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File: 1647814994456.jpg (164 KB, 1074x1922, 9096dc8cc381440fa20692c5eb0ff7…)

No. 1105326

Last Thread >>1092364
Thread pic credit: >>1096439 (from the link)

>>1092396 , >>1092533 , >>1094278 Kim Kardashian in her variety interview makes a ignorant statement towards the working class.
>>1092450 , >>1094333 Nicki Minaj admits to getting butt injections.
>>1092474 Henry Cavill aging like milk.
>>1092657 Selena's weight gain.
>>1092936 , >>1092946 Grimes and Elon have a second child.
>>1093533 Shailene and Aaron Rodgers split up.
>>1094177 Summer Walker being a attention seeker as always.
>>1094224 Joaquin is cast as the lead in napoleon.
>>1094403 Grimes is now dating troon Chelsea Manning.
>>1094467 , >>1094469 , >>1094486 Some wannabe-billie industry plant being shilled by her label.
>>1095461 Hailey Bieber was hospitalized because of a blood clot in her brain
>>1096027 post malone looking rough.
>>1096250 Kanye doxxing his daughters school.
>>1096310 , >>1096312 , >>1096314 , >>1096315 , >>1096316 , >>1096329 BAFTAs red carpet looks
>>1096439 Petes alleged texts with Kanye.
>>1096514 , >>1096522 , >>1096529 Kanye insta posts pt 1
>>1097973 , >>1097974 Kim replies to one of Kanyes insta posts.
>>1098002 the kardashians just rebranded their show on hulu
>>1098466 , >>1101231 Kanye insta post meltdown pt3746
>>1098603 Elon Musk tweets at Putin and tags kremlin.
>>1098729 Bella Hadid admits at a nose job.
>>1099613 Ariana looking uncanny
>>1100263 , >>1100681 pete got kim’s name branded on him. he also got “my girl’s a lawyer” tattooed on his shoulder.
>>1100843 Kanye got a 24hour ban on instagram.
>>1101232 Kim Kardshian's housekeeper sues her.
>>1101241 Julia Fox says kanye is ''harmless''.
>>1102512 Pete davidson getting removed from the blue origin flight.
>>1102533 Soulja boy coming to kanyes defense.
>>1103761 Johnny and Amber Heard ongoing legal battle.

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No. 1105356

File: 1647817160254.jpg (197.07 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20220320-165049__01…)

this is a few weeks old but i hadn't seen it brought up yet. i hope you cant score with her…. thats too creepy

No. 1105361

File: 1647817682548.webm (2.35 MB, 720x1280, 275610616_163291956095359_5738…)

Dua Lipa just got hit with a 2nd lawsuit this week for her song “Levitating

No. 1105362

is this for sims4? because if so celebrity expansion packs have always existed.

No. 1105367

No it's for a game called House Party, just a shitty unity engine sex game.

No. 1105371

Omg. She deserves it honestly! that's obviously copying the older artists! I feel like these lawsuits might actually end her career if she doesn't have enough money for them. A shame actually, because I like her voice and style.

No. 1105372

What the fuck? so are people going to have sex with her?

No. 1105375

thats what im tryin to figure out. the game grumps were added to a past update after winning some contest, but i never got far enough to see how far you could go with them in the game since it was too cringe to watch.

No. 1105378

Yeah in VR

No. 1105418

I have a few autistic questions. In the next 5 years which celebs do you predict will…

>die (either shock deaths or expected)

>get together or divorce
>get pregnant
>be cancelled
>troon out

I predict Skete will knock someone up (not sure if it'll be Kim though) and Harry Styles will "troon" (adopt they pronouns) to try and stay relevant

No. 1105437

>hunter schafer 41%s
>elon musk troons out to win back grimes from bradley manning
>zendaya & tom holland marriage/children
>selena gomez dies of an od and they blame it on lupus complications
>someone from the euphoria cast dies suddenly and/or the director troons out
>demi lovato goes on T and/or gets top surgery
>ariana grande pregnant

No. 1105449

>leo dicaprio either has kids or dies
>ariana has kids
>something bad happens to ellen page
>relatively well known older actor gets me too'd with crimes on the level of weinstein's
>and actually gets jailed for it
>possibly tied in to the above, guy who gets me too'd ends up being the comedian blind guy or he also gets me too'd
>second wave of sexual assault cancellations akin to the first metoo movement sweep men in hollywood
>some other 00s couple that isn't bennifer gets back together to shock people
>bennifer gets married
>chris evans gets married and makes his fangirls rage

No. 1105498

>die (either shock deaths or expected)
Selena, Hailey Bieber or Justin
>get together or divorce
Doja cat and post malone
>get pregnant
One of the Hadid sisters
>be cancelled
Billie, Kayne, Pete
>troon out
Billie or Zendaya kek

No. 1105508

File: 1647828224444.jpeg (101.92 KB, 750x474, 77F3D0B1-E9FF-49BC-A9C7-554C5A…)

Queen Elisabeth any fucking day now I can feel it also Johnny depp, just look at him

>get together

Timothy Bingbong and some 40-50+ cougar actress


All the fucking TikTok billionaires will get older and lose their relevance and proceed to do real dumbass shit that gets them completely cancelled forever

No. 1105610

>Timothy BingBong


No. 1105831

File: 1647868235220.jpg (116.13 KB, 622x849, FLQlwJDXsAMZwXo.jpg)

Gunna and Chloe Bailey spotted out

No. 1105832

this pic is really old

No. 1105838

Zendaya makes sense bc her beta boyfriend already seems so fruity so she probably has to already peg him and stuff like that

No. 1105840

>elon musk troons out to win back grimes from bradley manning
God I wish, just imagine the milk.

No. 1105844

File: 1647871363879.png (418.97 KB, 1344x1848, Screenshots.png)

are we really doing this, a woman is somewhat gnc tall woman is somehow a dom mommy who feminizs her boyfriend into a sissy and pegs him
you sound just like a porn addicted TIM

No. 1105851

Nobody cares about your manlet bf

No. 1105854

I don't even like him tbh, I find him ugly asf, what I hate is white gays, unhinged troons and woke girls who project their own fetishes upon Tom Holland and Zendaya
like Jesus its always awful and degenerate

No. 1105860

has anyone watched phoenix rising? holy shit extremely difficult to watch. how is marilyn manson allowed to get be in the public so fucking disturbing

No. 1105879

These types of posts and the consequential posts the follow are not milky.

No. 1105922

Exactly, i thought op said "no tinfoil" kek.

No. 1105934

>no fun allowed
This is /ot/ after all, loosen up a bit.

No. 1105937

Ia I like these theories

No. 1105951

File: 1647881793350.jpg (108.73 KB, 736x576, a9bf27bc5020f27b608595a22176ab…)

am I the only who doesn't see Tom Holland as all that feminine as much as how people make him out to be, He's a muscular short man and he has a pretty rough looking face
I really don't understand how anyone see's him as a "uwu softboi" when he has a build similar to Mike Tyson

No. 1105955

I'm convinced Bill Burr is going to be exposed for abusing his wife

No. 1105956

idk, I have watched their podcast and they seem to get along great, I feel like he really does his wife despite everything

No. 1105957

File: 1647882338648.jpeg (706.56 KB, 828x946, 2B22D45D-A8FD-4F9A-AB3A-ADC563…)

they’re all hideous looking like a gaggle of troons…wtf
current fashion & beauty trends are legitimately so hideous its hard to tell who’s a troon and who’s a woman…idek if that person on the right is woman or not. if i didn’t know any better i’d think they’re all troons. hey maybe those celebrity transvestigations are true

No. 1105970

Is that a troon or Bella hadid to the right

No. 1105984

its eartheater

No. 1106037

File: 1647888581801.png (267.01 KB, 601x545, Screenshot (840).png)

Jameela Jamil's opinion on the Kanye Pete situation

No. 1106043

Whatever drugs they like doing have something that fucks up their hormones pretty badly, almost like T. Of course this is just tinfoil haha

No. 1106046

Kim is insufferable, but she's being harassed by Kanye like so many women are harassed and abused by their partners/exes. Imagine downplaying Kanye's unhinged, retarded abuse as him "going through something." Jameela is such a dumb bitch who is obviously desperate for any attention.

No. 1106057

Is that gordon ramsey

No. 1106064

It's overdone plastic surgery and drugs.

No. 1106081

I think she is so jelly of Kim. She’s always talking shit about her and now standing up for her maniac ex? Trying to humiliate her by constantly tweeting about “poop tea”. Living rent free.

No. 1106102

lmao @ jameela caping for fucking Kanye West.

No. 1106109

File: 1647895715736.jpg (70.55 KB, 1093x543, ye.JPG)

No. 1106113


No. 1106135

>Clint Eastwood passes away expectedly, some former child star like Shia LeBouf dies unexpectedly
>Leo DiCaprio and Millie Bobby Brown get together
>Elle Fanning married & expecting her first child
>Timothee Chlamydia troons out to cope with losing his pretty boy looks
>Some wholesome celeb extremely loved by the masses like Morgan Freeman or some shit gets canceled unexpectedly

No. 1106180

Why are you always posting about this extremely plain white man that aged like milk, with this same image? It's very recognizable. He does look like Gordon Ramsey here though lol.

No. 1106182

wasn't the original lawsuit by that white reggae band proven to be a setup or something? like iirc a tiktok guy did a deep dive into their soundcloud metadata and they recently replaced the OG song with the one that sounds like Levitating. idr if there was an update about it though

No. 1106255

Nonnies wanna discuss?

No. 1106263

I don't think he abuses his wife but I wouldn't be surprised if something comes out about him behaving creepily towards women in the past. I can't seem to find it but I remember a few years ago a female comedian tweeted something along the lines of "Hey male comedians, stop trying to sleep with your female opening acts. It's creepy and fucked up and makes it that much harder for women to succeed in the industry" and he freaked the fuck out and started angrily sperging at her for no reason. She didn't even mention him, or any other male comedian, by name. His reaction was just so disproportionate it makes me think it hit a little too close to home for him

No. 1106264

good for them i guess? not that i want another kardashian-jenner hell spawn on this earth but the baby is healthy so whatever

No. 1106310

File: 1647914813591.jpeg (312.61 KB, 1325x789, DF45F723-7076-4491-A4AE-A01721…)

>>Some wholesome celeb extremely loved by the masses like Morgan Freeman or some shit gets canceled unexpectedly

No. 1106328

File: 1647917555738.png (586.99 KB, 901x741, B2dce83.png)

Amanda Bynes ended her conservatorship

No. 1106330

File: 1647917815062.png (299.18 KB, 853x838, Ta99LEM.png)

Rachel Zegler got an oscar nomination but didn't get an invite kek. DJ Khalid gets to present this year btw

No. 1106332

File: 1647917910788.png (379.01 KB, 768x490, nlxY3wf.png)

No. 1106344

I don't know much about this but I love her crazy self and wish her the best. Fuck Pedoelodeon

No. 1106347

> Rachel Zegler got an oscar nomination but didn't get an invite
what? how the fuck does that work?
more importantly, why DJ Khalid? his relevancy, even as a meme, has faded entirely

No. 1106362

File: 1647919887283.jpeg (136.53 KB, 750x962, 03AC0C62-8D4E-482B-B72B-9A8B90…)

Speaking of which…

No. 1106421

you burgers need to learn how to tell whether a guy is gay or just english. it's part of being an adult - it's a skill just like cooking or saving money that you should learn before age 25.

No. 1106423

i think it's the sad kittycat eyes that make him seem uWu smol baby girl. something about the downward outside corners reads as soft and cuddly? same deal with ryan gosling, plain white man but straight women want him to be their wife.

No. 1106424

maybe he's grown a little but i always saw him as being very fearful, motivated by fear. he feels threatened by everyone and everything. that's his character on f is for family and why all his jokes are just whining that someone got mad at him. standard weak man shit.

No. 1106425

morgan freeman's pretty well documented as being verbally gross towards women

No. 1106469

quick rundown? never heard about this before

No. 1106591

I hate all these outfits too, they're all so ugly. Kim has so much money and chooses to dress like this? An alien hooker? Person on the right is a woman, as anon said they're a musician called Eartheater.

No. 1106594

I always loved her when I was a kid, I hope she has some decent people looking out for her.

No. 1106601

Announce the new name then?? Or in the video as climax?

No. 1106627

> tell whether a guy is gay or just english.
kek I am English and have never thought he seems gay at all.

No. 1106799

The thing about Bill Burr is that in he has written jokes about his emotions blowing up around his wife. The punchline is always her being confused about where these feelings are coming from, and he acknowledges that it's all built up madness, but can you imagine what it must be like living with someone who flies into a rage all the time over nothing just because he's been holding on to shit that happened to him decades ago? He has a child too and I feel bad because kids are naturally kind of annoying and I'd be worried his short temper wouldn't mesh well with that

No. 1106802

thank you for your expertise

No. 1106803

Samefag but I think what I mean is that it wouldn't be surprising if his wife ever publicly comes out about Bill's temper making him an absolute nightmare eroding her mental health

No. 1106921

She's not nominated herself. Its just the film that is nominated and so the studio decides who gets to attend and represent their film.


No. 1106982

File: 1647962287830.png (321.16 KB, 1283x587, Screenshot (766).png)

that's not really surprising

No. 1107020

File: 1647964463661.jpg (66.14 KB, 812x420, kidrock.JPG)

meanwhile …

No. 1107028

I'm kind of glad to see Trump out of the news lately. Didn't want to be reminded again that he exists. The things he said about Putin were bad enough

No. 1107041

File: 1647965992983.jpeg (992.27 KB, 3464x3464, 7A1E8830-B4BC-41B0-9C45-BA6768…)

TMZ has released photographs of Bob Saget’s hotel room
> The headboard – in the Ritz-Carlton hotel room – is padded, although cops say there's a hard surface underneath … they believe Bob hit his head on that surface, which caused a fatal brain bleed.

> The reason for the theory – Bob's head was not bleeding externally when they discovered his body. They theorize he hit his head while getting into bed just after 2 AM.

> Fact is … authorities say they may never know precisely what caused the fatal contact. The reason they're sticking to the headboard theory – the Medical Examiner concluded Bob hit his head on "something hard, covered by something soft."

>There's also the interview cops did with the hotel valet, who says Bob was in good spirits when he arrived just after 2 AM. The employee said Bob showed no signs of dizziness, slurred speech or other indicators of a head injury

not to sound schizo, but im almost certain something is being covered up. i know freak accidents happen, but a fucking cloth-covered headboard? really? also sorry for the shit collage i literally used picsart

here’s the full article: https://www.tmz.com/2022/03/22/bob-saget-headboard-hotel-room-photos-cause-of-death/

No. 1107046

Did you just wake up from cryogenic sleep

No. 1107054

kek nona

No. 1107062

File: 1647967329271.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 533.49 KB, 750x939, 19A1360A-5EA3-434A-A9F8-4C5CAE…)

It’s Emrata’s son’s birthday and she managed to make it about herself by posting 3 naked pictures of herself and only 1 picture of her son lol. And she referred to it as HER “birth day” too

No. 1107063

File: 1647967359410.jpeg (493.21 KB, 750x1009, 6DDC4C4E-5BEF-4E69-8768-171697…)

She’s literally so obsessed with herself

No. 1107069

I'm glad he's dead. He was a gross pedo freak.

No. 1107072

read somewhere that a prostitute was with him and tried to contact a news outlet. It was promptly shut down though. his family have been so weird about this, why would you reveal his cause of death and then expect nobody to ask questions about it

why would anyone be surprised that a comedian known for his edgy raunchy humor would've died of an od when fucking a sex worker? that's a cliche way for a comedian to die

No. 1107088

Imagine growing up and finding all of these posts your mom wrote “about” you as a baby and it’s all just albums upon albums of naked/cleavage shots she took of herself. ‘Thanks, mom.’

No. 1107097

File: 1647971219663.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122 KB, 1066x1200, EuOBpQHWQAIe27-.jpg)

Halsey and Julia Fox did the same thing with their pregnancies as well, Its one thing to not be ashamed of your baby bump which is still a stigma in society, its another thing altogether to take the miracle of birth and use it appeal to fetishists and prevents

Julia Fox on the day her child was born
>“Right after the shoot I went to the hospital and had my precious baby boy,” she continued. “My forever valentine, Valentino. Born on January 17th, 2021. The best day of my life. #milf”
may god have mercy on that poor child

No. 1107122

File: 1647973922038.jpeg (96.72 KB, 640x951, 5bb9348264a04620c32bc2013d9284…)

rihanna wearing all these hyper sexual outfits with her giant bump makes me uncomfortable. of course she's rihanna, she's always dressed like this… but her being heavily pregnant makes it feel more taboo. nobody else seems to have a problem with it though.

maybe the famous Beyonce veil and flowers photo is to blame for all of this pregnancy fetishization of late.

No. 1107126

File: 1647974146966.png (2.27 MB, 2000x1333, 1647974067094.png)

again halsey was doing this these sexulized pregnant pics throughout her entire pregnancy

No. 1107127

How can you call that an outfit…so much for making an excuse for wanting to stay in your underwear. I don't understand celebs logic.

No. 1107130

She's just trying to stay relevant and no one can convince me otherwise lmao

No. 1107131

I was really hoping after she wrote that navel-gazey memoir about how to be beautiful is basically to suffer she would tone it down with this shit, but I guess some people just can’t be helped. OT but said book included a passage where she describes having a full-on breakdown when her husband described another woman as beautiful and sitting with her therapist and genuinely asking what was the point of living if she wasn’t the most beautiful. I would feel bad for her if she weren’t so immune to good advice.

No. 1107133

Maybe I’m retarded but I don’t get the difference between dressing sexy when pregnant vs not pregnant

No. 1107135

are you fucking serious, that sounds hilarious
any more milky behavior she had written

No. 1107137

it's her fault for marrying that ugly albino looking scrote in the first place

No. 1107155

he maybe ugly, but he's rare case where a male is too good for his female partner, she's a pretentious narc bpd anachan

No. 1107197

nonnies think women have to wear a burka when becoming a mother and aren’t allowed to express sexuality. one of the only celebricow thread opinions i find myself disagreeing with is that pregnant women can’t be sexy. maybe it’s because i’m a mom myself and worked hard to look great during and after pregnancy.

No. 1107213

Yeah I think it would be way weirder if Ri started dressing more conservatively just because she's pregnant, like that's never been her thing.
I mean I wouldn't be feeling that sexy if I was super pregnant but each to their own.

No. 1107214

File: 1647981739831.jpg (25.27 KB, 600x315, 75403985043-4382.jpg)

>genuinely asking what was the point of living if she wasn’t the most beautiful
Kek. Sounds like another drama ho.

No. 1107232

maybe they feel like it fetishizes pregnancy?
but i agree with this anon some of rihanna's outfits aren't good but i wasn't expecting her to suddenly change her style. not because of a libfem thing but because she has always been consistent in her personal image.

No. 1107251

i dont have a problem with sexy but i want to see a bare pregnant belly as much as i want to see niko avocado in a crop top

No. 1107259

it's not that they CAN'T be sexy but that they shouldn't… why did you try to act "sexy" during your pregnancy lol what the fuck. also why do you have a child and you're using lolcow? i bet you're one of those crazy regulars on the discord

No. 1107260

wow this is some pearl clutching. pregnant women have sex too, you sound like a scrote

No. 1107264

File: 1647984664989.jpg (131.14 KB, 828x629, (em rata book my body) FE8Dkc4…)

I thought this part of her book was good, never bothered to actually pick it up because I expected to be disappointed

No. 1107282

File: 1647985778805.png (9.04 KB, 259x194, barefoot_pregnant_meme.png)

> why do you have a child and you're using lolcow?

No. 1107284

Idk if I'm alone with that but I like pregnant women fashionably showing off their bellies and their bodies? Like it's not sexual but powerful and divine in a sense and it always looks very beautiful to me. I've always thought only scrotes and misogynists shamed pregnant women for their bodies because it's the innate symbol of femininity, therefore why they think women are inferior when in reality they're superior because pregnant women are literally creating life.

No. 1107291

some of the pregnancy posts here are obviously made by males and most of the anons here are okay with that until they themselves get attacked like >>1107259 for example.
Whats up with this mass-hysteria, if some celeb is a attention seeker then she is also going to be a attention seeker when she is pregnant too, do you scrote retards expect them to become nuns when pregnant.

No. 1107293

also the posts are on derailment territory by now.

No. 1107294

celebrity cow anons confirmed for biggest retards

No. 1107295

When you see a person with only one leg, or a hunchback, dont you feel uncomfortable and feel as though it would feel painful? That is my reaction when i see a pregnant woman, not because i think its gross, but because it feels weird to see the human body so stretched.

No. 1107296

lookin like garth

No. 1107297

your mom should have aborted you.

No. 1107310

I'm freaked out by pregnant bellies as well, I could never ever get pregnant because it freaks me out in a body horror sense, but that's not a pregnant woman's problem. Your analogy sucks because there's no reason a person with injuries or deformities should cover themselves up either.

No. 1107311

No. 1107312

Kek who ghost wrote this? I would love to read her work

No. 1107329

every single pregnant celebrity has been doing this kinda shit because being naked and sexy = empowering, in this society at least. And then pregnant porn gets normalized.

No. 1107334

Demi Lovato bought stolen egyptian antique artifacts

No. 1107337

File: 1647991398126.png (136.25 KB, 482x542, 1.png)

No. 1107340

It looks like like Ezra Miller is making a return in hollywood.
He is in the new fantastic beasts movie……

No. 1107346

Hunchback or one leg are disabled and bad genetic material, that's why you're disgusted by them naturally. Pregnant women are not. You're mentally ill if you're think a pregnant woman is the same as a moid with one leg or some shit.

No. 1107348

thats a shit analogy too all people deserve to feel comfortable in their skin. Both disabled and pregnant.

No. 1107350

It doesn’t bother me all that much when I see disabled people. I don’t constantly think about how much pain they might be in and just accept what I see in front of me. What does bother me is how fucked in the head you are. I’d rather be pregnant with a limp than half as stupid as you.

No. 1107356

ok but why should they deliberately not act sexy? you sound incel

No. 1107363

Listen, I’m not superstitious but buying stolen artifacts is how you end up cursed. My sister stole something from Pompeii and has gotten super sick on all of her vacations since.

No. 1107371

File: 1647993595720.png (1.61 MB, 1224x841, VBTiPDX.png)

Maneskin at the iheart music awards. they won an award.

No. 1107372

That's not the woman's fault that men will literally sexualize anything, you mutt.

No. 1107373

File: 1647993723273.png (603.29 KB, 547x849, RJdalw2.png)


No. 1107378

I cant stand Erza. I thought he got cancelled for abusing women??

No. 1107384

Every time i see this ugly sand moid's face, i want to punch it so hard

No. 1107387

What’s with celebrities getting terrible plastic surgery? You have all this money and normies in my middle class town have better fake tits than this.

No. 1107389

what the actual fuck. cant trust men. Any one of them

No. 1107423

>I thought he got cancelled for abusing women?
No, because he's NB, gnc or whatever

No. 1107433

File: 1647997182827.jpg (1 MB, 2336x1500, an entire grooming victim.jpg)

All I can think of when I hear about him is this post (from a certain /tv/ scrote who's obsessed with him I think)

No. 1107442

classic narc, poor kid

No. 1107456

Can someone please explain to me who the fuck is emrata? rata means rat and she looks like she comes from the sewer.

No. 1107458

No, no it's not that nonny.
We just think it's dumb to be pregnant and pretend to be sexy for the camera/scrotes. Pregnancy is already hard as it is.

No. 1107469

it's a portmanteau of her first + last name
(em)ily (rata)jkowski

No. 1107473

Ok and why is she famous? she looks like any other instahoe

No. 1107476


lmao what did she steal?

No. 1107477

File: 1648001226851.png (400.74 KB, 726x721, mgk.png)

Alice Glass posted a video of Machine Gun Kelly saying black girls "give the best head"

No. 1107479

she was in the music video for that god awful blurred lines song, idk if she was doing anything else before that but it's definitely what gave her most of her fame.

No. 1107483

File: 1648002563121.jpeg (478.82 KB, 828x1394, 13FB7C67-D1B5-42E2-B55C-F1B885…)

The woman who interviewed him defending it, imagine being this much of a pick me Aunt Jemima (link to her reply thread for anyone who cares https://mobile.twitter.com/eleven8/status/1505959079792893960)

No. 1107484

>famous for an old dated song about rape
but then why is she relevant? just because she's retarded?

No. 1107487

File: 1648002978547.jpg (202.63 KB, 1280x1923, emily-ratajkowski-versace-runw…)

She's a model, anon. You can just search this stuff.

No. 1107496

No. 1107498

my first thought too

No. 1107499

I thought the pic with the blonde hair was one of the BTS guys hahaha what the fuck

I had a big crush on Ezra Miller when Perks of Being A Wallflower and it’s crazy how quickly he got really gross. And then he got jacked to play The Flash and looked gross in a different way

No. 1107502

He's a gross creep, but at the end of the day, he's copying other low IQ rappers. That woman is unironically more honest than most of the people who are angry about this. She is happy because she supports that "culture" and isn't going to switch it up just because of race. You honestly have to be a pick-me to support rap music/culture lol
Go listen to how the average rapper's disgusting lyrics about white and black women, oversexualized and abusive garbage

No. 1107505

File: 1648004580766.jpeg (114.13 KB, 1280x720, 644AF09B-4B79-4018-837F-F82512…)

>low iq rappers

No. 1107511

I find (c)rapperchan endearing, like a crazy aunt or something.

No. 1107512

Is there a model alive who isn't an insufferable and autistic narcissist who starts to panic when the spotlight and their looks start to set on them? Pathetic.

No. 1107515

no i think he was a drunk?

No. 1107516

i feel like cartman in black friday whenever i see this band.
>but what do they DO??

No. 1107518

lots actually. models are generally very chill and friendly. actresses are the ones who act like you describe.

No. 1107526

you know this isn't twitter
the interview was during the 2000's, standards were different back then alright and this wouldn't have been considered that offensive and its clear that he's joking

No. 1107533

>he's in the new fantastic beasts movies
lmao because he was in the last 2 dummy

No. 1107534

>autistic narcissist

I was scrolling quickly and thought for a minute you were talking about Ezra Miller

No. 1107548

no but he is also an autistic narcissist

No. 1107554

Huh? Why shouldn’t they? They’re grown ass women, what’s the difference? You think it’s pedo or something even though she’s not a child?

No. 1107560

Genderqueers entering the battle of "Demi Lovato is a rich white person colonizer who bought African culture and is therefore evil" vs "Demi Lovato is a marginalised gender and you are all transphobic"

This will not end well. Amanda doesn't deserve a conservatorship, but I've watched a lot of videos on her and she isn't exactly mentally ok

No. 1107563

Nta, but it's because fetishizing pregnancy has implications to it. There's nothing wrong with feeling attractive or alluring while you're pregnant, but when you take it that extra step to start actively making pregnancy the centre of your sexiness then that's where the problem is. Fetishizing something removes the human side of things to make it appeal to mens sexuality. I'm not sure how many women will feel looking back on themselves pornifying the 9 months they spent carrying their baby. Sexualisation is not empowering, this will not remove the stigma of pregnancy

No. 1107564

The whole reason pregnant bodies are stigmatised is because men think a pregnant body is less fuckable kek do you really think spending the whole pregnancy desperately trying to be seen as sexual is helping women?

No. 1107567

Why do some men fetishize pregnancy? What appeals to a man about a woman being full with another man's child?
This isn't a trick question, I genuinely want to understand the logic behind this and why it's harmless

No. 1107569

How is that different from dressing like a ho when not pregnant though? Objectifying yourself never helps you or other women.

No. 1107579

Were his comments about finding a then underage Kendell Jenner attractive also a joke?
MGK is a cow.

No. 1107584

With all the pedophilia, abuse fetishes, anal damaging fetishes idgaf about pregnancy fetishists. I'd rather people fetishize healthy pregnant women than rail thin girls with breast implants, fatties with bbls, and every other unhealthy body type people are loving up on now

No. 1107586

>also why do you have a child and you're using lolcow?
are you a newfag? /g/ literally has a pregnancy thread.

No. 1107594

Do you think that we should all become prudish moms when we instantly have kids

No. 1107602

>this isn’t twitter
the irony of your comment. nta but defending a 3edgy5u moid who has said he wants to fuck underage girls on more than one occasion is an interesting choice that would be more well received on mgk stan twitter than a female-only imageboard, so please consider going back

No. 1107603

It’s proven in studies that pregnancy fetishes occur in older sons who witnessed their mothers being pregnant, whether it’s in their conscious memory or not. I don’t think it’s that weird and I honestly think it’s healthy when guys are able to find pregnant women sexy because so many pornsick men have unrealistic expectations of women.

No. 1107604

There’s a difference between finding a pregnant woman just being her pregnant self sexy and actively fetishising it. Emily Ratajkowski falls into the latter and she knows full well what she’s doing

No. 1107608

If your gonna call out mgk, then 99% of other rappers deserve to be called out as well

No. 1107614

File: 1648016352042.jpg (34.63 KB, 750x469, aeNVz6J.jpg)

>call out
it is the celebricows thread. whatever stupid things celebs like mgk did or said will get brought up, regardless of how old it is. get over it and stop policing what celeb milk is posted on here (c)rap anon.
on that note, kanye stans are trying to get trevor noah dropped from hosting the grammys because kanye can't go due social media posts. they dug up his tweets about rihanna.

No. 1107615

they did this because trevor also made a comment about kanye on the daily show.

No. 1107616

For most people I am opposed to digging up old tweets to cancel them with but celebrities deserve it

No. 1107623

i hate that fucker anyway. cancel his unfunny ass. his whole brand is him reminding people that black people exist.

No. 1107633

nta but mgk is particularly annoying. his pivot toward pop punk made him more annoying to me, and him working with willow just made me more sussed out wrt his attraction to teenage girls. trying so hard to become an icon among teenage girls skeevs me out

No. 1107635

they look surprisingly not busted here

No. 1107637

No. 1107686

It's basic biology, this is also why you treat better looking people better and want to date them, because they're less likely to have health problems you can pass off to your offspring. Would you rather date someone with a genetic disfigurement or limp that you could pass to your child or a normal average person? Also how is it ok to call pregnant women disgusting but it's seen as heartless when you point out people with disabilities look unattractive?

No. 1107731

can confirm, i stole something from a tomb when i was younger and my life has taken the most absurd twists and turns since. i'm not superstitious either but wtf

No. 1107732


No. 1107733

Somewhere, right now , Kanye is stealing a homeless mans clothes for his line next season.

No. 1107734

“Cancelling” doesn’t achieve much anyway, the internet has a selective/short term memory, people clutch their pearls for all of five minutes before finding something else to reeeeee about

No. 1107759

This is really interesting and I want to look into it more, but I’m not able to find anything about it when I google, specifically the part about her wondering the point in living if she wasn’t most beautiful, did you just read the book and remember this part, or do you by any chance have a link to the article talking about it?
I’ve always suspected many models and beautiful women in general feel this way, when your greatest value is your looks it could be earth shattering to be confronted with someone looking better

No. 1107784

that's because she'd literally lose all relevance and following if she didn't constantly post vain naked shit about herself. i cannot actually recall what she does beyond being an influencer and be naked? she was in Gone Girl for like 20 minutes and got her tits out for that.

No. 1107804

i know i just thought they would replace him since they replace actors in action/hero movies all the time.
being drunk is not a excuse to assault your fans.

No. 1107812

>>1107433 >>1107378
God!! I wish I never saw We Need To Talk About Kevin. As there is just something about him. I first ever heard of him when he was compared to joji. Why must he be like this? Why anons!!!!!

No. 1107816

His solo flash movie is coming out soon too. I don’t think he was cancelled to the point that he took a break or left or anything

No. 1107839

>we need more details plz

No. 1107873

her abdomen freaks me out

No. 1107883

Willow is 21 years old.

No. 1107919

oh i didn't know he attacked anyone. i thought he was just wasted and high all the time and not bothering people

No. 1107926

Half of this is a quote and the other half is emrata reiterating the quote lol. Not that she didn’t say it nicely, just she didn’t come up with it

No. 1107930

No. 1107942

>June 25 2013
anon, really….

No. 1107956

File: 1648054102211.jpg (291.35 KB, 1920x1227, 20220323_174612.jpg)

There's something about him that looks different.

No. 1107972

the only time he looked good was in We need to talk about kevin where the lighting and makeup did him extra favors, he aged like shit

No. 1107975

I think he looked good until 2020.

No. 1107977

Did he gain weight? In his recent rants he looked skinnier.

No. 1107979

its called alcohol bloating nonny

No. 1107997

why does he look more like snape than the actor who played snape in the movies

No. 1108001

File: 1648059559231.gif (1.2 MB, 498x298, 599B094F-3DA2-4241-86B7-9DF0D0…)

I think here you can’t see his facial structure like you usually can. Maybe it’s the long hair. He looks so different.

No. 1108015

File: 1648060490211.gif (1.87 MB, 650x650, tp_Blanche-Devereaux.gif)

God I just wanna smooch him so hard, its unfair

No. 1108021

what's making him look different is his mid-face. It looks like his midface got longer. He also looks like he just aged.

No. 1108023

he was so perfect here. ideal male.

No. 1108027

File: 1648061158321.gif (828.91 KB, 330x330, 92FEE440-CF50-4D1D-A416-DEC1B2…)

kek me too

No. 1108043

People shouldn't be dressing as hoes. It's degrading to trade your dignity for scraps of attention

Nonnie, idk why you said this because it doesn't work like that. "I'd rather they fetishize (x) instead of (y)" isn't a valid argument because they fetishize every type of body. Some of them fetishize dead bodies even

No. 1108056

it is so funny to me that with this Amanda Bynes conservatorship thing that everyone is using old pictures of her where she doesn't have her horrible face tattoo and look strung out

No. 1108065

and? she is still more tame and normal than the majority of male celebrities (who hollywood still hires). She doesn't deserve to have her humanity taken just because she had a mental breakdown 10 years ago.

No. 1108070

Amanda is getting the tattoo removed.

No. 1108081

Anne Hathaway and Kelly Clarkson we’re in a song game and Anne kicked ass on Kelly’s own song. Lmfao I can’t stand Kelly or her talk show but I do appreciate Anne.

No. 1108105

He looks like that serial killer with the bad teeth. That's why I can't get into him, plus didn't be hit a woman?

No. 1108107

shes a full blown schizo anon, tbh she's one of the few ones that does need to ne closely watched.

No. 1108113

Strangled, even worse

No. 1108122

No. 1108220

File: 1648071110750.jpeg (57.93 KB, 827x723, 3DDF5DA2-5CA2-4B47-A113-E9634D…)

ithe irony in the fact that deuxmoi originally refused to publish the "david" girls allegations and now is alluding to them.

why does everyone think the creepy comedian is jason segal, it's likely someone older and more famous than him

No. 1108255

he looks filler-y too

No. 1108261

I think her family and psychs know more than you. She's been doing well for a while now and she's going to move in with her fiancé soon.

No. 1108286

Ah yes, the drug addict fiancé she met at a sober living.
Like this whole thing isn't a complete recipe for disaster.

No. 1108301

nta but why are you so pressed

No. 1108304

the judge themselves said that Amanda completed all the steps necessary and that she is free. But apparently your retarded ass knows better than the judge/family/nurses there.
Subhuman moid.

No. 1108312

Im a subhuman moid for being concerned that an extremely mentally ill woman is being put in a situation where most people with her issues relapse? And a newborn child is also involved?

No. 1108329

no your a subhuman moid because i only see moids like this seethe or give fake concern when it comes to women in conservatorships. Probably the same type of moid who would think performing lobotomies on women is perfectly fine back in 1930's.

She is not being ''put'' in a situation, she's been in that conservatorship for 9 years and everyone around her said she is in good mental health and can be discharged.
Now youre going to reply the same ''drug addict she is mentally ill schizo'' shit.
She has bipolar just like Kanye, she doesnt have schizophrenia or any buzz word.

No. 1108466

I thought it was that Hunter S-whatever dude cosplaying as Snape lmao

No. 1108495

that wasnt my point my point was how popular she is among teenage girls

No. 1108517

File: 1648078088020.jpeg (359.7 KB, 2048x2048, D9D0D291-8148-45F1-9F76-B3CB4F…)

No. 1108579

Yeah, he looks like. He got fillers to me

No. 1108594

Looks like Adam Driver cosplaying as Keanu. Sad!

No. 1108708

File: 1648088832251.jpeg (19.44 KB, 210x295, 60CA2F80-7D17-432C-9964-F271A3…)

He looks like his character from invincible now. I used to think he was so cute in perks of being a wallflower, he had that pretty boy 90’s look to him, what a shame
He also does look like he got filler in his lips too
Wow Anne has such a beautiful and powerful voice, it’s so clear, why did le mis do her so dirty?

No. 1108730

lmao he does kinda look like Richard Ramirez

No. 1108799

can you spoiler sinclair beause he scared me in that episode

No. 1108814

Idk I really liked her performance in Les Mis. Her vocals def weren't as clean as they were here, but I think that was the point. Broadway fans will disagree, but I liked the grittier, more raw angle they took with I Dreamed a Dream. You could feel the palpable exhaustion and heartbreak from her character, but that's just like…my opinion man.

No. 1108820

if you anons haven't watched ella enchanted you should

No. 1108825

Haha yes! I loved this movie as a kid. She's really underrated as a singer. I wish she was cast in more musicals.

Not that I'm some kind of Anne stan or anything (lol) but I never understood that weird wave of hate she got for a little bit for being "too perfect". Idk she seems nice and talented and I don't see any reason to hate her

No. 1108832

Yep, he looks a super realistic picture of what Richard would look like if he took 20,9999 showers and got his teeth fixed. For some reason I feel like he played him in a movie? Has Bitchard had a movie yet?

No. 1108837

you mean Richard Ramirez the hottest man on earth

No. 1108840

File: 1648101535916.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.07 KB, 634x617, 38010588-9147521-Between_June_…)

No I mean Bitchard, this guy

No. 1108842

Something about her face used to be so off-putting to me, but then I realized it's what bothers me about my own face. All her facial features are prominent on a small head. Great to show expression in movies though and she naturally has the cartoonish princess face look.
Didn't some anon theorize that Ezra's transitioning and has moobs? Idk where I even read that anymore.

No. 1108844

Only hot as long as he doesn't open his mouth. Motherfucker looks like a hockey player with a bad meth habit

No. 1108854

She’s really pretty when they don’t have her looking like a wet rat. She could probably go further than the fugly scrotes so long as she doesn’t get sucked into the shitty LA party lifestyle.

No. 1108855

…. now I know the pregnancy spergs aren’t pretending walking outside in broad daylight on a Tuesday in a literal g-string isn’t weird pregnant or not, even for Rihanna kek

No. 1108882

Yeah I agree it is weird and very clearly trying to appeal to men by upholding her sexy persona. You don't have to hate pregnant women or pregnancy as a concept to recognize that celebrity women often frame it in a weirdly fetishistic light. They're not making any kind of stand for women as a whole. They're just trying not to lose their male fanbase. It does creep me out seeing sexy pregnancy photoshoots. That's not because of internalized misogyny. That's just because I know what men are like and they're certainly not thinking "Oh yes, I'm glad that women are still free to express their sexual agency while pregnant!" They're getting off on the weird, more fetishy aspects of it. Celebrity women are aware of this and pander to it to keep the money rolling in. Not every photoshoot gives me this vibe but yeah walking around in lingerie is sending a pretty clear message and it's naive to think otherwise

No. 1108926

File: 1648111943934.png (181.4 KB, 336x396, futuretroon.png)

this was him in January this year. Is he also losing his hair?

No. 1109012

I remember this and thinking that video he made was out of his own free will but turns out he was trying to get in the publics good grace again before his return to hollywood.

Also does he still identify as non-binary since i havent seen him mention that in a while.

No. 1109059

Mmmmm imagine licking the tooth holes, sucking his crunchy tartar out of his mouth and spitting it back and forth between the two of you yum yum

No. 1109060

looks like it, his hairline is way high up
he looks like a hobo. scrotes really do age like milk

No. 1109137

Is this the scrote who hurt a female fan of his? If so, karma got to him…

No. 1109145

yeah, he got drunk and choke slammed a fan. i remember when it happened and being so pissed because all twitter could focus on is his pronouns, which he himself doesn't seem that hung up over

No. 1109146

File: 1648135063553.jpg (9.74 KB, 386x386, bright_yellow_luster__79702.15…)

His teeth

No. 1109148

File: 1648135178557.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.31 MB, 590x1280, 1586158856286-0.webm)

Yes. The video in question:

No. 1109157

ngl kinda hot

No. 1109160

nonnie. just google his feet…all attraction will disappear

No. 1109162

File: 1648135874112.jpg (19.75 KB, 540x424, 79d80g986b57.jpg)

I'm kinkshaming
Even in the video he starting losing his looks

No. 1109164

File: 1648136021744.jpg (67.58 KB, 558x344, 1631830127986.jpg)

>Bratz reaction image
go back to stan twitter faggot worshipper

No. 1109165

I saved that from here, dumbass. I've never stepped foot on twitter.

No. 1109166

File: 1648136159093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.57 KB, 288x175, index.jpg)

No. 1109169

Gross. Keep your pornsick thoughts about a video of a woman being assaulted to yourself.

No. 1109171

Is this real wtf scrotes have some real aversion to keeping their feet standard clean and tidy

No. 1109173

She stole a body part from one of the cemented mummies. Not sure if it’s a finger or what.

No. 1109174

File: 1648136627806.png (202.99 KB, 1233x739, 333.png)

No. 1109175

Neanderthal looking failed male choking a beautiful woman who wasn't expecting it and couldn't even fight back… You're a moid, aren't you?

No. 1109178

File: 1648136726320.jpg (35.95 KB, 605x441, LOST4WJJ2PQGJVFXH5POF3Q3FA.jpg)

>stealing a mummy finger
His big toe is so fucking long, wtf.

No. 1109183

What the fuck are those feet. They legitimately look like alien hands.

No. 1109184

She wants to return to Italy someday. I’m gonna make sure it goes back with her.

No. 1109190

She still has it? What is she doing with it? Is it a display piece or something?

No. 1109206

File: 1648138194208.png (171.95 KB, 1271x630, 5.png)

No. 1109215

yeah it is. When we lived together I told her to not have it in the house for obvious reasons.

No. 1109216

Atleast spoiler this non-milk shit.

No. 1109274

File: 1648140609043.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.68 KB, 1020x1359, Ezra-Miller-Feet-3599505.jpg)

Damn wtf??! Is he supposed to be one of the fantastic beasts in the movie? I wish somebody would cast a spell to make me unsee this

No. 1109288

File: 1648141044881.jpeg (39.67 KB, 300x300, 1624938590902.jpeg)

pls forgive me but I would actually lick him, from head to toe

No. 1109291

You deserve the fungal infection you would receive from doing that

No. 1109315

gross. miller simp containment thread when

No. 1109333

That has to be makeup right?

No. 1109342

>worshipping an unwashed moid who abuses women
Hope abusive men go for whores like you and leave normal people alone.

No. 1109343

ANON… not the toes too c'mon girl.

No. 1109348

Some of you take obvious jokes here too seriously.
Also lol at that one moid poster here who called anon a faggot for posting a girly reaction image.

No. 1109353

he got drunk and did something regrettable but I don't think he's abusive

No. 1109356

that's not a girly reaction image, that's a stan twitter reaction image used by 50% faggots and 50% faggot worshippers

No. 1109357

Writing is about how you want to suck toes of a man that chokes women isn't a joke.

No. 1109359

Hope one of your bfs get drunk and kill you so you're removed from the genepool. Women like you who cape for men who literally attempted to kill women don't deserve to breath.(a-logging)

No. 1109367

this has to be bait
anon the old 'dumb bitch meme' threads on /m/ and some old dumbass shit threads had tons of bratz images, how is anyone supposed to know the source

No. 1109370

Ofc if you spend your time looking at and being in those types spaces you will start relating everything to it and then policing anons for using a normal reaction image.
Also just a reminder this place is not for worthless xy.

No. 1109375

Not that anon but you need to calm down wtf.

No. 1109378

File: 1648143203887.jpg (51.63 KB, 900x900, 1635963001245.jpg)

>how dare you find a celebrity hot, you should get beaten and killed

No. 1109384

So excusing a man who almost killed a woman is okay unless the said woman is you, an unhinged bpd whore who wants to lick male feet?..

No. 1109385

catering to a guy who choked out a fan and saying that it doesn't make him abusive is retarded. nothing wrong with finding him hot 5 or so years ago, but he is an ugly hobo with domestic violence tendencies now, so there is nothing to worship anymore anyway - can we move on

No. 1109386

File: 1648143452965.jpg (70.34 KB, 666x598, Ckir949givkspeg.jpg)

Are you one of those male posters pretending to defend women's rights so you can call other anons whores?

No. 1109392

No. Are you one of the aids ridden faggots who pretend to be women so he can post about how he wants to worship the feet of women-hating hobos?

No. 1109393

No, and I think Miller is ugly anyway. You seem really mad at the internet, maybe you should walk away or drink some water or something.

No. 1109396

Kek its probably one of the anon who is obssesed with faggots.
Stop shitting up threads with your gay men obsession you lunatic. I saw you in g/ too calling people faggots.

Also stop derailing all of you.

No. 1109398

Yeah y'all need to chill. If she wants to lick Ezra's nasty toes, I say let her. The act of having to touch his gross goblin feet is punishment enough for forcing us to read that and think about it. Who knows, maybe she'll make a great scientific discovery and find the cure for cancer in one of the organisms living in his crusty foot microbiome

Anyway…did that vid of him choking out that girl ever gain any real traction? I feel like I haven't heard anyone talking about it outside of lolcow

No. 1109400

>>ever gain any real traction?
It did and is the reason why he was on hiatus from the public eye for almost 2 years.
The opinion of the public was divided though 50% said what happened is wrong and 50% were defending him by saying the video was fake or that he was just playing.

No. 1109402

I saw this pic while scrolling down and I thought this was going to be a Cyberpunk 2077 meme

No. 1109411

they look like randomized sims. i both love and hate it

No. 1109425

I'm not him but I'd still murder you for letting me read that atrocious post.

No. 1109432

File: 1648147064337.jpeg (100.61 KB, 732x732, 482E2061-5617-49A8-80BA-72F697…)

I feel like he’ll troon out soon..

No. 1109433

Stop calling nonnas whores, what the fuck is your damage.

No. 1109438

anons damage is a y chromosome probably

No. 1109440

He cannot be serious with that spirit halloween skull necklace.

No. 1109445

He already kinda did. Isn’t he nonbinary?

No. 1109446

I get the feeling he deliberately dressed this ridiculous way to draw attention

No. 1109545

as a former chain-smoker myself i can tell you this dude is smoking a shitload of cigarettes.

No. 1109551

> a man who almost killed a woman
that's honestly most celebrities. ezra miller isn't the exception, he's the norm

No. 1109554

kekekekek u a moid, son. way to not even hide it a little bit

No. 1109561

How new or stupid are you? There were so many video proofs on reddit and everywhere else where he threatened to beat up female fans and is known for being a massive retard in general BTS.

No. 1109590

>>video proofs on reddit and everywhere else where he threatened to beat up female fans and is known for being a massive retard in general.

can you send links for that? i remember reading about that in the past but i cant find it anymore.

No. 1109613

I never post on g, you schizo.
You dumbass, she literally defended a man who almost killed a woman, she's the unhinged bpd whore and calling her what shw is doesn't make me the moid.

No. 1109679

he looks like the guy from maneskin kek

No. 1109740

How did Oscars turn into a total joke so fast?

No. 1109743

File: 1648161868209.jpeg (421.91 KB, 750x988, 8DF54893-AED8-41F7-96CD-E88D72…)

grimes says she DDOSed some music blog

No. 1109745

File: 1648161898774.jpeg (354.13 KB, 750x1142, 74F90E30-D0F4-4360-A051-F05935…)

No. 1109747

File: 1648161989043.jpeg (332.34 KB, 750x1238, C29B2EDC-8828-467C-8316-70669A…)

No. 1109754

>my coolest hacker moment
She didn’t even do shit she got some friend to

No. 1109755

You would say it was empowering if female celebrity choked annoying fan

No. 1109758

Fuck off mra moid. Any sane person wouldn't support choking someone unless if it's in self defense.

No. 1109764

wow grimes, censorship is so cyber lesbian anarchist elf. so badass, using corporate connections to silence independent journalists

No. 1109770

Why does she talk like this? I swear all the amphetamines along with being in muskrat's presence for longer than 15 minutes must've fried her brain

No. 1109799

No. 1109811

File: 1648168424437.png (4.09 MB, 1620x2160, 3E360FD4-4FD5-42D0-9894-268370…)

No. 1109814

File: 1648168455172.jpg (64.74 KB, 600x653, pAbKJBo.jpg)

Thank you Claire, very cool.

No. 1109835

File: 1648169342637.jpg (59.02 KB, 1080x1079, yui weed.jpg)

Damn claire wtf happened to you? you weren't this retarded 10 years ago the fuck

No. 1109843

it wasn’t some music blog. It was THE music blog for indiefags back then. She got pissed he called him out for being a fake rich girl larping as a poor indie artist

No. 1109865

Kek this is so weird it's kind of working for me and also fuck high-waisted pants. I might as well do this to all of mine since I miss lowriders and can't find them new anymore

No. 1109866

You ever see a outfit and think, "damn I wanna play Sims 4 and make a sim with this outfit and immediately turn the game off after 3 hours in cas?"
Looking at this outfit and 90% of what Rihanna wears makes me feel that.

No. 1109873

Lol this outfit is dumb but I can kind of appreciate it in a campy sense. Though I will admit, she does look pretty here

No. 1109923

this is so absolutely pathetic. DDosing is script kiddy nonsense, it's not "hacking" or even close. Some nerd she knows ran a script, probably using computers from his company network which is why he can get in trouble.
"Rich girl uses resources to take down small music blog that didn't like her music" How fucking riveting. Isn't muskrat always harping on about freedoms etc?

No. 1109933

File: 1648177360031.jpg (40.34 KB, 680x517, 6IgSjFh.jpg)

Doja Cat was mad that her Paraguayan fans didn't risk drowning in a flood to see her. she deleted the tweets later though.

No. 1109935

File: 1648177421406.png (413.93 KB, 883x742, NWjEp5d.png)

No. 1109939

File: 1648177635519.png (67.71 KB, 885x358, YSK1DQi.png)

i guess doja has diva tendencies

No. 1109945

Doja honestly seems like a huge asshole. Those tweets make her seem so self-important. Even if there wasn't a storm, who the fuck says stuff like that?

No. 1109963

You're so intuitive nonnie. I can't believe Clint Eastwood is still alive instead of Paul Newman. God really is cackling.

No. 1109971

His tits are doing the shatna thing kek

No. 1109973

Babies are great. Everyone loves babies. Something skeezed me about Kris saying it's the best day of her life cause she looked like she was reading from a script. Also calling Kylie the best mother peaked my disdain cause a bitch is always gone and narcissistic and her kids are being raised by a revolving cast of nannies instead of an actual mother. I can't wait to see how new money plays out the trope of resentful murderous children vying for a payout. It was common with old money but we'll see if Travis Scott doesn't pilfers all these kids' money away or not.

No. 1109981

File: 1648180293186.jpeg (234.45 KB, 1365x1133, C682DB1A-331D-48B0-8DEE-33FC80…)


This thread goes into detail disproving her claims about there being no fans to greet her

I’ll upload some highlights in a bit I’m on mobile

No. 1109984

File: 1648180422275.jpeg (357.91 KB, 1332x1432, C533315F-1238-4EB5-B41B-209DA5…)

No. 1109985

File: 1648180532378.jpeg (364.64 KB, 1229x1437, D0589DA9-0781-48A3-A686-587D1A…)

No. 1109991

File: 1648180742113.jpg (218.18 KB, 750x1624, lnS844K.jpg)

rosalia has been promoting her new album on tiktok a lot lately. she did a live and now she had a collab with the train guy.

No. 1109994

How is it a bad thing? Womanhood is only enjoyable if youre rich. Good on her for using nannies. Women shouldnt raise kids alone

No. 1109995

She legit looks like a man

No. 1109999

File: 1648181014162.jpg (334.64 KB, 1124x1908, lFGu07X.jpg)

slightly offtopic, but this image looks like something that would go viral on grunge tumblr
agreed i don't know why that anon made it an old money vs new money thing. like "old money" families aren't hiring nannies and sending their kids away to expensive boarding.

No. 1110016

am i old if i don't know who this is

No. 1110020

Who is "the train guy"?
Nta, but if you don't see how raising children with nannies doing most of the work is shitty for the child then idk what to tell you. I don't get the point of having kids if you're not even going to take care of them yourself.
>Womanhood is only enjoyable if youre rich

No. 1110047

If men did their fair share (half) of parenting maybe nannies wouldn't be necessary. But chances are even rich women with help spend enough time with the kids that it would be equivalent to 50% when shared with the father. Maybe save this energy for the endless deadbeat dads out there instead of the 1% of women lucky enough to not be completely overwhelmed by doing all the domestic work and child rearing.

No. 1110060

>train guy
This autist who gets really excited over trains

No. 1110062

I don't like deadbeat dads either, but sure anon. That anon was talking about nannies, so that's what my post was about.

No. 1110067

so he's this kid all grown up

No. 1110070

File: 1648183164580.png (95.44 KB, 583x939, doja.png)

doja keeps sperging out in real time

No. 1110076

that last tweet sounds like copypasta material kek

No. 1110081

File: 1648183587871.png (355.37 KB, 448x798, zUd0NWn.png)

doja posted this on her instagram story. expect a very milky instagram live coming soon, she's been complaining about how she felt like she was being overworked recently. dr luke writes her music. i hope she doesn't turn into kesha 2.0, because it looks like she is having a meltdown

No. 1110082

>"your custom hrt program"
>doja not using adblock

No. 1110083

This is so pathetic. First the Lorry Hill shit, now this. She should've just been a one hit wonder with Say So

No. 1110084

i think dr luke only co-wrote a few songs, she has distanced herself and i think she was bound by a contract. it's very easy to get sucked into shit with people you don't even want to work with because management and labels are dangling shit over your head and try to intimidate you. as far as i can tell, she legit wants nothing to do with him and he only collabed on a few of her things

No. 1110086

doja's targeted ads makes me tinfoil she's a farmer even more

No. 1110087

This whole situation is so wild, parasocial relationships were a mistake lol
I feel like everyone is being dumb in this situation

No. 1110088

disappointed in her for this. this entirely goes against her whole image. wow. i dont even care about the lorry hill thing because honestly i think lorry hill is wrong about 80% of her presumptions but this is ridiculous

No. 1110091

File: 1648184160054.jpg (345.27 KB, 1429x803, cover1.jpg)

>"Your custom HRT program will help you feel revitalized"
>transvestigation tinfoilers right now

No. 1110093

what image though? she's always gone on online rants.

No. 1110103

She should've kept her mouth shut. Damn. Why don't rich people just stfu and do their job

No. 1110133

What an actual irredeemable asshole she is, jfc

No. 1110140

File: 1648187196615.jpeg (197.5 KB, 1241x1668, 8C32AD22-9A10-4450-A30B-3C578E…)

doja is liking stuff like this kek i don’t think the situation is a big deal but the way she’s handling it is so ridiculous. i could see her eventually heading down the amanda bynes path a little with how unstable and weird she is online lately

No. 1110148

Doja turn your phone off and go to sleep challenge

No. 1110152

Samefag as comment above but I don’t see it in her likes anymore

No. 1110153

cringe. her label should lock her out of her account, her humor is shit anyway and she is just ruining her reputation

No. 1110156

Asshole move on her hand for sure but damn it’s gonna be funny when her loyal tiktok fans get over sensitive about it and start canceling her

No. 1110175

File: 1648189014657.jpeg (70.65 KB, 700x442, 75111A40-B6DA-4A44-8865-B4B24A…)

>it’s gone and I don’t give a fuck anymore I fuckin quit I can’t wait to fucking disappear and I don’t need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I’m a fucking fool for ever thinking I was made for this this is a fucking nightmare unfollow me

No. 1110179

File: 1648189347129.jpg (43.96 KB, 567x406, 20220325_031100.jpg)

there's a bunch of fans defending doja's attitude because "people were calling her racial slurs" and that's a blatant lie. she had a private concert at a bar called Negroni and no one cared to translate it correctly lmao
this ss is fake

No. 1110184

The faggots stole Bratz and other childhood icons from us, we're allowed to reclaim what's ours.

No. 1110185

She did this literally less than a year ago, cried on twitter that she works too much and too hard and just wanted to spend time with her aging cat. If she can't hack it she's free to turn her socials over to her manager and just make her music.

No. 1110186

What does this even mean? Is she saying that Paraguyans shouldn't be going to her concerts because they're too poor?

No. 1110222

Why would she go public with this? Seriously. A musty talentless rich girl using her resources to censor and blackmail an indie journalist's site because he wrote the truth about her isn't "trying to be like all integrity". She's lucky she was even mentioned on Hipster Runoff as a nobody.

On another note, I feel bad for anyone who has to hear her and Apartheid Clyde attempt to converse in real life. It must be, like, super wack, like, ugh. There's one braincell between them and neither use it. How anyone could think they are the intelligent ones and not the teams they have surrounded themselves with is a mystery.

No. 1110223

ODIO su nuevo album, waste of fucking talent. Any other nonna has heard her shit? I'm pretty sure her older shit was written by her friend, not by herself. Her lyrics are so retarded now. I hope she fades into irrelevancy.

No. 1110227

File: 1648191625070.jpg (54.05 KB, 600x422, VabPTqi.jpg)

at this point sperging online might as well be her brand. she called her fans slobs and hags for criticizing her attending a party during covid, went on a rant about quitting music and then things went back to normal. same with chatroom gate the year before, and f-gate before that.
she's done this dance before.

No. 1110235

her 2018 album is a masterpiece. i didn't know her friend wrote her songs, what is the friend's name? i like some songs on the new album like candy. it helps that the music industry is dead right now, so rosalia's newest album is probably the best thing out(other than maybe stromae).

No. 1110236

File: 1648191889249.png (49.01 KB, 632x190, Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 12.0…)

Same energy as Elizabeth Grant trying to get articles removed for exposing her for also being a rich girl pretending to be something she's not.

No. 1110242

File: 1648192417126.jpeg (32.5 KB, 524x428, 0A036DA6-0AD1-4748-A925-676AE5…)

She’s been insufferable her entire career

No. 1110244

She totally was, she's been making up whack things she did with friends forever. If you go through some of her interviews you'll notice how often she falls back on talking about wild shit she did with friends.

No. 1110249

she posted a tik tok that he was in the room for and he laughed with her about cashews being a bean and not a nut so… yeah

No. 1110257

tbh now that you mention it, you are right, she's being a pretty open liar since the neuroscience BS.

No. 1110259

File: 1648193328924.jpeg (53.61 KB, 634x403, 882D7CA5-1981-412A-A009-06EED6…)

Lol she was adamant about not having anything done but then this dropped and she shut up

No. 1110318

she's such a narc and always has been.

No. 1110340

Yeah but I think her meangirl sassy persona is what made teen girls and fags swoon over her.

No. 1110351

You don't even need to translate it. A Negroni is a very well known cocktail, not in any way a racial slur directed at her. Her fans are just retarded

No. 1110427

i just checked twitter and its amazing how good doja fans are at manipulating/twisting the truth. They are making it sound like doja did nothing and she got harassed by these evil latam people when in reality Doja started this shit by lying that no one waited for her.
How did twitter make her out to be the poor uwu victim in this situation i cant understand.
She is beyond entitled and her personality is only getting worse.

No. 1110433

File: 1648210817894.jpg (81.95 KB, 700x724, 13-5ccfd88336437__700.jpg)

cp in ot don't scroll

No. 1110434

Most are too young to drink, so they're extra annoying for this

No. 1110439

Bump so the bad thread is buried

No. 1110458

i love it when celebs can no longer keep up the facade and their real self shines from the leaks. like this is exactly the type of shit a high school drop out would do and no amount of pr can fix it.

No. 1110462

her fans eat this up, she is not ''cancelled'' or anything like that.
And when it comes to this recent situation Doja cat came out looking like the ''good'' person as always, and now retarded doja fans are accusing paraguay fans of being racist without any proof while at the same time being racist to Paraguayans and xenophobic.

No. 1110463

Zoomers are so brain dead. This celebrity blind worship in general is the worst. Look at Elon muskrat

No. 1110465

Great job missing the point you retarded moid. I said she's a bad mom and I stand by it. Maybe we should call the nannies "mom" instead.

No. 1110472

nta but stop with calling everyone moid you dumbass idiot. We have actual moids here that deserve to be called moids and not someone who has a different opinion of nannys.

No. 1110474

the muskrat is worse for me because he has actual 30+ adults that worship him blindly.

No. 1110476

Nope. First time I've said it.

>being a woman is only fun if you're rich

Tell me a cum brained moid didn't write that.

No. 1110481

you are slow and have shit reading comprehension. Im not going to bother explaining it to you. Wouldn't surprise me if you start infights with anons all the time due to shit comprehension.

No. 1110484

>waste of fucking talent
Talent?? Kek

No. 1110499

Nannies aren't ideal. Ideal is the mother and father raising the child but since men are too retarded to support their wives and too autistic to care for another being these days, nannies are a thing.

No. 1110588

>Women shouldnt raise kids alone
Indeed they shouldn't, that's why the other half who helped create the kid exists. If a woman can't find a man who's suitable to help her take care of the kids, just don't have kids.

No. 1110595

i love the album too. it’s been on repeat since it came out. ppl are trashing it but i like fun music, the world is in such a state of despair & it gets me in a good mood.

No. 1110640

File: 1648223736092.png (478.97 KB, 883x697, U8SslsP.png)

Hayden Panettiere and her boyfriend had a fight outside a bar. Her ex bf was also abusive. I think Hayden should take a break from dating

No. 1110645

File: 1648224019320.png (461.71 KB, 766x748, iYEuulV.png)

samefag, this article says the boyfriend she fought with has been arrested for committing domestic violence against her before. it's calling him her ex so i assume they've had a break up before.
it's sad that she got back together with him. i hope they break up, abusive relationships are dangerous

No. 1110662

Ugh look at that scared little chickenshit look in his eyes. Pathetic. Goes and beats up on his girl, then damn near cries about it in the mugshot like the little worm he is. Hayden is TINY too. He has a whole foot of height on her. I hope she leaves him

No. 1110664


No. 1110669

God, this trashy and embarrassing …

No. 1110670

Did she get hit or did she just get thrown around trying to break up the fight im so lost

No. 1110675

break up the fight? lol she is literally in there pulling the guys hair, tag teaming him with her boyfriend

No. 1110680

File: 1648226313548.jpeg (34.24 KB, 307x445, 57455B25-12F7-41DA-9F7F-CEE3AD…)

why do certain celebs look like they eat cigarettes for breakfast. there’s 0 excuse, they’re rich and should look their best constantly with all that money at their leisure wtf

No. 1110683

I'm curious, what about her looks like she eats cigarettes for breakfast because I honestly can't tell. She just looks puffy like she just woke up, imo.

No. 1110693

I watched the vid and I still can't tell wtf is happening

No. 1110706

Yeah all the sperging about how "old" she looks is stupid. She looks her age

No. 1110707

she looks her age she is just unfortunate looking and the grunge aesthetic emphasizes that

No. 1110709

File: 1648227521471.jpg (74.42 KB, 1031x1438, 20220325_134926.jpg)

>>open Twitter
>>your fav did a badly written post that gives itself to bad faith reading as it could either mean "wow the storm was bad" or"my fans are ungrateful"
>>due to being esl and Twitter being the perfect place for large scale spergouts most latam fan are pissed and thinks shes lying about fans not caring about her
>>Lmao time for some insensitive trolling
>>editing posts is not something you see as a trolling technique in this culture(unless you engage in eng speaking stan sphere) so they think is real
>>they fill out her instagram with mean comments
>>hundred of qrt and mean tweets
>>my fav has a psychotic breakdown and tell shes going to quit music

No. 1110713

she looks like every 20 year old white girl i know irl plus clear skin because she is a celeb and gets lasers n shit done probably

idk what’s the issue here. She looks fine

forgot to sage

No. 1110714

more like based

No. 1110754

File: 1648230685748.png (889.04 KB, 1034x1062, file.png)

can't wait to see the pictures kek

No. 1110774

she looks high as fuck

No. 1110781


No. 1110791

The grunge aesthetic is the only aesthetic that looks remotely decent on her.

No. 1110805

This is psychotic. She needs serious help and i'm glad she doesn't have custody of her children

No. 1110807

Someone's been heavy on the edibles

No. 1110810

she stashed the edibles in her eye bags

No. 1110814

I Agree! Her attempts at a Vintage aesthetic for the HTE era could really work well for her. The blonde hair made her look a little washed out. And the clothing can be a bit unflattering. But I think this current hair color suits her.

No. 1110825

Isn't she an alcoholic?

No. 1110831

File: 1648237217295.png (281.45 KB, 555x504, 69c.png)

kek she looks like the [10] guy meme

No. 1110832

Holy hell lmfao
Those pretty boy looks fade like a sandcastle in high tide.

No. 1110839


No. 1110872


No. 1110875

File: 1648239597713.png (932.33 KB, 894x847, pqXWOYN.png)

her stylist must have daria on the moodboard

No. 1110886

File: 1648240335955.png (1.01 MB, 900x700, 1644421148485.png)

very ot and I know that the ~*soft grunge*~ era was something on tumblr but this looks nothing like either soft grunge or actual grunge.

No. 1110921

File: 1648242300219.png (499.97 KB, 720x1545, Screenshot_20220325-031141-121…)

i mean there was people warning about not singing along the nword on her shows when it's a concept completely foreign to latam culture so i guess they might feel kind of mad because of having to tiptoe around that in order to not be perceived as racists while she can be xenophobic and straight up treat latinamericans as trash, the whole "don't look me in the eyes unless i tell you to", expecting her fans to be waiting for her in the streets after a huge storm, etc. it's just stuff that she wouldn't be able to get away with in north america or europe, even worse with her fans acting like barbz 2.0 by saying slurs and awful things to latam fans. also kinda funny that while this was happening mgk gave a mini concert at the hotel's door, went out with megan fox and was known in the country just as "boyfriend of", not because he is less of a cow but because he was humbled after being so cringey on the internet, like that's just what happens when you put celebrities in their place and remind them that they do owe to their public, and not the other way around.

No. 1110925

>"don't look me in the eyes unless i tell you to"
Most celebs have this demand, why are you making a big deal out of it?

No. 1110933

that screenshot is edited. see >>1110709
it was someone trolling and it got out of hand.

No. 1110939

Situation was this
>so… apparently doja cat hotel she was staying at got leaked and a bunch of “fans” pulled up and got angry with her for not wanting to greet them… in a place where they weren’t even supposed to be, and are now calling her all kinds of slurs… the entitlement is crazy
Her first tweet was sarcastic and she got jumped on by geniuses like you

No. 1110942

File: 1648243299350.gif (995.71 KB, 350x342, 7CbPnBD.gif)

doja acts like mariah carey but without the as much talent or humor

No. 1110947

Nta but people weren't calling her slurs though, she performed at a venue called the Negroni and retarded Western fans thought she was getting called the n word. And even if her first tweet was sarcastic, she was intentionally was trolling her latam fans to get a reaction and then threw a tantrum when they didn't react how she was expecting and she got backlash. It's milky behavior either way.

No. 1110951

I'm not even talking about Divas like Mariah, even low key celebs don't want to spend energy on interacting with staff of every event/show they attend. I don't blame them for it, keeping up a positive attitude all the time is impossible and people are fast to accuse celebs on being rude-mean-cruel for giving them a wrong look or not smiling when they greeted them. Saying you are not looking at anyone right away is an easy way out from hellish existence.
Vidrel for similar absurdity of greeting everyone around you.

No. 1110971

Nta but can someone explain this? Leaving the house in general would result in eye contact even if they weren't celebs because that's just what people do..Are celebrities autistic?

No. 1110974

When you leave your house, everyone around doesn't want to say hi and have a small talk with your or ask you to take pic with you. No eye contact and don't speak to me unless I speak to you is legit way from not going insane. Idk if you are not a super extra extrovert who enjoys all the attention and can keep up a happy face 24/7 you will go insane.

No. 1111003

so you're saying more than 30 adults worship elon?

No. 1111007

no one cares

No. 1111018

This must be cultural differences thing, i could easily go weeks without eye contact but I am also good at it but it's incredibly easy and not that weird to be able to avoid it. Tbf i didn't even think how celebrities must have tens of people a day wanting to talk to them and how avoiding eye contact would be the easiest way to have some peace kek

No. 1111023

i know it's fake i was pointing the stuff about the racial slurs, like it's not just the negroni thing but that below tweets like that there were comments calling her the nword, weird rethoric like ohh you are xenophobic well we can be racists then.
cause it's fucking rude either way?? if you're going to act like the entire country it's bothering you by just acknowledging your existence then maybe just don't go there. also it's an expensive festival for a non dollarized economy so it's pretty normal for her fans to make such a big deal. i'm just saying that from a latinamerican perspective it feels weird to act like that exclusively towards latinamericans when the stereotypes in usa about latinos are only dumb poor immigrants, drug dealers/cleaning ladies/gardeners, lowest members of society. anyways it's the summatory of the things she did like i genuinely don't know how to contextualize it, but it's like if an european artist was on tour in usa and they acted normal in every state but started acting like this when performing on states with high poc populations like wouldn't it feel kinda off?

No. 1111027

I don't enjoy making eye contact either tbh but here in the U.S. it's considered impolite/rude.

No. 1111030

omg it's so unfair these millionaires have to put up with having fans. It must be so hard to have to live in gated communities surrounded by other millionaires because of how annoying people are! Prayer circle for Doja Cat who is 100% right, your fans waiting for you at your hotel SHOULD NOT look at you at all, even if you bitch on twitter later when they don't bother showing up the second time.

No. 1111031

Same but I can always just not talk to people and go on about my business, then again i work from home

No. 1111034

Does anyone remember the blind items about hayden penitierre from years back? about how she loves to get beat on and loves to fist fight with her partners? something about her father too? i can't find them to check

No. 1111035

What is with your hate boner for Doja? I wasn't even talking about her, celeb asking to left alone is normal. I will never understand how basically asking to be ignored is rude when it's something that keeps you sane.

No. 1111041

I remember reading the old lsa thread about it. She supposedly has a weird psuedo-incest relationship with her parents (they're swingers? Together?) And because she grew up like that she now enjoys really fucked up sex and bdsm and other degen stuff, etc. But there was a lot of satanic sperging so I didn't finish the thread but that's the cut and dry of it.

No. 1111050

No. 1111053

File: 1648247322515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 324.63 KB, 1121x1555, 0f8b9d42e99b1d4cab50b6dc9e7931…)

yeah that was it! crazy if true. sorry for OT tinfoiling/blind item. allegedly edward norton "dated" aka groomed (aka raped) evan rachel wood while she was underage. they were in a provocative versace shoot together. hollywood is a fucking cesspool. i can't imagine the rage she must feel as an adult as she realizes how she was taken advantage of by all these evil men.
sorry for spoiled milk. moving on…

No. 1111058

i only said she was rude and tried to explain why other people are mad at her and calling her xenophobic. i don't really care about her because i don't even listen to her music but i do find it extremely entitled to expect everyone to treat you like fucking royalty just because you had a few viral songs, and that applies to her and any other artist.

No. 1111059

>similar absurdity
>comparing making brief eye contact to literally verbally greeting anyone you see
>using a parody film about Nazi Germany to make this point

Genuine question, are you stupid? That's not in any way comparable. Demanding that no one looks you in the eye unless you tell them to is a ridiculous demand and no normal person with any understanding of social graces would say such a thing. It sounds like a parody sketch about insane diva behavior. Most celebs absolutely do not have that demand. It's reasonable for them not to speak or interact with randos, but expecting them to not even look at you - especially when you're in a ridiculous "disguise" like in >>1109981 is stupid and no one should feel obligated to avert their gaze just because you want them to. Anyone would look at someone dressed like a bank robber at the airport. I hope everyone from now on stares unrelentingly at her in public because she's apparently so bothered by people not worshipping her

No. 1111060

Did she say anything about it? She opened up about Merlyn and she also remind everyone to call Kobe rapist the day he died

No. 1111062

samefag- he is 36 in this pic and she is either 17 or freshly 18 to promote a film where they are romantically involved (the synopsis makes it sound like his character grooms her character in the film. ugh) burn it all down to the ground

No. 1111065

nta but it's absurd for her to be so far up her own ass and be comfortable publicly complaining. all celebrities are insufferable. it's in the nature of attention-seeking/attention-loving people

No. 1111068

Yeah, simple absurd analogy you were unable to grasp.
>no one should feel obligated to avert their gaze
If you are payed to serve someone no one cares how you feel obligated about anything. Yes, we live in a capitalistic world and someone who has money makes demands.
I would understand your screeching about it if discussion was about celebs getting mad for not being recognized, but person asking to be left alone is somehow your tipping point.

No. 1111081

File: 1648248959427.jpg (53.12 KB, 600x576, 521.jpg)

welp i looked now what she's gonna do

No. 1111086

your ''fave'' is not a victim in this situation that liked tweet may be fake but everything else is real, Lets not act like she didnt bring this upon herself.
Also i hate Doja fans bringing in race when its convenient to them., (you were all okay with Doja being racist but pretend to be sjw when someone calls her out) but then you attacked all of the paraguay fans and accused them of being racist as a way to shut them up even though the ones who said racist things were a small number and were called out by other paraguayan fans.

No. 1111090

Read my post again, dumbass. I said it's perfectly reasonable for her to not want to speak or interact with random fans, but demanding they don't even look her in the eye is ridiculous.
>If you are payed to serve someone no one cares how you feel obligated about anything
You could easily direct that argument back at her. These people buy her records and concert tickets. They are the reason she's famous at all, and she owes her wealth entirely to them. By your own logic, they should not care about her stupid demands

No. 1111093

wow you dojafags are on the same level as retard as kanyefags. Go back to twitter to defend your queen.

No. 1111096

I'm starting to wonder if the tinfoil about her being a farmer is true and she wrote one of these posts. Just in case, hey Doja maybe you should spend more time learning how to put on wigs properly and fixing your lazy eye and less time alienating your fanbase and being racist to Latinos

No. 1111098

Wasn't she on anonymous imageboards when she was younger or am I just assuming that because she face cammed with ugly channers?

No. 1111102

File: 1648251033946.jpg (61.5 KB, 654x597, ufu0d01zi6s51~2.jpg)

>Don't look me in the eye!
Lol bitch, which one?

No. 1111111

is this real? i never noticed that she was cross-eyed before.

No. 1111119

Wow horoscope obsessed bpd behavior. I feel bad for her in all honesty. Hope she can get out of the label okay if she really wants to quit music. She's probably under unimaginable pressure.

No. 1111129

damn what a shitty get, wasted. she's not even cross eyed but lazy eyed.

No. 1111131

The more accurate term for her would be wall-eyed because her lazy eye points outward, but yes it is real

No. 1111152

Shes hot imo. She did nothing wrong . I hope she knows her real fans will support her

No. 1111160

I only remember stuff about her being in chatrooms
The imageboard thing was about grimes iirc
unless doja did say she was in imageboards but idk

No. 1111165

Damn guess the halo effect really is true.

No. 1111170


No. 1111176

>elon musk troons out

I think twitter would implode

No. 1111180

and OF COURSE halsey is a fucking themlet

No. 1111182

Nonnies, please don't meme Selena into dying, I love Only Murders In The Building

No. 1111193

based true crime inspired series enjoyer.

No. 1111220

most overrated show of all time. selena is fine i guess but the show sucks, all aesthetics and drawn out crap

No. 1111371

I get massive sex pest vibes from Taika Waititi the weird throuple thing he had going on with Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora was just…
And that fact that he maybe cheated on his (with some rando from hunt for the wilderpeople) wife and it’s why they got divorced. I feel like he’s gonna get MeToo’d but also he’s in the Disney machine and gets great PR. I hate how much everyone loves him. I hated his silly hitler in jojo rabbit idc if he’s a jew that was weird.

No. 1111374

It’s also a major stretch for him to call himself Jewish. He’s only Jewish through his grandfather on his mothers side.

No. 1111375

what really? back when she first got famous i got secret terf vibes from her

No. 1111376

NTA, but why?

No. 1111377

celebricow post of the year award

No. 1111381

>I have a few autistic questions. In the next 5 years which celebs do you predict will…
>troon out
i had a dream where machine gun kelly put they/she in his twitter bio and started wearing a really bad wig in an attempt to get people to stop making fun of him and honestly? i could see it happening.

No. 1111382

File: 1648274202669.jpeg (364.77 KB, 1242x1524, B099F30F-DAC8-4BB3-B13A-679757…)

Drummer for the Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins dead at 50. Theyre currently on tour. He has a known history of drug use. No confirmed cause of death.

No. 1111507

You do realize that rule applies to staff and not fans? Holy shit you are fucking retarded to be unable to grasp something so simple yet go out of your way to call others dumb for understanding something you can't. I'm not responding to your sperging anymore.

No. 1111556

Crazy how drugs kill people so early. Says a lot about the world that even with all the money and access in the world people still have such an intense desire for escapism.

No. 1111575

50 is still young imo, I bet it was heart related due to the drug abuse over the past years.

No. 1111609

Wait I thought his dad was Jewish and his mom was indigenous? Have I been wrong all along

No. 1111731

All I know he is maori

No. 1111912

Some people just arent cut out ofr that much amount of fame and one of those people is Doja.

She thrived the best and was happiest when she was only famous in internet-niche circles instead of being globally famous.
She did whatever she wanted, worked whenever she wanted , ate whatever she wanted etc etc

No. 1111915

is this the same guy that was into HIV/AIDS denialism or was that a different guy in foo fighters

No. 1111918

File: 1648303224822.png (9.67 KB, 542x136, halsey.png)


yeah dude she uses she/they, threw a shitfit when a magazine only referred to her as she, and wrote a song called "I am not a woman, I'm a god". the internalised misogyny and narcissism is off the charts

No. 1111968

he seems like a weirdo. i also hate when he puts on fake exaggerated German accents to be funny in interviews. if i'd talk in a new zealand accent to media for funsies, people would rip me apart

No. 1112009

tbh making fun of anyones accent who is ESL is fucking weird. It can be funny sometimes but when he does it it’s just cringe. But I think English speaking accents are fair game all around.

No. 1112059

Apparently his dad is Māori/french canadian and his mom is of Russian origin with a grandfather or great grandfather being Jewish. But his mom seems to not have been raised Jewish so it’s weird that he’s calling himself Jewish since he wasn’t raised Jewish either. And since his mom isn’t Jewish it’s really hard to believe he would be accepted as such by most Jews. I think he’s just clinging to this because he wanted make haha funny nazi movie and not get dunked on

No. 1112130

File: 1648318483801.jpg (74.42 KB, 420x849, Capture.JPG)

>blocks your path

No. 1112131

wow her thighs are fucking massive but her stomach is weirdly flat, she must have gotten lipo or something

No. 1112135

>mayone not comprehending how other ethnicities may look and gain weight
Keep seething apple shape chan

No. 1112137

>does the most offensive thing possible, which in a celebricows case is to walk around her without a hint of recognition.

No. 1112139

i'm asian and skinny lmao why does the rest of her body have fat rolls and her stomach is completely flat. it does not look natural. cope and seethe dojafag

No. 1112147

File: 1648319478042.jpg (53.48 KB, 628x409, Capture.JPG)

this is cute lol

No. 1112151

File: 1648319641078.jpg (398.58 KB, 1920x1080, ss_94b5d6c37a7c10fe546179df92c…)

just now looked into this and kek this is pathetic

No. 1112152

>thinks she doesn't qualify as mayo
>skinny lmao
yeah, apple chans think that.
>it does not look natural
>i have never met black or a biracial woman

No. 1112154

I will never forgive her for not choosing attractive black guy to father her child

No. 1112165

File: 1648320085629.jpeg (165.93 KB, 803x946, 52AFA78C-638E-4F8D-A625-8389CF…)

She’s always had shit taste in men. Nobody is perfect not even Rihanna. She could have anyone in the fucking world and she chooses him. She’s smoking too much.

No. 1112166

File: 1648320106352.jpg (32.4 KB, 550x662, IMG_20201101_002321.jpg)

oh no dojachan is mad and wants to defend her fat fave kek
doja didn't used to look like this, maybe she just lost weight really effectively and has a great trainer, but she's super famous, how likely is it that she actually hasn't had work done? show me a non-famous woman who has a completely flat stomach to the point where you can see ab definition but the rest of her body is less defined & has fat rolls

No. 1112169

I don't care about her and work she did, I'm explaining how having big thighs and flat stomach is natural for certain ethnicities, yes I know anachan asian wouldn't grasp that concept so I probably shouldn't even try.

No. 1112171

This shit lowkey makes me feel bitter towards other straight women. Imagine being able to easily choose from the best men or choose to be alone with all that money but still choosing fugly ass drooling retards.

No. 1112174

The band as a whole was very AIDS denialist in the beginning. Supported some "research" group that was convinced HIV drugs cause AIDS. Their bassist, Nate Mendel, is the one who still buys into that shit the most

No. 1112175

File: 1648320611749.jpg (205.61 KB, 681x1024, 1606722508886.jpg)

I always wanted her to date someone as classy as John, even lowkey shipped them. Their kids would have been way more beautiful than the one she is going to have with her uggo.

No. 1112183

come on, he's not that uggo.

No. 1112185

It's working, I enjoyed Jojo Rabbit kek

No. 1112187

john boyega is uglier than asap rocky

No. 1112188

File: 1648321035752.jpg (77.02 KB, 812x376, ff.JPG)

No. 1112189

>Implying the reason moids fetishize pregant is women isn't the fact they have a child inside them

No. 1112200

File: 1648321428547.jpg (37.18 KB, 750x938, C19002-9-5-Flat-Doja-Cat-Jonni…)

>natural for certain ethnicities
This shit is so dumb. Not every black or biracial person has the same body type, and not everyone who has a pear shape is black or biracial. If anything, that kind of thinking is more racist because it makes girls who don't have the particular body type stereotypically associated with their race, then something must be wrong with them. It's not in any way racist or ignorant to speculate if a celebrity (one who we know to have a massive ego) has had work done. I'm leaning towards no and her just losing weight/toning up her stomach, but I wouldn't shocked either way. Her stomach def hasn't always looked toned so who knows. It's clear you're the same anon who thinks Doja can do no wrong because you keep stressing how we're all so dumb and can't grasp what you're saying. Maybe that's because what you're saying is fucking stupid

No. 1112202

Anon you can't be serious lol. Asap Rocky has aged poorly (as moids tend to) but he is not uglier than John Boyega.

No. 1112204

File: 1648321753853.jpg (80.4 KB, 1280x704, star-wars-finn-999512-1280x0.j…)

No he is not, you are brainwashed by biracial blacks US is pushing so you can't appreciate John's beautiful african looks. Even dead John looks better than Asap, who looks like someone who never takes a shower and is a druggie. Anyway Riri deserved better.

No. 1112206

File: 1648321915352.jpg (758.08 KB, 1500x2250, 1614950334893.jpg)

>Not every black or biracial person has the same body type
Thats not my point, I say it's not uncommon or not natural for certain ethnicities. Keep seething stick chan, you will never have an ass.
You have to be delusional to think Asap was ever good looking, John mogs the fuck out of him. You are probably defending his looks because you love Riri, I do too but let's face it, she made a huge mistake by choosing that uggo.

No. 1112207

File: 1648322067068.jpeg (39.11 KB, 493x863, eUVrsjz.jpeg)

stop simping for this round-hipped soft pearbody manlet.

No. 1112213

File: 1648322253317.jpg (281.82 KB, 1518x1572, 1622324443347.jpg)

STFU and go back to your containment thread driverfag.

No. 1112215

>thin legs
>undefined arms
Wow, I never realized how unfortunate looking Doja is

No. 1112218

>having big thighs and flat stomach is natural
No, it's not, delusional fattie

No. 1112220

Don't bother arguing with someone that belives a fat ass equals being a pear. Diabetes and obesity are actually way more common to certaing groups tho…

No. 1112224

File: 1648322861921.jpg (71.7 KB, 567x960, 28367cc4ded3b2055554fba9a29e56…)

Keep seething rice chan with no ass(racebait)

No. 1112225

File: 1648322874393.jpg (114.21 KB, 600x900, asap-rocky-beautiful-curtis-c-…)

>Everyone who disagrees with me has no ass!
Keep telling yourself that Doja-chan. Your fave isn't gonna acknowledge you for caping for her on lolcow lmao
I think John is good looking but you're delusional if you think he mogs ASAP

No. 1112228

i thought this was a person with down syndrome for a second

No. 1112229

Moid detected. Imagine not noticing the obvious plastic surgery in the picture lmao

No. 1112231

NTA and I know she's been acting like a cow, but have you ever like, turned your body and bent your back, anon? To the side? Do it in a mirror now, see what happens. Don't go full ana or anything once you see it

No. 1112235

File: 1648323373427.jpeg (64.1 KB, 453x680, 1634637843.jpeg)

>I think John is good looking but
>I'm not racist but
Yes, John mogs the fuck out of that uggo, with no sense of style who copycats Riri's looks and drug addict face.

No. 1112239

stop derailing this thread retards if you dont have any milk then shut the fuck up and stop racebaiting/weightsperging.

No. 1112240

Same, I already said it before but she keeps choosing ugly guys and needs to raise her standards a little. The billionaire Arab looked ok though but he's the exception.

No. 1112241

>strips for scrotes on 4chan for free
>'NoOoOoooo I don't want attention'

No. 1112244

He isn't ugly but he isn't attractive either. He's just there. And I guess that's a good thing in a way, we need more average looking actors and actresses imo.

No. 1112249

Lmao anon you are doing waaaay too much
Yeah the billionaire Arab guy was probably the most handsome and put together looking of all her public boyfriends, but she probably didn't want to have a baby with a man who likely hires instamodels to shit on his chest or whatever other degenerate yachting things Saudi billionaires like to engage in because they have too much money and too much time on their hands. At least her and Asap seem to genuinely be friends and get along well

No. 1112261

It doesn't even look like her lol

No. 1112263

File: 1648324507796.png (179.41 KB, 543x234, heisalreadyinlove.png)

I just know mtf tranny typed this.
Yes, she did fine whenever she dated out of music industry. I blame Luke Besson for fucking up her movie career, in another world she and John would have met on a movie set and had a beautiful baby together.
Truth is cutting you eyes, I see.

No. 1112266

File: 1648324601854.jpg (244.88 KB, 656x815, South_by_Southwest_2019_4_-_46…)

He is ugly. ASAP Rocky is also ugly, but less so. That is a chubby turtle-looking scrote. Even in his parent's country, he would not be considered handsome

No. 1112267

it would be so nasty if they actually had sex scene with her in the game. I cant believe she would promote a game like this.

No. 1112269

i agree lol and that poster seems spergy.

No. 1112273

he was previously made fun of here on celebricows when that pic >>1112207 came out.
Youre the one who needs to go back.

No. 1112276

File: 1648324907169.jpg (775.05 KB, 2424x3264, John-Boyega-1.jpg)

>simping Asap for Riri's honor this hard
How can you live with yourself when you are such a liar? Take a loot at John with the same hairstyle and try to lie once again about Asap looking better in comparison.
>if someone dears to have a different opinion they are spergy!
>not understanding how different style of trousers work

No. 1112277

Go back to LSA you retard bitch

No. 1112280

he has female hips in most pictures and it makes him look like a ftm or a butch.

No. 1112281

He has no jawline. He had to grow a disgusting neckbeard for the illusion of one, and still he looks like an AliBaba bootleg of ASAP Rocky. Is this a psyop to make ASAP Rocky seem like a Chad?

No. 1112282

most women here who sperg about their favorite boys on this thread are retards.
This is not the thread for that.

No. 1112284

only an opinion tho rocky
do be lookin better doe
only cuz he rock designer
and look all around more rich

No. 1112285

>do be lookin better doe

No. 1112286

l oh l. u aint hadda go
in like that

No. 1112288

why are you typing like a retard

No. 1112289

Is this you too?
just wear pants lol
like whats the point of
wearin tights under
a skirt its like wearin
pants under a skirt u
might as well wear pants
Go the fuck away lmao

No. 1112291

because this isnt grammer class
go back to school if u want to be formal

No. 1112293

go back to sixth grade. i can't even decipher what you're trying to say. you sound autistic

No. 1112294

Please integrate

No. 1112295

u sound assumptious
also seems like you have nothing
better to do than knitpick posts
get a hobby or something

No. 1112299

Go back you literal retard

No. 1112300

why do
you type
like that

No. 1112301

That anon was very obviously a troll from the first couple of Doja Cat posts, what's wrong with you all?

No. 1112302

lol i actually think they are hilarious because most other anons are too retard too notice the blatant trolling.

No. 1112303

Are you trying to
Write a haiku, you retard?
You’re not succeeding

No. 1112305

uhh ive never been there
cant possibly go back to a place ive
never been
i like to press enter
also nice dubs

No. 1112306

What do you think of trannies?

No. 1112307

heres a haiku
made it just for you
because this smoothbrain >>1112303
anon has a lower iq
than neanderthals in a zoo

No. 1112308

No. 1112310

i have only met one
we didnt talk really at all
because we were in a group
he seemed pretty cool though

No. 1112315

There was an anon in the thread
Who typed in a way that caused dread
She screeched like a tard
Made our nipples hard
And now we write poems instead

No. 1112316

No. 1112317

File: 1648326551459.jpeg (254.72 KB, 828x716, 6D941E05-16D5-4B8C-9D8C-B4FB21…)

It looks like Doja is getting a full quest line. Gross.

No. 1112318

Which one would you fuck,marry,kill

The contenders: Ezra Miller, Maneskin, Adam Driver, Asap Rocky, Kanye west, Pete Davidson, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet, Jacob Elordi, Hunter Schafer, Elon Musk, Paul Dano, Robert Pattinson, Shawn mendes.

For me: I would fuck ezra, kill elon and marry Shawn mendes.

No. 1112319

oh so they will be having sex with doja in the game, that creepy,
Did doja know about this before being added in the expansion pack.

No. 1112321

Clearly he doesn’t in the photo I posted.
Are you blind? See >>1112206 you probably are blind considering you thin Asap in any way looks better than John.
This is a new way of being racist and anti black by hiding behind a forum?
You are mentally ill.
>> 1112301
>if someone has an opposite opinion they must be a troll!
You are retarded.

No. 1112323

Fuck Maneskin, marry Adam Driver just to flex on farmers, kill Elon Musk

No. 1112325

Kill all of them except Pattinson who I will fuck every day for the rest of our lives together because I’m marrying that weird bastard.

No. 1112327

I think so based on context of the game and the other characters. That’s the games hook if it can be called that.

No. 1112328

wh…why would she allow that tf.

No. 1112334

Isn't her thing "internet meme queen" or something similar? The game gained a sort of meme-like reputation in the (youtube) gaming community iirc. Maybe that's a stretch, idk. It's still weird as fuck either way.

No. 1112337

File: 1648327491138.jpeg (78.99 KB, 828x269, 1034544C-154D-4D92-AD45-926FB4…)

No. 1112342

Racist is me calling you a nigger. Suggesting you go somewhere where you’ll fit in more is not. Also whoever the dude is is ugly and fucking British lmao, even worse. Keep your trash taste to yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1112349

File: 1648327852521.jpg (175.67 KB, 1080x1080, 14733267_jimseuhpb5qcotokvb11_…)

That picture you posted as proof literally drives the point home further. His jaw is so fucking weak. Turtle boy.
Also, in case you didn't know, these are the types of men that women simp over in many African countries. Note that they look like men, not thick FtMs like >>1112207. Not my taste personally, but not as bad as what you keep insisting on here

No. 1112351

Fuck Maneskin if you mean Damiano, marry Rob, kill all the twinks

No. 1112365

Damn jesus christ these men do look quite fine. They look like their personalities are straight from one of those Alpha Man podcasts lol

No. 1112366

Fuck Maneskin (the drummer and Victoria, not the junkie vocalist or the ugly guitarist) marry Shawn Mandes, kill muskrat

No. 1112368

Love a well dressed man but how much you wanna bet their entire personalities are "dressing like THE man" and "catching the ladies"?

No. 1112373

Yeah, you are clearly a seething racist. How can you make John being British a bad thing? Riri deserved a classy British gentleman like him.
You are joking right? You are not this blind right?
>looking more and more like a pedophile
What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you say something like this just because their style sucks ass? Stop acting like a clout chasing tumblerina-teitterina.
This is not place for this, anyway your list sucks ass so kill them all.

No. 1112376

Oh because your derailing infighting with a bunch of anons is so much better. Take that stick out of your ass dumb biatch.

No. 1112388

>John Boyega is handsome
>British men are classy

No. 1112391

Oh look the British sperg is back.

No. 1112394

Not my fault people like you can’t comprehend someone having a different opinion.
Yeah, American rap and gangster culture is so much better, especially the part where they abuse women right? You are braindead on your country’s propaganda.

No. 1112401

I'm not American and don't support that retarded shit either, you absolute mong. Just like a dumbass husbandofag from LSA to think only burgerland and bongland exist in the world. Go eat another Bic Mac while crying over Rihanna's choices

No. 1112405

These choices suck smh

fuck maneskin, marry ezra, and kill kanye

No. 1112408

did you just say pants are the same as tights..?

No. 1112447

Asap's only redeeming trait is his pretty face, I don't think he was a bad choice in terms of genetics

No. 1112461

>I cant believe she would promote a game like this
Why not? She's a pickme supreme, we've seen it since chatgate.

No. 1112465

yeah i think he has a nice face. I dont understand the anon who keps calling him ugly while shilling that wide hipped man.

No. 1112468

>>She's a pickme supreme
I know its just promoting porn games which involve you is not something that we expect out of a globally famous person, you know.

this is more something a nobody d-list has been would do.

No. 1112472

Ugh how did Jamie Lee Curtin go from such a bad ass woman to …this? She problem can't denounce her retail son publicly but at the same time, this is so cringe and embarrassing. Poor Jamie.

No. 1112496

File: 1648334761403.jpg (141.97 KB, 996x824, Screenshot_20220326-154305.jpg)

>Ugh how did Jamie Lee Curtin go from such a bad ass woman to …this?
Kek maybe she really is a hermaphrodite just like everyone thought back in the day.

No. 1112531

fuck chalamet marry rpat kill musk

No. 1112546

There are so many annoying assholes on this list and you expect me to choose only one to kill? If I kill Hunter now people might remember him as the tragic teen show icon so I guess I'll let him live to sudoku another day. Someone else has already killed Musk so I guess I'll kill Pete for the drama after fucking him to see if the penis jokes are for real. I'll marry bicon Shawn Mendes.

No. 1112587

Stop being disingenuous. The only reason you suggested that that commentor go to LSA is because you're assuming they're black and LSA is viewed as a black discussion board. If that weren't the case, you would have just told them to go to a Doja fan board where she'd actually fit in because she'd be with other Doja stans.(let it go)

No. 1112602

marry rpatz, fuck HONter (ive always wanted to dom a man), and kill kanye just to put him out of his misery

No. 1112619


Holy kek. Someone needs to do a female version too

No. 1112629

File: 1648348040588.jpeg (304.14 KB, 689x816, E55A5928-9C70-452B-BA36-20E245…)

I don’t remember seeing the actual tattoo before so here it is. Kek

No. 1112631

File: 1648348182904.jpeg (522.96 KB, 828x891, CCCC5E6D-8A08-4A8F-BB22-BF9F30…)

Also Tom is engaged now.

No. 1112641

She's too pretty for him.

No. 1112643

Samefag, I thought the fiancé was the woman in the middle of the first pic, but my point still stands.

No. 1112675

Is this the third girlfriend he gets a tattoo for? Does he never learn from his mistakes?

No. 1112681

Marry Robert, fuck Ezra and then kill him.

No. 1112682

Anon, Doja sexualizes her own body. Why would she give a fuck about a video game character?

No. 1112686

They're both ugly. I feel bad for their future kids.

No. 1112687

fuck ezra, marry timothee chalamet, kill elona mask

No. 1112688

File: 1648352729424.png (3.86 MB, 1383x2000, https://static.onecms.io/wp-co…)

No. 1112695

File: 1648353780450.png (46.11 KB, 882x301, zoTknvJ.png)

Doja Cat says she's sorry

No. 1112697

File: 1648353804623.png (55.84 KB, 871x325, ZHB2Y28.png)

No. 1112698

File: 1648353912851.png (56.35 KB, 874x249, JFIehrU.png)

No. 1112701

File: 1648354018236.png (68.64 KB, 882x367, EndloKH.png)

No. 1112702

Shes a queen idgaf.

No. 1112704

I dont see anything wrong with it. Shes getting money and sex sells kek

No. 1112705

she's a retard

No. 1112707

One thing about her and cardi they stay getting bags. Not even mad this kek

No. 1112709

>"neuroscience bs"
Care to explain? I've followed ldr for a while and I haven't heard this yet

No. 1112713

theyre talking about grimes. she lied about studying neuroscience when really she dropped out in the first term

No. 1112714

holy hoverhand batman. that whole taylor swift thing sealed the deal on the bearding rumors long ago

No. 1112724

And she still wasn't in neuroscience. She tries to make it sound like she was prepped to become a brain surgeon when she was studying Russian and philosophy. She couldn't even handle that.

No. 1112725

No. 1112732

he was supposedly getting tattoos removed but I guess he's adding more

No. 1112745

We don't need you to share your lack of self-respect with us

No. 1112775

i think she is more than entitled to a few outbursts given the demands on her likely by both management, labels, society, and fans, but to lash out at fans specifically to me is odd when management and labels are probably her biggest stressors. i hope she can convey this to her fans in a way that they understand. she's still very young and is saddled with an incredible amount of pressure. i don't know how celebrities do it. money or not, it's a very challenging thing.

No. 1112816

She looks like Asia Argento ew

No. 1112821

So does her bro phenis

No. 1112846

Sure retard. Getting a lot of money because of a retarded game is based.

No. 1112857

File: 1648374152524.jpeg (1 MB, 1640x1686, F7CF2406-4C97-4B29-8638-EE55C2…)

Stupid narc scrote thinks that president of Ukraine does not have anything better to do at the moment. He’s making ridiculous demands at the last minute to inflate his ego.

No. 1112864

americans are very stupid and uninformed regarding this war but american celebrities just take the entire cake in retardation

No. 1112895

File: 1648377702634.jpeg (226.74 KB, 2501x1563, CAAE9797-8306-455A-A04D-5867EE…)

Why are people so harsh on this thread? She looks great

No. 1112917

>i don't know how celebrities do it. money or not, it's a very challenging thing.
My personal theory is that 90% of celebrities got their positions through nepotism so they were groomed for their careers and learned the ropes much younger because of the connections they had. Their background makes them more familiar with how to bounce back if something goes wrong. Meanwhile artists who have to "make it" in their career end up learning much later and have a harder time scrubbing themselves of their old behavior that was acceptable when they were more niche.

No. 1112923

I kinda realized that this was never about the paraguyans. Doja seems to be mentally struggling lately and took her anger out on her fans (which is still worng).

Im also seeing fans of her saying that doja has been acting different lately and that she seems on the edge. Doja should probably visit a therapist before she destroys her career.

No. 1112925

I want to see him smelt his oscars in public

No. 1112927

yeah, she's stunning!

No. 1112938

Would have more fun watching a celeb smelt his Oscars in public than watching the Oscars.

No. 1112939

tbh i think she really should quit, she was right that shes not cut out for it. i dont really like her but i dont really hate her either but its clear this is taking a huge toll on her, a couple threads back an anon commented on her rapid weight loss, and the industry is horrible to women so i dont really believe that she just cut out junk food and lost the extra weight because shes also looked much paler to me in the past 6 months. i know shes still under a contract but i really think she should quietly exit the music industry once this term is fulfilled, she could do better for herself emotionally as some sort of socialite i think.

No. 1112962

doja take your lexapro

No. 1112967

If "ME ME ME ME ME" was a picture. It's the dumbest self-PR I've heard over the past weeks.

No. 1112968

this picture is old. he's fat now.

No. 1112972

he's bpd, so no.

No. 1113112

File: 1648396849071.png (597.83 KB, 890x610, w4vkb72y5wp81.png)

No. 1113126

Yeah she's average pretty. I think they both are equal in looks, in that they aren't ugly or amazingly beautiful. Just a attractive couple.

No. 1113139

The exposed ankles look gay

No. 1113148

shit I thought she was over her anachan phase and getting healthier
why taylor

No. 1113162

Nta but I would imagine there is some form of a vetting process on behalf of the investors to make sure the person they are investing a ton of money into will be able to put up with a lot of bullshit.

No. 1113184

but this game? really? wouldn't you feel embarrassed?

No. 1113185

File: 1648399735776.jpg (113.69 KB, 640x800, 276309721_2825040537796301_198…)

She looks a little less skelly in the other photo she posted but she still looks like a long-time anachan

No. 1113200

thought this was MGK from the thumbnail

No. 1113219

>Implying Doja has any self respect to feel embarassed about something

No. 1113223

She should stop straightening her hair. It doesn't suit her features at all. It makes her horse shaped head even more apparent.

No. 1113234

Yeah. Doja is 100% a retard, but the social climate in LATAM right now isnt the best and if youre already struggling, you will have a mental breakdown. LATAM fans are werid, will not bother to understand the artist or make any accommodations for them because go to a concert for them is a sacrifice and an a once-on-a-lifetime experience so they want the most of it And they're right for doing so. Idc. Stop wking for literal millionaires. She was not the only one struggling in this batch of international festivals in LATAM, just the most spergish. Her fans are licking her ass now because as gringos de mierda they can't and won't empathize with LATAM people (because this shit reached normies already, not only in Paraguay but all the southern cone. No one is defending her here, and people are pretty hurt. It makes me remember when Justin Bieber trashed his concert in Argentina) but is just a matter of time for her to have a mental breakdown in the states and seriously damage her career.

No. 1113237

File: 1648403010312.jpeg (518.52 KB, 828x1477, 642C9471-84E5-40AF-A5A9-D86C9B…)

former jared leto fan who was briefly part of his echelon cult comes forward and says she was stalked after she left

I despise enty usually but I'd believe leto did this


No. 1113246

I just wonder who is protecting this guy. Both him and his brother have been committing statutory rape for 10+ years to their underage groupies, it's an open secret, everybody knows. Now he's the leader of a cult, everybody knows. When is he going to get slammed with charges? He's not even that relevant and his costars always hate him. Who is protecting this guy?

No. 1113256

it's weird since she didn't say much when the tinychat thing happened
kek i bet zelensky would love that though it's not like he isn't another narcissist actor with an inflated ego
really similar to the justin bieber controversy bc he ended up banned for years and declared persona non grata and now the mercosur twitter account posted about doja (extremely cringey also), but this, what happened in chile with adam levine, the "fatphobia" towards julian casablancas, etc it's just americans not keeping in mind they're not in the usa and culture and idiosyncrasies are just not the same and fans are more appreciative but also less boot lickers because there's a reciprocity expected
i hope he attracts someone as insane as him and ends up killed john lennon style. the experiences other actors shared when filming suicide squad where he'd sent used condoms and dead rats should've been enough to be deplatformed, he 100% screams "i've killed a homeless man just to see how it feels like". also his sperg when the 2019 joker movie came out, he's def a weirdo that got too comfortable with his shitty performance

No. 1113261

Doja cat stans are literal pick me retards kek do you even understand what based is? Because staring in a scrotes porn game sure as fuck aint it you moid simp

No. 1113270

however i dont watch porn though

No. 1113272

File: 1648406933957.jpg (2.13 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220327_204815926.jpg)

Why she wearing that

No. 1113276

to meme

No. 1113281

File: 1648407558179.jpg (224.39 KB, 1114x1223, 20220327_205715.jpg)

No. 1113288

Who cares

No. 1113291

how is this milk

No. 1113296

File: 1648408062236.jpg (280.99 KB, 1200x1582, 20220327_210702.jpg)

No. 1113297

I love her, I wish we were friends

No. 1113300

Jared Leto grew up poor in Louisiana raised by a hippy mom and his dad committed suicide, I don't think he was a nepo baby. The people who start off poor have to network. I believe he must have dirt on some major figures in the industry and that is what's protecting him. tbh I believe Jim Carrey survived his accusations for the same reason, him and Leto both exude the same manipulative bastard vibe. The type of men who befriend someone to find a way to use their own vulnerabilities against them. Just a hunch.

I keep expecting with the insanity of his fangirls that one will. His fans are absolutely weird people.

His fans and his PR team brigade social media posts to take them down. It's happened repeatedly.

No. 1113301

Considering how crazy and party-filled her life was in the early 2000's she could probably relate to euphoria way more than the zoomers watching it.

No. 1113303

>>1113256 ameriods need to start undestanding that the culture in LATAM is quite different even if the woke koolaid hitted here. And that they ALWAYS would be in disadvantage because 1) You have a problem with a southern cone country, you have a problem with them all 2) being an american is seen as a privilege (no matter what. idpol is secondary) here and people as a whole are NOT fond of americans tears. Antiamericanism runs even deeper than right or left wing ideas. Is the same american privilege that will guarantee a good time (did you ever heard about an american Star getting robbed here? For example) as long as they stay on their american lane. Once they want more it's over.

No. 1113306

And what do you contribute to this thread except for bitching and probably being one of the derailer-infighters.

No. 1113307

>woman enjoys popular television show

No. 1113328

i wonder how she felt when one of the first scenes is the footage of her shaving her head (or breaking that car i don't remember). she gives me the same vibes of those kids with autism or mental disabilities that would get make fun of without them realizing, like just smiling and trying to get the joke

No. 1113340

those are opera slippers and it's an impractical shoe worn to telegraph status, you retard.

No. 1113342

this doesn't look anachan at all guys. i'm like 12 years older than her and tallerthinner. she doesn't look different from any other naturally skinny woman except that her stomach looks a bit lipo-d and not toned by exercising.
she's not even small enough to get on a runway these days (barf/kill me/why do i work in this business)

No. 1113343

File: 1648411482548.gif (2.72 MB, 498x389, shut your fucking face unclefu…)

No. 1113344

Yup. Her ribs stick out because she has a wide square shaped ribcage. Women with that build easily look bony at normal BMI.

No. 1113345

ew so this completely unrealistic fucked up grooming show is something she can identify her teen years with. fuck her parents with a manual tiller

No. 1113346

File: 1648411642617.jpg (237.69 KB, 1396x2048, puFdyyu.jpg)

it's oscars day, you know what that means

No. 1113347

yup i don't think she looks anachan. just normal skinny in addition to posing + angles
what business do you work in nona?

No. 1113348

sean penn hopefully going to smelt his oscars in public day

No. 1113349

File: 1648411734631.jpg (328.3 KB, 1365x2048, 9MqNAwc.jpg)

No. 1113350

ayrt&yeah i have big boobs that just end your modelling career by age 24. they're barely a 28D but they make me look 50lbs heavier than i am if shot from the chest up

No. 1113351

the FASHION one. i have no other skills, sorry.

No. 1113352

File: 1648411847023.jpg (383.04 KB, 1365x2048, nX1rgcG.jpg)

disney kids and e-celebs, the oscars is trying so hard to stay relevant

No. 1113353

do you have any stories about models to share?

No. 1113356

oh neat! do you have any milk to share?

No. 1113359

File: 1648412133930.jpg (138.46 KB, 639x1453, 20220327_221237.jpg)

>>I'm so much skinnier guise
bragging aside, someone of her height and weight could definitily find modeling gigs if she wanted to, but she doesnt because she is a actor/singer.
What is it about her that makes you thing she is too fat to model?

No. 1113361

why the fuck is this moid invited to the oscars all he does is be degenerately gay and loud

No. 1113364

File: 1648412335057.png (505.02 KB, 882x634, p3ZZNPc.png)

Malia Obama is writing for a show Donald Glover/Childish Gambino is making. That's why she's been spotted a lot in los angeles by paparazzi. The show might be called "Hive" and will star a character based on Beyonce. I think it will satirize stan culture. Donald is borderline incel scrote but he is good at satire.
Kamala's stepdaughter, now Malia. It's weird how so many political kids are going into hollywood instead of trying out politics like in the past.

No. 1113367

File: 1648412471503.jpg (510.46 KB, 1396x2048, NGMCioe.jpg)

to get zoomers to watch the oscars

No. 1113368

gross. i hate the line being blurred between the most powerful families in the world with serious influence over politics and relatable quirky entertainment public figures. i'd take a million nepotism music and actor babies over political kid "art" that's definitely going to have a bunch of globohomo propaganda shoved into it

No. 1113371

it's not about weight she just looks unhealthy, kaia gerber must be like 15 lbs skinnier yet looks healthier bc she has enough muscle mass and definition

No. 1113377

why is he dressed as a christmas tree

No. 1113380

File: 1648413221384.jpeg (190.48 KB, 1200x1200, 61FCF634-C0E6-4DD0-8677-421985…)

Reminds me of a 1920s ball gown with panniers

No. 1113382

She looks like The Grinch

No. 1113384

I do not know who this woman is but her stance emanates so much power…I'm literally shaking…

No. 1113386

File: 1648413401829.jpg (369.6 KB, 1365x2048, Go8qi5v.jpg)

No. 1113390

It’s the spokesperson for Activia yogurt

No. 1113398

Kind of here for old paintings recreated on dresses tbh

No. 1113399


I’d just prefer more regular people to have access to the arts at that level. I’m tired of rich people of various political and economic sway pretending like they know what the average person finds relatable. That’s one of my biggest gripes with euphoria, it tries too hard to be relatable to the point where it becomes unrelatable. It pulls viewers in with trauma porn & the shock people experience overrides the cliche writing of a rich moid.

No. 1113400

Mashallah…I am not surprised. We all not Activia is the fuel of girlbosses all over the globe. It is a food product that is marketed to women and not ashamed of it. Why? Because the creator knows that only women deserve low calorie high protein deliciousness that nurtures the gut biome. I too would stand in such a position if I had created Activia.

No. 1113409

Go watch Freaky Friday

No. 1113419

made me fucking kek

No. 1113432

models are mostly lesbians and anyone who wasn't discovered on the street is being srafficked, basically

No. 1113434

she looks a lot bigger in the pink sweater pic that in this one. i don't know which one is how she look rn, but the the pink swetaer one she just has a great stomach. that's not a runway body, i'm not in charge of that shit but to be on a proper, top 2% runway the standards are insane. idk why that's so weird souding to you

No. 1113435

she's a horror movie star now held prisoner by an AGP son forcing her to wear WOW cosplay at his furry wedding.

No. 1113436

moids are so fucking ugly. show me one straight woman whose partner is more than 40% as attarctive as her.

No. 1113441

anon!! that is queen Jamie Lee Curtis. She plays Laurie in the Halloween Franchise. Her mother was Janet Leigh, who was the actress in Pyscho, the one who was stabbed to death in the shower. sorry ot but thought it is cool to share!!

No. 1113447

>models are mostly lesbians
How come? Why do you think it is like that?
>anyone who wasn't discovered on the street is being srafficked, basically
Do you have something more to say on the topic?

No. 1113462

no, i got hired while looking at coats in winners when i had just turned 20 and am also too fat/big boobed to have worked at the level of the trafficked 80lb teens. never really spent time with them.

No. 1113463

>models are mostly lesbians
By lesbians do you mean actual lesbians, or bisexual? Specific question but it sounds odd that a small minority like that would be so "overrepresented" in a field with so many people.
>anyone who wasn't discovered on the street is being srafficked
I think I heard something like that in a documentary, it's awful.

No. 1113469

her dress gives me Juliette et Justine vibes but, you know.
not as lolita.

No. 1113470

>Specific question but it sounds odd that a small minority like that would be so "overrepresented" in a field with so many people.
Different anon, I think it's because of where models come from, any lesbian coming from a developing homophobic country would do anything in her power to gtfo, starving yourself for freedom from your country is a small price to pay in exchange.

*me, not a model, an east european lesbian

No. 1113475

fired-model-now-designer anon here, (i am the one who first said we're all gay) thank you for this explanation, because i don't have one. no one really thinks about it i think because the industry is so sleazy there's no reason to talk about random girls banging.

No. 1113477

samefag, *so sleazy in the first place

No. 1113493

File: 1648421465105.jpg (411.36 KB, 1366x2048, 6JI13NI.jpg)

more oscars looks

No. 1113495

File: 1648421486810.jpg (388.59 KB, 1365x2048, m4IVj8j.jpg)

No. 1113496

File: 1648421659492.jpg (547.21 KB, 1667x2048, Mw4yw3N.jpg)

No. 1113497

He looks kind of cute.

No. 1113498

this is one of those actors I wish would just … go away.

No. 1113501

This outfit is kind of under-whelming. I feel like Zendaya has had way better looks than this.

No. 1113510

I've never seen a woman drop and gain weight as fast as Selena. Looks like she lost most of the weight she recently gained.

No. 1113511

yawn male celebs always boring as hell you have access to worlds top designers and you came up with this timmy?

No. 1113513

They look very stoned, hope they have fun

His hair looks really good

No. 1113516

I learned that the Haims were tall and it weirdly made me like them more. Short Haim is 5'7", Medium Haim is 5'9" and Tall Haim is 6ft

No. 1113518

The half-sleeve makes her look like an old woman covering her bingo wings at a nieces wedding. Ugly dress, why is not dressing ugly apparently impossible

No. 1113522

okay bye bye then! step away from those of use who wish to stan beautiful straight girls who would never look at us twice, tyvm

No. 1113524

File: 1648424915510.jpeg (225.08 KB, 1247x1920, 25315C4D-2139-4D38-8D2A-5034ED…)

Jessica Chastain in Gucci. The gown is gorgeous in motion

No. 1113526

File: 1648425141639.jpg (1.72 MB, 341x237, ZK682Aq.jpg)

Oh my god nonnie so true

No. 1113529

no one's stopping you dyke

No. 1113534

Um, ok? All I said is that is that I thought her look was underwhelming compared to some other stuff I've seen her wear on red carpets. Wtf are you even going on about.

No. 1113537

kek you guys it's a silly post making fun of both of us, sorry you seem to think i literally told you to leave an anonymous internet forum
i can't actually call the cyber police

No. 1113542

Everybody is on edge because there are 50 infights a day in these threads kek

No. 1113549

Girls get into the oscar liveposting thread

No. 1113568

File: 1648427397853.jpeg (252.48 KB, 1428x2048, BEA456AE-3071-47B4-BD98-8DA8F0…)

What ragecomic meme face is she reminding me of

No. 1113580

ive never seen someone yoyo diet the way she does. A couple of months she is fat, then a couple of months she is skinny then a couple of months she is fat again and the after a couple of months she is skinny again.

That must be really bad for her health, not that she cares though since she is a alchoholic.

No. 1113581

File: 1648427873700.jpeg (498.84 KB, 1421x2048, 8A63C1BE-BA71-4A0C-A244-273C6F…)

No. 1113589

File: 1648428661614.jpg (252.76 KB, 744x800, 19462419ebb507db1314cedcf04142…)


No. 1113590

kek you all had to see this coming at this point

No. 1113597

Idk why but she looks hella old, maybe it’s the makeup or the hair.The dress could’ve been nice too if it was designed a different way, the way it drapes on the floor makes it all look so un-flattering on her ,but this is far better than her first Oscar look. And that’s saying a lot Kek. I think she just needs a completely new stylist.

No. 1113605

this works, she seems happy with it. cute kid.

No. 1113608

honestly let her wear her silly outfits. that's why her fans liked her in the first place. even if her music is shitty her character is still a relatable normal-girl type and that's always kind of nice to see. you don't have to wear instagram makeup and fabletics and have a youtube channel, kids should see more images like her

No. 1113614

“Even if her music is shitty” lmaoo

No. 1113624

Photos aren't doing her justice. She actually looked quite radiant on video. She looked happy. Good for her.

No. 1113625

Events with outfit focus always make me even more mad at richoids. Wasting all that money on those crap clothes.

No. 1113629

I really like this hairstyle for her.

No. 1113638

File: 1648430751034.jpeg (591.91 KB, 828x1077, 897E56DD-6525-4BE2-87A6-BF9357…)

Extremely random but I can’t wait to see it kek

No. 1113642

No. 1113645

Doesn't meghan make explicit music, who decided that she should preform a children's song.

No. 1113646

….. why?

No. 1113651

sorry for spoonfeeding but who is this?? surely not billie

No. 1113654

its billie.

No. 1113708

she looks like a fat grandma at a funeral

No. 1113737

>shinji page frog voice.mp3

No. 1113784

Will Smith just punched Chris Rock at the Oscar’s

No. 1113789

File: 1648435841323.jpeg (306.76 KB, 1125x1656, CE01BAB6-1417-4EF5-A86E-808CBC…)

No. 1113790

that's hilarious but will smith is a lizard person so i gotta side with my man "$3000 bullet" chris rock.

No. 1113793

hahahaaa he's outed himself as a bitter cuck. should have stayed quiet and just let everyone think you were gay, will.

No. 1113796

Smacked the shit out of him, not a punch according to Chris. Random and uncomfortable as hell moment

No. 1113798

really looks scripted. the punch does not look it connected at all. or it connected and either chris rock can take a hit to the jaw like a champ or will punches like a little bitch.

No. 1113800

here it is uncensored. did chris rock fuck his wife back in the day or something? jesus christ

No. 1114025

File: 1648439797167.jpeg (602.73 KB, 1284x1395, D2CF442F-9C39-440C-A36B-0E5F14…)

Judd Apatows tweet about the situation
Also bumping for gore and scat pron on front page ugh
Wish jannies would be more proactive lately

No. 1114035

>he could have killed him
All of the reactions I've seen to the punch are so fucking overdramatic. It was a punch! A singular punch!

No. 1114036

i think it's a little hyberbolic to say a slap would've killed chris but i do get where apatow is coming from that it's just a joke and shouldn't have resulted in will doing that

he could have quipped back with a snarky comment or something instead of resorting to physical violence

No. 1114037

Saying he could've killed him is going a little far kek

No. 1114044

It was more like a slap. Judd is just exagerating. I bet he would be one of those moids who would laughed if it was his wife.

No. 1114067

adam levine said the venue and the city were shitty. this happened 2 years ago but people haven't forgiven him and you can still see spam from chilean people on his instagram posts. his entire profile is full of food recipees kek.

No. 1114104

I thought it was so dramatic of him to say that and some dumbass in the thread of the tweet was like “if will had slapped Chris in the right spot he could’ve fallen back and hit his head and die” lolllll
Also rich coming from a man that’s had James Franco in his movies but you pick and choose who is violent

No. 1114108

I'm not being a smartass, I just don't know…. Was James Franco violent? I know he's a major creep.

No. 1114109

So Will and Jada air out all their dirty laundry and private business as well as make fun of others but can't take a GI Jane joke? They have some serious issues.

No. 1114113

Oops nonita I should’ve been more specific in him just being a creep and also Judd apatow has defended Lena’s weird ass before too, so I just mean there’s more harmful people he surrounds himself with before he should say anything if that makes sense

No. 1114122

Rock is a bitch. He said women cry rape for money so fuck him

No. 1114128

File: 1648443771680.webm (2.93 MB, 720x1280, 1648440075656.webm)

Looked fake in real time to me too, but it connected.

No. 1114131

He also called and let Louis C.K say the n word with the hard r while Ricky Gervais laughed like a maniac. Telling when Jerry Seinfeld is the most uncomfortable in the room

No. 1114138

So fucking fake and staged especially after hearing for the past year that no one cares about the oscars anymore. This is all done to create buzz and hype and to get people to view the youtube videos for ad revenue. Will smith is a huge shill. Wasnt he on epsteins flight logs too? Chris rock seems like a lil bitch too. If this shit is real he would have been slapped decades ago.

No. 1114145

i can see that. this is the most hype the oscars have gotten since the whole la la land/moonlight fiasco. honestly tho im here for it

No. 1114152

Honestly I found out about this because of my bf and I forgot it was even the oscars tonight and yeah fake as fuck I don’t like Chris rock he’s annoying and made that dumbass only women and dogs are loved unconditionally!!1! Speech and will smith looked like the Brendan Fraser crying meme

No. 1114163

Idk if I’m just an uncultured swine but what does the joke mean? Is he making fun of jadas acting career or what

No. 1114164

making fun of her hair & apparently she has alopecia

No. 1114168

She probably developed trich from the stress of having such a retarded family.

No. 1114188

i feel… bad for chris rock? it was a shitty joke and god knows we don't need more moids making comments about women's appearances, but will should have just yelled at him instead of punching him in the fucking face. that was absurd

No. 1114193

It’s so obviously fake! Both seem fine, will doesn’t seem angry and chris just stood there. Just as real as Nipplegate

No. 1114194

So looks like he's laughing at the joke first and Jada looks pissed af. Either she got angry and told him to defend her or if it was scripted he's stupid and forgot that he's supposed to be angry and not laugh at it

No. 1114205

Why feel bad for a scrote talking shit about a woman and whose shitty? Fuck him and will. I don't feel bad for CR

No. 1114233

lmao that was a weak slap. Here all this time i was thinking he punched him because of people over-exaggerating but he just gave him a semi bitch-slap.

No. 1114236

In 2016 Jada started the OscarsSoWhite thing, and Chris Rock was the host that year and shat all over her and the boycott in the opening monologue.

No. 1114244

both will and chris are acting very weird in this this and it does give some fake vibes.

>>Will smith literally laughs at the joke chris makes.

>>you can see will smile for a second after he slaps chris.
>>Chris immediately gets composed like he didnt just get slapped.

Listen anons im not saying anything but this is kinda weird, im used to celebrity breakdowns but there is just smthng off about this.

No. 1114263

Some people laugh in inappropriate situations or when they are shocked. Will laughing about the joke at first probably doesn’t mean anything; he was hyped up about his Oscar nomination and thus probably not 100% accountable. Some people laughed about the joke and so did he at first. Sometimes when others laugh you just join without necessarily understanding what’s going on, especially when it is a standup performance and you are expecting comedy. CR smiling (?) after being hit makes sense as well; he was probably shocked and perplex about this very random and excessive behavior and didn’t know how to react. Regaining his composure quickly is all he could do; he was hosting one of the biggest TV events, what else was he supposed to do? Fight Will Smith on stage? lol

No. 1114264

File: 1648456630644.jpeg (874.64 KB, 732x1232, DA10F26D-C2B7-48C3-86CF-06CB3B…)

Barry Keoghan knocked up the girl he cheated on his ex-longtime girlfriend with lol also can’t spell

No. 1114266

Never heard of him.

No. 1114270

Nta but he’s supposed to be the new Joker and was in some Marvel movie. He posted pics recently with a wet spot that anons were (rightfully) making fun of in the previous thread lol he’s kind of a mess

No. 1114275

Wow they both have terrible hair. Her weird multitoned blonde balayage that looks like mismatched extensions, and his straight up looks like a toupee. That poor kid. They're gonna have a rough time when these too inevitably split up after he cheats on her with some new girl. Ugh…why is he the new Joker? When will my prayers be answered and Willem Dafoe is cast in the role??

No. 1114286

File: 1648457530622.jpeg (52.71 KB, 960x543, 897DFEA8-1E1B-45F1-849F-622DAB…)

> a dafoe joker

No. 1114287

File: 1648457624251.jpeg (162.22 KB, 1024x739, 28A1B5DD-F2EA-4144-B5B0-8AB981…)

Sorry not sorry they are both fugly. Doesn’t he have like major mommy issues and anger issues too? Poor baby.

No. 1114296

I hate anyone who cheats and leaves an injured partner behind..only to then brag about their new love and scream 'well I'm happy!' Like could you gloat any louder.

No. 1114297

File: 1648458162558.jpg (171.42 KB, 730x1095, EaFkj6UU0AE96_w.jpg)

I hope it's not because he doesn't want the role because he'd be the perfect casting

No. 1114299

File: 1648458243008.gif (999.91 KB, 245x297, original (1).gif)

the castings for the joker are always so off lol.

If they theyre going to get someone who is far off from the character then they might as well get someone who is handsome like gif-related.

No. 1114304

File: 1648458794379.jpeg (185.73 KB, 900x650, E1E30917-046F-472E-ADB6-96A217…)

Ex was prettier but he definitely has a type

No. 1114307

He is a major piece of shit. He became physically abusive towards Shona (the ex) after she found out about the cheating. That’s after years of her basically mothering him since he’s a broken man child. He of course blames it all on her and his rough childhood which is just awful. Scrotes never take accountability. Hope the new girl and baby stay safe because he’s a ticking time bomb.

No. 1114308

File: 1648459500852.gif (1.74 MB, 350x266, DB795734-922F-4B5F-B7B3-2137A7…)

Finally some milk in this thread kekkkk

No. 1114311

Internet and for famous people well, fame, as dulled their senses of acountability.

No. 1114313

Where did you guys hear this? Not saying I don't believe you. He definitely seems like the type. I just can't find anything about it when I try to google it

No. 1114318

wow this gif brings back memories and ia, let the milk flow

No. 1114321

that poor woman, what a piece of shit. you sound like you know her personally anon. where did you read about this?

No. 1114333

what ?

No. 1114335

Their both "eh" looking, though I feel with their combined height they could have some good looking, tall and mediterranean looking kids

No. 1114343

i’m also wondering. The only thing I knew about him before he was posted here with his little pee droplet pants was that when he played in the movie Dunkirk alongside Harry styles, he would get so pissed whenever interviewers would ask about Styles.
In one interview he acted so bratty and pissy, ppl were pointing it out in the comments so yeah he seemed like a narc with a massive ego

No. 1114369

File: 1648462533987.png (1022.9 KB, 1600x1206, 1648462525554.png)

at least its accurate to the type of men she likely fucks

No. 1114376

both are ugly lowtrash humans who should be sterilized, I don't even consider them worthy of breathing the same air as me, let alone as a choice of partner

No. 1114404

okay (c)rapchan

No. 1114410

I forgot to reply to this earlier, but my bad anonna. The other anon is right, I'm used to certain stuff itt so it didn't even register as a joke to me. Sorry!

No. 1114473

Not (c)rap chan replying to an infight where her low iq subhuman comment would be more applicable to the Chris rock/will smith debacle lol
Also (c)rapchan reminds me of amanda seyfried hate chan

Oh nona in the game you play as the character that sleeps with the other characters, the one Doja is next to is another character you can romance if you mean she’s gonna sleep with him lol

No. 1114477

Alright what are they doing bts that made them do this cringe stunt. Or is this supposed to be a quick cash grab

No. 1114514

Who are you talking about???

No. 1114718

File: 1648483077004.jpg (303.42 KB, 2048x2048, FO8BOAqXIAcnFBY.jpg)

Nicki Minaj tweeted about the incident. I hate to say it, but I think that she's right.

No. 1114720

File: 1648483132558.jpg (951.58 KB, 4096x2048, image.jpg)

No. 1114738

File: 1648484201095.png (458.67 KB, 1198x862, file.png)

The chad "will smith nearly KILLED him!!!!!" vs the virgin "soft slap" kek

No. 1114747

she's really quoting Malcom X over this, I swear she's isn't real sometimes
I wish we had a thread about her, her attempts at wokeness and yet simping for medicore white men is so fucking hilarious

No. 1114753

why do we need a thread on her just post everything here.

No. 1114756

She did have a thread. What is the point of having a celebcow thread if all the milky ones get their own threads.

No. 1114759

please post some of her milk here nona!

No. 1114761

Anons have been saying that it's fake, and true celeb fake shit all the time for more publicity, but it's usually for good publicity. I just can't imagine why a huge A-celeb would agree to slapping the host like that on live TV during an award ceremony. If that was real it's still stupid on his part, cause even tho Will is the one slapping Chris Rock, Jada still is the one getting shit on. I have been reading comments like ''will let every man fuck his wife, but won't let a man make a joke about her'' or ''you can see Jada gave him the look that means ARE YOU GOING TO LET HIM TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT ME'' basically blaming everything on her or how her cheating drove him to do that.

No. 1114767

her most obvious milk would be her extensive fake medical ailments and incidents

she's claimed to have
Mercury poisoning
Celiac disease
had caught cancer twice
partial hearing loss
Celiac disease
and a shit ton of other stuff I'm forgetting, like how's she's claimed she was attacked by killer bee's twice

No. 1114774

her vag is nearly out

No. 1114776

totally agree with her

No. 1114777

It was obviously real because of how awkwardly silent it went in the room while Will Smith bellowed like a mental patient. And it's not only the humiliation of Jada cheating with her son's 21-year-old friend, it's that she has been actively destroying Will's family-friendly image for years by blabbing about their open marriage and dead bedroom and how the kids are pansexual and how much she misses Tupac's dick. Will is the main provider in the marriage, she hasn't had a relevant career in like 17 years, and all she does is humiliate him. I see why he finally snapped

No. 1114779

Kek jesus christ. Get her to send it back by post. You'd be surprised how often people send stolen artifacts back because they've been 'cursed' by them or whatever.

No. 1114788

not the original anon, but i threw mine away and can't recommend it. prob better to mail it back or never steal it at all

No. 1114792

Nicki has always had this attitude where the men around her can assault and even rape whoever the fuck they want 'as long as he's good to me' seems to be her motto. These tweets without that context would seem reasonable to me but with that context.. she's so backwards thinking that her takes are tainted by that. Marrying a convicted sex offender and telling us what a husband should be. The delusion of this woman.

No. 1114800

File: 1648488039731.png (519.21 KB, 1312x1070, sketch-1648487614368~2.png)

Killer bees said “Not Today”. A swarm big enough to absolutely envelope her, chased her into traffic enough that Jameela was able to get back up and go into a juice shop, because she had the audacity to pretend to be allergic to bees. Don’t say #SaveTheBees for two years and then only condemn them here. Come on…

No. 1114803

File: 1648488195959.jpg (173.89 KB, 1080x1068, my_sides.jpg)

No. 1114834

File: 1648490426289.jpg (187.78 KB, 933x1659, FO53lQmVUAABnVa.jpg)

tag yourself, I'm matt damon

No. 1114838

based on jada's track record… they probably fucked lmao

No. 1114844

I am always Gibson

No. 1114845

you are completely right nonnie if it came from anyone but her i would agree with them but the fact that she surrounds herself with violent men who abuse women makes this statement fall completely flat

No. 1114848

The "G.I. Jane" joke was super tame and didn't warrant all of this. I've heard more offensive jokes from Family Guy.
hell of a slap, Will. I'm going to be feeling that til August

No. 1114856

Also hope people know this isn’t from last nights oscars, those reaction images have been around a while

No. 1114857

Emma Stone

No. 1114859

Chris rock is like 5'6 and weighs 50 pounds less then him and that slapped barely did any damage to him, so not really hell of a slap

No. 1114861

I hope someone makes a compilation of reactions from last night

No. 1114865

File: 1648491654728.jpeg (63.47 KB, 1200x800, august_alsina.0.jpeg)

>til August
kek I see what you did there

No. 1114878

I'm Gosling because seeing that shit in person would have made me crack up laughing

No. 1114883

I also said I was Gosling because I missed the Oscars (I was sleeping because it was night time where I am) and I made that face while reading the entire thread in the morning.

No. 1114973


No. 1114987

File: 1648498987955.jpg (75.31 KB, 1170x873, IloveCher.jpg)

No. 1114992

Based Cher

No. 1114996

I don't think joking about someone's illness is "mild" but ok. Also South Park is a cartoon, that was a live ceremony

No. 1115002

Big John Mulaney vibes

No. 1115014

File: 1648500624115.jpg (212.96 KB, 490x866, 1648499962781.jpg)


No. 1115027

Alopecia is a medical problem or in other words an illness, what would you call it then?

No. 1115031

in jada's case i'd call it a cry for attention. don't get me wrong she's a based misandrist but she barely has any hair missing, could easily hide it by growing her hair out, and is treating it.

No. 1115032

Are you saying she has alopecia because of her hairstyles and not because of genetics or stress? If that's the case I can't bring myself to feel bad for her.

No. 1115046

Alopecia has lots of causes and it can be hard to figure out exactly why you are losing hair.
I think she claims alopecia areata which is thought to be an autoimmune disease and basically theres no way to "cure" it and we don't know what causes it (like many autoimmune diseases).
So if it is alopecia areata for real it's a genuine illness.

No. 1115051

i just watched a long ass video from the oscars thread where a hairloss doctor with alopecia says she probably doesn't have alopecia areata. he speculates traction alopecia, telogen alopecia or androgen alopecia. he thinks the "hair loss" may also be a scar from plastic surgery.

No. 1115055

Wait, you brought this to the Oscar thread too? Obsessed, leave this woman alone

No. 1115060

>talking about current events in the relevant threads
why are you going so hard for jada? she's a cow.

No. 1115070

This looks like someone's finnish cousin from the fucking north, wtf is marvel doing, where are the hotties?

No. 1115073

She's milky I know that, but there's a moid obsessed with dragging her here, this is not the moment

No. 1115074

i'm one of the people who is being called an obsessed moid and i'm a regular old terf. i think you just think anyone who is calling her out is a moid, nonnie.

No. 1115080

Do whatever then, I'm off this board for today I know damn well that fuck is going to post some gore

No. 1115100

Ntayrt but I think she means Selena gomez and responded to the wrong post

No. 1115101

File: 1648504705103.jpg (121.67 KB, 594x858, FishMooney_549b4799c74353.2314…)

I agree with you anon, but to be fair, I loved Jada as Fish Mooney a few years back

No. 1115156

Nta but if you keep getting called a moid time after time, reread your posts and evaluate the stuff you say. Also terf or not doesn't matter if the discussion isn't about troons.

No. 1115159

Nta, but get accused of moidness occasionally. I'm not changing my GNC typing style just so some schizochan will lay off the keyboard for more than five minutes.

No. 1115169

File: 1648509582674.jpg (58.54 KB, 437x526, Capture.JPG)

old pic but mildly on topic… Willow looks adorable with this styling

No. 1115171

>GNC typing style
Lmao wtf is this foolery?

No. 1115175

File: 1648509908706.jpeg (989.33 KB, 1146x1442, CD875826-465D-4E4A-A833-4EC6B4…)

No. 1115182

She means what she said — that people think she’s a scrote because she isn’t nicey nicey when she types

No. 1115185

File: 1648510769152.jpg (90.68 KB, 720x719, 20220328_203430.jpg)

No. 1115187

File: 1648510790853.jpg (123.26 KB, 720x884, 20220328_203408.jpg)

No. 1115194

File: 1648511126226.jpg (108.71 KB, 720x871, 20220328_204210.jpg)

No. 1115196

hunter looks like fucking gollum here

No. 1115197

she looks amazing with the black hair

No. 1115198

god she’s so fucking cute

No. 1115202

I agree! I think she looks really pretty in those pics. I'd maybe prefer it ever so slightly lighter (a very dark brown like the color of her eyebrows) so that it doesn't look like box dye but it's still very flattering imo. Much better than the platinum blonde

No. 1115210

File: 1648512180979.jpg (115.57 KB, 677x744, 20220328_204135.jpg)

No. 1115212

File: 1648512207401.jpg (127.84 KB, 720x854, 20220328_204151.jpg)

No. 1115217

I love making fun of her but she looks good here (not the trash bag loofah dress though)
They wanna get people talking about the irrelevant Oscars again. Also will smith and his whole family are huge attention whores.

No. 1115222

she looks cute but when is she gonna stop being a hambeast?? normal girls her weight get shit on so badly for being as chunky as her.

No. 1115224

File: 1648513422437.jpeg (527.41 KB, 968x1440, 18B09DEE-8A14-4F4A-9189-028AAD…)

Speaking of hambeast…

No. 1115225

File: 1648513560183.jpeg (1.01 MB, 866x1449, 7EDA5819-3294-410D-9E8B-3AE563…)

Ghoulia Fox

No. 1115226

Her makeup artist hates her holy shit. She looks deranged

No. 1115232

She’s barely a hambeast. God forbid a woman not be skin and bones.

No. 1115233

The dress just emphasized her arm and back rolls. Whoever styled her hates her. Still looks better than double push up bras and corsets

She really should lose weight though, she's so young with no known health issues but looks like she just walked out of a homeless camp or rehab. does anyone know if she has health issues?

No. 1115234

Tell me you're American without telling me you're American

No. 1115235

Tell me you’re anorexic without telling me you’re anorexic.

No. 1115236

Ok hambeast.

No. 1115239

nta but in any country except maybe america she would be considered severely obese. i am asian and grew up in sgp & i never once saw anyone that big until i moved to burgerland. i still think she's pretty but she is definitely not an average or healthy weight

No. 1115243

derail but there are plenty of fatties in sg? yes she’s big, not more so than your average auntie tbh

No. 1115245

yeah slapping a guy live on international television doens't sound like something will smith would do. but brainstorming a fake situation with his publicist that gets attention from both normie fans and feminists? that sounds exactly like an ides he'd have.

No. 1115247

heavy eye makeup makes blown-up filler lips look completely insane. their faces look like masks harvested from corpses

No. 1115248

I actually don't think this dress looks bad on her.

No. 1115250

she's not even 30 and has a body like an irish grandma wearing a girdle.
be a big person if you want, it's a free country, but she has no muscle tone or shape without her awards show spanx and even while wearing those she is a chonk.

No. 1115251

A 20 yr old girl with no kids shouldn't be the exact same size as someone's grandma who sits around eating cookies and has 6 kids and a handful of health issues. Stop promoting unhealthiness, she's unhealthy and has zero excuses to be

No. 1115254

Nta, but how is that promoting unhealthiness

No. 1115255

noooo no health derail PLEASE. i just want to make fun of timmy chalumeau's eyebrows

No. 1115256

Right? It's getting really tiresome hearing this dumb weight sperging any time she's mentioned. There are plenty of skinny celebrities for anachans to worship. Let her look like a normal person. It's not her job to be your physical ideal. She's a singer, not a runway model. We have no idea how "healthy" she is overall. I doubt the anons complaining about her body are exactly pinnacles of health without any vices or bad habits

No. 1115257

Trying to blow off a young woman having this body type by saying aunties have it kek 20 yr olds shouldn't look like someone's old auntie, this isn't normal for young people

No. 1115264

anon don’t get me wrong she’s a hambeast, i’m just confused bc op said there’s barely anyone that big in our country when there’s a growing obesity epidemic kek

No. 1115268

File: 1648517086754.jpg (208.12 KB, 864x1024, rs_864x1024-220327195952-634-b…)

Anyway Billie is pretty, talented, and successful - regardless of how fat you think she is - and y'all can die mad about it

No. 1115270

Stfu retard no one cares. Policing womens bodies is fucking pathetic. Youre either a moid or a pick me.

No. 1115272

This is fucking lolcow, being on this site in the first place is promoting unhealthiness. No one here is going to see that anon say that Billie is regular sized and think they should start gaining weight.

No. 1115276

File: 1648517525823.jpeg (721.09 KB, 1170x1155, C9CE286D-0CA1-4D81-B6B9-F8FCA7…)

No. 1115277

His dress looks like the dirty rag. Literally the same color as a gross mop.

No. 1115279

fuck you don't talk about my mop like that
at it least it cleans the room, unlike honter

No. 1115288

I can't with you retards acting like alopecia is some awful disease Jada struggles so hard with and Chris Rock was soooo mean to mock. Get over yourselves. The woman is a millionaiires several times over, she can afford to deal with it. The funniest part of all this is people acting like she's actually ill kek

No. 1115289

All her money can't buy her a family that cares about her wellbeing though can it kek

No. 1115291

she doesn't even look like she lost her hair. it looks like a totally normal shaved head haircut

No. 1115296

No. 1115300

NTA but being overweight isn't an "illness" either, but if he made a joke about Amy Schumer or Billie Eilish being fat, I'm sure the whole thread would be up in arms kek
Oh no, a celebrity scrote got slapped after joking about someone's wife. It was probably staged regardless, what's the big deal?

No. 1115301

File: 1648519329706.jpg (283.86 KB, 720x717, Screenshot_20220328-225314_Ins…)

I loved the dress. Normani looked cute too, with a similar one.

No. 1115303

"sancti spiritus" written on her collarbones for some reason

No. 1115307

File: 1648520315501.jpg (633.63 KB, 2048x3072, She-Also-Dabbled-in-Fashion-De…)

She's lost weight, didn't expect that

No. 1115309

Stfu retard. Men deserve to be slapped. The least they can do is defend their wife.

No. 1115310

Stfu incel

No. 1115312

Imagine believing this wasn't staged

No. 1115313

File: 1648520892008.jpg (13.03 KB, 292x314, FO6IlZ9WUAo79L-.jpg)

Andrew Garfield

No. 1115314

File: 1648520973716.jpeg (304.12 KB, 828x1112, D5F5FD5C-F3F7-4929-AEE3-7D9DFD…)

Turns out it wasn’t

No. 1115315

File: 1648520995236.jpeg (225.54 KB, 828x1112, 89FCE6BD-08E3-4FD8-AA5B-702745…)

No. 1115316

nona, how does an apology prove it wasn't staged?

No. 1115320

>it's not fake because he apologized
Still smells staged to me kek

No. 1115321

File: 1648521270961.jpg (30.31 KB, 513x856, jason.jpg)

Jason Bateman had the best reaction.

No. 1115324

File: 1648521488245.jpg (38.38 KB, 300x400, Woll_Smoth_original.jpg)

It's the biggest forced meme that I've seen in a while. Fake and gay. But hey, it worked. Everyone and their mother is talking about it and giving sites revenue when people look it up. Jada, Will, and their children are the epitome of cringe

No. 1115325

Very Fair point, my apologies! Despite it possibly being rehearsed I can see his publicist making him apologize for the sake of saving his award due to the backlash and apparently breaking the Academy’s code of conduct

No. 1115327

I'm surprised Bill Skarsgard wasn't hired to play the Joker after IT. He would be perfect for the role

No. 1115328

"I am a work in progress"
This old man to needs to kermit

No. 1115329

nta but loved her in this role too

No. 1115333

idk what it is about her, but she is truly one of the weirdest looking people I've ever seen. Maybe it's the makeup? The styling? The trashy tattoos? No idea, but she's actually ugly to me.

No. 1115335

I'm still amazed despite being on hormones for almost his entire childhood, the make and femininely attire, hunter still ends up having a more masculine appearance then his twink bf
its fascinating really

No. 1115336

she kind of looks better here tbh

No. 1115340

>she has been actively destroying Will's family-friendly image for years by blabbing about their open marriage and dead bedroom and how the kids are pansexual and how much she misses Tupac's dick
Why is Will married to her? He could have any woman in the world. I admire his lack of self-respect, though. Males should be willing to be stepped on by their women.

No. 1115342

i assumed his boyfriend was a tif based on that picture of them kek! honter looks more manly than an actual man? when did he start hormones?

No. 1115351

My dad worked with a guy who had worked with Jada years ago at a little restaurant in the Beverly Center. She was a waitress and had to set up the tables and stuff, and this guy said she'd turn up to work drunk almost every day. The whole family is fucked up, doesn't help that Will is a closet gay controlled by Scientology.

No. 1115352

File: 1648523388895.jpg (127.64 KB, 720x887, 20220329_000616.jpg)

No. 1115354

File: 1648523458812.jpg (170.32 KB, 720x985, 20220329_000631.jpg)

GUESS WHO'S THE TRANNY hard edition (i have no idea)

No. 1115355

File: 1648523483448.jpg (151.69 KB, 720x714, 20220329_000601.jpg)

No. 1115356

File: 1648523526820.jpg (70.81 KB, 932x582, 1648481638752.jpg)

when he was 14 or so, been on hormone blockers and estrogen since then and despite that, sill more manly then his bf
its fucking hilarious
yes they are

No. 1115360

>closet gay

No. 1115362

Ok, now that I've seen the full video, I'm willing to believe it was real. When Will is screaming at Chris, he looks like he's about to burst into tears out of anger. It's that frustrating feeling of trying to control how mad you are

No. 1115363

Oi speak for yourself, some of us Americans are descended from Russians and Ukrainians.

No. 1115366

Sounding more bri'ish than American there.

No. 1115367

I'm so sure she's a great writer and didn't get the job because her dad owns a chunk of Netflix stock and had a bunch of documentaries about him made at Netflix. Or that she was an intern at Harvey Weinstein's office or anything.

No. 1115370

>I’d just prefer more regular people to have access to the arts at that level
That's how old Hollywood USED to be. If you read up on film studios in the 10's, 20's, and 30's, everyone was much more normal and came from humble backgrounds. Studios used to hire people through newspaper ads. It used to be much more blue-collar and normal, hell even some popular male movie stars felt that acting wasn't a manly profession. The Hollywood of today was built on those peoples' backs, and now you have an industry so disconnected from reality and normal people that they're like their own "class" of people. They really do play in a fantasy world at this point. Everything is catered to them. They're all mentally ill and fucked up in the head, as you saw with Will Smith. Hollywood needs to die at this point if it has any chance of being reborn into the hands of normal, decent people.

No. 1115382

>publicly apologize
Over the fucking internet. In a stupid tweet. Fuck offffff

No. 1115383

Yes? Lolcow likes to nitpick women's bodies, I'd be damn surprised if Billie didn't get nitpicked because she's objectively overweight and out of shape, especially for someone of her age and class. The fact people compare her bodies to aunties proves this

No. 1115385

Motherfucker trying to cosplay a LoTR-style elf, and it's not working.

No. 1115388

What do you think Pete smells like?

No. 1115393

I'm an Amerifag but you're making me look intelligent by comparison. "Oi" isn't exclusively British. But I can tell you know fuck all about regional dialects.

No. 1115395

is hunter one of those trannies that has both boobs and dick? also he looks pretty here

No. 1115396

"Will Smith is gay" has been a rumor in Hollywood for years. I'm not really sure where it came from but I remember hearing that all the time growing up. It wouldn't surprise me. I personally can see him being bi

No. 1115400

like what, the british region. am also american

No. 1115401

File: 1648526789575.jpeg (123.36 KB, 1200x484, 273D6F22-11C1-4F74-A16A-051F03…)

>>Alexis Arquette claims that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are gay and the “Concussion” actor paid off his first wife after she walked in on him with another man.
>>“When Jada comes out as gay and her beard husband admits his first marriage ended when she walked in to him servicing his Sugar Daddy Benny Medina then I will listen to them,” Arquette wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post on Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail. She later clarified in the comments section, “‘She’ being his FIRST Wife. Paid off, silent.”
>>Will’s first marriage to Sheree Zampino ended in 1995. They had one child together, Trey Smith. Will married Jada in 1997.
>>Medina, 57, is known for managing the careers of Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and other megastars.
>>“Will threw a fit on the set of [‘Six Degrees of Separation’] when he was required by the scene to kiss Anthony Rapp,” Arquette continued. “He persuaded the director to shoot the back of his head in frame. Blocking the non existent lip lock entirely. …him. Gays have enemies. They lurk in gilded closets. Outing is healthy. You are either with or against us. You decide. Today.”
>>Arquette’s comments come after Jada, 44, announced she was boycotting the Oscars over the lack of diversity among the nominees. (Will, 47, was not nominated for his role in “Concussion.”)

No. 1115402

They both are, and so is Willow lol

No. 1115404

>thats my fetish.jpg

No. 1115405

File: 1648527028271.jpeg (904.28 KB, 1151x1345, 0C5F88A1-3DC9-41F0-98AA-C62934…)

No. 1115406

File: 1648527165096.jpg (47.01 KB, 400x400, In4x0DQd_400x400.jpg)

I'd like to tie him to a bed, inject him with male hormones till he has a more male form and ride him and so he'd eventually ends his tranny nonsense and learns to serves women like he was meant to do

No. 1115407

Not hard enough kek.

No. 1115408

wow, a gayGP

No. 1115413

File: 1648527458620.jpeg (757.27 KB, 2048x2048, F98A63B8-DF68-4968-ABF9-AB401E…)

Dakota Johnson looks very pretty here. Donald Glover looks like a guru cult leader yet cozy.

No. 1115417

Oh my god he's fucking bald

No. 1115421

Why do you keep using this pic for your weird fetish posts

No. 1115423

Samefag, but I saw Kim's body and immediately thought she was Beyonce. I get so sad when I remember that Beyonce had work done. Anya and Dakota look great though.
Emrata's stylist should be fucking ashamed. I wonder if these celebrities ever hate the shit they are put in.

No. 1115425

emu rata dressed like a ham musubi

No. 1115426

GI Jambino

No. 1115427

I'm not really feeling the whole sequin trend I keep seeing on this red carpet. I get it's supposed to be glitzy and glamorous, but most of the time it just looks tacky to me. If you're gonna do sequins, at least go big and do a super glam and campy type of look

No. 1115430

File: 1648528602791.png (473.54 KB, 818x662, pepe.png)

No. 1115438

She should have just posted that in /g/ because no one would have batted an eye.

No. 1115444

File: 1648529355831.jpeg (2.24 MB, 1365x2160, 2BEB8DCF-A026-435E-96E1-1BE808…)

When did Heidi marry one of the Tokyo Hotel twins??

No. 1115446

File: 1648529507694.jpeg (812.52 KB, 2048x2048, 0E217DF1-C21E-4462-981B-FAC107…)

No. 1115448

Not that long ago. They apparently got married in 2019. I know looks aren't everything, but I'll never understand why she gets with men that are so much uglier than her. Also why tf is he just holding his phone on the red carpet?

No. 1115450

Why is Ciara such a goddess, she belongs on a fresco with this outfit

No. 1115457

Wtf happened to Janelle Monae? She's usually so cute. Zendaya and the pregnant woman whose name escapes me look good, though, and I like the edgy cut-out dress

No. 1115458

Ciara, Zendaya and the euphoria girl look wonderful. Is that Janelle Monae at the top? She looks really different, I remember her styling being a lot better.

No. 1115459

Zendaya just needs visual kei hair

No. 1115465

god I love her. She looks amazing. kristen 4 ever

No. 1115466

Zendaya and ciara are my crushes. Zendaya gives me vampire vibes

No. 1115468

omg anya looks great. her posing is way better than most actresses i've seen, was she a real model in the past?

No. 1115470

File: 1648530932460.jpeg (586.4 KB, 2048x2048, 4C9E4D59-671E-4336-9168-21E149…)

Kendall looks kind of nice with this light brown hair.

No. 1115471

File: 1648530959136.jpg (55.18 KB, 801x571, ezra.JPG)

hes a violent drunk but watch twitter defend him because hes a themlet


No. 1115472


Holy fuck

No. 1115473

File: 1648531129535.jpeg (16.46 KB, 192x240, E3583649-6515-465F-A48C-8147F2…)

No. 1115477

This picture makes me so uncomfortable, what a freak

No. 1115478

the person in the suit is the best dressed, sad.
ezra is going out sad.

No. 1115480

why is some girl being the best dressed "sad"

No. 1115481

Motherfucker literally looks like if someone mad eloped farquaad into one of those weird looking slutty Skyrim mods

No. 1115488

File: 1648533080695.png (200.95 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20220329-004740~2.p…)

Lol on a Sunday night too. People were probably just enjoying a low key night out before the work week. Dude's definitely a sloppy and violent drunk

No. 1115495

He def uses drugs too, I remember watching interviews with him where he had that coke induced fidgeting

No. 1115496

No. 1115499

God Kim is so boring with the skintight dresses outfits and sunglasses lately, I know Kanye “made” her a fashion icon but she really does not know how to dress herself to be fashion forward and taken seriously with high fashion
Anya looks so beautiful. Dakota Johnson and Jessica Chastain had the prettiest dresses imo I can’t get over Chastain’s dress

No. 1115506

zendaya and the top-most left woman are the best dressed in this photoset. i just live for angled shoulders on women.
kek. ezra is hitting twink death really hard

No. 1115508

She has tourretes? I'm curious tho what else.
Dress is interesting, but makeup is horrific.
Not even a Billie fan, but she looks adorable here. Even if she should loose 15lbs.

Alopecia is rough, I feel for her if she has it. But she can also afford incredible wigs if she wants. Idk trying to grow my hair back sucks, but wigs help me feel better (I'm cheap & use synthetic bc I don't want to use stolen temple hair.. lol sorry for the power leveling/sperge).

No. 1115518

No. 1115519

Zendaya has such a perfect model figure.

No. 1115520

Donald glover looks like he’s escaped the psych ward

No. 1115521

File: 1648536931995.jpg (7.97 KB, 355x355, simax_conical_4.jpg)

I never realised how weird Anya's shoulder were until now. Why's her neck built like a conical beaker?

No. 1115522

Scrote tier fetish

No. 1115527

Donald looks like he's wearing nurse scrubs and is about to take your pressure and pulse

No. 1115528

File: 1648537484482.jpeg (226.78 KB, 466x665, 150C420C-3A7E-4A6E-8B28-A581E7…)

Crying? Or stoned? Or perhaps both

No. 1115545

Does her makeup artist hate her or is it her idea to look like a sleep paralysis demon all the time?

No. 1115546

I don’t know or care but her new nickname is Ghoulia and I think that’s very appropriate.

No. 1115552

having males service women as pleasure slaves is a scrote fetish for you ?

No. 1115556

I don’t like the concept of slaves or domination.

No. 1115557

So if you started getting random bald spots you would just be like cool there's nothing wrong with me, guess I'll just go out with really fucked up hair in public.
Oh is that my pubes falling out and my nails getting all fucked up too oh well don't need to go to the doctors.

No. 1115563

well me neither, but I want to fix Hunter and make him a man again

No. 1115573

Could be overdeveloped trapezius or mild neck webbing. She has a weird long neck, maybe she needs those muscles to hold it up.

No. 1115581

Maybe I'm mentally ill but I feel like posters like this are men and they deliberately accuse other anons of being scrotes in an ironic fashion whenever they dislike the said anons post. He got offended some anon wanted a male slave but couldn't explain how it's scrote-tier, because it literally is not. It just offended him.

No. 1115586

this is already the 2nd time he publicly attacked a random women…
hm, maybe if ezra wasn't a "they" people would have a name for that, how convenient for him…

No. 1115590

File: 1648543344589.jpeg (31.66 KB, 675x362, FKMbb9PXsAclt65.jpeg)

i 100% remember reading an interview in which he said that 'he' is ok too, but seems like not anymore
dude sounds lunatic

No. 1115593

Billie can't even write her own songs.

No. 1115604

my tinfoil is that he got into a scuffle with a hooker and she didn't use kid's gloves on his elderly skull.

No. 1115610

men are fetishizing the breeding aspect of it, that they've claimed a woman and ruined her body, tying her to them forever.

No. 1115621

She's on drugs again that's why. She looks way healthier here.

No. 1115628

Anons please nominate which pic you would like to see as the threadpic in the next thread.

No. 1115630

Nta, I'm balding due to hormonal reasons and will be getting treatment for it. But I'm not disabled. Just bald. Delusional to suggest that something like that is on a level with people who are actually ill.

No. 1115631

File: 1648546057654.jpg (66.87 KB, 720x761, Tumblr_l_365456276636690.jpg)

I'll offer one up for consideration

No. 1115632

Billie Eyelash in the black dress next to a pic of trashbags?