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File: 1573258065810.jpg (205.92 KB, 1280x1280, southpark.jpg)

No. 61953

No. 61957

File: 1573258278335.png (262.66 KB, 584x480, tfk.png)

No. 61992

Why do fatties have a such a victem complex

No. 62202

File: 1573438447452.jpg (51.55 KB, 831x1024, c164fd93932de66deffe2a817f845c…)

This is so fucking disgusting

No. 62233

File: 1573478313860.jpg (Spoiler Image,559.74 KB, 1536x2048, a9a.jpg)

found this while trying to source a comic
why is she… shrek
why does she have tmnt hands
i hate this

No. 62255

her tits look like vaginas and her vagina looks like a pair of tits

No. 62257

The art isn't supposed to be good though. That's not the point.

No. 62271

Ok guys, I'm an amateur artist and I really want to improve my craft. Know this isn't the best place to post this, but I kinda want feedback on my work so I know what to focus on in the future in order to improve and most sites like deviantart or Instagram aren't really good places to get it, so I thought I'd go here instead. Feel free to be as harsh/blunt as possible.

No. 62273

File: 1573514398768.png (2.8 MB, 2335x3785, Untitled12-1.png)

Same anon btw

No. 62280

No. 62315

Is that Stan and Kenny in the op?

No. 62351

yes. sad but true.

No. 62352

tf is this even suppose to mean? is this a fetish or something?

No. 62413

>>62352 (Sometimes people crave chalk during pregnancy) Mpreg fetish exists so I wouldnt be surprised if it was

No. 62533

File: 1573683536392.jpg (103.26 KB, 640x424, deletethislater002.jpg)


No. 62537

if I didn't know better, i'd think this is some homophobic racist himbo anti-american art

No. 62549

wtf Bucky looks like a literal ape

No. 62550

Well, artist got the disturbed part right.

No. 62552

How is this racist ?

No. 62589

File: 1573723987914.jpg (1.31 MB, 800x1909, 1516988338564.jpg)


No. 62606

Saw his art posted in another thread and immediately remembered that comic he made about Mandy causing 9/11

No. 62607

File: 1573746205792.jpg (588.54 KB, 800x1909, WTF_WTF_WTF_WTF.jpg)

would you be surprised If I told you that his storyline has somehow gotten even worse then mandy causing 9/11

No. 62608

samefag Aku and Him from have daughters and may also be dating

No. 62624

File: 1573754069146.jpeg (266.22 KB, 1280x972, tumblr_pssofonRld1wz4a1jo1_128…)

No. 62734

File: 1573830685620.gif (186.95 KB, 500x337, 49C95945-9CF0-4693-83EF-A95DBB…)

>Anthy is ugly and trans

I love how tumblr artists are so far removed from reality they don’t see how this is super racist

No. 62736

Why is Sonichu there?

No. 62814

File: 1573875219296.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.87 KB, 680x383, EJchZ45X0AAFm6z.jpg)

No. 62831

Always gotta be trans anon or else it isn't inclusive enough! If she wasn't trans, it means she's homophobic and transphobic! Tumblr's underlying racist art never fails to amaze me.

No. 62834

why do tumblr artist have to draw characters who are people of color so ugly/makes their faces look weird and manish? what theyre doing is obviously more racist than a show that have characters "without diversity

No. 62860


their inherently corrupt and perverted minds are programmed to repudiate beauty and appeal. They are like Gollum when he can`t eat anything thats cooked, they only relish in uglyness

No. 62926

quit posting your own joke art

No. 62952

File: 1574075647592.jpeg (179 KB, 1125x848, EB806285-DFF6-4027-979D-F05AAF…)

For every good Jojo drawing there’s at least 2 more rancid ones

No. 63005

>Risotto Nero black to the point when you can't even see his face, trans uwu and gay of corse

>Trisha? or Ghiaccio?, lesbian and no binary , ambiguous brown

>Squalo and Tiziano, no binary

the art is ugly and i hope is from a kid but we all know is not, i don't get why Risotto have to be black now? is becase he is part of the mafia? or is becase is name has nero on it?

No. 63040


as if jojos didn't ugly and ridiculous enough already.

No. 63115

All of the other drawings this person has to offer are literal carbon copies of each other. I wish it was a joke but it’s not

No. 63116

File: 1574145654671.jpeg (499.45 KB, 1125x1104, 46E2D2A7-7567-43E5-8B59-9987D4…)

No. 63185

File: 1574182748198.jpg (585.65 KB, 1000x1509, tumblr_1f2cb1818985e8f53d949c8…)

saw this hideous thing on the tumblr radar new it belonged here

No. 63188

Wow, everything but the face is really good.

The face is really bad though

No. 63189

It's Brienne of Tarth, isn't it? Face seems accurate to her character description in the books …

No. 63190

Isn't that Brienne of Tarth who's supposed to be ugly? Everything but the face looks fine.

No. 63196

I think it's good art. Watercolors look nice

No. 63218

Poor Brienne can't catch a break. Wouldn't say bad art since the character is actually supposed to be pretty ugly but kind of hilarious that it's Tumblr brand ugly when visualized.

No. 63239

File: 1574199074804.png (371.01 KB, 580x333, 2019-11-19 222150.png)

Not hideous but I can't imagine posting this and not being even slightly ashamed of my bad case of same mouth syndrome. Can't she at least draw a different expression?

No. 63437

File: 1574307556448.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1091, 3C39CB8B-B54E-4A8D-9742-A63803…)

They did Doppio dirty

No. 63438

File: 1574307862112.jpeg (338.33 KB, 1125x823, F75A7C68-27FB-4D2C-B7EC-6D5988…)

No. 63494


are these both made by the same artist? ngl i think >>63438 looks somewhat nice

No. 63501

I think this style is really cool, the colors are just a little too painful.

No. 63733

Yeah they are made by the same
I feel like I might be the only person who find their work really ugly

No. 63735

>>63437 it remaind me of ed ,eed and eddy idk why, still ugly a sin

>>63438 it is interesanting but not the best, i didn't know who they were lmao trish looks like a tranny, mista is juts ugly and giornio is a creepy doll noting good in here

>>63733 you aren't the only one is ugly kinda interesating but not so much

No. 63736

>>63735 are you swedish by any chance lol

No. 63878


sorry for the off topic. I have an art but I can't find the original artist who made it. Anyone knows the place where I can ask for help to find the source?

No. 63879

No. 63880


I tried already. Didn't help

No. 63881

I hear that yandex is pretty good but haven't really used it so gl anon

No. 63909

have you tried Saucenao?

No. 64106

File: 1574567730055.jpeg (208.06 KB, 1125x1110, 2501775A-185E-4615-8913-E7F4C4…)

No. 64247

File: 1574646683505.png (278.6 KB, 722x993, uraraka.png)

No. 64359

File: 1574738236541.jpeg (656.46 KB, 1125x1082, 9CD68448-6480-4075-88CA-028A6C…)

No. 64392

kek the face looks like Luna Slater

No. 64437

File: 1574802302195.jpeg (458.21 KB, 1125x1169, 4046519A-9347-4E2F-B402-3C4A99…)

No. 64438

File: 1574802338118.jpeg (549.62 KB, 1125x1110, 2D29D27A-15B3-456B-A364-148BAC…)

No. 64441

File: 1574803250701.jpeg (818.72 KB, 1125x1173, FD92C648-0AF4-4F39-A433-8C840A…)

This person is 17 years old

No. 64443

so fucking what, they are probably a newbie artist. this is very unremarkable.

No. 64445

They’ve been drawing for a while dude

No. 64454

File: 1574806536770.jpeg (564.75 KB, 1125x977, 6FB650DC-8363-4D98-9C3C-76C876…)

No. 64460

how old are you lmao not every teen is going to be an animu prodigy

No. 64466

I’m not saying everyone has to be a prodigy. But cmon, if you call yourself an “artist”, at least put effort into your art. People who consider themselves to be artists try and strive to improve. Of course, some people don’t want to improve but still, at least describe yourself as a hobbyist :/(:/)

No. 64823

anon this post reeks of autism and a-logging

No. 64941

File: 1575091417512.png (355 KB, 1280x1346, a9f8ee61-212f-4845-94af-c9323c…)

Steven Universe has so much shit art, but every once in a while you stumble upon something truly horrible.

No. 65035

Sue me but I really fucking like this tbh - I love (I assume) intentionally ugly over-stylized faces, it’s definitely not attractive but it sure is interesting to look at.

No. 65204

File: 1575237613377.png (43.42 KB, 926x848, dd42ruf-4a665eaa-9268-452c-bbc…)

This was done by a person who was commissioned by two of their friends to draw them… yikes. I'd have trouble presenting this to them with any pride.

No. 65230

i mean if that's the closest likeness NO ONE would be able to help those people

No. 65232

honestly it looks a lot like the subjects? I actually really like this kind of art feel free to shame me. It's funky and cute. wouldn't pay top dollar but I'd give my friend a few bucks to make me something simple like that for fun.

No. 65882

File: 1575450646445.png (245.38 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_2019-12-04-16-03-44…)

reminder to always study anatomy, shape and proportion first before focusing on rendering

No. 65948

File: 1575477956097.jpg (109.47 KB, 500x668, tumblr_oomdvqKMfg1sm49a5o1_500…)

I don't even know wtf this is

No. 65976

File: 1575484010702.jpg (231.8 KB, 700x989, 78045930_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 65977

File: 1575484043089.jpg (528.95 KB, 1200x900, 77922701_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 65978

File: 1575484146991.jpg (846.59 KB, 943x1200, 77316747_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 65982

It’s the lyrics to a folk punk song by Ramshackle Glory.

No. 66025

it's nepeta from homestuck

No. 66084

I like it. I'd read a story about her with illustrations in this style (as long as it's not hyper-focused on the face and executed well).
Brienne is an awkward character and feels out-of-place and alienated. Exaggerating her features works with that.

No. 66085

ah yes, the nonsense that I came for

No. 66086

File: 1575510974399.jpg (89.12 KB, 775x1031, blizzy_s_reutrn_by_azraelwebst…)

No. 66087

File: 1575511083652.jpg (58.04 KB, 713x1121, anne_avalon_bikini_2019_by_shi…)

No. 66088

File: 1575511288145.jpg (67.86 KB, 999x800, spas_12_by_neroscottkennedy_dd…)

this is actually amazing, consider it eye-bleach

No. 66090

File: 1575511780013.jpg (83.59 KB, 842x949, supergirl_is_here__by_fenrox_d…)

No. 66092

File: 1575511899840.jpg (100.21 KB, 782x1022, liu_mei_by_vermillion82_ddklh5…)

No. 66093

File: 1575512234367.png (525.99 KB, 753x1062, gorva__very_big_by_emmagalaxy_…)

No. 66094

File: 1575512255671.jpg (66.14 KB, 860x800, raffle_prize___liz_by_space__r…)

No. 66095

File: 1575512371973.jpg (40.37 KB, 860x929, twitter_oc___flat_color____11_…)

>the size of this boobs and thickness of the thigh are well-balanced

No. 66098

File: 1575513328891.png (523.39 KB, 1280x669, 14EA8AD2-6689-4523-8428-8BEBD4…)

these are supposed to be the female cast of persona 3

not only is there a striking case of hideous sameface but aegis's head is a completely different shade than her body

No. 66100

I don't know why, but this is sending me. That fucking face kek

No. 66154

File: 1575547457410.jpg (447.14 KB, 849x1200, 75491290_p0_master1200.jpg)

looks passable on first glance, but something is wrong with that torso

No. 66160

File: 1575547831112.jpg (426.21 KB, 960x1200, 72917298_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 66161

File: 1575547976785.jpg (657.94 KB, 973x891, 73835612_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 66162

File: 1575548159270.jpg (379.61 KB, 750x1200, 78129885_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 66163

File: 1575548206854.jpg (356.07 KB, 750x1200, 78093576_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 66164

File: 1575548297691.jpg (431.75 KB, 1200x800, 77998251_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 66301

Yeah we get it, bad anatomy, but you're basically just spamming fetish art now.

No. 66308

Are they using Momokun as reference?
They have the fat gut, blue titty veins and the tiny heads going on

No. 66336

File: 1575632112390.jpg (210.1 KB, 2655x1500, hahahaha.jpg)

Another case of good coloring, bad anatomy/perspective. I cannot stop laughing

No. 66341


No. 66355

lmao. deviantart, not even once

No. 66368

>pendant hanging in the armpit
>baby hands
>baby feet
>holding tiny panties with a cheesy cross on them away from her like a gross napkin
>nice smile though

No. 66370

for any females that don't look like this it's over

No. 66416

colors are so nice but face is disgusting smh

No. 66513

is that supposed to be that one girl from demon slayer

No. 66552

File: 1575753289710.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.02 KB, 540x766, IMG_20191207_131412.jpg)

No. 66554

This person has 500+ followers on Twitter btw.

No. 66555

File: 1575753726860.jpg (Spoiler Image,147.62 KB, 540x766, IMG_20191207_132200.jpg)

No. 66566

Oh god, I hate the sans/skeleton "ghost penis" BS it makes me cringe so hard it's so juvenile

No. 66669

jesus they have the faces of a 70 yr old. i mean come on, it's not that hard to draw a "kawaii" face

No. 66707

who is the artist anon i just gotta know

No. 66708

@simplysmutart on Twitter

No. 66709

File: 1575852459368.jpeg (90.39 KB, 692x1155, 23C6C4D7-91C9-4C3C-B79A-13C168…)

No. 66710

I don't see anything TOO bad with this image Anon. Sure it's not beautiful and the anatomy needs a little work but it's not really bad imo.

No. 66713

Dude looks like Sweeney Todd

No. 66852

File: 1575969593821.png (2.62 MB, 1500x1954, ddkq10r-8a05dcda-6bae-43fa-aab…)

when I was young and dumb I got into adoptables and found this girl prismativity. Her character and outfit designs are creative but her actual artwork is so fugly. In a good 5-7 years, I haven't seen her improve one bit.
She has a serious case of same face syndrome and really doesn't know how the hell anatomy works. I especially hate the way she draws forearms. And dat lean.
This is a 30+ y/o woman who draws like she's never seen a human body before.

Of course the second you point any of these things out to her you're wrong because it's "just her style".

No. 66962

File: 1576064541692.jpeg (121.68 KB, 791x535, D1F20E5E-8486-4615-B087-B27762…)

Why the fuck did the sameface goblin porn guy regress so much? I remember him being a big thing despite his gross kinks but now its just sakimi tier trash

No. 66965

In his defense, a comic you publish on a schedule is never going to be as good as illustrations you have plenty of time to work on. He probably rushes the sketch/lineart to spend more time on the colours.

I think it's also just that he can get away with it. People really like (and pay him for) his porn comics because they like his style, his characters and his fetishes. They don't care if the figures are wonky and have stupid hands sometimes.

No. 66977

Yeah i just think he had a period of obvious progress, and then it went downhill, like he learned some drawing cliches and kept on drawing like that until he could no longer tell his style from wonky bshit

No. 66984

File: 1576079401546.jpg (70.63 KB, 765x730, tumblr_oj9sio9T4t1tsyanko1_128…)

Looking at trans Overwatch art is a goldmine. Ps. this is Ana and Reaper.

No. 66985

i thought this was bucky and tony stark tumblerified

No. 67000

Where is this from?

No. 67019


tbh i thought it was bucky and sam

No. 67022

File: 1576089911536.jpg (248.88 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190920_145657.jpg)


No. 67024

i mean… steven universe ocs

No. 67036

>character and outfit designs are creative
wears a basic outfit with catears and tail such wow

No. 67090

File: 1576119817871.png (1.96 MB, 2000x876, dbtfeyl-441cffd9-ed1b-46a8-846…)

My bad. That was a bad example, it was just the first thing I saw on her account. She didn't design that character it was a commission. There are some she designed in pic related.

I mean they're not amazing, but I think they're interesting and the outfits would be neat to see in a fantasy comic or something. Still they'd all look better if all her characters didn't have swollen lips, potato noses, and weird lumpy bodies that are about to tip over.

No. 67207

Oh KEK I know this fucking artist, he's friends with a furry neckbeard incel I know.

Charmed to see their shit here, I can't think of a more appropriate place.

No. 67209

This looks like it was done by the same person who made drug dealer trans Thomas Jefferson

No. 67254


Look at the arms. They look like they have tumors.

No. 67516

File: 1576281712139.png (12.8 MB, 8500x5000, f9nms6yzsl341.png)

everything is fucking horrific in this.. like the god damn thigh gaps and body proportions..eww

No. 67543

The best part is the shitty fried jpeg of a size chart in the background. Priceless.

No. 67595

File: 1576331411289.png (896.37 KB, 1696x2048, drarry.png)

great op, made me kek. who drew that? pic related is draco malfoy and harry potter

No. 67597

Holy fuck those chins would make even Holly Brown shudder. Why are they so long I'm dying

No. 67642

File: 1576356811239.png (Spoiler Image,164.22 KB, 1268x1280, sp1.png)

No. 67672

why are men like this?

No. 67676

They are mostly blind and don't notice breasts in a drawing unless heavily exaggerated.

No. 67681

File: 1576402395842.png (722.31 KB, 2247x683, aesthetic.PNG)

See pic

No. 67808

File: 1576494494122.png (456.5 KB, 750x1670, 1576041991076.png)

Most SJW art is objectively badly drawn, pic related

No. 67819

The artwork is fine anon. Smells like vendetta or smtg.

No. 67833

Bro that's some real fugly tumblr shit

No. 67953

The artwork is fine??? Anon are you blind?
The message is stupid Tumblr shit and the drawings also wreak of SJW bullshit.

It's ugly and pretty bad, get your eyes checked.

No. 68130

>I want to be together forever so long as we're never stopping each other from hurting each other
Freudian slip.

No. 68172

Nobody in their right mind would pay for that "artwork

No. 68185

besides the shitty art, i didnt understand a single sentence from this bs. ~five styles of non monogamy~ my ass. who tf comes up with this?

No. 68720

File: 1577047354644.png (1.73 MB, 1280x1392, 1577032591257.png)

Found in another thread but it belongs here too.

No. 68991

File: 1577216529456.jpeg (211.51 KB, 1280x1657, EB54BD76-E67C-4EB6-A760-EB1042…)

Tbh sometimes I like to browse DA cheesecake art to marvel at the bad anatomy.

No. 68995

black amputee daisy

No. 69045

in what world is this black? jeez

No. 69047

I think this is pretty cute, what's wrong with it?

No. 69063

not me but is it really that serious, anon?

No. 69131

The anatomy is so bad it makes the sun angry.

No. 69143

The anatomy

No. 69180

File: 1577326145724.jpg (110.51 KB, 800x650, in the end.jpg)

I have a thing for weird art, so I'm almost tempted to say this is good.

No. 69184

lol whoever made this should kill themselves

No. 69198

File: 1577342477604.png (347.1 KB, 707x828, 20191226_144059.png)

Fucking monster

No. 69199

File: 1577342639376.png (487.48 KB, 720x909, 20191226_144305.png)

When you try to make something look sexy but you suck at anatomy

No. 69221

Agred the proportions are a little off (that hand lmfao), but these posts reek of nitpicking vendetta-chan.

No. 69225

At any rate, it’s hilarious (and honestly, it’s creative.)

No. 69277

I kinda like it?
It's less worse than other Inktober art

No. 69327

File: 1577423262886.jpg (98.09 KB, 900x725, 75341372_1467471656726329_5590…)

Aw damn I feel called out lmao. I've followed her on insta for ages. I think I originally follow for her Tiger and Bunny stuff?

I think she knows anatomy, but gets carried away with stylization, or maybe should use references more frequently.

Here's something else she drew. It has similar anatomical issues.

No. 69665

File: 1577560334373.png (732.82 KB, 693x715, CS.PNG)

Went through creepshows follower list and found this. They're a 24 year old goth

No. 69674

This. The drawings aren’t necessarily bad, the proportions are a little off, which isn’t at all uncommon for even professional artists. It’s peobably stylization anyway. Maybe hide your jealousy a little better next time?

No. 69687

File: 1577571382319.jpg (358.13 KB, 1067x1920, tumblr_pzaulpWU0Q1yri52to1_128…)

No. 69748

Is drawing pride flags over everything the SJW art equivalent of how boomers unnecessarily label everything in their comics?

No. 69772

Are you high

No. 69774

This looks like Holly Brown OCs drawn by Vivzi-whatever the fuck

No. 69862

this took me a solid 2 minutes to realize it was fucking plankton. the only reason i noticed was because of the tiny doodle near the top right

i swear to god these people don't realize that there should be SOME sort of semblance to the OG character when making fanart. cue race swapping

No. 69870

File: 1577653677409.jpg (122.77 KB, 975x600, plankton.jpg)

Its based off of the Broadway adaptation's designs.

No. 69903

File: 1577674297966.jpeg (107.96 KB, 1011x791, FC3AD339-518F-4B8F-BE7C-8B8C5E…)

This is so funny to me because the artist has always been a smug bitch

No. 69908

lmao i think i know her–any chance you know the name of the artist?

No. 69910

Kandigram I think I honestly don’t remember I’m personally not a fan of hers

No. 69911

Samefag, she says people who don’t sell their art aren’t real artist and she’s said a lot fucked shit she’s a messy ass bitch

No. 69916

Who would even purchase her shit though?banal anime trash

No. 69922

Does anyone know this artist’s name?

No. 69929

File: 1577682161079.jpg (727.94 KB, 2048x1654, tumblr_790d973343fb219ccb3c62f…)

Tumblr: orangejuicex3-mieoi
Instagram: M.ieoi
Youtube: Abit hm

DL to art piece: https://orangejuicex3-mieoi.tumblr.com/post/189108378787/jinx-from-league-of-legends

No. 69965

Bless you anon

No. 70077

File: 1577757480824.png (417.71 KB, 720x783, 20191231_095559.png)

I wish this was a joke

Its that new "non binary" character in steven universe but its a butch woman lets be real

No. 70083

File: 1577760224310.png (50.76 KB, 214x499, SPESHUL.png)

Oh my god I was considering posting about the genderspecial theyfriend on Steven Universe. She even has a fucking septum piercing lmfao. It's almost like they're taking the piss out of fakebois.

This show has officially gone on too long.

No. 70084

File: 1577762025367.png (326.89 KB, 642x570, 809.png)

For being a "progressive" show, it sure does have this tendency to shy away from depicting characters as meaningfully single. Why can't Sadie just focus on her hobby, and why does she need to be interested in either this she-beast or the pink fuckboy. I wish they would just leave Sadie alone, she's been shown to have a tough enough time navigating her own life without her mom trying to micromanage everything.

No. 70085

Gotta love too how this genderspecial character came at the expense of just having Sadie in a relationship with another woman.

It's just like that retarded crap they pulled years ago when they said "well ACKSHUALLY the gems aren't actually women, they're agender" which to me just came across as a giant fuck-you to lesbians.

The gems are all voiced by natal women*, they all use "she", they call each other "girls" and they have tits. They're fucking women as far as I'm concerned. Why the show pussy-foots away from just saying "they're a race of women" is BEYOND me. Are they trying to appease conservative parents or Tumblrinas with that? I honestly can't tell, and I hate it either way.

*with the obvious exception of Steven and some fusions that involve him, which makes sense anyway because he's a boy.

No. 70088

Can this damn show die already,my goodness,it will never be in the same level of popularity as SpongeBob or the fucking Looney Tunes (who are cultural icons to this day)

No. 70092

File: 1577766108594.png (91.68 KB, 340x731, Tina.png)

Or Teen Titans Go, which is unfortunately even more popular than Spongebob now. Which is just as well, because recent seasons of Spongebob are somehow even more awful than TTG. Plus they're going against the creator's dying wishes and making a fucking prequel.

Also Looney Tunes is dead as hell. Every time they've tried to reboot it in the last thirty years it's been a goddamn mess. Although I guess the one with the female Daffy wasn't so bad… just weird.

Kids just don't watch Steven Universe for whatever reason. It's sort of like Invader Zim or Young Justice where it has a cult following among teenagers, but actual children don't give a fuck.

No. 70137

File: 1577795868613.png (601.2 KB, 720x716, 20191231_203658.png)

This looks like those shitty barbie games

No. 70138

File: 1577795926989.png (545.89 KB, 720x706, 20191231_203721.png)

No. 70170

the colors on this one are actually nice even if the proportions suck tbh

No. 70173

File: 1577816565284.png (454.41 KB, 738x699, oooof.PNG)

we should celebrate the new year by posting bad art redraws

No. 70175

It's a little confusing as the latest year is on the left. But it's not even that bad? It's very similar to the older drawing in quality sure but there's a slight improvement in the sweater.

No. 70176

The hand seems to be less good on the new one. Overall besides the detailed shading the newer drawing is less good being more stiff and too symmetrical which deteriorate the expression.

However, I wouldn't put that redraw on the same level as the other atrocities posted here, it's not awful but kind of meh.

No. 70181

File: 1577824608362.jpg (64.14 KB, 1024x569, pam.jpg)

No. 70210

this is cute though

No. 70279

File: 1577875076378.png (479.03 KB, 640x905, 6BnUEz3.png)

a new redraw trend is circling around twitter and tumblr

No. 70280

File: 1577875176115.png (1.61 MB, 823x1164, 4e5xQPa.png)

original for comparison

No. 70281


Definitely not new

This has been around since 2004 I remember having this on a piczo website

No. 70282

everyone knows that.
i was talking about the trend to redraw it

No. 70287

jesus these posts just tried to groom a 15 yearold version of me

No. 70294

I am sorry but what

No. 70474

damn i remember this anime pic from my ol' weeb days.what a disgrace

No. 70661

File: 1578047178662.jpeg (389.57 KB, 563x876, 0EB11033-182C-430A-A0EC-72475F…)

This is atrocious lol.

No. 70663

File: 1578048284435.png (373.73 KB, 535x436, Untitled.png)

i hate cursed shit like this

No. 70675

is the one on the left supposed to be saucy santana?

No. 70681

File: 1578071515217.png (424.08 KB, 350x581, wtf.png)

i have no idea but this art makes me feel weird.the artist is some ftm tumblrina with self-diagnosed autism.literally checks all the boxes of a tumblr trans snowflake
I have seen they have the ability to draw good art but instead decides to define her style with those gross blobs

like seriously wtf is this shit

No. 70682

Probably a fetish.

No. 70687

File: 1578074029194.png (273.79 KB, 385x647, cursed.png)

I saw this and now you have to see it too

No. 70697

She has the strongest spine in the world, too

No. 70704


No. 70705

File: 1578080611518.png (438.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-01-03-14-43-38…)

Just found out Pinterest has a featured your can post yourself trying out a pin. Now I can't stop comparing and contrasting the art tutorials/references on pintrest and the artist who mess it up when all they had to do was copy

No. 70706

File: 1578080706484.png (386.74 KB, 704x981, Screenshot_2020-01-03-14-44-46…)

This is what its based off of

No. 70717

lmao the little hand

No. 70799

File: 1578108585094.png (322.16 KB, 461x600, D1B4A700-46D2-4AA6-A585-BF8429…)

No. 70821

File: 1578117433997.png (818.65 KB, 758x960, 12794977_450288611834521_82186…)

this is like 4 years old but this artist has not improved really at all since then

No. 70823

"Strongest gamer"
Weak arms, destroyed/twisted back, tiny hands, boobs displaced because she clearly rests her hands there while console gaming, almost ana-chan except for boobs and tights.
Unless you have this body, you're a filthy casual.
How you dare showing this monstrosity without providing source?

No. 70824

I found it on Tumblr and there was no name of the artist or whatever manga this is and I didn't bother image searching either

No. 70830

It's from a gross shotacon hentai called "The Strongest Girl in the World vs. The Strongest Boy in Town

No. 70838

I'd ask how you stumbled upon shotacon hentai but I don't really want to know

No. 70854

Atrocity tourism, baby!

No. 70864

File: 1578140072485.jpeg (86.04 KB, 600x660, AD9417AB-E360-4C2F-A461-259869…)

weird lack of lips, faces too similar, and the anatomy especially how slim they are

No. 70937

File: 1578174157566.png (65.98 KB, 2550x3300, 1578170622049.png)

No. 70943

This is fucking gross. Everything. The shading, the folds, the proportions, the background, the fact that it’s completely grayscale with little variation in tone…

No. 70945

here's another lol

No. 70946

File: 1578177005885.png (650.14 KB, 720x960, 13217544_476215312575184_12135…)

No. 70948

File: 1578177146432.jpeg (Spoiler Image,319.79 KB, 750x923, 87486052-FC68-495F-A8B5-C8736A…)

Spoiled because…are you sure you want to look at that?
This account has some of the worst art I’ve ever seen in my life

No. 70950

File: 1578177366237.jpeg (307.76 KB, 750x917, ECA0BE72-4C73-408C-9FBC-3D817E…)

Instagram is really a treasure trove of shitty art

No. 71018

post more

No. 71142

File: 1578254366741.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.83 KB, 676x1098, marvel mpreg.jpg)

>tfw pooping out a baby

No. 71155

File: 1578262536870.jpeg (Spoiler Image,303.74 KB, 750x913, 8AE27956-1414-4EB8-BB15-E889C7…)

Only cuz u asked kek. Spam incoming

No. 71157

File: 1578262836021.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.6 KB, 750x735, D66E6334-873E-4734-86BF-F6F51D…)

No. 71158

File: 1578262920423.jpeg (Spoiler Image,356.2 KB, 750x918, 17AFF05B-D0DD-4D25-95C0-7E13EB…)

No. 71159

File: 1578263043725.jpeg (Spoiler Image,208.48 KB, 750x872, AF97C52E-AFB4-42C8-89D1-22F51D…)

Last one…there’s just so much of it (and I know the whole thing is bad but look at that hand)

No. 71180

Thanks for taking 10 years off of my life span.

No. 71189

anon, this… this is both the best thing i have seen in my entire life and also something i never want to see again

No. 71190

mpreg in 2020 holy fuck

No. 71192

>>71142 i need more, it's delightfully awful

No. 71203

Actually I love these, thanks.

No. 71292

I mean, these are obviously supposed to look "bad", so I wouldn't say they fit into this thread

No. 71295

This thread has lost its meaning a few threads back.

No. 71313

I mean just because the artist has their own style that doesn’t mean they’re “supposed to look bad,” the artist’s stylization is just objectively shitty

No. 71330

File: 1578367723920.jpeg (Spoiler Image,582.94 KB, 1448x954, D1ABFF63-F808-4B3F-BC2E-34285C…)

No. 71355

i snorted when i opened the image kek

No. 71387

I have never wished to unsee something so hard before. Someone please help.

No. 71542

File: 1578527688615.jpeg (449.67 KB, 2048x1024, 8VCecU7h.jpg:large.jpeg)

the same face syndrome is heavy on this one

No. 71546

it's not bad or hideous, i like it. and anime girls usually have the same face so who cares tbh

No. 71564


ok but even the goat thing has the same face

No. 71590

I hate the droopy eyes the most bc it reminds me of quasimodo

No. 71614

this is good actually

No. 71616

Yeah. It looked fine until you realize the goat has the exact same face

No. 71648

The sameface is an issue, but my god, that rendering. More doesn't always mean better.

No. 71649


i dont like how the goat has animu eyes as well

No. 71650

There’s too much going on in terms of shading and rendering, making it look like they’re wearing tight plastic and have fake Barbie hair
But also
It’s from the people who made pocket mirror so lol no thanks regardless

No. 71768

File: 1578712439615.png (664.82 KB, 1207x574, 35346777.PNG)

it's fun looking at an artist work when they make a dumb hot take

No. 71771

File: 1578718571567.jpg (76.39 KB, 784x744, dta__meme__lola_bunny_by_casey…)

No. 71772

the face is deformed
let me guess: 30yo autistic man

No. 71773

>blatant ripoff of patchouli knowledge

other than that, i love that all the outfits look like cheap chinese cosplays.

No. 71775

File: 1578719871293.jpg (449.89 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-01-11-06-17-33…)

No. 71780

this shit never stops being funny

No. 71816

>3.1k Deviations


No. 71829

File: 1578784362956.jpeg (127.36 KB, 800x566, 846456D4-A2D2-428D-BCCD-BEA068…)

No. 71830

File: 1578786789247.jpg (95.51 KB, 564x1282, bab355dc64dffb9cb8545c91c3057d…)

anatomy who never heard of her

No. 71831

File: 1578786845721.jpg (146.95 KB, 821x1023, 3566566.jpg)

people were shocked to know she traced

No. 71834

File: 1578788875992.jpeg (56.99 KB, 400x521, 65FC996D-7CA5-4E57-8701-CCFD3F…)

No. 71937

File: 1578871145665.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.12 KB, 479x660, 12963862_700327026737180_38605…)

No. 71960

File: 1578885806292.jpg (172.32 KB, 1080x943, 75576724_202389247469222_31616…)

No. 71977

File: 1578898311211.jpg (153.08 KB, 640x983, DIG002008_1._SX1600_QL80_TTD_.…)

I remembered that over 10 years ago I used to read some "manga" with Sabrina the teenage witch and looked it up and while I knew even back then it wasn't great,now I think how THIS was actually published.It honestly looks like some teenage girl self-inserting into Sabrina and drawing herself with her animu husbandos

No. 71978

File: 1578898437247.png (484.55 KB, 558x798, sabrina the dorito chin.png)


this is an excerpt from a site selling compilations of the comics

“One of the best and most underrated all-ages comics of the last ten years.” —AOL Comics Alliance
“One of the best Archie comics ever made.” —AOL Comics Alliance


No. 72062

File: 1578928819018.jpeg (232.97 KB, 746x694, 87977E0C-C846-4078-BCD7-3618E7…)

No. 72068

pleaseeee tell me it's satire

No. 72128

File: 1578969364541.jpg (94.47 KB, 684x855, 82205680_2488761104698370_6897…)

I'm screaming

No. 72129

I just had violent flashbacks. Is this the same person who made the queen-bee comic thing that never got a second book???

No. 72131

File: 1578969672214.jpg (13.62 KB, 300x285, DBMJPYJU0AAsgKo.jpg)

my fuckin sides. His head and left arm had me rolling tf. the whole thing is an abomination. homie is all deformed LMAO

No. 72132

File: 1578969698839.jpg (63.64 KB, 331x500, 51aPZPv99CL.jpg)

dropped the pic, my bad

No. 72135

File: 1578971735850.png (263.76 KB, 311x429, hwat.png)

Ok but also this

No. 72140

Shiniest turd I ever did see

No. 72144

no it's different people.I looked up that queen bee comic and at least this seemed to at least have a consistent cartoony artstyle.The Sabrina one really seemed drawn by some teen who barely knows how to draw manga
Video related is the artist drawing Sabrina about 3 years ago.Can't say particular progress has been made

No. 72180

Those drawings look like those cheap "how to draw manga" books made by people who absolutely don't know what mangas are

No. 72231

Suffering from the classic broken back syndrome when people cant draw women, i see.

No. 72232

This is the single most beautiful, yet horrifying art i've seen in a while

No. 72233


>non binary


I really want to believe this is satire as well

No. 72279

Hideous yes, but still good

No. 72280

Lol they're all nude from the waist down and Stewie is just naked

No. 72290

File: 1579099545139.png (178.83 KB, 640x640, tumblr_89c379933c05e6afdfdc0f2…)

wow, thank you so much for your valuable contribution

No. 72309

File: 1579107696379.png (614.62 KB, 720x802, 20200116_005324.png)

What the hell is going with the lower area? Where the fuck is his dick?? He looks like some wierd snake high breed or something lol

No. 72312

File: 1579107828378.png (532.92 KB, 720x705, 20200116_005442.png)

May not be objectively bad but these types of artstyles for me looks so fucking ugly

No. 72317

File: 1579109640865.png (46.25 KB, 652x166, 354366.png)

This is why in the medieval ages the church banned all depictions of god

No. 72320

File: 1579111355544.jpg (189.26 KB, 680x1016, trzw91doowx11.jpg)

How can it be so muscular and so bony at the same time??

No. 72336

File: 1579120946533.png (1.14 MB, 1180x645, 356654.PNG)

Perspective 101

No. 72344

what kind of retard

No. 72377

File: 1579161238117.jpeg (124.26 KB, 750x496, 39C14426-678B-4A3F-BADF-734CAB…)

Whooo boy it’s one of these

No. 72413

>gotta have the trans buttons or flag on outfit

Every. fucking. time

No. 72457

>High breed
Bone apple tea

No. 72469

I spit out my Soda.

No. 72557

File: 1579248491894.png (Spoiler Image,5.27 MB, 4000x1477, h.png)

still cannot understand why it's okay to make asian characters black

*reposted cause forgot to spoiler

No. 72595

aside from it being obviously bad spongebob fujo art


No. 72601

where did monika's eyes go? why does it look like yuri has down's? what kind of flag is that orange one? why can't people leave asians alone?
it honestly feels like half of these people haven't even seen the actual games/series the characters they draw come from and just go by what they've seen from tumblr.

>trans woman is hulking and ugly, looks like a man in drag
so progressive.

No. 72634

File: 1579282126912.png (5.32 KB, 800x800, tumblr_pu7dcqvlxE1yqmd4ro1_128…)

I was curious about the little orange flag myself. The closest I could find is this one. It's one of those tumblr pride flags and the blog says it's a "trendercore aroace flag". https://trendercore-flags.tumblr.com/post/186086397590/trendercore-aroace-flag-using-aroaesflags

It's obscure, but considering the type of artist who drew that, I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 72644

File: 1579286629714.jpg (158.08 KB, 720x1280, a9d5eda6-dfc7-4791-aa27-1a2128…)

Found this on tumblr and the anatomy is so broken its so ugly

No. 72665

>giant man legs

Thanks, I hate it.

No. 72667


damn they really gave madoka leg tumors kek
also wtf happened to her arms

No. 72672


>what is perspective

No. 72677

File: 1579329996092.jpg (54.43 KB, 500x632, kek.jpg)

I can't stop laughing at this, Jesus Christ

No. 72736

This gives me an anger only noises can describe

No. 72812

more wall-eyed than a slaton kek

No. 72823

For real. Why is this art style so infuriating?

No. 72852

Looks like Sally Face

No. 72904

File: 1579550043494.png (268.69 KB, 1000x750, tumblr_pyb0aoBfLA1t9xz5po1_128…)

No. 72905

File: 1579550454703.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake-Wallp…)

The random fat Tifa baffles me.

No. 72945

File: 1579568665108.jpeg (173.94 KB, 658x658, 0DB89C89-591C-4585-A85A-C4EF07…)

No. 72948

File: 1579569758681.jpg (269.98 KB, 568x868, Chloe lis.jpg)

No. 72951

File: 1579570967380.png (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 1900x2300, unholy.png)

Somebody paid 25 dollars for this…

No. 72952

Fucking kek at “nicotine addiction”

No. 72956

Tifa is the most fit/athletic girl in the game. Fatties be wilding.

No. 72960

This is exactly why I plan on shilling myself out to furries, they pay so much for absolute garbage

No. 72961

The art isn’t great at all but I think this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. $25 seems like a fair amount for a piece of art with a fair amount of details even if they are shitty.

No. 73012

Considering the emotional toll this must’ve taken on the artist, I think $25 is cheating them.

No. 73033

File: 1579658359541.jpg (170.78 KB, 1242x1235, i.jpg)

i cant tell if this is stagnation or slight regression

No. 73065

I was about to say that there's clearly been some improvement if not much, but then I saw the year. Holy shit how can someone look at these side-by-side and think "wow! What an improvement!

No. 73072

File: 1579705588218.jpg (73.12 KB, 681x1023, 1395876549883.jpg)

Looks like Pixyteri

No. 73079

can't believe I missed PT cosplaying Tifa

No. 73084

why are there so many pillows

No. 73085

Oh wow that's it, that must have been the reference.

No. 73183

File: 1579746743541.jpeg (215.47 KB, 750x1038, F1A89107-C3BE-4FB5-97EB-C1ADA0…)

There’s something so off about this. She looks like she’s wearing a diaper or something.

No. 73217

File: 1579788587486.png (353.12 KB, 720x714, 20200123_220913.png)

Wtf is that face…its creepy af

No. 73224

File: 1579796036522.jpg (57.87 KB, 500x500, artworks-000323660956-496njf-t…)

looks like something jack stauber would create, pic related (spoilered for… weird?)
why is it always tifa who gets the fat treatment?

No. 73225

forgot to spoiler but oh well

No. 73685

File: 1580159425360.png (411.75 KB, 1066x1374, 127B84B4-937F-49E4-8017-E9D695…)

the hand is killing me

No. 73743

lol omg, it's like a hybrid of both a palm and the back of a hand, how did that happen?

No. 73752

she looks like she's thinking the same thing too

No. 73792

File: 1580236630160.jpg (168.68 KB, 1280x1280, is_it_your_fault____or_is_it_m…)

The homepage of deviant art is a goldmine for this thread. I'm so uncomfortable right now

No. 73795

I thought the mlp fim fandom died years ago,fuck.

No. 73830

this is such a shame because the face looks quite cute. how the fuck can you mess up a hand that badly?

No. 73918

File: 1580291960012.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.6 KB, 800x1000, az_ddo2gvu-pre.jpg)

this person takes pride in not using references…

No. 73926

Ew! Her back literally looks like a penis …..

No. 73946


what's up with porn artists drawing women with broken spines?

No. 74033

Someone gets off to this mangled abomination. This thing is genuinely sexy to some scrotes out there. Think about that.

No. 74149

File: 1580431080486.jpg (Spoiler Image,392.7 KB, 1080x828, 20200131_013524.jpg)

I fucking HATE planet prudence. Something about her art just makes so damn angry.

No. 74150

what is she trying to say? whay is the point of this sexual pose??? hello?

No. 74155


Body positivity or some shit like that. She draws her weird self insert character half naked all the damn time.

No. 74175

File: 1580465277443.png (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 850x1081, 84159335_533404917521762_44397…)

I really have no comment for this

No. 74176

File: 1580468218220.jpg (549.03 KB, 1080x1490, 20200131_175444.jpg)

That's not how hug work

No. 74181

b-b-but anon!! didnt u read!?!? theyre kawaii ~aliens~ desu!!1! no need 4 HUMAN anatomy teehee!

No. 74185

they're referencing the original photo by Melanie

No. 74228

File: 1580516509521.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.31 KB, 789x1013, lovely_deer___adopt_auction_by…)

i cannot fucking stand furries

No. 74323

File: 1580619851843.jpg (232.2 KB, 776x1200, baki-dou-vol-7-y-8-D_NQ_NP_795…)

Ah, yes, Keisuke Itagaki. His style is quite… Something…

No. 74324


I can see where his daughter sort of gets her style from. She does the Beastars manga.

I had to drop it, she writes Legosi (the main character) like how she thinks teenage boys feel/think about romance and love. I get she is going for Shonen but it comes across more shoujo. No amount of guns or fighting will change that. Oh yeah when the main character says "I have increased my power, by ten fold." I exited the tab. Oh and for an animal lover she should know that meat eaters could not get enough protein from eggs and beans alone…and hyenas are not in the dog family.

I get people have a "stylistic' choice on how they draw but that shit is just ugly and hard to look at.I'm guessing in Japan as long as you can tell a good 'story' it doesn't matter how bad the art is, just look at attack on titan lol

No. 74325

that fucking nipple of a nose

No. 74334

File: 1580633245787.png (1.23 MB, 734x1200, Untitled1032-1.png)

No. 74406

why does everyone do mikan dirty

No. 74411

File: 1580710837913.png (Spoiler Image,316.35 KB, 720x824, 77468405_p0.png)

No. 74415

File: 1580725247504.jpg (173.42 KB, 540x743, tumblr_52a67be10f308273d768dc3…)

what vendetta do tumblr artists have against razors

holy shit i remember that, i loved that comic when i was like 12 and didnt know any better. looking back, it definitely hasnt aged well lmao

No. 74450

This is wild. It's like someone chopped off a cute girl's head and reassembled it on a gross man's, paw-handed, hairy body, dressed in a one piece suit. The actual style and execution is pretty good. It's generic but visually pleasing to look at..but that body is tragic.

No. 74452

>actual style and execution is pretty good.

it's not tho. none of this calarts tumblr steven universe shit is well executed or done well. the face isn't even cute weird fried egg eyes lookin ass.

No. 74458

For this thread? It's better than many of the others. I never said it was beautifully done or rendered. Strictly style-wise, it's just really generic, but it's not throw-up-in-my-mouth bad either. Its main tragedy is the anatomy and weird details.

No. 74503

No, I find it appealing too. There’s art similar in proportion and subject matter that can easily look gross but I like the colors and textures in this a lot.

No. 74568

Her head does not even match her body wtf doesn't she need a double chin or something?

No. 74575

File: 1580863241033.gif (2.52 MB, 600x600, dawzrhu-edbd5b5a-b36f-42c0-9ef…)

When Kinks combine

No. 74601

this is why we need kink-shaming

No. 74627

This is actually nightmare fuel, it reminds me of the "zombie" parasite that infects snails and now I feel sick
Deviant art should be tried for its complicity in the destruction of humankind

>>73084 hitting us with the real questions

No. 74639

File: 1580914779158.png (194.99 KB, 800x882, 3fc859bd-849d-4371-b7bc-ab7ae0…)

Why the fuck do tumblr artists do this to the ears

No. 74654

File: 1580925716275.png (714.85 KB, 986x886, why.png)

No. 74660

How is it possible to get worse over the years…

No. 74711

File: 1580982733679.jpg (234.76 KB, 800x1174, nick-silva-aqualight2.jpg)

Waste of good coloring.

No. 74714

unpopular opinion but I really like this??
The colours are unique and it's very stylized
I've seen much more worse tumblr art

No. 74716

i'm literally crying right now. they seriously could be a good artist

No. 74718

same anon/ Ooooor maybe they just used some base in 2012. that's why they aren't that good now. Stop using bases, people, or you won't success!

No. 74731

If only the artist knew how the human body works…

No. 74792

Only explanation I can think of is that the 2012 one is traced.

No. 74904

File: 1581198957823.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.77 KB, 850x1145, sample_2f037361de549fe35e50b14…)

No. 74905

I don't think I should regret looking at something in a thread for bad art, but her I am. Isn't crazy porn kinda cheating

No. 74913

I'd consider it cheating if I we're purposely looking for this

No. 75092

File: 1581377310376.png (1.45 MB, 894x894, elsa but progressive.png)

Surprised twisted disaster isn't mentioned more often

No. 75111

File: 1581393159044.png (916.22 KB, 1982x915, asfadasda.png)

No. 75290

File: 1581541852661.png (Spoiler Image,503.75 KB, 1900x1400, 24233.png)

Another gem from the artist who did >>72951

No. 75325

this one is at least better than whatever the fuck the other one is supposed to be

No. 75361

File: 1581579316361.jpg (126.43 KB, 1016x1279, ggaragirl.jpg)

found this years ago

No. 75495

File: 1581648845249.jpg (60.28 KB, 894x894, maynard_james_keenan_by_cattst…)

No. 75551

File: 1581699102318.png (276.79 KB, 435x580, Commissions 3.PNG)

An actual 30 dollar commission.

No. 75614

where the fuck are these people who commission trash art like this i need to find them

No. 75616

holyshit, holding guns Holly Brown style.

No. 75646

what's wrong with this one? That's a good portrait

No. 75675

File: 1581859461575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,456.03 KB, 2048x2048, EQDX0BSWkAsAvbR.jpeg)

This is suppose to be Kokichi

No. 75678

File: 1581864397290.png (335.88 KB, 2000x3056, Shipping Vlad with Herself.PNG)

She kind of reminds me of HC with how she drew the hair.
(pic related)

No. 75695

Oh geez, I haven't thought about that icyhazard chick in years. Good to know her art is still as wonky as ever. Also, guaranteed that that 30 dollar commission was from some kid from her predominantly young youtube fanbase. Nice.

No. 75712

File: 1581919714124.jpg (67.43 KB, 1031x775, chibi_maynard_by_cattstarr_ddo…)

Anon, please.
Either get your eyes checked or raise your standards.

No. 75713

I see no difference between Maynard irl and that thing

No. 75715

both of these are flattering likenesses

No. 75736

Classic poopin’

No. 75778

File: 1582023473910.png (Spoiler Image,603.15 KB, 714x428, 1038740734840366080426.PNG)

I fucking hate this so much, it looks like one of the Hartley twins turned punk

No. 75989

File: 1582132762652.jpg (465.57 KB, 720x1080, Dark Rey.jpg)

I dislike this art style so much. How the skin looks like plastic. How the mouth hangs open and the eyes stare blankly with a complete lack of any emotion. How the nose is pointed too much upward, giving it a pig-like appearance. The oddly posed body, and the super-boobs that just look off. It's on the front page of DA, and yet the only good thing about it is the background.

No. 76060

File: 1582180280191.jpg (137.12 KB, 1280x936, 1581887163.kojika45_79422715_p…)

This one might fit as a banner

No. 76061

File: 1582180615706.jpg (54.31 KB, 1024x696, cheap_chibi_ych_by_cattstarr_d…)


What gets me is this artist is still /beg/ tier after 15 years or more (has actually gotten worse imo), and yet constantly e-begs for commissions.

When will this trend of bland, soulless over-rendered Sakimichan-clone bullshit ever die?

No. 76069

File: 1582193894520.jpg (256.95 KB, 424x600, ddqki5l-8910e525-940d-406f-ade…)

oh my god

No. 76075

File: 1582199852680.jpg (78.25 KB, 1080x927, FB_IMG_1582199748203.jpg)

the art isn't that bad but It's cringe

No. 76076

The art is meh but I think it's cute.

No. 76083

This belongs in the GOOD art thread!

No. 76124

This feels like something someone made to make fun of me wtf

No. 76141

same anon, almost all of those hit too close to home. I am uncomfortable

No. 76170

One of the most annoying personality types for males or females.

No. 76171

File: 1582247766950.png (442.58 KB, 686x1920, imfab-femaleatbirth - Tumblr.p…)

No. 76173

this is so fucking confusing i can’t follow the logic at all

No. 76178



you gota love gendersepecials, "i'm a guy" i bet this one thing she is a "kawaii uke uwu

No. 76262

File: 1582298409084.png (528.06 KB, 590x705, IMG_20200218_054937.png)

No. 76277

ah the symmetry tool…

No. 76294

File: 1582308667766.jpg (420.61 KB, 1538x2048, Hazbin OCs.jpg)

Not a kid. Not autistic. Been drawing since 2016 or more.

No. 76304

Good lord it has boobs, and I can even see a vag under the skirt wtf

Ugh, shy submissive kinky uwu girlfriend is definitely cringe. It also annoyingly reminds me of Shoe

No. 76314


Why do I kind of like these

No. 76412

File: 1582392580309.png (391.77 KB, 903x960, 85199044_2653381228284645_5200…)

Have some cursed smurfs

No. 76449

Because you've been scrolling through bad art for hours, so your perception of what is good has lowered significantly.

No. 76614

File: 1582519127113.jpg (133.13 KB, 1024x1024, 15835144554.jpg)

Why would anyone do this?

No. 76632

File: 1582556320587.png (566.32 KB, 720x822, 1516948862598.png)

No. 76664

if you cover the weird face, this is actually cute in my opinion

No. 76677

I get certain anatomy mess ups as beginner mistakes but this. You have to actually go out of your way to make the proportions so…wrong. The angle is also giving me motion sickness.

Also why is the bikini bottom UNDER the tail? Is it sitting on her thighs and not touching her crotch? How do they stay up with the tail cut-out? Do I even want to know?

It's not offensive fetish art or genderspecial stuff so maybe it feels easier to look at. It's not artistically good but at least it's not offensive content-wise in comparison. Maybe you've just spent too much time in this thread.

No. 76680

File: 1582603981468.jpg (203.42 KB, 720x630, 20200224_221130.jpg)

All this dudes art has the ugly cheek/nose blush thing

No. 76682

That's what I call a fucking beanstalk body.

No. 76707

ngl I really dig it, it reminds me of Fukari style wise (what's their handle? I cant find them by reverse searching the image)

No. 76709

File: 1582631382641.jpg (108.04 KB, 720x452, 20200225_054745.jpg)

>>76707 most of thier shit looks like this so it's not really that great once you see they have 2 decent things per a couple dozen posts

No. 76747

Lmfao vendetta Anon doesn't wanna drop the username now that someone liked the art

No. 76761

i think it was pulled from the artist salt thread? might be the same anon though

No. 76782

It was posted here first, so its the same anon. Really solidifies that this is solely a vendetta lol

I also like the art. At least the Crona.

No. 76790

File: 1582704213768.png (832.13 KB, 1080x982, IMG_20200226_090228.png)

it's a chest binder company's official art…

No. 76791

Lmao that does look like most ftms though, the company got that right

No. 76799

Looks like they commissioned a tumblr artist but I guess that's also their market

No. 76807


ohh, okay I didn't realize. its definitely a vendetta lol

No. 76843

Cause they’re goofy lookin and it’s funny.

No. 76875

> fat
> hairy
> ugly tumblr glasses
> ugly tumblr hair
> tumblr gender
> crazy cat lady

There should be a bingo sheet for this. I believe we have a winner.

No. 76877

File: 1582733530312.png (687.57 KB, 829x965, feli_fell_by_cattstarr_ddr8pu3…)

Why do I still follow her?

Why do I do this to myself?

No. 76879

i thought this was satire at first

No. 76923

File: 1582767352094.png (494.79 KB, 826x897, 1581623549961.png)

No. 76982

File: 1582810866997.png (659.73 KB, 720x715, 20200227_214116.png)

Rat faced wendy from the shining

No. 76983

File: 1582810997727.png (1.12 MB, 720x891, 20200227_214322.png)

I dont understand this anatomy…

No. 76989

looks accurate

No. 76990

she had a rat face anyways, so I guess it fits

No. 76997

File: 1582824215589.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1266, IMG_20200227_082011.png)

No. 77092

File: 1582864494668.jpg (131 KB, 987x809, ishtar_1censore_by_sakimichan_…)

anatomy who???

No. 77120

For fucks sake

No. 77168

She’s holding a strand of hair between her toes tho?

No. 77187

lmao, and that tiny-ass right calf. I'm annoyed and also overjoyed at this.

No. 77212

the left leg is clearly amputated, cause there's no way thats connecting to a hip socket

No. 77267

File: 1582923998230.png (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1972x3072, diseased.png)

No. 77317

File: 1582936568124.jpg (20.34 KB, 600x623, 1576453234207.jpg)

is this fucking reiner and bertholdt

No. 77322

Oh fun I used to be friends with this artist. I think their stuff is good but these are not cute men and that blush is way too much. The result just ends up being gross, makes me kinda sad.

No. 77336

That haircut, striped suit, and long broken limbs make it look like that gay prostitute from hazbin hotel… I can't imagine any other reason why someone would draw such dislocated legs

No. 77347

Why did they give him boobs??? Did they think the weird stylized fluffy chest thing from the show was breasts kek

No. 77370

File: 1582984960038.png (316.62 KB, 540x793, shit.png)

I couldn't even tell who this was when I first saw it.. why is it always the BNHA characters? They straight up look like women with those bodies

No. 77400

izuku sweetie i am so sorry

No. 77453

File: 1583049407504.jpeg (293.89 KB, 933x1282, 1E01B241-C690-41D3-B3B4-6540D9…)

Cool coloring style but why all the hair

No. 77459

literal bread loaf hands

No. 77478

>Wait I don't get it, what's wrong with her hair? It looks nice and stylized to me and— oh. ohhhhhhh. oh no. nonononononono no

No. 77523

is this supposed to be shiloh lmao

No. 77662

It is angeldust

No. 77678

File: 1583244091945.jpg (108.64 KB, 704x900, ESLi6A-UwAABAi_.jpg)

Megami Magazine, April issue. Tsuruno from Magia Record anime. Even if it's perspective, legs look too wrong.

No. 77679

I'm so fucking offended

No. 77790

File: 1583287123493.jpg (62.71 KB, 679x634, badart.jpg)

No. 77802

That head is huge

No. 77878

File: 1583338165030.jpg (81.3 KB, 1024x931, _t__rule__96_aim__by_pepper_st…)

I don't know what's worse.
Her face or his forehead

No. 78016

File: 1583397436172.png (841.56 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_2020-03-04-23-34-41…)

I follow this booktuber who is also an artist, and while her art is by no means hideous or even bad, it just doesn't seem very impressive to me and a lot of it looks the same? I'm not sure if it's just me though. She actually sells her art which makes me saltt because I feel like mine is as good as hers but not worth selling

No. 78041

That is one really boring gallery. Also the Sailor Moon girls with heavy full face makeup… They're 14 ffs. Not to mention how funny it is when people try to draw anime characters in a realistic style and make them look white because they only know how to draw one type of facial features.

No. 78068

idk, the show of sailor moon already had them showing off their legs and wearing low cut sailor tops

No. 78092

Eesh, she needs to lay off the dodge tool. And probably find a harder edge brush.
These instagram portrait type pictures have never appealed to me, I don't get how they sell.

No. 78221

File: 1583538730734.jpg (208.02 KB, 1024x1448, lesbiabs_by_fue_fue_dcvdby9-fu…)

I hate bullying people but

No. 78231

Who are these characters?

No. 78233

Wtf this is perfect whats wrong with you

No. 78234

Pretty sure they're just characters of this comic and nothing more, fortunately

No. 78269

File: 1583576191700.jpeg (630.31 KB, 2048x2048, 28DFD689-1B92-416E-8A84-DF5622…)

No. 78270

File: 1583576303994.jpeg (596.01 KB, 2048x2048, 63AD4242-0290-4EC9-B39B-40AF6C…)

No. 78271

File: 1583576404320.jpeg (748.87 KB, 2048x2048, E52793EE-94F2-4DE1-819D-DE3E16…)

No. 78307

If i had to see this ya'll do too

No. 78308

at least spoiler it holy shit
her tits are bigger than her ass

No. 78309

File: 1583607432558.png (Spoiler Image,557.89 KB, 675x900, ddrhff9-b5ff8313-b100-4c7d-a16…)

lmao my bad. I forgot to.

No. 78314

Where the fuck is her spine and back, it just feels like tits and then an ass which is how i suppose the artist views women generally

No. 78323

File: 1583619223554.png (612.5 KB, 480x854, ESidO6rWkAAp_MC.png)

No. 78324

File: 1583619335301.jpg (434.15 KB, 1080x1350, ESicMdXWAAMg1j7.jpg)

No. 78331

ooo he do be jammin doe

No. 78345

File: 1583640667634.jpg (148.95 KB, 1004x1024, 395823991.jpg)

Perspective who?

No. 78347

7 y/o me holding in my shit when I was at school

No. 78349

File: 1583644671696.jpg (279.44 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20200308_051140.jpg)

saw another anon say people should focus on anatomy before rendering and it made me think of someone I used to follow… they did PPGs so fucking dirty

No. 78355

File: 1583664970817.jpg (85.5 KB, 640x417, wat.jpg)

fucking KEK

Just saw pic related on my dash. Of course it has hundreds of notes.

No. 78369

thought this was a new PULL banner

No. 78396

This is so stupid. Jessie is canonically a very feminine woman. This would be cute if not for that fucking happy trail and thigh hair (has this artist ever seen a woman before).

No. 78409

This makes excellent reaction img!

No. 78411

When your family thinks your a failure

No. 78425

File: 1583741338618.png (172.63 KB, 300x240, Screenshot_2020-03-09.png)

not terrible but very tumblr-tier art

No. 78451

Can anyone please tell me who the artist is?

No. 78507

File: 1583835226723.png (410.34 KB, 496x992, Screenshot_20200307-084915.png)

No. 78515

I image searched it and found it here: https://lost-opium-artblog.tumblr.com/archive

But can I ask honestly, are you horny over this?

No. 78516

File: 1583849605587.png (1010.07 KB, 1024x927, ms__midnight__nsfw__by_echoisw…)

I just want contribute this - it's by that emo chick Echo Gillette, a 30 year old woman who went to art school and hasn't improved since her high school days. She's so edgy and smug about her art, it just makes me roll my eyes.

The left one isn't too bad, but the right one has such crap anatomy and posing. Plus it's stupid that she makes a big deal out of being asexual but still goes and designs and nsfw character based on a sex toy.

No. 78519

This made me laugh

No. 78522

Why does the girl on the left have the body of a fucking gorilla?

No. 78530


No. 78544

Honestly, compared to the other shite here, this is a breath of fresh air.
It does have some of those good ol' Tumblr-tier traits, but honestly, it's not so bad that it's offensive to look at. I don't mind this one so much.

No. 78561

no tbh i'm just curious to see why the artist would draw reiner and bertholdt in such an ugly way and wanted to see if they have more of that atrocious artwork that hurts me to look at because it's kind of fun

No. 78568

It gave me literal nightmares

No. 78587

Her anatomy makes no sense. wtf. whoever drew is def a dude . Her tits are melting and she has no spine

No. 78618

File: 1583917373377.jpg (251.14 KB, 950x1360, Soukyoku-sei-01-MRM.jpg)

You've seen yaoi hands, now get ready for

yaoi torso

No. 78619

Thi looks like an amputee holding up fake legs. Or like he's sitting on someone else and holding up their legs.

No. 78627

She also looks like the thong thing she's wearing is choking her to death, in the least "sexy" way possible.

No. 78750

File: 1583973875484.png (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 950x2258, 67D4621F-E731-45F9-A2EE-DAEA95…)

Think I know what’s going on here…

No. 78751

i kek'd

No. 78790

Actually better than the original.

No. 78814

File: 1584032133528.jpg (87.74 KB, 600x1179, 9392814f51b39d9f752d3dec372cb8…)

No. 78820

File: 1584035568258.jpg (536.6 KB, 1261x1920, tumblr_ef6534089917a35abc67df2…)

No. 78844

i got so confused and scared because i thought the soles of his feet were his calves and he had gargantuan hands. still terrible, though.

this on the other hand is brilliant

No. 78876

File: 1584093768514.jpg (277.19 KB, 735x1182, 260a3b8b8441b97164396cabab9dfa…)

No. 78944

Broken spine alert

No. 79006

File: 1584178255343.png (1.68 MB, 1240x874, ddrrx77-9fe23aa5-55fa-48be-b7f…)

No. 79008

File: 1584178427687.jpg (Spoiler Image,885.27 KB, 1050x1200, 79356262_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 79011

I love how they painstakingly rendered this tumorous mass that is her legs and arse and then got tired and just threw this cat-shaped thing in there as an afterthought. Comical.

No. 79018

They even forgot the other girls left shoe

No. 79020


The scaling, anatomy and detailing is so off in lower half of the girl, that I strongly suspect tracer.

No. 79074

File: 1584239063650.png (163.49 KB, 500x570, tumblr_inline_pn4vd1YkMq1sci4g…)

No. 79102

What sex toy is this based on?

No. 79120

what happeeenneeddd

No. 79122

File: 1584290864335.jpg (431.02 KB, 2000x1517, ECPaOyWVAAImUfF.jpg)

No. 79124

seeing these shits makes me feel like i have a cramp in my leg

No. 79192

File: 1584323731002.jpg (19.82 KB, 235x228, 4ce799ae2a21a23d7a6991da9a5da0…)

Why is knowing perspective the best test for telling insta clout chasers from semi decent artists

No. 79193

The hell is on her head though

No. 79205

muh very unique and different transparent witch hat full of water. some kawaii artist came up with it and many others copy. tbh i hate this type of shit it's like creativity for people who aren't creative. just combine two objects that hadn't been combined before. look guys i'm a super original creative genius! transparent water witch hat! fairy with wings made of basketball material! a unicorn but its horn is a flashlight! a gnome but its hat is a frito lay bugle!

No. 79233

File: 1584353274698.png (356.55 KB, 495x710, Screenshot_20200313-192510.png)

No. 79262

ngl frito lay gnome could like. get it. hmu gnome-chan iykwim

No. 79283

bad art aside this is based on a pic of them where their arms are edited to look like that

No. 79296

I was about to say the same thing lmao. A gnome with a Bugle for a hat sounds cute.

No. 79299

lmao do you guys want to adopt my oc? i don't mind.

No. 79441

Wholesome content

No. 79488

File: 1584534678906.jpg (776.7 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20200318-132936_Ins…)

I really hate her style

No. 79507

This hurts to look at not only because of the colors but because my eyes can’t figure out what I’m even looking at. I can’t tell if it’s the joker from Batman or some furry bs

No. 79523

It almost looks like viziepop drew a shitty OC based on the joker

No. 79549

File: 1584576156317.png (986.47 KB, 1000x1195, 736f7aac-a9ae-4c40-aeb9-32b4f9…)

These proportions though

No. 79563

File: 1584588926585.jpg (61.37 KB, 453x680, ESdjV2yUUAA-6_t.jpg)

I check in on this artist every now and then and her untraced art looks horrendous, though her traced art looks pretty bad, too. This was a commission she did for someone of their FF14 character and there's just so much wrong with it since there's no way to trace, kek

No. 79584

cannot believe Nolofinwe died for this bshit

No. 79606

File: 1584628298314.jpg (50.28 KB, 550x422, Leloir_-_Jacob_Wrestling_with_…)

The artist obviously can't paint, it's so bad I can't tell what it represents(namefag)

No. 79612

learn how to use an imageboard retard

No. 79748

File: 1584729047569.png (222.05 KB, 856x757, IMG_20200320_192601.png)

I've seen this expression so my times and I HATE IT

No. 79769

File: 1584741214461.png (197.23 KB, 469x750, tumblr_0c72de21ccc14d83ec2ec9b…)

No. 79783

The tumblr silmarillion fandom is so full of cringe

No. 79792

I know! They tend to draw elves so ugly. And I hate the trend where they make findekano black. But that's personal preference I guess

No. 79793

File: 1584768392211.png (446.98 KB, 973x648, badart.PNG)

No. 79799

Why does South Park have so many weird fujoshi fangirls? They were there even before the show pandered to them.

No. 79872

File: 1584877532446.jpg (393.08 KB, 1080x567, 20200321_151411.jpg)

Is it just me or they're the same thing? Both have "rysunek" tag (drawing in polish) and were posted one one day after another

No. 79991

File: 1584886779469.jpeg (246.71 KB, 1310x2048, ETsAOO0XYAAG9aO.jpeg)

Why can't artist who draw in a realistic art style actually practice drawing from real life. The eyes make me uncomfortable.

No. 79992

oh my god- those fingers!

No. 80042

I am sorry but what

No. 80077

I was thinking about lack of originality because thode 2 looks the same to me. Ok sorry i'm just loosing my mind i guess

No. 80101

I don't think this thread is exactly for art that may or may not lack originality?

No. 80170

might be a "draw this in your style" type of drawing? what's your native language? there might be some misunderstanding

No. 80174

File: 1584958081618.png (Spoiler Image,248.89 KB, 720x1072, Untitled1006.png)

I love low effort kinky art

No. 80189

Hey, hey.. long fingers exist. Unfortunately I was cursed with E.T. fingers, though I’d have to say mine are a bit shorter than his.

No. 80233

File: 1584999128285.jpg (81.63 KB, 1080x1525, FB_IMG_1582288832360.jpg)

It gets worse the more you look (the neck is my favorite)

No. 80236

File: 1584999582332.png (357.4 KB, 301x929, Capture.PNG)

we could dedicate an entire thread towards bad webtoon art

No. 80237

File: 1584999804187.png (473.93 KB, 752x555, saas.PNG)

at least most them are aware they're trash

No. 80238

Is the artist even trying??????

Those boobs though???? This is horrendous

No. 80258

File: 1585011951941.png (583.05 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_2020-03-23-20-36-57…)

I can only draw 1 thing semi decently. Guess what it is?

No. 80266

File: 1585024239927.png (887.16 KB, 1077x1328, Screenshot_20200324-002737~2.p…)

Is it reasonable that I find this guy's art so ugly?

No. 80272

I don't really hate it too much, but I saw it on IG earlier and I couldn't stop looking at the legs/hips. Built like a freakish barbie doll.

also the yellow background makes it hard to look at imo

No. 80301

are you serious? look at the fingers and compare them to each other.

No. 80376

File: 1585054087148.png (466.24 KB, 1170x1920, ehh.png)

Why is the south park fandom obsessed with this style in particular? You know, soft features, large nose and a straight line on the side of the face? Bonus for voltron mouth.

Pic semi related, not from a south park fan

No. 80378

File: 1585055548192.jpg (73.86 KB, 1280x439, miku_says_down_with_cis_by_coo…)

miku says down with cis

No. 80380

This is always so cringe

No. 80383

they even made miku black …

No. 80737

File: 1585272598876.jpg (289.87 KB, 1080x1636, hmm.jpg)

No. 80748


No. 80749

File: 1585290443761.jpg (70.56 KB, 795x1005, the_bite_of_love_by_kimjasu_dd…)

i hate this fucking ship. also wtf is up with arthurs nipple

No. 80754

I love this.

No. 80780


We live in a society

No. 80781

File: 1585320590267.jpg (700.96 KB, 2048x2527, c8502b61-2db7-440d-adde-daebf5…)

The more you look at it the more it makes you cringe

No. 80785

File: 1585326802339.jpg (99.95 KB, 1600x2400, st_chapter_7___tension_by_agua…)

It's undertale for those curious

No. 80798

File: 1585336878675.jpg (56.75 KB, 680x383, ETPg6SOWoAA8XX6.jpg)

No. 80816

File: 1585343682922.jpg (223.03 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20200327_221119.jpg)

HAHAHAHA i love woke visual novels
Can't believe you didn't post this one.

No. 80820

this is how human beings speak to one another

No. 80825

this is so simply…gross. i'm not surprised why so many zoomers think they're asexual. i'd probably think i was asexual too if a healthy sexuality was presented to me as bodyposi binary breaking bussy booty eating bdsm bi babygirl bullshit

No. 80827

i hate that i know what bussy means now

No. 80830

This is why the original cartoon comics will always be superior same with the Archie comics.

No. 80841

File: 1585356649963.jpg (22.43 KB, 400x400, tryy5kna4p.jpg)

Fucking barf. What has the world come to
If I ever play an otome game I'd want the characters to be desirable at least

pic related is a weebton called Lost in Translation, the art is fugly

No. 80852

File: 1585365019976.jpg (274.25 KB, 1920x1080, ESxIit9XYAAerF_.jpg)

It gets worse (i liked the sunglasses ngl)

No. 80872

File: 1585397084777.jpg (161.98 KB, 1200x675, ESSWdaGXsAkUlho.jpg)

According to her bio she has a kid but I don't see how anyone would be attracted to this in any way?

Here's one that seems to try shoving as many labels as it can in. Are they trying to be nonbinary with all three pronouns? It just looks like a woman. Also none of them are white (that I found) but based on this one's bio, is anyone surprised?

No. 80873

Why would you want to date someone who says "f* (insert any type of people here)"?

No. 80874

File: 1585398776988.jpeg (257.02 KB, 1920x1080, ET-nMdnWsAEBMPd.jpeg)

I want to die

No. 80886

File: 1585405907373.jpg (Spoiler Image,781.85 KB, 849x1200, 1585404971814.jpg)

Very nsfw

No. 80892

This is satire right?

No. 80897

honestly i consider myself super leftist when it comes to worldview issues but this is such an Extreme Tryhard i have hard time to believe it's not a satire / provocation of some sort. I have no idea who could possibly unironically enjoy these characters except maybe 10 teenage tumblr users that are not likely to spend money on games anyway.

No. 80898



My bet it's a scam or social experiment of some kind

No. 80901

File: 1585415976021.jpg (290.41 KB, 1600x2560, IMG_20200328_191824.jpg)

Though can this really be considered bad when the subject matter already looks like the missing link

No. 80902

File: 1585416112883.jpg (546.28 KB, 2586x3036, IMG_20200328_192048.jpg)

Jimin fanart is fucking cursed

No. 80904

File: 1585417038933.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.4 KB, 1600x1224, raven_s_revenge_by_bad_pierrot…)


No. 80912

File: 1585423689455.jpg (44.61 KB, 750x750, 75d2d96a0c444006c6f6492a4ee8a9…)

the worse part is that he had an exact reference

No. 80946

Asia: makes otome games with cute unrealistic boys for teenage girls
West: makes ugliest PC love interests possible for (?)

No. 80964

Like how does the "dating" even go? I feel like you would have to walk on eggshells around some if not all of the candidates.

No. 80971

ima be real with you thats pretty hot

No. 80972

Yeah and just a wild guess based on the title, does the player has to constantly validate the characters to raise affection? Kind of a toxic relationship lol

No. 80978

No. 80980

Yeah I'm a degenerate lmao

No. 81087

File: 1585552852119.png (158.39 KB, 640x523, did-she-even-try.png)

Tumblr radar yields some of the worst shit I've ever seen.

No. 81112

I hate that they use realistic proportions for cartoonist art. If the face is stylised, do the same for the body

No. 81113


No. 81172

File: 1585623355238.jpg (35.24 KB, 522x710, 91fff3ee5fca513905c678d16e0e99…)

Tiny head

No. 81174

File: 1585625014253.png (1.61 MB, 1280x1525, tumblr_pssrhmu1xi1w9yi7yo1_128…)

No. 81193

File: 1585643283044.jpg (773.31 KB, 1242x1335, 1585636722473.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 81197

File: 1585644247101.jpg (329.24 KB, 1920x1126, clowns.jpg)

These devs are trying to seem cool quirky but they turn themselves into clowns instead. Their whole twitter account is cringeworthy mess LOL

No. 81198

this is the final straw, now i'm 100% convinced Validate is a provocation

No. 81199

File: 1585645094438.jpg (253.38 KB, 1080x1034, IMG_20200331_105611.jpg)

Really hope you are right

No. 81200

File: 1585645147919.jpg (38.89 KB, 498x780, 1585645048188.jpg)

samefag but I hate this ugly piece of shit so much

No. 81202

another girl that thinks liking sex is quirky>>81200

No. 81206

I like it weirdly…

but also everything posted after the dating game looks less weird in comparison now

No. 81210

File: 1585659439662.jpeg (324.02 KB, 1501x2048, ETaqdqmXsAILCIO.jpeg)

Maybe it's just me but wilddaggers can not draw faces worth a shit

No. 81212

File: 1585659967655.jpg (436.55 KB, 843x1047, 1583852125657.jpg)

I kek'd just a lil

No. 81218

If it wasn't for the face and boobs this would look like a man tbh

No. 81219

Honestly I kinda like this. This piece is a little wonky but I looked at the artist's twitter and her style is pretty cute imo.

No. 81220

Yeah, I'm sure it's a mtf

No. 81222

this is hilarious in an unintended way

No. 81227

Remove the blush from girl to the right's face and this is the perfect response to ridiculously bad anatomy like the girl to the left.

No. 81243

what the fuck is up with furfag art always looking the fucking same?

No. 81286

TF is that typing style supposed to be? And yeah, just browsing their twitter I'm honestly starting to wonder if it's a troll or serious.

No. 81293

it's "crytyping", anon. see: https://crytype-ifier.tumblr.com/converter

It's meant to parody people on tumblr who post while having a supposed mental breakdown.

No. 81320

File: 1585726279111.png (679.92 KB, 720x784, 20200401_152355.png)

No. 81323

tbh arcana is a good game with a nice story line even though it panders to tumblr so much with their sjw woke character designs and unnecessary "queerbaiting" shit but like … man what the fuck is that. the hand legit looks like stallion dick

No. 81332

Its fanart and their mc

No. 81343

i know. it's still bad.

No. 81354


What's weird about this is that the guy on left is way worse then the lady on the right. Was the lady traced? Because there is a big difference in the quality between the two

No. 81356

File: 1585750642497.jpg (22 KB, 288x450, cmknskjcnsd.jpg)

100% traced or copy paste, she makes this exact pose as an official character

No. 81381

File: 1585763772373.png (1.2 MB, 2048x2048, 33a7ac26-5427-473b-a34c-df55ff…)

I hate tumblr

No. 81421

File: 1585782561088.png (310.83 KB, 1280x1614, 851711a8-591a-459d-9fc0-783a66…)

These faces are killing me

No. 81424

File: 1585783624927.jpg (391.94 KB, 1500x1500, ETnGtrqU8AYoLil.jpg)

No. 81438

Aren't most, if not all, of the ''''developers'''' working on this white?
Also I'm curious on if this is actually gonna go somewhere, because shit like this usually don't take off past a few pieces of concept art.

No. 81443

File: 1585798974469.jpeg (319.98 KB, 1920x1080, EUeFkptXYAgyQQA.jpeg)

How the fuck do you not notice another character's floating head completely visible on a white bg

No. 81448

this is sending me

No. 81449

it looks so bad i actually want to play it for the lulz

No. 81453

ok i get not wanting white people because you know SJW shit bla bla but there are no other "pocs" either. where are the asians or brown people? it's so fake woke it's embarrassing

No. 81458


Asians are probably too "white" for this crowd of people. Given its attracting all the racebending people that reeeee over anime characters being Asian.

No. 81463

Well judging by the flags, this character is French and South Korean. So there's your "asian representation".

No. 81472

I am a black woman and I can't get help but get uncomfortable with stuff like this. maybe its cause I'm married to a white guy and I have my In-laws but even then most people of all races(except maybe the woke crowd) don't find this stuff appealing, like at all

No. 81490

It's not even just the character design they all sound like pricks

No. 81496

yeah more like they forced the south korean flag in for whatever reason because the character is still more black than asian and even without it, it wouldn't make a difference. and there are no "pale asians" anyway, it's like >>81458 said

No. 81497

what does the comment about birds even mean

No. 81498

"valiDATE" why'd i date a fat pretentious chick

No. 81499

I think it's about birds chirping all the time in the morning, but I also don't even get how that makes sense. I've never seen anyone call someone a bird for singing. Sure, you'd get called annoying at best but a bird?

No. 81500

File: 1585837810788.jpg (102.67 KB, 1280x1549, 324536.jpg)

No. 81503


i think its because some people call women birds?

No. 81518

File: 1585854012401.png (174.24 KB, 719x566, 20200402_215905.png)

No. 81519

hate shit like that on picrew
wish they'd fuck off and make their own site

No. 81523

File: 1585859739489.png (227.64 KB, 496x340, 45234243.png)

No. 81573

File: 1585882854420.jpg (197.67 KB, 1500x1500, 383200740283.jpg)

The coloring is pretty, but holy shit that anatomy.

No. 81579

It just looks like another female sonic character
The body looks about the same

No. 81586

Yeah I thought this was the reason too..this character seems horribly sexist? So she'll call girls bitches for enjoying singing, and insinuate that's why they get called birds all the time, but also she's a theatre teacher? What? So she hates her job, or more likely, is resentful of actually talented women.

No. 81606

I think it's because the character's waist lacks the 3rd dimension. And I don't just mean that it's thin.
Though what can you really expect from a sonicfag?

No. 81639

I’m convinced this is a bait game, everything about it just seems so cynical. It’s also suspicious that it seems to have all of the SJW stereotypes.

No. 81653

File: 1585953225714.png (1.41 MB, 1314x1080, 20764858_RiwwIsr8nEVOqVW.png)

Reminds me of the rainbow dash cum jar

No. 81674

sadly anon, many of these type of morons exist, I have known several people who refused to ever read any works written by a white man(Including books about art fundamentals)

No. 81700

Imagine being so obsessed with identity politics that you actually know who wrote the book you're reading.

No. 81701

Dani the lead creator for Validate is pretty close with the 'new' Homestuck writers in the Twitter Homestuck crowd (which is an even cringier clusterfuck that could deserve a thread, there is always drama) obnoxious and pushy with her headcannons and whatever

Her vocal hatred for white people is her fucking thing

No. 81715

File: 1585988457074.jpg (68.02 KB, 640x761, qgxxc64tt1l41.jpg)

I have no Idea who this woman is but I'm calling it right now that she is dating/dated mainly straight white males

Like I don’t care about interracial relationships but I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the women who go “Straight white men are the devil” and go to their straight white boyfriends after their twitter rants.

No. 81934

>ugly penis nose style
What is up with every snowflake artist drawing people like this? It’s not even artistically ugly?

No. 81936

I found this video by complete chance. No hate to the kid. I just think it's funny how in trying to explain Creepshow's style and what she likes about it, she shows off how Creepshow only ever draws the exact same thing, and her art hasn't changed for years.

No. 81970

File: 1586144264353.jpg (177.19 KB, 1536x2048, 889047.jpg)

This gave me a bit of a laugh.

No. 82047

I was too distracted by the triangle abs I almost didn't notice whatever the heck is wrong with their face.

No. 82056

The longer you stare at it, the weirder it gets.
What is with his abs? What is going on with his face? Why is his crotch pink? Why are his fingernails painted?

No. 82646

File: 1586249104548.png (1.76 MB, 2007x1417, euf27Rm.png)

No. 82648

That's one tiny ear.

No. 82673

at this point i'm sure 100% that she has a fetich for trans people and fat/ugly people

No. 82678

The character design is good.

No. 82695

Technically she’s not wrong since this is exactly what it looks like when tumblr kids try to cosplay as cute uwu cat twink Raymond .

No. 82764

Ironically woke twitter has a meltdown with every raymond anime twink art, a lot of sjws hate it and make their own versions but their art is even worse than the anime ones

No. 82889

File: 1586448120045.jpeg (34.14 KB, 480x527, images (10).jpeg)

No. 82891

File: 1586449528358.png (1.59 MB, 1162x1500, tifa_lockhart_web.png)

This was made by a professional artist at EA…

No. 82930

File: 1586476843803.png (1.22 MB, 1200x1762, 78633333_p0.png)

Bart's head looks like it got caved in and all in all this entire picture is just fucking hilarious cause of how serious this person takes this ship.

No. 82948

File: 1586480905059.jpg (591.32 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_4bc7a1ddfbb16771460d1c0…)

No. 82961

Wait what??? I don’t know much about Simpsons so maybe you can explain but is that a grown man?? Why is he shipped with Bart and why does this artist make fanart for such an awful thing-

No. 82962

File: 1586488507659.jpg (25.29 KB, 500x333, DyQPnymp4bG2orBY8J4CY93Q8riZDy…)

That is a grown man, and it's Bart's nemesis who constantly tries to kill him.

No. 82964

File: 1586490447298.jpg (737.02 KB, 2800x2017, 72883234_p1.jpg)

Oh the rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. They even have ocs that are "you soft pedophiles". Like that's a normal character traits to give a character.

No. 82965

This isn't amazing but this doesn't belong in this thread

No. 82966

No. 82967

Then where?

No. 82970

The artist is 25

No. 82974

stop trying to minimod retard

No. 82979

File: 1586500676024.jpeg (176.97 KB, 1100x800, EUyUp0GWsAEVbM-.jpeg)

really tired of girl characters who are remotely tough being made into buff hairy monsters

No. 82980

anon is right, it isnt hideous.

No. 82981

File: 1586502044252.jpg (120.61 KB, 663x937, absolutezero.JPG)

delusional artist girl who follows my friend on instagram is making a "manga" and it's atrocious. This is from the first chapter she released on her website. She's in her 20s, not a teenager…

No. 82982

I do think Tifa looks a bit too dainty in the game but some artists are going nuts in the other direction.
Hairy legs are one thing but the giant hands and belly hair looks downright male, just why.

No. 82992

tbh, i've seen way worse art on Webtoons. This isn't great but it's tolerable.

No. 83010

File: 1586525714205.jpg (42.7 KB, 417x488, IMG_20200410_091147.jpg)

No. 83012

>The artist is 25

and what about it?

No. 83013

ok samefag

No. 83016

I love the drawing, can I have the artist's url?

No. 83026

i thought toph is a blind child and not some unfortunate instagram thottie

No. 83029

>actually wants to see pedo art

Scrote detected.

No. 83032

how the fuck is this pedo art? It's just an anime angel. Am I missing something or are you retarded?

No. 83033

Well you also have the pedo bartxsideshow bob art in your reply are you blind? Or was that a mistake on your end?

No. 83034

nta but the original reply didn't link any pedo art. unless you are seeing something everyone else is missing?

No. 83037

>thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is the same person
absolute retard, kys.

No. 83043

File: 1586548101840.jpg (184.61 KB, 1280x1280, 57437524.jpg)

No. 83046

File: 1586548740890.png (149.91 KB, 820x801, 268-2685076_imagesstudent-yand…)

I know posting YanSim art is cheating but god, how can you fuck up this badly? ugh.

No. 83051

File: 1586550203683.jpg (500.96 KB, 4468x3580, niobh79uhsr41.jpg)

I love this and wanted to share because it cracks me up so bad. Obviously it would be good if not for the face…. hope the BCS anon enjoys this

No. 83062

was going to say if you cover the face it looks alright, then I saw the tiny finger. Failed foreshortening?

No. 83090

File: 1586568478517.jpg (66.6 KB, 640x640, 42929268_1565338976898973_5768…)

No. 83091

see this is why I take issue with fujo's, its fine to ship straight male characters together but don't draw smut of clearly underage boys with adult men

No. 83105

is that Danny phantome?, does he has a binder? good lord

No. 83107

>Why are his fingernails painted?
of all the weird shit going on in this image you pick the one semi-normal thing to focus on

No. 83109

File: 1586587622551.jpg (65.98 KB, 1024x768, cf5e52d2f06006263b0b7ee051d51d…)

some Danny Phantom fans believe he is a transboy because of a scene at the pool where all the other guys have their shirts off and Danny kept his shirt on.
So of course, that can only mean one thing: he's a fakeboi. /s.

No. 83111

File: 1586590044688.jpg (410.52 KB, 750x5657, fu2soigw0xm21.jpg)

No. 83114

You say the age like it's a negative. If they were 40 and still drew like a middle-schooler, or if they have been drawing like that since they were 15 or something and have not improved beyond that, those are different.

No. 83124

why don't you apply as a farmhand since you want to police what shitty art people post in a shitty art thread? Lmfao okay queen of the trash pile

No. 83125

NTA but if you post art claiming it's shitty, people are allowed to discuss it and disagree with your opinion on it…

No. 83134

The black character is named “kuro”, lol

No. 83141

File: 1586636358642.png (954.17 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_c9564d1520a0b8c12d4c2b2…)

He does commissions.
Idk how old this person is but a 20+ yrs old person reblogged so I think it's a sideblog of a mutual of hers of the same age.

No. 83149

File: 1586641997113.gif (1.71 MB, 500x250, D9BAB0ED-8ADF-4321-9039-A0B974…)

this is a gif but

No. 83150

File: 1586642064626.jpeg (484.23 KB, 1635x1536, 8CB4B83F-3BC7-484F-8DF1-BC1DFA…)

the mp100 fandom is truly something else

>ah yes what we need are racebending and putting 14 year olds in dresses along a bunch of identities and other shit! #woke

No. 83153

there should be another thread for blackwashing or whatever the fuck this shit is

No. 83213

Teru being blonde and unique looking is the whole point of his character design, color me triggered.

No. 83225

It looks like a Picasso… and not in a good way

No. 83284

File: 1586744115133.jpg (161.3 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ac46a3d716b8eb641fbc164…)

No. 83285

this is kinda cute imo

No. 83294

File: 1586752629032.jpg (267.24 KB, 1024x714, wonky anime face.jpg)

No. 83303

File: 1586765662443.jpg (629.58 KB, 654x1000, 1586489566190.jpg)

What is anatomy anymore

No. 83314

man it really depresses me, sakimi is so talented yet refuses to improve anatomy.

No. 83364

Every one of Sakimichan's women look like their going to explode out of their clothes at any second. It's actually kind of stressful.

No. 83391

File: 1586810094059.jpg (582.17 KB, 3000x3056, 786428191.jpg)

I'm in a loveless marriage.

No. 83420

The entire Youtube art community is nothing but shitty artists who make a career out of criticizing other shitty artists.

None of them can even draw but they all thrive off of petty drama and act superior to everyone else.

No. 83426

File: 1586819112873.jpg (17.76 KB, 288x450, 42611705-288-k641846.jpg)

Please tell me that thing isn't supposed to be Tifa.

Same. I'd take this over the melty-faced SU tumblr style any day.

I thought you were reaching about the binder thing but apparently you were spot-on (see pic related).

No. 83439

File: 1586820222278.png (1.02 MB, 1200x686, CFLfGhbUgAArsue.png)

No. 83452

I think that's suppose to be a squish frame that somehow was detailed. Guessing they liked it so much they decided to color.

No. 83453

This looks so awful. She's really the worst artist, pandering to neckbeards now

No. 83457

kek at the fact they couldn't make j-hope look any weirder than he does irl so just slapped a mask on him

No. 83460

i hate this shit

No. 83463

nta but he actually had that mask irl when they debuted kek.

No. 83467

File: 1586839732672.jpeg (17.69 KB, 500x383, images (4).jpeg)

Everyine just HAS to be a goddamn troon nowadays

They even diagnosed smeller bee to be a trans girl

No. 83468

File: 1586841149456.png (360.49 KB, 663x878, Why....png)

Why is grell black…
Also what's with this artist and hating certain franchises and black washing all of the characters?

No. 83469

Grell is basically straight now

No. 83474

>makes black butler fanart
>"do not interact if you like black butler"

No. 83475



im assuming its because black butler is "problematic"?

No. 83479

I can't wrap my brain around this…
What logic is this artist going by? So the anime is problematic enough to slap on a disclaimer/warning, yet they draw fan art of the problematic thing which will attract the very people they don't want to interact with? Am I missing something??

No. 83500

Oh my god, is that poor Isabelle?

No. 83534

He was like this with hazbin hotel and later on tried to shit on the youtuber miss zizi character designs and called her a pedo then started acting like little bitch when people defended her.

No. 83563

>trans godnees
>kills prostitutes because he can't get pregnant and and HATES women with a passion

of course…

No. 83578

File: 1586899359682.png (3.46 MB, 2480x3508, 32590986b296920eaecaf9827efd16…)

The art is nice until you see the context

No. 83584

File: 1586900097457.png (809 KB, 1280x1792, z9chlM1.png)

No. 83585

File: 1586900214030.png (952.68 KB, 1280x1792, gR4mepb.png)

No. 83588

File: 1586900829703.jpeg (456.82 KB, 2048x2048, EVIya0HXQAMTkI6.jpeg)

holy shit the twitter is a goldmine. Oh and of course it's a tranny.

No. 83589

File: 1586900854964.jpeg (185.07 KB, 1463x2048, EVWNUKqXkAEEtQG.jpeg)

No. 83618

File: 1586906839355.png (Spoiler Image,551.55 KB, 2971x1111, 46262877094_7a140506f9_o.png)

Not even Clayfighter is immune to shitty art.

No. 83653

File: 1586925234648.png (333.77 KB, 586x499, 39baf49581289be621ab1a29707172…)

No. 83655

Well, it is heavily hinted that Grell is a MtF woman in the manga. Anyways the art is fugly

No. 83667

File: 1586941288996.jpeg (323.35 KB, 2000x2000, DDZv81NVoAErctm.jpeg)

why the fuck do they always think they can get $25 for a badly coloured sketch of a face

for reference this artist actually manages to sell this type for $20-25

No. 83674

The Japanese Okama stereotype is way different from MtF trannies.

No. 83676

The trans rep wouldn't be very good anyway I don't know why people latch onto it, like when he talks about it, it's very fetishy, wanting to wear dresses and speak ladylike, he already does that anyway, I don't know why the demons can't be sexless, they're demons, anyway this isn't a BB thread, so I'll stop.

No. 83691

honestly I wish I had their audacity / lack of self-awareness sometimes

No. 83699

File: 1586969935787.png (Spoiler Image,356.03 KB, 1000x1682, c8a1905c669fa2f3ec368d83977e5d…)

No. 83717

Oh dear,this makes me feel better about my own art,can't believe she's an adult

No. 83897

File: 1587079380859.jpg (84.55 KB, 400x499, tumblr_3e249466745f7a103903dee…)

Same face syndrome

No. 83898

File: 1587079512272.jpg (735.43 KB, 1715x2048, ddunm7b-c05696e5-7634-4f0b-a8e…)

This person is 20 years old…

No. 83926

Bloom looks like a drag queen

Idk I think age says little. How long have they been drawing for? A month? A year? five? ten? I think that's a much more important judging factor than age is. You can be 20 and know what you just drew looks like complete shit but just not have the right skills/techniques/knowledge yet to make something better.

No. 83997


No. 84101

File: 1587206072622.jpg (98.65 KB, 800x1000, thicc_sharkie_by_alexzandermoo…)

A fucking stick torso

The lower half makes the fucker look like he has proteus syndrome or something

No. 84102

File: 1587206448930.png (712.3 KB, 720x719, 20200418_184019.png)

No. 84133

…His tail looks like a dolphin is sticking its nose up his butt.

No. 84157

File: 1587253593221.png (529.29 KB, 591x595, Capture.PNG)

No. 84159

I like this, it~s dynamic.

No. 84173

>>84102 is this supposed to be karkat and gamzee?

No. 84179

Is it wrong that I love that derpy ass dog one? The others are awful, but I love that fucking blue monstrosity

No. 84185

I appreciate this drawing but I can see why someone else would be repulsed by it. I think it shows a ton of action and emotion. Why don't you like it, anon?

No. 84187

Do people not realize that legs aren't that big in real life? Or do they just wish they were?

No. 84196

File: 1587281602107.jpg (691.04 KB, 1079x1357, Screenshot_20200419-093052_Ins…)

Another SJW. I've never seen someone this retarded. Also new fag here, hope I'm doing great.

No. 84197

File: 1587281696077.jpg (328.33 KB, 1078x1071, Screenshot_20200419-092941_Ins…)

Right one is supposed to be Jeff the killer :)

No. 84198

File: 1587281884607.jpg (578.3 KB, 1078x1845, Screenshot_20200419-093019_Ins…)

This person gallery is pure gold. She even made non binary Monika and a black Spinel.

No. 84199

This one is cute and would be better if she didn’t try to pin them as creepy pasta characters. Still, it’s kinda obvious this girl does this purely for attention like that fat trans Miku artist

No. 84203

File: 1587291713641.jpg (330.17 KB, 1585x1585, haaands.jpg)

this one isn't bad except for the yaoi hands

No. 84214

No its someones fanart of someone elses oc

No. 84277

I don't get why these people insist on shouting everywhere they or their characters are trans, it's like it's their whole personality. but as a trans person, shouldn't you want to pass as your "new gender" instead of letting the whole world know you're not the gender you present yourself as?

those hands come straight from my nightmares lmao

No. 84407

File: 1587395346321.jpg (512.63 KB, 1079x1088, Screenshot_20200419-094156_Ins…)


No. 84408

File: 1587395415746.jpg (792.91 KB, 1079x1091, Screenshot_20200419-094223_Ins…)

2020 what a fucking downgrade yikes
Ik it's more unique than the basic chibi kawaii style but it's just…fucking ugly

No. 84638

File: 1587423028874.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1595, ugly af lips.jpg)

No. 84645

It's a snake eating itself. A trans person will never have a persona outside of 'I'M TRANS' because trans is a mental illness. Normal people aren't confined by gender norms in society and are just who they are, regardless of sex.

No. 84646

This is always so obnoxious. Imagine having a cool female character, only to have trannies jump on the chance to choose her as some kind of icon. thanks, i hate it.

No. 84667


Can we just point out how this person draw each individual hair of the eyebrows but the hair of the head is a solid piece without detail?

Those are some Bratz dolls' faces and is just uncomfortable.

No. 84715

This looks like Pixielocks.

No. 84719

I don't really mind that there isn't white people I just don't understand why there aren't any attractive people.

No. 84730

File: 1587451439154.jpg (519.45 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20200421-083405_Ins…)

Are people really paying 30$ for this shit? Jesus. Look at his belly. I hate this artist so much, some of the gijinka don't even look like the character they're supposed to be.

No. 84736

imo this ones a bit cute. (If it wasn't wearing a crop top, didn't have ~UwU gae~ pink shorts, and didn't cost 30 fucking dollars)

No. 84757

tbh I like it except for the nose. Seems reasonable to me that people would pay $30 for something like this.

No. 84783

Dom is chubby looking and actually does look kinda gay and is very cute, I am surprised tumblr doesn't like him more than twink cat.

No. 84802

I have Dom and he's my favorite villager. He's a jock type too. Why would they draw him as this faggy shit?

No. 85200

Are you blind? That sheep looks like a fucking queer.

No. 85258

File: 1587543662733.png (112.25 KB, 318x284, dom.PNG)

are YOU blind? the actual character's personality type is "jock" lmao

No. 85300

He's also a sheep so

No. 85397

File: 1587546894748.png (574.9 KB, 720x887, 20200422_163330.png)

No. 85481

The wrists are weird and his nose is too close to his mouth, but this is otherwise cute.

Have you never met a gay man? Tons of them are jocks. That's what a "hunk" is.

No. 85671

did you mean to respond to >>85200?

No. 85780

This kinda looks like a woman, they also made Steven a bit skinnier, proportions are all whack.

No. 85790

File: 1587566114395.png (1.16 MB, 782x1022, _trade__mugi_by_whiskerfruit_d…)

Milk dud nipples and long head

No. 85791

nice rapey face

No. 85817

wtf. I didn't even know it was steven in the first place

No. 85841

what the fuck?

No. 85906

That sheep is a little faggot. Look at his eyes

No. 85946

File: 1587670617795.png (237.86 KB, 370x750, tumblr_ebca8a1446b50469371f84c…)

No. 85952

Shut the fuck up retard, Dom is awesome and cute.

No. 85958

Why do games by Beemoov result in such shite art

No. 85959

because beemov sucks ass

No. 85970

Can't argue with that, I agree

No. 85971

ezarel sweetie i am so sorry

No. 85982

This looks like a mother bird feeding her babies lmfao

No. 85985

File: 1587686165932.jpeg (151.44 KB, 856x900, EWAJpgPXkAE34iH.jpeg)

No. 86012

File: 1587716438460.png (100.55 KB, 547x275, picbefore and after.png)

How hard is it to draw a generic korean oppa face I mean ffs…

No. 86062

File: 1587764692407.png (4.82 MB, 1833x2139, 652321.png)

Nose looks like a glans

No. 86071

File: 1587778609040.jpg (Spoiler Image,193.6 KB, 653x661, 20200425_033430.jpg)

very quirky ùwú

No. 86073

File: 1587781447606.gif (2.18 MB, 350x218, 1586821377208.gif)

No. 86096

File: 1587795953419.jpg (27.77 KB, 962x831, jerma985_by_gomicake_dds5mfn-p…)


when you cant actually draw realistic portraits, srsly all you gotta do is trace

No. 86101

>>86096 jerma's face is weird but not this weird

No. 86110

File: 1587817373484.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.22 KB, 466x658, images (7).jpeg)

You guys remember the movie splice?

No. 86189

File: 1587885516081.jpg (297.22 KB, 1280x1596, tumblr_77d8271bfe21985bd89a729…)

No. 86190

File: 1587885594859.jpg (340.57 KB, 1280x1669, tumblr_33555347348b7e54565ea3c…)

No. 86191

File: 1587885622571.jpg (347.68 KB, 1280x1632, tumblr_64085115236a2503455898b…)

No. 86192

these are really cool, I like them.

No. 86193

forgot to sage sorry

No. 86200

File: 1587893217943.jpg (382.79 KB, 1068x1339, Screenshot_20200420-170745_Ins…)

What a disgrace, those lips are awful.

No. 86203

File: 1587896000667.jpg (318.13 KB, 1000x1000, EWeM1OFXQAAqpNN.jpg)

Bulky midget arm Cloud
Tifa looks good tho

No. 86207

That doesn't belong in this thread. With a few tweaks, it could be great. This thread is for irredeemable crap.

No. 86216

i like this a lot and it's clearly been done by someone skillful

No. 86217

File: 1587906671821.png (1.24 MB, 720x1072, 20200426_205955.png)

Im not the only one who thinks this looks awful right? Her eyes are melting into one

Also persephonie is an annoying cunt

No. 86218

tbf a whole lotta stuff in this thread "could be great with a few tweaks" lol

No. 86225

looks like sal to me

No. 86229

Whos sal?

No. 86230

I STILL can't believe this basic ass day time soap opera tier shit is getting it's own show.

No. 86236

The art for this comic is really juvenile in general. I don’t see the appeal at all. The writing must be spectacular with all the audience it garners

No. 86243

The lips aren't the only awful thing, look at that chin. The way the clothes are drawn are pretty bad too

No. 86264


her eyes are so close to just merging into one whole eyeball like a sonic character or some shit

No. 86266

is this supposed to be josh dun because i can perfectly see it

No. 86269

Its mediocre at best. Its very basic like a dumb romcom movie that any young person would fall head over heels to

No. 86272


Oh Jesus I hope not, wtf did they do to him lol

No. 86318

File: 1587994350800.jpg (111.96 KB, 1080x1080, ffxiv.jpg)

Uh did you adopt a FFXIV character?

No. 86382

File: 1588057955136.jpg (79.19 KB, 1024x500, fullview.jpg)

No. 86386

she went from cis to troon

No. 86387

This may not be a popular opinion since the features aren't pretty but 2017 is the sweet spot here. Her linework and coloring vastly improved and the features are exaggerated but with personality enough to make the character recognizable. But then she takes it overboard in the most recent version so it's no longer a caricature and is just grotesque and uncanny.

No. 86395

File: 1588100269029.jpg (76.31 KB, 640x1418, EWrjH7ZX0AYyZKd.jpg)

Most recent Touken ranbu design. Someone tell me what's going on with those legs!

No. 86396

File: 1588101596831.jpg (627.41 KB, 3024x4032, wyga5hmmcev41.jpg)

What is anatomy?also this artist is no amateur even that wouldn't excuse such broken ugly proportions

No. 86404

File: 1588116496379.jpg (242.41 KB, 1264x2048, EWpzqiyWkAI8zDw.jpg)

Byleth is built like a linebacker

No. 86411

I'm that anon lol
But no. I just discovered her art via adoptables. That is a commission she did for someone of their FF oc.

No. 86418

File: 1588145825344.jpg (144.87 KB, 569x543, why.jpg)

this isn't necessarily bad art but it's cursed


No. 86493

This pedo ass shit

No. 86494

what the is that and why do you even have it???

you're just as fucked as the person who drew this

No. 86507


now i'm curious

No. 86511

nta, but I see this shit all the time on boorus when I'm looking for other art. For example, this could have been tagged as dungeons_and_dragons or the_thing because of the posters you can barely see in the back

No. 86533

File: 1588277871831.jpeg (168.54 KB, 680x702, do-digital-art-commissions-at-…)

Found this on fiverr
The tiny fucking head though lol

No. 86535

whats the problem

No. 86536

her waist-wings take the cake

No. 86540

That’s where they are on the original character design

No. 86562

Is this referring to the dragon stuff just above?

No. 86566

I think the pic anon posted got removed because it was THAT bad

No. 86574

It's going to be lolcow mystery from now on

No. 86575

File: 1588333062402.jpg (405.42 KB, 1080x1039, 20200501_122416.jpg)

No. 86580

File: 1588337740038.jpg (148.03 KB, 495x413, 20200501_145435.jpg)

Why is drawing eyes like that so popular lately? It looks retarded

No. 86583

Fuck, I've been wondering the same fucking thing. I always get told its artistic style, like duh I know that but why the fuck is it a thing? It looks like your eyes are leaking out in a pointy way…

No. 86593

the one above at least looks like the person put effort in to make it look nice as possible so imo it's ok and kinda good looking too but the one under just looks … retarded

No. 86623

Reminds me of the flesh fang thing.

No. 86626


It was a pic with a character riding another one and they both looked like tweens. You didn't miss anything and it was gross

No. 86631

The top one's eyes are differentiated with linework and look more like very stylized teary eyes. The bottom eyes have half-assed points and the whites blend into the face so it looks like they were clawed right under their eyes.

No. 86636

oh oops lel I´ve never seen that character before. That´s kind of a dumb place for wings

No. 86661

Because "MuH UniQue ArT StYle1!!

No. 86684

Maybe it looks ok but I've seen really /a lot/ of those eyes lately made by various artists, I didn't have time to look for them tho

No. 86687

honestly the first thing that came into my mind when i saw it was tearzah

No. 86696

File: 1588392832640.jpg (646.54 KB, 1079x1107, toothpick neck.jpg)

No. 86736

File: 1588421705616.jpg (271.46 KB, 3355x1924, IMG_20200502_081356.jpg)


No. 86818

I don’t know the characters, but I think the sitting one is cute.

No. 86819

File: 1588479351787.png (2.29 KB, 153x229, dingo.png)

why the tail? a tumblr headcanon perhaps?

No. 86823

Those "tweens" were eleven and mike from stranger things

No. 86829

Chibis with fucked up proportions is honestly my biggest art pet peeve.

No. 86830

File: 1588485070020.jpg (55.36 KB, 1080x812, 10985432.jpg)

No. 86831

File: 1588485095902.jpg (54.52 KB, 928x698, 23409802.jpg)

the drama

No. 86841

just lol at that tiny waist, the delusion

No. 86920

File: 1588518270166.jpg (Spoiler Image,681.05 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot_20200503-154838_Ins…)

I hate when artists shit all over fit characters by making them fucking obese. This is gross. But given what this "artist" looks like, I can't say I'm surprised

No. 87040

they did my buff man deidara fucking dirty

No. 87064

my friend is friends with a fanartist who draws some characters i like, and i absolutely hate the artist's style. i don't want to post it because i would feel mean but it's that ugly tumblr-esque style and i have to act like i enjoy it just to be polite because it's her friend, but oof. that god damn tumblr style permeates so many artists' hands.

No. 87076

Don't bring it up and then not post it.

No. 87079

As soon as you mentioned that it has that tumblr art style I can already see it in front of me


>ugly as possible
>genderspecial pins and flags on the character
>everything looks incredibly lazy and ugly

No. 87083

Boggles the mind how the last part is true yet so many artists receive praise for it. Why does everyone love that lumpy, fat, lazy style so much? It's hideous.

No. 87084

I don't think they love it so much as they love the attention it gains for potential woke points. I can't tell if it's still effective, or if they just don't know how to draw anything else at this point.

No. 87085

File: 1588563749166.jpg (90.26 KB, 640x640, rlHHGfR.jpg)

not anything especially terrible, except for that it was on the tumblr radar. what the hell happened? they've severely dropped the standards for qualifying.

also lol, the hands

No. 87086

this has to be a parody

No. 87143

File: 1588592072261.jpg (672.77 KB, 1080x1589, 20200504_122836.jpg)

I present to you black Giorno in a frog binder. You really can't make this shit up. This person also has art of black "decora" Bruno in braces. Both are dtiys but in the og art the characters are light skinned kek. I like JJBA but it's a magnet for retards, fakebois, and tumblr doodlers

No. 87145

the art itself is far from bad imo but…are they a teenager by any chance? sounds like basic tumblr teen behavior

No. 87150

Admittedly their Bruno and Narancia art is far uglier but I had to post Giorno because of that fucking binder. Yeah, it's the typical "17, he/him, gay" bullshit on their profile

No. 87151

Is his hand backwards or does he have a tumor? Also how hard is it to draw eyes in the same direction. He do be lookin kinda fresh doe

No. 87205

I thought of your post when I went to log in that was the background of the login page

No. 87217


oh good fucking lord. i've been into jjba for quite a while and try my hardest to stay away from tumblr-esque art. but god is it hard when every single fucking artist makes all the part 5 kids black because "uuuh uuh it's in Italy so they're just tan"

admittedly i'm not italian but I've been there many times and last I saw people aren't even that tan. besides, it's an anime about a 15 y/o taking over the italian mafia with his golden imaginary friend. Two characters have white hair and two have pink. Realism in jjba is pretty much nonexistent.

No. 87231

Even then, there's a huge difference between giving a character a tan and completely changing their race because "muh representation uwu". If someone drew Pucci or Avdol as white, there would be chaos.
Even characters that are already POC like Kakyoin, Jotaro, Josuke etc. get changed to black. Add that to the usual fugly Tumblr facial features and you have a monstrosity. It's hard being a jjba fan

No. 87236

File: 1588630713000.jpg (21.36 KB, 256x300, 62794.jpg)

Wish Gato would've taken over Sano's character design because the person who drew Sano (and also his brother) made them look like an underage kid who newly discovered Anime/Manga + deviantart drew it instead and now I cannot play the game without feeling like I'm committing a sex crime

No. 87284

is that b2d?

No. 87301

I decided to check out mean girls the musical and saw this trash. Why do they do this? It's lazy and so fucking ugly.

No. 87311

File: 1588688613451.jpg (434.97 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20200505-151853_Ins…)

Apparently this is supposed to be Denki from bnha. Tbh I think the bnha fandom is irredeemable at this point

No. 87334

File: 1588695985578.jpg (798.84 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20200505-172610_Ins…)

Oh god no, make it stop

No. 87336

this stuff is so hilarious seeing the context of the manga that I'm not even mad

No. 87338

File: 1588697165890.png (240.16 KB, 409x645, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

DENKI? Omg weebs ruin every damn thing

No. 87448

File: 1588754636038.jpg (63.83 KB, 396x213, fmiw3Xz.jpg)

Tree trunk neck!

No. 87466

File: 1588773372519.png (17.46 KB, 852x559, transdoppy.png)

Reminds me of a particular jojo artist who's also the typical sjw fakeboi with he/him in their bio. They're one of the most annoying people I have ever laid eyes on calls themselves a trans guy but draws themselves with huge boobs and hips and always with feminine clothing like shorts and fishnet stockings, constantly talks about their "juicy pussy" and tits and shit. But yeah, you're totally a man, sure buddy. And people wonder why trans people aren't taken seriously, jesus fucking christ.

Pic is their tranny doppio and ofc he has surgery scars and loads of armpit hair. Nice.

No. 87468

Doppio doesn't deserve this. One of my pet peeves is when these retards have an obsession with armpit hair and top surgery scars, as if that somehow makes them more of a "boy". It's gross. Especially the pit hair, that shit gets sweaty. And ofc every fucking character has to be trans in their eyes - I've even seen people claim that characters are canonically trans.

I think JJBA attracts so many fakebois because it's anime, it's colourful, and the characters have outlandish fashion. If there's one thing fakebois love it's bright colours and rainbows, hence the decora obsession

No. 87470

File: 1588776728942.png (600.49 KB, 1280x1254, 7ZA729V.png)

>an obsession with armpit hair and top surgery scars

i thought it was just me being especially peeved by this but good to know that i'm not the only one who noticed it. pic related but it's so annoying that this shit exists in every fandom, especially the ones that make it so very obvious that the characters in question aren't trans and never will be.

No. 87471

File: 1588776798559.png (112.05 KB, 537x422, qi3IBa7.png)

No. 87473

>I've even seen people claim that characters are canonically trans.

yeah I've seen that too. There's apparently a huge amount of jojo fans who believe Kakyoin is trans, and I've even heard a rumor that Kakyoin was og supposed to be a girl. 100% sure it's all fake tho.

No. 87479

Yeah, I've heard that Kakyoin was og supposed to be Jotaro's female classmate and love interest. But even if that was true (which I doubt), that doesn't make him trans. He's canonically a biological male.

Idk if you're familiar with Danganronpa but there's an insta fakeboi so obsessed with Komaeda that she identifies as him. I can't stand kinnies. According to her, Hajime is trans (she has a highlight labelled "trans Hajime" which is full of "proof" a.k.a big fucking stretches and the studio telling her it's up to interpretation)
Bonus points for her overweight fakeboi fiance who identifies as Hajime. Komaeda girl has a highlight of their cringey con proposal.
She used to have an art account link in her bio and all of it was just shitty ship art of fat trans Komaeda and fat trans Hajime with top surgery scars. If I ever find it again, I'll post it here because it's a fucking laugh

No. 87482

I have no idea who this person is but i've seen so many of these exact same types all over tumblr

No. 87502

File: 1588791497551.jpg (4.24 KB, 223x226, why.jpg)

oh god, anon please fucking post it if you find it
on another note isn't there some crossdresser in danganronpa who fucking everyone thinks is trans just cause he dresses like a girl? I have such a problem with that, like these tumblrfags always say shit like "uuuh if you wanna be feminine or girly ur still a guy!! i love smol soft space bois who aren't afraid to be feminine uwu owo" but then they turn around and say that every male anime character who is even slightly effeminate is trans.

I've even seen people say that the Tequila Joseph scene from part 2 is "transmisogynistic" but like,, why? it's a cis guy dressing up as a woman for a gag. aren't you the transphobic one if you immediately think of trans women when you see a buff crossdressing man? fucking kek

No. 87504

File: 1588792383608.jpg (201.43 KB, 648x648, tumblr_dcf384f3ff22d3c858ca911…)

No. 87505

File: 1588793351141.png (97.49 KB, 300x300, D49EBA7E-2C72-47A5-9960-C6832D…)

>on another note isn't there some crossdresser in danganronpa who fucking everyone thinks is trans just cause he dresses like a girl?
Do you mean this dude aka Korekiyo Shinguji? Don't remember much of this guy but I think the reason why he dresses like a girl is because his sister died and he wants to resemble her or some shit.

No. 87509

File: 1588794419170.jpg (414.5 KB, 3287x1247, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-b6Wf…)


I did a lot of digging through my phone and I managed to find it. Behold, some of the ugliest shit you'll ever see. Luckily she has her main account linked in her art profile so if you want to see the absolute fucking genius behind these masterpieces, you can. I read her carrd and it almost gave me fucking brain damage.

Also you're right about the feminine crossdresser - I think you mean Chihiro. He canonically dresses as a girl to escape bullying and his character arc focuses on him wanting to become a strong man. But ofc the tumblr crowd take one look at that and think "ohmahgerd soft transgirl uwu".
Korekiyo is actually one of my favourite characters. Fortunately he's not as popular so he tends to fly under the radar.

No. 87510

Do these people not understand that cross dressers exist? Or that people can dress in whatever clothes they want without it meaning they are trans?

No. 87512

Who's this artist? I actually like this.

No. 87514

serious question, but what is it about dr that attracts all the trans kinnies? i was there when the hype happened because of the somethingawful lp and it was alright and i thought the games were enjoyable, but i just don't get why THIS is what all of them latch onto. especially because there are so many '''problematic''' aspects in that game. like isn't chihiro's entire thing that he isn't strong/manly and therefore he hides behind presenting as a woman because obviously women aren't strong? i know it ain't that deep, but you'd think fandom kids so hellbent on social justice issues would put dr on their never ending list of bad series.

No. 87518

It only comes up because a male entered a room when you need to narrow down the suspect pool during a class trial. Weeb games are going to attract tumblrinas.

No. 87522

Most of the fans are minors/teens, and we all know how susceptible young people are to tumblr logic and kinning. Danganronpa is popular because it has "hot" characters and a couple of well-known YouTubers did playthroughs of it. I also think a lot of the fans simply moved over from shit like Homestuck.
There's always at least one fandom that attracts a boatload of degenerates. Homestuck, Undertale, Hetalia, Attack on Titan, JJBA, BNHA. Danganronpa is definitely up there

No. 87523

File: 1588798713780.jpeg (464.83 KB, 2048x2048, 29A1811F-2BC9-428F-A819-683DB9…)

I love how the DR fandom loves to ignore the fact that their very own content and the things they enjoy also fall under the "problematic" category, yet they think they're all high and mighty and can police other people's interests and what others are allowed to like/dislike.

Pic attached is one of the DR fandom degenerates who has stuff like "Voltron" and even "irl shiba inus" blacklisted and bashes on people for liking "bad media" but for some reason they think they get a free pass for everything they do because "DR is not as bad as AOT aka nazi propaganda!1!!!1!".

Last time I checked, Kokichi Ouma was a canon nazi but it seems like he's one of the most favorite characters of the fandom, no?

No. 87524

The delusion is strong with this one. "I am literally Shuichi", calm down, Becky, Shuichi is a fictional character that was designed by a marketing team. And I immediately disregard anyone who has "it/its" pronouns in their bio.

You're correct, anon, I think Kokichi's og title is the Ultimate Dictator and his outfit, particularly his hat, is a nod to Nazi clothing. That list of "bad media" made me chuckle and so did the fujoshi dni. What's the betting that this person has a ton of yaoi OTPs lmao

No. 87529

File: 1588801004785.jpeg (864.1 KB, 4096x1548, 424424.jpeg)

Honestly they do, and who would've thought! Ouma is indeed one of their "comfort characters".
The person hasn't been active on the blog for year because they moved blogs, but I'll drop the link because the good old delusion of DR fans is entertaining. There's so many of them and they're all the copy paste of each other aka big bright flashy gifs in their links, "he/they/it" pronouns, edgy character kins and the infamous "dni if you like this and that but it's ok if I like it!".

They have a tracker on their blog though, I recommend looking at their links from your phone.

No. 87536

Oh well fuck me sideways, would you look at that - they're an Undertale fan. I'm so shocked.

First of all, Kaito is nowhere near as bad as Kokichi in canon and secondly, even if he was, I find it funny how it's totally okay for her to like him bc of "kin reasons".

No. 87539

File: 1588803520809.jpg (740.69 KB, 3173x1400, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-peLQ…)

Look how they massacred my boys

No. 87552

File: 1588809042270.jpg (138.72 KB, 800x709, 18HQeAf.jpg)


>>Since coming out, they've been surprisingly self conscious about their appearance, but since their partners are ready 24/7 to fight anyone who makes them feel bad, their confidence is slowly growing.

Sure… headcanons…

No. 87576

Oh god. I used to do these cringy lists when i was 12. almost identical. how the fuck have they not outgrown this

No. 87591

File: 1588841913063.jpg (28.55 KB, 256x450, chihiro.jpg)

yeah i was talking about chihiro - I don't know much about DR but I've heard about his backstory and his reason for being a crossdresser but I still see people say all the time that he's a trans girl. Bro if you want a trans character just fucking make one yourself instead of you know, erasing characters canon identities because "m-muh trans!!1!

No. 87593

File: 1588843717372.jpeg (216.06 KB, 1280x720, 53FB6621-DFC8-43ED-BB11-F99CC2…)

KEK they made okuyasus skin more orange rather than brown
now he’s an orange man
shouldn’t this trigger people? also what does making his skin orange help for race diversity? what a retard

No. 87609

so many things are off but the missing shoe is very distracting and kinda funny considering the weather.

No. 87612

File: 1588854701964.jpg (633.3 KB, 1064x1033, Screenshot_20200507-132800_Ins…)

Art by yet another genderspecial tard. Okay, maybe it's just me but…do you ever look at someone's work and think "how are you selling that?"
Like who is buying that? Who sees that and thinks "fuck yeah, gotta get me some of that"?

No. 87621

File: 1588859829892.jpg (8.87 KB, 225x225, whyyy.jpg)

yes i know exactly what you mean. God there are so many artists whose art style just makes me want to die… if you're into jojo you might have heard of ms_pigtails?? she's one of the biggest jojo cows I've ever fucking seen. Admittedly I haven't gone on social media for a while (and especially not on hers) so I don't know if she's improved at all, but as I looked her up she's gotten better at anatomy but now she's started drawing straight up femboy yaoi porn… which is pretty ironic since I've seen her talking about how straight men who fetishize lesbians are disgusting and unacceptable when she's obviously a fujoshit/himejoshi herself. She's a next level degenerate who still has this annoying holier-than-thou attitude (reminiscent of HC Brown) and acts like anyone who doesn't like her gay ships is homophobic. At this point she's just become a public experiment on how far a human being actually can get their head up their ass.
But yeah she's one of those artists that I just ask myself why when she gets commissioned for drawings and stuff, like you do know there's much better porn on the internet right? Who even are the desperate ass people who would waste money badly drawn porn… I just don't get it. There's so much good free porn on the internet why do you pay for a bad version on something that already exists? People are truly retarded.

Not really related but I've also seen her say that the Kakyoin MILF hunter meme is problematic because Kakyoin is 17 aka a minor!!1! and Holly is like 40ish. Which is also ironic since she's implied that Pucci wants to have sex with Dio even tho when they first met PUcci was 15 and Dio was over 100 years old… now I don't really care that much about underage ships but it really just screams "it's okay when I do it"… She has over 10K followers on IG. I hate the world

also sorry for the long post I just have a lot of bottled up anger towards this person kek

No. 87622

File: 1588859877233.jpg (238.32 KB, 1200x1200, ECEf9yWU8AEoDYh.jpg)

Some of her newer art… how do people think this is good

No. 87623

File: 1588859966411.jpg (119.13 KB, 1200x905, ewwwwww.jpg)

this is literally turning into tearzah art… they look like children. what are you doing

No. 87624

File: 1588860030211.jpg (141.68 KB, 1200x1117, EUooZDeX0AA_fOU.jpg)

guess the gender

No. 87637

File: 1588864750745.jpg (470.78 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20200507-160902_Ins…)


I hadn't heard of her until now but I just looked her up and excuse me wtf is this shit? The comments are cancer. How does she have over 100 patrons? Who is paying for this? These people love to sit on their high horse and preach about fetishisation but this is the most blatant case of fetishisation and feminisation I've seen in a long time.
Also of course she's a fan of DR and JJBA. Of fucking course. As for the underage Kakyoin meme…Kakyoin looks more legal than any of the characters she's drawn.

I mean fucking hell, these 2 abominations don't look 18+, that's for sure. Men don't have thighs like that

No. 87669

This is shadman tier crap ew

No. 87675

>>Hmmm yeah guys in tights
>>Guys in tights


No. 87678

File: 1588883552747.jpg (34.52 KB, 1440x978, lol.jpg)

satan please come fucking get me I can't take it anymore

she's turning into like a way way worse version of sakimichan… like the rendering is pretty good but the anatomy is just horrible and grotesque, do people actually like, jack it to this stuff? as a bi guy I really don't find it appealing at all, like that's literally just a fucking girl. It's a futa. Calling it a guy is an insult to all men. And thinking that gay men would be attracted to this is an even bigger insult.

>>liked by gamusaur

well fuck, I thought gamu was one of the few good jojo artists out there. I always hated her 4-panel comics already but I never thought she'd be a degenerate fujoshit(guy here)

No. 87687

File: 1588886081303.jpg (698.64 KB, 3557x1582, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-QB8s…)

Futa is the best way to describe it. That's the word I was looking for. It looks very shota-y too tbh, which is a whole new level of disturbing.
These people have no idea what an actual man looks like. They've just cobbled together a warped perception of men from cartoons, anime, and yaoi. It's particularly sad when you can see the artist actually has some technical ability but they use their talent to create…whatever the fuck that is.
As for gamusaur, I usually block out follower names but I guess the sheer ugliness of that piece made me forget to do so kek. Gamu's "chibis" look like they have ping-pong balls for heads.

Pic unrelated btw. I just wanted to show why I fucking despise pastel palettes. Fakebois and tumblr artists have permanently ruined pastels for me. Middle art piece is by well-known insta fakeboi Caspian. Ugh. Let me add Steven Universe to the long list of shitty fandoms

No. 87688

….I don't hate this.
It's heavily stylized, but not obnoxious.

No. 87689

love that her head is facing in different directions for each drawing, but the hair is in exactly the same perspective in all three.

No. 87690



The sad thing is, anon. That character is supposed to be a boy

No. 87691

this is very pretty to me

No. 87696

File: 1588888849126.png (424.81 KB, 1087x265, picrew shit.png)

No. 87701

i kinda like the first one. who's the artist?

No. 87703

Those aren't all the same artist are they? They aren't very consistent. The first one on the left looks fine, the face is kind of droopy but the body proportions are better than a lot of other stuff on here.

No. 87711

The file name is "picrew shit.jpg", so I'm guessing they're all from picrew character makers. Third one looks like Milo Stewart and the fourth one has a retarded mouth

No. 87712

That would make some sense. Third one is definitely the worst. Even if it's a character maker the shirt and mustache are clipping badly.

No. 87773

Fag whisperer here. As a trans man myself I hate shit like this. I'm really active on tumblr and I can't believe the shitstorm it's become nowadays. I honestly don't give a fuck how trans people identify, like gay, bi, etc. or how they wanna present (like idk, a trans man being a bit more feminine or trans woman being masculine) but there's a fine line between minding your own business as for being queer and being cringey af. I really hate these "trans" headcanons they got on literally anyone they project on. Imagine being that much kinnie cringe kek
That being said, I really, REALLY hate these kinds of ugly and lazy styles. Don't get me started on giving characters seventy different identities just for being "inclusive", because it honestly looks like they're doing it out of agenda. And when they make characters brown or black… jesus. Especially if those characters are already asian or other race that's not white… like… aren't they "of colour" enough for you??(>>tumblr)

No. 87778

File: 1588943689882.png (Spoiler Image,679.13 KB, 720x498, hideous.png)

Look at what I just got recommended (through promotion no less) on Instagram kek. Spoiler because of nudity I guess

No. 87780

File: 1588944249371.png (638.58 KB, 1275x1755, 845e4df3-1c4d-468f-9723-bb08d4…)

I kek'd so hard when I saw this. Found this gem on tumblr. They're supposed to be Nero and Vergil from Devil May Cry 5. What's cringey is that the artist thinks this is gonna be the next big thing in the fandom and has like three different accounts for just this comic: one for the comic, one for questions about the comic, and one for… the comic, again. Not counting her personal account as well kek

No. 87781

Those veins. Ew

No. 87793

B-but anon! Black is the only ~POC UwU~ race!/j

No. 87805

Wow, I couldn't even tell who those were. This is shit.

No. 87832

File: 1588996872222.png (629.62 KB, 720x731, 20200509_115853.png)

i dont understand why people keep copying tearzah's terrible artstyle

No. 87834

God they look emaciated/sunburnt my skin hurts just looking at this

No. 87844

That's…Onision as a titan

No. 87926

File: 1589086632383.jpeg (Spoiler Image,428.05 KB, 1700x1435, EGOwkdoXUAAVuAq.jpeg)

Came across Pentagrin's new twitter and her art is still shit and she still has her knockoff Black Butler ocs.
Spoilered bc gore + fetus

No. 87928

File: 1589087059664.jpg (832.94 KB, 747x665, xMnK5TH.jpg)

If you're going to have a basic anime style make it a good style why are so many artists reverting to this blocky over stylized 'not like other animu artists' shit. Also would really like them to stop this trend of doing before and afters backwards because they know their current style is hot dogshit. But they're quirky so it's ok.

No. 87929

File: 1589087171275.jpg (390.42 KB, 749x750, 81xTwhX.jpg)

The one right after this.

No. 87930

File: 1589088404186.jpg (48.44 KB, 540x366, picasso-self-portraits-800.jpg)

No. 87931

Picasso defined his style and his was revolutionary at the time. His entire thing was pushing boundaries. This is just shitty not like others animu art masquerading as something new. Not sure what point you were hoping to make with this WKing

No. 87949

File: 1589106402535.jpeg (57.46 KB, 1080x720, 9DA2FDFE-4271-4434-8CE4-4CB62D…)


No. 87952

Damn she really went all out with the fetishes

No. 87954

Glad to see that anonymous asexual has gotten rid of the vore pride flag hair

No. 87955

holy cow this brings back memories.. i think she somehow got worse

No. 87972

Those fingers are so broken.

Is it common for commissions to have the actual sketches as a tier? The lineart is basically the same as the rough sketch but $5 more.

No. 87974

The lineart is actually a lot worse lmao

No. 88001

You're right, and the face kind of derped out in the lineart too because they took the irises away? Looks way stiffer.

Who's the artist? The character really looks like an ace furry girl I used to know/drew like that, but then that look is kind of a stereotype at this point. I didn't even know a vore flag existed and I'd rather have not known.

No. 88006

File: 1589163446375.jpg (93.13 KB, 780x1040, 6-pack-abs-drawing-35.jpg)

The face though

No. 88009

File: 1589164347015.jpg (425.82 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_p38wjoIM1C1undt0io1_128…)

anonymous-asexual on tumblr, you probably recognize her from these shitty comics.

No. 88011

File: 1589164985568.png (1.02 MB, 940x2038, 3.png)

This is from May 10, 2020.. Her anatomy didn't improve much

No. 88012

is it just me or do genderspecials always love butch fashion? minus the obnoxious hair of course. it's very ironic but a travesty nonetheless.

No. 88013

File: 1589165264428.jpg (171.96 KB, 1280x960, 33WR5.jpg)

Her newest commission sheet isn't much better

No. 88019

File: 1589169651960.png (252.06 KB, 768x768, ra41gcm3s1y41.png)

Apparently this is supposed to be Princess bubblegum and Marceline
They did not even try at all

No. 88025

>Who is paying for this?
Porn sick males who watch tranny porn

No. 88031

File: 1589180445196.png (112.61 KB, 171x444, thats pretty big gun there.png)

This is well drawn, but the pistol is too big.

No. 88032

File: 1589180560882.png (34.6 KB, 134x179, face fail.png)

Some bad face anatomy

No. 88039

dogs don’t even stand like that.

No. 88046

It's a character from the game Sam & Max. He is drawn/animated to stand like that in the game, too.

No. 88048

File: 1589190771608.png (744.45 KB, 994x952, tumblr_838c06829d99f1ec0dd425e…)

No. 88059

this is how majority of anime looks like nowadays

No. 88074

File: 1589208751590.jpeg (32.96 KB, 480x270, B11625D2-70A3-40DA-BFD9-5DA5CC…)

Did you really try to defend this shit with fucking Picasso? When they can’t even draw a HAND??

No. 88080


I don't really see the issue here

No. 88091

cool, no one cares lol

No. 88092

Same. It looks fine to me besides some nitpicks. Better than some of the other stuff posted here.

Except clearly you do enough to reply. Why all the animosity? If you have issues with the drawing, enlighten us.

No. 88094

i can’t tell if you’re autistic or if this is bait

No. 88099

this is either traced or the artist doesn't know how to make consistent lineart

No. 88240

File: 1589308086354.jpg (469.99 KB, 1400x1400, ib5jpfbb5by41.jpg)

I'm not certain why this has over 70 upvotes on Reddit

No. 88252

It looks like crayons.

No. 88304

File: 1589323395616.png (1.67 MB, 700x933, 2i1e2db3cay41.png)

Another Sakimichan ripoff
The anatomy is just atrocious

No. 88306

these people never learn

No. 88324

File: 1589336747775.jpg (135.57 KB, 720x995, 20200512_222042.jpg)

I use to really like rheasimonel's art. They still needed some practice but I thought they had a pretty cool toon style and character designs. But I recently checked their instagram after not seeing their art for a while and I'm pissed it looks like… THIS.

No. 88326

File: 1589336886383.jpg (216.8 KB, 717x1009, 20200512_222750.jpg)

Samefag, here's a drawing they did in 2018.

No. 88345

File: 1589347751249.jpg (406.81 KB, 2279x1302, lm9EDlb.jpg)

No. 88347


didn't picasso know the fundamentals of art so well that he went on and broke them down as time went by?this isn're regression it's experimentation.if you told him to draw a portrait he would be able to do so

No. 88374

File: 1589378209023.png (462.14 KB, 960x861, lordsaveusall.png)

I also know a kinnie, but they're obsessed with Dio from Jojo. She gets triggered over Deathnote art and is overall super cringy. For her, every Jojo character is like trans and drawn as minorities. This is an example of what's on her page. She posts like three times a day and it's usually pretty milky. (I've never posted before lol hope this saged…)

No. 88389

username pls

No. 88392

Anon give us the name

No. 88396

i can't even form a snarky comment after reading that, i'm just so dumbfounded by the fact that she thinks her friend's feelings are so damn important that someone would literally delete stuff for her sake

also give us the username

No. 88409

wtf who posted real gore? It's deleted now but the hell was that

No. 88418

it's this one edgy faggot that's been shitting up the board since 2-3 days
i recommend reporting it and moving on with your day

No. 88440

Okay Vendetta-chan

No. 88452

File: 1589394368323.jpg (563.47 KB, 1079x1372, Screenshot_20200513-201939_Ins…)

Uh Rin, what happened to your face?
The old one was trash, but so is the new version
I hate this person with such a passion, always uwu fuck gender roles uwu (random character) says trans rights!! uwuwu
what's with artists babying lgbts, yikes.

No. 88463

I actually like the new one very well

No. 88473

Can you drop her new @?

No. 88482

that pic is a copypasta that was used to troll selfshippers

No. 88531

File: 1589403302552.png (324.36 KB, 540x483, waterfall_833b3e8186acb046cd0d…)

If I have to see this, so does everyone else.

No. 88532

File: 1589403332844.png (194.45 KB, 540x600, waterfall_d30863e751c6b3311a8a…)

No. 88554

wait which is the new and the old??

No. 88556

>brown skin aeris.
>tifa is fat even though everything about her is muscular and fit

Why do ugly girls do this

No. 88557

>down with the cis
I knew the remake would attract only insane idiots born way after 1997

No. 88576

File: 1589411265315.png (662.52 KB, 1370x1043, canigetamfyikes.png)

@ is @diohorse. He/she/it/who the fuck cares, changes it like every couple months. This account is private but still somehow has more followers than the main lol. They're super milky lmfao

No. 88583

Blonde froppy lmao

No. 88623

Wow! This one might be the most blatant I've seen.


No. 88642

Remember not to cow tip like a sperg

No. 88691

>maid dragon

when did this happen? did I miss something?

No. 88709

Probably because of the lolicon pandering

No. 88744

I am surprised how can you not be aware that Dragon Maid includes softcore lolicon

No. 88827

Damn she really did draw a baby being ripped out. I never cared about the drama with her, but I've always disliked her characters. She's gotten worse

No. 89039

File: 1589587577976.jpg (149.68 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20200515_195101.jpg)

No. 89046

What is Aeris's shirt supposed to say here? It reads to me as "the cis the.

No. 89047

I think it might be a Simpsons reference? Sideshow Bob had a "die bart, die" but played it off as "the bart, the" because the german word for the is die

But I dont think a 14 year old fujo would make such a round a bout reference to an old cartoon. Its a mystery

No. 89048

I was gonna say the strangest detail to me is that they made Cloud have brown roots showing, but then I saw the star of David.

No. 89191

File: 1589673168790.png (2.75 MB, 1280x1600, tumblr_2a5fb6147991763e3134637…)

No. 89219

File: 1589683341183.jpeg (722.34 KB, 1242x1379, 92B34AAF-2463-4007-8331-3DB360…)

No. 89240

File: 1589690074137.jpeg (136.57 KB, 750x500, F187022B-4A6C-40E9-8699-F3E397…)


No. 89241

this is kind of cringey but not bad, anon. seems like vendetta

No. 89242


No. 89243

Nope, Doctor Who, and even worse it's with the first doctor

No. 89248

File: 1589696140595.jpg (58.51 KB, 640x857, eed5ba6cc39796b2f5b5481ad9a023…)

It's bad but hardly the worst I've ever seen, I'm only posting it because of the massive DO NOT REPOST

No. 89250

File: 1589696837921.jpg (99.77 KB, 900x900, tama_by_heckidol.jpg)

No. 89251

Is this supposed to be Sunmi from her "Noir" mv?

No. 89269

File: 1589713146404.jpg (789.57 KB, 4096x4096, EYKuNg1WAAEP5je.jpg)

if miku saw this she'd kill herself

No. 89277

Lmao. When the artists projected themselves on the characters so bad you couldn't even recognize what show it's from.

No. 89281

This isn't badly drawn and it's pretty tame as far as "plus size" headcanons go. At least she doesn't have stretch marks, vitiligo, or weird Steven Universe lips.

No. 89284

I don't like a fat Miku but I don't think this is bad nor hideous

No. 89288

once you start excusing borderline fetish level character alteration you open the doors up to worse changes, of course it's not "that bad" but what is "that bad" and why is it worse?

No. 89291

u guys just havent seen her undertale porn where she ship herself n sans

No. 89295

A skinny character being drawn fat doesn't equal a fetish, like she doesn't have a massive burger or anything, her face isn't sexual, nothing about this is sexual, it was probably just drawn by a bigger person, maybe someone who wanted to practice cute but bigger drawing.

Post it then, hardly relevant to this picture tho.

No. 89310

"nothing about this is sexual" how do you even know that? Are you self posting as the artist?

wonder if in said porn there's an emphasis on obesity?

No. 89311

File: 1589734330671.jpg (Spoiler Image,307.02 KB, 2966x2298, 5S99S78F643JJJ3VB4HJ6V3JD.jpg)

holy fuck ew

No. 89312

She deleted all of her archive off VK.com after its some of it was posted on lolcow before.
But the funny part about it is how she had 12k subs on vk.com page and right after that it decreased to 120 which means she was buying subs.

No. 89322

so petty lmao

No. 89326

File: 1589750384775.jpg (528.02 KB, 1079x1090, Screenshot_20200517-231904_Ins…)

An ad I had on my feed.

No. 89338

hopefully it's her twitter this this time

No. 89343

File: 1589759784879.jpg (58.18 KB, 937x853, yikes.jpg)

Use to know this person personally, tried to help them with their art but never worked. They were pretty much my personal lolcow and this thread reminded me of them

No. 89369

Just used my eyes, I mean not even the feet are drawn sexually and I have seen enough bad art to know when they're trying to make feet sexy

Is the body traced because it looks alright (centaur part not the torso)

No. 89512

They were a furry so I think they're just better at animals

No. 89538

They should probably continue being a furry

No. 89652

File: 1589831853645.jpg (109.65 KB, 720x916, six_fanarts__by_daluaz_ddvmwgv…)

What have they done to my beautiful Esmeralda??

No. 89659

what have they done to literally everyone in the picture

No. 89668

I was looking at how fucked up Spike was and then I noticed Aang in the corner and now I'm fucking dying of laughter. Sameface is one thing but why did you have to choose THAT face to give every single character?

No. 89699

File: 1589844605697.jpg (85.67 KB, 1066x749, ew.jpg)

this trend is really good for showing off how ugly some people's styles are…

No. 89725

This isn't bad. I'm not personally fond of chubby headcanons for skinny characters. This feels like vendetta posting. Is this the same anon that posted the Miku drawing? Is she an asshurt ana-chan or something?

Like there's so much terrible fat fetish art out there. Why post art that's just bland and forgettable instead of actually bad?

No. 89730

See this isn't even technically bad, the artist clearly knows how to draw but it still looks ugly. Creating appealing art takes more than learning how to physically draw. Most of these cartoon artists don't understand what proportions make anime art appealing

No. 89733

File: 1589853895939.jpg (312.59 KB, 768x1024, idk.jpg)

Found in Reddit. At first it looks pleasing, but the more you look at it the worse it gets

No. 89747

Holy fuck I'm so sick of the "it's not that bad" anons, can you not see that the nose is drawn like it's on a profile facing left? This doesn't show that 'the artist clearly knows how to draw'

No. 89820

I know jack shit about art or anatomy but as I was scrolling past even I was like wtaf is wrong with that nose, how could anyone miss it