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File: 1654818128238.png (340.23 KB, 792x835, angry_shadow_by_mobiandoodles_…)

No. 1218967

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Shut the fuck up about the borzois already.
Previous hateration >>>/ot/1179736

No. 1218972

great the sonic avatarposter is back. please god no one use this thread and someone make another one.

No. 1218975

if your distaste of sonic thread pics was because they were all sanic which made the threads hard to distinguish fair enough, but this is shadow. if you only hate them because "hurr durr sanic is autism" then you're actually more autistic than all the sonicposters combined.

No. 1218976

I hate anime expo and how crowded that con always is

No. 1218978

I hate your minimodding, that's what I hate.

No. 1218984

Stop being an autist. It was never even one anon posting sonic pictures. Plus it was so many months ago, get over it.

No. 1218994

calm down it's just a comment on the internet

No. 1218996

Smut/erotica writers mentioning explicit number measurements (like "7 inches" or so) when describing penises, or explicit cup sizes when describing breasts, makes the whole story sound seriously autistic. Just call them huge/big/average/small/tiny etc and let me imagine them according to my own standards!

No. 1219009

Getting the 'flood detected' message and being told to wait 30 seconds when I've waited over a minute

No. 1219014

File: 1654820592587.gif (6.74 MB, 866x500, EC7F9986-436C-4329-BE83-C9B7D3…)

I fucking hate overhead lighting when I'm home. Anytime my boyfriend turns on the living room light it annoys the shit out of me. Overhead lights are always so fucking bright and cool toned it makes everything look fugly and gives me a headache. Mood lighting from table lamps, candles and smaller lights is so

No. 1219017


No. 1219019

based interior lighting sama

No. 1219020

You know what? I hate ALL internet comments.

No. 1219030

My bf

No. 1219031

I'm talking about Shadow btw

No. 1219347

File: 1654837046395.png (190.7 KB, 500x657, urdumpost.png)

newfags coming from 4chan infighting anyone for anything because they think there is an overarching imageboardculture that consists of baseless bullying and saying slurs. they are scrote tier scum and need to get banned.

No. 1219373

Is it just me or there's a Shadow avatarfag here and on /m/ or /g/ (I forgot which one)

No. 1219430

Not just you. I see them too.

No. 1219446

hate that I have to restart my computer every few days or else it starts to lag

No. 1219662

Anons who complain about bullying after being called retarded. Don’t want to be called retarded by anons, don’t be retarded. Simple as. Some recent twitter newfags are extremely fragile and not suited to posting on imageboards and are not used to opposing opinions and get set off and sperg a lot when receiving anything other than mindless agreement.

No. 1219673

Fictional babies and toddlers written by people who obviously hardly ever interact with real life babies and toddlers. Especially those jarring attempts at baby speech that try to sound "cute" but turn out extremely cringe because no actual little human actually talks like that.

No. 1219679

t. anon who’s never had a kid (unless you think the giant gaping painful period blood clot that slipped out of you is considered childbirth)

No. 1219695

this, never had kids but I have worked as a babysitter and jfc people writing kids in that idealized way are so weird and gross

No. 1219700

I hate it more when it's a show with some kid in it and the kid has all these "smart" lines like Lily from Modern Family. Real little kids are retarded mockingbirds that say the same dumb shit over and over

No. 1219706

??? nayrt but what did you mean by this

No. 1219707

Also fictional siblings obviously written by only children. Who the fuck calls their siblings "big/little sis/bro" EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE.
I was talking more about little kid characters who are written as surprisingly precocious in their speech but replacing Ls and Rs with W to give the "baby talk" feel. What you are describing is also an annoying trope, and I have seen the two intersect.

No. 1219710

American chocolate is gross. It tastes like the ‘cheap’ chocolate we have here in the uk. British chocolate is superior.

No. 1219712

both are awful tbh

No. 1219716

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 1219724

I find it especially painful during funeral scenes. I've been to more than I should have been at this point, and not once was there any situation close to some child asking all cheerfully "Why is X sleeping like that, Mommy? That's so funny, why are we watching X like that. Mommy? What's wrong? Come on, smile. X, wake up, please, mommy is crying," and them trying to shake the dead person awake.

No. 1219725

Your British chocolate will never be Portuguese chocolate.

No. 1219745

Never heard of a Portuguese chocolate brand. Doubt.

No. 1219759

I hate to see those videos on Instagram or TikTok of girls getting like a nose job, and it shows the before and after and the comments are like “she was so pretty before!” “She has lost that uniqueness” etc even though it is so clear how better it looks after. And if someone posts a before and after weight loss. And people critique how you should be happy as you are and they look happy before etc!! God I hate social media. I also hate how they celebrate and encourage fattys with yes queen and beautiful just the way you are

No. 1219785

I wouldn't compare nosejobs to weight loss. Obesity is unhealthy, "ugly" noses usually are not.

No. 1219792

Better? You’re brainwashed to think so. There is no such thing as an ugly nose. Funnily enough it’s always women who are bullied into thinking they don’t need one to breathe.

No. 1219793

File: 1654869915507.png (22.02 KB, 1044x100, genshit.png)

Why is "FANDOM" shoving a Genshin Impact survey in my face while I'm browsing a wiki that is literally not about Genshin Impact

No. 1219794

You're seriously comparing weight loss to a nose job? Get help. Almost no one needs a nose job. The whole deviated septum excuse is bullshit and the trend of women and young girls getting a nosejob is awful. Nosejobs are bullshit, but at least weight loss is realistic for actual health reasons for many.

No. 1219798

Both Ammerican and British chocolate are shit. The best Chocolate I've had was from Japan and Sweden.

No. 1219801

Finnish and swedish are superior kek (also love swiss)

No. 1219811

I'm British and I agree. Cadbury chocolate is disgusting and it became even worse after Kraft bought them out. The single origin Rausch Schokolade bars that can be purchased in Lidl for half the price are superior in every way.

No. 1219813

i am comparing the comments and attitudes to people changing how they look. there are such thing as ugly features, like crooked and big, hooked noses. do you know how many cows are nitpicked for their looks on here? and now you're saying there is no such thing as ugly noses etc

No. 1219819

Anons who say there are no ugly noses are likely very different anons from the one who nitpick cows. The former probably don't even spend that much time on cow threads for this reason among others.

No. 1219825

samefag but i also never said the word ugly, i just said ones that look better afterwards

No. 1219854

Deviated septum is a legit surgery but it doesn’t change how your nose looks from the outside. Anyone saying “I’m getting deviated septum surgery” then coming back with a different nose was either lying outright or lying by omission.

No. 1219952

Calm the fuck down Nona, holy shit.

No. 1219955

No, wrong, US may be shit but Japanese chocolate is the worst you little weeb.

No. 1219960

Anons who try to start fights over the most mundane normal posts seem like the biggest spergs to me, especially when they start reinterpreting whatever they replied to.

No. 1219965

Some anons can be so unnecessarily hostile

No. 1219966

Kek I bet it was a weeb who bought Japanese chocolate because there was an anime girl on the front

No. 1219967

I’m pretty sure it’s just the normal social media brain rot. They get sucked into the dichotomy thinking and trends. Making them immature overgrown children who get off on the fighting because they have no emotional regulation or reflection. It’s also why you keep seeing the
>well you forced me to respond!
No one held you to the keyboard.

No. 1219973

Japanese sweets are nasty af. I'd take American chocolate over it any day.

No. 1220099

File: 1654885163004.png (1.32 MB, 784x715, choc.PNG)

I don't really like any chocolate, regardless of origin, but Royce chocolate (which is from Japan) is really yummy.

No. 1220136

There's no way Japanese chocolate is worse than American chocolate. The average American chocolate straight up tastes like chalk.

No. 1220144

American sweets are fucking inedible honestly. Why is it so goddamn sweet.

No. 1220443

Hate that you can't make a whacko jacko joke or say anything negative about Michael Jackson without an army of zoomers defending him just because he was talented

No. 1220460

File: 1654900006627.png (1.02 MB, 960x540, maximalist-style-guide-feature…)

Maximalism trends. The rooms are cluttered and too busy, and the clothes are ugly af.

No. 1220473

Still? So he was talented, doesn't mean he couldn't be a pos. Especially hate that you can't criticize a celebrity if they are dead. Nuance got shot and buried in a deep grave.

No. 1220476

ngl I love that dress in the middle and the coat on the right. Pity they're both fugly prints and cheapass looking materials

No. 1220482

if you mean fazer and marabou then I'm judging you. That shit tastes like pure sugar and milk t. swede

No. 1220487

So incredibly based and I love you very much

No. 1220488

Holy shit that big fuzzy sweater/jacket thing is fucking awesome, I otherwise agree with you nona

No. 1220605

File: 1654910836772.jpeg (264.07 KB, 601x498, 1653112472620.jpeg)

very true

No. 1221233

File: 1654963383545.jpg (52.4 KB, 691x691, 1605808319636.jpg)

I hate virtue signaling faggots in fandoms and online, especially the hypocritical ones who are shocked you don't know their least favorite artists' personal lives while also not knowing their favorite artists' lives or works.

I just remembered a mutual on tumblr and twitter who suddenly turned into a straight, tomboyish "enby" queerios who decided to block me everywhere and stop talking to me ever since I posted once about how Yuri on Ice fans who are fakebois should stop posting spoilers of new episodes back when it was airing. Before that she was trying to convince me to get into Lastman because an animated series was planned or started. That girl was the type who'd say "problematic" or romantic and sexual stuff shouldn't exist unless it's queer. I recently remembered her because one of the artists for Lastman is kinda famous and by just searching Bastien Vivès' name on twitter I find out he was drawing some weird, borderline illegal oneshota comics, some weird shit about three sisters including a 10yo girl fucking their dad's coworker or friend idek just to piss of a feminist artist he argued with online I wish the news article I read about that didn't post pages from these to prove how terrible they are, and Balak won't stop spamming some really trashy porn art on twitter. Meanwhile I get negative comments for liking Harry Potter when I was a kid/teenager because JKR is a terf or whatever.

No. 1221278

File: 1654965201330.png (271.88 KB, 720x1024, 3249BB66-7136-4EBC-A8FC-A03FB3…)

Hate it when scanlators will insert their own commentary into the manga. Shut the fuck up! No one cares!

No. 1221285

The commentary is annoying as shit kek. I can picture exactly the type of person who wrote it. Whats the name of the manga though?

No. 1221288

It’s called “ Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi” or “ The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife” kek. It’s a cute slice of life manga

No. 1221298

There was a gap of 15 hours between >>1220605 and >>1221233 where the fuck has everynonny been

No. 1221391

File: 1654969631500.jpg (9.57 KB, 225x225, meme.jpg)

We are out and about, taking our hatred of things outside

No. 1221464

I hate listening to the way some legacy media and also social media famous people speak. They raise their voice, speak slowly and drag words, and the words in a sentence are randomly stressed.

No. 1221491

I hate the one where he talks about how he scans for fun and he stays home to take care of his mother and please donate just SHUT THE FUCK UP

No. 1221497

I hate that I nearly burst out laughing whenever I see the Monsters INC hug gif. Shayna's thread has ruined me

No. 1221589

They're busy fighting in other threads lol

No. 1221695


No. 1221832

The most based take I've seen on this site in a while and sums up my thoughts perfectly. Thanks nonny

No. 1221846

I used to hate it too, but nowadays I find it cute, makes me nostalgic. I always loved it in subs though, and with all the shitty crunchyroll and whatever subscription services existing, it feels like I've hit the jackpot when I stumble across fansubbed subs.

No. 1221866

I'm pretty paranoid but I can't stand when people refuse to use GPS on their phones because oh no muh government tracking me. Been on trips with those types and they try to whip out the ancient clunky Garmin GPS with map data from like 2006 and it makes me want to tear my hair out. Just fucking use your phone
And before you ask, my old phone was shit on battery and would run out of juice after just a few hours, otherwise I would have used my own

No. 1221897

The lame "gender neutral" reader-insert fanfic shit has already been around for a while and I hate it but I hate even more how I've recently started seeing more and more "he/him but afab" fakeboy reader inserts and even "he/him amab" reader inserts. Who even is writing the latter? Are actual gay dudes writing reader insert fanfics now or are these just ultra fakeboys who want to pretend they have a dick? Either way, I hate the idea of legit males posting on ao3, and I want all the fakeboys to go back to yaoi fics

No. 1221899

This. Everyone who pretends to like them is a lying weeb.

No. 1221901

It's all girls larping as boys sadly. I have a huge tag blocklist to avoid reading these things. Especially annoying when theres not a lot of fics for a series and the few that exist are all fakeboi/non-binary stuff.

No. 1221904

I hate that women really can't have shit to themselves without men trying to appropriate or take over it. I can't fucking believe that someone created an imageboard for fujos to post fujoshit at in piece and even there scrotes have made themselves comfortable posting coomer traps and having a violent meltdown at people who want their offtopic moidshit banned off the site.

No. 1221905

These tend to be pretty ridiculous anyway because they are still often written for a clearly female reader. Pick one, or get over yourself and read with your imagination.

Its very self absorbed yet unimaginative to be unable to just enjoy the writing and stretch your mind a little bit.

No. 1221907

Someone on tumblr is making their own otome game and released the demo some time ago. You can choose your sex in the beginning and have an optional sex scene at the end of the demo. I rolled my eyes so hard when some anon came into her ask box, being all upset that she, a pre-op ftm troon, got described as having a dick just because she chose male pronouns in the beginning.

No. 1221938

I wouldn't call myself a fujo (I do like to look at yaoi sometimes) but I was there the other day and saw the infight about trapshit in the meta board. All trapshit porn is clearly made for males, with a very few exceptions. Traps look like bishoujo, not like bishounen. Yet they argue that because a handful of women are into that, and because "trap porn is gay", Astolfo porn needs to be allowed as if it wouldn't attract even more scrotes to the site. The admin decided to allow it btw. We'll see in a few months how that's gonna work out for her.

Pretty sure there's already a couple of fakeboi-pandering VNs. Why pester a creator who's making an otome game? Plus, that amare shit is a thing now, isn't it?
If she hates being reminded that she doesn't have a dick so much, why doesn't she accept that she'll never be a man?
What's the game you're talking about btw?

No. 1221950

thembies/aidens are the self absorbed ones

No. 1221954

samefag and oftentimes it makes no sense for certain settings and time periods so that makes it harder to enjoy the writing.

No. 1221962

>get over yourself
>self absorbed
I mean, if it's self absorbed to be reading reader inserts because I'm trying to self insert, so be it.
I read the they/them ones without hesitation, it's annoying, especially because often enough I'll check the writers bio and it'll be a woman who knows it trying to pander, but as you said they are often clearly written for a female reader. I'm particularly put off by the "male" (whether they actually mean with a penis or not) reader inserts especially when it's supposed to be a smut because they tend to at the very least not feature the reader having boobs and describe the vagina as "a hole" or something, or alternatively the reader is supposed to have a dick and the fic features anal. I don't particularly want to read gay sex especially since I want to self insert, hence why I'm not reading yaoi. Guess I'm just not imaginative enough to imagine away the dick or imagine I'm a man, kek

Is the sex scene and demo in general any good? If so what game?

No. 1221974

Aidens and themlets are self-absorbed in general, so fakeboi pandering reader inserts feel even more self-absorbed than regular reader inserts to me. I'll have to say I've seen my fair share of gender neutral reader inserts that seem to be written by actual themlets for actual themlets, particularly smut that doesn't acknowledge the reader's genitals in any way to keep it neutral and if reader-chan receives any physical stimulation it's exclusively anal. I've even seen "transfem reader" inserts with male characters written by fakebois, yet I've never seen actual "transfem" husbandofags.

No. 1221978

NTA but it's sad how far genderspecial women will go to cater to male troons, even when there's zero demand for that.

No. 1221985

yeah I've never seen any actual TiMs into husbandos either, despite how much 4chan scrotes love to falseflag "ywnbaw" to yume posters in threads, I always laugh bc I feel that's one of the few legitimate signs of an actual woman on that site

No. 1222000

Right, AGPs like regular porn or yuri for moids and actual gay men like barashit or pedoshit/trapshit. But scrotes are still trying to meme that "there are no girls on the internet" thing, only now it's "ywnbaw". I hate it

No. 1222007

Don't forget the anons, even here, who think any anon with a husbando with some meat on his bones must be an undercover gay scrote because any hint of muscle regardless of context counts as barashit, therefore gay, to them.

No. 1222035

File: 1655005139198.jpeg (65.39 KB, 1200x784, 24E690AF-2CDB-438F-8518-05D3FF…)

Carpet is the only evidence I need to believe that Satan exists and is actively tempting retards into a life of sinful carpeted homes that are NASTY.

No. 1222038

But they're soft.

No. 1222068


Soft with dirt and the devil’s dick hair.

No. 1222081

Back in the day I hated when Cops (reality police show) came on tv. Most depressing show ever.

No. 1222084

I've only seen anons imply a husbandofag was male in one (1) instance, but it was because they had personal knowledge of a moid in the thread apparently. He tried to claim that it was because of what you said, but a ton of anons retaliated with pics of their buff husbandos, so I really don't think that's a problem here.

No. 1222091

Enjoy your cold, hard floors to match your cold, hard hearts

No. 1222106

File: 1655014231997.png (95.46 KB, 202x241, anakun.png)

I've seen this more than once personally, might be one dedicated troll though. Though on Crystal Cafe (OK, different imageboard so probably comparing apples to oranges here) I have seen gay moid accusations towards anons who personally did not find picrel appealing

No. 1222115

I want to die about this.

No. 1222120

File: 1655015191628.gif (2.65 MB, 498x373, 20D628BD-906F-4785-BC32-411B86…)

I can't even continue the discussion. That is hideous

No. 1222124

ah yes, the body type thread on /img/

No. 1222142

Considering the state of /nsfw/ with the ana-kun worship and the tranny/femboy chasing (while also claiming to be totes based terves) and the pegging obsession, also adding the entire imageboard's alleged tranny infestation… well I'd say I now agree with the anons saying CC is swarming with trannies.

No. 1222148

I hate old people, not all of them of course, but I really hate the mean ones or ones who don’t want to learn how to use technology. I just lose patience with them so quickly, especially if they’re entitled

No. 1222157

I actually weirdly get more of a female vibe from cc but more zoomer girls. They're way different from the oldfags that frequent this site

No. 1222164

Yeah, seeing what's been happening in /nsfw/ convinced me of that as well.
That and/or it's just a bunch of newfags like >>1222157 says. More libfem-y pickme-ish than here. There's definitely lots of trannies and non-tranny scrotes there, but I also think there's a bunch of libfem zoomers and female 4chan pickmes/anti-feminists (I know of at least one case of the latter).

No. 1222167

Agree, I’ve always felt like cc gave off the vibe of being like the non-cow boards’ younger, stupider sister

No. 1222186

Shit nonnie, I sorry this happenned to you.
A bit ot but god I fucking hate how Bastien Vivès started going around the press and talking about how he is a victim of cancel culture when he made literal cp and the book seler discontinued his comic because of the public backclash ( he still has a sucessful career of course ). What was so annoying is that he always said that it was just a "joke" but it is so obvious if you know his body of work that he absolutely love all that degenerate shit and has always drawn that type of stuff.

No. 1222188

I hate how fucking annoying my parents are. they love talking over people and my mom does it in the most obnoxious way possible. god I just wish they would shut the fuck up sometimes.

No. 1222192

>The admin decided to allow it btw.
I've been visiting Lolcow as my only imageboard for years so it's a shock to see all the presumably female anons from 4chan there willingly defending (or at least tolerating) scrotes and trying to bargain that "b-but some women like this so it's okay!" while bitching about how slow and full of infighting the board is. I went to visit for the first time in a long while and saw someone complain about how everything's ruined by the "schizo manhating anons" and "anti-trap spergs" and it just blows my mind that someone is so obsessed with status quo they would willingly partake in taking such a staunch stance defending men and their degeneracy despite being exposed to them in such high volumes. I remember in the beginning someone even caping for troons simply because she had discord MTFs as friends who fed her festering terminal coomerism while calling her slurs "as a joke". Talk about stockholm syndrome, this is what having no female friends does to your brain.

No. 1222332

Yeah I only remembered this guy recently because his comic "la chemise" or "le chemisier" had its own small part of a bookshop dedicated to it and the story seemed retarded, like these retarded arthouse French movies made by old perverts. So I remembered that ex-friend and looked Bastien Vivès up. I honestly don't pay that much attention to the French comicbook industry, I wonder how Lastman fans and fellow comicbook artists reacted at the time.

No. 1222337

Disabled people who have social media accounts dedicated solely to their disability. It's weird, why do they revel in this shit? "it's for awareness!" yeah and I'm the fucking pope. I say this as someone who has a severely fucked up knee and shoulder from a motorcycle crash. I was on walking stick for a few years before I ended up in a wheelchair for about two years after my other knee took damage due to me constantly shifting weight onto that leg to try and save the fucked up one. I got myself out of that damn chair and back to using a walking stick through sheer perseverance at physical therapy and regular exercise. I'm proud of what I've achieved but it's also deeply personal. I would never have a picture taken of myself at low points like these people do. Being terminally online rots away your pride, I swear. I think their internet addiction is the more paralysing disability for these people.

No. 1222391

I hate to say it but I agree. It's even more annoying when they're extremely abrasive and condescending towards their followers. Like those blogs on tumblr which post nothing but "abled people owe me money for their bullshit" and spam their cashapp link all the time. And retards actually fall for this low effort bait and donate money because they want to feel like a good person

No. 1222472

>>1220460 The outfit on the left makes absolutely no sense. The combination of fabric textures and colours are bizarre. I don't hate the 4th look though!

No. 1222514

I hate the condescension so much. If you're going to blog about being disabled all the time and/or call yourself an awareness blogger or whatever then expect people to ask questions! 9/10 questions I see these weirdos get shitty about are actually worded very politely and the person asking is harmlessly curious. Don't even get me started on the e-begging I just… I can't. I'll cop a ban for a-logging. My only message to the abled body folx as a Certified Cripple is this: do not fall for their shit. The money you donate will be wasted, I can guarantee you that. Donate your money to an actual charity if you must but never give a single penny to any of these people.

No. 1222650

"the algorithm!!" "demonetization!!" shut the fuck up and get a real job retard

No. 1222703

Ugh this. I feel like so many of these people take it for granted. They’ll disappear for a couple months because of their mental health and then act like it’s normal to just take that time off. Um, no, normal people would lose their jobs, we just deal with our shit while still working? Stfu and take some responsibility. I stopped watching ready to glare because she’d do this like once a year and it’s like, pull your head out of your ass and deal with it.

No. 1222714

I feel like if you don't have a back up plan while attempting to make social media your job then you're extremely stupid. You can tell when someone placed all their eggs in one basket.

No. 1222856

Same, I wish these people had enough common sense to make their influencer hustle a side thing and not their main way of earning money so they would stfu and not indirectly ruin all social media platforms with their thinly-veiled ads.

No. 1222903

I hate faggot kiss ass men who flaunt their “feminine side” and try to be the most “helpful” for women. all in the while flirting and leading women on who have low standards. its so insulting how they think they’re a “feminist” by being such a faggot white knight. I hope they off themselves.

No. 1222915

When people say "go vote or else the wrong guys will win", okay but what if I don't like your right guys, what if I even want to vote for the so-called wrong guys?

No. 1222923

File: 1655058742962.jpeg (45.94 KB, 550x413, 2F188C00-AA75-4382-9B6B-39B206…)

The right and wrong guys are DPing the entire planet. Vote for me instead and I'll make this world a living hell for men and they're worshippers. Let's make this world a better place, together.

No. 1222924

their* nonnas, please don't let this distract you from votignng for me god pleash

No. 1222926

How about "go vote or old people will be overly represented" because for some reason young people are allergic to voting which stagnates any constructive change

No. 1222927

If we're talking about American voting, your vote doesn't matter compared to the electoral college's decision. They have the final say anyways, so I don't understand why people act like they have so much stake in the race. Why even get involved in all the stress as if your single vote contributes to anything?

No. 1222948

But if everyone thinks that about voting, only the people that care enough are deciding for your state, which are usually old men. If everyone in an entire state said they don't care enough to vote, then the state wouldn't matter. You're just letting old people with shitty opinions decide for your state if you're all doomers about voting.

No. 1222951

>Oh my god I can't believe they voted Republican way to throw your vote away
>Oh my god I can't believe they voted Democrat way to throw your vote away
>Fuck people who don't vote
I hate this country I HATE THIS COUNTRY AAAAAA

No. 1222952

Because the electoral college only decides the president but there are a whole lot of other things on the ballot including local issues. Elections happen every year.

No. 1222953

samefag I forgot to add:
>Fuck people who vote third party this country was built on a two party system and that will never change so why throw your vote away, it'll never change anything

No. 1222982

Popular vote has little to no actual impact on deciding the president, which is what garners the most attention out of every election. That's why I think it's so retarded to act as if anyone's vote matters during that. Not talking about small, localized elections, where you do have more influence on what happens. Presidential elections I'm sure are useful on gaining statistical information about a populace, like how they're influenced by the media, and how they generally think, but when it comes down to the final voting, it doesn't matter and people should not act like how you voted is some serious decision. A lot of the process for choosing the candidates, and who will be the president is a separate matter from the public's decision. It's mostly based on how the people within their parties think, it's a lot of internal decision making and planning, we have no actual choice.

No. 1223130

File: 1655068067964.jpg (39.69 KB, 453x660, w453-419030-9782203168770-le-c…)

>the story seemed retarded, like these retarded arthouse French movies made by old perverts
Kek, that's exactly what it is, the story is about how wearing a blouse and showing more boobs made the character more confident. He has said so many sexist shit in interviews too, about "how we need to admit that women will always like being looked at by men" and "it's immature to think that women can accommplish themself in any other way than through seduction" so it makes the comic even more disgusting. Sorry I'm straight up seething about this pedo scrote at this point!

No. 1223147

>"how we need to admit that women will always like being looked at by men" and "it's immature to think that women can accommplish themself in any other way than through seduction"
kek I looked up reviews on goodreads and saw his face, I find it hilarious coming from a guy who looks like a total nerd. I'll look up his interviews, he might actually become my new cow if he actually eats his own shit like that instead of just drawing ass and tits because it sells. French male coomers really are something else.

No. 1223159

kek he's my personal cow nonnie! there is so much stuff from his old blog too, everything is in french though

No. 1223168

I'm French so it's not an issue, I can also look up some stuff myself thanks to that. By old blog do you mean it's not updated anymore or has it been deleted? Are there archives?

No. 1223170

God I fucking hate carpets. Never understood why anyone thinks this is a good design choice for any apartment. Hate even more that hardwood floors have become a modern amenity that spikes the price up in relatively shitty apartments. The person who lived here before me had two grown ass pigs living in this tiny 1 bedroom and I can tell they only gave it a quick rug doctor treatment.

No. 1223181

Actual pigs? People are fucking crazy man.

No. 1223189

Pardon je me suis trompée, quand j'ai dis blog je pensais en faite surtout à catsuka où il est confirmé comme étant l'utilisateur "quelle belle soirée". Voilà par exemple le genre de chose qu'il postait :
Mais sinon, il a pas mal trainé sur internet, cet article résumé bien son histoire :
J'ai jamais eu trop le temps de chercher mais je suis certaine qu'il doit y avoir plein d'autres choses encore non découverte ! Ah oui, autre détaille horrible, j'ai appris qu'il avait lui même un enfant. Il a aussi été viré des Gobelins pour avoir pondu un court-métrage incestueux pour la chaîne jeunesse " Canal J" et bien moins grave mais il est extrêmement cringe en interview. Voilà un peu l'étendue du dossier!

No. 1223190

I dislike the way a lot of nonnas here talk about moid children. I get they're moids but there's no reason to specify the children specifically. It just comes off as a lot of those people are secretly children haters who tack "moid" at the front of it to avoid being attacked or called a psycho

No. 1223196

i stayed at my friend's house for a couple of nights and her boyfriend loves nothing more than to come home, rip a bong, and watch cop shows. i was just sitting in the living room with him watching cop shows in the dark and my anxiety was secretly going off.

No. 1223200

>there's no reason to specify the children specifically
I think it makes sense since boys are raised differently from girls and get away with more things generally. Doesn't mean some of them aren't nice kids but there's still some differences.

No. 1223211

I will NEVER EVER EVER wax my vagina, wtf that shit seems so painful. And it doesn’t even last that long and like why do people even do ikr, we should just be hairy

No. 1223224

Samefag I saw a waxer on tiktok talk about waxing pussylips and it seems beyond meis it worth it to have someone rip hairs out of you for like. $800

No. 1223281

surrogates and people who use them like the gay men who feel entitled to pass down their genes and the women who don’t want to ‘ruin their bodies’ via pregnancy so they would rather pay a woman in rural India to carry a baby. it’s legal human trafficking. I know there are people consent to being surrogates in rich countries but the most of them are located in very poor areas who are forced to do it due to their circumstances. the news of rich people using them makes me sick. there are even surrogacy farms now. sick world

No. 1223295

It's heinously, incomprehensibly selfish to me. Women can fucking DIE during child birth, and at the very least are at risk of long term, chronic health issues. What kind of person has the audacity to put other people in danger like that, for their own benefit?

Children are not a human right and you shouldn't get to stomp all over other people in your attempt to get one, even if you pay them for it. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1223297

My sister got a bikini wax and had a nose bleed from it. No joking. Nobody needs to have a smooth pussy, I promise you a lot of scrotes don't care if that is you motivation for still doing it. Nobody should be yeeting their pubes. A tasteful trim is always the answer.

No. 1223301

Have you ever noticed how moids will intentionally talk about upsetting things just to provoke people? Like last time I was at a family dinner some moid family members started talking about killing and eating guinea pigs right next to a female family member who loves animals and used to own guinea pigs. Is it just the total lack of empathy or are they intentionally trying to get abreaction out of people? Anyways, I hate males

No. 1223324

genshin impact, i'm just tired of seeing that shitty game everywhere

No. 1223326

my dad loves to do this, i think they're just bored and wanting to see people jump

No. 1223337

I hate people who act like they’re sooooo fucking quirky because they like true crime. Liking true crime is such a basic bitch thing, especially if it’s a dude who likes it, because he idolizes all the killers. I knew this one dude who like true crime and had a fascination with it and was always like “I’m so lonely why don’t I have a gf?” Idk probably because you were Ted Bundy for Halloween??? You creepy ass fuck?? But True Crime is o weird every time I go on YouTube it’s being shilled that I should watch horror stories of murders and makeup tutorials talking about it, etc. I don’t wanna hear about it , I’m stressed as is! It doesn’t even intrigue me but it’s so popular because people are weird and sociopathic that they listen to a podcast detailing a child murder while working out or something because we think we’ve evolved past watching hangings and gladiators poke at elephants in a colosseum when really we’re all the same, we just want to see and hear of others suffering.

No. 1223338

4chan women are so sad, I wish they would see the light.
>saw someone complain about how everything's ruined by the "schizo manhating anons" and "anti-trap spergs" and it just blows my mind that someone is so obsessed with status quo they would willingly partake in taking such a staunch stance defending men and their degeneracy despite being exposed to them in such high volumes.
Right, weren't they supposed to be on that site to avoid scroteshit and be fujos in peace? Why are they allowing the same shit that gets spammed on 4chan by male posters all the time? "Anti-trap spergs" sounds like something a male would say tbh.

No. 1223360

File: 1655086835298.gif (44.76 KB, 300x224, frog-glowing-3977079832.gif)

did you say this in relation to >>1219347? i wrote that post talking about the same thing. the one you mentioned derails & whines about us being manhating meanieweenies to scrotes. and the one i mentioned, literal scrotes or kids using obvious 4chan lingo, calling anons dykes and whores, racebaiting and in general sperging out over the most irrelevant comments. none of them post pictures, know how to sage, ever read the rules and i am sick of them ruining my lolcow

No. 1223399

>like a single post of Disco Elysium fanart
>Tumblr rec algorithm goes completely bonkers with tranny fanart, random posts of users I don’t follow venting and a bunch of other weird shit

No. 1223401

I meant it about the same people you were talking about, saying its bullying to shit on pickmes. Don't worry anon. I just happened to post it at the same time.

No. 1223403

I just want one thread about gay media without it devolving into that one anon sperging about how much they hate gay men and anal sex

No. 1223431

I've never played this game but why do so many trannies like it?

No. 1223487

Il a un enfant? Quelle horreur, j'espère que c'est pas une fille, j'imagine qu'un fils serait un peu plus à l'abri de ce pervers. Mais sérieux, je viens de voir le screenshot où il dit qu'il aime les petites filles de 10 à 12 ans et même à l'écrit il communique comme un vieux dégueulasse avec ses éllipses tous les 3 mots. Ça me rappelle beaucoup l'auteur de Kenshin le Vagabond en fait.

No. 1223508

I wish they would get banned, their homophobia is exhausting.

No. 1223509

I hate women who idolize hugh hefner (and there's a lot of them, for some unknown reason) they are truly pathetic

No. 1223522

the worst part of democracy is that one of the candidates will win

No. 1223584

I've played this game and honest to god I don't know. Maybe because you can be a communist there if you make specific choices to be one? It's annoying to see so many fanarts of main characters as trannies since they're so obviously male

No. 1223596

When couples (but especially the guy) say "we are pregnant", just say that you're expecting.

No. 1223600

I hate my stupid self for getting hooked on energy drinks again. Ruining my health for what? Dumb bitch

No. 1223603

kek that name sounds like something you'd call a fatty

No. 1223615

Was watching YouTube late last night and I ended up on a news clip of a woman being attacked by a man on public transport and everybody just standing around filming it. Half the comments were discussing whether it's worth interjecting in these situations because of guns etc. Dude was strung out on something and acting batshit. The other half of the comments were men saying
> Hahaha get wrecked women. This is the feminism you girls wanted. Why can't this strong independent woman just fight him back then if you're equal to us. Men have been oppressed in recent years and now you get to enjoy men not giving a fuck about helping you. This woman wouldn't give me the time of day so why the fuck should I care of she gets assaulted I'm front of me! Not my problem. My life matters too so fuck this 'protect women and children' mentality. I only care about myself.
And on and on with these me me me statements about how men have been cast aside by society. Under a fucking video of a man beating a strange woman in public and being allowed to just carry on?? That's being oppressed? I hate how we've reached a point where footage of people being assaulted or even killed is so often used to just talk about yourself or to repeat whatever political or social views you already have. These men were never the type who'd interject to begin with but yeah go off about feminism being to blame. If more women sucked your dick you'd be acting like a superhero and rescuing the vulnerable.. sure.

Sitting in the comfort of your home watching someone on video as they go through something that will likely traumatize them for life and making it about you… I hate it.

No. 1223640

File: 1655120512530.png (194.96 KB, 3625x624, chivalry is a meme.PNG)

>If more women sucked your dick you'd be acting like a superhero and rescuing the vulnerable.. sure
It's times like in that video, where I remember manifesto-chans post about chivalry being a lie and a meme. Men like that would not step in even if women were regulated to no voting and property ownership nor government and monetary rights since they saw a woman as a mans property to discipline. They say this to try and convince women to fuck/worship them, then never actually deliver on the bullshit 'I'll protect you' thing. A man who protects women would do it without incentive. Men try to peddle this shit and pretend it is someone elses fault that they are cowards, and don't even shame their fellow men for such behaviour, yet wonder why women see less and less value in relationships when they are able to secure financial freedom on their own.

No. 1223705

Windows not consistently keeping clipboard history.

No. 1223710

You could literally go down on your knees all day and worships scrotes like a god and they will still not give a fuck about your personhood or see you as someone worth defending UNLESS he sees you as his property. Which is why some dads go crazy when their daughter starts dating. Males will only defend what they see as their property that they are entitled to. The anti feminist backlash happening currently is only giving them an excuse to openly gloat about other mens property being attacked

No. 1223727

same but with pepsi, my teeth are crying

No. 1223755

In theory, I'm very pro gender nonconformity, for men and women included. But why is it that online every time I see a man claim he's gnc he's actually a degenerate agp? Recently I found some dude's cool blog, he seemed chill and nice and the way he wrote about stuff you'd think he was a normal person. He said he's into cosplay and sewing but that he's too shy to post the pictures just yet. A while after, he posted the pics and it was a bunch of degenerate femboy bullshit with his dick peeking out of every picture. I'm so tired of pornsick men invading all laidback communities I'm a part of.

No. 1223769

Youtubers mentioning lolcow

Moid gang mentioning the site in their newest podcast episode, relating to creepshowart (after 18:00)

No. 1223987

When people repost shit from Pinterest and when you open the pic it's low res, full of horrible artifacts, cropped or all three at the same time.

Yeah, same

No. 1224033

Fuck scrotes. Can they not? They have the whole internet to scrote around on and one of the few places for women to talk to each other is just namedropped casually with no consideration. I hope they choke.

No. 1224055

the drawing looks retarded anyway but I will never get over how ugly those two scrotes are. youtube males in general should be sterilized

No. 1224059

Or when it saves but disappears and shows up void or the fact it can only store a limited amount.
Moids want to meme women into thinking they're needed. Because they know we don't need them, they can't imagine lives without us. They want to be coddled and left to do what they want unquestioned and not give anything in return but meme you into thinking it's your idea and you also need it. They know they're not worth your time. That's why they feel need to make us artificially dependent, willingly submissive and insecure. The thing is men are so used to being coddled they won't appreciate you fawning over them, they would much rather chase you and feel like they earned it by negging you. It inflates his self-worth when he can manipulate the women who was too good for him to think he is hot shit. He also feels unique and that he owns you, because he earned you in a way that no other scrote could.
tl;dr men rely on artificial scenarios to feel valuable and women just are valuable

No. 1224144

In some cases pinterest is the only site that even has the image even after doing a reverse image search

No. 1224235

It's annoying when they don't credit the creator of the image so you can actually find the creator/artist.

No. 1224306

File: 1655156641793.jpg (45.32 KB, 668x669, iyugv9ui.JPG)

Tinfoil but I think this video has caused an uptick of moids today

No. 1224313

This milk is so old, moids need to move the fuck on from "oh no a womens site where I wont be coddled and cant report or downvote them to hell! Evil women!"

No. 1224319

I wish they'd drop CC instead, that place should be the containment.

No. 1224394

File: 1655162599290.jpeg (72.85 KB, 1221x1118, '''''handsome'''''.jpeg)

Men who have faces like this

No. 1224403

Reminds me of Henry Cavil.

No. 1224937

File: 1655217061598.jpg (65.43 KB, 800x800, girl-dreads-29269154-188447555…)

a girl from germany started smoking weed, and got her hair matted into locs. she is sort of an influencer now with multiple photoshoots and a twitch channel. they think it is special and unique to have hair like that as a white person. her whole persona is
>i am so full of energy hahaha
>i smoke weed and i am free
>good vibes only!!! peace
she is at least good at drawing but the carefree hippie laughing away at life and being admired for minimum effort distressed outfits, hoarding, and being tone deaf pisses me off. she is so irresponsible, only going along with her guy friends and some older girls she knows from onlyfans.

No. 1224947

File: 1655217670107.jpg (62.01 KB, 766x665, nhet.JPG)

Speaking of cc, god I hate what a moid zone it is. Most anons tell their bf told them about the site, found out about it from /r9k/ etc. Someone posted "hehe lets make omegle girl meetups, use code crystal.cafe", it was just moids apparently (though why would you even go to omegle to meet "cc girls uwu" I do not know). It's such a shame, the theme and vibe is nice and admin at least WAS active but it's just moid zone. I like the idea of a female only img board without the drama boards, it makes things a bit less hostile imo but… sigh

No. 1224950

Good lord these men are so ugly, I have never seen women this ugly with a large following. I will forever laugh at men crying that they have unfair beauty standards too!! Yes there’s an ideal look, but it’s not as strictly enforced that men have to adhere to it, right? Fuckin uggo fatty baldies, I need to wash my eyes.

No. 1224954

Anon… There are males there because they're not hostile and out on a cute act. They also coddle men.

No. 1224963

I did not mean being nice to men (which they often are) but more attacking and nitpicking other women

No. 1224967

No, I've seen more people take the moid bait here than on CC. There are newfags on CC and LC who don't read the rules and do this. The problem of CC is that there was a time when you got permabanned and all your posts got deleted for the minimun shit so people got tired and flew somewhere else. I think they have calmed down on that now, but it's still a slow imageboard so raid posts stay longer.

No. 1224977

I love TheOrdinaryGamers guy but his retarded newfriend who LARPs as a Vtuber is the most massive drama bomb you'd meet, the amount of idiotic controversy and bridges he burnt over the span of the last two years is insane, and the only way he gets any attention is by milking dramas.

No. 1225017

I hate the dumb drama about that celebrity lady who put "Spaz" in a song and now every retarded journo has to trot out their list of "Forbidden words do not say because what about disabled folx" (funny how retarded isn't on any lists, it's mostly inane like "Oh I'm OCD about this" and phrases people don't actually use on disabled people.) stg I'm gonna put spaz back in my vocabulary and gesticulate to my wheelchair if anyone has a problem with it.

No. 1225288

Wait till they hear about the music genre called spazz.

No. 1225382

File: 1655237538626.jpg (153.47 KB, 1284x1481, FVOn_XpWYAA1_mg.jpg)

Everything about this picture feels insulting kek

No. 1225389

you could post this in the webtoon thread >>>/m/213673

No. 1225391

of all the published comics out there, they had to use lore olympus? lore fucking olympus? the series that despite having numerous art assistants and crazy amounts of money thrown at it still manages to be an incoherent mess with shitty, inconsistent art? clearly a great representation of the medium

No. 1225399

Oh yeah it was not actually him that dropped the name (though he brought it up), but the vtuberfag. 100% he is reading the vtuber threads here

No. 1225425

I hate the terms 'side gig' and 'side hustle' so much. I don't know why. They just fill me with irrational annoyance

No. 1225668

wow I hate this shit

No. 1225776

People that are delusional about their English proficiency level. As an American living in Germany, I meet far too many people who claim to sound like a native speaker and have no accent at all when they're extremely difficult for me to understand and it drives me insane, idk if this is common in other countries too. I really don't mind people who speak broken English when they're self-aware about it.

No. 1225789

Germans are often pretty arrogant in general about their abilities, especially towards Americans who they have a severe inferiority complex about. Underneath their sneering contempt lie feelings of being less and they can't stand it.

No. 1226069

I hate it when people append the phrase 'thanks in advance' to a written request. It sounds so presumptious and smarmy and it kills any desire I have to help the person.

No. 1226078

When I'm washing dishes and water starts running down my arm

No. 1226114

He actually gets all of his vtuber drama off /vt/ 4chan, but he is too scared of talking about 4chan in public because of 4chan being the boogeyman of vtubers and SJWs, so instead he chooses to talk about lc, a smaller place where vtuber drama general talk threads are not allowed for like, ~2 years because of them being infested with men and idiocy. I'd prefer vtuber drama to be kept on /vt/ and /trash/, that's where it all belongs.

No. 1226119

File: 1655280032313.gif (4.38 KB, 87x177, 15-char_spaz.gif)

Well I don't see the big deal!

No. 1226128

The people who claim to be great/native sounding are always just not proficient enough to hear how bad they are. I'm from a non-English speaking country and used to work with a girl who bragged about how good her English was. I believed her, until I heard her speak and she made grammatical mistakes I wouldn't have made, was completely oblivious to the fact that she couldn't pronounce "th", and I heard her tell a colleague who speaks very little English the wrong translation of an English phrase. I consider myself fluent but I know I sometimes make mistakes and have a bit of an accent, I'm trying to work on it but native speakers just tell me they think it's cute lol

No. 1226134

I speak English just like this! Please read my posts in this accent!

No. 1226143

i don't think i've heard anyone say this in france t. baguette because people get ridiculed even for attempting a good accent when reading english out loud lol
but i've had frenchies confidently tell me my american accent is "very british". the inability to hear accents is the same everywhere

i feel these kinds of accents so endearing, i love you anon

No. 1226184

I hate it when nonnies lack reading comprehension.

No. 1226250

I hate when hoes repost my deleted post like it's some supreme gotcha. All you got is a stinky pussy

No. 1226269

I get what you mean, it might be annoying when people over-estimate their abilities.
BUT i hate the opposite much more: english-speaking people who go to a non-english speaking country (ex: mine) and complain about some randow cashier not knowing english or our accents being heavy. they do this shit even when they have been living there for years. i had an american teacher who could not even ask the price of something in our native language but has been living here for 5 years. like dude, the whole world needs to speak your language but you are somehow so entitled that you think learning a couple words is a chore.

TLDR: British/Americans who insist on not learning the language of the region they are in = much more annoying

No. 1226292

It's funny because that's also so prevalent in Germany, not just with Americans or the British but with immigrants in general who just don't bother learning German at all because their workplace is 100% other people from their country and basic English will get you by for daily life things. My father is German so I was already fluent when I came here but honestly a lot of my interactions with Germans make me understand why you wouldn't want to bother assimilating with them.

No. 1226416

Whatever website it was that had a leak about two years ago, which means that now I'm getting spam mail and completely 100% real inheritance mails from my estranged millionare uncles in Canada on my main mail adress that has been completely clean for the decade before that. Pretty sure it was Wattpad.

No. 1226815

File: 1655324079931.jpg (126.86 KB, 1008x567, 9b68f394dd40624a377a77c52e81b6…)

Shitty moids that make idol culture absolutely awful. I love the idea of going to see a fun girl group or cute singers live with my friends for a good time but it would just be awful. Virtually no women in the crowd because sweaty men are there drooling as if they've never been in the presence of a female. I can only imagine the smell of having to be near neets that clearly don't bathe. They even do this shit with singers/groups that aren't centered around fan service. It could just be a regular group of friends that make music together and they practically cream themselves just by being in the vacinity of these people. They're disgusting. I wish idol concerts were female only so I could have a nice time with my light sticks and sing along. I will forever seethe about this I guess.

No. 1226914

File: 1655327966967.jpeg (362.17 KB, 1242x1258, 3B8C0681-45AF-42CD-AB6E-893E71…)

I hate the fact that there’s people out there handmaidening this much, I just can’t imagine looking at someone’s accessories just to figure out how to fucking refer to them, specially on a language like English where pronouns are literally irrelevant unless you’re describing someone outside of the room, this shit is utterly retarded. I just can’t imagine someone trying to fucking police your words when they’re not in the room, how did everyone let this shit slide for so long? It’s seriously creepy even, like a big brother kind of shit “You better watch your vocabulary when I’m not here” like fuck off bitch, that’s not how being alive works, go get a job at McDonald’s or something.

No. 1226970

Doesn’t help that their pr dresses them in the cute moe style, they know their audience.

No. 1227030

Yeah the pronoun shit is so weird, you only use them in the first place when talking about a person, never when talking to them, so you'd have to talk about them while they're in the same room for it to even register. It's such a dark triad power play to tell people to use special pronouns for you.

No. 1227098

Kind of hate how no one talks about the weird, overly hostile nature against women in my fandom. I've come across a number of "if you're a woman or identify as a woman then stay off my blog. I don't write for women or women characters. This is a male only space, etc" types who rant about these games being "too centered" on what women want as if that's not the point? Like this isn't a genre that was literally made for and played by majority women. It doesn't make any sense to me.

Not only that but ever since I decided to be a part of one particular fandom, every so often there is an obligatory PSA of "CIS WOMEN THIS GAME ISN'T JUST FOR YOU" and how "inclusive" the game is. How finally there is a game for them that doesn't just center women and how we need to accept that people who aren't cis and straight exist in this fandom. Yet when an actual woman character was introduced, everyone lost their shit because it turns out that the character wasn't a they/them (even though there was no evidence of that being the case and was just pure speculation) but went by she/her (the fallout of which was hilarious btw. Even now some of the fandom is still delusional about it). So I guess inclusiveness only matters if it caters to you.

It just makes me wish the game just made the typical brown haired female mc so people can shut the fuck up, as it seems the fandom is now overun with people who think the sexual identity/gender of a fictional character is a political issue and whine at the story being problematic, or being triggered when the game makes any attempt of acknowledging or showing that these characters aren't the uwu comfort babies the fandom boiled them down to but are actually morally flawed. Though I blame the developers for not telling these people to fuck off and boiling down their story to a bunch of one dimensional drivel.

No. 1227117

I went to an idol concert in Tokyo and I was like the only woman there. The moids weren't weird and didn't bother me but I'm black so I probably wasn't their type lol
They didn't seem like a threat.

No. 1227122

Same, I like a lot of idol music but I don't really like going to lives for this reason. I remember one seiyuu-idol franchise (I think it was Revue Starlight, so not idols but adjacent) once did two mini-shows, one that was male-exclusive and one female-exclusive. Apparently both the lives were basically the same in terms of content so I think the only reason they did it was because the franchise is popular with women and they thought more women would buy tickets to an all-female crowd live, since women are often put off from attending lives because it's so male-dominated. I guess they had to do the all-male one too so the moids wouldn't complain about inequality, but it was a cool idea.

No. 1227126

I really don't see anything appealing about female idols, as a woman. It's not relatable, and it's not aspirational/inspirational, so it kind of just feels like something cute for 10 minutes or for little kids. Like, I think there's a reason why these events are only filled with creepy moids and nobody normal.

No. 1227131

Hardcore fan people are fucking crazy. Consoomerism really melts your brain. Gatekeeping, foaming at the mouth if someone points out things wrong with the person/thing/whatever.

No. 1227138

which game?

No. 1227140

I used to like idols from age 10-19. It was something I could relate to because it was cute, bright and childish. Once i became an actual woman I lost interest. I can see why moids and young girls like idols

No. 1227144

I get so angry when my husbands friends say based. i know for a fact theyve never gone on 4chan and i feel like such a pick me (ill never tell them this) but they are so annoying

No. 1227151

Agree, a long time ago when I was a teenager I was so into the idea of idol groups because I found it so fun that there were girls with different personalities performing and having fun together. Needless to say at some point I was completely disillusioned by the entire thing once I realized that they gained a male following and the producers made them perform as sex objects for men. Women can never fucking have anything for themselves.

No. 1227152

Men who are divorced that don't let their children, mainly girls, have a normal childhood. Won't """lie""" to them and let them believe in santa/tooth fairy but will lie about other things. God forbid he lets the kids have childlike wonderment. Nope 'cause he has to be godlike in their eyes.

No. 1227168

The idol industry was never meant for women though. It was always meant to attract pedo scrotes.

No. 1227169


Obey Me! A gatcha game that claims to be an otome but not really and that despite being 80 chapters in, has little story, weak characterization, and zero world building. I hate myself for staying, but I'm too big of a simp for one of the main characters.

No. 1227195

Damn, which character anon? I was obsessed with it for a little while but quickly lost interest because everyone is so one-dimensional. Beel was my favorite but let's be honest, the only one who gets any real characterization is Mammon.

No. 1227198

yet she looks like a woman in all of these pictures. Normal women change their bracelets everyday too kek

No. 1227202

File: 1655343842509.png (71.37 KB, 538x148, 31e23rrr4.png)

when people think terfs are the literal same as pedos

No. 1227237


My favorite character is Lucifer, who just so happens to be the games' cash cow. This past birthday event was horrible for me. Not only because the constant "lol Avatar of Pride amirite? Get it cause his birthday is in June!" jokes, but more so because the devs decided to get greedy and add his past birthday event plus the newest one in the same month, something that wasn't done for any of the other character's birthdays.

But yes, other than Lucifer and Mammon, none of the others get much story wise. It's a shame, really. Plus the fandom is annoying, at least on Tumblr and Twitter

No. 1227244

I can’t stand that youtuber Psychologist in Seattle. He’s been covering the Depp v Heard case and he’s been trying to give the appearance of being neutral but he started covering Ambers testimony and has proven himself to be a heartless scrote. He says at one point that because Amber can’t remember how many times she was hit and said so in a “shifty tone” with “shifty eyes” that he basically thinks she’s a liar. How is this man a psychologist? It’s actually kind of terrifying, especially as someone who claims to take a trauma informed stance when it comes to therapy and treatment. He’s been disappointing me since he began covering the trial and I hoped once he saw her testimony that he would take a more empathetic stance toward Amber but I’ve reached my limit and I’m unfollowing.

No. 1227250

That's why you need to stop empowering retards with fancy degrees by giving them automatic respect

No. 1227256

Agreed. Retarded scrotes are retarded scrotes after all.

No. 1227278

I hate moids. Specifically city moids with trucks. If that machine isn't scuffed and dirty and towing something right this second, your microdicked self don't need it. They suck at driving too, my commute home had no fewer than five truck-moids who didn't use their turn signal before barreling in front of me.

Women with trucks are badass, tho. The women I've known use their vehicles for actual work.

No. 1227305

I fucking hate idol culture.

No. 1227309

That's why most women into idol culture grow up to be pedo baiting weirdos like venus angelic because they get brain washed young and think it's normal

No. 1227316

If they hate sexual and pedo shit so much why do they demonize terves? TERFs also hate pedophilia and the objectification of women, and male troons are often misogynists, pedophilic and obsessed with fetishes. The cognitive dissonance is strong.

I love it when non-Anglophones speak English and their accent is very thick. On the other hand, I hate people who ridicule it.

>I remember one seiyuu-idol franchise (I think it was Revue Starlight, so not idols but adjacent) once did two mini-shows, one that was male-exclusive and one female-exclusive. Apparently both the lives were basically the same in terms of content so I think the only reason they did it was because the franchise is popular with women and they thought more women would buy tickets to an all-female crowd live, since women are often put off from attending lives because it's so male-dominated.
This is an excellent idea. It makes me kinda glad that tranny shit isn't mainstream in Japan, otherwise preventing men from going to women-only shows wouldn't be possible.

No. 1227439

File: 1655359830451.jpeg (41.12 KB, 480x720, 6A40670C-2BA9-49C4-BE6F-F4DA0D…)

I hate how boring lolcow is rn

No. 1227440

File: 1655359895491.jpg (289.89 KB, 1080x1040, FI5WcsmXwAE5HWS.jpg)

The fact a genocide survivor Nadia Murad, who was literally enslaved by ISIS and they committed a genocide against her own people (Yazidis), was about to get cancelled in Canada over "Islamophobia" concerns, makes me want to puke

No. 1227443

i hate this insane world. poor girl.

No. 1227448

I mean all her brothers and mother were all killed, her and her sisters were taken as sex slaves, all the while her people were going through a full genocide, for the sin of just not being Muslims and so yeah she might have reductive stereotype regarding Muslims, who wouldn't

No. 1227470

Same wtf. Not only milk threads but all threads

No. 1227475

I love beer but all dark beer just tastes like soy sauce to me

No. 1227500

I hate slow people at ordering machines like those stations where you buy tickets for public transport, order food at fast food restaurants and the like. It's not hard. Just click on the thing you want and pay, but people take fucking forever staring at the screen with their finger hovering, and when the machine clearly says "insert card to pay", they fumble with their wallet and seem to forget how a card reader works. Once they're finally done paying and get the receipt, they stand there staring at the screen for a little more as if this is the first time their monkey brains have seen technology. I get so irrationally frustrated whenever I have to stand in line to watch one of these knobs try to handle basic reading skills.

No. 1227677

File: 1655387935641.jpg (64.15 KB, 500x500, artworks-yz8PTqH4dnanMKeM-fCl2…)

It's not so much of the idea of them being a threat, their presence in general and the way they think about these poor girls is just awful. I wouldn't want to be around them whatsoever.
I'm kind of picky about them and mostly into the jrock groups but I don't think they're an exception either. I see a lot of moids flooding that scene too and it's very frustrating. I got into my idol phase pretty late (I'm in my early 20s) after disliking them for a long time but the idea starting to seem more endearing to me. I really wish they were never targeted towards men to begin with.

No. 1227685

File: 1655388451554.jpeg (39.46 KB, 500x375, 94EEDAA4-45AE-4F00-9409-47E3D1…)

Tit holding solidarity

No. 1227689

Pec implants are wonderful, aren’t they? Cute.

No. 1227690

if i was a jpop idol i wouldnt stop fearing for my life ever. i wonder how many of them cant even sleep anymore because the constant stalking and threats and weird deranged demented moid behavior from their "fans" has them permanently paranoid

No. 1227692

i used to go to a lot of underground idol concerts and i could ignore how gross the men were for the most part, so i had a lot of fun. but i can see how it can be a major turn off, especially if the girls are underage (my former fave group mostly had 20+ year olds, one even being 28, so it felt less degenerate)

No. 1227723

This is horrid, but it's also extremely on brand for Canada to do this. It's ironic that a lot of Canadians essentially promote never learning or talking about the issues and downsides of other cultures, yet consider themselves champions of diversity. It really shows how much they just see people who immigrate to Canada as tokens to make their country more diverse on paper and don't care about what some of the people coming to Canada faced in their home countries that prompted them to leave in the first place. Women in particular are expected to never talk about how their home country was in a negative light for the sake of appeasing the ignorant wokeists who have probably never been outside of their own province before. It's actually so fucked up how they claim it's diversity and inclusion to expect women of various different backgrounds to assimilate into a culture of polite silence around abuse they faced, it shows that diversity is about a "look" to them and no more than that.

No. 1227734

Underage idol groups shouldn't be a thing whatsoever considering what their main focus is. Aside from that it isn't good for their mental health. Japan really needs to get on their shit about protecting minors. Hopefully more movements start; A japanese singer I follow posts a lot of infographics about women's rights and protection for youths since they still have that shitty law in certain areas that makes the age of consent 13.

No. 1227834

I hate how westerners talk about Japan like its a paradise or utopia. Are the cheaper anime figs really worth the monstrous systemic misogyny and complete lack of fucks given about minor girls and cp?

No. 1227842

File: 1655399654029.jpg (92.83 KB, 828x1252, 642daf55bb49ee669afc3be0410e9b…)

I hate people who act dramatic over the most minuscule shit. No, your life's not "in shambles" if you moid asks you to meet up for dinner one hour later.

No. 1227843

It says a lot how real life CP over there didn't even become illegal until 2015, and even then the punishment is a slap on the wrist.

No. 1227903

There are even teenage gravure models, it's so fucked up

No. 1227960

The stupid geriatric moids I have to work with at my job. Not coworkers, but patients. They get discharged from their need-based care bc they can’t not be perverts, assholes, misogynists, general psychos, and I’m not even exaggerating. Then they expect us to find them another place to work with them in an understaffed field, and usually we have to at least try. Some of these guys have been through 2 or 3 different places. Not just aides, but places. Fuck them. They should rot and starve in their filth if they can’t act human for 2 hours a day.

No. 1227975

it really depends on other stuff. it's hell to be a child in japan but pretty great to be old or sick imo, compared to usa.

No. 1228052

Now thats just fucking vile

No. 1228304

I hate that in my burger city there are so many Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants acting as specialized providers. I have government insurance right now so it limits my options greatly in where I can go. Almost all the psychs, OBGYNs, Derms, PCPs and providers at Urgent cares are midlevels. I know technically they’re supposed to be supervised by a MD/DO but I’ve never seen that happen, they’re probably just signing off the NP and PAs charts. I hope that this push for midlevels to have more and more independence when it comes to scope of practice stops or else this is going to end horribly. The amount of people I know who have had their health problems brushes off by midlevels only to have an actual MD find something serious is insane.

No. 1228311

Big corps are currently trying to get mid levels authorized to do more. You should look into writing your reps

No. 1228356

Hate it when people say Japan is based and a paradise and that "loli/shota is not real CP!! they're just drawings" when not only is pedophilia everywhere in anime (which is mainly targeted at gross, autistic failed males) but also they didn't ban CP until relatively recently. "Nooo leave Japan and it's pedo porn alone! It's an attack on muh freeze peach! Fucking Western feminists, solve actual child rape cases in your country first!" It's always the same arguments and deflection.
Did you know that the first BBS and forums that led to the origins of imageboards were swarming with pedophiles who would share their CP on there? Look up "4chan history bibanon" and "A small history of Ayashii World"

No. 1228439

File: 1655439220023.jpg (101.81 KB, 564x1128, b9c02f124ffcc4e8e2f6e9a7095591…)

OhMyGodImSoQuirkyXD sort of comics, specially if it has the "ugly face on the last panel" punchline.

No. 1228466

We've got a nationwide shortage of general practitioners, so it's going to get progressively worse. No one wants to be a GP anymore because it doesn't carry the same tech, income, or prestige that specializations carry. Hiring in NPs and PAs to pick up the slack is how they're dealing with it a lot of places all over the country. They're also cheaper, and these big hospital groups will cut every corner possible to increase money in pockets up top

No. 1228473

frankly, i've had far better experiences with NPs and PAs than GPs. NPs and PAs are less likely to engage in shaming and more willling to try alternative (off label but efficacious) treatments.

No. 1228497

Same. I have an NP who has not shamed or argued with me or pushed me to be on medication I didn't consent to, unlike my previous MD GP who wanted to prescribe anything she could make an excuse for and then deny my actual problems

No. 1228502

for sure. doctors tend to feel they know it all and won't accept that you're suffering, whereas NPs and PAs seems to be less egotistical and obsessed with they idea that they know it all.

No. 1228640

File: 1655462551883.png (464.2 KB, 640x594, vc5ovmpg0ws21.png)

Same nonnie, especially those comics that have the "I'm not like the other gurlz im quirky because I'm so filthy and I like pizza" vibes. It's such a punch in the face when these comics with horrid art and even worse "jokes" get so much attention because of pickmes and boomers.

No. 1228682

I hate the banner with the woman washing her ass. Who made that and who decided it was good enough to go up? I cringe every time I see it.

No. 1228685

ME TOO OH MY GOD. Some of the cow tit pic banners bother me too

No. 1228686

It's mystery.jpg, an /r9k/ tripfag. It was pretty funny watching her go down on here. It happened like 5 years ago iirc.

No. 1228687

Is that the daddys little pork chop one? God I hate that I have to refresh the page I feel so uncomfortable.

No. 1228689

It's so funny how anti-porn the board is but then the banners are from literal porn lmao

No. 1228699

I hate the one where some chick is grinding on a guy laying on the floor. Also socialrepos which zooms at the screen I seem to get it a lot, creepy fucker. Wish I got the 3d cow spinning thats new and cute.

No. 1228706

Exactly. There have been so many good, non-sexual, banners submitted but mods haven't bothered with using any of them

No. 1228707

Same. I outright blocked banners on ublock cause I don't wanna see that crap and I never click them anyway

No. 1228709

Is that shayna? Omg she used to be so good looking. Boils aside, she should’ve kept her clothes on and just became an annoying egirl.

No. 1228711

Admin decided to remove the most porny banners during the last townhall back in November but nothing ever came of it.

No. 1228716

That's mystery.jpg, not Shayna. That's also the 1 flatting shot of her ass, her ass was actually extremely flat, though she did have nice boobs. Her face is a wash, though, the female eggman.

No. 1228717

This isn't /snow/, no one cares about your opinion on someone's ass being flat or not

No. 1228767

I hate when useless Y chromosome creatures come here to stink the place up with their smegma, like go do physical labor or something, use your tard strength for the only thing you’re good for. You probably can’t even do that though since you’re a terminally online skinnyfat porn addict and a disappointment to your family.

No. 1228770

He's so boring, spamming the same shit over and over again. Also a 100 buckaroos that it's a tranny, since he uses those uwu emojis lol

No. 1228781

Scrotes that speak like wiggers are unfathomably vile. I wonder how much he owes in child support.

No. 1228789

lol please you think he’s ever touched a woman?

No. 1228807

I'm psychoanalyzing the text. My superpowers pattern recognition tells me it's likely a white trash scrote, likely has obsessive relationships with women with heavy drug use and cheats, potentially knocked one+ of them up. Found this site either through the chans where incels were whining about us and wanted to attempt to show off in front of other room temperature IQ scrotes and prove how he trolled wahmenz, etc. Maybe a Redditor, not sure about the behavior pattern of those moids aside from them being coomerfilth.

No. 1228816

Nah it's a terminally online tranny

No. 1228819

File: 1655479483576.jpg (148.36 KB, 700x1051, fc1e84214ab0681e9f50e1eaf109fa…)


No. 1228823

File: 1655479505065.jpg (1.74 MB, 1492x2048, E5qWpewUYAMal7k.jpg)

Bump for scrote degeneracy

No. 1228826

File: 1655479555578.png (505.35 KB, 879x468, 1646935329054.png)


No. 1228831

LOL, sorry to interrupt your hate sessions, nonnies, here's to another moid getting run over by a car for posting vile shit

No. 1228833

File: 1655479775473.jpg (70.36 KB, 760x675, 1643541339891.jpg)

If only I had known sooner…
Thanks anyway nonnas

No. 1228838

File: 1655479896354.jpeg (57.52 KB, 625x467, 4CF2D8AA-D5A2-4506-9EEF-4B8587…)

No. 1228844

File: 1655480024168.png (265.97 KB, 550x516, 1646935128594.png)

Fucking hate how this site doesn't have enough moderators

No. 1228853

File: 1655480279662.png (65.54 KB, 255x275, 1651850166322.png)

Oh no women won't fuck you your entire life is ruined!

No. 1228856

File: 1655480319231.jpeg (443.02 KB, 2048x1285, 038B65C4-6D55-4864-A880-D27880…)

should have a rubber band tied around the top of their balls until they loosen and fall off

No. 1228860

File: 1655480360346.jpeg (26.83 KB, 275x208, 29D5F5F7-AD56-4AD3-ACF5-8607DF…)

No. 1228865

Wow, Amber is smoking in dark hair. Holy shit.

No. 1228867

She is!

No. 1228870

I agree. Overhead lighting isn't fun

No. 1228874

File: 1655480569622.jpeg (48.24 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)


No. 1228881

Omg…let me stroke her head im crying…

No. 1228883

The one with the boobs had been up for two hours yikes where can I apply to be a janny?

No. 1228889

File: 1655481474373.jpeg (77.77 KB, 749x562, 649F7998-3F1E-4302-A895-C34139…)

love how no one really gave a shit and it only incentivized the male to post shock porn kek. moids exposing themselves on how much they’re attention whores while projecting that quality on to women will never get old, love you nonnies (sometimes)

No. 1228909

File: 1655482270431.jpeg (39.76 KB, 401x401, 1651701700540.jpeg)


No. 1228914

File: 1655482415503.jpeg (59.47 KB, 750x737, AB66CE23-C4D5-4B8A-8D2F-84B609…)


No. 1228916

Do you think teens realize they’re a sex offender if you obtain or distribute porn even your own? Because the lack of awareness is something I hate.

No. 1228924

these jannies are fucking useless

No. 1229113

I hate that underage girls who are pressured/coerced into sending nudes (by their boyfriends or worse, predators) can be charged with creation and distribution of child pornography in some places, when the ones to blame are the scrotes who convinced those girls.

No. 1229137

These look like something out of 2010 kek people still make these?

No. 1229343

I hate having to delete and repost a reply after noticing that I've made a grammar mistake. Most of the time I only notice it once my reply is already posted.

No. 1229500

Same here, it happens to me all the time

No. 1229902

File: 1655555555160.png (933.05 KB, 606x958, 27944792a0c3694b332e621f7b7215…)

This is really nerdy sperg incoming but I'm still seething about this, while I liked the Birds of Prey movie overall I despise what they did to one of my favorite characters Cassandra Cain, for those unaware Cassandra Cain in the comics is basically the product of a Eugenics experiment along with a training regiment by the league of assassins to create the ultimate warrior, she eventually turns good and joins the batfamily but the thing is she is still the best fighter, she can even kick batman's in a one and one fight and in the movie they just turned her into some asian zoomer stereotype, There was NO reason to name her Cassandra. And considering that the DCEU's Batman has been active for like, 20 years now, they may as well have just adapted Cass properly, as it'd fit in quite well.

No. 1229923

That movie was horrible, the kid was annoying, and I hate how many people think Margot Robbie using an annoying voice and pulling stupid faces = good acting.

No. 1229927

>using an annoying voice and pulling stupid faces
nta but that's basically Harley Quinn's character kek

No. 1229932

Same, nona, same. Not only did they royally fuck up Cass's character but the little girl they got to play her… was not a very good actress and if there was anything that took me out of the movie it was her acting. Cass has gotten the shit end of the stick so many times. It sucks. She's so fucking cool.

No. 1229935

File: 1655558807244.jpg (112.9 KB, 903x714, Screenshot_20220618-152241_Bix…)

Male poetry.
I got into poetry a lot recently. Most of male poetry is so boring, it's just musing about female body and sometimes about alcohol or war. I just opened a collection of various poems. So far in the 10 minutes I've been reading it every other male poem will talk about boobs in some wtf way, like saying they're like two vessels, grapes or they're small and aggressive (??).
They're also so pedophilic. They keep on making poems about girls maturing into women, describing their budding breasts, saying things like 'she's 10 but already has eyes of grown woman' or 'she doesn't know she should avert her eyes and blush yet'.
I've never read a poem by woman that would describe boy changing into man in this perverted eye-fucking fashion.
I find female poetry miles better, it's much more elegant, versatile, smart and if romantic it isn't just 'this little boy's freshly dropping balls jiggle like two cherries' or 'you're dead now but I remember how your dick throbbed when you were so alive' you read from males (I just read a poem about guy remembering how his how dead lover's breasts were like heavy grapes after they had sex).
>picrel is Google translate (bc I couldn't find it in English) of a poem I just read about a guy 'timidly' kissing and pushing away a 10 year old girl and saying one day her breasts will belong to someone who'll resemble him but he'll be dead already… Why the Fuck.

No. 1229939

i hate this too now

No. 1229949

The sad thing is that kids start off very creative when they are introduced to poetry. An acquaintance of mine that works at a library showed me a book they made for a middle school and it had some really nice stuff by male and female students.

No. 1229953

>this little boy's freshly dropping balls jiggle like two cherries
The sound I just let out. It's so ridiculous when you put it like this, and once you open your eyes to this, it's everywhere.

No. 1229956

I believe men are capable of nice poems and I do like some of them a lot but overall they tend to repeat those three themes ad nauseam (female body/sexy female children, war, alcohol) so if I pick random book from my library and it's by a male there's 80% chance it's gonna be that.

No. 1229972

File: 1655561165836.png (228.32 KB, 498x381, D5CD0AC8-FD22-4549-B866-AB06B5…)

OT: knowing men are like this is making me want to, permanently, go full femcel. seriously, how do you reconcile wanting male contact with the realization that all of them, every single one of them, only see you as a collection of body parts and that what they find most important is youth and beauty? that a man will never "love" you unless your body parts are arranged in an appetizing way?

No. 1229973

I almost got the urge to say Ady's from the early 1900's, but then I remembered it wasn't that long ago "she's only 14" was a hit song in Hungary, which is about the lust one guy feels for this "seductress" who's too naive to know what's coming for her (bleh).

No. 1229974


No. 1229983

Yeah, I'm czech and we have this children song played on almost every little children's event that has 'my only love, innocent being only 13, I'll roll my sleeves up and push you in the grass' (as in to fuck) in its lyrics. I asked my parents if they ever think about how fucked up it is that children sing along to this and they just laugh.
We had a pop song about guy raping his partner after he came home drunk when she didn't wanna have sex by some 'dreamy' male young singer recently too. Feminists got upset about it but our culture is filled with MRAs that silenced them totally.

No. 1229985

nta but I can't just can't tolerate Margot robbie's accent for the movie, its so exaggerated that it physically hurts, the original voice actresses of Harley Quinn was actually from Brooklyn and that was her normal speaking voice, but with Margot robbie its just a very bad exaggerated Brooklyn accent

No. 1229990

I agree, I think exposure to certain moid shit is what dampens their imagination, whereas girls go out of their way to deep dive into interesting media/hobbies through life

No. 1229995

Harleys accent is extremely exaggerated, it’s just nodding to the comics

No. 1229996

I want to a-log men who write like this more than anyone in the world

No. 1230004

File: 1655563757615.jpg (309.5 KB, 900x1868, IMG_20220618_164850.jpg)

People who tweet way too much and then don't post any milk or photos

No. 1230010

I hate how white women act like absolute burikko (uwu braindead cute infants) when dating asian men. I'm white myself and I cringe so much when I see that either irl, on insta or YouTube. It's always 100% an act because we sure as fuck didn't grow up in a culture that would in any way make us act like this over 10 year old. It's so pickme.

No. 1230021

easy access to porn. whenever i scroll through my tachiyomi libraries to find something to read, i have to scroll through heaps of shoujo/jousei porn shit. granted it's targeted at a female audience, but why is everything so porny these days? i don't mind mature themes at all, but i don't wanna see the same porny bullshit story about a blushing and crying 35 year old sexually inexperienced office worker being fucking by her cold but secretly very kind boss all the time.

i remember being a horny teenager and seeing an animated boob was super raunchy. now? shit's everywhere.

No. 1230022

I know someone dating a half asian guy and her entire personality has become "learning how to be a good asian housewife" and learning how to cook every food his mother cooked for him growing up and getting into all the weird traditional chinese medicine stuff and it's beyond embarrassing.

No. 1230034

God yes I hate how they always become #internationalcouple too. It's their whole brand and a shtick. Who even follows couples like this on social media and why? I don't get it.

No. 1230075

It's the ultimate tradthot fantasy, abandoning your entire culture, beliefs, family, etc. for a man. And then shitting out mixed kids and flexing how exotic and special they are.

No. 1230101

Non-Asian women dating Asian men are always cringe for some weird reason in a way non-white women dating white men or even non-black women dating black men usually aren't, but I can't quite put my finger on it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1230112

at least they're not dating brown men.

No. 1230124

At least brown men actually look like adult males and some can be attractive, Asians are repulsive inside and out.(racebait)

No. 1230126

Women in my country (overwhelmingly white) that marry brown men and take up their religion and start wearing religious garb after growing up in the same culture as me freak me the hell out.

No. 1230213

If it makes you feel any better most Muslim communities make fun of those types of women and they are widely ridiculed, mostly for pretending to be suddenly oppressed minorities and also trying to wokify Islam in many occasions

No. 1230311

I feel bad for Asian women who end up with white/brown men. My best friend is Japanese and the amount of men who she thought were normal but turned out to be weebs and or into hentai is insane. For some reason it was usually Latinos who were the creepiest and most fetishy.

No. 1230312

I hate when I talk about a character I like, someone has to go "they're actually a really terrible person, because - " and then proceed to list all of the character's flaws. It's even more embarrassing when they try to explain to me why a blatant evil villain is bad as if I didn't know murder is evil. It's like the internet has forgotten that you can like characters for how they're written or portrayed. If the character isn't a shining beacon of moral justice, you're apparently not allowed to like them unless you add an essay as to why their behaviour is bad.

No. 1230319

YouTube videos titled like "[insert popular video game here] isn't as good as you think". I know from my time spent on gaming forums in ye internet of old that moids are incapable of grasping the fact that games (media in general, really) are subjective and that people can genuinely enjoy what they deem to be bad but I swear the YouTuber generation are much worse. At least on a gaming forum I'd just get called a stupid whore and that'd be the end of it. Now you get hour long "essays" that are actually just jumbled, disjointed notes and they always frame it as "well ackshully you didn't pay enough attention" while they fuck up the names of characters and a bunch of plot points too, kek. Then there's the elitist "this game is too easy and if you like it you're a BABY" shit like calm down there buddy, we're not all NEETs with the time to git gud and some people just wanna chill and have some easy fun. I don't mind videos where people state their opinions without presenting it as fact as I enjoy hearing different points of view, but these types of videos are so annoying. They're almost always about popular games and you go to the channel and it's usually a school shooter looking mf who only posts "XYZ sucks and here's why" content. As much as I mock 2deep4u lore analysis I'd rather listen to someone be passionate about a piece of media they love than some retard who gets assmad when people like popular things.

No. 1230335

Parents who don't socialize their children, put them in activities, let them have friends and never take them anywhere then are shocked when they are shut ins as adults

No. 1230350

My mom is like this and she lords it over me that she had an "old fashioned" childhood where she was wandering around her village alone as a 7 year old.
Why do mom's brag and compare childhoods?? like she controlled everything about my childhood, it's such a self own. But I didn't want to be molested by local crackheads in a neighborhood she kept us in because she didn't want to work full time… So I was lazy and uncool to her. Literally my mom thought we were cringe and she's cooler than her kids. Yeah I'm fine actually, no scars whatsoever

No. 1230368

Brown guys are the worse when it comes to fetishization for any race for that matter. Arab guys are especially bad, they think all women are just walking stereotypes of their race and also enjoy playing victim when it comes to their own race

No. 1230370

I'm convinced the AMWF hate are pissed off white moids. Stop watching weeb vloggers and leave your house, most white women dating Asian men are completely normal

No. 1230385

Are you dating an asian man and feel personally attacked nonny? kek

No. 1230408

File: 1655590732572.jpg (19.54 KB, 748x436, 1603213678990.jpg)

>tfw parents tried to do all of these and still ended up with zero social skills

No. 1230416

They are. WF/anything other than WM makes them seethe. See it on /r9k/ all the time.

No. 1230419

they're not normal but that's not a conversation for scrotes to have

No. 1230625

I kinda hate my mom too

No. 1230638

My mom did this and now wonders why I'm not married and have no friends.

No. 1230859

File: 1655608934685.gif (1.66 MB, 200x200, dc0wr5y-68fc74f6-bd48-4c3d-b7c…)

When you're close to falling asleep and some dumbass upstairs drops something heavy.

No. 1231202

File: 1655642398034.jpeg (142.3 KB, 640x920, 837527E0-5A77-4EBF-8EDF-75668A…)

I hate this zoomer shit
Just watch the damn show

No. 1231205

this is the cancer that is killing fandoms, we need to bring back gatekeeping

No. 1231249

Agreed, I'm sick of people saying they love a character but they shit out comics and fics that make these characters ooc compared to canon.

No. 1231253

yeah why not just call it a [canon character]-inspired OC at this point

No. 1231331

File: 1655652971780.jpeg (37.2 KB, 500x500, 12BC5242-9B80-4430-BD9C-5C746E…)

I hate work. I’m at work right now and I want to fucking Kermit.

No. 1231409

This is some neet weapon type of shit, some people just like the character design or they only watch snippets involving that character, its not that deep.

No. 1231410

Lmao weapon i meant weaboo.

No. 1231422

IVF + surrogacy is danger combo. Every single person I've met who has had either is batshit insane/selfish and doesnt even actually care for the kids, often just hands them off to family members. Although it is fun to see people who spend thousands on IVF instantly regret it when the baby starts having issues like colic, diarrhea, etc. People focus too much on pain of pregnancy/child birth but never warn anyone on how hard taking care of a newborn actually is

No. 1231423

You can like a character design but people go around obsessing over characters they don’t know much about. It’s strange

No. 1231429

I hate normalfags

No. 1231438

File: 1655657586836.png (714.44 KB, 492x603, ba10bc0d2c863e72bf9c6afe4d91c9…)

this kinda shit.

No. 1231443

What the fuck is going on with that man's face?

No. 1231446

Thanks, I've always wanted a lesson about modern womanhood from two faggots, one of which is bald and the other one is a Brian Eno lookalike but add meth.

No. 1231459

Holy shit

No. 1231461

I hate that school teaches horrible habits to kids just because muh politeness and muh discipline. I just remembered how I used to have hypoglycemia because of some disorder I had and how just eating snack from time to time between meals would have greatly helped, but eating a small snack in class is strictly forbidden because it's not polite, but apparently me randomly passing out was normal. I straight up was so hungry I couldn't focus at all and it stopped as soon as I entered uni because I could eat whenever the fuck I wanted if I was sick; Same shit with going to the bathroom in school. I've had to let myself bleed on my clothes because I didn't dare ask to go to the bathroom in the middle of class and I remember how normal it was for primary school and kindergarten teachers to let kids pee themselves in front of everyone just because they were too petty to let us go to the bathroom. Students being really cold during winter is to be expected because there's no heating in the buildings but god forbid you keep your coat on, so as a result I could barely write with a pen in class because my finger always became red and swollen from the cold. Middle and high school made me hate sports like you wouldn't believe. I used to love sports when I was in specific sports clubs and school ruined it for me. All these retarded rules don't matter as soon as you leave high school, but you're brainwashed into following them during your formative years for some reason. So yeah, you're not allowed to eat until you legit lose consciousness during recess but being bullied for not being white to the point of passing out once from being beaten up and having a broken tooth is completely fine and normal and acceptable.

No. 1231462

I used to be a massive faghag and loved them both on drag race, but as I was beginning to evolve I watched some of their videos together and they are just so incredibly unfunny. It's just them making gurrrll drag queen sounds at each other and talking about nothing. Willam tier shit.

No. 1231535

exactly, for example I only know Komaeda from the memes and think he looks cool and all but I'm not going to go among actual Danganronpa fans to tell them that my interpretation of Komaeda is just as "valid" as someone who actually played the games

No. 1231541

It may not be that deep but it's really fucking annoying when people try to insert themselves in a conversation about a video game, anime, novel, tv show, etc. you like and say the most stupid and inaccurate shit possible, and then they spam fanfiction websites and post their horrible fanarts everywhere, which introduces their fellow retards to said franchise, until the writers of these franchises change stuff in new seasons, books, games, whatever, to appeal to them and not to actual fans.

No. 1231551

Physically attractive gay guys. They make my blood boil, I wish they would all eat themselves into material inexistence.

No. 1231573

W-what? Why? Are you a fat ugly gay man then?

No. 1231575

File: 1655661114969.png (55.62 KB, 500x220, tumblr_inline_njxnzsmbFE1s9ibs…)

hard agree. these same people also tend to blow jokes out of proportion, like for example the fact that law hates bread. it's just a comment he makes because he gets dragged into the pace by the straw hat crew and it's seriously not that deep, but then you have "casuals" (for lack of better wording, i know it's a cringe term) going on and on about law's supposed deep hatred for bread.

tsukishima from hq calling yamaguchi "pathetic" in a flashback is like that too. he doesn't say it all the fucking time, but those people get their impression of a character from pinterest or something and then completely misunderstand the character and it shows in their shitty fics and fanart.

No. 1231581

No, anon is obviously a straight woman who wishes all attractive men were attracted to women.

No. 1231583

If it makes you feel any better, attractive straight men wouldn't be attracted to you neither.

No. 1231589

are you a gay moid or a faghag?

No. 1231595

I don't know I just do. Specially if they have an equally attractive boyfriend. Wish I could inconsequentially shoot them and leave their bones in a ditch.

No. 1231612

I don't give a shit about any moid. Anon should grow up instead of acting like its someone else's fault she can't get guys like a femcel.

No. 1231616

>I hate gays
>are you a faghag
nonna this is the random things you hate thread, do I seriously need to justify my hate for gross degenerate hedonistic scrotes?

No. 1231619

I wasn't replying to you but to the anon who took offense to your comment

No. 1231623

then why give a shit about any "femcels", they're just annoying at worst but not really harmful. it's not like she's actually aidening out to try to guilt trip the gays into fucking her

No. 1231633

So many strangely over aggressive moid like posts today. Someone is either in a bad mood or it is a shit stirring moid.

No. 1231638

Or maybe you're in the Things you Hate thread being overly judgemental of my vent which you could quite simply have ignored

No. 1231644

I don't know what you're talking about, this was my only post.
Someone said she hates gay moids, that's fine.
Then some angry freak attacked them, not fine and they should've just scrolled past.

No. 1231645

huh, it think you replied to the wrong anon?

No. 1231668


No. 1231672

I hate it when people say menstruate like men-stroo-ate. it makes me feel so gross

No. 1231693

how else is it supposed to be pronounced?

No. 1231694

This is a reflection of the state of my own life and family and I'm aware of that but… special occasions. Mothers day, fathers day and then the family get together days that are sprinkled around the year here and there. Easter, xmas. The way they're hard to just escape or opt out of.. because everyone expects you to partake or they ask about your plans. The become the thing everyone is making small talk about and then they pass and another one will come next month. Repeat yearly.

I hate the change in routine. I hate that store opening hours become hard to predict and that my job is made worse but most of all I hate the emotional side of these occasions when you're not a person who has a mom, a dad, a family to go to. Sometimes I just wonder if special occasions cause more joy or depression overall. There's alot of people quietly dealing with loss and it gets highlighted like crazy on those dates. I've lost alot of people over the years and I haven't managed to replace that with friendships or partners. Now every special date fills me with dread. I can't think of one I can still enjoy.

No. 1231732

Nta, but I say men-straight.

No. 1231859

I hate when people start their posts with "I'm begging you to"

No. 1231860

I'm begging you to

No. 1232019

>look up cool female character on fandom wiki
>scroll down to comments
>"BOOBA TITS ASS SEXSEXSEXAAwwooOOOgah!!!1!" "muh transition goalz" And other retarded shit
Every time…

No. 1232038

I hate that wikia/FANDOM is so full of trannies, both TIMs and TIFs.

No. 1232044

When period blood dries in my ass hair and it hurts to wipe

No. 1232121

This is not the vent/dumbass thread
Anyway, you can sugar wax that for a smoother cleaning

No. 1232123

Why would I include men straight in my menstruation? I rather say menstrooate

No. 1232132

The hate that white people get online these days, and the fact that they're literally not allowed to retaliate because "critical race theory uwu". These people ditch their home countries to come to a white majority country and whiiiine that they're not the majority here.

No. 1232136

Right, this is the Things You Hate thread, so I posted something I hate.

No. 1232163

Braindead anon, get help.

No. 1232170

>Please don't vent about your life here.
Read the op

No. 1232177

I hate when bitches infight me

No. 1232183

I've grown a deep hate for this unwritten rule that """opressed""" people have the right to be assholes to """opressor""".

If you scrutinize the theory falls like nothing, in fact it does hinge on people being censored. Thank God my family has always seen the truth behind a lot of """anti-racist""" activism, probably because as Asians we work twice as much while getting vilified for not doing enough violent crime.

No. 1232190

It wasn't a vent. It's literally just something that happens that I hate.
>Post random things you hate

No. 1232192

Damn I didn't think this was something that happened to other women, too. I feel less alone now, bless you anon lol.

No. 1232197

Ok stop being so mad and go wipe your ass

No. 1232201

I swapped back to using pads after years of just tampons. Yeah this is one of those lil things I forgot about til lately.

No. 1232207

You're being weird now anon. I'm not mad, you were just wrong.
Honestly I would use tampons if it meant I didn't have to deal with that, but my flow is too light for one.

No. 1232229

It boggles my mind how people fall for it. I imagine most don't agree but just stay quiet so they don't incur the sjw wrath as well.

No. 1232235

Why is there so many newfags and baiters here lately.
There was literally someone here who was pretending to be a black woman and talked about how bad cisgender black men are and they they are ''transphobic'' and then said that they dont us to downvote their post.

No. 1232239


No. 1232295

Seeing sleeping, lazy ass moids fills me with rage lately

No. 1232303

jeez anon moids need sleep too

No. 1232305

Next time you see one, beat him out if it's sleep.

No. 1232321

I'd understand if they were tired after working a job instead of sleeping for 12 hours after NEETing all day

No. 1232455

this is a stupid post tbh

No. 1232458

i hate how those doomed to a low iq declare people with critical thinking skills "stupid" and then do not elaborate. or if they do they just regurgitate the very exact quips and gotchas that caused you to deviate in the first place

No. 1232462

>low iq
>subbing a post above yours instead of just directly replying to it
Nta, but man I wish some of you here would grow up instead of being passive aggressive and finding reasons to infight all the time.

No. 1232466

using imageboard rules as a measure for iq? oh please

No. 1232471

That's not what I said, but alright anon.

No. 1232549

I hate it when my upstair neighbor stomps so loud to the point where I'm thinking that they're in my apartment. It scares the shit out of me.

No. 1232693

>alt kids my age
>obsessed with being different and edgy
>different and edgy in the exact same way, copy and paste
>like the same four animes (dangandonpo, my hero academy, kakeguru)
>all terrified of being boring straights so they’re ‘enby/pan’
>omg frogs omg capybara
>edgy political views such as whatever is popular on twitter or tik tok
>think they know better than everyone because we’re le ‘jenzee’
>says eat the rich and buys from Amazon
>liking all the same ‘alt’ music shilled to our age group such as beabadobee, willow smith, cavetown, conan gray, mother mother
>obsessed with their gender identity and sexuality, must wear it as a fashion statement
>monster energy
They want to be different but they always end up being the same, and look down on people who dress in ‘boring’ clothes because everyone else is basic and they’re unique.

No. 1232696

how old are you

No. 1232699

people belonging to a subculture all liking the same things while seeing themselves as unique individuals? tale as old as time

No. 1232705

They are so retarded, they have no concept of personal space

No. 1233001

File: 1655748479568.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1652416529225.jpg)

Farmers who use boomer unironically about things and people who aren't really young and trendy. They sound dumb and underage.

No. 1233025

File: 1655749492099.jpg (271.24 KB, 1284x613, IMG_1302.jpg)

These AI generated greentexts made me paranoid about whether any of the people on imageboards are actually people anymore. It would explain a lot of a significant number of them were neural networks learning how to fake human interactions.

No. 1233031

Some Junji into shit

No. 1233201

i hate the fact i was on a trip and found an overpriced shadow the hedgehog plush in a shop and didnt buy it

No. 1233209

Store employees (Walmart, in particular) asking to see a receipt. What really tickles me is that they pick and choose who to ask.

No. 1233229

I thought it was based on whether or not you had items that are really expensive or not bagged

No. 1233351

I'm not too worried about this site but 4ch? I swear a lot of posts there do not make sense at all. Especially on pol, x and b.

No. 1233363

>they pick and choose who to ask
For sure. I've been on the favorable end of this (when I lived by a Walmart and shopped there the greeters never asked me for mine) but it seemed so targeted for other people that it was a bit noticeable

No. 1233405

I hate when sites automatically turn an emote into an emoji!!! Stop forcing those autistic little yellow orbs on me!!!!

No. 1233553

I'm too much of a beginner to post in artist salt thread but I absolutely hate the drawing videos that are just clickbait. Even if they are good videos I just don't even wanna bother with them. Extremely unprofessional imo. People like Kooleen or Ethan whats his nuts I immediately hide videos from because I hate their annoying clickbait shit

No. 1233757

File: 1655816289472.png (125.96 KB, 666x680, Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 13.56…)

this dumb process when applying for jobs

No. 1233931

Is intersex even a gender? I thought most people weren't open about it

No. 1233932

Honestly, its so intrusive

No. 1233950

>I'm too much of a beginner to post in artist salt thread
kek don't let that stop you. I hate Ethan's clickbait shit too.

No. 1233952

Kek nonna I doubt all of the art salt thread anons are some master artists

No. 1233955

Where do you live that you can't opt out of this?

No. 1233959

The trannification of intersex individuals is so fucking disgusting. It's a condition you are BORN WITH. It's not some retarded GENDER IDENTITY. "Are you a regular woman/man… a tranny… or are you a real woman/man with strange genitals and hormone imbalances?" Like how absolutely fucked.

No. 1233963

No. It’s a complex medical condition. They’re still just men and women.

No. 1233993

i’m a britbong and most jobs i am applying for you have to say your gender but this is one of the longest idiotic option list I have come across so far.

No. 1234003

File: 1655833867829.jpeg (286.46 KB, 1082x1920, 1638974258846.jpeg)

wtf why would they even need to know your sexual orientation? You're there for a job and not to fuck lmao. Reminds me of when annoying ass people go out of their way to list their sexuality in their bios for no reason. As if anyone cares, no one is gonna want to fuck you anyways.

No. 1234008

Sexual orientation for job applications???

No. 1234013

I watched this and now I'm angry, I hate it.

No. 1234016

File: 1655834413685.png (240.82 KB, 589x521, fuck.png)

Everything about this.

No. 1234024

I know a woman with two uteruses and this is basically the equivalent of an employer asking an applicant about that.

No. 1234029

>You're there for a job and not to fuck lmao.
kekkkk you're right but this made me laugh so hard fuck

>a lot of women are simple-minded
>so I will add to the male crime statistics
scrotes projecting their flaws onto women never gets old

No. 1234030

They started to not dub the songs in the new Bob's Burgers episodes, now they're all kept in English.

No. 1234034

I hate it when they dub something in a certain way and then they change it. It's such an abrupt change. If they weren't gonna dub them later they shouldn't have dubbed that OP song in the first place.

No. 1234039

??? Jfc that piece of shit doesn't even deserve to LIVE, let alone get plastic tits, what is wrong with the world

No. 1234043

>nonnie lotusflower
How is this not a joke

No. 1234064

It gets worse, I watched his video on the youtuber that rammed his car into a young mother and kid and killed them
>uhm actually he was experiencing mania! please be considerate!
Dude the criminal was making money on internet scamming and gambling, attacked his parents and you defend him by saying "he wasn't suicidal! he thought he could no-clip through them!". Fuck these male true crime youtubers, there's always sympathy for shitty moid criminals.

No. 1234158

Sex scenes

No. 1234163

have you never had this question when applying? it is always things like age, nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation and religion. but 90% of the time you can say 'prefer not to say' out of the options for sexual orientation and religion etc

No. 1234165

ot but i love coffee house crime, one of my favourite youtubers actually.. i like to watch his videos as i fall asleep kek

No. 1234166

i had a good kek at that pic

No. 1234176

I can think of exactly 0 times when a sex scene enhanced my enjoyment of a film or TV show. It always slows the plot down, and usually the acting is absolutely terrible. Not to mention the occasional gross sex scene involving underage characters or food or whatever else.

No. 1234193

No. I've had to list my birth date for tax reasons and nationality for visa reasons but none of the other stuff. Asking for things like religion and sexual orientation is actually illegal here lmao

No. 1234243

idk how people do it in other countries but I just sent my resume by email to the HR department to apply. Then again I do work for a tiny firm.

No. 1234245

Retarded libs equating abortion and "sex work" as "human rights to body autonomy"

No. 1234281

Holy shit this. It's always so fucking awkward. Absolutely no need when you can just imply. I remember watching the David Fincher version of Girl With A Dragon Tattoo with a friend. It was so hard to watch.
>Not to mention the occasional gross sex scene involving underage characters or food or whatever else
The minor sex scene grosses me to the core (especially if graphic). It just gives moids a disgusting fantasy and makes me want to puke.

No. 1234671

Someone needs to snatch the black eyeliner out of this bitch's drawer just to prevent her from drawing all over her mouth like that. She would be so pretty if she didn't scribble that shit all over her mouth like a toddler with a black crayon. Yes, I am being autistic and irrational. IDC. It looks ridiculous. Bitch is a grown ass woman. Girl you're not 12 anymore. Stop doing that to your face. What tf is this look supposed to be. I'm surprised her parents haven't threatened to smash her computer with a hammer over this shit.

No. 1234729

Bitch that is Noel Fielding

No. 1234816

No. 1234829

File: 1655892185745.jpg (68.71 KB, 736x503, c21598af96d755fbaca327b0a0e602…)

I hate not being able to sleep.

No. 1234836

I hate still dreaming of my ex even though we last saw each other over five years ago. Why does this mf have to be so hot. I hate him.

No. 1234840

Really? Where are you from that it is illegal? I have never really had that much of an issue about it, as often you can just answer that you prefer not to say making it kinda pointless? I don’t really know why they ask as there is always this big thing of text talking about how companies are anti-discrimination etc. They always ask about disabilities too. Which I guess is more common?

No. 1234845

I don't even understand why zoomers are so goddamn averse to actually watching the show/reading the comic/whatever. Somehow they feel it's below them to actually consume things that aren't just 10-second Tik Tok videos. Kid you have nothing but free time, just watch the fucking show instead of creating your own OC out of a character and then sperg at other people for following the canon.

No. 1234847

If you want to die that's up to you. No need to bring other people into it. That's a scrote mentality

No. 1234848

me too nona, and taking sleeping pills just makes me feel like shit the next day so I hate taking them

No. 1234866

You have moidbrain nonny. I get hating her because of her themlet thing or because her many bad takes but you sound like a scrote (not saying you are, just that you sound like).
>she would be so pretty
Who cares? You wanna fuck her or st?
>grown ass woman
And? How's age relevant to facepaint and costumes? Age-obsessed scrotebrain again.
>smash her computer with a hammer
Scrotebrain violence.
I always assumed she did the ugly facepaint to 1) be a bit more anonymous 2) absolve herself of being scrutinised for looks like female youtubers always are 3) to catch one's eye in the thumbnail and get more views.

No. 1234875

I hate when I watch those clickbaiting SC stories about woman/girls who are physically disabled (especially arms) it's them proving society wrong by applying a full 5 pounds of makeup like everyone else.

No. 1234928

don't remember her name but I remember a blind youtuber who does makeup tutorials and gets her hair dyed weird colors and I thought it was weird so much of her content revolved around beauty. It seems to push a message that if you're disabled you should care first and foremost that you look pretty so society still values you.

No. 1234978

Anon she looks like a woman child. It's the female equivalent of soy boys with funko pop collections. If she wants to be anonymous then maybe she should just idk not use her face? Like people have done for years on YouTube? Are you a spoiled woman child yourself by any chance? As for scrote brained violence… Idk you sound pretty worked up yourself right now. You're getting genuinely angry at a shit post lmfao.

No. 1235069

I hate that media made by/for women is expected to be ideallogically pure while media made by men, for men or general audience is not held to the same expectation. The female audience will criticize content made by/for women because it is gory, dark, violent, mentions slavery of a fantasy race, doesn't mention modern social justice, and/or covers intense topics but enjoy content for men/general audience without a critical thought. I recently bought this zine from AIGA, a major graphic design organization, and though the zine made a point to mention that the issue was made by a diverse women's team, there was a whole section dedicated to pointing out what was wrong with early sci-fi made by women that featured female-only societies. Meanwhile, all men's sci-fi books continue to be deeply misogynistic from years and years ago to this day. I'm not saying women's media should never be critiqued, but I'm just tired of the double standards.

No. 1235076

Yeah anyone female is scrutinized so much more.
I'd love to read a really non-pc misandric sci-fi story written by a woman btw.

No. 1235077

I'm tired of forwomenbywomen media getting criticized too. Fucking get out of my BL space and go consume the most disgusting, milquetoast woke shit someplace else. I'm not here to be lectured. Women should be free to write what they want. Sure nothing is free of criticism, but at least be fair and do the same for a male peer. Fuck that.

No. 1235084

File: 1655917540638.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 128.86 KB, 1242x1206, BD00A65F-2D45-4AF3-B3F0-6D6872…)

>Someone needs to snatch the black eyeliner out of this bitch's drawer just to prevent her from drawing all over her mouth like that.
Unclench, it's just makeup
>She would be so pretty if she didn't scribble that shit all over her mouth like a toddler with a black crayon.
So? It's not like she tattooed that on her face, and if she did so, why are you so pressed?
>Yes, I am being autistic and irrational. IDC. It looks ridiculous.
Go touch some ass or something.
>Bitch is a grown ass woman. Girl you're not 12 anymore. Stop doing that to your face.What tf is this look supposed to be.
She's trying to look creepy for a video about creepy stuff, I'm sorry you're mentally underdeveloped.
>I'm surprised her parents haven't threatened to smash her computer with a hammer over this shit.
Moid behavior, seek help.
In my conclusion, if you're a woman you're acting like an angry trad pickme because that woman is having fun doing whatever she's doing, it's just makeup, she can literally take it off whenever she wants, if you want to fuck her, you will never do so because you're seriously weird, constantly comparing her to kids, get that solved girl.
If you're a moid, pic related.

No. 1235088

Nta but her makeup is ugly as fuck. I understand that anon's irrational hatred.

No. 1235102

This kinda make up is the only type of make up I'll ever believe the user is doing purely for themselves and because they find it fun lmao.

No. 1235104

Anons encourage this too by claiming anyone who discusses anything sexual, gross, etc is a scrote. It's bizarre how people think women are supposed to be pure and innocent

No. 1235109

I don't know nonnie, it does look stupid as hell. It's super distracting as well, but I guess it's interesting to look at? I do agree it's not worth being that angry over

No. 1235130

>I'm sorry you're mentally underdeveloped.
Autistic 11 year old trying to come up wth super original insults detected

No. 1235131

This was JUST what I was coming here to say. You can see she does it purely for her own joy, and to have a "brand" of her own perhaps. That is exactly the type of shit moids hate, and it makes me happy. I also love izzyzzyzzy whatever her name is and her videos, I will die on this hill.

You sound fucking unhinged, holy shit. Y-chromosome behaviour.

No. 1235132

TBF this is the place where you vent irrational hatred

No. 1235145

I don't get why anons want to try and argue with the anger venting anons. Do they think they're going to change their mind? Like you said, this is for all things you hate and oftentimes hatred can be irrational. Why even try kek.

No. 1235149

really weird to see superfans of her on here in general tbh. You'd think anons on here would be apathetic to her political views or even think she's kinda dumb for the libfem / enby pandering. Well summer is here i guess.

No. 1235210

Nayrt but she's like fucking 19, calm down. Who cares if she's in her crazy makeup phase.

No. 1235218

I fucking hate how normal it is to comment on little girls butt and boob size. It's especially gross when it's the parents too

No. 1235298

Definitely not a fan but OP's post was just so scrote-y and I hated it so it's appropriate I reply to it in the "things I hate thread". Also fuck off with your newfaggotry, this is not a vent thread, it says it right in the OP that commentary is fine.
I think her makeup is dumb but OP sounds like a sexist moid.
>bitch this, bitch that
>she could be so pretty
>smash her computer with a hammer
>bitch is grown ass woman (she's 19)

No. 1235313

idk who this is but i disagree with the idea that makeup has to look pretty. kind of ironic since some people like to say that makeup is an art form, but when someone does something artistic with it then suddenly it's a problem.

No. 1235442

File: 1655928599742.jpg (130.89 KB, 583x934, post jkr terf.jpg)

I hate dating apps and the people you find on them. There is no hope

No. 1235455

NTA but I love that channel too, one of the few true crime creators that aren't disrespectful and do quite thorough research on the subject.

Agree with other anons, I don't even know her but this is some moid tier scrotum rage over something so inoffensive.
>oh no why does pretty lady ruin her pretty face with ugly theatrical makeup noooo!!!

No. 1235598

Most dating apps I’ve been on I never really got any matches and I had people I know irl screenshot me and sent it to me. Like damb.

No. 1235604

>trans dyke
>straight women pls get off WLW tinder
Hooo boy. I could a-log for days about this one. So glad I'm married, if I had to resort to dating apps I would become a volcel.

No. 1235612

Dating platforms are specifically designed to purposely match you with people who only roughly be a match because they want you to continue to use their services as much as they can. Imo i also feel like dating apps tend to contains the lowest tier of males and you know what? incels are kind of right about women only wanting to fuck 20% of males because imo that's the only amount of males who are viable. That's on them.

No. 1235616

Late reply but
Come the fuck on, you know what I meant by anger venting kek.

No. 1235649

File: 1655937757609.jpeg (72.85 KB, 1280x712, D7C0E1C9-4404-4FBD-969D-0561FB…)

i hate rat bitches (they’re usually women ime but maybe some scrotes as well). rats are ugly as sin, they are not cute, and i don’t care to listen to your retarded diatribe on how they are actually really clean animals and they’re not responsible for the black plague etc. and i sure as shit want to hear about how smart your heckin rat boi is because it realized mouse wheels are stationary. like ok?? the only thing rats are good for is being experimented on. do you know what scientist do when they are done with a rat? they decapitate it with a tiny guillotine. the reason i like rats is because they contribute tonnes of shit to medicine by literally fucking dying. stop making rodents a part of your peta agenda bc you’re an uber quirky manic pixie rat girl/boy

No. 1235653

all this but about scrotes

No. 1235659

this but also snake lovers.

No. 1235660

They shouldn't be lumped with hamster and guinea pig owners. Ratfags are their own special breed of autism

No. 1235666

agree but hamster owners are psychotic, hamster owners will talk about abusing or accidentally killing their hamster and then expect us to laugh.

No. 1235667

They're not as bad as pitfags but I wish both would stop trying to convince me their creatures aren't hideous

No. 1235671

Kids or former hamster owners maybe. What the fuck?

No. 1235684

i guess its because hamsters are small and on the more affordable side so all sorts of scummy people get them because people ending their hamsters is a popular topic on social media.

No. 1235706

Yeah that 'silly noodles uwu' shit that snake lovers do is so irritating.

No. 1235767

you're going to hell. rats are very smart and loving creatures. they're very cute.

No. 1235885

well our life expectancies would still be like 40 if it wasn’t for those dead experimental rats so you’re partially right, hell would be coming a lot sooner

No. 1236138

I hate when anons are being vague about something for no reason at all, like I saw one go "I watched an old comedy anime that was shitty", why don't you say its name so we don't watch it either, it's so frustrating.

No. 1236155

File: 1655986428850.png (48.85 KB, 724x562, Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 13.13…)

another one i have came across

No. 1236218

I hate when people say shit like
>I'm an introverted extrovert
>I'm the most outgoing introvert ever
It's not about your personality. Introversion and extroversion are about where you get your energy from. Someone could be seen as outgoing and a people person and still be an introvert. There's no such thing as an introverted extrovert. s

No. 1236227

I hate insanely deliriously chipper morning people. Like calm the fuck down, it’s 9am.

No. 1236320

I apologize on behalf of all of us, corporate culture has really socialized me to be excessively smiling and friendly in the morning, I'm not actually happy though don't worry

No. 1236398

I'm so sick of seeing tiktok shit all over lc.

No. 1236510

People who bitch and moan about some musician/movie/game/whatever they like getting popular again and "ruined" by zoomers and how the zoomers aren't "real fans". I understand not wanting zoomers in fandom spaces as most of the ones who are hooked on social media are retarded. But if someone likes the thing, they are a fan of the thing. There's no fucking test to take before you're awarded the honour of being a Real Fan. Fuck Stranger Things for using a Kate Bush song because I'm sick of Kate Bush fans sperging about how they're real and true fans and those darn kids just don't appreciate her music the way they do. It's so fucking pretentious. Proof that hipsterism is still alive and kicking.

No. 1236578

I totally get what you are saying, but there are some ambivert people. I think my aunt is one of them, she's always wanting to have gigantic big ass parties and then to be left alone for one week, rinse and repeat lol
I'm not shy and I am usually pretty outgoing, but I am an introvert. I'd rather be left alone for 95% of the time, but I'm not afraid of or dislike talking to people, I am just really tired after a while.

No. 1236708

File: 1656022835918.gif (3.16 MB, 360x360, a9e72cca34cb4f_df7c5e8a_400.gi…)

When people complain about pronouns/transphobia in edgelord humor circles
They cannot and will not stop me from making transphobic memes and upsetting multiple trannies worldwide
that is a lolcow anon guarantee

No. 1236716

Trannies love dark humour as long as it’s them punching down and laughing at everyone else. They are too narcissistic to take a joke therefore don’t belong in any sort of humour or comedy.

No. 1236765

File: 1656025202612.webm (6.39 MB, 720x1056, video-1656024376.webm)

Found this girl from consoom tiktoks but what I hate the most is this weird fake cutesy way she acts and talks.
I'm not sure who this even appeals to, kids? men? do other women like this?

No. 1236804

It's 100% to pander to men with pedophilic tendencies.
>it's ok to be smol

No. 1236813

I don't want to watch the video to save myself from second-hand embarrassment, but her hair color is nice.

No. 1236814

I hate when people open boxes with a pair of cissors, it pisses me off for some reason, sorry if I sound insane lol.

No. 1236822

how else do you remove the tape though when it's extra stuck and peeling doesn't work

No. 1236823

Wtf, is that yukapon?

No. 1236827

I use a box cutter, scissors look so unpractical, I think I got particularly triggered by this video because of the girl's overall attitude.

No. 1236832

No. 1236866

Yukapon is going through a gyaru rapper phase now

100% with you, this is so annoying and obviously fake. I think most people don't mind cute girls or even slightly childish girls, the problem is how fake it is and how she's clearly putting an act for whatever reason.

No. 1236897

kek. shes so annoying. I guess she gave up the weird sound cloud rapper bit?

No. 1236899

Something about her mouth seems uncanny

No. 1236901

Her trying to hide her normal woman voice with a 'cutesty' child voice is gross af. Of could she knew what that choker was. It's a pedo magnet.

No. 1236906

Sex scenes in films or series or videogames, are always horrible and unnecessary. It makes it so awkward.

No. 1236912

Nah, genz bitches are annoying. They should do something new instead of latching onto things from the 80s and 90s.

No. 1236931

I hate the motherfuckers who love Camp, Camp. I feel like they’re the same mouthbreathers and horny furries who secretly love Big Mouth or any adult animated show where they think young kids swearing and acting like adults is peak comedy. But honestly I can’t look away, it’s such a train wreck of a fucking show I almost want to watch the whole thing

No. 1236937

I only liked camp camp because I was a rooster teeth fan (was before it became whatever sad dying mess it is now)
It's funny to see it mentioned outside of that context, I didn't know non-rt-fan people liked the show

No. 1237138

File: 1656050838044.jpeg (890.89 KB, 770x1601, ED6E4AB8-290B-45A6-B857-9804D3…)

Lolita groups that accept trannies

No. 1237149

these poor naive girls having to interact with these old men trying to hide their boners. i'd feel worse for them if they didn't get so aggressive to defend men

No. 1237173

File: 1656055402960.png (321 KB, 1152x2035, IMG_7256.PNG.png)

I liked the first two seasons (those were the only seasons uploaded to youtube) of Camp Camp because of a picrel guy and character designs, i had no idea it turned into whatever this is? The fuq is this lolicon crap

No. 1237176

That one in the middle looks about 70 years old

No. 1237178

comparing the thing in the middle and the dark haired girl… maybe some endure it to make themselves look extra cute

No. 1237281

fucking gross

No. 1237286

bitches who adore drag queens but hate burlesque. so when a man puts on a stupid outfit and dances around its fun and woke, but when an actual woman does it its gross?

actually just bitches who adore drag queens in general

No. 1237295

You want us to be deprived of pure kino like vidrel? You philistine!

No. 1237298

I hate drag queens. Scrotes wearing fake boobs and making fun of women. ANd then we are supposed to think they're fabulous?

No. 1237324

NTA but I hate drag too. It’s offensive and ugly. It’s a mockery and just women face. The bloated over-lined Anus lips with layers of pig paint make me nauseous.

No. 1237327

The glorification of trannies and drag queens is women erasure. You cant convince me otherwise. Stupid zoomers love this shit

No. 1237360

People who are so rigidly principled that they refuse to deviate from Da Rulez even when not doing so is actively harming them, and who can't understand that some rules are just guidelines that decrease the cognitive load of making a decision. If you would rather die than make a fuss or do something "incorrectly", then perhaps you should.

No. 1237365

I wish women’s jeans wouldn’t always cling on the bun. Bugger off, I don’t want to look ‘shapely’ i want to be warm and practical. Other then that there’s adidas tracksuit and oversized sports jacket, these clothes were kind of popular at school with the hijabis who wanted to look casual but modest hence the muslim skater girl look you saw at school
>do any types of women’s jeans pass the halal check?

No. 1237374

I really do not like how people cannot resist the urge to stand up and form a bad line. Especially when you are boarding a plane. Most of them are sitting in the very back and won't be going in for a while so why even line up?

No. 1237385

File: 1656082584678.png (495.75 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20220624-052409.png)

whatever the hell this is

>83-year old dad

>my wife, 35

No. 1237387

Oh my god, my coworker INSISTS I wear my lab coat over my t-shirt, even though nobody ever complained and everyone outside of our department runs around in nothing but t-shirts all summer, but no, what if the work place safety guy sees???? Nothing, that's what, nothing will happen, it doesn't matter, none of the bosses care, nobody cares, nobody except for you. I'm sweating and I can see you're hot too, so why.

No. 1237406

good, die you gross old retard

No. 1237410

mick jagger

No. 1237414

Not only is it disgusting, it's selfish.

No. 1237522

i hate to say it but that baby is going to be retarded. male sperm past 40 is garbage

No. 1237535

These people are evil, I wish I could decide who gets to have children.

No. 1237578

When I have phlegm in my throat and it irritates it until I’m coughing my lungs out. It’s especially embarrassing in a public setting

No. 1238149

File: 1656100170038.jpeg (116.61 KB, 1080x1080, 8ED61345-5982-4947-BEA9-E456DA…)

I hate that saying “girls” now makes you come off as a tranny. I just want a casual way to refer to women similar to ‘guys’ ladies sounds too formal and no one says gals, what the fuck am I supposed to say?

No. 1238153

It doesn't make you come off as a tranny. Anons (not you) need to stop letting trannies take over everything.

No. 1238170

It doesn’t there’s just a couple anons that are so bitter and paranoid that they want the board to revolve around their special interest (twannies)

No. 1238370

Hate that a local shop here with donation bins for extra change after check out lumped disadvantaged women with fucking troons. Women of a different skin or background are not men.

No. 1238423

I swear to God anons are just throwing around the word "tranny" to integrate kek. Anons are getting called troons in the baby thread for discussing how to convince, I also got called a tranny because I was insecure about my boob size and I should have "just fixated on my nose like most women".

No. 1238664

Just say gals. I also want to say it but don't because almost no one says it kek

No. 1238674

I say ladies

No. 1238680

I know for a fact that scrotes who watch this cartoon do so for the porn. Even if they don't realize they're pedophiles and lusting after kid characters because the porn artists draw them with porn proportions.

No. 1238694

Limp-wristed guys who apologize for "mansplaining". Just shut the fuck up and let's play Diablo, christ

No. 1238706

You shut your whore mouth, Mass Effect 2 is the only game to have sex scenes for female gamers.

No. 1239214

What are you on about?

No. 1239373

File: 1656130029774.jpg (89.06 KB, 1200x675, throw-garbage-out-of-the-car-w…)

People (usually moids) who throw their trash out their vehicle windows onto the road or in the bushes. Not only is it bad for the environment but it's just plain disgusting.
Your empty bottle won't explode before you get to your destination David, just keep it until you get to a trash receptacle.

No. 1239376

My state's highways are covered in trash and I fucking hate it. Literally you can cross state lines and it's cleaner on the other side. I had moid friends who would throw shit out the window. People who have no consciousness about killing the planet are the worst.

No. 1239379

Genuinely want to end the lives of people who litter

No. 1239408

one time I happened to be filming the drive my bf and I were on and caught some company truck littering big time with 3 mcdonald's worth of trash. It felt so good to be a snitch and email that video.

No. 1239409

mcdonald's bags*

No. 1239424

>People (usually moids) who throw their trash out their vehicle windows
My grandmother does this. I genuinely have no idea why or what's wrong with her, or if old people simply don't give a shit. I'm thinking about getting her one of those car trashcans.

No. 1239427

It was much more common in the old days. Not a single speck of thought went into where that trash would end up. I guess it almost makes sense when you think about the fact that they were only a few generations removed from a time when pretty much every human product was biodegradable.

No. 1239449

This seriously makes me so angry. One time I saw a guy at a red light open his car door and just dump out a bunch of fast food containers and Gatorade bottles onto the road, not even embarrassed or trying to hide it. I just cannot imagine being so lazy as to throw your literal garbage on the street.

No. 1239450

on some of the highways where I live there are signs up that say "$1000 fine for littering" and it seems to work

No. 1239462

The problem is a cop still has to be around to witness it and give them a ticket, which almost never seems to happen.

No. 1239491

There can be the little machines at the side of the road with the camera that takes your car plate and send you the fine later. That's how they do it in my country.

No. 1239495

Samefag, we use them for speeding though.

No. 1239574

I hate the feeling of sunscreen on skin. I understand it's necessary (I burn in less than a minute) but it's uncomfortable, a constantly damp film over your body that makes me shudder when I accidentally brush my hand against my face. Awful.

No. 1239874

I hate comments on performers vids "Wow she's 34 I can't believe it?!" Like what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

No. 1239890

File: 1656161946292.jpg (2.06 MB, 2302x4096, InCollage_20220625_055902959.j…)

Hard agree. Try Bull Frog sunscreen gel if you have access to it. It's clear and dries… dry…

No. 1239918

Had to rewrite this comment as it made no fucking sense

I think "youth" has extended in the past 2 decades. Obviously me growing up and getting older has a massive impact on my perception, but I stg 34 in 1990 was Old across the board. Has anyone seen that tiktok of the lady who was wondering why women in their 30's from the 1970's and '80's looked so much older? She copied the hairstyle, makeup, and style of those times and immediately looked old af. I realize how retarded this sounds but I swear…
Probably has something to do with the (American) economy and what lifestyles aren't available to working class anymore, idk. They say 30's are the new 20's. I'm actually gonna go look this up, I am intrigued.

No. 1240019

My coworker told me how she and her friends threw old bottles at abandoned buildings and I cringed but had to smile like this isn't going to litter the ground with shards that will hurt animals.

No. 1240024

File: 1656167635354.png (304.4 KB, 500x537, nfdl.png)

I hate when people make really obvious jokes when someone says they don't like something. Wow so you will do X because they dislike X? How humorous of you

No. 1240028

when people write "i rather" instead of "i'd rather". not annoyed if someone esl does this though

No. 1240085

Same, holy shit
A lot of the times it's straight up disrespectful

No. 1240124

Omg I relate to this so much!!!! Sunscreen feels so heavy and greasy and I absolutely HATE if my hair gets stuck on my face and/or neck after applying. Its right up there with nails on a chalkboard for me. Living close to the equator I need it daily but hate it so much like an arch nemisis, even went so far as to buy a parasol with uv protection to avoid using it on my face neck and chest.

SMOOCH FOR YOU ANON 10q so much I will try your recommendation

No. 1240254

yw nona! i hope you like it!
"i could care less"

No. 1240257

I hate it when someone is acting audibly disgusted by food that I or others are eating. It's so rude.

No. 1240267

lmao what were you eating that people got grossed out by nonny

No. 1240273

I can't remember but it's happened a few times and I thought it is so distasteful (kek). Bonus points if it's a vegetarian or vegan reeing.

No. 1240274

samefag, I mean childish shit like someone watching closely as you eat sushi or mustard or some shit and acting like you're taking a bite of human flesh. It's one thing if you're joking with your besties or whatever but to do in a more structured or formal setting is so rude.

No. 1240282

"Cute and funny animal compilation" when they put clips of a dog or a cat being abused, vomiting or having a condition. Nothing better than watching cute pet videos to distract yourself and then seeing a close up of dog vomit, I guess.

No. 1240316

File: 1656184307756.jpg (121.64 KB, 1080x1443, white cat and calico cat co-mo…)

when people talk about "kittens and mommies" and i realize they do not literally mean like picrel

No. 1240327

I can't imagine what it means in that context and I really don't wanna find out what it is.

No. 1240332

I hate this too, especially videos where the 'joke' revolves around scaring the animal. I've been called too sensitive for getting annoyed by this before but I honestly think there has to be something wrong with anyone who thinks an animal being scared or in pain is funny.

No. 1240337

No. 1240368

File: 1656187655763.jpg (20.21 KB, 275x275, 1637454169753.jpg)

I loathe how many people treat their children. The poor kids are only seen as extensions of their parents. The parent/s forces their likes on the kids despite the kids not really liking the same stuff. Get made fun of for liking stuff the parent/s doesn't like (you don't like anything). Not encouraged to try to new foods because the parent/s dislikes certain foods. The parent/s is way too involved with the kids and feeding them bs that the kids don't really have friends. Dressing the kids like mini adults instead of children as well as treating the kids like equals. It's so creepy. They need dolls and not kids. I get watching kids' online activity and being updated what is going on in their life. What induces the most rage in me is the status quo for these parents is that their own parents let them do what they wanted/have interests that are different from the parents. I don't get why one would do this to their own kid.

No. 1240407

File: 1656189623706.jpg (189.9 KB, 1403x1403, E3rdf35UUAQG1Js.jpg)

Hate when nonnies only post microscopic thumbnail pics of cute/funny images

Here's a bigger one

No. 1240409

File: 1656189674420.jpg (194.03 KB, 1403x1403, E3rdgdQUYAE0lfS.jpg)

No. 1240423

These are aggressively adorable.

No. 1240434

File: 1656190512093.jpg (95.74 KB, 1181x723, sldhsud.jpg)

in this video about child rescues in beaches a little girl gets tangled in stinging jellyfish and the "most repeated" feature once again makes me extremely uncomfortable.

No. 1240437

as soon as i saw that this exists, i knew that they're gonna disable it again soon. if the video has a girl/woman in it, the most watched part is always a close up of her

No. 1240446

File: 1656191020374.jpg (171.69 KB, 1254x711, 42341232.jpg)

i thought i couldn't be more blackpilled about moids but every day i learn something new that takes me even further with my hatred of them

No. 1240453

There's also the videos of female athletes doing sports where the most watched parts are always close-ups of the women's asses.

No. 1240464

I deeply, deeply hate moids.

No. 1240483

Torille ja miehet uuniin

No. 1240499

Reminds me of when that guy outed how youtubes algorithm had picked up on pedos who wanted to look up little girls shorts in otherwise innocent vids.. enough men were doing it for the algorithm to know exactly how to cater to their tastes.

I can see more of this being outed but to do with sadism towards adult women so nobody will care half as much. Lately I stumbled into the woman-hate algorithm after I deleted my watch history and then watched one news clip. Women being assaulted.. karens getting wrecked 'satisfying karma' vids, very serious news clips of women being beat on public transport.. all just mixed in together with one common theme. Men in the comments were jizzing themselves over seeing a woman get punched. Any woman. Any level of seriousness. Didn't seem to matter.

No. 1240510

I hate that men who are attractive are actually just attractive for a man. I'm attracted to men and yet whenever some "attractive" guy is hyped up it's always a let down when I see a picture of him. Even the men I find attractive (famous and in real life) will become ugly/plain to me if I ask myself why I even find him attractive in the first place, or if I look at him for too long or too closely. I hate how there'll never be an attractive man on the same level as an attractive woman. Why are they all fugly jfc.

No. 1240526

The bar is set high for us and low for men. I keep seeing men who claim the total opposite to this. Usually it's men who are fed up with online dating and getting rejected alot. They claim that women who are actually 'just a 5' get bumped up to being an 8 and the world gives us big egos. It's crazy how men get rejected and … of course its because women are ugly. God that just makes so much sense right?

No. 1240543

Tranny fad and so many scrotes trooning out made me realize how ugly men actually are. Those huge heads, caveman brows, bad skin texture, greasy thin hair, ew. It's when they try to become women and you start comparing them to actual women you realize…their looks are actually absolute shit. Attractive men are very rare.

(and I am hetero, lmao)

No. 1240582

I hate when other nonnies derail a post instead of just making their own post. Really didn't need to link mine to get your point across. Sorry, I downloaded that pic off another anon that posted it in a previous thread. Thought it was cute.

No. 1240620

I hate it when I shit in the toilet and it makes the cold toilet water splash back up at me

No. 1240628

i'm the exact opposite, i love it and consider it a free wash

No. 1240632

Feel the rain on your skin

No. 1240642

Drape a bit of toilet paper across the water before you go and that won’t happen.

No. 1240698

File: 1656208698357.png (476.1 KB, 680x721, 8af1436aa00a0c35a9d5ebba678716…)

i'm so confused

No. 1240701

Uh how does this even make sense

No. 1240718

File: 1656210807309.jpeg (209.97 KB, 750x750, 3012C63B-463D-4B74-BF7F-A3E78C…)

Todays teens
I hope the next gen makes fun of them for this

No. 1240720

consequences of a non-defining culture

No. 1240721

Your pic only applies to terminally online teenage girls.

No. 1240730

Nah, they'll romanticize it. You know how everyone back in the day hated hippies (especially female hippies), and now they're considered inspo, wild/free? That's how this will be seen

No. 1240745

most of the young ones I know are not online but pick it up at school (rural)

No. 1240750

Wtf zoomers listen to Mother Mother? This is news to me

No. 1240820

I don't understand what's confusing about this, TERF trans exclusionary radical feminist, TIRF trans inclusionary radical feminist

No. 1240824

I've unironically never seen a less relatable image in my life.
What's the app with the feather logo?

No. 1240827

Hippies (or at least the ones that are thought about/romanticized today) were adults. Nobody romanticizes teens of past generations.

No. 1240828

They’re mutually exclusive. It’s like calling yourself a monarchy-inclusive anarchist.

No. 1240830

Anon is probably confused because they claim to be opposed to postmodernism and queer theory yet inclusive for trans people…when the very nature of being trans is postmodernist and most of them abide by queer theory.
Tbh I'm kinda confused as well. Do they just mean "inclusive" in the sense that they welcome trans people to engage in gender critical discussion (in hopes of peaking them to how patriarchal and shitty it all is)? Or are they somehow trying to reconcile radical feminism and trans ideology even though they're ideologically opposed to each other by definition? I don't think I mind the former because it could be a good way to introduce young trans people to gender critical ideas without immediately turning them off with the TERF label. But if it's the latter, then that's annoying and stupid and reminds me of the idiots on radblr who are obsessed with Wittig and reblog shit about women's material oppression and then whine about the big bad terfs 5 mins later

No. 1240834

The only benefit I got from being poor is that I wasn't able to do this cringe shit.

No. 1240877

To pick a point and deviate from it I worry about any resurgance of Kate. Some of the things she writes about would be scrutinized too heavily.

No. 1240937

Procreate. It’s a drawing app

No. 1240947

I agree. It's very easy to twist her work in multiple directions

No. 1241009

Men are living on projection. What I don't get is how the less attractive they get the more sexist and picky they are. I tried dating more this year and without a fault every guy that was uglier/older (usually catfishing so I didn't know beforehand) was mean as shit and I felt bad about myself after the date. Giving backhanded compliments, saying how women are uglier, stupider and whatever. All blocked after one date.
Never went out with a mean attractive guy. They can be mental too, have many red flags but I've never once heard them say mean shit about women's looks, age or intelligence. Maybe it's just a weird coincidence but I doubt that. What's that about?

No. 1241257

File: 1656256228189.png (191.53 KB, 800x550, ew.png)

I was just looking for some way to extract files from a video game's BIN on PC, so I read a thread on GBAtemp about that.
But the chat on the lower right of the window showed the latest message, something about "pixar moms"? I opened the chat and found this. My god, I felt the urge to send them a message that said "males are disgusting", but I don't have an account.
I hate how gross men are and how they talk about sex and porn all the time in inappropriate contexts, constantly ruining my day.

No. 1241270

I hate that someone is considered immature or childish for not liking raw/plain vegetables. Honestly, the way my parents prepared vegetables always made me gag so I thought I hated them. But recently, I tried making a salad with vinegar, olive oil, salt, and some other herbs and suddenly, it's fucking edible. We don't eat meat without any seasoning and I'm sure most people would gag if they tried, I don't know why we're expected to eat vegetables with no salt and seasonings.

No. 1241317

File: 1656259799150.jpg (40.12 KB, 432x386, thisshit.jpg)

I hate summer, specifically the heat. It stinks everywhere, it's too damn warm to wear the clothes I want to wear and I'm sleepy all the damn time.

No. 1241326

That's a cope from parents who can't cook. Some people don't know how to make things with seasoning and you're not wrong – child or adult – for not wanting to eat unseasoned food.

Parents try to force kids to eat any old shit whether they would eat it themselves or not.

Autist with sensory issues speaking and my parents could cook and I ate EVERYTHING and still do. There's like 3 things I won't eat and I eat even those now because I've found ways to prepare them deliciously. It's not childish and neither are you.

No. 1241331

Yeah it is weird that most of the time veggies aren’t seasoned and we’re just expected too eat them, most veggies are too bitter for me to enjoy plain.

No. 1241347

the whole time I lived at home I would only eat the same few things over and over again, my mother would cook mostly fast food and frozen stuff, didn't knew how to use seasoning or anything at all, still would scream at me for not wanting to eat that horrible, sick making stuff. After I moved out I started to try everything, have now a collection of more seasoning than I would have ever known before and today there are maybe a handful of things I don't like to eat.
It's amazing how parents can force you to eat food that really is horrible and doesn't taste right, just because they are to lazy or disinterested in learning to cook or listen to their children.

No. 1241352

File: 1656261059157.jpg (87.75 KB, 605x454, 58bec1818c894_tGUIBTE__605.jpg)

I feel you and I don't even have an ac at home, how nice would it be, if at least my flat would be cold enough to exist in.

No. 1241394

I wish I had ac at home! I only have an old fan and it doesn’t help at all unless I’m right next to it!

No. 1241416

no ac, no fan and can't even open my windows most of the time because all my neighbours smoke 24/7 and I can't breathe probably then. Next flat will have ac, I will install one myself if I have to and I will have to, there are maybe 3% that have ac in my country.

No. 1241422

jfc that sounds awful nona! Same here, I can’t live with heat like this!

No. 1241450

File: 1656264328999.jpg (82.5 KB, 530x327, DFW119940.jpg)

I hate the image for the pro life alt right thread
it invokes a primal rage in me

No. 1241465

tweens are romanticizing 2000s myspace scene/emo styles as we speak lol

No. 1241481

What pro life alt right thread?

No. 1241647

this one i think

No. 1241649

Oh I thought someone got lost and had made a pro-life thread here

No. 1241773

whatever you call the fake accent girls like Billie Eilish speak in to try to sound cooler

No. 1241793

Welcome to my kitchen.

No. 1241829

File: 1656277101535.gif (1.27 MB, 352x266, punch.gif)

>local roe/wade protest was made about trannies and black people for some reason instead of women

I hate it hereeeeeeeee

No. 1241833

I mean…black women exist, get pregnant and are affected by roe v wade

No. 1241853

I think she means that it has turned into a race thing, rather than just women overall.

No. 1241858

They're affected by it because they are women, not because they are black.

No. 1241863

Exactly, everything has to link back to race. Like the 'swedengate' thing turned into a race thing too. Why can't it just be women?

No. 1241932

white women rejecting good looking indian men :( but keeping all ugly and weird ones(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1241974

It's the smell really.

No. 1241976

not this again, we don’t want your smelly brown men

No. 1242026

This makes me wanna sperg so hard about my husband's family. They are convinced the cheapest canned veggies are the exact same quality as fresh or frozen, never seasoned ANYTHING and wondered why all their kids ended up being fat and hating veggies. They also use to buy fast food chicken and peel the skins off because "the skins were unhealthy", would insult things I would cook or buy and then steal them and choke them down.

It's not even a white family thing since white Mediterranean and Slavic families know how to cook veggies without making them taste like ass or rubber, weirdly enough it seems to be the western european families that can't seem to know how to cook

No. 1242029

Brush your motherfucking teeth and white women will want you jesus christ

No. 1242066

>They also use to buy fast food chicken and peel the skins off because "the skins were unhealthy",
I would fucking sob if I was a kid and my mom bought me nuggets just to peel the skin off. What is the point? Just buy regular fresh chicken!

No. 1242071

wear deodorant, nigga

No. 1242083

File: 1656287113206.png (80.36 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20220626-163829(1).…)

Duolingo Japanese having these dumbass weeb tier practice sentences (there's also stuff about maid cafes and cosplay), when all the other languages have regular normie donde esta el baño type shit

No. 1242085

Kek this is called knowing your audience.

No. 1242103

Your own beautiful women dont even wanna date you. Indian men are the lowest tier.

No. 1242104

Hilarious. I've only taken Spanish on duo lingo and it's semi helpful for basic shit.

No. 1242107

File: 1656288369315.gif (3.6 MB, 442x640, 7CDE302F-AC7C-4465-9DB7-658C8A…)

Your kind literally rape lizards. Indian woman are too good to have such scum counterparts.

No. 1242117

I hate dummies who reply to obvious male bait. Especially when it's already been redtexted.

No. 1242134

The plastic surgery trends. Especially the cheekbone augmentation, lip fillers, and rhino combo. Most unflattering shit I've ever seen in my life. Lip fillers barely look good on anyone, anyway. Can we please go back to making it a taboo so that people would think twice before doing it? The results were better then.

No. 1242137

Plastic surgery in general rarely looks good. Some minor things can look okay on much older people, but literal kids in their teen years getting a nose job, eyelid surgery, fillers etc is fucking disturbing. I wish more people would call out extreme surgery obsessed countries like South Korea. The fact that jaw shaving is a thing there turns my stomach.

No. 1242147

Who wants to explain the skinny girl walking sideways meme to me

No. 1242150

Its queen jiafei. She helped create the world and cosmos, it says so in Genesis 3,28.

No. 1242162

Men can't operate without thinking about sex. They're losers.

No. 1242180


No. 1242197

Kinda hate the new freckles I seem to keep getting. Only upside is I see myself as a giraffe with spots.

No. 1242223

File: 1656297950805.jpg (57.68 KB, 563x687, 06556a317fd84160f04c335d97866e…)


No. 1242229

She's flawless and he needs to pull those ball ticklers pants up

No. 1242234

Kek, based

No. 1242238

Queen behavior.

No. 1242284

and then everyone clapped, seriously I expect twittertards to but it but not here

No. 1242289

File: 1656302341787.jpg (57.42 KB, 640x633, ac4cb31666a4_8a8ddb0c_640.jpg)

anon it's just a silly meme I found on pinterest
don't have a cow

No. 1242292

File: 1656303046575.png (2.67 MB, 1135x1329, yukipon.PNG)

I hate finding an artist I like a lot, and then I find out they make a bunch of disgusting shit also.

No. 1242328

Who is this artist and how bad is it?

No. 1242334

I hope this is real it probs isn’t

No. 1242339

I mean he's literally just some dude sitting on the stairs and the girl is taking a selfie

No. 1242363

File: 1656309563095.png (2.17 MB, 1055x1228, a.PNG)

Yukipon is the artist. I just found their stuff, and immediately thought their style was adorable, so I decided to dig deeper to find more. Their stuff is scattered in a few places because most of their work was posted in the early 2000's, but I saw they're into shipping snarry and other pedophilic shit, which lead to an old snarry website I found where their comics are hosted. I wish they did more innocent work instead of doing so much weird shit.

No. 1242406

The name and art style seem familiar. That honestly doesn't sound as bad as I thought it'd be, but it's still bad nonetheless. In the 2000s, most fujos were into or at least ok with shotacon/teen boy x older man shit in yaoi (same with young girl x adult man in shoujo and otome, really), so it's not surprising.

No. 1242425

Holy fuck this took me back

No. 1242602

Those random photo booths at anime cons. Who in their right mind would go in that knowing what the pics will look like. Shot straight on. Awful lighting. Next to no direction for what you should be doing. I can’t believe people over the age of 16 go in those willingly.

No. 1242604

I hate moids who play music or watch a video on their phones without headphones. I remember when it happened once in a while 10 years back, but now almost every time I take the bus, I sit in front of a moid listening to shitty music. They've gotten so bold lately

No. 1242605

I remember back in 2004, that and fansview was the only way to get convention photos. Kek. People today have no idea the early 2000s struggles.

No. 1242615

I guess they're for hot people who look good in pics no matter what the conditions are. Must be nice lol

No. 1242633

i hate myself

No. 1242697

File: 1656344373978.jpeg (21.57 KB, 222x222, 2F596947-78D5-4671-B05C-2C744A…)


I hate when I try to write nonnie and it autocorrects to Bonnie

No. 1242727

File: 1656346080905.png (119.8 KB, 275x206, 1654799887624.png)

you change that attitude right meow, nona

No. 1242875

File: 1656353856613.jpg (78.03 KB, 736x721, fdabc161cce83c22f0fcc32b3ce08e…)

noooo nonna stop that I love you

No. 1243804

File: 1656428755303.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1080, bk.png)

Ryan Gosling looks repulsive as Ken, every time I see any shots of him from that movie's set I have to look away because of sheer disgust. It's even worse next to Robbie who looks like an actual perfect doll. Why couldn't they pick some hot actor her age but some expired, visibly aging romantic comedy lead who's 10 years older than her? Such an old scrote in this kitch getup gives me some messed up serial killer vibes, not a basic hot dude ken should be. I keep seeing comments of people saying like it seems this movie could be taking an unexpected dark turn and yes, with such a revolting, predatory looking scrote it surely gives that vibe. Ughhhh

No. 1243810

Ooh do we have a language thread here? I want to get back into learning spanish and want to see nonna's opinions of language apps and sites

No. 1243812

He's literally so ugly that the movie is unwatchable for me. Men.

No. 1243852

I agree, it's so jarring, why didn't they choose someone younger?

No. 1243858

I hate people that study business, finance, or marketing and larp as communists or socialists. They’re beyond pathetic. They’ll chew out your ear about class exploitation and how bad capitalism and cry about how they had no option. Study literally anything else.

No. 1243862

I agree he looks like shiet especially with that hair color, but my unpopular opinion is that she looks nothing like Barbie either and was a terrible choice

No. 1243880

Yes, we do. We need a more lightweight catalog to not have to ask these things >>569079
If you want a tl;dr of what has already been discussed, Busuu > Duolingo, basically

I agree

No. 1243890

File: 1656433573156.jpeg (60.48 KB, 477x445, FB0EDC40-B8F7-4246-B443-077112…)

Samefag they should have picked someone with a slightly piggish nose and big round youthful eyes. Or at least prominent dimples or something.

No. 1243898

Maybe unpopular but I think Margot Robbie is perfect as barbie and I can't think of anyone who could have played her better off the top of my head

No. 1243901


No. 1243907

File: 1656434337407.jpg (15.55 KB, 322x400, 15318207.jpg)

Young Britney spears would have been perfect

No. 1243908

barbies face changes every decade though, if they got someone with those features then people would still complain because the other era barbie dolls have different features.

No. 1243939

It’s pretty clear that the movie is representing barbies more like the 70s-90s which all have the pig nose, big eyes, and dimples. Pre-70s Barbie wasn’t as popular and didn’t have the outfits like in the movie. The face and body changed in the 2000s to look more modern “sexy” but this era also has modern outfits that don’t look like the movie.

No. 1243969

File: 1656438307303.png (370.66 KB, 413x503, Capture.PNG)

I hate this trend it looks horrible irl and even in pictures. Why do people want these kind of oval lips? When they are naturally like that fine and beautiful but it looks so odd when people create that effect. It especially pisses me off when women who've have full lips do this or who got injections do this.

No. 1243984

I think it’s mimicking having lip fillers… even though they often already have those kek. But I have no idea why anyone would want to have lips that look like two sausages trying to get it on. Who started this war on Cupid’s bows?

No. 1244033

File: 1656441307292.jpeg (17.98 KB, 554x554, images - 2022-06-28T213203.035…)

This trend is my mortal enemy. It ruins a lot of otherwise beautiful lips, it looks like someone didn't wipe sauce off their mouth. I thought it was to look more cartoony like picrel generic pretty girl drawings.

No. 1244059

>Ryan Gosling looks repulsive

No. 1244121

File: 1656445242619.jpeg (248.18 KB, 1080x1440, 1C13E61A-D68E-4AB5-BAA2-33266A…)

I hate Margot Robbie with her boxhead ass. Overrated and obscenely ugly

No. 1244125

Disagree about her being "obscenely ugly" but I respect your 'pinion.

No. 1244129

If she wasn't blonde, people would consider her uggo

No. 1244134

I'm what's considered a yumejoshi and all my avenues for fanfics are drenched in "gender neutral reader!" or making the actual female protag gender neutral. Worst is when they're straight up writing smut involving a woman but are trying so hard to not use any gross female terms that it's almost hilarious.

I just want to read stuff involving my favorite anime men, is that too much to ask?

No. 1244135

I don't think she's that ugly but something about her face always reminds me of MJ, kind of weird looking nose and jaw.

No. 1244138

I hate petty jealous bitches

No. 1244139

Imagine writing straight smut but being squeamish about the female body…

No. 1244140

did I strike a nerve in you nonna? sorry you walk around with a 15 pound roblox head

No. 1244149

kek you're really ott

No. 1244156

Kek I could never get into yumejoshi fanfics but now you've caught my attention. What kind of words do they use?

No. 1244161

I think her eyebrows are weird. Too wide? It’s just something about them.

No. 1244210

Honestly it's kind of sad

It's not always specific words but general descriptions, but hole is a big one, or chest bumps and the like. And I can't blame you, most of it is trash but I'm so deprived of anything good I try to cope with what exists.

No. 1244237

>chest bumps
kek this is hilarious. i have a friend i rp with from time to time, but she sometimes uses the funniest words. like "long sensual stilts" when she means legs, or "kiss cushions" for lips.

No. 1244263

Oh ffs how old are these writers? And dare I ask how they describe the clit?

No. 1244266

File: 1656452090744.jpeg (31.25 KB, 238x212, 4BE7A98F-F2EF-4943-BB4D-5DF6D2…)

I hate how much other women defend trannies and misogynistic gay men without a second thought. And how quick they are to throw other women who disagree with them under the bus. This is why I can’t feel bad when they eventually get eaten by their own echo chamber.

No. 1244282

I cannot look at this cat without thinking of a tranny I knew that avatarfags as her

No. 1244292

>long sensual stilts

No. 1244437

holy shit I hate this too. it's not bad when it's REALLY subtle but somehow the exaggerated version become some level of popular. I've never noticed anyone in person doing this, but where I live the makeup trends are at least 10 years behind.

No. 1244460

Really tired of seeing disgusting 3d art of women with fat tits or 'anime style' little girls. I don't even want to learn how to make a woman at this point if I have to stare at this bullshit all day.

No. 1244501

I've seen some bad lip fillers irl and it always looks so swollen and painful, like if they bit their lip it would burst or something

No. 1244536

A lot of software tutorials on youtube have weirdly sexualized stuff as the example. I remember seeing a ren'py screen tutorial where the guy was using the porn game he made as an example

No. 1244587

I hate how people on social media (mostly men) will take a term and run it to the ground. If a guy is nice to a girl he will get called a simp. If a girl isn’t a Victoria’s Secret model, she will get called mid. It’s so annoying.

No. 1244621

When will men learn how to create art without any sexual themes.

No. 1244656

I hate that I'm way more likely to see the pearl-clutching "think of the children!!" kind of people in fandoms for explicitly adult oriented media while fandoms for actually child oriented media are swarming with degenerates. Why the fuck are Metal Gear Solid or Yakuza fans for example more concerned about how poow chiwdwen might be twaumatized by seeing nude grown men from M-rated games children shouldn't even be playing, while so many children's cartoons fans are all but proudly into underage fetish porn and pissing and moaning about "muh freeze peach" when criticized?

No. 1244769

I hate the italian language, for some reason it's touted as romantic but it sounds irritating at best to me. A man with an italian accent is even worse, no he's not sexy, he sounds like a greasy pervert.

No. 1244772

i don't think men with any foreign language accent sound good, just annoying

No. 1244773

I have no clue why kids and teenagers whine because they find r18 art of the main characters of such games when they're the ones who actively watched a let's play on youtube and who regularly interact with adult fans online who actually played these games.

No. 1244776

It's even more annoying when they compare it to shit like bronies as if My Little Pony and Metal Gear Solid don't have entirely different target demographics.

No. 1244780

NTA I also think British accents and many American accents sound gross on men.

No. 1244782

british accents on men sound bad, yes (all of them), and every american accent except general american. general american sounds good on men imo. i don't get why everyone says british accents on men are hot. they don't sound good.

No. 1244785

British accents sound bad on everybody, they make the person sound retarded, this is one of the reasons why I can't stand Adele.

No. 1244792

i think british accents sound far worse on men than women. i'm positive adele puts on a fake accent. she did not sound like that when she was younger. i think she puts on a more working class accent the more loaded she gets. she sounds nothing like she used to.

No. 1244806

I love british accents, they're charming. Chav english sounds retarded but so does many american accents.

No. 1244831

Esl and I hate American accent on both men and women. They sound dumb and full of themselves.

No. 1244833

ESL and I agree kek

No. 1244874

>listen piccolino I eat kids like you for breakfast. I dunk them in my cicciolata and whamph nom finiti!

No. 1244880

Kek I read this in the most stereotypical accent ever.

No. 1244912

I get a lot of cat videos shown to me while I’m scrolling through tiktok but I really hate it when they show me videos of cats that are missing limbs, blind, or have some other condition. Even when they seem happy and otherwise healthy, it depresses me to see them like that

No. 1244916

semi related but i'm fostering a cat with 1 eye now and she's the happiest girl ever but my heart still breaks every time i look at her. i feel the same way with the videos as you but i still like to give them views so disabled cats get more popular. we had to get the eye removed a week ago and i sincerely hope the pieces of shit that caused her eye injury have heart attacks soon.

No. 1244917

Kek I was copying Ercole

No. 1244921

File: 1656508142223.jpeg (674.91 KB, 1242x1275, 7CA01826-D7E0-490A-9E35-A12FCD…)

No. 1244928

File: 1656508567981.jpeg (69.53 KB, 640x765, C0121DE7-3477-482B-84D5-9B9F7F…)

This reminds me of something I hate
I’m probably gonna be called sensitive but I hate when they make villains in Disney movies ugly because it teaches kids that looks matter, and beauty and the beast contradicts itself cause they literally turn beautiful when they prove themselves to be nice or worthy of love. I think Dreamworks is the superior for this reason, if you watch El Dorado or The Prince of Egypt you will see background characters with all sorts of face and they are nice.. even with wonky long noses. Idk I am also a nose chan so it made me sad growing up to see I resembled moar of a witch than a princess. And yes I understand angular means can be interpreted as more evi, but this makes me think it applies to real life and people that post the gargamel 4chan Jew caricature unironically see me irl and assume I’m like some money grubbing jew when I’m poor and frugal and italian

No. 1244961

OK but Gaston is hot and when I met him at Disney world I wish he was obsessed with me as he was with Belle.

No. 1244965

Gaston reminds me of Peter Steele a bit.

No. 1244969

I literally said that two days ago! Kek

No. 1244980

The part of youtuber where people share storytimes and alot of it is about friendships breaking up or shit hitting the fan in a relationship… but if you combine all the storytimes from some channels they've had so many over the top messy falling outs that it's not hard to see it's a problem for one common reason.. them.

In the same way that people on reddit sometimes tell one sided stories and eat up all the validation that they were totes right .. on youtube you've got a version of that which will also pay you a wage while you're at it. That and the praise and ass pats are in the thousands. Half the time there's red flags all over the place but as long as you're the lone storyteller people just eat shit up.

No. 1244995

Same holy shit

No. 1244997

File: 1656512773626.png (86.95 KB, 230x322, Amiibo_263_Gaston.png)

gaston reminds me of this ugly animal crossing villager which me and my sister used to hate on ac wild world and i would try to make him move into her town by getting her to talk to him whilst she had a villager moving out of her town so he would take the empty spot and she would cry and hit me and tell me she wasnt playing with me anymore

No. 1245003

there is no such thing as a 'british' accent

No. 1245004

kek nona I agree with you, although I've preferred that kind of look more since I was little. The eyes and eyebrows, the sharp, angular features as opposed to the soft, rounded and non-threatening features on the main characters.
Though the only truly ugly one in that pic is Jafar imo (I also think he looks like a racist caricature somewhat). Also the Beast looked so much better as a monster lmao but that was obviously not intentional.

I think it's because MGS and Yakuza have a lot of female fans, I guess you could consider them those games' "periphery demographic". Meanwhile, the periphery demographic for a lot of children's cartoons is gross grown men, and the adult women in those fandoms tend to not interact with the males, DO complain about the porn but are too few for that to have an effect, or are "one of the boys" and don't think there's anything wrong with exposing little children to tons of degenerate porn (or just don't realize that's what's happening).

No. 1245005

i always think italian men sound greasy and slimy and pervy too anon kek
i think people associate 'British accent' with Received Pronunciation accent/dialect whatever as that is what many famous british actors have.

No. 1245012

read the posts again. they said "british ACCENTS", with an 's'. one of those was my post and as i specified, i dislike all of them on men.

No. 1245013

i hate writing a reply and making typos so i delete the reply and then notice it still has an error so i delete again and then i am embarassed thinking some anon can see me delete and reposting the same retarded thing over and over

No. 1245015

i guess i think people automatically assume british accents are just english ones, yet it is referring to welsh, scottish and nothern irish accents too.

No. 1245016

I've always thought the "evil" characters were beautiful kek, just bad natured

No. 1245091

This is why I don't bother fixing remaking my post anymore if it only has like a couple of mistakes where you can easily figure out what I meant

No. 1245128

i do this and usually anons who are quite new aggressively tell me to "stop posting the same thing" or to stop doubleposting because they don't refresh the page/don't realize the typo posts are deleted. i've even had them argue to me that it's "doubleposting" to delete and repost your edit

No. 1245168

You'd be surprised how many adult women in children's cartoons fandoms are seriously degenerate. Plus the non-degenerate women also do police each other way too much. Final Fantasy is not a franchise aimed at children either but you will never see moids telling each other to tone down the Tifa porn because "WHAT IF A CHILD SEES THIS?!?"

No. 1245180

love them, too, especially northern, irish, welsh and scottish. I also love new zealand accents and I can't stand most american accents, they sound like they swallowed a frog.

that's me, kek. It's just, English isn't my first language and so there are mistakes many times and sometimes I feel so embarrassed that I delete my reply and write it again and then there is a new mistake and I just close lolcow and go on with my day, feeling that mistake lingering behind me all day.

No. 1245189

What do you mean FF is not for kids? It's basically for everyone, including older kids and preteens.

No. 1245200

Am I the only one who barely hears accents like, I'd have to concentrate to tell an Brit and an American apart. When casually listening it just doesn't register unless it's one of those Indians or something with a super heavy ESL accent.

No. 1245252

Same. I can watch vidrel and hear nothing wrong lmao.

No. 1245336

File: 1656528489951.jpg (147.95 KB, 745x750, fries-burgers-aestheticfood-Fa…)

I HATE how I can't just buy single servings of some items. I want a burger today but if I want lettuce, guess what? I'm going to have to buy a whole fucking head or bag of lettuce. If I want American cheese on my burger, guess what? I'm going to have to buy a whole pack. If I want bacon on my burger, I have to buy a whole damn pack! I think not having to buy full packs of stuff that you don't want is the real reason why some people prefer fast food and restaurants over homecooked meals.

No. 1245370

this is even more annoying when you want to cook 'exotic' meals. i remember making pad thai for my family, and it was amazing, but i had to buy a whole bottle of rice vinegar and tamarind paste that i've had no use for since then.
well i guess they can't sell individual portions for everything kek

No. 1245387

it's even worse if you live alone. i throw out so much produce

No. 1245394

It's exactly like this. I have no idea why fandoms centered around media for adults or older teenagers should "think of the children" when kids shouldn't be consuming it to begin with but then there's no policing people who are flooding literal kids media spaces with porn, for some retarded reason yes I know it's because all the fans are degenerate men it's never frowned upon. It's doublethink at its finest.

No. 1245401

Nonnie… hot and sour soup. It’s calling you and your rice vinegar

No. 1245423

File: 1656532382385.jpg (10.13 KB, 236x212, eb1d3dbfda5b397619d5f927f6e836…)

Foods that smell better/look better then they taste.

No. 1245426

File: 1656532661322.jpeg (169.85 KB, 750x1061, 0CC075E4-FB18-424D-807A-F1B2B0…)

These bizarre ass ads for shitty looking mobile games where some woman is covered in grime and body hair and you’ve got to give her a makeover or some shit. Or like, your mistress is pregnant and you have to decide what to do. They are just really ugly and unsettling to me.

No. 1245430

My bad, never played any of the games in my life. In that case that makes all the easily findable on image search engine results Tifa porn even worse.

No. 1245439

File: 1656533495945.gif (436.27 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

No. 1245449

can these even be called ads bc the actual games are never as wild or audacious. I downloaded project makeover bc of the crazy ass ads but it's just a candy crush clone with makeover elements, very tame

No. 1245455

I watched a youtuber who would post the commericals and then post the game play. I wish someone would do a series on it. Mobile Ads. Vs Reality and just play all the games & talk about it.
The person I watched sadly didn't do commentary but it was pretty interesting.

No. 1245499

Honorary farmer

No. 1245538

>You'd be surprised how many adult women in children's cartoons fandoms are seriously degenerate
I know that, that's why I said "or don't think there's anything wrong with exposing little children to tons of degenerate porn", implying that there's also degenerate women who mostly hang with the males
>Final Fantasy is not a franchise aimed at children either but you will never see moids telling each other to tone down the Tifa porn because "WHAT IF A CHILD SEES THIS?!?"
That's the point I was making? That moids don't try to police each other when it comes to porn, no matter if they're in fandoms for children's or adults' media, while women usually do.
Actually, off-topic but this made me think why most media for adults that has big female fanbases is usually for men…

No. 1245555

soap too

No. 1245566

>why most media for adults that has big female fanbases is usually for men
The overwhelmingly male casts with little focus on heterosexual romance attract both fujo amd yume audiences.

No. 1245574

tbh I only played the series up to FF10-2 and the games are fairly family friendly, I don't know if the next games are particularly more "adult" in their themes or not, but from what I've been told from friends it's still the same themes, character archetypes, etc. so kids and teens can definitely play them and not be completely lost or disturbed. FF seems to mostly attract adults now but that's more because of marketing and the fact that it has more competition in terms of JRPG now than ever. MGS is definitely way more adult than that. I never played Yakuza but from what I've seen I can believe it's on par with MGS in terms of audience. I'd say stuff like No More Heroes, The Nonary Games series, maybe even Dangan Ronpa, etc. would also count because the underaged fans seem to not grasp whatever the fuck is going on on screen so they just watch other people play and read wikipedia pages about these games, then complain that they're violent or full of fanservice and sex jokes. And if we make comparisons with JRPGs then maybe you could say SMT is more for adults than FF or Pokemon or Dragon Quest, which are games from everyone, kids, teenagers and adults alike.

No. 1245627

How much soap are you eating?

No. 1245800

I hate / absolutely do not understand people who rank in mobage. I mean the people who spend 15 hours a day and countless amounts of money for 7 days straight JUST to have a banner on that says “1” or “2”. Like congratulations you wasted so much fucking time. Lots of the time the server gets shut down anyway so it’s a sunk cost and now you literally have nothing to show for it. I see people posting about it on psekai and deresuta and I’m like people…it’s not worth it. You are worth so much more than this. Go outside and look at some birds. Drink some water. Get a life.

No. 1245824

I also think some internalized misogyny plays a role in this

No. 1246004

You're not wrong, especially considering there is so much actual BL and otome media aimed at women yet it's still the male-oriented franchises that get the most attention because "girly things are lame". However part of me still likes the idea of colonizing male-oriented fandoms, if bronies did it then why can't we? Take these "manly" action franchises and get their fangirls to be so loud and aggressive, particularly when it comes to sexualising the male characters, that men no longer feel comfortable openly claiming to be fans of those series because they're "girly cringe" now. Unfortunately as cool as the idea sounds, a huge chunk of these fangirls now claim to be literally anything but girls/women so the point is moot.

No. 1246032

>especially considering there is so much actual BL and otome media aimed at women yet it's still the male-oriented franchises that get the most attention because "girly things are lame".
some women just like action and fighting genres, it's not that deep.

No. 1246039

>actual BL and otome media aimed at women
Okay lets not compare BL and otome to regular series with regular characters that just happen to appeal to women for the purposes of husbandofagging/shipping. Sometimes you just watch a random show with a male cast and get into pairings from it, it's not some specific aversion to the BL genre. And ofc that's gonna be really common, BL/otome are small and undeveloped niches in comparison to like, battle shounen or something, and they're romance genre which not everybody seeks out.

No. 1246055

>there is so much actual BL and otome media aimed at women
I don't care about romance and I feel the majority of media aimed at women hast it as its focus.

No. 1246084

Then the fangirls of these series should be loud and obnoxious enough that action series are no longer considered such a "masculine" genre. Worked with the bronies, now when people hear "My Little Pony fan" they're more likely to think of adult male nerds than of little girls. I hope that day when people hear "Metal Gear Solid fan" they would be more likely to think of nerdy women than of action-loving men.

No. 1246089

I think that's already the case, eg nobody thinks sports anime is for boys anymore

No. 1246093

I think we should do this with more media because men don't deserve shit.

No. 1246182

I'm the anon who originally asked that question, I meant more like why there isn't a lot of media like that that is specifically made for women, so when we want something different we have to consume stuff for men

No. 1246234

I hate traveling, it just brings so much stress upon me, having to schedule every hotel rooms and transportation, spending so much fucking money for things that usually don't require, needing a car to visit the most interesting places… I know I sound autistic, but I'm a person of habit, I'm sorry. I especially hate that since I'm young I'm supposed to enjoy traveling and do it anytime I have some free time.

No. 1246257

I always felt like I'm weird for not enjoying traveling (especially international travel) that much but I agree, sometimes it's just so stressful it doesn't feel like vacation anymore.

No. 1246269

my whole family are travelers~ and are constantly asking me where I'm gonna go. it really drives me nuts that they keep making it out like I'm missing something, but every time we get together they're just talking about canceled flights, messed up hotel/Airbnb reservations, almost getting scammed, basically every mishap. all they ever have to say is, "that Vatican tour was interesting. cool history." or "I went to Bali in 2009, wow I don't even remember that trip!".

like, way to sell the experience wtf

also I realized some of my relatives lives are just working nonstop until the next adventure~ and that's just not appealing

No. 1246274

I only like travelling when it's a daytrip because that's manageable and affordable and doesn't take more energy in terms of planning and transportation than I get out of it in experience.

No. 1246386

I hate it when people are bad at cooking but always insist on cooking and then get offended when you don't like the slop they prepared. And they always brag about not following recipes, but motherfucker, they get made for a reason.

Like, it's really not hard to be decent at cooking, retarded jailbird moids can manage it. All you have to do is follow a recipe a few times, taste the fucking food before you serve it to someone, and boom, it's done. You're an okay cook making stuff that tastes good.

No. 1246401

Adding to this: when people insist on cooking, but they only cook to their own taste with no consideration for others

No. 1246448

File: 1656614012892.jpg (26.32 KB, 640x800, ffbae6f52fbfa33159f4807aa96115…)

i hate it when mediocre online artists make redundant tutorials that try so hard to reinvent the wheel when we have methods that have been taught for hundreds of years and worked fine but noo people can't put in the effort and learn the basics they have to keep shitting out cookie cutter kawaii instagram art god forbid there is skill or creativity involved

No. 1246686

I don't see what's wrong with this specific one. The right version looks better.

No. 1246706

File: 1656630270726.jpeg (116.88 KB, 750x741, D07D62FF-A3A3-4B97-AC27-B23980…)

I hate when I make a sick ass post and no one responds. Sorry my brain is to big for you to understand.

No. 1246745

This photo gave me a stroke

No. 1246787

The idiots spamming trans pride emotes in jerma's chat right now because he's pretending to be a Harry potter character

No. 1246803

Jerma fans are all turbo autist zoomers. What did you expect?

No. 1246868

It's because I can smell the desperation emanating from your posts and it makes me want to ignore you.

No. 1246885

I hate Thursdays.

No. 1246908

File: 1656644932249.jpeg (345.56 KB, 1200x900, jdpa_2022 volkswagen golf gti …)

I'm seeing more cars outside with this light green color and I hate it

No. 1246915

File: 1656645472490.jpg (35.41 KB, 574x561, 88eebc8867602fa3cc9b9030a72dc3…)

I personally don't hate Genshin as a game, but I do hate the fans. Why are they so bitter all the time? I swear, I've been on crazy fandoms, but the Genshin one is something else.

No. 1246918

File: 1656645569199.jpeg (146.63 KB, 750x1000, 15D1536F-E683-4126-9FD4-537477…)

This car is offensive to me.

No. 1246924

File: 1656645771938.jpeg (53.67 KB, 720x960, 2A529CBF-E1D3-4977-9F6C-DA3CC9…)

I hate how much society seems to hate on MENA / Indian features and how normalized nose jobs are in those parts of the world. Big noses are beautiful.

No. 1246932

File: 1656646250551.jpg (387.71 KB, 1080x800, Green.jpg)

Deep emerald green is much nicer

No. 1246933

Green can be such a pretty color. Why did they choose such a fugly, offensive shade?

No. 1246938

It almost seems like any woman who doesn’t have a perfectly tiny ski-slope nose thinks her nose is too big nowadays. The pressure to be “perfect” is so ridiculous.

No. 1246940

File: 1656646801674.jpg (543.43 KB, 1560x1040, TOYOTA-4RUNNER-TRD.1.jpg)

It seems to be a current trend

No. 1246945

The most beautiful nose type. Ski slopes and button noses are boring and ugly

No. 1246954

nah that is not true and you know, out of all ethnicities brown women or women who have ''brown noses'' are the most judged when it comes to their nose.

Not racebait every ethnicity has a type of nose that could be considered ugly like the pig snouts that some (not all) white people have or the extremely flat and wide noses that other ethicities have, yet those noses are not judged as much as long or hooked noses.

No. 1246961

What about black noses

No. 1246969

As someone with a Roman nose I’ve been jealous of those with wide flat noses, I think they’re cute. I never understood people who got surgery on them

No. 1246970

File: 1656648257284.jpg (56.95 KB, 736x736, 9515cbd34dd63c6239a87458e548b4…)

No. 1246971

Agree. She's so beautiful and I love seeing natural noses like these. too many women in india and the middle east get shitty nose surgery to look exactly the same. It's like in south korea. It put me off on nose jobs so much. They always look bad, obvious and identical.

No. 1246972

i already mentioned that and they're becoming more accepted which is great but there still is a stigma around brown noses which society has both deemed ugly and labeled evil personifications to long noses.

No. 1246977

File: 1656648653410.jpg (2.03 MB, 3456x2304, image.jpg)

If your nose fits your face then there's literally nothing wrong with it!
What an absolute waste of money, jesus christ

No. 1246979

Thank you for posting this beautiful woman nona. I have a big downturned nose that I always hated because it feels like I never be cute or feminine with it, but seeing this type of girl makes me feel better.

No. 1246984

File: 1656648997131.jpg (44.71 KB, 736x726, 631d43f38b1e97b3ae4291be11c07b…)

Nta but I have a wide and flat nose, and I've had moments of jealousy for hooked noses since they can be slim from the front and the hump is very elegant looking (plus the insecurity around my nose that was put into me at a young age). I guess the grass is always greener on the other side kek. I feel a lot more confident and beautiful in my nose these days and I realize any other nose would actually be unattractive on me. I hope you have also found beauty in your nose!

No. 1246985

File: 1656649207639.jpg (127.71 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

I think this was supposed to look like picrel, but man.

No. 1246987

File: 1656649282361.gif (106.4 KB, 220x220, 4B0E772F-27F6-4078-BD80-0A3E34…)

Bimbo and “hot girl” shit

Shut up the fuck up already

No. 1246989

this is very different from the brown hooked nose that has a droopy tip,longer nose bridge than that and is also bulbous…
This nose fits the beauty standards except for the bump.

No. 1246990

File: 1656649553080.jpg (54.42 KB, 580x792, 70c54a1465df29a0f546ea171bbe86…)

I don't think it does, but would something like this be better then? I honestly just chose a random picture, it's not as if I specifically only find noses like that picture beautiful.

No. 1247017

Agreed, especially with "bimbo".
Spoiler because I'm a ~millennial~ but I still remember how derogatory that word used to be and what it represented. Fuck the y2k revamp trend.

No. 1247035

File: 1656653230693.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 676.39 KB, 750x1154, 6C1DD81B-9261-43F0-9CCA-6F08B1…)

AAHHH. I try so hard not to be negative about women no matter what but I hate this girl so much. She dresses in the most male pandering shit possible but it’s okay and funny because she says men suck sometimes!! Ugh stop performing and encouraging this retarded shit.

No. 1247046

What movie is this gif from?

No. 1247135

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

No. 1247137

The worst thing is that even with all the male pandering most men still hate her because she sometimes says that men suck. I don't get why radfems say that "men love libfems", they literally don't even though they do hate libfems a little less than radfems. Even the most left-leaning guys will go full antifeminist if they feel their asses are not kissed enough and normie men literally hate even the mildest forms of feminism.

No. 1247141

this is true

No. 1247148

I hate beards. I just hate how they look on most men, and the men who look better with beards still aren't attractive to me anyway. I don't know why but beards are just so ugly to me, I like stubble but anything longer just looks too hairy and scruffy to me no matter how well its groomed. Maybe my taste will change as I age, but damn I hate seeing a cute/hot guy pathetically growing out his facial hair

No. 1247149

I also hate beards and only fugly men with a recessed chin or fat hambeasts look better with them.

No. 1247150

Agree with everything you said, beards are fucking nasty it looks like pubes growing on a face. Chinstraps are mega retarded and ugly.
Love when fat men grow a beard to hide their double chin. I can see the rest of your body, I know you’re fat.

No. 1247153

File: 1656663968981.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.01 KB, 724x724, 7fa411d470b4ba3d762225ded02452…)

I agree! They are extremely greasy and remembering how men don't care about grooming, let alone washing their beards makes it worse.
>and the men who look better with beards still aren't attractive to me anyway.

No. 1247157

File: 1656664400030.jpg (45.63 KB, 613x620, way.JPG)

People who go to a rock/metal concert and complain about people pushing and moving around a lot around them. Like, what did you expect? Everybody just standing around so you can take pics for your facebook page? I hate that shit, either leave and go somewhere else or don't attend in the first place.

No. 1247170

Lmao Chlapecka means 'boyish' in my slav language. Why'd she choose a pseudonym Chrissy Boyish? Or are her parents immigrants?

No. 1247171

kek i agree but rhett in particular doesn't deserve to be attacked like this

No. 1247173

That's her actual name, I guess she just has some Slavic ancestry and is completely unaware of the meaning as an American-born person.

No. 1247176

There's a study saying that beards carry fecal matter in them, because men's hygiene is non-existent. Beards are disgusting, even if they're "well-kept".

No. 1247179

I don't just hate beards, I hate young men with beards. If a young guy has a beard there's 99% chance his whole personality is about being some douche macho trying to compensate for not feeling masculine enough. They're usually sexist arrogant douches. Even normies tend to agree with this kek
And yeah beards are just ugly, the man just stops being a 'potential partner' to me and I just see them as 'some guy'. Same with the short hair with shaved sides I fucking hate it.
But wouldn't hair also carry fecal matter? I mean I don't wash my hair after every time I poop. Maybe we should wear swimming caps to toilets kek

No. 1247182

Men’s beards carry more germs than dogs do in their fur because men are too retarded to wash their own faces when they shower. It's not like we're shoving food around the hair on our head either

No. 1247186

But you wash your hands (I assume). Men suck at cleaning, they don't clean their hands after touching their own dick (which also had fecal matter because of the shared sweat and because men also don't properly clean their asses) which in turn gets in their hair, beards and faces. They also don't clean their beards after getting food on them.
My brother grows his beard occasionally and when he does he gets beard hair everywhere. It's fucking disgusting.

No. 1247215

I was just thinking about this because of a post in another thread, it's like the radfem tiktokker who said that "girly" girls/women are only treated badly by men in movies and in real life they actually get male approval. Like scrotes treat all women like shit at some point, do some women really think that they are the only ones experiencing it? There is actually nothing women can do to opt out of misogyny. Even going to the extreme and becoming the hugest pickme MRA panderer, a tradcon, or trooning out can't stop women from facing misogyny, so why would having long hair or being a libfem or something stop it? It seems like a case of thinking the grass is greener on the other side when men want to burn the whole lawn for fun if they can

No. 1247273

File: 1656680876311.jpeg (180.65 KB, 750x712, BB0E2EBE-9D22-4823-9728-2193BB…)

People are so fucking annoying online, I fucking hate shit like picrel. The video it’s on is from a physical therapist saying “if you can only do one form of exercise, it should be walking!” which is innocent enough. Yeah not EVERYONE walks but I hate it when people have to pull that “not everyone can ___!” Like are you some fucking hamplanet who can’t even walk to your front door to pick up your food delivery because your knees buckle under your sheer size? Shut the fuck up! The dude is just trying to suggest something easy and doable for most people because he’s a physical therapist- it is his life’s work to encourage people to take care of their bodies so they don’t end up disfigured freaks from sitting hunched over their computers all day arguing semantics on social media.

No. 1247279

It's just virtue signalling about ableism, which makes no sense anyway because I feel as though someone who can't walk or is confined to a chair would be doing other physical therapy things and not on this youtube channel to begin with kek

No. 1247291

Don't get me wrong, nonnie, I love Rhett and Link but he was the first person I could remember who has a beard and looks completely different without it.

No. 1247306

I spent years housebound with agoraphobia which naturally comes with a side of depression too. I rememeber spending alot of time online trying to look up sources on how to manage my lows (on top of obviously taking meds and that) I probably read "go for a walk to get those endorphins flowing!" a million times but like.. people can't carefully word everything to work around every possible set of comorbid conditions you could have.

No. 1247818

File: 1656715461532.png (3.4 MB, 1135x1319, 5378D94D-E358-4FE5-8527-2FA04B…)

When I learn a creator is female but they’re actually just a tranny male

No. 1247846

walking doesn't necessarily mean outside…I guess you could walk/jog in circles around your house for similar affect. Sometimes I do that at night when I need to burn some energy

No. 1247863

Same, I can't believe anyone actually thinks trannies count as womem. Like
>here's a brave and stunning woman in speedrunning
You just know they're talking about a troon. I used to get really excited when I read about a "woman" in competitive gaming or game development or whatever but now I know there's a 99% that those "women" are men.

Same but it usually happens when I make an informative post. It sucks. Also makes me wish I wasn't such an autist who writes walls upon walls of text as a response to simple posts.

No. 1247865

It's always the "female"
That are actually troons

No. 1247876

File: 1656717781191.gif (817.09 KB, 640x564, plankton-angry.gif)

>when you find out a video that gave you feels was made by a tranny

No. 1247886

I found a pic of my favorite anime that had a joke that made me laugh out loud, but when I looked at the source I found that the author had been a troon. One of the replies was "you hag" and it made me wanna puke. I don't want trannies to associate with my favorite things at all.

No. 1247891

File: 1656718700974.jpg (143.24 KB, 524x625, 1655491672231.jpg)

There's a YouTube channel named hazel that does anime vids that I thought was a weird voiced woman but then I saw a thumbnail of his and it was a man…

No. 1247896

I watched their vid on Sonic Adventure and liked it. But on rewatch yeah I can hear the voice trying real hard to sound overly feminine

No. 1247974

I found a horror channel I really enjoyed until I taught the person's voice was a bit weird for a woman. Went to the twt they linked and BAM. A MAN WITH A TRANNY FLAG AND ALL. Men over saturate video game channels on youtube, so I was happy to finally find a woman.. or so I thought. I hate men so much.

No. 1248219

File: 1656739489248.jpeg (336.17 KB, 1519x1518, 67259122-CBC8-4E30-A9CB-04C0F4…)

I hate it
Literally the only actual female creator that I can think of in these spaces that I like is Temmie Chang. I wish there were more, especially ones that didn’t pander to the gender/tranny crowd.

No. 1248221

>find out sverver or whatever that dudes name is not only a tranny but also extremely racist
Everytime without fail

No. 1248259

File: 1656745567996.jpeg (618.57 KB, 828x1454, 2343B650-904C-42A6-83F1-26E978…)

How I can’t look at male memes without some aiden coming and LARPing as a man. Please go away, no matter how much you try you’ll never be a man

No. 1248260

File: 1656745923164.jpg (29.02 KB, 275x263, 1650927656019.jpg)

>Ayydens on pinterest

No. 1248282

I will never get over learning that Macintosh Plus/Vektroid is a tranny, that was a major disappointment. I was so happy a woman could make it big in the electronic music scene but of course one wouldn't, it's a man.

No. 1248285

>a woman could make it big in the electronic music scene
You say this all the time and I swear you’re a larping tranny. There are tons of women in the electronic music scene. No I won’t name any, just pull your head out of your ass.

No. 1248286

Kek what? Where did I say there wasn't? He just happens to be a very revered person and recognized as one of the most influential figures in the Vaporwave scene especially, of course I would be disappointed to find out that it's not a woman. Fondle grass for a moment.

No. 1248287

Get better taste in music

No. 1248290

Nta but maybe anon isn't that knowledgeable in DJs and shit, mainstream shit at the moment has a lot of troons and you know it

No. 1248291

Nta but I actually want a list because I would like to listen to some new music myself (also please don't say Grimes)

No. 1248300

>I hate how I found out a very popular producer other artists can't stop thanking for inspiring them is actually a tranny after I thought it was a legitimate woman getting respect from male artists
Anon's tantrum just doesn't make sense, I'm starting to understand the anons who were talking about how there has been a more and more hostile presence of posters just fighting everyone just for the purpose of getting mad. Would bitching about 100 gecs been more acceptable? I guess at least I'm happy to have troons claim sewerslvt for being a degenerate pedo and even he got people defend his ass saying "you just don't understand his pain" en masse.

No. 1248302

>sewerslvt for being a degenerate pedo
he is???? please give me the deets

No. 1248303

His names "sewerslvt" and Junko come from Junko Furuta, a teenage girl who was raped and tortured continuously for several days and left to die in a sewer.

No. 1248305

are you for real? holy fucking shit so he literally thinks she's her? I knew about that case, but I didn't think he would literally claim to be her and then call himself a "slut".
Also, is there more evidence he's a pedo? I need to know the truth

No. 1248306

>Product of the "racist 4chan incel sadboy to troon" pipeline, previously known as Sadboy Sheldon
>Uses an image of an actual corpse of a child as his album cover
>Uses loli girls as his "aesthetic"
>Draws and posts dickgirl loli porn
>Rumors circulating around of him grooming a 16-year old on his discord but he nuked it so that no evidence was left
>Sampled a 911 call of a little girl calling about his brother who had just shot himself
Probably forgetting something but just generic online tranny degeneracy.

No. 1248311

Thought I also saw something about him being racist kek

No. 1248312

He obviously fetishizes Japanese women so yeah

No. 1248313

>Uses an image of an actual corpse of a child as his album cover
what the fuck?
>Sampled a 911 call of a little girl calling about his brother who had just shot himself
what the fuuuuck

No. 1248316

when women bully other women for admitting they have triggers and traumas. those women also have triggers and traumas they simply refuse to see. if they did not, they would not be bullying another woman for having problems and expressing herself or seeking help.

No. 1248318

But remember, he's totally a woman and this is a normal woman thing to do.

No. 1248321

Junko actually died at her captor's home after days of torture and her body going into shock and they stuffed her body in a drum full of wet concrete and left it in a cement truck, so that's not where the "sewer" part in his name comes from. Not that it matters though, he still obsesses over a teenager that went through an unimaginably gruesome fate.

No. 1248343

Kek thanks nonni. I wanted to point this out but I feel sick when I talk about the case. Yeh as much as she suffered horrifically I don’t think she ever ended up in a sewer.

No. 1248736

I fucking hate video essays. Every video essay I've seen is made by a pretentious insufferable fuck that gives of smarter than thou vibes and the vast majority (if not all) of them are woke. They're always mumbling about the same thing and the videos are something along the lines of the linked video.

No. 1248822

I used to watch a lot of video game and movie essays but one day I was just like "wait I'm learning literally nothing and this is just pretentious bullshit that lets me pretend to be smart" so I stopped. I'm amazed people still watch them about serious topics like politics.

No. 1248825

File: 1656789262276.jpeg (42.22 KB, 828x1085, 9BA99C1F-3AEE-4CDD-933A-FD376F…)

I hate how much periods are viewed with disgust and horror. I can understand why, up to a certain point, they’re considered gross (bodily function similar to urination/defecation), but the way people freak out just by the mention of it and/or pads/tampons/etc makes me so angry. Like, why make such a big deal about it? Nearly half of the world’s population goes through menstruation, but just because it’s an experience unique to women, people all over the world see it as an aberration, and in some cultures, impure! I remember reading a post about how some places that only had 1 bathroom would leave a basket of menstrual products in case some women needed them, and there were commenters (mainly male, but some women) saying how uncomfortable it would make men who also uses those bathrooms. Why can’t they just ignore it? I just don’t understand; in my mind, pads and tampons have the same amount of ‘grossness’ as, idk, toilet paper–none! If scrotes were the ones that went through periods, no one would make this much of a fuss,

No. 1248836

File: 1656789797234.gif (6.61 MB, 498x373, the-shining-the-shining-elevat…)

All these 'manly' guys can't handle that women have blood coming out of them once a month? Scrotes scared of blood gtfo

No. 1248839

I HATE it when people i can joke with about stuff like piss and shit (yes its immature idc) freak the fuck out when i make a period joke like it's blasphemous or something

No. 1248861

File: 1656791475712.png (24.63 KB, 106x103, tyg.png)

Women just need to start being casual about it IMO. The only blood that doesn't come from violence is the one that disgusts and scares them? Fuck that, honestly

No. 1248862

No. 1248866

When I was a teen I remember not being allowed to keep period products in the bathroom at all. Not in the cabinets with the excess toilet paper rolls.. why? Then we (me and my mom) weren't allowed to dispose of used products in the bathroom bin either. We'd to bin it in a seperate bin in my room. All because of my dad.

I didn't know how weird that was til I was an adult living with mixed housemates and there were products sitting out in the bathroom all month long ready to go. Then the bathroom bin was used for… what it's fucking intended for. My dad is very hard to live with and it was just one of many things we tiptoed around. He should've just left and lived in his own lil house.

No. 1248926

Your dad sounds like a weirdo, hope he didn't fuck you up too bad.

No. 1248929

how to summon a hot american boyfriend?

No. 1248940

chant "USA! USA! USA!" three times in the mirror

No. 1248945

Even black magic can't do that, sorry.

No. 1248954

I remember reading about how some primitive societies would tie up girls at menarche and put them in a dark hut for a year or something just because of that. Horrifying stuff.

I think people are just obsessed with periods (and now they're over-obsessed with normalizing it imo) because it literally used to be thought to be magic spook shit no one had any idea why it was happening.

No. 1248960

You want an obese porn addict ?

No. 1248968

I also hate summoning hot american boyfriends. It was supposed to be a demon, but I got a yankee instead. Is this some sort of joke?

No. 1248978

No. 1249010

Hate retarded censored words like k!lling tr!gger r*pe, just type the fucking word. I feel like it somehow makes those words seem less serious or hush-hush we shouldn't speak of it.

No. 1249089

On twitter I do that because I don't want to get shadowbanned or flagged by the automod system. But anywhere else is stupid.

No. 1249111

idk if you’re talking about social media specifically but certain no-no words/phrases are against the rules on mainstream platforms like tiktok, instagram, and youtube. it didn’t use to be this way. what’s the point in using social media if i can’t tell retarded people that they’re being retarded

No. 1249118

Agree, and also "fcking". Even shows up on lc sometimes.

No. 1249122

I hate it when people take up leadership positions for the powertrip and clout but completely lack the skills needed for such a task. Did it really fucking come as a surprise that being charge of multiple people and their wellbeing can actually be challenging and full of conflict instead of everyone being a bunch of preprogrammed NPCs? Start taking some fucking responsibility, positions of power aren't just for for the flashy title.

No. 1249151

I hate that stupid thing tiktokers do when they're showing an item to the camera and they kinda wiggle it in that weird way. Maybe it's the fact that it's always paired with a display of blatant overconsumption. Such a small thing, especially regarding tiktok but it triggers something primal within me

No. 1249199

I hate when they have something to announce (usually a product) they do that stupid ass fucking head shake with their hand barely covering their mouth and it looks like they're screaming.

No. 1249301

I hate when men come up to me and try to hit on me or ask for my number. I can respect the ones who take the rejection gracefully but still if I never even glanced your direction, what makes you think I'm interested? It's especially ridiculous now since the pandemic. You have no idea what I look like under my mask, I could be ugly as fuck.

No. 1249357

I wish I knew what the fuck you two are talking about

No. 1249473

I hate those kinds of people who are rude and intimidating on purpose and then only begin to respect or like those who stand up to them. Like no, just fucking be normal and stop treating relationships as some kind of game or proving ground

No. 1249476

>mfw I'm sort of like this
It's because I like to weed out people who are two-faced and instead of standing up for themselves and speaking their mind resort to talking shit when I'm not around like a coward. Having been burned by treacherous yes-women too many times before it became a toxic habit of mine to demand everyone to lay their cards on the table right away.

No. 1249482

I hate those faggots who talk with a heavy exaggerated valley girl accent, pitched up voice and fast words (like James Charles). Also using terms like "gworl" and "yass slay" a lot. You sound retarded. You're an ugly faggot and you look even worse if you talk like that. Why do a lot of gay men twinks talk like that? Do they want everyone to know they like taking it up the ass? Do they think they sound good?

No. 1249486

Have you considered these people aren't two-faced but rather dislike conflict and don't know how to handle it? I'm glad you're admitting it's toxic but seriously, get help. Being an asshat to people is only going to give people more reason to dislike you. If you're nice and they still talk shit then write them off as shitty and two faced. No need to walk around with a chip on your shoulder.

No. 1249491

>Have you considered these people aren't two-faced but rather dislike conflict and don't know how to handle it?
"Disliking conflict" and "not knowing how to handle it" isn't some noble virtue but a flaw you need to work on, you can't walk through life without ever standing up for yourself when necessary. Women in particular need to get over their socialization and learn to be more assertive and aggressive because that's what it usually is about, we're trained to be acquiescent and as inoffensive as possible while letting men walk all over us because "we dislike conflict" and want to avoid it at all costs.

No. 1249515

>"Disliking conflict" and "not knowing how to handle it" isn't some noble virtue but a flaw you need to work on
This is so fucking true. It's not cute at all being so passive. I used to be just like this and still am at certain times where negative feelings will just fester inside me for someone else because something they said or did angered me but I was too pussy to say it to them and now I start resenting them for something they don't even know I dislike. Like, handling conflict and confrontation is something you really do need to get better at, instead being a passive aggressive idiot like I was, still am sometimes.

No. 1249517

I agree when it's between women but when it comes to a woman towards a man I'm a little wary simply because of the size and strength and aggression difference between the average man and the average woman. What if you try to stand up to a man harassing you and he just punches you in the face? If you do it at least don't do it alone, there is strength in numbers which makes it very important for women to stick together.

No. 1249524

File: 1656846713937.png (182.25 KB, 640x429, unknown.png)

People who call picrel "crazy vegan feminazi rhetoric" because "muh hooman rights boohoo"
"what about the serial killers' and pedophiles' human rights???" what about the victims' human rights you fucking sickos? what about the overwhelmingly female victims targeted by overwhelmingly male attackers?

No. 1249530

There is a difference between organic conflict and some Machiavellian dork shit-testing people because she has trust issues

No. 1249535

No. 1249541

ok so you’re just talking about a specific person you know, then.

No. 1249544

OP here, that anon isn't even me

No. 1249564

When you go to a women's clothing and lingerie shop and it's full of scrotes. No I don't want your personal balding pet scrote to stand around staring at me when I choose bras and I don't want them to stand outside the changing room when I try them on. How am I supposed to know which one belongs to an owner who dragged them there and which one is just a perv? Don't fucking bring them to the women's changing rooms!!

No. 1249567

I hate when social media figures who get “canceled” start making it their whole personality. They write these dramatic, self-pitying diatribes about the “trauma” they endured when…people said mean things to them online uwu. Or they’ll start making it their social cause du jour, like there aren’t a million other serious issues going on in the world besides muh cancel culture. Get over yourselves ffs

No. 1249570

Especially when they say they've seen you walk past there for the past few weeks, months or in one case even an entire year and just waited for an opportunity to finally get to talk to you smileyface. like bro i've never noticed you even once, this is fucking creepy, stop breathing

No. 1249574

What the hell, since when did other sites start copying Tumblr with their limited scrolling shit when you don't have an account? I was trying to lurk this Twitter account and WeHeartIt, but both had windows that popped up asking me to create an account.

No. 1249585

It's tumblr that copied twitter actually.

No. 1249611

File: 1656855884155.png (17.43 KB, 1626x134, foucault.png)

People (well, men) making arguments based on authority of great influential philosophers, when I have to remember than many of them were fucking nonces, and built fucking schools of thoughts on why is it actually not that bad they want to fuck kids.

No. 1249614

Feminist writing is constantly derided as "outdated" if it's "not inclusive enough" by modern standards yet "great" male philosophers were all pedos and/or vitriolic misogynists but no one calls for their boycott.

No. 1249617

I hate this too, I think the time it annoyed me the most was at Artizia rather than a bra store though, because their changing room is just one big mirrored room with a wall of curtained off stalls. It annoyed me that boyfriends were coming in to sit on the stools in the room while their gfs were changing in the stalls but all of the rest of us were still only separated from them by curtains too

No. 1249661

Seriously it's so inconsiderate, don't they get how uncomfortable it makes other women and girls?

No. 1249679

I feel like I'm flirting with a racebait ban for saying this, but I really hate the smarmy attitude Chinese-American SJW/twitter/tumblr/terminally online girls have. They're almost always some kind of gendie, they all seem to be nEuRoDiVeRgEnT and hell-bent on diagnosing their parents with whatever they have, and they're some of the rudest, most confrontational bitches I have ever met under the guise of being uwu smol beans with anxiety. They only seem interested in talking about themselves until someone with more oppression points shows up, at which point they will fall over themselves to fawn over the 'oppressed' person for social credit. They absolutely lick the assholes of TIMs and any moderately attractive white boy despite unloading vitriolic tirades about "white cis men" and "karens," and think of themselves as so very enby even though they barely hit 5'2'' and still talk like they're trying to emulate anime girls. Every time I've read some long-form essay in English about muh cultural appropriation, it's been from tonedeaf Asian-American woman who gets mad at white people patronizing immigrant-run establishments or trying to make food from other cultures. I guarantee you the old Taiwanese couple and the 100% Hispanic staff running the place don't give a flying fuck what color their customers are as long as they pay up. It's like they think they're the only people to have ever experienced growing up as the children of immigrant parents and never fitting in anywhere, even though Asian-American communities are extremely tight-knit and they somehow all found each other online anyway.

No. 1249690

I'm from the UK so I don't know if its 1 to 1 situation but its similar to what you described, usually the kids of upper class immigrants, hypewoke chinese girls who date bland(at best) or ugly(most of the time) white guys and yes they do also fetsihize the oppression of black and brown people, fawning about how brave and strong we are and we'll read the revolution against white cis-hetro patriarchy

No. 1249695

I'd say it's not just Chinese-Americans but Asian-Americans in general, including South Asian Americans and Middle Eastern Americans doing these exact same things, including the enbying out and the TIM and white man worship while claiming to hate white people and especially "Karens". They often tend to overcompensate for being second or third or more generations diaspora and actually being out of touch with their parents/grandparents/ancestors' country of origin. Though I have to say it's particularly funny when Chinese- or Filipino-American weebs try to school non-Asian weebs on ~real Japanese culture~

No. 1249814

File: 1656868198797.jpeg (73.87 KB, 600x600, C5A7F0DF-67AE-4FED-9096-344936…)

Alright it finally happened again. I hate when an anon asks about something and someone responds “oh you don’t know xyz person or event? NEWFAG” like are you retarded? Do you really expect nonnas to keep up with every thread on every board, it’s easy to miss a post that becomes notorious if you just don’t come to the farm for a few days. Stop being so stupid and annoying!!!

No. 1249828

On TikTok they call rape “grape” and for porn they use a corn emoji, and then of course there is “seggs” for sex.

No. 1249837

I hate it

No. 1249855

If your skincare products before-and-after after picture shows the model lady with any kind of make-up, even if it's just a bit of mascara, I'm going to assume it's completely useless shit, even if it's made out of unicorn tears.

No. 1249870

I always remember that one retarded "ACTUAL CHINESE TRYING OUT AMERICAN CHINESE FOOD" video that had actual first generation Chinese eating American Chinese stuff from some generic Panda Express joint and being "meh, it's okay" while the 2nd to 3rd generation Chinese zoomers were making a huge fucking scene about how it's so not authentic oh my god what they were thinking!!!. It sort of summarized this whole matter for me, a lot of them are overcompensating and exaggerating their issues despite barely being able to speak the language of their parents or grandparents and never having experienced their culture as a native person. I get that they struggle with the sense of not belonging anywhere but they're misdirecting it so hard to petty, insignificant nonsense like "waaah whiteys shouldn't eat sushi".

No. 1249933

File: 1656876213107.jpeg (895.01 KB, 2828x2828, D69BB8EF-DEA0-4B82-B0B7-BF9106…)

I hate being a woman, no I will not take this to 2x it’s all so tiresome. Sometimes I wish I never stumbled onto radical feminism, it’s so bleak. I wish to go somewhere no man will ever see me

No. 1249947

>Sometimes I wish I never stumbled onto radical feminism, it’s so bleak.
Fuck, I feel this all the time. I can't even watch a show to unwind now without thinking about Benchdel tests etc. I want to unlearn everything and take a handmaiden lobotomy.

No. 1249961

Even though I'm straight, I hate the appearance of testicles. A scrotum looks like two ping pong balls wrapped in a trashbag. It is hands down the least attractive part of human anatomy.

No. 1249962


No. 1249979

Lmao the tranny hands incident has been bought up so many times, on multiple boards how could you not know even after leaving the site for a few days

No. 1249986

Lmao they were man hands with hideous acrylics, I’ve seen like two other woman hands posted in here and they didn’t even have their nails painted. But they were still softer looking. Tranny btfo.

No. 1249997

I hate it when they say shit like t-slur. They sound so fucking childish and you always have people in the replies asking what word they mean because of how confusing this can be. They sound like a kid running up to their teacher and saying that someone called them a poopyhead.

No. 1250001

Late reply, but zoomers complaining about people criticizing Michael Jackson are much like boomers and gen Xers losing their shit if you say something negative about John Lennon. I mean, I'm a huge fan of The Beatles and think the man was an asshole. Then again, most people who say that John is their favorite Beatle only do because they think he's supposed to be their favorite.

No. 1250170

I hate the word "girlies". It sounds like a word a troon would say in an ill attempt to fit in

No. 1250172

Hey girlie how you doing?

No. 1250196

i like it when it's coming from women

No. 1250203

Same. It sounds cringy, even when actual women use it.

No. 1250223

Same, I think it's cute

No. 1250226

Anyone who says the phrase “play stupid games win stupid prizes” is intellectually inferior

No. 1250253

I hate the 4th of July but I really hate how people feel the need to pop fireworks, especially days before the 4th. Let me sleep at night I don’t want to hear fireworks for three nights in a row for fuck’s sake.

No. 1250375

Agreed, also
>holy __ Batman
>that’s enough internet for today

No. 1250382

>Feeling yourself
>Feeling your oats
Both just annoy me and give me headaches. I particularly hate the oats one because it just sounds downright ridiculous.

No. 1250389

I hate when people use redditor jokes for everything and have zero originality
>I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going
>Instructions unclear, dick caught in ceiling fan

No. 1250395

File: 1656915881095.png (38.18 KB, 706x190, kuso miso technique.png)

Handmaidens who for some reason get this weird idea that gay men are more pure than straight women? Have they fucking seen bara manga?

No. 1250397

God this, fireworks are illegal in my state but people still blow them up for days on end.

No. 1250398

just show them the mrm "most popular" page kek

No. 1250402

Many of them either are, or are friends with autistic fakebois who hate anything sexual and just play Animal Crossing a lot, so they delude themselves on what gay men are actually like. They think they're just these effeminate little fairies who run around sporting rainbows while wearing flower crowns, stanning pop stars and doing drag queen looks. It's funny as fuck

No. 1250408

Actual gay male weebs will read the trashiest BL manga and doujin to exist and will ask for more though.

No. 1250414

>until gay men started having more voice in fandom
You mean until more moids started to step out of their male containment zone in fandom to invade the female side, or until teen girls started to troon out en-masse due to internalized misogyny and autism?

No. 1250416

Going to guess they mean the latter, which is even more hilarious to me.

No. 1250420

I'll translate this paragraph:
>Oh wait. All of you are pro fujoshi and pro yaoi and pro women of pretty much equally all sexualities writing elaborate m/m fanfiction creating a thriving community that offered other women an option besides constant sexualization and demeaning of the female form until gender brainrot NLOGs decided to troon out and start bullying the very people creating the content they consume because they weren't writing enough top surgery scars and front holes into their stories.

I laugh because it's true, and cry thinking about all the moids who suddenly decided "femboy traps" are totally yaoi and liking them gives them a pass to enter fujo spaces to force them all into liking their coomer garbage.

No. 1250498

I think its hilarious and shows just how much these people don’t care about that topic. Despite all the censorship people still stick with tiktok because other people are on it and now there are business/online marketing interests so there’s less incentive to leave.

No. 1250548

Men thinking anyone cares who they'd fuck. I've got an incredibly short fuse for this now since in my culture no 40+ man ever stops to consider whether "XY actress is 50 now, but she could still get it" is something anyone wants to hear. Now I just ask "who asked?" and I'm considered hostile, but I don't have to hear it anymore. Even my own dad got offended, because watching TV commented how XY reporter is not attractive with short hair and I automatically said "I'm sure she cares a lot about what you think". I'm an asshole, but I don't even care anymore.

No. 1250550

You’re not an asshole, you’re right.

No. 1250552

>Now I just ask "who asked?"
so simple, yet so based, I'm gonna start saying the same thing kek

No. 1250559

I've started saying for situations like this "Can you calm down? I'm trying to watch tv. If it upsets you that much you don't have to watch." since men take being upset as offensive since it is considered womanly (even if they exhibit being emotional way more with anger and such).

No. 1250563

>"XY actress is 50 now, but she could still get it"
This. It's always the ugliest men who play this game. Dude this millionaire actress.. the one who has barely aged a day in decades… wouldn't let you at it anyway.

No. 1250573

Based. Make them think twice about spouting bullshit.

No. 1250578

Good tip, anon. Can't wait to try this.

No. 1250654

My ex didn't know shit about beauty or fashion (neither do I tbh, idc for alot of that stuff) but every now and then he'd just have to insult some strange womans hair or dress choice and be really ott obnoxious in trying to get me to agree with him that she looks like shit? I never got where this sudden interest in womens fashion came from but I'd call him my lil fashionista and that always shut him up.

No. 1250840

File: 1656957930762.png (379.32 KB, 699x634, Screenshot-2020-08-03-at-16.21…)

I have no idea what this guy's name is but I want to sock him right in his over enthusiastic expression. He is Netflix personified and I'd rather shit my pants than watch anything with this moid in it.
Also the transparent circle frames he's wearing.. that's a telltale sign, a red flag if you will, of an extremely obnoxious being

No. 1251017

File: 1656967264576.jpg (76.06 KB, 1024x1198, j0VLT4k4LKQ3GSfyGOFnm7[3].jpg)

I am watching a video on some game drama, and at some point the dude who is narrating the drama goes on a tangent about the game not having LGBT people.
>There's this spinoff novel which has jewish people, but you couldn't make your villain explicitly gay??? If the villain doesn't have a canon female love interest, why isn't he gay???
Why? What does sexuality or gender has to do with a story about a family who got separated during the war?

No. 1251091

I hate all the newfags in /w/ who don’t know what lolcow is and have turned it into Reddit&PULL4.0

No. 1251397

That's such a fucking stupid take. Why do any characters