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No. 91973

Not really a cow but definitely a snowflake.

She's pretty cringy and whines her way through every video.

I only hate watch her but it'd be great if anyone could spill any dirt on her prior to youtube.

instagram https://www.instagram.com/infrontofapple/?hl=en
youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlPMWbk0fy_zKvUDEnm0vw

No. 91977

idk. she's friends with omocat i guess, if that's even worth mentioning. i thought mei was pretty chill? i do like her videos to be honest. is there even anything worth ragging on other than being "whiny?"
sage for not really contributing anything, sorry

No. 92005

dat underbite

No. 92023

I wonder if she underwent any cosmetic surgery

No. 92044

shes very basic and boring. nothing to really talk about. shes seems like a nice girl i guess.

No. 92049

Never heard of her before watching this and she seems nice? She does an squeaky annoying voice sometimes but she doesn't seem so bad nor snowflakey.

No. 92059

I like Mei but I don't like how she associates with omocat.

-had a kickstarter and never fulfilled it
-had plastic surgery
-a very awkward person in person

No. 92131

Ahh this chick, I like her makeup for the most part but she seems boring af which is pretty disappointing.

No. 92132

why do people always point out when people got plastic surgery as if it's a bad thing? so many people get plastic surgery. it's so common.

anyway, this thread smells like pull.

No. 92150

This thread is obvi pull;
- focuses on editing, and calls snowflake out mostly because of that
- plastic surgery is a ''bad'' and ''snowflakey'' thing

No. 92165

She's does light modeling (cuz everyone is a model~ )in Cali she doesn't associate with omocat. She's posed for other brands too, and cosplay.

There's no dirt on her as far as I know. The only drama she faced was when her first screen shots of her YouTube video spread a lot of new followers said her love for rape yaoi was awful, typical tumblr stuff.

No. 92167

Where did she say she got surgery? Or are you just speculating…even if she did she looks great now. People act like if surgery wasn't affordable they wouldn't do something, you sound like the women who felt that way about makeup before it wasn't only available for movie actors….

No. 92194

Mei doesn't really do anything, Omocat is the one you want to go after since they pretty much scammed a fuck ton of money for a game they're never going to make.

No. 92203

Omocat took a long break and suddenly came back a thinner and had a completely different face at cons. It's speculated she used the Kickstarter money in order to pay for everything.

No. 92205

She has a thread and there's literally nothing to talk about other than that, which has already been discussed.

Honestly, who cares? It would be nice if she eventually put the game out but everyone seems to have forgotten. She makes tons of money from her store as well. T shirts $30 a piece and sweatshirts $50 a piece, and they sell well.

No. 92381

I feel like you guys don't know what a "snowflake" is.

Never heard of this person until I watched this video. Typical cute asian cosplayer wearing trendy fashion/green hair. Pretty standard vlog.

>it'd be great if anyone could spill any dirt on her prior to youtube.

Stop doing this. If you have nothing to carry this thread then it's not worth making one. We are not here to do your research for you.

tldr, Pulltards pls go. Sorry you're mad that you're not as cute.

No. 92386

Shit thread. I hope OP never comes back.

No. 92407

Where's the omocat thread, the only thing that slightly mentions it is the poppy thread

No. 93915

apparently shes a class A bitch and is incredibly catty with west coast cosplayers lol

No. 93944


Go back to PULL. Clearly you've not apart of the west coast scene because she's not even on the map as far as known cosplayers in that area.

So stop trying to keep this thread going, either provide milk or let this thread die. If you're claiming she's causing issue provide the source pulltard.

No. 93945

OP here. I have literally not replied to this thread even once. I think I made it pretty clear - I tend to find her videos either boring or I end up hatewatching them because I genuinely do find her cringy. She's just not my type of person and gives me bad vibes so I thought I'd bite. Now i'm not going to force this down anyone's throat or start a shitshow just to prove my opinion. I literally do not know her so if everyone disagrees I'll just be moving along as I was. I've only ever lurked PULL for the kanadajin incident so no i'm not from there. Sorry for tainting your precious board anons.

No. 93953


If you don't have any info on her of her doing snowflaky/cow related things then posts like these these shouldn't be under pt/snow. If you personally find her cringey and she gives you bad vibes then I don't think it deserves a thread, but if you were seeking others who felt the same way you could of atleast put it under b.

Why are you replying to that post in specific, they were talking to the post above it not the OP. As someone stated before it's not our job to find dirt, do it yourself.

No. 93956

it's a rite of passage to be told to drink bleach, or go back to pull / tumblr anon. don't take it personally.

No. 93964

Just didn't want you guys thinking there was some pulltard conspiracy against mei as some suggested

No. 97540

actually i am friends with some of her old friends since we live in the same area and shes not what she seems, shes reallllyyy rude actually and throws away her friends because she gets bored easily of them.

No. 97541

all her videos are honestly the same nothing changes but the color and its really dumb how people only follow her because she has the ~kawaii~ asthetic

No. 97542

i can honestly say that mei is really fucking stuck up. shes self centered and ever since she became a "model" shes been leaving people she claims are her friends behind because they are not up to her standards

No. 97545

>>92059 mei actually has a lot of shitty qualities and things she said and done to people who were her friends but its ranges to certain people that if anyone says anything well automatically know who said it thats why you guys think shes squeaky clean

No. 97546

I like her videos though lately she's always making the same content in every video.
I think she comes off a little fake in some of her videos.

No. 97547

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! OMG IF YOU GUYS KNEW THE SHIT MEI SAYS AND DOES! i really hope one day someone who can officially disclose everything makes a call out post for her

No. 97548

what did she do and say?

No. 97550

no actually your right, there is a lot of drama that occurred with her and she is snarky in person and bitchy and says bitchy things about other people, the attitude she gives in her videos is her being like "annoyed" in some aspect but she isnt really that nice and she tosses people when she doesnt need them anymore

No. 97551

because she is fake, really fake theres a certain group on tumblr who knows how fake she is.

No. 97552

its hard to explain all i can say is shes not what everyone thinks, not one bit she may act dumb and cute on her videos but shes really immature and catty and spoiled and bratty and i find it hilarious that everyone thinks shes soo nice when i can literally hear her laughing her ass off on how everyone thinks shes so innocent. i cant say anything thats how close everyone is in the online group and tumblr group that knows what she does and says and how she really acts and treats people i just hope someone who isn't afraid to say something finally calls her out on a lot of shit.

No. 97553

agree i know exactly what your saying and i hope so too!

No. 97556

i honestly wouldn't be surprised she seems really passive aggressive and immature in her videos.

No. 97557

i follow this girl on youtube and im starting to hate her make up videos because all her eye makeup are the same, she just change the colors omg

No. 97558

These posts are coming in way too fast to make me believe any of this.

Unless you have actual caps of her bitchiness then it just looks like vendetta tbh.

No. 97559

unless someone found this and couldn't wait to actually call her out either way idk

No. 97561

no ones going to have caps of anything unless the main people on tumblr call her out on it

No. 97563

Literally all of this seems like vendetta, how is this thread quiet the bam a whole bunch of posts in a short time span. Shit excuse for no caps. If she was really that bad they would of outed her already, drag culture is popular on that site.

No. 97565

im the one that posted the big paragraph about how shes bratty and spoiled and hoping someone calls her out, im not here to troll im just here because i dont want anyone to think shes so nice when shes not its not my place to put names or events or things shes done to the people or "friends" shes thrown away because they haven't consented to calling her out but i can say shes not nice and shes not this kawaii cute perfect snowflake~ shes mean and crude and bitchy and fake as they get. shes literally snarky and full of herself as any other snowflake and thats all i want to say believe me or not but one day if they call her out all im going to do is say finally.

No. 97579

Well then come back when you have caps, surely at least one person doesn't want to be friends with her and will provide you some. Otherwise let the thread die and stop posting baseless post, the OP didn't even set it up well.

Like surely you can atleast explain how she is spoiled, that shouldn't out your friends or anything. She models so wouldn't she be making money from that?

No. 97586

pls sage so you don't bump the thread

No. 97592

she actually doesn't respect trans people and their pronouns she like to fan girl over trans women about how pretty "boys" they are just like in her manga thats really dumb she drools over yaoi and pretty anime boys irl

No. 97624

Then go make a callout post about her ~*transphobia*~, no one gives a shit here, this isn't Tumblr.

No. 97638

I heard she basically got run out of the cosplay community because of her shitty attitude. Apparently she's been blacklisted by a bunch of photographers for temper tantrums on a 'bridezilla' level, and that's one of the reasons she stopped cosplaying as much and going to cons. The fact that she's always complaining about how awful and immature the cosplay community is kinda gives her away, I don't believe for a second that all this dramu just happens to make it's way to her. She has to be instigating.

No. 97639

Can we get a crumb goddamn proof though? Like, not that I don't believe what you all are saying (hell, I'd love it if this shit was true. I shamelessly live for any and all milk.) But could we get some receipts, please?

No. 97640

I want some evidence. She's extremely annoying in most of her videos though.

No. 97649

i mean if you want evidence shouldn't this be like shared on tumblr were she and all the people she pissed off reside?

No. 97656

I dunno, I think she is very pretty. Honestly didn't even bother if she had any drama. But from what I read there is no proof of drama? Unless I skimmed to quickly

No. 97660

i dont think shes pretty at all her jaw is awry and she has a shark mouth she also cant apply makeup for shit and her outfits are a mess but all the weebs think its so uguuu kawaii

No. 97780

she definitely knows shes pretty and that she can use it to gain all those kawaii desu ne~ people to follow her but like ive heard shes lazy as frick and is a bratty kid

No. 97788

she dated a girl once and didnt really like her but led her on for a while then when they meet up she dumped her plain and simple because she got bored there was a big commotion over this online

No. 97803


These posts all have a suspiciously similar syntax and errors, and this thread reeks of vendetta. Seriously idgaf what kind of beef you have with Mei. Your vendetta doesn't belong on lolcow unless you have actual evidence of her being at least a snowflake. Since you can't, it just seems like she got on your nerves and rather than addressing the problem with her face-to-face, you're whining to an online imageboard.

No. 97835

why are you so offended? you sound as if your the one being attacked?

No. 97842

I swear to god if you guys keep bumping this thread with hearsay.

Dig up some snarky tumblr, Twitter, YouTube comments or something. Even unflattering pictures would suffice. This is an image board and this thread is severely lacking.

No. 97849

I'm like 90% sure it's almost entirely one person

No. 97851

I'm not Mei if that's what you think. Just sick of people starting poor quality threads here. Learn to type and learn to sage, please.

No. 97857


Don't keep bumping the thread with literally nothing to add. If you want to start up a conversation about her, then please provide proof. The end.

No. 97858

File: 1456347867932.jpg (26.07 KB, 560x458, tn_1235245586270.jpg)

>This thread

No. 98037

she has a twitter called rottenmei. she just complains about everything and posts yaoi. she's rude and likes to start drama even though she's not that recognized. iirc she was trying to fite kpop fans a while back in a tweet.
tbh i think shes really pretty but thats all she's got. i realized how bad her personality was when i watched her video about playing in the snow, where she just complained for the majority of the video.
she also really likes to advertize the fact that shes vegan and sweatshop free, even though in her lookbooks, there are clothes from sweatshop stores which she claims are from before she switched over.
btw i found this site today and im not going to come back because im just wasting my time. i just wanted to give you a place to find some evidence. good luck!

No. 98044

>but the Aly thread was totally the one that attracts unwanted users
Yes you're wasting your time. Feel free to browse for a while and such, everyone is a newfag at some point. Just stop posting for now.

No. 98045

this thread is so funny because OP's post is a video not an image, and that makes the only image in this thread a reaction image completely unrelated to the thread.

No. 98057


ok gj anon bye

No. 98528

Hey ya'll I just copied and pasted this from PULL bc I'm lazy, sorry. (I'm the one who posted this on PULL as well, just in case.)


I used to like Mei a lot, but there are some things that she did that made me dislike her.

It's kind of weird, because we actually used to be mutuals on ig probably around a year ago? (We never really knew each other, though.) So I've seen the whole journey, lol. I do think that she has good taste and she is very pretty, though.

I'm friends with a couple of the soundcloud artists and Mei has consistently used music from soundcloud musicians without asking, or even stating in soundcloud comments that she used their track in her video. It's just… really disrespectful, and I honestly expected more of her? I think it's extremely hypocritical that she uses their music without permission but when someone uses HER content without permission, she got upset about it (when some FB page used screencaps from her video). I've tried to contact her/get her attention about this issue, and politely mind you. I tried 3 separate times, and she just doesn't see them or ignores my comments? I can provide pics of the messages if you guys ask. But anyways, that's my experience with Mei. It's just… disappointing overall, I guess.

I don't know what to think, honestly. What are your thoughts?

I'd also like to add to the hypocrisy is that she uses these artists songs but does not follow a single one of them. I kind of doubt she even has a soundcloud, to be honest. You guys may not think it's a big deal but I feel like it says a lot about her character, imo.

No. 98530

Yeah please post the pics of the messages!

No. 98531

Sure, give me a sec! :^)

No. 98532

File: 1456552106382.png (32.58 KB, 596x255, m1.png)

Sure, give me a sec! :^)>>98528

No. 98533

File: 1456552121282.png (25.65 KB, 830x128, m2.png)

No. 98534

File: 1456552143036.png (26.68 KB, 827x184, m3.png)

No. 98543

File: 1456554174206.png (23.55 KB, 623x226, Untitled.png)

It would have been more of an impact if you sent a DM or something? Especially if you guys were mutuals.

Did you delete this tweet? The original one is no where to be found.

Though I agree mei not asking permission isn't kind especially since she's an artist. Your friend should be the one contacting mei directly. They have about 12k followers on soundcloud and 2k on twitter, so their voice would have more of an impact.

No. 98545

Like I said, we USED to be mutuals but that was probably a year ago :0
And my friend did try to contact mei, but she didn't reply. It might be notable that instead of mei replying, her friend replied to him in the comments instead. Idk what was up with that, but yeah…

No. 98546

Ah also, I privated my account, if you were wondering about the tweet.

No. 98547

File: 1456555130609.png (42.64 KB, 595x357, Untitled.png)

also I see your friend is chill about credit and I can easily see how that might've been taken in a bad way.

definitely ask your friend to DM/tweet her directly and see what type of response arrives.

If it's ignored= Mei is confirmed bitch

If she replies= we'll check the message and see which route she takes

No. 98549

Yeah, he's a really good guy. I'll tell him that but we're both kind of wary of her by now, lol. (Since she continued to use his music even after I tried to confront her about it….)

No. 98637

File: 1456591209675.png (24.96 KB, 573x167, Capture.PNG)

so it's ok for you to be into fetishizing gay, incestuous manga boys(osomatsu san fandom) but it's not ok for people to be obsessed with k-pop stars? ok there mei.

it's almost like she's posting super controversial topics just to get more attention. she even admit's it
>ofc the second i mention kpop i get swarms of tweets saying we're not all like that & i get it but your point is?

No. 98651

i decided to check her out on twitter, yotube and yeah blabla and it seems like she only likes other asians HAHA
she doesn't seem like a huge fujoshi like she tries to be but ok

No. 98652

fetishizing manga characters is different than fetishizing real people.

so she didn't ask permission before using music by someone who has a very laid back policy on using their music.

i don't know, this thread is stupid and kind of a waste of space. people need to keep their vendettas on pull.

No. 98699

idk this thread is full of people that seem to have personally experienced her fuckery (or friends who directly have) but since she's on such a high pedestal they're afraid to post receipts in fear of backlash. She's a really infantile looking asian girl with a ~*~*kawaii~*~ aesthetic so I wouldn't doubt her getting a free pass even if people started posting their proof.

No. 98717

I'd like to just clarify that that twitter status was posted after all the attempts to contact Mei, lol. Idk. Like we protect/defend visual artists so blatantly (art thieves, reposting) but we don't do the same for musicians which is kind of fucked. That's probably a whole other topic all together though.

I actually think this is an interesting point. I do agree with the poster below who said fetishsizing characters isnt the same as fetishsizing people, but nevertheless I think anon made an interesting statement. I think like all the fictional ~pretty boys~ and yaoi kind of plays a part in all that romanticism (?) of real life people, I mean just look all the people who write Kpop fanfics - they probably in some way inspired by BL to write them. I don't know if what I said makes sense but I think BL and Kpop has an indirect link.
I apologize for rambling.

No. 99007

idk. but to me, thinking that kpop guys are all good looking does not count as fetishizing people. even if it does, isn't that just your average case of yellow fever? keep in mind, yellow fever pretty much originated from japanese pop culture (young schoolgirls, anime). mei is clearly into that, she even cosplays. i just think that's a little hypocritical i guess :/
lol and personaly, i think fetishizing incest is just as cringe as yellow fever

also, friendly reminder that if this thread offends you so much, you don't have to read it.
as long as this thread exists, telling other people to stop posting isnt going to make them stop posting if they have shit to say

No. 99098

Wow you sound like a tumblrina.

It's worst to "ship" REAL LIFE PEOPLE than fictional ones.

No. 99104

>complete lack of capital letters
>complaining about yellow fever
>bringing up incest fetishes out of nowhere
> :/
>friendly reminder

Definitely a tumblrina.

No. 99156

I didn't say anything about shipping though. I'm personally not a fan of the whole shipping thing in general. I'm especially against shipping real life people.

I'm sorry about my bad online habits. I usually default to typing without capitalization when I'm on any social media site but I didn't mean to be disrespectful.

My comment was meant to be a general reply to a bunch of the comments above. In regard to bringing up yellow fever, I was referring to Mei's comment about k-pop.
>kpop fandom is a mess jfc i hate the whole mentality that every asian they see is wow oppa so handsome!!
I wan't complaining about yellow fever, I was complaining about how Mei is against the Korean aspect of yellow fever but participates the Japanese aspect of it.

I was talking about incest fetishes because of Mei's obsession with Osomatsu fandom of shipping brothers.

Before you assume I'm a butthurt k-pop fan, I'm not. I'm just wary of people publicly shaming others, especially if they have a large following. I was just trying to say that Mei isn't the super sweet person that people think she is.

No. 99160

its not that its just that all her shit was made before her youtube started and before she decided to go the ~kawaii youtuber~ thing, if we knew she was going to shit over people to try to rise to fame because thats what she wants she wants to be a model and be famous and she uses people who are internet famous and pretty and populoar doesnt matter who but if your not up to her standards shell drop you if like people knew we would have screen shot her shit or something but now shes privates a lot of things and made a private twitter because she doesnt want anyone to know how hypocritical she really is and only her real friends who suck up know how she really is

No. 99162

She's a cute cantonese girl who knows how to take care of herself, I have no qualms.

No. 99164

No, she's a fujoshit. I've followed mei since long before her YT. This whole thread smells strongly of vendetta.

Her old tumblr was shinjesus (a url she doesn't use anymore.) She wasn't special snowflake, she openly said she was embarrassed that she used to have a SJW phase a few years back, and she didn't whine or seek attention. She just posted a shit ton of BL.

No. 99172

But; all that really isn't ''fujoshi'' and all the other names she want attached to herself

No. 99175

….what the fuck are you on about?
The salt is so strong

No. 99189

You're talking in past tense here. From her videos now, she seems pretty whiny. But that's just my opinion and other people have a right to disagree with me.


No. 99211

HA! you sound like one of her fans or something, i am actually friends with people who use to hang out with her we live around the same area but that was like before changing to shinjesus and when she was with tammy which is the girl she lead on and dumped

No. 99222

You have ten pounds of sand in your vagina. She's cuter than you, no one cares, move on with your life.

No. 99236

How did you fuck up the reply tag so badly.

No. 99343

Most of us faced her shit first hand. This altercation happened during a con. Her cosplay group basically spread some malicious rumors that stopped a few new cosplayers from continuing to cosplay. My friend unfortunately being one of them.

I use to follow her tumblr and found her fb where she posted a callout post saying really mean things about a girl who's copying her and deleted it after people said it wasn't cool.

No. 99399

>all lowercase
>no punctuation

Quit it, you're not on Tumblr. No one likes reading run-on sentences like this.

No. 99435

super vague, give us names so we can find it.

No. 109425

This is super irrelevant but I just saw a photo of this girl on a asian junkie IG lmao, she probably takes drugs too.

No. 109431

learn to sage or post caps, you non-contributing fuckwits

No. 109439

>This is super irrelevant but
And yet you felt the need to post it.
And bumped this sweltering garbage fire of a thread.
Lolcow is dying.

No. 109607

The vendetta is too strong with this lame ass thread. Prob some homely girl who keeps bumping up the thread

No. 109671

If you're going to bump the thread at least post caps or pictures of the girl.

Is the reason you're not posting anything because she doesn't have any unflattering pics? Come on.

No. 115025

She actually hates drugs and drinking. A lot of her friends who do those things and smoke pot just hide it around her because they're scared of he reaction. She's intensely judgmental and selective about who she rains hellfire down on though she pretends to be open minded.

idk about now but her skin went through a period of shit because she's lived her whole life doing whatever she wants to her body and it finally started to show which is why she looks like a druggie sometimes.

No. 115029


No. 115084

No. 115851

I didn't go to school with her, but we have a shit ton of mutual friends and she's been at a lot of events that I've also attended and she's looked the same for years. Her face matured but nothing that shows plastic surgery. She's only a year older than me and I've been aware (can't say I really know her since we've only exchanged a few words) of her since she was in high school.

No. 115854

Normally I would agree, but the area and community they live and grow up in is very secretive and they always keep drama deetz in their own groups. You have to know someone and be extremely close to them to even get a bit of info. I live in the area too. I'm just not as active as their part of the jfashion and cosplay community as they are.

No. 115862

File: 1459922893032.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1843, 1739r0q8q7q7w90r-1.png)

I'm not too sure, but I think this is the girl she used to go out with. The tags said something like #I have a date with her soon//(i forgot exactly what but it was something along the lines of blushing). She's deleted a few things from what I can tell. I used to heavily lurk her social media because I used to like her style, but not anymore I kind of grew out of it. I know she had a picture with the cosplayer Zeal XV because they did a photoshoot together and if Mei really is a drama mongerer then I believe something went down between them because Zeal has a really strong (and easy to clash with) personality. Unfortunately, anything that happened was probably on Zeal's old facebook account, which she deleted around this time last year. I'll keep digging though, but we probably won't get much unless her friends call her out or at least spill the details, which would be easier if they did that here bc the anonymity does provide a little help because most of those friends gossip together so she wouldn't really know who exactly let everything out.

No. 117099

She never dated that girl. Girls in the cosplay community say that kind of lovey dovey stuff all the time for fun so it can get confusing. She's had drama with Zeal, Nicolette/Yirico etc she has a bad reputation within the community it seems.

No. 150364

File: 1467576095118.png (26.63 KB, 619x123, Unnamed image (19).png)

Kek. As if she doesn't truly relish those comments.

No. 151624

Before Mei delated her tumblr there was pics of a girl in a Judal cosplay which from I gathered was the girl she was dating. (But, I also remember this girl and they do seem to have been romantically involved)

Anyways, Mei said that they broke up because this girl was dating other people besides her. My stupid self didn't screencap so all is lost :^)

No. 151971

lol i used to know may back in her ayumi seto wannabe days since her friends were my friends. she thinks she's the shit, she's judgmental, dated 2 girls, is a man hater, bitchy af, etc.

No. 151974

>she thinks she's the shit, she's judgmental, is a man hater, bitchy af, etc.

what woman isnt tbh

No. 151985

what video did she leave this comment on?

No. 152072


No. 152073


This was like. the loneliest convention vlog I've ever seen. I mean, I skimmed through most of it after getting tired of watching her order room service by herself, but….
she has over 200,000 yt subs as far as I know, and it didnt look like she had any fuckin friends or posse with her at any time during. i find that so sad for some reason. im super drunk by myself right now so perhaps that is why it feels so fucking lonely.

No. 152075

that's what happens after you throw your friends away. you have to be part of the chosen few to hang out with princess mei lol

No. 152076


Im LAUGHIN BC SHES what is considered "ideal" and she knows it.

No. 152289

She sure complains a lot about being mistaken as Japanese or Korean for a person who wears clothing and makeup from those cultures. We get it, Mei. You want to be a Harajuku fashion model (or something like that) but being Chinese-American isn't trendy enough.

No. 152324

It's really funny when she talks about not being part of the cosplay community anymore and says it is because of her liking to make up and fashion

No. 152331

Tbh i feel bad for Vy. She's always being humiliated by Mae and she seems like a nice girl.
Whenever mae gets comments on her videos about being a bitch with Olivya, people are like "shut up that's what friends do" like??? I get it but I guess sometimes you have to moderate yourself and your bad personality ???? Lmao

No. 152344

I'm wondering how long this buddy-buddy thing with the two of them is gonna last. Their friendship comes off as disingenuous.

No. 152412

Can someone explain me what was all that drama with yirico about?

No. 152772

ITT: petty socal babby drama

No. 153087

Her "freckle" tutorial looks like acne/rosacea. Why is this trendy and who actually thinks this looks good?

No. 153523

Unsure if this works, but I archived Mei's thread in PULL since it's shutting down.


No. 153527

This pull thread has more legitimate shitty things about what Mei is doing.

Why didn't you guys post that up here?

smh lazy ass OP

No. 153529

File: 1468208149517.png (217.14 KB, 903x391, mei.png)

It looks like Mei is breaking away from modeling with Omocat to start up her own fashion brand. This is mainly due to Mei wanting get away from the "weeb" scene and break into… another weeb fashion scene.

Mei looks good but its unfortunate her business partner/model looks fat and gremlin like next to her

No. 153531

File: 1468208213889.png (371.52 KB, 815x450, img20160707-120236.thumb.png.0…)

Overpriced anime weeb fashion

note the comments

No. 153532

File: 1468208317301.png (475.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160707-140440.png…)

I don't really care for omocat's designs but these photoshoots are shit compared to them

No. 153533

Fat? Ana-chan plz.

No. 153537

the 'brand' isn't theirs, they were modeling for a friend's (?) store or something

No. 153539

Wow I thought I was the only one who thinks she is annoying.

No. 153542

She's skinny but I meant next to Mei she looks not good

No. 154201

oh so this is how the site works…i didn't even need to input a name shrugs

No. 154202

File: 1468311562204.png (807.45 KB, 745x720, Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 1.11.…)

kinda off topic ig but the model next to Mei is gass.y on insta (or Olivya). it was just her styling at the time but imo i think she's a lot prettier than Mei in terms of facial features

No. 154203

she has beautiful eyes and lips but her nose in proportion to her lips is too big compared to meis

No. 154241

File: 1468327496379.jpeg (134.56 KB, 739x1099, image.jpeg)

She's trying to distance herself from her weebish image but she still exploits omocat to sell her overpriced stained clothes.

This is the cover image she used to sell a SKIRT.

No. 154327

seriously, I thought she was selling that pink omocat sweater when I saw the thumbnail. She has a picture of the pleated skirt in one of the photos, so why didn't she use that? misleading

No. 154328

meh, to each their own, I find Olyvia's fuller face prettier, Mei's jawline bothers me and doesn't look as pretty without makeup. Of course her smaller face shape allows her to have that doll-like fairy face. I won't deny she's stunning with makeup though.

No. 154717

It seems like she's going for that SJW/cruelty free/vegan image but she's greedy af. Her "cruelty free" skincare video included a good chunk of products that aren't cruelty free. The company pays her though so I guess she's fine with it.

No. 155086

she's hot

No. 155114

she's just trying to join the hype, she kind of seems snotty to me. Still cute tho, appearance wise but boring personality

No. 155116

I love Olivya! She's way sweeter than Mei and prettier too, she does videos as well.

No. 155364

Yea Olivya is really nice
She tries to answer all the questions from her fans everytime, not like mei

No. 155367

I'm going to have to agree with the other anons who think Olivya is hotter. I don't think her nose is big at all. She has striking features. Mei isn't ugly by any means, but she has kind of weaker facial features, still cute though.

No. 155424


Agreed. I don't know if it's because Mei doesn't have as much control over the camera and lighting in her omocat shoots, but imo she always looks kind of plain in the catalogue images.

No. 155549

File: 1468481874271.png (766.8 KB, 548x747, Screenshot 2016-07-14 at 12.35…)

Mei suits the omocat concept really well though :] and Olivya has a different style now so it's not as evident, but she can pull off cute looks as well, if you looks at her cosplays and past stylings.

No. 155550

fuck off

No. 156300

I used to know of mei before she became a youtuber and she's changed a lot. I feel like she was always crushing on or dating some girlboy or other every few months but she doesn't seem to do that anymore. Has she just become a lot more secretive about her personal life? I don't even really know who she hangs out with besides olivya.

No. 156653

No, it seems like she just doesn't have many or any at all beside Olivya. All the people she used to hang out with before becoming a youtuber are no longer friends with her.

No. 156654

Starting to think this is a self post because of the constant name drops

Is this a mei thread or an olyvia one? Idc about the latter

No. 156694

lmfao it's not a self-post. trust me.

No. 156868

It's literally impossible not to know who Olivya is if you follow Mei at all, because Mei gushes about her all the damn time lol.

No. 156887

>check Mei's insta
>on her front page of entries no mention of this girl

bitch where

No. 156894

Are you retarded? You don't even have to load the next batch of photos and there's one of olivya and mei. Mei mostly posts pics of just herself but when there's another person on her insta it's usually vy. Fucking amateur rofl

No. 156949

>Mei gushes about her all the damn time

Posting 1 picture of your current bff in a sea of fucking 50 isn't gushing you daft jealous cunt.

Do you have any milk on Mei other than she's prettier than you? Cus I can't see fuck nothing of what she's done from this thread except the mountain of sand from your vag.

No. 156962

Well it doesn't make her a lolcow but I thought it was HILARIOUS when she mutilated that purple lacefront wig. Also someone pointed this out (politely imo) and she/he were instantly harassed by Mei's bareage of whiteknights…

No. 157008

she deleted that wig video but i wish i watched it to see how bad she butchered it. and i don't frequent lolcow but is it composed of angry, unecessarily insulting users like the anons above?? why say Mei is prettier then said anon when she's average as fuck without makeup and that knife jawline and you don't even know how anon looks.

No. 157026

and because y'all angry like nothing good ever happened happened in your life, i will placate you with some "milk" whatever terms lolcow uses.

It's frustrating how Mei shoves in your face how she's working towards cruelty free (nothing wrong with that, to clarify) but she doesn't seem to truly make an effort.

For example, her latest skincare video, where she's sponsored by a NON CRUELTY FREE company. So she decides to go against her ideals because she's sponsored?
- She has an Iphone, where it was found that sweatshop workers are employed. of course i doubt she would throw it away because uguu.
-always makes mistakes in her cruelty free videos, lists products that aren't cruelty free, states ~oops, made a mistake~ why do you make so many mistakes where it's so easy to just google cruelty free products? money isn't an issue since her depop sells stained $5 goodwill clothes for near retail price. p.s. she bought some valfre dress for 70 bucks so I'm sure she can shell out bucks for the cruelty makeup she so seems to endorse.

i got some of this from PULL, in which there is so much more ~milk worthy~ shit and less people triggered by possibility of a self-post.

No. 157029



No. 157030

> i will placate you with some "milk" whatever terms lolcow uses

Please go back to PULL and never come back you sad sad hoe

No. 157039

Her PULL thread is full of crap and one or two mistakes doesn't make one a special snowflake.

You can all come back to this thread when she actually starts to produce "milk".

No. 157048

is this your first day on the internet or something?

No. 157054

> i don't frequent lolcow but is it composed of angry, unecessarily insulting users like the anons above?? why say Mei is prettier then said anon when she's average as fuck without makeup and that knife jawline and you don't even know how anon looks.

go back2tumblr u uggo

No. 157065

Michael Jackson?

No. 157078

>160 posts and 15 image replies
>15 image replies

shit thread

No. 157099

I HATE her but only cuz I'm jealous bc she's really pretty and makes me hate my own self so I try to pretend she doesn't exist lol(not your blog)

No. 157108

wait shes a legit weeb I'm no longer jealous yayyyyy

she suddenly looks 70% less cute

No. 157148

Jesus, stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 157230

File: 1468950855607.png (515.2 KB, 500x570, tumblr_m5uqk5A2TQ1r3dh4lo1_500…)

No. 157408

File: 1468991333663.jpeg (65.79 KB, 800x600, 1-ue49iXQjCtm5Qrf4pt69dg.jpeg)

Does anyone know if this is May's sister?

No. 157414

Yea possibly. I remember mei having an old photo on Facebook with a girl with gray hair named beverly yan. She looked pretty similar to the girl of your pic.

No. 157418

didn't she say her family didn't give a shit about her sister

No. 157538

File: 1469037504709.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-07-20-01-11-32…)

yes she is

No. 157573

tfw you a jealous catty bitch and run out of things to nitpick mei on so you move onto her family members

No. 157588


Man, this girl is way cuter and has better style than her. She looks so fresh and youthful. I don't know why so many darker Asians try so hard to do the pastel uguu kawaii aesthetic. They suit the minimalist/clean look much better, like this girl.

No. 157593

this thread doesn't even have a proper OP image anymore LOL

Fuck OP for using a video to open a thread

No. 158276

i had no idea mei had a sister, i don't ever recall her mentioning her anywhere. I know for sure Mei has a brother because she has mentioned him one or twice in her posts.

No. 158284

there is no one that possibly thinks that >>157408 looks better facially than Mei, and she doesn't have "style" it's a fucking black shirt. I really hate this "you'd look better if you dress normal and boring than if you wear colorful or weird shit" rhetoric, who the fuck cares, she's young so she might as well have fun while she can and she can start wearing ugly haircuts and dumpy clothing when she gets older.

No. 158516

Her sister is a fucking psycho apparently. I've heard it all over the place from multiple people. Supposedly she doesn't want anyone to know but nobody in this community can keep their mouth shut.

No. 158646


she looks like a 12 year old boy

No. 159014

File: 1469418946728.jpeg (25.34 KB, 311x314, image.jpeg)

I personally don't really like Olivya's looks. Her face just looks so full and round to me, and sometimes her eyes look kinda far apart (kinda like pic related but no fat) maybe it's her makeup/ angles. She looks better to me when she has on a different style of makeup.

No. 159032

What kind of makeup style do you think she looks better in? Just curious. I personally think her style of makeup suits her well.

No. 159464

She makes a big stink about transitioning to vegan makeup, but her latest video has a shot of her meal…with a big-ass fried egg right on top. Someone mentioned it in the comments and got "transitioning to a vegan lifestyle takes time :))))" from her followers.

No. 159559

She just privated the video in the OP. Chance she found us?

No. 159604

Laughing my ass off at this thread
Anyone got milk on this conventionally attractive petite asian girl who makes an effort to be morally sound with cruelty free efforts? yall sound stupid mei is normal as hell

No. 159609

Oh shut the fuck up, if you took the time to investigate it states she's hiding all cosplay related videos because she wants to get away from the cosplay scene

Stop being lazy as fuck

No. 159721

Wouldn't be surprised if she knew about this thread, she seems to know about the PULL thread (based on her actions). She seems to spend a lot of time at home/online so I don't doubt she has seen this thread already.

No. 160504

i'm sure the fried eggs she eats from the diner are locally sourced and cage-free

you're retarded for buying her "i'm so righteous" bullshit, it's just another gimmick to get followers

No. 160520

not really milk but i remember her. i modeled with her in 2014 when kokokim/swankiss/golds/ghost of harlem was there. she just told kimura u that her dream was to be a model in japan or something.

No. 160892

Yeah she used to be gagging for seto ayumi and was convinced that asobisystem was gonna hire her so she could be a model in japan. lol
but she basically seems pretty normal now the fact she doesnt wanna be seen as an anime character or japanese/korean idol stuff is funny seeing as that was literally what she wanted to be 2 years ago and what she panders to for views, so just sounds like complaining for attention.
that said there's no milk here

No. 160960

i just wish she didn't delete her cosplay videos though. also sad that she deleted her anime con vlogs but imig..

No. 160991

nobody fucking uses this, fuck off

No. 161115

kinda sad that she's leaving the weeb scene. I think she was a lot more interesting with that going on than this whole CF shtick…
she really is trying to cover up her tracks and backpedaling so much… its not cute mei

No. 161136

can you love yourself more

No. 161973

she looks nothing like that picture you cow

No. 161977

I can see it.

No. 161990

anyone have her old weeby videos downloaded? I actually quite enjoyed watching them.

No. 162182

>>161990 right? i love her weeby vids

No. 162480

There's no caps because this is all stuff experienced in person or just known in the groups in the SoCal community, but Mei has been known for drama for a very long time. She is very very feminist, and has posted things like "When guys think they have the right to talk to me" on Facebook (which has been deactivated ever since the PULL thread was made about her). She spread many things about guys being rapists when she had no proof and was not involved at all except through hearsay. She's said that she doesn't like people getting too close to her, and when they do, that's when she drops them. I've known her for a while, and we're not particularly close, but I know a lot of her drama since the groups we hang out with intermingle. Almost all of the "bffs" she's had over the years now dislike her or hate her, which honestly says a lot about her.

No. 162655

>>162480 if this is true, then woah. i have never met her, so I have really mixed feelings about her. She seems to have a strong "i take no bullshit" mentality, which is a trait I like in people tbh. On the other hand, she seems a bit pretentious and rude. I had a feeling I'd get along well with her initially, but I don't really know anymore

No. 162750

I've interacted with her in person too and she always leaves a horrible taste in my mouth after talking to her. I always try to keep my distance, but because my friends also intermingle with hers sometimes it is inevitable. She is very pretentious and rude and her no bullshit attitude goes way too far sometimes and she's very hypocritical a lot of the times.

No. 162824

Stop making your samefag obvious

No. 162846

Stop being so paranoid, intermingle isn't an uncommon word.

No. 162853

>There's no caps because this is all stuff experienced in person

So you're saying this is just hear say and you have no proof

No. 162941

Take it as what you will; she's deactivated or deleted all her old social media in attempts to cover up her tracks, anyhow.

No. 162986

lol you're being ridiculous but whatever. I couldn't think of a better word, but that doesn't equate to samefagging.

No. 162993


This is her brother. I don't have any evidence to post but I know her irl through a friend who's close to her. I don't know what name he goes by but I know that they are FtM trans, or at least he prefers to go by a male pronoun.

No. 162995

I think it's cute, it's always nice to see more asian beauty vloggers on youtube. Definitely subscribed!

No. 163006

When she was dating T she was still going around kissing other people and just treating it really casual while T was much more committed; when they met up at the con she just dropped T completely out of the blue (from T's view)
She's spoiled because her parents pay for and support everything. She only had a job for a very short while, and constantly bitched about how hard the work was, how terrible the owners were, how she had too much anxiety to work for such a horrible place, etc before quitting. The job wasn't nearly as bad as she described at all, just a normal serving job. She also attended school for a year or so before dropping/failing everything and quitting because she had too much social anxiety. Throughout all this, her parents were still paying for all of her shit: makeup, taobao orders, cosplays, you name it.
Many photogs refuse to shoot with her or dislike her because she is very selfish, and also calls them all creeps because she hates guys. The only people who shoot her are other girls/cosplayers.
She's not really a psycho; just had a lot of problems before (I believe with drugs?) and ran away/cut contact with their family. She came back to the family a year or two ago, and Mei still hated her for it and refused to acknowledge her sister.

No. 163279

Why is a Mei thread open but not Sarah McDaniel?

No. 163285

This might all be true but doesn't make for a very entertaining special snowflake thread.

There are no caps, no cringey videos, not even shitty looking ~modelling photos~ to poke fun at. Just let it go, guys.

There is a thread about her, browse through the catalogue.

No. 163355

>Why is a Mei thread

Post in /meta/ about this you fucking retard

No. 163437

that's so weird. I've heard that mei claims she's all sorts of abusive and manipulative (at least emotionally) but everything is hearsay at the end of the day

No. 163786

might wanna check that image again to prevent some self incrimination

No. 163792

I meant that the picture next to the reply box in the middle of the image gives away who you are

No. 163795

File: 1470560785025.png (283.85 KB, 1026x1112, image.png)

thanks for saving my dumb ass twice oops <3

No. 163800

File: 1470561768059.png (344.04 KB, 1016x1190, image.png)

pretty rude about her fans and complains all the time

No. 163815

Boring. If you want to talk about Mei so badly, there's a PULL thread about her. <3 <3

No. 163890

Did anyone save that cap before the edited it? That would bring some real milk for this thread

No. 945345

Anyone else find it weird she’s flaunting 4K shopping hauls but lives in an small studio with her boyfriend?

No. 950634

Yes, Just saw the video.
Unsubscribed a long time ago due to her style changing and not suiting my interests anymore but when i revisited I was horrified at the 4k shopping haul.
She was supposedly vegan (at least 3 years ago)but now she's buying from companies like Gucci and other luxury brands that are known to be cruel to animals and exploit workers. She is so different now than what she used to be and it's all about flex at this point. It's so sad that she has lost her values and anything that was relatable about her. She seems so fake.

No. 1032237

File: 1599041403900.jpeg (579.85 KB, 750x842, BF43E500-0C6B-454F-976B-D99D0F…)

earlier in the year mei was showing off her new boyfriend in her videos but she’s removed him completely off her insta and unfollowed. She kept the boyfriend tag YouTube videos up though.

They just adopted a dog and he quit his google job in NYC to be with her in LA

No. 1032238

I’m so confused, didn’t she used to identify as a lesbian? Or was she only a lesbian until she found the right bf to project her fujo fantasies on?

No. 1032245

i remember she ended upsaying she is pan at some point or something in her vids

well…that happened fast, i wonder what happened

No. 1032248

I think she identified as ace/asexual? PULL had a better compilation of her shenanigans.

Speaking Fujo, id rather Mei be a weeb with personality instead of whatever the fuck she is now. The only content she has is dyeing her hair a new color

No. 1032253

Have she done anything milky recently anyway¿

This thread seems empty and I never checked PULL threads because I assumed it'd be simply_kenna 2.0 kind of a thread.

I agree >>1032248 that she seems pretty boring now, even though I watch her only for hairstyle tutos. However they feel kind-of repetitive too. Not a fan of her or anything, only checking her instastories every now and then along w hair vids.

No. 1032257

File: 1599045893304.jpeg (493.48 KB, 828x1086, 61215387-2737-475C-A5BA-CD5941…)

Sei is spending a lot of time with Jessica Vu (@jessyluxe) and it’s kind of interesting that when Mei debuted her orange hair on July 5th, Jessica also posted a video the same day on her ig of her doing an “orange look” with a wig that looks just like Meis hair. I scrolled but couldn’t find anymore orange looks from Jess at all. Makes me wonder if Mei just got some female intuition… they’re still following each other though. Still, Sei is now trying to kickstart his youtube and Jess has way more followers than Mei.

No. 1032303

didnt she recently move back in with her parents? I know with covid it would be the perfect excuse to get away from things and go back home.

No. 1032556

Mei and her still video chat and workout together though, I don’t think there’s bad blood between them. It’s a weird situation

No. 1032691

Sei is a tranny chaser, like literally. I wonder if she found out about this somehow via his browser history or something he had saved and it sent her into a spiral.

No. 1032714

Any receipts?
He’s been pretty quiet online/cosplay community. He’s only been active on social media because of Mei.

No. 1034617

the girl in the post you are quoting is jess. vi or olivya is one of meis long time friends that she cams with while working out.

No. 1034624

i remembered seeing this video and when i went to jess' channel just now its removed lmao thats kinda suspicious

No. 1034690

samefag realized it was an igtv not a yt vid

No. 1055868

not trying to necro, but mei posted a new room tour and disabled all comments, assuming this is the nail in the coffin around her breakup with sei

No. 1079869

yeah messy break up, im getting serious kelly stamps vibes from this video. im glad mei is getting a personality again but copying someone to do it is stupid

No. 1129895

Mei addresses lolcow/PULL

the stalker she mentions is probably a pulltard because her lolcow thread has been dead

No. 1129920

I haven't kept up with her at all but it looks like she's back to liking anime/BL. Which is the Mei I enjoyed watching years ago.

I'm confused that she's blaming a stalker for making her dislike anime though. She made fun of anime fans and fujoshis way before she started getting clout on youtube.

No. 1130063

stalker is REALLY pushing it… more like a friend that got tired of being slapped around by her rotten personality. and she was distancing herself from the "gross" anime community way before her PULL/lolcow threads started gaining replies. now that she can't keep up with her rich girl charade (bc bye bye money cow Sei) to milk views she's attempting to backtrack into what made her popular in the first place and excusing herself for flaming her supporters by blaming a thread that she supposedly ~never read~… she MOST definitely posted a few times and hardcore lurked.

No. 1130110

She talks she has ana-brain rot; similar to Eugenia Cooney. She keeps saying like/um and can’t finish completely sentences.

No. 1130127

Way to say a whole lot of nothing

No. 1130152

File: 1610517625249.png (26.56 KB, 590x170, mm.png)

May has no content to upload, so she's resorting to getting ass-pats for her ~sooper lesbo sexuality~ and ~depression from online stalker boolying~.

My guess is that she wants a free pass to do Japan-inspired weeb shit again since it was arguably her most popular era. But after all the evidence of her being toxic, shit talking well-meaning fans and being a CHINESE AMERICAN ANGEL THAT SPEAKS PERFECT ZHONGWEN AND WEARS HANFU EVERYDAY!! not a perfect animu gir1 guiz!! she can't really do that. Hence this 3o-minute pointless blab to divert attention, absolve any accountability AND be the victim.

I'd rather see her come clean about being the bully herself in the cosplay com and with Karen O. Plus what went down with Sei, especially since she certainly had no problem putting him in every video and showing him off? I've never seen this girl address a single negative thing with her fans.

No. 1130162

Does the samefag in this thread know that people who naturally have ginger hair exist… and that no one owns orange wigs it's one of the most recognized common haircolors?

I don't really care about whoever that girl is but skimming this thread is making me feel like I'm on crazy pills.

No. 1130169

Anon you might wanna chill out because your disguise of someone who totally didn't have a petty one-sided falling out(just a guess from the info you provided that no one asked for) with this irrelevant costhot is slipping.

No. 1130237

you know how 4chan users complain about redditors coming onto their site? this is how i feel about this thread

No. 1130616

Wait who is Karen O and what happened between them and Mei?

No. 1130630

kek, my thoughts exactly

came on here to see if her "stalker" would say anything since PULL is gone and lo and behold bitch is still here sperging about irrelevant sad weebthot

No. 1133732

File: 1610857448756.jpeg (133.71 KB, 750x728, D6AC1751-F71B-495A-826E-B4E71F…)


No. 1136165

i love mei personally and enjoy her content but im so sad i missed the drama regarding her. did anyone save any caps from PULL? I'm so bored at work lol. Im probably gonna get hate but i truly believe alot of people hated on her so hard because she is extremely pretty and petite and got to go to japan and shit who knows.

No. 1137318

No. 1139728

Mei practically said Kareno Yeung copied her shoot when it wasn’t even original. It was something Mei could’ve just solved privately through DMs but she decided to put her on blast with accusations. What’s shitty is Kareno was getting over her miscarriage at that time.

If I recall, I don’t think Mei ever properly apologized but CMIIW. Kareno’s husband even called her out on it.

No. 1139731

File: 1611369066891.jpeg (791.33 KB, 2560x1920, F143D796-5AE8-4FE0-B7B3-F3EACB…)

The photos btw. Both boring and unoriginal lmao seen it many times. Bad pic quality, I couldn’t find the mirror pic on Kareno’s page and prob missed it on Mei’s

No. 1139772

Straight girls who queerbait are always the most annoying people

No. 1139783

She calls herself a Chinese princess but her Cantonese is so bad lmao I’d be embarrassed to call myself a “Chinese angel” if I barely understood my own culture/language.
Also didn’t they break up while he was living in May’s parents’ home? Awkwarddd

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