friend worthy? Because of what? My fucked up life led me to a loss that took the spark for a while?
You dont practice what you preach. You just fit the current social mold.

In reality YOU are the freak. You went from being a beautiful creative butch to a narcissistic “trans” man. You can see on your timeline; thoughtful photography of nature and details turned into a snooze fest of the same hashtags and pose to show off your -transformation - into a man.
You genuinely disgust me because you went from a women celebrating woman to using your platforms to support gender erasure.

You want to be -one of the boys- so badly you adopted the moid mindset.
Maybe you were just nice to me in hopes you could eventually sleep with me, idk. I didnt mislead you once, only showed love and support for my friend. Now I laugh at your pathetic costume of a man.
You fucking idiot, youve chopped of your chest and pumped your body full of hormones. To be one of the guys. Do you know justin is a pedo? do you know thomas has made repetitive rape jokes and violent threats against women? DO YOU EVEN CARE?
Probably not.
But for the record I used to have a crush on you. I didnt verbalize it but only because you liked being my ex’s friend. And I didnt want to add stress to your life. Glad I didnt make a move, because I would not tolerate this troon behavior.
Fuck you, fuck your attempt of BECOMING A MAN. (What is wrong with you honestly?) fuck you for pretending to be my friend, fuck you for being friends with acid abusing secual harassing moids. Fuck you for not having the BALLS to verbalize what you needed or wanted from our friendship. I hope your precious pronouns are constantly invalidated and that you experience gender dysmorphia forever you vain conceited fake bitch

No. 1272400

I woke up this morning and decided to have a good day. I hope you all do the same and have a good day. It’s that simple. Right?

No. 1272404

>my brother was violently murdered
>my mother and step dad plotted his murder
Jesus anon, I'm so sorry.

kek though
>Fuck you for not having the BALLS

No. 1272408

Thank you nonna for listening, and Im glad you got a little laugh out of it.
Yeah I know. I grew up in a Jerry Springer worthy home; thankful I got out, being a black sheep.

No. 1272410

Hell yeah, good job getting out of that nonnie. Sorry your friend turned out to be a piece of shit. You obviously have a much higher level of empathy and maturity than her. I hope you can make a new bestie asap!

No. 1272419

File: 1658491094413.jpeg (506.49 KB, 1024x763, A2B079BC-F260-4A41-A594-DF5CE1…)

>thank you nonna Im wishing you all the best too

No. 1272435

>I grew up in a Jerry Springer worthy home
The feels

No. 1272486

I hate when men go through your social media to learn as much as possible about you, so they can pretend to be the perfect man for you. fuck you, you sick manipulative scum

i can't believe this has happened more than once

No. 1272500

So I've been looking into this some more and you can go to chrome://flags/#omnibox-rich-autocompletion there are a ton of options for altering how the "Omnibox" (the name for the address bar) behaves during autocompletion, but I am way too retarded to figure out what the values in the menus mean lmao
The Plot Thickens

No. 1272507

I hate vtubers

No. 1272509

I am so hungry, i am so depressed i want to stab my mother

No. 1272510

Why?, i am a vtuber, uoch

No. 1272513

i don’t remember posting this

No. 1272515

One of my classmates in college passed away. He comitted suicide two days ago.
My roommate is very suicidal and always talks about killing herself so since last year I've been talking to the headmasters in college to get her help and provide her with therapy, to no avail. After our classmate died they started to take this sort of thing seriously and yesterday, three people asked me about my roommate without even asking about me.
She got kicked away from her home for being gay and has since been living by herself in our dorm even in vacation. So obviously people were worried about her.
I told my parents how bad it made me feel that people are acting fussy about her now and asking me about her nonstop without even considering me as a person and he fucking laughed at my face, because I'm not the one who got kicked from home.
I'm dealing with grief from losing a classmate, trying to fight off my own suicidal urges (tried to kill myself two years ago), and on top of that I'm being treated as a babysitter and parent for my roommate.
College has been organizing therapy sessions and asked for people who were interested to give their names, I feel fucking shitty and put my name and their answer were: "How about [roommate]? Could you talk to her if she's interested?"

No. 1272516

I cut off contact with my dad because I found out he is a pedophile, but I miss him. And I feel bad because he's a victim of really bad child sexual abuse (boy scout leader abused his whole troop and taught them to do it to eachother), but that's no excuse. He told me he always hated me and I know it's true. I think he's a fool for always disliking my personality because I'm a really cool person and there's nothing wrong with me other than I am a woman and he hates those. I just miss talking about history, he could answer absolutely any question I had in great detail. I miss having a dad. At least I have my long time bf's dad but of course it's not the same. My siblings and mom disowned him as well and no one knows exactly where he is, I'm expecting to hear that he offed himself or something one day

No. 1272520

She wont even lend me 5 usd to get the cheapest fast food available and on top of that won't even let me cook because "it makes the house smell bad" i hate her so fucking much

No. 1272529

nonna-chan, please don't romanticize things so much

No. 1272531

Thank you for your kind words anon ♥ I really appreciate the uplift.

No. 1272533

I'm really into eating healthy and yesterday i caved and ordered a large pizza and pretty much binged out on that and a chocolate desert. I'm aware of my body and the way I look. Today I woke up with loads of energy and I looked into the mirror and my skin looks… better? Does this mean I undereat or missing nutrients? I eat loads of protein, fiber and fruit. I'm so fucking confused and thinking of things like fat, I eat healthy fats and stay away from butter and dairy. I think I eat way less carbs though so maybe it's that. Either way I just want to look like this now but idk how to balance a diet that incorporates things like pizza. Either I'm very strict or I eat like crap all day.

No. 1272547

I’m starting to really regret not dating as a teen or going away to college and experiencing love and sex there. I’ve missed pretty much every normal young adult romantic/sexual milestone, and now I’m 27 with no sexual or romantic experience. Every time I look up stories from people who gave the late bloomer a chance, they alway talk like it was a fate worse than death or like they’re doing the world a great service. I don’t begrudge anyone, but I’m tired of feeling like a freak because of this.

No. 1272550

Can't stand this place anymore, you can't say one fucking thing without some cunt replying with some pointless bullshit or dumb insult or even just to argue pointlessly over nothing. Every fucking thread is like this now, it's indiscernible from 4chan. I don't know if it's just teenagers or actually men but holy shit in the past couple months especially this place has become so fucking cancerous. It used to be somewhere I come to feel better and relate to people but it just leaves me pissed off now because everyone is so vitriolic and cunty. I guess it's good because I've been meaning to spend less time here but like what is wrong with people nowadays? What happened to just ignoring stuff you disagree with or at least replying in a way that isn't reminiscent of the dogpiling you see on reddit and 4chan. Most of you don't know how to fucking behave and then you wonder why you have no fucking friends. Holy shit it's fucking insufferable, you bitches drive me nuts. No wonder people refer to this site as the female 4chan.

No. 1272551

same, but you dont have to tell anyone that you can just keeo it to yourself, some things are better kept to oneself. I wouldnt even tell a partner that i was single until my mid 20's because its a weird thing to tell people.

No. 1272556

I'm not in your position but how would you be able to keep that to yourself to a (porential) partner? Lie about it? Pretend you've had # amount of partners? What if it comes up in conversation with friends/family who know you haven't had a relationship before? I don't get how that's supposed to work

No. 1272557

You're not a freak for that and tbh a scrote would probably prefer a woman with 0 sexual experience to a woman with a body count of like 90. Don't read stories online you're only going to hear the worst ones, and don't listen to the other Nona your partner should be someone you can share anything with no matter what. But again that's not something to be ashamed of and if you meet someone that treats you like you're strange for it, find another guy cause he's not worth it. And don't settle for someone who's not right for you just so you can get experience, you're worth more than that. Good luck Nona, I'm 27 as well and the only boyfriend I've ever had was when I was 22 and he dumped me 7 months in and then immediately found another woman and now they have two kids and are happily married. I've been single ever since, doesn't get anymore pathetic than that lol.

No. 1272558

File: 1658501975041.jpg (22.27 KB, 564x269, 0cb462facbe6be61b23d95dbfe398a…)

>My mom used my hangers to dry dad's shit stained boxers
Classic, the absolute audacity of this pickme, is not my fault you got trapped in this shitty marriage with a retarded and gross manchild who can't even do his own laundry, imagine washing shit stained boxers from a serial cheater, don't fucking use my things ever again you bitch

No. 1272559

I just got rejected I am pissed

No. 1272560

I'm fucking dying. I'm so sorry that happened, anon.

No. 1272561

>Don't read stories online you're only going to hear the worst ones
Nta but that's a really good point actually

No. 1272563

imagine having separate laundry baskets and being married, like you're living with a fucking roommate lol. how would you even know your own father's boxer's are shit stained?

No. 1272565

>how would you even know your own father's boxer's are shit stained?
Cause i just saw them while searching for my hangers (i wish i didn't)

No. 1272566

I'm sorry anon but what is up with married men shitting in their underwear?? My father does it too, like it can't be that hard to not shit stain your underwear, it's not a one time accident either, it keeps happening. Man is just fine with shitting in his underwear.

No. 1272567

Nta but imagine being such a huge pickme you cape for some anon's shitty dad on lolcow.

No. 1272582

You should tell your headmaster exactly what you said here.

No. 1272585

I agree, sadly. It's about to peak me on LC tbh, it's so annoying and it's in every single thread.
Inb4 "leave then scrote" or whatever

No. 1272587

File: 1658503971513.jpg (64.47 KB, 640x480, 1658324162500162.jpg)

Why am I the only one who doesn't seem to understand this comment. Where did OP say that her parents have 2 different laundry hampers?

No. 1272590

>cheater who shits his pants
Oh no don't seperate the laundry baskets… that'd be marriage ending.. kek

No. 1272591

So I stayed up till like 6 am because my anxiety from being a useless procrastinating retard finally was bad enough to force me to finish my assignment, but only after watching some videos and playing FreeCell for hours. And I've got a meeting to attend in an hour.
I just want this day to be over so I can sleep a few hours and FINALLY start drawing again

No. 1272593

>hurr durr just like 4chan
You are braindead. If only you would actually stay away, but we all know you will visit again tomorrow and stink the place up further with how much you hate it here instead of just fucking off.

No. 1272594

Feeling called out?

No. 1272595

You're still here?

No. 1272608

Turn out that other nonnies in this thread have also talked about being extremely insecure about their boobs. >>1269402

No. 1272612

I'm a different poster. Unsurprisingly, many anons have the same opinion about the site and people like you.

No. 1272614

It became shit after this place was discovered by twitter tards, thanks Shannon, even after your death you keep being a piece of shit

No. 1272616

And yet you're still here.

No. 1272621


mommy issues rant incoming Everytime we drive anywhere we get lost because the gps will tell her to take a right turn, I'll tell her to take a right turn, and she'll turn left. Multiple times.

She's been complaining about her wrist for like a month, has full insurance from her job in education (so she's on vacation at home with nothing to do right now), but won't go get a second opinion. When she went the first time they gave her antibiotics that she refused to take because she wants 'natural antibiotics and not pills' and a cast she won't wear because I guess it's not fitted right and hurts. So she's wrapping her arm up with onions and garlic to reduce the inflammation and pain (clearly not working if she's still complaining about it).

She's also told me she wanted to ask my dad if she can hitch a ride back to our home state with him… And his wife and his son (my youngest brother). As far as I know, my mom and stepmom don't get along well, as my father is a dog who flirts with anything that moves. And my mom humors him for some unknown reason. I cut him off three or four years ago because he's a piece of shit "father", and in those years the two of them got closer I guess? When I was a kid they both hated each other.

It's just like… Why me? She's the type of woman that likes those big ugly fuzzy slides and at this point I'm embarrassed to be her kid

No. 1272645

Adam Lanza was so spergy looking it is so much easier to believe he’d be an actor because who the fuck acts like that

No. 1272646

Are you personally offended or is this legitimately how you spend your energy?

No. 1272647

That wasn't me you fucking idiot I was eating teddy grams and drinking tea. Thanks for proving my point as to why this place sucks now, I knew one of you faggots would start barking away in the replies. Fuck off you useless cunt, you're wasting replies with that type of headache inducing bullshit you'd hear from a little brother. I guess this is what happens when you're so unlikable society completely shuns you and you're left a friendless cunt who has to get any attention to feel like you matter. You're no different than a scrote, fucking rope yourself, I'm sure any family you have left will be more than happy to rid themselves of an annoying useless piece of shit like you.(calm down, drink more tea)

No. 1272651

So why are you 2 minutes apart posters both still here?

No. 1272653

To bother you

No. 1272654

Hate Walmart. I moved and the local Walmart has everything in cases. Eye drops? Locked up. Cheapo face soap? Locked up. Kids bike accessories? Locked up. Bobby pins? Locked up. And nobody ever comes when you push the button, so you have to hunt someone down to open it for you, and half the time they say “oh I can’t do that” and walk away. I avoid going there as much as possible now even though I’m poor.

No. 1272655

Cause I posted a vent you retard, so I came back to see if anyone left any replies that weren't complete fucking garbage. Do you not know how this site works you fucking brain damaged sped?

No. 1272656

I swear it wasn't like this even at the very start of the year, you used to be able to have constructive conversations. Now it's almost no explanation or actual thoughts, just endless reeeing. Even here, they come in to say "u still here tho", insult and do exactly what you complain of. I don't even think they're moids, just retarded and hostile teens. It reminds me of being on some kind of zoomer Twitter or in a pro-troon Discord or something, you're just talking to a hyper emotional brick wall. Hopefully when high school goes back in session, they won't be able to spend time shit-stirring here over literally nothing.

No. 1272657

So you're here, even though you hate it here and and it's the same as 4chan, just to infight, while complaining about infighting?

No. 1272659

I thought you wanted to leave?

No. 1272665

>hyper emotional brick wall
this exactly. it's just the lack of transparency about what the hell is happening behind the scenes, no moderation, and of course this new crop of teenposters all culimnating to make things deplorable. i don't think /m/ has been hit hard, it's still the same to me.

No. 1272666

Find some better way to spend your time, what you're doing is annoying and useless, which is probably indicative of you're entire personality in real life. People come here to vent and have little back and forth conversations sometimes, not be annoyed with the type of replies you'd get from a scrote. Fuck off literally no one appreciates or wants you here.

Because you started an infight you fucking idiot. You are all so fucking annoying and retarded, hope you're real happy about acting like a cunt for no fucking reason at all.

No. 1272667

I'm not insulting anyone, I merely stated that they won't leave despite claiming to hate it here and ruin the place further with it. The one who insults and spergs out completely over the top is op.

No. 1272671

welp time for me to leave this place again my mental health isn't bad enough to come back here again


No. 1272672

Of course they don't, the newfags are not only new to lolcow but also new to imageboards. That's why they can only half-integrate. And to be honest that kinda worse than a newfag who can't integrate, because they have more potential to change the site's culture.

No. 1272673

Ummm probably because we both like lolcow? What?

No. 1272678

So you don't agree with OP?

>Find some better way to spend your time
Right back at ya. I merely said that you won't leave despite your complaints and I was right in that.

No. 1272681

So it's either bait or an underage newfag who is legit offended because someone called them out. Sometimes people admit that they cause infights on purpose just for the sake of it, but also Twitterfags love to fight over trivial shit.
In either case, you shouldn't give them the satisfaction of knowing they got people to reply to them. They should be treated exactly like how moidposters should be treated, completely ignored, and if they try really hard to detail a thread, reported.

No. 1272682

This is true and not to be gay but the site depends on this now that there are no mods.

No. 1272688

File: 1658508468980.jpeg (45.55 KB, 735x713, 622c45f24a868d00e6675d74_735_7…)

I hate poly guys. I have yet to meet a guy that identify as polyamorous that aren't experts at figuring out your weaknesses so they can use them against you to get under your skin. The way they manipulate the women that agree to date them is ridiculous, I have friends that are fully aware of the relationship not being sane but they're still willing to sacrifice everything for those assholes and I admit I myself decided to try it out a couple of years ago with it ending with me being an emotional wreck just a couple of months into it because he kept pushing my boundaries and claimed I just didn't understand polyamory whenever I tried to put my foot down.
Before anyone tells me I had it coming, I have always been against the concept of poly, but when a poly friend asked me out I figured that this was an opportunity to see how that thing ACTUALLY works since it's getting so popular and I wasn't seeing a serious future with him anyway but yes it was a big stupid mistake and I should have known better, but at least I can honestly say I know what I'm talking about with poly people being full of shit.

No. 1272692

There are 4 people claiming to be the 2 quoted posters, two of which claim to be OP so there's gotta be some samefagging.

No. 1272695

Who cares. Move on.

No. 1272697

"polyamorous" men are just future cult leaders in the making

No. 1272698

I think it's funny that the ones who complain about lolcow the loudest are also the ones causing the most sperging and rule breaking.

No. 1272701

Well why are you mini modding my vent? "I merely said you won't leave despite blah blah blah" Okay? Are you my mom you fucking weirdo? Why are you monitoring whether I left or not you fucking unsocialized freak.

No. 1272703

No one here cares if a woman dies or is abused but will be sure to have vigils for fictional men in a heartbeat. I almost hate other women I swear to god, be glad you aren’t scrotes kek

No. 1272706

Have you never heard of complaining about something because you still like it and want it to be better? Stupid ass bitch

No. 1272708

There are plenty of posters insulting the OP and sperging out at her, and in this case, she was venting, so she's under no obligation to leave. It's not ruining the place further to vent about how the site is changing negatively, unless those literally causing the problems start jumping in to do what's being complained about

No. 1272710

That's not what minimodding is. And you said lolcow is like 4chan now and you can't stand it here, so the logical conclusion is to leave instead of whatever you're currently doing, but you won't do that. You rather stay here, throw insults, infight and samefag over the suggestion.

No. 1272715

>it always happened so you can't complain about it!
Shit was weird back then and shit is still weird today.

No. 1272716

Oh definitely, the way they pretty much always target women that are insecure, unhappy or inexperienced is pretty damn telling. Homeboys are either wannabe cult leaders or charismatic weebs with sociopathic tendencies.

No. 1272718

I have nothing to vent. Nothing to feel anymore. Only static brain damage to be communicated in angry, half-huffed EEE EEE EEEEE beeps like sad farts quietly stabbing through the air from your dejected partner’s asshole across the room

No. 1272724

Jfc stop assuming you know who posted what, that shit is so fucking annoying. This is my last fucking post of the day and I'm gone, I wanna finish my fucking teddy grams in peace and you guys get on my nerves like annoying children. This is the only fucking time I've ever bitched about the atmosphere on this site so don't fucking say "you people whine about lolcow everyday and then come back wahhh."

These were mine:
Are we good? Did you guess right? Bye. Any further replies aren't me so stop fucking guessing.

No. 1272732

For example? The only one currently insulting, sperging, a-logging and samefagging is OP herself, which explains why she complains about "getting dogpiled" and ironically complaining about insults while viciously throwing them out herself. She sounds like an infighting sperg complaining about getting replies that don't agree with her and calling lolcow the female 4chan because of that, while also posting on it. Literally everyone in this scenario, her included, would be better off if she just left.

No. 1272740

how so?

No. 1272746


No. 1272749

I just want a cool dedicated minecraft server with a decent seed to play on that doesn't have a stupid white list, retarded roleplay, tons of kids, a reddit vibe, or a zillion mods is that really so much to ask for

No. 1272756

Kek the server my friends were in was full of (Minecraft) sabotage, stealing, and lying.

No. 1272771

damn i remember how much i had with my friends on a shitty service that would take half an hour to get trough the queue.. if there is demand could we make a lolcow server?

No. 1272781

Lol at sperg-chan deleting her sob story about ptsd from seeing meanie posts calling out her bullshit

No. 1272782

If she's the infighting sperg, then that's wild because what she said in this instance is actually accurate and relatable. It's true that there's currently a problem with how a certain rash of posters act. The dogpiling and aggression is an issue, and the fucked up part is that you don't even need to be arguing with someone initially or being inflammatory. They scroll through threads, see normal posts, give the most insane/bad faith replies, derail the whole thread if the OP dares to say anything, and then they blame them for replying in the first place when they're the one that tried to start something (kind of like what you're doing now). They don't come here to talk to people, they come here to talk at them, and are enraged whenever it doesn't go their way.
It happens for both politically heavy subjects and very small shit like makeup, and posters like this are slowly making the site unbearable.

No. 1272784

I'm a full time lesbian with a long term girlfriend and a high sex drive yet the weird random hornyposting in the lesbian thread is unsettling and nasty and sounds like scrotes or teenagers larping. Maybe it's because I'm in my 30's and have more social awareness but posts like "oh no I need to get my face between a woman's legs and huff on her pussy smell yes let me eat that pussy!!!!" and "I saw a hot woman today god I wanted to fuck her!!!" sounds cringe, at least have more class than that. Venting about this here because the thread is literally unreadable with the constant "no you're the polilez" infighting.

No. 1272786

Yeah, if only the one complaining wasn't also the one doing exactly what she complains about just because someone said she won't leave regardless.


I deleted it because the person I responded to deleted their posts and that's not even what I posted, I recalled a similar mindset shitting up cgl. Also you yourself don't have to delete your posts just because of spelling errors.

No. 1272789

Wow nony you got me, I delete posts to correct spelling. Good one!

No. 1272791

I said this too once and I got dogpiled by so many angry lesbians lmao

No. 1272793

Yeah and there's nothing wrong with it, just like there's nothing wrong with deleting posts because the person you respond to did.

No. 1272795

I witnessed this shift starting to happen last year and it's gained traction in the past 10 months or so, everyone wants to fight you over the most insignificant fucking things. And I agree, I doubt it's all scrotes (some of them definitely are though) but more likely a flood of edgy teenage girls who found a place where they can let it all their pent up anger out with no filter at all and who generally learned their argumentation skills from social media that is based on clapbacks and slapfights, being conditioned into fishing for more reactions and interaction that can best be brought about by aggression. They just need to be bullied into submission and shut down immediately until they grow up and learn to discuss things without the black and white thinking that makes anyone over 25 rip their hair out.

No. 1272801

She was literally called braindead and told to leave and that she's stinking up the place for disliking the negative shift, who wouldn't reply in turn? Why throw shit, and then try to reverse the blame when it's thrown back?

No. 1272808

Because she said lolcow is like female 4chan, which is a pretty dumb take previously proudly paraded by incels and twitterfags insulting the place. And if she doesn't like it here, then the obviously solution is to leave, instead of coming back tomorrow and starting the same spergfest over any vaguely disagreeing opinion.

Everyone is free to reply but you can't complain about everyone being vitriolic, insulting, cunty and dogpiling, advertise to ignore stuff you don't like and to "fucking behave" while writing posts of barely any substance but personal insults and alogging like

No. 1272812

i hate having an undiagnosed problem with my bowels. i literally shit myself today and it was almost completely water. i've had loose stools for the past week and a half. everytime i go to the doctor the dumb pa says "eat some fiber!!! see you next year!" stupid bitch im telling you i need to be checked for IBS. im so embarrassed. i cant believe i have to live like this.

No. 1272816

of course they are horny and make hornyposts you dumbshit, you have a sexual outlet and they dont. any sentiments in that thread beyond "i want to eat pussy" gets dogpiled as moid and tranny posts and its for the better you stop getting so uptight about what lesbians want to post anonymously. henpecking young lesbians into being "classy" about their attraction and desire by just shitting on them only shits up the thread and scares other young and questioning lesbians. maybe you're just conservative or think lesbians should be ladylike, either way your mentality is fucking stupid.

No. 1272817

File: 1658514445602.jpg (12.48 KB, 414x414, 389197bfe2be0ec0919de9114fcbda…)

Man it hurts being ghosted by "friends" out of nowhere. At least tell me what's wrong or tell me if it's me. This friend and I texted about a week ago and she asked if I was in town to meet up and I said "no" because I was on holiday but that I'd get back to her once I'm back. I texted her today and saw that her whatsapp profile pic, status and everything was gone and that my message only has one checkmark…

No. 1272821

Wow Nona you're still talking about me huh? I finished my tea and teddy grams, got some laundry and dishes started and you're still pissed I conflated your annoying little quips to 4chan scrote replies? You're mad because I was right, stay pressed lol.

No. 1272823

If there is nothing wrong with it then why did you tell me not to do it? You make 0 sense

No. 1272825

Guess I was right on all accounts.

No. 1272828

Ngl I think there are 3 of us arguing for the past 100 hours and we're all faggots at this point. lmao

No. 1272829

Bet that's the highlight of your day. "I was right about this cunt not leaving an imageboard right away! I won!" What a sad, pathetic NEET life. Anyway I have to make dinner and go to bed, enjoy mentally "one upping" strangers on an anonymous imageboard weirdo.

No. 1272832

Why does she always get to come first? Come the fuck on.

No. 1272834

This is the third time you claim to leave now, all with deranged infighting fanfictions instead of actually responding to the post. You are what you complain about and you'll stay here because of it.

I said you don't have to, barely anyone but actual infighters looking for something dumb to derail over care about spelling or deleted posts.

No. 1272839

And yet here you are, derailing over it.
Like I said, we're all retards at this point for fighting so long itt. Good job nona, you won! I'm outta here

No. 1272840

I was responding to you, who brought it up. But yeah yeah see you in 20 minutes.

No. 1272844

>get sick and can't go out
>ask scrote brother to get family member a birthday present because i can't
>hesitate because men CAN'T buy presents
>"yeah i gotchu"
>ask him if he's sure
>"yeah definitely, i've got it", in a tone as if he's a big boss guy who always takes care of things
>he comes home
>no fucking present
>"oh oops. i could get some gas station flowers though"
>have to drag my sick ass out to get a proper present

Men can't buy presents fucking EVER. Worthless piece of shit I always have to buy the female family members presents and I always have to pay. Because if I don't, NO ONE WILL. If the women in my family didn't buy presents or make cakes no one would do anything. Best part, my scrote brother gets the fucking birthday blues if he gets less attention or presents than he hoped for. The only gifts he's ever bought are last minute gas station flowers or shit with NO THOUGHT PUT INTO IT like a fucking WOOD STATUE. A fucking wood statue bitch. They'll just pick up something random from the store and go "yeah this'll be fine" meanwhile they expect the most thoughtful and expensive things

No. 1272845

I’m doing a discipleship “program” with church members as part of getting help out of abusive situation and even though I don’t believe in god, reading and hearing so many times that we are constantly sinning and deserve wrath and death is really triggering. It’s an emotional rollercoaster like the lady will say we are by nature evil and not worthy and I’ll feel like kermitting, then she says “but I can lay myself out to god exactly the way I am and even though I sinned he still loves me and still wants me” and then I’m like oh yeah see it’s not really that bad, in fact that’s kind of comforting. But then I realize that’s the exact same dynamic as with my abuser where he would treat me good as long as I acted exactly how he wanted and let him use me and worshipped him and showed “gratitude” and how I was always wanting his approval and I go back to feeling like shit.

No. 1272855

I ate an entire jar of black truffle pesto. At first I just wanted a little taste before I decide if I want to use it in a recipe tomorrow. It was so nice I had another spoonful, then another and then it was gone. It was really greasy and now I feel sick.

>Because she said lolcow is like female 4chan, which is a pretty dumb take previously proudly paraded by incels and twitterfags insulting the place
But it's coming true. This place used to be better than 4chan because discussions didn't devolve into insults and petty infighting. It used to be possible to have conversations and debate different topics. Now doing that is nearly impossible.

No. 1272856

I ship you two. The love story of two girls who despite not knowing each others name and face, they could just not let go of their strong bond and overwhelming feelings.

No. 1272867

I fucking hate sperm so much. I hate having sex with my moid, it's like I'm a fucking fleshlight. He didn't use to be like this. He cums in a millisecond, then I have to go clean up and he doesn't even ask if I want to do something still. Not that I would the cum inside me mskes me want to throw up. Yes yes I am a pick me dumb whore for putting up with this, I know

No. 1272870

It's still possible if you don't fully lose it over getting called a retard or someone disagreeing with you or something and we're still miles better than 4chan, c'mon now. Try to have any topic discussion you see on ot/m/g on 4chan and see what happens, I'm begging you. Never talk about my lolcor this way again.

My overwhelming feelings are for lolcow and farmers, not people who type like edgy twitterinas and don't know what mini modding is.

No. 1272874

Nonna, break up with him and be happy. Sex shouldn't be a dreadful duty.

No. 1272877

Sperm is bad for you lmao, surprised how many women don't know this

No. 1272887

>It's still possible if you don't fully lose it over getting called a retard or someone disagreeing with you or something
Maybe I should have specified that what I said applies to /ot/. There's still boards and threads on the site that are still very much like they were a few years ago.

No. 1272893

No. 1272896

nta but sperm itself isn't bad for you, just anything in the vaginal canal is bad for the PH. sperm actually gets fucked up by the vagina's PH pretty easily.

No. 1272908

OP who triggered everyone after conflating it to 4chan here, my last post was this one >>1272829
I'm only announcing myself so much because people keep thinking I'm other Nona's and it's annoying. I have my dinner made and am fucking off and then going to bed but I wanted to say it's nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks lolcow has changed a bit lately. I honestly think the problem is what someone said earlier, the farmers have kind of split into 2 categories one being younger newfags that just found this site and the other being oldfags who have been here a while and don't like the change lolcow has had over the past year or so. Anyway I'm sure this tame comment will trigger someone into replying with some bs that's gonna piss me off so I'm just shutting down my laptop at this point because clearly me and some other bitches need to have the last word and this is just gonna keep going in circles. Lolcow is honestly so addicting and so bad for me, quitting weed was easier than quitting this site. Okay goodnight faggots.

No. 1272945

Dude just go to bed, fuck.

No. 1272959

Kek she likes the attention.

No. 1273024

Seminal fluid is alkaline, so it actually disrupts your pH to (as you correctly remarked) facilitate sperm survival and subsequent conception. If sperm "got fucked" in the vagina, no one would ever get pregnant.

Semen also contains sugars, which then feeds bad yeasts and bacteria. Seminal plasma contains a specific pathogen-enhancing protein (SEVI), which aids the transmission and proliferation of STDs, particularly HIV. A lot of non-STD pathogens (COVID, Ebola, Zika, even common flu iirc) can reside in a man's reproductive tract for months and even years after he cleared the infection. The female reproductive tract is resilient, but it doesn't mean it's unaffected by being repeatedly blasted with literal festering shit - there's a reason why most couples have to cohabitate and have unprotected sex for a while to conceive.

No. 1273085

I am an oldfag and think your comparison to 4chan is stupid.

No. 1273160

I hate that whenever I stick up for what I think is right or try to assert my will, I can always picture my mom in my head judging me for it, especially within my relationship, but when my bf does the same thing I can picture my mom being supportive of him. It really fucks with me and I can't tell if I am being inappropriate when I make a big deal about something.

No. 1273189

A woman after my own heart. I fucking love detailed sci spergs on here.

No. 1273200

fucking lady on the bus was taking forever to figure out how to fold up her stroller, to the point where there was a line forming behind her so other people could sit down. I said excuse me and she yelled at me in Spanish so I yelled back and shoved her. The guy behind me awkwardly waiting for like 5 more minutes before she decided to let him pass. And it took half the fucking bus ride for her to actually figure out how to fold up the stroller. Not sure how because it wasn't her first kid. I hate inconsiderate ass bitches and I like yelling at them, so I'll continue until someone checks me

No. 1273211

File: 1658526606299.jpg (78.98 KB, 640x603, 1658372857718.jpg)

It's really fucked up how the west tends to project this image of itself as "free", "advanced" and "progressive" to the rest of the world, but even if you ignore their history and politicians showing otherwise, a lot of normal people from there are just neurotic and have this strange mix of (fake, trendy) nihilism, suicidal impulses, and a fear of death. Things are deliberately set up so that it'll be easier to make everyone consoomers and give them false solutions that can be ripped away like a safety blanket. Even in western spaces for discussion, it feels like no one is actually meant to question shit, have "unique" viewpoints or actually unpopular opinions, or think too critically about any topic. You're encouraged to pick one of the dominant sides and fully subscribe to whatever the most popular narrative is like a religion, and everything after that follows a sort of "If you're not with us, you're against us" pattern, with little to no reasoning involved, just vibes. What's scary is how easy it is for the popular narrative to change on a whim. Sometimes, the "unique" viewpoint gets picked up, and the same people who wanted to crucify anyone and everyone who said it before just pretend they have amnesia or make excuses. It's a lot better than literally being arrested for wrongthink by your government, but it feels like some of these people secretly wish they could have it that way or something.
At first, I thought it was just the trans cult that was like this, and I've seen radfems say before that a lot of self-proclaimed feminists don't really want women's liberation, they're just mad at their boyfriends, but the same logic seems to carry for pretty much every modern movement. The people aren't happy, but they aren't serious about changing anything either (even though they logically have way more power than the rest of us). They want everything spoonfed, they hate and get mad at each other for not obeying well enough, and they keep getting jerked around regardless. It makes me sad

No. 1273216

File: 1658526689806.gif (5.74 MB, 526x640, 6D78A4E0-567C-453D-8D81-A44399…)

Finally cut off my male friend, but not before losing all my dignity and dragging it out to the point that he started wanting to cut ME off. I just get so frustrated over his complete emotional numbness and how little he cares for me after knowing me so long. Like, fucking say something after I've spent nights crying over you and poured my heart out. At least pretend it meant something. Nothing more rage-inducing than being the one who cares more and trying to coax a moid into making the tiniest little effort to fix things. I know I'm retarded and that the worst thing to do when a scrote has stopped caring about you to the point that his eyes glaze over when you're around is to ramble about your emotions, but sometimes I catch myself thinking a male would feel bad after knowing how much he's hurt you. I forget how men are, and that when they put you in the "low-status fuckzone candidate" file, you can't convince them otherwise

I feel ashamed but relieved. But also stupid for wasting so much time on a shitty friendship and torturing myself by being "friends" with someone I was deeply in love with who saw me as a rebound, a last resort, and a stepping stone he was embarrassed about when around more worthy people.

No. 1273230

File: 1658527071189.jpg (64.91 KB, 608x586, 73bbfe9d7c98c2b9bfa19e949b88b4…)

I hate being so forgiving. Someone could punch me in the gut and spit in my face and by the next day, my rage is already suppressed until the next time it happens, unless I excessively remind myself with a video or something. I want to be unforgiving and able to cut ties with the ones that can hurt me.

No. 1273297

for some reason I imagined an older woman with one of those walkers that they can fold and sit on and was wondering why you shoved an old lady lul

No. 1273316

Been feeling really down about my body shape this past week. I'm cursed with my mom's broad shoulders and narrow hips. It was worse when I was in water polo and swim in high school–I'd cry every day over how manly I look. A while back I did see a post on Tumblr of everyone thirsting over a young woman with similar physique to mine when I was in sports. Made me think that if I got praise like that when I was younger, I'd be less self conscious now

No. 1273321

sorry anon i feel your pain but it's a reminder women should take extreme caution in being emotionally vulnerable with men. they truly do not fucking care and it satisfies them to know they've hurt you. the male psyche is so warped they believe love is in the same vein as pain and they WILL cause unnecessary drama for you to unpack and resolve because romance to them is a service of labour for you to be exploited in. men from now on will receive nothing but stoicism from me. i've noticed more and more men scorning women for not adopting a pragmatic resolve yet they will call you a cold hearted bitch at the first of indication of you adopting such attitudes. why don't men know what they want?

No. 1273323

File: 1658530152862.jpg (27.5 KB, 400x400, 23hIYeye_400x400.jpg)

Sometimes I don't get why anons get so offended being called a moid, even in arguments but then again moids are subhuman

No. 1273326

Dragging the argument happening in the other thread into this one is not constructive. It's deliberate derailing.

No. 1273328

girl, this isn't about you or what the hell is going on in other threads
piss off

No. 1273333

Nta but you sound like an overly aggressive faggot, which is a scrote.

No. 1273337

Sad because I’ve been hit with some depression and it’s making me question my relationship. My guy is nice and he has treated me far better than I have him. I’m in a weird transitional period where I’m changing as a person and looking back at all the times I’ve let my mental illness get the best of me and in the Way of our relationship. I’m starting to wonder if this is what he really wants or what I really want. I know this is vague, but I’m not coming here for advice or else I’d be in the other thread lol. Just weird times. Just recently turned 23 and I know that’s still young.

No. 1273340

File: 1658530677496.jpg (42.43 KB, 800x533, small-cat-hand-5261321.jpg)

I'm not a scrote nor a faggot BUT I am aggressive and I WILL aggressively give u this
anyone who declines is a confirmed moid scroid overly aggressive faggot

No. 1273351

Go to bed summerfag you’re annoying.

No. 1273353

Why is that kitten so ugly and so mature looking in the face

No. 1273364

Let me guess, this happened during rush hour too? Because I can already picture it.

No. 1273365

Both of you chut the heck up

No. 1273366

File: 1658531227144.jpg (150.93 KB, 700x842, ugly-medieval-cats-art-105-5aa…)

He literally looks like this though

No. 1273367

Get the fuck out of here.

No. 1273368

Beautiful kitten

Retarded ass loser

No. 1273369

File: 1658531303801.jpg (385.14 KB, 1536x2048, maccat.JPG)

I'm not a summerfag you ding dong, literally trying to offer you a good kitten in these hard and trying times.

No. 1273371

why are you posting selfies?

No. 1273373

This. Literally insulting a kitten for not being "neotenous" enough. BDD human shit, I hate this species

No. 1273375

same. ily bb

No. 1273379

No. 1273380

KEK @ this whole exchange

No. 1273381

Nta but you sound like an overly aggressive faggot, which is a scrote.

No. 1273382

File: 1658531666960.jpg (25.1 KB, 400x398, bc3f21ee0f9e5b8fbc66cc9849820a…)

NO cat is ugly I do declare

No. 1273383

File: 1658531695132.jpg (384.92 KB, 1920x1440, thumb-1920-283398.jpg)

No. 1273384

poo poo pee pee

No. 1273385

Yeah she cute, what about it? Jealous haters keep seething

No. 1273386

This cat looks like his name is Andrew

No. 1273388

You’re describing how lolcow has always been idk what you’re bitching about
>indiscernible from 4chan
oh you’re just retarded

No. 1273392

>wah wah this site is just like 4chan
>proceeds to spew the most edgy vitriolic REEEE

No. 1273395

i say we crank up the cuntiness!

No. 1273397

I’m Tired of dealing with people that always seem to throw their emotional problems at me. I’m not a confrontational person, and I’ll try to help them the best I can with my abilities, but I’m still not that good at handling peoples emotions. Especially if they’re volatile. Like, why can’t they just leave me alone if they’re so depressed and tired? I’m just tryna have a good time, but they’re always venting to me about how depressed they are, or how their body hurts and whatever. This keeps happening in my relationships with people. I’m also the worst person you can go to with emotional problems. It’s just so tiring and draining for this shit to happen to me all the time.

No. 1273400

Blows my mind that someone can browse the degenerate autistic perversion that is 4chan and compare it. Here it’s just autistic.

No. 1273406

that's not what she's saying…

No. 1273407

i feel like anons who compare here with 4chan have never been there. they probably think the worst thing there is slurs.

No. 1273408

Anons literally can't read these days, and if they've misunderstood for like 2 posts they'll just double down regardless. Up is down, left is right, blue is red

No. 1273418

don't worry, about it, it's an honest mistake.

No. 1273432

File: 1658533380102.gif (980.67 KB, 244x250, 11A1309C-7903-46D4-B400-85A1EE…)

No. 1273435

Probably the stress of dealing with retards like you has aged it prematurely and now it smokes a pack a day.

No. 1273438

You guys are extra spergy lately, is it the heat? I hate the heat too ngl

No. 1273441

Where the fuck do you live where everyone resorts to shouting and shoving so quickly over nothing?

No. 1273445

File: 1658533916105.jpg (12.75 KB, 250x250, 1645170216571.jpg)

The artists I love all suddenly stopped drawing my husbando and moved on to other series and I cannot cope. Some of them that seemed close even unfollowed eachother, I wonder what happened. And yes I know it's normal for them to move on eventually but I wasn't prepared for all of them doing it at the same time.

No. 1273446

i hate this crap. i'm not one of those mom haters, but parents shouldn't make their kids everyone else's problem. no one forced you to have kids, learn to take care of them. and they usually end up being bad parents who make people upset at their bratty kid cause they suck as parents.

No. 1273452

i'm so sorry for your loss, anon, i grieve with you. maybe post your husbando in the husbando thread in /g/ and see if you can find some other artist recommendations?

No. 1273453

Who is he who is he

No. 1273454

Nta but everywhere, the world is just like that now. No one has any patience or decency anymore, everyone just devolves into anger and shouting with no provocation. Is where you live different? Can I move there?

No. 1273455

>anon vents about the shitty userbase
>shitty userbase shows up, reees and proves her point
My fucking side, it's over sisters this site is done for.

No. 1273456

fuck off back to c.c

No. 1273460

Nta but shut the fuck up you little spergers are so annoying with your bullshit

No. 1273461

>continues to prove her point

No. 1273463

you're agreeing with someone who is calling the site 4chan…

No. 1273464

>anon vents about shitty userbase while behaving like shitty user

No. 1273465

Nona you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that people have different opinions than you, and they're allowed to express it and you don't have to go "REEEEE" every time

No. 1273466

And? I agree with what she said about the userbase
>inb4 more hostile anons shows up and continues to prove her point

No. 1273467

this is pathetic…

No. 1273468

KEK how? This site is turning into a hivemind.

No. 1273470

>mean posts are as bad as 4chan

No. 1273472

tell that to OP lmao

No. 1273474

That's not what the original post even said kek

No. 1273476

This entire debate is dumb. The OP's point was that this site is turning into 4chan because the quality of discussion has declined and there is so much infighting, not that this site is as edgy as 4chan. 4chan has mass shooters and posters calling for genocide.

No. 1273477

she brings up now hostile anons are now and how you can't have a simple conversation without someone trying to do an epic clapback but yeah let's focus on and get butthurt over being compared to 4chan

No. 1273478

Omfg I hate body hair on myself so much. The texture is so gross to me. I don’t care how it looks on other women, but on myself I hate it. About to just buy a sugar wax kit because I can’t get laser hair removal at this moment

No. 1273480

Let's be real she deserves mean responses for making such a dumb post.

No. 1273481

no one is butthurt it's just pathetic that you're siding with such an unhinged opinion.

No. 1273482

Why? that's literally proving her point

No. 1273483

They're probably hostile to her because she spouts dumb shit like calling lolcow the female 4chan and then going full edgelord in the responses.

No. 1273484

her point is asinine. who cares?

No. 1273485

this, she deserves all the hostility she's getting.

No. 1273487

Based as fuck Nonettes right here.

No. 1273488

Lol samefag but why are you so angry at some rando calling you a 4chan scrote? Relax

No. 1273490

Here comes the dogpile, it happens to everyone who dares have a different opinion or agree with someone they don't agree with, sad!

No. 1273494

ya, we're as bad as pedos, you're right.

No. 1273496

That's like saying
>This place sucks and is so mean, I don't understand why anons are so hostile to me, btw I think farmers and incels are pretty similar
..and then spending a bazillion replies being hostile directly afterwards.

Nope, not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.

Mire than one anon disagreeing with an opinion isn't dogpilling.

No. 1273497

So dramatic

No. 1273498

Some of you are so disingenuous and intentionally misunderstand other posts. I swear it's moids that come here to troll and derail.

No. 1273499

Moids are actually the ones who used to say we're totally like them/just two sides of the same coin and similar crap.

No. 1273502

Again her point wasn't that we are exactly like 4chan, it was that the site has declined to the same level of discussion and infighting not that we are pedos, mass shooters and neo-nazis.

No. 1273503

did you even read her post?

No. 1273505

what does 4chan have to do with that? kek.

No. 1273506

The quality of this site has gone down, the only people who can't see it are newfags and delulu oldfags.

No. 1273508

That doesn't change the fact that it's a retarded statement to anyone who forced themselves to endure 4chan for some time. And also
>No wonder people refer to this site as the female 4chan.
Who are "people" in this instance?

No. 1273509

File: 1658537204683.gif (2.25 MB, 498x350, real-housewives-pointing.gif)

the nonnie from the original post is probably still sleeping and everyone is just fucking losing it over one random sperg kek

No. 1273510

File: 1658537209864.jpg (126.77 KB, 634x777, 27536434-8248003-_Captain_Oliv…)

Well, opening news at night was a horrible idea. All of the sudden our news website decided to suggest all of the gruesome news. Amazing. Usually we barely have anything going on, and now…

No. 1273512

W-what happened, did anyone get nuked?

No. 1273513

Just goes to show she was right lmao

No. 1273515

I have a feeling she isn't sleeping

No. 1273517

This site gets referred to as /r9k/ for women/TERFs/femcels as a joke and this has been around for a while. There's also people that think this site is female 4chan because both sites are image boards.

No. 1273520

File: 1658537838368.png (8.27 KB, 241x209, images (10).png)

A man burned a woman and shot the firefighters, a drunk son threatened to kill his mother, a monkey killed a child by throwing it off the roof and a teenage girl was found dead in a bathtub. Idk whats happening…

No. 1273521

That's what I'm saying! And everyone focused on
>b-b-but she said we're just like 4chan!
they hated her for telling the truth

No. 1273523

>as a joke
Everytime I saw that being brought up here in the past years, it was by seething incels or newfags from the usual unwanted websites. Why would anyone care what they have to say lol.

No. 1273525

>the truth

No. 1273527

I was at the gym today and someone had the news on instead of the usual 80’s music stations and it was like every story was about a shooting, and then there was one about some local politician being physically attacked while giving a speech. It was all fear porn, I hate it.

No. 1273529

what the actual fuck

No. 1273532

what she's saying isn't true, and not only that she's acting like the anons she claims to hate.

No. 1273534

NTA but fear porn is a great way to word it. That's what the local news is whenever I hear it, it's all fear porn. Horrible awful violent things, shootings, horrible accidents, rape by gunpoint (yeah), I hate the news I can't stand it. It makes me not want to leave the house.

No. 1273535

I can't seem to move on. From high school specifically. I keep remembering embarrassing moments, moments I got bullied and moments I kept crying instead of telling them to fuck off and I feel sort of ashamed and upset that I didn't react how I would've liked. I keep wishing that those people who did it are doing badly but I can't seem to get myself to do better because I just feel like I fucked up my whole life and reputation by being bullied like I had one chance and I wasted it. I just feel like I'm pathetic and even small things like watching stuff in a high school setting make the memories come back and ruin my whole day and I'm not sure how to move past it. I've been bullied every grade but when I was actually in school I dwelled on it alot less than I do now when I'm out of it.i have this weird sort of irrational fear that people will somehow know I was bullied and then bully me themselves. I'm not sure what happened to me to make me this paranoid and I don't know what to do about it. I'm thinking therapy but idk if it's serious enough or if I'm just a little bitch.

No. 1273538

nta but it's not the truth

No. 1273539

you're wrong.

No. 1273540

A tip an anon posted here was to think of something else very specific every time you remind yourself of a situation that you regret. I started thinking of what it's like to bite into a peach and it works.

No. 1273543

no, stop defending someone who's just as bitchy as the people she's complaining about.

No. 1273547

she's a hypocrite.

No. 1273549

yes she is kek

No. 1273551

the only thing that's changed about the site is all the uwu crybabies that are trying to police everyone.

No. 1273552

she is wrong, she's a newfag who thinks we all need to be nice!

No. 1273555

i love bullying boys only. love telling them to kys and instigating debates online and offline with them. i wish to harm them physically. thats it

No. 1273557

you're missing the fact that she thinks discussion has devolved because everyone is meanies

No. 1273560

I think she just can't handle disagreements. She doesn't actually seem to have an issue with absolutely deranged slapfights judging by her responses.

No. 1273561

those aren't new unless you just got here.

No. 1273563

According to op, they are lol.

No. 1273565

About a week ago I bit into a burger for the first time in like 3 years that my mom got for me and it tasted so uncannily familiar that I ended up sperging out and having a seizure because I'd been starving myself and maybe it is better that God stopped me from being able to finish it but I'm also disappointed that I couldnt have it because it took a lot of energy to muster up the courage to even put myself in a situation where I'd be consuming something like that to begin with. Oh well

No. 1273566

File: 1658540525391.gif (2.8 MB, 498x278, kjhgfdsdrfghjkjhgvfc.gif)

No. 1273567

only newfags think this is new.

No. 1273572

I can't properly enjoy the Tokyo Mew Mew remake because it's just cringey to me as an adult. This sucks.

No. 1273573

only newfags think it's gotten worse at all period.

No. 1273575

Ok newfag, when you're done arguing on lolcow I hope you can find a cool Twitter thread to argue on next.

No. 1273578

this. anons getting angry are either newfags or came when everyone left. i just started using the site again after that mess because a friend told me it was better.

No. 1273579

We don’t have constant temp cows anymore either.

No. 1273585

I just want to go shirtless on my patio WHAT THE FUCK it's HOT. This is UNFAIR

No. 1273586

File: 1658542812392.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

This thread right now

No. 1273588

Because that’s what it’s basically become. It’s the same bitches that say they think saying anon is too cold so they can only use pet names like nonnie and nonnita and make like 12 posts a day that day “I love you nonnie” also flying off the handle and reeeeeing every time someone isn’t cooperating with their my-tumblr style. Hypocrisy and derangement, it just looks like a bunch of tards rimming eachother.

No. 1273589

i noticed its very different how this admin responds to racebait

No. 1273596

It's time for a break from K-pop. I can feel more and more of my brain cells dying the longer I stay in this hobby and I'm already dumb enough. It's all so mind-numbingly boring now and the scandals that are supposed to be entertaining are just terrible and sad. I can't help but think I should reinvest all this time, interest, and energy in more interesting things. But it's difficult to find other hobbies that have good female communities.

No. 1273599

At this point if I see a k pop icon on socials I know it’s either a deranged faggot that has contemplating killing his family or a 14 year old girl and there are very few exceptions. Good for you, it shouldn’t be a “hobby”.

No. 1273600

How were you even able to enjoy yourself having to be friends with twitter stan retards?

No. 1273609

Looked it up and can't believe they still kept those fugly outfits

No. 1273614

No. 1273622

File: 1658546468188.gif (1.95 MB, 480x270, 0148a2c426e64d9ce20db347798321…)

long time user of menstrual cups, trying a menstrual disc, and it is just NOT working. it's the smallest size they had and feels like 900 miles too big. how the FUCK big are other women's VAGINAS and CERVIXES that i need a disc the size of my entire PALM jammed up there. it isn't laying flat and is crumpled because my vagina is NOT A GIANT GAPING TUNNEL so it isn't doing shit to catch this blood. and someone has been blasting annoying shitty fucking jazz music or some obnoxious old fucky garbage for the past 3 hours and i'm about to go insane and empty a magazine in their stereo system

shut the fuck up your music fucking sucks and i have a folded paper towel in my underwear because my vagina is too small to use menstrual products like a civilized human being
everyone just shut up i'm on my fucking period and armed

No. 1273625

I haven't slept at all. I'm supposed to get up in an hour and travel 3 hours to a family gathering. Tempted to call my mom and tell her I won't be coming. I'm not looking forward to it, but I haven't seen my family in a long while and I feel bad for skipping it. What should I do? I'm so tired.

No. 1273627

kek honestly, I didn't totally agree with the original sperg (especially coming into this thread late, reading it from the beginning and seeing no infighting prior) but the other anons just proved her right by arguing over something so stupid. "/b/ was never good" is a true statement and while I haven't been browsing here for long I have to wonder if the same sentiment is true for LC.

No. 1273630

imagine letting your moid shit his britches and not shoving his nose into them and rubbing it like disciplining an awful dog
i would photograph it and his browned-up face with his pathetic bad dog look of shame and email it to his bosses and coworkers so he would be even more ashamed of having less self control than a toddler then i would buy the biggest anal plug i could find and shove it up his disgusting rectum until he could learn to not shit himself as i pack his things and throw them out the window and tell him to find a homeless shelter to live in

i'm not having a dog because the only feces I am willing to deal with is my own. like hell i am dealing with a full grown moid sharting himself because he can't keep off the pizza and beer.

beat your father up and throw him out of the window

No. 1273635

It's slightly cringe to me too but I'm also having fun. It's really showing its age kek

No. 1273641

I hate half of my classmates, some for petty reasons and some are genuine sociopaths. I just can't wait for the next 7 months to be over so I don't see those retards anymore.

No. 1273657

No one should actually be disciplining dogs like that, it's just abuse. There are other ways. Not aimed at you since you don't own a dog and aren't getting one, just in case other anons who do have one (or will) read

No. 1273658

File: 1658549352876.jpg (5.46 KB, 183x275, index.jpg)

Cat looks like this kid

No. 1273669

You're right nonnie. A dog deserves far better treatment than a moid.

No. 1273673

Every man in my family has shit themselves as adults. I know because it's a joke to them. My brother once threw poop chunk underwear into the washing machine as if it wouldn't make the entire load poop water.

No. 1273674

Between this and the hpv cuticles thing I don't think I can live another second knowing moids share this planet with me

No. 1273676

Kek. Thanks nonnie.
I've been part of various fandoms since LiveJournal was a thing so I find comfort in being excited about new releases and sperging about content with other people. It's easy to avoid the vast majority of K-pop fans who have zoomer brainrot from caring too much about streaming, chart numbers, or view count since there are a few good imageboards and forums for non-underage K-pop fans out there. But even those places are getting immature and K-pop content hasn't been worth getting excited about for a while now.

No. 1273686

im going through one of the worst mental breakdowns of my life rn for no reason whatsoever and im wondering if part of it is influenced by the fact im having my first period after stopping birth control i was on for 6 years straight
i remember i used to be more emotional during my periods when i was younger but GODDAMN i dont remember it being anything like this

No. 1273687

I'm really sorry to hear, hang in there. It's definitely your period. I had the same exact thing happen to me when I quit BC despite never having PMS be an issue for me beforehand. I still struggle with it to this day and feel like the world is ending in the week before my period starts. It will get better over time, I hope it goes away fully for you unlike for me!

No. 1273695

I hate hearing men talk about autism and I think I legit just hate autistic men. I've been a diagnosed autist since I was a little kid. I avoid talking about it normally because I'm high functioning, I feel normal for the most part, it's usually not relevant, and no one ever expects it anyway. I'm a very empathetic and sensitive person, super outgoing and excitable, love being around friends, go out of my way to socialize, blah blah. I'm happy as a clam and love sharing joy with people. My loved ones light up my life and trying to be a decent person is important to me.

But I can't count how many times I've come across a pathetic scrote who excuses his failures, neuroses, porn and drug addictions, social shortcomings, lack of emotion and empathy, disgustingness, and overall abusive behavior with "BUT IM AUTISTIC!!!!!!!"
Like, so? What does that matter? For high functioning people it's basically just a label for being kinda weird with sensory issues. I don't give a shit that you're autistic and it's no excuse.
Meanwhile every actually autistic woman I've personally met has been so kind and concerned about how they affect others and never used the diagnosis as an excuse.

Story time: I dated a male autist for a while and he was the worst guy I've had in my life by far. I thought it was awesome at first because I still thought autism was so much more than a diagnosis and meant something about my very soul or some shit idk, anyway I quickly became disillusioned because he didn't give a single fuck about me. He loved belittling me, insulted me to my face and to his friends, was always condescending, would ignore me for days at a time, was cripplingly addicted to vidya and in denial about it.
All of this when questioned was met with severe defensiveness, his go to excuse was that he's autistic so he can't help it and I'm awful for trying to talk about it. Even though I was also autistic and never did anything even close to all of this. Extra funny was when he flipped out before sex because I hadn't shaved my pubic hair that morning and he tried defending this by saying it's a "sensory thing." He made me go shave it and I did because I was pathetic and a teenager.

Long story short he wound up sexually assaulting me and stalking me. I pressed charges and, no kidding, his defense was autism. He got off scot free. Fuck autistic men. Fuck men. It's like every bad trait that men already have just gets amplified and they get to conveniently excuse it without giving any leeway to women either.

No. 1273697

I feel like I'm either too old for all the currently popular fandoms or they just aren't making stuff I can get into anymore. I search and search for stuff that I can enjoy but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. That and I was a Tumblr teen during the peak of the biggest fandoms, so I tend to expect the same sort of excitement and community I felt back then, and I don't know if that exists anymore.

No. 1273699

Samefag but I just wanted to say men also constantly do this same thing but with depression instead, fuck god FUCK. Thanks for listening.

No. 1273700

i noticed almost immediately when i stopped taking birth control my libido went insane and then it stopped a week before my period i started feeling more depressed and had almost no libido but since my period started ive been absolutely psychotic, my boyfriend was threatening i should be taken to a mental hospital. i do have mental health issues but nothing like this, i have never acted anything like this before and i had no idea birth control was controlling my apparent insanity. im a bit nervous now but ill give it a few months to see if it calms down, i really dont like the idea of using birth control again but i also cant keep living like this either and dont want to go a psychiatrist

No. 1273702

Im so sorry you had to deal with this anon. I just got out of a relationship with a scrote doing the same bullshit and manipulation. Broken hearts hurt but they make us strong

No. 1273703

File: 1658553452163.jpeg (379.84 KB, 740x380, 3F1D6CE6-2EFF-4E70-8B26-9828B8…)

There's this guy I met. I'm 20, he is 35. We met while walking down the street, he asked me for directions and then asked me out. I said yes only because I'm a literal autist who is cripplingly lonely.
We've been seeing each other for only 2 weeks now. All of our "dates" have been us meeting up in the bushes or in parking lots to drink cheap beer, then he has sex with me. He wants mostly anal and blowjobs and I give them to him because my self esteem is non-existent and I crave the connection. We haven't even had sex in a bed yet, it's always a BJ behind the trees or something like that. Also he always goes home right after sex, which leaves me feeling even more estranged. He also doesn't want his friends and family to see me and that's why he doesn't take me out on a 'real' date (that's what he said)
I'm extremely miserable but also starting to get addicted to him. I am obese and ugly and I fear I may never find anyone else (yes I know that sounds dramatic but I am legit a bottom tier person)
Also he insists that he loves me and wants to marry me but I can't help but feel like he is simply humoring me and laughing behind my back at how 'easy' I am. I want to die.

No. 1273705

0 libido after my ovary removal, either I'm just kinda traumatised and overtly cautious of touching myself or it's the bc or combo. I'm kinda sad about it in a way.

No. 1273706

you know he goes home to his wife and kids, right?

No. 1273707

Sending love nonna. The relationship I described was years ago and I'm still really affected by it, mostly because of all the stalking that happened when we broke up. In a twisted way I'm grateful because I definitely would be a lot less aware of violence against women and how fucked men really can be, and I'd still probably be a doormat.

As soon as I read "I'm 20, he is 35" I shook my head and knew where it was going. For your sake I really just hope nothing you wrote is true. Please stop seeing him. Not only is this hurting you in the moment but it's going to get worse. This is very dangerous. I know it feels good to be desired sexually but this will only end up hurting your self esteem even more in the long term. He's absolutely using and abusing you. I don't think you're doomed to be alone forever, but please believe me when I say that being alone is 10000000000000x better than being with a man who sees you as a hole. He does not want to marry you. He gets you drunk, fucks you in a way that brings you no sexual pleasure whatsoever, then leaves. He's telling you what he thinks will keep you strung along.

No. 1273709

Also samefag but even if he did mean that he wants to marry you, that would be a huge red flag after only knowing each other for two weeks even for people who weren't fucking in bushes. You probably don't even know his real name, and I guarantee he's even older than he says.

No. 1273712

both ovaries or just one anon?

No. 1273716

>I fear I may never find anyone else (yes I know that sounds dramatic but I am legit a bottom tier person)
How is being single worse than being used by a POS like him? If you think you're a bottom tier person just for your appearance, I guarantee you're only going to feel worse and more insecure the more you engage with men who treat you like garbage.

A bad relationship is so much worse than being alone, and being used for sex is so much worse than not having it. Please love yourself and never waste another second on that worthless moid. Focus on yourself and embrace the peace of not giving men your time or energy or body unless they give you the respect you deserve.

No. 1273731

just one but honestly after having my vagina touched strictly medically for the whole of the pandemic, that shit kinda changed me. my hormone levels seem to be fine.

No. 1273737

Fuck my ex-boyfriend can’t believe that someone I dated for 2 months during college lives rent free in my head till this day. Wish I can wipe him from my memories so it can no longer eat me alive or go back in time and prevent myself from meeting him.

No. 1273791

File: 1658558949529.png (4.55 MB, 1170x2532, 0E211FA1-9884-42E0-8847-7F834B…)

I am allowed to be ugly. I am allowed to be as ugly as I please. I do not exist to please you or anyone. I don’t have to subscribe to your shitty faggotry standard of beauty. I can be what I want and you do not determine my worth, value, or right to exist. Women are not your Barbie dolls you sadistic voids of shit and maggots. You can cry and scream and alog and spend hours upon hours of your life obsessing over women and what they do, think, how they take care of themselves, their lives and it is all in vain. Everything you do is for an imaginary man you made up in your head and everything you project onto women in attempts to feel better about your life or your looks or whatever card you believe you should have been dealt doesn’t change that you’re void of emotional intelligence and have no real sense of self and that is why you’d rather spend all your time alogging women and bitching and crying about their looks or perceived value. You’re pathetic and you aren’t my handler. Get well soon! I can be as ugly and unfit to your standard as I want to be and all you can do is stare and cry and yell and stomp your nasty hobbit feet.

No. 1273792

I don’t have to delete this and crop the screenshot either no gods no masters die mad die obsessed

No. 1273795

File: 1658559225655.png (1 MB, 640x773, i_cut_my_hair.png)

Absolutely based. When I feel doubt for being like that, I remember that all the women I admire didn't give a shit about the way they looked and were preocupied with actual goal. I refuse to waste my precious time and money on this earth to have a skin care routine or shit like that kek. I want to be free!

No. 1273801

based and truthpilled, been experimenting with makeup this year and its just making me more neurotic because i know its vain and for men no matter how its rationalized, need to stop giving a shit again

No. 1273804

Be free. Anyone who tethers their life to the worship of beauty and the mockery and debasement of any woman who doesn’t subscribe to it is a faggot.

No. 1273845

File: 1658561032440.jpeg (107.12 KB, 492x492, 1637342759903.jpeg)

I was wondering if there's something wrong with me lately based on some bad interactions on /ot/, but now I'm seeing multiple threads full of extreme, unusual hostility all around the same time, so I guess things have just been weird

No. 1273850

nonnie nonnie nonnie I ate really good the last few days and actually lost weight but now I’m at work surrounded by junk food and I have to fight the urge to binge. Fucking hate this shit, I wish I was one of those people who just doesn’t have an appetite or hates food.

No. 1273852

>all around the same time
One angry bitch wreaking havoc likely

No. 1273877

I'm so autistic I don't even know what I'm really feeling most of the time. I can't name any emotions besides anger and even then I don't know what I'm angry at.

No. 1273895

everything i like keeps selling out and its not even some fan shit its literally 4 different sauces, an allergy free snack that someone was straight up hoarding i think for WEEKS even at other stores it was sold out, rice milk, and now a vegetable i like. i wont even be surprised when the only ice cream that doesnt upset my stomach sells out next. one time i was told i like things before they become a trend but this shit is retarded its just random food items with none of them having a specific reason. i fucking hate the people who think hoarding tons of an item in excess that it will probably go bad before they even use it. its happening at other stores with various stuff too like people are still hoarding food even though there's no amazing sale or surplus to cause a clearance.

No. 1273898

I feel your pain, it might be supply chain issues. There've been a lot of shortages lately.

No. 1273912

I get having mental health issues and not wanting to contact people for awhile but damn I'm so sick of the hot and cold treatment I get from my friend. I'm always the one who initiates and for what? It's like everyone's fucking borderline or something

No. 1273916

I'm sorry

No. 1273918

It's ok. I love you

No. 1273921

My boyfriend has been very moody the past few days and ofc won't talk about why, so today I've gone to my local park, I'm sitting in the sunshine with a good coffee and my book and it's very peaceful. But I wish I had some friends in this area we moved to, even just one, so I can feel like I belong here. It's hard to integrate as an adult, it's hard to find new friends. Well at least I'm getting through my big TBR book list lol

No. 1273927

I went grocery shopping yesterday evening and forgot to put everything that needed to be stored cold into the fridge. I'm such a fucking idiot and my day is ruined. If it wasn't scorching hot I would take my chances and still try to eat some of it. I hate wasting food and I'm unemployed to make the whole situation even more tragic.

No. 1273930

I feel like no one will ever be affectionate to me. I just wanna be hugged and kissed but it seems like to me it just won’t happen. I feel cold and empty inside. My parents never touched me, the only thing my mom did was to pull my hair until I started crying and hitting my head, so someone being kind to me is all I want. When I see others being touched and caressed in public or in movies I feel like I’m about to break, it’s such a normal part of life for others and expected but to me it seems unreal. From the outside I seem like such a normal girl, you wouldn’t guess I feel so excluded from the human experience.

No. 1273940

feel the same way right now. always with some random obviously false excuse like i know you're lying just dont say anything at all i just dont respond to them and skip over to something else. im so fucking sick of it im going to stop initiating today, but who knows. i dont know. im just so tired. just tell me to fuck off if thats what you want and stop wasting my time, jesus.

No. 1273946

File: 1658572491838.jpeg (117.99 KB, 495x495, C59CF8B6-3C84-4336-8AB0-31F967…)

Yes I'd like to think I've learnt something from this. Shame I'm autistic and naive and wear my heart on my sleeve

No. 1273958

I’m feeling really fucking awful and it’s clear that everyone only speaks to me because they feel like they have to after knowing each other for so long and I have proof of that, and I hate that they ask me how I’m doing because if I say “horrible” they’ll try to faux compliment me and tell me it’s all in my head just to be nice but acknowledging I’m a piece of boring shit that nobody would want to stay close with is the only good thing that I’ve ever done and if I don’t have that then I have nothing

No. 1273960

When my religious faggot father talks to me about his suicidal thoughts, it really takes everything in me not to tell him to just kill himself. He is nothing more than an abusive bank to me and is the reason my gay brother is afraid to come out. Take out life insurance and end it, you closet homosexual.

No. 1273964

No. 1273971

>Shame I'm autistic and naive and wear my heart on my sleeve
Fyi this is something you should mask because it makes you a target to predators

No. 1273978

I've been targeted many times before, you'rw right.

No. 1273986

File: 1658576327724.gif (1.73 MB, 498x370, bored-anime.gif)

It's been 2.5 years ever since I got scammed from the repair shop, they never returned my laptop and I do not know what to do because I am an immigrant (I still have to wait a few years to get the citizenship here) and I do not want any seeing or beef written on myself. I do not know what to do, I am lost. I paid half of the laptops price for it they never did shit despite me calling them every week, month with shitty promises 'later'. I am so scared. The computer I am borrowing is dying and the only way for me to get money is by doing commissions. Why am I so miserable. My partner is too worried about it too, he doesn't know what to do either, we both are terribly awkward people making us look like doormats. I am so tired. Where the fuck is my laptop. They even changed the damn location.

No. 1273991

Awh that sucks. Maybe you can put all your fridger/freezer stuff in one bag after shopping so you know you need to store them in the fridge?

I wish I can give you a hug anon

No. 1273994

You won’t get in any trouble for demanding your laptop back, call them daily, call them out online, as long as your papers are legal you’re all within your rights. The outcome of not doing anything WILL be worse, your current laptop is dying nonnie. You need it back. Go get it! You can do it!

No. 1273995

I know it's my personal problem to get over, but even to this day it really annoys me when people say or do things that I had to learn from an early age would get me hit or screamed at or called a bitch or be told I should be seen and not heard. It's not anybody else's fault that they grew up in homes where it was ok to say they're too tired (or even say they "feel too lazy" to do something, which would have been apocalyptic in my home,) to complain about being hungry, to be loud, to make funny faces or sounds sometimes. I end up subconsciously seeing these people as children who need to grow up because they do these things I have "known" not to do since I was a child, and sometimes it makes me resentful. I really don't enjoy being like this and need to stop judging people who aren't doing anything wrong, they aren't all adultchildren for not being as restrained as I am based on my own experiences. There's a reason those people are healthy and can talk to lots of people normally and why I act overly polite around people out of fear and can only express opinions or feelings on the internet.

No. 1274007

Surely the police would help you even if you are not a citizen? What about the embassy, do you have one in where you live?

No. 1274011

I think I may be pregnant because I missed my period. Will buy a pregnancy test later. Just been having really bad depression from what I thought were period mood swings. Condoms can fail guys. Ugh

No. 1274025

Thank you nonnas, i feel so stupid. I think i spent all of my brain onto moving out of my radical country and I am so scared of even thinking of going back there despite missing my family so much.
I don't know, nonnie, i can only hope. My countrys embassy doesnt work anymore because my country put the country where i am at the moment into the "enemy country" list which makes me even more terrified of my future, my nationality was never liked here in a first place and the crazy president against who we kept doing protests for over 7 years now had to declare a war. Its tough.

No. 1274040

My now ex and I broke up a month ago and I go through periods where I think that I am the one person responsible for it. It was long distance for the last 5 months and I think I didn't handle it well. The month before we broke up I was constantly depressed and crying because I felt he didn't give me enough attention. I berated him for hours about the things I was unhappy about and what I was missing from the relationship. At the time I felt like everything was about him but now I don't know anymore and I feel like the only thing on my mind was myself and that I got what I wanted and not what was best for him. If I just had had a better grip on my emotions things might have gone differently, at least that's what I think right now. I feel like he did everything right considering how demanding I was. But I guess at some point he was checked out of the relationship and I just couldn't let it go and kept pushing and pushing, losing myself in the process. His friends are still nice to me, even offering to talk about the breakup with me but I don't know what to answer. I don't really know what to make of it in the first place.

No. 1274063

File: 1658580045322.jpeg (58.26 KB, 896x896, FRSh_j9XoAEPSuh.jpeg)

Please tell me if I'm wrong on this one. I posted here once about my coworkers asking me why I always go to work on foot instead of buying a bike, and I didn't want to tell them I'm autistic and I have problems with coordination. For the same reason I can't imagine getting a drivers license. I know that other adults at my job will never see me as a "full" adult because of that but I don't think it's fair to constantly point out my flaws. One of my coworkers knows I'm autistic and she claims her bf is also autistic and he can drive a car. Every week there are situations when she points out my clumsiness. I've been working there of a year and she still asks me why I don't try to open up. She KNOWS I often take things seriously and I'm very anxious about work and yet she often makes "jokes" like telling me our boss is calling me to his office and he's angry about something. She's not smiling or anything, looks and sounds totally serious. And for the few seconds I'm always sure she's telling the truth and I'm terrified. Then it turns out it was a joke and she's like haha you need to learn to take a joke. I told her those jokes scare me and I think that's cruel, especially that she knows I'm an autist. She says ok ok I will never do it again. And then she does it again. She tells me I can't use autism as an "excuse for everything". She tells me it's a shame I can't ride a bike etc. I'm not using autism as an excuse for "everything", just things like problems with motor skills, overanalyzing and overthinking, taking things seriously and being afraid of loud noises. Is it really that much? I try to take as little space as possible and never brag about my problems and always stay in the background, she knows only because she asked why I'm like this. For the past few days the radio at our job wasn't working and I felt SO much better. I didn't feel like I was at the verge of losing it, I could focus faster etc. But yesterday they put on the music again and it seemed so loud and painful to me I started crying. Didn't make a show, I made sure that no one saw me and I tried to put myself together in the bathroom. I really can't control these things and I don't understand why my coworker puts me down because of it despite knowing me for a year and claiming to trying to be my friend. To me it just feels like she's getting a kick out of it. I feel like she keeps me around to boost her ego. There's another thing that made me absolutely seethe. In the past I used to tell her some fun facts about science or psychology or some weird jokes, and there was a few situations when I literally heard her repeating my exact words to someone else. She admitted to me she has zero interest in those things. She just used the things I told her to get social cookie points from other coworkers for being so eloquent and interesting and well read and funny. I basically don't talk to other coworkers, because I feel too awkward around them, so they don't know this side of me and they probably don't think I have any interests or knowledge or sense of humor. Sorry for the blogpost, I just feel overwhelmed with emotions because all of this, I feel hurt, I think it's not fair from her side, and I hate the fact I can't interact with the world the way I would like to

No. 1274067

You sound manic. I hope you can forget about him.

No. 1274080

File: 1658581227343.png (107.82 KB, 224x223, 37A3966A-4F76-4C2A-AC23-0895CF…)

The miserable boss and his nasty mean ugly wife is coming back from vacation today. My bf and I ran the restaurant so smoothly and calmly, it just goes to show the incompetence that will be returning. 2 brothers “run” the restaurant, but its obvious the one returning has no experience, no knowledge and no drive to improve a restaurant he was LITERALLY HANDED.
Another white male, handed keys to success and he is too lazy to care enough to make it work. I wish his frog faced wife would hit the gym instead of coming in to “help out”. None of the customers like the bitch, most wont even come in if Im not working.
I feel like Gordon Ramsey but i have to bite my tongue with their parents. I get no one wants their fweelings hurt but we have a MENU UNDER PRICED FOR YEARS BECAUSE Bro on vacay didnt think to check if the menu prices gave us ANY profit
How did the other brother even come from the same DNA? NO FUCKING CLUE.

No. 1274087

so, i moved into a smaller town from the city downtown and im the few non white people here, and im scared of applying at a job then they see me and realise im not white and not hiring me, or worse, i get hired and the people do not treat me correctly or humanely
not racebait, but i need a job, and i am thinking of moving back if i keep getting refused

No. 1274089

You haven't even tried yet.

No. 1274091

Damn I'd punch a bitch for being up in my business so much. It just seems like she sees you as incompetent and wants to push you around. You shouldn't talk to her anymore as best as possible. Just keep it cordial, but don't be afraid to give those little hints that you're done with her shit. Also, if your boss is flexible I'd ask if you could have an accommodation since loud sounds can be really overestimating. They make different kinds of sound mufflers for autistic people.

No. 1274093

File: 1658582033186.gif (1.21 MB, 220x220, 49C5F428-6096-4626-B063-661614…)

>does my fafsa late like a procrastinating dumbass
>nervous because my financial aid reward says I can only take unsubsidized loans even though i’ve been given grants since i’ve been in college and i’m not an old student

i really hope that stupid fucking school gets it’s act together and asks for more information like it did every year I had to renew so it can give me a PROPER estimate of what I should actually be receiving. even if I still did it late why tf is the american government so damn broke? stop spending it on ukraine and israel free palestine goddamn and give it to your students.

here’s a obligatory cat gif

No. 1274097

I hate seeing the positivity thread bumped because nothing positive happens to me and it makes me jealous, i don't even open the thread but just seeing it makes me sad, knowing other people have good things in their life and i don't. I don't wish for everyone to be chronically depressed and lonely like me, i just wish i was also part of the happy group sometimes. I know it's fucked up but i can't help it.

No. 1274100

didn’t you know the anons in there are faking it until they make it right..

No. 1274101

Saw several ugly trannies at phish last night, just want to enjoy the show without seeing disgusting man boobs all the way out of his shirt. Whyyyyy is this community like this

No. 1274114

I do sound unhinged now that I read that back. I'm gonna try and get a grip, thanks nonna

No. 1274129

File: 1658585289989.png (2.32 KB, 246x131, 1656103952657.png)

I'm in my mid-late 20s, I just had the chance to lose my virginity but it came to me that I didn't actually want to lose it. I don't want to be tainted by a moid. I fucking hate moids, I only loved the idea of a man. Sure, living with someone would be nice, but when I seriously think about a moid, no matter how attractive, desecrating my femininity, it makes me angry. I wasn't even molested or raped in the past, I just think of men as dirty energetic parasites and how bearing male fetuses literally leaves male DNA traces in mother's brain. Disgusting. The more men hit on me the more I don't want them. I didn't become like this after reading too much SCUM manifesto or blackpill posts, although reading all of that made me feel less alone. I've always restented men and the idea of a nuclear family. Even as a little girl, when adults tried to force dolls and femininine behaviors on me, I was saying I want to become a nun and I never want to get married. Other kids asked how babies are made, I asked how to prevent having children with men. A literal 5 year old, with no outside feminist influences. I think I just wasn't destined to live with moids and in a typical family setting and there's no point in trying to force myself to be someone I'm not. The only thing that makes me angry is the fact this world is made for nuclear families and your life is easier if you have a moid, especially with kids; from economic and social standpoint, those women usually have a safety net, they're also taken more seriously by doctors etc. Anyone who produces more slaves for the system is worth more than someone who doesn't. I know my choice will put me at a disadvantage, especially as I age, but if that's the price of being free of men and nuclear family, then so be it.

No. 1274130

A while ago, I was invited to play dungeon and dragons with my friends. I later backed out because work took up too much of my time. Anyways, I recently learned that when the party was recruiting new members for the campaign, every existing members had to agree on who joined, which made sense. However, I learned the only woman player in the campaign was rejecting any women players. But, some how I bypassed it because I was going through my dumbass enby phase with he/him pronouns. We played games together but I never had voice chat. When we we're playing a game today, she was in shock that I was a woman even though I reverted back to she/her pronouns. I kind of wish I joined the campaign to see the girl pitch a fit lol.

No. 1274131

File: 1658586045039.jpg (38.15 KB, 563x546, c5e2d43aa3cc38952be4a2286c3013…)

As a poorfag since childhood, I've always dreamed of not having to worry about finances and bills as an adult and I hate this fucking world so bad right now because this inflation shit is fucking me up so much. I have a part time job and I study at uni and I barely get by. I'll be tight on money until november (inflation related costs and medical bills that my insurance won't cover) and I just don't even know what to do at this point. I'm not eligible for most social benefits either. I don't want to ask anyone for money either because I don't know when I'll be able to pay them back.

I also wanted to take this weekend to visit my parents and get my mind off of things, but my mom kept negging me about my stress-induced weight loss so much and basically bullied me in front of our family, saying I don't even look like a woman but a child and that I'll never find a husband looking like this (not that I'd ever want one anyway, but it still hurt to be so ridiculed in front of everyone). That was yesterday and I'm currently on the bus and making my way back to my apartment. I feel like I can never catch a fucking break and I wish I was never born. Poor people should not have kids.

No. 1274137

I can relate, I’m so sorry. I spent my childhood years, my adolescence, my early twenties looking forward the moment I was more or less financially stable and now that I’ve accomplished it (emphasis in the ‘less’ in more or less) I’m just too depressed to enjoy being able to rent an apartment with multiple bedrooms, or having access to a green, safer area outside instead of worrying about getting mugged by a homeless druggie. My family and friends point out how thin I am like it’s entertaining to them and it’s useless to try to say it’s because stress from working/from being scared of falling into utter poverty again. This shit sucks and I wish my then 15 year old parents from low income families hadn’t been allowed to procreate, they for sure wouldn’t have been allowed to adopt and now I’m stuck with this joyless life forever. Ugh.

No. 1274138

What reason did she give to reject women players?

No. 1274143

I'm jelly tbh good for you

No. 1274145

Thank you and I'm so sorry that you had to deal with this too!
>My family and friends point out how thin I am like it’s entertaining to them and it’s useless to try to say it’s because stress from working/from being scared of falling into utter poverty again.
Ugh I relate so much to this. It boggles my mind how seeing someone struggle to the point where it starts to show on their body is entertaining to anyone. Like existential fear is a big fat joke.

No. 1274146

I used to walk one and a half hours to work and the same time back. My coworkers were shocked too; don't worry, americans are simply weird about this and couldn't fathom somebody not driving literlly anywhere. I wouldn't bike either - that's a death wish in the USA.

No. 1274237

NTA but I'd wager she enjoys the male attention as the only woman in the group and sees other women as competition.

No. 1274261

anon if you’re in the US you should apply for ebt. it would take a lot of the burden of food off your shoulders

No. 1274282

i want to kill myself.
my boyfriend physically and emotionally abuses. i already have ptsd from long term childhood trauma. now his friends are verbally attacking me and calling me an abuser and its making my boyfriends abuse towards me even worse because he now feels justified by his actions towards me. fuck, i just wish i was normal. i wish i wasnt a worthless piece of shit. why cant i do anything right. i blocked his friends numbers and now they're telling him thats a sign of me not taking accountability of my actions and that its typical abusive behavior that i would block them. but all they were doing was name calling me, accusing me of things ive never done, and just triggering me into flashblacks constantly.
also i guess im a freeloader because i have to go a residential treatment for my mental health, orders by my therapist, psychiatrist, and doctor since i wont have a job during that time. but also im faking getting help for my mental illness even though my boyfriends been taking me to all my appointments and has seen all of my paperwork and heard all of the calls being made. but oh well i guess.

No. 1274288

File: 1658595096138.png (74.69 KB, 228x275, 1648169212418.png)

Can't figure out how to fix the brakes of my bike on my own, now I'll have to bring it in for repair at the shop that messed them up in the first place, great. Should've gone back sooner but it was at an inconvenient moment and then it slipped my mind and now it's too late to complain. This better not be expensive.

No. 1274290

Is there a reason you haven't broken up with him yet?

No. 1274293

why am i so fucked with dating? i just listened to a woman recount how she was trafficked as a child by her own parents and raped by them, yet she has a husband. how can someone like that manage to find a relationship, yet i'm here with only short-term boyfriends because i push them away because i can't trust. it's mind boggling

No. 1274300

There's a polish guy who's like in his late 30s or early 40s who makes youtube videos about Philippines and how he sometimes "helps" the locals in slums. And he's "married" to a 19 year old phillipine girl he basically bought in some poor village and everyone in the comments is like oh you're such a great guy for saving her and you're both such a cute couple. God I hate men

No. 1274305

he has really good insurance that i can use without us getting married. and its the only way i can afford to get the care i need at the current moment.

No. 1274306

File: 1658595877710.jpg (47.49 KB, 400x538, comment_1640785859x1n2jLezNeyk…)

forgot the pic

No. 1274307

What's wrong with it? And how did they messed them up?

No. 1274309

Please don’t feel stupid. You’re not stupid. They are taking advantage of you because they see your vulnerability and they’re vultures.

No. 1274313

were they middle aged? trying to imagine trannies at a phish show is killing me, wtf

No. 1274326

File: 1658596703476.jpg (15.42 KB, 274x274, a74b8228e4ef5f9e0f624b13987986…)

I'm so fucking tired of hearing how my narc mother talks about other people. Trying to get her to understand that people have reasons for the way they act and to consider different perspectives is as hard as explaining empathy to a psychopath.
She just told me about the kid of her friend (who's an equally shit mother) going full burka muslim out of nowhere and force marrying a literal stranger moid through some formular bullshit while giving up all her rights and giving up her studies - all after a history of child sex abuse, neglect, drugs, sleeping around and in one case literally getting kidnapped and locked up by her previous moid. And the way she talks about and ridicules it like she deserved it for being an "unruly child" and "just hanging out with the wrong people" is utterly disgusting. It's her fucking mother who treated her like air to the point even child me could point something seriously being wrong out when we were visiting. And of course the conversation switched to her bitching about me again, because the main reason she sides with her shitty ass garbage friend is because they're alike.

I hope the girl finds a way to break out of this obvious brainwashing, even without her garbage mother. And I can't wait to never have to speak a word to my own one again and have the power to just hang up when I can't listen to her anymore.

No. 1274327

She’s so beautiful why the fuck do these disgusting hideous scrotes take advantage of poverty? I want to kill this filthy dirtbag

No. 1274336

I would also love to be that type of person but instead i am chronic binge eater. So lame.

No. 1274337

He literally made a video about their wedding titled "I bought my wife in slums", he gave her family an equivalent of like 2600 dollars and the video also shows them counting the money on the floor. People in the comments, both women and men, are praising him. Maybe the critical comments are being deleted but that still leaves hundreds of positive comments. I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with people

No. 1274350

Oh my gosh…so, there was this cute guy while I was working at this event. He was really friendly at first, and my coworkers kept egging me on to go get his number. So I did, but ugh I wish I had not. So many red flags, just in this single conversation with me. I just listen and nod, despite going “WTF” on the inside. He was real charming and handsome, but he’s a republican type and made a lot of insensitive comments. I only got his number, he didn’t get mine. He’s probably expecting something but…I’m not interested anymore kek. I’ve only been in 1 relationship and I never do shit like coming up to someone and flirting. Is it fine to just ghost him? They work closely with my department, and while he’ll probably make a rare appearance, it’s still going to be awkward as hell if I see him out again. But it seems even weirder to text and be like “hey I know we talked up there and said we could maybe meet up sometime, but I only maybe want to be friends”. I think it would be better not saying anything and then if he shows up, just say I wasn’t interested after all. Ughhh I don’t know what to do. This is what I get for trying to talk to guys in my conservative area.

No. 1274352

So sorry nonna, just know you're not alone and I really feel for you. Life becomes so much better once contact is kept minimal with that type of mom. I never thought I could be as happy as I am just with my mother being in my life minimally.

No. 1274354

File: 1658597461430.gif (393.54 KB, 268x287, tumblr_p7uzs4gHvl1wvf2o5o7_400…)

my period hit me like a freight truck i can barely move and just want to die. all i do is suffer. fuck god for making uteruses i wish i could rip it out of my abdomen fuck everyone and everything i hate men i wish they would die. fuck children i wish they would die i dont even want kids and i have to suffer every month like this fuck children fuck pregnancy fuck uteruses i want this retarded fucking misery organ out of my body

No. 1274359

Thank you nonnie, I do feel bad about it but I am going to work on it again in a few weeks, I will visit them IRL. I am really worried but I really need to get my shit together.

No. 1274364

File: 1658597606698.jpg (34.23 KB, 474x474, OIP.bwZ45UblM1IZ2Ouc-SC9MAHaHa…)

Fucking same sis
I hate it

No. 1274371

I can't stand reading comments from girls who go "omg I just can't seem to gain weight no matter what!!". And yes I'm perfectly aware that eating issues go either way, I'm venting for a reason. It's simply a visceral reaction for an issue I wish I had rather then struggling to loose it.

No. 1274372

My grandpa(60s, thinks he's hip and young still) is also a creep who is going out with a woman my age (21- I think she's 23) named Starlight from the Philippines and my auntie (28?) won't talk to him either and nor will my mom (40s) but my grandma (who is remarried) says we're being ridiculous because he's creepy but not "that weird" and that's my vent nonnies. Totally forgot how fucked up my grandpa is and how close that "old men marrying disadvantaged and young third world women" is a lot closer than I think. Makes me wonder how many men just don't bring it up.

No. 1274376

Please work on your self confidence. it will change so many things, including toxic people around you.

No. 1274377

help the woman scam him so he never does it again

No. 1274378

Sometimes I think about the fact that if my brother and I were born now, we would probably have been forced transed by doctors.

I loved black, car, insects, spiders, climbing trees and wanted to be a boy. My little brother loved purple and pink and hello kitty was his absolute favourite and he insisted he was a girl for like 2 years. We both grew up to be normal people. I shudder when I see trans kids and their parents say they have known and sayd they were the opposite sex since early childhood, like that was my brother and I, how can you trans a 4 year old just because they have insisted since two. It means nothing its just how kids are.

No. 1274379

Old man taking advantage of women in places like the Philippines or thailand need to die horrible deaths. i hate men

No. 1274380

the bride is dressed formally, has her hair done and is trying to smile while the scrote just has this dead, soulless look on his face and is looking very sloppy. double standards.

No. 1274382

Also starlight always asks for money and he always talks about how he needs to send her money and buy her things and I hope she truly drains him for all he's worth. He visit(Ed) her about once a year before the pandemic and he wears a tinfoil hat so hopefully it's just online now but it's so weird. I hope she takes all his money. I think she must know he's a creep but has to do what she needs to survive. Fuck men. I hate them. So gross. He knows but I know she's smarter.

No. 1274383

File: 1658597986800.jpeg (54.91 KB, 567x437, 75E9A978-2E45-4AF1-98C8-AB2280…)

SAME mine started this morning I hate it

No. 1274386

He's gross and knows she's disadvantaged but he's always been full retard with his money and lives off nothing but loves to gamble. I really do wish her all the luck. He doesn't complain when she would ask, just mention about he loves "taking care of her". But he is a gross scrote about it ofc.

No. 1274387

File: 1658598151591.jpg (88.79 KB, 1024x576, toaste.jpg)

i hope he dies and you and starlight get all his money

No. 1274393

Thank you nonnie, I hope he dies too- swear I'm about to pull out some wiccan for him. Starlight will shine- one way or another!

No. 1274410

Please can anynonny relate… how do you christianons do it?

No. 1274416

I haven't been a practicing Christian in over a decade, but even so, getting out of an abusive relationship brought back all those intense feelings of shame, worthlessness, impurity. I was in a really unhealthy cycle of obsessive self hate and trying to be good which usually ended up as masochism and being a doormat. A lot of women raised Christian wind up thinking the only way they're deserving of respect is to be hollow and let people hurt them. I can't imagine being in such a program, anon, it really doesn't sound good for you. Is there nothing else around that could help where you live? A therapist with sliding scale pay could help a lot of it's a money issue.

No. 1274426

In a few days I'll have to attaned a family gathering and if my uncle asks me again when I am going to finish my studies (he only talks about my degree in a mocking tone) I'll ask him when he is finally going to lose some weight. Let's see how you will like that you fatass. Maybe stop binge eating snickers in your car.

No. 1274432

They’re paying for my normal counseling too when I start and organize me places to stay and rides, they also keep in touch with shelters so they can update me when there’s a spot available. I’m really grateful but they don’t know I’m an atheist and I don’t think they realize how religious stuff mirrors abuse

No. 1274436

i thought i had my mental health under lock and key and again i keep hearing messages in crickets screaming day in day out they will not sstop when will they stop well jokes on them they have another month to live i have years YEARS fuck you fuck you i will not listen to your shit no more

No. 1274465

I don't think the church teachings are actually in line with the Bible and God's intention anyway. That process of repeating your "guilt" every day is really abusive. No loving father would want their child to feel like that. God is the ideal father, so anything abusive is not his intention. I like the idea of the Catholic Church (one church uniting all of Christiandom, with the longest history and line of inheritence, drawing on academic writing and reasoned debate) but hate their execution. Now that we have literacy we can read the Bible and the writings of the church fathers and assorted history and saint stories for ourselves at home, which was the primary purpose of the church in the age of illiteracy. I don't feel welcome in the church because I'm childfree by choice.

No. 1274478

You can lose the weight yknow, the rest is your mental space and exercising regularly will help with that. You have to want to get better

No. 1274482

File: 1658603607470.jpg (309.91 KB, 1125x1396, 1650422983153.jpg)

Thanks nonna, I'm glad you can enjoy your freedom.

No. 1274496

Idk nonny, we read like 50 passages talking about how our very nature is sinful and deserving of wrath, and that only through complete faith in god/Jesus and confession can save us and allow us to do the “good works” god specifically made us to do. Seems like a pretty pervasive idea in the Bible.

No. 1274526

I believe misogyny has been foundational to the worldviews of a lot of contemporary women, without their realisation of it. I don't believe I'm exempt of this because of the circumstances I've grown up in, so being mindful and critical of internalised misogyny is important to me. For instance, when I was a little girl, I bought into the "NLOG" concept as well, especially because I had a lot of friends who were boys for a few years in primary school. As I matured, I naturally learned that this phase was influenced by misogynistic messages I had absorbed growing up. However, not too long ago, my grandmother said something to me that really opened my eyes. I was having problems with both of my aunts and none of my other family members. Even if my other family members were unhappy about something, my aunts seemed to single me out and direct all of their frustrations on me. They belittled me, humiliated me in front of others, invaded my space, spoke to me like I wasn't human, and gossiped about me. My grandmother is a wise woman, so I take her very seriously, and she told me that they were jealous of me. I didn't believe her at first, but she is an adamant and, like I said, wise woman. She insisted it was true, like she always does, and explained further. This might sound egotistical, so I'm a bit self conscious about sharing it, but I will do it regardless: she explained that they're jealous of me because I'm young, thin, healthy, pretty, kind, academically successful, independent and in a healthy relationship. Basically, I have a lot of things they don't (anymore). Once my grandmother mentioned this, I couldn't stop seeing it. Bitter, older women who basically bully me for no reason, especially at work. They flirt with my colleague who is a good-looking young man and literally mock me or make a difficult problem over nothing. For instance, one woman kept insisting I was WRONG about the price of a product, despite it being stated on multiple places throughout the store and even the website. The way they treat me is the same way my aunts did: asking trick questions, pestering me about random things (like the price), humiliating and mocking me, talking to me like I'm not a human. I don't want to believe such a thing is true, because it sounds so NLOG and I love older women typically. Like my grandmas, they can be so wise and sweet and have gone through so much. But I can't deny what I've noticed, and what apparently my grandmother AND mother say is true. When I told my mother, she said she has experienced the same her whole life. It is a bit in our genes to look younger and healthy no matter what. My mom looks decades younger and so does my grandma. I still feel self conscious saying this because it sounds really self-absorbed. But I experienced so much disrespect from exclusively older women today… Disrespect that is related to nothing! So I had to vent about what I noticed. I just remain polite and patient to them, but I can't shake how right my grandma was. I owe her so much, she really opens my eyes to a lot of things.

No. 1274528

What tf are you still doing there? Anyway the Bible has been edited and corrupted by misogynists for 1000's of years. Female Oracles wrote it long ago and it's basically a fanfiction of what it used to be.

No. 1274533

I'm honestly ready to kill myself.
I just started a new job, got paid less than half the normal paycheck because of that, and I'm already down to my last dime because of the accumulated bills I had from being previously unemployed. My girlfriend is also having the hardest time finding a job, and both of our families are unwilling to help us out in any capacity, since we're both "the black sheeps", and they firmly believe that we should be able to get by on our own.
We have done it before, yes, but the Inflation is taking over our country at an alarming rate; Earlier today we tried to get some groceries from the store and we could barely afford rice and some ham because everything else was too fucking expensive, I broke down as soon as we got home and I just stopped crying so I could type.

Nothing seems to make sense anymore, we've been struggling since early December, and everything has just been getting worse and worse ever since. I was also recently diagnosed with GAD and panic disorders, and medication is just making me feel worse; I am always sleepy, light headed, even angrier than before and I've only had suicidal thought since I'm taking it.
I've been beginning to get a smaller dose or a something that isn't fucking xanax, and every single fucking dr just turns me away, I've been thinking of stopping taking it all together for some time and just taking them all at once, once I feel the moment is right.

My one and only regret would be to leave my girlfriend alone in this unforgiving country. She is the love of my life, we were supposed to get married in March this year and everything has just been falling apart around us. She is my one and only love, the only good thing, and person, I have left right now. I feel it would be incredibly selfish to have her come with me. I want her to be happy, and I've always thought I'm just dragging her down with all my issues.

I really want to kill myself, or have someone kill me, I really cannot take this anymore.

No. 1274536

Ntayrt but can you explain more or tell me where to read about this?
I know that feeling and I felt the same way. I feel like a lot of modern Christianity represents Christian teachings in such a poor manner. I wish I was more articulate in this topic, because I understand them in a way that actually make sense and aren't so demeaning and abusive. Abusive is literally the opposite of God. But it's hard for me to put my thoughts into words right now.

No. 1274548

not sure if the same anon is behind these posts but it applies to both: go back to therapy, get a female therapist. im not super into psychiatry myself but finding a woman who specializes in your specific problems can do wonders even if you only see her for a short period of time. dont hurt yourself or animals nonna.

No. 1274549

I need to know more of this.

No. 1274556

File: 1658607014932.jpg (23.44 KB, 250x250, sylvanian.jpg)

big hugs, i'm so sorry. don't die! there's so much more to life and your paycheck will get bigger in time. sign up for food stamps or the equivalent in your country, don't be ashamed to go to food banks. not a doctor here but i have plenty of experience with psych meds for anxiety, if it's making you feel worse, STOP TAKING IT, please. taper very carefully and slowly. i had panic disorder for a very long time and meds of any kind seemed to just make me feel worse. i think when things get into gear with the new job you will be happy you didn't die. your girlfriend doesn't see you as a burden, that's why she's still with you and loves you.

please have hope, but even without it, i have it for you!

No. 1274568

I know what you’re saying! Not all old women are saints. They have these passive agressive ways of belitting you while keeping a smile on their face. I’ve also posted in a thread about the things older women told me and I got bashed for saying bad things about women. Being a young girl means you are exposed to hate from men for not liking them back and from old women for being better than they were/are now. I don’t engage with them, I just look at them blankly until they stop their little speeches, if you don’t give them a reaction they look stupid, they can’t squeeze themselves in this “protective” and “guiding” role anymore, from where they hide all their seething.

No. 1274584

My boyfriend of 7 years told me he doesn't think things are going to work out and he's the only guy I've been with since highschool and I really want to die no one is picking up my phone calls and we were living together and he went over to his mom's and said he doesn't want to be together because he feels like things haven't been working and I've thrown up three times I really wish things could end nonnies please anknowldge my existence I feel like the world is ending and I know it's stupid to cry over a guy but I seriously am having tunnel vision I'm not sure if I should go to a hospital or what I can't do this he went there to visit since Tuesday and no contact to this and I just want to die or something I feel so numb I'm sorry this isn't your guys thing to worry about but I feel so alone.

No. 1274590

where do you find those old women because i need them, i would prefer to have a passive aggressive smiling bitch than the literal unhinged screaming older women where i live.
If they hate you or you disagree with them on something they will take any hance they can to sabotage you and if you try to stand up for yourself they go on screaming matches with you hurling any insult and threat they can find.

Be thankful you are only around passive aggressive older ladies anon.

No. 1274593

>boyfriend of 7 years
Fds proves itself right again

No. 1274596

i'm sorry it's not working out, anon but it's possible he already found someone else. its normal to feel anxiety during a breakup but that much is excessive. were you feeling depressed before the breakup?

No. 1274598

We were together since 14 and I don't believe in marrying at 20 I'm sorry.

No. 1274601

I was feeling down before but he told me things were okay and that he was okay . I'm down because I didn't get paid for one month despite working. I just don't know. I feel lost he said things were ok

No. 1274604

He was 14 and I was 14
. This is a bad attempt to get me to infight. I'm sorry Jonas I'm just going to go.

No. 1274608

Had curry for the first time in ages and now my stomach is posessed, curry hating anon was right

No. 1274610

don't worry about that anon. its just the weird tranny trying to get attention in ot now instead of meta

No. 1274612

Ew anon, two 14 y/o's getting together isn't pedo enabling.

If this just happened, have a cup of tea and try to go to sleep or take a nap, you'll probably feel a bit clearer of mind after.

No. 1274636

stay calm nonna. i know it feels like your entire world is ending but please believe me, it will get better. ive been there too, crying and throwing up because someone suddenly broke up with me. it sucks, it really just fucking sucks. try your best to breathe. i hope someone answers your phone calls, try not to go to the hospital unless you think youre going to hurt yourself otherwise. im not gonna try to analyze the relationship, you didnt come here for that and i have no details, so i really just hope you take care of yourself and dont root your self worth in another person.

No. 1274640

Seeing my ex-friend having fun and making new friends after cutting me off is like a 100 pts damage to my heart FUCK it's like I'm being replaced yes I'm stalking her social media I shouldn't care this much about her FUCK HER

No. 1274641

if you start dating when you're really young it's still not a good idea to get married after 7 years. FDS is filled with women in their 30s who think a ring will make a man stay with them. i love my bf of 5 years and i want to get married one day if things keep going well, but i'm still only 24 and don't wanna be married atm. as long as a relationship is stable and steady and there's plenty of healthy communication, i don't need a ring to feel comfortable. why would i? the anon who got dumped clearly is an anxiety ridden person and it sounds like the relationship wasnt very stable already

No. 1274649

What you are feeling is normal and healthy. Being in a (long-term) relationship has a strong impact on one's mind AND body. This abrupt change is distressing and your body is currently in the initial processing stages. Try to keep this in mind: everything you are experiencing now is there to help you. The pain is healing. Feel the pain, sit with it, let it be there, and love yourself through it all. Hold yourself, shower, cry endlessly, go through all of the stages you have to go through. It is a very healthy thing to do. Myself, many others, and I am sure you fall into this category too, have endured pain that felt as though it originated from hell. Horrible betrayal, death, failure, abuse, disorientation. Yet, we all lived on and experienced beautiful things regardless. This will be one of those moments for you as well. One day, you will think back to this, and feel shocked to remember how horrible life once felt. Nothing befalls man which isn't in his nature to endure. Or: Take courage, my heart: you have been through worse than this.

No. 1274653

I don't agree that it's excessive after 7 years, especially when nona thought things were okay and it came unexpected. I would react the same

No. 1274657

this is my second time replying to you, again i just want to say i'm sorry you're so distressed. i think it's normal to be so distraught after someone you've quite literally grown up with and became an adult with over the course of almost a decade says they no longer want you in their life. you've developed your own secret sort of language that only you two intimately know, he knows all your flaws and quirks, he was with you at the worst parts of your life, he was always there. he was a constant and that has been interrupted. anyone in the same situation would be flailing!
so yes, it's understandable, and i feel so bad for you nonna. growing up together like that means you're both going to change a lot and likely still become somewhat different people. like i said, i don't know all the details, but it's more than likely growing older and becoming more independent outside of high school has made him feel like you two aren't as compatible as he'd like, he likely feels like a much different person than he was when you were dating as teenagers. i need you to not place so much blame on yourself. don't see this as a personal failing of yours. let yourself cry but dont hate yourself for the relationship coming to an end.

No. 1274662

File: 1658611387833.jpg (123.27 KB, 1553x1140, birdtears.jpg)

i love this post, i'm nta but it still felt so comforting. thank you for writing it out. it's so true. every so often i feel in awe of how horrible i once felt, and i am so glad i carried on despite that, even if i cried a lot.
sending you guys my love and wishing the best for everyone

No. 1274664

>pay 10 dollars for quick, 2 day shipping
>fedex apparently doesn't deliver on the weekends
>so i'm waiting four days anyway
i feel stupid as fuck but whatever

No. 1274677

Nonnie I love you and I wish I could take your pain away. The rest of your life will be filled with so much love and it doesn’t have to be from that person but you will feel okay again. Remind yourself of it. You’ll be okay. Everything you’re feeling is normal, reasonable, and so will be recovering from the pain.

No. 1274678

This is so fucking awkward.

No. 1274679

Like clockwork.

No. 1274680

every time i go into the post office the usps workers just hate everyone kek, worst customer service ever, ive waited hours just for them to shoo me away later. cant really blame them since its a poorly funded gov job and theyre always overwhelmed. otherwise i agree, i hate fedex and ups and they always lose packages, deliver shit late, screw everything up.

No. 1274682

What is?

No. 1274689

couldnt agree more nonna, i get upset every time i go to because inevitably there are always tons of people acting out and treating the workers like garbage. like i said i dont blame them whenever theyre less than perfectly polite to me or anyone else, cuz i get it, itd suck.
have you ever used pirateship nonna? i no longer go into the post office because i can print usps labels at home with it in under a minute

No. 1274700

I had my other ovary removed as well and it didn't affect my libido at all, but my gynecologist told me that a lot of women experience sexual trauma after the procedure. I suggest you look into a sexual therapist nonny. What about it troubles you? I'm genuinely curious because for me it was comparable to having a burst appendix out i.e. no big deal and it saved my life so I was surprised to hear some women have great trouble coping with it.

No. 1274706

There is a lot of this and it's not okay to speak about anywhere. in feminist places you get accused of misogyny and in moid places they just say typical scrote things. a lot of women get abused by their own mothers or other female family members because of toxic jealousy. i think they never developed their own personality or had a fulfilling life, and they just coasted on youthfulness until they didn't have it any more, then they saw they had nothing and turned bitter. well adjusted happy people are not jealous bullying assholes. take up a hobby while you still can or you'll turn into nonny's evil aunts one day.

No. 1274710

ive had the worst day in months and then something bad happened i will now indulge in self harming the fuck outta my thighs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yoyoyoyoyo

No. 1274714

I like Scott Peck's books, his view of Christianity is healthy and holistic. He was writing as a practicing psychiatrist so the religious thoughts are in the background which provides good context for them.

No. 1274722

The last lil while I've been spending alot of time ruminating over my childhood. It's weird, for most of my twenties I could barely remember anything that happened before the age of maybe 12. Even then I still had very scattered memories for another handful of years. Dating and living with partners was what made me realise how many huge gaps there are. My ex could talk nostalgia for hours and I had nothing to add. No personal memories either. I remember what I got for xmas one year and that's about as deep as it goes. Tiny details. Like one memory per year.

I'm in my thirties now and I'm being hit with all these emotions about my childhood. Why now? I suddenly hate my dad with a passion. I just remember him being there in the home (parents never divorced) but him being so unavailable that it was a joke. He didn't want you to talk to him. Me or my mother. Blanked us both. He didn't want to hear you playing in the next room. He didn't want to spend his days off with you. His work holidays were spent going on solo trips and I felt a weight lifted whenever me and my mom were alone for that week or so. I wished that could be our life full time. There was a strong 'man of the house' thing going on where he was just in charge. A emotional autist who put himself in charge of other people. What could go wrong? He'd no feelings towards us yet stayed and bossed us like we belonged to him. I was close to my mom but that didn't cancel out the harm he did. The misery of being anywhere near this man for an extended amount of time. He is emotional unavailability, the man.

It's painful to have your parent there and yet know they don't enjoy your company. It was a pretty solid uncomfortable feeling for years with no let up. I hated weekends. I hated special occasions. It sucked the joy out of you to have him home all day. This oppressive energy that expects you to be grateful he earns a wage. That was his one claim to usefulness. I hated his presence because it was just worthless in a way, senseless to stay. More damaging than anything. He was there but not. I remember wishing my mom would leave him. In the end she died and he moved far away immediately after the death. It's only lately that hes aging and he wants to connect. He wants to visit. His solo trips are despressing him. And it's stirring up a whirlwind of pain I only semi-knew was there til now. I don't know whether to explode on him. It's been 2ish decades so he might have no clue what he did to the rest of us in the family.

No. 1274784

I'm sorry, anon. This is exactly like my story. My dad was also the "stern man of the house" that never showed any emotion, never wanted anything to do with me, never showed affection towards my mom or myself, just never was there and preferred to be either alone, at work or with his friends. He never was proud of any of my achievements and never told me he loves me, the only emotion I ever remember him showing was being annoyed with my presence. Now in my 30's he feels like a stranger that sucks all the energy out of the room. The only difference is that even today he doesn't want to connect or see me, and the times I'm visiting my parents he seems more annoyed than anything that I'm there.

I often wonder how different my life would've turned out like if I had an affectionate dad who took care of me and didn't treat me like I was just some kid he had to tolerate instead of his own daughter. It's heartbreaking to know that once his time comes and he passes away, my emotions and bitterness over never being able to have a father in my life will take over and eat me alive.

No. 1274853

USPS is great but I won't knock DHL, they always get stuff done twice as fast as fedex or UPS

No. 1274858

Pathetic vent but I had a fight with a friend group and I'm kind of torn to discover that I don't really have a best friend, or anyone who will check up on me when I disappear like I check up on them. I put a lot of effort into people and yet I'm always second for them. I didn't realize this until I started talking to an old pal from high school and we were chatting so long and I realized how much I missed this feeling. They haven't responded recently and I hope it's because school is busy but I secretly am afraid they got tired of me like everyone else seems to. I thought I had made all this progress in making more friends but all I did was butt into people's social groups. I'm glad I have a bf I like because otherwise I'd be spiraling hard right now.

You can't even complain about it to your friends, because it sounds weird to say "I don't have a best friend" to other friends. I'm going to keep trying to make new friends, but I feel like I will always have to be the one reaching out first, always second-place to someone else.

No. 1274877

There is no compromise with men. They’re either impotent wimps or they’re abusive assholes. Abusive men set the bar so low for the simpering dickless chumps that women eat up those literal crumbs just so they’re not beat or raped or negged or gaslit every day of their fucking life. But “at least he doesn’t beat me” isn’t enough to make a marriage last. No wonder half of all marriages end in divorce. After a few years men will show you that they’re either completely evil or they’re totally useless.

No. 1274890

>she's such a whore, why won't she fuck me?! dumb slut!
>refer to caring for their own biological children as 'babysitting'
>complain that their overworked wife running after 5 kids who just gave birth last week doesn't 'put in effort' to make his dick feel good recently, therefore he was forced to cheat on her and it's her fault
>demands his wife give him 5 kids, then complains that the children have made him poor and leaves to find another woman to knock up
>shoots up a daycare because doesn't have a gf, when asked if he ever put in effort or asked girls out says no
>without a woman around, wouldn't know how to feed himself or wipe his own ass; says women are stupid and only men are smart and capable
>refuses to cook or clean because it's "women's work"; has not only never built a house for his family, but can't even fix the house he bought pre-built in the most basic of ways but won't allow his wife to hire a handyman because it makes him feel emasculated
>says women are emotional ; stays up until 5am playing video games and screaming at 12 year olds for 'playing wrong'
>says women should be thought of as overgrown children because they have no sense of responsibility ; throws away a shirt if the button comes off because he doesn't know how to sew it back on
>complains that women "only date up" thus admitting he is single because he's a worthless fucking loser ; refuses to put in effort because thinks he "shouldn't have to" ; demands women be model-level slim and dressed as sex kittens even while scrubbing the toilet ; is malding and has moobs ; dresses in stained graphic t-shirts from walmart with holes in them
>calls women dumb ; can't tell the difference between lettuce and cabbage
>calls women dumb ; hasn't read a book since high school ended
>calls women dumb ; pays $40 per meal for doordash because too stupid to boil water
>calls women dumb ; spends all his money on beer then whinges that he's broke and fat
>calls women dumb ; complains that women are overrepresented in college and university
>calls women dumb ; complains that women make more money than him
>calls women dumb ; spends $10,000 on onlyfans then loses his house for failure to pay the mortgage
>calls women dumb ; can't operate a washing machine
>calls women dumb ; spends $40,000 on a lifted F350 he can't afford to actually drive

Just laugh at men. They're absolutely pathetic and don't deserve respect. Stop trying to understand them, there is nothing to understand, they're just retarded monkeys.

No. 1274894

I don't know what's wrong. I don't feel like myself anymore. I agonize over being seen and having people acknowledge me and I agonize over being ignored and forgotten. I don't feel funny anymore, I don't laugh at myself anymore, I don't make myself laugh anymore. I laugh at the wrong things now (it feels like). I feel like my friends don't want or need me anymore. I'm losing touch. I feel so stupid and weak and small. I feel so completely far removed from the people around me, my family, my coworkers, my friends. I feel a billion miles away. It feels like nobody knows me anymore. Except me. It feels like the only person I have now is myself. I don't really like her. I feel bad saying it because I'm so fucking lonely. The least I could do is like myself. But I can't do it. I don't know why. Too slow, too stupid, too unfunny. I've been smoking again. It's hard to not chainsmoke. I'm so disappointed in myself. I've been feeling the urge to self harm again, too. I want to so bad. I feel on the precipice of a really horrible fucking spiral. I want to stop it. I want to go back. I want to feel like myself again. I want to be funny and happy and confident again. I don't know how to do that. I don't know how to force myself off my lazy ass. I just want to lay down. I want to spend all day in bed. I want to be myself again.

No. 1274919

im 25 and have absolutely no idea what my sexuality is, i've only had sex with men but i am so deeply disturbed the role you are expected to adopt with a man its literally parallel to incest they want you to be their mother and fuckdoll at the same time. i haven't had sex in 4 years but when i think about the intricacies of the act itself i feel so sick. mens value in sex is dependent on you being totally removed from the moment acting like its the most epic thing ever, if you dont do this its "bad sex". im not a fucking spectacle hello im the human on the other side of the shared experience. i am not happy to be forever alone but i have accepted it because no fucking way am i going to wade through 21st century dating/hookup culture just to fall into bed with a pornsick faggot with an automatic tic to put his hands around your neck, wtf is going on. help

No. 1274927

Just got food poisoning and diarrhoea

No. 1274930

just find a meatstick you want and use it kek

No. 1274938

I'm just lonely, okay? I want to be included in something for once.

No. 1274939

do u mean a dildo, ive thought about it but i get flashbacks when i think of penetration and it makes me feel sick. its over

No. 1274945

its so ironically funny to me that everyone has said how happy i seem these past couple weeks, and its because ive been high every day. people only want to be around me when im using and im not sure if that says more about me or the people in my life

No. 1274949

File: 1658628419010.jpeg (175.13 KB, 1170x530, 4183EC4E-C760-4AE8-A2F3-30311C…)

Script kitty gay man who harasses me, spent over two years stalking me, and hacked my phone has one of those weird AGP-esque roleplay twitters that just drips with how much he hates women as he continually tries to imitate, satirize, and punch down on us in a creepy tryhard bid for attention. Most of his followers and engagement are fake. He’s on a watchlist too and 100% belongs in a padded cell.

No. 1274951

File: 1658628450963.jpeg (513.67 KB, 1388x2082, 70C103AA-3C0D-4B2F-A4E9-F255CD…)

I smoked a J at the end of my double shift because I busted my ass, got multiple compliments on my service and did not actually stop for 13 hours.
Then a coworker sneers at me when I come back in (no customers, business hours are done). Why you mad? I already knocked YOUR sidework out.
Just admit it, youre just pissed that I make more than you and customers like me.
maybe you should smoke too

No. 1274953

Found out my sister got breast implants. A long time ago she told me she wanted to have it done but I thought she got over it, because her boobs were kinda large already. I’m kind of bummed but at least she’s happy about it.

No. 1274955

Wait, is the twitter account in picrel the agp roleplaying account of the guy you're talking about? I've seen screenshots of this account make the rounds on tumblr wtf ew.

No. 1274957

im sorry anon. i hope tomorrow will be better for you. sending you love

No. 1274960

Yes. I’m over it. He’s a psycho.

No. 1274976

fuck are you talking about dr roberta bobby? god dammit i actually thought it was ran by a woman. i guess i shouldve known something was up when he made several out of character serious tweets bashing jk rowling a couple weeks ago lmao

No. 1274977

Maybe it's because it's been a year since I've had sex, but I'll get horny so quick nowadays and I do not like it. Just looking at a sexy game character, or an actor, makes me horny. Seeing a cute guy out, horny. I make stupid decisions and I feel like I can't function when this happens. I know this is such a stupid vent but it is so frustrating to feel. I rarely got turned on by anything before.

No. 1274978

File: 1658630159090.jpg (466.94 KB, 2220x1453, beautiful.jpg)

i miss biking through streets of gorgeous buildings. my current city is ugly as fuck in comparison. no wonder i escaped into consoomerism of food and knick knacks. maybe i will feel better after getting friends and my drivers license but fuck gas being so expensive. i hate biking here too because the roads and traffic sucks. i will have to force myself to travel around otherwise all there is to do here is rot in my room and work.

No. 1274998

Dr Roberta Bobby is not a woman and is in fact an unhinged moid who is obsessed with stalking women, using @poopyskittles as his accomplice. Poopyskittles is a transgender woman that thinks her identity means she’s allowed to be just as weirdly fetishistic and creepy. Most assume they’re based faux-schizoposters but they’re legitimately psychopathic and all of their posts revolve around the women they stalk. They rely on appearing as bots so most are none the wiser since nobody really cares about them. Again mostly fake engagement as well.

No. 1275004

oh yeah even though i found the roberta account funny i hated seeing the poopyskittles account, not even slightly funny ever. i really thought it was just a woman satirizing rich doctors but now it makes a lot more sense. in what way are their posts based on you and others? and how do you know the engagement is fake? im looking at the accounts that like their posts and its all regular twitter users tapped into the stupid ironysphere, mostly female red scare fans.

No. 1275012

File: 1658632699221.jpg (579.33 KB, 1170x1260, retard.jpg)

lol jesus, all his most recent tweets are whining about how scared he is about monkeypox because hes constantly taking it up the ass from gay guys. totes a girl though

No. 1275015

They have a few reply guys yeah but if you go in deeper, especially their older tweets, they have staged interactions with twitters that only have 0-8 followers and only interact, like, and rt their stuff but never post except in very short bursts around the time of replying. It’s more prevalent on skittles. I’m 100% serious about the stalking part, they’re obsessive script kitties. It’s lame for me to say “hehe but you just have to trust me” but like it’s cease and desist levels of legal proceedings in the future. Bearing this in mind make their pseudo-cryptic seemingly baseless harassment a little more suspect however. I’ve considered making a thread when “Roberta” is charged.

No. 1275016

he said hes attracted to males as another male, does he really pretend to be a woman?

No. 1275017

>It’s lame for me to say “hehe but you just have to trust me”
dw anon i believe you, i just have to make sure sometimes because some people have persecutory delusion and read too much into posts online that aren't actually about them or anyone in particular. by script kitty do you mean script kiddy/skiddie btw? or do gays call themselves script kitties kek

"i am in mlms" was meant to be a Haha Woman Moment joke about multilevel marketing. so many of the tweets are just ways of trying to feel like hes still a gay guy but able to claim woman status.

No. 1275019

File: 1658633707726.jpeg (246 KB, 1170x692, BB35156C-1731-46AE-95E6-797BC1…)

Poopyskittles tweets aren’t easily searchable like drsweety303’s but there are various references to being a woman and being transgender

No. 1275021

Kiddy obvs. “Roberta” sees himself as a 1337 H@XX3R and is a genuine piece of shit with a very small, tight-knit group of degens that encourage his habits of stalking and skin walking women. The lengths he has gone to satirize and debase women is disgusting. I don’t have persecutory delusions, I’m just sick of it and sick of being silent while I wait for it to play out and wait for him to get the legal repercussions he deserves.

No. 1275022

>calls women dumb ; spends $10,000 on onlyfans then loses his house for failure to pay the mortgage
Kek I knew a guy almost exactly like this. He told his wife that the rent almost doubled due to ""inflation"" and made her get a 2nd job and eventually a 3rd job to pay for it while he quit his job to ""work from home""
Eventually his wife caught on that there was no "rent increase", he was pocketing the extra money and donating it to titty streamers and onlyfans girls. He also wasn't "working from home", he was just spending 8+ extra hours a day cooming. Apparently he was subbed to hundreds, almost 1200+ girls on onlyfans and spending thousands per month. What even is the point of that. Surely you can't watch them all if you're subbed to that many??

No. 1275025

Why do moids lie so much?
Moid said two voice actresses just happen to find out he was a big fan of the show they're on and made sure to hand deliver signed posters to him. He works at a motel and they were staying there for the convention it was hosting. Why can't he just say "i waited 2 hours for this but so worth it!" Like every other scrote?

Do voice actress/actors do this shit? I figured they'd save every damn poster they could in hopes to make a buck on it.

No. 1275026

lol i searched roberta's tweets for various keywords related to coding and there are so many. obnoxious. moids cant mask

No. 1275034

File: 1658635394172.jpeg (659.16 KB, 1170x1184, 79752BCD-EFDC-4C27-9388-CA87A5…)


No. 1275044

Told my mom I’m suicidal and don’t want to be alone. And she went and got coffee with her friend. Like I know everyone is tired of me being miserable but fuck you could at least pretend to give a shit if I die. I’m tired of it too but unlike you I don’t get a break from it. I don’t get to walk away

I hope ghosts are real so I can see their reactions when I finally end up offing myself. Maybe then they’ll realize I’m not just an attention whore. Or maybe they still wouldn’t give a fuck

No. 1275046

I wish I could tell my fatass sisters they don’t look good in ripped jeans and nobody wants to see their thunder-thighs

No. 1275047

my back hurts from standing at work, then it hurts from my shitty mattress. why the fuck do i have to suffer no matter what

No. 1275053

my phone keeps fucking shutting down unless it's charged I want to fucking destroy everything

No. 1275056

my moid talking about other people: excited my friend did _!
my moid when i do something: cool! see, you can do what you want when you try!
he probably tells other people i am lazy and boring. fuck scrotes. they always try to take away my self esteem and make me compare myself to other people. cool, your friend who grew up with rich parents, in a stable home, has never experienced anything traumatizing, immediately got a stable and well paying job, is fully able and mentally stable, achieved a thing in a hobby that interests them. okay. i do not give a fuck, it is not impressive. i am mentally detaching myself as i am writing this. i don't have to be a fucking nobel prize winning, olympic athlete to gain a scrotes approval.

No. 1275057

hope you off yourself too because suicide baiting is trash

No. 1275058

you always have to be just out of reach for people to keep wanting you. it's fucked.

No. 1275059

at first i thought it sounds like hes just being encouraging and supportive but then i realized the implications, like wtf does he think you just dont try in general? weird. idk if its that deep though. sometimes i get uber upset about the way my bf phrased something and i realize its the way he said it, not what he meant, that bothers me, they dont think deep enough to actually imply anything like that in my experience kek

No. 1275062

It wasn’t bait retard, but don’t worry I will

No. 1275063

I don't miss playing games in a group, I become tired of scrotes joking about me hogging the kills, casually teasing me and never knowing how to reply to it

No. 1275064

yeah you are right and he is an autist but it still pissed me off because when we go to parties he maybe mentions my name and then starts talking with other scrotes. but he would play up other friends in front of somebody else. it's cringe as fuck and shows how insecure he is. last time he did this shit at a party i just left.

No. 1275071

People who harm animals (especially dogs, cats, rabbits and other domestic pets) are the lowest scum. I'm glad they all meet painful, bitter ends eventually, I just wish more of them ended up in jail cells.

No. 1275083

Same thing could be said about “people who harm women and children”

No. 1275085

i am not progressing at all with my stretches except i can reach my feet but it's not budging the other way. wanting to give up every time i try. i don't know why it is so easy for other women, even obese, even scrotes, it's like they are built of gum and i am built of concrete.

No. 1275088

I hate being a short woman so fucking much. I feel so ugly and deformed, plus you have to maintain a very low weight to not look fat. People don't take you seriously. I hate how It's fetishized and only seen as appealing because petite women are infantilized & seen as easy to dominate. (ie; assault) I honestly take it as a red flag any time a scrote talks at length about how much he loves short women. They're always fucking creeps. Why did god have to curse me like this, for FUCKS sake

No. 1275089

Step away from the internet, which only feeds into this loathing. Know that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t fucking matter.

No. 1275097

Well, that should be obvious. In fact, the three groups often go hand-in-hand because they love harming anything or anyone vulnerable. I wish we could round up all these so-called "humans" and shitstains that try to cover for them, and just mass euthanize them.
The big thing with animals, too, is that like very young children or adults with some disabilities, they can't speak up when they're being abused. The weakest and most pathetic wastes of oxygen tend to target them for that reason.

No. 1275099

every month when I ovulate I get so intensely horny that I start seriously thinking “maybe I should get a boyfriend” and then in like 2 days I’m normal again. ovulating me is so annoying, she wants to sabotage my life for two days of dick

No. 1275101

File: 1658641223570.gif (703.79 KB, 217x166, its so cold.gif)

I know FDS teaches a lot of women how to avoid abusive men, to respect themselves, and so on, but Jesus Christ, every FDS woman I've met is obsessed with her worth as a sexual object. They treat themselves like commodities for sale in the sexual marketplace and obsess over superficial traits in themselves and men so much to the point it becomes obvious that relationships are purely transactional and utilitarian to them, never about love (note: if you want to exploit men for financial gain that's cool, just be honest about it instead of pretending it's about finding love). This is not to say these women should be settling or being with scumfuck bottom of the barrel moids, but their priorities and perceptions are all skewed. It's like this weird halfway point between choice-oriented libfeminism and half-assed out of context radfem points they feel happen to benefit them in the moment. They gobble up the anti-porn stuff not out of principle but because it's a mere icky turnoff. They want women to be free yet center men in their lives and a substantial number of them dream of being perfect housewives because they're (rightly) sick of girlboss bullshit and slaving away in the workplace and think slaving away for a man would be any better as long as there's a ring on the finger.

Meanwhile they always end up dating and defending loser moids anyway as long as the guy isn't broke and says he wants to get married. So very feminist and liberating to need constant validation from men to the point you need reassurance that he'll pinkie promise to never ever leave you and put a super expensive diamond on your finger. I'm not anti marriage either, but I've seen so many women ruin perfectly good relationships solely because the man wasn't sure what to think of marriage when dating for just a year or two in their early 20s. Not to mention the effect that seeing themselves as sexual objects in a marketplace has on their mental state, just look at FDS-posters' post histories and you'll see they tend to be obsessed with pseudoscience like Kibbe and tend to have body dysmorphia and addictions to buying makeup. No wonder, considering their precious philosophy that claims to protect women only really ends up reinforcing what sucks about being female except claims to use it as a weapon. Reminds me of early 2010s "muh eyeliner is sharp enough to kill a man" feminism.

Yes it's very super feminist of you to paint your face because you feel ugly without it, it's very feminist of you to have sex with man after man, giving them what they want as long as they give you gifts and say they won't leave you, seeing every single human being on earth as either low or high value based on how much you think you can personally benefit from them. It's such a diseased way of thinking.

No. 1275104

you are lucky, you can kill yourself whenever you want with no worries. I have to wait until my parents die because they care about me too much and that’s gonna take at least two more decades

No. 1275106

My stupid piece of shit ex bought a 3,000 dollar watch using my klarna and stopped paying it, It was sent to collections today and now I'm scared that my credit is going to get fucked up after I worked so hard to build it up. I hate him so fucking much, this man literally ruined my life and even after splitting up he's continuing to ruin the things I try to do for myself.

No. 1275107

As long as he used his own card to do it on your klarna account it shouldn't affect your own credit score. You should probably contact klarna about the situation, make sure his card company is aware of it, then change your password.

No. 1275114

this isn't true. klarna is a lender, that's why they require social and do a soft credit check. they don't care who's card it was. anon basically cosigned some stupid expensive watch for him.

No. 1275116

it's true. i think a lot of commenters there are narcissistic, psychopathic or are men larping. aside from the bitterness of some comments i find it a based mindset. men in relationship disproportionately take and take from women, so being a golddigger somewhat equalizes that. only staying with men as long as it's beneficial for the woman just means her time will not be completely wasted imo. i mean, we can buy ourselves basic necessities, even gym memberships, buy education, dildo, even sperm if we need so we do not need men. and they tend to be emotionally underdeveloped, physically unfit and intellectually inept to be good partners in general.

No. 1275120

then she needs to lawyer up and go to small claims court

No. 1275123

Yeah, I understand golddigging, especially considering every man who gets with a golddigger is a piece of shit who thinks his money means he gets every little thing he wants. It becomes a problem when women actually do give these men everything they want, which is what a lot of FDSers are doing. I went out of my way to clarify that I think it's fine to take money from men, my issue with FDS is that they spin their selfishness and spite as genuine attempts at finding true love. The very idea of love has been so corrupted by scrotes and money that people now equate more money from a penis with more love.

I think a lot of the women on FDS do have a real desire for a loving relationship but all these tactics and manipulations aren't going to lead to that. Will you be more shrewd and eventually find a man with money who lets you do whatever you want? Sure, maybe, but that doesn't mean you'll actually love each other and have a healthy relationship based on mutual respect. Either you want to make use of men who see you as an object, or you want to have a relationship with a man who doesn't see you as an object in the first place. I'd prefer that women aim for the latter without deluding themselves. They can scam scrotes on the side all they want, whatever.

No. 1275132

Money doesn't mean love, but stinginess and a lack of generosity usually does suggest he doesn't love you. Maybe your opinions are based on individual women you know, but the general messaging of FDS was never 'find a cash cow who buys you things and don't worry about any other aspects of a relationship'. It was regularly acknowledged that money isn't everything, it doesn't determine how 'high value' a guy is, that men with money are often financially abusive, that having your own money is more important. It was just also accepted that a guy who thinks you aren't worth his money tends to also think you aren't worth anything, so it's an initial vetting tactic to filter out the men who aren't particularly invested in you.

The real issue with FDS is that if you take feminism to it's logical conclusion, you'll just realize you're better off single. There were a tonne of posts of women who decided they would rather be alone and celibate than waste their time, to the point that mods had to stop it because the point of the sub was dating. A lot of women struggle to reconcile their desire for love and family with the reality that most men simply aren't good enough partners, so it was always gonna conflict with feminism on some level.

No. 1275161

My feelings exactly nonnie. I'm going into my twenties a virgin, never even kissed a boy, and I'm not looking to get tainted by a disgusting moid either. Why women are still brainwashed to cohabitate with these abusive parasites is beyond me. Women deserve far better than scrotes.

No. 1275177

My best friend legitimately thinks that "sex work is work" and that there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. We usually talk about feminism and gender topics and have good conversations, but UUGHHH. Why is she so insistent about it? I told her I'm against the glorification of sw and then she told me I was following a moralist/conservative mindset. She compared me to a boomer or some shit, didn't even let me finish talking about my thoughts about it. It saddens me that many women are not aware of what a huge and disgunting evil sexual exploitation is in this world. The fact that so many people defend this shit so intensely is alarming.

No. 1275182

I pity women who believe men are capable of real, genuine love, and that most of them wouldn't dump their partners in order to fuck 14-16 year olds if that was socially acceptable (they still find them attractive though). But monogamous relationships between two working individuals are the best for current economy, so men roll with this lie. Daily reminder there was a time when age of consent in USA was 10.

No. 1275214

I understand anons want to vent but whenever I see an anon write about how 14 year olds are the hottest ever in men's eyes, I feel disgusted.

Yeah, SOME pornsick pedos will think 14 year olds are hot, men who watch shows that cast 20 year olds as 14 also think those "14" year olds are hot but I really do not think most men are attracted to pimple ridden obese or skelly fourteen year olds, if they date or rape kids they do it because it's EASIER to take advantage of them and they definitely wouldn't date a 14 year old because the only ones who want to get with kids do it to hurt or "ruin" them, they aren't genuinely attracted to kids.

No. 1275217

I love you
Even when this place gets overrun with retarded moids posters like you keep the sweet manhate content coming. I miss manifesto-chan

No. 1275218

What men admit to and what men actually want are very, very different things anon

No. 1275225

Did you move from Europe to somewhere in North America?

No. 1275226

Even pedos only want to ruin people, that's why they also target anorexic women who look like they could be 40. Stop making it seem like women are the hottest at 14. You're disgusting and you should honestly go out more to see real 14 year olds that don't look like they're 21.

No. 1275227

These fail males are the ones who have started killing themselves hardcore since feminism and women being independent became a thing. Hopefully they'll go extinct soon.

No. 1275228

I never said that wtf? Men are just inherently pedophilic. Regardless if they're straight or gay, most of them are absolutely obsessed with youth but know better than to admit they find 14-year-olds most attractive

No. 1275229

I feel for you anon and understand where you're coming from. It sucks when people are cruel about this kind of thing and call it baiting. Every person has the need to feel cared for, and sometimes lack of that and loneliness is so unbearable it really feels like dying would be better than being in that pain for more time. As long as you're alive it will be "attention seeking" (as if it's a negative thing to want attention though…) but the moment you do something to yourself they'll call it (rightfully so) a call for help and see the neglect. Don't hurt yourself but if you can, try to be more forward with your needs, even if its really uncomfortable to name them. And remember that other people's reaction to that doesn't define your worth; if your mom lacks the basic empathy it still doesn't mean you don't deserve being cared for and that no one will ever care for you. Hang in there.

No. 1275230

this amount of darvo-ing and seething is making it smell a bit… alkaline in here

No. 1275234

They're not, retard. 14 year old girls are NOT attractive and they never will be to the majority. If you hang around in discord or 4chan, the men who only see 14 year olds in anime and shooped insta pics will say they are. But irl, 14 year old kids look unfortunate and disproportionate. Stop making it seem like it's average and normal for men to be attracted to literal kids. You're literally nornalizing pedohpilia by saying all men are attracted to 14 year olds and it's normal. You're disgusting.
I was targeted by pedos several times when I was younger because they thought I was an easy target and it disgusts me to see women say all men are inherently attracted to kids and want to date teens when in reality, they want to hurt rape and kill their victims because they're easier targets.

That's why "pedos" usually don't care if the victim is a boy or a girl long as it's an easy target whose "innocence" can be taken away. If you believe all men want to be with 14 year olds and the pedos are just normal men who want relationships with the girls, you're mentally ill. You're hurting victims by acting like the men actually wanted to date and be with them while in reality, he wanted to hurt them.

No. 1275240

Samefag, I advice both of you pedo-normalizers to go to therapy because thinking invalidating rape victims and telling them all men are like their abusers is owning scrotes is just a sign of mental illness. Also fucking go outside, normal men see 14 year olds as kids, the men you interact with on your weird online spaces see 14 year olds as girls who are too dumb to see their redflags and therefore ideal victims.

Saying being pedophile is abnormal and pointing out men don't want to date but rather hurt kids/teens doesn't make me a man. However, you two saying every man definitely wants to fuck 14 year old kids makes you sound like discord groomers or their adult gfs who are enabling their bfs chatting up little kids.

No. 1275244

Anorexic women usually look younger than they are

No. 1275245

A lot of men are rapists and pedophiles, they lack morals and they’ll do anything they think they’ll get away with. Whether they actually find their underage victims more attractive than adult women is probably untrue, however you would be surprised at how many men would be willing to groom a teenager simply because they can

No. 1275246

based, you summarised what I've been thinking whenever I scroll through /ot/ and see ex 4channer women posting blackpills about how all men are like the men they used to talk to on the internet and want to fuck little girls. It's a really unhealthy state of mind

No. 1275248

I disagree as someone who was groomed on the internet as a young teen. It made me hypersexual as a result and when I got off the internet and started hanging out with people irl normal older guys gave me a wide berth until I was older even when I tried coming onto them how I treated receptive creeps on the internet.

No. 1275252

Maybe these women just want to be mothers, not everything is about having a scrote or career in your life. At least your language is gentler than these vile incels mocking single mothers but you're on incels' side nonetheless

No. 1275254

File: 1658660666127.jpg (106.55 KB, 469x498, Delusional.jpg)

>All men want to fuck 14 yo girls
>skellies look younger therefor all men want us

No. 1275255

Damn I feel so sorry for your cousin.

The question is why they want to be mothers and the real answer is more often than not a really sad one in this context.

No. 1275256

Yeah that's what I'm saying, they wanna do it because they can trick teens EASIER, it's not because 14 year olds are peak hot and the men wanna date them.
As I said, I've had men attempt to groom me online and even sexually harass me irl(different men, men I knew irl this time) when I was underage and I hate how some femcels think this is normal male behavior and get seriously sad because they think a man would rather date(aka rape) a kid instead of feeling sorry for the victim.

Like they can cry as much as they want about how discord creep#873 is interested in a minor instead of them but I'm not gonna feel bad for a woman who's upset some random pedo won't fuck her, wtf. They seriously need to get help if they think normalizing pedohpilia is fighting against men.

Also I literally knew a woman seriously thought like that who got jealous a retarded pedo was trying to groom me instead of e-dating her. Women like that need to be told they're being illogical.

No. 1275257

Good example, I'm always confused when anons claim that anachans look younger and attract pedos, where? Also don't fatties age somewhat "better" because wrinkles are less visible?

No. 1275258

Make today a good day and remember that you’re loved oh so very much

No. 1275260

No ana-chans DO attract pedos but it definitely isn't because they look young and cute like they'd like to fantasize. They're weak, dumb, tiny and easily hurt, they can't fight back. That's why pedos always target them. Pedos don't like kids, they like how they're easy targets that can't fight back.

No. 1275264

So you're mocking single mothers the whole two paragraphs and then saying incels are bad for doing exactly that? You're blaming everything on the mother, the man fucking her, the man not showing up, the man not supporting, her being out of shape is somehow something you need to point out. You're disgusting and the way you describe this isn't that different from incels who blame everything on the mother while she is doing her best.
Also like a woman is spending her whole life taking care of a kid but you think the worst part is a few entitled incels not finding her attractive anymore? You sound like those childfree pickmes who boast about how much better they are than women who have mombods.

No. 1275266

Kinda weird to claim pedos don't like kids. Theres a whole different kind of a predatory scrote that goes after weak targets, which would often be kids but not necessarily, and both kinds should rot but this is not the same

No. 1275273

I'm not making a random claim, it's obvious anachans dont look young but I know a lot of stories of people with Ed that unknowingly dated pedos or got targeted by pedos. A gay male friend of mine way dating a dude for example, my friend was anorexic and really thin at the time and he stumbled upon illegal files in his bfs computer while snooping that proved he was a pedo. There are a lot of similar stories if you ask anorexic/bulimic girls. They think it's because they look younger but we both know thats not the reason.

No. 1275280

Just because people like that exist doesn't prove that there aren't actual pedophiles who are literally attracted to kids. That's what pedophilia means. It's a paraphilia. Actual sexual arousal. There are pedophiles who don't act on their attraction, yet those feelings of attraction still exist. Wanting to control weak targets is an issue of its own.

No. 1275281

I am a self-centered piece of shit

No. 1275283

You wont change your mind so it's worthless arguing but %99 pedos admit children alone dont excite them, ruining their innocence or traumatizing someone does, that's why they always torture and kill the kids rather than romancing them which is what they'd do if they really were romantically interested in kids. You won't change your mind either way but we both agree normal men wouldn't pull that shit and anyone who does should be locked up so let's agree to disagree.

No. 1275286

Based and truthpilled. This is exactly my issue with the "men are inherently pedophilic" narrative, it's normalizing pedophilia and excusing it in the same way as the retarded "we're naturally attracted to kids as men because of muh fertility and biological need to spread my seed" rhetoric incels recite. Like said, males don't consider a preteen beautiful or physically attractive in any way but what they do think is attractive is the innocence and naivety because they're in it for the power first and foremost. Young girls and boys are easy for them to manipulate, groom and abuse and that's what they're attracted to, not their bodies. A 25-year old that could pass for a 15-year old stops being attractive the moment they hear her age because they know she most likely would see through them and wouldn't be as susceptible.

No. 1275291

All that says is that those people's pedophilia overlaps with other issues. You don't hear about the pedophiles who don't walk around traumatizing children because they concentrate on keeping their attraction a secret and not ruining a child's life because they know acting on their attraction has serious psychological consequences. Sexual arousal does not equal romantical interest.

No. 1275292

No, fat people biologically age more quickly, because being overweight is hard on the body health wise it’s like being chronically ill. And all of the extra fat on the face makes them look 20 years older, it pulls the face down, stretches the skin causing wrinkles and sagging, and makes the eyes and lips look smaller. Fat people usually experience hair loss too. Anorexics are usually not extremely underweight though, so they don’t look like that example, they just look thin. Fasting makes people look younger than their peers though.

No. 1275294

any good arguments against muh fertility and biological need?

No. 1275296

It's weird you think that, fat people notoriously look younger than their age. Thin people age much faster especially if they have some weird diet like veganism they get that skeleton face

No. 1275300

Yes, reality, you disgusting abomination.

No. 1275301

yeah, a bit of a plump-ness in the face makes you look youthful.

No. 1275313

Not necessarily, but they do recommend older women put on a little weight to appear more youthful to fill out facial wrinkles. I don’t think it’s that obesity necessarily makes them look young, their faces are just so bloated we don’t empathize with their expressions the same way and in turn don’t criticize them the same either, we kind of glaze over the details. Also rapid weight loss can make people look pretty sunken and unhealthy rather quickly, which is likely way we associate ano with that.

No. 1275343

Thin people literally age more slowly, so long as they’re otherwise healthy. Most fat people are unhealthy which which make them age faster in and of itself, but excessive fat on the face makes people look way older, similar to how fillers make young women look older. It can sometimes be hard to tell how old a fat person is just because of how their fat obscures their features, but that doesn’t make them look “notoriously younger” in fact people usually assume fat people are middle aged. Ask anyone who used to be fat and then became normal.

No. 1275344

We're talking just slightly chubby, not obese anon

No. 1275346

File: 1658668280503.png (72.74 KB, 887x874, lol.png)

Which one of you cunts did this? I'm kidding this made me laugh

No. 1275364

>Notoriously look younger
Most fat people look older than their age. Pretty much anyone who loses 40-50 lbs can attest to looking younger when they lose the weight. It also depends on your frame, body fat percentage, where you gain fat, and your facial features. Most ana chans are not that ana and it is even less obvious if you genetically gain a fuckload of weight in your face. Not to mention, being fat physiologically ages your body more than being slightly thin. The only thin people I know who look "old" early like that are extreme, literal skelly ana-chans, but those are very rare irl. Most ana-chans are like a BMI of 15-17 and that isn't enough to make your face look sick.

No. 1275367

The amount of denial and copium in this post is funny. I know you love men but come one. Man-made laws state the age of consent is 14-15 in the wady majority of european countries. For the majority of american history it was legal to Marty/fuck girls younger than that. Only when adult women started rebelling against patriarchy, men bagan to change the laws in order to tame these women a little bit, but their preferences didn't change. Sure, it can be smarter to marry someone around his age from economic standpoint, especially now that it is basically impossible to support a family with one income, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't want to fuck these girls if they could

No. 1275368

thank you nonna. I contemplated saying much the same but didn't have the energy.

No. 1275376

Of all the nonsensical lie-coping I've seen on lolcow, "fat people look younger" is the funniest one by far.

No. 1275381

Wow, that guy is so pathetic. It reminds me of a dude I know whose relationship was killed by his excessive spending on gacha games

No. 1275382

The only ones who do look younger than they are look like overgrown babies, so that's a negative.

No. 1275386

They literally do though unless it's a young woman with a matronly 50+lbs of extra weight.

No. 1275390

I forgot the chicken breasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the thing I wanted to make right now!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh

No. 1275391

I don't see how anon is saying how much she "loves men" by posting any of that, it reads like she's saying that it's letting them off the hook too much to act like men can't help being pedophiles so it should just be considered the norm

No. 1275393

File: 1658672367533.webm (670.81 KB, 640x640, 49222604_523696686214870_47245…)

I had to see this, now you do too.
>The left side of the picture ( right side of the face) shows the preserved fat pads and young skin while the right side of the picture ( left side of face) shows the effect of ageing with a reduction in the fat pads with consequent facial volume loss and older skin.

No. 1275394

>ex 4channer women posting blackpills about how all men are like the men they used to talk to on the internet and want to fuck little girls
Fr, way to tell on yourself nonnas. You should try dating a man who doesn't have trouble finding partners.

No. 1275406

I don't know why I care so much about my fat, low value ex who still lives with his parents, only works part-time, never leaves the house other than for work because muh social anxiety, struggles with not stuffing his face with junk food because muh eating disorder, only has discord friends, and literally plays video games 8 hours a day. He's the very definition of a fucking loser who hasn't grown out of high school and lives his life like a video-game addicted teenage boy on summer break. And everytime we argue over something completely inconsequential, like stuff on the internet, he always makes it seems like I'm such a bad person like how dare you have a different opinion than me. Fuck him, I hate that I still care and still think about him.

No. 1275426

File: 1658675194379.jpg (495.44 KB, 1912x1434, murdertruck meets streetracer …)

As a north american I know this feel.

No. 1275431

My step dad has fallen out with me and took himself off to the all man's bar to bitch about me. May as well be the gay bar but he'd be even more mad if I said that, what a faggot. I was having a conversation with my mother and he heard me point out how so many retards voted for brexit to keep out the immigrants and by immigrants they mean blacks and Arabs, which tend not to be EU migrants which brexit has impacted, yet other immigration hasn't. Now the tories are making everything about immigration and UK has a fucking worker shortage. Our economy is going to shit and everything is worst. Yes step dad, people that voted brexit are retards away and fuck off

No. 1275433

People think korean women are crazy for controlling their family finances and only allowing men to have an allowance out of their paycheck, but maybe they're right. moids cannot be trusted with money. They're prone to addiction and stupid impulsive decisions because they are retarded monkeys in a human body. Sisters, lock your Nigel down. Take his paycheck into the safety of a checking account he doesn't have access to, only give him back an allowance he's free to waste. Limit your moid's daily screentime and assume parental supervision of his activities. Grown men are just violent, horny toddlers. Treat them appropriately.

No. 1275449

I hate everything about this image

No. 1275450

Go back to fat acceptance tumblr, you fugly fatass moid.

No. 1275452

Everyone's really angry on here lately but I agree with you Nona.

No. 1275461

(Reminder to not take the bait of the moid accusations, pls ignore and move on)

No. 1275462

learning javascript makes me suicidal. learning javascript on Codecademy of all things makes me want to start tearing at the walls until my fingers bleed. please god this is hell

No. 1275470

Please join Hilton Head Health and move on from Popeyes dingy storage unit.

No. 1275477

What an oddly specific insult lol

No. 1275479

just wanted to say i wish i could hug you and i agree with you nonna, i think most men are only attracted to the 14 year olds who don’t look their age and the only men who actually think 14 year olds in general are sexy are hebephiles (who are common on male dominated image boards and make up the majority of child porn consumers, probably most pedos in general are hebes) and trad larpers.
however most men have the capacity to find a 16 year old attractive, but learning the age would turn off most of them (not all). 13 to 15 is a very obvious awkward zone. i got targeted constantly by internet pedos during that period of my life and it took a long time to learn to be able to trust any men again in any capacity. i don’t like it either when anons say every man on earth is a pedophile because of biology. bullshit. it’s the same thing stupid pedos themselves claim, “it’s my biology!” is a convenient excuse and lie for them that absolves them of all blame and socialization and control. no, men aren’t born pedophiles, human beings aren’t meant to be pedophiles, it goes against every actual instinct of ours. average age of first period was close to 17 until recently in history.

No. 1275483

samefag, but whenever anons appeal to biology and say men are just all hardwired as pedophiles it ends up legitimizing it as a biological phenomenon. not only is that dead wrong but it also is so insanely dangerous and just validates everything the actual pedo freaks already claim about themselves

No. 1275491

Phallometric studies show that every fifth man is a pedo or hebephile and reacts with arousal to kids no older than 14 years old. So even if it's not all men it's every fifth one and that's still a lot. And I believe it would be much more if we had the capacity to test every man on earth kek. Man-loving women need to get a grip and stop projecting OUR ethics onto men.

No. 1275515

attractive men don't need the acceptance of other men to feel good about themselves since they get treated nicely due to the halo effect, which is why unattractive men get jealous of them and pick them apart, they feel envious that these attractive dudes don't give a fuck about random ugly dudes and their opinions. attractive guys also don't feel the need to cape for other men's bad behaviour because again, they don't need the acceptance of these ugly men. moral of the story is go for attractive men because at least they'll be more honest about men and other men's intentions.

No. 1275522

this is really not true…

No. 1275523

im mad at my husband over something stupid so even tho we never get to spend any time together because of our opposite work schedules im wasting this entire morning being upset

No. 1275524

sometimes i feel like accepting my culture would be like accepting all the terrible shit that goes on in it, especially the misogyny. i'd rather not be [race] or learn the language if i have to submit to the lame superstitions, embarrassing ways of joking, and ingrained misogyny. i thought i got over hating my ppl when i was a teen but now idk if theres any point

No. 1275533

I struggle a lot with knowing what to do with my weight. Basically i was always thin, i'll talk in European metrics sorry burgers, but i was always between 50-55kg for 168cm. Skinny, small tits and ass, my waist was not completely boxy but not extremely marked either and i was always jealous of girls who could be skinny like me but still keep a nice shape because of their tiny waist, or because nature blessed them with tits and/or ass. The notorious hourglass shape.

At some point in 2020 i've told myself fuck this shit, i exercise and pay attention to what i eat and i still hate my body and feel unfeminine, i'll stop worrying about weight, eat whatever i want and see how it feels. Flash forward 2022 and i'm now 71kg.

Thing is, nobody believes me when i tell them my weight now, when i'm fully clothed i still look very normal, i mean i look proportionate and curvy. Sure i have small love handles and fat rolls on my belly, but i also have bigger tits (that sit high and are symetrical, it's honestly the thing i prefer about myself), wider hips that make the illusion of a smaller waist although my waist is of course bigger than when i was all skinny, and a nice rounded ass.

I hate my belly when i look at myself naked, i fucking hate it. I also hate that i'm starting to see a few stretch marks on my thighs, i had none when i was skinny. Part of me wants to lose weight and have a flat stomach again, but another part of me is really afraid of losing all this "femininity" this weight made me gain. Most people are telling me this weight gain suits me so well, and i would agree but i know when i'm clothed i trick them by hiding my stomach at all time. They don't see me naked.

I sound so vain and insufferable but i wish i could lose the stomach fat and keep all the rest. Some women are blessed like that, why not me reeeeeeee

No. 1275540

Do you have to choose between underweight and overweight? Can’t you just be at a healthy weight (~60 kg) and have a bit of both?

No. 1275541

fat redistributes with aging usually, so even if you lost weight now you wouldnt return to the same body shape you had as a teen/early 20something

No. 1275556

I switched advisors because my old one sexually harassed me but I didn't report him or anything because it would've ruined me instead of him but anyways he was pretty pissed I didn't put out. I took a class with another professor who I didn't know was his bff. She just disregarded 40% of the work I did for her class and failed me by half a point and now I'm begging her to not flunk me. She's a fucking pickme and absolutely loves it when someone is at her mercy, so she probably won't factor in the work I did on time until I show up at her office crying. This sucks.

No. 1275559

based as fuck

No. 1275566

Seeing the goodbye earl song posted reminded me of when I was a kid in the car with my older female cousin and my mom and it was on the radio, I was singing along, and they started making fun of me for singing. Then they made fun of me for being upset at them making fun of me. My whole childhood was like that anything I did was a huge joke. That was also the same cousin that mocked me for having hairy legs when I was like a 4th grader. Fucking skank

No. 1275567

Kek nonnie i feel kinda roasted, i could almost post a sad face emoji… But i actually have my reason for that, might sound stupid but when i'm in the middle i feel like i have the worst of both world. No flat stomach, but not enough fat for my tits to be a very full C cup and for my hips to be wider.

But i've always had an eating disorder as well so i'm lost on what to do, don't know if i should listen to myself. I just want to love my body.

Oooh nonna i so hope you're right! Thanks, seems like nothing but it's comforting and pushing me to try to lose weight.

No. 1275570

Why is getting a driver's license in burgerland the most confusing and convoluted thing in the world? Maybe I am just super gigaretarded, but filling out the form is so confusing. And why do licenses only last four years? Where am I going to go to get a physical if I don't have insurance? And an eye test? Why do permits only last one year? What if it takes me longer to learn how