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No. 1222766

No1curr about your autism or bpd. Vent thread will be returning back to its regular schedule of nigel rants and suicide bait.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1222759

No. 1222769

what the fuck is that thread pic

No. 1222772

it’s one of those ai generated photos

No. 1222775

anon delete that right now and behave yourself kek

No. 1222778

That's pyramidhead!

No. 1222780

Ok anon.
Isn't it the pyramid head from silent hills?

No. 1222781

File: 1655052227671.jpg (48.25 KB, 540x540, ecc93e874ed64cea0a81505230f9ae…)

No. 1222782

Some of these threads are literally the worst about being off topic, I mentioned one thing that was vaguely personal and not even off topic- just an observation, and I get a ban. Fuck the celebrity thread, I should have just made fun of their race and would never have gotten banned.

No. 1222789

Honestly, instead of hating ourselves, we should focus our hatred completely on violent men. There is nothing wrong with it, it's not the same as regular hatred of other groups and it's completely justified. Everytime I see a video of men beating up women, I want to grab a knife, but I know even that won't do it with their retard strength. I hate them, just drop dead and die, you aren't even human.

No. 1222790

Why did you get banned

No. 1222795

>instead of hating ourselves
Girl what? Speak for yourself. I love myself

No. 1222796

Been waking up with new bruises every day for the last two weeks with no idea how I got them. It used to happen all the time when I lived at home, but I'm alone and it hasn't been like this for years. There's this massive one on the side of my stomach too and it hurts if I bend over. I'm so annoyed.

No. 1222798

yeah? you want to complain about unknown ails?? I have bloody rectum no anal, no computation. just blood!

No. 1222799

You go nonna. I was speaking of a good portion of women who hate themselves, mostly due to being conditioned to it from all sides, ever since we were little. That energy should go to hating men instead.

No. 1222801

sanefag, but *go to hating violent men instead

No. 1222802

File: 1655053330651.jpeg (87.68 KB, 1125x1041, 78C14F46-9424-4E32-90C7-B36E31…)

I wonder what infights we'll be seeing in this thread. Till then, anons.

No. 1222805

Oh yeah I get you now. Those women need a different mindset. Women are better than men in every single way and once that's truly acknowledged, the inferiority complex will disappear. Most men are just some guy who goes to work, comes home, and jacks off. Whooptie doo

No. 1222807

Go to a doc
Sounds like iron deficiency maybe, take a blood test. You bruise very easily when you're deficient and you don't notice it when you hit yourself.

No. 1222810

>no computation
my nonnie, if math is making your butt bleed you need a doctor
Oh damn that lines up. I think you're right, thanks nonna!

No. 1222811

For mentioning a shirt, I guess I didn’t say the guy was a scrote or something mean so it was a no1curr

No. 1222813

i feel like the only woman in the entire world who likes traps sometimes

No. 1222814

You nonnas made me laugh, awful posts (in the best way)

No. 1222815

i feel like the only woman in the entire world

No. 1222817

girl same

No. 1222820

Nah, me too.

No. 1222822

>dumb men
annoying and retarded, dunning krueger fucks
>smart men
evil and manipulative, arrogant to an insane degree

What do

No. 1222823

I can multitask

No. 1222825

Can women with shitty childhoods please not have a baby to save pain and having your kid be stuck on this stupid planet. I don't know if it's just mine, but I guess she thought she'd be fit for a mom when she's been my biggest bully since I was fucking 7. Sometimes I want to physically beat her, but there's no point.

No. 1222826

I like traps too. PSA to all fuggo trannies reading I mean the ones who are really, really hot who facially pass 100%. Not you, not you if you get on hormones, not you if you get FFS.

No. 1222827

What did she do? I agree.

No. 1222829

File: 1655054584304.jpg (20.45 KB, 474x446, 1d36b87589c205deea3c5a5fdf60ad…)

I just remembered that I have an exam tomorrow and I totally would've forgotten about it, if it wasn't for my professor reminding us through e-mail. So now I have to pull an all nighter an somehow memorize about one hundred pages and not fail tomorrow's exam.

No. 1222830

But if I don't have a child then who's going to cyberbully the trannies and lolcows of the future?

No. 1222831

Excise the ego. Dunning Krueger fucks become himbos and arrogant manipulative fucks tone down the evil.
Egoless moids are rarer than goddamned unicorns tho.

No. 1222835

File: 1655055134545.jpeg (82.76 KB, 960x1200, 2CEC3DD9-1FA6-4BC2-97EA-97320B…)

pick the right choice nonnie

No. 1222837

Read a summary, buy a summary from someone off the internet if you have to. I've managed a good grade that way in a similiar situation just recently. Good luck!

No. 1222842

File: 1655055544801.jpg (36.48 KB, 450x300, jpsg.jpg)

Since I was 19 I have continuously moved cities and countries every 2-3 years or so. I just can't seem to settle anywhere.

I would say it's because I'm adventurous, but I think the truth is that I'm struggling with life never working out the way I want it to, feeling depressed and then thinking that everything will be alright once I move to the next ideal place on my list. Once I've lived there a little while I realize I don't feel better, so I start looking for yet another new place, usually somewhere I've visited in the past and felt briefly happy in.

I'm soon turning 30 and there's no certainty to my life. I feel completely lost. The thought of settling down is terrifying, because I'm so stuck on the mindset that if I'm not happy, I'm in the wrong place. I don't think it's depression, it's just an overall hollow and sad feeling that I can't seem to get rid of. Sure, it could be that it's me who needs to change and not the place I live in, but what if I just haven't found my true home yet?

No. 1222843

Same thing for men too. I spent alot of years glossing over my dads neglect and abuse because I know he was raised in a pretty tough time/environment but I eventually ran out of my once generous supply of one-sided empathy. Neither me or my brother want kids so at least the cycle seems likely to end with us.

I see alot of people saying 'I'll give my kid everything that I was denied' but it's rarely that simple in practice. People mean well when they say it but its naive.

No. 1222847

I wish I could but I don't think I can because we have to use the scripts written by our professors and they don't allow students to make summaries to distribute them (probably because students wouldn't read that shit otherwise kek). It's almost 8pm here and I have to take the exam at 9am tomorrow. Thank you anyway nonna!

No. 1222852

My scrote’s friend’s wife probably thinks I’m the rudest fucking bitch in the world, but I swear, I’m just autistic and socially awkward/inept. I act so weird around her and I can’t help it. I wish I could be a normal person, goddamn.

No. 1222854

I hate growing up poor, I still feel guilty every time I buy myself something nice to eat, every time I have this thought at the back of my head, what if something happens and I'm going to need a bigger amount of money? An accident, illness or something. It's better to buy something cheaper so you can still save a few bucks. God I hate this so much

No. 1222857

are you rich?

No. 1222858

I relate I hate when people think I am uppity because I struggle to interact. It will never come naturally

No. 1222863

One of my favorite quotes is “the grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it”…. Hard to actually believe it but it does help me some, I had a similar 20s and now I’m 33 been in the same place for a few years- It’s okay kek, I still struggle but it is kind of comforting knowing where I’m going without GPS

No. 1222866

Put on some heavy metal, drink a coffee, you got this! Honestly though that sucks so bad I hope you can b strong

No. 1222871

Yes. That’s exactly it. “Uppity” or even like I dislike her, find her distasteful, that’s absolutely what I think people are thinking when they’re around me. That’s the vibe I give off, I’m sure of it. I’m sorry, I really just don’t know what to do and say most of the time when I’m with other people, so I either stay quiet or say something fucking off putting.

No. 1222885

As long as it doesn't consume you, I see tons of feminists who focus on arguing with men that they get sick/burn out. Reduce as much expose to males as possible that's the only way to starve them out.

No. 1222888

I think at times in my past I've maybe appeared as if I'm some type of pickme because I 'get along more with men' but the truth is I have anxiety around women and no anxiety socially around men… because I don't really view men as mattering. Their view of me doesn't make a bit of difference to me so the pressure is off and I don't have to overthink shit.

If I'm talking to a woman and feel like I said one thing wrong.. I will lose sleep over it later on. I will revisit the cringey thing that I said more times than is healthy and it'll become something so ott in my head. I'm just reflecting on how I must come across to people and how it kinda creates a whole loop that I need to break out of. I want more meaningful interactions in my life. I don't get it.. I went to an all girls school growing up so in a way it doesn't make sense to be this bad at socialising with my own group.

No. 1222895

People who have children without going to therapy will fuck up their children, who knew
Have you found any friends/community in those places?
What helps is doing a cost analysis on it, how often will you use it vs how much it costs, and will it effect your health?

No. 1222900

You know that syphilis started with animals right. That means a man fucked (raped) an animal and then transmitted it to a woman. I hate men so fucking much. HPV causes cervical cancer and the wast majority of women get it from men. Giving a man head raises your risk of mouth cancer too. Fucking men literally kills women and I never ever want to fuck a man in my life. I still find some of them physically attractive, which pains me, and I know that living with a man would make my life financially better and more stable, but my self preservation instinct and my disgust towards the male essence is too strong to ever fuck one.

No. 1222901

Therapy isn’t the be all end all honestly. I’ll never have children

No. 1222906

Therapy arguably doesn’t even solve your mental anguish, it’s a method that attempts to shove you back into a “normal” society that already doesn’t have enough room for you. Some people just shouldn’t even have children to begin with

No. 1222908

File: 1655058210885.jpeg (244.74 KB, 1170x1268, F00AAC86-E568-4EB9-BC33-3A9B5E…)

Whenever I see scrotes who can’t contain their excitement about “backpacking through Southeast Asia” I automatically assume they’re pervert sex tourists and possibly pedos

No. 1222912

Its incredible how much the internet can fuck with someones head. I know its unhealthy but sometimes i read mgtow forums, you can tell theres way too much talk and too little of reality in those discussions. On one hand they claim every woman is a whore, on the other hand they claim "if she doesnt fuck you by the third date shes using you". And then theres the cherry on top: its always the same users posting claiming they "pump and dump" model-looking-women, that you never see on real life, and those same guys are making daily posts at 10am, 3pm, 4pm, 2am… Every single day! Its crazy how obvious it is that they are jobless, probably with no career prospects, and ugly. And for some reason they still feel the reason to lie about being such "chads". Its incredible because all the "chads" ive met in real life were super chill dudes, nice to the scrawny dudes that probably hate them, and were nice to women and had no problem with them. Its crazy what online discussion does to their perception of reality.

No. 1222916

Men are dumb cavemen who don't know much social etiquette anyway and are pretty straightforward and yeah their opinion doesn't matter. Meanwhile women are much better at communicating, picking up on nonverbal signals, trying to read in between the lines, care about group cohesion and conformity, much faster bothered by you not following social etiquette etc. Several normie women confided in me that they're worried other women hate them or are talking behind their backs, but the reality is that they're usually just talking behind each other's backs about how they're worried they're hated by other women. Many overthink, even hide hobbies from each other, constantly watching what they're saying. So I don't think you're the only one who loses sleep over it.

No. 1222920

I'm exactly the same way, I get so spergy and nervous around women because I care too much what they think of me but I come across as relaxed around men purely because I don't give a single shit if they like me or not. I have no clue how to fix this but hopefully we can both get over it at some point nonna

No. 1222925

File: 1655058805691.jpg (5.16 KB, 225x225, 63463fe.jpg)

I will, thank you anon! Yeah, I hate that my professors are shitty like that.

No. 1222928

Exactly the same kek.

No. 1222930

my neighbour is a very creepy guy. After I moved here alone, he started to leave his flat every morning at the same time I would leave and he would be back at the same time as I was back. It suddenly stopped when a guy moved in with me. Well, our walls are very thin (old building, build very fast after WW2) and he is loud and we can hear most of the things he does. One time he travelled to Thailand, we were both joking "oh, he is looking for a very young girlfriend". Guess what? He came back, had calls over months from a girl from Thailand, she asked him about money many times, one day she visited him for some weeks and what we could hear didn't sound right. She cooked for him, they mostly didn't talk, one evening his friend visited, with whom she talked and another night she threatened to call the police and after she left, the phone calls only would be about money and one year later, there aren't any phone calls. He lost his job, hasn't got money, so that poor girl has to find the next German (or American or European guy) to get some money. So yes, if I see a guy travelling alone (or with male friends) to Southeast Asia, I assume the same and sadly, it's mostly the truth. Sry for blogposting, today is annoying and I need to annoy other people, kek.

No. 1222932

File: 1655059124943.jpg (608.82 KB, 500x750, 1647368378979.jpg)

I've tried to friendzone a scrote for almost three years and it has been the awkwardest and shittiest time of my life. Can't cut him off completely because he's a neighbour. I fucking hate myself for not being able to be firm enough, being too polite and letting him believe in his stupid fantasies of dating me. FUCK YOU SCROTE LEAVE ME ALONE! Today I might've succeeded, though, so here's to hoping.

No. 1222935

(I posted this on the old thread because I'm retarded, sorry)

Just dropped off my cats with a friend… I'm moving back home because I failed miserably at being an independent adult, and I don't know if I'll be able to pay to transport them, so she might be their new mom. Came back to my apartment (not for long lol) and it's so empty and quiet. I hate it so much. I want my babies. God life sucks so bad.

No. 1222936

File: 1655059262092.png (700.99 KB, 994x668, Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 2.40…)

everything is irritating/upsetting me today but rocket power is calming me down. great comfort show

No. 1222941

File: 1655059636232.jpg (101.21 KB, 1003x1203, 121294809_258612652232652_2753…)

my male cousin is painfully average looks wise and his girlfriend is so god damn pretty and photogenic and has beautiful, shiny, really long (like ass-long) hair, she modeled for some company too. It's surreal to see them together. One of my shift leaders is also a very attractive woman, and her husband is an uggo. Even on the street, I often see fit, pretty, well kept girls who dress nicely and then I see their scrotes, ugly or average, either skinny-fat, skin-and-bones skinny with no muscle mass or just fat, with shitty hair and shitty skin and dressing like shit. I'm so so so annoyed by this. I know looks aren't everything but I basically never see the opposite: an attractive, fit, well kept man with an ugly/average girl who looks like a slob. I can recall maybe one such case. I hate to see how much confidence painfully average or ugly scrotes get from dating pretty women. Sometimes I even want to grab some of those girls and shake them kek

No. 1222946

Have a big test tomorrow and my mother did it again. She made the situation so unbearable, I can't concentrate, I can't learn, I have to care for my brother, so he doesn't do anything stupid. Damn, I'm an adult, I'm a grown woman, I'm stronger than my mother has ever been, still she has the power to destroy everything by just one stupid e-mail. If some of the stuff that needs to be done is done, I will never have contact with my mother again, the hurt and pain is enough for a lifetime and she never loved me, so why should I keep on caring, shall she rot alone in her empty house with no one talking to her.

No. 1222947

>I don't know if I'll be able to pay to transport them
You can't just put them in a cat carrier and take them with you?

No. 1222963

Ugh, same! I have such pretty friends but their scrotes are waaaay below average in terms of looks. The only thing that makes them less offensive to the eyes is that they look somewhat clean. I've asked my friends a couple of times why they've chosen their moids and with beautiful women and ugly men it's always "because he treats me well" …that's how low the bar is! Like, you are gorgeous! I'm sure you can find someone who you're attracted to and who treats you well! Men never go with an "uglier" girl and then say that they like her because she's nice. They always stress how attraction (looks, basically) is important to them and that just a nice personality isn't enough. It sucks how often women will say "I'm not that attracted to him but I like him because he treats me well". Maybe I just don't get it.

No. 1222964

File: 1655060435605.jpg (100.44 KB, 1170x1023, FUac9JFWQAMIQkW.jpg)

I want to be like this capybara but I keep sabotaging myself through procrastinating and stagnation.

No. 1222967

but anon, they could be rich kek
I think part of it is that if the man is way below their level he's less likely to cheat or leave them because he literally can't get anyone better. A genuinely hot guy could leave them for someone hotter so there's security in dating an uglier guy.

No. 1222971

Hope so anon, if not maybe you can fake having a boyfriend? Get a male friend to be in on it and pose as your boyfriend one or two times

No. 1222972

I'm not writing off therapy for everyone, it has it's uses and it's better than doing nothing but yeah.. there's a point where years on years of therapy still doesn't work miracles if you've been affected by experiences at a very young age. I've opted out of kids based on how lost I am when it comes to what's normal parenting wise. I can barely even get a romantic relationship to last and that's with plenty of therapy under my belt. The harsh reality is that abused kids go on to have crazy toxic dating experiences too alot of the time. Even without kids there's a lifelong aftertaste that follows you around and haunts you, even with therapy and while putting the work in.

No. 1222973

This is a misconception, when you date ugly men all they do is get a conflaged ego and start to think they can do even better than you. Never date down, ladies. You deserve someone who you're attracted to AND treats you well. Being single is better than settling.

No. 1222974

>there's security in dating an uglier guy.
Daily reminder jay z cheated on beyonce

No. 1222975

Nta but sadly that's not true at all. Most of the time men don't even cheat with women who look better than their girlfriends. There are plenty of beautiful women who were still cheated on by their porn sick and ugly scrotes. Ugly men feel invincible after getting with a beautiful woman.

No. 1222977

I think so too, but I think a lot of women subconciously think this way. Ugly men usually have the biggest egos

No. 1222980

Reminds me of when I was a bartender and a moid confessed he purposefully dated pretty women just to dump them/cheat on them. All he had going for him was money. There is no security in dating men, regardless of whether he's ugly/attractive, it's something you have to find in yourself and know when to call bullshit.

No. 1222981

I thought it was a good read, pretty intense to be hearing a real life drama just through your walls. He sounds super creepy

No. 1222983

I hate that I'm sharing this but I dated down in my last relationship.. I was doted on for a while and then standards oh so slowly slipped and he ended up cheating on me with a woman who is older than me (not being a bitch but was a downgrade looks wise) was overweight and she came with the baggage of several kids.. he left me for her though because she was kinkier than me. He had never even told me about these hidden kinks in our years together. He'd lied about what he's into and then expected me to please him through mind reading? I was beyond insulted by how it all played out. Don't date down. Date a guy who actually gets your engine going.. might as well if ugly guys end up just as bad as attractive guys after a while.

Even an uggo will take you for granted after he's already had the pleasure of bedding you a thousand times. They get bored, they get big heads. They're not eternally grateful. The novelty wears off.

No. 1222988

Honestly, I'd recommend to all women attracted to men to
>get to know his entire family if you're serious
>withhold privileges until you get exclusivity and a ring
>insert yourself into his business
>stand in the corner of the room watching him sleep and breathing heavily so when he wakes up he knows he's always watched

No. 1222991

>getting married
If you don't want kids makes no sense. Just makes it harder to leave if shit goes south because durr my commitment

No. 1222996

As an ugly girl it's extremely blackpilling. Men who are my "looksmatch" (gross I know) only go for Beckies

No. 1222997

Why do people assume because THEY don't find someone attractive or attractive enough for their spouse that the person they are with see's that person the same way? It's like, "Oh my god he/she is so pretty, why is she/he with her/him?"
Uh…doesn't never reach your brain they may genuinely be attracted to that person? Don't find them ugly or unattractive like you do? I always find all the fan ficitions of why people think someone chooses someone based only on looks. People like different things.

No. 1222998

I'm sorry you had to go through that, nonny! I hope you'll have more luck in the future (if you still want a moid).

>stand in the corner of the room watching him sleep and breathing heavily so when he wakes up he knows he's always watched


Absolutely agree. It's best to never get married to a moid at all. Depending on where you live, you also don't necessarily need to be married for your child(ren) to get any benefits, so I'd always look into that first before considering marriage.

No. 1222999

don't marry men esp if you're not planning on getting kids, the only thing you'll get out of it is tax benefits but that's hardly worth the legal trouble if you want to split and that's hardly uncommon nowadays

No. 1223000

Most of the women I've come across who've dated down weren't even attracted to their boyfriends and that's a problem.

No. 1223007

I feel like men don't really want women who are attracted to them, they want women out of their league who don't even think of sex who they can conquer

No. 1223011

In the past I used to just sacrifice attraction because "well he's a nice guy and I don't want to be vain" So sometimes I'll meet couples and recognise that set up but.. you never know for sure.

Generally I'm a fan of people staying roughly within their own league. Mostly because 9 times out of 10 its scrotes trying to push their luck.

No. 1223012

This wouldn't surprise me at all. With most men it's always about what a woman can do for them and never what they could possibly provide in a relationship. It makes me sad when women question themselves when they feel emotionally neglected by their boyfriends, meanwhile the girlfriend is supposed to tick all the boxes constantly.

No. 1223017

I usually find unconventional/"ugly-cute" guys way more attractive then stereotypically hot or pretty ones but then I'll see them paired with beautiful girls and wonder if my attractive scale reading of them is super off or something

No. 1223018

Everything is pissing me off. I hate it so much.

No. 1223022

Same nonnie. Who is left for the other girls then? Other than addicts and homeless wifebeaters

No. 1223023

This. After a while of coping and pretending it's fine.. reality will sink in and sex will dry up for obvious reasons. Then the guy freaks out and makes you out to be a monster for not being all over him. It can't last. This is one of the reasons why people end up with dead bedrooms. Men can't wrap their heads around the fact that we need to feel attracted too.. so we shouldn't play into their delusions that ugly men are fine.

No. 1223024

Sounds good in theory but honestly I don´t even know what league I am in…

No. 1223026

Your assumption would be correct for like 90% of these guys.

No. 1223029

File: 1655063601106.jpg (35.39 KB, 733x550, corny analogy but whatever.jpg)

After realizing how much time I've spent crying over a scrote and fumbling to reply to his dry ass texts, I've decided that I refuse to give him or any other lousy, undeserving man for that matter my time of day. No one gets to ghost me for multiple days and then come back and """playfully""" insult me multiple times. This summer I'm only giving back the energy I'm receiving and nothing more. I've picked up a few hobbies I've been neglecting in the past half a year or so because I've been depressed and I'm trying to limit my screen time because I've noticed the men in my dms are absolute retards and that only depresses me further
To all the nonnas itt who are struggling with retarded men, I'm manifesting loving nigels for everyone in the upcoming year, you've been blessed

No. 1223035

thank you, nonna, he is indeed very creepy and I'm glad I'm not living alone.

No. 1223036

Based nona give me some of that energy. I'm in the exact same spot and want to take this summer to get better, forget about men for a while, and maybe use a dumbphone to limit my screen brainrot

No. 1223038

I think I've down-dated so much that my scale is now broken. I met a guy that I liked last year and I never even dropped hints because it made me realize how much I can't currently rank myself… he was doing it for me and for the first time in my life I feared I would be aiming too high if I made my feelings obvious. I left the ball in his court and nothing happened so maybe I was right lol

No. 1223040

My dad is a literal piece of shit. He knew I got promoted lately at work and that I'm going to get paid more than I did before so he decided to fight with me. He started yelling and shouting and praying to god that I have something bad happening to me tomorrow. As you do, I yelled back at him and told him that I wish the same for him and he got angrier. I haaaaaaaate him. I hated him since I was a little girl.

No. 1223041

Holy shit you're right. I dated down once and the guy was super into me when I was shy and only reacted to what he was doing, but after I became more active and started initiating stuff, he became less excited and more reserved and cold kek

No. 1223046

I'm sorry your dad is acting like such a retard but congrats on your promotion!!

No. 1223055

I just want to stop getting obsessed with people I barely know. People who are near me and accessible I alnost never think about but people I had a single conversation with? Day and night. It's a special brand of loneliness

No. 1223056

Honestly the realization hit me like a truck when I was on LSD together with an ugly man. I just knew all of a sudden that that is exactly what he and all men wanted, I felt it in my bones.
>Woman initiating bad because if she wants me it means she isn't sufficiently attractive to be too good for me, and a whore

No. 1223063

Sage because I am autistic but I am so done with men and their lame chat messages that make me feel bad and unwanted. i wish i could crush on fictional men or musicians and feel fulfilled in a parasocial relationship. I am so sorry for being dumb I just hate myself and want to cry. Thanks for reading nonnies

No. 1223067

Nonna the effect of my blessing for you starts now!! Go turn off your phone, forget about moids and start eating good and healthy food, work out, read a good book, watch a good movie, discover good music and do whatever makes you happy. Literally no man deserves that amount of attention from you, choose your own peace

No. 1223070

Oh nonnie you have no idea how much this means to me. Send me evil thoughts if I don't start doing this tomorrow, I will do vice versa if I sense you slipping

No. 1223079

File: 1655064891809.gif (78.52 KB, 498x460, stars-cute.gif)

I've got my eye on you nonna, wish you all the best!!

No. 1223082

Idk if I just have a shitty dad too but why is their go-to yell at my daughter no matter what.

No. 1223086

I moved from a big city to a tiny ass rural town and since being here I've met a few local creepy or overbearing men. One much older man started leaving his house to match my schedule. I posted about him here because I couldn't leave my house in peace for my first two years of living here. At least twice a day he'd stop me. Every single time I stepped out I 'bumped into' him. Anons recommended the grey rock method to help. It did cut it down by quite a bit. I see him maybe once a week now instead of 20 to 30 times a week.

I've had single male neighbours try to find any old excuse to suggest coming into my house or my garden. Or if I don't answer the door to a random knock they'll interrogate me the next time they see me because THEY KNOW I was at home att. I'm allowed to just not answer my door y'know. They offer up help and favours and it's not even worth accepting help because it ties you to them.

A guy who has now moved away had an asian partner (very rare here) who was decades his junior and never spoke a word to anyone. Nobody on the street had interacted with her. I asked others and I was concerned about her but then they moved. I guess men in small towns are desperate and low on options. I cut my hair very short and have slowly stopped wearing form fitting clothes. I moved in looking all cute and changed in last few years to counteract the attention. I miss my days of being nothing special in a city. You'd think a city would mean more men so more harrassment but not in my case

No. 1223087

I once realized I was being neglected in my relationship because I looked at a dating and the dialogue was more than I had recieved in my two years in one screenshot lmao

No. 1223100

its (in my experience) because they are smart and have good careers and are funny. it's near impossible to find these genuine qualities in moids sadly so women settle looks wise

No. 1223109

"You're too needy"
"Between your insecurities and your beliefs I just don't see a future with you"
Mother fucker… YOU said you loved me. Do people not fucking know what love is any more? Or is it purely just a manipulation tool now? I've been playing this stupid fucking game with you for months now. Months. You've known of my insecurities and beliefs from the fucking jump. But now all the sudden it's not working. What isn't working?! We barely speak, we never see each other. The only time you do speak to me is when I'm paying for your time and the only time I see you is when I stop by in my free time for like.. 10 minutes. I can't afford your art anymore and I stopped stopping by as much because I've known this was coming. Why the fuck did you drag it out so long? You looked me in my eye and told me you know I'm neurotic and that you like having me around.

It's all just been lies this entire time. Nothing that will ever last is built in lies. I should have known better anyway. This is on me. I know I'm fine on my own but, fuck man, it'd be so cool to find a partner that'll stick around through this mess. And I know I'm a lot, I know I'm too much.

I should just become a fucking nun and get it over with.

No. 1223116

pen falls on the floor
a father: screams at their female child like it's their fault no matter what

it's always the daughter too, never the sons

No. 1223120

I thought rural areas were supposed to be peaceful.

In all seriousness what you've said corroborates what I've heard from other rural female friends. Some years ago there was some study going around about how Norwegian(?) men were being 'recycled' by women, as in the same men were impregnating multiple women while a bunch of other men were loveless/childless. Moids were going batty over it. I looked into it and it was due to male/female population imbalances, male loneliness was most highly concentrated in rural areas. They'd move out there for work I guess and oops, there's no chicks here. Very easy to see how this leads to shitty behavior towards the few women that are there.

No. 1223123

Hope this isn't an unwelcome suggestion but I'd recommend getting a fence and/or a dog, that way they can't even get to your door. Maybe install cameras too.

No. 1223134

Why do they even say this shit though? They're perverts and proud. I hate it when western white men take advantage of Asian, Slavic or brown women in these ways.

No. 1223138

>paying for your time
>I can't afford your art anymore
No offense but why? I'd love to know the full story.

No. 1223166


None taken. He's a tattooer. I can't afford it because a week ago the owner of the company I was working at showed up and told me they were closing down the branch, effective immediately.

As far as why I'm such a pathetic woman.. well, I'm still figuring that part out. Daddy issues, some shit about being attracted to and comfortable with narcissists. Being a narcissist myself… TBD

No. 1223225

File: 1655074533867.png (1.01 MB, 803x2238, 5omxbc6mymr31.png)

Saged for autism. When I saw the top I was happy (no I don't think barbie is some lesbian icon kek - I just found it cute because I grew up thinking of these two as a couple), then I saw the bottom and now I'm annoyed. Why the fuck does the troon flag contains that pretty colour combo?

No. 1223230

because they’re celebrating harmful gender roles. pink for the trans girlies tehee~ and blue for the big strong traditional breadwinner eats women for breakfast aidens rawr

No. 1223234

File: 1655075005984.jpeg (25.91 KB, 236x210, 1A62A565-5068-4296-B4E5-01072A…)

Feeling extra hopeless and unloveable tonight. I miss my hopes and dreams, my brain has outgrown the ability to escape, it’s too aware. I just face the reality of my unfortunate past and present and probably future every day.

No. 1223235

I hate being a captive victim…I wish there was hope to get out. I'm already so old and haven't had a chance to go to school and live life like a normal adult. Men are evil. There is something inside of them that is sinister.

No. 1223245

i watched about 30 minutes of the pilot episode of euphoria and it was about as bad as i could've possibly expected
>full frontal nude shots of what is depicted as underage girls
>"everyone on the planet watches porn!" "it's totally expected if a guy you're having sex with attempts to choke you"
>"nudes are the love language of this generation" and normalising taking nudes, you should 100% put all the blame on the people that share the nudes instead of just… not taking nudes lol?
>literal tranny
i can't believe people unironically like this

No. 1223246

When I saw the tranny at first in short clips, I thought they actually hired an unconventional mannish woman for a leading loverole and felt so happy. Imagine my disappointment when I tried to watch an episode and saw all the bullshit.

No. 1223250

I expected fags to eat it up, but seeing women be so obsessed with it is so weird. Putting money in yet another man's pockets.

No. 1223253

I hate my older brother and if anyone could curse him to unaliveI’d fucking appreciate it. He molested me and feels nothing about it

No. 1223257

I’m so sorry anon. Sending him all of the worst vibes telepathically right now

No. 1223266

Inshallah may he anhero

No. 1223283

I'm about to lose the only friend I've ever felt close to and I just feel so devastated about it. I was alone before I met her and I used to be fine with just being alone but after meeting her I realized how great it is to have close friends like her where we share everything and do everything together. I don't know if I'll ever achieve that same kind of closeness with another person. I'm hardly a social person and just the thought of meeting new people to replace her is so exhausting to me.

No. 1223290

Is it certain to happen? Why?

No. 1223293

I'm a light sleeper and very sensitive to sound (got the 'tism) and my dad snores so fucking loud. He sleeps in the room next to me. I'm about to fucking lose it nonas, it's like constant nails on a chalkboard every night night.

No. 1223294

Is there a room to sleep in that you can’t hear him in

No. 1223304

sadly not. The walls are paper thin and also he happens to sleep in the damn living room in the center of the house. Been living like this for years now but I swear it's getting worse. One day I might just snap

No. 1223307

Theres a fucking water shortage on my city, because the governor is a spoiled manchild with 0 brain cells, and sadly I live in the low income part of the city, which means I haven't had running water for almost 3 weeks. Yet the government swears were supposed to be getting the minimum service. I'm running out of money to buy bottled water, I'm tired of having to go to a communal cistern to get water. I feel like I'm I'm fucking Africa, my city is supposed to be the most avanced city on my country, what the fuck. My partner suggested we spend the shortage with my in laws, who live in a middle class neighborhood, and thus, haven't experienced any water shortage. The problem is that they fucking hate me, and I can't stand them cause my father in law is a mysoginist wife beater. They aren't even that rich, they just have a fancy house cause of a stupid family feud, they're cheap as hell, and constantly judge me for everything. We came to visit and not only they have running water on full pressure, they're complaining about a bunch of nonsensical stuff. I'm literally this close of losing my shit. I want to be able to shower everyday, but if I have to listen to them on a daily basis I will end up committing patricide.

No. 1223308

None never date a tattooist, they're scum.
The amount of tattooist that I know will ask you for sex in exchange for shitty ink is astonishing. Even worse is the fact they believe they've been touched by God just because they know how to dip a needle on ink.
Don't lose your time on him.

No. 1223309

"wherever you go, there you are"

No. 1223310

I love reading nonnie's vents, misery sure loves company.

No. 1223311

Thinking bout how i tried the friendfinder thread i think twice and couldnt connect with anyone. Some of them were obvious moids, but i cant really relate to 18 year olds or women who think a really fugly celeb is hot.

No. 1223313

She unfriended me on discord but I reached out to her in her twitter DMs, hoping for her to add me back. I'm apparently too toxic for her and we get into dumb arguments over dumb internet stuff. She thinks I'm a bad person for holding onto toxic views and it makes her uncomfortable. She seems to be listening to my side and probably contemplating on adding me back because she's not immediately blocking me. I feel like a scrote because I can't move on and leave her alone already.

No. 1223316

I'm in the same situation anon.
I thought about finding new friends through here since I really like the vibes of this place but my experience from friend finder places from other websites is that generally I have a hard time connecting with anyone and it falls apart after a few weeks.

No. 1223317

I've made so many friends with anons through the movie room, like really cool, chill nonnies who are normal people kek. I think having that initial contact through the movie room chat and getting a feel for the other anons personality really helps form the seeds of friendship. The friend finder thread is so vague.

No. 1223321

File: 1655081290188.jpg (504.67 KB, 993x924, Black.Rider.full.3203941.jpg)

i love them too but they make nonnies seethe real hard

No. 1223323

I used to like them but Nazis, femboys, trannies, and coomers ruined it for me

No. 1223325

This is seriously the key, but you don't want him to be insecure because that manifests in horrible ways too. The word I'd use is humble, it's extremely rare to find in men but not impossible.

No. 1223336

I posted before about a week ago about how I was severely depressed and no longer had any interest in doing anything at all. well I started taking prozac and it's kind of crazy how much better I feel. i'm actually feeling happy for the first time in probably a decade, i'm interested in things again, I actually want to do stuff, i'm doing better at work. i'm honestly waiting for the other shoe to drop because it seems too good to be true

No. 1223340

File: 1655083518003.jpg (97.55 KB, 1440x1405, 73d4a71b800e02112d87d350c2251f…)

I'm drawing my own porn because there isn't much about the stuff or characters I like, but now I'm forced to look at pictures of real cocks. Why do real men have such ugly cocks? Why are real men so repulsive to look at in general?

No. 1223354

I love how incels love to talk about how women are stupid and devoid of interest and personality when they literally look at and pursue women who are the shallowest (such as instagram and tiktok girls). Of course lots of men aren't really interested in interests outside of themselves but it's laughable for them to complain when it's their fault for pursuing brainless women who focus on looking good or looking like gf material.

No. 1223355

I bit the bullet and bought my first big girl sex toy a few years ago, but I think it finally just died. The company says it has a 15 year warranty but my dumb bitch ass of course deleted the receipt email because I didn’t want proof of it. UGH. It was like $60 and I’ve had it for a few years so I guess I got my money’s worth but clearly not enough since the warranty is for much longer. I’m debating if I should scam bezos or not for a new one lol.

No. 1223361

Since it's been so hot lately, I always sleep with a window open and I hate being woken up by (sometimes) drunk moids at around 4am because they keep yelling dumb shit in the streets or just talking loudly. IT'S ALWAYS MEN. How are moids too retarded to live in a society?? They're useless monkeys.

No. 1223364

Trying to join this one server but I can't coordinate the time to voice confirm i'm not a dude with the server owner it's so funny kek

No. 1223365

i got banned for posting jungkook's ugly tattoos on celebrity thread but honestly i deserved that. fuck kpop.

No. 1223366

Holy shit, I hate the state I live in but my area is PNW so it’s never in a drought or anything… maybe I hate this place a little less

No. 1223369

Hahaha sometimes it’s too hard to stop the ‘tism

No. 1223374

File: 1655088692882.jpeg (57.22 KB, 500x645, 4B837020-9026-4140-BCDD-DE2825…)

I want new banners. We have gotten so many cool ones that aren't being used. They just sit there, waiting…

No. 1223383

Being abused is like being cursed, it follows you every where and attracts all the predators and misfortune. You become society's dumping ground and scapegoat a modern day blood sacrifice.

No. 1223406

File: 1655091113072.jpg (102.02 KB, 1280x1270, eefe9ac4dc14bcd8af5e28bfaace59…)

>go to ren faire with dad
>before we leave, my mom (who knows I hate having my picture taken) goes "don't forget to get a picture of her in her costume!!"
>later I buy 3 necklaces, costing $10 each, get them in a bag
>set down the bag so my dad can take a picture of me
>dad tries to take a picture of men has to try 5 fucking times because something is always wrong with the picture
>finally get a decent-ish picture
>forget about my necklaces
>remember a half hour later
>go back and look for them
>they're gone
>dad, who spends $50 on takeout without blinking, offers to rebuy me one of the necklaces
>I refuse cause what's the fucking point
>mfw $30 flushed down the toilet for a picture I didn't even want taken to begin with

No. 1223412

File: 1655092199765.gif (2.47 MB, 220x398, 3817B890-4E2C-4BBE-A1DE-E9FED4…)

>drinks chai tea with oat milk creamer with some brown sugar as well
>each sip in the beginning is soothing and relaxing
>an hour later feel immediately weird
>am I fucking high right now???

do I have diabeetus now or something because I remember my fatass eating like around six tiny little desserts the other day and I felt fine afterwards but now I feel like I drank a shit load of alcohol

No. 1223414

My tooth pain is acting up on me? Go away oh god

No. 1223423

File: 1655093194151.png (149.68 KB, 640x684, ychromosomeincident.png)


No. 1223429

>people in a photo together
>haha it like porn!!!1

No. 1223432

Should definitely find a group photo of him and his friends and edit the same thing. Won't work if he's into men though.

No. 1223435

File: 1655095195247.png (34.53 KB, 301x313, Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 9.32…)

Wishing a very unhappy pride month to the gay man that went off on me this week for agreeing with what he said and congratulating him on sobriety! Hope you get hate crimed!

No. 1223439

>misspells reading as reeading while reeing
The jokes write themselves

No. 1223442

File: 1655095496248.jpg (33.41 KB, 977x260, eae6ceff9a9d62489790f7837bb5dc…)

Moid "humor"

No. 1223443

Wow, what an asshole. Gay or not, moids are too dumb to socially interact properly. Like how does someone think your answer was rude in any way?
Kek I was gonna say the same.

No. 1223445

File: 1655095721735.gif (14.75 KB, 102x89, 1651651649990.gif)

i love lolcow. i love /ot/ more specifically. i ignore my friends for you girls. it's just so great, such a great community. this board gives me so many laughs and such a feeling of togetherness, even when anons are being bitter assholes. it's easy to disregard them when everyone else is being so great. i have really great friends in terms of their helping me and being kind and generous, but it's just not the same. they don't really feel the same as i do, while you girls do. i'm very appreciative of this space.

No. 1223448

Okay faggot-tron I luv you too I guess

No. 1223450

I'm glad you feel this way nonna and I honestly feel the same but don't ignore your irl friends if they are worth keeping, despite your differences. Mine don't feel the same as I do about a lot of things either, but be appreciative about the other things they do for you.

No. 1223455

thanks, nona. i don't ignore them longterm at all or anything, it just feels like a lot more work to maintain their friendships and it becomes exhausting. i do a lot for them too, and i do appreciate them tremendously. but if we're talking about honest feelings, i just don't feel the connection with them, that i feel with all of you random strangers who i don't have to tiptoe around.

No. 1223468

File: 1655097042057.jpeg (341.2 KB, 1170x1382, B2B1D5CB-BBF5-453B-98CE-8E26C3…)

Based Sugar. Absolute icon

No. 1223472

File: 1655097627154.gif (1.76 MB, 425x239, tumblr_o86l7iANs01reo945o2_500…)

I know I shouldn't be this pissy but fuck I cannot stop seething. My mother agreed to make a cheesecake for her stunted creepy scrote neighbor's young daughter. The fucker never said "thank you" or "it was good" when she made him some for christmas. I get it's for his daughter's birthday, but he has so much control over his girls I doubt it'll be good enough (read not enough salt/fat/sugar). The main reason I'm pissy is because the fat fucker is retired yet can't be assed to make it himself or learn. Nope gotta work on his dnd shit, watch anime, or play vidya games. He makes fun of how we cook our food yet he is too lazy to cook and downs a lot of alcohol. Yeah, okay. I can't be near him because he sets off bad memories of me in undergrad with a creepy military guy. I get the shakes really bad and voice gets stupidly high then I have a panic attack. I feel bad for his girls because he wants to turn them away from their mother (ex-wife) but frames it as "she's not that nice and look I changed for my girls, not her". Look, she's not perfect, but she married him barely out of high school while he had been out for much longer. Plus she's trying to make a better life for the girls and trying to finish a degree to make good money. He never changed, couldn't handle college because it didn't kiss his ass, he walks all over people, has huge mommy issues/hates women, creepy as fuck, doesn't "lie" to his girls (never let them believe in santa/tooth fairy yet he white lies/lies about the dumbest shit to them) and acts entitled. I don't know why my mother has to be enamored by pathetic scrotes around my brother's age. She'll always gloss over their shitty behavior and act like they are victims. I was born in the worst family because she always enables these scrote's behaviors yet makes snide comments about women. I myself am never good enough for her. It hurts, nonas, it cuts really deep.

No. 1223474

bleak, don't be fooled by internet socialisation, your connection to the people around you on a tangible level is inherently deeper. sorry not trying to dogpile you but >>1223450 this is responsible advice, devaluing the people from your life outside the internet will eventually begin to erode your respect for them, speaking from experience

No. 1223477


No. 1223480

File: 1655098638076.jpeg (16.46 KB, 275x271, 1649057722490.jpeg)

>be me six months ago
>tell my bf to buy himself a wallet so he can stop losing and leaving his debit card in random areas and its safer in a wallet
>he says yes but doesn't do it
>loses it again a month later
>be me today sleeping peacefully in bed after telling him I wont let him use my card for his lunch at work
>gets woken up saying he can't find his card and can he use mine
>hell no bitch
>pull an evasion tactic and just pretend to be in a deep sleep because I'm not helping his lazy ass look for MY card
>he eventually leaves and I hear him yell "well thanks for that" and continues seething out the door

Don't care didnt ask plus I told you so months ago you dumbass, I have absolutely no sympathy for people who keep fucking up repeatedly with things like this when it's easily avoidable. He will be whining about not having food at work but idc, it's not and never has been my responsibility for your card so you should have thought about that and bought a wallet!

No. 1223482

they're not devalued, we share basically none of the same beliefs and can only connect on certain specific levels. in essence, they're, imo, friendships based on convenience, but are still meaningful. having to consistently muzzle myself is honestly depressing. otherwise, they're awesome and fairly reliable. but the friendship hits a certain emotional plateau to me because we can't connect in certain ways and i can't be understood in certain, very crucial ways. i'm well acquainted with internet socialization and its pitfalls, but i feel there's, because of the fact that it is in imageboard, it serves me a lot, emotionally, in ways that can't be addressed by my irl friendships. it's just an incompatibility issue. my friends aren't bothered by me ignoring them for a while because they know i have other shit going on and my friendships in no way suffer from me kind of brushing them off to prefer just relaxing with other people on an imageboard who are more similarly minded and have more understanding of certain concepts and topics. i should also mention i've kind of always had the same mentality, imagboards or not, where friendships are only friendships to a certain extent. like, not every friendship has a large percentage of compatability, but you still appreciate them for the things you do have in common and for the things you do for each other. none of my friendships lose their value over it. my friends are also pretty social people so me ignoring them for a day or two doesn't matter to them ultimately. they're busy people anyways. i'm almost positive they don't mind.

No. 1223502

I am currently suffering with pericoronitis and it's almost 3 am and I can't sleep cause it's too painful. I'm starting a new job tomorrow so I can't even take off. I can't afford a visit to the dentist so I can't finally get that wisdom tooth out. I can barely open my mouth so I can barely eat and I'm starving. Kill me.

No. 1223505

my mum is a butch pickme, how to cope?

No. 1223507

I'm sorry nonna, hang in there. Could you perhaps buy some painkillers tomorrow?

No. 1223510

It's an excuse to make you pay. He's dumb.

No. 1223513

I'm autismo and couldn't find an advice thread. What's the best amount of time to wait before messaging someone online again? I want to talk to her but don't get the social rules of starting a new convo without being annoying.

Good picture.

No. 1223516

Try cold compresses against the ache. It might give you enough relief so you can drink some honey water through a straw.

No. 1223518

>don't use wallet
>never lost a card or even a bill
Coins sometimes fall through pocket holes, but its a reasonable price to pay fer never getting my wallet stolen.

No. 1223519

File: 1655105108731.jpg (33.65 KB, 563x691, 03a64caf4525b1f4f32db0092c93a2…)

I hate being ill. I can workout properly again after surgery and I do have a decent amount of strength, but I decided to do a morning workout and now I'm absolutely knackered. It used to give me more energy. Now I feel like I could crawl back into bed. Sometimes I wonder whether I'm fine again, but then I get random pain attacks and I'm so tired so fucking fast, when I used to be a big ball of energy. As long as I live like a sedentary normie I'm fine, but I love being active and being on my feet.

No. 1223520

I've been taking ibuprofen but it barely helps and I flushed my gum twice with warm salt water.
Will try thank you
My face is really swollen (almost double) and I also have flu like symptoms. I really want to call off work, I can't work like that but it won't give a good impression on a first day.

No. 1223523

I hate my clients so fucking much, how the fuck can retards like this even become engineers? Fuck them. They don't even know how to fucking read.

No. 1223524

What? Also this isn't advice thread, that's why you prob won't get replies.

No. 1223528

I got a bill for 1500 euro i don’t have in back taxes i already paid in 2017. I don’t have that much money and i haven’t worked in that country in years, i want to vomit, i don’t have that much money, i won’t make rent, what the fuck

No. 1223531

It's so hot I feel sick

No. 1223540

File: 1655107435906.jpg (26.09 KB, 735x591, 51b2db1e60fa24d7aeea47c6041d21…)

update with another vent from this retard:

>drives back home from work (only works 5 mins away)

>he comes in and doesn't even say hi, simply says "i'm looking for a card i still can't find mine"
>i say he can't use mine, he is more than welcome to use it for taking cash out after he's sent it across to my bank FIRST and also ordered his new card but otherwise, no. The bills come out in my account and I am extremely tight/wary with people using my card unless it's an emergency
>he gets irritated and says he tried waking me up this morning to help look for MY card kek
>i say yeah bitch at 5am when I am supposed to be sleeping so hell no im not getting out of bed for this shit
>i say he should have prepared some pasta or at least had a breakfast at home if he knew he was gonna be starving at work
>he is still malding and says ok i guess i'll just starve then, and leaves

i am now playing world of warcraft and having a nice coffee, relaxing in knowing i will never be as retarded as this. what is it with moid brains that make them seemingly unable to plan, organise or deal with mistakes and situations in life? the only organised moids i've met are old ones like my dad and granddad.

yeah he's seething cos i pointed out how he should have planned and also added his card on his phone for times like this kek. hungry and malding on a monday morning, can't be me!

No. 1223547

I don't mean to be rude but why are you even with such a manchild?

No. 1223548

Leave him right now

No. 1223551

I hate that I never get replies to my vents but the second you mention a scrote you get 10+

No. 1223552

It's not rude at all nonny so don't worry, it's the same question I ask myself a lot.
I have plans to leave him once I get a promotion and take over this business, unfortunately until then I am paid peanuts and neither of us can afford to live on our own. I also have no family so yeah.

Kek yep I'm trying!!

No. 1223553

I told my mom my stepdad was calling his ex gf and he got me fired from my job and put my housing into question, my best friend abandoned me to go shack up with a groomer troon, and all this is happening on my first birthday after covid

No. 1223556

Don't take it personal. Sometimes people just don't have anything to add or advice to give, whereas it's a lot easier to complain about moids, since it's something we're all too familiar with.

No. 1223559

I find it so ironic that our hate unified us more than our wish to support each other? isnt that fucking backwards

No. 1223561

Ma'am, this is a Wendy's

No. 1223562

this shit is what i mean

No. 1223565

Tell your mom about what he did. He's showing his scrotery which isn't helping his situation. Any chance she's leaving him after the ex thing? Him doing these things to you might by the last straw for her, so it's better to say it now rather than wait for her to calm down
So sorry for your friend anon. Your birthday must've been unbearable, so please try to find a free day and dedicate it to yourself as a late birthday celebration

No. 1223573

I just want a nice job. I feel like I go to all these cute small owned stores in my free time and they're all so happy, they like the job, they probably get alright benefits, and they either go home early or only work midday with sunday or mondays off. my last job i made good money daily but i hated my managers and how downhill the place was going. it gives me so much stress to think about going back into the same work. id kill for a decent pay desk job where i dont have to work with the public. i can work amazingly fast on my own and dont keep my phone with me unless allowed for something. all the things on my resume arent good enough it feels like.

No. 1223575

I am learning Korean and doing pretty good in reading/writing, but i fucking cant understand ANYTHING when i hear a natural talk. i can only understand textbook listening recordings because they talk slow. They literally speak as fast as Spanish people. It's been a year and a half, i feel like i am not improving at all.

No. 1223576

I had a panic attack about it and self harmed and i think i hurt my left arm
The one i kind of use for work
I’m so fucking fucked it’s laughable

No. 1223577

I wanted to reply but I didn't understand what you meant like, is your mom a butch lesbian and if so why is she a pickme or did you misspell bitch? You also didn't give any information so anons probably couldn't find stuff to say. Can you elaborate?

No. 1223581

Is it just temporary inability to be more active because of that surgery? In a lot of cases with enough initial rest and physiotherapy people can go back to being fully active as before. Hope that will be your case too anon

No. 1223587

I broke up with my past boyfriend while I was abroad, and met my current boyfriend some weeks after. I'm back home again for now and will soon be joined by my boyfriend. At the time, I had been wanting to break up with my ex for months, even before my departure. He simply kept convincing me to stay with him. Now that I'm back home, I am constantly flooded with memories of him and I. Random memories come to the surface and I often feel a sliver of nostalgia. I don't really understand why, since I felt miserable with him, and some memories still do elicit a painful emotion, despite their subject matter belonging to the past. I'm really looking forward to my boyfriend's arrival and stay, since it'll create new memories that can put an end to this internal torture. I utterly dislike my past boyfriend, but being back in town has been nudging me into the direction of coping and fawning I so desperately sought to escape. I constantly want to bump into him, call him, or completely forget about him because of the negative memories I have with him. I can't explain these recurring thoughts, but I know that once I learn to let go, I'll have peace. I'm just still in the process of trying to understand the situation so I can start figuring out how to let go. It's strange that parts of us can still hold on to things of the past we truly thought we had fully moved on from. But I think being back in the places where those memories took place can trick the body and therefore confuse the mind. I read a similar story, where a young girl was experiencing a disease of which the symptoms kept multiplying inexplicably. It turned out that constantly returning to a place where trauma had occurred was putting her body through the stress causing her disease. Once she no longer frequented that place, her disease began to heal. A key aspect to this story is also that her parents found a replacement for her. They didn't just strip her of an activity, they simply relocated it. It becomes a bit more complicated when hurtful or confusing memories are spread out throughout a city, or took place in your own home. But once again, I think that the replacement of memories I mentioned, will do good. Coming home after being away for so long, my body will of course be "confused" that things aren't the way I left them, and will want to return to this place of familiarity, even if it doesn't make any sense rationally. It will do me good to slowly but surely experience that things truly are different now, and that this feels even better. I don't think the journey will take long, but it will certainly be dynamic.

No. 1223589

Not exactly. I'm ill so I needed surgery 2 months ago, I'm already recovered from the surgery, but I'm still ill and need more surgeries in the future. I'm also worried I'm only going to get worse, so I try to be as active as possible, instead of letting myself slowly decline until it'll be legit impossible. After enough surgeries they should eventually get everything and then I'll be able to actually get better, but it's going to take a while.

No. 1223591

Try looking for a temp desk job, right now there are so many available. temp jobs are somewhat easier to get because it's a temporary position and places are usually desperate for help if they need temps, but if they like you they usually keep you on and if not, now your resume has that

No. 1223605

Try watching a movie in korean with the korean subtitles on so you can get the flow. I dont know korean but I have used this for another language

No. 1223612

File: 1655118037300.gif (504.09 KB, 500x269, EC7A0ED9-7E66-464D-82BA-DF2D9B…)

I’m so tired of dating, I wish I could just climb into a femcel hole and never emerge. This guy who seemed so charming and fun when I met him said he wanted to take me out for drinks and dancing. What he meant by that was telling me to be ten minutes early to our agreed meeting time then showing up late himself, and then having me tag along to his salsa class which is already 3 weeks underway (I’ve never danced salsa before). I had better chemistry and chat with maybe three guys there who I’d only met that night. What a massive waste of my evening. Im putting myself on ice for the next three months at least and focus on my job + gym + my hobbies + my husbandos.
(Side note but say what you will about FDS but if I never encountered that sub I probably would have deluded myself into thinking that tonight was great and that I wanted to go on a second date with him.)

No. 1223621

I had the same issue with Japanese, watch TV stuff that's not movies or series so you can get used to normal, natural conversations.

No. 1223622

What a cheap, inconsiderate bitch. You shouldn't stop because of him, just block him and move on. I had a similar situation happen to me when I was dating that makes me cringe to this day. I had low self-esteem at the time, lowered my standards and went on a cheap bar date with an out of shape balding ginger (I don't like gingers). After that humiliating experience (people were staring at us and the bartender looked at me like he was concerned) I was so done with dating, ready to delete all the apps, but I met my current boyfriend the next day (dark hair, tall, fit, literally looks like a model). The ginger moid texted me 2 months later asking if I had "found the one" (he thought I couldn't do better) and I remember being so disgusted with myself for not blocking him sooner. These moids know the dating market for women is abysmal so they act like this because they think we can't do better. Dating is a game, don't hold on to bad cards, because you could pick a better one

No. 1223624

For all it's worth it's great FDS tips paid off and you have standards you're not willing to compromise, may feel bad right now since you're aware how shit dating is but better that than look back in the future and be embarassed of what you were willing to accept

No. 1223626

Nonnies, please pray for me to pass all my finals.

No. 1223628

File: 1655119656461.jpg (197.1 KB, 1142x1462, d.jpg)

Praying for both of us right now and every other nonny.

No. 1223631

I agree. At first it was a very lonely experience but it got better as time went on and now I'm glad I discovered it and LC too. It sucks how people are made to believe that a shitty relationship (because "no relationship is perfect", which is true but there's a difference between that and feeling miserable in a relationship) is better than being alone (which doesn't even mean that you're lonely).

No. 1223633

Had an elaborate dream about having a child and now my period is late (it's very regular normally). It will be so annoying if I'll need to spend 500 if not more euros to travel to another country for abortion, really hate my country for having it banned here

No. 1223635

Praying for you nonnas. You got this ♥

No. 1223641

Anon that sucks. Not exactly the same thing but my sister is always getting guilt tripped into doing things for moids, usually for free. Men love taking advantage of women's empathy

No. 1223653

Happy for you anon! Knowing your progress alone made my day.
If things start to fall out again, at least you now know that it can change. Always keep this in your mind.

No. 1223667

I'm pissed. My bf repeatedly said he doesn't want kids and we had a couple of conversations about it and I said he may change his mind once and he was like no, for sure. So I asked him to consider getting a vasectomy because I can't take hormonal birth control and tying tubes has more health related implications for a woman than vasectomy has for a man, besides, tying tubes on your request is illegal in our country p*land, but it is legal for a man to get a vasectomy. But he said no. I asked why, and he was like "just no". We haven't had piv yet bc I'm so paranoid about getting pregnant and for health reasons I can't take birth control. Fuck I think this might be a deal breaker for me. I hate when men say they will never ever want kids and yet they don't want vasectomy

No. 1223670

Why are ugly men always the most shallow?

No. 1223673

Not the first time I hear about sth like this, men are so precious about their genitalia that even if they dont want kids vasectomy is somethow still too threatening to their masculinity or something. Maybe you can push him more on why would he say no to it? I guess the fact it's poland contributes to it because it's so uncommon here, even though it's legal

No. 1223674

I'm in a country where for the first decade of me being sexually active there was no fallback option of abortion in my country. I have depression already that I finally got under control but BC sends me into a spin. I've had relationships ruined by my fear of pregnancy and therefore lack of piv. Then I finally met a guy who was up for getting the snip done. He cheated within a year of getting it done. I'm in my thrities and I got to experience one year of carefree sex so far. I wish I could an easy snip myself. I was with my ex when he had it done and it's not bad for men. A dentist trip is more hassle.

No. 1223675

Well its not like you guys are married or anything. Youre only dating like why would somebody get surgery for somebody temporary. Id just flat out break up with him and dont have sex with him before you do because then you are stuck with the chance of having to deal with this dude for much longer. He doesnt want kids with you, find a guy who does.

No. 1223677

>He doesnt want kids with you, find a guy who does.
Nta but did you even read the post…

No. 1223687

Anon herself doesn't want kids..

No. 1223690

I'm saying that's why he's not getting the vasectomy. She's a "for now" gf

No. 1223691

I started at a new workplace recently and already started committing those tiny, inattentive mistakes I was fired for at my previous workplace. Someone asked me to send them some documents in a zip folder, and I sent them unzipped. Also it's annoying that they said during the interview that there's home office option but what they didn't say is that they don't have as many laptops as workers. Meaning, everyone works from home most of the week, except for me. No laptop for me

No. 1223693

Aww you deleted your post about stacy
>If Stacy came along he would marry her and have as many kids as she wanted. If you think otherwise you don't know men's true nature

No. 1223694

Yeah I didn't think it was relevant

No. 1223698

I assumed she was paranoid of having kids because he is set on not wanting them.

No. 1223699

Tbh none of your replies were.

No. 1223701

I hated the little miss perfect stooges that would like, erase my numbers and re-write them "neater" on the blackboard in class. When grading each other's assignments, writing all over my paper with CORRECT on each one I got correct with a green fucking gel pen and write me a "good job" at the top like she's the fucking teacher? Honestly hope she's in a ditch

No. 1223711

I really hate that kind of girl, I'm not sure why. You know, the ones who were like 'nooooo I'm so bad I'm going to fail' and always got A:s, always doing the most being a martyr, subtly flexing on and looking down their nose at anyone who doesn't work themselves to the bone

No. 1223712

Honestly have no idea why women in no abortion countries are still fucking men. Are you that insanely horny? But a dildo machine. Guarantee if lots of women straight up told their dude I'm not having sex bc no abortion law they'd eventually get off their gaming chair and go to town hall to riot.

No. 1223722

File: 1655127212247.jpg (40.71 KB, 564x564, 68087747594c0c42ad7cb53046e893…)

When I'm waiting to fall asleep at night, I can sometimes feel the phantom weight of a woman on my chest and in my arms, her breathing in my neck and her hair touching my skin. When I'm sitting in the bus, I wonder what it would feel to have her next to me, our legs touching because we are sitting so close to each other. When I'm walking, I can feel the sensation of our hands holding and I imagine the corner of her eyes squinting because she's smiling.
Sometimes those feelings are so strong, that I have to lay down for a bit. I close my eyes and I can sense the warmness radiating of someone who is not here, I never feel like I'm desperate for sex but this, whatever this is is driving me insane.
It's like my brain is implanting full cinematic scene made of the women of my dream, it's killing me inside. That's what no pussy does to a mf kek, I'm super stressed so it must a weird coping mechanism.

No. 1223734

>I have no idea why women who dont have my privileges don't deprave themselves from something I take for granted in my life and hope it magically changes their situation

No. 1223746

To be fair if I didn’t my father went and beat me so

No. 1223760

i hate one of my nigel’s best friends. She’s a bitter, jealous, two-faced, manipulative, scheming, histrionic attention whore and she hates me because she’s completely obsessed with him but he’s too autistic to realise any of this. Me and nigel went through some rocky times during the pandemic & she took advantage of every opportunity to try to sabotage our relationship but we made it through and are happier than ever now so obviously she’s been escalating her antics.
I used to be an alcoholic and was easy for her to manipulate into drunken PTSD meltdowns but I got sober & now she hates me even more. Idk how to respond to some of the crazy shit she says & does. I can ignore the histrionics but I don’t know how to respond when she’s actively trying to get between us and/or goad me. I don’t want to give her any ammunition to spin and use against me.
I’m autistic too and I don’t have a roadmap for dealing with crazy bitches who wish I didn’t exist.

No. 1223762

>who dont have my privileges don't deprave themselves from something I take for granted in my life and hope it magically changes their situation
I don't have sex even though there's legal abortion here try again. And yes it is dumb to risk ruining your life with a kid just to relieve some horniness you could relieve with a dildo. Women act like sex is a drug/required to live. There's a reason sex strikes get aggressively ridiculed whenever they come up, women know it'll work but reveal that their Nigels are all shots who feel entitled to their bodies.

No. 1223763

File: 1655130121766.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 338.95 KB, 828x769, 04DDFC78-EF26-4DB5-B1A7-99CDAA…)

I feel like i sound like a whiny little bitch in therapy

No. 1223770

>relieve some horniness you could relieve with a dildo.
nta but it is not the same thing. also many women want and enjoy sex just as much as men

No. 1223774

They think a beautiful woman will make them hate themselves less, it won't. That's why ugly men always cheat, their low self esteem makes them do retarded shit.

No. 1223775

Sex is required to live for a lot of women who are financially dependent on their boyfriend/husband. But disregarding that, I don't think it's a weird concept that a lot of women desire love and companionship.

No. 1223780

>I don't have sex
Yeah by they way you talk about it we can tell

No. 1223782

scrote hands typed this

No. 1223784

He'd get up his chair, dump her and fuck a prostitute. Do you really think a man will riot about his gf's rights? Kek.

No. 1223786

I'm sitting in class,waiting for uni to start and I know this is petty as hell, but there's two girls who are whispering to each other and it bothers the crap out of me. Probably because I also hate ASMR. It just sounds like really annoying background noise. There's no reason for them to whisper either because everyone can hear what they're saying.

No. 1223789

Maybe that works as an insult among your boys but you are with women, I suggest you go back.

No. 1223801

That's what these women are terrified of and can't admit to themselves

No. 1223803

aunt wants to stop chemo. i feel so horrible for her and also my mom who's been by her side these past few months.

No. 1223807

Just watched the new season of stranger things and that one bullying scene really got to me because I experienced something similar in school back then when I was 14. It happened over a decade ago but it is essentially one of my worst memories

No. 1223808

They're not afraid, they know men are retarded and worthless no man has been working to help their woman for decades and we had to take everything ourselves.
Though you're not completely right as I've actually seen women who stopped hooking up or using dating apps/waiting til they're serious to have sex.

No. 1223811

But I don't want to have kids either. And he said he wants to rent an apartment with me and live with me etc. so it looks like he takes it more serious than "just" dating

No. 1223813

Every single day I fantasize about living alone. Why is something so simple such an impossible dream?

No. 1223818

I was really surprised to see criticism of that plotline saying it's completely unrealistic to be picked on for no reason like Eleven was… but there are a lot of people who experienced exactly that though, it really is how some people in high school can be

No. 1223827

people who criticize the bullying plot have never been bullied before, were the bullies themselves or ignored other people getting bullied

No. 1223836

Meh, I agree with you, but I've never cared for the physical sensation of penetration anyway. Is PIV sex really that mind-blowing for most women that it's worth risking their entire lives?

No. 1223843

Same her nonna. I fantasize every day about having my own room, my own kitchen, everything decorated the way I want it. Not having to deal with anyone else. And a fucking house at that, not an apartment. So extra impossible. Ugh

No. 1223845

>tying tubes on your request is illegal in our country
Wtf why?

No. 1223846

When I started getting into feminism I noticed how much misogynistic bullshit my dad was spouting and I started calling him out on it and he stopped. Then my brother became a teenager and started doing the same. Now he’s a full on incel. I had so many fights about this with my dad because he refuses to call him out on it. I found out that he basically told him to shut up about it in front of me ( to not make me, the ~hysterical female~ angry. That’s the only sorta “disciplinary action” that was ever taken. Just now I overheard them upstairs talk about which country has the most submissive women. This whole situation made me question whether those pickme
women or libfems in general have together fewer brothers/ fathers to experience these kinda things in your own household, especially when growing up.

No. 1223852

They hated her because she told them the truth

No. 1223853

Are you joking most are so deep in it they make excuses for everything he does and laps up his dick just to split rent. The female socialization is just getting more and more hardcore.

No. 1223855

He wants to split rent and have a housecleaner personal chef and in house pussy. The 1950s romance brainwashing is still alive and well I see.

No. 1223858

Can you explain how it's not?

No. 1223860

Do not ever have sex with this man. He is an entitled and selfish asshole and doesn't deserve to have sex with you. You stated the requirements for having piv sex and he does not meet them. Stand your ground at all costs. Either he gets the snip, you guys just don't have piv sex (which is totally overrated because most guys suck at sex) or you will get a better dude.

No. 1223871

Just ignore him, let him be rejected and ignored and he’ll be taught a lesson

No. 1223878

he isn't too autistic to notice, trust me. he enjoys being fought over and has her as a backup girl.
T. was her (except I didn't try shit and wasn't toxic)

No. 1223884

nonnie, I'm really sorry, it's especially hard to hold your ground when everyone in your own family tells you that you are wrong, may his incel ass stay single for the rest of his life and fuck your father for being a liar

No. 1223885

It kind of pisses me off when I see people with friends and family in their lives complain about loneliness online. I know they're entitled to their own feelings and it's not a competition but i cant help but feel irritated at my complete and total isolation and the fact that that they probably wouldn't last a second in my shoes

No. 1223896

You’re not wrong for feeling this way, i feel extra lonely reading posts like these because it makes me feel more alienated and unrelatable. Like wow even people who call themselves bottom of barrel have family and friends? Should i just rope? Lol

No. 1223897

Nta but some countries make you jump through hoops that make it impossible to access. In my country you need to have 3 or 4 kids already and be over the age of 35 before you even can ask to get it done… which defeats the purpose for alot of women who just don't want children full stop. I've even known women who are over 35 and have the minumum 4 kids… and the doc still says no so they can't get referred to get it done. If you have a complication where your last pregnancy nearly killed you that's about the only way to get it without docs insisting "but you might change your mind and want more"

Men can pay 200 euro and get it done at any age without being interrogated.

No. 1223898

I have to hear my brother's daily incel rants despite him being a total fucking normie too. It's why I posted >>1223813 today lol
In a twisted way I'm glad about it because it acts like a daily reminder about why I will never go easy and overlook "small" red flags in moids I meet but it's also exhausting to hear daily.

No. 1223901

That literally makes no sense to me… it doesn't even have the christcuck angle that most countries use for abortion.

No. 1223904


Same here, particularly now. Massive recent breakup from a long long relationship and I'm totally fucked over it. I'm being a sad sack and watching those HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP videos on yt and I fucking HATE how they're saying "spend time with your friends". I don't have any friends. I don't have family.

It's really fucking depressing. I mean, great they have people to help them through, but what about when you don't have any? Next in line for the rope.

Really though, I hate me for wanting so much to get in touch with the ex. The videos say no. It's too difficult not to. I just want to cry down the phone to someone, but the only people in my contacts are shit people like doctor, housing association, CRISIS LINES. Fuck my life.

No. 1223905

Nta but a dildo just doesn't have the same feel as a real dick, they're often too hard and cold. Not to mention you miss out on the intimacy of being close to someone if you really love them. Sorry to sound graphic but I just really love being flesh to flesh and sharing a connection and pleasure together. I feel like such a scrote sometimes for having such a high libido, but I agree that risking your health or even life for sex is retarded.

No. 1223907

Tell him how short he is and how women hate short men who try to act dominant, laugh whenever he bring up incel shit and say he's just masking up for what he lacks. Don't get angry, laugh. Mock him. That's the best way to make an incel shut up. He likes seeing you angry.

No. 1223909

Stop repeating incel rope shit first off. Second focus on you. Get off the bloody fucking Internet. Look at your living space is it dirty? Clean it. Do the dishes. Change the sheets. Vacuum the carpets. Whatever. Now have you had something to drink and eat today? If not that’s next. Then take a shower. Hygiene. Do you have a job? Are you in school? What can you do to advance?
What are your hobbies? What do you want in life? What do you enjoy? Not your family l, not your ex. Remove them. It’s just you anon. What the fuck do you want? That’s what you do. That’s how you move on. You acknowledge the person you loved is dead and you throw them in a casket in your head and you grieve and cry and then you focus on you and you move on. For the love of Christ stop watching breakup videos.

No. 1223911

My brother has never had trouble with getting girlfriends. He's tall and I can only guess that's part of the appeal. He's had back to back girlfriends since his teens and has nothing to be bitter about. He's not conventionally good looking but his height alone has blessed him with women I would think are out of his league tbh. A few years ago I noticed he referred to his partner by a derogatory term that translates to mean something like a mix between calling someone your pet but also calling them your ball and chain. Like an animal you're chained to essentiall. No woman wants to find out their partner calls them this when she's not around. Then my dad started referring to her as that and I thought my dad was just too old to understand the slang. I told him and he's never corrected himself or stopped using it. It's been years.

Then a couple years ago my dad came to visit me in my new town and I hadn't opened up to in a while. We'd been distant. I told him I'd been dealing with some very intense harrassment from a neighbour that had started to have a sexual tone to it too and I was getting freaked out. He asked me what I was doing to bring that type of attention to myself. I'm a butch woman. I'm not gay but I'm butch as hell and have been for a long time. Am I asking for male harrassment as I stand here making every choice looks-wise that does not appeal to men? My dad doesn't see me for myself.. he sees me as this alien creature that is.. a womb haver, an emotional brain, a man teaser?

No. 1223913

I barely ever spend money in comparison to others of my agegroup. I have saved for ages, yet fucking boomer assholes will comment every time I finally buy something new for myself. I'll have holes in my fucking sneakers and they'll complain and whine about my spending habits when I buy cheap ones new. You fucking buy a €400,- coat every few months and random fucking appliances you don't even need. Get off my fucking case you projecting asshole. You buy a 1000 euro phone just because you say you can't hear the cheaper ones. Yet you shame me for my 100 euro phone. Which other fucking zoomer has a cheap ass phone like that nowadays? Even when I'm buying food for myself, rice and beans, it can't get fucking cheaper than that "are you sure you can afford that, is that a smart thing to do, shouldn't you calm down the spending?". WHAT THE FUCK, WE ALL NEED TO EAT YOU FUCKING RETARD. YOU LITERALLY BOUGHT 80 EUROS WORTH OF CHEESE LAST WEEK.

No. 1223917

Yeah I stopped the videos.

My living space has problems that're difficult to deal with. I clean. Maybe 3 hours a day. I can't have a shower or bath because I don't have hot water so it's kettle and an all over wash. I lost interests. Depression took them away. I know I'll get to the point where I think fuck it, but I'm just having a pity party right now. Social anxiety makes it difficult to do things with people. I should get a dog or something.

No. 1223925

Ayrt and I feel like the odd one out here because yeah mostly I've avoided piv but I don't think many women here do the same. They play russian roulette and often pay dearly for it.

I own toys, I always have since my teens, and to me giving and receiving oral is sex. It's the best part of sex to me but men aren't so understanding. They know the position women are in but they can't put themselves in our shoes and get the fear.

No. 1223930

File: 1655138935867.jpg (13.07 KB, 236x303, m.jpg)

since i was 11 i have struggled with suicidal ideation and various mental illness, you get the jist. there have been times i have been very stable, i have worked through my issues for YEARS via coping mechanisms, achievements, self-care, professional help, you name it. but unfortauntely it doesnt keep my mind at bay for long, it doesnt keep rape or being abused by the first man i trusted away. id like to say ive healed from those things now and im just feeling frustrated and at peace knowing ill be able to make the decision. ive allowed myself a couple of weeks as to not act rash and perhaps let the feelings subside. i dont think they will this time. im 21 now…im getting older. mental illness is cruel but i just feel bad for my mom. i wish it wasnt like a domino effect, but part of me prays she will actually feel relief when im gone (she wont have to be a mother anymore you know? one less person to worry about or check up on or try to set up for the next steps in life) i feel really bad but i just have to keep pushing the thoughts of her back. i think it will be okay. im frustrated because i wont be home alone for at least a week to do it but i can either go by heroin or a gun (lean against the wall, use my big toe,roof of mouth) but i would feel bad splattering myself across my bedroom. i think that would be traumatic so maybe i can drive to a nice spot. i just hope that nothing changes my mind because ive never felt so free before it has even began!

i just needed t oget this out somewhere. i think ill write her a letter, everyone else i dont think needs one. i think that would just be weird and sad to do.

im aware how baity and silly this comes across. well…its not like im in my right mind nonnies! i guess i could update when things get closer.

No. 1223936

Good on stopping the videos.
I understand the pity party. Do you want a link to my preferred you feel like shit walk through? It goes through cleaning, taking your meds, eating, water, sleep. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a to do while you don’t want to.
For cleaning if it’s too hard for a whole kettle. Take a wash rag and a little tea tree or eucalyptus oil and cool water and take a bird bath and then brush your teeth and wash your face if you haven’t.
Cleaning can definitely be overwhelming, but I know burying myself in makes it harder to get out. Have you been outside at all?

No. 1223940

I think tonights the night i end it. I’m just too tired to go on.

No. 1223942

id say we can do it together nonnie, but i have eyes on me for the next few days and wont be able to obtain what i need to until then.

No. 1223943

And even in countries where it's easier to get done, there's cases of poor or black women having their whole womb/eggs taken out or the dr purposefully fudging the operation bc males and handmaidens get absolutely mental when women get foolproof birth control.

No. 1223951

Incredibly similar trauma. It feels like they throw meds at you and it's meant to take away years of pain. I still haven't given up on "new" therapies, but I'm waiting for them to exist.

Idk what keeps me stopping from offing myself. Part of it is not wanting the ones who caused the problems to win, and I feel like suicide would be doing that. Maybe the meds are doing something for me, even if I can't tell anymore.
Don't let them win. Don't let them destroy you. You're miles above this scum of the earth. They don't deserve a clear conscience, they do have them though. It's a struggle, but try to hold on to what I said.

No. 1223952

Only way to get them to shut up is to turn it back on them with trolling. If men aren't meant to be fucked in the ass why do they have prostates, men should go back to the good ol' days when they did manual labor and fought in wars, y chromosome is a mutation, that kind of thing.

No. 1223954

Anons being in so much pain makes me cry

No. 1223957

Help this nonnie the semen has picked her brain, dickmatization is real huj

No. 1223959

NTA, but please, shut up.

No. 1223962

If it gets too much can you take a shower? Cold for dopamine. Hot for oxytocin. I’m so sorry Noni. Hang in there.

No. 1223963

im so sorry nonnie. these people will never begin to understand the extent of mental illness, how temperamental it is, how unfair and unpredictable it is.

i thought i finally found the medication for me after 9 years. it wasnt perfect, it was just enough to stabalize my intense emotions so i could actually put in more effort and feel okay. then i just started to spiral. only drugs have been helping me. and i know its the wrong path to go down, id much rather be dead than have my mother witness me become a junkie.

we're just so profitable to them. im still paying off bills from the psychiatric hospital when i went to get help two years ago. my insurance stopped covering my medicine, and i can hardly work anymore without making these feelings worse but what am i to do? its just myself on this boat, and that would be okay if iactually found life to be worth it. but i cant suffer. i used to want marriage and a little girl. i cant have that now anon, not if things will get worse and the meds stop working and it comes back tenfold.

everyones solution is to say oh, perhaps you need a new medication or stronger dose?
why? so i can lose more money and time being a guinea pig? so ican become numb and drugged up and a zombie? its so gross. i just miss being happy. it makes me hurt i just want to be happy again nonnie. i know its going to hurt my mother and thats what makes me cowardly. but it needs to be done and ill be patient and keep my eye on the prize until everyone is gone and i have the opportunity to act quick.

im sorry you are in pain. id take on all of your hurt with me and make it disappear if i could. life is so cruel to to those who least deserve it. i cant tell you how often ive seen the bad guys win.

dont get me wrong…im grateful to have a house, im grateful to no longer be around abusive men, that my flashbacks of my cptsd are gone, like im grateful i have good things in my life but none of it matters and im sorry if its selfish today. it just…doesnt. i wish i could trade my life with someone who felt happy to be here, who felt worthy and would use it well. ive stripped some poor soul of this life and it eats me up.

No. 1223965

File: 1655140070871.gif (2.08 MB, 640x508, patrick-bateman-american-psych…)

I've just had meds upped, so that might kick in soon. I was told about places to go to where you can drop in and cry or do crafts with other mentally ill people. Thing is, I don't want it to be all about mental illness.

I'm thinking about starting running. Walking doesn't help right now, but running might give me a goal to work towards. I know keeping myself along is a bad thing, but it's so long since I've had conversations that it gets harder to get back into it.

I'm sure I'll pull myself out of it. Right now it's too much. Heartbreak is agony and yes, I know I'll get over it. I wish I was a psychopath and didn't give a shit.

No. 1223971

File: 1655140438156.jpeg (58.18 KB, 640x480, 1648271140532.jpeg)

You are not a scrote, women can have high libidos too. We are not all demure flowers without any lewd thoughts. Don't let some of the anons here make you think that. Also, I would think wanting real intimacy is less coomer than saying a sex toy is just the same as a person.

(oop wrong image)

No. 1223973

My fuckin back and neck hurt. Why? Is this just life after 30?

No. 1223980

Yeah. This is why I get annoyed that young people don't make the most of their health when they're young.

My body started disintegrating when I found my first grey hair.

No. 1223981

I went to visit my dad's family who they cut off years and years ago. My dad is a narcissist so I assumed they were the sane ones. I was so, so wrong. They're the exact same as he is.. the whole time I felt on edge. They just associated us (as children) with our father and cut us out as well which was so, so wrong. Everything was fine on the surface but talking to my uncle alone I found that they blamed me and my sisters for not reaching out earlier. (Wtf? We were kids.) I was expecting a great reconciliation but no such luck. Guess I'll have to live with it.

No. 1223982

I'm 4 years into no-sex and I'm finally hitting the point where yeah I want flesh and warmth and tbh to suck a dick. You can't say that on here lately though lol. Ngl a dildo kept me going for a long time in fairness but I want skin contact now.

I think I'm reaching my sexual peak age. I looked it up lately and thats a whole thing in your thirties? Nobody warned me.

No. 1223983

Male "escort"?

No. 1223985

Godspeed nonna, you are most likely going to get attacked so bad. If you find a relatively reliable moid, be safe, use protection, it's ok to indulge a bit.

No. 1223992

File: 1655141444290.png (374.75 KB, 332x530, Capture.PNG)

I just cannot handle things anymore even though everything SHOULD be objectively better and I just genuinely don't know what to do. I have these recurring feelings of despair and suicidal thoughts. These are nothing new, I've had them since I was 13. But back then I kept hoping that if I left my comfort zone (became more social, did my hobbies consistently, etc) would solve everything and these feelings would go away. Fast forward now, I'm dating, going on events, regularly talk to family members I didn't talk to before, trying to do my hobbies regularly, etc. and I'm still getting these feelings. There's a part of me that genuinely wants to give up. This will never get better. I tried antidepressants, therapy, even birth control to regulate what I thought was a hormonal reason for my mood swings and now I genuinely feel cornered. I have nowhere to go, nothing to try. Like the only time I feel happy is when I'm binging on sugar which gives me a nice high for a while, life feels worthwhile and then everything goes back to shit. And the worst thing is I THOUGHT I was hiding it well but a coworker at my new place out of the blue asked me if I was okay because I looked sad.

I just look around me and don't know how people do it. Like the office manager comes in EVERY DAY with a smile on his face and looks happy all day long, every day. I want to puit him under a microscope. Wtf drives him?

The last thing I'm going to look into is whether I have some kind of dopamine deficiency (not sure how they check that though, blood test? brain scan?) and then I'll become some sort of addict. I know this sounds ridiculous, but that seems like the rational thing to do. Because objectively I know I don't want to commit suicide because there are things that I genuinely enjoy and want to learn more about (art, history). But if my stupid ass brain is not letting me then I have to self medicate myself through life

No. 1223993

Do… Anons not have friends and family to hug/hold hands/cuddle?

No. 1223994

Same. When they say they have a bf too

No. 1223995

>tbh to suck a dick
Handmaiden post

No. 1223996

I get you Noni. Running helped me and weight lifting. The goals and counting and focus on me and pushing myself.
This might be the opposite of what most people will tell you, but don’t rush into other people. It’s okay to need your alone time, just use it to focus on you. Grieve if you need the loss not the what ifs, be angry if it helps, then focus on relearning what you want.
Till then maybe setting basic care goals like the running is a good idea? Like a routine or list of things that have to happen when my depression is very bad. I run on a if I just do this then I can just give up basis. Often times starting to take care of basic needs better improves and makes everything easier.
They aren’t happy either. I know a few. They’re just as isolated, it’s a misconception pushed by our media.

No. 1223997

NTA but you're one step away from calling women whores for having sex and desiring and fantasizing about the opposite sex. she's straight, she finds dick attractive. get over it

No. 1223999

File: 1655142087964.jpg (43.49 KB, 640x640, 640x640.jpg)

Months ago I spilled some fried onions on the floor and I vacuumed them up. Now every time I use the vaccum cleaner it smells like fried onions and I want to vomit. I changed the bag twice but it doesn't help.

No. 1224004

I don't even agree with the controversial anon but fantasising about sucking dick is moid brainwash, stop coping about it

No. 1224005

try to wipe the tube and the sucky thing

No. 1224007

I've been to a dental hygienist and she found a cavity between two of teeth and now I'm extremely anxious because how in the fuck is the dentist supposed to get there? She told me not to worry about it and make an appointment. I would never notice it myself and now I'm worried I have more tiny holes between my teeth I won't find about and brushing and flossing won't do shit. Fuuuuckkkkk I haven't had any work done in a few years and I'm so anxious. Like how will she get there if it's between two teeth reeeeee

No. 1224011

Just because I am shy and introverted I feel like people at work do not see me as competent.

I am up for a decision-making position at work and I feel like people don't trust me. Like I am unable to resolve serious problems or make the right decisions.
Also I work in a place where people in general are older than me (+40) and they will already have a barrier to "obeying" or trusting my decision make.
Not mention most are men.
I am at loss of what to do. Should I have an "iron lady" persona, like be very serious and irreducible?
I have no idea in how to make these old moids respect me.

No. 1224012

lmao i thought this was related to the dick sucking discussion

No. 1224013

That's why they're called normies

No. 1224014

I just inhaled an unreal amount of salt on dinner, I'm 23 will I be fine?

No. 1224019

You are fucking retarded. You can’t even get an abortion if your Nigel decides to rape you pregnant but you simply won’t unlatch from his cock. You don’t even want pleasure, you just worship his momentary attention like a particularly obedient dog. Femcuck + L.

No. 1224020

This. I'm not gay and I think dicks are gross

No. 1224022

Yeah, when I'm horny I fantasize about a hot moid eating me out while running my hands through his hair, feeling up his muscles, us mutually caressing, feeling each other all over, passionately kissing. Primarily fantasizing about sucking dick/pleasing a moid seems like some brainwashed shit, when fantasies are supposed to be selfish and catered towards you.

No. 1224023

Onion smell knocks me sick as well. This video is about making your vacuum make your house smell better. Stuff like putting essential oils on the filter. Citrus things get rid of smells in general. This video might help. It might get rid of the stench in some way.

No. 1224024

File: 1655142837670.jpg (47.05 KB, 1200x900, EnUEKL_VgAAfdPa.jpg)

Think I fucked up my tests today, well, it might be a C, I hope, but it's not good enough and the fact that depression and insomnia working hand in hand at the moment won't make me feel any better about my bad performance. I'm never working hard enough and I will never be as good as I have to be, wish I could redo the test or just cancel the degree and stay in bed forever.

No. 1224025

Adding, there are some videos about how to get rid of a smell of dog and feet in their vacuum cleaners.

No. 1224027

I like fantasizing about vanilla romantic piv where obviously the guy knows how to use his dick, it's nice

No. 1224029

Sprinkle baking soda in it and leave it for an hour. Then come vacuum. Do the oil back above Noni. Let me know if it doesn’t work and I can make more suggestions.

No. 1224031

Nta anon, but I'm about to blow your mind: different people find different things arousing. You don't find dicksucking hot? Cool, not everyone is like you. Get over the fact that not everyone gets turned on by the same shit and also don't decide for others what they should get turned on by

No. 1224032

you can have a person that appears to be unbelievable happy, always smiling, always in a good mood and they might be the first ones to kill themselves. That's just the thing about outer appearance. For example, people think that I'm confident and know what I'm doing, the reality is, that I hate myself, I know nothing and feel exactly like you and I don't know what I can do about it. There are only few people that can spot how you really feel, but most just don't care. Hope you find a way to get past the feeling of despair and the suicidal thoughts, I'm still working on it.

No. 1224035

Well I fantasise about persuading him into a mmf threesome except the second guy is paying me for it and I’m pimping him out.

No. 1224037

I typed out the baking soda, but checked and it says don't do that because it can block the filter. It's fucking amazing at getting rid of stenches, but I've never tried a vacuum cleaner, so idk what it does to filters.

No. 1224039

B a s e d

No. 1224041

Have fun getting herpes in your mouth and cancerous tumour growths in your throat, then. Cockbreaths are a different breed I swear to god.

No. 1224043

Sorry nona, your brain is damaged.

No. 1224047

ofc he enjoys having a friend who’s tailored her entire personality to please him & yeah, ofc he gets ego boosts from the attention/flirting. he is literally autistic though, dx in early childhood, and autistic men are like fucking catnip to women with personality disorders. I don’t think she’s a backup or that he’s attracted to her but I do think they had a bit of a foreveralone ersatz ‘relationship’ going on and she’s pissed I’ve taken her ‘boyfriend’ away. Maybe I’m being naive though. I am also autistic.
The funniest part is that she’s had an on/off relationship going on with one of Nigel’s friends for like 7 years or something and she gets visibly furious whenever a woman talks to him and has even accused happily married women in our friendship group of hitting on him, even though we all have normal friendship boundaries except for her. I guess it’s projection. She’s fucking crazy.

No. 1224048

Most people get herpes from their relatives. Hence the don’t kiss other peoples babies campaigns. How old are you?

No. 1224049

I only find it hot because my first sexual experience was being coerced into one at 14 and I hate myself, it that hadn't happened I wouldn't care for them at all. Get well soon lol

No. 1224050

I’ve done it personally. Normally you just use a small amount and I clean my filter regularly, but I could see it being a problem especially if you don’t clean out your vacuum regularly.

No. 1224052

I really wish castration at puberty was normal, sorry anon

No. 1224053

So? Every autistic man I have ever met has had narcissistic tendencies at best. Don't let him off this easy.

No. 1224056

Wot? I am very sad that happened to you nonna, I do not think you should continue to fantasize about it or do it. But not everyone is traumatized like that, nor does it make you better to have a trauma reason for doing it.

No. 1224058

I didn’t read your post but why are you glorifying killers? Kys. She is not a girlboss.

No. 1224060

>>1224048 bet your entire body is covered in lumps and boils like you rubbed a toad all over yourself. What cock does to a mf. Sad!

No. 1224061

Trying too hard with this larp

No. 1224070

File: 1655144731485.jpeg (643.93 KB, 700x829, 0E20E4B6-455B-4919-90AE-7A4539…)

No. 1224072

Based and pinkpilled

No. 1224073

kek harsh but fair. What should I do? I used to kick off about it before I got sober and that mostly just made things worse cos it drove a wedge. His only other real relationship was with a woman who was really controlling and isolated him from his friends (this is coming from her as well as from him so I’m inclined to believe it) which makes it a hard thing to talk about without him getting triggered and freaking out about me trying to do the same.

No. 1224076

Soz nona, I'm just touchy about the subject because I am literally in this situation right now. Moids don't get to play stupid when they pull shit like this with no conscience. I get that his ex probably was shit and all but I'd also take his side of the story with a grain of salt. Even if he isn't doing it consciously, he is benefiting from having two women in his life stroke his ego and he doesn't give a shit about how either of you feel. If this lady is being this awful to you, why hasn't he intervened?
>controlling and isolated him from his friends
Were they female lmao

No. 1224083

I'm saying that (imo) most women are not truly into blowjobs but got memed into them either by being traumatized, being traumatized by porn at a young age, or being pressured into it by society/scrotes/girlfriends

No. 1224086

Dump him?? What does this annoying ass autist even bring to the table?

No. 1224088

I just hate my life. Feels like everyone is ahead of me and I'll never be happy. Everyone is happier and richer than me

No. 1224091

It's ridiculous but I desperately miss this one person I barely know. I just want to hear his voice again

No. 1224092

The only cancer sticks people will put in their mouths willingly are cigarettes. It’s caused by grooming + trauma.

No. 1224093

File: 1655145762059.jpg (73.05 KB, 617x900, beautiful-woman-halloween-styl…)

>I wish I could just climb into a femcel hole and never emerge.
Right this way, nonita..

No. 1224094

When I feel down about life like that I try and just think of the small things that make me happy everyday. Like a song I like, or my cat, or some funny memory. Life is a long time and it has swings up and swings down for everybody. Focus on the small things that make you happy. No one is happy permanently, if you expect that you will always be disappointed. the rich happy people may find out tomorrow they have lung cancer, you never know. just enjoy the little stuff.

No. 1224095

I’m poorer, more stupid, and haven’t done anything fun in 5 years. all while probably older than you too. Do you feel any better now nonna?

No. 1224096

I've always been a massive piece of shit loser who likes anime and my room has always been on itabeya hoarder levels, but now when I see those my melody animecore rooms and the consoomer thread I feel so personally attacked and hated why does it have to be trendy now let me be awful in peace

No. 1224099

I'm the same, anon. I even felt disgusted with myself and wanted to start selling off the collection I've amassed over a lifetime despite it still making me happy every time I look at them. But you don't have to let it bother you. We have been this way for a long time while trends come and go. Don't change unless you actually want to, not because an external source is making you feel bad for what you like.

No. 1224102

File: 1655146356324.jpg (149.48 KB, 1200x1100, 1200px-Cutest_Koala.jpg)

This is the stupidest most basic bitch dream ever but I want to move to Australia so bad. I was there for a month and I love the nature and climate so much compared to my cold, dark home country. I dream of it so often. I do not know if I will ever be financially able to do it though, and I cannot abandon my cats. I'm in uni now and they offer exchanges but going would be expensive as FUCK (you have to pay for flights, accomdations and flights yourself of course). I'm almost 30, I feel like I'm way too old for retarded dreams like this. Oh and yes I know politically it's a hellhole, but there's koalas… and kangaroos… and tiny penguins… and WAVES and giant ocean all around asdffs

No. 1224110

I'm the anon you replied to and I noticed the same thing. I always had a relatively high libido but now it's insane how horny I am everyday, I noticed it started happening when I turned 27 and it's only gotten worse a year later. Please stay safe anon! Always put yourself and your health and safety first.
Thank you anon, that makes me feel better.

No. 1224111

kinda late to reply to this but is that not just str8 colon cancer??

No. 1224125

>I'm just touchy about the subject because I am literally in this situation right now.
wack, sorry to hear that
>I get that his ex probably was shit and all but I'd also take his side of the story with a grain of salt
I do to an extent but she worked with us for a couple of years so I’ve seen firsthand how poisonous she can be & she’s also told me some of the fucked up shit she did like she thought it was funny so it does all check out character-wise
>If this lady is being this awful to you, why hasn't he intervened?
You’re right that he lets some disrespect slide cos it fluffs his ego but there’s a lot of other stuff that he doesn’t see or understand because she’s really fucking sneaky
>controlling and isolated him from his friends
>Were they female lmao
kek yes one was (and she also happens to be a territorial boundary trampler, go figure) but the ex also eventually stopped him from seeing any friends at all and from doing any of his solitary hobbies so it wasn’t just about that
figured this would be the advice. The good things about the relationship outweigh this issue by far & it’s a small price to pay comparatively. If she keeps escalating and he keeps failing/refusing to see it imma bounce though

No. 1224128

i struggle with getting pissed that uggo men get pretty girls while also knowing that it is ultimately a good standard that women are capable of loving people outside of just their looks. we shouldn't want to aspire to vapid standards because it ultimately allows men to continue to disregard people who will never fit any beauty standard, which is way worse for us.

I love my husband, and I know he doesn't fit the beauty standard. But he's literally the most kind, thoughtful, giving/caring person I know AND he knows me in a way nobody else does. am I out of his "league" ? yes, and he knows that. but god it crushes me thinking that he feels that way.

but i also want to punish entitled ugly men. it's rough.

No. 1224130

You can just call it grooming anon. It's grooming. Sexuality is easily malleable especially if they're exposed to sexual stuff early.

No. 1224147

I feel this on every level

No. 1224150

Anon, I'm your evil twin. I hate heat and can't get the idea of moving to Ireland or England out of my head. Like I just want to live in a rainy, romantic place with gothic mansions and I'll be forever happy

No. 1224161

>>1224128 I can’t even get mad at you because you’re already damned to get fucked by the same ugly as sin ogre until you die. Please don’t have children though.

No. 1224164

>that it is ultimately a good standard that women are capable of loving people outside of just their looks
idk why it has to be one or another, women should go after men with good looks AND a good personality

No. 1224165

Just don't let his shitty dna be passed down

No. 1224177

I'm mostly pissed that it never goes the other way around. Ugly scrotes get to be loved for who they are inside, while ugly women are left in the cold, by the men who are technically "on their level"
I get it though, I don't particularly care about looks myself. But I'm starting to feel ugly men are… More superficial than average or even hot men?

No. 1224189

I'm 28 and I constatly think that my early 20s should've been better instead of being bullied by boomers, the rich and fake expectations. Now I feel like I've been hitting the wall and it's too late for me.

No. 1224197

File: 1655150401750.jpeg (96.39 KB, 1080x1080, 1653894065273.jpeg)

i think its really annoying when girls who collect really girly shit try to make it deep. Ive had multiple women who collect sanrio or pink anime shit, or fucking funkos even say
>No anon this is not a shopping addiction! I actually didnt have a childhood so thats why i spend 500 dollars a month on Aliexpress. Its actually super cool that I do this cause I didnt get the toys I wanted as a kid!
Like first time I heard that story I could buy it, its not super far fetched. But now I've heard it like 10 times from different people? I think some of you had alright childhoods and just like taking others sob stories. Like girl ive seen pics when you were younger and you had a damn high school musical themed bedroom where is this no childhood shit coming from?
I had an ex years ago who was an orphan. He was absolutely fucked in the head. He didnt celebrate any holidays, like not even xmas (even though he was super religious) or his bday. I remember when his birthday was coming i made a joke about getting him a bday party cause he never had one. He got so mad he was yelling and threatening me for hours. It was awful. Next year when his bday was coming i had a bunch of presents for him on my wishlist. But then I got scared of how he could react so I told him I wanted to give him a bday present since he claimed to never have one. He got so fucking pissed at the idea, again yelling and making me cry like a baby for even thinking of getting him a stupid vinyl record. We broke weeks later. We were together for two years and I got to know him well, he legitimately had no childhood, and resented the idea of childhood so much he would meltdown over suggesting presents or parties. Then i sadly got with a worse moid, who lived in a farm most of his life and also didnt have a lot of "presents" or "toys" like i did growing up. He also fucking hated the idea and hated his childhood so much he never wanted to have children.
So i dont think youre buying a hello kitty plushie cause you didnt get to be a kid i think it just might be that you like hello kitty?? is that so wilf to think??

No. 1224203

You're still young, an average moid of you age looks ten times worse and I constantly see men who start balding at 22 and hit the wall at 25

No. 1224204

Kek FR just say you like to hoard dumb shit, it’s not that deep

No. 1224205

hit the wall my ass, your life is your own. you're not a product

No. 1224206

I feel you, anon, but also, have you met any women like those moids who resent anything to do with childhood and presents? Maybe men and women just tend to react differently to similar shit. No comment on the ones who had things like HSM bedrooms though, those ones definitely sound suspicious

No. 1224207

You’re still young as fuck, don’t you dare let the scrotes tell you otherwise

No. 1224211

I bought into that 'I need deep reasoning to like/enjoy XYZ thing' and have gone on to full on reject it when I realized how cringey it was to overexplain some 3deep5me reasoning for liking everything. No one actually cares and I'm going to have a fleeting surface level interest in whatever piques my interest because I no longer give a shit. I think it also cheapens the things you actually have a deep emotional attachment to if you have some deep emotional attachment to every single little thing you like/collect.

No. 1224219

Gtfo scrote

No. 1224226

i fucking hate having a bigger bust. my religious mom has been nagging me to buy longer dresses since knee length isn't modest enough, apparently. i buy two cheap dresses off shein to appease her but they fit like shit on me because they have elastic around the waistband which awkwardly segments my chest. i didn't think it would be an issue but i can never catch a fucking break.

No. 1224229

File: 1655152248321.jpeg (36.35 KB, 567x518, 1639123106589.jpeg)

goddammit i'd like to think i'm over my ex friends, i don't really think about them, i sometimes get nostalgic over the good times but otherwise i don't care that we aren't close anymore. but i can't fucking stand to hear that they still talk about me!! it makes me so angry to imagine what they're saying in their group chats, like i know it's best that i don't give them the time of day but it's so infuriating to know that they're probably talking shit about me months after we split apart. i wish our mutual friend didn't feel the need to tell me this, i know she thinks she's doing the right thing but it makes me upset. i just want to peacefully move on and not think about them, but now my brain is inventing scenarios to get mad about and making me miss them at the same time. ugh.

No. 1224238

Make sure you're better than those people. Then their words won't matter.

No. 1224244

Oh I've been there with a person being "nice" by telling you their friends are shit-talking you and everything they're saying. It's just unproductive and hurtful sometimes…

No. 1224246

Hah, why are humans like this, always wanting the opposite from what we have. Let's switch places like a teen movie!

No. 1224253

The Adderall is wearing off and the usual dead inside feeling is coming back. I was happy all day but it was literally just because of a little pill. The comedown always makes me realize how miserable I am in my natural state. I need meth pills to be as happy as normies get to be every day.

No. 1224258

Sucks you settled for ugly and nice instead of attractive and nice. You get what you get though so. Could be worse for you

No. 1224266

It scares me how much stress affects my physical health. I've been struggling with GERD and IBS for a few years but it has never been as bad as it's been during the last month. I had some terrible new housemates and because of their behavior I wasn't able to sleep in my room, for 3 weeks I've been sleeping on a couch in the living room, but then I couldn't even sleep there because every time I got back from work it was already occupied by a dude who didn't want to sleep in his room with one of our crazy new housemates, he had the adventage over me because he always finished work ealier. My work also became more stressfull. I tried to make my diet super restrictive, but it was too late. I started vomiting every day and having diarrheas interchangeably with constipation, my sweat and my stool started to smell like rotting eggs, my GERD became so bad that, even when I managed to fall asleep for a moment, I was waking up with terrible pain in my stomach and burning in my esophagus. In the morning the pain was so bad I wasn't even able to speak, and when I could speak, my voice was raspy as fuck and the tone of my voice changed to a much lower one. I was in constant pain, I couldn't eat and sleep, I thought I'm going to die. I fainted at my work. Then I finally started my holiday and got back to my country and my symptoms started to soften fucking immediately. I'm only 4 days into my holiday and NOTHING hurts me. I can eat and sleep. My body stopped producing this terrible rotting smell. Today I was brave enough to eat something higher in fat like a slice of pizza and something sugary like ice cream, and nothing happened. I was so happy I wanted to cry. Back there it was so bad I felt like I would never be able to eat and rest and live without pain again. But now I know it's just my shitty environment, stress and sleep deprivation. But the worst thing is, I know I will have to return there after 2 weeks because it's really hard to find a job in my country. I wish I was able to control the way stress affects me, but I'm just too sensitive. I knew that autists are generally more prone to psychosomatic illnesses, especially gastrointestinal disorders, but I didn't know it could get this bad

No. 1224273

I have no advice but same. It's been over 2 years and it still hurts.

No. 1224277

Do you have an attractive and nice moid, a moid that is either attractive or nice, or are or are you lonely and bitter because you don't have either? Nta but at least anon has love, you're so miserable you have to post "hmm sorry about your loving relationship, you couldn't get better!" Clearly neither can you or else you wouldn't be posting on this site harping on other people's relationships and trying to one-up them while actually having nothing in real life. But keep up with those "high standards" queen, we'll see how well that pays off, and don't forget to feed the cats!

No. 1224281

are you perhaps stuck in a loveless marriage, anon?

No. 1224282

Why would men EVER consider being less shallow when they can easily get women more attractive than themselves lmao

You are literally part of the problem, your nigel has the luxury of being superficial because you gave him that option

No. 1224284

I like my nigel, I love his body, his face, his features, he's a nice man who takes care of my every desire but I'm just ashamed that he's balding, its honestly so depressing to see, I still love him and remain attracted to him but I would have never considered dating him as he is now due to his baldness

No. 1224293

File: 1655156155296.jpg (162.92 KB, 720x720, Cats-image-cats-36569322-720-7…)

Ayrt, I managed to resist the impulse (I had poured all my xanax in a cup and just sort of poured it on the ground) let's do a reverse suicide pact instead, I won't kill myself so long as you don't, ok?

No. 1224294

Put a wig on it

No. 1224296

Oh no, then he figures out his little worm likes it and starts also wearing women's clothes to go with it lmao

No. 1224297

I want a flat stomach so much. More than anything

No. 1224300

L + femcuck + your children will die alone

No. 1224301

This, women are pressured to look good all the time regardless of how nice they are men should be held to the same standards.

No. 1224308

Workout and no overeating, if youre obese and lost a dietician will change your life

No. 1224311

how old were you? i'm 25 and just found my first two grey hairs………………………. ..

No. 1224314

Why is it okay to dogpile people who write normal and friendly posts with insults? These people are the worst, they should get perma banned.

No. 1224315

Are you lost? The purpose of this site is to dogpile people generally minding their own business with insults

No. 1224316

You're probably right, otherwise mods would red text them. You get a red text for ironically using an emoticon in a quote, but you can spam insults all day long.

No. 1224322

Nta but nothing wrong with killing scrotes

No. 1224323

Infighting is against the rules. Report it and move on.

No. 1224327

NTA, but I am very pround of you. Also, as someone who went to a hospital due to prescription drug overdosing suicide attempt, it's fucking awful. It's not fast. I takes hours. And those hours are pure agony. You can't breathe, you feel your body shutting down and you are out of it at the same time. I can't even describe how horrible it was. Trust me, you do NOT want to experience it.

No. 1224328

You can't kill yourself with xanax alone. If you take a ton of xanax on its own you might do something very embarrassing.

No. 1224329

File: 1655158438063.jpeg (58.07 KB, 628x619, Two_hugging_cats.jpeg)

thank you, i'm trying but it's difficult being the bigger person.
i'm glad to know others have felt this way too. i think even if it hurts for a long time we can work through this shit and come out better. at least i hope that's not just me being stupidly optimistic, but even if i miss them the fact that they're still bitching about me behind my back after all this time means i was right to cut them off to begin with. i know we are all better off without shitty people in our lives, bring it in nonnas

No. 1224330

I did that many times in the past, but I don't know whether it lead to anything. I wish there was feedback. I think they should redtext infighting especially since it's gotten so common now.

No. 1224333

Thank you for still being here. I have to say, I did not expect that. But then again they don't exactly make manuals on killing yourself.
I hope you realize what a fucked up thing this is to say and what that says about your lack of human fucking empathy. You fucking ghoul.

No. 1224336

File: 1655159208132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.49 KB, 799x1082, 20220613.jpg)

Don't forget the giant spiders nonna.

No. 1224346

nta but they're kinda cute, i like their goofy little feets

No. 1224348

I should have just been a pos growing up. Fuck me for trying to be a decent person. Funny how I'd probably be more well adjusted and less mental issues. Life is bizarre.

No. 1224349

>don't forget to feed the cats!

No. 1224355

It’s also illegal and if anything happened to anon off of that advice. Someone is getting a visit from the feds in their country.

No. 1224364

File: 1655161295390.jpg (44.33 KB, 250x292, 1624058763944.jpg)

I have a paper due tomorrow that I already finished, but the professor just sent out an email with new requirements that were not listed in the assignment guidelines at all and now I have to change up the whole thing. Cosmic punishment for finishing a paper early for once I guess

No. 1224372

I barely ever talk to men and even when I do I'm usually not attracted to them and we don't have a lot in common. I just met this guy who knows about everything that I'm interested in, is super respectful (and kind of shy…), and right off the bat we just talked nonstop about everything and that rarely ever happens when I meet a guy. But I don't want to get carried away. I barely know him so there's still room for disappointment. Or it's possible that maybe he isn't attracted to me (or won't be once he gets to know me more). I don't want to be super disappointed if either of those two options become reality so I need to manage my expectations. It sucks because I barely meet men that I get along with really well, so it makes sense that emotionally I'm getting really happy and excited, but I need to control these emotions because the more excited I become the more disappointed I'm going to be when he either proves himself to be an undesirable person or things just don't work out.

No. 1224377

I just realized why I am very shy to contact friends randomly is because my drunk ass dad would get increasingly drunker and go through his whole contacts, just calling everyone. Even as a kid I felt embarrassed for him and by extension myself, there was no way these people genuinely liked him/didn’t notice he was drunk as shit, he would also talk shit about almost everyone criss crossed. I always am scared I somehow give off that energy even though I’m sober and never call anyone, just audio message and text, kinda strange to realize.

No. 1224383

I feel the same fucking way, nona.

No. 1224427

File: 1655164672580.jpeg (204.63 KB, 900x1200, 27310BA7-4268-44D5-A5DC-65ACC1…)

I'm at work in the break room sobbing and having a total breakdown thinking about my ex's domestic violence trial. Pressing charges was the worst mistake I ever made. This whole thing is like a nightmare I can't wake up from. I wish so badly I never went to the police. The most humiliating thing was after he strangled me and bashed my head into a metal door he threatened to kill himself and got sent to the psych ward, from there he called me over and over. Eventually I called back and visited him and brought him things he had asked for like a change of clothes, food, books. Because I still loved him so much and it hurt me to think of him alone and needing help. And when the police found out the officer in charge of my case called me and yelled at me and said I quote "He's mentally ill, I can't believe you're doing this to him, it's like you're trying to lure him back in." That fucking broke me. He can beat me over and over again (HE ALREADY PLEAD GUILTY TO AGGRAVATED ASSAULT AND KIDNAPPING ME LAST YEAR!!) but he's a poor mentally ill baby and I'm trying to trick him into attacking me again. He has his whole family supporting him, helping him. I have no one. My family doesn't talk about it and I've had to do everything alone. No one is on my side. No one believes me. Thinking about having to relive my assault in front of a bunch of strangers who think I'm an evil scheming bitch makes me want to die. I can't do this, I'm not strong enough, I just want to give up. pic unrel.

No. 1224429

choachan is down and i'm losing my mind

No. 1224432

If he's talking to you that much he likes you. Men will ignore your existence if you're not attractive to them. Besides, that's not important. Never focus on whether a man likes you. Focus on whether you like him and whether he's worth your time. You're the chooser, unless you wanna be a pickme. And pickmes never get anyone good, look at Shoe.

No. 1224433

Oh my sweet nonny. I'm so sorry, I wanna hug you.

At the end of the day he knows what he did. He knows he's guilty and that is something he can't run away from no matter who gives him asspats, family, justice system, whoever.

Stay strong, fuck these men, go no contact with him (watch no contact videos on YouTube in regards to abusive exes) and rebuild yourself inside out so you can close this chapter of your life and begin anew as the woman you've always wanted to be.

No. 1224434

File: 1655165818618.jpg (36.63 KB, 1080x1225, 20210914_013410.jpg)

Having cysts on my labia fucking sucks. Wearing underwear hurts, wearing pants hurts, cleaning myself hurts. Why is my body like this?

No. 1224437

Fuck all those people, anon, and fuck that scrote. You'll get through this shit, and know exactly who your friends are. You are strong enough, and you know the truth. If people want to turn away from it when it's staring them in the face, that's not your cross to bear. Whatever happens, you spoke out and can find your peace

No. 1224439

nonna, all of those men are fucking worthless and you’re going to live a better life outside of these dumb fucks. they’re pissed because you’re still standing. i’m so sorry you have to go through this trial, but the fact that he already plead guilty to other shit must be a good thing for you?

sending strength

No. 1224440

u don't have a mind to lose

No. 1224456

I'm so sorry. I hope the cysts go away and you can finally have peace. ♥

No. 1224465

i still miss her. i thought i didn't care anymore. i miss her smile and her honey flavoured voice. i miss how we were two halves of one beating heart and now there's not much beating on my side. i think the pain will lessen with time but always be there. wish i could see her again and just sit in silence with her. i don't know if i want to stop dreaming about her or move on, and never love again. what a sad clingy puppy i am lol

No. 1224469

File: 1655167690787.jpeg (72.82 KB, 373x327, 6DE78A45-D5A5-422F-879F-3D0886…)

I detest unhinged moids. Got chased down and cursed out by some obese, low IQ idiot today in a car because the person I was driving with was not going fast enough for his taste. It was honestly scary how insanely angry this guy got, I seriously thought he was going to follow my car into a parking lot or something. He was going to make a turn off the road I was on and then purposely veered back on to further the chase. Talk about over emotional and petty. Hate having to fear male violence over the smallest “infractions”. nearly cried in fear after we parked somewhere safe but I’m glad I didn’t now, I’m glad that scrote didn’t reduce me to that

No. 1224498

girl I woulda laughed at his fat ass and asked why was he so fat and moved on. if you think I'm lying or misunderstanding the situation you're wrong. be like the woman in the linked vid and have some respect for yourself. In all seriousness, sorry that you went through that. Moid rage can be scary, next time have some pepper spray in your car.

No. 1224511

File: 1655172031620.jpeg (271.74 KB, 1440x1408, 9D69F736-F69B-40D6-AA2B-DF307A…)

I’ve dealt with crippling gender dysphoria since a very young age and I have no idea how I’m going to cope with the fact that I’m going to feel like this for the rest of my life. I keep searching for a way to deal with it that doesn’t involve actually trooning out. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve tried slathering myself in makeup in an attempt to “reconnect with my femininity,” and I’ve tried to just accept being a masculine woman. I’ve read so much radical feminist literature it makes my head hurt. Nothing helps. I’ll never have masculine features, I’ll never be a father, I’ll never experience a male childhood/adolescence, I’ll never have a true friendship with a man, I’ll never be loved by a woman in the way that a man is, and I don’t know how to accept that. I’ve had more therapists than friends. I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with the fact that no matter whether or not I pump my body full of artificial hormones and get my tits chopped off, I was born a woman and will die a woman.

No. 1224512


Thank you nonnas, I feel a bit better after writing it down and crying it out and I emailed my therapist to make an appointment after a few months of neglecting that. So hopefully I'll get over this soon

No. 1224528

Why do you care about men so much? Like what is so interesting and cool and special about them that you want to be one?

No. 1224546

Whatever you do I hope you feel good about yourself eventually :)

No. 1224547

It's such a waste I got born into this crappy family. My parents should have stopped after my brother or gave me away. I just wanted a loving family (didn't need to be rich, just understanding and trying) but got stuck with a screeching angry nasty mom who values moids more than anything and a dad who goes along with her insanity. Would have been nice growing up to have a mom who wouldn't make fun of what I liked (makeup, skater/grunge type clothes, music, shoes) and forced her likes onto me. I was so jealous of my friends. I don't think I ever stood a chance to be happy and not an anxious mess crying more often than not. Sucks to suck.

No. 1224552

Not OP but I think you're missing the point entirely.

No. 1224557

muslim men are by far the worst thing to ever happen to planet earth. there has never been a more disgustingly misogynistic group of chromosome deficient retards

No. 1224559

Muslim men is what happens when men justify their maleness and continue to gaslight women for shits and giggles without any consequence. It’s like a weird phenomenon that was allowed to prosper when it could have been stamped out

No. 1224560

Stamped out by what? The women didn't do anything.

No. 1224565

File: 1655176086073.jpeg (25.55 KB, 234x216, 1F3EDFCB-7682-4505-8494-9E2899…)

thinking about the time my ex friends would weaponise group chats and create new group chats if i (or someone else) wouldn't write in the chat for long enough so you'd be forced to wriggle your way back into their new group chat even when you know they've been talking about you in the group chat you're not in

No. 1224582

File: 1655177394418.png (64.77 KB, 275x158, 1646392586185.png)

woke up to messages of my bf being like "hanging with (female friend) and then going to my ex girlfriends house to help her clean (???) might see you later"

No. 1224593

Nona you are absolutely right. I'm afraid that either I'm going to disappoint him or he's going to disappoint me the more we get to know each other, but at the end of the day what's important is that I don't end up with someone who is ultimately gross or a waste of time. Even if he ends up disappointing me, it'd be better to know that sooner than to just be willfully ignorant about it and I definitely don't want to fall into the pickme trap either.

No. 1224595

I would be mad af. Idk if that’s a normal thing in your relationship but I would be seriously worried if he’s hanging out with other girls on a regular basis. especially a girl he used to date??? I think you should confront him about this if it’s upsetting you. Communicate with him. IF he’s a good boyfriend he’ll understand your feelings and respect your boundaries.

No. 1224599

I wish I had that kind of attitude nonny, you likely aren’t misunderstanding the situation tbh I was beat and kicked by a scrote when I was 16 and that basically made me scared of them for what feels like forever. I know how quickly they can get violent. Sucks.

No. 1224603

i was going to reply to this genuinely but i ended up thinking about how much relationships suck and got too demoralised.

No. 1224605

girl you're a pushover af. how hard is it to just tell him you're uncomfortable with his behaviour, scream it at him if you have to

No. 1224609

normies really do ruin everything. i'm always going to long for the old internet, even though i know it's never coming back. anime is so shit nowadays too because more normalfags are getting into it and propping up the blase normalfag shit created to appeal to as many of them as possible. and studios get money hungry so they copy the shit normalfags like (but no actual fan enjoys) to make $$$ it's all so sickening

i wish normies would leave my hobbies alone fr

No. 1224610

I wish Facebook never happened, that’s what caused mass normie migration onto the net. It was all downhill from there.

No. 1224618

I’ve been eating a lot less because I’ve felt horrible about my body for awhile. I’m losing weight but I kinda feel like shit all the time and I’ve been taking a lot of drugs to make me feel less like shit. I can feel myself spiraling back into old habits and I can’t really talk to anyone about it. My hatred towards my body is the one thing I have never talked to my therapist about and I don’t know if I ever will because I feel ashamed and embarrassed because it’s vain. My mom laughs at me when I tell her how repulsive and huge I feel and she says these little things that make me feel horrible. My boyfriend gets annoyed when I talk about it and I think he’s starting to get fed up. When we were watching stranger things he kept pointing to Nancy and asking me if I want to look like her, and he kept talking about how disgusting she looks. And my only girl friend is currently going through some huge life changes and I don’t want to bother her about my trivial ass issues. Im rambling I guess I just feel so alone. I hate that something as shallow as disliking my body has nearly completely put my life on hold because I can’t function day to day. I try to present myself as a very confident woman but in reality I have internalized every single negative comment people have made about my body ever.

No. 1224622

There's a good chance they're just friends anon, but he could also be a cheating asshole. I'm very good friend with two ex bfs so I believe friendship with an ex can work.

No. 1224652

women can view men as just friends, but men are incapable of seeing women as just friends.

men say this over and over again and nobody (including women) ever seems to believe them. >>1224582 you should be concerned. i’m not even saying he’s hooking up, i just think men like the idea of entertaining the potential.

No. 1224666

File: 1655186288099.jpg (15.95 KB, 480x379, FI9KxxjXsAETCZL.jpg)


No. 1224677

Yes, yes, yesss

No. 1224682

File: 1655188076701.jpeg (31.02 KB, 500x477, 1646368913273.jpeg)


thank you nonas, I rang him and gave him hell. I understand the girl mate, she has a bf too but the ex I've put my foot down about.
you guys and my girl mates gave me the strength ily all

No. 1224686

I'm so upset that I found out my sister is getting engaged today. I've begged her so much not to stay with her scrote. I told her it was a retarded idea and she cut off contact with me. Idk what to do. She's clearly making a big mistake and would rather choose her scrote over me

No. 1224690

>choose her scrote over me
You’re the problem

No. 1224692

File: 1655188636648.png (559.23 KB, 811x606, tumblr_4de417342ceebd3626f2402…)

I was forced to see the phrase "don't yuck someone else's yum" 2 times in 2 separate posts about camping controversy. Fuck bdsm degens making me associate that phrase with accepting moids abusing women and fuck stupid paragraphs on stupid posts telling you to mindlessly accept everything.

No. 1224694

Before I comment, 2 quick questions. Is he treating her poorly? Any reason for concern? Need some info first.

No. 1224695

File: 1655189252379.jpg (82.56 KB, 560x570, disgu.jpg)

I've had two different men I know casually completely unprompted tell me about their erectile dysfunction problems. Why in gods name do they fucking think I want to hear about their floppy dicks

Honestly bizarre this has happened twice now

No. 1224697

she doesn't love herself and you can't force her to

No. 1224700

File: 1655189645190.png (529.54 KB, 500x481, A4A8899E-B7C4-4924-A93B-5A9029…)

i think i’m finally over my ex boyfriend and it feels so underwhelming. i would cry all the time and was so heartbroken at what happened between us for so long that i really thought it would end differently, but yesterday as i was trying to get to sleep i realised that i don’t feel anything for him anymore. i’m glad to be freed from it but i didn’t realise how easy it was to pin all my pain and anxieties on him and not have to actually deal with the awful mess i’ve made of my life. it seems whenever i figure something out the pain doesn’t disappear, instead it just transfers somewhere else. pic unrelated obvi lol

No. 1224701

1) what was the camping controversy 2) how in the heck does that phrase relate to BDSM, I only ever saw it about weird food combinations. Sorry your post made me extremely curious.

No. 1224702

How am I the problem? You sound dumb
idk. It's always an issue to get married to a scrote. There's zero reason for a woman to do so
I know. Thanks for reminding me

No. 1224713

oh so you're mentally ill. you are putting so much pressure on your sister to behave the way you want her to, you're surprised she cut you off?

No. 1224717

I have come to the conclusion that I'm fucking pathetic. I'm too scared to move back to my hometown because I'm so comfortable where I am even though I desperately want to move out from living with my ex.

No. 1224732

We can tell you’re the problem because of they way you’re speaking. It is called reading between the lines.
You are guilt tripping your sister, you manipulative little shit, and that’s why she doesn’t want to speak you. She’s not abandoning you, or choosing someone over you, she’s just getting married. Grow up, freak.

No. 1224738

I have an interview in 10 mins and I am going to throw up!!! My tongue has swollen in my mouth

No. 1224753

File: 1655197292324.png (818.82 KB, 1009x996, 1652704879596.png)

Why are you staying with some balding moid? Kick him to the curb and find someone that doesn't look like a child molester. Jesus so many women tolerate disgusting men, it's making me sick. How can you look at such a creep sexually is beyond me.

No. 1224756

Nonnas, my dad had a stroke a while ago that left him with memory issues, like he's starting to have dementia. My mom gets all bitchy about having to repeat stuff to him, while when I try to talk to him, he completely zones out as if he can't hear or understand what I say most of the time. He reminds me of my grandma who died of alzheimer. It was so painful to see her wither away, and I'm scared the same thing is gonna happen to my dad. It was hell having to deal with my grandma not remembering me, and end up on a hospital bed, I don't want to go trough that again. What pains me the most is how my mother acts as if he is doing this on purpose, when it's pretty obvious he cannot help it. Last night he asked if any of his brothers was on the bathroom multiple times, until he realized what he was talking about. I can't deal with this.

No. 1224761

Unfortunately might be true… I was planning on staying with a male acquaintance on holiday to reduce costs and increase convenience. I would just be sleeping and showering mostly, being out of the place for most of the day. However, he cancelled because he can apparently not take the temptation. He feels it would be too awkward and therefore uncomfortable for him. I appreciate that he is at least self-aware and honest, but it kind of sucks. Although I will say that the majority of the female friends my boyfriend had before me were weirdly flirtatious to him. I doubt they were actually trying to get with him, but they spoke strangely, how to say… I don't know how to put it. He is very sweet and a bit "different", it seemed like they were using him for attention? He no longer talks to them since I don't have male friends I talk to frequently either. But I definitely found the situation with them fishy. Not because of my boyfriend, but because of the girls. He had no issue cutting them off, btw. Interesting observations..!

No. 1224765

Ugh it has taken nearly 2 years to get over a horrible ex boyfriend that using logic I should never ever miss and I've tried dating and there's like two stages to this shit. There's the finally being OK being without him and then there's trying to date without comparing everyone to him. I wish he would drop dead.

No. 1224774

I told my friend (he's black and very into identity politics) that in university this one Asian girl followed me home from class.

She met my other Asian roommate and complimented her, saying she was soo beautiful and asking if she was mixed. Trying to make conversation because it was awkward, I started to say where I was from, and she told me it "didn't matter because I was white."

My friend basically shrugged it off and said she probably had a bad experience. Why tf are you defending her?? You're supposed to be my friend?

No. 1224776

He's a good person, he's fit, he takes care of his appearance, everything about him is perfect but yeah he's balding, I didn't want to be the type of person married to a balding man but that's how left turned out

No. 1224777

Normies turned the internet into a machine of hate

No. 1224778

Sounds like your friend has bought into the whole "white people can't be victims of hate" propaganda machine. Don't expect him to stick up for you.

No. 1224782

Jesus woman, hear yourself. Why would you marry a man that wouldn't even date? You said it yourself that you wouldn't date him the way he is now. Why are you doing this to yourself? You are not a martyr.

No. 1224788

If it was a moid saying he's gonna divorce his wife he's perfectly compatible with because she, idk, has stretchmarks or whatever other thing that is not her fault you'd all seethe. Why are you so shallow anon? Should she rather date a cheater scrote with head full of hair?

No. 1224790

I just started working at this new workplace and the computers are ridiculously slow. Every click takes 5-10 seconds to register regardless of the software and today I couldn't participate properly in a meeting because I had audio but my screen was frozen completely. I reach out to IT and their response was 'If it's of any consolation, everyone works this way'. Like fucking how.

No. 1224792

So tired of seeing "cis ppl get gender affirming surgeries more than trans people". They don't because they're not doing it due to a gender obsession. They think "i wanna do x to look more feminine" means they are doing it to "affirm their gender", something only mentally ill people with gender dysphoria do. The only logical conclusion is to then make ALL plastic surgery free, to save cis people's lives.
These people have gender as their religion, they don't understand that people aren't thinking about gender 24/7 like they are.

No. 1224797

If I cannot keep this workplace either I'm gonna start a new life in another country cleaning toilets or something

No. 1224810

It's both BDD

No. 1224844

cause I'm in love with him as a person

No. 1224851

Why are they even complaining when they get that shit for free thanks to Starbucks insurance and we have to pay out of pocket? Omg so oppwessed

No. 1224856

File: 1655207759726.jpg (40.37 KB, 640x607, 52518126.jpg)

I'm into bdsm and I can't find a top who isn't a total shitstain of a person so I keep winding up with these fat nerds who "will try anything" uh huh hurrrrr
they all say that, they'll try anything, and I don't like that because it's like, lame; they aren't even into it they just want whatever insane pussy they can get
I know it's insane pussy, I don't care, that's what it wants, I am too old to keep being quietly ashamed and completely ungratified sexually
Little dick energy, all of them, or that horribly pathetic sex where they just rock back and forth, like I dressed up in metal and leather to get penetrated, you are not going to hurt me, I promise you
Or is it even that? Are they just that bad at fucking? Are fat nerds bad at fucking. Wow, I am a fucking retard.

No. 1224858

Find a guy that has a regular exercise routine with cardio, you're looking for one with actual stamina

No. 1224861

does he have a dirty coping mustache? tell me you're older than 30 at least

No. 1224862

you right
I gotta hit the gym

No. 1224864

I'm so sick of the type of women nowadays who wants to be a good person and blindly supports every popular line of thought. Women kind of dropped the ball tolerating and encouraging all this tranny shit and now it's at a point where our lives are in danger because trannys are now free to go into women's sports and crack our skulls open and get applauded for it too. I'm so sick of all these cucked spineless women

No. 1224866

different anon but can you convince me to give up my oneitis who is a man that treats me like a backup option and talks down to me? he started balding at 23 and is fug! the more his hairline recedes the more full of himself he becomes

No. 1224868

nta but
he is a man that treats you like a backup option and talks down to you
I dunno how better to convince you to kill him and eat the body to hide it than that tbh

No. 1224871

maybe one day I'll truly feel that and not just know it intellectually… I'm planning to eventually cut it off completely and then I'll kill him in my mind!

No. 1224872

File: 1655209235936.jpg (125.01 KB, 1125x1378, lanamanifesting.jpg)

I'm starting to believe in this manifestor bullshit I've seen a lot on Tiktok lately, idk how but I manage to get pretty much everything I want without putting in too much effort.
Most recent exemple ; me and a girl from school both applied for the same internship. Not only is her portfolio way better than mine, she's also very sweet and friendly and an all over amazing person. Well, I got called back right away and she didn't.

It's crazy because I used to be a huge NEET and as soon as I got up my ass I've managed to get everything I've ever wanted.

No. 1224873

Treat him like a back up and be open to other men

No. 1224874

Let us know how this works out when he dumps you for a younger woman.

No. 1224876

The problem here is that he treats you like trash, not that he is bad, you fucking idiot. Grow a spine and stop talking to that piece of shit.

No. 1224880

stop watching porn, try to fix your porn addiction and admit

No. 1224884

I don't watch porn, projector, some of us are just nasty by nature

No. 1224890

File: 1655210374084.jpg (6.09 KB, 294x172, projector.jpg)

Pic of nonna

No. 1224891

File: 1655210630813.png (384.04 KB, 572x850, Eapg8rXU0AA71OG.png)

I really miss online art/fandom spaces before politics took over. Fanart from non-East Asian fans is dead it's mostly just characters holding flags pretending they're at a vague pride/march/protesting it's so fucking performative. Fan discussions mostly center politics or dumb ship wars and not what's actually going on in the story. Everyone is trying to out woke each other. Male dominated fan spaces are is just coomer bs.

There are no actual communities anymore outside of reddit. Artists (regardless of their skill level) pick up whatever is currently trending to churn out art in order to get attention but no one sticks after the hype has died down. I highly doubt these artists actually watched or played the thing they're making art for.

Maybe not all of it is the result of politics but whatever exists now is just pathetic.

No. 1224900

I make art but I’ve quit social media so unless you’re in my tiny social circle or you commission me through email you’d never see it. The politics aren’t worth it and losing my day job because I don’t want to draw fugly flags just was too much of a risk. It makes me sad the state of things. I wonder how many other fanartists left due to harassment from the woke police.

No. 1224903

Me too, I miss it so much. Now all I do online when it com to fanbases is that I follow a few dozens of Asian and European artists who behave normally and post pretty art sometimes, and I block trannies and underaged Americans on twitter. I don't actually interact with anyone, it's boring.

No. 1224905

Blocking users by country would be such a blessing

No. 1224906

I had a hard time figuring out exactly why I'm so hesitant to join/participate in new fandom spaces and your vent explains exactly why. I used to chalk it up to me being too introverted, but it's true that most fandom discussion centers about politics and ship wars in the sense of what is morally right/wrong (as opposed to based on canon material and character behavior, which would at least be more in line) and I absolutely hate it. I feel like I can't discuss anything I enjoy online and I haven't made friends through fandoms in years because it's no longer about having a common ground to start with, it's about sniffing out a person's morals based on what they think about XYZ part of ABC series.

All I can do is try and convince my friends to get into something I like so I can have an actual discussion about it without involving the politics of it all.

Twitterfags are also quick to demonize people for liking problematic characters or villains but when I interact with new people off line (usually friends of friends), I'm always so taken aback because they'll usually laugh along with me or agree with me and I've forgotten how actual human beings function in a real social setting and not online. The internet has ruined us all. I'm always hesitant to talk about something I like for fear of being talked down on.

No. 1224917

Yes i wish social media had that feature.

No. 1224919

I've always been super introverted online and had my problems with fandoms on tumblr, they deviate too much from canon.

My friends were trying to get me into Genshin Impact and I told them no because the fans are so toxic and horrible every time I see fanart it's just followed up by toxicity, they were really shocked that I called Genshin fans toxic or that the fans even had such a reputation in the first place. I'm not on the hunt for fandom drama or anything like that, I thought it was common knowledge and my friends are also very online but I guess it's because I lurk art spaces more than they do? I did promise to give it a go and I do hope I get sucked into it the game.

I really do hate to admit it but reddit has been one of my favourite spaces to look for discussion. I refuse to give twitter a chance, regardless of the community it's just one liners and snappy zingers. I struggle to find decent fandom blogs on tumblr nowadays, everyone is sharing twitter-ish posts. 4chan is just coomer and braindead territory.

Getting friends into the thing I'm interested in or the other way round never really works out because of different tastes, a lot of the anime they keep recommending me I don't really like that much and even when it does work out the discussion is just really different. There was one time when a friend gave a game I love a go we would talk nonstop about the lore and whatnot I miss that so much.

No. 1224921

>Artists (regardless of their skill level) pick up whatever is currently trending to churn out art in order to get attention but no one sticks after the hype has died down.
Yeah, exactly. I’m still used to how old fandom spaces operate so i feel really lost navigating the new ones. They just push out fanart of different things at random every week and it sucks. And everyone is so damn rude to each other

No. 1224926

File: 1655215775578.jpg (189.25 KB, 900x1320, tumblr_049966e2a42759a7e9d7d94…)

Honestly that's how I find out about what the "hot thing" is nowadays. It's really weird going to a fanartist's account only to find them drawing ONLY what's popular.
Spy x Family, Arcane (and it's ONLY Jinx in the same pose), Genshin Impact, Attack on Titan (imo it's part of the old fandom era), Elden Ring, Squid Game, draw sailor moon in your art style challenge, etc.

The Squid Game era was just really weird to me, it was when I noticed that trend.

No. 1224927

If that were possible I would block the entire American continent, north and south, I don't give a fuck anymore.

No. 1224930

File: 1655216200004.jpg (682.88 KB, 907x1200, 1644696718728.jpg)

I feel this to my core, it's so depressing. I actually MISS old tumblr
I do exactly the same, gotta get that smol dopamine rush from art.
God I fucking hate politics and mental illness
Same, i'm just so fucking tired of USA and all its bullshit

No. 1224934

I can't cope with nightmares anymore. God, I hate myself so much.

I keep having these dreams where I wake up disfigured, either missing or with extra limbs…
Also with bubbles all over my body, black, white. I look like an orc in my dreams and I want to change and to look better but I just can't.

I know its retarded but these constant dreams are having a tool on my now. I wish I could love myself a little

No. 1224941

You've all made me realize why I don't understand Fandom anymore. I'm a fan of plenty of things old and a few that are newer/never stop having fans.

But people are so obsessed with politics, wokeness and moral displays while not having even engaged with the media sometimes that it makes me feel crazed.

2ndary fans are not a problem (haven't played a game but watched an LP for example) because they still know what's going on.But peor will jump into these pointless arguments about characters armed with nothing but someone's 3x derived off canon ideas from tumblr.

Personal rant but I also cannot stand the obsession with AUs and self characterized 'versions' of characters that end up filling the tags of certain fancies. when people used to make AUs, they were just something they'd have fun with, maybe share but it wouldn't jeapordize the ability to find things for the actual Canon series.

At this point, AUs and "recharacterizations" are just a way for people who won't even put in the effort to engage in a media to still engage in a popular Fandom and have something to say.

I don't understand it. The point of being a fan of something is to….be a fan of something. To engage and enjoy it, right? But people want to create an OC with the mask of Popular Character 3 and run with it.

It's discouraging.

Agreeing with Nona who talked about not releasing her fanart anymore.. I draw a lot of it for certain series and do commissions as well but I post nowhere, because I don't want to deal with any of that.

No. 1224942

certain *fandoms

No. 1224956

That sounds terrifying are you going through a hard time right now or know someone that is sick? I hope you can find a way to destress so you have better dreams

No. 1225005

Other than the housing market being awful here im ready to move states to get away from my siblings. Just had a whole arguement about how i am always doing things for them and they hardly reciprocate. My sister saying i 'need' to help a cousin move when we hired movers, she makes more money than all of us, and due to surgery stuff a while ago i cant seem to lift more than 40 lbs. I do not care, it is not my problem, it's my day off. All I asked for today was being dropped off at the same place they were going to anyway holy shit. I got 4 hours of sleep because of getting yelled at through the phone.

No. 1225033

I hate this dumb culture and our little "truths" like women are more emotional than men. Like I hate it so much. Every man I've ever known, even the ones I like, goes to pieces when things don't go their way. They are full of neediness and anger and it can be triggered even by totally imaginary stuff. Yes, I have seen women behave like absolute babies, but it's just the mentally ill women who do that stuff. Men, at their default "neurotypical" setting, are actually more emotional and irrational than bpd and bipolar women. And I will not change my mind about this.

No. 1225036

it's true and you should say it

No. 1225044

Tired of people telling me karma is a bitch to make me feel better. It isn't fucking real. Every person who has ever hurt, betrayed, or used me is married, able bodied, with a career and a house and a normal life. Clearly karma favors anyone else but me and clearly I did something horrible to someone at some point without realizing it to make me a homeless cripple.
Stop spouting make believe nonsense. Karma isn't real.

No. 1225051

I kind of wish I was still a handmaiden. I live in a community with a high trans population. A lot of my friends/coworkers/peers are trans identifying and it never really bothered me that much, but since browsing more often in the TIM/TIF threads my tolerance is getting lower. I notice how often they bring up their trans-ness. Trans is god type of shit… Former lesbian friends are now becoming enbys with dirt staches because they don't "feel like women" aka they want to just dress in boy clothes sometimes. I don't know how much more I can take. I wish i could go back to blissful ignroance.

No. 1225052

1,000% true nonnie. I am sorry people have fucked with you. The truth is that people who are the worst usually end up on top in life. When something random and bad happens, people resort to the "kArMa" rhetoric because our primitive human brains are retarded and we still need magical answers. It's total nonsense. There is no "balancing force in the universe," people just use karma to victim blame because it's easy. People don't like to admit that the world is shit (i.e. the truth) and bad things happen just because the world is shit. And it's nobody's fault.

No. 1225053

I got hired as a cleaner and I think I just fucking suck at my job for some reason. Today my boss messaged me and asked if I'd shown up last night. I don't even know how the business to think no one went in to clean, I literally sat for twenty minutes scraping plaster off their stupid floor. They're probably complaining because they want me to wear a mask, which I do (even though it's a totally empty building and I'm double vaccinated) but last night I forgot when I walked in and spent maybe 3 minutes inside without a mask on before I realized. This job has made me realize that people are so fucking rude to cleaners. Fuck. Last night I even went around and did extra sweeping after I was finished vacuuming because I noticed the vacuum was dropping off random bits onto the floor when I carried it… I think the harder I try at work the worse I get and I don't even know why. What am I supposed to do if I'm too stupid to be a cleaner.

No. 1225056

Totally understand, I always thought they mean women are more ‘emotional’ where I guess men tend to be more angry, those stereotypes. but i think it all depends on the individual

No. 1225058

Holy fuck I'm so tired of nerdy scrotes. Does every single nerdy moid have autism? It's just non-stop droning about dragon ball and marvel shit. Holy fuck. Shut the fuck up you fucking autist. Not only do I POLITELY listen to this retard's ramblings, he can't even extend the same kind of kindness to me. They are menaces to society unironically. Fuck off retard. He loves to make fun of consoomers but he's the exact type of person he makes fun of. He has never even eaten a green bean in his life. Yeah I'm starting to think he's a genuine autist.

No. 1225063

Thank you for the response nonnie. I agree completely

No. 1225073

I know I say it a lot, but you should kill him and eat the body to hide it

No. 1225080

You're right and I hate when people legit believe everyone who's bad eventually gets their comeuppance

No. 1225090

Fuck my wireless headphones just had to stop working today of all days. Fuckkkkkk

No. 1225093

i wonder how many good friendships i've missed out on by burning the bridge before they could.
anyway i also wonder why so many people just seem to dislike me/loathe me on instinct. why are my vibes so rancid, even online in group chats in which i've said approx. 2 things there's always someone who just dislikes me intensely.

No. 1225096

You're not stupid, your job is a lot harder than people give it credit for. Menial tasks aren't easy just because they require an Iq of 180.

Does anyone else get annoyed when moids dig their knees into on public transport and overspread their legs? Like to the point they are taking up your seat. At least when a women put their bags on seat, you can very easily ask them to move their bag. A moid was digging his knee into my leg even after I sat down. I could tell he was uncomfortable because he kept shifting around. I nudged the guy. So I just shoved him. He got mad and I just said, Well, it's not your seat. This shit has been happening since i was 7 and sitting next to moids on the train. They just want to assert dominance. Fucking parasites. I will shove every scrote from now on. I don't care if your testicles are the size of the fucking sun; I COME FIRST BITCH. I don't care if your balls bust from the pressure (I know they're not that fucking big). I need you to walking on eggshells on me the same way women walk on eggshells around you.
>"sorry ma'am I didn't mean to touch you; I wil be leaving now; have both of the seats akshually"
That's how you will learn to refer to me. If you can fear a chihuahua, then you can fear me moid? Fuck having a battle of arms, lets have a battle of legs. I don't care, I will shove you from the afterlife.

No. 1225097

Found out what the issue was. They were mad because I didn't vacuum a room they hadn't told me to vacuum. Customers make specific lists of what they want cleaned and then every single time get mad at the cleaner for following the list and not being psychic to know what other stuff they want done. I'm sick of this chickenshit job, people treat cleaners like dirt.

No. 1225098

yeah, exactly. i also feel like all the weirdos are mixed together – the failed normies who get into things to distract themselves from failed normiehood and the regular weirdos who just want to enjoy their nerdshit in peace.

No. 1225100

nona please be careful, i've seen videos of women getting lynched because they dared to physically refuse a male's advances. i know how this sounds but yeah, be absolutely careful. move seats if you can

No. 1225102

I know. I'm exaggerating nonna. It wasn't a big shove. It was a small moid anyway. I'm just venting.

No. 1225115

You’re right, people are rude to cleaners. But it’s an honourable job, yk, you’re working hard for yourself! Also the mask stuff is dumb as heck

No. 1225119

Why is every restaurant near me closed. On a Tuesday. at 12pm?

No. 1225122

I need my roommate to stop moaning loudly. She’s not even doing anything sexual. But it’s so loud and nasal, it’s like
>opens the window and a breeze comes in
>pissing after work
the loudest moan you have ever heard
>sitting down
>opens up an email
Full on Cupcakke tier whale song moans of exasperation
It just sounds wrong, and it’s so annoying. We share WALLS with neighbours fam! Also, the opening all doors for ventilation as the house just fills up with flies. And the worst social skills ever. Ok rant over. She’s a decent person and means well, but I had to get that off my chest. Hopefully my vibes are cleaner now.

No. 1225124

Are you yurop

No. 1225144

I've spent a lot of time being a cleaner off and on in the past and it's so true that people just expect you to read their minds about extremely non-obvious or apparent things. It's like people who employ cleaners are constantly looking for ways to shit on you or make you do dangerous shit for no extra benefit.

No. 1225152

Sometimes i find myself getting triggered by the dumbest shit, a relative told me about how much i loved this one doll when i was like 5 and i suddenly had the urge to kill myself. Brain is infected with a virus

No. 1225161

File: 1655228567268.jpg (200.45 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_2022-06-14-19-30-30…)

god I hate this so much. I made three attempts at buying a new vacuum cleaner but each time I left the store with nothing. I worked abroad for 4 months and I left my apartment in a pretty bad shape, I had a heavy depression episode before I left. I already cleaned some of the trash. I don't want anyone to help me because I don't want anyone to see this and see how pathetic and disgusting I was. There's trash and spiders everywhere. I filled two huge trash bags with stuff from the living room alone. My kitchen and bathroom look just as bad. Now I need to clean the floor and I wanted to use the vacuum cleaner first but I noticed there's a shit ton of eggs that moths laid inside my old vacuum cleaner and I'm too disgusted to clean it. I wouldn't know how to clean the vacuum pipe from the inside anyway, I just want to throw this shit away. I want to buy a new vacuum cleaner but I'm paranoid about spending money, even thought I know I can afford it. I grew up poor and since I started working I was obsessed with saving money. I know I have to clean this fucking place in order to feel better god I wish I had someone to be here with me and slap me and shake me

No. 1225163

Balding is gross but there's an easy solution: a wig (or whatever it's called for men). Pretty sure you can get them semi-permanent so it doesn't have to be taken off at night. You probably do all sorts of extra stuff to your appearance so he can do that for you.

No. 1225173

This is me, anon. I'm sorry we are both like this. I need to buy a water flosser for my periodontal disease and I'm too afraid of $30-$40 going down the drain even though I'd certainly use it and it'd help my health. My parents instilled a sense of frugalness inside me that I can't shake off. I agonize over every purchase, I will sometimes look at my shopping cart for days in a row and not buy anything.

No. 1225193

>Tired of people telling me karma is a bitch to make me feel better. It isn't fucking real. Every person who has ever hurt, betrayed, or used me is married, able bodied, with a career and a house and a normal life. Clearly karma favors anyone else but me and clearly I did something horrible to someone at some point without realizing it to make me a homeless cripple.
Karma isn't real it's lies to force people to accept bad treatment & caste systems. Karma is just if you feel guilty about something and then subtly change your behavior to "invite" people to fuck with you/smell your lies or weakness. Why sociopaths get so far in the world.

No. 1225197

File: 1655230158736.gif (2.77 MB, 498x278, 1651045683841.gif)

I have wifi at home again, fucking finally.

I miss old tumblr too so much. At worst it was really cringe worthy sometimes with superwholock, extremely long posts with shitty theories or obnoxious gifs, and the website wasn't working properly half of the time but it was fun, people were there for fun first of all and posting actually funny shit for the sake of comedy and not to gain a reputation of a tranny funny man. Now it's shit regardless of the porn ban, other blogging or microblogging platforms like twitter or instagram are pure garbage, and it feels like mentally sane nerds either moved on from fan communities or are hiding with their long term internet friends or irl friends to talk about basic shit. Fuck politics, and fuck retarded American slacktivists who want to make every single little hobby into some sort of statement about society.

I hate it too. I stopped reading fanfics long ago because of this shit. I could give you so many examples, but the last times I tried looking for fics I was bombarded with tranny shit and Americanized OOC characters and settings. Even with a basic coffee shop slash fic you can do something a little bit interesting by sticking with the characters' personalities and backstories and by changing the setting a little or a lot but nobody ever tries so all the characters suddenly show up in a Starbucks coffee shop in NYC in the 2010s. People will get attached to a character, project their own shitty personality traits and tastes into that character, and shit out the worst takes, art and fics possible. Just as an example, next time I see a teenage American fakeboi implying or saying that Sylvain from FE3H is a stupid, lovable loser who can't get laid because lol he's a loser and funny and because they've watched too many American teen movie parodies and project unrelated archetypes on him I'll kill someone. He's a sex addict, a serial cheater, has daddy issues, and none of the characters ever deny that he's smart and responsible whenever it's necessary. I've seen so many takes like this with so many characters in so many video games, manga, novels, movies, etc.

No. 1225199

Is she a weeb

No. 1225206

My bf is low key a piece of shit. But I have no friends

No. 1225209

I wish I knew how to stop feeling guilty for simply existing. I'm getting a service done right now and all I can think about is how much of a mistake this is because I'm inconviencing someone and her efforts are wasted on me anyway. I don't want to bother anyone, ever. I always felt like such a burden my whole life, and no matter how much confirmation I get, it's like nothing can ever permeate the deep hatred I have for myself deep down.

No. 1225232

That's the exact opposite of the truth.

The uglier and fatter he is, the worse your relationship will be.

No. 1225238

Stop spreading this propaganda, you watched way too many romantic comedies written by fat old uggos who pair up weird bulldog faced men like Vince Vaugn with perfect qts like Reese Witherspoon. Ugly men still cheat on you and its extra embarrassing to catch your ugly moid trying to cheat than it is to just have one cheat on you. I know this all too well.

No. 1225239

Today my dad told me I should just be a nun
The funny thing is I wouldn't have to change my lifestyle that much except pray more and live in a cloister kek

No. 1225242

I was riding public transport alone and a woman with two kids wanted me to move seats I guess and she touched my thigh and physically pushed me to the side without saying anything. I got up and moved to the other end of the train carriage because I was just disturbed.
I feel so violated even though it was a woman and she obviously wasn't doing it for sexual purposes but it was literally my inner thigh and she could have asked me to move.

No. 1225243

You aren’t “defying stereotypes” by being an obnoxious, hateful, woman-obsessed misogynist just because you’re transgender and use the excuse “oh I’m a woman now so I’m being subversive teehee” you are literally upholding a stereotype and being exactly the sort of person you claim to hate. You thinking “bippity boppity boo im now a woman so I’m absolved I’m being a rancid peeping tom” is some sort of actual justification to the monster you are and literally just perpetuating the exact same trope you claim you aren’t. I don’t understand why you even continue this.

No. 1225244

dating ugly men makes them realize they could get someone if they try, though. so if they want to cheat, they'll cheat. dating an uggo as a power trip/insecurity move is just giving power to someone you find repulsive kek

No. 1225251

Where will the world even be next year this time? Every single year something majorly awful has happened and when nothing awful has happened the messes that are already there are getting worse. I'm so worried about WW3 actually happening it's giving me sleep problems at this point. Everything has gotten worse since 2020.

No. 1225281

File: 1655233683463.jpg (55.86 KB, 540x540, tumblr_44e217e50740385a06ebdd4…)

>Be me
>Phone's battery is lasting less
>Try to buy new battery
>Phone model is discontinued
>Ask aunt for advice
>She tell me to give her the battery
>Fastfordward a couple of weeks
>Aunt didn't find a replacement
>Get back the battery
>Put it back in the phone
>Mfw now the battery got even worse
>Mfw now phone looses all of it's energy at 60% or 40%
>Mfw too broke to buy for a new one

No. 1225286

Mentally, this week hasn't been good to me so far

No. 1225292

Weed gives me anxiety over the dumbest reason, and it’s because my mom doesn’t approve and growing up devoutly Catholic, I feel guilt and the intense need to tell her everything, along with her very creepy way to have an overly close relationship with her. (She still tries to get me to sit on her lap)
It’s really stupid and embarrassing, and I genuinely wish I wasn’t this way and can have fun with my friends when they decide to smoke.
I’m already bordering an anxious/high stress mess anyways who can never stomach a meal so smoking sometimes just does feel like an easy way to combat both issues because I’m tired of relying on benzodiazepines.
I’m 25 and feel like such an infant, it’s so frustrating to me.

No. 1225301

I hope my dad dies i want to throw up every time hes spouting misogynistic bullshit

No. 1225302

This, for real. Not bragging because it was probably the only thing keeping me off the street and I’m ashamed of my past but I’m really hot and I was “dating” an older, ugly ass, nasty ass kissless virgin scrote out of necessity. He should have been worshipping me and never even thought of looking at another woman, but I caught him sex chatting with women way uglier than me. Completely humiliating, like I have to look at your deformed greasy face and hold my vomit down and you have the fucking audacity? It’s been years and I’m still seething. I’ll never date a scrote who isn’t hot af.

No. 1225316

File: 1655235269431.jpeg (11.53 KB, 275x272, 1559948269136.jpeg)

I've been binging The King of Queens and am on the episode where the husband found out the wife bought all his clothes from the big and tall store and he got offended. The man is fucking big, why the fuck are men always so clueless, like why do they eat themselves massive, then get angry when they are plus sized? I am a fat bitch, I wear mostly plus sizes but my dad was a huge tall fat dude who also threw genuine fits when he found out his towel was from some extra big place idk but like…do men have no self awareness? Do they think women don't get kinda deflated whenever they realise they either don't fit something or it doesn't look the best, I've always been fat but at least I never played a martyr and have lost a shit tonne of weight, like these days we have so much to choose from clothes wise compared to when I was a teen or a kid so I have 0 complaints but men, wtf.

No. 1225318

Forgot to add that like, do they exist as massive men and think they are straight sized, that's fat speak for normal sized. Now in this episode the guy at least goes to the gym but it wasn't because he felt like shit or wanted to be healthy, it was because big and tall store embawwasin, Jesus christ why am I watching this? because I love leah remini

No. 1225322

Adding as well, to you being a woman is decorating yourself and presenting yourself a certain way and has nothing to do with the years of socialization that actually make one a woman. You don’t care about womens rights or womens issues at all. Gender is a performance for you and you gladly and proudly think that being a misogynist is edgy and cool and you spend so much time obsessing over and shitting on women that it reads as every other run of the mill gay man that doesn’t give a single fuck about women or their autonomy outside of virtue signaling on social media. You are all about semantics until it comes to your own horrible behavior, which is dismissed because you perceive your life to be harder than that of any other woman’s. You willfully separate yourself from women and think you have some sort of token to act like the horrible person you are. You will likely always be read as a standard, catty, basic gay man because you proudly present yourself as such and fixate on the exact same things. In actual womanhood, your life revolving entirely around trying to break down and harm other women is a major aberration that would get you looked at like a complete freak. If you don’t want to be confused for a gay man why do you proudly only engage in extremely misogynistic activity that literally only men engage in? Women don’t do that shit. You’re a joke.

No. 1225323

I'm so bad with social situations because I have such bad social anxiety. I literally never leave the house and have a social battery that gets drained so easily. We had a birthday party for my mom last Friday and I had to interact with a lot of her friends/coworkers and my sister made fun of me for how awkward and retarded I sounded. I laughed it off but it makes me upset because I'm so inept socially in so many ways. I wish I was just a little less socially retarded so I could make friends easily/not stay up late thinking about the dumb shit I said/did when talking to others.

No. 1225324

>straight sized

No. 1225337

it's so stupid but I love using that with my woke friends because I know they hate it yet can't say shit, I am sorry nona

No. 1225345

File: 1655236258040.gif (443.96 KB, 498x373, omori-white-space.gif)

>be me
>have bf
>we knew eachother for 5 months before dating
>we have now been dating for 3 months
>"it's been bothering me that i dont really know much about you"
>i can literally write paragraphs about him
>now i just feel creepy for remembering everything hes told me

No. 1225349

Your moid just admitted that he doesnt listen to you nonita lol.

No. 1225355

didn't wanna be the anon to tell her that, thank you

No. 1225375

Could be but it could also be anon just having a tough time opening up.

No. 1225386

Post-breakup retrospective feelings are not really true.

It's always like this.

No. 1225419

Someday you'll quit for real! Good luck for when you start searching for something new

No. 1225428

I feel like there are dedicated anons here trying to get people to break up with their boyfriends the second there's a problem.

No. 1225434

Disagree. A lot of us have just put the years in with moids and know it's a losing battle. If they have shitty behaviours they're probably never going to change so jump ship. In my experience you're happier when you're not being dragged down by a moid.

No. 1225440

I'm pregnant and whole pregnancy my baby spent with optimal head down position to suddenly turn around now in the final weeks. Fucking trolled.

No. 1225444

I read the stories sometimes and it sounds like a lot of nonnies have tried to talk to their moids before with no luck and I’ve been in that situation, it’s not going to change.
It’s just easier to move on, and find someone else.

No. 1225445

I heard the exact same talk but about gitls from my brother's friends before when they "advised" him and tbh your post is just as disgusting.

No. 1225446

It's been a meme for ages in female-only sites, DUMP HIM!! Also what >>1225434 said is true, and then maaaybe a couple schitzos

No. 1225447

Im not surprised neither of you are happy.

No. 1225449

All my friends have shitty boyfriends and this makes me want to cry.

No. 1225454

tell of them to leave the moids and start dating each other

No. 1225460

Get his ass on finasteride or something
This subreddit might be of use: https://www.reddit.com/r/tressless/

No. 1225463

Nta but cry about it

No. 1225471

I hope everything goes well with the birth nonie!

No. 1225486

File: 1655242554620.png (254.24 KB, 720x700, 2407a0e0409dbd8b593e9cdbe096c1…)

>Best friend finally breaks up with her abusive moid
>I spend months consoling her and it makes us become even closer as friends, she tells me how much she truly appreciates me
>Best friend finds new moid
>I cheer her on and reassure her because I want her to be in a happy reltionship for once
>She becomes his gf
>She tells me we won't see each other in summer (we live in different states so we don't see each other often anyway) because she'll be on holiday constantly with her moid (visiting 2 countries) when I'm in town
>The next time I'll probably get to see her is in december when I'm on holiday (doubt it, I'm sure she'll be somewhere with her moid again)

…No, sure. I'm totally okay with you putting your new dude above our friendship. Cool, everything's cool. Oh what's that? You could've postponed that trip but the moid really wanted to go while I'm here? Even though he knows how much we've wanted so see each other (or so I thought)? I understand, moids above everything else, right? Gotta be a doormat when you enter a relationship.

No. 1225498

Sorry nonnie… female friendship is a myth.

No. 1225503

she isn't your friend Nonna. drift away from her, because that's what she's creating, a drift. girls who do this need to experience consequences. you don't get to keep girlfriends as emotional backups in-between finding a moid.

female friendship is real, we've just been taught to ignore the fuck out of it.

No. 1225537

If I were going to suddenly cut off and go no-contact with someone after years of being together.. they would have to do something very fucked up to earn that treatment. I had an ex do this after years of living together. I arrived home one nornmal day, there has been no fighting, he was just gone, one text ended things and he ignored me from that point on despite our shared lease and all these things we had tied together. He left me to argue with companies when I needed accounts or names on accounts/payment details changed. Turns out I needed him to also contact them but he fucking wouldn't. The frustration was unreal. It really added insult to injury after such an unexpected break up. I can't tell you how unexpected it was.

What really pisses me off though is.. I've spent way too long living with this faux guilt because I feel like a monster. You'd only ghost your long term live in partner like that if they were monster or abusing you right? And I know I wasn't but I still have lived with this feeling of guilt anyway. I must be horrible and just not know it. Even though he emotionally and financially screwed me over in a major way that took a long time to recover from.. I'm left feeling like the monster. When people asked about the break up I felt like an abuser covering my tracks but I swear it just was sudden and made no sense. We were great one day and then poof

No. 1225540

My cats will stay when the uggo men leave. They'll also be cute until they die while the men get uglier.
Fellatio and anal is not worth it. Never let him put his dick anywhere other than ur vagina.

No. 1225541

No. 1225544

People ghosting that hard (in that kind of harmful way) are the problem. Not you. That isn’t even normal ghosting or leaving things after already emotionally mourning the relationship. He had a meltdown for god knows what and was a coward about it

I’ve heard of this before and it’s always men who do it like this, unprovoked

No. 1225548

Ayrt. I mean I said I miss sucking dick so no a hug from my dad just isn't the same.

No. 1225552

I don't get why anons got so upset at this post and the OP like this >>1224019 what the fuck?. It's true that everyone likes different things and for the OP, there's nothing wrong with women wanting intimacy (or even just wanting sex and nothing super emotional).

No. 1225553

>not married
>had joint accounts
>ghosts you and foots you with the bills
Oof. Consider that a lesson learned.

No. 1225554

Do you mean inhaled as in you devoured it, or inhaled like you sniffed it?

No. 1225556

File: 1655245548151.jpg (84.28 KB, 1024x700, 1653783637145.jpg)

Anyone else feel like they are being held to higher standards than other people? I've felt this way since middle school. I get chastised for having normal reactions and normal feelings but someone who is an ass is allowed. It's demoralizing. I can't even point out how hypocritical someone is without getting huge push back. I don't give a flying fuck this guy went to war, you don't let him walk all over you and let him continue to act like an ass. It feels like I'm the universe's whipping boy (I'd use girl but fuck that after seeing a tranny use it for a book title).

No. 1225560

This weird shift in lolcow where an anon can’t even show any vague signs of desire for intimacy or sexual attraction to men is making it kind of unbearable. Hope you get your thirst quenched lol.

No. 1225563

> retarded. You can’t even get an abortion if your Nigel decides to rape you pregnant
You're getting two different anons mixed up

No. 1225569

YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PRICES… even though you ordered off the menu online that has our PRICES
i cant afford to tip you
We are not hiring you ever. Next time dont piss off the person in charge of interviews.
I hope you choke on your fries you miserable retarded cunt.

No. 1225574

It is weird. Some of the first few times I spotted it popping up it was also in reply to anons who were several years into not having sex. Voicing any desire at all turns into this same old script that sounds like someting a neckbeard dom would spew at his kitten. Do you like penis even the slightest bit.. Cock gobbling whore!

No. 1225577

I think it's a man who's disgusted women dare to like sex. Men want women to settle for them and dislike fucking them. A lot of them view sex as conquering a woman that doesn't want them.

No. 1225583

It’s being strongarmed very aggressively and it’s so creepy honestly. Trying to essentially manipulate women into being ashamed for having any form of desire on a board created specifically for women.

No. 1225592

I envy how moids can disagree with each other and still somewhat remain friends, while young women feel like they have to carry the whole weight on their shoulder and do the “right thing” by cutting off or ignoring someone they disagree with. I have befriended people -women and men- I disagree with on almost everything and i wish someone did the same for me. inb4 someone says i’m accusing all women of it. i’m talking mostly about normie women, most women here hate trannies and gender identities and are in spaces where those degenerates run rampant so im sure you’ve had to hide it

No. 1225596

Most women i know also hate trannies but if you voiced it out in a extremist way, it'd be socially unacceptable. They try so hard to hide their unpopular views and having a friend who voices them out defeats that.

No. 1225600

i lowkey feel like it's the same anon in /meta/ who keeps misusing 'pickme'

No. 1225601

Just go to /g/, that's where the threads about sexual attraction to men are.

No. 1225607

I feel like the sluthater and dykehater are the same user samefagging. She at first acts like an angry lesbian(which in her mind is the same as an incel kek) and then accuses that anon of being a dyke.

No. 1225610

And that’s another thing, i wish we could be just unapologetic about our views and our friends and our everything. I’ve known men who literally have racist or nasty fucking misogynistic friends and they’re not defined by them. While we’re treated as if we’re spoiled just by associating with another woman who has unfavorable views. I did bring out the tranny thing as an example though this could literally mean anything

No. 1225611

This so much holy shit. I agree 110% moids are risky and dangerous but this website is for women, most of women are straight and not asexual. Most women want intimacy and a partner, not celibacy and an anime husbando. And it's just a sick thing to spout that women do not have sexual desires, it's like 1950s shit but make it "feminist". And I do not think it's all moids saying that, I have talked to confirmed women from here who believe that shit.

No. 1225618

It 100% is, also on 2X. Ib4 it calls everyone disagreeing a JD supporter cockbreath again. Of and a pickme samefag too of course.

No. 1225619

I can't tell is she's a troll or just a mentally ill twitter user.

No. 1225620

My sibling’s depression gets worse and worse she won’t even get out of bed anymore now and I can’t do this I can’t bear with this I know she’s still cutting, I know she’s still planning to die, and I can’t fucking do this I can’t bear how bad this hurts I can’t keep going through every single hour of my day worrying, it’s sucking all of the happiness off me; my best friend and the only person I’ve ever loved, my only other source of happiness found out (well, I told her) I’m a dirty evil terf and it’s a matter of time before she ditches me lol I just can’t deal with anymore of this I don’t even remember what I used to like or what hobbies brought me joy. I just wake up, cry while working, worry while crying, and work while worrying. I can’t do this. I don’t know what to do. I only got one life and it’s wasting away worrying. I wish I could get put down, please. I want to crawl on top of a hospital bed, get injected, get told sweet words while I drift away and just fucking die

No. 1225623

Nta but I've noticed that too, even with my most leftiest of friends. On the outside they'll put their "Trans rights matter" face on for people around them and on social media, but once you spend some one on one time with them and show them examples of troons being predatory and how much they dislike and imitate women, that facade starts to crumble really fast. It's probably because they aren't used to proper examples of troonery in their bubble, so it's actually possible to knock at least a bit of sense into them when you show them that troons don't just want to live happily as a women or whatever their cope is.

No. 1225629

>spoiled for associating with other women with unfavorable views
I don't get this, if anything I think it's the opposite. Being able to curate your friend group to be exactly how you want them to be sounds like something only someone who had a relatively sane and privileged life can do. That's just me though.

No. 1225634

I know he doesn’t mean to be so sensitive. I get it. I do but holy shit my man. You literally ignored me through a whole spergy as conversation because you thought I was on the phone. Then were looming in my space like Dracula till I started talking again only to give me no feedback. “Okay” is not a conversation. You can’t just say it over and over again and finish with I like hearing you talk.
Went and do my own shit with special interests to reregulate and nurse my hurt feelings. Homie is laid out like he has the flu from the stress of me not talking to him and him thinking I’m upset. I legit just can’t.

No. 1225637

America trying to ban abortion in some places set it off I think.
>Still fucking men in a place where abortion is maybe illegal & monkeypox is rising & men are a Russian roulette of will he choke/accidently anal/etc.
There's pros and cons and at this point it's too dangerous to fuck men anymore.

No. 1225638

NTA but I think that's also an unrealistic mindset. Ofc you gotta decide on what core values are important to you but you'll just end up with no friends if you drop them over every disagreement.

No. 1225641

Sometimes I wish this too. Sometimes i wish I never stepped foot in the mtf threads and just lived as an ignorant dumbass.

No. 1225644

Bitch me too wtf. I want a lobotomy to become a handmaiden again

No. 1225650

I think maybe I like feeling miserable, that's why I don't do anything to change

No. 1225652

It's just alot that you can't voice something like missing oral sex without it escalating into anons assuming you'll get raped and given aids and impregnated and you're also probably in a place with no abortion too and on and on.. even for here it's too intense lately.

No. 1225657

Eh even before that oral was frowned upon here because it only serves the guy.

No. 1225662

Life is not that bad, but it's also so far from great. I'm so tired of " not that bad " being the standard to a okay day. Consciousness is a burden. Life is pointless, boring and not enjoyable.

No. 1225665

My thoughts exactly, it's frustrating. And to add this is a gossip site first and foremost, not a separatist recruitment office (I am just joking pls let's not fight about separatism, I love and respect you). I am an ebil terf too but maybe the previous admin was on something wanting radfem stuff contained (and no pls let's not fight about rf stuff either I identify with the beliefs strongly too).

No. 1225678

my life is so stupid i sometimes wish i was selfish enough to end my life.

No. 1225695

I grew up in a place where a woman having sex out of wedlock or without it being a very serious relationship with an upcoming wedding.. was often a bigger deal than learning someone is a crimimal or a violent person. A stigma would follow you, a judgement, whispers. I wasnt even sexual myself ATT but it annoyed me hearing it all around me. Same thing with possible gays being shit talked behind their backs constantly. I worried that I maybe came off as gay. That was a fun worry to have seeing as I was recovering from agoraphobia and very shakey about getting out again. People always had their minds on other peoples bedrooms.. judging them for acts they can't even know for sure were happening. You could be 'guilty' of nothing at all but still hyper aware of how people must be judging you anyway. Because they were judging like it's their full time job. It felt heavy in the air and looking back I can't understand grown people carrying on like that when they had full lives themselves to occupy them. I've since moved a long way to get away from holy bs. As long as my neighbours aren't making my life hard with noise then idc what their lifestyles are in that area.

So I'm pretty removed from all that now and had almost started to forget it. I was half asleep with youtube autoplaying lastnight. I ended up on a video about a 20 year old man who killed his toddler aged siblings because he was depressed? That woke me up. He'd stabbed them both to death in front of the parents. I scrolled to the comments and it was full of super christians talking about forgiveness. Saying how the parents should forgive him. Anyone watching the video and judging him should forgive him or our judgement will 'eat us up and rot our souls' and only god can judge him. One or two people disagreed and a war had broken out with people dying on the hill of him deserving forgiveness. People judging him are worse than he is.. Damn.

I hate seeing how people pick and choose when to be judgemental as fuck with god being used to back them up. Then hes also used as a reason not to judge some of the most unthinkable acts a person could ever commit. A man can stab 2 babies to death and be forgiven just like that. What is this magical subtype of christian because where I lived it was all judgement all the time. I forgot how much I hate all that bs

No. 1225704

I have been pretty good at keeping my online presence minimal/private, but I made an instagram the other day and my ex from high school who was harrassing me with calls from different numbers and voicemails for the past two years found it because I was suggested. After what I thought was him finally leaving me alone, he’s back at it and even more unhinged. He’s acting weird and mentally unstable, saying things that people who’d murder usually say, like “no one understands me” and “now i ache”. He won’t listen to me at all when I say he’s scaring me, other than asking me why am I scared? I filed a police report because i’m so fucking paranoid that he is the type to do something. He came at my best friend who tried to defend me after he saw I blocked him and he ran to her. I had her block him too. I texted the only other person i know from our hometown who still talks to him, and I have received no response. Should I contact his mom and make sure he doesn’t have any access to guns? He still lives with them. I’m really afraid to say the wrong thing that will set him off. The last thing I said to him was that I filed the police report, and I will file a restraining order, and that I told my friends his name and address in case anything happens. I scrubbed all traces of my full name on social media that i could, and the last social media account i have does not follow any mutual friends and doesn’t have the actual spelling of my name. Please give me advice nonnas, I feel like no one is taking me that seriously besides
my aforementioned best friend but she’s literally the worst help I could ever ask for.

No. 1225708

Samefag, i graduated in 2016 and haven’t talked to him since around 2017 to put in perspective how insane this is.

No. 1225710

File: 1655253427162.jpg (734.3 KB, 1079x1086, Screenshot_20220425-100640_Gal…)

Honey you already have a police report, your next step needs to be going to the court house and filing for an injunction. Make sure you screenshot and document any harassing/contacting he does especially anything online. Don't become a statistic at the hands of a moid

No. 1225712

File: 1655253592252.png (558.49 KB, 1080x1080, fatty.png)

A few years ago I was in the best shape of my life, worked out every day and loved it. Always been a bit on the buff side so had good muscle on me. I promised myself that I'd never get out of shape as I aged and keep up the good work for health and beauty benefits to last my lifetime.
Then boom. I became disabled and chronically ill. Won't get specifics, but I'm no munchie. I barely move throughout the day and I have barely any space to do small workouts where I am. I've lost my muscle and gained fat from being sedentary. My fat distribution is now an apple shape when it used to be evenly distributed. I lost my ass and gained a stomach so I look like a fucking mcnugget, and I never had the benefit of fat going to my boobs ever so it's not the good looking kind of fat either.
I used to take such good care of myself, and this happens. I can't do the intense stuff I was doing before. I can barely handle light exercise because it triggers issues, and the minimum I do does nothing. Even with not eating much I can barely lose the fat. And I am being put on meds soon that will inevitably make me gain even more weight. I was doing so well. I never wanted this to happen, but it did, thanks to shit I couldn't control. Even if I lost my looks at the very least I'd try to keep up with my health, but I can't even get that benefit either. I'm terrified of going on the meds because I know they can even make you prediabetic and all sorts of other issues.
I'm not looking for advice just because I don't really wanna explain myself, but I just wanted to get this off of my chest. I am so miserable that I lost my body and health in addition to everything else in my life. I used to be that tough chick always looking for an adventure with limitless energy, running up hills and climbing like a monkey. Now I'm just a shell of who I used to be. Life's a goddamn joke.

No. 1225713

Women commit 20% of all arsons? Wtf kek

No. 1225719

He hasn’t made any actual threats, and the only screenshots I have are the most recent texts and a voicemail transcript of him going off on me all from the other day. I don’t think I have anything strong enough to build a case, and he hasn’t contacted me again since I threatened a restraining order. Should I get in contact with his mom and tell her my worries or should I just wait until I potentially get better evidence? I can’t decide if i’m overreacting from all the crazy stories i’ve read or if i’m on the right track of being prepared for it to get bad.

No. 1225721


i’ve been in a very similar boat to you anon, and legal action is absolutely the way to go. i had an ex partner from when i was a teenager harass me from 2016 all the way up to 2020, first physically following me with a group of people any time he saw me in public, then harassing my friends, trying to hook up with my friends, harassing me over the phone, harassing my MOTHER over the phone, spreading rumours about me, spreading rumours about my family members, sending his younger sibling to message me, sending his friends to message me, his friends showing up in places i was to try and scare me, sending them to my places of work, all kinds of shit. once i traced the no caller ID calls to his number and knew it was him pestering me i called the police, explained everything and asked them to give him a verbal warning before i pursued anything further and it's been crickets since then, with the exception of his sibling trying to message me on my new social media and immediately getting blocked

sometimes all these cowardly scrotes need is a police officer to call them out face to face and tell them exactly what'll happen if they continue their tard raging and they scramble away pissing their pants. really recommend asking the police to give a verbal or written warning and THEN pursuing further legal action if possible

i'm sorry this is happening to you anon, ily and you're gonna be fine

No. 1225731

I have a shit fever and I'm pretty sure it's from an infection caused by drinking. I swore I wouldn't drink anymore a month ago but I keep on getting back into it. It's made me skinny fat when I use to be toned and in good shape. I feel like shit and look like shit, this has to be the last time I binge, I don't know if I'll keep on lasting if I keep going this hard.

No. 1225734

Sage 4 what could be considered suicidebait (it's not, I'm going to bed in a little bit). I feel suicidal. There's not even a reason for it, I had nightmares all of last night and for some reason couldn't stop crying this whole day. I know it will be over by tomorrow or the day after since it usually goed like that with me but I hate this. Such an empty hopeless feeling. I'm trying to draw now, but I have nothing to even be sad about. Just this empty, boring life is killing me. Doing something with my hands usually helps but not right now, I don't know what it is. Everyone I know is asleep. I'm just going to read some old cow threads to distract from my own life and then go to bed. If you're feeling like shit too or suicidal, just know you will make it. It will be okay, even if things are bad right now, they won't be forever. I love you all nonnies. ♥

No. 1225737

File: 1655255405712.jpg (24.95 KB, 640x640, FUVkh7wWAAAm8pj.jpg)

1. It was some dumb post on Reddit about rv camping and real camping, like all reddit posts it becomes one big post after post conversation about acceptance no one wants to hear. But of course I get sucked back into reading them every time bc I'm too easily swayed into unblocking that site.
2. The first time I read that phrase was in Tumblr and reddit arguments about "kink belongs in pride parades,!"
Which ultimately led me to discovering (get ready for this): a retarded bdsm lesbian woman crying over the fact that other women in her rape /assault/ lgb therapy group didn't like her talking about whipping other women in leather, and admiring gay men pissing in each other's mouths in gay bars.
I hope your curiosity has been sated and you do not gouge your eyes out after reading all that.

No. 1225741

Throat cancer rates skyrocketed when BJ's became common though, and lots still refuse to wear a condom (even when doing piv too). I see it the same as drinking or smoking, sure you may get nothing wrong, but your odds of disease and cancer are severely increased.

No. 1225745

Ayrt. Personally, and this is just coming from someone who's had a (violent) stalker as well, I would not contact his mom. You are already doing the right thing by keeping to yourself and protecting your privacy online. Stay vigilant and document everything if he ever contacts you. If he ever escalates and you have to get an injunction, try to get some witness statements from your family and friends hes harassed in the past try to get evidence of whatever phone records to prove all that stuff in court. I think you have a case especially if there's a police report involved. Does he have a history of this? I would run his name through your local court records online and see what comes up. When you get an injunction that will also prevent him from trying to contact you through third parties so he won't be allowed to harass your friends or family anymore. They will give you an injunction for a couple of years or you could request to make it permanent. Sorry I had to repost for typos

No. 1225767

When I was younger I had a couple girl (14-16) friends who loved to set things on fire. I like fire too, it's a beautiful thing, though I don't burn down buildings, none of us did kek

No. 1225814

File: 1655260736849.png (837.59 KB, 736x977, 2939392992.png)

Holy shit nona same, I have no reason to be depressed except for the fact its summer here and I generally hate getting out of bed during the summer. I spent the other night staring at the ceiling, couldn't even go to sleep I was stressed out thinking about doing nothing till 5 am. Nothing brings me joy, not even mindlessly scrolling. I think I have SAD because this happens every summer for the past few years. I know I can make it to fall everything will start picking up for me, just need to last till then. Good luck nonnie

No. 1225826

nonnies, i'm so pissed. has anyone else had issues with plumbers and contractors and the quality of their work? they want top dollar but give absolutely defective service. i'm so fucking pissed.

No. 1225827

also i'm out of pickle juice and i really want to drink some but it's already late at night so i don't feel safe to go to the store.

No. 1225847

Tomorrow is going to suck hard. I tried to off my self 3 years ago. If that wasn't bad enough, I got screamed at afterward by my mother because I was taking classes over the summer and how dare I waste my opportunities. It was such a shit show because I was suppose to magically get better. Every year since I have the urge to try again. It never feels like it's going to get better, it just feels worse each year.

No. 1225848

Hire from a company, independent ones are mostly lazy scammer moids.

No. 1225850

This picture is too cute! I feel you on the summer depression, everyone is so needlessly happy, everyone making noise outside, you feel gross and sticky all day. Just all around bad. I believe in you nonna, fall will arrive faster than you'd think. I feel happy just thinking about it, the rain, the pretty colors, it getting dark earlier, my neighbors shutting up. You'll get through this, we both will ♥

No. 1225851

File: 1655263063907.jpg (114.85 KB, 740x523, 2013-12-10-brooklynstreetartmi…)

why is genuine connection, love and understanding so rare? i hate how it's always some status signal and competing. just because i was going through a rough patch, i am an undesirable to people i met during that time. it seems as if no amount of my success, fame, and fortune could erase their memories of me being severely depressed, paranoid and sleep deprived. and i know i will not become famous, i don't even want to, but how would i build up my reputation? pretend i am a productive workaholic somebody on linkedin? pretend to be an influencer on instagram? it is so fucked in society when a person is depressed and tries their best to keep up, but people turn away from them, because they are a downer then, and because they don't look good. pretend to have a perfect life, fake to have it easy, say everything came naturally to you, and smile, and laugh. say yes to everthing, attend every invitation, validate people, virtue and status signal your pretend wealth. fuck reality.

No. 1225861

I hate missionary sex but I hate it worse when the dude makes me put my legs on his shoulders. I would stop being bi if I knew that men are gonna make me do this without fail.

No. 1225868

I'm having a night where sleep just isn't happening and I'm not even tired. It hit 4am and I decided to just go make coffee and give up on trying. I went down to the kitchen, grabbed the kettle, walked towards the sink and I step on something. I'm barefoot and at first I'm grossed out thinking it might be woodlice given they're kinda night creatures. It was one of the biggest house spiders I've come across in years. And of course I stand right on it and I feel wet because it burst under me.

I was watching that chubbyemu vid only a few days ago where a kid stepped on a dangerous spider.. kept thinking back to it lately because it's nightmare fuel. My foot feels funny but I think it's just in my head tbh. What did I manifest this shit by watching that vid!? WHat are the chances kek

No. 1225884

I hate the legs over shoulders move I always feel like my bladder is burning and I'm in pain

No. 1225886

Now even the fujo hate has reached the art salt thread. Shut the fuck up already, we're all unhinged here one way or another anyway

No. 1225892

It’s so weird because it’s an extremely niche thing and there’s no way you’re around so many of these women unless you’re one of them are purposely in spaces with them

No. 1225893

I hate the legs on the shoulders thing. I have a back condition so I can always pull the back pain card to get out of shitty positions without having to ruin the mood by spelling out that it's just a shit move

No. 1225900

What's up with scrotes always wanted to do the most uncomfortable positions possible

No. 1225911

No. 1225919

File: 1655265103794.gif (3.02 MB, 388x480, giphy.gif)

At this point, I wish my friend would just cut me off instead of this painful slow drift we're going through. I put in so much effort to keep the conversation going, I even stay away from talking about my autistic ass interests that I know bore her now, but it's like no matter how hard I try she just doesn't give a fuck about doing the same. How can you know someone for so long and have absolutely nothing to say to them? I respect that she doesn't like all the same things as me anymore, and we've obviously talked about things besides shared fandomshit interests before but now it's like she can't even be assed to keep any conversation going. Even when I try to ask about the stuff she's into now! It's just so frustrating. Not to mention it makes me feel like a womanchild that my fandom friends are all starting to grow out of it…

No. 1225934

It used to hurt my thighs when he tried doing that because I never stretched. Even after flexibility training that position is just weirdly distracting like I am doing yoga while getting fucked on the side?

No. 1226002

i don't trust males with privacy, when i see them obsessed with digital privacy i automatically think they're some degenerates hiding fucked up porn

No. 1226005

very fair

No. 1226006

There are also males who just genuinely don’t want their crypto wallets stolen and the likes.

No. 1226037

yeah i hope they kill themselves

No. 1226038

leave your moid

No. 1226065

I almost got kidnapped yesterday and my bf didn't care when I told him. I don't live with him so I texted him what happened and his response was so uncaring. I was out on a walk at around 10 pm, it's late but it's still bright out. At 11 pm I was dumb not to go home so I walked along a road (it had a pavement and people take walks there all the time), only a few cars and it quickly got dark. Omw back this man stops his car at a crosswalk and i thought he was getting dropped off but as I walked closer to him (i was going to pass him) i noticed it was only him. He came out and walked towards me agressively and i panicked and walked cross the street almost got hit by a car and he went back and drove off. I was frozen in time for like 2 seconds thinking of what to do before I escaped and walked towards apartment buildings and walked a different way home. Y'all he texted me like "what did he want?" I'm like what should I stop to ask him wtf he is a fucking kidnapper. I'm also 115 lbs and small this guy was at least 6'2. I'm so happy i got home safe. Fucking scrote I'm baffled at how these moids think we're lying like what kind of fucked up mind do you have? He is also a porn sick freak into CNC and other shit. We planned on meeting today but I'm tired and i have to talk about this shit again.

No. 1226067

When someone botched and ugly calls me ugly in attempt to hurt my feelings it’s like ??? Okay.

No. 1226068

Break up with him, I know this response is a meme but it's cut and dry this time leave that scrote.

No. 1226070

Nonnies, i just survived a mild cancellation attempt for calling a predatory troon buffalo bill

No. 1226071

If they want to exhibit MALE paraphilia and MALE tendencies that women would never, ever do to other women then they deserve to be called buffalo bill.

No. 1226075

>He is also a porn sick freak
Why do you tolerate this nonsense? And considering his response to you possibly being kidnapped he obviously doesn’t care about you, stop interacting with him, grow a brain and spine please.

No. 1226081

>he texted me like "what did he want?"
I’m glad you’re okay anon, but I seriously hate this shit so much, it’s so fucking dismissive. Any time I would tell my male friends about creepy interactions like this they would always give me some dumbass devil’s advocate reply like “well you don’t know what his intentions were,” “maybe he was just looking for directions” and shit. Bitch fuck that. I told my friend how a guy followed me home one time at night from shopping and he was seriously like “maybe he was lost? Maybe he lived on your street” like wtf. He absolutely did not and left when he realized I didn’t live alone. Then if god forbid you aren’t hyper vigilant and get kidnapped or assaulted, these same people are so quick to victim blame and say shit like “she should have been more careful, why was she talking to a stranger?” It’s so damn tiring.

No. 1226082

We live to be based another day, sisters

No. 1226085

beat the transphobe allegations. based crypto-nona

No. 1226087

Ugh I felt that, I always cringe audibly and wiggle away the moment they do that because it hits in a painful spot inside me so they know not to try it again. Some girls like it because it’s supposed to be deeper or something like that but it HURTS and way less intimate when I’m being folded like a chair.

No. 1226089

>>1226071 after my friend kindly let him stay with her when he was homeless, he jizzed all over her house including her anthropologie candles, had awful bloodplay sex with some random woman in her bathtub, exposes kids to sex parties, and also jokes about sleeping with every not fat or old woman around him sooooo

No. 1226095

File: 1655276571168.jpg (67.39 KB, 499x293, court.jpg)

>tfw you beat the terf allegations

No. 1226096

I came home to the family house after college. So, I find my baby brother using my room because his disabled gf needs my bed. His gf isn't even here, she's on vacation and her parents spent 3 millions on new houses for her. Obviously, I tell him to get the fuck out because I'm also disabled. Now, he gets out and is crying is crying how he feels abandoned and kicked out of the family home. Keep in mind he has thousands of dollars in his saving, makes 80k a year, and works remotely.

My mom, who cherishes the little fuck, is hysterical and is threatening to cut all of her children off for this dumbass. It's insane, she favors him because he has a penis.

No. 1226103

File: 1655277963254.jpg (190.75 KB, 1299x1099, fullsizerenderr.jpg)

be me in uni
>take drugs
>realize things
>male friends suck
>escape into work
>get psychosis
>in tune with feels
>drop male friends
corona comes
>isolated, psychotic
>come out of it
>hallucinates randomly
>remembers trauma
asks family about trauma
>n-nothing, long time ago
tells doctor i hallucinate
>try sleep and healthy life
do it but exams stress me out
>hallucinates, embarrasses self
how will i ever make & keep friends

No. 1226109

Why do people have to bath themselves in parfuem? Everyday that woman besides me smells like a fucking parfuem bottle and I can't breathe probably and it gives me headaches. And when telling her, she doesn't care at all, I hate those people.

No. 1226115

Yeah, keep telling yourself that lmao
Either you're just coping with the fact you're stuck with a bald uggo, or you're just a scrote larping

No. 1226118

I always find this so lame, the whole "I'm setting with this unfuckable bastard cause at least he won't cheat on me"
1- Yes he would, men always find a way, no matter how ugly they are
2- the bar is on the floor, and you still barely above it
3- you sound more like you're trying to convince yourself, and you sound miserable

No. 1226120

It freaks me out when I ride my scooter and zoom past a person for less than a second and I can smell their perfume/cologne for up to 20 seconds afterwards. Being anywhere close to them must be so exhausting

No. 1226124

Plus, insecure uggly men will try to compensate. They know they're not attractive, so they will find another ways.
Preying on minors, faking interests, being a floormat until she gives in, the classic drugging, etc.
I wish more women would just accept the facts, instead of trying to act like they're saints for dating uggos. You're not, you're just giving secondhand embarrasment, and I'm sick and tired of women dating lame ass men just because they don't want to be alone.
istg, politic lesbians make me cringe, but at least they're not defending a bald scrote here.

No. 1226129

My dad never cheated on my mom and you can trust me on that but he is a deeply angry, oppressive, neglectful husband and father. Cheating isn’t worst thing to happen

No. 1226133

it's kinda funny how when women like certain types of uggo men they're branded as weird but if one says "i hate how my man looks, but he's sooo nice :)" it's normal and good, actually.
only the latter is left seething about "ugly men with audacity" once they break up kek

No. 1226136

I've dated uggo, I've coped and pretended it's fine, that it had perks…the floodgates of anger and self honesty opened post break up and I was so pissed that Id love to be pining after an attractive man instead or left heartbroken by an actual catch. Never again.

No. 1226139

found out about this forum ‘datalounge’ where old gay scrotes bitch about and that place was every bit as misogynistic as your run-of-the-mill incel forum. i wish every women who worships gay men or think of them as an ally knew more of the forum.

it’s so ironic how almost every thread in that forum has references to the vagina.

No. 1226145

Either I will date a goodlooking guy or I'm not dating. Simple. Don't care if he is vain, prissy and high maintainence about his looks as long as he is pretty. I wi tolerate because I'd have something nice to look at.

No. 1226149

this happened to me as well. one uggo i entertained out of desperation and naivety, the other was more of a butterface situation. the first one i still seethe about when i see men with his phenotype kek

No. 1226154

me three
as soon as he could find someone hotter/younger/more insecure he fuckin' bolted and his ego inflated forever
you really can't expect men to be self-aware, least of all about their own attractiveness

No. 1226157

File: 1655284974174.jpg (152.34 KB, 1448x1080, DibKD-qX0AA_sfu.jpg)

What the fuck are the tiny stick-looking bugs/worms/whatever that you find in your apartment? They do seem to have tiny legs, too. I left for a vacation just for my roommate to trash up the whole place without any cleaning!! I have no idea how to get rid of them, and whether they are dangerous or not

No. 1226170

Why put up with it just because he's good looking? Just f him instead and go if you really need to but don't let such moids waste your time by dating them. Trust me, those characteristics will start to bother you real quick.

No. 1226176


No. 1226194

No. 1226200

i hope this doesnt make anybody else upset, but i just looked at pictures of myself from when i was a child and i was hit with the sudden realization with how that was what i looked like when i was getting assaulted physically and verbally on a regular basis. how could they ? i had such a sweet little face and now i dont anymore. i feel sick. i look like a complete stranger now and i cant stop crying, i cant imagine looking at somebody that young and feeling genuine anger towards them to the point that you would put your hands on them. as a matter of fact i wouldnt even think about that even if the child didnt have a sweet face. i cant stop crying, that person in the photograph doesnt feel like me at all, i really cant believe i or rather she went through so much at such a young age. i just cant believe it. at the very least, she would be happy that doesnt happen anymore and that its finally over, hopefully forever…

No. 1226203

File: 1655289173513.jpg (5.57 KB, 318x159, images.jpg)

My mom has become one of those people who yells at retail workers. It's getting so bad that she gets visibly pissed at the poor employees who did nothing wrong. She'll go into a store and be like
>Hi!!! I'm looking for a red top but the arms have to be 5 inches long, the top must reach exactly to my hipbone, make sure it also has sparkly details and oh by the way it HAS TO make me look like a curvy supermodel.
>sorry i don't think we have that
>Wow, just wow. You didn't even look. Just go look in the back. In fact, I'll go look myself. I might possibly know this store better than you even though I've never been here before. What are you even doing? Aren't you supposed to help customers? Hahaha, this is ridiculous, I'm out.

I can't take this bitch anywhere anymore. I just slowly find my way out of the store to avoid getting dragged into it. She'll look at me with a look of "am I right???" and if I disagree she'll start raging at both me and the employee. My mom was so fucking chill and cool when she was younger.

No. 1226209

Is she menopausal because my mum was hard to deal with during that time

No. 1226216

Your mum is the kind of person that I wish death upon on a regular basis.

No. 1226217

my mom isn't quite as bad but, fuck, i realized she is incredibly entitled when it comes to restaurant services. Pays like 13 bucks for a dish and flips out when i point out something was missing on the table (which she didn't notice). when i told her to stop making a scene and being mean to college students making minimum wage she threatened to make an even bigger scene just to humiliate me for the crime of "telling her what to do".
never took her to a restaurant again. tbf she was never chill i just never realized how bad it was compared to normal people

No. 1226220

Last night I was missing my home country so bad that I teared up. I was looking through google street view at all the places I used to frequent, google hasn't visited in over 10 years so it still looked very similar to how it was when I left. I haven't seen my grandparents in so long, I am afraid they are no longer around. I have no connections there and no way to visit any relatives anymore.

No. 1226224

I’m sorry nona, I couldn’t even read all of this because it reminded too much of my own abuse. I hope we can both heal from this one day.

No. 1226256

All perfume no matter how expensive smells like chemicals. It's nasty. I'd rather smell BO than perfume.

No. 1226271

How do i let go of the mentality that i have to like something as a child/way younger to be a fan or practice it? Is this a complex i have or do people discard your interests if you didn’t pick them up earlier? My brother stuffed h this mentality into my head when i was younger which ironically lead me to stop liking what i liked and now i grew up realizing that i wasted years not enjoying it while i was young and had time. I only have the memory of liking xyz but not doing it

No. 1226272

Guilty. But I love when other people do it too. I love smelling all the different scents when walking past people.

No. 1226275

I know it sounds kind of obvious but it is really hard accepting that things don’t stay the same. Sometimes it’s nice to find people who are from the same place as you, as in community centres and stuff, or shops that sell food from your home country, you find people who speak the same language and can link up. One of my parents does that to keep a small tie to that country. But i hope you can visit again, especially if it’s that painful.

No. 1226279

I can relate to that, nonnie. I haven't seen my family in 3 years and with politics going on, I don't think I will see them this year too. Maybe there is a way to find friend-of-a-friend on social media so you could somehow find your relatives?

No. 1226284

didnt read but hope you dump him

No. 1226290

Watching M*tt Walsh's what is a women, and while I hate the faggot, a broken clock is right twice a day.
Obviously watching it critically.

No. 1226298

Thanks nonnies, thankfully I have a family member with me here and even access to food from home. Think yesterday it was a moment of midnight sadness but it helped venting here. When I left the only contact info I had were landline phone numbers, I think they're lost now. Thank you for the support again ♥

No. 1226300

Fuck scrotes, seriously. Have a Mongolian friend that married one to be able to stay in Europe. He already hit her once. She miscarried and he told her it was her fault. Now she caught him flirting with other women again and I think she's finally done with him, looking to divorce. She's staying at mine now until we can figure this all out. Got a son back home too.. What a fucking joke of a scrote. Knew he was trash the moment he told me about how hot he thinks thai ladyboys are. Such a fucking fetishist, if I hadn't some scrote myself at the moment, I'd probably refuse to interact with any ever again. Simply not worth the energy or braincells needed

No. 1226305

fuck you not everything is about scrotes nothing i said even related to them in the slightest.

No. 1226309

dont watch scrote media

No. 1226311

Oh, and some scrotes came by to collect old electronics and shit and I went out of my way to give them an old fucking tyre and then he has the fucking Audacity to comment on my nipple piercing. I don't fucking know you. Who the fuck do you think you are? Even asked if I have both pierced. I was ready to get the fucking shotgun. And now they know where I live too.

Why men

No. 1226312

>hits you
>thinks ladyboys are hot
This is the same unholy trinity I experienced with an ex. Free rent mixed with low self esteem and a fear of going it alone was what kept me there, the shame.. more shame on him though. He's a swinger now and his current gf is pretending to totally be into fucking trannies too just to hang onto him.

No. 1226316

weird timing, there's a scrap metal van right on my street right now. hello neighbour?

No. 1226318

I'm fucking glad you got out then. Good on you! I hope you're living your best life now. Fuck scrotes like that seriously. I was ready to throw hands tbh. I'll be pushing my friend to do the same and go through with the divorce. Keep telling her I'd marry her so she can stay anyway and finally get her son..

No. 1226319

Kek, be careful. The kindness isn't worth it. Europe BTW, hah

No. 1226321

The amount of times I've missed people who are at my door because I've had a couple of experiences where yeah scrotes will comment on shit and now I have to always make sure I'm properly dressed and wearing a bra and there's nothing to be a creep about given like you said.. they know your address and it's unsettling when it happens at your own door.

My main mail man is the one exception. That lil guy sees me in all sorts of states and barely looks at you anyway. Just how I like it.

No. 1226322

It's just a coincidence, we are probably miles apart. I hope you stay safe from the weirdos, nonnie

No. 1226324

I watched like 3 minutes and stopped because it was hosted by a scrote. He needs to shut up

No. 1226328

It's just fucked up. I'm out in the middle of nowhere and now I feel like getting a gun license might actually be a smart idea. I moved to get away from people and it just never ends does it
Mail man's a woman though and even my dogs love her. Shout out to nice mail women.

No. 1226349

please meet up and fuck please be lesbian and fuck

No. 1226357

The moids and troons on lc are so bad at intregrating. Please just an hero you sad and pathetic scrotes who can't do anything right. Your Y chromosome is showing every time.

No. 1226360

they hate women so much that even when pretending to be one they have to go out of their way to sound as stupid and annoying as possible, probably so that they can get mad at the sockpuppet they created like a schizo

No. 1226362

Kek yeah. It's funny sometimes, seeing how they think women (especially on lc) act towards each other.

>Women are catty and hate each other right? Oh, I know, I'll just call her a bitch and slut and tell her that her pussy smells, they'll never notice that I'm a moid!

No. 1226400

i was so excited to eat one of my homemade icecicles but they won't come out. i'm frustrated beyond reason so i'll go buy ben&jerries, fuck it

No. 1226405

I accidentally called a mutual friend gay in a group chat and tonight there's going to be a big get-together and if anyone asks about me calling that guy gay I'm going to have to double down hardcore. If I say that I wasn't trying to call him gay, but another guy gay, that would just be lame as fuck. Gotta double down and insist that the guy I accidentally called gay gives off big homosexual vibes. Oops. Whatever. Now that I think about it I've realized that it's good to humble males at any opportunity.

No. 1226406

File: 1655305327536.jpg (69.27 KB, 764x900, 6c1.jpg)

wow. wowowowowowowowwowowow.



No. 1226407

sounds like the whole chat is gay if you need an intervention for calling someone gay

No. 1226417

> Oh you're not gay?? I thought you were, I just got that feeling.. Oh wow my bad. This whole time I just thought.. the vibe, I mean you just seemed so… I could've sworn you were..
I love pulling that shit. I only do it when I have good reason to but it's sweet.

No. 1226426

i wish they could leave and nonnies loved each other again

No. 1226438

I love you Noni and the literally male gazing porn in the monster thread is gross. Just want to post cuties in peace. Boys get the fuck out.

No. 1226444

Now my phone died at 78% in half an hour. I'm so mad.

No. 1226445

glad im not the only one, i think atleast half of the posters there are male including the op who made that thread. Ive seen literal furrys and animal-like things posted there.

I wish the moid made the thread in g instead of m. Also its the most bumped thread there with the same ten moids posting their pretty damsel getting fucked by a anlmal or a ugly creature. I loved m/ but now when i visit it all i see is that thread always on the first page. Pornsick trash ruins everything, begging for it to be autosaged.

No. 1226448

The halo shit was so vile and also who is into Zenomorphs and not the androids in Alien? I don’t know that G is much better right now. There’s a different moid lurking there clearly angry and alone. Maybe it’s Stephen still? Definitely incelly wish anons would stop talking to them.

No. 1226452

I hate the kiwifarms retardation going on in /snow/. It's attracting moids here and I wish they'd just lock them ffs

No. 1226453

Stop asking me why I won't watch stranger things and then getting mad when I say it's because the kids got ugly! It's true! I do not need a better reason! If I wanted to look at ugly people I'd go to the mall!

No. 1226455

tbf furfag anons aren't unheard of like that annoying raymondfag, and some beastars fans

No. 1226460

Write it in your fucking diary and lay off the spamming(infighting)

No. 1226467

File: 1655309993940.jpg (16.2 KB, 750x456, dg2vl1c4dz131.jpg)

m/ anons already went through enough with having all of the board threads stop working during bunker times, the last thing they need is that new moid animal/monster fetish thread which like half of the posters there are male and it attracts more males to m/.
I know jannys dont care about m/ or the anons there but it would be nice if they showed some sympathy to m/ nonnies once by either autosaging that thread or moving it to g/ where most of the coomers are.

No. 1226472

What is it with anons like you telling others what they can't or shouldn't post about in certain threads? Are you the same one complaining in the confession thread? Just scroll past it and let the jannies take care of it if it's truly that bad.

No. 1226483

I'm not talking about moid porn. I'm talking about anons like >>1226460 who complain about others venting in a vent thread. This isn't about you.

No. 1226484

oh shit i thought you replied to a different anon sorry.

No. 1226488

File: 1655310866391.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 3024x4030, 44A679F9-79BE-47B7-B872-BD0656…)

Spoilered but here’s a example of normal Noni posting in the thread versus scrote sweat. It’s like very clear in tone.

No. 1226500

I don't think those are males imo. Some women are horny too. One of my best friends is a horny monster fucker woman who literally has a NSFW twitter and is in some /y///cm/ servers hornyposting. You don't have to approve it (like I would not go into a porn dicord server if my life depended on it) but she's still a woman. Just horny. She doesn't even fuck anyone irl, just desires werewolves lmao.

No. 1226501

>These female outcasts just lacked male companionship which i could provide them.
Wow the moids there are open about being moids too.
I feel sorry for like the 2 actual female posters in the thread like the ones on the left but the majority of posters there are males like in the middle/right and i hope the thread gets autosaged or nuked, poor m/ anons who got eye raped by this.

No. 1226502

nta but thats not anons point and she is showing the difference between the normal women who post in that thread vesus the actual males (who are the majority there)
Also a thread like that is more suited for the coomers at g/

No. 1226503

OH kek I stand corrected, well maybe that one is a moid unless it's a typo. Otherwise I stand my my post >>1226500

Oh and also btw you can hide threads. I hid that thread and sent it to the same dimension danofags are in

No I mean women can like porn with dick showing too though, the friend I talked about has some very vulgar Master Chief porn on her twitter kekkk, still doesn't have a dick though

No. 1226507

Kek but why is Halo on the moid side? They've been a monster/fujo favorite since the game and Arby n' the Chief days. The fanfiction that series spawned…

No. 1226509

File: 1655312409615.jpg (21.1 KB, 540x304, 6e86abbaf4ba4f0860ab40a09c20a5…)

Today a girl from my class wanted to know where I was eating, I answered that I was going to eat in a place far away from the rest of the group and I blamed it on a random problem. However she called out my bullshit (because it's been 3 years that I've not eaten with the rest of my class) and in a very direct way she asked me "why do you never eat with us?". I was so taken aback because no one has really asked me before. I felt so ashamed because she has always been very kind to me even if I'm borderline impolite because of how weird I am. I didn't dare to say that I've never been asked explicitly to come eat with people and after a life time of isolation I just assume that people do not want to really talk to me. I fumbled on my words and started to blame it on the fact that It's because hate the room where everyone eats, it was so painfully weird and I talked for so long too, fuuuuuuuck, I hate myself.

No. 1226512

not that anon and it wasnt those posts although he posted that but there was a male in that thread who posted halo porn of some women getting fucked and the focus was only on the women. He got redtexted (i think that post was deleted).

That thread is moid general, i dont know why some anons are caping for such a obviously male thread.

No. 1226523

File: 1655313236946.jpg (36.9 KB, 480x461, 1611687687087.jpg)

I've hid the thread but I will fight for the right of my fellow women who happen to like monster porn!!

No. 1226530

It just makes me sad. I want to post monsters and not see gross moid porn and rape hinted non con shit where the male monster isn’t listening to No. that’s why the halo shit is moid shit.

No. 1226534

File: 1655313933610.jpg (133.4 KB, 408x408, Spongebob-Eagerly-Awaits-The-S…)

babes….there is probably like only 3 anons there who are actually women.
You are fighting for the wrong cause.

also other monster anons are also complaining about the males in the thread >>1226530

No. 1226541


Anyone else have a parent that you end up having to parent? I give my mom more advice than she gives me, and she doesn't have siblings and my dad's a piece of shit so I feel like I don't have an adult I can ask for advice. It pisses me off and makes me resent my mom more than I already do.

Also, anyone else grow up with a parent who couldn't handle blood? My mom is the only mom I know of that never had bandages available, and I was a clumsy ass kid too. Just thought about it today as I was buying bandages (Because clumsy is me and I am clumsy). My ex who was older than me and living with his family, his mom always had bandages at the ready, so did my step mom. They're both boy mom's if that matters… But again, I was always clumsy and in need of a bandaid so I'd have to ask the school or a store for them because my mom didn't believe in buying them or something.

No. 1226549

Garlic makes me so bloated and full of heartburn… But it's so good on food…

No. 1226563

I need to write this out, don't think here is the best place though because of the topic but my auntie lives in america (i am britbong) and she facetimed my dad yesterday, distraught. I have a 16 year old male cousin. He has told my auntie that he wants to be a girl. Not dresses and heels but he feels like he is a girl. My auntie is distraught and devestated. They are going to start counseling. I won't go into all the details. I didnt want to post this on the mtf thread. i hate the perverted trannys we laugh and seethe at on here. but i am really kinda blank about it all.. i wanted to talk seriously.. so not the mtf.. how would you anons feel if it was your cousin? as i said i don't know him well as my auntie and uncle moved to america and he was born there. i see them like, every 2 years so i dont know much about him. but he is still blood..

sorry for blogpost

No. 1226578

Male relatives trying to trans creeps me out. I stopped talking to the one that started in my family. I won’t put myself at risk and no man is worth the risk, related or not. He’s basically to me told me he doesn’t see me as human but a costume at best?
Maybe she should ask him why he feels like a girl? Bet it’s gender roles and there’s nothing tangible.

No. 1226580

Take the inner piece out. The little green one. It will help Noni. - Fellow garlic loving farmer

No. 1226583

they are having family counseling soon, and he told his teacher before his parents and she has already set up some kind of mental health counseling too. it is so weird as it was only the other day me and my sister were sending eachother cringy and weird trans tiktoks and i was screenshotting some of the posts in the mtf thread. we are both shocked at the timing and we feel the same way about trannys but the thought of my cousin.. idk he has suffered alot.. he has adhd and stuff wrong when he was young etc

No. 1226593

Keep in mind a big reason ND kids trans is puberty and being uncomfortable in their bodies. There’s a chance his ADHD has sensory issues that got worse as he hit puberty and his brain continued to develop so it was suddenly much harder for him. People with ADHD also struggle with a constant sense of identity and object consistency. So they can be easy to suggest and push in certain ways.
For example he suddenly could be much more aware of his body and the shower and the lights and noise because his nervous system isn’t wired correctly. Making showers stressful combined with rapidly changing body and bad identity sense it’s easy to develop body dysmorphia. Have a society come in and tell you because you’re not like everyone else you’re a tranny and it can be a convenient answer to all those little situations most people don’t see and people not ND don’t experience to a high severity.
That’s not even touching porn.

No. 1226619

They started doing some construction outside of my apartment building so not only do I wake up everyday at 8AM to the sound of jackhammers, but now I also have no water for some reason and can't flush the toilet, turn on the sink, etc. Didn't get a warning from my apartment building that this would be happening so if I come back from my walk and I still can't turn on the sink I am going to be so annoyed reee

No. 1226623

Yep the vast majority of "trans" people are neurodivergent. Just bad timing for him that all this tranny shit is all over the internet and media and suggested as the reason why someone is different, rather than them simply being gay, gender nonconforming or neurodivergent (or all three in many cases)

No. 1226629

another thing is apparently his friend group is very diverse, with sexualities and stuff, i hope they haven't been dripping poison in his ear idk.. i am so sad for my auntie.. he also has been acting very cold and horrible to my female cousin who is a bit younger for a long time. now they have figured it may be a jealousy thing

No. 1226657

File: 1655318336039.jpg (59.61 KB, 530x658, 25o4vb.jpg)

I feel so dumb for having a crush on my urologist. I've struggled with overactive bladder since I was a small kid and back then a doctor told my mom he can't help me so I thought there was nothing I could do about it, I developed a strong sense of shame and anxiety because of it, but this month I finally made an appointment with an urologist and I told him everything about my symptoms and how I have no social life because of it and he was so nice and helpful and answered all my dumb questions a few times and said he will do everything to help me, and as we has doing an ultrasound he asked me if I have painful periods and intercourses and I was like I never had an intercourse because I'm a virgin and he was like oh yeah lack of social life and we both laughed. I got meds for my detrusor muscle and from what I've read about it it looks like they can actually work, but I need to take them for like 3 months to see, and if they won't work we will try something different and proceed with deeper diagnostics. I'm happy there's finally a chance for me to treat my symptoms, I'm tired of peeing every 5 or 10 minutes. And I have a super cute doctor. I know part of his job is being nice but fuck. I'm such a virgin for crushing on a cute scrote doctor. Having an urologist bf would be perfect for a piss demon like me…

No. 1226661

boys in these kinds of friend groups can also be swept up in the social contagion. look up the work of angus fox, he has written about this demographic. porn and fetishization are a possibility for all male transitioners of course but with younger male transitioners it can be more about the social aspect and fitting in. jealousy for younger female sibling makes a lot of sense as a possibility, i hope your aunt makes sure to protect her in this process. gender: a wider lens by sasha ayad and stella o'malley may have some helpful information or episodes as well about sibling dynamics.

No. 1226688

I'm a hermit type. I moved to a quiet town where I don't know anybody and I thought this was what I needed.. but I'm finally at the point where even my hermit ass is feeling the isolation here. Most people here are on the older side, there's a bit of a tight community but then I don't have the handy background of always being from here so I've never really broken into that feeling of being a part of it. Tbh it's quite the opposite because everybody knows everybody and then I stand out as less familiar. I'm this non local that came along, bought a house and then barely mixed. Go me lol

I'm waiting for some oppurtunity to pop up where I can slowly dip my toes in through an event or a club but there's not alot going on. There's stuff for mommies, stuff for pensioners and then there's just drinking in pubs with pervy old men at the bar, not much else you can do here. Every day I pass by this tiny lil 'family resource centre' type thing and the window is full of trans flags atm. Theres print outs about some tran group and it's printed out in like 5 diff languages… do we have foreign trannies to even be catering to? Not asking in a dick way.. I legit just think we don't have any. You'd know if we did, it's that small of a town. Kinda bitter that if I were a tranny from 'insert random country' that there's resources put in place to coddle me… in the event that I might exist here someday but as an average person who is just on the quiet side (ex agoraphobic) theres nothing to really grasp onto socially.

No. 1226691

File: 1655319283312.jpg (58.38 KB, 665x665, tumblr_p97bthmJaL1tl17quo1_128…)

this girl i know doesn't seem to get that she can do the whole "wild fey, taking every shot and risk, fever dream by mxmtoon" thing because she comes from a wealthy and stable family (and therefore has a strong safety net). like YOU absolutely can fly to like, paris or wherever, and explore without a plan because YOU aren't paying for shit. the rest of us are though. you don't have rent to pay!

she's always like "ommgg you guys are so cautious and you never want to do anything fun :(" bitch we have jobs and careers. dgmw yes i absolutely would love to go on spontaneous road trips and etc. but i don't have the time or the cash. that doesn't make me "boring" holy shit

No. 1226700

File: 1655319543589.jpeg (128.34 KB, 727x960, B00BBD0F-48F0-45B6-8D28-21FCCC…)

Never being friends with a bpd bitch again on god. No matter what you do they always managed to bring you down with their shit and make it out like it’s your fault. There’s a fucking stigma for a reason.

No. 1226701

I've finally started working out and eating healthier and if my boobs haven't shrunk and sagged less by the end of this journey I'm going to fucking seethe. Right now they look like granny boobs despite me being 23, no exaggeration, they sag to my stomach, are flat at the top of my chest with all the fat/tissue collected at the bottom and I have a bunch of wrinkles/loose skin along the breast. Fuck. I don't want to get a reduction surgery so I really hope at the end of this my skin stretches back. Why was I cursed with this shit? Don't even get me started on my huge areolas.

No. 1226709

Make sure you work on your pecs to help support and keep in mind it can take a year for skin to adjust. Also stay hydrated.

No. 1226711

File: 1655319791657.jpeg (71.99 KB, 750x444, 1608147635041.jpeg)

I feel traumatized by a situation just like pic related, except he was 24. It was 10+ years ago but I saw someone that looks like him today and it scared me and it was like I transformed back into this little 14 year old again who he'd always neg and make fun of but I let him because he was the only boy who ever gave me attention.

No. 1226713

Same struggle been this way since 17 and im getting a reduction surgery after i lose weight

No. 1226715

I don't have it to the same degree but lately I went a lil futher than I've been since pre-covid.. I visited a city a few hours away and went shopping for the day. I skipped my coffee that morning and was fine on the train but once I was there I peed in this same public toilet so many times that the security nearby must've noticed me and thought I was having the runs or was up to something.

No. 1226723

I got a shit grade on an assignmebt i worked my ass off on. I did the equivalent of a dissertation on notes alone. I produced new work every week and dealt with a cunt of a director who would tell me he liked the script one week and the next tear it to shreds and rewrite it WORSE. My writing is not good but holy shit this guy was fucking awful.
I was being nosey and noticed this guy made feedback that he never sent me, meaning he may have lied on his assessment, trying to claim I didn't listen to him. My only mistake was listening to him!
He also didn't say anything when I took the blame for why a change wasn't being made - a change he didn't want to the script but he kept silent while everyone looked at me.

Hes also a gross moid who would have his ass handing out during filming, film 1 hour after wrap up getting b roll, condescend to me about basic shit when I tried to make his life easier (suggesting an easier solution to fix a continuity error HE MADE)

He also wouldn't cut his nails so fucking gross

My grade sucks because I tried to give him what he wanted and I hope he dies the gross moid he is fuck him fuck him fuck this cunt bitchfuck him I hopeHE DIES eat shit in hell Charlie go fuck yorself

No. 1226725

he doesn’t like my fb posts as often as he used to. how am I supposed to read too deeply into our interactions and convince myself we’re closer than we are now??

No. 1226726

Been having panic attacks since 2 a.m. They have gotten less intense over the hours. I fucking hate this day so much. I'm staying in bed and away from cooking utensils and pans. I don't want to accidentally burn or cut myself like last time. I'm drinking lots of water so I am good that way.

No. 1226727

Same anon and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I had a dream about mine recently out of nowhere after 10 years. He was an insane bpd moid and he still strikes fear into me if I even see his name

No. 1226728

Nona that pic was me age 14… I’m so sorry. It fucked me up too. Internet grooming is so casual and common, yet devastating. I used to draw pics of the man grooming me… I ignored people irl to be groomed. Fuck men.

No. 1226729

I'm fine being friends with my ex but whenever I try to move the conversation away from a romantic direction that she wants to take it to, by making jokes and such, she gives me the silent treatment. I have been as clear as I could be without directly telling her that I wasn't interested in rekindling our relationship. I just want to be friends with her but if she keeps behaving like this, I will have to ignore her. It's frustrating that she keeps trying to rekindle our relationship every few months. This has been going on for years. Holy shit. Sometimes I feel like never dating anyone ever again.

No. 1226734

Man, I hate that.. even tho I am that person in a way. Not rich but I live at home rent free so even with my crappy job it's easy to feel rich amongst my peers with equally crappy jobs but rent to pay. My safety net is only tied to living at home though, my folks wont just deposit cash in my account or anything like that. So I have a certain safety net of not paying rent at home or for groceries and have been able to travel because of it but never did that "no risk no reward!" on a whim thing. I worked two years saving up at home to be able to travel abroad for a few months. Then came back and had to start from scratch again. I've never actually known anyone that oblivious though so I'm lucky.

No. 1226743

Definitely encourage a reduction, if you feel so bad about them. Mine was the best decision I have ever made.

No. 1226758

>She’s not abandoning you, or choosing someone over you, she’s just getting married. Grow up, freak.
Why are so many women here okay with women getting married to moids? Guess what, women getting married to men is never a good idea, you fucking pickme(calm down)

No. 1226765

Here we go again.

No. 1226768

How the FUCK do I possibly have shingles? Holy shit.

No. 1226769

NTA, but me too nonnie. I'm still angry and sad tbh. Looked him up a few weeks ago and totally spiralled, he's a weird fucking furry troon now…

No. 1226772

I hate that everyone is going on and on about the new Keep Sweet FLDS documentary that dropped on Netflix. I know this is going to sound very “I knew about this before it was cool!!!” But the Warren Jeffs and FLDS movement have been a special interest of mine for over a decade (along with the Amish kek). I was deep into ex-FLDS members memoirs in middle school and would sperg about it to anyone who would listen. Keep Sweet is a fine documentary but it is soooooooooooo basic and it leaves out so much. Hearing all these True Crimetards discover Warren Jeffs and the FLDS and act like it’s the craziest thing to ever happen when they have a very base line understanding of it but they act like experts it all just annoys me.

No. 1226773

Is he a cheater or abusive or something? Why would you not want her to marry him, is there a reason?

No. 1226775

I had a bad food day and I’ve been shaking and nauseous all night. I reached out to two friends and neither replied. I eventually caved and ate a tin of tuna in the kitchen. I should have been working tonight but the brain fog got the better of me. I’m so fucking stupid

No. 1226776

Oh, you just drank too much angry femcel tea I guess. If he's good to her and makes her happy you should be happy for her. If he's a bad guy and bad for her and she won't listen, leave her be

No. 1226780

Bad larp

No. 1226784

Shingles are sooo painful. I had them once

No. 1226786

I think anon is perfectly justified in being worried about her sister. Like other anons have said, there's really no good reason for a woman to get married to a moid. Even if he isn't abusive now, he's going to become abusive after she puts herself in a vulnerable position. I've seen it happen to all of my married friends and not a single one of them doesn't regret getting married. Anon is smart to be so caring about her sister imo

No. 1226788

I am one of those demented BPD anons who internally explodes anytime my boyfriend is nice to another woman, whether she's a character or a real person. It is insanity because he is convinced I'm "healed" from my BPD because I no longer have freakouts and don't act crazy anymore. The truth is, I still think the same way. I just have a tight lid on my behaviors and words.

How do I not perceive other women as a threat? It's so fucked up. He's such a great guy, I'm 1000% sure other women would want him. He bathes me, cooks good food for me, cleans for me, loves me, has sex with me multiple times a day like I specified at the beginning of our relationship, etc. and I feel like even though we've been together for 3 years I'm always going to lose him to someone else. He's nice to everyone, even people who act weird or are super ugly, he's basically perfect, and it's so fucking hard being me because my brain interprets him being nice as a threat. I see an ugly girl he acts nice per usual to and think he will leave me for her because she must have a better personality than, I see someone who is redheaded, blue eyed, asian, pick a physical characteristic, and I think he must wish I looked like that (whoever it is he's talking to), and I feel so sick inside for being like this. I'm like a 10 year old in a 20 something body and it is maddening how I have graduated, secured a job, live independently, blah blah blah, but am still just a kid in my level of romantic maturity. I have been with other guys before, but I never liked them. It's so new to me actually liking the guy I'm with. I've been with him for 3 years and I'm still fucking like this.

No. 1226789

NTA but how expensive was it for you?

No. 1226790

> Why are so many women here
Not this script again lol

No. 1226791

is this the chicken pox party anon

No. 1226796

I mean you never know.. in time the pedestal you have him on might start to drop and you might be the one to leave him.. there's a 50 percent chance of that but is he worrying his ass off about it?

No. 1226797

We all know you don’t have any friends

No. 1226799

Have you seen that show Escaping Polygamy? That’s pretty much been my only source on this stuff, Idk how staged it is but at least they’re shining a light on this weird sex cult.

No. 1226803

They are a threat. What the fuck are you trying to delude yourself about?

No. 1226804

No? Who is this anon.
It's so painful and I cannot even see a doctor till next week.

No. 1226805

I don't see how the hell he could be thinking that. I'm so loyal (a doormat). He actually does say he sometimes worries about whether I will just leave him for someone else. But he acts unbothered from my pov. He talks about how I motivate him to be better, to improve his own life, etc. but I feel weird about it. I don't feel like I'm anything to fawn over. I am attractive, but in a generic, not special way, in a way that will quickly fade over time. I don't think I'm that interesting. I'm one of those insane people who bases themselves off of their partner and is frightened if they do their own thing their partner will leave them. I browse lolcow, have for 5-7 years, I have a job, I read, we have conversations about media, and I'm not interesting. He isn't terribly interesting either, but he has so many wonderful character qualities and traits. I don't understand why he doesn't shack up with someone who never had BPD and is as perfect as he is. I feel ashamed he had to see me act BPD, I understand how someone could crumble from that and leave just so a new person doesn't have to see them as a person with BPD. I feel like my best bet is to be his fantasy, but he doesn't want that and genuinely just loves me as a person and it scares me, I wish I could perform and be something irresistible to him so I wouldn't be afraid he'd leave me.

Sorry for the rambling.

No. 1226807

Please tell me you are a troll.

No. 1226809

No they're not, don't try to encourage that anons thinking. Not trying to be mean to OP, but other are not a threat just because her boyfriend is nice to them and it's not healthy for her to think that about every woman they come across.

No. 1226811

You're not mean, I know it's true what you are saying, I just feel this way and I don't know how to rid myself of this feeling.

No. 1226812

Whether the women intend to seduce him or not, it's a matter of chance whether they get attracted to each other. Some people will be decent and fuck off, but some will not. You don't know with some men the extent they will be loyal.

No. 1226816

I was fascinated by the FLDS in high school. My sociology class talked a lot about the Blackmore family. Got to watch The Man with 121 Children and 24 Wives (150 children and 27 wives now) in class and even watched a film on women who escaped in religion class. It was wild.

No. 1226826

not suicide baiting or anything so stfu
Seriously, besides taking the obvious way out, what ARE your options when you feel and are so fucked, that suicide feels like the only option?

No. 1226829

Drinking milk and honey with some salty cheese

No. 1226830

File: 1655324771462.jpg (23.99 KB, 625x526, 2c88ad710a8c6b0c8cbbd36e3835c4…)

I hate hate hate hateee summer. It's almost 11 pm here and I want to go to sleep with my window open because it's so hot but I can constantly hear people outside. I hate living in the city. It's never fucking quiet in summmer.

No. 1226832

I dread visiting my dad in the summer for this reason. He lives right across the street from a bar and they're so fucking loud for no reason. Music bumping, people screaming, just all around tomfoolery that I cannot tolerate.

No. 1226837

It's cliche but they say you should be with someone because you want them and not because you need them. I went through a couple of heartbreaks before I really got that. I'm not bpd but I could see how I chased love away with the amount of intensity I was bringing and the weight I put on partners. I'd issues and I played myself by not addressing it sooner and by treating guys like my saviours. Like my happiness depended on them staying put. It's a dangerous way to think.

You have to speak kinder of yourself, he sounds like a sweet bonus but you're the only guaranteed permanent fixture in your life and you speak so low of yourself.

No. 1226841

Lots of men don't like to have doormats as their girlfriend. It makes her seem undesirable.

No. 1226845

nta but what if you're lactose intolerant AND suicidal

No. 1226849

What video was this pic from?

No. 1226851

Research shows even black people can induce lactase production over a few weeks by drinking small amounts of milk regularly, and become able to digest milk well. Anyway sometimes milk and honey with some salty food can help you feel substantially more relaxed and less anxious.

No. 1226865

File: 1655326061014.gif (1.94 MB, 498x277, 21986466-0447-47A5-9B28-F91317…)

resigning yourself to the fact that the world, your attachment to it and your status in it are all meaningless and finding out you are loved when you manage to allow yourself a second's respite from wanting to die
by "loved" I mean that feeling, that peaceful feeling you can't describe, it's neither 'you' nor an outside force and you can't quite put your finger on it. it can come when you relax and allow it to. that's you being loved
I am aware of how schizo I sound

No. 1226871

No. 1226872

you're not similar to this person at all nonny, it doesn't seem as if anything has been handed to you. this girlie i'm thinking of it is so wealthy that she grew up with a cleaning crew

No. 1226876

it was the other way around for me, used to drink/eat it with no problems all the time then suddenly i couldn't without nausea, diarrhea, or very bad constipation

No. 1226878

There's lots of shit quality milk out there nowadays; if you can, try a brand that tastes good and is UHT.

No. 1226880

Also if the milk is too cold it can upset the digestion. It's easiest to digest around body temperature. Human lactase works best around body temp.

No. 1226898

Are black people more likely to be lactose intolerant? Didn't know that.

No. 1226902

i feel faaaat!!!!!
i'm not but the lack of physical exercise + kind of chaotic diet i've been having for the past two weeks makes me feel all flabby and odd-looking. i started working out again today and i might crank another sesh tomorrow if my body doesn't hurt… but omg all i had to do was workout a little to remain sort of toned, i'm so dumb

No. 1226935

File: 1655328947618.jpg (633.54 KB, 780x780, Thats the sad part _ab3f00f3e2…)

>graduating in 7-ish months
>compsci major
>know nearly nothing about programming

i've complained about this before but holy shit i feel insane and terrible. my parents seem to think i'm gonna graduate and get an incredible 100k year job when in truth i'm sitting here refreshing year one knowledge, and just cracking open a java textbook. i feel so hopeless. not giving up but i do feel hopeless.

these past four years were nice though. it's like i was a quasi-neet

No. 1226940

kekk typing it out like this made me feel silly. i should be able to learn something but it's shameful that i'm not – currently – a master programmer or something with all the free time i had.

No. 1226948

How did you get through your exams with year 1 skills?

No. 1226953

vast majority of my courses were theory + math. like theory computation, discrete mathematics, operating systems…programming languages, which sounds like a programming class but it was just analyzing the structures of various languages. i feel like i should've been spending my free time self-studying functional programming instead of just working shitty jobs so i could fund my silly little hobbies.

No. 1226955

I drank too much last night (AGAIN) and my stomach hurts so badly, ugh. I’m genuinely worried for my liver, why am I such an alcoholic. I don’t want to die before I’m 40, time for another sobriety I guess

No. 1226959

Go into IT, from what I hear you pretty much just need to know how to use Google and deal with people who are computer illiterate in order to succeed.

No. 1226962

Girl you’ll be fine. Everyone else has the same feeling as you, probably even worse because they don’t study. I’m also excited for your graduation though! You’ve worked hard!

No. 1226963

Have you tried not drinking?

No. 1226969

I feel like I'm going insane. Trannies in my classes, that shitty nu-lgbt flags with tranny colors all over campus, tranny propaganda fucking everywhere I go. I feel so fucking alone and wish I had even one gender critical friend in this city.

No. 1226971

one of my best friends from childhood passed away suddenly, we lost touch around high school bc she was a grade younger than me–and despite thinking about her a lot throughout my life into college and now as an adult, i never reconnected and i feel so much regret.
also the news was posted on social media on monday and im so angry that i only learned about it this morning. i've never been to a memorial service for one of my close friends before, but ive rsvp'd for it, and i just don't know what will happen. right now i feel like my emotions are trapped inside me, or it hasn't really hit yet. i don't know what will happen when i go

No. 1226979

I’m sure crypto friends are around. Hiding or they will tell the church. Maybe try some terf talking points in some lesbian circles.

No. 1226980

do go anon, I was in a similiar position and just talking with their family and saying I regret not keeping contact meant a lot to me in a way I didn't anticipate beforehand. Have a good week as much as you can, its okay to feel or not feel anything. Sending you some hugs

No. 1227004

File: 1655333253666.png (232.13 KB, 448x360, 1532116194698.png)

I hate my job so fucking much. I've been half-assing it for almost a year now and I just want to leave but my parents keep pressuring me to apply and get a job elsewhere before I quit. I've started walking dogs/dogsitting to help out neighbors and it's so much nicer and less stressful than sitting on a goddamn computer for 9 hours doing pointless fucking busy work. I don't want to be that stereotype of the autistic adult daughter that lives with parents and walks dogs but I can't help myself. I was not built to be a corporate slave. I just want to take care of things and do real world, useful things for people.

No. 1227006

I'm never ordering off Amazon again. Apparently in March they decided to have a new 'verification' policy and the bitch asked me how much money was in my bank account.

No. 1227007

File: 1655333336547.jpg (217.38 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_2022-06-16-00-46-53…)

>have a child that already requires extra time and special care
>proceed to spawn three more children
I despise breeders on a cellular level

No. 1227009

smh, those cunts need to spend time verifying all the fake shit they have in their warehouse first.

No. 1227011

I hate how following egirl larper threads have ruined my ability to believe anyone online, everytime someone says "as someone whos japanese" "as an anorexic" I just imagine a skinnyfat white girl with badly dyed black hair kek.

No. 1227016

There are no Japanese people on the American Internet

No. 1227019

There is some, but it's very obvious when they are

No. 1227034

File: 1655334974119.jpg (46.47 KB, 719x625, 179165902516183.jpg)

>dress up
>look cute
>damn! I look cute!
>wait for friends to pick me up
>wait a second… is this the right bra for this top?
>spiral into nitpicking anxiety
>fuckfuckfuck what if I'm wearing the wrong bra and my friends pick me up and they don't say anything
>shit what if we go to that restaurant and everyone knows I'm wearing the wrong bra and thinks I'm a fucking idiot
>do I look like a fucking idiot?
>can't tell anymore
>now I'm self conscious

No. 1227038


Update: issa scam. I'm on the phone with actual Amazon now. Apparently my order got marked as damaged, but I'd never know since I never got it.

Also they managed to scam me out of $50 bucks lmfao nice good job India. Inb4 anyone asks, they said that I'd need to apply for my refund now through Amazon gift cards because of scammers, so I bought two. One got cancelled Because my brain started working again and I hung up and used the actual Amazon number. And now a scammer has access to my account.

No. 1227043

I hate Miyazaki and his diehard fanboys so much. The screenshots of him talking out against loli are all fake and all he's said is he doesnt want HIS characters to be sexualized. Sorry to all Miyazaki fans but I have a hard time believing he isn't at least somewhat into loli considering all of his characters are little girls and his romantic obsession with some loli, same thing with the guy who created rei from evangelion.
They don't give a shit about lolicon, they can sexualize their own little girl/teen characters all they want but god forbid someone else do it. Miyazaki in his pre-animator days was obsessed with a loli looking anime girl and got mad at anyone else who drew her, kek.
>b-b-but my heckin wholesome grandpa!!!!

No. 1227044

Update to the update: the real Amazon agent locked him out of the gift card and gave me $50 as a promotional credit, but now I gotta change my Amazon password. Lul it's pretty easy to get got, he would have gotten like $200 off me easy but he tries to get me to send money to a random ass cashapp. They're ruthless

embarassing myself on lolcow so some other nonnie doesn't embarrass herself irl

No. 1227046

So many words yet no proof lmao

No. 1227052

File: 1655335741274.png (803.13 KB, 683x663, moidazaki.PNG)

No. 1227055

File: 1655335833172.png (304.17 KB, 680x552, moidazaki1.png)

>flood detected
ENOUGH. Fucking hell

No. 1227063

File: 1655336180523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.92 KB, 736x558, 92ccdbe305ec778744e1b4cda586a0…)

I'm ugly and people are mean to me because of it. They don't even give me a chance. I'm thankful for the friends I have because I know that they had to overcome how repulsive I am to ever talk to me. I try to be kind and unaffected but being out all day today and seeing the looks of disgust just really got me down. I know I'm hard to look at but I have feelings. I overcompensate by being really nice but I think people just end up thinking I'm both ugly AND retarded when I try to talk to them. I wish I was a marginally attractive person, I don't even want to be pretty I just want to be not hideous.

No. 1227066

Those are extremely far from proving anything retard. What's your IQ?

No. 1227067

I'm assuming you were asking me to prove he's a disgusting pedo, right?

No. 1227068

File: 1655336461393.jpg (104 KB, 779x900, 1608866459848.jpg)

Scrote moid piece of shit followed my mom home from fucking dollar general and started screaming at her in our driveway, he CLEARLY did not know she had a violent retard hiki prepper piece of shit for a daughter cuz he fucking sprayed gravel peeling back out when I came outside REEEEEEEing at the top of my lungs, unwashed in a week, aiming a shotgun at his fucking face.
I should stop being a neet fucking loser and be a hired hand for women only
Also fuck the police, I don't need 30 to 50 feral hogs showing up on my lawn to loiter and murder black teenagers and tea cup-class family pets

No. 1227073

men following women is disgusting and they should be shot. you are a good daughter, he will never pull this shit again.

No. 1227075

Kek this was very cathartic to read. I like it when useless angry men get scared.

No. 1227077


wow you're my icon I'm so glad your mom has you around. Making me wanna get a gun. i live in new york

No. 1227079

Ily nona

No. 1227081

File: 1655336947491.gif (214.34 KB, 274x249, 1554770273457.gif)

Thank you, but I'm still so angry rn holy shit
also yes, all women should get guns, do it

No. 1227082

Holy based

No. 1227084

>he CLEARLY did not know she had a violent retard hiki prepper piece of shit for a daughter cuz he fucking sprayed gravel peeling back out when I came outside REEEEEEEing at the top of my lungs, unwashed in a week, aiming a shotgun at his fucking face.

Kek this is so unhinged but good on you for protecting your mom, nonna! I hate moids too.

No. 1227085

I think his movies are severely overrated snoozefests. Plus, his personality in interviews can be insufferable and I bet he emotionally abuses his family based on how he treats his son.

No. 1227086

I feel your pain anon. I wish lookism didn't exist. Those who deny it are retards who haven't spent a day through the pain we experience.

No. 1227090

File: 1655337270700.png (Spoiler Image, 176.05 KB, 340x445, happy man.png)

Nona, I am so proud of you

No. 1227097

If I could I would hire you just to sit on my porch with your shotgun nonnie. You are doing God's work.

No. 1227116

File: 1655338829084.jpg (81.04 KB, 1200x900, FUUUAAARRK.jpg)

please pray for me to pass this fucking exam my whole grade depends on it and my family will kill me if i fail fuck my stupid brain i got retard grades this whole course fuck fuck fuck

No. 1227123

>be me, 18
>having to live with narcissistic mother and pedo father (theyre divorced)
>mother gets angry at me for having bad grades senior yr of high school
>mother uses my dads abuse against me to insult me in text messages, throws my cat outside and says "at least my pet isnt gone."
>one day me and step father are driving to the CVS
>i breakdown in the car after 18 years of being abused by my parents
>step dad vehemently defends my mother
>tells me she never abused me and i made it all up
>me, getting really angry, starts yelling
>he admits the text messages he sent were mean, but has never "abused" me
>both my mom and step dad were (and still are) very inconsiderate of everything i went through regarding my pedo dad
>step dad basically says that i need to get over what my dad to me and move on with life because the world is unfair
>literally tells him ive been depressed since i was 8 because of my mother and father
>continues to tell me my mother did nothing and that im still making it up
>proceeds to call me a failure, and compare me to all of my siblings just because i cant turn homework in and focus in class
>literally tells him the reason i never said anything about mother before was because he never took me seriously and never did anything about it
>we argue all the way home in the car
>a couple months later after argument
>step dad driving me to dentist appointment
>hes yelling at me for simply complaining about how early he made the appointment
>get home quietly after appointment
>next day i ask him when hes going to take me to the social security office to get my ss card replaced
>he goes off ona huge rant, saying im spoiled because i said bologna tastes like shit, says i make everything up like how i made up the abuse because no one else has said anything
>dude, my eldest sister is over 2000 miles from us for a reason. your kids dont come over here/live with us anymore because theyre scared of her, and the eldest of all of us is literally a high functioning autistic man.
>you literally have kept me in this house, refusing to help me get the proper documents so i can get a job. youve been making shitty excuses for two years now, and now when i finally bring up an idea you cant make an excuse for, youre yelling at me?
>he asks me why cant i just do it myself
>i get pissed and say "are you retarded? because youre my parent. you never helped me learn to be independent on my own, in fact, youve literally been stopping me from leaving or becoming some sort of financially stable."
>gets mad i called him retarded
>tells me to get out of his face
>its been two days and he refuses to talk to me
>i regret calling him retarded, but it doesnt amount to the years of neglect hes done to me
>therapist doesnt believe me whenever i tell her how awful my parents are to me

nonnies, when will it end. very very fucking tired of having shitty men rule over me and i am powerless.

No. 1227130

File: 1655339577531.jpg (10.09 KB, 225x225, 1553765302397.jpg)

Kill literally all men

No. 1227136

it will end when you change something

No. 1227137

Oh god that's such an old trick. I'm glad you didn't lose anything, but NO COMPANY WILL EVER ASK FOR YOUR LOG IN INFORMATION. That's always a scam.

Scammers may also send you emails or messages in games or on social media, sometimes from legit accounts they hacked, accounts from your friend list. Never click any of their links, never give them any information or any money.

If a friend is sending you suspicious shit, call them on their phone and ask, that literally happened to me with a friend, "she" sent me (and every single contact) a link to something weird and told me to check it out and the link asked me to log into an account to see it, but it was a fake website that would have stolen my login information to take over my account too.

No. 1227139

File: 1655339987800.gif (41.45 KB, 220x122, tenor.gif)

I believe in you, nona. ♥

No. 1227143

File: 1655340370213.jpg (4.9 KB, 480x360, crying.jpg)

thank you

No. 1227147

sorry anon, would help you out if we lived in the same area. when you get ss card do you think theres some place within walking/biking distance to work and start saving? anyone with a spare room or roommate option?

No. 1227160

It is, they put a spin on it and had me use one of those screen sharing apps but I use fingerprint verification and 2 step verification for sensitive info. Still a dumb old scam I should have known better than to fall for though at the end of the day. I'm also glad I didn't end up losing anything. Kek

No. 1227181

pretty sure that my sister is a bpd-chan. blaming everyone that its our fault she got "raped" and she didn't know it was rape at the time.
>background. when she was underage she would secretly go to a guy in his early twenties house and have sex and not until years later she is considering it as rape and blaming everyone in her life for it occurring. I once confronted her about it and she had a rage where she broke many of my things and after that I just minded my own business.
so shes mad at everyone about it and gets mad at every little thing and starts hurling insults at me saying basically all the things she considers my insecurities which at this point don't hurt me because I've accepted who I am already (thanks to this site actually. love you nonies) and because I didn't react the way she thought I would like I would when I was younger that got her more mad and she destroyed some sentimental items that my friend gave me and since that didn't get to me she started to physically assault me until other people got involved and went on a big rant that if they call the police shes gonna do more than just assault me physically. just kind of scared that she'll destroy my laptop and my phone which are my most expensive possessions since shes done that before when I was younger. I just wish she'd leave already because she is visiting from across the country and of course bpd-chan didn't bring her medication. anons do you all have any advice on how to deal with this???

No. 1227187

Why did you let her visit you?

No. 1227188

That's statutory rape if she was a minor and he was an adult. Technically it's on your parents to keep older perverted dudes from assaulting their underaged daughter, even if she is a bpdlet that sneaks out. No comment on how she's behaving now though, cuz at some point you gotta stop blaming others for your problems.

No. 1227190

Ex who is a diehard 2woke4u dude recently inherited a ton of money and bought a fancy downtown condo with HOA monthly fees that are the same price as cheap rent. He's going to put one room up for rent to cover that. Go figure because he always says landlords are leeches and constantly talks about community and mutual aid, resource sharing, etc. Wanting to live free from The Man. Could have helped seed a cool communal home, off grid even, with any number of his friends from poor families. God I hate performative bullshit. Can not trust a man to behave in line with his words, ever.

No. 1227193

Not a single "woke" person who inherits a ton of money will ever do anything different from what "the man" would do in the same situation. Surprisingly lots of people don't know this extremely obvious fact.

No. 1227197

why the fuck do some people just run the water over their dishes when they are cleaning them instead of filling up the sink like, what do you think the basin was invented for? ?????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????(male housemate doing this right now, go figure)

No. 1227200

Filling up the sink is fucking disgusting

No. 1227206

yeah and so is unnecessary water wastage, get over yourself

No. 1227212

Are you trying to spread covid brah? Disgusting. Get over yourself

No. 1227214

You are unnecessary water wastage.

No. 1227215

you… fill up the sink solely so the food particles detach from the plates and flatware. you still wash them.

No. 1227216

le epic womanchild troll

No. 1227220

You think saliva from used utensils magically disappear after people use the plates? You are practically incubating the germs when you leave the plates in the water.

No. 1227222

you sound feral

No. 1227223

Fucking disgusting. I can't believe I have to share this board with such filthy germ spreaders. Fuck!

No. 1227224

what? you don't leave them in the water for long, like, 15 min or so. then you fully wash the dish with soap and water. you're not soaking anything by just running the water over it for 10 seconds.

No. 1227225

Ok, I thought you had the decency to do it for like 3 minutes tops. 15 minutes is seriously grimy.

No. 1227227

you entirely wash the whole dish as normal. i'm not understanding where you're not getting that scrubbing with soap and water is still happening. your dishes must never be free of oils if you're not soaking adequately with detergent first.

No. 1227232

I'm not understanding where you're not getting that germs breed like crazy and spread everywhere while you are waiting for the dishes to soak for 15 minutes. It doesn't matter whether you are washing them with soap afterwards, the germs already spread during those 15 minutes elsewhere by then.

No. 1227239

do they not have detergent in your feral country or something? i just know you put your fingers in your mouth after low quality posting on lolcow from your smartphone

No. 1227242

Do you think it's ok to leave shit in the toilet for 15 minutes if you clean the toilet afterwards?

No. 1227245

>likening dishwater to literal shitty toilet water

No. 1227247

>no argument

No. 1227249

That only really works in commercial kitchens where they got the special disinfectant soap that they let the dishes soak in. Even then, you're meant to at least rinse the dishes off after that. Idk what you're complaining about but I bet your roommate complains about the gross film you soaking a bunch of dirty dishes in water leaves. On top of the dishes never really being clean lmao

No. 1227252

it's pretty clear all anons are saying they are separately rinsed with new water and washed with that new water. the soaking is for the removal of food and oils.

No. 1227253

You need to learn to read holy shit(infighting)

No. 1227258

thank you for revealing that you also do not care about obnoxiously inflating the water bill you split with other people because you're too self absorbed and lazy

No. 1227261

Look I get it there's no one who cares about the water more than you do
but it's still disgusting and you never addressed the issue of incubating germs in the water for fifteen minutes

No. 1227266

i will always dislike percy jackson, not because i’ve read it or anything but because the girls in high school who had always acted like such authorities on ancient greek myths and history.
also i hate how people act like it’s a woke alternative to harry potter. it will never have what harry potter has, cry about it

No. 1227267

unfathomably based

No. 1227268

>The truth is, I still think the same way. I just have a tight lid on my behaviors and words.
This is good progress! Don't minimize it. You can change your mindset struggles as well.
>How do I not perceive other women as a threat?
Cheating comes down to the character of your boyfriend, not any of these women. There are lots of attractive people, but the same way you choose to be with your boyfriend everyday, he chooses to be with you. The real problem is your insecurities. You can see how he cares and values you. Him loving you is not where your self-worth comes from. If the thoughts can be described as obsessive, think about them as like intrusive thoughts; nothing more than white noise. Because you know the truth that your relationship is good.

No. 1227270

because that anon is not even me and this derail is pathetic, i'm not going to indulge your retarded delusions about germ theory and muh covid. just accept the fact my housemate wasn't taught how to clean dishes and neither were you "brah" (sus)

No. 1227274

Why do you need to soak dishes when you can just rinse the food bits off with warm water and then scrub them with soap??? Dish soap removes the oil right away, that’s why it was invented. The concept of a pool of cloudy diluted food water is nasty af. In fact filling the water basin enough to submerge the dishes IS more wasteful.

No. 1227276

There's no point in letting dishes soak imo. If there's stuck on food then either boil it off or scrub/scrap it off (obviously be careful with dishes that have a coating), soaking is pretty useless and wastes time when there's quicker ways to do it. How I wash dishes is probably different from you though, I only truly handwash plates and utensils when I'm done with them. Everything else gets a quick rinse and pre-clean and thrown in the dishwasher.

No. 1227279

that's what I'm thinking. And it's not even doing much of anything unless you've put some sort of disinfectant soap in the water. Just wasteful for the sake of playing in dirty dishes water.

No. 1227280

PSA you're all replying to the wrong person

No. 1227281

at least you protecc and attacc, goblin queen, that means you're worth at least as much as a really good guard dog, and that's sort of a job

No. 1227282

Harry Potter is as inoffensive as it gets, basically it's English shounen and people still find ways to get upset over it. It's a simple story, what the fuck is even there to obsess about? Read it then get on with your life.

No. 1227284

What kind of shithole do you come from to be taught to wash dishes like that, "brah" (sus)?

No. 1227301

File: 1655348037782.jpeg (3.35 MB, 2248x4000, 0C18D771-21CA-46BC-83A6-671326…)

When I was 18 I began experiencing “psychosis” which may or may not be related to my brain tumor which has been operated on but parts still exists on my brainstem. My lifespan expectancy is what would be considered middle age for most people assuming it continues to grow at this rate which is pretty slow. I am 27 now. I have thus far been managing to exist with what I call “low grade psychosis” for all of these years with few incidents of hospitalization,
i believe that it is in part due to my experiences of temporal lobe epilepsy which i no longer suffer from after the partial resection that i still feel i am in direct constant relationship with god that has immediate consequences.
It is debilitating in some ways. I feel like it has impeded my ability to do anything meaningful outside of myself. I wish I could have finished college because I’m feel like I could have been a smart person.
also when I see a single balloon I feel very afraid.

No. 1227302

Should've just read The Odyssey

No. 1227307

u can request a new social security card online and they send it to you in the mail…i did it before because i lost mine once.

No. 1227310

File: 1655348706200.png (85.27 KB, 231x275, 1645841735750.png)

The urge to completely demolish the image my pickme mother has of a scrote around my brother's age is strong. Tired of her rose tinted glasses on this fat asshole. If this was a woman, she'd completely tear her a new asshole. It's pathetic how she simps for this guy. I seriously don't understand the scrote worship. I'm at my breaking point.

No. 1227312

Seen a few videos over the last couple days about the "inappropriate" ways women are dressing in corporate and business environments and honestly, it's all really outdated bullshit. "You can NEVER wear a crop top and a blazer" okay but some can because the company they work for has a lax dress code. "Tech would NEVER allow that" like do you even work in tech?? Saying someone can never wear something at their job because your place of employment doesn't allow it or you don't like it is retarded.

No. 1227320

I invited her to my graduation and she seemed like she was fine because she was on her meds only to figure out a few days ago that she stopped taking her meds and stopped going to therapy. everything actually was going fine until one of her friends told her something she didn't like and basically took all her anger out on me and brought up the whole past and how everything is my fault and its my fault she got raped.
yeah I agree that its statutory but she puts the blame on my parents who weren't in the know. she uses her excuse of being underage at the time when all that happened but blames me when I was underage too. and she met that older guy through her friends, I've never even seen him. I only learned about it because of her friends and when I confronted her, she broke my shit and started beating me. Just don't know how to deal with her now since she stopped taking her meds. It's like why do I have to deal with this?

No. 1227324

psychosis sucks ass and i am sorry you go through it. for me it is embarrassing. i say things which in my normal mind would never. the good thing about it i guess is that it forced me to life healthier. when i quit all drugs and sugar, i feel better, and with this condition i have a good reason to keep those things at bay. brains just suck, don't they. i dropped out of a course too and lost friends, and interests. i wish i could be your friend. most people have such harsh judgment on this thing.

No. 1227335

I got blocked because I commented "Inappropriateness is subjective and companies got more lax after covid. Every place's dress code is different". The girlbosses love to tell women and girls what they can and can't do but god forbid you state facts lol

No. 1227339

File: 1655351649279.jpg (71.87 KB, 1114x500, IMG_20200112_234644.jpg)

I feel like an orphan on the internet. I have IRL friends but nowhere to hang out on the internet, and for some reason it's really difficult for me to make friends in places like discord. No one seems to want to talk. Same with social media, though that shit sucks so I don't expect anything to come out of there anyways.
It seems like everyone I talk to already has people they hang out with online and that they aren't really looking to add someone else to their private group chats or inner circles which kinda sucks. I wish all my IRL friends weren't absolute normies and would come game with me or just hang out in my retarded little hobby communities.

No. 1227344

omg same, i haven’t been able to make any online friends ever since high school, i really need people to talk about my retarded hobbies.

No. 1227346

File: 1655352069957.jpeg (106.92 KB, 1018x600, images1.jpeg)

Millennials are angry that their business casual that they also wore while clubbing isn't 'it' anymore. They're online warning that management is "watching" what gen z is wearing while getting mad irl that the gen z girl in current trendy business casual gets promoted kek there's really not much of a difference either… Gen Z is just staying away from the chevron and "pops of color"

No. 1227347

File: 1655352072981.jpeg (45.81 KB, 365x458, 60FD3B05-479C-4049-A66B-C6DFF2…)

today at work some little girl picked up a unisex grey slip-on shoe and her mom said “that’s for boys.” it’s a fucking grey shoe. does it have to be pink or something so that everyone knows it’s a shoe made specifically for girls? why? my aunt dresses her baby girls up in all pink and tutus to the point where they look like literal dolls. i used to find it kinda cute but it’s so weird to me now. i hate the fact that these types of mothers deliberately raise their daughters to become victims of patriarchy.

No. 1227349

Me too Nona, I have no idea how to make friends.

No. 1227356

I feel you anon. I wish I could connect with some likeminded women but it feels impossible nowadays.

No. 1227357

discord is always shit so there's nothing to get from that either

No. 1227358