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File: 1634796986846.png (178.54 KB, 649x600, hate.png)

No. 944831

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Previous thread >>>/ot/822499

No. 944834

remember when pornhub purged all its unverified content? i still think about one of the scrotes on r/pornhub that said that it was basically equivalent to 9/11 and the burning of the library of alexandria

No. 944837

File: 1634797401102.jpeg (166.32 KB, 1065x1039, 419F5DDD-6CCF-49CD-9E26-50A2BA…)

I hate this feature on Reddit. It’s been used in me several times. Anytime you make a logical argument or if they dislike your opinion, they send it your way. Yes, I’m so suicidal because I don’t think Kevin is a woman. Reddit knew what they were doing with this one.

No. 944838

File: 1634797454351.jpeg (512.42 KB, 1170x2075, 1BE2232D-F62D-41BB-83D0-451A6A…)

No. 945240

I hope the burn the rest of it down too. Fuck scrotes who think videos of trafficking and rape should be kept up so they can keep jerking off to a selection of 62949384839 videos instead of 3684993292

No. 945417

File: 1634840846995.png (14.49 KB, 659x133, fat.png)

someone posted on /r/thathappened a screenshot of 2 fatties insisting their Doctor's hated them for being obese yet healthy. Most of the comment section is fatties making excuses. Lots of 100% healthy fats in the comments and talk about Doctor's being so mean to them for asking them to lose weight. None of them seem to understand that being morbidly obese causes long term health issues. They're fine now so fuck you and fuck Doctors. Big fan of the woman in the comments upvoted for saying being fat has no impact on her joint pain.


No. 945442

i was in a group chat with a guy at the time when it happened who said he was going to kill himself and that it was an attack on freedom kek

No. 945522

I hate that too. I just locked down my privacy settings and I don't get hate messages anymore and I just ignore that crisis hotline shit. It's honestly laughable, even if I were feeling down I'd never call one of those hotlines. Because that's what I need when depressed, an ambulance kidnapping to the psych ward to get shot up with booty juice, that'll cheer me right up. No thanks

No. 945722

File: 1634857633594.png (19.68 KB, 1200x148, image.png)

Meh, the thread is split with the highest upvotes mostly going to the people doubting the story. Obesity is pretty much the only thing left that reddit isn't fully ~everyone is valid~ about.

No. 945808

Did you even read the thread?

No. 945825

Take your meds weirdo

No. 946238

if that's his biggest problem in life then honestly his suggestion isn't bad

No. 946280

I hope he followed through

No. 946353

Males are really something especially in leftist circles

No. 946626

nta but was it the mention of booty juice injection that made you call them a weirdo?

No. 947523

File: 1634987065825.jpeg (616.14 KB, 1170x1972, 475ED35E-4879-47F1-AC3C-F37236…)

God that pickme title. She’s so cool because she’s not like the other wives. I bet the wives of those husbands hate her because she can’t mind her own damn business.

No. 947524

She even made an edit saying I’m in awe at how many of you are making excuses for men being abused. ABUSED?! Lol

No. 947539

File: 1634988450024.jpeg (192.12 KB, 1170x687, 1FD78D15-BC5E-4EAE-9AB7-AE8582…)

Encouraging the girl to not worry and that everyone watches porn. Redditor says she’s the fit type but her bf is watching fatty porn? Other comments saying it’s fantasy. People in porn are just fantasy apparently and not actual humans. Damn, why is porn addiction so normalized?

No. 947540

Scrotes often use their wife or gf as an excuse to not go, even though she never said he couldn't. I bet even her own husband has done it.

No. 947572

At this point in society, if a woman doesn't obediently take 2nd place to her partner's porn viewing habits (porn always comes first to men if they have judgement free access to it; they're lazy. If they can get off to porn why would they put physical and emotional effort into sex, especially if they know their female partner isn't gonna challenge or leave them - women are now learning if they stand up to porn they may as well be a radical right-wing nut, because everything has to be political. No, women are just sick of being emotional cucks to their pornsick men. Women who continue to quietly accept this make me increasingly angry because even though the say they don't care, they all care and men's porn viewing hurt them. Wish more women were honest about that but it's difficult in this culture.

No. 947578

i don't care about porn in general, but when things like this happen it's really sad, if your partner watches porn with people who look differently you're not their type

No. 947580

>Damn, why is porn addiction so normalized?

Because men are slaves to their dopamine receptors and we're just along for the ride. If women with boyfriends and husbands openly got off to fit, big dicked men then the males would be "worried" about it

No. 947581

110% all of this anon, couldn't have said it better

No. 947583

Pornography is one of men's biggest tools in keeping women depressed and oppressed.

No. 947589

It’s so obvious that they don’t want to go but don’t want to seem like bad bros. The “bitchy controlling wife” is a classic that works perfectly to fool other men who talk shit about their own wives/gfs. OP is really out here thinking they begged their wives to go lmfao.

No. 947591

The funniest thing is that the OP on that sub can't even fathom that these dumb men would lie to their "bro" as an excuse. Like, this doesn't even cross her mind. But bet you she'd be the first to call out these men's girlfriends/wives for being lying shrews. She's one dumb NLOG. I've witnessed literally every man I've dated lie to their friends like this at one time or another

No. 947592

>The “bitchy controlling wife” is a classic
It's funny because even kids use the ''my mom won't let me'' excuse. Here are two grown adults who don't get it.

No. 947596

Can we just talk about how she begins the post with "I was packing his bag for his trip with the boys.."
Like bitch, what? I don't care how much I love my partner, he's packing his own fucking bag for his dick weekend.

No. 947733

I found a post where OP cried about how her husband was really mentally abused by his ex(like every guy on reddit claims). So I’m assuming that he’s the one who’s convincing her that the only explanation is that all 3 of the girlfriends are abusive bitches. Not the obvious one kek.

No. 947828

well i had never thought about it like that before but you're definitely 100% right lmao. you changed my vision.

No. 948113

File: 1635031032163.png (344.14 KB, 500x635, imagen_2021-10-23_181704.png)

No. 948377

File: 1635074050364.png (29.49 KB, 654x153, lol.PNG)

sub for female antinatalists exists, typical chYmpanzee on reddit weighs in

No. 948496

>Despite being only 50% of the world population..
But I mean, he has a point, we should just get to the root and switch all racism to misandry.

No. 948527


I really wish I could see these people’s faces. They’re probably fat.

No. 948631

I always wondered for things like this, FDS, PinkPillFeminism, GenderCritical, etc. which percent of the lurkers are males

No. 949046

I bet he read through this several times thinking “wow, I am so smart! I sound so cool!” Men just regurgitate each others vomit. That’s the basis of all their communication. If they can throw in a few words like “hominems” or “vacuous” then all the better.

No. 949395

Not all pedophiles are redditors, but all redditors are pedophiles.

No. 949454

I once knew of a guy who used an account to troll on FDS pretending to be a woman, I was so irate about it even though I have never gone on FDS because scrotes just can't leave women alone anywhere

No. 949561

File: 1635202029748.jpeg (126.62 KB, 1170x771, 30CABF17-E305-49D3-A7A9-4FB474…)

This subreddit is stupid. But having a subreddit calling out men for being pedophiles and having coomerish tendencies would be banned.

No. 949566

You know what's even worse? there's websites like efuck or inhumanity that have porn and gore compilations where women are beated, humiliated, and more, and they call those "pussy pass denied". I wish I was making this up, but I'm not. I had the disgrace of stumbling upon that and now all I can say, there's men who shouldn't be regarded as human at all. These websites get millions of visits.

No. 949569

The guy who created this sub actually tried to create a /r/penispassdenied sub and was predictably met with extreme anger from the cretins that inhabit it.

No. 949573

Interesting information. There’s already an r/trashy so I wasn’t sure why this sub was created unless it was to divide men who hate women into more hate

No. 949574

What the fuck?! I’m sorry you had to see that shit. There’s already enough violence in women, but making a whole site to have an orgasm over abusing woman? Fucked up

No. 949578

It was ostensibly created for 'equal rights means equal lefts!!!' MRA content but every subscriber there just wants to see women getting beaten.

No. 949600

Men keep whining about misandry but none of them can demonstrate how exactly has it has affect them financially or how their quality of life has been affected being women giving provable evidence. I can't even say men as a whole would complain about such a thing even as somebody who hates moids. It's specifically men who are beta males and failed at doing their roles as men which is to be a protector and a provider. How much you want to bet that these ,men are working shit jobs or are neets and have no means of advancing in life because they would rather sit on reddit and seethe? These men just can't handle the fact that other men who do better than them get what they think they deserve, despite the fact that they are worthless and contribute nothing but disappointment and faggotry.>>948377

No. 949612

The way I stumbled onto these things is even worse though. In my country there's a lot of narco, and they usually behead women and upload it on the internet. Those websites have compilations of that. I saw some men on the bus watching that shit together like it was nothing.

No. 949615

There's even a sub called r/trashyporn.

No. 949726

reddit's mascot is so scary

No. 949733

It's fugly as hell, comic sans level corny design. I want yukkuri abuse type imagery of the Reddit mascot. I wanna pop it's head off.

No. 949735

Looking lifeless, just like 93% of their userbase

No. 949741

misandry isn't real. men have so, so little problems in life that they have to create a new word to expose 'muh male oppression' because they have failed at living their easy lives. meanwhile, women and girls are being raped as infants, sold to males, trafficked en masse and no one gives a fuck. but someone on twitter says 'men are trash'? a fucking hate crime.

No. 949745

Hey it's hard being terminally online and no women will knock on your door to come fuck you and feed you

No. 949777

Jesus I didn't know that many people followed this subreddit. A few years ago I was confused on what it meant so I checked it out and the first post I saw was of a male police officer dragging a woman out of her car and punching her. I noped the fuck out after that. The whole place is just an excuse for creepy men to see women get slapped and hit but pretend it's okay because it's all about "equality!!11!!1" or some shit. Typical reddit degeneracy

No. 949781

>I own you so I can hit you
>We're equal so I can hit you

Really makes you think

No. 949836

He's probably cheating on her. Men have no respect for women like this.

Also "packing his bag for a day trip with the boys" ppffftttt lmao hearty belly laugh on that one, what is he 8?

No. 949839

> chYmpanzee
I'm stealing it.

No. 949908

File: 1635237993823.jpeg (385.48 KB, 1170x1191, EB1D9E97-320B-42CA-8A43-DD5277…)

What the fuck did I just read?

No. 949909

>"she's being purely eye candy for men"
>"exploiting male sexuality"

kek even when their penii takes complete control over these animals they're still victims, can't make this shit up

No. 949912

>exploitation is okay when it’s at the expense of women for male pleasure
Wow such a riveting take that’s never been thought of before. There isn’t a bigger issue at hand here at all!

No. 949915

>half of the sub is just videos of women and some rare instances of helping moids getting beaten
>half a million ledditors subscribed
I hate men. They really are all like this.

No. 950126

>5'5 woman slaps guy with a flat hand
>6 ft man knocks her the fuck out
>20k updoots, hundreds of moids cooming in the comments over such perfect equality

No. 950175

I saw 3 different posts about the Netflix Dave mess and it’s somewhat entertaining how insanely different each subreddit perceives the reddit and media.

No. 950182

insane how men are basically seething over other men treating women better because ther dicks tell them so, or cause generations of men created a culture in which everyone would trust a woman over a man

No. 950682

this reminds me of two posts that were made on pinkpillfeminism when it was still up that made all the scrotes on the men's rights sub mad. they were two studies done based on surveys which showed that individual passer-bys would choose to help out a struggling women in public moreso than men, and another one showing that parents would trust their kids with women more than men

No. 950805

I never understood why there's people who think hitting women is equality. Then again, there's people who think porn is empowering…
It's not fair. Men have retarded strength thanks to their testosterone levels and musculature.
Gee I wonder why anyone would trust women more than men. Why do they even get mad at this? Like, tell me if it isn't creepy when some raondom man wants to be trusted and gets mad that people don't trust them. Rapist vibes
nothing has changed.

No. 950837

it's one of the common complaints of men on preddit, hell some of them consider it a form of discrimination

No. 950842

Men just don't understand consent. It's not our obligation to trust them.

No. 950848

Imagine anyone trusting a moid, lmao what an idiot couldn't be me

No. 950941

>packs up her husband's bags for a trip like a mommy
>puts herself on a pedestal for not being "one of those boring bad wives who nag their husbands"
>Never considers the possibility that those wives might have perfectly good reasons to be upset about their husbands going on a "boys night out" or the men are making an excuse not to go
This is your brain on pickmeism

The amount of times I've seen men say "I hit everyone equally, heehee hahaa" as if it was a great leap for equality is staggering. Or trying to be a smartass by bringing up how "women hitting men is never taken seriously". No shit, a man can fucking kill a woman with one fist to the face while women can barely stun them.

No. 950964

Surprising thing is that these subreddits have overlap of followers
Only accepted opinion differs on these subs so they just post what gets them updoots

No. 950979

I can understand how this is annoying but I find it pretty funny, if done ironically. I wouldn't be too surprised if farmers would do this to each other if this site had the feature lol.

No. 950988

The thing is, men are beating women a lot. Domestic violence is a thing that affects women way more than men. I know women who've been beaten by their husbands. They heard some elder say, 'you do not hit a lady' and ain't let that go since. Juvenile.

No. 951011

Pickmes like to forget that there was an entire epidemic of women getting beaten by their husbands that led to prohibition. We live among apes and we can't forget that

No. 951025

nta but I did not know that. would you mind providing a source

No. 951031

i hate this stupid reddit cares thing. i got sent it for disagreeing mildly with a kpop fan about something. people should really be banned for misusing this feature. but reddit only cares about protecting men who jerk off to rape porn and trannies

No. 951044

No. 951069

interesting read. thanks for linking it!

No. 951079

I'm so glad we don't have a feature like that

No. 951146

Unrelated but I really like her Tumblr theme lol

No. 951164

I also got sent this as a way to harass me. I stopped using the site after that. I was able to report it, but I doubt it actually does anything or bans people who misuse it from doing it again. It's funny that it even exists, as if this nonsense is helpful to anyone who is actually in a crisis.

No. 953576

File: 1635513947242.png (35.88 KB, 870x412, hydra.png)

I know it's futile and another one will just spring up to replace it but I report this crap when I see it. Reddit is disgusting

No. 954562

Can you describe the post you reported anon?

No. 954824

File: 1635622344395.png (20.11 KB, 596x138, umrajy3ow1w71.png)

I have sympathy for asian guys in how they get degraded in the west but after going to some of of the "Goldpill" subreddits I lose that sympathy
its the most bizarre amount of weird cope and seething Incel hatred I've ever seen

I actually am attracted to asian guys(mostly Japanese cause I watch a lot of Japanese media) but a couple minutes make me slightly lose that attraction

idk how they don't get that this isn't appealing to most normal people

No. 954829

It's a sub for sharing girlfriend's nudes.

Men really are cucks and love getting other men off

No. 954854

I don't think there's any race of men that doesn't do this, unfortunately. It's all just a competition with other men to humiliate one another by fucking "their" women

No. 954921

Interracial attraction to Asians is always a sign of mental illness.(racebait)

No. 954922

They're basically incels but Asian. Just one step away from becoming Elliot Rodger except they're full Asian.

No. 954923

Asian incel is a redundant expression

No. 954946

I hear that there are subreddits dedicated to posting nudes of their mothers too. I’m starting to think that Frued was right about all men having Oedepius (idk how to spell it) complexes

No. 955275

I found out that mods use shinigami eyes to shadowban people's posts and submissions. They institute a filter and if someone isn't "bad", they approve the post, but if you show up for wrongthink they won't approve your post, even if it's 100% aligned with the subreddit. Because of your wrongthink in other places. This is only on some subs, notably /r/Halloween

No. 955286

File: 1635677624204.jpg (61.29 KB, 851x830, IMG_20200909_223945.jpg)

God this is why I will never want a son.

No. 955335

We hate to admit it but Freud was right about a lot

No. 955354

Has anyone ever been on the tooktoomuch subreddit? It's basically a place to watch videos/gifs of people completely zoned out on various drugs. Maybe it's just me, but I think there's something quite disturbing and uncomfortable about the whole premise. I really don't know why people would willingly seek this sort of stuff out, I think the idea of a person out of their minds on drugs being filmed and watched by millions of people is creepy and weird. Is it morbid curiosity gone too far? I swear Reddit really goes overboard with this kind of perversity. I mean Watch People Die was terrible of course, along with all the other violent pornography rampant on the site, but this is another kind of creepy to me.

No. 955356

isn't it (or didn't it use to be) against global reddit rules to ban people from subs simply for also participating in other subs?

No. 955360

It makes me laugh nona

No. 955374

he was right about men and mostly very wrong about women

No. 955380

There is a tool to report mods but it never comes to anything.

No. 955392

smash the reddit jannyarchy

No. 955411

File: 1635690681664.png (325.25 KB, 592x458, Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 9.30…)

No. 955440

reddit taught me that even though men are given a trophy for simply existing, they are oppressed because the trophy is less shiny and less reflective than they expect, and also because women are finally getting credited for all the work they've done. oh and also penis. penis and penisfeels are all that matters

No. 955490

File: 1635698671371.png (609.85 KB, 1414x746, Screenshot (220).png)

my favorite subreddits are the schtizo ones, where people obsess over a specific retarded conspiracy theory
r/bigfoot, an active subreddit of nearly 100k users all debating the existence of bigfoot and sharing bigfoot sightings

No. 955513

File: 1635699701466.jpg (57.43 KB, 750x670, 1633712791337.jpg)

CP being spammed

No. 955549

WhY DoNt MEN EvEr GeT CoMpLimEnTs?????????

100k updoots

No. 955976

File: 1635726543366.jpeg (64.2 KB, 828x445, FDAQEnxUcAEXgzL.jpeg)

No. 955986

Poly relationships are an excuse to cheat on your lover. It seems like a lot of woman get pressured into one because their husband will leave them.

No. 955997

I would love a thread on poly cucks

No. 956014

Yup. It's always women trying to ignore the cognitive dissonance. If she tries to add a man in the poly circle herself, he's all like "no, that's not a good fit for our DyNaMiC". And what surprisea me the most is how all the poly dudes chasing unicorns on dating apps are pudgy, ugly fucks. I wanted to message one just to get close to his beautiful wife and pump some self esteem into her head and maybe the number of a divorce attorney.

No. 956017

r/relationships always makes me depressed
r/deadbedrooms is also a shit show since it's almost all men who are pissed they can't treat their wife however they want and still have her be turned on by them
Newflash moids; No woman is going to let you continue to fuck them long after you insult their bodies and flirt with every girl that crosses your path, straighten the fuck up and maybe you'll get laid

No. 956038

As pathetic as the whole thing is, I at least give OP credit for dumping his ass and bowing out of the situation without trying to find excuses to stay. It's the only thing she could've done to retain some tiny sliver of dignity after that utter humiliation.

No. 956047

The fewer poly/open relationships in which the woman sleeps with multiple men are also always the man's idea so he can satisfy his own cuck fetish.

No. 956056

Deadbedrooms is so infuriating. If a woman is posting, 99% of the time her husband is a porn addict who actively disrespects her. If a man is posting, chances are his wife magically stopped being interested in sex after they had kids and he just can't wrap his head around why that might be- couldn't be the changes to her body and post partum medical issues, her time and energy being completely sucked up by the kids, him not doing his fair share and her resenting him for being an extra child to look after. She just randomly decided to ruin their sex lives for no good reason.

No. 956148

File: 1635741087171.jpeg (401.62 KB, 1170x1280, D26B01A8-A0F4-4E3A-9869-CEDA93…)

Her boyfriend is a dumbass. Never let a man who isn’t marrying you impregnate you. I bet you he’s the type to think having a c-section isn’t actual birth. I’m just doing to assume this guy has no money for IVF that’s why he is trying to dump her. Men cum in a vagina and think that’s all the work they need to do.

No. 956157

That's beyond retarded. Someone who's that fixated on the process of making a kid isn't qualified to raise it for 18+ years.

No. 956175

File: 1635744754613.png (157.88 KB, 727x751, Snipaste_2021-11-01_13-30-53.p…)

>male makes stupid joke
>woman gives an accurate, factual counter
>another unrelated male starts to fling his shit around because apparently statistics and facts are oppressive

why are men like this?

No. 956179

File: 1635745296362.jpg (68.85 KB, 828x828, 50651994_818565695162940_70518…)

>sarcasm about men always being at fault and always sharing nudes
>in the very next line, says women shouldn't share nudes at all
So what the fuck is it? Either men are unlikely to share nudes and women are generalizing by suggesting they often do, or it's not safe to share nudes in the first place because they end up getting shared?

Men live in a different reality where they are both so perfect we can't criticize them, but so terrible we're inherently stupid to trust them. Meanwhile we have to be cool girls when they make petty jokes at our expense that are actually far more accurate for them than us.

No. 956190

Same sex that will relentlessly whine, cry, beg, and emotionally manipulate their gfs into sending them nudes if they're not comfortable with it. Yeah women really shouldn't share them in the first place because men don't deserve anything good.

No. 956209

Was about to say this myself. Great minds think alike, anon

No. 956251

Even in high school grades you literally always see random boys showing each other nudes of their girlfriends if they’re in groups not caring who else is around and it’s disgusting, definitely extremely common and I wish young girls didn’t live in this era of oversexualized social media craziness

No. 956260

Marriage wouldn't change anything in this situation though (it doesn't change anything in most situations) and I hate how its "the goal" for most people. Western marriage is meaningless and a scrote will always be a scrote regardless of marriage being in the plan. Marriage only means something to women anymore so it's better to not get married at all, women need to save themselves the humiliation.

No. 956261

Try browsing the celebricow threads, when the topic of shared nudes come up I always mention how we need to learn, never send nudes to men or anyone, they'll always be leaked, etc. The responses I get in that thread blow my mind. Many anons itt don't see how taking/constantly sharing nudes to please men is basically just pickmeism sickness that always gets a woman in trouble.

No. 956266

i was about to ask if they have a shred of decency to their names but then i remembered that they don't. why are moids so gross

No. 956267

The over-sexualized social media trend sucks but women need to finally get smart about this. Can't feel bad for women who continue to share nudes with untrustworthy scrotes. Women need to go back to the time when they made men work hard, very hard, just for the chance to maybe see them nude (in person). Sending nudes automatically says this to a man - "I'm dumb and desperate". I always get told I'm victim blaming with this but I don't think I am. Are you really a victim if you choose to be an idiot and continue the degrading cycle?

No. 956270

You'll send a nude to a man thinking he's gonna go crazy over it and use it as his personal jerk off material for years to come. No, he'll look at it a couple times, show his friends, then put it in a folder and continue jerking off to incest porn all day. Is it really worth it?

No. 956275

Absolutely this, an accurate description if I ever saw one. I'd like to add the women who beg their husband to go to couples' counselling or even tell her why he won't touch her but the possessive moid just keeps her around as a trophy or a surrogate mommy instead of calling it off because his ego can't take a divorce. And let's not forget about the men who write whinefests along the lines of "Help, we've been dating for 3 months and we used to have wild porn sex 6 times a day but now we barely do it twice!!! what should i do leddit, the dead bedroom is ruining my life!!!".

No. 956281

They always pull the victim blaming card anytime they're expected to learn from their mistakes and I'm sick of it. If you know damn well what will most likely happen if you take a certain action and do it anyway, you are choosing that outcome. Fool me once, shame on you…

No. 956283

This, it's not worth it. I'm forever grateful I never did this as a dumbass teenager no matter how many sleazy moids requested me to and how tempting the thought of being someone's personal porn goddess was. He's not going to appreciate your sacrifice and his successful invasion of your privacy and he's absolutely going to show it to his friends when they're out drinking and hold it against you after you break up.

You have to understand that most women who do this are very young and don't know better, and most likely indoctrinated with the misogyny thinly veiled with "sex-positivity". I.e. you're a frigid bitch who doesn't trust her man if you're not putting your personal safety on the line. If you're going to send a scrote nudes then you better make sure he sends back some of his own so you'll at least have leverage.

No. 956289

nta, yes this is a good reply, for me I was young and really truly did not realise that it was wrong. It was so normal and expected - you do not realise you are making a mistake, and you have no idea what is happening after you send it or how many creeps have now seen it, until years later. Anon really is blaming the victim, but if she believes what she says then maybe knowing the kind of things men say to women who trust them, how they manipulate and convince you to send them even if it does feel slightly wrong. It is literally not a young teens fault for doing something she thinks is normal, it's her fault when she hits 25 and doesnt tell other women how fucked up it felt and why they should heed her warnings. Obviously, there's nuance, but I err more on the side of moids are trash in the case of grown moid vs. teen girl he wants sex from

No. 956291

samefag because I forgot to add that reddit is the absolute worst place online for men to learn the things to say, in my epxerience. People that go to worse sites or waste away on imgboards aren't as bothered to put in the effort to actually manipluate a girl, they'll often just straight up harass her or dox her, kek

No. 956297

NTA but I got manipulated by my bf when I was a teenager and yet I learned from that mistake and never did it again. Don't act dumb, there are a lot of people who will call you a victim blamer if you even suggest that men aren't worthy of nudes and women should stop acquiescing to their demands. I feel empathy for naive people who get taken advantage of, not professional victims who keep repeating the same stupid behavior and expecting different results. I don't even understand why sending nudes is still normalized when revenge porn has been such a huge problem for so many years. You would think that it would be common sense by now.

No. 956514

File: 1635787329630.jpeg (295.02 KB, 1125x904, 2AE76AED-B15F-4260-8738-D9334E…)

>make up 49% of population and 90% of violent criminals


No. 956531

I hope lots of TiF's are posted.

No. 956532

imagine the chimpout if this got removed like all those female-centric subs did

No. 956535

Moids really do live in a different reality, I've been shown a nude that was sent to me by a guy friend who got it from another guy friend who was talking to the girl. Like, does this retard really believe that dudes aren't the reason there are revenge porn laws in the first place? there are also sites dedicated to sharing nudes and all are men posting their gfs. Logical sex my ass

To be fair, everyone in the celebrity thread is retarded.

No. 956569

I don't know why but this reminded me of whenever a pedo is in prison and he gets killed by other men because even in prison theres different levels of fucked up.. people always declare it as proof that good men exist. Criminals beating up other flavors of criminal equals good men. That's where the bar is set.

No. 956798

Yeah. Reminds me of when they cry "men get raped in prison at a higher rate than the general female population!!!" as some ultimate checkmate. As if it's not their fellow males fucking their butts.

No. 956832

Yep. Not to mention many of the criminals killing pedos in prison are actually pedos themselves, just not convicted.

No. 956844

Why are moids so fucking bad at grammar?

No. 956866

File: 1635811474943.jpeg (42.63 KB, 283x264, E9877C3A-A7FB-41CA-9635-97FC47…)

I hate redditors so much it's unreal. Just watched these guys crank out 3+ paragraphs arguing semantics at this other guy all because they disagreed with his use of a singular word, far beside the point he was making. It was obvious what he meant and they know it. They could've simply LET IT GO BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUS WHAT HE MEANT YOU SOPHISTS! insufferable narcissists who love to hear themselves speak. I hate reddit and redditors because they are all like this all over that site and once again I hate them that is all.

No. 956925

It's funny cause a lot of their supposed 'oppression' can be easily refuted with simple searches. i'm gonna sperg out about this but i can link some sources and resources later. these are based on some info i collected from reddit ironically when i casually browsed a long time ago as a young retard.

- the father of the son is mostly the parent to push for circumcision, while the mother is the most likely to oppose
- there is far more pushback against circumcision as compared to fgm, even though the latter is much more fatal
- fathers are more likely to take paternity leave for sons as compared to daughters
- straight couples with daughters are more likely to divorce, and is initiated mostly by the father
- men get custody of their kids 100% of the time that they ask for it
- parents and people are more likely to soothe crying or upset baby boys as compared to baby girls
- parents are more likely to let baby girls cry out instead of consoling them
- girls are more likely to be neglected by their parents
- girls are 8-10x more likely to be sexually abused by a loved one, relative, or stranger
- women are 10.8-11x more likely to be raped by a loved one, relative, or stranger as compared to men
- rapists who rape male victims are given much more harsh punishments as compared to rapists who rape female victims
- women are 4x as likely to attempt suicide as compared to men, but are less successful as they opt for less lethal methods, such as pills or drowning, to avoid messes
- women are 2x more likely to develop depression and anxiety as compared to men
- women are 3x more likely to develop OCD as compared to men
- teenage girls are 3x more likely to develop anxiety and depression as compared to teenage boys
- the completed suicides of teenage girls are rising each year, while that of teenage boys is falling
- there are far more mental health resources specifically for men as compared to women. in fact, some female veterans are unable to get disability or seek military-supported treatment for PTSD because it's mostly reserved for men
- while we're on this, women are 2-4x more likely to develop PTSD as compared to men
- the majority of DV victims are women, making up more than 60% of victims
- women make up the vast majority of domestic homicide victims (94% for murder-suicide victims, and 97% for IPV-homicide)
- women are less likely to receive CPR and treatment for heart attacks as compared to men
- women are less likely to receive proper healthcare treatment
- if a woman is diagnosed with cancer, the chances that he leaves her is 6x higher than if it were the other way around
- women are more likely to live in poverty
- more than 60% of female inmates have experienced sexual abuse at some point in their lives
- women are raped by male prison guards but it is largely undocumented due to a lack of interest in the area of rape in female prisons (i.e. it is coded as an issue affecting males in prisons more than women)
- 97% of rapists who rape men and 99.1% of rapists who rape women are men

apologies for huge sperg if i remember more i'll continue

No. 957049

Also their favourite "women are more likely to gain child custody over men" argument can be easily debunked with data, over 90% of all custody cases are solved outside of court meaning that for the majority of the time the father willingly gives custody to the mother without requesting it himself. Anyone with a brain knows this already but they love to throw that "fact" around as a proof of how opwessed men actually are. Other fun numbers:
>More startling are the stats on absent fathers, or the amount of time fathers spend with children once the divorce is final.
>According to the above study, when fathers and children live separately, 22 percent of fathers see their children more than once a week.
>Twenty-nine percent of fathers see their children one to four times a month.
>The most disturbing fact though is that 27 percent of fathers have no contact with their children at all.
>Fathers are less involved in their children's care during the marriage.
>Fathers are less involved in their children's lives after divorce.
>Mothers gain custody because the vast majority of fathers choose to give them custody.
>There is no Family Court bias in favor of mothers because very few fathers seek custody during divorce.

No. 957055

I've seen moids refute that with
>That's because men know the courts will be biased against them and they will be bled dry in legal fees, so they don't try for custody!!

lmao utter bullshit but even if it was true, it would just prove they don't wanna spend money on their own children. As if unpaid child support statistics didn't prove that enough.

No. 957065

thank you anon, to add on:

>when the father is accused of child abuse, the mother ends up losing custody


>overall, fathers are still favoured far more in custody battles, hence the 100% custody approval when they ask for it


>children of single-father families perform even more poorly at school as compared to both single-mother and duo-parent households


so much for men 'caring' about children kek

No. 957077

>Neglect your children for all of their lives
>Leave the marriage, never be a part of your children's adolescence, don't pay child support, during custody meetings don't spend any time with your kids and make excuses to miss out on them
>Your children start resenting you for being a deadbeat dad who doesn't give a shit about his kids
>Cry about muh misandry and how people never care about fathers' rights to his children
The more rational sex at work everyone.

No. 957160

File: 1635852337283.png (113.99 KB, 446x635, Snipaste_2021-11-02_19-25-15.p…)

presenting without comment

No. 957169

File: 1635852956464.jpeg (129.72 KB, 1200x1283, 32D0F6F0-9B8F-4635-8997-0834AA…)

Every single man on this planet should die

No. 957185

These lovely comments are from a song by the scrotiest band ever, the Bloodhound Gang.
Also features some really classy lyrics such as:
>You can not imagine how difficult it is to hold a half gallon of moo juice
>And polish the one-eyed gopher when you're doin' seventy-five in an eighteen-wheeler.
>I never thought missing children could be so sexy.
>Well I find it's quite a thrill
>When she grinds me against her will
>Yes, a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is cryin'

I want to an hero at the fact that I recognized those lyrics.

No. 957203

When I was really young I thought this song was a joke but now that I’m older and wiser I know that scrotes like to hide their genuine desires behind a veneer of irony

No. 957216

why are men allowed in the arts scene again

No. 957222

Yup just like Mindless Self Indulgence. Except they tried to hide their degeneracy even less

No. 957223

They do that so they can say "it's just a joke"

But in their safe spaces you can see it's their legitimate fantasy to see as much pain in women as possible

No. 957309

File: 1635872446802.jpg (166.38 KB, 795x1159, st57otdlxmv71.jpg)

This one is 2nd most upvoted this month and the retarded scrote totally misses the point.

No. 957363

Moids are so fucking stupid holy shit

No. 957380

why are men allowed

No. 957456

rdrama is posting about this thread
not very interesting though

No. 957462

late response but seeing that shit helps me stay sober. It reminds me of how much better I have it now and that the reality was never as good as the high told me it was

No. 957496

Is this really in pussypassdenied? It doesn't even make sense. The scrote script makes them sperg at the most innocuous shit.

No. 957624

File: 1635890516278.png (58.41 KB, 677x210, ml.png)

MensLib pissing their pants over the himbo meme

No. 957636

Imagine admitting to being a spastic and thinking that it should get you oppression points kek

No. 957640

I wonder if this is part of all the unsaged bait in /ot/ the last couple days (apart from whichever portion of it is Elaine)

No. 957691

oh my god lmao, did they have this energy for defending bimbos? Himbo is LITERALLY a gender swapped version of a trope that has existed to denigrate and insult women for eons, except that it's considered a positive thing that women find endearing. I guess because the only way we could reasonably fathom a kind and gentle man is by imagining he's too stupid to have ever gone online and been indoctrinated by porn and MRAs.

No. 957752

Eileen Wuornos did nothing wrong

No. 957798

men will find anything to feel oppressed lmao. why these babies have any power is beyond me

No. 957799

File: 1635902111918.png (60.05 KB, 719x408, rejected 9 times.png)

No. 957801

low iq men should be doing manual labor not wasting their time crying about memes on reddit

No. 957804

Just say you are retarded and ugly and go. Reddit moids are the most annoying flavour of moid on the planet.

pickmes make me so sad. Men don't deserve to be chased this way.

No. 957818

Look at her avatar if you wanna know why he rejected her 9 times and she kept chasing

No. 957825

File: 1635906020304.jpg (2.21 MB, 1164x1512, Tumblr_l_67989773051770.jpg)

They really don't get it.

During these times of passive agressive, pseudo intellectual males who enjoy nothing more than interrupting you to harp on about the latest topic of outrage in the manosphere and belittle every interest you have depsite the fact that they spend more time on porn than legitimate hobbies, it's an amazing feeling to be in the company of a fun, good natured dimwit who doesn't give a fuck about "debating" you. A man who is fit and actually doesn't radiate quiet, dismissive hatred for women, wow why would women want that???

No. 957834

anon stop being fucking racist jesus christ

No. 957840

File: 1635907042220.png (257.62 KB, 1458x840, pathetic.png)

He could start by doing his own fucking research.

No. 957844

What's next for men's lib? Learning how to wipe their ass?

No. 957845

what do they need to be liberated from?

No. 957849

It's not like they wouldn't benefit from it…

No. 957850

>class or book

I guarantee he said that so that he can stall.

>Please clean up after yourself a bit more

>Idk how lol
>Okay, I'll tell you how-
>I don't get it, wow I think I need a book or I'll have to take a class someday! so in the meantime please continue being my mommymaid

No. 957858

File: 1635908139147.png (24.66 KB, 924x98, Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 10.5…)

kek how funny, posted by the same user

No. 957859

And since she's posting on /r/menslib don't forget
>btw men are oppressed victims so make sure you educate yourself on men's rights before you discriminate against me by expecting me to know how to do basic adult tasks

No. 957866

File: 1635908817124.jpg (65.17 KB, 1080x405, Screenshot_20211102-220623.jpg)

This sub is a joke

No. 957936

i am the OG ass-post-anon and i agree. men need classes on ass wiping. fucking sad

No. 957972

I know a guy whose actually fairly intelligent, way more then these pretentious pseudointellectuals, but he doesn't brag about all the books he's read or the theories he knows about
no he's a good guy who talks about normie stuff, also he's fit and good looking

No. 957977

I checked up her account, she really is something

>I'm marrying and INTP. Him and I are LITERALLY opposite is everyway and because of it we never fight or disagree. I'm a MM Ni/Te BP/S(C) and he's an FF Ti/Si SC/P(B) INTP.

>I'm immovable on my intuition and thinking but moveable on my feelings and sensory. But he's moveable on intuition and thinking but immovable on feelings and sensory (masculine vs feminine match up). So on everything I'm moveable he's immoveable so he gets away with it and everything I'm immoveable I get away with. We've argued maybe 8 times in 4 years. It's stupidly rare and against common belief arguing isn't a sign of caring it's a sign of incompatibility. People who are compatible don't argue. Twin Flame shit right there.

>He's a doctor and I'm a therapist so our jobs work together as well. Very peaceful and enjoyable relationship.

>My love language is acts of service and his is words of affirmation. Lucky for me, his sleep-consume and favouring Si over Ne allows me to come home to shit clean as fuck. He does all the research my consume last hates doing and it feels like the best thing ever. Anytime I have an idea he'll on his own research the shit out of it for me and neatly organize how I can execute it and then I go do it. This sound weird but it's this weird feeling of him reading my mind. I love him to death for it haha. And my having a VERY feminine Fi and blast first I'm constantly telling him how much I love him and how much I appreciate him. I'll text him when I'm thinking of him because I never shut the fuck up. Lucky our animals match up and our default self is how each other feels loved.

>My partner is very submissive and very passive but I'm very aggressive and dominant so it balances out. I find him sexi af and has a massive dick. Glass slipper status. No I couldn't marry a guy with a micro dick. I've had a few clients get the surgery (it adds up to 4 inches). Most people might not know this but therapists sometimes recommend surgery and some of my clients and have completely changed their life now having an average size dick.

>I'm bisexual and my INTP is straight. People have their vice, either substance or sex. I had a shit ton of sex but never smoked weed. I've had enough sex to settle down.

>My partner is pure monogamy I did open and polygamous relationships. I'm very anti-jealousy and any hint of jealousy will lead to a breakup from me. His dick is so stupidly big monogamy works well for us. Both have very high sex drives and work well together.

>We're an interacial couple. He's white and I'm half black half white but look Brazilian/Latina. I'm the definition of hourglass thicc. I got the good black girl genes lmao. I'm 5'6 my partner is 5'5 (he's insecure about his height but idc) and buff af.

>We're both 24 and plan to have children. We'll easily be millionaires by 30 so we'll likely have kids around then.

>As a logic professor/philosophical counsellor (therapist) please caution yourself when reading Ayn Rand.

No. 957982

Translation: I'm someone who loves labels and putting people in boxes, my fiancé is a manlet but he has a decent dick so that's cool, he doesn't like doing much work in sex so I ride him most of the time, we are unfortunately planning to have kids that we will likely label genderqueer when their not even 3 years old

No. 957984

and this comment about unfortunate she is for being High IQ

>Unfortunately 132. My INTP is 130.

>High IQ comes with depression, anxiety, the inability to connect with others, and a VERY small dating pool since it's hard for people to date with more than a 16 point difference. If you have an IQ of 130 and the average IQ is 100 good fucking luck.

>My INTP was lucky I was willing to take being rejected 9 times in 6 months. Fucker just wouldn't date me.

>We're now happily engaged but man if this doesn't work out we're both fucked and will likely for alone.

>You shouldn't wish for a high IQ. It fucking sucks. If you do have a higher IQ you're only options are philosophy (average IQ of 129), physics (average IQ of 130) and mathematics (average IQ of 132). Any other field just won't cut it. My INTP is becoming an extremely specialized doctor and I'm a triple licensed therapist and formal logic professor (I straddle math and philosophy aka logic).

>I was lucky I went into philosophy so my whole academic experience has been around people with similar IQs as me. But when I went to psychology that drop down to an average of 111-112 was painful and made me very much a loner. I had 0 friends during my psychotherapy master's yet was one of the most popular people during my philosophy degrees (I did multiple).

>Be prepared, the higher you go the less people there are the more likely you are to be alone. People simply can't keep up with you and that's not a good thing. Your goal should be to meet people where THEY are not the come to YOU. I had such shit social skills until I was so depressed when I attempted suicide I landed myself in the hospital for 10 days because I felt so isolated. I had to learn there are different types of intelligences and they're are valuable for different reasons. I had to meet people where they are if I had a chance of living a tranquil life.

>Just because you have a high IQ doesn't mean you're better than others. In most cases it means you're people stupid and fail to do the basics like maintain friendships and romantic interests. It's not something to be proud of.

>I'm kinda upset how long it took me to learn this but I made it lmao! It was SUPER hard to prioritize being able to get along with everyone than stick to my guns of no one.

>The trick is wishing for what you fear. If you wish for what you fear (for me that's real world chaos) you'll conquer it.

>I love my INTP to death but I'm hyper aware how fucking lucky I am Ni/Fi latched onto him until he finally agreed to date me LMAO. Most people aren't as lucky to find their twin flame. Plus! I'm more educated than my INTP. Most men don't like women who are more educated and "smarter" than them. My marriage prospects are very very very slim and still I managed to rope him in LMAO.

>So don't be a dick, because you're no better than anyone else. IQ means very little and your pride could be the reason you die alone. Let it go and move on.

No. 957995

>I'm a MM Ni/Te BP/S(C) and he's an FF Ti/Si SC/P(B) INTP.

What the fuck is this periodic table shit

No. 957997

apparently these are tertiary functions
>In most cases, the tertiary function aids the auxiliary function to ensure that decisions are being made with balance. Because the INTJ uses Extraverted Thinking (Te) as the auxiliary function, Introverted Feeling (Fi) balances Te and questions Te-motives and agendas. It ensures that the INTJ not only makes the most logical decision, but a decision that aligns with their personal values and morals. Fi gives the INTJ a determination to stay true to their own identity and individual moral code. INTJs who use Fi proficiently can take time to understand how their decisions affect not only themselves but the people around them

No. 958008

yeah more like autism

No. 958011

>I asked my INTP out 9 times before he agreed to date me.

>We're happily engaged and now all he wants to do is put a baby in me lmao.

>BUT! At the time, all my friends wouldn't understand why I liked him so much hahaha. He's insanely quiet, super awkward, can't read social settings (Asperger's), and never initiates anything. But he literally has the biggest heart. He's so sweet, caring and gentle (outside of the bedroom lmao). Our first exchange (on a dating app) was him claiming he's an agnostic atheist hahahaha as a philosopher… Linguistically there's a contradiction there and so our very first conversation was figuring out whether he was agnostic or an atheist. Turns out he's agnostic but that whole conversation was so insanely cute to me. Idk Ni + Fi was like "That one! That one! That one!" And the rest is history at this point.

>I did start following him around and showing up with food randomly. I invited myself over to his house to meet his parents one month after us meeting.

>He likes weight lifting, has a massive pencil collection, and is in medical school. I literally adore this man so much hahahaha. He's Portuguese and since the engagement I've started to learn Portuguese to better communicate with his parents.

>People still don't see what I see in him but frankly that's none of their fucking business. I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want and we'll all just have to deal with that.

>I definitely wear the pants in the relationship but he weirdly likes that. He's super indecisive, knowing that I always ask him what he wants to do if he doesn't know I decide since I already know. He's expressed that he likes that I just do everything before anything becomes a problem. Like I'll predict future problems and essentially hinder them from happening before he even realizes it's a possibility.

>I get daily reports about the world, mainly crypto lmao but I love waking up to these LONG 50+ message Si reports of what's happening. With Se last, my ass isn't looking LMAO.

>I don't think I've ever been more obsessed with anyone in my life than my INTP.

>I have his best interest at heart and I'll happily make those decisions for him in order to guarantee his future is successful. His future is my future, so I take the things he does very seriously and will make sure we are solid. So long as he doesn't get me pregnant lmao. We're too young for that rn.

>So yes, I agree with your post but I'm VERY happy being this crazy. He's so fucking cute~


No. 958015

This bitch is absolutely larping lmao. I majored in logic, and none of what she describes teaching bears the least resemblance to an actual logic class. She does the typical redditor thing where she confuses the colloquial meaning of logic (critical thinking) with the philosophical discipline, which leads to her making up a bunch of nonsense about schooling cocky students with her freestyle debating skills (?) and having a female student calculate whether she should break up with her boyfriend for an assignment (??). She keeps making these insane reductionist statements about how science is useless because it’s inductive which… basically no one thinks that naively, she’s ignoring an entire field of study. Her understanding of the field seems to begin and end at philosophy 101 level propositional logic.

I feel like we’re seeing someone’s fantasy about being the ultimate intj. It’s creepy seeing someone spend so much time on this elaborate fiction, all because they took some dumb online test that told them they were a certain type of person.

No. 958017

No. 958019

Nice self promo

No. 958020

True, I do believe she's actually female(she types like a woman) and that she maybe dating a manlet but I suspect most of her post history is either a combination of exaggeration, cope and LARP
she also posts her youtube channel vids on her account and I still don't understand what its supposed to be

No. 958021

Girl I'm not a self-poster, this is pathetic

No. 958024

They’re derivations (logic proofs). These ones are very basic though, like the sort of thing you do as a freshman.

No. 958025

You don’t know shit

No. 958027

Ok, explain it to me lmao

No. 958031

Why should I? Dumbass

No. 958038

Lol why are you talking then

No. 958040

Lol why are you nosey

No. 958041

The only thing I'm buying is she's mentally ill. She claims to have dyslexia and dyscalculia, or as she put it "being dyslexic (in math and reading)" kek.
>I knew I would be miserable since I couldn't read well and logic would be a bitch since I can't do math. Doing this in the peak of mental illness was insanely difficult, I magically managing to still pull pretty good grades from the hospital.

Nonetheless, she was accepted into law school but turned it down and completed a Masters on Nietzsche and now has a private practice with exclusively professional clients (CEO, lawyers, doctors), currently writing a textbook and embarking upon a PHD.

I'm searching some stuff she's said to see if I can find her. She said she minored in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health. Google is giving me hits for New College, University of Toronto. Anywhere else? I would be so happy to discover she's real. Potential cow.

No. 958044

Because you can’t, faggot

No. 958045

Do it bitch

No. 958046

I doubt she's real though, maybe just a persona

No. 958047

Ur wrong

No. 958048

File: 1635925032588.jpeg (26.13 KB, 320x180, 31B37DC7-958D-427E-B78D-D74E4A…)

Sometimes I’m glad I have ADHD and can’t possibly read more than a few sentences of shit like this. All I got was
>ti fi fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman
Or Do and Ti from heavens gate cult.

No. 958049

I know jack shit about logic but immediately called bullshit when I read
>him claiming he's an agnostic atheist hahahaha as a philosopher… Linguistically there's a contradiction there
lmaooo only someone who desperately wants to be seen as smart would act like such a well established, easy to understand concept is ~linguistically a contradiction~

No. 958055

how do you know that ?

No. 958057

She's Canadian. Does Canada have affirmative action? I agree that the most likely explanation is she's larping, possibly skinwalking her therapist.

No. 958062

Ok 100% larp. I know I sound dumb for questioning it, but I have known some shockingly stupid people graduate college via AA.

>It's literally a "look how much I share in common with a psychopath" test.

>I work as a formal logic professor and my colleagues and I have been laughing our asses off at the tread. It's literally a test exposing how shitty a human being you are.

>It's now spreading to r/INTJ sub.

>I'm also a triple licensed therapist. We commit people with super low empathy. This shit is LITERALLY how you end up on a list lmao.

>Start taking notes of the usernames and troll the fuck outta them. You wanna show much similar you are to a psychopath, get treated like a psychopath.

No. 958069

>When I was 15 I started working for a detective, 16 was writing arguments for lawyers (I love philosophy) and at 20 I starting doing research for a superior court judge here in Toronto. I got my job with the judge by showing him the logical loop hole to the federal law of extortion lmao.

This is peak euphoric lol. I’m also dying at her dog being named lelouch.

Based on her word choice and a couple of the subs she’s posted in, she does appear to be canadian. She’s supposedly doing her research in a really small field (philosophical counseling, which she says she’s the second canadian to get a phd in), so it hypothetically shouldn’t be too difficult to find her if she’s real. I find the whole thing really interesting because the her story sounds obviously fake, but she’s pretty consistent with it.

No. 958070


No. 958075

Shocked she didn't name it it after Light Yagami, he seems up her alley since they both helped detectives out as teenagers kek

I agree her story seems pretty consistent, just exaggerated. Like maybe she did work for a local judge doing admin work or something unimpressive like that, maybe she got a degree in philosophy like a tonne of other pretentious kids, it's just the constant self aggrandizing and bragging that makes it sound fake. She posts her credentials constantly lmao.

No. 958076

take your meds femcel

No. 958569

File: 1635966483353.jpg (179.3 KB, 716x1140, narcissist.jpg)

Redditor shocked and hurt that her mother doesn't like her slutty pictures
Most people on justnomil or raisedbynarcissists are like this, just petulant and self-absorbed

No. 958570

File: 1635966526910.jpg (97.43 KB, 930x282, stripper.jpg)

Additional example

No. 958572

Girl who TF would be impressed by this pixyteri tier photoshoot

No. 958573

Most of these problems can be stopped if they stop communication with their parents. Most of the posters are grown adults and can just cut the problem off.

No. 958574

The mom has taste

No. 958579

I swear raisedbynarcissists is probably the only subreddit that has genuine women posting there but most of them are just crazy pickme's complaining about their mom's

No. 958590

raisedbynarcissists is mostly just an elaborate back pat for bpd fags tbh

No. 958596

Ahhh that makes sense, I went to the post OP posted and it seems mostly women replying, odd to see on reddit


No. 958694

Just tell her to quit it and if she doesn't tell the staff not to let her in. How is this even a problem?
Or could it be, that perhaps she secretly feels guilty about stripping and that's the reason she can't tell her mom off? No I'm sure her mom is just a crazed narcissist.

No. 958985

File: 1635987019566.png (13.04 KB, 881x237, stupidpol.png)

Stupidpol seethes over femcels, fails to understand that the reason femcels aren't as hated as incels is because they don't commit fucking massacres.

No. 958992

File: 1635987446630.png (291.08 KB, 681x960, stupidpol2.png)

Also do I lack reading comprehension or is the highly upvoted first guy in the screenshot whining over the exact thing the two others claim no man would whine about? Typical incel gaslighting.

No. 959024

If you read that wrong then so did I, because yeah, that's what it looks like. Stupidpol has always been a festering hub of retards, though, so it's not shocking.

No. 959390

I hate Reddit, I found a sub where they show a minor's tits and people are saying they are jacking off to it. I report it, and reddit refuses to take it down even though you can legit google what age this actress was at the time of the scene.

No. 959558

Of course when he phrases it like that, it sounds like a bad deal for men and obviously they're gonna agree with him and say they don't want a wife like that. But we know that isn't what they want.

They don't want a woman who is "incompetent" so much as unambitious. They don't want her to be a complete idiot, but she should never make his intelligence or competence feel threatened. They know housewives aren't incompetent, just viewed as such by most.

Wives are also not a drain on shared resources. Like they really thought all women did throughout history was sit around and spend their husband's money…? Look at any history book or modern statistics to show that men actually benefit quite a bit financially from marriage. They use alimony and divorce to refute this, but the bottom line is that it's a lot easier to excel at your job when you have someone at home doing all the grunt work for free. When you don't have to allot precious time to cleaning, planning/preparing food, tending to children (who are ALWAYS needing something), managing the family finances, etc. That makes the "nothing to offer but her tits" line even more insulting. They know a housewife has A LOT to offer that would make his life on the whole MUCH easier and more enjoyable. However almost all of it would be at her expense and to her own detriment. We as women know this because it's fucking obvious. It's in no way a cope on our part because obviously we've seen so many of our friends and relatives get sucked dry by this dynamic only for them to be labelled as the leeches.

I forget who said it but I remember a quote from a famous feminist about how she'd like a wife because everyone would like a wife. Who wouldn't like a 24/7 servant who you don't have to feel bad about exploiting because it's all wrapped up in the veneer of love?

No. 959656

I am SO fucking sick of men blaming women in the workforce for low wages and economic struggles. It's nonsense, first off, considering women have almost always worked aside from a brief period of extreme prosperity, and companies could easily afford to pay everyone more if they were so inclined.

But even if that wasn't the case, it's just so fucking insulting that they think we should just take one for the team, give up our economic freedom and security and our career ambitions and passions, while they have to give up nothing. Maybe if men demonstrated a little human decency and proved we wouldn't need fuck you money in case of abuse, cheating, divorce etc. But no, they're terrible partners and human beings, and we have no choice but to earn money for our own protection even if we aren't ambitious at all and would rather stay home.

No. 959781

File: 1636063553822.png (110.69 KB, 831x883, reddit.png)

TIL Marxism is when women are forced to be housewives so men are less likely to cheat on them.

>But even if that wasn't the case, it's just so fucking insulting that they think we should just take one for the team, give up our economic freedom and security and our career ambitions and passions, while they have to give up nothing.
Kek couldn't this argument be made in favor of slavery too? "White men prospered more when blacks stayed on the plantations. Suddenly blacks wanna do white work too? Great, now everyone will be paid less."
Stupidpol users are just /pol/cels who are too afraid to be overtly racist, there's no difference in their view of women.

No. 959863

File: 1636066584758.png (133.78 KB, 556x1589, i want a wife.png)

I want a wife by Judy Brady is what you're talking about.

No. 960064

File: 1636078554286.jpg (102.79 KB, 415x664, Untitled.jpg)

kill men

No. 960076

this is that scene in American beauty, wasn't it? wtf is wrong with that film

No. 960080

I thought the point of this subreddit was to point out how stupid and distracting identity politics is and to encourage the working classes not to fall for it and unite instead. So how are these posts not divisive identity politics? Somehow feminism is "identity politics" but MRA isn't.

No. 960112

This sub makes me sick. The left is dead and rotted. They literally act as if they are too big brain to fall for the identity politics trap yet they have multiple incel/male sympathy threads per week and have all but blamed women for 90% of societal ills. I guess it is only “identity politics” if they are not being catered to.

No. 960117

Kek. They think feminism is idpol but trannism isn't. They're brain dead. At least feminism is based on the biological reality of being female and how that can be abused under capitalism (not hiring women in fear of pregnancy, renting wombs, etc). They are also all pro prostitution. It's not communism, just give men shit without expecting them to work-ism.

No. 960121

Claim to be leftists yet shit on female workers who make up ~50% of the working class and who occupy most minimum wage jobs.

No. 960152

File: 1636088788355.png (137.52 KB, 719x918, mlm.png)

it's sad but also kinda funny

No. 960155

this is hilarious, which sub was this on

No. 960396

>the bottom line is that it's a lot easier to excel at your job when you have someone at home doing all the grunt work for free. When you don't have to allot precious time to cleaning, planning/preparing food, tending to children (who are ALWAYS needing something), managing the family finances, etc.
It never ceases to amaze me that reddit moids can't grasp this concept, it's the most obvious thing ever

No. 960579

How can anyone be so stupid as to fall for MLMs anyway? So you have little to no money, and part of the deal for joining an existing business is that you have to pay for the stock? You're literally losing money for an uninsured wage. If their product was actually selling on its own, they wouldn't even need to do that to you. Starting a lemonade stand on your own would probably net you more gain. Fuck, sell tarot readings online. There has to be a better way

No. 960618

MLMs, like cults, prey on people who are in a crisis, or who have weak spines and boundaries. They're especially popular with people who are already primed for bullshit and pie-in-the-sky nonsense by fundamentalist religious upbringing; just look how well MLMs do in Utah and with Mormons in general. Credulity, niceness, and a background for swallowing bullshit nonsense in the hopes of some "big reward" eventually (and becoming more important and powerful if you bring in more conver– sorry, downlines) definitely helps.

No. 961080

File: 1636192103510.jpg (704.73 KB, 1080x2030, IMG_20211106_121620.jpg)

One of the few female spaces on reddit got y'alled by a deranged nigfem. Funny how she disavows liberal feminism meanwhile accusing radical feminists of lacking intersectionality, which is a liberal feminist tool of political analysis in the first place. Most examples of white women "invalidating woc experiences" in rf spaces are ww telling bw to stop sperging about how white women are unbelievably privileged (to become white prince's bangmaids), have "power" and to start attacking those who actually deserve it (ie men both black and white) instead of those who are socially weaker and easier to harm. Oh, and the abhorrent grammar of this post is basically the cherry on top - not only she accused a group of people of some abstract misdeed (she provides no receipts to her accusation) and failed to form her message properly, she also phrased it in one of the worst ways imaginable. Give me a break.(racebait)

No. 961091

Honestly that sub kind of sucks, it was nice at first but now there's too many memes and random tumblr screenshots. I think if you want a good subreddit (as good as it can get considering it's Reddit) you should only allow text posts or links to articles.

No. 961108


ignoring the insane screenshot, this sounds like something a /pol/ TERF would come up with

No. 961109

I stopped reading the post there to be honest.

No. 961112

it's as demented as the post she shared, kek

No. 961120

>that deranged post
>the deranged "anon" who comes here and calls women "nigfems"
At this point, it feels like feminism has just become a movement for deranged, hypocritical women of all races, classes and sexualities lol. "Libfem", "radfem", all of them are delusional and hateful

No. 961125

As if this is an actual woman. We literally have a tranny post in ot right now. It's a troll.
You will never be a woman.

No. 961156

the moral of the story here kids is that all redditors are retarded

No. 961205

File: 1636205860103.jpeg (488.4 KB, 1125x1181, 0667E9C6-976F-4269-8811-926514…)

No. 961237

there are alot of racist former tradthot women in the radfem movement so maybe it is a actual woman.

No. 961478

>we literally have to make challenges now so men don't act like braindead porn addicts 24/7
Men are doomed

No. 961725

File: 1636239905163.png (634.95 KB, 960x1171, IMG_0845.PNG)

sweet mom makes a goofy joke for his redditor son. he posts this shit on a cringe subreddit cause he's a joyless piece of shit. he is also 30 and not 15 which scares me.
what an asshole. if my mom did this id take a picture with the minnie and think its a cute joke. life is not that serious, what a fucking weirdo.

No. 961742

his mom is adorable, she reminds a lot of mine actually. When she does """cringe""" things like this it makes me feel happy and thankful that I have such an affectionate loving mom. i would never dream of posting her for internet strangers to make fun of, wtf

No. 961852

Men really don't deserve to live.

No. 961868

Imagine his cute little mom all giddy and excited to surprise him, and he does this. I'm gonna cry.

No. 961949

same this post legit made me cry. fucking pos.

No. 962064

Someone give me his mom she doesn't deserve him

No. 962067

This is so cute. His mom should have beat his ass when he was younger. Fuck this. Calling your mom cringe for celebrating your birthday for some Reddit points is low.

No. 962142

I can’t believe there was a r/jailbait subreddit and it wasn’t taken down till 2011. In 2012, the ceo said there won’t be a ban in distasteful subreddits because free speech. When does the line draw?

No. 962144

The line is drawn between where it benefits men and where it benefits women.

No. 962158

File: 1636282657437.png (20.38 KB, 825x157, ew.PNG)

streamer talks about being roofied and her previous experience with it and how symptoms matched up, men immediately jump on saying she couldn't handle her alcohol and that women are oversensitive to being roofied and exaggerate symptoms as a result. men will never be targeted the same as women so it makes sense they would be so obtuse. reminds me of those posts about how men get offended that moms are wary of their children being around them. because the feelings of a stranger are definitely more important than the safety of your child.

No. 962161

what a weird hill to die on. remdinds of some guys I saw on another website insisting that catcalling didn't exist just because they'd never seen it lol

No. 962164

Varg was right, all men are literally autist retards or hugely selfish. They get that it's a thing, they just think "What if I wanted to do it? I can't stop other men from being selfish and evil, because maybe one day a man will stop me."

No. 962170

The reddit admins also sent the creator a trophy for being a top subreddit

No. 962195

That or they think if it doesn't affect them it doesn't matter. They only care about wealth inequality because it affects them, such as a with a lot of modern commies. The only reason they don't support idpol is because it doesn't benefit white men, while simultaneously supporting troons, pure idpol, because that can actually affect white men. They're privileged kids who want to larp because they have no problems and only support what's beneficial to them.

No. 962217

Gotta love this braindead Redditor giving his
>statistically speaking
take, while providing absolutely no statistics.

No. 962235

Kek. Statistically speaking, men commit 90% of violent crimes, so women are justified being wary of men. They're just retarded.

No. 962264

File: 1636294536982.jpg (127.23 KB, 918x573, Screenshot_2021-11-06-00-43-17…)

Why would you call people breeders? Also, who in her right mind would be so rude to someone announcing her pregnancy? r/childfree is a special kind of insane.

No. 962271

I don't think I'll ever have kids myself, but I've always thought that some childfree people are annoying, immature, and a little misogynistic. and I've admittedly made a few rant posts about them here lol

No. 962273

I really despise the cf people who have no sympathy for kids or treat them like animals/annoying objects. I don't want children but they're people too, for fucks sake. I'm in a childfree group on facebook and half of the posts on there are weird, sexist, or just plain mean-spirited. They always end up biased towards irresponsible fathers too.

No. 962324

to be fair he did, but in true moid fashion, he was twisting statistics to prove his point of that being roofied "doesn't exist at all," so i cut them out. the streamer even mentions that the guy who handed her the drink kept asking for her and wanting to take her home, even though she had three other friends with her. the redditor also several more comments on that post where he continues to try to disprove it. way too interested in it, almost as if he's that guy that roofied her kek.

No. 962523

It's reactionary backlash for getting shit for years for not wanting to have children. I don't agree with it, but that's the context

No. 962551

Agreed. I always take it easy on cf women because society pressures women to have kids and sees it as their purpose. I get why they can be edgy/angry.

No. 962555

I'm aware that people get judged for not wanting kids, anon. Doesn't make childfree people less annoying.

No. 962578

Plus that isn't even as common these days as it used to be, I feel like most people I have met think it's weird for someone to want kids too soon and that in general it is seen as more normal to be focused on career and self improvement (not that that's necessarily a bad thing if that's what someone wants.)

No. 962597

>I'm in a childfree group on facebook
…the fuck why??? of course you're gonna get annoyed by it if you surround yourself with it
irl the people annoying you about you should get children are still by far the majority

No. 962617

File: 1636323917950.png (47.87 KB, 719x359, philosopherlogic.png)

she can't stop mentioning it lol

No. 962635

She can't stop mentioning a lot of things, I read a bunch of her posts and the sheer repetitiveness of her comments and phrasing is spergy af. Comes across as a self obsessed weirdo who has spent way too much time introspecting.

No. 962644

I mean, he threw a percentage out there lol….I guess I should have said he provided no statistics (actual sources).

No. 962648

She genuinely sounds autistic. I would not be surprised

No. 962653

anyone who posts these kinds of long ranty autist blogs on reddit are larping for sure. mainly because if she was doing all those things she wouldn't have time to post all over rebbit.

No. 962737

r/neoliberal is a shitty partisan Dem hellhole

No. 962819

I used to like it but now it's full of coomers talking about "big tiddy goth gfs" like every other male-dominated shithole on reddit

No. 963018

Why does she keep calling her boyfriend her "INTP", it's weirdly dehumanizing.

No. 963194

She says very inconsistent things. On here, she said that she's doing her PhD, yet on post here https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/pkl03t/landlord_enters_property_without_notice/ says that she's doing a second masters? Shit doesn't add up. Anyway, she outed her university in the same post too since there's only one university in St. Catherines.

No. 963707

>reading top posts on a sub about going bald
>a bunch of comments from men saying women are privileged and men are oppressed victims because there are more resources/research for women suffering from hairloss

Oh my god, these fuckers deserve their receeding hairline. If there's more info for women's hairloss it's because nobody accepts physical flaws in women and men can get away with being cave trolls! They actually think women being obligated to prioritise their looks and being targeted by the beauty industry as a cash cow is a privilege.

No. 963773

Are you living in the 40s nonnie? When this shit was slutty? A peak of her ankle gonna send you clutching your pearls?

No. 963781

So basically the poster was kind of right? kek.

I am glad a lot of cf people i've seen on the internet have cooled off on the I hate children narrative and even offer themselves up the be the uncle/aunt archetype who will provide free childcare. But it truly is a blessing that the few psychotic stragglers who won't shut up how superior they are for being child free need to cool off. I don't think most of them will harm children though, but it's great that they will never have them, hopefully.

No. 963838

NTA, but I think it’s a little strange to pose with your skirt lifted up/underwear exposed and then show it to your mom of all people (and expect her to be “impressed” kek)

No. 963947

>free childcare
You sound like the parents they complain about on there

No. 964131

kek so true

you're delulu af. nothing is more dangerous to kids than their own parents. some tweens on social media saying they don't want any aren't gonna do shit.

No. 964611

some redditors on r/memes (there's so many meme subs i think it's the one with the cat icon) were joking that more women should kill themselves because of the suicide ratio 70/30. got me thinking that they would piss their pants and scream if someone said that more men should be assaulted because the sa victim division for female/male is 92/8. i'm not saying that it should happen but the slight insinuation as a joke would piss them off

No. 964613

Someone should really say it tbh.

No. 964616

send me the link anons, I'll do it

No. 964628

It's a reply that scumbag deserves. Is he getting downvoted into hell or is r/memes full of shitheads? I mostly saw comments like that omnislashed and so downvoted they end up hidden

No. 964743

AYRT, for sure I agree with you, I just think it was dumb to add in that it's slutty when it's really not.

No. 965796

File: 1636654831999.png (35.97 KB, 618x113, hot fuckin take.png)

moid posts sob story about how his bitch wife ruined his birthday by not giving him a BJ, redditfags lap it up and speculate she's cheating on him.

seriously, how do these retards read these biased stories and take it in good faith?


No. 965801

What kills me is that she had sex with him, in the morning, when they have a two year old. But he still threw a fit and posted that wall of text whining that the sex wasn't good enough and he didn't get a blowjob. Also undermining the work she does for their family and the PTA. So many lies and omissions, I'm not a retard, I speak scrotenese. I discovered my ex posted a question about us on /r/relationships after me broke up and reading it you would've thought I was a frigid horrible bitch. Funny how redditors never wonder why that is?

No. 965810

lol do these men not realize what a tell it is as to what they're like when they post complaining about how their wife hates them? only a man would interpret this alleged behavior as "my wife is a bitch for no reason woe is me" rather than (god forbid) think introspectively for one nanosecond to consider that maybe her alleged behavior is a reaction to his.

No. 965821

File: 1636657761366.jpeg (238.26 KB, 640x771, 2E3CEE88-0797-4E94-A579-9036F0…)

But it’s ok! A woman offered to send him a pic of her boobs! (Lol!)

No. 965824

I just know this man is fat and bald

No. 965825

I bet he stinks too. I bet he was hot when she married him.

No. 965840

>living with japanese wife in japan on spouse visa
I hope she divorces him, he'll probably get deported and will never see those kids again.

he also thinks his wife has an orgasm every time they have sex KEK

No. 965900

File: 1636663828029.png (328.25 KB, 1028x2426, redditmoid.png)

He apparently insulted his wife in the comments and then tried to defend himself by saying that he's "salty". No wonder his wife wouldn't suck his dick, it's not worth the effort. I hope she divorces his ass and takes the kids. Can't believe the amount of moids and pickmes in that comment section. All the comments calling him out heavily downvoted. Peak reddit.

No. 966035

The way he says his wife is a stay at home mom like it's a way to belittle her/imply she does less than him since he is the "sole" breadwinner is already making me want to a-log this piece of shit.
>Unimportant PTA type meeting she could totally skip if she wanted to
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I hate him so much

Oh but some other woman offered to show him her boobs so the day is saved! Gee, wonder why his busy wife doesn't want to make time to put his unwashed chode in her mouth, such a mystery. I hope she sees this and divorces him, fully serious.

No. 966067

In one of his edits he said he tried to get her to read it. She didn't seem to give enough of a shit and said no kek. OP sounds like your typical white dude who married an Asian woman expecting her to be subservient and is disappointed

No. 966128

I'm guessing he didn't try to get her to read it before he added the edit to brag about the pickme sending him the boob dm

No. 966404

No. 966405

i'm sorry i accidentally hit enter before typing out what i wanted to say, why the fuck is the only thing they can think about their cock? like, she didn't give you a bj and you're gonna throw a tantrum? god i wish i had the problems of an average moid

No. 966445

They’re in Japan? With two young kids? Yeah, that explains the all-day PTA meeting. That means at least one of their kids are in preschool. Preschools assume that one parent is stay at home and, as a result, doing PTA shit basically becomes the mom’s job for the duration of preschool (usually 2 years). The moms are “encouraged” (socially required) to basically run all of the yearly craft fairs, outings, phone trees, sports days etc from setup to break down (and even dumb shit like washing the school curtains during spring break). I can promise you that on days that require lunches, she’s waking up at 5am to make a fancy bento to save face. If she’s in any of the higher PTA positions, it’s no wonder she’s spending 9hrs of her day on this shit that she’s not even being paid for.

Meanwhile I can promise you that britbong here is fucking up daily and getting away with it because of his gaijin shield (and the fact that his work doesn’t have to sponser his visa). Hope his wife divorces him and leaves him high and dry.

No. 966453

I miss r/BlackPillFeminism

No. 966503

I hope she’s cheating on him. He sounds like such a loser. I’ve definitely cheated on guys when they’ve turned out to be losers

No. 966506

why would you not just leave when you find out they're losers?

No. 966554

Wow, with that context it's even more stupid that he wanted her to skip it and that he let the commenters run wild speculating that she is really gone so long because she is cheating. What a douche.

No. 966556

Sometimes it’s too much work or it’s not convenient at that moment. Plus moids deserve to be cheated on

No. 966557

File: 1636731721064.jpeg (318.41 KB, 828x833, 4EFD7373-0051-4567-A265-763FAF…)

Was surprised to see this get so many upvotes on a site like Reddit, but of course the comments are full of porn addicts being like “wow you’re insecure and mental, get help”. Pretty amusing that they’re telling OP to get help because her not approving of porn triggers them so much.


No. 966560

File: 1636732210252.png (33.12 KB, 1334x220, scrotum moment.png)

He really thought he did something there

No. 966564

Impressive, being a male must be like living in another universe.

No. 966567

it really is, imagine being controlled by your genitals to the point where you think that others are as sexually depraved as you are

No. 966572

It kills me that of all the things he went with 50 Shades. I genuinely don't know a single woman who even read the books or watched the movie. Men truly are from another dimension.

No. 966596

I've seen more gay men swoon and drool over the male lead in 50 Shades than women, kek.

No. 966611

He is partly right, 50 shades is misogynistic and retarded like most porn. No real people were involved or hurt while making it, though.

No. 966638

First time I have seen someone use 50 Shades, however I have seen very similar rhetoric regarding romance films
I can't remember where I saw it, if it was on Reddit or Twitter, a scrote responding to women being disgusted by porn by saying "well women have their Pride and Prejudice but we can't have our porn even though they're the same" or something along those lines,

Cause yeah, wanting to be loved and cherished by a man is totally the same as a woman being facefucked so hard she throws up on his dick.

No. 966641

>Pride and Prejudice
Just what does his moid brain think is going on in that book, xxxtreme graphic ballbusting femdom?

No. 966642

I mean, I would read it if it actually was like that.

No. 966662

think not a stereotype associated with Pride and Prejudice, like at all and I don't know where your getting that form either
Most normies who haven't read any of Jane Austen's just think her works consist of handsome English gentleman courting plain ladies, however her works are actually a lot more subtle then that
In a way her works(especially Pride and Prejudice) are guidelines for women in the English Gentry in finding right male partners

No. 966666

It was a joke, you can't compare Austen to porn.

No. 966676

Scrote who think romance novels are lady porn, hopefully he'll die off without reproducing.

No. 966786

Their singular braincells can't comprehend that cringey Harlequin erotica is different from videos of real live women being abused and raped for $$$ and that their aunt's buff cowboy novella collection does not contribute to the trafficking of women and girls

No. 966829

This. Also, some of them must realize most if not all of these godforsaken books are written by women, for women, which completely leaves them out of it. How dare female authors dominate a genre with an audience that isn’t comprised of smelly, erectile-dysfunction-at-15 reddit chodes? Moids go reeeeeee!!

No. 967273

because anon is even more of a loser than them

No. 967320

>most if not all of these godforsaken books are written by women, for women, which completely leaves them out of it. How dare female authors dominate a genre with an audience that isn’t comprised of smelly, erectile-dysfunction-at-15 reddit chodes?
This, even writers of these erotica for women who have male pen names are usually actually women who are just already established writers in another genre and don't want people to know they're making money writing something raunchy on the side. Reddit moids just can't conceptualize anything that doesn't center them.

No. 967872

50 shades is all revolving around the woman WANTING it though, men get off on the idea of the woman not wanting it and will keep pushing women they're with into boundaries that make them uncomfortable even if the woman claims to be masochistic, or they'll just ignore masochistic women and look for vanilla women to try to "turn" and it just says a lot about men

anyway telling women no 50 shades of gray is different than telling a man no porn, most women will happily comply, men will literally cry abuse

No. 967876

They're upset because they project their porn onto real life sex with women (expecting normie women to look like porn stars to the point where they literally think women have health problems for not being hairless with no bumps, not having big perky tits, and having normal flaws like stretch marks and cellulite, expecting all women to do anal, deepthroat, and ride for 3 hours, be fine with threesomes)

if women start getting the idea that hot men with good jobs, decent hygiene and who workout will cherish them, buy them expensive gifts, touch their bodies in a way that is pleasing to them and be faithful to them that's when they get pissed and start raging. Probably why men hated the fuck out of twilight too and mocked women for liking romance movies. I wonder how they feel about the fact this is reality for a lot of women, probably why they call any man who treats his partner nicely a simp

No. 967914

i know reddit has a hate boner for r/femaledatingstrategy, but i just looked it up on the app and i have to laugh. why are men so retarded? the number of them saying that they'll kill themselves over it and that they're depressed, angry, etc. fuckin kek

No. 967916

FDS is mostly just women telling other women not to date men who don't put in effort towards a relationship. Men really love outing themselves huh

No. 967924

From what I've read on the sub, they get the most hate when threads about how men should pay hit the top of the sub once again, otherwise it seems to be pretty mellow even lmao.

No. 967954

File: 1636891717232.jpg (24.59 KB, 564x533, 1625439760016.jpg)

Almost every redditor is so extremely autistic and gullible that even the most normie subreddits are unbearable to read
Everyone talks like a 12 year old who still believes everything they read on the internet and can't stop themselves from writing their life stories in every post they make
The only subreddits i can read for more than 2 minutes are the specific game related ones, but even those are tainted with unfunny autistic memes. fuck reddit

No. 967959

Because saying that you could just stay single instead of taking care of some scrote is apparently hatespeech today. Talking to some men online they do not even seem to be hiding that they just want someone to handle their domestic and emotional responsibilities for them, but they don't even want to provide the "financial security".

No. 967969

It's thoroughly sad that there are no other explicitly women-only subreddits at all, and the supposedly feminist/woman-centric ones like TrollX and TwoX get shoals of males making everything about themselves… It's fucking exhausting to read those subs because you can tell how much everyone is walking on eggshells to be iNcLuSiVe to males in order to not get brigaded by reeeeee-dditors. The need to pipe up "uhhh but not my Nigel, of course!" to any whiff of criticism about male behaviours, the mental gymnastics of FaIrNeSs to men, and pre-emptive "not all men" disclaimers are tiresome enough, but the moderation is also really fucking lazy about curtailing obviously male posters about making everything about themselves or turning women sharing experiences into a fucking debate.

In a way I'm really glad that subs like FDS exist, even if it isn't my cup of tea exactly. Males really need to learn that not everything is about them or for them, and that there are plenty of things in the world that simply are not shit that they're allowed to touch. A lesson that girls learn before the age of six. Small wonder it makes the average redditor rage that one (count 'em, 1!) such a sub dares to exist.

No. 968021

>if women start getting the idea that hot men with good jobs, decent hygiene and who workout will cherish them, buy them expensive gifts, touch their bodies in a way that is pleasing to them and be faithful to them that's when they get pissed and start raging. Probably why men hated the fuck out of twilight
isn't twilight that series where a man falls in love with a fucking baby and 'imprints' on it kek
I think people hated Twilight because it was shit.

No. 968022

File: 1636900123106.jpg (71.1 KB, 719x1155, fhyt5b3hphx71.jpg)

One screenshot that tells an entire story

No. 968029

Women rightfully hated it because many of them gave it a chance and realized it was actually shit. Men just dismissed it as inherently shit from the get-go just because it was teen girl wish fulfilment.

No. 968030

That imprimint thing happens on the last book/film meanwhile twilight was already being shit on by guys since the beginning. I agree that is extremely bad, but anon is right with this phenomenon of men constantly putting down the "ideal man" character that makes girls swoon (particularly happens with girls, when it's extremely normal to have idealistic crushes and all that). And it happened with twilight, justin bieber, one direction, k-pop idols, etc. They are just that miserable, you have grown men shitting on girls for liking romance stories and pretty boys

No. 968034

It was shit, but it really wasn’t any more shit than a lot of fiction aimed at/written by men. Stephen King writes about children having sewer gangbangs and is considered by many to be one of the greatest writers of all time for fuck’s sake. The baby thing was in one of the last books IIRC and people were mocking the series well before that was written.

No. 968042

The double standard of women being dumb and shallow for being attracted to attractive males, yet also denigrated for being anything less than a Victoria's Secret model themselves. Only one gender is allowed to be attracted to their partners apparently.
It'd be good if guys all tried to be more attractive, so them feeling threatened by pretty boys should be increased by 90% in society. We should all start openly thirsting on hotbois. 15 to 50, find an age appropriate set of men to thirst on and do so publicly and frequently until men get the message.

No. 968146

File: 1636913528196.jpg (71.44 KB, 939x595, Screenshot_2021-11-14-12-08-09…)

The absolute denial of reddit. Of all the hills someone could die on, they choose to defend porn.

No. 968207

Even if a woman was into 50 shades (don't know any of those women personally) Is she watching it every week and getting off to it or reading the books on repeat??… It was a few books and films where neither have great re-read potential even if you somehow liked them. Go ahead and ban it. No woman will care or miss it lol. It's not an ongoing habit. Weak comparison kek

No. 968282

File: 1636926338931.png (125.39 KB, 524x669, n1ysjdod8dz71.png)

Ironic how a subreddit called r/fundiesnarkuncensored, created because the other snark sub was too strict, banned me for agreeing with this fundie about birth control. Point-blank it makes some women pissy when this is pointed out because it's easier to take a pill every day and let their scrote creampie them than actually take charge of their health and examine what health issues could be caused by birth control. No, no that's wrong, you have to try literally every single birth control option or you are a petulant womanchild crunchy schizo, just take the drug, you stupid woman

No. 968285

KEK men have absolutely no empathy for women as human beings. Reddit is completely insufferable but I'm glad it exists, girls everywhere need to be exposed to moid depravity and coomerism from an early age

No. 968287

File: 1636926907522.jpg (130.98 KB, 640x853, pf2dwz8lwgz71[1].jpg)

It's just too much

No. 968296

Poor dog.

No. 968300

I'm amazed it's like they went through a checklist of aesthetic things to buy
>neon lights
>ANIME neon lights
>anime posters
>anime "tapestry"
>pink kitty gaming headphones uwu
>pink gamur gurl chair with bunny ears
>anime figurines
>eeveelution plushies, no other pokemon allowed it must be eeveelutions
>my melody
>hello kitty
>I can't believe this person has 2 sets of pink kitty uwu headphones
>one piece merch
>uwuwuwuwuw wallpaper

No. 968304

yes but people hated it before the crew added that weird shit in, don't act like men don't hate it because it's pretty boys who are mostly shirtless in the movie simping over an awkward cute girl

No. 968310

lol this. I'm reading a bunch of academia books in class that involve heavily pedophilic men dreaming about children seducing them, being in relationships with 12-16 yr olds, having child porn, etc. Ontop of that orphan, the BOOK lolita (before it was a weird pedophilia romanticizing mess), crime and punishment, and all kinds of other books have blatant pedophilia in them but of course if it's something that's mostly consumed by women then it becomes bad and gross. Books get graphic as fuck and describe disgusting events that happen in real life. I don't think twilight romanticized jacob imprinting on bellas daughter considering the fact bellas beat the shit out of jacob and jacob was automatically written out as the bad guy for doing so. Anything to bitch about things women like I guess

No. 968316

Crime and punishment had pedo shit? Was Sonia underage? I don't remember

No. 968340

It was Svidrigaïlov I believe (?) Don't quote me on that. I know the character ends up committing suicide after having weird pedophilia dreams and his wife in the book was extremely young at the time to the point that 19th century Russia found it weird. It wasn't Sonia though

No. 968358

Any subs based around fundies is insufferable- I’ve found them just as nasty, judgmental and intolerant of the people they freak about tbh, I’ve had to just go to search for news about certain people. I think a lot of the people commenting are venting their frustrations with religious abuse, which is understandable, but they foam at the mouth over any and everything remotely “conservative” even when it’s defending women like the ss you posted

No. 968538

File: 1636951238249.jpeg (278.83 KB, 1118x719, 5C8AB1AB-F0C5-4C87-A66B-7F14DA…)

Why is this ok to say and no ok even cats an eye? Men are so fucking disgusting I don’t know why I even go on here. Reddit is fine so long as you stay to very niche and specific subreddits, but sometimes I forget and start to scroll and instantly regret it. But it does remind me of what pornsick men are and that’s something that’s good to keep in mind.

No. 968539

No one even bats an eye* sorry I was rage typing on my phone.

No. 968546

it's hard to even say "what if the roles were reversed" because moids would just think it's sexy. I don't think men are aware of how absolutely abhorrent they are.

No. 968620

I think about this from time to time and it kinda makes me sad. I was told to use hormones to help with my polycystic ovary syndrome when I was 13 and even when doctors were wary about it they still prescribed them to me, and I'll never know how much that fucked me up in the long run
I didn't know questioning the use of birth control was considered fundie/tinfoil on reddit

No. 968709

nonnie what thread was this on? i'm curious to see what the other coomers have to say

No. 968719


Funnily enough now it’s been “removed by Reddit” but basically it was a screenshot from tumblr about someone saying that kids should have access to porn because they produced porn at 14 and wrote a lot of erotic fanfic and sent nudes, and then another user said “oh my god you were groomed”

It was on the popular page which is how I saw it, and I wanted to see what the general consensus of watching pornography as a child was, and boy was I disappointed but not surprised.

No. 968726

wholeheartedly agree, while I think fundies are really funny sometimes many people who comment on them quickly devolve into poverty bashing cunts, I've even seen some of those dumbasses defend Islam and Hinduism

No. 968731

I had a 13 year old boy on reddit unironically argue that lolicon is okay because it's "porn for kids by kids" I stopped using reddit soon after that lmao

No. 968745

File: 1636979535185.png (61.27 KB, 591x352, 32uwxtd83nz71.png)

Thought this URL was weird, decided to see this person's blog
>"minors can follow and interact" in bio
>★ I believe that all cops are bastards and the entire law enforcement system should be abolished. I also don’t believe in punishment as a concept, victimless crimes should be decriminalized and non-victimless crimes should be combated with prevention and rehabilitation.

>★ I believe that whether something is morally okay or not depends only on whether it harms anyone. Everything that does not harm anyone is morally okay.

>★ I support youth rights. Minors deserve autonomy and the ability to make their own decisions.

Ok so this person's a legit pedo. Nothing to see here

No. 968748

File: 1636979807247.png (31.06 KB, 482x770, at.png)

Also a queer poly FtM with BPD, NPD, low empathy and self-diagnosed asperger's

No. 968756

Chances are all those people who you think talk like 12 year olds in those normie subs are literal 12 year olds. The average user age seems to go down every year.

No. 968838

i have so much i want to talk about re: her opinions but her ao3 just fucking killed me. why is she writing fanfic about politicians??

No. 968972

It looks like Sailormoon is puking.

No. 969426

File: 1637042930623.png (770.26 KB, 688x960, imagen_2021-11-16_000908.png)

Men will write obviously false stories about benevolent, innocent Johns and their blossoming friendship with prostitutes instead of just seeing a speech therapist.

No. 969431

I guess it's plausible that some actual prostitutes out there have a wholesome experience with a john and let it become the basis of their cope. I mean, why talk about all the rape and violence when you can talk about the sole individual who didn't pay for access to your body? Only the latter gets you upvotes and the ability to convince yourself prostitution isn't absolutely horrific.

No. 969452

File: 1637045472248.png (689.07 KB, 1080x1344, imagen_2021-11-16_005127.png)

Straight girl thinks she's gay because she has interests that are stereotypically associated with straight girls.

No. 969464

This makes no sense because how the fuck would a guy who's this socially inept that he needs to talk to prostitutes to have a conversation even succeed enough to throw out several hundreds just to talk? I feel like people forget how much others lie

No. 969476

These “awkward guy hires kind hooker just to talk to her because he’s so awkward” stories are so damn cliche I’m surprised there isn’t a page for it on TV Tropes. It’s not charming or heartwarming, you’re just paying someone to feign interest in you. What a weird fantasy.

No. 969478

Women with erotica
>Usually a one time thing, they'll read a book here and there but not let it consume their life
>Often put themselves in the positions of the character, a lot of women often fantasize about the male character being their own husband or boyfriend
>Most women barely let it escalate irl and if it does they'll just be inspired to try these things with their partner that doesn't hurt them and has mutual pleasure
>Men in these stories are realistic, have no plastic surgery, and the look can easily be achieved by basic grooming and working out. Most of the pretty boy characters are never over 6'2 either
>No one gets hurt, no one gets cheated on, it is enjoyed by both woman and man
>Women are able to fantasize about "chads" like Taylor Lautner and still enjoy their husbands
Men in porn
>Have it consume their life to the point where they are unable to have sex with real women, get so porn sick to the point where they start enjoying videos more than real life
>Expects women to like anal, bdsm, pain etc. Often evolves into more intense kinks to the point where women enduring pain is no longer enough and they want to actually see women hurt. Start getting into pedo territory
>Are no longer able to enjoy real women due to video editing, Photoshop, and plastic surgery among camgirls. She needs to have the boobs of mia khalifa and the ass of Alexis Texas before they can even think of getting hard. You constantly have to shave your entire pussy with no burn at all

You know what males, I will be totally okay 100% with you enjoying sex content if it is exclusively smut/erotica. If anything people I've been with who enjoy erotica over porn perform BETTER in bed, men who like porn videos and camgirls are usually shit tier

No. 969480

HOW are being the first one to wear make up, having a stuffed toy collection and a lisp indicators of being a trans man?? If anything you might believe you're not a girl if you don't do all the stereotypical girly stuff. I guess because she thinks she's a gay man? Because pink, lisps, teddybears, makeup and twinks are what "the gays" are like in her head. She sounds homophobic herself actually.

>such a little homo lol


No. 969493

File: 1637049623393.jpeg (957.27 KB, 791x2190, 68FAEDB5-1038-49A5-9AB7-8F698E…)

Typed up a whole thing, forgot the image, deleted it, and then overwrote my clipboard. fml

Anyways, /r/tumblrinaction put out a statement basically saying they expect to get banned soon, as Reddit admins have refused to clarify as to whether or not it's against global rules to make fun of things like neopronouns.
It looks like it, along with /r/cringetopia, will likely get hit in the next banwave, especially since this post is pretty flagrantly expressing dissatisfaction with Reddit staff and having to appease troons all of the time.

Full post: https://www.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/comments/qkjcs1/we_have_officially_lost_our_ability_toucan/

This is so embarrassing. My heart goes out to any detrans women reading this experiencing the most vicarious cringe of their lives.

No. 969507

I used to do sex work, and this doesn't ring true. While there are plenty of people who have serious issues that prevent them from finding companionship and sex the normal way (disabled people seeking out sex workers is not rare at all), it's also not that rare for socially awkward/communication-challenged guys to come by money; programming and IT work are a big field full of dudes who have a lot of cash (and no common sense) who may have serious speech impediments and major social ineptitude.

What makes me 100% a scrote wrote this is that "she" is supposedly his 7th escort. Like. No sex worker is going to pass up the opportunity to get paid well to get taken out for a nice meal, and just needing to sit there, look pretty, and make nice conversation instead of fucking the guy kek

No. 969709

File: 1637074798061.png (122.83 KB, 724x881, tumblr_35f15f61179836e94882aa1…)

Screenshot taken from tumblr, post in itself from /r/AskWomen and two days old. Shame removeddit and the like won't work for me, would've loved to read the comments on this lmao.

No. 969721

The whole men don’t get complimented thing is such a joke. It’s just blatantly not true. Men compliment each other all the fucking time. My guy friends don’t stop complimenting each other on the most mundane shit like a wearing a patterned shirt or when one gets a passing grade on an exam.
When they say things like they “got complimented 2 years ago and think about it every day” it just makes me think they must be the most pathetic loser with no friends. Or maybe there’s a reason no one compliments you and you should try harder?
But mostly they just mean they haven’t been told they’re the most handsome guy in the world by the hot girl they saw at the grocery store that day, and it makes them so sad. They want to be victims so bad.
And even if it were true, so what? Women are being stalked and harassed everyday, sorry no one called your haircut nice or whatever. It just pisses me off so much lol.

No. 969739

File: 1637077356442.png (194.35 KB, 500x467, imagen_2021-11-16_094207.png)

>The toddler is mimicking adult behavior because they have seen adults say things that start with “Alexa” and have learned that starting a request with “Alexa” makes it more likely to be fulfilled.

No. 969740

>The toddler is mimicking adult behavior because they have seen adults say things that start with “Alexa” and have learned that starting a request with “Alexa” makes it more likely to be fulfilled.
Toddlers are kinda smart and assholes, that sucks though.

No. 969768

He is capable of calling her mommy but only addresses her as such when he's angry at her.. I know he's tiny but fucking hell. That's rough.

I watched a show about child development years ago where they covered alot of the (totally normal) manipulative behaviours that kids show at around 2 and 3 and how they can hurt you to tug at your strings and just get what ever result they want.. like there it is. Fine example lol

No. 969773

that is fucking frightening lmao. i'm already sad for babies whose mothers only talk to them with googoos and gagas instead of actual words so they can learn language, but that's on another level. what he first picked up from his parents are the requests to a disembodied amazon spyvoice instead of the interactions between himself and the parents. that is really ominous and fucked up, provided this story isn't fake.

No. 969776

It's scary to watch how brutal children are to their parents and everyone else, it makes complete sense women need to biologically develop loss of brain function in order to cope with it. The bruises and bitemarks are one thing but young women are often be so unprepared for the emotional torment.
It also makes total sense why failed parenting can lead to those toddlers growing into fully fledged psychopaths.

Every day I'm thankful my mom didn't give up and put me in a bin I'm going to go call my mom, nonnies.

No. 970471

Joined reddit to talk about a specific topic and already deleted my account 2 days after. God I fucking hate reddit and all their rules and all the people whose replies are just so insipid and saccharine because you can never dare offend anyone and gotta be your most positive self. I am just not made out to be an NPC robot collecting updoots for kissing ass.

No. 970491

File: 1637160059056.png (129.46 KB, 942x794, Untitled.png)

I have been browsing pregnancy subreddits and /r/TryingForABaby and I just feel so fucking sad for all these women who want to have children, but their husbands are soyboy redditors who can not get it up for their own wives. The amount of posts by men and women who fail at the first hurdle of making a baby (having sex) is astonishing. All these women believe something is wrong with them because they can't have kids, but then you see that they only manage to have sex once a month because hubby is always "tired" or "busy" or "stressed" or they are "not in the mood". I am sure he still manages to rub one out to hardcore bondage cuckhold porn, but they can't fuck their own wives. God, imagine being married to a redditor. I would kms.

No. 970495

File: 1637160219202.png (107.88 KB, 922x642, replies.png)

Most replies to this are people suggesting he just wank in a cup and inseminate his wife like a cow.

No. 970515

>I already feel emasculated, ashamed and self loathing on my own. I can't pull myself out of this pit
Reddit moids always gotta make everything about themselves. Love how he's subtly trying to shift the blame to his wife even though he's the one with performance issues. He even says that his wife is a "11/10" so I have no doubt that this is the result of too much porn and wanking off, plus this is a male redditor so porn addiction is a given.

>It took all the stress of performing off of him
>I feel like I do all the work; it's not his fault though!!
>It sometimes works better for him when I'm out of the equation so to speak
Dear god. Love yourselves, girls.

No. 970535

meh, this is something that happens to both men and women, /r/tryingforababy is just going to feature more low-libido male stories. If you want to see more low-libido female stories and let even more misery rub off on you then /r/deadbedrooms is the place to go.

No. 970608

File: 1637171007576.png (917.77 KB, 858x1574, screenshot-www.reddit.com-2021…)

No. 970611

File: 1637171096018.jpg (295.96 KB, 1080x2074, Screenshot_20211117_184417.jpg)

+ most reddit exchange I've ever seen in the comments

No. 970615

It's way more likely he's gonna get a diabetes diagnosis, he won't control it, he'll stub his toe one day, have that turn into his whole leg needing to be amputated. Then he'll live for several more decades but with a collection of health issues that everyone around him has to help him out with.

Or as reddit males see it.. he'll just drop dead suddenly with a smile on his face, his last word being YOLO. ffs lol

No. 970626

File: 1637173155560.jpg (61.76 KB, 492x438, annoyed cat.jpg)

do these guys not realise one of the reasons why it's bad to die young due to health complications is that it'll make yourlife painful for the remaining decades you live? Even if this guy dies at 45, which I doubt because obesity only reduces your life expectancy by an estimated 5 to 20 years, so his 40s-60s will probably be a living hell. He'll probably have trouble doing basic tasks due to the pressure he's putting on his joints, health complications which will cost him A LOT, trouble breathing and moving, and maybe even Alzheimers

No. 970653

Sounds like performance anxiety. Being anxious can make a guy struggle to get hard. It’s NBD.

No. 970676

idk why but whenever a guy uses x/10 as an expression to describe something (especially relating to women let alone a spouse) i'm instantly put off. like i just read this post and was like ok whatever and then when he said "if anything she's 11/10 at it's being a mom" about his wife i immediately dismissed him as a cringey loser in my head

No. 970677

It's just annoying how much of reddit is men bitching that their overstressed wives can't just switch their sex drive on at their every request… and then when a man is faced with the same isssue you have to tiptoe and make it all about not hurting their feelongs or putting pressure on. They pick and choose what suits them.

No. 970679

Men are insane

No. 970700

Modern men's "performance anxiety" is due to porn addiction. It's not anxiety, they literally can't have sex because they're addicted to getting themselves off with a screen

No. 970704

Is this issue of porn addiction EVER going to be talked about in the mainstream? Fucking seriously, it's an absolutely glaring issue. Or are people just gonna continue making themselves look like morons by trying to change everything else but their dumb porn viewing habits? This world is a literal pit…

No. 970725

No. Men don't mind ruining society when it comes to getting their dopamine fix. Also, porn addiction is an useful tool for the elites, it keeps the people distracted and weakened.

No. 970732

>It sometimes works better for him when I'm out of the equation so to speak
Wow, that's sad

Agree with this

No. 970816

This scrote is 1000% addicted to porn and his chode cannot respond to anything but pixels anymore.

Erectile dysfunction is a huge problem with young men now. I was browsing /fit/ the other day and encountered several threads on the subject. These sooners/millennials are breaking their dicks in their 20s because they are so damaged by constantly streaming internet porn. The dating options for women is bleak. At this point there is no reason not to go to a sperm bank.

No. 970967

Absolutely. They just reinforce that with each other and believe their own bullshit. I’ve witnessed my guy friends casually compliment each other on their cooking, their choice of beer, their clothes.
Then one day, one of them said “The barista (a woman) complimented my hair, it felt like a glass of water while stranded in a desert”. A man I compliment every other time when I feel like it’s deserved.

What men mean is that they don’t get flirted with enough to their liking. Other men complimenting them, or their platonic girl friends complimenting them doesn’t count. They want a cute girl in their desired age range giving them a compliment, that’s it.

It also goes hand in hand with “men are told to repress their emotions and it’s all women’s fault”, when I’ve never seen my male friends make each other available for some good venting session. Their idea of being there for their mate is playing halo and not talking about any sensitive subject. Meanwhile my girl friends are there for each other for any kind of personal troubles.

No. 971006

I’m 99% sure that tvtropes was/is created, written and edited by reddit moids. Whenever I want to look up a trope in a new show I’m watching, I’m forced to scroll through a website that is convinced women lightly slapping a man after he sleeps with their best friend is equivalent if not more important than male-on-female rape, aka rape. Insufferable

No. 971141

File: 1637225784419.png (551 KB, 1122x835, pathetic.PNG)

31k upvotes, I felt my face grimace when I opened the image up

No. 971148

This is fucking stupid because I'm 99% sure these types of dudes wouldn't have a wife to begin with

No. 971172

Hate to break it to you anon, but gaming and porn addicted husbands are the norm these days. Any relationship or parenting subreddit is full of women complaining about them.

No. 971176

>thinking reddit is in any way a measure of what is the "norm"

No. 971205

I with this anon. I find it difficult to believe this person has a wife but then again, Reddit wives and girlfriends are the most pathetic excuses for "empowered women" I can think of. Doormat cucks, leave those losers and love yourself. The state of men is so pathetic now that they're actually proud of themselves/upvote each other for being worthless porn addicts. They should burn but I don't wanna get a ban for alogging so I'll stop.

No. 971233

File: 1637238588456.jpg (60.67 KB, 960x828, 7pw4zvixt9081.jpg)

No. 971235

>I intentionally gained weight to look like I’m pregnant because that’s what makes me coom
>Don’t judge me

No. 971251

At one point they convinced themselves men everywhere want to rape their daughters based on a single degenerate larper post.

No. 971317

how's this r/showerthought worthy?

No. 971332

File: 1637251885198.png (23.79 KB, 739x201, Snipaste_2021-11-19_00-08-32.p…)

>woman on fds talks about how men should earn their orgasms by putting in effort instead of getting it easily
>redditard takes offence at that and will literally kill a woman if his dick isn't wet

nonnies how are these apes still walking around in mainstream society

No. 971334

What post are you talking about, anon?

No. 971340

NTA but I think that copypasta where it outlines that it's cucked to raise a daughter since another man will get to reap the rewards

No. 971346

Is this about that post that said to not let men orgasm 80% of the time? Because while I get what the OP of that one is saying, I agree that this won't end that well for most of us.

No. 971557

File: 1637265501882.jpg (207.2 KB, 1070x884, trucker.jpg)

This subreddit is pro-trucker even when they are clearly causing harm. They have a record of doing this (locking posts/comments that point out bad behavior)

No. 971569

People stopped public shaming so these degenerates thrive.

No. 972269

File: 1637329628210.jpeg (795.14 KB, 1125x1565, D209CDF7-4342-4726-B737-D70E91…)

Old as hell thread but this deserves to be reposted over and over again to the point everyone realizes reddit and this board is bullshit. Toxic is red for a reason on here. As is narc. I think. Narcissistic. Narcissism.

No. 972273

File: 1637329816405.jpeg (619.18 KB, 1125x1251, 7149395F-6771-4089-8835-07934C…)

Oh the irony

No. 972282

I don't get it. Sure the first poster should learn to cook if they'd rather complain than eat their mother's cooking but what's wrong with the second one aside from saying it was "perfect"? Family members definitely can and will sabotage cooking if they're feeling like a dick that day and I don't think complaining about that is dumb.

No. 972326

im sorry but this is stupid and i cant take it seriously kek

No. 972354

kek oh no, mommy wouldn't give him the gravy he asked for. How abusive!
anon why the hell would she sit there and let that all happen? Why would her friends care? Imagine your friends mom sending you a video like that. It was probably her moms pork anyway since it sounds like she was living with her brother and mom.

No. 972440

>the perfect highlight
You just answered your own stupid question, anon.
Anyone who’s that narc is also that imaginative, btw. Hopefully you don’t use that sub.

No. 972450

The spending habits of redditors surprise me. In my local subreddits there have been multiple threads asking for advice to save money. The top comments say they saved money by stopping getting Uber rides and DoorDash food multiple times a week and also by discovering that the so-called "trashy" cheap supermarket chains (that many normal people go to) actually have good deals.

No. 972460

File: 1637337338088.png (156.92 KB, 1434x669, 2555.png)

the anon who said that the subreddit was just bpd women giving themselves back pats was dead right, I mean just look at this profile, she had a bf who to prison for making meth , is addicted to kratom and even has a kid of her own


No. 972479

It is shocking how much food delivery some people get. I had never heard my dad say anything about me or my sisters' expenses before - when I was in college he was always saying I should spend more on fun stuff - but my youngest sister is in college now and he's said to me multiple times that he's shocked how much she spends on getting literally just mcdonalds via ubereats.

I don't really get it, I mean, yes I get delivery sometimes, but for me eating in the restaurant is half the fun… and by the time the food gets to you it's already been sitting for 10-15 minutes so it's kind of lost the sizzle imo.

Like if I go to chipotle i usually take it home to eat cause it's messy and that place is usually quite full. But recently I ate in there instead cause I was Hungry and it was a totally different thing. Chicken crispy, tortilla hot, sour cream cold… instead of all evened out to warm. Mcdonalds especially gets way worse within like 5 minutes so that one I really can't fathom.

No. 972495

Maybe she didn't see it happen? I've literally had my own cooking sabotaged in a similar way before so I would look like a bad cook in front of relatives so maybe I just sympathize with the situation, made-up or not. And no, I don't use Reddit.

No. 972618

File: 1637346535987.jpeg (168.42 KB, 750x1167, 51171634-5753-44BB-96E9-B61827…)

On the news of Biden very temporarily transferring presidential power to Kamala Harris while he’s undergoing anesthesia.

No. 972642

the mom was an asshole in that situation if it's a truthful retelling. why so mad at the redditor? did your kid go no-contact with you or something.

No. 973165

File: 1637381837094.jpeg (219.2 KB, 1170x804, ED17DA64-3002-4141-B2E2-9BF577…)

on a post about a guy who got strangled, stabbed, and left for dead by a grindr date. i don’t care if the guy got stabbed and choked, he’s a fucking sexist who apparently thinks women should be victims of violence before an ~out and proud~ gay man. and these people are making excuses for him.

No. 973198

she'll still do what she has to o on her period. cut off internet access to porn for 1 hour though, and the whole world population will shrink involuntarily

No. 973245

this is sick these scrotes dont see women as anything other than fap fodder or murder victims. life is bleak

No. 973251

I feel like this image could potentially make an a/b/o fag loser her mpreg fetish

No. 973258

>I don't really get it, I mean, yes I get delivery sometimes, but for me eating in the restaurant is half the fun… and by the time the food gets to you it's already been sitting for 10-15 minutes so it's kind of lost the sizzle imo.
Totally agree! I have some bad eating habits but thankfully delivery food never appealed to me, the combo of too much junk food + wasting money is dangerous. I enjoy the whole process of going out to eat and if I can't be bothered doing that then I'm feeling lazy enough to just eat whatever's on hand.

No. 973337

r/bustyboys is filled with this shit too. It's even funnier when the fetishists in the comments start agreeing fat moobs are better than a real woman's tits even though real women get called out for hiding fat stomachs, pushing tits together, and using various posing to make the boobs look perkier and bigger. Just gaining weight for the sake of being a man with tits for a small community on reddit is just beyond me

No. 973382

Take your meds.

No. 973389

jesus christ i regret looking that up

No. 973395

men talk shit about periods while they throw away entire careers to satisfy their boners for women that aren't their wives.
this shit is why i roll my eyes when women talk up gay men. They're giant misogynists too, it's just a different type based on jealousy rather than sexual. I don't give a fuck about their rights anymore, I just focus on supporting lesbians.

No. 973451

you first

No. 973452

i am convinced that people who go for this type of aesthetic have no genuine personality of their own and just absorb whatever is the current trend or what they think other people will think is cool. There's literally nothing actually about them in there.

No. 973455

It's obvious because it's all anime garbage. A normal person who is a bit of a consumer might have some anime merch, but they would also have merch of live action films they like, book series, western cartoons etc. This person doesn't because a pic of Frodo or whatever doesn't fit the uwu moeshit aesthetic.

No. 973457

Like many women in the world. she will work on her period and deal with it. men are so fucking stupid. Periods suck, but the world doesnt cater to women, so we have to get through the work day like anyone else.

No. 973458

Women that support gay men over women are literally trash. The drag pandemic makes it worse

No. 973472

This is true for anyone structuring their surroundings around an “aesthetic.”

No. 973503

File: 1637420819963.jpg (646.94 KB, 1440x1080, PicsArt_11-20-04.03.39.jpg)

I feel Seen

No. 974713

No. 974776

These comments are fucking depressing. Comparing watching a true crime documentary to porn saying "well since I watch that I must be a murderer!" as if they're just casually watching porn for the entertainment value. You are jerking off to other people having sex, you are preforming a SEXUAL act. The cognitive dissonance they have is fucking astounding.

There's one commenter that keeps giving valid counter arguments that gets down voted everytime. I like the part where they said "I wouldn't be okay with my SO having strange women over so they could jerk off without touching so why would the screen matter?". Of course they get down voted or no one responds. Also kek at people saying "how is the porn industry toxic/bad!? It give me boner and make me coom!" When reddit was feral about pornhub mass deleting videos of TRAFFICKED WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Honestly one comment said it best, if you need to masturbate we've been doing it for hundreds of years without having access to hard-core sex videos a click away. It's like redditors think pornogrpahy to the degree it exists now is healthy but I guess that makes sense considering like a typical scrote all their needs are being met so they don't care about how it effects them mentally/socially or women in the long run. You'd think porn was as important to them as oxygen or water.

It makes me want to kms seeing women in the comments saying "my boyfriend doesn't watch porn we talked about it" and having people reply "lol he does". How fucking petty and disgusting to project your own degeneracy onto strangers. Maybe men lie about porn but it's other men setting the standard that it's normal to lie and hurt your SO over two strangers fucking so you can rub one out real quick. Scrote echo chamber posts like this truly make me think the Y chromosome contribures to developmental delay in moids. You can't possibly be that much a slave to your genitals without some kind of retardation that manifests as lack of self control.

No. 976185

File: 1637681275593.png (122.36 KB, 820x547, bp.png)

Another blackpill on men.

No. 976535

fucker admitted jerking it to cp and liking the content he saw even now, and she wonders whether she should indulge in his fantasy and not whether she should get an restraining order

No. 976545

>Am I wrong to say no?
Jesus christ this is the bleakest shit yet, the Y chromosome is a disease that needs to be snuffed.

No. 976564


I can't imagine having sex with him after a confession like that. Her trauma turns him on…

No. 976584

>my bf sexualizes a traumatic experience for me, am I a bitch if I don't let him coom?
Kink really does rot your brain huh.

No. 976606

>blackpill on men.
>fetish story from BDSM sub
OK, totally not retarded.

No. 976621

I'm sick of any time the sex offender registry is brought up on reddit (which is suspiciously often now that I think about it) the comments will be filled with wankers all saying the same thing. "You can get on the sex offender list by peeing in public." In the 10 years I've heard this line, always from redditors, I've never seen one proof of this. It's very blatantly a cope from someone trying to downplay a flashing accusation in court, or someone trying to explain how he got on a registry, if you thought about it for even one second. But it's so popular that not even contrarian "well actually" redditors will refute it. No screencap because any idiot could find an example.

No. 976624

Lol even if the sex offender registry was made up of mostly people who pee in public I'd still want to know. What kind of neanderthals pee in public?

No. 976626

This. I feel like a lot of people underestimate how many fantasy/gross larp stories are posted

No. 976640

You’d also think if it was so common and so harmful to be on the registry men would just stop peeing in public? But they don’t, because the list is mostly pedos who want something benign to hide behind. That way if someone finds out they’re on the list they can hide behind something more benign like public peeing and have it just be accepted because it’s so normalized.

No. 977013

We women need to start holding each other accountable for being fucking stupid, weak and spineless where men are concerned. He admits to looking at revenge porn of young teens, not just her but others, and she just shrugs it off? What a stupid cow.

No. 978362

Totally omg there’s so many moids on reddit but there’s a lot of women with no self-respect too who break their backs trying to win men’s approval. Just so pathetic and disappointing I’m 100% sure if it wasn’t her video she probably wouldn’t care and just played along with his retarded age play “kink”

No. 978702

File: 1637965339653.png (36.13 KB, 899x553, f.PNG)

we are also targeted more for rape, murder, stalkers, and domestic abuse, but life on easy mode, haha

No. 978709

Yeah let's re-traumatize a woman who was sexually exploited as a young girl because you know you can't and won't hold men to account. Easy to call her stupid instead of calling out moids who would likely try to ruin your life or express violence, isn't it?
You're the weak link.

No. 978717

every single male sub hates FDS

No. 978737

My (ex) friend's boyfriend actually tried to pull exactly that! They worked at the same place and the manager warned her that he was on the registry and she should stay away from him. She actually got mad at her for saying this and believed her bf instead when he told her it was just for peeing in public. It sounded way too convenient so I looked up his name later and sure enough he was on the registry…for sexual conduct with a minor under the age of 12. He was a redditor of course. So yeah, its immediately sus whenever a guy brings up the peeing in public thing.

No. 978740

Nah stop deflecting she's right and you know it, scrotes are mostly at fault for all of this but if you have problems you need to address them and stop expecting others to pretend you're not mentally ill too for dating gross moids. Git gud, have some standards and go to therapy

No. 978753

Ah yes because all hot girls just sit around and get paid millions of dollars for nothing, dudes get so jealous when they learn that a few onlyfans hoes are rich that they think all women are involved in porn and monetize their looks. Like who cares, imagine if women got jealous of every ugly man who’s famous or rich without even needing to put effort into their appearance

No. 978772

men have no problem admitting time and time again that they have no respect for themselves. They would sell their bodies and dignity if someone would buy, and they even shame women who have sex with them.

I only wonder why don't they pimp themselves out to gay men? Is it because there's not that many of them?

No. 978787

>scrotes are mostly at fault
No, it's all a scrote's fault when he chooses to predate on a child and even more when he causes lifelong traumas and weird philias in the adult victims.
Weird minimizing language you've got there, sounds like you just want to make other women suffer due to issues you've got yourself. Again, easy to kick the dogs that are down when you don't want to risk actually playing hardball with the people causing problems. You're not tough and you have dumb logic.

No. 978854

Nta but I’m not sure how she’s using minimizing languages she’s just pointing out the truth which is that some women are enablers to their husbands/boyfriends’ behavior. Of course the behavior is 100% on the men themselves but I won’t defend the women who excuse and look past their moids’ disgusting fantasies. They made their bed now they can lie in it

No. 978911

Moids are shit but you have a fucking problem if you keep ignoring obvious red flags over and over again, you have to realize at some point there's something off.

No. 978958

If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Remember that. Women who insist on dating shit men that prey on other women are the weak link.

No. 979144

Exactly. Being hurt by some scrote when you are young is awful, but validating guys who will just turn around and go prey on other young girls makes you part of the cycle. The responsibility for the guy's actions are 100% on him, but there's no way it's good for the traumatized woman herself or any other women the guy comes into contact with for her to act as though his behavior is okay or excusable. It's not just letting other women down, but letting down herself by not getting out of that destructive repetition of events.

No. 980422

File: 1638147108546.png (203.49 KB, 1878x1224, moid friends.png)


>scrote asks men if they want to fuck their female friends and literally every response is yes, they think about it often even if they have gfs and wives.

>comment unironically mentioning fantasizing about the one who got away while fucking MARRIED to another woman has upvotes and replies in agreement.
i'd say to not date a scrote w female friends but you're best off just not dating one at all. sucks because i'm in the prime time of attractiveness right now and i hate men so much that i willingly avoid them rather than getting 'perks' (ew) for being a hot girl.

No. 980434

God I need to stop reading this thread, those comments are fucking disgusting. It’s so funny(?) to me imagining how moids would react if women admitted (I know we don’t, but for the sake or argument) using the image of a “barely-legal” teenage boy they saw on the street for wanking, constantly hit on/fantasize about our male friends, or spread links to male celeb nude leaks. I think they’d like it at first but then I predict that they’d turn the tables completely and get really angry, spewing “THATS SEXUAL HARRASSMENT!!! The sexual war on straight men has come!” And the thought of giving them more fake ammo for their imaginary battle makes me want to a-log.

No. 980437

I'll never trust men who say they have good female friends. I haven't seen a single case irl where they're really just friends instead of him simply missing his shot with her lmao.

No. 980440

All of this is disgusting but the wife one…legit wtf? That man cheats for sure

No. 980450

>spread links to male celeb nude leaks
>implying girls don't do this
anon pls
not gonna link it but just search ohnotheydidnt nude leak if you honestly think girls don't do this

No. 980457

Nonnie what? Sure maybe the rare, once-in-a-decade, “accidental” dick-pic leak like that one ugly famous instagram-chode Chris something and his team manufactured, but do you remember the Fappening? That was the best day of MILLIONS of moids’ lives. To imply women react the same way men to, to the extent that Reddit moids do, to celeb nudes is just wrong lmao

No. 980458

>she makes the rounds in my spank bank

Even their lingo is revolting

No. 980598

>Sexual thoughts cross my mind for just about every woman I see
>5.5k updoots

No. 980924

If you live in a metro city, you probably pass by a hundred women a day at least. So you're telling me that for every woman a man passes he's thinking of some sick depraved 'fantasy' each time?

Men are so lucky that they have physical strength because having such intrusive sexual thoughts is actual ape brain shit. No wonder academics and highly educated men with everything to lose can't keep their dick in their pants in professional environments. Just from this ape brain behavior alone, women are the superior sex and deep down they know it.

No. 981113

Men can't keep their dick in their pants regardless of their level of education though. I'm convinced that the only reason why they were seen as the superior sex for so long was because of their physical strength because women excel them in every other aspect.

No. 981287

File: 1638221259585.png (192.18 KB, 1442x764, Untitled.png)

No. 981309

This… Is so disgusting and violating, for both married women and female friends of men. I can only imagine how many gross men I use to be friends with had whole ass wives and girlfriends and then would make up scenarios in their head about fucking me. They wonder why so many women are "crazy and jealous"

No. 981331

>securing me as his maid because his lazy ass has never cleaned a day in his life to the point he's shocked at a clean, decorated house, so touched!!
you've got to be in some serious denial to post this, holy shit

No. 981346

File: 1638225102792.jpg (14.64 KB, 400x246, 779e913b7a6ea3148570e30c11bffd…)

No. 981415

>doing all that for a man guarantees that you'll earn his gratitude
yeah no lmao. Being a doormat get you the type of man who will do the absulte bare minimum for his family, takes you completely for granted and treats you as a mom/maid/secretary. I know this from experience because it's how my mom is, she literally never asked my dad to lift a finger in the house (even though shes always worked and earned more) and what it got her is a lazy, entitled, verbally abusive husband who refuses to help with any chore on principle. Not every man is my father thank god but a good way to avoid ones like him is not acting like a doormat on purpose

No. 981441

I thought in redpill theory this kind of thing was equivalent to prostitution

No. 981920

Tradwives are always congratulating themselves for doing the absolute minimum. Like who talks about cleaning and buying some flowers as some monumental achievement? Every single woman I know basically does that shit weekly just for themselves, it's called having some self respect and not living in filth.

No. 981960

Why would you want to be married to someone you need to clean for even when you're sick? I don't understand the benefits for her. RPW are so desperate for sub-par dick, jesus.

No. 981993

right?? Why didn't he tell his gf to stay in bed until she got better? Why isn't he apologizing for making her feel like she had to clean in preperation for HIS family when she's SICK? Seriously to what level do you need to be brainwashed to be thanking your community because he's happy, not apologetic, because you cleaned when you were SICK? Holy shit? I can't wrap my head around it truly. He should've brought her flowers, made her soup and cleaned the house for his family himself, holy shit.

No. 981996

File: 1638295138736.jpg (128.11 KB, 479x640, 7f585d49fdd4fab3ee92da4e45dc40…)

That's the most ironic thing about them. I want to ask tradthots, what is it that you are doing that the average woman isn't already? What exactly is TrAdiTiOnAL about your chronically online life?? Hell, most of them basically wanna be neets. All the women in my family, who aren't particularly ideological whatsoever, worked, baked, cooked, and cleaned. It's kinda a requirement if you don't have hired help.

Their entire ideology exists just to delude themselves into thinking they're exceptional and their man can't ever cheat if they follow the dogma and give each other asspats for being doormats. And to blind themselves to men's faults in hopes of being ignorantly happy. It doesn't work. You can mold yourself into being "picked" and used as a broodmare, but my experience is that men are much more intrigued by women who are a bit bitchy and resist their bullshit. And funny enough those are the type who don't give a fuck about being picked or ponder what men want.

No. 982005

Sad that she had to prove herself to be a maidbot in order to get the ring. Imagine what will happen in the future if she ever becomes debilitated by illness and can't be useful to this dude.
I feel bad for this pickme, there's a lot of pride to be had in a clean and decorated home but scrotes just want to take advantage of someone else doing it for them. He'll buy her a shut up ring so he can dangle it over her head as to why he should never have to lift a finger.

No. 982082

>Their entire ideology exists just to delude themselves into thinking they're exceptional and their man can't ever cheat if they follow the dogma and give each other asspats for being doormats.
Absolutely this. They need to be rare and wonderful unicorns and not like the other girls, male validation is their life blood and they expect special treatment for being 'one of the good ones'.

But homemakers/SAHMs are the norm, not the exception. The childless career woman is a boogeyman men seethe over in theory more than because of reality, they are still relatively rare. Any average basic bitch wants to be a SAHM because they see it as their escape from work. I guess those frumpy harassed moms wrangling 3 kids at the grocery store don't count as trad because they're not done up and wearing a pretty 50s dress, so they're invisible to aesthetic obsessed tradthots and shallow trad men.

No. 982148

I didn’t screencap it, but I’ve seen a few heavily upvoted posts in other subreddits talking about how r/TwoX is hateful to men. Some people were saying they block it because it’s just too mean uwu. Kinda depressing that the most chill/accepting “women’s” subreddit that allows men to post and always upvotes their comments is still too mean and full of feminazis according to reddit.

No. 982165

It often has things about divorce/rape/sexual assault, so of course it's gonna make them feel bad. They think "female" reddit should be just women discussing sexy sex and what kind of men they like, so they can message them.
No kidding, I once answered in one of those "what's your unconventional attraction, femake sex?" askreddit threads and kept getting messages about how I saved their life with my comment, if I want to talk because they're my "ideal" and a dude sent me a picture of himself "to enjoy;)" (clothed, thank god). All I said was that I like guys with big noses.

No. 982172

File: 1638306742711.png (148.48 KB, 1004x640, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 3.10…)

What's up with people on /r/redscarepod being obsessed with age gap relationships?

No. 982184

Considering how frequent of a topic is used to be on the podcast it's not that surprising that the sub goes off on it all the time, it's mostly just pickmes being pickmes

No. 982198

Going on a bit of a tangent here, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how often age gaps get called out on relationship subs. I've only been reading them lately so I'm not sure if it's always like that but there must be a lot of women on those subs gradually getting pink pilled.

No. 982319

I love how they assume it's because he's much older than her not the fact that he's rich, buff and has hair kek

No. 982408

it's almost like teenage girls grow out of their unattainable celebrity crushes and realize that no fully grown man has any good reason to be dating someone half his age

No. 982470

I think it's so rampant on those subs that it became a meme of its own, the general mock relationship post starts by "Me [20F] and my boyfriend [45M] can't agree on…."

No. 982488

>My (19F) boyfriend (47M) has never brushed his teeth or wiped his ass, how can I gently communicate that this bothers me? We’ve been dating for 6 years.

No. 982616

mfw one of my irl friends is in a relationship like that. "anon my (22F) boyfriend (42M) keeps making fun of me for playing candy crush sometimes. what do? he plays videogames all day on the weekends so i can only talk to him during the week."

No. 982619

How tf do you have a ‘boyfriend’ if he’s 42? That isn’t a boy, it’s a man. You should be calling him ‘manfriend’.

No. 982823




No. 983814

File: 1638472169103.jpg (30.65 KB, 376x612, istockphoto-1089060062-612x612…)

Sage for OT but I do not understand how girls under 25 go on relationships with men in their 40s. What is attractive to them? The fact that he will be so tired from the work week that he'll barely want to do anything else on weekends other than staying home? The receding hairline? The beer / middle aged belly?

No. 983980

File: 1638488307078.png (91.21 KB, 668x646, RedditrSexpost.PNG)

>I’m not comfortable with this, especially as someone who was sexually assaulted as a child by a family member, but I’ll give it a try. Appreciate it.

A scrote in the comments is shaming her to high heaven for daring to 'kink shame' her husband.

No. 984095

Women need to stop going to Reddit for pornsick scrote advice.

No. 984277

File: 1638525351426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.38 KB, 510x680, tqx8yt44ec281.jpg)

That poor kid, imagine having an OF's ewhore as a mother whose also a redditor

No. 984310

I don't know how many women are genuinely attracted to men their father's age, but I'd assume the psychological appeal is that they get to feel "mature" and someone who might give them some minimal guididance, or at least SEEMS competent because he has 20 years more of life experience. Some really just want someone who has a house, a decent job and doesn't want to party around and this is the highest "quality" man she can get, or at least that's what she feels like (I know multiple examples for the latter in my environment).

No. 984341

I refuse to pity these whiny Reddit sluts any fucking longer. Just fucking LEAVE HIM. But no, she’s gotta bring some more people into the world to be made miserable by a filthy coomer and will repeat the abuse she suffered as a child, putting coomer needs before everything else.

No. 984883


That's a huge bummer. What kind of world do we live in where you can't call even mock a person and call them a kook for saying that they're ~flowergender~ or whatever the fuck

No. 984904

I would commit sudoku in the womb

No. 985378

File: 1638639354806.png (86.71 KB, 883x558, Ihateredditmoids.PNG)

comments telling her to leave him but sprinkled in are a lot of

>No KiNk sHaMiNg ThOuGh he's into what he's into.

WTF is up with reddit and "No kink-shaming"? Fuck that, some shit should be shamed. Especially a fucking scrote using his GF's shampoo bottles to shove them up his ass.

>"Reddit, what should I do?? It's gonna be hard to trust him again but I don't want this to be a deal-breaker."

Leave him ffs.

No. 985390

this is my problem as well, wanting love but also mentorship, and scrotes my age are gross and financially and generally irresponsible. also hollywood and fictional media giving me the illusion older men would actually be good looking only to be disappointed by the reality that most of them outside of the sphere of wealth are hideous and don't take care of themselves.

ironically my dad is the immediate family member I get along the best with, but like the rest of my family members I've noticed he's got abusive tendencies. a total emotional vampire when he's around to be one. and he never got a partner post divorce unlike my serial dater mom which is starting to really creep me out at an older age. he's just a lot more subtle and negligent by comparison to them. this specific daddy issue seems to have drawn me to older men since I was a teen kek

No. 985402

Why is she ignoring the fact that part of his fetish is obviously doing it to her things, without her knowledge or consent?
>Guys, he OWNS toys
So you know. You know the real reason why he's sighing and ashamed. You accidentally ruined his whole fetish lol, he got off on the degeneracy and you're in here like "Omg I keep trying to reassure him what do???". I hate when women act stupid ffs. Be real with yourself. You're dating a disgusting person, and even he says it. It's not "shaming himself", he's explaining the appeal. Your options are to either leave, or pretend it never happened, never speak of it and enjoy the rings of shit on all your possessions. From how you're talking, you won't leave, so you'd better hope no one can smell it on you
I know my ass would get banned for being "too mean" if I posted there, so I'm just venting here

No. 985428

File: 1638642236350.jpg (634.14 KB, 1079x2024, Screenshot_20211204_192333.jpg)

what the fuck is wrong with redditors

No. 985437

>give him a dildo and a second chance
logging off now

No. 985453

I've given an anal loving guy a chance before (never fucking again) and the dealbreaker for me was similar, when he just didn't give a fuck about me coming into contact with his fecal matter… when so little care went into that and I was expected to take that in my stride when I'm otherwise a germ freak who keeps everything spotless. Nobody wants your shit residue on them or on any random household objects that look even vaguely phallic. I swear half of them secretly love scat or the aspect of it being degrading to put a woman in contact with their shit.

No. 985454

Not just buy him a dildo with her own money, but also explain exactly how to clean it as if he’s a fucking retard with a mental age of 5. In fact don’t stop there, HELP him clean it!! All so she can have the privilege of not washing with shit caked toiletries!!!!!

No. 985471

I would choke him with that bottle i don't give a damn, unleash a fucking hell on this worthless scrote

No. 985545

File: 1638648104370.jpg (90.61 KB, 640x640, 064c8ee309f7915fd567d3c56aeb8c…)

I have no words to describe the immeasurable hatred I have for redditors. I hold them far below the average YouTube commenter in terms of both character and cognitive ability. While the average YouTube cretin will comment "fake and gay" under random videos, redditors will post long-winded pseudo-intellectual rants about how men have a human right to explore their kinks, aka stick other people's stuff up their ass and leaving behind some complimentary fecal matter. Vet any man who wants to get near you; find a way into his Reddit profile. You should already break up with him if he has one, the checking is to just affirm what kind of deviant he is and whether to warn his family or the local police.

No. 985548

Off and topic but no offensive but that cap pic looks fucking disgusting, just looking at it made me physically cringe

No. 985553

File: 1638648524268.jpg (48.88 KB, 640x640, c9448cb8e2eb695864f894df6273eb…)

Leave hairless cats alone.

No. 985558

It’s got Lucinda tits

No. 985568

That's how I feel about most dogs, with their face flaps drooling everywhere

No. 985607

If you body shame animals, your pussy stinks and your next boyfriend will shove your shampoo bottle and your phone up his ass

No. 985622

File: 1638654108134.jpg (44.43 KB, 670x670, 1589492695818.jpg)

clawy paws typed this post

No. 985634

Not even a cat person but I'd adopt that cat and look at all day every day over living with a scrote who'll smear his shit on the very products I pick up every morning to try and clean myself with. The cat would have more consideration for hygiene. Looks better than the average scrote too. Just as bald tho

No. 985953

>women do the exact same kind of sexual exploration

No sane woman has ever or will ever shove a shampoo bottle up her ass. Has he never met a woman before? Did he confuse men in dresses to be women and now thinks that actual women shove shampoo bottles or fucking SHOWERHEADS in our asses? If any nonna here has EVER put a showerhead in her butt, please stand up and explain yourself. Imagine all the shit particles getting in there and you showering yourself with poopwater for weeks. That post made me irrationally mad. I hope all the scrotes who shove their gf's belongings in their asses a prolapse and loneliness this christmas.

No. 985998

have any of you seen that one rule on r/raisedbynarcissists that says 'no N-kids'? it feels incredibly weird, almost like they want to avoid self-reflection, for a bunch of people that label their parents as narcs for the smallest of things. some of the people there do have genuine concerns, but a lot don't.

No. 985999

Of course. Would you rather I have a bomb squad for an audience?

No. 986055

File: 1638719827054.jpeg (88.82 KB, 746x594, C72603F1-11ED-4DEE-AD4A-B16F20…)

No. 986057

kek imagine being this dumb

No. 986063

what level of hell are we in where expecting your bf not to shove your belongings up his ass every morning is something that warrants understanding and reddit posts rather than a swift kick to the balls and him being thrown out for being a degenerate?
Also men doing that "i'm such a disgusting person" martyr shit drives me insane. Everytime a moid does that agree with him. "yes you are fucking disgusting". Watch how quickly he flips out of feeling sorry for himself into pure anger. Fuck this stupid moid I hate how nice she's being to him. Women like this need to get some self-respect because it is absolutely pathetic what they will let men do to them. Hes not using his dildos because it turns him on to use your shit without you knowing. He doesn't respect you. You are a tool for his fetish you dumb bitch.
This man let you TOUCH HIS SHIT. He doesn't love you. But keep looking for people to convince you living with your bfs shit on your belongings is totally cool and ok!
it's endlessly funny to me you'd be banned for being too mean for telling a woman to not let her bf shit on her belongings lmao i hate this fucking world
men love to delude themselves into thinking women do the same dsigusting shit as them behind closed doors

No. 986099

tbf the average r/memes poster is a retarded 15 year old boy

No. 986100

File: 1638724803833.jpeg (236.19 KB, 1034x1258, 7AA657CB-B74F-484A-BBB7-89323C…)

why do men

No. 986136

men really are little monkeys that tiny lizard brains get off on any form of violence. Even civilizations from thousands of years ago didn't usually pit women against each other violently for entertainment because it was seen as primitive and uncivilized. Good job to the men of reddit for walking that back. This is exactly why they graduate from college less and are on average have lower IQs than women. They designed the IQ test themselves as well kek

No. 986174

They truly are subhuman.

No. 986408

further proof to never take a mans attempt at posturing * or machismo seriously

No. 986426

Reddit was always this degrante. one of the most popular subreddits was jailbait and only shut it down because "normies" started catching on.

No. 986446

they're also the most whiny pieces of shit i have ever seen. every other hour there's a post which makes fun of women or people who support women, and ever half-hour there's a post along the lines of 'weh can't show muh feewings :(( feel sowwie for meee'. someone should have punched them in the face a long time ago. teenage moids are insufferable.

No. 986471

>Men can't express their fee fees

Maybe because they call each other faggots for it. Maybe because fathers don't even emotionally support their wives let alone their sons. Maybe because their feelings are basically the summation of self inflicted toxicity, narcissism, and isolation. If they spend even half as much time supporting each other as they do sharing porn, they wouldn't have such issues.

No. 986504

They ree that saying men should be more emotional is feminzing and evil too. They just don't want to take responsibility for their behaviour.

No. 986522

File: 1638764970871.jpeg (40.27 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpeg)


No. 986563

The ask teenagers subreddit had to make an offshoot called askteenagegirls because boys were answering all the questions even directed at girls and drowning them out.
boys kicked up so much shit about it it was unreal. They were still allowed to comment, just only as a reply to a girl answering the question. They could comment all they want on /askteenagers, just not on /r/askteenagegirls. But they claimed "This is sexism" etc etc. idk why I see some anons praising the new gen, they're no different to the men before them.

No. 986658

the same thing happened with r/feemagers. i remember r/teenagers wwas incredibly toxic and sexist towards the girls (still is and coddles the boys to the fullest extent), and the boys started to go there because 'it's wholseome'. some girls didn't like this, and were talking about it, and then cue the male whinging about 'muh misandry'. they even had to remove their 'feminism fridays' flair to cater to the interests of those worthless penoids.

and yeah, the males of today are just as retarded as their predecessors. as another anon put nicely, 'the only difference between males then and now is that theycan threaten to kill themselves whenever they don't get their way because they can express their feeeeelings now'

No. 986695

True. Men think not getting what they want all the time is oppression. The teenage girl subreddits you're talking about have also been invaded again by troons.

No. 986940

File: 1638814268832.jpg (62.81 KB, 635x716, neverletthemsee.jpg)

I used to like it (r/feemagers), as I wanted to be around other teenage girls online as we may have a shared experience and be able to be ourselves in peace.

But it got to a point where every second post was a coomer teenage boy saying 'lookie wookie guys i wore a skirt uwu give updoots' and they got their asses kissed for everything. And the mods being male, and posts about 'give men compliments uwu' and stuff like that. And then half of girls call themselves 'nonbinary' or 'gender questioning', or trans at 13 like wtf go and do your homework or play hockey or smth, and I just know that their parents won't stand up to them because so many parents these days are pushovers who give their kids phones at like 10 years old and support their kids unconditionally.

It has become everything but a subreddit for teenage girls, and even though I'm 18 I feel too old for it compared to when I was 16, as there rarely is any interesting discussion, the humour is mild and too acceptable, and it feels so fake. I want discussion, I want edge, I want realness, I want to be free of coomerism, and I want a space for girls that doesn't feel like an extended larp. I saw a few girls posting about leaving, but the rest of it is fake. I think you see a pattern in highly online teenagers is that they overshare, seek attention, generally overthink gender and are obsessed with labels, oversexualise themselves, and are mentally ill- whilst acting infantile. I talk to girls my age in real life and we discuss nature, beetles, fashion and music composition- so obviously something is up with that subreddit.

No. 986981

they're worse because of porn brain damage

No. 987366

File: 1638839719184.jpg (122.91 KB, 1200x1186, 1597514915696.jpg)

some dipshit was giving unsolicited medical advice so i stepped in and told him no one asked. he proceeded to go through my post history and call me a childish loser for having plushies that i took a picture of. men are absurdly fragile

No. 987367

The same men who say this probably own lego starwars

No. 987368

he wasn't wrong

No. 987369

Yes he was

No. 987370

if you cant handle someone calling you out, dont do it to them. sorry your plush collection brought you shame anon. sounds fragile to me

No. 987377

Male fingers typed this

No. 987378

File: 1638840228944.png (559.91 KB, 2160x3840, 0ql7omL.png)

No. 987379

>Mocking someone for having stuffed animals is the same as calling someone out for unsolicited medical advice that could be dangerous

No. 987382

Go back to reddit.

No. 987385

You know this is fucked when thinking we live in a simulation is acceptable but knowing satanic rituals happen is considered out of touch with reality

No. 987387

only a redditor would be offended over post history being broadcasted anon please.

No. 987388

>don't give unsolicited medical advice
>fuck you, you plushie-having bitch

in what world is this a logical response lol

No. 987391

a leddit expert like you should know that bringing up post history in an argument is a faux pas and means the person bringing it up has lost because they have nothing else as a rebuttal. it's really just someone resorting to insults to try and get the last word.

No. 987396

i mean, coming to lolcow to bitch about how some rando brought up an interest of theirs in an unrelated discussion seems, in their words, fragile. so what if a guy thinks stuffed animals are lame? most people do.

No. 987398

it's a reddit hate thread. anon posted an example of moids on reddit being dumb. it's very strange to focus on that anon and continue insulting them. my guess is you are offended over the phrase "the male ego is fragile". i conclude that you are indeed male, and you should fuck off back to your hole.

No. 987399

Maybe nonnie has really shit taste in plushies

No. 987401

my guess is that she does.
then it should be male reddit hate thread. because no women i have met that genuinely cares about how they are perceived on reddit. its only tech bros and trannies

No. 987402

>male reddit hate thread
but that's what this is?? men are what ruin reddit

No. 987403

Bleak. Tinfoil anons are right, the only approved ones are on the bottom. Only allowed to believe in state sanctioned and admitted conspiracies.
>Troon agenda on same tier as worst conspiracies.
Delusional. It’s obvious what’s going on.

No. 987407

please. its handmaiden central. the kind who are okay with poly shit or marvel/dc or superwholock or okay with their husband suddenly becoming a wife.

No. 987408

yeah i'm 19 now and don't use the sub, but i remember when it first started a couple of years ago. i was glad that the girls were getting a space for them to talk to one another, but then the male and trans pandering began. now more than half of the users aren't even girls.

i think reddit as a whole attracts some of the weirdest and frankly speaking, fucking awful demographics of people, which makes that sub so contrarian to what it's supposed to be.

No. 987409

oh yes forgot to mention, their 'girls only' flair allows both girls and non-binary people to comment. so, y'know, girls AND boys! a win-win!

it's so fucking stupid

No. 987412

you participate in some shitty subs then. i'm in plenty of subs that do not allow men to post (any pro-male comments are removed and the users are banned). it can be nice.

No. 987413

Very funny that it's ranked by wrongthink as opposed to plausibility (hence trans agenda is on the same level as shit like flat Earth…wait how the fuck is it dangerous to believe in flat Earth?)

No. 987415

File: 1638842252089.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 1637746903050.jpg)

> i'm in plenty of subs that do not allow men to post

No. 987419

you are 100% male

No. 987429

it was only dangerous to that one guy who killed himself trying to take pictures of the flat earth from space

No. 987430

reddit is for men and men apologists sorry boomer that your site sucks

No. 987444

why are you even here if you don't use it/read it to make fun of moids? i smell insecurity and denial

No. 987451

nta but
>why would you be on a reddit hate thread if you hate reddit
…surely it's obvious anon

No. 987465

i hate twitter. i don't go in the twitter thread to bitch about it because i don't use it. denial much? lol

No. 987482

your subs are full of trannies and they're loling at tricking you like this

No. 987487

shockingly i'm allowed to post male hate there without any censorship and see it echoed everywhere unlike this site which has become infested with handmaidens in the past few years

No. 987505

Do you feel like redditors have this weird persecution complex? They consider a lot of minor things hate crimes/speech, while ignoring..actual hate crimes.

No. 987511

Yes because they are nerdy men as a majority and think that makes them oppressed, so they have this persecution complex which manifests in extreme virtue signalling but also ignoring non-nerdy man relevant things, like supporting troons over real women since troons can be nerdy men. They used to be edgy atheists, but were only atheist to be rebellious rather than out of belief and so adopted religious like beliefs. I watched a video were a nerdy white guy redditor typical of reddit, called reddit neutral, twitter law, and 4chan chaos. That is how they see themselves, as the totally logical and rational tm people. It was embarrassing.

No. 987517

It used to be the "I'm smarter than you" rebuttal from reddit types, now it's the "I'm a nice guy/not a bully." Same point different wording, they consider themselves better than the people who make them feel like outcasts "normies" aka men and women who aren't autistic nerds.

No. 987518

Putting things like troons and Rothschilds on the same tier just gives that tier more credit. Also, how the fuck is not believing men are women because they says so anti-semitic? Really just throwing any insult at the wall to see what will stick.
>Nooo don't recognise shadowy elite establishment people control shit. Nooo

No. 987551

This is reddit hate thread, moron. And we don't have twitter thread, only twitter hate thread, you can visit it if you hate twitter jsyk.

No. 987701

No. 987907

you're such a redditor it's cute lmao. Enjoy your trannies because your subreddits are infested with them. Plenty of trannies will pretend to hate men too and shit-talk them because they don't believe they are one. All you're doing is validating them by bitching to them about men like they're a "real girl". You say you hate it here because of handmaidens but are here so much that you can reply constantly to people kek.

No. 988038

>muh logic
I smell a scote, yuck

No. 989167

File: 1639008802919.png (50.82 KB, 675x326, why.png)

Does anyone else get really irrationally angry at some of the women that post on reddit about their scrotes? This woman is in such a shitty position, but literally a fucking ounce of forethought would have helped her. Getting pregnant by a scrote youre not even married to, not making him give you a ring or something you can use in case of an emergency, letting him treat you like a child and talk down to you about YOUR money, quitting your job to pretend to play happy families with a man youre not even married to. Then the sign-off of "sorry for drama uwu" GROW THE FUCK UP. You are an ADULT. Now your baby is going to be born into a shitty situation because you were too fucking weak to tell your bf no. Sometimes it's so obvious why so many moids are devoid of any morals or empathy when there are so many literal doormats walking around, willing to birth these useless sack of shit children when they cant even be bothered to view their gf as a human being.

No. 989169

men have no honor despite circlejerking about it all the time

No. 989179

I thought most engagement rings usually only hold a resale value worth less than a thousand at most anyway unless it's a massive stone, because nobody actually wants a second hand ring so they only get melted down for the materials
They're barely useful as insurance

I don't know if that story is real, but if it is she could at least report him for tax evasion kek

No. 989180

honestly i feel you nonny, i struggle to have sympathy for these women. men are already one-dimensional and retarded, now throw in community cock and cryptofuck into the mixture. 'keeping her distance' at this point would be just her keeping the baby and leaving this scrote, but the chances of that happening are near-zero because scrotey will probably abuse her into leaving, she stockholms too hard, or scrotey manipulates her into staying by saying that she needs to wipe his ass or something.

god nuke this earth

No. 989182

I purposely avoid reading these kind of posts so my internalized misogyny doesn't get the best of me, i'm sorry

No. 989196

-$1000 is better than literally nothing, which is what she has now. Well, she's in debt so she has less than nothing I guess. Good luck with those medical bills.

No. 989209

Yeah, fault of the female character is that we’re too empathetic and will accept everyone until there’s no place for us. I want a new subreddit by and for teenage/zoomer girls, moderated by us too, where we don’t have to be heckin’ wholesome and intellectually sterile. If I advertise it on r/feemagers though, it will be flooded with whiny troons just like twoxchromosomes and every other female oriented subreddit. Tricky problem.

No. 989216

speak for yourself kek i'm not retarded

No. 989258

Part of me wants to smack her for being so fucking stupid but at the same time I know most women are brainwashed since they're born that they have to be married and loyalty no matter how much of a shithead the man is is extremely praised

No. 989317

File: 1639025749465.jpeg (451.03 KB, 750x1159, CAE4ABEE-345D-4CD4-82A1-59424E…)

The fucking awards. Being male is so easy.

No. 989323

“I only started seeing women as humans after I had my own child to raise” I can’t understand how that can never cross your mind to realize that porn consists of real people who do that as a job??

No. 989331

why are men so pathetic..

No. 989446

They are born to be narcs. This fuckhead didn't know women were people until he himself contributed to the creation of one? Fuck men.

Also I don't believe him, he's still jerking off to teen rape porn.

No. 989487

What a pathetic doormat.

No. 989713


The post has since been deleted by the OP but the gist is that she was sexually assaulted by an ex who also made her participate in his sissy fetish and she abhors the fetish as a result. Her husband is a discord tranny who hid this from her and spent five years secretly sexting and exchanging nudes with people in sissy and mommydom servers. Reddit's response? The OP is the bad guy for making him promise to quit the sissy shit because ~he should be allowed to be himself~

The worst part is that the OP has been responding to people telling her she should apologize to him and seems intent on staying with him. I wonder how many women were stayed into staying with shitty men because of the shitty guilt-tripping "advice" they got on reddit. It's on them for being so easily persuaded but still…

No. 989734

File: 1639069094928.jpeg (36.76 KB, 503x438, E74C8639-AE20-42EA-8636-37421A…)

No. 989757

Imagine humble-bragging on Reddit because you finally realized women are human beings. My god men are truly pathetic. I don't know how we haven't started mass-abandoning our male partners considering how openly they reveal their true nature all over the internet.

No. 989773

"Now that I am in possession of a girl I can't stand the thought of other men abusing the thing I biologically own"

It's not about him seeing women as people he just sees his daughter as an extension of himself now and how dare another male degrade his property in the same way he's probably mentally degraded women all his life up until this point. I can guarantee if his wife brought up not wanting him to watch porn at any point before this he would have had a massive meltdown and crawled to reddit complaining about his controlling wife. Men act like thinking porn is disturbing should award them the purple heart for their sacrifice but you don't see women having this issue ever. And porn is perfectly healthy and normal? Big fucking kek karma for these men would be having to watch their precious innocent daughters all become the ethots spreading their holes for mcdonalds they tortured their wife's and girlfriends with. Just imagining men frantically typing spergouts about how it's not a double standard to consume degenerate porn but not want their own daughters to do it gives me the biggest dopamine rush. Get fucked moid I hope your kid ends up like Shayna.

No. 989839

>I only started seeing women as humans after I had my own child to raise
No, he only started seeing women as humans after he had his own DAUGHTER to raise. This is an important distinction. It would not have happened if he'd had a son.

No. 989850

this is the hardest thread not to a-log in, it makes my PMS go on straight crack. just such a collection of the most worthless illogical brain dead internet posts and internet users ever

No. 989905

agreed, anon. never in my entire life have I seen such a cesspool of a website. like at least some of the scrotes on cuckchan are funny, these worthless maggots collectively have all the charm of a modernized tgwtg reviewer. I'm about to write a whole YA novel where moids are thrown in concentration camps to vent.

No. 989915

It makes me enraged at any time of the month lol. All reddit men deserve to be killed (by me)

No. 989941

Women of Reddit are so cringe. I don’t feel bad for their scrote stories because 99% it’s all on them. Women decided to still hang out with exes family. The ex cheated on her and had an affair baby. Women interacts and sometimes hangs out with affair baby and his mother. Gets mad when ex wants her to watch baby. Why do women feel the need to torture themselves? You don’t have to hang around your ex or his family. Got downvoted to hell, but what did I expect. She wants nothing to do with ex but interacts with the family…am I being delusional or is this stupid?

No. 989946

Micky moon? your PMS getting triggered on the regula

No. 989959

what kind of dumb bitch wouldn't ghost his family in the first place? how could you not be sent into a murderous rage being asked to babysit your ex's affair baby?

No. 989970

why did they boo you you were right!? i hate stupid people like that. she probably went through that just so she could make a stupid post on reddit and have it get spread everywhere and for everyone to discuss.

No. 989982

Probably downvoted for “victim blaming”

No. 990089

Relationship subreddits are going to be the literal death of me
When it's women posting and always something like
> (19F)my boyfriend (45M) keeps ignoring me and disappearing for several days while refusing to get a job. He's also cheated on me before and complains about how I don't look like a hentai character in the middle of sex. How do I fix the relationship?
The men's ones are always like
>My (35M) girlfriend (18F) says that 7 hours of porn a day is a bit much and I should get a job and stop flirting with other girls all day. How do I convince her to stop being a prude?

No. 990172

sometimes i feel bad for the groomed ones that meet their worthless scrotes as teenagers when he's a decade+ older, but a lot of them are absolute doormats. They let these men shit over them for years, then they finally do something over the line like physically/sexually abuse them or cheat, and even then they don't want to leave. Is being alone that bad to them? I just can't respect a person that won't respect themselves at all. And when there's kids/animals in the mix I find it hard not to a-log lmao.

No. 990218

i do not know who that is kek

No. 990416

This is not a red flag, it’s a big ol war banner damn

No. 990420

Exactly anon

No. 990528

Yep, you just described it perfectly

No. 990882

File: 1639161604573.jpg (99.22 KB, 584x788, frugal.jpg)

/r/frugal can be so fucking embarassing. I hope this guy lives alone otherwise Jesus Christ. This isn't cute and thrifty like a book stacked tree it's just retarded

No. 990890

more like r/fungal. I could see this being okay if it was a project placed in the hands of a shabby farmhouse Pinterest mom

No. 990892

Fucking lmao awww he's so quirkyyyy

No. 990893

A ladder is more expensive than a small plastic tree

No. 990902

File: 1639162752942.png (473.46 KB, 626x580, uuuffu.png)

also saw this in the same subreddit >clearance
gee I wonder why

No. 990909

File: 1639162947199.png (530.95 KB, 596x486, uuuffu.png)

this is so stupid too

No. 990912

>Barstool sports
>Sugar coated carbs

This sub is confirmed full of bombous, apple shaped retards

No. 990915

Popcorn garland has been a thing for ages though, I made it at sunday school once

No. 990917

>how to uglify your home
this is anti-decoration, just have none then.

No. 990918

File: 1639163340831.jpg (30.78 KB, 400x296, 2588d52f95200f8a25ace3c879d742…)

Are those pinwheels or orange peels?

No. 990919

thought the orange peels were fig newtons

No. 990946

I think this is hilarious, honestly. Not sure if the OP likes it for the same reasons I do, though.
He almost certainly already had the ladder. (Hopefully he cleaned it up before decorating it.)

No. 990959

It’s kinda interesting in an ironic funny way, would be better covered in that big tinsel garland stuff because it has a tree like shape but covering it in a few dinky lights and random cutouts is too obviously r/frugal. It’s a fun idea to decorate random stuff you already have with Christmas shit

No. 990976

I thought I just had bad luck with men but relationship subreddits made me realize how truly awful men are

No. 991155

File: 1639182895288.png (34.03 KB, 616x364, woke play rape.png)


if i see a redditor say that roleplay rape helps victims feel "in control" and "empowered" one more time i'm going to start taking lives

No. 991171

File: 1639184315974.jpeg (58.05 KB, 640x635, 07194CEF-AAB8-4895-AA70-DD6E6E…)

When will this meme end…
CONTROL WHAT??? It’s mental gymnastics on crack, you will never have control and power over getting raped. You didn’t have a say and you never will. You’re just sexualizing trauma as a terrible horrible cope, as if pretending to like it will lessen the pain. Fuck scrotes and fuck all the larping kinktard bitches who groom abused young girls and women into believing this. It’s women self-harming for male’s pleasure, the end.

No. 991177

It’s dumb when men defend it by saying “well actually it is quite common and a normal response from victims of sexual assault” BITCH WHAT NO ITS NOT that’s mental illness and doesn’t make it ok to publicize or romanticize even if it is a way to go through your trauma. I was barely able to have normal sex for years after it happened without panicking but sure it’s a “normal response” to reenact after going through it and not just some edgy BDSM tards wanting attention and thinking it’s kinky to be abused. I wish there was some sort of ban on social media until a certain age like mid 20s with all the degenerate manipulation that’s on there

No. 991190

File: 1639187551184.jpg (32.14 KB, 500x328, 13492822.jpg)

>All of the comments encouraging two victims of sexual assault to role-play sexual assault as a way of healing
>"It's totally fine to ask someone who went through csa to do Sexy Rape because it's important to be open about your desires in a relationship"

I hate sex positivity so much it's unreal

No. 991206

I'm going off on a tangent here but I swear to god, these type of mental health kinktards will say it's traumatizing to force yourself to order your own food if you have social anxiety, but in the same breathe say it's ~totally healthy and valid~ to take sexual trauma into your own hands.

Secondly, we realize as a society that someone who was molested as a child and in adulthood has pedophilic feelings in response should not be enabled. We recognize that someone who witnessed horrific violence and starts having homicidal thoughts wouldn't be prescribed to have "little stabby sessions". No one actually goes into detail about how consensual non consent is ever healthy or beneficial. No one ever mentions the dozens of ways it could go horribly wrong, retraumatize you, and destroy your relationship permanently.

No. 991209

so this dumbass is proposing that instead of going to therapy by herself to work on her issues, she should go to therapy with her husband (who also has to work through his own issues) and they should abble in muh kink. i wish i could be this level of confident and stupid at the same time

No. 991281

Lol what fucking therapist would think it's a remotely healthy coping skill to sexualize trauma? Literally no one else would tell a military vet with PTSD to reinact his friend getting shot in front of him in a scenario where "he has control" oh wait that doesn't get the scrotes rocks off but please keep encouraging women to act out their own trauma because it's super healthy apparently

No. 992774

Unconsciously seeking out and repeating your past abuse is a thing… but when you catch yourself doing it get to a damn good therapist. It's self harm. It's not empowerment and it's not 'the fix' to sexual trauma.

I spent a brief time in a kink community when I was younger, I wasn't sub but I met sub women who very openly admitted their own CSA and the link. It's sickening.

No. 992785

You should never feel bad anon. I don't even feel bad when pickmes are raped because they got what was coming for them. Retards

No. 992792

This is one suspicious post

No. 992795

There are a bunch of suspicious false flagging posts all in quick succession
>the 'anon' posting about 'her' cousin with cancer sucking up all the attention
>the one about a girl who is going to get raped because she's dating a guy 2 years older

Moids have no subtlety.

No. 992798

SA actually I'm not concluding it's a moid, a seething tradthot seems just as likely

No. 992801

Scrotes with cancer should stop sucking up so much attention tho

No. 992824

Is a slow sunday for them I guess

No. 992829

Women should absolutely not date older guys you retard

No. 992832

Yes moids do rape a lot. That's why pickmes get raped

No. 992836

It's kinda sad because you can see them replying to themselves lmao.

No. 992846

Age regressors too, abdls love to claim its beneficial to their mental health. That they're experiencing the happy childhood they never got to have first time around and it's all sweetness.. til they're wearing a diaper while getting fucked and uploading it to porn sites. Y'know.. healthy coping skills. Just what the therapist ordered.

No. 992848

They can't get upvotes so they need some kind of online validation kek.

No. 993041

File: 1639363203463.jpeg (689.28 KB, 1500x3121, 820BA271-723F-47A7-B50C-A447BA…)

Context: JK Rowling says sex crimes committed by trannies are getting recorded as female crime is bullshit.

I hate these brain dead fuckers so much it’s unreal. Do they truly not hear how unhinged they sound to normal people?

No. 993066

>(cis, white) women
can you tell me what does being critical of things born with penises and y chromosomes larping as a woman have ANYTHING to do with race? a massive majority of them are actually heterosexual white men with a disgusting misogynistic autogynephile fetish anyways which is mind boggling why they love to defend these things

No. 993325

White women are evil Karens oppressing everyone else and ESPECIALLY poor MTF trannies, who are at the top of the oppression Olympics food chain no matter their race. If you add 'cis, white' before 'women' you can say anything and it's no longer misogyny lmfao

No. 993841

Anon the second one was obviously a joke

No. 994092

Redditors getting crazier by the day about the restart of student loan payments on Feb 1.

We're seeing the return of complete batshit berniebro posting:
>This is why democrats always lose!
>CENTRISTS burned the bridges, I don't CARE if trump wins!
>Having student loan debt is LITERAL SLAVERY!
>at least forgive the interest? p-p-p-please? or FUCK YOU

Notwithstanding, Democrats are currently trying to pass their literal main bill of the year (Build Back Better) before the holidays, and they have no reason to rock any boats at the moment…and Biden only ever said he would be open to forgiving $10k of debt, for people who make under $100k, AND who went to a public college… redditors somehow thought Biden was going to declare a Royal Debt Jubilee or something. Excited to watch them go totally off the rails as the deadline approaches.

No. 994096

centrism and sucking off democrats are the most reddit views possible. you must have found the one sub where they don't follow the hivemind. regardless: back to reddit you go.

No. 994101

as if reddit wasn't always ground zero for berniebro insanity? excuse me? figured this post might bring some chapo seethe out at me but I didn't think it would be this fast kek

No. 994107

white women are usually the ones babying troons, poc, etc kek and they still get turned into punching bags no matter how much they help them. white women are also super easy to hate since they're hated by both far right and the far left

No. 994117

white women went republican super hard in the virginia governor election… it seems to me that perhaps letting your most retarded elements run around calling every white woman over 30 a racist Karen may have been a bad idea for the left, when white women have been your single largest voting bloc for 40 years. Kek. Anyone especially a man who rants about Karens is a no balls coward, afraid to attack rhe shitbag men that actually deserve attacks.

No. 994208

Most people don't even vote, why would all white women be Virginia republicans? I don't hate white women, I'm just saying they just become punching bags for a bunch of different groups (MGTOW/incel types, the woke crowd, etc)

No. 994291

I hate the term Karen and the retards who use it. It was originally meant to describe entitled soccer moms who ask for the manager but in reality it's used to mock and dismiss any (usually white) woman they disagree with. I say usually because I've seen non-white women called it too, though rarely.

No. 994368

File: 1639485398705.jpg (194.48 KB, 1080x1005, IMG_20211214_133316.jpg)

Context: the korean version of a game showed the nude chest of a child, the global server censored it

No. 994392

fucking this, I cringe when farmers use it even if it's in the "correct" meaning

No. 994404

I wish there were a new shorthand term for people who act like entitled soccer moms to replace it though, because some cows really do act like that

No. 994413

Imagine getting butthurt because you can't "appreciate" the ""artfulness"" of a young girl's bare chest. Reddit is a cesspool of pedos, prove me wrong.

No. 994449

I wish they had to deal with that retard probably necessarysped8 who shilled for a week that book encouraging women to sexually objectify underage boy. They deserve each other kek

No. 994672

It's only Bernie or Trump on reddit. The only people who support Hillary/Joe/Kamala/other democrats are on Enough_Sanders_Spam.

No. 994731

File: 1639508548927.jpg (317.34 KB, 1474x1080, IMG_20211214_195403.jpg)

I know it's low hanging fruit but whenever I feel like laughing at moids I go to this /r


No. 994740

He’s right. This is exactly what would happen to sexbots especially if they end up being made by Apple.
I think one day we will be able to get sexy husbando sexbots made by Tesla or some shit.

No. 994816

>aksually im appreciating lolichest as an artform not because im a pedo! i don't even care, im just really just against censorship!
the way pedo weebs will use any means to justify their degeneracy. the same type of scrote that thinks they're being oppressed when their rape porn got removed.

No. 994831

>it's an amazing feeling to be in the company of a fun, good natured dimwit who doesn't give a fuck about "debating" you
this made me realise i'd rather date a good natured dimwit than some hyper intellectual bro

No. 994862

File: 1639517021145.jpg (58.83 KB, 480x640, Tumblr_l_128426707051372.jpg)

They won't be able to afford a sexbot and will ree about having to clean it's soiled robo pussy while paying for the various monthly subscription add ons, one of which will be to stop them from belting out advertisements periodically, Hulu style.

No. 994871

I'm confused on the demographic of this game, and even what kind of game it is
If it's a lolicon bait game, why bother making a "global" version they'd have to censor when it won't be well-received for being what it is anyway?
If it's a normal game, why did it have the lolicon bait thrown in just like that? And for those who would support the censorship, doesn't the original material having that content in the first place turn them off entirely?

No. 994878

Good, politicians should be held accountable for dangling a carrot on a stick to get votes and then literally never following through on promises to people who need it. It’s better than the liberal cancer hivemind of r/politics cheering every little thing Biden does and still sperging over trump and Jan 6

No. 995007

File: 1639529538314.png (338.21 KB, 826x722, reddit.png)

Reddit literally refuses to remove CP from their site unless you call the FBI and the US Department of Justice.
>Mother raises alarm on explicit Reddit posts featuring underage Sask. girls
>A Saskatchewan mother is asking for authorities and companies to do more to combat the sexual exploitation of minors online after she discovered her daughter’s name was published on a section of the website Reddit that appeared to show naked photos of underage girls from this province.
Article content

>The Leader-Post spoke with the woman, who lives in a small community in the north. She recently found out her 16-year-old daughter’s name was attached to an explicit photo that was posted on the website. The woman’s name and her location are known to the Leader-Post, but the paper is choosing not to publish that information to protect the identity of the girl.

>The woman said she’d been fighting an uphill battle trying to get the subreddit taken down by the company. She called the experience “horrifying.”

>“It’s incredibly vulnerable. And not only that, but the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any means of ending it is almost unfathomable,” she said.

>Reddit is a popular American-based website where users can form communities called subreddits and share posts, images and videos.

>The woman said she visited the subreddit and saw pictures of “several dozen” young girls, many of them Indigenous. Not only that, but the girls were identified by name and location.

>“There are men who were actually going on there and specifically requesting girls and then others are providing naked pictures of the girls that are being requested,” said the woman.

>The woman has a background in education, and recognized many of the girls as members of her community from northern Saskatchewan. She said one photo is of a girl, who is now an adult, that has had an explicit photo of her being shared online since she was 14.

>“I can say with a lot of confidence that these are underage girls,” said the woman.

Article content

>The woman attempted to report the photo with her daughter’s name to Reddit through the website’s reporting tools, but found it difficult to add comments to explain what she was seeing.

>“There’s literally no way of contacting this company to say, ‘Hi, by the way, you have naked children on your site,'” she said.

>She said after filing the report she received a notification from Reddit saying there were no issues with the photo she reported. She then filed a report with the U.S. Department of Justice, called the FBI and then her local RCMP detachment.

>The Leader-Post contacted Reddit for comment, and was told by a spokesperson that the subreddit has now been banned.

>“Our sitewide policies prohibit any intimate or sexually explicit media of someone without their consent. In line with these policies, the subreddit in question has been banned.”

>Reddit declined to answer any further questions, such as how the subreddit got past its moderation systems and for how long it was online.

>Staff Sgt. Shawn Stubbs, the co-ordinator of the province’s Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE), said he was not aware of the subreddit but would have a member of his team look into it. Stubbs said the action police take would depend on wether the people publishing the content are based out of the province.

>“Depending who put it on there, we may send it to the States and they would work on it. Or if it’s a Saskatchewan-based person that put it on, then we would go and we would work on it,” said Stubbs.

Article content

>This is sadly not the first time the woman’s daughter has been victimized online. The same explicit photo was circulated through cell phone messages last year.

>The woman reported the explicit photo to the RCMP, which sent the file to ICE, which then contacted law enforcement in the U.S. Several months later, the woman was told by police that nothing could be done.

>Previous to the photo, both the woman and her daughter were receiving sexually explicit messages on Facebook. The accounts were fake, but the woman said she the names on the accounts were local to her community. The woman said she was told by the RCMP that the messages likely came from outside Canada, but she suspects they came from someone local to the area who knows her family, at least by reputation.

>“I worry about when does this end? At what point do do adults actually start stepping up and putting an end to the sexual exploitation of minors online? Like this is a common problem,” she said.

No. 995022

I wonder how long it'd take for this article to get taken down on /r/news

No. 995068

Hypergamy is based af. When males cry about it they're basically admitting they need incel affirmative action to not die alone.

No. 995299

File: 1639558255752.jpg (450.86 KB, 1080x1978, IMG_20211214_203610.jpg)

It's a mobile game where you play as a teacher romancing your little girl students (yikes) so it's obviously targeted at lolicons, but it has to obey playstore regulations and on global they'd get problems with other countries. It's similar to Azur Lane which js full of coomer bait and when you open the tutorial you get lolis flahsing their underwear at you.

No. 995355

>those that loves to project are the ones with skeletons in their closets
Cope. The only skeletons some people against loli have is being victims of pedo degenerates. Otherwise, it's just common sense, which is what cartoon fuckers refuse to admit

No. 995373

>These people care about some pixels more than they do actual living, breathing kids
It's possible to care about two things at once, pedo.

>I don't know how someone can look at a loli drawing and think "omg a minor"

Then what is it supposed to be if not a minor? It's the dictionary definition of loli, retard. How do you look at a drawing of an anime girl with obviously child like features and a child's body but continue to be delusional and insist that it's not supposed to be a child? When 99 percent of people, if you showed them the picture, would tell you that it's depicting a child. Holy shit I hate lolifags.

No. 995616

Does anyone know how to get around a Reddit subreddit ban? I’m thinking VPN + Ghostery will do the trick but I’m looking for more ideas

No. 995696

I hate redditoid porn addicts so much it’s unreal

No. 995729

Kek what subreddit did you get banned from and why anon

No. 995743

I wanted to ask that too

No. 995753

File: 1639596392623.jpg (860.82 KB, 750x192, wtfdude_LI - Copy.jpg)

r/feemagers, still a place for straight dudes addicted to anime to larp as 'sapphics' who are 'soft' and like 'spinny skirt', because being a woman is just a feeling (wanting attention and being excited by women's clothes)

No. 995756

File: 1639596444768.png (436.3 KB, 679x461, wtfdude2 - Copy.png)

But wait, there's more (you have to make your sexuality your entire identity btw)

No. 995757

File: 1639596472869.png (67.54 KB, 764x465, wtfdude3 - Copy.PNG)

It's just a joke at this point. This would have been satire five years ago

No. 995758

If you're not planning on doing anything that'll get you banned again then just make a new account without a default username, farm karma for a few days by commenting on rising threads in medium-sized subreddits, and start posting in the subreddit you were banned on.

No. 995761

File: 1639596629678.png (430.51 KB, 662x625, wtfdude4 - Copy.PNG)

And whilst I'm technically a 'feemager' too, I feel a very motherly worry for these 13-15 year old 'trans', as I know their clueless boomer parents just left them with a phone and access to the internet and didn't have enough influence on their upbringing. The fact that this kid is convinced he's something he's not, surrounded by people who feed into his delusions, hurting himself- and no one is taking away his internet or intervening? I used this sub at like 16, and now it's just a place I use as satire. Except stuff like this makes me too sad.

No. 995764

just think, in 15 years people will look back at old photos of them as teens and cringe. at this point its a phase imo.

No. 995770

Kid is defiantly getting groomed online

No. 995832

>got mistaken for a girl online

so… you had a girl anime profile pic and someone thought you were a girl…

i love how this just sounds like some misguided kid on the internet who has obviously been exposed to trans shit and is confused. its sad that this is becoming normal especially in the case of younger people, it definitely does not help.

No. 995839

In the specfic issue of r/teenager subreddit, there were a lot of cases of users being stalked online by adult pedos

No. 995905

That used to work but nowadays reddit checks your IP among other things. So I was wondering if a VPN could help .

Got banned for some scrote-oriented subreddits for trolling

No. 995972

My queen…we need to know what this ‘trolling’ included…

No. 996287

i wish men could be thrown into prisons more easily. they make up 80% of prisons for a good reason.

No. 996294

i just like to shitpost and encourage scrotes to kill themselves. but stfu if you're not going to provide any advice

No. 996299

I agree with you anon. I don't give a shit if adult scrotes chop off their dick, but seeing young teenagers (I've even seen "trans" pre-teens too) get entrenched in this is sickening. It's like a parasite because adult troons use words like "egg" and actively try to groom even the slightest non conforming or mentally ill kid into thinking their trans. These kids need to have their internet taken away and have better adult role models in their lives.

No. 996354

File: 1639637469783.jpg (302.31 KB, 1280x1735, 65468.jpg)

No. 996357

>He would prefer me as a slave rather than a wife
That's all men for you, he's just being more honest with his answer. Men don't want love, they want holes to fuck, it's gross.

No. 996359

males are so unashamed to show their true nature after marriage. I hope she doesn't have kids

No. 996361

this is sooo sad. girls and women are so intensely stockholmed. think about how many women and girls, when faced with this, feel pressured to question themselves and question their perception of reality, rather than just immediately recognize that this person is an irredeemable threat and immediately GTFO.

No. 996400

break up with his ass lmao, girl what is this, i actually laughed

No. 996410

Girl, you're still with him? Leave

No. 996557

File: 1639654589954.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.33 KB, 1600x1624, JUOu5Ru.jpeg)

What's ridiculous is that scrotes are sperging over this game's (Blue Archive if I'm not mistaken) censorship like they were putting women in fullbody burkhas when it was just one scene being cropped so that you couldn't see the little girl's breasts (picrel). Who the fuck even notices this unless they actually are looking forward to staring at a naked child?

I guess I understand how it's redundant to do such small edits that don't actually censor anything in a game that's centered only around cooming to lolis but if that's what the appstore guidelines require then whatever. Moids acting like sexy lolis are high art and covering them up even a little is the same as nazi book burning is absolutely pathetic.

No. 996604

OP already said he has toys of his own. That man just wanted a violation thrill

No. 996618

I would be very surprised if social media kept allowing users to upload their own pictures and videos ten years from now. The amount of abuse this feature allows is outstanding.

No. 996627

If it was common for women to openly fantasize about sexually abusing little boys and Korean game devs saw it as a money-making demographic by making sexy naked little boy role playing games then, well, it's just art and it's fictional, it's beautiful to appreciate the nude form, and no one intelligent would have anything to say about it.

No. 996628

kek what? Are you implying that "if WAHMEN did it nobody would care!!!" or just being ironic?

No. 996633

First of all, little boys are not sexualized to the extent underage girls are in the society. Secondly, women don't sexually abuse little boys in real life. The vast majority, nearly 100%, of all child sexual abuse cases are committed by men, regardless of the gender of the victim. Even the extremely rare female pedophiles who exist (and aren't just pimps and auxiliary co-conspirators for male pedos) have a different motif from male child sex offenders, according to studies they're driven to children because they're jaded and traumatized by adult men and want someone who can't abuse them, not because they find children sexually appealing. So there's already a noticeable difference between the dynamics of a man enjoying fictional sexualized little girls to a woman enjoying fictional sexualized little boys. God, even the sexualized little cartoon boys are directed towards bisexual male pedos with all the otoko no ko shit, not women.

And third, that game is about romancing sexy lolis, you can not sell anyone the claim that showing a naked young female adolescent's body in that context is just "artsy nudity".

No. 996645

>If women did it-

This is such a strong argument if you have the inclination to strongly deny reality

No. 996649

No, disgusting.

No. 996658

pedo hands typed this post.

No. 996664

I'm not going to get mad at you like other posters. Instead, I'll ask: What are some of the reasons you think it isn't common? Also, can you show examples of the rhetoric you described? That doesn't sound normal at all to me. I've never seen people say things like that, especially not without a lot of backlash, but I'd like to know what lead you to this conclusion. It sounds like you see a double standard, but where?

No. 996668

is that yaoimaster? surprised you didn't an hero yet

No. 996930

The best part about this drama js that coomers reviewbombed the game to 2* on google play. The retards will get their loli game to shut down, coomers shooting themselves in the head is beautiful.

No. 996972

File: 1639685425199.png (111.72 KB, 751x670, Screenshot_2.png)

How is a poor cat or anyone for that matter suppose to spot the difference between a toilet and a cooomer's revolting "gaming" chair?

No. 997003

should've just shut the door so the cat couldn't enter it in the first place.

No. 997009

>I put it in here and closed the door intentionally
From the post it makes it sound like he closed the door without checking to see if any cats were in the room. The cat was probably locked in there, not surprised it pissed on the chair, it didn't want to pee on the floor.

No. 997017

He doesn’t give a fuck what his brother wants, probably wants him to move out, get a job and stop mooching off of them.

No. 997036

I'm being sarcastic. It's obvious what's going on, and it's absurd to think that these men would equally defend shotacon as artistic cultural expression if women were openly cooming over it on a large scale. I didn't think I'd need to type out sarcasm indicators for a post that absurd.

No. 997065

Reddit IPO coming in 2022. What are your predictions for how the site changes?

No. 997653

Idk but I hope they all fucking die

No. 997749

File: 1639770661012.png (121.31 KB, 1156x477, microdick.png)

>Micropenises are totally better than a big dick, am I right fellow women?

No. 997757

File: 1639770847127.png (141.28 KB, 920x1136, redditor cope.png)

More cope. Redditor posts that she thinks long beards are ugly and dirty. Male redditors seethe and froth into their shit caked beards.
>muh oils
>muh vikings
>"b-but if a man said this about women-"

No. 997805

>I didn't think I'd need to type out sarcasm indicators for a post that absurd.
You'd be surprised to hear how many times moids try that "if women did it" gotcha.

No. 997808

She should've just said average sized. It's worse than men think all women want to be torn in half by monster dicks. And what's more important than dick size is the man actually taking the initiative to make the woman orgasm. Most women can't orgasm consistently or at all from PIV no matter the size.

No. 997811

beards are connected to their rancid, stinking food hole they reek their opinions out of. if youve ever watched a man with a beard eat, you will lose your appetite, both food-wise and sexually.


>food particles everywhere, pats it down as if the oils will just go away

No. 997816

File: 1639773314168.jpeg (62.43 KB, 1133x359, 6D8A976B-F720-498C-951D-8DBB85…)

I hope Reddit shuts down, remember when it was 9GAG but shittier? I remember, I hate how this shit is just some sort of fetlife but for normies.

No. 997829

Kek my dad told me about that and I told him to short that shit (as a former mod of a women’s community that got the banhammer, fuck reddit). There will be another r/jailbait or Aimee Challenor situation—especially since proud misogynists are still on the platform with RP, MGTOW, MRA, and other radical subs are all up still with no oversight. My guess is that it’s only a matter of time before some retard ape-brain scrote goes on a shooting spree and streams it on plebbit.

No. 997832

>And what's more important than dick size is the man actually taking the initiative to make the woman orgasm
This line made me remember some top thread in the tiny dick sub and how much that one guy seethed about actually having to put effort into sex because he's got a small peen. The sub in itself is already the online correspondence of the dead sea with its saltiness, but that was another level lmao.

No. 997833

What's IPO?

No. 997899

Nta but initial public offering. Private companies become public and sell their shares.

No. 998015

'most beards are cleaner than women's hair'

- beards have actual shit in them
- men lie about keeping their beards clean
- beards can literally be dirtier than dog fur (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2019/04/17/beards-dirtier-than-dogs-study-says-significantly-more-germs-men/3495993002/)

you can literally search 'how dirty are beards' and the first few results are talking about how beards are dirtier than dogs, how beards have literal shit in them at times, and how men lie about washing. men are truly, truly retarded animals that can't take an iota of criticism

No. 998018

why would anyone want a piece of that shithole? the 15 year old boys who deserve a beating are too worthless to even contribute to the company's value

No. 998092

File: 1639795910727.jpg (86.67 KB, 1200x675, pepe.jpg)

I looked up that post and the amount of butthurt filthy bearded males (and pick mes)…kek. The OP is based and correct. Also I don't understand the people in the comments going "muh beard oils and combing" how the fuck is that keeping your beard clean, that's not getting out the food residue and fucking shit particles stuck in your facial pubes. They claim that their dirty ass beards are cleaner than women's (long) hair, meanwhile scientific studies have shown that moids are so unhygienic that they have fecal matter in their beards.

No. 998675

File: 1639856555717.jpg (26.84 KB, 862x195, Screenshot_20211215-214933.jpg)

No. 998735

No. 998743

Based and pinkpilled parrot

No. 998744

File: 1639861060080.png (222.63 KB, 800x725, 671.png)

No. 998748

File: 1639861527603.webm (1.59 MB, 1280x720, 1635772509241.webm)

No. 998749


No. 998753

anon my sides

No. 998758

File: 1639862407521.png (419.32 KB, 600x600, cryinglaughingpepe.png)

No. 998767

He protec
He attac
But most of all
He refuse to call jane.. jack

No. 998793

File: 1639865277386.jpg (77.63 KB, 604x604, love.jpg)

let me give you a lolcow award..

No. 998798

legendary post

No. 998808

I kekked so hard nona

No. 998971

I'm fucking dead I love lolcow
>tfw not even a literal parrot puts up with your bullshit

No. 999009

File: 1639890853100.png (146.73 KB, 729x870, lol.png)

Can't stop loling at this scrote choosing a dog over his live-in girlfriend and her acting shocked about it, like the guy isn't a ball of red flags that she's being passing off as being the fault of his "evil ex". The comments are full of people blaming the "mental illness of loving dogs" instead of the fact that this guy is abusive and shows a pattern of treating women like shit. He could be a step-dad to her kids, he could fight in court to see his kid but no. It's not that he likes the dog more than her, it's that he likes her less than a dog kek

No. 999027

The new GF always fights the hardest for her man against 'da evil baby momma' I swear lol Most men just do not fucking try when it comes to seeing their kids. If they can get away with one weekend a month, they will. But, most will only fight for more time to pay less child support. To the women here dating a guy who bitches about his baby mama never letting him see the kids, fair warning, he's bullshitting you.

"He was in the kid's life until recently." Bullshit he was, sis. Another lie a scrote will tell the new gf. "I stuck by him." Are you Tammy Wynette? Standing by your scrote. Damn. It's funny how she is trying to play it up like she saw the light about his behaviour but she really didn't. She'll be off to the next scrote she can 'save' and work on.

No. 999059

this is why you don't move in with a scrote and do wife duties for him. He's done with her and she hasn't got a leg to stand on despite sticking with him and his anger issue for 6 YEARS. He would have thought twice if they were married because of the courts giving her a cut, but she cool girled her and her kids way into homelessness. Oh well at least she's not the ~~crazy ex~~

No. 999140

Ahahha omg… I feel sorry for sisters like this lol. Unless you’re running away from a third world no one should be living with a scrote like this.

No. 999154

>> meanwhile scientific studies have shown that moids are so unhygienic that they have fecal matter in their beards.

Knowing this has lowered my quality of life.
Is this for real??

No. 999167

It's been known for years. Look up the Kiss Test, a test done which swabbed the lips of women kissed by bearded men. They found that the mens bearded face transferred a fuck tone of bacteria you wouldn't get from kissing non-bearded men.

No. 999169

Wow beards are truly pointless, not just ugly but full of bacteria. Just why do hair grow on moid faces instead of their balding heads?

No. 999195

I wish I never knew that.

Ignorance is peace….

No. 999337

Was just reading through an r/deadbedroom post of a woman whos struggling with a husband addicted to porn who's "too exhausted" by having sex with her. Shes being severely downvoted for her genuine questions, and though she seems naive people are taking the husbands side like she's the devil reincarnate. Scrotes in this post are brushing off her clear concerns about the fact that he's refused sex/blowjobs/etc in favour of jerking off and its boiling my blood nonnies.

Not saying OP is free of sin but from reading the comments she just genuinely seems like she's seeking to understand what's happening with her marriage only to get shit on.


No. 999352

File: 1639935841325.png (195.78 KB, 791x1279, Ihatemenredditmoidscrote.png)

Why are men like this? lol

He's for sure projecting. And the crazy thing is, in the comments, she even talks about how she's willing to go and check if she is addicted to porn. Most comments are telling her he is crazy and a counsellor is gonna laugh in his face. Also, they are telling her how it's crazy she is acting oblivious to just how toxic he is.

The odd comments from scrotes (and a few women) defending him. "He is just upset because he thought you read REAL novels, no romance. He feels the stigma from them." STFU God there is always a scrote willing to bend over backwards for another. And others are running with this angle too. He's not upset about the stigma of romance novels lol

>Could it be someone in his past had a problem with porn that very negatively affected him and the books triggered that trauma? I would either ask him why the books bother him so much or tell him you'll talk to a therapist if he comes too so you can understand his reaction

A book triggered his trauma according to this person.

He's probably cheating and looking for an easy excuse to divorce her.

Reddit is not the place to ask any sex or relationship questions. It's just full of men ready to defend each other. She can have genuine concern over the alarming behaviour her moid possesses and, they'll ridicule and shame her for daring to question his needs.

There will be people throwing in good answers to the OPs but the OP, more times than not, ignores the good answers and replies only to the most infuriating ones.

No. 999355

Having loving, emotional sex with your wife is definitely exhausting when you're a soulless idiot who just wants to jerk off to gape porn 24/7.

No. 999534

>There will be people throwing in good answers to the OPs but the OP, more times than not, ignores the good answers and replies only to the most infuriating ones.
I see this a lot. A woman will post about a situation in which she is clearly being abused, 90% of the comments will be telling her that. But she'll only respond to the ones suggesting she's at fault with some pathetic supplication like
>I know I'm a flawed person too and I have a lot to work on, what do you think I can do to improve?

It's absolutely tragic how desperate some women are to stay in bad relationships. They'll cling to any possibility of not having to break up.

No. 999684

she's a total bootlicking pick me who is only mad that now her little scrote is treating her as badly as he treated his old discarded wife and son. sounds like total white trash, and karma. she had 6 years to grow a brain cell lol

No. 999913

Why are scrotes so fucking retarded, the amount of times I've heard them call romance novels porn and get triggered over women reading them is insane. Not only are they not even remotely the same as porn (porn very often features violent acts and women being degraded, while smutty romance novels tend to be more vanilla and non-violent/not degrading, though of course there are things like BDSM erotica but that's the minority), but the men who say that shit are probably watching porn as well. If romance novels are porn as they say, why are they so bothered by women reading them when they themselves watch porn? It makes no fucking sense.

No. 1000010

File: 1639986273433.png (501.78 KB, 2048x1536, 75FC448A-EC39-4000-9D70-D30E7C…)

I couldn’t screencap the whole post but this is one of the most schizo things I’ve read all week. The blatant fear mongering I just can’t imagine being so out of touch.

No. 1000038

They hate romance novels because they think it gives women "unrealistic expectations" to want a man who is kind and passionate lmao.

No. 1000040

The US and The West in general has been heading towards civil war for a long time. It's just taken neurotypicals a while to notice.

No. 1000049

could you not fear monger rn? We're not heading into a civil war we're heading into a total red phase. Republicans are guaranteed the next 4 years and covid is just getting worse. We arent going to be separated by states or anything we're just going to get really poor.

No. 1000096

They assume the problem with porn is jacking off and not the production, which is why you'll get called a sex-hating prude if you say anything against it.

No. 1000099

That subreddit is such laughable doomer bullshit, half the shit is fear porn for no fucking reason and zoomers will moan about how nothing matters and they don’t want to work because the world is literally ending or some shit. No, it’s just that kind of news gets the most attention from people who are obsessed with reading bad things and hypothesizing doomsday scenario because they have nothing else to do

No. 1000100

>omg stop fear mongering :'(((
get a reality check. you sound purposely naive

No. 1000107

>The US and the West has been heading toward a civil war
and you sound straight up retarded. "The West" can't have a civil war, it's not one country roflmao.

No. 1000111

File: 1639994884305.gif (6.19 MB, 400x300, 513165453.gif)

>year is 2025
>holed up in my bunker in the middle of nowhere in burgerland
>one of the last americans alive due to my bunker's perfect defenses
>in addition to standard fortifications, the bunker is surrounded by a moat of poutine. no canadians have been able to successfully cross it without succumbing to it – even those with ranged weapons are too busy criticizing the ratio of curd to gravy to shoot at us
>crosswalk stuck on red at the entrance wards off krauts
>trap saunas reduce the number of finnish invaders greatly
>in the past few months, overall invasion rates have vastly decreased
>fortress surrounded by the bodies of leafs and europoors
>morale is growing and hope is on the horizon, me and other survivors begin talking about venturing out of our bunker and beginning to cultivate the land
>dust off the last american flag to plant on a hill somewhere
>in the middle of a small feast to celebrate our victory
>hear rumbles
>think it must be a storm, but it can't be possible after we changed the atmosphere to a permanent 90 degrees to kill off britbongs
>I hear the distressed cries of our sentries
>rush to a window
>mfw I forgot about the kiwis

No. 1000118

>crosswalk stuck on red at the entrance wards off krauts

Anzeige ist raus!

No. 1000121

>interrupting your husband while he's decompressing after a long day at work with vidya is so inconsiderate, you should respect his little ritual
>he sits on video games 6 hours a day
>well then he obviously is struggling, you should help him solve his mental health issues
Holy shit that thread is aggravating. God forbid this guy get told off that he can't just escape into his own little world everyday while being married to another adult. I'm pretty sure all these guys just see themselves in this guy.

No. 1000355

>too busy criticizing the ratio of curd to gravy to shoot at us
Anon I'm wheezing

No. 1000408

No. 1000481

men out there acting like sensually caressing their wife's shoulders, kissing her neck and reaching into her panties is horrible drudgery, not to mention the added audacity to go "i still love you though" when it's time to confront the issue of them consistently going after whores behind her back lmao

men love whining and splaining about how much love is about deeds and actually doing shit, and then they have their woman keep the house spotless and raise the kids but still won't touch her with anything but the unwashed tip of their peen

No. 1000491

Men can't love they can only feel compulsion to own property

No. 1000501

File: 1640033802600.jpg (140.34 KB, 735x684, 8c61fcfb6f107df8b6593ee4b35b7e…)

No. 1000637

File: 1640040344557.gif (9.09 MB, 640x622, FF1171D4-C163-4EA4-A572-94D920…)

Don’t hate me nonas but I like to share pics on random subreddits, and I decided just now to severely limit what subs I look at. I was spending too much time telling dipshits off (usually sexist moids.) I deleted my account and started fresh. Now my feed is all cute and pretty pictures and stuff.

No. 1000640

Stop looking at this shit it’s unhealthy. You do not need to read the opinions of emotionally bankrupt males.

No. 1000731

File: 1640048173990.png (16.15 KB, 736x204, toxic.png)

I swear there is some variation of this shit posted every other day. Gag inducing. They so desperately want "toxic femininity" to be a thing.

No. 1000736

Wouldn’t toxic femininity mean things like conforming to beauty standards and the expectation to act obedient and submissive or shit like that? Not “bitches be gossipin” as if that’s strictly a trait women have. It’s crazy how men don’t understand what toxic masculinity is at all and just assume it’s against masculinity in general

No. 1000753

All throughout high school, it was the boys who were always the pettiest and catty. If there was an argument between two girls, you could trace the source back to some scrote or a gay scrote who was gleefully starting drama. The workplace is no different. Fandom circles experience the same thing.

you'll find any scrote go straight for "Women always get full custody!11! So take THAT!" Like it's the ultimate one up when discussing something as retarded as "Toxic Femininity" Or male suicide rates being higher than women. Like that's our fault? LoL Not sorry we don't want to create a bloody fuck mess for family members to clean up after an already traumatizing experience of finding a loved one's body.

Sorry for the sperg rant.

No. 1000759

So true, all the comments there are so retarded the post might as well be “rant about how those evil females are ruining society for us men” kek
And yes when I worked in administration there was soooo much drama and it would always start between guys and mostly literal 50 year olds who felt emasculated or triggered by some shit and had to rant about it and hold a grudge for weeks. Meanwhile everyone else did their job and moved on or communicated about things.

No. 1000763

toxic femininity doesn't exist

No. 1000764

male suicide rates aren't higher, it's just that men tend to shoot themselves while women tend to overdose or slit their wrists and it leaves more room for the attempt to fail.

No. 1000765

in my experience 99% of fandom drama is started by zoomer aidens, not actual moids.

No. 1000791

Agreed! I failed to properly describe what I meant.

you know what, yeah, it really is them. The last fandom drama I witnessed was started by a zoomer moid so I was foolishly going by that.

No. 1000859

File: 1640061999503.jpg (86.81 KB, 480x816, wtf mate.jpg)

the r/greentext is supposed to be for making fun of 4chan/sort of pretending to be a 4channer and laughing AT them
someone posted this and all the responses are sincere and fucked UP
moids are truly scum

No. 1000862

File: 1640062116497.png (67.86 KB, 1234x292, Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 11.4…)

No. 1000864

File: 1640062266551.png (103.05 KB, 1238x428, Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 11.4…)

No. 1000870

File: 1640062367522.png (302.13 KB, 1128x1036, Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 11.4…)

No. 1000872

File: 1640062473632.png (202.22 KB, 1192x968, Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 11.4…)

No. 1000875

and the reason women choose those methods is so other people don't have to clean up the mess or be surprised by a hanging corpse. this is due to 2 things - women are conditioned to "not be a bother" unlike moids who slap their dicks around til they get what they want - and because women tend to kill themselves out of horrific depression where it feels that every breath you take hurts or causes trouble for or is offensive to everyone else and leaving a mess in death would only make that worse
men kill themselves because they got fired, and sometimes because they got raped.

No. 1001014

getting so fucking tired of seeing men bitch about this. there are men who make thousands of dollars off of feetpics and shit like that. they just don't wanna do it cause it would be gay or whatever.

No. 1001317

File: 1640110887765.png (88.33 KB, 884x522, REdditassholeclitbitch.PNG)

This guy thought her asshole was her clit

Typical scrote comment.
>That’s what’s happening on this comment section. Dude was trying to reciprocate pleasure. If you’re not focused on giving, your brain can go off on its own sometimes. No one is giving this guy a break. Ya, he needs education on anatomy. He probably doesn’t watch much porn then. To me, he sounds like an inexperienced bloke (well he has some now). I know not a lot of people won’t take the time to help educate him, but he should not be someone to be made fun of.

>Ya, he needs education on anatomy.

>He probably doesn’t watch much porn then.


No. 1001385

So those are the two choices? Porn-addicted ED scrotes who are too braindead to reciprocate or virgin incels who grope our assholes because they’ve never googled a vagina? Also, kek at the commenter moid that thinks that watching porn is the answer to solving the orgasm gap. Why didn’t anyone think of that sooner? I really believe that watching porn, thinking about porn, and spewing about porn really takes up 93% of a man’s daily brain function.

No. 1001393

Men think it's easy being a girl because they're stupid. I'm talking literally. Let's remember that statistically there are more genius men than women. Men love to point it out. What they fail to mention is that the top of the bell curve on that chart heavily favors women.
That means most women are constantly talking to men less intelligent than them. You need to see every man you talk to as a 15 year old, because that's their IQ match.
Men tend to lack introspection, they can be selfish and loud, they will create scenes and they are entitled. Emotional maturity is tied to intelligence to a certain degree, and that's why men struggle in most areas of life. They literally aren't smart enough to even realise anger IS an emotion (hence why they say women are emotional), let alone understand how to control it.
Women are literally smarter than men. That's why they type this shit. And the women that enable them are either A) stupid, or B) lying to themselves for male attention. Let them play with the males, they'll learn.
When you start looking at every man as an idiot it becomes easier. Just laugh at them and say "aww bless". They're big mad on reddit sure but most of them will never repeat this shit irl because they're cowards. My favourite thing to do is to wait until a man calls himself "more intelligent than other people" (because they will all do this if you talk to them long enough) and then just ask their opinion of slightly complicated topics and smack them down. At this point I pity them because there is basically no future for the average man and they were the ones that designed the system kek
I don't believe men suffer from mental health issues like they say they do. Think of 4chan, how many scrotes on there claim they're "depressed" or "anxious" and that's why they can't leave the house. It's all a cover for laziness. They kill themselves out of anger usually because they've never learned to control it. Women attempt suicide 2x as much as men but men are considered the "default" for mental illness. There are so many male only suicide hotlines set up because even when they want to kill themselves they still demand to be catered to. Ignore mentally ill men. They add no value to yourlife and you can not fix them. Even if they love you they will probably murder/sucicide you because moids only care about themselves.
Also many men use their "bad mental health" to lure easily controllable women in.
>there's a lot going on with female anatomy
there really isn't. Lesbians/bi women manage it just fine.But men are stupid and can't even google a quick youtube video before having sex for the first time. Now she's stuck teaching this absolute loser which is probably exactly what he wanted

No. 1001441

File: 1640118236217.png (126.22 KB, 1688x346, sat0pononookie.png)

The oversharing. Also, I can't believe people in this day and age are dumb enough to reuse usernames.

No. 1001442

File: 1640118294085.jpeg (180.05 KB, 828x1792, A039AD43-1418-4CD4-9254-64F5B7…)

this was in a voyeur thread. nonas, why are they like this???????

No. 1001443

File: 1640118356842.png (593.56 KB, 842x1234, brandon kurohara sat0pi.png)

I can see why she lost her sex drive. Brandon, find another username kek.

No. 1001468

>there are statistically more genius men than women
Lol there aren't. Maybe stop hyping up this myth already? It's the same level of pop science as "left rational brain and right artistic brain" theory, ie is backed up only by studies with unrepresentative sample and with a shitty statistical analysis. Most meta analysis and large studies (like this shit in Romania https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0160289616301003 and this shit in math ability https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2010-22162-004, I have more examples but I am too lazy to find them) conclude no difference in variability, ie conclude that there are just as many genius women as genius men (for now, I think by default there are more female geniuses tbh). Studies on other mammals find no difference in behavioural (read cognitive, you can't really test them after all) variability too (this one is with mice https://elifesciences.org/articles/63170 - some traits are more variable with moids like morphology and some with females like immunology and eye structure). I'm so tired of this propaganda really…

No. 1001472

Nta, am glad you addressed this point.
Beautiful and based.

No. 1001482

What I hate the most about reddit,is that damned "Relationships" subreddit.
It can be summarized by a lot of grown ass men, who are 10+ years older than their wives/gfs, complaining about how they have a personality beyond pleasing them.
"Oh my gf likes teacups, and I think that's shrinking the time she dedicates to cooking for me, since I'm an uneducated divorced bastard on his 40s".
God I fucking hate men. I'm not into the lesbofeninist rethorics, but sometimes, I just swear to God…
I wish they would shut that shit down, but sadly a lot of women apparently need to hear strangers say "yes, you should dump the divorced guy on his 40s" to actually do so.
Considering they're women and still use reddit I don't have much consideration, but BOY is it frustrating.

No. 1001492

OT but the way you wrote your first sentence made me read it in my head in chris-chan's voice lmao

No. 1001493

This woman looks amazing and I feel bad for her, this man looks like a pure reddit-tier coomer

No. 1001501

fucking barf

Fucking Tragic lol

>I got with an asian girl, just like senpai Rivers Cuomo!

>Wait, she doesn't want to have sex? Lost her drive?
>Guess we won't do it lol

Where the fuck is his chin?
She's cute. She could do way better than Brandon "No Chin" Woods

Why can't moids just realize that they are ugly and it's a huge reason their wives won't sleep with them lol Yes I know other factors come into play but let's be real, a lot of guys are just not up to a decent standard.

No. 1001759

Maybe she'd have a sex drive if he had a fucking chin lmao

Anyway this is what scrotes should expect if they insist on dating women out of their league, and think it's evil and cruel for women to have physical standards for their partners. They need to accept that their wives won't return their sexual attraction, and they deserve to live a sexless life and suffer feeling unwanted.

No. 1002352

File: 1640215884555.png (141.83 KB, 875x1024, REdditsheaintleavinghim1.png)

Sorry for the terrible image

-Boyfriend squeezed my throat for so long during sex I passed out. Red flag?-

Kek at the comment calling her out. Everyone in the comments is telling her to dump him, run away as fast as she can.

>All my friends are telling me to leave him because they’re saying he has serial killer tendencies. Idk I’m so confused and lost. I love him so so much but he honestly scared me. I don’t want to make him angry by bringing this up again because it seemed to have pissed him off. Shall I try to speak to him again?

She's not leaving him.

No. 1002415

Well, I hate him and feel sorry for her but you have to appreciate when retards soak up the worst of the dating pool and won't let go.

No. 1002451

Is this like the female version of pornsickness, where they just think they should accept any and all violent moid behavior in bed? Holy shit

No. 1002540

I'm impressed they're even telling her it's not something she should ignore. Normally, especially /r/sex is really bad with accepting any and every dangerous and degen fetish behaviour.

No. 1002600

File: 1640241437075.png (1009.1 KB, 1478x1280, Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 11.3…)

i'm at a literal loss for words

No. 1002602


No. 1002610

A straight man

No. 1002625

Sorry you don't understand what a bell curve is

No. 1002669

File: 1640255782365.png (259.09 KB, 1384x1002, Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 11.34…)

-a married man with kids spending 6000 dollars on an anime girl game

No. 1002678

I would rather be married to a meth head. At least it’s easier to get them locked up.

No. 1002734

I feel physically repulsed by how brainwashed most women are. Not saying this to blame them.

No. 1002886

I love how she calls the concerned commenter 'mean' but the bfs actions… hmm can't decide if that's bad? Like holy shit you'll bitch about any tiny thing a woman says but you'll let a scrote nearly kill you all for a sexual kick.

No. 1002956

File: 1640283252849.png (75.42 KB, 706x597, menaredefendingthescrote.PNG)

I would have sex any day, any time, anywhere, but boyfriend often chooses to watch porn and masturbate alone instead.

The men in the comments are defending him as is tradition

No. 1002958

If it was a woman not willing to have sex whenever he wanted and wanting to be alone instead, it would be free excuse for him to cheat according to reddit. Fucking cretins.

No. 1002982

What kind of porn (or other online activities) is he hiding if she's there willing to pleasure him while he's watching it… and he still freezes her out completely rather than having his cake and eating it too?

No. 1002992

Kink acceptance really has brainwashed women into ignoring all of their self-preservation instincts. I can't even fathom how it's possible to be this retarded.

No. 1002997

She should post the same thing in /deadbedrooms and see what the response is there lol

No. 1002999

She had to write all that out just to justify wanting her boyfriend to be with her instead of porn, ridiculous. So to them this is the bare minimum a woman should offer to expect faithfulness, and these reddit guys are bringing what to the table exactly? The woman has to be a human sex doll open to any kind of sexual act 24/7 and the guy gets to monopolize her just because

No. 1003355

File: 1640322646788.png (114.4 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20211223-230729~2.p…)

>be an adult at the age most people graduate college and have a career
>Date someone who just graduated high school and expect to me financially supported by them and get mad when they can't hand you magic money everywhere

I wish this was bait but I met so many American women who actually live like this. Also you know these people are western too. I wonder if this same dude is screeching about western roasties while being financially supported by his teenage girlfriend

No. 1003360

>My loser leech older bf who is too lazy to work and knows I'll foot the bill demands my money and is an asshole when I don't comply, I feel so horrible!

This is honestly an unfathomable level of spinelessness. I know I also spent too much money on lazy deadbeat bfs back when I was a dumbass teenage pickme but at least I resented it and didn't feel any misplaced guilt lmao.

No. 1003371

i thought part of the appeal of dating an older man was that they could financially support you? not the other way around. what kind of idiot would do this

No. 1003372

Natural selection

No. 1003388


At least meth is a physical object

No. 1003423

I hate the women that post themselves on the rape fetish subreddits with a burning passion.

Why do that?

No. 1003426

This is financial abuse. The perpetrators are almost always men, much to the distress of the manosphere. Men are parasites.

No. 1003427

Because they hate themselves and other women too by extension and they will probably end up assisting a man in rape. Scum bitches.

No. 1003429

>nO nEed To bE MeAn AbOuT iT

No. 1003688

Most western relationships are exactly like this. It's women who need to go out of their ways to shift their bodies into whatever crazy standard men decide to like at the time, usually with unrealistic proportions, be financially supportive, be accepting of his less than sub-par looks, be accepting of porn addiction and the fact most western men are obsessed with other women while having girlfriends, you have to be accepting of the fact he will spend more money on his friends than you and the fact he will spend most nights with his friends and disappear without warning, he will gaslight you and call you dramatic and immature if you have an issue with any of this all while you need to be super kinky and into painful stuff like anal and slapping. Despite western women dealing with all this coomers still run around screaming about how western women make sub-par girlfriends when in reality they're the only ones who will accept this bullshit from men, yeah go try convincing any Asian or Russian girl to pay for all of your shit kek

90% of western women in relationships with men are just miserable slaves at this point idk how they even deal with this or bother. Relationship subreddits prove exactly this

No. 1003841

No. 1003852

File: 1640364202987.jpeg (249.98 KB, 637x900, A300BA83-07C3-4F2E-987C-EAA114…)

Don’t feel sorry for OP. She’s a cunt who’s horrible to other women on that subreddit because they don’t want their bf mocking their asthma. I hope he keeps bleeding her dry.

No. 1003877

So true. But tbh there aren’t a shortage of asian or eastern euro handmaidens.

No. 1003900

File: 1640365658547.jpg (431.35 KB, 1080x1657, IMG_20211224_180640.jpg)


Imagine you're going home after a long day of work and you come across a creep who keeps staring at you.

No. 1004092

Men: I mostly look at attractive women
Also Men: I'm angered that women mostly look at attractive men
Why are they like this?

No. 1004117

Is anyone else surprised at how wealthy many people on reddit are? If you go on any hobby subreddit they always have the most expensive items and equipment. Sure it's a minority of people but it's still a lot of them.

No. 1004156

>at the age most people have a career
…where? on mars? most 23 year old people i know are still teenagers

No. 1004162

They are so retarded it's unreal. I remember an anon on r9k once said he hadn't seen a woman in real life for months and thought alessandra Ambrosio looked "kinda average"

No. 1004168

I'm sure it's selection bias, poor people aren't taking such aesthetic photos of their stuff and getting all the upvotes. But yeah, the subs about interior design where people post their gorgeous, expensive looking high rise lofts make me seethe a bit. /r/malelivingspace especially because I know for a fact it's a rich man, I assume they're all asshole techbros. Happy for rich women tho.

No. 1004179

In many countries people graduate secondary school between 16-18, get education for a job for 4 years and get their first job in their early twenties, if they don't get any study delay.

No. 1004183

I just had a look on purplepilldebate for the first time (not typically interested in moid opinions), and holy fuck what an absolute dumpster fire. The whole thing is literally like,

>inceloid rhetoric direct out of 4chan
>obsession with Chads and Staceys and the wall and 80/20 blah blah
>overtly hateful misogyny, don't even try to be subtle like the rest of reddit
>think the solution to literally every problem in dating is for women to date down in looks (how convenient for them)
>clearly just there to vent their loathing of women

>balanced and reasonable arguments
>try to empathize with other viewpoints while providing their own
>no blatant misandry or hostility
>always making concessions and softening their language to be less offensive and seem more rational

It seriously gave me war flashbacks to /r9k/

No. 1004226

Why would you do that to yourself anon?

No. 1004266

Lol WTF. A 23 yr old is nothing like a teen and certainly shouldn't be dating them

No. 1004372

I mean, that's one of gimpgirl's favorite subreddits to post in. That's basically what you can expect.

No. 1004442

File: 1640410362042.png (23.96 KB, 752x325, bra.PNG)

It's literally a subreddit about finding good bras, and trannies still have to ruin it.

No. 1004447

I get what your trying to say(I really do) but seriously non-western moids aren't any better, in fact their just as bad if not worse
The social contract in asian relationships is that the man will be the provider but the wife will always be a submissive housewife and the man can look as awful and as as subhuman as he wants but any flaw in the woman will be analyzed and gossiped and even openly mocked

No. 1004455

>Forgive me if I'm not, I'll see myself out.
ffs what a manipulative fucking shit stain.

And of course, they welcome him in. Gay men hate when FtM enter their space and more times than not, tell them to fuck off. But a women's only space? Nah, have to let the men join…Reminds me of that lesbian discord server where they posted pics of their vaginas (??) and the Trannies posted dick pics or their mangled dicks and seethed that the lesbians found it disgusting haha.

No. 1004464

Women on reddit are some of the most cucked people ever. It's them who I blame for this bullshit. Any woman who posted something like this in men's subreddit would be downvoted to 0 and called an attention whore and definitely sent rape and murder threats in their DM.

No. 1004474

>Reminds me of that lesbian discord server where they posted pics of their vaginas (??) and the Trannies posted dick pics or their mangled dicks and seethed that the lesbians found it disgusting haha.
When was this? Are there caps in the mtf thread?

No. 1004486


I hope it works! It was in the Discord hate thread.

No. 1004488

Thank you

No. 1004551

What a pathetic moid. Genshin Impact doesn't even have competitive gaming like PvP in any shape or form, spending money in re-rolling the gacha enough times to get your character to c6 doesn't improve your gaming experience and literally the only reason you would be spending that amount of money is to satisfy your retarded male pride and rub your expensive imaginary pixels on other scrotes' faces on leddit. This guy has a wife and kids yet still chooses to sink thousands of dollars on a video game instead of investing it in his family or saving up for a rainy day, I wonder if his wife knows about it?

No. 1004599

File: 1640433846373.jpeg (147.25 KB, 623x504, 75018896-E291-4387-BB12-8129DF…)

i laughed

No. 1004602

Sounds good tbh. Leave women alone.

No. 1004606

I had no idea lesbians could be so retarded. Who thought it's a good idea? I'm not blaming them for the scrote, I just think sharing nudes (especially with a discord group) is stupid as fuck

No. 1004632

…do they think women would be upset by this?
Nothing wrong with being selective and not settling for what you want.

No. 1004664

But that's exactly what's expected of western relationships as well AND you're also expected to be educated and willing to financially support him no matter what, and in the western world, women are more expected to accept cheating and gawking at other women all while they can't even think about other men. You're also expected to look near impossible

No. 1004807

>Expecting men to have responsibilities is the same thing as demanding 6 figure, multi car drivers
Men are really butthurt that they're expected to be adults kek. FDS has praised poor men on several occasions if they know how to treat their girlfriends right but sure we're all just sugar babies apparently. It says a lot that they think women who expect men to have a job and their own place + car = "demanding rich guys"

Also men date girls fresh out of high school and girls still in college who can't support themselves, or better yet they not only date high schoolers but also expect the high schooler to financially support them like >>1003355. If they decided to make their whole thing about how "women who can't support themselves don't deserve a second look" I'd actively support that since it would make them stay the fuck away from young girls

No. 1004820

For my own sanity I have to assume shit like this is fake. Ik men are trash but most reddit posts are fake. 18 is so young, just leave lmao.

No. 1004913

I wish that too anon but many women in the comments claimed they were also 16-19 giving money to their much older boyfriends. Who even accepts money from teenagers for their bills? Kek I'd be embarrassed. Just as embarrassed I would to have to pick up my partner from high school

No. 1005067

Meanwhile men everywhere else
>wtf you dumb career bitches we don't care about your money so stop thinking it will get you a man, simply be a hot submissive teenager who worships me!!

I would honestly like it if men saw financial responsibility as a green flag in a partner, like FDS do. It is legitimately important to a relationship and shows a much more sensible attitude than what men currently prioritize.

No. 1005890

File: 1640560944719.jpeg (7.02 KB, 250x206, 7xkfjxgh4rw61.jpeg)

That like to comment ratio tho

No. 1005977

They're so financially irresponsible that they think a woman needs to be in the top percentage of income in order to be "financially responsible". Like no one is asking you to be rich kek just don't be unemployed or spend all your damn income on onlyfans, doritos, and plastic nerd shit

No. 1005992

males lack originality

No. 1006006

i'm 5 days late but this is poetic, nonny

No. 1006315

i know reddit in general is shit, but the users on r/cringetopia are a special tier of retarded. these dumbass moids would screenshot actual satire and talk about 'muh cwwwwiinnnggee' and then go on and on about 'racism against whites' and 'sexism against men'. and every other post is about some teen or kid on tiktok doing something they don't like, while they themselves are the same people who pride themselves on being superior for using leddit.

No. 1006383

File: 1640611078509.png (40.34 KB, 694x596, e2d.png)

Redditors are so weak-minded but manipulative at the same time. "You have a point, but you didn't have to say it like THAT!" They get so shocked when you won't kiss their ass after they use that tactic. Also, there are countless pedophiles/MAPS supporters. I had one lecture me because I said it's wrong to buy a 12 year old a sex toy. Where's my science, right, how can I have an opinion without a handful of peer reviewed articles in my back pocket?

No. 1006387

it's not even an opinion anon, not all objective truths are studied and peer reviewed plus sociology and psychology are the most retarded sciences and I don't trust the research from within these fields

No. 1006438

This is the thing I hate the most about that godforsaken website, the fact that they need a "source" for why pedophiles or exposing children to coomer shit is bad. The source is called common fucking sense and not being a complete reject.

No. 1006444

I also find it disturbing how much they complain about not being able to "look" at kids without being considered a pedo. Ive never seen a normal man complain about that. i saw a comment a while back saying "my gilfriend was telling me how cute a little girl beside us was while she was dancing, asked me to look and i had to explain to her why i couldnt look… sigh she cried that day because of how oppressed men are." Why are they looking at kids that much anyway? Such a creepy thing to cry about.

No. 1006468

I hope the gf story was made up, if I were around a man and he said he couldn't look at a random kid doing something cute for a reason like that then I would assume he was projecting something horrible from the inside and would want to cut him off asap. Normal people don't even think about thinks like that every time they encounter children. Redditors who are obsessed with being "mistaken" for being pedos for the way they interact with children or ending up on the sex offender registry for "peeing in public" are hiding something.

No. 1006496

Also there is plenty of fucking sources on why sexual abuse and sexualization is harmful for children. Pedos just pretend they cannot google. I feel ridiculous typing this since it really should be common sense for anyone. My point is, they don't have a leg to stand on in either case.

No. 1006525

It for sure was, they always type something so dramatic. They dont realize how guilty they look when they write those stories, and its bizarre that i find them complaining about that very often.

No. 1006553

Right, I totally get what you mean anon. If they are so invested in a source they could go to google and find hundreds of thousands of them in three seconds, they just want a smug way to dismiss whoever is calling them out for being creeps

They really are the ones who have it on the brain 24/7 if they complain about it so much, it's an obvious red flag

No. 1006766

/r/truscum is very funny because there are they/thems on it complaining about how other people are faking being trans

No. 1006821

File: 1640640657086.jpg (607.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211227-132334_Duc…)

Reddit really lack any self awareness. 2 posts on the front of the true crime sub, the first post is picrel and 100+ comments calling this girl an evil bitch and blaming her for her bfs suicide. One post below the story of a Japanese man who was 'forced' by his wife to mutilate her slowly to death where there are 100+ comments feeling sorry for him and how he had no choice but to cut off his wife's fingers and toes. https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueCrime/comments/rns1r5/a_man_would_call_a_doctor_after_his_wife_was/

Women are responsible for men to the point if we don't talk them down off the ledge we are evil. But if a man doesn't talk us down he is automatically the victim again. I've had plenty of scrotes tell me they were going to rape and kill me and cops don't give a shit. Cops don't care if you're raped or stalked as a woman but God forbid you tell a scrote that is manipulating you via suicide threats to off himself. More women should respond to males threats of suicide by telling them to do it.

No. 1006839

Men are so endlessly mad women don't chase them like they do women. They won't do this shit because they damn well know they're not attractive enough and they can't be happy alone. Women will always be superior because we're not addicted to getting laid. Seethe.

No. 1006911

Reddit really, really, really hates kamala harris kek… started out with KOPMALA as if…like… the average person doesn't find the idea of a black woman cop quite positive. People might not like fat white racist goodoldboy cops but people who have a negative view of a black woman because she's TOO law and order is going to be a very very small demographic.

And now it seems like Kamala has basically been put in charge of dealing with the student loan debacle. That's basically the juiciest saltiest combo possible for milking redditor seethe. A bubbling vat of pickled berniemoid.

would like to point out that in this post i was wrong about democrats getting build back better passed, but i was right that they were holding off on the student debt thing while they were trying to work on it.

No. 1006997

KEK imagine having this kind of an ego, they really do think women give a shit. This is on par with the "once sex robots become readily available your cock carousel days are over roasties" cope. Why would women give a shit about the bottom of the barrel, misogynistic loser men not wanting them?

No. 1007053

>2 posts on the front of the true crime sub, the first post is picrel and 100+ comments calling this girl an evil bitch and blaming her for her bfs suicide.
she sent him something like 700 texts a day, you're trying way too hard here

No. 1007073

Men literally have beyond zero understanding of how to appeal to women. They be on the most retarded shit. Bodybuilding, "looksmaxxing", god damn it is insane.

If you look at the "what is ypur type" or w/e thread in /g/… it's mostly like nice guy with his own interests, maybe tall maybe short maybe average, maybe worked out a little. Money rarely has much to do with it aside from "won't literally leech off me and not work". Like women are so god damn nice tbh. Anyway.

The most enlightening thing was one time I saw this YT video of this nerdy longhaired kinda goofy lookin 15 yr old or so guy, the video was him with this hummingbird that he found injured amd nursed back to health, and it would come & perch on his arm when he cheeped & take sugar water from his hand.

That video had a TORRENT pf comments from women about how cute the guy was, how much they wanted to meet a guy that sensistive. Based on the style & account names it was women/girls his age. This guy was super normal he just was not self conscious or a nastycoomer, he seemed nice and liked animals and had empathy & caring.

Honestly boomers had a better undrstanding, like stuff like "get a dog and make her beautiful & love her so women understand hou have emotions and tenderness". Just like…. show that you are a literal fucking human being not some kind of coomer rape monster.

The issue of course, is that many men are indeed coomer monsters and refuse to stop cooming to nasty ass hentai porn no matter what. And they are fat greasy & gross. It's so funny. But terrifying. I don't necessarily think porn should be banned but women need to be vigilant, porn is a nasty habit like chewing chaw and shouldnt be tolerated in civized adult society.

No. 1007081

They talk big about how their gym obsession and stock investment larp is to attract and pander to women, but in reality it's all a huge cock measuring contest between men and men only. Most women keep their bar at the bare minimum, they just want a man who takes care of his personal hygiene, has a job, isn't violent and has decent hobbies and friends but these losers keep making excuses for themselves not to improve on these very basic expectations to meet an actual girlfriend. Instead they're full speed obsessing over winning each others' respect. Which they never will since insecure men are like crabs in a bucket, so they direct all their anger towards imaginary staceys not accepting their cock simply because they don't have roided up bodies, a six figure salary or whatever haphazard reason they come up with.

No. 1007085

Lets be real most of them are larping or autistic gymbros who gamble with Bitcoin.

No. 1007088

Porn needs to be banned but it was like Pandora's box, unless the grid goes down they'll find a way. I say replace all the women with trannies/other men and meme men into taking out their violent and deviant shit on eachother.

No. 1007099

The whole not appealing to women and looksmaxxing thing is because they aren't really trying to appeal to women, they are trying to appeal to other men. They understand what they think is good in a man and believe that women also think these qualities are good in a man, or want to be seen as a superior choice, but it's just them competing against each other based on a man's ideal. It's just a dick measuring contest.

No. 1007108

honestly for the half that whines on and on about 'appearing gay', they love shoving their dicks in each other's faces

No. 1007220

These men are probably using their wives as an excuse, but I'm pretty sure that if a woman posted "my husband doesn't let me go out" you'd be crying abuse. Double standards aren't as cute as you think nonna; if this is true, then it sounds pretty controlling to me.
This is just depressing. The "porn it's just a fantasy that has no links with reality" excuse is getting old.
LOL, yeah, men make fun of women for being "too susceptible" to peer pressure and trends because apparently all women are incredibly insecure, but it's actually just major projection. All men are ridiculously insecure, especially when it comes to dick-size/sexual matters.
I was thinking of the exact same thing. Actually concerning.
Why does he talk like an edgy anime MC? This is pure cringe, holy molly!
No one is more deluded than the moids who think women are this ultra-privileged and overprotected group when that couldn't be farther from the truth. I refuse to believe someone could be THIS oblivious.

No. 1007298

>They talk big about how their gym obsession and stock investment larp is to attract and pander to women, but in reality it's all a huge cock measuring contest between men and men only.

It's male intra-sexual selective pressures that men incorrectly project onto women. Most men are only capable of projection when it comes to their analysis of women's behaviors and thought patterns.
They even joke amongst themselves being a crypto gymbro only attracts the attention of other men, but they're so retarded they continue in hopes there is some booba at the end of the tunnel. And they say they are the "logical, intelligent" sex, lel.

No. 1007349

File: 1640700739368.jpg (330.36 KB, 1080x1249, SmartSelect_20211228-140845_Re…)

Tranny self posts in r/insansepeoplefacebook about le epic takedown of some rando on his "lgbtq+ page", at least comments are calling him out for a) being a misogynistic shit and b) not funny.
Why _are_ trannies?

No. 1007354

nta but anon you are legit a retard if you think sending someone 700 texts is worse than cutting off their digits. Defend your scrotes elsewhere

No. 1007355

File: 1640702030209.jpg (22.39 KB, 568x226, lol.JPG)

Kek, the downvotes are a pleasant surprise.

No. 1007358

all the true crimes subs are torture porn about women tbf. they love to ask each other what the most fucked up death theyve read about constantly.
women aren't responsible for mens actions. you sound like a pick me.
Men can't help themselves. He claims to be a real woman but has no idea how vaginas work. Wonder how many of those awards he gave himself.

No. 1007360

think he saw his own flesh wound and decided accordingly. lol, what a bozo

No. 1007362

Those downvotes give me hope

No. 1007376

File: 1640705027538.jpg (519.21 KB, 1080x1983, SmartSelect_20211228-152251_Re…)

Yeh I was pleasantly surprised considering the tranny worshipping state of reddit. Lol at him blaming his 'humour' on being Scottish. Checked his profile, he has a history of selfposting his epic take downs in that subreddit

No. 1007384

I disagree about all Subreddits being disrespectful. I check the Delphi murders one from time to time and as far as I've seen, everyone is respectful and invested in catching the fucker. IDK, maybe I was lucky.

No. 1007385

Trannies stop being indistinguishable from regular incels challenge lost, how these people claim to be womanbrained when they campaign for misogyny at every given chance is beyond me. I'm actually surprised he didn't try to pull the "I can't be misogynistic, I'm a true and honest wahman myself!!" defense.

No. 1007812

link to the thread where they call her an evil bitch

No. 1007846

File: 1640742301196.jpg (170.16 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20211224-184942_Red…)

No. 1007851

What a retard

No. 1007907

I knew a guy from UK who always bitched about how UK was giving singl