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File: 1634598510211.jpg (158.07 KB, 1000x600, 3-gatsu-no-lion.jpg)

No. 165118

Recommend some stuff for people who are tired of coomer shit being everywhere. You can recommend anything, from music, to tv shows, anime, movies, books, etc. Disclaimer: this doesn't mean media that can't handle adult themes or that it has to be 100% children-only. Just media that doesn't feel gross or icky. Your milleage may vary. If you recommend something try to explain why you liked it.

No. 165136

Odd taxi! Very refreshing, unique, well plotted and placed like honestly anime of the year for me so far

No. 165138

File: 1634603716663.jpeg (126.45 KB, 2400x1350, B9824FF9-5B60-4E39-B50A-79F083…)

My comfort show being Rilakkuma and Kaoru.

No. 165140

File: 1634604225009.jpg (57.34 KB, 317x450, kiyochan.jpg)

Maiko-san chi no makanai-san is adorable so far. Protagonist Kiyo and her best friend Sumire want to become maiko after seeing them at a school fair. They both apply for a school and get admitted, but Kiyo isn't cut out for it after all, so she becomes their cook instead. It's mostly about what a maiko's training entails and lots of cooking stuff.

No. 165141

Finally a good fucking thread, thank you anon.

No. 165144

File: 1634604784920.jpg (63.65 KB, 428x600, gal-to-kyouryuu-lyrics.jpg)

Gyaru to kyouryuu is great and super relaxing. Is about a gyaru who has a part-time job at a konbini and her friend dinosaur who doesn't speak. The anime mixes multiple styles of animations, including live action and the op and ed songs are super cute. I watched it during a very bad misadventure with my schizo meds and it kept me sane for an entire week, very recommended.

No. 165145

BASED thread thank god so tired of looking for good shit that doesn’t just have hot husbandos in it goddamn

No. 165147

seconding odd taxi!

caught a bit off-guard by no mentions of eizouken ngl

No. 165148

File: 1634605914523.jpeg (177.16 KB, 700x1000, 2172B701-2D60-447C-9CA6-D0C688…)

I don’t like children but Gakuen Babysitters was super wholesome. I used to sob every episode over the potato baby Kotaro. I promise your soul will be cleansed.

No. 165151

I like Warpaint, they are a female only band and their songs are cool and catchy. None of them try to sell ass, they're chill and do what they want.

No. 165152

File: 1634606433976.png (992.89 KB, 800x800, tumblr_om7r0vQkzP1vefcuxo1_r6_…)

Been watching Moomin (1990s TV series) lately and find it to be pretty comfy and nostalgic. It's about this Moomintroll named Moomin going on adventures and having fun with his friends and family. I have a love for traditional hand-drawn animations/illustrations and this show reminds me of Winnie the Pooh to which I enjoyed watching as a little kid. You can find full episodes on YouTube.

No. 165154

odd taxi anon here and agree on Eizouken also! Masaaki’s work is honestly really great and really rec checking his/Science Saru (not Devilman tho,) and also the mangaka Taiyo Matsumoto-can’t wait for their film I think that’s coming out this or next year

No. 165159

Kinda want to recommend the Usagi Drop anime but that requires you to pretend the manga doesn't exist.

No. 165161

Watch chibi-maruko chan

No. 165162

Odd taxi was on my watch list! Defiantly gonna start it next.

No. 165163

Let’s not talk about the manga…

No. 165164

File: 1634609137894.jpg (67.78 KB, 600x452, haibane_renmei_62827.jpg)

reki's character is how I imagine the average farmer being like

No. 165180

I love Rilakkuma and Kaoru! I'm glad someone remembers it exists!

It deals somewhat with depression/growing up, but being able to push through the bad feelings of those things.

No. 165182

Okay, super cute

Also, I can't recommend enough

No. 165187

Doesn’t he fuck the middle schooler in OP pic though, not really a good thread starter

No. 165192

WHAT?! I’ve heard of this show meaning some board/chess game (just always seen poster of it never watched.) are you serious?

No. 165193

File: 1634619134417.jpeg (375.88 KB, 909x1280, 28060C2D-FAF1-4136-8031-19FF41…)

Love this show and the chill vibes. I hate that lol icons try to lewd Renge though

No. 165206

No fucking is shown but the protagonist is 18-19 and his LI 13-15, at least according to wiki (saw only first 2 episodes). Disappointing. Was hoping OP is wrong and the age difference is acceptable.

No. 165207

Great taste anon! I love all the albums Warpaint have put out

No. 165222

To be fair I don’t think the anime has gotten to that point, but yes the manga is heading in that direction

No. 165224

Thank you for this rec, anon! I’ve been reading it all day and it’s so damn cute and heartwarming. I’m always looking for more maiko & geisha related things to read and this really hits the spot. The art is so pretty

No. 165228

File: 1634627729376.jpg (604.28 KB, 1315x1791, asv.jpg)

Is "A Silent Voice" coomerish at all? I watched a few clips of it online and the visuals are very pretty.

No. 165229

File: 1634627737825.jpg (185.21 KB, 1200x1600, 71yY9juQWAL._RI_.jpg)

This is really vague cuz plenty of media, if not majority, isn't coomerish and doesn't have sexual fan service, from adventure movies to horror to period dramas. Are you looking for specifically the wholesome slice of life stuff or like romance without sex scenes and anime without big tiddy chicks? I don't think they're hard to find.

No. 165230

Depends on who you ask. It's not obviously sexual but the female lead is very anime-brand cutesy and feminine, even her disability is portrayed to be extremely kawaii, and the story is from a perspective of a male.

No. 165239

No in your face pantyshots if that's what you want to know but FeMC is def a low-key love interest.

If you like clannad you'd probably like this.

No. 165242

Any Western tv-show recommendations?

No. 165244

File: 1634633039993.png (51.8 KB, 630x410, ping-pong-the-animation.png)

based anon, love their stuff. ping pong is such a fun watch.

No. 165251

I feel like you can’t watch any western adult tv show nowadays without people shagging in the first 15 seconds

No. 165252

File: 1634638508995.jpg (680.7 KB, 1000x1426, MV5BYjQwZDhhNzctNTZjYy00NjYzLW…)

Since it's almost that time of year and it's the fall season, perhaps give this one a go.

No. 165254

It's not coomer shit but it's trash for other reasons. I've only read the manga, maybe the anime is better.

No. 165266

Tbh i think the movie is better than the source material becuz it cuts out most of the unnecessary fat (lit. with the fattie's boring movie making club lol). It's still melodramatic but more to the point with absolutely gorgeous animation and a great ost too.

No. 165268

File: 1634648897620.jpg (192.21 KB, 1000x1363, Nana.jpg)

I think anything by Ai Yazawa isn't coomer content and I think her content is very mature but I might just be terribly biased

No. 165277

File: 1634656195100.jpg (21.45 KB, 318x446, 35904555._SX318_.jpg)

On a similar note, Ebine Yamaji - the queen of lesbian manga (though sadly not very prolific). Haven't read her more recent comics, but I trust she hasn't gone the coomer route. I've read Love My Life and Free Soul and can recommend them. Just keep away from the LML movie as it has made the heroines look much more femme/attractive to the average viewer. I think the movie had a much more cutesy tone, too

No. 165286

Gravity Falls is definitely in the same category. Doesn't do pervy "for the parents wink wink" jokes and while there's an unrequited crush storyline it's handled very sensibly imo. The show is so funny, cosy and has a cool overarching story. If it came out when I was younger I'd definitely be Harry Potter level obsessed with it lol

No. 165288

I love Nana!! One of the only anime I've rewatched. It does feature sexual content, but portrayed from a woman's point of view. It can also be sad/dark at times but I love that it shows the realities of a woman's life as she enters her 20's.

No. 165290

File: 1634661173554.jpg (338.37 KB, 1280x1915, wp4322705.jpg)

Another animated show but I highly recommend this one, very cute and wholesome!

No. 165294

Paradise kiss and Gokinjo Monogatari by Ai yazawa are in the same universe but parakiss is more like Nana in terms of maturity.

No. 165295

I'd recommend Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day as a pretty lighthearted movie about love and female friendships. It has some light sexualization (even in its geriatric romance), but nothing serious or very male-gazey iirc

No. 165313

What? I'm op and I only watched the anime, I didn't know this happened? But also I don't know, the protagonist looks like a teen to me so I just assumed they were the same-ish age?

No. 165314

Kinda looks like loli bait

No. 165315

I loved it! not coomerish, pretty cool! give it a watch. Watch clannad too like the other anon said.

No. 165316

Having a MC love interest doesn't make a show coomerish though

No. 165324

Not to be a contrarian or shame anyone for liking a thing, but isn't Clannad still a little coomer-ish, even if there's not explicitly sexual content? I've never seen it because I was turned off by it being literally based off of a harem visual novel, and it seems like the main girl's appeal is acting like an intellectually disabled toddler?

No. 165332

File: 1634676468448.jpeg (701.33 KB, 1280x1280, 708F816D-842D-4D06-AD15-D1A1EC…)

I came here to post this one. I love it so much.

No. 165333

File: 1634676622599.jpeg (57.03 KB, 702x395, 0030620C-47B8-4E1E-80FE-D86EFF…)

Okay, so the target audience for this one is babies and toddlers, but it’s just sooooo chill and cute. I love the music and themes. Very good bed time watch.

No. 165335

To clarify I mean live action, for adults. I feel like you have to go back to the earlier parts of the 1900s if you want watch something with an intelligent plot and no porny sex scenes.

No. 165347

I remember when I put on S1E1 of American Horror Story for the first time with my mom thinking it was going to be a spoopy ghost show. Boy I was wrong, everyone was bonking. As the dad fapped furiously over the decrepit old maid my mom turned to me and said “eeeee why did you want to watch this?” like it wasn’t bad enough already watching it with my parent, I wanted to crawl in to a hole and die. I honestly avoid all non children’s shows with my family.

No. 165352

File: 1634678249035.jpeg (284.6 KB, 2160x2880, 40C33A14-65B9-4281-B3D1-1E62CD…)

No. 165372

File: 1634680464867.jpeg (25.1 KB, 500x500, images (87).jpeg)

The Good Place is one I can watch with my family comfortably. I'm not big into Marvel but WandaVision was great too.

No. 165373

Haven't read Nana, but this is totally how I feel about Paradise Kiss. Her portrayal of Yukari's growth and relationship with George is so honest. Miwako and Arashi's relationship reads totally different to me now as an adult, but I actually wonder if Yazawa maybe intended that – she's pretty okay with grey areas.

No. 165374

Some recommendations from different genres. I think almost all of them reference sex in some way, but I just tried to think of some I like that aren't male gaze-y:
>Mare of Easttown (2021)
Crime drama about the murder of a teenage mother after another girl in the community has already gone missing. The main detective is played by Kate Winslet who does really well. References to prostitution, and assault and there's one scene that has mild nudity, but I thought the treatment of the female detective and victims was refreshing, not too explicit or voyeuristic like a lot of crime dramas.
>Downton Abbey (2010-2015)
Not sure if this is cheating since it's a period drama that spans the early 20th century, beginning with the sinking of the Titanic and touching on major events like World War I, the Spanish flu epidemic, etc. Deals with sex and rape, but it's more about how they would have affected women at the time.
>Kath and Kim (2002-2005)
Comedy about suburban Australia. Definitely raunchy with a lot of sex jokes but it helps that the two main actresses created and wrote for the show.
>Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)
About a pie-maker who solves murders with a private eye because he can bring people back to life for one minute by touching them. If he touches them again, they die permanently, but if they're brought back for more than one minute, someone else will die. Quirky fantasy with pretty set design that's sort of like Amelie if it was a mystery of the week show. Some sexual humor.

No. 165375

File: 1634680795705.jpg (2.51 MB, 1920x1280, hannah-einbinder-jean-smart_0.…)

Hacks really, really impressed me. It's about an older Vegas comedian and the zoomer comedy writer she's forced to collab with, but it steers away from easy or obvious jokes – it's mostly about how hard it is for women to succeed in a public field, and about them realizing how much they have in common. Really amazing criticism of how women are constantly sexualized too, especially in one scene later in the series. Watching Jean Smart rip apart a horny bro comedian is fucking golden.

No. 165391

Thank you nonas, I appreciate all the recs.

No. 165403

File: 1634686510425.jpeg (156.36 KB, 870x1237, C0D395EA-A536-46BA-A863-6D9913…)

A Man and his Cat!

No. 165405

File: 1634686603444.jpeg (214.05 KB, 870x1237, 8110EC60-FD16-4A50-AA14-DE9830…)

No. 165407

God I'm a baby, this is making me tear up

No. 165413

File: 1634687730441.jpeg (272.77 KB, 778x1077, 47CEB3D2-4B0E-49E3-B515-10D766…)

Omg Anon. It’s so sooo good. I’ve cried so many times. It’s so cute and sad at times

No. 165444

File: 1634696860331.gif (1.03 MB, 540x200, 42BCD0E7-11B1-4B25-AAFE-097467…)

yess the babies are so cute I could explode. it's a good pick me up if you watch an episode a day for instance

No. 165464

Fukumaru is the cutest manga cat ever

No. 165562

Was watching some tv earlier today and catched a glimpse of this. It looks very pretty with some instances of good animation, and very harmless overall. It's about a girl who now lives with her granny and they take care of a local traditional japanese inn. Cute!

No. 165614

File: 1634771068932.jpg (438.06 KB, 1280x720, momo.jpg)

A Letter to Momo, one of my fav (not just animated) films of all time, I cried watching it, it's so beautiful and well designed and really an all ages kind of flick but that doesn't mean it's childish or lacking in some way but more like it's just very timeless

No. 165627

File: 1634777587474.png (345.06 KB, 500x534, tumblr_4d6920c935c4f7bfb9d2592…)

Anti hypersexualized in a dark way rather than a wholesome way, but Helter Skelter (2012) and the manga it's based on are amazing takes on what becoming the hypersexualized goddess men want does to a woman's soul. It's about a supermodel at the apex of her career who's starting to literally and figuratively fall apart from surgery, pressure, abuse, etc. Really dark, but really good.

No. 165631

File: 1634779109434.jpg (188.08 KB, 846x465, sakuran.jpg)


Mika Ninagawa is amazing, she got me into photography because I loved her use of colours and I rec Sakuran if anyone want's a great manga adaption, it's about a courtesan and her life in a brotel in old time Japan but like it's not creepy or male gaze-y at all, also Anna Tsuchiya is in it and it's always nice seeing her face

No. 165640

You found the jackpot, anon. This will literally wash your soul. Can anyone recommend me more stuff like this?

Also, to add more to the list (can't really confirm if all they're truly non-coomer, we live in a society yada yada):
Your Letter (didn't finish reading but had good vibes)
Kodama Maria Bungaku Shuusei
Spy x Family
Her (Tomoko Yamashita)
Love, Hate, Love (Tomoko Yamashita)
Pieta (Warning: psychodrama and psycho stepmothers afoot)
Tsuki no Sango
Etranger Series (BL but surprisingly down to earth and deals with real issues)
Honobono Log
River's Edge (same author as Helter Skelter)

My father is a dragon is a tiktok series but it's still good nonetheless:https://www.tiktok.com/@myfatherisadragon/video/7002242661797072134?lang=en

No. 165647

File: 1634786874590.jpg (130.58 KB, 448x393, 832715.jpg)

ayrt, and YES, I love Sakuran too! Haven't seen the movie yet b/c I know I'll love it and I want to save it for my birthday, lol, but the manga is amazing. Ninagawa is a genius, and so are Moyocco Anno and Kyoko Okazaki. I wish like hell more josei manga got translated, and that there was more awareness of these works in the wider world – there's so many brilliant Japanese women making incredible art that gets lost in the river of shitty porny anime. I want to live in a world where like, Lisa Taddeo and Gillian Flynn have seen Helter Skelter. I want Ninagawa to be a name like Takashi Miike is.

Anyway, Sakuran totally fits the thread too! FYI for those who haven't read/watched: It's about a 1700s courtesan who is very sought after and also completely miserable. Really coarse and miserable and constantly trying to leave. Another amazing look at what Being The Waifu actually does to a human person.

No. 165654

Agreed. I started watching with my toddler and ended up watching the full episodes by myself later.

No. 165658

I watched a few seasons of AHS and eventually had to give it up entirely because I got so fed up with it being so sexually over the top.

No. 165662

AHS is literally horror for the fags

No. 165668

Seconding helter skelter, both the movie and the manga. It explores a lot of different themes really well.

No. 165672

Yeah, that was me with Sarah and Duck. When the kid went to sleep, I just kept watching. No shame.

No. 165762

File: 1634854053504.jpg (164.76 KB, 640x480, thisonesummer.jpg)

So true, so true, and you'll love Sakuran! It's amazing, blew my mind and gave me my eternal love for josei. It's why I get peeved to this day that all the people around me into anime/manga are into that typical shonen shit and it's like anyone else like the actual good stuff, you know? Also on the western side, two comic artists I recommend are Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. This One Summer was so lovely and I wish I had a film or show based on it made. Like it's something only two women could have written about (two young teenage girls coming to terms with growing up, there's some minor PG things in it, but nothing super creepy or cringe.)

No. 165773

i wouldn't rec this to any anons who hadn't watched it given what the thread is about. nana's abusive boyfriend still upsets me when i think about it.

No. 165791

File: 1634866793593.png (59.62 KB, 600x337, Atashinchi.png)

nonas for the love of god watch atashinchi almost 300+ episodes are up on youtube with eng subs.

No. 165829

File: 1634889658496.jpg (372.94 KB, 1500x2250, 81glRbN7XoL.jpg)

One of my personal favourites! Sweetness and Lightening

No. 165833

Yeah, I love Nana but it's hardly wholesome and there's plenty of uncomfortable sexual moments… it can easily bring up a tonne of bad feelings.

No. 165842

Makes me so happy. I love all his cute little bear noises ;_; wish there was more episodes(don't use emojis)

No. 165917

File: 1634947227915.jpeg (151.24 KB, 1920x1080, 119033F2-2EE1-4422-8A3D-BDBC22…)

Thank you anon for reminding me of Barakmon! If anyone is interested it’s a manga/anime about a young calligrapher who punches an art critic in the face and then lives on an island making friends with the people there with his first bestie being a local 6 year old girl. It’s sweet and cute and funny and a great series to read on lazy summer days especially. Pic is of the best girl from the manga

No. 165936

File: 1634960699153.jpg (97.16 KB, 512x363, unnamed.jpg)

Anon, you are reading my damn mind. I LOVE This One Summer. You're so completely right, it could not have come from anyone but women. I reread it a couple months ago and just marveled over little details like Windy summoning up the courage to tell Rose she's being sexist, the mom trying so hard to hide her pain over the miscarriage, Rose and Windy joking about growing boobs. So many little moments that immediately reminded me of things I experienced at that age. Have you read Skim? It's the book they did before TOS. A little more downbeat, but it's just as good. I actually used to work in a bookstore, and I spent a whole summer between school reading eeeeverything I could from both Tamakis. If you can find it, Mariko did this ya graphic novel called Emiko Superstar that's definitely a little more mainstream, but perfectly captures the feeling of being an earnest teen girl who doesn't realize she's being creeped on by a scuzzy art dude until it's almost too late.

Okay lol, to address the thread at large: Everything by Jillian and/or Mariko Tamaki is an amazing and honest look at girl/womanhood.

No. 165941

File: 1634969815696.jpeg (61.14 KB, 466x658, D8623353-3849-4E67-83FC-2A66CE…)

Super Cub! The anime came out last season, but it’s based on a light novel. It’s definitely a show/novel for low cc motorbike otaku, but in a “I love the freedom of riding my bike in nature” way as opposed to the “look how many autistic facts I can tell you way”. While I’m fairly certain that the main characters are girls because the target audience is men, it’s not in an annoying or coomer way at all. There’s not much plot, extremely daily life comfy. Might border on boring to some people though.

No. 165942

MC's an everyman self insert, FMC is a vulnerable moeblob à la clannad. That's the coomerish part.

No. 165943

Yakitate!! Japan

No. 165946

File: 1634970968056.png (693.74 KB, 1200x675, imagen_2021-10-23_013607.png)

Ahh I see
Well I liked Clannad and A Silent Voice so I don't mind it (I self insert as the girls and enjoy having a caring husbando)

No. 165947

File: 1634971109631.jpg (3.77 MB, 2000x2763, MV5BZmZmZGVlNGEtNjAyMC00NmRiLW…)

Idk if it's everyone's cup of tea but I love Corner Gas. Show about people living in a really small town in Saskatchewan. It's pretty lighthearted and funny with minimal romance/sexual themes.

No. 165951

File: 1634973986404.jpg (318.14 KB, 2048x1536, my-next-life-as-a-villainess-a…)

The author is female and the mc is a flawed loser that looks like a delinquent. The female mc grunts like a a legitimate deaf disabled person, so moe, soooo coomer.

Speaking of self-inserts, My Next Life As A Villaines is cute. It's an isekai in which a teen weeb is reborn as the doomed villaines in an otome game. It's 100% wish fulfillment and the female protag is annoyingly clueless, but it's also just really wholesome. Another female oriented isekai I like even better is Ascendance of a Bookworm.

No. 165952

File: 1634974283524.png (186.68 KB, 500x376, tumblr_lxx64abx3i1qkv2eso1_500…)

Yakitate is funny but isn't it full of fanservice as well? I thought it was a precursor to Food Wars/ Shokugeki, in which the foodgasms become even more overtly sexual. Or maybe I'm just misremembering.

No. 165956

File: 1634977261224.gif (854.6 KB, 374x211, giphy (7).gif)

Oh man, Corner Gas is one of my favorite shows. It's a major comfort. Me and my grandma used to watch it literally everyday, had every episode recorded. I've seen the whole series more times than I can count which is kind of weird honestly kek. I love the humour and how the whole show is basically a small town pranking each other daily. Here's a gif of Oscar blowing up a salad.

No. 165964

Oh shit sorry I guess I haven't watched enough

No. 165970

>Oscar blowing up a salad
Happens more than you think

No. 165986

What is this, I read only this 3 panels and I'm already crying. I need more

No. 166015

File: 1635007694783.jpg (427.88 KB, 1600x1200, 811MuhWloIL._RI_.jpg)

Michael Palin's travel documentaries are comfy, superbly done, intelligent and very genuine. He's a regarded as a national treasure in Britain for both his contributions to film/television and his great reputation for kindness and patience. 'Around The World In 80 Days' was his first and most well-known and, although it's a little amateurish to begin with as he gets used to being followed by a camera and pressured to react, it really comes into its own and produces some wonderful, humorous and touching moments. He has this great ability to connect with and charm others, which is just delightful to watch. It being filmed in 1988 adds another layer of interest, too - seeing how much the world has changed in a little over 30 years is fascinating.

He's made 8 others since then and from what I've heard, they are all just as captivating.

Here's a clip from my favourite episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tjkbUN1TRU

No. 166016

File: 1635007904535.png (252.53 KB, 272x400, imagen_2021-10-23_115058.png)

Kobato bored me but maybe someone else will like it. It seems innofensive, from CLAMP the creators of Card Captor Sakura

No. 166040

I Love Michael Palin.

No. 166098

File: 1635033572639.png (1.12 MB, 1000x1000, OST_cover.png)

Ayrt and yes! Skim and Emiko Superstar were so good! I wish I could find more series like them, also I actually met them both in person and they're so lovely I have to say. Lucky getting to spend your summer reading them. I also have to rec my hands down fav anime to all the ladies here: A Place Further then The Universe/Sora yori mo Tōi Basho. You might think oh cute girls doing cute things but no! Not at all, its beautiful, well written, the young girls are like actual young teenage girls who all come together to support one another in helping their friend find her mom who went missing in Antarctica. Spoiler-ish the last few episodes will destroy you emotionally but again well done, not scrotey at all, I love this anime so much and have to let everyone know!

No. 166167

File: 1635043137590.gif (417.94 KB, 500x250, 01cd7f8a45f059537a8e02bb8ecea0…)

I love Wolf Children. Watched it with my mom and it became a bonding moment. Some ideas for something similar? It's about a single mom raising two human/wolf hybrids. Has a message about ecology and humans and animals coexisting in the margin of their respective worlds. Also about widows and single moms, and mutual aid between neighbors

No. 166183

File: 1635050458193.jpg (93.44 KB, 800x600, pui pui.jpg)

It's short, fast and cute. It's on netflix, but the episodes are also on youtube. My favorite episodes are the zombie one and the helicopter shark killer one. Pui Pui Molcar.

No. 166272

File: 1635060717773.jpg (453.64 KB, 2560x1920, 81x6p4TgO3S._RI_.jpg)

I just finished watching sonny boy a few days ago. It's abstract and some people might find it "2deep4u" or pretentious but I don't feel like it ever tried to be that, its just taking a different path with story telling and the message they try to convey is quite simple if you just sit down with some patience. I particularly enjoyed the relationships between the main trio, there's no dogshit romantic triangle where both girls try to gun for the socially inept male mc, instead the friendship is really well handled especially in the latter half between Mizuho and Nagara, you can tell they are two people who support each other completely platonically and it's wonderful! If you watch this I hope you like it, it's only 12 eps so it's pretty easy to finish in one sitting.

No. 166308

Aki-sensei though

No. 166316

omg I always told myself that I have to check this out because I looove Guinea Pigs so, so much and the design is just adorable.

No. 166334

I tried this one too and that was around the time I stopped watching kek

No. 166341

Seconding this, I loved sonny boy so much. Easily one of my favorite anime in the past few years.
Aki-sensei is such a random coomerbait character but thankfully she doesn't play a big role. I don't know what her deal is honestly. It's hinted that she's a student pretending to be a teacher pretending to be a villain so maybe the way she looks like is like a fantasy of hers.

No. 166350

File: 1635077253723.jpg (9.95 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)


came into this thread just to name drop keep your hands of eizouken! for any anons who havent seen it, its about 3 high school girls who run an animation club at school. genuinely the most delightful anime i've seen in years. animation is great and the characters are super weird and memorable. no weird sexualization of hs girls either

No. 166353

File: 1635081493124.jpeg (314.34 KB, 710x1000, 4CBC9BCA-86B0-49A5-9117-7620E5…)

It’s a well-known classic already, but I can’t recommend Princess Tutu enough. It’s great, from the soundtrack to the dramatic screenplay to everything else.

Other animu recs where I can’t recall anything coomerish: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou aka Daily Lives of High School Boys, Mononoke, Dennou Coil, Genius Party (experimental short movies but some of them are really good), Sakamoto Desu ga?(comedy), Kaiji, Hyouge Mono (it’s…different, I recall lots of tea ceremonies and philosophy)

It’s been a while since I’ve watched any of these tho so I hope my memory didn’t fail me.
I’ve heard someone say that the creator is a paedo, anyone know if this is true?

No. 166364

File: 1635085867864.png (176.8 KB, 1080x1102, article.png)

Here's a link to an article about how he was allegedly found to be following a loli account with photo realistic depictions of cp

No. 166485

File: 1635120155654.jpg (296.22 KB, 500x748, Ginger-Pye.jpg)

Eleanor Estes books, I loved reading them all growing up and they're still a good read 20 years later. I don't see her hyped as much when it comes to children authors so I wanted to throw her in here.

No. 166493

Damn you're right, I completely forgot about her since I was so focused on nagara and mizuho's friendship kek.

No. 166494


I don't exactly know if Nana or paradise kiss counts but I don't recall hypersexualization and none of the characters are underaged

No. 166496

Mononoke is sexualized and has mysogynistic moments though. No way jose

No. 166497

Honestly? Eizoken is too good for that guy. That guy might had created it, but there are so many more people behind the anime that I think it's okay to take it from him. The anime is so belivable and not sexual at all. I think the author should die, but Eizoken is cool.

No. 166500

File: 1635125870254.jpg (433.96 KB, 1427x2048, pk.jpg)

Paradise Kiss has sex and nudity (picrel) but tbh I think it belongs here. Yukari's first time with George is one of the most honest depictions I've ever seen of what it's like to lose your virginity as a girl, from the good parts to the awkwardness to the "is piv really going to feel good someday???" thoughts. the first time I tried to have sex and my bf's dick wouldn't go in, i felt less embarrassed when i remembered the top right panel. thanks, yazawa!

No. 166501

I need to watch this. It looks so wholesome

No. 166503

I had a similar experience! Reading that page legit made me choke up a bit. I've never read Paradise Kiss but now I wish I had when I was younger.

No. 166512

I always start crying halfway through and don't stop until it's over

No. 166524

My dumbass thought they were hamsters and my friend had to argue with me to convince me I was wrong. I was so sure they were just really fat hamsters. Sage because I'm retarded, kek.

No. 166532

File: 1635134950083.png (Spoiler Image,1009 KB, 1072x530, 2382143904120.png)

Adding to this, here is a Twitter thread with better translations and images of what the guy follows on pixiv. Pic rel, is an example, one of the artists he follows draws porn of irl children, so there is your answer.
The tweets are deleted now (from the mangaka). Saging because I don't want to derail.

No. 166542

File: 1635138276558.jpg (52.17 KB, 350x495, Love_Live!_Days_Volume_13_Apri…)

The new love live season (Love Live Superstar!!) can never go wrong. not a single male in sight just girls chasing their dream and making good songs

No. 166543

As someone who loves their mom, I thought that movie wasn't wholesome at all. I don't wanna spoil you, but you could either hate it or love it I guess.

No. 166550

I'm surprised that Natsume's Book of Friends hasn't been mentioned yet. Also Mushishi.

No. 166570

i wish the mom wasn't one-sided and wasn't 'happy' all the time, that she'd actually show how exhausted, tired and frustrating it is to raise children who aren't human and aren't easy to be understood especially from someone who only knew about werewolves from her boyfriend that died suddenly and left her with the kids.

No. 166621

I hated it so much, it was overly sugary and some parts of the plot made zero sense
Also this

No. 166661

File: 1635172842063.png (985.13 KB, 1920x1080, ACD6EB76-254F-4933-BB8C-0A556A…)

I don’t usual watch many western cartoons because a lot of times the art style annoys me. I gave this a watch a few years back though and really liked it. I think it’s a fun premise and the triangle is kind of a neat villain.

I started watching Centaurworld and despite the goofy style, it is really nicely animated? Somewhat childish toilet humor but I also like the main character enough (a war horse trying to find her rider) that I’m willing to keep going.

No. 166684

I wish you would had spoiled that. This just ruined the movie for me.

No. 166715

NTA but that's like the first 10 minutes of the movie, so it isn't a big catarthic twist halfway into the story or anything

No. 166752

Aww, nona. Reading it at a young age is definitely a special experience, but I totally recommend checking it out now! Honestly, when I've talked about it with friends who also first read it as young girls, one of the things we all agree on is how it's best suited for adult women. Not because of racy content, but because of its mature look at relationships and growth. Also, it's a very rare example of a manic pixie dream boy in the most classic sense – George is a great character, but he's definitely there to catalyze Yukari's growth. And it's a pretty quick read! be careful with scan sites though, a lot are missing random chapters

No. 166766

Also Studio Ghibli films though I'm not sure if Kiki's bloomers shots or the bath scene in My Neighbor Totoro is considered coomerish.

No. 166901

Not gonna lie, the first time I watched My Neighbor Totoro, I was really put off by the little girl panty shots and it took years for me to return to it after seeing other Studio Ghibli movies.

No. 167308

File: 1635353988213.jpeg (92.2 KB, 640x480, 413D8AD2-D09A-407A-8A40-28E7FD…)

I love Full moon so much. I recently came back to the series because I found out that the two voice actors who played the shinigami died in 2013. The songs are great and the story shows no mercy in ripping out your heartstrings. The story is similar to creamy mami where magic gets a young girl to become older and start her music career. Except in this story it’s very sad and about death.

No. 167310

Nta but good to know I’m not alone with that, it was weird seeing the bloomers during the beginning of my neighbor Totoro.
Idk, the whole movie felt awkward and unsettling.

No. 167317

spent all morning binge-reading School Zone Girls based off of this review. I haven't read yuri in a long time because of how oversexualized and like, unrealistic in a not fun way the last few that i read were and this one's such a breath of fresh air. actually funny as fuck and I love all the character dynamics/ art sctyle/ facial expressions. this review is pretty accurate so far, it's very well written for being short/ fast-paced and lighthearted

No. 167322

I really liked it too! It's so cute.

No. 167430

I don't like totoro and it always felt unsettling to me as well but Kiki is a very cute movie. I live it a lot for some reason

No. 167537

Thanks for the recommendation, I like their expressions.

No. 167626

File: 1635482522848.jpg (143.39 KB, 1000x1416, MV5BMmYyZDI5OWMtN2FmMC00ZWU5LW…)

Arashi no Yoru ni (One Stormy Night). I remembered watching this film back then and I really liked it. It's super gorgeous and the unlikely friendship between Mei the goat and Gabu the wolf is really cute. Sub is way better.

No. 167632

File: 1635484011630.png (193.55 KB, 400x302, DC0B1936-9786-4AAC-B0DB-43471C…)

Yes seconding Moomin! The 90s anime is so cozy and I couldn’t recommend it enough especially since it’s free officially via YouTube. If you didn’t grow up with it it’s certainly worth a watch, it’s my go-to feel good cartoon personally.

No. 167638

No. 167701

I fucking love Michael Palin. I should just watch this shit already, I've seen clips of him giggling while getting tangled up in a mosquito net.

No. 167907

>>167701 here, so I watched 5 episodes yesterday. Last night I dreamt that Michael, at the urging of his friend (couldn't see who it was but he said quite firmly, "Go ahead, show anon what it looks like"), strolled out of a public shower in order to show me his ass. It was quite shapely but not ridiculously so. Very round and nice, like he'd done a few squats. I came here to tell you about it, until I saw the title of this thread. I'm not sorry.

No. 167947

File: 1635687373965.jpg (18.3 KB, 250x255, 70436568fad51d80df435bed763a3b…)

Moomins is my world. My goal is to be just like Moominmamma. I even found me a perfect Moominpappa.

No. 168003

File: 1635709757469.png (391.25 KB, 1024x692, Mane_Six.png)

Used to hate My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic because of it's fandom during it's huge popularity but it's actually pretty good, cute and wholesome.

No. 168004

Pinkie Pie saved me from suicide

No. 168041

I'm so happy to hear that nonnie and I hope you're still doing great! Pinkie Pie is just an absolute sweetheart, a gift that keeps on giving though I haven't watch far enough to see her sad side. Also love listening to this remix of her smile song.

No. 169329

Any recommendations? I’ve seen all the classics, but haven’t caught up with seasonal series since 2018.

No. 169348

bronies and fandom aside, it's a good show even if the last seasons had some dumb/weird concepts. i cried so much when it ended lmao

No. 169415

File: 1636550165456.png (2.48 MB, 1920x1200, imagen_2021-11-10_071614.png)

Houseki no Kuni

No. 169420

NTA but I tried reading the manga and I've never related less to any characters. Everything is bizzare in an unintended way. YMMV

No. 169442

The anime is so good. I love its soundtrack and the visuals. ot so spoilering, I read the previous authors work and she has a lot of incest and pedophilia thing its so weird comparing it to HNK because, it's like, her most normal work

No. 169453

File: 1636580002278.jpg (100.82 KB, 640x444, cookies.jpg)

Lucy Knisley whose an artist who makes these really cute graphic novels that feature things like her mom whose a chef, her pregnancy and other typical subjects but her art has a lovely warmth and nostalgic feeling to them and she also really likes food so I like reading her stuff and then copying the recipes when she includes them (Relish obviously being my fave from her for that reason)

No. 169472

She's really great!

No. 169477

Well I did read it too and I relate 1000000000000% to Phos

No. 169478

wait what, what other works?

No. 169480

It's on mangadex, just search up her name. Haruko Ichikawa. It's mostly her anthology that has the incest and pedophilia thing. Her one shot is cute though, the one with the crossdressing prince. Spoilering because I don't wanna derail.

No. 169578

Ooh, seconding this! I liked Kid Gloves a lot too, even though I'm not a mom. Also, I've tried every recipe out of Relish except the lamb, and they've all been great.

No. 169584

File: 1636688638559.jpg (38.6 KB, 430x315, french-milk-food.jpg)

I cried during the end, for obvious reasons but right? Every recipe I've tried from her has been so amazing, I'm right now reading French Milk (her Parisian travel diary) and it's A+ as usual!

No. 169586

pretentious piece of shit

No. 169588

Nta, but why? Because a woman's enjoying tasty French food?

No. 170282

Awwww definitely reading this nona

No. 170294

Maybe this thread could help me, I was asked to make a list of kid-friendly manga recs for a library. So far I was thinking Natsume Yuujinchou, some sports series like Yowamushi Pedal and Haikyuu. I think an action series would be good but I was told that even though AoT is requested the most it has too much nudity. One Piece is probably fine but is there anything else?

No. 170297

I rec Hikaru no Go if we're talking like 12 and younger, it's a sport series but about Go, and also Yotsuba&!+ Cells at Work! by Akane Shimizu are some recs I think would work for kids!

No. 170300

I wish there were more dramas like Vikings and The Last Kingdom that didn't have so much sex in them.

No. 170302

Thanks, I forgot about Cells At Work but that would be great for a library! Some kids also said they like My Hero Academia and Hunter x Hunter so I might check to see if the first few volumes of those would be okay.

No. 170303

I also rec MP100! It's a lovely manga, well written and fun characters and great for all ages! And it's been some time but maybe also Angelic Layer from CLAMP would be good also for the kids

No. 170317

Seconding Angelic Layer, I looooved that as a kid. I'd still take a look through it though – CLAMP's stuff can be a bit questionable. Besides that…Yotsuba, Chi's Sweet Home, Sailor Moon. A lot of the older shoujo Tokyopop brought over in the 00s, if you can get your hands on it, would be good: Saint Tail, Miracle Girls, etc. Tezuka's stuff might seem a little dated to kids, but it might also totally transcend that because they're so young – I fucking loooooooved Buddha and Princess Knight when I was little.

No. 170328

my hero academia has too much scrote fanservice

No. 170339

this is so hard to read but I'm happy you enjoyed it anon

No. 170340

I think kobato from clamp is also good

No. 170359

File: 1637240561685.jpeg (124.32 KB, 393x600, FF5B9B6E-C86C-4A92-A444-2EFEB2…)

>Angelic Layer
oh yes! I used to borrow these from the library as a kid! Don’t remember much, but I used to loved it back then as well. The concept reminds me of many other kids series like beyblade, but instead of dumb boys screeching at their gadgets it’s girls working together with their battle dolls who are actual characters and with gorgeous CLAMP art instead.

No. 170365

All you need to remember is that the heroine's mom is so retarded she might as well have a developmental disorder.

No. 170384

Oh for real, I watched the anime at the same time (which did greatly improve on that and some other things and completely forgot what a dumbass she is

No. 170472

Ohhhh that recipe could not be more unhelpful.

No. 181979

File: 1643314430832.png (508.65 KB, 599x319, 43284326749.png)

I know a good amount of anons already know about them, but I highly recommend all the movies from Cartoon Saloon. They're an Irish studio and one of the few that still does hand-drawn animation. Their work is absolutely gorgeous and intricate. As a bonus most of their main characters are strong-willed girls who get things done. Their work is not 100% carefree, there are moments that are bittersweet or address violence (though never explicitly gory), but overall I'm always happy to watch them.

No. 181984

File: 1643315582870.png (497.16 KB, 713x395, 4328794723425.png)

Kageki Shoujo is really enjoyable and all the characters are great. There are 2 things that might not make it a perfect fit for this thread, but it's close. So anons can decide:
>We see a flashback where one of the main characters is harassed by her mom's boyfriend. He tries (and fails) to enter her room and then we see her being kissed by him as a child, which is obviously disgusting but the show treats it as the abuse it is
>At one point another girl says she had a goal to dress like a sexy/busty anime character which is completely out of character for her, but the comment is quickly dropped/forgotten past like a 2-minute scene
Other than that it's all about the girls wanting to improve their acting/singing, supporting one another, growing up and hoping to become famous entertainers for a primarily female audience.

No. 182003

Different anon, the translation for the manga only go up to chapter 14.3 (unless someone knows differently than I do). Rawkuma has it raw on their website that goes up to chapter 36. Be warn, there are a lot of ads on Rawkuma.

No. 182015

I watched The Secret of Kells when I was in middle school with my class and I loved it but I had forgotten its name so thanks nonny for making me google Cartoon Saloon, their other movies look amazing!

No. 302584

File: 1686899269058.png (328.76 KB, 872x900, EKHymovU4AAezSY.png)

Legend of Galactic Heroes
Partially because the author seems to hate women (there is less than 10 named women in the 110-episode-long show).

No. 302587

File: 1686899921127.jpg (85.08 KB, 640x960, LOGH Episode 92(DVD) - Central…)

kek yeah women are definitely scarce in LOGH

No. 302588

File: 1686899958323.jpg (506.86 KB, 960x3559, 1444383754771.jpg)

No. 302590

File: 1686900569978.jpg (91.63 KB, 960x720, Legend.of.the.Galactic.Heroes.…)

No. 302596

File: 1686908680594.jpeg (70.21 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1583.jpeg)

Carole and Tuesday is a good short anime with no sexualization or weirdness! It’s a wholesome story about friendship and music! There is this a thing where 2 side characters are trans, but it’s from a mutation caused by the atmosphere on Mars and not by choice kek, so it’s not really coming from a political aspect and it’s a very minor thing. On Netflix btw

No. 302634

>2 side characters are trans
Weren't they intersex?

No. 302639

File: 1686934457758.jpg (199.87 KB, 1920x1080, the hell.jpg)

>with no sexualization or weirdness
Yeah, totally.

No. 302645

That’s probably more accurate but that whole aspect confused me tbh.

Not sure if bait but that part is obviously a comedic bit and it’s still not sexual. The lyrics of the song are “fucking bullshit” over and over again like ??

No. 302665

ask yourself why you think that a male wearing women's dress is automatically sexual. i am begging you. please. especially a dress like that in the pic. please for the love of god stop and think what it implies that feminine/female coded clothing is automatically sexual and a male imitating feminine/female coded behaviors is automatically sexual behavior. is it the boobs? you think the boobs make it sexual? why? use your damn brain sometimes

No. 302777

>ask yourself why you think that a male wearing women's dress is automatically sexual.
Because AGP is real.

No. 302791

yeah but those are cartoon characters. they have no minds. they have no fetishes. and for majority of people a man in a dress is just a funny lol joke, and not some kink. like at this point all i have to say is "rent free". not to mention that acting as if the agp perverts are correct in the way they think that something about women's clothing and womanhood itself is automatically sexual doesn't actually help at all you are just saying they are right by acting that any depiction of a male in a dress is somehow fetishtic and perverted. you are doing nothing but agreeing with them that yeah women and women's clothing are inherently more sexual than males, males are the neutral default.

No. 302839

>>302639 this actually can be interpreted is a dig that nb or troons are unstable violent weirdos that can't read the room singing swearwords at an all-age event (they also went violent when eliminated or something), so I like it kek

No. 302865

I haven't watched the anime but all the trans people I used to follow om social media really hated those characters and called them offensive caricatures and tried to stop people from watching the anime because it was transphobic

No. 302871

>literal men in dresses
>singing inappropriate lyric, knowing there are children in the audience
>becoming violent when a woman call them on their bullshit and don't kiss their asses
>insult her age/appearance
>saying the lyric is the reflection of what they are
>in the end they basically rip their dresses off and just show their true forms as violent men

Basically an apt portrayal of troon behaviour

No. 302878

Tbh that's how I feel on the inside too.

No. 308259

The visual novel Clannad has no sex scenes. Nagisa doesn’t act like a retard or toddler either, she’s a normal girl who speaks normally and doesn’t make retard noises. Her intelligence is above average and she enjoys writing the dramatic play to revive the drama club.

Are you confusing it with Kanon or Air? The main girls in those are baby retards but Nagisa is not like that. I like her and she reminds me of myself so please do not get her confused with them.

No. 359477

File: 1709284648866.jpg (1.6 MB, 2560x1618, 744509.jpg)

Dororo. It can get pretty dark and depressing (and has a tragic teen prostitute subplot), but it treats the characters with respect.

No. 384312

Why is this thread bumped to the first page with no new content? How is this possible?

No. 384314

Someone posted something and deleted it

No. 384348

File: 1716190086595.jpg (90.56 KB, 773x397, 1000016687.jpg)

Barakamon is such a feel good anime for me. I especially love how the kids truly feel like kids and not tiny adults. The mc is a social failure but he's not perverted at all, he's so dry that wokies love yo make him their asexual icon kek. Still doesn't stop the fujoshi in the cast from shipping with another dude

No. 386566

File: 1716716466031.jpg (1.74 MB, 4384x2764, house.jpg)

Saraiya Goyou
It's Edo-era SoL with a bit of drama.

No. 386580

File: 1716725338510.jpg (2.43 MB, 1499x2221, MV5BN2RkMjQ3ZjItNWNlMC00ZTZlLT…)

Perfect Blue is so good but I there's a triggering scene so fair warning before you pick it up

No. 386581

File: 1716725425896.jpg (140.65 KB, 739x1000, 91cXHMWJ2eL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

A part of me wishes it didn't just stay being cutesy but it's a comfy show to watch. I love the theme of it and how the creators started off with the idea of artist that want to improve NOW LET ME DRAW COOL STUFF NOW without going through the slog of learning fundies.

No. 386582

File: 1716725504338.jpeg (197.67 KB, 1920x1080, lwa_release-date-announcement.…)

I know not everything has to be an ongoing franchise but idk I kind of wished it was a bit more…serious I really like the character designs.

No. 386583

File: 1716725685444.jpeg (258.14 KB, 800x600, TC.jpeg)

They're such a fun group to watch. Not aware of any weird stuff they do.

No. 386584

File: 1716725807394.jpg (593.67 KB, 2560x1440, Spiritfarer_Farewell_Edition_K…)

I know lots of people say that this game made them sob and stuff but it didn't happen to me, makes me feel a tad bit heartless.
I really like the ship building mechanics and running around to make sure the spirits have their needs met.

No. 386585

File: 1716726071602.jpg (47.6 KB, 512x288, AAAABS95U1FEJJ1hJSVRyAB0woAhqB…)

Really funny to watch.
I noticed that Kdrama doesn't have lots of coomer scenes in general the issue that the writing feels too cliche.

No. 386586

isnt it full of sexual stuff? i remember the mc doing a naked photoshoot.

No. 386676

File: 1716748869171.jpg (59.27 KB, 400x615, Silver-Spoon-tome-1 (1).jpg)

Silver spoon is a very comfy read. It tackle themes such as parental abuse and school burn out in an hopeful and uplifting way. They make learning about agriculture fun and interesting somehow. There's a couple of jokes where the Mc get horny for his crush but the girl herself is never objectified (you can tell it was written by a woman). It was written by the same author as Fullmetal alchemist to give you an idea. A very different genre but the humor is quite similar.

No. 386678

Yeah, it's a bit of a weird recommendation. It's not coomer shit meant to titillate the audience, but Mima is frequently sexually exploited. I wouldn't say the film is hypersexual, but it's also not a film I'd recommend for someone trying to avoid "icky" depictions of sexuality because that's kind of a focal point.

No. 386726

I did say it's triggering I was on the fence about including it
>this doesn't mean media that can't handle adult themes or that it has to be 100% children-only. Just media that doesn't feel gross or icky.

No. 386756

File: 1716763203850.jpg (405.34 KB, 1480x832, 001_size9.jpg)

Just watch Ojamajo Doremi!

No. 386757

when i was a kid my mom bought me one of the wands and it was sooo much fun until i tried to swallow one of the beads and had to desperately hack it up like a cat

No. 386869

i'm sorry but this doesn't belong in this thread

No. 386878

File: 1716790079231.jpg (140.86 KB, 1000x1426, Steven Universe.jpg)

I recently got back to watching Steven Universe and started all over from the beginning since I didn't remember where I left off back in high school. This show is actually fun, comforting and overall enjoyable from the characters, atmosphere, world building and how it teaches you life lessons.

I just don't get why some people bash this show other than its fandom, the controversy of Rebecca Sugar's Ed, Edd n Eddy yaoi fanart or moids calling this show "woke" or "feminist" for including lesbians, women with different body types and people of color. Or some people just think the characters are straight up "ugly" which to be honest some of them are but that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable. Warning for those who are not comfortable with sexualized shit, I think a few bits of the dances might be a little suggestive but it's not that big of a deal.

No. 386879

I loved the show a lot at first, but as it went on it became too preachy. They stopped making a fun show for kids and started making it a drama for childish adults

No. 386886

it's mostly the writing that's the problem, and personally I find some of the characters personalities too annoying but especially steven's

No. 386892

>started making it a drama for childish adults
that's why i can't stand it. embarrassing how many grown adults i've seen have angry and emotional feelings over fucking steven universe.

No. 386901

I feel the same eay as you. SU is far from perfect, of course, but there is something extremely comforting to me. It got bad when they started to make it for childish adults rather than kids, because ironically when you start pandering to childish adults than kids/teens, your media become ten times more immature, if you get what I'm saying. But aside from that, you can't make me hate SU. Kill me but I loved this show when I was young, I'll love it now too. It's nostalgia speaking but whatever. Humiliating adults always want to take away the fun from stuff whether it's the woke or anti woke crowd.

No. 386902

I used to think nothing could kill my nostalgic fondness for it, then i saw the "SU future" sequel and it killed my love for it.

No. 387177

AYRT, Yeah agree. Later seasons and future killed the show. If it makes sense the show felt dreamier in the beginning. And afterwards like every other cartoon on tv.

No. 387193

File: 1716885978084.png (211.9 KB, 250x397, image_2024-05-28_013518428.png)

if you ignore the weird fujoshi fanbase sam and max is a great show. i haven't played the games marketed toward teenagers but there definitely isn't overtly sexual shit in it.

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