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No. 1030603

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Last thread >>>/ot/944831

No. 1030605

When did FDS get banned? I can still search up the subreddit now.

No. 1030607

File: 1642437091473.png (61.21 KB, 918x332, 5378bfd1f4480e6b24378b846d95d5…)

No. 1030608

wait what ? even r/GC was quarantined before it got banned

No. 1030617

No. 1030621

It's so hard for men to understand that women don't want to be a living masturbation tool huh. She's you wife goddamnit, is romance really too much to ask?

No. 1030638

Even though the amount of "romance" a woman these days expects from her husband is minimal and performative at best, it's still too much to kiss her neck a bit and say sweet things.

No. 1030646

File: 1642439250708.png (99.74 KB, 914x587, your-partner-is-not-responsibl…)

Love yourselves ladies

No. 1030655

>for clarity, I'm a woman
Sure, Jan

No. 1030678

I honestly love how willingly and openly they expose themselves on the internet, like yes show all the women of the internet what kind of garbage you are.

No. 1030693

They're not even putting much emphasis on the speaking up part which is why it's so sus. 'uh you're asking for alot so the other person must feel pressure'

I'm all for encouraging women to speak up and expect an orgasm back. Telling us we're essentially asking for too much is such a weird mixed message to throw in there. Damned if you ask, damned if you don't
Brilliant approach that blames us on both ends.

No. 1030713

Ok but does anyone notice how he admits there are multiple mods doing this shit?

No. 1030720

r/deadbedrooms has solidified my desire to never marry

No. 1030759


"Aye bb want some fuk" doesn't work online and it does irl either. Tired of males feeling entitled

No. 1030768

She probably doesn't find him attractive and he most likely sucks at pleasuring her so she at least wants some romance to see he cares even just a bit.
But he doesn't, of course. Poor woman.

No. 1030772

Desperate reddit pickme tries her best to get men in her dms. I really can't understand why almost all women on reddit are pickmes, probably because anything against men or troons gets banned.

No. 1030812

It wasn't banned; the description says that "several female oriented subreddits like FDS" were banned, not FDS itself

No. 1030846

I had an ex like that. He would ask for sex and I would say shit like I need romance. He was always away from me even in the house, glued to his xbox. Then he'd come ask for sex sporadically and he also asked for it in annoying and strange ways. Like I'd be doing something independent of him and he'd suddenly appear and try and baby talk his way into sex after ignoring me. And he didn't like kissing outside of sex. It's like, how the fuck is sex suppose to spontaneously happen if there's no affection prior or excitement or anything.

No. 1030864

So much of DB is just overstressed moms and wives who feel more like a mommy to their partner than a romantic partner. No matter how clearly they communicate the issue and spell out how to fix it.. men still run to reddit rather than just doing the things they've been asked to work on.

He's complaining about something that most men figure out and joke about very early on in adult life.. y'know "gotta earn brownie points with the gf" Like why do they act surprised when women actually fit a well known stereotype of needing a lil romancing to get in the mood?

I dated a guy who (I can see now in hindsight) had a pattern of just throwing a fit whenever the full on honeymoon period ended. He's getting a bit old now to have never figured out how to navigate the slowing down of sex as a relationship progresses. He stops all nice gestures, pouts and eventually has an affair rather than being nice to his partner. Repeats that every few years and thinks women are scheming against him by withholding sex.

No. 1030874

File: 1642450150726.jpg (99.34 KB, 540x717, tumblr_6e95c97e44d83eda662e2fc…)

I found this on a radfem/terf tumblr and thankfully there seems to be a shift in the comments cause the post made it seem like some people were still nice to this self-victimising lunatic


No. 1030885

File: 1642450918579.png (644.33 KB, 1000x664, D-We_XSWkAA_xpf.png)

d-did someone posted a seal ?

No. 1030891

Kek at the retard trying to defend himself by making himself the victim of his own fuck up because of
>muh ptsd~
Military men are part of the lowest scum, dating one is basically like dating a known criminal and thinking that he will uwu change because of love.

No. 1030893

Do you have a screenie of that first post? I'm curious to read it.

No. 1030898

File: 1642451563847.png (60.98 KB, 702x581, a.png)

No. 1030904

It's the reddit Wholesome Award, for content you find wholesome. Apparently 25 redditors found someone's sister committing suicide wholesome

No. 1030912

>I don't remember trashing the room so I handily just left out the bloodied hand and trashed room as if it doesn't make a big fucking difference to the story, oops. Can't remember it so it doesn't count!
I know everywhere online is risky for people leaving out details and twisting stories but reddit is just so bad for it. The amount of times it's painfully clear a major detail is being left out and people answer unable to tell when somethings clearly off about the list of events.

No. 1030914

Thanks! Poor woman, damn.

No. 1030920

>oh yeah, I kind of forgot to add that I trashed the whole living room and my hands were bleeding
>but I got her some flowers!

No. 1030963

i know this is serious but…
>i change vet to veteran
honestly good for her if she stays away, she did the right thing of leaving before things escalated even more

No. 1030974

>I PROBABLY thrashed the room (could have been the expecting wife!) but I totally don't remember it guys! My hands were all bloodied and I blacked out I'm so scared too. Anyway I'm so hurt over my terrified wife not accepting my hug :(( I'm so stressed and on edge lately, there's a bady coming even if it's my wife that's pregnant :((
My god violent unstable moids playing the victim are so fucking ridiculous every time and it's gross how they manage to stroke each other's dicks too.

No. 1030990

Literally my soon ex. I can't wait till I find someone that I want to fuck

No. 1031213

File: 1642474326631.png (138.76 KB, 930x672, Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 20.44…)

A 15 year old girl posts on r/sex about being sexually abused when she was 5 by her then 12 year old brother. The comments are full of people excusing him because "he needs help too" and "maybe he didn't know better". This is low, even for the degenerates of r/sex.


No. 1031223

Similar plight when I was in my first and only relationship. His idea of initiating sex was inhaling through clenched teeth and saying "Show me your pussy". Every single time. Sometimes he'd say it while still staring at his phone or video game. He never showed any verbal or physical affection. This was before I was pinkpilled and I thought it was me who was crazy for wanting more. Now I wish I just stayed a virgin.

Sorry for the blogpost

No. 1031228

No matter the crime, men will ALWAYS sympathize with another male, as evidenced here.

A 12 year old is a hell of a lot more mentally and physically developed than a 5 year old and still has the capacity to do seriously harm. He and his parents should suffer at least some consequences. They like to pretend they don't remember rather than face the fact that they were a piece of shit since they were a kid.

No. 1031274

The people in the comment excusing it as “it’s normal for children to do this” must be brain dead because clearly her brother also did it again when he was nearing adulthood and even at 12 it is old enough to know what sex is and that you probably shouldn’t ask your child sister to do that stuff to you. Men are so disgusting even as “children” there is no hope for them.

No. 1031329

That one poster excusing the 12 year old because he didn’t get a sex talk from mom and dad, wtf? I can’t even imagine thinking about a 5 year old that way when I was 12.

No. 1031331

File: 1642486946556.jpeg (50.29 KB, 679x452, BAFAE2AC-9C2A-4BB3-9845-40806A…)

> His idea of initiating sex was inhaling through clenched teeth and saying "Show me your pussy". Every single time.
I hope you’ve gotten to a post where you can laugh about this loser nona because I’m rolling at your post. I’m glad you got away from him

No. 1031345

File: 1642489395258.jpeg (270.3 KB, 569x904, 8F8DFA0C-077E-41D8-8132-F2EE7B…)

No. 1031372

Today in men are shit: being pleasant to my wife before banging her is "transactional" somehow

No. 1031380

File: 1642495927540.jpeg (219.86 KB, 640x874, 4BCDFA0C-4C99-4C85-AA23-197BB4…)

He’s worthless. I hope he kills himself.

No. 1031386

kek. i'm shocked those replies were so good actually.

No. 1031387

how long did you put up with this loser for?

No. 1031389

File: 1642497379164.png (73.02 KB, 934x462, diaper fetish.png)

Hell on earth

No. 1031390

File: 1642497379574.jpeg (289.22 KB, 640x806, CEF4B9CE-D2D6-461C-953E-78817F…)

No. 1031391

File: 1642497403881.png (83.69 KB, 883x397, diaper fetish 2.png)

No. 1031392

File: 1642497503543.png (66.14 KB, 887x455, diaper fetish 3.png)

Yeah I'm sure old people in retirement homes and women suffering from incontinence after giving birth are feeling extra kinky while wearing their Depends

No. 1031396

oh no, the horror! she might learn how to grow a backbone! totally the same as a male sub that encourages and inspires actual crimes against women

No. 1031398

Lmao at a man being worried because of this vs the contrast of what girls question in their partners that gets brushed off as kink shaming or whatever. FDS is the most vanilla feminist girl boss Twitter lite shit, can’t believe everyone thinks it’s radical in any way.

No. 1031409

Men are so fucking stupid. Maybe if you were the least bit attentive and affectionate then she would actually want to fuck you, idiot.

No. 1031415

Exactly, they literally just want a girlfriend to go up to them drop her panties and suck him off without any provocation. If guys want sex so bad they should start doing shit like actual foreplay and get the mood set otherwise what woman is just going to casually think huh I’m totally in the mood right now to suck some dick and get penetrated! Maybe it’s porn that’s ruined the buildup of things but that’s the best part of sex, they just want to jerk their load as fast as possible instead of connecting intimately. And stop taking rejections so personally, all coercive males I’ve dated treat a “I don’t feel like it right now because xyz” as some offense that they then whine about all day and hold against you as a guilt trip.

No. 1031498

File: 1642510156133.jpg (155.72 KB, 720x1001, Screenshot_20220118-134748_Chr…)

I love my fellow women but women on reddit should just kill themselves

No. 1031500

Instead of arguing with her and explaining why she's wrong, I actually want to prove this pick-me Redditor right. I want a society where no man can walk outside without seeing a twink with his legs spread open to advertise an energy drink. Men absolutely deserve to be sexually terrorized on every level, but the problem is they'd learn to like it lol

No. 1031505

they don't take it personally, they just pretend they do in an attempt to use it as emotional blackmail against you.

No. 1031588

Men literally want a submissive gf that's ready to take dick 24/7, so they can just walk up to her, fuck her and then return to their autistic videogames. Most of the time they have no emotional connection to their girlfriends, they just keep one around to not be seen as a loser, to have a warm hole and a therapist occasionally.

Maybe I'm a prude but women absolutely don't act like men when it comes to sexualizing. Most women don't look at a guy passing and instantly think of how to rape-fuck him. I don't see big billboards with beautiful men in their underwear, I don't often hear about women harassing and assaulting men. Men aren't constantly pressured to make themselves beautiful and sexy for their female partners. What a pathetic pick-me.

No. 1031664

File: 1642523359799.jpg (33.6 KB, 564x564, 245898c3526dd836ab0e23c8043f6a…)

This one just is genuinely stupid, how can you not differentiate between general sexual attraction and sexualization which is inseparable from objectification? But I'm preaching to the choir here, so
>We go out, we see attractive men
I don't, like, I literally don't see attractive men. But good one to whatever mod banned her for being painfully stupid

No. 1031668

File: 1642523568454.jpeg (223.54 KB, 640x657, 46DCCCE3-5890-42BC-B0C6-704F04…)

No. 1031677

Good for her.

No. 1031682

>scrote has never head of washing sheets
How do men love pussy so much, but fear period blood? And then watch horror movies, play violent video games and obsess over war/fighting? He'd probably make less of a big deal if she had had a nosebleed on those same sheets, or if she straight up punched him in the mouth and he bled, lmao
Why would any woman even tolerate that shit to begin with? Why wouldn't you call a scrote a pathetic manbaby if he whinges about periods?

No. 1031684

>she called me ignorant, and had no right to suggest how she handles her period.
>She's coming to get her stuff to stay with her mom
She's a wise, assertive woman, thank god.

No. 1031687

What a breath of fresh air, the prays to the cow goddess have reached at least one women and a reddit scrote got dumped

No. 1031709

lmao I couldn't stop laughing at this
>doesn't mind having sex with her on her period

Also…he wanted to make her pay for the sheets?? Wtf, has he never heard of washing them? Weirdo

No. 1031723

They all flamed him in the comments. It was lovely to see. They pointed out things I didn’t even notice, like how they where living together and he called it MY bed just because he already had it when they where together. He sounds like a POS.

No. 1031751

>I asked how it happened..
This line made me laugh. What answer would've satisfied him?

I've often had to crabwalk out of bed in the morning because I slept too long and even with a hefty tampon in..I was one move away from overflow. What man needs to ask for a blow by blow on how leaks occur.

No. 1031785

Haha I had a man child ex who would recoil and literally run from a new unused pad or tampon but would constantly nag to fuck me despite me being on my periods heavy days saying he didn’t care because he’s so horny (rapist) and then blood would get all over the place, literally on him and me and the couch and that was fine but a piece of cotton or sanitary product is icky…

No. 1032030

File: 1642544704066.jpg (102.85 KB, 746x928, t4l3tygrtcl51.jpg)

>women on reddit should just kill themselves
They are honestly the worst, so invested in making other women lower their standards

No. 1032085

Kek, good for her

No. 1032096

Maybe he can pay for her birth control then.

No. 1032392

File: 1642567314836.jpeg (94.72 KB, 828x437, 51A2E915-8878-4A1C-A3A2-626B82…)

ok this got me guffawing

No. 1032419

Women who say this shit are obviously lying. It's not any different from a man who goes around claiming to be a feminist.

No. 1032420

It's always the reddit post with little to no up votes that are the most golden. karma really means nothing.

No. 1032428

I kinda do like short guys tho, not shorter than me but its fun knowing how insecure they are about it and then get a little dominate with them hehe

No. 1032438

Has this actually worked out irl for you? If I ever even hinted at a guy being short, he got insanely bitter and annoying about it. Talking about dating partners here, not random guys. Could just be where I live honestly.

No. 1032447

Me too, but I only like sexy manlets. They're the rare, minted moid. Very valuable.

No. 1032499

It really annoys me how there’s some post every day on reddit criticizing women just for asking how tall their match is on tinder. Most guys I’ve met always say how they prefer short women and say tall women are “manly,” why is it so surprising most women would also want taller men? I wouldn’t want to date someone who thinks I’m not feminine because I’m over 5 feet.

No. 1032504

honestly idk if you just pulled that out of your ass but i've never had a man say that ever, nor have i ever even seen the men around me display preference for one height range over another

No. 1032511

Men prefer dating women shorter than themselves. In my experience most men say tall women are the most attractive but find it humiliating dating a woman taller than themselves so don't go for them in reality.
There was this subreddit short or something where short men hated so hard on short women and praised taller women, saying they'd only date women over 5'7 or so. So it all comes down to men trying to neg women on both sides, tall women for making them feel less masculine and short women for having a trait they themselves get bullied for.

No. 1032518


this subreddit is just sad, it's pathetic seeing women and men alike still get played by the jewellery industry in 2022. you'd actually be retarded to spend more than $1000 MAX on any type of jewellery, whether it's for your engagement or wedding or whatever.

No. 1032525

I feel like this would be a good discussion to be had on the consoomer thread. I understand weddings rings, but engagement rings always seem to pointless. After you get the proper ring, what do you all do with the engagement ring? Does the man get one too? I don't get it.

No. 1032539

tfw my dream ring is a 15k tiffany ring

im deplorable nonnas ):():)

No. 1032540

A guy I met online lied about his height. We were the same height when we met. He walked on his tiptoes and stayed slightly behind me it was weird. He kept saying I was a good height. It was like he was wanting me to say the same to him.

No. 1032544

Good for you. I bet it looks boring as fuck and indistinguishably from some cheaper swarovski crystals.

No. 1032548

Pffft. My ex bought me some £100 man made diamond engagement ring while he was unemployed then sponged off his dumb young bride to be for a few years before I finally realised he was a cheap stupid dickhead. If nonna doesn't want to settle for less than 15k that's her perogative, and I'm here for it.

No. 1032549

Maybe it's a unique design with rare shit in it, or has remnants of an old meteor. Give her a chance to plead her case and show what it looks like.

No. 1032559

Look, nona! You're in this picture >>1032030

No. 1032574

There are only pickmes and gold-diggers, nothing inbetween, am I right anon?

No. 1032585

You can get a ring with the same setting, carat, clarity of the diamond etc. as a Tiffany ring for way less at a local goldsmith. You're not deplorable but definitely brainwashed (like many) by marketing and the jewellery/diamond industry.

No. 1032587

you're a bird brain. mmmmm shiny overly expensive thing, maybe if bf buys me this thing it means daddy loves me.

No. 1032592

Don't project your daddy issues. Telling women they can't desire expensive goods but not speaking about the hoardes of men who'd dump that money on unnecessary electronics, games, luxury cars, etc. is stupid.
A jewelry you won't ever take off unless you get divorced should be to your tastes and don't let any man tell you otherwise.
Women shouldn't expect anything from their husbands even in marriage? She gets to carry, care for and feed his children and him but him buying an expensive ring is just too much I guess.

No. 1032598

it can be to my tastes and not cost as much as a new car you bird brain

No. 1032600

Exactly, I got an engagement ring that was equivalent to him drinking beer at the weekend and the meal he took me before the proposal (a chain restaurant). Imo the ring doesn't have to be stupidly expensive but to be a tradho I think it's neat the idea of a man withholding a certain amount of his income to then use it to propose. Men don't offer a lot tbh

No. 1032642

>"never thought about sex"
>username is "titties_growin"
chances are he's never thought about sex because he's too busy being a coomer and thinking about porn instead

No. 1032650

You can want a plastic ring for all I care but don't insult or put down other women for having expectations if you don't want the same done to you.

No. 1032654

I agree, I don't see the need to be critical of women who want an expensive ring because it's holding the guy to a standard which imo is more important than the ring itself. And then if he ever ends up dumping you or betraying you, you can sell the ring and have the money it's worth.

No. 1032663

you're a retard. lab grown diamonds are literally the same as diamonds found in nature, both are just as real as the other, lab grown are just much less expensive and some poor african worker didn't bleed mining it for you. people like you definitely deserve to be shamed.
it's not even about "expectations" or sucking your boyfriend dry as some sort of "proof" that he loves you, it's literally about being a responsible adult and putting all of that money into something like a car, a house, objects for your home, even a vacation. and also not supporting the blood diamond industry, since it seems some of you wouldn't even take lab grown rocks lol. this definitely belongs in the consoomer thread because holy shit are you guys cucked by the jewellery industry.

No. 1032665

Fuck up you cunt. It shows good promise if a man is willing to budget and provide a decent engagement. I'm not talking about the morality around diamonds, but in my case, it was a low effort proposal from a low effort man.

No. 1032670

it doesn't show shit lol. if your man is a loser he's going to be a lose regardless if he tries to buy you off with an overly expensive ring. sounds like you deserve it though, since you can be bought off so easily like some prostitute.

No. 1032671

NTA, your language is exactly what I'd expect from a woman demanding unreasonably expensive engagement ring from their partner lmao

No. 1032710

"Ring shaming" and ring discussion in general is so pickme

No. 1032713

File: 1642599430011.png (135.52 KB, 900x443, deadbedrooms.png)

Crying in the car cause my gf didn't suck my dick

No. 1032715

on no, she tricked him into taking a bath, women am i right?

No. 1032730

Maybe she realised how fucking cringe it is to do that during an online class. Good for her

No. 1032733

NTA but there's a pretty wide scale between being pleased by "a simple onion ring tee hee" or a 15k diamond mined with literal slaves. Women who leech off rich men just for the sake of being an ultramaterialistic gold digger aren't as based as they think, it's pathetic consoomerism.

No. 1032739

>muh poor Africans
Do you drink Starbucks, use products you don't need that are made in China, not care where the parts of your car and computer came from, throw old tech away and not think about it being dumped and causing harm to African people (in the world's largest e-dump) and other groups, etc etc? Are all of these things negligible, in your eyes, compared to diamonds?
I'm sick of first worlders using third world struggle as a weapon when you're all fucking vampires lmao

No. 1032745

File: 1642600898431.jpeg (177.38 KB, 828x744, 98896195-B71F-4FF3-AC81-F2632B…)

What a fucking whiner. Comments are cringe as expected.

No. 1032747

File: 1642601025455.jpeg (201.65 KB, 828x745, B6DA58D6-4DD4-4941-AC75-557AB4…)


No. 1032750

File: 1642601467717.png (210.19 KB, 706x837, WOR.png)

No. 1032780

>bird brain

Ok male.

No. 1032791

i'm not a first worlder you poor little donkey

No. 1032797

100% you're not part of the "exploited" world so no1curr
>poor little donkey
First world condescension while pretending to be morally upright, love it babe. Back to the point: Pick-mes stop pretending to care about the world, thanks

No. 1032865

File: 1642610442458.png (98.86 KB, 876x641, Redditmoidwithsmallpenis.PNG)

>I'm about 4.9inch which is a bit below average. Calling me out on my small penis is insulting to me or for any guy for that matter. Not many guys will take it lightly.

No. 1032869

this is painfully accurate, especially the hubby/fur babies/having pcos/horrible pinup fashion sense part.

No. 1032873

Whatever, I accepted the stupid ugly ring att. Even the metal wasn't real silver because I tried to get it resized because no thought went into it. He then overnighted a second ring because it was a throwaway expense. I don't have a dream ring or anything. Truly you should be aware of your man's financial situation and not rely on a ring but the silly fun side of me likes the idea of a man showing out in a proposal. Sets a precedent.

No. 1032874

this is so fucking common. having to explain to a man why him caring about my feelings and not wanting to hurt me isnt fucking "training" him. they can only look at it like that, they have no fucking perspective.

No. 1032877

>She can change her body size, I can't change my dick size!
He should be thankful that he can have a slim girlfriend if she just diets and works out. Meanwhile, she's dealing with a small-dicked boyfriend and that can't be helped. Her struggle is deeper

No. 1032879

For real, with such a size i wonder if she's able to feel anything to begin with

No. 1032880

yea pretty much all the women who love to brag about how little they spent on their wedding and engagement (esp on reddit) are massive pickmes. if you got married in a burlap sack with a hotdog cart as your catering and you're on reddit fucking bragging about it, why did you have a wedding at all? why is it so important to brag about your $300 lab grown ring if you're a ~cool and low maintenance~. you are still begging for approval.

No. 1032886

>you'd actually be retarded to spend more than $1000 MAX on any type of jewellery
What a way to tell on yourself that you don't own any quality jewelry.
I'm not going to defend the majority of those rings on that sub (because they're actual shit), however I pity you if you think there's no difference between your $400 Etsy moissanite ring with plated metal and an actual customized ring you got from a jeweler for more than a few grand. It's quality like no other and I would 10/10 recommend. It will keep better than all the other jewelry you've ever owned which is why you pay these 'lifetime' prices.

>I don't see the need to be critical of women who want an expensive ring because it's holding the guy to a standard which imo is more important than the ring itself.
This and any other arguments are a jelly cope or a pickme seething.

There's a way to get gorgeous rings without inflated consoomer prices; yes, lab diamonds are flawless diamonds that are cheaper than earth mined, and you'll get a better deal and lifetime care for your rings if you customize or buy from a local jeweler instead of bog standard mall retailers or hyped brands.
There's no reason to buy a cheap ring. Ever.

No. 1032896

what is with this lab grown shaming lol. you must be literally low iq if you think there's a difference between lab grown and mined rocks, even jewellers themselves will tell you there's no difference.

No. 1032899

Ntayrt but my own fiance ordered a lab grown diamond I had picked and it was still $4k because it was more than a few carats. The "real" diamond equivalent for the same flawless grade would have cost us over $10k.

I think anon is just making fun of the price because a $300 lab grown diamond either has an awful flaw or is just a chip. It's still the principle of being cheap af.

No. 1032901

Lol damn

No. 1032908

>nobody gives a fuck except for materialistic people
So…a lot of people then.
>People see a pretty ring and that's that
My point was that your "pretty" Etsy ring will tarnish and dull over a ring that you got from a quality source. A quality ring with proper care will look the same as it did new in 20 years whereas your Etsy ring will not–that is if you still choose to wear it.
>and decent quality and above nobody can tell the difference anymore
Again, quit telling on yourself.
>I bet you grew up poor as fuck and now you're compensating with all this crap.
People who grew up poor and obtained wealth as adults are actually the best source as they can discern from the diamonds and the rough, if you will. You sound like you're still poor and either don't have someone who will propose to you or are stuck with a neckbeard who never will.
What you're saying used to be my copes, it's eerie for me.

No. 1032916

I was about to say the same thing about your unwarranted and sudden aggression towards people proving you wrong.
Keep seething about ethically sourced rings that cost scrotes more than their Playstations I guess………

No. 1032918

Stop projecting your shitty life onto me. I know you grew up poor and you're overcompensating, that's why I read you so easily. You're "telling on yourself", if you will. I'm married and I won't disclose the price of my ring because I'm not trashy like you. Keep chasing your little gold digger pipe dreams, normal people in the real world don't measure their dicks with their overpriced Tiffany rings, but I can tell how much you're dying to be in the circle of those that do.

No. 1032923

Nobody has proved me wrong, you're one bitch that is mad people have other priorities than consooming the most expensive jewellery possible lol. Exploit your partner however much you want, it's not my life, but people have the right to make fun of retards like you that would rather spend thousands of dollars on nothing more than a ring than put that money to good use within their actual marriage. If you're so pathetic that you're marrying a man that spends his money on video games and it makes you seethe so much you want to "stick it to him" by forcing him to buy the most expensive ring possible… that's on you and you have serious issues.(seething scrote)

No. 1032924

No. 1032931

No. 1032936

>Nobody has proved me wrong
Your first goalpost was about how real diamonds are mined with the blood of third worlders.
Okay, fair, but lab diamonds are exactly the same and quality ones still cost a decent amount of money because they still require materials and payment to the skilled laborers to create.
You can support local businesses by mounting said diamonds in bands crafted and designed by local jewelers which help communities and allow people to retain their jobs.

Now you just want to argue that anyone who wants a quality piece of jewelry is a "ghetto" consoomer if they're not okay with a gumball machine ring. Honestly, why have anything that's quality and comfortable when you could just survive in a mud shack with a can o beans.
It must kill you that I have an awesome car and a house and get to have my fancy ring too. Enjoy your ring pop you baddie you.

No. 1032938

Isn’t the resale value of diamonds and shit like that pretty terrible though? You’re definitely not going to get close to the full amount back. I think spending thousands on a ring is dumb as hell but people buy plenty of stupid shit all the time like fancy sports cars and expensive bags so whatever, shiny rocks seem most useless to me but that’s capitalism.

No. 1032942

File: 1642615041328.png (218.23 KB, 497x230, 43149534-4150-478A-9A17-992106…)

The diamond industry is BS but a ring can easily cost more than 1k in metal alone. A good ring will not only stand up to a lifetime of daily wear but can also be passed down to future generations. I love a pretty $25 Etsy sterling silver ring as much as the next person but I’m not expecting the ring to last and look good my whole life, because it won’t. Might be fun but it’s not an heirloom.
And as for the stones, the quality of the cut alone can have a huge impact on the beauty of the finished product. Picrel is a before-and-after of a cheap mass-production factory cut gem that had a recut done by a legit professional. It takes one-on-one attention and labor, and by extension has to cost more.

No. 1032945

>Isn’t the resale value of diamonds and shit like that pretty terrible though?
Are people really thinking about this when the commitment and ergo the ring is meant to be a lifetime? An expensive ring is still going to net you a few grand back if you really need the fuck off money though.


Yeah I'm sure whoever wants to own a nice piece of jewelry is a thot and a slut. You're the one who sounds ghetto based on how easily hostile you got because you can't just disagree. If you didn't want me to talk about my posessions then you shouldn't bring them up as subjects. Just like how rings apparently upset you too.

No. 1032946

Don't worry about the seething, hypocritical, morally grandstanding anons hiding behind anti-consoomerism and virtue, you're allowed to have your standards without being an exploitative, overly materialistic bitch. I don't give a shit about rings, but the rage and the accusations that are coming from other posters are more indicative of envy than a burning passion for the environment, otherwise they wouldn't exhibit so much aggression (esp in comparison to you)

No. 1032951

Why don't you just crawl up inside of her ass and live there

No. 1032963

Kek my fancy ring is an heirloom passed down from my mom when I graduated. I love it every day.

No. 1032964

Guys I need advice, my boyfriend spends thousands of dollars on video games and looks at porn all day, what's a good way to get a 10000 euro ring out of him so I can argue on lolcow about how all these other women that think expensive jewellery is pointless are actually just pick me's? I also have a nice house and car and all that stuff so don't call me trashy(samefagging scrote)

No. 1032970

Jee whiz I hate reddit

No. 1032974

Because you sound like an angry scrote.
That's you. That's how you argue.

No. 1032975

i haven't said 2 words to you you freak
there's more than one person in this thread that thinks you're a retard

No. 1032977

You keep saying gold digger but we're talking about nice rings. A gold digger is going to care about way more than a fucking ring. Cheap ass bitch.

No. 1032978

File: 1642616365042.jpeg (13.62 KB, 300x300, f50b898d-262d-4636-99d1-cbbea7…)

Girlies stop with your infighting.

Either way, its about the fact that he even gave you a ring that matters not the price or quality.

i 23f had my 43m husband give me a 1$ ring pop ring and then took me out to mcdonalds for a $5.00 treat. I cried tears of joy anons, i was so happy that i now have have such a amazing and funny husband that gave me this cute ring. While me and my husband were going home to our apartment (i pay the rent and bills) i noticed that my ice ring pop melted so i was only left with the plastic, i was a bit sad but still happy that atleast i have that plastic for the remembrance of the ring and the only time my man took me out somewhere to eat. yayyyy.

Our relationship is currently perfect but i do feel a little tired since currently i am working 3 jobs and my husband left the only min wage part time job he worked at but i do understand since he was probably stressed there. Me and my husband currently live in a hoard since i am busy working 16 hours a day and my husband is too busy with video games and egirls so our apartment is a mess and i lost my 1$ ring pop that he gave me.

Currently i am pregnant and now my husband says he is questioning his gender and wants to become a transwoman, thats fine with me haha, i guess you could say i am a lesbian now hehe.

and so what if he is a man? stop being misandrist you bitch.

No. 1032979

Apparently there's more than one person who wants to defend your shit position all replying at the same time during dead hours. You're not fooling anyone, take your three alter personalities and fuck off to Jill's DID thread.

No. 1032983

okay you're actually mentally ill LMAO
whatever makes you feel better

No. 1032984

theres also more than one person here that alos thinks you are a butthurt male or a pickme.
Quit sperging retarded male.

No. 1032986

Goddamn the ammount of seething and coping. An quality ring isnt just about the ring, its about the man showing he values you and cares enough to show it. Men will marry you even if they dont give a fucking shit about you, just for the comfort og having a bangmaid mommy. If all he spends is 20 bucks on a piece of costume jewelry, he doesn't care. Its not about using the money for a house or a car or vacation or whatever, because a man who wont spend money on a ring for you that will last a lifetime and be a symbol of your everlasting love, sure as fuck wont spend his money on anything else for you either.


No. 1032987

Now THIS is redditposting!

No. 1032989

File: 1642616565779.jpg (40.57 KB, 625x626, 59438191.jpg)

No. 1032991

Maybe I will just to spite you~

No. 1032992

Stealing my asshole joke, real low

No. 1032994

ok but can yall please stop giving that male attention? Its obvious that this place is crawling with male lurkers and the mention of a ring hit a nerve on one of them and now they cant stop sperging like a retard with their shitty comebacks.

Just stfu and he will go away.

No. 1032996

Maybe it's my ex fiance. He's such a cheap butthurt fag I wouldn't put it past him.

No. 1032999

You're here talking as if any woman here would like a ugly neckbeard like you let alone marriage lmao.

So when will go through the incel to Troon pipeline? Mommy is waiting.

No. 1033000

File: 1642616991800.jpeg (441.73 KB, 828x1064, 938442BB-4BBD-4896-B90F-AC1253…)

kek 10/10

No. 1033005

Why do insecure married women always scream and cry so much about their wedding jewellery jesus christ shut up(scrote)

No. 1033006

Cmon anon you and I both know finding male partners is fucking easy. Keep seething though kek

No. 1033010

because their entire marriage is based off how much their moid paid for the engagement ring

No. 1033016

Alright Lainey your silicone ring to replace the nickel ring from a vending machine turning your finger green is just as much of a symbol of love as a real ring. Can you calm down now?

No. 1033017

Its not about the ring you moron. Its about the FINANCIAL STATUS of a man and how much he cares.

The broke losers who are just looking for a woman who will finance their whole life, will buy some cheap 20$ giftshop shit because he can't afford it or doesn't care.

No. 1033019

stop feeding the scrote

No. 1033022

have fun

No. 1033027

File: 1642617980284.jpg (136.97 KB, 707x599, Screenshot_20220119-194146_Chr…)

Whenever I want to give men the benefit of the doubt I remember I know like 3 men irl who has done the same and then I remember why they are the lesser sex

No. 1033031

He’s getting what he deserves tbh

No. 1033032


lol'ing at how this also happened to one of my friend's exes. imagine masturbating for someone you don't even know on webcam… they really are just monkeys with no forethought and if i was one of these scammers i would get my wire transfer and then distribute the content to all of his friends and family anyways

No. 1033034


ok maybe that was a little harsh bc his family doesn't deserve that but i would definitely make it his twitter bio

No. 1033036

I'm going to hunt you down and take out your space bar and youllbetypinglikethisandthenmaybeyoulllearnyourlesson

No. 1033038

lmao fucking retard

No. 1033040


she's got dildos and vibrators in the background of the 2nd photo and states she's poly in the comments. What a mess.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1033046

That second pic is definitely at some sort of safe sex clinic. Books about queerness and a coat rack.

No. 1033050

File: 1642618768132.png (267.79 KB, 315x358, Goots2.PNG)

Fatima doesn't love herself

lol at her fat girl angle shots
She couldn't learn how to do her eyeliner properly?

No. 1033056


reminds me of >>1032750 and >>1032030 lol

No. 1033061

File: 1642619138597.png (Spoiler Image, 693.8 KB, 640x853, atyreffqfoc81.png)

that top certainly is… a choice

No. 1033065

"I need a top what will emphasize that my girls are lopsided"

No. 1033071

what a stupid nitpick. if anything it emphasises how saggy and grandma tits they are

No. 1033073

Girl are you not noticing how the left one is so much larger, like substantially

No. 1033077

Hope she goes with the second picture, despite the background noise it does suit her the best.

Men don't care. If they think you'll give them the boobies then they'll take what they can get and all they care about is that you'll have em out.

No. 1033079

File: 1642619865285.png (452 KB, 898x1155, Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 2.15…)

god is she the most awful pickme… not to bodyshame but god damn her tits look disgusting. luna tier. moids really like this shit huh? i'm so glad i wouldn't date a redditbro. also this is just embarassing. are you not embarassed?

No. 1033080

most women have tits where one is larger than the other, it's not really an "unattractive" thing, it's way more unattractive when they're as saggy as hers. reminds me of luna slater's tits

No. 1033084

>her body is disgusting
Except to the people giving her attention for it, why are you mad and comparing her to Luna?

No. 1033088

holy shit she dounds insufferable. all these posts aout being a kweer pussy lovin' wlw but she's so desperate for male attention

No. 1033089

I guess I wouldn't know because I am only familiar with my own girls. I can't even imagine having boobs that big though, it must be so uncomfortable, and the sagging would be totally unavoidable.

No. 1033092

>"How do I stop fearing people are only using me for my body"
>Posts multiple photos of her body in 'free compliments' threads, including NSFW

No. 1033094

File: 1642620685741.jpg (48.24 KB, 500x364, just-a-normal-tea-party-nothin…)

Idk why some women are so eager to be fap material for a group of men who are stuck at the wrong end of many bell curves

No. 1033105

File: 1642621254469.jpg (94.66 KB, 736x1308, 0da968d670d84e1a748767bb8b4c56…)

Pinkpill and gender critical were banned not fds. They were home for me and I honestly hate everything I've tried to replace them with. Donno where to go…… But you know what??? The misogynists here are just as bad as they are on Reddit. Possibly even much worse. It's the same over at cc.

No. 1033106

Honestly I think she's cute, but imagine you start dating someone like her and come across her reddit account to find out she's such a huge pickme… eww.

No. 1033110

yeah, you can find someone a dumbass without shitting on everything they are like an idiot incapable of understanding nuance

No. 1033112

This. There's a lot of "woke misogyny" on Lolcow, not gonna lie

No. 1033117

i can find some tits disgusting without hating the whole person too, kek, stop policing gossip on a gossip site

No. 1033124

damn the post has been deleted and I can't find the pic with the sex toys kek does anyone have a screenshot?

No. 1033137

22?????? I cant believe we’re the same age she looks 10 years older

No. 1033140

Reminds me of that one mod post of FDS that said that normally there's not a lot of male posting, but once a post about men paying for anything hits the top of the subs front page, all hell breaks loose pretty much every single time lmao.

No. 1033151

File: 1642623106494.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1080x1929, groovy.png)

I don't have it but I found her insta kekkk

No. 1033171

Yeah but why this woman out of the many? Weird energy all of the sudden.

No. 1033174

I think it just kind of happens, anon, people are just participating in a conversation. It's not like it's a conspiracy.

No. 1033175

Might be a vendetta post, or a self post, since we know she likes attention (though this place is mostly female, and there's no hook-up culture on LC so she probably won't get much, if any lesbian attention)

No. 1033178

>big titted super slut
jesus christ

No. 1033184

I'm trying to even think if I've ever seen r/Tinder posted here before even to shittalk a scrote. I don't care per se, was just hoping it would be worse than an attention whore is all.

No. 1033208

imageboard, you are supposed to take pics jfc. now its all deleted in less than a day because of course it is.
>nonnie described it!!
it is literally a imageboard, posts pictures not descriptions tf

No. 1033210


it was on the top page of reddit, i saw it earlier today

No. 1033228

It's still showing up for me? Did you say something to get blocked lol.

No. 1033232

Samefag oh the pictures are gone. Looks like mods removed them.

No. 1033254

IDK, it just reminded me how people call average looking cows hideously ugly. You are free to write whatever obviously

No. 1033266

I feel the same. Unless one has a pornified idea that big boobs are supposed to be gravity-defying her tits don't seem freakish to me.
The bigger issue is that she's a libfem poly pickme, but that's being glossed over because anons would rather cry about a fat girl making it to r/all.

No. 1033268


have you been on Ovarit

No. 1033291

File: 1642632916389.png (92 KB, 639x438, neg.png)

Why do women on Reddit lack common sense and need guidance/validation for every little thing? They can't do anything in life without first running to Reddit to ask what to do. Like in picrel it should be pretty obvious what your reaction to this should be.

No. 1033292

The entire reason women were given jewelry in the past was resale value in case they were widowed or divorced. Because women were often screwed out of inheritance due to shitty laws or shitty men etc., jewelry was basically treated as means of financial security. There are plenty of stories of women paying for food or escaping from a war-torn country by selling some pearls and rings. Engagement/wedding rings are basically a holdover from those times.

NGL, I actually sold some of the jewelry my ex-bf gave me when I found myself in some dire straits a few years back.

>big titted super slut
I actually feel bad for her, being this insecure must be soul crushing. Hope she gets better.

No. 1033295

File: 1642633297386.png (97.41 KB, 952x620, lol.png)

Didn't realize there was already a new thread

No. 1033296

Idk, this one is fair because every woman needs to be educated on the tactic of men negging their dates and that it's more than just being insecure over jokes. Sure she could block a jerk or two but if this happens a bit (and it always does on OLD) it could impact someone's self-esteem over time. This is one that requires perspective and reassurance that this is just a scrote thing, however the likelihood of reddit women coming to the rescue on this is improbably because #notallmen.

No. 1033297

File: 1642633345894.png (177.88 KB, 980x950, lol2.png)


No. 1033304

This is so dire… I'd rather be alone with a good vibrator than living this reality

No. 1033308

kind of wonder if shes in love with him but not attracted to him or shes just…bi or even lesbian but didnt give it a chance. she really should have tried more people and especially him before marriage damn.

No. 1033337

i dont actually have a problem with lab grown stones, i think they're a great option. but people who have them always gloat about it too. like not only did they get a nice ring with a shiny rock for cheaper they get to be sanctimonious about it for all of time too, what a deal!

No. 1033339

File: 1642637699220.gif (999.48 KB, 500x267, 1593029454748.gif)

>the diamonds and the rough, if you will

No. 1033347

6'2 with a 4.9inch cock… lol

No. 1033349

Stop blogging no1curr

No. 1033361

It must look like such a sad pathetic little sausage on that lanky body.

No. 1033366

That gif didn't age well.

No. 1033367

Kek. It’s actually so funny to me that the 2 (two) things moids get self conscious about, height and penis size, can’t be fixed without invasive and rare surgical procedures that no one actually does. Imagine them stewing and spewing in their goon-rooms “BUH BUH DONT BODYSHAME” and getting hundreds of upvotes on reddit, then they get to the real world and no actual woman would ever be satisfied or even fake satisfaction at a 5 inch dick. No wonder males are excelling at 2 (two) things, suicide and rape. They’re so fragile.

No. 1033368


No. 1033435

Almost posted the same thing word for word. Or instead of sex he just thinks exclusively of masturbation.

No. 1033442

They don't have to and most don't do most of that shit. Most men barely put effort into bathing never mind looking cute. 25K upvotes for something she likely barely believes herself. Men are so easy.

No. 1033474

that last comment holy shit, they are only 33!!?

No. 1033488

>text first
how is this hard??? you're not writing literature it's a fucking ig message
>look cute with no makeup
most redittors are ugly
>have nice cars and steady jobs
economic stability can be hard for plenty of people
>be tall
women literally have a thousand standars about face, height, weight, and a lot of these are made by insecure ugly fat dudes
>hide boners and be good at sex
they have entire subreddits dedicated to not satisfying their WIVES
>be a gentleman
They always make greasy and gross comments about women and their looks
>be in a good mood
they whine about EVERYTHING, muh girlfriend meaaaan, muh mummy told me to do smethiiiiing, muh women won't have sex with meee
i don't understand women who use reddit, they're literally subhuman

No. 1033489

yeah step 1. make sure your boyfriend simply doesn't use reddit

No. 1033669

File: 1642664036473.jpeg (441.89 KB, 629x1202, 4FB62E79-91E8-4CB6-B7F3-43B364…)

this definitely happened

No. 1033674

very nice

No. 1033677

>Worst present ever!

Sounds fake as fuck. When men imitate women, they seem to just imagine a cartoonish, arm crossed, foot stomping tantrum as a feminine display. Along with cliched terms like AS IF and WHATEVER.

Besides, if this was real she'd just sell it. And it's not likely some poorfag neckbeard redditor of an uncle was truly expected to buy a laptop, kek

No. 1033687

kek surprised there was no mention of people clapping. I've read shitty creepypasta that was more believable.

most likely scenario:
>be 18 year old going off to college
>weirdly young neckbeard uncle gives you shitty laptop as birthday present
>"uhhh thanks"
>end of conversation

No. 1033700

This is so weird, he sold his PSP (post is from 10 years ago kek) and “some other things” to buy a fairly expensive present for his niece? Why would you even buy something like that for a family member (that isn’t your child) when you clearly can’t afford it? I hate how so many of these stories on reddit make zero sense and almost nobody ever calls them out, the comments always eat it up.

No. 1033734

Men are so shit at imitating women it’s nuts
Even off of Reddit you can tell how hard they try to fit in.

No. 1033770

>putting all of that money into something like a car, a house, objects for your home, even a vacation
I think this is what I have a hard time with, I like the romance in the thought of my bf saving up and sacrificing to afford an expensive ring for me and being happy to do it, and I especially like the thought of the ring lasting a long time and becoming an heirloom, but money is fucking money lol, he could put that toward so many other things. I don't want kids but if you do, wouldn't you want that money going toward the kids or future kids' education or expenses? The argument might be "lol poorfag a 15k ring is nothing for my bf" but if it's nothing wouldn't you want him to spend MORE to show his love for you?

No. 1033796

tbh i don't see the romance in that at all, at the end of the day if you're getting married his money becomes your money and vice versa, so it's pretty much like you yourself spent a shit ton of money to buy a ring instead of using it on other stuff like you mentioned.

No. 1033827

STOP SPERGING OUT ABOUT ENGAGEMENT RINGS! It's so off-topic. There is a ring-thread in /g/ or go to the vent thread if you need to air your frustrations about what other people spend their money on.

No. 1033830

Stop being so sensitive on a fucking gossip site, are you really that insecure because someone said you and your nigel's spending habits are stupid?

No. 1033836

no it's just fucking tiring.this is a reddit thread not a ring one.just go there anon is right.i know it's difficult to grasp, many people just want to read reddit cringe and dont give a shit about the ring debate and wait for it to be over BUT YOU JUST WONT STOP

No. 1033842

Ovarit is cringe and filled with conservatives, mommyblogger types, BPD-chans, and people who care only about dunking on troons/gender ideology and nothing else

No. 1033853

That ratio lmao. 2.3k upvotes, 17.6k comments???

No. 1033859

I've had some ungrateful spoiled kids bitch about their presents to the point I actually would believe this but the "I sold my PSP and other things to buy a used laptop for her" part just makes it suspicious as fuck. Why would he hawk his own shit to buy a used laptop for his niece, not even a daughter? Laptops weren't that expensive 10 years ago, you could've gotten a good deal for a new one for around $300 if it's just for taking notes in college.

No. 1033978

who still uses engagement rings btw ? Isn't it a thing of the past ?

No. 1033982

its the fucking reddit hate thread, put your stupid question in the stupid questions thread where it belongs

No. 1033983

File: 1642686844981.gif (1.17 KB, 100x100, 2940403wb6p96of5k.gif)


No. 1034062

hard for them to imitate women when they've never talked to one

No. 1034602

File: 1642713150832.jpg (667.51 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20220121-000723_Sam…)

Autistic woman who recently lost a pregnancy gets her privacy invaded by her troon husband and comments defend him.

No. 1034604

File: 1642713279543.jpg (674.86 KB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20220121-000941_Sam…)

Comments saying its a-ok that her husband wants to wear a wig and bra and she shouldn't feel uncomfortable.

No. 1034630

>disgusted by tranny husband
>forces herself to have sex with him anyways
How the fuck do you end up this much of a pushover doormat? Take her behind the barn and end her suffering.

No. 1034648

She literally has a mental deficit anon. She's autistic, her social skills are significantly impaired. Come on.

No. 1034663

That and she went through trauma of miscarriage and infertility. Although it's probably a good thing this couple wont have a kid, she probably is unhappy about it.

No. 1034672

Yeah autistic people should not procreate. Imagine the poor child of an autistic mother and a tranny husband. Absolutely doomed.

No. 1034772

Easiest way to get an ego boost when you have no self esteem

No. 1034828

/r/raisedbyredditors coming soon

No. 1034846

File: 1642725292344.png (160.18 KB, 753x665, 0B2B9E96-F608-4197-A91C-79A2AF…)

Not sure if this has been posted before but I genuinely feel bad for any retard who gets meme’d into the poly shit. Especially women.

No. 1034849

Gore sperg is back

No. 1034855

Probably fake, it's always the other way around. Men who get that much sex and attention are top 0.01%, no way she thought he was too 'quirky' to get women.

No. 1035239

Dark if true. Usually what happens is the other way around. The moid requests an open relationship then immediately shuts it down when the girl is about to hook up with someone. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Personally, I think it's a /tinfoil/ satanic meme meant to sow division and sexual disorder. Like the shoehorned popularity of Onlyfans and the shilling of sex work positivity to teenagers.

No. 1035244

i was giving the authenticity of the story some validity until i got to the "400 tinder matches" part. give me a break. this reads like it was written by some bitter incel hoping to make men consider polyamory and make women seethe.

No. 1035266

No fucking way this is true, I agree with >>1035244 it's definitely an incel fantasy about a woman suffering

No. 1035277

Those copypastas where men get a ton of women after opening the relationship are sad lies, cucks who opened the relationship but couldn't get any women when their gf got with a ton of men write those stuff to feel better about themselves. As everyone knows, women have an easier time getting shitty casual sex to poly stuff only works for women.

No. 1035313

I feel like people in relationships gain confidence from having a partner. A fallback knowing you'll have sex, so her bf probably felt invincible on fucking tinder. He had nothing to lose pursuing any interested woman. Now her man is more interested in the variety, he's got a catalogue to browse through. He'll be bragging about this time of his life for the rest of his life. Open relationships are so fucking retarded.

No. 1035314

fake and gay, relationship_advice reddit is super triggered by poly, especially when it's the woman who wants it so almost every single day there will be a post from there on /r/all titled something like "my fucking whore girlfriend dared to ask what i think about open relationships and i owned her epic style with facts and logic"

No. 1035325

No way any dude would get 400 matches, no matter how hot lmao
Also no therapist would say things like "this relationship is not tenable" so yeah fake and gay like wise >>1035314 anon said

No. 1035336

Maybe I'm bitter but I can believe it. Single men usually have drunk pics and selfies on their profiles which isn't appealing. Dude in a relationship, his dopey gf probably had taken nice photos of him he's using. Maybe he's non threatening to look like. There's honestly so much shit on dating apps that a well presented man probably has his pick of matches. There's a guy I know that imo is totally average guy with nerdy interests and he's making his way through girls on tinder. It actually blows my mind.

No. 1035464

I don't know about that, I think people see a woman in an open relationship in a much worse light than the man and that will impact her prospects unless she literally has no standards for who she sleeps with. Though it's true it's usually always men opening relationships and 400 matches is a lot for a guy so those things are suspicious. I have been around polyfags before (thank goodness I don't know any anymore) and the women seem to be treated by men as though they doing ultimate betrayal of the bf even if the guy was the one who wanted to open the relationship and essentially bullied his gf into it. The guys who want to be with a "poly" woman usually see her as a one night stand material who they can treat terribly and do anything they want to because of what she is doing "to her man." Whereas guys in open relationships are less stigmatized (seen as a "chad" by many men, and given the benefit of the doubt by women) and have an easier time dating. Guys into poly are usually also maladjusted creeps who go for young women who don't know any better and think that if he already has a partner he must be a safe or desirable guy, so overall they can have better chances just because women on the whole are more forgiving about these weird relationship styles than men.

No. 1035741

OK scrote. I'll believe that a 300 pound neckbeard with a gf can score 400 women on tinder and get with people easier than their usually more attractive gfs because you said so.
Polyfags dont want multiple lovers, they want multiple fuckbuddies and since women have an easier time getting laid, this system usually works in their favor.

And no men sees poly guys as chads, I mean even if they did, poly dudes are actively getting cucked, quite literally.

No. 1035799

File: 1642790838510.png (6.85 KB, 495x79, popo.PNG)

hes a self proclaimed poly, tells you everything you need to know kek

No. 1036258

The point was that poly is horrible for women all around/in every role and that scrotes will glorify it and use it as an excuse to mistreat women, men will always try to make situations like this benefit them at the expense of their gf. The thing about him having hundreds of matches does sound extremely fake though, point taken.

No. 1036627

Yeah you're right. Sorry for the aggressive reply, I just hate it when men try to frame poly as them cucking their gfs and advertise it to other men when we know that's not the truth.

No. 1036638

File: 1642850471462.jpg (300.58 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20220122-141604_Sam…)

Transbian complains about not getting matches or only getting bots on dating app. Bonus points when he shamelessly asks why men want to sleep eith lesbian women when he's one of those men.

No. 1036646

Thanks anon, I appreciate that. We know it's not what scrotes make it out to be, but men will believe retarded shit like that when it comes from each other. The best outcome is for women to just avoid poly men like the plague

No. 1036737

File: 1642862452362.png (167.74 KB, 936x884, reddit_male.png)

Reddit woman has finally had enough of her husbands performance issues and decides to just use another man's sperm.

No. 1036743

> Imagine the poor child of an autistic mother and a tranny husband. Absolutely doomed.
this made me giggle so much

No. 1036765

that's really sad

No. 1036767

If he can't beat his porn addiction to make a baby with his wife, he deserves to be cucked. She should just leave him and find a man who can cum by having sex with a woman still, but I guess this way he will be humiliated raising another man's genetic offspring for the rest of his life. Kinda based as well.

No. 1036769

That's pathetic, poor woman, i understand her decision

No. 1036770

File: 1642864387174.png (119.65 KB, 924x690, reddit_male2.png)

Replies from OP, she wants to leave him if he disagrees with a sperm donor.

No. 1036771

He clearly doesn't want a baby. Why are they still together and why is he stalling on her? She should've just divorced him and get married to someone else. The scrote will resent the child and mother if they use donor sperm judging by his previous actions. It's going to be a nightmare.

No. 1036778

File: 1642864707023.png (105.98 KB, 1436x498, Porn keeps me faithful.png)

"If it wasn't for porn I would be cheating on my wife"

No. 1036779

File: 1642864743522.png (79.68 KB, 1361x497, coomers.png)

No. 1036783

File: 1642865076314.png (133.3 KB, 906x796, reddit_male3.png)

The replies are all people saying "BUT THINK ABOUT HOW HARD THIS MUST BE FOR HIM!!!" Ugh. Men are babied so much on reddit it's unreal.

No. 1036784


No. 1036832

a couple times a day… imagine being legally bound to these men. hell on earth.

No. 1036852

>absolute red flag
i cant believe even this phrase was appropriated by men

No. 1036877

i really don't care about this woman and i don't feel bad for her. if she has so many issues with her husband, why is she trying for a child with him? this relationship is clearly done in so many ways from how she's speaking. why have the child with him legally even? in her other posts she loves him so much and wants the child to be his so badly, but threatens this kind of ultimatium? i don't even cape for scrotes but i can't imagine trying to throw this in someone i love's face if they have legitimate physical issues and use someone else's sperm just because i want "my own" homegrown baby. like apparently his issues with performance have gotten to the point where she has considered surgical sperm extraction. i don't see the point in an ultimatum with someone i love deeply due to an issue they can't control. if he's jerking it to porn and killing his dick, that's one thing, but if it's genuinely something he can't help, i don't understand. i don't get fertilityfags anyways, there are so many kids who'd give anything for a loving family.

No. 1036920

Who are you?

No. 1036941

>a few APs
Kek these moids thinking they could have several girls when they can't even get hard.

No. 1036946

Women can't want to have kids of their own if their husband is infertile/has issues and should adopt because you think so? Go and adopt kids yourself instead.

No. 1036955

File: 1642872532158.png (125.84 KB, 872x602, ifound.png)

Sorry, but I found this funny. It's weird how everyone in the comments is saying he needs to leave her and it's sexual assault, while the OP literally seems more mad about her doing this, but not fucking him or otherwise interacting with him sexually

No. 1036959

Kek thid sounds like a bait but its so hilarious. I can't believe 54 reddit autists replied to this.

No. 1036961

I'm wheezing, this is gold

No. 1036976

There's nothing about a man's dick that a couple of days without touching it while looking at porn can't fix. All he needs to do is go one week nofap and he will jump on his wife like never before. Performance anxiety is a cope. He's just a porn addict.

And yeah "just adopt" is one of the most insensitive thing you can tell people with fertility issues. Of course people want to have their own kids that look like them, that's part of what makes having kids so amazing. Raising someone elses kids is not the same.

No. 1037027

>Of course people want to have their own kids that look like them, that's part of what makes having kids so amazing. Raising someone elses kids is not the same

No. 1037166

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1037170

wtf anon

No. 1037247

>Raising someone elses kids is not the same.
What a classic male saying. You're disgusting and a handmaiden. You sound like a male.

No. 1037308

I wish men never learned red flag or gaslight

No. 1037312

i wish men never learned how to read or write

No. 1037323

i wish men never

No. 1037435

>Reee! I'm not a cuck!
Everyone breeding no matter how shit there genes leads to disability and retard males. You can still raise a child that isn't yours, only disease/disability is genetic, not intelligence.

No. 1037437

Retarded take. Having kids is not a right, just look at nature, not every animal gets to pass on it's genes. If a woman is willing even then its debatable since the choice isn't made in a vacuum and can be affected by desperation and poverty. There are many children who lose or are rejected by their parents and still deserve a loving parent to raise them. Ego shouldn't get in the way if you are infertile. Fate made it's point. Buying peoples bodies is immoral.

No. 1038123

File: 1642948382549.jpg (192.15 KB, 980x718, puppypee.jpg)

I just got warned from reddit for calling this video disgusting. In the video the woman pisses on the floor fully naked, and the guy hits her and calls her bad and makes her go in a cage

No. 1038129

File: 1642948882943.jpeg (67.92 KB, 512x512, 33CE9FAF-ED79-468B-B211-5F02AA…)

So he’s fine with her grabbing his dick and singing “I found a penis” to the tune of “oh my darling clementine”, what gets him upset is that she doesn’t fuck him afterwards?

No. 1038136

Don’t you know, nonnie?! People with disgusting fetishes are as marginalized as black people and the Jewish would be in a nazi regime! You’re literally hitler! Stop murdering people with your sane reactions!

No. 1038324

File: 1642956847205.png (Spoiler Image, 198.67 KB, 678x637, 788n.png)

This is from TikTok, but it has this shit? I'm confused. Is TikTok not supposed to be a child-friendly app?

No. 1038329

Are you serious?
It would be one thing if she didn't even try but she organized a literal insemination and this guy couldn't deliver. He's pathetic.
People are so god damn harsh on women for being upset when their husbands can't give them babies, and yet radio silence when men leave their wives for the same damn issues or for less. And I know men who leave their infertile wives don't even try to handhold them through IVF. I guess men are once again granted permission to pursue their wants but women cannot, because we have to cuck ourselves and raise someone else's genetic irresponsibilities to prove we're nurturing people or something idk.

No. 1038377

this man doesn't want a baby and this woman is too stupid to see it. IVF is immoral anyway so I don't feel bad for her. Other anon was retarded but was right in asking why this woman is dead set on having a baby with a man she resents. Pathetic.

No. 1038436

Stop shitting the thread. If you advocate for adoption adopt yourself. Adoption is very dangerous since most moids only dont fuck their children because it's theirs, I've heard so many horror stories of husband's assaulting adopted children.

No. 1038478

and who is to say that anon isn't going to adopt? why must posters jump to attacking people as if they are necessarily hypocritical when you have literally 0 information about the poster? people can advocate for a moral position and also live that truth. the truth is that people claiming to love kids yet need one that "looks like them" and "is theirs" don't genuinely love and care for kids. if you love kids, you want to actually stop the material suffering of children. also fucking weird thing to jump to. raise a kid on your own if you necessarily assume your guy is going to fuck kids. and just lol @ the idea men don't commit incest at terrifying frequencies as well.

No. 1038483

Maybe she'd leave him afterwards, he sounds like prime divorce material.

No. 1038492

Men commit incest but the chances of them assaulting an adopted child is so much higher that I wouldn't put a child through that risk if I was adopting with a male.
I'm sorry but I don't think men should be around children nevermind random children who they're most likely going to have sexual urges towards once they get older.
Instead of advocating, do it yourself. Adopt children yourself instead of telling women they have to do so if they're having fertility problems.

No. 1038502

File: 1642964879496.jpeg (185.91 KB, 628x736, 29654C03-500C-4DF1-A252-E763D4…)

No. 1038512

This could actually be based depending on how you look at it. I hope British radfems are embracing the TERF Island thing.

No. 1038518

Most people don't want to adopt, lol. Sorry for "sounding male" for pointing something out that 99% of society feels, but don't openly say because it's "immoral" to say that you want your own kids instead of raising someone else's. Yeah I want my kids to have my DNA and I want them to look like me, I think that's fucking awesome. I want to look in my child's face and see my husband's nose, see my eyes, see his smile. They are half you and half the person you love, something that grew inside you for 9 months, something you went through hours of pain and contractions to birth and finally hold in your arms. It's freaking amazing, a bond you could never have with anyone else. And if most people didn't feel like this then they would adopt instead of having their own kids.

No. 1038572

>Kinksters who piss all over the floor are a marginalized group
Reddit is a parody of reddit

No. 1038619

How is it immoral?

No. 1038634

>maintenance sex
Good lord. Why has society been memed into having dead bedrooms? I lived this for 2 years in my mid 20s and ended an engagement over it. Sex is important. Not to be corny but if love making is a huge effort maybe you're not as in love as you think? I since had an equal length of time in a relationship with someone else and we had frequent regular sex. We broke up for completely unrelated reasons though.

No. 1038660

File: 1642972807502.png (108.8 KB, 1431x574, I did it - solo sleeping.png)

"DAE ask their wife to move into the guest bedroom because she won't have sex with you??"

No. 1038668

>Don't want my wife near me any second she wont be fucking me… Wonder why why she's not fucking me, definitely not because I see her as a pocketpussy
Why are men so retarded? Instead of acting like a decent husband and communicating his problems, he pushes her away even further.

No. 1038674

Most people don't adopt because they have this retarded ideology and they want a mini version of themselves or their lover and it's actually fucking expensive to do as a woman. Personally I think that if you want kids you wouldn't give a shit where it cane from or of it looks like you or not, because I would want to nurture, raise it and pass on my ways/knowledge/values first and foremost. If it wasn't nearly impossible I would absolutely adopt instead of having a child myself (also because I hate pregnancy). I couldn't care less about genes, mine are shit anyway and so are a lot of other peoples'.

No. 1038676

That's an unpopular opinion. People want their own kids and it's not a weird or immoral take. It's the human condition. Some people have their own kids and also foster/adopt. It's not one or the other.

No. 1038837

fucking reddit that is disgusting

No. 1038842

File: 1642981441126.png (61.34 KB, 313x229, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 01.40…)

I assume this is the right topic to talk about this, I despise r/amiugly and the similar subreddits. I posted there once as I have terribly low self esteem and bad decision-making skills. aside from the disgusting moids who just want to tear any woman down and nitpicks the most retarded shit (One said he'd have to get more pictures to see if I was chubby) and the amount of men flirting in the inbox was disgusting. and no, that's not a humblebrag, there's nothing to brag about bottom of the barrel scrotes trying to score with women that have such low self esteem they resort to begging reddit scrotes for approval. whenever i pointed out they were suddenly appalled that I thought that's what they were trying to do, like they weren't three messages away from whipping their dick out. Fuck scrotes, fuck r/amiugly, fuck reddit.

No. 1038848

Based. I also have low self esteem and can relate to you nona. Those men's opinions don't matter, the ones who insult you are trying to neg you and fuck you, the ones that compliment you also do so as well. Reddit men are trash.

No. 1038851

The only people who get upvoted on that god forsaken board are women looking for cheap and easy scrote validation. Men are always fucking lurking there and give nothing substantial besides rating them on subtle fuckability which means absolutely nothing only to their tiny wet dicks. I wish they had a board only for women as a comfy space where other female redditors can exchange photos and ask for appearance/fashion tips to improve their looks without having to worry about “performing” for scrotes or getting harassed by them

No. 1038852

There was Vindicta but it's almost an incel looksmaxx forum for women so they usually talk about surgery

No. 1039065

It would be flooded by troons in no time

No. 1039154

Wow queen you’re such an impressive, compassionate person. Please keep talking about yourself and your irrelevant fucking opinions that we all love to hear.(infighting)

No. 1039156

>nonsaged infighting about women having kids
Nice bait. Now go back to r/childfree and stop derailing.(infighting)

No. 1039171

why did you even respond to that post with what you said?

No. 1039218

>Adoption is very dangerous since most moids only dont fuck their children because it's theirs, I've heard so many horror stories of husband's assaulting adopted children.
how about you just marry a scrote you can trust not to assault a child? what the fuck

No. 1039262

A "friend" posted my pictures on subreddits like that to show me that I didn't have to have low self-esteem. Bitch, I have mental health issues and Reddit losers objectifying me is just making it worse. Female Reddit posters are beyond broken.

No. 1039268

Wow this really makes me want to eradicate half of the human population thanks nonnie

No. 1039339

It still blows my mind how Woody Allen married his daughter as soon as she was legal and people still deny there was any sort of grooming or abuse

No. 1039342

I hate this argument because yes and no. Yes you should marry scrotes you can trust around kids but you can't trust anyone 100% to not touch kids, this is the kind of stuff that leads to "no he wouldn't do that I didn't marry a guy who would do that" arguments if they situation were to arise. It's okay to take precautions to prevent child molestation and it's okay to admit that maybe you aren't a psychic and can tell who people are completely

No. 1039350

i mean yes obviously take precautions but if the precautions you feel the need to take are as severe as "don't leave unrelated children around him" then you're definitely with the wrong person. there's kind of a massive difference between "my moid would never harm a woman or a girl ever!!!!" and "i can't adopt a child because he might molest them"

No. 1039366

do you know about fourthwavewomen on Reddit? it's still reddit, but yeah

No. 1039371

I understand but still, people aren't always who they claim to be and you need to be extra cautious

No. 1039381

File: 1643029194064.png (164.75 KB, 839x789, Is a sexless marriage worth br…)

No. 1039383

File: 1643029361299.png (234.41 KB, 1484x1148, How many times do you married …)

(Ok, I realize that the comment I included is downvoted quite a bit but still)

No. 1039385

File: 1643029417842.png (59.64 KB, 1401x358, How many times do you married …)

No. 1039386

Hi babe, time for your weekly mandated blowjob to ensure I don’t cheat on you!

No. 1039388

>2 kids
Bleak. Glad my 20s were spent better than this.

No. 1039396

Honestly don't think this is unreasonable at all. People stop putting effort into their sex life and then wonder why their marriage falls apart. It's very important for partnership and bonding (especially to men, there are studies on this) to have sex. I would be pissed too if my husband humped me unenthusiastically and made it clear he didn't want to have sex. It makes you feel undesirable and shit.

You should always date people who have the same sex-drive as you, otherwise you will need to compromise or break up. It just doesn't work long-term otherwise. Women who don't ever want to have sex should just pick one of the many coomer scrotes out there who are fine jerking their dicks to porn every day and will leave you alone. If you date a man who isn't a coomer then you should have sex with him. Don't be surprised if your husband is unhappy if you never show sexual interest in him, this shouldn't even need to be said lol.

Of course bringing up cheating as an alternate is fucking trash. Just break up, that marriage is over.

No. 1039400

If all women were able to abide by this advice only 15% of moids would ever get married

No. 1039405

Not related to that post but really I think a lot of the women who “don’t ever want to have sex” don’t get treated romantically so it never leads up to anything. Would you feel like fucking some dumbass Redditor who plays video games staring yelling at a screen all day and doesn’t show an ounce of intimacy to you? Especially when people have stressful and busy lives, it’s hard to get out of that work, sleep, repeat mode without a mutual romantic connection and not just getting horny at the drop of a hat and having your partner seethe on Reddit because you didn’t hop on his dick while he’s playing overwatch

No. 1039424

I agree with you, anon, because the common theme in a lot of these dead bedroom posts by scrotes is that they seem to expect their wives or girlfriends to just be horny at a moment's notice. If they aren't willing to put in the effort for any romance or foreplay or making time to spend with his wife where she might feel comfortable being the one initiating, I really don't know what they expect. You can't just treat your partner like an appliance you turn on with the push of a button and expect to have a healthy sex life, but that's beyond these reddit dudes for some reason.

No. 1039433

Even if you do have a matched libido it can drift apart, it's described in some of these posts.

Most of these posts are made by like 40 year olds aren't they? The young ones seem like an exception, but yeah I'm sure there's boomer equivalents to the scrotes you describe

No. 1039458

File: 1643037134781.png (352.03 KB, 828x792, EA2BE3F1-5AD5-4A30-AEE7-6EA676…)

>it’s not socially imposed
>our fathers kept breeding with women
Why do moids love to disassociate from their female ancestors, the ones who were most likely impregnated against their will and were responsible for the survival of their entire retarded bloodline while the “father” is no where to be seen, probably went and died somewhere.

No. 1039461

I don't understand why people date people who they feel no attraction/romantic connection for in the first place. If you are attracted to your partner you want to be sex with them, if you need to go out of your way to be wooed off your feet for anything to happen, sorry but you probably weren't really attracted to your boyfriend to begin with. Can only speak for myself but I love my boyfriend and I love to have sex with him, we both have matching libidos so we have no issues. I don't need him to buy me roses every day as some weird trade-off for sex. He does buy me flowers, cook for me or buy me gifts, makes me compliments etc. but I don't see it as a trade for sex like some women apparently do. We just jump on each other whenever we feel like it cause we are attracted to each other.

Just date people you're attracted to. I guess fat redditors have to settle for each other and then just be miserable forever cause neither is attracted to the other and they have to play a whole back and forth game over having sex forever. Sounds miserable.

No. 1039464

This is my experience too so you have permission to speak for me as well

No. 1039468

well you see, your bf isn't a manchild and he treats you right. you wouldn't want to fuck him if your relationship was in the dumps and he was acting like a screaming baby. Which is a reason to dump someone, but if people want to stay in the relationship, the guilty party needs to start putting in effort and not be shocked when they cannot get sex while not doing anything to be sexually attractive

No. 1039472

Now see how he keeps up his good behavior and physique after 3, 6, 12 years together. After 1, 2, 4 kids, maybe a difficult pregnancy, health complications, job problems, family tragedy, a mortgage. Life is hard and a lot of the time it falls on the wife or gf to keep shit from completely falling apart and over time that breeds resentment. I see it, it's a pattern, the woman picks up more and more while the man trains her to accept his mediocrity while their sex dries up and while he plays innocent

No. 1039475

You're attracted to your boyfriend because he treats you well. A lot of these women have the guy go through the motions in the beginning, and then stop because they got her already. Why does he need to keep putting in effort? The lazy slob wasn't the guy she fell in love with. Of course they are going to be turned off when he shows his real colors, because that's not who he presented as in the beginning.

No. 1039504

Yeah, but why date a manchild to begin with?

>good physique
kek, way to assume I am attracted to gymbros who work out every day. People have different tastes you know, I'm blessed to be very attracted to his figure that he doesn't have to do anything for. I'm also just attracted to him as a person and us going through hardships and growing old together has only ever made me more attracted to him. I don't know what any of the shit you listed has to do with sexual attraction to my partner, why would I be less attracted to him when we are going through rough times? We've already been trough a lot and it has never had an affect on our sex-life. We've been together for over 5 years now and still have sex every day.

>You're attracted to your boyfriend because he treats you well.
No. I'm attracted to him because he's handsome, funny, intelligent and kind. I don't need him to treat me any specific way to want to have sex with him. You appear to be one of those women who thinks sex can only happen if the man earns it, I disagree with this. I can't imagine living like that tbh, like.. I want to have sex? Should I just say no on days where he forgets to do a chore because he didn't do "his part" in the relationship? Why do you all view women as the gatekeepers of sex and men as the ones who need to work for it? It's this unhealthy mindset that leads your relationships to self-destruct. Just date someone you want to fuck.

If a man changes his personality after you have started dating that's a different issue and you should probably dump him, but if you only want to have sex with your boyfriend because of how much effort he puts into wooing you… you're not attracted to him. Let me put it like this: I like to eat a lasagna weather it is out of a tupperware container on my couch or on a nice plate in a fancy restaurant. It's nice to go to a fancy restaurant sometimes, but I still like to eat lasagna either way cause it is delicious. Maybe you just don't like your lasagna and it's the restaurant and plate you like.

No. 1039513

Basically once you start seeing sex as some sort of transaction where one side has to "earn it", your sex-life is already fucked beyond repair.

No. 1039525

Not any of those anons you replied to, but why are you being so unrealistic about matters just because your relationship is going well (for now)?
Manchildren tend to hide the fact that they're petulant and lazy until later then slowly unload burdens onto their partners like frogs in boiling water, that's part of their grift. It wouldn't work if during the first year of dating they show their true colors, that's why women act blindsided because they are. Many men "flip switch" as soon as they're married, bought a house together, and have kids which means they can't be left as easily–and contrary to what lolcow thinks, divorce and dumping someone under these circumstances is extremely difficult and requires planning that women without the proper support systems aren't likely to accomplish alone.

Good for you that you've been having sex every single day for five years (I seriously hope he put a ring on it by now sis), but this isn't realistic either. You are the exception and not the rule. I don't even know other people with face value healthy relationships that fuck everyday or would.
The fact is people do undergo stressors and life events that put strains on relationships and nevermind if their partner isn't doing their share. If my partner were acting inconsiderate of me one day, there's no way I'd be in the mood to fuck no matter how 'healthy' the general relationship would be.

>I'm attracted to him because he's handsome, funny, intelligent and kind.

>I don't need him to treat me any specific way to want to have sex with him.
This is a contradiction. If he's kind, funny, and smart then those are characteristics that earn your respect as they are not inherit to people day by day. He works at that. Many humans can become uncaring, cruel, and ignorant or just act like it during a bad day.
I'm unsure about the appearance part (you could be attracted to a slobby neckbeard for all I know) but assuming all men have a handsome appearance without any effort is a joke. That's why their partners become dissatisfied later in life because they start to lapse on their exercise, hygiene, and diet which made them attractive in the first place. I'd be offended as a woman if my partner acted like none of the effort I put into my appearance counted towards it because that's a bullshit lie.
Wanting to have sex with your partner is primarily about respect. No woman goes "Oh sweetie you didn't do a chore for me today? Fine no blowie for you~" it's more like the woman has to become like his mother having to nag and get stern over not being helped over the course of many days. It's a slow burn and a drag. It's not "transactional," it's being unattracted to teenage behavior and feeling more like a mom to an adult man than an equal. I wouldn't want to fuck someone who habitually upset me and who I needed to mommy even if he were the hottest guy on the planet. Who respects that?

No. 1039539

>I don't need him to treat me any specific way to want to have sex with him.
so if you spent all day changing diapers running on no sleep while he sat around playing video games and masturbating to reddit porn that would still make you want to have sex with him? you seem to fundamentally misunderstand that it's not about "fulfilling your part in the transaction", it's about "being the kind of person your partner wants to have sex with". if a woman doesn't want to have sex with a man who isn't pulling his weight around the house, it's not because she's keeping score - no one acts like that. it's because it's difficult to be atracted to someone when they are acting uncaring and unhelpful. you honestly sound like you cannot be older than mid 20s and have no idea how sex and attraction ebb and flow in relationships after the honeymoon period ends and the kids/life responsibilities begin. i genuinely suggest you save that screed somewhere and look back on it in like 10-15 years.

No. 1039565

Like I said, if your partner changes his behavior during your relationship and becomes a different person, that's a separate issue and you should definitely work on that or break up. I'm sure that has an effect on the entirety of the relationship though and not just the sex-life and it seems that a lot of women, instead of talking about it, start to passive-aggressively withhold sex in hopes that he will change and then start to hand out sex only on his birthday or when he buys her something. It's incredibly unhealthy and doesn't work. If you're already married then it sucks that you didn't speak about your expectations from each other before getting married I guess.

I'm mostly talking about people who say that they are only attracted to their partner and only want to have sex if the man behaves in a specific way, usually in a fantasy romanticized way that no normal person can keep up in day-to-day life or for 10, 20, 50 years. I'm still attracted to my man when he's sitting on the couch in sweatpants with unwashed hair, cause I think he's hot. I find him even more attractive when he's dressed in a suit with his hair done, but I don't require him to look like that to be attracted to him or want to have sex with him. But if you are only attracted to the best version of your partner then you will eventually be disappointed because nobody can keep that up forever. Which is why you should date someone you are TRULY attracted to. You will eventually find out what they are like when they don't put in the extreme effort that they have in the beginning phase, usually within the first year. That's your chance to see if you still want to bang him when he's wearing sweatpants and his old college shirt full of holes or not. Every person will eventually settle into some sort of comfort-state in the relationship, that shit is great and cozy and if you have real attraction it doesn't change anything, in fact it brings you closer together.

>I seriously hope he put a ring on it by now sis

We're getting married this year

No. 1039568

>I'm attracted to him because he's…kind. I don't need him to treat me any specific way to want to have sex with him.
Yeah, so you wouldn't be attracted to him if he treated you like garbage (I hope). Who the hell is talking about gatekeeping sex? You're naturally NOT going to want to have sex with someone if they don't treat you thoughtfully, kindly, and with respect.

No. 1039573

>so if you spent all day changing diapers running on no sleep while he sat around playing video games and masturbating to reddit porn that would still make you want to have sex with him?
I would never date a redditor so I don't think I need to imagine this fantasy scenario. If you date a guy who watches porn or uses reddit the it's your own fault if you end up in a sexless relationship lol.

No. 1039578

What I meant is that I don't need him to do romantic gestures for me to get me in the mood for sex. Anon above said:
>a lot of the women who “don’t ever want to have sex” don’t get treated romantically so it never leads up to anything
So my point was that if you need your partner to romance you every time before you have sex then you're probably not really attracted to him in the first place, you're attracted to the romancing and the gestures and he is replaceable by anyone else doing the same things.

If he changes aspects of his personality entirely and becomes a different person then of course I would not be attracted to him anymore, that's not what I was talking about tho.

No. 1039583

File: 1643044815005.png (23.57 KB, 601x327, fbgfgdbvd.png)


nonninas, i know this might sound lame and extreme but this thread nearly brought me to tears. the op's sister walked in on her and her boyfriend doing ~consensual non-consent~ where he held her by her throat and degraded her, the sister had an emotional reaction and people in the thread are calling the sister an evil close-minded manipulator and preaching about how pretend rape is totally valid and empowering to survivors. i hate this world that hurts women and teaches us to love the hurt.

No. 1039587

>So my point was that if you need your partner to romance you every time before you have sex then you're probably not really attracted to him in the first place, you're attracted to the romancing and the gestures and he is replaceable by anyone else doing the same things.
With all due respect, you don't get it and honestly, I hope you don't since your relationship is going great

No. 1039590

I still don't agree with you. A lot of women's sex drives work differently. Approach sex too flippantly and inevitably some women will be turned off. Maybe you're one of the women who can instantly get in the mood (I am too), but if my boyfriend NEVER treated me in a romantic manner even I would stop getting turned on. I don't want him to treat me like a fwb, but someone he loves.
>you're attracted to the romancing and the gestures and he is replaceable by anyone else doing the same things.
You can honestly say the same thing for the male sex drive. He's attracted to sticking it in you and cumming inside, you are replaceable by anyone else doing the same things.

No. 1039597

The sister is based, if my friend or family member was such a degenerate I would also cut them off.

No. 1039601

File: 1643045176470.jpg (94.69 KB, 907x1360, 61nVJ0ZerZL.jpg)

> it seems that a lot of women, instead of talking about it, start to passive-aggressively withhold sex in hopes that he will change and then start to hand out sex only on his birthday or when he buys her something. It's incredibly unhealthy and doesn't work. If you're already married then it sucks that you didn't speak about your expectations from each other before getting married I guess.
You sound like an incel scrote or a scrotette. "Those awful harpies withholding holes!" I recommend you picrel so you find out all about responsive desire, which is something common in women

No. 1039609

I think it's just harder for women to find someone they are truly attracted to because our standards are higher, so many settle for a man they feel "meh" about and it has to be compensated by a lot of gestures and romancing because just the man is not enough. To me romancing and sweet gestures are something that is a bonus, not a requirement. I still feel a strong romantic connection even when we do the most mundane shit like going to the grocery store together, but because we are both super into each other it comes very naturally to us to be sweet and loving without any extra effort.

No. 1039615

Can't have a single discussion where someone goes against the hivemind opinion without someone yelling "YOU MUST BE A SCROTE!". It's so fucking tiring. Have fun with your search for Mr. Right who will play your sex-trade-games with you.

No. 1039618

Wait I thought women have always been the ones picking mates and that's why incels were a thing and all wimmins were evil!! Then doesn't that mean hairless and fit guys are the ideal male beauty since women chose them and helped us evolve towards that path?
Reddit scrotties contradict with themselves every sentence they make. No male of any species is the one who does the choosing, it's always females and they gatekeep evolution by choosing healthy mates.

No. 1039632

>To me romancing and sweet gestures are something that is a bonus, not a requirement.
Would you feel the same way if you never went on dates with him, if he never complimented you, never did thoughtful things for you, never anticipated your needs, never did things to make you life easier, didn't long to be with you, and so on? Then he is basically a friend you have sex with, isn't he?
She's calling you a scrote because you can't empathize with other women. Honestly, it's pretty crazy you can't see the importance of ROMANCE in a ROMANTIC relationship.

No. 1039637

are you so brain damaged that you don't realize "reddit and porn" here is a stand in for just general unhelpful lazy piee of shit behavior? you can substitute it for anything else from "ignoring childcare in favor of focusing on his stamp collection" to "making me pick up after him so he could write psychedelic folk music"

No. 1039641

She does get it. I was engaged to a moid that I didn't have sex with and I use to tell him if he would be more x y and z I would and if you would initiate it like this I would and lo and behold he'd follow through and I'd still be like hmm nope you were rude to me yesterday lol. I had lost sexual attraction go him that's why I didn't want to fuck him. He had bad days when I use to find him fuckable and I'd still fuck him, we use to even have passionate make up sex but once you lose sexual attraction the relationship is pretty much dead. I'm glad I never married him.

No. 1039679

No, she really doesn't and neither do you. You may be right about the loss of sexual attraction, but her judgment of women wanting to be treated right by their men as seeing them as replaceable is some bs

No. 1039697

File: 1643049044193.png (93.46 KB, 1362x580, but what about the men.png)

A very Reddit response. A woman is traumatized after seeing her sister being ~consensually~ choked out by her boyfriend? But what about the boyfriend's feelings tho

No. 1039702

What? Her whole point is a relationship should be strong in all factors. Obviously if a man is not treating you right fucking him is the last thing on your mind, but there are people that have dead bedrooms and still get on well together. I lived that before and I can understand the frustrations. I use to suffer through "maintenance sex" but I never even thought to call it that and I pretty much zoned out during it. I've also been on the receiving end of that, it eats you up it's not good for either parties to fuck someone disinterested in you. In my case when the sex stopped indefinitely so did the affection. My ex even complained when I tried to cuddle or kiss because he knew it was never going to lead anywhere and he didn't want disappointed so we just didn't do anything. Then we started getting irritated and I use to shush him in bed for just breathing. It was a mess.

No. 1039704

File: 1643049342607.png (142.99 KB, 1017x695, everyone processes trauma diff…)

And another ~uwu kinks are valid~ take from heckin' wholesome redditors. Also noticed that a lot of the comments were saying shit like "your sister is probably a SA survivor and that's why she's freaking out" as if you cannot be disgusted by a rape fetish without having been assaulted yourself. Reddit really cannot see that their fetishes and kinks aren't universally accepted as normal, they are that porn-brained. Thankfully there was a decent amount of comments calling OP out on her bullshit.

You're not being extreme, I would be upset too and have issues trusting my sister's boyfriend again if I walked in on some shit like that.

No. 1039725

>I was telling the truth, which led to her calling me disgusting and saying she never wants to talk to me again.

I'm not saying that CNC is right and families should be okay if they walked onto the scene of such a thing…but does anyone else think it's weird that the same person who was so concerned that her sister is being "brainwashed at the hands of a rapist in hiding" is also threatening to never speak to her again and has her blocked on every platform, and then told the entire family?
It sounds like the sister has beef with these two in general and the degrading sex stuff was the straw that broke the camel's back. It tells me something that these two are having degen sex in their sister's house, they don't seem like the most upstanding lot.
If the only concern was that her sister was being manipulated into degrading sex, then the actions of ignoring her and trying to embarass her to the family are illogical. Sorry, but there's more to it than this.

No. 1039756

File: 1643051223482.jpeg (295.17 KB, 635x898, 8069E0F5-0B37-427A-892C-8DCD7E…)

I just got banned from the subreddit LandlordLove for literally NOTHING. It was the first comment I wrote on that sub. I simply said I planned on staying childless but gated people from the subreddit “child free” I got a permanent ban within about two minutes, no explanation as to why or what rule I broke, a moderator comment that said “stay childless” and THEN so that I can’t even ask why they mute me for 28 days? I really want to know why.

No. 1039768

A woman getting brainwashed into playing her boyfriend's rape and degradation fantasy, a girl walking in on what she thinks is her sister getting raped and choked and scrotes only care about the men whose little porn fantasy was interrupted.

No. 1039962

>I offer to make her cum

No. 1040074

I'm one of the anons you replied to and I think I need to explain what I mean better because romance can mean a lot of things. I don't mean romantic as in buying roses every time and grand gestures or trying to seduce you, but like… spending romantic time together as a couple so you are compatible and the spark stays alive in your relationship. It's not realistic for these redditors who make it sound like they barely pay attention to their partners to just expect her to be ready for him to shove it in any time. It's not about an exchange or making your partner earn it, it's just about physically preparing your body and feeling closeness and connection to the person you are with. None of these reddit posts make it seem like the OPs are making any effort at that, i.e. treating their partners like partners.

No. 1040183

File: 1643073727045.png (384.08 KB, 1690x1202, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 5.21…)

I hope this girl finds her self respect and dumps this scrote what the fuck

No. 1040192

File: 1643073996454.png (571.87 KB, 2026x1382, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 5.25…)

lmao the state of coomers. play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1040198

Unrelated but's so weird how going under the knife is just
>oh i got my x done
Like no, that's a serious surgery. But I guess when your self esteem is in the shitter to the point of needing to ask reddit for validation about your cheating coomer boyfriend nothing is sacred

No. 1040199

Has this man ever read a history book? Mediterranean countries always saw hairy women as sexy, pre-90s everyone had obsessions with women having massive bushes kek. I don't know why moids think just because they say something it becomes true

No. 1040208

>be woman dating redditor scrote
>try to initiate sex on his birthday to save struggling relationship
>he declines purely out of spite
>is mad when you get upset

No. 1040210

File: 1643075034460.png (178.16 KB, 1452x608, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 5.39…)

oops forgot to attach pic

No. 1040212

File: 1643075107147.png (243.49 KB, 2072x656, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 5.44…)

this dude is such a fucking dick holy shit, I hope his gf finds this

No. 1040214

When men's bullshit is exposed:
>muh seed muh nature, life's a bitch deal with it, our desires are natural, us wanting lobotomized hairless anime toddlers is the next step in evolution, seethe

When no one wants his deluded retard schlubby ass:
>Wimmin only breed with chads why are bitches so picky

No. 1040219

God, how dire. If any male gives me even a hint of such childish resentment I'm out. It's a never ending game. He could have swallowed his pride, accepted, cuddled and kissed her a bit, said some cute things, got laid and satisfied both of them. Then had a good birthday, not just spite-posting on Reddit.

I think a lot of the males on these dead bedrooms just love whining because they can't just rape their gf or wife but too prideful and lazy to be sensual or sexy toward them.

No. 1040227

>you're attracted to the romancing and the gestures and he is replaceable by anyone else doing the same things.
My god you have to be a fucking larping male. No woman thinks romance and intimacy is a chore (or even dehumanizing, lmfao scrote) like men do.
I have better justification saying men treat their partners like replaceable pocket pussies, if they think they can just demand sex and get it with no investment.

No. 1040232

Anon's probably long gone to argue but I was chuckling at her clowning herself. It took 6 years to marry her and she admits she's a pocketpussy to him everyday while she doesn't believe he has to perform "transactional romance" like dates. Of course she thinks that her relationship is agreeable, her scrote doesn't have shit to complain about because he doesn't have to do shit. He gets sex on tap while she gets nothing in return except for his "hotness" lmao.

No. 1040298

>I almost fucked her hot sister
This is most likely code for he was a complete creep towards her sister and she ditched. Almost every single cheating man's way of cheating is either getting sex workers or creeping out every female in sight and getting rejected constantly until an extremely desperate unattractive becky gives in. It makes me laugh how many men who cheat imagine themselves having harems with playboy models all while having cute housewives or something when the sad reality is that they exclusively cheat with lower value, more unattractive women simply because they're very creepy

No. 1040625

For whatever reason she seems to be equating romance to only material things like looks and gifts and not to how a partner expresses their emotions romantically. The talk of women gatekeeping sex without hallmark movie gestures and transactions feels like there's some straw gold digger she's talking about because I don't think anyone would normally equate having romance to receiving something material in exchange for sex.

No. 1040668

File: 1643118662179.png (55.17 KB, 735x444, animal.PNG)

I bet he didn't even wash his hands or wipe his phone down.

No. 1040675

Then there would be no marriages, thats the point you can never trust scrotes

No. 1040680

Its biology you moron. We're literally animals and animals are here on this earth to fuck and raise their offsprings.

No. 1040686

You can have the highest sex drive in the world, but if your partner starts treating you like a sex object, you're not going to want to sleep with him.

Personal experience of having a higher libido than all my male partners yet still ending up sex repulsed because they acted shitty.

No. 1040687

File: 1643120053647.png (19.31 KB, 658x211, Untitled.png)

found this in a creepy old post of some guy joking about "photobombing" a woman he saw taking a selfie while hiking with his zoom lens.

women in the comments were talking about how unnerving and not funny the post was, and even mentioned stories they knew of men peeping through windows or breaking in to assault women.

moid shows up and makes it all about him and how he gets no attention, as if he would enjoy being raped by a creep.

No. 1040694

makes me wish I had smashed my perv ex's zoom lens before dumping him

No. 1040695

>i hate this world that hurts women and teaches us to love the hurt
so much of straight women's sexuality is based on pain, and on bearing through it for the benefit of the man. it is completely fucked how young girls are told "yeah, the first time will hurt, it's normal". it doesn't hurt the boy. it doesn't HAVE to hurt the girl, but we do not prioritize female pleasure, only male. and if men were to prioritize female pleasure the worst that would happen is a few extra minutes for their orgasm as opposed to literal pain and sometimes even blunt force trauma/bleeding from sex.

No. 1040699

File: 1643120811783.png (286.44 KB, 944x1424, cheatinghusband.png)


Holy fuck, how can you be this much of fucking doormat? Why would you have a baby with a man who tried to coax you into opening up your relationship, why would you even continue the relationship at that point?

No. 1040702

the amount of women with zero self-esteem and paralyzing desperation to keep a failing relationship afloat is truly tragic

No. 1040704

>he's a very empathetic person, so, wanted to give her some happiness (as a charity)
fucking lmao
But also what a depressing story. Seeing stuff like this really makes it impossible for me to imagine I could ever trust anyone.
especially since I lived something very similar, just less extreme so I know for a fact things like this happen

No. 1040762

File: 1643125038253.png (427.6 KB, 1178x872, Untitled.png)

How do normie women not even notice how addicted to porn their partners are? Women need to be seriously blackpilled about men and porn consumption.

No. 1040772

>Porn addicted gay scrote
>(somewhat) open marriage
Girl, love yourself

No. 1040775

part of me believes this is real part of me thinks that its a scenario that some porn sick scrote made up

No. 1040778

An aroused vagina feels a thousand times better than an anus ever could. This is more proof it isn't about aesthetics or sensation, just psychological feelings and association (usually manipulated ones)

No. 1040780

This is too hilarious to be true. I hope it's a troll.

No. 1040783

lol how would you know tho?

No. 1040784

Vaginal muscles contracting, wetness, and multiple orgasms are common knowledge you know..

No. 1040785

If this is real she's an idiot and honestly deserves it for believing what her scrote says. But again imagine the baby, mother telling the child it's completely normal that father has multiple gfs and doesn't care about them in the slightest. I hope the baby isn't a girl.

No. 1040787

Nta but I've read on an online forum gay men saying vagina feels better but they aren't attracted to female body form so prefer men either way.

No. 1040789

am I the only one who thinks the word boy pussy sounds kind of pedophilic

No. 1040796

Excuse me? Are women just supposed to be turned on by the man being there and existing? The fuck is all this scrotebrained nonsense about appreciating romantic gestures and reacting to them appropriately being "transactional sex"? I'm surprised you don't call it female on male rape, might as well reach all the way through kek.

This, original anon sounds like one of those leddit wives in denial who think they caught "one of the good ones" simply by being smarter about dating than other women. We'll see how far her "I just married the right guy that's all" virtue takes her post-marriage until she realizes being a servant isn't as fulfilling anymore or her Nigel gets caught cheating on her.


No. 1040798

Have been told the same by my bf lol. He was so disillusioned by anal sex (I agreed to give it a go to see what it's all about) and said that he realized it is really only a meme, thank god has never asked me to do it again. He said that even tho the sphincter muscle is tighter, it's only around the entrance that it's tight, the rectum itself is very smooth and not ribbed like a vagina is, so it doesn't feel anywhere close as good. Plus you have to spend extra time cleaning it and theres still a chance you can get some poop on your dick. Anal sex is trash, not just for women but for men too.

No. 1040802

>Are women just supposed to be turned on by the man being there and existing?
Damn, sorry your boyfriend is so ugly that he doesn't turn you on.

No. 1040807

Honestly a lot of gay men don't even have anal sex (only around 30% of them do) and prefer oral/frotting/masturbation/etc because it's a pain in the ass (literally) to perform right, you have to clean out the rectum with an enema and spend a lot of time prepping to avoid tears only to have it feel subpar. Anal sex is nothing but a retarded scrote meme.

No. 1040810

It didn't take 6 years, I said we are together 5 years. We got engaged before covid started (2 years ago) and decided to wait until we can have a proper ceremony. Cause it sucks when your family can't be there. I'm sorry that you can't enjoy sex and feel like you're being used as a pocket pussy by any man who fucks you, but don't project that shit onto me. I love having sex on top of him taking me on dates and vacations and spending every night cuddling together while watching a movie. If you NEED that shit just to have sex… Just say you hate sex lol.

No. 1040813

Based nona

No. 1040822

I realize most of you come here because you want to feel better about not having a relationship and get that "thank god that's not me… I don't wanna date men anyways they are all like these redditors!" but being so angry and bitter about another anon having a happy relationship that you wish cheating on someone just shows how jaded and jealous you are.

No. 1040824

Shut the fuck up retard.

No. 1040827

>I would reward my handsome boyfriend with unconditional sex simply based on his looks and personality, the fact that he takes me on dates and vacations and cuddles with me and clearly gives me attention and shows his appreciation regularly with his actions has nothing to do with it! I-I'm not one of those frigid women who only give sex in exchange for a gift!
Do you even hear yourself? The women who end up in situations where they only give their husbands sex don't receive any of the nice things your amazing boyfriend is giving you and acting like you're above them all because you were smart enough to bag a perfect Nigel is ridiculous. I'm not a mean enough of a bitch to wish your supposed husband-to-be suddenly stops treating you like a princess and starts ignoring you once marriage sets in like a lot of men do while lying about their frigid wife to a side ho but your defensive "just say you hate sex lol!!!" stance makes me want to be.

No. 1040829

Was that Datalounge? it was an entire thread of them saying vagina feels better and saying they would fuck a transman if they could…

No. 1040848

I'm not sure but I read it a long time ago when trans men weren't as popular and didn't see them being mentioned. Though I think most men generally have very weird genital preferences and fantasies so I wouldn't be shocked to see gay men fantasize about men with pussies like straight men do with women with dicks.

No. 1040854

I've seen men talk about wanting to fuck an armpit, so they're gonna go for anything at this point.

No. 1040857

You've been together 5 years and you're getting married later, it's 6 years sis. For 6 years you've fucked this man every day so of course he's happy. I love sex but I can think of several occassions where it may be inappropriate or ill timing to do so, like I hope this is an exaggeration otherwise I get the feeling you're forcing yourself or just lying for argument's sake. Even healthy couples don't fuck everyday.
>no wait he does actually take me on dates and vacations too
Hopefully you're not paying halfsies. And if you're not, isn't this transactional like what you were sperging about? The conversation was about women who are never romanced and aren't given consideration before being demanded to fuck their partners. You chimed in with your relationship acting like you fuck for nothing but it turns out your Nigel is sweet to you and takes you out on dates which sounds like romance to me! So no, you don't fuck for nothing and it sounds like you haven't yet experienced if he keeps up the behavior post-marriage.

No. 1040861

Majority of the men who want to have sex with trans men are horny bisexuals who would fuck a hole in a mattress, the same goes for chasers who like women with dicks. No 100% gay man wants to touch them because like said, they consider them women.

No. 1040862

>Im not a selfish bitch like those other harpies who expect dates and kindsness from their bfs to have sex because I have sex with my nigel without expecting dates and romance even though he takes me out on romantic dates and is romantic towards me and then I have loving sex with him!!!1!1

No. 1040888

I'm starting to think this is a scrote bragging about his pickme/ideal gf, who is always dtf because he's perfect for who he is on the inside (but also naturally a handsome Chad uwu)

No. 1040895

Again, you're projecting onto me because YOU don't like to have sex that often. Different people have different sex drives. Both me and my boyfriend are happy with the amount of sex we are having, I am very blessed with easy orgasms since you are so incredibly curious about our fucking.

Pretty sad that you have to make up shit like that just because you can't believe someone out there is having a happy relationship, lol.(we get it)

No. 1040898

A man should always go out of his way to be a gentleman to get sex even to his wife. Women carry the burden of possible pregnancy even if they are on the pill or the dude uses condoms. If a moid isn't willing to appreciate the inherently dangerous nature of sex to women then he deserves nothing

No. 1040907

I don't know about gay men but I think most straight men aren't completely straight, in my experience anyways.

No. 1040909

nta but facts

No. 1040914

File: 1643130987764.png (257.77 KB, 500x375, fe9.png)

stop derailing you retarded troll

No. 1040925

I literally left only to come back to anons spinning weird fantasy tales about my life cause they can't cope with the fact someone out there is happy. All I said was that you can't treat sex like a transaction for romantic gestures that a man has to perform to "earn" sex and I get yelled at for 2 days straight and told my relationship is fake/shit and I am a pickme/scrote and that they hope I get cheated on. Sort yourselves out and maybe just don't date men.

No. 1040927

You must be literally retarded.

Your man has already "earned" sex by treating you nice. If he didn't and more or less ignored you and wanted sex without putting in any effort into your relationship, would you still sleep with him, because you're so uwu sexual and turned on by him and doesn't need a transaction to have sex?

No. 1040929

>you can’t treat sex as a transaction for romantic gestures
Says the one…treating romantic gestures as a transaction for sex. Which is arguably a lot worse.

No. 1040930

Nonas please stop replying to the obvious derailer. Even if they're happy in their relationship, they wouldn't be posting about it for hours on lolcow and fight with anons over it.

No. 1040941

lol, literally can't fucking win. If I don't reply you just say I'm unhappy, my boyfriend doesn't want to marry me and I'm probably a scrote anyways. If I do reply then I can't possibly be happy because.. I'm posting on the internet in my free time? Ok nonnies, you win. I am deeply unhappy and am gonna go kms right now because you showed me the light. Never date and never have sex, it's the worst!(infighting)

No. 1040953

Imagine coping so hard you think anons here are yelling at you because "they can't handle you having a happy relationship" instead of your smug attitude about other women just being frigid cunts withholding sex just to be mean to poor men for no reason instead of getting a perfect Nigel paying for their dates and vacations.

No. 1040971

I've slapped my ex for less during sex. Kill him.

No. 1040978

inb4 someone starts screaming scrote abuse at you and shames you for literally traumatizing him

No. 1040980

Nta but its probably some bitter cunt samefagging. They keep misconstruing what you're saying.

No. 1040983

Anon should know posting in detail about your relationships on the internet is a retarded idea, because half of the internet is full of KHV and the other half is full of degenerates. It's an easy way out for people to project and seethe at anything you say that doesn't fit their narrative lol

No. 1040992

Scrote ass, lol.

No. 1040993

That was the first time I replied to her and I only told people not to derail. How is that bitter?
Based but I'd be scared to hit a man, what if he goes into tard rage?

No. 1041015

for real though sex is transactional like 90% of the time. The idea of two beautiful people fucking because of pure mutual eros and animal lust is a nice ideal but don’t pretend like it’s possible to live that reality every day

No. 1041039

implying you have to be beautiful to have good sex

No. 1041046

It helps

No. 1041050

File: 1643137200489.jpeg (389.64 KB, 828x1051, 71A85DC9-D613-4274-945F-A6D092…)

What a waste of space.
His Reddit history is full of him failing to solicit hookups and posting his gross small dick/begging for people to DM him because he’s horny. Imagine tying yourself to someone like this for decades of your life. The fact that he mentioned her hemorrhoids……

No. 1041061

>I’m tired of trying to find new porn to excite me
Sounds like a setup to blame his wife not touching his pp for why he started downloading illegal porn.

No. 1041070

>complaining to online friends about his poor 60 yo wife not wanting to touch his overweight rusty body and tiny pp
>Telling about his wife's hemorrhoids and his porn addiction on the internet without a shame
>Trying to get with girls as young as his grandchildren online
Marriage is truly a scam for straight women.

No. 1041085

yeah something tells me you're right nonita, I looked at his reddit comment history and he likes the "teen cock" subreddit. what a fucking pervert.

No. 1041090

File: 1643138805227.jpeg (219.61 KB, 828x652, 91C48105-C4E7-4251-B5C0-D78E76…)

I hate him

No. 1041094

Damn granpa I'm sure she meant old, not ancient!

No. 1041098

File: 1643139124525.png (Spoiler Image, 374.34 KB, 1814x784, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 11.3…)

no surprise he's a cross dresser too (spoilering just in case, nothing explicit, just his gross bulge in panties)

No. 1041108

>steals wifes panties
>tries to find guys to fuck me online
>get shocked when wife doesn't want to fuck me no more
Kek scrote mindset really is something else.

No. 1041127

I'm not even surprised. Every time a moid, especially middle-aged or older, is complaining about "not getting enough affection from their nasty wives, they just want to be held and hugged" they turn out to be unapologetic degenerates who have neglected their wives for years and left them to take care of three kids by herself while the men complain about her not being interested in sex anymore. They even feed this bullshit to the prostitutes they meet which is why you have so many sex workers claiming that their clients are "simply everyday family men who just want someone to talk to". I guess that's why they paid a woman more than half their age to fuck them!

No. 1041171

The original post is so obviously written by a moid too, what kind of woman would say her "tits ache to be used"?

No. 1041216

You're literally retarded. Honest to god, if you really dont get it and think anons are just jealous of your nigel and happy relationship, you should kill yourself to rid the world of your retarded gene pool.(relax)

No. 1041305

He’s not the only old fart who thinks like this, all of them think theyre in their prime and their entitlement knows no bounds even on their deathbeds.

No. 1041311

and "my cunt" too, i probably have never heard any women use the word cunt unironically

No. 1041318

This is a nightmare

No. 1041343

I didn't know boomers had the concept of "online friends". I know a lot of them use forums and stuff but I thought they just left it at posting and only considered irl people to be their family and friends.

No. 1041400

normal healthy pussy doesn’t feel tight enough to chronic masturbators.

No. 1041426

maybe this is regional/generational but as a lesbian I always use cunt as a sexy word and hear pussy as a cutesy/ desexualized word in jokes. Like when people use the cat face emoji. The post in question is 100% moid tho

No. 1041437

100% i reclaim pussy and cunt for myself but men are not allowed to do it.

No. 1041483

same here

No. 1041514

don't you know boomers are getting married on metaverse. they have online friends lol

No. 1041656

your bedroom is supposed to be dead when you’re in your 60s

No. 1041848

Reeee my online friends might not think I'm a cool chad because my wife with medical issues might not fuck me on my birthday!!!!!
If he's a sissy wouldn't the lack of sex just play into the fetish? Moids can't even cope right.

No. 1041863

You are so clearly deeply unhappy in yourself. It’s astounding. Normal, happy women don’t behave like this…

No. 1042095

File: 1643209790204.png (153.02 KB, 1016x758, eww wtf.png)

I know that this is probably made up but still, eww. Also, if you sort by controversial, you'll see a lot of comments telling OP that he "fucked up" by telling his girlfriend about finding her dirty underwear in his son's room. Like, his girlfriend doesn't deserve to know about this little pervert? And they're telling him to teach his son about boundaries… He's 13, pretty sure him not knowing isn't the problem here.


No. 1042098

>My son stole your panties but don't worry! At least he likes you amiright???
Hope she dumps him to be honest. A guy who doesn't tell his son he was doing wrong but mocks his gf whose privacy already got invaded… Wtf

No. 1042112

How could he be so cavalier about bringing it up to his girlfriend yet struggle over how to confront his son?
>at least we know he likes you
Ah, that explains it. The father is a fucking pervert too and feels bad for scolding his mini-me over a "boys will be boys" issue. Maybe he gets a little kick thinking his girlfriend is so ~desirable~ that even his own son jerks to her dirty panties.
How else could he be so chill about this disgusting disrespect? And all the reddit replies telling him to "don't be mad" at the son. Why the fuck not?!?!? No normal children are masturbating to sexual thoughts of their parent's partners and even if they did I'm sure they wouldn't steal private belongings with their body fluids on them.

No. 1042118

When the peen is attached to a 'slightly overweight' porn addicted whiny 63 year old man.. tempting.

No. 1042139

Something like this happened to me in my last relationship. His son was 12, I was the one who noticed my underwear missing from the dirty clothes bin. I told the dad and he believed me and was concerned at first… then he did a total 180 ten mins later and insisted I somehow just lost 3 fucking pairs of worn underwear. Everything else was still in the basket but my underwear, ok. He just went into denial mode and wouldn't accept it or talk to the son. The son only stayed with us at the weekends so I was freaked out at the thought of my worn underwear now laying around in someone elses household.

The kid was then caught going through stuff in our bedroom a week later and when asked about it 'he was sleepwalking' and dad chose to believe that?? Like ffs anything to avoid teaching the kid to respect peoples belongings and not be a creep. The dad put his awkward feelings above me feeling ok in my own home. That was the beginning of the end for us. He now has a new stepmom ..and she has daughters. I don't like to even think about that. He was already watching porn at 12. He hadn't discovered incognito mode yet so the dad knew all about it but again he refused to have a conversation about anything like that. What's the most popular theme on the main page of PH.. it's stepmom or stepsister scenes and that's exactly what he was watching.

When your kid has divorced parents and then new partners/siblings that come and go.. would it kill you to address the fact that your kid is viewing porn that mostly centres around various forms of step-incest?

No. 1042152

and the thread

apparently other reddit mods voted him to appear

No. 1042170

File: 1643213610212.png (49.03 KB, 955x454, defence.png)

No. 1042235

can anyone fill me in on the milk with the antiwork sub?

No. 1042247

literally every comment is "why did you tell you girlfriend??" wtf!! I hate scrotes.

No. 1042268


Antiwork is a sub full of cellar-dwelling adults and minors who have never actually had a job that think posting photos of them texting their bosses "Fuck you for asking me to do my job, I'm not showing up tomorrow" is commie activism.

The internet would do well with a place that objectively displays questionable companies and a platform for asking for advice with concerns in the workplace, but they jumped the gun and went right for "We shouldn't have to work or have a place in society in order to get the financial and social benefits of society" like the mommy's boys they are.

Like all popular subs, it's pageantry politics and nobody is getting anything done except jacking eachother off. Sure, they're being noticed, but only because the same users are festering in one place and ensuring everyone gets an upvote in true commie fashion, and because fat balding troons will squeal to any outlet that will have them; case in point, AbolishWork, one of the AntiWork mods. A "non-binary she/her" who looks like an orc's fart who was so ready for his 5-minutes of fame that he was willing to be a dancing monkey for Fox News and interviewed with them.

AntiWork is now divided as many people insist that AbolishWork shouldn't have pandered to "The Man", and misrepresented the community. I think he represented it just fine; a bunch of neckbeards with fetishes who don't believe in.. checks notes having a job.

Now he's made it his mission to ban everyone who disagrees with what he did, and cites "transphobia" in their ban messages.

No. 1042271

File: 1643216911725.png (87.2 KB, 1006x646, 6FjEfY2.png)

>FOX news want to interview someone from antiwork sub
>antiwork sub mods decide that most reddit of reddit mods should do it
>goes as well as expected

No. 1042295

So fucking retarded. I understand the Anti-Work sentiment but this is just embarrassing

No. 1042346

Don't date men with children. There's a reason their wives left them even though they have children together.

No. 1042447

Yeah I already learnt this, just the hard way lol

No. 1042465

It's on sort by controversial, if you sort by Best there are more people defending the gf and saying she deserves to know

No. 1042469

They also love coming to other subs and promoting theirs, I occasionally view a certain retailer's employee-run subreddit and every rant/vent thread or post about quitting/complaining about bosses has several people in the comments who don't work at for that company saying COME TO /R/ANTIWORK, COMRADE.

No. 1042473

File: 1643225100315.jpeg (29.97 KB, 640x203, FBC87CA5-ABE0-4FA2-ACAB-CA51F3…)

Aaaaand they privated the sub lol.

Apparently it was largely motivated by the RAMPANT transphobia, where people assumed that the person who went on Fox identified as a man. Those bigoted commenters should've known that they are actually an autistic non-binary person!

No. 1042489

I didn't mean to blame you nona, women often give men the benefit of doubt and I'm sure you did as well and it's not your fault he failed the second chance he was given.

No. 1042505

When my mum was going through her separation in the early 2000s she was meeting men off AOL chatrooms. Even brought some home. She was very territorial about the computer, you couldn't even walk past the room when she was on it without her accusing you of screen sniping her.

No. 1042508

I know you weren't being harsh or anything. In general you're right. Don't take on a load of ongoing baggage when men nearly always go on to take your efforts for granted.

The woman he's with now has kids and apparently had child services chasing her up around the time he started seeing her.. there's the match that he deserves.

No. 1042514

…oh lmao I am retard thank you nonita

No. 1042638

I believe it's fake, but did he hold on to her dirty underwear and pull it out to show her during their conversation? Why not just place the underwear back in the laundry basket and confront her without adding to the awkwardness by presenting it to her? Kek.

No. 1042661

omg I'm fucking seething. It takes a lot for me to get legit mad at reddit considering what a god forsaken hell hole it is, but the universality of those responses saying the real victim here is the poor innocent uwu horny boy is more than I can cope with.

The boy fucking DESERVES to be humiliated, like the poor gf no doubt is by such a heinous invasion of privacy. If he's old enough to jerk off, he's old enough to understand boundaries and consent and if he's demonstrating a lack of understanding he deserves to be shown via punishment and shame. Maybe he'll think twice next time. All these responses are like
>boys will be boys, it's totally normal when you're a hormonal teen!!

It's not fucking normal for women, funny that. We seem to inherently understand not to masturbate with unconsenting people's personal items no matter our age. Men can't stop telling on themselves, the utter scumbags.

No. 1042662

I remember coming across antiwork back when it first started. I swear it used to be a niche sub where people discussed their belief that humans should do absolutely zero work. I think there's a specific name for that ideology (besides antiwork) but I forgot. Then when I checked it like a year later it got taken over by people who actually have jobs and use the sub to vent about their working conditions.

No. 1042711

Coomers are so sad and pathetic. I remember seeing a ton of Reddit posts of "accidentally" exposing randos to porn. Seriously? How much porn could you possibly watch to the point where you expose your dates, service people, family and kids to porn? I'm beginning to think scrotes do this on purpose since even female porn addicts never do this bullshit

No. 1042715

This 100%. I don't even care if he's in the mood or not but men always bitch about how they want a kinky high sex drive gf and don't have the braincells to be even the slightest bit sexy??? Seriously talking about girls, comparing body types, being cringey, bad hygiene etc are all turn offs it's like men have no self awareness. I use to date a guy who would use awful grammar and talk about his exes during sexy time and nothing dried me up more kek

No. 1042756

This. Imagine someone attractive, looks great, but he sulks and whines for sex, his idea of initiating is resentfully asking if you're gonna put out or not, and doesn't engage you like he even likes you but just demands various porn positions. And then goes back to ignoring you after.

It's gonna be a chore and a turn off. His whole being is a turn off at that point.

No. 1042826

This. And I think men hear "I need romance" and like that anon earlier… they automatically picture a bundle of fucking red roses cause that's romance? They can't even picture what that means. In a long term relationship it generally means something different. Small gestures at home that cost nothing.. sure can go a long way when you're a fair few years into living together.

I remember reaching a point with my last guy where on a lazy saturday morning usually filled with sex… we used to take turns getting up afterwards to make a couple of strong coffees and bring em back to bed. We werent keeping score of who did it last time but we took even-ish turns I'd say. It was sweet, we each had our moments either serving it or laying back being brought it. It was a whole cutesy thing in the beginning. At some point he just refused to ever be the person who took a turn doing that and my god that costs absolutely nothing to do but that small shit gets you down, lots of little slips can add up and make you feel lesser over time.

The next guy I meet.. if he makes me a coffee without me so much as asking.. he's getting some. He won't know why but that's a whole sweet spot for me now lol

No. 1043124

Okay, unrelated but I was getting my car fixed and this guy came up to me in the waiting room and laughed about how he realized his phone was still connected to bluetooth so he played porn audio when they went to move his car to freak the employee out. I went "oh" and said nothing else. Idk if he thought women would think it was cool or something but it made me feel sick.

No. 1043151

>No normal children are masturbating to sexual thoughts of their parent's partners
Stepmother porn is one of the most popular categories

No. 1043152

Poor employee, that’s literal harassment to force someone to listen to some gross porn in the middle of their job, is it supposed to be funny or do they think watching porn makes them cool? I hate it’s so normalized that it would seem okay to do that and then tell someone

No. 1043153

god, the upcoming generations are so fucked. rates of filicide are gonna go up as moids fight their sons for cooming rights

No. 1043175

File: 1643258325796.png (169.33 KB, 1598x662, Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 8.37…)

on the verge of WWIII and redditors are cracking jokes about muh video games.

No. 1043179

I don't think that's a joke. That redditor's whole world is probably his living room and viddy games.

No. 1043182

Holy shit is this something that scrotes commonly say now?? Because I had this one guy I sent nudes to (biggest regret of my life - I wish death on him), intiate conversations like this too

No. 1043196

Men have been ruined by porn, change my mind

No. 1043205

If you really think about it, men are ruled by cock and cumming. Which is pretty gay.

No. 1043211

Implying men haven't been degenerates since their cave dweller days. XY chromosome is a defect.

No. 1043226

Men ruined themselves by creating and fixating on porn

No. 1043232

File: 1643262189725.jpeg (108.65 KB, 593x584, 1634684791416.jpeg)

saying what needed to be said nonnie, thank you

No. 1043262

File: 1643267002073.png (50.06 KB, 691x477, red flag.png)


part 1: woman finds out her boyfriend's female friend is offering to let him move in with her rent-free and is weirded out, people call her insecure until she gives in

part 2: the three all move in together, the op finds the friend has been drawing nudes of the boyfriend + drawings of the friend and him fucking. redditors rinse the op, call her the creepy one for "snooping" and shaming the friend's "private fantasies"

women cannot even be upset that someone is drawing porn of their boyfriend without being labeled jealous hysterics while men get mad if a woman as much as looks at another male for too long

No. 1043266

if the roles were reversed, that "crazy eyes" faggot would be screaming CUCK

No. 1043279

I'm not even surprised. It's a hotbed of the most fucked up people demanding apologies for normal human reactions. Unfortunately, if you crush the roach motel they just scatter and collect elsewhere.

No. 1043289

File: 1643270204320.jpg (68.01 KB, 1080x675, 20220126_202240.jpg)

hopefully the cia is sterilizing them

No. 1043302

I'm just confused by this screenshot because I remember varg tweeting about how amazing women are and "hatred for women & their roles is pure abrahamism". I guess it was my fault for expecting consistency from him.

No. 1043316

maybe the title is a clickbait or he has changed his opinion in either direction

No. 1043321

Samefag. I've watched a minute of it and big lol, it is a clickbait. He says "Are women to blame? Let's find out! Are freemasons women? Is Vatican run by women? I think our politicians mostly aren't women". So basically he defends women and blames scrotes lol. Kinda based, he is sometimes right.

No. 1043334

File: 1643273969896.jpg (417.33 KB, 992x1417, Screenshot_20220127-095636_Chr…)

No. 1043336

Why the hell does this keep happening? So many mods of so many of the most popular subreddits being discovered as perverted degenerates. I really don't get it. Reddit seems to be absolutely filled with them

No. 1043339

He was also right about all men having autism. Sometimes Varg is right.

No. 1043342

It keeps happening because the moderator position isn't paid despite being a lot of work. Nobody normal has an incentive to do it. Only total weirdos will accept such a bad deal, for their own weirdo reasons.

No. 1043343

I'm so tired of this fallacy on here holy shit. Pagan societies treated their women arguably worse

No. 1043348

File: 1643275381812.jpg (33.88 KB, 600x400, E99xA82XMAECdSe.jpg)

Mm nothing says pro womyn like hating every other womyn but your own

Based barg is right

No. 1043350

he's better then 99% of so called feminist men

No. 1043352

Yeah sure.
You're a fucking retard.

No. 1043353

didn't disprove what I said

No. 1043354

Wow, imagine that, I can’t believe it. An AGP is a rapist?! This has never happened before!

I actually saw a comment saying “See? Women are rapists too.” Took everything in me not to reply.

No. 1043355

How the fuck is he better than other moids when he only finds white (and maybe east Asian) women worthy of respect while other women are practically worthless to him? You sound like a racialist who's getting your ego stroked and now is pretending it's about all women

No. 1043356

He's less anti-black female then the vast majority of black men, especially black men who were leaders of the community

No. 1043357

Nah that's bullshit. He liked a pic of a ghetto ados woman and used it as a sarcastic example why they're subhumans. Even Dr Umar Johnson is better than this shit quit lying freak

No. 1043358

liking onw tweet doesn't prove anything, and disliking black culture doesn't make you racist, it means your not a retard(racesperg)

No. 1043360

As i said you're a retarded racialist. also not everything about "black" ( you mean black American ) culture was always bad and it recently went to shit in the past 20 to 30 years like the rest of the US

No. 1043372

Just ignore the bait, I don't read Varg's thread too often, afaik his supporters pop up from time to time.

No. 1043376

Varg posted videos instructing adult men on how to groom female children into becoming their wife slaves. He is a tradcel.

No. 1043381

A broken clock is right twice a day. Varg is retarded, but occasionally says something that is shocking for a tradcel to say kek. I enjoy his retardation

No. 1043384

I noticed most people who like lolcows like them not because theyre retarded but because they find comfort in their retardation and relate to it.

No. 1043396

>Wanting a man to have healthy boundaries between him and female "friends"

No. 1043398

Can we agree that women everywhere suffered atrociously in the past and that no matter the degree we need to make it so it doesn’t happen again

No. 1043399

This, for example in most Asian countries women were treated like disposable garbage and weren't even deemed worthy of protection. I remember that interview with a Korean feminist who mentioned that at least in western societies women were protected by the chivalry code but in Asia they were left on their own to take the beatings and work the fields with men while dying giving birth.

Women simply had it bad literally everywhere in the dark ages, even with "progressive" western societies women were burned as witches for whatever retarded accusations their estranged husbands came up with.

No. 1043401

I hate redditors reaction to snooping so much. I keep seeing these stories like "went through my husband phone and found out he's been cheating on me for years" and all the reddit retards in the comments being like WOW WHAT THE FUCK you looked at his phone you crazy bitch??

No. 1043417

Snooping is a red flag if it's frequent and for no apparent reason. Snooping because your boyfriend and his female friend seem to have no boundaries with each other and it's eyebrow raising is reasonable.

I'd imagine people who defend this behavior often have skeletons in their closet and want a good defense in the moment they're caught cheating, being creepy towards women, being pedos, etc

No. 1043439

File: 1643284843569.png (196.54 KB, 868x782, th.png)

What I hate more than the out and out bullshit is manipulative posts like this lol. Like, you can smell the misogyny on posts like what you screencapped, and any woman with a brain would safely ignore them, but shit like this is far more insidious and hard to notice when it's being done to you

The woman in question cuddles the OP's boyfriend, and this guy is saying "Uhh what if it's her therapy? You don't know. She might actually NOT want to act on her attractions! Ohh, not that you're overreacting. Definitely not. Your feelings are totally valid!! You might like, completely implode the situation since you'll probably never be okay with it, but that's just life, huh? I just think it's, like, a possibility that should be considered, you know? Did I mention she'll be really upset if you do confront her? Good luck!" complete with some flimsy attempt at secondhand art analysis ("Maybe she draws his dick small to cope, and she may draw her ex's head big because he had a big ego! You don't know!"). Pick-mes/moids/the types of people who do this shit in general will always call you a schizo/autist for noticing it, but this weird attempt at reverse psychology and/or soft gaslighting is very common, especially with people who have experience with therapy and use it to manipulate

No. 1043444

File: 1643285446462.png (97.8 KB, 792x640, kjbd.png)

Samefag, to compare, look how this same user acts toward other scrotes in these "questionable" situations
When it's a man, he essentially says to drop her ass because the writing is on the wall. When it's a woman, he writes faux-rational bullshit essentially shaming them for noticing something off and tries to get them to stay, lmao. I hate shit like this

No. 1043477

redditors talking about therapy has such a menacing feeling to it, like when they recommend it to someone you can tell it's not coming from a place of genuine care but of condescension and it's also often in response to someone having perfectly normal human feelings. and i read that thread too and it's hilarious how many people were saying the girl drew herself having se with op's boyfriend "as a therapeutic exercise" "to deal with intrusive thoughts". she was drawing self-insert porn with someone she has feelings for. if it was an exercise in anything, it was an exercise in horniness.

No. 1043506

her boyfriend is so obviously cheating on her with the roommate it's not even funny

No. 1043517

What quack of a therapist would ever recommend drawing porn of their "roommate" to cope??
I've seen men on relationship advice subreddits get defended for snooping or treating their girlfriends badly/not letting them go out because they "just feel wrong" despite having no proof that the girlfriend has plans to cheat or is hanging around men who simp for her. You slightly suggest something funny is going on when your boyfriend is living rent free with a girl who draws porn of him and suddenly you're in the wrong, you're a red flag, you're the gaslighted, etc

No. 1043735

File: 1643307445095.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1467, 1634026228037.png)

>yes we prefer women who resemble kids
>at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. there's more important things to focus your energy and attention on.

No. 1043741

File: 1643307696415.jpg (24.94 KB, 750x320, RDT_20220127_13192227576146739…)

Jesus fuck

No. 1043743

File: 1643307825439.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 2340x3938, RDT_20220127_13231580946863797…)

Why are men

No. 1043763

is he talking about her pad or…?

No. 1044075

This book is pickme shit, it gaslights women into initiating sexual activities even when they don’t want it.

No. 1044386

Pagans societies were shitty too, but saying that they were “arguably worse” makes you sound like one of those genderspecial teenager girls on Jumblr/Muslimblr saying that their religion has “always been progressive and ahead of their time” or a tradthot sperging about how xtian conservatism are actually good for women (it’s not).
“Asians” are not culturally homogenous and asians that follow a abrahamic religion are a thing (in fact, most muslims are asians). Also, chivalry code is a myth, most white scrotes are assholes even with their own mothers, sisters and women they want to fuck. Probably asian women are romanticizing white moids because of hollywood/chick-lit shit in the same way that white girls romanticize asian moids because of K-pop.

No. 1044412

Yep. Some conservamoids say they and their stupid religions (whatever they are) are pro-women and better to them than "the degenerate progressivism", but if you dig deeper you find that they are all misogynists, or even rapists, pedophiles, etc.

No. 1044421

No. 1044669

why do redditors always downvote bomb me when i post a thread
is it bc i don't format it to their redetiquette or some shit?

No. 1044672

Why are men so dramatic? If you really didn't have malicious intentions by making women split 50/50 (seriously? Why 50/50 in the first place? If you wanted to be equal just split the bill and that way you pay for your own meal instead of trying to get a woman to go halfies so you can have a $200 steak) you wouldn't be getting upset and crying abuse. Every disagreement is abuse according to men it seems

No. 1044687

Imageboards are traditionally supposed to be for IMAGES and not pictures of text. If I'm sharing a webpage of course I'm going to post a LINK.

Get some fucking common sense you retardo mod.

No. 1044692

NAJ (not a Jannie) but you should share both

No. 1044888

File: 1643387500226.png (49.58 KB, 652x339, Screenshot (40).png)

i hate lifeprotips more every day.

No. 1044896

how do redditors even live while this retarded

No. 1044898

This truly is the best reaction image

No. 1044902

>Imageboards are traditionally supposed to be
kek fuck off and make your own then or follow the culture of this one, just because 4chan works a certain way doesnt mean thats what all imageboards are supposed to aspire to

No. 1044903

the fact that this moid used the word regularly makes me think he's only showering like 2-3 times a week instead of every day

how bad do your sweat stains have to be that handwashing won't remove them ffs

No. 1044904

Many people, usually males, are fucking retarded when it comes to laundry and always smell musty. This is their logic

>Stuff clothes into empty, dry machine

>No care given for colors, fabrics or capacity; laundry day chores are procrastinated so the machine is over stuffed and water is less able to clean through
>Throw a tide pod on top of the pile and start the water, fully expecting it to permiate all the way to the bottom somehow
>Detergent is concentrated in the top few piles of clothing and not the rest
>Leave their clothes overnight in the wet machine so it gets even mustier
>Put them in a pile somewhere after that

t. nonny who ghosted a guy after he showed up to a first date reeking like mold. His hair stank too so I'm fully expecting a LIFE PRO TIP about how shampoo isn't just for women

No. 1045276

men also love to jam as much shit the washing machine as they can, which leads to clothes not getting as clean as they should be

No. 1045508

File: 1643421609852.jpeg (276.72 KB, 714x788, 52449023-317C-46B0-9127-E437FC…)

>not your sex objects

I kek’d to the moon, you can’t even do the bare minimum such as protecting and providing so what are you rejecting exactly? Fucking losers

No. 1045518

>be violent towards women so they need protection
>keep women uneducated, out of the workforce and underpaid so they need a provider
>tell women their only worth and their life's purpose is having children
>be mad when women expect that

Kek the 'sex object' bit is the cherry on top of an extremely delusional cake. I can't be mad though because misogynistic men withdrawing from the dating pool is a blessing unto us all.

No. 1045519

Arent these men obsessed with fertility and traditional roles? Are women supposed to make magic money come from their ass while filling their roles as perfect horny housewives or? Also don't they hate feminists for saying these things like "not your baby maker"??

No. 1045523

I would love the mgtow movement if they actually went their own way. But no, they are addicted to women, and utterly obsessed with us and what we are doing.
I wish they all went to mgtow island and became monks, but they'd rather jerk off and whine all day.

No. 1045528

>Also don't they hate feminists for saying these things like "not your baby maker"??
That whole thing seems like a very intentional attempt to mirror feminist rhetoric so their idiocy seems more credible. They aren't oppressed in any way so it makes them seem more legitimate if they phrase it similarly.

No. 1045531

File: 1643423759172.jpg (81.77 KB, 640x428, 1639253763623.jpg)

No. 1045592

>mgtow island
Imagine the smell

No. 1045623

late and saging for blog post but this whole conversation just makes me think of a couple I lived with for a year. I didn't know them prior to renting but essentially:

>M25, F22

>Scrote was a "chef" with no professional training and went through about 4 different jobs in the year I lived with them because he would sperg out and quit on shift when he was told off for being incompetent
>She was a little dumb and naive but mostly quite nice and friendly
>He'd spend most of his time at home on his 3 screen PC set up, bong in hand, yelling into his screen playing shooting games til 4am
>One night I'm cooking dinner and he's talking to her in the kitchen and makes a "joke" about how she never puts out
>Basically reveal they never have sex
>I found some condoms under the bathroom sink once that had expired 2 years ago
>He was so ugly, balding, and would constantly gaslight her
>Acted like he was 100x more intelligent than her when he was not.
>Thought parsley had no flavor…. as a chef….
>I should also mention he was a weeb and they went to Japan just before the pandemic hit
>told my friend he didn't want to go to Tokyo Disneyland because "They don't speak english there"
>Ripped bongs and slammed his mouse into the desk throughout the night, every night while his gf laid in bed

In Japan he ended up proposing and she accepted it, to my shock, but THEN:
>She gets a new job, starts meeting a lot of people at work and spends more nights out with them
>I'm really happy for her given he's isolated her and she hadn't really spoken about friends before this
>She's going out more, seems more confident in herself
>He gets more annoyed, starts being more cold towards her
>She tells me one day while he isn't home that he thinks her newfound social life means she's cheating on him
>Wanted to tell her in that moment she may as well and she needs to run
>Instead just sit there and listen as she's telling me about all the late night texts he sends her while she's out having a good time with her friends
>Still won't fuck him

I now live a couple doors down from them but they don't know I do. I've always wanted to tell her to leave him, he's an insufferable scrote and reminds me of all the moids you see posting about dead bedrooms in reddit. You just know this is the sort of shit they do, complain their gfs are cheating sluts when really they're horrible to be around, and when the woman has any kind of agency they self-combust.

No. 1045665

not a moid but are you supposed to put clothes into a washing machine with water in it already?

No. 1045717

File: 1643446081850.jpeg (89.74 KB, 548x639, 09C2D71A-FCFD-43D3-A2CD-7E0F45…)

>not your protector
Because they’re weak
>not your provider
Because they’re broke failures
>not your sex object
Because they can no longer maintain an erection long enough to ejaculate in a woman in order to impregnate her. They literally have 0 worth as partners. Nobody gives a fuck where they go and they know it.

No. 1045742

That looks like Cryaotic kek

No. 1045752

This is about how I do my laundry and people compliment how my clothes smell all the time. Separating colours isn't necessary with today's technology and cold water, and new machines are pod compatible. You are simply creating extra work for yourself.

No. 1045770

Pretty much this, the entirety of men having to take care of women is a male-created problem but these losers are masters at spinning it around in their favor to act like victims again.
>W-well we wouldn't be attacking you if you bitches just were sexually available to every man there is, do you understand how we turn violent if we don't get a crumb of pussy every now and then??
>You should just study for a better paying degree then, ugh women all just get worthless art and English degrees and never go into STEM which we gatekeep them out of!
>It's not my problem that you've been wanting a baby for 5 years at 35 and I've constantly pushed it off only to finally tell you that I don't know if I want children because I want to keep living out my eternal youth! Should've gotten impregnated at 20 when you were fertile, huh?

No. 1046026

File: 1643478376864.png (134 KB, 1068x784, why.png)

Today on reddit: redditor shows his family his jizz stained bed.


No. 1046042

He doesnt clean his fucking sheets?

No. 1046080

Men wash their sheets maybe twice a year if that, and jizz on their headboards too.

No. 1046090

Assuming he even has sheets on his bed

No. 1046096

File: 1643481720828.jpeg (179.37 KB, 828x516, 7F9AA4E7-F0ED-4782-B7CB-86A890…)

This snarky, overly defensive response makes me believe it's fake

No. 1046100

Depends on your washing machine. Some washing machines you cannot load up until you close it, and then it locks when it's started till the end. (They are usually the front loader machines)

No. 1046111

now she's defending herself because at least she got laid? its either a smelly scrote or seriously retarded handmaiden

No. 1046121

she has an open relationship, of course she's a seriously retarded handmaiden

No. 1046139

File: 1643483136324.jpg (23.41 KB, 399x388, 1502721838211.jpg)


No. 1046156

Most disturbing comment thread I've ever read on that shit website by far. If someone stole your underwear and masturbated into them, why would you not think you have the right to know????

No. 1046206

>sex object
>picture of pregnant woman and her baby
Girl these scrotes should tune down on pregnancy porn, tf.

No. 1046357

File: 1643500412515.png (689.07 KB, 1080x1344, 1642205749642.png)

Posting a classic

No. 1046368

File: 1643501079475.png (71.89 KB, 721x752, why.png)

Kek this is the same level of homophobic as an MTF saying he knew he "was a dyke" because he liked DIY as a kid and had body hair. This whole sub is a goldmine/cesspit

No. 1046385

I'm actually laughing at how absurd this is, literally women who believe themselves to be men talking about being into traditionally effeminate things as children and how male gay they were for it. It's not as creepy as MTFs who talk about how they knew they were super lesbian sapphic wlw dyke champions because they got wore their sister's panties and got an erection but it's still ungodly cringeworthy.

No. 1046728

>told another child “at least i’m not gay and like boys like you”
Huh? Does this woman think that saying homophobic shit to a little boy as a little girl… was a sign that she was “uWu totally secretly a fag who was mistakenly assigned female”? Wonder what the line of thinking is behind that. I’ll go let all the homophobic girls I went to school with know that they’re actually gay men in denial of their true selves. Let all the fugly scrotes who harassed me for being a lesbian know they’re actually “egg” transbians while I’m at it, I guess

No. 1047082

>I've always wanted to tell her to leave him
Why didn't you?

No. 1047115

Samefag replying to this, sorry. I keep rereading this sentence over and over and I can’t figure out if my reading comprehension is shit or she seriously said this to a boy who seemed gay. She doesn’t specify whether the kid was a boy or a girl, but why would she say this to a girl? Sorry for sperging but this has been fucking with me since I thought of the sentence again. Am I just retarded?

No. 1047187

>Am I just retarded?

No, but rest assured the girl who said it is homophobic as shit regardless of whether she said it to a boy or a girl and not only because of that comment kek.

No. 1047463


No. 1047557

nona im late to this but the fucking moid admitted in the comments he has not washed the damn sheets in 4 years. 4 FUCKING YEARS. men need to be deleted

No. 1047880

File: 1643648091511.jpg (462.78 KB, 1200x1193, IMG_20220131_175011.jpg)

And everybody clapped

No. 1047885

Larpers always always make themselves 18… Literally pick any other age to go with but they have to make seem like they are young as possible to make the story more appealing to coomers

No. 1047886

what does that seal(?) reward mean?

No. 1047905


No. 1047911

>loved homoerotic stories and adult films
Fujoshi fakebois kek

No. 1047940

It’s a common reward to give out since I think it is given out to users for free

No. 1048779

They give out certain awards for free every few days so people give them out on posts they like despite it not necessarily matching the sticker/award message, like in the thread image

No. 1048934

File: 1643719939271.png (649.94 KB, 634x458, reddit.PNG)

Just wanted to share this cringe moment with you

No. 1048935

looks fake and gay (snip snip shooped onto man panties)

No. 1048941

Im so happy when people like this voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool

No. 1048961

One less bald and fat scrote spreading his genes, and one less r/breakingmom candidate fussing over the neckbeard and their spawn.
Love to see it.

No. 1048977

it's absolutely fake, it was posted by a karma farming account. guaranteed engagement with redditors either soyfacing over how epic this is or seething about muh genetic dead ends

No. 1048996

Honestly it probably isn't a bad thing that reddit scrotes love vasectomies so much

No. 1049001

After the recent events i cant help but think all of those posters are Doreens.

No. 1049017

File: 1643730866419.jpg (421.95 KB, 916x2061, 1.jpg)

found on tumblr.imagine being so selfish that you'd rather pay extra money instead of learning a couple of basic life skils

No. 1049027

What is this guys problem? Does he think doing chores is degrading or something kek. I can't believe there's people out there who have never done even simple chores from childhood

No. 1049028

What a leech, too bad the ending sentence was "we broke up" because it definitely should have read "I dumped him." Poor girl clowned herself trying to negotiate that he behave like an adult, and what she got in return was a tantrum and him dumping her when he realized she wouldn't accept pay to be his mommy. He probably wouldn't have kept that 75% agreement had she accepted it anyway, the guy sounds like a hobosexual.

No. 1049056

kek he clearly wishes for the "man brings home the bacon while the woman does all the housework" but he wont even pay 100% rent for the trouble, what a loser.

No. 1049071

>offered to get a maid to do his half
>offered to pay 75% rent

you KNOW this faggot wouldn't actually call a maid to do exactly 50% of the chores, he'd just ease into making gf do it all. AND if a man is so lazy that you have to wash his ass for him, paying 100% of the rent is a MINIMUM, he should be giving her massages, gifts and buying her spa days with that, fuck that life. He is on the level of a geriatric man in terms of care. This is what happens when you raise a "prince", very common in some cultures. I'd have jumped off a bridge if I had to live like his mother. I bet he told all his friend his bitch gf wouldn't let him move in because shes a whore not because hes a literal man-child. Hope she doesn't get back together with him ever, hope he has an existential crisis one day over how to crack an egg and throw the shell away.

No. 1049073

On one hand I feel bad for the mother but on the other hand, it's kinda funny how she and her scrote raised these boys to be absolutely useless and untouchable for most women.

No. 1049136

Scrote is going to realize most women think not being able to do basic cooking and chores is really unattractive.
Also, I bet if this moid were to hire a maid, he would only hire someone attractive and probably try to cheat on the girlfriend. Reddit scrotes have no value.

No. 1049144

That girl's doing world a favor by sterilizing her fugly scrote. Good for her!

No. 1049146

they're both fugly, fat people shouldn't procreate

No. 1049183

That's what stood out to me the most, too lmao

No. 1049338

>does he think doing chores is degrading

No. 1049341

File: 1643755471577.png (437.26 KB, 645x902, hhhh.png)

>be bi
>want to make more bi friends and meet people
>bi reddit is full of this kind of thing and people taking it seriously

No. 1049343

File: 1643755537548.png (329.55 KB, 1497x531, 7.png)

No. 1049455

… sooo they want a female best friend then I guess?

No. 1049470

Scrotes are hopeless. How damn filthy do you have to be.

Kek this response made me cry laugh for twenty minutes straight

No. 1050097

File: 1643827599309.png (82.9 KB, 1008x783, stfu.PNG)

Reddit never ceases to amaze me. Why can't these pathetic whiny manchildren support each other if they want help so bad?


No. 1050270

File: 1643832779897.png (113.44 KB, 749x688, xx.PNG)

Depressing if true; and I'm inclined to believe it is.
tl;dr searching about problems in relationships as a woman you get reassurance it's ok, and as a man you find encouragement to cheat

No. 1050282

File: 1643833242851.jpg (673.32 KB, 1080x3028, Screenshot_20220202_211702.jpg)

I can't believe this is a real subreddit. The comments are equally pathetic

No. 1050291

File: 1643833397415.jpg (449.08 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20220202_212230.jpg)

samefag but this one is so retarded I refuse to believe it's real and not some weird fetish post

No. 1050295

Women literally attempt suicide at higher rates though BUT HOW CAN THAT BE TRUE WHEN THEYRE SUPER LUCKY BECAUSE GUYS WANT TO FUCK THEM?? Anyway flowers aren’t going to cure their mental problems making them miserable and unlikeable or victim mentality either. Male redditors blame their lack of social life on women because they’re jealous of girls having friends and boyfriends? This shit is so retarded I have to laugh.

No. 1050299

That's actually ideal, I'd rather guys with small dicks remove themselves from the dating pool so I can avoid nasty surprises when having sex.

It's unfair for women because we can't tell what size a guy will be until we actually engage with him sexually, and as someone who won't do that until we're committed, it's a problem. Men anticipating our disappointment solves that problem.

No. 1050371

>a guy with a big dick can use their fingers or mouth too, if he even needs to
>if he even needs to
I know no one is obliged to give women oral, and some women don’t like it, but I’m wary of scrotes that refuse to do so because it’s “degrading” or because they “don’t get anything out of it”. This moid sounds like he doesn’t want to put any effort into sex, and thinks having a big dick automatically means better sex and less work. It doesn’t. Most women need foreplay before even getting to sex, and just jackhammering isn’t gonna cut it.

No. 1050373

Ugh moids always expect to be coddled. A woman will take care of chores, kids, extended family members, friends, work etc. yet when a scrote does one simple task he'll expect to be showered with praise or else he'll feel unappreciated.

Their suicide rates are high? Good. Useless, self-pitying moids should erase themselves so women won't have kids with them. More often than not they kill themselves over dumb shit that could've been solved by reaching out to therapists or people in general. But no, they'd rather get shit-faced and wallow in self pity over minor things that don't even matter.

"It'd be cool to receive any token of affection at all tbh." Oh stfu. The world has always favored men and in many parts of the world female babies/children are still seen as lesser than to the point of being aborted or killed because it's not a precious boy. How often have I heard "You're getting a girl? Ooof good luck, they're harder to raise than boys and you'll have to deal with possible unwanted pregnancy", instead of teaching their sons that they're equally responsible and not to be predators. This just really grinds my gears.

No. 1050419

He's offended at the idea of loving a woman and just wants to be a fuckboy. No sympathy. Glad his microdick is preventing him from using women.

No. 1050426

It's never enough for reddit scrotes. They complain nobody will ever want them but if they find someone they complain they want even more. I remember a while ago I was lurking a sub called IncelExit where people try to "help" incels escape inceldom. One guy in his late 30s poste about how he finally went on a date with a woman also in her 30s, but he complained she was too old and he's mad he doesn't have the chance to date 18-22 women anymore. That's when I knew "helping" them was a waste of time because they'll never be happy.

No. 1050447

All moids just want an endless supply of impossibly attractive teenagers to have sex with. That's all you really need to know to understand their entitlement, bitterness, and inability to ever be satisfied.

No. 1050650

there is some implant guys can get to make their dicks bigger. all this moaning and whining about it, why not just get that? some dudes would lose identity if they didn't have a small dick kek. pathetic.

No. 1050694

Really puts it into perspective when you consider women with small/ugly tits or a weird vagina tend to have low self-confidence, but it's not on their minds 24/7. They still live fulfilling lives. Men really don't see any value in themselves beyond sex (and status). I guess he really should just kill himself.

No. 1050942

SIX hours? that sounds awful. they could at least make their porno stories beliavable smh.

No. 1050943

File: 1643892946195.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.23 KB, 1132x824, gross.jpg)

The trichotillomania subreddit is a support group for individuals that struggle with compulsively removing hair. Most users struggle with self-image with patchy hair on their head and eyebrows. This scrote is whining about pulling out his beard but I just find it similar to when men post on /r/tallgirls or /r/hairygirls. Like, it's normal for you to be that way. It's normal for men with beards to remove the hair and it honestly probably doesn't impact your life very much to pull it out. Why are you looking for sympathy and taking up space in a support group for people that are actually struggling with 0 eyebrows and bald spots on their head? I just find it insulting. Spoilered the pic because I find him ugly

No. 1050945

Doing a whole photo shoot is definitely a Reddit Moment, but i think it's kinda cute. I like it when men actually take responsibility for protection instead of the woman having to subject herself to hormones, IUDs, pills etc with nasty side effects. Good for her.

No. 1050950

>it's normal for you to be that way. It's normal for men with beards to remove the hair
I mean if he's pulling it out it's still trich, even if it doesn't really impact him like pulling his hair out would

No. 1050951

People normally post progress pics of eyebrows and head hair, it makes little sense to do it for a beard, something people shave off regularly anyways especially when his is just stubble. Trich still applies when you pull out hair on your chin, arms, legs, etc but posting progress pics for that just seems stupid and attentionwhore-ish

No. 1050963

This mindset is why 90% of you on this website are bitter and alone kek. Literal incel logic, not even femcel literally just straight moid thoughts

No. 1050990

i think you're thinking too hard about this

No. 1051003

I'm not, it makes logical sense. Disagree if you want to but don't try and discredit me when it's a reasonable observation

No. 1051018

But anon, men need to be complimented more! Get on Reddit RIGHT now and congratulate him or you’re an evil bitch.

No. 1051213

Trich is something that's way more devastating when it affects women anyways, and afaik it usually affects women more often. As someone that knows a woman who's struggling with this and has gotten a bunch of shit for her problems while bald men roam freely, I understand you.

No. 1051310

File: 1643920580979.jpg (220.85 KB, 872x1092, Screenshot_20220203-142446.jpg)

If anyone watches 90 day fiance, you know Mike and Ximena. Well, I was surprised to see the amount of caping for many of the men on this show in the subreddit.

Mike farts, burps, throws clothes around and wipes his nose then leaves the tissue. He has a boohoo moment and says he has ADHD (sad music played when he announced this) and that his gf is asking a lot from him. Not to mention he looks like a literal goblin.

More men are watching this show than ever along with handmaidens; so many are attacking Ximena for having a problem with a male who just met her and her family farting and burping around them. People will scream "she only cares because he's ugly", "all men burp teehee my hubby farted and sharted and I giggled" and "she's a gold digging whore for dating this lower middle class American male! She "should* clean after him!" and "he's a poor baby with ADHD and life is incredibly challenging for him so he should make messes as he pleases", and most infuriating, "She's really showing her red flags asking him to change".

As an aside, my last few bans on reddit were from telling pic related type posts that no one gives a fuck. But revenge porn uploaders don't get any bans.

No. 1051327

It's hell to have as a woman. I've had trich since I was 3. Both sides of my family have anxiety problems, thanks genetics. My parents thought the best way to get me to stop was to yell and humiliate me (e.g. Nonna! What are you doing? See that bald spot on your head? You're making it bigger! Stop it!). The hysterical part is my parents never wanted to know the root cause of my problem. They just wanted me to magical get over it. I can say with full confidence if my brother had this, they'd have been nicer and try to figure out what's wrong with him. I completely understand and it leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth.

No. 1051379

Lmao anon i have been watching this shitshow aswell. Some people think that just because he paid for her home appliances, she is prohibited from having standarts. Ive seen a lot of handmaidens claiming that Ximena doesnt deserve Mike and he would be able to find a great wife in the US (sure) and im like, the dude hasnt had a girlfriend since school and it doesnt click on peoples head that he obviously has issues? Its easy for women to say they would date Mike after hes mildy famous because of a tv show, i wanna see who is gonna be willing to date the local Mike that is not famous.

No. 1051403

it's so fucking funny knowing he's going to lose all his savings now on top of all that whining over literally nothing. he could've just as well gone straight for the rope.

No. 1051415

why wouldn't you get super skinny if you had a small dick? that's the only option they would have if they wanted to pull a visual stunt to make it appear proportionate. bulking up at 6 ft is going to make your dick look comically smaller, what an idiot.

No. 1051470

I wonder how many men jerked off to this post (I haven't read the whole thing because I value my health too much)

No. 1051559

File: 1643934265281.png (315.69 KB, 2000x1252, Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 4.23…)

going on /r/mensrights almost feels like cheating but lol at this scrote trying to prove "muh feminists" wrong. too bad he can't!

No. 1051589

does anyone know who this mother is that they're talking about? i have heard other incels mention this too but i have never heard of this woman outside of incels telling me

No. 1051628

More baby girls have been killed in femicide than men in combat in all modern wars combined.

kill all men

No. 1051630

File: 1643941790682.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1641333069376.png)

>"women killing men is as common as air these days!!1!1"

Yeah right

No. 1051633

they want to be victims so bad

No. 1051737

I’m my country we are not even at the end of the week and already 3 women have met their ends at the hands of a man. One of them was a Canadian woman who came all the way to England to meet her online BF and he stabbed her to death. One of them was a mother of two who had countless restraining orders against their ex, and he stabbed her to death in the street. Another 3 men where arrested for rape and murder in Essex.
They’re completely fucking delusional.

No. 1051797

File: 1643958474180.png (35.74 KB, 637x359, retard.png)

i shouldnt have even clicked on the thread but ofc its the grossest pickme shit in there. probably a troon anyway.

No. 1051798

>sticky onesie
Definitely a Troon with a child rape fetish

No. 1051800

>reddit men think its a stacy
Kek. Redditors deserve to be with trannies.

No. 1051961

>check r/feminism
>tranny shit

>check r/twoXchromosomes

>tranny shit

I'd laugh if I didn't want to cry

No. 1051970

don't forget r/actuallesbians, the epicenter of tranny shit

and of course, r/lesbians, for porn (which is of course allowed to be a "cis women only" sub)

No. 1051984

Check out r/femalehairadvice if you want a laugh. Theres always a very obvious man looking for validation with scraggly hair

No. 1052000

Someone should make a throwaway account and pretend to be a tranny complaining about the lack of trannies on r/lesbians. Or any other "cis women only" porn sub for men. After all, not wanting transwomen in your porn is exclusionary and bigoted!

No. 1052029

it's pathetic, r/twoXchromosomes doesn't even ban scrotes like lolcow does. Though at least the regulars seemed pretty good at omnislashing misogynistic scrotes until they deleted their accounts.

No. 1052069

also r/twoXchromosomes
>my bf did the bare minimum and wiped his ass today, I'm so proud of him

No. 1052071

I downvote every one of those. If you see it early enough and set the trend it'll usually continue into the negatives.

No. 1052079

File: 1643992529075.jpeg (72.87 KB, 750x925, jLIMt0E.jpeg)

No. 1052084

Sage for schizoposting but does anyone get sinister vibes from this whole "COMPLIMENT MEN MORE" psyop? I swear to god if moids start pushing that shit, it'll be like the sexual assault greenlight (because wow all these women are complimenting you… they MUST want to have sex with you!) IMO we should insult them more often and raise their suicide rates.

No. 1052095

If men wanted more compliments they could just compliment each other. But they explicitly want compliments from women, and not just any women, ATTRACTIVE WOMEN.

It's not about compliments in itself, what they really want is what they always wanted, hot women throwing themselves at them and they just have to pluck them from the streets to drag into bed.

No. 1052101

Agreed, nona, men think women are flirting when we just smile, act passingly cordial, or even just look at them. I had a guy once try to climb on me at a party because he said I was giving him "come and get it eyes," and trust me I most definitely was not giving him anything other than "ugh, go away scrote" eyes. Many of us don't even make eye contact with men anymore because of this shit, so there's no way we'd risk complimenting random men.

No. 1052125

Reddit men are very autistic too, I don't think any of them want compliments, they just want excuses to come onto and sexually harass the women who they forced into complimenting themselves. If they truly wanted compliments, they'd compliment one another.

No. 1052127

File: 1643995294075.jpg (97.84 KB, 660x660, Tumblr_l_172481252628941.jpg)

The vast majority of compliments I get are from other women. The ones from men are obviously motivated by his cock twitching and have no value. (Uhuhu I like your ASS). To think men believe this is valid praise that would enrich our day and we should thank them is honestly disappointing. It's like their world is consumed with COOM and that experiences of genuine connection are irrelevant. It's like they don't realize the compliments they throw around to any female they come across are as low value as a pornhub comment.

Men don't compliment or support each other, then blame women for not being able to cry on a shoulder. Go cry into your homie's shoulder. Go support each other. Men are lazy and fake as fuck. Maybe if they went back to writing poetry to their gfs and love letters they might get back the kind of long-winded praise they so want. But we all know that is too much effort, inspiring genuine romance and friendship connection is too much effort, so here they are sitting their schlubby asses down in their gaming chairs, calling their bros on discord faggots all day, leaving their partner unsatisfied, and then moaning on reddit about compliments.

No. 1052178

Men constantly expect women to do emotional labor for them, it's because they are incredibly selfish and would never support one of their bros being down. The people making fun of men for crying and being weak are mostly other men, but somehow it is blamed on women.

No. 1052190

lmao seems totally legit. not even straight women enjoy having sex with moids, let alone lesbians

No. 1052198

>Why can't these pathetic whiny manchildren support each other if they want help so bad?
Because they wouldn't be able to victimize themselves and blame women for being losers. It's funny how scrotes say women are fake friends and brag about how males friendships are so much better, yet they whine about not having emotional support.

No. 1052219

What is she talking about tho

No. 1052252

I'm careful to NEVER compliment men for this reason, even if I'm friendly with them. It just opens the door to so much shit I don't want to deal with

No. 1052391

It's bullshit anyway. Any approachable normie guy gets compliments all the time. Of course if you're creepy incel/redditor and smell, people will stay away from you. Anyway yeah, those ones can stop whining to women and just start complimenting other men more, be the change you wanna see, what even is their point with this shit. Mothers compliment their sons all the time so it's clearly not women's issue.

No. 1052535

I think the only sub that doesnt allow men is FDS, and i guess they "allow" troons because of reddit rules, but i do think most of the women there know the truth about trannies.

The cherry on top is that i just know that if they got catcalled like they claim they want, some pickme on reddit would be writing a post about "the one time my bf got sexually harassed and deeply traumatized bc of it" like they always do. They truly are the most pathethic type of dude, id rather date a fucking ape than one of those crybabies. If they are not being dramatic about that one time someone complimented them on second grade and made their day, they are complaining about how unfair the world is because people assume men that are talking to kids are always pedos. They really tell on themselves. Ive seen plenty of dads taking care of kids alone and never thought they were pedos unless they were doing weird shit.

No. 1052781

File: 1644062825779.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x1977, D453E29C-A44D-4B70-AE78-425B40…)

someone around a year ago posted about this sub and it makes my blood boil. i sometimes go there to witness the sheer insanity and get the motivation to practice my daily dosage of misandry but this post in particular made me want to a-log. pick me uwu sex offenders i forgive you. holy shit you must be braindead to type this out, "little princess".

No. 1052782

File: 1644063045181.jpeg (32.27 KB, 892x480, 03A2046C-77D9-47DC-AC75-391E19…)

>little princess
>claims to be female
>defends and empathises with sex offenders
I smell…tranny

No. 1052825

File: 1644068157997.png (15.18 KB, 434x255, MALE.png)

oh god, i smell it too.

No. 1052829

Only lastnight I was reading discussions on how some people become hypersexual after being assaulted, how reactions to abuse can be so different from what you'd typically imagine.. but even with that in mind this reads as fake. Even if that's a woman with a weird coping mechanism for her own assaults, forgiving people who sexually assaulted strangers isn't your place. I cant see this being anything other than a defensive male larping to try and make a poor point. The real suffering victims are the rapists.. sure.

No. 1053503

File: 1644116193054.jpeg (947.55 KB, 1668x2006, 9F3D7010-E19F-4866-9EC4-DCBA21…)

I just get lonely because my wife won’t give me rough sex because she is dying, I’ll never do it guys! but I want to

No. 1053506

what a fucking loser. i wish him the absolute, absolute worst.

No. 1053507

File: 1644116366143.png (454.87 KB, 797x1919, 82343.png)

Reddit coddles rapists so hard that actual mental health professionals have had to step in and tell them to knock it off.


No. 1053519

lmao the obligatory edit to thank everyone for attention

No. 1053528

The edit to remove gendered language as if men aren't the overwhelming majority of rapists. Why the fuck does a subreddit like this exist, who thought it was a good idea?

No. 1053537

The people who want to get off to it

No. 1053542

It's actually sick, reddit houses some of the most bottom of the barrel scum of the earth people and communities.

No. 1053546

File: 1644117992256.jpeg (660.29 KB, 1851x2706, 9C28FF95-554A-44DE-8705-8F5A91…)

The disrespect these men have for us. Lol.

No. 1053547

It wasn't a sub, it was a question on /r/AskReddit which then got upvoted to the top of the page and had more answers than there should ever be.

No. 1053563

This is toootally witchy

No. 1053583

Yes, men need to anticipate disappointment and act accordingly. men on dating subreddits post their swipe statistics (you can request them from most dating apps) and are like "so should I just give up?" and it's like yeah, please do

No. 1053591

Oh The irony and “appropriation”.

Terf witches are currently the only true witches if you believe in that shit, because historically witches were just women who couldn’t deal with male garbage/religion. Kill all terfs is no different from saying “burn the witch”

(And of course male witches were twinks and dandies that grossed out men )

No. 1053605

>Unicorn Army sweatshirt
Oh god he's gonna turn out to be a pedophile, isn't he

No. 1053762

>My wife is deteriorating mentally and physically from a debilitating disease
>And this makes me sad because I can't coom that much anymore.

End males.

No. 1053804

File: 1644146298386.png (108.4 KB, 1073x690, reddithatecrime.png)

Straights will NEVER understand the excruciating pain of not getting as many updoots because people assume you're a man

No. 1053863


r/foreveralonewomen and r/fourthwavewomen also don't allow men iirc but those are small subreddits

No. 1053867

File: 1644153335431.png (456.46 KB, 1860x1382, Untitled.png)

How… how are so many women so utterly naive about their husband's porn addictions? It is baffling.

No. 1053873

You just know he's only mad because he can't actually fuck terves. Kek!

No. 1053874

File: 1644153869000.png (90.63 KB, 884x680, Untitled.png)

And of course….

No. 1053876

Disgusting, literally wasting his life on the shitter. I hope he dies of ass cancer

No. 1053878

She locked herself to this man knowing about his porn addiction and shitty personality and is even going to give birth to continue his disgusting legacy. She deserves all of this, she's not ignorant and she has to know how toxic their relationship is. I only pity the children

No. 1053886

Have you read her replies? She thinks it's not porn addiction because "he is a good Christian and would never!!" She is incredibly naive, not aware of what is going on at all and he only started after she was already pregnant.

No. 1053892

>he is a good Christian and would never!!
I've known women like this who defend their man and lie about the stuff just so you can tell them it's alright and they should stay together. If you tell them anything else, they never believe you even though they know deep down its true. Why? Because they just dont want to leave their man. I'm sorry but I really don't respect women who let men like this ruin their lives, keep defending them and even help them make shitty minions, take care of his previous minions, etc.
If you're bringing a child to a relationship, make sure it's stable and loving or you'll just have to take care of his children while he doesn't even bother spending time with you because he just used you to have and take care of his children, which is a common thing men do unfortunately.
Men don't deserve sympathy or second chances, she married a man that already had a child he didn't take care of properly and a dysfunctional past relationship, she gave him a second chance and he fucked her over just like he did to the other baby-mommy.

No. 1053901

I disagree, I think there are a LOT of women out there who are incredibly naive about how depraved men are. Not everyone is blackpilled on men like most of us here and that is how most men get away with their porn consumption without getting more shit from their wives from it. I think the majority of redditor women would be absolutely shocked and appalled if they knew what their men are really doing behind their backs. I don't think most of them know but ignore it, they just assume that when their men tells them "I just have low libido honey" it's the truth and don't ask questions.

No. 1053905

I get it that women can be clueless about porn but think about it. He got with this man that was absolutely disinterested in his own daughter, had shitty relationship with his ex wife and for some reason decided he'd be different with her child. That he'd care for her child and her even though he had proven he didn't care for his family beforehand. Reddit is filled with degenerate men too, even the frontpage is just misogynistic crap half the time, so I have trouble believing these women think men are angels when they witness it firsthand they're evil.

No. 1053915

>works only part time so he can “see his daughter more”
>wife takes another job to make up for loss of income
>sleeps in every day while she gets them to school
>spends the entire evening in the toilet “shitting”
>it’s your fault I don’t get to see my daughter you fucking bitch!!!!!

No. 1053941

I hope this is just a troll account

No. 1053943

>muh needs
You have 2 kids youre presumably healthy and stable what more could you need…? Fucking moid

No. 1053945

He told her his last relationship ended because his wife cheated on him. It's so gross to blame the woman for the man's behavior because "she should have known better". Many men can be very manipulative and she sounds like she was raised in a very conservative Christian household and is probably very naive. Stop victim-blaming.

No. 1053953

>graying hair
Everyday these moids actually show loud and clear that it’s a fetish, otherwise why skinwalk a teenage girl? Why not dress like a woman his age if he was one? God that eyeliner is shit

No. 1053963

I can even see the type of girl he is trying to emulate with these looks and expression. I bet she was his teenage crush. Disgusting.

No. 1053970

File: 1644160301616.png (165.53 KB, 887x652, 577.png)

God these seem like the most insurable human beings on the planet, I'm in a inter-racial relationship with a white man and we've never ever had any thing like these awful discussions about "original sin for being white"

No. 1053978

What is that facial expression meant to be? Sass? The link between legit autism and troonism is strong.

No. 1053979

Just shows that black supremacist don't actually buy what they are peddling themselves.

No. 1053983

No offense but if she struggles with privilege issues or has such trauma from white people's past actions, why is she dating a white man of all people? I don't think it's as easy for white Americans to relate to other cultures as we'd like to think so if she's struggling so much maybe someone from her culture would be better? I kind of relate because I'm Turkish and wouldn't date an Armenian because of the historical conflict between the countries, for example.

No. 1053986

Where did you get supremacist from?

No. 1053992

They believe white people are born with original sin, while black people are not. White people are all born naturally evil and have to fight not to be evil, black people are all born good. People like this are black supremacists.

No. 1054000

>assuming a black woman having trouble with black-white present (prejudice, racism, sexism) and past(slavery, colonialism) relations is truly a black supremacist
Why? How?

No. 1054004

File: 1644162327768.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1586315920828.jpg)

>why is she dating a white man of all people?
IDK know my self really, the overly woke WOC dating a generic bland white male is basically a cliche at this point

No. 1054007

This. I don't agree with the Reddit OP, but that anon is weird lol

No. 1054011

If his existence bothers her so much, why is she dating him? Oh, boy…
>my man is not like the others!!

No. 1054014

So her cracker bf is the only white person in the world without original sin? How convenient.(racebait )

No. 1054015

>thinking all white people carry an original sin just for being white
>still decided to date a white dude for no apparent reason
how am the I one in the wrong

No. 1054016

No she literally says she has trouble with coming in terms with his race. So she is most likely reminded of the black-white relations I've mentioned above whenever she sees him or the way he gets treated compared to her. Quit derailing with "black supremacist" or "original sin" arguments. We know it's not because of that but rather because of the treatment her and her people received in the hands of racist people. Also sage please.

No. 1054019

File: 1644163697259.png (64.19 KB, 945x439, 16.png)

well she's married to the dude so there's no point arguing, and those posts were from 2 years ago

No. 1054021

>A 28 yr old with a kid that married a 21 yr old
When will these bitches learn?

No. 1054025

Saging on /ot/ is not necessary.

No. 1054035

Never. Because we don't tell them not to date shitty men but instead tell them they can fix them and then when they fail - it wasn't their fault! Bet his first wife divorced him because he was cheating with a 20 yo and he's lost interest in this new girl as well since she's no longer young enough.

No. 1054050

You're most likely right, if they were dating 2 years before he would have been a 26 yr old man dating a teenager. Who even in their right mind would be able to relate to a 19 yr old when you're 26 with a family unless you're fetishzing their age? Also this dude got married at 22? Yeah right. She's definitely leaving out some details

No. 1054051

You don't sage on /ot/, when will newfags learn?

No. 1054058

I explained how, clearly you lack reading comprehension since you turned my argument into something completely different that I never said. Black people who say all white people are born evil are racists. Black people who think that they are better than white people simply because they are born black and therefore good, while white people are born bad, are black supremacists.

No. 1054067

The person on Reddit you're referring to didn't say any of that, but you're upset because you think anon turned your argument into something different? Please, anon, be more self-aware

No. 1054074

Because she likes/loves him as an individual, despite struggling with the effects of history and the state of race relations in their society. This isn't really that hard to understand, neither is it exclusive to America or the present day kek

No. 1054078

"I hate the sin of white people"
It's literally right there.

No. 1054085

Yes. His people enslaved hers, and then continued to exploit/harm them. She still loves him as a human being because people are people, he's very kind to her, and now they're married. What's troubling you? That she's not pretending history never happened? I'm tired of oversensitive Americans on either side of the political spectrum. Nothing can be resolved if you just throw buzzwords, attack eachother and play dumb. Empathy is good, we're not dumb scrotes on /pol/

No. 1054093

her ancestors were caught sold by other africans, her ancestors were owned by a small minority of upper class english and scotsmen
his ancestors were likely poor farmers just like everybody else

No. 1054096

Nobody ever talks about the sin of black people who raided other black tribes, killed all women and children and sold the men, their own brothers, into slavery. Curious if she has an issue with that part of history or only the sins of white people?

No. 1054099

>his people
please. "his people" have as little to do with him as a random killer or rapist from "your people" has to do with you.

No. 1054104

This racial obsession and whinging will keep you unhappy forever, anons. I've been there, it doesn't help. It's like seeing scrotes get pissy whenever women bring up male oppression, so I know it's hopeless to try and explain, but it's still sad

No. 1054107

Right, we're the one's who are obsessed, not the people who can't even have a relationship without a mental breakdown over what their partners ancestors did 100 years ago.

No. 1054111

Yes, you're mad because a woman with documented mental health issues said something about her moid that wasn't full-on worship 2 years ago. Let it go

No. 1054112

what is his ancestors were Irish or polish, what would they have to do with the history of black oppression
anyway the main point, if she can't white people so much why did she date and marry a white guy, weren't there black guys she could date

No. 1054113

She clearly doesn't hate white people, though, she loves him

No. 1054116

let's be real she's probably doing this to feel more special

No. 1054121

>weren't there black guys she could date
Black women don't want to date black men because black men are notorious cheaters, noncommittal, more prone to domestic violence and walk out on their baby mommas without paying child support all the time kek. Suck when you have to settle for a "white devil" who treats you with respect. I can not even imagine how cucked those white men have to be to date a woman who thinks such horrible things about them, they must have some kind of degradation fetish. "Yes my black queen, I am but a bad white man, let me make up the sins of my ancestors by serving you my queen".

No. 1054122

what is your problem, most of these seem like normie people
sure they may want them aware of more racial issues and she never stated she hated white people

No. 1054125

>anon posting femdom raceplay fantasies
Now I understand why mods used to ban any and all mentions of race, this is too much. Why do I get the feeling that you've posted similar things about men who date feminists, too? Mental illness

No. 1054128

nta, idgaf what some reddit woman told her scrote. It's just annoying that white people, and only white people, are (tried to be) held accountable for dead people that lived tens if not hundreds of years before them. People conveniently forget that every race on earth has killed and enslaved people that weren't their own and some do to do this day. Oh and the concept that racism is bad orginated from white people, also conviently forgotten.

I'll take the ban for this post.

No. 1054139

File: 1644169755042.jpeg (78.91 KB, 929x523, 106559682-1591011233200gettyim…)

But anon, it's black history month. The month we dedicate to collectively feeling bad about being white.

No. 1054146

File: 1644169986193.webm (836.85 KB, 576x1024, 1641183096599.webm)

>if she can't stand white people so much why did she date and marry a white guy
so there would one less white family being born and so she could dilute the colonizers genes

No. 1054147

File: 1644170067454.jpg (168.11 KB, 1080x843, kj.jpg)

Why is this thread full of /pol/ scrotes now? Anyway, some Reddit r/thathappened tier cringe
>K-pop saved my conspiracy theorist aunt!

No. 1054151

That’s just trading one evil for another

No. 1054155

i love how the lurking males here immediately reveal themselves when race is mentioned. You just couldn't miss the chance could you.

theyre here all the time lurking until race or men paying for rings is mentioned and then they cant contain themselves.

No. 1054157

>>Everyone who doesn't 100% agree with me is a man!
Funny how you immediately revert back to calling people scrotes when you run out of actual arguments.

No. 1054159

You're right anon. That's really the only explanation to how they really try to twist a mentally unstable woman's struggles into her being racist.

No. 1054160

File: 1644170363824.jpg (60.11 KB, 749x710, 2wysnv.jpg)

>tfw you just ask a question and now everyone's fighting

No. 1054161

Right, the only explanation is that people I don't like are men. Because women are a hivemind and all think exactly the same as ME. Sound logic.

No. 1054165

File: 1644170467701.jpeg (136.48 KB, 629x520, 2CA8FCED-890C-48BC-ACD7-5AAD01…)

I despise a lot of posts on r/TwoSentenceHorror. I know a lot of the shit posts are just kids trying out their writing skills but there’s also a lot of scrotery and cringe

No. 1054167

Just take the L and move on, nobody thinks you are winning the argument by calling people scrotes. It looks desperate.

No. 1054168

a scrote is a scrote, what else are we supposed to call you or do you identify as a tranny?

No. 1054169

kek why do you keep deleting your posts, can't type through the tears?

No. 1054172

nobody is deleting them. Tranny no one is crying over you the fuck.
dont reply to the tranny.

No. 1054174

Right, we need to coddle all other women otherwise our woman-card gets taken away. Which is why you are on a gossip site that focuses entirely on shit-talking and nitpicking other women. Guess we are all scrotes by your logic.

No. 1054175

go and take a shower.

No. 1054176

I'm sorry, you're right. It's just that I hate seeing women of color get bullied or accused of racism themselves so I did. I'll delete my reply to the baiter.

No. 1054180

is this the ring situation all over again which will lead to infighting for a couple of days.
I didnt know this too was a sensitive topic for the scrote lurkers here.

No. 1054183

File: 1644170894254.jpeg (134.36 KB, 640x457, 905B88B4-9995-4906-BF1C-A6052F…)

Tbf it makes sense that the devil would be pro trans kek.

No. 1054184

File: 1644170900506.png (131.93 KB, 522x663, seethe.png)

>I have no arguments but I must post!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1054185

NTA but the weird femdom scenarios and "dilute the colonizers gene" videos are just two of the things that exposed you. That's what moids always post when they want to derail a thread with hatred/thinly veiled fetish bullshit. It's like a spin-off from the gross "BLACKED"/"made for BBC" shit they post on every white woman's picture. Chop off your cock and never post here again

No. 1054188

a mans only worth was his wallet but with the rise of female independence and jobs men are slowly and slowly becoming completely worthless. And the number of men becoming incels and dying bitter is expanding, does that scare you scrote? that no one wants your dead genes.

No. 1054191

This is the only time anglo american men get to have power: through racial sperging. hence why so many of them become trannies and chop off their dicks

No. 1054192

No. 1054193

all of their posts are ''hey look at me im a scrote and need attention'' most of us lurked on male dominated spaces so we know how they type, these retards cant integrate for shit.

No. 1054194

File: 1644171161947.jpeg (146.35 KB, 640x477, 85E62C2A-CB4D-47C9-A805-B4953C…)

Nobody gives a fuck right now but I will continue to post cringe

No. 1054195

>one dedicated male lurks here for any opportunity necessary to post about race
>can't be a racist nonny nope
What's more likely

No. 1054196

"They" always post the same wojacks and 4chan tier scrote memes or are you saying racist nonnies just overlap with 4chan and scrote humor that much?

No. 1054199

No. 1054200

its not just race anon, look at the previous spergfest in this thread.

No. 1054203

that subreddit posts the most generic and mediocre stories.
The paranormal subreddits are also filled with people making up fake stories for upvotes.

No. 1054206

I thought the point of those were made up shitty creepy pastas? They don't even sound creepy to anyone over 12 tbh.

No. 1054217

idk but they seem popular for some reason, i will occasionally get recommendations on my insta and youtube of people reading out twosentencehorror.

Oh and the spiritual subreddits are like filled with schizos im surprised no one talks about them here.

No. 1054220

File: 1644171757483.gif (37.91 KB, 220x124, C9CC77B1-A963-4C25-9FEC-D0CEC2…)

>tfw it’s the first time in your entire life realising that toxic women share a lot of behaviours with common scrotes

No. 1054223

nta, I'm the one who posted "dilute the colonizers gene" meme video, I meant it as a joke and the girl in the tiktok also likely meant it as a joke
but its something I've seen these type of woke woc try to claim though, not in the blacked fetish type of way, more as a form of virtue signaling
"by marrying and having kids with with a white man, I'm creating new POCs and increasing integration and helping create a more diverse society"
its really fucking dumb mostly

No. 1054226

Ik what toxic female behavior is like but what the hell do women get out of posting reverse bleaching and femdom fantasies? Women don't really sexualize their rage openly like that

No. 1054230


No. 1054231

nonny please stop we are already over this, lets not have another spergout before the scrote comes back.

No. 1054238

File: 1644172105062.png (267.61 KB, 500x375, 1510018484233.png)

Stooooooop trying to pwn the moid by giving him the attention he craves.

No. 1054240

Scrotette shit, now stop

No. 1054251

File: 1644172457957.jpeg (365.25 KB, 640x1008, A3F1A4A5-ACA9-40D2-A93D-B549CF…)

No. 1054253

File: 1644172500895.jpeg (420.79 KB, 640x1014, EEAB8065-1613-496B-80D3-DA1B90…)

No. 1054256

File: 1644172605647.jpeg (336.6 KB, 640x929, 3BDA744F-58A1-4288-8D9B-CD48CE…)

Op getting dragged

No. 1054257

File: 1644172706918.jpeg (142.99 KB, 640x422, 438F6DE9-0031-4CC5-B29D-582DAB…)

No. 1054262

kek at the downvotes, it is nice to see the comments are against her.. how petty and kinda cruel

No. 1054265

and this is exactly why anons saying "you can still pursue studies/a career at an older age" is bullshit, women above their early 20s are treated as if they're ancient. and in this case even as if she's predatory…
so sad

No. 1054267

My bet's on this being written by a TIM

No. 1054274

>honestly I think if she was a male student the responses would be way different
Indeed, and the OP should ask themselves why the responses would be different. What a fucking autist, glad that people were calling them an asshole. It's also nice that the other participants still wanted to hang out with her even after that happened. She clearly fit in, and wasn't doing anything wrong

No. 1054280

Acting like women can be commonly predatory or violent like men too is one of the worst gaslights left leaning people do on the internet. It's legitimately dangerous

No. 1054282

I agree, but it's not only left leaning people who do it

No. 1054283

She sounds like one of those women who demonize older women and believe women "hit wall" at 25. Kek, I'm sure most of her group despises her more than they do to the 26 yo.

No. 1054285

i only see older students in the medical field being treated normally , meanwhile in other colleges if you dare be a freshman who is over the age of 20 then people treat you ancient.
>It's also nice that the other participants still wanted to hang out with her even after that happened
it seems like only she had a problem with her.

No. 1054288

>dating white men

>dating men at all
Race stuff aside, literally just don't date men. Of any race. Just be single. Stop dating scrotes, they aren't worth it.

No. 1054291

>I went to extreme lengths to get her kicked out now I feel bad waaah
I'm literally her age in college and I hang around with 18-20 year olds because they make up most of my classmates and we share common interests, what is this 21 year old minor bullshit kek

This is a consequence of liberal "equality" feminism. It's stupid that we apparently only have the choice between women being subjugated for our sex to the point we're not considered people, or men and women being considered the exact same in every way. Either way women get the short end of the stick.

No. 1054295

her adding that bit just shows that she indeed tried to push a 26yo being around younger adults(!) as "predatory" fucking hell…

No. 1054296

That just sounds like she’s jealous. This 26 yr old got attention that she wished she had in some way, so she targeted anything about her that is different in order to get rid of her. I’ve experienced treatment like this from other girls and women before and it’s really upsetting but you gotta remember they’re seething about you for a reason and it’s because you’re better than them. Maybe I’m projecting my own experiences onto a fake reddit story but who cares, not me.

No. 1054298

>finding a part time job
>missing her boyfriend
>But the thing is….since she's older, it makes me (and some of the others although we don't say it out loud) uncomfortable that she's there. Like it just seems like she has different issues with adjusting.
how are these not totally common issues for college students..?

No. 1054324

It's because they can't find bfs cause they're ugly and fat and can't find jobs because they're lazy and dumb. It's literally jealousy, and highschool level drama.

No. 1054357

Acting like 26 is ancient, being a Karen to get someone in need of support kicked out of group they literally just aged out of, acting like this support group service is a dating circle and so slightly older people who need help are predators… wow

No. 1054626

Well yeah usually you pursue education for your job prospects, not for peer attention. You can do that at any age. The fuck are you on about?

No. 1055543

Was about to link the post of a husband leaving his wife from trueoffmychest but it seems to have been deleted just now.

Thread was full of men being really really angry that they do in fact leave significantly more often if their spouse is ill.

No. 1055635

File: 1644253485025.png (1.81 MB, 1646x1188, Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 17.02…)

I feel like this should be a warning poster for every woman considering opening an onlyfans. In picrel, a scrote buys the nudes of a fellow classmate and uses the fact she has onlyfans to prevent her from getting a job. Yes moid, you are the asshole, no matter how much you're pretending to feel bad about it.

No. 1055645

>It's ok for me to consoom your content, I'll even sign up and pay for it but you are lesser for making it. You're dirty and tainted and should be shunned. I'm clean.

No. 1055652

You have to be beyond retarded to put your Onlyfans link on your social media that's attached to your real name, that your classmates follow and then not expect this to happen.. What a dumb thot.

No. 1055662

Honestly, yes, it's very stupid to have it linked to your main account/name. But tbh, was it? Because he might just know what her insta handle is because they've known each other for a few years. Someone in the comments of the post mentioned that if it was linked to her name, why didn't the job find it themselves when looking into her as an applicant? Unless they just don't do checks or anything, but if they're so concerned about reputation I assume they would be. I'm glad everyone in the comment was tearing this freak apart, his post was even removed. But I don't think it's very smart to have an OF account that is associated with anyone in your real life, whether you use your name or not, if people you know are following it other people you know will be able to find it.

No. 1055663

even if he weren't doing this to be spiteful (which he totally is), what the fuck is with this subservient, groveling mentality so many people have towards employers? you don't own shit, you don't run shit, you're no one to any of these people and your groveling won't get you to the top. anyways he did it to be an asshole but she is not bright either. any way you look at it, this guy is pathetic.

No. 1055671

I'm quite sure the boss did a checkup and most likely knew she had an onlyfans, might've even thought about hiring her because of it. All engineer men are degenerates who are coombrained so the op doesn't shock me but again, the boss probably wouldn't mind having a sex worker work for him, its weird that OP thinks its a epic own when most leftist engineer men simp and fantasize about sexworkers.
Read it again, OP mentioned she sucked at coding and had onlyfans in her bio. I bet it's the only reason the boss considered her and now he has to back down so it won't look like he's a creep trying to hire a sex worker and most likely benefit from her weak psyche.

No. 1055677

What a faggot. Subscribing to onlyfans only proves that you are a coomer. The fact that he cared more about company's reputation uwu more than a woman that he supposedly supports as an Onlyfans owner says all that needs to be said. Actual support would not be throwing pennies at her to masturbate to her content, but not stigmatising her for giving your dick something to coom to. I guess she should never have a regular job because she had an Onlyfans? Disgusting. I can only hope that people told him that he is a worthless piece of trash.
Another example of men masturbating with one hand and pointing with the other.

No. 1055679

This is why I get so g darn pissed off at libfems trying to encourage other women (sometimes actual girls) into opening up an OnlyFans because of how eMpOwErInG it'll be. What happens when a scrote you rejected uses it to blackmail you or ruin your life? What happens if your dad or other male relative purchases the content on there? Many do, I've seen posts of ethots freaking out, trying to get them banned or some shit. It's like they live in a fantasy world that the Internet is still niche and anonymous and that no one goes online. Still though, the irony of these scrotes trying to manipulate everyone that they're supportive by buying up someone's nudes to coom to will never be lost on me. How are people buying into this?

No. 1055681

>I'm quite sure the boss did a checkup and most likely knew she had an onlyfans, might've even thought about hiring her because of it.
Samefag but holy shit this is dark.

No. 1055706

She sucked at coding in first grade! She has passed the company test. There is a huge chance that she had the OF account hidden and nobody knew about it before the psycho has shown it to his boss. Why are you taking the backpedaling scrote's word on her skills? As a Redditor wrote
>It's not about his mate at all. It's about covering his sperm filled web of lies.
And it's not about her skills or company's image

No. 1055707

She sucked at coding three years ago when she was in her first year.

No. 1055717

Even if she gets hired, she will literally never been taken serious at any job where all her coworkers and her boss will have seen her asshole. If it's an intern position they will just want her to make coffee and run errands while looking pretty and never consider her for any actual work. I still don't feel bad for her because growing up in today's world you should know that selling your body will have an impact on your future career options. The only way girls and libfems will learn that it's not "empowering" to do sexwork is if they start feeling some real life repercussions for their actions.

No. 1055735

>"In fact, I even subscribed to her OnlyFans at one point, just to check it out. This further proves my support for women with OF."
>proceeds to ruin her chance of getting a career outside of OF
He probably did this on purpose to make sure she'd keep posting nudes for him to jack off to. This is what it means for men to "support sex workers", take note. Libfems crying about SWERFs need repeated bonks to the head
Also, how does it help the company's "image" to have admitted coomers who seek emotional validation from strangers on Reddit working for them? This man is clearly hysterical. He should be relieved from his duties before he starts posting company secrets because he "feels conflicted"

No. 1055833

Whoah! Imagine those guys and girls who lived about 30 thousand years before present. What where they doing?

No. 1055834

It's like >I support you, I just think you should have no oppurtunities to work an actual 9 to 5. Stay in your whore lane… that's totally me supporting you.

I hate how men seek out the very thing they condemn women for providing them with. She made bad decisions but he's a piece of shit for following her and inserting himself too much in her life and her business. People used to stumble across public PH vids of someone they knew and that's shocking.. now men enter in their credit card details to access your porn and still act all surprised and innocent.

Imagine a world where any man who has paid money to access porn is now classed as not suitable for a company.

No. 1055848

File: 1644259358440.png (342.85 KB, 700x444, Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 18.41…)

>Imagine a world where any man who has paid money to access porn is now classed as not suitable for a company.
Don't make me cry nonnie. It would be so utopian but also disturbing by the sheer amount of men who would be unsuitable to work for a company

No. 1055854

I'm more angered that the OF hire might be taking away an opportunity from another woman who's actually competent at coding because the boss & co. just want a cohort to coom to. Although it sounds like a scumbag company, maybe thots should be hired there so any woman actually looking to be recognized for her legitimate merits can be spared this unwashed nutsack hellscape.

No. 1055876

File: 1644260688501.png (361.07 KB, 642x594, joe.png)

No. 1055877

Hands down this scrote got rejected by her, so he did this for revenge. I bet he's still subscribed and jerking it even harder knowing he's tanked her career and she'll be relying on OF even more for the dolla

No. 1055881

You sound like the scrote honestly, just assuming she's shit at coding when he said that his only experience with her coding was in her first year, three years ago.

No. 1055883

This reminds me of when big youtubers encourage their young audience to persue that themselves.. I can't remember who it was lately who came out and begged his audience to not do that because it's a one in a million chance that you'll take off.

No. 1055887

But they're not hiring her for coding, they're hiring her for sex work because scrotes there think they've got a chance. The writing is on the wall anon, if the underling found her handles from simple searches then surely their boss and HR did.

Lol, I can imagine this person trying to push carts and it's hilarious.

No. 1055888

I never believe the rags to riches stories these e-prostitutes sell. Don't they get recruiter fees, like 5% of earnings of those under them for a year? It's like a pyramid scheme, where those idiots selling shitty leggings and PooNique have all those insta and TikTok videos of how 'rich' they are when in reality they're in thousands of dollars worth of debt.

No. 1055900

Like, sorry, but when I see shit like this, I just can't agree with the anons from the vent thread who were saying it's wrong to take issue with the wealthy women promoting this, that anyone who complains is "just jealous", that it's only the men promoting it and that all the women are just dumb, infantile and desperate

This woman knows very well what she's doing. She's collecting promoter coin, knows 99% of the girls who will be tricked by this won't make it, and that sex work decays your soul. She doesn't care, and misery loves company. I can't respect that. They keep selling the lie that it's smart/beneficial to do dumb shit and ruin our own lives. The defense is that it isn't our fault if we get screwed over, and it isn't, but these "activists" certainly won't be there to help or financially support their sisters like >>1055635 when the obvious happens

No. 1055910

And the more that men read about those bragging 'wealthy overnight on OF' cases.. the more they despise women. The guy who paid you 5 dollars to see your nudes just ratted you out and cost you a legit job. That's your customer base. He gave you a few dollars and robbed you of a wage.

No. 1055920

Ntayrt but you're still assuming a lot.

The hiring manager isn't the one doing the pre-employment background check, just looking at whatever "relevant" results are given to them.

For your story to make sense, the following chain of events must have happened:
>Pre-employment screening finds the onlyfans
>They document and report the onlyfans
>Recruiter finds the onlyfans noteworthy and passes it on
>Manager sees the onlyfans and doesn't immediately disqualify her
>Manager then hires her– not in spite of her onlyfans, but because of it, since he really wants to interact with an onlyfans girl virtually (95% of tech companies are still WFH) and be responsible for her when she's completely unproductive and incompetent

This is just really implausible, nona. These jumps are all possible, but not likely, except in the mind of somebody with a bizarre worldview.

Honestly? I knew onlyfans CS girls and yeah, they were worse at coding than other women in CS. However, the ones that graduated still had basic enough competency to be AA hires at large tech companies. That's all this probably is. The dude was mad that his friend didn't get hired while this WHORE who was bad at coding in her first year of college did get the job, so he decided to lash out and fuck her over. Don't get me wrong; having an onlyfans is stupid as hell, and I don't know how she expected to get hired in the first place if it was publicly available. But it's stupid (and dare I say misogynistic) to say that she was only hired because the manager was sexually motivated.

No. 1055935

The OF thing aside, how does he know she's a terrible coder? He said he only worked on a project with her in freshman year but it sounds like they're both in senior year now. From personal experience I know there can be a huge amount of learning and improvement between 1st and 4th year students. If she was that bad at coding I assume she would have flunked out before 4th year. I think that part betrays his misogyny, he thinks she's incompetent just because she's a woman.

No. 1055944

>But they're not hiring her for coding, they're hiring her for sex work because scrotes there think they've got a chance
And you know it because an assblasted scrote said so? They knew each other from university or something, he could have her social media accounts that weren't connected to her name.

No. 1055964

He seems to think he knows an awful lot about her. It's a one way thing of him inserting himself in her business.. scrotes always outing themselves.

No. 1055970

>This woman knows very well what she's doing. She's collecting promoter coin, knows 99% of the girls who will be tricked by this won't make it, and that sex work decays your soul
This is why Onlyfans reminds me so much of MLMs, those who are at the top have incentive to sell the image of what they are doing to others in order to gain more money and it means having a fuck you, got mine type of attitude

No. 1056178

Imagine the job openings for women

No. 1056280

what a disgusting hypocrite, kind of reminds me of how men were seething that mia Khalifa quit porn and got married because it shows a big difference between men and women who are "against" porn, we both think it's degrading, but while we want to see women get out of that industry and do something else with their lives, men want them to be confined to that degrading role. Like the fact that its immoral and degrading and unhealthy doesn't make porn bad in their eyes, but there must be an underclass of subhuman women who are relegated to the position of whores. it only becomes bad when one of them dares to leave

No. 1056281

sorry not married, engaged*

No. 1056326

fucking kek at your pic. i might steal it

No. 1056437

File: 1644284633529.png (407.31 KB, 2002x1056, Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 5.40…)

this is so reddit it almost seems fake but I don't think it is, sadly. I can't believe that's a question you even need to ask let make a post on reddit for advice about it.
>scrote with anger issues
>abuses dog for bullshit reason
>OP buries the lede that the bf recently came out as trans and tried to say "muh transphobia" was the reason for the breakup

No. 1056531

>Fuck terfs
That's something that this disgusting troon will never be able to do

No. 1056540

Not a scrote, just a girl with Testosterone rage trying to act like a scrote. OP said she was trans and used "Male" and he/him so we know it's actually a woman. Troons' partners would never pass up the chance to look holy in using the "correct" pronouns.

No. 1056765

>And the more that men read about those bragging 'wealthy overnight on OF' cases.. the more they despise women
Men who seek out that content already hate women. Rich prostitutes were always a thing and that's not why men hate women. Rather the men who support women and help their only fans careers do so because they hate them, so they can jack off to them destroying their futures. Quit blaming men's hatred on mentally ill women. Men don't deserve to be defended for their unreasonable hatred for women. He won't pick you.
Proof testosteron is literally poison that causes tard rage, kek.

No. 1056911

File: 1644325380809.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1854, 689A016D-58BE-40AC-B476-233471…)

The fucking states of moids I s2g (not mine, stole from r/justneckbeardthings)

No. 1057084

>26 yr old woman existing in a support group that doesn't act predatory
>Assume her to be predatory for committing the crime of being a few months older than the allowed age

Don't these same people scream their heads off when people assume men to be creepy and predatory?

No. 1057318

I swear guys think like this because they watch so much porn on their phones that they have a fear of it being found or it randomly playing out loud in public. They think we all have phones full of secrets.

No. 1057414

File: 1644348705163.png (65.44 KB, 725x622, Screenshot_1.png)

god this site

No. 1057553

Does the guy at the bottom really think no men in their 20's date 30 year old women (unless there is a "fetish" involved) but a 40 year old man dating women in their 20's is completely normal?

No. 1057560

i swear reddit causes brain damage, dude used like the same 3 words 25 times jesus fuck

No. 1057631

File: 1644355001673.jpg (662.5 KB, 1080x1620, no hope.jpg)

Everyone upvoting this retarded shit has to be a troon. I cannot imagine an actual lesbian women upvoting this shit meme. I swear to god there are literally no actual lesbians left on r/actuallesbians. These are the end times.

No. 1057665

>comic about lesbians
>dick is involved
I fucking hate them so much what is so hard to understand that lesbians don't like dick???

No. 1057672

1756 people liked this absolute trash.

10 years ago if you even implied or suggested that lesbians like dick you'd be called a fucking retard, now apparently it's discriminatory to say that they're only interested in women.

this OBSESSION with them secretly 'wanting' dick too. it's predatory, it's absolutely classic male behaviour. there is literally no difference between straight men telling lesbians they 'just need some dick' and troons pretending they're lesbian women.

every time i see thousands of people upvote shit like this,it feels like i'm watching CIA social programming.

No. 1057683

God I feel bad for lesbians. They are going to have to start calling themselves "non-dick likers" or "pussy eating exclusionist" or something.

No. 1057693

Anime went from being a vehicle for incel retards to being a vehicle for incel retards and the creepiest fetishistic troons in the world. I'm so sorry normal anime fans, you don't deserve this.

No. 1057703

if you see anything human drawn with unncessary animals ears you automatically know that a degnerate xy mind is behind it

No. 1057704

I don't get why men nowadays believe young women will go after them unless they're super rich and even the women treat them like Johns and cheat on them. The only women I know who date older men either got groomed when young or are so mentally unstable the men are practically taking advantage of them.

No. 1057706

pussy eating exclusionist sounds kinda cool

No. 1057725

They're starting to get called non-men loving non-men already.

No. 1057733

There are a bunch of men's channels dedicated to spreading lies about women, like we're hypergamous and won't even look in a guys direction if he's not 6+ feet tall and makes over 200k a year, but then they turn around and try to say that modern women are extremely promiscuous and that we've all been with 9+ men by the age of 20. They don't understand how those two things don't go together. Occasionally they'll address it but there's a ton of mental gymnastics involved, no real reasoning or evidence.

No. 1057789

Same anon but I'm thankful for those channels, as long aw they don't promote or cause literal abuse or physical harm towards women. Because of them those men wait and wait and unironically ride the "pussy carousel", aka date women but dont marry, that they accuse women of doing, thinking their value is rising until they finally realize its a scheme but its too late so they and their failed genes die alone. Saw this happen again and again irl but men only realize their failures when they expire and their dicks finally break down. Based!

No. 1057796

>incel retards
You only have to say it once anon. Troons are incels.

No. 1057821

I see what you're getting at, but those channels work 24/7 to demonize women, most of the time by being misleading or outright dishonest like repeating statistics like "80% of women are sexually active with 20% of men"- a statement that gets repeated over and over again with 0 source or credibility yet their audiences snort it up like cocaine every time. The issue is that they're creating incels. Like imagine all of the 15 year old boys who see those videos and don't know any better and literally grow up believing these things.

Another thing is that while those channels usually don't condone actual violence towards women, they talk about how women shouldn't have certain rights like the right to vote (not all of them do this, but some do). They are also really conducive to men doxxing/harassing women. An example of this is the "Fresh & Fit" podcast. One of the guys on that podcast, Myron, tried to get an IG fitness influencer to come collab with him and have sex with her (he was saying he doesn't collab with women he's platonic with, in other words trying to extort sex from her by collabing with her) she said no and he called her a whore, then tried to lie and say she messaged him first (she showed screenshots and proved this was a lie). He later put her on blast on his podcast, gave his audience her Instagram handle and told all of his fans to go harass her. Last I heard she was suing but I haven't been keeping up with it. Also any time a man mentions a woman on one of those channels the audience goes over to harass her.

Sorry for the derailing, I'll take my ban now.

No. 1057860

Absolutely disgusting. Why are men allowed to spread hatred towards women on channels but as soon as a woman voices her concern over trannies retrograding women's rights she gets instantly deplatformed? Is there an anti-man pinkpilled channel on YT even?

No. 1057887

But they promote tricking women into sex by pretending to want long term commitment too. The classic pump and dump shit. Tips for cheating and "spinning plates".
Idk if you would consider it abuse but it isn't particularily good lel

No. 1057898

I fucking hate men and I understand him. What is he gonna do, never have sex again?

No. 1058076

Aw you’re so cute. But don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll survive on his daily diet of 6 porn fueled jerk off sessions a day.

No. 1058092

…yes? Or at least until theyre no longer together. You know damn well almost every single woman will happily nurture and care for a man who can't have sex because of a disease. God forbid women ask for the same kind of love they give

No. 1058272

Because men and mentally ill men(troons) control media
You're right anon. Though I think it's good for those men to think their views are valid and common and freely talk about it with the women they're seeing so that they can avoid these toxic men. Men always hide stuff when they think women won't fuck them if they know it but they don't actually change their views, barely hide it. These channels can make them broadcast their misogyny freely like a bright red flag and perhaps save some poor girl with associating with them.
You're right but like I said above, those men advertise their misogynistic views quite freely more often than not, because they're so hateful and because of that they can barely manage to find a primary partner nevermind multiple ones. Check out redpill, there are truly no success stories of men getting multiple gfs but hundreds of posts of advice, written from one ugly incel to another, only making them more radicalized and ruining their interactions with women further because these men can't hide their intentions.

No. 1058274

>I understand cheating on the dying woman who birthed 2 children for you, lol!
>but I totes hate menz!!
This woman is your future if you have that mindset - albeit you might not get ill or simply old or maybe overweight, men who are going to cheat look for women like you who will think they're in right, even putting the men's sexual needs before the fact that a dying woman is struggling, just like men do. Good luck.

No. 1058367

Is /r/Feminism moderated by a tranny janny? I just got permabanned as soon as I joined and I think it’s because of all my terfy comments.

No. 1058370

>What is he gonna do, never have sex again?
Yeah, actually. Like that's hard?

Marriage vows are pretty clear about in sickness and in health, if you can't stick to them don't get married. I wouldn't want to be a caretaker for a sick moid, so I will not marry one.

No. 1058374

I think r/feminism is literally moderated by MRA/incel types, so yeah, probably a troon in their.

No. 1058375


No. 1058378

Lol the only thing I said on there was telling a male Redditor to shut up and I got banned within seconds.

No. 1058410

Marriage is til death, not til you stop taking my dick. Yes he’s expected to go without sex.

No. 1058444

>How dare evil feminazi oppress white straight redditor man!? Reeee!! White men the most oppressed, feminists should talk about the men dying in war and circumcision instead of female genital mutilation and the %99 crimes, rapes and slaughters committed by men!!
Anything on reddit is dominated by men and men with mutilated penises. That's why even the lesbian or period subs are full of dicktalk while the lesbian porn subs only feature real women. Because women have to be subjected to ugly men and their opinions, at least that's what the incels say.

No. 1058482

File: 1644402048772.png (1.65 MB, 2482x1338, reddit moment.png)

I know it's from a retarded incel subreddit but still, was not expecting to see this when I was trying to research something.

No. 1058576

Stuff like this makes me question if most men are secretly gay. They always have such a hard on for supposed 'Chads'.

No. 1058612

Men who go on about Chads or redpill male bodybuilding shit are 110% just deep in the closet

No. 1058653

Idk if Reddit is to blame for this but I hate how they call everything “porn”. Food porn, nature porn, science porn whatever it’s so cringe and shows how obsessed they are with mind rot.

No. 1058660

Based. I believe they're bisexual men.

No. 1058669

Ugh, same. It's horrible to have a collection of wonderful things associated with the absolute dystopia that is pornography. Like, when I look at an image of beautiful scenery, why would I want to be reminded of porn? Fucking coomers.

No. 1058705

sex isn't a human right hth

No. 1058717

Anyone know how to circumvent a permaban on Reddit? I got banned and then called the admin a tranny and I want to continue posting milk here.

No. 1058746

Eh, I understand him too. He shouldn’t act on these feelings though. People tend to have shitty thoughts and desires that are better left suppressing. For her sake, he should remain faithful until she does finally pass. Also agree with >>1058705 that sex isn’t a right and having to go periods without sex isn’t some kind of atrocity, and it should be expected of him when his wife is literally deteriorating in mind and body.

No. 1058752

Lmfao. Sorry nonna, don't think you're coming back from that.

No. 1059148

Based, but you might have to just delete your cookies, change your IP (or use a VPN) and make a new account. The admin will probably seethe about that forever

No. 1059670

"I wished for bitches on my dick. Now I'm in the ER for genital trauma after a freak dog attack"
Why are they so retardedly verbose for a prompt based on brevity?

No. 1059690

File: 1644482222750.png (117.54 KB, 1380x477, creep.png)

Lots of men in this thread complaining that they are seen as creeps for spending time out with their own kids. Is this an American thing? I have never in my life looked at a man walking/playing with a child outside and assumed he was a kidnapper. I always assume it's the dad, or the grandpa if it's an older man.


No. 1059691

File: 1644482380774.png (157.45 KB, 1330x682, er.png)

Or getting angry over standard ER protocols

No. 1059693

File: 1644482498211.png (68.32 KB, 1377x450, not a problem.png)

And then there were complete non-issues like this

No. 1059694

File: 1644482562285.png (90.76 KB, 1379x492, what are problems in modern so…)

I hate this shit

No. 1059695

No this is privileged white American men who pretend to oppressed so bad they actually sound mentally disabled. Kek.

No. 1059697

i hate how reddit moids always act like they're some kind of celebrity because they got some internet upvotes and pngs on some meaningless board. and they say women are attention whores.

No. 1059698

Does this motherfucker understand what partum means? Why the fuck would the person who didn't go through pregnancy and childbirth be asked if they have postpartum depression? I can't imagine having a baby but being more concerned about how the father feels.

No. 1059699

Tfw you think your husband has post partum depression when he simply regrets having a child with you. Reddit women are delusional and defend their moid to hell and back.

No. 1059706

It’s either projection or an excuse to get out of having to spend time with their kids. In reality any father who does the bare minimum gets high praise while a mother doing the other 99.9% is taken for granted. I see dads with young kids at local playgrounds all the time and even when the kid throws a screaming tantrum or tries to run away, other parents and passerby’s are just like “haha kids amirite”. You’d have to be acting extremely suspiciously for anyone to assume you’re a kidnapper.

No. 1059709

Shit like this is why women in their 30s and even 20s so often get told that they look "young for their age", when they just look like normal, healthy adult women. People think women over 25 are supposed to look like wrinkly old hags, then get surprised and think it's an exception when they see a woman in her 30s who isn't a dry prune. I'm honestly starting to think that the whole "women over 25 look old and ugly" thing is just to cover up the fact that those men are attracted to mental immaturity, and it actually has nothing to do with looks.

No. 1059715

They are…
When i was being driven by my Uber driver he started getting all creepy with me and trying to ask me about sex. He told me he thought i was 15 and when he saw that i was 20 and also very unamused by the game he was trying to play with me he got uninterested and backed off kek

No. 1059716

Men actually can get postpartum depression, at least, postpartum depression as we understand it – the cause of postpartum isn't known yet. If it's due to a combination of pre-existing risk factors and stress and not hormonal changes in a new mother's body, then it makes sense that any new parent can get it. Nothing wrong IMO with the father of your child getting screened for postpartum, it's in the best interest of the child. Of course you want to know if a new parent has been having severe mood swings or baby-shaking urges, regardless of their intentions to act on them or not.

No. 1059728

>"women over 25 look old and ugly" thing is just to cover up the fact that those men are attracted to mental immaturity, and it actually has nothing to do with looks.
That's a fact, not a tinfoil. A man could find a woman of age 35 attractive but the moment you tell them she's over 25 he loses interest. Men try to force the muh biological attraction to fertility meme but it's only about exerting control over women who don't know any better, women in their late 20's to early 30s generally get wise to their gaslighting after years of being exposed to it.

No. 1059733

Being a tranny isnt considered a mental illness anymore. Men can get "postpartum" aka parting with baby, giving birth, depression. What's next? Men are trying to steal and disrespect anything that only women can go through. A man wanting to kill or shake his baby to retardation isn't postpartum depression just like a man wanting to be a woman or lactate to coom isn't valid. Men should gtfo.

No. 1059756

>I have nothing against women having an onlyfans account but god damn if I have to work with one in my lucrative STEM job I'm reporting that bitch to my boss for ruining the company image!!!
Men's Madonna/Whore complex strikes again. This douchebag really fucking follows and funds his classmate's OF account like a creep but wouldn't be caught dead treating her like a human being. Actually fucking infuriating, he never gave a shit about the "company image", he was only concerned about being humiliated by working with someone he considers lower in value than him.

Also agree, this should be showed to every young woman who considers degrading themselves for a handful off cuckbucks as some top grade "hustle". It will backfire on your hard because men are and will always be scum.

This. Everyone sucks in their freshman year. She wouldn't have been able to graduate if she hadn't done a decent job with her classes.

No. 1059795

File: 1644493566223.jpeg (762.67 KB, 2200x1669, 2016-02-29t050533z728776561tb3…)

Yeah, their little "Edit:"-additions always read like picrel

No. 1059813

retardo dicaprio would act like this on reddit because it's the only place where he'd get awards at all.

No. 1059817

File: 1644496738917.png (52.66 KB, 296x345, B2FA736A-70BB-48FA-8C06-ECA62C…)

>edit: wOw tHiS BlEw Up
I want to do the same to Reddit HQ I swear to god. Ban me for fucking alog idc.

No. 1059821

Classic reddit. All those retarded moids want us to fix problems mostly caused by their own gender. I made the mistake of making friends on reddit years ago when I made questionable decisions and they all dumped their problems on me in no time. Men on reddit need to go get therapy and leave women alone

No. 1059825

>When you ask us to express our feelings, you need to let express our actual feelings and not just the feelings you want us to express. This also needs to be entirely free of judgement or punishment.

This comment is adorable because men seriously believe women aren't ever pressured to conceal their actual feelings or that there isn't judgement nor punishment involved for having done so. I swear they must think women are hysterical screeching NPCs that are constantly coddled.

No. 1059828

No. 1059829

Kek. I’m in, nonna.

No. 1059836

this and do men ever evaluate what they say?
>you need to let us express our actual feelings and conceal your actual feelings towards us while doing so

No. 1059848

I've heard men multiple times bring this exact thing up, how ~wahmen~ can always express their feelings sincerely and have the world cater to them while men are pressured into bottling it up, simply because people are moved by a beautiful young woman crying. As if mothers never had to put their family's needs before their own or regular women weren't told to simply suck it up when they were trying to speak up their voice.

No. 1059860

Men who say this shit literally don't consider any woman who's not hot, white and from a first world country as humans. Women of color always get berated and sometimes even killed for just expressing their opinions in third world countries.

No. 1059905

Thank you for reminding me of this gem

No. 1060115

>Is this an American thing?
It is entirely a reddit thing. Redditors are obsessed with this topic to the point they are almost certainly imagining women giving them dirty looks for no reason. Nobody normal constantly thinks of being mistaken for a pedophile while shopping with their own children.

No. 1060166

File: 1644513884888.png (128.99 KB, 924x734, Untitled.png)

I feel so bad for these kids that will be raised to be confused as fuck by woke redditor parents. This baby isn't even born yet and mom already plans on trooning it out.

No. 1060178

This sounds fake, like a fantasy moid would write.

No. 1060181

Weird how gender neutral means masculine huh. I think Morgan is the only one of hers that’s actually neutral, maybe scout. Never heard anyone named either Scout or Orion though.

No. 1060185

Scout is the nickname of the little tomboy girl in To Kill A Mockingbird. But her real name is Jean Louise. This woman definitely wants to force her daughter to become a tomboy or a fakeboi.