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No. 1237371

Take it away ladies

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1228736

No. 1237377

sage for political venting but i fucking hate how democrats had decades to codify roe v wade, and it's never even been a thing they've considered. they won't even try. republicans will push and push and push to get their way on abortion but not dems. we're all gonna suffer.
they managed to pass the affordable healthcare act without a majority and we can't fucking do anything??? this country can burn.

No. 1237380

Great thread pic. I'm going on a road trip in one week and I'm terrified. I've never been that far away from home, I've never been in a vehicle that long, I've never been away from home that long. We have to have a baby sitter for our kitties and I know they'll be fine, but I'm still going to be worried sick. I'm sooo scared to go, but I'm also excited, but also if we suddenly couldn't go I wouldn't complain.. I feel like this would be easier if I didn't have pets, they're my biggest worry. I wish someone could just live here a week and be with them the whole time, but I unfortunately don't know anyone with that sort of availability whom I can also trust to be in my home alone.

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No. 1237383

Avoidance is better than even alcohol. I gotta get my shit together lol

No. 1237388

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My back hurtssssss

No. 1237391

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>went to a school for a year in 2014-2015
>there's a classmate I don't like
>never hid my distaste of him
>keeps sending me friend requests and messages on FB after graduating
>don't even refuse or block him because that'd be acknowledging his existence, just let the requests rot
>last request was in 2019 or so
>get yet another request two days ago
>finds out the guy is employed at a place my company occasionally works with
>probably saw my name in an email I sent last week
Ffs am I condemned to receive this guy's requests for my whole life because we were classmates for barely a year? I'm not even active on FB, I haven't changed my pic since 2017 and my feed is hidden to non friends, why does he persist like that?

No. 1237392

Someone said I gained weight in my face (complimentary) and now I want to starve myself all the way into anachan terroritry.

No. 1237394

roe was overturned this is so fucking insane

No. 1237396

I embody this image

No. 1237397

File: 1656082914476.png (317.51 KB, 550x902, jfc.png)

No. 1237399

burgerland is a developing country. i'm sorry for all murican nonnies.

No. 1237401

>Jun 25, 2022
is this tweet from the future?? wtf

No. 1237402

sorry, i'm in australia oop. forgot about the timezone stuff

No. 1237407

File: 1656083442115.jpeg (44.23 KB, 679x516, 04C2A4CF-28D9-41E7-80D8-1F6A38…)

They’re coming after contraception too after overturning Roe/wade? What the fuck is their intent here?

No. 1237408

This is humiliating

on one hand, i applaud men who are considering getting vasectomies. but on the other, the government controlling your body is an own

No. 1237412

alito said in the leaked draft that they need to support the "dwindling infant supply" and a few of the justices have a whole host of adopted kids.

once people realize that the adoption industry is a literal hellscape for rich ppl to get kids from poor women who usually were forced to have a kid, then we will learn. this country is sick.

No. 1237413

Oh this makes me mad. You know what else is based on Court ruling much like Obergefell and Griswold? Loving v. Virginia. But it's telling that Thomas didn't go after that the way he's going after the others. Probably because he has a personal reason to keep Loving in ways he doesn't for Obergefell.
Not trying to racebait, Loving allows mixed people like me to get married in burgerland and I'm glad for it. The hypocrisy just burns here.

No. 1237416

I think they know that that would be too far, for /now/. They know just how much to push us

No. 1237428

File: 1656084365936.gif (139.15 KB, 240x222, FarNeedyFennecfox-max-1mb.gif)

Every time my physiotherapist touches me, I get so aroused. I cringe at myself but I can't help it. And he's so fucking good. I swear if he wasn't taken I would ask him out. I think having a physiotherapist bf would be the best deal for a woman, especially for an autist woman who's overly sensitive to touch. He just knows how to touch you just right. Meanwhile other men treat you like a piece of playdough, they have no intuition, no skill, no empathy, no nothing. Where can I find a physiotherapist bf anons…

No. 1237430

covid took millions away from the work force, which means theyll have to pay the remaining workers more money. so now they want your babies. simple.

No. 1237444

File: 1656085420258.jpg (46.43 KB, 355x530, do4c7Eo5DOEMOpngvXyCcm9b0Z50GA…)

>too poorfag to spend earned commission money on anythinh other than food and bills
>i really want to treat myself with something or get new headphones
Im so tired. I wish i could at least get myself a small wallet.

No. 1237485

Are you all fucking serious with the replies in the roe v wade thread, “just use birth control dummies” “just go to another state dummies” “don’t panic dummies you’re not going to get pregnant just abstain” how is this 2022 lol cow and where is logic

No. 1237488

its retard eurofags who don't know how shit works here

No. 1237503

or moids. at least one of them is starting to sound way scrotey

No. 1237515

it's obviously males, the site is infested with them

No. 1237545

That thread was a moid magnet, you should know better by now nonna.

Leave us out of this

No. 1237582

No. 1237630

File: 1656088798263.jpg (323.07 KB, 1280x720, sleepingbannerb.jpg)

I'm just literally sooo fucking tired all the time and it is getting worse I feel like. It also alters the way I behave and contributes to me being an even bigger social retard than I am. Like there are instances at my workplace where my brain is spewing prompts to socialize ("coworkers are trying to fix the printer, I should go and help them!!" "Coworker B and coworker C are having a fun conversation, I should join them!!!" "Coworker D and E are having lunch, I should join them!!!") and I never end up doing it because of my exhaustion. Same thing when I try and join conversations, my brain makes 846342859 suggestions on what to say but by the time I open my mouth, I'm exhausted and it's hard to connect the words to produce a sentence and I end up sounding like a retard. And this is the same after any quantity of coffee. I also regularly exercise. I just hate feeling like my real self can never come to the surface because of this exhaustion. Like the way people see me (sick looking, morose, serious, quiet) is literally not who I am in in my head. What's worse I already see turning people off and away from me and I've had coworkers telling me I should take a day off. And I am healthy and exercise regularly, no vitamin deficiency

No. 1237637

I know exactly what you mean, shit's like a drug

No. 1237648

File: 1656089102483.jpg (95.26 KB, 736x736, 6a3fb055e626f5ee55b4c8d5b8925f…)

I'm feeling so dumb and worthless today. Fuck, I can't do anything right. Every fucking goal I set for myself, I fail. I don't deserve anything.

No. 1237651

kek I experienced something like this when I went to a hairdresser and the hairwasher was this young guy who gave me an INCREDIBLE headmassage. I was like gosh I cannot relax completely, gotta have my composure but at the same time it was SO GOOOD. I'm pretty sure my face was beet red after it

No. 1237661

Yesterday I made a post about a distant family friend and, regrettably, likened the situation to some themes in CMBYN. To forget about that, I talked to my friend who is part of his family about how his behaviour was making me feel uncomfortable. How he would flirt with everyone, but never be serious, and then give a cold shoulder. He would make you feel weird with compliments and remarks, but be suave enough that it is confusing, and then ignore you for the whole day. He does this with every woman and apparently she noticed it too. It makes her feel uncomfortable too how he behaves this way. He is clearly insecure and truly a manchild. He was handsome when he was 21 but only 6 years later he looks like he aged a decade, although mentally he seems stuck in this bachelor mindset. He successfully charmed one of the ladies, who is the best friend of his father's second wife. It's quite uncomfortable because of this relationship between them. She is also older than him, but that isn't inherently bad. Rather, she should know better. Now that he has found her to "control" or have cling to him, he is ignoring me AND my friend (who is his distant cousin). Yesterday I made clear I have a boyfriend, and since then he has been being cold to me. It is a terribly uncomfortable situation, but nobody sees it aside from my friend and I. We are the youngest girls here. For the rest it's his younger brother who looks up to him, and all older people who don't bat an eye or can't fathom this behaviour to be real because they are so enamored with the people involved. So we are now just watching from the sidelines how this immature player is playing footsie with his step-moms bff. I still feel uncomfortable around him and hate being in his presence. I don't know what to do. But I'd appreciate it if he treated me decently. I agree I sound immature and underage with how I described the situation, but I am not a first language English speaker and I am a bit startled by the whole situation myself.

No. 1237755

I wish the girls at work would stop gossiping about me for no reason. I literally did nothing and came into"wow you didn't quit?" And I was like "who said that??" And she changed the subject. The fuck

No. 1237762

what's crazy is that it's completely arbitrary to draw the line at loving. they can't even be arsed to distinguish them, they just want to do whatever they want. im in an interracial relationship, and tbh i feel like it could change in our lifetime sadly.

No. 1237763

i wish it was moids, i feel like ppl forget how many fucking tradthot wannabes are on this board

No. 1237792

Need to vent about my car situation. My car got totaled, I need to buy a new one, and it's straining my relationship with my boyfriend. It disappoints me, a lot. I didn't expect him to act like this given how he wants my 100% percent support for him to get a Master's in a field he has no work experience in when I would bring up my reservations (I wouldn't try to talk him out of it, just say I think this will be hard, etc). It hurts my feelings whenever I suggest something he goes against it. The other told I told him it really stresses me out that he's like this and he threatens the whole silent treatment in regards to my car and I'm like, that's not what I am saying, I appreciate your opinion, but I need a break sometimes. It's so exhausting. I'm more worried about setting him off accidentally by saying I want a used vehicle or something at this point than I am worried about the actual situation. I have been trying so hard to act happy and upbeat for him because he's been acting so down since this whole car deal. I feel like a failure and I cried on the way to work with him driving me. I am just crying and not doing anything crazy and he acts like me rubbing my phone is some weird symptom of my bpd and it's like, wow, I can't even do the tiniest things now or they're a symptom of bpd which I don't even fit in to the diagnostic criteria anymore. It just is so hard for me to keep my head on right now and I want to tell him how he's acting selfish and immature, making this whole situation be about him when it's a deal with me, but he can't take me telling him that and I don't want to hurt his feelings.

I just want to cry into a pillow and be over with this.

No. 1237802

that's more of a bf situation than a car situation

No. 1237820

Yeah, he's never been like this until now. it sucks.

No. 1237838

what kind of commissions do you do? whenever I needed money quick I'd open really simple and cheap commissions, something I could do quickly, like icons for 5-10, since people eat those up. take as many as I can, pop an adderall on my day off and do them all in one go if possible. I've never been in as dire straits though so maybe I sound really ignorant

No. 1237840

1. I hope you're okay from your car being totaled.
2. Damn I'm really sorry he's using your emotions like that. Any emotion you show that he doesn't like, he can just blame on your bpd to make you seem crazy, even though you're having normal thoughts.

>he wants my 100% percent support for him to get a Master's in a field he has no work experience in

This is insane that he demands you baby him, and acts like he's owed it

No. 1237841

I get treated so differently dressed differently. Like normally I'm in a baseball cap, sports bra and t, shorts, and my nikes and people treat me rudely. I was out in heels and a skirt outfit with accessories and I felt like Moses. I got 2 compliments and some guy ran up to help me with something. It's honestly funny. I hate normalfags so much they are peabrained morons that focus only on appearances. I am never making friends or being social again

No. 1237849

Mom is happy Roe got overturned. She's currently brainrotting herself watching her stupid ass rumble videos. I want to break the tv and all her stupid devices. One more shitty white hat this bs and I will.

No. 1237853

You should try being ugly. Then people treat you like shit no matter what you wear and you are no longer disappointed.

No. 1237858

I’m sorry anon. This shit fucking sucks. I’m a britfag and I wish I could do something to help because I’m angry enough to bomb churches.

No. 1237866

ikft. Everyone gives me weird cold looks when my head is shaved and when I dress butch, even tho i live in a liberal city. the people who don't react to my appearance are only young zoomer women usually so thats my only solace, but everyone else has a fucking atrophied brainstem

No. 1237873

men: I'm listening
also men: contributes nothing, "wow that's good/bad", nods head

No. 1237875

Thanks, nona. I may go find a batting cage nearby to take my frustrations out and to be away from my mom for a while.

No. 1237879

nta but that sounds great

No. 1237927

sometimes i have thoughts about wanting to be a aiden and i feel really guilty about. Sometimes i just want to separate myself from all the misery and downsides that come with being a woman.
But i also know even if i become a aiden i will still be seen as a woman.

No. 1237928

Kek, accurate. I hate these liberal moids posting about roe v Wade like “I have no words, I don’t know what to say but I’m here and I support you.” Then why not just shut the fuck up and say nothing instead of calling attention to yourself for no reason?

No. 1237931

I don't understand why he doesn't seem to see that I would appreciate ANY type of tenderness or support right now. I've been so careful with other subjects around him, trying to voice my concerns in such a way that they can't be construed as me not supporting him. I just want to feel like I'm not terrible for not wanting to finance a 20k new car I don't care for that much.

No. 1237938

File: 1656096054666.jpg (120.21 KB, 602x998, projection.jpg)


>I don't want to hurt his feelings.

the first thing you should become acquainted with is wanting to hurt his feelings. people who behave like this expect to be coddled. they need to literally get their feelings hurt/experience some consequences in order to develop some level of introspection or reflection.

ofc, that may mean he (a) does the silent treatment like you mentioned (b) doubles down. but you're also not getting anywhere by being quiet on this. why should you be the only one to hold this burden and feel sad? the end result is you being miserable and him waiting for you to make things right for him.

he's throwing a tantrum.

Also, him suggesting you have BPD is something to not take lightly. that's the oldest trick in the book, and it's also the most common thing for people with BPD to say to others. all of this attention on him without any reciprocity smelled like him having bpd before you even mentioned. consider the fact that you're in an emotionally abusive relationship. hell, silent treatment alone is textbook example.

sorry for the diatribe, i have a special fear and hatred of scrotes like this. they're getting bolder

No. 1238027

Being a woman is not the problem, the problem is the way society treats women.

No. 1238036

File: 1656097990672.jpg (138.42 KB, 1084x1060, EetUZKxWoAAnPdx.jpg)


No. 1238087

File: 1656098945299.jpg (159.78 KB, 750x739, tumblr_c6c656e6330967f470d6bf2…)

>shaved my head because it looks cool and i hated my long hair
>send pic to my friend who is a lesbian
>"omg anon you look so cool! i've wanted to shave mine for ages too, i might actually do it soon"
>feeling good, might have inspired more gnc behaviour in my friends
>friend shaves head
>"haha this is such a gender thing for me! also my pronouns are he/they now anon"

No. 1238120

Oof, my condolences nonnie

No. 1238167

File: 1656100600375.jpg (89.77 KB, 750x550, DC8HLreXgAEV-5C.jpg)

>Friend immediately makes it about gender
Gross. I hate people like this because they're the ones perpetuating stereotypes. I'm sorry, nona.

No. 1238171

I'm so sick of being an addict. I quit heroin and booze and I become even more of a rampant nicotine addict. I quit smoking and I become a sugar addict. Idk if it's worth going back to smoking and trying to keep it under control or what. To be honest all I can think about right now is how a friend at NA nearly relapsed and gave me the heroin to get rid of because he wasn't strong enough but I'm not strong enough either. It's been hidden in my car for like a week now. All I need is some tinfoil and a lighter and to go on a long drive and park up for the night somewhere quiet and all my worries will disappear and this miserable fucking existence will be gone. Problem is I've tried to an hero that way before thinking my tolerance was low enough but I just wake up a few hours later feeling even worse. I have a great life anyway, I'm just a little cry baby with an addictive personality.

No. 1238213

I have two family members on my dads side that I still speak with, a grandma and an uncle. None of them know the extent of the abuse I suffered because they have outright told me they can’t handle hearing it. He still has my two younger siblings and no one gives a shit. The vast majority of my paternal family has basically chosen to engage in the delusion that he’s a great dad and all of his kids are just magically “bad kids.” Despite not ever getting into serious trouble as a kid, and never doing anything genuinely wrong that would justify it, I spent my entire childhood being treated like I was just bad—born bad. My younger sisters are now receiving the same treatment. By the time I was five, I had fully internalized the message that I was inherently bad. Started considering suicide at 8 and attempted at 18. I worry every day that when my sisters get older, they will also attempt, and will be successful. My father has a sister and a brother in law; they have four kids. Throughout my childhood, they made it very clear that I wasn’t good enough for their kids and that I was basically a worthless child. They do this shit with my sisters, too—they even let one of their kids steal my sister’s new toy on Christmas and then GASLIT MY FUCKING FIVE YEAR OLD SISTER AFTER THEY STOLE HER TOY ON CHRISTMAS. My father is an alcoholic, and apparently his family recently staged an intervention. I heard about all of this from my well-meaning but out of touch with reality grandmother. Brother in law previously mentioned apparently wrote an “extremely touching” letter about what a great dad my father is. I want to call this man so badly and give him a piece of my mind, to tell him that he’s a sick fuck that contributed and actively contributes to the abuse of little girls, but I know he would just see it as more proof that I’m just a crazy fuckup. Now, grandma is wondering why she hasn’t heard from me in a while, and the truth is that I don’t know if I can keep it together while on the phone with her, I’m so upset and hurt. She doesn’t have a shred of malice in her heart, and I know she just wants us to all be a happy family together, but when she cheerily tells me this shit about how much everyone wants to help my father, I just die inside. I hate myself for not being able to handle it better, because I know that my distance hurts her, and the last thing she deserves is to be hurt anymore.

No. 1238216

Anon… addictive personality isn’t a real thing. You can have genetic risk factor and nutrient deficiencies that add to it. Please don’t take the H. It’s not worth it. I know you can feel the urge in your skin. It’s lying to you. If you get rid of it you will feel better.

No. 1238220

I'm fucking sick of being in my 30s and still having the same issues with my parents when I was a teenager. I wish the pairs of them would all grow the fuck up. My step mum is a mental bitch who went with a married man with kids and then surprised pikachu her face for about 2 decades that me and my brother didn't drop dead and stopped us from seeing our disabled dad. After a decade its just not worth the mental anguish to work around this I've made peace I've probably saw my dad for the last time because I can't remember if it's been 5 or more years now since we last saw each other and it was awful, he's probably going to die early too. He's terrible illnesses both his parents died in their 60s and didn't have his conditions. My mum and step dad are two semi functional alcoholics and my mother took the breakdown of her first marriage on me yet somehow I grew up with all this crippling guilt that everything is somehow my responsibility and fault. So tonight I drove 80 miles to take my mother to the cinema after she begged me and within half an hour of me arriving she caused a massive fight between me, her and my step dad I've been kicked out and called every name under the sun and I don't know what even started it all off. I am sick of being the bigger person. These people have set me back massively in early life that only now in my 30s have I finally got a semblance of financial security and I think I should just because selfish and every other name my mother calls me and ignore them all and stop taking time out of my busy life and doing all the fucking leg work just to be called a bitch. Fuck off. I love how my mum just forgets she beat the fuck out of me for years for no reason. She even use to taunt me about that bestseller A Child Called It and made me do the bleach punishment. That's right. My mother took inspiration from a child abuse victims biography to punish me and I'm the bitch. My mum is such a cunt

No. 1238225

Struggling to find the will to go on with life, but not sure if things are really hopeless or if I'm just mentally ill.

No. 1238231

Speaking from personal experience, nothing feels better than cutting your nightmare parents out of your life forever. Fuck your mom, fuck your dad, and fuck both of your stepparents. You’ve built a good life for yourself; let them rot in theirs.

No. 1238233

So pissed about roe v Wade I’m thinking of just fucking off for the rest of the workday. If it inconveniences my male bosses then fuck em. I’ll say I’m having “female issues.”

No. 1238240

Thank you nonna as I was reading I got a text from my mum drop down, first line mentions her being dead, she can stfu

No. 1238249

I know I bitch about this scrote a lot but he truly is fucking useless. My mother has this scrote she treats like a son (near my bro's age). She enables his pathetic ass despite him treating her like garbage and making fun of her. His weak ass is having ear issues (don't know if it's an ear infection or not, no otoscope on hand, not like I would check for him). He's coming over here instead of just doing what I told my mother to tell him. Putting a cap full of diluted hydrogen peroxide in his own ear is too fucking hard. He's a fucking parasite that's only still breathing because he sucks the life force out of others.

No. 1238268

Complain as much as you want that's what this thread is for. I relate where my mom frequently imprints on random people, too. It's pathetic but I'd never tell her that. It makes me laugh but also seethe how she puts up with male treatment she would never accept from a female. You can't fix boymom brained women and don't try to. Just love them as best you can

No. 1238280

Not gonna lie, if I were you, I’d be tempted to pounce on that. You want to talk about what happens when you’re dead? Let’s talk about it. How do you feel about the legacy you’ll leave behind?

No. 1238297

I haven't cried in weeks and the start of this week I cried because my mum called and stressed me out but she was stressed because she discovered my step dad is probably having an affair so I saw her and they've apparently worked it out but I haven't saw her alone to properly ask. We were suppose to be alone tonight but that's been cancelled and she's instead picked a fight with me and she's giving off on text now about her husband and I love my mum but she stresses me out. She unloads so much on to me but when I reach out she always knocks me back. She's being nasty towards me now and while I know she's taking it out on me, she takes everything out on me and I can't deal with it. I don't like my step dad either so I feel bad because I know he's a douche but then I've had shit boyfriends and times and no ones gave a shit. But my mum is elderly and she keeps guilt tripping about dying. I have no grandparents left and it just sucks that there's never any peace or contentment. I wish she would just leave my step dad and go live alone. Her life has been torn apart since her first marriage and she gets codependent. She had a string of men come home and boyfriends and fiancés and then my step dad and she moans about having no friends but that's because she's just about whatever man she dates and then gets jealous that they have a life. She gets jealous if I mention anything social I do. I can't be bothered with her

No. 1238313

It would be fine if she didn't treat me like shit and act like his opinions deserve no criticism. She attacks a lot of my thoughts/feelings just because they don't align perfectly with her thoughts/feelings. She did the same thing when my brother still lived/visited our family. My friends never wanted to come over because they didn't like how my mother treated me.
>You can't fix boymom brained women and don't try to.
I try not to anymore. Middle school aged me found that out the hard way. I bite my tongue hard when she talks about his stupidity. He also has kids so I want to hit him more. My mother did think I was going to be a boy when I was born. I know the name. I wish my paternal grandmother didn't die when I was a young child. She was thrilled I was a girl. Her own baby girl came out still born and she only had boys after.

No. 1238339

I know, I've seen the studies and I actually work with NA and other charities for addicts. It's pure cope that I tell myself lol. I sometimes wonder if it's the autism and ADHD combo that makes me hyperfocused on this shit despite being clean for over two years (and the last time I used was only a one day relapse). I'm trying to psyche myself up to get rid of the smack but atm I feel like if I touch it I'll be too tempted.

No. 1238363

File: 1656104154873.jpeg (43.6 KB, 564x400, 0092B97E-D9D5-450D-9E7A-7FFE3F…)

They deserve it. They’ve been bombing, threatening, bullying, harassing people for too long. They’re putting lives in danger and just getting away with it. Feminists just aren’t violent enough these days.

No. 1238396

To be fair, I was diagnosed with it. But I no longer have outbursts and am sober, so I don't act BPD aside from crying more easily than normal. I just don't like how me gripping my phone tightly while crying is somehow a "sign" of me losing it in a BPD way, like the standard for my behavior keeps on getting higher and higher, he chides me for crying at all now, for instance.

I find it hard to believe he's a narc because usually he's very sweet and likes to serve me. He's been with quite a few women before and acts like I'm special because I've stayed (we've been together longer than any of his exes, but I am experienced at long term relationships so I'm not floored by being together 3 years the way he is). I always have wondered what sort of arguments he got into with his exes. What's difficult is he is not winsome in his disagreements and he likes to use my BPD to cut me down sometimes. He talks about logic when he himself is not necessarily logical and it's just a headache. Thanks for the psa anyway

No. 1238493

i drew something like 11-12 years ago and forgot about it, but apparently it was taken and reposted in some archive uncredited. people in a new friend group of mine was posting old bad art, and lo and behold, that old picture of mine is there. nobody knows its mine but everyone's laughing at how shitty it is, and it is shitty dont get me wrong, but it still kind of feels bad

No. 1238496

You need to set boundaries with her because she clearly doesn't have any with you and that's not healthy. You're not supposed to feel so needed by your own mothers, it's supposed to be the opposite. If she can't be the bigger person or treat you how you need to be treated then it's up to you to set boundaries and limitations. It'll be hard at first. "I can't talk about this right now mom" is all you really need to say, just don't sit there in silence taking it all in because that only enables the bad behavior

No. 1238525

I just want to not be terrified of every single man I encounter and be a functional human being again

No. 1238534

I'm in college and I don't have any friends. I've just been always bad at friend-making since I was young. I'm really close to freaking out because if I'm this bad now where meeting people is supposed to be "easy", how worse is it going to be when I graduate? What if I get a remote job? Is this it, am I going to be like this forever? Because I've tried everything and it doesn't work out.

No. 1238538

i’m so tired of waking up to bad news. the last couple of months have been unbearable in this fucking country

No. 1238541

I would've killed myself if I didn't leave a corpse behind.

No. 1238569

I'm not a doctor anon, but I went through similar. The voice in my head always overthinking and panicking over stuff. It made me exhausted.

Turned out it was anxiety, and now I'm on meds and it calmed everything down so much. Please go to the doctor and tell them what's going on, it could be something else too but the first step of fixing the problem is to find out what it is caused by.

No. 1238584

Go to Yellowstone and jump into the boiling acid water, bada bing bada boom problem solved

No. 1238593

friend who i genuinely thought was lez posting nonstop on twitter about her troon "gf" cumming inside of her and how she's scared to get preggo

No. 1238598

File: 1656109193298.jpg (20.18 KB, 500x375, 1f1.jpg)

i'm sorry nonners

No. 1238611

i cant fucking stand when someone is being a fucking asshole and you call them out on it and then get sad for being said asshole. Like, what the fuck are you sad about?? you're the one being a piece of shit

No. 1238715

is it because of the whole USA being a Dystopia with the abortion rights and all, the law thingy's name escapes me

No. 1238746

i just told my boyfriend to leave for a few hours so i can angrily clean and pretend every dirty spot on this fuCKING floor is a man I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW I FUCKING HATE MEN
i should have just said please leave i fucking hate men but that seemed too crude

No. 1238748

mens inability to understand why the overturning of r.v.w is the starting point for them to overturn everything makes me want to smash my face into a wall repeatedly
i was at work today sobbing reading the dissent i WANT TO KILL ALL MEN

No. 1238750

File: 1656113382685.jpeg (39.58 KB, 451x817, s a m e.jpeg)

and now im constipated from getting so upset and i really needed to poop :(

No. 1238756

Men should die it's ok. I'm also raging about the xy today too nona

No. 1238772

Anon you where 11 - 12. Most people aren’t exactly good artists by then. If they knew the age of the person drawing it they probably wouldn’t laugh. Unless it’s like some deviantart shit.

No. 1238777

Any scrotes that are giddy about Roe vs. Wade being overturned are definitely incels. If they were actually having sex, they would know that this news affects them too. If they were actually getting any, they would be afraid of getting “baby-trapped.” Instead they’re celebrating because they perceive it as “those wanton sluts that won’t have sex with ME are finally being punished!”

No. 1238781

100000% this. how dare you, whore!!!!

No. 1238794

men literally see woman as incubators. the massive retardardation since trump has solidified my belief that 95% of men are useless, should not exist, and their responses to this are the lock and key

No. 1238804

File: 1656114413878.jpeg (387.63 KB, 1170x2599, mashsallah.jpeg)

screams in every language that men need to die

No. 1238806

I yelled at my dad yesterday for wanting another dog when he doesn't even pay attention to our current old dog and he had the audacity to say "Well I don't have the time! I took care of her when she was a puppy!" as if that matters now! When she is old and can kick the bucket any day now! He doesn't do shit when he gets home but says he "doesn't have time." Doesn't even have time to spare 5 minutes of his day cuddling her? Giving her a kiss to the head? Just making sure that she is ok?

I cry almost every day thinking about the inevitable future without her. Every moment I have I will go find her and pet her because I don't know if that will be the last time I will ever be able to feel her fur or have her rub her face into my hand. How can you keep telling me that you want another dog when you've given up on caring for this one? He criticized his coworker for putting down her dogs when they get old (and have no other health issues) but what he's doing is basically no better than that, maybe even worse! On nights that I sometimes stay out late, I'll constantly have to call and check to make sure they remembered to feed her, as if her barking to demand dinner (which she does around the same time every day) was not reminder enough. I can't go on vacation without fretting and calling them to remind them that she needs to be fed and needs her medication. They think just because they put in the time to raise her when she was younger, that they can give up now when she needs them more than ever.

One reason that I don't want another dog is because I know I won't have enough time to dedicate to them, enough time to really give them the attention they need and deserve. I won't put a dog through that. But my dog is already here now, so I will make all the time I possibly can for her, and I wish my parents would do the same since they want another one so bad.

No. 1238826

just tell him you won't take care of his dog, it's his responsibility. that's it

No. 1238835

File: 1656114813362.jpg (7.5 KB, 275x155, 1648149926945.jpg)

Reminder in light of current events, men will become more violent. Please remember to watch yourselves, keep your eyes moving, and always hit on the left side. I worry for all girls and women. I'm scared for us and need to find my mini baseball bat.

No. 1238843

File: 1656114992325.jpeg (51.16 KB, 567x434, 16686E1F-581F-4C68-9A17-9DBA18…)

been feeling like pure shit for the last five years to have doctor after doctor tell me “u just have something viral lol here’s some antibiotics” even though I’ve told them I have the same exact symptoms as my brother who has lupus but im a pussy so I just take the antibiotics because they’re fucking doctors they know better than me right. Doctor retires, new doctor is like sounds like lupus let’s do some tests.

So now five years on lo and behold not only do I have fucking lupus but it’s gone untreated for so long that it’s done significant damage to my kidneys. My insurance is shit so I owe a small fortune for the all the medicine I now have to take which I can’t pay because I can’t work because I’ve been sick with FUCKING LUPUS

Might as well top myself at this point kek

No. 1238856

This boil I've had for the past few days finally is draining thank fuck, I can't wait until it's completely gone.

No. 1238860

fuck nonnie, I'm really sorry, I don't really have anything to say but I'm sending you all of my encouragments. Is there any legal way that you could use to pprove to the insurance that you were misdiagnosed ? I'm Wishing you the best for the future

No. 1238869

File: 1656115484231.jpg (37.28 KB, 512x512, ecc664d6b93d891b320ba3c509c7f9…)

Thank you, nonny! Please look out for yourself too and I hope you find your baseball bat!

No. 1238905

Some woman I know through friends dm'd my boyfriend around midnight to ask what's up, last time we saw her my bf and I were together so she obviously knows he's in a relationship. I'm not worried about him, he's proven he's in it for the long haul, but it makes me feel like shit because I know I am objectively less attractive than my bf. It doesn't really happen anymore since we're in our 30s now but when we were younger I feel like messy girls wanted to prove they could take him from me and it fucked with my self-esteem a lot. I feel like even his family was a little confused when he got with me kek.

No. 1238927

File: 1656116469929.jpg (47.74 KB, 567x425, D4dSQhoXoAEx6Kw.jpg)

Listen nonita, he's proven himself and he's still with you after all this time. Don't pay others any attention. Don't let them fuck with your self-esteem because you are worthy of a handsome guy who cares about you. Let these pathetic women, who throw themselves at men whi are in a relationship, and anyone who doesn't approve of you, eat dust.

No. 1238941

Wanna scream
Wanna smash
Wanna KILL

No. 1238942

I don't disagree with you but do you have a source for that? I know you said it was in the leak but do you have any screenshots? I haven't seen anyone else mention it.

No. 1238986

Honestly if a girl felt comfortable doing that it’s probably because your bf gives off slutty vibes. There’s probably stuff he’s not telling you/leaving out. You really can’t trust any male, sorry.

No. 1238997

NTA but eh, it can go both ways. Some women are just that set on trying to sabotage a relationship or testing someone's boundaries. The moid should be held responsible if he decides to give in ofc.

No. 1239131

I'm so worried I'm too possessive over my boyfriend, he barely pays attention to me after he leaves work and will just call and play video games with his friends. I don't want to feel like I'm being smothering or a bitch, so I don't complain. But I just wish he would talk to me more.

No. 1239159

Still feeling dysphoric, I'm sorry but it's not gonna magically go away, I'm scared to speak to anyone about this.

No. 1239168

I have enjoyed my job working in a grocery store the past 7 months. But I'm starting to get the ick about being known by so many other people and knowing they have opinions about me. I'm feeling like its a burden to be apart of a community like that. I moved away from my hometown so people wouldn't know me. But I have to fight my instinct to retreat to isolation a lot lately.

No. 1239179

That's not a boyfriend anon. You're just convenient feminine company to him.

No. 1239236

Yeah uh a girl asking a guy what's up at midnight does suggest there is something else going on, or he is leading her to think so, he should be shutting that shit down

No. 1239275

He did, he showed me the text when he got it and replied not to message him so late in a way that sounded kinda rude. This is more about me than him anyway.

No. 1239285

I don't know what to say except I really outdid myself this time?? I lied on a medicaid application about my income working 8 hrs a week at a gym so I can keep my membership because I was scared it would be too much combined with my husbands income. I am pregnant and we are so broke right now we're living with family. My income wouldn't have mattered but the fact that I haven't reported it for 2 months means I am committing fraud??? I looked into trying to talk to a customer service rep and fix things but I think I could be charged with a felony??? I am pregnant and broke and now I could be charged with a fucking felony because I am literally retarded. Does anyone know where I could seek anonymous legal advice?

No. 1239291

how wouldn't your income have mattered? are you eligible for medicaid per the income eligibility requirements or no?

No. 1239294

You'll be okay. Medicaid fraud refers to Healthcare providers.

No. 1239297

yes. the main reason I didn't include it is because I was going to quit my job and then I didn't but I had already summitted the application. I got approved within 2 days and after a few weeks instead of quitting I just stayed on 1 day a week. My husband only makes $1400 a month because he's a student so I was really extra stupid to not include it. I figured it didn't matter because I would quit within 2 weeks anyways. I'm just really stressed out now and haven't been handling the situation properly

No. 1239307

My mother is the biggest pickme I ever met. And acts dumb too. She's married to an abusive deadbeat POS whom I absolutely despise. I've made a vow to myself never to get romantically involved with or married to a scrote. I'll stick with women instead.

No. 1239310

i walked in a dress for an hour and got chub rub why the fuck am i so fat i wear a size 6 how skinny do i have to be until i can walk without horrible pain and skin rashes. i'm now on a diet of MISERY because i am FAT
fuck this is me

No. 1239315

nonnie that should have been the first clue you needed to find another doctor, he was scamming you.
>in america abortion is now illegal but pregnant women get charged with a felony if they try to get medical insurance
wow yeah uh so i'm just never leaving my apartment again, i'll just sit here and watch anime instead. i can't afford to go outside
just say you made a typo. usually the staff dont care about anything because they can't afford to live, either.

No. 1239363

It’s been one year of trying to change for the better. Exercising, making more friends, eating better, looking for a job, and getting a driver’s license. Well it was going good until the 6 month mark. I failed every single aspect except for eating healthy and unlearned most of the healthy habits I’ve made. And at this point I actually just starve myself. I wish I could stop comparing myself from last year and get over it but I feel so overwhelmed and terrible. I wish I could just rope myself but even then I don’t think those attempts would go too well anyway.

No. 1239384

File: 1656131025662.gif (9.93 MB, 540x600, ECF7520F-68B2-4952-B356-0998DC…)

I’m so annoyed because everyone wants to talk about abortion no one wants to have mindless fun. I don’t give a fuck about abortion can you please shut up and have fun with me

No. 1239389

truth or dare

No. 1239392

Then come to the retarded shatpost thread

No. 1239393

ok coming sexy <3

No. 1239402

fuck you i wanted to dare you to post kpop in meta.
ok uhhhh are you fat

No. 1239406

I can't fucking believe it got overturned, I truly hate america. I might actually leave this awful fucking place, holy shit

No. 1239418

I'm so fucking tired of everything right now, and I just gave up going to a meeting with a friend who has been opaquely trying to start a relationship with me.

I am not interested in a relationship with them, and I have been trying to be as nice as possible in letting them know I'm not interested in pursuing that kind of relationship with them. They either don't care whether I'm interested, or are incredibly bad at understanding implicit communications.

I was supposed to meet them today but I just gave up and didn't go. I have so many unavoidable stressors to deal with, and I just didn't feel like adding more stress to my life today. And now I have to explain to them why I didn't show up. I don't even want to tell them about the problems I have been dealing with; I feel like that's personal information that could make me vulnerable, so why should I need to get into it because someone was bad at or simply refused to understand my boundaries that I tried to emphasize many times? I'm so fucking tired.

No. 1239421

It freaks me out a little how awful my memory of the past is. I can never remember if something happened a month ago or a few years ago and I can't even remember basic shit like who I hung out with in high school or what my hobbies used to be unless someone directly tells me. I guess it doesn't matter that much but I still don't like it. Maybe I should start journaling daily or something even if I have nothing going on, just so I can use it as a reference.

No. 1239442

i am in love with my best friend who i don't have any chance with. this sucks

No. 1239445

How do you know you don't have a chance?

No. 1239473

File: 1656137020943.gif (1.6 MB, 299x217, 1649810396767.gif)

>1 am
>want to go to bed
>can't because dad is drunk and i don't trust him not to do something super smart like open the door for strangers/weird noises or fall and kill himself
he's genuinely good when he's sober but when he's drunk he turns into a tottering fucking retard, and i cannot stand it. you are almost 70 years old. i get that we all have our demons but c'mon man, stop fucking drinking all the time, it's annoying as hell

No. 1239482

>is he good?
no, he's an alcoholic and he's been doing this for literal decades. i've tried everything in the book to get him to stop, but he doesn't fucking listen at all. he lies to his alcoholics anonymous counselors too (sometimes speaking to them while drunk, he knows how to pretend he's sober)

it's really exhausting to live with, but i can't afford to move out. at least he's not violent, just kind of dopey/arrogant and attention-seeking

No. 1239500

File: 1656138814539.jpeg (44.47 KB, 750x194, E7E1529B-5EB8-4F2F-B9C8-CF2302…)

I hate these vile porn anime ads that always show up on random SFW sites. You can’t even mention it online because scrote will go ‘huh huh, y’know that’s based on search history, right?!’ No retard, I don’t watch porn, I especially don’t watch or read this anime shit with incest tropes (from other ads I’ve seen that’s the guys mother) and I use incognito anyway. Fuck this ad and the creators for putting it on to innocent sites, how is a child lock meant to block that out?

No. 1239508

The only thing I can depend on my fiance to do, is to let me down. Continuously disappointing me over and over.

No. 1239511

WOMEN!! STOP SECOND GUESSING YOURSELVES. i'm a shit girlfriend but the shittiest lesbian in the fucking WORLD would not treat a woman like the man in this story. males are psychos created by society and you need to stop feeling sorry for people who are sad. no exceptions.


No. 1239612

File: 1656150151478.gif (1.61 MB, 500x450, eebe5f00282ccf1f05342715070f5a…)

I just cannot stop thinking of this guy with whom I barely interacted with. I fantasize about us dating and fucking. I would give my whole left arm just to hear his voice again. I wish I knew if he thinks about me at all

No. 1239684

File: 1656153540240.jpg (24.96 KB, 500x490, 86f40eb1f4a2dfcb97f601e37d3fd9…)

I'm such a fucking dumbass, im absolutely retarded I literally trapped myself in this situation and I don't know how to get out. It started a month ago, I always ask for numbers on every class just in case I can't assist, everyone knows this, so I asked this guy's number…i noticed he almost instantly felt in love with me the moment I talked to him which I found endearing, he was also (kinda) my type, but i didn't want to pursue anything honestly. I text him just to make sure I've the correct number, then I notice we have a lot in common, he's also very attentive, funny and appropriate. We start chatting regularly as he's quite literally my only friend, we talk about a lot of things and his personality is almost perfect, in my books.

It's been two weeks since I actually talked to him irl, my memory is admittedly very bad and I tend to forget people's names and faces quite often, we finally meet again and…yeah: he's not only way younger than me, even though he's kinda my type he's…too unfortunate looking, noticeably even, I'm not even superficial like that cause I used to be busted myself but I just couldn't find him attractive even if there are some features I genuinely like a lot, his lack of grooming and aesthetic awareness actually ruins his looks, also he's a man and I know for a fact he will not groom himself cause "that's gay" or some bs.

His personality also changed a lot, he's very insecure, I tried to make him feel better and maybe he also thinks i reciprocate his feelings when i was just being nice. The more we talked the more I realized this was not going to work and now I feel like shit, I don't think we can be friends since again, he's very much in love with me, so I don't know what to do now, I feel like a lead him on and is not fair for him but I just can't do this anymore, and the radio silence is obvious as we used to chat a lot, god I want to kill myself i should have stayed as a hikki, I'm sorry

No. 1239734

File: 1656155868378.jpeg (197.11 KB, 685x503, 7FEDA615-FDF6-4888-9ED6-510B52…)

it seriously creeps me out when my mother wears my clothes especially my old ones i wore to school. she doesnt even do it out of necessity, just when she comes into my room without telling me. it makes me feel so disgusted, and she looks identical to picrelated when she does it. sometimes she even ruins the clothes by stretching them out or popping them. i feel sick everytime she does this but i dont have the heart to tell her

No. 1239740

wth is this picture?

No. 1239749

Why are you blaming yourself anon, none of this is your fault whatsoever. Just slowly respond less and less until it becomes this natural transition to no contact, unlike sudden ghosting.

No. 1239750

You created a fakeboi

No. 1239757

>dating a gamer
I don't feel bad for you

No. 1239777

In lights of what is happening in the US now, I feel so disgusted by my mother and brother.

Yesterday my mom complained that my poor little bother lost all his female friends:
>They even told him that he has no say just because he's a man!
>You mean on topics like abortion? I agree with that.
>Well I don't!!!
I wondered for ages why my studying-to-be-a-priest, raging misogynist (unironically sperging about being oppressed as a hetero white christian male) bro even managed to have female friends to begin with… but now they "uwu excluded" him.

I bet that if my brother would say that contraception is murder my mom would agree. But I'm sure she wasn't like this before, she's changing because of him! Her bestie was a classic old school feminist back then, my mom is a very smart woman, and I also never really perceived her as that religious growing up but now, since he decided on this being his career… and whenever my brother and I are fighting (meaning I calmly say that statistics prove that moids do this or that and then he starts yelling) she tells him that he can't insult me, but I need to stop "hating men" as well.
My old dad and grandpa are likely more feminist than she is now.

No. 1239810

Oyasumi Punpun spoiler out of context

No. 1239826

I wish I wasn't so unattractive and awkward so I can talk to boys. All I can really do is fantasize about that mildly attractive guy I met in the party.

No. 1239840

these sound like larp posts

No. 1239845

Meh most attractive guys are hoes anyway, men can't handle female attention without turning into actual manwhores

No. 1239863

i just can't understand why anyone would want to be christian in 2022, let alone a priest and not be a pedo? It's a filthy religion and it's point is only to control people. It's not about God at all, it has always been about people's own projections onto the great Being and their ideas of power over others. And the weirdest thing to me is how it's so popular in America. Back in the day it was the most progressive country but it never hurt christianity for some reason. It has no logic. Now i got the idea that maybe americans have a ot of population who can't think for themselves and just want to follow a daddy i can't explain it otherwise.

No. 1239894

I miss being alone so much

No. 1239899

There not really that popular. A lot of events are astroturfed and the super zealot evangelicals themselves have been on a decline since the 50’s which was their height. They’re just disproportionately represented and continue to show up for elections.

No. 1239901

sorry i should have added that we are not americans

No. 1239902

nona why are you asking me that kek

No. 1239906

Ahhhh my bad Noni. I have an interest in religious culture and politics but I’m not as personally acquainted with other countries communities.

No. 1239936

I feel like I get targeted with weird and schizo replies to my innocuous posts. Like, 4-5x in a row I have posted a normal post about a show, or just a little thought about something, or a tiny vent, and some schizo chan comes out of the woodwork and writes some little blurb to me that has nothing to do with my post. Or they misinterpret it in some insane way and try to fiercely argue with me (99% of the time another anon defends me and goes wtf to the person who ALWAYS disappears). What the fuck is wrong with people lately?

No. 1239973

Idk nonners maybe a certain schizo chan just likes you uwu(emote)

No. 1239990

So it's ok to use emojis with a spoiler now?

No. 1239993

That's not even an emoji, it's a kaomoji, and it's three letters. Get bent.

No. 1239994

What the fuck happened why is it locked??

No. 1239996

i can't believe the scrote admin ian locked the roe v wade thread, what a fucking joke this website is.

No. 1239997

Litrally shaking…how could they do this…the world we liv in innit

No. 1239999

It's cringe.

No. 1240001

Reminder that this is the admin of lolcow.

No. 1240002

File: 1656166320938.png (149.3 KB, 316x269, 1312C075-7664-45A9-96DB-4CC9C2…)

>mod deleting the picture within literal seconds

No. 1240004

What is the background story of this?

No. 1240011


No. 1240013

As far as I've seen, you won't get banned for it if you use it in an ironic manner.

No. 1240016

No. Enlighten us instead. Why do you think this is the current admin?

No. 1240021

well, a male christian working in the catholic church must be nice, a least in Germany. Lots of money, lots of supplies, lots of control and if you need a woman, you can still have one, no one will say anything against you. And if you break the law, well, you have your own courts and will just transferred to another city.

No. 1240029

Good, embrace it nona

No. 1240032

That's like asking someone to embrace wet diarrhea

No. 1240034

Now that's cringe anon

No. 1240042

NTA but Ian (the pictured moid) was the second admin of the site, he took it over and created a honeypot for shoeonhead to stalk the IPs of anons talking shit about her. He left around 5-ish years ago and since then the admins and mods have (presumably) been female.

No. 1240043

File: 1656169469246.jpeg (40.6 KB, 460x434, 08B35AE9-0997-4C0F-A1D3-FE6102…)

>gore/nikocado porn/cp posted routinely
>men posting about their gfs being pregnant and how they won their incel/MGTOW crusade because women should be punished for them not being able to have sex (lol wtf)
>4 gazillion hours later mods come to clean it up
>anons rightfully dox supreme court justices fuck them they’re fine they’re public figures I bet the dox was just a regurgitated tweet and most of their info is already PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, why don’t these supreme justices learn some accountability and responsibility and stop being victims libtards!!!!
>immediately online to take care of it all and dip when the moid eventually resurges to spam cause he’s not getting the attention he wants


No. 1240049

Moids being retarded once again, it's not necessarily based on your personal search history but your demographic/area and similar profiles to yours such as your age bracket. And agree, those ads are disgusting.

No. 1240053

File: 1656169812726.jpg (73.51 KB, 700x758, 0bfc4fe46cc00f7e43e1c6135fca99…)

Jannies suck my ass

No I'm not calling them farmhands, they're too far gone

No. 1240056

why did the entire thread have to be locked if they're so upset over the dox? they already redtexted the person that did it. and of course, like all things, anons won't do shit about it, they won't create a new thread. they're just going to accept their fate that they can't even talk about abortion being banned, just like how they'll accept that it even happened in the first place. women are doomed.

No. 1240057

Yeah, I'm not from the USA, but these are things you'd be able to look up for free on the internet in my country. Did jannies honestly get scared by someone posting public information? While Nicocado's asshole was up for like a day.

No. 1240059

Is the CP on /m/ even deleted? I'm scared to check

No. 1240062

I mean how do they think people send letters and mail to them? We dox the White House every year so we can send junk mail and pleas for change to the idiots in charge kek

No. 1240063

>just like how they'll accept that it even happened in the first place.
Wtf are you talking about?

No. 1240077

File: 1656171067659.gif (901.52 KB, 245x200, tumblr_note4mO8Nq1urilnho8_250…)

holy shit I was at the grocery store and I saw an older man who reminded me of Mads Mikkelsen, he was like 45-50 but with great fit body and great facial bone structure and grey hair in a ponytail. I think I might have daddy issues because he triggered something in me immediately and I was just staring at him, he also looked at me and there were like three instances where he went into the same alley that I went in and he didn't take anything, just passed me by and looked at me and I was like holy shit he can sense I have hots for him, I got very horny and I started panicking because I never felt like this in public. I thought that maybe he could say something to me but I panicked and I basically ran away kek. Now I'm thinking about him and how I will never see him again. I hate being a horny virgin

No. 1240082

Did he have eyebrows though, unlike Mads?

No. 1240086

Ian locked that thread since he doesnt want women talking about important things, and the mods who are also in hiding now and dont even communicate anymore too can choke on ian micropenis.

No. 1240087

i'll never get the appeal of this guy

No. 1240093

Me either. He's a good actor, but he always looks like he has too much saliva while talking. His lips are just too moist.

No. 1240097

>we want to experience a little bit of the outside world before being brutally terminated.
This person makes it sound like she supports infanticide…

No. 1240098

you know this same bitch doesnt care about the fact that MEN ARE THE LEADING CAUSE FOR DEATH IN PREGNANT WOMEN.

No. 1240099

God I want to a log so bad.

No. 1240103

She says this but if her fetus was detected with downs or other syndromes she'd abort it like 95% of religious women do

No. 1240109

File: 1656172689260.jpeg (147.01 KB, 1500x761, 3897FB04-AC69-41EA-8401-A700D2…)

What fucking braindead troll absolute moid decided that a psuedo-noodle food format is ok to inflict upon creatures without lips? I accidentally bought a box of these and my baby has been struggling attempting to eat this shit for hours he. is. hungry!!!! And I can’t afford to go back and get a box of chunks REEEE

No. 1240112

cut them up anon

No. 1240115

I thought about cutting them up but that would be messy and take forever so I put it in the blender but now I’m pretty sure he’s traumatized and hates fake chicken because he wants nothing to do with it. He’s never been a picky eater.

No. 1240118

Hey anon, my cat is a soup kinda cat (lil soups are his fav.)
If its too much to chew, maybe blend it or chop it up. Feels a little more like a homemade meal too which is sweet. My cat sits so patiently while i warm his soup cup in warm water.

No. 1240120

No problem, we're all about to get brutally terminated for some old fucks who can't stand not being number one

No. 1240121

Oops just saw your reply, sorry for the echoing answer

No. 1240126

My cats fuckin hateeee this style and they aren’t picky eaters, nothing sucks more than getting like a whole case of that crap on accident, sorry Nona

No. 1240129

I want to breakup with him bc I feel stuck. I feel like he will never upgrade his life or show drive to do so. Im afraid to keep dating a man who has lived in the same 5 mile radius his whole life.
He has the opportunities to change and climb the family business ladder, but wont. Im so tired of offering support and suggestions for it to stay the same.
This has nothing to do with our relationship. Hes kind and thoughtful, but without that drive, or even personal creativity, i feel like im gonna regret staying with him. Its safe, but i dont think its love. Coming up on our 3 year anniversary, and it feels like im just settling.
He also tears up when i saw “fuck you”. I mean….. maybe im just too much idk.

Am i destined to be a stray cat who travels the world? Will i finally kiss a woman? Or will i settle for safe and predictable. It just feels like a slow boil ill hate myself for later

No. 1240130

We are destined to be vaporised in about a year.

No. 1240135

That actually makes me feel alot better

No. 1240138

That sucks, but don’t buy your cat friskies, please. It causes liver failure.

No. 1240140

wait whaat?

No. 1240141

But if you don't get vaporised, I think I would regret it if I stayed with a person I didn't feel passionate about. On the other hand I would have to consider my circumstances, and introspect as well, to see if there is something going on with me that prevents me from feeling strongly about a person who may be important to me.

No. 1240142

My vet told me to buy this, what do I buy then?!

No. 1240146

Damn nonna, i wish we could sit in a soft cafe with a cat and talk-talk. Thank you for replying

No. 1240149

I finally bought a new pc and I feel like it is more "future proof" than me.

No. 1240152

Weirdly enough my 18 year old cat only eats stuff with this noodle texture, she hates pate food the most

NTA, but Friskies tends to often send out tainted food. It's probably fine to feed the rest of whatever you have, but if you have the money I would splurge on a higher quality wet food, or just another brand.

No. 1240155

>Im afraid to keep dating a man who has lived in the same 5 mile radius his whole life
I started my adult life dealing with lingering agoraphobia that had morphed into me just being afraid to travel far. I never thought the day would come but I've lived in all opposite ends of my country now and when I heard from an old ex lately.. he's turning 35 and still in the town we grew up in. Nothing has happend to him in that decade of us not speaking. Nothing. I had a moment where I tried to imagine us lasting. Would he stunt me or would I get him to move? He probably would've kept us both there tbh.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to pursue more from life and calling it a day over that. You can sacrifice so much for a guy and still get dumped by him much later on. Live, move, travel, do it all while you're young and healthy and likely to very easily replace him.

No. 1240158

File: 1656174639065.png (453.32 KB, 987x571, ym.png)

Watching a vtuber. This actually feels a bit embarrassing. The character/art is cute, but the voice and mannerisms are cringy. How/why do so many adults enjoy this?

No. 1240161

you should consider going on holiday for a month or so alone, if you can afford it. Sometimes you have to get away to realise what you had or would leave behind. It might show you that being away from him is better for you or it might show you that being with him is what is right for you. I really feel like you need some time alone and away to find the way you want to go in your future.

No. 1240162

because they are men, and thus, mentally disabled

No. 1240163

Yeah, he had dark eyebrows

No. 1240164

This chuba is literally a 4chan /vt/ panderer lol.

No. 1240166

Youre right nonna. You really are. Im gonna “chew” on what you said, and think about how to move forward. I have travelled so much in my life before him, but i ache for more than this safety net.
I used to he so vibrantly social and adventurous.
(He also deserves someone with his mindset too. Not pulling a not all men, but this one is a good man and will make someone happier here)
A sweet kiss on the cheek to you, thank you for sharing

No. 1240170

I’m not American but my favorite vintage seller online shared a post against Roe v Wade and made fun of people who say “humans who can get pregnant” and let me tell you, it was so refreshing. Not only does she have excellent taste, but she’s cool as well.

No. 1240172

Thank you nonna. I dont really have that luxury right now, but I will in the fall. Ill try to do so.

No. 1240179

File: 1656175331858.jpg (8.33 KB, 275x275, 1623364344152.jpeg.jpg)

Im going through a breakup with a guy i dated for a month. Im too scared to fap because i know ill end up crying cuz its over. Tbh the sex was the best sex ive ever had. Ive never had a man put in so much effort into making me cum. Im sad cuz i just bought new batteries for my big ass vibrator but just holding her makes me want to vomit n cry. Why are men retarded? Why do they suck im literally down bad for a guy with no job cuz because he eats pussy really well

No. 1240182

I just found her the other day, holy shit she is irritating and speaks like she is constantly having a stroke, activated my fight or flight response. A lot of vtubers are cringy, but she's definitely one of the worst i've heard.

No. 1240187

she made a post against roe v wade?

No. 1240190

Nah wait kek I mean like against it being overturned

No. 1240194

oh okay very cool

No. 1240201

What went so wrong in just a month?

No. 1240207

File: 1656176577655.jpg (113.93 KB, 600x800, 20220601_234815.jpg)

Its ok nonnie, im still not over losing the perfect dick either

Wishing you strength in these trying times

No. 1240211

Basically we rekindled a friendship after 3 years and realized we had feelings for eachother. We ended shit before cuz we were both kind of nuts. I went through with recovery meanwhile he stayed a depressed NEET, fucked random girls he met on tinder and did drugs to cope with his issues. When i met up with him for the first time in years he told me he goes to college and works and i found out he dropped both of those too lmaooo. Found all this out a week before he dumped me. He told me he doesnt want to string me along and he isnt ready to date. No clue why im down so bad for such a fucking loser.

No. 1240213

I hate being horny all the time I wish there was a way to just turn my sex drive off

No. 1240215

Magazine prices are insane, I went to Barnes and Noble and they were all $15+, how do they still exist with that level of gouging?

No. 1240217

how does barnes and noble even stay in business? i don't understand.

No. 1240219

I used to work for a small magazine, printing and paper prices have gotten insanely expensive, especially if you're getting a nice quality magazine that isn't Us Weekly or some shit. The profit margins aren't great, so they're expensive but not really gouged. idk how most of them stay in business though.

No. 1240230

We have a different main book store in my country (overpriced too) and they're selling way more random shit now than just books. They might as well become a general gift store and not bother with the books.

No. 1240233

Yep, that's how Barnes and Noble makes a lot of its money now. That, and people are really buying manga/comics now. The bookstore near me expanded the manga section to at least twice the size of the regular fiction.

No. 1240241

File: 1656179346305.jpg (87.33 KB, 1170x1190, 20220625_193925.jpg)

I am going crazy and its been almost a month since I took plan B pill because i cared about my husbands panic and anxiety more than about my own opinion. I always think about others, never about myself and it always fucks me up in the long run (i spent my whole life being a nanny of siblings and taking care of them instead of taking care of myself) and it took this much of a fuckup for me to realize i should think about myself first. I feel such big regret and then I find out it might take me 3 months to get my periods again. First this year started with my country declaring a war (i am an immigrant and i was treated badly for being russian during covid times anyway.) which led me to sleeping for 3 hours for 2 months, watching everything go tumbling down and not being able to do anything about it, and now the US news reminded me of the pill. I am tired. And ever since i came back from a short vacation Ive been doing nothing but doing dishes, cleaning and cooking like crazy while mixing it all up with language studies. I am so, so tired. I want to cry and beat the shit out of something. I am always the only one doing everything, taking care of the house, taking care of others. I wish someone took care of me too by helping, but no, it's just me, all me. It really reminds me how my grandmother always spent all day cooking and cleaning while everyone else had fun.

No. 1240243

I went to Barnes and Noble for the first time in a long time and I was surprised by how fun of a store it was. I’m clearly not their target demo ($$) but I’m not surprised there’s enough bookish people who have money to burn to keep it afloat.

No. 1240248

File: 1656179892813.jpg (20.14 KB, 563x476, 226a9fa2571f81cf67edbceab57fe5…)

Being an adult sucks. I used to love writing, painting and reading books when I was a teen but now I don't find the time or motivation anymore. I'm a shell of my former self.

No. 1240262

File: 1656180729895.jpg (30.36 KB, 540x411, tumblr_d57a5cc54d757f84f5680b3…)

I miss being a "fangirl", excited about fandoms, characters, writing, improving my art and writing skills while text roleplaying 24 7… its been 7 years since the last time I roleplayed with anyone, now I feel like my mind is so busy with other thoughts that I can't even create an OC, let alone write.

No. 1240264

I'm about to become homeless with 4 pets because I just can't fucking figure out how to make money. Every "side hustle" I try relies on me having an online presence I don't have already, or have the desire to build. I just want the ability to make enough money to pay my goddamn bills without having to flog my identity to the public for the sake of a product or company OR work as a servant/maid for below a living wage while surrounded by degenerate coworkers.

How the fuck do people make money from home without having to use their goddamn identity or resort to anonymous sex work??

No. 1240265

Same! I see people excitedly draw fanart and write fanfiction and I miss the sense of community and the creativity behind it, but I just can’t find anything that lights that spark. Plus fandom spaces being mostly genderspecials. I think maybe I aged out of it, which kinda sucks.

No. 1240275

File: 1656181718395.jpeg (36.15 KB, 500x498, C9A1A209-5F81-4E37-A16A-1D0ACC…)

It is taking everything within me right now not to walk back to 711, tell the stupid old scrote working there that he was fucking wrong and call him an asshole while getting a delicious slurpee. I want to call him a cocksucker and I want us to be enemies. I know I'll look autistic and psychotic but I don't care I want him to know I've hated him the entire decade I've lived in this neighborhood. Enough is enough. You can't treat me like a retard when I know for a fucking fact you're also a retard.

No. 1240276

I’m pregnant and am planning to have an abortion and only my boyfriend knows.

I’m careful and use condoms, I don’t know what the fuck happened but I’m fucking pregnant. I’ve scheduled to go through with a medical abortion next week but my head is spinning. I can’t tell anyone other than my boyfriend and he’s so been helpful and tried to be supportive, but I feel so fucking alone. I have no friends I feel close enough to share this with and I feel like everyone will judge me. My family are religious extremists and would literally kill me if they found out about this, and lucky me- I’m stuck with them right now as they’ve asked me to visit them and have planned to stay in my city for the next month. I’m going to go through with the abortion as there is no way I’d be able to be a good mother right now and don’t have the financial means to have a child, especially with inflation. I’m in my early twenties and I take precautions, this all feels so fucking horrible. I’ve now seen Roe v Wade’s been overturned and I wanted to start screaming and sobbing but my older sister and I have to share a room. I can’t even scream and cry in privacy for another week. I feel so suicidal and at rock bottom.

No. 1240291

Roleplaying with other people's characters was so much fun. I wasn't part of many fandoms, but I had one friend on deviantart whose characters I really liked, and she liked mine, so we created a whole story together with them all and it was so much fun to have this online person whose mind just clicked with yours.

No. 1240296

What was he wrong about? I need to know

No. 1240300

he is an incorrect cock sucker, nonnie. I say you should do it. perpetrate the autism, reap the rewards (pure satisfaction) but it may require you to keep this energy for just as long a time to be taken seriously vs just another autistic shitflinger

No. 1240301

I'm not replying with this in a smartass way or anything but
>But people aren't perfect, so in real life condoms are about 85% effective — that means about 15 out of 100 people who use condoms as their only birth control method will get pregnant each year.
If you use condoms alone it's not that surprising when you look at those figures. On a personal level though I know it must still be a shock. Sorry about the added shit timing of it all. Has anyone spoken to you about upping your precautions afterwards?

No. 1240302

omg nonna same. i miss being excited for fanbase related shit, i miss the 2013 tumblr, with its cringe and everything. I used to be a gifmaker lol

No. 1240317

An9n if your medical abortion falls through, go on Amazon/Kindle and look up "fetus deletus", it's an herbal abortion guide ebook. Be safe!

No. 1240319

everyone in my life ever has hated me. I don't know if they ever liked me and I was too annoying that I ruined it but it's all been made clear to me now that yeah they really do hate me. not in a stupid bpd way where I just think so, it's like they think I'm the most complicated and difficult person to be around because I share things I'm interested in and find amusing and have human needs. it's ridiculous but that's narcissism, I guess. I always just thought the people needed to learn how to be better, like I did because I didn't know anything different, but they are completely uninterested in change, often telling me I'm manipulative for telling them such offensive things as "you might have depression and an alcohol problem if you drink a 30 pack in one go multiple times a week alone in your room and sleep until 2pm the next day" or "you told me you wouldn't embarrass me by liking thirst traps or flirting with girls publicly on social media because it's embarrassing to claim you as my serious partner when I'm obviously not serious to you" or how my mother implied she thinks I'm inferior to her boyfriend socially by telling me how they joke around and trying to coach me to act like that too. I've dropped everyone from my life and I don't know if I want to meet anyone new. I have too much to lose by introducing people to my world and I'm going to continue to be as selfish as possible and beyond. no one deserves anything from me if I'm not good enough for them to get their supply from. it's one thing for me to be taken advantage of by someone sucking up to me but I'm not getting stomped on while it happens

No. 1240322

I’m so sorry nona, please don’t kill yourself. Consider getting a hotel a few days just to be alone and at peace.

No. 1240349

Why doesn't anyone ever believe they have stanky bad breath when they're told they do???

Oh my God. MY boyfriend has caught some kind of oral infection, his breath literally smells like he's been eating either human shit or 2-week old rotten fish, and this has been going on for about 2 weeks now. He brushes his teeth twice a day, but doesn't use mouthwash or floss, and will not hear me when I say his breath stinks. It's starting to cause issues with us, like at night in bed he wants to spoon but I can't stand him breathing his warm-shit-scented breath directly I to my nostrils all night so I've been putting breathing room between us since it came up, and of course now he thinks that means I'm cheating on him- ALL BECAUSE he refuses to believe that he just has stank ass breath because, according to him, "nobody else has said anything about it", so I clearly MUST be lying.

Nevermind that he works in a kit hen with mostly Spanish-speaking immigrants, so nobody really talks to him anyway, and to add to that he doesn't have any real IRL friends at all.

(MY point: I'm laying on the bed typing this as he is in his chair about 5 feet away from me- he just yawned and I can smell his shit breath alllll the way over here.)

How the fuck do I get my boyfriend to accept that he has a problem so he can fix it and ai can stand to be within 3 feet of him again?? IDK what else to do, I've tried to baby him every way I can think to but the mere suggestion that his breath doesn't smell like sunshine and roses causes him to throw a righteous tantrum.

No. 1240355

File: 1656187225404.jpg (6.82 KB, 259x194, warmcat.jpg)

I fucking hate summer. It's hot and humid and I'm on my period so there's fucking lava dripping out of my vagina in a steady, steamy gush. I'm sweating and my hair is constantly up in an ugly bun because if any of is as much as touches my face or my neck, I'm gonna have a meltdown.

No. 1240359

Maybe there's something wrong with his teeth or he has cavities? Also he definitively SHOULD floss, use mouthwash, brush his tongue and brush his gums a bit too (not too much pressure but just a bit) Maybe he should see a dentist for some cleaning. Why are men like this.

No. 1240372

He's faked 2 dentist appointments since I mentioned it, made up BS reasons to miss both, and now won't mention it anymore. He even WENT to one of them, sent me a video snap of him in the waiting room, and still walked out and left when they called him.

Honestly? I think it's just fear. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but as an adult you nut up and fucking do it because the health of your teeth is critical to your overall health, especially your heart. But no, he would rather chew a tin of Altoids every 2 days and deny reality.

And for the record, it's not just a male issue- I've had female coworkers in the past who had RANCID fishy body odor and refused to acknowledge it at all just because nobody else was brave enough to say anything about it to their face. I honestly can't believe there isn't an electronic scent detection device you can buy off Amazon to smell-check your body and breath before you leave the house.

No. 1240385

My ex got married yesterday or today, found out by accident by seeing a story from a mutual friend. I feel a bit angry, not because he's now married but because he ghosted me like 2 months ago after staying friends for 4 years after the breakup. The cunt was legit keeping me around as backup for FOUR YEARS to make sure his current gf marries him/gets pregnant. Men are shit.

No. 1240394

>I honestly can't believe there isn't an electronic scent detection device you can buy off Amazon to smell-check your body and breath before you leave the house.

Holy fuck anon you're brilliant

No. 1240405

And this is one of the reasons I don't stay friends with exes

No. 1240408

I don't think I've ever wanted to be alone as much as I want to be alone right now. Whoever said loneliness was the ultimate form of liberation was onto something. I don't feel like myself. I don't want to be around anyone. I make small talk, I give some half-hearted chuckles and I force myself to use the appropriate tone of voice. It all feels forced. It used to come to me so easily and now it feels like I can barely remember how to do it. It's tiring. It's very tiring to try to be who I used to be. I just want to be alone. I just want to be apart from everyone I know. I don't want to hear anymore small talk, anymore boring anecdotes about so-and-so's personal life. I'm so tired of it it makes me sick. I just want to be alone.

No. 1240412

troons are so brainwashed y'all, i can't take it anymore. they can make up literally anything and they all buy it, it's pure mass delusion

No. 1240417

go figure the mentally ill people who have turned their fetish into their lifestyle are easily brainwashed. crazy.

No. 1240438

It's crazy that men LARPing as women will sit around talking "girly" to each other on forums, reinforcing the belief in each other that this is what women talk like. They think women are unironically uwuwing and owoing all around the place.

No. 1240451

The militant tranny-acceptance trend lately is just a way for AGP gay men to take over womanhood and force women out of their own spaces for not playing along with their fake ass YASS KWEEN SLAAAY stagesona in public. Notice you don't see NEARLY as much acceptance for FTMs as you do misogynistic holier-than-thou MTFs these days. Fuck every MTF, full stop. Thinking you're a woman just bc you slap on a dress and pressons while acting exactly like a drag queen stereotype is peak male behavior and it needs to be killed with fucking fire.

No. 1240452

I'm sick of men, I'm sick of this country, I'm sick of the women in my family who have given shitty men an ounce of their attention and access to their bodies. I dont give a fuck that the moid who hurt you who you refused to leave even though you had money to do so is once again treating you like shit. Dont tell me about her or him. My own family didnt give a damn when I was almost homeless despite having extra rooms, money, time. Why the hell should I listen to anything involving men I'm a god damn lesbian. Dont come crying to me about your problems that you caused anymore. All I am is support to everyone. No one ever allows me to vent to them except my sister. Fuck off. Fuck off. I swear to god if my other sister who sleeps with shitty men gets pregnant then cannot abort it I'm going to a mental institution for losing it.

No. 1240455

Anon I can tell you from experience that as soon as you start holding those women accountable for staying with those moids they will stop venting to you. Shame then until they leave you alone, it really does work.

No. 1240492

File: 1656193461745.gif (1.91 MB, 500x364, f7b91d29424dd8ef4aa175b93bd031…)

Oh, I hate summer so much. I can't sleep, I can't go outside without getting a sunburn, my depression gets worse, I want to eat junkfood 24/7 and every fucking person around me is like "oh, isn't it nice", "we haven't had a summer like that for such a long time", "you need to go outside, get a healthy tan". No, you aren't listening, I can't go outside, I will get a sunburn, I don't get a healthy tan, summer sun on my skin actually hurts and I'm depressed as hell because there is so much light. And no, I won't complain as soon as it's cold and winter and it's raining, I love that, why won't you all get that in your little useless brains?

No. 1240493

Today a man told me how no women under 50 have gynecological issues or illnesses like cancer. This was him butting into a conversation about how annoying it is I had to wait to get organs removed even when I was sick, just because I was under 30. One day I will snap, I’m so sure of it.

No. 1240494

Reading some online article about sex aimed towards woman and seeing anal penetration mentioned next immdiately to vaginal one, as if that's the most natural and not at all head-scratching inducing thing in the world, is depressing. You didn't use to see this a decade ago…

No. 1240495

same nonnie, I want to tear my skin off right now

No. 1240496

handmaidens too, last week a smart woman I know tried to tiptoe around tranny periods
> we can’t know if they experience them like we do, anon!
They have 0 of the bits to make it happen, they have liver, kidney or bowel issues, stop this madness aaaaA

No. 1240500

That's because a decade ago, men understood that obsessing over anal sex was something closeted gay men did almost exclusively. Now we have a massive wave of gay/bi-in-denial men trying to force women to become their gay bottoms so the men don't have to lose their A1 status as "cishet" males. Society is going I to the shitter all because men can't just admit they wanna fuck each other without backlash- from each other.

No. 1240505

Nah it's because of violent porn brainrot amplifying their already existent sadistic tendencies even further. Straight men want to fuck women in the ass because they know it's painful and degrading for women and brings us no pleasure.

No. 1240508

I don’t understand people who do that. They’re like chronic reality deniers. If it’s not what they believe then it’s not true/didn’t happen and they need to correct everyone. Like genuinely what kind of mental illness is that.

No. 1240509

Nta but years ago before the tran thing even hit it's current levels I remember seeing a regular woman make a vid on how transwomen can mimic the period experience by using food dye and carefully applying drops of red dye to a pad that they'll then wear all day for that womanly feel. Why did she feel compelled to make that?
What creep must've reached out to her.

I wonder if that woman has peaked yet. This was well before yaniv made alot of people aware that… yeah that's a fetish.

No. 1240518

anal itself is not bad and can be even better than vaginal if you do it the right way but i agree that the anal you see in porn is really not safe in real life
and ofc the biggest anal-hating spergs are always homophobes

No. 1240519

I'm starting to believe even most educated women don't know how periods work, since they're willing to believe a steady supply of estrogen pills will somehow mimic the behavior of a normal cycle.

No. 1240522

I remember seeing something like that as well, fucking insane. I've peaked a few friends just with these constant "I have periods now!" mtf posts, works like a charm

No. 1240523

even if done the right way there's still poop bacteria

No. 1240524

File: 1656195318044.jpg (123.16 KB, 1599x1066, 20220625_043014.jpg)

it's very much this

No. 1240527

poop bacteria can be found everywhere including men's beards and your own phone

No. 1240528

Agh I requested some specific days off at my part time job to go to another city for an art thing and my manager said yes, so I made arrangements and my teammates from the project took time off too, and today I go to work and they tell me they put me on cause some of my coworkers celebrate a holiday on that day, and the manager said to work it out among ourselves. I’m so mad, what’s the point of even asking for time off in advance when they just go back on their word omg. How do I stand firm for my time off? I’ve had to work through so many holidays…

No. 1240530

There's an increase in risk after 50, guess he heard that one isolated fact and just ran with it.

No. 1240533

i don't spend time around bearded men (always found them ugly, now i have another reason to hate them kek) and clean my phone tho. an ass will still be worse imo since the poop is in direct contact with it.

No. 1240535

>can be even better than vaginal if you do it the right way
For some. And some women will never enjoy it no matter what way you do it.

No. 1240547

Yeah but there is a big difference between someone not washing their hands and a dude ramming his DICK into your poop chute lmao.

I can't take anyone who keeps shilling anal sex seriously. Porn brainrot is a hell of a drug.

No. 1240551

Why do you guys need to have the anal discussion every week? Some women like some things, some women don't. Simple as that. Big whoop whoopty woo woo.

No. 1240553

Problem is that lots of women don't actually like it but simply suffer through it because their brain rotted partner pressured them into it.

No. 1240556

But anon it's better than vaginal sex and actually… everything has poop on it lol

No. 1240558

I am sorry you are going through this nonna. Unplanned pregnancies (and terminating them) is a common thing many women go through at least once in their lives. I am not saying everyone, but you would be shocked how many women went throguh this. We just don't talk about it.

I am sorry you don't have friends or family you can lean on right now. I agree with another nona. If you can, book an airbnb or a hotel for 2-3 days. It can be well worth it if you don't have privacy and you need it. Also lean on your bf. This is a situation both of you are responsable for - it is 100% ok for you to lean on him for any kind of support. Logistical, emotional, etc.

No. 1240561

Vent inspired by this vent pic:
I wish I could hang my pothos or other plants like this, but my cat is a little plant-eating bitch and she would probably make herself sick from chewing on them

No. 1240571

how many former farmers do you think really died ?

No. 1240574

Remind people that you love them

No. 1240576

i miss my cat i miss her so much she was my best friend for 17 years and i can't stop replaying her resting her little head down on the vet's table after they gave her the sedative and then her just floating away to somewhere i don't know about it hurts so bad my heart is so broken

No. 1240579

If only I had anyone to love

No. 1240607

it's sad that you suffer, too, but I'm so happy that I'm not alone. If I win the lottery I will invite you into my personal cooling chamber, we will have something nice to eat, watch a good tv show and laugh at everyone getting a sunburn.

No. 1240629

holy FUCK nonnies I might have done something so incredibly embarrassing and really exposed myself and if it turns out that I did what I think I did I may just have to kill myself out of embarrassment. I'm so retarded and should just keep my mouth shut, but I didn't and if my worst fear comes true I will simply pass away from the humiliation. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for the whole day oh my god.

No. 1240631

Tell him to lick his hand a lot then sniff it when it dries.

If you brush and dont use mouthwash your mouth will stink. The whitening ones are the best for bad breath b/c the hydrogen peroxide nukes it even better than alcohol. Ideally he should be brushing his tongue too.

No. 1240634

>If you brush and dont use mouthwash your mouth will stink.
I don't think this is true. Regular brushing, flossing and scraping should keep your breath fresh.

No. 1240636

At least she passed away painlessly and you were there with her in her last moments. Cry as much as you need, nonnie. Always remember that she loves you.

No. 1240639

>moids coworkers pick a restaurant to go out to for his birthday
>its just a mexican restaurant over an hour away
>they dont take reservations
>gas is $5/gallon
>we've been waiting outside for half an hour and there are still 15 people ahead of us
the entire time ive been telling him what a dumb idea this is and it's turned out to be even dumber than anticipated. there are 1000 mexican restaurants closer than this place. and to top it all off his coworkers are annoying

No. 1240641

I'd just leave

No. 1240646

What was their reasoning for that specific one? Going that far away when gas is expensive is stupid.

No. 1240650

I want to travel overseas this summer. I'm twenty and still live with my parents, but I can afford to pay for all the trip expenses by myself. I told my parents about it though and they immediately started telling me it's dangerous, I'm going to get shot and raped, etc. I'm just so fucking annoyed because any time I want to travel on my own my dad immediately tells me I'm going to get raped or robbed. One time he told me not to go to the basement level of an elevator while I was visiting the doctor's because I was going to get raped–like what the fuck? I hate this shit. I'm thinking of just buying the plane ticket, packing my shit, and leaving.

No. 1240676

got mistaken for a troon today. one of them asked about my transition.

-500 to self esteem.

No. 1240681

I know several people that do this to women that they feel are worth "putting down". Might not be what happened to you but this is a growing phenomenon to keep in mind when it does happen.

No. 1240683

kek hope it works out for you anon, I REALLY want to know what you did

No. 1240689

Embrace and go full triggered tranny mode, get them fired

No. 1240690

all of them

No. 1240715

good idea nonnie kek

i don’t doubt that he did it because he felt threatened by being around an actual woman. made me feel like shit but something tells me he’s just jealous lol

No. 1240725

Scrotes are so bad at coordinating and planning things even if it's as simple as making a reservation.

No. 1240776

File: 1656214978462.jpeg (64.97 KB, 410x419, D4F501A5-494A-4716-AC89-8D7AEF…)

Is it me? Or are people on the internet too quick at getting attached to others, or falling in love with others?
I'm not pretty, I'm not exactly interesting nor have any particular hobbies that would make autists feel like they have something in common with me. I'm almost a normie, or maybe a failed normie I guess.
But this is the 5th moid that has unironically told me that he would pay to see me, and it's creepy because I honestly don't want to get trafficked and lose my organs, so I never meet with anyone from the internet. And they say such things even without knowing how I look, like what? What are you smoking? Do you just wake up one day, talk with a rando and be like
>I so want to spend money to see you
Like what? Get a life you weirdo, what the fuck, what?
This is why I often disappear from social media and just focus on being more normie than anything else, I focus on myself, I only care for my family and best friends, otherwise I really just end up mentally exhausted, because other people are just so quick to give me their information and just become attached to me.
Irl I'm more reserved, because I honestly don't want too many friends, I can barely maintain the relationships I have, I'm autistic, awkward as fuck, retarded without boundaries, I honestly should just die because I'm not good at humaning, maybe I'm avoidant or some shit because the idea of a relationship with anyone makes me want to puke out of nervousness I don't get how can anyone become attached to another person, nobody is perfect, so why become attached to random people? It's a waste of time, seriously.

No. 1240781

joke on them, your skin will be great when you're old. It will have skin elasticity, lots of helpful shit for when you're 99 and looks dont matter but feeling good does

No. 1240782

File: 1656215382292.jpg (11.3 KB, 526x359, 6acf951b38e725b1f2b1b6ca15ffc3…)

so tired of still seeing genshin impact shit everywhere, wasn't the game supposed to close this year or something?

No. 1240783

File: 1656215421551.jpg (29.26 KB, 563x451, 3294378221.jpg)

Am I ever gonna heal from csa? I've cried so much over it and I'm so sick of it and it feels like it's crushing me more and more over time.

No. 1240784

It’s not just you, there are honestly just a lot of lonely people(re:scrotes) that get overly attached and weird with people they barely know. It’s happened to me multiple times and it’s almost always a moid. Don’t indulge their weirdness and enforce your boundaries with vehemence. Be prepared to Grey rock them if necessary.

No. 1240785

>take meds for reflux
>pull back badly due to muscles weakened by meds
>lose hair from meds
>switch to using pepto bismol
>"wow this works even better!"
>get poisoning
Has the universe not punished me enough for drinking too much coffee and eating peppers in the summer of 2021? Can't it be over?

No. 1240787

Probably not. I don’t advise bottling it, however. I am absolutely not a good bearer of advice but I can say that my approach was “pretend all of this has never happened and never speak of the horrible things that happened to me as a child to anyone no matter what” and instead of forgetting it and being normal it awakened some latent psychotic schizophrenia. I hope you have a support system and get better every passing year.

No. 1240789

yes these wounds will heal with time, I wish we had a teleportation service so we could pop over and give anons cups of tea and support. I hate that so many of us suffer with healing this alone. Someone link me to the hidden teleportation board please, thanks.

No. 1240804

As a writer aspiring to get published: ah, fuck. Well, guess I will never have the one thing in life I've ever wanted, because for some reason paper is suddenly stupidly expensive, even though since offices went remote it should be cheaper than ever now that karen isn't printer go brrrr 5 cases of trash a day. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever attain a single thing I desire or if I'll always be destroyed at the last moment by ridiculous circumstances out of my control which are not even sensible. Guess i'll die.

No. 1240805

Im so constipated I cant even fart anymore even if I ate a whole can of beans

No. 1240808

Just farted extra crispy for you.

No. 1240809

I hate that men are like, "lol just take plan B", as if it doesn't massively fuck over a woman's body. meanwhile men are selfish wusses when it comes to their own bodies, they're not willing to suffer even the slightest discomfort without crying and begging for relief like they're dying. but they expect women to wordlessly endure hellish agony just so they can coom and go back to their video games and pornography. 3dpd men are such trash, sometimes i think about becoming a nun just because i can't stand that women get the short straw of every single inter-gender interaction. we would objectively be better off if all men everywhere just fucking fell over dead. we'll never get acknowledgement for our sacrifices for them, let alone basic consideration. i don't even know why i exist. it's like women are just the sacrificial gender, expected to turn our bodies over to be dissected and siphoned off, everyone coming forward to take a chunk of our flesh and leave us withering in agony as a depleted husk. every time i turn around i'm being robbed. men rob me of my time and affection and only use me as a coom object. fetuses rob me of my blood and nutrients and leave me diseased and mutilated. babies rob me of my sleep, peace, and future. i feel like a roll of bread that ants swarm and pick apart. i dont' want anything to do with any of these people. it's why i won't have children–i've been robbed of enough as it is. men use and abuse us with no consideration, when all we wanted was to love and support them, and then wonder why we get bitter when every day we are expected to make every sacrifice and they exist on a golden cloud profiting from all of it without realization because it's taken for granted that women throw themselves down for men to trod upon. i hate men so much and my hatred will never be assuaged. babies can go to hell. men can go to hell.

No. 1240818

wait you can get poisoning from pepto bismol?

No. 1240822

Nonnie, paper being expensive doesn’t mean you can’t get published. I’m an editor and the vast majority of the publications our office puts out never gets physically printed. It’s both expensive to print and much easier for people to access stuff online, so there’s very little need for physical copies nowadays.

No. 1240823

nta, only if you don’t follow the instructions printed on the bottle that say “do not take more than 8 doses per day and do not use for more than 2 days.” If you are literate you should be fine.

No. 1240825

>I hate that men are like, "lol just take plan B", as if it doesn't massively fuck over a woman's body.

I dated a doctor that made me take plan B, he was adamant I take it in front of him and even though I told him I was scared of it, and after I took it how I was extremely anxious and had nightmares, he dismissed it all and made me sound insane. I was a virgin before him, got on BC for him and mood swings and depression were so bad he got irritated, called me selfish when I'd cry, and dumped me over it.

Blackpilled me on both men and most doctors.

No. 1240826

File: 1656219625693.png (56.3 KB, 240x275, 1655220464964.png)

I've been sitting on my ass non-stop for two years, smoking weed, drinking way too much coffee, eating a super high sodium diet and living nocturnally, and I'm pretty sure this pain in my upper calf is a blood clot. I'm thin and don't take birth control but my lifestyle is otherwise like a deep vein thrombosis cautionary tale. I literally never go to the doctor but I guess I need to go to one now before I actually die. Fuck.

No. 1240838

I see. sometimes I forget that people obey the law and pay money for digital copies. Maybe the publishing advice I've been reading is outdated. How hard is it to get published anyway right now, assuming you're literate and non-deranged?

No. 1240844

holy fuck we're the same person

No. 1240853

kek well I'm wishing your circulatory system all the best. We can't live like this anymore, nonnie.

No. 1240859

Same. I don’t tan, and even if I’m not out long enough to visibly burn I still get rashes. Being out in bright sunlight also makes me extremely tired and cranky. I could be having a wonderful day but after spending an hour out in bright sunlight all I want to do is hide in a dark room and cry. I don’t know if it’s a biochemical reaction to UV or simple overstimulation but it’s very consistent, yet everyone tells me I’m imagining it. Especially people who claim to have SAD, ironically, even though I’d never mock them for feeling crappy in the winter.
Do people also make fun of you for taking precautions against sunburn, like wearing sunscreen or hats? I have a straw sun hat that’s great for keeping the sun off my head and shoulders but I can’t wear it anywhere without people yelling at me from across the street. I can’t even wear it in my backyard without the neighbours’ kids making fun of me. Imagine if we started yelling at people for wearing scarves in winter, or using an umbrella in the rain.

No. 1240879

>but I can’t wear it anywhere without people yelling at me from across the street.
Wtf? What country do you live in?

No. 1240912

Neither of my parents even like me let alone love me.

No. 1240913

Had a good kek after a phone call with my bf. Apparently his ftm friend told their whole group, Before pride month ends, I just want to come out to you all as genderqueer and I go by any pronouns now. I fucking told him that she was going to revert back to herself slowly over time to a straight girl. He didn't believe me, but the process is beginning.

No. 1240923

Fighting the urge to slam a broomstick into my ceiling repeatedly until my upstairs neighbor's kid stops running and jumping full weight on the heels for hours past sundown. I can just tell it's a little fat moid. Disgusting

No. 1240926

Take a tramadol

No. 1240928

I'm at a point in my life where I'm older than the characters in my favourite show and it's messing with me a bit. Never thought that getting closer to 30 would feel about as same as every other birthday lmao. Probably because I don't have my shit together yet

No. 1240929

Family keeps telling me to take off my baseball cap, but I'm the only one without a sunburn.

No. 1240934

File: 1656228880942.jpeg (5.51 KB, 299x168, images.jpeg)

A cousin of my mother's recently died. He never took care of himself so it isn't really a shocker. Unfortunately he left a nice amount of money behind besides a house. My mother's aunts and uncle are going to fight over it. I haven't heard anything yet but I already have a headache. I hate my mother's side of the family so much. They are all money grubbing charlatans who will screw each other just for a dollar. I only kinda feel bad for one of the aunts because she does get screwed over by her sisters quite a bit. She's not exactly intelligent or have any common sense. I just hope this goes fast because my homicidal tendencies are already set on high due to current events.

No. 1240938

I can relate to you and all the other sun hater anons here. I also go to great lengths to avoid the sun when I have to leave the house during the day and get made fun of for it but idc my comfort is way more important and its not like anyone would recognize me under my sun hat and spf sun mask that covers my chest and everything anyway. I even have a uv proof parasol for days that it's too hot to wear the hat and mask. I also have long spf gloves that I wear while driving. Where I live its been over 100°f everyday. I hate being outside when the sun is out its literally painful and makes me weak , my body sucks in the sense that i have circulation issues and so I dont regulate my body temperature correctly bc of it. I get very fainty. I loathe sitting outside and sitting in my own damp sweaty clothes I hate having swamp ass if I'm outside for less than 5 minutes. I absolutely hate the feeling of greasy heavy sunscreen, it makes my eyes burn when I put it on my face because its smearing everywhere from the sweat. Not to mention the sun is like a giant overhead light and I hate overhead lighting so much. I thrive and come alive at night

No. 1240939

Dealing with money after a death is like pulling teeth in some families, I feel for you nonny. It’s crazy what it brings out in people.

No. 1240944

I kinda hate my cousin because she has it so easy with her looks. She has long blonde hair that is easy to maintain and good face with a small nose, big lips and big blue eyes. It is also easy for her to keep her slim figure. I just hate that she has all that and is able to look amazing naturally. Some people are just blessed. I just look homely with a big nose, curly hair and sadly have my fathers fat genes so I have to exercise every day. Sometimes I wish I could just cut her hair or smash in her face so she gets a crooked nose because she is so beautiful and hot and I look like nothing next to her. I just hate her and can't get over it. Why can't I have good genes?!

No. 1240949

Why don’t you kill yourself since you’re not only fat and ugly but a horrible person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1240951

File: 1656231032340.jpg (33.46 KB, 396x599, https___prod.static9.net.au_fs…)

The obsession with skinny blondes stayed in the 2000s except to old pervy white men. The ideal now is exotic with curly hair and a thick body

No. 1240952

It is and it doesn't help how much I hate that side of the family. I'm extremely jaded because they pulled so many stunts. They will literally not talk to you for years over what they perceive to be an injustice done to them. My brother didn't know they existed until he was 8 (he's older). All because my mother and father didn't want children at their wedding 11 years prior. It's insane. What's worse is they love following my grandmother around despite my grandmother trying to get away from all of them. My grandmother use to be the best but after she fell she got close to her one sister and got nasty towards me. My grandmother got better but she's still not very nice to me. Adding money to this dumpster fire is just asking for an explosion. No sane members are safe.

No. 1240955

There are always gonna be better looking people than you, and better looking than her too. She's not the most attractive person ever, what's the point in being jealous of her specifically? Just because of physical proximity? It's a waste of energy to resent her.

No. 1240957

my fam is dealing with something similar after my grandma died and it's been now almost a half year and there has been progress made because different parties refuse to co-operate for whatever reason. This shit sucks ass and is nothing but a hassle.

No. 1240963

The only horrible person here is you telling other people to commit suicide. I was just venting.

No. 1240965

I'm sorry you're going through it. I don't get the not cooperating bs. What are they hoping to accomplish? Besides wasting time, possibly money, and fueling a dumb feud. This is exactly what I'm afraid of. It drains the life out of you. I hope it goes by faster for you because all dragging it out does is fuels anger. Sending positive vibes out for you. ♥

No. 1240966

I'm sick of trying to be nice to people.

No. 1240967

This anon says it best

No. 1240969

I know that my feelings are childish and that I should just get over it but I can't help to feel jealous and small next to her.

No. 1240970

Aside from the easy-to-maintain hair, you need to realize that rather than being "blessed", she was born at a convenient time and place for her particular aesthetic. Doesn't make you unattractive or cursed, stop internalizing bullshit. If you aren't already, do learn to work with your features instead of against them, nona. Stop worrying about what makes skinny blond girls hot and lean into what makes thick, curly-haired girls hot
I remember seeing this one pic of a grotesquely skinny Scandinavian female wojak crying/seething at a smug-looking thick "Italian" female Pepe with dark curly hair and big boobs. I won't post it or try to find it because I don't mean to bash thin blonde women or make it into a "fight", it just reminds me of your post kek

You sound like that one "Just kill yourself if being raped is that bad" poster, fuck off retard

No. 1240974

Nta but it’s obvious they’re just trolling because the post described wanting to physically harm the cousin for being attractive, weird shit

No. 1240975

"kill yourself, you're a horrible person"
>just trolling
"smash her face, she's just so beautiful"
>weird shit

No. 1240982

Mine was not (I really fucking miss him)

No. 1240985

File: 1656233140404.jpg (311.47 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220626_114009.jpg)

Which one of you fucking idiots did this

No. 1240989

File: 1656233547520.jpg (31.83 KB, 650x638, 215f58d81138a83cb62acb68ee0499…)

No. 1240992

File: 1656233679310.jpg (223.13 KB, 1080x1283, 20220515_021807.jpg)

No. 1241002


No. 1241003

File: 1656234779384.png (257.46 KB, 1510x350, male confessing.png)

Anons, I feel uncomfortable posting on this site now. The fact I probably interacted with him at some point. Why are men always sticking their noses in our shit

No. 1241007

And that's why there's a tranny problem

No. 1241011

I don't believe it, personally. Moids don't want us to have a space for ourselves so they tell us they've been here for years in the hopes we bolt. Of course there are moids among us, that much I'm sure of, I just don't believe they can keep their impulses so well under control that they would be undetected for years.

No. 1241014

begone moid, just because a woman thinks she's ugly doesn't mean you're entitled to her by being ugly yourself

No. 1241017

Is this guy not considered conventionally attractive? He looks like not fucked Sylvester Stallone.

No. 1241018

Imagine hating a woman minding her business because you're too making excuses. There is no fat gene, fattie. Eat less. Leave your cousin alone.

No. 1241019

File: 1656236071851.jpg (2.02 MB, 4096x3072, Imbecile.jpg)

Looked at this person's ig and website yikes

No. 1241020

I'm so sick of idiots posting our address on reddit and twt. fucking hell. This is why we keep getting raided by moids and retards.

No. 1241022

Mama mia! Thats'a spicy retard!

No. 1241024

These are the same people that voted against roe. I fucking hate people like this so much. Religious people and trumpets are one in the same in America it seems.

No. 1241027

>I believe in women's right to choose
>That's literally bare minimum but he still doesn't follow through and keeps using a website women CHOSE to disallow men from using.
Hmm… I hope more anons see and start to ignore obvious male baits/opinions.
Just get your hair dyed, blonde-hater. Your ugliness is nothing compared to your mental illness, if you're getting avoided it's because you're violent enough to fantasize about hurting fellow women you're jealous of.

No. 1241031

I bet this is the tradthot handmaiden in the roe wade or what everyone thread.

No. 1241037

My boyfriend is an amazing friend but he sucks the energy out of everything. He’s always stressed, upset or depressed. It is so tiring and he’s starting to ruin every day of happiness I have. I can’t wait to find a job and be able to get away from him.

No. 1241038

Breathe. You can't base your worth in comparison to someone else’s. If you feel that way towards her, maybe avoiding her for a while would be best so that you can have time to work on your feelings about it.

No. 1241040

This redditor literally has her real name on her website, Lauren M.(mary i think) Okenica. And if you search up her name, she also leaked her address.

No. 1241043

Wtf lmao

No. 1241047

File: 1656237207890.jpg (25.1 KB, 412x412, 1649190804081.jpg)

I feel attracted to my cousin. It doesn't feel like a taboo to me because we basically haven't met each other until we were adults. He's the son of my biological father's sister. My father was absent and I found out about his existence when I was like 11, he was a raging alcoholic. My mom got cancer and that's when my aunt, my father's sister, appeared in our life and she started to help us, she was with us at the hospital when my mom was dying. She felt sorry for me and my mom and she was angry that my father was completely irresponsible and never helped us. I was in my early 20s and that's when I met my cousin. He's a really sweet guy, I'm an autistic shut in so even when we met I barely talk to him, but he's very kind and I can see in his eyes that he cares about me. He's always willig to help me. His dad also died from cancer so we have some similar experiences. We both like to collect old stuff and weird art. Last year, during christmas, he broke up with his gf and hearing about it actually made me happy. At that time I didn't understand why and my feelings shocked me. But then, despite seemingly serious conflict, they reconciled and now they're together again. I've seen him only three times during the past 6 months, the second time he kissed me on the cheek. I'm always very shy around him so I barely reacted. I thought he would assume I don't like affection, instead of simply not knowing how to react to it, and I was afraid he would never do something like this again. But today me and my aunt were passing by and stayed at his place for a while - he lives in a different city - and when we were saying goodbye to each other and I already sat in the car, he told me to take care of myself and he leaned in and hugged me, putting his head right under my chin, on my chest. It was so adorable and made me feel so warm inside. I brushed his hair and thanked him and that was it. Next time I'm going to see him in like 2 or 3 months and I can't stop thinking about him. You're free to think I'm gross, but I can't help it, other men just feel shit compared to him. He has a gf and I'm too much of na coward to actually act on my feelings so I guess nothing will come out it anyway

No. 1241048

All redditors dox themselves, I didn't dox because it was literally on her website she did it herself, literally you can find any redditors identity in max 20 mins. It took me two to find hers though cause she shared her paypal(?)

No. 1241064

possibly, she stopped using her main reddit account for months now, I don't think she a Christian though, she always claimed she was a socialist feminist

No. 1241137

Anon there are herbal abortion guides up on Amazon and Kindle right now for not a lot of money

No. 1241191

File: 1656251619332.jpg (208.5 KB, 1079x571, Screenshot_20220626-085318_Fir…)

Same town same last name

No. 1241193


No. 1241200

Jesus anon did you really have use that pic?

No. 1241201

Must be nice to wake up on a Sunday and not have a list of forced chores to do for lazy faggots several years older than me. Haven’t felt that since I was 13.

No. 1241210

>I'm an autistic shut in
There's your problem. You need to go outside and talk to more people (it doesn't matter if in a friendly or romatic way, just socialize and forget about him)
>first cousin offspring causes
She never said she wants to have her cousin's babies.

No. 1241213

?? I wasn't joking, how did you come to the conclusion that I was joking about such a sensitive topic or abortion?

No. 1241214

she said she was attracted to him not that she planned to act on it you seething retard

No. 1241217

I hate when I go through a period of exercising more and I get soreness in my chest. If I ever have a heart problem I don’t even know if I would recognize it

No. 1241218

late eren yeager perfectly captures my mental state
First of all, neither of us wants to have kids, like ever. Second of all, people with genetic disorders are permitted to marry healthy people or, what's worse, even each other, even though they carry a much higher risk of passing a disease to their kids in comparison to first cousins. I completely understand brother/sister and parent/child incest not being allowed, but cousins just don't make sense to me, especially when people with literal retardation are allowed to marry and even breed. The vast majority of children of first cousins are healthy. The risk of having a sick baby is like 2-3% if you're an unrelated couple, and with cousins it's like 3-4%. Big deal kek
I tried to talk to other men and they just suck, they're also not mature enough
I don't live in burgerland

No. 1241222

Serious about what? I said I never want to have kids, doesn't matter whom I end up with. I just said it doesn't make ANY sense for cousins to not be allowed to marry and breed when literal retarded people are allowed to do so. Logically you can't defend this hypocrisy

No. 1241224

If retarded people weren't allowed to marry, I probably wouldn't care, but they are, so the entire argument about "muh healthy children!" doesn't make any sense when people shit on first and second cousin couples. There's not a single logical argument against them. I'm an eurofag, I don't live in a shithole

No. 1241227

>I tried to talk to other men and they just suck, they're also not mature enough
Yeah, that's why I told you to talk to more people but not just with the intent of finding a partner. Hang out with your friends, whatever, just don't be a shut-in. And who knows, you might eventually find yourself a man who is just as, if not more mature and nice than your cousin. Sex isn't that important anyway, just get a husbando or something if you're that horny and lonely.
> Second of all, people with genetic disorders are permitted to marry healthy people or, what's worse, even each other, even though they carry a much higher risk of passing a disease to their kids on comparison to first cousins. I completely understand brother/sister and patent/child incest not being allowed, but cousins just don't make sense to me, especially when people with literal retardation are allowed to marry and even breed. The vast majority of children of first cousins are healthy. The risk of having a sick baby is like 2-3% if you're an unrelated couple, and with cousins it's like 3-4%. Big deal kek
Fucking kek I see you've been doing research on this topic a lot. I agree that it's not that big of a deal like the other anons seem to think, but hear me out, fucking your cousin will only give you a lot more problems than just a potential pregnancy and a baby with birth defects. Do not act on it. It is not only not socially acceptable, but I imagine if you actually ended up doing it, you'd have to deal with a lot of heavy drama, because you wouldn't be a normal couple. What if one of the two falls out of love with the other? What if one of you reveals your secret to someone who is close to both of you? What if your family finds out on their own? And what if he's more mentally unstable than you think and starts abusing you? What if you "break up" and your relationship is ruined forever (and you'll be forced to see each other because you're family and no one else knows about your little secret)? It'd be way too awkward and you'll regret it forever. You wouldn't be able to get help that easily, or vent about it with your family and friends, because you wouldn't want them to know that you fucked your own cousin willingly. Stop this before it gets too bad.
Also why did you repost this?

No. 1241229

File: 1656254946756.gif (5.21 MB, 370x640, 6E300A11-B13E-4100-920E-DED0C7…)

please don’t tell me anonita is attracted to her first cousin and admitted it, someone please tell me she didn’t and you’re just infighting about nonsense again kek

No. 1241233

>anons are encouraging her to go for it.
no we're not lmao

No. 1241237

I'm an antinatalist and I will never have kids and I won't have sex with a man who haven't had a vasectomy. You can keep your erotic fantasies about me "knocking myself up with a braindead monkey child" to yourself, I know it's hard for you to comprehend a worldview wastly different than yours when you have no logical arguments. I said the risk of having kids with deffects is like 4% so it' not that much higher in comparison to general population, the wast majority of these kids are born healthy. And again, why none of you rise against people with diagnosed genetic disorders being allowed to marry and breed? Are you so afraid of the muh eugenics card? If you actually cared about children and it wasn't just about your own beliefs, you would do something about it kek

No. 1241238

are these anons living on a deserted island where pickings are slim? you have to have sex with someone that shares 20% of your genetic makeup? for fucks sake. literally find any other scrote

No. 1241241

>Eren pic
You really need to unpack a lot of shit.

No. 1241242

They called you crazy, nonnie. Who is crazy now? I dress like a muslim at the beach and I don't even care, because guess who doesn't have sunburn? Moi. Just FYI you can absolutely swim in yoga pants, they're just an inexpensive wetsuit.

No. 1241251

people can't accept that you take care of your skin or don't fit the standard, I think. For me, sun feels the same and I assume that I have SAD just in the summer, why shouldn't that be a thing? Only because everyone expects that summer is the best time of the year it doesn't mean that you have to feel the same. What annoys me the most is people acting weirdly aggressive towards you when you tell them how bad you feel because of the sun and heat, they tell me all the time that I should stop complaining or that it can't be so bad, that I just have to get out and enjoy the sun. Same people can't shut up for one day when it's winter or raining how they freeze or how they feel tired and I don't tell them how stupid they are, that they should put on more clothes and just enjoy the cold.
I won't go outside without long clothes when the sun is out, got asked many times why I put something with long sleeves on while going out, after the hundreds time of telling them that I will get a sunburn, they finally went silent. It's also that my parents are shit and I had my first sunburn around the age of 5 and after that nearly every year for more than one time. So I have to be very careful, because my skin already got damaged bad enough and I will get moles instantly if I had too much sun.
Sunscreen is a very annoying topic, I can't use most sunscreens because of the smell and I hate the texture so much, I rather hide my skin under fabric.
And all day I will be tired, but as soon as the sun goes down, the temperatures get lower, I feel better and more awake. I'm already looking for a country with short summers and long winters to move to, kek.
As good as it feels that I'm not alone with my hate for summer, I feel sorry that you have to go through the same stuff.

No. 1241252

i’m going to say this and get shit for it but this is the consequence of being a fujofag/husbandofag i’m sorry once you open the flood gates of porn it just turns off any common sense you had about romance and relationships

No. 1241255

I've watched too much anime maybe but cousin romance is just cute to me now. Akatsuki no Yona messed with me hard.
Possibly. My relationship is normal and healthy though.

No. 1241259

>this is the consequence of being a fujofag/husbandofag
Pretty sure it is scrote porn that normalizes all kinds of degenerate shit, and things way worse than just cousin porn all the time.

No. 1241260

is your cousin a male or a female? are you gay?

No. 1241261

Almost everything you said about the risks associated with the guy abusing you can be applied to a scrote who's not related to you. I could say that women in het couples are at much higher risk of getting killed than single women so therefore stay single ladies, or go on a sex strike if your retarded country bans abortion, and you anons would be like "your misogyny is showing!" The rest of the things you said simply don't apply to me
>What if you "break up" and your relationship is ruined forever (and you'll be forced to see each other because you're family and no one else knows about your little secret)?
We are not forced to see each other. We're adults living in different cities in our own apartments and we only meet when we actually want, when there's a good opportunity, but I'm not that close to their side of the family to actually go to family parties with the rest of them or anything. I also know he would be civilized enough not to bring this up around others. I don't vent to my side of family like ever, because I'm not that close to them either, they're not in close contact with my aunt and they wouldn't even know shit. I don't have friends either. I can vent to my mom's friend and I think she's actually open minded enough to understand anything kek
I reposted because of the typos

No. 1241262

File: 1656256555503.jpg (99.45 KB, 1106x1048, czyf8jxrmt641.jpg)

>Tfw go on lolcow wondering what farmers are up to, and it's people wanting to fuck their family members and defending incest
Simply not true. I've had husbandos and waifus for many, many years and never wanted to fuck any of my family. I doubt you can name any examples of this other than that anon either. Also, being a husbandofag doesn't have anything to do with porn.

No. 1241263

What does husbandos have to do with porn?
You're Paki-anon aren't you…sigh

No. 1241264

>Almost everything you said about the risks associated with the guy abusing you can be applied to a scrote who's not related to you.
I said that I'm not necessarily suggesting that you go find a man to fuck, I just said you need to socialize. And yes, of course any scrote could abuse you, but when it's your own family, it's going to be much worse.
>I don't have friends either.
Then get some friends lol
>I reposted because of the typos
Oh I see, I didn't notice them at first

No. 1241265

Jelly because you don't have a cute cousin putting his head against your chest?

No. 1241266

Reading the Twitter Hate thread today, I realized that the anti-fujo sperg (or one of them if it's multiple) is Paki-chan.
>I doubt you can name any examples of this other than that anon either.
NTA but the cousinfucker didn't even mention being a fujo or a husbandofag. The sperg you replied to can't stop blaming everything on fujos and yumes even when they have nothing to do with the conversation.

No. 1241267

The house next to mine sold during early covid but remained empty for ages. Turns out a couple from another country bought it but they couldn't travel here til restrictions allowed. They plan on doing the place up now but they they won't be moving in full time til they retire in a few years time. They seemed nice enough..

Every few weeks they'll show up and start doing jobs on the place or the garden and.. I've never heard a couple bicker so much in my life. It's constant. I dread them coming back because it gets worse each time. They'll be in the garden or standing underneath one of my vents and just bickering about every lil detail of how to decorate their fucking 6 foot by 6 foot garden. Cant wait til they're here all year round in their small house and small garden just fighting non stop. Fuck me they never stop. Why are they together.

No. 1241269

My relationship to a male I am not even the same sub-ethnicity of, let alone related to, is perfectly normal and healthy.
A lot of CLAMP works and female oriented manga have pretty racey relationships nonnie. I just don't think first cousin marriage is that bad. It takes more than one round of it to cause birth defects anyway, and if she's childfree that doesn't matter at all. Asian media is full of first cousin romance.

No. 1241271

ANONNNN you’re killing me
>never wanted to fuck my family

can’t believe we have a cousin-fucker here and we’re talking about incest, it was bound to happen

No. 1241272

i’m not pakianon i’m the other fujoshi hater, there’s plenty of anons here who don’t like fujoshis or /g/ users

No. 1241273

File: 1656257264358.png (173.27 KB, 378x379, 1642743901833.png)

Eren wanted to fuck the girl who was raised as his fucking sister. It doesn't matter he knew they're not biologically related, if your neighbours adopted a 10 year old girl and she ended up with her adopted brother you would also think it's fishy. I met my cousin for the first time when I was 20 and I just couldn't look at him the same way I looked at my male cousins from my mother's side. I'm sure it would've been different if I grew up around him the way I grew up around them. But I didn't. He's just a guy to me. Also Eren was right about stomping the world. He should've stomped 100% instead of 80% but he cucked out so it makes him shit, aside from wanting to fuck his adopted sister

No. 1241275

>there’s plenty of anons here who don’t like fujoshis or /g/ users
ok but stop going on rants about them when they're not relevant.

if you think wanting to fuck your cousin in this case is normal if you're trying to justify your attraction, why are you talking about it as if it caused you a lot of pain?

No. 1241279

If it's supposed to prove some point I can admit I'm heavily into anime and I have like 7 husbandos. I don't think it made me want to fuck my cousin though, I never watched any incest anime
>just go outside bro just touch the grass bro
Believe me, I tried to socialize my whole life and I failed, I even made many notes about my coworkers to learn what they like and how to keep a conversation with them and I constantly analyze what I say, but it just doesn't work. Also, I atttrac either guys much older than me or much younger than me. I had a guy who's like 5 years younger than me confessing his love to me, and I do believe his feelings are genuine, but he's not mature enough for me, and his idea of a relationship is not mature either, he's still a kid who wants to have fun, even though he claims now he wants to change for me. If he commited to me right now, 3 years from now he would be crying I robbed him of his youth lmao

No. 1241283

Why do you even want a relationship so bad?

No. 1241288

>"god, i can't wait for the summer! the change in seasons will surely bring about a change in my life"
>summer comes
>remember i have no friends
>leaves phone empty of battery for days on end, no one talks to me anyway
>Failure of The Summerfag
>only time where i can get some socialization is on lolcow
>goes on lolcow for some sense of camaraderie
>"first cousin fucking"
>first group topic of the day is about cousin luv

No. 1241292

>I'm an autistic shut in
OP wasn't being literal with the "autistic" thing but if you're a shut-in with no friends who wants to fuck her cousin, I believe you really might be autistic.
Also to whoever was throwing around the "but retarded people can have kids!" thing (on mobile and too lazy to find the post), who said they should have kids either? Maybe retards, cousinfuckers AND retarded cousinfuckers all shouldn't have kids.

No. 1241294

>Also to whoever was throwing around the "but retarded people can have kids!" thing (on mobile and too lazy to find the post), who said they should have kids either?
The one who said that is the cousinfucker. For some reason she's trying to justify her attraction but acts as if she didn't really want to be in love with her cousin.

No. 1241298

> if you're a shut-in with no friends who wants to fuck her cousin
Why is no one is saying the obvious thing? OP has clearly been never shown a shred of kindness or tenderness in her life and she started fantasizing and idealizing the first guy that showed it to her. Like anon…..you don't have a crush on your cousin. You don't know him. You just took this empty vessel and started projecting shit into him because you're starved and that's okay. I'd tell you to touch grass but here in the wild, wild range of farmlands it would be like the pot calling the kettle black

No. 1241300

You're right, I agree that she just saw the first person who's nice to her and latched onto it. I still think she's autistic though.

No. 1241304

I've always been alone and I just want to share my life with someone, I want to take care of someone and I want to be taken care of, I crave human touch, I want to know there's someone waiting for me at home, I'm tired of being a kissless virgin, but it's not just about being horny, I want a deep emotional connection with someone who shares at least some of my values

No. 1241306

Replying to non-incest post will drown it out quicker. I only really visit on weekends and I swear every sunday there's a new taboo sex vent where the poster camps out all day to make sure people are still talking about them.

No. 1241307

File: 1656259104278.gif (2.34 MB, 470x360, 1CCD2D82-67ED-48AA-A96C-1466A7…)


No. 1241308

File: 1656259110890.png (229.63 KB, 542x477, alive.png)

My back hurts so fucking bad anons. I've never thought about it, but I wonder if this is a symptom of all the UTIs I've had, or just not being active enough. Someone please come give me a massage and some back cracks.

No. 1241312


No. 1241313

why is me bringing up your disgusting male love fetish triggering you?

No. 1241314

I love my sister but I really wish she would sleep in her own bed with her fiance instead of in my bed with my husband and me.

No. 1241318

My future MIL is sending me pics of outfit ideas for her outfit for my wedding for some reason. She sent me a photo of a fucking white dress. WHY.

No. 1241320

What? Your sister is a grown woman and sleeping in the same bed as you and your husband? Why?

No. 1241329

I'm sorry, but that's creepy as fuck. Does she sleep on the side with your husband? I've heard of disgusting shit where even if you sleep in between your husband and sister, they do stuff together in the night.

No. 1241335

File: 1656260500238.jpg (22.99 KB, 474x284, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I want to go on a sperg rant about the anti-fujo/anti-husbando shit after finding out the Nazi-loving pakianon is the anti-fujo anon
I really hate the fact that a lot of the anti-fujo/anti-yume sperging is someone's attempt to repackage (justified) anti-pornography viewpoints and radical feminist talking points specifically to turn women, especially young women, in men's favor again and control their sexuality. I'm convinced they will not be satisfied until women either have absolutely no sexual or romantic self-interest, or until any interest related to those things is directly tied in with serving (real life) men in some way. I remember there were some anti-femdom posters, and they actually seemed halfway justified because some aspects of that whole kink/community really do appear to revolve on doing what men want, but these days, I can't shake the feeling that the same people who railed against femdom eventually started seething about fujo shit, yume, and that they'll do it with anything written/aimed at women. I'm even starting to see some posters in /snow/ these days claim that lesbians are "just as bad" as gay men, all homosexuality is "just a fetish", and that when the "day of the rope" comes, it won't just be gay men and troons who will be punished. I can't help but think all this shit is connected.
tl;dr: I despise tradthots and all other retarded handmaidens twisting good points for moid-serving bullshit

No. 1241336

Absolutely 100% to fuck with you. Shut it down quick

No. 1241338

its wierd but from a genetic stand point if it only happens once in like 10 generations its effects are minimal its only very noticeable once you reach spanish habsburgs/egyptian pharaoh/modern pakistan level inbreeding

No. 1241341

no one said you can’t have sexual interests but don’t be delusional and think that fujoshis are as bad as waifufags

No. 1241343

I have never seen lesbians do a fraction of the degenerate shit gay males do, isn’t dead bedroom a stereotype of lesbian relationships?

No. 1241345

When did I say they're "as bad as waifufags"? I'm not comparing shit. I'm correctly shitting on moids and their braindead servants coming here to bash women for enjoying things they can't insert their smegma-encrusted dicks into

No. 1241346

can you please explain why looking at erotic eastern drawings of men fucking each other is anyway normal and shouldn't be something to be ashamed off, like its not a normal part of natural human sexuality

No. 1241348

I meant to say that fujoshis are just as bad as waifu scrotes. It really is just a porn fetish for straight women to flick their bean to it’s so weird, you already have a lot of good options in fanfiction and media to consume so why two male fags? Like I’m genuinely being serious just why what’s the point of seeing two men giving each other pleasure? Literally cucking yourself kek… pathetic.

No. 1241349

>Nazi-loving pakianon is the anti-fujo anon
Ayrt, I had to stop reading here. I don't know if that's really pakianon or not (if it is, I apologize for responding. I really usually ignore her and anons who post about husbandos in /ot/) but I'm going to be honest and say that at this point I dislike anti-pakichan anons as much as I dislike pakichan herself. I'm sorry, but I will lose it if I have to read her name one more fucking time.

No. 1241350

I don't get it, either. I think it's some retarded evopsych-tier mentality where they think a woman has to be heterosexual (or at least primarily male-attracted) and reproduce, otherwise it's an "aberration" that must be corrected. Maybe the bastardized radfem version of that opinion is that lesbians are gender traitors for not helping straight women train moids, but I really don't know

No. 1241353

Who gives a fuck if it's normal? Who am I, the cum police? Why exactly would another woman's private sexual interests be my business, and what do we collectively gain from shaming women?

No. 1241355

They know it isn’t normal and they have the same porn addiction as men kek that’s why they are contained on /g/. Seeing a bunch of men giving pleasure to each other but you’re weirdly not turned on by a man giving pleasure to a woman unlike real life where they can’t give you an orgasm? You choose gay guys to get off? They also act like yuri doesn’t exist but of course they think that only scrotes write and make yuri because lesbian romance is only a porn category fetish. I’m almost convinced that being a fujoshi is like a paraphilia. Anons don’t care anyways, not like they have much to live for anyways

No. 1241356

>I'm convinced they will not be satisfied until women either have absolutely no sexual or romantic self-interest, or until any interest related to those things is directly tied in with serving (real life) men in some way.
you're right. what a shame it is that this point will just fly over the heads of these screeching retards. men get to have whatever stupid depraved sexual interests they want, no one is going to try and tell them they're not doing it "correctly" or that they're cucks for wanting to look at "lesbian" porn kek

No. 1241359

Here's the thing, though: I don't care. What's there to be mad at? Why are you personally invested in it? If you think women cuck themselves by looking at some gay anime drawings, just avoid the shit. Or are you a cuckquean in denial? Don't derail threads trying to fight other women about what really comes down to their personal preferences and nothing else, just shut up and maybe engage in content you do like.

This is exactly the kind of whining I find ridiculous and pathetic. Go and do some sort of actual service to society, train to become a therapist or psychologist if you're this invested in other women's personal issues

No. 1241360

oh my godd you whiny female coomer, BOTH are wrong don’t you see? stop trying to be as bad as scrotes. the coomer is stricken with fear when you don’t want to encourage their depravity and both sexes are fucked

No. 1241361

We co-slept as children and it's something she never grew out of. I've tried everything I can think of to stop her from doing it. If I refuse to move over and let her in the bed, she wakes up my husband and tells him to go and sleep in the spare room, which he does.

I'm confident that there's nothing sexual between them. She has no interest in my husband, it's because she wants to be close to me.

No. 1241363

Lock. The. Door. From. The. Inside.

No. 1241364

File: 1656261575929.gif (823.96 KB, 440x242, 8FB67A27-74F0-4BB2-80DD-7CCCEB…)

>go and do some service to society
>fujoshi telling me to be a productive member of society

shut up fatty

No. 1241365

If it’s not too much I’m curious what your cultural background is and where you were raised? Also she has a fiancée? Is he cool with this?

No. 1241366

Then shut the fuck up, go become a janny and clean up the scrotes shitting up this site with their scat porn, CP, and other forms of degeneracy. If you do a good job, maybe no one will be bothered if you delete yaoi spam

No. 1241367

On Sundays we infight about sex.

No. 1241368

File: 1656261687182.jpg (69.1 KB, 1200x675, flea-spray-on-cats768372702771…)

Start spraying her with water everytime she comes near your bed.

No. 1241369

it’s so weird because whenever they spam their fujoshi bara tutu porn in a scrote bait thread were the thread pic is like a picture of some onlyfans cow they seriously think that they’re better than the scrote posting a pornstar? being a fujoshi is just the female gender way of watching pornhub

No. 1241371

File: 1656261756830.png (270.63 KB, 405x412, FSw68sSWIAEseTU.png)

99% chance I'm thinner, fitter and more productive than you. Not a fujo, just don't give a fuck what other women are into because I'm not an autistic, cock-polishing handmaiden with brain worms and delusions of marrying fat, misogynist criminals like Varg Vikernes

No. 1241372

At least you're not fucking your cousin. Could be worse.

No. 1241373

File: 1656261840234.jpg (138.65 KB, 640x1138, 6xt7n1s8-640.jpg)

Samefag, I actually feel bad of posting a cat getting sprayed. Please have this picture instead, of a cat who is also getting sprayed but apparently loves it.

No. 1241374

Oh yeah you’re definitely better than me you just love enjoying other MEN polishing off the cocks of another man, I get it now!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1241375

>y-y-you're a fujo
In the time you took to type out that sad reply, you could've done at least 3 sit-ups, obese toilet creature(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1241378

File: 1656262073828.gif (526.17 KB, 480x262, 7C80D507-0632-4FA1-9043-AE215C…)


No. 1241380

With how often these threads get derailed, I'm starting to see why some anons don't like fujos. Do we really have to do this three times a week

No. 1241381

File: 1656262095364.jpg (51.77 KB, 640x632, IMG_20211230_111557.jpg)

I'm sat in bed with a bad stomach and I can just hear my bf's mother making "funny" remarks about our home. My bf smokes weed but not in the house and we try our best to keep the house clean and always have windows open etc. Yet she always likes to make remarks about it "stinking of weed" even when it literally doesn't. Our landlord came round the other day and didnt even mention the smell. The house can get messy sure but never really dirty or stinky. Yet she STILL acts as if the house stinks of weed and it's annoying me. It makes me nervous to even have them come to the house because I just have to grit my teeth despite cleaning up beforehand and making it look presentable. It makes me resent them coming around because I would never comment on someone's home unless it was filthy.

I guess I might be overreacting because I grew up with an OCD neat freak mother who would publically embarrass and humiliate me if I was even naturally messy, but it still pisses me off so much.

I'm not a dirty or scruffy person and it makes me so fucking anxious to have people feel like they can make comments like that. They dont pay the fucking rent or bills, and the house is not dirty. On our last inspection we even got told it was in good clean condition, so stfu. I hate this shit. It just reminds me of the days my mum would tell everyone I was dirty or scruffy because I had a clean pile of clothes out or some rinsed dishes in the sink. Fuck OFF.

No. 1241384

This >>1241364 definitely was, I agree. Sad for you

No. 1241387

You need to fuckin blaze it in there before she comes over so she really has something to complain about.

No. 1241388

Straight women instead of facing their internalized homophobia would rather read a comic about men with mutilated hormones leaking moobs they want to suck on like it’s a glass of milk. They absolutely disgust me on the same level of the hentai artists that keep getting posted in the bad art thread, it’s so uncouth and not sexy at all lol

No. 1241390

NTA, but you can not encourage things without derailing every thread on how much you dislike them. You realize that, right?

No. 1241391

fuck, marry, kill edition:
sister who sleeps with her at 21-chan
cousin-fucker chan
anti-fujoshi chans

No. 1241392

NTA, but what does internalized homophobia have to do with men that have moobs? Is this some weird transbian cope?

No. 1241395

Plot twist.. it's all one anon

No. 1241397

Skitzopost vent time. I got diagnosed as BPDfag and put on antidepressants and an antipsychotic after a self-harm episode, I’ve been on the meds for a few days and my political opinions are starting to shift. I used to be super into social justice, then I became more of a rightoid during the pandemic, now I catch myself agreeing with opinions I would never have agreed with just a week ago, and I don’t know if it’s a BPD thing, a reaction to rightoid moid misogyny after the roe v wade thing, or if there actually is something in the meds that’s fucking with my brain. I can’t stop thinking, what if it’s the last one? Every insane twitterfag and handmaiden I know is on similar meds.

No. 1241398

kill anti fujo chans
marry cousin fucker, I can fix her
fuck the sister sleeper

No. 1241401

Marry cousin-fucker anon (I think she just wants/needs someone to show her actual concern and affection in life)
Fuck sister anon, kill anti-fujoshi anons

No. 1241402

File: 1656262721918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 384.88 KB, 1280x1810, 0CA74DFE-F9EE-4BC7-B205-512F73…)

Men drawn to have the same structure of breasts that biological women have. Look at picrel how can anyone find this erotic in anyway?? It’s hilarious as fuck

No. 1241404

Visiting someones place while they're sick with a stomach problem seems inconsiderate in itself.

No. 1241405

What the fuck is going on in this thread…

No. 1241406

Women are far more attractive than that, including very muscular women. Also, do you like, save this shit specifically to post here? Can you stop?

No. 1241407

Marry anti-fujos
Fuck sister-sleeper
Kill cousin-fucker

No. 1241408

That's bpd. Unstable sense of self. Borrowing traits from others. Going through phases.

No. 1241410

It’s fucked and i can’t wait for it to die kek. I fucking hate it when two or three anons start furiously ping-ponging their retarded opinions and flooding threads, just join the server and duke it out there or something

No. 1241411

> sister who sleeps with her at 21-chan
context please

No. 1241412

marry sleep sister, she sounds misguided but sweet
fuck cousin fucker so that sliver of attention diverts her from her cousin
sorry anti-fujo spergs, i dislike yaoi but not like you lot

No. 1241413

Its just sexy Sunday again.

No. 1241414

anon has a sister who’s clearly disabled that still sleeps with her and her husband in the same bed, nothing sexual her sister needs to be evaluated for autism or something

No. 1241415

No. 1241420

thank u for that insight anon kek

No. 1241421

> I dress like a muslim at the beach
kek anon

No. 1241425

this thread has turned into the confessions thread KEK some anons are admitting all kinds of stuff today!!

No. 1241430

A short burst of sexual confessions that blew up the thread.. take them with a pinch of salt tbh.

No. 1241439

When I was 11 my mom took 3 naked pics of me. I said why are you doing that, it's weird, delete it. I never brought it up but it creeps me out sometimes and I wonder if she sold them or something.

It was in the middle of the night, I was only going to the bathroom so I didn't get dressed. She came upstairs with a camera and told me to pose in 3 different ways. One from behind, one with my arms up and the last one I don't remember. I have a good relationship with her I just can't help but wonder what it was for. Or if I'm just damaged/traumatized by the internet and it made me paranoid.

No. 1241444

anon what the fuck i literally have no idea what to say because i am shocked and disgusted

No. 1241451

I'm so sorry anon

No. 1241456

That’s kinda bothering me now, because I can actually see it looking back, and I don’t know how much of it is that and how much of it is just confirmation bias. I know BPD tends to be over diagnosed in women too, and the shrink was a moid, but he also said I have very clear signs and was surprised I wasn’t diagnosed earlier. It’s scary.

No. 1241510

It happened. I finally caught Corona. It's horrible.

No. 1241516

Do you feel like you can ask her about it?

No. 1241518

File: 1656266509387.jpg (10.96 KB, 275x271, 1641473645085.jpg)

I feel like I'm going to be depressed and anxious for the rest of my life and I can't bear it. I fucking hate this anons, I don't know what to do.

No. 1241530

Ladies I’ve been married for almost two years now, and I truly did love my husband at the beginning. But he’s so lazy, he wants me to be a trad wife and work 40 hours while also taking care of the entire house, but then gets upset when I don’t have enough energy to have sex with him. Also his physical health has gotten so bad, he’s let himself go so much since we’ve initially been together, which I normally wouldn’t care about but he’s so judgmental about other people’s bodies. I’ve tried talking to him so much and so many times and nothing comes out of it. I’m scared and embarrassed but I think I might need to just divorce him? Please send positive energy nonas

No. 1241531

Why the fuck the YouTube app has less features than the mobile browser one? I can’t sort by oldest or keep videos playing while minimized or locked?

No. 1241550

Dump him bby

No. 1241551

what the hell !

No. 1241554

I'm sorry, hope you stay hydrated and take it easy. Covid kicked my ass too. Wishing you a speedy recovery

No. 1241557

File: 1656267635827.jpg (167.03 KB, 640x853, 1656196730945.jpg)

A moid I know posted this as a funny meme teehee, is it some porn shit

No. 1241564

Yes. It's the doujin "metamorphosis" about a girl who gets addicted to drugs, becomes a prostitute and is "mind-broken".

No. 1241572

jesus, can you imagine trusting someone like that with your food, it sounds like he will legit put roofies in it

No. 1241577

Gay men who are 90 degrees up the ass of womens business are the weakest link and need to be sent to a boot camp or something. You don’t even like women why the fuck are you so obsessed with them you shit brained speds.

No. 1241581

yes, divorce him, if he won't change and thinks he can have an easy life with you doing all the stuff, you are better of alone. Nothing to be embarrassed or scared about, you are a strong, independent woman and you don't need an adult baby you have to care for until the rest of your life.

No. 1241587

I'm saging this bc it's political shit and a halfarsed open letter I can't ever send, but- I am terf stepmother with nonbinary he/they stepdaughter. It's so fucking exhausting. I feel like I can't even talk to her because she's just writing ignorant judgemental shit on the internet about it later. I see myself in her so much in dealing with puberty and adolescence and it's like bitch, that's normal! Everything you're doing and feeling is typical of a young woman, and I'm sorry you read posts written by miserable groomers on the internet that are like horoscopes where literally anyone can see it apply to them, but it's not the solution, just a whole host of other problems. You're not trans, you're not a boy, you're just normal and I know it's disappointing to not be that kind of "special", but you're special in so many ways that are ACTUALLY special instead of some trendy fake oppressed wokenazi bullshit.

Why does this have to be the trendy thing? How does something that can make kids suicidal and secretive and culty and push them to sterilize themselves and mutilate their beautiful bodies catch on? It's like all she does anymore is sit around and "define" herself, but not with tangible shit like what she does or anything, just what sex she might feel like. What a horrible distraction from the beauty of finding the beginning parts of yourself in adolescence. I'm just sick about it all the time. Teens are fucking stupid and they're gonna do absolutely idiotic shit but this is pretty extreme and like… somehow more self absorbed than the shit we got into as teens.

No. 1241593


He sounds like shit- what kind of a future do you see as a haggard wife with an adult child? We only get so many years on this planet, a divorce is less shameful and easier to come back from than being jerked around by someone taking advantage of you for decades til he dies of fat. If you love him, tell him he's letting himself go and fucking you over and you're six months from leaving his ass- if he doesn't change, or if he throws it back at you, go. Love is great and all but you deserve a functioning adult not some loser manchild.

No. 1241594

I seperated after 2.5 years of marriage. It was husband that left and not me but I realised a marriage that's falling apart after jus 2 years is a shitshow that nobody needs to ride out. Was for the best, nobody wasted their 'best years' waiting around for a miracle to happen.

No. 1241608


Is that the only thing she ever did? Do you have any siblings you could ask if she did stuff like that to? I'm so sorry anon that's so fucked up. My mind goes to like, selling pics, proposing selling you to a john, sending it to some perv she wanted to fuck bc monster women will let their own kids get raped as long as the mom's happy in her relationship, eugh just nothing I can think of is any good unless you had a skin rash or something medical to show a doctor… but you would have known about that and not been creeped out years later. Are you gonna try to find out what that's about? If you currently or plan to have kids, don't let them alone with her unless this gets addressed. Probably not even then.

No. 1241611

A few years ago I found myself living with a partner and his pornsick 11 year old son and I asked myself what bullshit world we're in that kids that young are dealing with this stuff and it's normalised. The dad didn't give a fuck and wanted to leave it be. He treated it as normal that he wasn't even discreet about it.

I sat back for a couple years unable to broach the elephant in the room and I left in the end when a couple of things went down and I'd no say over shit happening in what's my home too. There's different levels of step-parent but imo if you can't have a frank talk with them as they self-destruct in front of you or take on bad habits then you probably haven't been deemed as a step-parent by your partner. Sometimes you're given all the pleasure of cleaning up after them but then you've no say in anything meaningful.

No. 1241621

This is revolting

No. 1241626

He might temporarily get his act together when you propose the divorce but don't fall for it. I wish you luck anon this is like one of my biggest marriage fears

No. 1241629

Doesn't she fuck her dad in the doujin? Never read it but I've seen weebs discuss it whenever they talk about the author I think he's famous

No. 1241634

I feel like people bag on mexican women a little too much. If they dont look like a sexy european woman, she gets mocked. Maybe porn has made unrealistic beauty for mexican women that people forget that indigenous blood does not come with BBL. Most latinas dont have a big booty or big boobs. More often, you see bulky looking women because of hard labor. Idk i feel like mexicans get bullied a lot for simply existing and not being attractive enough in the eyes of others.

No. 1241639

>marrying a cousin fucker

No. 1241674

File: 1656271911091.png (326.11 KB, 484x616, ut.png)

I may have accidentally done something incredibly embarrassing (and shitty) toward a moid. I don't care if he never talks to me again, but I keep ruminating over what I did and I can't stop… When you do something super embarrassing and cringe in a social situation how do you stop thinking about it? I can tell myself 'what's done is done. there's nothing I can do about it in this moment,' but somehow it's still not sinking in. I'm so anxious about it that my stomach has been fucked up.

No. 1241684


Ooh thanks nonna it's nice to have somebody hear this shit floating in my head. I'm a high level stepparent, her mom just bounced one day and hasn't been back since. So we've been married for five years now and full time with her for a little over that. I'm lucky my spouse is actually a good dad and got on top of this shit when it became evident that online covid school was just "fujo shit and hateful blogging" time, but it's obvious she's just shut down and has nothing to say to us about it even though we've been gentle and tries so hard to talk to her and be open. They have little secret meetings at school about all this shit and it's just like …fuck, everybody but your parents is right and the people who actually care if you have a happy life are just wrong and ignorant. The glazed over yet contemptuous look she gets on her face if I talk about women stuff at all is disheartening and honestly kinda intimidating. And I can't ever show it bc I don't want a teen to know she's affecting me, but god damn the shit she's written in her now-defunct blog was just seething with mysoginy. And that bothers me. It's like finding out your kid is a Nazi or some other kind of extremist, like holy shit you weren't raised like this and where did it come from? Maternal abandonment? It's like we already lost her before we knew she was gone, and I don't think she's coming back until she figures it out for herself, if ever.

And I'm sorry you went through that in a relationship. I know I don't have it in me to not have a say in my own house and family, glad you got away from that- I'd be losing my shit on the regular.

No. 1241689

NTA but her dad rapes her after she gets a glow up (she was a shy awkward plain girl, after her transformation everybody at school sees her as a slut despite her not having done anything to deserve the reputation) and her turbopickme mom blames her and kicks her out of the house. Then she lives with her drug dealer "boyfriend" who's just using her and playing with her, gets her addicted to cocaine and other drugs, and has his friends rape her while she's high. Then he of course leaves her and she's forced to prostitute herself for survival (she's also homeless). She becomes pregnant and tries to fix her life for her baby's sake. But at the end, a bunch of rich spoiled high schoolers find her on the floor probably overdosed on drugs at a train station or something and start kicking her out of disgust just for fun. Finally, she goes to a public bathroom, looks at her reflection in the mirror, puts on the glasses she used to wear, cries probably wondering how or why her life became so horrible, and takes some more drugs to at least feel happy as she dies. The final scene is her imagining that she survived and had her baby and a normal life but the final panel is her in the present with her eyes closed and smiling.
The takes I've seen from scrotes (mostly incels or proto-incels) on the plot of that manga are infuriating and ridiculously retarded. They blame the girl for everything that happens to her, they blame her for being a "slut" and becoming a drug addict. For me, they were missing the point, because the manga was some sort of social commentary.
However, I've seen Shindo-L's interview by that coomer scrote TheAnimeMan and apparently he didn't really intend to convey any message. He was just drawing torture porn. Piece of shit. Men truly lack empathy and emotional depth, they are not human.

No. 1241692

I stg my mother has to be on the spectrum or is just incredibly stupid. Got talking about capeshit and how overdone all of it is. She starts talking about Cat Woman. The dumbass that I am mentions she's an anti-heroine and how I hate the term anti-hero. My mother gets all shitty telling me that there's only good or bad guys and the grey area is "them" forcing us to pretend humans can be that. Yeah, okay lady, because you don't have a history of being a lovely mother and a pos mother to me and trying to gaslight me into believing otherwise. She can be a good mother, I do have some good memories, but she's such a boymom and pickme that she attacks me for no reason. Had her precious scrote faux son talked about anti-heroes, she'd kiss his fucking ass. Only upside is I feel nothing when I walk away as she continues to sperg.

No. 1241693

Maybe that anon.. is her cousin.

No. 1241694

Yeah holy shit I am not interacting with those fucking scrotes again what the fuck, you have to be a psychopath to enjoy that

No. 1241696

Ntayrt anyone who tells you it's a commentary about teens/young people fucking run.

No. 1241697

for real. jesus christ.

No. 1241698

Golden rule: It's not embarrassing unless you say it is

No. 1241699

No. 1241707

I think about what the other people think about it. Would you think it's that big of a deal if someone did the same thing in front of you? How would you react? Would you think about it after a while?

No. 1241710

The shame you feel when you're alone and thinking about something you did is ultimately in your own hands. If you refuse to essentially sockpuppet as an outsider mocking you, and decide for yourself "Shit doesn't matter", you won't feel embarrassed anymore.
I used to make myself sick with embarrassment and anxiety, in part because I understood it as a key aspect of self-awareness. It definitely can be that, but sometimes, it just goes too far, and the whole thing becomes a form of self-torture. At the end of the day, you're the main audience to your own life, you don't need a spotless record or whatever

No. 1241711

You might as well go into detail and see what anons think. I mean we had cousin fucker posting earlier so whatever you did it's not going to sound bad by comparison.

No. 1241713

Oh my god, sorry, I thought you replied to another post, my bad

No. 1241717

Would not be surprised, a few days ago one of them said he enjoys underage student/adult teacher manga

No. 1241723

I'm the other anon, I hope you're not talking about me… When I said I thought it was some sort of social commentary I mean that it was a critique of society and how it's so needlessly cruel or how normal people can have their lives ruined so easily.
I was just really naive and back then I thought porn was normal so please forgive me for thinking at the time that a pornsick scrote was capable of empathy.

No. 1241728

My hatred of trannies has been solidified by the discussions surrounding Roe vs. Wade. I used to try and be tolerant and understanding, but no longer. Outside of the homosexuals that transition due to homophobia, I genuinely just wish every troon would be struck by a lightning bolt. Literally the most annoying group of people ever shat out, on the same level as white nationalists to me at this point. To cape so hard for an ideology that doesn't hold up to ten seconds of scrutiny is just insane to me.

No. 1241733

Np anon!!

No. 1241735

How am I a cousin fucker when there was no fucking involved? You can call me a cousin lover if you have to. Still, despite all that seething I've yet to see a logical argument against love between two cousins lol

No. 1241736

File: 1656273919607.jpg (31.12 KB, 759x604, 1508968269565.jpg)

the boyf of 4 years just broke up with me not an hour ago

i knew it was coming and it's what i wanted too

but i have a headache from crying and im listening to an ungodly amount of radiohead

we have a house to sell (in this economy) and two cats

our friend groups are enmeshed

advice on whether to have a drink, a joint or several codeine appreciated

luckily im an absolute stacy and i know i'll be fine but UUGHHHH

No. 1241738

Lighten up. Nobody is seething.

No. 1241744

>we have a house to sell
Wasn't expecting this part. I've been through a divorce and was grateful we still were only renting att. Hopefully that doesn't draw things out too long for you.

No. 1241746

Good job not freaking out or begging him to stay in a panic. Knowing shit is necessary doesn't make it hurt less, though. Do what you need to do but don't marinate too long or you'll get stinky. You got it

No. 1241759

Yeah we're not in the US so idk if it makes a difference, but renting is less than a mortgage here so it made sense. luckily we're on good adult terms. I hope your divorce is well and truly settled now.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding, no stinky here!

No. 1241782

I'm white and I grew up near Birmingham in England. Her fiance doesn't seem to mind. She met him through my husband so before they even started dating, he was aware of what she was like around me. I'm not sure how much he actually knows though. My husband knows what happened to us when we were growing up and that's probably why he tolerates my sister's behaviour.

No. 1241785

I’ve been self-isolating to try and manage my mental illness and one of my only “online friends” that I regularly converse with only because of aforementioned issue is a predatory gay moid who has regularly catfished and tricked men online into thinking he’s a woman for nudes and to sext with them. He’s a truly gross coomer but because I’m exiling myself I ignore it even though he’s made attempts to manipulate me countless times and the things he says are fucking weird and oftentimes downright creepy but I feel like I don’t deserve friends at all right now so I just deal with it since I shouldn’t give a fuck if straight men are being messed with. Honestly I am no better than him but if he were doing that to women I would just wish death upon him and move on. I look at my lifefrom a third person perspective and feel bad that it’s so bleak but I honestly don’t have anything great to offer right now friendship wise but sometimes he says things to me that just make me snap into a clarity on how fucking sad this is. I can’t wait to improve and be a better person or something because this is so bleak. I hate him so much.

No. 1241802

My whole family keeps fucking me over when things could literally be SO easy.
>Be me
>Spend day at beach
>Dad calls me around 8 says he wants to come over for a few hours
>Sure dad, just don't be too late, I have work tomorrow
>Comes at 11.40pm

Like what the fuck, I've been so mad I literally can't do anything. My whole day is ruined. I had shit I needed to do too. Fuck this

No. 1241809

Samenon but also
>Mad because dad came late
>Tells me he just wanted to say hi
>Give him shit for not giving notice and coming so late
>Now I'm upset whole night
>My day is pushed forward now

It's the next day around 2pm and I'm STILL fucking mad about this. My whole schedule has been thrown off. I actually wish to die. I feel like I have a gun to my head. I know I shouldn't be this angry but I keep spiraling.

No. 1241824

nonies i feel so stupid. i feel like my brain no longer produces any thought of susbtance, i could be reading the most absurd shit and somehow despite rationally knowing it's wrong, my mind wouldn't produce any arguments as to why it's wrong. it's just.. there doing absolutely nothing useful.
what do i do! everytime i have tried to express my opinions i later realize how wrong i was anyways, be it the opinion itself or the way i justified it.

No. 1241832

I wonder if that's her son, holy shit. The scrote is 24 and she was born in 1977, it's possible if she had him young. What the fuck

No. 1241835

File: 1656277354678.jpg (182.13 KB, 786x1030, Screenshot_20220626_140220.jpg)

The bitch at the icecream parlor yesterday kept avoiding me and gave me the shittiest ice cream cone for no reason?
I went with my BF and it was busy so we waited in line for a bit, I took some pictures/videos and was excited. The girls at the counter were my age and were working as quick as they could but as soon as I got up Girl #2 avoided eye contact and taking my order? Girl#1 served my BF and I was standing waiting for my turn and she walked to the till and kept looking the opposite way?? My boyfriend had to say "she's getting ice cream too" and she was like "oh ok" and then walked up to me and was like "what can I get for you?" I told her kind of snarkly "yeah we've been standing together this whole time, we're same order. I'm getting (flavor) and (flavor) cone." IN WHICH SHE FUCKING WEIGHED MY CONE THREE TIMES!????? TO GIVE ME THE BARE MINIMUM ORDER? So I said to Girl#1 at the counter "she must be new if she keeps trying to give me the bare minimum order, ahaha" and Girl#1 just said "was it one scoop" and I said "yep" and my BF paid for both. Anyways should I leave a review? Like what the fuck! Like she didn't do that to anyone else's? Only mine? And I wasn't being bitchy or causing a scene? I just wanted to order but she kept avoiding me but not anyone else. WTFFF. And then when I ate my ice cream it nearly fell out on the first lick so she didn't pack it properly either.
Pic is my icecream.

No. 1241839

Also we were in a different city so it's not like she knew me or my BF. Idk. I know it's petty as fuck because maybe she was just having a bad day but like she literally didn't do this to anyone else. Mistaken identity?? Lmao

No. 1241841

That's so confusing! I wonder if she thought you were someone else she was trying to avoid? that's so weird

No. 1241842

Sorry but that's really the prettiest rant I wrote nonnies. I'm sorry if I tilt anyone over this girl having a bad day and then me being also in a shit mood. Lmao

No. 1241848

She wouldn't even make eye contact but I literally have no idea why because I did online schooling (pre-covid times) for my last 4 years and middle school in a city three hours away and I had no ill will in school with anyone. I'm just baffled.

No. 1241855

Happy you can recognize your stacyness noni. I think you're so strong for recognizing that this relationship isn't serving you despite some of the barriers that you listed. If you're level-headed and strong enough to recognize that the breakup is ultimately good for you, then I think you'll definitely be able to thrive no matter what this situation throws your way. Have a few drinks and listen to your Radiohead. It's okay to be sad or overwhelmed, but also I think you've got this. Whenever one phase of your life ends, something good and better is usually on the horizon (not necessarily another relationship, but just things in general)

No. 1241871

File: 1656278250544.jpg (39.09 KB, 500x500, 22d4df6249b0f1d5b9d9afb3120c04…)

Ah sorry nonnie I didn't clarify at all. I didn't mean you for explaining. I apologize. I should have wrote pornsick males say or write it. I understand completely because besides sites on the internet, tv shows loved normalizing that it's okay. I look back thinking what the hell. Don't beat yourself up when society forces this shit onto us. ♥

No. 1241891

I swear there is no other reason for why muslim moids want women to cover up other than pure jealousy. I come from a muslim background and I hate seeing women coved up in 30+ degree weather (86 F for the Amerinons). I used to wear the hijab from 13-19 years old and I fucking hated wearing it duirng the summer months. Like I would pass out from exaustion and heat stroke. I get there are ways to make it cooler but you have to wear long sleeves etc otherwise moids and aunties will literally stare at you like you committed a crime. I had an epiphany today, saw a group of white girls taking graduation pics and they wore beautiful dresses and had their hair and makeup done. Saw like 2 muslim girls standing beside them and they were covered from head to toe. Like I get that women can choose blah blah blah but it legit made me sad as fuck. These girls are really beautiful but they have to cover it up. Ironically, I was in the bus and I just observed them through the window but this obviously muslim moid kept staring at the white girls. Made me realize that these men are jealous of women's beauty. None of that modest shit is beneficial for women and girls. I wear really nice clothing and these muslim moids are seething so hard at the sight of a beautiful ethnic girl enjoying life. I hate these scrotes so much I ignore them each time they approach me for my number. Oh, I thought I was immodest, why are you approaching me? Or starting at the white girls in short skirts? Scrotes disgust me so much I fucking hate that women have to suffer because of some made up bullshit.

No. 1241917

both groups of women are oppressed in the way they dress if you look at it.
Muslim women are forced to wear hijabs meanwhile western women are forced to look beautiful, sexy and cater to the male gaze and they are plagued by lookism and every part of their body is judged on whether is looks good or not.

No. 1241929

How did you tell your parents you wanted to stop wearing it?

No. 1241965

I get that Western women are oppressed but they are oppressed in a different way. Covering up in all black/brown in hot ass weather while scrotes get to wear shorts and a t-shirt is fucking torture. There's something disgustingly patriarchal about women being forced to cover up their beauty. I felt ugly as shit as a teen and that ruined my self-esteem. Never got attention from boys ever or ever got to express myself through clothing, hair and makeup. It's one thing to not live up to beauty standards, but it's another to not even being allowed to try different styles and aesthetics. Sure you can do that with a hijab but it's not the same at all and it looks ridiculous, like a goth hijabi? the whole point of being a goth is to reject power structures and religion.
I didn't lol. Just took it off and moved out to my own place. It was really difficult mainly because of how family and friends would react but it's literally nothing. It depends on where you live though. My mom is still apprehensive about it but she got over it. Whenever I meet family I don't care, I can leave whenever I want and i'm not tied to them financially or a muslim scrote through marriage/kids.

No. 1241968

genderspecials and ~kweer folx~ who make being gay their dominant personality trait/perpetuate all the worst uwu smol bean anxious he/him lesbian stereotypes have ruined lucy and yak dungarees for me. which is such a shame because they're really good quality and look quite cute.

No. 1241990

File: 1656283192804.jpg (113.71 KB, 1192x1164, 1645746744961.jpeg.jpg)

i think i know what's going on. i shouldn't be so upset about it because it figures. but i thought we'd be hanging out and having a fun summer. like last summer, except with less emotional turmoil and drama. just fun. well, i don't want to be a negative nonnie but i don't think it'll be a fun summer this summer. i think we'll sort of just go our separate ways and the friendship will grow more and more distant. i do like to speculate, though, so here's all the ways i can see this going:
>we stop talking completely for a long while until it's moving time and she needs a roommate because she can't find anyone else to help pay rent
>she randomly hits me up after not talking for a few weeks/months because she and her boyfriend broke up so now she needs someone to fill that absence
>we stop talking completely and we become former friends, the apartment we talked so much about moving into is long forgotten
there's probably more but this is all i can see happening. one of the three. it fucking sucks. i want to move on, too, but i feel like it'd be embarrassing to start dating solely because my friend found someone and has no more time for me because she was using me as a placeholder. i'd be using the people i'd be dating as placeholders for her though. that makes me so sad and angry. how i was second place to her but for me, everyone else is second place to her. i don't mean to sound clingy or demanding, i just want my friend back. i'd love it if she could just shoot me a fucking message at least once a day (we used to text every day). now that she's with someone it's gone all but completely silent. i'll be lucky if she sends back a message after two days. i'll be even luckier if it's an engaging message and not a conversation killer. maybe she just doesn't want to be friends anymore. i don't know how to handle this. it's all just so miserable and disappointing. she seems really happy with him and she likes him a lot. it hurts to feel like i've been replaced.

No. 1242031

so sorry u went thru that nonna. I'm also from a Muslim background and they genuinely are jealous. it's fucking sick that they dictate everything we can do, yet they somehow manage to be upset over the tiniest forms of self-expression.

I wore it from 9-18, and then stopped in college and I distinctly remember my libfem RA (agnostic and from a general protestant background) telling me that I shouldn't feel ashamed to "practice my culture" just because I'm away from home. She didn't believe me when I said I genuinely don't want to wear it anymore. She then told all the girls on my all girls dorm that they should ASK ME before bringing a guy to my floor, to see if I was ok with it. Soon found out that she spoke to my mom when I moved in, and never bothered to ask me how I felt.

I reported her so fast for harassment and religious intolerance. she was gone by the end of the month kek.

except they do that to us even when we're completely covered. I've heard the way my brother's friends would theorize how a girl looks under her jilbaab, or niqab. they even try to guestimate based on how much protrudes from a niqab to determine nose size.

muslim women have it worse, sorry.

No. 1242089

File: 1656287440096.jpg (5.53 KB, 600x300, 01cc53cedde679b13df7c6228fc35c…)

Everything feeling incredibly bleak to me rn. Why should I continue to live?

No. 1242100

Nonnie don’t be dumb, having the choice of how to look while getting oppressed is very different than being oppressed while forced into dehumanizing clothing that turns women socially into blobs of black. Both suck absolute ass but Muslim girls have it way worse.

No. 1242131

File: 1656289914891.jpg (20.62 KB, 575x323, main-qimg-42488f5b04984e354774…)

>look in the mirror
>finally seeing exercise results after like 6 months
>hell yeah i have potential, i'm not that bad
>browse the internet
>stumble upon giga stacey
>don't check her insta you dumb bitch for the love of god do not-
>scroll through all her social media and hate myself for being the ugliest and fattest whore on this planet

oh yeah babey my brain is miniscule

No. 1242136

Stop pretending I’m the bitch. You have no emotional intelligence and your only hobby is getting off on being a stalker.

No. 1242138

File: 1656290539509.gif (866.49 KB, 275x205, dogbread.gif)

I'm so hormonal, yesterday I was super horny and today I was feeling shitty in the morning and in the afternoon had a small panic attack. This occurred after my head jerked weirdly for a second and now I'm on web md convincing myself I actually have a seizure disorder that's causing my sudden anxiety episodes. Seizure disorder or just panic attack due to mild hypochondria following weird physical sensations?

No. 1242146

I spent like an hour trying to fix the front derailler on my bike to avoid the annoying chain rubbing and it's still not fixed. Now I just hope I didn't misadjust something since I didn't really know what I was doing half the time, and praying that my chain doesn't fall off in the middle of a bike ride or something. Grrr why do bikes have to be so complicated.

No. 1242159

fucking neighbor just made me feel so uncomfortable. was outside on my deck grilling while my husbands at work and the neighbor diagonal to us came out and kept talking to me from his deck. hes always been really nice but this time he said some things that made me so uncomfortable. hes in his 70s i think.
i was wearing shorts (admittedly very short shorts, i didnt expect anyone to be outside) and he commented on how long and pretty my legs are and kept saying how lucky my husband is to have a beautiful wife that cooks for him.

im so tired of feeling like prey. i was trying to be friendly because i hate having a neighbor i dont get along with but it really really skeeved me out and i just feel so creeped out and awkward

No. 1242174

I'm sorry anon. I would shield you away from him if I could.

No. 1242175

Thinking back to when I was around 10 and first started growing boobs, went to my friend's house and her parents whispering something to her and then she later told me they whispered that I had "developed quickly", walking past a group of normie teenage boys and noticing a few of them staring at me…
I was 10.
When we were 11 we stole her retarded uncle's credit card and spent £200 on random snacks which I now feel no guilt over because I remember he was rather creepy too.

No. 1242186

thank you nonna thats very sweet of you

No. 1242207

Sometimes I think about things that women from my family say that make me feel slightly petty because even years later I sometimes still feel salty about it:
>Mother was worried about me coming home criying when I was about 12 but when I told her it was because a boy had touched my butt she laughed to my face
>Godmother makes a rape joke involving me (last year)
>Godmother acting like old ass drunkards screaming at her daughter they want to fuck her when she's working is funny

People (including women) in my country often have a mentality that young girls getting sexually harassed is actually good because "it just means that men think you're pretty ♥ "
It feels petty because they put 0 thought onto saying those things to me, but I still think about it and how I'm so sensitive to stuff that's supposed to be meaningless. The one with my mom I think about because my mom isn't even like the worst or anything but after that happened I became so self-conscious about the idea of any male even looking at me (whenever I had to stand I always had to have my back turned to a wall so no one would sneak behind me, I would always wear only coats that covered my butt, when it became too hot and my father would throw fits about me wearing a coat I would loosen up my backpacks wings so it would be low enough to cover it, became extremely self-conscious about clothing that didn't completely hide the existence of my boobs, etc). I'm ok now but I spent 4 or 5 years like that stupidly enough the only thing that fixed it was finishing school and therefore not having to be in the constant vicinity of teenage boys anymore. I don't remember if I cared about her reaction so much at the time, but it made me not want to vent anything at my parents/anyone ever, and it hurts to think of it now
The one about my godmother's daughter was because I kinda eavesdropped on a phone conversation of my godmother and someone else so next time I saw my cousin I asked her how her job was going so she would mention it and I would go "eeew that's so gross!" "I know right?". I'm kinda socially and emotionally retarded, so I don't think it's normal for other girls to be this affected by stuff like me, but I just hoped it would help her to feel a bit of validation because it reminded me a bit of myself. I hope I gave her "good vibes" at least.

I've always been naturally pruder than I'm supposed to be usual so living under this type of culture fucks me up but I also feel like I'm the actual definition of a snowflake. I hate being a woman and I feel if just a couple things were different in my early teens I would had definitely been a fakeboy.
Sorry for the autismus wall of text, I just always have so much going on in my head, and I suck at coping so it just stays there grinding my gears.

No. 1242212

This happened to me too. Both my mom and dad would laugh when I cried because there was a group of customers catcalling me and talking about my ass when I was a teenager at my job. They said I probably liked it. I still can't handle being catcalled very well and it happens semi often. I get violent and have to get away as fast as possible. Verbal harassment is taken as a joke by society as a whole, but it's always made me feel like shit and I can't cope well with it. I'm sorry your family didn't take it seriously, it fucks with your head. Rape jokes make my stomach physically hurt and a lot of my male family members make those types of jokes. It's ingrained into pop culture worldwide at this point.

No. 1242214

this is exactly why i hate it when so called fake feminists defend pickmes.
Because women with this mentality deserve to be called out.

No. 1242226

File: 1656298123049.jpg (55.27 KB, 540x386, a3e92ab_265b2e50_540.jpg)

This would've been such a fun image if it wasn't an axe ad

No. 1242237

I thought that was just one of those dumb bitch girl memes

No. 1242244

My husband left a huge hickey on my neck and I have work in 45 minutes. We're in the middle of moving so my makeup is at the new apartment and I have to wear scrubs. I am screwed.

No. 1242252

I hate sobriety. It has been a month and I despise it. I wasn't a person who had to be sober, it wasn't threatening my life or anything, it's just to perfect my behavior so I have a 0 chance of acting bpdish.

Ever since my boyfriend has called me unreliable because sometimes I talk about things I want to do and I don't immediately do them because they take time commitmentments and money, I have been making sure I do all that shit. It sucks the life out of it I'm just doing it to avoid being called unreliable. I hate it. I wish I could relax.

No. 1242262

Me too nonny (on the first part.) Sobriety is so boring. I’m sticking to it because I know it was a good life decision but man I miss getting fucked up.

No. 1242265

the fact you're an adult with a real job getting hickeys in visible places like you're a teenager is concerning

No. 1242275

>nooooooooo people can't know you have sex with your husband uhmmm didn't you know you're an adult?

No. 1242277

The whole argument started because of this post >>1241252 which was weird tbh since no one even mentioned fujos or yaoi up until then, not even the cousinlover she's referring to

No. 1242282

there are several abuelitas that would gleefully beat any nona for showing signs of having sex kek

No. 1242285

If you're comfortable with your boss and coworkers seeing your hickeys and you don't think it reflects badly on you at all you're just delusional

No. 1242286

I get this a lot. I don't think God is going to welcome people who are 24/7 fountains of envy and hatred, and men who can't turn off their sexual urges unless like a falcon or monkey the object of sexual desire is physically covered up so they can't see it. Like. Is it really God telling you to be like this, is God really happy you're like this, bro? Anyone who looks at a perfectly happy woman celebrating her graduation from school and experiences seething rage about it is probably not going to the happy place. Blows my mind that they think they're righteous when it's totally obvious they're really not. Same for people who weaponize Christianity or any other religion and use it as an excuse to commit child abuse. Congrats, I'm sure God really approves of you beating your child!

No. 1242293

what do you think medical professionals are? something above human? i wouldnt give a fuck, tell me why you would

No. 1242297

Fortunately my mom wasn't quite that bad (she just snickered at me and immedeatly stopped caring). I also don't deal well with that type of stuff, I panic and get really anxious and need to run away. I haven't had to deal with it so much tho because I was (am) kind of a shut in and even outside I would come up with a billion ways to avoid attention and avoiding males (don't go out at night, avoid places where teenage boys hangout, don't look at men, don't be too obvious that I'm avoiding attention on purpose, wear the most neutral normal clothes, etc, etc, etc…). Not a good way of living though. As I matured I learned to be less über paranoid and I'm currently studiying in a big city in a university that's considered "woke" so when I'm there it feels way safer for me.
Honestly the rape joke didn't hit me that hard because it was such a wtf moment and because my cousin was there and also reacted like it was fucked up so I didn't feel like it was supposed to be a normal thing that I am forced to suck up, but I feel a bit of a grudge over it still, which is why I feel petty. What bothers me a bit that is kinda common is when there for example is a 14 year old girl with a 20 year old guy you'll have grown people laugh at the 14 year old for being a hoe.
I really really hope so much that this type of mentality will die out with older people. It's so hurtful, especially having to hear it from other women.

Do you have friends that agree with this, nonna? Most girls I know my age agree with that, that it's gross, and when older people and males keep excusing everything, having peers that at least understand where you're coming from really helps.

No. 1242304

I’m so tired of people arguing that ages of consent laws are bs because the difference between 17-18 is an arbitrary number. Nobody really believes that some magical change happens when you turn the legal age that suddenly makes you physically and mentally a fully grown women but people can still acknowledge that males are only seeking out 18 years old because in most places that is the youngest they can get, hence the prevalence of barely legal/jail bait/ freshly 18 porn. Lowering the age of consent as many males support is just going to change the goalpost. In places where the age is 16 males will sleep with a 15 year old and say ‘she was almost 16 so there’s no difference’ in places where it’s 14 they will sleep with a 13 year old and say the same thing. So yes, being against a 18 year old woman being with a 40 year old male may seem irrelevant because ‘SHES AN ADULT’ it’s only because 18 is the lowest males can openly go without losing favour and non brain washed women know they would go lower. Anyway KAM

No. 1242306

And there are plenty of abuelitas who would not give a fuck because they understand it's a normal thing adults do, too.

No. 1242311

File: 1656304999628.png (203.72 KB, 524x380, dracul.PNG)

I don't understand the scrote logic when it comes to forcing women to have kids, like they complain about some BPD sex worker getting an abortion but also shit on how awful and mentally ill she is. Like, why would you want someone like this to procreate and create more bpdchans if you hate them so much? kek especially on places on KF where you'd know they'd all be thankful if a psycho cow wasn't able to have children.

I know the whole source of this is about wanting to make women suffer, but I can't believe they call themselves the logical sex lul

No. 1242313

i don't understand why people lose their minds about hickeys. who cares

No. 1242319

> this obviously muslim moid kept staring at the white girls.
I went to school in a very Muslim area and studied a very male Asian subject so I would constantly overhear Muslim scrotes talk about the white girls in the class they wanted to fuck and their non-Muslim gfs, but then in the next breath would call their cousin a whore for posting a selfie on Facebook from her bedroom without a head covering. I also had an autistic friend that liked Asian guys and dated a Muslim for a couple of years, researched heavily about converting but then he dumped her randomly one day because she was white and he already took her v so she wasn’t pure to marry.

All males are retarded but religiously ones are the worse of all, especially the ones that still fetishise women yet expect to get their obedient pure wife when they choose to settle down

No. 1242321

File: 1656305839290.jpg (5.93 KB, 208x242, images.jpg)

I keep getting mistaken for being under 18 and I'm fucking mortified. I've had some very humiliating experiences and it keeps happening

No. 1242326

> western women are forced to look beautiful and sexy
Get off the internet ffs, western women are literally not forced to look sexy and picked apart irl, comparing the awful shit muslim women go through to some gossip rag saying some celeb looks ugly without makeup is a really tired argument at this point.

No. 1242330

Same nonny and im in my mid 20s I really do not look like a kid at all and I don’t find it flattering.

No. 1242332

It's awful when people say that it's a good thing or that it means you'll look younger when you age, all I want is respect kek

No. 1242344

men are disgusting. they will pressure a naive young woman into sex by making all these promises to her and saying how much he loves her. then she gives in. and once he cooms, he calls her a whore for no longer being a virgin. and all these men are only alive because of the sacrifices women made for them – birth, childcare, breastfeeding, cooking and cleaning for him (god knows men would die without women around to do all their chores for them) and then in return they treat women like trash. i have nothing but hatred for 99% of the male gender and religious/muslim men i hate most of all. out of all religions islam is absolutely the most misogyist.

No. 1242347

Nta, but we are picked apart IRL. You really don't have to downplay someone else's struggle and play oppression olympics to acknowledge another group's struggle.

No. 1242348

western men think all women become fat hags when they reach their 20s so if you're decently fit you'll easily get mistaken for a teenager. I have mature sharp facial features and curves but get mistaken for a teenager because I'm short and fit

No. 1242352

arab moids in general have a bizarre complex against white girls. they go out of their way to obtain them and treat them like a prize then when they get the beautiful white gf they wanted they just act disinterested and like it's them who's too good for her even after they manipulated the woman into jumping through weird hoops for them

take note of the rich arab scrotes in dubai who pay white IG models millions to shit on them. Same weird concept, go out of their way, spending tons of money, time, etc into said woman and then acting like it's them who's too good for the woman. Why are they like this?

No. 1242356

I think they get a high off “putting them in their place”

No. 1242357

this isn't true kek. I'm western and got never ending comments pertaining to my looks my entire life until I completely isolated myself and cold shouldered people. Weight gain, weight loss, any mild breakout, any comment on makeup whether I was wearing no makeup, a full face, etc. breast size, dressing sloppy, slutty, "too dressed up" etc

can't speak for everyone though this is just my experience

No. 1242358

imagine the only way to have an orgasm was through maltreating someone, and then spinning around and saying you are a believer in god destined for paradise. evil.

No. 1242361

And they wonder why my bf is white… Muslim scrotes are evil little abusive shits that hate women. Their jealousy is unmatched. I feel bad for white women who feel momentarily special or superior from the manipulation, oh he chose me over a Muslim girl i better convert and be a good gf, sis he won't marry you after a few sex sessions. The funniest thing is seeing these ugly mtfs reaction when I'm out with my bf, the seething brings me so much joy fr.

No. 1242369

nta but I'd think its a bit silly to do at any age but it's not trashy, especially not on a doctor kek, imagine the time to train, study, work and still maintain coital relations, I'd think she was a woman living her life or something

No. 1242370

samefag, oh she left

No. 1242372

File: 1656310182659.jpeg (38.42 KB, 464x351, 23CD43FD-FC83-4F20-ACD0-3D9DC4…)

Just made a piss poor excuse to stay off work today because I'm too fucking depressed to go. Boomer scrote boss would never understand that my mental health is spiraling so lame lies it is. Fuck this job, putting my phone on do not disturb mode to not hear any calls and going the fuck back to sleep. It would be a relief to get fired anyway so I can stop drinking every night to cope with my shitty job and get the hell out of here. Just disappear.

No. 1242376

Idk why they just can’t make a comment on the weather and think they’re being flattering when nobody fucking asked

No. 1242377

Wtf is this comment. You sound like a reply guy.

No. 1242380

tell him piss off and tell your husband hes annoying and not to be nice to him

No. 1242385

they would just complain with pathetic attempts to make the woman insecure anyway. There's no doubt he would complain to his virgin muslim wife about how his hot white fling did anal and had massive tits and ass and the good wife doesn't. they always do this

No. 1242387

I made the post below you which is admittedly very different in tone, but I liked that anons reply too, keep your chin up protector anon

No. 1242404

how the fuck do I not up roping because I’m not pretty? It sounds retarded but I can’t seem to untangle my own self worth from how I look and I need to be beautiful. It’s to the point where I spend hours looking up plastic surgeons etc etc when I can’t just come to terms with how I ugly I am. I put no effort into how I look because what’s the point unless I’m beautiful and it’s not even to pander to moids I just don’t know how to function

No. 1242405

go away

No. 1242407

I’m right and you know it.

No. 1242410

I feel truly hopeless for this world right now. It’s probably a combination of premenstrual dysphoric disorder and being overloaded with it but the more prides go by, the more I see the direction zoomer political activism takes, the more I want to give up on it all entirely. I’m a thirdie, where I live abortion has never been legal and women are killed a dozen per country per day and same sex marriage is not even legally recognized universally and I have to see art of fictional characters with kweer flags and people from the US talk about uterus havers… nearly succumbed to the social contagion myself because I’m a sperg. The US is the cultural role model of this entire region, people here are already drinking the kook aid on this stuff. I never expected to know genderspecials IRL, it used to all be tumblr delusion and the delusion is so well disguised people in my shithole are eating it up. I’m so tired and I don’t know what to expect from this world and this life anymore

No. 1242424

drunk but is it just the constant perceiving yourself from the outside (voyeurism caused by male society) that is bugging you - what do you think the role of plastic surgery would play in improving your mood in general? (serious question, for some people it is very reasonable to have a cosmetic procedure, but it is for you or to mask the constant self-perception you feel from society, or literally just "no, girl I want a new nose"?)

No. 1242438

Unfortunately for these scrotes most of them have brain cells of dust. No woman in their right mind would buy that the scrote who spent so much effort simping is actually better than them. The best way to handle Arab moids (including mixes of them) is to simply accept the attention, gifts, etc and then avoid them. Don't even give them a chance or time of day because they will immediately do whatever they can to manipulate you

No. 1242445

>to shit on them
I hate how I have no idea if you mean literally, figuratively or both.

No. 1242452

File: 1656317836184.jpg (149.51 KB, 905x1269, IMG_20210428_202904.jpg)

I used to have a friend who became so vapid and vile that I had to let go. We haven't talked for a good while and I've heard that she has become a less judgmental and better person. I guess it is good overall that the world gained someone more mature, but it also frustrates me. She bullied me relentlessly for some stupid NLOG shit. Now she is doing the things she bullied me for. I deserved this better version of her, I was always kind to her. I truly believe I deserved the person she is right now. She's still a painful pickme but she doesn't bully her friends anymore. I really loved her and believed she would grow out of her awful behavior. She indeed did outgrew a good chunk of it. It really sucks that I'm left with scars she inflicted and living poorly because of external factors and she seems to be thriving because she is born lucky and she pretends her past behavior doesn't exist with her new group of friends. I truly feel like a fridged female character for some awful protag's character development.

No. 1242468

File: 1656319647977.jpg (346.16 KB, 1080x1350, FWLBLd-XkAApciW.jpg)

This is giving me the vibe of photos from fascist totalitarian states. It's so sinister. I hate what they've done with the rainbow flag.

No. 1242474

File: 1656320414014.jpg (147.75 KB, 1280x853, 1052293_original.jpg)

Like literally.

No. 1242480

This art style has got to go

No. 1242481

> she seems to be thriving because she is born lucky and she pretends her past behavior doesn't exist with her new group of friends
Sorry but what else is one supposed to do when they grow up and mature?

No. 1242504

File: 1656324954794.png (2.55 MB, 866x1710, flagsdecor.png)

I hope you look back at what you posted and realize you went way too far with this because if not then… uhh. Are picrel nazi to you as well?

No. 1242509

That bitch sounds like hell. I would’ve fucking snapped. I feel like the non delusional women from islam practicing communities are overlooked the most. Nobody wants to hear us or our stories. And the stories are that we suffer from blatant cancerous type of misogyny. Even women who hold the same beliefs about women’s rights aside from asskissing muslims dismiss us completely because we don’t fit the kumbaya narrative they have going on.

No. 1242518

It's normal for countries to put up their country flag to celebrate special days, the troon+ flag is about ideology.

No. 1242519

But is it an ideology comparable to nazism really? Or any totalitarian country and the crimes they do or did? It's messed up to compare these.

No. 1242520

Why are you upset over people getting totalitarian vibes from TRAs and how they influence society?

No. 1242523

I'm upset because anon compared it to fucking nazism and there were people in my family that got murdered by nazis, some in concentration camp and some just in their own homes. Can't recall trannies doing this. Comparing everything to nazism is such a plague recent years, and it's disrespectful to people and countries who actually suffered in nazi regime. No, being murdered is not the same as tranny telling you to use pronouns or scrotes entering female spaces, no matter how damn annoying or dangerous the latter is.

No. 1242526

>got murdered by them
>some just in their own homes
>Can't recall trannies doing this.
oh anon…

No. 1242527

Right now there's women being raped by men in women's prisons because these men are allowed to claim that they're female, children are put on artificial hormones which will go on to give them lifelong health issues, lesbians are pressured to suck the girl dick because not doing so would be transphobic and trannies are free to molest little girls in women's bathrooms. It's an appropriate comparison.

No. 1242528

Yeah this all compares to a genocide. You're either trolls, uneducated or completely incapable of reasonable thinking because of an extensive imageboard-induced brainrot.

No. 1242530

Rape and sterilization are indeed part of genocide.

No. 1242542

And this is what is happening at Universities.
My family were persecuted and escaped fascism. We need to learn from history, and not have it be repeated.

No. 1242544

Bumped into this bullying faggot who was on my schools mixed football team when I was 12/13ish in a shop today and he's fucking trooned out. When my breasts grew and I got my first sports bra this prick saw the outline through my shirt, asked me if I'm wearing a bra, like it's this dirty, horrible secret and then snaps it and shouts "ANON'S BOOBS MUST BE GROWING, SHE'S GOT A BRA ON!". I went home crying that day, I was fucking humiliated. Puberty was freaking me out enough and this prick pounced on me the moment he noticed my body was changing and started making "jokes" about it and he would always talk about girls smelling "fishy". Your average garden variety gay misogynist. But now he wants to wear our skin? He put me through hell because my FEMALE body was changing and now he's telling me he's "one of the girls" and is called Alice, because of course he chose one of the most predictable hon names of all time. I was literally twitching with rage, I had to playback everything from anger management class in my head. "it's not the thing making you angry, you make you angry" and I still wanted to physically attack him. I didn't, I'm not that stupid. I just deadnamed four times and told him to leave me the fuck alone and go play pretend elsewhere. I just… I can't get over this rage. He is now larping as the very thing he mocked and he comes up to me like we're old friends?! I'll castrate him myself, save him the trip to Thailand to get botched. I need to go to the gym and beat the shit out of a heavy bag or something. I just… I have no words. I fucking hate men. All of them. Every single last one and yes that especially includes gay moids.

No. 1242549

does anyone here have to take psychiatric medication daily? I've been taking SSRI and antipsychotics for about 5 yeears and I will have to take them for the rest of my life because I am too unstable to function and very ill. I feel like people that are not addicted to medication are not even truly sick or mentally ill. If your brain is not malfunctioning to the point where you have to drown yourself in meds because you cannot do basic tasks, you're not truly sick. I just want to meet someone else that has it bad enough that they have to take meds

No. 1242553

Not defending this shitty creep but I went to an all girls school and the exact same thing happened to me on a hot day when I took my school jumper off and was wearing just the white shirt.. but it was girls who were obviously in the same stage of puberty as me anyway. We were all going through the same thing. I don't know which is more retarded.

No. 1242555

I'm on antipsychotics for schizophrenia. I did come off them last year thinking I was in control of it and I almost immediately began thinking I was being gangstalked and people were talking to me via voice to skull technology to provoke me into attacking the local Freemason lodge. Needless to say I went back on them pretty damn quick. I know how you feel, anon. It sucks have this level of broken brain syndrome.

No. 1242564

I'm not even schizophrenic. I just have extreme PTSD and was extremely abused as a kid and if I'm off pills I'm murderously angry at society and also I am suicidal and very depressed, I shake a lot and cry and I cannot stop. If you don't have to take these poisons that literally ruin your internal organs just to not kill yourself or hurt yourself then you are not truly mentally ill. People that don't take meds always approach me trying to tell me how mentally ill and abused they are while I'm here filling my stomach with poisonous medication to not kill myself and having trauma that I'm unable to even put in words to anyone. If you don't have to fill yourself with this poison you;re not truly mentally ill

No. 1242565

File: 1656332178465.jpg (595.02 KB, 1783x2694, 1446671553-tv-matt-lucas-vicky…)

I got some film photos developed and I legit look like Vicky Pollard in some of my vacation pics, I hate that the photo studio person saw the pics. I look absolutely awful and I'm not even excaggerating ddafaadffsaa aaaaaa

No. 1242570

so sorry nonna, this made me crack up though lmao

No. 1242600

I don't get why so many people don't understand something as simple as this. Imo most men are inherently pedophiles. I don't know if its social conditioning or not.

No. 1242608

I've had to listen to a bunch of guys irl talk about how your first pubic hair or first bleed (whichever comes first) should be the go ahead sign for when a girl is ready for sex.. they have no concept (or maybe they do!) of how much one fucking pube or one cycle doesn't tend to match up childhood being truly over and maturity being reached. Not by a mile. All they care about is that you show any pubescent sign that totally makes them not a pedo for wanting you. That's all it takes to clear their own conscience. Thank god I'm not in a country that allows that or I would've been considered ripe pickings at age 10 going by that logic.

No. 1242649

Kek at least it made a sweet nonna laugh, silver linings

No. 1242652

File: 1656340455023.jpg (40.69 KB, 640x640, 1642086149786.jpeg.jpg)

I hate this faggot so fucking much. I hope he gats cancer. I hope he crashes his car again. I hope he ruins his life. I hope he gets another ugly, retarded tattoo. I hope his girlfriend cheats on him with a better moid and breaks up with him. I hope he gets fat as fuck from all the alcohol, fast food, and weed. I hope it destroys his self-esteem. I hope his career is a dead end and he goes nowhere. I hope his school loans roayally fuck his asshole for the rest of his life. I hope he'll have no one to run to except for his insane boymom grandma. I hope she comes to her senses and disowns him. I hope he continues to make his parents disappointed. I hope he'll end up living a miserable, pathetic life and I hope he dies by autoerotic asphyxiation and he's found by his grandma. I hope he gets so repulsive and pathetic looking that people smirk and whisper to their friends when they see him in public. It'll be the only time he'd get genuine laughter out of people. I hope he hits the wall so fucking hard he breaks his neck in the process. I hope it comes at him so fast he can barely remember ever looking somewhat presentable. I hope it sends him into a giant depression spiral and I hope he ends up killing himself for real this time.

No. 1242656

File: 1656340928895.jpg (31.66 KB, 395x296, 6a31b06092d3df2380b1a30ef34622…)

aw you're a cutie nonna

No. 1242689

Still seething over my friend saying I had nothing to worry about back when the Alito draft was leaked because I "didn't have sex anyway". How lovely that he forgot that rape exists and that tubals increase ectopic risk. Nonnies it's been two weeks and he changed his tune 100% after Friday but I'm still in a murder rage.

No. 1242693

Same, I had a male friend say that there was no way that it'd come to pass. They're all so retarded it's unbelievable.

No. 1242699

On the bright side, certain states will never have their abortion rights overturned because they're written into the state constitution. In event you need an abortion, hop on a plane nonnie, we'll be grateful to have the economic boost and you can get a nice vacation out of the deal. Just like some Americans go abroad to get affordable medical and dental care, now some Americans hop states to get reproductive medical care. But seriously let's stop pretending America was ever a good place to live regarding medical treatment, because it never was. Now we'll go to Mexico or Hungary for dental work, and Canada or California for abortions. Wow such american dream.

No. 1242702

It's funny (no) because the reason why I'm still a virgin at 28 is because I don't want to get pregnant and it might as well be a phobia of pregnancy itself but I'd get killed by my family if I ever had sex out of wedlock and they learned about it somehow, and I hate it so much. I'm treated like a freak for never having a bf in my entire life and I also genuinely wish I could have a love life but that's not possible this way. At least your friend seemed to have realized how retarded he sounded when he joked about it.

No. 1242708

I've gone long periods of time avoiding sex because I'm scared of pregnancy and convinced every method will fail me. With the exception of the few men I have slept with (they ought to be listening to my worries) I can't imagine discussing this with a scrote. Might as well tell a wall.

No. 1242709

I hate knowing no matter what these guys say 99.9% of guys are probably glad about the abortion ban FML

No. 1242710

Oh that's the messed up thing, he wasn't making a joke like a retard. He was yelling at me for being worried because apparently being a sterilized monk prevents rape and ectopic pregnancies whodathunkit.

No. 1242712

What happened to guys thinking women are all out to pregnancy trap them? That was a popular line for a few years.

No. 1242715

I think I'm starting to get some ana-chan tendencies and I don't know how to nip it in the bud. I've had ARFID since I was a toddler since I'm a sperg and I'm finally starting to recover and eat better, and my metabolism is finally starting to wear down, so for the first time ever I'm gaining weight. I've always been very underweight and sickly, and now I'm barely at a normal weight (gone from around 95 to 105, 5'3") and while everyone around me is saying I look healthier all I see is fat. I used to be so self conscious of how angular and sunken in my face looked, but now all I can see is pudge and I can barely recognize my characteristically sharp jawline. It doesn't even feel like my face or body anymore. I ate a bit too much food the other night and had to turn off the lights when I had sex with my boyfriend because I felt self-conscious about my body. I never thought I would be in this position and it's scaring me to death because I don't want to become an ana-chan but I also don't want to balloon out and get fat either. Maybe it's just my autism being sensitive to these changes in my body but nothing feels right and I don't know what would make it better.

No. 1242716

Why do I feel like I never belong anywhere? I thought it would get better as I get older but it’s gotten way worse. 90% of the time I don’t enjoy performing femininity but all my close friends have 7 step skincare routines and nail and waxing appointments every week and enjoy wearing makeup. I just feel so out of place and in that environment I feel even more pressured to conform just to not be seen as someone who doesn’t take care of herself. I don’t give a shit about all of that and I don’t wanna talk about guys either I just want a friend who doesn’t subscribe to all of that.

No. 1242719

I dated a dead beat dad once (I am so sorry to women everywhere) and he said shit like this but then also tried to get me pregnant by removing protection, I made him get me the morning after pill I know that's technically rape, he also asked me numerous times to have his baby. He was turned on by the idea of impregnating women but he had a son. His son was 8 when I met him and I'm a child of divorce and the kids mum was actually very nice considering how much of an ass hole my ex was. I lived near her house and on Christmas and the holidays would always drive him there and make sure he got his son gifts. He was so against getting his son anything said he didn't want to buy his love. He did fuck all else though to earn it.

No. 1242721

I can't find the discipline to start dieting and exercising again, and I'm 1kg again from being overweight. Everything was going great and then the pandemic hit. I was a borderline anachan before and I don't know where that self-control went. FML

No. 1242722

File: 1656345792555.jpg (20.04 KB, 275x183, 1649697867970.jpg)

Omg put me out of my misery. I got my period yesterday and now coming down with something. My head feels like it's splitting in half, my joints are on fire, and I'm weak. I stg if I get the rashes on my legs like I did in December, I will go insane. Not sure if my taste/smell been affected. Fuck monsoon season, fuck periods, fuck being sick. End me.

No. 1242729

Because men do not bear any consequence from the creation of a child they develop sociopathy and mistake their penis for a weapon, they view impregnating as many women as possible as a kind of coomer dream and ego masturbation trophy. The solution to deadbeat dads is enslavement and castration. Hook them up for 12/6 shifts china style in a factory, send all their paycheck except enough to cover bare bones food and rent for a roach-infested hostel bed to the mother, and cut his dick off so he can't make any more children. Men won't start acting civilized until we put the fear of God into them by threat of actual equitable consequences for their actions.

No. 1242731


Lots of worthless scrotes who's reject DNA would otherwise be in a dumpster or part of a satanic ritual are rejoicing at the idea of forcing a woman to have to associate with him for 18 years.

So glad I already got my abortion and IUD and got the hell out of the south before this shit storm kicked up. Praying for anyone who's having sex with men in a southern state rn, scary times.

No. 1242732

I’m glad that he is an ex and you didn’t stay with him. I had a coworker who dated a guy that had two kids in his late teens, I think they were elementary school age when we met the bf. It was so fucking depressing because over time he became more controlling of her, eventually she quit and they were both unemployed living in a trailer on her grandma’s property. While she was employed we all hated the guy and wanted her to break up with him, but her family didn’t do anything about it because they expected her to “work through her own mistakes”. Last time I heard any news he got her pregnant, obviously to babytrap her.

No. 1242735

There’s a weird little bump on the back of my neck. I don’t know if it was a bug bite but I scratched it to see if anything would come out, and it didn’t help at all. Now it’s all I can think about

No. 1242737

File: 1656346760741.jpg (43.13 KB, 650x350, onemorelevel.jpg)

Everything here sucks right now and I just want to play vidya to cope. Can't because I bike while I play and gaming all weekend already screwed up my leg.

No. 1242756

nvm then, your friend can fuck off.

No. 1242773


warm compress it maybe, it could be a boil starting to form

No. 1242854

My last bf went from being affectionate, connected and pleasing to being the most selfish and demanding disconnected lover you can imagine. He waited til we were living together in a new (far from home) part of our country to start this shit. I was legally/financially locked into a living situation so I made attempts to get us back to normal and then gave up when it was clear he knew what he was doing and didn't want to change back. He hadn't forgotten how to be a halfway considerate lover. He just felt comfortable enough to not bother anymore.

I initially bought toys to use together and when that was money down the drain sex slowly tapered off as I reached my limit. I was like someone reading cosmo and using tips on how to spice things up. Pathetic. I hit a brick wall of just selfishness every time. I'm aware plenty of men would jump at the chance to come home to a surprise stash of new toys and a willing partner. Not him. Suck and fuck only. And it wasn't a lack of attraction. Before I stopped the one-way loving he wouldn't shut up about enjoying the view. Our lease dragged on. It was tense at home. I had plans to leave but didn't say so because he started getting hot headed and breaking shit in drunken rages. He told me he was going to fuck a tranny. I told him go ahead if that's what you want. I've no idea if that was just drunk talk or if there ever was a real tranny he was talking to. He said it out of the blue and then afterwards he pretended like it had never happened. I started to crush on a woman at work probably out of sheer misery and neglect at home. She was gay, she was single, I had been with women before and she's my type. I still for some fucked reason didn't go there. I was technically with this guy (was I even?) and refused to do anything that could be considered cheating.. all while he threatened to fuck men and crossdressers and he broke our shit. He didn't want me to move out but would rage in the evenings and I'd just listen to shit being bounced off the walls in the next room. I would spend my lunch breaks and weekends with my work crush at cafes and there were moments where I felt like I could've ran away, either with her or hell, alone would still be an improvement to life.

Him and I talked and we officially downgraded ourselves to being roommates stuck in a lease. Nothing more. One night he assulated me in my sleep. Kicked me in the back repeatedly while again drunk. Another situation he later had no memory of! I thought he was going to kill me that night. He kicked me out of bed, dragged me around the room, Shoved me into furniture. Bruised and marked about a third of my body from this. Punched me in the back of head. I curled up on the floor to protect my face and organs. He kicked my back more before tiring himself out. I was going nuts counting down days on that lease. I know people are going to say I should've left but at nearly 30 with no really strong friend connections it was hard to to be vulnerable with anyone. I didn't want to tell anyone at my workplace. I felt too old to flee home to my dad. Too childless to go to a shelter after the assault. I felt the need to not be a victim in anyones eyes. Him getting very violent made me admit it to myself but I didn't want to accept it. ffs we'd reached the point of agreeing we're not even together and THAT is when he put his hands on me? I didn't know til afterwards that that's the highest risk time for DV to either begin or kick up a notch.

I got money together, made a plan and was able to leave at a time when the lease finally allowed and wouldn't fine me thousands. He texted me that he'd been cheating the whole time and was riddled with stds. Okay? I don't even believe it tbh but I got tested just in case. It was all clear despite him claiming to be with men, trans, women and everything you could imagine. He was a disheveled drunk and not a lothario. I've moved on in alot of ways but I swear I might never fuck again. I might never feel safe sleeping next to a man for fear of being randomly beaten mid sleep. Tense or not we didn't fight before this assault. This man has ruined sex and the thought of intimacy for me longer term. I fancy someone right now and I can't even picture sex being a worthwhile thing with this shiny new untainted guy. I want to but my imagination can't even override how much I've grown to see sex as negative and something that only takes from me. Something that sucks the soul out of you in a bad way. I don't associate it with pleasure. That's toys. Pleasure is a solo experience right? I used to be someone who wanted it morning and night and ten different ways. I still have the drive but I've this 10 foot wall to get over. What was this all about? He could've given a slight fuck but it's like he just wanted to be destructive because we had a good life right before this went down. He made sure he destroyed the relationship and wore me down. Last I heard hes a jobless bloated alcoholic.

No. 1242865

bait, ignore and report nonnies

No. 1242868

you sure? i thought most men were sexless anyways and now this isn't good. incel moids may be online like "HEHEHE DUMB FOIDS CANT RIDE CHADS DICK WITHOUT GETTING PREGNANT ANYMORE" but i think the majority of men are mad bc they have even less of a chance of casual sex encounters than before.

remember that the primary motivation of moids is the least effort possible to get no-strings-attached sex.

No. 1242884

I don't blame you for leaving earlier. It's VERY common. I am so incredibly glad you did though, evenually. He sounds like an absolutely worthless piece of shit. Did you press charges?

No. 1242914

I had all these marks covering so much of my body and I did nothing at the time. Later on when I was safely living on the far end of the country I reported him for something else. Something that's very easy to prove and that was my lil bit of karma.

No. 1242936

Been through something similar. He probably live much longer if he's a scrote riddled with stds and an alcoholic. A slow painful death awaits him. It's very common to feel like you should've left earlier but how you responded was normal considering the emotional turmoil he put you through. Either you can press charges (will require lots of money and time) or if it isn't practical you should get as far away as you can. Reach out to family and find a support system if you can. Can you experience solo pleasure anon? I think it's best to stay single for a long while so that you can heal. When you heal, you could remain single or you could find ways to vet males to see if they're worth your time. You need lots of time to yourself to build yourself up again.

No. 1242966

File: 1656358501302.jpg (33.39 KB, 600x585, 6673a80033d989532eebe26c64222c…)

men and the women who worship them are cruel and there is no hope for them. i wish they would all disappear.

No. 1242970

File: 1656358659588.jpeg (120.85 KB, 793x540, 927FA3C9-D0DB-43AB-BD44-516FD7…)

I never knew Florence Nightingale was such a pickme who hated women, this is an actual quote and sounds just like scrotes on 4chan. (Apologies in advance for the shitty jpeg quality)

No. 1242973

File: 1656358770509.jpeg (174.31 KB, 1242x459, F229F113-5705-41C2-8A26-80FCB2…)

So simply saying the word Arabs is racebait now? Lmao which Arab mod did this upset? At worst the post is pointing out how racist Arabs are (literal modern day slave owners) so it’s ironic when they act oppressed against ebil westerners wearing traditional clothing. Funny how they never ban the sperging pakianon though

No. 1242976

I see what you're saying, but she literally was stuck in women's prisons for a long ass time so I can see where she is coming from. It's not like she was with the most upstanding female individuals. It is her fault for ironically judging them as the only sample.

No. 1242979

From what thread is this? You probably got reported by a butthurt Arab anon or something, but there still is a retarded mod who hands out bans over nothing too.
She sounds like those anons who rant about never having female friends compared to male friends because they can’t fit in

No. 1242981

I'm confusing her with Elizabeth Fry, my bad. Disregard.

No. 1242985

I'd like to think she means uneducated women who are against abortion.

No. 1242988

That last paragraph literally describes men to a T though

No. 1242990

Previous twitter hate thread. I don’t know why the ban is given so late, there’s a new one up now. Whats funny is that in that same thread pakianon derailed for hours (and continued in the new thread) and nothing. Amazing moderation on /ot/.

No. 1242996

What exactly is racebait about this?

No. 1243002

I hate working and I hate bills and I hate being a person. I want to be a housecat. No work school no obligations, just vibes

No. 1243008

God, you fucking get me anon

No. 1243028

File: 1656361569359.png (29.25 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

I sent my professor a mail for fhe first time about materials that need to be in the exam. I worry he might
1. Tell me to drop out if I can't handle it
2. Tell me it's not his job and I should have paid more attention in class
3. He ignores it completely like my friend's mail

I legit had awful experiences with professionals in the last year, my gynecologist telling me it's my problem if the pap smear hurts etc. So I feel anxious

No. 1243030

I just went to the dentist and she made fun of me for tearing up a bit and told me her pediatric patients cry less than me. Thank you asshole.

No. 1243032

Hey Noni. I know this might not help you now but in the future. You’re the one paying and there might be multiple professors. You can normally look up reviews and find the professor with good ones as long as you’re not waiting to last minute. I hate dickheads.

No. 1243053

i just hope to never see a tradthot or conservative leaning anon again on here pretending they're just as right as other anons who actually have sane viewpoints or that they give a fuck about women or that they're, in any way, subversive. nothing they advocate for is safe or right, and it's extremely moronic at this day and age, and especially on this specific board where women are known to be vocally critical and angry about being subjugated. we already have enough male/abuse apologists in real life, they can coalesce with them irl or on their /pol/ discords where they're begging for crumbs of no-value dick instead of trying to galvanize support on here.

No. 1243055

I hate this, such kind of treatment is the reason a lot of people are ashamed to seek medical care, out of fear of being ridiculed

No. 1243056

I'm so depressed, I have no energy to do anything, even for things that I like to do.
And I feel lonely. I want to have at least close friend to hug, damn it.

No. 1243076

you just dominate in the crying field, fuck them kids and fuck that dentist nona

No. 1243082

never go to her again. leave a bad review and/or a complaint to the dental board. she's going to discourage countless people from seeking medical help.

No. 1243088

File: 1656364342279.jpg (117.81 KB, 1881x1410, 3iwfbwsxwjz11.jpg)

mumsie gave me an unnamed white pill and now i feel like going to sleep, huzzah!

No. 1243098

I hate the idea of "Time goes by fast when you are having fun" No it doesn't. I soak that shit up slowly. Everytime something goes decent for me, I'm in so much shock that I savor every moment. It's so rare that it's like time is moving slowly JUST For me to enjoy that little bit of happiness in my dark/dank/depressing life.

No. 1243145

These days i'm wondering when exactly did i get so dumb? I was never a genius but damn, at 28 i feel like most of the time i have to really force my brain to connect my few neurons left to think deeply about a subject other than the introspective work i do to stop being a demented mess. Hell, even that i'm not that great at. I just can't seem to have focus and energy to dispense on intellectual things anymore and it saddens me, i feel like i truly became a black hole and only my mental illnesses define me nowadays. An empty vessel to carry fucked up genes.

I know brain plasticity decrease with age, but fuck me, it's too much. But that's what i get for never doing anything challenging and indulging in escapism all day, i suppose.

No. 1243152

Dear boss, if you wanna give me all this feedback to refine these storyboards and shit, do it BEFORE we start the check. You've got no damn time in the next few days to review shit with me so I'm gonna be winging it so don't go blaming me if we don't make the deadline!

No. 1243162

I used to be a massive Lion King loser and drawing fanart of it actually improved my knowledge of animal anatomy. And roleplaying was so much fun. I miss the old internet when fandoms were condensed and cozy and scattered.

No. 1243172

i REMEMBER you…thank you for sharing your autism with us. one of my favourite moments of this website ♥

No. 1243202

File: 1656370360314.jpg (9.11 KB, 315x306, 0f5.jpg)

i hate when people bitch about their parents to me. i know that some people also have genuinely terrible relationships with a parent and they're right to complain, but i swear to god my friends who complain don't realize how lucky they are in a lot of ways. i know this might sound bitchy because "people can still have parental issues even if things look fine from the outside!" but i find it so aggravating when friends complain to me about their parents being rude occasionally when they still live at home rent-free, get things bought for them constantly, and have a normal support system. meanwhile i will never have that with my dad. idk, this probably is self-centered but it just makes me rage because they don't understand how much i WISH my biggest issue was that he was occasionally rude to me.

No. 1243203

if it makes you feel better, I associate kweer folx with tucked-in hyper-patterned button-up shirts, bad hair, and backpacks with 10000 pins on them, but not with dungarees

No. 1243215

I feel lonely even though I have a friend group. I've had zero friends before and that sucked, but I feel just as bad now. I love my friends, I feel comfortable around them, why do I still feel alone? This is so frustrating, I feel like a spoiled ungrateful brat.

No. 1243232

I’m really ready to drop my friends from my hometown. I don’t want to be mean but they’re not very smart and now even the one I was closest to (who we bonded over being nobodies in hs) is smoking weed and drinking like the others. To each their own but I really can’t stand drugs and I wish I could find friends irl who think this way as well but that’s only a limited number of super normie christians that I wouldn’t get along with personality wise. It sucks. I’m ok having no friends but I am too scared to drop them. They relentlessly make fun of others (I did this too in the past with them. It’s shitty and I regret it to an extent and they still do it but I’m too much of a wimp to stick up and tell them it’s lame) and I know I’ll be a target if I distance myself from them

No. 1243240

Taking care of people-pleasers when they're ill is fucking hell.

>repeatedly ask them how they're doing

>"oh i'm fine"
>20 minutes pass
>"by the way i have [really serious symptom"
>rush to the store to get them stuff because of course they don't have shit
>"ok are you sure you don't need anything else"
>"yes im fine, take care of yourself too"
>several hours later
>"by the way im really hungry and ive lost 5 pounds and ive been having [other serious symptoms i neglected to mention]"
>continues to work from home and stare at screen all day then complains of severely dry eyes

MOTHERFUCKER YOU ARE SICK. SIIIIIIICK. STOP WORKING. STOP DOING SHIT OTHER THAN RESTING, EATING, AND TELLING ME WHAT FOOD YOU WOULD LIKE FOR ME TO BRING YOU. at this point i am no longer responsible if you make yourself worse by refusing to iMpOse, dumbass.

No. 1243246

File: 1656374130908.gif (328.11 KB, 100x100, snack cat.gif)

me: (meeting my mom for lunch)
mom: that shirt is cute, you should have worn it at (family get-together we just had)
me: oh. i liked my outfit that i wore
mom: omg i liked it too why are you mad?? i can't comment on anything??

tbh how else am i supposed to take that comment other than "your outfit you picked for the get-together was bad, this shirt is better" … ? am i just retarded

No. 1243248

yeah, you seem sensitive. just say thanks and move on.

No. 1243250

Unfortunately feeling lonely is pretty normal no matter how many friends you have. I guess it depends how often you feel lonely though. Maybe there’s a need you have that your friends aren’t meeting (even if it isn’t their fault)? But you aren’t spoiled or ungrateful. Just like getting a bf/gf wont make loneliness completely going away, finding friends doesn’t guarantee that either- but for a lot of people it still feels nicer than being completely alone.

No. 1243251

File: 1656374493864.jpeg (38.19 KB, 640x579, 9F3C6463-BBA1-42DD-A593-0CB79D…)

An AGP male/MtF just sent random unsolicited porn of themselves in the dms of my sims tumblr blog and no it wasn’t one of those spam bots you get, it’s an unhinged person sending it to everyone who likes posts that they think are MUH TERFY SO EXTREME AND HURTFUL!!! and it could be a post about a woman venting about anything kek

No. 1243254

> am i just retarded
Yes. “That’s a great shirt and you should show it off” does not mean “that shirt is better than the other ones you wear.”

No. 1243255

Back in university, I used to date a moid who turned out to be a typical coomer sex pest porn addict and molester. Attempted to assault me, I punched him and escaped. Bad time, 0/10 reccomend. Then we split up, and he stole a load of my clothes- dresses, skirts, tops, even my underwear?? And guess what, it turns out he's now a fucking catgirl uwu neko troon. Actual degenerate.
And to make it even worse, I was told by a mutual friend (also a moid, no longer my friend) that I should forgive my troon ex for assaulting me because "she was working through some problems of her own and was just so jealous of your female body." Fuck all the way off.
Moids disgust me more and more with every day that goes by

No. 1243260

Ew.. I'm sorry you had to deal with not only one freak, but two.

No. 1243266

praying your predator 41%s

No. 1243271

Hearing RvW being overturned made me extremely sad but seeing the reactions of wokies and troons to it just made me so fucking angry. The final nail in the coffin in reminding me that this world doesn't give a shit about women, even about an issue that is inherently and always been about women. I hate them so much.

No. 1243272

Thanks nonna. I think most of the emptiness is just in my own head, nothing much others can do about. I felt bad when I had no friends, felt bad when I had friends I didn't connect to, now I have friends that I really can connect with and I still feel alone. I feel better when I have hung out obviously and it makes me feel happier, but all my friends are busy with finishing their school year to hang out the past few weeks. We still talk via messenger but it's not the same as actually talking to someone.

No. 1243276

File: 1656376286918.jpg (594.65 KB, 675x450, QuintPaintingAtHome2.jpg.optim…)

I painted something and it didn't come out like the image I had in my mind. This was my first time picking up a sketchbook and brush after a very long artblock.

No. 1243296

I hope I don't get banned for this but oh well. I wish covid actually wiped everyone out and humans went extinct completely. The misogyny that exists will never be gone and because of how shit the world treats women the human race does not deserve to survive. I hate men and on a lesser note I hate the women who have children and continue giving men what they want. We have ruined this planet at the cost of other animals', equally worthy inhabitants, suffering. I hate that so many moid humans feel superior to animals when they are incapable of control themselves. I hate humans so much and I feel so blackpilled existing as a woman where my presence gives men pleasure. I wish men no pleasure and instead a swift death like the covid epidemic but it could be another virus engineered. Women would need to go too because so many are handmaidens and the misogyny would just continue when some pregnant woman gives birth to a son.

If anything I wouldn't be mad at an epidemic of a virus that kills women because it would end humankind entirely. Men are such sick narcissists that they'd probably try to use our closest ancestors like female chimps to surrogate a pregnancy with leftover human donor eggs. I'm gonna sound like a moid or a glowie ig but I wish women just killed ourselves off or all died at once to end humankind. Moids never will deserve families with the current state of the planet. I'm sorry for being so blackpilled anons.

No. 1243301

Hetero couples be like “we’re a queer/bi couple uwu” when what they mean is they’re just both ugly, topkek

No. 1243306

File: 1656379432784.jpg (31.09 KB, 750x250, 31f679be067ccf1f1921f7e83_1d3b…)

True. Other symptoms of ugliness include polyamory and BDSM.

No. 1243307

God that manga came out 7 years ago get over it already

No. 1243308

thanks anons, honestly. i feel like my mom is always judging me for stupid shit but i needed to hear an outside perspective

No. 1243309

File: 1656379744825.jpg (78.64 KB, 676x383, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1243312

I remember being extremely disheartened and jealous of girls prettier than me as a teenager. I wanted to be as pretty and happy as them, but i never had thoughts of hurting them. Weird and alarming.

No. 1243320

Moids of a feather should hang together.

No. 1243321


No. 1243323

Ah sorry i worded it as if i was talking to anon. I meant the dude that set up the stall, it’s a tired old joke at this point and unfunny.

No. 1243332

Wow, what a read. Thats so terrible, I'm so sorry you were treated so horribly. No one deserves to feel or be treated that, I really wish I could give you a hug nonita. Reading these things give me strength. Much love.. glad you're safe.

No. 1243333

my cousin and her boyfriend asked me to fuck them last summer in a roundabout way and I've been avoiding them since. I hate giving that weird narc side of the family right to bitch about how awful I am too, since I dodge invites to their kid's birthday parties. I'm not allowing a kid who barely has any knowledge of me tie me to weird incestfags!!!!! NO!!!!

No. 1243334

No. 1243336

File: 1656381732472.jpg (57.18 KB, 720x511, 20200717_141542.jpg)

I thought finding out the root cause of your issues and coming to terms with it is meant to help you mentally but it's fucking me up more when I realize where everything went wrong and I really don't want to cave in and spend money I don't have on therapy. I can't even hold a job to get said money. I've been thinking of just ending it all because I'm so damn alone in life, I see myself being the same way when I hit the age of 30.

No. 1243337


No. 1243338

File: 1656381844057.jpg (27.8 KB, 612x382, Ec_3_ZhXsAEWChF.jpg)

I really don't know what to do with myself, nonnies. I'm in mental hell because I screwed so much up last week and despite my best efforts to move on I'm just hurt.

It started because I showed something very private that my boyfriend sent to me to my besties not even thinking about it, and immediately regretted it after but the damage was done. I apologized, he seemed like he forgave me and we moved past it.

Fastfoward to the last month or so where I ended up talking about him behind his back to HIS besties because I was frustrated over his lack of listening to me and that we were all sacrificing our sleeping schedule to be up and spend time with him. And I wasn't the only one, we were ALL talking shit and being stupid because we were frustrated. Eventually, his BF tells us all we're going to have to tell him how we feel, and the next day set up an impromptu intervention where we were all supposed to vent our feelings and I completely froze. I was too anxious to speak because my anxiety wouldn't let me get a proper thought in. So I panicked and I left because I felt sick to my stomach that it went how it did.
Later on we spoke and I apologized again that I didn't say anything, we talked it out and he forgave me and things were looking up after that. We were going to spend the night playing games and having fun but as soon as I got into the call he was silent and refused to speak much, and when I left I apologized for making it awkward and he just let loose on how he shouldn't have forgiven me and how much I had hurt him and that he needed time to think and that he'd talk to me when he was ready and I left his discord group to give him space. Mind you I broke that the next day after re-reading things I said because I wanted him to know I understood what he was saying, which I know wasn't okay but I was so upset that this was how he really felt.

The next day I spiraled because I got terrible news from my psych and went dark for a few days, messaging a mutual friend when I could talk again to ask him if I could get any idea on what was going on because my bf was already sounding so much happier suddenly, and he told me he'd been planning to break up with me because I had hurt him so bad and his friends, friends I thought I also considered friends, were encouraging him to do so as well. It absolutely shattered my heart, and after reaching out to two other friends to apologize after thinking I had somehow thrown them under the bus in the process, was cut off and told to have a nice life and to do better in my next relationship, and that if a speedbump like this was enough to break our relationship it clearly wasn't strong at all. It hurt so bad. Apparently, they had all made up and got closer when I left and they called me a coward for it when I thought I was doing the right thing to give him space, but instead he told them all what I did with sharing the private thing to my friends and they were ashamed of me and didn't want to talk about it anymore because they had moved on, mind you he got upset with me when I shared our intimate things with my friends when I was frustrated..

So now I'm here, still not technically broken up with because he still hasn't spoken to me and I feel so fucking shattered over the whole thing. I know I fucked up, I wanted to fix this so bad because I love him and I feel awful for hurting him and not being brave enough to talk to him. But I'm also so angry because none of them bothered to reach out to talk to me about anything, and I probably won't get any closure from him with this.

tl;dr I know I fucking suck, I know. But I tried to repair things and it just got worse and I don't know what to do now.

No. 1243339

Lmao I would respond like this too. It's the tism.

No. 1243354

I'm so sorry nonny, I can really relate to you in a sense- I did the same where I showed a dick pic to my GFS, they told him and he was upset. It took a lot but he forgave me and I thought I was also friends with his friends and later on, when I was planning a party and they all decided not to go (THAT day)that they had a group chat where they all talked shit about me, hated me, didn't like me etc. And when I nearly mashed his balls to mush after I saw that (we were in person together), he said that they were trying anything to persuade him and discourage me. Whether it was blantant lying about things he said or did, they just wanted HIM and didn't care how they got it. My dad said he did this to my mom too, his friends treated her like shit and he accepted it until it was too late and she left him, and even still he didn't realize until it really put him in physical pain- realizing his love (my mom) would do anything for him and his friends loved him- but out of selfishness..

so what I'm trying to say is he'll realize sooner or later and he'll learn in forgiveness, pain or out of love. You are strong nonny, I wish you luck in your journey. Use this time to figure out what makes you happy and who you were before your boyfriend.

No. 1243358

Samenon but also my boyfriend and I have broken up more times than can count (maybe two major times where we didn't talk for 3-4 months) over the last 7 years. I know some nonnies will say I'm retarded (and maybe) but if he loves you, he will make things work and try his hardest to get things moving again. And if he doesn't, then he isn't the right one for you. Someone who can't stay by your side through mistakes is not someone you want to be the father of your children. How do you expect him to treat your kids? Your grandkids? What if something happened to you.. would he take care of your grandma? Call her every week? It will be ok. Please >> me this if you would like any advice or need to talk nonny. I'll samefag xo.

No. 1243359

File: 1656383569539.jpg (62.83 KB, 633x451, 1651995063137.jpg)

I like him so much and the distance is killing me!!! He texts me almost every day and on the days he doesn't I go to bed sad. I've never got to the point where I regularly communicate with a guy before, but I still have no idea how he feels about me. He's so polite I keep thinking maybe he just thinks of me as a friend. It's making me insane. I just want to see him again. I just have to survive this month.
Holy shit I never thought I would go retarded from being in love but here we are bitch I hate this shit nonas

No. 1243398

File: 1656385693146.jpg (50.98 KB, 580x399, oreb-disneycars.jpg)

AYRT, ah, don't apologize then. Scrotes are faggots, aren't they?

No. 1243420

Girl I ain’t even read all that but just dump his bitch ass, life is too short.

No. 1243423

Dick pics really do be out here ruining our lives, huh? haha Seriously though, thank you nonny. I'm so sorry that you've been through something similar and I hope you're in a better place now than at that time. Everyone I've spoken to about it (my best friends and therapist) all think that they were just looking for an easy target to leap on and since I left that was a perfect opportunity, which I am not realizing is probably what happened.

When you found out they were saying all these things did you break it off with him? And do they still feel this way? I guess I'm not sure what to do if something like him growing a pair and talking to me happens and we reconcile how it will go because his friends don't like me now and my friends don't like him after how he's treated me.

And you're not stupid for that, the important thing is that you're happy and he's treating you right. Relationships are hard, and keeping them together when things aren't great is even harder, but if you guys are working on it that's all that's important!

I really hope he'll fight for me, because he said we could work through anything back when we were in a better place. But now that we're at this point I feel in my heart of hearts he's given up on me and it hurts, but I will definitely be taking your advice and finding myself prior to all of this, thank you xo

No. 1243425

All men are the enemy and I am out of patience. The druid stick shall now be used for war.

No. 1243446

I just got reminded about that stupid viral video of the dad wearing the short shorts of his teenage daughter to humiliate her. I want to scream.

No. 1243467

Anyone else feel like a pull string doll or something like that?
I feel so disconnected from things and like I'm a fake. When people tell me stuff I have the most canned responses. Just great, cool, awesome, etc. I hate that I have nothing more to say and I fear that people think I'm just boring and fake and don't care, but that's really all I can say. Idk if this makes much sense

No. 1243469

Probably a full blown Troon by now.

No. 1243475

I'm scared at how little I "like" people. I'm not sure how other people's emotions work, if they feel warm or excited to see other people. I'm usually only excited to be doing something outside the house, not really about people. Even if one person disappeared from my life completely but was immediately replaced with a person I could hang out with in the same manner, I wouldn't miss them one bit. I don't know if this is some autistic trait or I'm a sociopath.

No. 1243486

Might be schizoid

No. 1243489

Now I feel more creeped out.

No. 1243500

Listening to music alone gives me more dopamine than hanging out with people

No. 1243528

Men trying to satirize women online are always like “hehe how do you do fellow women. Who’s up playing with their disgusting breasts and ugly PUSSY? Ew I can’t believe you fell for that. Abort your baby. Your fat”

No. 1243535

Ugh, I hate having nerve damage. My dumbass got sick and the nerves that got fried from shingles are acting up. Probably won't sleep until 5 if I'm lucky. Fuck me.

No. 1243544

Yup it’s everyday bro.

No. 1243560

File: 1656403132975.png (734.52 KB, 850x872, 041E8EB6-F0F2-4186-AD0F-9C0150…)

im upset for ruining a few past friendships that i tried to rekindle with no luck and still cant entirely move on from. im weak and fickle and useless and im tired of people loving me or speaking to me or feigning any regard for me. i want to save up and move away to a new state and start fresh and cut everyone off. i will also stop eating again. if i do not become happy from these two things i can off myself because im tired of feeling so trapped and weak. living st home makes it all worse but its hard to afford moving out right now

No. 1243582

I recently started at this workplace and I just…cannot participate in the meetings and I bet everyone thinks I'm retarded. The guy who leads these talks moves on fast and when I think it'd be my turn, I turn my microphone on to speak but he already moved on and I'm just left out

No. 1243592

I have the same issue nona, every time I try to talk in online meetings I end up accidentally cutting someone off. Can't tell if I'm missing the natural gaps or if there aren't any

No. 1243613

I feel you. And Idk about your meetings but here noone switches on their webcam, so we're just basically floating name initials with voices, no faces, gestures or other visual cues to go by

No. 1243622

Everyone has webcams on in my job, but I still feel like it doesn't help me. Been in this job for about 8 months, I've just settled to chill in the meetings until someone asks me directly

No. 1243623

File: 1656411027125.jpg (470.05 KB, 830x535, 5HJ2mia.jpg)

I hate how much I over think in every aspect of my life. Sometimes it's actually useful but 80% of the time it's exhausting. I also hate how repulsed I am by the thought of being somewhat remotely personal with anyone - I say personal but I mean anything beyond surface level small talk or funny poo poo fart jokes. I think a lot of my overthinking contributes to a poor mental disposition and even though I know I have friends and family who would be more than happy to listen to what's going on in my head I REFUSE to tell them anything, because I find it so (for lack of a better word) cringey to do so. It's only just recently that I've been able to tell a few friends and my mother that I was in fact horribly miserable in high school, none of them knew as I pulled a pro gamer move for 6 years and bottled up everything cuz god forbid anyone saw that I wasn't well mentally. I've never seen anyone about any of this, and I feel as though even in a clinical setting it would all feel too soul-baring and I just can't open up like that to anyone.

As much as I like to think that I'm trying to get better with talking to people I don't think I'm really doing much. Yes I have been talking about things from 4+ years ago but there are so many things that I'm struggling with in the present that no one knows about. Or not until I have a new handful of problems in 4 years time and can laugh about all this.

I only think about getting help when I'm really in a depressive episode, but as soon as it passes I think "wow that wasn't so bad I don't need help at all" which is really dumb. I don't think it'll happen anytime soon but I can feel it building up and I'm almost certain one day I'm gonna do something really stupid and hurt myself because I found opening up to any other being on this planet too embarrassing. I feel so stuck yet I'm not willing to put in the effort to make any significant long-term changes to better myself. I just wish I never had to feel like this ever.

No. 1243625

Who’s this, she’s pretty

No. 1243632

File: 1656412052218.jpg (300.89 KB, 1952x1078, 1656337619014.jpg)

The Abby Bominable actress would make a better Ghoulia. Should have found a girl with a stronger jaw. Frankie's skin should be greener and they should have gotten an actress with a big ass forehead. Wtf is Clawdeen, a hipster furry? Is that supposed to be Casta Fierce in the back? Did they pick these girls off the street?

No. 1243633

File: 1656412346930.jpg (295.5 KB, 1080x1350, Lagoona.jpg)

They didn't even freaking paint Lagoona's body. We get it Nickelodeon, you like mixed people.

No. 1243634

Yo this internet thing, it's making me think.

So the articles that are a: negative and b: inspiring anger or outrage are the ones that people are more likely to engage with and spread and argue over, and polarising people is just a side effect (to keep it simple) of companies trying to maximise engagement. It's strange to think everyone was in uproar and giving their 2 cents on essentially a domestic abuse case just a month ago or whatever. Every time I look into it it's always talking about targeted ads on facebook and staying in your biased content bubble which is actively thrown to you which is what polarises you.

Is that what this place is too? Is ranting about scrotes polarising me more? Because there are no ads and no specific content being pushed, just other nonnies.

Since coming here i'm firmly of the opinion men are less developed humans than women, but I think that's just being realistic about the situation. But constantly using vocabulary like scrotes and sincerely wishing harm and imagining any man in my circle (some which I'd consider besties) has probably done something egregious due to his inherent sense of entitlement that I would never forgive him for. To be clear, I have no evidence that these friends of mine have or would do a terrible thing nor would their character match up to someone who could do that, but that I can imagine they might in a specific imagined scenario just because they're men leads me to resent and think less of them. And really, I can understand hating men in society in general, but is it healthy to be holding such hatred in my heart?

Anyway I told my group chat a summary of these thoughts and how I think I'll stop consuming these outrage headlines and they weren't for it at all. But then again they do link, several times a day some soundbite of a conservative political pundit with the comment "shocking", or highlighting their hypocrisy and each time it pisses me off because i'm like yeah they're hypocritical, we know it. And, what else? We've been talking about this since 2016 or so, being like "see, see?? What they say doesn't match up! They're morally inconsistent" like sis I KNOW, we KNOW. We've been saying it for 6 years, like what is the point? For one we're in Europe, also we haven't taken a single action about any of this outrageous shit we've seen. No, seriously I don't get it. We're just doing the same thing, spreading the same message through different headlines within the same circles then rinse and repeat, and it really does feel like we're manufacturing outrage for the sake of being angry.

No. 1243635

Madeline Smith

No. 1243636

All the hottest men are gay fml

No. 1243639

>Is that what this place is too? Is ranting about scrotes polarising me more? Because there are no ads and no specific content being pushed, just other nonnies.
Essentially, yes, but it works in a different way. Media create polarizing content for clicks which means financial gain, not necessarily even believing the thing they say at times, just cynically pushing it. Here, we're in a bubble that is relatively ideologically homogeneous - not entirely but there are some specific subjects about which you're expected to have a specific view on, otherwise you'll be scorned by another anons or even mods. For a lot of anons LC is the only place where they interact and get their info about the world, so this paired with the fact certain views are taboo here creates a narrower mindset that slowly but surely can lead to start identifying with more and more extremist-leaning views without you even realizing that it's happening; and it's the same for every social media. Just like you'd enter a room with closed windows that is full of people, the smell is not something you'd feel if you left the room, you try to open the window, get yelled at every time you try, you do it less and less, get used to the smell more and more and before you realize you're one of the people yelling at a newcomer to not touch the window.
Additionally, if you interact with media posted on LC, such as recommended articles, youtube videos, search for these most disgusting reddit posts or tweets shared in their respective hate threads an so, the algorithm outside LC will interpret it as subjects you want to see more of, effectively having the bubble around you becoming smaller and smaller. It's a slippery slope.
Tl;dr I love it here but as with anything online it's good to actively seek alternative sources and spend time with people that have different views, be it your friends or other online spaces that don't overlap with LC

No. 1243645

this place has organically peaked many women so it's not like it's useless or pointless. this site is a place where women can share their lived realities and they tend to align with other women's realities. i don't see any of that as pointless or meaningless. i also don't tend to have a problem with being very aware of reality. you can't be disappointed if you have extremely low expectations, always. life has doled that out to me, especially with respect to how much women are hated, irl. being cognizant of it along with other women does me no harm. it helps a lot.

No. 1243649

it's so difficult to avoid thinking about self-harming. i want to so badly, i know i have the strength not to do it as i haven't for three years but it's on my mind constantly. doesn't it ever go away? it feels like these thoughts have been constant through all those three years, thoughts of suicide too. it's been happening in my dreams, for the past few nights i've dreamt that i was attempting suicide the way i did in real life. i hadn't had a suicide dream in so long until recently, why is it happening again now? why am i so prone to suicidal thoughts? i remember wanting to kill myself so badly when i was just a little kid. i wish i could just go some time without any of this appearing in my head

No. 1243650

Yep. No ads. No elsagate. No spam or scammers lurking in every corner. You don't have to walk on eggshells to not offend people when calling out scrote behavior or just creeps in general. Given there are a lot of issues with the imageboard culture here but it's still better than mainstream social media by a long run

No. 1243654

File: 1656415146957.jpg (64.54 KB, 820x1024, monster-high-movie-actor-dracu…)

Also Draculaura is a chubby faced Asian because why not?
Like she's pretty and all but this is the most blatantly pandering cast I have ever seen kek

No. 1243657

I have stated before and it bears repeating that my favourite thing about lolcow is that there are NO ADS. God, this is such a paradise

No. 1243693

Violence against women is so common it's seen as something everyone should expect, I'm sure that's why they can't get that women get killed for being women. It's just completely normal for them because that's what they've observed since forever with the news. I wouldn't even try to argue with your stupid relatives, it sounds like a waste of time and energy.

No. 1243696

It just hurts, like I once thought men stuck togeather (They did and do in fence sitting and not accepting my opinons) but I realize a lot of men will "Fake" throw their gender under the bus, JUST to spite women.
one of my reletives is normally pro lgbt, but sometimes calls troons/tranny's. He even said there's some very attractive transwomen (Which didn't bother me because he's attracted to men, so whatever), but I thought bringing up gay men/troons being killed for their gender (being male) and their sexuality, assumed or otherwise, he'd have to admit it. But nah, he wouldn't even say, "Yeah" to that. Because it meant admitting gendered violence exist
Never once did I discredit his male expereince, but he did that to me. Told me I was wrong and when I brought up men who ONLY fight women, only kill and harm women, he just said, "They are violent people" and everyone else acted confused like, "What are you trying to say? He's saying there's a gene and some people are violent and will be violent anyway".
But They knew what I meant. If there was a serial killer gene, how come they don't look for it? If there's a "violent" gene, how come they don't test for it? How come my dad is an abusive woman beater, but I'm not a violent person unless I'm in danger?
How come women of bad violent men and women, don't go out and abuse everyone? If anything it can be agrued theres a "Violent gene" and men possess it at a high rate and a lot of men use that to beat on women and towards women.
It just hurts, like I really realize that some men really hate us, nobody is reallys safe from it.

No. 1243702

to be fair this one makes sense, draculaura visually appears more asian rather than eastern european if that was their goal.

No. 1243708

File: 1656421210849.png (8.41 MB, 3840x2160, ddntayo-36d5ac38-74eb-4d3e-a27…)

I am so tired of constantly worrying about my weight. I just want to be healthy and stay consistent but it's been so hard lately with work and school that I just don't have time to exercise, and the idea of gaining to much weight is do fucking anxiety inducing at this point. I've gained a good amount since my last semester but it wasn't anything too crazy and I still look fine but my clothes are getting a bit tight and I really don't want to have to buy anything bigger. But it's like no matter how hard I try to lose it it just won't come off. I stopped the binging for the most part but I only lost 3 pounds from that. I want to lose at least 10 but it's taking so much time to come off. I never had such a hard time losing weight and I'm extremely frustrated with it already. I hate that maintaining my diet feels like such a chore when before it was nothing to me and I would stay so consistent with eating healthy. I can't stay consistent with anything anymore and I didn't need this to be one of them.

No. 1243713

I remember my dad showing me something like that when I was a teenager, and was like “haha what if I did that?” like some little threat to embarrass me for the fun of it. I said “sure, go for it.” What even is the logic here? Like, why would I be the embarrassed one? The dad is the one looking stupid. Anyway. Iirc my sister pointed out that we weren’t allowed to wear shorts that short to begin with so she didn’t see the point either.

No. 1243714

ive never seen such two very wrong people before.

Oversharing intimate dynamics or secrets is a huge violation of trust, there are things that are meant to stay within the relationship. If you need advice on it, talk to the psych you allegedly have or ONE girl friend about it that he isn’t connected to. you’re not saying what the secret was for a reason. Talking to HIS friends about it is beyond shitty, and it sounds like they realized how wrong it was after some time.

sharing a dick pic of your BF with other people is unforgivable. idec for scrote autonomy/rights like that but that’s practically breaking a law because it’s understood to be so violating.

you’re both cancers.

No. 1243727

yeah all i see is two barely high school brained idiots oversharing with not just with one friend but an entire group of friends

No. 1243728

Highschoolers or summerfags, ignore.

No. 1243729

I demand an update! This was a more exciting plot than any show I'm currently invested in. What was the secret? Not specifically, but what genre?

No. 1243734

I hate going to job interviews. I hate having to doll up and do make up but not too fun, get my hair done and wear pretty things. I can't just fucking exist my natural face cannot be formal because it is "unprofessional" and I have to do that bullshit no makeup makeup and be a nice lady so the HR will at least consider me. I am so fucking tired I wish I was a man so I could throw on an ironed shirt and it'd be revolutionary.

No. 1243743

I never said I was right in this situation. In fact, I've been saying the opposite about myself this entire time because I knew it was a shitty thing to do and have since owned up to that.

The secret was the dick pic, I just didn't want to say it outright because it was an immediate regret reaction afterward.

I've apologized for my actions and attempted to right my wrongs, I'm more hurt that they literally did everything they're burning me at the stake for INCLUDING sharing a dick pic to said group not even a week prior. So call me cancer if that makes you feel better but there are reasons as to why this is fucked up on both sides.

Also, it's a vent thread. Please just let me vent my dumb high school tier bullshit drama so I can move on.

No. 1243745

genuine question how is your first reaction to your bf sending you a dick pic to show the rest of your friends? do you hate him or do you want your friends to fuck him harem style?

No. 1243746

An apology to me would be nice as she hurt me way too much despite my support for her and she knows it. She is lucky because she has dual citizenship while I'm stuck being a third world and she has rich parents, she just restarts her life whenever. It's just a stupid selfish vent about me being bitter because of things working out for shitty people while I can't even get an apology, nonna.

No. 1243747

No. 1243750

Nta but do you retards really think your nudes don't get shared at all? Most men have groups or online platforms they leak nudes of their gfs, if you send a nude it's your fault.

No. 1243752

I didn't know guys have buttholes until grade 7(14 years old) because I only lived with my mom/sister and I had only heard about men peeing so one day my GFS were talking about how gross it is when guys poop and I said "haha lol guys poop?" And that's how I learned that No, the poop doesn't come out in the same stream as the pee. Men have buttholes. Lol

No. 1243753

i've never sent nudes in my life. what does that have to do with that freak sharing her bf's dick pick with her group of friends?

No. 1243756

Surprisingly neither of those options were what I was thinking, just literal stupidity one day during a conversation between 2 close friends. Shocking, right?

No. 1243757

ntayrt but

>things working out for shitty people while I can't even get an apology

Damn I feel this.

No. 1243767

Same anon you were responding to!
Mine happened in early highschool (we both understand and understood it was being young and dumb) and I had never sent the photo virtually- but shown my best GF who ended up making a comment like "oh yeah X! You have a huge cock right? Hahaha" which is how I admitted it to my BF. He wasn't super happy and was upset I violated his privacy (of course) but after talking and his maturity level- we forgave and forget.
His friends on the other hand don't like me at all and I've made it VERY obvious I don't like them. I talk about it and all the shitty things they've done, it makes my BF uncomfortable sometimes but he knows where I stand and that even though we may live together, I don't want them in my house or hear about them. So he doesn't and we have seperate lives friend wise. I'll admit it was really hard to get used to and understand but still, while chatting with my dad or other males, men don't hold grudges against other men. They did apologize to him and I have full access to their groupchat if in doubt. (which they don't know about.)

I have to say the biggest thing I've had to practice was patience and forgiveness. I have a hard time forgiving people and I don't feel the need to forgive them but seeing my BF forgive and forget makes me realize that he does care- even if 'forgiving' doesn't seem like caring towards me- it shows that HE can move forward and past scenarios that are difficult for me, and I make sure he remembers that elephants don't forget.
Some people may attack me or our relationship but after so many years and shit we've gone through, I realize the people who care will make an effort to stay (sooner or later) whether out of forgiveness, love, or self-soothe. It's just up to you to decide how to handle it. Some people will forgive and come back but not even realize they're doing it for themself and not the other. Others will apologize to save their self but not realize that they actually care about the other. Never feel like you have anything to prove to others in your relationship nonny because that's where I went wrong and had my pitfalls. Don't yell in the mountains and expect the trees to grow.

No. 1243769

Sorry I should have read this over. But they apologized to him (without knowing we were together still) about how they had treated me and while chatting with my dad and other males, I realized*

No. 1243773

You sound boring.

No. 1243779

You sound coomer-brained.

No. 1243788

Sulk and seethe kek.

No. 1243799

Why do people, after you have already declined an invitation to something, feel the need to ask again or go “oh, it won’t be that bad”/“oh come on, you know you want to”?

I’ve said no. You doing the above makes me want to go even less than I did before.

No. 1243815

Nta but it sounds like you need to date/meet better people. Never heard of anyone leaking nudes other than scrotes you can tell are dickheads from a mile away.

No. 1243836

File: 1656430619521.jpeg (259.25 KB, 828x472, A2051C91-094C-4DB6-AE94-97149D…)


No. 1243867

Instagram marketing has to be one of the most evil things I’ve ever seen in my life. I haven’t been on Instagram since 2013, and I downloaded it recently to follow some of my favorite artists and hobbyists, and to keep track of social events. It’s pure evil; I google stuff about the ab machine in my gym and now suddenly it’s all lipo surgery ads, facial plastic surgery ads, I-don’t-know-what-that-procedure is even called ads. It plays onto your insecurities and feeds them and then induces body dysmorphia. I’ve never had a problem with how I was before. Now I’m noticing everything in my face. Did you nonnies know that women with high cheekbones get fat grafted to look less “gaunt”? Insane.

No. 1243869

Its such a shame when fit gitls get implants. I find small chested girls so cute

No. 1243870

Idk who you follow but i never get ads like this. Only food snd fast fashion kek

No. 1243875

I followed a group challenge where you don't shop clothes for 3 months, and immediately got ads for clothes.

No. 1243879

>it's another whore that's gonna get her nudes leaked and cry about how men are evil when she shouldn't be sending nudes in the first place
how is it my fault that you're unironically a dumb whore? you'd rather call me boring than get yourself some self esteem? jesus

No. 1243883

Or it's a scrote

No. 1243887

i've seen more women act like clowns calling other women "boring" and shaming them into acting like hookers than men do… it could be a scrote but i doubt it, women like her are like junkies, they just want other women to be down at their level.

No. 1243892

Its their gfs though? How could you know someone you love and who lies and presents an image to you that is different from their real self is a creepy faggot cuck? Victim blaming much? Ive never sent a nude because trust issues but a lot of people do and it’s unrealistic to blame average women for trusting their partners

No. 1243896

Thank you, I'm really glad you're both able to find a middle ground and move past things when the going gets tough. I wish you both many happy years ahead! I think that's a big concern of mine is that if we somehow get back together the adjustment period of not being able to befriend/communicate with one another friends will be difficult, but overall for the best.

Should he come back we'll have a lot to talk about, but until then I've got some personal growing to do so that I can handle the situation better next time, especially in the patience department. But again thank you for reaching out and being so kind, I really appreciate it and am going to work on improving.

No. 1243911

I'm not talking about you specifically, it's common knowledge nudes get spread around and I was just shocked none of you knew.
I didn't date guys like that but I heard from girls that they saw men using such groups.
I'm not victim blaming its just a fact and a warning of sorts. Don't send stuff you don't want to be spread, men do this shit so often you'd be shocked.

No. 1243912

Men treat nudes like baseball cards. I knew a guy that wanted to propose and was "madly in love" with his gf but my bf told me he showed everybody his gf's nudes. Men don't love like us

No. 1243926

It is very common, hopefully just in adolescence and less as adults. My first boyfriend would force me to take my clothes off and take pictures when I didn’t know. Then show them to me in public while I freaked out and when I tried to delete them he kept them in a separate app that I couldn’t delete pictures from. So yeah PSA never send nudes because they’ll get their slimy hands on it and hoard it forever as far as you know.

No. 1243930

Retards like this can get boyfriends but I can't? Damn…

No. 1243931

Finally made an appointment about my weird butthole problems. I might have asshole cancer. Sigh.

No. 1243932

idk if anyone remembers me, I was the anon who got fired a few weeks ago. I didn't end up pulling any pranks on my boss. I submitted one resume then felt bad and deleted everything lmao. But now she's asked me to drive and return some cleaning products/supplies and I flat out told her no and said it would be on the curb outside my house tomorrow if she wanted to pick it up. I know I shouldn't have done that and I probably got myself into more trouble. She's already threatened to call the cops on me once for no fucking reason. But whatever. I hate how impulsive I am. I don't know what to do. I hope she just picks it up tomorrow, I already drove half an hour to return the keys and it's so humiliating to be told to run errands for a job that has already fired me and then threatened me with the police. Responding to that ad was the worst idea ever. I should have known they would be hell to work for, they were completely disorganized (ignoring my texts so that I showed up to a shift someone else was already working, deleting shifts off my schedule then blaming me for not showing up, not leaving instructions on what to be cleaned and then blaming me for not cleaning it (what I got fired for)) etc. etc. I'm just ranting now. But seriously, should I wait and see if she picks it up tomorrow or text and apologize? I was pretty rude last time I messaged her but she was also pretty rude to me.

No. 1243937

Hard to understand why you can't get a boyfriend with that winning personality.

No. 1243943

Do NOT apologize, block the number, you have no obligationto them at all, "I'm cawling the police" is just Karen woo woo, fuck that job and them. There are thousands of others.

You seem pretty caring for wanting to apologize, don't second guess yourself like that though. Anyone with self worth would be pissed too.

No. 1243947

I've been sensing an influx of online 'sex workers' like >>1243788 and they're all in deep denial of what they've gotten themselves into. It's like talkng to a wall.

No. 1243948

Because I could get honor killed if I have a bf instead of marrying a random guy after the first conversation.

No. 1243951

Mostly crafty stuff, like woodworking and metalsmiths. Instagram “spies” on your other activity on your phone, so if you google something like “belly fat diet gym” the next day it’s going to be lipo ads. I just searched for some patterns and now it’s sewing machine ads.

No. 1243955

So, I pretty much wasted 5 months of my life with a hot and cold scrote. I'm mostly angry at myself for wasting my time. Literally was not romantic at all (buying flowers, presents, going on cute planned dates, dressing up and smelling nice etc). I broke up with him through text because that's what he deserves. He seemed surprised because he really thought I was going to stick around for some reason? Men really do not respect desperate women. I'm in Austria rn (going to N. Italy this weekend) and living my best life. He knows about this trip (talked about it non-stop) and I told him I didn't want to be exclusive anymore and that we can be friends right before I left. He's been texting me DAILY and I'm ignoring him lmao. I'm not a bitch ever but enough is enough. Bitch you had your chance (five freakin months) and now you want me back. I have no intentions of getting back with him ever. Part of me wants to respond to his texts and act like we are getting back together but I'll say I met someone kek

No. 1243964

Why did you have the cleaning supplies? Don't do it nona. Like you said, they're just making you run errands for a job you no longer work. Block and ignore. What the fuck are the police even gonna do if she does call them? "Anon stole our cleaning supplies!!!" Like I doubt they're asking you to return even a hundred dollars worth of cleaning supplies (if it is that much why tf do you have that much? lol). Police won't give a fuck.

Also you should continue pranking them. They sound insufferable.

No. 1243978

Because I worked for them as a cleaner lol. The most expensive thing I have would be the vacuum but even then it's cheap as shit, everything else is dollar store supplies. I'm not even trying to keep them either, I just told her they'd be outside my house and blocked her. Now that I think of it her calling the police would be pretty ridiculous, I don't think they would respond to someone telling them they wanted their stuff picked up and delivered bc they were butthurt they couldn't get it dropped off.

No. 1243979

I hate scrotes so fucking much. 30 year old scrotes hit on me and assume I'm 19 and the moment I tell them I'm actually 27 they back off. I know you're still physically attracted to me scrote, you couldn't stop staring at me and trying to talk to me all the time, but you just found out I'm not an easy to manipulate and dominate teenager so you don't want to try anymore, fuck you scum

No. 1243991

Sorry for samefag but they also have my last paycheque and aren't giving it to me until they have the supplies, and they also owe me money for the background check I had to pay for that they never reimbursed for. So they're holding wages over my head which I'm pretty sure is illegal.

No. 1243992

Once had a 30 year old hitting on me and asked me how old I was. I told him my age and he was like “oh haha thank goodness I would have felt like such a creep if you were actually the age I thought you were” like first of all you directly told on yourself just now, and second he said that in a disappointed voice kek

No. 1243994

Thinking about how that a girl I knew who worked in customer service got asked out by her boss (he’s 42) and when she said she’s too young for that (18-19) he said yes I want to see you grow up in front of my eyes LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

No. 1243995

Holy kek, the audacity of balding boomers

No. 1244009

i am sorry about your butt nona

No. 1244016

This shit happened to me so many times, when I told my sisters that this is the main reason why I can never trust men they finally understood why I'm so "picky".

No. 1244030

You will do good! I've still got a lot of growing to do myself. It's not always easy but as long as we practice doing better than before, you'll feel fulfilled. I also struggle with boundaries, and practicing space- whether it's not being in contact for an amount of time (I've noticed all men will hide to deal with feelings, whether it's going away or not acknowledging their feelings ((hanging out with their friends and not acknowledging the problem/carefree), they seek space. Where women usually seek relief in others, venting or going out- from experience))and recognizing that space doesn't necessarily mean loneliness or 'endgame'.
I had this discussion with my boyfriend before because whenever things were emotional, he seeked space from us and would go to his mom's or leave for coffee/store and I had no idea when he would be back or come home, and he wouldn't answer my calls. I explained how I felt and it took a lot of understanding on both ends that he didn't even understand that feeling or what he was going through, but it was to release those feelings in space and forgetfulness. And he understands that I seek emotional reassurance, and that he still needs to be there for me and he can have his space but to meet halfway- he will stay at our house when he feels that urge, but if it's unbearable he'll walk nearby or I'll take a walk. Or if we're apart for work and won't see each other(LDR) and a disagreement happens and he feels upset to not wanting to talk or hangout and same with me feeling uncomfortable/etc. We will call and he will acknowledge his feelings 'I am upset, I really don't want to talk but we can talk next (day) or we can agree to update/talk by this (day)" This is used for discussing stuff with friends (like telling me short notice he's hanging with his friends and I thought he was staying home, so he might go silent mode when I discuss it but now I feel emotionally fulfilled knowing that's how he deals with his things, that's how I deal with my stress, if these incidents happen because in maturity, mistakes happen and we can learn from each other.
I didn't always know this though and kept practicing perspective. I've always had a soft spot for my old vloggers growing up hence the lc but I try to practice sharing what I can.
Good luck nonita in your journey. It's hard but in the end do it for you. Use your off time to practice doing what you love and read new books, whether it's one page of something and you hate it or finding out you love photography. Much love to you.

No. 1244046

File: 1656441783435.jpg (92 KB, 455x425, FLE0OROUYAQHX5b.jpg)

i feel so fucking friendless sometimes its kind of pathetic but i simultaneously dont care enough to actually try to remedy things fuuuuck im going to be alone forever

No. 1244047

>Inb4 bans for having a BF

No. 1244068

File: 1656442601276.gif (2.27 MB, 540x304, i clapped.gif)

I hate that I can't just enjoy things and I feel so grumpy about ~NOSTALGIC MUSIC~ or references in pop culture all of the time.

Example, once "Running up that hill" played on Stranger Things and was repeated several times through the show I immediately groaned and was like "ugh, they're going to make this song THE NEW THING aren't they"

Same with whatever new Marvel movies that prominently feature music from the 70s and 80s that everyone is supposed to love and get excited about. "Come and Get Your Love" in Guardians of the Galaxy, "Sweet Child O' Mine" in the Thor trailer, etc. They're good songs, but even as a Millennial we heard these songs so often it doesn't give me any 'feels' or make me feel connected to the movie, it's just "ugh, here we go again I guess with the 80s shit"

And it's not that I feel gatekeepy, I'm glad that new generations are being exposed to older music and references, so I don't know why I'm so grumpy about it.
Maybe it's that it feels so forced and its like "Here's this thing we want you to enjoy, this is NOSTALGIA and you'll LIKE IT and LOVE THE REFERENCE"

No. 1244076

I should be grateful and excited for this opportunity I’ve been given recently but I’m worried I’m going to sabotage it simply because I’ve been so depressed lately. I shouldn’t let the news cycle get to me like this, but I can’t help it.

No. 1244103

>Maybe it's that it feels so forced and its like "Here's this thing we want you to enjoy, this is NOSTALGIA and you'll LIKE IT and LOVE THE REFERENCE"
It's extremely ham fisted and fanboys graciously lap it up because they have no brains of their own. Nothing is subtle or a nod. It has to be over the top and explained to death. Manufactured feeling instead of genuine. It's artificial which is why you're grumpy. It reminds me of Brave New World with Lenina parroting the forced garbage she was fed about betas and "being happy to be one".

No. 1244118

It's bothersome because the music referenced often have no connotation to the material whatsoever or are a reach of interpretation. It truly does feel like a producer slapping a popular song over their trailers to pull folks in cause ~ah, good nostalgic music~
I don't really understand the connect between Running Up That Hill and Stranger Things to understand why that song was picked.

No. 1244144

I'm such an online hoarder and it stresses me out sometimes. I always have a million bookmarks "to check out later" and pinned tabs and downloads and digital lists and pics saved to sort out later and references saved but it's like they just keep piling up and sometimes I'll clear it up but I feel like I never USE the stuff, it's always for a "just incase" and "when I find time". IRL I'm nothing like this, I live extremely minimally so it's like I vomit all my suppressed hoarding-ness from IRL onto my laptop and MY HEAD HURTS. But I still can't bring myself to delete it.

No. 1244151

File: 1656446274477.jpg (8.17 KB, 224x225, download (3).jpg)

So i learned about "ghost kitchens" the other day. Basically it's when on Doordash/Ubereats etc. have these new resturants pop up "Near you".
For example you open door dash and you see , "Chicken Man" is new, in your area and there's like 5 "new restuarants" with different names, some professional pictures as the thumbnail. Others look shitty, some have logos, some don't.
So you click on "Chicken Man" and you check the menu out, you look at the delivery fee (you don't buy a sub to get the free delivery) and it's 4.99. So you think, "Let me see where this place is, because thats crazy. Maybe I can just go get the damn food myself."
So you click on the little "Information" button to see the location. And you go to google maps. It leads you to a KFC. You are confused. "Why the fuck is this leading to a KFC?" You google the name again.
Find a cheaply made website for "Chicken Man". You notice they have the SAME exact menu as KFC but different pictures/names for those items. You try to look for a location and AGAIN it sends you to KFC.
Basically, a "Ghost Kitchen" is when big brand well known resturants, Catfish as random "Mom & Pop shops". It's the same food, sometimes even more expensive then the actual food from that place. They just use different "wrappers" and shit. There's no "Physical" location for "Chicken Man" because it's really KFC and the food is ordered there.
I wonder how many other "Sevices" do this? I know you see this shit online all the time with clothes and other things. How does one get involved in this? I just wanna name one, like Dairy Queen can make a fake brand and I'd call it "Nonnie Girl" or something. Who picks the names? And it makes me second guess everytime I order some shit from a random place and there's no logo on the bag or anything.
I know it's weird, but I always wonder, "Is Fresh And Good Pizza actually Pizza hut?"
A few months ago I ordered from a place with a name like, "Burger Friend" or something, I can't remember. I was eating and I was like, "This has that Mc donalds burger taste" the bun has a taste. The meat had that taste. I can't describe it but it's a taste i've only tasted from Mc Donalds.
I ordered a burger, it was called like "Big Bun Burger" or something on the menu. It had that same flat Mc Donalds look. The fries came in those white containers, when they got cold they went ROCK hard in a way only Mc Donalds fries do.
I feel like I was eating Mc Donalds, but my friend paid more, I can't even find this place and i'm not longer friends with that person to figure it out. Maybe I was tripping or maybe they tricked me.

I'm using KFC as an example

No. 1244158

Reddit spacing

No. 1244167

this is insane but also very interesting. thanks

No. 1244170

very me. i've got nothing to hold onto in real life so i hoard online like i'm mentally unwell

No. 1244187

I just made mozzarella cheese and used like a gallon of milk and all i got out of it is two balls of cheese. It's not worth it unless u got cows or something.

No. 1244189

File: 1656448082384.jpeg (274.22 KB, 828x746, 5251AF92-2073-4275-A923-419360…)

I think this started legit though? Mrbeast Burger doesn’t have storefronts and it offsets its costs by using kitchen space in random restaurants. There’s a wing brand with the same business model that I can’t remember the name of. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if KFC and company were capitalizing on the hype to sell Expensive KFC though.

No. 1244193

They're always older too. I'm 25 and i teach highschool and this 29 yo moid asked me if I get jealous of the teenage girls. I'm like… These moids are so insecure about turning 30 or being in their 30's they're projecting their own insecurities. He was also severely balding and I'm sure he has some sort of kink where he dresses up as an anime schoolgirl.

No. 1244200

When I saw a Mr. Beast in my area I was shocked, let me go see if it has a physical location. HOnestly it's not too bad UNLESS the it's not the same food from somewhere else, over priced or saying it's, "Taco Buddy" but it's really Taco bell with no changes but the prices and packaging. I remember reading a story of someone saying they got home made food from doordash/uber eats. I don't know how true it was. They said it literally showed up as a house. Could've been a mistake, or..maybe people really do be making shit out their houses.

No. 1244262

They could've at least made her talk in her original accent.

No. 1244269

I saw these last year and it was so weird! There was a confusing promotional banner featuring some brand or celebrity (I can't remember what it was) and it announced that they had "new restaurants!" available in the area. When I clicked to see what it was, it turned out it was actually a Five Guys burgers. Supposedly it's a "different menu" but they use the chain restaurants kitchen (sounds sus to me).

I did a google search just now and there's also two of them called "Chicken Sammy's" and "Wing Dept." and both of them are by Red Robin.

No. 1244277


No. 1244280

glasses are so expensive. i'm a disabled poorfag so i get free health insurance from the gov but it's genuinely weird that tooth/eye care isn't included in general health care. american also

No. 1244283

This is weird, apparently they're ran from completely different restaurants, too. How could there be consistency between two orders?

"In exchange for a cut of sales revenue, the brand supplies the name, logo, menu, recipes and publicity images to any restaurant owner with the space and staff to make burgers as a side hustle. When a customer orders from the MrBeast Burger in Midvale, Utah, the food is prepared at a location of the red-sauce chain Buca di Beppo, following a standardized MrBeast recipe. In Manhattan, a MrBeast Burger is prepared at the neighborhood bar Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails."


No. 1244284

Some rando bumped into me pretty hardy accident trying to avoid a bicycle crash and I think it really fucked my shoulder. It felt ok earlier but now I can't even lift it without immense pain. Especially when it's straight.

No. 1244288

You've gotta find the loopholes when you're broke and American. Websites like Zenni take your prescription and you can get coatings and shit for far less expensive. As opposed to most shitty vision plans where they're extremely limited on coating allowances and only pay like $110-150 for frames

No. 1244305

Seconding Zenni! Got some from there not too long ago.

No. 1244325

File: 1656455619808.jpg (14.48 KB, 366x366, FPoBuauXwAURqIu.jpg)

>Hanging out with my crush after classes, let's call him V
>We are alone, in a good mood, and he just asked my out
>Perfect vibes all around
>I want to get more physical, so I touch his arm
>"Wow it feels very soft heh"
>Random girl (one of his friends, allegedly) interrupts our conversation (she always does this)
>"Haha yeah, did you got beat a lot when you was a kid, V? Lol"
>"Yeah…a whole lot…actually"
>He goes quiet for some minutes
>jesus_christ. jpg
>Whole mood fucking ruined
God I want to kill her I'm so furious, read the room you retard. What's her problem? what was the fucking point?? inb4 "she could be genuinely autistic anon" no, she's totally normal

No. 1244331

You must be 18 to post here.

No. 1244340

College exists you know

No. 1244350

File: 1656456754027.png (116.83 KB, 534x203, mlewl hug.png)

i have been craving a hug so badly for a good long while now. but i hate physical touch, to the point where i feel like degloving my hand when i accidentally make contact with for example an employee handing me my change back, not because of the germs or anything it just repulses me. i actually havent been touched in close to a year which should be and is nice to a certain extent but in moments like these i just feel like i want to be held tightly as much as i hate to admit it
i just want a silent long tight hug from a woman… or something. actually i would go for anybody these days. i am not worthy of this but its what i feel that i need and crave.
i feel so lonely but i am too easily creeped out and overwhelmed by people, and i know people feel the same way about me, deservingly. oh well

No. 1244351

File: 1656456863118.gif (170.5 KB, 354x368, virtual-hug-send-hug.gif)

No. 1244355

thank you anonita. i wish i could feel it physically but in my heart i have

No. 1244364

I’d never trust a young moid especially to teach high school, they all seem to get off on thinking that the girls have a crush on them. I remember a Reddit post asking male teachers if they ever had kids have crushes on them and there was a guy who described how he taught like 12yo and one girl kept on saying how they ‘really liked him’ and all the replies were moids saying ‘hE shOuLd bE caReFul, sHe CoUlD geT hiM inTo troUbLe! ThAts whAt gIrLs dO’ because pedos love justifying that the child actually seduced the adult

No. 1244376

>feels bad
>eats 350 calories snack
oh no

No. 1244379

Can't you meet someone in your family to hug

No. 1244381

This, I'm in college, >>1244331
was uncalled for

No. 1244388

no, that would weird in my family. i have never even received verbal affection like "i love you" yuck much less physical. none of us would like that i dont think…
and anyway they dont like me and even when ( and if ) they have they wouldnt hug me even if i asked

No. 1244391

Men do not care who they hurt or how they hurt. They literally do not care, there is nothing going on in there. If they think they won’t get caught they will do it.

No. 1244393

Dear God, Dear Universe, Dear Jesus,
Please just let me have this. I know I complain a lot but I never really ask for anything. Except this. I really need this. Please. Just this. I'll never ask for anything again. I'm crying and begging here.

No. 1244395

my ex boyfriend would use me for physical sex and then look at other women for some sort of imaginary sex (watching porn and i was like 5th on his most searched instagram's or whatever after random women). they will trivialise this by telling you "its just what men do" and you will not be able to make sense of it because for women it's literally mental hell to even attempt to comprehend this

No. 1244397

I just saw messages about me from my long past narc ex that he had sent to a bunch of people a few years ago for still being friends with me. Sent 4 years after we were a thing. It kind of stung but if anything I just feel sorry for him for not being past things when I moved on with my life soon after we split. It was a mutually abusive relationship but he painted himself out to be the sole victim, even though he'd constantly neg me and treat me like shit for no reason and would never admit he was wrong about anything. He apparently went on a huge rampage trying to smear me to virtually everyone and was harassing mutual friends for being friends with me for a fucking year. He even talked to another ex, who was abusive and unstable as him, to get him on his side.
Jokes on him, I'm still friends with everyone and they think he's an unstable edgelord. I admit I wasn't perfect and did some bad shit but jesus christ scrotes are scary. They take this shit way too far.

No. 1244398

samefag replied to the wrong post was referring to "men don't love like us" here >>1243912

No. 1244422

The wageslaves here are too worn down nonna

No. 1244426

if there's one good thing about the rvw situation it's that i can use gendies retarded language against them. it feels so good to tell them not to "reduce people down to their genitals" when they say shit like womb/uterus/egg/etc. carrier. i wonder why shit like that is okay but something like "women have vaginas" is totally reductive and backwards kek

No. 1244431

I wish I wasn’t such a sensitive fuckup. I wish I wasn’t so lazy and stubborn and smug and annoying and I wish I could hold down friendships and I didn’t push people away and that I had the drive to do the things I want to. I’m only 21 and I’m so scared that I’m going to be like this for the rest of my life.

No. 1244438

File: 1656464654120.jpeg (69.99 KB, 300x300, 1FF684C8-72D0-41D7-95C5-43029C…)

The window in my bedroom doesn’t open and I think it’s giving me genuine brain damage. I’m my country it’s illegal to rent a bedroom without an opening window unless there’s a vent system but that costs us power to run and an opening window is free. I’m for sure taking my landlord to court when I move out.

No. 1244442

I hate quitting weed god damn it I feel like I'm in a sweaty vortex of irritability

No. 1244456

It is SO easy to be stuck like that for the rest of your life, seriously. Change now.

No. 1244464

I think I'm involuntarily becoming an audiophile and it's stressing me out whenever I listen to my music.

No. 1244475

File: 1656467209471.jpg (76.21 KB, 823x690, beautifulciswoman.jpg)

i can't stand this troon i have to work with. a classic pasty, flabby white motherfucker with blue hair. i have nothing against each of those individual things, but in combination they're always indicative of a type of person i have visceral hatred for. i presume he is not on hormones atm, because he does not pass in the slightest, but has those disgusting cockeyed moobs that sit unnaturally high up like all mtf seem to have. i am so disgusted by his voice and grimy appearance i just can't touch the stuff that he touched, but we share a workspace. it definitely does not help with my boss being a snowflake enabler, because we are all required to honour the troon's she/her pronouns with non-binary identity, which is a whole fucking gigabrain moment in itself, but whatever. i hate having to keep up the appearance of positivity yaskweening this moron and having to pretend like any real woman with an ounce of self-respect will ask to be referred to as "kitty" in a professional setting. just before we started working together, i looked him up on fb and sure enough his legal name is attached to a membership in some "submissive trans gf" group with gross coomer memes. i hate men and i hate how cumbrained they all are and how they have no shame. it all seems like a humiliating power play on the troon's part, but doesn't immediately give that impression, since he looks like an omega virgin.
there isn't a single person i know irl that i can vent to about this without being cut off or reprimanded, so thanks for being here to read this, nonnas.
picrel not said troon, but you get the point.

No. 1244524

Sorry for late reply but are you a burgerfag? If you are I’m sure it’s illegal and please contact the labor department about it. If you have proof of hours worked via adp or something else, even better. Not sure they can get back money from the background check but at least they should be able to help you recover your last paycheck

No. 1244532

i'm so sad. none of these antidepressants work. at all. i take the one i'm on now because the withdrawals are absolutely miserable. i've had difficulty getting it filled due to the incompetent people working at my Dr.'s office numerous times and i want to get off but tapering is going to be difficult with my insurance situation. the worst time with it was when i was at day 3 of cold turkey. when it was finally filled, it was a butt-ton of money for some reason (insurance usually cover most of it) and my brother had to drive and walk me into the pharmacy to make sure i didn't fail to secure the medication or pass out on the floor. i could barely speak coherent sentences or understand what anyone was saying.
i hate this so much. i want to die so much. i'm constantly in physical pain and mental anguish. i'll hang in there to give my cat a good life and not devastate my only close friend, but i'm so, so tired. there's nowhere to go for help.
i appreciate anyone who bothers reading this. i'm so sorry for being this sad, i don't know what to do anymore.

No. 1244548

Ugh this happened to me. I felt used up, and to this day I still do

No. 1244564

I'm sorry, nonna. The withdrawals from those meds can be so awful. I had brain zaps from Pristiq after a day and a half when I couldn't get the rx on time. They lasted about 3 weeks when finally weening off (the rebate finally ended after a year and it was $300 something per month). Getting off of them is hell, and you feel pretty bad for a bit after it. Can you do a genetic test to see which medication is more likely to work for you if you decide to try something else?

No. 1244567

This happened to me too. My ex would tell me “all men think about sex, all the time” and blame me for him sleeping around because I wasn’t sexually available to a man who was constantly negging me and openly lusting after other women. When I would ask him if his father and friends were constantly thinking of having sex with me, since all men cannot see a woman without the urge to violate them, he would fly into a rage. Men will really have the most deranged minds and be so deluded that they think that must mean all men have no self-control. But more likely he knew that wasn’t true and was gaslighting me about that too. It’s been three years and I still don’t know what was real.

No. 1244573

I have to get my IUD removed early due to a health thing, and the thought of the diarrhea from the abortion-stimulating cervix pills and the intense pain from them unnecessarily using a tenaculum is actually making me sweaty and unable to sleep right now. I've already had it done twice and holy fuck. I could cry thinking about it. I'm gonna go to my doctor soon and see if I can get an oxycodone for the day of– no joke. It's that awful. And I'm someone who has recently broken my nose and been in hospital for intense pancreatitis. I'm so sick of being sick and in pain at this point. Every time I try to roll over and sleep it's like my brain won't let me relax and keeps focusing on the upcoming appointment. Worst of all I don't know when it is, could be this week or nearing next year. Fuck.

No. 1244577

I don’t post in this thread very often. Maybe once or twice in the past, but my boyfriend said something to me tonight that isn’t sitting well with me, and I don’t have close girlfriends, so here I am.
Basically, he was texting me sexually suggestive things at work (not nudes, just being sexy and playful via text) and that’s totally fine - it made me giggle, it was all fun.
Then when I get home from a 9 hour day at work, he proceeds to tell me that I don’t “do anything”. Not like I don’t contribute, but sexually.
If I’m being open and honest, I do a lot when I’m in the mood. I can certainly take initiative if I want it, and I have. However, these past few months my chronic pains and mental health have been all over the place, so I haven’t really initiated any sex with him. And to be fair, he’s not an overly sexual man himself most of the time. We’ve both had a lengthy discussion about how we both don’t need sex constantly, and it’s cool.
Now all of the sudden, he wants me to buy sexy bras and panties, which he doesn’t understand are expensive and not practical for my day to day. I do physical labor at my job, so I’m prone to wearing sports bras and comfy panties (not granny ones, just not lingerie or thongs).
He told me he still things I’m sexy, but he just wants me to do sexier things, I suppose. But ya know what girls? He hasn’t done shit that’s sexy for ME. I don’t require a whole lot, but he’s not delivering either.
Just typing this out has calmed me down, but I’d love some advice from any nonnas who have dealt with something similar. And just for extra context - he is a good man, he works hard at his job, and he does provide well.
I guess I just need a little guidance..

No. 1244581

File: 1656476968014.jpeg (45.27 KB, 720x658, 1649639004478.jpeg)

im on my period (first day) and everythng is making me cry. my bf is here. hes seeing me act like a lunatic. whatever but also gonna cry more about it

No. 1244584

Thinking back on my old posts I've had moments of being straight up delusional and unhinged. Probably owe it to needing a life irl but holy shit I've had some crazy thoughts and views. Much I regret, too. These past few years have been an interesting shuffling of versions of myself some of which are plain psycho. I'm exaggerating a little but seriously, I'm hoping to get myself on track in real life soon which should solve this, god willing. In a strange way I feel myself constantly changing. Nothing DID tier but it's unsettling all the same. I never feel like the same person I was the day before. Maybe part of that is normal and goes with mood, or I've been too focused on it that it seems bigger but it's jarring. Once I get my life in order I bet it'll all disappear. If you have too much time it's easy to fill it up with nonsense

No. 1244595

Just tell him what you said here. Point out that he hasn’t done shit for you, you’re fucking tired and him not anticipating YOUR need is a big turn off. Tell him to buy you sexy shit if he wants to see you in it so badly.
Fucking retard, I would have insulted his manhood and sex appeal so badly if my man suddenly acts like sulky ape over sex and dares to put ME on trial for “witholding” his right to my body in any way. I’m so toxic with this kinda stuff lol.

No. 1244609

My back hurts

No. 1244622

Me too. I used to be very manic and just said the most unhinged nonsensical things in psychosis that don’t resonate with me in any way now. Like just off the wall schizo shit. I’m glad to be evolving and finally taking care of my very neglected mental health even though it pains me to know I’ve lost so much time to being sick. There is almost always time to change for the positive luckily.

No. 1244624

They said paycheque so no, not burger

No. 1244636

This this this. If he want you in sexy clothes so badly he can buy them himself, and in straight couples it’s alway the woman bending over backwards to pander to the scrote and be sexy for him and men NEVER put in a fraction of the same effort. Put him in his place girl.

No. 1244657

I've become addicted to waking up super early, like 6am, eat breakfast and go back to bed and have the best sleep in my life.

No. 1244667

File: 1656486063502.jpeg (17.25 KB, 228x221, 208CB885-36F7-4D9D-8CBF-933517…)

I can’t stand my drug addict mom I hope you die you fucking rotten bitch holy shit I hate your guts I hope you die. Why aren’t you dead yet? All your dumbass skin care bottles you hoard like you’re not literally doing hard drugs. And your caked on makeup on your aging gross skin. I hate you, I hate the way you act for male validation you are grotesque I wish there was a lolcow thread on my mom, she makes dating site profiles with a cashapp in the bio and edits her pictures to hell and back I mean like picrel vibes. God I hate her.
Story time : my creepy ass uncle hits on me the second I turn 18, I tell my mom and then she pretends to be me to ask him for money. she is a scumbag

No. 1244676

Jfc spoiler that pic pls

No. 1244677

so bewildered with all my friends who are utterly passive about the roe overturn. I can barely focus on anything else. Totally going through the motions at work. Only a handful share my distress. Screaming into the void.

No. 1244679

Seriously holy shit it was like a jumpscare lol

No. 1244680

I think a lot of people are so burnt out that they can’t bring themselves to care about anything important. Just how the elites like it.

No. 1244682

Sorry it won’t let me delete it I was gonna delete for the absolute spergery but it won’t let me
I do be valid in hating my mama

No. 1244685

I tried before 30 mins ago

No. 1244694

File: 1656488575945.jpg (29.06 KB, 650x488, 56d76a3e1ea4d3a69f8b3d35f27998…)

Hoooooo boy I'm about to fucking lose it.

I have a male friend in his early 20's who's one of the sweetest people I know. He's super gentle and naive and when we originally met we went on a couple days but I'm in my late 20s and felt just a bit too old for him and how green to the world he was. Since then we've become good friends and today he asked if we could chat about something so I went to meet with him.
He'd mentioned this roommate a few times, an older man who's become something of a father figure to him and he's someone my friend looks up to and this man has also carried him through severe bouts of depression and isolation. Though, he's mentioned before their relationship can get volatile at times.

Today, he told me that his roommate (who, mind you, is in his sixties) came onto him the other night. He kissed him, and my friend kinda froze before politely pushing him off. Then, last night, this man came into his room and did it again but this time tried to go further and started feeling him up.

Not only that, but as my friend started talking about it more he mentioned the roommate not only was the one to interview him for the place and decide on him to live there, but the other candidate was also an attractive young man in his early 20s. He told me that this man has hit him and beat him before, and that he's gotten angry about my friend not spending enough time with him. They've had such explosive fights my friend has been worried about being kicked out, as this man really does hold the power in this dynamic being the only person actually on the lease.

The nail in the coffin was when he told me that this man has mentioned he's had a sexual relationship with a roommate before.
I told him straight away this was premeditated grooming, and he needed to get out. I was so fucking angry (still am, hence why I'm here) that this disgusting old scrote has taken advantage of someone so sweet. He even told me at one point how mad he is at himself for being so passive and letting it happen, to which I told him that he should never feel angry about being the tender, kind person he is. This man took full advantage of him, groomed him and if he continues to live there, will probably rape him.
He's one of the few good moids I've ever met in my life and I swear to god I want to kill the fucking sex pest that did this to him. It would not surprise me if his MO is just to get young, malleable boys to live with him so he can groom them and isolate them from the world before making his move and getting sexual.

And even though my friend is an adult, he's definitely lived a very sheltered life and was a prime target for a man like this. Nonnies you have no idea the pure rage I feel, it's been hours and I'm still thinking about it.

No. 1244724

damn, I hope your friend gets out. Predatory scrotes take advantage of high housing costs.

No. 1244752

File: 1656496905006.jpg (61.15 KB, 600x802, 1655771844107.jpg)

i'm so unbelievably horrible at texting my friends back. are any other anons in the same boat? why does it feel so unbelievably stressful to the point where i have to procrastinate for weeks about it?

i dread texts so much. calls or in person i can do way, way, way better, but i just hate feeling like i need to text back or else it seems like i'm being an asshole. texts are so high stress for me. seems like most people feel calling back is considerably higher stress but i feel the opposite.

No. 1244753

that's awful. living with a predator has to be terrifying

No. 1244757

that sucks but i can't say i'm surprised. does he have any options to leave?

No. 1244758

i feel desperate and vulnerable at times. i wish i wasn