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No. 1022391

What's your beef??

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No. 1022394

I reported a male coworker on something that was basically a very petty complain. Now that I did I am feeling very anxious about it. I hope everything goes well and I don't lose my job RIP please nonnies if you could help me calm myself down and assure me it will all be okay.

No. 1022395

File: 1641824266255.jpg (11.35 KB, 275x275, hehe.jpg)

I start to get sad now when I think about what my life could have been like if I told my parents I was molested as a kid and got proper help for it. Actually, I don't know if they would have been able to get me proper help, but my aunt who raised me (and is more sensible) might have, but she was raising me and her own daughters so why go out of the way just to take me to therapy? I look back and now it seems so obvious that my emotions were so out of control and I was lashing out from being sexually assaulted as a kid. It explains why I was so hyper sexual and porn addicted before I was even 10. I remember being pulled out of class regularly to speak with a guidance counselor in elementary school, going to therapy in middle school for a suicide attempt, and then again in highschool. Clearly there was something fucking wrong with me but never once did I speak about being molested. It wasn't even until I posted here about how it was always just a memory and I never felt like it really had any effect on me, but clearly it did and I was never able to connect the dots until anons connected them for me.

I'm happy now, and I'm happy with my life, but I cry for my younger self who so desperately needed help and never got it. No one is to blame except my molestor. I never told anyone or ever felt the need to tell anyone, so how could they have known? I was just a quiet, shy kid who was a little dumb and had low motivation and just had out of control emotions.

I wonder what kind of path my life could have taken if I wasn't so fucked up for the majority of it. Would it be better? Would I be more successful? I try not to think about it because I know that if I had been on a different life path, I wouldn't have met all of the friends that I have now in my life, and I cherish their company and love for me so much that I don't think I'd want another version of my life without them in it. I am doing ok now, and I'm the best that I've ever been, but part of me is still sad.

pic not related, it's just my favorite reaction image and makes me laugh

No. 1022408

Last night we went to my mother in laws house and it was fucking awful. It was supposed to be for my husband's birthday, but like always, it became all about her. When we got there, she was already drunk, when my husband had asked her to not start until we had arrived. I could tell how disappointed he was. She's already retarded but she's basically incoherent when she's drunk.
She has this new bf in her life and I'm not sure why he's around because she's insufferable, but he's actually a very nice person. She's basically a hoarder and the grossest person I've ever met, but he's for some reason tolerant of this and helped her clean her house so it actually looks nice. He does her dishes and stuff. My husband likes him too because he's into sciences and they have a lot to talk about. But how does he deal with her???
Anyway so we arrive and she's got this food laid out, everyone gets like four pieces of shrimp and a cucumber on a tiny ass plate with sauce splattered on it. She grosses me out so much I can't even stomach eating it, the thought of her hands touching that food makes me want to hurl. She's so fat and doesn't take care of herself. Never brushes her hair or wipes off her makeup, let alone apply it properly. So my husband is trying to talk to her bf about stuff and while he's trying to speak she's literally yelling over him, slurring her words, telling him to shut up for a second so she can talk about herself. I'm not even kidding, she does this all the time. She will interrupt you in the middle of a conversation because she does not give two fucks or a damn about what you're saying or who you're saying it to, she just needs to hear herself talk. The bf was asking my husband how we met and while he was trying to tell the story, she kept interrupting and saying how much she really really liked her new bf, but how she didn't want to label the relationship, because she has abandonment issues and blah blah blah. Literally in the middle of my husband talking. Then she interrupts again and turns to me and says
>Anon, you know I know you've been through some stuff. I'm so worried about offending you, because you know I know you faced trauma. Well I faced trauma. And what that means is, I faced trauma too and maybe you don't even know what I've been through.
I didn't react but inside I was screaming. She has done this before, too. She brings up how she was abandoned as a three year old and how her mother was abusive, but also says her mother was not specifically abusive to her, but it still bothered her because it made her siblings mad at her. She has never once bothered to ask me what I've been through, she just can't imagine that I've been through anything as hard as she has. She can't fathom it. She thinks her pain is the deepest in the world. I was also abandoned, and beaten, by drunks like her.
She's always trying to compare herself to me. She says we're "both creatives" and she went on this tangent about how people don't think "us creatives" are very smart but actually we are "way smarter at things than they know". Bitch, you are literally the dumbest person I've ever met and you're not even fucking creative. Making shitty doodles you copied from clip art pictures on Google isn't creativity. Shoving so much shit into your house that there no room to breathe is not creativity.
She's repeating herself over and over and over. My husband never got to finish the story of how we met because she kept jumping in to repeat how she met her bf because everything is a competition to her and she has to be the one getting the most attention. She keeps interrupting everyone constantly. She can not speak coherently. Her brain is so fried from drinking all the time that it's like words just don't line up for her anymore, it's like her mouth works faster than her brain. She will give up mid sentence and replace words with nonsense sounds like we're supposed to get what she means. It's infuriating. Especially since she repeats everything she says multiple times. We put on music by my favorite band, at her request, and she makes comments about how she can't believe that the song is by that same band because she always hated the way they sounded before. She also makes comments about how she doesn't think my younger cat is as good as my older cat, because the older cat is my husbands and had lived with her for ten years. You stupid ugly bitch, they're both perfect innocent beautiful animals and they aren't to be compared to each other. Why cant you love both?? Because you don't have a personal connection with the younger one, and therefore, it's not about you. You only care if it's about you.
At one point, she went upstairs to use the bathroom and when she came back down there was toilet water on her fucking robe and no one noticed but me. Fucking gag. She made tacos, and I did not eat them. She laid everything out in little bowls and somehow that was "covid safe"??
She kept forcing her bf to kiss her, and it was so gross. You could see on his face how uncomfortable he was. I did not kiss my husband once while we were there, but I did lean on him on the couch and touch his knee and I noticed that whenever I showed him affection, she would try and out-do me with her bf. When she grabbed his face and forced a drunk, slobbery French kiss on her bf right at the kitchen table I couldn't fucking believe it. My jaw dropped and I just looked at my husband in shock and wanted to laugh and scream at the same time.
She keeps talking about how she bought this painting for 12 dollars, but also, it's not a painting and we have to guess what it is when we go upstairs, but also it's her bf's favorite kind of thing so we have to guess what his favorite thing is, but also it's birch trees, also it cost her 12 dollars, BLAH BLAH BLAH. We go upstairs and it smells TERRIBLE. I use the bathroom and there is the toilet water that dripped from her robe onto the toilet seat, the door handle is wet. We go into this one room, we see the painting of trees, whoopie!! She comes upstairs, drunk as fuck, with a HUGE knife and comes straight toward me stumbling around making some half recited Macbeth quote and I'm horrified. My husband takes the knife out of her hand before she gets too close. Her bf brings up the birthday cake, and it's a cheese cake and she's "decorated it" with chunks of apple and sliced up maraschino cherries and fucking orange slices. It's a chocolate cheese cake, bitch. What are you doing? She keeps talking about how proud she is of this bedroom, tells me to pick out three things I like about it and tell her. It's hard to choose because I hate it and it smells musty. One of the things I choose is my husband, hey he's in the room!
She gives my husband a gift and inside is literally garbage. Not even kidding. Old ass half empty hotel sized bottle of lotion. Zip ties. Batteries (probably used they were not in a package). A hook, it's already been used and has drywall dust in it. Some other garbage and a card. The cards she makes she always loads with shit. Like LOADS it, not a blank space left. And no, it isn't filled with thoughtful comments about her son. It's her own little doodles and quotes she found online that barely have anything to do with my husband or his interests. And she wants him to read every single quote, pick his favorite doodles, she needs to be validated. She wanted him to take everyone out of the bag one by one and say what he liked about them because she wanted her bf to "see what my son means to me". She tried to make him put everything back in the bag and do it over because she said we weren't paying enough attention.
This is just like the stuff I remember fully from the night and have been able to write down, I'm sure there was more. I cannot put into words how truly selfish, disgusting and stupid this woman is. I have never hated anyone before, but I hate her. She's not even malicious, that's the saddest part, she's just actually fucking stupid and acts like a five year old. I remember my husband telling me about the distress he would feel, watching his mother get loaded and stumble around leaving the oven on and shit. Hoarding til their house is a mess and full of who knows what kind of filth. Trying desperately to make a connection with her when she doesn't have the desire to understand anyone else or hold their emotions or experiences to the same level as her own. Imagine being a child and trying to get your mother to understand how you feel and she's just incapable. No wonder he tried to kill himself at just 11 years old. I hate her so much and I know he loves his mom but I wish she would just die. I'm surprised she's even alive tbh.

No. 1022409

It's going to be alright! You have the right to voice concerns, if you're uncomfortable or upset it's better to let someone know than just let it happen to you. It's your life, anon, you live for you! Plus I don't think this would be something anyone could fire you for. Can I ask what the complaint was?

No. 1022412

I'm glad you're happier now, anon. I know it's hard not to think about how it could have been, but you have the right attitude about it! What matters is where you go from here, and it seems to me like things are only going to get better for you ♥

No. 1022418

For giving instructions about a password to another coworker even though he's not our superior. I think he was trying to help but it just doesn't sit well with me in a sense. I still feel anxious for having done it honestly.

No. 1022426

File: 1641827506933.jpg (26.98 KB, 598x443, EjLEE24X0AEGHHO.jpg)

i completely stopped liking anime for a few months now and it makes me sad. i'm almost 30 so i guess that's a good thing, but i feel like i outgrew a part of my personality. i still read webtoons from time to time, but i can't stand more mainstream (esp. shounen) stuff anymore and when i see other stuff like moe shit or love live knockoff number 3422472 i just cringe and scroll faster. i have a hunch that it might just be fomo though…

No. 1022431

I'm at the end of my metaphorical rope and thinking about hanging myself from a literal one. I can't seem to find a job that pays over minimum wage in my state, or one I could afford to take out of it. t
The ones that advertise higher end up bait and switching me in the end. I just got my degree and I've been working for 7 years, all the while making less and less money the more experience I get. I don't get it, I did everything right and all my bosses have said they loved me but I think I've been tricked. I must be delusional and not realise how ugly I am too- I've gotten a few interviews for good jobs, with great phone interviews but I get rejected after they see me on camera or in person. Maybe they said all those nice things so retarded, desperate to please me would accept their shit wages. But I guess I don't deserve anything more. I feel like a moron for holding out a bit of hope but every application I send out feels like useless busy work. All these people are supposedly hiring like crazy but no one in my network knows anyone with openings. I don't know what I did wrong, I feel like such a burden on my family because I have to live with them and borrow their cars because I can't afford my own. I have nightmares about endless interviews all the time

No. 1022435

I know this feeling, but I don't think it's a sign of age, just taste. I like the art style, but most anime is just shit these days. Same bullshit rehashed over and over because it's what sells

No. 1022437

File: 1641828342918.jpeg (62.26 KB, 460x460, EC448527-6DD6-449E-B926-3E677E…)

Having twink-looking guys as a type is a struggle, so many of them are either a euphoric moment away from trooning out or “coming out” as poly. Maybe I’m just paranoid and judge a lot of them prematurely, but a lot of them just have this specific look in their eyes that gives it away and I’ve seen it more among the types I like than any other

No. 1022440

I loathe people with BPD the most. Someone has been impersonating me for like 3 years even lying that their mum died of suicide (my mum died of suicide). It's really bothersome to have someone copy your interests and literally your entire personality and lie to people and they get more attention, praise and love. Another friend did this to me too. I thaught her about MBTI which is my special interest and I literally have a very indepth understanding of MBTI like I know all facets of it and that it is probably not real and my friend she took away my special interest and now is charming everyone with her knowledge. I literally don't want to befriend anybody at all anymore or speak my mind out. I also feel like I've given life changing advice to people and nobody ever actually offered me support. I just feel like I'm constantly offering things without receiving and that everything is stolen from me. How the fuck do I learn to protect myself and not attract predators like people that use me. I literally want to isolate myself in the forest and I'm suicidal. There have been hundreds of people in my life that have enjoyed terrorizing me although my entire life Ive been in a bad situation so it didn't help. How do I learn to wear a mask? In afraid I might be very autistic. I sometimes feel like I have it all autism, anxiety, depression, schizo, avoidant traits. People always end up hurting me, abusing me, taking their anger out on me or doing ville shit to me and it's not my fault and Im not imagining it, but I've been guilt tripped so much to the point I cannot even talk anymore because I feel like everything I say is a lie which is not. Honestly I feel like I'm losing it completely and Im filled with rage from my position in the world, how society works and what people have done to me and I cannot even fucking vent in the vent thread because somebody will tell me to kill myself or make up shit about me. I'm literally not allowed anywhere because I speak too much truth. How do I learn not to speak the truth and say just nice things? Im obsessed with speaking the truth since I was a kid and it put me in a lot of trouble

No. 1022445

Honestly I feel like all you can do is focus on your own self. I relate to a lot of what you're saying and maybe you're just offering too much of yourself to others. Maybe you're just a sincere person and other people are taking advantage of that, I know that's what happens to me a lot, even at work. Stop being willing for other people, they don't deserve you, give them the bare minimum and give that support to your own self if you can. Who cares about pathetic skin walkers, at the end of the day they aren't any more interesting than they were and in the end the people around them will unravel their lies and manipulations and they'll be more alone than you've ever been. You can always take comfort in the fact that you're a good hearted person, you deserve to give yourself that kindness. You don't need to say nice things to people, you don't need to say anything at all. Honestly fuck everyone else. You don't owe anyone anything.

No. 1022447

I woke up in such a shit awful mood.
I’m so mad.
I feel so doomed.
There’s an endless amount of things to do yet no impending deadline.
Just a mountain to climb before I’m happy.
I’ll try and scrounge some sort of happiness for the day but the more I try the angrier and more frustrated I get.
I guess that just leaves work to do.
I wish I could shut everything out to just concentrate and forget about everything
But then I feel guilty for pushing out the people I love
All in due time I guess
All in due time but I’m pissed
Wish I had some caffeine
Wish I had a coke

No. 1022448

File: 1641829126709.jpeg (445.93 KB, 828x1049, 457318BD-0DDC-43F4-BA8A-9F3281…)

Recently brought out my old bin that had some stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2010. I had some art books and manga in there and looking through them made me feel so nostalgic and sad at the same time. It really took me back to when I first discovered anime and almost made me feel like a teen again. Especially my very old Fruits Basket manga. I didn’t even like the series that much but I also didn’t realize how many memories the damn comic would unlock in my brain. I was on a trip of goddamn emotions. I still plan on getting rid of/selling most of them to de-clutter and make moving easier, and keeping one or two for sentimental reasons. But wow, I wasn’t expecting such a strong emotional response to a bunch of old yellowing books.

No. 1022449

I met my best friend because of this manga

No. 1022453

I'm scared

No. 1022456

wow anon, I could have written this post had I not been too retarded to wrap it up so concisely. literally, I had someone tell me to my face that facts about me were lies. And no one ever believes the foundational FACTS about my life. How can I even lie about these things? What happens if I become close to someone and have to tell them they never really knew me? Like you've suggested, I just isolate myself but also get overly defensive and closed off when I have to interact, so people tend to take it as an OK to hate me. lol I'll never make it in society.

No. 1022459

File: 1641830501524.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x490, 1630338284787.jpg)

Thank you so much for your kind words anon ♥ Have another one of my favorite images

No. 1022463

File: 1641830768227.jpg (39.45 KB, 405x324, pupperito.jpg)

No. 1022464

File: 1641830790412.gif (516.65 KB, 121x90, D06A8856-840F-4E8F-A683-38E885…)

I can’t even talk for a while without coofing, feeling sick sucks.

No. 1022477

>asks questions
>says something
>tries to be nice
>says something mean and baits like everyone else does to be goofy
>walls upon walls of dumb infighting about how old an anon is like they could be an old gay guy and you wouldn’t even know stfu

God I hate it here yet I keep coming back, this is self-harm

No. 1022485

It's just bad luck, nonnie. No one is ignoring you on purpose. I'm personally trying to reply to more anons, especially in the vent thread. If I want things to be more active and positive I've got to try and give other anons a good reason to come back

No. 1022501

Anon, no one knows who you are, maybe your questions and such are not interesting to other anons.

No. 1022511

Thank you for your efforts nonnie sometimes being mean to random people is a waste, rather have calm and meaningful convos while you can
I don’t fit into this place but I’m the target audience lmao so that’s probably true

No. 1022512

Has to be whatever you're talking about. I've had tons of positive interactions with anons and responses even when they didn't warrant one. Here's your reply.

You're ascending and it's definitely due to your age, as it should be like a normal person. Make better use of your time now. Plenty of other media - including incredibly niche ones - to enjoy if you're still a homebody.

No. 1022526

I keep deleting and making new social media accounts, in hopes of someone noticing and maybe even missing me, but I should know by now that no one cares. Sometimes I'll get a nice message about it, but those make me feel even worse because the kind words of strangers don't mean anything to me and I'll just glance over them with a terrible sick feeling. I think I'm trying to force someone, anyone to feel something for me because I don't know how to do it myself, but in the end it's just a pain for everyone around and nothing ever comes of it. I think I should get a cat to help with the lonliness, but my family keeps trying to talk me out of it and I don't know if I could even afford to adopt and then also to feed it and get the necessary supplies. I'm just doomed to sit in my room alone, glued to the screen yet not doing anything. I'm just wasting time

No. 1022536

File: 1641835633556.png (13 KB, 333x333, 1326359814120.png)

I have this insane skill to always kill a thread. Seriously, about 65% of the times I post something, the thread dies for days or 404's if it's on another imageboard.
With time I've learned to deal with it, so now I find it funny when it happens.

No. 1022538

My bf is not attracted to me, me thinks. All welp.

No. 1022539

it's ok anon, I'm sorry my words are empty, but you did everything you could and life is just fucking unfair. Society is absolutely shit and there is no meritocracy and some people that work their ass of and have something valuable to offer to the world are never paid back properly for their efforts. Meanwhile some retards with nk qualifications that are narcissistic manipulators make millions. It isn't your fault, don't kill yourself I know how stupid and cliché it sounds but life is a beautiful gift and the happiness is taken away from us because of how shit society is. Don't do it, just try, something will come out of it anyway. At the end of the day we all end up in the same place, we all end up dead no matter how famous, rich, well paid we are. Life is shit economically and fuck capitalism literally

No. 1022548

I love how we have adopted using mini pictures to talk in this website

No. 1022551

that's a huge issue too. i used to watch basically anything - not coomerbait big tiddy anime, but just about anything that i thought was interesting or that could be entertaining. then i got super picky and dropped a lot of stuff and my anime consumption went down from 100 shows a year (2016) to 13 (2021). now i just… cringe. it's like when you eat your favorite food too often and it makes you feel a little sick when you try and force yourself through yet another serving, if that makes sense.

kek, that's a nice way to put it. i re-discovered books last year and got really into movies/tv-shows… you know, with real people. i also completely stopped playing videogames because i realized i enjoy watching let's plays just as much. it does give people whiplash though because now i seem like a normie but then i mention jjba or some obscure weeb meme.

No. 1022553

I can't wait for my training to be done so I can finally stop having to see my dumb coworkers forever

No. 1022555

100 shows a year???? Even in my prime weaboo days I never self harmed this much

No. 1022560

i think my cat has a uti, he keeps going to the litter box every few minutes and not much pee is coming out. my poor baby. i also have a uti atm so i can feel his pain

No. 1022562

UTIs in cats, particularly males can turn deadly very quickly

No. 1022565

ugh no!! calling my vet now

No. 1022566

File: 1641837584472.jpg (23.09 KB, 474x266, downloadfile.jpg)

I love being a manhater and a troonhater. I am proud of it.

No. 1022571

Ever since I deleted social media, I've been slowly running out of people to cyberstalk. My favourite types are delusional artists who think they're going to strike out rich selling art, and people who neglect their kids but posture themselves as perfect parents. I lurk a lot of women who let their children's teeth rot out due to apathy and being a victim of being a "single mother", meanwhile their own teeth are perfect.

Might make social media again soon

No. 1022572

File: 1641838192286.jpeg (22.69 KB, 600x439, reeee.jpeg)

As a female with asd I hate that "extreme male brain" theory with passion. Not only it's the reason why so many of women with autism never got proper treatment in the first place (me included, I was really suffering in school&uni because of this), it's also insulting as fuck because no sane woman would ever want to be called a man in woman's body or even manly for that matter. I do know that in scientific circles it is heavily criticized and this fact really soothes my psyche, but normalfilth seems to really like to propagate it, which makes me even more socially uncomfortable than I already am. I don't know why are they doing it: out of troll reasons or out of pure stupidity, but regardless fuck normies, fuck baron cohen and fuck underdiagnosed female autism.

No. 1022573

File: 1641838452720.png (36.4 KB, 766x1000, 1636261305583.png)

man i hate trannies and seeing them interact with gay people. tims and tifs. and i literally cannot understand the idea that it's normal for a homosexual to be attracted not to someone's sex, but their gender? so weird that i spent my youth caping so hard for trannies

while i'm here and whining about them: troons. stop co-opting the "werid woman" label, you're a man trying to larp as a female, that's why people see you as a freak. not because you're a "weird girl xD"

No. 1022575

yeah, i would binge-watch a ton of shows during my breaks/days off and watching a 24 episode show in one day wasn't difficult for me.

No. 1022576

File: 1641838893914.gif (175.39 KB, 424x400, catfairy.gif)

I hope your baby will be okay, I lost one of my boys to a UTI five years ago. I learned feeding cats kibble contributes to the growth of crystals in their bladder, if your baby makes it through consider feeding them wet food exclusively if you aren't already.

No. 1022582

That gif is so so cute.

No. 1022584

File: 1641839480387.jpg (239.52 KB, 736x920, d1f01be73e6da3b4fbbc136cbb366e…)

I think I am truly stupid to not 'get' philosophy. I study boring natural sciences buy I've helped my sister from time to time with her college who studies it in depth due to her major and I just never got philosophy and postrealism or poststructuralism or whatever these things are. She's doing her Master's now and I was reading some research papers with her. It was about feminist theory and gender and the question of what is a woman and how woman does not exist at all and it got me thinking we barely have this shit for dudes like what is a man (as in human male) and shit, almost always woman. Like, we clearly know what a woman is when we are burying female infants alive and aborting a specific sex like in China, but go oonga boonga in this post-whatever. Maybe I just don't get it. I don't get philosphy anyways, it's just things everyone thinks about but worded in a more convoluted and boring way. As I said, I may just be dumb and too literal(?) in my thinking. Like, 'what is existence?' starts debates when it's like… whatever. I don't know, it's never interested me that much. I'm not build for deep thinking, real life NPC.
I love reading though, about humans and their problems and like, horror when it get too personal and human nature or whatever so maybe that does count as philosphy. I just don't get the convoluted words and theories that are so basic in their premises and yeah… idk… that's my vent.

No. 1022587

let the ukranian camwhore go already and move on, you have been seething for months.

No. 1022591

Philosophy is male gatekeeping at its best
Judeochristian thought perverted it, anyway

No. 1022593

that's so sad to hear nonny, im sorry. thank you for the advice though! i'm about to head to the emergency vet right now. please pray for my baby george

No. 1022594

I thought philosophy was about meaning behind thought. Pass me a reefer and I could philosophise all day long.

No. 1022596

nons, do cats have to go outside? I brought my cat over to the apartment I am living in and I began crying today because she used to stay in a house with a garden and I just feel like she's an animal and she probably has the natural need of being in nature. I feel like I'm depriving her of her natural desires and needs to use her as emotional support

No. 1022600

File: 1641841412753.jpg (382.08 KB, 1071x1078, 1_xkdDTtqgBbZ_BH_G7pryNg.jpg)

maybe you could take her out on a leash? I would never let my cats outside because I'm too paranoid, but that's what I would do if they were used to being on the street before I adopted them.

No. 1022601

Philosophy is one of the largest fields in existence and what you are doing now or what you did in your post is a form of philosophizing. I think you would enjoy reading about ancient greek Philosophy and ethimology of words. The ancient Greeks are responsible for science and rational/philosophical thought.
For example, philosophy comes from the ancient Greek word philosophia which literally translates to love of wisdom. So, we could say even your major, the field that you study is a form of Philosophy and because back then science did not exist all the knowledge they would gather about the world was a form of Philosophy.
Everything you have to do is literally look up Wikipedia articles about ancient Greek Philosophy and Plato.

No. 1022612

Same for me, for manga and anime. The last time I watched an anime was in 2020, it was Sarazanmai I think so it was pretty short. I've gotten too lazy to keep up with new series, and the ones that are popular don't appeal to me at all. I feel like I can't completely move on though because some manga I like a lot are still not over, either because their publications are slow or the series are on hiatus since over a decade ago. I only read BL manga or manga I already read and liked before.

>but i can't stand more mainstream (esp. shounen) stuff anymore and when i see other stuff like moe shit or love live knockoff number 3422472 i just cringe and scroll faster.

I feel like this kind of shit is more popular than ever for some reason. I can't think of any original anime that isn't full of this bullshit or just straight up pure fanservice. Even today's shonen manga look ugly as fuck, I don't get why people can even look at anything related to boku no hero academia, this shit looks so ugly.

No. 1022617

Cats destroy endangered rodents and birds and die easily but you can train them to walk on a leash and have walks with them like that.

No. 1022619

File: 1641843349178.png (34.15 KB, 381x276, thats it thats the vent.png)

No. 1022621

Philosophy classes in high school were bullshit, the whole point of this discipline is to develop critical thinking, being able to argue your points, etc. but the actual lessons were just about how a bunch of Greek scrotes from before Mary shat out Jesus thought they were clever for saying that women's wombs were moving within their bodies or that cats and horses aren't the same species despite have four legs. I don't get it either.

No. 1022623

I've had cats and been around cats all my life. Some cats just only want to be outside (despite being socialized), others only wanna be inside and most are a middleground, a mix of both. So I'd say it depends on the cat. While I agree cats kill a lot birds and such, some cats just wanna be outside so much and so badly they shouldn't be deprived of it, but you'd probably already know it it you have a cat like that.

No. 1022625

What a beautiful kitty

No. 1022643

I accidentally burned up a big part of my kitchen today. I literally want to die. The smell is awful I don’t want to throw away my clothes and my couch but the smell REALLY is awful. Moving in 3 months to a new apartment and have to sell this place. Nobody’s gonna buy this awful smelling place now fuuuuck

No. 1022645

Fuck how did that happen? And are you okay?

No. 1022647

Ask dumb questions about things you are interested in.

I'm sorry anon, that's got to hurt. Maybe you've just misinterpreted his behavior? Is the sex good at least.

No. 1022650

This is such a stupid vent but in learning about the civil war history, it's just insane how terrible the Union was at fighting. It's boring reading civil war history because of that. Like, basically they just had sheer numbers, and it's not like Confederates were even particularly GOOD I feel, it's just the Union was so bad by comparison in terms of their strategies. McClellan was also a major pussy, like it's unbelievable how he wasn't fired before he was by Lincoln.

No. 1022652

I keep re-realizing what a horrible, shitty employee/person I am. I get told things but I forget them. I procrastinate tasks. Then when I start doing them I realize that they are going to take much longer than what I had anticipated. I cannot for the love of God focus. I cannot prioritize, I start doing something then I remember another thing that I'm supposed to, so I start doing that too and the whole things become a mess. And in theory it's all just so fucking easy, I should write checklists, take notes for the work processes, etc.
I couldn't get something done today so I'm waking up at 5 am tomorrow to finish it. I hate myself.

No. 1022654

I just don't do well with normies at all

No. 1022655

What the fuck is with zoomers and being nostalgic for shit they never grew up with? Bitch you did not grow up with the 90s and glorifying the weird ass commercials, products, and tech of the time is fucking weird and cringe. You grew up with ipads and angry birds and whatever the fuck. Coming back to the internet was a mistake, I'm endlessly triggered by stupid shit that I see everywhere.

No. 1022657

Get some pet rats. They are friendly and cost way less money, plus it will give you a community of rat people to talk to.

Also, your catastrophizing, because how can you square
>sometimes I'll get a nice message about it,
>but I should know by now that no one cares.

It probably wont mean anything to you now, but when you are in a better headspace, look it up.

No. 1022658

Seconding rats

No. 1022659

> i literally cannot understand the idea that it's normal for a homosexual to be attracted not to someone's sex, but their gender?

That's because it's complete bullshit. It's a lie trannies made up to cope and homophobic bi's and straights repeat it cause they are homophobes.

No. 1022662

Anon people are age idolized 80s and 90s it's not a zoomer thing

No. 1022663

Idgi. Maybe the 90s seem particularly cozy? I grew up in the early 00s and didn't feel any sort of way about the 80s. Except that the hair was awful.

No. 1022664

The one job I was really excited and confident about turned out be an employment scam. I knew it was too good to be true. I wish the job market was half as good as boomers are memeing it to be.

No. 1022666

Same, anon. Have you tried sticking to manga? I actually find a lot more manga that's interesting and well-written. I can't stand anime, but I still enjoy a lot of mangas.
Indie stuff (idk like webtoons, tapas, etc.) can be good too, if you dodge the genderspecial stuff.

No. 1022667

A good percentage of philosophy is complete bullshit, so don't worry about it. If you are actually curious about it pick up a book like philosophy for dummies or listen to one of the intro to philosophy podcasts.

No. 1022670

Damn, anon. Glad you didn't die. Your apt isn't the first one to catch on fire, though. I'm sure there is a way to get rid of the smell.

No. 1022672

do you not have homeowners insurance?

No. 1022675

Hi, are you me? I have the same problems. I think I have adhd or maybe just executive function issues.

Maybe you have adhd? What you described fits with that. I want to get tested but I also have an anxiety disorder with just makes finding someone to test me hard.

You aren't a bad person. You want to be a good employee/person but your brain is just a dick and won't let you. You do care about doing a good job.

No. 1022681

File: 1641847199018.png (36.85 KB, 200x200, NoSleep.png)

I built a parasocial relationship with my own Twitch viewers because the only reason why I became a streamer is that I am all alone. I can't seem to be able to befriend people on Discord that my good friend keeps introducing me to because both I and a suggested person are incredibly low-social energy. God fucking damn it.

No. 1022684

Do they? I mean I don't idolize the 80s… I just get mad when zoomers get all uwu I'm nostalgic for the 90s! And larp like they miss it when they never experienced it. I guess I'm just annoyed by zoomers and their need to larp in general, race, gender, personality traits, it just feels incredibly fake and dishonest and it triggers me kek

No. 1022687

Would it be too weird to try to become friends with some of your viewers? That seems like the next step.

No. 1022689

That's REALLY bad idea anon…

No. 1022690

File: 1641848084770.jpeg (64.59 KB, 567x567, 1574128181935.jpeg)

I hate myself for letting myself go studywise; I have wanted to leave my job for a while now. I keep complaining about my job but have never really taken concrete steps to leave it, by studying on my own and making projects. I can't keep to a consistent schedule and it doesn't help that I actually dislike the industry my job is in. The only reason I continue to be in this industry is because it pays well for someone with just an undergrad degree. How the fuck do I kick away from my laziness and actually study? It doesn't help that I have to sit on my ass for eight hours and I'm fucking braindead after work because of it. UGH!

No. 1022692

dont become friends with them consider them your "clients" or some strangers you use to fill in the void because they are totally using you. Twitch is full of creepy scrotes. Just socialize with people outside of there.

No. 1022693

File: 1641848285843.png (324.67 KB, 776x624, 2022-01-10_14-53-36.png)

quick vent re amazon reviews

girl why would you even post this? you clearly have no clue what the fuck you're doing

No. 1022698

I always see bad nail pictures on Amazon reviews too lol. I don't want to judge anyone too much cause doing nails is hard, but I wouldn't be able to post those kind of photos.

No. 1022703

they look like janke's nails. not just her but it feels like even a lot of nail techs go absolutely wild on acrylic powder, it looks so bad

No. 1022705

you can't befriend people on discord because they're crap and it's a horrible platform that necessarily attracts awful people. it's a poor way to develop friendships. use almost any other way to befriend people and you will be successful

No. 1022708

I AM SCARED. I hope the report I made about that guy DOESNT BITE ME IN THE ASS this is giving me incredible anxiety

No. 1022710

Idk i dont get it either 90s fashion is ugly as sin, the tech was backwards, the music was already dead

No. 1022716

I feel so horrible. I've been stuck in my dad's house somewhere isolated with no friends for 3 years and I couldn't even tell this much time has passed already. I feel like my body has been ran over by a train and I feel powerful somatization like hands shaking, vomiting, pain in chest, complete dissociation. Me and my dad dont really have money and my dad is super depressed too. I feel like I cannot stand it anymore and my anxiety is overwhelming. It makes me unable to do things that I know how to do, makes me unable to talk or perform normal skills that I have. I cannot take my medication because it gave me terrible side effects and I felt as shit and as bad as I do without them only more "muted". I play the guitar and sing and dance for 9 hours daily and Im not exaggerating. If I dont do it I want to kill myself. They're the only things that make me feel good. I just think Im unable to work a job or advance socially due to my circumstances. I think I will be stuck here forever. I've been here for the past 10 years and Im unable to escape or do anything with my life and it isn't because Im lazy or I dont want to, it's simply almost impossible for me to. I think there's no hope truly. Im stuck in a never ending math equation, in a hellish loop I'm in Dante's inferno in the deepest level of hell. I have never done anything to deserve all of this. Only bad things have happened to me and not because I have a victim's mentality they have truly happened to me and I cannot lie that everything hasn't added up for me to end up like this. I am weak and powerless. I had potential, but potential can only do so much with such life circumstances. I don't know how to make money or advance socially and my mental illness cripples me. In real life I cannot even look people in the eye.

No. 1022728

Someone, please tell me that there are intelligent and reasonably attractive heterosexual man that smell nice (aka use perfumes or cologne, whatever) and wears nice clothes. Nothing fancy like alt fashion, just normal stuff that looks good and is color coordinated.
My father tried to convince me that it's not really possible. I love him, but what the fuck

No. 1022730

File: 1641850727195.jpg (25.44 KB, 500x375, catt.jpg)

In 3 weeks me & my elder mother are going to be made homeless, everywhere is so expensive we have nowhere to go. If we get evicted we go to a half way house and get our cats taken away (who are basically my mothers only emotional support). I've searched for hours and there's nothing possible, my mum said she might get another job so we can afford 900 a month but it's just so hard for her and I can't due to my school schedule. All properties these days are student only, I hate the state of buying/renting. Fuck landlords, there's so much to worry about I cant take it at the moment. I'm thinking of privately renting via Facebook but my mother has bad anxiety and fears that we'd be attacked during the night because, y'know, 2 women living alone. But I have no other ideas.

No. 1022732

>had bad childhood
>sister and i swore we'd work hard, overcome the past and thrive despite all of it
>now i'm a loser neet and she's a drug addict party girl
Great, cool. We're both still trying somewhat but something about having a shit childhood destroys your motivation and lust for life. Not making excuses, but if you know you know.

No. 1022733

Yeah it's all so dead and backwards that it's all people listen to nowadays instead of The Weeknd. Are you 9.

No. 1022734

I am so sorry anon.
> I'm thinking of privately renting via Facebook but my mother has bad anxiety and fears that we'd be attacked during the night because, y'know, 2 women living alone. But I have no other ideas.
I don't know where you live, is violence toward women particularly serious? I know that women are targets everywhere, but some countries/cities are safer. I lived in a flat with 2 other girls (also rented via FB) and never felt unsafe, but I live in the capital city of Poland. I would say give it a shot, but I don't know your situation and don't want to endanger you

No. 1022736

Do you have any other kin you could visit from time to time? Maybe it would be good to get out of that place for a bit even if it is just for grocery shopping or going to the library. Do you go to therapy? Why are you unable to work? If you can dance and sing for 9 hours straight you could maybe become a dance teacher it is just an idea. I know the feeling of being stuck in a loop and doing new things even if they aren't that important helped me. You aren't in hell anon you are a good person and just seem stuck in a place where you don't really want to be. Maybe you get some help from outside so you can slowly figure out where you want to go

No. 1022737

They exist but they are like unicorns. Good luck anon!

No. 1022745

I fucked up studying. I didn't study enough, I only have tomorrow left to study, it is gonna be terrible and I'm still gonna fail.
I am pathetic and still live with my parents even though I'm mid twenties because my school is fucking difficult and leaves no time for work. I cried in front of them, told them I feel terrible and I need some nice words because I feel like a a failure. They instead got really fucking nasty, mom told me she has migraine and heart pain because of me, dad told me I worry about dumb shit and I should not voice that I feel bad because it makes them feel bad and offends them personally. Mom said I'm hysterical. He shouted at me and basically told me to suck it up.
I'm sorry. I have absolutely no one else. I just felt terrible and needed some support… I have no boyfriend anymore, my friends aren't this close… I am pathetic I guess for wanting support from parents at my age but I just didn't know what to do. We had a huge fight instead and I feel terrible. I just wish I could be a different person now.

No. 1022746

I'm crushing on my coworker so hard and I fucking hate it. After my last relationship I swore I'd never crush on am xy again. Worst part is he kind of reminds me of a younger version of my dad. He also flirts with another woman we work with and it makes me jealous af, I hate it nonnies.

No. 1022747

Thank you, I will need it. FFS I do not expect anything incredible. I would never think that Charlie from Marriage Story has some impossible fashion style, yet here we are. I don't want to be with a smelly manchild in dirty t-shirts and smelly trunks

No. 1022749

Im sending you a hug anon, here for you in spirit. I hope you manage to focus on finding your own place eventually.

No. 1022777

I cannot speak to people or look people in the eye and I shake around them and it makes me unable to perform normal tasks around people.I used to be somewhat integrated in society but I would keep myself closed or very quiet because I would break down if I tried to speak due to how bad my anxiety would be. I cannot perform any task under pressure or talk with people IRL because Im so overwhelmed by anxiety I cannot speak. I had 2 jobs in the past, one at McDonald's and one at a restaurant and I got fired from both of them and my coworkers mocked me but I didnt care because I was too anxious talkig to clients my hands were sweaty and I looked like I was on the verge of death an costumers would take their anger out on me and I would start shaking. I'd mess up everything. I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and my panic attacks were gone for a while but now they are back full blown. I cannot go outside because the somatization becomes so intense I break crying I get vertigo and feel like vomiting and start shaking uncontrolably like I have an epileptic seizure. My meds helped a bit with this, paroxetine but I stopped taking them since they had too many side effects and I read paroxetine gives you dementia and it is one of the worst ssri. I cannot do anything with my life honestly. Im completely lost. I won't be able to do dance lessons, I'm not a professional dancer and Im not good at dancing or singing but my anxiety and mental illness is so intense I need to do something of the sort compulsively to let my feelings out. I wont ever have a career or job, Im too mentally ill. I cannot afford therapy rn. I also cannot let people get near me Ive developed incredible agoraphobia and people fear and I don't believe help exists from other people. My country does not give me NEET bucks and I feel too sick to immigrate and my family has no money. The future is grim. My brains chemicals are forever fucked due to the abuse I had to endure in my childhood. I feel, I feel like I'm in imminent danger like a lion is attacking me or someone is threatening me with death this is how I feel every minute. I dont think I can go get a job. I'm afraid im developing epilepsy. Is it possible? I have 1-2 hours where my body shakes uncontrolably and my heart pumps out of my chest. I dont have access to medicine either. My country has very bad health care and Im not even under insurance anymore.

No. 1022785

How long will it take to heal from heartbreak anons? I feel so utterly crushed right now. I honestly don’t know how people go on to date and trust people again.

No. 1022788

Took me about 6 months

No. 1022790

I have half of a film to finish but I'm not in the mood
I hate that the good moments in this home make me forget how genuinely awful it gets sometimes. I need to move out.

No. 1022794

Took me 6-8 months.

No. 1022796

File: 1641854508098.jpg (95 KB, 750x1000, lol.jpg)

I've embarrassed myself so much that I don't give a shit anymore LMAO, just happens when you get older. (never anything sexual tho)

When I was younger my dad could see I was skittish and he'd go up to random people and start asking them what they had for breakfast for morning, but it helped.

No. 1022810

Fuck, anon, you are in a really difficult situation.

Agree with the other anon, if your city is safe for two women, just rent the apt, when push comes to shove your mom will choose that over homelessness and loosing her cats.

If it is really dangerous, can you two rent an apt as a roommate with someone else so that's it's three of you, if your mom is really worried.

No. 1022814

If you aren't shitty people, making lives worse for everyone around you, then you did overcome it.

No. 1022817

Your parents are…not good at being parents. When you are in a tough situation, it's not pathetic to want support from your parents. Good luck on your test.

No. 1022819

Imagine that he has the worst qualities of the ex you hate the most when he is not at work. A few weeks of thinking of him like that should kill the crush.

No. 1022821

I'm so fucking lonely and I wish I lived alone at least in my own comfort and doing what I like instead of living with family and feeling so distant from people who are supposed to be the closest to me

No. 1022822

I hate when people to ask how I am, how's my day, how did I sleep, etc

I understand when it's a random nicety you're supposed to say to strangers in specific settings as mindless small talk, but I hate when friends or someone actually trying to make conversation does it

Like it's such a fucking non answer question, it's just annoying, if I had something interesting to say about those things I'd say it, I wasn't waiting for you to ask.

I honestly think it offends me because I get an irrational kneejerk of annoyance that the person is 'trying to force me' to use energy towards humoring their pointless question.

I have the same issue when people keep talking about shit where I get the impression I am socially obligated to feel bad or coddle them. Like fuck off, I don't want to have to put on this charade, why are you telling me this shit, what is the point? If you aren't asking my advice or don't want a solution why do I even need to know?

Even though logically I want to understand that this is just how they feel/show care or something, it drives me up a fucking wall and has the opposite effect. In dating if a guy tries to dote on me too much or go on romantic drabbles/compliment me endlessly it's the same. It makes me want them to go away because it's just a drain on my energy and now I have to pretend to be flattered or some shit. I've even tried explaining this to friends and romantic partners alike and they just can't seem to stop themselves. If you people want to be around me so badly, want my attention so badly, so on and so forth, why can you not cater to me, just like how I would pretend I'm actually interested in that shit if I wanted to cater to you??

I don't know if I'm next level autistic or what the fuck but God this wares me down something special. Worst part is if I don't reply positively they think I'm shy or something is wrong and do it more to try to cheer me up or whatever. Why can't anyone understand I legitimately don't feel the same way they do with these things? Most people who are considered very emotional or empathetic just come off as horribly selfish to me

No. 1022823

I want to escape this cult so much. My parents are disgustingly obsessed with keeping me in their house forever just because i was born a woman. Literally counting down the days. Year after year. In the same damn room watched my childhood then teen years and now my 20s pass me by. And have to deal with their sarcastic remarks and literal joy at me struggling and trying to get out. sometimes i think my parents are literal demons

No. 1022824

Are you me

No. 1022825

File: 1641856359518.jpg (34.23 KB, 526x529, 1641484630392.jpg)

I feel the same. People are so annoying.

No. 1022826

Painfully relatable

No. 1022828


You're annoyed and surprised that friends want to know how you're doing or that partners want to give you compliments? Maybe you should get over yourself instead of expecting people not to do basic social interactions with you

No. 1022830

I'm not forcing them to do interactions in this manner, anon. I'm not a total woman child, I don't react poorly towards them even if this is what it makes me feel.

Who the fuck decides these have to be the basic social interactions, anyway? If they are not mutually beneficial for both parties, then why do only I have to "get over myself" always, and the opposite can never be true?

Why are you so emotional for people who feel how you do but cannot try to understand my own feelings (or lack thereof?)

No. 1022831

I'm so sorry your anxiety has you trapped like this. Can you get any type of pet? Would caring for something help you stay focused and out of your head? Is there anyone on or your mom or dad's family that would be willing to help? Does your country provide any healthcare for poor people? Can you, or your dad, or another family member, contact the doctor who prescribed your ssri describe your situation and ask for help?

No. 1022833

Kek I laughed at this picture, it seems so true. It's like those people aren't really listening to what the fuck you are telling them, they can only imagine you feel how they do or want what they want.

No. 1022835

There are some organizations in my country that help people escape cults. If you there aren't any in yours, maybe there are some in another country that could at least give advice and help you come up with a plan.

No. 1022836

have you told them that you don't like this kind of small-talk? what do they say?

No. 1022839

Yes, I have, many times and in multiple ways. I've tried also just avoiding replying/changing the subject but that usually makes them get "stuck" on it.

I have one really close friend who understands (or at least respects my wishes kek), but the rest seem to conveniently forget, say they just can't help it, or don't seem to believe that could possibly be true. Of course I am understanding of this since the average person is like them and not like me, but it is still frustrating and draining to have to always put on this act to appease the nature of others. I imagine most people who have worked customer service and have to wear their "customer service politeness" mask could conceive the feeling, but generally people can't understand I can still enjoy them as people if that is how I'm acting. I still try not to be dishonest, but the reality is I just do not feel anything "good" with these things, I do not feel "bad" when I am supposed to be comforting, etc.

I still logically understand there is a time and a place and will say the appropriate things when it is necessary, like how you might fake grieving at a distant relatives funeral. This also doesn't mean I don't care about these people, I just care about them in my own way. When I was growing up I thought everyone was faking these things also, and eventually I came to understand that no, they don't take it, I'm just a little different than average for whatever reason. I assume they are stuck in that same phase I used to be in, where they cannot fathom someone could lack these things (and maybe for them accepting that would also mean they think I don't care about them by their concept of care, so they refuse it). So honestly I think I can get why they still act this way, it just gets fucking annoying and I wished to vent somewhere, where I wouldn't have to reassure anyone I do infact care about them and this is nothing personal etc.

No. 1022841


Well being mad at people for saying "how are you" is kinda like being mad at people for saying "hello", you might think them inconsiderate but these things are very ingrained in the way people interact.

No. 1022847

first-world problems

No. 1022850

It seems like you neglected to read what I actually said, or maybe I did not say it clearly. I get it, I do, but it is still an irrational kneejerk and it still annoys me. I don't care if it's a casual once in a while thing, it annoys me because it seems like they want my attention, but they are not considering what I have said/what would actually give them my attention. They just say what they think they themselves would want or what other people like them want, despite being told otherwise. And if I consistently remind them, without fail, people get hurt/offended.

It would be a little different if I never told them anything (multiple times even). Of course, I can't expect people to magically know this shit. I don't even expect them to not slip up at times. But it is very hard not to see this as something selfish. If they really cared of how I am doing, would they not consider that I would not want to be asked in that matter? And if they only want to initiate conversation, then why can they not do it in a manner that actually makes me want to converse?

If I avoid the question and change the topic so we can still talk, why do they have to stick to it, pushing, or getting upset I avoid the question? It's annoying, M8, that's it. That's the point. I cater to people constantly to maintain even basic social interaction, why is it so bad to want the opposite returned at times? I should just get fucked and disregard my own feelings because I don't fit into the norm?

No. 1022851

File: 1641859209599.png (740.15 KB, 861x689, banan.png)

My manager of whom is in his thirties is constantly being immature and passive aggressive because I do not receiprocate his romantic feelings and he cannot take no as an answer. So today after the millionth time he decided to go for a drink with my other friend and coworker and dumped his pity onto them. Of course that friend messaged me, sisterhood and all, and told me everything including how entitled he was. He's been messaging me any attempt he can to try and get me into his arms, trying to paint himself as a martyr and I feel sick. I feel like he always tries to guilt trip me for not wanting to be more than friends and the fact he's trying to manipulate one of my friends suddenly feels very wrong. But he will always paint me as a bitch for "friend zoning" him despite my multiple blunt remarks and conversations that he cannot take. Is it bad I find him an incel? Stalked the stories of his ex for a millenium, painting her as a bitch, lurks twitch thots and reddits, and tries to groom me into seeing him as some heroic adonis that I owe my body and sex to.

No. 1022853


Whenever he's gotten drunk he's latched onto me, tried to be too close and has smugly said that one day I will be with him and realize…but there's nothing to realize except what a self-entitled cunt he sounds like.

No. 1022854


So since then, I've avoided being around him at socials and the reason he even invited my friend out today was because he was angry that this weekend I didn't accept his drunk invitation to go out. Spent all day being petty and aggressive.

No. 1022855

Sip, they are. And I'm still venting about them, anon…

No. 1022861

File: 1641859858147.jpeg (25.16 KB, 684x878, 19701E7B-1A35-4FDE-B9EC-E8DAB8…)

>sibling attends anime convention
>now has cold symptoms
Fucking hell, I’m hoping it isn’t COVID (but it probably is). Very glad I didn’t attend that shitshow and that my sibling has their own apartment to quarantine in.

No. 1022864

File: 1641859896985.gif (1.66 MB, 340x346, 2B554A51-C8CF-4228-9E38-4BE122…)

I’m completely fine anon thanks for worrying, pic related was literally me. I’ve lived the life of a reaction gif, what an achievement.

Basically I left some food cooking and forgot to turn it off when I left home. Came back to a small-scale fire. Might have been the worst Monday of my whole life kek

No. 1022876

File: 1641860698051.jpg (408.6 KB, 2048x1536, 20220111_012502.jpg)

I am sick of people for traveling far away just because they are bored or for some other retarded selfish reasons. I haven't seen my family in three years now and my grandparents need serious help IRL, they want to move to countryside and no one expect me is willing to help them to sell their apartment. On top of that their health is worse than ever right now. I am so sick of this shit. Fuck all of the e-daters and influencers.

No. 1022877

Shit like this makes me so glad I stopped biting my nails and picking/ripping off my cuticles.

No. 1022888

Damn, anon. Sorry you have to deal with that moid. Is there anyone at your job you can complain too?

No. 1022900

I can hear my neighbor yelling at her daughter. Maybe if you didn't name her Beyonce she wouldn't be acting up

No. 1022905

sooooo many of them try to do a weird girl thing, I hate it

No. 1022909

File: 1641864541068.jpeg (48.51 KB, 500x500, FD2B5B97-6D6D-4E7C-91CB-B03B6E…)

>I wish everyone was as unhappy as me so I would be happier by comparison.

Jeez anon, just because you don’t travel for fun doesn’t mean nobody else should get the opportunity to do it.

No. 1022912

Call CPS every time they do it and maybe they’ll learn to stop.

No. 1022917

File: 1641864779125.png (558.01 KB, 500x444, 463ED31A-ACFB-4D39-B89C-B17696…)

My friend says that she’s bi even though she only dated one woman ten years ago and didn’t like licking pussy. Since then she’s had a lot of terrible guy relationships
I suggested we go to a gay bar for her 30th cause she said she wanted to try dating a girl and she wanted to go to a gay bar anyway but now I’m really nervous.
She wants to go to Bingo night and “make friends” and I can’t help but think she means make friends with a bunch of gay guys and I just feel like it’s not appropriate

No. 1022918

Forgot to mention that I’m NOT GAY so I feel like we don’t have a ton of business being there

No. 1022920

Thanks anon, I had a cry and something to eat and felt a little better. I got a call about a decent paid contract job today from a former boss, it isn't much since it's short but at least someone thought of me and trusts me to do a good job. I'll get trained on heavy machinery so maybe something will open up after and even if it doesn't driving big things is fun. Maybe I should just give up on white collar work altogether and do an apprenticeship or something.

No. 1022933

nta but traveling is pretty bad for the environment, and there's the whole covid thing..

No. 1022935

tell her to personally seek out other lesbian and bi girls through HER or okcupid. It's probably just me being a cranky dyke but having straight women being obnoxious as a gay bar does get on my nerves.
And not wanting to have oral sex is normal with any other lesbians, we have other ways to pleasure ourselves ||finger skills are more valued||

No. 1022941

I feel so sick I want to cry. I got my second Covid vaccine today and it's making me feel like I have a fever. I can't cool down or sleep I really hate it. I'm so lucky my boyfriend is taking very good care of me. I know it'll pass but I wish it would pass now.

No. 1022944

update, just got back from the vet. they did a urinalysis and turns out george had blood and crystals in his urine. he has to take medicine for the next week and switch to a special urinary diet for the rest of his life. my poor honey! i'm glad he's relatively okay, he seems normal otherwise. time to purchase pet insurance lol

No. 1022945

File: 1641866569187.png (24.63 KB, 420x280, 2614DE50-07FE-4133-AB92-7842EE…)

I grew up a pretty staunch environmentalist but have lately come more to terms with the fact that nothing I do or don’t do will have any measurable impact on the world; it’s going to hell in a hand basket and there’s nothing I can do about it. As for covid, it’s been 2+ years. Me and everyone I care about is vaccinated, I’m going back to normal life. Every day my doctor brother has to pull the plug on some unvaxxed moron in the ICU and he says there’s nothing any of them can do to convince people to change their behavior. No point in me tip-toeing around them, it’s better to just let who’s at risk of dying get covid and die as fast as possible so we can move on.

No. 1022959

We’ve traveled for eons. Climate shit ain’t that deep.

No. 1022962

Kek your post reeks of woke snootery picrel included. Have a good life friend

No. 1022968

i hate talking to people!! i hate that every job involves talking with people 24/7. i hate group chats. i hate work!! i hate that i need to rely on everyone so much. i just wanna be alone.

No. 1022970

are you retarded?

No. 1022975

maybe kek. But I don’t believe the alarmists that say it’s as dismal as they say it is.

No. 1022989

Honestly sounds like my own mother, who (thankfully) did die when I was young. I was happy when she died. I don't feel bad for saying that. I know how infuriating people like her can be. I wonder why her bf is with her (spineless?) and why your husband still wants to visit her despite everything.
If she hadn't died, I would have completely abandoned my mother the moment I moved out. I hope she dies too. What a waste of space.

No. 1022997

Thank you for your opinion, Twitterbot

No. 1022998

Not sure what about my defeatist attitude and lack of care for/from my society comes across as woke or snooty to you, but I’ll make sure to revel in it as I cook a hearty Top Ramen dinner on my hot plate in my dumpy 250 square foot apartment, which I earned the privilege of renting after 21 years in school under the guise that it would help me build a life for myself.

No. 1023000

We’re all living in squalor Cindy

No. 1023001

Amen idk how hard it is I'm going to buy land and gtfo of society once I save enough $. Me and goat and chicken only. So tired of people

No. 1023002

I hope we get to be neighbors that are 2 miles apart nonnie

No. 1023003

Ah yeah, grad students. The true oppressed class.

No. 1023004

Seconded, we have all the tech and methods to halt global warming, but industries and gov refuse to transition. They'd rather intro carbon tax social credit system than start growing hemp, letting ppl have communal gardens, mass produce toilets that turn your shit into energy, stop fucking up the earth with strip farming, etc.

No. 1023005

Getting kinda close back up nonnie 5 miles will do kek.

No. 1023011

I’m graduated, dummy.

No. 1023017

It’s all so tiresome. Can we throw away the stinky governments and industries already?

No. 1023054

not a vent, but the threadpic looks like my cat lol

No. 1023080

File: 1641882252230.jpeg (417.04 KB, 820x1126, 1323FB1A-DE32-49DC-9BD0-4266DD…)

I hate (almost) everyone at the toxic and underpaid family business that I work at. Each person in the immediate family is unbearable. The wife is a passive aggressive bitch and her accent makes me want to off myself. The husband is loud and weird…the daughter..idk there’s a lot to say about her but she annoys me a lot for reasons I can’t explain. It’s pretty obvious I’m over this job but I don’t quit for tax reasons (I have an under the table job on the side) and so my mom doesn’t complain/question. But I’ve also really bonded with a few people there too and I don’t feel like finding another regular taxed job. I’m so tempted to quit because I only want to live in this state for two more months. I was supposed to get a raise after a 90 day trial period with tips but its been 8 months since I started and that hasn’t happened. I’m so resentful of these people it’s insane.

Attached is the shit I have to put up with (my mistake but still it’s their mistake because they should just fire me already).

No. 1023109

I am being gaslit by my uterus. After having no period pain or discomfort or PMS for years I am now experiencing the weirdest feeling in my uterus. It’s so fucking uncomfortable and I don’t have any painkillers at the moment. It feels like someone is pressing down on my uterus, which makes me feel like I want to pee. All the time. And then I go to the bathroom and it’s just my uterus fucking around and I don’t want to pee anymore. I have been sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes straight now because I know if I’ll get up I’ll feel like I want to pee again.

No. 1023114

wow they sound like cunts, get away from those psychos

No. 1023125

It's bizarre to me how aggressive and argumentative terminally online people can be over stupid shit. I know I should just ignore and scroll past but it stupidly bothers me how self-unaware they are and how nothing I say will ever get through to them. They live to argue with strangers online.

I hate twitter because of this. It truly is one of the worst social medias. I struggle to delete it because I want to see cute art and one good thing about twitter is that it does have some pretty talented artists. I see too many things I don't want to see even when I block every ride person. I never even interact with anyone, just scroll. Maybe I'm too sensitive but it bothers me how rude they can be over things that simply don't matter. Harassing artists because they drew a ship they don't like, criticising artists if they dare not draw with 1000% accuracy etc. It's an overused cringe term but some people really do need to go outside and touch grass.

No. 1023126

They sound like they like to smell their own shit. Run nonnie!!

No. 1023127

Sounds like a possible bladder infection, but you should see your gyn to get a urinalysis and maybe even a scan to make sure it's not fibroids or something

No. 1023131

Gonna travel for the first time since childhood in a week or so and I'm nervous as hell. I hate luggage. The airport I'll have to stay in for the longest (9 hours) has absolutely terrible reviews mainly about the security staff which scares me.

No. 1023135

I like long stays on airport. I always but some cappuccino, get a comfy blanket and play vidya on notebook till morning.

No. 1023138

File: 1641889586245.png (169.15 KB, 249x309, 1628267676681.png)

yeah, i still read some (usually korean) webtoons and sometimes i find some good psychological horror manga that i like, but it doesn't happen very often. usually i just stick to reading books or watching tv shows. i think the fomo stems from the fact that i really love stories in general - whether in book, tv-show/movie or videogame format - and i know that there are really good and enjoyable stories among the trash pile of seasonal anime and hyped up manga. but that's ok, i'll get over it, i think. it's a part of growing up/ascending.

No. 1023140

I wish I was a kid again and had a mother that actually loves and cares for me. I want to sit in this hypothetical mother's lap, have her gently rock me and stroke my head. Whenever I am ill or feeling very down I'll always imagine this imaginary mother figure comforting me. My own mother never loved me and she died when I was young. I don't think I'll ever stop being jealous of people that have a good relationship with their mother. I'll never have that kind of bond.

No. 1023144

how do you guys cope with past trauma and shit?
i cant go through the day sometimes without me thinking about some horrible memories and it causing me stress and i feel like it's eating away at my brain.
lately its been really bad and ive been having hard times sleeping cause i think about bad shit thats happened and things i regret, etc.
idk how to make it stop

No. 1023153

intense therapy

No. 1023155

report that shit to HR holy fuck. Start a paper trail on his harassment immediately.

No. 1023188

Several cups of coffee+several glasses of sangria+stress about work=worst sleep of my night. Every muscle of my body was twitching and kept waking up from my sleep

No. 1023200

That sounds so nice, anon, it actually makes a long airport stay seem kind of cozy.

No. 1023227

>friend recently lost home through no fault of their own
>creates patreon
>thousands in donations
>glad they're getting help
>today, posts pictures of themselves at an anime convention

I'm not saying no fun allowed but holy shit that leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Fucking weebs.

No. 1023239

File: 1641907247330.png (198.17 KB, 500x356, AE6984F6-F334-4B62-84B7-4F746D…)

An old “friend” from my past’s mom contacted my mom today. Asking many questions about if i graduated and shit like that. I knew this girl since sixth grade till 9th. This girl was an extremely abusive person. she used to slap me, bully me and was an awful person we would have no intellectual or interesting conversations because she’s extremely jealous and insecure if you display any bit of knowledge or talent. I used to hide my interests around her because she’d make fun of them even though she was an empty husk of a person. I was a kid and my parents and adults in general in my life weren’t present or cared enough to tell me how to deal with people like this. They always told me to just deal with it so i did put up with her clumsily, i had enough of her twisted friendship eventually then ghosted her and moved schools. She tried many times reaching out through the years but its been a minute and the recent one where she sent her mom just opened this door to many repressed memories of my boundaries being crossed and my time wasted with her. I’m literally hyperventilating, get over me already

No. 1023246

This makes me so angry. I remember when I was 12 I had two friends who used to run away from me when we where out and about together, or wait until I was distracted and hide. I’d then have to walk home through a rough area alone at age 12. When I see news reports about young girls getting raped after becoming separated from their friends I just seethe in anger. That could of fucking happened to me and it would be all their fault because they loved tormenting me so much. I’m glad both of those bitches are fat now they deserve to be. All the running they did didn’t help them in the end.

No. 1023256

>I’m glad both of those bitches are fat now they deserve to be. All the running they did didn’t help them in the end.
I'm sorry but that made me laugh for real.

No. 1023258

I can only hold down a job in customer service but those don't pay enough to live I don't know what to do

No. 1023261

You could talk up your "transferable skills" on your resume and try to apply to office jobs. That's what I did after my shitty college degree and years of working retail pigeonholed me.

No. 1023275

I also have a shitty college degree. I was fired from my previous office job but I'll try again. Thanks!

No. 1023280

Anon you sound like a psychopath
Or autistic at the very least

No. 1023281

Our team leader is so fucking boring and not engaging at all, I hate it so much.

He tried to make a joke a no one laughed or even smiled, he's not funny. His swearing also isn't funny.

It makes me want to quit the job tbh.

No. 1023311

Please tell me your job has HR or someone else you can report this shit to. This is the type of shit they show in those sexual harassment seminars that seem so blatant and stupid that they would never happen in real life, but yet here we all are. Please report this, it's unacceptable and he needs to gtfo

No. 1023325

I'm hangry

No. 1023329

File: 1641912940191.png (485.25 KB, 1024x403, Snickers-broken.png)

hope you'll get to eat soon

No. 1023334



Hard work is a lie. Do the bare minimum everyone because working hard and going above and beyond is just a lie they get you to do more labor without paying you extra. I’m am so fucking BEYOND pISSED and you gotta know theres misogynistic undertones about this situation. Hmm young barely legal teenager verses women in her early 30s just trying to get by.

All the higher ups are men. OH GEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I’m fucking livid. I literally can’t. I have no other job I can go to though. There’s literally nothing I can do. I’m so fucking poor lol. I’m sleeping on a mattress in an empty room rn and this bitch still living at home gets promoted. What the fuck have I been working so hard for? Lol.

No. 1023340

I empathize anon, I wish my parents would have taught me to work less and learn that being liked by peers and networking is worth so much more. Then again my parents also seemed to be the unlikeable people at their workplaces so they probably had a chip on their shoulder and something to prove by raising me like to be like them. Totally not the advice I would give young people these days. Bullshitting and being able to talk yourself up are valuable skills, but I digress.
Yes, it could be her youth but more than likely she got promoted either due to a scrote or she kissed ass to the right people. This shit happens at my startup all the time.

No. 1023342

I'm so pissed at teenage me for self-harming. I’m stuck looking like a walking talking red flag for the rest of my life just because I had shit impulse control and a shit home life as a kid. It’s been over a decade, they’re as faded as they’ll ever get but they’re raised so you can still see and feel them. Like brail all over my body screaming in all caps RUN THIS BITCH CRAY.

No. 1023357

so bullshit. I hate this fucking world. Lol. I’ll never get promoted at this rate. I think for sure it was a scrotes suggestion to move her up because of course that’s the only thing I can think of and it’s just bogus because my manager (a woman) when I first came in was telling everyone “yes! She wants to be in this position in the future so everyone train her when you can!”

No one talks to me lol. So idk of its like a clique and they’re all against me moving up or what. The same thing happened at another job where I wasn’t helped by my work peers at all even when they were instructed by my manager to do so. It was so bad that when I asked me supervisor for help on somthing she told me to goggle it to my face.

Like. I mind my own damn business I don’t get involved in drama or try to make waves because I’m just there to work and then what’s my reward for coming in and doing what I was hired for? Nothing lol. Just a bunch of petty bitches and a scrotes looking for younger girls to manipulate

No. 1023379

sounds like you have a bit of ptsd. Therapy or medication is the best treatment for it. If you can't get either or before you start either, pick a couple of ptsd self help books and see if they help.

No. 1023384

Networking is important in any job and it sucks. I got burnt out in my 20s working hard and having a target on my back for doing so. I switched careers and it feels like a fresh start. I'm noticing the stupid little cliques around me but trying so hard to never pass a comment and constantly pretending to suddenly go deaf or blind when you see other shit. My official work stance is to make sure my tasks are done and to not rock the boat. It's so much bullshit just to be able to keep a job you can actually do.

No. 1023385

I'm trying to bond with this person and it's difficult because we don't have a lot of common interests and the things we do have in common they're very gatekeepery about it and essentially quiz me. It's a young woman and like, I haven't felt this much put on the spot about my fan credentials since high school. Just let me get on with you wtf

No. 1023386

Who cares what people think. Someone who thinks that way about someone who struggled with mental health issues is always some ignorant drone with zero empathy. Funny enough, these people are usually the ones with a personality disorder themselves, usually narcissism. Makes sense that these types of people would walk around thinking cutting is "weak" but them looking down on others is justified to themselves.

No. 1023399

I hate men. I just fucking hate men. We need a manhate thread for real where we can discuss and vent about the men in our lives. I am so fucking fed up with their needy whiney asses. And what I hate even more is that I'm straight and I want a relationship with one but they're all garbage. Absolute fucking garbage I trust not a single one. Fucking men ruining my life.

No. 1023400

No. 1023403

I always think I can only feel the emotional stress of a period during pms but I'm hopefully on my last day of bleeding and wow what a shit day. Everything was just off. I hope it's not me me and just hormonal me.

No. 1023470

I tried to reconnect with this gay scrote friend because we're both disabled and was trying to talk to him about the medical shit I had to put up with and get advice. He's since drank the full sjw Kool aid according to Facebook but thought it'd be fine. Anyway I brought up this horribly misogynistic doctor I had to deal with who was middle eastern and mentioned his origins as evidence to show I wasn't crazy. Have been ghosted ever since. Sorry you can't fucking handle reality and that these men tend to be fucking trash. Bitch

No. 1023472

There is a dumbass retard who ends their bait posts with “etc etc” and I hope they close their thread tabs soon

No. 1023476

thank you anon

No. 1023481

File: 1641920973571.jpeg (40.6 KB, 500x375, B90A901B-2002-4175-BC96-542E96…)

Please report him and update us here. He sounds dangerous. Please never be alone with him outside of work.

No. 1023483

I think it's cute how the same weebs who made a big stink about normies going into work, attending concerts, and eating at restaurants suddenly have all kinds of excuses to justify attending MAGfest in light of the new covid strain.
Real interesting shit.

No. 1023485

Lol they seriously didn't cancel MAG this year? Con weebs are pathetic, especially the MAG crowd. Any excuse to party and consoom I guess.

No. 1023497

God, you know what I fucking hate? When you're trying to make a positive change in your life and the people who know you shit on it for not being like…the best thing you could do?

For example, I quit coffee and started having ginger shots with orange juice in the morning. The response? Ohh actually orange juice is terrible for you, you should have spinach smoothies or something.

Or I try jogging "mm actually anon jogging isn't good for your joints". Yeah and reclining on the couch instead is?

Even when trying to learn a language using a textbook and listening exercises "ohh but speaking to other people would be way more effective". Like bitch I JUST FINALLY AFTER MONTHS got the motivation to actually start doing something omg.

And the thing is, it's not said in a way to shit on my efforts, but that's exactly what it's doing because i'm so low energy it's hard to do it in the first place.
These are all different people in my life who are caring and I really do think want the best for me and are just trying to inform me. I was just set off again because I said I had some bananas this morning (instead of my usual pastry and chocolate bar) and got "that's not very good for you, banana is so high in sugar". Leave me ALONE.

No. 1023498

>early december, moid in friend group invites me to his birthday gathering
>said gathering is at another moid's house (in my city) and will be him, moid 1, and moid 2
>say no using omicron shitting all over my city as an excuse (he lives in a bumfuck part of my state)
>he bitches that I go out all the time
>last time I went out was over a month ago and pre omicron shitting everywhere, stfu you bitch
>tells me my best friend and another girl might come
>still say no
>see best friend at her house to exchange christmas gifts, she tells me she was invited
>tell her I said no and ask her not to post us hanging out because of my lie, she doesnt and we kek
>she's sad she can't pull the same lie because she posted her seeing friends right after christmas
>last week, moid tells me he cancelled plans because of omicron
>"you're off the hook this time"

"You're off the hook this time"? Bitch off the hook for WHAT? I never said I was going to see you anyway! There was no "maybe" it was a straight up NO. I know the other girl who was invited and we're friends, and she's a little cringey but I don't like being with her when we're with the moids because she turns into a weirdo thot. At least my best friend and I had a good laugh about it. I knew she wouldn't want to go so him trying to entice me with that was a stupid ass move.

No. 1023499

Listen here you little scrotoid bitch. I did not ask you. In fact, I never ask you whenever I'm asking something to the trainer or superior. You're nothing. You're one more of us, just a piece of shit below someone's shoes. I know your scrote brain can't figure it out but I don't need you. No one needs you. Your presence makes me want to vomit. You fucking disgusting Xbox playing, soccer watching, retarded fag. You have nothing but your fake sense of superiority. I hope you die.

No. 1023501

hearing people say shit like ‘I’m going through such a rough time…I’m so glad I have my friends and my amazing boyfriend!’ fucking sucks when not having many friends or a partner is your rough time.

No. 1023508

nonnas is it a female socialization thing to be really worried when you go against the rules? whenever I “skip” my college classes I feel really guilty even though I rarely do it, I always feel some sort of guilt when I go against social rules even when I rarely do it, when I express anger and such I feel like I get a lot more repercussions for yelling and screaming rather than some annoying ass moid that gets to scream and act like an idiot and always has excuses for him but I feel so weird for breaking the rules even though I hate rules

No. 1023512

It's around 7pm, I have so much to study, like something I would normally need a whole day for. I'm also sick, my head hurts since morning, I cough and have a runny nose. I'm also still on my period and losing blood.
I only managed to concentrate thanks to probably over-using Kratom today but now it's getting late and I feel like I could just drop dead. I will have a redbull and probably more kratom but it's just terrible for my body. I have an oral exam tomorrow, I wish so much it was written instead. I don't even remember shit about half of the questions and I'm gonna look like such an idiot. It's at 13:00 tomorrow so I might pull an all nighter but I just don't feel good enough to push through. But I know I need to go through the questions before I sleep because I need the memory consolidation. I miss being a teenager and having more energy at night. Or no, I don't miss anything, I feel like my whole life is just endless studying and worrying. I want to cry and die now.

No. 1023517

>whenever I “skip” my college classes I feel really guilty even though I rarely do it
God same

No. 1023522

Fuck I 100% get you, I hate unsolicited advice. It makes me feel so stupid and like I'm not doing good enough.

No. 1023529

JFC I went to the library with my teacher and he was checking out textbooks, and I had to return mine because I'm graduating soon whatever and
HE FUCKING MADE ME CARRY A GIANT BAG OF TEXTBOOKS while he carried ONE FUCKING BOOK. He is like 6'0 400 lbs why did he fucking HAND HIS EXTREMELY HEAVY BAG OF TEXTBOOKS TO AN 18 YEAR OLD GIRL and say "oh i bet youre stronger than me because you work at target"

My arms hurt so bad.

No. 1023531

I'm not fit or even strong looking btw, I literally have no idea where he fucking got the idea that a 5'5 teenage girl is stronger than him

No. 1023536

He let you keep on struggling with it because you didn't hand it back to him, that's on you

No. 1023537


lmao what a lazy fat ass. I would have made up some excuse about an injury to watch him panic at the thought of physical activity

No. 1023540

You got owned by a scrote, do better next time

No. 1023543


Women are more trained (by society and parents) to be orderly agreeable and obedient than men, so yes. But you can always break the curse

No. 1023546

>didn’t use the heavy books to smack his dense head into a coma

you really did lose anon lmao

No. 1023551

What you're encountering is people audibly coping with you making improvements in your life, trying to reason with their own ego as to why they don't to shit and attempting to soothe it by saying "she isn't doing anything worthwhile anyway"

No. 1023554

This plus people making a big show about what you're changing like
>WOOOW anon! this is the first time i've ever seen you do something productive holy shidd
>lets see if you can keep it up lol

No. 1023557

some 18 girl in the town over threw her baby in the trash and got caught on video. Now everyone in my town and hers are going on a witch hunt for this poor broad, her house already got shot up, like a teenage girl who gives birth unassisted in a bathroom isn't terrified as fuck and dealing with some shit. I want to burn this entire town to the ground.

No. 1023560

File: 1641924739892.jpg (162.93 KB, 1080x844, Tumblr_l_655574792329292.jpg)

This. Men are built for labor and service, never forget that. If you are in the presence of a man and he isn't making your existence more comfortable, then he is a liability.

No. 1023564

What country are you in?

No. 1023567

America. You can google the news story and see the video, it's gone national now.

No. 1023572

No. 1023574

She should have left it at a fire dept and given them a call to let them know. Trashing a live baby isn't something I'd defend, but I do sympathize with women getting backlash 100x worse than scrote serial killers who get idolized and studied as intellectuals on podcasts.

No. 1023576

That kinda shit is why he's 400lbs lol.

No. 1023577

I mean yeah, but maybe she's mentally ill or going through some crazy pregnancy shit, idk. Either way, everyone's throwing a fit even though the kids fine and won't remember it's a dumpster baby.

No. 1023578

She put it in a black bag with some trash in it and flinged it like it was dog shit. What the fuck? My sympathy toward hers is low, to say the least. I don't justify the witch hunt, though

No. 1023590

My sympathy for her is very high because normal mentally stable people don't do those things, so I can only assume she's severely mentally ill or in an abusive situation. Bitches don't just throw their babies away while being mentally healthy. Plus if my retarded area had any fucking abortion clinics this wouldn't have happened.

No. 1023598

My feelings exactly

No. 1023599

She didn't know she was pregnant until a day before and she referred to her child as an it. She put him in a bag with trash. I don't wanna make assumptions about her situation but not really sure about my empathy level

No. 1023606

I feel bad for saying this, but I honestly don't have much sympathy for her. If she's being abused then it's a different story, but the mentally ill thing doesn't justify it. The people harassing her are insane though.

No. 1023607

AYRT I see your point and I agree about an abortion clinic, but IDK. Seems to me like she had a retarded plan that she failed to pull off. IDK it's just so fucked up, and I'm not some baby sperg.
Didn't know she wasn't aware earlier, weird. She definitely must have had a fucked up life.

No. 1023609

so many anons in the ff thread that sounds lovely but i'm too fucking scared to add REEEEEEEE i wish i wasn't so stunted

No. 1023626

I'm 100% sure I wouldn't be able to hold a normie job bc of this. Online or self made business I guess.

No. 1023631

The amount of times, I as a single woman, have to feign delight when I have to hear about someone else's boyfriend being sweet and it's like, does your boyfriend have a single friend y/n?

No. 1023635

Every month before my period I get "wow I want to sewerslide or off xyz person" for 3 days and then I turn into a peaceful nun on 2nd day of period. Wish women were excused with doing fucked up shit before our period, like scrotes are excused for doing fucked up shit when drunk/horny. They be scared of pmsing women not make it a joke, maybe then they'll act better in public.

No. 1023638

damn anon i live in the city over where it happened as well and was just talking to my mom-in-law about this last night. it's crazy because there are "safe zones" you can drop off a kid no questions asked such as a fire department, but I think this dumbass girl panicked and went for the worst possible decision. its mental illness, but no sympathy from me

No. 1023641

Yes whenever I work out my dad just has to come by and go "why aren't you doing more, go faster, do it every day". Like FUCK OFF. I think they know it discourages us and do it to keep us down.

No. 1023642

Honestly at this point it isn't even sympathy for the girl that's pissing me off, it's that everyone has gone full retard. That little facebook group for it is entirely gossip, posting pictures of her to debate if she looks pregnant or not, etc. Like jesus christ get a fuckin life you stupid losers, you're not helping the fucking baby you're being retarded reeeee

No. 1023646

Unpopular opinion mothers can do whatever they want with what comes out of them including throwing it in the trash. Maybe then health care and maternity services would start treating mothers better.

No. 1023647

No. 1023648

neonaticide as a crime is heartbreaking for both child and mother. i hope she can get the help she needs.

No. 1023649

Thank you for the reply and understanding!! He's just a good son, even though she doesn't deserve it. He doesn't want her to feel the same neglect that he felt, he's just the better person. I can't understand the bf, I know he had an ex wife, maybe he's a spineless pushover type. I'm glad it happened when you were young and you didn't have to put up with shit like this for decades.

No. 1023650

Harsh truths

No. 1023656

i mean shes young so i can understand but the mob mentality is stupid so I agree with you there, at least the baby is alive so that's what should matter. it reminds me a bit of the brooke richardson case, who was also 18, except she actually killed her newborn and got off. those facebook groups that are dedicated to overanalyzing every little thing about a case truly is retarded though

No. 1023675

The baby doesn't even know/realize pain or what's going on

No. 1023676

People always say it was the wrong verdict but I'm glad Brooke got off.

No. 1023679

Couldn't it died? I assumed that yes and that the mother didn't give a fuck

No. 1023686

I mean yeah, but it didn't

No. 1023687

Nta, but apparently it was 20°F/-6°C outside when this happened plus it seems like she actually threw the baby into the dumpster, so yeah the baby could have died.

No. 1023691

This is dumb anon, that doesn't make it ok to mistreat babies.

No. 1023694

Drop your contact info and let people add you!

No. 1023704

File: 1641930807256.png (270.06 KB, 1920x986, B12E5E64-C921-4EA2-AA65-726157…)

this is so depressing lmao. muslims are a cancer on this world(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1023707

If it was part of her plan for the baby to die, or she accepted it as a collateral damage to getting her freedom back… than it kind of doesn't matter when judging her

No. 1023712

Reminds me of the atheist that appeared on a Muslim talk show and was threatened

No. 1023715

of course it was her plan for it to die. Her friends said she tried punching herself in the stomach to kill it while pregnant.

No. 1023721

File: 1641931473784.jpeg (92.52 KB, 640x710, E2A26DB3-6CAB-484F-AEA7-0461D7…)

i'm less than a minute in and those two scrotes are already so aggressive. it boils my blood seeing retardation on this level. memri tv has a lot of gems exposing the downs syndrome parade this is islam.

No. 1023725

A baby’s skull is mushy

No. 1023727

My mum has persecutory delusions and it's just a lot to deal with

No. 1023732

the more i read up on women's rights and struggles the harder i peak kek

No. 1023733

if men were able to get pregnant they would receive much more sympathy if they did the same thing that she did I guarantee you, they already supply as much sympathy towards male school shooters

No. 1023734

What is that supposed to mean? Are you accusing me of something? Trying to get rid of me? I knew it. You've got plans. Well I'm not gonna fall for your games, missy.

No. 1023738

Some moid murdered his entire family including all his kids like a year or two ago in this same state and it didn't receive the outrage this is. That's one reason I'm pissed.

No. 1023749

Because people are used to male depravity it’s so ingrained in every person’s life that people genuinely don’t even care. Some teenage girl who dumped her child in he trash is never and will never be graced with the overanalyzing and nuance of why she did what she did, moid’s killing their whole families and themselves always transform into a discussion of men being denied their feelings and that it’s hard being a man. Anon I’m just as angry as you and I don’t even live in your state, fuck that piece of shit and I hope he rots in goddamn hell

No. 1023753

but will you fall for another sexy crazy mom?

No. 1023757

You worded that much better than I could have, thank you

No. 1023760

I just came across this website and the userbase seems clinically and criminally insane. Please someone tell me this shit isn't real and just degenerate fantasies. Please.
Fucking TW for VILE moid shit
https://www.rawconfessions.com/confession/show/do-guys-really-cum-in-food(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1023762

I think there's something genuinely wrong with me. Most of my symptoms fall into hypothyroidism though im booking a doctors appointment soon. My body feels like its falling behind and my heart is constantly either beating hard or hardly pumping. I feel so tired and anxious. However, im not vaccinated so im not sure how it will go about.

No. 1023766

I like to think this is just retarded fantasies but wouldn’t be surprised if real

No. 1023769

Yeah, men are known to do this. There was a guy who got arrested for it in my city

No. 1023770

I think the guy in the flat above me has an exercise bike and it's so fucking loud, it literally sounds like it's about to take off. I hope he dies.

No. 1023775

It's okay to stop feigning amicability because of the entirely bullshit social/moral onus that is foisted on you. Just be a bitch. I usually hate that word, but I feel I hated it for the wrong reason (because men use it) - but recently, I've really just wanted to throw a real screaming fit and tell everyone whereup they can restick their bullshit, in fact, I might even start selling hoses to hasten the process

No. 1023802

I catch absolutely every respiratory disease I can ever since I had covid. I've already been sick four times this fall/winter. It's making my life hard, one time I totally lost my voice for a week. Did covid make me weaker or is it a coincidence?

No. 1023805

he's in a gigantic hamster wheel on all fours

No. 1023809

Viral illnesses can fuck up the immune system for life, nonnie. Look at people who had measles as children or in young adulthood. My mother in law had measles as a young woman and ever since has had a whack ass immune system and weird allergies she never had before to food.

No. 1023814

This is kinda why i stopped watching true crime documentaries, i refuse to waste my time listening to a psychotic moid’s sobstory. I don’t care that your mom neglected you as a child, it doesn’t excuse murdering teenage girls and dismembering them. They shouldn’t be named and they shouldn’t be given the time of day. Let their stories remain unheard and let them rot in prison.

No. 1023819

Doesn't abandonment and environmental stress cause severe psychological issues when it happens that early in development?

No. 1023854

I want to learn being less empathetic but without actually displaying it and I want to learn how to do things for my own gain and happiness and have others respect me

No. 1023864

reading the "cow yourself" thread made me realize I'm perfect and that I'm truly trying my best and when someone criticizes me they've probably put less effort into life than I ever did and they had much better opportunities too

No. 1023872

People don't care that much, I promise you. I never had someone comment on them after high school. Shitty people will judge you no matter what, scars or no scars.

No. 1023873

Me and my boyfriend got these creepy voice mails from his stalker about how she still sees a life with him. How she's waiting for him to be her knight in shining armor and help her move out of Detroit so they can live together, get married. Tried to make him feel bad because "Muh anxiety! I need you! I don't want to rot here! My parents are abusing me!"

Me and him are just ignoring her and blocked the number because we both feel like she wants attention even though we want to rip her head off. She's also trying to figure out where we live, both our places of work. He doesn't know this but currently looking up if I can get a restraining order down the future. I'm not scared, I'm just ready to bash some skulls in.

No. 1023895

I believe in you nonna

No. 1023898


No. 1023900

God I feel terrible. My period has been pretty irregular for the past months. I used to have very heavy periods in high school, then it became less painful in my early 20s, but then it came back again. I'm afraid I might have endometriosis or something. But the worst thing is that I started having extreme mood swings during the first two days of my period. I'm already depressed and anxious, sometimes even paranoid, but during those two days everything amplifies extremely, I feel like I'm going insane, I have suicidal thoughts, I hate everything, today at work I was so angry with every little thing, I was mumbling and cussing to myself, I cried in the bathroom and struggled to hide my tears during work, I called myself names but I hope no one heard that, I had moments when I struggled to control my facial expressions. I'm not very sociable and my coworkers think I'm just shy, I'm autistic but I'm always nice when someone talks to me, maybe sad sometimes, but never mean. Today I was just scowling at everyone and no one even tried to talk to me and now I feel bad about myself, they probably think I don't like them, but the truth is I really really wanted everyone and everything to stay away from me. I was also very tired from the work and socializing in general, so maybe my hormonal mood swings from period only amplified my autistic burnout? I had my hormones checked in february and everything was fine. Periods were irregular anyway. I didn't have those extreme mood swings, but it was before I started working where I work now where I'm forced to be around so many people. Now I'm just sad because I'm afriad they think I'm crazy and I don't want them to think I hate them. I'm so so tired of everything

No. 1023903

Forgot to add, today it was so bad I had to finish ealier and I basically stormed out of our department like a retard

No. 1023942

File: 1641943868031.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.03 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20220111-181624.jpg)

Did anybody else watch the season finale? I'm so pissed. This ending was worse than the original. I absolutely loved this show and now I wish I never watched the new one. What a complete waste of time.

No. 1023947

If anyone replies please use the spoiler text function, look it up if you don't know how to use it

No. 1023952

It's real there's tons of women on Reddit sobbing about how they found their bf putting cum in food/her lotions. They use it to mark their territory or cross her boundaries. It's retarded but I stopped buying creamy moisturizers and buying fast food when I was younger when I read this kinda story

No. 1023955

I feel terrible for this but I legitimately feel upset at my boyfriend and like I want to break up simply because we haven't had sex in 2 weeks. It angers me. It's because I had a UTI, followed by a yeast infection which was induced by the antibiotics which cured my UTI, then I got injured by an allergic reaction from medication that was supposed to cure my yeast infection, I got sick with a fever while my lady bits are healing, and then my boyfriend caught that fever. We normally have sex at least once a day. I'm so upset. I feel jealous over every little thing he does because I'm not having sex, I'm having dreams where he leaves me for sex toys, and I just hate it so much it makes me not even want to have sex with him, it makes me want to have sex with someone who actually acts like they want to bang me even though I'm sure he would if he could. I'm fucking tired.

No. 1023958

moids will do every degenerate thing under the sun, but i doubt this is a common practice

No. 1023959

Tomorrow, when some of your colleagues are in group, walk up to them and, at an opportune time, just say "Sorry, if I was rude yesterday, I was just feeling absolutely horrible. Didn't mean to take it out on you guys."

Also, maybe you want to get checked for fibroids and/or ask your doctor about menstrual suppression, which is using birth control to completely stop your periods.

No. 1023960

Nonnie, I'm sorry about your frustration, but this sounds nuts. Why are you upset at your bf because you were too sick to have sex. It makes no sense.

No. 1023964

Why are you so mad about it? I read what happened and the original showrunner had always intended to have Dexter pay for his crimes. He had wanted to end the series with Dexter on death row awaiting execution.

No. 1023973

File: 1641946379286.jpeg (299.36 KB, 828x990, 6BEF8AF7-7071-40AD-B813-68C60F…)

I'm so fucking tired of everything being so sexualized and everywhere you go it's just sex sex sex porn and naked female bodies
everywhere, it's making me feel repulsed to sex even though my libido is quite high.
Wanna play a game? Hope you like the objectification of women, cause it's nearly unavoidable! At the minimum, let's add in jiggle physics and weird "sexy" moans. Wanna watch any movie or a show? Enjoy unnecessary sex scenes added in for the straight dudes! OnlyFans this, OnlyFans that. A female artist has released a song with an important message to share about sexism, and she's going to shake her ass on camera to "fight the patriarchy".
Oh and if you're uncomfortable with any of that, might as well become a nun cause you're just the same as any puritanical Christian who fantasizes about burning down planned parenthood centers. I hate it. I'm so tired.

No. 1023982

any time i find a guy i like, i’ll find out he already has a girlfriend or a woman he’s involved with.

why the fuck don't men ever say anything?!? why do i always have to find out on my own? i hate this

No. 1023990

Fucking word

No. 1023996

It absolutely is nuts, what zero dick does to a mfer. I still love him. But I feel so mad sexually.

No. 1023997

This….I legitimately get angry when I can't have sex but I also hate how sex obsessed everything else. You're all making me mad!

No. 1024008

Bc it's not sex obsessed it's objectification and degradation of women-obsessed. If it was sex obsessed then the women would actually orgasm, would look like real non plastic surgery women, and show sensuality and not just 2 stiff bodies shoving against eachother.

No. 1024009

same, especially the last part. I hate that the idea of not watching porn in a relationship (or at all) is unthinkable to men

No. 1024013

File: 1641948537099.jpeg (26.99 KB, 493x622, 1637272090828.jpeg)

I literally stopped watching tv/shows/movies and playing new videogames because it just got so tiring. Not just objectification and constant scrote shit, but female characters are just cardboard cutouts with no realistic personality/troubles/etc. I'm just so fucking tired of it all. Only really watch something new if the lesbians like it, like portrait of a lady on fire.

No. 1024030

This is actually how I feel. I can't watch anything without thinking about how badly women are portrayed in it, or how ugly and shitty males are always the main character we are supposed to sympathize with despite them being complete assholes. I only play games with literally 0 romance in them because straight relationships give me brain damage in most media. Males control too much of the media. The best content is written by women.

No. 1024034

Obese trashy women love to follow other obese trashy women online to feel better about themselves. Amberlynn reid has plenty of hate commenters and even reactors that embody this, same with the twitter cam whores that follow Shayna, and then priddy ladies that follow foreverkailyn on the various forums.

No. 1024036

File: 1641950927058.png (947.1 KB, 1200x675, C2A486C7-D499-4D23-BFFC-7F7407…)

>suddenly realizes I have to work for the rest of my life and exert all of my energy into meaningless detached routines, makework, and attachments that continue on a viscous cycle until you die

i don’t want to work dear god it makes me want to cry thinking of my future

No. 1024044

That's life, nothing is truly free.

No. 1024052

File: 1641952230821.jpeg (89.57 KB, 748x831, C689CFBE-C706-4262-A466-0E0028…)

Found this oud-lute for “women”, kek. It’s 45 dollars more expensive than the “male” version. And they’re both ridiculously overpriced, that shit isn’t supposed to cost you 300-something. Wasn’t even looking for one anyway, I was looking for a baroque lute and saw this and then I found that they sell their lutes for 800 dollars? What a fucking joke. And people actually buy. I

No. 1024058

hug me anon i’m scared

No. 1024061

File: 1641952965250.jpeg (263.8 KB, 1108x750, C751012E-D35D-4BB8-9241-22685C…)

Visiting my sister and her family. Their marriage has been on the rocks for years but they have 3 kids (oldest is 7) so not like they can cut ties easily. Brother-in-law is a doctor, gone all day and when he gets home he just wants to play vidya and not interact much with his wife or kids. Sister is a stay at home mom, literally got an MRS degree (home economics) and has never had a career cuz she got married at the start of college and the main thing she wanted to do in life was raise a family. She spends all day wrangling the kids, says the only time she can feel a little like herself is from 12-3 pm on Monday-Wednesday when all the kids are at school and she runs errands. It’s a constant hamster wheel of cooking and cleaning and poopy underpants and nail polish in the carpet, and it’s not even like a job you can ’go home’ from because the husband refuses to help out around the house or with the kids in the evening. Anyway they’re constantly making snide passive-aggressive half-jokes and remarks to each other and it’s real uncomfortable to be around. I’m not fundamentally opposed to the idea of getting married and raising kids but man does being around them make me want to stay single forever and ever.

No. 1024065

Not a musicfag but 300-something seems really cheap for an instrument like that, if it’s quality. That’s just 5 days of work at minimum wage.

No. 1024067

agreed, instruments are expensive. i have an average small zither that cost like $800 new and that's not even a bad price. guitars are expensive for example, it's not surprising that a lute would be $300. as far as being more for women… wtf are they doing to differentiate it? i have to buy 3/4 size guitars in order to use them so maybe they're just exploiting this as sizing down. to avoid the markup i buy kids/teen guitars

No. 1024086

ok I need to get off of ebay for a while it's triggering me so much for no reason

so I've had minor success lately in finding little gems here and there and I added a few items I liked to my watchlist by a seller who has a ton of nice clothing listed starting off at low bids. shipping is a lot but i won the first one I tried for easily with no one else bidding on it, so it got my hopes up and I thought I had a good chance to add another thing or two to get a better value with combined shipping. the last six pieces I tried to win, with low-ish bids, waiting until the last 30 seconds before bidding several dollars higher than the current bid (i.e. using the tricks you're supposed to use lol)… insane bidding war activity within the last five seconds, like, every time. like at a pace that would be impossible for a human. I think it's the unfairness of being outbid by a bunch of bots that really pissed me off, like i know that's dumb but it would feel more fair if a person manually swiped in at the last second. and 9 times out of 10 the item went up at such a rate that the highest bidder didn't even win it at a steal. this has really turned me off from any excitement in bidding because it's like, even if I did set up automatic bids to try and compete with other people, they obviously have more money and higher maximum bids than me so it's all completely pointless. it defeats the entire purpose imo when the price gets hiked up at the last second from thrift store find prices to like grailed/ depop prices. i mean at least i'm saving money by missing out i guess

i also think it wouldn't annoy me as much if all the clothes I lost out on weren't cute rare designer items lol. i'm so bitter over this dumbass shit that i don't even want the one dress i managed to win anymore

No. 1024093

File: 1641955488543.jpeg (65.18 KB, 678x452, 3AD56415-661A-4114-9AEC-689522…)


It depends on where you live. An oud lute is a lot more different than baroque lute. Oud lutes are way more affordable and way more common considering that the luthier pictured is based in Turkey. Ouds there can cost you anything from 100 dollars to 5, 6k. A beginner oud costs about 75 - 100, and it’s pretty good if you’re learning and could last for years. Selling a 100-dollar-quality oud for 300 dollars to Americans/Europeans who have a hard time getting their hands on a oud is robbery.

The baroque lute, I get it. It’s a historical instrument and, like the lyre, and it is mostly manufactured by luthiers, who come from money and will accept commissions for extremely high rates. It’s hard to get. Basic supply and demand. My issue is this: a baroque lute is literally a Western oud lute. The differences aren’t large. If you make know how to make one, making the other shouldn’t be too difficult or costly. Pricing an oud for 200 of whatever and then pricing a baroque lute as 1200$ is robbery. Don’t give a shit about supply and demand, that shit is outrageous. And the store has a qanun (basically an Easten zither) listed for 890$? Kek, even the “professional” one in Turkey costs less. What a joke. I’m mostly mad because I have an oud-lute but I really want a baroque lute and there isn’t any luthiers in my country; international shipping isn’t an option; I’m a poorfag student. I am afraid the beggar always has the most to say, nonnies. But I really really really want a baroque lute, specifically an archlute like picrel.

No. 1024098

File: 1641955683508.jpeg (30.1 KB, 452x678, FAD8035C-5F2D-4B53-A432-5A7042…)

Samefag, but my dream instrument (it’s 100000% impossible for me to ever acquire, even if I become rich and move to such a country where luthiers can be found) would be the theorbo, which is a type of baroque lute. It’s absolutely giant and capable of producing very wonderful sounds. I can’t stop daydreaming about playing it, goddamn it.

No. 1024102

yeah, agreed. My life goal is to win the lottery big but I never buy them so I'll never win anything

No. 1024155

File: 1641960473712.jpeg (25 KB, 326x212, 0B9587CE-76EC-41A1-8161-48E124…)

so my mom died in august about a week before i started college. i was doing okay at first. i enjoyed going to class, had some potential friends, and i dated a guy (total loser) for a month until everything fell apart. i’m home now with my remaining family, my grandma and my sister, and i’m terrified at the thought of going back to college. i hate sharing a room with someone, but i was able to get a single dorm for when i return for the second semester. idk how i’ll manage to complete another semester though. i wasn’t able to get my vyvanse prescription transferred to my home state and i’ve been a total mess since i got home. i’ve succumbed to alcoholism which is what ruined my parents lives. started smoking weed again even though i know it’s not good for me. things just keep getting worse. i’m starting ketamine therapy in a few days because i’m so depressed that i can’t do anything and i’m starting to really hate myself for it. i have so much anxiety that i can barely function. i’m really afraid of losing my grandmother because of her health, especially because i don’t have a mom or dad. i only have one friend. this isn’t troubling me a lot but my friend and i almost always agree on feminist issues but she came out as non-binary last year and i can’t help but think it’s because of how homophobic her dad is and her parents obsession with her being feminine. i love her either way but it feels like i’m walking on eggshells when we start discussing gender, so i’m kinda that scared our friendship could collapse because i slip up and say something that invalidates her gender identity. i have no friends at school. i had plenty of opportunities but i’m too exhausted with life to maintain more than a few relationships. my school has an improv club and i went to two or three of their meetings but i froze up when i volunteered, even though i can be really funny when i’m with people i trust. this dude i thought was gay admitted he had a crush on me so i ghosted him, and i found out recently that he’s part of the improv club now. not sure if i’ll go back but i am awful at making friends and some of the club’s members seem cool. like i said, i’m a mess right now. i just hope i’ll feel normal by the time i have to return to college.

No. 1024157

What's notebook?

No. 1024161

>He tried to make a joke a no one laughed or even smiled
Always awkward. A-at least he tried?

No. 1024163

That pisses me off. I totally agree it's misogyny. I hate that our world is like this. I'm so sorry nonna.

No. 1024168

File: 1641961566426.jpg (147.63 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20210603-160848.jpg)

Wanna cry with me

No. 1024171

Me after being unemployed for almost 2 years, honestly once I get going with a routine it’s not that bad but finding something decent is a fucking pain

No. 1024174

You sound like an actual scrote you freak. Get help.

No. 1024178

>If you don't have the sex drive of a wet sponge you're a man
God nta but shut the fuck up

No. 1024185

went to a con last weekend and holy shit troons everywhere

realized I can't gender them correctly to save my life, I go too much by voice, got corrected in two different instances

I can't live on this planet anymore

No. 1024186

Also NTA but how the fuck did you get 'sex drive of a wet sponge' from simply not being enraged when your health prevents you from having sex and getting jealous over literally nothing

That is absolutely some scrote shit and anon needs to chill out

No. 1024189

I think I'm going to try antidepressants again. No amount of sunshine and exercise is making life feel any easier and every day I don't make the progress I want is killing me. Every day feels like a waste. I really, really want to change and keep changing.

No. 1024191

i cant stand my dad anymore. he was in a coma three years ago and when he woke up he developed bipolar disorder and since then the household has become very toxic, he gets violent and agressive…i dont know what to do anymore, it has damaged me in so many ways mentally and i feel like i want to explode. i am venting this through here bc i dont have many close friends to tell this.

No. 1024194

Doesn't make her a scrote
The scrote accusation on here are fucking wild

No. 1024197

Fucking hell forgetfulness when it’s related to work pisses me off. One of my coworkers borrowed the water test strips from the lab to test his hot tub or something and never brought them back, and I needed them for a project. So, you know, I ask him if he could bring them the next day. He says yes. and, being a fucking scrote, he forgets. So I remind him again. Forgets. And again the next day before we leave. And he still forgets. Another coworker goes “you know, you can just order more off Amazon” which made me mad, as that is not the point. The point is the fucker can’t remember after a 20-minute drive home to put something in his car that he’s already borrowing from work. Strip-forgetter tries to joke about his forgetfulness and I absolutely don’t have the patience for it. If you’re that forgetful , put a fucking reminder in your phone. After legitimately getting angry at him, he has his girlfriend bring them up over lunch… so he still technically didn’t even fucking bring them. Jesus I absolutely cannot stand behavior like that. I know it sounds stupid, but I should not have to ask more than twice—hell, even more than once—for something to be returned that had been borrowed.

No. 1024200

Saying she SOUNDS like a scrote isn't accusing her of being a scrote, it's just an insult and a very appropriate one in this case.

No. 1024202

I admitted I was nuts already

No. 1024204

I hope George is doing okay!! Keep us updated on how he's doing with his medicine and if the crystals go away ♥

No. 1024221

I wonder why you assumed that's why I thought she was behaving like a scrote and not the fact that she was getting irrationally angry at her man for not wanting sex when they're both ill.
They've both had/have a fever, it's totally normal to not be in the mood for sex after that yet she's getting angry at him for every little thing he does because he's not fucking her? That's not normal.

No. 1024235

File: 1641967791291.jpeg (294.89 KB, 828x1138, 584DF209-8E3F-4CDE-912E-B76741…)

i wasn't even baiting… why are the mods insufferable muslim apologists?(ban evasion)

No. 1024237

you don't see an issue with how you wrote this? really? a lot of modding is shit tier but i have to hand it to them that this absolutely reads like bait

No. 1024239

how is it bait to say islam is cancer? i hate this term but don't be a snowflake.

No. 1024241

saying muslims are cancer =/= islam is a cancer, number one. number two, you could've phrased it in any other way that didn't seem absolutely pol-tier and moidy. it's a you problem, sorry. islam is a problem, islamic fundamentalism is a problem, but don't be surprised when you fail to articulate yourself calling people who are typically shit on by 4chan autists "cancer" with no further explanation or any sense of nuance, and you end up being pigeonholed as a /pol/yp

No. 1024242

>see someone evading a 3-day ban for baiting
>take the fucking bait instead of just reporting the tard
Congrats, you caught the stupid

No. 1024243

Anon is right, Muslim women suffer because of Islam. They get beaten and die because of Islam. There's nothing bad about saying it is damaging to people. Saying Christianity is cancer doesn't give you a ban but somehow every other religion does

No. 1024244

it's a fucking imageboard, get over yourself. anyone with 2 brain cells can infer what i meant by it. and muslims ARE islam, it's interchangeable, how the fuck can you critique islam without critiquing muslims themselves?

No. 1024245

I don't think they were attacking Muslim people, more like they were attacking the religion itself

No. 1024246


No. 1024247

i didn't even read when the ban was issued or when the post was posted, only the text they wrote. honestly it could very well be that people aren't baiting but you have to make better articulated critiques or wind up seeming like a moid or shitstirrer.

No. 1024248

yeah no shit, but writing "muslims are cancer" is not at all the same as saying "islam is a cancer", even. i wouldn't recommend phrasing the latter that way either, but it's still head and shoulders above the former.

No. 1024249

this is like, 8th dimensional bait

No. 1024251

I got triggered reading this.

No. 1024252

Bait from beyond the grave, it was already banned but the bait lives on…

No. 1024253

it's only bait if you pray to allah 8 times a day.

No. 1024255

kek, same. and i love that pic, saved. at least she's honest

No. 1024256

Oh wait sorry you're right I missread.

Yeah please anon who got banned, don't hate on a whole group of people and articulate better next time.

No. 1024262

One of my most juvenile desire that still persists even though I realize how dumb it is, is the want to be extremely, otherworldly beautiful. Like where I look straight up computer-generated. But in reality, I'm average-ugly, more ugly than average, with some asymmetry. It's fine. It's just fun to think about what that would've been like where I'm so gorgeous that people can't believe I'm real.

No. 1024263

I'm sorry kek I wanted to make you laugh

No. 1024264


No. 1024265

i couldn't agree more. the action itself is awful but she's obviously unwell and i can't imagine being in that position. do you guys remember the skylar richardson saga? people HATE her and ahve absolutely no understanding for her at all whatsoever. i honestly believe she did not kill that baby. she seems like a brain damaged anachan for real

No. 1024268

i don’t know how to stop feeling bad about gaining back the weight i had lost during the peak of my symptoms of the chronic illness i developed last year. i had lost 30+ pounds within two months and was 92 lbs at my lowest because i couldn’t eat anything without getting horribly sick. now that i’m getting better i’m gradually getting to the weight i was before and even though i wasn’t fat or noticeably chubby to begin with my mind keeps trying to convince me that i looked better back then even though i very obviously looked and felt sick 24/7.

No. 1024271

Nah fuck off with your dry ass prude pussy

No. 1024272

shouldn't you be enabling your wife beating male relatives elsewhere

No. 1024273

100% correct. i can't stand people who want to purposely twist words and pretend there is no difference between a critique like "you sound like ___" and "you ARE a ___"

No. 1024274


No. 1024276

isn't it really sad that your only comeback to people critiquing islam is accusing everyone who talks about it on an anonymous imageboard of being some woman that lives in a highly indoctrinated extremist and muslim fundamentalist country and making fun of her plights lmao. you're a sheep, go back to the mosque dude.

No. 1024280

paki-anon; stay online, never log off, glue yourself to the best area with internet connection in your village, screech online forevermore and most importantly don’t forget to make tea for your 23 uncles!

No. 1024281

i'm not even her, i am amused by how hard you're willing to cape for such a disgusting religion though

No. 1024286

Nooo not the woman that says she hates the most oppressive religion towards women. Saying you hate Islam for being shit to women? Scrote! Now… where was I at in Shayna's thread? Oh yeah, she is so fat and disgusting. GALLLLL IM SUCH A BIGG RADFEMERINOO I HATE SEX WORK. W-w-women in t-t-third world countries? Ha! Third world countries don't even exist! My problems are important too. The 2000 dollars I get monthly from my nanny state for not working aren't enough to buy my favorite lolita dress. Women in Islam? Being sold into marriage? Being born in one of the most oppressive cultures? Ahh yeahh I feel so sorry for them but I'd rather not have them on my board because it feels like it unjustifies my problems since it is all about me. Anyway, hope the libfems die. I am the true feminist.

No. 1024287

Just feeling small bc of the pressure to stay in a dead end miserable 9 to 5 job because of how insane real estate and cost of living are in my entire country right now. I'd be perfectly happy doing a menial task like floral arrangements or something, but that just isn't enough to bring to the table. The future inlaws hound me with questions about work and upward movement and when and how I could get even more schooling done. I just want to breathe, nonnies.

No. 1024288

based, love you nonnie

No. 1024289

do you know how to read, romania? absolutely no one was defending islam at all.

No. 1024291

youre not even a thirdworldfag, romanianon

No. 1024295

Money makes people so ugly. My grandparents (who are reasonably well off) had been giving my aunt a couple hundred bucks a month to help make ends meet and when my uncle (who is very well off) found out he fucking lost it. Not because they were giving her money but because he wasn't getting any. Her husband ditched the country and left her with two kids but oh no she's getting a hand out. Fuck he makes me mad.

No. 1024297

File: 1641972695395.jpg (38.9 KB, 730x438, spital-murdar-730x438.jpg)

blablabla then why does my state let me rot in the street if my mental illness does not allow me to work? And why do all hospitals look like this? You do realize western countries still have better welfare and social services than a 3rd world Eastern eu shithole. If you get sick or are born in poverty there is no welfare and all hospitals look like pic related. In all Western countries including America the state helps you and doesn't let you rot if you get sick it ain't my fault so many Americans are so stupid and lazy they cannot even claim welfare or medicaid. Eastern Eu shitholes don't have welfare programs. I've spent months of my life in hospitals like pic related. The difference between an underdeveloped and developed nation is the social services and if the government is willing to help the citizen if shit hits the fan

No. 1024298

Romania is a poor as fuck shithole, all the local churches collect food and clothes to send to Romania on an annual basis. I don't know what makes a country technically 3rd world or not but that Romania is a poverty stricken country for sure.

No. 1024302

blah, blah, blah. stop appropriating us actual thirdies struggles with your dumbass. lucky you even got hospitals to stay in considering my family had to rot outside since hospitals were filled to the brim so my uncle just died on the gates.

No. 1024308

You are retarded if you think that welfare is enough to live on in the US. It's not your perfect fantasy land where you can mooch off of the government scot-free. Get a job.

No. 1024310

not only that but in the US good luck getting approved for SSDI for claims of mental health. she's not mentally ill enough to get SSDI and even people who are genuinely physically disabled only get like on average $800-1200 a mo on it.

No. 1024311

I'm glad your aunt has family helping her out to make ends meet. Money makes some people act completely different then how they want to be perceived. It's definitely a way of showing someone's true colors.I've seen the level of greed some people have and it's disheartening. Hopefully your grandparents tell the uncle to eat shit if he continues to make a fuss.

No. 1024314

obviously everyone in burgerland has a stellar life.

No. 1024316

so apparently my laptops graphics card is too old or something

No. 1024318

I'm in a very bad and fucked up state right now. I am literally super fucked mentally I don't know what to do

No. 1024337

I feel like my attention span keeps shortening so much. I don't even have tiktok but like, I don't even have the span to watch an engaging show. I watched till like the 10th episode and then just read what happened in the final three episodes instead of fucking watching it. I left a few good movies right in the middle because I couldn't sit through them. It's making me so scared. How do I fucking reverse this?

No. 1024340

Maybe youre just not interested in it

No. 1024341

Taking a break from my phone/internet and forcing myself to read, draw, cook or walk for a couple of hours a day helps. Making sure I'm on top of all my tasks and only watching shows when everything is done helped make me more excited for things like that too.

No. 1024344

You can just practice your attention span. Start with 10 minutes (or whatever you can manage) doing 1 thing and 1 thing only without getting distracted and build the time up. And try to limit mindless scrolling (on social media, imageboards, wherever else you're prone to mindless scrolling/browsing)

Not sure if stopping after the 10th episode is a measurement of attentionspan tho.

No. 1024350

Maybe you're right. But apart from the examples I gave, the pattern persists.
Thanks for the tips. Really. I've sort of neglected my hobbies due to this too, because I get distracted so easily, and it wasn't like this before at all where I could embroider for hours with no distractions, not even any bg music or anything. I'll try to get my attention span back to what it was before.
>Not sure if stopping after the 10th episode is a measurement of attentionspan tho.
I hope I'm just blowing it out of proportion then. Maybe it isn't too bad yet, gives me hope.

No. 1024355

thinking about that time my ex friend made me cry the last time we ever saw each other because she was guilt tripping me about us not hanging out anymore when it takes two to tango. grow up, we're not teenagers, adults don't need to be symbiotic codependent retards like you and the rest of my ex friends in order to sustain a friendship.

No. 1024356

File: 1641977896532.jpg (657.03 KB, 1588x1985, il_1588xN.3066934020_qiwp.jpg)

there's something i really hate and find questionable about selling/buying/wearing slogans like that. like it's such a slacktivist kind of thing to do to just buy your slogan and run around with it, while doing nothing to actually try and dismantle the patriarchy. i mean it's impossible to do it all by yourself anyways, but hm.

No. 1024391

The fuck, since when does lolcow enable fucking Islam apologists.
It's the most oppressive religion, all religions are shit and critiquing them shouldn't count as racebait.

No. 1024418

File: 1641985756172.png (139.63 KB, 1459x790, spicy straights.png)

Shit like this makes me want to kms. The current ideology of making "everything" queer and treating "queerness" as some state of mind and a way of life because insecure straight people can't cope with their privilege and being excluded from the cool kid LGB club is nothing less than erasure, but somehow we're supposed to see this as a positive thing because "they're breaking down barriers". Imagine if they did this with race.
>"black not as being about what colour your skin is (that can be a dimension of it); but black as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and has to invent and create a find a place to speak and to thrive and to live."
Immediately you can see how fucking retarded this sounds. Your sexuality is a physical reality, not a political ideology. You can be straight and support gay people without making it all about yourself and your feelings of narcissistic self-discovery.

No. 1024427

pretty tho

No. 1024432

humans are naturally religious and when you remove that they replace the void with other "religious" type of beliefs like being passionately woke, a corporate fag, ect. you should just accept that fact and see religions with their own upsides and downsides instead of being on that delulu secular humanist soup

No. 1024441

I'm slav from a majorly atheist country that also isn't woke and I wouldn't change it. Fuck your religion.

No. 1024445

slavic countries are atheist because of communism which fucked up your countries more than religion did. atheists being so easily triggered by religion are making a lot of reactionaries lmao

No. 1024447

File: 1641987932643.jpeg (102.95 KB, 995x560, C9743C79-83DA-47BD-8642-AEA633…)

Did Bell Hooks really say that stupid shit?

No. 1024466

I'm a slav from a very catholic country and let me tell you as much as I hate what communism has done to us, the power catholic religion is holding over my country's laws and mentality is easily the worst thing about living here. I don't think religion is bad per se, some people need it, I know good christians BUT atheism is a way to go for any country and it's government, and any religious beliefs and practices should be done in private, no public preaching, no power to church officials.

No. 1024468

Why does my mother repeatedly insist I never had mono as a teen when I 100% did? I was so sick all I could do was sit in my dad's recliner and rewatch Malcolm in the Middle. I watched the entire series and I had such swollen infected tonsils I had to see the doctor multiple times. I've had tonsil issues ever since. BUT- for years after, whenever I brought up that I had mono, my mom goes "No you didn't. I would remember that." None of my evidence to the contrary matters to her. She only drops the subject when I get upset at her and accuse her of trying to make me feel crazy, and she clearly still doesn't believe me. What the fuck is wrong with her? She just did it to me AGAIN, I am 27 and have covid and went "Eh, not as bad as when I had mono" to her and she did the same fucking thing to me. I think I am going to start saying that she never had lap band surgery and she went bald for no reason and see how she likes it

No. 1024471

No. 1024472

that's weird, my parents did the same thing to me once. i mentioned how i'd gotten acute bronchitis a few times in my early teens and they claimed i didn't, that bronchitis is a serious thing, etc when i clearly remember having it, going to the doctors, staying home from school for 2 weeks…

No. 1024480

I respect your opinion.

No. 1024481

My mother often says that the health issue that required like 8 years of hormone injections during my childhood and a lot of tests at the hospitals once a month for over 10 years wasn't really a health issue because not getting the treatment would have caused me to be a dwarf, not get puberty, have fragile bones, severe depression and memory loss from hormonal inbalance, so nothing is impossible. Some people think that as long as you're not specifically in a wheelchair or dead then you weren't sick or injured.

No. 1024483

I think women don't need religion to be moral but men do

No. 1024492

Religious men are more degenerate than atheists imho

No. 1024494

Men don't use religion for spiritual awakening or for moral guidance, they use it as an excuse to commit violence and whatever disgusting act, they do it "in the name of God"

No. 1024498

No one cares about what you think, scrote. Off yourself.

No. 1024499

how did you even find this site you disgusting moid

No. 1024502

yes. fuck off

No. 1024507

to be fair i think you should choke on your own dick

No. 1024513

how is it prudish to not fuck when you're sick wtf

No. 1024518

stop giving it attention and just report

No. 1024520

I thought this conversation was settled? She admitted to it being irrational and crazy.

No. 1024521

She's responding to another anon, not the moid

No. 1024522


go back to the chans
Yes. You have to go back now.

No. 1024524

i'm talking about the different anon calling everyone a "prude." i was asleep when the posts were made so couldn't respond sooner

No. 1024526

Oooh, I didn't realise they were different anons

No. 1024527

File: 1641993522831.jpeg (302.43 KB, 750x905, AA8767E1-A72B-4E49-976B-A5E954…)

yes angel <3

No. 1024529

File: 1641993621141.jpg (356.68 KB, 1280x943, 5f7b3936c9a8e54421e88017b0c25c…)

I love drawings of girls bedrooms, especially super cluttered ones. It's one of the reason I love Vewn so much. I want to draw stuff like this, too.

No. 1024530

Samefag but that one poster
>Public castration is a good idea
So based kek

No. 1024532

it’s not hard at all to draw it too nonna, you just need basic two-dimensional perspective (i think lmao i’m a mediocre artist), very easy with pixel art too

No. 1024536

You're right and I think I have a good grasp of perspective, I also used to make isotropic cities back in high school on the computer. It's more about the anxiety I feel when I sit down to draw. One of my resolutions this year is to enjoy the process and not be so scared!

No. 1024538

Name a single upside of Islam.

No. 1024540

File: 1641994679640.png (554.75 KB, 1300x866, 99631181-positive-good-looking…)

Hey, we all know islam is lame

No. 1024542

I hope you draw more it can be fun!

No. 1024543

File: 1641994819089.jpeg (570.94 KB, 1200x1200, D6AE1B6E-FE42-4B31-82B3-568A56…)

cool black box
cool black box

No. 1024545

Ngl that's a pretty sick box

No. 1024553

I fucking hate people who equate someone who refuse hugs or any form of physical affection as a damaged godless demon-possessed psychopath or something. I'm not autistic but it feels so fucking uncomfortable. When someone forcibly hug or kiss me, it burns and stings. I keep self harming scratching, punching, and slapping the site to alleviate it. Tried to insist them not doing it is useless, especially family because they'll think it's because of demonic possession and my rotten personality. Maybe I'm actually a defective psychotic human being that is a burden of society, please just leave me alone.

No. 1024557

You’re not a psychopath, don’t be cringe. You’re just autistic lmaoo

No. 1024558

Why can't Red Dead 2 actually be an open world game? It's not truly open world to me if there is a linear storyline that can't be changed. The honor system doesn't even work, there are scripted events and side quests where Arthur is unequivocally good and does things out of no obligation to anyone. You can't decide to fail the quest on purpose. So what's the point of having an honor system when it doesn't have an impact on the story until the last cut scenes? I don't care about having a black revolver, I don't care about outfits that can only be unlocked with high or low honor. I want my reputation to matter beyond bounty. I hate that half of the game Arthur is sickly, it really takes away from my enjoyment of the game, it just makes me feel depressed. I don't want anything to happen to Arthur and I have literally no control over it. I just want to be an independent cowboy, and have an actual open world where I can complete quests the way I want to complete them. Literally if you walk "out of bounds" in some situations you automatically fail. I can't be creative. I want to plan and pull of robberies on my own, build my own house/camp, maybe even find my own companions to be a part of my gang. I want to own a dog. I love the characters and the story but the game has almost zero replayability to me and that just irks me when it's a such a huge game. Games are expensive and I only buy games I expect myself to play more than once, and I really expected to play RDR2 more but the thought of dragging myself through the story again totally turns me off the game. Also going back to the game, the graphics aren't as grand as I remember. I must have been clouded by excitement of a shiny new thing.

No. 1024559

If you're scratching and slapping at yourself because of over stimulation, you might actually be autistic for real nona.

No. 1024560

So you want red dead online

No. 1024561

No, I really don't, I don't want my game to be influenced by other players. I'm not into playing online games beyond like, Transformice, which is essentially a baby game.

No. 1024567

So I asked my manager why the 19 year old with less experience got promoted before I did being here a here and they gave me the weakest excuse “oh but we need you more back here. If you go up to front desk the schedule will be a mess”

The schedules already a mess from her going up front! And they made ME pick up her hours that she would get in this section so now I only have one day off in the week.

I’m either getting targeted by the higher ups because I’m publicly a lesbian and the men don’t like me or my “butch” hair cut. Or this girl totally sucked one of their dicks. Yes it’s been a day and I’m still pissed off about it. It’s bullshit how much I busted my ass doing labor to the point where my hands split and bleed for some plucky cunt to swoop in and take what I was working so hard for for a year. Fuck this gay world. I’m selling feet pictures. Lol. I want to quit this job so bad. The favoritism is unreal.

No. 1024572

I go tp sleep every night not knowing how my eyelids will look the next day. I'm so fucking sick of this, but I don't want surgery either.

No. 1024574

You should quit because you're definitely being taken advantage of. It sounds like you have a strong work ethic and bosses love to take advantage of that kind of person while giving them as little reward as possible. It's because you work so hard that you aren't being promoted, because they want you to do the things no one else will bother to do. I had the same thing happen to me at several jobs. Even though I put in more work than anyone else, it's that extra work I did that makes them want to hold me back so I can break myself for them endlessly. You deserve to find a job that actually values you.

No. 1024575

Game like this would require procedural generation and with current technology I don't think it's possible to have real open world that would be procedurally generated, look as good as RDR2 and allow the player to execute anything more complex than "go from point a to point b" type of tasks. Technology evolves but from what i know about gamedev I find it hard to imagine game like what you need being made within IDK, upcoming 10 years at least. If you don't mind different theme than cowboys you could consider No Man's Sky because it really gives you a LOT of freedom while providing some engaging story still, but as you'll see it is pretty barebones compared to carefully handcrafted world of RDR2.

No. 1024581

Yeah, I get what you're saying and you're right, but idk I feel like some of what I want isn't impossible. Games like BoTW, Skyrim or Fallout have more freedom with the order of the stories and the options of how to carry out quests. Fallout and Skyrim also allow for companions. I don't necessarily want a procedurally generated world, it can be a crafted world like other open world games. I'm not looking for a Minecraft RDR like experience, but just more freedom to be the cowboy I want Arthur to be.

No. 1024582

I really need to stop being brought to tears when friends write really nice things to me, it's getting dumb

No. 1024601

Why? Appreciate the love wholeheartedly anon

No. 1024655

Death of a parent really fucks you up. Sorry your life isn't the best right now. I hope the ketamine therapy works for you. Maybe you want to try another group at college besides the improv club.

No. 1024713

i want to stomp on the ballsack of the scrote that taught her to say all that shit

No. 1024721

File: 1642005798924.gif (904.73 KB, 245x245, 1636602313589.gif)

I love traveling maskless and unvaxxed. I'm My Own Free Bitch.

No. 1024729

File: 1642005989682.jpeg (107.3 KB, 660x495, 896B0413-0D06-4275-9C5C-231DE5…)

I believe that Scroteven is shitting up the relationship advice thread with his testerical bullshit. He’s such a fucking joke I hope he dies.

No. 1024732

Risking other people’s lives isn’t cute or something to brag about anon but what would I know, sociopaths aren’t really known to care about people’s lives

No. 1024734

Same! I hate when people make me more responsible for their health than my own.

No. 1024738

It's for you and for everyone else, jeez. Do whatever though, I don't have the energy to tell you not to.

No. 1024745

Ruined my day.

No. 1024747

>testerical bullshit
that's going in my lexicon

No. 1024756

File: 1642007232407.jpg (31.69 KB, 960x960, lonk.jpg)

I just have to let go. This girl and her boyfriend will always be praised on the internet, she will always have simps because she plays up her 'uwu im smol loli b-b-but im stong!!! so dont look down on me!' shtick and she's actually pretty, so I should just let go of my grudge. It's not like I directly had to deal with the shitty side of her personality anyway, I was just mad on behalf of a close friend who had to deal with it. I feel like I have to be mad on behalf of this friend, but do I really?

If she wants to play it up and become mildly popular online for it, then whatever. It's a waste of my energy hoping that people will realize how shitty of a person she can be (and like every other female cosplayer with a pretty face, she will always be forgiven anyway). She's happy and loved by her boyfriend, and I can only hope that maybe they've changed for the better as I have in these past few years. Even if she hasn't, it's not any skin off my back since I don't care about cosplay anymore and don't plan to return to the hobby because the hobby destroyed my self esteem for so many years. I enjoy sewing and crafting without expectations, and I enjoy how I can look in clothes I make without eyes deliberately staring me down.

We're no longer in the same friend circle, and I stay away from most people who are our mutual friends since I was never close with anyone even when we were all in college (I was abroad for a big chunk of uni, and my close friend was close with everyone, so I tagged along a lot when I was actually back on campus). I'm happy with the friends I surround myself with now, and I never have to worry about potentially running into her or anyone who even knows her. I just have to let it go. I stopped giving a shit about everyone else who wronged my friend anyway.

Not really a vent but I don't know where else to post it. Also I suspect she and her boyfriend browse here or at least used to because he once mentioned Sheena being responsible for Monty's death when her threads were going strong, and I never saw that accusation posted anywhere else online kek.

No. 1024769

I hate this shit so much.

No. 1024770

I fucked up royally at work today.

Part of my job is a task which I’ve sort of shared with another, more senior employee who has basically unofficially assigned it solely to me, is to review these errors that we receive as excel spreadsheets, and go through them and then report back to an account manager with the comments I’ve added.

The errors mean that these particular sales we’ve made won’t be registered on the system until I’ve actioned it. It’s probably about 1/20th of my job, but still a part of it.

Anyway, we’re supposed to action them on a week-by-week basis, but I put it off for like 10 months, and a massive back log has been discovered and now it’s up to me to sort it out, as our client noticed the sales hadn’t been registered.

Now I have to spend my evening working overtime for my own fuck up. Probably could have been sacked had I not done a good job in other areas of my job.

No. 1024771

LoL people like this exist still lmao Have fun being a fat neet. "I'm doing my part!" She wails as she hibernates in her room. "I don't spread covid!" She squelches out her pimple-ridden lips. Of course, she doesn't spread it, she almost never leaves the house. And when she does leave (her stressed-out mother who pays the bills needs an hour break from her whale Daughter) she double masks, "I'm doing my part," She says as she enters the Walmart. Glassy eyes scan the Oreos, her bulbous tongue swirls over her lips, "Peanut butter?" She squeals as her fat fingers lunge for the fatty snack. She snarls at a maskless child whose small hand was reaching for the Oreos. She huffs, "These are mine." She scratches her fat belly and makes a mental note to buy more mayonnaise.

Autism aside. It's always the fat losers who have nothing better to do (NEETS) who feel so smug and supreme about following covid guidelines. Yeah, never mind the fucking obesity you chubby fucks.

Go fucking do something. Get healthy, get fit.

No. 1024778


No. 1024780


No. 1024783

Not very Stacy of you

No. 1024791

post so autistic I started stimming

No. 1024796

No. 1024797

This nigga has a bbw fetish 100%

No. 1024799

No. 1024801

File: 1642008796748.png (561.89 KB, 578x853, 4324567.png)

No. 1024804

based, not being fat has been a much bigger indicator to surviving covid, even better than vaccines, yet fatties have had 2 years to lose weight and then go around talking about everyone doing their part to save their fat asses.

No. 1024805

Still at it, internet psychologist-chan? Kek

No. 1024816

File: 1642009136292.png (402.73 KB, 431x512, 1633013547791.png)

Oh hell yeah

No. 1024827

Surviving is easy enough. What about without permanent respiratory damage? Fucked up nerves? Destroyed tastebuds? Genuine question. I’m skinny and never got the coof.

No. 1024828

Just got a terrible scare when I realized that some study materials were only available until december. I can't access them anymore, so now I need to read all that shit myself instead of being able to listen to it. Fuck, I didn't even download most of it because I used to just open the files and listen before falling asleep. That's what you get for slacking I guess.

No. 1024832

NTA but none of that shit will happen if you're young and eat healthy lol

No. 1024840

This is so goofy, why are people even responding to this stuff?

No. 1024846

Why are YOU responding to it

No. 1024851

Ask your classmates if they downloaded it or ask the teacher if they have a copy.

No. 1024852

What do you mean?

No. 1024853

>pimple-ridden lips
is this a thing??

No. 1024874

A friend is complaining it's going to be $200 to fix her ps4 and now she's saying she'll never buy used electronics ever again. Used electronics are perfectly fine the majority of the time, if you had listened to me when I told you to return it the moment you first had an issue you wouldn't be paying so much for the repair. You can't really expect me to be sympathetic when you didn't take my advice and continue to complain about your situation? So frustrating.

No. 1024877

Lastnight I sat in bed crying about my moms (not recent) death. I don't cry often but allowing myself to cry felt like it unlocked something. I don't connect well with people and any break up I've had (well only 2) I've gone into this weird state afterwards. Thing is I'm not grieving the loss of the guy when that happens… it's my mom. The loss of anyone else just reminds me of the biggest loss I've had. I feel weird wording it like that but that's what happens. Yesterday should've been my wedding anniversary. I cried for my mom and not the failed marriage. I cried like I might do on the anniversary of her death or on her birthday. It's all about her. It always has been about her. She tops everything and everyone. I don't admit it because people expect grief to go through stages and be less intense by this point. But for me it's not.

I'm not connecting with people, I'm not missing people when they leave. I'm just grieving for my mom and everything else is muted because I'm processing it that badly. I remember my last ex screamed at me for being sad and quiet on mothers day once.. dude you've no idea the depth of this and how affected I am ever since. You don't know how changed I am. I miss my old self. It's so much more than tears on a special date.. if only it were that tame.

No. 1024911

What the fuck is wrong with the consoomerism thread? The first one was so good, and even the offtopic discussion about rocks was great because people were just sharing information and encouraging other anons to get into it because it's a cool hobby. Now we have fridge sperging, agriculture sperging, vegan sperging, and now city sperging. What the fuck is going on? I just want to laugh at a 40 year old suburban mom's starbucks tumblr collection.

No. 1024919

The absolute fuck is my cousins(17) ex(23?) still in my messages and snapchats for?
We bonded and all, he told me about her coke and other drug habits, she's still in his messages, we talk a bunch of shit about her because the fuck.. I did warn her about him too. Lol. That went super well.
She turned the flat I gave her keys too as a favor so she could escape her parents into a damn crack den. My sex toy chest out like a fuck you. All my plants dead and complaining about the one orange juice bottle I left in the fucking fridge for one year. I don't know what you should do with it. Fucking ex it I guess. Or, you know.. Throw it out? Sorry for the trouble, lol.
But now her ex nigel groomer scrote keeps being all up in my dms and Snapchat and almost invited himself a week ago when he was 100km out. Keeps asking if he should visit. Might just be a super friendly scrote but the fuck? You're a baby my dude and were ball's deep in my cousin. I'm pissed at her, but this is fucked up and gross. What the fuck is with those dudes??

No. 1024938

I am HATING how vyvanse can't come out with a generic until 2023 because Shire wants to keep its death grip patent on it and make poor people pay 200-400 fucking dollars for their fucking medication AGHHH

No. 1024942

File: 1642014425532.png (16.4 KB, 125x148, uhgg.PNG)

Cleaned the kitchen but I feel like it didn't do anything, clutter & hoarding tendency won't lead us anywhere in this house

No. 1024949

I legitimately don't understand anything you're saying

No. 1024954

I didn't either but the part about owning a whole chest full of sex toys.. must be nice.

No. 1024956

I wonder if it should have been called the hoarders or deranged collections thread instead. It's a good topic, but consumerism has a lot of very different interpretations and is sort of politically loaded, so I feel like it was only a matter of time before the thread attracted a bunch of blackpills yelling about the elites.

No. 1024958

No. 1024965

You should definitely start looking for somewhere else anon

No. 1024979

>What the fuck is going on? I just want to laugh at a 40 year old suburban mom's starbucks tumblr collection.

Same, we should make a rule and kick them out.

No. 1024997

>consoomerism thread
>surprised it goes into heated discussions about consoomerism
anon OP should've done a better job curating the thread topic if it's purpose was to laugh outrageous hoarders.

No. 1024998

time for my daily 4 chinese spam calls in a row

No. 1025011

File: 1642017891748.jpg (45.58 KB, 350x288, sad.jpg)

>attend almost every single friend's party no matter how out of the way or inconvenient it is
>they never hang out with me because I rent apartments and apartments aren't a lot of fun compared to their houses
>so I'm forced to constantly make effort and drive to go see them
>finally buy a house
>just want them to attend one of my parties mostly so I can give them their Christmas gifts
>they ditch my invites for anime conventions
Not saying they deserve covid, buuuuut I wouldn't feel pity if they happened upon it. They're being mean friends, I can't believe they can't even show for my first house. It would be one thing if I just met their acqaintance but I've known them for five years or more. I've been in their fucking weddings, supported them during their fights with their shitty scrotes, and showed at their parties when most people didn't bother.

Damn I'm fucking mad and my feelings are hurt. They don't even offer apologies, weebshit is just more important to them and we're all over 30.
At least ONE friend is still coming. I'm gonna treat her so right. I'm making chocolate dipped strawberries and I still have a fuckton of mead, cider, and wine–from my Christmas said friends also didn't attend. I want to get drunk.

No. 1025019

The fridge and vegan discussions were actually pretty interesting.
Sure you're not a grocery store city vegan with a dirty fridge, anon?

No. 1025023

mean friends? I'd argue they don't behave as friends at all. Sorry anon, enjoy your house tho. That's a great accomplishment.

No. 1025024

Fuck the rest of your friends, that was a real shit move on their part. Also, we're in the midst of a pandemic so I'd much rather go and celebrate a friend buying a house (congrats anon!!! I'm super happy for you) with a small group of friends than go to a con center full of rank moids who don't know what soap is

No. 1025031

My bf and I celebrate our anniversary on valentines day because we don't remember exactly the day we started dating, but we know it was around that time. I also thought it would be easier for both of us to remember that way & we're both pretty busy so celebrating once that month would be easier than both days. Last year he barely made any effort to see me (i asked him to come over in the morning and he came over 12 hours later), and also didn't acknowledge that it was our anniversary or valentines day- no text, no card, nothing. All i gave him was a homemade card and some baked goods - i didn't expect anything grand at all. I told him a few days later that I was really hurt that he didn't do anything for me. He asked me if he could give me a card late - and I said ok. It honestly was the shittiest and most low effort card I've ever seen. Black pen ink on a piece of printer paper that said nothing more than "happy valentines day, love you".
I'm feeling so much anxiety about this year's anniversary. I try to not anticipate the worst but it is hard when you are dating a man who has shown you in the past that he doesn't really value the open and honest communication effort. I've already bought a card for him because I saw one at the store that I thought he would like. I am really scared he is going to do nothing again and I'm gonna be hurt again.

No. 1025035

Don’t take this the wrong way anon but are you sure they’re your friends? Like, are they actually actively inviting you to hang out with them? If not, it kind of sounds like they don’t ‘break up’ with you because it would be uncomfortable but they don’t care enough about you to put any effort into maintaining the relationship.

No. 1025055

Man I need a friend like you

No. 1025067

Sometimes I just want to kill myself. I wonder if have BPD or Autism.

No. 1025070

Your friends suck…

No. 1025077

why do you guys befriend normies and then get surprised when they don’t care about your interests? you need to start befriending some weebs and semi-weirdos anon

No. 1025081

You sound like a wonderful friend anon, anyone would be lucky to have you. Congrats on the house!! Honestly let this be a wake-up call for you to move on and find better friends because they obviously don't care about or deserve you. I wish I could come to your party, I'd bring some fancy wine. I hope you can still have a good time with the friend who isn't an ass like the others!

No. 1025082

Anon, the anon said they ditched her party for anime conventions. Did you read even read her post?

No. 1025084

Nowadays everyone is depressed

No. 1025087

Hate that /ot/ has been more dead than usual because everyone is sperging out in the consoomerism thread. Bring back your retardation to other threads…

No. 1025090

My husband has become so unmotivated in everything and I don't know what to do. Whenever I try and remind him to do things he needs to do, he gets upset and basically pouts and doesn't do it out of spite for being reminded. Then hours later after realizing he wasted the whole day not doing it asks me to remind him to do it tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. We're trying to buy a house but we've been stuck in the loan process because he's put off the paperwork for over a month. I don't want to be a bitch but I feel like I have been super patient and I'm so fucking annoyed

No. 1025098

I decided to actually eat breakfast and bring a snack to work with me today and I'm the same amount of hungry that I would be if I didn't eat anything. What was the point then! I usually just have one big meal when I get home and that satisfies me.

No. 1025099

File: 1642021476781.png (112.59 KB, 250x266, 535A67FE-327E-47AD-9D31-B52B11…)

Hoping school is online, or else I'll have to buy a car to go to school since I had to move back from near campus… I should just become a jehovah witness or someshit
Has anyone used those government/police car auction websites to purchase a car?

No. 1025107

Selling some of my old weeb and video game shit, and I'm so tired of scrotes harassing me about items I'm selling. Latest one said I stole photos and called me a hoarder because I won't lower my price to meet one that sold recently. It did not exist when I listed my items, just a couple that had even higher prices. Blocked that piece of shit.

No. 1025110

Could you get an electric bike?

No. 1025112

I have a shitload of manga I need to sell but have no idea how. Are you doing eBay or Facebook marketplace?

No. 1025113

Start forgetting/yeah I'll do it later when it comes to food laundry sex shaving etc. He knows, he just keeps doing it bc there's no consequences.

No. 1025115

Sell it to japanese buyers they pay lots of English manga.

No. 1025129

Nonita you don't need a house, you need a divorce

No. 1025138

Been using ebay since I don't have fb. Depending on how rare and popular a series is, you can get good money. Do lots of price checking before hand. If you want to move it in a semi short period, price it lower, but still relatively comparable to the lowest price you find. It's taken a few months on some things I have, but the right buyer always comes along.

No. 1025145

He doesn't want to buy the house if he put the paperwork off for 1 month. Talk to him about it.

No. 1025147

flat asses are valid. i'm sick of feeling inferior because asses are the new body trend. men never have to go through this shit.

No. 1025149

I like small or flat butts on a girl but hate the look on men if that makes you feel better, nona.

No. 1025153

Unfortunately, I am like 30 mins away, and my campus is on an island, so there's no other way other than by car.

No. 1025156

thank you it does

No. 1025173

File: 1642024056052.png (6.99 KB, 225x225, images.png)

flat asses are nasty on men. They don't have hips, so without a butt their torso just kind of tapers to a point like picrel

No. 1025195

Women at least know how to dress and are in general more pretty so a flat butt isn't the worst thing ever, but men with flat butts… that's just disgusting imo and you can instantly tell they're skinny fat and you won't like what's underneat the ugly clothing. They should be judged for it since they can't make up for it in any way

No. 1025201

Is there a reason for that?

No. 1025206

File: 1642025234514.jpg (894.67 KB, 1718x2291, img_3410.jpg)

Living in an old shit house with my family is stressing me out. Both bathrooms have floor rot you can feel and we've run out of money from gutting and rebuilding most of this fucking house. It's impossible to keep truly clean and I had to make an excuse why my friend traveling through the area couldn't stay because it's embarrassing. I notice it everyday and it makes me sick to my stomach. Just waiting on tax refunds to maybe get one fully functional bathroom.

No. 1025209

Shes lying

No. 1025214

File: 1642025562438.jpg (60.63 KB, 576x874, 5TVHZGXHES57HCKHTKGZXBC5KQ.jpg)

New Zealand is actually the biggest shithole in the first world and it bewilders me that we have such a good reputation.

>Cost of living absurdly high

>Taxed on everything
>Low wages
>no industry outside of housing speculation
>1 in 100 people are homeless
>Housing and rent prices so high even middle class people are receiving accommodation supplements
>average house price just cracked a million
>Most gang members per capita in the world

A good portion of my former high school classmates have already left overseas, I might join them later in the year tbh.

No. 1025215

I wish the detrans cows thread was busier, but I also don't have anything to contribute to it so i'm part of the problem.

No. 1025223

Isn't it basically a Richie getaway

No. 1025226

A fellow victim of white girl ass i see
I swear i do a shit ton of hip thrusts and it doesn’t change

No. 1025228

Do you eat enough protein?

No. 1025246

I hate grocery shopping before work. I hate it. I work 2nd and 3rd shift this week, so I have to wake up early, get ready, spend an hour shopping, go home again, put it all in the fridge, then leave for work. It's driving me insane. Now I have to pick up my glasses tomorrow so I have to leave the house 2 hours earlier and waste even more time on gaps.

No. 1025249

I'm moving away from home for the first time and I'm so scared. I got a shitty little shared room but it's cheap and close to work and campus. I hope this is the right decision. I'm so stressed about it, I haven't been able to focus on my exams at all. I'll miss having privacy and lots of closet space. I just hope I'll cope well.

No. 1025254

I need a new laptop for uni SO BAD my last one literally broke and I did everything I could to get it fixed but it's just beyond help. I literally have 0 resources to do anything without it as a foreign student i can't work in this goddamn country so freelancing and online jobs are my only ways of making money and getting some kind of independence. Not to mention schoolwork itself, I'm just helpless without a machine and my mom straight up refused to get me another one because she thinks I don't need it and that laptops are too expensive when all im going to do is waste time on it anyway. Like wtf. My last laptop was also a hand me down from my uncle, I tried so hard to explain why I need one to her but it's just so uncomfortable asking for anything I've never asked them for anything, it's not like they can't get me one, my parents are just way too paranoid about spending money in general. Which is good I guess saving is nice but you must spend those savings when in need wtf!!! I literally don't know how I'm going to survive without one

No. 1025262

guess I'm the only one who dislikes huge asses on either sex kek

No. 1025269

>1 in 100 people are homeless
What the fuck? Is this due to the Maori people being neglected by the state or what the hell is wrong with the Kiwis? Also don't forget about
>Sent a rich troon to represent them at the olympics

No. 1025275

File: 1642030986946.jpeg (32.08 KB, 281x262, B4066BA5-65D2-412E-AE47-A67DE6…)

Please stop talking at me I am an introvert and you are draining my energy with your rambling

No. 1025278

If it's a problem for you, you can get therapy for excessive grief. Or look through a self help book on the topic.
I'm sorry you are going through this and wish you peace.

No. 1025282

I feel you. I also have hoarding tendencies, plus anxiety about cleaning. I'm trying to slow get rid of stuff. Not making a lot of progress, but making some.

No. 1025285

He can't muster the money/energy to buy you a card even when you asked him straight up? You deserve someone who remembers your anniversary and actually values you enough to celebrate it. Why are you even with this loser

No. 1025287

Never give more effort in a relationship more than the other person/people are giving you. If you do that, it's doormat city and you will be taken for granted.

Houses are better than apts but apts can still be fun, and even if you lived in a studio, if they were good people, they still would have come by a few times.

No. 1025290

>I am really scared he is going to do nothing again and I'm gonna be hurt again.

He is absolutely going to do this. Your bf's trash. He's never going to change. He will do as little as he can get away with. He will never care like you do.

Work on your self-esteem, and once you have some, leave him.

No. 1025294

First I well tell you about every meal I made since we last saw, then I will tell you about everything I did in the garden and around the house. Then I will update you on what my husband and sons did, then I will tell you about my plans regarding meals, and activities, then I will tell you what my family is planning to do.
Oh, already done? Let's revisit things I told you about in the past, do you still remember what my son did last summer and how I felt about it?

No. 1025296

Don't give him the card, unless he gives you one first. Seriously, if he gives you nothing, he gets nothing. Also, there is good chance he will get upset that he got nothing even though he got you nothing cause men are the worst.

No. 1025297

Don't know what your budget is but save up enough to get your car inspected by an mechanic before or after you buy it.

No. 1025299

Dear lord
Please free my people from the daddy kink
Dear god please
No more daddy kink

No. 1025302

Oh, man, my house is bad but not that bad. The stress of living like that is horrible. Hope that tax refund comes through.

No. 1025308

I would also be insanely aggravated if I had to go to shopping before work. Maybe next time you get those you can stock up the week before so no shopping needed that week. Should cut down on errands at least.

No. 1025311

It should be okay. Moving is always anxiety provoking, even it it's to a place you desperately wanted to move to. Sounds like you are moving into a situation like a dorm. It should go fine assuming your roommate is decent.

No. 1025316

File: 1642032761671.gif (1.36 MB, 498x396, cope-seethe-cope-cope.gif)

Today I had like my very first real-life conversation with a human male in my life, a normie male that wasn't gay or my teacher. I tried to be as little autistic as possible but when he asked me what do I think about people complaining so much these days and when he said his life has been so much better since he stopped complaining, I sperged out. I said some people can't help their circumstances and their suffering. And he said it's not true and anyone can change anything. I started talking about pesimist philosophy and how the pain wastly outweights the good things in life and how brains of unloved babies literally don't develop as well as those of loved babies and how those people can statistically struggle more often at school and job and in friendship and love, how depression is just a natural effect of our biologically programmed positivity bias running out and reality kickig in, and how most people struggle just so the few % can enjoy being rich etc. And he shrugged and was like "So what. As long as I'm fine and the closest to me are fine, it's ok and I don't care". And I got so angry, and he said that I can't save everyone and if someone wanted to think about all that stuff I think about, they would go crazy. And I was like "E X A C T L Y". I started huffing because I huff uncontrollably when I'm angry. And I could see the visible amusement on his face, which made me angry even more. It seemed like he was just teasing me, he's my coworker and he usually seems to take everything half seriously, so I wanted to see if he's able to be serious for a second when I'm 1 on 1 with him, but he kept the act. If it's even an act. Later I was explaining to him how Edward Bernays caused millions of women to start smoking because the propaganda he created sold smoking as a symbol of empowerment and that was the birth of corporate feminism, and I said how bad smoking is. I even said it vastly increases the risk of erectile dysfunction to see his reaction, given that he's a male and a blatant smoker. And he said that I think people shouldn't be born anyway so why do I care some men couldn't conceive babies. I explained I'm not talking from my point of view but that of average people and how they don't pay attention to their health despite wanting to breed and spread their genes. And he said "I'm not average, I feel special XD" just to fucking tease me. Fuck I fucking hate normie men! But then I started thinking that having a normie boyfriend could actually keep me grounded in a way, having a boyfriend whose personality resembles mine would be a suicide fuel. It feels very weird, because I feel hate towards that normie but, at the same time, some part of me wants to have a boyfriend like him. I still hate him though

No. 1025317

How does that usually cost? Do I just phone up a mechanic?

No. 1025319

an inspection before purchase is usually like $90-200, ime it was usually $90

No. 1025322

I hate my stupid retail job so much, today i had to juggle doing so many things at once and at the end of the day my manager spent the whole time basically scolding me because I’m not fast enough and that i keep expecting others to do things for me even though I work harder and know more than most my coworkers. I want to quit and leave them struggling because we’re short staffed already but I have barely any money and it’d be really dumb.

No. 1025324

how is this your first real life convo with a male? he sounds like a tremendously spoiled faggot btw

No. 1025327

he sounds spoiled and annoying, blackpilled gf x normie bf is based though

No. 1025328

>"So what. As long as I'm fine and the closest to me are fine, it's ok and I don't care"
He's not wrong.

No. 1025329

he really is very wrong

No. 1025332

ok doomer

No. 1025334

it's doomerism to consider others and want to protect others? btw having foresight to be able to protect those you care about and prepare for them isn't doomerism either. he's actually a terrible family member or friend if he isn't continually concerned with the state of things that may ultimately end up affecting those he loves shortly down the road. you sound irresponsible with no care or consideration for how policy ends up affecting your loved ones. short term thinking and a small circle of concern doesn't end up protecting your loved ones

No. 1025339

well it is, I was bullied by boys at grade school, then I was home schooled because I refused to go outside. I never had any male friends irl, just one on the internet. My only interactions with males were those school bullies, some of my teachers of male sex, male cashiers, basically absent father and an uncle who tried to molest me kek.

No. 1025340

understandable, i hope you meet some better people.

No. 1025353

It didn’t go that bad anon, at least he was answering back and didn’t throw any hurtful comments, if i did that with the moids in my life they would mercilessly make fun of my mannerisms or tone of voice instead of listen to me. Dw about it it wasnt that bad

No. 1025354

> God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
Obsessing over things outside of your control is actively harmful. Depressive realism is a cope. You can reason your way to being realistic without feeling bad about the state of things. Just pack an umbrella instead of wailing and gnashing your teeth about this deplorable world that will allow for humans to be drenched in water without their consent.
It does not follow that the world is full of pain, therefore it is delusional to not feel bad all the time. Emotions aren't logical.

No. 1025357

you can be appropriately concerned without being a doomer or depressed, just aware. not once have i said i am hopelessly depressed about the state of the world nor have i said he or anyone else needs to be consumed to the point of depression or even anywhere near it. poo-pooing everything anon said though and saying "who cares, i only care about my family" is retarded as hell.

No. 1025358

Nonnie, are you literally autistic?

No. 1025363

What the other anon said. Life is a struggle, it's not fair, people suffer and die but unless you are ready to become an activist and die for a cause there's no point in obsessively worrying about it. Too much empathy is not a good thing. It just leads to depression. Try to build a nice life for yourself and your family and go volunteer in spare time and help your community.

No. 1025364

Imagine if your coworker cornered you when you're alone and gave you a lecture about some weird niche interest you couldn't care less about and you keep giving her cues that you don't care and want to go away and she keeps talking and talking and eventually gets visibly upset so you try to make a joke to break the weird vibes and she freezes up and stares into space fantasizing about god knows what but you count your blessings and hurry away.

No. 1025365

>Try to build a nice life for yourself and your family and go volunteer in spare time and help your community.
that's literally what i already do and that's what i encourage. the dude above saying he doesn't care about anyone but his family isn't out here volunteering or recommending that anyone volunteer. these people who repeatedly parrot that they can't change anything and don't care are not the ones advocating for volunteering.

No. 1025368

if he was so seized by her weirdness he likely wouldn't have gone with this approach. i think you underestimate the amount of normie "haha i don't care, i'm doing great" dudes that dismiss any level of concern for others at all as if it's unreasonable. anon probably isn't that well socialized but i'd imagine were he so weirded out he'd just placate her with "oh, that's interesting, i'll check it out" and move along.

No. 1025372

It just took me 3 hours to run an errand that ultimately took me 20 minutes. I hate taking the bus so much but I can't afford a car and driving terrifies me. I'm fed up. I might as well start saving now.

No. 1025375

Good for you for volunteering. Encouraging it is good but people have their own lives to worry about, I don't see a point in getting mad over it.
He sensed the tism and seized the opportunity to get a rise out of her. Or he didn't know what to do and tried to diffuse the situation with humor.

No. 1025376

Can I just say that the audacity of men astounds me? Like even if I disagreed with someone at work, I can't imagine being sick enough to tease them about something they clearly cared about to the point where they were visibly upset. He had no tact at all, whereas I feel if women acted so arrogant and indifferent they'd be shamed for it.

But oh well, men are so privileged in social interactions that they don't have to worry about the ramifications of teasing female coworkers. I guess us women are conditioned to care more because we have genuine empathy for others, and we wouldn't want to go too hard at teasing males for shit they care about because of the risk of their harassment and violence if it goes too far in their minds.
What a rude dumbfuck.

No. 1025378

File: 1642035909785.gif (813.92 KB, 228x280, 3C9B584A-C4B6-4247-8D90-290E18…)

my internal monologue is getting even more invasive nowadays. i could simply just be watching a youtube video and mean impulsive thoughts flood my mind and i even vocally have to yell shut up at it before it starts abusing me with embarrassing memories. i’ve also been experiencing bizarre moments of feeling like i’m on the brink of discovering the universe and thinking i have finally exited my body but then the episode goes away in 5 seconds. usually happens out of no where or when i look at the mirror and then question how i’m even in this body and how i even have my name? i swear i’m not supposed to be here

No. 1025383

File: 1642035993612.png (38.83 KB, 419x431, q6p1i487y6f21.png)

I was diagnosed but I don't want anyone from work to know. They keep saying I'm just shy and I should be more open. Even the guy I spoken with said I'm too shy and I almost wanted to tell him but I gave up. I have to admit though, he's not trying to push me like other do, and he's not constantly teasing me like he does with other people, he seems to respect my boundaries, or maybe it's not because of respect, maybe he just thinks I can't take a joke. Anyway, I think he is at least a bit considerate of my feelings, if he was like those sadistic, narcissistic adult normies who like to passively aggressively bully quiet people, I would already know. He also helps me at work sometimes even when I don't ask him. And last time when I forgot to take my fork and I didn't have anything to eat my dinner with, he went back to our boss's office and brought me one of hers lmao. It was really nice of him.

No. 1025387

File: 1642036388641.jpg (39.33 KB, 848x661, 20220109-0001.jpg)

That's pretty cute, there's a guy at my job like that too. I'm kinda awkward and indirect and the normie guys sometimes don't get what I'm trying to say/ask, but he translates what I mean and helps me out with things. He also doesn't joke with me in ways I don't know how to answer to either. But he is pursuing a socially retarded drama queen, so rip.

Good luck with your love quest!

No. 1025389

Your guy sounds nicer than hers tbh

No. 1025391

As a quiet autistic I hate loud autistics. Honestly and obviously it's a totally different neurological disorder and I hate being piled in with them.

I hate mentioning I'm autistic to anyone and the first question in their head is probably "Are they the quiet-sperging-weirdo autistic or the biting-drooling-hand-flapping autistic?".

I hate that me, an actual autistic person, has been called "aBLeiSt" for even suggesting that there's a spectrum of abilities and intelligence and capacity for socialization.

I was on the campus shuttle today with a girl who kept rocking back and forth, stopping, flapping her hands, jingling her anime chibi keychain, and humming the same riff of a song over and over. I wanted to throttle her lol

No. 1025392

can relate anon, I've been trying to relax myself after work and just catching up on my favorite readings, just to constantly space out with invasive thoughts.
I can suggest to stop whatever you're doing and write your thoughts down, all the embarrassing memories and existential crisis spiraling thoughts. Let your brain flex and lie until it has its fill and finally leave you alone to your normal human everyday lives again.

No. 1025400

File: 1642037140301.jpg (163.6 KB, 2048x2048, tun28qcn5uy51.jpg)

>suggesting that there's a spectrum of abilities
It is quite literally called the autism spectrum, what kind of retards are arguing against that?

Frankly if someone can actually verbalise that they're autistic, I will assume they're the quiet spergy types. Low functioning autists are legitimately retarded, it really is like a totally different disorder.

No. 1025409

I'm in one of those moods again where I feel really empty and lonely and am full of thoughts like "no one will ever love you" or "you're going to be alone for the rest of your life" and it makes me feel shitty. But then I'll counter it with "well, if you're so lonely then why don't you just try to get a boyfriend?" but I know the answer is that I don't really want one (other than I guess I wouldn't be lonely anymore, but I assume you can still be lonely even with a boyfriend so the point is moot). So if I don't want a boyfriend or care about getting one, then why does the prospect of being lonely and unloved bothering me so much?! Why do I feel so lonely right now?? This is so frustrating lol. And it's not like I don't have friends, so I don't think I'm feeling this way just because I'm alone in general…

No. 1025410


Nowadays wokies are copping the whole "It's more like an abilities web than a sliding scale spectrum!" and say things like "An autistic person who seems to socialize and communicate very well can actually have much more issues problem-solving and taking care of themselves at home than a non-verbal non-communicative person!" Which is bullshit. They also say that terms like "low functioning" are ableist now.

No. 1025416

Are car sharing companies a thing in your country? If you know how to drive, you pay a certain sum a month and then you can rent a car drive around when you need it.

No. 1025418

Shitty jobs and shitty managers are maddening. If your manager doesn't deserve your effort, stop giving it and slack off like the rest of your co-workers. Good luck in finding your way to better work situation.

No. 1025424

> I can't imagine being sick enough to tease them about something they clearly cared about to the point where they were visibly upset.
It’s more fun with guys though because they’ll mock those who are more emotional but as soon as you tease them they start shaking and throwing up and crying. And then you can maintain a veneer of plausible deniability around it kek.

No. 1025429

I don't get why some anons are defending this guy and calling him "cute", I want to alog the shit out of him just from reading this.

No. 1025434

idk why but I have such a hard time starting things, to the point that I forget I even want to do things at all. I wish I could feel excitement or eagerness to do stuff. I'm not depressed, I'm just not sure what this is, I've struggled with it all my life.

No. 1025439

I'm so glad I don't live near train tracks because I'd be a bunch of minced meat by now. I'm so fucking hopeless and tired of having to deal with this stupid career path and this retarded shit brain that's unable to be normal or make friends. I don't want to associate with my retarded classmates. I don't want to work. I don't want to have children, I don't want to fall in love because whatever scrote I decide to marry will cheat eventually. I don't want to keep studying and getting decent grades. I'm fucking tired and no amount of money is worth this fucking miserable lonely tiring existence. Fuck this shit. What even is the point. This rant doesn't even make sense but I need to get it out. Sorry. Fuck this shit.

No. 1025461

>but as soon as you tease them they start shaking and throwing up and crying. And then you can maintain a veneer of plausible deniability around it kek.
Have you even spoken to a male, they just start screeching over you, or play the victim and make everyone hate you for being a cruel bitch or whatever.

No. 1025463

Idk what to say but I feel the same. It's just so tiring. Life is sterile meaningless and boring at best, and hell on earth at worst. It feels like there's some great pressure on me since I was born and I can't breathe.

No. 1025465

I've always had a bit of a weird voice, I don't really know why, and I was self conscious about it for most of my life.
As I grew up, I became more comfortable with it, and while I don't like it, nobody bullies me for it anymore.
Today though, I was playing video games and we had someone new join us, and when I speak he asks if I'm trans.
I never want to speak again, do I really sound like one of them? The thought of it is just so gross to me, I feel sick.

No. 1025467

File: 1642044234392.png (44.84 KB, 340x263, D2903360-9EDE-4C27-BC3F-DA0265…)

I’m like this too, I think of it as activation energy and that helps me manage it better.

No. 1025473

Retail jobs are a dime a dozen right now, find a better one and dump them.

No. 1025485


Back in the MySpace olden days I was a "scene queen" with a massive following but nobody seemed to even care or check-in on me without it being a ploy to ask me for a 'profile feature' (essentially a promo). I felt so lonely and honestly that was the saddest time in my entire life.

15 years later and I'm surrounded by a handful of people who dote on me and I dote on them. I feel very spoiled.

I don't think it'll take you 15 years, but just know that that part of your life is not who you are. The talent and inspiration you provide is very real and valid to your identity, but all of those followers and clout shouldn't be chalked up in your mental inventory of emotional assets.

Find yourself some good affectionate buddies IN REAL LIFE (this part is important) who will spoil you rotten. I've found my closest friends through local events that interested me, like vintage markets and karaoke nights.

I wish you the best! It will be ok.

No. 1025486

I need to break up with my boyfriend. I'm so done with him, and everything he does grates on my ears. I can't believe I stuck around for a year with a moid who has a receding hairline and who's idea of a conversation is talking at me about his spergy interests and interrupting me when I try to get a word in. I guess this is what happens when you're lonely between the constant lockdowns and working from home. The thing is I hate breaking up with people. I don't like uncomfortable conversations, and this ranks for me as the most uncomfortable kind of conversation to have. Especially in this instance where the reasons I'm breaking up with him are because I know I'm too good for a balding scrote who always smells like dust and moths, is too autistic to register and understand basic emotions, and doom scrolls every minute of the day and loves to talk about it. Being around him single-handedly lowers my self esteem because I feel like I've lowered my standards significantly for him.
But that's not something you can really say when you're breaking up with someone, I'm thinking I'll just say some vague bullshit like realising we aren't compatible. We also frequent all the same bars so I'll inevitably run into him again so I want to keep it on civil terms.

I've never been dumped before, but situations like this make me wish he could take the hint that I find him insufferable and he would do the service himself.

He barged into my place to give me back something of mine last night when I only thought he was dropping it off, staying for over an hour and just rambling to me while I sat there and silently seethed. Nothing he says ever sounds coherent, if you met him on the street you would think he's fried from years of drug abuse. I was literally standing in the doorway and he just pushes past me without asking if he could come inside (near midnight when I had work the next day, mind you) and acts like it's nothing. He has no consideration for others what so ever. He acts like a soft boy and is simultaneously a doormat whilst being the most obnoxious and rude person I've ever met. That's the unchecked autism for you, no one in his life has probably ever pulled him up for the way he behaves.

I can't wait to break up with him and get it over with, I want to be freed of him. I don't want to have to think about him, or worry about having to be around him. But I'm also lacking the strength to just do it. It would need to be in person so next week is best, but my god I'm dreading it. I'm dreading the long winded conversation, I'm dreading him resisting initially and telling me he wants to try and fix it when there's nothing to fix.
I'm dreading going around in circles because he won't be able to comprehend my reasons just how he literally cannot comprehend his own emotions. I'm breaking up with a 32 year old man but my god he feels like an immature child. Give me the strength nonnies I beg you. I can't keep allowing the human equivalent of nails on a chalk board in my life, in my apartment.

No. 1025488

File: 1642045945996.jpeg (93.78 KB, 375x499, 651014A4-39FD-46AA-BB24-E8A9B3…)

This you? Mad respect if so

No. 1025491

Just get it over and done with, do it over text if necessary. I was in the same boat a few months ago and dated some absolute 32 year old suicide baiting pussy that I felt responsible for. Long story short, he’s still alive and being annoying, and I get to have my free time and my life back without speaking to him again.

No. 1025493

AYRT how did you do it? What did you tell him?

No. 1025494


No I was not Lexi Lush lol but I did have cotton candy hair like that for a short while. I mostly stuck with pinks or platinum! A coon tail now and then.

No. 1025512

I googled it, the number is actually half that and it’s only that high because New Zealand’s definition of homeless is incredibly broad. For instance, if you moved to New Zealand and lived with your friend’s family in their house you would be counted as homeless, because you’re living with someone else’s household. If you define homeless like normal people do the number is tiny:

> In 2009, urban homelessness (rough sleepers or improvised dwellings) were estimated at less than 300, while rural homelessness (improvised dwellings) was estimated between 500 and 1000.

No. 1025513

I am re-watching the Louis Theroux documentary on the brothel and it is so depressing, as is to be expected. What inspired me to write this message, though, is how a young girl is there to support her child and family, but only temporarily, according to the female owner, who was previously a prostitute herself. Sorry for all of the commas, kek. Anyway, it is absolutely horrendous to hear how sanctimoniously this woman mentions it. Just casually helping a girl by traumatising her so she can get through college. It is so vile and abusive. Putting this poor girl who already has to provide for her siblings and most likely a teenage pregnancy through such horrible trauma, but telling her it's a good thing and will help her go to college. It is a form of gaslighting, in my opinion, and probably what that woman's filthy ex-customer husband did to her. I'm probably making no sense with my excessive use of titles and relationships, but it is so so so disgusting. I want to punch that woman so badly. She and her husband have enough money to run a different kind of business for young girls to gain support from, like a restaurant. But of course they don't do that, because the woman was "saved" by one of her customers who decided to marry her and is probably living out some sort of disgusting fetish this way. One of the girls there was freshly 19… I'm turning 19 in a few months, it makes my stomach turn. ugh

No. 1025515

>blackpilled gf x normie bf is based though
So true

No. 1025521

Samefag, I wonder how these girls manage to have sex when they usually probably are not interested at all. Women tend to close up when they aren't ready for sex, and they probably will get a UTI or other ailment as a result.

No. 1025530

File: 1642049271104.jpg (350.03 KB, 1920x1536, IMG_20220112_224434.jpg)

The girl who is playing Snow White is so brain dead, must be why her eyes are 10 feet apart. Anyways why does Disney keep making live action remakes if they aren't going to be good to begin with? Im really missing their golden years of hand drawn animation.

No. 1025539

>protect trans voices, uplift trans voices uwu
I'm not uplifting shit

No. 1025542

Sorry! I am physically incapable of lifting trans voices or bodies.

No. 1025544

How do you make friends with people in vintage markets or karaoke bars?

No. 1025545

I like looking at the Luna thread to see what kind of garbage she buys but at the same time I can’t help but seethe that she spends her money on cheap crap and not on getting her place and dirty stuffed animals cleaned up.

No. 1025548

That’s where the veneer of plausible deniability comes in. Weaponize their screeching; act threatened by it, almost. You smile and apologize but act like you don’t know what are you apologizing for — “I’m not sure what’s wrong but I’m so sorry, was it the joke that upset you? I won’t joke again” — and then they’ll be caught between wanting to screech and shame at their own outburst. Most likely they’ll quickly back down and act super cool and collected, but anyhow they’ll end up seeming like the mentally unstable retards.

No. 1025560

can someone tell me everything is going to be okay, the thing i saw about me wasn't real, and that my brain is just exaggerating it; so I can just get back to my day doing normal thing like cooking, I have to cook now without having another meltdown

No. 1025561

File: 1642051498792.jpeg (38.58 KB, 400x400, 1B6B29CE-5608-41F5-93BD-9BB475…)

She is ugly as fuck fr. Fairest of the land where? The goonies?

No. 1025569

File: 1642051700981.jpeg (379.23 KB, 631x883, 528E9DF9-0696-4A21-BDCC-BA7A0D…)

ThE fAiReSt Of ThE LaNd

No. 1025581

File: 1642052395875.jpeg (151 KB, 828x813, ErUD9ZiW8AECMww.jpeg)

No. 1025593

File: 1642053409948.jpeg (56.61 KB, 766x771, F84BFAF9-EC6E-473C-B0EC-791B12…)

Well blog but He used to go on mantrums over the most minor shit and was lazy and self sabotaging. A few times in the relationship he would imply that I “saved” him and that he wouldn’t be able to “cope” without me and it made me feel so much pressure. Also told me he loved me after our second date and told everyone I was his gf without officially asking me out. He would pick jobs below his skill because of muh anxiety and then moan and bitch that they where boring and the py was shit and he had no money and he still lived with his parents. He would piss and moan about being “bullied” in high school just bc some people teased him about not having gf. He would also go on pathetic road rage tantrums that would give ME anxiety, and I told him this because I’ve been in a fucking car accident before, but he never gave a shit. When I brought it up he basically told me “well you don’t drive so stfu” so basically I just had to put up with it. This all accumulated one day when he was driving me home and he was completely testerical screaming and shouting behind the wheel and smashing his hands around while I sat there like picrel, about being poor and muh depression and all of his self inflicted problems and it just turned me off so much I just couldn’t even speak to him. I ghosted him for 2 days before telling him “I am having doubts about our relationship”. He went on a complete meltdown and basically did the hard work for me (you’re breaking up with me because you can’t handle my mental illness and you think I’m a loser, he said. I lied and said no you’re a great person!! I’m just young and immature!) he kept reaching out to me and I would either ignore or give a benign reply back. Now he’s stopped texting me completely and I’m glad. All of this was over text and it was easy af.

No. 1025598

He was geniunely not bad. If some autist girl was huffing and puffing with some philosophy at me at work, I'd just make an excuse to leave, at least he entertained the conversation and didn't throw any personal jabs at you.

No. 1025601

Idk why people are hating on him, like I get he’s a scrote but he was much more polite than I would have been kek. I see nothing wrong with his behaviour. Like how do nonnies expect him to fucking act? “Wow queen, please huff and puff more about how smoking is making my dick floppy while we are at work, you’re such an intelligent woman”
I mean I’m not trying to hate on nonny, I’m autistic as fuck too and highly combative to boot, I’d probably get along with her very well.

No. 1025604

A casting should not have to confirm to race or ethnicity but it should conform skin color hair color and features. She is a bad snow white, best snow white was lily collins and kristin kreuk. Maybe that broad should play jasmin from alladin tbh. An albino shouldnt play tiana right? I want a black woman to play tiana but if a white woman would play it i’d vouch it just to spite woke folks. I’m not white btw. I just don’t understand why basic casting principles have changed. Will men play female characters and vice versa?

No. 1025613

i am worried about the american ecomnomy.

No. 1025614

They’ve already got a faggot playing Cinderella’s fairy godmother so yes. I’m just amazed at how ugly this woman is and I would be even if she played jasmine or whoever. She’s just too ugly to play a princess. She looks like an ugly stepsister, and has the same jealous and catty personality, and we are all supposed to pretend she’s beautiful (fair) to be woke? Normally I wouldn’t say shut about it or care but she’s a rancid person with a hateboner for opinionated and self made women.

No. 1025617

Yeah, if your first one-on-one conversation with a guy is with indirectly insulting his sexual life with the cigs and erectile dysfunction thing and he took it lightheartedly, that's as smooth as a convo with a scrote can go kek. Scrotes around me don't even listen to what I have to say related to work much less take my philosophical musings seriously. But then, I also dislike people getting too in my business while I'm just waiting to clock out at work. Nonnie got too into it since it was her first convo, hope she can get better at social situations.

No. 1025618

6 am, im fucking drunk, i would say that im rotten, but im not, feel more like a ruins reclaimed by the nature, abandoned, this life is worth to live, but i feel like there is nothing out there, i wish i could be and AI, i can handle living, but at the same thing seems futile becuase its pure loneliness, even if i got +1000 replies or whatever shit this vent is still worthles, just one ranting more, dont get me wrong, i love living and all the things that the lifes offer, but being alone for 20+ years and realizing that you are going to spend the rest of your live alone will crush the soul of anyone, anyways, i love being alive all the chances that future can bring, i would rather to stay alone that getting the attention of the average retard people, this is pure inconsistent ranting from some drunk bastard, what could i say, i love being alive, but there is no "purity" to be matched, not even a bit and if there is it, its too far, internet in some way its a mistake, it make us realize that there are people like us somewhere, but far away from our reach, it fucking burns our souls, i wish i could do something, literally something, but i can, everyone have a rotten sould and i can smell it, i can play their little roleplaying game but i would rather to be a "true form" im going to die alone, if you are reading this, you are reading something a bit unique, i have values, i decided to live my life following them, if it leads me to a (emotinally) painful end i will gladly accpet it, there is nothing more worth than that, its the only true thing in this wasteland life, i wish i could avoid every single one of you in my life but at the same time i wish i could have someone THAT SOMEONE, not a lot, just 1, you dont need more, all of this people and i just need 1, everyone need 1 but no one wants to be the one, fucking bullshit, i still remmeber that ratard from my college "there is always someone beeter", kinda true but unable to see the potential of the human, people like this are worthless who can understand souls as potential, people who trhow their potential for some way of seeing peopel as a "better", bullshit, you are all fucking stupid, numb heart, i just cant feel an eternal disgust, i just can sit and see the time passing, and getting a bit more "boring" with you every year, its not even disgust, its just "im so fucking done, you dont have nothing to offer more than the ideas that you think i would like", there is no real peope, just people who want to be accepted, just the "natural" thing, people getting adapted to a harsh social enviroment, and you may survive, but at wast cost, you are losing your soul, everyone is losing their soul, future is going souless, i will chase a dream until the sweet end comes, i alredy can feel that im going to have a sad dead, but it will be worth since i lived follwoing my ideas and values, im so proud, its crushing my soul, but its worth, and who knows, as long as there is a tomorrow there is hope, you never know, i think there is no hope with me, but i guess that you never know, i love and hate the internet, you all are fake, you lie, you think you are worht but you are not, you ask for things that you cant even offer, yet you are so elinghten, its the last human form, we are just living a dream, this makes no fucking sense, if there is someone that liked this fukcing stupid rant, i would probaly despite you, if you think i would not, then i woudl love you, but there is the internet! so whatever, you just got a peak of something nice but its unreachable, bad luck.
im not going to die, im already dead, and not in a way of a "emo" vision, at the moment that you need "hope" to be alive you are alredy dead, you are in some kind of limbo "discount" time, you are living the potential line, yet you cant do nothing to get out of there, just sit and enjoy the ride.
What else can i say? i love being alive, i love every second on this rotten heart, you any of you are truly real, yet i could kinda love any of you <3
Dont sell your soul for anything.

No. 1025630

thanks nonnita, I just took a hot shower and blasted my ears with music. Feeling much better now.

No. 1025632

because he sounds fucking annoying, i would've gotten way angrier than OP did, and she said he asked her opinion first.

No. 1025633

I hate how easy it is to just default to reading lolcow or other sites instead of DOING something after work. I feel guilty for not giving my hobbies the attention I used to give them because I'm so burnt out, and then I feel fucking guilty because I'm so lucky I'm even in my work situation so why am I burnt out in the first place? I make great money, I work from home, I do actually love my job…so why is it so hard to DO something after 5pm? And then instead of trying, I'm just here venting again. I was fine pretty much up until New Year, and then it's like this realization of this is how things are going to be for a very long time sunk in and I just started not trying.

No. 1025635

File: 1642057916312.jpg (227.8 KB, 1076x727, Screenshot_20220113-080756_Gal…)

Could this be considered man hate or something? Because after I posted this in my story my brothers gf, who I actually like, replied to me saying basically "haha not all men are bad". I'm ESL but this doesn't seem to be anything nevative?

She's also straight (and I'm bi but don't date men) so I wonder if she just doesn't get it or felt called out or what.

No. 1025638

your brothers gf is a turbo pick me

No. 1025643

Last night someone was playing music nearby and even when I turned on my fan and wore ear plugs I could still hear the bass. I ended up having an autistic meltdown and hitting myself over the head a bunch of times. I only ended up falling asleep because I put in earbuds even though they hurt to lie on and just suffering. I hate when I get like this because my neighbors could probably hear me screaming and crying and I'm so fucking embarrassed. Now I have to hope whatever loser was partying last night isn't doing it again today. I wish I wasn't like this and I wish this world didn't hate me so much.

No. 1025649

Are you in a house or apartment? Any way to file a noise complaint?
Get some earmuffs like the ones they use in construction

No. 1025651

no open world game will ever compare to Morrowind

No. 1025652

File: 1642059024630.jpg (63.99 KB, 602x264, 1641547942567.jpg)

>Work from home
Maybe it's because I've never had an office job, but I've never understood how office workers just blob out on their computer after work. I come home from scaffolding in the hot sun and it's a good contrast being able to be on a computah, being able to sit down and do nothing. But hell, the idea of sitting at a computer for 8 hours only to finish my shift and then sit at the computer just seems weird, I understand why you hate it. I get burnt out too but that's because I have landscaping after work to get through and it's psychical, but I'm happy to sit at my computer and play puzzle games, post here or whatever.

Have you considered that you don't get enough exercise and sunlight in nonna? Maybe try forcing yourself to do a strenous physical activity right after work, something you don't have to think too much for like the gym, or a sport. Something like twilight tennis where you can play with others and have fun. I don't know what your other hobbies are, but if they're something cerebral like violin or writing then it probably won't do it. Sorry for the unsolicited advice, your post just reminded me of my friends a bit.

No. 1025657

My best friend got into a relationship with a really controlling girl and no longer talks to me, I don't think she's allowed to. It's been two months now and I'm in therapy and I thought it would hurt less but yesterday morning I cut her name into my thigh while crying and listening to Lana on repeat. I've really never been this pathetic in my life and I don't know how to get over it.

No. 1025659

No, please don't be sorry at all. I really appreciate it. I think the lack of sunlight might be a huge problem. I work in a different timezone than the one I live in, so by the time work is done, the sun is already long gone. It's nice because I've always been a night owl and I get to stay up late, but I should start taking walks during my lunch or something.

My big hobby is drawing and my job is all typing, so I've always been worried about picking up a sport that could injure my wrists but maybe something like aerobics would do the trick.

No. 1025660

your best friend is not a friend at all if she's doing that to you.

No. 1025661

Sorry anon, I know how you feel. I really recommend a white noise machine for any other fellow autists, it’s honestly changed my life and made my small apartment so much more bearable. I have it turned up loud in my room and I pretty much never hear my neighbors or cars outside anymore.

No. 1025662

Well, she isn't now, no, but I also don't blame her for it, I've been in an abusive relationship before myself and it started exactly like this. Her new girlfriend is such a fucking psycho so if I hate anyone it's her. I just want my best friend back.

No. 1025664

you're carving her name into your body, not sure youre so good for her either ffs

No. 1025668

I live in an apartment but the noise sounded very faint like it was from another building. I don't believe in filing complaints or calling the cops anyways because it only does so much, the one time I complained they went right back to playing their music anyway.
I'm so sensitive to sound that I need to drown it out with more noise but if I play music eventually that starts to bother me too. I've tried turning my radio on to static but the sound is too annoying. I guess I'm meant to suffer until I move out of the city.

No. 1025670

File: 1642059605390.jpg (154.08 KB, 989x1321, FI8U-_AVUAMvhsU.jpg)

>I thought it would hurt less but yesterday morning I cut her name into my thigh
…what the fuck?

No. 1025674

I'm noise sensitive too. I don't know what your apartment rules are, but can you mount things? Maybe get some noise dampening blankets off Amazon. They've helped me a bit.

No. 1025675

Ayrt, you really should try a white noise machine. They’re fairly cheap and way better than a radio. I have my machine set to a constant loud fan-like noise and it perfectly drowns everything out without being obnoxious (like radio static).

No. 1025678

It was a visualization thing. I could feel that she was hurting me but couldn't see it, you know? Now I can. Idk it helps somehow. But I wouldn't do this kind of thing if I wasn't out of fucking meds. The doctors are shit here.

No. 1025679

As someone who lost a dear friend to a psycho husband, I feel for you anon. It isn't her fault but I hope she can one day get out of there and find help. Do you know if she's physically abusive?

No. 1025680

I have no clue but I hope not. She seems more like the manipulative/mindfucky type. I've written a letter to my friend's parents along with her ex gf (who was threatened by the new one) so I really hope they can intervene somehow. Unfortunately psycho girlfriend has manipulated her into U-Hauling to the other end of the country where she knows literally nobody else. Doesn't exactly help matters.

No. 1025687

File: 1642061252529.jpg (799.09 KB, 1000x1300, 1597849679610.jpg)

the transience of imageboards is both comforting and sad. take the hnk threads on /a/, for example; i'm checking through the archives for moments that made me laugh and it's simply wild to think i spent years of my life in those generals, with people who will always remain total strangers to me – or, y'know, anonymous.

sad to think the fun times are gone, too. those anons i met are scattered to the winds of the internet now.

i also think i'm going to die soon, so maybe that's why i'm getting so emotional. my weird chest pain (which has lasted since mid 2018, 24/7) is getting worse and i get so tired just from a quick dance around my room. though i don't know, maybe that's just from covid idleness and my body can't handle it.

No. 1025688

Jesus now I cringe at this post so bad, he definitely thinks I'm crazy or dumb and will never take me seriously again. I know from someone that he had a pretty good opinion on me in the beginning. But I bet he lost it now. It was better when I didn't talk at all and I was just a silent worker doing my work well. The more I speak the worse it gets. I'm too ashamed to even go near him

I forgot to mention that I was sitting next to him every break, because yesterday we were basically alone on our shift, and not only I thought it would be awkward sitting somewhere else but I also found talking to someone 1 on 1 much easier than when there's a group of people and I wanted to give it a try. I never talked to him that much because there were always other coworkers around. He probably thinks I tried to hit on him because I've never behaved like this before. He sat next to me on our first break and that's when I sperged out for the first time, and next break he sat somewhere else lmao and that should be the clue for me to stop I guess, but I asked if he minds if I sit next to him and he was like it's ok, then next break I did it again but without asking. I'm really going to off myself. Should I go to him and apologize for being too intrusive? Or will it make it worse?

No. 1025689

maybe her new gf helped her realize youre a psycho jfc

No. 1025692

See a doctor if your country isn't too fucked, I'm worried about you nonnie

No. 1025694

I love you, no bullshit, I really do, it hurts me to see you feel this way sometimes nonna

No. 1025697

get checked for heart problems and lung collapse or lung blebs which cause collapse.

No. 1025708

>lung blebs
Who gave such a silly name to such a serious condition, I thought they had strict naming standards in medicine

No. 1025709

>hurr hurr how do you not have time for homework?


It pisses me off how our team leader expects us to do "homework" for work as if we don't have shit to do. I'm not going to sit extra 3 hours after an 8 hour shift on the computer. Who do you think cooks or cleans?

No. 1025713

I was with you until the
>I cut her name into my thigh while crying
part. I think there's a reason her new girlfriend doesn't let her see you nonny, good god.

No. 1025714

I really don't mean to be rude, but it might be for the best if you leave her alone, nonna.

No. 1025716

Your best friend's gf isn't letting her see you because you have problems and probably are bad for her. The fact you so casually said you cut her name in your thigh(!) is pretty telling.

No. 1025725

nonny just say you're autistic and/or prone to rambling/ranting. you can say sorry if you want but he was also kind of annoying too so don't grovel like a sod, that'll make you look more neurotic.

No. 1025727

File: 1642066966041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.44 KB, 1200x1200, file-20191011-96208-ur76yz.jpg)

Fancy word for 'free overtime'. I hate your manager.

No. 1025736

File: 1642068711324.gif (2.78 MB, 435x250, ScratchyConcernedBobolink-size…)

angery that my best friend went from 100% misandrist, anti natalist "extremist" radfem to slightly radfem leaning but now moids aren't the problem all of a sudden bc she's now anti vaxx, calls liberalism marxism and is an anti semite. this shit sucks.

No. 1025737

she sounded awesome before. that really sucks. how did she transform so quickly??

No. 1025741

she started being paranoid about the vaxx and restrictions (fair enough) mid 2021 but moved in with her retard cousin who introduced her to all this bullshit. if I criticize her I'm either being unfairly hostile or, per her words, not awake to everything. earlier in the week she asked me to mention to any RF friends that she wanted to get an online group of "blackpilled" feminist women together but I have yet to do so bc she went on a vague tirade about how men aren't the problem. her implication was that it's the jews fault and possibly aliens or demons?

No. 1025745

sad but she sounds like she was probably retarded in the first place and only taking on the opinions of others. you just can't come to those former conclusions and then abandon them so easily for boomer tier garbage

No. 1025746

How the fuck ….did she even manage? She sounds like the spitting image of me but I'm vaccinated. I can't even imagine.

No. 1025749

Or she's being manipulated and brainwashed by her cousin.

No. 1025750

My parents took out an apartment in town for my little brother who is in high school because he didn’t want to go to the school here for whatever reason.
I didn’t start my studies this year out of concern that I’d end up dropping out and be a burden, and this happens.
My parents sure as hell can’t afford two rents, so what am i supposed to do now? Study from home? When I’ve found a subject and a university i like? This is so unfair. They would’ve never done it for me if i were in my brother’s place.

No. 1025755

before she moved in with her, she shat on her (female) cousin often and called her a stoner/burn out. of course when they got together she's suddenly a stoner. I wonder if the excessive weed triggered something in her.

No. 1025757

Why rely on your parents when you can work and rent out something yourself?

No. 1025759

she just evolved. such is life

No. 1025765

thing is tho I was secretly deeply into all the shit she spouts now but I guess because I don't think I'm going to be gassed for not taking the jab I'm not woke. ultimately, despite her mewling about unwokeness, the misandry switch was most alarming. now she's tolerating being told by men to prostitute herself.

No. 1025766

nah she just sounds like someone that takes on the personalities and beliefs of the people she's around. ultimately not a huge loss for you personally then if she's so malleable

No. 1025769

oh so you're retarded too?

No. 1025770

It’s ok Nonny, we love and accept you as you are, you huffing, puffing big bad autistic wolf <3

No. 1025772

lol prob but tbh I'm tipsy; I meant I have been aware of this ~esoteric~ shit for nearly a decade and enjoy going on /x/ every few months, so technically I'm "awake". not an anti semite or weirdo possible-evangelical. I know my verbiage is messy but this situation with her is so confusing to me.

No. 1025773

Only way i could work here is from home, and so far i haven’t landed a job. I’m still trying to get my license to drive something else than a tractor.

No. 1025775

Is it possible you could just not do it and ignore him? Or refuse? Make it clear that work stays at work and that’s your philosophy.

No. 1025777

literally none of what you've mentioned about what she now believes is at all esoteric, it's like extremely, disturbingly mainstream. it's one thing to be aware of it, but if you actually believe it, that's just very sad

No. 1025778

stfu, begone angry spirit.
>now she's tolerating being told by men to prostitute herself.
yeah that's a no-no. maybe she never internalized spiels from radfeminism and likes to be contrarian. or she's a goof who cant think for herself

No. 1025786

I honestly agree with you. the stuff she spouts is extremely male boomer-tier.

No. 1025788

i'm an angry spirit for acknowledging that these beliefs are commonly spouted by your average facebook addicted american 65 year old? i like that you draw the line at the dumb as fuck normalization of prostitution but are ok with an alleged radfem who makes a shift to anti-semitism and a deluded belief that liberalism is anywhere close to marxism. literally none of her new set of beliefs are compatible with radical feminism, some of them aren't even remotely factually correct

No. 1025791

The whole group did that today and we got yelled at. It's still considered part of our training, which is dumb because the shit takes 8 hours per day. We also have tests at the end of the week. Just never work for any telecom ever

No. 1025792

oh so you meant you just literally are aware of them. yeah she's deluded about how underground these thoughts are. these people are like everywhere irl. i'm surprised she hadn't encountered them way sooner. bizarre.

No. 1025797

sigh literally you sound angry nonna. we all die in the end. go eat some fruit

No. 1025798

yeah nona, exactly. we've been what she calls best friends for a little over two years even though it's via online- we're quite literally on the opposite sides of our continent. thanks for listening and replying to me by the way, it helps to be heard. but yeah, I dunno what to do. obviously her views don't effect my life tangibly other than my own personal issues with them. it's annoying, though, to be told any questioning is hostility, disingenuous or faulty, etc. I really admired this woman and now all I feel is cringe.

No. 1025827

I cancelled an appointment because I was too anxious to leave the house and I still have to pay $100 for it. I understand but it sucks. I feel so stupid and wasteful but I was stuck in bed crying.

No. 1025833

Nonny who cares what some scrote thinks about you! Be cringe and be free. This one sounds like he sucks anyway, you'll talk to many more men in your life.

No. 1025846

no problem anon. honestly though i get it, like, not only must it feel like losing a close friend even if it's online, but also on a large scale, it's really annoying to have these people who are so weirdly pliable enter super niche rf spaces only to do these bizarre 180s. it's so disappointing. hopefully you meet more people with a solid sense of identity and beliefs or maybe she'll grow into a more secure and fully formed person over time. she sounds young. here's to hoping either way!

No. 1025873

I might sound super dramatic but i honestly feel like absolute shit because of my wisdom tooth removal. I haven't eaten properly in almost a week and i got my period so i feel lightheaded af on top of being malnourished. i can't eat soups anymore and they're not filling anyway. I barely eat anything. I'm already underweight i'm afraid i'll look like a fucking skelly by next week. I've been crying all day because of this.

No. 1025885

Hey nona, wisdom tooth removal sucks! The healing process afterwards sucks! When I got my bottom two removed, they were impacted so I had to get stitches and I was in pain for a whole week. I did everything right but I just wasn't one of those people where the pain went away within 3-4 days. I was so fucking hungry all the time because I couldn't have proper, filling meals to the point where it brought me back to the days where I had a shit relationship with food and constantly hungry and thinking about my next meal because I was starving myself.

I hope you'll heal up enough to be able to eat more solid food soon. Why not try congee? It's still not very filling unless you eat a lot, but keeps you satiated a little more than soup does. It'll be a little gross (depending on your standards) but what about instant noodles or pasta soups and then overcooking the noodles a bit so they're easy enough to mush and break up with just your tongue and the roof of your mouth? If you like fish, I think steamed fish is good since it's soft without heading into gross mush territory. I ate fish congee after I got my uppers removed recently.

No. 1025912

My guilty pleasure is 90 day fiance. Love that shit. Pure chaos.
But I hate the fact it's so popular now it's considered fine for men to watch. Usually, they decry reality TV as shit and fake. They've taken over the 90 day fiance sub now though. I used to post there years ago and it could be pretty fun, but now there are moids EVERYWHERE.

And they're so fucking sexist. Every woman not from america is looking for a green card. Doesn't matter if she's from a nice country with a good job, she's a fucking scammer. One woman that left her children to get settled in the US and bring them over is shamed constantly, yet a man from the same series that had 5 kids with 4 different women and only sees 1 of them is a sub favorite. Old men picking up women 20 years younger than them from poorer countries is A-OK.

Also every woman is an "abuser" on this show according to them and they bring up "sexist towards men" CONSTANTLY. There was a fight between a couple and he blocked the door so she pushed him. That happened YEARS ago and everytime that womann is posted the comments are full of "THIS ABUSER IF SHE WAS a MAN…" bitch if she was a man her bf would never have blocked the fucking door.

Right now there's a little person on the show dating this american hipster. He's such a manipulator, and she's not great but my GOD the hate towards her. They say she catfished him because "he didn't know HOW little she was" like they hadnt been camming and known each other 15 years before they even met. But it's HER fault he took 0 interest in her and her body and limitations. The guy booked a fucking hotel without a handicapped accessible room and it's HER fault even though he is fully aware she uses a wheelchair.

I just read on that sub heavily upvoted comments saying women "are bad comedians because all they do is joke about sex" and "everyone knows women get turned on if you buy them cars" and of course, no removal. One of the male mods on the subreddit, alexbrobrafeld, is a literal nazi that harassed a 14-year-old girl with awastika's and verbal abuse because HE DIDN'T LIKE HER OPINION ON TEEN MOM.

Men love to talk about how toxic women are but holy shit. They took over that place and dragged it down to such a level I cant even check there anymore. And don't get me started on the pickmes that love to chime in about how "unfair" these women on the show are for wanting a man to buy them a nice ring or something. If a man on the show is attractive whatever woman he's with is going to get attacked by the old women that watch this show.

Men ruin fucking everything. I fucking hate it. If I'm not losing communitites to trannies it's this shit.

No. 1025919

Didn't they at least give you some good painkillers? I barely remember anything about the week after I had mine out because of the ones they prescribed for me. But no matter what it really sucks to not be able to eat much or do much, I hope it heals fast and you feel better soon.

No. 1025928

Both you of you sound like me and other people I know when we are crazy depressed. Apparently, non-depressed people like being alive, even if they are in difficult situations.

No. 1025930

You probably don't. If you have weird voice, then the guy was looking for a reason for it and settled on trans.

No. 1025935

>I was literally standing in the doorway and he just pushes past me without asking if he could come inside (near midnight when I had work the next day, mind you) and acts like it's nothing.

You know it's actually ok for you to tell anyone who shows up at your house at midnight trying to visit 'you need to get fuck out because who the hell shows up at midnight trying to visit and i have to work tomorrow dumbass'?

>I'm dreading the long winded conversation, I'm dreading him resisting initially and telling me he wants to try and fix it when there's nothing to fix.

Don't have a long winded conversation. Just tell him "I'm ending this relationship because my feelings have changed and I don't want to be in a relationship with you any longer." Then whatever he says back, "I just don't want to be in a relationship and there is nothing that can change my mind" and that it's, over and over again. Don't engage with any of his arguments.

Good luck nonnie, you can do this. Just focus on how good you will feel once you are done with him.

No. 1025938

Same for me anon. People online would always ask if I was trans or assumed I was a lesbian cuz I have a very deep and boyish voice

No. 1025947

I love vent threads because they're like one big shared diary. It's sweet. That's all

No. 1025949

>when its nearing time to go to sleep and your stomach starts getting hungry
FUCK OFFFFFF! Don't even wanna eat, just gonna shove a granola bar down my throat.

No. 1025950

Parents up go all out for their sons but don't support their daughters are so awful. Sorry, they put you in this situation. Have you talked to your parents about university? Any family who can talk them into supporting you over him? Can you look for other ways to support yourself? I'm sorry you've learned the hard way that you have to put yourself first in the family.

No. 1025952

Anxiety is the pits. Here's to better days for you nonnie.

No. 1025954

If you are in a ton of pain, talk to your dentist about it.

Have you tried meal replacement drinks like Ensure, its not good food but it should keep you from being malnourished.

No. 1025955

She sounds like the type of person who doesn't really care about the beliefs themselves as long as she can NLOG and be a contrarian to make herself feel special smart. And yes, I do believe some radfems are still trying to distinct themselves from other women by hating men.

No. 1025961

I think I'm too out there with my interest and they're not that mad but I just think the combination of me and getting tongue tied when I want to expel a lot of information fast makes me come across mental. Perhaps I am though and that's really the crux of this vent.

No. 1025971

No. 1025978

I'm laughing so hard
>the jews and aliens at fault for the degradation of modern society
Because of how politics work nowadays a lot of right winger women believe themselves to be radical feminists because they hate libtards and "whores". But that's not actually radical feminism. Radical feminism is leftism and it's analysis emphasizes how men oppress women including through prostitution. A radical feminist is not supposed to think about aliens or jews but literally about men, because men are the ones that have destroyed society and that have even made prostitution possible.

No. 1025986

based nowadays pppl think what liberals talk about is actually Marxism which isn't. Most political doctrines are interpreted incorrectly in modernity

No. 1025994

File: 1642091640709.jpeg (77.43 KB, 480x423, 09EB11DE-9883-4A36-ADBB-5B2E36…)

Nonnas I’m tired of feeling emotions when I’m hurt. I don’t want to care but I also do. Facts no feelings persona is really hard to do when you’re a very emotional/avoidant person but it’s really hard to pay attention and try to get distract your stupid and incredibly loud thoughts from dominating your mind. I’m not a good person but at least I’m not romanianon, I just want a good day I no longer feel long bursts of joy or happiness anymore, it’s just quick breezes of enjoyment and it goes away. True hell kek

No. 1025997

you will always be miserable

No. 1026002

Stfu and clean your room autismo

No. 1026008

Thank you for your suggestion, sweet nonita <3, I did have congee the first two days or so but if i eat it one more time i might throw up. I got sick of it. i did listen to you and cooked some pasta and i'm eating it rn. I feel much better already.

Thank you <3, and i do have painkillers. I'm not in pain at all. I'm just worried that if i eat normal food it'll get into the sockets.

No pain luckily, just hungry. I don't have that drink here but i'll get some smoothies or something. thank you <3

No. 1026009

File: 1642092377801.jpg (230.18 KB, 800x527, 64012829-LL-imagenavi.jpg)


ok Jordan Peterson, but remember you're miserable because you're actually a terrible person. You judge others, look down on them and when someone does it to you, then you chicken out

No. 1026013

Jordan Peterson?

No. 1026017

I swear half the anons in /ot/ are now 12 year olds or twitfags

No. 1026025

Doing something to someone like skinwalking and then accusing them of skinwalking you is the most awful thing one can do. I can tolerate other forms of gaslighting but this one is evil

No. 1026028

Style is such a fun concept but people, if they're going to pay homage, they need to directly thank you imo lol.

No. 1026030

File: 1642093731703.jpg (21.98 KB, 499x238, spidey.jpg)

Do people actually do this?

No. 1026062

I'm so tired of worrying about everything; especially covid related when no one else here in my state seems to give a flying fuck. I'm so absolutely done with the state of the world at this moment. If I get sick because of these fuckers I hope they rot. I'm not vaccinated (not by choice; just my family being fucking retarded and no way for me to get to a place that does the vaccine on my own) my own family is so fucking flippant about it I hate it.

No. 1026081

Being a domme to this guy this guy and we were sexting last night so I instruct him to send me a video of him jerking off while saying he’s a good boy. While he follows through he gives me the most monotone robot-like “ ima a good boy. I’m a good boy” like repeating it like a machine and it’s like …. I appreciate you following through but you couldn’t jazz it up a little? Lmao. Bitch aint you ever whined before like come on. This cake needs some frosting and some rainbow sprinkles.

No. 1026083

i wish i had your problems noni

No. 1026085

File: 1642097020775.jpg (35 KB, 497x511, cb1a5c83155119fe1e174e250a3dfa…)

No. 1026087


No. 1026088

He's testing you.

No. 1026089

Samefag but IME they would much prefer to be instructed to say they're "bad" when they jerk, not a "good boy". Maybe he thought your suggestion was lame.

No. 1026092

Just admit you have a crush on him retarda

No. 1026100

I like you. I need sunlight too. Are you /fit/, since you have an active job?

No. 1026101

How are you this pathetic.

No. 1026102

I love 90 days fiance, do you happen to know where I could watch all seasons online? My go-to streaming site only has one season. I guess my vent would be that and also that whenever its on tv its always random episodes from random seasons for some reason.

No. 1026104

Same. Meditation is supposed to help with that. But you can also try talking it out with someone, or just writing your feelings down.

Bad feelings are unavoidable cause brains are lame, but they aren't the end of the world, even when it feels like. Have to learn how to not make them the worst thing ever. Or I had to anyway.

Also, look into distress tolerance as taught in Dialectal Behavior Therapy. DBT is for Borderline Personality Disorder, I don't have that but I find some of the techniques useful anyway. You can find descriptions online or pick up a book about it.

No. 1026106


I hope the two of you get your BPD under control so you can make better choices.

No. 1026107

No. 1026118

File: 1642099058281.png (1.59 MB, 1352x1328, 84C9A824-9167-452E-94F2-4744B3…)

Shit just feels hopeless sometimes ya know? Like the hurdles just seem to big and too much. Can someone just tell me that it will be okay…

No. 1026122

Try Soap2day. The search function is shitty so search 1 word instead of the whole title. also, I feel like I look like a bot because I keep recommending this site to other anons lol Moviecrumbs also works.

No. 1026125

One of my friends is an animecore poser and it makes me want to kill myself and just cut her off altogether.
She ignores nearly all of my texts and just replies with whatever egirl she hates and stalks.
She used to be a sweet girl into lolita I don't know how this happened. She constantly attacks other egirls for being "fake fans" when she never finishes anime or visual novels, she watches one episode, plays a couple hours, and says thats enough and she loves it so she can spend copious amounts of money on weebshit she doesn't even like.
Best part is she claims to not be like those girls at all. "She's different" because she "actually likes anime unlike them who use it for aesthetic" and shes "liked it her whole life" as if I can't see her myanimelist that was made a month ago with all the anime being halfway watched

I just want my old friend back I hate the internet, I hate weebshit, I hate that spending too much time on pinterest and tumblr can alter certain people THIS much.

No. 1026130

You should tell her exactly how much of a retard she’s being. Sometimes a bitch needs a reality check. It’s what a good friend would do. Alternatively cut her off and clown on her here for our enjoyment.

No. 1026131

I feel you anon, been feeling like this for way too long now. People around me seem to manage so maybe we can reach their mindset someday too…

No. 1026133

Sorry for mtf sperging.
I’m not even 10 minutes into that movie on Netflix called The Unforgivable before a wild troon came on screen. I think he’s in charge of this halfway house for women who got out of prison or something but it disgusted me so much I just turned it off. Why are troons shoved in every womens prison show/movie now? I’m so tired of it the thought of these men being in womens only spaces upsets me so much. It’s always mtfs too. What even happens when a ftm has to go to prison, do they insist on going to the mens one?

No. 1026144

Ew I’ll tolerate troons in teeny bopper shows maybe. Thanks for the heads up anon, I’ll never watch it.

No. 1026154

My boss keeps getting mad at me beacuse he thinks I can't find out any information for applying for press coverage for this stupid ass conference, when the website and anything connected to it that I find literally says "INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED SOON" i.e. there is no fucking information for applying yet. I told him this and he doesn't believe me.

He insists that there's information out there on how to apply but I'm just not finding it, so I sent out a whole bunch of emails to every single office/person connected to this conference that I can find, and even place international calls to their HQ to try and see if I can get any information, and a week later what do I get? A response from the conference's main contact person that literally just says "information will be posted soon" and he still doesn't believe me so I have to print out the email for him to read himself.

Like bitch, they're not hiding information on how to apply THEY JUST DON'T HAVE IT YOU DIPSHIT

No. 1026162

Is it worth going to a GP to check if I have depression? I definitely have anxiety/AVPD (like literally everyone nowadays) but I don't know if I'm just one of those zoomers making it all up in my head or not regarding the depression. I show the symptoms but I don't want to waste someone's time if I'm not as severely ill as others. I need a friend, an older figure in my life. I can't do anything at all. I don't even know if I can be helped by someone else, some of this shit is just so engrained in me.
It's going to be hard getting an appointment because of covid too

No. 1026163

I know I'm a verbose autist but why can't people just fucking answer my questions in detail? I'm sick of pulling teeth, for fucks sake. If you don't want me to talk so much then give me all the information I need from the start

No. 1026171

I don't think GP knows anything about diagnosing depression, go straight to a psychiatrist anon. I was diagnosed recently after years of feeling "oh I'm overreacting, it's not that bad, others have it worse", turns out I've been suffering with symptoms of progressively worsening depression for almost half of my life; hopefully finally medication can put me back on track of relative normalcy. Fingers crossed you'll get help too.

No. 1026173

Thank you for the info nonny definitely gonna research DBT since I am sort of interested in psychology <3

No. 1026179

where do you live where everyone has AVPD? Or is that light hearted statement about people on the internet? Sorry, I'm autistically confused

No. 1026180

File: 1642101450946.gif (2.13 MB, 400x267, 1755.gif)

How come every time I make eye contact with someone I know they look away before I wave and I look retarded reeeee

No. 1026190

Why do retards keep shilling fujoch on 4ch where scrotes can easily invade and spam shit? At least link anons in threads with female-orientated interests not a fucking /a/ shounen thread

No. 1026193

Idk, is there an awkward rumor going around about you?

No. 1026196

Honestly GPs don't "check" if you have depression, they'll just ask you if you feel depressed and if you say yes they'll dispense medication. It might help but if you want something more certain see a psych.

No. 1026197

could be, I'm an awkward autist who barely speaks

No. 1026211

I'm stupidly sheltered so I didn't know a psychiatrist was an option, thank you. It probably costs quite a bit for an appointment right?
Yeah sorry I meant just everyone on the internet. The friends I had before shutting down were always talkative and wanting to meet up.

No. 1026218

what's the link?

No. 1026219

Depending on your country healthcare it could be covered by it but probably would require long waiting time until there's any available appointment. Otherwise for a private visit psychiatrists tend to be one of the most expensive ones unfortunately. Either way, both long wait or saving up is really worth it, if you go for the latter do some research to see other patients opinions and choose the person you feel like you'll be the most comfortable opening up to

No. 1026222

Fucking hell, my classes for next semester are starting next week and one of the instructors emailed us some assignments we need to complete before class. One of the assignments is to find a fucking meme that represents our expectations for the class. How am I supposed to find a meme that specific?? What is the point of that? At least I could just bullshit a written reflection about my expectations but now I have to look for a meme? The fuck?

No. 1026224

Piggybacking- the anon looking for help should search “sliding scale psychiatrist in (your area)”. Many doctors offer an adjusted cost if you make less than a certain annual salary.

No. 1026226

Maybe it’s a good icebreaker?

No. 1026228

Getting so lonely I'm starting to seriously consider joining discord

No. 1026240

Just don't if you don't feel like it. You're not getting graded for finding a dumb meme I assume.

No. 1026244


Me too, anon. The main thing that keeps me disinterested in Discord is the (possibly) rapid chat style. It feels a bit too intimate and pressured to keep talking. That's why I like image boards and old school forums.

No. 1026256

there are some neat slow discord servers out there, but they're usually tight-knit and can feel intimate because of that too. the ideal server is one where conversations happen daily/every other day but there's no pressure to keep the chat going (nobody posting "dead chat" when there hasn't been a conversation in half an hour)

No. 1026265

For two weeks I've been thinking about an exam I have next week and the act of keeping it in my mind while not doing anything about it has tricked me into believing I was prepared. I'm not. I didn't go through nearly enough material, I don't know any term definitions and I don't even know how to approach these things. I have another one a week after and it's even worse. I hope I get sick and can retreat from it, I don't want to do all of this. I hate studying, I wish I had gotten better guidance when I was still in highschool. Why do they have to put so much pressure on you just because you get a few good grades. I thought I wasn't affected by it, but thinking about how everyone laughed about trade jobs and how teachers kept repeating that the last years of school are solely to prepare for uni (which they fucking didn't. No one has taught me how to manage time or study effectively) and that not going would be a waste and everyone talking about how you can't get a job without a degree anymore, yes it did affect my decision of going to uni.
I just feel so stupid, it's like I need someone to hold my hand through everything. I'm too scared to go to places like libraries of cafeterias alone for the first time because I won't know how everything works and this mindset can be found in everything I do. I'm useless and I should die, these past few weeks I've only been doing the things I felt like doing and I still couldn't get up on time or do the dishes after eating or even cook enough food. I don't even know what I've been doing all this time. I want to die and be done with everything. On one hand it's too difficult to even begin but on the other it's so easy and obvious what I need to do. Knowing what has to be done but not being able to force myself to do so is killing me. When I talk about how difficult it is and how bad it makes me feel people are sympathetic and say things like I should take it easy and remember to take breaks. How does no one notice how little I really do? I need someone to tell me how to stop taking breaks

No. 1026270

So much sperging in the consoomerism thread. Makes me wonder what they'll argue about next kek

No. 1026276

i need to get off this website

No. 1026288

Fucking same. Wasting too much time switching between tabs

No. 1026311

I’m upset because my best friend got a boyfriend from her retail job. She’s never really had a bf before and idk if I’m just jealous and possessive of her but I’m bummed out.

No. 1026321

They'll argue with you next

No. 1026326

Yes I can admit I do. But I think I heard from someone he has a gf so I just have to suffer. I really don't know how to treat a guy I like especially if I know I can't have him. I think I'm unable to show friendliness towards someone I'm attracted to, I just couldn't hide my true intentions. My attraction to him angers me just as much as he angers me as a normie, and it makes me even more combatative
Thank god my only interaction with him today was when our cowoker finished ealier because she got her period (he knew that two days ago I also left ealier for the same reason) and he asked me if we're synchronizing with each other kek

No. 1026335

I have a crush on a guy who lives around the corner from me. I know him to talk to but not too well. For a while there he seemed to be getting flirty with me but it never escalated beyond that. It just stalled and feels awkward now. I pass by his house daily because it's impossible not to. I feel like a weirdo but whenever I pass I tend to feel self conscious. Since Xmas I noticed his car is never in its usual spot outside and it's instead on the next road parked outside an older style house. Again I walk this route daily anyway so I'm not creeping around but I still feel like such a creep because I'm that curious about what changed lately.

It could just be his parents home. But then why is he there so much more often? Why do I care? Why am I spending time thinking about this? Why couldn't I give him a sign 6 fucking months ago when he was keen

No. 1026343

I struggle to comb my hair daily
I haven't showered in almost 2 months
I sleep at 6am and wake at 5pm
I spent 95% of my time awake imagining myself in a different unattainable life as a completely different person
I have no friends, don't think I want any
I have online classes which doesn't help my situation
If you asked me to describe myself I would freeze
It's so difficult to just be normal.

Is this curable? I think I'm too far gone.

No. 1026353

File: 1642112395871.jpg (32.18 KB, 500x500, Bob.jpg)

I'm so fucking angry at my company right now. We've had positive covid cases crop up for weeks but leadership (while the majority work from the comforts of their own homes) haven't made announcements to the company about these cases and haven't addressed what they plan to do in office about anything for those of us forced to report even though they've all worked from home before and came into the office in rotations when covid was first here.

So last night my manager sends a fucking email at midnight titled "Possible Covid" and tells us her son is running a fever and showing symptoms so they're going to go get tested and she'll be WFH. Well, she's been coming to work with "sinus" symptoms and a headache for the past week. So fuck us, right?
This morning I wasn't comfortable going into work and neither was my colleague who is a contract hire, so I told them I was going to go get my booster today.
I got such stupid, underhanded pushback from that manager. "Well I'd really want at least two from our team in office." Get bent! My colleague folded and went in, but I didn't. I sent HR a picture of my booster and fucked off for the day.

Well, well, well. Guess whose son is positive? HERS! We've been around her all damn week!
She insists her test was negative but that she'd be quarantining anyway.
It makes no damn sense for her to be telling us not to worry just because her test today was negative, and yet her son who lives with her is positive. And that she's had symptoms that she just chalked up to sinuses.
What the actual fuck. Oh and of course work isn't busy and we're not pressed, this is all about powerplay and micromanaging to get people in office chairs so we can pretend to be busy for 7 out of 8 hours in our shift.

No. 1026355

File: 1642112533588.jpg (57.32 KB, 534x810, 249.jpg)

I'm turning 30 this year. I'm a cute young woman who's happy with her life and friends. I used to be in a relationship with a cynical reddit scrote for 7 years so I'm happy to finally be single and allowed to just be my old upbeat, sunshiny, happy self without having the wrong taste in things, doing things wrong, being in the wrong mood or being forced to shit on people who committed the crime of being happy and basic instead of brooding sadboy pseudo-intellectuals.
That said, I've had so many men (never other women) over the course of the last 3 years tell me I seem much younger because I act "childlike". I'm not "childlike", I'm plenty mature. I act happy, goofy and silly because that's my personality and that's how I feel at that particular moment. My whole family is like this. I'm so tired of being told I act like a child because I like to have fun and don't dress in powersuits or scowl at people from behind an office desk. I'm thirty, not an embittered Victorian schoolmarm, and the only time I didn't act like this is when an emotional vampire was sucking my soul and positive emotions out with his penis.

Anyway, I hate men.

No. 1026359


No. 1026368

Happy for you anon, be your cheerful self, continue not letting others make you into someone you're not!

No. 1026376

It is fixable anon, as someone who has been there my advice would be, don't judge yourself against the arbitrary standard of being normal. Focus on getting yourself to a better place instead. Just start somewhere, do what you can where you are. Once you gain some momentum start setting reasonable goals. Sounds like you have hardcore avoidance problems. When you are overwhelmed just take it slower, take a break, be kind to yourself instead of reverting to escapism and fully give up. Good luck, you can do it.

No. 1026382

ayrt and thanks anon, I'm gonna think of it like this from now on. Maybe try to find a catalyst to speed up my reaction kek

No. 1026384

File: 1642114369340.jpeg (80.16 KB, 750x932, 7E946438-C555-456E-B945-E10F9A…)

Going to start referring to my bfs family members as the unmentionables. He talks about them so much and I’m supposed to like what? Pretend to like them? I don’t know them and I rather not. Stoic responses only from now on for him next time he mentions them.

No. 1026389

What would you tell your 23 year old self?

No. 1026390

>used Crest teeth whitening strips for a day
>now teeth are vaguely achey and it's annoying

Yes, I have Sensodyne toothpaste.
I can still eat and drink, they're just sensitive and it's pissing me off. They weren't this way immediately after, my teeth decided to Slowpoke and decide overnight that I was gonna wake up with pain.

No. 1026397

One trick that I use with this is shooting for a lot less than I actually would want to do. For example, saying I'm only gonna exercise for 2 minutes or I'm only gonna clean this one corner, etc. Once you start you can do more obviously which is usually what happens. You still need to allow yourself to stop if you do wanna stop after the 2 minutes. That knowledge of I can stop being legitimate makes it work better for me at least.
Another mind trick I use is the light switch technique. This really helps if you have perfectionistic tendencies. The trick is thinking about whatever task you wanna do as a binary, you either flip that switch or you don't. Instead of thinking about doing the task "perfectly" or as a spectrum of 0% done to 100% done just focus on getting it done. If you still have energy afterward once it's done you can work to make it better either way.

No. 1026402

I hope I get accepted into this engineering program. I'm 25 and going back to higher education. I really don't want to wait another year.

No. 1026407

Good luck baby, I've been there before.

No. 1026413

Troon coworker fucking annoys me

No. 1026417

There's so much infighting on /g/. Maybe it's always been like this and I just haven't noticed until recently. I don't get why we have to have the same arguments over and over. Some women like femdom and some women like maledom, some women are husbandofags and some of them hate anime, some women want to fuck Tucker Carlson and most women don't- whatever. People are allowed to have different opinions on things, so I don't get why we can't just let anons be their unhinged selves without having to convince them otherwise. Obviously, I know it's part of board culture to be really blunt and shit on nonas who are being especially weird, but I always felt like it was done in good fun. Now it's like everything devolves into a long drawn-out argument where you can't accept that someone has a different opinion than you (even when that person isn't even op). And don't get me wrong, there are plenty of anons who have opinions I strongly disagree with but I just don't engage because it's not worth shitting up the thread with infighting (unless I'm just teasing or messing with them). I don't know if anyone else has noticed this or if it's just me.

No. 1026419

>Why are troons shoved in every womens prison show/movie now?
Find out who wrote them and you'll know why. They're probably fucked up in the head.

No. 1026430

File: 1642117123855.jpeg (16.32 KB, 267x189, C2D4169D-CF99-48F9-9FBF-8F653A…)

My back keeps locking up at work and it’s so embarrassing. I’m too tall for the counter I lean over for hours, and the back brace looks lame.
I can’t seem to correct my posture or stretch enough I need help! I need a taller counter! Why am I so tall??! I just want to work hard and not leave early holding my lower back.
I love this job but who is the midget that set up the layout and equipment?
If any nonnas have back advice I’m all ears.

No. 1026434

Just wear the back brace, dude. Pretend it's combat armor.

No. 1026442

ayrt, thank you for the tips nonna! I think my problem might be perfectionist related like you mentioned. I'm gonna try our your techniques and see how it goes!

No. 1026447

I noticed it too and it's ruining the board. It's supposed to be laid back but some anons can't stop moralfagging like their lives depend on it.

No. 1026454

File: 1642118508226.jpg (58.71 KB, 700x1000, deadlift.jpg)


No. 1026467

File: 1642119068236.jpg (443.96 KB, 1536x2048, 1641521548862.jpg)

The /g/ infighting is hilarious, sorry

No. 1026481

I have a dumb question; but could I start out with dumbbells?

No. 1026493

i cannot even doordash a fucking pizza without it becoming a nightmare holy fuck. i choose contactless delivery and yet this stupid man (let me choose woman only please, men can't even pull off delivering a pizza) calls me and is asking me to like walk outside to his car to get it?? no, deliver it to my door and leave it like i fucking asked and like i tipped you for. finally get him to leave it at door. then, the dude is just fucking standing outside the door….. and my mother who i ordered the pizza for as just a nice dinner whatever thing, bitches at me saying i'm "being stupid and scared" by daring to select contactless and i should go out and grab the pizza from the dude. just so pathetic, i'm never ever wasting my money ordering again. men on doordash cannot grasp the concept of LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR! this happened last time too holy fuck. retards! and i tipped for what? stress and anxiety and a moronic scrote hanging around my door and calling me from a long distance not even local number, too. just fucking annoying. and i paid way over what is reasonable solely for my mom yet she berates me and nitpicks me and acts like it's the end of the universe. even now i see where and how my parents gave me chronic anxiety. i try so hard to act normal, like everyone else, and it never works

No. 1026494

sick of all the 17-22 year olds who fester in my city as college transplants. they're all from south florida, new york, and LA and they have the exact attitude boomers accuse Gen Z of. i hate how when class is in session my normally idyllic city is suddenly a hellhole that takes an hour to get home from

No. 1026495

File: 1642122095714.jpg (49.64 KB, 1280x720, db dl.jpg)

No. 1026497

I feel so fucking alone. My only friend is mad at me and my date doesn't want to see me anymore. I keep driving people away, I don't know how to make new friends. My only meaningful relationships have fallen apart, I can't go on with this life anymore, I don't want to

No. 1026499

Thank you very much!

No. 1026502

Why am i so shit in functioning as a proper part of society. I just moved in to a new sharehouse yesterday and was cleaning stuff up this morning only to come across another resident. She was super nice and friendly and my autistic ass kept stuttering and mumbling over my words because i wasn't prepared to meet and talk with people yet. I hope she doesn't think i'm a rude weirdo

No. 1026507

Totally understandable to bummed, nonnie.

No. 1026509

>men on doordash cannot grasp the concept of LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR! this happened last time too holy fuck. retards!
They need a song and dance of gratitude kek. Pathetic. I wish there was a "female only" option for Uber too. Female only apartments and gyms. Why must scrotes insert themselves into every fucking moment and place.

No. 1026512

like, it might sound dumb to people but i decide to splurge just once and i make the instructions so clear, press big shiny button with my very simple apt number on it, it will buzz, i will open the door, you walk up one single flight of stairs and boom. no, i will not walk out to your car random foreign man, and no, i do not want you standing outside my door for 5 mins when again, i told you to LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR! cannot believe he called me really asking me to come out to his lazy ass parked car on a dark street. insanity.

No. 1026513

Wear the backbrace.

Or you can spread your legs and like a giraffe at a watering hole. Which would also make you look lame.

Or get a mini foldable table and put it on top of your counter.

Or stack up some cutting boards.

tl;dr all the options will have you looking like a lame so wear the backbrace.

No. 1026515

report him to doordash

No. 1026523

Yeah, google "dumbbell deadlift"

No. 1026526

Dude, just tell your mom to get if she thinks it's no big deal.

No. 1026530

You're fine. I mean you actually moved into a sharehouse, cleaned up, and managed to actually say something instead of clamming up and fleeing back to your room.

No. 1026541

It's been a while but its the anon who lost her kitten on New Year's because of my dad opening all the doors. After 12 days of leaving food out for her on the porch, I finally found one of her hiding spots in an old junk drawer on the porch. Unfortunately, since it's been so long since she's interacted with humans, when I tried to scoop her up to put her into the carrier, she flipped out and scratched and bit up my hands and got out and ran off further into the backyard near the forest side and it's too dark to go out there by myself right now. I'm so mad at myself, I should've grabbed her by the scrunch of her neck so she wouldn't move instead of getting too excited and holding her normally. I should've worn gloves, hell I probably should've waited another night or two until she was comfortable eating in my presence again so picking her up would've been easier. Ugh, I've never dealt with a kitten like this before and I know it makes me sound like a shitty cat owner but truthfully I don't want to have to deal with these types again. None of my other cats were this difficult so I have no clue on what to do anymore. I'm not even sure if the cat food and blanket on the porch thing will even work again at this point. Sorry to drop such sad news.

No. 1026543

File: 1642126301729.jpg (61.42 KB, 375x240, GalleryHandler.jpg)

Do dogs don't get tired of barking all goddamn day long?? like wtf get a job or something.

No. 1026546

I've wrangled wild cats and gloves are a must. I had regularly left some food out for this little cat that was too accustomed to hanging in my uncle's shed- I grabbed her with gloves, and the little retard freaked out at first but I held her firm with one hand and started petting her under the neck with the other. She went from writhing around to purring in about 20 seconds. It was like the fastest case of Stockholm syndrome ever kek. If there is a reliable source of food then your kitty WILL return. You can maybe get some treats ready so if she runs off to hide in some nook you can toss them to her to connotate yourself with food. Or you can cut to the chase and buy a trap.

No. 1026550

Nope and your neighbors who work all day while keeping it in a cage will tell you their dog totally isn't barking all day when they're not there

No. 1026554

just record the dog barking and play it back on blast when theyre sleeping duh

No. 1026564

File: 1642128036684.jpg (60.55 KB, 809x720, f89lyptyk0b81.jpg)

>hire a weed eater to cut back the overgrowth on my hill
>purchase one for $300

I'm pretty pissed off rn, ngl. But the job has to be done and I can't afford a weed eater rn, plus I don't want to borrow someone else's in case it breaks.

No. 1026567

Ask if you can borrow a cat trap from a local shelter or TNR group. They'll walk you through how to do it. Don't give up; skittish kittens can be great housecats.
t. trapped a skittish feral kitten who's now a needy housecat

No. 1026580

Whadafuk i have red stretchmarks on my hips? They appeared overnight and i have been losing weight not gaining it! Fml

No. 1026584

Weird, are you sure they are stretchmarks? And if they are it's possible to get treatment to remove them while they are still new

No. 1026594

Anon… Any quick change in weight results in stretch marks (unless you have superior genetics).

No. 1026607

It’s probably not stretch marks unless you’re taking steroids or you just hit puberty. Do you use a heating pad by any chance? Also if you’re dehydrated, creases on your skin from clothes/sheets can take way longer to plump back up.

No. 1026609

Samefag but also it’s possible that you always had stretch marks but they were just less noticeable/smoother when you weighed more and your skin was stretched tighter. I have noticeable stretch marks only when I lose weight, but it’s mainly a texture difference and they’re white not red.

No. 1026616

File: 1642133020378.jpg (26.19 KB, 437x543, 646baf16ffbcc38037dfa7bfb79a9f…)

That video of people throwing beer at that woman because she told another lady to not flash herself in front of kids made me so mad. Why are people so fucking evil.

No. 1026637

I’m losing my fucking mind. I have been on Depop for almost four years and began to sell full-time during the pandemic. Today I woke up to my account being permanently suspended for the biggest bullshit reason ever: you know the perfume line by Margiela REPLICA? Well they flagged my account for “purposeful abuse” for selling counterfeit items all because a fucking perfume rollerball that I hate the smell of is named REPLICA Autumn Vibes. I am fuming. This is my livihood. How are you going to be a fashion centered selling app and not know the name of one of a very popular designer perfume line? Trying to get my account back but for the moment no reply.

No. 1026666

wtf hat’s so stupid, I’m sorry nonnie. Best of luck in getting your account back!

No. 1026670

File: 1642138246018.png (113.25 KB, 1024x1024, 1620240329780.png)

I know It's something ridiculous to be hung up on, but I'm nearly 30 and still a virgin. I have no real sexual interest in men, and feel like the experience would probably be terrible if not traumatic. I'm very sexually interested in women but have been very ashamed of that fact for most of my life. That combined with mental illness, has made it nigh impossible to have a romantic or sexual relationship. Some part of me feels like I'm inherently juvenile or childish for still being a virgin at this age. Like I've missed out on some important human experience milestone. My sexual hang ups are just one of the reasons I feel alienated & defective compared to the rest of society. It's not the main reason, but it certainly doesn't help.

No. 1026680

you're not at all juvenile or childish for not having sex. people make it a huge deal or like it's impossible to live without, i can tell you honestly: sex with men is extremely unrewarding and not worth the stress. i feel the same towards men as you in that i don't have any particular interest sexually towards men, only very slightly romantically, and very obviously that is a crapshoot. sex with them has left me absolutely no better off. i would take back my virginity in a heartbeat and undo sex with men.

No. 1026682

imagine a man using your body to masturbate and sweat on you, thats what sex is like for 99% of women. If anything you should commend your own sense of self worth, instead of being like me; someone who gave it up to not be an "old virgin" and regretted the shitty sex and disappointed myself for even bothering

No. 1026683

absolutely. we're just large tenga toys to them. not only that, you are expected to perform and act like a pornstar, even if they don't say it, you know they're expecting it. it's awful, dicks are boring, even big ones. fingering is ok i guess if they know how to do it.

No. 1026693

File: 1642140821607.png (158.45 KB, 768x1138, wallpaper_20160822_100104.png)


>I just feel so stupid, it's like I need someone to hold my hand through everything.

Oh nona, I feel like this a lot too . I believe in you though. A lot of studying is just repetition of information! Like via analog flashcards you make yourself, or with websites like Quizlet. Sometimes if the info you're studying is common enough you can even find public Quizlet flashcards/quizzes already created! Your main first step is to do a little self-assessment and find out what you already know pretty well (so you don't need to study as much!) and what you are most clueless about (study this the most!).

One other tip is to figure out: what time of day are you most alert? In what setting are you most alert and relaxed? Use these things to your advantage and don't fight it. If you're a night owl, fine! Go with what works best for you.

Let me know if you wanna talk about studying any more.

No. 1026699

Not to fall for my ex-scrote's bullshit and run in the opposite direction, mainly. I've wasted years on that loser. Whoever tells you older men are more mature is lying, any and every man can be a manchild. Often is.

No. 1026705

Thank you kind nonnies for spoonfeeding me, I know how to torrent stuff but I can't be assed for a guilty pleasure reality tv show. Love you!

No. 1026722

I'm fucking pissed. Why? I don't know. And that pisses me off even more.

No. 1026723

…? That's such a weird thing to specifically not torrent and need help with.

No. 1026725

> and my mother who i ordered the pizza for as just a nice dinner whatever thing, bitches at me saying i'm "being stupid and scared" by daring to select contactless and i should go out and grab the pizza from the dude
>i try so hard to act normal, like everyone else, and it never works

No. 1026732

I can't even count the number of time when I ordered something, selected the option to get my food at the door, and the guys tell me to meet them outside because they're right in front of the door. So ok, I go take the elevator from floor 9 to the ground floor and surprise, the guy is waiting for me in front of the FUCKING PORTAL AT THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF THE RESIDENCE so I have to walk to 500m to try and guess which portal it is in the cold. Fuck them.

No. 1026737

File: 1642146212303.jpeg (72.85 KB, 255x305, 5C76A1EA-157D-4AFF-8E64-14CE4C…)

when you leave your small little radfem echo chamber and watch random videos and stream clips with women in it and have to watch them speak with a grating voice and wear heaux makeup when they’re talking to a male streamer and to the rest of the audience. when will i ever be as pretty and significant as them?

No. 1026738

i can't figure out what it is you're actually getting at

No. 1026739

I was wondering this too, when I noticed the stretch marks on my thighs and weighted myself after, I was actually losing weight. I will keep this in mind the next time I start hating my body i guess, gotta drink more water.

No. 1026742

I think they’re just joking?

No. 1026743

Dogs are like people. The stupid ones never shut the fuck up or get tired of their own voice.

No. 1026744

Premenstrual water retention is fucking insane. A week before my period I legit look like a different person, my faceshape suddenly looks rounder from the water retention then as soon as I get my period, it gets back to its original, bony form

No. 1026746

What is that screenshot from?

No. 1026747

maybe they're shocked at how attractive you are from afar and chose to turn their gaze away to hide away their expression (heart eyes)

No. 1026750

i’m not joking. i want validation from other people, i want to be emotionally vulnerable but it’s punishing to be so. i could never be like those women i really am not like the other girls but in a different kind of way i’m too dysfunctional to be a woman

No. 1026762

Does anyone here actually believe in love or is it all just bullshit fed to us by everyone and the media. Sincere question.

No. 1026769

I believe in love between two women, who can have motivations for loving each other that aren't related to sex. Maybe a man could love a woman in the same way a woman loves, if he was raised outside of a society that favors scrotes and doesn't raise them to be violent narcissistic pricks.

No. 1026783

You're just terminally online. Get some friends, go touch grass together.

No. 1026786

Yeah I do, just in the emotional sense rather than any media bullshit.

No. 1026822

File: 1642154246979.jpg (227.54 KB, 1600x1200, tired-cat-1.jpg)

I'm in a meeting with 30+ people. I want to eat but I have to cook it first and that woould take 30 min or so and I'd have to stirr it almost constantly, sadly it's the only thing I have at the moment but I'm worried I'll miss something important and have no outside speakers.

God I fucking hate these meetings

No. 1026826

Yeah but it’s not happy and I’ll never experience it

No. 1026838

I hate ppl

No. 1026861

Nta but please shut the fuck up

No. 1026869

Can't handle the truth? You just earned yourself an extra 15 min of grass touching. log off

No. 1026870

File: 1642159337552.jpg (23.44 KB, 567x370, EgExYv3U4AAU2NQ.jpg)

i thought i was friends with someone, but now that i'm too busy to engage in our shared hobby rp aka making the anime boys kiss she constantly ignores my messages and only gets back to me like hours later.

No. 1026871

How do I find these things out? I'm not really attuned to my body. I struggle to study or even work. Luckily I'm a coder so I can afford to only do 3 hours work a day. But If I want to advance at work I need to start coding more.
Please save me, I played too many video games as a child, teen and adult and now my dopamine receptors are fried.

No. 1026891

Thank you for the reply! I already make flashcards for definitions and classes where it would make sense, but the upcoming exams are all law stuff. The issue is that for those you can't really learn anything by heart like for others. You need to figure out how specific laws were meant to be used and then you need to work through related cases to get used to writing solutions in the right way and also read a bunch more cases because there can be very tricky constellations; even seemingly minor details can be important when solving one. So it's a lot of reading and understanding and my main problem is that it takes so long (3 hours to fully solve and write down one case, more if I have to look up stuff) and I can't manage time well.
I'm most alert in the mornings and evenings and that's when I usually study, but if I oversleep I won't be able to get anything done during the day. When I timed myself in the last study phase I found out that I can only actively study 2-3 hours in a day and yet I somehow won't have time left for anything else. When something pressing is on my mind I can't seem to focus on or do anything else, the day just goes by without me noticing. If I manage to get like 2 hours of studying done in the morning and then tell myself I will do a little more in the evening it's basically a coin toss. And if I manage to put in more work later that same day, I will feel like all my time management and mental health issues were solved and I'll get a feeling of "Oh, so this is how normal people live!". And the next day will literally go by in a flash without me being able to do anything. This always happens to me, it's as if I need a break after doing the bare minimum and I don't know how to stop it, it's like I don't have control over anything

No. 1026894

Sorry to but in nonnie but I want to learn how to code myself and I have the same issues. How did you do it and what do you think is the best way to learn?

No. 1026899

Yet here you are. Stop projecting retard no one wants to hear it. Nothing anon said was related to lack of grass touching.

No. 1026902

Here I am, reading your bullshit response.

No. 1026905

Tired. I think I'm gonna pass out or something but have so many things that need to get done. Death would be a needed rest at this point. I need a vacation so fucking much.

No. 1026909

i only really want to live in a way where i do what makes me happy, which is not being in the education system and doing the things i love like reading, exercising, browsing image boards, listening to music while walking all day etc… i know it might not sound like a fulfilling life to some, but it's what makes me happy. i hate living the life i have to live so much. i hate going to school, i hate studying i really hate all of it, but if i drop out of uni i will be forced to move back in with my parents. i don't want to die because life by itself is not bad but i also want to die because i have to live a life that i really hate and i have no other choice.

No. 1026911

Me too anon. I think Im dropping out of uni and find a min wage job to sustain rent and food. My hobbies are simple and cheap. Ill be happier.

No. 1026943

Imagine stalking a cow’s thread so intensely you flip your shit when a farmer missed something that happened YEARS ago.
Oof, the milk is entertaining, but that inclination to obsess for years and belittle any other farmer is so cringey.
I enjoy roasting cows, but clearly there’s a difference in dedication. I feel bad for the anon getting attacked because she didn’t read 30+ threads ago.

No. 1026948

what thread?

No. 1026968

Yeah clearly there are newfags sometimes but nobody should be getting jumped in the replies for not remembering or knowing something from 3+ years ago IMO.

No. 1026969

>>1026909 i don't find those things that you listed boring, i also find them fulfilling and
would probably be satisfied if i could just drop out of uni and not have a career ever. I believe that most people could be satisifed with simple things if we weren't made to be obsessed with education, opportunities in our future jobs and satisfing everyone around us. I wish I could just have a tiny place to live in, go for a walk in the morning and listen to music while staring outside a window - I'm not stupid and can do very well at school I just don't really want to. How I wish I could just stop caringabout my moms happiness and go my own way in life.

No. 1026977

I'm in the exact same position. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that with minimum wage jobs I'd have to deal with many customers and generally unpleasant situations. If I can just finish my degree without killing myself I can maybe get an easy office job and a nicer apartment to come home to and to keep a cat in.
You can do it anon!! Some day you will reach that comfortable point of existence

No. 1026979

I love the kind of work I do. I seriously feel like I have my dream job.
I just hate all of my coworkers lmao.

No. 1027002

I have no excuses. For either.

My younger cousin took over my flat when I offered it as a last resort refuge. Turned it into a drug den. Pulled out all my sex toys. Killed all my plants.
Her ex first boyfriend and me keep updating each other. Their family does nothing, even though we know of her drug use.
Now he keeps asking if he can visit in person. Just come by for a weekend. I have a weird gut feeling.

No. 1027030

I feel exactly like you.

No. 1027032

I feel the same. I hate work.

Don't do this. That's not how the world works. You won't be comfy with some low paying job doing what you want in your small life, you will work the same hours as someone with a university degree, and while they sit on their ass and "work" maybe 3-4 hours a day in front of a computer, you will be harassed by customers and shitty managers and run around all day and when you finally get off you'll be utterly exhausted and employers will treat you like you're garbage because they can just replace you any time.
Meanwhile you make 20% of what the office drone makes.
The office drone will also possibly "work from home", ie "actually work maybe an hour or two a day on their own schedule" while you slave away forever without hope.

It's not "less money for less work", it's "less money for more work" and the work you'll be doing is likely to be a soul crushing grind.

No. 1027046

I'm sitting on my couch bawling my eyes out with my puppy.

My fiancé was being an ass to me while I was cooking dinner last night. I emotionally cheated a few months ago with an online friend, and even though he's said he's forgiven me, he hasn't let it go and brings it up at every opportunity. His favorite thing is reading the r/relationship_advice sub about all the men bitching about their cheaters–never about women and their cheating men, and of course he glosses over all the useless man stories. While I was cooking dinner, he was plopped on the couch ​going on about this redditor bemoaning about how he felt his girl wasn't prioritizing him. Hm, well do I prioritize you my fiancé? "Well that one night you didn't!" Referring to the night when I emotionally cheated after he'd gone upstairs to sleep drunk after a party I hosted and left me to clean up the mess by myself at 8pm. I was alone and emotionally/sexually frustrated.
I want to go berserk. I was getting ready to throw the seared scallop, mussel, and shrimp scampi dinner I was making out the window. I mean, why bother right? Because prioritizing his seafood dinner doesn't mean shit if he still remembers me cheating months ago huh? Domestic service clearly indicates no prioritization of his needs, nope. He said he was "out of line" for having said that and apologized.

After dinner I asked him to put away and clean up since I was feeling fatigued from my covid booster. He gave me pushback because he ~couldn't figure out how to put the spice bottles back~ Lol, figure it out, idiot. When we first moved in I created a customized spice rack with labeled bottles to make things easy to find and convenient. Literally just put the bottles away in their alphabetical spot. No one's that retarded, he was just too lazy to put away five spice bottles.
Anyway he realizes I'm not coming to do it for him so he pulls out a rack too quickly which causes it to fall out of the cabinet (had I been engaged to a handy man, he might have anchored the assemblies with a drill for me so this wouldn't have happened). Two bottles broke spreading 8oz of spice all over the floor, one of them being tumeric which stained. I let out a sigh of disgust as I went to help him in the kitchen but he snapped at me to let him pick up because I was wearing his Ugg slippers and he didn't want them ruined. I quipped "Heaven forbid I ruin something of yours." I calmly walked outside to take the dog out while he swept and cleaned up the mess. I forced him to vacuum the entire kitchen, which he almost didn't do but I bitched about the glass.
He didn't even apologize to me until I complained that he didn't.

This morning as I, once again start the routine of being the only person to feed, potty, and entertain our puppy, noticed he left a pile of tumeric under the fridge. It's stained the floor and baseboard trim. I stepped on a shard of glass. I looked at my spice rack and he didn't even put them back in alphabetical order, and also didn't bother to wipe off the spice dust powder that flung onto the other bottles.
I sent him texts in a rage, because he still isn't out of bed and it's almost 11am and yes he went to bed earlier than I did.

I feel no care at all. He may "love" me for his selfish reasons but he clearly doesn't care about my burdens or feelings. He wonders why I cheated? I don't understand what he expects, I'm not an emotionless mommymaid robot who just dispenses services and affection with no thoughts or needs of my own. Who's cleaning up my messes? Who's figuring out how to get tumeric stains off the floor while I have a fever and my arm is sore?
I wish I didn't have to do any of this. I wish I could live on my own with my sweet animals. I wish my job could finally keep their promise to promote me or pay me what I'm worth. I hate how I have no support system so my only choices are to deal with shitty roommates or deal with living out my car again. I've worked so hard and will continue to work hard, but I wish I felt respected and seen.

No. 1027050

You said it yourself, anon.
You cheated for a reason. Break up and move on. You'll both the better off for it.

No. 1027054

sounds like a man child and you should break up with him

No. 1027057

Thank you anon, you've given me the courage to liquidate my house and everything I've work hard for to be homeless again <3

No. 1027059

File: 1642175461218.jpeg (96.7 KB, 500x917, 270DE863-BB5B-40CA-9984-3DB04B…)

Sis I brought you a latte and some advice

No. 1027061

So figure out a solution instead of staying with a man baby.

No. 1027065

sounds like you are settling nonnie and not being kind or respecting yourself by staying with such a small, petty, ~toxic~ man. cheating on somebody doesn't give them the right to mistreat you and the whole thing just sounds emotionally exhaustive. you know things don't have to be this way, so why don't you love yourself and leave him

No. 1027066

>gets support
>sarcasm and more complaining

You’re a grown fucking woman, find a solution and get off the thread

No. 1027067

This is why cheating should end relationships. Either the other person genuinely struggles to cope for the rest of your time together or… they hold it over your head forever just because they were an ass to begin with and it now suits them to hold that extra power over you.

No. 1027070

Maybe I'm here to vent and an actual solution takes time to figure out and is more nuanced than "dump him sis."

No. 1027073

lol either provide for yourself like a grown ass woman or stay in your nasty little dependent relationship and stop complaining about the way you are treated. nobody here has any sympathy for your "oh im so unhappy but i guess it's better than being homeless again <3" as though those are the only two options in the world

No. 1027074

More like
>anons throw up obvious and simplistic blanket statement
Don't be mad, some anons have to act grown around here cause you're certainly not.

No. 1027078

>lol either provide for yourself like a grown ass woman
I literally said how I'm trying to be promoted at work if you bothered to read my post you angry tart.

No. 1027080

No one here is grown, it’s a fucking imageboard

No. 1027082

Kek speak for yourself.

No. 1027084

kek then stay with your childlike scrote and cheat on him some more. what do you want us to say

No. 1027089

You could say nothing. I didn't ask you nor did I say that's what I'm doing. Go medicate nonners.

No. 1027093

Or just deal with roommates and leave the guy, it’s not that deep.

No. 1027094

what would be the fun in that when you're posting about your relationship dynamics on lolcow. you could've kept it to yourself if you didn't want to hear the truth

No. 1027095

>trying to be promoted at work

>wish my job could finally keep their promise to promote me

yeah sounds like youre working super hard and not being passive about your current situation at all or placing the responsibility on outside parties to "keep their promise"

WAKE UP girl, we are trying to root for you but youre making it difficult

No. 1027098

Yeah I've never had roommates before, what a novel idea!
Thank you so much anon <3

What do people post here that couldn't be kept to themselves tbh.

Wow golly, I'll strongarm my directors to notice me tomorrow. Thank you for your support anon <3

No. 1027100

She’s sending out some dumb bitch energy with these mental gymnastics. Log off and go complain on Reddit, that way your scrote will finally listen

No. 1027102

Read the fucking rules and stop using emojis you dumbass.

No. 1027103

Imagine being duch a newfag that you don't know <3 is allowed. Seethe~

No. 1027109

Did someone forget to take their meds today?? It sure looks like it <3

No. 1027112

ntayrt but why do you anons just come in the vent thread just to infight? if you're so angry just read a book or exercise

No. 1027118

I'm not the infighting anons, but if the original poster wasn't such an ass about someone putting their 2 cents in none of this infighting would've occurred.

No. 1027122

Obviously the other anon was picking the fight as soon as the vent they made was posted. She came here to fight, not to vent.
We are allowed to react to stupid posts.

No. 1027131

They know but they don't care.

I'm not the ass nor am I the first anon to get annoyed by stupid "dump him you dumb bitch" replies. Maybe if I were 20, in college, and not living in a house with him it would be that simple.

I'll give you angry nonettes credit for one thing: You've shifted my mood from sad to annoyed, way better than the former so that's something I guess.

No. 1027132

ah, okay. you're all retarded then

No. 1027135

you're the one who moved in with this moid so you would have someone to give you a home and now you're pikachu facing at the fact that he's a manchild… maybe actually open your eyes to the person you're getting engaged to

No. 1027139

File: 1642177722281.jpg (11.04 KB, 360x360, cc5a1d1477b301a9e1a94958eee147…)

i'm starting a big new job that i'm underqualified for and i already embarassed myself in front of my bosses by asking the worst, most mushy brained question in the whole world. i haven't even started yet and they think i'm dumb which i am but they shouldn't know that yet i wanna cry!! i just wanna get paid!!

No. 1027143

Her misery is self made, and she seems to enjoy arguing with anons trying to show any sort of support. My guess is, she has no real friends to reach out to.

No. 1027145

If they bring it up, just mention you had a migraine that day and wasn’t thinking straight.
Good luck nonna

No. 1027146

Hey, you're not fired or anything. Hopefully they think you're dumb and will give you less workload. Win win

No. 1027147

Your unsaged comments reek of scroteposter.
>you're the one who moved in with this moid
Who was on his best behavior up until this point including when we lived together in our apartment.
Do you think he rolled up acting this way on our first date?
>so you would have someone to give you a home and now
He didn't "give" me the home. My name is on the mortgage and I pay half of it. Now, without his half of the income, no, I would have not been approved for the loan by myself.
>now you're pikachu facing at the fact that he's a manchild
I know, I've committed the heinous crime of taking a man at face value and expecting him to function like an adult. Call me dumb again mommy <3

No. 1027148

This has happened to me once or twice. If I were you I don’t give a fuck if I’m a krakken. I’m reporting that motherfucker to the company. Not following instruction to deliver contactless food is extremely sus and unsafe. Fuck you Im not going to your car and fuck you get off my lawn. I don’t open doors for strange men.

No. 1027151

Will you please log off and touch grass? No one gives a fuck, go whine literally anywhere else.

No. 1027152

Saw some photos of my ex being very happy with another girl. I feel so shitty lately and this only made me feel worse. I am so lonely. I feel like no one really likes me.

No. 1027153

Just found out “scented” pads are a thing. I fucking hate this hell world.

No. 1027156

I can reply to whatever I want. Maybe you should stop responding.

No. 1027158

Report him, and demand a response from the delivery service in writing.
I see so many delivery people not respecting the contactless/ Covid protocols. They deserve to lose their jobs

No. 1027159

my boss is ghosting me and i haven't worked in over a week and i literally don't understand why and i have no money. why does she do this? its a small business so i dont really have a 'set schedule' and she's a stoner/pillhead and hard to wrangle and so annoying to deal with and she leaves cigarette butts all over the place and joint roaches its the absolute worst. like i enjoy weed but i don't smoke at work and it looks so bad to customers what the fuck. she talks down to me a lot too. the worst. i messaged her last night to ask if i was working today, and we open in like a half an hour usually, and i haven't heard from her. this is so typical. i need money bitch !!!!!

No. 1027160

File: 1642178171753.jpeg (144.41 KB, 960x540, D64F98E2-348C-4C90-9721-DA906B…)

No. 1027162

You have two choices: stay with him or leave him. If you choose to leave, you will need to figure out your living situation at some point. If you stay with him, and worse marry him, then you live forever with this guy. Neither is a stress-free, easy option but they’re your only ones.

Now all of you shut the fuck up

No. 1027163

Posting your selfies? For shame.

No. 1027166

Please just find a new job, there’s so many places hiring!

No. 1027172

File: 1642178397038.gif (401.35 KB, 200x209, a taste of that morning medici…)

>when anons start infights and then get upset when OP hands it back to them

No. 1027176

I found 'aloe vera' pads in a store near me lately. No idea if they mean scent or if that's somehow meant to be soothing.. I wasn't about to risk trying them though.

No. 1027180

Aloe Vera for periods? I don’t get why that would be useful at all

No. 1027181

File: 1642178657993.png (338.4 KB, 720x757, 1568943988726.png)

its pretty hilarious how the tone shifted from general practical support to hostility when OP demonstrated her insufferability and perpetual victim complex and now she has to pretend she's very unfannily flustered

No. 1027184

"I cHeAtEd oN mY fIaNcEe aNd He'S mAd bUt hE sAiD hE'D bE fInE wHaT dO???"

No. 1027187

You two are a match made in heaven. He's a manchild but you're no better. And your employer is using you if they keep dangling a promotion over your head but never delivering. You'll never get promoted through hard work alone.

No. 1027188

Imagine having all the time in the world to fight with anyone who replies to your woe is me posts, but not enough time to actually make your life better.

The mental illness is abundant in this thread today.

No. 1027189

girl you could post the best baddie comeback in the world and it would have 0 value after this post >>1027046

No. 1027190

Nobody thinks "Dump him" is support, and your replies have revealed that you believe OP's situation is "self made" implying her actions are more accountable than the scrote causing the dysfunction.

Why are we being raided by frogposting scrotes?

No. 1027191

Cackling anon, you’re so right!!!!

No. 1027193

Am I supposed to be doing something better while convalescencing from a vaccine shot or..?

No. 1027197

File: 1642178903614.gif (489.05 KB, 420x315, 13cec72ff575eb8bf489da24f73e84…)

No. 1027199

lol you literally cheated on your fiancee… you're the type of bitch to silently clean up her moid's shit instead of putting her foot down, cheat on him, and then whinge when he won't just forget about it

No. 1027200

I grabbed it without realizing because I was in a hurry. There was no obvious labeling either, just a tiny “fresh” on the package. What’s wrong with showering? Why do we have to constantly be picked at for our bodily functions. So sick of this shit, it’s never fucking ending from the moment puberty starts. I just keep finding little things in my day to day that serve to alienate females further from their bodies and society.

No. 1027201

IM aLsO a gRoWn AsS woMan whO has 2 cHoIcEs- StAy wItH mAn BAbY or LivE in CaR

No. 1027205

She cheated. It's at least partially self-made. There are many solutions to her problems, but she just wants to be a victim.

No. 1027207

So what? Some men deserve it and especially that fiancé.
This must be what the moids itt are actually mad about. So much focus on that while OP is literally neglected. Much support.

No. 1027208

I'm sorry anon. You and your boyfriend remind me of my mom and dad. Keep cheating on him and don't have his children

No. 1027210

anons that think cheating on males is this unforgivable capital sin kek, who gives a fuck

No. 1027211

sOrRy yOu hAvE nO fRiEnDs oR fAmIlY bEcAuSe yOuRe aN iNsUfFeRaBlE bItCh

No. 1027212

>don't have his children
Gods no. Thankfully he doesn't care about his reproductive health so he can't. I'd kms.

No. 1027213