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No. 1044567

pls keep infighting to a minimum this time

previous thread >>>/ot/1023351

No. 1044576

I think teetotalers are more annoying and damper a good time more than drinkers could ever spoil the time for them. In my experience, the people drinking or doing drugs always just offer then back down, but some teetotalers will basically act pissy at other people daring to drink around them and spoil the mood even if they showed up to a social event like a party/bar. I know this is a very specific complaint/opinion but I've ran into some straight edge types with a moral chip on their shoulder & persecution complex but it wasn't about them not drinking or people pressuring them to drink it's that they tried to shame and control us all. Like, we aren't the ones training to be a cop, we aren't the ones with the alcoholic family, we aren't the ones on probation, we don't have your health problems, so instead of getting pissy at everybody else for being able to have a good time maybe focus on yourself. I guarantee nobody gives a fuck if you drink or smoke more than you wish they did.

No. 1044582

I totally agree. I have a family member who basically shames her friends for going out to the bar once a month to dance and have a few drinks (before covid anyway) and she's always 'bragging' about how she drinks non alcoholic beer because she just likes the taste. Like all of your friends are little old women, they aren't getting hammered, why are you making a big thing out of them having a glass of wine? She also refuses to be a designated driver, says her not drinking doesn't obligate her to help out.

No. 1044585

People who shift all the downsides and blame in their life towards a specific race or ethnicity. Especially those who make it a great part of their personality. I know its a very popular personality trait to be a hater atm, especially online. Yet at the same time like damn some of them really think they aren't blowing up on socials because they are a different race or ethnicity. Maybe nobody has the heart to tell them they are not as great as they think they really are. Not ad talented, desirable, attractive, funny, and whatever. Easily the most annoying bitches ever who will never improve and stay pressed over everything! Always talking shit about said people and blaming them every waking moment of the day without a hint of self awareness that they're just bum ass losers who do nothing to better themselves!

No. 1044668

personally I don't drink because I just don't like alcohol. I hate the taste and the effects it has on my body are not great. I don't care if other people drink alcohol, but the fact that 99% of social events (at least in my experience) revolve around alcohol and/or weed or other substances is just really depressing. I don't give people shit for drinking or having a good time but it does make me kind of bitter how it's such a huge part of having a social life.

No. 1044686

I feel the same as you anon. Might be a cultural thing, but in my country it's considered really weird to not drink (and when you drink you're supposed to drink a lot too), so I don't have any "judgemental straight-edges" experiences >>1044576 is talking about; pretty much always when I go out and choose to take something non-alcoholic, everyone around is putting so much pressure on me to have at least one beer, or to just do one shot with them, it's pretty much impossible to say "i'm not drinking" and have it accepted; of course unless I'd have a car, which I unfortunately don't. But even with drivers I've seen plenty of times people persuading them to drink because "you can just take an uber and pick up your car tomorrow". There's just no escape, it's made me much less excited for anytime I'm invited anywhere.

No. 1044699

A lot of self-proclaimed gender critical feminists have a very narrow view of acceptable female gender nonconformity

No. 1044703

true, if I took a shot everytime I heard about muh empathy n shiet in those circles I would be a chronic alcoholic at this point kek

No. 1044705

You're right and I wish this wasn't true. I also wish (not sure if this is unpopular or not) radfems weren't as elitist and exclusionary as many are. Like "you must be a complete separatist to be radfem" or "if you've ever smiled at a man once you're actually not radfem." I would be separatist but honestly I just don't believe it's going to be possible in my lifetime. Like I just want to talk about how we can slowly make society/culture more egalitarian and have a space where I can freely shit on coomers and trannies, please don't crucify me for having had straight relationships or sympathizing with grooming victims even though they should apparently come out of the womb with a full library of Dworkin's works mentally downloaded in their brains

No. 1044729

In what way, please explain.

No. 1044731

word. this applies to both those who blame white supremacy and those who blame lefties or affirmative action for their own failures.

No. 1044735

Many gender crits (actual gender crits, not conservatives who hate trannies) are only ok with women being gender nonconforming in appearance but not as much in personality. If you're not nurturing enough or empathetic enough or if your upbringing doesn't perfectly match their idea of female socialization you might as well be a male to them.

No. 1044769

NEETs, Thots, and those people that live off of internet donations must be doing something right. Here I am going to work at a job I hate everyday.

No. 1044788

>I would be separatist but honestly I just don't believe it's going to be possible in my lifetime
Nothing is stopping a group of radfems from buying a ranch or something and starting an all female commune.

No. 1044798

Nothing is easy nowadays, it’s all a cope, the whole
>Oh, this spanking new brand app is so easy to use, that even a baby can use it!
It’s a lie, everything is overly complicated and obnoxiously so, if it was so easy, there wouldn’t be guides and video guides of how to use “simple” and “easy” programs and apps, Google would only get you one (1) single little page that says “follow the instructions” and that’s it, yet you see pages upon pages with blogs and video blogs telling you how to use that “easy” and “simple” program or how to “quickly” install something.

No. 1044803

The amouranth mini doc is depressing as hell, I prefer my shitty little job

No. 1044807

I think DnD is extremely overrated and gives people (mainly men) a warp sense of power. It's infested with low level thinking men who believe they have a galaxy brain. I think it's ridiculous how much power a DM has. It gives off the impression of a child with too much power who changes the rules to suit their whims (and ego, kek). A lot of times it's a whiny male who I stg has held some sort of elementary school grudge and acts like he "knows" everything about your character. You know the asshole who says you're not in character. Like dude, you are taking a fucking rpg way too seriously. I dunno, maybe leave you're shitty coomer cave for a hot minute and realize the world doesn't revolve around you. I also hate watching these literally pea brains drag their kids into it. It wouldn't bother me as much if another child was DM or an adult that actually wants the kids to have fun, but it's kinda off putting when the poor kid's father is the one being a DM. I feel like they put too much pressure on their kids when it is literally a fucking game. I swear people forget DnD is a GAME, it's suppose to be played for fun.

No. 1044809

I agree, it's super annoying. Or the people who when a group are making plans to go somewhere can't just be up front and say "I don't like to drink, can we go somewhere without drinking?" but has to start in on "well I never drink" and then make a bunch of moral judgements about it. The only purpose is to make themselves seem superior to everyone else, and at least in my anecdotal experience it's often health nuts/orthorexics who love to do this the most. I think it's admirable when young people are really serious about their health, but why not just be secure in that instead of putting everyone else down for doing things in moderation?

>or sympathizing with grooming victims
Someone getting mad at this is fucked up anyway, not really sure how common this is except for with black and white thinking really all or nothing people. It's definitely possible to disagree with someone or their ideas but still have sympathy for their situation.

No. 1044814

>it does make me kind of bitter how it's such a huge part of having a social life
When my friends got into alcohol one of them asked why I would even hang out with them if I wasn’t going to drink. I would never harp on people for drinking but I thought it was sad

No. 1044817

Same, my friends mocked me and now a few of them are in rehab or AA.

No. 1044825

Haha! Got 'em!

No. 1044832

File: 1643384276328.jpg (326.25 KB, 2143x1205, comtecheeseBarmalini-6da6290f5…)

Comte is not that great, sorry frenchies. There's good french cheese out there but comte is not one of them.

No. 1044838

Figure drawing by loomis is the shittiest art book ever. There are other ways to learn anatomy

No. 1044840

>men use you when you fuck them

Something about this phrase or well, its use feels off, is kind of weird that sometimes anons are talking about sex with their husbands/bf and some anon has to "remind" her this, is humiliating. Why is always about men's perspective? i don't understand why there's such an emphasis on their pleasure but not yours when you are using them too to an extent. Also, a part of me thinks assuming every sexual interaction with men to be this unhealthy is not okay

No. 1044858

Why and what's better ?

No. 1044863

Smells like teen spirit is Nirvanas best song

No. 1044865

I literally do not have to do that to be one. Having enough moolah helps a shit ton, though.

No. 1044868

Unless it refers to a specific situation in with it was indeed "using" someone, I always associate this kind of wording with internalized misogyny

No. 1044881

Are you a 12 year old who just discovered Nirvana? Their best song is Dumb but the Unplugged version.

I used to say things like that too, but it's an extremely infantilizing assumption that women are so dumb to realize that they're getting used. In reality, women know what they're getting into and they're getting their cake and eating it too. Like the other anon said, I do think some anons do harbour some internalized misogyny as well.

No. 1044944

jews are the only ethnicity that white people can larp as and society is okay with it.
The most whitest looking euro person who only has like 5% jewish in them will claim to be jewish and everyone will be okay with that, they'll act like they are the most jewish person ever and get away with antisemitism if they claim to be jewish.

The highest jewish percentage in ashkenazi jews is only 30% and yet we are still supposed to act like these aren't white people.

White latin people get told off all the time if they dare call themselves latino, hapas who are white-passing also get called white so why is it okay for white people to only identify as jewish lineage?

No. 1044956

It's okay to clean coins if they're not particularly valuable and you're sure you just want it in your collection and won't sell them. For context everywhere you go online to look for information about cleaning coins you have collectors reeing about how nobody should ever clean any coin, even cleaning pocket change with soap and water automatically ruins it and makes it worthless according to them.

No. 1044959

American men are really annoying, misogynistic, and far more bigoted than other 1st world men. They're also incredibly cucked and there's a reason why so many of them become trannies

No. 1044960

I agree and don’t understand why people shill it so much

As a side note, annoying cheese enthusiasts are always men

No. 1044964

samefag, but they also clearly act more autistic than other men too

No. 1044983

A lot of the Jewish people I knew honestly looked Syrian/Greek to me. But that would make sense since Israel isn’t far at all from there. Aside from a few people whose families immigrated here and were probably Polish jews. Tbh maybe I’m just face blind but most people from counties that border the Mediterranean Sea look the same to me (dark hair, larger noses, not likely to have blue aryan eyes).

No. 1044984

Even most programming languages are shit and needlessly complicated. Is it just me or is tech starting to feel fake, like it won't be around in 100 years for some reason.

No. 1044994

Simple, the act of sex has way more risks for women than men. Pregnancy, more likely to catch STDs, penis always orgasms while very few women orgasm from just piv (and no doing the work of touching your own clit while he pumps isn't "equal"), utis from semen fucking up your flora, birth control med risks and side effects, if you don't live somewhere with easy access abortion then potentially fucking up your whole life, risking sleeping with a psycho who chokes you out, and if you live in conservative area your reputation being ruined for being a ho.

No. 1044996

>women know what they're getting into and they're getting their cake and eating it too. Like the other anon said, I do think some anons do harbour some internalized misogyny as well.
Begone scrote

No. 1045010

Sex is a mutual thing and the two parts are actually ""using"" each other, i don't see why anon is a scrote for pointing that out

No. 1045012

It's not mutual when there's way more risks for women. Dude better give multiple orgasms for it to be equal and worth it.

No. 1045018

Ayrt, and ok, users really need to stop screeching scrote whenever other anons have a different opinion. Sorry you can't imagine women having sex because they themselves want it.

No. 1045019

Family Guy is funny. Like really funny.

No. 1045025

Fuck yeah, season 4 is high art. American Dad slaps hard too. I watch both of these shows weekly. No shame. You can't shame me.

No. 1045039

Go away autismo. Everything you've said is wrong.

No. 1045043

I feel like I've been had. I bought a small chunk of it from the cheese shop when I went to go buy some cheese, and thankfully the piece I got was small because it's pricey but also because it's not that good!! Maybe I just had my expectations so high because I kept seeing people praise it so much but damn. Now I'm stuck eating the rest of it.

No. 1045047

Absolute bollocks. I myself am an annoying cheese enthusiast and I am a woman.

No. 1045080

I'm not talking about risks and STDs anon, I'm talking about some anons focusing on men's perspective way too much, you don't automatically lose your humanity or become a "property" just because you're having sex, that's not a healthy view

No. 1045086

hell yeah, I like you

No. 1045093

You're right and Americans hate it lol

No. 1045095

But if the men you actually sleep with think less of you afterwards, isn't their perspective somewhat important? I don't care if some random stranger thinks I'm a subhuman slut, but if a sexual partner does then not only will I be beyond insulted, I would never want to give him access to my body under any circumstances. When I acknowledge how men feel about women, it's not because I think their view has any legitimacy, it's because I can't think of anything worse than 'rewarding' someone with the very thing he looks down on me for doing. I can't ignore the high possibility of that happening if I choose to pretend only my opinion matters.

No. 1045096

Oh yeah that's not what I was talking about.
Yes that's not healthy, but sometimes the dude treats you like property/defiled after you have sex with him though so it's not always an equal thing and leaves bad taste in mouth. Some guys make it unequal with their weird hangups.

No. 1045102

"Asianfishing" as a concept is completely retarded. Nobody is trying to look Asian and all Asian make-up trends are literally them trying to look more white (bleaching skin, super light make-up, contacts, making the eyes look bigger and more open with make-up, taping eyelids into double-lids). If anything Asians are "Whitefishing" and a white person copying their make-up trends doesn't make them look Asian. Unless white girls start turning their double-lids into monolids then nobody is "Asianfishing".(Racebait)

No. 1045104

>all Asian make-up trends are literally them trying to look more white
Why are you guys so self-centered?

No. 1045106

You're literally having surgery on your eyelids and bleaching your skin to look more white, it's objectively true.

No. 1045107

>can't address the point

No. 1045109

>retarded amerimutt thinks it has to do with race
Every time

No. 1045111

>Nobody is trying to look Asian
I think a lot of the random people on social media or whatever are just following makeup trends and have no conscious desire to look any other race but come on lol how can you say that here of all places

No. 1045113

Nta, or any of those anons, but I think she means that the basis of whitening skin and changing eye shape isn't as eurocentric as it appears. In my country we are mostly one ethnicity and have face/fashion fads and trends that might look to be based on wanting to be other nations (like tanning) but really you just want to look like you went outside

No. 1045115

I'm European.

No. 1045116

People always find it easy to decontextualise these trends when it’s white people doing them (less protruding nose, bigger lips, darker eye brows, almond eyes etc) but can’t extend that to other groups. I don’t think they’re the exact same thing but it’s definitely more complex than just “trying to look white”

No. 1045120

You know how scrotes are always fighting about their race and penises? "Muh BBC cucks you whytebois", "Muh BWC cucks you yellowbois", etc?
The asianfishing/blackfishing/whitefishing debates are literally just the female version of that. They literally follow the same trajectory/structure and are very easy racebait arguments that can derail any "diverse" space, because they prey on both sexes' insecurities about attractiveness. Also notice how both fights completely ignore brown men and women, kek

No. 1045122

So they're not trying to look white, they're just trying to look more attractive and it just so happens that in order to be more attractive, they look more "white". Idk sounds racist.

No. 1045123

I don’t really think it’s that similar at all. I don’t think xfishing “discourse” is something most people truly feel deeply about and is usually more part of social posturing online, whereas I think the scrote one is something that they actually do deeply care about and rooted in like a neurotic cuckold anxiety thing.

No. 1045126

But you could say the reverse of this for all those IG thots who end up looking biracial. Consciously they’re obviously just trying to look “better” but they end up looking less white.

No. 1045133

>all asian women do their makeup to look like white women!
>No one wants to look asian!
Kek. Some koreboos and weebs try their best to look and fit the Asian aesthetic. Also wanting light skin doesn't mean someone is trying to appear Caucasian.

No. 1045135

You can literally blame David Ralph Millard, a surgeon back in the post 50s Korean war, for the Asian surgery obsession they have today. He straight up claimed that Asian eyes look untrustworthy, so he offered them double eyelid surgery to look better to Americans. He then suggested Asians to fix their flat noses to be more Caucasian. This is 100% racially motivated.

No. 1045138

Idk, I see the "racefishing" argument even pollute anonymous sites with lots of women (like here), so I don't think it's all just posturing. The anger about the subject combined with the constant undercutting of one/any group's looks and neverending need to solidify one group as "the most attractive"/"the original"/etc feels extremely neurotic
Though, I don't think it's always linked to cuckoldry anxiety, you're right. More just anxiety about the meaning of "beauty" itself. It's a simple fact that women (regardless of race) are socialized to think there's always something about themselves to change, or else they're "boring/ugly/plain". When you add race into the equation, it quickly turns into a demented contest

No. 1045144

You can also go a little deeper into history as well. Double eyelids were always vogue in Korean/Asian culture. It just became worse when Millard came to Korea and decided to impose western beauty standards on Asian women. Fucked up.

No. 1045154

These anons are right

No. 1045180

making weed a big part of who you are is trashy

No. 1045182

Everyone agrees and that's why Spencer's Gifts is a meme

No. 1045186

No. 1045190

Disgusting stuff

No. 1045203

I'm not religious/traditional but IVF is a violation of nature, and evil. Who knows what long term consequences it has on the child and mother.

No. 1045217

Kind of agree. Sick of peoples attitudes about adopting children. Stop forcing babies to happen and help take care of the children we already have. No one wants to take responsibility for anyone else and it's sad.

No. 1045221

are the mods dead?

No. 1045243

Why? Did something happen nona?

No. 1045248

look at the thread in /ot/ ….

No. 1045257

Pushing adoption isn't the solution either. Great in theory, extremely difficult and expensive in reality. Young kids are in demand, older kids come with a host of issues and need very dedicated, competent parents.

What we need is to destigamize childlessness and make it the default rather than something people just assume they'll do because everyone else does, regardless of how much they really want to be a parent or how equipped they are to be one. I have sympathy for infertile people but it needs to become easier to accept that kids aren't in your future.

No. 1045259

Mods have been severely slow the last few months, especially on /ot/ and its so infuriating

No. 1045264

Yeah, good point.

No. 1045268

It's been like this for a few years tbh

No. 1045279

> just want to talk about how we can slowly make society/culture more egalitarian

That already exists, it’s called liberalism. It’s retarded to get mad at radfems for being… rad. Just don’t try to identify as one

No. 1045289

Anons keep complaining about this, but we probably have a mod shortage.

No. 1045290

There's not enough jannies but I can't blame anons for not wanting to mod when it means dealing with cp and gore and shit.

No. 1045291

I don't know why but the last few months in particular have felt even slower than usual

No. 1045293

>What we need is to destigamize childlessness and make it the default rather than something people just assume they'll do because everyone else does
that'll never happen because the elite needs wagies to keep the economy running. They're already pushing or paying women to have more kids in some countries because there's not enough kids being born to take care of the elderly in large parts of the west.

No. 1045294

???? We definitely have a mod shortage.

No. 1045297


if we have a mod shortage, the admin should make a thread about it in meta and ask for mod applications.

No. 1045300

They had some stuff up for a while, either no one wanted to and they took down the link to apply, or they got new mods and they suck

No. 1045303

mod applications were open for months on end, the link disappeared just recently along with the link for new admin apps.

No. 1045307

It's not going to work lol. Their greed blinds them and in worst case it'll be like Romania where gov tried to force women, ending in tons of deaths from botched abortion, babies dying from neglect in hospitals, or kids growing up to be completely mentally insane/nonfunctional in society. Glad mother nature designed it that way, scrotes can seethe about being unable to control the human genome.

No. 1045312

> it'll be like Romania where gov tried to force women
What, can you tell me more about that? How did they try to force them? Idk if it makes me seem like a tinfoilers or schizo, I'm genuinely scared governments are going to physically force women to birth in the future and I've been thinking about getting tubal ligation before that happens.

No. 1045313

You're right but at the same time, it is a lot more accepted to not have kids and it's becoming more and more common over time, and having fewer kids is definitely the norm now. Educated people don't seem to be listening to panic about birthdates etc, or at least not letting it dictate their life choices. Hopefully it just keeps spreading.

No. 1045314

Its always a deafening silence from the girls above, no updates no nothing. We still have old outdated stickies up it's like a ghost town sometimes. Did the Shaynafag admin already take over?

No. 1045318

>Its always a deafening silence from the girls above, no updates no nothing.
God yes, I wish admin would update us every now and then. How difficult is it to make like a post once a month in a dedicated thread or answer a couple of questions? I hope the new admin changes things up.

No. 1045319

wrong it's Drain You (Nulle Part Ailleurs", Paris, France/1994)

No. 1045326

Even if they did you can stock up on abortive pills, seeds for plants, and del em machine (relatively safe diy cheap abortion device). And anon the world is too globalized for that, unless you're already in a shit country no one cares about then it won't happen.

No. 1045327

I kind of respect China

No. 1045329

I think a cow or tranny just took over. I wanted to see if I can sign up to be mod but the links aren't there anymore.

No. 1045375

I hope you're right anon, I truly do.

No. 1045389

In order to know anything about how LC is being run, you have to go to KF. Sad.

No. 1045548

nta but yeah I've noticed this too. Even though they make a big deal about being gnc they have a hard time comprehending that not all women were raised the same or have the same personality traits.

No. 1045571

Yeah and what the ever loving Christ is that??? Having a "male mind" is something i personally strive for, because it is true freedom from manipulation by patriarchal society. To me it's proof you weren't manipulated to your death into "passively agreeable, less vocal feminization of the mind" ← honestly all that is, is engineered insecurity to hate yourself for being "unacceptably" confident/ aggressive/decisive. But well applied confidence and aggression get you absolutely everything in life, especially where creative expression is concerned. Insecurity kills your creativity and decisiveness, it absolutely destroys your clarity and takes years away from your life. A lot of women can't handle the fact it's true or never think about. Waking up to it makes them absolutely seethe.

If you are like me it's priceless to see though ahaha

I worked hard to be the opposite from a young age, because I saw it and couldn't fucking understand why anyone would willingly purse a feminized mind. It's suicidal looking to me. It ruins you for life. You can have emotional intelligence AND know how to be constructively aggressive and detached. I don't believe in a male or female mind though honestly, I believe in a balance of the two. One gender just happens to be more thoroughly and completely screwed mentally by brainwashing.

No. 1045577

xi jinping won't fuck you

No. 1045595

Just use functional languages. They're pretty pretty clean.

No. 1045611

Do you have Aspergers?

No. 1045630

File: 1643434983104.jpeg (43.26 KB, 536x680, 3EA1EA6D-359A-4DE1-B063-1F26EA…)

No. 1045655

File: 1643437942016.jpeg (20.62 KB, 750x738, A2469B37-61D5-489A-92FA-68C863…)

No. 1045666

I don’t feel bad for tards who got suckered into taking out $40k in student loans and are shaken to their core that they have to pay it back. I know that a big problem is the interest that is tacked on but I just don’t know how these retards don’t know that beforehand. Did you not take Econ in High School? Your parents who most likely co-signed your loans didn’t care about you enough to explain what interest is? You haven’t heard people sperging out for the last 15+ years about how evil student loans are? I have a friend who is some kind of STEM Engineer and is constantly reeeeeing about how Biden needs to forgive her loans even though she makes $130k a year and lives in a affordable city.
I know this comes from a bitter place of being a poorfag. My parents couldn’t even cosign any loan for me because their credit was so awful so college wasn’t even on my radar. All my fellow poorfag friends from HS were in the same boat so student loans just seem like such a upper/middle class problem.

No. 1045667

Checked trips. Anyway, while I understand your frustration, the problem is much bigger at the government level. Why is education, a fundamental human right, so expensive? It should always be free but universities are making a profit from all the expensive tuition students pay. Nationalize education at all levels for all!

No. 1045670

The main people I don't feel sorry for are those who went into a $100,000+ masters or PhD program and now complain about the loan. If your graduate degree isn't funded then get the hell out of there.

No. 1045675

$40k isn’t event that much though if you get a decent paying job out of school. It’s about the same as buying a new car, except the value of a car only depreciates.

No. 1045681

I kind of understand what you're trying to say nonnie but the term "mind" is really misleading. I think you meant to say you strive to be in a state of mind and being where you're completely free from female socialisation, I don't think that is akin to having a male way of thinking, though. One can always desocialise female and stop feminising to be more assertive and confident.

No. 1045693

not sure if this is an unpopular opinion outside of tiktok/twitter spheres, but i don't think asexuals should be considered a part of the LGBTQ+ community. i see sex drive as being separate from sexual orientation. from what i've seen, a straight asexual's experience(s) being discriminated has never been comparable to those of a bi or gay person. i also never see people argue that hypersexuals should be considered a part of the community either, despite asexuals and them being both opposite ends of the sex drive spectrum. what makes one more "LGBTQ+" than the other? they're both neither in my eyes.

i also think being neurodivergent should be gatekept and only be applied to those with ADHD/autism/similar disorders that are not just depression/anxiety. a depressed neurotypical navigates the world a lot differently than an autistic person would. been seeing a sentiment that expresses otherwise on social media, but we don't need to include everyone in everything.

No. 1045716

>LGBTQ+ community
Are you lost??

No. 1045718

speaking along the lines of this, i don't get why genders are included in LGB now. lesbian, gay, and bisexual are all sexualities. being a genderspecial isn't a sexuality.

the T was probably included long ago because of HSTS and them being just seen as gay men, but it's different now. you got transbians, fakebois that want to play gay boyfriend, and all of those straight people that think they belong because they're "nonbinary".

the "lgbtq+" is no longer about sexuality, it's just full of gender shit and even more "kink" and poly than before.

No. 1045722

The fight for gay rights has already been won in the US. These days, it's mostly brands, coomers and overall annoying people milking the corpse of the issue, and they won't let anyone rest. The rainbow flag is no longer a revolutionary symbol, it is branding. It's no wonder there are people who believe constantly thinking about gender is a hobby/lifestyle. The commodified consoomer gays and self-obsessed troons on TV encouraged it. The asexual squabble, the inclusion of "kink" and non-binary debate seems like nothing more than an attempt to absorb more groups to pander to who will consoom, consoom, consoom. Gotta stay relevant and fashionable
Like, sorry but I'll never buy that a white scrote in Los Angeles who likes to get fucked in the ass by other men (a practice that is very trendy and cool in his country right now) is more oppressed than any woman in a third world country. It is simply too stupid

No. 1045729

that's not an unpopular opinion at least on here. i don't think most anons have strong feelings about asexuality either way

No. 1045731

>I know that a big problem is the interest that is tacked on
This is strictly it. Nobody would have a problem paying back borrowed money if the interest wasn't actively working against them so that anything short of a $400 monthly payment wouldn't even be making an impactful dent.
That's why your engineering friend is bitching despite making $100k+ annual, it's an oppressive cost even for wealthy people if they're just starting out after college when young grads should be able to save and pursue equity. ​
>Did you not take Econ in High School?
Lots of US high schools don't offer this.
>Your parents who most likely co-signed your loans didn’t care about you enough to explain what interest is?
Boomers are so fucking bad at managing their own debts though, so no I don't believe most had any meaningful talks with their kids when they themselves are so bad. This is the generation that fucked up and have the most credit card debt. They don't have student debt only due to the fact that their educations were affordable in their day. Not to mention they could obtain jobs just by pestering management to hire them and show up "willing to learn," whereas employers nowadays treat 4 year college degrees as the new high school diplomas and want "experience" for entry level skilled jobs with shit pay. Boomers were driven by the ego of wanting to see their millenial children have traditional success literally no matter the costs, and completely ignored matters such as APR on high debt % and job saturation because THEY didn't have to deal with this shit. Knowing damn well it wasn't their problem if they saddled their own flesh and blood with failure right off the bat, and scapegoating "laziness" to cope with the moralistic illusion revealed that hard work no longer equals success.

It's not too late to go to college anon, there's no shame in going back as an adult. You'd have the advantage of being able to make wiser decisions free from outside pressure and won't fall for memes like going to the ~prestigious~ universities and dorming.
Community college credits are just as good and can be affordable, also, it wouldn't be a bad time to take advantage of remote learning when it's the easiest it's ever been insofar as effort is concerned.

No. 1045732

the gjfjskskrjeks+ community is about not being straight and cis and it has been that for a long time.

No. 1045741

Not American so no comment on your student debt situation
>Did you not take Econ in High School?
No, it's not standard in my country and most others and I think that's a big mistake. It's so important so why isn't it taught? We had 4 years of fucking Latin in high-school, a dead language, but zero lessons on economy which runs our world and has a huge impact on our daily lives. That's ridiculous.

No. 1045748

Racism and misogyny is 100x more offensive and oppressive than homophobia and transphobia

No. 1045749

transphobia isn't real though, if anything it's just homophobia

No. 1045753

No when I was young "pinkwashing" just brought me nothing but misery. I became the polor opposite.

No. 1045756

Good he is disgusting.

No. 1045757

Fr like "all women are empathetic angels who hate sex uwu" ok sorry you have an ugly husband but me and my mean dyke gf are going to fuck now though.

No. 1045759

But can you actually respond to my post with words or did I mince you brain jn?

No. 1045778

Yeah you're totally right. I know a ton of men aren't like that. Which is why I said I don't really believe in male or female traits, just balance. Because men are socialized and encouraged to be though, it's common to call it masculine nd normal to make the association. People will instantly recognize what you mean

It's so rare to talk about breaking away from female socialization though. People don't discuss it with any depth and you have to figure it out for yourself.

It's exactly like that user said. Even a lot of GNC women loathe women who eschew female socialization.

No. 1045783

>it's common to call it masculine nd normal to make the association. People will instantly recognize what you mean
Unpopular but I don't make that "association" at all lol. I don't associate muh skeelinity with any of the shit you've said (decisive and confident especially, have you even talked with men irl? They are literally the opposite of this). If anything I've noticed that I by default assume that all cute things are male for some reason: like genshin's Paimon - i thought it was a boy (and tbh I still think they are, in Chinese there are no pronouns, so female pronouns for Paimon in other languages, are retcon. og Paimon is whatever you believe it to be). Is anyone else here like this?

No. 1045784

forgot the word
*in Chinese there are no gendered pronouns

No. 1045791

Kek. I just cant see my straight sexuality as being groomed to be a victim when I literally get wet looking at mens asses.

No. 1045806

File: 1643458194974.png (663.63 KB, 748x706, tumblr_ef6fed8f36021f1375b5ee4…)

if you're OSA it's because you were groomed by the patriarchy to be a victim of men, if you're SSA it's because you were groomed by the patriarchy to objectify other women, real feminists are asexual duuuuuh

No. 1045812

There needs to be a study on how fantasy genres, anime, and furry fandoms are linked to schizophrenic and autistic individuals and why these people are so involved with these communities (and dedicated to shitting them up) as soon as possible

No. 1045815

video game fandoms too

No. 1045821

Being old is overrated, getting old is overrated, being young is overrated. Humans live way too long

No. 1045822

First, what are osa and ssa?

No. 1045823

File: 1643459813436.jpeg (57.45 KB, 400x233, 067B7CB3-1BA9-4E5A-B77D-A4EB3D…)

Stop posting retarded moid.

No. 1045824

other sex attracted (heterosexual or bisexual), respectively same sex attracted (homosexual or bisexual)

No. 1045829

Not everyone knows these retarded ass acronyms. That said, anon is retarded because it's one you can figure out just by context of the post

No. 1045832

How does that explain femdoms

No. 1045833

When I was growing up, in college, etc I knew tons of girls who had destroyed self esteem. They never really grew out of it they just settled into what they already knew. Even the prettiest women I knew are loaded with internalized misogyny, often treated like crap by their boyfriends, lived to not offend everyone they knew. I don't know where you live but you're lucky you don't see that everywhere my god.

No. 1045894

File: 1643467906001.png (428.12 KB, 1280x720, captain sweden.png)

They should remake this Captain Sweden with Captain America because this is more true for 2022 America anyways

No. 1045895

dont feel sorry for pickmes anon.
Most of them end up taking out their anger out on women and treat women the same way their boyfriends treat them, and try to make their female friends do emotional labor for them.

No. 1045910

If it's possible to be transgender then it's possible to be transracial.

No. 1045927

Traditional "you must be a pure subserviant virgin" is just as bad as "you have to be pretty and young and sexually avaiblabe" progressive.

No. 1045929

This place is just a secular lipstickalley

No. 1045932

Arent you that scrote that has been spamming here for days, you said how 4chan is so much better but you spend alot of time here (being a retarded nuisance)

No. 1045935

no ive been on here since 2015 (and hate moids and trannies) and i just thought this was funny to say lol

No. 1045941

File: 1643472586781.jpg (42.14 KB, 780x437, GettyImages-1084925550_trott t…)

oh ok sorry noony, its just that this place has been getting raided and spammed so much these past weeks that the moment i see something retarded i think its the tranny/4chan/reddit scrotes.

No. 1045944

I disagree. Most women have low self esteem in some way or another, but most women are not pickmes.

No. 1045945

>but most women are not pickmes.
oh anon….

No. 1045950

sorry lol

No. 1046019

Mandela Catalogue sucks and it's not scary. The first episode was okay but the second it just terrible and I have no idea why people praise it so much.

It's really poorly acted and the dialogue is unnatural and forced. The situation is also really absurd in an annoying way. It feels like (and most likely is) two highschoolers trying to act what they think cool adults sound like.

I was cringing the whole time the characters were talking and could not get immersed. The spooks we're just lazy photoshops that pop up randomly. The spooky creature at the end is like the personification of an edgy DeviantArt kid and the video it played was so low effort and contrived. God it was awful.

No. 1046046

I think a lot of the gay men ride on “we aren’t truly equal in the US until we are fully accepted!!!” So the fact that there’s religious people against them means that they’re actually Uber oppressed.
It pisses me off so much my tumblerina friend awhile ago was arguing with me that I’m actually much more privileged than gay men just because I’m straight. She explained it like someone explaining reverse racism almost like every single straight person is more privileged than any gay man. Just because a fundie evangelical mom says she thinks gays are going to hell doesn’t mean that she actually has more power over a gay gym chad.

No. 1046060

>I’m actually much more privileged than gay men just because I’m straight
It's funny, I live in a European country and most of the gay guys I know irl would agree with shit like this, meanwhile they're loved and accepted by their families, have sex out of wedlock all the time and can get married whenever they want since 2013 and won't shut the fuck up about having threesomes and having weird, unsanitary fetishes and nobody gives a fuck, meanwhile I could get severely beaten up and shunned by my family if I ever just decide to date a man my age and have a normal relationship with him before marriage. But I guess I'm a straight, privileged woman so I should shut up about my and other women's problems! All of them think not allowing paid and unpaid surrogate mothers to give them children is homophobia. I'm at this point where I only give a shit about bi women and lesbians and I only support them, the rest can fuck off.

No. 1046091

File: 1643481563545.png (1.21 MB, 920x729, inspirations.png)

I think modern male fashion should become a contemporary version of this. I don't care how much people tell me this looks "ridiculous" or "gay" since how can people say that when current female fashion is ridiculously much more revealing and flashier than their male counterpart? Also, if this became integrated into contemporary fashion (with the expectation that men try to be fit and groom themselves, ofc) female and male beauty standards would be a lot more balanced between each other since women wouldn't be the ones unfairly expected to look good while men get to be as sloppy looking as possible.

No. 1046128

First of all men need to actually eat healthy and workout, no amount of fancy threads or wigs will save them.

No. 1046136

yeah but like what if you re-introduce that to society with the expectation men groom themselves and get fit or else feel the harsh exclusion of it like ugly/unfit women do?

No. 1046149

File: 1643483362499.jpg (109.08 KB, 700x700, C69035C-N1242990N-3.jpg)

I am convinced that the only good manga/webcomics/etc are written by women. I could enjoy character development and the fact that they are written only when the creator behind them is a woman. Whenever I read a manga that's written by men you could always tell that they fetishize women (while never dating one) or created a character just to add fanservice.
picrelated is a random webmanga I found.

No. 1046171

File: 1643484572181.jpeg (25.82 KB, 408x603, 470e2887b2e95d428ba8d6c72b8e8a…)

I want them to wear the 18th century style again. The frock and the hat had cool shapes. The bow in their wig was cute too.

No. 1046173

I agree.

No. 1046237

File: 1643490984250.png (64.31 KB, 1033x639, sean pnn.png)

He's right. Anyone who gets triggered by this is too stupid to realize he's talking about trannies, not metrosexual men.

No. 1046239

Hell yeah worldwide oujisama wave

No. 1046252

File: 1643492052074.jpg (57.2 KB, 500x690, 20220121_212254.jpg)

I would suggest something like picrel as an unisex option for everyone. Looks comfortable and elegant

No. 1046257

What’s wrong with having a female character wearing revealing clothes? I mean I get it and I really wish people could design fictional women and girls in nice and comfy clothing/armor/battle gear, I just wish scrotes wouldn’t have to ruin such a nice thing because I feel guilty drawing women in tank tops and stuff now kek, I just want to make fashion pieces that aren’t sexualized but at least sultry or sensual? That’s the best I can explain it tl;dr

No. 1046258

this fucks extremely hard

No. 1046260

>I think every scrote should wear this very eurocentric dead style just because

No please don’t ever die on that hill it’s not only fugly but sort of insensitive to other people’s cultural fashion. I’ve seen modern revivals of 1400s+ female fashion and it looks hideous. Shit taste sorry anon

No. 1046261

Have you seen the taco bell scene in Demolition Man? Yeah i think everyone should dress like that

No. 1046263

>sort of insensitive to other people’s cultural fashion
Kek anon chill, it's not like this was about imposing ~eurocentric~ culture on everyone else whatsoever. But yeah shit taste.

No. 1046271


No. 1046284

>Dead style
you say that as if fashion revivals don’t happen every few years.

No. 1046285

I agree with all of these. Education shouldn't be expensive, but it is in America. You would have to live under a rock to somehow not hear about how bad college debt is. If you and your parents are mature enough to sign up for a loan, you are mature enough to accept the consequences.

I managed to go to college without taking on any debt by working for scholarships and choosing to go to an affordable in-state school. I don't think the quality of your education should be a factor of how much money you have, but it unfortunately is. I don't feel bad for people who absolutely need to go to a private school or get a master's out of state with no plan for how to pay for it.

It also really bothers me that forgiving student loan has been forced to the top of the liberal agenda. So many people are poor through no fault of their own, and the majority of the country has never even been to college, but it's somehow our job to pay off some twitter using Yale grad's debt?

homophobia and transphobia are just reskinned misogyny

No. 1046295

This looks cute, what's it called?

No. 1046296

you're not wrong but have we ever seen fashion revival from trends literal centuries ago in the modern day? Not as far as I'm aware

No. 1046297

File: 1643495973824.jpg (480.46 KB, 1280x1656, MV5BYjY2MTA3NzItNGY3MC00YjNhLT…)

I had a demo of this game on the PS3 and I wanted it just because I thought the main character was so cool and I wanted to be the cool woman in the hot outfit shooting guns, swinging swords and casting magic, with so much skill that she can do it even in heels and pull off elegant and powerful moves. My point is I think sexy outfits can make women feel powerful and I don't think every female character design should be covered up, but I feel weird thinking so, because of course this woman was designed by a man to be his ultimate perfect fantasy woman, to sell more copies of the game, not because women should feel like they get to be a powerful beautiful warrior woman; when a man puts a woman in a revealing outfit, it's almost always because he sees her as nothing more than her body; when a woman does the same, she may be doing so because of a variety of factors. I kind of forgot what I wanted to say. Anyway I wanna be a cool lady with dragon swords

No. 1046299

Mmmk, post the shit you like then

No. 1046301

>homophobia and transphobia are just reskinned misogyny
Are you lost?

No. 1046302

Yes, in fact that happened in the 20s and the 80s. Not my fault you're historically illiterate, anon.

No. 1046307

>historically illiterate
they don't teach us fashion history in school lmao what so you even mean

No. 1046309

>homophobia and transphobia are just reskinned misogyny
Girl what

No. 1046313

File: 1643496827843.jpg (126.89 KB, 750x935, tumblr_9b464a6a9e7da878dfe7904…)


I mean, the 80s isn't that far back and period movies are pretty common but even runaway fashion (from the 90s to now) reuses a lot of historical fashion and modernizes them.

No. 1046315

I really don't get the line of logic that I, being born as a woman, is related to a moid who likes cock up his ass or a schizophrenic scrote who believes he can turn into a lady if he puts on a dress. Is this line of logic trying to say that women are just non conforming men….?

No. 1046317

I think that the anon originally wanted to say that accusing women of homophobia and transphobia is thinly veiled misogyny, but she got confused and dropped some words

No. 1046321

File: 1643497859511.jpg (49.16 KB, 640x456, in the game im 16.jpg)

The only reason why "the majority" hates Eva 3.0 is because their faggot self-insert wasn't being treated the way their fantasies wanted. The film itself was interesting.

No. 1046324

Ah that makes much more sense

No. 1046358

File: 1643500526969.jpeg (135.04 KB, 749x761, AC02C8DB-4365-45AF-9822-F9C18B…)

Where is this pic from? I swear I remember this being from a video about some lonely Japanese man obsessing over a 2d anime girl from a 3DS game where the most you can do to the girls is kiss them

No. 1046365

where do you live anon?

No. 1046373

File: 1643501305913.jpeg (29.67 KB, 403x389, 25DD133A-C324-4C6D-9B82-E1B07B…)

I’m so fucking disappointed by witchcraft. I was interested in it for ages and finally got to learning more in depth and it’s literally all just positive affirmations and journalling. A lot of witches even say you can’t expect a spell to cause anything outside of “what’s physically possible” and that you still have to do all the normal work to get things to happen anyway so what’s the fucking point? How sad. Now I’ll forever just see witches as self help enthusiasts but make it edgy. Where’s the badassery? I’m distraught

No. 1046375

Remember nonnie, art is just an exaggeration of what we wish to be. If something looks awesome in a series/book/movie/painting it’s 100% sure that it’s all wish fulfillment from the person doing that art thing.

No. 1046378

What if all that is an operation to make it look lame on purpose so people don't discover it's true powers?

No. 1046383

Don’t let her know the truth you fool

No. 1046404

Just get into occultism.

No. 1046419

you could still learn what all the herbs and shit do

No. 1046424

Nothing. They do nothing because it’s all about what you feel and make up about them and your “intentions” wooooooo

No. 1046456

You know what the real shit is, but you won't do it kek

No. 1046458

What do you mean?

No. 1046498

ancient Romani curses that you can only get irl from a local 90 years old witch

No. 1046641

hi tradthot

No. 1046648

is this romani anon again lol

No. 1046655

are you mixing up gypsies and romanians
I don't remember any gypsies posting here

No. 1046661

he is talking about both

No. 1046664

I'm not a tradthot because i think men these days are useless dude. You people are weird

No. 1046665

Male beauty standards are pretty limited in the current society tbh. Men are restricted in what they're allowed to wear and are seen as goofy/ugly if they try anything different. I also see a lot of beautiful faced men called "ugly" both IRL and online for some arbitrary reason unless he looks exactly like a Ken Doll or Superman. Beauty standards are pretty fucking shit for women as well but i swear it's like only 1 or 2 types of men are allowed to be called handsome

(Inb4 this opinion makes some people triggered for some reason)

No. 1046669

I think you're mixing up beauty standards and beauty ideals.
The beauty ideal is of course almost unnatainable. The actual standard for men is on the floor tho

No. 1046671

I feel this way too, it's accepted that men completely give up on their looks and if they try hard to look better they're called gay or told they're being too girly unless they're gifted with superman jaw genes. The current beauty standard wants men to either look like ugly trashbags of shit because that's more "manly" or "authentic" and the handsome men are always clones of Clark Kent. Just pisses me off how ugly and bland men are compared to women in this century

No. 1046672

Of course womanhood is not actually about wearing skirts or being penetrated, but a lot of men do think these actions are "womanly" and so they punish men who do these because in their minds they're "acting like women". Let's not forget that historically women have been considered just penisless (therefore "failed") males. It's awful and misogynistic but that's how scrote logic is.

No. 1046674

I'd love to see men in my country fight the beer belly, trim their mad beards, sort their blackheads out.. minimum efforts are seen as gay or too much to ask for. The average man is encouraged to embrace whatever he looks like with the least amount of effort.

I think alot of the shit women feel pressure to do 'for beauty' is way too much but like.. can we all meet somewhere in the middle?

No. 1046677

I think both genders should be allowed to be fat/ugly, or both beautiful, or both average looking, none of that imbalanced "one gender is beautiful and delicate while the other is always ugly swamp beast or chad ogre cuz its mAnlY"

No. 1046681

File: 1643541331735.png (771.22 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_m0c4nnOhbk1qzbngeo1_r1_…)

ofc it doesn't work when you are doing basic ass mainstream witchcraft.

I summoned a demon once when i was having a bpd breakdown, he only shortly answered my questions and left, i asked him for some things and it became true (now idk if he really did manifest those things for me but i know that they did come into my reality).

No. 1046685

it wasn't a demon, it was psychosis that's not how witchcraft works

No. 1046697

you made me realize my mistake lol, I read romani curses as romanian curses (I know the difference between gypsies/the romani and Romanians dw). Romanian anon talked about getting curses from some witch before.

No. 1046699

I believe in witchcraft but not the whitewashed tik tok version. I’m talking voodoo. That shit is real and if you don’t think so….. Welp idk

No. 1046705

i dont have psychosis i mostly have trouble regulating my emotions, thats what i meant by bpd breakdown.

No. 1046714

If what you were doing wasn't witchcraft then why did you even bother to respond to that post and call it witchcraft?

No. 1046717

witchcraft doesn't actually make you see entities or move stuff. If you do witchcraft and see entities or move stuff you are actually self inducing psychosis through the idea of witchcraft. When you go down the rabbit hole of the paranormal and archetypal it literally lights up parts of your brain and shifts your perception and you might self induce psychosis. Like seeing demons or hearing stuff or seeing stuff move.

Real witchcraft and spells and divination isn't about that. Witchcraft is a form of divination that relies on rituals. So, to be closer to witchcraft you must produce rituals closer to those we had when we lived in tribes. This entire witchcraft and archetypal, mystical thing is tied to holism and our roots as a species. It is a connection to the universe and if you connect yourself to the universe correctly and comprehend witchcraft as in the way It worked in the times when we were tribalic.

You need to think strongly about the universe and what you'd like to happen but simultaneously not deny reality. You need to make your own chants composed from light language. Start speaking gibberish until the sounds you produce sound like something from an old tribe and focus your thoughts without forming them in words while you chant and you do repetitive movements. If you read about the ancient Greeks or simbolism of tarot or phenomenology or Carl Jung you can open up the gates to mysticism because there are certain individuals or certain cultures that through psychic power basically form magic spells that live through humanity and if you learn about them you activate the spells. Both Hegel and Carl Jung have manifested spells that are atemporal and if you read any of their works you become automatically connected to the archetypal and the holistic

No. 1046732

After reading this my unpopular opinion(for this site apparently) is that witchcraft should be ridiculed just as much as flat Earth if not more.

No. 1046752

This normies shit makes you all sound like edgelords from hot topic , circa 2000s. You assume people are normies off what, your extensive knowledge of their personal lives? You don’t know the full picture, stop projecting on to other people.

No. 1046755

if you don't tell people you barely know about your odd interests right off the bat and behave like a rando going about their day, i'm sorry sis, but you're a normie who wishes you could be as deep as me. highschool-tier mindset of when you wouldn't tell people musicians you liked because they'd never 'get it like you do'.

No. 1046757

Im laughing so hard

No. 1046759

I will forever seethe for not being as CoMpLex as you bc I learned how to read social cue better.

No. 1046762

I think that anon was being sarcastic and agreeing with the previous poster.

No. 1046766

Half of all current pop music, music videos and live performances are literally just sissy/bimbo hypnosis shit aimed at women and girls instead of pre-HRT scrotes
>reeee schizo tinfoil
Like, how is it not? Why does "BOOTY SO BIG" need to be flashing to the audience in big letters? In case they don't hear? Lol
I'm not the (c)rapper sperg btw, this is just the most obvious one I've seen

No. 1046768

Oh so was I! Kek sorry anon I replied too I was Playing along

No. 1046769

coins should hold more value than paper cash, like, imagine a 100 dollar coin, like thats cooler than some flimsy piece of shit boring paper. we need coins to make a comeback. fuck cards too, while im at it.

No. 1046776


No. 1046804

I took my money out to pay the fee for public transport but it was an incredibly windy day, so my paper note (I don't remember if it were 20 or 5, but I'm hoping for the latter) was blown out of my hands right in front of the oncoming train. I agree. Maybe not for the same reasons, but I agree.

No. 1046857

File: 1643558560734.jpeg (247.22 KB, 1080x800, now-thats-edgy-af-586346b64bb5…)

>i dont agree with your version of magick so i label it psychosis.
And how do you know your shitty mainstream witchy shit isnt psychosis either.
Sorry that i dont use herbs or talk to spirit guides but instead do LHP and communicate with demonic deity's.
Literally all magick is ''psychosis'' since it cant be proven by science.

No. 1046864

i kneel before you oh the great witch. im currently experiencing an emotional breakdown so what do i have to do now to summon a demon.

No. 1046886

File: 1643560933308.jpg (1.78 MB, 1779x1100, sx0afny07q081.jpg)

Get in contact with Azealia banks and do chicken sacrifices with her in her closet, and the you can come back to me imbecile.

No. 1046909

File: 1643562109955.png (827.06 KB, 952x704, zs0r5.png)

No. 1046913

Thats bc you looked at zoomer corporate shit.Witches & wine on youtube has experts who talk about their field start there.

No. 1046915

Literally the worst thing you could do, like opening your door in the hood and yelling free tv!!

No. 1046922

Based fellow demon summoner.

NTA and it can be extremely easy to summon goetic demons if you find the right resources, but you have to be extremely careful that you don't attract their egregores or other negative entities. You won't be able to see them but you can definitely feel another entity in the room with you if you have some experience with energy work. Demons are neither good nor bad and are often times very willing to work with humans, but you have to be respectful and take it seriously because they can still be dangerous. Recently I reached out to a demon after I kept hearing his name while I was meditating and since then a lot of weird things have happened that I can't really explain rationally. Before that I kept getting recommended content on demonolatry on social media for some reason. Do your own research and be very cautious before deciding to make contact. I don't recommend it if you have little experience.

No. 1046923

Did you really just tell me to look up a tiktok zoomer who reposts to youtube?

Anyway I actually was reading some witch websites and watched some YouTube witches who were in their 40s and 50s. It’s all the same shit.

Even this >>1046717 was a long winded version of positive affirmations and meditation, just with a sprinkle of “spells that last past your lifetime” on top

No. 1046924

So does this count as witchcraft or occult?

No. 1046939

I'm sorry but what did you expect it to be? like did you think magic was real?

No. 1046947

Well, no. But I wanted to believe, wanted to read some cool witchy lore, and expected to find some explanation of how witches actually believe in magic and how it affected their lives. I was disappointed on every level.

Now the idea of all those witches who cursed Trump sounds corny ass instead of potentially cool.

No. 1046951

I think witchcraft was just cope for poor women back in the day

No. 1046979

lol please dont give her advice, she doesnt even believe in this shit and is mocking it.
let her get a negative entity attached if she ever summons.

it seems more like you wanted to be a part of a community and are now let-down.
Why dont you look at law of attraction and try manifesting things?

No. 1046982

girl i hope you know that you are going to have to repay them someway when you die . XOXO GOOD LUCK.

No. 1046989

I didn’t want a community, I just wanted to learn cool stuff. Law of attraction is literally the same shit, that’s the point. Why would I do that if I didn’t want to do witchcraft

No. 1046992

just recommended since i thought it would be more easy and practical for you, smooth brain.

No. 1046995

Witchcraft has roots in the occult, I think you're just not looking in the right places. You have to ignore most of the fluffy New Age and Wiccan crap. Unironically I've found that TikTok isn't a bad place to find occult and witchcraft practicioners giving out decent advice to beginners. I'm not gonna spoonfeed you but if you're actually serious about wanting to learn more the info is out there. Of course there is also misinformation out there so practice discernment.

No. 1046997

>I've found that TikTok isn't a bad place to find occult and witchcraft practicioners giving out decent advice to beginners

anon you cant be serious.

No. 1046999

unironically you should go back

No. 1047000

Dumb to call me smooth brain when my original post was about how witchcraft is essentially just law of attraction.

But I want to address that you thought I was mocking it. I really was excited to learn about it! Hearing so many feminists being into witchcraft and female focus was enticing. I was curious and like I said wanted to believe. I’m atheist, so I might not have been able to believe, but I could at least be interested and respect it. It’s just been so underwhelming. So maybe you can answer then, about believing magic is real and how it affects your life. Or if it’s actually different than self help spirituality, how so? Or at least explain if the demon stuff is witchcraft or occult? Because it seems like a lot of witches don’t believe in that stuff

No. 1047006

>witchcraft is essentially just law of attraction.
what do you think magick is? harry potter?
Real magick is inside you, there is no magic potion that will grant your wishes. magic is simply thoughts and feelings.

> Or at least explain if the demon stuff is witchcraft or occult

its occult, mostly people in the occult work with them.

>Hearing so many feminists being into witchcraft and female focus was enticing.

this is exactly what i meant when i said community.

No. 1047008

Nvm you really are retarded. Just because I want to learn about something women like doesn’t mean I am desperate to be part of the community. Maybe I’ll just skip witchcraft and look into occult then. Hopefully it’s not just demons = negative thoughts or some shit kek

No. 1047013

nta but you should probably stick to being a atheist if you just want to be spoonfed and act like a pungent bitch. Your not going to like any spiritual practice and if you do get into the occult you'll probably start cursing people.

No. 1047015

I know it's sounds dumb but I've found some good accounts, obviously not all of the information on there is going to be worthwhile.

No. 1047017

oh i know its just that there is so much fighting and pettiness there but im sure that anon will fit in right with them kek

No. 1047018

I likely wouldn’t practice occult, just read about others experiences. What about my posts was asking for spoonfeeding? I did the research on witchcraft and came up with my OP. People come in saying “you’re wrong, but actually not really”.

No. 1047029

Witchcraft is just another God. Many different versions and beliefs that no one agrees on and it definitely can't be proven to be real.

No. 1047061

Her guests recommend good books in those interviews

No. 1047064

I think magic is just ancient tech/wisdom we can't explain so we call it magic. You're not going to find the seriously powerful stuff unless you join a coven or learn ancient Hebrew/hunt down ancient texts. Anyways if you want practical shit read traditional astrology for today by dykes, and school of natural healing by Christopher. If you want to get into spirits and stuff your mental health better be good and you should be used to meditating, or else like anon said above something you don't want will be able to worm it's way inside. Also if you get freaked out and paranoid easily it's not for you.

No. 1047074

File: 1643574698872.jpg (28.58 KB, 480x480, da4bc36709f3daebe8d24b4e0e6e3a…)

>did some research
>wanted to try summoning sallos since he is good and handsome
>realized i need a copper sigil
>fuck that
>cant find anything else
>resorted to saying during my meditation that i "welcome any entities that wanna make deals"
will update if anything happens after i go to sleep

No. 1047080

File: 1643575117048.jpg (65.75 KB, 571x900, 5cce830801cb59f10869fdc4425723…)

Hope you get a hot one that feeds on sexual energy

No. 1047083

Ear piercing baby girls is gross as fuck. Every time my friends do this with their daughters I want to cut them off forever. Not only is it unnecessary pain for something that can't communicate or comprehend what's going on, but it's also a permanent body mod without consent. Even if you remove ear piercings, the dimple and scar tissue is there forever. Ear piercing is something that should have consent for at like, age 7 at the youngest. It's just some nasty fuckin male gaze shit to want studs or hoops in a baby girl's ears

No. 1047101

Stop assigning all evil shit to males. No male cares about pierced baby ears. The baby aggressors in this specific case are women.
I agree with all the rest. It's barbaric.

No. 1047106

File: 1643576613641.jpeg (39.7 KB, 1123x1107, FABE5727-2ECA-4222-8256-08B42A…)


> stop assigning all evil shit to males

No. 1047111

lmao if this is real then you are a hella baka.
weirdly enough ive seen incubuses that have gotten scared from the goetia demons, so does that mean that incubus are not demons but instead vampires/parasites?

No. 1047119

Eh, it's a cultural thing to pierce a baby girl's ears. I'm personally happy that I got my ears pierced as an infant and having a small hole if they choose not to wear them isn't a big deal. But I can understand the other side of the argument too, especially if your heritage doesn't commonly practice that.

No. 1047123

>baby girl
>something that can't communicate or comprehend what's going on

No. 1047136

No offense, but when I see people say this I can't help but think it's such a dumb thing to get upset about. I understand wanting to wait until they can give full consent to having their ears pierced, but I promise you no one's life is going to be ruined because their parents got their ears pierced as a baby. It's not a huge body modification.

No. 1047147

>Stop assigning all evil shit to males.
It's male gaze that pushes women into doing this. It's literally traumatizing a baby just to appeal to men's sexual tastes just like female genital mutilation, only less severe.

No. 1047150


it's weird as hell to pierce an infant, full stop, consent or "male gaze" aside

No. 1047196

I don’t know if it’s unpopular on this hellsite but i think women who talk about how make up or fashion has excluded them in some type of way based on their body types, face types, skin color, eye shape etc etc so they’re gonna make a different type of make up and fashion are really childish. Imagine going through all of that inner struggle and self loathing and that’s your conclusion? Instead of realizing it’s all a retarded mold that shouldn’t exist in the first place and the only way to fight back against it is to drop it and belittle it instead of trying to tailor it to you and take it seriously

No. 1047199

yeah why would women care about their appearance; its not like they get discriminated and treated differently if they aren't beautiful..oh wait.

No. 1047204

It's a Freudian slip from the abortion narrative. Things will naturally move forward from there, don't worry

No. 1047205

I agree but for different reasons. To me it looks gross and unnatural. Most of the people I know who do that are trailer trash types. It's not cute. To add infants are hard enough to take care of as it is. Why would you want to expose them to unnecessary potential infection?

No. 1047207

All I can say is that this is a very easy stance to take if you struggle with empathy and deal with some forms of internalized misogyny, especially (but not only) if the mold had been catered to you from the start

No. 1047208

Agree with this. Getting your literal baby pierced should be considered mutilation and abuse. At least let them make that decision themselves later like with tattoos. It feels extra bad since only little girls go through this.

No. 1047213


Gonna slave away 8+ years of med school so I can perform abortions just because of that dumbass comment

No. 1047214

Yeah, this. They're going to do it if they want to when they grow up. >>1047136
> It's not a huge body modification.
Tiny body modifications shouldn't be ok either. Do you want your child with perfectly good eyesight to mess around their eyes because such and such type lids are popular now, pushed by eyeshadow making companies?

No. 1047215

I'm pro-choice but thank you for your service anon kek

No. 1047219

I love that you assume it’s been catered to me kek or that i don’t know that women get discriminated against for their appearance both reasons is why i felt this way in the first place. at the end of the day i wrote a clear long ass post and i’m not gonna elaborate everytime an anon takes it to heart.

No. 1047220

I mean, you clearly posted bait ("Women who do this [nuanced thing] are childish!!"). Don't cry when it doesn't only get nice hugboxish replies kek. I also didn't assume a thing, it's an "if" that includes "but not only"

No. 1047223

Clearly unpopular : magic isn’t real. Go take a shower

No. 1047233

This is the unpopular opinions thread, little reminder

No. 1047234

No. Both my father and my brother got triggered as fuck when I said I don't get why they'd pierce my niece's ears when she can't even speak yet. Males do care a lot about this dumb tradition.

No. 1047237

Yes, and people generally post in it knowing they could get replies they may not like. Reminder: Responders don't have to share your opinion

No. 1047238

99% of occult/witchcraft/new age shit is just extension of the same lame self-help industry. There's nothing interesting about it and it can literally just be boiled down to positive thinking.

I wish those e-witches were robbing old graves to make some voodoo spells, that would at least be hardcore. It was hilarious how offended they got about Azaelia Banks when she slaughtered that chicken or whatever, although that's literally the kind of thing that our illiterate ancestors did when they actually believed in those powers.

No. 1047240

not unpopular, very much all over the internet

No. 1047243

And yes those responders need to differentiate between bait and an unpopular opinion

No. 1047244

>Do you want your child with perfectly good eyesight to mess around their eyes because such and such type lids are popular now
Makeup isn't a body modification because it's not permanent. Actually if we're going with the argument that ear piercings are not ok because they're permanent, then putting makeup on a kid should be fine since you can just wash it off. Also, while idk if eyeshadow actually makes eyesight worse, earrings don't affect hearing. I think makeup has a far bigger impact on how girls view themselves than earrings, so no I wouldn't be ok with it.

No. 1047245

Sometimes, you do get the attention you were looking for. Don't be down about it, take a positive attitude

No. 1047246

It's super common in my country but I've never seen males obsessed with it. I have to say I don't see the big deal on either side. It's not that painful, and it's just as traumatizing as a needle at a hospital, even less so because hospitals are inherently spooky and unnerving, because you're most likely in a state of disorder when you're in one. And a baby will be getting jabbed at hospitals a lot more than just a one time ear piercing event.
The baby doesn't really care whether the jab is going to help with their health or not, so they're the same shit really.
However if you're going to do it, at least pierce it properly with a needle and not a pierce gun, as it truly hurts less and all you feel is warmth.

Now the fact that it has to be a girl is what bothers me, and why I wouldn't pierce my daughter if I had one. Or I'd pierce the boy too, whatever.

No. 1047250

>Now the fact that it has to be a girl is what bothers me
Anons keep saying this, but it's common to pierce boys too where I'm from. I didn't realize it's considered a "girls-only" thing.

No. 1047251

I wasn't thinking about makeup, I was thinking about this poor lost soul:

No. 1047257

Since when are babies getting blepharoplasty? Anyway, my point still stands. Plastic surgery has a bigger impact on how people feel about their appearance than a hole in their ear, and earrings don't affect hearing like plastic surgery may affect eyesight.

No. 1047276

>expecting women to accept reality and push against the grain if they want things to change is soooo meaaaaan reeeee you just want a hugbox

No. 1047283

>if I greentext shit no one ever said, I'll look less retarded, r-right?
Seething about other women on LC and insulting them sure is helpful. Sisterhood is powerful lmao
I don't wear makeup, before you start

No. 1047291

>bitches about hugboxes
>must hugbox makeup wearers
>”seethe” in desperate attempt to make anon sound unhinged
>m-muh sisterhood

No. 1047293

>greentext fanfic because you're seething
Yawn. Go burn down a MAC store, make a difference

No. 1047295

Most humans are normies and normies are uncomfortable with "pushing against the grain", that includes women
These types always sound like a nlogs, and they always get triggered by makeup talk (of course)
>i-i'm trying to make women see the truth while insulting and disrespecting their perspectives!
Yeah right, eat shit

No. 1047299

Oh, I guess that makes it ok then. Let’s all carry on this retarded worldview unchallenged, because any opposition is nlogging!

No. 1047300

Why would not wearing makeup make you nlog when scrotes hate it?

No. 1047304

NTA but
>muh challenging the world! anonymously! on an imageboard! in an unpopular opinions thread! how could anyone not back me up!!
You're just being childish (kek) and pissy. Maybe learn to talk to women and you'll actually accomplish what you claim to want

No. 1047306

Exactly bitch so why you getting pissy about anon being such a meanie to makeup wearing girls by posting in the unpopular opinion thread? She isn’t calling them childish to their faces

No. 1047307

Only a very privileged person would insult other women for something they mostly don't control not only because its sometimes obligatory but because of the immense societal pressure behind its use around the world, is not as easy as "just don't wear it". You're completely ignoring other women's perspectives just to shit on them, and no women is going to hear your arguments if you keep talking down to them like that.

This is about getting other women to understand, not about flexing who's more rebellious

No. 1047309

You admit it's childish? So why are you mad other anons don't want to be a little bitch baby as well? What'd you expect? This site will never have an age regression thread and it's not a kindergarten, try this instead: https://pbskids.org/

No. 1047313

She's talking big for someone who is doing exactly next to nothing by not wearing makeup and shitting on others who do, tryhard behaviour

No. 1047323

File: 1643589338105.gif (4.56 MB, 640x496, 9F3D16F8-17DA-47C8-B374-4AFEFA…)

Hmm good that you pointed that out nonnie. Anon is probably a woman who hates that she was born but I don’t know.. kek you know? Calling a baby girl something… just seems.. scrotey

No. 1047341


Nah I just don't care enough about children to the point of putting effort into humanizing pronouns or whatever but also don't want them needlessly mutuilated in the name of normalized softcore pedo sentiments. Fairly balanced

No. 1047342

There will never be a gypsy Martin Luther King. Gypsies judge us more than we judge them. They're waiting for us to come around. We keep failing their humanity test.

No. 1047343


they can wait forever then. huge kek at people who portray them as oppressed and try to assign a race to them, they're just a culture of pedophilia and racism

No. 1047345

You failed the humanity test.

No. 1047346


When the proctor is uneducated wokies championing a problematic niche as an underdog, I'll "fail" every time and it means nothing to me.

No. 1047350

Citing reasons why you're a failure at being human. The reason is "why not".
Yeah, sounds typical.

No. 1047352


Alrighty, then do a little charity trip to a commune and tell me how that goes for you since you're the white knight of gypsies - a term that is considered a slur to them, if you actually cared

No. 1047353

I have many gypsie friends. You jelly?

No. 1047361


oh it's just bait kek nvm then, as you were

No. 1047362

Where have you ever seen this

No. 1047389

Parents who send their kids to public school when they have the means to do homeschool or private are shit parents.

No. 1047417

Where are you from, anon? In Canada, public schools are really good so there isn't a need for homeschooling or private education. I know that in the US and Latin America, it's definitely a crapshoot though.

No. 1047432

Just wondering, were you homeschooled?

No. 1047469

Women who say they wear revealing clothes and makeup for themselves, not for men, are coping liars. No one wears uncomfortable clothes that force you to be self-aware of how you behave, so you don't end up accidentally showing your breasts or panties, because they want to. Not to mention the fact that it makes you more susceptible to suffer sexual harassment. Only insecure women seeking male validation submit themselves to bimbo bullshit.

No. 1047470

This is just fact

No. 1047473

Youre gonna get called an nlog in 1.. 2…

No. 1047476


I'm Canadian too and went to public school for a year (in 2008) and from my experience private school was way better. Public school was full of kids who could barely read and started smoking before they were in highschool.

No. 1047490

Yeah well I attended private school for years and I thought it was a disgusting cesspool of abuse, snobbery, and slacking educational standards. They cared more about fining us for wearing the wrong material of sweatervest and Pokemon shoes than enriching our education. Also they were constantly trying to funnel money from us kids in weird ways like trying to sell us yoyos for $50 a piece, public school never did that shit at least it was fundraising for trips if kids were selling anything. I transferred into public school and the variety of people and THINGS to do was literally shocking to me at first. I felt like an amish.

No. 1047504

As far as I know mine never tried to sell me $50 yoyos and the most snobbery I saw was from the international students who would expect someone to take their coat at the door, but everyone else was just normal. Also what "variety of things to do" are you talking about? At one you get to go skiing every week and at the other you don't. that's the only difference in activities I noticed so take your pick I guess.

No. 1047506

I dunno. Private schools are only "better" because parents pay a shit ton of money for privilege and smaller classes, which obviously means that students of those schools are going to have a better advantage. From my experience, 99% of the people I've met in university went to public schools and we all did fine, ie. some of us went to grad school, make a ton of money, whatever. Obviously, there are kids who went to public school who didn't do so well, but I don't think private school would have even helped. Private schools shouldn't even be a thing and we should strive to make public education accessible and strong like private schools, while doing a better job of educating teachers and paying them better too.

No. 1047507

Samefag. I also went to public schools for all my life and then went to a good university, graduated, and got a good paying job. I think that public schools with specialist programs help as well, like the gifted program, AP, IB, TOPS etc. Those programs churn out pretty strong students from what I've seen.

No. 1047508

late but i'm right there with you anon, and i feel similarly about that overrated fnaf creepypasta the walten files. personally i think the visuals and concepts are a little spooky, but in execution… it totally ruins everything. the voice acting for both but specifically mandela catalogue really kills it for me. its just impossible to be scared when the voice actors couldn't sound more like they're acting, not to mention how god awful and stilted the actual written dialogue is. apparently the creator hired anime voice actors to do it lmao. the whole "alternates" concept and the creepy vintage news stuff from mandela catalogue totally feels like a ripoff of local58 too, which is way better done and much more unsettling imo.

No. 1047512

I live in Canada too and where I am there are a lot of neighborhoods that are expensive mainly because there are top public high schools there. Instead of spending money on private school tuition the parents would rather use that money to buy a house so their kids qualify for the public school.

No. 1047577

File: 1643616201048.jpeg (287.84 KB, 1600x900, 20E46456-E762-4BC0-8339-9E44E7…)

I think things like fitting in, having friends, being mentally stable are all things ingrained in us from childhood by brainwashed adults and media to get us to cooperate in this newly found system. I want to be free let me out everywhere is inhabited by humans there’s no free solitary spot on earth

No. 1047579

File: 1643616526904.png (501.25 KB, 817x941, 1604437198298.png)

No. 1047581

I've done construction work at private schools and could hear the lessons through the window. The difference is night and day. Public schools are utter doghouses and I would never consider sending my child to one, I just remember so many of my teachers waffling on about their own lives during the lesson. I got so sick of the early 20s teachers that would just be the "cool teachers' and try to impress the students, our school was riddled with them.

Home schooling is the best though. You can actually plow through all the schooling for kids in 2-3 hours with a home school. That's how much time is wasted in public schools.

No. 1047584

dunno if I agree with this because I have 0 experience with public or private school, but I was "home schooled" because my parents didn't want me or my siblings being taught some of the things they teach in public school (they never said what exactly, when I was a kid I thought it was evolution, as an adult I'm pretty sure it was sex education). they totally dropped the ball though, I pretty much learned absolutely nothing beyond basic reading and math and some stuff about the bible. in fact I never even learned algebra, they never talked to me about normal life stuff or sex either. my parents obviously did a shit job and were really neglectful with us, Idk how kids turn out when the homeschooling is adequate.

I just think if you're gonna homeschool your kid you need to work really hard to socialize them, make sure they have other activities they can do where they meet other kids and can make friends etc. if you don't do that your kid is gonna STRUGGLE with making friends and having relationships later on.

No. 1047588

A lot of female characters just have shit writing. I hate that so many waifufags take it personally and accuse you of being a "misogynist" fujo/yume when it's an actual fucking fact that in a lot of media female characters are written like crap compared to male ones. It's not even a problem with only media consumed by teenage boys like shounen anime and MCU movies, it's everywhere in the mainstream and only evaded by original creations made by actual women who are given free creative reign. Why is it so bad to call writers and producers out for not giving complex emotions, character stories or plot relevance? Or making them wear ridiculous outfits instead of actual clothes? Or making them all in the 17-25 age range to pretend women older than that don't exist?

The female simps who defend them are projecting their own personality to fill the gaps and that's why they get so fucking angry over someone calling their waifu shit, for them it's the same as insulting themselves. Don't even try to convince me otherwise because you know it's true.

No. 1047597

TikTok retards are putting me off having kids. I'm gonna be raising my kids without internet, they can read books and watch TV for entertainment.

Reddit says it's abusive to raise your kids without internet even though people have lived for hundreds of years without it.

No. 1047599

i read an article years ago about how the kids of people who work for apple and google and shit don't have unfettered access to screens because those people know that too much screen time (watching youtube/tiktok, bumming around on social media, constant stream of information, constant dopamine bursts) is bad for you, stunts development and lowers your iq. there's nothing wrong with using the internet for research purposes or homework help, but outside of that, kids should interact with the real world more.

there was also a section about how kids in schools without screens interact more with each other, therefore form more connections, therefore are closer to each other, therefore are more likely to support each other when it comes to networking for jobs or promotions. the stratification of our society is real and it's happening.

No. 1047601

I honestly hate that for many people it's either no internet at all or all of it. Internet is an amazing tool and being a lonely kid in a small town it allowed me to communicate with people my age from other cities or even countries and helped me learn valuable skills but companies should be required by law to ban minors from using their services if deemed dangerous to them. For example there's no good or ethical reason for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram to allow people aged under 18 as their members.

No. 1047625

update. had a dream but i forgot it so idk if i summoned anything. the only thing of note is that my old suckey entity came back. before moving out i used to sometimes get this weird pleasurable feeling as if something was sucking my neck/around clavicle area. i joked that this sensation was my vampire ghost or cancer. didnt experience it for a long time after i moved out. i guess my suckey friend finally found me again after i send out the invitation kek

No. 1047643

I don't care if people dislike them but always complaining about them is tiring. We get it. People can still like them.

No. 1047644

He's got a point

No. 1047664

I love how you're talking about this as if it breeds life-altering trauma for the baby involved. Both my sister and I got our ears pierced as toddlers and it was over in less than a second, I don't remember the pain. Plus at that age we thought it looked really cute to have jewels in our ears.

No. 1047666

Look, nobody gives a shit if you like a character. It's not about you or what you like. It's a wider, global problem of writing female characters to be worthless and only functioning as plot devices, eye candy, prizes or whatever task a literal object could also function as, and even if they have plot relevancy they're still sexualized in some other way such as giving them a coomer-pandering design for no reason. It's about demanding better and having women receive the wide selection of different roles in fiction that's given to male characters. And a lot of people don't want to be defeatist about it, that's why they're complaining.

Besides if you unironically like a female character 90% of people is accusing of being a braindead walking cardboard stand with tits then chances are that you're actually projecting your own wishes and hopes in a space that isn't there. Like humanizing a wild animal.

No. 1047668

I always flip flop between having kids in the future or not, but I feel the same way you do. I would limit my kids' access to the internet as much as possible, I'd let them watch a bit of television (from DVDs of movies and such, no streaming shit) but mostly they'd be outdoors playing around, and I'd encourage them to paint and draw and maybe write their own stories. Internet usage destroys your attention span and creativity and social skills and literally so much else. It's so depressing that it's happening to millions of kids right this moment. It's really like parents have given up and gotten lazy and made technology a near permanent babysitter, and they're not even realising the dire consequences

No. 1047739

Let it go

No. 1047776

I would’ve been better off if my parents had taken away my internet access

No. 1047811

I'm sure that is very true for all of us nona, the internet is a hellscape

No. 1047813

Damn where the hell are you going to school??

No. 1047835

Nope, but I live in Burgerland so most of our public schools are now indoctrination centers. No thanks.

No. 1047839

Mine too. No internet use except for school (we will homeschool) and no social media period until the kids are 16 and pass a semester-long internet safety course.

No. 1047848

Why homeschool? Genuinely curious

No. 1047863

Same. I have a lot of reasons for not wanting kids, but that is a big one. The internet and social media has been a plague for children and has caused a lot of behavioral issues and deviancy. The children that were exposed to porn at a young age only a decade ago (because there’s no restrictions other than a question box) have porn addiction now, and most moids nowadays have no emotional intelligence and are more coddled. And no matter if you take away the internet from your kids or try to warn them about the dangers of the world, unless you’re homeschooling them and limiting contact, other shit kids and teens will expose them to that crap. And then you’re still expected to love them unconditionally and take care of them.

NTA but one reason, if you’re a radfem or hate trannies, is that there are some states that teach preschool children and older about the gender alphabet and they/thems. Most kids get confused by this because trans ideology is often just “if you don’t feel like a girl and like the color blue, trucks, and sports, then you’re actually a boy!”. If your kid so happens to pick up on that and believe that they’re a gender special and begs to transition, but you tell your kid no, the school or social services can get involved for being “transphobic”.

No. 1047868

NTA but homeschooling your kids and denying them of normal social skills they learn at school from interacting with their peers just because muh troons and gender alphabet!!!1 is fucking schizo tier paranoia. Most "trans kids" grow out of it and are either enabled or neglected by their parents to the point they have to seek refuge from a cult. If your kid troons out it will be because of online groomers, not a teacher at school.

No. 1047870

Nta There are other ways to socialize your kids i feel like, but I understand it must be harder and take more time to find when school exists i still think homeschooling will help the kid actually learn since its one on one i do agree with you that homeschooling for reasons like religion or ideology is retarded

No. 1047872

You can still take them out for extracurricular activities so they get the chance to interact with other children. Although it will definitely take more effort. Most parents really don't care that much. They'd rather drop the kids off at school for the entire day, and then let them be entertained by a tablet/phone the rest of the time.

No. 1047882

I do not want my kids being groomed by queer/tranny/leftist teachers. Plus homeschool kids actually perform better when taking the same test as public school kids.

No. 1047888

School is not the only way to socialize kids idiot

No. 1047916

>le leftist boogeyman installing tranny brainworms into my children
We really are being infested with scrotes aren't we

No. 1047918

I mean, it's actually happening

No. 1047919

>defending the school system
What's wrong with you? Not even kids like school. It's broken, full of double standards and abusers of all sorts. Adults who never even have to go through mental health background checks in charge of swathes of kids lmao

No. 1047930

I've experienced both private and public schooling, and been assaulted by male students and bullied in both. Neither took it seriously. One school counselor even asked after I opened up to them (because I wore a tank top with a bow on it under my polo) why I was wearing lingerie

Schools will bend over backwards for some students (notable athletes, donor parents) and dismiss the ones who actually need help. The poor education is another rant altogether. I hate my experience and would have rather homeschooled myself supplemented with occasional tutor visits.

No. 1047937

what are the alternatives then

No. 1047938

Sports clubs, churches and social groups

No. 1047954

Piercing babies is socializing girls to perform femininity, which is something that benefits males, dumbass

No. 1047956

My cousin does this, they only get about 20mins - 1hr tv time per week. I used to think that sounded insane until I stayed over for a while and the kids are so great. They absolutely love reading, sports, play board games with the family or they play in the park. It's a great idea to keep kids away from screens.

No. 1047975

A guy that has finally been put in jail for sex crimes got excused at my school when the first instances where occurring. One girl even got bullied so bad she moved school and the guy got honours for music and made prefect lol. He was coercing girls and filming them doing sex acts and he finally got jailed for wanking outside of a school when school girls were walking home.

No. 1048040

What kind of stuff do they teach at private school anon?

No. 1048045

Most parents are too busy working to survive to invest in their kids. Hence why millennials and gen z aren't having any.

No. 1048070

i don't like using sex toys or vibrators and i'd prefer to use my fingers

probably a less controversial take here. it's unpopular almost everywhere else

No. 1048071

>Public schools are utter doghouses
Yeah, no duh, because governments are refusing to invest in education at all and refusing to train and compensate teachers better. Why the fuck do we need to rely on expensive private schools to teach a privileged portion of children instead of radically investing and fixing the education system? I still stand by the fact that private schools should be abolished. All they do is reinforce the shitty system that's run by elites all while making a shit ton of money because the clientele of these schools are rich bastards that can afford whatever ridiculous sums schools throw at them.

No. 1048090

I’m with you!

No. 1048091

No. 1048097

maybe I'm just dexterous but I've managed to discover a technique that allows me to use both my hands. it made all the difference and now I never want to shove a piece of plastic up there again

No. 1048098

Absolutely based.

What I think is really weird though, is that it doesn't seem like private school pays that well? My friend is studying to be a teacher but she won't take a position with private schools because their starting salary is $30k (minimum wage in my city). She said she got the same $30k offer from 2 different private schools. Meanwhile the starting salary at a public school here is $50k lol.

Anyway, fuck private schools.

No. 1048120

Makes sense.

No. 1048124

This is overblown. I had my ears pierced as a baby and even though I don't care about wearing earrings, I like having the option to be able to put them back in my ears any time I want without worrying about the holes closing up. I did think how it's weird that this is allowed but it hasn't affected me in any way except that it's possibly convenient.

No. 1048137

I'm my experience private (especially religious) schools don't pay much because they prefer upper class wives of lawyers and doctors to teach, who don't care about pay and often donate time and energy.

No. 1048141

Also wanted to add, my relative taught at a private school despite low pay as she was able to send her kids there for free. May not be the case for other schools though.

No. 1048160

As someone who lives in a country with no private schools, based as fuck. Countries that refuse to invest in public schools and instead choose to segregate children by social status leaving the underprivileged ones to waste away their potential while the well-off families have the option to put their kid in a private school shouldn't be surprised when a quarter of their young adults are permanently fucked up. The answer to public schools being in trouble should start with fixing them, not making a new, more expensive model parallel to it.

No. 1048166


Nawl they're right, there's absolutely a troon agenda in "progressive" city public education and you're in denial

No. 1048168


I can't be penetrated by any toys or I absolutely clench and reject it, and regular vibrators just uncomfortably buzz me. I can only do fingers or a suction toy on the lowest setting only

No. 1048178

Fingers and showerhead will always be supreme

No. 1048210

homeschooled kid wouldn't universally mean creepy social reject if this were true

No. 1048221

You don't need to tip if you don't have a job/don't make a lot. They literally make more money than you.

No. 1048261

File: 1643671555765.gif (864.04 KB, 220x303, 1607707780784.gif)

The best type of music is the type that sounds like it's straight out of a Sonic game. Especially if it sounds like it's from Sonic CD or it could be from one of Rouge's levels in SA2 (or from Bayonetta or Space Channel 5, same shit). There, I said it.

No. 1048262

I'm OK with age gap relationships if the woman is the older one. Men need to be broken and humbled before they turn 30. Only an older woman can do that

No. 1048320


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, it's the first actually unpopular opinion

No. 1048369


Agreed. Older men are predatory and fetishize the lowest legal age, and older women want eye candy that can actually become erect. Older women also know that younger men just want to get their rocks off and don't dole out lovebomb grooming all "You're just so wise beyond your years" like older men do to younger women.

No. 1048371

Uhhh we're soulmates.

No. 1048377

This. A kid that I went to school with in elementary was a complete asshole and a bully. He was homeschooled for a year or two, came back in middle school and was actually nice/polite. He seemed almost sweet, but I had so many bad memories from him that I just stayed away. But sure, it's homeschooling that fucks people up, not a shitty standardized school system that encourages sociopathic behavior and does little to nothing to deal with cruel/unfair teachers (or help good teachers)

No. 1048381

Sorry anon, deleted because I didn't think the conversation was really worth getting into

No. 1048409

sometimes can't afford to tip on an online order. feelsbad. try to tip when I have money to make up for it

No. 1048411

…. wanna share

No. 1048424

daily reminder tradthots cannot be radfems

No. 1048435

No. 1048450

File: 1643677509225.png (72.73 KB, 1024x768, 014531496_1-c968f2a89e9b364c87…)

Anyone who disagrees doesn't know shit. Radical political theory diametrically opposes traditionalism, which in the case of feminism means completely uprooting patriarchal society.

No. 1048452

I think this is reasonable. It's always been weird to me how often tipping comes up when people talk about labor reform. Tipped employees necessarily make more than minimum wage workers (employers are legally obligated to make up the difference if an employee that works for tips doesn't end up making minimum wage that day), and they often make pretty good money for the front-of-house work that they do. I've also never met someone who paid taxes on their tips if they were at all able to avoid doing so, which is pretty annoying.

No. 1048462

samefag but I realized I hate tradthot "content creators" or internet figures. They act like they're superior to leftist women or onlyfans thots while their entire life is centered around pleasing men and pandering to them and perpetuating an ideology that is as harmful as what the left is promoting nowadays. Being the bang maid of some scrote you marry and having no job is as oppressive as being an onlyfans slut. Right wing wants traditional society which is harmful to women. I'd rather have the option to get any job that I want and be free even if some women choose to do sex work or more accurately are groomed into it by society. They are very dishonest since most of them also use their sexuality to get moids to simp and give them money while they shit on leftist women for doing the same

No. 1048472

Tradthots aren't real, their "opinions" aren't real, they wouldn't be on social media and would be sucking cock 20 hours a day if they actually believed their own shit

No. 1048492

its nothing that weird. it's a matter of buildup. I usually start with clitoral stimulation first, then finger myself. I use one hand for one and one hand for the other.

I then do them at the same time. which actually is possible. you have to develop sort of a rhythm for it. I don't know why I never thought of that before, I guess I assumed I couldn't do it. or that it would hurt too much. it feels so fucking good and I'm satisfied with my ability to do it. to the point my non dominant hand is now my main fingering hand and has stumbled upon a g-spot my dominant hand didn't hit.

I've got weird adhd fidgety hands that help me a lot here, so like I said, not sure everyone can do it. the way I move my hands would probably make others cramp

i really hope this isn't dangerous or will harm my vagina or something. I'm naturally "tight", a lot of things have caused me pain, I've had traumatic experiences, this is way better than anything piv or toys have ever given me. it's sad but it's the closest thing I have in me to being sex positive. having discovered this for myself makes me feel like I deserve and reclaim my own pleasure

No. 1048505

I am a leftist but I hate all the liberals in my life and find them absolutely pathetic. They are very awkward with lame hobbies. In comparison, the conservative people I know tend to be extremely witty and funny. I love hanging out with them.

No. 1048512


Oh absolute same. My liberal friends are so guarded with their humor and affection out of fear of boundaries and consent, whereas my conservative friends are hilarious without being overtly offensive, and are big hug people. I like hugs. My conservative friends have really fun wild hobbies while my liberal friends are boring and just want to thrift at the Goodwill bins every time. I hate to generalize hobbies and personality with political spectrum but damn if it hasn't proven true for me

No. 1048517

What kind of hobbies do your conservative friends have?

No. 1048519

It's so annoying when they try to pretend that the only options are being a houseslave to a patriarchal moid or wasting away in middle management/onlyfans hell. The economy isn't great but there are still careers out there that are more fulfilling than min wage service work, boring office shit, or literal prostitution, and even for women who are stuck in the service industry or some other unfulfilling job, they can at least have regular hobbies and friends and other good things in their lives. I think it really just exposes how divorced from reality/sheltered a lot of wannabe tradfems are. They don't know anything about the real world, they don't know anything about working and supporting themselves, they don't even know anything about men, because if they did then they'd realize that being able to independently take care of yourself, even with a job you don't love, gives you a better chance at a decent life than subjecting yourself to the whims of the first conservitard scrote they end up fucking, who could easily still be subjected to the same job market and evil corporate they thought they opted out of.
They also never realize how draining it is to singlehandedly manage a household, keep the house, and take care of kids. Anyone who has kids or is actually close to a woman with kids knows there's no casual banana bread baking days when the husband is at work and you've got an insane toddler hanging off your leg and a newborn crying every time you have to put them down and a house that needs cleaning whether you have time for it or not.

No. 1048523

File: 1643680893390.jpeg (48.72 KB, 768x432, D85AB1D9-9BD5-4121-9DBB-F3B395…)

Why the fuck would you contour your nostrils? boney looking nostrils ain’t cute

No. 1048784

my entire dad's side of the family is conservative as well as some other family members and people I know and I've had a wildly different experience, but I'm not close with any liberals irl so I can't say.

No. 1048913

>the first conservitard scrote they end up fucking, who could easily still be subjected to the same job market and evil corporate they thought they opted out of
That's what always gets me, when they talk about how they would never work because the big companies are evil and will fuck anyone over (true, but still) but then will happily marry a scrote who works for the same kind of place and make not only herself but her children as dependent on that company to survive as well. It's claiming to mitigate a risk by increasing it. At least if they go for tradesmen who are likely to always have work and a good income in some form it makes more sense, but a lot of online tradthots seem to be married to corporate or tech guys.

No. 1049331

Ikuhara is a genius.

No. 1049432

Wholeheartedly agree

No. 1049446

this is like a very specific opinion and maybe only counts as unpopular in the current horse world, but i feel like the strong social hierarchies in stables are fading out of existence and it's really sad. i always found the harsh social dynamics in stables to be good for girls personal growth. i remember the atmosphere being so fucking mean and scary in the stable when i was a kid. and i only took a few lessons, i was mostly there with friends and helped out, but even then i was treated so badly kek. even in online horse forums i remember the amount of absolutely merciless and cruel girls scolding people and nitpicking everything was insane. it was very similar to cgl and lolcow actually. but it also seemed to be a very meritocratic system (to an extent, obviously more wealthy girls had a lot of unfair advantages). anyway, i just read some thesis about how the stable environment acts as a kind of entrepreneur school for girls, and teaches them to be self confident and hard working, and to become leaders in the workplace. it also showed that a lot of CEOs and business owners are former horsegirls (this was in sweden though, not sure if this connection is universally true). i just feel like when that environment changes, it's for the worse. a stable shouldn't be too friendly imo. you can't be super insecure and vulnerable, it's a very dangerous place after all, so you have to be in control and be able to handle pressure well.

No. 1049453

are you for real? yes, a lot of CEOs and powerful women are going to be former horsegirls because horsegirls tend to be rich or at least well off and connected or capable of developing connections. almost every horsegirl i have known has been well off or at least stable (pun not intended).

No. 1049454

This is such a niche and unexpected opinion that I know nothing about and yet it cheered me up. Go nonnie, I support your dreams of meaner girls in stables that teach you some resilience.

No. 1049459

No. 1049461

I see what you mean about needing to be in control while handling a horse, but honestly this does not sound good. If I ever have a daughter I'll be sure to not let her near a stable lol.

No. 1049465

of course that factors in. and of course poor people are basically never going to be CEOs. but it's an interesting observation nonetheless, besides there are other expensive hobbies popular among rich girls. still think equestrianism will teach you more about leadership and enhance certain qualities more than other sports. anyway, just shared it because it was in the paper i read.
honestly same. i would be too scared of accidents. always found it weird how people let their kids start this sport at 3 years old. just a while ago an 11 year old girl in my hometown got kicked in the head and ended up in a coma. that just doesn't happen in football for example.

No. 1049468

>honestly same. i would be too scared of accidents.
That too, but I really meant the bullying.

No. 1049476

totally get that. although if you have a son, it could potentially teach him a lot respect for women kek.

No. 1049478

Fuck you're so right and articulated that feeling perfectly, god do I miss being the token stable retard for a short time

No. 1049553

If I married a man, I would remain staunchly childfree and get my tubes tied. I could trust certain men to be my partner but trust no man to be a father that won't negatively influence a child in some way or other. Temperament, masculinity, etc. There are also so many incidents of males going rogue with fatherhood after otherwise being a good person.

Conversely, if I were to marry a woman and she wanted kids I would absolutely take that route with her. The partner I choose would be a reliable and trustworthy person, and I am more at ease with a second mother to a child than any father. Barring the possibility of post-partum depression, you would see who would be a bad mother from a mile away. You can't do that with men. You can also heal PPD. You can't heal a shitty dad.

No. 1049557


On a public school platform, the fact that kids don't really have solid hierarchies or get bullied for being furries as much any more is why we're absolutely fucked with spineless fresh "adults"

No. 1049663

likely not unpopular here, but allowing people to get money and a "career" off social media was a huge mistake

No. 1049666

agree nonna, it ruined the internet and real life

No. 1049669

I went to a boarding school and it's often that at these private schools the teachers get a lot of benefits. I mean, the pay may technically be "less", but think about it, u dont have to pay for food, housing, you're not driving anywhere because you just walk to class. When you teach at private schools in the US you don't even need to get any certifications renewed. Not to mention their kids can go there for practically no cost. Seems like a pretty sweet gig to me.

No. 1049673

Will it ever end?

No. 1049675

I agree for the most part, with the exception that some people actually make really high quality content that takes a lot of work and they deserve money for it. but I hate that twitch streamers can make 1.5 million a month just from putting on a rubber horse mask and dancing with their tits out, it's a shame is what it is. and then the media is constantly trying to manipulate us into feeling bad for them and making it look like it's a really hard job when they're the ones choosing that "career" path.

No. 1049678

ultimately, do whatever you want, girl. but you talk like you don't have a choice in your (potential) male partner. there's ways to find out who a person really is. if you date a guy, you need to be around him during unfavorable/difficult situations to see how he reacts. be observant to how he treats others, especially his mom and other female relatives.

some of this can apply to female partners too but i'm specifying men because i can honestly understand where you are coming from. as women, we have to be more careful of the men we accept into our lives. the fear you have in natural but it would honestly suck for you to miss out on a man you could truly love and who loves you because of fear. being overly fearful almost ruined my relationship.

i wish you well.

No. 1049691

File: 1643791478013.gif (1018.27 KB, 245x200, ri1.gif)

>be in a thread
>saged post asks for other nonnies's opinions about something slightly off topic but still related to the thread's topic
>answer the post saged
>get banned

genuinely answer me, why is this site like this? conversation gets so stifled cause some of you horse faced mods like to jerk yourselves off to your fake internet authority. it's boring here half the time.

No. 1049731

Some jannies are really ban happy and I swear they don’t read things properly. I’ve seen people get a “this is an Image board post pictures” ban when they’ve posted a picture of a product online and then later on another nonny has asked them to drop a link to it.

No. 1049860

It would be easy for me to believe that some mods are mere vendettachans with a ban hammer. I've seen plenty of derail conversations where the responding nonny gets banned but the instigator carries on in the thread (on the same derail topic). Are some mods just losers who argue online and ban people who disagree with them? Maybe.

No. 1049861

And yet when I report CP links being posted nothing happens for hours and hours

No. 1049877

Or the person gets banned when they drop a link to a video.

No. 1049879

The stock explanation for this is usually "Not all bans are redtexted", but like…why not lol?

No. 1049896

Hating on white people is so retarded, if anything it's Northeast Asians who really deserve the hatred from woketards. Literally everything bad that Europeans and European descent people have been accused of doing, Northeast Asians, especially the Chinese and Japanese, have done and/or are still doing it way worse.(racebait)

No. 1049905

>The stock explanation for this is usually "Not all bans are redtexted", but like…why not lol?
I remember mods saying something like it would be hard on eyes. Bullshit, I say. It's fucking insufferable when a baiting retard doesn't get banned, but people replying do - especially when they get some snarky message.
I would infight a lot less if I had faith in mods using the banhammer on baiters and infight instigators. Because 'not all bans are redtexted uwu', I have zero faith in mods doing that… so I know that if I don't reply, the retard will 'get away' with making everyone read their crap. I bet some other anons are like this too. Shaydmin (is she with us yet?) should push mods to redtext every ban IMHO.

No. 1049907

They choose random people to be mods, anyone can technically be a mod if they can get away with it through the process. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were plenty of men, MtFs, and twitterfags going undercover and becoming moderators because I’ve seen anti-black posts stay unbanned and they only start to care about racebait infighting when someone starts insulting white people. The thing about this website as well is that it is so fucking slow I doubt if you ever wanted to be a mod it would take a fucking year for anon to get out of her monthly coma from anorectal violence and look at emails and shit. I got permabanned for pointing how incompetent the staff is kek

No. 1049911

yeah this makes the absolute least sense to me. wouldn't it just put off other people who seek to or accidentally emulate the same behaviour?

>undercover twitfags are probably running the website!!!11!
>btw this website is so anti-black sniff sniff white people bad
the call is coming from inside the house. literally just look at any celebricows thread to see how many 'anti-black' racebaiters are redtexted and how many lipstick alley rejects are allowed to sit there for hours ranting about mixed race people and zendaya

No. 1049969

reported for racebait, sorry man.

No. 1049986

File: 1643820757806.png (159.58 KB, 493x330, IMG139392_149401.PNG)

>i don't like what you said, i'm telling

No. 1049999

Mods here suck but I don't think it's twitterfags conspiring against lolcow, plenty of shitty inappropriate things are left up for days on end. Racebait is honestly just the least of the issues that run rampant through here

No. 1050046

File: 1643824865353.png (418.81 KB, 807x1117, utubw54v1o871.png)

tbh all races deserve shit. that's why i'm equally racist to everyone, like a true mexican.

No. 1050048

basado chickenos.

No. 1050050

tbh in 2022 i cant believe ppl take their color very seriously. i love when we all shit on each other kek

No. 1050054

File: 1643825636088.gif (2.86 MB, 402x404, 0F5CC8F9-7601-43D6-AB45-490C1D…)

>I can’t believe people still care about color when color defines your identity, career, culture, friendship, relationships, etc.

Shut up puta

No. 1050055

I miss the 80s and on shit of being “colorblind” to race. I think that was actually when the most progress was made but alas now we’re reverting.

No. 1050059

File: 1643825865957.jpg (38.06 KB, 357x580, 26679-cp.jpg)

>the 80s

No. 1050060

not even remotely true.

No. 1050062

This is why intersectional feminism exists and is better than radfem

No. 1050066

I'm not a radfem but radical feminism can be intersectional

No. 1050069

This is why buzzwords exist. To be a dog-whistle to listeners that the speaker has no idea what they're talking about

No. 1050070

Were you homeschooled by a fucking pigeon? I already know the answer, you’re probably a eurofag that says “uh I don’t know anything about that American race stuff” even though most of the entire continent has colonized Africa and exploited a good chunk of the Asia, discriminatory against brown people, rising white nationalist groups, don’t even get me started on the crooked tooth blue-blood brigade of the UK. Respectfully shut the fuck up anon, being colorblind is essentially ignoring the long-term impact that racism can have especially with non-white women. I hate millennials so much

No. 1050071

By sperging, you totally undermined your point. Claaaasic zoomer.

No. 1050075

I have no problem with the basis of intersectional feminism but white people took it way fucking overboard. it's why I have to deal with little miss Megan calling me shit like latinx and butchering my language. I can't trust white women with social issues. it's like they try to one up their own terms and ideas out of guilt.

No. 1050076

NTA but she's right kek. Being mad about the tone doesn't undermine anything. Do you get mad at radfems for not being super-sweet and lovely like women are "supposed" to be? Kek

No. 1050077

Radical feminism isn’t even intersectional, it’s a large hub of women who think just because a group of men who belong to a different race commit the same universal sins of any other male group it must mean they should be insensitive and reaffirm their internal biases. Oppression overlaps other kind of oppression, radfems argue that a rich white woman is still affected by rampant misogyny which is true but would she ever experience the misogyny black women face? middle eastern women? jewish women? asian women? No. Being a radfem shouldn’t mean dunking on arabs because you subconsciously believe in the /pol/fag anti-immigration rhetoric. The point is that misogyny is prevalent in all classes, all groups, but the experiences for all kinds of women is varied. Tl;dr just say all men are shit instead of hyper-focusing on other racial groups of men it makes you look very fucking weird

No. 1050081

Lol whats with you and the author I replied to being so angry and assuming responses are out of anger. She's a sperg and so are you

No. 1050082

Uh, what's mad about my post? You might be too sensitive for an imageboard nona, doesn't mean everyone else is a sperg

No. 1050085

Most butches have no fashion sense, they wear clothes made for obese men and call it a day. I also hate how a lot of them larp scrote behavior.

No. 1050089

File: 1643827153910.png (15.18 KB, 434x255, 36371EC9-5800-454E-BA74-A362CF…)

>the author

you’ve probably never used this site until now, moid

No. 1050095

NTA but english is our second language to some of us here. I've had a lot of you hoes accuse me of being a scrote just because I'm not using your specific wording. it's just a word. lmao

No. 1050096

yeah, you choose to care tho. im a "minority" but..im just living you know? I didnt ask to have dark skin kek

No. 1050101

Imagine if some tard said this about feminism lol
>tbh in 2022 i cant believe ppl take their sex very seriously. i love when we all shit on each other kek
>yeah, you choose to care tho. im a "woman" but..im just living you know? I didnt ask to have a vagina kek

No. 1050106

i dont let it consume my life is what im saying. i didn't ask to be a dark skinned woman. unpopular opinion, i stopped making excuses and grew a tougher skin.

No. 1050107

sadly I agree

No. 1050109

>noticing reality
Again, laughing at the idea of some tard saying this BS about women/feminism

No. 1050112

I wish every single website automatically came on in dark mode with light mode being an option. My weak elderly eyes need protection

No. 1050113

For real, is good to care about social issues and be mindful but getting obsessed over your oppression is just going to make you miserable

No. 1050118

>For real, is good to care about social issues and be mindful
Anon was saying you shouldn't care at all though

No. 1050123

that's a bad thing? i started from that standpoint, not caring at all. then i recognized what shitty things do happen because of my appearance which is unfortunate you know

No. 1050124

white women get so triggered seeing a poor wittle minority not needing their ideology and not hyper focusing on race. kek

does race matter? of course it does to an extent. but I'm not terminally oppressed in every aspect of my life cause I'm brown. I've had a pretty good life. white women want to control how we feel so bad.(racebait)

No. 1050128

File: 1643828173288.jpg (17.8 KB, 640x360, 024829582039.jpg)

No. 1050130

We should kill all the white people.(bait)

No. 1050131

Some people stop worrying about it for mental health reasons, i don't see the issue specially when being born into a minority is already stressful by itself

No. 1050132

Why do you assume everyone who disagrees with you must be white lol? Also, no one said shit about hyper-focusing or obsessing, but you tried to claim noticing basic reality is "making excuses" and that we shouldn't care. That's retarded, bye

No. 1050139

White hands typed this post

No. 1050143

Wot? i'm indian lol

No. 1050144

Nta but if someone actively stops noticing their own oppression i'm assuming is because the thought itself is becoming obsessive

No. 1050145

well im happy living in the western world, because i have many more opportunities. so there's no excuse for "me".

No. 1050148

Ah, that makes more sense. I can't really relate to the people who become "obsessed" with it. It just seems normal to understand how society works and be able to talk about it without flinching, or plugging your ears with some fake colorblind shit. We do live in a more "sensitive" world overall where people get fixated, so I guess it can't be helped for some

No. 1050149

I wish we could live in a color blind world. But fucking history had to be a thing.

No. 1050152

What excuse?

No. 1050167

you sound retarded tbh

No. 1050185

Does it make me a salty bitch that the idea of forgiving student loans annoys me? Seems like a good way to further fuck over all the really disadvantaged people who chose not to/couldn’t go. I would be ok with making college free or extremely cheap from now on, I think.

No. 1050186

File: 1643830173416.gif (2.09 MB, 498x367, rolls-up-window-rolls-up-windo…)

mad cause you age like milk and not even moids your own race can stand you? kek

No. 1050187

Honestly, a little, but I definitely understand where you're coming from. Education is prohibitively expensive.

No. 1050190

i'm hispanic, so no. you sound pathetic kek

No. 1050192

kek get her anon

No. 1050197

I'm still surprised when anons like this pop up. By anons like this I mean ones that clearly fear ageing and value male approval too much. Just seems so anti-lolcow to me.

No. 1050198

Hostile board etiquette is unnecessary and always leads to derailing

No. 1050202

>Just seems so anti-lolcow to me
Nigga are you new or you just lurk /ot? kek

No. 1050203

Moids hate all of us no matter what colour or race we are. The only difference is every race has a different flavour of hatred.

No. 1050204

I just lurk /ot/ and /m/, I should have specified since I know board cultures vary quite a bit.
Sometimes feels like there's straight up two different lolcows.

No. 1050208

File: 1643830700587.jpg (18.13 KB, 256x309, 1639718018049.jpg)

Please don't tell me you're one of those latinas who get down on all fours and pant like a dog for some pasty white dick and act like you did something

No. 1050209

It's just newfag trash, wish they'd fuck off

No. 1050214

kek, you know she gets a high from crusty online fuggos who tell her she's "based, and one of the good ones" for not caring if he makes racist/disparaging comments in front of her

No. 1050218

the white moid comment wasn't that deep lmao. what I meant is that moids settle down for anything but white moids won't even settle for white women because they're that annoying. I've never been with a white person. my partner is mexican just like me. the reach. kek

No. 1050219

Aren't a shit ton of Hispanic people white? You're not really saying anything here.

No. 1050226

Honestly some of you are on the wrong site

No. 1050227

I see this bait was very effective, good job anon

No. 1050229

do you know how bait ev en works? stop samefagging

No. 1050231

>what I meant is that moids settle down for anything but white moids won't even settle for white women because they're that annoying
you mean women don't want them? lmao you're under the impression men have the choice? they're repeatedly rejected and white men tend to be obsessed with being white. the overwhelming majority of white guys are with white women wtf are you talking about? the ones with particular fixations on other races that "don't like white women because they're annoying" have the idea if they are able to get with "submissive" women of other cultures they will be able to walk all over them

No. 1050238

who? the wannabe radfems who fuck 4channers or the aryan racists?
I mean, she posted racebait and anons fell for it

No. 1050239

it's not raicebait if she believes it lmao

No. 1050241

Fighting over race on lolcow counts as racebait, she will surely get a ban

No. 1050242

Ignore the retard moid bait and get to tearing into my ass here >>1050185

No. 1050245

still i think that there is a difference in stating your opinion that involves race which she did (it was stupid but it's hers i guess) and posting about race to get anons angry even tho both get banned

No. 1050248

>make a joke at white women's expense because they're annoying
>white woman writes a thesis for a joke
>proves my point

don't you have food service workers to go yell at, susan?

No. 1050263

This, they're waaay too bothered to claim >>1050186 doesn't affect them, they're so dishonest. If you don't give a fuck about le scrotes or ageing then just ignore posts trying to bait you

No. 1050268

I think we should have both. There's no reason for college to cost so much money, and it should be extremely cheap. The thing about interest on loans is so fucked up, too

No. 1050279

Zoos are not educational and should be closed down

No. 1050296

Nonnie, zoos aren't just used for entertainment. They conserve a lot of wildlife, especially endangered species. The aquarium in my city takes in a lot of sea turtles that would have died if not for the aquarium. A lot of them have irreversible injuries because of we fuck up their ecosystems. The money that people spend to go to zoos and aquariums are used for the animals. Also, if I get to see safari animals and sea creatures in the comfort of my own city, that is worth the money.

No. 1050305

a lot of zoos get away with shit and are under regulated. some zoos are legitimate and have legitimate conservation programs usually supported by the state or government. there is a lack of oversight for many zoos though and many alleged breeding programs are exploitative and harmful. legitimate ones are good and fine though. hurt animals are typically sent to rehabs and sanctuaries though. generally they are better and less rife with exploitation.

No. 1050313

my pov is coming from raised poorfag surrounded by poorfags who couldn’t go. I would not go to college even if they made it free today, unless it was a couple of community art classes for fun, maybe in a year or two. but I imagine how frustrating it would be to see all the middle class+ kids get their loans forgiven, like a big middle finger. they could have gone to school and got decent paychecks if they knew, and now all of those years have been wasted and they have to continue to struggle longer if they decide to go to school now.

No. 1050345

"akshually I prefer oral/fingers" No you don't you stupid pickme, stop enabling small-dicked scrotes.

No. 1050346

I’d be fine with it if only poorfags got their loans forgiven. Everyone else though id be annoyed. How does forgiving loans stop colleges from charging insane tuition? If we forgive all current student loans what about students who are about to enter college, they’d still have to take out huge loans.
College degrees has been given way too much value to the point where they’re useless unless you’re getting a further degree afterwards. I only took a few cc classes and I make the same amount as my friends that wasted 4 years at college to get bullshit liberal art degrees.

No. 1050350

Yes, because fingers/tongues do the same thing as a dick. You're such a retard.

No. 1050351

did you forget clits exist, girl? lmao

clit orgasms are waaay better than vaginal ones. a lot of women can't even orgasm from just penetration, no matter the size of the dick. you might just be a size queen

No. 1050378

Dicks, no matter the size, are useless for pleasuring the majority of women. If women loved themselves enough to care about their own pleasure, scrotes would never get sex. NEVER

No. 1050379

Radfems will close their eyes to this

No. 1050384

Kek I agree with you but only when people start raving on about small dicks being "better". Oral actually feels different from a penis and some men outright refuse to do it unlike the majority of women who see blowjobs as normal.

No. 1050385

never gonna happen

No. 1050389

I cannot orgasm from anything men ever did or tried to do because they are that bad and useless and they do not arouse me

No. 1050398

you just laid down, didn't communicate anything and just starfished, right?

No. 1050399

Getting fucked by a real dick is way better than some lame oral, oral sex shilling is just microdick amd pickme cope

No. 1050402

>it's pickme behavior to have a man do a sexual act that centers on the female orgasm

you kids lost? kek

No. 1050406

Nta, but I really despise how popular "pickme" became. None of you tards know what it means.

No. 1050410

I hate “lesbians” with long acrylic nails who call themselves a pillow princess

No. 1050411

agreed, take race convos to twitter dot com

No. 1050423

If they say small, they probably just mean average. Most women are not size queens and do not like having their cervix hammered. I'm all for making scrotes insecure but this isn't it.

No. 1050425

>um ackchually preferring to have the most sensitive part of your genitals stimulated is pick me behavior
What dick does to a mf.

No. 1050431

>acting like nationality is the same thing as race
Are you one of those americans who say they're half of some race because their great-grandmother was? Or you're just a retarded SJW who let burgerland dictate the definition of words to you?

No. 1050437

6 inches is tiny, get over it

No. 1050440

That's just bullshit they tell people to convince them to keep supporting zoos. Most of them don't have suitable environments for the animals. Just the fact they allow people to disturb those animals the whole day prove they don't really care about them.

No. 1050442

>communication meme
Go back to reddit

No. 1050443

NTA but I’m so tired of seeing this big-brain gotcha. In the US brown people who came from Mexico just call themselves Mexicans and everyone knows what it means

No. 1050444

The real shit type of dick is a thin one especially if its short. Just use your fingers dude you've more dexterity that way.

No. 1050446

unfortunately true a lot of the time. not always but often. the least exploitative way to see animals is to go to sanctuaries. they don't really emphasize the animals coming out or interacting with them as they do with zoos. the money that is donated is usually more impactful too because there is less padded bullshit.

No. 1050453

you guys are dense lmao. yes mexican is a nationality. mexicans come in many races. yes, there are white mexicans. i'm not one of them. this is not the gacha you think it is. go "ackshully" on reddit. you're so boring.

No. 1050459

It should be okay to say that retards with speech impediments such as cerebral palsy are obstructing your learning and requesting they type their questions and responses instead of spending a third of the runtime of a Zoom class asking drawn out questions which they struggle to get out. This class I'm in feels like a one on one tutoring session between the TA and this sped with occasional brief and comprehensible questions from the normal students. I am this close to dropping the class because the lectures are mind numbing. I can't understand a thing this bitch says and she's constantly speaking over and interrupting the TA and other students to say something literally no one but the TA can understand. And the TA doesn't do anything to stop her. She just lets it happen. It should be okay for me to speak up and say this person is a detriment on everyone's learning and is wasting everyone's time but because in today's polite society we must tiptoe around the honest truth that special needs people can impede on the needs and learning of those they share spaces and resources with. Of course the department will never know how many students feel this way about this course and this student because everyone is too afraid of speaking up because ~ableism~. It's not ableist, it's just a fact that she lowers the quality of the course with her disability and lack of self awareness. Self awareness which probably is due to coddling and enabling stemmed from the same fear of being ~ableist~.

No. 1050461

sorry you're too autistic to even mutter a few words to your equally retarded scrote on how you want to be fucked. maybe one day when you grow up, you'll realize no one can read your mind, male or female and stop being a useless pillow princess.

No. 1050464

A thin dick sounds hilarious I'm sorry to any anon who went through that

No. 1050467

girth matters way more than length. thought you girlies understood the meta already.

No. 1050498

are you that same anon a while back in this same very thread who said women who say "most women don't orgasm from penetration" is a pickme cope? get yourself a vibrator and leave already.

No. 1050503

My last ex was on the modest side of average but had a fetish for women being stretched to the limits by hands and toys.. it's honestly a relief to not be dating someone with those tastes anymore. I think I have either a low or maybe just sensitive cervix? the modest side of average is fine by me but then they're always into weird shit anyway like getting a whole hand up you, great lol

No. 1050506

sorry to hear that your ugly moid can't finger you or give half-decent head, anon! get well soon!

No. 1050511

Brave of you to anger the lesbians here anon.

No. 1050516

On r/smalldickproblems the guys there never shut up about how much they resent the advice of "bro just get good at eating pussy and it'll be fine" They somehow resent that more than just being outright insulted about their lackluster dick.

No. 1050520

i'm not even a lesbian and i think she's a tard, kek

No. 1050522

Everyone implicitly knows this, it's just harder to articulate because we can estimate length easily but fuck knows what a decent girth measurement is.

I promise nobody is imagining a long thin dick when they talk about big dicks or a short thick one when they talk about small dicks.

No. 1050524

you measure it with your mouth. EZ

No. 1050533

I don't feel sorry for infertile people. It's not like they can't be parents anymore. But their real problem is not that they can't be parents - because they can - but that they want to pass on their shitty genes. They say the adoption system is difficult, as if IFV is not crazy expensive and slow either. I've seen women having miscarriages or their babies dying within a few days of being born over and over again in their many failed attempts of having children. And I'm supposed to find this insane persistence normal.

No. 1050534

Not just gays. I'd love to meet a guy who'd be happy with just mutual oral.

No. 1050536

No. 1050541

Every other health issue/disability is expected that you get over it, accept reality, and deal with your situation, but not for infertility! We must coddle and tiptoe around them. They must be encouraged in their dangerous and stupid pursuits on an overpopulated world. All for the sake of monkey brain passin-muh-jeans

No. 1050543

I have a Muslim background (am atheist tho). I used to frequent radfem spaces a lot and every time I saw other ex-Muslim women or any non white women for that matter discuss their experiences they were almost always eventually sidelined. It’s really no surprise as the majority of them are white. They would also use borderline (or just straight up) racist language when discussing misogyny in the Middle East. Now I don’t mind shitting on religion and scrotes from there but you just know when it’s not just about feminism anymore but more of a not so subtle excuse to be racist. I really didn’t see them do that with other cultures or religions really. I think women from other countries should really stop having so much faith in western (radical)feminists and start connecting with women from their own culture and connect more with them. You’ll see you have so much more in common and you don’t feel left out all the time.

No. 1050551

I've had lots of luck meeting women from poorer countries that have nothing to do with my own culture. North Americans and Western Europeans of any kind will always see you as inferior and stupid, but regardless of whether I speak with a woman from Brazil, Ukraine or India they will be more supportive and understanding.

No. 1050553

based and true. It feels like a huge waste of money and time to me although I understand how upsetting it can be. A lot of them are obsessed on the idea of birthing a child though, it's strange. My cousin was like this and whenever you'd bring up adoption being more accessible she'd act as if adopted children were subhuman or something. It's really weird.

No. 1050587

Based. To an extent I understand being upset about not being able to have biological children if that was a dream of yours, but the amount of money they throw at shit like ivf is extremely retarded. I also have a deep hatred of people who use surrogates. Nobody is owed biological children, if you're infertile you'll just have to come to terms with it.

No. 1050624

File: 1643850424313.jpg (125.36 KB, 704x792, duty.jpg)

NEETs provide society with multiple services. For example, they are faithful, dedicated consoomers. With their dependent/unused income and extra free time, NEETs can afford to place more energy and money into all sorts of media (and fashion) than your average person can or will. Without at least a few bored NEETs, many industries and corporations would fall to the wayside. Additionally, they help support the mental health industry when they opt for therapy. There's also the occasional "mad genius" type of NEET - an insanely talented and/or autistic NEET who spends more time perfecting their programming skills and putting them to use than any normal person could, or that produces 10/10 music, art or writing is of more value to society in that position than if they had opted for a normal occupation anyone with minimal to mediocre experience/credentials could fulfill

NEETs are also one of the few sectors of society that provide all its members with their daily two minutes hate - absolutely for free - whenever they lovingly troll on internet forums, resulting in light-hearted, high-energy exchanges where everyone can freely express their thoughts, have fun and let off steam without guilt. We pay respect to actors and actresses for making us feel something, but we also owe something to the person who plays a role online, with zero pay or real life recognition. You don't need to waste time searching for poorly-scripted reality TV episodes or risk getting a virus pirating them when you can just go on nearly any online community and see the exact same thing play out in text. On top of that, we already know that NEETs make up a large portion of internet mods and jannies. Not only does this demographic offer the entertainment of the online world, they diligently provide the cleanup without complaint or payment of any sort. Many even use the little energy they have for this endeavor, sacrificing the neatness of their bedrooms for the neatness of your online experience. All in all, the NEET has an inherently humble spirit. Whether you like it or not, everyone contributes something to society. Things are deliberately set up so that true leeching is near-impossible

No. 1050640


>Without at least a few bored NEETs, many industries and corporations would fall to the wayside

Stopped reading there, you win the thread nonnie

No. 1050642


they just need to accept that they weren't made to reproduce and pass on their defects, and adopt one of the countless orphans or get a dog if they can't afford that. people who are insistent on biological children make me sick and i have cut off every friend who persists past multi miscarriages and IVF instead of looking into other options because it's important to them that their child is a blood relative. that's some narc shit and nobody can tell me different

No. 1050646

My sister had a miscarriage a few years ago and her second attempt barely made it past the premie stage. She’s realized that this is the one and only child she will have.

No. 1050658

this is only an unpopular opinion among women I think but: I love quentin tarantino's movies so much

No. 1050667

Wonderful thank you for presentation

No. 1050670

how do I support myself being a NEET? I could provide society with art and philosophy but I don't want to work in those fields

No. 1050682

Spot the footfag

No. 1050709

God, do you ever just look at a popufur's art and think "wow, you could actually have some really amazing stuff if you got used to drawing humans instead of furries"?

Wish they'd just learn the faces and limbs because everything else is pretty accepted in anime.

No. 1050710

I’m rooting for China

No. 1050771

so you're rooting for public surveillance, and the disappearance of media freedom and human rights? Alright then.

No. 1050774

me too

all are worse problems in the usa.

No. 1050793

women are almost always cheating because the man isn't physically or emotionally present, is a depressed loser, or pumps and rolls over to sleep. men are almost always cheating because they want to stroke their ego

No. 1050794

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion amongst women.

No. 1050797

…is something happening?

No. 1050798

You really have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 1050801

Anon might be referencing the China/Africa stuff, idk.

No. 1050802

Agree with your first sentence but also believe women cheat for their egos too.
If they had to put up with the examples from your sentence first, then it makes sense why they would be validation seeking and doing anything to recover their egos too. The difference apart from men is, they're justified in doing it.

But heaven forbid if we ever said this out loud. Clearly women cheaters are just sociopaths going against their servile nurturing nature while poor men cheat because their evil wives and gfs just didn't do enough to keep them faithful.

No. 1050836

File: 1643880575221.jpg (36.1 KB, 735x417, 4d2423ee95d52bc7c9774d82d00d44…)

I think she's really cute and like her outfit in this.

No. 1050838

agreed she looked adorable there, her makeup also makes her look like a 60s starlet and I love it.

No. 1050847

File: 1643882032412.png (8.46 MB, 2500x1859, s2e3.PNG)

Agree! I also liked this look even thought it was shown only for a second

No. 1050868

Nowadays the women in the first world who have spawn of their own are only 2 of these kinds: either narcs who want their mini-mes who they can use and abuse, or low iq who can't get over their monkey instincts to reproduce endlessly. And the latter are better parents, mind you.
Not talking about poor countries where women don't even have a choice and are forced by moids to have kids.

No. 1050871

stop demonizing women that have children. It's still normal to have them

No. 1050873

So…which one are you?

No. 1050876

A lot of people on this site seem to hate mothers, it's weird. and it's always just mothers.

No. 1050879

Half the posts on lolcow can be explained by this thread >>>/g/192203
(The other half can be explained by this thread >>>/ot/586560 )

No. 1050880

Oh my god, I don’t even have a child but please shut up.

No. 1050881

I swear it’s a death cult or something. They hate their existence so much they don’t want anyone to exist anymore yet they call mothers narcs.

No. 1050886

>it's always just mothers
Nah nonnie I hate all moids because they all fall under the monkey brain type. Filthy animals. Women giving in to their power fantasies are something I can't still figure out tho.

No. 1050888

I don't think it has to do with mommy issues to be honest. I have "mommy issues" and don't resent mothers. I actually respect them to an extent, just not mine. I can't think of why else those anons might not like mothers though, other than your typical misogyny blackpill radfems or antinatalists maybe? idk.

No. 1050893

I’m fine with the zoos with conservatory efforts, but when i see a white tiger pacing around an enclosure the size of my apartment, I’m not thinking about them

No. 1050894

>Not talking about poor countries where women don't even have a choice
I'm not quite convinced that all poors don't willingly choose to be parents and are incapable of being narcs tbqh. In fact don't some poor countries have a culture of birthing children so that the oldest take care of the youngest, and support the household by child laboring?

No. 1050895

you mean aside from genociding uighurs and tossing female newborns in rivers? No clue

No. 1050907

You’re only saying this because
>the scrotes you date refuse to eat your pussy
>the scrotes you date can’t eat eat pussy for shit so you don’t even realize how good it can feel

Oral is literally the fastest way to get a woman to orgasm. Less than half of all women experience vaginal orgasms, and if they do, that still doesn’t mean they prefer it to clitoris stimulation. Either you’re in the minority or just dating scrotes who are shit at sex

No. 1050912

Assuming these infertile people can't necessarily afford or ethically agree with IVF either, it really must feel like a slap in the face to spend thousands on the adoption process and have to prove their competency as parents a thousand times over all under the threat of the original birth parents wanting to interfere or take back their kids later in life. Meanwhile the lowest IQ of irresponsible trash just happen to have the working body parts to pop kids out for free, sometimes even subsidized by welfare for the endeavor.
I completely understand why they're bitter because it's bullshit.

No. 1050923

Imagine if a man said that enjoying a woman giving him oral is betacuck/simp behavior lol. He'd be called mentally ill, delusional or a woman trying to shame men out of wanting blowjobs

No. 1050929

you do realize 99% of women cum from oral stimulation. Learn some basic female anatomy

No. 1050930

sorry I meant clitoral stimulation

No. 1050931

I don't necessarily agree with OP as I see women enjoying oral as a different story for multiple reasons.
But anon–I'm so dead serious about this–men whom I've talked to and who I've dated who voiced they prefer oral to penetrative sex were either closeted or coomers with broken dick syndrome because of their dumb porn. I do believe there is banter among straight men about this already.

No. 1050933

I hate people who say that they don't like the taste of water. Like, I actually for real hate them. Needing sugar just to stomach the taste of GD WATER is so fat and pathetic. It's like not enjoying music. Like, what the fuck are you? A lizard person?

No. 1050935

Some water really does taste and smells nasty though. People who grew up with questionable sources are probably the ones conditioned to want to drink something else. Fatness is just incidental anon.
I grew up with both good and bad water sources so I can understand both sides.

No. 1050940

Yeah some water is straight up nasty, good water is delicious. I agree that some people who say they don't like the taste of water are being ridiculous but I have to disagree that you don't need to enjoy water. Everyone should enjoy everything they eat, even if it's something you need to live. Not all water is created equal.

No. 1050944

I know several people who drink nothing but diet soda. They're not even fat, but it just confuses me. Shit cannot be good for you, even if it has no sugar or calories.

No. 1050954

They are going to give themselves crippling arthritis. I had a teacher who drank a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke every day and her hands were like claws. At least she could hold the bottle to drink of out kek

No. 1050970

Is that what the artificial sweeteners do to you? I had a feeling it was probably better to just drink regular soda (at least you can run off the excess calories after, or something) but I really have no idea how artificial sweeteners affect you long-term.

No. 1051002

>People who grew up with questionable sources are probably the ones conditioned to want to drink something else.
If they have the option to buy good water or a filter and don't, they're a retard and a fat. "Conditioned", lol.

No. 1051097

Whether you call it "low iq" or not, there isn't anything wrong with women following their instincts. Naturally feeling inclined to care for and protect the weak, small, vulnerable, developing humans (children) of the world and wanting to create your own out of love is needed for the world to function healthily. That's why we evolved as we did. So I don't think you're necessarily wrong, but you have a strange, negative view of it.

No. 1051099

In the United States you have absolutely terrible access to water. Elsewhere in the world you probably do too, but I don't have the experience to judge. I'm from Western Europe and drank a lot of water at home. It was safe and fine. Now that I'm in the States, I abhor a lot of the water available at restaurants and often just opt for a soda. I asked my family members about this, and they confirmed that there are at times chemicals or other unfiltered matters in the water. It's really so unfortunate, because I notice I've been drinking less water than usual, and can imagine this isn't a unique situation for me.

No. 1051100

No offense, but motherhood is rarely as pure and virtuous as you make it seem. Besides, the type of women you're talking about would be the first to adopt a child, because they couldn't bear to bring another child into this world while others are abandoned and helpless.

No. 1051101

Fake sugar still spikes your blood sugar just the same as regular sugar. Diabetics can't drink either type of soda. And anecdote, but I had a geochem prof in uni who was studying the effect of artificial sweeteners on the water system (they pass through the body & we don't remove them in sewage treatment so they end up in rivers etc) and apparently it feminizes all the male fish, makes them start giving birth & weird hormonal shit like that.

No. 1051105

Somewhat true. But if you think that the solution to that is that the educated & resource-rich first world should stop reproducing just because there's a few suburban narc moms out there then you go ahead & enjoy creating a dead-end out of your own genetic lineage, dumbass.

No. 1051115

My unpopular opinion is that "passing on your genes" doesn't matter. Women have been raped and conditioned throughout history instead of being able to select men who were worth a damn. Inferior men got to pass on their inferior genes and now we have the world that we have today. What superior genes are you going to pass on? The ones that lead males to fap to porn 10 hours a day? Kek.

No. 1051116

Glad you're not having kids

No. 1051120

That's the kind of mindset that's gonna result in sharia law & moid violence taking over the entire world.

No. 1051122

What does that even mean?

No. 1051124

It means that you're letting savage, barbaric moid cultures take over the world by voluntarily removing your Western genes & feminist mothering philosophy from the collective gene pool.

No. 1051127

>Western genes
???? You're a fucking weirdo lol

No. 1051128

Enjoy being a genetic dead-end while I raise the next generation of daughters for the upcoming matriarchy then.

No. 1051131

You better pick a good moid, then.

No. 1051133

We all know only westerners can be feminists

No. 1051134

i think if you believe the idea that the best thing you can contribute to society is passing off your good genes you're a delusional trad that's coping about being in the cycle of women giving up their lives to raise children "the right way"

No. 1051135

You're brain dead. Look at this shitfest of a website. This is the weakness of women; catfights, passive-aggressive insults, constant infighting. But oh, women are so much better than savage barbaric men. Even /pol/ is better then this shit.

Stop being such a bitter femcel and take a step outside. Say "hi" to a moid, try to have fun in life. You don't even have to have the same values or beliefs as them, just love everyone as a person. Everyone has common ground

No. 1051136

Where did I say it's "the best thing" you can contribute? kek. You said having kids doesn't matter. I say it does.
I've achieved most of what I set out to in my career. And by your own philosophy, there's no point in having a vocation or contributing to the world in any way at all, even outside of having children, since the world is run by inferior moids.

Once again moving the goalposts. Why are you here if you wanna lick moid ass so hard?

No. 1051138

And you're not very "motherly" if you constantly shit on men for no reason all of the time. You're the female equivalent of the /pol/cel meme.

Love is the root of good mothering genes, not bitter whining

No. 1051139

You will never be loved because you really don't love anyone but yourself.

No. 1051141

And samefag to say that you go ahead & look at a Western moid, then look at a moid from the UAE & you tell me that they both have equal & valid mindsets towards women uwu

>implying that people mother their children the same way that they talk to retarded bitches on lolcow.farm

No. 1051145

Do you believe that it's having "western genes" (kek) that makes (some) western moid cultures less brutal? Lol

No. 1051146

File: 1643913746548.jpg (21.95 KB, 275x275, 1624225918771.jpg)

No. 1051147

Stop assuming all women are straight first off


You're going to raise a gaggle of pathetic picmes that you'll end up getting jealous over, if you're even a woman

No. 1051148

Motherly towards girls and women, and vicious toward moids unless they are behaving. Sounds pretty based to me.

No. 1051150

File: 1643913932616.jpg (40.31 KB, 599x467, 54f50ca18dde7e37b81d552d0ec74c…)

All reproduction needs to be female ovary + female ovary in the lab kaguya rat style so we can repair the human genome. Men have caused humans to de-volve with their raping incest and abuse.

No. 1051154

Go travel around India alone & follow up with me about whether you still feel that all moid cultures have the same level of civility. I'll wait.

No. 1051161

Didn't say that, don't think that. I asked you a question. Can't answer? Probably because you're a retarded pick-me and/or /pol/cel LARPing as a feminist to try and "cure the feminists". You aren't smart, go back scrotum

No. 1051163

Catfighting is just as bad as war, murder & rape? MALE DETECTED.

No. 1051165

I can't even decipher this pseudo-sentence because it's composed of so many terminally online terms that it's just pathetic.

No. 1051167

Refer back to >>1051146 and >>1051145 creep

No. 1051169

Yes retard disunity is ineffective

No. 1051170

men literally suck all the fun out of life
Who cares, the only common trend is that scrotes are violent. It's like playing favorites with shit.

No. 1051171

It's stupid to even suggest that gossiping is on the same level as male barbarianism & physical violence.

No. 1051172

File: 1643915083802.png (93.48 KB, 254x244, 1640366233867.png)

This board has been infested with incels trying to convince everyone they're the "okay" males. Actually, it's probably Steven again, that's his usual MO. Similar typing style and pretentiousness. Hope the anons in the friend finder threads are being careful

No. 1051173

Right when i was about to mesmerize of the based crazy gypsy and that the time she casted a curse on me. She is so based where the hell is she nowadays?

No. 1051178

There are women here that aren't as bitter and self-righteous as you. There isn't a moid hiding behind every bush. This is why I hate this website. Everyone here is awful and miserable with no ability to critically think. It's probably a good thing that you people won't breed, more for me <3
>Everyone I don't like is a man!

No. 1051184

>It's probably a good thing that you people won't breed, more for me <3
Nta but more what? Cock? Kek.

No. 1051185

I hope people who freak out at the thought of anything resembling eugenics are happy with this increasingly mean & stupid species because uwu all life precious

No. 1051186

Yes, please take all the men and leave the planet with them.

No. 1051187

File: 1643915882062.gif (2.39 MB, 370x250, stinky ball dance .gif)

Male time
Male time
Male time
M A L E T I M E!

Here's the male
He never fails
He makes me wanna wag my flail
When he comes, I want to wail

No. 1051190

I'm from a shitty Muslim country and let me tell you, violence isn't about genes, it's about laws. If laws and society don't protect and support women when they get abused, raped, killed, etc. but rather blames them, any kind of moid will continue the abuse with pride without hesitation.

No. 1051192

Sorry samefag >>1051185 but what did I just walk into, are you 5?

No. 1051194

What eugenics? If you're talking about humans, you think if they created your perfect woman/man he'd be into you? If anything eugenics would only be used to create perfect soldiers, workers, geniuses etc. instead of being practiced on every human.

No. 1051196

File: 1643916176023.gif (341.44 KB, 250x190, EavL.gif)

Sounds like you need the thinking chair.

No. 1051197

laws are made by men
if anyone has superior genes it's definitely not you, autist

No. 1051199

What? I’m not part of your little infight over moids, I just think many people (no, not based on race or anything) should be discouraged from breeding if we want civilization to last much longer

No. 1051200

This is one of the most bedicked, transgenderific posts I've ever read in my life lol
>more for me <3
Cherry on top. No woman wants multiple of you smelly moids. Even from an evopsych standpoint, it just wouldn't work. Take your cringy porn fantasies and go

No. 1051201

cringe. please stop

No. 1051203

based. please continue

No. 1051211

File: 1643916748545.jpg (334.67 KB, 1990x1008, Bo bo bo bo!.jpg)

No. 1051212

File: 1643916845447.png (37.24 KB, 872x936, 49B62744-0C97-4A6F-A3E9-0FDB22…)

Then… leave?

No. 1051214


No. 1051216

File: 1643917034591.jpg (199.44 KB, 612x380, xena.jpg)

Scrotes are all violent, but some MUCH more than others.
It's far more advisable for a woman in a feminist country to raise a boatload of children than it is for a woman in a patriarchal hellhole to do the same. Obviously the latter doesn't have any choice, so I don't hold her at fault.
The point remains though, that your initial assertion that raising the next generation "doesn't matter" is just patently false.

Yall seem so stuck on the "Western genes" bit. Would it appease you if I said "Western culture" instead?
I have no problem with Middle Eastern WOMEN. Muslim WOMEN. Indian WOMEN. But it's willfully ignorant to suggest that all cultures are valid. Especially when it comes to women's rights & educating their daughters. The fact that Western birth rates have been falling for years has had NO impact on the birth rates in these overpopulated, backwards, patriarchal countries which seek to keep women as a slave cattle class.
They are still breeding like flies. And it's because of their male-centric cultures that normalize rape & necessitate motherhood.

I will raise my half a dozen daughters with all of the education, opportunities, and optimism that I was afforded growing up. Hopefully they will seek to improve the parity of women in the world in the same way that I've tried to do. To say that "doesn't matter" just says to me that you're a NEET who has done nothing of value in their own life.

No. 1051217

I kekked anon

No. 1051219

you're cool

No. 1051220

>superior genes!!
>Eugenics is a must because women mean and ugly now!!!
If eugenics were practiced, most men would be sterilized, not women as you need more women for kids but even one man is encough.

No. 1051221

My reply didn't even accuse you of being man? Women can be attracted to women as well and that's why I said what I did. I thought most women were aware lesbians exist?

No. 1051223

File: 1643917268870.gif (1.06 MB, 498x278, hoe-love-and-hip-hop.gif)

so take your moid ass licking self to 4chins or plebbit since you're the scrote savior. LC will be better without your handmaiden shitposting.

No. 1051226

Most people should be discouraged, yes. But lolcow nonnies are unironically based and should consider passing that on.

No. 1051229

I'm the anon from Muslim country and I agree with your points. If I ever have children, I will definitely have them in a country that values women.

No. 1051231

NTA but her point was the only reason MORE men aren't violent monkeys is because some of them are scared of going to jail. That's it. If it was legal a lot more of them would be rapists and murderers.

No. 1051233


Now this I can get behind. But the plan falls apart when the scrote you reproduced with starts to scrote out i would rather raise girls I adopted, they already are aware that thier fathers are wastemen and that saves a lot of time.

No. 1051234

I'll unironically consider it when it's possible for two women to reproduce

No. 1051237

Love you, based Muslim sister

No. 1051239

File: 1643917790156.jpeg (339.96 KB, 1200x995, AD9AFB33-C3B6-4E35-87CD-4601D1…)

Based and Xena pilled

No. 1051245

>A country that values women

Doesn't exist but I get what you mean.

No. 1051251

File: 1643918244167.jpg (20.58 KB, 474x458, peter scully.jpg)

Only sort of related to what's going on here, but tradthots honestly disgust me. I'm becoming blackpilled on feminism because of libfems, but women who claim to be "radfems" when they're really just pick-mes who are a little bit mad at their men for not choosing them are just exacerbating the issue. It's like they think it's fine and negligible what their moids do as long as they personally don't get the worst of it, and they're so aggressive to women who aren't white or are simply from poorer countries than themselves
It's genuinely retarded to think that any race of men is genetically inclined to be good, especially when those same men love to "vacation" in third world countries with tons of vulnerable Asian/black/brown women and little girls they can rape and impregnate freely. Don't even get me started on how the moids from poorer countries in EE love to traffic their own and eachother's daughters, sisters, wives, etc for money. But sure, it's only the wealthy women (especially American) that matter in the world /s

No. 1051257


go back to twitter

No. 1051259

Seems pretty retarded to assume women are good either, based on what you've said

No. 1051262

That's not even Twitter slang, you must be new but thank you for ignoring my point

Most women aren't traffickers and they don't travel to rape children. Stop with the libfem bullshit

No. 1051266

>stop with the libfem shit
How… bad are you at thinking that you got to THAT conclusion

No. 1051268

pretty sure only twittertards feel they have to remind everyone that what theyre saying is sarcastic by using /s

also your post is word salad, i dont understand the part about white women but it sounds like bait. just say you hate tradthots, i didnt know they varied by race.

No. 1051270

>Try to talk about male degeneracy and how it affects women/girls
>"Ok but what about women! Women aren't good either then"
It's tired. Shitty women will be annoying at best, and instruments of the patriarchy at worst. Shitty men embody the patriarchy itself

If you don't understand my point, either ask what I mean like a normal human or keep scrolling. Since you clearly don't get it and think everything is bait, it's actually good that I added "/s". If I hadn't, you probably would've said "But you contradicted your point by claiming only rich women mattered!!".

No. 1051272

I didn’t say you accused me of being a moid, and wtf do lesbians have to do with anything? I’m so confused, you keep addressing me like I’m part of your stupid infight and I’m not I’m just here with my own unpopular opinion kek

No. 1051275

Believing both men and women are shit is hardly libfem. You sound like a moron.

No. 1051278

I hate the fact that 99% of female-dominated fandom revolves around ships or husbandos. Someone deadass told me that there is no point in getting into some media I recommended to her because she "can't ship anyone in it". Screams "unfulfilled love life" to me.

No. 1051280

You sound like a 12 year old "egalitarian"/self-described "misanthrope" from Reddit. Hang it up, JD Salinger

No. 1051281

Lol ok nonz good luck with everything

No. 1051283

File: 1643919419647.jpg (192.94 KB, 750x935, 1642897492840.jpg)

Thanks bitch

No. 1051285

Wow, you seem mad

No. 1051286

Who's on the tee?

No. 1051287

8-bit art looks awful and i don't understand the nostalgia over it

No. 1051288

Aileen Wuornos baybee!!

No. 1051289

What do you mean?

Aileen Wuornos (bless her soul)

No. 1051291

Oh good for her.

No. 1051292

Idk, it just seemed like you took it personally that I called you a moron, since you called me "bitch". Maybe one day, you'll come to find that there are perspectives beyond radfem/libfem. Maybe you'll stay a moron forever, idk.

No. 1051293

is this what their point was?

nah it was obvious sarcasm, just your point is hard to follow and you sound like a twittard

No. 1051295


Wow she's cute and based. We need more female serial killers that only target males tbh.

No. 1051296

You go first

No. 1051297

Most of us just don't have enough testosterone for such depravities.

No. 1051300

Chill out, "bitch" is used colloquially here a lot. I thought the picture would make it clear it wasn't serious. You seem pretty mad and fixated on this "moron" and "libfem" thing, which is weird, since you started insulting me first, kek. Sorry I said to stop saying libfem BS after you said…libfem BS, anon. I wasn't aware it was such a sensitive word for you. Hope you can recover one day, it's okay to be upset

Kind of ironic to say others sound like Twittards when you type in all lowercase, nonnie

No. 1051301

I kinda understand. I won't tolerate media with ugly scrotes in it anymore unless it's actually mindblowing in some way. I'm just tired of looking at dusty ass guys.

No. 1051311

How can a person be an egalitarian misanthrope

No. 1051313

There's a difference between a misanthrope and the self-described "misanthropes" from Reddit who derail every gender-related discussion with "both men and women bad". "Egalitarians" do the same thing, neither want to name the male problem, both want validation and upboats

No. 1051318

I'm down for killing scrotes so I'm not sure what you thought

No. 1051321

Maybe don't go on Reddit anymore

No. 1051324

I don't, but Reddit sure likes coming here

No. 1051329

>Shitty women will be annoying at best
I honestly think that anyone who thinks this has never been around a woman who was truly awful.

No. 1051341

Nope. I've been abused by women in my life, but the awful men I've encountered and just seen in action were still 100x worse. It's not even a contest, I only see very sheltered people try to say they're the same

No. 1051347

Maybe I've just had a different experience then, but I really don't think the shittiest woman is just "annoying".

No. 1051350

I think you misunderstood what I meant by "at best", because that's not what I said at all. The shittiest women are instruments of the patriarchy. Hence, female traffickers who sell other women to men, pick-mes who abuse and attack other women or their own relatives or stand by while the moids in their lives do it, etc etc

No. 1051360

It pretty much takes the shittiest type of woman to do things that otherwise "normal" scrotes can and will do when presented with the opportunity

No. 1051364

You're not wrong but the bottom line is that educated women who are allowed to make their own choices are just not going to choose to have 10 kids, hell often they won't have any.

No. 1051372

Literally this. And scrotes will forever insist that their ways are the "default" for humanity, and that women are just "too weak" to do the same. Even if I was as "strong" as a man, I wouldn't do the shit they do. Even FtMs on testosterone don't act like them. It's fucked

No. 1051378

My apologies if I misunderstood your post. I don't disagree that men are overall worse, but I see that kind of "women are never horrible people" sentiment here all the time and it's ignorant to me so maybe that's why I misinterpreted what you said.

No. 1051388

No worries anon, I've seen that sort of thing too and agree it's retarded. It may be rarer, but women can definitely be fucked up

No. 1051390

File: 1643925338143.jpeg (79.51 KB, 828x269, E7C1BF77-C604-492E-80BC-AE4195…)

I genuinely believe in picrel, fags gross me out. I’m not straight and I hate that i’m expected to sympathize or see gay moids as my equals or whatever, absolutely not.

No. 1051422

i see you guys posting this pic all of the time but is it legit? this is that weeb girl that is rivals with mickydeer or whatever right? is that legitimately something she wore?

No. 1051439

Do you mean Amina? I don't know if that's her, but it's hard to tell. When I reverse search the pic, only LC comes up.

No. 1051442

yes! i think that's her, right? would she really wear an aileen wournos shirt or was it just an edit? i didn't get the impression of her that that'd be something she'd wear…

No. 1051451

The shirt is real and it's a girl from Tumblr, I forgot her URL. I agree it looks like Amina, but it's not. Based but she was like "Oh no the terfs have found this post". Kind of funny to see the pic made its way to LC

No. 1051452

I'm a carpet muncher but most fags are degenerates.
They along trannies have destroyed gay acceptance in the west and everywhere.
Lesbos aren't the one dressing up with harnesses or fucking in the public eye.
Also, lesbians helped them back in the 80s and 90s and now we are told by them that we are troonphobe by snarts and fruits.
Maybe I am an alog, but, we should had let them die back then.

No. 1051455

wow, she really, really, really looks like her. like legitimate doppelganger level. extremely odd that the girl would take on a very unpopular, unconventional opinion by wearing a t-shirt with an unrepentant serial killer on it (obviously she was justified but not how society sees it), but being a TERF is a step too far. very odd girl.

No. 1051462

File: 1643928829765.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x2133, 44FE1C11-81C0-4993-929D-3970FF…)

etc etc
It's literally her

No. 1051465

so it is amina, huh. ok, that makes sense but does she own that shirt or is it an edit?

No. 1051475

i think this every time a gay man is misogynistic. should have let them bleed out of their AIDs sores

No. 1051522

Based anons. We can only hope they all die off eventually, being a fag is truly the worst kind of mental disorder. Also it shows how when men have no need to impress women they go full degenerate, just look at all the shit the fags are into, you never hear about lesbians having such a rampant drug and sex based culture. Also gay men hate lesbians and think that being gay gives them a pass to say gross shit about/towards women, at least straight moids are somewhat decent at times towards women. Despite that men in general are just gross, and when you take women out of the equation they become even worse.

No. 1051539

Im so sorry for aussie nonnas if we have any
All australian dudes go to thailand at some point

No. 1051597

File: 1643937042725.jpeg (68.55 KB, 1920x872, 25BDCBAB-54C9-43A7-8769-3E92E8…)

why don't you 'not like the other gays' dykes make your own fucking thread to circlejerk about gay moids instead of shitting up every other thread imaginable? god you bitches are annoying
>inb4 pick-me for gay aids riddled faggots!!!!
blessedly not the case, i'm just sick of you schizo dykes reeing about it every single day. rent free! they're not even interested in women like trannies are and yet you STILL think of them every single day. get help!(calm down spaz)

No. 1051627

take your meds literally where is anyone reeeing about this you retard? whatever gay moid you simp for isn’t gonna fuck you. sorry you have brain damage that makes you cape for these disgusting fags so much when they’d probably make misogynistic comments about you or call you fishy while turning around and fucking a shit filled asshole kek.

No. 1051644

Taking back Taiwan, and to own the USA

No. 1051654

I agree, it's a big reason why I never got into fandom shit. Idgaf about shipping, I just want to sperg and make up whacky scenarios the characters would get into. fuck a flower crown.

My unpopular opinion is that "western" anons need to check their privilege when it comes to moids. Statements like this make it seem like you have it just as bad as women in other communities are are conditioned to either be turbo pickmes or are forced into marriage. It's just to insensitive and gross imo. Your femicide rates and rape rates are among the lowest, you are not conditioned to hold a man down or settle for shitty men. Sorry if i sound like a moid.

No. 1051662

Its kinda sad that you have to assure you are not a moid just to say this, as if what you're saying is not true regardless, is literally a fact but of course people here think pointing out firstworlders just don't have it that bad is "moid behaviour"

No. 1051672

Nta and i don't care if you hate gay moids, just don't pretend they don't live rent free in your head if you're talking about them all the time, this is like the 20th post I've seen about ~le gay men~
>they’d probably call you fishy while turning around and fucking a shit filled asshole
did a faggot turned you down? kek

No. 1051675

Anyways all moids are shit and deserve death thanks

No. 1051701

i’m not attracted to moids kek so no they did not and this is the first i see this discussion being had. wow shocker people on lolcow.farm hate moids, gay or straight. why are you so insistent on defending these men?

No. 1051750

You really have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 1051754

this is just a fact that men refuse to acknowledge. does anyone have that infographic about reasons why men and women cheat? god i wish i saved it

No. 1051789

>fighting for the same gay men that literally caused the aids pandemic and used to advocate for pedophilia
The things you'd do to have a faggot bestie fantasy fulfilled…
Also way to go with how you're hating on lesbians but being a pickme for men of any sexual orientation. Internilazed misogyny is a disease and you should get it treated luv xoxo

No. 1051801

>did a faggot turn you down
this is how they speak about women online and irl and get praised for it by pickmes its quirky and cute when a gay dude slaps a girl or calls her names but sure anons can’t say shit kek

No. 1051818

Handmaidens are so quick to excuse misogyny and any form of bigotry as long as it’s coming from one of their ~precious small gay beans~. Frankly >>1051672 reads like a seething faggot, go take your prep gay boy.

No. 1051926

Even more tbh. This mf ignores that the "catfights" not only happen in male-dominated spaces, but also are much more frequent there (they even joke about it - like that fit meme banner about every single thread they have always devolving into infighting).

No. 1052886

I hate when single player story-based game series also have movies/shows/comics/books attached to them. Keep the lore games only.

No. 1052927

>go take your prep gay boy
nta but if you think it's unlikely that a oman would defend gay men you're very wrong

No. 1052936

A lot of lesbians genuinely do enjoy watching BL. People keep saying that only fujos and straight women enjoy bl. If you are a woman who enjoys bl you must be a pornsick fujo. I’m just a regular lesbian who enjoys watching bl (non sexual ones) and don’t get off to it in any way… I also like looking at how they dress themselves and would often style my hair similarly to them (masculine but with a tinge of femininity?) I agree that gay relationships are fetishised a lot and can see why radfems criticise women who enjoy it. But it annoys me to see that there is no nuance for women who watch it for aesthetic and storyline purposes :/(:/)

No. 1052940

Natalism is unethical. There is literally no altruistic reason to have biological children.

No. 1052946

>I’m just a regular lesbian who enjoys watching bl (non sexual ones)
There you have it. Nobody would be confused by you, newfag. It's the supposedly vehemently lesbian fujos into hardcore assrape are baffling to everyone sane.

No. 1052947

Fuck off. Edgy blackpillers are cancer I swear

No. 1052951

t. anon is childfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 1052956

I agree with you anon and i find it ironic that so many anons, many of whom are radfems and radfem-aligned, disagree and will dogpile you for this

No. 1052964

isn't there a containment thread for this shit? there should be one.

No. 1052968

Dead inside, it seeks to make everything outside of itself dead too. Sorry you didn't get family love & support.

No. 1052973

I agree with you anon. We should start a club lol

No. 1052978

Cringe. Why are you justifying yourself? Males aren't oppressed.

No. 1052980

No counterargument because natalist whales have none and I'm right

No. 1052982

File: 1644082476546.gif (1.27 MB, 500x367, 965A50DE-F368-429F-AAAC-43A220…)

Flying > invisibility. Invisibility is for incels who want to rape and harass women. Flygirls stay fly, invisishits good luck robbing banks and still getting your fingerprints over everything

No. 1052988

I agree but I also don't think anyone cares about how unethical and selfish they are so I stopped cherrypicking that particular topic because everyone's truly racing to the bottom.

Just read an article about a mega trawler spilling 100,000 dead fish off the coast of France. A video autoplayed talking about how some brat makes $50k a month selling useless play slimes off her youtube.
The egocentric buck doesn't stop at people wanting kids. Humans are the antithesis of altruism regardless.

No. 1052989

I will simply burn off my fingerprints

No. 1052992

>natalist whale
Is this supposed to be an insult? What the fuck does it even mean anyway

No. 1052993

What is BL?

No. 1052994

hehe dedicated nonnie

No. 1052995

Boys Love/yaoi

No. 1052996

boy love aka gay couples

No. 1052998

Wow. That sounds disgustingly pedophilic. Thanks.

No. 1053001

Women who get pregnant gain weight so they're fatties OloLolOlLoLol!!11!!

No. 1053006

File: 1644083543942.jpg (29.75 KB, 800x533, Humpback-Whale-Mother-Calf-320…)

Look at this hambeast ruining feminism

No. 1053009

Sorry you fell for the eugenic fear pron. People who are mentally healthy and have a strong community are able to have kids without sacrificing them to the system (online brainwashing, being groomed, being depressed from going to school to come home to empty house bc everyone's working to survive, not falling for tranny cult bc they have a strong identity, healthy bc kept traditional medicine and nutrition, etc). There is no argument, some people have the resources to have kids and some don't (those resources include cultural identity, community bonds, a good family that didn't traumatize you, etc). Idk why anti natalists have to go on and on about it, if the world is so horrible then start doing something to better it - or do you want everyone to give up and die?

No. 1053012

>or do you want everyone to give up and die?
nta but like isn't that essentially the end-result of effective anti-natalism lol

No. 1053018

Basically. I swear anti natalism is some brain worms psyop made by china/russia/etc.

No. 1053025

File: 1644084753120.jpg (85.31 KB, 736x736, 1640825370767.jpg)

get into it yuh

No. 1053033

Why? Are you mad that existence has no end-goal? Also based china preventing unwanted births at the expense of one seething sinophobe at a time

No. 1053038

Man.. I remember being an edgy teenager like this. Very adorable.

No. 1053039

calling women who have children ''whales'' a insult rooted in misogyni , i hope you have the same energy for men too considering it takes a woman 9 months to have a child meanwhile a man for 9 months can impregnate multiple women.

No. 1053041

you are just as retarded as natalist-chan. Lmao psyops my ass.
>based china
bitch how? Female babies were murdered in mass and the male ones were allowed to survive because males were seen as superior. Now china has a female population problem and they go around raping and force marrying women from neighboring countries.

No. 1053044

You need religion clearly

No. 1053045

>calling women who have children ''whales'' a insult rooted in misogyni
This is so obvious that poster has to either be baiting or one of those people with a pregnancy phobia so intense they can't stand seeing pregnant women, but even then that would make as much sense as a self proclaimed ambientalist saying all spiders should be exterminated because they are arachnophobic

No. 1053047

>muh edgy teenager

Recognizing your own futility isn’t childish or reserved to being a teenager, stop being a moron anon.

No. 1053052

You would probably get sucked by a plane engine and kill lots of people in the process. We just know wannabe supermans cannot contain their narcissism. Meanwhile I would be rich. Whats the point of flying if you can't be rich

No. 1053053

i dont want children but i don't go around calling pregnant women all sorts of sexist insults, some of these natalist women are borderline sexist.
The shit they call women like ''breeder'' ''cow'' ''birther'' ''whale'' is the same shit that men call women in general.

No. 1053055

telekinesis mogs all

No. 1053056

File: 1644086625837.png (46.01 KB, 650x302, 46EDA8F3-3ABE-4C8D-AFC4-26CBDB…)

KEK pregnancy phobia? Do you know how dangerous and taxing it is for a woman to have a growing parasite inside of her that’s only motive is to keep itself alive, directing all of the nutrients that the mother needs to sustain itself in its little pod? Do you know what kind of host relationship that is in nature? Exactly, figure it out. Post-pregnancy is no picnic either, especially when scrotes pressuring you to get back into shape after you literally birthed a living person. Insane

No. 1053058

File: 1644086722544.gif (1.77 MB, 480x260, 041B0167-56C3-4743-AEC5-1A9F1E…)

Real Carrie vibes, good taste anon

No. 1053060

File: 1644086808798.jpg (218.51 KB, 1302x1264, 1550158685868.jpg)

It literally doesn't. The vast majority of those "murdered female babies" were simply non-registered when they were born: when they reached 20s, decided to marry and finally were registered, the Chinese horribly unequal sex-ratio vanished in no time kek

No. 1053061

Jeffina Bezos

No. 1053063

>calls pregnant women sexist and misogynistic insults, talks down about them
>It's only because I'm worried about them!! Totes not because I insult pregnant women's bodies to feel better about myself!! Ah.. Pregnancy dangerous! Yes that's why I called her a whale!

No. 1053066

File: 1644087075196.png (3.36 KB, 298x79, Functional illiteracy.png)

No. 1053069

>calling pregnancy and motherhood "parasitism"
Thank you for never becoming a mother lol. Maybe this generation will have less mommy issues after all.

No. 1053070

I was making a point that women with “pregnancy phobia” are justified because being pregnant is risky and dangerous. Why are there so much retarded tradwives in this thread right now? Lmao

No. 1053074

>Le epic existence has no point or end goal thinky thonk
It literally does not have to have a point.
You also have to be at least 18 to post here.

No. 1053075

Good luck dealing with your parasite, barefoot in the kitchen contessa

No. 1053078

I unironically like the yumejo vs fujo spergfights here. It's endearing to see female nerds getting it on like rabid dogs about who anime bishies should be kissing: themselves or other anime boys

No. 1053079

You can tell they came straight from reddit. Only scrotes think life has no meaning and they spread this shit everywhere online. Purpose of life is to love your family & friends, work on something you care about, make art and create things. Only a genetic dead end parasite thinks life has no meaning.

No. 1053080

Woman who isn't antinatalist = tradwife?

Gotta hate this site sometime with all you mentally ill NEET freaks who haven't left your houses in weeks and forgot how the real world works.

No. 1053082

File: 1644087627230.png (1.16 MB, 1648x1068, 85690069-E69A-42ED-BA05-DDA5BF…)

Nope. Try again millennialfag

No. 1053083

Shapeshifting is all the superpowers combined: flight, speed, strength, stealth, breathe underwater, everything except mind control shit. I would love to be able to turn into a bird and fly away or turn into an elephant and trample someone or turn into a fly and spy if I need to etc etc

No. 1053084

Do you talk to your mother this way, you ungrateful little brat? Maybe once you reach adulthood you will look back on shit you posted on the internet as an edgy teenager and cringe.

No. 1053085

Kid, go play outside or something, maybe help your mama take out the trash or clean the dishes and stop being so retarded.

No. 1053086

File: 1644087808177.gif (1.75 MB, 220x220, 0D84489B-81F4-4B18-896E-A5C9A3…)

>Gotta hate this site sometime with all you mentally ill NEET freaks who haven't left your houses in weeks and forgot how the real world works.

Um? How about you try not being pregnant or a mother??? Haha like, close your legs maybe?? Have some self-respect? Don’t prolong the progeny of a male?(infighting )

No. 1053087

>be privileged western woman
>don't breed because "eww fat" and "muh existence" reddit enlightenment
>muslim handmaidens have 15 kids for allah
>makes all their men into soldiers
>western males castrate themselves and take HRT because coom
>muslim super empire big
>gets conquered by muslims, bye privileges

Enjoy your burka anon

No. 1053091

based, you have a point

No. 1053092

Agreed. I think it's really silly, but also entertaining how worked up they get over it

No. 1053094

this still doesn't erase the hundreds of thousands of testimonies of chinese women who had to throw their newborn daughters in the dumpster or who were forced to have abortions by their husbands.
What the fuck is wrong with you, you say you are worried about pregnant women then you resort to calling them names and defending china's old sexist law.

im tired of pickmes like you infiltrating feminism and natalism.

No. 1053096

Oh okay you’re just racist, could have just said that.

No. 1053098

Don’t expect this retard to be banned anytime soon nonnies. Gore has been up in /meta for 7 hours.

No. 1053099

>turn into a fly and spy
That's the dream. I just want to be nosy.

No. 1053104

proving my point again that todays natalist and wannabe-feminists are the women who were nlogs and pickmes years ago. Sorry you didnt get picked

No. 1053106

I don't care if a male uses a gendered insult or if a non-black person uses the n-word (besides it being a red flag, depending on context) BUT I will never defend someone from either group if they're getting in trouble for it, unless they're my friend or something. If you're dumb enough to get yourself in trouble, maybe you'll learn from the experience. If you actually are misogynistic or racist, lol it's deserved

No. 1053107

I like wokeism to a degree because it makes men a little bit more humble and cautious about their childish, animalistic, pathetic, bullying sense of humour. Finally we can put arrogant loud mouthed scrotes in their places for demeaning and degrading us, and they will have to give cringe apologies and get fired. They have to actually have wit and intelligence to make people laugh instead of hurrr durr spearchucker! Rape!! Hardeeehar! Why aren’t you laughing with us at your own expense? You bitch!!!

No. 1053109

Back to 4chin

No. 1053110

I seriously fucking hate the internet, so much. Everyone needs to destroy their smart phone. You don’t understand how everyone being addicted to social media makes me wanna throw up, I know I sound like “grrr technology bad grrr the media” but as the years go on I can only find more and more reasons to hate having access to the internet. My little brother has come out as a bi/nb/discord mod. And admits to be addicted to porn, hes only 13. It actually breaks my heart so much because I love him more than anything. But seeing him become addicted to his computer and discord makes me want to go ballistic. It reminds me so much of being a kid discovering Skype and Kik and all these other horrible websites where I met the worst of the worst. I just want Twitter, discord, Instagram and everything fucking else to die. I’ve deleted all social media and only sometimes lurk on this website. The constant anxiety I had is gone! Seriously, having a Facebook or Instagram filled with people you know or kinda know is so anxiety inducing. It feels like having constant eyes on you and your life. I don’t know if this makes any sense or it’s just pointless rambling but I really want to hear someone else’s opinion about this because I can’t tell if I’m letting my personal experiences make me feel this way or the internet really is that evil

No. 1053112

Yes, exactly (sorry I had to delete my post to correct the wording a bit). They can't hide behind being edgy anymore lmao

No. 1053114

We need to go back to using the internet only for shitposting and learning. I think it has alot to do with parents being paranoid and not wanting their kids to go outside unsupervised even though they're in a group of other kids. What else are kids going to do if they're not allowed to go outside to socialize?

No. 1053115

Yeah exactly. It’s bullying disguised as a sense of humour and people have to actively laugh along. If they see you not laughing they target you. Male bullies are simultaneously the most damaging and the most fragile of all the bullies. If you aren’t laughing and clapping like a performing seal at them leaving sex toys on your desk or smacking your ass or calling you a dishwasher then they are personally offended. They will change the tone of the bullying to one of anger and spite. Now they Shen to shut the duck up and realise life isn’t a dick measuring competition that women lose by default because they don’t have them.

No. 1053116

Grow up, becky.

No. 1053117

its not the wanting children part you moronic troll. Its the other things you said in conjunction to that.
i wonder the reason why the mods allowed infighting here is because they dont have to spend time working or banning people. I mean they're not working in general since some gore posts are still up.
This slow death of lolcow is sad.

No. 1053122

>This slow death of lolcow is sad.
If only admeme had birthed a daughter to take over her reigns. But alas she is an infertile ana-chan and Chad left her. Now she sits in her crypt seething every day about evil white women while slowly turning into dust and the lolcow farm crumbles around her. It is all very sad.

No. 1053126

scrote trolls like you also add into the death of lolcow, chinlet.
Hopefully we get a more active mod soon and you spergs can go back to wherever you came from.

No. 1053127

Maybe we can finally get enforce the rules about you uncreative cunts calling everyone you don't like a scrote.

No. 1053133

>is /pol/ chan
>this post >>1053087
>gets mad when people call him a scrote

No. 1053134

I agree
You are one of the many reasons this site is going to shit. I bet you’re that retard that constantly shits up the celebricows thread, crying about people being called ugly and how that definitely makes them scrotes! You literally bring no value to this place and stereotype women, if we get a bit too fiery and passionate, scrote!!! If we lash out in anger, scrote!! Just say you’re a self hating woman with a narrow, restrictive view of your own gender and fuck off. You can’t handle anonymity because you’re too fucking schizophrenic.

No. 1053135

Not even the same anon. Thanks for your worthy contributions to this site tho, how many "YOU ARE SCROTE!!!" and "BACK TO /POL/!" posts do you make every day? Does it ever get better? When you read something you don't like, does it make you feel better to pull out the old "YOU SCROTE!"? genuinely curious if it helps you deal with the bad feelings you feel when faced with an opinion that does not perfectly echo yours.

No. 1053136

I think the person who keeps accusing everyone of being a scrote is a man. They're even doing it in the screencaps thread of all places lmao

No. 1053138

You really make the site a better place, thank you. It's not the lack of management or the constant infighting that is making this place shit, it's that one anon you hate that is just in EVERY thread somehow and always disagreeing with you, grrrrr if only they finally stopped posting.

No. 1053139

yes anon i agree fuck that evil brown admin hating on them white goddesses and we western sluts should be worried of the evil muslims and their cow wifes destroying us….im also totally a woman teheee not a scrote.
not that anon.

No. 1053140

Also, accusing everyone of being the same random anon she hates with no basis or proof, and then when refuted just doubles down and repeats herself like the mindless, childish idiot she is.

No. 1053141

my unpopular opinion is that people should ignore or stop responding to obvious bait which derails every thread almost intentionally

No. 1053143

If you’re barking “scrote!!” At people every time you disagree with them, then you’re contributing to the infighting, retard. Especially if you comment it when there’s no infighting and people are having a normal discussion. You aren’t doing anything. You’re calling women scrotes when they aren’t. Take meds.

No. 1053148

maybe you and natalist-chan should fuck.
i heard that opposites attract.
One is scrote who wants to save the west from brown people and one thinks that pregnant women are whales.
dear if only you weren't so retarded to realize that its many multiple anons who call each other scrotes and its not one.

No. 1053161

Damn, did you see my joke fly over your head? Whew did it ever go!

No. 1053180

Are you retarded or esl?

No. 1053185

There are some mind controlling parasytes, too, so even that's covered.

No. 1053188

What the fuck? Let me steal shit and kill men for free.

No. 1053190

File: 1644091616923.gif (35.47 KB, 220x157, C1A012E5-F66D-4107-B65B-BF85F5…)

why does this infighting remind me of siblings fighting? feels nostalgic to me

No. 1053193

Hot girls superpower is setting themselves on fire. Anyone with me hello

No. 1053204

because we're all sisters in spirit

No. 1053206

actually, nevermind, a part is obviously scrotes

No. 1053218

Hot girls we have problems too, we're just like you, except we're flammable

No. 1053323

I think it would benefit lc to shut down /ot/ for a short while. Been seeing too many male trolls here lately, as if someone linked them here.

No. 1053336

stop talking that trash before I shut you down for a short while

No. 1053359

I hate this shithole but /ot is not an exception, /pt and /snow have been raided with gore and cp too. You're right tho, male baiters always go for /ot first, wonder why that could be?

No. 1053360

I think it's a combination of moids not knowing the cows and retarded /ot/ anons always replying with their shitty "witty" response. The topics discussed here are usually personal too so it's easier to troll, same with /g/'s threads sometimes actually.

No. 1053362

i don't think that's it. i think it's because they resent us having a space that's like theirs, a place to just talk shit with each other.

No. 1053368

honestly? my unpopular opinion is that i could not care less about being called a scrote. this place is a major target for them and they crawl around wasting their time to try and spread their stupid ideologies and trick women. why wouldn't women be wary and suspicious of posts that sound a little… off, potentially? i've been called it and i just dgaf. it's weird that one would be annoyed by the accusation given that we all know very well how much of a target lc or cc are.

No. 1053372

Same I don't get why anons get so offended. When someone uses it to "win" an infight it just tells me they're pulling at straws kek

No. 1053374

Some (very, very few) problematic pets have actual mental illness and get joy out of hurting other pets and people. Not just fear or untrained behavioral issues. But whenever I've witnessed and said so I'm "putting human emotions on an animal". I don't think these pets are straight humanlike psychopaths, but I do think causing harm and biting activates the reward system in their brain.

I wish I could show y'all the unsettling way my best friend's cat cuddles up to her leg sweetly and then will try to lunge up to her face and tear her cheek skin, completely unprompted, while purring

No. 1053470

That sounds like the cat has something physically wrong with anon, not that the cat is evil. Cats react in strange ways to pain, including purring. The cat could have something internally wrong with it, it could even be traumatized. Cats have the mentality similar to that of a 2-3 year old child, they don't harm with any intention, they only react to stimulus.

No. 1053548

Mozart's music is boring and overrated as far as classical music goes. Also La Boheme is a boring overrated opera (and yes I know La Boheme is not by Mozart, kinda sounds like I'm implying it is)

No. 1053552

oh my god you’re just bitter because you probably lost during an infight lmao
that’s what they want you to say dumb dumb

No. 1053553

Mozart is overrated. I remember taking a test for an AP class in high school and the teacher put on Mozart Flute Solo #7 or something and it was so bad and just a guy tooting a flute that my mind could not concentrate and I mentioned that and my teacher was like "muh mozart" as if that man didn't write a song about eating ass

No. 1053556


The cat has been raised as a kitten in a healthy only-cat household and socialized properly with trusted people. She has spent hundreds of dollars on full-body scans as well as labs. He was trialed on several different anti-anxiety meds a few years ago with no difference.

Sometimes there's no excuse and pets are just relishing in bad behavior because it feels good.

No. 1053557

>as if that man didn't write a song about eating ass

totally repressed that out of my memory until you reminded me of it lmao. also I think he was in love with his cousin at one point. it also seems like I read somewhere he'd write letters to his mom about how he wanted to shit on her face, or maybe it was his cousin? or both?

No. 1053558

I think classical music is overrated in general. I prefer Renaissance and Baroque.

No. 1053561

Youu probably already know this but you should check out the youtube channel Rachel Boyd, she has a big backlog of Renaissance and medieval music

No. 1053566

most european music sounds like shit, case closed

No. 1053594

Baroque is just emo for the 1700s

No. 1053601

File: 1644123550011.jpg (634.69 KB, 992x1650, Hans_Eworth_Henry_Stuart_Lord_…)

1600s, dumbo

No. 1053603

No. 1053619

"The transition from Renaissance to Baroque musical style began in the late sixteenth century." https://cmed.ku.edu/~cmed/private/hyltonbar.html

No u

No. 1053622

You realize that a historical time period is a range, yes? Baroque is 1600-1750.

No. 1053624

Oh no you're both right. Now you have to kiss and make up.

No. 1053643

File: 1644128430614.gif (2.85 MB, 250x250, happydoggy.gif)

brace yourself

No. 1053728

Come on dude, it's not fair Sonic of all things gets associated with autistic furfags. It's not like the characters have a inherently sexualized or super humanoid design like other furries. The retarded moids who like this franchise unironically ruined the image of it more than the mediocre games did ugh

No. 1054082

shut up about cartoon porn! shut up about cartoon porn! everyone is degenerate here!

No. 1054091

File: 1644167711540.jpeg (153.17 KB, 1600x900, BC2F68A9-F97B-45C1-81A5-44E770…)

Then I would be lonely

No. 1054100

If you base your hobbies around what moids like or dislike you're a pathetic embarrassment, whether you do it to appeal to scrotes or to spite scrotes.

No. 1054101

File: 1644168021246.png (96.83 KB, 746x512, huggy.png)

It's okay I won't let it fucking happen

No. 1054119

you're into living a very miserable life. toxic positivity is bullshit and people who think like pic related are happier than you

No. 1054144

shayna anons honestly scare me, all that bitch does is post shitty porn and eat yet some of them are acting like she personally shot their dog or smthng.
inb4 shayna-anons attack me this is the unpopular opinion thread.

No. 1054156

>some of them are acting like she personally shot their dog or smthng
kek she's threatening their business anon, of course they hate her

No. 1054166

I think she's the most boring lolcow ever

No. 1054171

the mayochup arc was gross asf tho

No. 1054173

File: 1644170720587.jpg (145.89 KB, 806x1080, 1624560625090.jpg)

Mommydom het ships are inherently male gaze in the current year. It's not the past where men were proud to fantasize about themselves putting in the work. Your average male nerd is a beta who fantasizes about women doing all the work for him, emotionally and sexually. Het ships that focus on men "saving" a woman, being a protector, white knight in shining armor, ect, are more female gaze than ever. Hope this helps.

No. 1054198

so true. the idea of babying a man sounds solely exhausting if not disgusting. working, doing the household and additionally emotionally coddling a man is anything but sexy and empowering

No. 1054208

she was milky at first but now she is boring, anons could have stopped at the 50th thread, now her thread is just sperging and nitpicking.

No. 1054244

i see youve been in the artist salt thread

No. 1054259

You're right. The words mommy and daddy shouldn't be sexualized either, who the fuck gets wet pretending your partner is your little son.
What happened to those threads, it seems like nothing but underage twittards fighting now.

No. 1054261

Nta but I couldn't have imagined that so many women think coddling men and being called mommy is hot and peak feminism

No. 1054264

I agree completely.
I think the worst part is that it's very demeaning to women who have a nurturing/caring side to their personality. I now hide that part of myself completely (except towards female friends) because moids will think I want to be their milky mommy uwu. It makes me so sick.

No. 1054275

I had experiences with a moid who treated me as his mommy dom gf because I had an opinionated personality. I kept telling him I wasn't into it but he kept shoving it down my throat to get me to play the role. Weird as fuck and he was 10 years older than me too

No. 1054276

Samefag, just to clear things up we were not dating, i was not interested in him romantically or sexually, and I stopped talking to him over a year ago.

No. 1054302

File: 1644174106351.jpg (150.94 KB, 608x567, bleeeeughhhh.jpg)

No, the tradwife fantasy you are describing is not female-gazey in the slightest. The fantasies that have moid as a helper, caretaker and faithful family man are the ones that fit this term the most. Anyway since when thinking of men as broviders and brotectors became based and pinkpilled? Can you dumb bitches stop being so closeminded, stop parroting trad rhetoric and finally think what type of man would be the most useful and pleasing to have around the most. Hint: it's definitely not the paternalistic white knight, not even close.

No. 1054309

The thing is, she never said anything about the woman's role there, so you can't bring up tradwife bullshit. Not to mention, a man can be multiple things. He can want to protect, provide, and also take care of his loved ones. The whole idea of a man being a protector/provider being attractive is because he would give up everything, his life and material assets for the woman he loves. How is that not female gaze? It's definitely not male gaze, because nowadays men don't want to do those things. They don't want for women to hold them accountable or want to be helpful to her. They want to make her life harder and unpleasant by acting like babies and screaming for tendies.

No. 1054314

The truth is: All fantasies that involve men are kind of an L for women. Being male-attracted is just an L, and that's it
Dogpiling other women over whose fantasies are least or most "inherently male gaze" is silly, because at the end of the day, you're still getting personal fulfillment and validation from cock lol. None of that shit is feminist, and that's fine, just try to live your life without suffering too much or harming other women

No. 1054315

a man taking care of you, coddling you has always been a popular fantasy among girls and women of all age groups, simply because hardly exists irl

No. 1054317

Based opinion, based video game

No. 1054318

Oh so a dumb moid who wants to get pegged and babied to do everything is the most pleasing to be around? Lol

No. 1054320

Fantasies are harmless if you don't try to act them irl, also
>you're still getting personal fulfillment and validation from cock
Being attracted to scrotes is not synonym with being a handmaid, there's nothing wrong with being hetero if you aren't retarded

No. 1054325

Anons surprise me with how they seem to have never seen movies or even RL dynamic of a man giving up everything to be with his woman and moving the world for her without being a chauvinistic creep who abuses her and thinks she is his submissive toy.

No. 1054328

Ok lol. That's nice, as it would be with any partner, but the main reason we'd need or want that as a collective is because men fucked up the entire world in the first place lol. I get it, but it's kind of depressing that it'd even have to be aspirational for a man to be decent. And at the end of the day, it'll just remain a fantasy until we figure out how to make men less shitty
It's fine to have fantasies, but they're largely your own business and personal to your life/personal history/tastes, so the argument is kind of pointless

No. 1054331

it's not wrong to not want to import fundamentalist Muslim men.

No. 1054334

Based. It's not feminism to beg a man to save you from the world that's fucked because of men just like how it's not feminist to play mommy to a random man. I hate it when anons who call any straight fantasy they disagree with as scrote pandering when all of them are scrote pandering as in base, you're fantasizing about being with a scrote!

No. 1054340

File: 1644176284698.png (176.92 KB, 500x316, clap clap.png)

No. 1054345

femdom shit is inherently kinkshit and none of its feminist

No. 1054348

Another scrote post. You're on fire today, dicklet

No. 1054355

I wasn't saying it was more feminist, just saying men these days don't like to fantasize about them being useful or being good partners in any way so people who call those kinds of dynamic in straight ships male pandering are wrong cuz mommy dom shit is more aligned with that

No. 1054356

women cant even talk about a simple fantasy anymore on this board (like wanting a man to do all the work) on this board anymore without leading to infighting or egging on by the scrotes.
This site isnt what it used to be.

No. 1054359

also who cares about other anons fantasy's as long as they are not into ddlg or hardcore bdsm…then who cares?

No. 1054366

I wish i could understand why so many people are obsessed with justifying everything they like using politics/feminism
Fucking this, if women aren't supposed to date moids or even fantasize about them what the fuck should they do then? become lesbian? kek y'all crazy, get your shit together

No. 1054367

there are no women on this board.

No. 1054368


No. 1054377

There’s nothing wrong with cheating on scrotes

No. 1054380

File: 1644177691797.png (534.06 KB, 967x954, me rn.png)


No. 1054381

brace yourself anon

No. 1054382

what if… I am the only woman on the board

No. 1054383

Telling straight women to raise their standards is also kind of victim blaming. Most of the time rasing your standards would just result in being single. People need to understand most men are trash in all walks of life, just because you raise your standards doesn't mean you're going to meet some emotionally intelligent doctor. The best advice to give a woman struggling in dating is to make peace with being alone because saying "pick better" places the blame on her when 99% the time it's not her fault

No. 1054386


No. 1054390


No. 1054391

sometimes i do wonder how scrotes come up with shit like this, its so exaggerated and schizophrenic

No. 1054392

Gonna have to write the time and date on my vag to prove it I guess

No. 1054396

incel women are more insufferable than incel men.

No. 1054398

My last scrote cheated on me, one week he was talking about us getting a mortgage together and the next he was moving in with some woman he met while visiting his family. He was months into an affair yet for some reason he was the one saying me and him should sign a mortgage together? The timing was bizarre.

Anyway, years later they're still together. I hate seeing affairs pay off for the cheat. I'm single as my trust is ruined and I refuse to be someones paranoid gf. I'm scared to even attempt dating again. If he gets a taste of how it feels someday then that's cool with me.

No. 1054399

No such thing.

No. 1054400

No. 1054402

File: 1644178482549.png (39.02 KB, 196x205, you.png)

No. 1054403

This place is falling apart.

No. 1054404

I agree with that, men these days are much lazier with both financially and psychologically supporting relationships, that's why they want a mommy bangmaid. I just think women shouldn't call their fantasies feminist and make fun of other women for not having "feminist" fantasies when in the end, no fantasy dependant on a man to become true can truly be feminist in essence. You can be straight and that's completely fine, %90 women are straight but don't tell me wanting men is feminist now, you don't have to use feminism to justify your needs. that's what I meant to say. Sorry if I didn't make sense.

No. 1054407

Just ignore the scrote (or whoever it is that's derailing) that's shitting up the threads. First he was in the reddit thread being racist against black and brown women and now he's here.

No. 1054408

No. 1054410

I know nonnie, it's just bringing down moral and I wish I could help ease the tension and aggression.

No. 1054414

>I wish i could understand why so many people are obsessed with justifying everything they like using politics/feminism
I don't know what this discussion is about, but I agree. Every time I scroll past the femdom thread I see them arguing about what's feminist and what's not. I don't think it's necessarily wrong to talk about the "feminist" aspect of stuff like that, but If you're not harming anyone or yourself and keep it in the bedroom then why try so hard to justify why you like it? That goes for women who are submissive towards men too, even if I don't personally understand it. It really just becomes cringy when you try to defend your kinks with politics.

No. 1054415

/ot/ mods are the worst

No. 1054417

When I was younger I essentially dated whoever asked me out first and I didn't exactly shop around or ask myself what qualities were important to me. Oh you like me.. I guess I like you too! Results weren't great. I'm the opposite now but I don't want kids so I can see how women who desire the family set up are going to settle more often.

No. 1054418

I'm starting to like the idea to close /ot/ for a week again like a year or two ago, maybe it'll get better again…

No. 1054421

It's just Sunday.

No. 1054424

i wish i could apply as a mod, i'm always present when moids start shitposting, i could ban them on sight

No. 1054426

This is great thinking. I'm glad you'll be alone. Good for you.

No. 1054428

there's something you should know
men, they're all the same
so just let it go

No. 1054429

No. 1054431

im actually starting to believe that the mods/admins are in on this. Youve been here for weeks and arent completely banned yet….thats strange.
anon he didnt come here today he was here weeks ago, he was the one spamming gore and the one spamming wojacks in pt.
i cant believe we used to shit on the old mods, now looking back they did a better job at keeping this place tidy than the current ones, i guess we should never take things for granted.

No. 1054435

What the fuck is this full circle shit lmfao muh victim blaming women shouldn’t have to do anything to make it better !!! So just accept shitty abusive porn addict men, for feminism! Fucking kek the absolute state of libfems

No. 1054437

this is more radfem mentality than libfem.

No. 1054438

Nta i thought the same until i read the last sentence

No. 1054439

You can't change men because they don't want to change. The best option is to accept most of them are going to be garbage and finding a good one will be based on luck.

No. 1054440

There is literally nothing radical about keeping the standards on the ground and continuing to have relationships with shitty men because you’re scared to be alone

No. 1054442

You can have high standards and still end up with shitty men because men in all walks of life have the same traits that make them risky to be around

No. 1054444

Nigga you can't change moids are you delusional?

No. 1054445

raising your standards will atleast remove the complete bottom of the barrel trash anon.
Pls stop with this straight women either fuck all scrotes or become asexual/lesbian bullshit
yes it is, this is a prominent thing in new radfem circles. Just take terri strange as a example.
They preach about all moids being the same so there is no point for standards.

/ot/ is just filled with either scrote or radfem autism.

No. 1054446

Nvm you’re right am retard. But what a dumb way to word it. I disagree that telling women to raise their standards is victim blaming, raising standards doesn’t mean you’re getting them met, only a true tard would think so

No. 1054447

I thought we were being raided by moids again

No. 1054448

its the same moid.

No. 1054449

File: 1644179878802.jpeg (54.16 KB, 828x842, FGpqF4dVgAA2oEi.jpeg)

The best option is to force them to change with violence

No. 1054450

Bro don’t even talk to me about Terri. Goofy ass sellout bitch. She is not a radfem she was a wannabe lesbian actual femcel who fell on her face for the first dick that looked at her

No. 1054451

yes it is

No. 1054452

>Pls stop with this straight women either fuck all scrotes or become asexual/lesbian bullshit
For real its not a real solution, what a childish suggestion

No. 1054453

Nope, we need to start understanding that no amount of standards or qualities a woman possess can protect a her from shitty men. Men are the problem not the woman's standards.

No. 1054456

I hate you retards who cry victim-blaming the second someone doesn't coddle women 24/7. We have absolutely been raised to settle for the most bare minimum "at least he's nice" type of guys since forever. Your doomer mindset pretending like there aren't solid guys out there for everyone is pathetic. They're not abundant, but they exist. Do what you can to find one instead of settling for the first substandard guy out there. It's not "victim-blaming" to say that.

That being said, everyone has different standards so pushing your own one onto others is retarded malebrain behaviour.

No. 1054460

>Men are the problem not the woman's standards.
Why can't both be the problem? It's always one or the other with you faggots

No. 1054461

The annoying thing is how men put on a front in the beginning and then the facade drops so slowly that you're more likely to accept it. You apparently don't even see it happening when you're the target of it. But I see it all around me. Learning when to walk away seems impossible for some. Suck her in and she's yours forever no matter what! I hate it.

Women who are miserable with their current life but terrified to even attempt to restart it alone. You're already miserable now.. What do you even have to lose?

No. 1054462

A guy could have a great career, be nice and still go home to his porn addictions. The reality is there actually aren't enough good men to go around. Most of them are fucked up.

No. 1054468

you really think its just her? there is alot of women in the community just like that though, who act different on the internet yet are secretly married to bottom of the barrel and have children.
Terri was also a ''wannabe-lesbian'' because of that ''women either slut/handmaiden or lesbian/asexual'' mentality that they push in their communities.
yes but it can protect her from the most bottom barrel men, what are you not getting anon? omfg some of you are dumb.
this is exactly why you do the vetting process or try to make him confess his kinks before you get serious.

No. 1054469

Women always look past minor red flags in the initial phases sometimes

No. 1054470

Damn do other women really do this? good thing i'm not retarded

No. 1054471

Men who look good on paper, who are popular and well respected.. often save their shitty side for partners to put up with.

No. 1054474

yes you do see it happening, alot of women will ignore blatant red-flags from men for the sake of ''love'' or companionship and then when they get fed up then they will finally start noticing those red-flags.

No. 1054475

File: 1644180540171.png (428.88 KB, 640x617, embrace the kage.png)


No. 1054477

No it can't. A woman could have high standards and still end up with a horrible man because most of them are horrible. This is why most women have low standards in the first place because once they meet someone doing the bare minimum they are impressed.

No. 1054479

>yet are secretly married to bottom of the barrel and have children
That explains why they're so miserable and joyless

No. 1054482

File: 1644180758789.jpg (40.15 KB, 736x492, 85dbd79e1cc4af7512cb1087a988b0…)

The one true female gaze would be to have the ability to be fully toxic and hateful to a moid without feeling bad about it. They should be beaten up, spit on, pulled by the hair, purposefully scared over and over again until they become instantly terrified if you merely making a wrong move, burned, humilated in both him and his weaknesses, robbed by all their money and if they get hard during any of that, get kicked in the groin until they start crying in pain.

No. 1054484

>Men who look good on paper, who are popular and well respected.. often save their shitty side for partners to put up with.
>Just be eith the loser who everyone hates! I'm sure his shitty personality and ugly looks isn't why… He'll be nicer to you than Chad ever will!

No. 1054486

im glad i dont have this type of retarded thinking anymore. I went through alot of trauma thanks to settling for anybody.
This type of thinking puts women in danger. Because then they just settle for any broke,dangerous,ugly,old and criminal man.

No. 1054489

Nta but I'm not saying women should date losers. I'm saying they need to accept the man they want does not exist and accept being single. If they do decide to date they have to understand that finding a good man is out of their control and it is all based upon getting lucky. A lot of women internalize their dating failures when it has nothing to do with anything they are doing most of the time.

No. 1054490

>I hate you retards who cry victim-blaming the second someone doesn't coddle women 24/7
>We have absolutely been raised to settle for the most bare minimum "at least he's nice" type of guys since forever.
So you acknowledge we've been conditioned for that and yet you blame women instead of scrotes, society etc.? I agree with the rest of your post though

No. 1054491

No. 1054493

That’s why lesbians rightfully don’t trust straight women claiming to have women’s best interests at heart. Women have to accept that things won’t change unless we force it or just do our best to opt out, and that means doing hard things like forgetting straight relationships

No. 1054501

>That’s why lesbians rightfully don’t trust
Men. That is all.

No. 1054502

The fact that we don't blame men is why we have such shitty standards. Women deal with things like rape, abuse etc starting with family members who they didn't pick and it makes sense when some women meet a man who at least isnt a rapist and has a decent job they will be impressed. Then we get gas lit in adulthood for not getting good men because of how we look, age, education or not picking better. The problem is the man not you.

No. 1054503

>straight women become asexual/lesbians
do you even fucking know where you are, keep that autism for your catty groupchats.
Also this doesnt work and never will work instead its causing women in the community to label themselves political-lesbians and larp as lesbians or think that women dont deserve standards and in the end all of them end up settling for the most disgusting moid.

No. 1054504

It's not victim-blaming to (attempt to) snap women out of their conditioning by telling them to raise their standards, is how I understood it. I don't think anyone here WOULDN'T blame scrotes/society but there's another angle to look at too.

No. 1054506

That's one big girl

No. 1054507

why do you keep spamming that picture kiwi-fag

No. 1054508

You're right. I misunderstood and thought it was about shilling the "nice guy" when every woman knows that the only reason a man os super nice is because he wants to get w her.

No. 1054509

>lesbians are just straight women who don’t fuck men
That’s called lesbophobia anon

No. 1054510

Why you ""lesbians"" always talk like this about straight women? i can sense the self-righteousness from this post lmao get you head out of your ass
This. You damn idiots, stop shilling this, is just making things worse

No. 1054513

Even women who claim to have high standards actually accept a lot of bad traits from a man because he has money and or is hot. If there were truly any women who actually had standards, most of them would be single.

No. 1054514

i never said that, this isnt your echo-chamber where you can just accuse people of things like that to win a argument.

No. 1054515

I’m not a lesbian, I’m a straight woman with half a brain cell. Love yourself and dump the scrote dreams

No. 1054517

What's tragic is the this girl you're spamming so hard gets more bitches than you. Sad!

No. 1054518

You literally said that telling straight women to be alone is forcing them to be lesbian dumbfuck

No. 1054521

>Your doomer mindset pretending like there aren't solid guys out there for everyone is pathetic. They're not abundant, but they exist.
If every woman raised her standards their wouldn't be enough decent men to fill the demand, you even acknowledge that there aren't a lot of them around. If you don't want women to settle for trash you have to accept the fact that some are going to have to make the choice to be alone. That's not being a doomer, that's just being realistic. There's nothing wrong with celibacy. Single and unmarried women are the happiest and healthiest demographic.

No. 1054524

you said that straight women should opt out of straight relationships. Do you even remember the shit you write. Maybe you should piss off to your echo-chamber.
also i didnt just say lesbian i said asexual too.

No. 1054525

It's crazy how straight women act like telling them to be single is the worst thing you can ever suggest. Most straight men don't even want to be in relationships with you or around you for anything other than sex and would much prefer to be with their male friends. They tolerate you at best. If it's so easy for them bot to want you around why is it such a crazy idea for you?

No. 1054526

Your post makes no sense, telling a woman to make peace with being single if she doesn't find a scrote she wants is the same thing as telling her to raise her standards.

No. 1054527

My last bf was a hot bastard who burned me in so many ways that I've been single for over a year and half now. I don't want another bastard but I don't want to settle for some ugly moid either and there's not a lot of middle ground ime

No. 1054528

She's getting annoying

No. 1054529

No, I didn’t specify straight women which is why I specified straight relationships. Lesbians and female-exclusive bi women are also women

> Women have to accept that things won’t change unless we force it or just do our best to opt out, and that means doing hard things like forgetting straight relationships

No. 1054531

I remember posting a while back that sometimes I look back on my early dating years and I'm like.. wow I was so naive and ill prepared for men and their bs. Kinda wish someone had talks with me woman to woman to warn me about some of the common shit they pull. The shitshow that followed.. people bashing me for wanting mommy to hold my hand. I feel like that's common though, that the first few years are you floating around naively while men view you as prey and can leave lasting damage. And uf you meet a man who'll use commitment to flatter you and get a closer grip on you.. you never stood a chance if that happens young enough and everyone around you is acting just as oblivious.

Calling women stupid for falling for mens shit.. calling women stupid for saying it'd be nice to share knowledge with younger women to avoid this… when are we not being called idiots?

No. 1054534

they do this shit in their echo-chambers all the time when they get called out but theyre forgetting this is lolcow.

No. 1054536

>noo im getting my ass owned for saying dumb shit, time to cry muh lesbophobia
like clockwork

No. 1054537

Learn 2 read

No. 1054539

File: 1644182224434.gif (2.74 MB, 248x240, please-cute-kitten.gif)

Pwease stop fighting

No. 1054541

>Lesbians and female-exclusive bi women are also women
You know damn well you and those political larpers aren't lesbians, you should feel ashamed of yourself
ikr? kek

No. 1054543

File: 1644182349450.jpg (53.21 KB, 666x666, ea7d2ebbda339a7fff28aa7532a13c…)

I want every single moid thinking they are playing some 4D chess here to kill themselves.

No. 1054544

Again, I’m straight. Now, get back to crying about how hawwwwd it is not sucking dick

No. 1054546

Why do you and other retards assume anyone with a different opinion from you is a moid, are you an NPC?

No. 1054547

It's not like most straight women get orgasms or good looking men. I'm not sure whats keeping them from celibacy.

No. 1054550

>That’s why lesbians rightfully don’t trust straight women
we don't care retard go back to your shitty camper commune

No. 1054551

I don't even date men but of course you would think i'm one of those "stupid" women who do, right? stfu you tryhard, stop shilling fantasy worlds were women don't fuck, it's not gonna happen, cut it out

No. 1054552

File: 1644182556818.jpg (230.86 KB, 2000x2541, 1641421466573.jpg)

I see you still haven't dropped the 4chan/pol lingo.

No. 1054553

straight Women will be in straight relationships whether you like it or not so the best thing to do is to teach them to have high standards,leave at the first red flag, not fall in love, always have a backup plan etc etc instead of telling them to settle for any abusive or broke moid because all men are shit.
of course all you imbeciles pushing for this political-lesbian or asexual shit are straight women meanwhile the actual lesbians in the community are wondering what the fuck is wrong with you.


No. 1054554

You're a moron

No. 1054555

NTA, but it's not about different opinions, it's about the tone of the conversation. The aggression. Pushing each other for no reason other than to push.

No. 1054556

>makes assumptions about someone they disagree with as a gotcha
>waow I can nut believe you would make assumptions about me in return. hurr, guess I win!

No. 1054558

>sucking dick
why dont you say how you really feel, i see the sexist shit women like you say about openly straight women in your echo-chambers.
Why dont you just call us slutty cocksuckers and get over with it, you've become annoying.

No. 1054560

There's one scrote that's posting very obvious male lingo posts and wojacks or whatever who keeps firing infighting first it was reddit thread where he hated on black and brown women and now here. Please do not fall for it. He's trying to make straight and lesbian women start fights because it's his only chance to have women fight over him - tragic!

No. 1054561

There's no such thing as male lingo

No. 1054565

oh so you are >>1054505
yikes is all i can say.
Damn gurl you are such a ''feminists'' now go back to kiwifarms.

No. 1054566

That one actually is a scrote, nonny

No. 1054567

I personally think this >>1054559 is male lingo. They're making fun of women's looks when they mention having standards, calling them dykes when they don't fuck any and all men, etc.

No. 1054568

i think they also call 'bihet' women cockbreaths, at least some anons tried to force it