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No. 1157246

Vent your dear hearts out.

Previous thread: >>1146126

No. 1157249

File: 1651384454077.jpeg (191.24 KB, 1002x1113, F7365C33-5A4B-4B33-B412-50E8DB…)

LUL @ men

No. 1157250

I feel like I see a lot of this but in reverse on lc

No. 1157251

kinda based

No. 1157252

I drank too much water and threw up. My stomach hurts and I feel sick. I hate everything.

No. 1157253

File: 1651384567046.png (5.75 KB, 254x198, 7564757.png)

>grabs 4chan incel
>grabs LC incel

No. 1157254

you don't because we don't get erections, have uncontrollable libidos that make us act like straight retards, and we don't commit offenses or drain men emotionally, abuse them physically and sexually, etc etc. men benefit when they're with us. at best we get some resources but rarely are they there for us the way we're there for them. they don't ride or die like we do for the shittiest dude. the look for any excuse to treat us like shit or hate us. we have actual reasons. not even remotely a parallel

No. 1157255

can we fucking stop this incel shit about women on LC? many users are lesbians and most of the women have had sex and relationships with men. my god when will this forced reach of a take stop

No. 1157256

Have you tried chewing straight honeycomb? Someone in my family has really bad hayfever and nothing helped but they bought a pack of honeycomb and apparently chewing the honeycomb helped their hayfever subside for awhile

No. 1157257

oh is this the anon that's been trying to convince farmers that their a good person

No. 1157258

its just a joke anon chill out

No. 1157260

i'll chill but i'm so tired of that stupid claim because it's so ignorant and talking, much less being with an incel should just be added to some universal penal code because it's nothing but punishment while 99.9% of women on here would add to most men's lives

No. 1157261

I literally cannot stop my addictive tendencies. The moment I do alright for a while I slip back into it if i'm home alone for too long. I also have really bad focus from just abusing my body over the years so working has become really hard, fuck.

No. 1157278

My boyfriend and I broke up.

I've posted in vent threads before about our arguments. I think today was the straw that broke the camels back though.
I was being extremely respectful and kind the entire time, never once saying something that could hurt him, and I realized I'm not the issue at all. He's just incredibly immature and has no idea how to control himself when he is upset.
In the moment of being frustrated, he turns into a child that can't be civil whatsoever. He is a hypocrite, twists things I say, calls me liar when I say positive things, etc.
It doesn't matter if I tell him in the moment how much what he's saying is hurting me, in the moment it's completely justified to him.
Afterwards he always realizes how horrible he was, and that if I said those same things to him he would be really deeply hurt, but he just can't control himself.
I used to be like that when I was a bit younger, so I tried to believe he could change.
I've given him so many chances and tried so hard to help him, but things are better for a week or two or three, then he blows up again.
He's a completely different person when he's upset, and he isn't abusive in the sense that he knows what he is doing and trying to hurt me etc etc.
He said he completely understands why I'm breaking up with him, and he wants what's best for me.

That being said, I'm not a NEET but I am a hikki, and he's my only friend, so I don't want to cut off contact completely.
I'm not sure what boundaries to set or how to go about this. I don't know.

No. 1157282

File: 1651388515512.gif (1.16 MB, 220x166, immad.gif)


No. 1157283

honestly considering just not going cuz like what're they gonna do?? it's not like i paid for the things yet! -though i did get a nice discount…

No. 1157285

My cousin who is a month younger than me just got engaged to her boyfriend of 8 months. Now, I already think that that is way too soon to get engaged/married, but now that I've seen a pic of the guy, I just think, she is wayyyy too pretty for him. Funny thing is, he was a classmate of my older sister, so he's in his 30s already. Compared to pictures of himself when he was younger (like in my sister's grade school yearbooks), he looks like a completely different person. A shame that he can let himself go a little bit and still manage to lock down someone as pretty as my cousin.

I'm just not looking forward to my mother and other relatives comparing me to this engaged cousin and asking me why I'm not dating or married yet. Men ain't worth it to me, sorry, not sorry.

No. 1157287

You fucking wish scrote. You will never feel the warmth of a lolcow gf.

No. 1157288

Where’s the funny? It’s annoying as fucking shit. Moids are so obsessed with “4chan bf lc gf”, they think we’re female version of them who will understand and coddle them. Unlike evil normie bitches. They come here every week to convince us to be their uwu imageboard browsing nazi edgy tradwaifu.

No. 1157291

You tried but Women can’t be incels.
I know men want to push the meme thay we’re just as bad as them but that simply isn’t the case lmao

No. 1157292

What is this gif from? I laugh so much everytime I see it.

No. 1157293

im not a moid i just thought it was funny joke jesus

No. 1157295


Your gif thingy made me feel better.

I almost got in a heated argument with my family member. I've been so stressed out lately with different things that are affecting my finances. I feel like the people around me don't understand which gets warped in my mind that maybe they also don't care.
My pet was recently hospitalized and is strictly indoors for the moment because of it and my family keeps putting their two cents in as if they know better (they don't). I'm trying to keep my pet safer than usual for their health. I have experience in animal care so it's ridiculous that I have to hear their unsolicited advice and opinions and be expected to play it cool.

I feel like I'm gonna explode and pop off on some poor unfortunate soul over something really minor. Tends to happen when I'm stressed and my buttons keep getting pushed. Fuck man…

No. 1157297

File: 1651391249885.jpg (39.73 KB, 564x701, 8e4daaea687f6424cc74c8b1d386df…)

I think my period is gone, again?

No. 1157299

No. 1157309


No. 1157311

>make art for unknown jp vtuber, get my friends to watch her, always support her even though she sometimes has 0 viewers and gets 0 twitter likes, constantly shouting her out (i have 10x the followers of her because of my art), eventually her viewers go up a lot and she seems very sweet and nice
>gets mad at me because I sent her a friend request on switch when she wasn't online to see it
Nonnies I am feeling incels level of rage after all I did for this bitch. I am aware I sound like a scrote but wtf, I knew I never should have given vtubers a chance, I thought the unknown ones would be more humble

No. 1157315

I have no idea for her reasoning for being mad either? Is it rude to send a friend request on switch if the person is online or something?

No. 1157317

>thought bf’s friend was cool until he started making weird comments/jokes

Ughhhhh it was going so well too

No. 1157320

>draws GNC woman
>omg nonna are you sure that’s not a trans guy because that looks like a trans guy
I know what I fucking drew you yaoi poisoned little cunts, fuck. It never happens when I draw a feminine man either. Apparently men get to be GNC but every woman who wears pants has to want to get her fucking tits lopped off?

No. 1157321

I just want to feel better. 20 mg Prozac with 300mg Wellbutrin and nothing changes. What more do I have to do

No. 1157323

>most of the women have had sex and relationships with men
You should stop saying this, is very likely not true, I would say is a 50/60 but not "most" anons

No. 1157324

unironic patriarchy at work. They have always hated feminine expression and try to kill it

No. 1157329

Makes sense and doesn’t surprise me. I’ll draw twice as many buff women to spite them

No. 1157336

File: 1651394426412.jpg (895.48 KB, 2548x1907, rustic-kitchens-5.jpg)

Hate that the beautiful country houses with nice bathrooms and gardens are really becoming out of reach unless a fucking miracle happens. I feel like im jealous of my parents who had a better start.

No. 1157339

File: 1651394817141.jpg (1.16 MB, 1449x1200, IMG_20220501_104454.jpg)

A guy lied on top of me, groped me and dry humped me and put his finger in my mouth so far I almost choked despite me being unresponsive to all of this and just lying there beneath him totally stiff. I said I didn't want to kiss him on the mouth but he kissed me anyway. I never got physical with him, I just thought we're going to cuddle a little bit since we just started seeing each other and before that we were just colleagues. I felt totally powerless under his weight but at least he stopped when I finally told him to stop before he came, I didn't want to feel it even through the fabric of our clothes. I don't think he should've done all of that despite me being totally unresponsive and kissing me when I directly said I didn't want to kiss? I really feel dirty now and I'm not sure if I even want to see him again but I'm already scared of his reaction and that he will tell someone about it. I never had a bf or sexual experiences, I had no idea how to react. Cuddling felt nice but after that I really didn't like the way he touched me. Women were right that men touch you like you're a piece of a fucking dough, way too rough. It didn't feel nice at all. But what he did after that, basically masturbating with my body, I completely didn't expect that and it paralyzed me. I was just lying there and staring at the ceiling with emptiness in my head. If he really loved me like he said he does he wouldn't have done that. I just woke up and yesterday feels like a fever dream

No. 1157341

I disagree.

No. 1157343

I follow some good tomboy discords, you might find some recognition in those.

No. 1157344

I'm livid anon, how could he do that to you? I'm so sorry, you trusted him and he betrayed you like that. That's straight up assault and he should never be seeing you again. This is horrifying.

No. 1157346

He absolutely should not have done any of that, so fucking gross! I'm sorry nona, no one should have to go through something like that.

No. 1157348

I'm sorry this happened to you nonna, that is disgusting and the moid who did that is a piece of shit who took advantage of you. You didn't deserve to go through that. Is there anyone you can talk to about it irl? Any close friends or a trusted family member?
I know exactly what you mean by the way they touch women - it's heavy-handed and aggressive like they're just groping flesh and not even trying to understand or touch you as a person, just a sack of meat.
For your safety I can only recommend that you cut contact from this creep asap, he crossed your boundaries and clearly didn't mind taking advantage of you when you were visibly uncomfortable and didn't want it.

No. 1157351

honestly, tell him if he tells anyone, you're going to the police and telling them he raped you, because that is literally what he did
I understand not wanting to go to the cops, but just the bluff alone usually takes care of the rapist's mouth
I am really, really sorry

No. 1157355

>Any close friends or a trusted family member?
No, not really. I don't have any friends. The only person from my family I talk to is my aunt and I'm too ashamed to tell her because I don't think she would even understand it, I'm scared she would assume I wanted it and just gave him mixed signals or something. I now live and work in a different country, and he works in the same place as me but in a different department. I work with his friends though. He always had an opinion of a very shy and warm person, and that's what drew me to him, no one would've believed me that he did something like this anyway

No. 1157356

I saw one of those Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp’s trial tip jar things in real life today and just… wtf? They are both abusive narcissistic multi-millionaires. Who gives a fuck? Neither are ever going to face life-changing consequences. This whole situation is just panem et circense.

No. 1157372

I find it annoying how everyone has this need or almost obligation it seems to react to everything that happens, all the time. No matter what it is, they just gotta have some kind of reaction to it, and most importantly make their reaction known and express it loud and clear. But then, as I was thinking about this the other day, it dawned on me, isn't that just what life is in general? Isn't living fundamentally reacting to things happening in life, either directly or indirectly to you? Events occur and things are said and everything that makes them known is how you react to it. I don't know why but this dumb revelation really made me feel….small and insignificant lol. Like at the end of the day I'm just some animal with chemicals in my brain that's observing things and making stories that might not be true, and I'm not quite as rational as I make myself out to be. It made me feel extremely strange.

No. 1157385

Where does the money even go? It's retarded to donate to millionaires.

No. 1157386

I have 1 day to design trees, rocks buildings. 20 of them i’m fucked I literally can’t my hand is not cooperating my mind is shut I forgot how to draw. Fuck fuck fuck im fucked

No. 1157401

They're tip jars, it goes to the workers.

No. 1157409

It goes to "administration". I.e like the same for all charities, it goes to nothing.

No. 1157419

can you get an extension?

No. 1157422

My body is my fucking enemy. Two days I spend outside, suncream and everything. Now I got sun allergy all over my face. Like the fucking pox.

Every. Single. Year. I have to get used to the sun again, despite spending all time outside in winter too. Usually its just on my arms or chest though..

Now my entire face. Meeting friends tonight too. Ffs.

No. 1157430

Apple cider vinegar diluted with water on a cotton round gently dapped helps sunburn ph. Then a little aloe, maybe put the aloe in the fridge first.

No. 1157431

Trees and rocks are everywhere. Go outside and plagiarize

No. 1157436

File: 1651403180768.png (237.81 KB, 448x716, 6346436.PNG)

As an ausfag I can tell you that this pine solution is the only thing that helps us. It reduces swelling, blisters and pain. You can bathe in it or as I like to do, just pour it all over your skin and let it sink in for about 15 minutes. I hope you can get something similar where you are anon.

No. 1157443

Ayrt, haha, I keep mine in the fridge as well! Hell, for really bad swollen eye days— I have some cotton remover pads covered in aloe vera gel in a box in the freezer.

I'm just so amused, looking in the mirror is hilarious.

I've never heard of that before, thank you so much! Out here most people don't even know when I talk about sun allergy. It hasn't reached my county yet, so treatments are few. Just finding sunscreen that won't make it worse…

No. 1157444

It'd be irresponsible to say cut off your contact if it's going to make you feel alone but at the same time you're worth a lot more than having to keep him around.
sounds lame but after you give yourself some time reach out to either people/family/friends (been a neet too, I know it isn't easy or feasible) and find something you're wildly interested in to fill your time inbetween.
I'm so sorry you're going through this nona, wish I could help more besides autistic advice but honestly? the best revenge is living well
flourish without him on your own terms

No. 1157453

File: 1651405000070.png (301.94 KB, 478x599, 432.png)

I have this too! I've never met someone who's even heard of it before, people think I'm joking when I tell them I'm allergic to the sun. Exact same as you too, my tolerance resets during the winter and then the first few weeks of spring are hell while my skin adjusts.

The best topical thing I've found for it is aloe vera gel (make sure it's pure aloe, no alcohol). Antihistamine pills also help for me, it doesn't fix it completely but seems to help the redness and itching a bit. This year I started taking an antihistamine before I go outside as well and that helps prevent it. Also cold compresses, lay down for a while with a cold cloth on your face.

No. 1157494

I'm exhausted I worked 6 hours today and feel like it wasn't enough and I'm back in again tomorrow for 12 hours and I just can't wait for Thursday so I can sleep properly. This year has felt like a blur since February the last time I had a week off. I need a break and we're short staffed and I was talking with another coworker and he said he's going to put in a sick line and I am not happy, so now I'll have to cover his fucking shifts too. Fuck off

No. 1157516

File: 1651410065175.gif (1.59 MB, 256x192, 1649019518933.gif)

Why is every event I'm interested in the capital city or by the fucking coast?? I hate that if I want to go to a concert, gallery or any kind of fucking event I have to drive for 1-4 hours depending where it is. Fuck that fucking shit I don't want to travel 1/3 or half the country so I can have a bit of fun. I hate it hate it hate it.

I've never gone out because of this and now that I want to and finally can afford it, it looks like a huge waste of time and money since I'm also going alone. I'm so tired of this shit I just want to experience stuff that's all. Fucking balkan

No. 1157556

I feel like I forgot how to do a number of my hobbies such as drawing and doing exercises, i only have motivation to read books and watch movies. I need to stop chasing after things that I enjoyed in high school unfortunately. I regret dropping those hobbies and more to finish a degree I don’t even like

No. 1157640

My entire body is aching plus I have a runny/blocked nose and I just do not even want to function. I got a rapid test and it was negative, so I probably don't have covid, maybe it's just a cold, but I should probably get another one tomorrow before I go anywhere. Ugh just kill me anons but first let me go make some tea for my sore throat

No. 1157680

I'm probably exaggerating, but I hate the way I look after unwanted weightloss. I feel so unattractive with my weak arms and generally skinnyfat body. It's only downhill from here too. I feel vulnerable and unsafe like this. I look like a drug addict or an alcoholic, complete with needlemarks and bruises, even though I've never been a fan of alcohol and the only drugs I've ever done in the past are weed and shrooms. Who would even want me now? I don't want scrotes.

No. 1157685

File: 1651418630294.webm (6.38 MB, 540x960, 277060931_1394265274337681_325…)

I need this so bad, she looks so happy. For me, a reduction would be considered cosmetic and I'll be paying out of my own pocket, just can't afford it right now but someday…

No. 1157688

File: 1651418762538.jpg (119.93 KB, 1019x1024, fml.jpg)

fuck my entire life progress until now being reduced to nothing, thanks to some mental illness or disorder i don't even have a diagnosis of.
>gets insomnia before last year of university
>can't fix insomnia because must work to survive
>work both in the morning and night during the week and the nights during the weekend
>friends get mad because i don't hang out anymore
>start hallucinating, randomly falling asleep
>work fires me by first bullying me for 2 months to try make me leave them, then coming up with some bullshit to say they must down size
>start missing assignments
>have to move back with parents due to everything
>"you can not do this online assignment remotely"
>i appeal to a whole board to let me try
>they let me but my insomnia and shit comes back
>misses some deadlines, teacher gives up
>group hates me, teachers hate me, nobody gives a fuck
>other wagie job accuses me of doing drugs
>i say, show me recording of me hallucinating, make me do drug tests, i am not doing anything
>they don't show evidence and refuse to test me
>suddenly give me only the shittiest, most impossible shift, that's barely enough to earn money for one day's worth of food
>"it's the only one available"
>they are constantly understaffed
>fail university because i am not going back there alone or paying another whole year for just 2 assignments
>finally go to doctor
>"it's just anxiety"
>get another shitty fast food job that takes everybody
>managers 2-4 years younger than me
>my mother and grandparents are pestering me about grandchildren
>i keep using food as a cope
i hate this no empathy capitalist misogynist piece of shit world. i am capable of creativity, intelligence, care, kindness, forgiveness, strength, endurance, beauty, humor, etc. but everything i have ever achieved or that i am is suddenly nothing because i was poor for a little bit. because i acted weird a few times. fuck off. i hope all people that judged and treated me like trash for something i can't help will experience this hell and feel utter shame and sadness.

No. 1157696

inb4 "take a break" in that country we don't get sick leave, it was another immigrant's private company. also wasn't allowed to get student loans unless i worked a minimum of 15 hours a week, which easily turned into 12 hours a day when that fucking loan did hit my bank account on time ever.

No. 1157698

did not. fucking hell. saged.

No. 1157702

the shayna lolcow banners make me physically flinch every time i get them

No. 1157708

I ended things and now I can't stop crying

No. 1157718

i still like him. after all these years, reading our messages still makes me giddy. i should've done something and not refused every invitation he has (it's not like he has lot to be honest, just enough to count in two hands), but i'm a hermit with a strict and emotionally abusive dad that seethes whenever I interact with a guy outside of school and a troublesome brother that tries to defy even the simplest and lenient rules to follow.

and a mother that documents everything for her facebook and couldn't keep a secret to our relatives and her friends.

i regret it, fuck. we talk less once he transferred to another school and possibly he has found friends, and maybe a girlfriend, that is better than me. we're not even dating and he's just a crush. and i always treasure our friendship more than my own romantic feelings for him.

but even i want to confess, and i thought i have the confidence to do so when we graduated highschool but i cried when he danced with another girl during prom and i finally ignored that stupid objective.

i recently noticed that he sends a lot of selfies to me and that whenever i compliment a guy for being goodlooking or handsome he always jokes that he looks better than them. and he's right.

once we entered college, i tend to initiate most of our messages. i guess, he decided that he deserve better and once i stopped messaging him. he stopped as well. and it hurts when i spend days afterwards, waiting for a miracle but nothing.

i'm going to graduate college in a few months and a month later will be our birth month. i'm thinking of apologizing during his birthday, maybe just send a greeting privately. anything really. idk. i'm scared that we'll lose touch once more.

No. 1157739

I just watched a tiktok about men farting loudly every morning as they shit and their gfs in bed like…
And in the comments MULTIPLE women were like, "Omg and the gagging on the toothbrush!" Please. How are men that retarded. Every day I hate men more. I wish I was gay

No. 1157744

Like not only are they fucking retarded with no sense of nuance and literally they can't visually see details and things, but they are uplifted and socialised so they think they're the shit and actually think posting "you're a lesbian because you had no choice" is an opinion anyone should give a fuck about, because why? He feels entitled to say that because he has a dick? Like they really think it's an own to be like, I wouldn't have sex with you WHEN NO ONE ASKED. That is so pathetic and embarrassing and it pisses me off that they don't feel embarrassed.

No. 1157779

Deleted most of my social media apps. I logged out of everything. I’m ignoring friends, family, and people. I’m one more step closer to just accepting death. It’s only a matter of time before I take the next step and wait for fate to decide what happens to me on a high way or walking down the street at night. I’m ready for whatever. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It’ll be over soon

No. 1157795

Anon, why do you want to do it? Also, I know it's the easier route but self-isolation will just make things worse

No. 1157812

Anyone else feels extremely frustrated about all the things you've been missing out and you'll never have because you were born in a poor family? I feel so jealous of rich people. They spend their childhood learning other languages and playing sports, they can wear clothes from any brand, attend the best schools and university, live whether they want to. When I was a child, my dream was to be a ballerina, but I couldn't do it because I had no money. Of course I still can attend ballet classes, but I'll never be able to be a professional because it's too late. I'll have to spend my adulthood learning school subjects to try and have a better life, because the school I used to go to sucks. I only know one language besides my mother one, and it's broken. Of course those things are also my fault, but everything would be so much easier if I were born rich. Fuck, the world is so unfair.

No. 1157820

I’m tired of waiting for things to get better. It’s only been getting worse. There’s nothing I’m thankful for or to think positive about. I don’t have anybody. I can’t afford to get therapy to try to fix anything. I’m not good at anything. I’m constantly feeling like I’ve failed and there no upswing. There’s nothing. I’d rather just hope I die on my way to work. If there’s an accident then no one will have to be fake about me and act like they were my friend when no one was my friend. I’m tired of being used for the sexual gratifications of others because they know I’m lonely and desperate enough to do anything for them. I’m tired. I’m tired and everything hurts

No. 1157861

typing this out in case it's any consolation. my family was considered rich in my home country (my father worked abroad). through struggle i learned english. i have a shitty accent most people can barely understand. i am an immigrant now, and considered utter scum for my accent and country's stereotypes. i was not allowed to pursue my childhood dream - singing, because my mother said that's cringe. i was doing aerobic because my mother liked dance as a child. i hated it and sucked at it because i was an autistic kid with no coordination. all the other kids were snooty stacies who we shared nothing in common. was not allowed to hang out with friends after school because "you have to study" i couldn't study jack shit i was not interested in. never got adhd diagnosis, meanwhile brother had a slight foot deformation and went to 5 therapists. parents hated me after puberty and compared me to my sibling because he turned out to be the right kind of autist that is a genius at everything. i have to clean up after him and have had to since growing up. he never had to work a minimum wage job in his life. parents supported him his entire college life. i worked shitty minimum wage jobs since i was old enough to, to separate myself from my family, left everything behind to attend uni in another country, and when i come back all i hear is "when are you having grandkids?". i would have rather grown up poor but in a western country.

No. 1157869

this is very evil of me to say, but i hope that my ex-boyfriend has another mental breakdown in the next few months and comes running back to me to apologize for throwing me away like garbage after telling me that he loved me

No. 1157873

KEK same, been praying hard. i've not been thrown away but just been through annoying shit so i dipped. i've been praying for a mental breakdown or life-crushing event because he deserves the bad karma, but he just contacted me again today asking for me to please come back but it clearly wasn't motivated by a life changing event that showed him the light. not good enough.

No. 1157874

Please someone, tell me what are your options without a college degree? I'm 23. I wont be able to afford it anymore. Is retail the only thing I can do? I vomited this morning because the anxiety about my prospects is killing me

No. 1157876

College is a scam. Marry a rich dying man.

No. 1157877

there's tons you can do without a college degree. tons.

No. 1157878

I wish my mom aborted me like her last kid.

No. 1157879

rich people always do this as if saying "oh actually my life was hard too" makes anyone feel better. you didnt have the same problems and you don't understand what it's like. you never will. accept that and stop trying to explain things to poor people, stop trying to get them to relate to you. you can't understand and when you try it's insulting.

No. 1157882

Yes. I feel like I lost so many opportunities long term that I would have been a completely different person if I wasn't from a poor family. It shaped my habits and the way people interact with me on a daily basis, and since I was surrounded by rich kids with no self-awareness in middle and high school the differences in our lives were really super obvious because they'd have worse grades than me despite having private tutors and they would afford studying abroad anywhere they wanted, they would have their first jobs and internships early thanks to their parents' connections or advice while my parents legit think you can get any job by hand your handwritten CV to any shop you can find.

Seeing that I struggled and succeeded in making my situation better while these rich kids took it easy and have now similar incomes to mine and think they're "struggling" because mommy and daddy aren't paying their vacations all over the planet or LV, Dior or Longchamps handbags anymore is pretty funny though.

I don't see how your post is supposed to be consolation. You seem like you would have had the same issues regardless of your parents' wealth and income because they seem like selfish assholes.

No. 1157885

because working minimum wage jobs back to back and taking 3 extra years to finish university while barely eating enough to function is a rich person thing. learn reading comprehension lol. amerifags don't understand currency.

No. 1157886

samefag my nose just started bleeding, I guess I was blowing it too much. So inconvenient bc I had to get up and move my body

No. 1157887

File: 1651426159733.gif (2.65 MB, 333x250, 1E18A68E-0A70-48C2-9E10-F1DD29…)

I always gag on my toothbrush. I have a pesky wisdom tooth and I have to practically deep throat my electric toothbrush to clean it properly.

No. 1157889

same, but because i scrub my tongue. it feels disgusting not to clean it otherwise.

No. 1157890

This depends on what your degree is in. If it's law, med, etc. it'll be worth it to pursue, if not definitely check your opportunities. Talk to some people in your country who aren't college grads and learn what kind of life you they lead. In my country, you need a college degree to do any sort of job and a hige majority of our population graduate college but in countries with better economies and job opportunities, you might have an easier time.

No. 1157892

My mom had an abortion when I was a kid and god, I Wish That Were Me. That kid would probably have turned out normal and somewhat successful.

No. 1157894

Maybe you can do work full-time while you get educated and certified by your employer type of stuff? Like one of my friends became an optician that way, that's just one of those things you wouldn't think of exists on your own without doing some research. I also had a decent administrative office job when I was 20 with only a highschool degree and it paid a liveable wage and I didn't get it through connections or anything. I ended up going back to pursue uni after all but honestly it wasn't bad and much much better than retail. So there's definitely options.

No. 1157895

i would be happy to know exaclty how many years i have left. how the fuck can i plan on anything, when i don't know if i could get hit by a car, or shot up by a nutjob tomorrow? what is the fucking point. to live for the weekend? i do not want to die but sometimes i do not want to live. i may take a different route one day to work but it's all the same everyday. i don't even know what i'd want to accomplish because everything is meaningless.

No. 1157910

I feel so conflicted right now. To be blunt i absolutely dislike my mom. She babied me and when i was a grade schooler until now she still thinks im an idiot, so she doesn't let me do anything around the house. I was also the anon whose mom grabbed my crotch and multiple other body parts as a joke. She is the reason why i really wanted to move out ASAP and i did, and it felt really liberating. But sometimes my cousins would randomly tell me how lonely she feels and how me and my sister needs to look after her more.
At this point its like the love and hate i have for my mom is at a standstill and i don't know what to feel. Sometimes i get really angry and think she should've been a better mom and how much i would be more grateful to her if that was the case, so she deserves my stand-offish behavior. But sometimes i feel really bad for thinking that way and i recognize that she's obviously just a human person with flaws.
I don't know what to feel and thinking about her death (something that she uses often to guilt-trip me and my sister) makes me anxious, not in a good way

No. 1157911

>moms birthday tomorrow
>I got her present but forgot about her cupcakes
>have to ask my brother about these specific cupcakes she likes apparently
>still my job to go get them because (older)brother is loser who can't drive
>when I inevitably fuck this up mom will be mad at me alone even though I made her a gift because everything is my responsibility and my fault
>dad and brother will probably do nothing for her birthday as usual
>brother is just going to hide in his room when mom is pissed and she'll let him because I'm the fuck up apparently

I just want the males in my family to pull their fucking weight for once

No. 1157913

Good for you for moving out. Your cousin telling you your mom feels lonely, that sounds kinda guilt-trippy but every parent has to go through an empty "nest" at some point.

No. 1157915

My uncle is morbidly obese and has a heart condition that's had him hospitalized a few times lately. The day my dad finally texts me with news of that mans death I'll be immediately responding that he's a pedo and good riddence. I'm awaiting the day. If my dad is anything less than believing then I'll cut him off. I just don't want my uncle to be here defending himself. I'd lose my mind. But the moment he's gone I'm shitting on his memory.

No. 1157922

why is this so normal, i hate it so much. when it was my aunt's birthday i painted her a gift and my mother put together a whole gift box. then my father complained that shipping that cost too much and made my mom take some things out. my mother made my brothers sign a greeting card, which they did reluctantly. i wouldn't mind reminding people of birthdays but the fact that guys can't even bother buying a bar of chocolate or tub of ice cream or some god damned flowers for somebody once a year is peak assholery. my brother gets away with it by saying he does not want gifts for his birthday. ok, and??? why is it so hard to sign your 4 letter name on a damn card? then when i made him buy some flowers for mother's day, and he was whining the whole time, making me pick which bouquet to get, my mother almost congratulated him as if it was an accomplishment to do the bare minimum.

No. 1157923

Can't you just take the credit for your work and exclude them or does it not work that way in your mom's eyes? That's what I do and my mom stopped giving my father a gift for his birthday because it was all me doing the gifting on her bd.

No. 1157924

I’m sorry anon. Nobody would blame you if you wanted to just ruin the last moments of his life even further. Laugh at him in his dying moments.

No. 1157925

I seriously hate men.

No. 1157927

I don't have a college degree and I just landed a senior designer job with amazing pay and benefits. It's my first "big girl job" after years of shit jobs. I did go back to school at 27, but only for design and motion graphics certificates from a community college that covers tuition. I got this job through one of my instructors who really liked my work and work ethic so she recommended me to her network. There were other certificates I was considering online like UI/UX design and programming. It's definitely possible to get a good paying job without a degree or even certificate for that matter. A family member of mine also just got an amazing paying job at a union and she doesn't have a degree either. I know it's going to rough but you can get out of retail nonna. Do some research on what's available to you. I should note I'm in the US.

No. 1157930

File: 1651428744332.jpeg (200.01 KB, 640x761, BAF45779-3D20-4EB1-B77C-AE6785…)

DONT open the spoiler nonas. It’s cp report.

No. 1157934

File: 1651428933596.gif (1.13 MB, 271x336, 5HR.gif)

damn, they're annoying.

No. 1157942

Why is this happening? There has been a lot of cp being posted lately

No. 1157945

File: 1651429222413.jpeg (47.92 KB, 640x638, B4B868EF-BFC2-4524-862A-6F92BC…)

How I feel knowing that pedos will be tortured for all eternity in hell

No. 1157951

I'm fairly certain it's one or two moids (besides the spambot) that's been posting consistently because it's the same pictures and wording everytime. Just some 4chan autist who hates that women won't talk to him so he makes them run off even faster by posting porn here.

No. 1157953

NTA but what did you do before going back at 27? Was it odd jobs or were you still getting your foot in the door for design jobs?

No. 1157955

Very curious how this tantrum started after a moid was posting on /g/.

No. 1157957

Oh no that retard's discord nigel who would have thought he'd turn out to be such a degenerate!

No. 1157962

Deets? I don't get it

No. 1157965

I'm texting my dad right now to see if he can talk. Pics in the thread right now have made my mind up. I'm doing it today.

No. 1157968

check relationship advice thread in /g/ (or don't cp's there too)

No. 1157969

File: 1651429562716.jpg (214.25 KB, 798x798, FPPB8uvXsBEcPxJ.jpg)

Hide this thread and report the posts, the degenerate is here posting his shitty picture.

No. 1157973

I'm sorry nona, wish you well. Hope that man croaks.

No. 1157974

>Just some 4chan autist
Despite hating women they sure can't avoid not coming here, a place full of women.

No. 1157975

No, this is some long-time spammer, the same pic was posted on previous occasions.

No. 1157977

File: 1651429747129.jpeg (39.76 KB, 401x401, 0a13b1b5-0480-44ad-8f95-041543…)


Moids get mad when we say 'kill all men' and then give us a reason to kill all men. It brings me immeasurable amount of joy to see that moids have high suicide rates, may they all kill themselves.

No. 1157979

strength to you anon, let us know how it went.

No. 1157980

yeah, you're right. just read that bit, disregard my post.

No. 1157982

File: 1651429899945.png (384.7 KB, 593x587, baby.png)

I concur. It's funny how they say we live on easy mode but I guarantee a scrote would have killed himself already in my shoes

No. 1157987

I did grocery retail, clothing retail, food service, warehouse temp work from 18 to 23. In my free time, I made aesthetic posts, gifs, and memes on tumblr with a pirated version of photoshop. This actually helped me get my first office job at an e-commerce place at 23 which was $10/hr and no benefits. I did only some design-related things there though like editing photos for their products in Photoshop and Lightroom and making them a business card. The business owners would have screaming matches in the office every single day so it still was a shit job with shit pay. At 25, I started helping my friend's business out with design work at the start designing some stationery, but it eventually just turned into me shipping her junk out. I couldn't even use the minimal design work I did for her in my portfolio either because it was very poorly done and also technically fanart. I guess I would label my design experience before going back to school as "some experience".

No. 1157989

I want to kill myself because of money and work and how society is organized. Only already rich people can strive.I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life working as a slave to barely meet my necessities. I also cannot imagine myself oppressing others or becoming the internet narcissist that uses the suffering of others to make money. I cannot imagine myself being happy due to how the world is formed.

No. 1157990

You should make sure she knows any fuck up is her moids fault

No. 1157998

I hate BPD whores so much. Both male and female. They are so prevalent, both narcs and BPDs and they will tear you down. They will drag you to the depths of hell. Constantly make shit up about you. At this point it feels like the average person has BPD or NPD. You're not allowed to disagree with them. They guilt trip you. If they have authority they will use it over you.

No. 1158003

>At this point it feels like the average person has BPD or NPD
Did something just happen that made you feel this way?

No. 1158008

yes, I was severely abused by countless of people and taken advantage of for being sincere and truth seeking. I've obsessed the personality patterns of a lot of "average" human and they all have NPD/BPD like traits. I'm honestly tired of others. I have to understand everyone, be patient not contradict them, but they never do so to me. When I'm in a group of people the narcissist or evil one always targets me. It's been happening since I was a child. They've inflicted so much damage on me. Fuck these people. I don't care if you are a woman or man. No more BPD/NPD manipulators projecting on me.

No. 1158010

also NPDs and BPDs always gain positions of power within society and they use it to take it out on people they dislike

No. 1158011

Got my comment removed because I said someone looked like a girl John Kramer on IG and I'm just confused, that's not even an inherent insult and I didn't mean it that way. I thought it was funny. I thought the poster was even attractive. Why are people like this, kek.

No. 1158019

File: 1651432491073.jpeg (73.68 KB, 350x233, D12AE01E-C161-4D0A-B8C7-E19647…)

Kek anon that’s hilarious but I would be offended if someone said I looked like a fem picrel

No. 1158026

When did Olive Garden get more expensive than authentic Italian places???

No. 1158030

My sister and I haven't talked in a year and a half despite living in the same house. When I try to talk to her she ignores me, the only person she'll talk to is my father. I guess that's what 20+ years of a toxic household does to you. She doesn't have to be my friend but I wish we could at least have normal interactions. Neither of us can afford to move out because of the housing crisis. Today I looked up her social media for the first time in like, ever, and that's how I learned she finished her education and got a job.

No. 1158032

Well I went out and got some cupcakes, not the ones she wanted but whatever. I also got some flowers, took the time and money to get them gift wrapped but when I turned my back for ten seconds my ape of a dad tore the wrapping open. Cool. At least he always pays me back for getting all the gifts.

No. 1158036

I had to do this safety and preparedness thing for school including fires, earthquakes, tornados, and including violence toward health professionals, and one of resources is about mass attacks of course most of the people doing this are male as pointed out in the article there were only like 4 mentioned female attackers in here and they were pretty much accomplices to males, or were TIFs. there was one hybristophile who offed herself mentioned.
Yet most of society doesn't allow you to mention "a male pattern of violence"
>also lol at the mention of 4chan+8chan
i uploaded a google drive if anyone wants to look at it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1efMtYVMZMolxFY4a1ZiFwkYE8u8pZ-_a/view?usp=sharing

No. 1158037

Does that really say "low income" under the scribbles? The audacity, kek

No. 1158047

kek i'm sorry but what the heol

No. 1158048

Is your house big

No. 1158063

My anxiety disorder is bad. I won't look at people in public, not even a glance, I barely can look at the clerk I'm speaking to. I tried to go to the carnival with my bf today but I got spooked when we pulled up and told him nevermind. I was paranoid that I would have a strange social encounter. Everytime I try to try anything new or go anywhere outside my route I have a weird social encounter that is unpleasant at best or aggro at worst. I'm scared

No. 1158089

I know it's what the hell-worthy. I wish it were different.

Not small, not big. Just a normal sized single house. But we're both not home a lot, I go days without seeing her so that helps I guess.

No. 1158110

File: 1651436141419.jpg (29.56 KB, 552x534, c1be7e673cd0538e3ca353892238cb…)

He wrote me a message and apologized for "cornering" me like this yesterday and said his emotions were so strong he got carried away. I don't want to respond to him but I'm gonna see him at work tomorrow, this is so fucked and I still feel so embarrassed. Yesterday he was sure we're basically in a relationship now and I wonder if he still thinks that now when his post nut clarity hit him

No. 1158134

Sorry for incoming sperg but I need to get this off my chest. I wish 'cancel culture' could expand to people we know in real life that aren't in internet circles. I wish I could make some kind of callout post with my brain and project it to everyone.
This isn't my story but I just want to talk about this fucking scrote I knew from high school.
>4channer, naturally
>Cheats on his girlfriend with multiple girls regularly, no guilt
>His gf blames the girls instead of him and they don't break up
>Hear about it every day in the class I share with her
>Continues to gaslight and emotionally abuse her
>Extreme narcissist, brags about his programming prowess and how he could make a virus to take down the school PCs in 'seconds'
>Hangs out with one of my friends who is a chill stoner party girl
>Uses PUA strats on her, putting her down and negging her
>Offers to hang out with her and smoke
>He laces the weed with something, she smokes it
>She passes out
>Wakes up to him fucking her

At the time she was really forgiving and wanted to be the chill cool girl and did nothing about it. A few years later I brought it back up to her and said "yeah that was kind of fucked up huh, I should have done something". I'm not really friends with her anymore but thinking about this scrote makes me so fucking mad. I'm always tempted to look him up on Facebook and send him a nasty message. He has probably done this to so many other girls and got away with it. He is actual scum of the earth and probably is still a channer, probably kiwifag at this point.
I'm not in contact with anyone else from high school and don't have any as FB friends. Even if I did it would probably look like I'm someone who can't let go of the past and peaked in high school or some shit. Wish this happened in some sort of fandom or online group, this was before stuff like that really took off online the way it is now. I want this piece of shit to be punished but he most likely never will.
I hate how there are abusers out there that did their misdeeds 10+ years ago that still haven't had a call out just because it wasn't the right age of the internet yet.
Fuck you Brendan

No. 1158140

File: 1651437831129.jpg (48.87 KB, 1056x1056, 0e71ee7c5c1ca40fb892f71608ebcb…)

i've had suicidal thoughts for nearly a decade but now it's getting to the point where if i just fucked off, everyone's life would be so much better.
my siblings have moved to uni, my mum is with her boyfriend 99% of the time and i'm just stuck.
everything i do just ends in failure.
the worst part is that i'm medicated now so i can't just cry myself to sleep and then go back to just rotting in the house. i'm just numb and alone.

No. 1158151

I was reading one of those threads on twitter that shows AGPs being deranged and I saw a lot of them using very suggestive pictures of obviously prepubescent girls for their fetishes and it reminded me that as a child for some god forsaken reason my parents allowed me to “model” for some local photographer and there exists pictures of me out there, under the age of 10, where I am in a swimsuit or topless but covering it with some fabric or something and I want to cry why did I never realize until now the implications that had? Why did my mom let some fucking creep photograph me like that? Now those photos exist and are out there for possibly any sicko to find and there’s nothing I can do about it and i’m so fucking upset I want to tear my skin off, I already feel so violated even by the consensual encounters i’ve had with men in the past due to another different instance of csa now this.

No. 1158158

File: 1651438905574.jpg (35.28 KB, 500x340, 32222555.jpg)

I have questions for you nonnies, if you have time, please answer these:
How often do you feel lonely?
What kind of lonlinees it is? (it is loneliness that can go away after talking to people, especially friends or even that won't help you)
How long has it been since you feel this way?
Do you know many people who feel this way?
Why do you think you feel this way (cause) and what's the reason people feel this way?
How do you cope with loneliness?
What do you need to stop feeling lonely anymore? What do you think would help you?

No. 1158163

samefag but I want to say that answers would really help me. Not only I want to understand the cause of my loneliness but also understand people better and their loneliness.

No. 1158167

Be really clear that you want nothing more to do with him. I’m so sorry anon. What a fucking disgusting pig.

No. 1158170

Whatever the outcome nonna we love you. You’re very, very brave.

No. 1158171

one of the ways I started to cope with loneliness was just realizing how silly self-loathing internal behaviour. Respecting yourself and learning to enjoy your own company is a long journey, but it begins with increasing your self-confidence and not having to rely on other people to build you up. Confidence is everything, but having foundational security in yourself is paramount.

one thing that really helped me when I was at my most depressed was watching star trek voyager, it's a clinically optimistic show and really just surrounding yourself in optimistic media if you are withdrawing from everything in a depressive moment can be helpful if you are withdrawing from painful circumstances.

No. 1158190

File: 1651440753463.jpeg (261.12 KB, 899x1129, C23042CB-5AC4-49CF-B71B-11264C…)

I might be tinfoiling really hard right now but I feel like this might be Kaitlyn Tiffany, integrated and carrying out her femcel research covertly. Even using old thread pics as reaction images.

No. 1158191

More men should kill themselves.

No. 1158193

You got this, nonnie. Stay strong

No. 1158194

File: 1651440994613.jpg (221.88 KB, 1898x1080, bitch.jpg)

I haaate my fat bitchy manager. Fuck her.

No. 1158195

File: 1651441008972.gif (4.04 MB, 640x640, smacc-cat.gif)

TIFFANY you can't use anecdotes from anonymous sources you silly goose, that's bad journalism

No. 1158196

File: 1651441044299.jpeg (757.79 KB, 1782x1765, 5A39844A-DB76-46A1-8AEE-8B580F…)

No. 1158197

File: 1651441308946.jpg (222.4 KB, 1024x768, 1416892554957.jpg)

Finally got into a relationship after 5 years
>mfw he is married
I will never be unfaithful to my kpop husbando ever again.

No. 1158199

Bruh. I’m sorry nonny that’s some bullshit.

No. 1158203

I rarely feel lonely, in contrary, I love solitude. I think it's because of my cats and a good chunk of tism.

No. 1158204

File: 1651441762187.jpeg (137.96 KB, 1600x956, 913F2083-BE68-4917-A68E-32E04A…)

I have the willpower to not hook up with my best friend. I’m just not going to do it. I’m not going to sleep with him because I’m smart and I can resist. I’m not a dumbass so I just won’t do it. It won’t even be that hard

No. 1158207

File: 1651441929067.jpg (156.28 KB, 735x955, 6bff84fac3a1fbf8645e5750dbf130…)

>mfw Kaitlyn Tiffany the journalist from the Atlantic is better and faster at integrating than all the twitterfags flooding lolcow

No. 1158208

Lmao nonna,is he that hot?

No. 1158209

kekling would be a newfag and it would take her months to learn how to use this site and how to sage, so I can't be kekling.
Thank you for your answers!

I wish more anons would answer though.

No. 1158210

Ugh, I hate brothers. I'm not rich but I relate; being the girl in a brother sister combo sucks, you make a tiny mistake and it will never be forgiven meanwhile he gets praise for doing the bare minimum.

No. 1158217

You honestly need to become selfish to survive around people. I'm such a pathetic pushover and I only realized this now.

No. 1158226

File: 1651444402440.png (157.6 KB, 292x414, cake for you.png)

ramadan is over. its always been my favorite month but i havent been able to enjoy this one the same at all… its my favorite because i always spent this month with my friends and family but this year, i had nobody. the people in my house prefer to hang out with other better people, so i was alone all month. i lost all motivation to bake/cook about two weeks in because i felt like i was doing it for nothing if nobody was there to enjoy my food, if they were there, they didnt show any interest at all. i dont like eating so i was never doing it for myself and therefore was unable to enjoy whatever i was making. this one was my loneliest one spent yet. tomorrow is eid and i wont be able to celebrate because once again nobody is going to be here with me. even my mother told me not to call her tonight…

No. 1158233

Came here to vent about the exact same thing

No. 1158236

>Thank you for your answers!
>I wish more anons would answer though.
Kek Kaitlyn what the fuck

No. 1158238

My older brother and his gf are coming to visit the next few days and I'm dreading it. They always try to poke their nose in my life and laugh at all my interests and the way I talk. They think I'm a weirdo autist. The gf will pretend to be nice to me but completely ignore me when we're alone together. She can be a huge bitch and has insulted me in front of everyone to where I cried, and later everyone blamed me for being sensitive. I just have to sit there like a doll - smile at the right times and not give out too much info because then they have ammo to make fun of me with.

No. 1158240

Will you tell his wife?

No. 1158243

Sorry anon I hope tomorrow surprises you with something nice to make it feel less lonely

No. 1158244

Call me shallow, but I hate when you want to buy a book and the cover is full of irrelevant and pointless reviews/quotes like "Amazing! Brilliant! Absolutely fascinating and a NY best seller! - [insert name of a newspaper here]" or the original cover is replaced with the movie adaptation's poster. I'd say it's even an insult towards any potential reader. I'd rather pirate a book than buy a physical copy that looks like shit.

No. 1158246

shit on her pants

No. 1158258

Amber pls

No. 1158263

make them gross food to eat, remove the door off the hinges of the room they are staying in and say the hinge needs to be repaired. Hide the remotes. Turn off the wifi and say you're getting a new router. Get rid of all the regular pillows in exchange for pillows that are small, squared and with buttons or embroidery on them. Give them blankets that are too small and too thin (like throw blankets instead of bed blankets). Put some glow in the dark things in their room that can not be unplugged like a plug in bug zapper. Remove the batteries from your fire alarm so its always beeping. Put some creepy dolls in their room, tell them you bought them at an estate to flip because they're actually worth a lot. Wake up early and be loud. Turn on a white noise machine that 'helps you sleep' and have it pointed towards the wall of their room, pick something annoying and wear earplugs yourself.

No. 1158289

Kek I don't think he's inherently ugly, imo there is something oddly attractive about him, but you are right and I shouldn't be so dense

No. 1158292

This unlocked some dark memories of having a huge crush on him in high school

No. 1158310

No, anon. I am evil and I refuse to work for pointing out how inherently evil and unfair the world is. I'm also narcissistic for wanting to leave a valuable piece of work behind like a book that people can read and relate to and for a moment feel like they are releaved from the pain of existence. I am narcissistic for this, but the average person is not narcissistic for literally not wanting to do anything for another person and literally living their entire life climbing the social ladder and using others working a job that benefits nobody but themselves. I am narcissistic for literally wanting to end my own life and wanting to leave behind something that helps others.

On another note I'm completely done with society and I have created this pattern of attracting absolutely insane BPD chans and NPD chans that abuse me non stop and project their shit on me while they are convinced I am projecting on them since they are too self unaware to see they are doing it to me. I attract them because I am selfless, truthful and kind and I don't know how to have boundaries. They are obsessed with me. It's a strange obsession these types of deranged individuals develop with me. They are also everywhere, they are literally unavoidable.

I think a lot of women are unfairly diagnosed with BPD, like the ones abused in their childhood or severely abused and if you're not manipulative or have evil traits I don't see the issue with having mood swings or feeling empty or hopeless, that's not evil, but wanting to always win, taking your frustration out on others constantly or trying to manipulate them is evil. I swear all social groups are ran by an ape like instinct, it's a stupid chess game in which the stupidest and the lowest in morals win. Winning at the social game is not about being truly intelligent or valuable human being, it's all about being as animalic as possible. I hate Amber Heard fans and I hate Johnny Depp too, they are both the sort of people I truly despise and none of them is good. I wish the BPD fags would stop projecting into Amber. I swear there's this creepy thing with BPD fags they all have almost the same facial phisyonomy. Especially the inborn BPD fags. The medical field is shit with definitions and diagnosis criteria of mental illness either way, but some individuals are born with this high level of sociopathic tendencies and they refuse to solve their issues and I'm not talking someone from a bad background like someone that lacks capital but someone that is born in a good family with money and that has the socio economical and environmental support to completely change their life or do good things. I understand being desperate or feeling hopeless if you were born in a shit socio economical circumstance but people born in good financial situations that refuse to improve their lives are to be condemned. Money is the main resource of changing your life, it gives you access to freedom. Yet, I see so.many idiots that come from wealthy families literally waste their capital or do jack shit with it and surround themselves with the most toxic people when they could literally do any fucking thing in the world. They want misery while I only wanted good things but being poor conditioned me to misery. I had to see my own mother kill herself due to poverty and what a sick system did to her. How can I continue living? I hate narcissistic BPD sociopaths too bad they make up 90% of the population and if you don't bend to their will they will.make you kill yourself. Why are you so obsessed with me? The things you say or believe about.me are not even true. I wanted only good for the world and I seek virtue overall but life faced me with poverty and misfortune. Your only suffering and aspiration is to get dick or male attention. You posted your nudes on the internet not because you were dying of hunger and unable to work due to mental illness and having no support system, you posted your nudes on the internet because you are obsessed with male attention. Because you are narcissistic and have no definition of real moral value. Your environment gave you the opportunity to become anything but you chose to be a dumb slut wallowing in self pity while the world gave you all the prospects and resources to do whatever the fuck you want. At least I have a reason to wallow in self pity and that is seeing my entire family be destroyed by poverty and an incredibly sick system. If I were handed the resources you were handed at birth by mere luck I wouldn't be in the situation that I am now. Death to sociopaths. Stop pouring your poison inside of me and making me misanthropic. Most humans are dumb and unthankful and evil and egoistical. If possible I would keep only 10% of the world alive. Most people have shit genes. Only the truly gifted should be kept alive because in the long run quality is better than quantity and evilness would disappear because the shit genes of those that are born evil which is 70% of the population would die. Society fed me its poison and I never had a choice. If free will is real then where is mine?? Because I never had a choice in my life. When you are born in poverty and have nobody you have no choice. I wish I had a normal life.

When I was in middle school 3 of the kids in my class were from the orphanage and they were bullied and mistreated daily for coming from a bad financial situation.Those children never had a choice. They asked me for help but I couldn't help them because of the social organization. If I helped my classmates then all the other kids would have bullied me too and hated me for opposing the majority. Now the girl from my class got killed being a hooker and the boy is dealing drugs. It's all about the socio economical situation you are born in, it defines the entire outcome of your life. Free will is real but if you take in account the paradigms of how our world functions it gets canceled. Sometimes even putting In your best work or controlling your behavior does next to.nothing if you were born in the wrong circumstances.

No. 1158333

every day before i go to work at my shitty retail job all i can think about is how the kardashians get paid to sit on their fake asses all day and do nothing. when the shit i do can't even pay my fucking bills.

something's got to give. i'm not the only one thinking this, i know it. real change has to come soon. this can't keep going on like this lol.

No. 1158335

File: 1651451694503.png (451.37 KB, 583x581, image_2022-05-02_103452381.png)

I bought a lot of stuff through FromJapan but all the affordable shipping methods have been suspended by japan post so I'm forced to dispose of $50 worth of items or pay $400 - $600 in shipping. It's so unfair!!!! one of them was a gift for someone too… I'm so heartbroken. pic kinda related

No. 1158337

thank you for reading my post anon i hope you have a great day

No. 1158343

these are kinda fug ngl

No. 1158345

yeah it was just the first result on ratuken

No. 1158353

We have enough resources on this planet to live in a literal utopic society. We could make heaven on earth, but we are too lost in the cult of egocentrism and family to have empathy anymore, to realize that we are all one. The same species that shares consciousness. We willingly make each other's lives more miserable. We just constantly try to get others to pleasure us, to abuse them. It's all about the I, the individual. I've seen only atrocities in this society, good things only in fantasy. Nature is so beautiful. How did society end up in such way? It will back fire very soon. We are gonna face social collapse and society will be dystopic. Those with money will try to save themselves and their ugly children but everything will be far gone their money will be useless in the sick and corrupt system they have built and the entire world will suffer the rage of all the souls that have experienced great suffering and mistreatment during their life time on this planet. The millions of raped children, starving humans, people that kill themselves. We will as a collective experience the suffering we have created throughout human evolution. We could be saved and retributed, but we won't because we refuse to stop being selfish, we refuse to.stop.hurting others. We refuse transcendental idealism for our own pleasures and irrational biases. In 100 years it will be too late. We literally need a huge revolution and a restructuring of society and if not the human species will die. We will literally all die in the next 300 years if we continue like this. Not even the money of the richest will save them. We have the time to retribute ourselves until.then and make up for our sins.

There's also no real political party for the poor or the unfortunate. Communists are all bourgeoisie LARPERs. I won't have a rich kid that makes a lot of.money off THEIR Larp lecture me about the world and communism. Everything is incredibly nuanced and highly frustrating in this society. Kinda shit this incredible gift of life happened to us when the chances were so small just so that we ruin it being too.greedy and unconsiderate. I think murder is justified, murder is immoral but so are the millions of things happening daily that nobody does anything about and those that could are too lost in their schizophrenic world of luxury. A scrote like Ellen Musk is more condamnable than a scrote that snaps and murders 10 people in a school shooting. Millions of people are dying because of Elon Musk, because he is refusing to use his capital to actually improve the world. Like any other capitalistic pig he was born in a wealthy family that socialized him into continuing the legacy of being capitalist pigs. The main personality characteristic of a capitalist pig is that he is oblivious to the suffering of the world and how much he could improve the world by redistributing his capital. He only uses it to enslave others or make his childhood dreams become true. This is how we let the world function and this is why the world will burn. Society will collapse in 300 years. We let mentally retarded children with 80 IQ hold immense power into their hands just because they were born in a certain family while literal geniuses die in hunger and suffering.

No. 1158355

File: 1651452692885.jpg (48.28 KB, 660x373, 635730227772038892-2015-07-20-…)

I found out I am the same height and weight as this competitive eater man. My bdd has never been worse and this is triggering me so hard

No. 1158360

the capitalist pigs are investing into space to make space travel a thing or try colonizing other planets and I laugh at it because the situation on earth is so bad and it is getting increasingly worse that we will literally kill our own species in max 300 years and they won't have enough technology to escape earth and I will be dead but I told you

No. 1158369

File: 1651453266383.gif (5.3 MB, 498x381, 555555.gif)

I'm a problematic drunk. Today my bf starts his new job but I spent yesterday night drinking and fighting with him. I'm as bad as lahey really.
I think I honestly just feel hopeless, and i've felt this since I was a kid.
I wish I had willpower and strength of body/mind.

No. 1158370

I find it weird when multiple anons bring up the fact that they terf sperg around their bfs. I just can't imagine any moid legitimately giving a shit about female issues

No. 1158374

is this matt stonie? he's totally bulimic.

No. 1158376

>stop drinking
>find a bf you actually like

No. 1158378

>im an alcoholic
>I love my bf
>Im the toxic one

try again

No. 1158385

BPDs are the fucking worst. Their entire personality is a fucking LARP and they are empty sociopaths and Im not talking about a suicidal woman that self harms and has been raped her entire childhood and is depressed and suffering the repercussions of their environment. I am talking about real BPD shit heads that come from cozy families that have had everything handled to them, yet they are incapable of performing basic empathy and they have no personality. They grasp onto anything that can get them attention. They constantly steal the personality quirks or characteristics of others if they think those personality characteristics will give them attention. They are incapable of fostering an authentic personality. It's all stolen bits. The positive part is that although I am living a shitty life I did whatever I could for my situation and I know so many things and I have transcended realms of consciousness and understanding. I truly feel like I am filled with an authentic self. I have a stable sense of self. Nobody will take that away from me not even when dead and even if I am not recognized I get to live with inner intensity and personal flavor. Something that a BPD fag will never truly experience as they are void, they are nothing but shallow carcasses emulating a character that can get them enough attention or which they can use to gain social control or power, but inside they are empty and living blindly. This is the karma they are experiencing and it's so satisfying to think about it. Everytime a cluster B fag hurts me I get so much satisfaction from thinking they will never live authentically. They are irrational idiots. Life could gift them with the most beautiful things and they run it to the ground. They bring negative value to everything. They are very honestly better off dead because they bring nothing to the world but more despair through their actions as all their actions are driven from self interest but they are never fulfilled.

No. 1158387


No. 1158389

its alright anon, I appreciate the thought. us alchies know the solutions but its impossible to achieve once you've been stuck on doing something for so many years.

No. 1158391

Not saying this to be dark or mean but to be kinda realistic, most of the time you do lose valued relationships to this type of problem and its only then (say 2 failed relationships later when that pattern sinks in) that you're at a low enough point to really address the issue seriously. Seen that alot. Hell I'm not a drinker but pining for exes that I lost to my own untreated demons is like a wake up call that keeps on hitting.

No. 1158392

File: 1651454811215.jpg (22.97 KB, 563x534, 5fbb057725a30b4f451f7b67558ea7…)

>can't sleep
>decide to have midnight snack
>a banana can't hurt, right?
>half hour passes
>"oh my god I'm going to die"
>pain passes before any pain killers can kick in

No. 1158393

Well with that attitude it certainly is

No. 1158395

I know… I almost lost my bf once so I have to do everything in my willpower to keep this disease at bay. Its hard, its a sickness. A physical and mental one. Pray for my willpower anons.

No. 1158396

I appreciate your enthusiasm anon, ty

No. 1158399

Hopefully you overcome it anon, please don't give up. Never.

No. 1158400

I'm just throwing your own words back at you, it's not me you should be mad at

No. 1158401

Im not even mad at you anon I said I appreciate your enthusiasm. I read your comment in an optimistic way, not sure about what you mean now.

No. 1158404

my friend talks so fucking loud when we're at a restaurant like… it's ok if it's busy but if we're in a quiet cafe she'll still be basically shouting while cursing up a storm and it's so embarrassing i want to tell her to read the room

No. 1158407

I wonder about this too. Then again I've dated women for such a long time I can't even imagine trying to put up with a moid unless there's some ulterior motive like his money

No. 1158410

I thought you were sarcastic.
I wasn't optimistic at all.
If you say it's impossible I don't see it ending. Also, I used to drink and all the while I was insecure and doubting my willpower, sobriety wasn't on the horizon. Talking about quitting was only to stave off the guilt. You just don't seem decisive enough.

No. 1158411

Meh, I love men too much because I actually find the difference in the genders to be fun and exciting. And if he's a good guy then it makes it wholesome and fun. I couldn't give two shits about money lmfao. Also I love dick too much.

No. 1158412

>You just don't seem decisive enough.
That is correct. And I know i'm a huge baby who can't make their own decisions too.

No. 1158413

>problematic drunk
Wouldn't the first step be admitting you're an alcoholic?

No. 1158415

Why are all drunks self-pitying? I used to be like that too. It's a bad habit. Love and respect yourself.

No. 1158416

You sound wholesome I hope the dick is good hetero anon

No. 1158417

Because you're basically suicidal 24/7

No. 1158419

Yeah I am, been to AA and everything. Still relapsing all these years later.

No. 1158423

Uh, no, and that's something to see a professional about. Suicidal thoughts are not normal even in alcoholism.

No. 1158427

>Suicidal thoughts are not normal even in alcoholism.
Have you ever sat in an AA session? Unless you're luna, most alcoholics and drug addicts do this as a method of self harm or to numb the pain you feel living in sobriety.

No. 1158430

File: 1651456400587.jpg (10.79 KB, 275x206, 882191.jpg)

Being ugly is so fucked up lmao, how is this fair. And my body sucks, too? God couldn't have made me a butterface?

No. 1158432

AA? No, I haven't. And I didn't feel suicidal at all ever. I just felt huge guilt for drinking and self-pity for being a drunk.

No. 1158440

Just… why? So many of us go through trauma, but not everyone becomes a (chronic) addict, not even those who would be seemingly genetically predisposed. Do you have another underlying mental illness?

No. 1158444

>So many of us go through trauma, but not everyone becomes a (chronic) addict
good for you lmfao I love when people say this to me like they have some epic win to convey that I was too retarded to figure out

>Do you have another underlying mental illness?

Just lots of past trauma

No. 1158455

Honestly I like to think being ugly made me humble. If I was hot I would probably be ethotting right now or just generally being self-obsessef

No. 1158460

Yeah but we can always make up for it in other ways and people will love us for more than appearances. I feel you though anon. I am showing some intense signs of aging cuz of health issues and I kind of look back sad that I can't redeem anything at this point. But I guess it's better than losing your looks and then everyone who was only interested for that ditches you. Happens way often apparently.
I enjoyed being cute for the first few years of my life but then my DNA just said nope, you're done. Onto the ugly train you go.

No. 1158465

No, I'm asking because my trauma was caused by nearly everyone being an addict in my family, but I didn't turn out the same way. So they don't have the genetics excuse. I genuinely don't get what is the difference between them and me, me and you. I don't know. I haven't spoken to my own mother since I was like 13 and only met her when I was 7. She quit for the pregnancy, but other than that she kept relapsing and I don't get it. Just why? I don't feel like I won anything.

No. 1158471

I don't have it in me to finish my internship. I need it to graduate but can't bring myself to work on it because I'm so depressed and there's a lot factoring in my life rn. My supervisor emailed me Friday asking if I can meet tomorrow and i still haven't replied. I'm scared to say that I'm not near close to finish. Like how do you even admit that

No. 1158473

Guys help I physically can't stop listening to music and imagining myself in an impossible world for several hours

No. 1158474

Because people are very complex, and each individual is different.
You're looking for simplicity where there is none. Not everything is subject to reductionism.

No. 1158488

growing up ugly comes with perks like developing excellent charisma or a great sense of humor imo. at least there's that.

No. 1158489

Look up maladaptive daydreaming

No. 1158494

Similar to you anon the only reason i want to graduate with this degree by the summer is so my small family stops asking me every call, text, letter when I'll be done. They dont even seem to recognize that through the years i was doing full school with full work, caring for my younger siblings due to no parents, suddenly had health problems with surgery, almost became homeless and living off whatever free food i could get since i was giving the low income food to my siblings. School grades were the least of my worries when i needed to make sure we all had a roof over our head and i had a job giving the needed hours. On top of that my family basically pivoted their opinion of my useless hobbies to "you should make that into a living" on top of the school, work, house work i was stuck doing. My degree feels useless i dont give a shit for it. It doesnt even mean i get a job much less a better paying job than my current. My current job pays me a lot better than what past me had as a career goal. I think they just expected me to be in some nice office job where i always get weekends off and have paid vacation by a company thats well renowned for them to say "my neice, sister, grandaughter works here isnt that amazing!?" Except instead i work a low-mid level job with no degree that pays me way better but isnt so "nice" looking.

No. 1158497

File: 1651460285431.jpeg (91.28 KB, 640x709, 6B078183-8D7E-4981-A6A3-796614…)

No. 1158519

That's not a thing you moron.

No. 1158529

I hate how if I mess up slightly in a conversation or get called out for something offensive I say when I didn't even know it was offensive I just shut down and don't know what to do, and feel like the worst person on the planet even if I do apologize. I feel like I always have to be on my toes lately with the general populace so when I still mess up I just hate myself even more for not being good enough

No. 1158629

nvm I got 4 out of 5 items, the other item was too big for cheap shipping (it is literally a 100cm x 100cm blanket… not sure why it was deemed too big ), I am not paying $400 for a tiny blanket kek

No. 1158652

No. 1158653

File: 1651469536987.jpg (177.69 KB, 1360x1338, o9UXrIr.jpg)

I have to call a telehealth service in the morning haha

No. 1158657

If you think the feelings and destructive tendencies of women with mental illness don’t matter unless they have been raped their entire childhood thats a you problem you sound like a scrote

No. 1158672

Receptionists and middle management women in retail are so vile to janitors. It's a comfy job but they're the one sunspot that stops it being perfect comfy. I'm having to do this second job for extramural study, and every nasty comment and snide remark comes from somebody that's basically on the same socioeconomic level. I went in early in the morning to do a few stores before class started today and the middle manager there spoke to us in the most condescending, "awww they're slow" sort of manner. Bitch, I make significantly more than you in my main job and in this job there's probably a $4 an hour difference.

No. 1158674

What happened?

No. 1158678

No. 1158692

Got either a UTI or bacterial vaginosis.

No. 1158701

File: 1651472826518.jpg (424.61 KB, 1000x1000, 172767.jpg)

Fuck this fucking game and fuck the entire fucking Animal Crossing franchise. You are 20+ years old and the first time you ever made an improvement was a few months ago with your half assed crops and shit cooking update. Everything about you is retarded. You are a game about making friends and engaging with villagers, but you equip them with 6 sentences that they share with other villagers and you can barely interact with them? If I was the head of Nintendo I would be ashamed of myself for shilling the same game for 2 decades.

And the fanbase is even worse. They've finally accepted the franchise that keeps fucking then over is not going to update ACNH and these assholes are really sitting there like "whelp, guess we gotta wait for the new game" no babe you need to chew a pen until it's sharp and commit ghetto seppuku you retard. Go shove your stupid aesthetic set up posts up your ass, anorectal violence

No. 1158705

rip em apart nonnie

No. 1158715

I would be your friend

No. 1158726

I love you and I hate everyone who’s first animal crossing game is new horizons, that’s right I’m a fucking animal crossing elitist you don’t get to have an opinion on SHIT if this is the first game you played. Also everyone who doesn’t like gyroids needs to get electrocuted, oh you don’t like these delightful clay creatures that sing and dance for you? Die.

No. 1158727

Kek don’t worry I work in retail and I have to be shit all over by a bitch that posts on Facebook for 25k a year.

No. 1158728

I agree with you, this is maybe the only thing in the entire WORLD I'm elitist on

No. 1158739

The heat of my rage will heat iron nails orange before I hammer them into the skins of whoever is doing this to Animal Crossing

Ayrt. I am an Animal Crossing elitist purely because of how much I've come to despise it. I am sick and tired of people who have played New Leaf and ACNH being the majority of AC players because they lack any understanding of how dirty Nintendo is doing the franchise. They complain and complain but they keep buying into it anyway. I can't believe AC is never going to reach it's full potential because retards are going to keep buying shit games and making it out like it's the best thing ever. STAND UP. Have self respect like why are they just letting Nintendo milk them like this?

No. 1158741

Me but with Game Freak and Pokemon

No. 1158753

I've embarrassed myself last night by asking my FWB to stay longer after sex. Last 3 times it was 10 minutes, 10 minutes and last night he had the gall to say he had to go in 5 minutes, straight after fingering me and I was just like immediate gut reaction no, unacceptable sorry catch the next train and he was like of course, no problem! Then I was burning up with shame at lowering myself to that level to ASK.

Before, we'd chill and spend an hour or so chatting after sex and it'd be very relaxed, and he's a good sex partner and what I'm looking for at this point in life, but I'm definitely not into fuck and go stuff. I'm seeing him for non sex stuff today and wondering if I should talk about it or let him go unchecked and let his behaviour speed up my leaving him.

Fuck, he's made it fucking weird that I had to verbalise and force what came naturally.

No. 1158761

Talk to him, don't make it seem like you actually want a relationship though because men are retarded and he'll ghost you. Hope it works out for you.

No. 1158768

File: 1651477971755.jpeg (11.57 KB, 275x229, 62652656.jpeg)

>You are 20+ years old and the first time you ever made an improvement was a few months ago with your half assed crops and shit cooking update.
Are you talking about the game or me??

No. 1158771

If he wanted to he would, you're correct that you shouldn't have to ask. Unfortunately that's the reality of FWB, maybe you should find a new one because it doesn't sound like he wants to spend time around you except for sex.

No. 1158784

File: 1651480534793.png (43.55 KB, 390x585, FB28CB81-98A3-4856-B6C7-B79919…)

I can’t fucking stand that the game has basically no settings, especially how it doesn’t let you mute just the music and skip the Isabelle cutscene. I wouldn’t even mind that it’s a hollow half-finished game and the definition of this meme from the sims thread, but I work a lot and just want to play for a few minutes after work and it feels like I see more of Isabelle’s dumb fucking pug face than the actual game because of that stupid unskippable cutscene.

No. 1158801

That must've been embarrassing, sorry nonna. I think if you want to continue this relationship then you should talk to him about it, unless you're okay with how it's been, which you clearly are not.

No. 1158814

File: 1651483102411.jpg (70.04 KB, 563x707, 16f3e002abce13679497660b8c8807…)

Every day I think about how I'm not allowed to hug cows and I get angry
>"have you been near farm animals in the last 6 months, anon?"
>"okay, good, because they could carry infectious diseases and-"
YOU'RE TAKING EVERYTHING FROM ME, I wanted to cross that off my bucket list.

No. 1158815

Pretty sure Isabelle's monologue is just a loading screen. At least I wish she would be like in ACNL and say each day who is coming to the island (I don't have their English names but like if you can buy art, buy plants, etc.) but now she does it only thanks to the recent update.

No. 1158818

File: 1651483284804.png (542.7 KB, 1154x657, allscrotesdeservecastration.pn…)

I hate this fugly pig nosed little pink dick looking bitch and I hope he's gotten molested by every old fat holloywood scrote that's come into contact with him. Why any woman would want this estrogen loaded shaky kneed looking twink is a complete fucking mystery to me, he looks like he smells like pre cum and tears. Die in hell choking on cocks you faggoty looking manlet, that is all.

No. 1158821

This is more of a request for advice than it is a vent because I didn't want to necro the advice thread.

My mom is racist against Japanese people and I need some way to convince her to cut it the fuck out. Her argument for why she does it boils down to two things: 1) Local Japanese-Americans being rude to her when she vacationed to Hawaii and 2) the Rape of Nanking. I want to emphasize that my mom is not Chinese, nor does she even know any Chinese people. She's said some really awful things about Japanese people, like they shouldn't be allowed to live in Hawaii or that Japan didn't "deserve" the financial boom it experienced in the 70s.

I did some reading and I found out a couple of things. First off, Japanese people have lived in Hawaii since the 1800s (longer than my mom's ancestors lived in the U.S. for the record), so they had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, and if anything the U.S. subjugated them by deposing the Hawaiian queen in the 50s. I feel like if I was just living my life and white tourists kept blaming me for WWII and shitting up my island, I'd be annoyed with them, too. I also did reading on Nanking, and it turns out that the book my mom read was panned by historians. While the basics of the book are true, its goriest anecdotes are hearsay and several of the photographs were discovered to be fake. Basically, it's true that at least 100k civilians were killed, but it's not true that soldiers were ordered to dismember babies like the book says. The book also characterizes "the Japanese" (it's words) as a hivemind, which definitely didn't help my mom's racist thinking.

TL;DR My white mom uses an atrocity that happened 85 years ago in a country she's never been in to justify being racist, please advise. I am NOT looking for anons to defend her stance. I just want advice on what to say to her about all this. (Inb4 banned for racebait even though I'm opposed to my mom's beliefs.)

No. 1158824

I'm sure you'll get to hug a cow someday nonna

No. 1158825

I don't know who that is but I love your energy

No. 1158828

I hate him too.

No. 1158829

File: 1651484430294.jpg (20.41 KB, 564x564, c3971ea0572da3b091364f7019c611…)

I did pet a donkey the other day and disinfected my hands immediately afterwards don't tell shhh

No. 1158833

its less so that they care about womens issues and more that they can laugh at the absurdity of male lesbians

No. 1158835

Who is this?

No. 1158837

REPORT HIM TO HR OR LITERALLY ANYONE AT WORK. You may be able to get over it but these guys will attack other women also.

No. 1158841

HR is a rat who only cares about company liability and tends to throw women under the bus. Talk to a lawyer first or talk to the independent confidant or talk to compliance.

No. 1158849

He's some tiktoker who claims a girl a year younger than him "took advantage of him." I don't even have a side in this I think the girl has some serious boundary issues but this fucking faggot is making a mockery out of sexual assault. Pretending to be some traumatized shaky voiced victim cause his female best friend stuck her hand down his pants and felt him up a bunch of times. He continued leading her on by making sexual tiktoks with her and then sleeping in the same room as her even after multiple instances of her touching him in his sleep. He didn't seem to give a fuck at the time but is now claiming to be some fragile abuse victim. His name is Jack Wright, I was watching J Aubrey's video on the situation but I can't take the bullshit "men are victims too guys!!" rhetoric where they larp as abused women and act as if it's the same thing or anywhere near as bad as the abuse women face from men, I can't stand scrote culture. They're all so fucking desperate and eager to be victims, men are so goddamn weak it would be funny if they didn't waste so much fucking time with their dramatic antics.

No. 1158858

Do you have some oubreak of diseases where you live?

No. 1158859

His drunk gf kissed him while he was drunk. He led her on because being with her brought him fame and decided to accuse her because again it'd bringing him attention and fame.

No. 1158862

>Drunk guy kissing a drunk girl is rape
Aren't these the same fucks who run around screaming how evil women who get drunk at bars and get taken advantage of are all liars who just want to ruin some poor innocent man's life?

No. 1158866

File: 1651486207356.jpg (44.75 KB, 564x533, 556f13da80857ee1870d621e20b626…)

Nah, I'm immunocompromised and the specialists are being really neurotic about it. I feel like with how often I'm in the hospital, I would faster catch something there, than from hugging a cow.

No. 1158871

Yes. They'd also say it wasn't rape if a girls boyfriend groped her while they were sleeping together, which is what the faggot is accusing the girl of. He's such an asshole and pickmes supporting him are retarded.

No. 1158874

well i never heard anyone catching something from a cow, if they live in a clean environemnt i think you're fine.

No. 1158885

File: 1651487092072.jpg (150.27 KB, 568x864, cuddle_cow.jpg)

There's a place where I can go cuddle cows 30 minutes away from me…

No. 1158891

The video of her "assaulting" him was such a fucking joke, you can see him lift his arm off the guy next to him when he gets up but his friends claim he was unconscious, and on top of that his twin brother filmed the entire thing. Like yeah fucking right, if that was a 200 pound sweaty scrote straddling his brother you can bet damn sure he would've gotten up to stop it but when it's a pretty teenage girl "assaulting" him he just sits back and watches? The fact that everyone online seems to eat this shit up like he's a victim is so depressing.

No. 1158896


No. 1158908

I hate that I have to interact with men. Date them, talk to them, reply to their texts.I hate that my emotions and self-worth is controlled by whether he replies back or not. It's torture. Growing up, I only had female friends. I was like wow this is amazing. The more I interact with moids the more I realize they are subhuman trash. They are so sexually aggressive it's so fucked up. I just want to have a guy who is emotionally available, is consistent, that I can hang out with, do things with, is calm and have sex with without any aggressive grabbing and weird porn shit. I hate men so much nonnas. Goddamn.

No. 1158911

return to childhood and stick with female friends. The path of scrotes only leads to ruin

No. 1158916

File: 1651488788119.jpg (23.16 KB, 564x548, 9be3d4f9c81d2a434288e3db0e5ca9…)

Speak of the devil, fucking REEEEEEEEEE. They call me, I pick up too late, so I quickly fill in the questionnaires they sent me again, call back 2 minutes later, nobody picks up. Call up the specialist office, they connect me with the function department, they're not picking up through there either.

No. 1158921

File: 1651489114436.jpg (20.29 KB, 480x429, a08104fda44e59fbf0b146916732f1…)

>Do you or your housemate come into professional contact with live pigs, live veal calves, live broilers or do you live on such a farm?
>picrel, doctors dragging me away from the cow I wanted to hug
It's like they can read my mind. I dared to think about hugging cows again and they do me dirty like this.

No. 1158938

I am so tired of this job i fucking want to quit GOD why do i have to keep on living

No. 1158940

I hate when somebody is dumb as rocks and doesn't understand when I'm (very obviously) joking and they get all pissy. Sorry I forgot my reddit sarcasm tag

No. 1158944

it's not their self destructive behaviors. It's the fact that they manipulate and ruin the life of others. They are ville obsessive liars. You didn't even read my post. Being abused by BPDs is horrible.

No. 1158947

BPDs are a lot easier to ghost and ignore, they're more likely to harm themselves than you anyway. Meanwhile scrotes stalk, assault you and you need to get a restraining order and regularly call the police on them.

No. 1158957


No. 1158958

if this ever happened to me i think i might lose it on main

No. 1158963

Based and true

No. 1158965

He's literally just a FWB not your bf so he doesn't need to play that part

No. 1158968

NTA but fuck off, faggot.

No. 1158971

play what part? a bed partner should be considerate even if they're an fwb. that's not rocket science.

No. 1158978

>abused by BPDS

KEK. maybe if you wouldn’t leave out your part of the story of being a piece of shit that only made them retaliate against you. People start to hate mentally ill people when they actually fight back and aren’t docile when it comes to your petty ass games. Get fucked bitch

No. 1158985

I feel so guilty towards my mother for being alive. I should've lived up to her expectations.

No. 1158988

walter white had bpd

No. 1158989

for the love of god please stop responding to her, it's romanianon having a meltdown again

No. 1158990

you sound extremely vengeful for a normal person

No. 1158994

as I said the people who complain about bpdettes are always equally as abusive, violent and traumatizing, they’re just ass mad that the bpdfag has had enough of them as well

No. 1159007

It's not true. You're salty because you're an abusive BPD fag. Some people get abused by BPD fags or personality disorder fags without being abusive. Also, BPD is misdiagnosed in women. But it's the classic BPD move to guilt trip people and say they are the abusive ones and keep them trapped. This place is crawling with sociopathy/BPD fags either way.

No. 1159008

No, you're guilt tripping me. I never did anything to warrant being abused by a bunch of sociopaths. Being honest or speaking out my mind is not a reason to be abused by BPD sociopaths. You're literally saying I am at fault for being abused, very scroteish

No. 1159010

you're a psychopathic BPD chan that thinks abusing people with different opinions or obsessing over them is normal and serves them right. You're insane, stop taking it out on me

No. 1159011

BPDs are both male and female and you've never dealt with a real BPD woman. They stalk you for years, try to hurt you, ruin your life, threaten you and obsess over you. You have no idea what you're talking about. Real BPDs are fucking vile and sociopathic, they have 0 empathy. I've only attracted BPD xhans for the past 6 years because I was severely abused in my childhood and I thought being abused by them was normal. Guess what, most of them were women. Stop projecting if you are a sociopathic BPD chan with 0 empathy and remorse. Real BPD chans are literally unable to empathize, that's why they ruin your life if you don't vend their way or cannot stand their abuse anymore. They are scum and deserve to die.

No. 1159016

You sound like the type of person to read about someone ditching an abusive relationship and tell them it's their fault and they're the bad one, but so do some of the anons who go on about BPD being Satan Incarnate in general. Mass projection on either side

No. 1159022

A lot of women that have BPD are misdiagnosed, but that doesn't mean all of them are. I've already said that in my posts. I started developing self hating and suicidal behavior after I've been attracting sociopathy-chans and been abused by them repeatedly my entire life. BPDs have sociopathy traits. Now, if you are a woman and were abused and develop self harm or suicidal ideation you are not actually BPD but you will get diagnosed by the system with BPD. But abusive and BPD women are as real as it gets. Certain individuals present personality dynamics that turn them into easier targets for abuse or being used as a scapegoat. I'm just tired of this world.

No. 1159024

File: 1651497099199.jpg (99.25 KB, 855x569, 2.jpg)

Hate scrotes

No. 1159030

I basically got rejected and the guy's excuse was because of Covid bullshit. We went on one date and it went really well, then I invited him out to go drinking this weekend but he's too scared now that cases are going up again in our area. Like damn ok just say you're not into me then. I usually don't pursue guys this hard so this hurt my feelings. Never want to shoot my shot again.

No. 1159033

OF FUCKING COURSE my printer stops wokring when I need it. Great.

No. 1159039

File: 1651497972106.jpeg (69.07 KB, 275x274, AA82139D-BF1A-4854-A5F8-0CCBE7…)

My anime sword boys and husbandos are part of the reason why I have some joy left in life, I wish the merge was a thing so I could kill myself and go to the land of hot anime guys. I constantly have been wanting to die since I’m a kid, nobody is ever okay with whatever I do and it’s like whenever I try to be independent, everyone gets mad at me because I do it wrong.
At least my husbandos think that whatever I do is great and that I’m always right, everything would be perfect if I could do things right or if I could find the courage to kill myself but the idea of crippling myself discourages me a lot.

No. 1159043

I doubt your sword husbandos would want you to kill yourself. Even when in other dimensions, they'd probably want you to try your best.

No. 1159049

gonna add to my vent: I hate how this guy constantly flirted with me and hyped me up just to turn me down in the end. It really fucked me up because I'm slow to accept when someone is actually flirting with me (versus just being nice) but no he was laying it on thick in front of everyone. Like if you're going to do all that at least sleep with me, I don't understand your end goal you dickhead.

No. 1159053

Maybe he got the ick

No. 1159064

I'm a sperg with a big ego maybe, but no BPD. I was the FP of someone with BPD before and she cut herself in front of my door, because I didn't pick up the phone in the middle of the night, because she imagined that something was wrong with me. She was still easier to deal with than all the stalkerish violent scrotes I've dealt with over the years. BPDchans are pretty easy to spot, so I've been able to avoid them since and I avoid interacting with scrotes as much as possible anyway, so that's already not a factor for me. I'm sorry you've been through all that and you didn't deserve any of the abuse. However BPDchans ended up that way, because they were abused too, so wishing death on them is too far imo. I just ghost regularly and gatekeep who can interact with me and it has kept me from being labeled a FP again. My own mother is a schizo BPD (afaik) who I've ghosted since I was a young teenager, she has done horrific things, but I can't wish death on her, because I empathize with her own past. None of the violent abusive scrotes I've encountered could be dealt with through mere ghosting and none had a genuinely sad backstory. You're allowed to be angry though and don't need anyone's permission. Sorry if you felt invalidated.

No. 1159069

How are you so sure his reasoning was b.s.?

No. 1159073

Printers can smell fear

No. 1159077

I was severely abused and I never abused others, quite the contrary. Yet, I am supposed to excuse people with better childhoods than mine being evil and entitled pieces of shit that abuse me? Never. Maybe I should become evil too.

No. 1159103

There's something in between excusing and "becoming evil".

No. 1159114

Mostly because we went to a crowded mall on our first date like a week ago and he had zero anxiety, and he constantly forgets to wear his mask so he isn't actually scared of covid. Idk I just don't buy his reasoning lol We could easily have a safe dinner together but clearly he's just not that into me, rip

No. 1159115

Masturbating on SSRIs is SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

No. 1159117

I wish he'd get the covid and spread it to me so I can take time off work.

No. 1159134

I was so sure the girl I was crushing on is actually an undercover farmer because she repeated a lot of talking points found here and had a very farmer-like aura to her but then she posted shit caping for trannies, trans women in particular. God fucking damnit would the mass peakening begin already.

No. 1159187

stop telling me to 'stop letting things get to me'. no! I'm a sensitive person and it's not that easy to just shrug things off. what something pisses me off I get pissed off! if it were that easy to just switch off certain emotions that would make my life a lot easier but it would almost make me a robot. I'm not a robot I'm a human being and as long as I am I will probably be a sensitive mess who takes things to heart and is easily irritated too - you deal with that!

No. 1159190

I fucking know oh my god! I hate when ssris have done to my body in that way. they never fucking warned me about this!

No. 1159193

I miss my family. I wish I could just drop out and move back to my country and just be a nanny for my nephew or something. After years of being a NEET I do not have the brain capacity to start going to school again

No. 1159194

File: 1651505266870.jpeg (110.5 KB, 634x903, F0D134B1-0958-4955-9014-1CF74F…)

I’ve been seeing lies about bpdettes not having their lives together. Now here is a classic bpdette in her natural habitat. This is a woman with money, always smiling. She may be lumbering, huge, and taking meds but look at her and tell me there is no chance that someone with BPD can have a chance to reform themselves. She may be fat but I rather be lana del rey rather than sitting in the dark lurking the pro-ana thread sadly munching on a graham cracker.

No. 1159209

Bpd and autistic girls stop mentioning their diagnoses every single post challenge.

No. 1159210

Really? I was told by my doctor when I started on it. Sorry you had to learn it the hard way

No. 1159211

You’re just mad you have normal coping mechanisms and emotional control

No. 1159232

my ear is plugged up from a cold and it hurts bad every time i burp or yawn, i hate it

No. 1159236

It's a vent thread, of course they would mention it. Chill.

No. 1159240

I think it's funny how every time someone mentions that BPD chans are abusive lunatics they come out of the woodwork to dogpile that person.

We know what you are.

No. 1159246

The selfpity is palpable.
What? I think the weird hate on bpds as a whole is unwarranted. Maybe I haven't met one worse enough but blaming a diagnoses is a copout and weak.

No. 1159248

I think people are just tired of them being brought up in every other thread. It just gets stale and annoying after a while.

No. 1159250

It's funny because the one shitting on bpd itt is a huge bpd cow herself.

No. 1159251

Who is "we"?

No. 1159260

>the Rape of Nanking. I want to emphasize that my mom is not Chinese, nor does she even know any Chinese people
What the fuck is going in with burger parents

No. 1159267

cringe, as expected from a bpdchan

No. 1159273


No. 1159289

File: 1651509448482.jpg (16.8 KB, 519x292, 6fd.jpg)

>too tired when I get home from work to cook
>hastily prepares overnight oats right before going to bed
>can't sleep at night because I'm pissed at myself for not making food
>too tired when I get home because I only had oats for lunch
>repeat ad infinitum

No. 1159292

I really hate being a plain jane sometimes

No. 1159298

the doctor I work for rarely washes his hands after he goes to the bathroom and it makes me feel sick

No. 1159312

how long have you been on them? ive been taking ssris for about two years and after maybe a year my libido went back to normal

No. 1159313

Exactly. The extreme black and white splitting is beepeedee queen behavior.

No. 1159314

I wish I was a plain Jane sometimes.

No. 1159319

The fuck is a plain jane? I never understood that

No. 1159323

Most men don't, surprisingly enough. They don't use a bidet or tissue paper either.

No. 1159328

An average woman with no particular disabilities or deformities that makes her stand out but that also isn’t trying to look like the ultimate beauty standard of the time in which she’s considered desirable for moids.

No. 1159330

He looks small and skinny AF. Definitely a woman sized man.

No. 1159331

Just an average girl. Nothing about her is too outstanding or special, she might even be a little boring (either in personality or physical appearance).

No. 1159332

I wouldn't call my parents abusers, they never yelled at me and weren't explicitly rude, but it's no wonder I used to be such a pushover, because now I can clearly see how they casually make demeaning comments about me like it's a fact. And THEY get all offended when I react, like I'm overly sensitive and violating their free speech rights or something. I've been hearing certain things since the very childhood. For example, I'm a lazy slob by default, no matter what I do. They don't say it directly but it's always implied with their questions or unsolicited instructions and attempts to control and micromanage. It's especially annoying when my dad does it because he's totally projecting, and he can suddenly get pretty venomous when doing so. I try not to internalize it, but it still leaves me exhausted and sometimes causes a headache.

No. 1159346

What the actual fuck, fucking asshole. Isn't he putting patients at risk?

No. 1159350

No. 1159364

Seeing photos of Lana in her day to day life brings me such peace and tranquility for some reason, love you Lana wherever you are, hope you're happy and living your best life queen ♥

No. 1159370

Dude, how would I even prove any of this? This is not rape where you can get DNA samples or something. I agreed to cuddle with him on the bed, he would probably use it as an argument. The only sign that anything happened is a hickey he left on my neck but it will be gone in a day. I told my female coworker about it, but without the gross details, and she was shocked because he always seemed so shy, gentle, considerate and quiet and we thought he's mature for his age, but he turned out to be a horny bitch who can't contain himself upon touching a girl. She told me to cut him off completely.
I want to admit to something very embarrassing though and this is the only place where I can talk about it. Even though I didn't even want to look at his face or kiss him during all of this, because upon closer inspection I didn't find him that attractive at all, my body still got stimulated enough and I got wet. This is so fucked up to me, I really don't understand how could my body betray me like this and get aroused when I didn't even want to look at his face and the thought of kissing him filled me with disgust? All my muscles were stiff and I felt uncomfortable and I felt this wasn't right, but that still happened. It makes me feel guilty and disgusting. The more time passes the worse I feel about it. At first I was just laughig at this situation, now it fills me with dread

No. 1159372

This is legit my biggest fear. My older sister ruined her life for a man. She got pregnant, he started abusing her and he beat her up when she was like 7 mo pregnant. She got away and moved into my parents house to raise the baby.

No. 1159378

>Dude, how would I even prove any of this? This is not rape where you can get DNA samples or something. I agreed to cuddle with him on the bed, he would probably use it as an argument. The only sign that anything happened is a hickey he left on my neck but it will be gone in a day.
Take a photo of it. Most rape cases don't have DNA evidence either, because most victims shower immediately afterwards and wash the evidence away. Unless you're reporting him to the police, it doesn't matter anyway. I suggested the lawyer, because if you talk to HR, you might be the one who gets fired, not him, because they sadly enough can be very fucking scummy.
>Even though I didn't even want to look at his face or kiss him during all of this, because upon closer inspection I didn't find him that attractive at all, my body still got stimulated enough and I got wet.
This is very common and even happens during rape, it doesn't mean anything, it has more to do with self protection to prevent damage. This >>1159375 anon is right.

No. 1159381

I hate age regressors I hate littles I hate ddlg I hate ddlg anachans I hate these pedobaiters who interact with my blog and include triggering shit in their bios that I have to see when I go to block them. I keep blocking them but they're just a never ending stream. Someone please tell these girls that they can like childish and cute things without pretending to be a fucking baby. Someone tell them that the attention from pedos is not worth it and that they need therapy asap. I'm so fucking done with them.

No. 1159387

Please if you have a long-distance relationship or online discord retarded server based multiplayer game bond with your boyfriend please consider and break up with them and live your life. You could be investing more time to yourself. I'm tired of meeting these types of couples

No. 1159401

You're absolutely right. These relationships are based on illusions anyway, and they're very time-consuming.

No. 1159407

I think I heard something about this but I forgot, thank you anon
I don't have money for the lawyer, also, I already checked it and there are no lawyers of my nationality in the town I'm currently in, I would have to go to a bigger city, thus spend more money. I wouldn't trust a local lawyer because I know they don't take immigrants as seriously as locals. Not to mention I always had problems with handling formalities because of my autism. Also I'm too big of a coward. Everyone would knew what happened and the mere fact that they know would fill me with such shame I would want to off myself. I would be the ostracized one because we may have mutual friends and coworkers but they know him longer than they know me and they spent way more time with each other, and because none of them got sexual with him they have no idea about his other side that he hides from everyone. The only person who works with me and knows about his existence but isn't friends with him is the female coworker I mentioned in my previous post. I want to cut him off but at the same time I want to confront him about it. I want to honesly ask him what was going through his head when he did this. I feel pathetic because I was craving so much for human attention and touch and I still crave for it and now this feeling got associated with what happened and all these feelings are mixed together. I don't know how I will be able to fix myself when THIS was my very first physical experience with a man?

No. 1159410

Based nonna!!

No. 1159417

I was long distance for two years with my gf before I moved countries to be with her. Zero regrets

No. 1159421

Playing online games and wasting time on lootbox gifting is pathetic. If you bond playing your own single player games and watch movies together in your long-distance relationship, then I have no complaints. It's just pathetic when you play a game with a high scrote playerbase, it's comparable to watching porn at this point.

No. 1159424

A close friend of mine has been long-distance dating a guy in the US for 1,5 years now, and she is doing her best to convince me that he doesn't have a fetish for scandinavian women. Dude just gives me weird vibes and I can't help but wait for the day I can hear her say the same stuff you say nona, I'm happy she's happy but I don't believe in the relationship for one second.

No. 1159430

Samefag, while considering the emotional distress of being in an online relationship, I'm also worried about the people in it not having adequate coping mechanisms besides gaming for escapism. The time they could be playing games is time going out to exercise and take care of their health. Gaming is both a financial gamble and a health hazard

No. 1159434

Or for that matter, women too.

Right now one of my best friends is being taken for a ride by a "polyamorous" thot using her bisexuality as a tool to gain my friend's attention, gifts, and money. I have no doubt this girl is spinning plates and will break my friend's heart.
They haven't met once irl, and they don't interact on any shared social media–which I'm sure the thot keeps compartmentalized per her opsec.
My friend constantly boasts about the great relationship she has with this catfish.

No. 1159441

online whores like Belle Delphine are never wealthy no matter how much they work because they are enslaved to men. They always have some scrote around that sucks them out of money. They are so low value that they feed off empty attention from men. They aren't wealthy at all especially considering the level of degradation that comes with the job. Just not worth it.

No. 1159444

The worst thing might be that they make other women think they can become rich by becoming ewhores too.

No. 1159455

This board is getting so tiring to be in. I used to stay on /m/ a lot but I don’t want to read anons continually complaining, jesus fuck. It is impossible to see a single thread without anons always complaining about whatever, even ot is becoming more tiring. I don’t want to lose this fucking space, too. I hate social network and I want at least a place where to stay anonymous but I hate every other anon that does nothing but rant.

No. 1159456

I didn’t fully examine this used pier 1 papasan chair I bought for $100 because I’m a socially anxious idiot, and the wood is scraped in the back. Why am I so fucking stupid? I got distracted by how it looked in the front and that usually they’re expensive new. Ugh.

No. 1159460

sounds like you should take more breaks between your visits

No. 1159463

File: 1651516578906.png (13.25 KB, 663x157, policy.PNG)

looks like you may be able to exchange it

No. 1159473

This is disturbing. I wish women didn't have to suffer from centuries of rape and torture. Inhuman.

No. 1159481

Same I kinda hate how everything on /m/ swerves into political discussion but I also can't fully blame anons because casual misogyny and scroteshit is engraved into so many hobbies on there. I wish there was more fan sperging to balance out the complaining/doomposting

No. 1159486

samefag but even the fujo thread, a primarily female hobby, is filled with meta sperging/complaining about X enemy or problem instead of discussing manga/ships or even casual chat about being a fujo

No. 1159493

tbh sometimes the jannys aid to this considering venting is the safest thing to do here since alot of threads get locked and autosaged here.

I mean if three years ago the pinkpill thread was never locked then we wouldnt have so much radfem sperging or talking about scrotes because they would all go to their containment thread.

No. 1159499

they always have pimps behind them and the pimps take most of their money. They are self hating histrionics that are just satisfied with getting attention. Women like Belle Delphine don't even care about the money. With them it's all about the attention they can get. Men have it so fucking eay. Can you imagine? Belle's pimp is literally free loading off her. He will never humiliate himself or ever have to work for a hour in his life. His dependent girlfriend does it all for him. I've known other sex workers are most sex workers are cluster B that depend on pimps. Even if they make a lot of money, they are literally owned by a scrote that can leave them at any moment or hurt them. Either way, my empathy for women like Belle has disappeared. They are indirect groomers that are destroying women by presenting lies about the industry. Belle Delphine owns no property it's all on her bf's name. If he fucks off, she is left with nothing. They always act like such independent women that steal money from scrotes when it's always some scrote running the entire shtick from behind

No. 1159503

I'll never understand why they did it. Everyone was against closing the thread, pp-ers because they wanted their dedicated place, the rest of us because we didn't want it to spill over. Big mistake.

No. 1159506

not to mention they are humiliating themselves in front of million of men that are not paying for their service. probably 0,5% of the men that see Belle's pictures pay for her shit and it's always 3 paypigs or 4 pay pigs which are highly psychopathic that literally give you money in hopes of actually turning you into their girlfriend. They are highly sociopathic and they would probably kill or rape the women they give money to.

No. 1159507

You should have stopped talking after the op.

No. 1159508

You're free to discuss fujo subjects there if you wish, nobody's stopping you. The thread's slow so it's not like you'd be drowned out by the noise.

People keep bitching about anons doing meta sperging in various /m/ threads instead of "actually talking about the topic" but for some reason they're never there to start conversations themselves. Are you expecting people to just spoonfeed you cozy content to consume? Either be the change you want to see or turn to Reddit or Twitter or whichever other platform people use for discussing and gushing about media. Due to the hostile and anonymous nature of imageboards this is the place people come to vent about shit they'd be too afraid of saying out loud under their own name. Lolcow is the rare all-female place where I can bitch about how shitty it is to be a woman in online spaces and taking advantage of that is a blessing.

No. 1159512

I imagine lc is most users’ emotions containment site so they don’t sperg out irl. I don’t recommend you come here for a well balanced social experience.

No. 1159513

Can’t stand bitches you who drop in just to say “wehhh why aren’t you talking about what I likeee” bitch why aren’t you?

No. 1159519

I have a feeling they do realize that and it is factored into their decisions, but I might be imagining it.

No. 1159521

Nah we have clueless people that can't read the room and spam 10 posts about shit nobody cares about ruining the vibe of certain threads like what just happened in the anime thread on /m/. Or a pearl clutching room-temp IQ tumblr transplant calls me a scrote because the show I'm watching has a girl with big boobs. If I wanted such braindead takes I would go on reddit

No. 1159525

There are people who do this on pretty much every single board and it drives me up the wall kek

No. 1159526

Except when I do, or other anons post on-topic shows or ships, at most you'll get 1 reply. But sperging about some tard outside LC or from an /ot/ thread that called fujos pathetic will derail the whole thread with 20+ replies. You don't actually want to be on topic.

No. 1159529

For a bitch calling anyone a transplant you sure can’t handle any type of disagreement. Just watch your big titty anime, why do you need anons approval? Being so performative is twitter brained.

No. 1159531

It's low-effort to call somebody a scrote just because you don't like the POSTER of an anime you've never even fucking watched and I'll call it as I see it

No. 1159532

Make fun of the retards taking bait and continue

No. 1159534

If you're the pedo tensei anon you deserve it. If it's just about My Dress-up Darling then most of the venting was from people who watched it talking shit amongst themselves until someone cried with
You want an applaud for watching scroteshit? Acting surprised a niche female anime thread hates it? Lmao

No. 1159539

File: 1651519712866.jpg (9.37 KB, 245x206, 9ijhgfd345678ij.jpg)

They changed the website of the shop where I normally do my online grocery orders and I'm so upset. They really took away a lot of functionality that I found very useful. I've used them for years and now I'm highly considering changing to a competitor for my weekly shop.

No. 1159541

I miss my mom. It will never be okay. She's dead. How the fuck I’m supposed to be okay with that? I miss her and I can’t bring her back. I will never see her again nor I will hug her. I hate this life without her. I can’t stand it.

No. 1159542

Look, when I want intelligent discussion on my favourite ships I don't come to Lolcow. I go to appropriate places to talk about it and discuss it with other people who I know consume the media. Being bitter about an imageboard thread being more interested in meta level venting is idiotic and the fact that it's drama that generates the most discussion and not wanking over your personal OTP means that people prefer universal topics they can relate to and they have nowhere else to talk about it. I doubt any of the anons coming back to complain about Aidens flooding their fanfic tags with untagged tranny shit could do it on their personal social media accounts.

No. 1159543

I knew you were that person salty about anons shitting on your scrote taste.

No. 1159547

NTA but I guess you're the retard spamming the fujo thread with your offtopic meta shit judging by how defensive you're getting. Acting like you're above and holier than lolcow kek

No. 1159550

Ironically enough Reddit LOVED Sono Bisque! Congrats anon, you can go back to where you came from!

No. 1159552

None of you even guessed the show I recommended.

No. 1159553

I can assure you there are multiple anons doing that and I quite enjoy reading their takes myself.
>Acting like you're above and holier than lolcow kek
Anon I'm pretty sure this would apply to you better when you're complaining about anons venting instead of circlejerking about your OTP kek.

No. 1159554

can you fujocucks take it to /m/ already jesus

No. 1159556

i always thought my brother was one of the good ones. but he's still a moid after all.

No. 1159559

This. It’s always
>noooooo a yume bullied me in my sekrit discord and now i have trauma ptsd about any sex involving a girl
>fujochan fujos are so gross and not TRUE fujos like me
>akshully 90% of the fujoshi community are lgbtqa+{%{^+{
Like shut up and post some 2d cuties

No. 1159571

what happened?

No. 1159572

>casual chat about being a fujo
Isn't that what the meta sperging is?

kek don't you have the husbando hornyposting thread for spamming pictures of sexy anime men without the mean lesbians bullying you? It's funny how you keep complaining about not getting "enough sexy 2D guys" but never post them yourself. I doubt anyone would ever stop you from image dumping BL images. Almost as if someone was just baiting and stirring shit.

No. 1159575

Same nonnie, it never really goes away but the pain does get lighter eventually.

No. 1159579

File: 1651522356764.png (649.17 KB, 918x1080, 1649629061211.png)

I may have the COVID and I am stress. I was hanging out with my step-sister and turns out she's been hitting up frat parties making out with random dudes and caught it, and now I'm started to get a cough and pressure pain in my head and neck. My mother is immunocompromised and I live with her so now she probably has it. I'm scared she could end up getting really sick and idk what to do.

No. 1159580

Sending you love anon. When you remember the reality of a loss, it hits you really hard. She will always be in your heart and your memories. I hope your pain will ease up even just a little.

No. 1159582

If you can anon, isolate yourself for the duration and make sure to sanitize any shared areas and use a mask as well. I hope your mom stays healthy and that you get well soon.

No. 1159586

Yeah its honestly getting tiring. Look how easily they start rambling even in here

No. 1159593

started blabbering that amber heard was the aggressor etc etc i then showed him some more evidence of the shit depp did and he admits he's a piece of shit but still says "both don't look good" like isn't it obvious he should not be defended at all? and he still keeps on going which means he read about it AND still believes she's the worst? what the fuck!

No. 1159597

How do I have 1000 views on my neocities page?? It's just two boxes of text STOP LOOKING AT MY PAGE I'm not finished with it, damn it makes me uncomfortable

No. 1159601

The power of reverse psychology. It's irresistible

No. 1159607

Seriously I fucking hate it. I'd understand people complaining about celebricows or the MTF thread because they're a shitshow and all intelligent discussion gets buried under piles of schizo trash but people are actually complaining about a 1 post per 2 days threads in /m/ without ever contributing anything themselves and being shocked that controversy generates the most discussion peeves me like nothing else. Start posting content yourself you fucking leeches, sorry nobody picked up on your boring ass diary entry

And of course you get that one scrote who complains about "nobody staying on thread topic" whenever he's being ratio'd by anons for his shit takes

No. 1159628

File: 1651524731164.jpeg (44.25 KB, 533x470, 751C9F99-FBCF-4FC1-BA7E-5828B1…)

stealing anon’s pic but holy fawk I’m watching lorry hill’s plastic surgery videos and celebrities are just as ugly and average relatable looking as us but they dump a whole lot of money into their looks but they’re still gonna ugly damnn anons stay safe out there LMAO

No. 1159647

lmao this moid is so jealous of me. It's weird because he's a straight white dude. Idk if he's a closeted tranny, but I would believe it. I knew something was wrong with him when we were chatting in a group about dating etc, and I said something general people find annoying and he was like "oh it must be hard to be desired". I was like sure, incel. He gets visibly irritated whenever I walk into a room. I wear cute outfits and fix my hair, I exercise etc. This guy is not that bad looking, but moids are still envious of women that they find attractive. I avoid him as much as possible. I remember like a month ago I was taking to a close coworker and we were talking mental health and I had not realized he had entered the room and was listening. I was talking about my struggles with depression etc. I kid you not, this guy interjected into the conversation all happy and wanted to "hear more". Nonnas remember moids can be jealous of you too, they want to see you be sad, gain weight, and not take care of yourself. I'm praying for whomever ends up with him because he will abuse the shit out of her.

No. 1159648

I'm really confused what weight I should be or what weight looks healthy or what to do. I've never really had an ED, but I am incredibly mindful about my weight as I grew up doing sports and my mother is one of those health-nut people. It's come up a lot recently (weight talk) as my new boyfriend eats a lot and I've had a hard time adjusting to how he eats. It's bloated me out quite a bit (10-15 lbs).
My mother gets incredibly defensive about my weight and has resorted to insulting me, saying I waddle funny now, that I look fat, and that it's been noticeable since he and I started dating. On the contrary, he says that it's proportional, and that I probably wasn't eating enough if I immediately gained wight from taking on his habits. He also says he eats a healthy 2 meals a day and his weight generally hasn't shifted over the years.
I'm just sort of tired with it all and probably going to starve myself for 2-3 weeks because I really doubt he'd notice and my mothers making me feel like I'm unhealthily eating. Eventually when I stop hanging out with him as aggressively as I am now my weight and eating habits will return to normal, but it's been a really annoying month.

No. 1159653

I don’t know why my sisters don’t talk to me, I understand my mom and asshole dad and stepdad but like wtf is with them just not speaking to me or replying to me, why do I keep asking them to hang out only so they will never respond I feel so dumb and desperate?!

No. 1159656

File: 1651526218361.jpeg (34.63 KB, 460x519, a7MV7Nw_460s.jpeg)

A friend of mine moved to Portland and keeps complaining that she can never find a nice guy or a good partner…and then constantly goes home with "Looking for a unicorn third to join us ;) " types of couples. Then, every week without fail she texts us in our group chat complaining and wondering why she feels so lonely. In fact, I'm just so fucking sick and tired of hearing about "pOlY!!!" and open relationships in general as if it's not some sort of cope.

No. 1159684

File: 1651527357504.jpg (8.04 KB, 256x256, 1645835627654.jpg)

My little sister and I have a really good relationship, but lately she's been so annoying about ragging on the relatively small town I live in. She lives in relatively large city and acts like this makes her morally superior to me. Like as if my life and the life of everyone lives here is totally forfeit/not real. There's a weird defensive hostility in it that I do not understand.

I wish it didn't bother me but it does.

No. 1159696

Portland is definitely the place for her then, it's unreal how many poly freaks are concentrated in a single hellscape

No. 1159718

A man rejected me for being too young at 25. Never thought I'd see the day. He was really into me and tried getting past how uncomfortable he felt but it was too weird for him and he kept talking about what others would say about us. He'll beg me to come over and then a few hours later say ''no, I'm sorry, we shouldn't.''

Now I want him even more because this makes him seem like a decent person.

No. 1159764

How old is he to think 25 is too young?

No. 1159770

Why are scrotes so bad at giving compliments? They can't just say a nice thing without adding something rude to it, even if it's meant well. I showed my art somewhere because they asked me about it, the woman said 'it's very pretty!' and the scrote said 'oh look pretty good'. What is this? Can't you handle someone else being slightly better at anything? This is just an example but I've noticed this so often. If you want to say something nice, say something nice. Don't be rude to seem 'cool' or some bullshit.

No. 1159788

>Now I want him even more
youre easily manipulated

No. 1159790

Well I'm surprised there are still some decent men out there. Be smart and get over it though

No. 1159801

This. Grown men don't go back and forth like some bashful teen in a romance novel. They know what they want very well.

No. 1159810

The fact that he didn't immediately cut it off when he thought she was too young for him and instead does this
>He'll beg me to come over and then a few hours later say ''no, I'm sorry, we shouldn't.''
Makes it obvious he's playing a game

No. 1159851

File: 1651532911988.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 20.12 KB, 225x225, 998CA4EC-86D4-49C7-B336-72A314…)

I hate Ricky Berwick so much, every time I see his deformed face pop up on Twitter flicking his tongue around I have such a visceral reaction of disgust and want to throw up

No. 1159860

i have no idea what his content is because i've never watched it but am i right to figure it's kind of 'edgy' twitter rightish wing comedy? like they're anti-fem a little openly but allegedly comedians? i've seen him posted on other pages that are like antifeminist men sort of

No. 1159867

Never heard him say anything explicitly anti-fem, but those people are part of his audience nonetheless probably because he has made light jobs about trannies or something.

No. 1159892

Late, but it's from eastenders years ago. I had to google her name because of how long ago it was, I got Vanessa Gold. She is very iconic, I loved every moment of her time on the show.

No. 1159925

He should be put to death. It would be a mercy. Someone should get a job as his HCA and salt poison him.

No. 1159929

He sounds like a massive creep.

No. 1159933


No. 1159936

can you imagine this scrote can have access to sex through prostitution or he can import a poor woman from a third world country to turn her into her house wife? Men have it so easy. They don't even have to work for sex, they can buy anything with money no matter how ugly or lazy they are. The ugliest most handicapped man has access to the body of a beautiful woman because of dialectical materialism and class struggle. Doesn't that blackpill you? Women are condemned to being slaves because of capital distribution. Feminism is born from Marxism.

No. 1159939

i don't really disagree

No. 1159941

most prostitutes are women from bad socio economical backgrounds born with little to no options. Women are slaves because of class struggle. Poor men don't get prostituted or trafficked.

No. 1159946

File: 1651535169221.jpg (77.15 KB, 637x480, 1646976663164.jpg)

I confess I'm one of those women who have a hard time talking to other women or making female friends, and have more male friends who are easier to talk to. But I hate it when people generalize us all as "pickmes". Yes, pickmes who hate on women because they unironically believe that women are worse friends do exist, and they might post here. But it's not always like that.
I want to have more close female friends. I've always wanted a best friend who was into more or less the same hobbies and interests as me. A friend who I could be completely open with, someone that has the same sense of humor as I do, and that I'm not afraid of joking with, as well as sharing all kinds of ideas without being afraid of scaring the other person away. A woman around my age that I'm inseparable with, despite never having been attracted to each other like with my male friends (many of which are ex-boyfriends). That would be my most valuable and cherished friendship, it would be a dream come true. I long for someone I can be that close with, someone I could hang out with all the time, even though I usually prefer being alone. I want a friend that I could "communicate telepathically" with (it's a hyperbole of course, I mean understanding each other so well that we finish each other's sentences etc.)
I have only been able to find most of this in men. Yes, I do know that subconsciously, it's because they want to fuck me, but it feels good to be so open and honest with each other. I wish I could experience this with women (I know, I can totally do it and it takes effort). I've come pretty close to that with some female online friends I made once, but even then, there were still some inhibitions, some barriers that I was unable to break. But in general, it was the best experience I've had with female friends as an adult.
Now, the reason it's so hard for me is that I'm afraid of being seen as weird by all the women around me. I'm not very conventionally feminine. I don't know how to talk to other women, because I have so much respect for them and so little confidence in myself as a woman that I'm intimidated by them (not to mention that we don't have that much in common so having conversations with them is hard sometimes). I'm very asocial usually but not autistic, maybe I have a little bit of Asperger's (but I'm not really an Aspie either, I'm sure of it), so maybe that pushed me in this direction. Maybe, I don't even know if what I'm saying makes sense.
I can speak to stranger women in person just fine, I think I find it even easier to talk to them than to stranger men. But when it comes to being informal around women around my age, I don't know how to act or what to say, which doesn't usually happen with men my age. In short, I'm rather passive and awkward with women and proactive and confident when talking to males.
Why. Why am I like this? Why did I never learn to talk to women? I wish my best friend in kindergarten and I hadn't become so different, I wish we hadn't gone to different schools afterwards. Maybe she would've taught me how to talk to the average girl. Or maybe I just have to meet more women to learn how to talk to them little by little until I find my best friend that I have a lot in common with. IDK, I want a friend that shares my geeky interests but isn't a pickme and understands that scrotes ruin everything. It's surprisingly rare.

No. 1159948

You sound just like me anon, I'd be your friend

No. 1159951

I feel you anon, I am the same. I long for a female friendship, but I am so intimidated by other women. I feel like I am a failed woman and I just feel awkward as scared around other perfect women. Its easier to talk to men bc I'm not scared of offending them or being mean, while I am so scared of scaring off other girls

No. 1159962

No. 1159965

File: 1651536024651.png (895.97 KB, 1361x1294, 1632781315401.png)

>was at risk of being homeless early into the semester
>missed two assignments because i was living off of people's couches and couldn't bum internet all the time
>they're burning a huge hole into my grade
>highest i can expect to get in the course is a c
>bitch professor won't let me make either of them up despite that

god i hope she kills herself. it isn't even like her job is hard – you're teaching technical writing. my fucking professor last year (dude had like a doctorate in english) let us turn stuff in up to a week late. fat fucking sow

i'd take it again next semester but i really want to graduate this year. all i can do is hope i don't lose my scholarship, i guess

No. 1159966

No. 1159969

>I've always wanted a best friend who was into more or less the same hobbies and interests as me.
This is your first issue. Friendships don't need to be based around mutual sperging over the same shit, most people naturally befriend the people around them without needing to have tonnes in common. You can introduce friends to new things and learn from their interests as well. I can only guess you're being pretty close minded when it comes to women who aren't a geek like you or your moid pals, dismissing them without giving them a chance because they're too normie or feminine or w/e.

No. 1159973

You make friends with males because they're desperate finding attractive people into their hobbies, but you make friends with women for them not their interests.

No. 1159976

Relate very hard. I have thankfully reconnected with some female friends and I really want to nourish my friendships with them and talk with them more regularly. I always felt like a failure of a woman for not being able to do it so effortlessly. I had female best friends growing up but naturally we drifted apart due to lifestyle differences. I really wish I could break down the barriers and inhibitions, I don't even know what they are really. Maybe it's attraction or fear of becoming attracted because I'm somewhat closeted. I've also been hurt pretty badly by groups of female friends in the past so I wanted to think that was just some passive fear of that but scrotes have been 100x more awful to me in terms of bullying than girls ever have so idk what my deal is. Maybe I do have internalized misogyny to a degree

No. 1159979

Why is every movie and show lately about passing trauma down? And why is it always a woman who is the perpetrator?

No. 1160029

I posted a link to a petition on Reddit because I wanted it to get more traction than just Facebook shares and some scrote left a comment about "we're more worried about all 0 trans athletes in the state so good luck". I had very low expectations posting it on Reddit but I wasn't expecting virtue signaling on something that had nothing to do with troons. I shouldn't let it piss me off so much but fuck

No. 1160041

>dismissing them without giving them a chance because they're too normie or feminine or w/e.
Not everyone deserves a "chance" though. We all know not to eat dirt. Some people are the living equivalent of that. I'm not going to pretend I care about some basic normie with a room temperature IQ.

No. 1160045

I sure hope you aren't the same anon who was complaining about being unable to make female friends, because that comment alone would prove it's 100% a you problem

No. 1160048

Finally replied to the text I'd been procrastinating
Now I'm nervous for the reply to my shit reply and how I have to reply to that after

No. 1160051

Because Hollywood right now is filled to the brim with people who think that having trauma is desirable and constitutes a personality.

No. 1160053

>You make friends with males because they're desperate finding attractive people into their hobbies
That was adressed in my original post, it isn't some big revelation.
>but you make friends with women for them not their interests.
I'm looking for someone who understands me, interests are just a part of it. But women with interests that are almost entirely different from mine tend to also have personalities that don't match mine, and that often means that they don't understand me (we could try to understand each other though). Maybe I'm getting this all wrong and have to come out of my comfort zone for methods of making friends though
>most people naturally befriend the people around them without needing to have tonnes in common.
That's how I usually make friends but those friendships, although very close, don't usually become as deep as I would like. And again, I get nervous when socializing with women, especially those who are more extroverted than me, so my problem is not only wanting to have interests in common, because it happens even with women that have the same hobbies as me. Trust me I do try to socialize with other women even when we're very different, but I just can't stop feeling like an alien autist and saying stupid shit that I can tell other women find weird. That's why, in real life, I don't say a lot.
>Maybe it's attraction or fear of becoming attracted because I'm somewhat closeted.
I developed a crush on one of those online friends I was talking about, lmao. Now that I think about it, I remember being infatuated at first sight with my childhood in kindergarten. The fuck is up with that? Maybe I really am bisexual after all. Or maybe I'm a bit autistic and mixing friendship with attraction. My 4shitter pickme era in my teenage years definitely contributed to my current state, so perhaps it could be internalized misogyny too. IDK
I'd be your friend too. If we weren't anon.
Yes yes you get me. I'm scared of offending or sounding mean to other women, not because I really intend to say something offensive or mean (quite the opposite, I want a normal conversation), but because I don't know if it'll sound like that (or just weird).

No. 1160069

File: 1651540128789.jpg (121.64 KB, 1100x825, egg crown.jpg)

I'm gonna devil an ostrich egg and dip boiled quail eggs in it using a little pickle fork, and then wear the ostrich-egg-white as a hat when I'm done eating
I do not want to, but the bipolar compels me; I won't even wear it long before I come down and realize I am filled with shame, regret, and poop

No. 1160077

Are you going to be alright?

No. 1160090

Aside from my cholesterol, yeah
Thank you, I needed that tbh

No. 1160181

When you stalk her and she suddenly locks her account…

No. 1160208

I can see you

No. 1160245

i hate myself and i hate you

No. 1160272

No. 1160284


No. 1160510

I dont understand why tik tok autists are triggered at western ethots using school uniforms but not the fact its men who decided they were hot? Or the fact its men who kill and rape asian women and sexualize them?
How can someone support hentai and anime but get mad at this? This shit keeps appearing in my FYP and its so funny kek

No. 1160543

because women shouldnt be playing to mens fetishes like that, it makes a more dangerous environment when all other women don't cater like that.
men are the problem, dont get me wrong, but women shouldnt ethot for their money

No. 1160545

they just want to hate on white women. it's bullying.

No. 1160552

But the thing is people on tiktok support sex work, anime and hentai so how is this any different? I dont get it.

No. 1160555

Sexualization of minors is disgusting which is why i dont watch anime because its filled with coomer garbage (most at least). How can people who consume coomer anime, watch hentai and collect lewd figurines get mad at westerners for “muh japanese culture”? Its peak autism

No. 1160562

i've now been temporarily banned from both instagram and twitter for writing vent stories with "i hate men" as a statement. so men can write in detail about how they want to rape and kill women and everything is a-ok but i can't say one simple statement after looking at today's news. this is truly the last place on the internet women have a voice. fuck men. i hate men.

No. 1160564

I've always found it incredibly creepy. But japan in itself is a creepy culture underneath all the polite bowing etc. Anime was always seen as 'counterculture' even in the west it only appealed to basement freaks. Why its become so trendy and popular just makes me think its another mass grooming tactic.

No. 1160568

On Youtube if I make any negative comment about men, no matter how carefully worded, it gets automatically removed. But there are plenty of comments of moids saying hateful shit about women.

No. 1160578

File: 1651552413019.gif (3 MB, 498x498, giphy.gif)

i spent so much money bringing my cat to my new apartment and now i'm so scared of introducing him to my two kittens. he's a grumpy old hag who only likes me and doesn't have much interaction with other cats, but my kittens know he's in my room and really want to meet him. i know he's still scared about coming to my new apartment and i'm giving him plenty of time to adjust but i have to plan how to introduce them properly because cats are so territorial. i'm scared! i just want them to be best friends, anons.

No. 1160586

Start with things like, taking a little tea towel and rubbing it all over the kittens until it's covered in their scent, then leave the tea towel in a spot in your older kitties space so they have time to get to know the scent. After that, try introducing one of the kittens with the kitten inside a carrier, out in an open area where your older cat can get away if they want to. After that you can try feeding the cat and kittens treats at the same time, so that they associate being with each other with snack time. Good luck anon!!!

No. 1160657

File: 1651556504272.jpeg (116.95 KB, 550x936, 7AD18E0A-D107-4FA7-98BB-C40021…)

I just want to be ok and normal anons
It is hard living in this world

No. 1160668

There’s hundreds of female torture human trafficking porn accounts on twitter but a woman can utter the words “hate” and “men” and they’re booted off the site… only will get worse with Muskrat lol

No. 1160675

I felt so embarrassed today when 80% of my CompSci class didn't have their assignment done over the holidays, and I had to listen to one moid after another make some pathetic excuse like "uh uh, I had Covid for one week". You had six weeks to do it, what are you on.

No. 1160698

I’m so depressed I can barely move

No. 1160699

File: 1651558795776.jpg (40.49 KB, 750x512, civilisation_go_the_toilet.jpg)

posted in the locking thread but thank you nonna. I already feel so sad about the nonbinary female being mostly girls with body issues. I'm in a difficult relationship with my sister rn because she clearly have untreated mental illness and seems to only shift blames her issues. Since she live alone an became a neet she radicalized herself in retarded shit. I feel like I need to not see her in 10/15 years while our parent help her get her shit together to then get a healthy relationship for the first time. She want to be so close to me but I despise her so much, when she touch me or want to get a hug it make nauseous.

No. 1160716

Now I'm just sure no woman would ever like me romantically, I'm just not their type. The delusions that a girl is out there who would think I'm ok exists is gone. On top of being ugly, I have an ugly personality. Why choose me when their are so many better women out there right? With pleasant looks and personality? I keep getting ghosted or ignored totally despite faking my whole personality to make myself seem better and nicer, they can probably sense the fakeness, they can work out my ugly underneath the fake sweetness. Maybe I come across too boring because I don't share anything about myself, I don't know. All I know is I'm not a woman's type, I'm exactly a moid's type, easy and negative, but I don't want them right now. This is the last time I'm gonna put myself out there and embarrass myself. I'm just gonna be my true judgy, bitchy, annoying self alone.

No. 1160752

Why do I see so much muslim art on twitter when it's considered cringy to draw art of other religions? Idk it's just so creepy to me to celebrate any religion that treats women like crap

No. 1160762

I'm afraid that I'm starting to get clingy to one of my only friends. I need to make more friends but not sure how to go about it.

No. 1160764

this has absolutely nothing to do with what you said but now i’m imagining my professors posting on lolcow and loooooool

No. 1160766

Nta but I find it very hard to talk to people if we have zero mutual interests or hobbies. You can only talk about your lives/day/class for so long.

No. 1160776

I don't know what's going on but suddenly within the last 3 weeks I've been having random bursts of anxiety because I'll start thinking about death or what happens in the afterlife. I have always been an atheist and never identified with any specific religion and have always been comfortable with the idea of my own mortality until now. it's all I can think about throughout the day and it sends me into a genuinely catatonic state where I can't do anything but lay in bed and shake while I feel my blood turn to ice. it's literally ruined almost every day I've had since it started. I can't even sleep. I have had pretty severe health anxiety in the past and was afraid of dying randomly but nothing like this. I could be doing something entirely unrelated and the thought will pop into my mind, then I need to spend the next 3 hours trying to distract myself. only for it to happen again later. honestly kinda worried I might go insane or something.

No. 1160781

Eh, hard disagree. All friendships I've had because we happened to gather in the same place (classmates, coworkers, housemates) sizzled out once we stopped gathering there (as in we graduated, moved or got a different job). The friendships that were set around a shared hobby or interest have never sizzled out on me like that. Plus it's kinda difficult to have conversations with people you've got 0 in common with, like another anon said you can only talk so much about other stuff.

No. 1160792

I got my period early. I'm feeling both homicidal and suicidal. I just want it to end early but I always get it for 7 days. Just hamburger time me.

No. 1160839

I had a really nice time seeing my sister today and I was happy to help her out of a jam but then I found out the jam was only because she wanted to drink more and missed her initial ferry. Took 5 hours out of my day to save her ass from getting fired because she wanted to stay and party with some guy. I guess I'm mostly upset at her decisions. She's only 20, already has a 6 year old kid, keeps blowing whatever money she's making at her job, and keeps hooking up with randos. She has her shit obviously. She's had some really fucked up things happen to her and I understand her need to cope but I want to shake her so bad. Her weight is also spiralling out of control, she's over 300lbs and I can see signs of diabetes but she will not listen. I want her to be happy and healthy so badly but I can't make her.

No. 1160846

i fucking hate you actually! i genuinely wouldn’t care if you dropped dead. in fact, sometimes i wish you would! you’re fucking stupid but your y chromosome makes you think otherwise. i have never met any more unlikeable in every aspect. you aren’t funny. you aren’t the “cool guy” you keep telling people you are. you’re in your late 30s squeezing yourself into online circles of younger girls like a fucking faggot. i hate you. i hate how you talk to me. i regret ever responding to your dry ass compliments. i will use you for the only thing you’re worth and leave you behind when i get far enough. every day i get closer to that goal

No. 1160849

I'm ready to cut someone, ready to fuck someone up, punch them in their fucking throat, kick them while they're down. Your advice is dangerous fucking bullshit and it's easy to pontificate from your high horse when you don't even have it. I don't care about your grandpa or second cousin, this is MY LIFE.

No. 1160850

i don't think my opinion on someone changed this radically so fast ever before! unsettling, also makes me wonder how much of the stuff you told me was just you playing pretend, for what reason even, do you enjoy collecting orbiters? online validation? i'm sorry, but i'm not a dumb moid, it doesn't and won't ever work with me
better sooner than later i guess, i'm genuinely disgusted and ashamed of myself for being this stupid though, better luck next time..? lol

No. 1160861

being a little bit disabled is worse socially than being fully disabled. nobody wants to be friends with me because i hallucinate on occasion, which is too much for them, yet not crazy enough to be diagnosed and on medication. i tried everything from getting perfect grades, dressing as normal as possible, trying to look as attractive as possible, learning social skills, volunteering, and still it is not enough. having a full time job makes me suicidal and i have pain in my body only geriatrics have. i could at least save money from not socializing but guess what, i spend it on my choice of cope at the time. i quit alcohol, now it's sugar and junk food, so i might even get fat now. somehow my family still expects me to be like the 20somethings back in their age, who could buy houses and spawn 2-4 kids. i may never ever be able to even rent a decent place. i just want to disappear, it would be better for everyone. this is what i have always thought, and why wouldn't i be wrong about it? most friends i had stayed with me out of pity or for jokes or for a shared hobby, which i have no time for anymore. i used to want to get married but realized scrotes only want one thing and it made me nearly asexual. i am just living day to day right now, trying to earn as much as possible, to at least not burden my family with debt in case i drop dead.

No. 1160865

File: 1651569874295.jpg (31.58 KB, 702x811, de9enfe-bd8935c5-63ca-4651-b49…)

Spoiler for NSFL One of my teachers admitted to being a fucking pedophile, he literally boosted about stripping his own son naked and then hitting him in a very detailed and sadistic manner, he also said he is basically "in love" with him and how he didn't allow him to have a gf even when he got older, said son is 30 nowadays but why the fuck would you flex something like that?? he's also an alcoholic, misogynist pos, he actually said he would have been "worse" if he had a daughter, fucking trash. I'm sick to my stomach, this is way too dark I want to shoot that fucking college and kill him, you degenerate I hope you rot IN HELL!!! YOU GROSS ME OUT I HATE EVERYONE IN THIS SHITHOLE I can't believe I went through so many shit to assist this class just to hear a fucking criminal confess his degeneracy literally why??? I HATE ALL MEN XYs ARE CURSED

No. 1160866

has nobody reported him? how is he still a teacher? what the hell anon

No. 1160867

Oh my God that is horrible. Is it too late to report this person now? I really don't know how you are supposed to respond to something like this.

No. 1160875

what the fuck?? i need him to drop dead. i hope he never fucking wakes up again.

No. 1160882

report him ffs

No. 1160883

Can people please stop acting like really ill people get treated better or have more friends than people with mild chronic illnesses? You just get lots of fake people trying to feed their ego on you. People giving you dangerous fucking advice or going "oh my grandpa had that". Peope cutting you off because your situation is too depressing and serious or because they feel guilty whining about their own bullshit which they caused themselves around you. They just tell you to "Fight it!!!121!!!" and be positive and only want to speak again after treatment. They can pat themselves on the back, they send a card, their job is done. They're not there for you when all the bad news and procedures make you borderline suicidal.

No. 1160886

Samefag, this little bitch said all that shit on purpose so students would get scared of him, and everyone in fact did a shit job because they were too traumatized, he's vile. He tried pulling similar shit with 40+ adults and he got called out but those were online classes while on pandemic so people couldn't get his ass irl
We live in one of the worst shitholes of our continent, extreme violence towards kids is generally normal and I'll be surprised if anyone gave a fuck tbh, there are lots of pedos and undercover criminals here, that college itself is pretty low-tier too and police are useless, I'll try to do what I can tho he's way too dangerous

No. 1160893

At best try to collect evidence (look up to see the legality of that). Maybe in the future you will have a chance to use it.

No. 1160894

Please anon take care of yourself first, if he's that dangerous. Try reporting en masse or anonymously

No. 1160910

Done both and yeah, both suck because as you said, people don't wanna think about your dark shit. It's understandable but it's annoying when you're just trying to exist and some bitch is seemingly triggered by your mere existence, girl you're the not one sick, you'll manage.

No. 1160916

File: 1651573652618.jpg (122.65 KB, 736x799, eedea5fcede609dabd71769bcd7f68…)

I feel so weirdly stunted after pandemic, my country had pretty severe lockdowns that started when i was 19 and im 22 now, i absolutely don't feel 22, but not in that "oh i don't want to grow old" reddit way, i simply didn't have a single adult experience, I graduated college but it was all online, I stayed living with my mom because she recently had cardiac surgery and couldn't be exposed to the virus so i'd fetch groceries and whatnot, all i did for almost three years was play videogamed and shitpost on the internet, i didn't have a job or live on my own or make adult friends. I simply feel like I dont have the life experience of a 22 year old, its gotten to the point i lie about my age online and say im 18-19 because i find that age range more relatable, just to talk about stupid things like fashion or anime even.
The people I went to high school with are already married with newborn kids and jobs because i used to live in a place where the pandemic wasnt taken as seriously (moved out in 2018), me? I'm watching make up videos on tiktok.

No. 1160920

File: 1651573751408.jpg (27.3 KB, 640x640, 1647525660123.jpg)

I'm fat. and i hate myself for being fat.
Every time i start eating healthy and working out i see a ton of progress and then I fall out of the routine of working out and I gain all the weight back.
I feel like shit and I look like shit and I think other people think I look like shit
but it feels like such a waste of money to buy clothes while im fat because I wont look or feel good in them.
sometimes I never want to eat ever again and then sometimes I think "im just going to be fat and ugly for the rest of my life might as well enjoy something" and then I eat an entire cheese cake.
whats the fucking point.

No. 1160927

Same, but I'm 24. I graduated, then fell sick for years and when I was starting to recover the pandemic happened. I was 18 when I started going to hospitals all the time and now I'm 24 but it feels like nothing happened. I still feel the same as when I was 18 and it's so weird and dull.

No. 1160928

Married and kids in your early 20's? Which country is this? Where I live nobody does that until their 30's.

No. 1160933

If that makes you feel better I didn't have these experience either at 22 and there was no pandemic. In my case it's because of my weirdly religious family and being dirt poor, and you'll meet other people your age in your situation because of a bunch of different, personal reasons anyway.

No. 1160938

Im sorry nonita, disease can be rough at a young age, that feeling of nothing happened is the worst this week is the same as the last and that was the same of the last, its so exhausting.
I grew up in Brazil and moved to Europe in 2018, I speak the language, visited all my childhood and everything so it wasn't a shock in case it may seem like it contributed to my lack of growth lol.
Thanks anon, i assume it'll be easier to connect with other people on the same boat because the lockdown was a wide thing, but i feels so strange to kinda still have "teen brain" so to speak.

No. 1160947

You just have to stay consistent. As soon as you hit your desired weight especially. Don't think "okay I can relax now and eat whatever" because while losing weight your body sort of goes into a different metabolism, where it feeds you from the fat you have in your body - afterwards you need to sort of "teach" your body to live off what you give it for a while and to adjust the metabolism. You can do it nonna, consistency is key. You are in control. Also, drinking a lot of water before meals helps with feeling satisfied.

No. 1160962

A lot of people are in the same boat, anon, don't put too much pressure on yourself. It's ok to live at your own pace. Also I love that art

No. 1160971

File: 1651579022307.jpeg (21.86 KB, 175x288, descărcare - 2022-05-03T145655…)

I am jealous of people that don't have to work because their parents support them or they were born wealthy enough to never have to work. Working makes me want to kms. It's the worst. I literally would rather kill myself than work or be part of a system in which I am constantly overlooked and abused and I have to play chess games with others. I don't see myself being happy working any job. I don't see myself happy being a celebrity a content creator and so on. Nothing really matches my inner desire and it deeply disappoints me. I don't want to be rich. I just want to have food and a shelter over my head and continue making art. Drawing furries and being an internet artist is not my type of shit. I wish to be like McRide or Jeff Magnum. I want to be a real artist not some internet LARPER. Praying to God that the rich scrote that I talk with helps me out. Really praying I don't ruin this opportunity. I'm also in love with him and he's rich, it would just be a huge win. He could support me for the rest of my life chasing my dreams.

No. 1160983

I wish I was one of those people that could wake up between 6-8am and feel refreshed and happy, like an early bird. knowing I have to get up early gives me a horrible anxiety stomach ache the night before and I can never sleep knowing I have to wake up early. I wish I was one of these YouTubers who do day in my life and wake up at like 7am to do meditation and yoga.

No. 1160992

File: 1651580810716.jpg (663.99 KB, 552x668, 20220502_011133.jpg)

Aw man, this is my first day at work today and things doesn't seem to go well at all. The boss lady didnt know that i started working today so theres not much task for me to do beside just researching/reading stuff. Not until noon that i had some tasks handed to me, the manager was not there to train me so i don't know anything beside from writing articles.
After work the boss lady check up on me and ask me things that i didnt even think it was mentioned before hand.
Fuck this, its not my fault that its my first day at work and didnt know something.

No. 1160994

Some lovely and well-prepared management they got there

No. 1160995

As a non white woman I naturally feel more represented through “woc”(I hate that term but I can’t find a better one) because they discuss our own specific issues but I’m starting to lose hope in them too. At least if they’re into men. They almost always disappoint. I Google them and I find that they all have white bf/ husband like what in the cognitive dissonance? I seriously don’t understand this phenomenon. It almost makes me believe they’re just projecting and actually desire the approval of these men the most and that desire was never returned so they get on with every ugly ass scrote they can. It’s embarrassing to see honestly. And this is coming from a straight woman who doesn’t date. Like how are you calling them evil white men during the day but sleep with them at night idgi. At this point I feel only really comfortable with lesbians istg. I wish I could come across just one voluntarily celibate feminist who really means it when she says she hates scrotes.

No. 1160998

fucking same boat minus the rich dude part(lucky you). I've been grinding really hard with good results so I can have incentive for people to want to commission me or for me to have a patreon. It's still working I know but at least I don't have to leave the comfort of my house and can be a shut in

No. 1160999

nooo the mods got rid of the kaitlyn thread

No. 1161012

she lives in us from now on

No. 1161017

Good question. I'd say I'm more into white guys than into guys from my ethnicity because I've been raised in a European country and guys from my ethnicity are on average way worse than the average leftwing politically correct white guy but I have no idea if that applies to the women you're talking about. I also have a black friend and her big sister and her are married ot dating white guys right now despite not even thinking of that possibility before. And they're the type who won't stop talking about black women's issues and lives and how to support each others, etc.

No. 1161023

A shit ton of young adults also feel this way about "not feeling like an adult just yet" regardless of lockdown. I'm sure it has to do with how the laws and expectations drastically change as soon as you're 18 and how in reality young adults and teenagers gradually mature and evolve with time and through life experience.

No. 1161029

I’ve gained 40 pounds in the past 6 years. Even though my bf admitted he’s not as attracted to me because of it and I’m kind of sad I can’t fit into older clothes, I actually love not getting attention from scrotes and weird men anymore due to gaining weight lul

No. 1161032

Its really hard to describe, you'll find many liberal WOC dating/married to white men for many reasons
sometimes its just a matter of availability, If your in a university or college that's 90% white and want to date anybody its likely gonna be a white guy based on statistics, then there's the more controversial issue of "preference" imo other then east asians its not just the whiteness that's cconsidered attractive in a white man, in majority of cases imo its really the height of white guys that seems to be the drawing factor
And finally its the fact that deep down we know that the men of our races are beyond saving, there is not benefit in being with them and that white guys are least awful in an ocean of shit, though no one will ever admit this

No. 1161045

>And they're the type who won't stop talking about black women's issues and lives and how to support each others,
This isn't directed at you at all nonna, but I see people hate on non-white women who date white guys all the time, (like saying/implying that they hate their own race) and I don't get why people have an issue with it. I get it if the woman talks shit about white people, but imo you can support your own race while dating outside of it.

No. 1161053

America is about to become a nation of cavemen.

No. 1161057

True, I don't disagree, it's just that OP asked so I thought my friend and her sister would be good examples.

>And finally its the fact that deep down we know that the men of our races are beyond saving, there is not benefit in being with them and that white guys are least awful in an ocean of shit, though no one will ever admit this
You described it better than I did

No. 1161065

File: 1651584101316.png (709.79 KB, 569x580, Picture 5.png)

This is relatable. It doesn't bother me, except it's kind of awkward for the reasons you stated. I don't know how to explain my life when I meet strangers, even if they don't seem judgmental. It seems like lying is the smartest thing to do, but that's also no way to make real friends or human connections, so what even is the right thing to do?
Aside from that, I used to feel a lot of shame about it, but when I think about it, I realize how privileged I actually am to be able to live this way. I'm thankful, even if it doesn't feel like my choice. It's 100 times more shameful to internalize whatever other people might say/think and scorn my life when others are struggling far more than I am and would kill for even a bit of the "comfiness" of my situation. Idk, I think it'll all be okay. Life isn't actually a race, and we aren't made in factories to achieve the same goals. We all have our own situations

No. 1161075

If you go to sleep at a reasonable hour then it’s not “waking up early.”

No. 1161077

A person very special to me is going to get married.
Their wish towards me was to wear something very special and unice.
so I went to a tailor and going to make a dress.
It is going to be very expensive but that person is it worth it for me.
I specifically said I wanted the matt fabric. Today was the the date to see how to make it fitting etc. Don't know how to describe it.
The dress was in the shiny fabric.

But I can only blame myself, I will wear that dress, feel like shit, finally learn my lession and never ever try doing something special again.

No. 1161089

The lesson here is to stand up for yourself, not that you shouldn’t be doing special things. It was their mistake making it in the shiny and they would’ve fixed it if you’d said something. I mean come on.

No. 1161126

File: 1651586509632.jpg (7.12 KB, 259x195, helga.jpg)

My ex just invited me to his wedding this fall. We've been friends for years and I've moved on from him but ngl it still felt like a punch to my chest because we used to talk about marriage and stuff like that and how I was everything he was looking for in a wife/lifelong partner. I'm genuinely happy for him and his fiancé but I feel kind of replaced? I know I have no right to feel this way but it still hurts a bit. I fear that the ceremony will upset me. Idk what I should do.

No. 1161132

I'm sick of living among subhuman bumpkins. These mongoloid retards shut electricity down for more than 2h without explanation. These useless spergs would leave us in the dark for hours and I have a powerpoint to finish JFC I hate my life.

No. 1161205

i know this isn’t something i should even care about and i’m very aware that my concerns are solely from a place of vanity but oh my God. oh my Lord i am SO fucking ugly that i am afraid to reproduce. i have a wonderful, beautiful boyfriend who tells me otherwise and my family literally gets offended when i state that i am in fact not good looking, but my actual problem isn’t just the ugliness in itself it’s the fact that if someone as ugly as me is to reproduce - there’s a chance the poor child could end up with a horrifically deformed face, unless he wins the genetic lottery and ends up looking like my boyfriend, or one of my parents, or one of his parents. everyone around me is unbelievably perfect (at least to my standards) but honestly as the last few weeks have past it’s become harder and harder to stand my reflection. obviously im not gonna get plastic surgery because that isn’t good for your body but i’ve dedicated the last 3 years to trying to make myself healthier so i’d become more attractive, and i’m the healthiest i’ve ever been but i look like a pez dispenser. i’m not sure what will help me at this point.

No. 1161252

File: 1651592127686.png (293.13 KB, 315x427, softie and soldiers.png)

my hair feels softer now

No. 1161296

I don't know how to stand up for myself. In all social situations I've been ridiculed and humiliated while I showed empathy for others unconditionally but lately I've been feeling like losing it. Humans are so self centered and ville. I've been homeless since I was 15 and my mom killed herself. I keep hoping from homelessness. My life is a mess because I've been dealt with shitty cards and I have to always listen to others whine and complain about their illnesses about their suffering although life has given them things I would kill for. Life has given them the normalcy I was never given yet I have to offer them unconditional empathy when nobody in my life has ever tried to understand me or offer me empathy. Fuck others.

No. 1161302

I wrote a manifesto but it didn't post im very upset but the entire point is society is cruel millions of women are being raped and trafficked while you sit in your bed watching anime and wasting your capital on something stupid. We are all in this stupid competition when we should have been brothers and sisters. Nobody actually understands abrahamic religions.

No. 1161306

Oy vey, don't cuck yourself like this anon you're not obligated to go just because you're on friendly terms. Just send them a nice congratulatory card or something.

No. 1161582

I'm annoyed by a situation in work and while yes my timekeeping hasn't been perfect I know I'm not the only one and I had to have a review meeting today and idk I just hope I didn't moan or whine or make myself look worse but also it's formalities and work so I also have to stick up for myself but it's just shit.

I work very early hours like I get up at 4am most days, one week is never the same rota, we're short staffed that me working 6 days in a row is becoming a thing and it's like. I'm being penalised for clocking in up to 7 minutes after my start time but I'm the earliest to arrive in my department everyday and I leave after a lot of people. They couldn't fault any of my work or accuracy and they're being tight and let other people go. I'm one of 2 people that can do a role and they'd have me working 7 days if they could. Every week I earn over time because I work over my contracted hours and help others. I actually enjoy my work I'm so annoyed. They're mad at me for not making them pay me for time not wasted. Like fair enough but it's difficult to be consistent with such early wake up times when the rest of the world is not on my schedule. Often in the morning when I'm driving to work I'm behind drunk drivers or bad weather and debris on roads and it's like give me a fucking break omg

No. 1161596

I'm having really bad arthritis right now and it's making me want to Travis the Chimp the fuck out. It feels like the weight of air is hurting my feet, I wish I could send them to another dimension akin to dipping your feet in cool water. Fuck me. I'm trying to distract myself with drugs and difficult math and it's barely working. Pray for me, but don't say it aloud or else it'll land on my feet and stick.

No. 1161598

I rented my old flat to students for a good price because i know how it is to be a poor student. I wanted to be charitable and at the time i couldn't sell my flat yet. They were gigaretarded and wasted the heating for the first year. Heating on max with open windows and then forgetting to turn of the heating when they left for holidays. Btw when i lived there i didn't even use the heating, because the flats around were heating enough for me. They wasted a lot of money but paid it when the yearly receipt of extra energy money they have to pay came.
The second year they brought a washing machine a proceeded to do laundry and shower so much that now, when they moved away and i sold the flat, a receipt with extra energy and water money for last year came with like 560 dollars to pay. How can someone waste so much water? How is that even possible? It's like they filled several pools with that water. And guess what, they weren't able to agree on how to pay for it. So i had to message in between them trying to figure out for them who used what more and they still couldn't agree! So now i have to pay part from my own pocket, from moneny i don't even have. Both sides messaged me trying to sound like they proffesionally disagree and are very sorry about this inconvenience and are offended to pay more because that bitch surely washed more clothes and the other bitch surely showered more! That's what i get for trying to help people. They had the cheapest rent in the city and i even gave them a covid sale when they weren't in the flat for two months. I'm so fucking angry and i hope nothing works well for them. Especially the one who had do pay less and had even problem with THAT price. Greedy bitch!

No. 1161613

No good deed goes unpunished! Holy fuck that's awful, I'm sorry. That sort of thing happens a lot in my area for students, so they actually charge pretty much a fee that's like "you're gonna be fucking retarded, but if you're not we'll give you this back." Maybe when they're older they'll think back on their behaviour and feel embarrassed. Sorry anon

No. 1161617

Sounds like they've pigeonholed you as the workhorse and now there's a benchmark to demand that you show up at 4am on the dot. Was that always your agreed start time? Was working 6 days in a row also agreed upon in your contract?
The problem is that they're taking you for granted and are being hardasses to you because they think you have no other options.
7 minutes late isn't shit but of course you have to punch a clock so of course that's a metric they're lording over you just because they can. Anon, whatever you're doing I guarantee there is an office job with asscrack of dawn hours and no clock to be accountable to.

No. 1161619

I'm sorry your post didnt go through. The way i look at all, all religions are stupid and evil and go against women. Every single one.

No. 1161640

but so is every system. Every political and ideological system opresses women. Communism does it, capitalism does it, religion does it. I have been studying the history of religions recently and it is just simply fascinated and at origins religion was just philosophy and not that bad, then it began being used as an ideological tool of mass control. I just don't think Jesus Christ was that much of a bad guy.

No. 1161669

I spoke to the union rep and he thinks the same. This is my first graduate job and I love the work and the experience is more important to me than the shitty hours currently. The whole stupid thing occurred because my supervisor got covid so my TL and another department head had a routine review with me and the other dept head pulled out the fucking time sheets. My TL is currently annoyed because I was called into a meeting he wasn't made aware of until I went and told him after I found out HR was now reviewing the matter and he wasn't involved. They let go of a member of our department a week ago I had to cover her shift on sunday(!) and the supervisor wasn't even told. My TL is speaking with the supervisor and he said he is hoping to return next week and he's furious about how his staff has been treated in the interim. Other departments have been talking about strikes there's been a new site manager and shes apparently been sacked from every job she's had yet somehow my workplace has her, of course. The union rep is giving me good advice and he came to speak to me before the meeting and I was annoyed I couldn't even have someone from my department, I just hope I didn't come across weak but I also don't want to lose this job lol. Nightmare.

No. 1161674

>millions of women are being raped and trafficked while you sit in your bed watching anime and wasting your capital on something stupid
Women fortunate enough to be born into decent circumstances shouldn't be allowed to enjoy said circumstances because others are suffering? None of us would ever get to relax and enjoy life in this scenario. I volunteer, donate money to charities, support female-led businesses and otherwise try to look out for women in my daily life, but fuck me for not selling all my belongings and moving to Rwanda to help women on the ground, I guess? I would certainly hope any woman who went from being raped and trafficked would not then have to dedicate the rest of her life to helping women in similar positions, because it's a long, tiresome, painful road. Absolutely adore and respect the women who do, but that is not the only way one can or should help.

No. 1161717

Schizo newfag mod locking the unpopular opinions thread. The fucking state of LC. Is admin still AWOL?

No. 1161719

for real. that was really weird and unnecessary. highly dramatic response from that mod.

No. 1161720

because it was detailing over that anachan abortion cow

No. 1161723

anons were already back on topic about accents and korean plastic surgery, then they decide to lock it?

No. 1161724

because the mod was a retarded crybaby and I bet she is the hand anon

No. 1161726

Do you have body dysmorphia? Sounds like it. If there's any reason to worry about your kids suffering, it's that. It means if you have a daughter, she will notice your insecurities and pick them up herself unless you consciously manage them. And she may even pass them onto her own kids too.
>i’m very aware that my concerns are solely from a place of vanity
If you're concerned about your kid being ugly because it will make their life harder (due to getting bullied, struggling to find romantic partners) that's not vain. But if it's more about your ego about giving birth to an ugly child, it is vain but understandable. World hyperfocuses on women's beauty and blames mothers for their kids not being perfect.

No. 1161727

I so want to see that hand picture. Why the fuck did the jannie go so insane over it?

No. 1161730

So many anons have posted hands before and it's been kept up in the past

No. 1161732

she got banned i’m pretty sure the OP’s last post was redtexted but the opinion was unpopular so it’s not like the infighting over a single comment was that necessary >>1161727
mod is banning everyone who’s reposting it, i wouldn’t try it

No. 1161734

oldfag and never in my life have i seen such an insane response by mods over something so topically significant. this is a huge topic of discussion today for a very particular reason, it's not politics or "ideology" anything either, it's quality of life and our daily lives.

No. 1161735

it was just a skinny hand but she had really long nails which were kinda gross

No. 1161736

people complain about not having enough moderation, this is why i'd rather have a little less than overmoderation. because rarely is there a perfect balance on LC.

No. 1161738

Woman with a strange view on abortion posted an unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinions thread that caused an big infight. She was accused of being a man and a troon so she posted her hand to prove that she was a woman. Her hand was female but she had neglected long nails and was possibly an anachan. Both sides of the argument were banned for derailing and infighting.

No. 1161739

yeah sometimes you see infighting and actual replies that are deserving of being banned and nothing happens and then sometimes some mod is trigger happy and red texting the most irrelevant stuff. once cp was even left up for like 25 mins

No. 1161741

What is happening to my world

No. 1161742

there's absolutely nothing to suggest they're female. they posted "fuck u" (male/troon red flag frankly there alone, that was the biggest red flag for me, honestly) on their hand, and it literally looked like my ex's hand if he lost 15 lbs and grew his nails out. long salad fingers and ridged nail polish done poorly with bizarre looking nails. i honestly can't believe even the most autistic of anachans would leave that polish on for weeks and weeks, not even shape or trim their nails, then post it online.

No. 1161747

cp is left up for hours actually but this was just apparently soooo deserving of a million bans, a million red texts almost exclusively on women, told to go back to 2X after the world just found out the US is set to rollback abortion rights, then locking the thread after anons have already moved on. never seen anything like it.

No. 1161748

I worry we're going back to the censorship era, when the manhate and PP threads were first locked.

No. 1161753

genuine question how is saying “fuck you” troony

No. 1161763

samefag nvm thread is unlocked again

No. 1161782

i've never seen a hand that looks female posted on here with things like "fuck u", just a normal timestamp/sitestamp, especially when the dicussion really wasn't thaaaat heated. men usually jump to things like "fuck u" and aggressive things when unwarranted. just the response was weird. that poster knew it'd be an unpopular opinion, says that it's everyone's responsibility to be on BC (because BC never fails, right? antibiotics, vomiting, diarrhea, all cause BC to fail) and if they get raped or pregnant they shouldn't be able to control their own body, in essence. how are you going to say all that and then bring up "muh gun" argument, needlessly and rudely insulting anons who admitted they had mental illness that prevents them from being allowed to own a gun, when women are worried about rape… it's all very sus. then you're going to say 'fuck u' when you already posted your opinion knowing it's unpopular? level of unnecessary aggression in response to conversation usually displayed by males

No. 1161792

I think you tagged the wrong nona, but I appreciate the energy

No. 1161798

>men always say aggressive things like fuck you reeee
women are capable of saying fuck you, too. what kind of tone policing bullshit is this kek? you guys suddenly believe censorship and ostracization is okay when it’s a single woman? i’m a woman. i own a gun (licensed). i am incredibly aggressive and that’s why i have never been harmed by anyone, personally. if you really want to spend your whole life as a victim to troons and men then you need to arm yourself against them. and as for the whole birth control thing i don’t know because i don’t care about the abortion argument, but, really she was someone who disagreed with other people and the whole thread derailed and jumped onto her over it. how bored can you be kek? bored enough to take it to another thread even?

No. 1161803

uh, we wouldn't be having this convo if the mods didn't have an overly dramatic response to the whole thing. and are you incapable of connecting the dots with context considered or are you just going to fully ignore all the context provided? duh, of course women can say "fuck you", that's not the issue, nor is it tone policing. it's like you want to be obtuse.

No. 1161807

It was more than likely a woman. A woman with retarded opinions is still a woman. This level of paranoia over men is why we can't have nice things.

No. 1161816

is it paranoia or do we not have raids on the near daily and just had a moid here yesterday again in the relationship thread and we have moids shitting up the amber/johnny thread? so yes, people are naturally suspicious. love the way you vilify anons for being suspicious knowing moids crawl around here.

we're not allowed to be suspicious, and we're not allowed to talk about the fact that moids do use this site. ok, but per the rules, "not everyone you disagree with is a man" so we shouldn't report a ton. which is it?

No. 1161826

based off how everyone derailed the thread instead of just ignoring the bigot, the mods had an appropriate response. it was being brigaded with infighting and stupid bullshit kek

No. 1161829

if you suspect a moid you report and ignore. you don’t give them the female attention they need. seriously.

No. 1161836

I didn't say they should not enjoy their fortunate circumstances, if you help people struggling it does not mean that you cannot enjoy your life anymore or having money. A lot people own more capital than they need but often times the rich refuse to help and are deeply egoistical while the poor help because they understand. If you volunteer or give money to the poor it doesn't mean you give all your resources to that lmao. Why are you acting like helping others literally makes you unable to enjoy your wealth or have any spare time?It's just irrational and makes 0 sense, your argument. I'm assuming my post triggered you because it hit something personal but what you are saying is non sensical. If you help others it doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy life anymore.

No. 1161838

but again, per the rules we're told not to report a lot on the basis of moid suspicion. it's literally in the rules. so if women CAN hold retarded opinions, why can't anons engage? we still don't know for a fact if it's a man or anything, so being that it's only sus and not totally obvious, we can't talk with them about it? the rules and argument doesn't stand up to scrutiny. you can't have it both ways.

No. 1161845

I didn't say that!! Again, very good you are doing that. I've helped women whenever I could and I am poor!! Our world would be so much better if everyone helped those struggling but most people don't. I don't think we have to give up on life or happiness or give up everything to the poor.

No. 1161846

we have moids spam cp or bait nearly every day, you can't blame anons for beings suspicious. We can't have nice things because of men not because of paranoia for them.

No. 1161847

it was a woman, get over it and stop shitting up vent. seriously get over it. it’s not like she’s on the supreme court.

No. 1161852

how do I stop self sabotaging?It's like I have a demon inside of me that guides me towards failure

No. 1161854

>we can’t have ANYTHING because of men

okay then stop using lolcow.farm if you’re so horrified of men and become amish, if you’re such a victim

No. 1161855

Yall wanna hear how tired I am and I still have to make my lunch for tomorrow and wash my hair and I'm 6 minutes away from 8 hours of sleep. That's never happening.

No. 1161856

um, are you missing the news that the supreme court is planning on rolling back roe v wade? you're saying this like anti-choice people aren't getting their way via the supreme court.

No. 1161858

Um I don't think she should become Amish if she is horrified of men…

No. 1161861

Nah, that was a man

No. 1161867

tell yourself it was a man if it helps you sleep but that was female anatomy that we all saw

No. 1161871

it doesn’t effect me either way so

No. 1161873

LC is an anonymous website. You could be speaking with anyone, that's the point of an anonymous website. You could be a moid, I could be a moid, this >>1161792 anon could also be a moid. There's no way of knowing for certain. Constantly being paranoid to the extent that it destroys threads and derails discussion is inane because there is no way to stop men posting here. It's unfortunate but it is what it is and you need to accept that it's part of being on an anonymous website.

The point of that rule is that not everyone that disagrees with you is a man and to only report a post if you genuinely suspect that the poster is male. I've never been banned for reporting someone for being a moid.

No. 1161879

It definitely was a tranny. An anorexic one.

No. 1161882

Stop ban evading, clawbitch.

No. 1161887

those knuckles were fucking huge, it’s a man you tard

No. 1161889

What the fuck are those nails

No. 1161890

File: 1651604643516.jpg (56.61 KB, 564x564, f4ee61b68532c4f02ae0447ab9b955…)

Hey, leave me out of it.

No. 1161891

not everyone who says that it was a woman is the pro birth ana chan. like it we just some wannabe e-trad. get over it and stop obsessing every minute you have over it for real.

No. 1161892

My god, the shitty nails. The bony big structure and the long ass fingers.

No. 1161895

>if you don't want to talk to men on the one website for women, then leave
No, that anon stays and moids should fuck off and get banned.

No. 1161898

just admit that you’re a moid who’s never seen a woman’s hand

No. 1161904

This. Acting like men shouldn't be called out will get us where crystal cafe is, it's full of men larping as women, kek.
Cut your nails. Wash your hands.

No. 1161905

No. 1161909

I see womens hands everyday because I am one, unlike you. Now stop bothering us and go do some yard work.

No. 1161911

File: 1651605041585.jpg (140.08 KB, 1300x882, 2187-532.jpg)

Sorry nona, I know you're not a moid.

No. 1161912

Kekeke we get it, you think your ghoul hand is totally the same as a woman's because you're an autistic moid who thinks female hands are only about the long (badly applied) fake nails

No. 1161922

i don’t understand the obsession with trying to say this anorexic kid is a troon. if you’re trying to get her to post nudes just say so.

No. 1161923

I keep missing the hand

No. 1161924

they're their real nails, obviously too blinded by euphoria as another anon said, to recognize the issue with ridgy, clumpy, too translucent polish, and horrific unshaped talons. never seen an anachan female that would think those nails acceptable. in the possibly male mind though, long nails = always feminine, no matter how unkempt and disgusting. i don't think i've ever seen a woman irl that has let her nails grow that long that also doesn't shape or take care of them. the lack of shaping and proper length freaks me out. they look so unhealthy

No. 1161928

Go to /meta /

No. 1161931

Alright I understand the people freaked out by the nails wow

No. 1161932

No one wants to see your skeleton, delulu tranny.

No. 1161933

>if you’re trying to get her to post nudes just say so.

No. 1161935

i’m not posting my cervix.

No. 1161936

It's "her" ban evading and posing in third person. "she" is also defending "her"self in upper posts saying it belongs to a female and we're the men etc.

No. 1161941

Same tranny is talking about posting videos of "her" cervix and abortion in meta but mods aren't banning the obvious ban evaded male.

No. 1161943

No troon, stop shoving your fetish down women's throats. No one wants to see a ghoul's nudes. And you don't have a cervix, your axe wound isn't a cervix.

Oh damn, I thought the fading colore was where a fake nail would begin.


If you're really a woman and you have big hands, you would still have big woman hands. It's not about how big they are, men have a different bone structure that makes them clockable.

No. 1161946

He's saying he's happy he doesn't need an abortion, kek. This whole post was caused by his obvious womb envy where he hates women who abort babies because he's jealous of them.

Jack the ripper saga when?

No. 1161949

the bone structure isn’t clockable because i’m an actual fucking woman, i don’t understand why everyone is so hell bent on trying to convince themselves that i’m a man kek. skinny = boney, boney = knuckles look bigger than they actually are. do i need to post an actual man hand or?

No. 1161951

right? image caping for this with your poor, obviously biased moderation while holding an administrative role on a website meant for females, KEK. probably her nigel(la now i guess)

No. 1161952

you dropped the third person narrative, "anon"

No. 1161953

im a woman. i have a female body. i was born female with a vulva, labia, vaginal canal, cervix, uterus, and ovaries. cry about it into your pillow.

No. 1161958

calling me a man isn’t gonna make me face doxx kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161960

your hands and wrists literally look like my ex's (male) except more ana, so… not the W you think it is
few women would feel the need to post this or post like this, kek

No. 1161961

have you ever considered that your soyboy ex is effeminate

No. 1161962

>probably her nigel(la now i guess)
Fuck nonnita I love you.
No one wants to see your ugly face, skelly troony. Ew.

No. 1161964

call me troon all you want it won’t cancel out the very factual reality that i have a female body in it’s entirety kek

No. 1161966

Your fascination with cervix is disturbing to say the least. You're jealous of women because you'll never be one and you see abortion as women throwing away something you'd die to have.(/ot/ rule 6)

No. 1161970

Don't post your face or body. Your hand was scary enough I don't think I can sleep proper tonight.

No. 1161973

all i hear is “post a video of you with the flashlight shining on your insides” and it’s not happening fag-chan

No. 1161980

also “you’re jealous of women because you’ll never be one” you aren’t gonna manipulate me into doxxing myself kek. i’ve been on lolcow for years, i know how you get women to give up their info. not today.(ban evading to continue to argue with anons about skelly hands)

No. 1161981


No. 1161982

Everyone has been telling you to leave and not to send pictures. Yet you ban evaded for like ten times just to ask us if we want your nudes.
Also you can't shine a flashlight up yourself, it's not going to work and you'd know if you were female.

No. 1161988

yes you can it’s called getting a speculum my boyfriend has done it to me many times

No. 1161991

also no one said “do you want my nudes” i said im not gonna prove my anatomy so stop calling me a troon because the only way to know for certain is by looking inside of me (a troon wound doesn’t have a cervix)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1162003

>cervix cervix cervix uterus cervix uterus vagina
You're a gross degenerate, kys asap

No. 1162009

You can tell a troon just by looking at it with its clothes on. You can tell a troon shitditch just by looking at how disgusting it is, none are believable and pass as actual vaginas. Believing it's identical aside from the cervix is tranny-tale.

No. 1162093

stop blaming the mods for “locking the threads” the thread just necro’d(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1162105

Are you retarded?

No. 1162106

I washed my hands lots of times, but they still smell of onion.

No. 1162110

File: 1651612155171.jpg (10.73 KB, 269x275, 1606488998587.jpg)

>tell guildmates about a way to optimize an rng mini-game shit
>"geez why do you care so much about rng"
>"imagine stressing over 10 or 20 lost coins"
Ok fuckers I won't say anything anymore if you're acting as if I was forcing you over a freaking tip I saw on another server

No. 1162113

it's probably just handposter defending his mod friend or he really is trannyjanny. all of a sudden the same defensive lowercase posts started happening again in /meta/ too after this was unlocked too.

No. 1162117

Okay well first I hope you’re actually handling onion otherwise you need to go to the doctor and I can’t help. If your handling them rub your hands on something stainless steel before you wash them and it’ll go away.

No. 1162118

Trannyjanny when will u %41? Or will u starve to death?(move on)

No. 1162122

I was making guac kek, thanks anon!

No. 1162125

Hoping a mod does lock this thread because the autistic infighting with the troon (they’re called troons on lolcow. Not trannys) is making everyone look stupid

No. 1162131

I took out 2000$ of my retirement last year cause I really needed the money for very urgent bills. I finally did my taxes last weekend and because of it, I owe 300$, ugh. I would have gotten around 2500$ in returns if I did not take that money out.

No. 1162132

Men shouldn't be allowed to write about women's art in any way. I was looking up Sue Tissue from the Suburban Lawns and apparently she sort of disappeared from public view at some point. I was curious and saw an article written by a scrote about it. I skimmed down the article to a point where he talks about seeing this video for the first time, and his description of her is so dick brained I nearly had a fucking aneurysm.

"She clutches the microphone almost nervously, her muted Nancy Drew-style outfit accentuating her awkwardness. She channels Yoko Ono when delivering the chorus, squealing lyrics with the earnestly playful antagonism of a performance art project."

Watch this video and tell me if you get anything 'earnestly playful' about her demeanor. She looks like she could shoot lazers out of her goddamn eyes. Holy fuck I want to silence males forever. No wonder she disappeared.

No. 1162135

the way he describes her is the way agp fuckers see their "blueprint"

No. 1162141

I’ve heard a lot about body dysmorphia my whole life but I feel like my parents just don’t want to admit that they had an ugly child kek…I’m not really scared of having a female child and her getting bullied I’m more scared of having any child and even if they don’t look like me, what if they reproduce and then my grandchild is horribly deformed? It would be like putting a curse on innocents. It sounds dramatic I know but that’s just how it feels kek. Thank you so much for the insight though

No. 1162146

Troons are incapable of having children. There are no addendums to that, so quit think you have a say in abortion

No. 1162147

Found out my dad's cousin sent her teenage down syndrome daughter to foster care for a year during covid. She hates this poor girl so much. The girl got sent 2 states away from where her family lives. It's okay though, the mother got the poor girl checked for venereal diseases when she came back. I want to break her parents' faces, I am so livid. Never once asked family to take her. I hope they both rot in hell, but especially her mother. They have 4 kids with one being older than her but because she has downs, she's imperfect and isn't really her child. Treats her like dirt and father doesn't try anymore. The other kids just do what they want and treat her like dirt since their parents do. I want to look up flights just so I can break their faces. They should have never had kids.

No. 1162151

Why did janny not ban the ban evading poster who now moved onto meta? Is she really caping for him or is she retarded?(stop replying to bait)

No. 1162156

If they locked every thread that has infighting, this site wouldn't exist anymore

No. 1162158

Greasy haired and obese women would be unappealing for most human beings.

No. 1162162

>they’re called troons on lolcow. Not trannys
They're called both

No. 1162166

Tranny rhymes with janny tard.

Do not reply to the attention seeking male poster btw.

No. 1162171

What about traps?

No. 1162178

That is the word coping males use to excuse their inability to discern the difference between TIM and women when they end up getting caught fucking a troon

No. 1162183

Correction it's a cope for bi or gay men who don't wanna admit they like dick. Normal straight men couldn't actually get hard to trannies.

No. 1162187

this made me think of when I’m at my parents house they have a small metal bar of ‘soap’ specially for this purpose

No. 1162193

I think there's a specific version of "prison gay" for incels and extreme mysogynists scared of actual women where they manage to meme themselves into finding anything slightly feminine arousing, as long as that guy is willing to adore them and even "supports" their political beliefs. Of course even feminine gays shouldn't date guys like those, because who knows when they snap or get overwhelmed by gay guilt.

No. 1162200

I never said that word

No. 1162204

I just found out those were a thing, I want one now because I have to rub on my sink lol. At least it’s not a knife though

No. 1162243

File: 1651616925165.jpeg (562.51 KB, 1233x1799, 1641152693068.jpeg)

I wish anons would post more dating app collages like these. I love judging loser scrotes

No. 1162258

File: 1651617561449.jpg (971.98 KB, 972x3959, ScreenshotTinder.jpg)

Not a collage anon but I can offer this one to you.

No. 1162260

can we have a thread for actually venting and not constant derailing shitstorms instead?

No. 1162271

I wanted to tell someone because I’m so excited that today is my last day on pharmaceuticals. I just feel really proud and happy kek

No. 1162274

I can partially relate in regards to certain awkwardness around other women–and I mean specifically new acquaintances. I wonder what causes it, because it's something completely irrational and not based on my experience at all, because I've always had girlfriends, and relationships with them were more stable and satisfying than with men.
Nevertheless, I think it still might have something to do with early experiences involving significant female figures. Personally I found it hard to open up to my mom (she'd be pretty judgmental of me and sometimes ridiculously unforgiving), and there were other women and girls from my closest circle that made me feel inadequate. Guess it got to me on some level and now rises up from the subconscious when I'm worse (=more insecure) than usual. Later I had worse experiences with guys but they didn't have some particular impact on me, I guess because I didn't have close relationships with any of them and I didn't think of them highly from the very start, so that's what probably made me immune.
I also suspect it's part of conditioning that makes one think of women as "other species". You might not be consciously misogynistic or something but you still think that majority of women are kind of the same while being different from you, only because you don't fit into this idea of womanhood but can't reject it altogether as the unrealistic one at the same time. And the more outwardly "feminine" they are, the more "different" they seem. You perceive them as some collective image that's foreign to you and therefore intimidating. It's interesting though that the most feminine women can be just as much insecure when it comes to friendships with other women. The preconceptions and projections stemming from self-doubt stand in your way, not some lack of skill. There's no specific skill that allows you to communicate with women. I think actually starting to communicate with other women more is the only way to overcome that block because you'll start to see that everyone's different and there's nothing to be intimidated by. Many people are somewhat awkward and simple in a good way, and many actually want to meet someone chill to act natural around them.

No. 1162276

I'm not very close to my sister, she's a lot older than me and she moved out of our parent's house when I was 12. But it still worries me a lot that she's started identifying as a they/them I feel like I've somehow failed her and I worry she's going to do permanent damage to her body. It just scares me so much she never struck me as the annoying woke type so I don't know what's going on with her.

No. 1162281

File: 1651619056604.gif (472.05 KB, 444x188, kDQ.gif)

I'm tired of my boundaries being overstepped and taken advantage of. I want to scream.

No. 1162282

I keep having to talk my sister off the tranny ledge too, it feels horrible to know that people in her social group (and for a time even her therapist) are trying to get my sister to mutilate herself.

No. 1162299

sometimes think blowing my brains out on the capitol steps would be a more meaningful use of my life than whatever the fuck I’m doing now

No. 1162326

Sometimes I care too much about whatever my posts get replied with, then I remember there are like 5 nonas on /g/ simping for Ezra Miller right now.

No. 1162327

KEK true

No. 1162336

Nta but I am incredibly feminine in my appearance and I love many traditionally feminine hobbies, I'm still scared shitless of interacting with other girls. I just don't want to disappoint them/weird them out.

No. 1162353

Wynn Bruce self-immolated on the steps on the Supreme Court a week and a half ago and you barely even heard about it. Killing yourself isn’t an act of political rebellion anymore; if anything it’s convenient for the people whose boot you’re under. If you truly don’t care, there’s a lot more meaningful things a gun could be used for.

But also maybe try gardening or fostering kittens. It does help. Your actions don’t have to be revolutionary to be meaningful.

No. 1162360

i didn't hear about this at all. this is so upsetting. i wish he didn't do this. he would've made more of an impact had he stayed alive. this is so depressing… this man went through pain and suffering for a worthy cause he was passionate about, just for it to be a blip on the news cycle. you're so right, anon, btw.

No. 1162370

>Wynn Bruce self-immolated on the steps on the Supreme Court
This is sad that someone took their own life to protest something that doesn't actually exist. The media needs to be purged because all it does is spread misery and not factual information.

No. 1162378

File: 1651623523353.png (136.79 KB, 800x605, FQ1HM5XaIAAvrZG.png)

i wish i could just let myself enjoy life but my own brain hates me. i feel like i deserve to suffer always. i mustve done something horrible in a past life

No. 1162380

why nonnie? is everything ok?

No. 1162393

I really hate it when people say “if you have more male friends you suffer from internalized misogyny”. I find it easier to be friends with guys because we share similar interests and i noticed that its more common or accepted for a woman to be mean to a man and idk that’s how a lot if my friendships with guy friends are like, just a lot of banter while my friendship with women, even if i just met her, is just lots of compliments and it feels fake. I remember one girl in an outing i went to kept going on and on about how she missed me despite never talking to me at all.
I can’t bring myself to be “friendly aggressive” to a woman i feel so bad but i noticed that when i eventually cross that bridge i feel more comfortable. I noticed the “friendly aggressiveness” thing happen between a female friend and someone she met, they’re very tight nit and they’re not dating. With me and other women at the beginning its “awww anon is so innocent and nice”.
I agree with you on everything except the “the guys want to fuck me”. That has never been the case and its so awkward to even think about it.

No. 1162396

>while my friendship with women, even if i just met her, is just lots of compliments and it feels fake.
You need to be around cooler women! I really think you can find some nice female friendships out there that aren't like this.

No. 1162398

I grew up very shy and frustrated at how hard talking to other people is. I got over that hurdle when i met people with similar interests and they’re all my closest friends now. There’s nothing wrong with “sperging over mutual interests” i honestly don’t understand how you can talk to others effortlessly it’s always been a massive insecurity of mine.

No. 1162402

I hate the poor side of my family and I won't associate with them. Older relatives and cousins alike were rude to me growing up. When my family went on vacation, and my poorer relatives housesat us, I returned to my prized possessions ruined and some ground into the mud outside for over a week. They never faced any consequences and I got nothing replaced. When they visited us on holidays I resented them so much. It's not my fucking fault your mom is a druggie that plays WoW all day and can't even keep your water turned on.

No. 1162405

i think you should try to feel more sympathy for them though, anon. annoying as that may be. that's awfully sad, actually.

No. 1162406

File: 1651624717153.jpg (61.04 KB, 828x1030, FRMNtQGXIAUufrK.jpg)

i wish i knew. i hate being tired and miserable all the time but i feel like its all i know. i just wish i was mentally normal and i wish society wasnt a fuck. i want to adopt a cat and live by the ocean instead. this hell sphere is pissing me off. oh well

No. 1162411

i used to have pretty much all male friends and the only female ones i could get were online or from being in the same class. it didnt bother me until i got older and realized the friendships felt shallow while the women around me were fine with talking about everything, they actually conversed with me rather than talking at me about their life while my own stuff went over their head as it did with men. when i was a preteen-teen i definitely had some internal misogyny but now i dont and im slowly getting rid of the only men i had in my life. i dont know what it is but i really understand anons who say its hard to converse with women. for me theres no interest in pop culture, the "yas queen" stuff due to tranny/drag queen shit, no interest in men due to being a lesbian, and no interest in consoom. it sucks that my age bracket in a conservative area all women basically get accidentally pregnant and accept it while i have no interest in babies or kids. its hard to find women in the same area with similar hobbies who arent already stuck with a man they dont seem to like and a baby.

No. 1162413

File: 1651625393371.png (88.47 KB, 360x360, 360px-Natsuiro_Matsuri_-_Portr…)

i love my boyfriend and i love all of my friends but sometimes i feel like im not enough for them. i bring them little gifts like snacks i think theyd like or something i drew of something they're interested in but i only get them to smile for a certain amount of time until i need to up my game again. at least my boyfriend will cherish my gifts but even then i feel like i annoy him with all the stuff i buy and make for him.

No. 1162430

File: 1651626549976.jpg (23.95 KB, 564x564, ttt.jpg)

I've encountered an actual nightmare child on a train today and it damn near ruined my 3+ hour long trip. I don't even dislike children and I'm usually pretty tolerant when they're being loud since you know, they're just children. But this little shit and his parents checked literally every box on the "rude white trash family with an obnoxious tablet-raised kid" stereotype list.
>riding comfortably in my train compartment with four other people, including a young mom and her daughter
>notice a small boy, around 8y.o. running up and down the narrow corridor(?) that goes along the train car (idk what's it called I'm esl) muttering nonsense to himself and bumping into people
>wait, is he carrying a fucking huggy wuggy plushie?
>he is, kek
>his parents are in a compartment next to ours, clearly not giving a fuck
>the dad steps out on the corridor to smoke a cigarette through an open window (in case you're wondering: no, you're not allowed to do that)
>the mom is talking loudly on her phone, the kid runs up to her and demands she give him the phone, she refuses, kid starts screaming
>no words, just full on inarticulate screaming until the mom eventually gives up
>proceeds to watch elsagate-tier youtube videos until the mom takes the phone away to make another call
>the whole process repeats several times
>at some point around one hour into the trip kid notices the little girl in our compartment eating jelly beans, stops and silently stares at the bag in her hands, just fidgeting around. it's honestly a little creepy
>he clearly doesn't know what to do in a situation when he's not getting what he wants immediately and is too retarded to ask nicely so he keeps staring
>the girl's mom takes notice, goes "haha c-cute" and gives him a handful of jelly beans, he snatches them and runs off
>big mistake
>for the rest of the ride he won't leave the little girl alone. When he's not rolling around on the filthy train floor or watching youtube, he keeps sticking his head into our compartment and staring really intensely at the girl, again not saying a word or emoting in any way
>everyone is weirded out by this and the little girl gets visibly uncomfortable but nobody wants to be the person to tell an obviously autistic 8y.o. to fuck off or start a fight with his shitty parents, so we do our best to ignore him
>at one point he straight up walks into our compartment carrying the phone and a packet of hot dog sausages, takes an empty seat and starts eating
>sometimes he pauses to "feed" the huggy wuggy doll by rubbing a hot dog on it and then putting it back in his mouth
>one of the other passengers tries to talk to him, he ignores her completely. He honestly doesn't seem able to use words a whole lot
>some obnoxious video that I'm pretty sure is mk ultra brainwash material keeps playing on the phone the whole time
>hot dogs stink up the compartment
>I can't take it anymore. Standing in the corridor next to the toilet for the rest of the ride seems like a preferable alternative at this point so I leave and so does the little girl with her mom
>we talk and bond a little bit over this, it's nice
>It is now 30 minutes until the final station and I think someone managed to call the dad over because he finally decides to interact with his spawn
>he comes over and carries the kid away, not even acknowledging the other passengers or apologizing for his behavior
>proceeds to "entertain" him by picking him up and sticking his head and shoulders through an open window of a moving train
>the kid loves it. He's screaming of course but at least it's joyful now. The mom has no problem with this either, she's laughing and taking pictures
>my god, they're all fucking retarded
>some guy finally loses his patience and yells at them
>they still act uppity but eventually fuck off when they realize they might get fined for this
>we can now enjoy the last 10 minutes of our train ride in peace, yay
>final station comes up, I grab my stuff, say goodbye to the young mom and her daughter and get the hell out of there
>The kid doesn't want to leave the train, his parents are fighting about their luggage and I keep hearing the three of them yell at each other up until I leave the platform
Ok, I get that people can be shitty sometimes and you need to be prepared for stuff like that in public transport but jesus fucking christ, that whole experience was bizarre. I've never seen parents act this careless about raising a potential autist and/or a huge asshole with no social awareness. I can't imagine what that family's home life looks like.

No. 1162439

immediately being seen as a criminal is so dehumanizing. it doesn’t matter how babyfaced i am or how unthreatening i make myself people will just automatically assume the worst of me. i feel so embarrassed and guilty and i’ve done nothing wrong. i want to curl up and die. i wish i never had to go outside ever again.

No. 1162442

I feel the exact same. Let's be friends and go above and beyond for each other nonna

No. 1162450

That entire family sounds like all they do is yell, stink, and stare at phones.

No. 1162455

I'd fuck that man-slut in the top left and then ruin his probation

No. 1162463

crews "tie your hands together and choke you"
you know, just wholesome shit not murderous or misogynistic at all.

No. 1162465

File: 1651628811465.jpeg (228.54 KB, 750x712, 9FCF0951-09B6-4F8A-AB32-CBA36B…)

America is so fucked.

No. 1162466

Nona, why do people think you're a criminal? I'm sorry. That sounds scary and frustrating.

No. 1162475

at least the manslut wasn't the most misogynistic of the bunch, just materialistic and at least with the "alpha" thing he's hot. really nice stomach.

No. 1162479

I’m glad i’m not the only one anon, i have him blocked on both twitter accounts. I hate this manlet.. thing… with every fiber of my being. He’s disgusting and should be put down

No. 1162489

different skin color. but it’s okay! i’m not trying to racebait or anything of the sort. just wanted to vent and i cried a bunch so i’m over it!!

No. 1162497

it's okay anon, i can understand and it's easy to see obviously you're not coming from it at that angle. i hope you feel better and people that you meet are nicer and less awful

No. 1162505

i hope so too. thank you for the kind words nona. i hope your day was great and that your tomorrow will be even better

No. 1162507

File: 1651631047040.gif (1.93 MB, 363x360, 3BC09F0C-82E0-49AF-88C5-AE0473…)

I hate existing I hate being perceived I dont deserve to be alive etc. you know the stuff. Even mental illness is so boring nowadays. I hope some sniper takes me out for no reason this week

No. 1162514

men cause the trauma that women pass down, and men don't raise their kids

No. 1162516

File: 1651631515766.png (85.88 KB, 275x275, 1651618651425.png)

No. 1162524

I wish my NMother would fucking die already, but I know she won't for a long time. She has COVID and is in her early 60's, is overweight, has severe asthma and sinus issues, GERD, hypothyroid, and two brain aneurysms. But she is double vaccinated and boosted. I know that bitch won't die. She has destroyed my life like no other. I hate her so much.

No. 1162525

Also forgot to mention she has scar tissue in one of her lungs. But I know she will outlive this shit and continue to make everyone's lives miserable.

No. 1162534

It really triggers me how much credit people give my dad for being such a great parent when all he did was not physically abuse his kids (unlike my mother) and pay for our basic needs. The bar for men is so fucking low.

No. 1162540

File: 1651633382536.gif (565.65 KB, 220x175, 2E16E918-8DB5-413D-BF6A-A11713…)

You know what I absolutely fucking hate? I hate pakianon. She constantly has to drag her fucking self-hating ugly ass and her stupid made-up misery in every thread you go. Is it a thread about food? She’s gonna be there bitching about how we have it so much better because we are free to be fatasses. Is it a thread about dogs? She’s gonna be there bitching about how we have it so good that we can talk about dogs. Is it a thread about flat earth? Pakistan, Pakistan this, pakistan that, Islam this, Islam that, have you ever thought that maybe you shutting the fuck up,getting off the internet and solving your own problems would make you less miserable? Venting was fine at first but constantly dragging that shit in every conversation is tiring, no one here is gonna save you we are all just as retarded and powerless as you which is why we care more about the met gala over important issues that could change our lives. Stupid ass trick ass self-hate having ass stop ruining my lurking sessions by inserting yourself in conversations to complain complain complain whine whine whine how about you finally illegally hop on a boat or a plane and actually go to a place you want to live idk go crazy YOLO. Good god BAN HER ALREADY ffs I actually can’t stand you and I’m not one to complain much about avatarfagging yes picrel is you no one cares no one is bawling for you because your stupid ass mother decided to take a shit in the toilet and named her turd that grew up to be iyou. Fuck you pakianon, sincerely, you are secretly the bane of this website along the jannies and other things

No. 1162542

File: 1651633747438.jpeg (21.48 KB, 309x246, 83C15883-61A1-4834-9EF0-81B484…)

God I wish I were stoned right now

No. 1162555

Big agree anon, but did she do this today? I haven’t seen it kek. Romania is way worse than Paki anon though.

No. 1162563

Romanianon is worse. I like paki anon.

No. 1162564

ntayrt how do I tell the difference between romanianon and pakianon I usually gloss over their screeds

No. 1162566

Pakianon is more whiny and talks about what anon was complaining about, romanianon complains about capitalism/communism and sometimes whines about first world feminism and occasionally threatens murder.

No. 1162570

Just like I glossed over that anon's post

No. 1162572

Romanianon is retarded

No. 1162574

Nah I love pakianon and I understand her struggles. Romanibitch on the other hand is a narc.

No. 1162575

File: 1651635846842.gif (2.12 MB, 245x281, 1588219836740.gif)

I'm about this close to pulling the trigger on sending a breakup text to my moid. I can't tell if I'm just discontent and looking to start shit or if I'm really at my limit. He's been distant for months, ie glued to his phone/computer and either studying, applying for jobs, or browsing subreddita for his field because he's been looking for a job and it's been rough. We've gone out for dates and shit in between but my attraction to him just tanked because of how he's gotten. It's like I'm not even dating the same person anymore. He finally got a fucking job offer and what does he do? Ignore my texts/phone calls for hours because he's too busy celebrating ie drinking with his roommates. Sure, he had no obligation to call me first, but it was just the last fucking straw after months of this bullshit. I might be a raging BPDchan or whatever you want to call it but this just sucks and I'm tired of coming in last for this motherfucker.

No. 1162576

Break up with him, he's fucking boring and you deserve fun.

No. 1162577

Nta, tinfoil thread. She was mad about people complaining about Roe v. Wade.

No. 1162583

pakianon doesn't understand your struggles and thinks you're a privileged American bitch even if you were born in the trailer park while she lives a comfy life with her rich parents and has family abroad that can help her immigrate. At least Romanianon has actually had a harsh life and she understands class struggle.

No. 1162584

Kek “nooooyou can’t complain about issues happening in your own country” it’s like her mentality is that she can complain but we can’t just because we have iphones and democracy like no one in America asked for this shit

No. 1162585

I'm not american, I live in Latin America

No. 1162586

i sympathize with them both. i just wish they'd cut certain things out. ironically romania's murder manifestos don't bother me that much. it's just not good, not healthy, not good for anyone or her. she has a fixation on manifesto killers basically too which i don't think helps her

No. 1162587

Thinking about the fact that doctors and nurses touched my vagina and put things inside of it for no reason when i was having seizures in the hospital makes me want to stab my face until it’s not recognizable anymore kek

No. 1162588

i'm sorry, what? what happened? why did they do that?

No. 1162589

Nta, but it doesn't really matter where you're from. Pakianon even called Romanianon privileged when she was trying to be nice to her kek. She thinks everyone who isn't in a Muslim country is privileged.

No. 1162590

Idk why anons pin these dumb anonymous girls against each other as if they were characters. If you hate them just don't talk about them.

No. 1162592

i think you sympathize with romanianon ibecause you’re missing the part that she molested a bunch of kids kek and fails to elaborate that she was never forced to molest them

No. 1162593

Ayrt I don't care, I still believe in her struggles

No. 1162594

Fathers are overrated

No. 1162599

Jealous that you don't get the same attention huh. Just ignore her posts, who cares

No. 1162600

I really wish I knew why it happened. I’d been hospitalized a few times before and been “inspected” for disease even though I wasn’t showing any signs of it and epileptic seizures aren’t a side effect of STD’s, but not only had they done that to me but they also put the largest catheter they had on hand inside of me after my mother insisted again and again that I’d be incredibly upset if when woke up and found out that “doctors” hands had been in places unnecessary, and I definitely threw a fentanyl fit when I awoke kek. They apologized for this by ripping it out of me as hard as they could with no anesthetic.

No. 1162602

I don't feel bad for pakianon. She's actually the narcissist. She is not even in a bad situation. She has rich family and a support system yet she acts so fucking oppressed. People like her that LARP the literal suffering of others are the worst and are narcissistic. She's talked about how she has a rich family and how she can move to America any time. She's a fake ass LARPER and I genuinely wish death and harm on her for claiming the suffering of others while she shuts everyone's mouth. She is not suffering and never did, she's about as privileged as any other anon that she criticizes. She's a fake ass opression LARPER and I'm tired of people like her when people in actually bad situations don't even get to open their mouths.

No. 1162603

I find it funny how a rich Pakistani is calling everyone else privileged when their own parents are probably hoarding wealth that belongs to the rest of the country. Does she not realize it’s probably her own fucking parents that are contributing to how shit her country can be? The irony of her perspective on the world when she has the money to actually survive and have access to internet and has time to argue on here. It’s almost when people exaggerate the conditions of African countries, it’s not some wild shithole constantly plagued with war and faminine and everyone is acting like out of control barbarians, pretty sure Pakistan has some form of development too it’s just the government that sucks because she doesn’t realize that the post-9/11 war and prejudice against Islam is the biggest factor as to why her country is again shit lol

No. 1162604

Autistic male

No. 1162605

No I’m irritated that you keep falling for her lies over and over again stop trolling anon lmao

No. 1162606

What’s with all the misogyny in zoomer moids? Today I overheard a zoomer boy talk about Kevin Samuels and recommending him to another guy. Normie men are starting to follow these red pill ideologies and it is worrying me a little bit. That same scrote has talked about how modern women are fat feminists and how feminism ruined women. There are also some pickmes that agree with him which is pathetic. These red pill channels have the potential to make moids into extreme misogynists.

No. 1162607

You know what's actually bad? Writing a whole ass paragraph about how much you hate a random anon. Just ignore her posts, walk away from the screen, or simply don't come to lolcow if you hate it that much. Btw I don't think you're using the term narcissist correctly.

No. 1162608

So just because I believe unconditionally in the suffering of a woman I am an autistic male now? You're dumb.

No. 1162609

nobody is jealous of you pakistan chan. Go swim in your parent's money you narcissistic whore while you screech at everyone. You will never face true suffering like homelessness and having literally nothing to fall back on. You're a privileged ass bitch like the people you criticize. stupid bitch you say nobody has empathy for you when I have no parents and I've been homeless on and off since I was 16 while you sleep well in the money of your parents. You don't know what's like to have no support system and no money and to have to be prostituted in order to pay for your mother's funeral. I hope you fucking kill yourself. You also copy my posts. After I post something you pop up 2 hours later saying the same fucking shit. Yesterday I said nobody has had real empathy for me when that is actually true
stop it, it's lolcow. It's not my fault pakianon namefags and personality fags while faking opression like some Twitter fag when her life is fine. Other anons get shred to pieces for much less.

No. 1162610



please i am going to ficksdfjidsjfalisudfhaluisfhasdiufhwiufhsuildfhalsiudfhaslduifhasdluifhdsliufhasdf


No. 1162612

she says she was abused by adults and she re-enacted the abuse on other kids. it's not uncommon. she was literally like 8.

No. 1162613

No shit I'm jealous, I'm his fucking girlfriend and we've been dating for like two years so it's about damn time I'm a priority in his life.

No. 1162615

this isn't true at all. anime became countercultural later on, once it became more focused on perverted shit. the original term otaku has little to do with anime, but anime became more autistic because of those people.

No. 1162616


No. 1162617

File: 1651637352318.jpeg (394.43 KB, 750x956, C21D3E2B-E9C3-4CD1-9705-341C68…)

pakianon doesn’t “suffer” she comes from a rich family who takes care of her mei nu no education no where girl ass.

No. 1162618

>prejudice against islam is why her country is shit
Hey why don’t you find the nearest cliff and jump off of it. Food for thought

No. 1162619

Lmao so this is just Romanianon being jealous of Pakichan kek

No. 1162620

i'm on your side on this one tbh. i feel bad for her growing up in a muslim country, but beyond that, she does have relative privilege she fails to acknowledge and refuses to understand that women can be homeless, poverty stricken, abused, exploited, ANYWHERE.

No. 1162622

you are literally insane, Paki-chan is great. I like seeing non-Western perspectives.

No. 1162623

When did i say that, I’m referring to you telling everyone they’re just jealous

No. 1162624


No. 1162625

oh no did I attract the seething brown incels who’s mad about their counterparts dating white men nevermind I take everything back about pakianon I agree with everything she says

No. 1162626

i don't know that the post w the gif is romania, she's just terminally here to respond to things that interest her.

No. 1162627

How is this bad? Let her be, who cares, if she's actually rich I probably live a worse life than she does but I'm not insecure enough to be pressed about it.

No. 1162628

aren’t you tired of having the same discussion every 3 days? paki anon this romania anon that who cares

No. 1162629

Having a rich family in a musilm country as a woman doesn’t mean shit you retards, she’s still not in control of her life and when you’re not in control money doesn’t mean shit and your future is very bleak and unknown

No. 1162630

i mean, it does afford you relative privilege compared to women in you country with no prospects or money. that's not even debatable.

No. 1162631

No, it’s actually straight up embarrassing how you think living in a secular western society is any better. I’m actually done trying to leave my thoughts out of this, I genuinely think that it has always been the fundamentalists who misinterpret passages and weaponize it in society, it’s not the actual religion itself it’s the influence of society I can’t do this like this is actually hurting my brain trying to explain the obvious. I agree wholeheartedly that people do not understand Islam, even some Muslims themselves

No. 1162632

She still lives in an oppresive country though.

No. 1162633

you’re non-black fuck off, I don’t trust or listen to any non-black woman beSwiss you come from cultures that are intrinsically hateful towards black women

No. 1162634

I would empathize with Pakistan chan if she was actually what she claimed to be but she's a fake ass LARPER. If she was someone not privileged or poor or suffering I would understand her complaining about the stuff she does complain about but she's a fucking liar. She claims opression while she's a rich lazy bitch sitting on her parents money and she will probably never face real misfortune like having to actually suffer and sell your dignity due to lack of resources. She's a fake ass LARPER liar with 0 empathy towards people that actually suffer or people born poor. She does what narcissists do best which is claiming the suffering of others to try to claim a position of moral superiority. It is because of people like her that people which are actually suffering cannot talk or open up. If you are actually struggling society literally does not allow you to speak up. If you're poor or struggle you are not allowed to speak up because opression larpers always fill the room or normies don't understand why you can be so full of pain and hatred when life is so miserable for you(samefagging)

No. 1162636

No religion is good anon

No. 1162638

Awww sorry no one gives a shit about the millionth rant you post about your stinky boyfriends or husbands no one cares, how about you pick up a hobby, close your legs and stop dating men

No. 1162639

idk how much she's a larper exactly but her insensitivity is annoying. you also, though, had said things about first world women and wanting to murder them so you're both kind of hypocritical but if you just said that bc you were having a schizo moment, i can understand. paki isn't schizo though so i do hold her a little more to what she says.

No. 1162640

And how does this affect you? Why the fuck do you care this much about what her life is like? You're obsessed. Sounds like a personal vendetta at this point, I'm sorry but you're the snowflake in this situation

No. 1162642

well, it is quite annoying for her to repeatedly shut down convo about first world women's issues when they're profoundly important and a theocracy legitimately is trying to be solidified in the US.

No. 1162643

I rather have a lying nepotism baby than a child molester and literal animal killer who sits in discords with other psychopaths. I know there’s gotta be more skeletons in your closet romifag

No. 1162644

I am 0% surprised that romanianon is schizo enough to be jealous of another pathetic anon but also think she copies her posts lol
Funny she's like "PERMABAN HER" when she's even more annoying.

No. 1162647

Romanianon does that more than Paki

No. 1162648

someone anyone just please ban pakianon and romanianon or at the very least check the post history of romanianon and make a thread about her already so she can fuck off in embarrassment

No. 1162649

she does do that, but i do believe she's insane. i mean, it's hard to deny she's certifiable. so again, it's hard to really blame her when she's having a schizo moment.

No. 1162650

This is why I don't like you. You hate women.

No. 1162652

I am not dating anyone and have a job. Also why are you so rude lol did someone shit on your breakfast? You are always derailing the threads and it gets tiring. Take a break and learn some manners

No. 1162653

How is knowing that a child molester and animal murderer like Romanianon is insane, in any shape or form, better?

No. 1162655

I rather read and give advice to nonnies who vent about their special someone than read some unhinged romanianon shit.

No. 1162656

All of them? Like all the societies that adopted shitslam magically twisted it for their benefit? No one is doing it correctly except you and other retarded muslim feminists who avoid talking about actual issues? And I’m embarrassing?

No. 1162657

the animal thing upsets me the most tbh because it's so violent but again, very hard to blame an abused child being encouraged to be abusive.

No. 1162658

File: 1651638240669.jpg (188.39 KB, 768x1152, honeycomb.jpg)

I say a honey with honeycomb in it at lidl a couple days ago and I feel so dumb for not buying it. It was 7 dollars and I'm not a big honey eater so I was like "Eh, don't buy that shit" but I want the honeycomb so bad. I need to bite into a honeycomb. I'm worried that the next time I go it won't be there and I'll have missed my chance.

Anons please give me your favorite recipes with honey so if I get it I can have something to make and it won't be wasted. I thought about using it as a replacement for syrup in a homemade mcgriddle.

No. 1162659

wont it just be a mouthfull of wax and honey? why keep the wax?

No. 1162660

She constantly negs anons and says she's totes very beautiful and smart and suicide baits everyone. No matter how abused someone is this isn't okay.

No. 1162661

Why do I need to justify why I want to eat honeycomb? Shut up.

No. 1162664

Nta I like chewing the wax

No. 1162665

honestly annoyingly rude response

No. 1162666

No you.

No. 1162667

now that makes sense. i can get that. i figured people would just like bite and spit it out
how me? it was a simple question as to what the purpose is because i've never had it before. wtf is your problem

No. 1162669

Reminder Romanianon also has family that wants to help her but she wants to kill them and then herself. Just like how she killed animals.

No. 1162670

No, what is your problem anon?

No. 1162676

you think telling someone to shut up when they're earnestly asking a question about a product is not rude? what rude thing, exactly, did i say to you? you're unhinged. i'm glad you're honeycombless.

No. 1162678

How does her family want to help?

No. 1162681

I'm surprised there isn't a romanianon thread at this point or at the very least a general resident cow thread.

No. 1162682

>i'm glad you're honeycombless.
Fuck you. I hope there's a food you really want. A food that you've been craving for years. A food that you can never get out of your mind. and I hope you never get to eat it. I hope you despair and cry every night because you'll never taste what you're yearning for.

No. 1162683

I don’t hate women I just hate women like you anon.

No. 1162686

she’s not the one that “affords”, her dad is the one who can afford things and if she’s not married by the time he died she’s probably fucked financially. And it’s not a competition, just because someone has it worse than you doesn’t mean you should play your role as cattle in silence. It’s insane how some of you sound like how brown moids speak to brown women KEK

No. 1162687

All this over some honeycomb? Lord

No. 1162688

I think your question was entirely reasonable

No. 1162689

i'm not that desperate about food ever, so good luck with that wish. 7 for honeycomb is a good price btw, you should've just bought it to keep on hand because honey lasts so long

No. 1162693

they do get banned but evade constantly kek
she had a thread a few months ago on /snow/ but it got locked

No. 1162694

Like I said, I will buy it when I go back.
It wasn't.

No. 1162695

right? her original response was rude asf. thank you though, anon. i've legit never had it before so to me i'd figure it's a much better value to just buy the honey than taking up space with comb. seems a little gimmicky if i'm honest, but if people enjoy the chewing, it makes sense. thanks for the support.

No. 1162697

And? have you seen her posts? She thinks anyone from a rich country is automatically privileged while 1st world countries are filled with homeless women or poor women being sexually trafficked and abused due to lack of capital. Take a look at society, it doesn't matter what country you are born in, it's all about the social class. A woman born in a trailer park in America that ends up hooked to drugs at 16 and killed by her pimp at 20 is more opressed than a woman that sits on her parents money and privilege in a Muslim country. Pakianon will never face true misfortune yes she is so adamant to claim those opression points. She even has the guts to say nobody has had empathy towards her when anons are breaking their backs whiteknighting her. At least romanianon suffered, her stories are grim and she's not a molester. I don't consider an underaged abused little girl that replicates what she sees in her environment as a molester. Romanianon was also homeless and her mom commited suicide when she was 18. Anons are just demonizing her and it's sad because I think the harassment she's recieved on here has added to her homicidal tendencies. I don't think anyone understands what's like to live in utter poverty, be beaten, raped and abused your entire life and see your own mother commit suicide. A lot of anons also believe posts that are not hers to be hers. It's just an incredibly unfortunate situation. You always pile on her and make the most extreme accusations. You'd rather sympathize with someone which thinks all women from America are super privileged and that tells you NOBODY EVER EMPATHIZES with her after hundreds of anons break their back to white knight her. Fuck pakianon and her narc tendencies I hope bitch rots in hell and I hope she loses all the privilege her rich parents offer her. I hope she ends up in a trailer park in America to see what real opression is like.

can you stop blaming and incredibly abused child for aging out extreme abuse? If it was someone else you would instantly empathize but you're literally turning her into a murderer serial killer. I hope you all bitches kill yourselves after what you've done to me. I didn't even personality fag like Pakianon. Some anons from a lolcow server I was in began recognizing my posts and bullying me. I have developed homicidal ideation after what everyone has done to me my entire life. I never wanted to be on here while pakianon constantly personality fags. I am filled with hatred towards humanity after what has happened to me and what everyone has done to me. I have no house, no parents, I am mentally ill. I was abused my entire life. I was sexually trafficked. You will never know what's like having nothing yet giving the world everything when it gives you nothing back. I will kill myself very soon because I have nothing but after what everyone has done to me when I asked for help and after I've been doomed although I wanted to live more than anyone else I want to take my revenge on society. I want to murder because my life has been taken away and instead of helping me everyone in my life has stepped on me, humiliated me and taken advantage of my very bad situation while I've offered so much empathy and understanding to people. You cannot even imagine what is like living a life like mine for a second

No. 1162698

good luck. my ass is headed to your area and i will buy it all before you have a chance. this is the reckoning you deserve for your poor conduct. no wax for you.

No. 1162699

I hope you get pregnant have the baby your retard husband spikes your baby’s milk with warm microwaved microplastics 5G honey

No. 1162701

I’ve eaten some and I’ll be real it actually is difficult to enjoy the honey because if you bite directly into it you get a mouth full of crusty wax and depending on what type of container it’s in, crystallized sugar. Disgusting in my opinion but honey is divine

No. 1162702

KEK, ruthless

No. 1162704

you should hurry up and kick yourself beefier you kill others just a tip you psychotic bitch

No. 1162705

>spikes your babies milk with warm microwave 5g honey
I’m thinking about how this implies that he’d have to get microplastics 5g honey into your breast milk by some means. Giving me a hearty kek nona

No. 1162706

File: 1651639264029.jpg (51.64 KB, 564x672, 97ffad13df36548555c465da718dd3…)

Anons sometimes think I'm you and it kinda cracks me up. I feel like we could be friends in another life, but you're so prickly and paranoid, which I understand and don't blame you for. Please don't kill yourself, take revenge by continuing living. Also don't kill someone, but if you do, pick a scrote and I'll paint an icon of you.

No. 1162708

File: 1651639342111.png (171.02 KB, 500x451, 1559982572222.png)

I will find you and run you over before that ever happens. I hope you get attacked by a swarm of bees.
Wouldn't happen because I wouldn't ever marry or get pregnant by a man, HA.

No. 1162709

You have a western pov of it, you only say these things cause you can’t comprehend how other cultures can stoop so low in how they view and treat women regardless of status. You only comprehend things like social class, rich vs poor, etc…

No. 1162710

this is what i figured. and i really honestly how much honey you're actually getting. it must be considerably less than just buying a nice jar of honey. really, you could just chew on softened wax nibs (i buy them organic for $2) and then just pour some honey over it. seems very gimmicky because it's "natural" meanwhile you're getting little actual product

No. 1162714

bitch you will not, i will fly my ass there and you won't be any the wiser. i will find every lidl in a 30 km area and toss them all menacingly into my extra long, extra wide thief's bag taking pleasure in the fact that you'll never have a chance to enjoy it at a reasonable price again. bees love me because i don't eat their honey. if anything, i will restore the honey to their combs and they'll be thankful for it. your honeyhungry ass will be the one attacked, trust and believe.

No. 1162715

if this is the real romanianon do you still plan on committing murder this month? you said you were gonna do something in may but I forgot the all the details

No. 1162717

you posted from two perspectives here, romaniachan. just fyi…

No. 1162720

why are you entertaining a possible murderer? do you really want this crazy bitch to go out killing people and they find out she used to schizopost on this place and get this place stalked by the FBI and shut down? lord use your mind nonna

No. 1162721

When did romanion say she planned on committing murder? I missed something kek

No. 1162725

it’s gonna be PUAhate all over again, for real

No. 1162732

I hope all of you have a great day

No. 1162736

I like listening to pakianon because I understand the frustration of living in a 3rd world country. I like to read her perspective on things and I get to learn about how women in her country are affected. It doesn't matter if she's rich or whatever, the cultural exchange is still there and I appreciate it. Plus, she having well of relatives doesn't mean she has all the power to fix her country, she's just a woman on the internet like us.

On the other hand, all romanianon does is say she will murder people and kill herself while also praising her looks and intelligence or whatever. She's very dumb. And she molested kids. I wish she just switched imageboards and spammed CC or 4chan or whatever. Romanianon if you're reading this just go to choa chan and pretend to be a kpoopie kek

No. 1162737

File: 1651639973857.jpg (56.81 KB, 750x748, me after all the honeycomb im …)

Anon please….I'm sorry for what I said please don't buy all of the honey.
I'm just so tired anons. I just want my honeycomb. I know I'm stupid for not buying it. Please stop making fun of me please I just want honeycomb I don't deserve thi torture. It's almost 1 AM and I just want my fucking honeycomb, this isn't fair. Honeycombless isn't how people should live and I've been suffering for a long time

No. 1162738

File: 1651639981685.gif (28.93 KB, 260x288, 1893970z8zy83oajs.gif)

same, nonnie. love you!

No. 1162739

>get this place stalked by the FBI

Fbi can stalk my farts fuck the establishment

No. 1162742

File: 1651640009171.jpg (7.96 MB, 640x640, OZVs7cl.jpg)

Me just being an art nonnie passer by that mostly looks at art salt and /m/ happening to pass by the vent thread and learning about pakianon and romanianon lore.

No. 1162743

listen to >>1162720, we don't need glowfags here nor do we need to egg on a crazy person

No. 1162744

File: 1651640068909.jpeg (40.74 KB, 480x480, E39C9FB6-2FC8-4A60-81F2-92BAAB…)

No. 1162746

File: 1651640111725.jpeg (120.98 KB, 960x1280, 30465AC5-127C-4CC0-B911-C4924A…)

No. 1162749

lol i'm just curious
in one of her huge manifestos somewhere

No. 1162751

I used to feel bad for romanianon till she started shitting on pakianon and invalidating her experience living in an oppressive misogynistic environment. I understood where she was coming from when she was shitting on neet vents but she stepped out of line she always comes at people here and tells them that their problems are unimportant and not real, and now she’s literally saying that to someone from fucking pakistan? purely delusional

No. 1162754

File: 1651640249095.jpg (43.22 KB, 500x500, 6eufns.jpg)

You shouldn't have been so rude to her.

No. 1162755

File: 1651640247918.gif (3.62 MB, 336x252, sour-patch-kids.gif)

i accept your apology and i'll refund my tickets. i guess for some it's torture and you can't help but crave the comb. just be sure to buy it next time. maybe even get two if you're this desperate for honey flavored wax??

No. 1162756

>I didn't even personality fag
You did
>I have developed homicidal ideation after what
How is that anyone's fault but your own? Just don't join any discord server if you're mentally unwell, close your account and don't even post here if it hurts you this much
>I've offered so much empathy and understanding to people

No. 1162758

lmao did you make this meme literally for this? kek, i love you

No. 1162760

File: 1651640379068.jpeg (536.46 KB, 1170x617, A9E61D44-7383-47C1-A0AA-603C64…)

Reading about the child “pageant star” who just committed suicide in the U.S. after being paraded around in some softcore cp television show that was on TLC. This girl was failed by everyone in her entire universe. Every adult including her mother. I hope she’s at peace now but no child should ever have to experience their last moments the way she did.

No. 1162762

>she always comes at people here and tells them that their problems are unimportant and not real
This, she has zero empathy
Kek from the moment I read this I knew it was romanianon seething and being jealous but I was waiting for the shit storm to occur

No. 1162765

Can you share the news article? How old was she when she killed herself? That's fucking horrible

No. 1162766

No. 1162770

oh no, you didn't say it was literally that little girl in the meme… omg. poor sweet girl. i'm sure she endured so much and for no reason when she could've had so much better. that's fucking horrible.

No. 1162773

Kiss my ass anon. Don't kick me when I'm down.

No. 1162774

kek I don’t mean to sound obtuse nona but did you just think that was my reaction to hearing about it?

No. 1162777

no, i just thought you posted one of the girls from toddlers and tiaras, like because the meme was related to the show, and she was on the show, etc.

No. 1162779

Jesus fuck. I cannot stand this Jameela Jamil woman. Every time some relatively serious topic is up, there are articles plastering up what this nobody, victim complex idiot has to say about it.
>m-muh eating disorder
>muh activism
No one fucking cares. I hope someone beats you.

No. 1162782

No. I won't but after certain events have taken place in my life I have began to fantasize about murder and I write about it obsessively and I think it's not immoral. I have become misanthropic because society is honestly so deeply fucked up and we are all partaking in murders and genocide only by taking part and fueling this fucked up system. We are all criminals. Millions are dying in this system with no help. Millions of innocent people have their innocence taken away or are born in life situation which define the outcome of their life and society refuses to help and you have to compete with people that were given something when you were given nothing and then because you have nothing you realize how much suffering there is so you help everyone but nobody helps you but instead they take advantage because people are self centered. We are all criminals, we use those that are under us in the social hierarchy to satisfy and meet our needs. Children die in war millions and the government hides it. Millions die of hunger while probably 200 people hold enough resources to pull the entire world out of poverty and hunger. Atrocities happen everyday and nobody helps and even if you ask for help humans are so unempathetic they can only help you if you stroke their ego, if they get something emotional out of them helping you. It will make no difference. If me some random romanian woman goes insane after a life of suffering and mistreatment and kills a couple of people. It will literally make 0 difference to the big picture. This world is filled to the brim with atrocities at every corner. The only reason to why I don't snap and do all of this Is because I will stay down in history as this horrible murderer sociopathic figure and everyone will see me as a demon but yet you fail to see the real demons which are the billionaires running the government s and this sick system we live in. You don't see the real opressors, the real evil because it is normalized in society because society is nothing but evil.

you are proving the userbase of this website is -100 IQ. That's not me. But yeah sure pakianon shuts you up and has 0 empathy for women living in poverty in America, women which are sexually trafficked and die in their early twenties yet you simp for her because I am so.so.horrinle. You're telling me I have no empathy when I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about the atrocities of the world seeing suffering everyday that absolutely all the times comes from lack of.rrsources or abuse, yet you think a woman which gives 0.fucks about women abused in poverty and whines about how bad she has it when she has a support system is so much better. This is what pakianon said in the tinfoil thread that ALL American women are privileged when there are millions of American women born in poverty that end up sexuallt trafficked, that end up dead, that lead a hellish life while she sits on her parents pile of money and claims nobody empathizes with her. Yea, sure she is full of.empathy and I am not, that's why I cry daily over the suffering of those that have nothing

No. 1162786

can i ask why you can't take your meds? i think you would be able to maybe do more good if you were on the right medication? obviously your capacity to help is limited like this. how many have you tried?

No. 1162787

File: 1651641061470.jpg (39.7 KB, 372x536, ducky.jpg)

Romaniananon has a cool niche combination of interests and I wish I could politicsperg with her without her getting super upset. I get being really angry and lashing out too. It's also unfair to continuously bring something up she did as a kid, which was done to her too. It's like she's being held up to the same standards as an adult scrote and people did lose all empathy for her. Pakichan and Romaniananon both act like women in other countries aren't allowed to complain. Romaniananon at least tries to think about how to free other women anyway, which makes me wonder whether she's being hyperbolic, even though I don't agree with her opinions on state communism. I just wish she wasn't so prickly, but I understand that happens when most anons now dogpile on her, because they've lost all patience (also understandable).

No. 1162799

Romanianon would take that cute little duckling and chop it up into tiny little nerds gummy cluster bits she’s insane as hell.

No. 1162800

>you are proving the userbase of this website is -100 IQ
Why don't you leave this website then? If it's too dumb for you or whatever. I'm sure it will help your mental health.

No. 1162803

i suppose that is possible. she's very unpredictable and that's probably why she has issues being gainfully employed.

No. 1162807

This is just textbook manipulation. Seek help.

No. 1162811

Romanianon is a fucking disease in this community and if we really want to keep this place away from irl crime and murder threats, she should really get permabanned.

No. 1162815

File: 1651641654840.jpg (27.39 KB, 335x438, ducky2.jpg)

This is just mean. She does seem to have a sense of justice and she's not a kid anymore. Her being unhinged and angry at the world, to humans, doesn't mean she'll harm the duck.

No. 1162829

I’m not joking but she actually admitted to killing animals when she first posted her sob story a few vent threads ago.

No. 1162830

I dont want communism. I just want a more fair world because we absolutely do have enough resources but they are distributed so badly but I just disagree with the communist state and with the communist approach to redistribution of capital. I don't want to.live in communism but I don't want to live in this capitalist dystopia either. It is becoming harder and harder to live and to make money and to secure basic needs and the discrepancies in how capital is owned is so unfair. Some person has billions of dollars while another has nothing and their only job options are being a slave or being a slave. Most suffering in the world is caused by lack of resources. The most opressed women in the world are like that because they were born in bad socio financial circumstances. Now, you might say bla bla bla we all suffer but Don't tell me you are suffering more than a street hooker born to addicts that was abused her entire life and that lived in poverty her entire life. There are many such cases. Vietnamese and Thailandese women that end up prostitution themselves do it not because they truly want it but because they are poor and they need resources but their environment makes it impossible for them to gain resources any other way. I think most atrocities are caused by bad capital distribution and how egocentrical and lacking in self awareness the human species is. I've literally never witness someone well off try to help someone. It's always other poor people trying to help. Humans are cruel. This world is literally filled to the brim with atrocities which is sad. All this can be prevented and I am telling you we are heading towards social collapse. We will destroy our own species in max 200 years because of how stupid,.Mean and selfish we are

No, I wouldn't. You're projecting your own twisted thoughts on me. If you weren't a fucked up individual you wouldn't have even thought this " duckling and chop it up into tiny little nerds gummy cluster bits" you wrote and thought this, not me and you're projecting it on me because you are insane just like I am because you think of gruesome fucked up things like I do yet you claim moral superiority over me and now you will probably bring up how I was 8 years old and raped for months on end and suffered a very specific type of abuse which made me lash out on other children and then you will tell me I have no empathy and that you are superior to me. Your mind thought about cutting little ducks into pieces, I didn't even for a moment. You're fucked, you even create metaphors for it and described it in detail because you probably had some explicit mental images of it

No. 1162836

File: 1651642190656.jpg (43.01 KB, 378x457, ducky3.jpg)

That was when she was a kid, right? It's not the first time I've heard that from women from Eastern Europe, some villages can be nuts and enough grew up to be wonderful to animals. Did she do it as an adult too?

No. 1162839

no, but she was threatening to kill her cat, unfortunately. she killed animals when she was a kid while being abused but not cool to threaten to kill your cat. she's a schizo and for real insane though so as long as she doesn't do it, it's not as bad as just sperging out in a moment of weakness and anger. she has a lot of anger.

No. 1162843

File: 1651642369473.jpg (155.67 KB, 1000x667, Dominant Male Proboscis Monkey…)

I like big nose monkey

No. 1162844

File: 1651642407833.jpg (4.99 KB, 275x183, download (10).jpg)

how about no nose monkey?

No. 1162849

you can do all of this understanding stuff but this is how people get killed anon. the warning signs are literally right in your face but since you’re such a heckin cool feminist you want to understand her. i don’t care about her she either needs to get ipbanned which is nearly impossible since she lives in a european shithole or reported to whoever or wherever. it’s not cute anymore and it honestly never was, she may be anonymous but you never know these romanians are absolutely unhinged

No. 1162851


No. 1162853

anon will be fine. she wasn't going to contact her or anything from what i can tell. she's just trying to be nice

No. 1162856

File: 1651642678030.jpeg (91.27 KB, 640x709, A60F5530-ECBC-441F-8DC9-70B211…)

No. 1162859

People are not inherently good, so any system dedicated to divvying out everything equally will always result in some fanatical fucktard and their greedy cohort screwing everyone else over.

No. 1162860

>With that and her simping for Varg Vikernes,
wait, what? excuse me? forget it, i respect romania more now. at least she's not a tradtard simping over a white nationalist far past his prime marinading in the sun all day thinking it makes him more trad or whatever. man looks like literal beef jerky but with worse beliefs and more impotent than a stick of dried beef

No. 1162863

I still remember that time Pakianon was posting about how racism is good/natural because her grandfather killed people from another village or something lmao. With that and her simping for Varg Vikernes, I feel like all her rage is because she's not a white tradthot living in America or a Scandinavian country. I wonder if she actually even cares about women's oppression in a general sense. Probably not

No. 1162866

File: 1651642966239.jpg (45.27 KB, 371x367, pineapple.jpg)

>I just want a more fair world because we absolutely do have enough resources but they are distributed so badly but I just disagree with the communist state and with the communist approach to redistribution of capital. I don't want to.live in communism but I don't want to live in this capitalist dystopia either. It is becoming harder and harder to live and to make money and to secure basic needs and the discrepancies in how capital is owned is so unfair.
Oh okay, we agree then. I've gone the anarchist route because of it.
>Don't tell me you are suffering more than a street hooker born to addicts that was abused her entire life and that lived in poverty her entire life.
I don't have it worse, but I know a thing or two about being born to addicts and being abused her entire life. Which is why I get the anger.
>I think most atrocities are caused by bad capital distribution and how egocentrical and lacking in self awareness the human species is.
It's a large part of it, I think it's hierarchies in general. Take capitalism away, you still have the state, patriarchy and racism etc. You need to get rid of everything.
>Humans are cruel.
I agree, but there have been indigenous people who created food forests and they aided greatly to biodiversity. Which gives me some hope that humans aren't always a menace, but that has kinda been snuffed out. You're right that it's probably going to be the end of humans, but I'm not even upset at that, we kinda deserved it.
Not just because of being a "heckin cool feminist", I'm extremely angry often too, but more specifically to scrotes and I often feel at my limit too. So I kinda get it, even if we're not the same.
>these romanians are absolutely unhinged
I met a very nice Romanian woman who invited me to a festival and she made really nice pancakes, so I'm biased in favor of Romanians.

No. 1162867

Sorry for deleting the first time, my grammar was bothering me. But yeah, you can check in some of the old Varg threads, she was posting that she wished she had an SO like Varg because she hates her own country so much. I can understand not liking where you live because of the customs/culture, but why would she defend him of all people? Shit's nasty


? I wasn't talking about Romanianon

No. 1162869

Sorry im high

No. 1162874

I’ve never seen pakianon in the several months i’ve been lurking in /ot/ but i must commend her for her very strong presence and the fact that she is still talked about on her

No. 1162875

she was here earlier today

No. 1162876

i'm late but you guys i've never seen anybody chew on a honeycomb, you just squeeze it with a knife or a spoon on a plate and then eat it. At least that's how my grandparents did it when they had bees. Anyway i like porkbelly slowly baked with the marinade of honey, soysauce, oil and chilli, or honey chciken wings.

No. 1162878

Isn't she darkskin? In brown countries colorism is common and light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes actually get you treated better, which I'm quite sure she has none of so her supporting that system is retarded.

No. 1162879

Who is varg? Can someone explain the lore to me please?

No. 1162882

Nordic metal music scrote

No. 1162888

File: 1651643951075.jpg (102.14 KB, 466x700, photo211-466x700.jpg)

Massive racist esoteric neonazi who killed his friend and went to prison for it.

No. 1162891

he's only 49, and he literally just turned 49. show me this man anywhere out of context, i will tell you that's a 74 year old. he thinks women are degrading and past their prime and he's a masc winner while actually looking in the mirror? how do u simp for this, my fucking god

No. 1162896

Oh. I don’t listen to Burzum I avoid people who do like the plague so I had no idea kek

No. 1162897

hello I am pakianon can you shut up you privileged 1st world American woman? You have access to white moids like Varg which are exponentially so much better than muslim scrotes from my country. Only if I could have sex with varg
… but you Don't get it I'm totes oppressed. Ahh I want some neonazi cockk I just want to be a blue eyed and blonde haired western girl. I totally hate you because I was born in worse circumstances than you and not because my dream of being a tradthot married to Varg will never be real. I'm so opressed. Show me some fucking empathy

No. 1162899

File: 1651644376763.png (893.07 KB, 755x840, 1591450525508.png)

I don't get why she simps for him, because she hates Islam so much, but he's fine with Islam as long as the Muslims look white.

No. 1162900

he's not even fucking blonde and neither is his wife. god i hate him

No. 1162903

I think his rant about autism is funny

No. 1162904

I'm pakianon and you never had any empathy for me and you are totes privileged compared to me the little poor Muslim girl. I am not privileged! That's why I make extensive posts about Varg Vickers the neonazi criminal from Burzum on a bottle cap collecting forum. I am not privileged like you white American whores! I have real issues like me being unable to live as a tradthot in America and get some white nazi dick. Uh-huh cann romanianon shut the fuck up she isn't even opressed and Romania is a 2st world country. Being raped and living in povert? Having no family? Privileged bitch. Hellloo!! I am Muslim and I want to fuck Varg from Burzummmm. I am tired of this OPRESSSION.

No. 1162905

Kek. He'd hate paki-chan because she's brown, not because she's Muslim.
Also I hate how they act like most turks are either white or Muslim, which imo isn't true. People in turkey aren't religious and especially the younger generation is less religious than your average christian so saying you totes don't have Muslims while using a turk as example is pointless. Sorry for derail.

No. 1162906

Is pakianon muslim?

No. 1162910

the impersonations are kind of funny. i especially like when you go in on trad people/right wing sympathizers

No. 1162912

Stfu romanianon youre grasping at straws here you dumb cunt i bet you’d still find fault in someone even if they went through the same exact shit youve been through

No. 1162913

She probably thinks Romania is better just because they're not Muslim and actually white-passing. Muslim people's selfhate and desire to be perceived as European is so baffling to me.

No. 1162917

File: 1651645009376.jpeg (105.42 KB, 640x637, 1608558408719.jpeg)

>blocks your path
what will you do now?
this feels like a moment of horseshoe theory being right and I hate it
His wife was diagnosed.

No. 1162918

she might but it is supremely retarded to worship the cock of a dessicated /pol/tier faggot like varg who would literally hate her

No. 1162922

If you're born in a Muslim country and look like one, islamaphobic people will hate you for it even though you may not be Muslim. She said she's not Muslim and that's why it's dangerous for her but I really don't understand why you'd need to broadcast something like that in a country like Pakistan. Like, why would your whole family need to know you don't believe in god? It's a personal thing.

No. 1162928

Not Romania but she's based compared to nazi worshipper so…
>I'd sacrifice my life for him
He sounds like a faggot ngl. There are a lot of beautiful women he could've chosen but he chose a dude and says he'd die for him just because he's hot.

No. 1162929


No. 1162935

File: 1651645590291.jpg (79.06 KB, 1000x666, K4mCC1V.jpg)

Islamophobes always claim it's about Islam, but really it's simply about hating foreigners. They chant they don't want more Moroccans, nothing about Muslims. Nobody cares whether you're actually Muslim or from a Muslim country, even Southern Europeans get thrown under the bus for looking Mediterranean.

No. 1162938

yeah i agree but then you shouldn't say islamophobes, they're just hideous racists.

No. 1162939

File: 1651645724058.jpg (125.23 KB, 940x630, UDZePNP.jpg)

You're right

No. 1163038

howling with laughter rn

No. 1163103

My grandma left my sister on read lol and they cry to me that I don't talk to them. They can't figure it out? They treat my "half-siblings" like shit because of a father they don't even talk to. Race comes into play absolutely and I'm learning that more and more. So stupid.

No. 1163156

jfc I'm so tired of troons making "gender" their whole fucking personality. I'm a girl and made the unfortunate mistake of joining a group call with some guys for a movie. One of them happened to be a TiM transbian and not even 10 minutes has passed and out of the blue he announces with the cringiest, crackling, falsetto voice that he's taken his "girl pills" and has become "10 percent more girl." That and calling every single thing in the movie "that's so gender. they're so genderfluid. literally me. that's so trans." Note that this has only started as soon as I spoke, before he sounded like a literal normal dude talking to his guyfriends. I guess the presence of a real woman threatened his delusions so he has to sperg bout his mental illness in front of everyone to keep up his persona. I'm so tired nonas.

No. 1163203

File: 1651651767848.jpg (83.22 KB, 755x768, asr0xiry5r631.jpg)

I have extremely bad luck lately, weird health issues, and I keep waking up at 3am on the dot regardless of when I go to bed. I think I pissed off a dark entity

No. 1163271

First we had Driverfags, then Danofags and now Ezrafags. I'm sick of seeing their ugly faces in /g/. Have some respect for yourselves.

No. 1163320

I am sick of this Kaitlyn bullshit.

No. 1163338

My new gastroentorologist-oncologist has a couple bad reviews, but I hope she's nice to me. I have to trust her to not fuck up the duodenoscopy, but they have to go even a bit further than that. I'm also hungry af and won't be allowed proper meals afterwards either. I'm afraid, because I bleed easily and a lot. I tried to get enough vitamin K yesterday to encourage clotting.

No. 1163339

I always thought I'd get on lc when there's a moid raid but i went on tumblr and saw gore of a bloody fetus and a child getting hanged, and i wish I didn't see that. I think I'll stop blindly following blogs from now on

No. 1163349

No offense anon but i think you’re being haunted

No. 1163350

I think having no friends at all is better than being friends with scrotes, they can’t even be fucking trusted not to send me porn unprompted when I said dozens of times that I hate it and it makes me uncomfortable. Fuck

No. 1163358

Some people are feeling really entitled and would leave bad reviews for no reason whatsoever, so don't let it worry you! I'm sure it will be ok

No. 1163362

I think my friend is getting bored of me…

No. 1163366

The reviews said that she doesn't listen and cuts patients off, but maybe they were scrotes saying bullshit or doubting her expertise.

No. 1163378

That's my favorite type of negative review because I've never had bad experience with this type doctors, like you say it's just most likely people that come with their googled expertise and question everything they hear

No. 1163426

Anons i hate growing up and realizing i have my mother and sister’s demeanor, these two women destroyed my life and when i catch myself sounding like them/speaking like them/acting like them/thinking like them i want to rip my skin apart and get out of my body suit

No. 1163446

Just because you haven't had it happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Plenty of doctors are pompous assholes and plenty of people live with issues that doctors know very little about.
Hope anons appointment goes ok but your comment seriously rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 1163523

I'm very lonely. I want to work hard to create something nice and then be gently told that I did a good job. I feel like that's not asking too much but it is weird and I'm ashamed. I wish there was even one person in my life who could give me this positive attention but instead I'm alone.

No. 1163529

It's a completely normal wish to have, not too much at all! Do you have in mind what you want to create?

No. 1163538

>Islamophobes always claim it's about Islam, but really it's simply about hating foreigners.

Based nonna this is what I’ve been saying it’s just covert xenophobia

No. 1163541

File: 1651669974937.jpg (122.21 KB, 1024x1280, tumblr_590f17c56047d4b52ef08d5…)

I've been skipping classes and still feel stressed out of my mind and it's because I've lost control over everything. I know I can do it if I just start, but I keep putting everything off. Even going to sleep, getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, eating. Everything needs to be pushed to the very last minute for whatever reason. Today I stood next to my bed and had to convince myself that I don't need to get back in, and then I still managed to waste at least an hour on my phone before brushing my teeth and eating, even though I was getting extremely hungry. I feel like something is wrong with me, some days it works and I can do what I need to and on others the time seems to melt away without me noticing. Maybe a fixed schedule would help, but whenever I try I can only follow it for a day or two before I give up again and let everything pile up

No. 1163553

Thank you for responding so kindly, it made me really happy. I like to write stories and draw, and sometimes I make music. Writing is my favourite.

No. 1163558

My bf goes to work every morning and wants me to make him an egg sandwich. Past few days I’ve been unable to get up on time and when my alarm for 7am goes off he wants me to snuggle into him instead. I end up just falling asleep. I kinda miss doing things for myself and not being a house gf. I miss having some sort of independence but it’s also not worth going back to my parent’s house. Their house sucks and I’d walk on eggshells to avoid the anger issues there.

No. 1163560

i just had sex for the first time and it was with the guy i've liked for months. he's handsome with a big dick a lot more experience but somehow i enjoyed the foreplay more than the penetration? even after the pain subsided the pleasure was mostly emotional, so it derived from being with HIM and not being WITH him. which is great and all, except i was expecting the actual dicking would be the highlight.

No. 1163571

>being a house gf for a man you’re not even married to

love yourself

No. 1163573

I had such a fun dream I got into a fight with Brady from Dance Moms and someone called the cops because when he grabbed my bag a bunch of stolen shit fell out (we were in a store it looked like) and I knocked him out and was able to walk to the next neighborhood before the cops came. Kek.

No. 1163575

If I see the term 'person with a uterus' one more time I'm going to fucking lose it. I'm so sick of this shit and I wish these mentally ill freaks would stop hijacking shit that affects women.

No. 1163577

Kinda hard when you’re an immigrant kek.

No. 1163583

My mental health is the worst it’s ever been. I feel so empty and broken inside but I can’t vent anywhere but here.

Even positive things have been turned bad. I don’t draw, craft or even enjoy gaming anymore. The one thing I had to somewhat look forward to got taken away (was going to get a puppy for the first time in my life but changed circumstances have forced me to be responsible and not do it).

My ED is getting worse and I’ve failed treatment three times now. Maybe this is Darwinism in action and it’s fate kek

No. 1163587

Newsflash nonna: men suck at sex. Get ready to dump him anytime.

No. 1163590

Okay I will be giving this whole dating thing another chance before I write it off again, maybe there is someone for me. This time I will appear even nicer and cooler.

No. 1163592

oof i couldn't! if i was to make a sandwich, i'd make it the evening before and put it in the fridge.. absolutely not waking up for sandwichmaking no no no

No. 1163594

File: 1651673410093.jpg (280.26 KB, 1300x1390, puppet-vector-format-authors-i…)

My mother always liked to compare and compete me against my cousins with each other, I think it's like a personal ego thing for her. I'm looking for a job at the moment and couldn't find anything for months whereas my cousin could easily find a job while she was on vacation next to the job she already has and earns fucktons of money. My mother somehow took this personally and told me to search for prestigious institutions like the UN and the EU because in her mind, working in these would mean that I am/she is/we are superior to my cousin who just works a 'regular job' or something???
I personally don't subscribe to this mindset anymore, and don't care if my cousin is 'better' than me, what I found frustrating is that my mother doesn't 'see' me. She doesn't care what I want, she doesn't care what I feel when she dumps her expectatons on me and doesn't care what my skills are. And I fucking hate it so much that even though I'm a full fledged adult, I still yearn for her acceptance

No. 1163595

>hot with a big dick that he doesn't know how to use
That man is cursed.

No. 1163625

It sounds like your mom is using you as a status symbol…against her own side of the family (unless the cousin is on your dads side). Did she have issues with competition against your cousins mom in the past? I know that you might not be open to this but have you ever gotten the opportunity to tell your mom that you’ve noticed her behavior and that you won’t accept it anymore even if you do love her? I’m so sorry nona we’re here for you.

No. 1163663

i too dumb to finish the paper, and i will fail the class. thank you world.

No. 1163692

I started having health issues literally days after my health insurance ran out

No. 1163702

the actual dicking is never the highlight w men

No. 1163706

Oof. Speak for yourself

No. 1163713

Shoo shoo, twitterfag.

No. 1163722

Nope, I'm going to enjoy the self-own

No. 1163752

Nah it really is about their religion and you’re just being a dense liberal trying to reframe it as “aCtUaLly it’s XeNoPhoBia!” Like sorry we don’t want hoards of homophobic rapists into our country and would rather Muslim women and girls instead.

No. 1163755

Based and true

No. 1163765

Kek the funny thing is she does. She was trying to get us to brigade some Ukrainian woman the other day. Romanianon is a fucking hypocrite like nobody else and if your life doesn’t revolve around pandering to her suicide baiting she hates you and will sperg about killing and mutilating you.

No. 1163772

what self own? most men suck at fucking. that's a reflection on me, how, when the majority of women are dissatisfied with how their men perform in bed? all of my exes have (coincidentally) had big dicks but it's not even remotely the best part of sex and they rarely know how to use them. same goes for any dick actually. few men know how to fuck properly

No. 1163775

Careful anon “she’s” about to tell you that you have a loose vagina kek.

No. 1163808

I told her before that it hurts when she compares me to other people but she told me that if it hurts then I should work towards change and become like the people she compares me to. I know she sounds harsh but I think she means well, she's just deficient a bit in empathy and also assumes she's always right, no matter what. Also I have been unassertive most of my life and I think she just always assumed that she needs to step in and take charge. Thank you for your post btw, you're kind nonna

No. 1163833

It just feels like the world is going to shit and there’s nothing any of us can do. The people that ARE in a position to do something about it don’t care. Everything seems so pointless.

No. 1163855

U are me I am going through the exact same thing right now I'm numb

No. 1163860

>make me a sammich bitch

No. 1163870

>a lot more experience
That's a turn off already but if he has experience and doesn't know how to make the dicking pleasurable wtf is he doing? Unless you suffer from trauma/vaginismus, penetration CAN be pleasurable despite what memes say. Could be a preference thing for you though.

No. 1163931

Absolutely based. "Islamophobia" doesn't exist and is one of the religion that benefits men the most, especially since the Quran teaches them women are just men's possessions and moids can't control their hair fetishes so they make women wear some cheap scarf on their head.

No. 1163971

>hoards of homophobic racists

And you’re not afraid of the Bible thumping homophobic flaming retards in Congress and protestors right now trying to rollback abortion rights? You pretty much proved anons accusation of xenophobia kek

No. 1163998

I want to curl up in a ball and cry. Everything makes me so uncomfortable and anxious. Why does life have to be this way?

No. 1164039

I'm so fucking tired of being overworked and not being heard

God I just want some fucking serotonin why do I have to be a fucking slave to a company

No. 1164075

dont ever get emotional attached to men.

No. 1164100

Ah yes Muslims are taking away abortion rights in the US now, poltard

No. 1164107

stop using 'Oof' it is retarded, just like you.

No. 1164113

Quit policing other's speech like some tranny
No-one cares how you want people to talk

No. 1164119

oof valid nonny

No. 1164125

Oof is ugly and I vented about it, in the vent thread.

No. 1164129

Oof that's pretty toxic nonny, kind of problematic. That could be seen as abuse by some.