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File: 1720481941470.jpg (115.48 KB, 1000x1471, MV5BMWI2NDY3NmQtY2I0ZC00Yjg5LW…)

No. 399024

A thread for media that lolcow unanimously loves and media regarded as good by the majority of farmers. Post things you think apply or discuss why you think everyone should love the thing you posted. Please refrain from infighting, this is not a thread to dunk on shit. Don't take anon's posts too seriously, if you hate something posted in this thread you do you.

No. 399049

File: 1720483295714.png (891.69 KB, 724x890, iu.png)

MGS2. Sexy husbando main character. Interesting and relevant plot. Comes in many forms for you to enjoy; human or sex/murderbot. Moody and loves his wife. Amazing game franchise with many different husbandos. I've also realized that only women can understand the messages in the games, even as just casual players.

No. 399053

File: 1720483423231.png (2.29 MB, 1000x800, everyone loves tutu.png)

Moomin's cute but very boring
Never played metal gear

I'm going with Tutu.

No. 399065

File: 1720483884347.png (250.94 KB, 515x515, tumblr_7d675e6c47c18f9a6722924…)

You dont have to play Metal Gear to love Raiden
>moomin is cute but very boring
As if you didn't shit yourself when The Groke showed up

No. 399070

>You dont have to play Metal Gear to love Raiden
Yeah he's pretty cute.
>As if you didn't shit yourself when The Groke showed up
I'm not european so I never saw Moomin as a kid sorry.

No. 399074

i don't so it doesn't belong itt

No. 399079

File: 1720484392728.jpg (37.86 KB, 492x480, 1660704076154.jpg)

>moomin as a kid
I watched it when I was like 20, but I do like to watch calm shows sometimes, it's a very fantastical little series; maybe another loved Lolcow media is KING OF THE HILL?!

No. 399119

File: 1720486787292.jpeg (44.21 KB, 337x337, IMG_5706.jpeg)

Resident Evil

No. 399176

File: 1720489040157.webp (15.61 KB, 240x240, 1000004914.webp)

It wouldn't be lolcor without Sailor Moon posting!
Princess Tutu is a true and based choice.

No. 399203

>only 8 replies
>other thread has like 130
everyone is such a hater kek

No. 399230

I don’t want to post something and then get flamed because some anon doesn’t like it kek

No. 399249

File: 1720501709305.jpg (2.25 MB, 1000x1476, 1000000844.jpg)

No matter what I will always stand by your side and support the media that you love

Kyo Kara Maoh Forever

No. 399251

He looks like Kakashi sensei, I like him

No. 399252

join the dark side nonny

No. 399253

File: 1720502635300.gif (1002.7 KB, 498x448, IMG_4264.gif)

No. 399259

File: 1720508193593.jpeg (160.58 KB, 736x1046, IMG_3203.jpeg)

Hetalia. Lots of hetalia nonas which makes me very happy

No. 399263

File: 1720509095152.gif (264.22 KB, 500x250, tumblr_mzza5zPZEF1sv6zdro1_128…)

Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Sanrio, anything that's cute and comfy.

Sharing these recommendation threads as well

No. 399331

File: 1720528123879.jpg (78.47 KB, 400x676, 1000004926.jpg)


No. 399358

>other thread has like 200 posts and counting
>this still flagging below two dozen
i already knew it but lc is such a hateful place

No. 399360

>a gossip site/imageboard is a hateful place
no fucking way…

No. 399361

i said “i already knew it” in my post, midwit

No. 399362

you are so smart for stating the obvious then. sorry for underestimating your great intellect.

No. 399363

File: 1720539585695.jpg (252.49 KB, 822x612, 1647489475910.jpg)

King of the hill

No. 399365

It's a drama site. Fuck off, newfag.

No. 399366

hateful and incapable of reading comprehension. crazy(newfag)

No. 399375

File: 1720544460265.gif (148.97 KB, 500x346, tumblr_mcdgb8cbLQ1rx6w6f-31041…)

I'd say Homestuck (only the original)

No. 399377

File: 1720544601024.png (286.85 KB, 449x424, 1_6PAt6P2XLGfIwYVJqm4O4Q.png)

Tbf, I've been posting in that thread and a lot of my replies are me defending things that I think are not that bad. Plus, >>399230 is right, it's kinda sad to post your favorite and see someone roast it.
A reasonable number of my interests are controversial and probably not suited to this thread kek. Anime and video games can prove especially controversial, because the vast majority of anime and video games have been touched with coomer hands at some point, even if it's only in a minor fashion.
However, I will make my contribution to this thread with classic Neopets.

No. 399379

File: 1720544778506.jpg (330.93 KB, 1024x768, Powerpuff-Girls-Wallpaper-powe…)

the og only of course, although z had some cute designs

No. 399382

File: 1720544927433.jpg (182.95 KB, 300x330, Illustration_of_Fullmetal_Alch…)

I've never seen hate for Fullmetal Alchemist.

No. 399383

File: 1720545149055.jpg (157.18 KB, 626x625, 3253cb4153bcbbe90bcc641d836bc3…)

Utena and Mob Psycho 100.

No. 399387

why are you wasting your time defending yourself to random retards online?

No. 399392

I hate utena and utenafags, gtfo

No. 399393

I like having critical discussions online especially when I'm having a slow day at work and need to waste time and I think a lot of nonnas on lolcow are intelligent and have meaningful things to say, even if I don't agree with them 100% of the time. The joy and delight of lolcow is that we're NOT a hivemind imo.
Ofc you get trolls or 4chan males sometimes, but you can quickly spot them and disengage.

No. 399394

File: 1720546257007.gif (4.39 MB, 616x347, LittleGoodyTwoShoesSteamGIF.gi…)

Little goody two shoes and stardrew Valley

No. 399395

File: 1720546311314.jpg (89.28 KB, 728x407, anime-vocaloid-hatsune-miku-le…)

2000s vocaloid culture is fond for a lot of weeb nonnas who grew up on the internet

No. 399401

>homestuck in this thread and the most hated thread
never change, lolcor

No. 399402

File: 1720547661647.jpeg (285.33 KB, 1080x1528, DwPywv3XgAEL-Bh.jpeg)

I fucking love Mob Psycho 100!

No. 399403

i was never around for classic neo but neo now kind of sucks and is a mess. grundo's cafe is a fan site that aims to capture the early site experience, if you haven't heard of it you might have fun!

No. 399405

>critical discussions that go past “i don’t like it so it’s bad!!”
>intelligent farmers
you must be seeing a different lc than me

No. 399406

Perfectly balanced as things should be

No. 399408

mob psycho sucks.

No. 399409

Thats just typical homestuck

No. 399410

File: 1720548770859.gif (46 KB, 540x350, tumblr_1998c885688f8545044d6f6…)

Yume Nikki

No. 399411

I hang out in a few select threads here on /m/ Some nonnas are definitely passionate and knowledgeable about their favorite pieces of media.
Honestly I mostly avoid the actual lolcow threads on lolcow these days. I bet things get a lot more heated and out of hand there.

No. 399412

File: 1720549254439.gif (94.79 KB, 500x384, tumblr_2c47eea92b3c23315296aef…)

Serial Experiments Lain

No. 399413

Adolescence is good, manga and anime are both pretty shit minus Touga.
It's alright/10

No. 399414

you’re a fujo aren’t you

No. 399415

utena is kazeki if it sucked ass and was made for trannies and yurifags instead of shotafag fujos

No. 399416

I'll be honest I never felt any chemistry between utena and anthy. Juri and Shiori were the better lesbos.

No. 399417

nta I'd say you get what you bring here.

No. 399429

File: 1720552568802.jpg (303.1 KB, 900x2000, FCxc7BVX0AUGDI5.jpg)

Kikomi comics

No. 399431

Anthy doesn't have chemistry with anyone since she just exists to get slapped around and raped by her brother, she's pretty much a proto Sakura from fate.

No. 399433

File: 1720553232123.gif (1.84 MB, 540x304, gold ship.gif)

I am so glad to see so many fellow ume musume nonnies in lolcow. I am thinking of making a thread once the english version of gacha comes out.

No. 399434

>once the english version of gacha comes out
is there a date?

No. 399435

File: 1720553485450.jpg (242.66 KB, 850x539, sample_832dc8781180a762b625fd7…)

Not yet, just an announcement. I hope its soon! its the only show i will waifufag for, so many cool female characters. The yakuza did good by forbidding coomer animators from lewding the girls

No. 399436

>I bet things get a lot more heated and out of hand there.
Not really, that's /ot/ you're thinking of

No. 399437

please do nona. horsegirlgirls unite.

No. 399438

are we seriously celebrating moids getting another waifufag gacha game? where are the sexy horse men?

No. 399439

File: 1720554073338.jpg (374.73 KB, 1300x882, GHChBolasAAcv4L.jpg)

ranfren for some reason ,ive seen some nonnies talk about i mean the jap fandom side is amazing

No. 399440

i am celebrating getting a sports anime with cool female characters that arent sexualized like that keijo shit

No. 399441

File: 1720554150984.webp (35.24 KB, 334x600, 34483e98bf48259da42b22fd48b52c…)

Nice, please bump the mobage thread when it drops bc i don't pay attention to other parts of the internet anymore
Here is your horsebando game.

No. 399442

Ew. TiF bait.

No. 399443

>tougatard fujo has shit taste

No. 399444

They already cancelled the creator, it's free real estate for based women now

No. 399445

i said sexy, thats downright furry shit

No. 399446

>nooo!! you can't like something with a woman in it reeeeee that's not very based of you!!! I'm telling the video game sexism thread!
If it had men in it it would probably suck, just like enstars, side M.

No. 399447

only the western side, the japanese yumes are going wild so much so its clear howdie is preferring them more to even translate her work

No. 399448

Tif bait aka things that women like?

No. 399449

who cares, at the end of the day all the characters are waifubait for men anyways. its always the same with those "all female" animes like bocchi, k-on, love live and yuru camp

No. 399450

I never got why Utena attracted so many trannies. It was yuribait but not as sexualized as mainstream shit nowadays.

No. 399451

kek so what? pretty much all female rythm games suck ass just as much

No. 399452

You let male coomers live so rent-free in your mind that you're unable to enjoy fun female friendship and hard work stories, sad!!!

No. 399453

agree with you and i want more husbando stuff but you are being so annoying about it. An anime with an all female cast not having panty shots every 5 seconds is a huge achievement. There is a reason why ume musume has tons of female fans and one of the horse girls ranked super high in a yume chart.

No. 399454

File: 1720554617060.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, lovelive.jpg)

No. 399455

the creator is a tif, anyway.

No. 399456

>coomer gachashit based
>utena bad

No. 399457

How do you people call every female character is a worthless whore only a moid could like and then complain about internalized misogyny allegations?

>t. has never played either
If you even had experience with a single male rhythm game you'd know how much their fandoms complain nonstop about how low the quality is compared to their female counterparts. Unintegrated /ot/ard arguing just to argue.

No. 399458

the first anime was good but once they turned it into idolmaster 2 it started to suck ass. The artist suffers from extreme sameface and its super noticeable when there are 50 girls and all have the same face. It should have never become a huge franchise. Rin best girl

No. 399460

scrotes can keep this one

No. 399461

well ig youre right considering even the sailor moon anime is filled with moidshit, such as panty shots and its meant for little girls… the bar is so fucking low for anime

No. 399462

nta and i dont agree with her but enstars is really high quality. It mogs pretty much every other rhythm game quality-wise.

No. 399463

>idolm@aster 2
Don't compare slop live to im@s, im@s was always and will always be better

No. 399464

It's not a huge achievement if you stopped getting all your anime recs off of twitter.
Coomers will coomify anything, it literally does not matter what goes on in the show and throwing shows out because of that is pretty dumb.
I've seen moids look at bl and cut out the one screenshot of a woman in there to jerk off over her tits and pretend it's yuri. If you go by what they say, everything is coomer moid shit possible.

No. 399465

? i played a lot of rythm games and most of them get boring very fast. its just the fate of rythm games i guess

No. 399467

Didn't she just larp as a "you'll never guess my gender" type fakeboi?

No. 399468

That's what enstards tell themselves, never been true. It does mog prosekai, the only other game most of them have played, but so does every other rhythm game ever made.

No. 399469

File: 1720554971105.jpg (520.26 KB, 2048x1024, tumblr_12fbfe686a2337d6ca6f96d…)

>Rin best girl
Utterly based

No. 399471

File: 1720555105424.gif (855.67 KB, 220x305, rice-shower-uma-musume.gif)

this but unironically

No. 399472

name another rhythm game that gives you live2d models + 3D models + lets you decorate a room + has special events with minigames with different gameplays. I played pretty much every mobile gacha rhythm game and none of them have as much content, hell, the new love live game that flopped didnt even have 3D models for the MVs.

No. 399473

Literal horseshit

No. 399474

yeah but who cares about all that when the actual game is still boring asf and all the male characters are mindblowing ugly?

No. 399475

RinPana or Rin x Maki?

No. 399476

> and all the male characters are mindblowing ugly
thats your personal opinion though, its wouldnt be popular if the characters were ugly.

No. 399478

File: 1720555339497.jpg (5.46 KB, 233x275, 1699214854425.jpg)


No. 399479

yeah geto also wouldnt be popular if some women actually had eyes

No. 399480

There's no porn mode so it's shit. Male characters only matter to me for cooming purposes and enstars characters all have flat asses and sameface.
RinPana for me but RinMaki is still top tier

No. 399482

the current sperging over enstars is already disproving this

No. 399483

Are you that strike witches lolifag?

No. 399484

File: 1720555489746.jpg (63.38 KB, 459x512, rinpanamaki.jpg)

No. 399485

As if love live games don't have a long-standing reputation for being dated, kusoge, or somewhere inbetween. Blue archive has most of that, you're bragging about the bare minimum.

No. 399486

>There's no porn mode so it's shit.
thats why god gave you hands.
> sameface
good i hate when artists force ''diversity'' in their male faces so half of them end up hideous, i would rather have one single appealing face.

No. 399487

blue archive isnt a rhythm game, you are moving the goal post.

No. 399489

fuck off already, rancefag(infighting)

No. 399490

no, ew. Strike witches sucks. True waifu enjoyers prefeer sora no woto and girls und panzer.

No. 399491

Go DM rancefag on discord if you want her attention so badly instead of accusing random anons of being her.

No. 399494

whatever, stop defending your shitty ass rythm game already, come back when they release an actual handsome character

No. 399496

what do you even find handsome? i dont know why that game generates so much seething. Its good that a game for women actually has content for once. Even the multibillion company disney couldnt give us more than a super simplistic outdated gameplay and cards with no animation.

No. 399497

>moving goalpost
I don't have all day to fight with an enstard who's never played a bandori or idolm@ster game and is now convinced basic gacha mechanics make enstars the most polished idol gacha, I really don't.

No. 399498

but enstars does not even have content? (atleast not new). you pretty much always do the same shit (doing work and then do your auto lives), then wait until the next card event comes by and thats it. i will never understand anons here shilling this boring game here.

No. 399499

>i don’t have all day but i’ve been here for hours and i replied anyway

No. 399500

Enstars doesn't understand the spirit of the idol genre and is just 2edgy4u slop. Literally an idol game made for posers.

No. 399502

>bandori or idolm@ster game
i have played both. Bandori only got 3D models very recently and idolmaster doesnt have live2D. I dont understand why you think those are better when both are older and less unpolished than Enstars.
its a mobile rhythm game, it does what it should and even more than other games of the same genre.

No. 399503

I don't think shitty live 2D models and a housing system you use for one week and never again are as important to a rhythm game as having a rhythm game that is fun to play ngl

No. 399504

i dont care i just like cute boys and i like being able to unlock so much content.
all rhythms games are literally the same. Enstars has the same gameplay as idolmaster, the game you think is somehow better.

No. 399505

so you actually agree its just your typical boring rythm game?

No. 399506

See >>399503 kek fuck your live2ds, the game is unplayable, the characters are butt ugly and annoyong, the music is bad, and they beat you over the head with retarded plot.

No. 399507

>I dont understand why you think those are better
Because decorating your house and staring at models isn't gameplay, enstars barely has good gameplay and the rhythm part is piss easy.

No. 399509

>all rhythms games are literally the same
>t. has only played one rhythm game

No. 399510

you can like enstars, just dont shill it as something special when its obviously not.

No. 399512

wait so now you think rhythm games are boring? why do you keep moving the goalpost.
how is the gameplay any different from idolmaster or osu, its literally the same thing.
> the game is unplayable, the characters are butt ugly and annoyong, the music is bad, and they beat you over the head with retarded plot.
this is all your personal opinion though kek
i played pretty much all rhythm gacha games + osu and enstars is the only one i havent dropped

No. 399513

>how is the gameplay any different from idolmaster or osu, its literally the same thing
>ackshually I've played every rhythm game ever made so check mate
>that's just like your opinion man
I'm done here, this is why I don't talk to enstards. Total brain death.

No. 399515

File: 1720556931238.jpg (1.66 MB, 1200x1935, __rice_shower_umamusume_drawn_…)

Bit of a retarded and OT blogpost, but I was so scared to get into this franchise because a former personal cow of mine had changed her entire social media aesthetic to match one of the characters kek, picrel specifically. But seeing that nonas like it maybe I'll check it out and participate in future threads.

No. 399518

whatever its pointless to argue with you, just please post the ugly enstars shitters in your thread for that.

No. 399519

File: 1720556973013.png (1.96 MB, 828x1029, 7329_89000.png)

all mobage are garbage but show me one other gacha game that caters to women the way enstars does

No. 399520

its just a harmless rhythm game with cute boys jesus why does it make you so mad. You dont even have to like it, i am just pointing out that compared to other games targeted at women, they actually give you a ton of content instead of just lame crumbs.

No. 399521

no1curr, you have your own thread to goon in

No. 399522

>trying to prove something with showing a character that looks like a girl
more braindead shit, i give up

No. 399523

>a-all mobage and rhythm games are garbage and they're all the same too h-haha but this one is different because based moeblob femgaze so that makes it better by default!
what was that you said about goalposts

No. 399524

File: 1720557326690.jpeg (349.89 KB, 1500x1001, 3840977.jpeg)

the ritsu figure is so good, and i dont even like ritsu

No. 399525

i don’t like the game, learn to read retard.

there’s like 30 characters who have short hair. anyway, i’d like to see a mobile game that’s better

No. 399526

that isnt even me

No. 399528

that doesnt bring me anything when the actual game is boring and the characters are fugly, good that you find them attractive but to me they just look like the same person just with a different hairstyle (and size, sometimes).

No. 399529

File: 1720557514618.jpg (5.86 KB, 200x200, brainlet-microwaved-brain-thum…)

>I don't even like enstars, I've just been defending it like my life depends on it for almost an hour because it's the best and there's no better gacha or rhythm game ever made(infighting)

No. 399531

that was my first post in this thread about enstars.

No. 399532

again, what do you even find attractive? and i guess the game is boring if you dont like rhythm games, but i like them so i have tons of fun with it
anon, thats not me

No. 399533

This, there's no reason to pick enstars over any other game unless you just want to fuck the sameface characters. What part of that does enstardchan not grasp.

No. 399534

>i’d like to see a mobile game that’s better
why bother giving recs to someone who calls any game that isn't a shotashit haven "scroteshit", keep playing your kusoge in ignorance.

No. 399541

1. i never said that 2. i’m not looking for recs because i don’t play mobile games

No. 399544

File: 1720558099285.jpg (199.29 KB, 1200x678, 1000040588.jpg)

Touken Ranbu, yeah the game is just collecting PNGs and it's dead in english, but no anons seem to be mad at the plot or the characters themselves. The anime are nice and the stage plays are interesting, mostly because they're hard to find so it's like a treasure hunt, specially if you need subtitles.

No. 399546

File: 1720558187936.webp (295.96 KB, 1920x1080, AE34D616-922D-4D33-BF8C-78B56B…)

twisted wonderland has good fanservice and boys that look like boys, but all gacha is inherently retarded slop.

No. 399549

kinda sad the english version died so quick

No. 399550

I cried when they announced the death of the English version, I should've known better than to get really attached to one of my current husbandos.

No. 399551

File: 1720558347612.jpg (809.83 KB, 850x850, sample_f50af43dca6a4151faf0c26…)

>and boys that look like boys
twisted wonderland has some of the faggiest male characters ever created. Not even complaining, just find it funny you are using it as an example of manly characters. Everyone is a canonically raging fag.

No. 399552

twisted wonderland is good design-wise, kinda sad the gameplay has to be like that…

No. 399553

epel and the other shota bait characters look pretty feminine but you’re not wrong

No. 399554

File: 1720558501248.png (1.02 MB, 1000x545, tumblr_static_7uiaq6jgyeckkw8s…)

Saying this when these are your boys.

No. 399555

File: 1720558539729.webp (50.27 KB, 900x506, 1000011032.webp)

easily more manly than any of the ugly enstars faggots

No. 399557

File: 1720558590513.jpeg (72.16 KB, 732x412, 3F883BE5-5FA4-497E-A2D6-246F62…)

even if they are faggy, they still look like boys. even the three you use in your example, and even the girlier male characters have at least some masculine traits to them, like their shoulders or their height.

No. 399558

kek how can shotabait characters be this ugly?

No. 399559

I mean it is Yana, shota is kinda her thing.
God they're so fucking ugly, I like shota characters here and there but these guys are hideous.

No. 399560

File: 1720558617992.png (866.59 KB, 1482x1017, twst.png)

anon twisted wonderland has a character that looks like a this.
kek i dont get the animosity i like both, although i dont play twisted because the gameplay is boring

No. 399561

…she didn’t say it was bad?

No. 399562

whatever you say enstarsfag

No. 399563

Every character in twst can suck cock on screen and they'd still be more masculine than enstars faggots.(infight bait)

No. 399564

they certainly should suck cock on screen for my pleasure

No. 399565

File: 1720558786077.webp (264.82 KB, 1920x1080, 8494FF2E-4180-4C6C-BC90-E8DF27…)

vil is an actual crossdressing fag but he still has masculine traits, and in certain outfits his muscle definition is noticeable. at least he isn't a tranny like arashi.

No. 399567

File: 1720558923567.jpg (431.96 KB, 1600x1143, 77full.jpg)

Haibane Renmei

I think most of MGS is accepted. At least 2 and 3.
The 2003 version is well liked, brotherhood has it's haters.

No. 399568

He's still super faggy, and thats not a bad thing. Actually male characters in female franchises being feminine and faggy is a good thing. Men should be cute for my pleasure. Jack best boy.

No. 399569

ngl i like it when crossdressers are still kinda masculine, its hot.

No. 399570

there is absolutely nothing masculine about this >>399551 literally draw a girl call it a boy tier

No. 399573

That's literally fanart, they look like faggy young boys in official stuff

No. 399575

File: 1720559238431.webp (131.56 KB, 654x1310, Epel_Fullbody.webp)

nah epel looks like a girl, i am pretty sure its the intention, too.

No. 399576

Will never even come close to the abomination that is Tori

No. 399578

tori actually looks like a kawiwi version of lilia

No. 399583

File: 1720559604870.png (2.34 MB, 1200x1500, ed573a944b227a735ab97b9be7efc9…)

Uhh….from what angle does this look like Lilia?(derailing)

No. 399585

File: 1720559684851.webp (140.59 KB, 1000x1276, Lilia_Fullbody.webp)

they both got a similar hairstyle and i am pretty sure tori has a similar outfit to this(or maybe its hajime)

No. 399586

it doesnt, just ignore the enstarsfag and hope she finds back to her thread

No. 399588

i dont know why you are so hostile. I never said it was a bad thing.

No. 399589

Ramuda's inbred son

No. 399590

File: 1720559828291.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_d332018f03c373ee4b80af8…)

They look the same

No. 399591

File: 1720559838214.jpeg (132.4 KB, 1280x719, 8029F611-E99C-4A9F-8849-52B525…)

thats fair, and thats also why epel is garbage character. his ~gap moe~ white trash side is annoying as fuck, i wish vil did a better job at beating it out of him.(derailing)

No. 399592

so rude, i like him. I think the only Twist character i dislike(design wise) is Ortho, which i am pretty sure no one else likes anyways.

No. 399605

Tbh, I love Twisted Wonderland even though the gameplay sucks ass and it takes forever for the story to end, but yeah, during the first chapter, Grimm thinks that Epel is a girl.
I actually like his white trash accent kek, it's kind of funny.

No. 399608

is it possible to advance in the story without playing the shitty game? i would like to read it but the ugly shitty turn based combat ripped off from granblue fantasy filters me so much. Fucking disney with their millions they could have at least given us cute 3D chibi models and better gameplay.

No. 399613

File: 1720561113917.jpeg (108.45 KB, 1000x462, IMG_4366.jpeg)

Why does enstars makes anons seethe so much kek we can enjoy our beautiful husbandos together enstars nonnies. I don't understand the disproportionate anger over one of the few games that actually cares about their female audience. The creators made the gameplay simple on purpose so everyone could enjoy it. The main focus is collecting your oshi's cards and the story. I like twst too(derailing)

No. 399615

yeah you can enjoy them in the enstars thread, and now go back

No. 399616

File: 1720561265212.webp (78.13 KB, 1000x480, 29_Tatsumi_Kazehaya_Scout_CG.w…)

based mayoi enjoyer. For me, its tatsumi. ES is the only franchise to give me cute priest boys and i respect it for that.(derailing)

No. 399617

the game has less gameplay than any other gacha game I've ever seen. why would the combat system that only gets used for piss easy events and ugly guest room furniture be what triggers you.

the worst part is the poor qol they lock upgrades to behind aniverseries and the cancer chef events

No. 399618

go coom to those ugly faggots somewhere else(infighting)

No. 399619

>why would the combat system that only gets used for piss easy events and ugly guest room furniture be what triggers you.
when i tried playing it its what made me quit. I just despise that type of gameplay so much, its why i could never get into GBF.

No. 399624

mihoyoslop fans are itt right now hating on enstars. at least enstar twinks aren’t ai generated(infight bait)

No. 399625


No. 399626

kek the sad part is that even the ai generated hoyoslops mog the enstars faggots by a mile.

No. 399629

I don't hate any of these gacha anime games some of you are into. As an outsider, I don't really understand the rivarly each game has. I just find it weird how some of you are obsessed with defending its honor as some peak material for women when plenty of women dislike it and you refuse to believe it. If someone says they are not into these anime bishies the whole thread gets derailed by the same old arguments
And then it ruins the thread and the infights continues for at least a fucking week and nothing really changes, this discussion gets repeated at least once a month. I used to not care about these games, but now I just associate genshin, enstars, fate and twister wonderland with this autistic infights and I resent you all for it.

No. 399630

literally who said this itt??

No. 399631

Twisted wonderland is Disney's. Mihoyo hasn't been mentioned at all, why are you bringing it up?

No. 399632

are you crazy? hoyocucks and enstards can all go fuck themselves

No. 399633

give it enough time it would derail into it, it always fucking does. I've seen it too many times on lc.

No. 399634

In the past infights about enstars this argument came up plenty. interesting that the shotafag didnt use it today, maybe shes not here huh.

No. 399635

ohhh i get it now, all of you dislike enstars because you associate it an anon you dislike that also likes it? explains all the hostility

No. 399636

File: 1720562729688.jpg (252.26 KB, 867x1267, 77bfefc29303aa2789636cb6ba4988…)

Hajime is so cute for this world.(derailing)

No. 399639

Check out the fandom discourse threads and artist salt threads from like 7-8 months ago if you want a lore update.

No. 399641

No. 399642

no, thank you

No. 399643

based kek. maybe enstars anon has changed for the better anyway

No. 399644

She most definitely is here and we should all stop replying to her

No. 399646

Read my post again. I said I don't hate the gacha games, I didn't even reply to that post and enstars never bothered me. I never really understood the hate it gets, but I do hate this autistic argument. Just fucking take the L, some people hate the game, keep it to your thread. I've seen this shit derail several threads, more than once. I honestly don't care about gacha game rivarly or 2d boys aesthetic, why are you all incapable of keeping to your threads and must derail every single time it's mentioned because you need to defend it's honor?

No. 399647

They all look good. Yum yum

No. 399648

true. best boy

No. 399649

based ultimate coomer

No. 399650

Basada, this is how we should all be, you're my inspiration.

No. 399662

File: 1720564296239.webp (362.63 KB, 1500x845, IMG_4374.webp)

Tatsumi is cute. I love Mayoi but Shinobu is my ultimate favourite. This is peak male performance
That's the fault of the infighters, not the other anons who like it. I find the infighting annoying too and that spergout was so long ago(derailing)

No. 399666

It's all the same shit.

No. 399680

Shotafags stop detailing threads (impossible)

No. 399689

Not really, the cow threads (the ones I follow at least) are pretty fun and have almost no infighting.

No. 399788

File: 1720613720874.gif (57.53 KB, 468x453, 1672195282308.gif)


No. 399790

I love this

No. 399791

Why is the thread about things we love full of infighting bait? Why are you all so wack. Is hating things what unites us all after all?

No. 399792

I don't get the hype.

No. 399795

File: 1720615047718.png (411.27 KB, 579x741, 1700441717474.png)

our queens lc and 2x. i love how much cute art is of them by our talented nonas

No. 399827

>and 2x

No. 399879

File: 1720631859850.png (219.56 KB, 250x357, 1000004950.png)

A classic.

No. 400056

Moid take

No. 400183

File: 1720669320487.png (213.12 KB, 651x451, 345345163.png)

The duality of lolcor.

No. 400184


No. 400187

Tried reading it, I don't get it. Maybe I'm just too old idk.

No. 400232

File: 1720681513637.jpeg (110.73 KB, 1080x1079, EDldMXSW4AUQel4.jpeg)

No. 400237

It does resonate with younger audiences better I think.

No. 400265

File: 1720699039747.jpg (257.44 KB, 601x915, tumblr_e3b5a102c15282c0df88320…)

Dorohedoro! I love Hayashida Q's characters and art style so much.

No. 400292

the anime was so good too, I hope they make season 2 soon

No. 400967

File: 1720824329813.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2716x3888, Yotsuba&!.jpeg)

Yotsuba&! I never seen anyone dislike it or Yotsuba herself though I kinda hate that 4chan uses her as their mascot which I find it pretty icky.

No. 400971

fun fact its a banneable offense to lewd yotsuba on 4chan

No. 400980

>media that lolcow unanimously loves
no such thing

No. 401052

File: 1720862235027.jpg (12.68 MB, 6082x8613, Ultimate.Madoka.full.1317357.j…)

I know it's controversial, but you will never make me hate her and I know she is loved by many here.

No. 401072

No. 401077

if you're already aware it's controversial that slop doesn't belong here
> media that lolcow unanimously loves and media regarded as good by the majority of farmers

No. 401109

People may give you shit for this but I enjoy this album and it's still vastly better than the Tortured Boredom Department

No. 401126

do any of you know what 'unanimously loves' means or do you not read other threads

No. 401140

This sounds too good to be true

No. 401235

Yeah I love this album but definitely not unanimous here.

No. 401238

Same. I want to squish and pinch mob's cheeks and ruffle his hair he's so cute and such a good boy.

No. 402258

File: 1721164286337.jpg (260.95 KB, 1000x600, 1000011039.jpg)

only the first 3 seasons ofc

No. 402262

borderline unwatchable as an adult but still a case study in absolutely flawless character design 2 decades later.

No. 402263

File: 1721164621268.jpg (591.92 KB, 2048x1824, 1000005299.jpg)

Flora and Stella best girls btw

No. 402265

File: 1721164747819.jpg (75.72 KB, 1200x675, 1000011063.jpg)

i've never seen hate for this game so im just gonna post it.

No. 402266

I liked season 4, but I admit it was so so

No. 402267

arent the new games, pokemons and characters kinda hated though?

No. 402268

File: 1721164952825.jpg (531.77 KB, 2560x1920, 1000011064.jpg)

mlp definitely deserves its spot here

No. 402269

Yes, but tbf there's still plenty about each generation which anons seem to like.

No. 402273

File: 1721165192497.png (273.97 KB, 548x445, 1000005301.png)

I really liked Luna and Rarity when I was younger.

No. 402279

File: 1721165494932.jpg (175.53 KB, 600x480, 1000011069.jpg)

the first gen of monster high was absolutely flawless

No. 402283

File: 1721165785133.png (957.52 KB, 1220x740, 1000011066.png)

the last thing im gonna post is avatar, i dont think i even need to say why its so beloved.

No. 402294

File: 1721166643777.jpg (1.05 MB, 2560x2048, 1000011070.jpg)

we will never forget you ouran

No. 402301

File: 1721166935718.jpg (628.17 KB, 1024x500, 1000011071.jpg)

No. 402305

File: 1721167064677.webp (306.44 KB, 843x1200, 1000011072.webp)

i feel like this is gonna be kinda controversial, although there really isnt much to hate about dungeon meshi.

No. 402307

>Lolcows most loved media
This definitely doesn't belong here kek

No. 402308

ah i knew something like this would come..

No. 402310

File: 1721167293590.jpg (89.02 KB, 750x1000, 1000011073.jpg)

No. 402311

I'm just saying, if you already know something has numerous vocal haters and schizos here why would you even post it?

No. 402314

i posted it because despite its haters its still very loved by many anons on this site

No. 402321

Dunmeshi is like if a 2013 tumblr addict was reincarnated as a Japanese person and was told to make a manga

No. 402339

I reminisce on those days too much

No. 402342

I still play this
Just because it's good doesn't mean that'd it'd be liked here. If anything, being popular is the worst. At least wait a couple of years.

No. 402346

why the fuck would anyone hate it

No. 402499

File: 1721200516376.gif (1.97 MB, 540x405, tumblr_of64eh1XEM1rnhl8xo2_r1_…)

Cardcaptor Sakura

No. 402501

This shit boring as fuck.

No. 402502

I like it but on lolcow?
Come on now, people complain that it's pedo constantly.

No. 402547

is having to see fanart of the ugly character with the embarrassing feather underboob everywhere not enough to hate this overrated shit?

No. 402549

dunmeshi can’t be blamed for attracting tumblrtards. i hope they all find out the mangaka is a freak with a foodie fetish or more seriously inspect why she added a character that’s technically a lolicon and fuck off forever

No. 402571

But enough about your pathetic life

No. 402606

>is fanart enough
No. Shitty fanart from Twitter is not enough to hate any media. Its not part of the original source material.
Stop going to places that post that shit and it'd go away, your letting tumblr and coomers live in your brain rent free, controlling what you like.

No. 402627

the shitty design is from the series itself, and i hate it. its worthless.

No. 402631

File: 1721234490501.webp (146.17 KB, 900x885, tumblr_6e0732d0004f050f1f9a1d8…)

Is the only thing you are able to notice about a design are boobs?

No. 402632

File: 1721234697695.jpg (146.13 KB, 750x1210, 1000004893.jpg)

I feel like there are a lot of anons here who look back fondly on these specific crossovers kek
Draculaura and Clawdeen slayed so hard

No. 402647

File: 1721236181227.jpg (260.6 KB, 1120x1506, __kero_and_li_syaoran_cardcapt…)


No. 402679

File: 1721239267735.gif (551.23 KB, 500x750, 140016.gif)

Only a shounentard would say that even though this anime has its own action stuff as well.

How? It doesn't have fanservice or sexualized child characters. This isn't even a scroteshit anime either.

No. 402682

Nta but probably because of the teacher student romance involving one of sakura's classmates, but I think the anime version removed it. there's also some other huge age gap relationships but that's the weirdest one.

No. 402692

The 2nd anon sounds new

No. 402693

Nta but if you haven't seen people here bitch about it then you must be new.

No. 402707

yeah the tits ruin the design, they literally constantly put them in your face when she is in a scene. worthless.

No. 402709

I've seen anons discuss how gross it is but it wasnt used to put down CCS as a whole and call it pedo. Before newfags like you got comfortable here nonas used to have discussions about things without black or white screeching.

No. 402711

>I've seen anons discuss how gross it is
So people have called it gross. BTW, this is a black and white thread. I feel like if somebody says that a series is downright gross for something it portrays, it might not be something that can be considered unanimously loved, especially since right above you is someone arguing that another series doesn't count because she specifically doesn't like a female character's design showing breasts.

No. 402713

god forbid a woman have breasts and the woman who drew her be attracted to women

No. 402714

i love magical girl shows but you are right. if i’d watched it as a child i’d probably love it but as an adult it moves too slow it mostly takes itself very seriously and everyone is retarded (because children are the target audience). i feel the same way about sailor moon

No. 402715

Ntayrt but I also feel like some anons are too sensitive recently. 'How could you like (media) that has a woman with breasts in it?11!? Scrote!'
Ofc some things are absurdly male-pandering and worth being criticized. But it gives me tumblr vibes to cancel every single thing that has a hot woman in it.
Some anons even have guilty pleasure scrote things. But adult women are allowed to enjoy what they want.
Tbf tho these 'most loved' and 'most hated' threads were basically ripe for infighting from the beginning.

No. 402716

>erm akshully
I don't care, don't move goalposts. My original post was about the fact that anon sounds new. Thats it.
Yeah this place has basically turned into twitter without the gendie shit. If one small thing sit wrong with an anon, all of a sudden any farmer who likes it is has scrote taste and it'll derail a thread for hours. Just getting bored of seeing those types of anons now.

No. 402718

You're the one who moved the goalposts from
>you're new, there's no problems with it
>so what if people called it gross it's not a black and white deal

No. 402721

Just to make clear, original post even said that they liked it, it's basically in agreement with the second half of your post.

No. 402722

> Yeah this place has basically turned into twitter without the gendie shit. If one small thing sit wrong with an anon, all of a sudden any farmer who likes it is has scrote taste and it'll derail a thread for hours.

No. 402725

show me where she came out as a lesbian/bisexual. its genuinely a retarded design and i hate seeing it everywhere.

No. 402730

>there's no problems with it
Show me where I said this

No. 402731

idek what this is but yeah, the design is stupid regardless of being a lesbian or not. making a cool monster and then sticking a naked lady torso on top of it is always a shit tier design choice

No. 402732

Dont pretend that responding to
>How? It doesn't have fanservice or sexualized child characters. This isn't even a scroteshit anime either.
>she must be new
Doesn't insinuate that only someone new would think that anybody would have problems with it.

No. 402734

tasteless faggot

No. 402736

Interesting. So you put words into my mouth and got mad at your own projection.

No. 402738

If you're esl and don't understand how words connect in english, I apologize.

No. 402740

If that's how you want to cope with your own retardation, be my guest.

No. 402741

pick me, choose me, love me

No. 402745

isn't the whole point of the design that it's poorly thought out?

iirc later in the manga isn't it mentioned that she's literally starving to death because her mouth is too small to be able to eat enought to sustain the monster body

No. 402746

Both of you sound like fucking retards. What even is this argument about?
CCS being considered a lolcow favorite? I wouldn't say it is, and it's because of this, >>402722

No. 402749

File: 1721248592254.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.87 KB, 1079x1244, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

ntayrt but is that a grey's reference

No. 402759

i have no idea, the design just looks dumb

No. 402766

>making a cool monster and then sticking a naked lady torso on top of it is always a shit tier design choice
Based and true

No. 402771

Yeah, her design looking like that is actually plot relevant, down to the torso on top. otherwise they wouldn't have been able to bring her back.

No. 402774

if shes starving she shouldnt have any tits left

No. 402775

Do you think if you stopped eating right now that in two weeks your boobs would disappear completely?
Someone tell tifs they don't need the chop.

No. 402776

if shes starving to death then her tits would be smaller though.

No. 402779

During the course of the series, she isn't a monster at the start. It's not until the second half of season 1 that it happens.

No. 402790

>Only a shounentard would say that even though this anime has its own action stuff as well.
I hate shounen and 99% of the time action scenes do nothing for me
Sakura's issue is that the characters are all dull as shit and the only entertaining part is the cute costumes.

No. 402791

it's literally just a dragon centaur kek. nonas are so uncreative and gay

No. 402797

Isn't it gayer to see a dragon centaur harpy chimera and see only the boobs?

No. 402798

you're right

No. 402799

File: 1721259219570.gif (613.7 KB, 640x360, 1000005363.gif)

Anons itt would literally have a seizure if they looked at the kind of shit that gets posted in the fujo or fetish threads kek. Anyway my thread tax is Stardew Valley.

No. 402800

i mean rn it's quite early on. it's only been days/weeks since she was transformed. the starving to death part hasn't really started yet.

No. 402802

The things that inspire infighting in this thread and the most hated media thread are ridiculous. I want to know how many of these anons actually watch anime at all.
I was expecting the harpy to have some kind of giant flopping tits and was shocked to see >>402631 is incredibly tame for anime standards and doesn't scream 'sexy' to me at all.
Anons need to learn that 'this design doesn't personally appeal to me and my aesthetics' is not the same as 'this design is an attack on womankind itself and sets us back 100 years.'

No. 402872

File: 1721280074603.jpeg (228.95 KB, 1280x720, 50859450-C38B-4132-BD93-864F7D…)

this shit looks retarded no matter what you say.

No. 402875

Is this the one frame that caused you to sperg out?

No. 402880

having to see this ugly design everywhere, yes. dungeon meshi is trash and i look forward to the day when everyone forgets about it

No. 402882

File: 1721281605134.jpeg (115.67 KB, 959x1359, season-2-confirmed-v0-4dnavwzk…)

Not going to happen anytime soon so you'll have to keep seething I guess.

No. 402883

lol ok

No. 402884

Your manga is literally FOTM.

No. 402885

If you don't read manga normally please don't pretend like you do.

No. 402887

dont listen to them they have the "popular thing = BAD!!!1" contrarian mindset, theyre retarded

No. 402888

i checked it and its really boring. I also hate how the main female characters are all moeblobs.

No. 402890

I miss when anime wasn't mainstream.
Dungeon Meshi did perfectly fine, pretty damn popular for nearly 10 years before it got an anime and suddenly there's so much horrible fanart and retarded ass "hot" takes that sounds like they came from a 14 year old on tiktok.

No. 402895

>dragon centaur
>the height of creativity
>muh booba! lesbeannnsss! boobaaaa!
you stink of ballsack(scrotefoiling)

No. 402902


No. 402903

ugly design, shit taste

No. 402945

File: 1721299584275.png (1.97 MB, 1140x1140, 1000005027.png)

These albums/bands (but albums in the first place) are the most popular on here I think. I picked Homogenic because it's my favorite Bjork's album kek, I just remember nonnies picking different ones but mostly from 1995 to 2004. I'm not sure about LP, DM, and APC but I think I saw them in topsters and just mentioned here multiple times. Top 4 is almost like a must here

No. 402946

File: 1721300128783.jpg (77.58 KB, 563x659, 699c3d092d7ca1e3221ae56def34ef…)

nona you're amazing i fucking love homogenic

No. 402957

Ew this is what nonnies have been defending with their life here?

No. 403021

File: 1721320140173.jpg (99.98 KB, 601x581, A829-3796589887.1415791082.jpg)

I think the issue is that a lot of anons are acting far too snowflake-like imo, and you can barely even discuss anime on /m/ right now without several people becoming triggered over one thing or another.
I truly do not know what anime these anons could possibly watch aside from literal children's anime. Even that is questionable, because a lot of shoujo anime will still have girls in short skirts and a devoted male coomer audience.
And the anons who just straight-up hate anime and will never forgive it should just make their own thread.

No. 403025

Yay nonna, there are some excellent albums on here. Only thing I would add is some Siouxsie.
This show will always be so nostalgic idc how scrotey anons think the designs are, they're cute. Plus the 3 male love interested are hot.

No. 403075

Good list, I think a lot of nonnies here also like Nine Inch Nails.

No. 403526

File: 1721420976866.jpg (76.01 KB, 500x361, OHSHC.jpg)

Ouran my beloved, one of the best and iconic reverse harem series out there for me. Wished there's more like this with fun memorable characters and a well-written female protagonist.

No. 403527

unfortunately, saying a design looks like shit is not being "triggered", and you continuing to call everyone a snowflake for not liking a dumb ugly design is making you appear to be the only one bothered here

No. 403531

Nta but the seething about that design has gone for long enough that its pretty ridiculous.
Triggering is a good way to put it, especially since it's admitted that one of the reasons is because it's popular.
It's no wonder threads are either dead or just complaining about anything somebody might like.

No. 403534

maybe if you stopped bringing it up we'd stop making fun of you for defending it

No. 403535

Also why are you babysitting the "lolcow fav media" thread in case anybody disagrees with you instead of using the thread meant for character designs you don't like?
That being said I can only think DM came up in this thread at all as sarcastic since so many people seem to really fucking hate it here.

No. 403536

Nonnie, the post you replied to was more about the seething becoming rather obnoxious rather than defending the design.
Oh God so there's more than one babysitting autist?(infighting)

No. 403539

Kek, even the mods think the shitting on dungeon meshi is deserved. You should put it in the anti thread. >>399019(ban evasion)

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