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File: 1655752505836.jpg (241.89 KB, 1024x576, _111373257_elonmusk.jpg)

No. 1233067

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1221651

>>1221682 Kim K releases an overpriced skincare line
>>1221775 Azealia Banks loses it at a Pride gig
>>1222132 Dua Lipa is sued for copyright infringement
>>1222251 Johnny Depp throws hissy fit over his daughter not showering his fragile ego with supporting posts on social media
>>1223031 Kendall Jenner doesn't want children right now
>>1223198 Tokata's family shares picture of their daughter having a meltdown after being "rescued" from an LSD episode
>>1223198 Rebel Wilson was forced to come out to avoid a newspaper outing her
>>1223233 Inside scoop: Leo DiCaprio is bi. Source: anon's friend
>>1223638 Ezra and Tokata are nowhere to be found
>>1223964 Kim K's monstrous, plastic ass dealt irreversible damage to Marilyn Monroe's dress
>>1224117 Madonna releases NFT
>>1224168 Halsey does a pornoesque photoshoot to sell Ulta makeup
>>1224256 Stranger Things kids play DnD
>>1224283 >>1224347 >>1224352 >>1224409 Natalia Dyer looking frail
>>1224585 Paris turns down DJ-ing for President Biden so she can attend Britney's wedding
>>1224620 Xtina wears a strap on for a Pride event
>>1224648 Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer make out for a film
>>1224742 Lady Gaga in talks to star as Harley Quinn in Joker 2
>>1225066 Jenna Ortega is playing Wednesday Addams
>>1225164 Ezra spews schizo shit on Insta
>>1225571 Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin's baby is cute
>>1225631 BTS will brb
>>1225649 Lizzo re-released her song because Twitter folks were angry about her using the word 'spaz'
>>1225772 Charlie Sheen advices daughter to keep her OnlyFans account classy
>>1225939 Jen Aniston complains about Youtube and TikTok stars diluting actor's job
>>1226344 Paris weds Carter Reum
>>1226536 Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in Barbie
>>1226954 Kevin Spacey's dad was a Nazi
>>1226975 Guillermo del Toro is working on his version of PINOCCHIO, this time with a sprinkle of Fascism
>>1227031 Fiona Apple is looking ghastly
>>1227056 Bam Margera is missing in Florida
>>1227205 Chloe Cherry posts on Insta. She has perfected her dead pufferfish look
>>1227401 Harry Styles stars in a tragic gay film
>>1228020 Beyonce appears on British Vogue
>>1228040 the skin on Ariana Grande's face seem to get tighter day by day
>>1228671 Anna Delvey is in the NFT business now (of course she is)
>>1228940 Blu Ivy thankfully resembles more her mom than her dad
>>1229025 the star of Diary of a Wimpy Kid shoots his mther
>>1229577 Ezra reveals he was harassed
>>1229590 Beanie Feldstein leaves the revival of Funny Girl
>>1230020 Kendall Jenner is looking odd
>>1230300 Morbman meets a Vtuber resulting in an unprecedented amount of cringe
>>1230341 Camila Cabello is dating another gay looking guy (the CEO of a Jewish dating app)
>>1232407 Elvis is played by an actor who doesn't resemble him at all
>>1232851 Elon Musk's eldest son troons out and changes last name because he doesn't want to be associated with his father anymore. A lovely Father's Day surprise for Misogynist Muskrat for sure!

No. 1233071

Good thread op

No. 1233073

thank you love

No. 1233077

i'm surprised there isn't more info on that creepy concert ezra hosted

No. 1233080

File: 1655753669930.png (198.77 KB, 628x806, Untitled.png)

Uncensored. This is a public figure.
New name: Vivian Jenna Wilson

No. 1233089

File: 1655754278835.png (107.6 KB, 360x360, Vivian.png)

they always use this fucking name

No. 1233090

File: 1655754302840.png (892 KB, 929x521, elon musk.PNG)

interestingly enough, the one that we all would probably peg for the quintessential troon is not the troon. it's one of the shorter hair ones, but i am positive that the long hair one will troon out after their older brother troons. troon or not though, i think it's great the kid wants absolutely nothing to do with him and seems to hate him, kek. i hope they all publicly follow suit.

No. 1233091

which one? god seeing him looking like an emo with grimes and the normie sons is so fucking cringe

No. 1233094

i got creepy tim vibes from the skinny long haired one, especially with that outfit, but that's not him. i'm not such which of the two shorter hair ones is trans. interested to see if you guys have any predictions as to which of the shorter hair ones it will be. also aside from the famous aspect, the pic looks exactly like a reddit meet up kek, except one where everyone is normal sized.

No. 1233096

Okay as much I dislike troons, I feel certain nonnas spend too much time in the MTF threads that they start seeing TIMs and potential TIMs everywhere, like yeah they are a minority of awful degenerates but they probably the same amount of fetishists who are into feet play, like seriously its weird to talk about teenage boys trooning out that you literally know nothing about

No. 1233097

Another troon is a lost for us all. Yes fuck Elon but at the same time, another moid pretending to be a woman isn't a win because it makes his scrote daddy mad. I would'nt be surpised if we see this "Woman" everywhere now

No. 1233103

i spend literally 0 time in the mtf thread. and sorry, there's a typical look a lot of them have. they usually have a "i spend too much time in male spaces on the internet" look, because that's where they're being exposed to this idea the most.

No. 1233118

agreed. would've been more based if he'd just disavowed him without the troonery but the trans thing was likely going to happen anyways. his constant bleating about transhumanist/AI/pseudointellectual obsession is going to predispose them to this given the current environment and the way trans and all that other shit go hand in hand in those circles.

No. 1233120

I thought the thread pic meant Elon was the one trooning out at first

No. 1233121

This particular troon is an exception

No. 1233126

In my country Vivian is a boy's name kek

No. 1233133

Reminds me of Jules in Euphoria, when I heard about that show out of context I didn't get that this guy wasn't meant to be mtf, I thought it was a regular twink like that one guy in Glee because Jules is exclusively a guy's name in my country and I had no idea it was even a name in English.

No. 1233134

Why do they always choose the same names? I've seen SO MANY multiples of these MtF names in the wild: Alice, Emma, Lily, Kat, Luna, Zoe/Zoey, Stephanie, Vivian

No. 1233135

Wait, I've never seen Euphoria…The trans one ISN'T supposed to be trans in the show?

No. 1233138

he's definitely trans in the show

No. 1233139

No he's supposed to be trans, but I didn't know because the show didn't air yet and from what I saw he didn't pass at all and because of that and the character's name I just assumed he was a regular fag and not a tranny. But he is a tranny.

No. 1233150

i know i'm two threads late but
for fuck's sake

No. 1233152

vivian with an "a" is a boy's name though kek. vivienne is for girls.

No. 1233154

I've met plenty of women named Vivian.

No. 1233159

> Trooning out on Father's day Edition
kek nice thread name!!

No. 1233164

File: 1655756481774.jpg (138.35 KB, 800x832, Screenshot_2022161612.jpg)

It's both.

No. 1233166

yeah, of course troons will see this as a "Ha ha gotcha transphobe dad!" but he's not doing it because he feels he's a woman (Though thats retarded as well), it's because his daddy issues.
Basically politically trooning out, but not even hiding it. Changing his gender as fuck you to his dad. Which is retarded and in a way kinda showing how silly all this is. I doubt Elon is going to change or anything.

No. 1233168

File: 1655756854665.png (893.98 KB, 1234x1076, Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 21.27…)

seethe fattys

No. 1233169

why are they all dressed like they don't have money for clothes? As much as I dislike Musk, if he would be my father, I would try to squeeze as much money out of him as I could, after all he is rich and he won't miss a cent.

No. 1233173

Okay but why not actually cast an actresses with that build rather get a regular actress to wear a fat suit

No. 1233174

they're remaking matilda? devito's version was perfect..

No. 1233176

it is, i am actually suprised they are keeping matilda white due to all the other recent race changing in movies and stuff recently

No. 1233177

this just looks stupid

No. 1233178

File: 1655757557823.png (660.76 KB, 568x859, XxBjCyF.png)

>This is so fucking disturbing, how did this not blow up?

Almost everything related to pedowood and epstein are never reported, because its these types of people running the show.

Don't even get started on Hunter Bidens laptop

No. 1233180

actually not suprising but they are changing mrs honey from white to black. mrs honey will be played by lashana lynch. the old casting was perfect and the old film was perfect.. why do they have to remake things?

No. 1233182

I'm a fatass and I am not offended in the slightest, just confused of the logistics, would >>1233173 not be easier?

No. 1233183

File: 1655757885242.gif (923.63 KB, 499x281, matilda-ws-pic-3.gif)

Kek. Isn't Trunchbull a based athlete who competed in the olympics? If anything fatties could take some inspiration from her.

It must be hard to find a popular actress with Trunchbull's build nowadays, isn't it? The remakes are made to bring in money first and foremost, so I can understand that they would use a popular actress like Emma Thompson rather than some lesser known actress. Which is sad. There's no new faces coming out of Hollywood nowadays.

No. 1233184

Many others are though
Exactly, I think Emma Thompson will be great. She has done roles like this before where she completely changes for a role. Like Nanny Mcphee.

No. 1233185

it's the same in the music industry. i think times are very unsteady and no one likes taking risks, so they stick to the shit which they know works. i feel like creativity is at an all time low, the only thing that counts is that the genderspecials like it and that it's "woke". taking risks could always end in controversy or getting cancelled so everyone plays it safe.

No. 1233187

this is cokehead scribblings.

No. 1233189

Yeah, she had a muscular build, not just a fatty. Fun fact, they often had to stop filming because the kids loved the actress that played her so much that they ran to her and hugged her, she was surrounded by them. Emma Thompson could never compete.

No. 1233191

Prediction time. What woke changes will they add to the Matilda remake aside from the choice of actors? Will Miss Trunchbull have a troubled past that explains her horrible behaviour? Will the fat kid who is forced to eat an entire cake instead be forced to eat a healthy meal to show the toxicity of diet culture?

No. 1233194

Nta but aw that's cute.

No. 1233197

File: 1655758655141.jpg (58.95 KB, 620x374, 118819.jpg)

She wasn't an Olympian. But the actress was in the Air Force.

No. 1233204

I didn't know that, cool stuff!

No. 1233218

It's technically not a remake of the one from the 90s, it's a film version of the broadway matilda musical that debuted in like 2010. From I can tell it takes more inspiration from the book instead of the og film.

No. 1233226

I didn't even know there was a muscial, but that changes my opinion seeing as the amount of people who can't afford to go watch the actual musical on Broadway can get access to it as well, which is nice.

No. 1233235

The character Trunchbull competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics though, which is why she's wearing the "1972 Olympics" shirt in the pic you posted

No. 1233248

The book and the film are really similar though

No. 1233277

Off topic but have you guys seen the Matilda reunion where they reenact the cake scene? Bruce looks so different lol. Pam Ferris is amazing
(starts @ 16:20)

No. 1233306

Agree. All this does is skew women's statistics more and invade more female spaces.

All troons should 41 percent.

No. 1233312

>blackwashing a character
2022. it never fails. I'm so sick of movie remakes from my childhood.

No. 1233315

That's so cool! thanks for the info

No. 1233400

Still living in daddy’s $8.5 million dollar home though so didn’t disown him completely kek

No. 1233402

> Hunter Bidens laptop
The fact that no one talks about this is the saddest shit. They really brushed it off as if it was just a few dick pics and porn searches when it really is some damning evidence of all sorts of illegal shit.

No. 1233423

it's anthony reed!

No. 1233429

Wait, I thought that was just fake far right talking points. What was actually on it? I don't want to google and fuck up my al gore rhythm but I am genuinely curious and open to hearing about it!

No. 1233460

One of the girls was spoiled to be Taylor R style forever teen, who has been 21 for 10 years and a known coke whore (allegedly). Apparently she was trying to get clout in tech scrote circles a few years ago.

Sage because I remember this being on LSA, I am sure some nonna here will have a link to the thread handy.

No. 1233472

He admitted to inappropriate shit with his niece in screenshotted text messages too, the drugs, etc

No. 1233474

Is this his niece?

No. 1233494

Is just me or kids are less cute nowadays? To much trying to look like mini adults instead of just children.

No. 1233505


No. 1233510

Camilla or the boyfriend kek

No. 1233514

camila, the boyfriend is more like a pot roast

No. 1233526

It is, yeah

No. 1233550

I know you've written English but it isn't making sense

No. 1233566

no nonna, it does. she's saying she was a taylor r styled model, that she has been pretending to be 21 for 10 years, does a lot of coke, and was trying to get into tech circles.

No. 1233574

nta but I re-read
>she was a taylor r styled model, that she has been pretending to be 21 for 10 years
like 50 times and still don't get it

No. 1233616

It’s beyond the witching hour and “Al gore rhythms” is way funnier than it should be

No. 1233657

jfc, how disgusting is that. How is he not in jail? I'm also surprised it's not talked about more, like other anon I've only heard that hehe man had porn saved; and it's SO MUCH worse

No. 1233660

has this been talked about in the tinfoil thread? this is so fucked up and i never actually wanted to look it up because i thought it was far right bullshit but now i'm concerned…

No. 1233676

Because they're 'girlish' names which have no male equiivalent

No. 1233708

nice thread but i thought it would be ryan as ken for the threadpic.

No. 1233711

He's not in jail because he's Biden's son. There is much worse shit on his laptop too. Him and a little girl who looks about 6 or 7 years old in bed together and pictures of a little boy dressed up in lingerie.

If you didn't know yet that all the rich and powerful people in the US rape kids then… well now you know. Biden sniffs kids too and all of the presidents have been to Epstein's Island. They all have sex with kids and they all protect each other.

No. 1233713

you have your tinfoil thread for a reason so go take your schizo conspiracies' there and not here,

No. 1233716

NTA, but are you the same sperg from upthread who tried to accuse people of defending moids for pointing out that Hollywood is full of pedophiles and that child stars get abused? For something to be schizo, it'd actually have to be untrue, fuck out of here

No. 1233730

Is it really tinfoil when there's evidence? Hollywood and government are full of pedos. Biden can't keep his hands off these young girls.

No. 1233732

cool i didn't know epstien was alive in the times of george washington

No. 1233733

The current and living former presidents aren't going to fuck you anon. No need to defend them, or anyone else on Epstein's flight logs.

No. 1233742

Taft is her husbando. But on that note, if there wasn't already enough evidence to fucking hate Biden this is it. Is this the same son with the drug problem there6 Joe got all choked up defending? And I remember Joe being creepy with little girls even in old footage that may as well be in b&w. Jc, all nonces should be eradicated for the good of the species.

No. 1233779

Retards like you are the reason we're never gonna get out of this hellscape

No. 1233803

The photos posted are concerning AF. I know it was dismissed initially because the story of the laptop being dropped off in a random state made no sense and the CP allegations came out after the leak of an email of Hunter asking Joedaddy to do something corrupt for him. Was there a dump of all the images taken from his laptop because I suspect the counterpoint would be that the images were doctored to implicate Hunter. I also don't want to mess up my Al Gore Rhythm by looking too deeply into this.

No. 1233806

Is it your first day on the job, glowie? You should learn to integrate better than that..

No. 1233807

Does anyone else remember the site that the Hunter Biden photos were first posted on (or one of the first)? It was this Chinese site but I can't remember the name

No. 1233808

Personally, I dismissed it because my q-anon ex was spewing retarded shit to me non stop in 2020 after the lockdown and I just couldn’t take anything he said seriously. All I could hear was ~muh mento ilnuss

Anyways I am disturbed and logging off now.

No. 1233821

File: 1655823270790.jpg (23.19 KB, 597x238, kek.JPG)

Also Alice, Mara, Lucy, Lilith, Emily, Zoe, Chloe, Lily.

I had not seen the pics before, this shit is sick. Now I feel like a dumbass for dismissing it back when it came up.

No. 1233823

Is this the q-anon thread?

No. 1233828

There's nothing about Qanon being mentioned, are you lost?

No. 1233837

The whole Q-anon bullshit and extreme pizzagate theories made people put all of the 100% confirmed cases of rampant pedophilia in high celebrity / political circles under the same umbrella of being a retarded 4chan tinfoiler, which is just so wrong. People like Epstein and Polanski did what they did in a broad daylight but it still feels like you cant mention it without being called a conspiracy theorist.
(I don't blame you anon of course, if I'd only hear about these things from qanon spergs I'd not take it seriously either)

No. 1233841

nta but this is also what i heard

No. 1233847

Amen. It got co-opted and made more and more ridiculous to make the original truth less believable. Pretty fucking genius, pretty fucking sinister.

No. 1233859

can we uh…go back to talking about goofy celebrity stuff again? this is starting to look like the conspiracy thread…

what did you think of beyoncé new song? i think it sucks lol

No. 1233866

Kinda expected more but I get the 90s vibe she was going for. Def sounds something you would've heard on the radio back then.

No. 1233873

it sounds very forgettable and generic especially for a comeback song.

No. 1233885

File: 1655828104860.png (239.79 KB, 861x726, first cause of action.png)

Sadly the Manson thread has been dead for ages now but has anyone been keeping up with recent stuff? I finished watching Phoenix Rising last week and thought it was horrifying. I was confused by the Australian no-name chick (Ashley/Illma) and assumed they were in a relationship given how much Evan talked about her bisexuality.
Then I read the complaint Manson filed against the two of them and it's shocking. I find it extremely likely and believable that Evan was abused by Marilyn however I think that there's a large chance that Ashley will botch the case in the same way Amber's was. Not to mention that there will probably be a bot farm working hard for Manson with information that is actually damning like in pic related. Just to explain for those who are out of the loop:
a) Ashley (or someone pretending to be Illma Gore) swatted Manson.
b) Ashley got Manson's passwords from a former assistant that they recruited to make accusations against him. She then used this to obtain private information such as Manson's social security number. The complaints mentions that Ashley's sister (legally named Illma) was granted a temporary restraining order because Ashley was digitally stalking her and her family. She is also accused of using a fake email address impersonating Manson to send pornography and other things.
c) Falsified a police report saying that Evan and her family should not be in LA given pending investigation against Manson. The complaint also includes some text message where someone who they accuse of being Evan sends the whole police report in text. I have no idea how the fuck they got this text but in Phoenix Rising they accuse Manson of cloning phones and hacking people who connect to his wifi network so that could be why. In any case the complaint says the agent who "signed" the report confirms that it's forged as well as the division that it mentions doesn't exist at all. It's mentioned that this report was submitted in Evan's custody case between her ex to support her request to relocate her and her son.
d) In the documentary they claim that the girl in Groupie was a minor. The complaint states she was a 22 year old actress and also identifies her.
e) This one is the least credible point imo.
Some of the information in the complaint (you can find it on Manson's twitter) I have no idea how it was obtained, there's even a diary entry that they say is from Ashley that claims the Phoenix Act was a plot to make money. This is laughable but keep in mind that this was submitted as evidence in a complaint and carries the penalty of perjury if the defendants can prove any of this was manufactured by Manson's team. As much as I dislike Manson I have to give him and his legal team some credit given that they filed this in LA which has robust Anti-SLAPP laws (which is why Johnny sued Amber in bumfuck Virginia since there was no way a case as shaky as his would survive in LA) meaning that they are confident that they have a case.
I didn't keep up with the Manson threads when they were active on here since there were so many low quality posts but if a) and b) are completely true, it's possible that Illma was active in those threads.
>inb4 Manson will never marry you/w.e
I hope at least one person finds this interesting, if so I'll return with more information once I do more research.

TL;DR the woman (Illma/Ashley Gore) who is featured heavily in Phoenix Rising appears to be an insane lolcow who forges evidence. Manson's legal team claims that she is guilty of everything in pic related.

No. 1233919

It sounds like a counterfeit of Azealia Banks.

No. 1233924

Kek nona.

No. 1233925

Did any proof ever come out about Grimes and Chelsea Manning besides that one Page 6 article months ago?

Sage for being annoying because I asked in the Grimes/Musk thread but that one is more dead and I'm really curious. People keep using it as a gotcha against Musk like "ha your girlfriend left you for someone trans"

No. 1233927

They were both at Hasan Piker's house together

No. 1233933

Wasn't Grimes there with the woman from Pussy Riot? From what I can tell Manning was with Hasan in February and Grimes in April. Feeling like I'm tinfoiling about this but there isn't a single photo of them together but everyone is treating it like fact. Sorry that this is my autistic axe to grind today.

No. 1233938

There is a photo of Chelsea and Grimes there together, I can try to find it. And yes the girl from Pussy Riot was there at some point also

No. 1233939

It's funny (but mostly sad, really) seeing how many women consider his son's misogynistic narc womanfacing as some kind of "win" for women against Elon.

No. 1233946

every time someone this 'famous' yet retarded troons out it peaks another hundred people. it is a win in the long term

No. 1233990

The Black Eyed Peas, Shakira and David Guetta teamed up for a song and it's as horrible as you imagine it.

No. 1234007

It’s going to personally upset me if house music gets popular in mainstream again without Azealia. She’s going to have a turbo meltdown and sperg about Beyoncé endlessly.

No. 1234012

This sounds like they dug into the archives and re-purposed a demo from 2009-2012. Black Eyed Peas were always trash.

No. 1234015

There is already some drama on twitter. At least more people are going to listen to her work and know her name.

No. 1234017

File: 1655834460261.png (779.16 KB, 1098x423, Capture.PNG)

Oh god this sounds retro in a bad way. Like they took all the cliche beats and tunes and lyrics from the late 2000s and made a song from them. Also did they paste Shakira's face onto another person's head? it looks like it kek

No. 1234018

Yeah, that's where I learned about it, it was 2-3 threads ago I think

No. 1234026

File: 1655834998596.jpeg (967.08 KB, 1238x1604, EF79F67F-1131-4105-A757-EC7113…)

Oh yeah, some gay rapper talked about blu ivy being ugly compared to north west on twitter years ago. Now he tweets a pic of one of Azealia’s best songs. A real house song. He’s delusional otherwise for comparing children’s looks.

No. 1234027

This sounds so dated, kek. Too early to be vintage and nostalgic

No. 1234035

Just me or does this mv have such a weird, stiff, low budget vibe to it?

No. 1234040

It does but it's hilarious because at the end you see the production that went into it and it still looks like shit.

No. 1234052

File: 1655837162987.gif (3.49 MB, 396x498, sazzybarb-saucy-santana.gif)

i cant believe this man had the guts to call someone ugly, like look at him
he has the same pear-shaped body like boyega

No. 1234053

credit to boyega, his child bearing hips are natural. santana gets bbl after bbl to look like that lmao

No. 1234056

well he was. he's like dan halen

No. 1234058

yes it does.

No. 1234059

Does anyone know the exact thread #? Not to sound like a Dark Triad Stacy but I don't really have the time right now to scroll through threads

No. 1234073

I love Azealia, but she's mostly got herself to blame for being left behind

No. 1234079

No one would give a fuck about her opinions if she was a moid. Moids are to blame.

No. 1234083

She should come out as an afab trans woman. Then they couldn’t say shit.

No. 1234085

and you're off-the-bat believing the claims of a homocidal abuser and rapist who has admitted to fantasizing about bashing evan's head in with a sledgehammer to publications, then denying it and denying his abuse, why? only through a pisspoor attempt to forum shop has allowed depp to go to virginia. it's entirely possible manson had no such shaky loophole that'll likely cause it to be overturned on appeal. that doesn't mean he should be credited in any way.

No. 1234105

AYRT and I believe it is more than likely he was abusive towards Evan and said so in that very post you've replied to; Gore however is another story entirely and I am inclined to believe Manson's claims about her given that he has engaged with a reputable CA law firm that undoubtedly has scrutinized the evidence Manson and his team have presented.
If Manson and his team did not believe they had any chance of prevailing over an Anti-SLAPP in LA, they could have chosen to sue her in Tennessee (where she resides) which doesn't have these protections for celebrities.

No. 1234123

sorry but i love it tbh. i needed a tacky yet uplifting song after all these crappy sad ones. plus it feels nostalgic so even better.

No. 1234136

This is so forgettable and dated. Their last collaboration at least did something interesting with her voice, wish there was a solo version with only her parts tbh.

No. 1234161

At some point you're gonna have to grow up and accept that reality isn't cute.

No. 1234174

File: 1655845577049.jpeg (770.71 KB, 898x1324, FBE70CC6-E61B-47F3-93BA-8624BB…)

Queer live action scooby doo

No. 1234206

I can't explain it but he looks like a gay version of Peter Stormare in Fargo

No. 1234221

File: 1655847899945.jpeg (201.21 KB, 1023x679, 12289EBA-3A38-4684-9874-D18CBA…)

KEK I see it

No. 1234230

They're names associated with young girls, the name of a girl they crushed on in high school and are trying to skinwalk, the name of a fictional character they're trying to skinwalk.
i.e. coom

No. 1234233

That was genuinely the most horrid song I've heard in a minute. God, what were they thinking?

No. 1234253

This song sounds catchy but it just makes me bored lmao. The worst of 2010 house music

No. 1234269

This is so disturbing

No. 1234379

why was the post/picture of biden and his niece deleted

No. 1234412

Picking the most pornified stereotypical names to live out a bad bitch fantasy of womanhood in their heads that doesn’t even align with actual womanhood. It would be like one of us changing our names to Brick Chad.

No. 1234496

because it's actual child porn?

No. 1234548

a lot of black guys actually do have weirder hip distribution which makes them appear to have bigger butts, compared to white and other races of men

No. 1234567

File: 1655871504038.jpeg (705.52 KB, 2048x2048, C9253427-C74B-43F9-B5E7-303E36…)

Corey Gamble’s hips never lie.

No. 1234575

finally, a worthy rival for boyega

No. 1234586


No. 1234590

File: 1655873649645.png (44.87 KB, 500x566, Instagram-Lmaooo-yall-hoes-stu…)

A billionaire singing about a 9-5 job, reminds me of picrel

No. 1234594

It's like something my friends and I would come up with in 5th grade.

No. 1234596

I loved the era of pop EDM electro house music and still listen to some but this one is boring, flat, and low energy despite the beat. Like why can’t music have energy and be fun anymore?? David Guetta used to make some bangers I swear

No. 1234597

also her entire lemonade album, presenting herself as a "bossbitch" when IRL she's a loser cuchqueen whose ugly ass husband will continuously always cheat on her

No. 1234615

>calling Beyonce a loser
dark triad Stacy type vibe

No. 1234651

Controversial opinion, I liked it. Nothing revolutionary but I miss the 90s sounding stuff like it so it was nice to hear it on the radio. It's just good mindless driving music. I just didn't like the more rap parts but the singing bits were alright.

No. 1234700

>I want something else to get me through this semicharm kinda life, baby baby
The beyonce singe was so underwhelming and detached. I hope the album is better? Idk man, the older she gets the more it feels like she just mirrors others in terms of trending. Like being trendy is far lore important than being creative? I think her ego will have her pulling a madonna soon enough.

No. 1234713

It’s not like she’s the one who comes up with her concepts for the most part. I don’t think she sees herself as a god I think she’s just a performer and does what she’s instructed, which is fine. I genuinely do not imagine Beyonce has meticulously crafted some iconographic persona of herself and just wants to put out music and be left alone with her kids. I’d like to think she’s above doing the Madonna thing, that is so tragic.

No. 1234723

evidence is evidence

No. 1234744

don't ever use those words again, byt yeah my life isn't perfect, I'm not rich or considered beautiful but at least I'm not a cuckqueen married to an ugly coochy lipped fatty who cheats on me publicly and openly

No. 1234784

File: 1655887785398.jpg (124.04 KB, 888x747, Fh7HRdF.jpg)

Olivia and Zack Bia are officially a couple

No. 1234786

File: 1655887918066.jpg (124.91 KB, 633x828, CDvcTxD.jpg)

some pictures of Margot Robbie on set

No. 1234787

File: 1655887962454.jpg (140.74 KB, 591x841, 5CXcfLc.jpg)

No. 1234788

This looks is cute

No. 1234789

Olivia WHY. That scrote is so bland and ugly.


No. 1234798

she looks really pretty and the outfit is cute, hate the bag but i have a real nit to pick with that haircolor. it should be multitonal and i don't like the slight pink tint it appears to have. looks wash ed out and fried

No. 1234803

He looks like a greasy discord/soundcloud sadboy groomer

No. 1234804

Very Barbie, would pick her up and play with her

No. 1234807

>this is the kind of person who calls Beyoncé a loser

No. 1234809

she has a a type. plain semitic looking white boys with dark curly hair

No. 1234825

She always dates the most unwashed looking men. And they're always 5+ years older than her, it's weird.

She's so pretty.

No. 1234826

dont want to be attacked but..i thought shed get slim more to fit into the barbie body dype (slim flat body).
Her body is nice but its too curvy for the actual barbie

No. 1234834

I fucking love semitic looking boys with dark curly hair. That dude looks like a FTM though.

No. 1234851

You may not like it but this is what Barbie looks like

No. 1234857

File: 1655895934646.jpg (63.67 KB, 1169x637, 8789.jpg)

former fifth harmony member Norman appeared in a chris brown music video, proving once again that women in pop music are still the biggest pick-me losers in the planet

No. 1234877

i think little girls won't care (if kids will be able to watch this), her face is pretty and barbielike enough

No. 1234889

>he looks ftm
alright that's good enough, let's fire up the olivia rodrigo lesbian truther posting nonas

No. 1234890

File: 1655901652936.jpeg (271.73 KB, 2000x2000, 4dedb097-8b2d-406b-b911-955388…)

Barbie is slim but she's definitely not flat, she has a defined waist but still has obvious breasts

No. 1234893

File: 1655902172477.jpg (75.66 KB, 537x861, vyA0dch.jpg)

don't pin this on women in pop. only scrotes and irrelevent pick mes work with chris. normani barely makes pop music and the other pop women he worked with scrapped their collabs. Ariana cancelled her collab, Zendaya scrapped the music video and Tinashe was forced to do it by her label. She later released a solo version and got bullied by Chris Brown and his fans.
The irony is that Chris Brown insulted her. 5th harmony is the worst girl group ever.

No. 1234894

File: 1655902199620.jpg (123.69 KB, 844x847, bOjDcOt.jpg)

No. 1234896

Kek this is the chinlet guy who’s a “club promoter” aka drug dealer for celebs, he dates way out of his league and I have no clue what those girls see in him or what he has to offer already rich young celebrities. I bet he’ll cheat and be a toxic fucker too like usual

No. 1234905

The bitter ramblings of a deranged, narcissistic faggot who beats women. His moment is over and he can't handle it kek

No. 1234908

File: 1655903594932.jpg (42.83 KB, 498x759, barbie n ken.JPG)

Now there is a lot of different Barbie body types, but even the vintage ones were not that slim necessarily, they were def very top heavy. In any case the doll does not have a body that is achievable to humans, and I personally think Margot looks very close to what I would imagine Barbie to look like irl. She is not fat in any way.

No. 1234909

And to add iirc Barbie has always been attacked for being too curvy rather than slim, having a tiny waist and big boobs

No. 1234918

This just looks like Harley Quinn in pink to me

No. 1234938


No. 1234976

Jesus Christ her profile here is perfect

No. 1234977

taylor r is a youtuber who gets talked about on /w/. anon is saying that the person is styled to look like taylor.

No. 1235001

File: 1655911079740.jpg (108 KB, 1568x891, 935d5bad75.jpg)

Is anyone else excited for the Marilyn Monroe film with Ana de Armas in the lead?
I've heard so much about this movie and I have read the fictional novel it's based on, and I'm pretty excited

No. 1235005

No because Ana is a terrible actress and the word around it has not been good lol

No. 1235006

What the hell was the casting director thinking?
>Barbie has always been attacked for being too curvy rather than slim
I'd say quite the opposite.

No. 1235025

Oh, I had read that the director said the one thing people will absolutely not be disappointed in is de Armas.

I thought she was good in Knives Out.

No. 1235036

File: 1655914412061.jpg (8.57 KB, 259x194, barbie.jpg)

This is the ideal female body. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

No. 1235044

File: 1655914912815.jpg (595.35 KB, 1506x2048, brad.jpg)

Brad Pitt on the August cover of GQ Magazine

No. 1235048

Bad career move. Western pop stars should learn something of idols: Keep their dating life low profile ! Unless it's another well liked appropriate celeb. Also to cool off on the tacky sexualization.

No. 1235050

He looks like a corpse wtf. What's with the random lizard

No. 1235053

The lizard is the actual brain here, the human body is just the puppet.

No. 1235060

he looks like fucking arnold schwarzenegger. terrifying

No. 1235068

File: 1655916370910.jpg (22.58 KB, 480x278, 2fcdeaf1694e99e7145f073dfc1fda…)

They're both ruined

No. 1235072

There is something off about his eyes and I don't think it's the oversaturation of his eye color. They look strange to me. He looks so fucking weird here.

No. 1235073

Wow he's almost 60. Didn't realize how old he was when I was a kid.

No. 1235079

Kek, it's a sign for the other lizard people now to drop their fake human bodies and rise.

No. 1235090

I know I am late but all his sons are manlets and gay looking.

No. 1235091

he really does look like a corpse wtf. why do people keep doing this to their faces, has it ever looked good on anyone?

No. 1235093

mental illness
hope Elon kicks it out

No. 1235095

Mark McGrath bottox vibes here. His neck looks shopped to appear larger and the nostril on his left looks busted as fuck from coke. Is that an angel with a templar knight's shield on his necklace? The Ophelia drowned around flowers pose, the lizard, the blue evil eye… Shitty ocult references or shitty styling?

No. 1235105

No. 1235115

File: 1655919095772.jpg (18.31 KB, 384x288, Ballet-barbie-in-the-nutcracke…)

Kek. Not joking, I had many barbies as a child and also watched a lot of her movies, so I always thought Barbie looked above average height and with a slim and toned inverted triangle body type, rather than an hourglass. Margot Robbie is beautiful and I think her body looks amazing but, like Gosling, she fails to look like the doll she is portraying. It isn't really a problem because the movie seems to not be centered around that. On the other hand, I hope we get to see cute barbie outfits and proper hair styling. I can't wait for more leaks!

No. 1235153

jfc he looks like the mummified corpse of some rich gay guy

No. 1235158

I sort of like her but wonder how she will get rid of her natural accent

No. 1235163

She has an accent? I first saw her in freaks and geeks and I don't recall her having an accent in it.

No. 1235194

this part was originally going to Amy Schumer, pretty sure they're not going for the perfect barbie look

No. 1235203

Huh? I don't remember her being in Freaks and Geeks, maybe you're thinking of Linda Cardellini? She would've been like 11 by the time the show aired, and F&G was about highschool.

No. 1235225

don't insult Schwarzenegger like that, Brad Pitt looks way older and is after all 16 years younger. Honestly, his skin looks like Robert Refords and that guy is 85. Plastic surgery is really a blessing…

No. 1235253

embalmed gay sleazecore

No. 1235258

NTA but I agree, Barbie is not an hourglass. She just has a defined waist but her body type is definitely top heavy, with athletic looking broad shoulders. I call it an 80s fitspo silhouette but of course inverted triangles have been around forever. People tend to see a defined waist and immediately jump to hourglass but hip vs shoulder ratio matters along with where the fat is stored.

Margot's body is too lush to fit Barbie's look, but I've read they're trying to be off-beat with the movie and not actually make a normal Barbie thing so the casting seems totally intentional. I don't think she got cast for pure likeness here.

No. 1235262

Oh shit you're right, my bad

No. 1235266

He looks like a freshly embalmed corpse.

No. 1235273

He’s not even remotely good looking. I wouldn’t swipe him on tinder and I’m a fuggo.

No. 1235319

I like 90s techno/house & like some of beys work but this is kinda lame

No. 1235360

Yikes why he lookin like onision 5yrs ago??

No. 1235366

fuck thank you nonita

No. 1235373

I don't think the bag is part of the costume anon

No. 1235379

but what the fuck is
>she has been pretending to be 21 for 10 years
supposed to mean?

No. 1235395

File: 1655927191548.jpg (70.45 KB, 343x849, IEolzLO.jpg)

Ghoulia Fox in New York

No. 1235399

File: 1655927282554.jpg (89.68 KB, 598x853, ytq5xov.jpg)

how is she not in rehab for being a crackhead

No. 1235400

I actually saw one of her social media posts recently, and was so surprised to see that some people online seem to like her and even think she's bringing some kind of excitement to the celebrity and fashion world. It's so weird, I got used to the things that lolcow was saying about Julia that I didn't even realize that people generally like her.

No. 1235413

completely forgot about her

No. 1235416

File: 1655927983751.jpg (137 KB, 814x721, j0lEJJV.jpg)

Katy Perry got into an argument with a waitress then tipped her for treating her like a normal person

No. 1235418

File: 1655928005162.jpg (100.27 KB, 634x568, 7WytTjN.jpg)

No. 1235428

NTA but it's still pathetic to stay with a cheater even if you're rich kek. Almost makes it sadder since Beyonce could easily get anyone better compared to the average person.

No. 1235429

File: 1655928391647.png (980.92 KB, 1236x744, Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 1.05…)

Looking like Benedict Cumberbatch's troon character in Zoolander 2

No. 1235436

Now I know why she had the swan eyes going on, to hide her lack of eyebrows

No. 1235446

>left you lonely hoes dancing in a circle

No. 1235451

she's so sexy idc idc

No. 1235456

>I have no clue what those girls see in him or what he has to offer already rich young celebrities

Unlimited free cocaine. Gotta stay thin somehow

No. 1235467

File: 1655929548401.png (120.4 KB, 1454x254, Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 1.23…)

Oh my god, anon I thought you were making a joke at first. Curiosity got the best of me and I googled it. You weren't kidding

No. 1235469

Shes still too good for Kanye

No. 1235472

She kinda serving idc

No. 1235477

something about these posts give off twitter vibes. serving what?

No. 1235479

anorexia and cocaine abuse

No. 1235480

Julia Fox is here posting these herself kek

No. 1235482

Yeah of course right after the Depp trial this pathetic leather handbag wants to be seen as a gentle cinnamon woll so he can try to drag Angelina through the dirt. Meanwhile his children hate him and he’s retarded.

No. 1235483

She’s too good for lolcow I enjoy her honestly. She doesn’t care at all and is just letting people shill her so she can sit in her apartment with her son singing terrible ldr tiktok covers. I support her.

No. 1235486

That’s literally all he is

No. 1235487

File: 1655930399016.jpg (113.67 KB, 618x1015, 44-96.jpg)

I hate to sound anachan but she looks so…. Normal? When I think of Barbie, I think of beautiful, tall, blonde- Anya comes to mind or even Anne Hathaway's iconic style.
I think Margo was casted because she's looked at as a sex symbol but she definitely has let herself go.
Picrel is Kaitlyn Olsen (from it's sunny) who looks more like Barbie in sweatpants than Margo in pink.

No. 1235488

it's a very cute lizard! he is the real cover model.

No. 1235492

Umm I just googled this person, her username is TaylorR1488? Is she rumored to be a white supremacist? 1488 is a neo-nazi dogwhistle used in white supremacy groups

No. 1235494

i'm sorry no. i love kaitlin she's funny and super talented, pretty yes - but i wouldn't peg her as conventionally attractive enough to play barbie. i think you're just staying that because she's skinny and blonde margo's face is very barbie like, i.e the equal balance between neotenous/cute and mature/sexy features.

No. 1235497

Nothing against Kaitlyn, but no the fuck she doesn't.

No. 1235500

I remember her addressing it as 88 being a lucky number in asian culture and idk what 14 was
Also remember her brother making weird off color nazi jokes in one of her videos even though her videos are ~wholesome~ child friendly

No. 1235509

Sorry I should have clarified better. I think Kaitlyn's body looks more like Barbie, where Margo is more conventionally attractive (sex symbol) but from an untrained eye- I'd still think Kaitlyn was casted for Barbie rather than Margo (based on the two pics). Sorry for the sperg

No. 1235510

I wonder why many pick Margot apart while we have Ryan Gosling as Ken, which is a way worse choice than Margot can ever be, so can we please pick him apart?

No. 1235512

take it over to /w/, lolitaspergs

No. 1235515

There are so many types of barbie body types though over the years there are barbie dolls have a inverted triangle top heavy body type so the real barbie would have to have broad shoulders,huge boobs and a huge ribcage meanwhile at the same time having a small waist. Infact almost all barbie dolls had this body type until the early 2000's.

The barbie body type would look so weird in real life.

No. 1235520

Her birthday is 14th of December 1988 which is where the numbers come from. She made a hilariously bad video response where she was pretending to google the number and the meaning of it for the first time after people made fuzz about it, but there is no milk there, she is just dumb.

No. 1235521

i made my post >>1234826 because i was bored and wanted attention i didn't mean it, i dont know about that other anon though.

No. 1235525

Not those anons but check the last thread, his pic got way more responses.

No. 1235535


No. 1235544

File: 1655932446247.jpeg (11.12 KB, 133x254, 8CE69148-77B8-44C9-A409-60F30D…)

this is probably going to be redtexted as racebait whatever but picrel is me watching the anachan anons in this thread talk about which white woman looks the most peak “aryan” and skinny to play in a barbie movie where “he’s just like me!!” driver ryan gosling was cast as ken out of all people kek. feels good being ugly/average and skinny-fat and not caring who represents me unless the movie is decent nonnas

No. 1235547

Going to start a fistfight with Matt Dillon and hope he gives me $300

They’re just bleached. In some closeups you can see they’re still very fluffy, just platinum.

Wasn’t she essentially groomed by Jay-Z in her early career and now he’s the father of her children.? Multiple children. I don’t see why it’s “pathetic” to want to have a wholesome nuclear family when that’s seen as the stereotypical idea that was probably constantly shilled to her in childhood. I don’t think bey is some sort of prolific inhuman but I also think it’s weird to act like she’s evil or that there’s something wrong with her.

No. 1235551

Not saying you do this, nona, but I've seen this same mindset go sideways too. Like some anons get mad when a particular model is called beautiful here, because they're the same race as her, but they're not as attractive (and they admit to this). People are just weird about looks

No. 1235553

Talking about men is a waste and gosling is ugly anyways.

No. 1235564

Looks like Elon Musk crossed with John Travolta

No. 1235575

File: 1655933901594.jpg (141.04 KB, 648x840, kBkXi0m.jpg)

Not new milk but the Sports Illustrated model Jordan Peterson sperged out on is Devon Aoki's niece. Was Devon a nepotism model? I know she's striking looking but it's interesting how everyone in her family is a celeb (her brother is the DJ Steve Aoki)

No. 1235576

File: 1655933928926.jpg (156.66 KB, 1516x768, frdzCBt.jpg)

this is her niece in Vogue

No. 1235578

kek, love you nonna, you got my full attention, hope you aren't bored anymore.

No. 1235579

File: 1655934071222.jpg (52.31 KB, 370x600, 4HJhBh8.jpg)

for the nonnies who don't know who devon is:

No. 1235586

We've already picked that apart too. Don't act like we haven't.

No. 1235587

Devon and Steve Aoki's dad founded Benihana (and he also got in trouble for insider trading, lmao). Basically yeah, they come from a somewhat well-known multimillionaire family

No. 1235589

So where's the sperg out?

No. 1235592

>wholesome nuclear family
where? her husband is an open cheater anon. I don't think she's evil but it's weird that she still stays with him and it goes entirely against her persona/image

No. 1235594

This is like a jew collabing with a nazi. Chris Brown has made it clear he specifically hates dark skin women like normani and thinks they are ugly. He hates women in general of course. She really wouldn't need to resort to this is she had a steady stream of songs coming out on the calibre of motivation or wild side at least (the only song of hers i like).

Margot is gorgeous, just stop guys.

Black men have higher estrogen levels compared to other males.

I agree to an extent. Drake also release an album with songs with a similar vibe to this but i've heard it's shit kek. I don't really care for the beyonce song, it would sound better sped up.

No. 1235600

File: 1655934956573.jpg (283.73 KB, 628x1794, hEUttaE.jpg)

he had a meltdown that ended with him "quitting twitter"

No. 1235605

It's the fact that Margot Robbie actually looks good as Barbie but this thread can't go 5 posts without weight sperging. It just never ends. It doesn't even make sense here because what is actually wrong with Margot Robbie as Barbie? Nothing, she looks fine like

No. 1235606

Oh, I got confused and thought you meant the model sperged out on someone. That was already posted before.

No. 1235610

is this a corpse?

No. 1235614

File: 1655935661886.jpeg (650.26 KB, 828x1282, CBA21BCF-3B7C-453E-875C-7E3A8B…)

Didn’t this troon say he was going off HRT? He is going to look so manly & brolic next to the other actresses, yikes.
She is such a massive loser to me rn. She would talk about how it sucks to be in the industry as a dark skinned woman because of colorism and how colorism ruined her self esteem and made her insecure for awhile. Only for her to turn around and appear in the video of a known colourist? Black women should drop her, she isn’t the “next black female superstar” she’s a lazy pick me socialite with delusions of grandeur and will always be one at this point.

No. 1235625

File: 1655936238925.jpg (116.92 KB, 628x837, 12FHytv.jpg)

Ryan as Ken

No. 1235626

File: 1655936288421.jpg (109.73 KB, 672x850, 9lt73i2.jpg)

Margot looks great.

No. 1235627

Gag. The fuck

No. 1235629

File: 1655936324270.jpg (113.97 KB, 604x762, r3cgbjQ.jpg)

No. 1235633

No. 1235635

I'm not crazy for thinking he looks like a wrinkle-less Biden in this photo right?

No. 1235637

He just looks like an old man.

No. 1235638

Omg the platinum hair makes him look like an old man lmao

No. 1235639

I didn’t say that’s what she had I said that’s likely what she’s always wanted, which is fine. Calling her pathetic for trying to keep her family together and avoid the metric amount of stress that a divorce would cause due to her celebrity is in itself pathetic. It isn’t like she tries to be a public speaker or anything.

No. 1235641

She looks so great, even if she's not exactly the Barbie body type I still feel like she embodies the Barbie vibe by being a super conventionally attractive blonde Stacey.

And unpopular opinion but I don't mind the goose as ken. This movie is obviously not going to be played straight, it's probably some sort of satiric comedy and I wouldn't expect all the cast to be a perfect aesthetic representation of dolls rather than people they can be funny with. He's good in comedy and also good at playing Chads so I think he will pull it off.

No. 1235647

I agree. I don't even think Margot is the perfect Barbie type or anything, but she's still beautiful and can play funny characters so I think she will be great in her role. The orange tan and platinum blonde hair makes me feel like they were never going for the idea of making Ryan super hot (but I will still happily make fun of him lol).

No. 1235650

Are you kidding me? I think it's harder to tolerate jay-z than a divorce. Besides, she has so much money it really wouldn't matter.

No. 1235652

The Platinum color looks so bad on Ryan he looks like he could be barbies uncle instead of Ken.
Also he has a horse-face hasburg jaw.

No. 1235661

ntayrt but also a huge part of beyoncé's selling power in this day and age is that she's in a "power couple" with jay z. they now have this solid brand as a couple that had worked well for them for many years. kind of like the clintons but black and musical. even though everyone know jay z cheated on her, they are still trying to sell this image of "but we're still so strong" by staying together. also let's not forget she was effectively groomed by him from a very early age, there were some very clear power imbalances going on from the start of that relationship. i can't help but feel sorry for her though. why is it always the bad bish women who marry pathetic scrotes with complexes.

No. 1235674

why does he look so small, is he that small or does she wear very tall heels?

No. 1235676

Rip. Both hit the wall so hard. Men age so bad. gonna rewatch this movie for the 30th time

No. 1235685

File: 1655939749549.png (553.2 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20220622-180326-714…)

From 8 years ago but still relevant imo. She's been a Chris Brown fan girl for years. This is probably a dream come true for her kek.

No. 1235691

Lmfao. He bitched about an “endless flood of vicious insults” while being a man doing exactly what he’s bitching and whining about also by saying some shit about mainstream media is trying to change sexual preferences. Men biologically adapt to women, that’s it. Men trying to tell women how their bodies should look is them trying to control their own lives because of how dependent they are, it’s either obsession or the obsession with proving they’re “free” in the most childish way instead of just being cool and not caring. I wonder what he would lose in terms of ego if he allowed the simple fact that his consciously determined sexual preference doesn’t matter to anyone else, isn’t necessarily shared by anyone else, and most importantly does not fit the reality of his own wife therefore why would he enforce something that damages the woman he loves most?

Not about to post a picture of his wife although she 100% chose to marry this hypocritical misogynistic piece of shit, but that’s all anyone would need to see. That’s not enlightenment and the more he does shit like this the more it hurts her, big doubt she holds him accountable though. She’s the mommy figure, the rest are just whores he can criticize from the sanctity of his bullshit marriage.

No. 1235695

That’s not “his personal life”, it was Rihanna’s personal fucking body and entire life that she still has to heal from physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. I fucking loathe when shit like this gets boiled down to the abuser’s “personal life” like she’s a whole ass human fucking being that doesn’t just exist in the abuser’s secret fantasy personal world, it’s all part of her real life and timeline fuck you.

No. 1235701

Pick me bitches make me so Mas. He beat Rhianna so bad she had to go to emergency. He should have had zero career after that. This goes beyond 'his personal life' . Fuck this pick me headass

No. 1235714

i know that a majority of you guys don't keep up with chris brown's career and most likely never had done so in the first place, but he basically sells very well, especially considering how long he's been in the industry, meaning almost every female singer that does a collab with him gets a miniscule boost in their career from his loyal ass fanbase. Normani has SO many haters and from multiple fandoms, she honestly has nothing to lose from this especially if she gets an actual song featuring. It'd do well

No. 1235720

Kek I thought something similar.
The holy trinity of hot men in the 90s: Pitt, Depp, and DiCaprio all look like shit now. It makes me chuckle.

No. 1235725

Is it just me but I genuinely don’t get the hype for Margot she has a very average body with good facial growth and blonde with blue eyes which I assume makes her a sex symbol otherwise she looks average to me idk

No. 1235728

I think her face is really square I don't get why that's supposed to be ideal for women, I do think she's beautiful but there are prettier actresses so I don't really get the hype

No. 1235734

She’s definitely pretty don’t get me wrong but she’s hyped up so much btw I don’t know if anyone else agrees but the thing with her age being older honestly makes sense to me. There’s pictures of her at 17 where she legit looks at least 23/24 and since WOWS was her first film they clearly wanted someone between 18- 24 max to play her and she would have been 27 at the time. Her manager or agent lied about her age so she could get the job. Celebs constantly lie about this stuff. Anastasia said she was 22 but was 30 at the time lmao

No. 1235736

At the time of the music competition she won

No. 1235737

File: 1655942269991.png (282.1 KB, 500x375, 7FFEEC5C-12DE-48CD-A436-F57364…)

Uhhh are we sure he's alive in this? Anyway, it's over for him.

No. 1235738

I thought that was yassified post malone

No. 1235741

Don't do Postie like that, he's a nice boy

No. 1235742

Lol her and Camilla both could have benefited from a social media sweep

No. 1235749

I hope this inspires actual hot men to start dressing like this. I need fresh, new cowboy faces and hopefully there's some goths mixed in.
Margot looking stunning as always.

No. 1235762

File: 1655944309252.jpg (41.32 KB, 300x400, s-l400.jpg)

liberace cowboy. only certain iterations of ken dressed this dumb

No. 1235826

doesn't he pay to shit on strippers and call them racial slurs

No. 1235846

Idk when I first saw her in uncut gems I thought she was kinda ugly, she was in another movie as a mob wife and she looked a little homely imo, now that she’s skinnier she looks better

No. 1235858

Yeah, I think the movie will either be really fun or horrible.
Not at all. She’s a horrible actress.
I mean, would the director say: “she’s shit in it, guys”?
I hope you’re right because it’s vile.
I don’t think most people “read” Barbie as thin, they “read” her as attractive/hot. Also, Kaitlyn Olsen as Barbie? Don’t make me laugh. She looks like and off brand Barbie. The ones you’d get from your cheapest aunt and that you’d cry about in front of her.
Striking looking? Please mean Devon, please mean Devon.

No. 1235866

I immediately noticed her lip filler in that movie, they protruded out like duck lips in profile angles. I remember thinking it was weird that she looked like a random wannabe influencer rather than a real actress and hadn't seen her in anything before

No. 1235890

beyoncé was literally in the same situation as aaliyah, but instead of dying she married her groomer. that's what it took for her to secure her career/gilded cage.

No. 1235900

File: 1655957652347.jpg (75.39 KB, 640x836, ab9f9fae5fb49f8d07fbbd5eeb93ec…)

He's tall next to his former wife Eva Mendes whose listed as 5'8, I'm pretty sure Margot Robbie is wearing platform shows as part of her outfit

No. 1235901

Looks like a literal goblin.

No. 1235904

File: 1655958068039.jpg (186.27 KB, 1600x901, l-intro-1599760523.jpg)

Looks like Antony Starr but worse lmao.

No. 1235905

Kek well Tigris is described as scrawny and ugly and eventually gets plastic surgery to look like a tiger.

No. 1235937

She looks terrific but I feel like the costume designer did Gosling dirty KEK

No. 1235941

bitch the fuck they're still together lol "former wife"

No. 1235948

sexualizing her own pregnancy was kinda wrong imo

No. 1235959

Just thought about this stupid fucking picture again. I hate you Ryan gosling.

No. 1235962

>she has so much money it wouldn’t even matter
So are you going to pretend that because she’s Beyonce it means she isn’t just a woman with feelings? Why are you pretending going through an extremely publicized divorce as such a major celebrity wouldn’t be such a traumatizing thing. You’re just stupid, I have gathered.

No. 1235964

There is no hype, she’s a talented actress and people like her. I don’t see why she’s allegedly supposed to be some size double zero fashion model to be an excellent actress getting roles she most definitely works for.

No. 1235968

That is usually the only argument I see thrown out against her on lolcow. She was marketing herself and letting other people take the range with her half-assed “creative direction” because she wanted a career. Women do that and have done it for ages, demonizing them over such nitpicks when men do far worse is so dumb. Why would she “sexualize” her pregnancy if there weren’t men encouraging her to do so? What other motivating would there be? We always blame women like they’re supposed to be role modes for us when they literally never asked to be. She was just trying to further her career, so what.

No. 1235988

nta but that doesn't change that sexualizing your pregnancy is weird and gross. You can try to further your career with whatever tactics you desire but that doesn't change people from having low opinions of you. She just seems like another farrah abraham to me that got lucky.

No. 1235993

what career was she trying to do again? honestly forgot. but it's not like she doesn't have other options or is being forced into it, wasn't she already wealthy from the start

No. 1236004

>She just seems like another farrah abraham to me
She did porn. Julia just posed naked in a magazine. Such a retarded nitpick.

No. 1236024

The funniest part is how he claims that women should do nothing but be incubators, sitting at home and 'god forbid them to look sexual' when his daughter literally has OnlyFans and does camming.

No. 1236042

All he does is cry and jerk off to his daughter. I miss when men would go die in wars.

No. 1236055

File: 1655973025134.jpeg (201.74 KB, 961x1372, FV6Ii4-WYAAvQDQ.jpeg)

honestly, if i was a child i would love this so much, her face is so conventionally perfect, combined with that hair and cheesy clothes this is a little girls dream

No. 1236056

File: 1655973353465.jpeg (69.57 KB, 480x640, 3F3D6E70-67E1-4F77-B900-58D256…)

She's so cute.

No. 1236125

that first comment is so funny

No. 1236134

File: 1655982481063.jpg (126.21 KB, 486x784, 9x11Ouw.jpg)

Aaron Taylor Johnson renewed his wedding vows with his wife and his fangirls are seething. One thing that will always make me laugh is that men celebrate when a man gets with a more attractive women but women seethe and act like it should be them instead.

No. 1236142

>we renewed our vowels
kek I'm deceased.

No. 1236163

SHE'S SO CUTE AHHH. She looks very Barbie-like in that pic!

No. 1236167

ngl that gave me the ick, kek

No. 1236169

didn't she prey on him when he was a teen ? thirsty women using her pedophilia as a reason to hope they'll divorce so he can be single are cringe, doesn't make the wife any less creepy

No. 1236172

she did and it's creepy af, don't care if it's a man or a woman if you prey on teens then you're a creep

No. 1236186

Nonas who are in here being harsh about Margot's looks and other objectively extremely traditionally beautiful women, do you identify as any flavor of feminist? Just curious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1236192

>they met eachother when he was 17 and she was directing his sex scene
>right after the movie premiere she divorced her husband  (from who she had two daughters) and they announced their engagement
>he says that he was a 'self destructive teenager struggling with success ' before he met her
>a teen going throughout edgy phase, easy brainwashing target
>her oldest daughter is only 6 years younger than Aaron
>their only interview about life together included that theyve never been apart for more than 10 days over the past 10 years and 'those were the worst days of those 10 years'

Thats all i know

No. 1236225

I thought the debate was if Barbie dolls traditionally had an hourglass or an inverted triangle body shape, because overall we all find Margo looking super cute.

No. 1236255

ayrt, i didn't know that, people bashing her makes more sense now. that's disgusting.

No. 1236277

I will never get over this lol. Ken is supposed to be barbie's young pretty himbo bf and they casted this dusty, wrinkly faced motherfucker instead. He's already way too old for the role at 41 and the platinum hair makes him look like a washed up Anderson Cooper kek. Tragic

No. 1236301

>they met eachother when he was 17 and she was directing his sex scene
good for her

No. 1236364

harry styles in 35 years

No. 1236373

More like 15

No. 1236377

hence the 'like her but lucky', because she didn't do porn. Also, julia did pose some photos of herself literally sucking dick and what not so…

No. 1236379

the Barbie movie is about washed up old reject barbies and kens struggling with irrelevancy. so the casting is on point lol

No. 1236391

She's too skinny to play marilyn.

No. 1236405

File: 1656007701797.png (1.85 MB, 1778x1512, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 2.07…)

No. 1236407

>at least eight assault weapons, rifles, and handguns lying around the living room, with some weapons propped up next to a pile of stuffed animals.
>frequent and heavy marijuana use in front of the children, with little concern about proper ventilation
>far greater number of marijuana plants than Vermont’s permitted two mature plants or four immature plants that private citizens can own

No. 1236412

Ok pedo.

No. 1236422

File: 1656009354229.jpeg (325.95 KB, 1127x1584, 4F25D8F0-56D6-4C98-AE6B-6802BF…)

She’s so funny to me

No. 1236426

HAES tier promotional pictures like this should be illegal, the same way promotional pictures for ads and covers that have been edited, even just a little but, are legally forced to mention it somewhere somehow.

No. 1236430

File: 1656009778254.jpg (68.79 KB, 600x722, 10gxkt5.jpg)

wtf is he doing with his mouth?

No. 1236433

He/they can't keep getting away with it!

No. 1236440

Her face is gorgeous but her body is jiggly. I wonder if there was any double chin shoop.

No. 1236455

You are fucking right and you should say it

No. 1236492

What's his endgame? I'm getting major Branch Davidian vibes.

No. 1236507

File: 1656015595001.gif (5.43 MB, 400x400, 91241988-650B-40E8-B256-CDF353…)

Kek he looks terrible and gay but I think that’s the whole joke with ken. At least when I was a kid it was always laughed at that ken was in the closet and Barbie was just his beard. He had a horrible sense of fashion too.

Toy Story got it right tho.

No. 1236511

No. 1236522

Their marriage is weird but he looks more and more like Gene Wilder with each passing month, apparently his giant cock is more than enough to make them act like feral hogs

No. 1236524

Still don’t see the big deal. Yawn.

No. 1236537

NTAYRT but why do you like Julia Fox so much compared to other celebs, is it some kind of crackhead solidarity?

No. 1236554

The words “another Farrah Abraham” almost made me go into fight or flight. Only one needs to ever exist and she is literally incomprehensible. This is a video she made detailing her “experience as a Harvard student” and how she plans to sue Harvard. She took some random class without enrollment, open to anyone, and the professor told her that her assignments did not make sense, and to try an English class. Farrah decided they are racist, ableist, and abusive.

She also has videos showing off her anti fungal solutions from “traveling”, and recently went to the Amen Clinic to find out what the actual fuck is wrong with her brain. I believe they said ADHD and “perhaps a car accident in childhood”.

No. 1236569

you sound like you're projecting hard, sorry the world didn't give you the attention and money you feel you so rightly deserve for being a nobody crackhead.

No. 1236598

emrata just posted a bunch of thirst traps and then a spotify pic showing that she was listening to a song with direct lyrics about wasting years with a man/taking the kids and leaving. i’ve heard her husband cheats rampantly and they don’t travel together very often, i wonder if divorce is on the horizon.(this is an imageboard. post screenshots )

No. 1236611

File: 1656020662523.jpeg (683.59 KB, 2048x2048, 00A4F537-9486-4C0F-901A-283B55…)

Ah I forgot she’s married to Habersburg

No. 1236639

I don’t love her I’m just not a hater. Also really weird reach btw.

No. 1236645

Hunter seems like a scumbag but you retards all sound like Qanon lunatics. Rich people doing shady shit is nothing new.

No. 1236654

Anon, it’s still fucking gross.

No. 1236659

>Ugly unkept man dating a model and it's him who's cheating rampantly

No. 1236662

This guy looks like he's disabled.

No. 1236667

because she's a heroin addict, not a crackhead.

No. 1236670

what do people like? the way she neglects her child, or her aggressive plastic surgery and lipo that is broadcast to young girls? or the way she hypes up her "motherhood" while promoting porn she's done?

No. 1236673

>what if you were in highschool and you slept with an older famous actress. how would people treat you?
they would've named the highscool after me

No. 1236675

excellent idea from her publicist, very original! this is great start to the lead up to her comeback album. amazing marketing skills, katys team!

No. 1236678

WHOAHO what the fucking shit did this woman do to her face? holy crap doesn't she notice the popup monster in the mirror every morning when she gets up

No. 1236683

kek did you watch solar opposites too? i love the pupa.

No. 1236685

she looks…special needs and shit at posing.

No. 1236689

why doesn't jay-z try to keep his family together by not cheating and causing stress

No. 1236693

how do you know she neglects her child

No. 1236696

damn you guys have some fucked up colours on your monitor or possibly some damaged cones, it's just like, crappy blonde hair.

No. 1236697

I was an active poster in Manson's threads since the first thread. Illma Gore is a lolcow and yes she used to post a lot in the threads (I am not Manson, and I am not his fan or anything). I have always said that I feel sorry for Evan and I believe Manson should have been put behind the bars long ago but I also said long ago that every person around Evan and other victims (and sometimes the victims themselves), including Evan, are so fucking questionable and probably nuts.
And I'll forever keep my dig at Laney Chantal no matter how badly she believes she did nothing wrong and is a victim.
I miss those threads anon

No. 1236704

what about making tiktoks while smacked out while her baby cries for her in the background

No. 1236710

nta but kek that you agree all the other shit she said is true

No. 1236713

he's 5'11"

No. 1236717

i'm surprised it's vermont and not wyoming but not surprised by anything else in that article

No. 1236719

>“perhaps a car accident in childhood”
holy kek

No. 1236740

The way it contrasts with his skin makes it almost look white.

No. 1236831

God, this pisses me off. "Authoritarian" because a fat woman is on a magazine. As if the media hasn't been shilling overweight middle aged men like George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio as sex symbols for my entire life time. Paul Rudd was voted "sexiest man alive" just a couple years ago and he's 50! Bullshit. Also plenty of magazines like Playboy published literal child porn and abused women and girls for decades and no one cared but now that a fat chick is in one they're all losing their shit. I'm fucking done.

No. 1236840

Why does ours have to be fucked up? Maybe your monitor is the one with fucked up colors

No. 1236868

Normally I am all for something out of the ordinary in Hollywood for example reversed age gaps with older women or men with their original wives who aren't as attractive eg- Hugh Jackman, Keane Reeves and Pierce Brosnan. In this case however, she is a creep and a groomer. She gives me major sicko Asia Argento vibes. I am not even an Aaron fan but she gives off the most controlling gross vibes ever.
I feel like she probably wouldn't let him participate in any movies without her approval incase there's attractive co-stars or something.
It's disgusting that she had a child and basically up and left her last marriage and kid to have a whole other family with a guy she met as a teen.

No. 1236875

Personally I think she has an unfortunate body, especially for a model but why is Jordan Peterson so triggered about it? He literally looks like that eagle Muppet.
Always the ugliest men critiquing women. He needs to go back to abusing painkillers, Kermit the frog sounding moid.

No. 1236896

I know this site hates trannies but it’s still hilarious to me that Elon Musk was such a raging misogynist, refusing to have daughters (until recently….), that he had five sons with his first wife, only for one of them to troon out. Dare I say, kind of based?

No. 1236921

She could easily lose weight and become conventionally attractive. She's not even that fat either. If a man of equivalent weight and attrativness was on the cover it would be radiosilent. Women don't particularly like fat men any more than they like fat women.

No. 1236925

No, a moid taking out his daddy issues at the expense of women isn’t anymore based than his misogynistic father.

No. 1236928

anon we fucking get it you love vomiting out your meals all the time and not eating we fucking get it skinny queen

No. 1236929

Did you misread my post. I said she looks good. I'm not an ana-chan kek.

No. 1236934

Never give ugly men a change nonnies, they’ll start treating you like you’re the ugly one

No. 1236944

fat freak lol. she's literally obese, and so are you, lose weight fatty. not anachan btw just a normal weight 20 bmi non-fat non-freak

No. 1236945

I somehow can't feel sorry for her

No. 1236946

nah fat men also get hyped up by the media, ever heard of the popular ''dad bods'' that the media and pickmes try to push on us.

No. 1236973

You guys really need to learn the difference between “special needs” and benzo/drug addiction

No. 1236975

>normal weight 20 bmi non-fat

wow and to no avail no one fucking cares. that is probably the only thing going for you since you have the personality of a flesh-eating bacteria,imagine flaunting your bmi in a celebrity gossip thread. kill yourself please, do it

No. 1236981

you think mentioning that my bmi is normal just so you won't wig out about how i'm an ana chan is "flaunting", you fat cunt? you need a dietician badly, your brain is developing rolls

No. 1236985

Women literally do not give a fuck about magazine covers, and yes they have tried to say John legend was the “sexiest man” and now we’re all gay for Julia fox are you happy now

No. 1236986

>fat cunt

scrotes literally have no self-control kek. nice job keeping up the bait for only a few seconds, idiot

No. 1236988

i'm not a scrote and i'm allowed to call you a cunt. why don't you get off the pc and take your fat ass for a walk instead of exercising your fingers all day long

No. 1236989

Where did this belief come from that men only use the word cunt? Are you Americans actually this stupid?

No. 1236990

Lurking male got triggered when Peterson was posted. Is as bad as pretending to be a woman as all males naturally are.

No. 1236994

Probably a colorblind moid

No. 1236995

i think she's the same kind of predator/crazy as amy heckerling. you know like how lizzo has been towards chris evans? there are some weirdo LA milf types who are like that to all men in real life. i hate moids as much as the next sane person but "hot mom/teacher" crap is still pedophilia, and coercive sex (like heckerling did asking the studio to pimp her chris kattan if they wanted her to work on something) is wrong all the time.

No. 1236996

You can always stop responding no one wants to read this, I can’t remember which one of you is supposed to be fat because you sound like the same person in lowercase so based on the available information one or both could be very tiny ugly men since fat is the only available insult

No. 1236997

File: 1656038216117.png (46.58 KB, 800x750, 2943F1BB-B9AF-4523-99EF-C6B953…)

yeah i’m sure you’re a very cute and stunning transgirl <3 heccin wholesome and lovely calling random anons fat when you don’t even know what they look like and never will kek. only explanation for your aggression is that the only thing going for you is your needle-thin weight but it’s not even like that matters to men because they would fuck a mcchicken and other women are too busy with their own deranged anorexia and boyfriends/girlfriends to care about you. get a grip will you?(infighting)

No. 1236998

NTA, but I'm bored of these posts that are just different variations of "We get it you like to eat 2 apple slices a day and vomit every day you have glass bones and paper skin". Like, have you lost your goddamn mind? It's almost never aimed at actual anachans, too, it's always some random autismo regurgitating it whenever fat is discussed. Like what the fuck is this, latent emetophiles general?

No. 1236999

that woman is at least 10x as attractive as jack nicholson and he's been shilled as a sex symbol for as long as his corpse has been bloating in the california sun.

No. 1237000

who are you to police my language, fatty? imagine clinging onto the fact that i called you a CUNT of all things and using that to accuse me of being a scrote or a tranny or whatever mentally ill rant you just went on, all because you got ratio'd so badly for being obese. fat "people" are so pathetic.(infighting)

No. 1237001

yes because anachans never use fat women as thinspo

No. 1237003

americans are stupid yes, but on this board "cunt" isn't seen as something that makes sense to use as an insult. how is the strong, beautiful, multitasking vagina supposed to be descriptive of a person you hate? only a male would view it that way.

No. 1237004

Who said that? Is this a thinspo board? Fuck out of here with that

No. 1237005


holy shit go back to twitter please what is this bait lmao

No. 1237007

It’s an unrelated fact because it’s true. Summerfags/PULLfags are ungodly retarded it’s probably the juul fumes clogging your brain. You have to be 18 to use this website

No. 1237008

food on moby dick's mind 24/7

No. 1237009

It has to be the same person don’t respond to it, both of them told their other multiple to “kill themselves” and called the other a “cunt”, it’s still because of the large woman don’t let it multiply

No. 1237011

Not wanting to read your vomit fetish anorexia/bulimia posts you've been clogging this board with longer than summer makes me a teenage summerfag? Nope, it sounds like you're projecting. Are you juuling to try and suppress your appetite or something? Fuck off back to PULL or pro-ana Twitter, no one wants to see your McDonalds-addled bullshit

No. 1237012

I’m crying like what the absolute fuck are you even talking about?

No. 1237014

Yeah, you can't read because you have terminal juul-brain. Go to a hospital, anywhere but here

No. 1237015

shit at least moby dick is on a cover of a magazine and you’re stuck being a newfag acting like an amberlynn reid alogger

No. 1237018

You really did lose the argument badly though lol

No. 1237020

can everyone who doesn't have up to the minute ezruby ridge milk shut up please

No. 1237022

Reminder that you got triggered over people rightfully calling the woman on that cover fat (which she is) and then accusing whoever called her fat of being anorexic or an ana-chan. I can't imagine how overweight you are if normal people to you look anorexic, and obese women look normal. Also you're reported for ban evading.

No. 1237025

who cares she looks fine to me

No. 1237032

She’s ugly but he is hideous, holy fuck. That really is some inbred white Habsburg level of unfortunate. Ugly men really shouldn’t ever be given a chance
NTA but I live in a country where “cunt” is commonly used as a term of endearment, as it should be

No. 1237034

Too bad 99% of men are ugly

No. 1237041

File: 1656041032048.jpeg (993.6 KB, 805x1333, 61C737AE-EFE3-41A9-8D5E-5542EA…)

She needs a tailor

No. 1237042

This is a little bellhop monkey cosplay right

No. 1237044

Not those shoes with that! Ugh

No. 1237047

And a few nutritious meals.

No. 1237050

File: 1656041941934.jpeg (479.96 KB, 777x1146, 442C96AF-A887-4F4F-A2DE-CAD4A7…)

At least find a boy's blazer so they won’t be so big kek

No. 1237051

File: 1656042114952.jpeg (531.11 KB, 898x1163, E8B2B8E3-C486-4837-8672-8EC435…)

Damn Ezra’s been doing this hand gesture for years.

No. 1237058

Is that the pedo triangle? If so why do they advertise it so boldly?

No. 1237062

she needs to eat.

No. 1237064

File: 1656042909359.gif (1.93 MB, 268x201, 1F53AA41-37D5-47B2-9FC9-8518A6…)

No. 1237074

Not related to that pic but the language people use when writing about her (and trans stuff in general) is always so cliche and cult-like and creepy. "Joy" "euphoria" etc, I'm surprised more people don't pick up on it.

No. 1237083

she's become irl hide the pain harold, if harold had a cult

No. 1237084

And drink water.

No. 1237087

This, she looks more dehydrated than dog kibbles

No. 1237097

File: 1656047098863.jpg (120.42 KB, 840x584, Untitled.jpg)

she looks like a fucking idiot at all times now. does she not see it? deeply embarrassing in every way. a beautiful lesbian who ruined herself because she hates herself.

No. 1237098

Some anons reading skills are bad to non-existent.

No. 1237116

She has GOT to have an ED or be on something more than testosterone holy fuck. The only people I've ever seen who look this emaciated and haggard at such a young age are drug addicts, severe anorexics, and cancer patients.

No. 1237131

KEK i heard this in my head. she really does look like paul simon now but worse

No. 1237171

File: 1656055310056.jpg (96.71 KB, 351x597, Screenshot_20220624-031727_Gal…)

Here is (apparently) footage of the single mom Ezra holed himself away with. She looks exactly what you would expect.

No. 1237182

No it's like Beelzlebubbles hail Satan or something

No. 1237200

how can someone refuse to have daughters? does he actually have daughters that he disowned or something?

No. 1237201

She looks really unwell in the new season of The Umbrella Academy, almost corpselike

No. 1237202

bleugh he's hideous

this is true. but also their egos become inflated and think because they bagged someone hot then they can bag even hotter and set out to do so

No. 1237246

it's in the musk thread, i think he used in vitro fertilization. those ugly ass sons are all designer babies kek

No. 1237285

she needs therapy, not a tailor, tailor can't help put her brain back together

No. 1237297

>26 minutes long

No. 1237321

In vitro. Male embryos are heavier because Y sperm is heavier than X sperm.

No. 1237333

"mrs kutcher" was a lesson to all

No. 1237361

False dichotomy. Literally everyone on this site knows DiCaprio is a dirty old man who aged like shit left out in the sun and only dates girls under 25 in a desperate attempt to feel young and relevant again, they say so every time he is brought up.

He's a creep, she's a creep too. I'm all for women dating younger, but this was clearly grooming, he was just a teenager.

No. 1237415

where in vermont is the farm? i can never figure out, it seems hidden.

No. 1237455

summary since long video (half of this is just her ranting about her ex-husband). Where is Ezra finding these broken women.
>starts talking about her ex-husband that she had a child with and he didn't want to get a job and was lazy so they ended up homeless at some point.
>her ex-husband gets arrested for squatting and her child gets taken away by cps while she is sill pregnant with her second child.
>ex-husband tries to force her into polygamy and is a pedo who groomed a 14 year old and gave her lsd.
>her ex-husband was abusive and tried to kill her.
>she says that she brings this up because the things the media is saying about ezra are fake.
>Says that ezra is a angel who saved her life.
>Says that she first met Ezra with tokata at the farmers market.
>her and ezra got close and she says that her ex-husband got jealous about that even though he was openly dating three women,
>shows scars that she got after jumping out of a car because she was arguing with her ex and he said he was going to beat her.
>Ezra asks her if the ex-husband is treating her well and she tells him no.
>Becomes a stripper to support her children financially.
>Starts a onlyfans.
>Leaves her ex.
>Says that her ex is also one of the people making rumors about ezra.
>Says that her ex has contacted tokatas family and is giving them fake information.
>Says that Ezra treats her like a queen and that they are poly but its healthier than the one she was in with her ex.

No. 1237491

You can't force an 18 year old man to have sex with you, it's his choice. Grow up.

No. 1237508

File: 1656086749402.jpg (210.27 KB, 1170x663, 20220624_180445.jpg)

Apparently people are saying that the ex husband is a money hungry pimp and she is also a DID larper that is kissing Ezras ass just to get clout and money. There is a lot of information, its a mess, probably will get a clear info tomorrow.

No. 1237543

thank you for summarizing I couldn't get past the first minute of her deepthroating a popsicle and ignoring her child

No. 1237575

And I'm sure you'd say the same thing about an 18 year old woman, right?

No. 1237621

Are you actually fucking stupid? This thread loves to go on about 19-year-old Olivia Rodrigo and her current 26-year-old scrote, but when an 18-year-old boy is groomed by a woman 23 years older, that's okay to you? Go to jail lmfao

No. 1237810

lmao. this man is not a victim. fkn scrote is living his best life. they don't care about this shit.

No. 1237908

nta but wasn't he 17

No. 1238064

the women in this thread are trying too hard to treat men and women equally. the point of radical feminism is that we acknowledge mens' ancient systemic advantage. i think it's safe to say that the kinda crazy older woman who picked up the 18 year old man is not exactly the same as the wrinkled foreskin apple dolls fucking 18 year old new actresses. mary kay letrourneau is a disgusting monster but a 45 year old woman with a much younger legally adult male is really not the kind of predator zack braff or jack nicholson are.

No. 1238218

Nah he looks like Joe Biden fuck you and fuck that raggedy ass man

No. 1238246

Men get so angry over trivialities you’d think their neurons were going to explode one after the other.

It’s still disgusting and we don’t have to call some old bag #based for sweeping up a teenage boy because she liked his giant horsecock.

No. 1238299

File: 1656102940481.jpg (40.46 KB, 652x680, bratz.jpg)

>It’s still disgusting and we don’t have to call some old bag #based for sweeping up a teenage boy because she liked his giant horsecock.

No. 1238311

Seethe. Women don’t have power over males or dicks to rape them pregnant so she’s not “abusing” him or whatever. Based old lady knows what she wants.

No. 1238327

Right, exactly. Personally I can't imagine being interested in an 18-year-old at 40 and I do think it's kinda weird, but in no way is it the same/as bad as when men do similar stuff

No. 1238416

Stop pretending it isn’t completely weird to groom an 18 year old as a 40 year old regardless of your gender. She was also in a position of power and he was not.

No. 1238483

a deep deep depression in the eyes

No. 1238485

god corona-chan really badly worsened the black and white indoor illiteracy of gen z. it's so hard to read this site without seeing all these "OH, so you're calling ME an inhuman whore???" replies to flippant message board one-liners like "wow chrissy teigen is really dehumanizing herself on instagram".
if your parents don't let you play outside or in groups enough, your brain does not develop properly. you never had snowball fights or chose which trail to take in the park while riding your bike alone in the daytime. you do have some very severe critical thinking disabilities.
this youth-attracted hollywood director woman is not roman polanski, come on babes.

No. 1238488

Stamford apparently, it’s the southwest corner. I’m convinced he is very desperately trying to be Charles Manson and this is his, what he would love to be, Spahn Ranch.

No. 1238524

OT but was george spahn senile or what? "hey can i live in your yard and pay rent with this naked teenager?"
"of course young man, this is exactly what life was like in the 1930s when i was your age, everything about this makes sense"

No. 1238527

Lmao, Christy from the First Season of Intervention displayed more occult knowledge than him and didn’t have the money and connections he does for better quality drugs. He can make all the entry level “as above so below” triangles he wants, but only chosen angels can really understand G-d’s word, and it’s not Ezekiel Mildew with his geometry class gang signs.

No. 1238542

He was older than the dirt there and literally blind lol. It was rumored the girls would sleep with him, but I personally don’t think they would have had to. Squeaky spent the most time taking care of him and said he was like her Grandfather, and that she never got to know her own so that was special. Another girl said they just spent time with him, gave him back rubs, and told him how great he was.

No. 1238594

Not gen z and it has nothing to do with feeling personally attacked. A 40 year old pursuing an 18 year old after directed their sex scene at 17 is putrid. Did anybody say to burn her a stake? No.

No. 1238614

>Did anybody say to burn her a stake?
yes lol

No. 1238618

HAHAHA you prove that anon's point right away kek. she uses an example and you think that's her literal accusation towards you spcifically.

No. 1238622

Yes. She’s a film director. That’s likely the only reason he married her, as an 18 year old has no reason to be interested in a 40 year old woman, just as an 18 year old girl has no reason to be interested in a 40 year old man.

No. 1238623

i'm saying it. i'm saying to burn celebrities at the stake. it would be funny idk

No. 1238628

yeah i agree with reading comprehension chan too. just read, nonnnies, you'll get smarter. books, museum plaques, educational magazines. they're much easier to pay attention to than youtube.

No. 1238634

You’re nuts. I’m an adult pushing 30, how would I feel personally persecuted for stating the obvious and not buckling down to some autist pretending it isn’t bad to pursue barely-legals at 40 regardless of your gender?

Not here they didn’t. Move on

Wow your bit is so funny ex dee

No. 1238649

>>She wasn't just older than him, she was also wealthier, better connected—her circle of friends includes Elton John and Damien Hirst—and professionally more established. So: there was both the general power imbalance that was exacerbated by his age and the precise power imbalance of Taylor-Johnson's role as his director. Instead of at least acknowledging that, though, most women's mags just… glossed over it completely.
Was he groomed? Just used her for wealth and connections? A little of both imo.

No. 1238656

all celebrities are servants of the beast, without them we would be happy

No. 1238714

>as an 18 year old has no reason to be interested in a 40 year old woman
This is true and the main reason I find it hard to see it as grooming. Men are groomed longer, harder and more thoroughly by society to think that women become old hags the moment they hit 30. Young women are told the same thing, and convinced that the only way to get commitment is by settling for a geriatric. Wtf kind of power and influence could she possibly have to override that kind of conditioning? Men are and always have been obsessed with youth and beauty, nothing can stop them from being as shallow as they please. If a guy is going against the grain and fucking a significantly older woman it's not because there's pressure on him to do so, all the social pressure is actually enforcing the norm that he shouldn't be with someone that old. It's because he has a fetish, wants a leg up in his career, or actually loves her. Men aren't women, it's understandable that people want to apply the same moral standards and have the same empathy for them but they just do what they want and don't give a fuck about what women think.

No. 1238720

does a year or even a few months even matter? a 40 year old has no business being with an 18 year old. Even in my early/mid twenties 18 year olds were way too young and it was just awkward when they'd try to talk with my group of friends at clubs. Normal people don't date someone 20 years younger than them, it's sick.

No. 1238805

File: 1656114421926.jpg (80.2 KB, 870x496, 5454.jpg)

Anya's boyfriend is hot.

No. 1238821

No he's not

No. 1238823

File: 1656114687250.jpeg (371.82 KB, 1033x1300, F5C6E410-99C1-40D6-BE8B-433EC4…)

You will love visiting the Easter island.

No. 1238834

File: 1656114807372.jpeg (109.65 KB, 2048x1536, 8.jpeg)

No. 1238842

Looks like Roger Waters

No. 1238884

You are spot on anon. I just can't find it to be grooming and honestly I think it's good for her to have found a man who isn't a fucking sexist piece of shit towards women over the age of 25.

No. 1239267

Not really.

No. 1239286

aww cute, i like it! he's a bit of a plant faux-rock musician but they look very sweet together. good for her!

No. 1239372

File: 1656130010351.jpg (501.63 KB, 2048x1360, Aaron Taylor-Johnson nowhere b…)

God I fucking envy her so much, she got prime age Aaron Taylor Johnson and saw him grow up to a older more masculine role

No. 1239396

Interesting choice of an XY… Think she could do better though.

No. 1239414

>prime age
18 is prime age to you?

No. 1239474

Lmao I can’t tell if a dude is posting that or a girl is doing the most for role reversal, which idk men deserve to at least read how dumb that shit sounds. I agree with the obvious power dynamics in how different genders date younger, but why the fuck would you date someone you can’t go to a bar with and doesn’t have experiences outside of high school. At what age do you think men become decent conversationalists or develop emotional intelligence because most studies say it’s around 40 I am not joking. Can these people stop already they’re both very boring

Does anyone know what azelea banks is doing I need a hero rn

No. 1239506

It’s really weird. Like you can still be a feminist and denounce something a woman is doing as creepy, it doesn’t make you any less of a feminist to be like “oh yeah that’s gross, anyway” instead of acting like people are trying to flog her or something. It’s creepy.

No. 1239712

File: 1656154874875.png (598.82 KB, 759x477, yikers.PNG)

has anyone watched the new umbrella academy? they have her in a terrible wig in the first episode and she looks so stupid with it.
also, the season was fucking terrible and the only good thing about the entire show is klaus.

No. 1239728

I like that they introduced Leela in the last season, she is interesting.
I love Robert Sheehan since Misfits but I somehow fear he becomes a J. Depp like one type actor. I know he played other roles but his most famous ones are the unhinged guy ones.
I still have to watch Queen's Gambit until I start UA.

No. 1240006

A 40 year old messing with a teenager is the degeneracy scrotes celebrate and normalize. and if women want to act like degenerate scrotes they should get treated like degenerate scrotes.

No. 1240244

Umbrella academy s3 was so fucking disappointing. It literally looks like Netflix spent their entire budget on the new Stranger Things season and had like a 100 bucks left for UA's cgi. I mean the cgi in the last episode was just straight up terrible. I thought that shit was made by a single person with windows 2

No. 1240298

Just give up, nonnie. Groomers will always justify grooming, you can't change their minds.

No. 1240352

So they talk about her trooning out in the show or do they gloss over it? And no surprise the main watching point is Klaus.

No. 1240363

> the only good thing about the entire show is klaus
I watched the first ep when it first came out but even my long lasting love for Robert Sheehan couldn't get me into that show

No. 1240364

File: 1656187610175.jpeg (156.09 KB, 1224x1080, 7EC1E319-CA3A-4AF2-AE11-79597D…)

Some girl posted a tiktok of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day looking fucked up in a car with girls who look young enough to be his kids. He’s been married for 28 years. The girl deleted the tiktok from her page https://streamable.com/54ztzy

No. 1240365

> I love Robert Sheehan since Misfits
Same nonnie! Are you a britbong too? I stopped watching misfits when Nathan left.

No. 1240369

Sorry if any of these details have been posted already.
>> “We went to a restaurant and the waitresses went crazy, everyone got Ezra’s autograph and pictures. At the end of the night, Ezra said ‘Why don’t all these motherfuckers leave me alone and let me be?’ I looked at Ezra like you’re a movie star, people are going to be around you. But Ezra didn’t like it, Ezra just wanted to smoke and keep Tokata Iron Eyes in eyesight.
>> Ezra was smoking in my truck. Marijuana mixed with something I never heard of called ‘ketamine.’ Ezra’s eyes were bloodshot red, they were paranoid saying ‘the FBI is everywhere.’”
>> When questioned how Tokata’s uncle Bear Cross was so sure Miller had ketamine with marijuana, he replied, “On December 31st or January 1st, we did a house ceremony on Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Ezra waited outside the trailer where we did the ceremony. I asked Ezra ‘Are you on drugs, are you on alcohol? What are you doing? Why are your eyes so red?’ Ezra said to me ‘Well I smoke cannabis with a little bit of ketamine.’”
>> The uncle also added, “I know for a fact when Ezra stayed here in my home, Ezra had Tokata wrapped around so tight, she barely went outside; Ezra Miller was right there beside her. Ezra jumped up real quick outside, like ‘Who’s she talking to? Who’s she with?’ >>There was even a point in time when we were doing the ceremony over in Pine Ridge and my wife was outside loading up the altar after the ceremony… and Tokata and Ezra were having sex on a bed that was laying outside. I did not know any of that happened until way later when my wife told me.
>>Ezra is still so possessive of Tokata. Ezra has her wrapped around so bad she devoted her life to Ezra; you can see it. I think part of that is the drugs. Ezra Miller groomed my niece, Tokata. All I want is my niece to come home to her family, her cousins and siblings miss her and they want her away from Ezra.”


No. 1240371

>Bloated wuss rock musician off his tits on something with girls young enough to be his daughters
Tale as old as time.

No. 1240388

So they really did have sex then. I mean it's to be expected I guess but I thought the angle before was he was just manipulating her and hanging out. Gross

No. 1240389

It's so stupid, they have her looking at some drawings of men's haircuts in the window of a barbers and that's like… the catalyst for her realizing she's a man kek. Then she gets her hair cut off and tells the others she's now called Viktor and it's just accepted. So dumb.

My love for Klaus and Five is what keeps me watching but this season is really testing my resolve

No. 1240390

I don't find him hot but at least it's not an old man

No. 1240403

I love his angular face!!!

No. 1240404

File: 1656189499711.jpeg (893.17 KB, 1062x1020, 262ABF76-78A1-4325-877A-5E7B2E…)

Is she being starved? Or just the drugs?

No. 1240413

She does not look good. I think it's drugs.

No. 1240422

File: 1656190007177.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1131x1369, DB09DFE8-82A2-41CA-8062-5BDD76…)

She looks like she’s reading a script and looking for cues from someone off camera.

No. 1240432

dude has been battling his demons with blow for a while now. i don't care about green day or this man, but i still kinda hope he gets it together because i have a bad feeling he won't be around much longer… gen x rockstars are dropping like flies at this point

No. 1240454

Lmfao. He isn't "battling his demons", there are no demons, it's all him. And if he drops dead he will have deserved it.

No. 1240461

Woman with drug habit:
>hit the wall
>mental illness (non uwu-ified)

Man with drug habit:
>battling his demons
>he had a hard life
>mental illness (uwu-ified)

No. 1240487

they're on molly 100%. idk why but this video has disturbed me a lot. i don't even care for him but this shit is hella weird

No. 1240503

she's doing a lot of drugs. her facial expressions and tiredness/hungover quality to her skin do not look like anachans'.

No. 1240507

powerlevel in my early 20s i was in a similar, less severe situation. i was a chubby, unnattractive looking person in the drug/celeb sidekick/part culture, and from the start of this tokata thing knew ezra was doing a specific type of targeting someone who doesn't seem "worth" raping or kidnapping. i don't know this girl's family or career at all, but from the stuff i can see and read with ezra, i know exactly what he's doing and it's honestly not an uncommon thing that happens.

No. 1240514

File: 1656194771567.webm (7.96 MB, 720x1280, tokata.webm)

No. 1240521

Is this video 37 hours??

No. 1240529

About 3 episodes in, my friend and I noticed that we kept talking over it and joking around about other stuff while it was on, so we decided to turn it off and come back to it another time, hah. This season is just kinda boring to me I guess

No. 1240532

Oof, turning into Julian Casablancas

No. 1240534

it's like 2 min, I converted it with VLC to webm. I don't know why it shows as 37 hrs as it finishes at 2:22 and then repeats the video

No. 1240539

haha based

No. 1240542

File: 1656196089161.jpeg (348 KB, 1023x1298, 14F682D7-6EE1-47B0-BEEB-317EDC…)

Yes very nice angular face

No. 1240544

they're both fugly

No. 1240568

>It's so stupid, they have her looking at some drawings of men's haircuts in the window of a barbers and that's like… the catalyst for her realizing she's a man kek. Then she gets her hair cut off and tells the others she's now called Viktor and it's just accepted. So dumb.

WDYM Nonna? It's exactly like real life troons. Majority does it for the aesthetic and we are forced to accept it and not question it kek.

No. 1240583

Because out of the two people with him, one is clearly coherent and sober enough to drive, and the other one is holding him up like a prop to get their embarrassing fan video, and seemed to try to kiss him. Literally can’t fucking stand his music and he’s twice the same and age of these girls with drug addictions older than them so he’s just fine, but it’s creepy as hell. Like they’re riding around with his bloated and loaded still married old man corpse, going as far as trying and failing to get his fat head through a sun roof so as many people as possible can see him with them. It’s scummy all around but idk any decent man married or not who would be in this position. And cool they technically did kidnap him because he def can’t consent in that state lmao. Damn dude

No. 1240588

File: 1656199019201.jpeg (66.65 KB, 390x260, 58D3DE7A-949D-4842-AEE9-58637D…)


>Like they’re riding around with his bloated and loaded still married old man corpse, going as far as trying and failing to get his fat head through a sun roof so as many people as possible can see him with them.

No. 1240597

yes yes fine that moid does not actively make me want to vomit
but anya is so adorable, i love her. look at the scarf and boots she's wearing, how many people could pull those things off? and she's not pretentious at all except for her empath thing but maybe she'll grow out of that.

No. 1240622

that had nothing to do with what i said but okay…

No. 1240675

Dude, infantilizing scrotes gets you nowhere. Please try to focus on actual grooming victims. It's weird that no one cares about the full-on grooming case with Asia Argento, but it's the relationship that actually seems a bit weird, but not unhealthy that gets people complaining

No. 1240685

it's very hamfisted and awkward, but yeah they talk about it. spoiler alert she talks about getting a briefcase to go back to Sissy; but pretty much the whole reason why she and Sissy didn't work was because Sissy was married and it was a same sex relationship. it does kind of come across, imo, that vanya is transitioning to be more acceptable to date Sissy. like the transition was so random and suddenly happened, it doesn't come across as genuine. actually seems kind of manic

the lighting/filter they use on ellen in this season is so much more flattering than s1 and s2 where she looked grey and anemic the entire time. she doesn't look as sad and haggard as her photoshoots, so I guess she can still kinda act.

Also, maybe it's just me but some things have already given me pause. Like what was the point of the child pregnancy visuals in the beginning with the voice over calling her a woman…

No. 1240709

File: 1656209935417.jpeg (41.97 KB, 149x275, F628E5D1-D7FD-419F-9BEF-594B04…)

Kylie Jenner looks busted

No. 1240716

Is she pregnant again?

No. 1240727

Her face looks so uncomfortable and overstuffed.

No. 1240768

kim petras??

No. 1240806

Did she choose a new name for her son yet lmao

No. 1240813

I heard she's not going to announce it till the season 2 premiere of their new show on Hulu.

No. 1240843

Calling out groomers does not mean your infantilizing scrotes. First of all, this is lolcow, not a public podium, so we can and do often talk about a wide variety of retarded topics and atm we are talking about ATJ and his weird creepy wife. Asia Agrento is scum for what she did too. You aren’t empowered or based for doing the same awful things that scrotes do, and trying to encourage it as some sort of cool feminist statement instead of what it is does absolutely no good for any of us.

Wait you’re telling me Julian Casablancas is a piece of shit? We can’t have nothing.

How are you one of the richest young people in America and being butchered this badly

No. 1240845

she does not look 24

No. 1240856

Take your meds anon, do you think I'm a 50 year old woman with a 30 year old husband on Lolcow? Kek. It's just very tryhard (and not to mention transparent to others) to push this as a certain thing just to conveniently make points about muh equality. It's a public forum, so expect people to also disagree with you

No. 1240862

File: 1656223025315.jpeg (509.66 KB, 749x1299, D2DE8B13-DD9E-44B3-A264-8CED1C…)

This is sad to see. Imagine peaking at 19. She had just the right amount of work and then got addicted. Picrel, her 19th bday party

No. 1240863

>take your meds
Nothing I was saying was inflammatory or even aggressive and your post makes little sense tbh. You’re free to disagree to your hearts content but your argument sucks and you can’t even banter.
>public forum
This is literally not a forum.

No. 1240865

You literally said
>You aren’t empowered or based for doing the same awful things that scrotes do,
This isn't banter, just weird and pissy. That's why I asked if you think I'm her or something. My argument "sucks", but you have no actual rebuttal. I'm not sure why you don't get it, but to be clear: It's pathetic to try and force a narrative, and everyone who isn't trying to do the same thing can see through it. Seems pretty simple
Btw, can you Google "forum", read the definition, then come back?

No. 1240866

>just the right amount of work done
>those hips
get help anon

No. 1240869

>this is literally not a forum
KEK nonnie you look dumb af

No. 1240871

i'm a 30 year old woman with a 50 year old husband and i'm on lolcow

No. 1240872

living with her horrible mother aged her

No. 1240873

Nta but they're right, this isn't a forum.

No. 1240874

A forum is just a place for discussion. An imageboard is one of many type of forums on the internet. If you think "forum" is strictly for like…phpBB format or KF's layout something, I can understand that mistake, but it's technically untrue

No. 1240882

File: 1656225887741.jpeg (619.18 KB, 1170x759, CE609EC2-B1DD-4EBC-A031-3894A0…)

Almost finished with this season and Elliot/Ellen does not register as “male” to me at all. Like sure, the name is changed to Viktor, but I honestly forget they’re supposed to be a male and the whole performance just still reads as “young lesbian with Shinji hair” to me the entire time.

Picrel, Elliot next to Emmy Raver-Lampman lol

No. 1240883

You’re still wrong and being redundant now move on reee

Are trans male characters not allowed to have nice hair or something? Who the hell looked at this and thought yes this is acceptable and attractive we’re rolling

No. 1240884

But anon I'm literally right, I refuse

No. 1240885

You newfags are making my back ache. Lolcow is literally not a forum and referring to to it as a forum has been a tried and true way to call out a newfag for years now.

No. 1240886

Nona, is your reading comprehension that bad? Are you so hungry for a gotcha that you can't even slow down and read the post properly? Seriously, you look retarded.

No. 1240887

NTA, but you're retarded

No. 1240888

You're actually dumb. The post she was replying to said "public forum". I'm not a newfag, I'm laughing at this anons misunderstanding of the context of the word forum in this situation. And now I get to laugh at you, too.

No. 1240890

ayrt, i'm not >>1240856 or >>1240843 , i'm just some random anon chiming in with a silly comment

No. 1240892

I didn't say you were. Learn to read, I beg of you.

No. 1240893

I've been here since the start of the site, was on both the preceding boards (and /cgl/ before them) and I call imageboards forums ("chinese cartoon forum" is a known joke on 4chan), because they are. It's actual newfaggotry to fixate on the word "forum". It's the kind of thing that exposes you as a LARPer who's overly fixated on using chanspeak and fitting in

No. 1240894

Holy fuck are we really arguing over the word "forum"?? Anons. She said "public forum", she didn't mean a forum website and the fact that this has to be explained to you is just embarrassing.

No. 1240898

I’d like to genuinely believe that the vast majority of anons genuinely still recognize that grooming a teenager is still weird and genderbending the situation doesn’t make it any better so ignoring the outliers won’t be too difficult as you’ve got worms for brains

I mean imageboards aren’t forums but do whatever you want kek

No. 1240900

You're embarrassing yourself, kek:

No. 1240901

Amen and hallelujah

No. 1240902

NTA, but
From wikipedia:
>An imageboard is a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images, often alongside text and discussion.
>An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

No. 1240904

Preach sister preach

No. 1240910

By the way, why would you post twice and then die on such a ridiculous hill regardless? Really sad on both counts

No. 1240914

Nta, just passing by, but you're annoying and should shut the fuck up

No. 1240915

File: 1656227446619.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2057, 27110266-A2F0-4EBA-838D-84F2B8…)

It’s kind of shocking to see Kim K without the wisdom tooth legs, I don’t think she’s had normal legs since what, 2009?

No. 1240916

Only one of those anons you quoted is me, go to bed

No. 1240918

>just passing by
Kekk can't admit you were wrong so you gotta play it off, huh? You don't even know who you're replying to.

No. 1240921

We haven't seen her and Khloe's legs without either full-body clothing or like this for weeks. Their legs and asses must be bruised to no end from ps.

No. 1240924

That wasn’t my post, I didn’t intend to reply anymore to keep the thread from getting clogged more so I took my L and moved on, for the love of god you guys need to shut the fuck up too kek

No. 1240925

Hehe okay I'll shut up, I love you nona

No. 1240932

this girls name is cam and she is 27.

No. 1240933

This is very stupid speculation on my end but I sort of wonder if the stress of watching her get mocked and ridiculed for her fake alien ant ass stretching out MMs dress is the real cause of her losing so much weight so quickly.

No. 1240953

shes dating a white guy so now she wants to lose the BBL, go back to being thin and blonde. The MM Skin walking is just another part of the "returning to white instead of tanning and trying to look like a black/mixxed woman". Kim and Kourtney's styles are based on who they are dating. They have no personality outside of men they are dating.

No. 1240954

I s2g a male has to be involved in this stupid shit, one of you please go log into your jerk off forum and leave us alone

No. 1240971

The complete 180 after leaving Kanye has been wild, like a total lack of shame and no tact or subtlety whatsoever. She can’t possibly believe people don’t notice this? They literally yeeted their cheeks because Kim isn’t with a black man anymore, that’s so sleazy.

No. 1240972

Just like that? No wonder I couldn't find anything about it on the wiki.. I don't get it. I mean she's a actor. Can't she just play a female? She's Vanya not 'Elliot'. It seems so so very dumb to make this a part of the show. I haven't read the comics or seen past the first season, but aren't she and Diego supposed to have a thing eventually? Is that still going to happen do you think?

No. 1240973

Holy shit, you're right. You're so perceptive nonnie.

No. 1240984

>Can't she just play a female? She's Vanya not 'Elliot'.
Ntayrt, that's what makes this so ridiculous. She's playing a character not herself. It feels off because she's playing herself instead. I guess once you are trans you can't play anything else. Tragic.

No. 1240986

>she's now called Viktor
Vanya was already unisex not unlike Sasha kek westerners are so ignorant

No. 1240990

Doesn't matter. Gotta remember dysphoria or something therefore name is now a dead name so automatically have to have a different name. Sad cause Vanya is a cool name.

No. 1240993

Is Ezra exclusively attracted to brown women or does he see them as an accessory for woke points, or even sees them as more vulnerable and disenfranchised so he can have more influence over them?

No. 1240995

I dunno lemme call him and ask

No. 1240996

File: 1656234172789.png (288.52 KB, 520x346, F8E2D43E-8DC6-49BC-9C0A-14ABD8…)

Ntayrt but yes. Men age like shit because they never take care of themselves and eat like shit and I’m tired of pretending that 40+ year old men are more attractive than a 20+ year old. I don’t care that older males are apparently better conversationalists either because I’ve never met a man that had anything of worth to say. >>1239474

No. 1240999

File: 1656234396478.webm (7.19 MB, 426x234, sz1fgb2p4c781.webm)

She's a massive pick-me with internalized misogyny

No. 1241006

Then why not Ivan if they really wanted to emphasize the TrAnSiTiON? That's what Vanya is a nickname for.

No. 1241021

kek he isn't "battling demons" he's just yet another crack addicted whore, like all male rock singers are.

This is why I feel like once celebrities (especially ones like Ellen who were already well-known) troon out, their careers are pretty much over. Sure, they'll be on Ellen, on magazine covers and play a trans role even if it comes at the expense of undermining plot and character development. But after that? Who is gonna cast her in anything? She can't play a male role because she does not pass in the slightest and she will not want to play a female role because dysphoria and her being on T.

No. 1241026

so she's gonna yell even harder for "transmasc representation" aka more roles for her

No. 1241028

>aren't she and Diego supposed to have a thing eventually? Is that still going to happen do you think?
He's probably going to get a "questioning sexuality" arc

No. 1241033

I agree with you but most likely just wanted to keep the first letter of her name. I actually know a TIM who did this. It was peak retardation.

No. 1241041

No. 1241044

For men. They are prime between 18-25. After that, they usually hit the wall hard.

No. 1241046

Great thanks, let me know what he says. And ask him where he is while you're at it

No. 1241050

i dont watch their show but can someone explain this clip for me? I'm confused, scott was seeing a girl… When kourtney broke up with him anyway? I don't get it.

No. 1241058

She looks so tiny. She will never pass for a man, ever. How much T is she supposedly on? Because she just looks like a woman with short hair and an ED.

No. 1241063

Maybe she's on a tiny dose because she was trying to go for the twink look? That's the route aiden ana-chans usually take. They don't want to look like mature men, let alone mature manlets.

No. 1241080

you just answered your own question.

No. 1241109

Did not know this and CANNOT imagine this happening with show-Diego and "Viktor" at ALL (but also I think the plotline of the show has now diverged from the story in the comics iirc so if it's from the comics it may not happen anyway)

No. 1241165

I feel like a mix of both since he dated Zoe Kravitz once. Like one anon said, if you kidnap/ groom someone who's seen as undesirable it's a little easier.He probably scares them into staying with race war propaganda and crap. ~Uwu the kkk is coming~

No. 1241175

in this scene allison refers to viktor as her "tiny little brother" kek

No. 1241184

Kek she looks like Thumbelina

No. 1241235

>I don’t care that older males are apparently better conversationalists either because I’ve never met a man that had anything of worth to say.

Absolutely based

No. 1241253

probably both, i mean he literally had sex with tokata >>1240369

No. 1241418

dont think he has a type, he has been with random women of different races

No. 1241428

kek it reminds me of that red carpet pic where anons were saying she looks like a baby monkey because she looked so small and lost

No. 1241524

He told me to tell you he says "fart"

No. 1241760

Why do they let Ellen Page have the worst hair? It's flat in a way that makes it look stuck to her forehead with grease. It's so thin. I can not fathom hair having NOTHING especially when you're a big shot Hollywood actor

No. 1241777

She's got kikomi grade stringy hair. She should give herself some gender euphoria and get on rogaine or something. If I had hair like that and her money I would be trying to fix it ASAP.

No. 1241796

Hard agree kek

No. 1241799

And he's 50. It's gross.

No. 1241810

Okay good I'm not the only one who saw it this way kek

No. 1241813

kek I think she always had hair like that (thin hair that is), but it just became really apparent when she got that retarded and unflattering haircut. Blogpost but I have fine hair and oily skin and seeing those pics affirms my decision to never get bangs again (at least the shorter kind that are against the forehead) lol, it's really not a good look. But anyway, I imagine she probably chose that haircut herself for whatever reason and her stylists are afraid to confront her and tell her it looks like shit, I imagine this is also the case with that oversized clothing she keeps wearing.

No. 1241814

same and I am very much looking forward to the uwu smol kim

No. 1241817

Kim is short too so it's most likely coming. If she pulls out the over the knee boots this fall/winter….. watch out Ari lol

No. 1241836

File: 1656277373081.jpeg (62.05 KB, 358x610, 9DFA12B9-C5B6-48DD-8009-7C273A…)

I can see it.

No. 1241865

ok thank you this has been my tinfoil from the beginning! When she was with Kanye she was doing a lot of blackfishing and kinda copying Amber Rose's whole BBL, hip-hop baddie look.
Pete always gushed about Ariana when they were dating and talked about how tiny and hot she was. Kim is notoriously insecure, and Ariana is also 12 years younger (29 vs Kim's 41) and Ari was Pete's "one who got away". I'd bet anything that Kim wants to seem smol and more white-presenting like Ari now.

No. 1241875

File: 1656278335125.png (2.27 MB, 1188x1174, Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 2.18…)

Any day now lol

No. 1241879

So apparently Kim is 5'2 and Ariana is 5'3. I somehow cannot in a million years imagine Kim being shorter and smaller than Ari

No. 1241886

Ok Shallon Lester you and your squirrel brain can fucking leave now.

No. 1241901

I literally think that Ariana and Kim went to the same facelift person and around the same time according to some lorry hill video. I had some questions when I saw Ariana’s work and they were brought up at the same time. Maybe Ariana grande was more searched than her at one point and she couldn’t let that happen. They both think that they are the only women on the planet and it’s so obnoxious.

No. 1241905

Yeah they are similar. When Ariana was with Big Sean she was super tan. Now she's with her new boyfriend and she's trying to look asian or whatever. Kim is still changing her body to
"match" Pete. Her ass is still big but she wants it to look more "Natural". Just like when she was with Black men she was pretending like her ass was real and was always skin walking black women, like Beyonce, Rihanna and Naomi. She always loved Cher because the long black hair thing.
Now she's trying to look more white again and she probably is skin walking Ariana. If she gets with a buiness man, I bet you Kim will make her hair black again, and try to dress more "Classy sexy".
None of the Kardashians have a personality without a man, Kylie's whole transformation was because Tyga/blac chyna. Plus Kim. Khloe has never tried to look "Biracial/black" but she got her ass done and plays up the goofy big booty tall white woman that black men like.
It's all about their scrotes, only one who doesn't do this is Kendell.

No. 1241914

File: 1656279932257.png (656.61 KB, 547x523, Capture.PNG)


No. 1241919

I’m so sick of them I wish they’d shut the fuck up ew

Oh my god you guys are right

No. 1241921

no fucking way kek, kim what the actual fuck are you doing this is so pathetic

No. 1241926

Pete is living proof that being tall is like 80% of what cute girls want in a man

No. 1241930

My god this is embarrassing.

No. 1241935

it's wild how little she looks like her parents, even as a kid

No. 1241966

File: 1656282285334.jpeg (53.86 KB, 615x923, 56f78b89.jpeg)

her forehead started getting bigger over time, (more noticeably a year or two before her troon out) and her hair probably got thinner so that might be related

No. 1241987

Is she hanging out on a British council estate?

No. 1241993

Both kim k and Ariana dated manlets on several occasions though. The real catch is no cheating scandals, no history of creeping on teenagers, no simping for other girls while having a whole girlfriend. The bar is in hell and moids can barely handle that

No. 1242008

File: 1656283816858.png (134.04 KB, 343x290, ari.PNG)

Tinfoil but I don't think ari's new face is meant to asianfish, I think she's trying to skinwalk her idol Audrey Hepburn.

No. 1242018

File: 1656284220522.png (507.13 KB, 517x386, audrey.PNG)

I mean, she even had her wedding dress designed after the one Audrey wore in "funny face". The pale skin, the cat eyes, the bigger brows..

No. 1242019

idgi those look nothing alike

No. 1242022

I can get behind the Audrey skinwalking but those wedding dresses look completely different?

No. 1242024

meant to say the veil/hair colour, not the dress

No. 1242034

File: 1656284966301.jpg (36.92 KB, 422x422, E2WLUTSVkAECTwa.jpg)

I get what you mean but the veil is longer than you might guess

No. 1242035

These have nothing in common

No. 1242036

Look at the texture of both, and the bow

No. 1242039

No I'm not, I literally am seeing Ariana being "uwu so cute n smoll asian" and then a beautiful Audrey Hepburn

No. 1242042

The oversized blazer and neck scarf aesthetic

No. 1242046

Nta but it'd be more convincing if there was a picture of Audrey wearing both. She didn't even wear oversized blazers regularly and they certainly weren't a core part of her aesthetic.

No. 1242048

No idea but I did notice the resemblance, but that was before… all this

No. 1242049

File: 1656285459323.jpg (90.7 KB, 720x826, 0289fe6c72be89453cc772d31b3291…)

Hmm… I dunno. But it's true she tried to do the Audrey Hepburn inspired stuff before. If anything, Ariana is just a copy of Audrey and a copy of Mariah Carey.

No. 1242050

I'm OP and I deleted it because I think I was reaching with that one

No. 1242053

anon why do you keep making this about "he's not a REAL occultist (like me)" such an odd flex

No. 1242055

>>1242008 She does have a tattoo relating to breakfast at tiffany and likes to sperg about audrey so honestly it adds up..

No. 1242058

File: 1656285961220.png (398.9 KB, 724x544, ahh.PNG)

She stole her voice from Mariah and stole her face from Audrey

No. 1242064

Gross. I bet you any amount of money the actors are laughing and talking behind her back.

No. 1242065

Picture on the LEFT looks so cheap in comparison, damn. oops

No. 1242069

Pete cheated on Cassie David tho

No. 1242070

File: 1656286262484.png (14.38 KB, 707x201, obs.PNG)

No. 1242073

File: 1656286346324.png (832.09 KB, 607x599, nails.PNG)

picrel >>1242070

No. 1242143

Both her and Kim look so trashy when trying to emulate classic beauties, I think it's because there's just static and dust in their brains whereas both Marilyn and Audrey were very intelligent women.

No. 1242145

Kim looks like a goddamn clown in those

No. 1242172

on god liv has a horrible taste in men. where are her parents

No. 1242217

They're trying to emulate women who they look nothing alike who may have had tasteful plastic surgery at best instead of overdoing it and looking like an overfilled balloon

ezra based on his who's dated who page really doenst seem to have a type, when it comes to celeb women he's dated all over the place

when it comes to non celeb women most of these men just go for young and vulnerable, they don't necessarily have a type

No. 1242276


No. 1242299

File: 1656304483342.jpeg (674.93 KB, 960x1479, ECA95CCF-81D9-485D-B7CD-2AD915…)

Here’s another pic of her

No. 1242301

File: 1656304559440.jpeg (142.74 KB, 636x382, 77206.jpeg)

No. 1242302

honestly ezra needs to be imprisoned but she looks fine. she just lost a LOT of weight and yeah many people tend to look sickly if they do so without doing it very slowly when they're as heavy as she was. she's also choosing the worst filters possible. she looked good in that no filter video she posted recently

No. 1242305

My ex literally looks like the guy on the far right. I realized it while dating and had to be honest with myself that he was uggo. I was blinded by him being 6’2, wealthy, and muscular

No. 1242314

File: 1656305226278.gif (3.1 MB, 480x270, 1649353640003-2.gif)

Honestly I would, granted I'm a Monsterfucker and my Ideal husbando is Brahms from the Boy

No. 1242316

So her uncle saw her having sex, presumably, underaged with a much older guy and did nothing?

No. 1242318

Read again.
He didn't see them.

No. 1242341

Lmao tf bitch? He’s not a real “occultist” like Cristy from The Second Season of Intervention, not me dumb ass, and I posted that once so I’m not continuously making anything about anything until now where you’re besmirching the good name of Cristy from The Second Season of Intervention. Fucking nothing I have written is about me you stupid bitch, is that all it takes to make you insecure? One mention of Cristy from The Second Season of Intervention? Fuck off.

No. 1242345

This is also in response to a wannabe Manson who thinks the epitome of occult knowledge is triangles. Apologize to CRISTY, from, THe Second Season of Intervention the one where she WARNS US abouT What THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING

No. 1242349

Er, his wife rather

No. 1242353

First she was Cristy from the first season now she’s Cristy from the second. Occult powers at play?

No. 1242378

he's ugly as fuck at both ages. Women took the leopill so easily, who the fuck perpetuated the idea that this man is attractive? They've even convinced him of it too, look at his punchable smug ugly face. Disgusting, nasty greasy man.

No. 1242381

File: 1656310599011.jpg (130.57 KB, 1908x1146, article-2750156-213B2A8E000005…)

I noticed that the way men age is that their facial features remain the same but their heads get bigger. It's comical

No. 1242384

I wish, literally am so embarrassed to admit that I got it wrong (crying, repenting). She’s so iconic could’ve sworn she had to be OG season one, but no. She just eclipsed everyone and made me forget the first season.

She is everything Ezra Miller could fucking never be.

No. 1242396

Read this comment like 3 times and still do not understand what you are trying to say, sound like a personal problem on your end tho

This would maybe check out if they didn’t consistently constantly blur out her scooped out eyesockets

No. 1242484

File: 1656322081159.jpg (423.74 KB, 1125x1310, Tumblr_l_1245866309864060.jpg)

not milk but i can't believe this is sydney sweeney, i love this look on her but have seen a lot of people trash it. for vogue hong kong 2022

No. 1242487

Ate that

No. 1242490

imo slay. but has she lost weight?

No. 1242498

File: 1656324069657.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1080x3507, InCollage_20220627_030022627.j…)

Ik this was mentioned in the last thread but what the fuck? Madonna's nft

No. 1242499

File: 1656324306157.webm (Spoiler Image, 17.92 MB, 1920x1080, header_4a8de2d6-VideoToMp4.web…)

No. 1242512

Honestly aside from it being NFTs, it's really cool art, animation, and concept. But is this supposed to be a self insert of her? Jesus she's insecure. Those cheekbones look like an imvu avatar kek

No. 1242517

i like it too, and it's nice to see a shoot where the entire focus isn't on her bazongas

No. 1242593

She looks so cool! Does Sidney get the most hate out of every actor on the show? I can't forget about that vid of her crying cause people were calling her ugly.

No. 1242597

What's with the weird lil bonus hole?

No. 1242611

>a tree grows out of a vagina but there is no bush
What is this shit?

No. 1242613

My guess is hentai asshole

No. 1242622

This video reminds me that every time kim kardashit makes a memorial post for her shit dad no one in the comments says anything about nicole simpson.
The worst thing is that everyone encourages her to become a lawyer, that would be terrible. She should stick to porn.

No. 1242630

What the FUCK. Straight outta fetish deviantart

No. 1242677

You're right, and it makes the newfag coquettes seethe

No. 1242684

go back

No. 1242688

Take a shot every time "Cristy from The Second Season of Intervention" is mentioned. Or do you summon her like that?

No. 1242690

I never thought he was hot when I was younger because I could only think of him as the retarded kid from "what's eating Gilbert Grape"

No. 1242692

Of fuck, her..?! The dad who sung that song "It's Cristy, she is so misty.." it's stuck in my head since. The cringe was too much.

No. 1242694

Watching Cristy’s episode now out of intrigue! So far really good kek

No. 1242695

I've heard/read that her dad quit the friendship with him after the trial. He first believed him but after time not any more. He was hired because so he couldn't be used as a witness.
But I don't know how much of this is only PR talk to clean the family name (Rob K senior's)

No. 1242696

It's awful. After that, I had to google if she is still alive.
And that girl named Dallas (?) who lived in Seattle with her boyfriend as H junkies.

No. 1242740


she does look good though

No. 1242781

I think she's trying to break away from her Euphoria character. I like this little haircut.
>>Cassie is a sexualized character, and that became a mold that was then [forced] onto me as a human being instead of just Cassie," she explained. "I was seeing people say, 'Oh, she only got this because she showed her boobs.' I had multiple shows and movies before I even did Euphoria. I look very different in everything I do because I want to become the character individually, and I don’t want people to associate Sydney Sweeney with a character — I want them to fully feel like they’re experiencing another world and another person."
>>Sweeney goes on to cite the numerous other roles she's had in her career. In addition to Euphoria, Sweeney has worked on White Lotus, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Sharp Objects, and more.
>>"People didn’t tie in that a couple months before, I did Handmaid’s Tale, or before that I was in Everything Sucks. And a month before that I did Sharp Objects and when people then started putting that together and then seeing White Lotus, I think that’s what kind of turned it for everyone.
>>You look at some of these incredible male actors who get to play the coolest, most diverse characters, and people are just like, 'Oh, cool.' No one ever puts any type of stigma behind it."

No. 1242791


She looks like she took this picture with one of those japanese picture editing machines that gives you an alien head and a bunch of stickers to cover your nose with lmao

No. 1242792

Love it. She looks good.

No. 1242836

File: 1656352281116.png (289.61 KB, 510x350, Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 1.51…)

It reminds me of Chloe Sevigny in Gummo, and I mean that in a good way.

No. 1242838

File: 1656352440214.jpg (38.62 KB, 700x372, currie-cherrie.jpg)

Cherrie Currie vibes, I like it

No. 1242845

it´s almost as if they specifically look for names that don´t or can´t have male variations.

No. 1242954

Is the tree growing out of her also a penis because of added 'grass' veins?

No. 1242980

This almost looks like futa porn

No. 1243111

Cool look. Too bad she already dunked her career by letting herself be type-casted.

No. 1243129

Madonna is so weird. When I was a kid my mom said teens in the 80s would stick dental floss between their teeth to try to get her gap, now everyone is begging her to put clothes on and stop terrorizing the paps.

Everything Madonna does is a self-insert.

No. 1243131

god damn he's gross

No. 1243137

he's like 6'1", saw him in a parking lot once. why do womanlets reee so hard about height? i'm 5'10" (the shortest woman in my family) and beautiful woman who come up to my chest are seriously making themselves single because some guy taller than me was still "too short"

No. 1243138

she's the jared leto we need, but jared leto is the jared leto we deserve.

No. 1243139

looks more like a toronto rich person's neighbourhood (the balcony she's on would be attached to a $3000 junior bachelor apartment in this city)

No. 1243144

no one told her that an italian woman has no hope of looking like a rhinelander who didn't eat for 5 years straight? ariana trying to look like audrey is oli london levels of impossible. no wonder she looks so botched
also why is she trying to copy an ethnicity that is so world famous for producing ugly women guess what i am and how i know this that audrey hepburn is literally the only one you can name

No. 1243160

what's a rhinelander? I just googled it and it said someone from wisconsin but I'm not sure if that's it?

No. 1243227

File: 1656372241018.png (209.31 KB, 338x600, 7F00E87F-CA2C-4132-A259-9198ED…)

Khloe lost a lot of weight

No. 1243230

File: 1656372495865.png (343.01 KB, 373x448, k.PNG)

No. 1243236

File: 1656372925716.png (552.31 KB, 285x872, thtrhjwlt;jh;wojth.png)

On one hand she was born into privilege and money so you can't feel TOO bad for her, but still. It's sad that she was always called the ugly sister and developed horrible body dysphoria. I feel for her. Granted, both of these Looked shopped as hell, but the pictures from Kourtney's wedding also show her much slimmer.

Ignore the over-the-top butt but look at the legs: they're really slim, slimmer than they were when she came out with her really nice workout body a couple of years ago.

No. 1243237

File: 1656372958633.jpg (126.22 KB, 640x1136, 99e78eac314926312989995d603c92…)

Picrel from her workout bod; magazine-shopped, but still.

No. 1243239

>Khloe lost a lot of weight
More like had the docs freeze, melt, and chop it all off

No. 1243249

Like it or not anon, that still means she lost it.

No. 1243258

No, it means it was removed.

No. 1243259

oh noooo that bbl… she has a great figure outside of the ass. khloe girl, just get rid of it!!!

No. 1243264

But she needs to attract a Kanye clone kek

No. 1243265

ummm what vagina looks like that, what's with the weird area at the bottom and the general protuberance of the entire vulva and gooch?

No. 1243346

lol im 5'11 and the one time a man taller than me stood over me i actually found it to be quite literally frightening. it's an interesting testimony to power dynamics, i'm still trying to work out this sudden phenomena too

No. 1243347

ayrt, she's not exactly from the rhineland but ethnically is that type of person. it's the grand est area & whatever germans call their side of that area. ethnicities are alsatians, lorrain[e]s, and swabians (i think? i don't know the german side so well) oh and it is called that because of the Rhine river

No. 1243348

i didn't notice the butt or legs because of what she's done to her face

No. 1243350

i don't even like to date tall men or even average weight men. only other skinny people. i like men who are skinny and my height or shorter, so then you can feel normal with him. it's very weird to be with a man who has big thick arms and a big torso you can't reach all the way around. i don't like how people that much bigger than you feel, honestly creeps me out. plz no ban for sperg, jannies(blog)

No. 1243416

File: 1656387254750.png (825.07 KB, 497x681, barbie.PNG)

the movie looks like it might be good if there's more of this

No. 1243422

I love it. It’ll either be amazing or a disaster, personally I’m hoping for amazing and Barbie-centric.

No. 1243427

Yeah still not a fan of gosling as ken but margot looks great.

No. 1243428

beige swimsuit person is based

No. 1243430

thought she was naked in a barbie way

No. 1243433

File: 1656388572999.png (1.86 MB, 978x717, 80sbarbie.png)

Unless it has Barbie and the Rockers-tier fashion, it's gonna be shit.

No. 1243452

pshh new romantics are LAH. new wavers and goths were based, new romantics were just the 80s version of lana del rey stans reeeing that she's NOT POP

No. 1243464

My god she’s so fucking ugly. So much for “no one is ugly, just poor”, even all her piles of money can’t fix how busted that unfortunate face is

No. 1243474

if you watch when the verdict was read, kardashian looked completely devastated, like he couldn't believe that this was reality. i buy that he stopped being his friend based on his reaction. go to 0:22

No. 1243498

Honestly because I got one person to watch Cristy’s episode where the iconic meme “I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want because THAt’s whAT the GOvernment is dOing” made everything worth it.

Bless you, your hopes, dreams, friends, and soul, anonymous one two four two six nine four. U a real one

No. 1243501

You can take like four and a half shots and you still won’t be occult genius and Gods Favorite Cristy…????? U sound insecure…….

No. 1243540

This movie is genuinely one of the best of all time.

She has to do anything Kim does

Find the cred of whoever rendered it and see if they’re a man.

I am here for this but still very salty they chose this man

No. 1243541

You’re kidding me, watch it til the end and he embraces him with his arm cradling his head. Fuck OJ and fuck Robert.

No. 1243543

>Find the cred of whoever rendered it and see if they’re a man.
(to the surprise of no one) it is, in fact, a man. mike winklemann, also known as "beeple"

No. 1243681

And fuck kim kartrashian, this whore glorifies her dead daddy when she shouldn’t. She should NOT be a lawyer and I hope people will speak up against this but nobody will unfortunately. Her being a lawyer is actually dangerous since she wants to focus on releasing prisoners.

No. 1243689

lol the lady on the right looks like she has a barbie crotch bc her bikini matches her skin so well

No. 1243698

Ryan is living his best life right now.

No. 1243703

Tinfoil: she’s a straight woman with schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder
She needs a nigel dicking + better haircut. And I usually don’t recommend a dick for curing except in extreme situations. She already chopped up her tits Ffs.(>dick for curing)

No. 1243705

This is just glorifying obesity in a sports magazine, wtf.

No. 1243709

Maybe it's what people call fatspo? If I understood the word correctly. You know, in a "You don't want to look like that thing on the cover? You don't want to die from clogged arteries? Better buy our magazine and work out!" way.

No. 1243723

Agree for the most part.
I've always found her fugly then and fugly now. HOWEVER I think if she had better procedures like if they hadn't botched her nose and fucked up stuff initially, she could have looked at least like a 7 instead of Tori Spelling's twin sister.

No. 1243730

Literally all she needed was the weight loss and 1 good nose job and maybe a tiny bit of lip filler.

No. 1243738

I think Kim is deeply insecure and is not only skinwalking Ariana with the weightloss but I also think she will do it as an attempt to appear younger. Ariana is over a decade younger than Kim. I would not be suprised if she tries to change up her style to more girly youthful shit like Ariana wears.

No. 1243740

I don't find Khloe ugly, but she does have a "Old lady mouth" like she purses her lips and talks like a old mean lady. It's not the apperence it's the way she holds her mouth at times if that makes sense.

No. 1243803

People that trash the Kardashians this hard scare me 'cause it reeks of male hate for females; seriously, what have the Kardashians done that warrants this much mouth-frothing? The worst thing they've done is like… credit card scams which is on par with losers like the ACE family. No, Kim shouldn't be a lawyer because she's not a girlboss hero, but she's also not the embodiment of the whore of Babylon, calm down anon.

No. 1243807

I think she shouldn't have messed with her nose. Maybe unpopular opinion, but it's much harder to fix a too-short nose (like hers) than any other type of nose. You shrink it too much and it ends up looking even more FAS, like Khloe looks like now.

No. 1243823

I agree with you!

No. 1243830

>body dysphoria
It's body dysmorphia.

German-sperging incoming:
The Rhineland is for Germans actually the Western part and more around Cologne. What you describe is the lower Western part, we don't call it Rhineland.
Think of Nord Rhine-Westphalia. It's the only German state where the Rhine doesn't serve as some type of border to another state or country.

No. 1243831

That is so surreal.

No. 1243838

>She has to do anything Kim does:
Everything you can do
I can do shitter…

He looks so happy, kek.

No. 1243848

File: 1656431184527.jpg (75.89 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Like this?
Sidenote..I'm in the minority but I always found Khloe prettier than Kourtney…

No. 1243857

File: 1656431703746.jpg (1.3 MB, 1952x1920, InShot_20220628_165316537.jpg)

IMO Kourtney looks exactly like Khloe except Kourtney has a long, flat face and khloe's is rounder. Picrel

No. 1243900

she actually is a whore, did you forget her family's entire fame and wealth came from her doing porn? she, her ex, and her mother "leaked" her sex tape and got a nice little reality show deal on E! because of it… it's wild that people conveniently forget that everything that family stands for is disgusting.

No. 1243914

I'm okay with people being whores but I'm with you on the most part and I think hating them doesn't always mean misogyny. If anything the stans obsessed with them are worse because they defend them all with each little thing on instagram comments as if Kim herself will read them.
Noone in that family would piss on a fan if they were on fire.

Some people dislike them for good reason though. Also if you want to talk about misogyny how about you actually look at the kardashians themselves and how they perpetuate a lot of it themselves? I'm not saying every female celeb has to be a strong feminist icon but they are awful in every way.

No. 1243922

File: 1656435349430.png (3.05 MB, 1920x1006, Ohgré Kardashian.PNG)

There’s no accounting for taste, truly. I agree with >>1243464 she has always looked like an ogre to me, even as a toddler. It has nothing to do with her weight or height either, it’s all her face.

No. 1243933

File: 1656435960231.jpg (971.93 KB, 1760x1176, FaceApp_1656435647984.jpg)

Didn't change any features here except made her skinnier.
I'm starting to think she could have resembled Blake Lively if she had lost the weight first and then fixed up the weird features later but she got too surgery happy early on and became Tori Spelling 2.0

No. 1243950

Kourtney always has a frowning stankface and her head is shaped funny, then again I've never found any of the Kardashians to be even close to the great beauties theyre constantly shilled as

No. 1244022

File: 1656440794149.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20220628-081520-534…)

From the release party for mgk's documentary

No. 1244029

I saw this on the front page and I was like why is Kim kardashian posing with Machine Gun Kelly but whoa she needs to chill out with her plastic surgery they all look the damn same

No. 1244031

Barbie and Ken if they were shit

No. 1244038

Vanity documentaries of people still in the peak of their career are always shit. Where's the plot? At least wait til your 50s before you approve a doc so there's actually something to talk about other than "I was a child then I grew up and now I'm famous yay"

No. 1244040

White trash barbie and ken

No. 1244049

File: 1656441873173.jpg (21 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Ayrt. These niggas if they stood up

No. 1244056

>she needs a nigel dicking to cure her
Lol scrotes are so bad at integrating even when you try to use our terminology….

No. 1244058

honestly I couldnt give a fuck if she got 'famous' for some crappy porno she made with a literal who 10+ years ago. Whoever marketed it the way they did (her mom I guess?) was smart as shit playing with scrote logic, because they got what they wanted from it.

However, kim and them are trash because they photoshop the living crap out of their bodies, claiming it's real, spend who knows how much money for their faces and bodies, claiming again it's real, and alongside how toxic social media is it's made women everywhere have more and more body dysphoria. Anyone remember how the 90s were with anorexia being glorified? This is like worse. I feel for all the young girls growing up tbh.

No. 1244072

the Kardashians are honest about being plastic but i agree with the other things you mentioned.

No. 1244081

they actually weren't always. Do you not remember how they claimed their asses were real, and got a doctor to scan them on live television (I forgot the show, some day time show) to 'prove' that their asses were real because there were no implants? This was before most people knew about fat grafts and bbls mind you. So of course there was nothing in the scans… Because it was a fat graft.

Now a days they're honest about SOME things but not everything.

No. 1244108

Kylie tried to pass her lips off as the product of her lip kits for years too. They haven't really said shit about their surgeries.

No. 1244164

this is offending my eyes

No. 1244165

>Ohgré Kardashian
Topkek, nona. She really does look like fucking Shrek though, she’s so hideous
>Blake Lively
You cannot be serious
Again, you cannot be serious. That entire family are the lowest of the low vapid parasites. It has nothing to do with their gender, they’re a disgusting waste of space who contribute nothing to society beyond stealing from other cultures and then thumbing their noses at everyone when they’re called out, giving young women a complex and promoting mindless consumerism

No. 1244175

They're both fucking embarrassing.

No. 1244183

You’re a pathetic piece of shit, truly. You’re probably the kind of person that’s the sort of reason people transition. Cannot absolutely fathom saying that unless you’re a retarded male. No one else thinks that having sex with a man when you aren’t and have never showed heterosexual attraction will “cure” you. Rapist shit right there.

She’s a glorified pseudo-nepo baby who would never actually become a lawyer if she weren’t who she was. Everything she receives is solely from being a Kardashian. Tell me in what way she has aided or helped women outside of advocating occasionally for women in the prison system, mostly because Kanye influenced her to? She doesn’t even have the drive or ambition to become an actual lawyer, she’s going to pay her way through it and cut every corner.

No. 1244186

>kourtney looks exactly like khloe except for all of these features that don’t look like khloe
It’s almost like they’re sisters

No. 1244294

i can't find him attractive at any age because all I see is ricky gervais

No. 1244298

Megan is seven years late with that look. She should've stuck with the boho and classic Hollywood looks. He looks like a doofus as always.

No. 1244307

Samefagging but
>No, Kim shouldn't be a lawyer because she's not a girlboss hero
Because her dad defended a wife beating murderer.
>she's also not the embodiment of the whore of Babylon, calm down anon.
Anyone that agrees with you is coping. But you’re a dumbass that totally proves my point. HER DAD DEFENDED AND BEFRIENDED A MURDERER.

No. 1244308

Hahahaha, I've always noticed this on Haley Joel Osment and nobody else.

(P.S. enjoy, nona)

No. 1244315

Oh man, I just looked up that video. I feel bad for laughing but lol
"I'm just sitting here with ma dog Tink watchin HGTV wearin my Snuggie"

No. 1244317

File: 1656455259105.jpeg (100.05 KB, 399x640, 2916C64C-9CEC-4104-B251-DE483D…)

People blame Michael Bay or perhaps Stephen Spielberg for her losing popularity but I’ll bet you my left foot that the reason why she’s lost her popularity is her botched looks. She also at one point stopped tanning and that made her even less appealing. She’d be like a Kardashian after she made the hitler remark but instead became a literal-who but a much more tasteful version of lindsay lohan. Anyways her peak is 1986-2009. And then she started to look like a tacky tranny. A waste.

No. 1244323

Dumb take..
Khloe gets called busted constantly but I often mistake pics of Kourtney for her, maybe it's just me but the two of them are on the same level of attractiveness, or unattractiveness.. However you see it …ya know, it's a lot to take in considering their ever changing faces throughout the years

No. 1244327

File: 1656455643305.jpeg (96.42 KB, 1200x900, 0A4DDE43-1B4B-4133-96F0-B95F57…)

They both ugly because they look like him

No. 1244336

I'm looking forward to this. You can tell it's going to be tongue-in-cheek and campy and I can't wait

No. 1244341

File: 1656456357312.jpg (74.87 KB, 640x653, gj3e5mnth3e81.jpg)

I do think it's funny that Kourtney is commonly thought of as the most "natural" one but I mean, come on

No. 1244344

File: 1656456434678.png (1.31 MB, 920x1200, Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 3.46…)


No. 1244360

so idk if any of you anons are following the DA drama, but Ninja just got me too'd by Danny Brown

No. 1244365

The most natural one is Rob and they drove him to madness.

No. 1244375

Them being sisters is a dumb take? Interesting

No. 1244385

I thought you meant the fortnight ninja cause I read it then I looked at the video and saw that disgusting rat man and its welll. Unsurprising

No. 1244394

Her makeup artist does not like her

No. 1244417

Is her top meant to be tied like that? It looks either broken or wrong.

No. 1244419

oops, didn't even think that could misconstrued as a different Ninja (am oldfag) yeah everything that has come out about them has been so unsurprising, Ninja in particular always gave me the heebie jeebies

No. 1244420

File: 1656462983396.png (6.99 MB, 5185x1080, OhgréK.PNG)

I’ll never subscribe to this “she was beautiful all along, just needed to be thin like her sisters” because Khloé wasn’t always fat, she’s just very tall, specially in comparison to Kourtney and Kim. Her problem is her face. Because they look so different (and their mom is Kris, who is awful), I’m sure she was made to feel ugly even before we knew of them and the general public ridiculed her.
Except that Khloé looks like a Alex Roldan, she has never looked like any of them pre-surgery.
Saying she is the most “natural” one doesn’t deny she has had some work done?

No. 1244423

here's a summary

>"nigga (Ninja) was sitting on my lap trying to make out with me"

>"and you know I was a single experimenting man at the time but he was too aggresive, the nigga broke he sat on my lap and started trying to kiss me and shit and doing weird shit, im like man you trippin"
>"yeah ninja tried to fuck me and I was scared"
>they bring up Ninja being cancelled in general but mention a hate crime
>"yeah they've always been doing a lot of weird shit but he always throw Yolandi on you I think that's how he been fucking niggas, yeah he'd be getting niggas (by) throwing her on-" he cuts himself off and says "god damn it why are we talking about this, fuck them though I could of canceled Cuz me too I was sexually assulted by Ninja, I stand by that he know I aint lying"
>"I think my brain was rattled because I really do like Yolandi I was rattled about my situation like man should I really try this?"
>"but im like I don't know if I want to see this nigga naked? I don't want to be in a room with this nigga naked"
>he says shout out to Die Antwoord and the host Tom Segura makes a comment about this "big shout out to the guy that tried to assult me"
>Danny continues he talks about what happened before the incident "I was playing a show in Paris and he (Ninja) hit me up in the dms like "imma come to your show" and im like man whatever you want me put you on a list? and he's like "don't worry about it i'll find you" and im like okay that was weird that was like one red flag"
>"and then i'm playing my show and in the crowd he crowed surfed to the stage to me and he's like "man we got this party come to this party" and im like alright, as soon as we get to the party this nigga sit on my lap and starts kissing on my neck and shit, that would of been a fight it should of been a fight but who wants to be in jail"
>"im shell shocked like this nigga really? is he doing this? and then im looking at my DJ and the look on his face is like horrified but it looked like im down with this so he's like trying to mind his own business but im like nigga?(as in asking the DJ to help him) because I don't want to push the nigga (Ninja) like throw the nigga up off me but im like nigga I aint really like that"
>"and guess what he said again "man what hotel you staying at?" im like man whatever and then he said "don't worry i'll find you" he said it again and in my face that's what made me start pounding drinks because im like im might have to stab this nigga tonight cause this nigga knock on my hotel room bro im stabbing and it's going to be a big deal it's going to be a thing"
>Tom Segura asks "did he find your hotel room?" Danny responds "no no it's even crazier what happened I fell down some stairs and im with my manager I got so drunk because im just so terrified of Ninja now im just scared, im sitting front of the venue im so drunk just sitting on the stairs with my manager they're trying to find me a cab"

he's cracking a lot of jokes the whole time he's talking about it but he's clearly super uncomfortable/angry about it

No. 1244444

haven't watched yet but these people have always given me the worst vibes. it's not because they look/sound a bit unconventional, it's like there's something really off.

No. 1244455

All the surgery and filler has made her look like an aging hooker.

No. 1244461

She's also an absolutely atrocious actress. I never understand people who claim she was a waste of potential or whatever. I think she got far more fame than she ever deserved.

No. 1244477

She really looks nothing like her sisters, anyone with functioning retinas can see that she clearly got the Shrek genes from her real father. If she wasn’t a piece of shit I’d feel bad for her being that ugly

No. 1244478

I agree, I really hate her. Not because she’s a bad actress but because she seems like an awful person

No. 1244479

>Also if you want to talk about misogyny how about you actually look at the kardashians themselves and how they perpetuate a lot of it themselves?

This. I'd argue that it's justified to hate the whole family for how much they've perpetrated unrealistic beauty standards, causing huge upticks in plastic surgery (specifically BBLs), Kim's rise and grind mentality, the black-fishing. There's a lot of reasons to hate on them.

No. 1244492

The only thing that could salvage this is a jaw shave imo

No. 1244503

They’ve always rubbed me the wrong way. Like I feel like they have more skeletons in their closet

No. 1244519

Scraping by with 11mil views in over a week, why do people larp she's still relevant?

No. 1244530

It's crazy how much they've influenced beauty trends, from more extreme shit like BBLs and waist trainers to now-normal things like dermarolling and contouring and bodycon dresses.

I think the strangest part is that it's not like people universally find them attractive, you know? They aren't considered great beauties like many actresses are for example, and they get a massive amount of criticism for their looks. I think they fill a void in insecure young women who don't care what the beauty standard is specifically, they just want instant gratification procedures and purchases to feel better about themselves. Other beauty standards require being naturally attractive or being vigilant about your health, the Kardashian look is so fake it seems attainable.

No. 1244579

File: 1656476300103.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20220629-051711.png)


What do you guys think this is all about? Sounds vague and ominous lol, is he into drugs?

No. 1244582

Idk but his daughter’s Internet presence is way too grown for a 16 year old. Tragic.

No. 1244583

drugs duh

No. 1244586

Drugs for sure

No. 1244611

File: 1656479881560.jpeg (255.06 KB, 828x768, B8B8F4F3-FD5B-496A-895A-09035F…)

I'll never forgive this scrote for always making Millie so weird looking. Another male by the name of Pete Burkill also did her hair. I just want them to stop touching her REEEEE

No. 1244617

This dude survives a plane crash and still doesn't value his own fucking life. Makes me sick

No. 1244626

Ninja also went on some faux-candid YouTube rant about how he hung out at Kanye’s house and Kim had made banana pudding and sat down and started watching anal porn right in the living room casually next to him. Wondering about that now. Weird incest-obsessed freak

No. 1244627

Ninja has an incestuous obsession with his teenage daughter and spent a long time pretending Yolandi was his sister. Weird ass man and pick me dickriding chipmunk woman.

No. 1244645

He is one of the ugliest men my retinas have ever had the misfortune of being subjected to, he legitimately looks like a paedophilic serial killer, no hyperbole. He deserves to be locked up for all the heinous shit that’s come out about him. His ugly wife is as bad as he is too, she enables his fuckery. And they make some of the worst music known to human kind.

No. 1244646

Pure degeneracy

No. 1244681

it was so disgusting how she mocked the accuser. i believe her, but even if it hypothetically was a false allegation the way they roasted her was still too far.

No. 1244697

File: 1656488665974.png (1.39 MB, 1024x1280, qOTKS4p.png)

another of sydney sweeney from vogue hong kong looking like cherie currie

No. 1244704

Old man can’t keep up anymore

No. 1244705

Do they have a gun pointed at her or…?

No. 1244714

She looks like his mom

No. 1244715

He looks like an old bull queer in a saloon in Groom, Texas, downwind from the Amarillo cattle fields. When the wind blows strongly and the smell of shit is tangible, he smiles blandly and says "Smells like money!" before leering at the 17-year-old Dairy Queen cashier.

No. 1244716

i'm sorry, i just don't care for this styling. i don't get cherie currie vibes, cherie had very visible brown eyebrows

No. 1244718

LMAO nona this is so specific, I love it. Pure poetry.

No. 1244731

I personally find this styling on her really cute, it's a nice change from her usual look as well.

No. 1244742

He just got married and allegedly wants kids and he can't cool it with the fucking drugs? It's that or Kris Jong-Un is slow poisoning him for more drama on their reality show kek. I don't buy for a second he's ill because of a natural illness. He gives me strong "local junkie who lives under a bridge" vibes, he just got lucky with Blink 182.

No. 1244749

Do you honestly think another bullshit marriage and having even more unnecessary kids is gonna change this guy. He doesn't care ab the kids he has as it is, and doesn't give a fuck about his own life let alone his ex wife or his kids. Nonnie's should hate him more, he's ugly and has basic talent

No. 1244762

blink 182 was not even good

No. 1244770

File: 1656497896168.jpeg (9.59 KB, 263x192, images (1) (6).jpeg)

Kourtney's future

>Travis Barker was reunited with Shanna Moakler after surviving in hospital. However, shortly after their reconciliation, he accused her of an extra-marital affair.

>Moakler, in return, also accused him of cheating during their marriage. Travis also took to his MySpace profile to publicly accuse his then-wife of adultery
>The former couple finalized their divorce in 2008. However, on December 7, 2014, cops were summoned to Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler's shared home in Los Angeles. The two were reportedly in a heated argument, which led to both being arrested for threatening each other.

No. 1244771

classic psychologically (and probably physically) abusive male.
>woman accuses him of cheating (which was a given anyways)
>projects, accuses her of cheating in response knowing he has way more fans (and money) on his side than she does

No. 1244784

Lol yea they’re both on drugs if they think a new clout marriage will result in children when they’re both mid-forties with teenage kids. Good luck with that.

No. 1244787

He drove there himself. He's a lazy misogynistic trash.

No. 1244797

i have no words for how bad this looks. what are either of them wearing? her hair color and style are both atrocious, the makeup is hideous, the dress looks like a cheap swimsuit. he looks like a retard. these two are very obviously trying to be something they are not.

No. 1244820

Their whole deal just screams unhappiness and codependency to me

No. 1244828

I know, but back in the day pop punk kids around the world loved them so that must've made him a lot of money and now he's gonna have streaming income from those who wanna listen again and relive their youth.

Praying they never get pregnant because the poor kid will have issues for sure with older parents who are probably both on drugs and drink a lot.

No. 1244837

File: 1656503327840.jpeg (114.96 KB, 634x898, 9C7A7E90-674D-4463-8E12-88DB0E…)

in light of this travis barker thing i just found out his son, landon barker, is dating charli d'amelio. both were seen leaving a party to go to the hospital.

No. 1244840

File: 1656503462570.jpeg (104 KB, 634x656, F9F5FD32-C889-4893-87E4-6C8E71…)

not really important but charli's makeup looks a bit clownish in comparison to her sister

No. 1244844

notice charli's style has changed. no one can come within a few meters of the barkers without kneejerk buying docs and black leather huh? this man and his family are not punk or alternative

No. 1244849

Idk. There's a lot of truth that Rob got ignored because he was the only son. You could see he was having issues suddenly being in the spotlight and his family being judged on such a huge scale. When he moved in with Khloe and Lamar that's when everything went to shit for him. For the next few seasons on the show since the Khloe and Lamar spin off khloe always referred to the dark times in her house. That's when Rob got addicted to all the drugs and started shunning the cameras and wanting to just be numb and hide from everyone. Rather than them address the obvious drug addictions they used his personal struggles as a plot line and brought in that therapist and completely gaslit and exploited him on TV. Not to mention Kim was always such a massive bitch to him and acted like he was stupid af. He went to college and graduated and got offered a deal to do modelling in Asia and they all talked him out of it as if he was never going to be able to go back to college, even though ms Kim failed the bar 3 times in her 40s. He came from a toxic family that used exploitation to make their money and then act shocked when family members have crippling self images issues.

No. 1244935

Jesus I thought that was Kim for a second. uncanny

No. 1244940

No. 1244960

wasn't kourtney kardashian friends with addison rae? travis married kourtney, who is friends with addison rae, who is friends with dixie d'amelio, who is sister to charli…

No. 1244963

File: 1656510320946.jpeg (662.65 KB, 1500x1000, image.jpeg)

Yes and she also appeared on their show a few times

No. 1244984

I still see people upset over the Marilyn Monroe Kim Kardashian Dress situation and… why? Monroe was nothing more than a glorified hooker of her time, Kim is the exact same, in fact it makes complete sense that Kim and her entire family idolise Monroe and she wanted to wear her dress. I don't see Monroe as a noteworthy figure in history so it really doesn't matter that her dumb dress got ruined, any random peasant garment from only 30-40 years prior would have more value being damaged than her dress.

No. 1245001

Better than a lot of the garbage I hear today

No. 1245010

And then people talk about it as if it’s some priceless artifact that is precious to her family when they sold it to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not of all organizations.

No. 1245021

tbh I'm especially annoyed how people are angry at the person who was allowed to wear it, not the museum that is supposed to keep it safe kek

No. 1245022

she had no family. she left everything she had to her acting teacher.

No. 1245028

Yep it's more than just a dress it's related to her legacy. Wtf has Kim k done to feel so entitled? Literally born into luxury.

No. 1245031

What? Nta but marliyn was considered a cheap sex icon back in the day and no one cared about how she felt before her tragic death, people now act the same towards kim. Some of you are so stupid that you can't see that they're the same trope and they'll always be hated by the same society that helped them rise to fame.

No. 1245033

Not the same trope at all. Completely different cultural climate during the times when these women had their individual fame. Out society just feeds into the ego stroking for all of these celebs.

No. 1245036

It's the same trope, they're both hypersexual attractive women hated by ugly jealous women and men.

No. 1245044

marilyn was a much better person and more deserving of fame than the kardashians. i don't hate them or anything but really they're very different.

No. 1245045

Say what you will, Kim will never ever be remembered in the same way as Marilyn. She'll be remembered, sure….

No. 1245048

So now you must be an ugly woman if you hate the Kardashians? Jfc. No, of course, there are NO other reasons to hate them. Scrotey comment

No. 1245050

No one "deserves" fame. Marliyn wasn't a good person, she was just pathetic enough to make us sad and lucky enough to die do young her life became a tale.
She slept with married men and did sex work because that's how much she wanted fame. She didn't deserve anything dhe went through but acting as if she's an angel or has to be one for us to feel bad for her is stupid. She's just as bad as Kim and she used to be hated before those aspects of her life got forgotten.
She'll be remembered in the same way. Cope as hard as you want, they're the same. You can't change that.

No. 1245052

time period makes a big difference. back during marilyn's time expectations of women were ridiculous and moids wanted sexualized women to also be saintly do-gooders. kim is dumb enough to be robbed by fake police, and doesn't really do anything notable. marilyn had to at least pretend to be charming and worldly.

No. 1245053

really think you're disregarding how deeply affected and traumatized marilyn was as a girl growing up in a totally different time in a literal orphanage.

No. 1245054

Ugly men and ugly women tend to hate attractive women achieving any level of success using the said attractiveness, I didn't just write ugly women so if you took that personally it probably means I'm right and you should work on your self-esteem.

No. 1245059

You're making yourself look stupid anon, damn

No. 1245061

So there's no difference that you can really point out other than rambling about different times and how it's totally valid for her to be considered an icon even though she did sexwork and slept with married men? And yet Kim is worse because she did a stunt?
I don't care about trauma, Marliyn was attacked regardless her trauma and truly no one could dee through her glamorous lifestyles until she died. Even nowadays people are angrier about a dress than the shit marliyn went through and the men that tricked her.

No. 1245069

I mean you yourself brought the aspect of attractiveness into the discussion. You did that yourself. Some of you can't even think past your toxic levels of body dysmorphia. Accusing other anons of being ugly due to their opinions, you're the one with twisted thinking.

No. 1245072

These people are not celebrities they are tiktokfags
She looked better before. Now she has a long Phil trim and looks kind of like an ape

No. 1245074

We're talking about women who are famous because of their looks, can you really discuss marliyn or kim without talking abour their beauty? And again, I don't understand how they can so easily hate on Kim if they're not jealous of her looks and money.
Both of the celebs mentioned have done bad things in the past yet one is berated for it while the other is rewarded. Perhaps people feel bad because Marliyn died? I simply don't understand.

No. 1245079

no, people feel bad for her because she is a product of her time. the tragedy is how she was resigned to that kind of life because of how women were treated. kim is literally choosing to devalue herself as a person for scrote attention in a time period where women can decide to be neurosurgeons.

No. 1245082

well, that, and she was pretty severely disadvantaged during her formative years and growing up in a terribly sexist society. she very clearly struggled with abusive relationships and it's no surprise she sought affection and praise in unhealthy ways. she wasn't a stupid woman, however.

No. 1245096

stop pretending marilyn was famous for her "looks" and not because she was a literal prostitute and slept around with any moid she could get her hands on that would help her become famous… marilyn's looks may have captured the public after her fame but that is not the essence of her fame.

No. 1245102

Society is still sexist. Kim id a product of the same society that's why she got plastic surgery like marliyn did, why she sexualized herself like marliyn, you can't pick and choose. They're both not angels. They both don't deserve hate. It's also disgusting how people use a shitty dress to attack Kim like how they once attacked marliyn before she finally died.
I mentioned that as well I said both are attractive hypsexual women. I don't consider either of them to be icons or perfect people. I'm just trying to understand why people hate one of them but consider the other an icon. They're both glamorized prostitutes who had sad lifes.

No. 1245103

that's kind of what i meant but you said it better. she did what she had to in that time period as a woman in her position to have any success. the only other choice being an abusive marriage like every other woman was forced into.

No. 1245109

women in the 50s were constructively barred from getting certain types of education. the only think kim is a product of is libfem bullshit.

No. 1245115

This is a really interesting watch. It's especially intriguing if you find certain celebrity deaths suspicious, such as Michael Jackson's…

No. 1245119

who says marilyn was even hypersexual? being involved with men either for surrogate family/affection or to elevate your position does not make you hypersexual. she had no family, she was a literal orphan growing up in the 30s and 40s with no money at all. can you please stop pretending kim k and marilyn monroe lived similar lives? their lives are not even remotely similar.

No. 1245120

If 50s society really is what caused her to become a sex worker, sleep with countless men for fame and be a mistress to a shitty man, why didn't all women end up like her? They both have made mistakes why is it so hard for you to just… Accept that?

No. 1245121

She played a hypersexual persona, she did sex work, slept with married men.

No. 1245125

I think people are more upset over the fact that people are obsessing so hard over marylin long after her death. She died like 40 years ago but ripley gave Kim her custom made dress and chunks of her hair from her autopsy. It’s disgusting and disrespectful even if Marylin was the Kim K of her time.

No. 1245136

It might be but I hate how people are more interested in attacking Kim than those who gave her the dress or ACTUALLY the ones who abused Marliyn in the past. The woman is dead! No one cared hoe she felt before she died and now they're pretending they're upset over a fucking dress while they still have the same lynch logic, they target a woman and tear her apart. It's what they did to Marliyn and its ironic they're doing the same to Kim as if they're defending Marliyn by subjecting another woman to the same treatment that wrecked her.

No. 1245137

none of those are idicators that a woman is hypersexual.
are you seriously retarded? kim kardashian was born in the 80s with a silver spoon in her mouth and in a mansion in beverly hills. that's the same to you as a female child growing up in an orphanage in the 1930 and 40s? are you seriously retarded? i don't even care or shit on kim but to claim they're even remotely similar is unbelievably ridiculous.

No. 1245140

Is pointing out differences obsessive? Some of us here just have more empathy for a woman who struggled with mental health issues and abuse. It's not that deep

No. 1245142

How does it not make her hypersexual if she slept with countless and even married men for the sake of fame? If she did sexwork without any issues? If she always seeked out attention by sleeping around? What's your definition of hypersexual?

No. 1245147

Do you really believe attacking another woman because she wore a dress is something that shows your empathy towards Marliyn? None of you mentally ill Marliyn fans even know or blame the men who caused her suffering nearly as hard as you blame Kim for wearing a dress. You just project on her and glamorize her abuse.

No. 1245148

She's an adult woman who can make her own choices, her ego is just too overblown for her to have any perspective. She thought this choice would be supported and people ended up thinking she's trashy. She's as bad as Ripley's, come the fuck on.

No. 1245153

Read above at the numerous reasons anons have some empathy for Marilyn….

No. 1245156

> target a woman and tear her apart

KEK, Kim k puts a giant bullseye on herself half the time.

No. 1245183

These spoiled, rich celebs can get whoever they want to do their makeup and styling. If Millie looks bad its because shes a dummy and picks bad artists. Also Millie isn't gonna fuck you

No. 1245204

The kardashians 'success' is from being born rich, that's it.

No. 1245212

her midface keeps getting longer

No. 1245224

File: 1656523878177.jpeg (179.74 KB, 634x818, 80FA28F8-F3A2-48A0-8913-F2E1F7…)

i thought edgewear like this died out in 2019

No. 1245227

"without any issues?" You're a retard log off.

No. 1245228

Why is this lanky moron walking like that? Fucking tool

No. 1245231

File: 1656524397938.jpg (63.35 KB, 800x826, asdfasdfasdfasdf.jpg)

No. 1245238

No. 1245239

Fucking kek

No. 1245250

File: 1656525015089.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x2556, InShot_20220629_184843130.jpg)

Brain dead.

No. 1245257

dressed like a troon as always

No. 1245279

that's giving troons too much credit.

mgk alleges he calls her his "wife" because calling her "girlfriend" is too juvenile… why doesn't he just do what every actual adult does and call her his partner/significant other then?

No. 1245289

All that money and still can't find a well- fitting wig make it make sense

No. 1245292

>suicide baiting his wife while she's out doing work
What a catch, Megan.

No. 1245303

File: 1656526791370.jpg (408.42 KB, 1080x1525, IMG_20220629_201849.jpg)

No. 1245309

Only semi-related but how did this dude become the most famous blink 182 member? Like, it doesn't make sense to me. Back when I was into bandom shit everybody ignored Travis and loved Mark and Tom wayyyy more.

No. 1245312

File: 1656527131174.png (610.46 KB, 551x636, cs3.png)

>Machine Gun Kelly was seen smashing a champagne glass against his face with such a force that it shattered, causing the singer to start bleeding profusely from his forehead at Catch Steak in New York City late Tuesday.
>“I don’t give a f–k, bro. I don’t give a s–t,” he said into a microphone before banging the flute against his head, prompting shards of glass to go flying as the crowd screamed in terror.

Woww, so cool and edgy. Real punk rock over here

No. 1245316

take it to twitter, no one cared until you dumbass posted

No. 1245319

Trashy early 2010's Barbie & Ken

No. 1245320

I want him to dump Megan and enter the most balls off the wall BPD nightmare relationship with Pete Davidson. Imagine all the unhinged and mentally ill stunts they'd pull on each other in public. Pete would probably cut MGK's name into his arm during one of his stand ups kek.

No. 1245321

>mini modding and getting this triggered over people responding to the post
trashy marilyn stan go away

No. 1245353

Travis always hung out with other celebrities and produced music for popular, new artists, keeping up with the times and making sure that he appears in their music videos. And he always was way more serious about self-marketing with his own reality shows (back then with Shanna Moakler, now with the Kardashians and constant PDA videos with Kourtney), brands etc. In this current pop-punk revival, he definitely has gained icon status as a drummer. The other band members were more passive in general, and Tom alienated (lol) a lot of people with his UFO stories. Lastly, I think Tom and Mark were mostly popular because of their looks which definitely have faded. Travis never looked good and has barely changed, so it doesn’t really matter in his case.

No. 1245360

Except Marilyn Monroe was a decent person and a talented actress who came from modest beginnings and suffered personal grief throughout her life. Kim Kardashian is a spoiled, rich, racist pickme who copied another spoiled, rich racist pickme to get popular. She can't act, sing, nothing. See how she treats other women >>1240999 here, so she doesn't even have a decent personality going for her
I'm not a fan of either, but I can't imagine trying to compare the two. That is some prime copium. Dumb, trashy consoomers may think they're both "omg beauty iconsss", but that's really where the similarities end

No. 1245364

What an inconsiderate jerk. I'm sure the waitstaff appreciated his teenage antics

No. 1245365

> She can't act, sing, nothing.
I just remembered that she tried to have singing career at some point in her life.

No. 1245366

Thank you. Idk why they're being this dense. Marilyn is known for her acting career beyond her sexcapades. What did Kim do? Literally what is she known for? Influencing?

No. 1245376

Even stars are blind was better than this.

No. 1245382

It's like if "Friday" by Rebecca Black wanted to be more "mature"
>I'm going to work like I'm paying my bills

No. 1245384

Stars are blind is actually good

No. 1245385

Paris is an icon

No. 1245388

In the 50's, he would have been a small time crook leading a band of children in pickpocketing from middle class insurance salesmen on the boardwalk. He'd get a girl pregnant at 15, get the shit beat out of him by her father, create a zip gun from a coffee percolator, kill the father, flee to Chicago, and die at 24, beaten to death in a bar at 2 am under uncertain circumstances.

No. 1245393

R kelly just got 30 years in prison for sex crimes. wish it was a lifetime, fuck pedo scrotes

No. 1245395

What a retard

No. 1245399

He's in his mid 50s, that basically is life as long as his sentence isn't reduced honestly. Also, this is an imageboard.

No. 1245407

An illness that can be caused by heavy drinking. How shocking.

No. 1245408

File: 1656531792748.png (264.24 KB, 714x527, hereyouwhinybitch.png)

true. also you could have screencapped it too instead of [mocking voice] iTS an ImAGeBoaRd. it's not like it's something that needs a particular link, it's all over every news site rn.

No. 1245416


No. 1245417

Travis also survived that plane crash.

No. 1245422

the fuck is newfag about being lazy? summerfags dont even know the fucking terminology smfh

No. 1245428

I feel so bad for both there children, I mean they already seem to be fucked up, MGK's daughter is 13 but dresses like a hypersexual botched bimbo(like her soon to be step-mom) Megan has three sons and I don't have any proof but I think she's grooming them to be trans, like every picture of them they are wearing dresses and feminine attire, she claims that all 3 of her sons love wearing dresses(how convenient) I had a baby brother and have a son of my mine, most boys willl wear whatever there parents will pick out them, they don't care cause they are kids, so I don't think she's being honest about her son's genuine love for wearing dresses

No. 1245432

>he hugged him which means they’re still friends
Anon, come on

No. 1245443

Everyone assumed it was drugs and old man just has an aching pancreas, which isn’t even necessarily alcoholic related either. Relax.

I unironically support Rob bar the way he treated the cheetah girl and I do fully believe that family tried to make him into something he had no interest or business being. I think him being a fat slob is the ultimate fuck you to their horrible standards.

No. 1245446

Idk why it’s so funny to see a Marilyn Monroe anti

No. 1245447

OMG same anona, him getting vlsc chyna pregnant was also a massive fuck you and Dream seems like the most normal Kardashian child too and she has the name. Also I feel like Rob and chyna was the best spin off

No. 1245452

I just realized that Rob and Chyna are equally yoked to be honest. They both seemed abusive, toxic and in it for the wrong reasons. I agree, he did get with Chyna to say a direct fuck you to his family. Not to Kylie or Tyga's disgusting ass, I don't think he has a issue with them. But his mother, who probably HATED that he went off script.
Chyna said that Kylie was even willing to be on camera more for her show, if it meant Chyna's show being cancelled or something. In the end, the whole family banded togeather to jump on Chyna. So in the end, they Karjenners still won and Rib did all this for nothing.
The best Karjenner is Kendell.

No. 1245457

>Everyone assumed it was drugs and old man just has an aching pancreas, which isn’t even necessarily alcoholic related either. Relax.
Yes, I'm sure the skeevy try hard is clean as whistle and not drinking heavily.

No. 1245478

File: 1656535910591.jpg (2.11 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220629_215007997.jpg)

He's always drinking and looks half dead

No. 1245488

Absolutely enchanted by how terrible this is thanks

No. 1245490

I know these overtly specific fanfics are an attempt at comedy but sometimes they’re just very cringe

No. 1245497

This song is a bop

No. 1245502

You don't have to be a newfag to act like one.

No. 1245540

Have u seen his sons? Lmao, he throwas gang signs up from inside the Kardashian house

No. 1245548

NTA but they're fun and creative, don't be a bone-dry pussy

No. 1245560

File: 1656539169459.jpeg (658.08 KB, 1159x571, 78241645-CCA4-4E82-B795-2078E4…)

14 vs 16

No. 1245565

He definitely doesn't gaf about his kids.

No. 1245573

This makes me so sad. Fuck him and her mom for allowing this.

No. 1245577

Kris Jong-Un would never let this happen.

He was the only son and he was reeeeeally babied and privileged for it, even got his father’s name and the expectations that came with it and he folded. He was not raised with any discipline or restraint to be able to become a decent man, but he grew up with constant undeserved praise because he was to be his father and inherit his power. He was overshadowed by his sisters who had to do sex work since they have no talents, and sex work is a huge part of the entertainment industry, Rob was never pressured to sell his dignity he gave it away and Chyna has been fucking his shit up because he lets her while going on misogynistic tirades. He hates women because he couldn’t step up to being a man like his father, even if the father was messed up, he was great at his job.

No. 1245579

hereyouwhineybitch.png lmfao

No. 1245596

this tan looks horrendous though. she was right to ditch that

No. 1245600

>none of those are idicators that a woman is hypersexual.
Marilyn Monroe is an angelic hoe and Kim Kardashian the cow should stop wearing her dresses period but they both hypersexual

No. 1245602

Is it me or are there unironic kim kardashian stans in here. It makes sense because they always hate the term “kartrashian”, LSA…
Also stop calling khloe ugly she’s not

No. 1245610

yes. like no one is attacking kim kardashian, just pointing out that her situation is very different but that one anon keeps making bizarre anti-marilyn posts calling her a hoe and such while insisting we're attacking kim while like no one is.

No. 1245612

nobody said that, lost and equally brainead kartrashian sibling. here are facts: >>1245360
boom, read it, accept reality, and shut the fuck up retard

No. 1245616

this is psychotic and nasty. scott and the girl were not in the wrong and she comes at scott from a totally different angle than this probably average girl from average means who's being berated on tv by a kardashian.

No. 1245618

Nobody said what. I said she’s an angel. She literally is. A hoe angel. I’m not gonna type serious on a celebricow thread ffs. Repeating myself again: kim the fatass should stop busting out her dresses.
And I wish I were Kum’s sibling lol.

No. 1245621

engaging in sex work out of desperation or sleeping with men for emotional validation as a severely abused and traumatized woman doesn't make someone a hoe.

No. 1245622

She has returned to the tanning so she knows she looks better with some color. She can’t unbotch herself for some reason though. When she was a kid/before the surgery she looked ok pale, but since the surgeries and aging she can’t no longer look good pale.

No. 1245625

Now that’s stanning. Get a grip and be factual. Defend her all you want but all celebrities are hoes and all hoes have sad miserable lives. Maybe start idolizing me or your mom.

No. 1245626

She was abused her whole life and still managed to be talented and pretty. Kim only had her looks going for her but she fucked it up with too much surgery and being a skin walker.

No. 1245628

What has MM done?
Teaching us men like only blonde white women
At least Kum changed beauty ideals whether you like her or not and women of color no longer feel like ogres. Both have done good stuff but mostly taught young girls bad stuff. You can stan but this is a celebricows thread and not a celebristan thread.

No. 1245634

nta but MM has actually done a lot during her life time, I'm surprised you'd say this because it's really obvious you haven't done your research. You should read into her more if you're curious but I doubt you will

No. 1245637

Nta but how could kim make woc or any woman for that matter feel better when her beauty ideals are unnatural and unattainable for the majority of women?

No. 1245640

>Both have done good stuff but mostly taught young girls bad stuff.
Stop stanning. Protip: stan for scientist feminist women.
Because Kim in 2007 looked decent and natural-ish

No. 1245648

I dunno why this made me laugh so hard. I think it's cool to have wheelchairs for dolls, but these motherfuckers could stand up if they wanted to.

Hope he gets stabbed in prison. Piece of shit.

No. 1245650

that was the first time I even typed in this thread in a long time. You seem to be pretty angry at something so insignificant. Protip: Don't try shitty black/white fallacies when trying to communicate and maybe you wouldn't come off like you have some weird vendetta against MM.

>yes, let's stan 'feminist scientists' in a celeb thread on lolcow

Are you lost?

No. 1245651

She's not known for her 2007 style though. I don't think she was even that popular back then compared to later on.

No. 1245652

Outside these threads you should. On this thread, you stan nobody. Nor space with redditor spaces.

No. 1245653

Today I learned Megan Fox has three sons.
From whom though? Damn, these people just keep having kids with random men/women. MGK is the same. I really hate celebs. I also believe he is grooming them too.

No. 1245654

God forbid someone likes pop culture instead of STEM fields, NLOG-chan

No. 1245655

that entire point is moot because how would nona know that the other girls aren't stanning them from those posts? lol what stupid logic.

No. 1245661

Early 2000s was a cruel horrible time for all women of color. When she started the KKU her beauty got most definitely recognized and it’s great, no longer did you need to have blonde hair or of european descent to be beautiful. Elites hated her fashion but normal women who watched her dumb show didn’t. I just can’t remember when that was. Probably 2007-2012.

No. 1245668

Lmfao that anon I replied to literally said Marilyn Monroe is not a sex worker because she’s a traumatized woman, despite the fact all sex workers have PTSD

No. 1245676

i didn't say she wasn't a sex worker, idiot, i said resorting to sex work out of desperation and seeking emotional validation as an abused person doesn't make someone a "hoe". stop trying to pretend you give a shit about women or "stanning" the right women (no one is even stanning marilyn here) when you keep trying to insist abused and disadvantaged women are "hoes" for resorting to sex work or seeking emotional validation through relationships or sex.

No. 1245680

By American race standards Kim is just a brunette white woman with a funny last name.

No. 1245689

>Also stop calling khloe ugly she’s not
Nope. She's the ugliest out of the bunch, pre-and post-cosmetic procedures.

Speak for yourself. I've never felt like an ogre because of the body type Hollywood promoted during the 90s and 00s and Kim's had no impact on my body image positively or negatively.

Beyonce and JLo were widely popular during that time with WOC and the mainstream in part because of their figure. Why are you crediting Kim with providing WOC with positive representation for their body type when there were already WOC celebrities doing that?

No. 1245698

Because Beyonce is talented and Jenny kind of is talented and in any case they both are no paris hiltons or famous for being famous icons.
>no one is stanning marilyn here
(You) are, redditor.

No. 1245700

Wouldn’t call her a hero. But I prefer kim k over paris hilton (who also used to be a trendsetter), tbh. Most women can’t afford surgery and just have to stay in the normal weight-slightly overweight range to achieve the “thick” look which is a lot more healthier than the ana chan phase paris has created for all her viewers. And this is just one example.

No. 1245743

>Kendall is the best
Nona please, have you forgotten the Pepsi ad? Or the ad for her own tequila brand where she LARPed as a gaucho? Or the fact that all accounts of her IRL behaviour consistently paint her as being a raging asshole? semi-powerlevel but I work for a luxury brand and all my colleagues who have had the misfortune of being in the same room as her have reported that she is one of the rudest, ill-mannered people they’ve ever had to work with. Plus she’s a shit model but that’s beside the point

No. 1245746

It’s cheaper to starve yourself into skinny legendness than it is to buy a grotesque rap/pornstar ass that looks like it stinks

No. 1245758

Kek no. The Kim k look is unnatural regardless of how much you weigh, on what planet is Paris Hilton the new ED thinspo? She just looks normal skinny, I've seen women who can eat all day and look similar to Paris Hilton. BBLs are one of the most dangerous surgeries to get, if you have to starve yourself to look like Paris Hilton you either have shit genetics or are too retarded to know how weight loss works

No. 1245759

Are you seriously trying to convince us Americans see Kim k as an average white woman?

No. 1245767

Why has it been so vile here the last few days?

No. 1245772

Both looks are unnatural. I lost my period when my body fat % got as low as Paris's was. I loathe the plastic surgery bs the Kartrashians just as much as you though

No. 1245797

Even the girls in early rap/hip hop had normal, womanly curves. Up to the early 2000s, they'd be thick, but it looked natural. The asses in this video would be considered "small" today
I think the spread of porn-tier fake asses is a product not just of the Kardashians, but general pornificiation of pop culture. The whole early 2000s veneration of Playboy, Paris Hilton being slutty and the obsession with huge tits in the mainstream was setting the tone for what we're seeing now. It was just the white version. The more I think about it, the more I realize Kim Kardashian really just repackaged Paris Hilton's whole thing, but in a more "ethnic" way, kek

No. 1245801

File: 1656560660516.jpg (56.06 KB, 450x699, d1615dcf709de27ea93de77ed75322…)

>this is what period losing BMI looks like
dude what…? this is literally just natural skinniness. I knew multiple women who could eat like cows and look exactly this. This body is easily obtainable heathily and naturally for most women

No. 1245803

File: 1656560951800.png (1.01 MB, 595x922, ph.png)