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No. 191603

i really liked this thread idea so i decided to bring it back!

Recommend some stuff for people who are tired of coomer shit being everywhere. You can recommend anything, from music, to tv shows, anime, movies, books, etc.
Disclaimer: this doesn't mean media that can't handle adult themes or that it has to be 100% children-only. Just media that doesn't feel gross or icky. Your mileage may vary. If you recommend something try to explain why you liked it.

old thread: >>>/m/165118
to access it, replace the number in this thread's url with the number 165118

No. 191605

File: 1648052517188.jpg (83.55 KB, 767x450, studio-ghibli-characters-class…)

thank you nonny for bringing back this thread.

my personal pick is studio ghibli movies. they truly have some of the best female character without being sexualized at all. san from princess mononoke is a strong, fierce and independent warrior. mei from totoro is a curious little girl with a realistic relationship with her sister and mother. sophie from howl's moving castle is a caring lover who is gentle yet strong-willed. i could go on and on but i'll shut up for now.

No. 191607

File: 1648053271850.jpg (602.21 KB, 1012x1500, MV5BZjNkNzk0ZjEtM2M1ZC00MmMxLT…)

i really loved the enola holmes movie! i thought enola was an amazing, confident and incredibly funny character, and i like how sherlock plays a very small part in solving the mystery. i'm super excited about the sequel!

No. 191775

File: 1648104268875.jpg (464.8 KB, 1245x1900, 182.jpg)

Travel is a one-volume, dialogue-free, basically plot-free manga where three dudes take a trip on a train. It's all about motion and movement like this. It's more an artistic study than anything thing else. There's a torrent of it on Nyaa under Viaje, the Spanish translation, but since it has no dialogue, there's no issue.

No. 192001

The videogame spirit farer.

No. 192048

File: 1648197638551.jpg (28.42 KB, 320x240, In_a_Heartbeat.jpg)

I've recently started looking for older Disney shows and found this on YouTube. It actually seemed like a good show idk y it got canceled. And I appreciate how the high school students actually wear what a teen at the time might wear. In newer shows teens just look so unrealistic, they're all wearing trendy clothes and have perfect hair and makeup unless it's somehow part of the story for them to look undone.

No. 192058

File: 1648200696675.jpeg (46.15 KB, 265x374, FEDF5E65-EFA9-4BB6-8F06-E4C4F1…)

Recently started rewatching my favorite childhood show

No. 192157

File: 1648231431543.jpg (19.23 KB, 300x221, The_Famous_Jett_Jackson_intert…)

In terms of old Disney shows, you just reminded of Jett Jackson (RIP)

No. 192833

File: 1648478394733.png (1.42 MB, 1000x1000, 4540aae3-58c2-4db8-adcd-511b6f…)

I'm reading the Lord of the Rings books rn, going to rewatch the movies when I'm finished. So far they are pretty cozy, I don't remember anything sexualized in it which is refreshing for fantasy worlds

No. 192929

You might like The Last Unicorn.

No. 195226

I think we could all use some wholesome indie stop motion right now.

No. 195260

File: 1649267736476.png (664.17 KB, 608x666, 548739058094375.png)

Wrong season for it right now in the northern hemisphere, but I love Over the Garden Wall.

No. 195263

Yess!! I should definitely need a rewatch because it's so cute and I need to feel myself in that atmosphere again. Also there were some points I didn't catch but you're right it's not the right time for it now.

No. 195266

and Lord Dunsany's King of Elfland's Daughter, in a way Beagle was a student of Dunsany. Just don't expect it to be feminist in any way. It's a fairytale type fantasy.

No. 195279

I love this show so much, but I don’t know why I can only watch it on October/November, it’s like my brain sends a signal saying that something is wrong if I dare to watch it outside those months. Just like any movie or cartoon with Christmas themes. God, being autistic sucks so much.

No. 195293

>I can only watch it on October/November
I'm not neurotypical and I refuse to do this myself! It's just the perfect fall show. It would feel sacrilegious to watch it any other time

No. 195300

File: 1649275101850.jpeg (293.2 KB, 1000x671, 2352D882-5FD6-47F8-9B76-229CD8…)

I watch this every year around Halloween, but I always end up flaking out and watch it at some random point in the summer too because where I live Texas the season is longer than average and absolutely brutal, which causes me to feel very melancholy & nostalgic for autumn.

No. 195321

That makes sense too nonnie, I'm kind of the reverse where I can't stand overcast or cold weather so I try to watch more springy or bright shows when it's dark out!

No. 195404

Aw that's cute anon! I saw this cute short stop motion animation with figures dancing recently, I miss this type of stuff in mainstream media nut understand it is time consuming to create

No. 200121

These are so fun to watch, they interview people and then animate them into animals based on their responses

No. 200223

I'm not autistic but I can't do stuff like that either

No. 200501

Kek this is so cute nona, good find

No. 255304

File: 1668558633179.jpg (1.08 MB, 4096x1755, 1656718761131.jpg)

Think everybody already watched this but I should add it regardless.
Ousama Ranking is a recent anime about a deaf-mute prince who tries to find his place in a world that can be surprising cruel. It's not edgy and despite the dark stuff it's overall optimistic, which creates an IMO nice balance but it had a few surprising scenes that made me tear up.

In general I can only recommend this to everybody who loves fantasy and cute and diverse designs as well as surprising character development. There was zero fanservice that I noticed and while there are only a few relevant women queen Hilling is easily the best female anime character I have seen in 2022 so far. She is a rare case of a mother with a complex and believable personality and not anywhere near the cliches of the "ara ara"s that plague the anime industry.

No. 255365

File: 1668576384705.png (1.08 MB, 1250x950, horticulture.png)

Strange Horticulture is a chill mystery game where you play as a plant shopkeep. Playing it is like drinking barley tea on a rainy afternoon while reading an ACD novel and several of the characters are badass middle aged and older women (Verona and Bethany especially). It's a short game but it's enjoyable to play, for me a mystery game where none of the cast is sexualized is a refreshing change of pace.

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