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File: 1652453077567.jpeg (269.19 KB, 750x747, B7D59253-79DC-4392-85D4-05F2E1…)

No. 1179736

Fuck borzois, I hate borzois, all my nonnies hate borzois.
Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1134205

No. 1179743

shut up red-pilled lesbian

No. 1179833

I hate scrotes from my country, they tryhard hyper masculinity/macho aesthetics yet they're so fucking gay, they always trash talking and gossiping about other women and their fashion and hairstyles, they don't know shit about what women like or how to attract us yet they're so vain while being 3s at best. No José, your shitty buzzcut, cheap cologne and tight ass jeans are not sexy, you wide hipped mf you should start chasing fellas and leave us alone

No. 1179848

Why isn't there a borzoi picture for this thread? SHIT THREAD

No. 1179885

Cool how gynecologists warn you while you're up on the chair and say "I will touch you" as if their instruments were delicate like feathers before expanding you to the max and scratching your deepest insides til they almost bleed.

No. 1179894

Cool how they also don't warn you that having a coil fitted might involve total agony, fainting and vomiting. It's barbaric that no anesthetic is used.

No. 1179896

My gyno poked the fuck out of my urethra before finding my vagina. It felt like a moid doing it

No. 1179898

it’s played out and tired, don’t start shit that doesn’t have to be a problem

No. 1179906

>almost bleed
I wish

No. 1179926

this is further reinforcing my decision to get put under anaesthetic before i go to a gyno

No. 1179993

I hate people who call themselves “pan sexual” pansexuals are just bisexuals who don’t want to offend trannies and they fucking suck. Pansexualiry doesn’t exist unless you want to stick a frying pan up your hoo haa like Shayna did or you want to fuck the Greek god Pan.

No. 1180046

I view it as red flag. Like oh so you have a room tempature iq and no spine? Thanks for the warning.

No. 1180177

I feel the same about /g/ and /m/.

No. 1180182

File: 1652471140111.jpg (51.34 KB, 564x564, 0226e7e21f24c57f3f0c96cbeef12a…)

I hate when people sage on the OT boards. Don't sage, the thread is already slow in traffic and it's on page 4!! Just bump it! To me it just looks more newfagish, as if saging is a requirement for posting, and they don't understand its purpose.

Sorry, I deleted to fix some typos. But yeah, by "OT boards" I mean all non-drama boards, /g/ and /m/ included. Please bump the threads, newfags!!

No. 1180190

Not a newfag but I sage on OT because certain farmers get very mad if you don’t and I don’t feel like having infighting over it.

No. 1180191

They should just say they'd fuck anyone and anything

No. 1180198

don't forget a lot of "pansexuals" are just straight. I'm straight too, I wish other straights would just own up to it instead of trying to be cool and unique or whatever.

No. 1180199

There's no one stopping you from making an irl waifu thread or bumping the "women you find attractive" threads.

No. 1180203

just ignore it, the ones asking to sage on /ot/ are probably newfags themselves. I sometimes sage on OT and such because I feel like the discussions on some other threads are currently more interesting than a one off comment I made and I don't want to "diverge attention" from it, but that's just a small preference since the rules of bumping/sageing don't apply to non-drama boards. It's more about not constantly infighting and sperging.

No. 1180207

I do it for the same reason >>1180190 said, ironically people will call someone a newfag for not saging. Also because I'm just embarrassed by my own posts sometimes.

No. 1180316

Frozen blueberries are trash

No. 1180404

Hypochondriacs. Especially the ones who self-diagnose themselves with a plethora of different things after reading some Reddit threads and WebMD articles.

No. 1180406

Blueberries are the worst berry.
I would even go as far as to say the worst fruit.

No. 1180415

Hitty Wonka fans (you know who you are) if there's a thread where I can openly hate on him with like minded nonnies, can someone please link me to it?
I mistakenly used his made up gender, my bad.

No. 1180541


No. 1180561

Agreed, way too fucking sweet

No. 1180587

I hate Jeep drivers. I get physically angry when I see a Jeep on the road

No. 1180789

People whose eyes are too far apart. I know it's not their fault they were born looking like their mother was impregnated on a UFO but it freaks me out.

No. 1180832

Ugh hate people taking the piss out of you. This wanker rolls in 3 hours after he's suppose to start working then comes and tries to keep me back,then starts moaning about his work load. Another worker asks for lunch cover but I'm due to leave then, they ask before dickhead gets in and I agree. Then later I see the two of them doing his work and it's like, wtf. So I go in and ask if he could cover her lunch since he's only been in 2 hours and I've already done fucking 7. He huffs but he agrees. Like yeah you fucking should do it, if she's helping you now you can help her later no one ever fucking helps me. Fuck off

No. 1180878

I hate seeing the rock doing this thing with his eyebrows because it reminds me that I do this all the time without even noticing.

No. 1181120

Damn… I just got the keys to drive my dad's jeep lol

I wish we didn't have it though. I practiced in someone else's Jeep and they're so jumpy and shit to drive. I want a Toyota.

No. 1181208

I dislike this woman and I would love to punch her face in

No. 1181215

File: 1652554511960.gif (325.62 KB, 220x165, 8B929262-FF55-49AD-9808-0629A0…)

I know it's you, Dwayne.

No. 1181226

I hate her too

No. 1181257


No. 1181261

And "bestie".

No. 1181265

You girlies have so much in common. You should be besties!

No. 1181281

File: 1652558292077.gif (152.12 KB, 80x80, 94D66E98-D0F0-460E-9906-0E24AD…)

No. 1181312

Oh my god I fucking hate the word "queer" and everyone who identifies as it

No. 1181723

I hate this shitty song that’s on every other Kawaii consoom tiktok

No. 1181725

I honestly don't really understand what queer is supposed to mean anymore. It seems like people just use it as an umbrella term for anyone who isn't straight (or spicy straights, like "nonbinary" people).

No. 1181743

That's how it's always been used.
Queer just means "not square".

No. 1181751

I stopped watching her vids because I got weird vibes from her and her takes. Why do you hate her?

No. 1181754

woulndt be surprised if same etymology as quirky/quirked up

No. 1181755

nowadays it just means “i’m straight but embarrassed by it” or “i want to be special”

No. 1181761

Doggy style, as in the sex position. It's honestly the most degrading sex position for a woman. Moids get the pornified view of your ass and the back of your head while you have to stare into the pillow thinking about your life choices. As soon as a man tells you its his favourite position you just know he's a misogynist.

No. 1181781

I don't think it's that deep.

No. 1181791

Imo it means he's a fag. He doesn't wanna see a woman's face or boobs… Why would a straight man want that?

No. 1181813

Or, "I'm a lesbian, but I'm still attracted to TiFs and I don't want to get cancelled".

No. 1181816

File: 1652603632747.jpg (33.53 KB, 468x426, bad.jpg)

Oh? Just smaller reese cups? No! There's something wrong with these. The pb layer is TOO thin so it tastes overly sweet and the sweet is chemical-y.

No. 1181840

hate those shits that are so intense that i dont even have the ability to browse on my phone while on the toilet

No. 1181858

Physically I get more from doggy than other positions, the angle just works. I have a mildish back problems that day to day aren't a big deal but years into being sexually active I finally admitted it does make a couple of common positions a pain for me as in literal back pain starts mid sex. Having someone on top of me sucks but me being on top is a task I'm not up to either.

My last ex was an ass about it when I finally told him which positions just aren't working for me. All he heard was that he was being denied something he once had. I was admitting to having endured sucky painful sex at times and he didn't give a fuck because he wanted variety. He acted like I was exaggerating my scoliosis and 'it can't be that bad'. A man getting doggy and standing positions and spooning positions and sex happening very frequently.. and he's complaining about what he can't have. That's sctote brain.

I think any position you're not truly digging is degrading if you still partake in it for a mans sake. For some that's doggy, for others it varies. I just wish men were better at accepting one or two acts being off the table.

No. 1181870

slightly unrelated this is a bizarre read for me because i have mild scoliosis and find doggy to be the one of the worst positions for my back and have an impossible time arching my back comfortably for long, i always assumed it was due to my scoliosis. how is it possible??? i think im comfortable with any position that doesnt involve bending over and doggy only feels good for a few minutes before my back decides its finished

No. 1181897

Interesting. It weirdly just makes me feel like I need to pee so I find it super uncomfortable

No. 1181952

Ayrt, I feel an uncomfortable strain or pull when bending forward, I mostly notice it when I'm sweeping the floor or lately I struggled with painting my home because there was alot of bending forward so I get what you mean but once I'm down on all fours I feel like my knees take the strain off or like arching my back instead of hunching (which I do alot) can be a relief. I guess it's a very individual thing depending on your degree of curve and where you have it. That's interesting.

I just can't imagine sleeping for someone for years knowing they have a proven back problem and questioning their pain when they say 'hey this position isn't so great for me' Ironically I wish I'd had more of a backbone at the time and told him where to go with his shitty reaction to it.

No. 1181982

split attraction model

No. 1182011

File: 1652624149696.png (700.56 KB, 708x988, BARF can't wait to purge this …)

Sorry for seething, but what the fuck is this trash? Please correct me if I'm confused, but is this really some cutesy reference to that serial moid de Sade. I'm not a historyfag, but wasn't he like an abuser rapist moid glorifying incel tier ideals before incels were even a thing? I hate seeing positive references to garbage tier historical moids. I curse whatever autistic rapist-lover moid made this

No. 1182015

I know but it be hitting my cervix

No. 1182020

Nona don't be a retard, "Marquise de X" is literally how French titles work.

No. 1182033

I get why you'd think like this anon but I personally see it as a position of trust. Plus it feels amazing. It's my favorite position tbh, it drives me wild just thinking about it.

No. 1182042

kek I thought that was his name, I'll pretend I didn't post that

No. 1182044

So sad, you could've deleted it if you just saw it three minutes earlier kek

No. 1182046

File: 1652626216026.gif (6.23 MB, 278x498, baldnonce.gif)

I hate people who cannot follow the fucking rules in zoos and safaris or just any area where their children are allowed to go - it's like the parental ego takes over and all common sense leaves their little peabrains. I went to a safari park today and had a great time apart from seeing people letting their kids bang against glass windows with tigers on the other side.
I was also on the safari and the car in front of us constantly kept winding their window up and down. Literally the first two rules of the safari were: for your own safety, keep your windows up and don't let kids sit on your knees. Guess what this fat yummy-mummy of Jayden and Kayden did? Let the window down and have her two kids sit on her knees right next to some fucking LIONS and camels - are you actually retarded? I hate you.
Rules exist for a reason to keep both you and your ugly little babby safe so stop being fucking retarded and just have some respect for everyone else too. No one wants their safari trip ruined by two fat retards and their crusty kids trying to reach out and grab the camels and lions. It's just natural selection at this point, honestly.

No. 1182048

Try mating press, with your legs as high up as you can.

No. 1182052

I'm stupid but I heard this hurts, doesn't it?

No. 1182054

what's that? i'm afraid to google

No. 1182065

Just search it, why would you be afraid of it?

No. 1182069

File: 1652627131326.png (Spoiler Image, 103.21 KB, 1050x1050, bent-missionary.png)

I really like it because it goes super deep (no cervix hitting for me tho thank god)

No. 1182074

sounds porn-ish

No. 1182081

You'd be right, "mating press" is rarely used outside of terminally online guys, especially nsfw artists. People normally uses other terminology for it

No. 1182099

Nta but I like mine hit too. I didn't know that was unusual til a fwb a few years back commented on it.

No. 1182147

When there's no "Jump to recipe" link on a baking site.

No. 1182149

Yesssss, you gotta read this bitches full life story before you even see what ingredients you need to buy

No. 1182154

Samefag, but this is why I sometimes like recipes from Allrecipes. They just get straight to it.

No. 1182258

My mom stressing the fuck out about me driving down to some other country over the week. I've been further, in crappier cars, with more incompetent people, years ago. I've even grown a bit. Let's calm it down a little.

No. 1182387

It hurts but it’s soooo good and idk, it just makes me think damn this mf really is big, which turns me on even moar

No. 1182488

When anons call threads "boards"

No. 1182582

File: 1652655558373.jpeg (294.69 KB, 1124x1343, 2C32551C-73D5-4A14-8ECA-BFE4BE…)

you might not be interested anon but if anyone wants to know, apparently this is the reason why they have those long ass stories before recipes

No. 1182614

I hate streamers with stupid put on forced voices. I was watching some streamers play amogus and I got put on chat timeout because lilypichu and ironmouse are playing and I complained that I can only handle listening to one person with a fake anime baby voice at once. i probably deserved it and it’s a stupid thing to be upset about but it feels like pedopandering and it’s 10x obnoxious bc it’s obviously not their natural voice. I feel the same way about corpse

No. 1182695

Yeah this, most blogs nowdays exist solely for SEO purposes. It helps boost your site rankings.

No. 1182724

The young flesh will always consume us old flesh

No. 1183019

The phrase "skinny white girls" because it's nearly always used in the dumbest contexts. "man with skinny white girls tumblr porn blog" would it be any better if he also objectified fat and/or brown women? I've also seen "harry styles hints at bisexuality while only dating skinny white girls irl" as if dating fat/and or brown women would make him any less heterosexual? idgi.

No. 1183225

I don’t know if the genre of music that’s very popular lately (radio, tiktok/reels etc) is pop or hip hop or something else but i really fucking hate it. It sounds so samey and the lyrics are often vulgar, plus the singers’ voices have no musicality whatsoever. I’m fucking tired of being at the gym and every time there’s a break between songs in my playlist hearing some whiny, bored sounding autotuned dude over a bland beat.

No. 1183288

File: 1652702325565.jpeg (482.77 KB, 746x1012, AFBD9501-41D2-425B-BAD6-58A22F…)

I hate this calling people NPCs, kinning Patrick Bateman, pretending to be unhinged, femcel/incel, “emo”bullshit. Make it stop!

No. 1183292

Tiktok femcel vs Twatter Pickme
Which one will win? Place your bets!

No. 1183297

It's funny, I recently watched that movie for the first time and the tik tok girls who reminded me the most of Patrick Bateman were the early 20s normie girls who post these sterilized, generic and robotic "a day in my life as a [insert age between 19 and 25] [insert office job title here] living in [insert big American city]", and they're the opposite of the girls you're talking about.

No. 1183298

File: 1652703713740.jpg (258.12 KB, 1080x1351, 278694979_3221223494865683_577…)

i hate aesthetic anime Instagram artist and the people who hype them up
they draw the same thing over and over and never improve

No. 1183306

File: 1652704179458.jpg (458.67 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20220516-202830_Chr…)

it's really annoying and such a try hard attempt to be special
Theyre always trying to make new unnecessary crap

No. 1183307

File: 1652704379367.jpg (559.56 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20220516-203230_Chr…)

same fag but it's really annoying, whose making and keeping up with this crap

No. 1183308

This stuff is so boring and dull to look at. It's like looking at a blank white wall with how flat it is.

No. 1183309

kek this is so retarded

No. 1183405

File: 1652711809580.png (101.25 KB, 808x495, second coming up Joan of arc.p…)

I hate this play and its so fucking made up and fictional but still makes the claim that these opinions of joan of arc are based on real accounts
I think its disrespectful to use Joan of arc as a symbol for radical feminism and even just regular feminism in general, there's nothing wrong admiring her(I admire her as well) but pushing modern political views upon her that she would never hold is imo fundamentally desecrating her as a person, she was an intensely religions girl in the middle ages who would despise every modern woman and brand them dirty heathen and have them cut down, also there's this dumb narrative about how men and catholic church hated her when she's always remained a popular folk saint with in France and many catholic communities
it fills me with rage cause Joan of arc died only praising Jesus and God but author has her denouncing her faith in this and claiming it is a fact and its so utterly fucked up and disrespectful to do that

the stuff the author makes up and has her spout is just utterly ridiculous
>The play claims Joan was tortured during her trial, and then has Joan compare torture to "fat shaming", wearing a bra, making a woman "afraid of sex", ignoring women or interrupting them, etc. On the first point: several eyewitnesses said Joan was only threatened with torture, which the judge decided not to actually carry out. On the second point: asking us to believe that Joan of Arc would extend the definition of torture to include wearing a bra or being ignored is a tremendous stretch; and claiming she would link the issue to the disapproval of sex is even more of a stretch given her documented views on sex : eyewitnesses said she hated unwed mistresses and prostitutes enough to hit them with her sword in order to drive them away from the army's camp, and she constantly called herself "the virgin" because she said she took an oath of virginity.


No. 1183426

I know it's boring and done a million times but it's nice to look at anyway lol

No. 1183550

File: 1652716822173.jpg (281.91 KB, 683x1023, 33817458184_2cb134ca25_b.jpg)

samefag, the church had her retried in 1456, 25 years after her execution, and was canonized as a "martyr" and the English and Burgundians priests that sentenced were branded as "heretics who sentenced an innocent woman in the pursuit of a secular vendetta" and her sentence was nulled, and her first trial declared fraudulent, she was a popular folk saint in France for centuries afterwards and was officially canonized by catholic church in 1920, I do not understand where she's getting the claim that church hated Joan of arc and wanted her dead for fighting against the patriarchy, also she's been the symbol of various right wing ultra nationalist parties in France for a century now
Dworkin spouted the same shit even though the real Joan would have hated for being a fat jew, Joan practiced religious fasting and so a walking glutton like dworkin would have been hated by her just based on her appearance

No. 1183783

that tumblr now redirects the deleted blog page to trending posts. why did they do that? so people cannot pretend to be deactivated with themes?

No. 1183854

The stupid fucking big energy Latto (literally who?) song that they play 60 times a day on the radio and which I am forced to listen to all day while at work. The lyrics are lazy and stupid and I just hate it so much.

No. 1183880

this shit is why I just don't let doctors touch me at all ever

No. 1183937

gimmick tumblr and twitter accounts that post their personal life (or even worse, e-begging or politics) out of the blue. sorry that your personal account is boring and no one wants to follow it but that doesn't mean you have to put your off-topic bullshit on the daily Komaeda sideblog we follow so we can see pictures of Komaeda every day.

No. 1183985

I hate boomers that only shop on Amazon because it's cheap. I have sympathy for millennials/zoomers because we're fucking broke but boomers just have to have the cheapest chinese knockoff shit quality and kill small business because they'd rather sit their ass at home and order everything under the sun. I don't EVER want to hear a boomer ask why no one wants to work or ask why younger people can't afford houses FUCK YOU YOU DID THIS. You greedy cunts decided profit is everything and you pay for shit shipped to you from across the world instead of keeping money local and propping up your own community

No. 1183988

I hate Amazon. It’s not even good stuff anymore, regardless of what their stars and reviews say, and even if you buy name brands on there half the time it comes and it’s an illicit knockoff. I’m done with them.

No. 1183989

Kek, two years of drawing and the only thing she learned is that locks of hair often behave like flag ribbons rather than tubes.

No. 1184066

Sidenote. Shipping fulfilled by Amazon through third party merchants is what you’re referring to. Anyone who’s registered to sale through Amazon just sends it in and Amazon throws all of the products of the same kind together in a bin. So if seller one is legit and seller two isn’t. They still go in Bin A meaning you have a random shot of getting the legit product because they don’t quality check that shit.

No. 1184111

File: 1652735869462.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 5802F790-6481-41D7-9C32-9E7718…)

Hello yes I hate the fact that I have to live on the same planet as these psychos 1/3 don’t feel like collaging it on picsart

No. 1184112

File: 1652735939093.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, 2F012CA4-17E5-4F8A-A52B-94F5A4…)

No. 1184113

File: 1652735973917.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 754D0B5F-9867-4184-8BC2-E0B1D0…)

So many guys in the comments like “bro I did this too” AAAAAAAA

No. 1184115

File: 1652736076250.jpeg (168.75 KB, 750x372, 9FDD5DD4-64B6-4483-9BE6-D0AEAA…)

No. 1184117

What the hell is this creature

No. 1184118

Always a nice reminder that some men see you as nothing more than a porn category and laugh about it

No. 1184121

File: 1652736194123.png (697.62 KB, 750x1334, 9FE1A877-A24E-4794-8DE5-DF9D32…)

make it stop I’m sorry I know this is selfish and porn is evil and I hate it but mostly I just hate living among this generation of men, I would rather live in an era where they just jerk off to a Sears catalog or playboy magazine, I just am so sussed out by random men because of them outing themselves like this online and porn has literally ruined everyone especially men

No. 1184122

>I wasn't sure if I even wanted kids but my husband did so we had one. Right after the baby was born he started acting differently and we had quite a rough patch so I asked him if he wanted to divorce. He said no and we worked on things, he started wanting sex all the time again and I got pregnant again. I gave birth to our second baby and a month later he left me for a woman he'd been cheating with from work. They'd already been seeing each other before the conception of our second child. My whole life now is single parenthood and he's living like hes 20 again.
I just feel like I've read or heard this same story from a thousand different women. Like it's creepy how often men push for a baby or a second baby when they know they're one foot out the door already.

No. 1184127

we need to start over

No. 1184181

Omg is this poloboy? I didn't knew he was this perverted this is just pathetic, gross and embarrassing, what a waste of (mid) looks

No. 1184208

File: 1652749327568.jpg (976.94 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20220517-085834_Ins…)

i agree but i'm just really sour their lazy uninspired art gets so much recognition lol

No. 1184293

I hate people who move slowly in grocery stores and people who just stand in the middle of an aisle with their huge ass carts. Slowpokes are tolerable when they stay on one "lane" but not when there's a family of five all walking side by side slower than a snail. It's worse when they do it during busy hours when the store is full(I know I'm an idiot for grocery shopping during a rush hour). And how oblivious and selfish do you have to be to take an entire aisle for yourself and your huge ass shopping cart and your dumbass jumbo baby carriage, especially when you're not even looking at any products but texting or talking with your friend who also takes up space with a cart. Go out for a coffee together if you have to catch up instead of having a 15min conversation in front of the cereal or bread.

No. 1184324

I've been on Tumblr a little bit more lately and something I've realized is that people will use the words bitch and cunt there but you're not allowed to say faggot or tranny

No. 1184347

"f wording" instead of fucking

No. 1184359

File: 1652763890180.gif (2.87 MB, 498x412, 4aa17439f17d08d4e9a07e790bc8e1…)

I hate that k-weebs on lolcow always talk about hyunjin (from stray kids) like "oh he used to be hot now he is a plastic surgery mess". Jeongin has always had the superior bone structure and seems to keep being natural (except for the whitewashing and photoshoping in pics, but he looks great in video)
Ps: i know he's still heaviy whitewashed in this gif im not dumb, just showing him in motion(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1184409

Coil as in IUD or as in the one that goes in the falopian tube & makes the body create scar tissue to make you non fertile?

The second one is really bad news. They migrate and are really hard to take out, especially after migrating. Can require multiple surgeries to fix and still not get it all out of you. I don't remember the name of it but my Mom got that done so she wouldn't have to have surgery to get her tubes tied. Its been bad news ever since.

No. 1184501

so true nona. i don’t even like stray kidz because their music is ass and most of them are ugly, but lino and jeongin are qts

No. 1184547

You know what I hate? People who play anime gacha games and get mad and whine every time a new male character isn't a roided up beefcake but a beautiful bishie or a cute smaller boy. Even when they have a moderate amount of muscle it's not enough because for some reason these people want a man with ridiculous bara tits and muscles the size of his head. Fuck you, go play something else and let us have our men who don't look like an 80's action figure.

No. 1184570

>hanging out with yuppie in a social setting
>conversation turns to music
>he goes full american psycho and starts listing all the different prices of headphone brands and amplifiers, and their pros and cons, making comparisons to sports cars and motorcycles, acting like it's some reddit review
>"I just listen to music on my Warehouse headphones, they cost $40 three years ago, I don't even remember the brand"
>he continues his rant and goes through brand after brand,$1500 here, $300 here. He bewilderingly has the prices all memorized

Is this what you become if you make it in life?

No. 1184588

people who say "well this is awkward" when there's an awkward lull in conversation. cannot express how much i hate that. sometimes it's not even that awkward but they HAVE to make everything awkward

No. 1184592

Yeah “oh my gawd suuu awkward” because they can’t handle a pause of any kind

No. 1184602

>he goes full american psycho

No. 1184607

You don’t give a fuck but my friends bf is like this, he memorized the dumbest shit to just spout off at random and we’re at mercy to it. If we were able to take away reddit and Wikipedia he’d be lost. Think it’s an autism thing.

No. 1184628

I grew up surrounded with people like this and was brainwashed into thinking I must be a total freak for not talking all the fucking time for so long kek. I hate this as well. These people are the same people who will see someone by themselves on purpose reading a book or doing whatever and they'll butt in and try to befriend that person because "why are you alone?? why are you quiet?? are you ok???? there's no need to be shy uwu"

No. 1184715

File: 1652784948979.jpg (72.35 KB, 750x537, original (2).jpg)

this, i wish silences during conversations were more accepted by people. it's just good to have a lull to collect your thoughts here and there

No. 1184806

When people watch something on their phone and the volume is loud as fuck so everybody around can hear it. Ffs everybody has some kind of headphones nowadays, nobody wants to hear your stupid TikTok compilations.

No. 1184817

File: 1652788001816.jpeg (12.28 KB, 480x360, B7BB8F7A-A371-4D84-87A7-DEEE41…)

No. 1184819

Wrong thread retard

No. 1184826

I think it's meant to be a bump, anon.

No. 1184834

I think they do it on purpose to indirectly show people what they like tbh

>These people are the same people who will see someone by themselves on purpose reading a book or doing whatever and they'll butt in and try to befriend that person because "why are you alone?? why are you quiet?? are you ok???? there's no need to be shy uwu"
I wish I had lashed out at them at least once when I was in school. I hated it so fucking much it ruined my entire day because I never knew what to say or how to handle the situation. It makes you feel so powerless and humiliated. I resent normies because of it although most of them (the ones that I know, at least) grew out of their annoying ass phase or maybe just learned about asocial introverts over time.

No. 1184840

There are plenty of reasons to hate trans "women" though. One of them being their extreme and blatant misogyny and obsession with disgusting, degrading and inhumane pornography. The only difference they have with "cis" males is that they act like they're woke and progressive for being mentally ill psychopaths pretending to be women.

No. 1184847

Society really said "let's treat the mentally ill men who are obsessed with sissy hypno porn like real women and change the medical laws to fill their unnecesary needs"

No. 1184855

I think autogenophiles and transgender people are completely different things though, no? So theoretically a lot of autogens can identify as trans women even though they really aren’t, hence sissy hypno porn.

No. 1184859

Are you truscum or something like that? I'm not saying it as an offence, I don't know how else it is called. Aka "only some trans people are real" etc

No. 1184861

Sure, AGPs are degenerate pornsick freaks who get a kick out of being sissyfied and transgender people have trauma-caused mental illness that makes them mutilate their bodies irreparably in a futile attempt to commit false suicide and be born again.

No. 1184862

I believe that there is a different between a a legitimately transgender person and a middle aged man into sissy hypno cross dressing, yes. So I don’t know if the controls are really fair statistically.

No. 1184864

I wish you a happy and fast inevitable peaking nonnie

No. 1184868

I don't want to argue about this because someone might be able to explain it better than me, but I don't think a "real" transgender person exists. You can treat dysphoria with therapy.

No. 1184870

I’m not trying to infight, I just think that on the topic of degen porn it’s kind of skewed because I’m more apt to boldly theorize that someone who is basing their entire gender identity around pornography isn’t actually transgender and is an AGP living out a sexual fantasy. Yes I’m splitting hairs because I think regardless of having a negative or positive opinion, there’s still a vast difference between the two, and there’s so much fear around calling an AGP an AGP. I just have a hard time seeing a sexual predator emasculating themselves via a pornsick fetish as textbook, basic bare minimum definition of transgender technically if that makes sense.

No. 1184871

Tell me examples of the real transgenders

No. 1185021

This poster sounds like one of the not like other troons kiwicels.

No. 1185027

Can you ever like, for one second put the tinfoil hat away and just expect for there to be possibility for casual discussion that isn’t just the same formulaic manifesto over and over. Like we can talk like adult women. We don’t have to make everything into a conspiracy to try to slight the other.

No. 1185029

With the recent baby formula shortage, I hate seeing retards comment "wHy DoNt WoMeN jUsT bReAsTfEeD???" and then when too nice people tell them that women may have issues breastfeeding such as lack of milk production or the baby has difficulty latching or something, they just reply "bUt PeOpLe HaVe BeEn DoInG tHiS fOr CeNtUrIeS!!!" Shut the fuck up retard.

I saw a retarded moid ask why lactation consultants are even a thing too, and then still called it stupid after it was explained why they were necessary. Women, especially mothers, can't catch a fucking break. Fuck off retards!! Not everyone can breastfeed! Not even in a "uwu trans women cant breastfeed" way because fuck the troons too, but women have can have legitimate problems breastfeeding but these idiots can't seem to wrap their head around it and why the baby formula shortage is a massive issue! I'm not even a mom but this shit makes me so fucking mad. Don't even get me started on the abortion talks in conjunction with all this shit.

No. 1185035

God forbid women have any autonomy at all over their bodies. If they don’t want to squat over a rock in the forest and shit that baby out and then gnaw off the umbilical cord as god intended they are selfish and unfit to be mothers.

No. 1185044

I hate that people don’t understand it’s not gender and it never was. It’s gender roles assigned based on sex class. There are no true trannies, transgender doesn’t exist because your role in gender roles is assigned on what? Sex class which is your what? Sex deciding social class. Transgender doesn’t exist it’s gender dysphoria and it’s a mental illness that should have treatment to teach people the obsessive gender role game is bullshit. Acknowledging it as anything else is playing into the gender role bullshit. True trannies don’t exist and they’ll never be placed in the female sex class because they’re men. They will always be a subset of the male sex class as TIMs. Same thing as the TIFs that don’t want to be women. Buck will never be a man and I can feel bad for her and the great trick from the moids and big pharma but let’s cut the shit. This is mental illness and anyone helping these people mutilate themselves into an early grave deserves to be held accountable under the do no harm oath.

No. 1185089

Stop bullying me and my eyebrows or I'll call the police

No. 1185093

In my country some women would feed several babies of other women if the said babies' mothers had problems lactating. I don't know if I worded it right but there used to be issues with lactation since mankind and babies dying our of starvation wasn't uncommon either.

No. 1185098

>we can talk like adult women
Bitch, when has an actual woman said this? You literally sound like a tranny with how personally offended you get when anons call out trannies on their bullshit. Go back to kiwifarms.

No. 1185103

What, I made two posts talking about AGPs. I also didn’t say anything inflammatory, accusatory, or condescending. Relax.

No. 1185105

Stereotypes and people who believe in them. Yeah, no, some Italians are perfectly capable of speaking without flailing their hands around and shouting so loudly that the elderly lady walking two kilometres away from you shits herself. Not every artist is a BPD-chan with blue hair who grab every chance they can to talk about themselves. There are Germans who are late. Not everyone who has a degree is intelligent, and so on and so forth.

No. 1185106

>I just have a hard time seeing a sexual predator emasculating themselves via a pornsick fetish as textbook, basic bare minimum definition of transgender technically if that makes sense.
there are also HSTS. no one said it's the ONLY reason, but for straightand bi men, hell yes it is.

No. 1185111

Handpic or leave.

No. 1185117

File: 1652798535505.jpeg (71.23 KB, 1200x600, 46B81887-7109-4B88-8696-87A024…)

Can we please not do this again the sun isn’t even out yet

No. 1185227

Husbands or boyfriends who go grocery shopping with their partner but don't actually shop or help and who stand around just being this fat obstacle in the aisles, that's my personal fave. There's kids and even toddlers who at least try to help but when I worked in a store before I just remember seeing men drag their feet around and silently tantruming because they were clearly that bored by shopping. Like she's not dragging you into a women's clothing store with her.. these are your groceries too.

No. 1185236

File: 1652803383679.jpg (196.61 KB, 720x588, IMG_20220517_174459_709.jpg)

I hate hate the galaxy fraulein yuna anime, holy shit I lost half my braincells watching just half an episode, the games are so fun like a visual novel and the art is so lovely, so I wanted to watch the anime but it doesn't deserve to be associated with the games; Yuna is annoying, Yuri is useless and annoying, Yuna had a crush on Polylina in the games but in the anime she's scrotishly girl-crazy, there's even a scene where Yuna imagines some random girl she just met seducing her and she cries b-but we're both girls!! and the other girl says true love doesn't know bounds of age, race, gender… Wtf and then there's a shot showing the teacher's underwear and unfunny exdee japanese randum humor every 2 minutes. I'm angry
The games are very nice though I really recommend them.

No. 1185254

Omg what is this game?? Looks cute!! please tell me more!

No. 1185281

It's a game for the PC Engine console, it is really cute I love looking at the drawings, you are Yuna, a "fraulein", which is like an idol but also a magical girl or something, and you have to save the world and fight other frauleins on the way. When you defeat another fraulein her suit is damaged and she passes out half naked, but that's the only unsavory thing I've encountered, but what would a japanese game be without some fan service…
If you want to play the game, this is how I play it: I downloaded an emulator application on my phone called Retroarch, which can emulate many consoles. Then I opened the application and downloaded a "core" for the PC Engine / Turbografx console (you'll see if you get the app). Then before you can play you need another file, I think it's called syscard3, if you google it you will find a place to download it. Place it in the retroarch folder on your phone, I'm not sure if it matters where exactly, I think not. Then you just need the game, which I downloaded on cdromance.com. There's two games for this console, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2: Eternal Princess. I played the second game first and I didn't miss much, the story is very simple.
You can also get an emulator for your computer if you'd rather play on your computer

No. 1185292

Very cute!! thank you for sharing nonnarina

No. 1185383

Nta but my father is exactly like that. He says it's because grocery shopping is a "woman's chore", but then he gets stuck in some random aisle because he gets attracted by some product like a kid. So then we have to spend more time at the mall because we have to go look for him and tell him to fucking move.

No. 1185398

Mooches are the lowest of the low. Abusing people's care and sympathy by claiming "well they didn't have too.." like yeah sure, just make them doubt the next time someone truly needs help, sure makes the world a better place. Or the ones who pretend it's some sort of anti capitalist movement by manipulating everyone around you into draining their funds/working extra hours so you can be anti work. You're not anti work you're anti-you working, people who are truly anti work acknowledge work needs to be done for survival and don't force others to work for them

No. 1185445

The proliferation of baby formula is what causes more mothers to be unable to produce/offer milk to breastfeed their children. This has happened in other parts of the world, it was stupid of westerners to think themselves exempt. These corporations are not your friends. They want you dependent, lacking and dying without them, and the suffering will continue until you reject their false "convenience".
It's unironically better to seek milk from other women than to ever fuck with baby formula.

No. 1185470

Places that make you pay a fee if you cancel a reservation in less than 24 hours. I know it sucks for them to lose out on a table because of some no shows but I work a stupid job where shit can and will pop up last minute! I always try to cancel my reservations as soon as I find out, even if it's the day of, rather than not showing up at all but I hate having to worry about being charged $25 per person because shit came up at work last minute.

No. 1185481

Breastfeeding has been promoted for the past decade or so, giving up and saying "I just can't breastfeed" is ridiculous, there are some women who genuinely can't breastfeed but it seems like half of women are claiming not to be able to breastfeed now, if you refuse to even try solutions to breastfeed or not even trying to breastfeed at all during a formula shortage fuck yeah I'm going to judge the fuck out of you for putting your baby at risk for starvation as well as taking formula away from mother's who can't genuinely breastfeed

"Mommy shaming" is a meme and selfishness deserves to be called out especially when you're risking letting your child starve

No. 1185492

You're right. I feel like those type of people would shame mothers even if they tried to just use other women's milk. People in general should stop being so judgmental to women, especially when they clearly don't completely understand everything about being a mother or the female body.

No. 1185495

They push for the second baby BECAUSE they have one foot out the door. They know they’re about to discard the woman, so they want to squeeze all they can get out of her before they do. They see women as broodmares, so they figure if they’re sending her to the dog food factory in a year anyway, they might as well get another free baby out of her. After all, they don’t have to put any effort into the pregnancy, birth, or (most of the time) even raising and caring for the kid. They just get “muh legacy” while the mom does 90-100% of the work.

No. 1185504

I remember my mom telling me I wasn't breastfed as a kid, she attempted it with my brother, nearly had a breakdown because feeding wasn't working and on top of that he had a digestion problem and then was allergic to disposable diapers. She was overwhelmed by a trio of issues as a first timer and then years later with me I don't know if breastfeeding failed or whether she just had such a bad relationship with it that she didn't even start. I didn't ask for details. She's dead now so I just don't know.. but one day my ex (then current) bf asked me about being breasfed and he badmouthed by dead mother when I told him that. Really thought it was his place.

No. 1185512

>Nooooo I'm not gonna tell who it is, you'd immediately recognize me smallxdotcapitalizedx
I kind of understand if it's about some cow, but if it's about your kpoop or mango husbando: You're not that important, just spill the beans, this is an anonymous image board, even if someone did recognize you, you can always claim it's someone else if it's brought up randomly OOC and noone would be any wiser except maybe for some mod who'd have to be invested enough to even check this in the first place.

No. 1185518

Oh my god I'm so sorry anon. Your ex sounds like a huge dickhead

No. 1185538

Did something upsetting happen to trigger this post, nonni? This seems like such a basic thing to hate on, it reminds me of everyone writing "Things I hate: Homework, fighting with friends, cleaning my room" in each others friendship books in school lol.

No. 1185593

Same except when anons claim to have interacted with and/or fucked a celebrity

No. 1185597

Larping, I also see anons claim they're millionaire's and stuff too

No. 1185641

People who send question marks as a reply with nothing else.
> ?
> ???
If anyone does that, no matter how highly I thought of them before, the moment they pull off something like that in a text or message, I drop them.
And in my experience it's usually done not even after much time has passed (like a minute or two) nor is it a response that demands an immediate answer.
But the message itself is so fucking entitled that in most cases I don't even bother answering anymore.

And even if the most immediate response was needed, does it hurt to type a simple "are you there?" or "please hurry?"

And when used in discussions, I noticed, a lot of times when you elaborate on something, it's the mouth-breathing retards who reply to a well articulated argument with a fucking question mark in the most redditish smug way. If you don't understand something or you need further clarification, type your fucking question in words and not just punctuation marks.

No. 1185874

>anons claiming they're millionaires
why would they do this? this is an anonymous website and unless someone can come up with a good reason why there's no reason to state your financial status kek it's pointless

No. 1185875

there's a bunch of things i hate but i finally thought of something to contribute to this thread

when people say that losing weight is "fatphobic", yet it has zero effect on anyone but the person losing weight in any form

No. 1186021

Similar to why people play DND, they get caught up with larping a fantasy and for the moment they post they can live in the moment of what they pretend to be

No. 1186023

I remember someone posting their bank account in a previous reddit thread a little while ago. I don't remember if it was anywhere near 1 million, but it was a good amount. They did it to try and win an argument which was shameful to me lol.

No. 1186067

The world "folx"

No. 1186082

I hate censored words online like tiktok "segg" "de@th" or how youtubers will say "I can't say (murder) so in place I'll just say… oopsie" I never understood censoring words on TV/online because its obvious what they're saying. It doesn't make the content "safe".

No. 1186087

For YouTubers is just that they won't get demonetized.

No. 1186097

Why in the fuck am i making the most money i ever made EVER hourly serving at a cheap burger joint.
What in the actually fuck, I couldnt make this money competitively with my degrees.
This angers me but also excites me idk

No. 1186109

What degrees do you have?

No. 1186118

Getting into games/shows/music/media way past the hype and when the franchise is already finished. It's like going through an abandoned party club.

No. 1186124

Same. Also "latinx".
I also hate that kind of YouTube censorship, but >>1186087 is right. Most of those YouTubers wish they could speak freely and without censorship about those things, but they often have to go to great lengths not to have their videos automatically flagged by YouTube because of the title, thumbnail or content. They usually have to reupload some of their videos when they raelize that they got flagged for just using one word. Such was the case of many videos that mentioned COVID in the last two years.

I like and hate it at the same time. I've always avoided getting into media when they're at their most popular, for some reason it makes me sick (not always though). But it's also sad when I discover something I like years after the hype and fandom have died. It's so lonely.

No. 1186125

I don't get it. It's like they're trying to gender neutralize it but "folks" is already gender neutral

No. 1186146

Lol this. I have a CNA license which all costed about 1200 in total to get, plus an extra few hundred to renew every year. After 1 and a half of year of experience most places only pay 300-400 a week for wiping asses and get hit by old people all day, every other CNA I know has to work 2 or more jobs to scrape by. I started working at a chain restaurant and made twice as much as I made there. Boggles my damn mind how it's even legal to require hundreds of dollars worth of certifications to be paid less than an average fast food worker, especially considering all the complaining they do about shortages

No. 1186160

File: 1652851139479.png (2.54 MB, 1242x1180, unknown (11).png)

picrel is pretty self explanatory, i hate modern social media platforms for pulling this shit

No. 1186197

I actually like it. No more fandom to ruin things for you, less likely to run into spoilers unless you're actively interacting with the fandom, you can binge watch whatever you want at any time instead of waiting for the next episodes/seasons/movies, etc. And for games you can enjoy remasters and remakes that are sometimes better than the original stuff and have more content, better translations, etc.

No. 1186202

It's criminal. I was bitching to my husband about this earlier too. It's fucking disgusting how much a lot of health care workers (specifically CNAs, PCTs, MAs, and others requiring certs/licensures w/o necessarily a degree) are paid kibble. You work in health care and can't even afford your own insurance benefits or to see a doctor with deductible costs. Meanwhile fast food workers put up with terrible shit, but it doesn't constitute the same kind of pay that you get working some jobs that require a degree (pay is really shit here).

No. 1186210

Same. I used to browse sites just for milk without creating an account because I fucking hate social media and the constant shitty self-promoting that's built into it, but now every fucking site is forcing me to create an account. Fuck them, I'm not gonna give them my info. instead, i come here to be spoonfed, please don't get agry at me nonas

No. 1186295

I avoid drama content on tiktok and don't engage with it yet still I get stuff on my fyp from creators that are so obviously ripping off kf and lolcow I absolutely hate it. Especially because they're all libfems but they steal all of their content from here.

No. 1186301

but this is interesting, nonnie. do you have any examples or like, how do you realize it's lifted from here and kf?

No. 1186323

If you find a case that is blatant enough you can call the person out for frequenting terf websites or some shit

No. 1186483

I don't remember the account name sadly, but when I see her again I'll make sure to post her in this thread

No. 1186504

I hate whenever I'm looking for information on gems the first results are always from some crystal healing shit website, it's worse than astrology imo.

No. 1186519

File: 1652884181043.jpeg (57.98 KB, 947x820, A9D95F01-3EC7-4048-8B83-068F05…)

I fucking hate so much whenever the tip of my nose is itchy, I will scratch it but the itch wont go and I will have phantom itchiness until I scratch too hard and feel like I’m scratching a cartilage.

No. 1186528

the fact that the thread pic doesn't have borzois in it

No. 1186539

I hate loud dogs. If I have ever lived next to anyone with a barking dog, I have always reported them to the city for it. Nothing helps me sleep more soundly amongst the sound of barking quite like rejoicing about the fact that the first time I call it's a $490 fee per dog, plus almost $200 for every time I call afterwards. I am always filming. I am always recording. I am always home. I hate loud dogs more than I hate men because I see them as a waste product produced by men. Men's garbage. Especially the tiny ones with the shit that pours out of their beady eyes, staining their fur like cigarettes. The first snowfall always being ruined instantly by cunts with no backyards walking their wolfwaste up and down the streets miserably in the rain and cold. Even a quiet dog is pretty awful to behold when you're not the owner and feel no love for it. They ruin a city. Their bark scares away all the angels. I just reported another loud dog with hours of film and I will be celebrating with a hot chocolate. I almost hate dogs as much as I hate troons, if you can imagine.

No. 1186544

You seething about them "ruining the snow" is funny as hell but you are right to call about barking dogs. Not even dog lovers want to hear that shit

No. 1186545

New fear unlocked

No. 1186550

Fucking period cramps. I took 3 paracetamol (I know that's not good but shut up) and still feel like I'm dying.

No. 1186551

>The first snowfall always being ruined instantly by cunts with no backyards walking their wolfwaste up and down the streets miserably in the rain and cold.
KEK, the whole post is sening me but this line is my favorite

No. 1186621

i hate internet famous queerbaiting. if you really liked your own gender so much better than the other sex you wouldn't be serially dating straight people. "girlfriend pussyboss your boyfriend is fucking ugly wannabe mygirlfriend instead?" shut the fuck up, you are the one with the new ugly boyfriend every other month, and you got narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 1186626

File: 1652889145102.jpeg (160.87 KB, 962x957, C08EF09F-D904-4264-8F66-D86568…)

I hate the fact that I understand this words’ salad.

No. 1186630

Me too, and I'm ESL. We really need to get off the internet for a little while.

No. 1186632

I have no idea what this means even tho I'm terminally online kek

No. 1186640

File: 1652889642746.jpeg (196.1 KB, 749x357, 66203A91-4269-49F7-85B0-3E3530…)

This post, especially calling their bf a “shifty little gremlin”

No. 1186644

Obvious troll post by a lame bitch who used this format to get attention on twitter as well

No. 1186999

I hate so much when I’m trying to remember something, it’s at the tip of my brain, and I just can’t find the exact memory, it’s so annoying, it also makes me feel a bit dizzy, and the memory comes and goes like a flashback, then it gets mixed with stuff that I know are not part of the memory and then I forget about it. Just stab my brain.

No. 1187005

I hate when parents that are terrible parents try to justify their shitty behaviors when the child is now an adult. I especially hate when the parent tries to victim blame the now adult kid. It's so fucking gross. My mom recently tried to blame me for not telling her about old Nick shows and how creepy Dan was. Hysterically I did as a teen but she didn't care. Fucking clown world.

No. 1187036

same. I hate it so much. I think I've even posted about it before.
Sometimes I think of posting things here or sharing with my friends but I just forget. And no matter how hard I try to remember, I can't.

No. 1187045

Been there, anon. I got mad at my mom for allowing her bf to beat me as a kid all the way to my teens. All she said was “it was because you needed some tuning” or whatever boomer response was. Mom and I are still chill but I can’t forgive her for just letting that happen. Especially since autism professionals say that’s the last thing you do to an autistic kid lmao.

No. 1187094

If you needed some discipline, why didn't she beat you herself? The reality is she probably didn't think you deserved it but at the time she wasn't strong enough to put up a fight to her boyfriend so it just happened. I hope you're in a better place now, no child deserves to get beaten by random men, although it's bad when the mom beats a child, mothers are not nearly as aggressive and dangerous as male abusers. I've known girls who got hospitalized and almost died after men from their families or even their fathers beat them up.

No. 1187133

People who want to "help" injured wild animals by keeping them in captivity and trying to find a vet who will do surgery and then rehabilitate a poor stressed wild animal in pain. Just put the poor thing down, a dead animal doesn't suffer. A vegan animals right activist I know has captured a pidgeon and is begging someone to take it to a vet who can fix a bird. I told her it was cruel, and she responded with "just because they are injured doesn't mean they want to die". Its a fucking pidgeon, it doesn't understand the concept of death. It however understands the concept of stress and confusion and suffering.

Also fucking them/them-ing a pidgeon lol omg

No. 1187146

My friend is a vet specializing in birds specifically and unless the bird is completely mauled in which case of course death would be a mercy, there's literally no reason to not help it. She nursed many wild birds into health, recently she was taking care of an owl with broken wing, it only took a month for it to be good to go back into the forests. Sure it was stressed in the beginning but it didn't took long for it to realize there's no danger, so it's not like such animal would sit there in terror for the entire time. It's weird to leave something to die only because it's not domesticated.

No. 1187147

wait she actually posted this on twitter?

No. 1187164

A professional vet taking care of an owl which in most cases is a protected species is not the same as a deranged animals right activists who uses made up pronouns on and thinks a city pidgeon has a concept of death and has hauled it around to differents vets in a carrier, and then tried to get some equally deranged loony with a drivers license to drive that poor stressed out pigeon to a different city to look for vets there.

No. 1187165

Ah lmao, surely, I didn't even think of anything this extreme.

No. 1187238

File: 1652920579280.jpg (70.3 KB, 713x716, 35b2e92fe127316db7d5107ed62bbd…)

I hate when people have a bunch of small random tattoos all over their arms and/or legs. They look disorganized and ugly, especially if a bunch of different artists did them, and the people I've met with these kinds of tattoos are impulsive and flaky as hell. It really shows that they can't save up for something higher quality and go for quantity instead.

No. 1187300

I hate that one scrote that always makes those retarded threads here on /ot/ that are always like "why aren't you whores__" or "why don't you whores__". That subhuman should go kill himself.

No. 1187304

Thank god he posts webms I can report it whenever I see cp, I usually close out immediately because I can’t stomach ti

No. 1187343

i feel like they're almost just as bad as each other and typically come hand in hand when you meet someone who's into one of them, chances are they believe in the other too.

No. 1187370

they look like those children toy sticker tattoos you got from chips and cookies. the tattoo is also always something trendy.

No. 1187390

I hate that I can talk all day with other anons about things that barely effect most people but anything that commonly effects everyone is buried. Employment thread, coof thread, tinfoil thread, and consoomer thread to be precise. I don't care enough to try to control what people discuss but the biggest concern is that when anons finally get the chance to talk about something that effects them irl it derails the entire thread even though there's literally containment threads no one uses
>Inb4 but people always ignore what I wanna talk about! It's just dead here!
Yeah yeah, I get it's retarded to attempt to control what anons discuss, it's just so annoying when things like MLMs, inflation, COVID or whatever get buried in threads made for them but anons just love to blow up random threads with the same exact subject. Also I don't believe the idea that it's as dead in here as anons make it seem, since anons seem to have no trouble coming through the woodwork when you call a celebrity fat or some stupid shit like that

No. 1187391

Pretty sure that shit is some form of self harm. Just like the ppl who purposefully get tattooed by Rando beginners. That or they're druggies. It just screams I don't care about myself.

No. 1187397

People who say some children have "old souls". It comes across as creepy to me and makes me extremely skeptical.

No. 1187424

>tattoed by rando beginners
Ugh yeah, and they brag about their free tattoos but they look awful. But you can only smile and nod

No. 1187427

Any kid that is described that way is usually depressed as hell. It is sus of the adults.

No. 1187430

The word ‘netizen’. It’s all around stupid and I automatically discredit anyone using it.

No. 1187435

But you are one

No. 1187485

i hate how people overhype men who do makeup

No. 1187498

going off from this, i hate people who overhype men who do the bare minimum. dads go viral for some shit like braiding their daughter's hair or even simply not cheating.

No. 1187537

This. I cheated on a partner once because he attempted to cheat on mr and I wanted to make him feeling bad before I dumped him. The same girls who excused their boyfriends cheating on them literally attacked me so hard. Women are expected to be perfect while men are allowed to do everything.

No. 1187538

They look ugly most times anyways

No. 1187547

I hate how men will not even pretend to pay attention when you tell them shit but will be offended when you’re not hanging on their every word! The unwarranted ego!

No. 1187605

Everyone is that's why it's stupid.

No. 1187610

I hate when companies use men in makeup in advertisements because men aren't their target audience. No woman wants an overweight scrote with an unkempt beard with zero makeup skills to be marketed towards them.

No. 1187716

Unironically every person I have met who is addicted to getting many smaller tattoos (like actually love the experience of having it done, not just collecting the art on their body) are also self harmers, I know anecdotal blah blah but I do believe there is some crossover

No. 1187771

File: 1652963961184.jpg (589.7 KB, 1830x1669, jaahastattoo.jpg)

I've noticed there's an overlap with fakebois, too. So many of them get shitty childish fandom tattoos or those horrifying DIY ones. Picrel is at least self aware of it but keeps doing it anyway.

No. 1187788

I know so many people like this kek

No. 1187797

I used to work at starbucks with a fakeboi who got a new tattoo every shift i saw her. I worked at least 2 times a week. People cant praising her for the tattoos but that shit is a cry for help.

No. 1187799

A lot of self-harmers do like to "mix it up" by cutting song lyrics or images or characters into their skin (won't post pics for obvious reasons) and admire others who do the same, so you're not wrong

No. 1187803

Same. Some men are okay at makeup but they act like women werent forced and socially conditioned to wear it. It isnt revolutionary that we had to learn to survive, while men do it for fun and get ass pats. bare ass minimum.

No. 1187817

If men think it's a woman's chore to buy groceries and cook, they shouldnt get to eat. Ever.

No. 1187862

Trophies/achievements in video games. More specifically I hate how I get autistically fixated on them. All that work for a 1.5 second long dopamine rush. Fuck it, I'm turning off notifications for them.

No. 1187867

File: 1652970371523.jpeg (164.42 KB, 1200x600, 8C0B4B39-3D09-4140-9D9E-EA6F62…)

I take a long time grocery shopping because I need to think of what to buy and what would be cheapest etc. I can’t just go through the isles and throw shit in my cart lmao.

No. 1187901

>while men do it for fun and get ass pats. bare ass minimum.
yes, it's pathetic. and when on a rare occasion they are actually good at it, they become famous and rich through their male privilege. because even in women's circles, their privilege exists. we should gatekeep makeup, no scrote who actually needs it uses it anyway, they think "its for faggots" and thats supposed to be bad, well, for the sake of women in the industry, i might begin to agree.

No. 1187947

I hate porn. I feel like I can't trust any man, ever, because they all go home and rub their dicks to teenagers getting strangled. How did it ever get this bad?

No. 1187952

Nta but write a list, ya goof ball.

No. 1187955

Yumejoshi art where the girl is pregnant or has a ton of kids with the husbando.

No. 1187962

I hate it when fat people call skinny people "straight sized", like being fat is "queer" somehow

No. 1187965

I hate anons who brag about hiding the tinfoil thread. Why are you so afraid about knowing the truth?

No. 1187974

>tinfoil is truth
>hiding a thread is bragging

No. 1188096

Men who are dominant or express sadistic tendencies, specifically towards women. It takes a real pathetic loser and failure of a man to get off from subjugating someone significantly physically weaker. Men's retard strength exists for them to kill other men and to protect their loved ones, not to strangle barely legal teens.

No. 1188113

I hate that pointing out anything the public/government does is shady is considered being a crazy conspiracy theorist/tinfoiler. They literally make themselves part of the bait that removes accountability from the government then close their eyes when you shove hard proof in their face. It's a real headache right now since with record inflation people will still deny the government is doing anything wrong out of fear of being a tinfoiler

No. 1188115

I hate when men bang on about how other men paying for an onlyfans or a porn subscription makes them simps.. when we know know they're watching porn too so what does it matter. We know they have their fave porn stars too. Money isn't the one make or break thing that makes you either pathetic or not pathetic. You're not infinitely better if you're still consuming the same type of shit yourself but are leeching it. Those guys paying for subsciptions are keeping an industry going.. and you're happily scouring the web to find their leaks or the freebie versions of the content others paid for. You're all pathetic at the end of the day. You're broke or stingy or you resent women getting paid in return for their humilaiation though.. so well done?

Watching the free ten min version of a mainstream porno on ph instead of paying for the longer version… sooo much better. God you're so superior and not a loser at all. Keep telling yourself that.

No. 1188118

anytime men do anything women primarily do they get so much asspats for it while women get their hobbies torn apart if they're not masters at it I sew and see this a lot, sewing male tiktokers will make butt ugly and cheap dresses then get worshipped for it where as women make twice as good and beautiful sewing projects but get swept under the rug for faggots using simplicity

No. 1188139

I want to agree with you that all those men are pathetic, but also
>thinking it's the women who get paid for humiliating themselves
Lol, the women get a small cut if that. The majority of the money goes to the service providers, the producers, the pimps. All of porn is shit, no one should be supporting it, especially not retards who think they're "supporting women" with their cumbucks. It's not an industry anybody should keep going. Moids who pay money for porn are a special kind of subhuman. They really think human trafficking is negligible as long as they get to coooom, and they pretend to be pro-sex positivity or whatever when they know for a fact they wouldn't want their daughter or mother doing porn

No. 1188145

I agree but anon is talking about OF, manyvids, etc, not the porn shoots you're describing. OF thots are just mentally ill women doing shoots in their room trying to make extra cash most of the time because they fell for the "OF totally makes big bucks" meme, not the scary trafficking situation you're describing

No. 1188192

I'm tired of spicy straights trying to get in the LGBT. Fuck "queers"

No. 1188193

I was talking about OF when I said that part. But I also never said it's good to support the industry with payment either… just that they're all similar flavors of loser whether they pay or not. They're all customers in some way. Sitting through ads or giving it views. They really try to raise themselves up by saying "well I never paid for it" as if that makes them any less pornsick if they're still going to be wathing it.

No. 1188197

That's not what straight sized means lol, that term has been used before the fat positivity movement. It just means the standard size with no additions made, as opposed to petite, tall, junior etc

No. 1188202

When you see people unironically calling a straight couple dressed like scene kids "queer" you can't help but to assume this is what they mean

No. 1188205

I hate controllfreaks. I'm in a rp group and the leader keeps sperging out, ruining the mood and micromanaging everything so bad that she already shooed away 5 people.

No. 1188223

Sites like LSA having meltdown over who some famous black scrote dates. It's annoying and dumb.

No. 1188244

File: 1652985522079.jpg (156.9 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20220519-203558_Sam…)

Exactly, reminds me of picrel kek
Also I'm not a native english speaker so I wasn't aware about the straight sized thing. Anyway, according to tiktok, being fatphobic also means you are racist, queerphobic etc. They just want to be oppressed so badly

No. 1188253

Is it just me or is lsa now invaded with bots?

No. 1188265

It's invaded with gay/trans scrotes or scortes in general and pick mes. Even the ones who hate scrotes will uplift certain kind of scrotes but always talk negatively about women. Everything is about money and men.

No. 1188280

I see how the employment thread and coof thread could effect us all, but why the tinfoil thread and consoomer one? Unless I got you wrong.

No. 1188287

I hate fanart of characters in the future and then their child always having the hair color of character A and eye color of character B. Even worse when there's another child and that one has it the other way round. EVEN worse when it's four kids with twins thrown in somewhere. Like, get creative ffs.

No. 1188307

Nickisnotgreen. I couldn’t stand him after he said watching porn was normal and called everyone anti sex work “SWERFs”. Him sperging on twitter about a tiktok criticising him is so hilarious tho

No. 1188308

Consoomer thread because anons will just spam weeb shit when someone posts about more common consoomers like baby supply consoomers or skincare ones they get buried to focus on stupid neets and figurines even though no one cares or is effected by them

No. 1188314

His videos are so damn boring too kek

No. 1188324

Drag queens. Disgusting faggots making fun of women and profiting off negative stereotypes about our gender. I absolutely hate how most women worship them, and how they try to emulate their horrible personalities, makeup and speech.

I will never find the bitchy toxic personas they portray funny. It is just insulting and I hate them.

No. 1188331

Middle aged straight women watch them like how people used to watch freakshows and uses that as an excuse to claim they're totally not homophobic.

No. 1188343

of course men are pro-porn and sex work, it's just another position of power for them. this whole pro-sex work movement is just men trying to make paying for sex socially acceptable so they can just pay women to fuck them and not have to bother with conversation or respect.

No. 1188347

File: 1652990668735.gif (5.51 MB, 360x640, F643C834-AD2C-4405-BBA1-4ADA32…)

I hate it when people come into the shop I work in and get assmad about random shit like the fact that they have to pay for a bag. I wish they would all fucking die.

No. 1188350

I hate the word 'smol' it's so fucking cringe. Women just trying to infantilize themselves to appeal to pedo scrotes. It doesn't really bother me if it's used towards like animals or objects but it's basically baby talk. It's got that DDLG energy, like called plushies 'stuffies'.

No. 1188354

Same and my bf Is a recovering coom it kills me he got caught with some porn a week ago and I felt so betrayed I made him delete my nudes

No. 1188383

>should of
>would of
whatever truth that could be there is buried by /pol/fags and annoying spergs

No. 1188392

If men could just watch clips of a women masturbating or some tame shit without the incest, the ageplay, the power dynamics etc then I really wouldn't care.. but knowing all the extremes that are out there and that it quickly escalates I can't deal with knowing that's the average mans sexual tastes now.

My ex had a thing for women with anal prolapses. Hid it well but months after we broke up I found so much gorey looking shit that he was into. Peoples insides hanging out of them. Same with the front hole too… this is a man who could get off to a childbirth video. I want to rip my skin off now that I know all that.

No. 1188415

Aw c'mon there's nothing wrong with calling stuffed animals 'stuffies', it's a cute word and it's one I've been using literally all my life. I'm not going to stop using words because some sick degenerates try and fetishize everything. I definitely don't say the word stuffies to make myself seem child-like, it's just a cute word and a faster way to say stuffed animals.

No. 1188425

I've never watched his videos because his thumbnails make him seem obnoxious imo, but doesn't he also have a tranny "sister"? Or am I thinking of someone else? I could've sworn I saw something about that and how it's a part of why he's a TRA

No. 1188427

I didn't realize this bothered me until I got back into reading fic, but the female reader insert or her body parts being described as small really activates my almonds. "Small little pussy." "Small frame" "small figure" or the reader being described as delicate in any way. Do other women care a lot about being described as small and delicate cause this just smells like size difference kink and coquette fetish to me and I'm sick of. I'm just a grown woman trying to be fictionally fucked by my favs lol

No. 1188454

just call them plushies like a normal person

No. 1188466


No. 1188467

Yeah size difference fetish has gotten way out of hand, I blame anime. Like I get wanting to be shorter/smaller than your male partner but people cumming in their pants for height differences where girls are dick height and the man is giant is weird af. It's also dumb because the average height difference between most races is like 6" which isn't even a full head shorter. Even a full foot shorter isn't enough for people anymore.

No. 1188472

>sending him nudes in the first place
You're too far gone

No. 1188485

I hate it because I can't see it as a true blank for the reader to project herself onto. "He slowly traced his fingertips across your daity shoulders, barely grazing them uwu", what if reader-chan is built like a linebacker? "The moonlight reflected off of your pale body, …", especially common in non-English ones I feel. "As he snuck up from behind, he embraced you, lazily resting his chin on top of your head", do you have any idea how tall husbando-chama is ought to be if reader-chan is already 5'10" tall? It's lazy writing. Could've written it from first POV if you're going to be this self-indulgent. D-. You failed. Try again.

No. 1188496

Truly, fuck that shit, I probably will sound like a gendie, but I’m writing my stupid self-insert fanfics so any woman can self insert, it isn’t that difficult, just describe shit vaguely and that’s about it
>he held your hand
>he touched your shoulder
>he stroked your hair
>she put on some clothes that she liked at the moment
>she was dressed with the colors that reminded her of her home
>she got the earrings with the motifs that she liked
>he looked into her beautiful eyes
>he kissed her lips
It can be a bit of a mouthful but nobody is going to recite it.

No. 1188581

File: 1652997921437.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, 1652098438550.jpg)

Women who break the "girl code" as it's called, or as I like to call it basic respect amongst women. It's always always for male validation and all it does is make you look like a pickme and break up valuable female friendships.
I will never understand women who are like "well she only slept with him/dated him a month ago so it's fine if I do it now" there's literally 7 billion people on this earth and you're that eager to conveniently fuck a moid your friend was affiliated with? It's just weird to me, I'm sure there are absolutely rare exceptions but for the most part it just reeks of desperation. The moid in question is obviously a sleazebag too and probably gets off on thinking he's caused drama between two women but it's still no excuse for friends to do it especially if it's behind the others back.
I've seen some people here defend it like "uhh well they didn't even date that long" yes and there's usually a reason behind it so why are you so keen on that moid in particular? It's weird, it would make me feel disgusting and I genuinely feel like it shows you have no respect for your friends, not to mention it's awkward as fuck knowing you are potentially dating and having sex with the same person your friend was with not too long ago.

No. 1188593

what exactly is the girl code? (haven't had friends since childhood so excuse my retardation)

No. 1188599

I agree. For the most part they don't even care about the man but want to prove they're better than the other woman, who was supposed to be their friend.
I blame female socialization because we're all brought up thinking we need to compete with other women.

No. 1188612

No worries nonna, the girl code basically means prioritising female friendships over the attention or validation of men, for example don't try and flirt with or get with someone your friend is dating or has dated.

Yeah, that's true about the competing part, I mean that's how pickme's start right? I wish we were raised and socialised to just form communities as women instead, but it's like everywhere you look as a young woman you're constantly told to be better than another girl or one-up them. I guess that's how moids keep the bar low too, it's much easier to accept shitty standards of men when you have been socialized to believe your enemy is the woman next to you and not the men trying to take advantage of you. It's very sad.

No. 1188620

I hate it when women hate other women for no reason. I have coworkers who treat other female coworkers harshly and favor males (I even have a female boss who avoids hiring women ). It is mostly older women who do this.

No. 1188622

I was just thinking today about how unappealing this stuff is, especially
>the hair color of character A and eye color of character B
It's so lazy. Give one of them traits from a grandparent or something ffs, be a little fun

No. 1188628

Lmao literally all of the villainess manga heroines at the end with their botched kids

No. 1188660

I like you and wish there were more writers like you. You also brought up some great points with inanimate objects too!
>"You grabbed your lime green tote bag, and put on your fav jacket with the fuzzy blue collar."
That shit takes me back to Quizlet wwffy quizzes when I was 12.
All of this.

No. 1188778

Yeah, I'm taller than average and this kind of shit sounds so infantalizing, I don't like height differences, I even like the idea of being the same height or slightly taller than your partner. My current husbando is super tall though, anybody next to him would be small.

No. 1189036

it is so true. i saw a trans male put on cheap, plain, unblended eyeshadow and a pathetic attempt at eyeliner that a toddler draws on better with a crayon, and he still got 40 updoots and tens of supportive comments saying it looked good. my ass looks better before i even wipe like fuck off.

No. 1189057

I like to think that these people only encourage these troons so they can further humiliate themselves in public. If only it was true.

No. 1189064

File: 1653036191651.png (1.69 MB, 1644x2637, Screenshot_20220520-104144~3.p…)

I hate this

No. 1189082

What is the difference between plushies and stuffies? They're basically the same word. You're weird.

No. 1189083

I feel like half my braincells died just from reading that, thanks for making me retarded nona.

No. 1189092

Am I paranoid at this point or it sounds lowkey pedophilic with implication that "few adults choose to identify as boy"

No. 1189094

The whole thing screams pedo to me nonny

No. 1189142

File: 1653043037753.jpg (109.37 KB, 1660x685, SPOILER_1653033103888.jpg)

I had a lesbian crush on her as a kid because she's a cool inventor and now they made her have 40 cronenberg kids with a fly?

No. 1189149

He trapped her because he didn't want to see her succeed. Rip

No. 1189159

>"ackshually humans are social animals and need companionship, you can't be by yourself for your entire life uwu"
Sounds like a you problem, I genuinely need solitude else I'm going crazy, leave me alone.

No. 1189177

Allergies. Fuck allergies.

No. 1189199

literally saying their gender identity is "manchild" lmao

i feel like this is going to cause a civil war. how could they do this

No. 1189203

this is an instant block from me, when i see it on social media. it's so deranged

No. 1189206

i know a fakeboi who does shitty stick n' poke tatoos and you just blew my mind

No. 1189228

i overheard two tattooed coworkers at my restaurant say "it's better that than the blade" after they showed each other recent tatts. the dude looked like the drawing but scrawnier and the girl was a pierced gothic.

No. 1189402

File: 1653057543386.jpg (62.47 KB, 791x660, trannyahoy.jpg)

FUCK TRANNIES. I found a channel with a female profile pic and was excited to hear her speak about videogames and horror. 5 mins in, i noticed her voice didn't seem right, so I clicked on the twt link and BAM. Tranny!
Why cant men stay away? if he wanted a video game channel, he could make one. I want to listen to more female content creators. I hate this gay earth

No. 1189403

fakebois and retarded zoomer girls love stick and poke. What's up with that?

No. 1189412

I never watched his videos but I saw his instagram awhile back and I'm shocked, I thought he was a girl. I hate to admit he passes well but he does.

No. 1189428

I hate celebrities in kids movies, I know yeah the cast should be good actors but hearing Danny Devito play himself is grating. Along with Robin Williams, Chris Pratt, etc.

No. 1189430

Anyone passes on Instagram cause they shoop the fuck out of themselves

No. 1189441

Isn't this faggot or some other actual woman he makes content with an ex-pornstar? Reminds me of ShortFatOtaku and his wking of the troon Lilith Lovett.

No. 1189537

I read that he himself is an ex porn star and both of his exes were both in porn but I'm not sure of their genders, I didn't pay attention when I was reading about him a bit ago.

No. 1189540

Samefag, just remembered that I read that one of his exes is the reason he got into porn in the first place and also somehow why they broke up

No. 1189615

I think the ex in question was Nathalie Mars, the infamous pornstar who grooms other trannies into porn.

No. 1189621

From what I remember they're friends/sex pals with Charlote Sartre/Goth Charlote who does fisting/piss/prolapse porn plus her (also pornstar) husband trooned out and was posted in the MTF thread recently

No. 1189622

It makes me annoyed because actual voice actors train to do these kind of gigs, but shitty actors and random celebs come and they always just sound like themselves. It takes me out of the movie and I hate it.

No. 1189625

Jfc, trannies are a mess. Why can't they stay out of youtube and just kill themselves quietly?

No. 1189634

File: 1653064160850.png (1.23 MB, 686x974, 1A332273-31C7-4D39-AD3E-C2DF32…)

I hate the term “mlm” and anyone who screams about “mlm fetishization.” It’s always ftms or women. I’ve never met an actual gay man who uses it or cares about anime gay porn being made by women.

No. 1189639

I went to go look and I noticed some of the fuzziness/blur the app SNOW often puts on your photos in most of his pictures. Or it could be another app like Meitu. It's pretty easy to warp your face.

No. 1189642

I don't care about gays, but homo porn is cringe
>dicks covered in shit

No. 1189643

We're going back to ancient Greek/Rome I see.

No. 1189646

File: 1653064557711.jpg (55.14 KB, 540x554, sick of it.jpg)

Harry Styles fans are so fucking weird and annoying my friends sister posted 30+ pictures and vids on instagram stories of her listening to his new album and crying and yelling about it whilst constantly spamming a groupchat I was in to barely any response and then later in the day two youtubers I follow did the exact same shit, people should consider therapy if they act like this honestly it's almost on the same level as Kpoppers

No. 1189651

I don’t care about homos but I think gay porn is funny and great to use for scrote memes

No. 1189718

File: 1653067780035.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.67 KB, 429x372, 9C27F0BB-E6EC-4BEF-A1EC-325D6A…)

I hate these pins
I understand the idea behind it but as if moids would listen to a “don’t rape” pin

No. 1189731

They surely have a fetish for that too. The only way to stop rape is to nullify the moids who display animalistic behaviors and are unable to keep to themselves.

No. 1189842

File: 1653071106443.gif (2 MB, 600x300, A3DFCDE2-772B-4DF0-9550-1A6FE0…)

Oh jesus
how many furries are gonna kill themselves over this

No. 1189852

File: 1653071303087.png (21.09 KB, 650x400, 26FA1C88-4A28-485D-B655-34FA16…)

But how?!

No. 1189857

File: 1653071375177.jpeg (314.55 KB, 2048x1536, 86A723F1-FBBD-45D9-A8D3-7AE3A0…)

I’m so tired of edgy gritty adult oriented reboots of kids media
Maybe there are a few good ones but fuck if that ain’t arrested development, being old enough be obsessed with boobs and violence but still needing it through the lens of your childhood cartoons.

Sick of adults who are too into childrens media in general (shipping, fanfics, etc) t b fucking h

No. 1189858

I like the "idea" behind using these pins (it's good to let the message be out there), but I do agree that they don't really stop rapists, a pin won't save you from an attack

No. 1189861

wtf is this

No. 1189870

nta but its from the planned velma spin off series, where velam is a lesbian recently out and also Indian and she's split paths with the rest of the scooby gang

No. 1189876

Dumbass mindy kahling made an edgy reboot of Velma from scooby doo, only with tits and gore apparently

No. 1189888

I'm so sick of her and her ears on a chalkboard voice and artificially lightened to hell skin she makes me want to physically vomit

No. 1189890

thought you were talking about a multi-level marketing fetish

No. 1189909

Wtf? This sounds nightmare fueled.

No. 1190028

this image is so funny wtf down to the woman standing in the corner

No. 1190036

The Internet enabling content presenters to have parasocial relationships.
I am subbed to many pop-sci channels on youtube. This one that posts daily made a video one day about his infant child's death. I'm like, dude, I'm subbed to you for astronomy updates, I don't go to you to get depressed. I go to watch space videos. What the fucking fuck gave you the impression that death of literal infants is ok to post to me too?! I didn't consent to this!!!

No. 1190055

Instagram just changed the feed to force show you reels/stories/videos instead of regular posts or some shit to mimic tiktok, I fucking hate it. I use instagram for fucking pictures only. Immediately closed the app.

No. 1190063

I agree, it's fucking dumb and never good. The only acceptable example I can think of is Disney making the slightly more grown up Alice in wonderland, but it was still disney so it's tame and just felt like another take on the story.

No. 1190069

File: 1653076028278.jpeg (254.91 KB, 1175x1763, 084A46C0-477C-4244-B08A-0C6292…)

It’s fucking mindy kahling, the one voicing (producing?) this mess
Picrel is the only (slightly) adult scooby I’ll accept.

No. 1190084

Wasn't Alice in Wonderland written by a pedo

No. 1190104

I dislike how female characters still get reduced so hard to stereotypes. And with races too. Of course the smart girl has to be indian and not south american or something else, when indians need doctorates to get into the US due to strict immigration laws.

No. 1190106

Lewis Carroll yeah. He was obsessed with a young girl named Alice and wrote her stories and love letters. Alice in Wonderland was good tho. It’s kind of like how Smooth Criminal is so good you aren’t thinking about it’s creator like diddling kids and carrying chimpanzees around his property.

No. 1190289

I hate this song so much. I wanna kill myself whenever I hear it.

No. 1190326

Having to find new youtubers I enjoy watching. At some point they somehow always become pregnant and then all their videos and personality are just about the pregnancy or their children which I find annoying and it doesn't interest me at all so I ditch them

No. 1190378

God damn I always remember this song but never knew what it was called. Reminds me of my cringey Wes Anderson days

No. 1190405

>Velma is a lesbian and now also indian
that sounds horrible. wtf is wrong with anyone green lighting this shitty fanfic?

No. 1190440

I despise the relationship advice thread pic. It's so obvious it was drawn by a coomer.

No. 1190551

funnily enough there was a conversation relating to this in the celebricows thread. i fucking hate it too. attempting to reboot stuff like powerpuff girls and the winx club and making the characters do and say all this dumb shit for the sake of grittiness and a "more adult take" on nostalgic childhood series is dumb. there's a way to do it right but those two are not examples of that

No. 1190558

facebook/meta is known for ripping aspects of other social media platforms off and trying to shove it all into their own apps right? i know twitter and youtube kind of jumped on that too but still. can't we just use separate social media platforms for separate shit? i don't care about reels or shorts either. it's annoying. i use instagram for photos and posts, youtube for full length videos, facebook for memes and seeing the occasional status update, snapchat was for stories until i stopped using it. even spotify is trying to push their podcasts on their front page and i don't care for it. what is it with social media apps doing this shit

No. 1190606

File: 1653092342931.png (9.8 KB, 1239x87, 55-1190824.png)

Mentalities like this (not only this post but just an example)
>not liking gross sex acts means you're a child/immature/not attracted to whatever sex/dislike sex in general/etc.
As if there's no other, better body parts to be into. Male ass will never ever ever ever ever ever EVER be clean no matter how much they scrub and no matter how many enemas they do. Don't lie.

No. 1190653

the example you provided gave me scrote vibes. i hate when people think it's immature or something to not enjoy something like anal sex. i never could. if someone else does those kinds of things then whatever but don't try to convince me it's something we all have to enjoy or try at some point

No. 1190706

I hate shopping for clothes online only to see random ugly ass troons with their gross fat hipless bodies in the review section. You look hideous in this outfit, we don't need your review let alone your fucking picture.

No. 1190796

I hate gay men who say bitch and dyke. Especially the use of bitch bothers me when they say it to women. I hate that gay men can get away with misogyny so freely and openly.
Also, re:dyke I feel like gay men usually get butthurt when lesbians say faggot but also get butthurt when someone dares to tell them they shouldn’t use dyke…

No. 1190798

I hate peeing so much, it’s so annoying, maybe I should just stay dehydrated.

No. 1190807

I hate trannies so much sometimes it feels like I'm going insane.
I stopped looking at the mtf thread because I realized it was bad for my mental health to constantly see all the fucked up shit these people are doing. But jesus christ there's SO MUCH OF IT. I hate men a lot normally but trannies are like, the worst kind of men. I cannot fucking stand it when a man calls himself a woman and pretends he knows what life is like for us. Holy fuck. It's like being colonized in real-time with everyone around you cheering on the colonizer. I just want it to end nonnas. Sorry if this topic isn't allowed here.

No. 1190818

Being a mtf troon is life on easy mode but they project it by claiming their life is easy because they're a woman
>Well I easily had all my shit paid for by simps
Yeah because you cater to pornsick retards who fund your 5th boob job. Also you're ALLOWED to do things that alter your appearance, women get called fake and told they're botched if their surgery is noticable at all
>People are so nice to me because I'm a woman
No they're nice to you because you're mentally ill and it shows
>I get so much free stuff
It's usually other women yaasing these troons unfortunately

Another thing is that they bring down natural women by claiming they're more feminine and stuff and then "prove" it by posting dolled up, overly filtered photos of themselves. If FtMs got tons of jaw surgery and roids and claimed they were better than XYs because of it moids would have a mental breakdown but oh no with us it's just "learn to take a joke or get good"

No. 1190954

File: 1653122065558.jpg (50.61 KB, 600x422, 1648403526321.jpg)

Imma share my own rant about gendies. Mods please delete if it's too long, I talked to my therapist about it but it's still been on my mind.

A podcast I've been listening to for years recently bowed down to troons. It's a podcast about real conspiracies so it's even more disappointing that even people who consider themselves rational and who are skeptical about other nonsense will drink the gender koolaid.

They described some guy who was crazy, but was right about gender identity ideology being BS as 'mad at the dictionary'. It was so frustrating to see yet another instance of gender-believers using witty quips and oversimplifications and reductio ad absurdum fallacies to make it seem like they have an argument. The irony is that the 'mad at the dictionary' comment applies more to trans people than to anyone else.

They engaged with the whole topic in a way that indicated that their they were parroting the dogma (maybe just to appease their corporate overlords), without actually having any understanding of what they were saying, or that they were True Believers who would say 2+2=5 if a trans person told them it was true. You can't be sure, because when a person would lose their job for saying something isn't true, it doesn't tell you anything about their actual beliefs for them to say it is true.

I was considering calling them to express my disappointment, but what's the point? They're scrotes who clearly don't care about women, so I'd feel like I was exhibiting a lack of self-respect by trying to tell them their ideology is bad for women. They don't care. You don't see gay men, for example, ask nicely to not be called faggots.

There are plenty of groups of people that believe ridiculous shit, but this group's beliefs are being enshrined into law, which is why I think that episode of the podcast bothered me so much. Ordinarily I might just leave a mean comment on a video I'm watching and not consume that content in the future, but I'm super stressed about this because the podcast was just the latest instance of gender identity ideology being promoted in a way that made it clear that the people promoting it had no argument.

I can't just log off and touch grass because in my city, tons of businesses have the pride flag with the trans and black and brown stripes displayed. There's 1 women's shelter that doesn't allow troons. My country's government is on board with this shit. Recently I contacted a counseling office and they asked for my pronouns, and asked me if I identified as a member of the LGBT community, I said yes, then they told me I could get counselling at our local LGBT resource center or whatever, which believes that sexual orientation is based on gender (so they've been totally ideologically captured, and are working against actual homosexuals). THE RIDE NEVER ENDS.

I just can't deal with the stress of dealing with a group with no substance to their ideology, and with so much social influence that their nonsense is being written into law. And any questioning of them beyond 1 question, then being like 'wow, thanks for educating me! trans women are women!' gets you called a bigot.

It doesn't fucking matter if you're right, it matters if you can convince others that you're right. I'm bad at being persuasive in general so I think that's why I'm upset about this.

No. 1190999

>Fuck borzois, I hate borzois, all my nonnies hate borzois.
Objectively untrue. Borzoi haters are contrarian posers, I don't think you're cool.

No. 1191050

File: 1653133329625.png (6.27 KB, 227x278, F7C58B73-AD8A-4119-A26F-BC3CDE…)

i hate it so much when non anglophone artists get a taste of fame and then suddenly start singing in english only. like part of your appeal was that you were not singing in english. i know its probably the record labels that they are signed to or however that works i dont know, but have some integrity. its the worst and completely ruins my listening experience even possibly turning me off of listening to their music forever. it feels as though it was all about money to them the whole time. this is a huge pet peeve of mine.

No. 1191055

"b-but straight men jack it to 'lesbian' porn therefore lesbians are not as oppressed as gay men!!!"

No. 1191058

Have some fuel for your fire nonna.

No. 1191059

I usually find this funny because they always look ridiculous and there are laughs to be had, but it can be kind of annoying if you want to seriously see how the item looks on real female customers and have to wade through narc troon selfies

No. 1191060

Which podcast was it?

No. 1191067

“Woke” culture is the new “affirmative action” dog whistle. I won’t expound cuz they’ll ban me but I know what y’all really mean

No. 1191070

Ok twitterfag.

No. 1191080

File: 1653135201101.jpg (785.27 KB, 1672x2560, 910F4wua4DL.jpg)

What kind of crap is that? From what I've read it sounds like Rick and Morty but with even more woke.
If they really want to make an edgy Scooby Doo TV series, they should pick Scooby Apocalypse comics. It's nice and short enough for one season.

No. 1191119

Oh I hate this. Gadget deserved better.

No. 1191129

I have trichotillomania (anxiety/impulse disorder where I pull my hair out) so I wear wigs during daily life in public. It’s so frustrating to look at wig websites and the review photos are all just men in bad makeup, so filtered and blurry that I can’t see what the hairline looks like, or tell what the shape of the style would look like on me because it’s on their massive block-shaped heads.

No. 1191170

File: 1653143579208.jpg (63.58 KB, 647x720, 5f75c978c9c9b257495f80d986d2c1…)

I hate when people comment on my mask use. Yes, I know the mandatory use was lifted. I liked using it even before COVID. Why should you care anyway if am I using a mask??
I usually say I have hayfever (which is true), but next time I'm gonna say I have lupus or whatever to make them uncomfortable. Fuck off.

No. 1191171

I had a stranger comment on me wearing a mask in the bus recently and just told him it's my business, not his. You don't owe anyone explanation.

No. 1191176

Wicked Whims. I don't care if you use it all by yourself, but just how terminally horny do you have to be to be thinking that posting your whAcKY screenshots of your sims ending up in weird sex situations is anything but embarrassing?

No. 1191222

I hate how women who apply too much fake tan and get lip injections get instantly accused of blackface but everyone is just fine with troons walking around as disgusting caricatures of women.

No. 1191232

I think trannies are appropriating women.

No. 1191235

File: 1653147040945.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.71 MB, 270x482, F3088BDA-46DB-4402-8A2D-3D9D3D…)

Imagine living like this, I would kill myself if I was like this. It is literally disgusting. I hate how they have all of these fat American shows and how people are always like love yourselves everyone is beautiful, they are all retarded and probably fattys themselves

No. 1191237

This honestly looks like a health condition because her legs are way thinner. I think there was an illness that caused fat deposits to form on hips, maybe this is similar?

No. 1191249

i would still kms if i looked like this whether it was health-related or not, i can't imagine you getting that huge from a health issue alone though

No. 1191275

Could be Cushing's. There is treatment, so it's probably just her being fat and/or ill and not giving a shit.

No. 1191342

I-I…why does she even need bikini bottom at this point?

No. 1191432

NTA but I hate how southern Americans can't use that word anymore without being accused of being a twitterfag. I fucking hate that they co-opted southern vernacular

No. 1191534

Same, I’m guilty of instinctively thinking it’s some handmaiden or SJW ’clapping back’ whenever I see people say ‘y’all” or “folks” because suddenly my old “woke” friends on social media (from Northern California) are all doing that now

No. 1191545

File: 1653163724471.jpeg (81.21 KB, 608x608, E8490EEE-D1F1-4583-BBF1-3D2B66…)

I hate men and trannies and I’m thankful that I’m a woman and inherently better than them

No. 1191549

STOP orphaning your works. Why are you ashamed of a one chapter fic you wrote 2 months ago? At least let me believe it could possibly update someday…

No. 1191560

No. 1191602

File: 1653168172858.png (2.74 MB, 1625x2774, Screenshot_20220521-231919~2.p…)

The picture speaks for itself

No. 1191609

I hate David cronenberg. Someone tried to show me his filmography today and I am disgusted by his scrote degenerate fetish topics and subliminal hatred of women. He honestly gives me the creeps.

No. 1191611

If the TIF is the pudgy blue-haired one then it's quite realistic.

No. 1191612

>trans boy mc
>fat, pasty,dyed hair that is mostly regrowing because keeping up with it is too much work
at least they know their audience kek

No. 1191615

>tumblr nose
I thought that shit died years ago

No. 1191619

>can’t even say the L word
Every American animator that’s broke and miserable deserves it

No. 1191627

With the new Rescue Rangers movie out, I wanted to mention I'm so fucking sick of nostalgia-bait "meta" movies with sarcastic protagonists. Everything is a fucking remake, or full of tongue-in-cheek references and it won't stop because nostalgia is the moneymaker. Everything is like vidrelated now

No. 1191643

Ew why is it wearing that looking absolutely grotesque as fuck like she’s literally spilling,

No. 1191660

Ugly style holy shit.

No. 1191667

Lol they are obsessed to kpop tier levels. I think its funny and fascinating especially since his message is harmless and pc without being too retard woke. Seeing people being really into him just makes me happy they have something or someone they really enjoy. His image and music are so ridiculously vanilla and mainstream without being annoying somehow. It's just impossible to hate him or his fans for me.

No. 1191674

I noticed this too. It's always kids, teenagers, and a few middle aged women who act this way. Women in their 20s, 30s, and typically 50+ don't give a fuck. Your boss needs to be fired for discrimination. I walked into a pizza place when I was 18 and in need of a job and the manager flat out told me she wouldn't hire girls because they "cause too much drama".

No. 1191719

Whoever started this whole show-off-your-parents-when-they-were-hot-thing on TikTok. It's like them saying "HEY GUISE, COME CHECK OUT MY DAD/MOM WHEN THEY WERE HOT." And then when someone in the comments says "Hey it's kinda weird to call your parents hot/fine" they say some retarded shit like "WAIT LOL that's not what I meant at all!" Really? Then why do you want strangers to drool over yours parents with you? Congratulations now some freaks have your parents stored on their device and you outed yourself as a weirdo forever.

No. 1191737

Gadget was literally smart and independent. this is sexism

No. 1191742

Based Daphne and Velma. I love this!!

No. 1191743

I dunno where you live but people in America are actually both retarded and braindead. I've been wearing masks for years before the pandemic, especially when I had a headcold or a bad runny nose. It's also just common in my area in general since a lot of asians live near me. The pandemic fucked people up and they really think wearing a mask is some sort of protest.
Also, covid is still happening. people who act like it's gone are the worst. let me wear my mask in peace. it isnt affecting you. shut the fuck up

No. 1191746

The new designs for Silent hill look good.

No. 1191748

They got the brown girl in the hijab! oh yeah, they're really scribbling off all the checkmarks.

No. 1191760

I keep wearing it outside because of public transport being really fucking disgusting and I often see strangers pointing at me and laughing at me for it. I ignore them because these bitches don't pay my bills, but tonight I even had a guy on a bicycle yelling at me to remove my mask because they're not mandatory. Apparently me being followed by a potential stalker is fine, but me wearing a mask is scandalous kek. Anyway, I nearly died from covid at the beginning of the pandemic, and even before that I fucked up a life changing job interview because someone in public transport or at my previous retail job gave me their virus so I passed out, woke up and then threw up 10 seconds later during the interview on the phone for a job opportunity abroad, I'm not taking risks at all.

No. 1191764

I’m fortunate that my mask use is widely accepted and still highly encouraged regardless of whether the mandate is lifted or not, but I’ve secretly been waiting for someone to give me shit so I can breathe a sigh of relief and take my mask off and say “oh thank god! everyone else keeps giving me shit because I have covid but I’m glad you’re okay with it!” I just want to see their reaction.

No. 1191768

Lol definitely going to use this. Thank you, anon. Going to let out a nasty cough right after saying it.

No. 1191770

I heard they did Gadget really dirty by making her a fly-fucker.

No. 1191777

When you say you don't like a comedy show from the UK and people tell you it's because you just don't understand British humor. No I get it and there are lots of comedy shows from the UK I enjoy but there are some I dislike too sometimes.

No. 1191786

I had covid before and anti maskers are NOT scared of COVID lol. I had it in college and was quarantined so RAs had to bring me food and the anti vax/anti mask ones were not scared of me at all. In fact it was the triple boosted/5 masks at a time ones who were freaked out of their mind

No. 1191795

I hate how brainless everything is. Holy shit. The references are ham fisted in. It's so lifeless and coomers are making it easy for big companies to scam them for their money. I want actual plots and not a damn reference every 5 seconds. Pitiful what media has become.
Gadget deserved better.

No. 1191800

File: 1653178041974.jpg (141.21 KB, 1080x1336, fba4e1c8564580b6140444679fe441…)

I hate bald moids.
I personally only think baldness/a shaved head looks good on alternative moids with tattoos - like picrel. Whenever I see a bald man but he has no tattoos nor sense of any alternative style I honestly feel sick, it's like opening a carton of eggs and seeing all the shells peeled off them. It's very uncanny valley like that and they just look really unusual and blank. I hate them so much. If you are a bald male it should be a legal requirement for you to go and get tattoos in order to have some semblance of personality to you.

If you are a bald male who is also fat I personally think you should be isolated on an island somewhere until you can lose weight. No one should have to witness your genetic retardation.

No. 1191802

What’s your opinion on Travis Barker?

No. 1191803

I have like a legit phobia of bald heads. Noni. I’m bi and it’s the reason I don’t think I can marry a man. The second he goes bald I’d have to leave. There was a family friend I caught washing her husband’s pillow cases with dish soap because his bald head left grease stains. Fucking vile.

No. 1191805

Travis Barker looks spooky but he looks fine in terms of his baldness I think - he has tattoos and a clear style to balance out the shit hair genetics and he doesn't look like a peeled egg although he do be looking strange.

A good example of what I mean is Jason Statham - he honestly terrifies me, because he looks like a blank state. Like he's just bald and skin like he didn't get textured properly. I have no idea why he is considered handsome.

>bald head left grease stains
Jesus fucking christ, like a sphynx cat when they get greasy? I cannot cope.

No. 1191807

Huh I agree, I think muscles also help a lot. I think it's because going bald makes a man look like an aging, impotent loser, with a few specific exceptions - like the military and prison, hence the bad boy look being the sole way of pulling off baldness.

No. 1191826

A bald head and a shaved head like Phil Anselmo in your pic are not the same. Also Phil Anselmo was extremely attractive both in his body and facial features. Of course he looked good no matter what his hair looked like.

No. 1191829

>personally only think baldness/a shaved head looks good on alternative moids with tattoos - like picrel

No. 1191836

>A bald head and a shaved head like Phil Anselmo in your pic are not the same

No. 1191840

my moid went bald over the past few years and im just trying my hardest to convince him to cover his whole body in tattoos

No. 1191845

I hate bald moids too but I don't think any man looks good bald at all, not even any of the examples that are always brought up pf bald guys who are considered attractive. Baldness is straight up repulsive to me, hair is an important part of a man's appearance imo.

No. 1191846

Yes and I want to die being reminded. Nothing compares to the absolute disgust I feel at the memory.

No. 1191862

File: 1653183424643.jpg (55.62 KB, 600x414, the-mummy-1999-imhotep-pharoah…)

How dare you insult my ancient Egyptian priest husbando

No. 1191869

Hard agree. The tattooed and alt ones are still ugly to me. Nothing really makes up for it.

No. 1191873

We should start bullying men into wearing wigs. They call bald women (or even just women with short hair) ugly all the time. I especially hate when they purposefully shave all their hair off because they are lazy, they literally have no excuse and it makes every male look even worse.

No. 1191880

my dad having no emotional capacity and my mother having too much in a narcissistic inward leaning way

having no support from either of those fucks

No. 1191893

I am trying to have a good time with friends and some ugly creeper made me fight or flight with “hey beautiful” behind me… DisGUSTang. Vile. (Happy to have my friends there help me out and get me away from this moid.)

No. 1191992

Based, let's.

No. 1192014

I hate #mentoo and all the desperate pickmes who support it. Girl you may be desperate enough to rape a moid but like, %99 of sexual crimes are committed by men against women and %1 are committed by gay men against men.

No. 1192018

Some women DESPERATELY want to believe there are simply bad apples of either sex rather than accept that there's a consistent issue of male violence (esp sexual violence) across all of history, in all cultures.

No. 1192024

I mean, there are bad apples of either sex, it's just that men do it way more.

No. 1192031

Yeah and weirdly the same women will never ever stand up against men when a woman gets hurt and victim blame her instead.
Like beckyy did george fuck you after you told him how much women are always guilty and how men never deserve punishment? Did he pick you?
You're right but the issue is these women never attack men when they're abusers, they just love tearing women down.

No. 1192032

>You're right but the issue is these women never attack men when they're abusers, they just love tearing women down.
I agree, I was just responding to
>Some women DESPERATELY want to believe there are simply bad apples of either sex

No. 1192033

Men do it so much more that it's not even worth talking about the female bad apples unless you have an agenda lbr.

No. 1192040

I agree. Their agenda is men are always right and if they abuse a woman and she reports him, that should be considered abusing him because his future is ruined and he totally matter more. I've literally seen women and men with this logic. No idea what more I could say to them.
She does have a point, though. Some brainwashed women think women are as dangerous and criminal as men. This thinking pattern puts woman in danger because we need to have our guard up whenever a male stranger comes up to us, otherwise we could be targeted much easily. It makes it easier for men to abuse women.
I feel like this is similar to men saying crime statistics or women pointing out men being violent hurts men's feelings so we should stop, as men's feelings matter more than women's safety.

No. 1192048

I wasn't trying to disagree with saying that women are less dangerous than men, I just also don't think it's necessarily wrong for anyone to think that there are "bad apples" in women as well (or that it's why #mentoo ladies are bad).

No. 1192051

Sure but the keyword here is believing there are "simply" bad apples, as in they want to simplify patterns of abuse and violence to being a minority of bad individuals without acknowledging the role sex plays in it.

It's pointless to talk about female bad apples because they are so statistically insignificant they're only brought up as a distraction or DARVO from the real problem.

No. 1192104

I hate male gay culture. I know a lot of people from the gay community in my city and it's just baffling to me.
They all fucked each another, all of them have cheated on each another and they switch partners every few months.
Few days ago I visited a gay friend I haven't seen in a month and he has a new partner again, one he actually tore away from a husband and a genetic child. 90% of gays aren't capable of monogamy and the children they have suffer from that. Hetero couples suck too but with gays it's almost inevitable they'll leave for a new dick.
They routinely go to gay orgies, what the fuck? Like how can that be normalised in their community? It's fucking disgusting. They go to the 'gay spas' which are then used as normal spas after they're (hopefully) cleaned. It's absolutely normal to go get fucked by strangers from grinder in a foreign city they're visiting, like that's a normal part of tourism. They also all have the malebrained draw to have their own genetic children and pester their female friend into being surrogates for them. They always want to conceive naturally too, so basically use their female friends as a prostitute+. Just fucking adopt, you assholes. Or be childless. Not every male has the inherent right to spread his seed just because he has a fucking dick. Most of the community is so misogynistic too, they love male/female stereotyping and inherently see women as less and as disgusting creatures, it's pretty obvious if you listen to them talk. They aren't concealing their jealousy that women get with hetero guys, they always want a hetero guy over a gay guy because deep down they know gays aren't stable partners. They can get so fucking mean to the woman dating a guy they like too.
Gays aren't discriminated against much where I'm from but I genuinely think they should be in some things, children should be protected from the sexual bullshit they love. People aren't aware how degenerate and sex obsessed they are, everyone drinks the Hollywood koolaid about caring kind monogamous gay fathers. I was such a handmaiden before too, now I do consider some of them my friends but seeing what they do in their spare time, I just think they're degenerate as fuck. I only know like one gay couple out of around 20 that isn't like this and maybe I just don't know them that well yet.

No. 1192164

Gay male culture is disgusting. I have always supported people's right to marry and love who they want but as I'm getting older I've seen the absolute state of some gay moids and it disgusts me - obviously not because they are gay, but because they are whiny, self-obsessed sexual degenerates compared to the average lesbian. The only exception for me was my gay friend and his boyfriend who are just normal people and don't do any of this weird hypersexual shit.

They are SO invasive of women's topics too - I find it hard to discuss misogyny online without some fag coming in and thinking he can input his two cents on the matter simply because he's gay and thinks he's "one of the girls". The worst thing is people just let them do that…like no, you're still a man. You just fuck other men, that doesn't make you have a woman mindset nor does it give you the special pass to discuss women's topics. On the flipside when they aren't trying to gaysplain women they are so incredibly vicious towards women too, constantly picking us apart and trying to correct us on shit that they would never know anything about.

No. 1192174

Yeah the one normal gay couple I mentioned also doesn't seem hypersexual but that might be because one of them is an actual shy autist who only dated women before.
And they aren't part of the community and don't know many other gays. I think once gays become part of the community the degenerate stuff follows. Also want to add that disproportionately huge portion of them are drug users, they like to party/hook up high.

No. 1192313

>I just also don't think it's necessarily wrong for anyone to think that there are "bad apples" in women as well
This is just common sense though, the vast majority of people (yes, even farmers) know this so it doesn't need to be explained every time

No. 1192331

gay scrotes using women as surrogates makes me wish they never got rights. aids can't make a comeback soon enough, but I'd be sad for the women with DL bf/husbands who could also get sick. these people need to be shamed back in the closet.

No. 1192348

I wasn't trying to explain anything, I just replied because of what the original post said.

No. 1192358

Gay male culture is what all men would be like if they didn't have to tone down their degeneracy in order not to repulse women.
>these people need to be shamed back in the closet
nah, they need to be as open as possible so no woman accidentally ends up with one.

No. 1192383

>Gay male culture is what all men would be like if they didn't have to tone down their degeneracy in order not to repulse women
Preach. They see women as resources and make it obvious, mock women's openly and feel no remorse. They also don't have women to withhold certain things and balance the relationship so they keep fucking around, cheating and becoming much more violent.

No. 1192389

What is it with you anons who always think a gay moid is somehow the biggest threat to women when its straight moids that kill us in ways the faggots could never even touch. Even the most jealous twink doesnt harbor the same vitriol for you that a straight moid does. Misogyny was literally worse when fags were in the closet, but i guess you would prefer to end up married to a closet case and catching HIV so the ebil gehs cant m be bitchy to us and abuse each other instead kekw

No. 1192391

>Misogyny was literally worse when fags were in the closet
not always true. remember Ancient Rome and Greece?

No. 1192393

greeks and romans weren't openly the way you think, it was just a phase thing. they hated women because they all had to settle down with one eventually instead of just being pedos.

No. 1192409

Do you know who gives most straight women stds? Do you know that in Greece men were literally gay because they hated women so much? Do you know this is still common practice in Afghanistan and they crossdress little boys to rape them because their hatred of women ruins straight relationships with them? Do you know how many of those boys commit suicide before they're even legal adults and the rapists go on to marry women to abuse them next?
All men are shitty, gay men are no exception.

No. 1192417

i've read some papers from back when faggotry was partly depathologized and the dsm included only ego-dystonic homosexuality. it's all case studies of closeted scrotes neglecting their wives and cheating on them with random guys. when the scrote and his wife went to therapy, the therapist would help them reach a trade-off, which most of the time consisted of the scrote promising to fuck around less if the wife let him fuck her while he was thinking about fucking another moid.

No. 1192424

This new monkeypox virus is mostly spreading between gays. So kind of the new AIDS

No. 1192453

Hi, faghag.
>What is it with you anons who always think a gay moid is somehow the biggest threat to women when its straight moids
Where do you get this bullshit from my post? I didn't compare gay and straight scrotes, I said I hate how sexually degenerate gay community is. My post didn't have anything to do with straight scrotes. Do I have to put disclaimer straight moids are bad too! even though I was specifically talking about hypersexual gay culture?
>Misogyny was worse before gays came out of closet
Nonsensical non-related bullshit too. Gays didn't help erasing misogyny in any way.
Most of gays I know often sleep with taken bi guys that have girlfriends so your HIV point is moot. You sound like you don't know a single shit about actual gay community.

No. 1192461

gay moids don't beat up and kill women only because they're not married to them. makes me think of william s. burroughs kek. but they treat women as bad if not worse, and they don't need to hide their hatred because they don't have to convince women to have sex. their interactions with women are often transactional and they expect to be served by them.

No. 1192463

wah wah wah go watch rupaul's drag race and listen to charli xcx

No. 1192499

no one said fags are the biggest threat to women. here, i'll make this easy for you since you want to be retarded:

males are the biggest threat to women, gay or otherwise.
also, just because a man is a faggot doesn't mean he's somehow suddenly unable to inflict violence or vitriol upon us. hope this helps!

No. 1192677

I'm personally annoyed by it because "Marquise" is the female title, it should "Marquis".

No. 1192696

Look, the fruit fly thinks that just because they don’t want to have sex with us or desire our bodies means they have no toxic resentment or ability to harm us

No. 1192703

File: 1653249653380.jpeg (116.71 KB, 940x627, majushka.jpeg)

Hate this bitch and her lip filler and her puke scented fabric softener and her graphic design is my passion pink tram with half her bra showing on it and her retard outfits and hair and voice holy shit

No. 1192747

File: 1653253007869.jpg (88.36 KB, 851x1277, IMG_20171114_000443_rHd2cMCIIM…)

Picrel, also hate Harry Potter triangle tattoo, the wrist snake like TND has, Zelda triforce

No. 1193043

File: 1653275337818.png (81.06 KB, 631x521, 58903248329048.png)

I like my iPhone, but oh how I hate iTunes. Every fucking time I want to import my photos/videos, add songs to the Music app, stick an ebook on it, some error or another will pop up. I'll spend an hour trying to troubleshoot based on all the random suggestions online, restart the computer multiple times, connect/reconnect usb, only for it to randomly start working again after nothing has really changed. It's the most user unfriendly bullshit in the world. I understand why people smash their phones into the wall but there's no issue with the thing itself only this stupid ass software

No. 1193082

i agree anon. i'm fine with my iphone but itunes is a pain in the ass

No. 1193156

File: 1653285671678.jpeg (135.77 KB, 750x260, 9339AF72-EAD0-4A3A-B131-FC87F5…)

How don’t you feel guilty for this? I know men ain’t shit but cmon take some responsibility for being in a disgusting profession that rips apart relationships and preys on vulnerable young women, etc. I just hate seeing cam girls and strippers come out like “omg this married dude came in and totes said he was in love with me..” fuck you and fuck him.

No. 1193423

kuromi. used to find her cute but it's always the most obnoxious people who are obsessed with her and used her as their profile picture. and you just know they think they're being so cute while being some of the most irritating people you will ever encounter. her image is tainted for me

No. 1193426

While it's sad that she speaks of it as she personally has no issue with it, ultimately the disgusting scrote is the only one to really blame.

No. 1193440

too busy draggin' and droppin' files on my chinese droid phone (that snitches on me to the chinese).

No. 1193490

File: 1653305105189.jpg (46.33 KB, 431x651, 218.jpg)

I hate when people correct me if I pronounce something wrong. It tends to happen a lot if I get nervous, overwhelmed or anxious and there's always some freak looming around ready to say "uhm ayckhually it's pronounced ___" like okay bitch I didn't need to know, my day is not any better because you noticed I mispronounced something.

They ALWAYS make sure to do it loud enough so that other people hear too like they enjoy embarrassing me.

No. 1193525


Same. can't stand both kuromi and mymelo since the jiraikei trend started and it got much worse when uwu kawaiicore tiktokers or whatever their name is got hold of them.

And while I'm at it, I hate both these trends so much, the outfits are all cookie cutter shit made out of ugly polyester that's only good on their blurry pictures, and since they all edit their faces the same way, it's not even possible to differentiate these people from each other by anything but the specific pattern of dyed streaks in their hair and which mental illness they larp as (literally the most unentertaining chuunibyou type acts i've ever seen). Boring as shit subcultures with no interesting media to back them up.

No. 1193588

I can’t stand the horoscope, mercury retrogade, spiritual healing, reiki, your inner goddess, sphere reading etc. types. It’s all pseudoscience and even the intelligent woman I know can fall for it

No. 1193591

You have a shitty horoscope sign, don't you? Cmon tell me, what is it??

No. 1193608

probably a shitty water or earth sign

No. 1193618

I have ehlers danlos syndrome and I truly hate how it’s become the new easily-faked “das” chronic illness. Over the past three years especially I saw the subreddit flooded with “is THIS a symptom of EDS?” “what binder should I get because I have a rib that subluxes and makes it hard to wear binders uwu” (ribs can’t sublux….. they aren’t a joint)

Worst part is we can’t call this shit out, the sub had to get a rule about questioning dxes (since I swear a ton of them are just self dx now) and rightfully it would be a dick move to question someone, it’s just that there’s now SO many fakers or people who are mistaking random things everyone has for a chronic illness

I also hate how some people make their CI their entire identity… “I’m a zebra uwu here’s all my zebra merchandise” god shut up you make us look so obnoxious

No. 1193622

mental retardation

No. 1193644

i live in where we have minimum 3 languages to learn. I can speak English fluently but have trouble speaking my mother tounge. I can form sentences naturally but have a slang accent to it. I get bullied for it and people would straight up just tell me to speak in english because I sound better that way.
So you can imagine how annoying the struggle of pronunciation of a new word is. Especially if everyone else is there is making fun of me

No. 1193647

Definitely a water sign kek

No. 1193659

nope lol. star schizos are so embarrassing

No. 1193665

Nta but if you didn't have a shit sign you'd say which one it was, kek.

No. 1193670

no? yeah sure i'm going to reveal my birthday for some insane schizo to go on a tangent about whatever sign i say. if i wanted to really mess with you i'd just say something completely random but somehow that would still give you the satisfaction of spazzing out about whatever sign lol.

No. 1193674

ok anons what star signs do you hate the most and why

No. 1193680

literally all of them for moids and none of them for women
i hate leo and cancer men especially tho

No. 1193681

I hate scorpios because they hold grudges and want all your secretes. Geminis because they're two-faced and unstable. Libras are also very shallow and obsessed with beauty but it's not as bad as the first two I guess.

No. 1193683

File: 1653318308106.jpeg (8.44 KB, 326x170, D7D903F8-EDD3-46D3-A83B-8E3B5C…)

No. 1193687

>leo and cancer men
Preach. Cancer men act like little babies and cry all the time. Leos aways think they're the best.

No. 1193688

>Data was collected for 264 participants through an anonymous online survey shared on social media

thing I hate: people who 'cite studies'

No. 1193689

women in general are narcissistic, especially the low IQ ones that browse lolcow, it's not surprising at all that narcissism and low IQ are linked with astrology.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1193692

Things I hate: cunts that can't think for themselves and unironically base their beliefs around star signs(2. Infighting is highly penalized, it’s not contributive to the overall health of the board.)

No. 1193694

The astrohater ended up being a m*le, kek. Did it get triggered when anons said his horoscope was shitty?

No. 1193696

what's your star sign sweetie? let's bond!

No. 1193700

I hate scorpios solely because they seem to be the loudest and most obnoxious about horoscope shit.

No. 1193704

who hurt you?

No. 1193710

His gf cheated on him with a fortuneteller man. He now has trauma and hates women who are into those stuff because. Don't be mean.

No. 1193715

hope he gets dropkicked by a rising moon farting sun scorpio

No. 1193719

Hey I’m the original astrohater and not this moid above, I actually laughed at some of your comments lol but I still think it’s pseudoscience sorry

No. 1193724

It's ok not to believe, though as you can see most astrohaters are men who just want to mock an interest of women's. They just can't fathom women being interested in something meaningless while they themselves spend hours watching men chase balls or play stupid games.

No. 1193728

you retards with your sun sign generalization need to stop. western rats dirtied the actual meaning of astrology.

No. 1193729

>women being interested in something meaningless
don't pretend like most women obsessed with astrology think it's meaningless

No. 1193731

I'm joining the scorpio slander, why are them mfs so fucking horny? all of them, is actually worrisome
This name is way too dope, we need to change it

No. 1193734

I heard men are a genetic abomination.

No. 1193738

Adding to say I hate scorpios. They're insufferable just like moids.

No. 1193740

Reminder, do not reply to scrotes. Fighting with a scrote is still infighting.

>2. Infighting is highly penalized, it’s not contributive to the overall health of the board.

Report and Ignore Male Posters.

No. 1193750

That’s fine I don’t mind light hearted conversation about astrology but recently I’ve been very sick and some reiki loving people told me that my sickness stems from muh negative thoughts which is bs
I was just super annoyed as I had to listen to this while in bed, again the above moid is not me

No. 1193765

they're ban evading now.

No. 1193767


No. 1193772

File: 1653322085044.jpg (30.63 KB, 600x338, 1648860350477.jpg)

we are prettier than the rest of you anyway

No. 1193784

there was a literal moid here but some of his posts got deleted. You prefer he was allowed to post

No. 1193791

I read the posts, the mod is going absolutely insane banning people left and right that aren't even him. I get banning the moid and he was out of line but that anon made a joke and her post got removed, it wasn't even malicious or anything. It's come across super nazi like.(welcome back scrote, your IP range does not change fyi)

No. 1193799

i only saw the moid get redtexted, how do you know that other anon was banned hmm.

No. 1193802

nevermind i just saw the redtext now, youre the moid.

No. 1193805

Reikifags are mental. Though I believe good energy can be better for health, see depression causing more healthy issues, most reiki is just sharlatans scamming naive people.

No. 1193820

Wtf happened in this thread

No. 1193821

File: 1653323616492.png (761.9 KB, 747x550, megahate.png)

I hate bedsores. I hate that I can be super careful about positioning and move around a bunch, but I'll still end up with pressure injuries.
Picrel mega tantrum because exercise makes them worse but I still want to exercise.

No. 1193823

i thought people only got bed sores if they don't get out of bed for long periods of time

No. 1193824

Idk what happened in this thread but astrology is fun. I don't hate anyone based on it but I do agree people share some traits between signs. The only sign I'm wary off is Virgo because my Virgo exes were super mean lol.

No. 1193826

>Comparing farmhand to Nazis
Kek what an idiot.

No. 1193844

You can get them from prolonged pressure or friction on the skin, it's most common if you're bedbound but it can also happen if you use a wheelchair or otherwise need to sit or lie down a lot.

No. 1193866

astrology is fake and gay but based

No. 1193969

I have a Virgo moon and I can confirm I am extremely mean except I have done some serious work on myself and try my best to not be so mean. However it still exists in me.

No. 1194082

File: 1653334761532.jpg (223.52 KB, 1080x881, everyonesfavoritetumblrhandmai…)

This level of handmaidenry.

No. 1194097

I hate astrology shit but I do love seeing scrotes seething over it

No. 1194108

>being fat isn't bad
yeah, cope. you can't help being short or having a small dick but you can absolutely do something about being fat and it's highly preventative in the first place.
there is absolutely no excuse for anyone, especially men, to be fat. men have less body fat % and more muscle mass on them for a reason, so if you ever see a man who's legit fat you know he is seriously lazy and disgusting to even get to that point.
Most men can shovel down thousands more calories compared to women and not even get remotely overweight from it so when a man becomes fat he is absolutely a societal failure. Men know this, that's why they're trying to push the "dad bods are hecking hot" narrative so they can get away with being obese cunts.

No. 1194364

Aries women always have to compete with you on everything, no sisterhood there, the men are children. Taurus men are lazy self centered and boring. Geminis are two faced regardless of gender. Cancer men are whiny and too clingy, petty as shit. Leo men are god awful, dunning krueger ass egotistical attention seekers, the women have self esteem issues. Virgos are anal and boring, the women are insane. Libra women will try to sleep with your bf, serial monogamists with a side of poly. Scorpio men are whiny two faced insecure jealous haters. Sagittarius men have personality disorders. Capricorn men are sexual deviants and yet, still dull as hell. Aquarius men think
they are always right with a saviour and victim complex at the same time. Pisces are self centered asf with a giant victim complex, the men are hoes the women are crybabies.

No. 1194377

Am Aries and this is false. No one ever gets anything about my sign right kek not even "accurate" horoscope sites.

No. 1194434

i agree, to each their own but i don't get why people put so much faith into this kind of thing

No. 1194632

File: 1653383457442.jpg (102.73 KB, 1200x675, maxresdefault-288-1356133707.j…)

i hate it when people post stretches where their ass or crotch is right in the camera.
>tee hee look how talented i am
>spreads pussy/penis in leggings
i don't want to see the outline of that. they could've taken that image at a different angle. it is unnecessary, and awkward to look at. they pretend it's for education or bragging rights, but then the photo would be like picrel.
>hehehe guys i got the splits!
>nearly see through clothing
>cameltoe, dick and balls
>crotch angled right at the viewer like they're ready to get dicked down
i unfollowed trainers for shit like this. they can teach us stretch techniques in sweatpants, and record themselves from sensible angles. these kinds of pictures are thirst traps disguised as sports photos.

No. 1194634

>photo would be like picrel.
i meant to write looks like picrel

No. 1194635

yooo why is that Aquarius description so real

No. 1194642

>Libra women will try to sleep with your bf, serial monogamists with a side of poly.
Anon please talk about Libra men, I'm not into astrology but this is fun

No. 1194643

i often look for work out ideas on youtube and so many channels directly serve to scrotes it's unreal, and i can hardly watch it or support it. i just want a normal work out video to follow, not some bitch in yogapants, lifting her ass up with her hands (?lol) to the camera as she turns to show them 'off'

No. 1194648

i hate leos, capricorns, and scorpios.
leos are egoistic, vindictive attention seekers. they make everything about themselves and only care about people that flirt or give them things. a leo always wants to feel special even if they are mid and will hold grudges for not getting gassed up.
capricorns are the most boringest motherfuckers. they have no sense of humor and are workaholics in a pathetic way. a capricorn only cares about money and status. they are the most psychopathic sign without any charm.
scorpios are the meanest, most envious people with narcissistic or borderline personality disorders. they turn people against each other for fun, they plot against you just because they are jealous, and they never stop hating. the most prominent trait of a scorpio is to be a fucking hater. they are pessimistic and possessive with anger issues.

No. 1194653

Absolutely agree about scorpios, scorpio women and men are the same to me. Never met a scorpio who wasn't like that.

Not necessarily hate, but geminis bother the hell out of me. They're always showing you one face and hiding the other, thinking they can fool you easily even though their two-facedness is blatantly obvious.

No. 1194659

this is why i search muslim teachers or those "stretches for elderly back pain" videos lol at least pole dancers are open about the sluttiness but why is a cheerleader or yoga instructor posing these, kills me. i wonder if they even have real life students after posting that. just by looking for splits pictures btw i found that pic and an onlyfans in the results

No. 1194663

Yeah this pisses me off too, it feels like you cannot turn anywhere without a huge ass in yoga pants being shoved in your face even in situations where it's not even appropriate.

This is what it's like for like 80% of the female weightlifting community. If you try to find workout videos you're bombarded with softcore porn angles of women having their ass and cameltoe in the camera, it makes no fucking sense if not to appeal to moids. I hate it.

No. 1194717

>capricorns are the most boringest motherfuckers. they have no sense of humor and are workaholics in a pathetic way. a capricorn only cares about money and status. they are the most psychopathic sign without any charm.
Kek, literally the funniest, most compassionate and generous person I know is a Capricorn.

No. 1194736

File: 1653392813435.jpeg (327.02 KB, 800x624, B05735C6-A4F9-4CCD-9E13-269523…)

I can’t stand clumsy people who break everything they touch. It truly baffles me how some people’s genetic lines managed to make it this far without them dying out in some stupid, bumbling way.

No. 1194748

This conversation reminded me of something I hate: doing actual yoga in the tight "yoga pants." The looser versions are way more comfortable for doing yoga

No. 1194761

File: 1653395148684.gif (464.58 KB, 201x275, 1653318724983.gif)

Sick of seeing this Mormon-faced capeshit moid used for reactions.

No. 1194770

I can't stand everything being softcore porn now. "Fashion" tiktoks, workout videos, etc. Even if you go out of your way to block out anything remotely coomerish on social media you still get spammed with it. Even normie girls are posting themselves half naked and photoshopping insane proportions

No. 1194783

He is loved by LSA, black girls love him. I remember all of those edits of him with ghetto long nails and big hoop earrings.

No. 1194827

Doesn't change that he's unattractive. Same goes for Adam Driver, Paul Dano, etc etc

No. 1194832

i would say he is more conventional than those two though. i think most of danofags are either blind or trolling

No. 1194834

Damn, mormons look like that? That's it, I'm moving to the USA. Utah, here I come!

No. 1194855

The amount of everything being sex and porn related now is disturbing. Even when it comes to literal children. Teenage girls are not women.

No. 1194856

But terfs are? Retard

No. 1194858

>Mormon faced
KEK that's so apt

No. 1194859

No. 1194869

Attempting to decode her message, maybe it's a cipher or something

No. 1194870

lol you will never be a woman, tranny. an actual woman not liking trannies still makes her a woman tho.

No. 1194916

I hate aidens posting their comments on fanfiction, "I knew this was gonna trigger my dysphoria but I read it anyway omg it was soooo hot" oh shut up

No. 1194939

This is why i just never read any comments anymore, no one cares about your boyclit, aiden

No. 1194942

>triggers my dysphoria which is what I use to threaten suicide to get what I want
>but it was hot anyway!
So I guess it's not that bad if they're getting off to it.

No. 1194943

If an aiden mutilates themselves but there’s no social media to witness it. Is it still an aiden?

No. 1194946

I'm not knowledgeable about fanfiction why do they get dysphoria?

No. 1194947

Either the fact both male characters have a penis or one has a vagina (because of aidenism). Either one could set off an aiden's "dysphoria". You can never tell, which is why they're notoriously shitty people to hang around because you're always walking on egg shells around them.

No. 1194966

Really weird because I mostly use YouTube to work out and never saw scrote pandering channels.

No. 1194993

Thank you for the info.

No. 1195039

File: 1653412317012.jpeg (741.33 KB, 828x1398, A98B8297-486D-4C1F-9E93-DDB562…)

a very bare looking face with winged eyeliner slapped on. it doesn't make you look better or more put together, it's actually the direct opposite. it reminds me of 15 year old girls that don't really know how to do makeup but make fun of others a la "i could NEVER take over an hour to get ready!" like yeah, it shows. you could just substitute the winged eyeliner for mascara and a bit of eyeshadow and it would look way better. rant over

No. 1195046

I think bare face and eyeliner looks better than using any skin products, even though I don't do the look myself I've had friend who did it and looked very pretty.
Also most girls I know don't know their skinmatch so the skin product almost always looks off or either too dry and textured or too oily. I we're told by beauty youtubers to slather on foundation, powder, etc. and think it looks better but it doesn't and you'll feel worse about your skin once you take it off.

No. 1195051

Taking care of your skin in general will always look better than putting on foundation/tinted moisturizer.

No. 1195056

Clumsy people who write it off as a 'cute quirk' are the worst. Ok, so you lost 30 pairs of airpods. You are not cute, you are a piece of shit who is wasteful and bad with both money and items you own.

No. 1195057

fat men are a failure of society and should off themselves. You can absolutely help being fat.

No. 1195059

I like her makeup a lot tbh. I don't wear makeup but I wish makeup was about having fun and self-expression instead of painting on a flawless photoshop face. I want more women to do fun eye makeup without wasting time covering up their 'imperfections'.

No. 1195060

That makeup is not an example of self expression or fun at all

No. 1195061

Its retarded because it's been watered down to appeal to the masses. Get into read a book birth chart sun moon rising level and it's pretty accurate. The rich use it all the time.

No. 1195069

The type of wing she did just simply doesn't suit her. It's too thick and her eyelashes are either very short or she didn't put any mascara on. But yeah, I'm not sure why she didn't put a lip tint on or something. It would look nicer. Like, I can see that she did her cheeks for some reason though.

No. 1195158

nah you're the one overcompensating and feeling like every woman without a full face of makeup on is judging you. i don't wear skin makeup and i like to wear eyeliner and i don't look 'unfinished' or 'worse' maybe you should try going without foundation and you might be less of a judgmental insecure pancake face

No. 1195161

I do the same as you but ONLY eyeliner does look like shit and juvenile.

No. 1195163

i don't even wear a full face of foundation, only eyeliner looks fucking disgusting lol. it literally just looks bad. you sound so triggered you should really just learn how to apply makeup the way it's supposed to be applied for your own sake.

No. 1195169

Funny, it was a man and a woman where I read the comment

No. 1195171

File: 1653419782537.jpg (105.85 KB, 1694x523, ezgif-5-4891cd33f9.jpg)

>nah you're the one overcompensating and feeling like every woman without a full face of makeup on is judging you. i don't wear skin makeup and i like to wear eyeliner and i don't look 'unfinished' or 'worse' maybe you should try going without foundation and you might be less of a judgmental insecure pancake face

No. 1195183

Why is everyone so mad at this post

No. 1195252

She looks fine? Her skin is clear. Why would she need foundation or anything else on her face? I hate the idea that you must wear foundation to do makeup since it ruins your skin

No. 1195255

File: 1653424421104.jpeg (257.92 KB, 520x521, B88B91EC-00B1-4C89-8A3E-AE2742…)

You are based, I stopped wearing foundation and I literally look better. Not even sure why I wore it in the first place, i didn’t have acne or discoloration I just wore it because I was brainwashed by Nikketutorials and James Charles into shitty Instagram makeup. Foundation never looks how it looks in pictures, you can always tell it’s there it either leaves a greasy film or a dry Cakiness. I think people look better without their face looking the exact same color anyways.

No. 1195258

I think anons mostly mean the (apparant) lack of mascara, generally you wouldn't use eyeliner or eyeshadow without mascara, it looks a bit weird.

No. 1195260

retarded ugly betties
the post was about how ridiculous her face look with no mascara and a thick line of eyeliner while she's got nothing on her lips
go cry some more

No. 1195263

i feel bad but i chuckled at that pic. she is staring at me

No. 1195265

Could it be the country you're in? Everyone I know in America gets bombarded with overly sexual tiktoks, YouTube videos, etc. I literally exclusively use Pinterest for home decor and food recipes and still get spammed with coomer shit. Definitely looks out place since it looks like a stereotypical mom mag and then a random half naked girl using the waist shrinking filter will show up

No. 1195267

File: 1653424763090.jpg (32.69 KB, 720x486, 1532123_10204349205904085_3726…)

>i wear only eyeliner and i look so good!

No. 1195268

You sound jealous of women that have clear enough skin to go without foundation. See a dermatologist please

No. 1195272

>"Only eyeliner"

No. 1195278

i don't even wear foundation you freak lol. where did this foundation debate come from, you ugly betties are retarded and illiterate.

No. 1195281

The woman in the original post >>1195039 is clearing wearing foundation though??

No. 1195283

I think they're mad about women wearing winged eyeliner. One anon has been sperging about it for months whenever anons mention that they wear it.

No. 1195284

This. I hate this trend that tells women we have to apply a full face of make-up.
That girl has much more than just eyeliner, ironically she'd look better if she just went with a thin liner instead of this 2015 instagirl makeup.

No. 1195288

>ugly betty
Nta but you're projecting. Are you mad cause you can't do a winged liner?

No. 1195289

Why are you all going on and on about foundation when >>1195039 was clearly talking about the thick eyeliner without mascara. I swear you all are just looking for things to infight about.

No. 1195291

I think she looks nice. Her skin is really pretty and radiant. She looks beautiful in an effortless way. I don’t understand why anons are being so autistic about this.

No. 1195293

you're genuinely so stupid it's funny

No. 1195294

So it’s the deranged salty anon? Geez

No. 1195296

they just feel triggered because they probably do their eyes EXACTLY like that lol.

No. 1195298

File: 1653425599864.jpg (141.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's such a simple concept that a lot of anons ITT can't grasp or never bothered to learn. I don't know where the foundation thing came from either, it's like they just wanted a reason to fight and say "well I don't wear foundation like you!"… and? That wasn't even the point.

No. 1195307

TIL you're supposed to wear mascara with eyeliner… you do you girls but I'll never bother lmao

No. 1195316

I don't wear make up at all and right now I'm feeling good about that because.. imo you might as well do nothing and look like shit if people are still going to nitpick that little bit of effort you did make lol

No. 1195327

you lot are so strange sometimes

No. 1195336

tbh I can see the appeal of driver and dano even though they're not my type since they stand out more visually, chris evens looks so normal to the point of being forgettable and doesn't play edgy characters like the other two.

No. 1195377

Eyeliner without mascara just looks really shitty. You have to be blind if you thought it looked okay.

No. 1195381

double this when they are taller or bigger. i am not looking to break a bone by being around them when they fall in some of the most retarded ways. i don't get why they go their entire lives avoiding sports when it's been proven that coordination improves from them.
danger to everyone, not just themselves. it's not cute, it's embarrassing.

No. 1195385

>bare looking face with eyeliner
This girl was obviously complaining she wasnt wearing skin products but changed them narrative when anons told her no skin product will ever look good as real skin. She's now saying it was totally about mascara even though that wasn't mentioned until she got mad and told everyone she doesn't wear foundation herself.
She's probably someone without terrible skin so she layers on skin products to feel ok and gets mad when other woman don't feel the need.

No. 1195403

kek i dont know, nobody said to wear ONLY eyeliner, i wear mascara too but just because i dont have full coverage foundation on doesnt mean im lowkey a no makeup judgment champion or something

No. 1195404

the post says "a very bare face" that's why i mentioned foundation

No. 1195449

The term "booba" and everyone who uses it.

No. 1195504

you are so schizo and mad. seethe more. why would i refer to the lack of foundation when… that chick is wearing concealer or foundation in her video. tell me you're an ugly britbong piling on the eyeliner without mascara kek

No. 1195514

Sorry not sorry but an "almost" full face of makeup will always look silly with the main makeup components missing. Doing an Amy Winehouse tier eyeliner look (which isn't really daytime appropriate and may look tacky situationally) without the rest of the glam just looks half assed/lazy. Doing a full face of foundation without anything else will equally look silly. Doing full on red lips… you get the point. There has to be balance and situational awareness. That nurse looks half assed because she doesn't have mascara or any kind of lip product to go along with that heavy eyeliner.

No. 1195534

>That nurse looks half assed because she doesn't have mascara
Tell me about it. I thought the exact same thing when my mom was in hospital dying and they made her more comfortable in her final hours. I mean nurses… do better.

No. 1195548

File: 1653436668878.jpg (76.79 KB, 682x1024, 84b37a8564a2718cc735f7eaaf83a4…)

I hate the spergy derails, and scrotes on this board

No. 1195549

Nurses work long shifts, say 12 hour+, and are on their feet all day. Mind you tiktok nurses suck shit but I don’t think it really matters what they choose to do with their makeup. Bitches can wear a full ruby red glitter lip and a single strip of falsies to change bedpans and wrangle old men if they so please.

No. 1195555

That every dating site I go one apperently has subscriptions whats the point? I want to see people attracted to me but it's like I have to pay some large amount of money I don't have. I don't use dating sites, so it's all new, but whats the point of using Bumble if everyone liking me is blurry and I don't have money? It's a waste of time for broke bitches like me.

No. 1195558

I hate makeup and the people who are obsessed with it.

No. 1195560

She chose to wear makeup, what's your point? Also
>tiktok nurse

No. 1195563

Who even cares if normie women don't have perfect photoshoot done makeup? Her eyeliner isn't even Amy winehouse level or anything extreme. Some of you need to leave your house more and realize the fast majority of young women are fashionista makeup artist types, hell you're lucky if you even see someone wearing their correct "color palette" or even did their hair nicely. No one cares about appearance that much anymore but it's nice to be able to leave your house without bitter bitches complaining about how you wore this and not this. Sometimes.

No. 1195580

File: 1653438987774.gif (753.92 KB, 1008x720, serial-experiments-lain-gif-9-…)

Every fucking mainstream website is so purposefully awful, right? I shouldn't click on a site and immediately there's a video playing that you cannot pause, only mute. And it should not follow you wherever you scroll. It is stressful and more often than not I just quit the page immediately.
Also endless scrolling. I can't stand endless scrolling through images, give me the option to pick a page. It's so anxiety-inducing.
So a thing I hate are some awful UI designs, at least for me. I don't know how anyone else stands them or how it's so ubiquitous now.
Obligatory lain gif for internet related anger

No. 1195604

>No one cares about appearance that much anymore but it's nice to be able to leave your house without bitter bitches complaining about how you wore this and not this
Tell me you're a dirty American without telling me you're a dirty American. In more civilised parts of the world, people definitely still take care of their appearance and pay attention to this type of thing.

No. 1195607

So, like, mostly women.

No. 1195608

Anon no one literally cares. There's much bigger things to worry about than a strangers makeup.

No. 1195613

Okay? You're literally on lolcow. Go to the celebricows thread and tell them "there's bigger things to worry about" or any thread on /snow/ or /pt/.

No. 1195616

Nta but they were talking about looking at people IRL, not lolcow. It's true that a lot of people don't care that much about what a random person going about their day is wearing or what they look like and mind their own business, unless you're in a professional setting (and in that video, the nurse doesn't look outrageous or unprofessional. She's not even at her actual job.)

No. 1195617

I'm talking about a post I saw on lolcow

No. 1195621

The conversation was about the appearance of the average woman, but if you say so anon.

No. 1195626

The conversation was about the tiktok until "not you" started talking about the average woman

No. 1195629

That's a time and place to gossip, they aren't just trying to judge nitpick random women over normal things for no apparent reason when no one around you cares. You sound unbearable

No. 1195632

Most of the posts here seem like they're talking about the everyday women? Even in the OP, it seems like that tiktok was just being used as an example. Besides, if you didn't feel like that's what the discussion was about, then you didn't have to reply to a post about normal women to talk about normal women. I just don't get your logic here, you've already resorted to the "you have to be the same anon!" thing.

No. 1195633

nta but why are you this triggered over people making fun of makeup. you sound insufferable yourself like you just witness the worlds biggest injustice go down… someone's makeup was made fun of! wtf

No. 1195634

Girl if you have fugly makeup it's not my problem. People can say whatever they wanna say about it. Your mental gymnastics are boring.

No. 1195635

File: 1653442957571.jpeg (151.76 KB, 700x790, 375E9F8D-56CA-4A8C-B3C1-1D5D8F…)

since we're on the topic of make-up i hate overly yasssified make-up so much

No. 1195638

You're the only one doing mental gymnastics, anon.

No. 1195643

I said the makeup is fugly and you cried about it and continued to argue semantics for the next 5 posts. Who's doing mental gymnastics?

No. 1195654

This looks so awful. Simple makeup would look much better. I hate this trend so much.

No. 1195662

Do you know what mental gymnastics are?

No. 1195697

And? They’re still annoying.

No. 1195700

Responds with
literally annoying as fuck zoomer detected

No. 1195703

and? fuck off boomer-lennial

No. 1195718

Why do women dick suck make up so much

No. 1195782

>tells me I'm schizo because I thought she meant no foundation by bareface
>assumes I'm a ugly british woman
Get help. Go to a dermatolog. And then a psychiatrist.

No. 1195784

The zoomie cannot handle the ridicule

No. 1195786

Nta but you sound like an old lady who tears younger women apart for tiny stuff like hair and makeup while she looks like a mess. You've been sperging for 10 hours and attacking 5 anons who all didagreed with you. Take your instathot drag makeup crusty ass somewhere else.

No. 1195789

The real problem here is the eyebrows.

No. 1195794

wholeheartedly agree, especially about endless scrolling. definitely a trick to get people addicted

No. 1195814

nta but isn't the OP who started this argument the one nitpicking makeup? think the anon you're responding to is one of the ones who disagreed with her

No. 1195836

File: 1653462743299.jpg (477.72 KB, 1080x994, Screenshot_20220524-213208_Ins…)

Can't believe they just took down one of lolcow's anthems!

No. 1195839

File: 1653462835417.jpg (429.83 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220525-100545_You…)

At least Youtube Music still has our back also including user uploaded content… for now.

No. 1195842

I remember my friends getting ready to go clubbing listening to that song and I fucking hated it.

No. 1195851

File: 1653464398692.jpeg (85.87 KB, 620x620, CD7BDF23-588A-4F9F-B418-9C6E9B…)

I hate the brushed up eyebrow look! Most trends I’m able to ignore because I really don’t care but this? It’s so ugly and an odd thing to do, it looks so stupid.

No. 1195861

File: 1653465558908.jpg (47.79 KB, 910x910, ovv5yheawlzz.jpg)

I miss The superior squiggle brow

No. 1195863

For some (mostly those with sparser eyebrows) the look has honestly helped their brow shape as long as you dont leave the top scraggly, but majority look stupid cause they have decent hair thickness so the trend just looks caveman tier.

No. 1195867

File: 1653466214829.jpeg (301.04 KB, 2048x2048, 1DA6F7A1-5FD3-4648-9A43-C46D6A…)

I see your squiggle brow and raise you a squiggle lip

No. 1195869

I don’t get when people mention these as they’re not a real trend like >>1195851

No. 1195872

File: 1653466534556.jpg (107.52 KB, 660x660, stupid-eyebrows11.jpg)

This post REEKS jelousy. Just say you can't do make-up and go.

No. 1195876

File: 1653466771444.jpg (76.11 KB, 1110x600, maxresdefault-1110x600.jpg)

tbh I think the brushed up brows look far better than the awful whatever these brows are, so overly drawn and nothing natural about them

No. 1195879

when you get so mad at the internet you start making typos because your fingers are shaking kek

No. 1195881

Those blocky cartoon brows don’t inspire hatred in me, the brushed brows just look overgrown and messy and I don’t get why you would want them to look like that on purpose. Just one of my irrational hatreds.

No. 1195883

You're nitpicking because you know you meant her skin makeup at first but changed the narrative when anons realized you're the same eyeliner obsessed anon. Why do you hate eyeliner so much? Did a girl with shtty eyeliner bully you in middle school or something?

No. 1195891

15 hrs of autistic makeup slapfight
Just another day on lolcow dot farm

No. 1195897

File: 1653468455672.jpg (64.55 KB, 700x700, BYY_rBTB_kp-png__700.jpg)

You obviously have no taste

No. 1195900

Why didn’t anyone respond to this, I’ve been thinking about this a lot too lately. Gay men love saying bitch, whore, cunt, and drag queens say ‘fish’ faggot should be an acceptable thing to say as well, I saw a video where even a straight man called a woman fish! Notice how racial, homophobic, and ableist slurs are not okay to say but misogynistic ones are fair game? Hmmmm.

No. 1195917

I never thought about it but you're absolutely right. They would defend themselves that they're saying "bitch" in a positive way, well, let's say "fag" in a positive way too. That's only fair.

No. 1195938

When women make fun of pregnant women's bodies just because they don't want kids. Truly moidbrained/pickmeisha behavior

No. 1195939

I thought about it too. Gay men use slurs that are centered around women but we can't mock men the same way.

No. 1195955

That was my only reply about the whole situation. You can’t roast for shit queen.

No. 1195960

that pisses me off too. i'm not even a body positivity fag and i don't want kids but i've always felt like there's a special place in hell for anyone who makes fun of pregnant or postpartum women's bodies

No. 1195984

I always feel bad when I see pregnant women posting the physical effects that pregnancy had on their body on social media, and people reply by saying things like "This is why I'm not getting pregnant". I don't think it's wrong for anyone to acknowledge negative side effects and avoid pregnancy because of it, but isn't it kind of nasty to say that to mothers? And people wonder why more women don't talk about stuff like that.

No. 1196027

Peak pickmewhore behavior. I've only seen ugly obese women do this too. Like girl, pregnancy gives you stretchmarks but overeating does too! And they'll say pregnancy ruins women's teeth while posting photos of themselves stuffing their fastfood as if that's not bad for their teeth.
I hope those women never get pregnant, can you imagine how they'd project those issues to their daughters?

No. 1196077

Yes, it's so annoying and transparently misogynistic. If someone doesn't want kids that's fine, just leave mothers who are only living their lives and talking about their pregnancies alone.

No. 1196082

Fucking assholes complaining about how Amber Alerts bothers them. We received a notification at around 3am cause a child was missing and these assholes are complaining about their precious sleep and how the sound of the alarm scared them.

No. 1196099

File: 1653485497197.jpg (45.96 KB, 1080x1069, IMG_20211223_011745.jpg)

I hate people who throw out food too soon because they're unreasonably paranoid about best-before and use-by dates.
Theres some exceptions obviously like raw meat but most of the time it's people just being genuinely wasteful and chucking out so much food when they don't even need to.

My mum is like this and I couldn't have leftovers or anything in the fridge for more than a few days before it would just get chucked out. She would throw out entire big jugs of milk because they were just one day past the date- despite the milk smelling and tasting absolutely fine and being in the fridge the entire time.
I realised this was all mostly bs when I went to uni and understood that you can actually keep things like milk or beans or yoghurt past its date and it literally would make no difference to the taste or texture. I get why the dates are there, but people take it far too seriously and are too eager to chuck food out even though it both smells and tastes fine and won't cause stomach upset.
I can't even recall a time I have been sick from slightly out of date food.

No. 1196154

Are you this >>1196122 anons boyfriend?

No. 1196155

I didn't even see this so no, I just posted this after I had to tell my mum that drinking milk past one day of it's date isn't going to kill her.

No. 1196182

I was raised by a mom who was pretty paranoid about food safety, leftovers or reheating food just wasnt a thing in our house. I was an adult before I learnt other households do that and it can be done safely. But I don't know if I can fully unlearn the kind of anxiety she put into me about food and sickness at such a young age… I still rarely waste anything though. You can be paranoid but still plan well enough to not waste food very often. I tend to know everything that's in my fridge and how long it has left. I just use stuff up in time and don't overbuy.

No. 1196229

on the other hand i got food poisoning constantly as a child from my family's leftovers and i didnt figure it out until i moved out and learned basic food safety at restaurant jobs. id rather waste a little food out of over caution than have food poisoning ever again.

No. 1196239

People need to understand the difference between best before and use by x date.
Unopened dairy will be fine for some time after the date but meat has to be thrown out after the date.

No. 1196243

it's fine to throw out or "waste" food if you genuinely think it's gone off anon, but there is a big difference between being safe and just being paranoid and throwing half your grocery shop down the drain because you rely too much on the dates on the back. obviously things like raw meat are the exception when they gather bacteria fast

No. 1196274

File: 1653494221329.jpg (63.87 KB, 679x516, ralph-pls-go.jpg.jpg)

Suddenly the word goblin is fucking everywhere and it's pissing me off. Shut the fuck up about goblin this and goblin that

No. 1196277

I blame tumblr

No. 1196318

ugh I have a friend that does this it fucking sucks just stfu

No. 1196382

*Everywhere I look there's just another one
Looking at me
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
They're laughing at me
I spend my life surrounded by goblins
It may seem surreal but it's real to me
(It's all so real to me)
And every time I've got a problem
There's only goblins there for me
The goblins came
They came from space
But they were looking for another place
But now they're here
And they want to destroy the humans
But I guess that's fine with me
I spend my life surrounded by goblins
It may seem surreal but it's real to me
(It's all so real to me)
And every time I've got a problem
There's always goblins there for me
(They're always watching me)*

No. 1196384

What about goblina? It has been used on here since forever.

No. 1196387

Same fag this song is actually good pls have a listen

No. 1196389

That's literally racist

No. 1196390

How? I used to call my dog that

No. 1196395

self hating mexican thinks anyone that says goblina think they're referring to mexican women

No. 1196396

how is that racist???

No. 1196398

File: 1653499113952.gif (1.89 MB, 498x280, john_goblikon.gif)

Listening to this song RIGHT! NOW!

No. 1196400

Hayfever is a bitch. Make a vaccine for that!

No. 1196401

It's from that racist 4chan meme "le 56%" do you both have amnesia

No. 1196413

THIS it fucking sucks!!!

No. 1196431

File: 1653500652646.jpg (88.21 KB, 1024x693, mars.jpg)

I hate most candy bars. They're too sweet and the chocolate tastes like greasy trash. What I hate the most about them though is this shitty caramel they put in most of them. A coworker once made homemade snickers and shared them with us and it was a world of a difference. My least favorite candy bar is Mars.

No. 1196434

I just enjoy good quality fudge kek

No. 1196444

I'm fine with nearly any chocolate bar but Mars bars make me feel sick. Sends my stomach acid into overdrive like nothing else.

No. 1196480

I love Kit Kat’s and Reese’s for that reason I remember my dad telling me “kit Kats could use a little more” but I think they are perfect

No. 1196481

Kit kats are the besttt

No. 1196512

not all of us are internet brained and perpetually online to know obscure 4chan memes

No. 1196518

File: 1653504782322.jpg (103.38 KB, 1200x800, 86abc0a9d9e13fdff6c6021e729b4a…)

Have you guys tried the blueberry muffin kitkats? I saw them a while ago, but didn't pick them up because the color was off-putting to me. I think it's cool that kitkats have so many different flavors though.

No. 1196520

This is a stupid question but is fudge supposed to be a bit gritty? I always think fudge is going to be super smooth, almost like a harder caramel texture, but the ones I always get are a bit gritty or sand-y and it's so offputting to me.

No. 1196523

I really hate that exes don't simply disintegrate when I stop dating them. Shoo shoo you are no longer needed in this universe

No. 1196526

File: 1653505108652.jpg (70.87 KB, 709x709, Kit-Kat-Duos-Mint-Dark-Chocola…)

Not any of the anons you're playing to but have you tried these mint kitkats? I bought them because I liked the mint color of the packaging and I really like them lol.

I've never seen that blueberry one! I'd like to try it. Man, don't even get me started on Japanese kitkats kek. Wasabi kitkats are surprisingly good in their own weird way. Not as super disgusting as people ham it up to be tbh. Also it kind of works because real wasabi has a sweetness to it.

No. 1196529

Ntas but my country needs to start getting more types of Kit-Kat imported. Lately I found white choc ones and orange choc ones and that was like hitting the jackpot.

No. 1196533

File: 1653505285681.jpg (154.32 KB, 1024x768, kitkat-mini-sakura-japan-sake-…)

Nta but they were nice. My least favourite KitKat is the one with matcha. I do wish I had a chance to try the 'cutesy' valentine's one of this year but our stores didn't sell them. (They had a bear that held a heart)
I really want to try more Japanese KitKats, like picrel

No. 1196536

File: 1653505421481.jpg (31.84 KB, 500x400, kitkat-japan-sublime-ruby-choc…)

I have not, but it looks great! I want to try the ruby chocolate flavor because I love the color and ruby chocolate is delicious. I would also like the sakura kitkats but I'm pretty sure those were limited edition.

Unfortunately it seems like the US misses out on all the cool kitkat flavors, so I've only had matcha, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

No. 1196542

File: 1653505555672.jpg (1.11 MB, 1545x1000, kitkatlemon1.jpg)

Samefag but these lemon crisp ones look amazing too. I'm a huge sucker for anything lemon.

No. 1196545

Dang the matcha one is my favorite but I also just like matcha flavored things haha. I haven't tried the sakura sake ones someone did let me try the regular sake flavored ones and I didn't like it, but I'm sensitive and don't like the taste of alcohol to begin with sooo lol

I've never had ruby chocolate before! Yeah I wish the US had more cool flavors. We're the land of fried butter but you're telling me crazy kitkat flavors is out of our realm of expertise for some reason? Also I would fucking kill for those lemon ones, I love lemon flavored things so much omg

No. 1196548

I've had a bar of just straight up ruby choc before and then I tried the ruby choc kit-kat shortly afterwards… I feel like ruby choc is ideal for a kit-kat. I liked the balance of that more than the straight up bar of it.

No. 1196549

File: 1653505951269.jpg (117.6 KB, 1080x720, MagnumMiniRuby_Lead.jpg)

Ruby chocolate is amazing imo, it's like raspberry flavored chocolate. The first and only time I had it was picrel.

No. 1196551

These are good. I swear ruby choc just needs something like wafer or a lil ice-cream to balance it. It's alot by itself.

No. 1196558

Regarding the ruby chocolate and sticking to the theme of this thread I absolutely hate any raspberry flavored thing. I like raspberries but the artificial flavor disgusts me especially in sweets. Is the ruby chocolate made artificially? How “raspberry” does it taste? Also, I learned a long time ago raspberry artificial flavor is made from the secretions of glands in beaver ass so that doesn’t help

No. 1196562

File: 1653506620375.png (61.11 KB, 644x377, ruby chocolate.PNG)

Samefag but also I think it's pretty similar to white chocolate (because it has a light chocolate flavor compared to regular chocolate, but a good berry/tart flavor) so if you're not into that then you may not like ruby chocolate. It's always worth a try though.
>Is the ruby chocolate made artificially

No. 1196565

The flavor is mostly white choc with just a hint of something extra.. tbh I've had it 3 or 4 times and I wasn't certain what the extra flavor was. I kinda knew it was a berry. You could dislike articficial raspberry and maybe still like it.

No. 1196585

File: 1653508202932.png (657.62 KB, 1059x2527, and yet no multiple language o…)

I hate that Twitch added so many bullshit tags and yet there's still no way to set your stream to different languages.
No, they removed language tags and replaced them with country tags. Because they think who you are (like your nationality) is more important than what you do (like speaking multiple languages). This is a highly requested feature that would allow a shitton of bilingual/multilingual streamers to reach a much wider audience, and help viewers find more content in their language. They also limited the number of additional tags to 5.
Tinfoiling hard, but now I wonder if they're not pushing LGBTQ+ and disability tags, and preventing people from reaching bigger audiences in multiple languages to avoid having to pay streamers too much when they become big enough.

No. 1196592

I hate parents who were just mediocre athletes in school. They act like they were so good when really they were marginal. The worst part is when they force their kids into the same sports. It feels like they are trying to relive their glory days. It's embarrassing. Your child is not an extension of you, stop forcing them to act like you. I get it if the kid genuinely likes the sport and the parents aren't living vicariously through them. Those are the exception but I feel it is uncommon.

No. 1196612

Sidenote Youtube uses outside moderation companies in other third world countries because A their cheaper and B they tend to hold more conservative views so it lets them naturally without stepping on government protections not promote or monetize LGB content. YouTube does that partially because they’re trying to expand into more conservative countries outside burgerland and the Main EU countries and if they promote content and creators against status quo in those places or the law it won’t go well. I wonder if Twitch is doing something similar.

No. 1196635

but why does it have to be a 3am specifically, I don't see how that would help the kids. where I live the emergency alerts aren't even actual alerts for anything but tests in case there's a national emergency or bad weather.

No. 1196641

File: 1653511826991.jpeg (234.37 KB, 639x516, FF49B8AB-38C8-420B-9AF4-DC5D9C…)

I hate this woman with a deep, deep passion. Stop trying to be a disinterested, sarcastic hipster NLOG that never feels joy in your life you’re literally middle-aged kek

No. 1196642

Because kids can get kidnapped anytime of the day.

No. 1196647

Idg what her age has to do with it, but anyway doesn't she talk in that manner because she had a stroke or something? So those kind of disinterested characters are probably easier to play if that's how she naturally sounds.

No. 1196650

I admit that it does annoy me when I'm woken up because of an alarm, but I don't complain about it.

No. 1196654

It would be nice if it wasn't so loud though.

No. 1196656

She acts like a pretentious college-aged manic pixie dream girl (forgive me for these buzzwords lmao) that’s trying her hardest to seem refined and mature it’s just so cringe.

No. 1196661

>believing a character she plays is a real personality
You sound unhinged

No. 1196664

Can I see some of the instances where she acts like that?

No. 1196666

All these terms sound contradictory now I'm confused kek.

No. 1196678

lolcow is such a fucking hivemind joke. the same 3 insults get thrown around it's so boring

No. 1196684

I hate that people don't realize that hot water and bleach don't mix (because it makes the bleach ineffective). Washing your dishes with hot water and bleach doesn't work. Washing your clothes with hot water and bleach doesn't work.

No. 1196689

>Doing a full face of foundation without anything else will equally look silly
Honestly I disagree. I don't do this anymore but in middle school and high school I used to do just foundation most of the time (mainly because I was insecure about my skin tbh), and sometimes some lip gloss and clear eyebrow gel (I have naturally thick/dark eyebrows and that's just to keep the hairs in place), but it was usually just foundation and it looked fine. Granted it wasn't like I was caking it on, I always tried to not overdo it and I mainly used a beauty blender (which doesn't provide as heavy coverage as a bush would). It was pretty natural looking and I even got a compliment on my skin once while I was wearing it, the girl complimenting me was surprised when I told her I was wearing foundation. I really don't understand some of the anons here and this autistic obsession with having to wear a WHOLE face of makeup.

No. 1196693

Yeah I think with makeup you just have to do what works for your specific face, and not what you're "supposed" to do. When I'm feeling lazy I just color correct and use foundation, concealer and powder because I like to cover my hyperpigmentation and dark circles. I think the "no-makeup makeup" or natural makeup look is nice and I'll put in more effort if I feel like it's necessary.

No. 1196696

Samefag, but I also gotta always have blush.

No. 1196698

These are my favorite storebought ice cream ever

No. 1196700

Yet she remains more likable than you and that’s a true serve

No. 1196736

I hate white chocolate.

No. 1196750

She is pretty

No. 1196796

>i got a backhanded complimented once by a girl that could clearly tell i was wearing only foundation so it means i DID NOT look like a stereotypical middle schooler

No. 1196839

Anons it’s not just her being in character, if you weren’t such fucking insufferable retards trying to gaslight me she acts the same way in interviews/real-life events. Just say you love to skinwalk this mayonnaise lady you literally do not even know because you desperately want to be the rude it-girl so bad. Too bad, you’re stuck browsing lolcow.farm until you drop dead and the only thing they find is your hand stuck in a bag of nerds gummy clusters you ridiculous bitch

No. 1196842

delete this luv you are embarrassing yourself

No. 1196845

i agree with you lol i don't know where this morose defense for her came from, she's literally always had the same deadpan personality on and off screen

No. 1196846

No. 1196854

And yet I still have a giant crush in her

No. 1196855

Nta, but posts like this just make me realize that sometimes it doesn't matter what you say on here, because insufferable farmers will just twist it around however they want if they don't like what you're saying.

No. 1196858

the only anons defending her are the lesbians from /g/ who are extremely down bad

No. 1196860

For real, that was such an insane and unnecessarily hostile response.

No. 1196880

i hate her because she fucking sucks at dungeons and dragons and sucks the energy out of the room but her personality is annoying too

No. 1196890

Her only good movie is the one where she’s a zombie.

No. 1196894

not those anons but not everyone has seen her interviews, can't expect everyone to know every little detail about celebs. from the few things ive seen her in i'm neutral towards her personally. i don't really get any of these extreme reactions ITT tbh

No. 1196903

I'm similar enough to her that I understand her but I'm also not confident enough to fully be like her and it makes me mad. She's based for being a bitch though

No. 1197008

why would i ever want to share a bathroom with men? what is wrong with the women that push for this type of shit

No. 1197047

NLOGs + they know who is in charge and hold most positions of power and control (men) + they think they can say 'see, I'm one of the good ones' to escape sexism from the left men, since sexism still exists on the left the same way it does on the right, since men are men no matter what and act in their own interest including being sexist toward women.

No. 1197077

Same, nona. I just assumed I had tissue paper insides or something, everything I read says "you might feel some pressure" but no, it fucking HURTS when my cervix is scraped and it makes me yelp and I ALWAYS bleed afterwards.

No. 1197092

I will never go to a gyno because every time I hear someone describing their experience it sounds like medieval torture, the whole process needs to be overhauled.

No. 1197257

Men who want to be coddled and "cared for" by women. I knew a scrote who once told me that he sees females as the sex who cares for and males as the child-like ones who need to be guided and protected uwu and I don't think I've ever heard something so disgusting, especially from someone who called himself child-like while being pornsick.

No. 1197296

I hate how men twist biology to make everythng cater to them. A moms instinct to care for a baby….turns into coddling grown men coz 'muh woman instincts' There's a whole process that happens during pregnancy and birth that sets off the type of instinct they're talking about. We're not walking around at all times wanting to provide unconditional care to anyone who so much as asks for it.

No. 1197326

If he thinks males are childlike and need women to guide them why do men run everything? It’s like the men who spout male superiority but then want male dv victims taken seriously, you can’t be in charge of everything but also uwu poor little victims of women. To all lurking scrotes I hope you go bald if you haven’t already and your dick never recovers from your pathetic porn addiction.

No. 1197338

>women being in charge of most of the childcare is because women are naturally mentally on par with children therefore they should not be allowed any power
>women being in charge of most of the childcare is because women are naturally more nurturing therefore they should and want to (or should want to) take care of everyone including and especially grown men
make it make sense.

No. 1197421

They just want to manipulate women while appearing smol and innocent uwuu, they're the worst kind

No. 1197430

Literally every time I am done the paper sheet they have under you is bloody and I keep bleeding for a bit after. It is uncomfortable at the very best.

No. 1197475

I was reading someones description of what a pap smear feels like lately… I think my cervix is just numb or built differently. I've had a whole series of exams and samples taken from mine (abnormal cell results eventually followed by normal results after years of re-examinations) I've never felt anything during the scraping.

Then lately an anon kept posting in the penis size thread saying big dicks are awful because they bash your cervix and apparently that's the worst feeling? I never knew sensitivity there varies that much.

No. 1197488

You got me worried for a second you were talking about the Lucy song getting taken down.

No. 1197499

Who's that?

No. 1197741

lmao I loved that song. Fucking dumb that they removed it because of the word "retarded", I remember we all laughed when we first heard the edited version

No. 1199162

File: 1653674459963.jpg (50.38 KB, 590x350, benefits-453766.jpg)

I hate benefits people. I'm so sick of people having kids they can't afford and the government paying for them. In the UK there are so many useless scroungers that are thick as pigshit and just constantly churn out babies and it pisses me off that my tax pays for that shit. I'm so tired of these idiots saying there's no jobs too, there are plenty of jobs, they just think they're too good to work somewhere like ASDA or McDonald's despite having no other skills, and most of the time they people haven't even tried to get a job cause they'd rather sit on their fat arses. People like this are usually terrible parents too and let their spawn run riot. You'll be in town and just hear "MACKENZIE GET OVER ERE NOW", but other than yelling the chavvy names of their 5 brats they won't do anything to actually control them.

Fuck the royal family too. They're scroungers too.

I also hate those people that live in London but have no real need to live in London but complain about how expensive it is, like move somewhere else then???

No. 1199166

bourgeois hands typed this post

No. 1199228

I'm not in the UK but I've vented about the exact same thing in my country. I've lived in places where I had the joy of paying steep enough rents all to live in a semi shithole because half the other appts were paid by social housing and these people would vandalise everything, piss on everything, throw rubbish wherever, dump nappies in the hall, puke in the halls, sleep drunk in the halls, throw 2 day long drug fueled parties when there's babies present the whole time.

I know it creates absolute certified shit holes to build big towers and house all social housing families together, but my country putting these people in nice buildings next to paying tenants used to drive me crazy. Why are they so destructive? Like they went out of their way to ruin the building in any way they could. I got sick of moving to new places..only to have another nightmare family housed next to me for free all over again. I moved somewhere pretty rural. It's now starting to slowly creep in here.

No. 1199256

Kek I wish anon

No. 1199263

Not even. It’s another working class bootlick who don’t realize that they should be asking the bourgeois for THEIR tax dollars.

No. 1199267

luckily I bought it digitally when it was still available.

No. 1199272

yeah I hear that. When they're just going to wreck the area anyway I feel you might as well just put them in big blocks together. They fly tip as well, annoys me no end having to walk past smashed TVs and filthy sofas and whatnot, and hear them yelling in the middle of the night because they don't have to get up to go to work.

No. 1199273

NTA but you realize there’s different economic levels and you may be too high to qualify for most help but far enough down you’re still struggling with quality of life? What do you want them to do barge into a government building and scream? Maybe you should be busy working instead of fighting other workers you shill.

No. 1199283

I hate how people like this act like they can’t give their kids sufficient food or clean a house. Honestly having had to do (kind of) babysitting in houses like this you see stuff like
>dog piss on the floor
>a mouldy smell
>clothes, ornaments, dog food on the floor
>dogs that never get taken out or shitbulls
>gnats in the kitchen, dirty dishes getting mouldy
>kids living in the filth, getting given crisps for dinner and never any fresh fruit or cooked meals
And what sucks is that these people will say ‘you don’t know wot it’s loik bein poor’ but a lot of these people have more money than i did growing up, to spend on cigarettes and a flatscreen tv or alcohol. It’s not that hard. Growing up in a cheap apartment where people overdosed outside and vomited on the walls, we were still made to clean our space, and knew to buy in bulk and use cheap cuts of meat, to use leftovers. We were still made to read library books and learn to talk properly, and play footie in the park at the weekend. It’s not a lack of money, it’s a lack of class , negligent parenting, and laziness. Yeah I look down on people like this.

No. 1199289

>too high to qualify for most help but far enough down you’re still struggling with quality of life
You DO realize that it's not the poor's fault that bourgeois scum keeps you on the edge of starving right? Funny you call anyone a shill when you have zero class solidarity, especially considering most assistant program receivers are single mothers and at risk youths.

No. 1199297

It's insane that people can't manage their money. The benefits in this country are generous enough that people should be able to live comfortably. Benefit claimants usually get their rent and council tax paid, are exempt from national insurance contributions and get help with paying for energy bills, yet still this money isn't enough. Budgeting classes should be mandatory for anyone claiming benefits that isn't disabled.

No. 1199300

Nta but the people I see spending the most money on alcohol and cigarettes are people on welfare payments. I don't begrudge someone having (a few) cheap cans here and there but the smoking is nuts.. I don't know how they justify it to themselves.

No. 1199305

>get their rent and council tax paid, are exempt from national insurance contributions and get help with paying for energy bills
Where the fuck do you live??? Are these benefits for a quadriplegic decorated vet or what?

No. 1199313

I live in the UK and that's the standard amount of financial assistance available to someone on benefits.

No. 1199319

Some countries in th eu do this, mine does. People who just don't feel like working pretty much get all the same shit paid for as legit very disabled people. Having lots of kids is the jackpot though.

No. 1199326

Hey babes I was homeless at one point in my life as a minor. I come from a broken home and family. I didn’t have running water or insurance at times in my childhood. I’m well aware of class struggles and not punching down. Noni above was clearly venting about a specific type of low income person which from my own exp fucking sucks. They absolutely act just as entitled as the upper class and don’t give a fuck about anyone else. They make it much worse for everyone at their level. If they want society to take care of them maybe they should also I don’t know take care of society. You being obtuse and a dickhead to your neighbors isn’t sticking it to the man.
There’s a lot of people who need help who can’t qualify and I know people that legit their own deathfat has them on benefits. Stop fighting other working class people and let them vent about it and talk about what they hate in the hate thread.

No. 1199329

Nicotine companies purposely marketed to poor and under educated people. Similar to the grooming young girls. It’s frustrating but it’s also not their fault originally as much as they need to take responsibility and stop as adults now.

No. 1199331

OP here, I didn't think I would have to state this, but I do not hate EVERY benefits claimant, just the ones that obviously take the piss.

Every time. Or staffies or some other untrained mongrel. You're spot on with the lack of general hygiene too, I don't know how they can live in mess like that, especially as they spend more time at home than most working people.

No. 1199357

I got what you meant. I’m pretty sure the other anon is offended because they’re taking advantage of something and feel called out or they want to get on a soapbox to feel superior with no idea what they’re talking about. I wouldn’t worry about it.

No. 1199408

If someone has never encountered the specific type you were referring to… tbh lucky them.

I grew up in the middle of it and people would very openly discuss ways to scam the very system that was already paying every last bill for them. Like you said, taking the absolute piss. No shame at all. It sounds like a meme but my peers from where I grew up would sit and plan out babies (via ONS) just to secure a free house. We had lefy school at 18 and that was the go-to plan girls had. I've always been terrified of everything to do with pregnancy so I was laughed at for not following the same path. As if it's just not a big deal to conceive a child that way and for that purpose. I don't live in the same area anymore because there's such a housing shortage there… I wonder why.

No. 1199413

I'm "poor" technically and can't understand poor people who live like this, especially in america when EBT and WIC will buy you fruit, veggies and grains but they'd rather blow all their food stamps on junk food and pizza, poor pet hoarders bother me even more, especially ones who hoard exotic animals and they don't bother bringing them to the vet, cleaning the cage, or anything else because "I don't have time or money" but like… you magically found the time to go out your way to get sugar gliders/birds/lizards or whatever as well as setting up everything just to forget about it

>It’s not a lack of money, it’s a lack of class , negligent parenting, and laziness. Yeah I look down on people like this.

it really is, so many poor people beat the shit out of their kids for every little reason. We live in a time where they can easily access, scratch that, anti child-abuse is practically shoved down everyones throat and they still do it just because and cry bloody murder when they get themselves in trouble

>but they can't afford cleaning supplies thats why it's messy

bullshit. Dollar tree sells cleaning supplies and if you have no fucking issue spending several bucks a day on beer and cigs you can afford a 1 dollar all purpose cleaner. I wish we held poor people more accountable for their actions

No. 1199483

File: 1653683900865.png (4 MB, 2394x1184, Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 1.25…)

Call me bougie but this post I saw pissed me off. "This $155 got us 3 days of meals, 4 if we have sandwiches one night! Yet we’re expected to live, to support our families?"
It's not a troll post, either.

What the fuck? I can see:
4 12-packs of soda
6 bags of chips (?!)
Oreos, candy, pizza, macaroni and cheese, some premade box meals and some deli cheese and meat.
Yes, produce and fresh items can add up but wtf?
It's not hard to take the fucking $20 that you spent on the soda or chips and buy some damn vegetables and make a batch of soup or stir fry that you can keep for a week.

No. 1199495

File: 1653684231789.jpg (93.41 KB, 756x494, john.jpg)

sex tourists

No. 1199504

wtf a chunk of that money alone is chips and soda. WIC gives me whole grains such as wg pasta, cereal, etc and only 40 bucks worth of fruit and veggies a month and that will fill my fridge and I don't even have EBT yet

pre-made box meals are fine imo especially if you're poor and don't have a lot of time to prep ingredients but seriously? bob evans, red baron, and Velveeta are straight up name brand and you can easily get mac and cheese for like 50 cents from the off brand, or anything else off brand, it doesn't taste as good but it fills mac and cheese cravings. These people are literally retarded and focused on pleasure more than survival . they literally spent 1/3rd of their food budget on chips and soda

No. 1199510

UGH same. Also, whenever I see a nasty scrote gush about how they're "traveling to Thailand/China and can't wait to experience the culture again!" I ALWAYS assume they're sex tourists. I knew a couple of guys like that from college, and they always post cringe photos of themselves with some poor girl who looks like she's being held hostage. Ugh, those poor women.

No. 1199512

This is making my blood boil nona ugh. I can make at least 4 slow cooker meals with that amount of money. This person doesn't even know what food is.

No. 1199528

>make a batch of soup or stir fry that you can keep for a week
Doesn't sound very filling though? How about buying a big bag of rice, buying beans and eating that? Oats for breakfast are cheap and filling too. Fresh produce is expensive, so then get frozen or canned, which is fine too and better than nothing.

No. 1199534

Same here, a lot of girls at my high school left at 16 and by like 19 soo many of them had multiple children, usually with different fathers. Yeah for real, I can't understand how some people are so flippant about having an actual child.

Literally, they love to get large dog breeds like huskies as well. I've never seen one thats a good parent, where I am its usually more neglectful than physical, you see the kids just left to their own devices getting no guidance, which ofc makes them more likely to end up wasters like their parents.

pure, unadulterated garbage. This is the sort of shit a 6 year old would buy. I can't believe people could be this stupid, all name brand as well. The mountain dew has me rolling, have these people not heard of water?!

No. 1199560

Fresh fruits and vegetables are not filling, even if they help digestion. You're right, it'd be way better to buy rice, beans, and frozen meat if they can afford to freeze food instead so they can feel full longer.

No. 1199577

When streets look completely fine up until you are waiting to cross to the other side on foot and you notice the whole side is not in use due to building being worked on. Now I gotta wait to cross again, get splashed by cars, only to wait again so I can get to my normal route via shitty rerouting. I hate the city, nonas, I got splashed and some fucking tourists may have been taking my lead because they too did the exact same dumb moves as I did and it was embarrassing.

No. 1199604

I get a lil bad with my junk food purchases… once a month to be exact lol. I decided lately that I'm only going to buy my junk stuff (period week shop) when I'm in lidl because big brand name bags of chips and stuff like that is the biggest waste of money for anyone claiming to be feeling the effects of food inflation. aldi/lidl or own brand is the way to cut costs right in half when it comes to alot of cupboard food or snacks. If you're going to eat badly at least don't pay out the ass for next to no nutritional value.

No. 1199605

You could also get unhealthy, filling meals with that money that would still be way better for them than whatever that is. Freezing portions of ground beef for simple hamburger helper meals would be cheaper than all of that. They could have tacos, pastas, rice, etc and still be able to have a pizza a week.

No. 1200064

When men say “go off” or “bestie”

No. 1200183

When men do anything besides kill themself

No. 1200188

File: 1653739320079.jpg (301.39 KB, 1965x736, 111.jpg)

Zoomer/twitter wojakcs, I hate seeming them and I hate just the fact they exist, how the tf does a bland reaction image from 4chan even turn into this

No. 1200203

i don't mind the custom wojacks but these examples are really cringe kek. why is levi from AoT talking shit about k-pop fags…why is there a yassified wasian in the mix

No. 1200216

File: 1653741037873.jpeg (300.6 KB, 750x741, 8E030FE5-3B05-4B16-A2D3-FC71BA…)

Why are the Asian ones so scary like did they copy and paste literal eyes on them they were ruined after some Twitterfag put realistic hair on them

No. 1200228

Hoop earrings one is cute, the rest are not. Just enlarged it lmao

No. 1200229

>that cute
I'm sorry nonna but hell no

No. 1200230

File: 1653742271404.jpeg (3.27 MB, 4032x3024, 659332F0-A14C-4CB8-AA60-BB587F…)

When I was a kid my mom gave me a bowl of raisin bran that had maggots swimming around in it. I’ve been paranoid about having cereal around the house too long ever since.

No. 1200240

File: 1653742797015.jpg (10.26 KB, 220x229, download.jpg)

Those most likely weren't maggots, instead they were probably just moth larvae. they look like maggots kinda but aren't, just fyi.
> Flies lay their eggs in decaying organic matter, such as spoiled food and animal waste, which serves as food for the developing larvae.
> Pantry moths (also called Indianmeal moths, flour moths, and grain moths) are common household pests that lay eggs in dry food products.
Flies don't lay eggs in dry food. I understand if that's just as gross to you, but to me it's a huge difference. You won't find moths feeding on a dead cat, unlike flies.

No. 1200253

Specific and maybe petty but I hate it when people say "social media intern", especially in context of some successful social media campaigns and so, it's a legit job people specialize in, not some playground for any rando picked from the crowd. But given everyone uses social media, people tend to believe it's easy and anyone could do it without brain, training or experience.

No. 1200274

My boyfriend was texting at the table while we were out for like 5 minutes. So now I’m on my phone so he can see how it feels. Why can’t zoomers spend a meal without feeling the need to text someone else when it’s not urgent. Bring back manners.

No. 1200557

File: 1653761864076.jpeg (280.23 KB, 777x896, 1653547044666.jpeg)

drivers stop suggesting inconvenient bus routes just so I "don't have to walk" challenge reeee

why is everyone so against walking even tho this place is walkable. it lets me keep fit without going to a smelly gym pls let me live

No. 1200559

that pic lol

No. 1200560

Are you in America? I moved to a more rural place from the city and no one here likes to walk. there's barely any sidewalks too. this is why burgers are so fat.

No. 1200563

>no sidewalks
so drive a car or get fucked basically? How do people who don't drive get around then?

No. 1200577

We don't!

No. 1200638


No. 1200644

Do you really think there's bike infrastructure if there's next to no sidewalks? I could be wrong since I don't live there but that makes 0 sense to me.

No. 1200661

In places like that everything is very far apart, riding a bike would be both exhausting and dangerous

No. 1200668

What is "far apart"? Like how far would the nearest high school or supermarket be? Asking out of sheer curiousity as I live in a tiny country.

No. 1200686

File: 1653770052936.png (382.31 KB, 1468x1548, 1453240823293.png)

Just learned about Samantha Brick and I'm seeting so hard kek. She wrote a whole book about why her production company failed because of the female drama ( nothing to do with her of course ) as well as an article called "Why do women hate me for being beautiful?". Scrote on 4chan like to repost that as a actual argument against women, jesus.

No. 1200688

File: 1653770184969.jpg (75.79 KB, 539x534, img.jpg)

samefag but she looks like that.

No. 1200701

I wish I were that confident despite my mediocrity.

No. 1200712

I'm not even going to be mean or nitpicky because this is just what average everyday people look like… but why is her sense of attractiveness so inflated above just being bang on average?

No. 1200714

My family was poor and mom just used Vinegar to wash everything. It’s possible to afford cleaning supplies. Don’t mix the vinegar and bleach if you use it as a fabric softener lol.

No. 1200721

yes I'm in Burger, but in an actually walkable area. I was going to walk 10min from the bus, a few city blocks, and the dumbass car addict kept telling me to take another bus that will "go right there". Like, my feet will go there in less time fatass.

I want to enjoy my time walking cuz imma get priced out soon and will have to become one of those drive or die ppl in a shitty area with no sidewalks

No. 1200723

tbf in the UK it's mostly working/middle class people who pay taxes that pay for those peoples benefits, because the upper-middle/upper classes just use cheat codes like 'tax avoidance' to get away with never paying a penny

No. 1200729

The joy of suburban sprawl! This is on my hate list too. In my early 20s I lived in a midtown area of a big city where I could see my friends, go to the store, and go to shows or restaurants/bars all within walking or bicycling distance and I was in the best shape of my life. I recently moved to the suburb outskirts of a different city for my fiance's job and there's nowhere to walk. I could walk 5 miles and just be surrounded by more apartments and houses. Surprise, I gained a bunch of weight and now I need to actively exercise to keep it off lol

No. 1200768

I absolutely despise virgins who talk about sex based on whatever postmodern queer theory pornographic bullshit they learned on Twitter. I just saw some fujo talk about how she hated seeing the BL couples she ship get married or have sex after an arc of falling in love cause "queerness is about defying those heteronormative expectations UwU" bitch do you not remember how gay marriage was illegal barely a decade ago. They're always the type to whine about feeling uncomfortable and left out when people mention anything about actually having sex on the physical plane of existence too.

No. 1200784

It’s not like you can’t walk around a suburb or nearby park.

No. 1200789

Sounds like you need to go to a part of the internet that like, doesn’t consist of fujos who talk like that

No. 1200832

yeah i hate this shit too. twitter is chock-a-block full of kissless virgins who want to dictate how everyone irl fucks and how relationships should be portrayed in media

No. 1200984

NTA but this is a dumb response. The whole thread is people complaining, going "oh just don't look at it then" contributes nothing. Do better because I believe in you ♥ Namaste

No. 1201548

Gay scrotes in the lolcow husbandofag threads

No. 1201556

Got any examples?

No. 1201566

As if they aren't already really fucking obvious. Outing them will only motivate them to change their typing style to attempt to "pass better".

No. 1201574

Didn't we have this discussion already? Please give actual examples of males there other than ~women aren't meant to be horny~ or just vague posting. Unless you are the same person who said that women should like school shooters more than femdom

No. 1201578

Gay men and straight women have fundamentally different tastes in men. Just read those threads and you'll easily find them.

No. 1201579

That retard in the fromsoftware thread that fantasizes about brutally raping the male characters is a moid.

No. 1201583

File: 1653846182389.jpg (166.74 KB, 1440x1629, Screenshot_20220529-192822_Fre…)

I had no idea where to post it so here I go. I fuckin hate how mainstream that kind of humor is. Plenty of moids thought it was funny and here I was, as a woman, being degraded once again.

No. 1201589

Wow literally every every part of that image is disgusting.

No. 1201590

Moids are mentally and emotionally and spiritually bankrupt so all of their humor is about le sex and misogyny. Literal apes.

No. 1201596

I scrolled up through the posts from the last 2 days and there’s just autistic female pining so ok

No. 1201615

I hate that if you express disgust over this in most places people will think you're a stuck up bitch

No. 1201676

I feel humiliated just looking at it

No. 1201691

the y chromosome has to be wiped out

No. 1201707

When people call sex "poking"

No. 1201762

Is this that "women can't like bara" shit again or what?

No. 1201786

And which are the husbandos only men like?
Anyway, some jealous anti-husbando scrotes definitely just found the thread.

No. 1201788

Yep, it totally is. Watch her call you a degenerate gay moid for liking anything that is not an emaciated bisho

No. 1201794

Lesbians mad that women who like men can like men who don’t look like timid lesbians

No. 1201800

Not that there are anything wrong with skinny bishounen.
But I really want to know who the forbidden characters are.

No. 1201809

Late response but as a burger who has lived everywhere from nice suburbs to rural shack to dangerous city areas, shit is rarely walkable anywhere. This country is starting to feel engineered completely for oil consumption. In the nice suburbs, Karens call the cops for nothing, sidewalks are more fore kids and families walking for leisure within a few blocks of home, everyone has expensive vehicles they love to drive and stay separate from business area noise. In rural, we had to drive 20 minutes to the nearest grocery store because Walmart destroyed all small businesses and there are no wages. In the city, constant harassment and assault risk, dudes literally beating random people to death at bus stops and never being found despite cameras everywhere. God someone please get me the fuck out of here, I hate being poor and having to pay to maintain a fucking car and insane gas prices in addition to our fucked up rents due to housing crisis.

No. 1201815

The same as the forbidden men. Kylo Ren and The Riddler

No. 1201819

I don't know about the second but the first is definitely popular with female fans though?

No. 1201822

It's a joke anon, Kylo's actor was/is called "Forbidden man" here for the spamming from a while ago, kek

No. 1201825

I know, I made a reference to that when I asked about "forbidden" characters.

No. 1201841

I hate those disgusting songs on tik tok that are made up of just fart noises. It’s gross and anyone who uses it is probably a fetishist. Same when women use audio clips of little kids for their creepy kink tik toks

No. 1201842

I hate tiktok, period.

No. 1201853

I deleted my instagram account for this reason and because of the store. I wish we could have straight forward apps that don't have a million of useless and unwanted features.

No. 1201855

i used to only use IG and no other social media, but the inclusions of reels and tiktok shit ruined that app.

No. 1201856

Based taste.

No. 1201858

I hate when all makeup shade names are called shit like "Yass gurl slay netflix and chill queen sis", or some retarded pun. I blame the drag queen/beauty guru faggots for starting this shit trend.

No. 1201859

Betty Spaghetti headass

No. 1201867

They're playing by me in 2 weeks. I'm gonna see them!

No. 1201876

I hate that light complexioned people refuse to try brown or grey eyeliner, or just use less harsh eyeshadow or mascara. The phenomenon of a shitty thick black liquid lined "cat eye", as a default for every occasion and every eye shape, has so many pink skinned, aging millennial women looking absolutely haggard.

No. 1201878

Haha, damn are you me? I gained 15 lbs too when I moved outside the city. I walk around more and bought an indoor machine to use when the weather sucks. I miss walking around more like crazy. everything is tall grass or just highway.

No. 1201885

Man the 40-50 year old women with bleached to death platina hair, sperm brows and jet black eyeliner and thick clumpy black mascara, complete with haggard skin for years of chainsmoking and soda drinking.

No. 1201889

It's surprisingly difficult to find non-black but still natural coloured mascara and eyeliner for some reason. My mom swears by grey mascara but very few brands sell them, especially in recent years. It's like all brands phased them out after the 2000's.

I agree in general though.

No. 1201926

Fucking hate that harry style mf i'm too lazy to search how to write his name. Dude his a washed ass just pay shipping aliexpress version of Prince with a pasty sand paper face. I swear too god if I ever see his kosher salt dought mister potatoes piss face on a teen timeline who hyperventilate about his genderbreaking trash I will throw hands. If he wasn't an ex cashcow boyband and dressed like that he would be a local laughing stock. I just want to grab him by his ugly fucking overprized clothes and dump him back to the bargain bin rich neibourghood charity shop his stylist shop at.

No. 1201966

My eyelid type makes applying liner aggressively impossible and I've found that I just tend to use dark shadow on my eyelids in thin streaks. It means I can't do things like wings or fancy accents but I'd far prefer it to the transfer and bleeding that otherwise ensues. having large and heavy yet hooded deep set eyes sucks ass

No. 1202120

Being on crowded hiking trials enrages me.

No. 1202125

This but grocery stores. I work retail and whenever the store gets busy while Im working I want to scream for people to get the fuck out

No. 1202133

Meant to write trails.
Same. There are some overcrowded stores I refuse to go to anymore because 5 minutes inside gives me a huge headache.

No. 1202141

Same, I just deleted it. It sucks because I love the idea of instagram as a platform, but it’s implemented like shit, half the users are bots or botting to get more followers because unless you pay a shit ton to promote your posts it just won’t show them to people. Plus the store and trying to be a cheapo tiktok and generally shitting all over the one thing that made it a unique platform in favor of copying others badly. It sucks.

No. 1202154

What used to really, really rustle my jimmies hard was this walking path near my old flat that was instead chock full of fucking three abreast cyclists who would shoot along, coming out of nowhere around a corner and start hammering on their little bells as if they were car horns when they almost collided with the rightful denizens of the path, pedestrians. I even wrote a satirical psychological horror about a walker who gradually descends into madness as the cyclists multiply and ruin her once idyllic footpath with their skintight goretex glutes and PC Principal sunglasses.

No. 1202202

I'd love to use brown mascara but it's virtually impossible to find. The health food store used to sell it but it had a bunch of weird 'natural' ingredients that made my eyes water. Brown mascara should be everywhere, I don't get why it's so uncommon.

No. 1202378

I hate when an otherwise good movie is ruined because the male lead is ugly. Especially when all the women in the film are naturally stunning and then some ugly bastard ruins it. I literally shrivel and dry up when the beautiful woman's love interest turns out to be a disgusting scrote who looks to be twice her age.

No. 1202405

I diy it by droping contact lens solution on a brown shadow and use a spoolie to do a subpart cake mascara. But a real one with coating agents would be good.

No. 1202409

I don't mind ugly actors as long as the movies or tv shows don't pretend they're attractive and they don't have a million of love interests that are younger and far above their leagues. Just let ugly old farts be ugly old farts.

No. 1202416

I hate whoever came up with the daddy trend and the fact that it exists at all. "Daddy" is what kids call their dads and making it sexual is so fucking disgusting.

No. 1202418

What I hate about these scrotes is that they act like they're such a good guys for 'helping' poor women by buying their bodies. Even the one in the screenshot says it's hard and nauseating work, they absolutely know it's paid rape yet they have the nerve to pretend they're saviors.
If you wanted to help them out of your soul's goodness, you'd fucking donate her the money without raping her! You disgusting rapist asshole.

No. 1202428

>I even wrote a satirical psychological horror about a walker who gradually descends into madness as the cyclists multiply and ruin her once idyllic footpath with their skintight goretex glutes and PC Principal sunglasses.
kek i have to read this

No. 1202680

Their humor is so juvenile it's actually sad.

No. 1202793

I feel the same about people calling their partner baby.

No. 1202803

People have been using the word "baby" romantically since the 17th century, baby.

No. 1202807

It could've been made a trend by Shakespeare for all I care, it's gross either way.

No. 1202831

What ever you say baby cakes puddin pie apple dumplin sugar plum

No. 1202848

File: 1653931061832.gif (582.89 KB, 500x333, bmth diamonds.gif)

i hate people who sleep a lot. i grew up with a family that takes a million naps per day and that is probably the reason why i hate it so much. every time i wanted to do anything they were sleeping, i cant make any noise because it will get me into physical trouble. and if i dont sleep whenever they decide i get in trouble for that, if i dont wake up at the same time as them i get in trouble for that as well. how do you go about your life just sleeping ? i feel so much rage right now. sure enough as i type this post, they are sleeping.
its not just my family who sleeps a lot, even the friends i made in the past. dont expect a text back after school because they WILL be taking a hundred hour long nap. it is now 5pm? OMG ITS NAP TIME!!!!!
i legitimately cant imagine having so little energy. i cant rely on anybody because they will be sleeping. i constantly feel like an understimulated dog.
i even get furious when i feel tired kek i wish i could never go to sleep ever, not in a fomo way but just the activity pisses me off

No. 1202859

File: 1653931421386.jpg (10.57 KB, 257x258, 38393882922.jpg)

Sometimes I sleep just to not be awake. Its the closest I can get to death with commitment

No. 1202874

*without, I'm not suicidal atm

No. 1202875

I hate this weird, autistic fixation of trading pictures that moids have. They love to “trade” nudes, porn in general, just anything. It’s so autistic but disgusting too, just die already, trade your body with the earth by jumping form a high spot and give it to the soil so it can do something useful with your useless corpse for once, you fucking degenerates.

No. 1202876

File: 1653931971309.jpeg (75.32 KB, 400x266, 302C5D16-F002-4E96-ACBF-B30B51…)

i know this is the things you hate thread but holy shit calm down

No. 1202880

Nta but I get it I’m suicidal though sleeping is just a great way to not feel anything that doesn’t imply buying drugs. Yet I also understand anon, sleeping also feels like a waste of time.

No. 1202901

Nta but if you don’t mind sharing, why are you suicidal? You must be handling a lot to get to that point. I hope you’re ok

No. 1202952

It’s nothing, really, my brain is just badly wired, it can’t be helped.

No. 1203029

This and I also legitimately just don't have any energy regardless of what I do kek. Always been that way.

No. 1203306

MAJORLY agree ♥

No. 1203340

I hope there’s someone to help you with that bad wiring and people to support you through it

No. 1203362

I feel the same I hate taking naps because I wake up and I feel like I wasted so much time

No. 1203411

when zoomers say "chile" like when i first saw this trend i was out of the loop and kept thinking they were pronouncing it like the country, i kept thinking why tf are they mentioning a south american country out of nowhere?

No. 1203412

File: 1653967223768.jpeg (477.73 KB, 1920x1080, 42B9C459-29C1-40F9-AE30-AC6539…)

No. 1203419

File: 1653968408055.jpeg (690.67 KB, 2000x3000, BE5EFCBE-5F9F-44C4-8451-B1321E…)

I’m disgusted at the sheer amount of opposite-sex attracted nonnies on here. Why are you sleeping with the oppressor?

No. 1203422

File: 1653968885941.jpg (36.04 KB, 513x499, dog.jpg)

I like having a punching bag that will give me head and buy me things

No. 1203423

I only think about them, not sleep with them.

No. 1203424

File: 1653969027606.jpg (73.79 KB, 900x500, c7334647518f40ae05588_a9046f77…)

I hate trannies

No. 1203425

Sorry your father did that to you.

No. 1203427

This anon gets it

No. 1203429

I was hoping there would be more lesbians on lolcow tbh

No. 1203431

Agree. Nap takers are time wasters. So many times I wanted to go out and do something while the sun was still up, but my family gotta nap for some reason. Not a 30 min one either. A long ass nap

No. 1203433

because heterosexuality exists?

No. 1203434

File: 1653969446576.jpg (46.67 KB, 524x530, vsol.jpg)

My Nigel is one of the good ones

No. 1203435

unironically like good luck when he cheats on your or you find out he’s a pedo/rapist/abuser like all other men

No. 1203436

File: 1653969846695.gif (6.37 KB, 80x20, M1qz4rgp.gif)

i love u psycho manhater anons

No. 1203439

look I wish conversion therapy was real so I could become a lesbian ok I didn't ask for this

No. 1203440

I'm happy as I am.

No. 1203443

You don’t have to be a lesbian to renounce men im straight and I just decided to cut men out of my life and focus on doing things I like instead and my life has been all the better for it. If you need sex just get a sex toy it’ll do much more for you than a man ever could without the risk of pregnancy or STIs.

No. 1203483

That’s great that you’re like perfectly fine with being celibate forever but a lot of straight women want a partner and have no interest in following your lifestyle.

No. 1203578

Because it’s funny to piss on him and watch him make me dinner afterwards. Moids are retarded and depraved and deserved to be humiliated.

No. 1203587

you know I often wonder what would have happened if she failed at shooting warhol, cause she missed every shot even though she was 3 feet in front of him, it was one lucky bullet that managed to him with before the gun jammed, we could have easily lived in a reality where warhol never got shot, imagine how massive his ego would have been, either she was a loser at killing a pretentious artist

No. 1203621

File: 1653992464016.jpg (68.01 KB, 904x1024, FSFzLKPVgAAguK0.jpg)

i don't understand this. first of all, if they're shitty enough to where you want to berate them emotionally or express sadistic tendancies towards them (and i'm not saying many men aren't deserving of it based on their desires or actions alone, however, there's no way my ass would get caught on charges because i insist on staying with a guy who i don't like and want to "beat up" in any way) why are you with them? the only point to being with them is if they WOULDN'T piss you off and upset you enough to make you want to berate them or hurt them? i don't get this. it's not based for you, it's only based if they are hurting you, but the most based is to just be alone and leave them. also, good luck when they try to turn the cops, the courts, friends, and everyone against you and press charges, because no one will have any sympathy for you as a woman even if they are literally raping and beating you.

you guys need to just come to terms with the fact that you're not willing to let men go and stop making these weird excuses that on their face might seem "based" but when thought out make no sense and only endanger your future. entanglements with men endanger your future, period. i have too much good shit in my life to risk it on a guy or seek one out. i already have enough that try to enter my life and fuck my shit up, i don't know why you guys would want that shit for yourselves. good luck with the charges i guess, nonnies.

No. 1203634

No. 1203637

Napping is actually good for you but I don't see the appeal, I'm not taking a break in the middle of the day when I could just have a regular sleep schedule instead.

Personally I just judge the fuck out of people who can't wake up in the morning. Like they need to set multiple alarms because one won't work for some reason? So bizarre and childish. I think it triggers me because I had a lazy POS bf in highschool who would stay over and refuse to get up at a normal hour and my parents would be furious over it.

No. 1203667

I'm on the completely other side of the spectrum with this and can't fathom how people can have such an extreme opinion on it. My mom would shame me for waking up late until I finally moved out, saying I'm wasting my life away and won't be able to live normal life if I continue like this. I like staying up until very late, it has never been an issue at my work so it doesn't have to interfere with productive society member lifestyle, so what's the big deal honestly? Just wake up early and let others sleep lol

No. 1203725

I take medication for sleep and it makes it really hard to wake up in the morning. I wish I could just snap out of the grogginess, but it’s like moving through molasses. There are reasons other than laziness why someone would need to set multiple alarms.

No. 1203845

I hate how instant everything is now, half of the fun was in the waiting, planning, and hunting. Having to go to blockbuster first for a movie or game, or even waiting for your Netflix dvd to come in the mail vs just being able to stream anything any time. Hunting for specific games at every secondhand game store and the excitement of carrying the case you’ve been searching for for months back home vs having it torrented or downloaded from steam within 40 mins. Choosing a good YouTube video and fucking off while it buffers vs binging 50 videos in the same timeframe. Daydreaming about all the fun you will have with that thing you ordered for 2 weeks vs having it the same day thanks to Amazon. Everyone expecting you to reply to their discord or slack right this instant instead of being able to get back to their email at your leisure or giddily waiting for them to show up in the online chat.

No. 1203848

I hate overly positive people they are fake awful human beings always. Ive given them the benefit of the doubt many times and each time i have been disappointed.

No. 1203850

>Daydreaming about all the fun you will have with that thing you ordered for 2 weeks vs having it the same day thanks to Amazon.
nah it still takes 2 weeks but I don't usually order from nor trust amazon

No. 1203851

People that do that could absolutely wake up at the first alarm they just don't feel like it. Jokes on them because their whole strategy wastes time they could be sleeping. If they really can't "hear it" they make alarms for the deaf

No. 1203852

Where the fuck do you live?

No. 1203854

burgerland. maybe it depends on the website/item idk. some items do arrive in a few days but others get delayed for weeks.

No. 1203860

You have to check that the item is fulfilled by Amazon not 3rd party

No. 1203867

i meant when i order things on non-amazon sites like bestbuy or target

No. 1203870


No. 1203882

I'm in a rural part of a country that's behind countries like the US, between slow mail, the distance between everything, bad transport, slow ass internet out here that drops off whenever, working on a budget etc I don't really feel like shit's too instant or too convenient. I feel like I'm always waiting around on something either online or irl.

Alot of that I brought on myself by moving out of a city though. I underestimated the lesson I'd be getting in patience lol

No. 1203903

No. 1203919

I made the switch from the situation you described to the city and I feel overwhelmed and like I’ve contracted adhd kek

No. 1204009

File: 1654016546869.jpeg (313.98 KB, 828x684, 288F21AE-4B89-406E-9564-148267…)

People who spout things like this and share

No. 1204056

I hate how they give 0 exemple of the bad consequences. It's so abstract

No. 1204067

I hate how people call body types "trends ". I almost always hear women who say it try to down another body type.
Like, "oops skinny is back in style, sorry big bitches!!".

No. 1204076

One thing I don't understand is why people want or are eagerly waiting for a different body type to be on-trend. Body types being on trend, regardless of if it's thick or skinny, will always lead to women doing unhealthy things to conform to it and the standard will always be something that most women will have difficulty reaching. It really doesn't benefit anyone for these to be trends.

There's probably a better way for me to say all of this but I'm not good with words so sorry if this all sounds like gobbledygook

No. 1204077

File: 1654019533347.jpg (16.18 KB, 800x571, this-guys-reach.jpg)

I can almost see where this is coming from, like I do think that survival skills by the early pioneers and natives should be acknowledged at least, but that article just read as if they were trying to be offended over literally nothing and grasping at straws to make something seem offensive

No. 1204079

No you said exactly what I felt and very well. I hate when I see women do this, we gotta stop putting so much pressure on eachother cause there's always a scrote pulling the strings anyway. We gotta stop playing into it.

No. 1204099

Ass size and eye brow thickness are some of the dumbest things people have turned into weirdly defining features for women. The pendulum just swings back and forth between whether they should be big or small. It's kinda painful to live through even a couple cycles of it and see how its opposites land. Thats all it is. Enough women will eat up these rules though, will happily shame others based on it. Then a few years from now they're ashamed of their own past photos because.. it's all going to pass. Waste of time, money and energy.

No. 1204119

File: 1654021536896.jpeg (153.95 KB, 750x1000, DC2F23F0-5885-41F6-9ACC-948FBD…)

I hate thid ugly voidchan/animecore/egirl aesthetic
I can’t wait for it to die

No. 1204125

influencer culture combined with abject capitalism and pushing women towards same face same body aesthetic is going to be the death of woman. we weren't meant to look the same. we shouldn't look the same. and we shouldn't aim for that. there is so much diverse, strange beauty in the world. why must humans wrack it with our needlessness

No. 1204142

What did she do to her hair, why does it look like a porcelain doll with bedhead

No. 1204400

people who talk so casually and arrogantly about drugs they have done and do.

No. 1204723

I hate bimbos I hate how every fat poor sex worker (looking at you shayna) thinks they’re a Barbie or Paris Hilton.

No. 1204725

File: 1654046349778.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, E321A2AF-30B6-4757-9696-837543…)

No. 1205034

I hate CC

No. 1205037

The face of unemployment.

No. 1205061

>edgy shit they don’t listen to juxtaposed with cutesie Sanrio
Are we really just repeating 2014 over and over?

No. 1205076

I know it smells crazy in there

No. 1205092

I hate the term "bad built" or "bad bodied". It's just so gross and demeaning. Why not be happy that your body doesn't have any disabilities or diseases and works fine, how would that make you body "badly built"? Your body is doing its job at the end of the day, that's the most important thing. The relentless emphasis on people's appearance is so exhausting and annoying

No. 1205094

I don't mean night owls or people who sleep in, I meant people who actually need to get up for work or school and literally just won't or can't. If your sleep schedule fits your life that's obviously fine.

tbh on the other hand I think people who wake up super early when they don't have to are pretentious and annoying. The 'wake up at 5am to have a cold shower and prove how stoic and tough you are' grindset shit, it's so moidy and tryhard. Waking up in the dark is miserable no matter how much sleep you get.

No. 1205106

You must hate me so much, I do both. Whenever I have obligations in the morning I have massive trouble waking up, when I have nothing to do I spring out of bed before the sun.

No. 1205125

>Waking up in the dark is miserable no matter how much sleep you get.
It feels peaceful and relaxing to me. Might be because it's the only quiet time of the day at my house tho

No. 1205178

I hate voice actors that do the same voice for everything like Charlyne Yi. Don't understand the appeal of a woman that sounds like a gnome with laryngitis but whatever

No. 1205194

god that's how I feel about Ashley burch

No. 1206913

File: 1654126658088.jpeg (535.08 KB, 1644x1233, 8.jpeg)

I hate denim and everyone who shills it as "comfortable". It's the most uncomfortable type of material and most jeans look ugly, especially blue jeans. Tbh I kind of hate pants in general.

No. 1207417

File: 1654153943884.png (1.47 MB, 1611x1144, leege.png)

I'm fully aware of being a sperg but I unironically hate "fake fans" so much. Disingenuity in general is a red flag for me and I don't trust people who take advantage of something just for its popularity, for example artists who draw popular characters and franchises just to sell more merch or cosplayers who cosplay popular characters just to gain more exposure. I get that it's about the money but it's still a huge disappointment to learn that someone doesn't share the same enthusiasm for something but is willing to profit from it. Especially when they genuinely talk shit about the source and make fun of the actual fans.

Actually you know what, I also hate that I have to feel bad about feeling this way. What about not liking opportunistic exploitation should be shameful? Why was it made into "cringe gatekeeping"? Expecting some amount of respect isn't the same as quizzing shit like the nightmare scenario neckbeard in all the memes.

No. 1207444

If it makes you feel any better, I notice trend hoppers tend to be really terrible people overall in the way they treat those around them.
They tend to treat them as disposable as the flavor of the month hobbies they’re into at the moment

No. 1207481

Same. And I hate that they're becoming the only affordable option for people who have more of an outdoorsy lifestyle. I wish large skirts and wide leg pants were more often made of tougher cotton/linen and not shitty synthetics.

I also really don't understand why regular city dwellers who don't walk long distances and don't need to wear anything tough still insist on wearing jeans and sneakers anyway when there's so many nice clothes and shoes everywhere that they can easily wear without ruining them.

No. 1207517

>What about not liking opportunistic exploitation should be shameful? Why was it made into "cringe gatekeeping"?
I think it comes from the fact it's sometimes hard to tell for sure whether such person is a fake fan or real one so it can be alienating to people who just got into something recently. This said, I know how it's sometimes obvious in cases you've mentioned (artists drawing popular characters etc) so I guess no reason to feel bad about these.

No. 1207675

I hate denim so much. Jeans, denim jackets. The texture is awful. I don't understand in general why people like clothes with such rough fabrics, especially one that doesn't even hold in heat well or keep you warm. What's the point in long pants or a jacket that can't even do that?

No. 1207691

File: 1654177183917.jpg (106.97 KB, 1045x455, Untitled.jpg)

i find it hard not to hate women who are like this

No. 1207693

What is this trashy lolsorandumXD sense of humor?

No. 1207706

Overlined lips and the fact that autocorrect keeps trying to correct “of” to “if” and vice versa.

No. 1207724

Lmao this chick would kill herself if she got called boring.

No. 1207749

Kind of a specific nitpick but I hate when people put "RIP Miura" comments on Susumu Hirasawa songs that have nothing to do with Berserk, dude has had a career well before Berserk.

Damn she's so quirky and totally not like those boring other girls!

No. 1207755

>brooklyn transplant
i fucking hate bitches like this. Ruining nyc

No. 1207764

Mte about Seattle with all the tech bros

No. 1207787

It's getting bad like that where I live in Northern virginia. tech bros everywhere. All transplants.

No. 1207807

>Kind of a specific nitpick but I hate when people put "RIP Miura" comments on Susumu Hirasawa songs that have nothing to do with Berserk
I've never seen that, but I believe you. Every since the rebooting of berserk with the garbage cg movies, newer fans are just trash. I feel bad Miura passed and we'll never get an ending but that sounds cringe af to put on that artist's song.

No. 1207823

I don’t like new berserk fans either. Tiktokfag gymbros

No. 1207848

There's vidrel for example, it's mostly on his most famous songs though, uploaders also use random Berserk illustrations and fanarts to illustrate songs that once again have nothing to do with the manga (I saw it with the post popular upload of Jikan no Seihō). It reminds me of all the DBZ X Linkin Park AMVs which retroactively became tributes to Chester Bennington kek.

No. 1207886

File: 1654185881912.png (466.31 KB, 421x637, trashscope.png)

this pink hair hope from hopescope got a while ago. colorful hair can be fun but it looks so trashy on her.

No. 1207896

pink hair, particularly in that shade, is very tough to pull off for most skintones. i don't care for the way the combo is done either

No. 1207897

I wonder if it came out a lot darker bc her hair is so light

No. 1207900

I hate the JJBA anime fans that post on all the Ristorante Paradiso soundtrack videos, just because the series also took place in Italy

No. 1207906

JJBA anime only fans are a special kind of annoying retard.

No. 1208060

Holy shit this is a new level of retardation I didn't know was possible. I'll never stop saying it but the JJBA anime was a mistake, the damage it has done on zoomer fujoshis can't be overstated.

No. 1208114

I hate this ED past the first fifteen seconds. It's not that it's a bad song or something, it's your standard shounen ED alright, but the instrumental starts out so good just to turn into your average dontgiveupyouhaveyourfriendsyouresostrong J-pop song. It reminds me of a more optimistic sounding Naraku no Hana lol. If the entire song stayed in this style, it probably would've topped We're The Stars as my most listened to FT ED. At least I'm not the only one realizing this, so after about a decade there are finally some good instrumental versions which manage to save it a little bit.

No. 1208142

File: 1654195740780.jpeg (391.68 KB, 1612x1672, bf2ec88a-2f36-41f2-93d3-c31617…)

FUCK these things. they ruin everything and so do any sour fruits added into desserts. sour fruit likers are mentally ill, i will die on this hill.

No. 1208147

sour apples are the only apples I like

No. 1208149

File: 1654195991711.jpg (303.21 KB, 2048x1536, title-strawberry-cake-4x3.jpg)

Sour fruits are the only way fruits should be eaten. Also, I hate everything that contains non-"raw" fruit, like on cakes and jam. Way to go, wasting perfectly good strawberrys like that, go fuck yourself.

No. 1208157

File: 1654196316981.png (648.9 KB, 659x606, based.PNG)

When I was a small autist everyone tried making me wear jeans. My sensory issues couldn't handle them but they kept trying. Even now I fucking hate jeans and will vouch for soft materials bottoms instead. I think we need to be more like Japan lol.

No. 1208173

Zoomers buying the same learned helplessness that the a large majority of millennials fell into. It’s going to just keep spiraling and I hate that everything is a side at this point. A lot of people seem to think we need big actions or nothing matters and we shouldn’t bother to try and it’s just not true.

No. 1208281


No. 1208693

>Pronouns in bio
>Sexuality in bio
>"Your local"
>"Read my rules before following!"
Just log off and kys already.

No. 1208740

Almost exactly the same with me. I was able to communicate that the material would "freeze" on me which meant it was just too stiff to wear. Plus I hated the textures and rough sensation etc. I lived in leggings that were purposefully bought 2 sizes too big.

No. 1208741

simple. it's jealousy. Skinny white girls have the widest appeal.

No. 1208753

There's a will.I.am interview that will always haunt me. He perfectly predicted this trend in music, however he made it sound like it's a good thing. I long for the days of award shows where you had butt rock bands, rappers, pop singers all mingling in a room looking disjointed as fuck. I say this, but even a lot of metal bands and non-pop music has that same prosthetic sound you are referring to. I hate it so much. I am so glad i broke away from mainsteam music in my teens, even though pop music was still pretty good then, i feel well prepared for these sad state of affairs.

No. 1208754

I like to suck on these.

No. 1208756

Well, the thing is…

No. 1208763

i tried sour apples on pizza once and idk it was delicious. you are just mentally ill.

No. 1208764

They have the widest appeal simply because they're the most common in the entertainment world. Of course all the "artsy porn" photoshoots are skinny white girls because it's impossible to find WOC or other sizes who do that. Of course celebrities date skinny white girls since they usually date other celebrities who are also mostly skinny white girls

No. 1208778

glad this movie bombed

No. 1208779

File: 1654227421493.png (94.12 KB, 220x229, scrotehumor.png)

I respect him as a bbuiness man and someone who helps black people, but I hate this character and this kind of humor. There's a whole market of black men dressed up mocking black women. Usually ghetto black girls, it's annoying.
alot of them say they are "straight" to.

No. 1208781

should have just made a new character

this is why I hate race-washing

No. 1208818

He’s not gay?!

No. 1208822

no at least not out. He's from ATL (super gay place) and theres been rumors. He has a son and doesn't talk about his sex life. I feel one day he may come out as bisexual/gay, maybe when he's 100% done with Madea and everything else. Or he's just straight, which I kinda doubt.

No. 1208827

Youre eating apple pizza and accusing people of being mentally ill? Projection