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File: 1657337640244.jpeg (56.22 KB, 960x540, A1BFE313-AE2D-4D7F-B0EE-924919…)

No. 1255654

Vent, cry, let it out
Previous thread >>>/ot/1247047

No. 1255668

sorry for shitty post but I am very upset with myself that I'm so infuriated this moid who belittles and degrades me rejected me. I guess it's only because the sex was good? I can't stop thinking about when he said he wanted to kiss me. Guess younger pussy is always better and not my 6/10 self. Need to start loving myself.

No. 1255714

File: 1657343089922.png (Spoiler Image, 445.37 KB, 1576x846, Screenshot_11.png)

not being able to draw makes me suicidal sometimes but i don't practice art because i am so shit at it that it makes me suicidal and it's like a loop of agony.
but i'm also bad with words + have little charisma and want a way to connect with the other ~10(ish) weirdos out there that MUST exist and share my interests.
spoiler-ed for tasteful-ish nudity here's something i scribbled a few weeks ago

No. 1255716

>not being able to draw

pic obviously not related; you should pull yourself together because this seems like you're fishing for compliments. They look decent.

No. 1255717

I miss being able to eat without feeling weird about it

No. 1255719

You need to take attention and showing others out of the equation. If there were no pressure of externalization I don't think you would feel this fucked up about it.

Practice your art rather than having meltdowns about how you can't draw.

Not to be harsh nona but you have got to get it together. Your art isn't even bad.

No. 1255738

cute threadpic

No. 1255751

File: 1657349058256.png (904.65 KB, 640x960, 3c1.png)

I plan on dropping my best friend after I finish uni. I used to always think that she was a genuine person with good intentions but over the past two years or so, I've found out how conniving she can be to get her way, while she puts on this innocent and almost "doormat-like" persona. A couple of weeks ago, while we were at a party, she asked me to make my online status on Whatsapp visible and I asked her why, since it's a weird thing to ask someone for imo. Then another one of our friends butted in and said, it's because she's possessive and always wants her friends to be available and check if they're really just not online or simply don't bother replying. I said "mkay whatever, but no, I'm not gonna bother making my status visible" since she gave me no good reason to. This resulted in her getting mad at me for letting others "influence" my opinion (even though I wouldn't have made my status public even without our friend saying something). What the hell. Definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. And then yesterday, she confessed how she tries to come up with a plan to pick a fight with her boyfriend on purpose, because she doesn't feel like he's been paying enough attention to her lately. And those are just two examples. The reason why I plan on dropping her after uni and not now is because she's unfortunately one of the only reasons why I still have a social life, since it's hard for me to get close to new people. Also I fear that, due to her possessiveness, she'll try to stir shit between our other friends and I and I really don't have the energy to deal with that right now.

No. 1255757

I have a hard time letting go of grudges (really just negative emotions in general), and I think it's because my mother would do things like hit me, call me names, generally berate me, and then pretend like nothing happened after a day or two of ignoring me. I was still upset after these incidents, and she made it seem like something was wrong with me when I visibly didn't want to interact with her. I still have that anger that I never got a single genuine apology from her. Even when I confronted her she would say she didn't remember or act like she didn't know what I was talking about. Eventually I learned to just put up with it until I could leave, because I realized she would just keep doing this and that it was better to not put myself in danger. I want to get over this, I really do.

No. 1255768

Taking care of a wasted grieving boyfriend who never drinks. He threw up and wants to drink more! I'm happy to take care of him, I can't imagine how he is feeling and he's helped me through worse but pls I wish he would sleep and calm down.

No. 1255771

There are better ways to cope. Maybe you could figure out other solutions to his grieving? It's unhealthy.

No. 1255776

I am going through a hard time, I haven't been this isolated in like a decade but I can't reconnect with the people I pushed away. I'm doomed

No. 1255777

Maybe if it was a regular thing but it's the day of the news, I'm not gonna judge right now.

No. 1255791

Nonitas this morning I finally got that strength to decide to put my misery to an end. I will do it on a specific day this month as it has some significance to me. I don’t know why I’m writing this cause it’s not that feeling of wanting reassurance and attention anymore that I wouldn’t get elsewhere but i feel like it’s because I want to talk about it and obviously I can’t tell anyone. This is really the only place I can be myself so this place saved me many times. I really don’t wanna die but I have no other option. Things will only get worse from here if I continue to live on. I will die an unkissed virgin who didnt achieve a single thing in her 20 something life lol. I really hope I don’t chicken out this time.

No. 1255811

File: 1657357144482.gif (1.22 MB, 300x200, 1652349489970.gif)

Damn I'm the fattest I've ever been in my life, which albeit doesn't look THAT fat. I'm not overweight or anything but I could stand to lose 10kg of vanity weight. I don't think I could do weightlifting. I'm unsure if I could build any leg muscles from cardio if I still eat at a surplus and lots of protein

No. 1255820

so you didn't kiss or had sex in your 20 something years of life boohoo I hope that's not what you're killing yourself over because that would be pathetic. life is for living not for achieving

No. 1255832

i made a mistake and i want to die

No. 1255835

I told my coworkers I wanted to smoke after work when it was near the end of my shift, one of the newer hires (<2 weeks) asked if HE could join me (mistake 1), I said sure, to be nice (mistake 2) because we got off at the same time, he smoked with me and proceeded to keep calling me 'beautiful' and 'sunshine' because he 'wasnt sure how often women hear it' (mistake 3 was staying), I proceeded to keep talking about work where he tried to bring up my boyfriend and asked if he would be jealous we were hanging out(mistake 4) and then I explained that we were smoking and I smoke with everyone and he was like "I hope he just doesn't get jealous though because I would" and I was like "he has nothing to be jealous about" and I told him I had to go home but he takes the train a few stops my way and I get off after. He kept talking about I was his only friend for letting him smoke because our other co-workers don't like him but I've only worked 2 minimums with him. But fuck and get this.. I'm 21. He's 40! What the fuck. ALL OVER A FUCKING CIGARETTE. LONGEST OF MY LIFE. What the fuck. I'm going to tell him next time I see him that I didn't want to ruin his vibe but maybe if he stopped calling women bitches and trying to hit on a girl half his age that maybe he'd have better luck making friends. Weirdo.

No. 1255837

Can you lovely girls pray for me to die in my sleep tonight? I don’t actually get any kind of enjoyment from being alive anymore, I don’t have anything or anyone to live for, the amount of people who /need/ me in their lives amounts to exactly zero, & I have exactly zero things to look forward to. My terf views and having to care for a mentally ill family member who treats me like shit 24/7 has depleted me of my last two friends. I’m just tired, so so tired. Please please please pray that after I fall asleep following work related all nighter because I’m fucking poor, please, don’t make me wake up again.

No. 1255840

if you have very little muscle you can gain some from cardio (i did, even at a deficit) otherwise idk

No. 1255861

I feel so sick. My (now ex) boyfriend told me that I'm in my prime at my mid 20s. I asked him what he would think of me when I turn 27 then and he refused to answer. Then he turned around and said he likes women his own age (he's 26) but that doesn't make sense if he thinks I'm at my prime right now. I told him to explain himself and he didn't. Then he compared me to a celebrity girl who's 22 and said I look older than her. It was so bizarre….we've been together for 6 years and he's never said anything sexist like this before and he knows I hate men who talk like this. It's like a switch flipped! I broke up with him because I felt so uncomfortable and really lost my trust for him. Just…6 years down the drain for what? I don't even understand what is happening in his brain because when he was younger, he told me he liked older women. So which one is it, do you like women your age, women in their early-mid 20s, or do you like milfs? WTF is wrong with men??? A couple months ago he also got mad at me and knocked down the iron in the house, causing it to fly at me. I was scared as I am very short and he's so tall.
Idk…it just feels like whiplash. He was so loving and now this behavior recently just feels like someone else.

No. 1255871

I didn't learn my lesson and ate cookies again

No. 1255886

People don’t change, they only become more of who they are. Your ex was finally being his true stupid, violent self.

No. 1255889

thank god you broke up with him, he sounds like an austistic freak.

No. 1255895

I will not rest till Ethan Ralph is dead.

No. 1255907

I picture you as a sad little racoon with cookie crumbs all over your mouth.

No. 1255913

File: 1657370933557.png (349.73 KB, 463x316, literally me.PNG)

You got me

No. 1255923

KEK perfect.

No. 1255930

I have to be overthinking this but last night I was out with friends and I complimented a mutual friend and called her hair and outfit cute and she gave me a pause… it was kind of a weird look, kind of serious, and she said thanks in a low voice. Is that weird? Am I overthinking this? It's mainly the pause and look. She's really pretty and I kind of wish we were good friends but sometimes I feel like she thinks I'm a retard. Idk, she doesn't do that with the others as far as I have seen. It's just fucking lame to feel like a retarded clown they let tag along because of retarded clown entertainment. I feel too much like a woman (and therefore an outlier) with men and I feel too much like an imposter freak around women even though I could definitely pass as just a slightly alternative normie so I don't fucking get the weird reactions people will give me sometimes. I really try not to be a fucking idiot and I try really hard to have normal conversations but I still feel like people can tell there's something off about me. I'm probably just being dramatic. Anyway it makes me want to rip my skin off. Fuck. Can't hang out with men because ew and I feel like I can't fit in with women because I guess I have some sort of repellent aura. Ugh.

No. 1255937

If she did it intentionally she’s lame so don’t worry too much about it.

No. 1255942

I feel so retarded, I got graded with excellent on everything with my dissertation but was failed on a technical issue of an insufficient word count. My optimistic dumbass assumed that they would overlook the word count fact due to the quality of what I wrote. And I now I need to re-take that son of a bitch. I'm so done with uni, I feel so dumb. I think it's more fulfilling to just learn a trade, I've been fooled by the system.

No. 1255951

I just reminded myself why I normally don't do hair removal IT BURNS

No. 1255962

I hate the scrotes my friend hangs out with. Everything they ever talk about is sex and one of them constantly makes Hitler jokes in top of dating a teenager. My other girl friends never hid their distaste for them so they ignore each other, but I am stupid so I've pretended to like them for the last year and act friendly, now my only option is to wait until graduation so I can block them both.
The whole situation is starting to make me resent my friend too, since she finds her retarded jokes funny, constantly makes BDSM jokes, jokes about stealing one of his friends girlfriend, and she's 5 years older, almost 30 wtf. On top of that, she's a libfem and self-proclaimed man-hater, and she now looks like a complete hypocrite to me. It's embarrassing that people know I associate with them, but I guess that's on me. Fuck, does this make me a handmaiden?

No. 1255982

File: 1657376769043.gif (197.42 KB, 400x289, 1662.gif)

I hate that I have to wait for him to text me first

No. 1255985

>tfw he's got the tism so i have to text him first because he's an anxious wreck
only suffering through this because he's rich

No. 1255986

You're as conniving and manipulative as your friend, kiddo. This whole post screams it, you hate her but you're still using her to keep your social life. How pathetic, she's possessive but at least it's a proof she likes you (in a less than sane way but still). You just hate her, what an awful friend you are.

No. 1256004

I hate when things at the grocery store don't go the way I want it to. I got a box of cookies that was supposed to be on sale but it didn't go through so I ended up paying a buck more for it when I would otherwise never have gotten it. I know this is such a #FirstWorldProblem but this kind of shit always happens all the time and I get so annoyed.

No. 1256007

granny-chan get off the web

No. 1256028

File: 1657379736307.gif (324.88 KB, 220x204, 7B1D0918-5D4E-4542-9886-324D39…)

>tfw there’s no one in your life to be a full-time evil hater with

tired of this, why are haters like me so oppressed?

No. 1256041

Just went I think anons can't get more unstable, an anon is sitting around wishing someones baby dies all because they said white people can be colorist. I swear some people moid-tier when it comes to disturbing posts. I honestly wish lolcow was a site you had to make accounts for so we can see the rest of psycho farmers post history

No. 1256049

anon, they are moids.

No. 1256057

why are you manipulating the words kek? I said I wish their baby drowns because they claimed that white people experience colorism too!! oh poor them, poor them… i don’t give a fuck lmao

No. 1256061

Kek you have absolutely no idea about out friendship but you act like you do. Where do I say that I hate her? Because I don't and no where does it "scream" that. I'm just disappointed in her. No, I'm not "as conniving and manipulative" but I'm opportunistic in this situation though and I admit that. And someone being possessive doesn't mean it's "proof" that someone likes you, especially when it's to the point where they constantly feel the need to check if you're online. As I said, I'm keeping it up because I don't have the energy to deal with the fallout now but I also wouldn't go out of my way to keep this up if she were to break off our friendship today.

No. 1256064

>I didn't say that…I just said that
I really wish people could be put in mental hospitals based on what they post online

No. 1256068

You're posting a lot for someone who allegedly gives no fucks.

No. 1256069

>look for the post anon is referring to
>it's in Unpopular Opinions
Every time kek, that thread is always such a dumpsterfire.

No. 1256073

idk seems reasonable to me to strategically leave a friendship if not doing so leaves your social life in pieces.

No. 1256075

I don’t want to live anymore. There is no way to be comfortable and have quality of life when my life is just a pendulum swinging between either extreme. I’m at the point where I do feel it would be better for my family to have to endure one tragedy than another decade of hoping I finally get well. It just isn’t worth it at this point. I’m exhausted

No. 1256076

>Whines about "manipulating words"
>Blatantly claimed someone called you the n-word when the n-word doesn't even exist in the entire thread
The irony

No. 1256090

I know this isn’t a popular statement but white people do, in fact, experience colorism. Get your head out of your moms vagina and maybe take a look at the real world, you’ll see that it is true.

No. 1256096

Nta but I agree. Anon should take trip to Europe.

No. 1256097

I’m just annoyed right now. I was annoyed and disappointed to begin with when my meth addict sister decided to have a baby who she knew she would be unable to provide for, I was annoyed when she still couldn’t provide for him and ended up dragging him to live in a halfway house with her, I was annoyed when she didn’t receive any kind of punishment or even a stern talking to from our dad for all of this either, and now I’m really fucking beyond pointedly mad because I just saw her son for the first time in a few years and she’s basically raising him to be a faggot. She’s raising her son to be gay, on purpose, so she can use it as a virtue signal. I fucking saw him in a dress, this little tiny 5 year old boy, and somehow I was in the wrong for saying that she needs to stop projecting her faggot baby fantasies onto her meth child. I’m sick of this shit. My father did such a bad job raising his older kids.

No. 1256107

They clearly don’t experience colorism if the worse of their problems is my brown eyes and brown hair oh no I’m like black now!!! Europeans are already assholes towards non-white immigrants.

No. 1256110

Hi nonas, it's the nonnie from the last thread with the boyfriend with chronic pain. I thought I'd give an update to the situation at this moment.
We had a long talk on Thursday night when I got home from work about how this quality of life just isn't working for me and I'm at a breaking point in terms of managing finances for the both of us.
He listened and agreed that his complacency is harming the both of us. I gave him a month to find a job or I will walk away. He didn't like the idea of an ultimatum. He asked for more time to see his doctors to try new medication but I told him no. He has a month. He had a year and a half to try as many medications as he wanted for treatment.
Anyway, despite his protests to the ultimatum, he did start searching for remote jobs last night after updating his CV all day yesterday. He shouldn't have too much trouble finding work since he has a degree, but he said he would try call center work too in the worst case scenario. I really hope this is a wholehearted change and not a temporary show. I'm going to stick to my ultimatum no matter what though. I'm miserable living like this.

No. 1256111

You have no clue. Europeans are assholes towards most immigrants, no matter if black or white. Turks are white and you can bet they get the most shit in many european countries, same goes for those from former yugoslavian countries. People are most likely to avoid those who look like "stereotypical" immigrants here, so a darker complexion and dark eyes/hair. You're being obtuse on purpose because all you can see is your tunnel vision.

No. 1256114

Kek using turkroaches as an example, pathetic because they are an admixture of a lot of things. And nah, that’s not true, both of the groups you mentioned don’t even like other outsiders themselves yet they cry wolf and tear up to the public that those big meanie EU countries hate them!! For a good reasons, you’re just racist jerks who are mad you got the short end of the stick.

No. 1256116

>white people don't experince colorism
>these white people are mixed roaches

No. 1256118

Sounds good anon! Good for you for sticking up for yourself, it's definitely for the best. I hope he'll find something and it gives you some more breathing room financially.

No. 1256119

>Kek using turkroaches as an example, pathetic because they are an admixture of a lot of things
I see, you're one of those "multiracial" "1/3rd Irish, 1/10th cherokee, blabla" people. I assume you're also one of those who thinks italians aren't white kek. If you think like that then everyone on this planet is a "mixture of a lot of things". But if you categorize by color terminology, then turks are caucasian and therefore white. Deal with it.

No. 1256122

White people are so oppressed I agree they’re so oppressed they’re heavily preferred over the numerous foreign immigrants who are trying to flee a warring country. You’re not oppressed and will never be and colorism doesn’t and will never exist within white people because you are all on the same team regardless of how you treat each other, you are all racist pigs.

No. 1256123

Sending prayers for your relationship and for his ability to find a job. I know it’s difficult but try to be as optimistic as possible nona. I’ve got faith in both of you!

No. 1256125

You're really trying hard to snatch that gold medal in oppression oplympics, aren't you?

No. 1256127

Who's racist and why?

No. 1256128

Caucasians aren’t white, that was clearly stolen from a nordicist in the past who agrees with one of the theories that white people come from the caucasus. Very weird how white people love to make fun of black people for “stealing” other people’s cultures but that’s what you euro-roaches have been doing for centuries.

No. 1256130

No1curr. People are allowed to talk about problems that affect them even if the word they use to describe it offends you. Literally everyone you're foaming at the mouth over does not give a shit about you and will continue discussing colorism among whites

No. 1256131

Anon, it's time to turn off your computer/laptop/whatever and go outside. Your brain cells need fresh air.

No. 1256133


No. 1256134

You should be replying to the other anon and the OP who said colorism also hurts white people, they’re truly digging into a gold mine for that ridiculous claim to begin with. Boofuckinghoo the paranoid Protestants didn’t like Italians or whatever, the Italians still didn’t like black people. East Asians love to claim this too but they clearly do not think black people are human.

No. 1256136

She is manifesting that opression medal. What star sign are you OP, for some reason that is VERY important in LSA.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256137

>you’re all racist pigs

welcome to lolcow, I guess?

No. 1256139

File: 1657384696980.jpeg (215.66 KB, 750x731, 402AE413-9C3A-4BE0-B038-3FB6DB…)

you can check this shit up anywhere kek but it’s true, same thing with the “Hispanic” label in america

No. 1256140

File: 1657384724768.jpeg (244.79 KB, 750x810, F64E4E66-3C08-4962-86AE-0333C0…)

No. 1256144

File: 1657384881660.jpeg (371.27 KB, 750x1090, E377D36F-7143-4797-A0C7-0F7932…)

you can read more from the article but I know you wouldn’t because it’s WOKIE shit oh no stating history, too woke


No. 1256149

thanks for mentioning ex yugo countries the constant fighting over who is more white when everybody on this god damn peninsula has the same skin color is so retarded

No. 1256150

I know so many people who identify as either bisexual or pansexual when they literally ONLY date straight dudes. It pisses me off because their logic is "I think girls are attractive too" despite never being engaged sexually or romantically with a girl. Which is fucking bullshit, finding a girl attractive or even sexy does not make you gay. If you wouldn't have sex with a woman, you shouldn't call yourself bisexual, it's literally that simple. Yet girls who have been with the same straight dude for years will go on & on about how queer they are & how oppressed they are. It really pisses me off, I feel like there's a huge amount of girls who say they're bisexual or pansexual then ONLY exclusively date men. A girl dating a man doesn't negate bisexuality but a girl never ever having any desire for romantic or sexual contact with a female sure as fuck does.

No. 1256163


Not so sound mean but you're only twenty something and I think you're being really overdramatic. It's okay if you haven't accomplished anything yet and furthermore you don't really need to. You don't have to be anything great, you can just do you. You're going to be fine

Also we're passed the point of putting so much importance on kissing and having sex, there's people older than you who haven't either and they're still around.

No. 1256165


Europeans actually suck altogether tbh

No. 1256167

Well everyone sucks.

No. 1256169

Speak for yourself. Us Martians rock.

No. 1256170

Please leave the piece of shit family member if you can

No. 1256173

Is anyone reaching out? Hard focus on them.

No. 1256174

Posts in this thread rarely make me cringe, I understand the purpose of a vent. But holy shit anon you need to get offline and rediscover empathy, you sound like you stumbled out of the manosphere.

No. 1256175

Same. I also wish I had someone in my life to hate men with. I sneak in a little misandry here and there and women usually agree or find it funny but sometimes I do a little too much and get told to not be so extreme. Or get asked if I'm a "man hater" as if that would be a terrible thing.

No. 1256178

File: 1657388031869.gif (1.71 MB, 352x264, 1642744088724.gif)

>she needs to stop projecting her faggot baby fantasies onto her meth child.

No. 1256183

You sound male. Anyway the more boys in dresses there are the better so that we can finally end gendering clothes. Women got their practical pants already, give men their dresses to air their balls, maybe men's fashion will evolve and we'll get aesthetically pleasing men's dresses so boys' only option isn't to dress like a Disney princess.

No. 1256191

File: 1657389250758.png (226.19 KB, 500x603, kantgoblin.png)

I don't want to see scrotes in dresses. Yesterday I walked outside and the first thing I saw was a 6'2 malding middle aged scrote in a short tomato-red dress. I had to walk behind that creature for 2 blocks. Nonna it is never the cute moids who troon out.

No. 1256192

You sound like you have they/them in your bio

No. 1256193

22 virgin nonna that has also never been kissed here. Sure it may suck sometimes to never have experienced that kind of affection, but there's so much more in life that can bring you joy. Whether is a game, a retarded obsession on a husbando, some hobbie it yours… Please don't end things for a thing that in the long run is such a small part of life.
Also you could watch Soul, it helped my sister kek

No. 1256197

Im currently staying with a family friend who lives 6 hours away cuz i needed to get away from the city after a hard breakup. Last night i took and edible and passed out in the basement watching White Chicks and i woke up with one of her sons hands in my pants. He's 22 im 23. Idk what the fuck to do but im terrified and im stuck her til monday

No. 1256199

That's why I said aesthetically pleasing, as in designed for the male body, as in not jarring. A man in a dress designed to look good on a female body looks as stupid as a woman in an obviously too big suit jacket.

No. 1256209

I don't see how when those people clearly gender everything in their life to a point where they feel they must be something special and different if they're gender nonconforming.

No. 1256217

File: 1657390467803.jpg (56.46 KB, 557x666, 1617367711719.jpg)

The majority of scrotes are so hideous that the only thing they would look good in is a head-to-toe covering and a thick burlap sack over their head. Only women have aesthetic bodies which is why women walk around in revealing clothes–they look good naturally. Even otherwise attractive men are disgusting when revealed in shorts or beach trunks. The male body is simply not designed for visual beauty. Men only look good after buffing up at the gym because muscle mass provides what women have naturally in soft curves and supple thickness. The more clothing men wear, the better, unless they're the 1% of men who are actually attractive, in which case I still don't want to see them unless he's lying on my bed ready for me. The typical moid is a hairy, stinking, unwashed, chicken-legged, flabby-gutted, moobed, bald, pube-chinned abomination. I don't want to see them in any kind of dress. There is no such thing as flattering clothing on an ugly person.

No. 1256223

I don't know why dress automatically equals revealing to you. Men are aesthetically pleasing in clothes styled and tailored for their bodies and vibe. There's a reason why you don't want to see men in certain clothing so you too have certain aesthetic preferences for men. Men in many cultures wear what could be considered "dresses" and they're covered head to toe and basically wearing those burlap sacks you're advocating.

No. 1256232

I think you guys misunderstood me because of the last part. I just added that as the cherry on top, I’m not that degenerate to kill myself over moids. I actually wish my only “problem”
was not having been with a scrote. The thing is, I’ve been depressed for over 10 years and suicidal ever since a series of traumatic events happened in my life. I live in a shitty place and I feel trapped but can’t leave. I wanna save myself from an even shittier life in the future. But thank you for your replies still, I know you meant well ( I hope).

No. 1256238

File: 1657391597437.jpeg (155.13 KB, 1125x1107, 60F96BEE-FB15-4CFF-9250-32C3B2…)

Started working in a retail shop a little under a month ago, another girl joined at the same time as well and she keeps bailing on her shifts last fucking minute or when the routa is JUST posted which means I’m left to take her shifts because we are understaffed till September. Working up to 5 days a week usually all in a row. Doesn’t sound crazy but I’m only supposed to be part time but instead I’m working almost 40 hours a week. Only good side is I’m making more money but I’m not exactly strapped for cash. Manager is just as pissed off as me but can’t sack her until there’s new staff to take her place. Not to mention she’s just in general unpleasant to be around. I just wanna work part time and have time to do othershit man.

No. 1256254

Dang, I haven't gotten 40 hours as a part timer in years because of the healthcare laws, not even during holidays. Every place I worked since got mega stingy with hours because cutting hours is convenient than giving full time benefits for lowly retail shrubs. The money was worth it for me back and I got paid shit, but idk how it might be these days. Best of luck, anon.

No. 1256267

>I will die an unkissed virgin

You should make a goal to try and find an attractive scrote to kiss you, a goal I know is achievable. 20 years is nothing, you have your whole life ahead of you to achieve whatever you want to. Set yourself small goals like kissing a cute scrote, or going to a fun event, to give yourself things to look forward to.

No. 1256269

>Only women have aesthetic bodies
This is not true… They just tend to hold on to fat better, which benefits in a society where we're encouraged to have desk jobs, eat highly caloric food, etc. Men naturally aren't supposed to have high body fat and low muscle mass, of course they are going to look like abominations. But that has to do with unnatural living conditions rather than them naturally being ugly.

No. 1256273

You can use sites like dumpor.com to spy on your ex-scrote's stories as long as his page isn't private, it definitely sounds like he's posting something to account for the lost followers

No. 1256274

No. 1256277

Thanks, I love seeing hot men in tiny shorts.

No. 1256292

I can smell this pic..

No. 1256342

I hate having a pickme boymom as a mother. She's insecure but acts like she isn't. She's both emotionally neglectful and emotionally abusive. She loves picking at my insecurities and yelling at me over the dumbest little things. She got deep into conspiracies, especially pizzagate. Told me that I should have told her about the uncomfortable shit in cartoons/anime/live action shows. I have before but she never listened ofc. It boils my blood because she is blaming me over stuff I had no control over besides deciding to watch the show or not (dropped a lot of shows because I got an uncomfortable feeling as a tween/teen). I hate her attitude, I hate how she immediately blames me for shit, and I hate how nasty she is to me in general. I can barely stand her. I wish she just had my brother and not me.

No. 1256392

File: 1657398167881.jpg (81.21 KB, 839x472, IMG_20220708_171903_699.jpg)

Only had like two real friends when I got out of high school and one was so toxic and fucked up I eventually just gave up and ghosted her. The other barely talks to me anymore but tbf we live 7 hours apart now so it's not like we can just visit anymore. Also she's shacked up with a moid so now every damn thing has to involve him. She's a serial cheater so they probably won't last but still. Also she's really addicted to social media and gets violent when she's drunk so that's kinda driven a wedge between us. We lived together briefly a few years ago and I learned a lot of her moral values don't align with my own but she's the only friend I've got left so I feel obligated to keep up the awkward pretense of a long distance friendship. I have tried to make new friends but I'm so weird and autistic it's a real struggle

No. 1256394

God fucking DAMNIT it’s hard some days

I need to stop crying over this relationship. It has been over for so long. But ten years was a lot to lose.

No. 1256403

File: 1657398766957.gif (305.46 KB, 184x219, 1654549617602.gif)

>dad is a fat, unpleasant, arrogant wannabe-philosopher when he's drunk (and he's drunk most of the time)
>doesn't even properly wash his hands after leaving the bathroom (tried to mansplain some nonsense about not wanting to foster "super germs!!" when i called him out on it
>still brags and boasts about all the sex he has with desperate crackhead/druggie/mentally ill/ETC. women who only crowd around him because he's loose and fast with his $$$

watching him makes me kind of sick sometimes. i wish i had enough money saved up to move the fuck out. he's so disgusting, and i feel disgusting for having inherited his genes.

>b-but your mom fucked him?

she met him when he was still working his high-paying gov. job and regularly attending aa. then as soon as he got her pregnant he decided to start drinking again.

No. 1256406

I'm just imagine all the UTIs this man has caused with his super germs and his junkie lovers..

No. 1256422

>10 years
That was a long time, damn. No idea how long ago it ended but just know there's no 'end by date' for when to stop mourning. Someone who took up that much time in your life is naturally going to take a while to get over.

No. 1256431

But my long distance boyfriend of more than a year is coming to visit soon and I feel really guilty for still actively processing

No. 1256435

File: 1657401097961.gif (769.63 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

I haven't spoken to my dad in over 2 years because he said some anti vaxx shit, now that I decided to reach out and reconnect, he went on about how roe being over turned doesn't directly affect women. I think I need to cut him off entirely at this point. All men are garbage

No. 1256439

That's tricky. Is your ldr bf aware of it? Honestly, I don't think you should feel guilty, because what other options do you have? To bottle it in or be in denial? Because that could backfire easily in multiple ways.

No. 1256447

Just watched a woman go on a rant about gun violence and how well she raises her kids, now she's blasting rap music about shooting/killing and drugs/Drill music and her kids are singing along and dancing to it.
Something about that is very ironic to me. To be fair she was also calling her kids the N-word, bitches in her "Rant" about how much she loves them and she's so worried for the youth I get her point, but damn. Blasting that shit so loud, it's hot and I want my window open but I don't wanna hear that shit.

No. 1256449

my mom recently learned the word coochie and she wont stop saying it and i want to die

No. 1256451

My last ex was abusive. He was controlling, didn't let me have much say in alot of things that should've been shared decisions, he was pornsick and sexually pushy to put it very lightly.. and then there was two incidents where he beat me for seemingly small reasons that just set him off in a split second.

It's been a while but I've been slowly processing all that. I was walking on eggshells living with him. My nerves were in bits for years on end and I don't expect to bounce back overnight. I'm letting myself feel angry whenever that comes in waves. But then on top of that this has strangely stirred up this repressed anger that I have towards my dad. My dad was strict and was a spanker. I was scared of him as a kid. When I was 13 he one day got upset and just dragged me around the room while hitting me. It wasn't a normal spanking so I tried to resist whatever the fuck he was doing to me. He grabbed me by my shirt and in the process he exposed my body. That was the worst part, being 13 and all I was mortified. I think it was all over me missing school. I was badly bullied and he was aware. I might burst if I don't find an outlet for these feelings. Men get annoyed and in a second they decide to just lash out to make themselves feel better.. meanwhile I have to just carry this shit around by myself now? It's my problem now? Your 5 mins worth of a trantrum will stick with me for a long time. Was it worth it? Do you know what it feels like to have someone several stone heavier than you getting physical with you?

You don't see me beating up kids or people weaker than myself when I'm pissed off. I'm angry as hell and not I'm lashing out. Why couldn't you control yourselves? And I can't even hit my dad up and be like.. hey remember that time you beat me up and ripped my top off.. because the fear is still there. I get a knot in my stomach over that man to this day. He's even getting kinda frail looking lately but it's like my body refuses to forget. He always gave me a knot in my stomach. I can't remember a point where he didn't. It just depresses me to compare him and the DV bf and it's… so gross that the memories are a mirror of each other.

No. 1256456

I trust you will be able to get past this.

No. 1256461

Men don't actually care about the draft, they do not give a single shit about it. They actually love the draft because if there was no draft they'd have nothing left as a gotcha against feminists. WAHHHHH WE HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THE DRAF- yeah and you love it because what else are you going to bitch and moan about? Uhhh… your suicide statistics? Kek you could just… stop. Or maybe talk to a therapist but muh precious masculinity. They are pathetic and little more than animals.

No. 1256481

Just found out a teen k-pop fan complained about sperm being on her skirt when she was at a girl group concert because a male fan behind her was jacking off to the group that was performing

Men and their depravity has no fucking boundary does it. The photo is apparently on Twitter and I honestly do not want to see it. I just wished some sort of virus wiped moids out plague style

No. 1256482

Men trying to blame feminists for shit that they did to themselves is always funny to me. Who do they think came up with the concept of the draft and who was allowed to be included in it in the first place? Same with the 'we kill ourselves because we have to be tough and masculine' thing, you retards were the ones who invented and enforced that idea.

No. 1256483

lol you sound like a great daughter

No. 1256488

What's with the newfags in this thread recently. Let people vent without your retarded running commentary.

No. 1256503

Her dad sounds like a misogynistic piece of shit. And you sound sound like a pick me

No. 1256505

Unironically yes, she seems to have way more common sense than her stupid father.

No. 1256508

She is actually.

No. 1256523

I'm a year into cutting mine off. I have moments where I think about responding.. just coz he's getting old. Still doesn't erase decades of shit though. Every time I manage to just ride out the urge to respond.. im grateful the next day.

No. 1256556

File: 1657409468480.png (577.8 KB, 793x832, 1657320784710.png)

i can't believe it's coming to an end. i don't even know how to feel

No. 1256560

FUCKING FINALLY GODDAMN, I sincerely hope this place is next

No. 1256568

Fake and gay

No. 1256570

I hate 4chan but I fear that channers will start invading other sites. I wonder if Elon will make the hatespeach rules on twitter or something similar

No. 1256571

dont worry anon, there is no evidence ( as far as i found ) confirming this is real. this looks like it should be on the front page, but it just looks regular when you actually go and see for yourself. if it was real i think there would be a lot more outrage imo, and it would definitely be in the news section (https://www.4chan.org/4channews.php) but it isnt. not that i am calling you stupid i believed it too at first. the announcements just say which boards were last added and a call for janny applications it seems to be just another troll !

No. 1256579

Elon didn’t buy twitter

No. 1256580

File: 1657410410112.jpeg (46.8 KB, 453x576, 51095502-C345-4C02-9620-AE07A4…)

another faggot getting our hopes up once again

No. 1256635

Those TikTokfags who walk around with cameras and harass people especially women are a psyop somehow along with recording people in general and posting them breaking down or being a “Karen” a “karen” actually ran over by her neighbor who posted a video of her. Anyways you’re always being watched in cctv so act accordingly.

No. 1256637

Fuck didn’t mean to reply anyways I am so scared one of those regards will come up to me while I’m shopping and post me being annoyed at them

No. 1256640

No. 1256646

I wanted to post this, beat me to it kek

No. 1256650

You can’t harass a karen that’s already screaming and harassing a wagie worker

No. 1256667

I've been dealing with acne scars since the day I hit puberty and I fucking hate it. I know skincare is all about being consistent until you see results but I just feel so impatient. To make matters worse I'm black and apparently hyperpigmentation is a lot more stubborn for us because something something melanin. I just feel so discouraged, I really wish I made myself stop picking my skin all those years ago but even when I don't touch my acne it can still leave scarring. I know I can just wear makeup to cover the scars (and I do), but I want to be able to be barefaced, confident and not have to face judgement.

No. 1256698

I just came out as bisexual to my bf and he said really sarcastically and annoyed, "Great." and that was it. I feel like shit. What a pleasant way to reply to someone who's being vulnerable.

No. 1256699

I'm a bad person my husband beat me then I left him for a girl I met on fucking tinder then I left her for a dude I met on fucking overwatch and now he won't speak to me and now I'm just here I'm drunk as fuck I didn't even know seeing double while drunk was a thing I thought it was a meme

No. 1256701

Serious question, from one bi to another - why did you tell him that? What was your motivation, what prompted you? And what response did you expect?

No. 1256704

I wanted to be honest and open with him and see how he would treat me and if he would give me support. Is that wrong?

No. 1256705

NTA but have you ever been in a healthy relationship…? No one worth being with should ever have an issue with you being bi.

No. 1256722

I mean, it's not a medical condition, it's nothing bad, it doesn't change anything about you as a person or your relationship, what support is needed here really? Of course it's not good he sounded annoyed but why is it talked about as if it's some shameful illness or whatever

No. 1256723

NTA but I don't think it's being talked about as an illness. It's just revealing something previously unknown about yourself to a partner

No. 1256725

Why don't you chill out. It's pretty important to vet people to see how they will react. Nobody said it's an illness or shameful but many people do think it's shameful and it's good to weed them out.

No. 1256727

OP talked about hoping to receive support and that just sounds a bit odd, since it's a neutral statement.

No. 1256729

I don't think you're bi at all if you really don't get the implications behind receiving support after coming out as gay. Are you a man?

No. 1256731

I feel like crying. There's kids outside, playing with Big fireworks, and they are RIGHT by my window and everysingle time they pop a fire work, it makes my whole fucking window/room shake. Then I can see the fire works come near my window, like the sparks. I want to call the police or go yell at them. They've done this three times and I don't know where their parents are. I'm hoping someone else does it because these kids are known to curse and be unruly, like it's really late and they are outside alone. I don't know where they live or what. Everytime they do it, they run down the street and I always catch them as they run. Last time someone said something to them they cursed them out and ugh…I don't want them to get hurt, but at the same time it's like nobody else hears this shit? I'm about to go talk to them.

No. 1256744

Just scream out your window that you called the cops. you don’t have to really call the cops but they’ll run away like scared little babies.

No. 1256749

Are you in an apartment? Call building management. It’s less of a dick move than actually calling the cops but they still have the authority and obligation to actually do something about it.

No. 1256750

>going through bad breakup
>ex and I still share a house so I have to stop by to take care of things and my dog still even though I do not stay over there
>ex would be out of house working from 2-10pm today
>guy I am currently seeing wanted to come along so we take my car over to stop by
>have a nice outing with my dog and return to my house around 5pm
>it starts to downpour rain
>too much rain, yard is practically flooding
>have a beer and take a few hits from my bong thinking I can have a cozy evening in my house that I hardly get to be in bc there was no way I was driving
>this guy demands we leave bc he got paranoid my ex will return home or that his dumbass has secret cameras in the house?
>tell him no and that I was uncomfortable driving due to the bad weather and the fact that I was high
>I wanted to hang out until it was safe to drive later
>he insists and wants to drive my car back to his place immediately
>he keeps on my ass about it for a solid half hour until I fucking relent
>he whined that we could have been back at his place by now
>told him if anything happens to my car that I would be financially fucked
>weather seemingly breaked at my house but there was still rain and flooding in the road
>we disembark but I verbally tell him I am uncomfortable and not okay with this
>I live off major city road and a bad thruway which are notorious for accidents in good weather
>he gives me reassurance that everything was gonna be fine and that he was a safe driver but that was not the fucking point

It was so much fucking worse than I thought it would be. The roadways were flooded to shit and it was raining so hard we could barely see. More than three times we hit major flooding across the road that threw what seemed to be litres of water onto my windshield so that the wipers seemed underwater. Other cars passing would dump water on us. Hydroplaning. Almost got yeeted by a semi that could not see us as it changed lanes. What was a 20 minute trip took almost an hour because we had to sit and wait to go around two accidents, one being an outright lake on the thruway that a cop was directing traffic around. I was so upset I only spoke up to alert him to what I was seeing on the road ahead, to scream, or to cry. We made it to his place but then I got soaked in the monsoon trying to scramble inside his apartment. We got LUCKY. I was so emotionally exhausted that I fell asleep for two hours because of being traumatized. He brooded and whined about how he ruined my night.
We canceled our movie date because I was so upset.

I'm just not having a good Saturday night fam. It isn't fair.

No. 1256756

File: 1657420091294.jpeg (50.57 KB, 500x391, 9F0B46C8-5C85-44A7-84FD-A069E6…)

You all need to manifest that my brothers drop dead I have bad luck please manifest/pray for me they drop dead by some miracle of the universe. witch anons promise me you will put a curse on them or something? I’m not a good person but I want relief. Please manifest them dead, thank you.

No. 1256766

praying for your brothers to drop dead because you asked, but also why?

No. 1256767

I hope he gets to jail and that you’re seeing a shrink.

No. 1256768

>He brooded and whined about how he ruined my night.
I'm fucking dying, it's a constant pattern of
>woman tells man what she would like and that she doesn't want to do what he wants to do
>man bitches, moans, and cries until woman relents
>man panics when he realizes and sees that woman did not want to do what he begged her to do and would have been happier if she did want she originally wanted to do
I've gone through it, I'm sorry for your ruined day, anon.

No. 1256770

They are a total waste of space that don’t do anything. One is a literal disabled sociopathic manipulative retard who never takes a showers and only orders food and eats and another one is a fat retard that mooches off my mom and his alleged girlfriend, is near 30 and still lives with us and screams all the time playing video games and constantly talking loud on the phone. I can’t stand it anymore, it’s actually driving me nuts and no one cares. My virgo sister obviously doesn’t care because they are always self-absorbed and my mom is always in complete lalaland because one single mention of conflict makes her want to collapse and she can’t kick out her preshush baby boys because they’re family too even though they’re damn near 30. If it seems like I’m a minor I’m not I’m just one of those unlucky anons who still lives with one of my parents.

No. 1256775

So if I’m right, you are living with your parents, shitpost on lolcow, in the vent thread of all threads, ask strangers who are equally sick as you to wish them death, lord knows what you tell them to their faces, because for some reason you know that you live with them despite not even realizing that hypocrites are even more awful than your pathetic brothers? Your entire family is cow dung including you, so stop complaining and move out so you at least have some grounds to stand on for your bull’s crap:

No. 1256776

I hate that every horror movie has a fucking rape scene. I know doesthedogdie exists and I know I should have checked but fuck. And it's never even a rape scene that's depicted as gross and horrible it's always some random hot woman getting raped as an excuse to show nudity. It makes me weary of men who are horror nerds because I know they're all jacking off to this garbage.

No. 1256780

No fucking way me too anon. I hate my 30 year old brother and his fucking dogs he didn't properly train them, never picks up after them, eats all the food and leaves my mom and I to clean up after him. He's too stubborn and I'm pretty sure he is 100% aware of how miserable he makes our mom, he's never going to leave unless he suddenly has a realization (which I doubt is ever going to happen) or just drops dead.
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, anon.

No. 1256781

File: 1657421935757.jpeg (126.78 KB, 1300x1198, C10D50E0-7944-44CE-BC8C-671F79…)

You go girl! I’m 42 I live with my elderly whore mom, I fucking hate my 30 y.o. Brother and I hope my entire family dies of corona ffs, i hate my life

No. 1256783

File: 1657422129044.jpeg (26.22 KB, 306x423, 3297844F-98BF-43B9-8F37-6EAACB…)

I’m NOT a minor, but my sister is driving me so damn crazy, she never removes the hair from the shower sink. I hope she gets hit in a car crash or fucking moves out so 29 year old adult me and my mommy will finally be at peace

No. 1256784

I'm in my early 20s kek sorry some of us have shitty brothers I guess!

No. 1256785

File: 1657422203535.jpeg (260.21 KB, 1080x1067, FAEB4F6B-919B-462C-8BEC-4CB3EB…)

>i wish Felice fawn was still scamming people. She was my favorite cow even before i ever stumbled upon lc
I loved all her lil scam shops and how she shooped herself.

No. 1256786

You’re in your early 20s so this means you can move out, but I wouldn’t recommend you to do so, because it’s not sane to wish your family dead when they’re just autistic 4channers. You are one too, or else you wouldnt browse the vent thread. Had you just vented about him it’d be fine but you seriously think if your mom knew how sick you are that she wouldn’t hate you more than her autistic sons?

No. 1256788

Don't care lol, lmao.

No. 1256789

And I guess you’re more alike to the ones you wish death as a fucking adult than you think. Grow up loser.

No. 1256791

Cool don't care, mald over me wishing someone was dead.

No. 1256792

No, i just made fun of you because you’re an autist who wishes her fellow family dead, it’s just annoying to see so many mentally ill retards on this board who can’t contain themselves.

No. 1256793

Still don't care

No. 1256794

Sage you hypocritical damn mentally ill retard

No. 1256795

NTA, get over yourself. It's the vent thread. You're the one who can't contain herself.

No. 1256798

NTA, no one has to sage on /ot/, are you new? Maybe lurk some more, you're embarrassing yourself

No. 1256799

No, many posters actually dislike the whole sick vents.
>I want to murder my mom she made me shitty breakfast waahhawaaahh
Why can’t some of you lot just post like a human?

No. 1256800

No I don't think I will

No. 1256802

Then just leave. Or don't read the post. Or move on. Act like an adult instead of being a hypocrite and trying to police other posters.

No. 1256804

I literally don’t care, if only you knew what one of them did that I can’t tell (for legal purposes) you would agree too.

No. 1256805

I swear you're both underaged, what a retarded conversation.

No. 1256806

Why are you so defensive of shitty males, who cares if he dies
why can't you just hide posts?

No. 1256808

Summerfag just got its first wift of imageboard culture and is now trying to police the entire board because we’re apparently not allowed to vent about our brothers who said they wanted to rape and kill people online and get away with it, sooo

No. 1256809

>half the site's userbase hates men

No. 1256810

the butthurt moidposting is hilarious

No. 1256811

>legal purposes
Now I’m curious. You can describe it anonymously.
You can respond to a vent though.

No. 1256814

This is not what you said in your first post

No. 1256816

I’m almost 20 kek

No. 1256817

Why do I have to explain my whole life story for me to vent? This day is just extremely awful

No. 1256818

No one here cares that much and you can already tell it’s a seething male for how much I said “brother” because they know the only good man is a dead one. I can already feel the inevitable gore spam coming just for making that vent kek

No. 1256820

File: 1657423456293.gif (1.99 MB, 250x250, dsb1.gif)

No. 1256821

>not sane to wish your family dead when they’re just autistic 4channers

you are either underaged, a newfag, or a man

No. 1256822

Plus the appeal to "family values" reeks of moid, because he expects women to be totally dedicated to "family" which somehow includes disrespectful, spoiled, degenerate male siblings who live life on easy mode and still decide to burden their families instead.

No. 1256823

Based, I feel you nonna. Stay sane ily <3

No. 1256824

File: 1657423656533.jpg (38.5 KB, 600x403, 990c44c51ee4c03bef4f5ce7f54e22…)

Who's taking bets on all three??

No. 1256825

You know fully well the reason I’m criticizing you is because I disliked the edge you had and when you named the reasons why your brothers suck, it seemed minor to me, and you now are projecting and are comparing me to a cp spammer lol. Even uses the moid-card. Loser. Like your brothers.

No. 1256826

Im 23 and for well over a year I have been trying for a baby. Every month, it'a a disappointment. Never been on birth control, my diet is clean, and I do low stress exercise 5 days a week. My periods are stable and they are as normal as they can be. Have always ovulated on time as well. Yet despite all of this, I have never gotten a positive test. Ever. Not even a miscarriage. It's like I have periods for absolutely nothing because no matter what I do, I cry every month 14 days after ovulating. It has driven me insane. I am full of envy. Full of envy for women who don't have to try, their body simply works. So what is the cause of my infertility? Unexplained infertility.

No. 1256827

Can you stop being so angry? Wow

No. 1256829

This. Do you know how much times I’ve seen countless reddit posts of men wanting to punch/kill/murder their sisters or mothers? And the countless news stories where they I’ll their own moms and sisters for telling them to go and wash their dishes? Men aren’t human

No. 1256830

It's a definitely a friendless loser scrote
>getting butthurt over anonymous women wish death on their shitty male family members
>malding on lolcow on a Saturday night

No. 1256831

No one here cares what a male has to say, beat it punk

No. 1256833

Moids want you to be dedicated to his babies/family, not your brothers LOL. Wtf.
I have a brother who’s like OP, but I just left the house at 20 and got a job and education.
Using edge speak is addictive and only makes you a terrible person in the long run. I speak from experience.

No. 1256834

This is the vent thread on an anonymous imageboard fuck face

No. 1256835

I didn’t know that actually, in that case, since vent thread is reddit tier, I apologize.
>beat it punk
I hope your bro dies.

No. 1256836

I hope he does too, thank you

No. 1256837

File: 1657424046854.jpeg (2.08 MB, 2592x3347, 42A0248D-9E4D-4717-A0FF-E269E3…)

Okay, I hope your father gets murdered and I hope your brothers die
To any autist that’s (you)ing me; i am so terribly sorry, I hope your daddy gets hit by a car and I hope your bro gets molested by your mom

No. 1256838

No problem autist. I’m gonna head to bed I had some issues sleeping because of my anxiety. May your dad die when I wake up.

No. 1256839

I’m not you and you will never know me. Good for you anon, you were able to move the fuck out yourself but you know absolutely nothing about my circumstances and it needs to be kept that way because no1curr, this is the vent thread, let me be as edgy as I want, no one will remember or care because this is again the vent thread.

No. 1256840

File: 1657424192455.jpg (21.59 KB, 275x197, 1569241243062.jpg)

>being a dullfag

No. 1256841

Wow, you really got me there, can't argue with that, can I? Jee whiz anon, you really changed my mind.

No. 1256842

Thank you for the blessings, my father and brothers are terrible, violent people. Props.

No. 1256843

Anyway can anons help me manifest my brother's death?

No. 1256845

Wtf happened in this thread

No. 1256847


No. 1256848

No problem.

No. 1256849

File: 1657424447796.jpg (113.22 KB, 1242x887, ETU3xWaXYAIfjUp.jpg_large.jpg)

I'm adding my strength to yours

No. 1256850

My brother is also an abusive obese ginger and LARPs being a viking, no I'm not shitposting send help

No. 1256852

Why are you pretending to be me lmao

No. 1256854

we ALL want to manifest our brother's death anon

No. 1256855

File: 1657424568202.jpg (42.56 KB, 583x572, original (5).jpg)

I'm coming

No. 1256857

I feel like everything is hopeless.

Recently I broke off a friendship with a girl I had a crush on after she spent more than a year making me feel like shit about myself. I had to be there and comfort her whenever she talked about her shitty mental illness, but when it came to me telling her that I wished I were fucking dead so that I could start over my failure of a life, she'd say shit about how everyone always fakes depression these days and how she's gone through so much worse than anyone yet she still doesn't want to kill herself because she's strong and amazing and all that shit.

When I told her about how one of my family members made my life a living hell, her response was that my family member was obviously insecure and needed love, not anger. This family member would tear down any shred of happiness that was within my reach. It was to the point where when I was twelve, the only company I had was a creepy scrote who wanted pics of me masturbating, because she burnt all the bridges I had by convincing everyone that I was the abuser.

This friend constantly talked about her life being harder than anyone else. To the point where one of our mutual friends got even more depressed and suicidal because he was wondering why he felt like such garbage despite not going through as much shit as she did. She constantly shat on other people for not showing empathy to her when she's down, but when others are struggling, she gets pissed because they're ruining her mood.

I was seventeen when I met her. She was in her last year of college. She always told me I had more power over her because I had more life experience, so if anything, I was the one being abusive. I was the one who had to ground her and help with her mental health, while she did nothing but victim-blame me and make me feel worse. Saying that she didn't know it would affect me, and that she didn't mean it the way I felt hurt by. At some points, she tried to "compliment" me by saying that squinty eyes and buck teeth are a beauty standard for Asians, because I'd expressed that I've been made fun of for my appearance before, which is… What the fuck.

I want to believe she's not hurting me on purpose, but she used to brag about how she made it on the Dean's List at her university (a private one) with a Psychology degree. It just doesn't make sense to me.

But that's enough about her.

I'm in my second year of university now. I'm failing almost every class because I can't bring myself to do anything at all. I keep shooting myself in the foot, because if I were happy or okay just for a moment, she wouldn't believe that I was really struggling. That I was just making a big deal out of nothing again. That I'm not really sad, because she knows me better than I know myself, and she knows that no matter how much I want to kill myself, I'll "be fine in a few hours".

I want to seek help, but I had a shitty experience with my last therapist because she wouldn't shut up about how I was faking my symptoms - I kept feeling an intense itch all over my body which I now believe was due to extreme stress, and she would say that I'm faking psychosis for attention.

I can't let go of the past, because if I'm not suffering every moment of my life, people will use that as evidence that I don't need help.

The only reason I take care of myself at all is because I imagine a peaceful, married life with my anime husbando, where he treats me well and doesn't grab my body. Where nobody will ever hurt me or make me feel worthless again.

No. 1256858

But what the anon said about reddit and moids wishing all kinds of things on moms and sisters is true. Do other redditors cheer OP? I’ve seen it once happening on 4chan, on /int/ for example, but the moids always hate the OP. Or maybe I haven’t lurked enough on 4chan.

No. 1256859

He also larps being a samurai so you will need extra help

No. 1256861

I don’t get it, I will never please your imbalanced soul. The other anon thanked me and you’re all ungrateful despite me saying what you wish. Kys.

No. 1256863

I love the energy in this thread. Fuck your brothers fuck your stupid dad fuck your ex-boyfriend

No. 1256865

And all of you kill yourselves

No. 1256866

samefag he also had a metalhead phase and an american cowboy one. I'm not joking I'm living with this mounstrosity of a moid brother and there's no escape. Also he was cucked by the girl who was supposed to marry him and then she became a prostitute, but then she died in a car accident, I'm not joking

No. 1256867

And after you have kill yourselves, may the jannies all kys. And then I will. Gn faggots.

No. 1256868

Seething scrote KEK

No. 1256869

I'm not kek
I'm >>1256780
And my brother isn't just an ~autistic 4channer~ he doesn't use 4chan he's a physically abusive person with anger issues so I'm sorry to the pickme that butthurt over me wishing he was out my mom's life for good.

No. 1256870

Goodnight babe see you in 30 minutes

No. 1256871

Way to come full circle telling me to kill myself for doing literally nothing to you kekkk

No. 1256872


No. 1256873

I will seriously slash you and your brother’s throat if you don’t stop using those dumbass buzzwords.
I stopped the all nice talk I’m nao venting I’m now edging and all edgy. But don’t call me a scrote or pickme, loser.

No. 1256874

My viking larping brother has unregulated BPD

No. 1256875

File: 1657424961821.jpg (56.83 KB, 600x399, 48gm96.jpg)

No. 1256876

It’s just a typo, I wanted to type kms.

No. 1256877

I honestly forget how autistic I am until you put me in a room full of other people. Most of my close friends are people I hang 1-1 with but I was invited to a party last night and I'm so fucking awkward. Thank god everyone there were hippies and on drugs or my weird, gangly presence would've been much more noticeable. It's weird because I don't really care so much day to day, being autistic helps me in a lot of ways and I'm pretty settled with who I am, but when I'm in a situation like that it just makes me stick out like a sore thumb. I can't even say I'm anxious about it, just that it's very mentally draining and I'm often really hyper aware of how I come across. Any other 'tists in here who feel the same way?

No. 1256878

File: 1657425119128.jpg (14.9 KB, 275x272, 1640795029701.jpg)

Awww you're just a little baby, nonnies leave the poor baby alone

No. 1256879

Go to bed instead of getting mad at the internet. Damn I'm starting to think YOU'RE the retarded one.

No. 1256880

No no noooo men are so misunderstood and good they deserve to be alive anon you don’t get it you’re such an edgelord!

No. 1256881

One time my viking larping brother persecuted me around the house, yelling to me that I was a fat cunt and a snowflake. I had to spend the night at a friend's house, she had a cute cat so that was nice

No. 1256882

I'm glad you broke off the friendship nona, she sounds like an awful person to be around. I hope you can meet a new friend who is more positive and supportive because honestly, just being around someone with a good attitude can help, even if just a little. I understand how you're suffering and how hard it is to get help. I hope things get better anon.

No. 1256883

Verbal harassment is grounds for self-defense right?

No. 1256884

Ok I’m the retard who didn’t like the edge speak who then wished your fathers to all die
But I’m legit confused, but I already knew it from the start that 80% of the vent posters were mentally ill dicks. Good night and thank you for the show, I only liked the edgy anon who thanked me.

No. 1256886

I don't like you back, I'm real sorry about that. Yeesh.

No. 1256887

He also closed a door on my hand lmao

No. 1256888

Can’t tell if very autistic post or high iq post

No. 1256889

My dad is already dead anon sorry

No. 1256890

I've ascended anon

No. 1256891

I just don’t understand the flow of this thread anymore. Like what is happening

No. 1256892

didn't you already say goodnight like half an hour ago? are you going or not? take all those shitty brothers with you pls

No. 1256893

Nothing edgier than not liking someone, hoo mama

No. 1256894

>Cut to anon seething in her bed, checking the lc vent thread on her phone.

No. 1256895

Kys you caught me
>moved out to be at peace
I don’t want to take your inbred genetically fucked brothers with you, go fuck yourself hill billy

No. 1256896

That's a lot of typos

No. 1256897

Thank you nona. I like to believe that things will get better eventually, but the process leading up to it is so hard. I wish I could speedrun the healing process and have my life back together. Sadly, these things take time, so I guess I'll just have to push through with it for the meantime.

No. 1256898

Don’t care

No. 1256899

I don't think you got my joke nonnie

No. 1256900

File: 1657425880854.jpeg (129.83 KB, 1920x1080, 245yy6.jpeg)

>being dull
Kill all men.

No. 1256901

Oy vey follow your own advice please!

No. 1256905

ZzzzzZzzz sleeping
Kys 100000 times
Yes. But not my brother, my sons or my husband. Anyone who touches my brother or my kids or my husband will fucking die by my claws. Jk I don’t have a brother, kids, or a husband.


No. 1256906

File: 1657426162421.gif (Spoiler Image, 782.39 KB, 340x191, AdoredIncompleteAmurminnow-max…)


I miss her nonnies, I could've fixed her. I wish we could've hung out and baked vegan sweet treats together

No. 1256908

Don't be racist

No. 1256910

Is she in jail or in the grave? She looks like what Michael Jackson aspired to be as a little child before he met his fair share of attractive women as comparison check.

No. 1256911

Dead, she killed herself in the midst of her failed mass shooting

No. 1256913

whos that

No. 1256914

I miss her too, but you can enjoy Jillian's aunt

No. 1256915

I wanted to compliment her but I’m still shocked at her ugliness. Why do scrotes find her cute, from head to toe she used to smell like canned tuna I bet.

No. 1256917

kek omg anon

No. 1256918

File: 1657426685956.gif (843.11 KB, 320x180, BigJubilantBarb-max-1mb.gif)

Nasim Aghdam, my iranian vegan queen

I find her weirdly attractive, in a gangly autistic way.

No. 1256921

Looks like

No. 1256924

>from head to toe she used to smell like canned tuna I bet.
you nonners have some of the strangest headcanons sometimes

No. 1256925

she cute, so she tried to kill people?

No. 1256928

You know what’s a weird headcanon? The fact I suddenly reply with a I want to kill myself. Should I die the way she died nonnie? Will I get called cute for once by random anonymous women on a broken image board? Raisen drete? Pls

No. 1256929

Don't kill yourself pls

No. 1256931

she tried to shoot up youtube HQ because they demonetized her vegan activist content constantly and it enraged her. I would recommend looking her up.

No. 1256934

File: 1657427316314.jpg (45.96 KB, 629x653, 6edd9d067462f6e1e06b5848e924b6…)

Queen shit

No. 1256935

File: 1657427334527.jpeg (255.82 KB, 1600x1600, 08EB2A4D-0BF9-4367-BA07-80D345…)

I deserve it for calling a dead tranny who’s a woman smelly. Maybe I need to take a breath and a break from the internet. Thnx either way.

No. 1256936

File: 1657427385116.png (22.37 KB, 300x161, w343455.png)

I'm tired of every fucking milk thread being boring

No. 1256937

I wish I could give this nona my fertility because I for sure don't want that shit.
demonic and haram.
ask him how many vikings were obese, then put laxatives in all his food so he shits the calories out, or just shits a lot idk

No. 1256940

>then put laxatives in all his food so he shits the calories out, or just shits a lot idk
Oh hell naw, he's famous for clogging the toilet in my house

No. 1256941

All the real milk is in /ot/

No. 1256942

same, it feels like all the threads I follow have been pretty dry for weeks now. I can only hope this drought will one day pass.

No. 1256944

It will never get better, since every new thread someone makes is always flooded with "SHIT THREAD WE DONT NEED THIS HOW IS THIS MILK" etc

No. 1256947

File: 1657427908704.jpg (50.44 KB, 1024x576, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I thought this was a based man hating site, what are we not allowed to wish death on men? Oh I'm sorry I thought this was lolcow.

No. 1256949

Tbh the black girl sperging in the stupid question thread (or was it the unpopular thread?) did have a point. She was edgy as hell and I think it was ok since the baby was male. Jk. But here’s what I’m not joking about, most farmers are white and/or live very white lives. It’s really not fun because I’d have loved to see a farmer from africa telling her POV or even Asia. But all we have is white people and westerners who think they’re not western. It’s sad. Or maybe non-whites/westerners think this website sucks. It really does. I bet 99% of us would migrate if a better female-only platform existed.

No. 1256952

I'm so tired of these loud aftermarket streetracer cars being a nuisance all the god damned time. i hope they crash off a bridge and drown in their retard noise box. only a moid could turn a transit machine into a public nuisance safety hazard murderbox at 9,000,001 decibels. I wish I had a tomato launching gun and could launch moldy tomatoes and rotten eggs at them from the rooftop deck. or fill water balloons with paint and throw them at them and their ugly stupid fucking loud ass car.

biden: make gas $50 a gallon. they must be punished. if they can still go out and do this ratchet shit clearly gas is far too cheap.

No. 1256955

They will tell you to go to LSA that has been infested with black men and annoying divesters. The feminist/womanist forum on the website is even more pathetic, it’s because many black communities are virulently homophobic and conservative and feminism covers a huge basis on sexuality and sociology. Black people are so caught up in the gender role trash that’s fed in niche self-help/hustler circles that they can’t see that gender is specifically weaponized against us. I also hate when asian women get mad at black women because you literally have the closest experience of womanhood that we do than you do with white woman and it’s just a fact. I don’t want to seem mean anymore, but we really just aren’t the same when it comes to how european white/western white women experience womanhood.

No. 1256956

Time to slam the door on his hand and hope it bleeds out.

No. 1256958

File: 1657429021968.gif (28.02 KB, 220x233, AA16B53F-38CE-4145-AD6E-8F3B75…)

I’m gonna ask this and this is going to seem very disrespectful but… are you an FtM?

No. 1256960

What’s your problem

No. 1256961

I'm so sorry nonny, I almost burned my house down the time I thought I had cockroaches

No. 1256962

I called my mom when I was in a bad mood because I wanted to vent (I lost my IDs today, all of them) and she told me to stop being a cunt and calling her when I'm in a bad mood and I don't know what I expected because she's never been there for me but I just thought this time would be different I guess

No. 1256963

I just googled LSA. We have gore spammers you have just male trolls? That’s all? I’m not a black woman so I won’t go to LSA. And question, what’s wrong with being conservative feminist? Seems like the most ideal ideology I think? I swear I’m not black.

No. 1256964


No. 1256965

Nta but conservatism goes entirely against feminism, it's an oxymoron.

No. 1256966

I'm crying- thank you nonny for the hugs hugs

No. 1256967

she acts like a detransitioning ftm girl tbh kek, they usually type like that idk

No. 1256968

My boyfriend is complaining to me that he has to wait an hour to get on his flight and I told him it’s good to be there early and he just starts whining about how bored he’s going to be for an HOUR. Like grow the fuck up, you are in your mid twenties crying about not being entertained for a measly hour. Go watch the planes take off or something.

No. 1256969

What >>1256965 it’s an oxymoron nonnie kekk

No. 1256971

I just have some traditional values, which I won’t share here to not trigger any whiteys but if I go to 4chan’s r9k they will redirect me here. Then y’all redirect me to LSA, and then I will get banhammered because I’m not black. I’m sure conservative feminism exists and that there’s more of us out here on lolcow

No. 1256974

Well I mean a lot of conservative and traditional values tend to be against women's rights and freedom, I don't see how that's gonna work.

No. 1256976

The fact you've bounced around various forums kind of implies to me that your values don't really hold up given they constantly contradict each other. Maybe time to reevaluate?

No. 1256977

That’s the thing, give any human freedom and they will start looking, feeling and acting retarded. I think it’s not synonymous to tearing apart the entirety of feminism, in my opinion. I won’t give any arguments, I will get most definitely spammed with (you)s for reasons you probably know.
I think a lot of us non-whites whether we are western or not have a dose of realism aside from a dose of self respect (that’s where the feminism comes in). I agree with you that black feminism is a mess, but whatever that white radfeminism is, is too tbh.

No. 1256982

>the fact
Not a fact though, it’s a hypothetical situation based on logic. I just wish there was a platform as mentioned before here >>1256949. Women with all kinds of thoughts but who all equally hate men. Only then there will be peace I think.

No. 1256983

are you the anon who called my vent “edge speak”? go to sleep you dummyhead

No. 1256985

No. And I’m not conservative about my sleeping schedule.

No. 1256987

I dislocated my kneecap a few days ago, took 1 day off work and the next had to work an 11 hour shift even after being told that I'd be accommodated for my injury.

I was made to work what I do normally even after asking to swap job roles with others, and having them ask for me to be taken off my job role and put on something easier. I was told I could sit when I needed.
But wait, anon, it looks bad in front of the customers so don't sit anymore here.
Also anon it isn't a good look to have you limping in front of customers, so go stand back here. After all, we don't want your knee to get any worse!
Okay, you've worked 8 hours on it, to your full normal job role, but I'll do you a solid and put you on easy work the next 4 hours so you don't injure it any more! :)!
I'll send you home an hour early, not because of your injury but because we're overstaffed for the evening now. See you tomorrow! We might be able to accommodate for your injury but no promises :).

I hate my job I hate my job we don't get sick pay and I can't afford to take time off, I hate my job.(:))

No. 1256988

>11 hour shift
What kinda job do you have? Get a different job.

No. 1256991

I work in food service, I'm trying to find a new job but the market sucks and the only other places for me are still within the food service industry.

No. 1256999

I forgot what dumb post I was going to make again UGHHHHHH

No. 1257028

File: 1657438243473.jpeg (15.23 KB, 229x180, B4D0F876-9A36-484A-B272-D9F9A6…)

>aS a jApAnEsE pErSoN!!!!
SHHHHHUUUTTTTTTTTT UPP. I’m tired of people clinging to their 15% or less heritage as an excuse to talk out their ass. If you haven’t lived in the country, don’t speak or try to learn the language, don’t participate in the culture or community except to shit up conversations on how offended you are because of xyz, then shuuuttt the fuck up for the love of god. It’s so fucking annoying.

No. 1257045

Just slack off until they fire you and then get another food service job tbh, they are always going to be hiring and no one really cares about references

No. 1257056

The guy I'm dating didn't wash his fucking hands before fingering me and I was sure he did because that's an obvious thing to do and now my urethra hurts, I'm very prone to urinary tract infections and I'm afraid this is another one. Fuck what is wrong with scrotes why

No. 1257057

File: 1657442003348.jpeg (224.71 KB, 1069x1049, 6BA0BC8B-4682-45D0-9712-B85BD6…)

I’m obsessed with climate change and I think it’s because my new meds, which were supposed to help with obsessive thinking, have backfired and made my rumination worse. It hasn’t been a month yet since i started them, and my follow-up appointment is soon, and I keep soothing myself in millions of ways, but the thoughts keep returning and are making it hard to function in my day to day life.

No. 1257077

genshin fujo moment. they’re all like this

No. 1257079

Agree! I'm surprised she's been gone for this long. She had good taste in music though.

No. 1257083

I hate the fact that moids are incapable of being friends with women. I stopped being friends with this one moid about a year ago because he constantly tried to get with me towards the end of his relationship with his gf but I feel stupid for missing the banter and sending each other dumb memes because we shared the same unhinged humour. Unfortunately my humour is too "edgy" for my female friends and none of them are into imageboards either. I wish I had an irl radfem lolcow friend.

No. 1257093

>ex unfollowed and blocked me like 4 months ago
>he got married 2 weeks ago
>still stalks my instagram

Kek, fucking retard, you're supposed to be on your honeymoon in Spain with your wife but you're also stalking my stories. Ngl that's sad

No. 1257095

Kek, always funny when moids who stalk someone's socials end up blocking THEM.

No. 1257101

Make the stupid mf wash his hands and make sure to pee after sex. Same thing used to happen to me until I made him begrudgingly wash his hands every time before any foreplay, men are children. Good luck Nona and drink lots of water, cranberry juice also works great too for UTI's, they even come in concentrated pill form.

No. 1257103

File: 1657447790960.png (324.36 KB, 652x652, Screenshot (9302).png)

Samefag but these work wonders. I used to take one at the beginning of the UTI symptoms and drink two full glasses of water and it would kill the infection within an hour.

No. 1257122

two of my close female friends around my age who are married with kids are now experiencing a lot of abusive behavior from their husbands. i can't really do much to help them and it really sucks that i'm not in a position to be able to help. neither of them have solid family, no one who cares very much (mostly shallow friends) and they're SAHMs. i'm really concerned for my one friend in particular whose moid is becoming more and more unhinged with 0 provocation. don't get married and have kids, nonnies. everything always seems perfect until the kids start hitting 2 or so.

No. 1257130

Definitely don’t get married but if nobody gets kids won’t we eventually die off? Lmfao

No. 1257134

Thank you anon!

No. 1257138

nta but and?

No. 1257142

I think birthing should stop until we get some reins on the male population.

No. 1257143

nta but do you really care though? even if everyone stopped having kids this moment you'll still reach natural death before humanity has died off.

No. 1257144

So it’s necessary?

No. 1257145

Yes I want kids of my own eventually.

No. 1257148

don't bother arguing with them, there's a link missing in their brains.

No. 1257150

I know but I want to break their fantasies lol

No. 1257152

900 imageboard users abstaining from giving birth isn't going to wipe out the population. you're not as bright as you think you are, and even if it was more than 900, a very niche subset of the population not having kids is not going to offset the many average people irl who are most definitely still going to have kids regardless of our decisions.

No. 1257155

Dang you too much here. Nobody = 900 women now?

No. 1257156

Has no one watched Idiocracy? It really explains it all. Smart people keep “waiting” for the perfect timing for kids while idiots procreate like bunnies, thus moving us forward.
(Dont get me wrong, I still dont want to add to the population, but id adopt/ foster in the right situation)

No. 1257163

Why is it necessary to make new humans to continue the species? We're not needed for anything.

No. 1257164

wtf does this post even mean? i said 900 based on old /ot/ polls, and even 900 is being generous. you were the one who said "nobody", and i wasn't even the anon you were responding to. i don't even know why you brought up "nobody", because that's literally logistically impossible considering the way women are forced to give birth regardless in the world.

No. 1257166

It means you took my post out of context while I ironically only took OP’s out of context. You have weird fantasies.
interesting movie, I will maybe adopt but I will never take care of foster kids because the latter is so much abused I was abused in the system as well.

No. 1257167

that, and the choices of a few women isn't going to affect anything. people will have kids no matter what. there is 0 likelihood that there's an actual existential threat from women choosing not to have kids. there ARE existential threats to humanity that are very present (climate change), and until that's even addressed, there's 0 point in discussing this further with these retards.

No. 1257168

just watched that matt walsh doc with my parents thought it would be nice and on one hand i like the parts where he talks about dangers of transition but then he has to put in his rw agenda and be a misogynist and pretend to 'care' about women but one look at his twitter and he wants abortion bans and is an avarage rw piece of shit. i'm just tired the right wing is the only group that is publicaly tackling the trans nonsense because they also get it wrong but from the opposite side. but as soon as a feminist questions the trans narrative they get cruicified. i want to speak against this stuff irl and spark a conversation but i'm socially retarded and the little friends i do have are very deep into the trans i don't want them to cut me off for making good arguments kek
tldr i'm so tired

No. 1257171

i didn't take anything out of context. you brought up "nobody" out of nowhere when clearly the OP was addressing anons, not EVERYBODY. why should i follow your retarded, extremist, and unrealistic line of thought that wasn't even what the OP was addressing? OP was only talking to anons and if we were to take that to its logical extreme, it would be like a max of 900 women choosing to not have kids. of course you had to say "nobody" to make it as extreme as possible when no one was talking about everyone on the planet.

No. 1257172

Because I want a family of my own. I’m a contributing member of society, I love seeing offspring I created growing up with love. And I deserve love.

No. 1257173

i never once even brought up adoption. whoever is arguing for birth ITT can't stop veering completely off from the post they're responding to.

No. 1257174

unironically you sound like a brainlet moid or an earthshatteringly retarded woman who isn't mature enough to even be a parent

No. 1257175

Why am I imagining salvia drops and lisps now while reading it though?

No. 1257177

if you're going to have your own kids then humanity won't die off so it's either way not a concern.

No. 1257178

I wanted to reply to >>1257156
Calm down lol

No. 1257179

Nta but i re read it with a lisp very funny ty

No. 1257180

The statement was that it's necessary to make kids or we'll die off. Those are all personal reasons for you to procreate. It doesn't mean it's necessary for the human race to survive on this planet.

No. 1257182

Random nonnie with no dog in this fight but where do you see the user count? I'm curious and technologically retarded.

No. 1257183

>It doesn't mean it's necessary for the human race to survive on this planet.
Well love ith the reason why we thurviveon thith planet

No. 1257186

Well you rude bitter nonnies made me realize I wanna read and watch many concepts regarding this. Give me a list. Children of men is on the list. Give me moar.

No. 1257188

Just because there's a reason for our continuing existence doesn't mean we need to continue to exist. I meant just because someone wants someone to love doesn't mean human existence is necessary. If there's no one here, no one's going to need anything

No. 1257190

anon clearly doesn't care about this sorts discussion so let it go. pro-create if you want, don't if you don't.

No. 1257191

true, but love isn't the reason why we continue to exist or whatever. that's a completely moronic and immature statement anyways. that anon, again shows they're remarkably stunted and not living in reality at all whatsoever. literally a child's idea of the world.

No. 1257192

I so agree with you now.

No. 1257193

She can stop anytime. I'm having fun. This is not a fight.

No. 1257194

Well all organisms have to reproduce it’s kind of against nature to stop. I used love as my personal reason because I’m not an uncivilized dog but yeah I’m still waiting for the list of movieth please.

No. 1257195

Why can't some of you handle conflicting opinions? Are you constantly surrounded by a circle jerk of people agreeing with you? Are you guys minors? Why can't people agree to disagree anymore, they just get vitriolic and condescending. Some of you must be a complete fucking nightmare to know in real life, lol

No. 1257197

Organisms don't have to reproduce, they just reproduce because that's what organisms do. There's a biological imperative to reproduce, it might feel like a necessity for some humans in that sense. But an organism surviving in this world is not a necessity in itself.

No. 1257199

Nta but nature itself is disgusting imo (not the trees and flora in general, that's beautiful, I mean the fauna), eating other organisms to survive is disgusting, killing the young is disgusting, raping females is disgusting, all that suffering and wasted energy just so our parasitic DNA can spread further, no other reason. Fucking disgusting, life is cancer. Since I got deeper into pessimist (not nihilist) philosophy and gnosticism, almost everything on this Earth fills me with dread and disgust. I can never look at it the same way and see it as "normal". This world is a meme prison

No. 1257203

Then kill yourself and escape. But seriously what's the point of memeing yourself into depression and despair like this.

No. 1257205

shut up and go to bed, you're junking up the thread with your narcissistic ramblings "wahhh everything in the world is gross except meeeeee"

No. 1257206

Lmao I love how natalists' only argument is always "kill urself then". I obviously won't because I want to preserve myself and that's what I've been programmed to do as the bio robot I am, my self preservation instinct has always been strong so I'm very jealous of people whose instincts got so weakened they were able to kill themselves. I don't want people to kill themselves anyway - I just want them to stop breeding and imposing existence upon non consenting children. I'm not memeing myself either, I've had similar thoughts since I was a child and I just found philosophical system that helped me to put them in order. Depression is just a natural consequence of living in this world as a conscious and thinking being, no matter what psycho-magicians tell you and what magic pills they want to sell you just so you can go back to the rat race.

No. 1257207

That was my first post here, and nowhere I said everything sucks except me. Breeders are the ultimate narcissists tho.

No. 1257209

It’s just 5 autists I’m realizing. Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as scrotes. Almost,

No. 1257210

you're right. of course the anons who disagree with you have to shit out the same tired shit we always hear

No. 1257215

meanwhile, you're out here saying "i deserve love" (from a child), as if a child is any way obligated to love you, or that it's in any way certain that you'd have a child that loves you. just that statement alone shows that you're incapable of being a parent and only want a child for your own pleasure. you clearly don't see children as separate people with their own feelings and opinions.

No. 1257229

I lived alone in a nice new-ish three bedroom house which had been empty for over a year from the pandemic, but now that things are ramping down, the owners have managed to rent out the other two bedrooms to two moids. I used to be able to draw quietly in the living room, listening to my tunes, cooking simple meals in the kitchen and leaving everything spotless afterwards. It was perfect, I was so happy. But now everyday it's loud with them stomping around on the wooden floors, leaving dirty dishes out for days, scratching my cookware, pissing on the fucking toilet seat, and I have to hide here in my bedroom with my headphones on and hope they don't wake me up at 2am from setting off the fire alarm from them smoking indoors. I couldn't take it and even though I haven't found a new place yet I put in my month's notice to leave. I just can't help but cry thinking of the solitude I lost.

No. 1257233

>be supreme philosopher since childhood
>overcome your disgusting breeding instinct unlike those those programmed sheeple
>not able to kill yourself because "muh self preservation"

No. 1257238

>i deserve love
>thinking children will love you automatically

No. 1257241

You’re very mentally ill tbh. Like could you stop already?

No. 1257243

What is unconditional love? Leave me alone jesus.

No. 1257246

I like how wanting to argue because someone makes a statement they can't properly back up is considered autism. Yeah the name calling gets tiring, but some women especially seem to have a hard time not taking arguing personally, as if someone disagreeing with you is the worst thing and means you suck somehow. I mean clearly the other side sometimes thinks they do suck for their views, what with the name calling. But shining a light to the weak points in someone's thinking process is ultimately a good thing.

No. 1257248

File: 1657458426647.jpeg (37.84 KB, 400x400, 1633979523814.jpeg)

>this entire argument

No. 1257249

Oh god please just get a proper therapist, kids are not there to fill your void of a support system.

No. 1257250

A child's love is not unconditional. A child grows to resent its parent very easily.

No. 1257255

File: 1657458785610.jpeg (7.13 KB, 120x120, 5AE2E924-C55D-4765-95AC-00D231…)

If no one shuts up, one of yous is going to end up birthing something that isn't human.

No. 1257259

Are you conflict avoidant, anon?

No. 1257260

File: 1657459161504.gif (Spoiler Image, 19.82 KB, 200x198, F43362A3-D3A4-41C0-8317-B5FBC2…)

This argument is going in circles.

No. 1257265

Trust the process kek.

No. 1257266

there's no such thing lmao. it's just bs pushed by men to make mothers think they don't hate their children.

No. 1257268

I will love them unconditionally even if they end up to be a huge fat piece of tranny shit like you. Idc if you’re not a tranny.
I will take a huge shit as my last (you)

No. 1257272

But they'll be stuck with having you as a parent and don't love you. You said you deserve love. What now?

No. 1257274

i've both lost some weight and gotten more toned recently but i hate how skinny my forearms are compared to my upper arms. they're still so fleshy while my forearms are the skinniest i've seen them. i could be a baddie but i have lunch lady arms i hate it

No. 1257277

I can stop this game anytime, I’m god.

No. 1257278

>starts argument in the vent thread
>wahhhh I just want to be left alone

6 autists, I just joined. But it's cute you think you know who posted what on an anonymous image board.

No. 1257279

I get so annoyed with people who declare that they are upset, but then seem irritated when you try to comfort them. My ex would complain about something that made him sad or upset, and whenever I tried to console him he'd just sit there not reacting, or if we were texting he would leave me on read and ignore me for the rest of the day. Like if you don't want people to comfort you, why are you bothering them with your problems? Why are you treating them as if it's their fault you're upset? Why make them feel bad and ignore them? I notice this constantly with people online as well who complain about something and then act all offended when people offer some kind words.

When I'm sad and need to vent I genuinely enjoy when people are there for me and even when it feels pitch black, I at least try to take their words to heart and let them know I appreciate it, and I certainly don't push them away unless I was genuinely trying to hide my feelings and they're invading my space before I'm ready.

No. 1257280

I’ll make 6 babies.

No. 1257281

File: 1657460848237.jpeg (80.11 KB, 680x652, FOKkW9gXIAUGVD3.jpeg)

bf sprung it on me that his semi-recently (8 or so months) single female friend is coming to our city from interstate and he's taking her out for coffee - while we were having dinner at his parents. i'm already in a shitty mood from unrelated junk but i'm so sick of settling for autistic retards who treat me like an afterthought. how fucking brainless and inconsiderate do you need to be to not even think to mention that to your partner, like holy shit.

also text me first, for fucks sake! and when i send cute pics and say dumb shit like "us♡" fucking do it back!! im sick of this!! fuck men!!!

No. 1257284

Literally your headcanon

No. 1257286

I wish there were two versions of the vent thread. Not trolling and I’m not judging any of you. One for positive topics and the other ones for more negative topics. Iirc such a thread already exists, search function sucks and I have a life, can anyone crosspost the thread I talk about if it’s even still active

No. 1257287

Some people might argue that's unhinged but if my bf told me ah btw I made plans with my female friend I'd tell him to cancel. Why weren't you invited along or at least informed beforehand, as in "X is coming to town and i'm thinking of meeting up, what do you think?"

No. 1257289

How is that anon a tranny. This discussion is confusing
Many people are born as a result of rape though.

No. 1257293

I was the same way kek, it was the combination of the fact that the people comforting me were not in my position so they really don't know what's going on and what it's like and the added attention to the shit situation that made me irritated. Now I keep things to myself but try to hang out with people or talk with people to distract myself and it works much better than being sad and having someone try their best to offer kind words. If people don't try to accomodate their social issues (like getting mad when someone tries to make you feel better) then they're really immature. At some point you gotta deal with it in a way that doesn't make others miserable. Your ex sounds really lame, I'm sorry you had to experience that manchild's mantrums.

No. 1257300

Making 20 more now

No. 1257302

By any means. It's just not necessary.

No. 1257304

i am, admittedly, quite unhinged. however, i make an effort to keep him in the loop, if not inviting him along, so he has time to raise any objections if he can't make it or doesn't feel okay about the situation. blogposting at you rn (sorry, also ty for responding) but i guess i'm moreso tired of feeling like i put more into my relationships than any of my bfs ever have. it's exhausting and lonely. whining over, back to the baby anons!

No. 1257310

Anons really only reply to posts if they mention men, this place is so obsessed with moids it’s infuriating

No. 1257311

Open communication sounds like bare minimum in relationship yet some people cant even do that, hope you find someone better

No. 1257312

you are correct I brought this up numerous times and was gaslit that it’s not true that if you mention the word “boyfriend” in your posts it gets more replies but it literally does. i can’t relate to women who put male strangers they’re “dating” on the highest pedestal, men ain’t shit

No. 1257315

File: 1657463268124.jpeg (123.67 KB, 622x1084, 071FF586-BD98-4513-AEE2-4C44D1…)

Moids are so dumb when it comes to women’s fashion. I’ve seen constant complaints about high waisted pants and how they hate them across the board. Women with pear or hourglass bodies look great in them.

In pic related he doesn’t even know where her waist is. Also those jeans look horrible. Idk why they feel so entitled to an opinion on this, they don’t know shit.

No. 1257316

There aren't many spaces where you can so openly complain about men, so I think this is why it gets the most support here. Also it's the easiest to relate to, who didn't have issues with men at some point of their life?

No. 1257318

have you seen the meme of scrotes making fun of women for pulling their leggings above their waist and on their stomach and trying to make fun of them saying they only do that to hide their belly fat? it’s like they don’t understand that’s how high-waist pants work lmao

No. 1257320

i think it pertains most to men being innate lolcows and nonas with relatable stories dealing with them. the replies that derail and center on men when they weren't even mentioned are really pathetic and annoying though.

No. 1257322

All I can think about is how dudes wear their pants below even the slightest gut and let it hang out like they are pregnant. But they have the audacity to criticize

No. 1257323

kek, most of the times our waist is around the area of the belly button, should someone tell him that? And I'm so damn happy we have other pants than those low rise stuff, I hated them as a teen, when they were the only pants around and I still dislike them. Happy I don't have to wear what some idiot men think would look the best, because they know shit about fashion or how many well-dressed men have you seen the last months?

No. 1257331

I posted and deleted yet another vent about my family because I always feel bad complaining since I was raised in a very family is everything world and I don't like talking about them specifically and it makes me feel guilty and paranoid. But tl;dr I am just not going to listen to them this time. I am adopting this cat come hell or high water. The opinion of people who do not live with me on me doing this or how I live my life is irrelevant. I am standing up for myself.

No. 1257335

It's to be expected when men cause most of the worlds problems. That and like another anon said, there aren't many places you can openly vent about men.

No. 1257336

You and the cat against the world!

No. 1257340

Stop complaining about not getting replies you damn child. I am so sick of seeing these entitled posts. Get over yourself, I'm begging you.

No. 1257342

Then leave, your shitty attitude is making this site worse every day.

No. 1257344

I'm not an antinatalist, make as many babies as you want and get that love you "deserve" lol

No. 1257351

Why is me saying “men ain’t shit” a poor attitude, handmaiden?

No. 1257354

Whenever I vent about my bf on here I always get people calling me mean and it causes a huge infight, it's happened twice so I just don't post about us anymore. Clearly I'm abusive and evil. No I'm not changing

No. 1257356

just smash your boyfriend into a wall he was going to punch a hole into it anyways

No. 1257358

>I personally think it makes their butts look long and flat
Love how scrotes think their opinion on what strangers are wearing matter to any extent at all whatsoever. What kind of brain dead incel fuck up even cares about something like this? That the butts of the strangers their leering at are wearing clothing they don't like. I'm so happy men have such high suicide rates.

No. 1257362

File: 1657465158958.jpg (50.13 KB, 1024x612, istockphoto-689925662-1024x102…)

>owner tells me their large dog is "on a diet" and should only get literally pic related for breakfast
Bitch you really fucking thought

No. 1257366

It's not your "men ain't shit" comment, it's your implication that other women are obsessed with men, instead of this being one of the only places on the internet women can even talk shit about men in the first place. You're trying to limit other posters by telling them that if they dare to vent in the vent thread about a male, they're lesser than you. Throwing "men ain't shit" at the end of your post doesn't make your hatred of other women any less apparent.

No. 1257367

You should do what the owner says even if it's retarded

No. 1257368

NTA but girl chill, she didn't say any of what you're projecting lol

No. 1257369

Yes she did, you just don't have any reading comprehension.

No. 1257374

Again, you are projecting. It is your reading comprehension that is shot to fuck. She said some women put their moids on a pedestal, not all. And she didn't call anyone "lesser," and she didn't say she hates women you weirdo sperg, go to bed.

No. 1257377

You're an idiot. Not only that, but this isn't the first time she's posted this shit, she even acknowledges that in her post. You have no idea what you're talking about. Go post memes on twitter.

No. 1257382

Because they are undeniably obsessed with men, there wouldn’t be a board where the only non-heterosexual women have to make their own containment thread because the rest of the board is full of female to male attraction. If you didn’t know what I’m referring to I’m talking about /g/ btw kek

No. 1257383

anon is genuinely schizo

No. 1257384

I think I deserve to off myself at this point.

No. 1257386

I'm a regular dogsitter for a lot of people and nona a lot of owners shouldn't have pets. I've had dogs who are grossly matted with tangled fur and when I offered to groom/cut them I get told it's not necessary. Dog nails that are so long they look painful but no, don't cut them. Owners insisting their dog doesn't like to play with toys, well bitch maybe if you bought him one and actually bothered to take 2 minutes out of your precious time to play with him? They all like toys by the way they just have different preferences in toys. Some of them don't like hard toys, some only like squeaky ones, some only like plushies. I sound like a sperg but some people just don't give a fuck. Or insisting their dog is scared of something when they haven't tried being patient with them and exposing them to it slowly. Or insisting their dog prefers fucking kibble over raw meat. Bitch you're just stingy! It's also easy to tell when a dog is starved of attention and it hurts my heart so bad. Dog sperg vent over

No. 1257391

bi and lesbian threads in /g/ are not containment threads though? They're there in case if some anon wants to specifically ensure her post will be seen and discussed by other bi/lesbian women, not just anyone; but otherwise you'd see anons talking about their girlfriends or attractions to women in general threads as well.

No. 1257394

No. 1257395

She said
>I brought this up numerous times and was gaslit that it’s not true that if you mention the word “boyfriend” in your posts it gets more replies but it literally does.

She's saying she brought up what you were talking about before, she was agreeing with you, you fucking retard. Holy shit the fucking brain rot some of you are working through, go to therapy or a fucking doctor or something. You're like a yappy little chihuahua, fucking insufferable.

No. 1257396

Neck yourself, woman hating spaz

No. 1257403

>Soapboxes about hating men and thinking women are better
>Immediately tells another woman to kill herself because she disagrees with you
Just admit your a headfucked sped, probably from FAS or anachanning or heavy drug use. But either way if it's coming through this strongly from typed words on a screen I can't imagine the level of retardation your running on in real life.

No. 1257411

The suicide baiting itt lately is getting tiresome. I know vent-thread whatever.

No. 1257417

I want to stop calling anons scrotes and trannies but I don’t know about this one guys

No. 1257422

I'm a scrote for defending a poster who was getting dogged on by this one random spergy Nona? But the "neck yourself" psycho Nona isn't? You guys really gotta get some new material to use, the whole scrote accusation thing is getting old.

No. 1257423

Suicide baiting, edge, autism…where’s that damn positive version of the vent thread

No. 1257424

I only see about 2 suicide posts, or maybe I missed the others due to the infighting. But there's lot less of it than the previous threads tbh.

No. 1257430

It's called positivity thread #4 let me negative in peace

No. 1257432

*6 slaves

No. 1257434

Jealous faggot has a dick lol

No. 1257447

I just did something unprecedentedly retarded and can’t get it off my mind. It’s a small and inconsequential mistake but I feel so, so stupid for making it

No. 1257454

I think that nonna is talking about OPs attitude. Shitty narc parents who only get children as an emotional support blanket that they expect "unconditional love" from often turn out to be terrible to their children and don't see them as own individual human beings, just tools to get their own needs met.

No. 1257459

Are you the "I deserve to be loved" Nona? If so are you still really that angry from the argument you got into hours ago? You're not going to be having any babies if you spend all your time getting mad on lolcow

No. 1257475

File: 1657470747915.jpeg (193.08 KB, 1080x1079, C0B28A61-3652-4BFC-A814-720B32…)

> if i vent here about whats already happened itt is it actually cathartic or am I just resetting the timer on infighting or sperging?

No. 1257479

Jelly butthurt cat ladies aren’t (you)ing you after hours? I won’t stop until they will.
Back to reddit

No. 1257483

YES i will make a great mother
YES i will try to give them the best life they can so they get to be the adult they want to be
YES i will give them all the love I have for them
YES i will now make over a 100 babies
And they will NOT be cats

No. 1257488

but you do understand they're not obligated to love you right?

No. 1257490

Stop bullying me I mean it I will throw one of my fetuses at you

No. 1257492

just answer the question

No. 1257493

>they will not be cats
They will be birds. Bird-lady

No. 1257494

real question, are you underage? you have acted extremely underaged for like 4 hours now

No. 1257498

Still not necessary.

No. 1257499

Jealous of what? You're deluded fantasy about having kids when you post like a schizo dementia patient? I'm here "after hours" because I'm waiting for the multitude of gravol and tylenol I took for my covid fever to kick in, goodnight in advance you strange little breeder you. Some of you Nonas kill me with the shit you say, so funny.

No. 1257501


No. 1257506

Did you know the queen bee has thousands of babies?

No. 1257514

sorry if this is a stupid vent nonnas but i seriously don’t know who else to talk to about this: for my arab anons, you’ll probably understand this more, but my cousins are all snakes. they’re all pathetic and annoying and too many times i’ve stuck my neck out for them only for me to stab me in the back. they’re each troubled i their own way—one is so fucking spoiled that her ego is unbelievably huge, one is traumatized from her parents to the point im 99.99% sure she has some metal disorder that makes her incredibly deluded, another is a coward, and all of them cannot cut the bullshit and talk to me straight on. i can’t cause problems or call them out after having to deal with so much of their shit because their mothers are batshit insane, and although my mother and older sister are on my side, my mother wants to keep peace with the family and my sister is good with navigating these shit cousins since she’s done it for so long. idk if im some undiagnosed autist, but i just find it so hard to grasp that these people could call themselves my family and then turn around to shittalk me and it’s so frustrating because i can’t do anything lest their mothers tell their husbands and yet another family drama occurs because of me. im sorry if this is such a stupid issue compared to the other anons here, i wish you all nothing but the best, but i just needed to blow this steam out.

No. 1257515

File: 1657472394476.jpg (31.61 KB, 960x748, 292737773_5610021969043015_582…)

>boyfriend loses good job and falls into deep depression
>wants to break up because he doesn't feel good enough for me and wants to be alone
>plans on moving many states away to be with his family
>all of this right after we decided not to renew our lease
>no money for a rent deposit now and won't even have a car because he's taking it
>friend says I can live in her garage that she's fixing up
>whole house smells like cat shit because she has so many cats
>literally never cleans the litter boxes and has dog shit on the floors
>trying to find a second job while also packing and taking care of the house

I have no other friends that can help me. He says he wants me to move with him so I don't end up homeless but he wants to stay with his grandparents in their small house while he works part time (maybe, he doesn't have a GED) and gets therapy.

What the fuck am I supposed to do? I honestly just want to end it all.

No. 1257517

No it’s not a stupid vent but I mean it well when I say it but you’re stupid if you think you can trust them. I accidentally trusted one of my cousins as well but just know they will tell everything to their parents even if they mean well and then it gets back to yours. I don’t even consider extended family actual family, so if you are more at peace there’s nothing wrong with cutting off the contact. What kind of Arab are you?

No. 1257520

Can you go to your parents/family? Maybe rent a room and break up with your boyfriend before he does it. Gl.

No. 1257524

I guess just move in with him, better than living surrounded by filth right? Though the best choice would probably be to just ditch him. I dunno, is he nice to you?

No. 1257528

Been seeing a dude for about 5 months? We've had a number of dates. Slept together. I finally met his friends yesterday at his BBQ. Everyone was nice. I was included.

He told me that if things keep going the way they're going, I may meet his dad. He wants to meet my family this weekend.

As nice as this is, I wonder if it's going too fast? I kept help but WANT to ruin a good thing.

I have not had good men around me in my life. I have been used by many people. I wonder if I should just block and delete him before it falls apart.

I know this won't last anyway.

No. 1257530

you’re right anon, I need to learn to accept that. And I’m Iraqi.

No. 1257531

If your friend's garage is that awful then I think it's better to take up his offer and move with him at his grandparents or go to your family. I think staying with your parents/family is probably the least stressful option.

Good luck finding a job and good luck in general nonnie.

No. 1257533

low waist pants are awful and it's funny to listen to a man's opinion about fashion. What does he think about the ugly as sin sag look that's popular with a lot of men and seems to refuse to die.

No. 1257536

Probably because most of us grew up on tumblr where nuance and differing opinions went to die. Even if you didn't grow up on tumblr then the website's culture is inescapable everyone is parroting opinions from tumblr till this day.

No. 1257539

but human beings aren't bees? there was a rap song about this very concept but with clownfish and troons

No. 1257543

I am NEVER listen to the opinion of a man who confuses "hips" and "waist" when it comes to fashion. I have too much self respect for that.

No. 1257589

Seeing men seethe over women's fashion trends and women still following/progressing the trends makes my absolute fucking day.

No. 1257603

i just feel very alone at the moment. i'm not dating men for a while now because i'm too annoyed with them. and with women why is every woman now a they them nonbinary who loves trans women and won't stop dickriding trannies. i just want to date a normal girl jesus christ. i'm pretty radfem leaning but in rad spaces online there's this thing where they're just being deranged and forcing everyone to be celibate as if that is the answer. living in a homophobic third world country i'll probably marry a moid anyway so if that happens does that mean i'm turning my back on radical feminism or what. idk why there needs to be so many rules when we all agree that trannies and men suck. or am i just overthinking too much? to be honest i've had enough of rad spaces for a while it's all just so sad seeing insane misogyny every second of everyday

No. 1257612


Everyone is sick of trannies anon, we're all praying they get the ban next!

No. 1257649

File: 1657477759339.jpg (173.26 KB, 749x743, 1609111011281.jpg)

Had to cancel a social outing at the last minute because of muh social anxiety even though I've been looking forward to it for weeks. I'm such a fucking lame person, just crying alone in my room right now

No. 1257652

Happened to me but not because of anxiety (at least, I don't think so) but because I'm a retard who procrastinates for everything, even texting back and doing her laundry, so we just didn't go out like wr had planned weeks before due to me just letting the date pass.
Me not replying to my friends on Discord IS due to extreme anxiety, though.

No. 1257655

I have autism and I can relate, sometime you literally have to force yourself

No. 1257658

File: 1657478482524.jpg (46.66 KB, 500x500, avatars-000495996573-7xpt1u-t5…)

I've been gaining weight steadily over the years. I've always been a bit short and chubby, my BMI was 26 at ~18 - now at 28 it's 37+. Thirty-fucking-seven. I was looking for jeans today and the biggest size (US12) H&M had was too small. Literal strangers have started to comment on my weight too. I've always been on copium it's not THAT bad, but at this point it is. I know I have to lose weight, I'm working on it, but it's so fucking hard man. I'm fasting and trying to eat healthier but I work at a bakery where we can eat anything, plus my moid has does not help at all, he just keeps ballooning too. I hate being a fat fuck goddamn.

No. 1257665

I hate this feeling. I cancel because I hope it will make me feel better, but I'm always so miserable when I don't get to go. And the thought of my friends having fun without me makes it so much worse.

No. 1257667

I feel kinda lost. I’m not pretty, I’m not intelligent, I’m not talented in this niche domain that would make up for my other character pitfalls. Usually when people face something like this they have something else to fall back on: their intelligence, their character. But I really can’t find anything. I just feel so dejected. At least I made some nonnies laugh on here? It’s kind of heartbreaking too. I had some wild dreams, that’s for sure.

No. 1257670

Fucking same anon. I ruined a friendship because I hated scrotes too much and they couldn't handle it lol

No. 1257674

You as a human being are not required to be special or do anything grandiose. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Just take care of yourself and be mindful of what you do and try not to hurt anyone, as well as avoid doing things that could hurt you. That’s more than enough. Anyone who tells you otherwise is riddled with their own inferiority complex or believes women have to toil away to matter.

No. 1257684

I followed a link to /r/wellthatsucks and it's just scrotes taking pity pics of mildly crappy things I wouldn't have even stopped to complain about, i would have just cleaned them up. mostly the scrote dropping a plate of food on the floor or breaking a cup. how mediocre do you have to be to take a photo of that and upload it to reddit? there was a fat soy scrote with a plate of food dumped all down his front and on the floor. and i just thought, this moid stood there and took a photo of it before he had the thought to move to clean it up. it's supposed to be about like, people's cars being in neutral instead of park and rolling down the hill, or a cat knocking a shelf into a glass door and breaking all of it. it made me disgusted. moids really are complaining little children who want a bangmaid to clean up their messes. they're so mentally juvenile that they get "depressed" and cry online because they spilled a glass of milk. what a joke of a gender. no wonder they shoot up schools all the time.

No. 1257701

Want to kms because a fat little moid lives above me and runs back and forth the entire length of the apartment all day and night long

No. 1257719

narccore af
Idk, I kind of want to do the domestic thing with my XY, but the loss of privacy and quiet and leisure time is kind of harsh. I'm already tired all the time as it is. I don't think I could deal with kids.
this. a lot of people think of a kid as an emotional punching bag, trust fund to pay for their future medical bills, chauffeur and butler, moving assistant, love-dispensor, phone therapist, IT tech, and general slave. but the fact is that the kid is free to leave if she judges the relationship as more harm than good. a lot of parents in the previous generation forgot that, now they cry on "estranged parent" support forums and "have no idea why their kid left and went no contact." massive reality check on their part, but they still pretend to have "no idea" why their kid hates their guts, lol. just shitting a kid out does not entitle you to endless unconditional love and adoration. especially if you keep acting shitty to them and disrespecting them and their boundaries. now we have a bunch of toxic 50-70 year olds acting dramatic because they were so shitty to their own children that they ghosted once they became adults. and they post it all online too, hilarious milk if that's your teacup. they really lack both shame and self-reflection. draining toxic sludgepile emotional vampires die alone and unloved no matter how many children they gave birth to.

No. 1257720

People want me to make so much art for random programs and competitions and things but it's never paid, always for some future possible reward or exposure or whatever. I'm so tired. I might as well just draw art and make stories for myself and just work some random unrelated job for money.

No. 1257728

File: 1657481041127.jpg (70.33 KB, 446x284, 73365957.jpg)

and here we go again. My mother wrote another e-mail, this time asking if we want to talk to each other again. For my brother it seems like she is now at a point where she did understand what she's done, still, he doesn't want to talk to her ever again. And I'm again the person that has to deal with all that, with my mother, with my father, with my brother, I have to handle all those emotions. I had an exam after the day my brother had a mental breakdown, I didn't sleep, I fucked that exam up and still, I'm the one having to be the adult, I have to manage everything, I have to keep each one away from another, I have to do the talking, the caring, the decisions. My mother apologised in a letter to my brother that she ruined his life and what about me? Not a single word, I'm broken beyond repair and I didn't get a single sorry, a single word, still, I'm the one that has to manage all that bullshit. Sometimes I think about just going away, changing my name and just be gone. Bad thing is, I care for my brother and I don't want to cut contact and my parents will be dead sooner than later, but it would be nice to have someone caring for me, just for once.

No. 1257734

I saw a dog trapped in a hot car in 90F heat with the windows all up yesterday at a shopping mall. People treat pets like fashion accessories and forget they are living creatures with needs both medical and psychological. I also hate that most people's pets have emotional issues (the constant anxious barking is not normal) or visible neglect (eye goop not being wiped, for example, when it takes 1 minute to do.) humanity is all around pretty awful.
It's pathetic when people get "depressed" for being fired and then go and destroy their own life even more. Stop giving your shitty employer that much power over you. Jobs are everywhere now, go online and there's like 9000 job openings in your field. Take a vacation, come back, and apply for more jobs. Imagine if you had kids to take care of and he pulled these antics. Unreliable emotional toddler. Women always have to hold the entire family together no matter what unfortunate events happen, while men cry and run to the bottle with the tiniest upset.

No. 1257737

Redditcore as fuck, type an even longer post to give your generic thoughts

No. 1257740

So why is it exactly narcissistic to be a mother? Am I going to be taught something new?

No. 1257744

Ntayrt, As someone who went no contact with my insane mother i appreciate you explaining it like that; so fucking spot on. I hope other anons have the courage to go NC If it is necessary for their best lives.

No. 1257746

File: 1657481922704.jpeg (795.4 KB, 1170x1133, 6E6F46F7-8D34-4640-AF38-25D6E7…)

I actually have no interest in talking about the things that happened in my formative years and there is no way in hell I will be giving anyone at any point #traumaporn but I am so ready to get my shit together omg. The pandemic is not to blame for how bad my mental health has gotten but it certainly escalated it into territories I personally don’t believe would have been possible without those specific, bizarre variables. I don’t want much but I do want to take better care of myself now. Like sorry but I’m not killing myself.

No. 1257751

File: 1657481998580.png (146.36 KB, 500x711, salty.png)

You replied
ask a therapist
Put yourself first Nona. It isn't your job to be a parent to your parent.

No. 1257754

And what will a therapist say?

No. 1257758

I love that picture so much

No. 1257769

Thank you anon, that's very kind. I don't have much faith in myself but I do try to move forward and grow past who my abuse made me. It's a WIP.

No. 1257772

thank you, Nona. I know that, still, I'm doing that for over 25 years now, I'm the parent to everyone, have a problem, I'm your parent, I will listen, I will solve it, I won't ask for anything and I'm done, I want someone to take care of me, just pat me on the head and say that everything will be okay, nothing more. But I will put myself first for once, as soon, as I move, my parents won't get my address anymore and I'm done with it.

No. 1257786

'Parentification' is the fancy word for it which can gain you some resources to understand your situation and your feelings about it. You sound very sweet. Make sure your own exams and studying come first, maybe see if you can get a dorm room. If you explain it to your professor she might let you retake the exam.
Ask one.

No. 1257788

anon, you sound like me, you have a bad case of parentification. you gotta break the cycle, learn to say no and be free. you're not anyone's parent, no one cares for people like that, but they don't get it. and they can't. it's hard to do but understand that people will survive on their own, everyone. it's not on you.

No. 1257792

I wish I'd stop self-sabotaging

No. 1257826

incels and tifs shouldn't be on dating apps period. go to an app for losers and gays or something. i'm sick of seeing uglies in my likes. it's such a waste of time having to remove them. the tifs disgust me the most becasue they think they pass but they look like fat manlets or 13 yr old boys.

No. 1257838

My therapist I began seeing last month told me that she no longer thinks she is qualified to help me with my issues and recommended a more intense type therapy. Super nice about it. But kinda jarring. At least someone cared enough to point me in a better direction

No. 1257850

Are you that bitch (either tif or scrote) that threw a fit over anons wishing their brothers would die? Seriously what's up with all Male defending lately?

No. 1257860

Nta but I don’t understand why you’d jump to that conclusion. There’s a very small minority of newfags that keep telling women who vent about anything that they’re disgusting or something for being attracted to men or showing any sort of desire like that is in any way something they can control. Mocking women for having experiences with men does not make you #based and #pinkpilled because you’re sooo superior for not needing men in your life

No. 1257866

>There’s a very small minority of newfags that keep telling women who vent about anything that they’re disgusting or something for being attracted to men or showing any sort of desire like that is in any way something they can control. Mocking women for having experiences with men does not make you #based and #pinkpilled because you’re sooo superior for not needing men in your life
God I hope those hyper misogynistic twitter blackpillers aren't on this fucking site, I can't stand those sociopaths.

No. 1257880

I weigh myself daily due to being on a successful weight loss journey and I read some of the alr subs, why the fuck do people think it's stupid to weigh yourself in your underwear or naked, like if I am gonna bother to step on a scale, I want that shit to be the actual weight I am. Yes, I have been taking it a bit too seriously, yes I have made amazing progress and I can pretty much guess how much my clothes would weigh but WHO THE FUCK WOULD TRY TO GET A CORRECT WEIGHT WITH CLOTHES ON goddamit

No. 1257887

I feel so incredibly lonely right now. The only friend I had was my ex and she broke up with me. Somedays I feel like I'm over it but I guess not since it's days like today that make me think so much of her. I'm rewatching some of her gaming clips on her channel just so I can hear her voice again. I wish I can take a nap just so I can feel not being alive anymore.

No. 1257892

At least he has good taste in eromanga.
I can't be assed to use a scale, I just judge by how well my pants fit and how horrible I look in a bikini.

No. 1257899

See this I would get but I have health issues and need to either way keep my doctor in the know of my weight because she has to change my med dosages at certain points and so on, also all my other are at least 3 sizes too big so that doesn't tell me shit.

No. 1257915

I was watching some 80s music videos on Youtube and was reading the comments and saw a whole thread of people 50+ reminiscing about their youth and how much fun they had in the 80s and how they wished they could go back. How carefree they felt and all the concerts and fun they had. It made me so depressed because I'm in my 20s and feel like I haven't experienced anything. All those middle-aged people wishing they could re-experience their youth because it was their favorite part of their life meanwhile I haven't done anything fun or cool and likely won't because of my neuroticism and anxiety. I guess it made me think that if their late teens/20s was what they wanted to go back to at that age then he rest of my life is going to be just as mundane or even more mundane than it is now. Those Gen Xers complaining about being old because they can't do anything fun anymore, but I'm bitter because at least they had a period of their life when they got to have fun and do all this cool stuff. They don't know how good they actually had it.

No. 1257940

No one said being a mother is narcissistic, you need better reading comprehension. But looking at your earlier replies I think you're baiting at this point.

No. 1257962

No one can tell me that my aquarium vagina is a normal scent, my armpits smell exactly like my vagina. I don’t care if an apple cider vinegar water mix rinse will put me at risk for a potential BV, I have to kill the BO under my pits and snitch.

No. 1257964

Samefag, I’ll do it just on my thighs and armpits.

No. 1257971

Just saw a video of a shooting that happened in my country due to political differences. I couldn't help but cry, it's so violent, so sad, so unnecessary. Not only I'm now insanely sad for the families (even the perpetrator's, maybe only their dad was the insane one), but also I am even more scared to live here. I wish I could flee from my country with my whole family.

No. 1257972

Use rubbing alcohol under your pits to get rid of the bacteria and look into armpit toners (never tried them but have heard of them) and antibacterial soap. If you can't go to a gyno, try boric acid and d-mannose. obviously ignore all of this of you've already tried these things. Sometimes it really is just your natural smell though.

No. 1258023

I'm feeling kinda retarded because I accidentally disclosed something to another person, which I probably shouldn't have…

No. 1258032

Five months is a pretty decent amount of time, if he's nice why not meet his dad?

No. 1258036

Stop self sabotaging

No. 1258037

idk about your vagina, but there are specialised soaps for that area. I don't use them, but honey pot seems to be one of the most popular ones. As for armpits, exfoliation is key. I highly recommend chemical exfoliants like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. I also use a medicated deodorant too since i sweat a lot but idk if that would be necessary for you.

No. 1258043

im convinced the only way you get promoted to an office job at my resort is by being bad at your other job

No. 1258058

I feel the same way. I'll always end up liking someone as long as they give me attention.

No. 1258059

That's not rushing things at all, five months is a very decent amount of time.

No. 1258061

Where are you from, nonna? I'm sorry that's going on, it must be so stressful.

No. 1258077

>tell mom i want adderall because my life is totally fucked because i have focus issues and i want to be normal for once
>"omg have you tried just focusing on what you want to do? like lol. have you really just Tried paying attention? it's not that hard everyone can do it :)"

i love her but it boggles my mind that she is so against mental illness existing but agrees in the existence of god/that shit like the burning bush actually totally happened.

No. 1258078

File: 1657505922196.png (2.26 MB, 1080x2061, Screenshot_20220710-214811_(1)…)

I found this YouTube channel. Basically main theme is wife makes delicious food for his husband and brings it to him while he's gaming. My first thought is, why isn't the husband having dinner with his wife and kids? He really can't pause his game for 15 mins and sit down and spend time with his family? And all the comments are either being supportive of her or whining about some imaginary feminist who has a problem with this. Moids are such man children.

No. 1258081

This new trend of women being complete assholes over nothing and then blaming it on Autism when called needs to stop. Very few actually have the 'tism and all it's doing is making things harder for those that really do.

No. 1258091

File: 1657507007811.png (301.71 KB, 480x360, 1AA46F24-E650-44A8-91FE-7D73A1…)

I can’t cum because of my meds. Tears

No. 1258102

Thanks to >>1252417 's discussion, my new water bottle arrived in the mail yesterday and I love it. I can feel the mold-induced mental illness fade away already. Well, I'm just joking, but I'm sure it'll bring some passive yet positive effects now that I'm not drinking out of something where mold grows despite frequent bleach cleaning.

(Hopefully the quote link will work this time.)

No. 1258157

God will answer for making me ugly, untalented, unlikeable, stupid, and lazy on top of all that. Why didn't I get a single boon?

No. 1258167

fucking tired of people ghosting me

No. 1258172

from the screenshot that food looks basic af. And yeah, I'd never tolerate that shit. Video games are for when you have NOTHING else to do. They come last, not first. The only game I like is minecraft, but it kills my laptop so I don't play it.

Haha I build a digital house because I can't afford a real house. Thanks boomers.

No. 1258175

I am so tired of people not cleaning their dog's shit off the sidewalk I want to hold them down and forcefeed the shit to the owner. You think it's cute to leave feces everywhere? Fuck your stinky little purse dog. Nasty bitch. There needs to be like a $2000 annual fee to own a dog in a city or else the dog is just taken to go live in the wilderness in some kind of colony and the owner gets their condo foreclosed on to recoop costs of poop removal. Oh my god i hate the smell of dogshit so much.

No. 1258214

I know, I know, online dating is ass. But still, once in a while I'll make a profile just to see what's out there, and every single time, it's full of butt ugly guys. Maybe it's just my area, or the good-looking ones don't do online dating, but seriously, it's just page after page of fugly. I don't settle for just "personality" anymore, I need to be physically attracted at the least.

No. 1258215

maybe she's secretly and slowly poisoning him every time she brings him food as revenge

No. 1258245

I hate how terrible I am at makeup! I have watched a million videos and tried so many different products but somehow it always looks wrong? Like it's not even a taste issue, because I'll try to copy some cute and basic makeup look exactly, being super careful and attentive to do it just like in the video but my skin just rejects it. I don't understand why I can't just look nice in makeup like everyone else what the fuck! I copied everything exactly down to the products why won't my face just wear it! Even some trannies manage makeup you'd think I could at least do better than an xy but nooo I gotta look haggard every day and why, because makeup is fucking gay as hell! I tell people when they ask that I don't like wearing makeup and like to feel natural but that's a load of shit. I would wear it if only I could

No. 1258256

File: 1657523599694.jpg (28.45 KB, 612x612, 1355481717-612x612.jpg)

I work as a waitress at a small family-owned casual seafood restaurant and my coworkers and I dealt with shitty customers even though we do our best and give good service. From my experience, most of the complaints came from black customers. We don't have anything against them and treat all customers with kindness and respect but there are times where they're extremely unsatisfied and entitled like the food is not good enough, overpriced, or disgusting. Had some that want to get it with a discount or for free. I wish I was joking. Also no tips.

No. 1258267

File: 1657524215644.jpeg (52.11 KB, 606x148, 6FDD9219-966D-49E1-A089-E9B157…)

I can't get over him and he can't even admit to anyone, not even me, we were a thing

I keep torturing myself and wasting time thinking about him while he doesn't give a fuck and is directing all his efforts toward his uwu pure innocent gf that doesn't even like him

Why is it as soon as a man meets a better (prettier) woman, you become a disgusting nuisance in his eyes?

No. 1258268

And how can you do this toward a "best friend" you've known for years and not even try to make things better? I don't understand.

No. 1258293

I always got ridiculously distressed a week before my period and so I got on the pill and been on it for 2 months now and I feel like I still get insane PMS a week before my 'period'. Like this morning I forgot my pass and I was fined and I felt so horrible about it that I just burst into tears in front of the controller like a retard. I guess if these mood swings are not hormonal then I must be just naturally fucking insane, alright then. And now I'm not going to be able to concentrate at work either

No. 1258294

I know this isn't the advice thread but the pill can and probably is making your mood swings even worse. Pms on hormonal birth control is hellish.

No. 1258299

I agree with you that the world can be a depressing place, but the quality of life for humanity has on average greatly improved over time, and will keep on improving. For all we know in 500 years we could attain a post-scarcity utopia(where everyone would be voluntarily a vegan), 500 years is a small amount of time compared to the 100,000-200,000 years modern humans have existed, and if humanity stopped reproducing and went extinct, we would be ending our species when we're so close to the goal.

But you might say that none of us around today will be alive in 500 years to experience said utopia, and my reply to that is that we don't know for sure. No one today has personal evidence of what happens after death, it could be that after death humans are reincarnated as humans born in the future, and anti-natalism would also put such a system in jeopardy, as people can't be reincarnated if no one has children. Everyone could have lived many past lives, only to stop being reborn, if anti-natalism won, when we're so close to achieving a utopia for everyone

No. 1258304

File: 1657528583010.jpg (52.14 KB, 640x623, klu87d5afrj71.jpg)

I want to smoother my hand in hot sauce and give my husband a prolonged hand job.

No. 1258309

I want to buy clothes, but all the styles I like are from fast fashion giants and I feel awful buying from those. I want a cow print dress fro example, and every search result is from SHEIN


No. 1258310

Also to add to this, the biggest sites are so full of clothes it just overwhelms me, I hate it

No. 1258313

Why did I say that
Now I feel like a retard

No. 1258319

Sounds like it's time for a divorce

No. 1258325

What did he do this time?

No. 1258328

Yeah spill nonny

No. 1258336

File: 1657532518251.jpeg (313.08 KB, 828x842, CB013305-D420-402E-A185-059986…)

I get disappointed whenever I find a small business ran by a woman that has her husband/bf's face with "co-owner" anywhere around his picture on her site.

No. 1258339

Moids are so ungrateful, holy shit. And brothers are the worst of all.

No. 1258350

I've been awake since first light which was around 4AM. I fed the poultry and livestock, watered and weeded my vegetable garden, did the laundry, ironed his working clothes, made his lunch for him to take to work, cleaned the kitchen and took care of the children, yet I still found time to cook his breakfast made from freshly harvested ingredients from my own garden and eggs from my own ducks. After he'd cleared his plate I asked him how it was and he grunted and shrugged then got up and left for work. The fucking selfish pig couldn't even be bothered to say "it was nice".

>moids are so ungrateful
Hard agree

No. 1258366

A coworker I've always had a minor crush on threw a party and her stupid gymrat brother took an immediate obsessive liking to me. He cornered me when things were winding down, tried to shove his tongue down my throat, and wouldn't let me leave for another 2 hours. I told him I wasn't really into men and he said verbatim "What does that have to do with anything, nona?". Shook so hard from the gravity of the situation that the stupid dick thought I was SHIVERING and tried to cuddle with me to warm me up.

Once I finally was able to convince him to let me leave (not without the world's most uncomfortable ambush goodbye kiss) I found out that he had at some point gone into my phone and let himself in to my private instagram. What is in me that inspires men to consistently act like this? I have so many stories.

No. 1258369

I've been an actress my entire life, but only in family friendly theater productions. I'm now trying to expand my portfolio by auditioning for film productions. An issue I keep encountering is how so many productions demand nudity and (simulated) sex. I am already picky with romantic roles due to my long-term relationship. Even as an actress, I just don't want to kiss anybody but my fiancé. It would upset me if he did it and it upsets me to do it. It's so frustrating to have to turn down so many opportunities just for one scene that for some reason has to be softcore pornography. The kissing can be worked around with techniques, but dryhumping some guy with my breasts exposed doesn't feel like the acting I want to do…

No. 1258370

Really thinking about forcing myself to be "cold" and I don't know how to word this, I'm just done with mentally ill people and not a native speaker.
Due to family abuse, I grew up VERY depressed and that depression took away my teenage years, I lived up to other's expectations, I grew up trying to prove I'm loveable and such, putting myself in a couple of very abusive relationship (One of my ex moid stole money, resources and most importantly, my time, because he was in need and told me I was so empathetic and understanding so I HAD to help him, right?).
After years and years of therapy, I learned how to be a person, I learned how to control my emotions and developed critical skills and now, in my late 20s, I'm becoming a whole person and I realized I have no time for mentally ill people.
I have my own shit to deal with and I just hate when people randomly trauma dump or say that we need to talk when in fact it's just them venting about their life. I hate that just because I grew up in a rough environment then that means I'm a sensible and caring person because apparently I understand the struggles of others, fuck you, I'm not your psychologist. I hate how no matter me being honest, they live in their own fantasy in which if I'm not available 24/7 to talk then that means I'm dropping their friendship. It just means I'm caring for myself, you retard.
I'm not cold by myself, in fact, I'm always there to help people but I hate when I'm seen just like a resource and not as a person and these emotional vampires suck me out.
I have nice people in my life too and I can feel the difference when I pass the time with them just chilling to when my "best friends" just text me at night telling me how they plan to kill themselves because life's too much for them.
I understand that, I've been some bad shit too, but I went up and saw actual help.
Go to therapy and fuck off.

No. 1258371

I missed my bus because the retatded driver didn't want to stop and now I'll be late for work. What a great end to my vacation, fucking shit

No. 1258377

You're not acting "cold" but you're setting boundaries and you have good reasons to do so. Only those who are mad for not getting what they want out of you will see this as you being "cold". I'm glad you chose to stick up for your self. I wish all the best for you.

No. 1258378

I can't get over how autistic my bf's father is.
>Gets mad if the shower mat is too wet, even though that's literally what it's there for
>Yelled at me for putting a damp towel on a towel rack because it might 'rot the wood' even though that's what it's there for too
>Doesn't let anyone use the other wooden towel rack for the same reason
>Gets mad at multiple other minor offences and comes up with the most backwards logic to justify it
>Gets mad if you eat all of one food, but if you save him some, he doesn't touch it and it goes bad
>Buys multiple of the same food, lets the old ones rot instead of throwing them out
>Gets mad if there is a tiny bit of starch on the pasta strainer
>Has the most retarded sink set up where it's split into wash and dry sections, with a rack that takes up half the space
>Literally gets full if there are two plates in it
>Gets mad if the sink is full, but refuses to change his retarded set up
>Sharts all over the toilet and doesn't clean it
>Pisses in the dark and gets it all over the floor
>Walks around at night checking all the cabinet doors and light switches
>Sleeps with the tv blasting and the door wide open
>Like all dads, thermostat autism
Why are old moids like this

No. 1258379

>Like all dads, thermostat autism
KEK omg this is so true!! And I thought I was the one being autistic for complaining about it.

No. 1258380

Dreamt about you again but this time we were at a friends wedding. That was nice

No. 1258384

I do so much of that shit I feel attacked. Also that is the optimum sink setup I don't know how else you would do it

No. 1258386

You be shittin on the seat?

No. 1258389

I'm so done with friends as a concept. People always want more from me than I can give or they expect me to concede boundaries they don't. Because it's all about power games to people at their core and people always think they are superior to me or pity me, either way they are using me as an ego boost

No. 1258393

File: 1657539794356.png (20.04 KB, 775x511, dumb sink.png)

Nonna..please reconsider.
I'd agree with you normally but this is the worst I've seen. Especially the extra grate on the wash side. Why does that need to be there?
Or just have a drying rack next to the sink with a mat, even if it sacrifices counter space at least you can fit more dishes in the place that's meant to wash them

No. 1258394

I'm at the same point. People expect certain things from you and if you don't deliver, it's a you-problem somehow. "You're a bad friend/girlfriend!" Like okay? Find someone else and leave me alone then. We don't have to hang out if it's so painful to you, you obviously don't like me and want me to be different so you try to control me and get frustrated by my boundaries.

No. 1258396

File: 1657540402530.jpg (55 KB, 1080x615, vbt60vvvp8y21.jpg)

I hate that every month, EVERY FUCKING MONTH, my body's like "you know what could make this bitch even more miserable during her periods? Unexplainable diarrhea".
I take such a good care of my body, I eat healthy, I workout everyday, I gave up on cheese because it gets me praying on the toilet, and that's how I get repaid? THAT'S FUCKING HOW I GET REPAID EACH AND EVERY SINGLE MONTH?

No. 1258397

>I do so much of that shit I feel attacked.
Then you may have some subtle scrote vibes, it's fine every woman has some to a certain extent.

No. 1258419

I expected way worse than that but it's still understandable. I'd be angry with him too if I were you.

No. 1258422

>Most believe it's closely related to an increase in hormones called prostaglandins, which are released before your period. Prostaglandins cause contractions that help your uterus shed its lining. Sometimes, they also cause contractions in your intestines, which can cause a range of GI symptoms, including diarrhea.
Why are bodies so retarded.

No. 1258430

I have that problem too everytime, and I'm about to be on my period while on holidays and in an anime con, I'm just going to starve the whole time, just drink water and then I'll pig out once my period is almost over.

No. 1258436

File: 1657544586885.jpg (76.77 KB, 735x657, 1639623210779.jpg)

You're so right and you should say it. fuck periods and fuck period diarrhea

No. 1258445

I opened up a small cafe with money I had and its literally the worst thing I did in my life. Financially, emocionally.. im too broke to afford employees so its me and my partner working here… he's useless at home and I'm having so much housework and mental load to deal with… I also moved in with my LDR boyfriend and I hate it so much. I just wish I could die literally the worst deciions I have ever taken in my life I Hate my life so much

No. 1258454

Nonny I’m sorry you’re regretting it, I wish I could come visit your café. The restaurant business is grueling, especially so when you don’t have good help. Hope things look up for you soon.

No. 1258459

The towels and wooden racks remind me of my somewhat autistic father. Mine was worse, he was so autistic with water consumption that we were only allowed to shower once a week, until high school when we were allowed 2 showers a week because we were so disgusting that classmates were suspecting things. As a result my back is still to this day covered in acne scars from not showering enough and it didn't matter if we were on our periods. We were only allowed to flush down the toilet if we were on our period or if we took a shit too, but he once threatened to beat me up for flushing down the toilet too often, which was because I was on my period. He would beat us up and threaten to kick us out for dumb shit like this. He also pisses on the floor or on the toilet seat and never cleans that up. I wonder how he isn't dead from some sort of disease yet given his terrible hygiene.

No. 1258460

MY BF CUT HIS LONG DREADS OFF AND I'M SO FUCKING SAD. He's been talking about it for a while and I was always secretly worried I wouldn't be as attracted to him if he did it, I love long hair on men more than anything. He did it suddenly and didn't tell me before because he thought I'd talk him out of it lol. I would have done! I cried when I saw him and I felt bad but I couldn't help it.
It is a good thing though because he wants to take better care of himself and having short hair means he needs to pay attention and he says he was kind of hiding behind the long hair, even though he grew it deliberately. And I adjusted pretty quickly. And tbh the maintenance was getting to be a lot for both of us, at least this way he can just go to a barber.
I was worried also because when I was 15 I had a bf who cut off his waist length hair after he dumped me, and it gave me the ick so bad I wasn't even into him any more. Luckily that didn't happen but I still want my long hair bf back. I feel guilty for not being as attracted to him but I don't know what to do about it. Long hair lovers, please commiserate with me.
At least he has really incredible hair and he's not balding, it could be worse

No. 1258464

RIP dreads… they're so sexy

No. 1258465

i wanna stop being a NEET but idk how. i have really really bad adhd and probably a sperg. i didn’t finish school and later moved countries and can’t continue my education because of dropping out. i can’t attend language classes regularly so i can’t find a job. the only job i kept for multiple years was owned by someone close to me and that’s how i kept it. lost all other jobs quickly. now i haven’t properly worked in close to a decade and feel like such a pathetic loser leech but i have no job skills. i have such poor mental health as well as a shit ton of physical problems that doctors don’t seem to care to diagnose and i feel like i am just running in circles and not getting close to advancing anything in my life. i can’t keep friends because i don’t like leaving the house because outside overwhelms me so much. i just had another birthday pass and i am sad about getting older with nothing to show for it. and now i have my fucking period and can’t move out of bed and i had to cancel my psychiatrist appointment today. i didn’t want to go anyway, the office is so far away and i get panic attacks on the train. i feel so sad and useless today. at least my bf bought me some really really pretty flowers for my birthday that i can look at.

No. 1258471

They were so beautiful too, like I said he has really incredible hair that locks so well. The advantage of dreads is that he did keep them and somebody with the skills could reinstall them.
I do like playing with the afro though it's really cute.

No. 1258474

Caught myself saying ‘eh?’ today like a fricking weeb, anyone fancy euthanising me? Xx

No. 1258479

Weeb? I thought 'eh?' was a Canadian thing.

No. 1258482

Well then Canadians are fricking weebs too. I mean like ‘eh? Nani?’ They actually say that ?

No. 1258508

I know it won't mean much from a stranger on the internet but I hope everything works out for you nonnie ♥ I wish I could come to your cafe too! I really hope you'll flourish.

No. 1258512

Thank you dear ;;

No. 1258515

Nice. I'm glad my vent led to something productive lol
What kind of water bottle did you get? I was thinking of getting a stainless steel bottle with an open mouth. Not sure about brands but I might get it from the sports shop.

No. 1258523

File: 1657550242450.png (158.39 KB, 413x420, dcpsjkv-7ceeda17-eea3-48a4-8ae…)

Use it for money laundering and then close it once you made your investment back. There's no point in continuing something that brings you agony and has no future.

No. 1258527

File: 1657550491239.jpg (377.15 KB, 988x1090, AUGHH.jpg)

I honestly have such a difficult relationship with my mother, we just had a very intense argument where she accused me of having an ED and that my brain was fucked from the internet and that I was on loads of ED groups online and obsessed with weight loss, which is funny considering I have never cared about my weight EVER, and would say I'm actually slightly above average for my age (which I don't care) she then accused me of being arrogant because I was upset that my friends have changed and called me a narcissist that can't get along with people "unless there exactly like me" all because I complained that my friends were all into gender ideology shit now and wouldn't stop talking about it, I got really upset by all this and called her mentally ill because she was making shit up in her head, and then she got right in my face and said "No, your the mentally ill one who had an attempted suicide" and said other shit like I'm abnormal and that I'm a psychopath and she wants me to move out and that the whole family uses her as a scapegoat, I've ruined her life etc

I am a fuck up, I'm a loner, hobby less, immature for my age, but you know what? I am trying to change, getting into college rn I just got in contact with some old friends, I know I've caused problems with the family, I know I've worried my mother with some horrible shit I wont get into, but being around her makes me feel so horrible and depressed, constant criticism, waking up to her calling me a "baby", I hate that I want to be loved by my mum, that I desperately want a normal family but I feel like I should give up on our relationship at this point, she just constantly provokes people and starts arguments and occasionally these weird schizo arguments where she accuses people of the weirdest shit, I do feel bad I've caused a lot of problems recently but now that I think about it she's always been like this, she's always accused me of being insecure and obsessed with weight loss etc. And then after every argument she suddenly starts acting all nice, not apologetic just being all positive and acting like a victim at the same time, just bizarre.

I am trying to change and be independent but being around her just makes me feel genuinely uncomfortable, it doesn't feel like a mother-daughter relationship at all. Idk I do feel very ashamed of myself and feel bad for the shit I've stirred in my family but I just can't continue looking for acceptance from my mother anymore, thinking about what she thinks of me everyday makes me feel horrible, I think we are both very abnormal people, I wouldn't be surprised if we both had a similar illness like APD considering we are both loners, ah idk, I just give up on building a normal relationship I cant blame myself for the bad things I've caused recently because she has been like this since I was a young child. If I was her and I had a child like me I'd probably hate it too though, aughh

No. 1258537

Started my new summer job today, first shift with a moid creeper kept asking me about how old I am and that they just had to send a "cute girl"and kept saying guys there would be "thrilled that a cute girl is here".I don't want to go back tomorrow. It's like a social housing for addicts and other inept weirdos. Idk why I agreed to do this job.

No. 1258547

Op here, today I had some blood in my vaginal discharge, it never happened before and this is definitely not the time for my period. Should I worry?

No. 1258564

File: 1657553367758.jpeg (92.51 KB, 680x593, 85468682-83E6-496F-B1D0-349E18…)

One time I saw an awful video of a couple walking to an elevator in some European country. I think they were both intoxicated (the women more so) and the man was throwing the girl around onto the floor and dragging her around. Sometimes I wish I could jump in and save these women. Also KAM

No. 1258568

I usually am not affected when people get mad at me because I don't take things that seriously, but my manager made me tear up so many times today. We were unloading a truck that was full because my coworkers did inventory wrong and it took 6 hours, and it was my first time doing this because i was just hired two weeks ago (i wasn't assigned to this but i offered to switch places with a girl who was because she has back problems). My manager barely told me what u-boats contained which items, so i kept asking. she eventually just stopped everything, looked at me all pissed and said "You need to start remembering this is wasting my time." She did this a few times. I was so afraid to ask her about stuff after that, so i asked my coworkers whenever she'd leave the room. THEY didn't even know where things went, and they've been working there for so long. At the end of our shift, she did apologize for being grouchy but I took it really personally..because it was. I'm even crying now lol.

Aynways, i told her i have medical brain damage so it takes me a while to understand things lmfao. This isn't true, but maybe it is from all the times i would bang my head on shit when i was younger. She said, "now you're telling me? Sorry, I would have gone easier on you and not given you such a hard time." I feel really bad about lying but I needed her to back off and hopefully this will get me a smaller work load in the future.

No. 1258571

>so i asked my coworkers whenever she'd leave the room. THEY didn't even know where things went, and they've been working there for so long.
Play their game too, fake it until you make it lol

No. 1258574

can happen with a UTI or kidney infection. see your doctor.

No. 1258579

Sorry I'm retarded and didn't realize that's what you meant. Yeah he's a doofus

No. 1258580

True, idk how they get away with it and I don't. If i even looked around the room for more than 2 literal seconds, she'd get mad at me

No. 1258584

Probably Russia, they're known for that stuff

No. 1258587

Sign of a bad manager is making new employees afraid to ask questions. It’s not your fault, nonnie.

No. 1258615

I'm a virgin so can it be possible he just bruised my hymen or something? In the case of an infection, would the blood appear so soon, like 12 hours after our making out season?

No. 1258616

I just wanted to make pancakes for my BF this morning and asked if he set an alarm yesterday and instead I woke up to his alarm set 30 mins before I had to leave for work (he decided to work from home- two hours LATER than his usual alarm is despite me asking him if he was working from home, in which he said yes) and so I was pissy and pulled out my dresser drawer too hard and broke the handle off and I just said to him "please PLEASE tell me when you set the alarm later, it could have taken you two seconds last night" and he was like " OKK, ok. I thought it wasn't a big deal" and I was like "you just need to tell me, I would've got up earlier myself" and he was like "next time." next time I'm not even making pancakes fuck this. Then he said I shouldn't be mad at him because when I was half asleep I checked my phone and went back asleep. Which I don't even REMEMBER! and I said well that doesn't make up for me asking you to set an alarm and you changing the time on me. And he was like well you could've got up. TF?! I told him I would've got up if I saw the time like that. Idk I'm mad. Never again.

No. 1258622

Could be ovulation bleeding, could be he damaged the hymen if he was anywhere near there, could be nothing. Keep an eye out and try not to panic.

No. 1258628

How do you get over knowing your mom will never have salvation? The kids have flown the nest but she still won't split from our belligerent, lazy father. Not only is there no net gain to him, he doesn't bring in the money or clean up, but even personality wise he's disgusting and is a drain on everyone around him. And my brother, who I don't wish death on yet, has picked up the same entitled attitude. Oh he's fine to have mom do stuff for him, but acts like he's doing HER a favor, I've never heard him say thank you to her in about 5 years.

I have to keep my distance from her because she just tries to foist emotional labor and all the handmaiden shit on to me when I try get close and tries to guilt me into going out of my way to smooth tensions as a result of the moids in my family being asshats like a good woman should. She just won't listen to me.

It's like she's condemned herself to be belittled and disrespected and there's nothing I can do about it and I feel terrible for that. I've moved away and just have unpleasant memories but she still lives that reality daily.

No. 1258637

New people moved in nextdoor. They spend alot of time in the garden with their baby. I'm adjusting to the new noise levels, I'd had a nice quiet set up for the last few years. Thing is the baby isn't noisy but the adults.. are this constant stream of baby talk, clapping, squealing, singing kids songs.. hyper active sounding shit aimed to excite the baby I guess. They're so many decimals louder than the baby could ever be. Non stop babbling nonsense in the background.

No. 1258652

I fantasize about shoving a dried thai chile pepper down my Nigel's urethra. I've asked his permission several times but he won't let me. I'm going to suck on one and give him a surprise blowjob one day.


No. 1258654

Inb4 "break up with him"
He wouldn't have appreciated pancakes anyway anon

No. 1258657

That isn't autism, it's narc behavior. What he wants is to yell at you. He makes up watever he needs to in order to justify his yelling at you. The reason isn't the reason. The reason is the desire to berate you over anything at all to make himself feel better, or whatever narc justification.

Non-abusive parents do not yell at their children, and espeically not over trivial bullshit all day every day. He enjoys screaming at you and doens't care how you feel or how confused it makes you.

No. 1258659

I accidentally cut myself in the leg with a saw, the wound is maybe 4 cm long and 1 cm wide but didn't bleed much. Put a plaster on, seems fine for now but I'm afraid I can't go running tomorrow. Also this is gonna leave a nasty scar but fuck it, i'm not going to the emergency room bc it's an hour away and I've got no car so i'd have to call an ambulance which would be ridiculous. Fuck this rural life.

No. 1258681

Omg this is literally the same shit my own father always did. He always searched for minor shit to get mad about and yell at me (esp. if things weren't going his way) and i always had to make sure to not be at home or be in my room when he got home from work because he would be in the worst mood and would literally go around the house to search for shit to get mad at me & my brother. The only solution is to move out and to not live with that person because it will literally make your life hell if you always have to be alert and anxious that this one person will have a temper tantrum. My mother now has to deal with all of his shit.

No. 1258685

Thats what you get for bending over backwards for your nigel

No. 1258688

Nonni, just go. What if your wound gets infected?

No. 1258689

Please tell us you at least washed it thoroughly and used antiseptic before you put the plaster on.

No. 1258690

I'm the only one in my friend group that doesn't have a summer birthday, so my birthday often gets ignored. I don't even care if I get a gift or not, but it feels bad when I'm the only one who doesn't. Last year one of the friends completely forgot it was my birthday and didn't notice until 2 days later, feels kind of bad.

No. 1258700

Super late, but Brazil.

No. 1258703

Nta, but doing something nice for your partner like making food for them isn't bending over backwards. I think it's sweet anon was trying to do that, she just wasn't doing it for the right person.

No. 1258708

File: 1657561419831.gif (511.5 KB, 220x263, BAC8CFC1-E65A-409F-B91D-DD7FD0…)

This is an update from the whole drama because I said I wish my brothers dead, because apparently I have to be politically correct for lurkers and summerfags no aware we hate men on this image board and say “I wish my brothers didn’t exist”. I of course for the million time brought up the same problem with my own parent and they refuse to care about themselves or the real people it affects. It’s weird how people say “don’t ignore your problems and try to repair blahblah with your family!” but then switch and say “stop being a crybaby!!” when I tried to stop being an emotional robot and confront them. This entire thing makes me realize that a good majority of people are not prepared or can’t handle expected conflict or problems in relationships including your family members, they also run away and retreat. I’ve been so angry I’ve lost my appetite and honestly the anger is really dissipating into unusual laughter, I’m so upset I could really just shake my head and laugh at how much this is ridiculous. People really do just ignore problems that are clearly in their lives and screw the other people who are affected by it! I’m honestly tired of running away like most people are or how current advice is given to people, moving out is not even a close possibility right now anyways. I just wanted to vent, this whole world can be so frustrating and absurd it makes me actually want to laugh. She doesn’t even realize her life is absolute shit because of her sons… wish she would wake up. My mom is a good person but not a good parent.

No. 1258711

File: 1657561640889.gif (2.55 MB, 498x244, 32D16FCD-4397-49A9-B9FC-D6707C…)

>dating a man makes your life more annoying and unnecessarily hard

nigelfags never disappoint kek, godspeed nona

No. 1258714

File: 1657561854290.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.28 KB, 640x480, sdghfd.jpg)

Honestly why bother? It would take an hour for the ambulance to get here and another for it to take me there. I'm not dying. If it gets infected then I'll obv go. I'll go during office hours though, since the health center of my shitty tiny town is much closer. And yeah I did wash it.

Spoiler for gross wound pic.

No. 1258736

sorry for medfagging but that might need stitches if it doesn't stay closed with butterflies. godspeed nonna please take care of yourself.

No. 1258740

nonna, i think you need 1-2 stitches, that wound is way too wide

No. 1258744

The men who hit on me usually tell me I look 15-18. Women, even those much younger than me, also tell me I look very young, younger than 20. I'm 26 and I never dated guys. I seem to only attract guys who get off on the fact I look somewhat underage. If I actually look that young, do you think it's even normal/appropiate for adult guys to hit on me? Should I wait until I look older in order to start dating? This is tiresome

No. 1258749

The google doodle contest is making me emotional

As a 30 year old that rarely dates I don’t think it gets any better in old age, but going by my aunt and a coworker that remarried in middle age there are some true male unicorns out there

No. 1258751

god i hate images like this, the cat isn't making a :D face, it's panting because it's highly stressed or gas heart problems

No. 1258752

anon you're going to need stitches or MAYBE, if possible, liquid stitches. that's a pretty bad cut

No. 1258755

I wore a dress to my parents house today and my mom wanted me to draw something funny on a pool buoy but it dripped chlorine and stained the front of the blue fabric light red. I seethed do bad my parents were like chill but they don't know it's the only nice dress I have and shit never looks good on me like it does. I am so sad

No. 1258757

Why's it making you emo

No. 1258762

the kitty looks pretty stressed, if you wanted to be autistic about a fucking MEME the owner is probably driving them to the vet and they usually know where they’re going to which again makes them stressed

No. 1258774

Had to use more of my fucking savings today and it makes me want to fucking cry. I've been depressed as fuck and this definitely made me feel even worse. I want to jump off of a cliff. I feel like such a piece of shit for having to use my savings. Seeing the number go down so significantly is such a blow to my mental health it's insane. I don't know why I'm so upset either because I live with my parents and I'm not moving out soon. I just want to be a responsible adult and I keep making retarded mistakes and everyone's got to learn but I feel like I'm so fucking slow on the uptake. Fuck. I open my banking app and it makes me want to rope myself. Top fucking kek.

No. 1258784

I still had baby face going on til I was almost 30. To have the mind of a 30 year old woman and to be approached by grown men using skeevy transparent tactics on what they believe is either a teen or barely an adult.. my view of men is forever affected by some of those interactions. I used to play along for a few mins just to hear the bullshit.. then I'd drop my age and watch their face change. There was a while on here where you couldn't mention looking much younger without being told you're humble bragging but the reality of it is gross. Who wants that type of attention? These men would be classed as sex offenders if their charm ever worked on an actual teenager.

No. 1258785

You’ve got a good head on your shoulders to be stressing so hard over savings. Keep up the good work

No. 1258792

I really pity people who will throw all kinds of disgusting insults at someone and use their insecurities against them, while in the same breath claiming that they're "compassionate", "empathic" or and whatever else. So little self-awareness, it almost makes me cackle like a witch sometimes.

No. 1258793

Go full hog and dip the entire thing in the pool so it's uniformishly light red. If it's already ruined it can't hurt to try.

No. 1258794

I think women like us have to either date younger scrotes or wait until we start looking older kek. I'm seriously considering dating a 21 year old rn

No. 1258859

I don’t know why people think we can have stable lives with the economy is slowly going in the shitter. Most people can’t even manage to maintain $500 dollars of savings, don’t beat yourself it’s a very rocky ride that is not necessarily your fault.

No. 1258863

i get you nonnie, i have a bit of savings and investments which im living off of since i quit my job last year but people just keep coming out of nowhere to nickel and dime me. just got an invoice from my rental property manager when they got an electrician to come and replace some burned-out lights in the house and it was 300 bucks, literally 10 weeks worth of groceries. i want to scream.

No. 1258877

File: 1657568118610.jpeg (34.24 KB, 480x270, 991F94C2-7DC0-429D-BE1D-37A41B…)

How the fuck can I work 40hr/week above minimum wage and still be fucking poor? I just had to pull from my savings to put my rent this week because after my groceries and bills were paid and I didn’t have any left over, especially thanks to my dumbass company paying me twice monthly whenever they can be fucked doing so instead of on a regularly schedule.
I’m sick of living in a poorfag country and I’m sick of having to feel sorry for everyone. Boo hoo for the landlords who are missing out on renters who’ve moved overseas, boo hoo for the bosses who don’t have the desperate labour supply to hold on to their wage slave staff, boo hoo for the dumbass government who aren’t doing shit to fix anything but who are weally weally sowwy it’s gotten this bad. Fuck all this bullshit. I don’t feel bad for the people who are fucking me over, and I’m not gonna be sorry at all when I get on that plane with both middle fingers up and head to a new life overseas like everyone else my age.

No. 1258881

i feel the opposite way. shay thread anons who shit on her this mercilessly have to care about her in some way, they're so invested. i do sometimes outright feel bad for cows i make fun of, and i suspect you can't read on a cow every two fays if some part of their life or personality doesn't hit close to home in some way. people are terrible and complicated

No. 1258882

Shayfags are the worst tbh

No. 1258885

>she doesn’t know it’s the same here in america


No. 1258886

My moid was all sunshine and rainbows like an hour ago and saying how much he liked being with me and then he just flipped out about how I'm ruining his life
Very cool. Not crying at all.

No. 1258888

nonnington dump him he sounds like a loser and you're worth more

No. 1258892

Well okay, maybe they do care to some fucked up exntent but that doesn't have anything to do with being compassionate and empathic?

No. 1258893

I'm just going to throw it out my parents fussed so much and got mad at me for being mad and ruined it for me.

No. 1258894

These troons are pissing me off so bad right now, I'm so close to putting JKR as my profile picture.

No. 1258896

1. Nice get
2. Audibly kek'd at nonnington
3. I wish. Kind of stuck with him at the moment but I've been wanting to break it off for awhile now

No. 1258897

Feels weird to realize I dislike everyone in my life but I'm just too tired and bitter to cultivate new relationships or fix things. Suicide looks very attractive but I won't

No. 1258898

there's this fat bitch on tiktok who always shows up on my fyp, she lives in nyc in a nice aparmtent and all she does is record videos of herself getting a mcflurry and a large coke from Mcdonalds and larps as mentally ill but make it fashun, she doesnt work all her shit is paid for by her rich parents, but she makes oMg lOoK hOw I'm sTruGGliNg videos like she cant even clean her room and she's a horarder with a lot of thrifted shit everywhere, basically ruining the nice apartment with filth.

No. 1258899

I fucked my back up by my left shoulder blade. I can't bend down or use my left arm much. It hurts to do anything and I'm scared of sneezing or coughing because man does that hurt. I don't know what I did to fuck it up. The only odd thing I did was sleep on a blowup mattress for 3 nights. Fuck this pain I just want to cry.

No. 1258911

I hope my mother in law goes to hell, no matter what. racist ass bitch

No. 1258935

I'm on the brink of suicide right now and I reached out to a "friend" that I needed someone to talk to and they offered themselves but would be back in an hour after they finish up at the gym and eat.
Well, it's been 4 hours and in a mutual server I share with them it turns out they've been out drinking and at a karaoke place talking about getting laid. I'm happy they're having fun but why does everybody forget about me man… what the hell…

No. 1258944

can't relax in my chair cause my tailbone stings when it touches the chair but when i touch it there's nothing on it wtf

No. 1258945

I'm sorry you feel shitty nona, could you play or watch something brainlessly for a while until the most of the suicidey vibes subside? also lemme guess, it's a dude.

No. 1258952

File: 1657573417942.png (50.43 KB, 1079x196, unknown (1).png)

why are so many women pickmes, i'm going to end up a misogynist just from seeing these terminally shit takes all the time. can't go two posts on any website without seeing someone going 'im a woman and i (insert some male-defending nonsense stance here)'.

pic somewhat related. it's some stupid bitch defending activision-blizzard. if you don't know about them, they're yet another video game company under fire for sexual misconduct, harassment, and directly causing a female employee's death. in response to her directly: mic up in any competitive online game and you'll find out real quick how sexist the community is

No. 1258954

>yet another video game company under fire for sexual misconduct, harassment, and directly causing a female employee's death
Yeah but anon.. she's a girl and she plays video games so…cancels all that out obvs

No. 1258957

I haven't watched films in a while, and when I did I used google drive. So anyway I was searching for this film and I found it on a website called effedupmovies and I'm like it's probably like fmovies with shit tons of adds. Turns out it's a website for fucked up movies and there are no ads! And like, people comment on the films and there's a little bit of infighting and people talking about whether Noriko's Dinner Table or Suicide Club is better, and whether Possession (1981) is a femcel flick, kek. It's so dumb and little but with Netflix film pirating websites started becoming unpopular and it's nice to see them popular again.

No. 1258972

The theme for the contest is self-care so it’s a bunch of drawings kids made of what they do to feel better. There’s a bunch of cute ones like a girl that said she loves cooking with her mom and another that drew yellow roses with two cups of tea because one of them is for her friend

No. 1258975

Nintendo games tend to be family friendly enough to show as many female characters as male characters and in a positive or neutral way, so that's not really an example that should even come up.

No. 1258984

i am so tired of this bullshit it's unreal i just want to exist peacefully as a normie lesbian and my near and extended family were almost okay with it! goodness gracious i almost had it but this tranny kweer nonsense is so mainstream and prevalent and being normal people they are they are put off and annoyed by it but they just give me these weird looks and vibes whenever i'm around like i endorse that shit because these motherfuckers has to piggyback off of the gay movement… frankly i can't wait for the pendulum to swing back

No. 1258991

“Well it’s never affected me personally so it must not be a problem at all!”

No. 1259005

Lol of course she doesn't face sexism in video games, she's not playing online. Who the fuck is gonna sexually harass her on a Nintendo game, Bowser?

No. 1259029

God I need you riss. It's so fucking hard being without you, I never realized how much you meant to me

No. 1259030

My friend hasn't replied to any of my messages for a week now and I am actually done. If that bitch needs me, she can message me first and see I can ignore her adhd, dumb husband having ass.

No. 1259044

>Who the fuck is gonna sexually harass her on a Nintendo game, Bowser?
LMAO nonna

No. 1259074

My day was awful. I'm sure I'll be fired this week. I'm such a good for nothing, I hate myself.

No. 1259078

I might have to break up with my boyfriend of 5 years if he decides to move abroad without me instead of waiting for when I'm ready to go with him. I love him a lot, but I feel hurt that he is probably going to choose moving over me.

No. 1259085

A sudden change like that is scary and jarring but know its all him, anon. Usually when guys start acting like that, they're projecting guilt/shame. I won't say he definitely cheated but if he didn't, he probably has some other big secret he's keeping. I'm sorry you're going through it though, it sucks that certain men can't just be honest and would rather lash out and hurt their partners when communication would solve the problem with none (or at least less) of the pain.

No. 1259108

How do I get over the fact that I’m working with a girl my ex bf who I’m not fully over used to search up on Instagram? It just makes me honestly kind of freak out. I feel so ugly

No. 1259116

Damm girl are you dating my ex? Its a narc thing 100% admitting fault would make their world collapse as their sense of self is so fragile even a simple "yeah i fucked up" makes it shatter.

My ex told me I had to stop bringing up things he did do if I wanted him to stop accusing me of things I didn't do. They will make up the most inane shit to one up you and make you seem worse than them

No. 1259122

File: 1657586428408.gif (193.82 KB, 275x275, 1634333004332.gif)

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HOW WAS THE PROGRESS ON THE GAME FUCKING LOST??!? IT WAS SAVING AUTOMATICALLY BEFORE ON THE SAME FILE AND IT WAS JUST FINE, I NEVER HAD AN ISSUE WITH CONTINUING PROGRESS AND NOW YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT ONLY AFTER A FEW DAYS OF NOT PLAYING WHEN I LOG IN I SUDDENLY HAVE THEW START ALL OVER??? THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT sorry for the autism kek, for any nonnies wondering I was playing Hades on Xbox, all on the same profile and before it was saving automatically and it was continuing from where I left off, I don't understand why the fuck the save file is gone when it was there before. I asked my dad if he happened to change the Xboxs (we have two, one is an Xbox One and the other is an Xbox Series X, which is what has been connected to the TV this whole time) and he said no. I don't understand how this is possible. Maybe I'm just retarded but I just don't get it, and I'm devastated. I don't think I was toward the end of the game or anything since I hadn't played it for that long, like maybe a few hours every day for four or five days, but I still lost several hours of progress and this sucks.

No. 1259129

I got a kitten and she's the sweetest thing, but even with a steroid spray, allergy pill, and asthma meds I'm miserable. I have a slight cat allergy but have lived with cats and worked at a vet for years totally unmedicated with few issues so I thought it would be OK. I guess this is my life now but I am so frustrated that I'm having this issue. I grew up with my allergies and asthma being basically untreated because my mom didn't believe in western medicine so I'm now also having all these weird emotional triggers around feeling like shit. My whole childhood was being held back because I was a sickly kid. I won't let that be my life again, even if I have to take 100 meds every day!!!

No. 1259146

File: 1657588124683.png (347.11 KB, 640x480, angry.png)


No. 1259152

Apparently my hair has a ton of visible breakage and is thinning
past the nape of my neck because I wear a loose ponytail with a scrunchie when I'm lounging around the house

No. 1259156

stupid fucking surfshark vpn can suck my anus, literally cannot connect to the internet without the vpn anymore because it's killswitch fucked something up. Only bought this shit because it's cheaper than other vpns but the software is such shit and annoying don't buy ugly ass surfshark vpn for your computer and I'm so irrationally angry that I can't find any bad reviews of this stpuid shit vpn online because it sucks so much ass. fuck surfshark shit vpn

No. 1259165

I'm sick for the second time in less than a month. Fever, pain, weakness, etc. Last time was absolutely horrible, I thought I had covid, but the tests came back negative. I'm weirded out, some thing's definitely off with me.

No. 1259167

I heard that acidic things, like lemon juice and vinegar, can help you feel less hungry. Maybe go ham on citric juices and vinegar salad dressing? Watch out for your teeth though.

No. 1259169

You like smoking weed?

No. 1259175

Just eat your food that's disgusting

No. 1259176

I want to rejoin my old discord and be really mean to everyone

No. 1259181

i was actually looking up nordvpn and surfshark cause i'm skipping the country to somewhere cheaper but i still need a local ip, im not sure i trust either because they advertise so much but i don't even know what other alternative vpn compares these days

No. 1259184

are you leverage trading

No. 1259190

This reminds me of the kind of pick-mes I hate: the ones who support the objectification of sexualised female characters that was so obviously designed by some gross scrote. Which makes other gross, porn-sick scrotes cite these pick-mes being okay with it as some kind of own to the prude feminists while acting so smug and smart about it.

No. 1259195

Are you sure that's a woman though? Whenever I'm in a discord gaming group, anyone who says 'teehee', 'I'm a girl tho' or uses anime emojis is usually a busted tranny.

No. 1259206

Wrap it up, everyone, the pro female(male) gamer has spoken up for us. We can rest easy now.

No. 1259220

no I'm a normie

No. 1259221

oh ok. leverage trading is basically gambling but its good dopamine. anyway, try protonvpn unless you already have

No. 1259225

does it make you hungry

No. 1259228

my best friend moved away and has become so annoying and not a good person and i think by the end of the year we won't even speak at all anymore. we went from hanging out at least 2 times a week, and when she first moved, we talked a bunch and facetimed some and whatnot… now we hardly talk, and most of the time when I text her she doesn't reply for hours/days. I can tell she has my notifications muted. she was never that great of a friend to begin with, mostly friends purely because we'd known each other since we were kids, but we still had fun hanging out together, and I guess now that she's moved i'm kind of realizing that she is a shitty friend. she never asks me how I am, or what i've been up to, or anything. even when I ask her. is it not human nature when someone asks how you are to respond and say "what about you?" idk, I wish I had the balls to just cut her off completely but I don't have very many friends in the first place. I just feel like all of my friends eventually ditch me for something better and i'm just a placeholder. and I know it's pathetic that i'm still clinging onto a friendship with someone who doesn't value me at all

No. 1259253

NTA you're responding too but I'm a legal weedtender and depending on the strain type/sativa/indica combo it could possibly make you hungry. If you smoke weed a lot- especially the same strain, you can actually lose the hunger signals associated with the weed.
Just remind yourself you were the one dating him so therefore you're hotter and superior nona

No. 1259264

damn good to know there's some grace in buying weed off the street, i wont fry those receptors lol. just the important ones

No. 1259271

I got a 34oz plastic one with an extendable straw. It's really good quality for $15ish. Originally I wanted to get a nice glass one, but since I carry it with me to and from work (there is a fair bit of walking involved), I decided to go with something more lightweight.

No. 1259298

I'm BMI 22 but really afraid of developing diabetes. I go through these cycles where I abstain from anything sugary then giving in, eating a small bucket of ice cream for instance. Recently I thought that maybe eating a small amount of chocolate every day would be better than eating a large amount once but to my surprise, it only made it worse. Roughly an hour after eating a single chocolate bar at the end of the day makes me feel like I'm gonna pass out. And I'm literally craving it so fucking badly, I cannot stop thinking about it and how I could substitute it. My stomach cannot handle sweeteners like stevia and I don't know what I could eat instead of it and what I could bring to work with me

No. 1259306

File: 1657607314120.jpeg (140.12 KB, 439x467, E0B0D11A-0585-45D9-882A-4BCAF6…)

I got coffee this morning and walked across the road to sit in the park with it before work.

>hear a bang and a scream and commotion from across near the cafe.

>see people running and a man cradling a dog.
>it’s obvious the dog got hit by a car that didn’t stop
>feel sick and walk across the road to get in my car, I can’t do anything to help and think the dog is pretty much dead
>a girl is walking past me tears streaming down her face- obviously a bystander

I have felt awful all day nonnies. I witnessed a fatal car versus pedestrian accident about 3 years ago and was only inches from being hit by the same car. Any loud bangs and traffic shit gives me a frozen panicked feeling. I saw the man up close cradling the dog on the phone to a vet. I don’t know if I’ll ever know if the dog was ok.

Im not even a dog lover, but feel very sad.

No. 1259344

i fucking hate myself for always doing this but 'friends'/acquaintances will often text me some easily googlable question about things i'm really vocally obsessed with like my hobbies or media or field i know a lot about. i give them a very detailed essay of an answer and then i fuck off. later i will tell it to some other person as a funny haha why did they ask me such a stupid question anecdote. and every time without fail the other person says 'nonna they probably wanted to break the ice and start a conversation why are you so rude" why am i so retarded i wonder why i have nobody to talk to but when people come to me i take the shortcut out i hate ittt

No. 1259401

I haven't had a full, good nights sleep in a week and it's ruining me. My body feels and looks horrible. I'm so sluggish I can't even do simple tasks without dropping something or cutting myself. I get depressed around my period and things i thought I had in control just unravels. I went through a horrible breakup, I cut things off because of the way he was treating me, I felt really good at first, like a relief but now I cant sleep cos I keep waking up and i get anxious about it which worsens it. I'm so mad that he is effecting me in this way. Sleep is so fucking important when trying to look your best. I look horrible cos of an ugly fucking moid who wasnt even nice to me. I dont want to take sleeping med, I tried teas and other shit but nothing works.

No. 1259406

I was that way too what really helps is eating more vegetables because fiber slows down insulin release so it doesnt go up and crash down.

No. 1259419

Every single time the “i wanna be a hauswaif” fags do their little posts they always categorize any paid work as some company you hate and a career you despise, like has it not fucking occurred to them that some people might like what they do? Have fun being financially attached to your nigels but its wildly depressing to me that they seemingly cant see a single reality where some of us are being paid well to do things we very much enjoy. There are so many interesting positions out there in life that pay you to do things you have always thought about, if you realize you didn't like it you can actually just move on! God forbid being multifaceted when you can cornhole yourself into “i wanna be mommy ai” like they wont grow up and have a life of their own and surprise it wont revolve around you.
You can be family oriented and still enjoy multiple careers stoopid.

No. 1259461

By the way, the toilet pipes suck. I just took a huge shit. Flushed but didn't check if it clogged or not. I used to panic about that because he'd get autistic about plunging being bad for the pipes. But whatever, he can deal with it. I have to deal with his shart spray, he can deal with my massive poops
My bf says he's always been like this. Their relationship is really strange to me. He barely did anything with him as a child because his dad would just freak out if things weren't done to his liking. It doesn't hold a candle to >>1258459 's father though. That is straight up narcissistic child abuse. Dude needs to jump down a well

No. 1259507

got really drunk and texed my ex. as predicted, no response. why do i do this to myself it's like i make shit up in my head that isnt true and i think it's real, or i try to rationalize bad situations so it becomes my fault. i fucking hate this so much i keeo doing it and i feel awful

No. 1259517

Even though your ex is a scrote that’s really girlboss response to ignore drunkards tbh. I bet he isnt even a redditor or 4channer.

No. 1259518

>Aynways, i told her i have medical brain damage so it takes me a while to understand things lmfao. This isn't true
Anon, we're so alike kek

No. 1259520

I really like how the vent thread is sympathetic to unskilled workers (which means imo inexperienced) tbh. Irl you could go nowhere with this problem and they’d just call you autistic for not being able to please the manager. Anyways if you assume you may have some disability and need to meet ends perhaps apply for disability bucks. I’m not joking.

No. 1259521

kek I wish he would, but if my father jumped down a well maybe he'd finally be clean from being in prolonged contact with water on top of leaving me the fuck alone?

No. 1259529

File: 1657629662079.jpeg (84.88 KB, 747x553, 679363BB-95A3-457A-906F-2B9B06…)

I don’t care that I come off as the biggest retard at work, no I don’t immediately know every product just by name go away go away why is it always this one male bothering me. I just barely skate by knowing and doing as little as possible, go ask someone else. Fuck.

No. 1259531

Gay men + straight women are the worst managers. Anything I can seduce sexually at a distance have been always nicer to me. But no nonnie, being a retard at work is not a bad thing, so long you try to improve. If not, then kys. I hate it when people don’t wanna keep trying just because of the assholes.
t. Retard at work who wants to try better

No. 1259532

File: 1657629927987.jpeg (235.79 KB, 857x960, 1D018919-1787-4806-8A67-DE5124…)

i’ve been trying so fucking hard to drop/drift away from this moid who wants to be my friend, but he’s unfortunately tied in with another group of people that i really like and want to maintain proximity to.

he has messaged me “hey how are ya?” once a week since the fucking pandemic started. THREE YEARS !!! i have said no, not interested, ghosted him, and just generally ignored him, but he’s persistent in “checking how i’m doing”
we’ve had a few text convos early on and hung out once with other people, but that’s it.
any other person i’d say it’s obvious he’s uncomfortably into me, but he’s so autistic and even when i do see him in person with other friends, he becomes silent (thank god tho)

we have nothing in common, nothing to talk about, except for his love of cosplay and video games which i have stated multiple times aren’t for me. i hate how fucking dense and selfish autistic men are, i’ve met autistic women who seem to be the complete opposite and always ask if their actions are too much or if they are missing something, etc.

next time he texts me, i think im just gonna say im not interested in hanging out or really being friends. hope it doesn’t blow up in my face.

No. 1259534

> i’ve met autistic women who seem to be the complete opposite and always ask if their actions are too much or if they are missing something, etc.
I only hang out with women and I have to disagree with you.
But scrotes are fairly easy targets because they’re more dumb than women. Women are harder to ignore because high eq requires better tactics to bother victims. You need to block the scrote. Problem solved.

No. 1259536

I'm pretty sure anon made that up, and getting disability bucks is extremely difficult, even if she did have medical documentation of it

No. 1259537

File: 1657630512463.jpg (77.15 KB, 637x480, 1651537173710.jpg)

Update: I was worried I'd stab a moid if this went on (killing a moid is okay but prison food tastes bad yk) so I bought a uterus-shaped plushie online to physically assault. I know I wasted money. I know it's going to take a while for that plushie to arrive. So, this only makes me madder and I'm going to beat that plushie until the cotton comes out.

No. 1259538

Tbh most people who have a hard time with entree level jobs do have mental issues which is enough for it. And if op can’t keep a job it may be better to go for social security in combination with a freelance part time job til she gets the gist of it. And yes I know that managers are mentally ill too that’s why they’re managers of fastfood chains or supermarkets lmfao.

No. 1259539

It’s one of those online shoppers who’s always asking for things. Anyways I don’t want to learn more about my department because then I’ll be given more responsibilities and possibly called in more, and my fucking coworkers already call in and go on vacation all the fucking time! One lady is already taking her second vacation week of this year and I have to take on an extra day. I just want to keep to my routine, do my tasks and not talk to anyone.

No. 1259541

Not saying it's impossible but courts are a lot less understanding for disability applications if you're under senior age. The mental health excuse rarely pans out too unless you fight super hard and get denied. Even then you're working towards all that for just being under the living wage. Especially if you've never worked before, you are kept below poverty levels and can't own over a certain amount of assets. Honestly just working freelance period and living off that is a wiser decision.

No. 1259542

samefag, I mean, get denied a few times before being accepted*

No. 1259546

My pubic hair pulling is getting so bad from all the stress of my relationships falling apart god what a fucking embarrassing problem to have, I threw all of my tweezers and nail clippers into the trash but I’m still digging with my own nails until my skin and finger pads end up bleeding, callous and sore. I’m so embarrassed. I think pubic hair is so hot but I’m gonna have to get it permanently lasered so I don’t have anything to pic. I haven’t had sex in years out of embarrassment alone, it looks fucking disgusting all scabby, scarred and lumpy. I’m so sad. I’m so stupid.

No. 1259557

I've had trich for twenty odd years now and getting rid of the hair there peranently isn't the fix. You're highly likely to start picking a new area after a while.

No. 1259576

i should say i’ve definitely seen autistic women who were annoying/selfish, but i’ve also met the quiet horse girl type that won’t go out of her way for much. i feel like it’s way more of a personality spectrum with girls, while guys tend to be and like the same stuff.

im usually quick to block, but i just hope the other group of friends doesn’t catch wind. but whatever i guess

No. 1259615

I never take days off. Finally I had to because I literally wasn't able to walk straight due to bacterial labyrinthitis and I had to take antibiotics, I've been absent for 6 days and I feel better now, I would still prefer to stay at home to rest, I feel pretty weak, especially that I haven't eaten normally for days due to constant nausea, but being abstent for that long makes me crazy anxious, I have intrusive thoughts about them being angry with me for being absent and firing me from job. I don't know what to do

No. 1259631

Finally found my dream psychiatrist and found out at my second appointment today that she’s retiring at the end of the month. Fucking kill me

No. 1259643

File: 1657636979281.jpg (39.32 KB, 423x381, ugh.jpg)

you're THE rage against the machine and you wont even say woman? cant commit the thoughtcrime of admitting sex is real? the mens rights movement is going fucking great

No. 1259653

The worst anon, I'm sorry. I've been trying to look into help myself and one of the few women who was pulling out the stops to find resources for me retired like a month after I found her

No. 1259654

Every time I share something negative that happened to me and upset me, people always say things along the lines of 'you're not the only person this happened to' or 'this is not a big thing' and it makes me wanna just not tell anyone anything anymore. And I honestly have no idea why people have the same exact reaction to me every time

No. 1259656

Fucking cringe. So I'm now officially more punk rock than rage against the machine what a bunch of cunts

No. 1259657

im gonna live with my boyfriend starting from 22th of this month and i get my period around the 25th. and i get very bad EXPLOSIVE diarrhea each time. like farting like crazy, idc if i get liquid poop but i dont want it to be accompanied by loud af wet farts. im literally considering going on a liquid diet for a week since i dont want him to get scared the first week.

No. 1259658

never liked those fuckers, shit music with entitled moids.

No. 1259661

Anyone else notice the pattern of women's rights being taken in the West the more men in dresses gets normalised.

No. 1259665

I hate that shit. People that constantly play devil's advocate have low eq

No. 1259674

A way to make women vote for the left while still getting the tranny pharma money

No. 1259676

i started my period while i was out with my bf and his friend last night and i want to perish. i’m surprisingly not cramping like i usually do but i’m destroying the toilet and my asshole feels like it’s going to fall off. SOS

No. 1259677

I promise you the vast majority of guys don’t care about that kind of stuff as much as we think they do

No. 1259683

factual, i mean a lot of guys laugh at stupid shit like fart and dick jokes so they really don’t care. some do but it’s a minority.

No. 1259687

Oh diarrhoea? I think you need bananas. Periods are really unpleasant so i am sorry anon, hopefully your bf does your chores for you lol

No. 1259689

i’ll eat some bananas, ty nonnie. he took care of our house chores this morning before work so at least i don’t have to worry about that

No. 1259693

if someone made you their personal lolcow and you found out, would you be pissed?

No. 1259696

File: 1657640658156.jpeg (95.16 KB, 736x858, FAA44A48-FC41-4776-956A-508B4D…)

>my boyfriend
>my boyfriend
>my boyfriend
>my boyfriend
>”i want to be a tradwife and take care of my moid and kids!!”

what the fuck happened to this website? seriously someone tell me was there a demographic change or something?

No. 1259697

I’m just so fucking anxious and scared all the time and i’m tired of it

No. 1259698

File: 1657640684754.png (175.46 KB, 500x214, tenor.png)

I did hogwarts house quiz and I got slytherin first and gryffindor second. I'm not a fucking slytherin, I've always felt like I'm a gryffindor/ravenclaw person. I'm offended, fuck slytherin and fuck this quiz

No. 1259700

Ma’am you are on lolcow.farm, you are a slytherin

No. 1259704

I think the majority of popular old punk bands got MKUltra'd.

No. 1259706

I’d be confused because I’m boring as hell and don’t post online. Although sometime I think I’m my friends personal lolcow because idk why they’ve kept me around

No. 1259709

I want to like my bf's dog so bad but I can't. It's a calm and cute dog but it's extremely old and smells so awful. He stinks up every room he is in. I feel so bad.

No. 1259714

I just want to lay down and cry, I have no drive to do anything anymore. There's so much I should be doing, but I can't begin any of it. Not even my hobbies or tv. It took around half an hour of laying on the bed until I found the energy to walk over to the computer to type this and even now I'd rather lay my head on the table than browse the internet further. Everyone I talk to tells me to take a break, but I've been like this for weeks, I barely go to class anymore and I haven't done any of my assignments, how many more breaks can I take? I don't know what to do with myself, everything I end up doing just feels useless. There's no point to anything, I wish I could just disappear for a while

No. 1259772

File: 1657643180855.gif (47.56 KB, 102x128, 807106373556109382.gif)

there's this circle of fujo terfs on twitter and i wish i could break into it. i'm not cool enough though and have literally never ever "joined" a friend circle in my entire life so i guess i have to watch them from afar and cry

No. 1259790

What is it with youtube recommending these shit videos where some moid does some entire essay on how 'feminism has made us weak!' or "modern women bad" with evidence such as "HURR DURR ANITA SARKEESIAN HATES MEN" or "MARVEL WOMEN SUMTHIN AUUGH" and the comments are all males whining about how the world is so misandrist and women live life on easy mode as if they know everything about the female experience, then you get that one comment where a man is like "I'm like 7ft tall and genuinely very muscular once a women drugged me and then raped me, then I told my women friends and they all laughed at me and said "men cant be raped!" or the fucking pickme fags who go "I as a woman, feel you made some very good points and agree with everything you say blah blah poor men" the absolute retardation of men nonnies I swear, the amount of comments I also see where men go "men have to do so much, but women are just accepted by just being women, they don't have to do anything" as if their is any logic behind that? no retard, I have to study and get a job and make a living too unlike your wanking too anime cp ass.
But no! cant you see? muh feminist woke marvel hates my poor oppressed male self so therefore the entire world is oppressing men. Marvel fans are the worst

No. 1259797

Thank you nona. It subsided a lot later but I think I'll feel that way again sooner or later, it's been happening for as long as I can remember… yeah it's a dude friend I don't talk to but he's been talking to me for advice. He messaged not long after but gave me the "you've a life ahead of you, this feeling. it's temporary" bullshit I've heard 20 times before. Also didn't seem pleased that I pissed on his good vibes and I feel a bit guilty and silly.

No. 1259803

I'm thinking of splitting up with my previously LDR boyfriend. We moved in together a year ago and on top of that we also work together and I'm hating it so much. I have to be his boss and then go home and 'boss' him to do stuff as well. (Mental load situation, hes always willing to do stuff on command but I have to ask and I'm burdened with being the organizer and planning everything)
Even without this I feel like the magic of our encounters has been lost because of how many times I had seen shamelessly loudly burping and farting and other disgusting shit men do. Sorry, I know we're all human and have to do these things but never once I let myself fart in his presence so non chalantaly, or burp loudly like I'm a pig. IT IS a dealbreaker to me. If it's not something you'd do on a first date then it's a dealbreaker to me. He's not physically attractive either and doesn't put any effort into his apperance so. I have nothing to work with here.
Things are very tough. I like him as a person, and there's no way to stay in a relationship living in two different houses because we can't afford 2 rents here and the original place he came from is miles and miles away. So sad about this. But I'm not happy and we have talked about this.

No. 1259830

I know how you feel, I get into periods like this sometimes. I know it's just a vent but I'm gonna offer some unsolicited advice, use your frustration and hate for yourself to push yourself to do something like tidying up, going a walk, work on one of your hobbies, etc. Discipline is so important, but you have to balance it because of course some days you won't be able to succeed and you don't want to beat yourself up too much for that. Hopefully once you've pulled yourself up enough you can break out of the funk. For me I sometimes get really into self pity and I feel self destructive and want to punish myself in some way, so I can sometimes "punish" myself by forcing myself to do one of those tasks. If that doesn't work, sometimes planning out stuff you wanna work on through bullet journalling or starting a habit tracker can help too. Add some easy ones like link 24oz of water a day or walk X amount of steps so you can get something going.

No. 1259846

I joined a few cool friend groups like that by picking the person i was most likely to get along with and interacting a lot with them in a friendly way, then once we’d enstablished a relationship i could worm my way into the group

No. 1259859

Thinking I’m gonna be alone. I don’t find 99.99% of guys attractive. I tried casting a wider net with making an online dating profile, but the majority of men are fugly. It was bleak. I’m not going to be in a relationship unless I find the other person super attractive. My ex was close, but let himself go and his personality changed. Attractiveness is the starting point for me and yet everyone looks inbred or like slobs. Do effeminate guys even exist anymore? Or at least guys that take care of themselves and have a full head of hair? I swear, more guys are baldies or have buzzcuts.

No. 1259872

my fatha helped with my tires I am no longer pissed

No. 1259875

Did u say that in a Jackie Aprille voice

No. 1259878

I get you nonny, and when they look remotely good they're probably an asshole (and probably got other 10 girls behind them to inflate his ego) and not someone you'd want to be in a relationship with.
I struggle a lot because I don't find most men attractive and I'm mostly attracted to weird fictional characters like Pinhead from Hellraiser. It's tragic

No. 1259883

When I was younger I was someone who didn't prioritize looks. Any guy who seemed nice and asked me out was considered.. I wasted years in lackluster relationships because of it. We'd have plenty of sex in the honeymoon period and then sex would slow dow drastically because yeah its hard without true attraction. Then like you said they let themselves go even more after a while.. and then they have the nerve to bitch and whine about why you don't want more sex. They didn't even try to be appealing tho.

Lesson learnt. I might be single for a while waiting for genuine attraction to come along. I'm going through like a sexual awakening where my drive is through the roof lately and I still want to hold out. What was I thinking before?

No. 1259888

Going through this right now. Got into a very serious relationship based on mostly intellectual attraction and some idealization from my part… I could look over his lack of effort and natural ugliness, but years past honeymoon period I can't anymore.
Hear this advice younger anons lol Sadly appearance DOES matter specially in the long term…

No. 1259905

Kek it’s okay nona, I’m a Jasonfag. Anyways, I’m mostly attracted to muscular guys with medium to long hair and a pretty face. Most guys don’t grow their hair out anymore, and well, most don’t even bother working out anymore either.
Yeah, I definitely learned this lesson. I used to think “Personality is all that matters! I’ll be attracted by personality and intelligence alone!”, but no, that’s not true. It’s okay to be picky, it’s not shallow. At a certain point I wasn’t attracted to my ex anymore, and sex just felt like routine. There wasn’t much passion or romance in it anymore. It sucks being lonely and not having committed physical touch, but I would rather wait and find someone I am really into. Took me a while to figure out my sex drive wasn’t “low” or “broken”, it was because there was no physical attraction.

No. 1259939

I'm pretty sure I already was one for 95% of my life.

No. 1259940

it's nice to see these vents without a turbo lesbian gloating in her reply about how great her equally shit life is because there is no scrote in it. Scrotes are everywhere, a certified plague the least you and other ninnies could do is let them vent in peace?

They'll be gone by September so fucking relax

No. 1260020

Did anyone else’s parents make fun of you and bully/abuse you for literally everything such that you’re afraid to have any personality or show any emotion other than content, but not too content?

No. 1260159

"black birth-giver" and "white birth-giver" Ew… so fucking dehumanizing.

No. 1260165

Yeah that’s what narcissist parents do

No. 1260174

I like to ignore the fact that no one follows me for me but rather the things I make, but whenever I realize how alone I am despite the relatively high numbers it still hurts. As a person I'll always be unapproachable and left outside no matter what I do. I'm not even skilled enough that people would get interested in me purely for my work. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of people talking about me despite all that and even though it's always been positive it stings that they'd never think to talk to me. Am I nothing? Will anyone ever truly care about me? Is it fair to even want that since I'm probably incapable of doing the same for others? Maybe I'm better off this way. Most of the time I don't even think about it and I feel fine.

No. 1260210

my dad did and now the guy is dead and I feel weird about it all

No. 1260221

Vent/support song for those that might need it right about now. Helps me hope it helps those struggling with breaking away from controlling and or abusive relationships, helped me a bit.

No. 1260223

I don’t think my parents are narcissists and tbh I have never seen anyone talk about feeling the way I do. Reading people experiences with narcissistic parents it’s usually being scared to act in a way different from how their parents want them to be but not really having a fear of having any personality at all around others. But for me I am afraid to like anything, admit to watching anything or having hobbies, dressing in a way that denotes having any kind of a style preference, etc around everyone I ever meet. I feel ashamed for liking or not liking literally anything from a color to a book and even for normal bio things like feeling temperature, eating, existing near the context of bathrooms, having had any kind of experience that might be labeled as fun, and other really weird stuff like that.

No. 1260228

My mom had her moments, she compared me to others too much. My dad was the real uptight one who basically wanted me to barely exist in my own home. My mom hated how shy/quiet I was but then my dads house rules had trained me to be invisible. You can't raise a kid like that and then expect them to flip a switch and be outgoing and a perfomer when they go to a family gathering once in a blue moon. I was getting blasted on both sides. Shut up, speak up, shut up, speak up. I was close to being mute in school. My teachers wrote it in my reports every year.

I'm in my thirties now and I just hit my limit and cut my dad off entirely. My mom has already passed away (but was on good terms with me att) I'd been pulling away from my dad ever since I turned 18 and I'm done. There's no relationship to speak of anyway. I could never speak to him about anything important. Everything had to be filtered to make sure he didn't just use it to criticize me. I've had a couple of pretty bad things happen to me as an adult in relationships and I couldn't tell him. I've been homeless and didn't tell him. I've been in hospital after an attempt on my life nearly worked, and I didn't tell him. He doesn't know my sexuality. He doesn't know my interests. He doesn't know where I go for xmas dinners. We're nothing. The moment I share anything it only further digs into old wounds.

No. 1260233

File: 1657656128909.jpg (122.75 KB, 826x871, 1651948842980.jpg)

Fuck it, the troll thread was deleted before I could save all the hot pictures.

No. 1260235

I was about to post some more party music too.

No. 1260239


Oh gosh um I dunno… small after-party in the vent thread (as long as it's not de-railing or something?) I mean helping people cheer up after a vent is on topic right?

No. 1260240

Nonnas in the retirement home like

No. 1260241

Did you close the thread?

No. 1260243

File: 1657656633373.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1652416529225.jpg)

I refreshed it and it was gone.

No. 1260244

Also that was very dear and sweet thank you made me smile.

No. 1260246

I have it open.

No. 1260247

Samefag to give an example: someone will ask me if I’ve ever been on a rollercoaster. I panic internally and reflexively lie, “no I’ve never been on a rollercoaster, why? Have you?”. I went to six flags when I was like 10 and went on some rollercoasters there, but I am too scared for them to think that I have had that fun experience. But… I actually hated going on rollercoasters anyway. So why do I lie and say I haven’t been instead of saying that I did but it wasn’t fun? Because for some reason I am at the same time also afraid of them knowing that I didn’t enjoy the experience. There is one tiny upside to lying about mundane experiences, which is that usually people “you’ve NEVER ___?!” And then they get excited about sharing that experience with you brand new.

This is a little more similar to how I feel, and I’m sorry you have to deal with that nonny. I’ve also been homeless and never told, but lucky for me my story is going in a happier direction and I’m somewhat reconciling with my parents as they have improved a lot over time. They came from abusive and uneducated families too so I don’t think they just did it because they’re evil.

No. 1260256


Speaking of retirement homes and songs (don't worry it's the clean version).

No. 1260269

I hate my job and life I just want to have chick fil a delivered and eat it in bed and watch tv.

No. 1260270

I had to cancel a session with my psychologist like 2 days before which is enough time to give proper notice but I can see online that no one took my session and I feel so guilty about it. I'm literally costing him like $250 by bailing on this session and I've already cancelled like 40 over the years I've been seeing him but thank god this is the only time the appointment slot hasn't been taken in time to cost him the price of the session. But I feel so bad because I'm such a flaky patient and he even had to move this specific session just for me to cancel on him and cost money. Fuck I feel so bad. I told my parents because they know I had to cancel because I'm sick and my dad just goes "Oh well, it's not like he's hurting for cash." Like uhm bitch I fucking know that but this is his professional business that he put like fucking 50 years into, it's awkward for me to mess with his schedule like that, how do they not get that? I fucking know he's not going to be out on the street by me wasting a session, but he's got like 9 slots per week and I wasted one, the man is so fucking kind and patient with my annoying ass and he's in his early 70's and retiring soon. What the fuck is so hard to understand about me feeling like shit over messing up his schedule, again. My dad is fucking retarded I stg.

No. 1260272

yeah, mine bullied me for anything I attempted to do. learning a new language, trying to draw, wanting books to read, wanting to clean my room, wanting to wear nicer (read: non hole-ridden, non-ragged, actually correct size, non-stained) clothes, wanting to learn to sew to repair, wanting to do sports…

The solution isn't to not have any personality. The solution is to get rid of the emotional vampires. You're an adult now, no need to fear them anymore! Do you, nonnie.

No. 1260278

I'm in a country with some free healthcare services, including mental health. But when you have free healthcare.. you also tend to have crazy waiting lists to get to it. The amount of people I've known who waste free public appts and who don't feel a bit sorry for it. Queues are insane to try and be seen and everyone moans about how bad it is but so many finally get their appt and just bail with no phone call or anything. Always bugged me.

Some people are real good at just not seeing the knock on effects they have. It sounds like you've paid so much for sessions over the years that it's a small loss to this man but it's nice when people care like you do.

No. 1260294

My mom is so beautiful but she has a slightly aqualine nose, she feels bad about it but I've always thought it was so beautiful and unique. She thinks she's too fat too when she's at the bottom of a healthy BMI. I wish she wouldn't let the media and beauty standards get to her and she could see how pretty she really is. When I was a child I wasn't raised religious and when I pictured a goddess I always pictured my mom lol. Wish I could post a picture if that wasn't a retarded thing to do. I know there are so many more women feeling like this and I hate it, I know 'everyone is beautiful in their own way' is kind of an overdone saying but it's so true. I wish the media didn't make people feel ugly, and worry so much and spend so much money on something that ultimately doesn't even matter. When you die people will remember you for who you were not what was 'wrong' about your face/body. You are all beautiful nonna's ♥

No. 1260302

File: 1657659422687.jpeg (31.81 KB, 482x482, FDCD1A28-9192-419C-8345-5881D4…)


No. 1260311

This is more of a confession but I kind of want to go to an irl Brandy Melville store in my country just to check if I fit in their clothes, out of curiosity

No. 1260312

Back when I was 15, my brother who was 16 at the time, started to act perverted towards me. He went through my stuff and sent me a text saying if I was really as pent up as I said I was in my diary, I could experiment with him. Even though I told him no, he would sometimes still act a little weird towards me at times. He would come into my room to bother me and tickle me and one of those times he groped my butt. After that one year he stopped paying as much attention to me and I figured he’d stop. Fast toward to when I was 20, when our parents weren’t gonna be home for a few days, he sent me another text asking if he “could do something” to me. I told him no again and I felt scared after that since it was only us two in the house. Nothing ever happened luckily. A few months later I was going to uni everyday and the first thing I’d do after coming home would be changing out of my clothes. One day after I got home, I noticed my shelf had some misplaced items so I checked them and found his phone which had been recording me. I finally told my parents about him after that and they were really upset and told him he would have to move out. But after that initial reaction, I feel like they completely forgot about what he did. He never moved out and they never brought it up to me again, which kinda upsets me. He didn’t get any kind of punishment or consequences for the way he made me feel in that time and even after I finally told my parents, they ultimately didn’t do anything other than lecture him. I’ve since moved out though so I don’t have to worry about him anymore but there’s no way for me to view him the same anymore. I feel like his actions towards me means he never viewed me as a sister, as someone he truly cares for. I’ve also realized since then just how disgusting men can be, and that getting sex is more important to them than any kind of morals.

No. 1260313

All of the cool man-hating people have left and have been replaced. Would go on the discord again but there’s men on that too. What happened to the ones who would bond with you because you hate something, it’s just not the same..

No. 1260314

File: 1657659759532.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.23 KB, 1125x1600, 1657650901425.jpg)

I have the thread still in an alt tab. How can I save the thread so others can see it?

No. 1260319

Wow, he sounds literally pornsick. Men are hideous. My brother molested and tried to rape me (he couldn't figure out how because I was so young nothing could fit) but my parents didn't give a shit when I told them because he wasn't actively doing it. I got told I was a liar because in my vocabulary I only knew "rape" meant a violation sexually since I was so young when I told them about it. He was doing that stuff to me for years but it didn't matter because he hadn't done it for a bit so it was as if I was an asshole for saying anything. families cape for abuse the most. Fuck men.

No. 1260321

I had a similar experience but with a bfs son.. my underwear went missing. He was found in our room and pretended to be sleep walking. Things just kept happening and when it reached its peak the dad initially said he had to take it seriously now… and then he went into denial. As if it never happened. He made out like I was crazy even though he'd admitted it already

Nobody wants to hear their son is a pervert but ffs you have to do something when that's the reality you're faced with.

No. 1260324

It really does feel like this site is now crawling with pickmes, twitterfags and scrotes/trannies pretending to women. Can't even wish for abusive male family members to die without being called demonic and haram or causing infighting.

No. 1260337

seriously why are the one or two anons reeeing about fictional scrotes fucking each other still here? i don't even care about shipping or yaoi but they're fucking annoying and only bring up babby's first sjw arguments

No. 1260348

and idiot anons wonder why we complain about males, as if we're only dreaming of reasons to dislike them and don't have real-world experiences that precede spending time on this imageboard

No. 1260354

People who don't have skin diseases don't have any empathy. It literally makes you want to die when you constantly see people walking around with normal arms and legs and smooth faces. You shower every day but you never feel clean. Dating is a nightmare because you feel like no one would want you once you take your clothes off. And people just tell you to get over it and love yourself.

No. 1260355

The cat in the apartment next to mine yowls from the second their owner leaves to the second their owner gets back. 1) it breaks my heart to hear it all day and 2) it stresses my cats out so much. Maybe they don't know? I'm tempted to leave a lot and suggest maybe their cat needs a friend.

No. 1260356

leave a note*

No. 1260372

This might seem out of nowhere but are you from a Muslim family?

No. 1260374

Troonhood and polyamory are emotional MLM scams. They get close to you under the guise of progressive thinking but then pushes you to join their cults while profiting from you emotionally, since disagreeing with them will frame you as a bigot they will emotionally undermine you until they’ve normalised their shit to the point their claims start making sense to you, pure fucking brainwashing.
The only ones I know that have gotten close to any of those cans of worms without being pulled in are women that could be considered to have “terf-like” thinking according to todays weak standard.

No. 1260378

I follow a popular aesthetic nurse on IG that I've considered going to, but for some reason every time I see her photos of lavish vacations, expensive hotels and holding her newest Chanel hangbags, I end up reconsidering and deciding I don't REALLY need to spend money to fill my lips just so she can get another bag. I know it sounds weirdly rude or petty, and I know it's her job and people can spend their money however they please, but it really helps me reframe how badly I want any procedures for some reason.

No. 1260418

Bruh I miss listening to the converted YouTube file of triple baka on my MP3 player whilst on the bus to primary school

No. 1260430

File: 1657664395210.jpeg (50.23 KB, 1024x614, B3CA99D8-8666-46D8-8A29-60759C…)

I’m accepting that I will never have a long term girlfriend because I have very irregular periods and ovarian cysts. My mattress has a horizontal band of spotted blood stains across the middle where I had bled on it over the years. I try to rub them out when I notice them fast enough but some of it always stays. Meaning, for the rest of my menstruating life, I would have to get ahead of my girlfriend/wife in washing the bed sheets when she’s not home so she doesn’t see my shame. Meaning, we can never get new beautiful satin sheets together and help each other put it on. Meaning, whenever we decide to buy a new mattress I’d be exposed and she’d be disgusted. I can’t take birth control.

No. 1260438

I'm not a lesbian but if I had a connection with someone, stains on the mattress would not bother me, especially as a woman. Even though I don't have what you have, I have stained plenty of blankets, sheets, underwear, shorts, skirts and even mattresses when on my period. I have learned to clean it and would totally understand if another woman would have this experience. Don't worry, it won't stand in the way of you and love. I promise

No. 1260445

I'm bi and I wouldn't mind this, don't think most women would since we're all familiar with periods. I've even helped my female friends when they bled over their chairs and such yet felt no disgust because it's not really dirty, it's a natural thing and not something to be disgusted by. Try to handwash it out while fresh with a bit detergent and soap, if it's waited a bit try letting it sit in cold water. You can replace your mattress and look into other periodwear that might be better fitted for your needs like those period diapers.

No. 1260451

Sorry nonna i didn’t read the part where you said you have irregular periods. Bleaching the stains work + vinegar and cold water. Also since your periods are irregular maybe sleep with a towel under or better yet invest in a waterproof mattress cover sheet. Sorry again nonna.

No. 1260452

>You need to be taught how to not leak in your pant
I laughed because you sound like that teen scrote who went viral with
>Just hold your period in

No. 1260453

Nta but I sincerely hope you end up with a man who has shitstaind in his pants.

No. 1260455

I will put his underwear over his face, push him off a bridge and laugh at him whilst doing all that lmfao.

No. 1260456

Yeah. They're either one of those women who are so unhealthy hormonally they don't get/rarely get periods or just retarded men.

No. 1260458

Which anon are you?

No. 1260459

Yeah sure, anon is gonna sleep with a cup in all the time because of her irregular bleeding? I'm sorry but why the fuck do you have to be a dick to some random anon opening up about painful shit?
I know the fabric is gross and may fuck up your skin but have you ever tried those period panties? That sounds very stressful and frustrating, but I'm sure there's a woman who can deal with that but I also believe you can figure out a sensible way to not bleed on the bed all the time. Good luck, anon, gynecological shit sucks ass.

No. 1260469

The anon you replied to, duh.

No. 1260482

I worried about leaks while living with my ex. Worried about it obessively. It never happened. I'd wake up and crab walk out of bed to be extra careful sometimes. When we split I was given our mattress topper to take with me. The topper was foam with a cover on it. I took the cover off and the foam was jizz stained to death. A couple years of us not cleaning up quick enough afterwards I guess. Idk why the cover looked so clean but not the foam. I felt like a fool for worrying about my own fluids so much but just threw it away and moved on.

No. 1260485

You sound like an edgy teen. Log off. You also shouldn't even hsve replied to anon if you weren't interested in dating women. You'll be shocked to see %100 men are nastier on a daily basis than that anon.

No. 1260488

I know that men are fucking gross, what’s your point? i misread something and I apologized already, but you lesbians on lolcow are so damn sensitive lmfao.

No. 1260494

I'm not gay, but I wouldn't even be grossed out by that. In fact I'd wash the sheets because having to do that when you're on your period really sucks.

No. 1260504

File: 1657666212875.jpg (184.6 KB, 1170x1727, FVTRD-7XEAEeQ3r.jpg_large.jpg)

Apparently this pedophile is performing in my country and I commented on the post aksing if they are pro pedophilia and quoted his kinky little girl comment.

And ofc a handmaiden popped out saying she reported my comment and that it was hate crime and ideas like mine leads to literal murder and mass shootings. Handsmaidens are literally something else, being pro pedophilia to defends bearded men in dresses.

No. 1260513

Pray hard and find the %1 man that washes his hands after he pisses or shits, then we can have this conversation. I'm not sensitive, I'm rightfully bewildered that you randomly shamed a woman for a biological function when you'll have to put up with men doing much worse. Don't fucking mock women's issues if you're gonna get upset when someone mocks you back.

No. 1260521

I hope someone kills him in Minecraft, hell I’ll do it myself

No. 1260524

Since you asked before, ayrt, Men are more of the skidmark department, dickcheese, jizz (ew). Meanwhile not washing hands is a universal problem and I have yet to see a person washing their hands irl but myself tbh.

No. 1260533

stop fighting in a goddamn vent thread, wth is your damage nona

No. 1260535

where in the hell do you live, I see people washing their hands all the time, what is going on in this thread tonight

No. 1260543

Girl you either have very nasty people around you or just never go out and never see people wash their hands. Are you a westerner? Seriously where do you live?

No. 1260546

Westerner yes lmfao
The west. I want to throw tantrums irl like I do here about it but how to get away with it? Show them the statistics that not washing hands kills lives?

No. 1260548

I had the same experience with my older brother, who was a year older than me. Both of my parents were working and couldn't afford a babysitter so we were home alone a lot. I was around 9 years old when he started "experimenting" on me, trying sexual things on me. I also caught him looking at porn on the computer one time so he was probably going through puberty during that time. I didn't know what was happening while he was doing those stuff to me until I got much older and realized how fucked up that was. No wonder I was so weirdly sexual when I was growing up. Anyway, I've only ever vaguely told this experience with my close friend so I feel like crying typing all this out lmao. I can't believe how common this kind of shit happens to young girls. Fuck men.

No. 1260555

> lmfao
Nonnie why do you have to end every sentence with this even when nothing is funny

No. 1260557

It’s an alabama thing or pakistani/indian thing

No. 1260561

if you have running water, I have no idea why you don't see people washing their hands ew anon, sending you clean vibes

No. 1260564

Are you Dutch? Lolcow taught me the dutch are very nasty and do not wash hands. They even have soap as only decoration, not for washing

No. 1260566

I've heard so many stories like this. Looking back my brother is 5 years older than me but my mom never left me with him to babysit me. She would get a female friend even if that was hard to organise He was old enough to probably do it but maybe my mom was aware of shit like that. Alot of people arent and a steep price is paid for it.

No. 1260573

Yeah that's how westerners are. You should be thankful they've started taking showers more often than once a year.

No. 1260575

Ew I’ve been to the Netherlands many times and yes they don’t wash their hands. What about Americans?

No. 1260579

Wait until you go to Japan and there's legit no soap in most oublic restrooms because Japanese people think rinsing the tip of their fingers for half a second after take a shit is the same as washing their hands thoroughly with soap. I'm not even exaggerating, I've seen to many cute, fashionable girls with perfect makeup take shits and not even bothering with washing their hands in cafes and restaurants when I was in the restrooms and washing my hands. Some were even putting on more makeup with their hands full of fecal matter.

No. 1260580

Im a net and a disgrace and A sibling of mines left home for the first time. I've been a mess about it even though they are at school. I tried to talk to my mother about how I was feeling and the first thing she says is, "This is why you need to get your own life-" Like, sorry for feeling bad about my sibling leaving and missing them. I hate showing any bit of emotion around her, I feel so dumb afterwards. I now i'm a failure. But it's like since I was a teen I was always expected to "Do" things, my school, nor did my parents even taught me or my siblings anything about being an adult or what to do. It was always, "Do this, do that, be this, don't do that" never explaining. No help with college stuff, and whenever I did ask for help it was like she had a bad attitude with me. I just feel so lost. My life is going nowhere.

No. 1260582

I am so grossed out and angry seeing it's apparently common to not wash hands? I was taught to wash hands before and after toilet, before eating and like, as you come home and if you have a tap in a classroom (we usually did). Damn, but I was also laughed at whenever I used or offered hand sanitizer pre pandemic, I guess some people just survive grimy.

No. 1260588

> I've seen to many cute, fashionable girls with perfect makeup take shits
You what now..

No. 1260589

This is what happens when a young kid is exposed to porn. Most child abusers are actually young boys and teens who try to "experiment" or replicate porn on their family members.
If you have kids, regardless of gender, make sure their internet time is controlled and censored, talk to them about what porn is, how it's fake, and don't let them play unsupervised with other kids while having internet access.

No. 1260590

I realise before toilet sounds weird but that was actually more me not wanting to get germs up in my stuff

No. 1260592

Don't japanese toilets wash your butt so you don't have to touch it? Doesn't mean you don't need to wash your hands since you still touch around the bathroom but how would they get fecal matter on their hands?

No. 1260595

Did you nonnas ever see that tiktok about gym bathrooms? The girl who worked there said she had to put more soap in the women's bathroom regularly but NEVER had to do it in the men's bathrooms because they never used it.

No. 1260599

That's just in public restrooms. They still wash at home/private. The Dutch nona said dutchies don't even wash at home. Gag.

No. 1260622

This website really makes me want to never interact with men again, they're so uniquely evil, and do it so frequently

No. 1260632

I had a weird interaction with a male cousin who so badly wanted me to pretend to piss in front of him. Like he was obsessed with getting me to do it and to make the hissing sound effect. We were in a shed and he found something that he wanted to pretend was a toilet? It got so weird. I was younger, real weirded out and had no idea why. I was shy enough that I thankfully wasn't about to role play bodily functions on cue for anyone but years later I was like… oh that's why that felt so off.

My gut was really screaming at me that it was wrong att. I'm glad it didn't escalate.

No. 1260635

I'm so sick of all smoking types. I dont give a damn if it's a cig, pen, vape, weed, it all smells like shit and gets out in the open air. Your addiction shouldn't be everyone else's problem.

No. 1260642

My grandmother was always super cautious about letting me and my sister alone with our cousins. They never did anything or acted weird, but she had this profound fear. I assume she must have been abused herself. When I was little I always thought she was annoying and exaggerating but now I truly get it.
I ended up getting molested by the son of one of my mom's friends. No idea what I'm going to do if I ever have a girl, I do not trust anybody and could never leaver her alone with other kids. I know so many people with child abuse stories, it's unreal.

No. 1260651

I feel the same.

No. 1260655

I think I lost another friend. One of the best I had. I feel like shit but I know I deserve it. I don't even know if I should apologize properly.

No. 1260657

What happened?

No. 1260660

So you’re from a muslim family huh

No. 1260677

I miss the idgaf feeling of when I was drinking… Even though alcohol just made my anxiety worse, at least there was some moments of elation or distance from reality. I hate dealing with this shit head-on I know it's better and I would not be able to stop drinking if I started again. Weed just doesn't give me the same feeling of ease. I hate being an addict.

No. 1260684

File: 1657672184218.jpg (47.95 KB, 530x800, e2w91m6di1px.jpg)

>eat one (1) unhealthy takeout thing or chocolate
>get cystic acne lasting for 2 weeks including scars

No. 1260690

I hope your brother dies.

No. 1260702

same, nona. we can do it though.

No. 1260705

I have neighbours who are renting and I guess can't smoke in the house, I swear they spend more time stood outside by an ashtray than they spend in their house. Up all hours of the night out there. Coughing up their lungs outside at 4am on a tuesday

No. 1260710

File: 1657673412367.jpg (23.15 KB, 559x549, 1650727740105.jpg)

Today as I was driving through my hometown, it kinda sunk in how I'm never gonna be one of those women who go on brisk chatty walks or walk their dogs together in the evenings. It sounds stupid but I have never felt like I fit in, not in an edgy way but more in a way where I've always tried pretty hard to keep friendships afloat and people always tell me how much I've helped them and how I have such a good attitude and introspection. I feel and know I am the healing friend, I hype people up and get them to grow and they move on, and they assume I never wanna do basic fun stuff, I almost feel like I'm just some mystic being sometimes, not a person who just wants to hang.
Anyways, I'm sad I'll never be a woman who lives in the country-ish side with a few trust worthy, fun women close by who might just text me to come out for a walk, I am way too tired to change up my whole personality just for that, I haven't had a normal or even an easy life and even when people don't know, I feel like an imposter pretending like I could be like that.
Damn, I just want even casual friends close by who I could actually see and they wanted to see me, I've liked in the city for so long and I have no friends there anymore and I only know my mom in my hometown, it's not normal to be almost 30 with absolutely no one to ask out to hang.
I feel like I failed even when I really did try, maybe I tried too hard and should've just "been myself" but living with abusive, actually diagnosed narcissists, you had to always be ready to switch up in order to survive with the least amount of damage.
I wish I could've used that time to build friendships that weren't just me being the funny therapist friend, now I just go to places alone and while sometimes it's nice, it's not like I'm alone by choice.
This was so long, sorry nonas, I had a weirdly sad day today.

No. 1260727

No I’m not Muslim, I’m from the US. I also forgot to mention when I told my mom about it, she said that her brother would spy on her and my aunt when they were in the shower so I guess the men in my family are fucked up

No. 1260729

File: 1657674360519.gif (512.66 KB, 220x193, mlemmlem.gif)

Yes! You're right. I believe in us! Thank you for your reply, nona. I'm going to drink some diet soda as a treat now.
I feel you. My downstairs neighbor smoked RIGHT under my balcony even if I was out there. My poor kitty has asthma that I try very hard to control too. I ratted her out to our rental agency company because smoking is not allowed on the premise. I wish I had done it sooner but I'm kind of chicken shit and didn't realize I could just email the landlord. She was coughing up a lung everyday until just recently. It sounded so awful. I hope your neighbors move sometime so you don't have to deal with that anymore.

No. 1260739

I’m glad your mother got a babysitter. I think ‘boy mamas’ are especially stupid and oblivious to their child causing any harm. I remember reading on a parent forum about how a mother was on a play date with the mother of a younger girl and her son kept on wanting to ‘go under the covers’ with the girl. The mum of the girl got really creeped out and said that it was inappropriate but the boy mum just whined ‘oh he’s autistic it’s innocent playing’ and then all the other boy mums on the forum speculated that the girl mum was probably just abused and how dare she assume a male autist would overstep personal boundaries with a girl, my son would never

No. 1260744

>think i have ovarian cysts
>no insurance right now because of some stupid mix up
>literally feel like i'm dying
i know it's not my appendix because it happened a few months ago as well but i don't know what to do.

No. 1260747

copy paste the link into wayback machine
nta but this happens in northen US families too

No. 1260752

Public restrooms are nastier than home restrooms though.

No. 1260755

File: 1657676905762.jpeg (91.53 KB, 852x985, C4A31954-F194-445C-A32D-7BF62A…)

My sisters fiancé died about at month and a half ago. She moved out to state to Colorado. I try to give her space but also check up on her every few days to see if she needs anything but she doesn’t reply. I know she’s alive (she goes online, venmo transactions) but she just can’t communicate right now.

I mean I understand and I get it but she’s never going to be the same and I miss her. I spent at least one weekend a month visiting with her, we were close, now it feels like I’ve lost a brother and my sister too.

Also my stupid fucking roommate won’t stop talking in her stupid loud screaming voice and i wanna punch her directly in the throat.

No. 1260764

I can't trust anything moids say anymore. I posted some random picture on my instagram and a guy friend said 'you look nice today :)', I hate that I can't even tell if it's sincere or if he's just trying to get in my bed. And this goes for all men, I cannot trust any of them I feel like they just see me as a piece of meat (which realistically, most probably do).

No. 1260769

Internalize it as sincere because you do look nice nonny, and then feel smug because they'll never have a chance

No. 1260773

I feel so left out. Every time I send a message into a discord chat and no one responds I feel like I committed some grave sin and that everyone in there secretly wants me gone. I'm useless and there's something wrong with me and everyone can tell and wants to avoid me. I've been saying too much recently and I feel like an idiot for it. I wish I could shut up forever, but I want to share. But I also don't ever have anything important or interesting to say. It's always wrong. I know no one would want to keep me around without some motive, I just don't know what it is.

No. 1260779

I mean…what do you think "you look nice" means? He was trying to be respectful to you but if he thinks you look nice it obviously means "damnnn she hot" in his moid brain. Ofc men want to fuck. Whether ur an ugly bitch or not. They would fuck a microwave.

No. 1260780

Chill out. You're talking to losers on discord. Ofc they don't know how to socialize. More than half the people in a discord server don't contribute period and are socially awkward retards. There's a reason discord moderators are stereotyped as ugly white fat scrotes kek. Not the greatest site for socializing.

No. 1260781

You probably shouldn't have canceled anon, sounds like you really needed it.

No. 1260782

This happened to me and it turned out people were making fun of me in a smaller subserver. If you notice you're consistently being ignored just leave.

No. 1260797

File: 1657680772560.jpg (11.62 KB, 275x206, 1644792154536.jpg)

I want to scream, cry, and break things. Logically I know it won't help my situation, but I've been bottling up my emotions since I was in middle school. It feels weird to express those types of feelings because I was shamed for showing anger or crying. I hate how I get put into this box but my mom is allowed every emotion under the sun. I feel dead most of the time because even raging inside does nothing so why bother. I want to feel normal like I did as a child. I want to know why I apparently lost the privilege of showing certain emotions after grade school. It's puzzling.

No. 1260800

Be there for her if she needs it, but it's most likely going to take time and space for her to heal. Similar thing happened to one my sisters she lost her boyfriend in a motorcycle accident, and (freakily) the same thing happened to our mom as well almost exactly she also lost one of her boyfriends when she was younger to a motorcycle crash. It fucks with your head. Anyways one thing I know is this, sweetie, she does hear you and does love you back with all her heart, she's just in a space right now where she literally is too hurt to even speak or even text right now. When she's ready she will. This is not the end. Both my mom and my sister went on to have lovely relationships after that they are still in and are two of the loveliest happiest and most inspiring women in my life. I wish the same for you and your family. Thoughts and prayers and nothing but love for you and your sister.
Also here, this song is sad but at the same time a celebration of a life lived however short it might be. I hope it helps a bit.

No. 1260806

I guess you're right, but I also haven't really talked to anyone in almost a decade and wouldn't know where else to look for regular conversation or to make friends.

I'm sorry to hear that happened anon, I'm sure you did nothing to deserve it. That's awful of them. In my case it's that they've all known each other for some years now, so I'd obviously be left out. I also miss peak activity times due to work. I'll try to avoid it for a while instead of leaving just like that, because I think I'd feel even worse if no one cared about my leave.

No. 1260810

I really have been making the ugliest, and most retarded art mistakes of my life in the lolcow doodle room. I don't even fix them, and finish the drawings, I just leave them there. Why do I even do that, it doesn't even seem worth the time to do most of it then not finish it. What the fuck is my problem lately.

No. 1260811

What do people look for in relationships? I feel like I go on so many dates and there's seldom no one who has me wanting more. Of course the only guy who I've been interested in the past 2 years is an alcoholic. I guess it can be looked at like 1 out of maybe the past 10-13ish guys I've been interested in on dates. WHYYYYYY.
I'm happy single so I'm so fucking confused on what I should do with myself and my life. The future I picture for myself is single with an adopted little girl. It's not a bad thing. I just have a lot of thoughts about why I'm attracted to the people I'm attracted to and if my habits and wants are out of the norm. I've only been in one official relationship and that was over 10 years ago. I've had my share of hookups, but nothing committed. Am I destined for friends with benefits for my entire life if I don't find someone I want to commit to? I'm happy with my past and current FWB, but should I be?
I'm just gonna keep on doing me but this question has really been nagging me lately.

No. 1260813

how are people happy in fwb situations… mental illness. just buy a vibrator.

No. 1260816

> happy single
> my current FWB
What is wrong with you nonnie, like anon said above just get a vibrator and stop being so desperate

No. 1260820


Totally. When your ready for something more committed and with the right person then go for it. If and when it's meant to happen it will, in the meantime enjoy what's going on now in your life and appreciate the people in it is my small advice for what little it is worth, hope it helps a bit. Oh and the song.

No. 1260821

I went on dates with no kidding about 50 guys before I found my Nigel. almost all of them are dysfunctional coomers as deep as a puddle. my nigey-wigey is great though.

No. 1260822

Give your self permission to scream even if it's a silent one, it can help sometimes…

No. 1260823

anyone else just not believe anons at all when they say their "nigels" are so great, not because you don't think women can find genuinely good partners, but because no freak on this website that unironically uses the term nigel would ever find a man that isn't broken in several ways

No. 1260829

>use XY
>nona is mad
>use nigel
>nona is mad
you're more impossible to please than my nfather. i'm going to use a weeb word like kareshi next

No. 1260830

how about you just call him your boyfriend or partner or husband or whatever the hell he is to you because he's not your "nigel" or your "moid" or your "scrote" if you choose to fuck him and do his laundry.

No. 1260832

anon, no one says that seriously. is something wrong with you?

No. 1260833


We are all a little broken on this site (Well most of us).


Language aside aside I'm glad your with someone whom makes you happy.

Best of luck to both of you!

No. 1260834

I love her so much y’all it don’t make no damn sense and idc one bit

No. 1260835

>i was just joking this whole time

No. 1260836

File: 1657685453772.png (1.82 MB, 1474x720, ackacack.png)

i'm feeling really shitty i want to rip out my ovaries and kill every man and then my phone updated and showed me pictures of when i still had hope and looked nice and didn't want to jump into a fire of booze after chainsmoking 10 packs of cigarettes

No. 1260837

i'm legit like two weeks from snapping i can;t handLE these MORMONS and i miss WATER why does anyone liVE HERE

No. 1260841


Aww totally happy for you both! Congrats!

No. 1260842

I was under the impression that nonnies use the term nigel because no one wants to hear about our icky straight relationships so we must acknowledge what an asshole we must be by calling our partners nigel whenever we say nice things about them

No. 1260846

that's not what nigel means

No. 1260847

>bitchy incompetent manager
>fucked inventory
>bizarrely incompetent coworkers despite experience
smells like target

No. 1260850

Lol wtf are you doing in Utah?

No. 1260851

just got dumped by my gf and i feel so dumb bc this whole time i’ve kept thinking we’re gonna be together forever and i was so in love and she told me she’s been thinking about doing it for like two months now…
i also feel so stupid because i sound like a teenager in love lmao not like somebody in her mid twenties who should definitely know better

No. 1260853


You are more then just a look. Feel better, sending a song and good thoughts your way.

No. 1260856

It means my lovely bf yeah? What are you on

No. 1260861

Thanks nona, I'll give it a try ♥

No. 1260862

I agree bout anons calling boyfriend they supposedly love “my scrote” because that just sounds like he’s shit and you hate him. Nigel is supposed to be the opposite of “scrote”. He’s supposed to be the 0.01% specimen. Yes I know originally it’s a snide comment about women bragging about “great man” who isn’t actually so great. It can be used in a cheeky, self deprecating way in example above though.

No. 1260863

Sadly it doesn't seem to get any easier no matter how old we get. I'm so sorry and no your not stupid or anything, only human. Feel better.


Your very welcome music helps me when I'm feeling sad a lot so I like to share it in hopes it will help someone else out there. Glad if it did, best of luck to you.

No. 1260876

I think my father might have depression. He lost a friend three months ago, hates going to work and is constantly fighting with my mom. Last week he called in sick and did the same thing this week. He isn't sick tho and I saw him doing shit in the garden. I won't talk to him about it tho because when I struggled with my mental health and was on the brink of committing suicide in university due to academic pressure and not finding a job my parents only gaslit me. Maybe I am going to send them shit about starting therapy because they both need it. I made it out of depression without their help so they sure as hell won't get mine.

No. 1260895


I'm glad you made it through your depressive period and are at peace with it now. We don't get to pick whom are parents are and sadly not all parents are the kind we want. Stay safe and well.

No. 1260900

it’s like SO weird because I literally am a psychocunt but no one ever calls me on it

No. 1260908

File: 1657691446606.jpg (56.72 KB, 640x480, stare.jpg)

nonnas, the autistic scrote brought a knife to work.

all he does is stare, stand still, tell the girls what to do and how (while not having a clue himself) butt into conversations girls are having with somebody else, and act like a retarded toddler when working. he constantly stands in people's way and picks shit up off the ground. sticks, trash, rocks, anything, and then flails and throws them around, being hazardous to everyone. being born weird is not an excuse to act like an inconsiderate asshole. people tell him to stop all the time and he just thinks it's funny. i think somebody reported him today because he kept to himself near the end of the shift. his whole asscrack was out some shifts and he would not pull his pants back up. he made jokes about prostituting the girls, and beating somebody bloody with a rock. he had a rock in his pockets too. he seems to refuse learning any socialization and resorts to intimidation and the forced validation (power imbalance) from girls. all while he thinks of himself as an innocent little quirky guy. his eyes were red when i last saw him so maybe he cried. he has to learn that people don't bully him for something he can't change, they rightfully tell him off when he is being antisocially annoying. there are moids at work who have been to jail multiple times and even they know how to act. he is almost the biggest guy physically so it isn't funny, it's a hazard.

No. 1260913

He seems like he was only hired to fill some disabled worker quota. I had some retarded coworker in my retail job a few years ago and he wasn't dangerous, but he was still a huge pain in the ass and I had to babysit him everytime I was there and do my job on top of that because I was "mysteriously" always assigned to where he was assigned, I feel bad for you.

No. 1260915


Maybe it's cause they think your sweet? I dunno.


My gosh that's scary he sounds like a psycho glad your okay!

No. 1260929

File: 1657692765483.png (914.76 KB, 683x672, tattoos.PNG)

I'm not a huge fan of tattoos but like who gets this mad at a comic to do edit it lol

No. 1260930

he might not be diagnosed but it is obvious tbh. in this country only spergy upper class children get diagnosed with the tisms. we work a minimum wage job so i don't think he is from a rich family. rip, you were the unofficial tard sitter. sucks that you had to work harder because of him. they should just be on the benefit. we have to watch him too. so frustrating, isn't it?
yeah. thank you. maybe he is innocent (as much as a moid can be) but still we can't expect someone who refuses to compromise and conform to regular social rules to be chill about carrying multiple weapon classified items. i don't care if he meant them as self-defense against "danger" or signal that in some caveman way he is supposed to be desirable and protective with this. just act normal.

No. 1260937

I had a hemorrhoid and it finally went away then today I got another hemorrhoid. I did not push my poops, I've been eating my veggies, I don't spend much time on the toilet, I don't lift weights or anything. Why is God punishing my asshole?

No. 1260944

Scrotes 100% did the edit.

No. 1260945

File: 1657693956437.png (276.75 KB, 681x873, Screenshot 2022-07-13 022729.p…)

I'd love to be able to wear skirts like this but unfortunately i am 5'2. What's the deal with that?

No. 1260947

>who gets this mad at a comic to do edit it lol
Moids. Many of them have autistic hate boners for tattoos, and they bitch and whine how they lower a woman's market value.

No. 1260953

Yeah it's frustrating. Where I live disabled people is a fairly broad word legally speaking so companies can reach their quotas with fully functional people who needs accomodations like idk, a person with diabete who needs a fridge in the break room for their insulin, or someone with back pain who needs to take the elevator and needs a special chair to have the right posture, etc. but they had to hire a literal drooling retard. I don't even know if he had autism or something else because he wasn't like the autists I knew before him (who were way more independent but more prone to violence)

No. 1260955

i had one just from sitting too much for a couple of days there doesn't have to be a proper reason for it, it's just bad luck

No. 1260963

To heck and gosh darn with "market value".>>1260947

No. 1260965

>If you’re ugly you gotta be extra nice!


No. 1260967

Knowing your mom feels ugly is the worst feel. But also feels bad being like 10 and hearing her diss her own features only to grow up developing them myself. She used to tell me about ex boyfriends who had insulted so and so feature, and when I have them myself I feel like they've bullied me too.

No. 1260970

Being extra nice doesn't do shit. And if you're nice to guys while being fug they'll just think you're into them. I've become really bitter and kinda bitchy. Why the fuck should I put on a bubbly girl who's always been loved-act when my life experience is the literal opposite? I get so jealous when pretty girls act over the top sweet and cutesy. If I looked like that and got attention and praise all my life I'd be fucking smiling and engaging too. People think pretty girls are nice because they're just naturally nice from birth. Femkwell sperg over

No. 1260979

It’s not even a jealously thing for me at this point, I’m just not going to lobotomize myself because some idiots think I haven’t earned the right to have negative emotions. Like, I get that “smile more” bullshit effects all women, but there’s too many people who want unconventional/“ugly” looking women to be a 24/7 cheerleader NPC for them. I blame the rise of “I’m the main character” TikTok bullshit.

No. 1260982

No. 1260986

I think I ugly and it gives me all greater reason to be a bitch

No. 1260987

so true queen

No. 1260988

Wear high platform boots underneath your skirt

No. 1260995


No. 1261005


yeah i'd rather people be respectfully distant from me for whatever reason than thinking i am some low status doormat for them to wipe their feet on. fuck no.

No. 1261012

I fucked my ex while drunk. She was even more drunk and started vomiting pretty soon after we were done. She ruined my carpets. I feel immense regret on so many levels. I should've known better.

No. 1261017


On the upside I suppose at least it didn't end up like this song… mostly.


And there are some real creeps out there whom see "low self esteem" as "easy target" for goodness what. Scary.

No. 1261037

i hate it when men act like babies in an adult male body. couldn't lack anymore self awareness. unchecked privilege men are already bad now that stacks on double with these tards expecting everybody to treat them like they're just toddlers.

No. 1261046

Omg this sounds like a guy I used to know. He was a suicidal obese autistic sexpest that'd cry at shit he was guilty for. Where did this happen? Is he by any chance 25-27 years old?

No. 1261047

Fucking hate moids. I sat on a bench while waiting for the bus today and this fatass piece of shit ogre came and sat down right next to me and started smoking and blowing it right in my face. My hair still smells like it and it's been six hours. Moids like this should be put down.

No. 1261053

I can't stand smokers, they're disguting and think stinking in public and harming others with their cigarettes should be socially acceptable.

No. 1261056

It's kind of sad the world is going to shit so fast. Thinking about how things will just get shittier from year to year, it's hard to hold onto hope. I'm not even sure what I do want beside like a liveable wage, a decently challenging job, but even after that - what do I even use that money for? I don't even want a family. I feel like I'm too old to start anything, since I haven't worked hard when the world wasn't in a state of permanent collapse.

No. 1261057

It's insane to me how defensive they get when you complain about not wanting to sacrifice your health because of their secondhand smoke ugh.

No. 1261059

lol not all japanese toilets are gundams, most are just… basic toilets
when your hands are coming that close to shit/piss i'd prefer them to be washed tbh, regardless of whether they have ''''fecal matter''' on them actively or not.

In general people should wash their hands more, it feels so fucking nice, i don't get how people walk around with grubby sticky-ass hands comfortably. It reminds me of kids who have like… sticky candy smears all over their face mixed with snot and god knows what else and just are a-okay with it. Barbarian behaviour imo.

No. 1261060

I mean that you sometimes have a waiting line for the toilet in some places and I was waiting behind cutesy looking girls who would come out of the stall later after I did and would just leave without washing their hands. Best case scenario they were rinsing their finger tips.

No. 1261061

i am not sure of his age nonna because his fat obscures most age markers. he is tall and ginger. we worked on some community projects.

No. 1261065

Oh the guy i knew was short as fuck, nevermind.

No. 1261066

Fortunately in my country it's illegal to smoke at bus stops, they're obligated to keep a distance. Of course smokers still try always weasel closer, because they're scared they'll miss the bus. Similiar rules exist for other open air areas too, it's been so nice. Now I get pissed if some new person in a group just takes out a cigarette and starts smoking it without asking first, I hate the smell so much.

No. 1261079

I'm so envious, I wish our politicians here weren't such pussies and would enforce similar rules.

No. 1261099

You are 22 years old, how on earth would your parents have the ability to 'make' you do anything let alone from the other side of the planet?

No. 1261100

Time to start being a bit more self sufficient imo. If you don't want your parents to dictate your future you gotta stop relying on them and grab the proverbial bull by the proverbial horns.

No. 1261101

You're 22, no one can force you to move anywhere. I'm not sure how student Visa works, is it compromised because you got bad grades or something? Can't you take a student job/normal job and graduate without their support?

No. 1261102

I miss being a silly, imaginative 10 year old with a huge smile. I'm still silly and imaginative with a smile, but life is just so much different at ten years old. I can't believe that age was almost a decade ago…

No. 1261103

I’m sure you don’t realize how completely disgusting and unlikeable you sound in this post but get well soon

No. 1261104

The fuck ups are on you and you can’t cry about your parents being inconsiderate when you’re the adult lol if they even have enough power to make you come to the US then you shouldn’t have left to Japan in the first place weeb

No. 1261106

i don't know what mistakes you made but you're 22, your life isn't over even if it feels like it.

No. 1261107

LOL, you're not Sharpay or Paris Hilton or whichever snobbish woman, real or fictional, trashy self-proclaimed "bimbo's" and "coquettes" idolise.

No. 1261111

Imagine having the privilege to frivolously move to Japan at 22 on a student visa and then say you’re going to kill yourself because you were being financially retarded and being clearly dependent on your parents they’re going to pay for you in the US instead.

No. 1261114

File: 1657706518267.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2182, 6C5642DC-32FB-4501-9388-19E378…)

She deleted it but I’m putting it back because it was too good

No. 1261117

Don't inflate her ego by making her think that cringeworthy post was anywhere near "good". Yawn

No. 1261118

I think you’re being a bit melodramatic because I obviously meant it was terrible. Nuance.

No. 1261120

t. weeb wholl get jaded if she stays in nipponland and marries a japanese moid once she realizes how sexist and racist their society is

No. 1261121

I have coworkers who are incredibly skinny to the extent I'd like to be. I wanted to approach them to ask for their lifestyle habits, since I'm so intrigued by how they maintain this beautiful figure. Their stomachs are seriously so flat, and their waists are so narrow. Plus, I always see them eating junkfood! It amazes me. But then I discover they smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day, as a figure of speech. It explains everything to me and sadly disappoints… That junk food is probably their only meal in the day, and they suppress their subsequent moodiness/hunger with cigarettes, excessive partying and drinking, and simply being moody (just because their figures are beautiful, doesn't mean they are always very polite, friendly or insightful…)

No. 1261122

Girl thinks she’s Sydney Sweeney but I’m sure she’s just like quintessential Caucasian weeb that takes pics of pink bubble tea and purses her lips on the train to try to look cute.

No. 1261125

kek what did I miss this time? what a rollercoaster. I lowkey relate but she'd be stupid to kill herself just for that.

No. 1261126

You can white-knuckle into being that skinny but honestly it’s generally short-lived and it very fulfilling at all. You never look like virile or healthy or anything either.

No. 1261127

She won’t kill herself she’s just throwing a massive tantrum that mommy and daddy are sick of funding her Nippon fantasy and figure collection

No. 1261134

Absolutely, that's why I was disappointed to once again discover that this level of skinniness is hardly achieved in a healthy way. There is always a major sacrifice to be given in return, which is never worth it for me. And when I discovered their smoking habits, it suddenly started to make everything else about them clearer. Yes, their bodies are amazing XXXS size, but their skin does not glow, their hair is dull and they have to hide behind cosmetic products daily to feel/be presentable. Their sometimes remarkably dense (no offense to them, but sometimes I seriously have to take a moment to think…wait, is this really their answer? It's okay, everyone is different, but it was not what I expected…) answers also started to make sense. It is not so glamorous or desirable after all…

No. 1261136

you can do that in america by buying cheap plastic crap on amazon, photographing yourself with it, and then moving to a major city

I don't get why weebs and kboos idolize those countries, they seem like horrible places to reside. when 99.99% of them don't bother to learn the language and would be unable to hold down jobs there, the misogyny and patriarchy are unbearable, and you get tired of weebshit and kpop by the time you hit your 30s. what's the point kek

No. 1261138

Suicidebaiting at its finest. It's pretty much obvious she is only threatening to kill herself so she can get it her way with mom and daddy. Imagine having your fantasies come to life funded by Parents Bank and still kvetching as fuck. Go touch some grass.

No. 1261139

Ironically the wealthier Koreans often move to the US for a few years and being abroad is a flex for them.

No. 1261142

the meltdown from "ruh-roh i (probably) went 5k in the negative on my credit card" to "i'll be ugly in 5 years so i need to die" is hilarious tbf

No. 1261145

You guys should read the thread in crystal cafe about a girl who moved to Japan and her japanese boyfriend turned into a verbally abusive OCD schizo who makes her wake up at 4 am to clean the house. The man has ruined her self worth and bf's mom is constantly guilt tripping her into staying. I think he choked her once too.

I like anime but god I would never move to Japan. What a shitty place it is for women.

No. 1261148

But anon, what on earth is the point of living in glorious nippon if they don't worship you for being young and pretty and foreign?? Obviously the attention of lolicon moids is the only reason to exist there.

No. 1261153

Come back anon. Please tell us about your life in Japan.

No. 1261157

Anon, were you trying to find "stuck in Japan"/"Can't leave Japan" subliminals before? No judgment either way, it's just that something odd happened

No. 1261158

I do feel bad for anon on some level if she really think she peaked at 22, blowing her parents' money

No. 1261166

Why waste your time feeling bad for a suicide-baiting parent-funded neet

No. 1261171

She's not a NEET if she's attending uni. I feel bad that she thinks life is only worth living if it's Instagrammable.

No. 1261173

She’s about to be if she doesn’t raise those grades past a C- this week

No. 1261195

Thank you for reposting it Anon, my gosh and goodness that's really a terrible position she might end up in. OP I'm going to pray really hard that your grades come out okay and maybe everything will turn out okay after all and you can stay in Japan, which would be really awesome cause it sounds amazing. I hope that if they don't turn out so good that you will consider your options carefully there are still other ways this might work out you know? For now I will send one my extra special personal favorite songs your way I hope it will help a bit. Nothing but love be well.

No. 1261198

My dog just died. I don't even know what to say. I'm crying so much. I miss her. We have one dog left still, he's going to be all alone. I feel so miserable for him but I don't want to get another dog because I don't know who can take care of them when I have to move, and I won't be able to bring them along. I hate this. Why does she have to die? There are so many shit people in the world who actually deserve it. What the fuck did she do wrong? She wasn't even old. What if she was sick and I didn't even know it? Or what if someone fucking poisoned her, I don't know. She could've eaten something outside. We don't know. I fucking hate the country I live in and the shit fucking vets/lack of animal care and the subhumans who think of animals as objects. I know there's nothing and no one I can really blame but I just feel so shitty. She was so sweet, all she did was try to protect me and my mom. I remember she gave us hell when she was a puppy because she was always barking loud and biting and even ate her own shit, but when she got older she mellowed out completely, like she was a whole different dog. I'm sorry for typing out all this and I'm sorry it doesn't make sense, I just need some way to vent and I don't want to make my mom cry too.

No. 1261199

Broke off things with a guy, just because I got sick of being what I want all the time. Like maybe ideally it's good that someone asks what you want, but it started becoming exhausting. When I bought a gift, planned an outing or anything, he could just enjoy that. When it was his turn, he kept asking me what I want, and he kept asking me that. I've never freaked out at him about anything, never insulted his taste, doesn't make sense he'd be scared of my reaction. "When should we go to the beach?" "You decide". Like holy shit, you must have some wants, wishes, preferences, SOMETHING. How do people live like this??

No. 1261216

Tragic, he was so spooked to lose you that he catered to you every whim. Learn the balance, lurking men

No. 1261218

Oh gosh I'm so sorry anon, losing an pup like that is always really hard and sad. I believe she will be waiting for you and your mom as well so maybe you will see her again. Until then…