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No. 191532

A thread to discuss tropes. Those you love, those you hate, think are overused, reverse tropes etc

No. 191602

Cool girls, manic pixies, and other assorted NLOGs I hate. Not a fan of the enemies to lovers trope either; friends to lovers is where it's at.

No. 191645

I hate those too but I'm starting to feel like NLOG is over prescribed.

No. 191905

>>191602 personally I think that Cool Girls/Manic Pixies can still be used in a subverted way, but it needs talent to pull it. Is not something that inexperienced writers can do. NLOGs on the other hand are already dry, there is nothing new or interesanting to do with them, or anything that can't be done with fresher character archetypes.

No. 191906

>>191645 NLOGs were a very used trope in early 2000/2010. And it reeks of that era lmao, i don't think nowdays there are earnest NLOGs in media. Because they carry such a 2000/2010 smell that proyects with them doesnt get greenlight/get attention anymore. Literally it's cheugy, for lack of a better word. Girlbosses are starting to feel this way todo, unless if the media is for older millennials they don't appear unironically anymore. The hot trope nowdays is bimbos, because we live in the darkest timeline.

No. 191908

Sage for spreg but:a ~diverse~ cast when all the characters are identical in everything but skintone. No i'm not racebaiting let me explain. No i don't think that every ~POC~ need to be about ~uwu pwwr poc issues~ god no but if every character of a history acts the same and the only way to distinguish one from the other is skin tone like they were mlp mares, your story is shit. Burgerland writers love to do that because they barely know how to write a character, let alone different ones so to hide that they write the same character in different races and as a plus they get those sweet sjw validation & dollars.

No. 191913

Could you name some examples of the NLOG trope from that era? You're absolutely right by the way, I just personally struggled to think of any.

No. 191924

really love friends to lovers in stories too

No. 191937

It's books but Katniss Everdeen and all her clones are the ultimate NLOG and is done unironically. It doesnt get more 2010 than that.

No. 191939

wtf, how was Katniss even remotely nlog? Do you think any slightly tomboy-ish character is not like the other girls solely by virtue of existing?

No. 191946

No but she was the only competent female character in the saga. All the other girls were either too mentally ill/too naive to be of proper help (Effie, Johanna) enemies (female tributes, coin) or kids who died for the sake of plot (prim & rue). The narrative makes her a NLOG. There is plenty of guys who are her sidekick/are showed to be as competent as her but no girls (Again, Johanna is show as too mentally ill for a good chunk of the book and Effie even if she means well is too naive even at the end). Tldr Katniss is not a NLOG by her actitude but how is she presented in contrast of other female characters.

No. 191948

Poor representation of women doesn't make her a NLOG, though I don't agree with you in the first place. Plenty of other competent female characters, it's literally plot essential that they exist, but she's the MC so of course she's better.

Either way at no point is she ever compared favourably to other women in a way that makes her NLOG - no emphasis on how much more appealing she is to men than others are, no mention of how other women are too shallow or frivolous to be as good as her, no hobbies or skills that are specifically unique for women portrayed in a way that makes other women look less than. You're making the concept of NLOG waaaay too broad and vague to be meaningful.

No. 192192

I've never read the hunger games so I have no idea if that's true or not, but I really don't think that's what NLOG is supposed to mean

No. 192516

Don't know if this is actually a trope or not, but I really hate mental illness/split personality used as a plot twist. It usually goes something like

>MC thinks something shady is going on

>MC investigates
>everyone is evil, out to get the main character, they gaslight the MC
>turns out at the end the MC was just imagining it all, MC is actually the bad guy and everyone else was just telling the truth when the MC thought they were being gaslit

Not going to name too many things with this in it cause that would be a spoiler, but there's a lot of them out there. I read a book last year The Wives and the whole time I kept thinking "I really hope it doesn't turn out the MC is just insane and imagining everything, that would be such a let down" and then it did. It's a really lazy plot twist imo. Overdone as well.

No. 192539

I haven’t seen this often yet because maybe I don’t consume enough media, but I agree. This is extremely shitty and lazy if played like that. You can do something like this in a way that may be fine but it needs good foreshadowing, an actually interesting plot and maybe a meaningful message to go along with it other than “x character was just schizo all along that’s it folks”, what’s the point.

No. 192542

Funny movie about that is A Cure for Wellness because it really looks like this trope at first, but it turns out the MC wasn't imagining anything and everyone really is out to get him

No. 192607

Tbh I don't understand what people mean when they criticize "girlboss" characters.

No. 254471

Don't know if it's common enough to get called a trope already, but I always hate it when it's shown as look how much he likes her uguu*°~.. when ML specifically looks for porn or prostitutes that either look like FL or he can't focus on it because he keeps thinking about her. I saw it like twice in the past few months, and one of them was a shoujo manga.

No. 254479

>chosen one bullshit
Will instantly devalue EVERY form of progress the MC has made and every fight they have gone through + over-used wish-fulfillment shit.
>anything about MC being part of a royal bloodline
Dime novel shit, over-used and boring and I don't care about nobles unless it's some badass king fighting a war
>smart villain that turns full retarded psycho at the end
Bad writing syndrome coming from people that cannot come up with a legit debate so they take the short way out by rewriting the villain into an idiot to solve complex conflicts with a shounen fight
>intimidating villain or god is actually a loli/joke/kiddo/clown
So over-used that by now you EXPECT every shadowy figure to be that. I also adore adult, serious and graceful characters and turning the big bad or a mystical being into a meme might make me drop the series, the real world is already full of clowns, leave that shit out of my fiction
>all issues vanish because MC got a crush and gets saved
Boring and again avoidance of conflicts. Don't bait and then do a 180° degree turn. Sometimes the saved by love trope might work but the characters and the development need to be special then and it should be more than generic romantic love
>any form of school bullshit regardless if it's anime coomer crap or harry potter
Schools are boring in real life already, it's even more boring watching someone else attending this shit.
>any form of superpower
Sorry but it never once worked for me. Sci-fi is okay and sometimes occultism might work, what I mean is the typical shounen premise of "every relevant character in this show is born with a special super power-" you know the rest.
>MC is so special because.. s/he is the self-insert
No explanation needed. I even categorize Ancient Magus' Bride as such.
>Series hints terrible crime the nice and likeable MC has committed in the past, hypes it up, MC is pained by grief
>says they killed someone
>turns out they just played with their sister who got trucked and they couldn't rush to help
Again baiting/false advertising. If you hype up a central conflict as big as "nice MC might have been evil" then be consequent. Seeing a formerly evil person struggle with their sin and face the consequences when they thought they already got away is a very interesting premise for drama, but I always get cucked by these plots because nobody has the balls to taint their precious MC in that way.

No. 254491

Feel free to judge me or agree with me, but here are some of my favorite tropes:
>Any sort of plotline where the characters rebel against a super powerful evil guy, it's just so cathartic
>Flashbacks into backstories when not used in excess or when done right.
>Any plotline that's really character driven and where we get to learn a lot about a character's personality, values, etc.
>Really smart characters when done well
>Characters who aren't strong or powerful and have to be clever to solve a problem, like powerless in a superpowered world, or just really feeble.
>Moral dilemmas and very morally grey scenarios where you can't even begin to work out the actual morality of something without raising ten more questions you'd have to answer.
>Malicious AI (I LOVED I have no mouth and I must scream). Good AIs are cool too.
>Manly women, effeminate men. Big strong women. Cute prettyboys.
>Disabled characters who have agency and functionality that aren't just objectified for pity.
>Literally any Gustavo Fring-like characters. If they casted Giancarlo Espocito, count me in!

Tropes I very much dislike:
>The smart character/scientist with no personality aside from "smart and emotionless"
>Unrealistically good outcomes to things and ridiculous fakeout deaths. Ruins immersion.
>Feminine guys who are just infantilized and basically drawn as moeblob flatchested girls with no male traits at all, or even a personality, really any childlike characters at all since I can't really relate to them.
>Misogynistic protagonists. I think it can be done right when it's actually dealt with and the character is punished and improves, instead of just being seen as a silly quirk, same thing with pervy male characters, though I have much less sympathy for them than the misogynist.

No. 254500

Enemies to lovers is one thing, but what's it called when two people fuck but still hate each other? Would that be enemies with benefits? Because it sounds like an awful trope but I like it anyway.

No. 254501

It's called hatefucking. I kinda like enemies with sexual tension but it never really seems to work with writing, it kinda just doesn't make sense on a fundamental level, which I guess is why it's so alluring in the first place. I mean, there's lots of tension which is good but it's just always so awkward.

No. 254508

>Manly women, effeminate men. Big strong women. Cute prettyboys.
Hate how we can’t have these anymore without people screaming about trans HCs.

No. 259715

File: 1669884556962.jpg (177.09 KB, 1600x900, 2 broke girls.jpg)

I'm getting really tired of "broke" or "poor" characters that are obviously written by people who have never been broke/poor. I'm talking mostly about books because that's where I see it the most. Tbh I feel like it's a bit lazy most of the time (it's often a big plot point- character is broke so they do stupid shit out of desperation and get in bad situations). An example of this would be the protagonist in Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. That book was kind of hard to take seriously at points and I felt like the plot twist was just over the top, but that's kind of unrelated. We were constantly beat over the head with how super broke/poor the main character was and any time money was mentioned she'd go on a 3 page monologue about what it's like to be poor and at first it would be kind of relatable but she'd just keep going on and it would become more and more obvious that the author didn't know what it was like to actually be poor. For example she'd talk about how cashiers would judge her for being poor and like.. first of all how would a cashier even know you were poor, I'm guessing from using foodstamps but I was a cashier for a long time and we really didn't get paid that well (at all) the last thing we're going to do is judge someone for being poor. Like yeah there is the occasional snobby cashier but most of us aren't like that, and many cashiers I've known use foodstamps themselves. Another book was The Death of Mrs Westaway, the book literally beings with the main character throwing away fish and chips she just bought because she wasn't hungry instead of putting them in the fridge. IDK, maybe some people would do that, but I definitely wouldn't. I could go on about other books but you get the idea.

And this is kind of a nitpick but I hate that show 2 broke girls. I know it's just a dumb sitcom and not supposed to be realistic but the apartment they had on that show was huge, especially for being in NY. Not to mention their hair always looks really nice and styled and have snazzy outfits.

No. 259826

You're right, this Oxfam advert style of writing only works if the character used to have money and is now poor, because they're noticing the differences between their old and new lifestyles.
You can really tell when the writer has never been poor in their life, because their super broke characters go to cafes and throw out the overpriced food they just bought, or toss out half of their furniture because it looks old, or don't wait until payday or sales to buy expensive items.
I've tried explaining this to someone doing Nanowrimo and it went completely over her head. She genuinely couldn't see why paying an hour's wage for a sandwich and tossing it out after one bite was out of character for someone who was supposedly living in a cockroach-infested hovel due to poverty. She also wrote like twenty pages about this character receiving a bag of donated clothes with tears of gratitude and joy, like one of those evangelical Christian Facebook memes that get passed around grandparents. Some people are a special kind of disconnected.

No. 259867

>Unrealistically good outcomes to things and ridiculous fakeout deaths. Ruins immersion.
I dropped demon slayer manga after a single panel that was the definition of your description. I hate it when they use something for shock value but then later they pretend it was no big deal. I feel cheated.

No. 261725

Any female character written to be excessively lecherous towards other women. I don't mean a character who has any actual romantic interest in anyone, just the type who's there to conveniently sexualize other characters, make "boom chika wow wow" comments about another woman's boobs or ass, or even molest them for men. Fortunately it's not a common trope anymore, but male writers really thought they were geniuses for managing to slip in verbal sexualization as long as they don't make a man say it. A female character can get as gross or disrespectful as she wants

No. 261745

Here is some I hate:
>characters who throw around dumb jokes or one-liners all the time, especially when they are fighting
>female characters who go around in dumb ass coomer bikini armor and somehow act as if it's empowering. Happens in real life, sure, but only with mentally ill women
>noble savage shit, you see it all the time with ancient germanic people or berbers or who the fuck not, especially if they fight an advanced civilization. No, not all "primitive" societies are good and egalitarian or noble, most of them are fucking awful and violent. Go to fucking Chechnya or whatever and see for yourself
>regarding historical fiction, when the author tries to write about socioeconomic issues and pulls out a dirty inbred peasant who somehow can kill trained knights like flies just because he lifted heavy shit on the farm. Many such cases
>will they-will they not het ships, where the female character is not really into the MC and the romantic subplot of the story is about the MC winning the women's affection. You know, this scrotey way of thinking that if you will bother a woman for long enough time, eventually she will give in and love you back
>very poor attempts at writing a competent military commander which is prevalent in sci-fi and fantasy. That character will come up with the most bullshit and complicated plans to trick the enemy and come up with elaborate battlefield strategy that in any realistic situation will fall apart if just one thing goes wrong.
Phew, I just realized that I sound a little unhinged kek

No. 261763

they're too clean and peppy and with immaculate fucking hair to be poor

No. 261775

>tomboy wants to be girly

No. 261777

I hate tsunderes. They're just insufferable and ruin the anime for me a little bit.

No. 263015

File: 1670852841346.jpg (1.07 MB, 2533x924, isekai fantasy.jpg)

Most Isekai tropes seems so pathetic that I can't even hate it properly

No. 263034

Man, Kyou Kara Maoh was a fucking gay parody and was still more believable than that shit.

No. 263056

Why do animanga made for JP moids (and weeb moids) always write the FL as more forward when it comes to proposing, confessing, etc? Does it appeal to their eternal blue balls? If the ML did it, would it zap them out of self insert immersion and they get jealous the ML is stealing their waifu?

No. 263075

Because their agoraphobic asses aren't brave enough to take the initiative, so the women have to do everything.

No. 263083

some tropes i dislike
>the five man band and the chick
you know the one, it's a very common trope in older cartoons and movies. a bunch of men and only one woman in the group who serves as the love interest and mediator. also the big strong guy and the nerdy guy who are mostly there to fill up the space cause they're never that relevant to the plot
>everyone gets married at the end
because characters aren't allowed to be single (unless they're ugly or the comic relief)
>love triangles
shit, especially when the "loser" gets paired with some rando
>manic pixie dream girl
>any shitty trending anime waifu trope like tsundere, sadistic, gyaru you name it, special mention for rei clones
>all knowing genius mature loli
>brooding dark rival, basically any sasuke clone
there's nothing wrong with the trope itself but it's extremely overdone, i've seen it in too many shounen series so please come up with something new
>slavery in isekai
it's always handled very poorly. isekai in general is garbage
>tomboy/gnc female character was secretly girly all this time
>and the opposite of it, effeminate/gnc male character is actually super manly and a playboy

No. 263102

I agree with most of you takes but I'm genuinely confused about
>effeminate/gnc male character is actually super manly and a playboy
I have never even heard of this trope

No. 263114

ramuda from hypmic, astolfo

No. 263151

I hate the token woman trope so fucking much. It just makes it more obvious that male is seen as the default and contributes to female characters in general being limited to a few possible roles and archetypes (as well as to women being seen as sex objects or trophies, imo). Also the female character is usually sexy/beautiful/like a moid's ideal gf while the male characters all have a wide range of designs or personal styles.

No. 263155

Yeah, and then those males will claim that's "gentle femdom" lmao. I think I've also seem some wokies claim it's progressive. It would actually be somewhat progressive if the same thing happened in Japanese female-oriented media but of course it never does because they don't really want Japanese women to be more proactive and independent instead of submissive and "polite". Otaku males just like the idea of a cute anime girl who is obsessed with their ugly asses and desperate for their affection (because they were always rejected by girls in real life).

No. 263210

i'd rather see no women in the story than a token sexualized one, it takes me out of the story completely

No. 263232

they often don't even have other female friends and basically act like a babysitter to a bunch of dumb moids. it's so unrealistic because girls that spend a lot of time with male friends tend to be like-minded, not glorified mom figures

No. 267703

File: 1673204339962.png (587.13 KB, 500x670, 1444156466452.png)

I don't know if this can be considered a "trope" but I notice this character design way too much

No. 267707

the outcome of men fetishizing alt girls and asian women en masse. anyway, i'd gladly kill someone to fuck the evil alien from titan ae btw.

No. 267737

I remember when Big Hero 6 came out I saw some asian women online discuss how asian girls always has dyed streaks and how it was beginning to come off as weird. Ever since then I haven't been able to unsee it

No. 267786

trope i hate: high femme villains. any female villain who fights with her sex appeal and, if not that, her beauty. she'll like, make sassy retorts to men while reapplying her lipstick and wearing six inch bubblegum pink heels.

…now realize i could've just said "femme fatales". but like the whole idea is such a male fantasy and i hate that women co-opt it so much or otherwise insist these characters are "girlbosses". it's dumb. it's garbage.

like even if the femme fatale does wrap a guy around her finger he still has the power. the minute he decides she isn't worth fucking is the minute she'll die or otherwise be disposed of. why do you idolize that? why do you find it interesting or cool?

i just want evil women that aren't also fuckable. or they aren't fuckable to moids anyway

No. 267873

Idk which is worse, that or the idea that all older/unattractive women who aren't mothers are evil or bad in some way. like ursula from the little mermaid who is old and fat, or maleficent who hates snow white because she's prettier than her

No. 267918

Snow White isn't even prettier, just fairer. What a shit story.

No. 268033

It was my understanding that "fair" and pretty/beautiful were used interchangeably back then. Either way it's dumb.

No. 268514

you're naming fairy tales for children nona. just pick up better written works

No. 268634

Maleficent is Sleeping Beauty and solely because she wasn't invited to a party. The Queen is Snow White

No. 268895

Those fairy tales have been around for hundreds of years and probably weren't just for kids originally but that's beside the point. You can't deny that society has historically (and still does tbh) looked down upon older unmarried/childless women and that reflects in story telling.

Shit you're right. I can't keep them straight.

No. 268897

Disney's renditions are basically the same story so can't blame anon for mixing the two kek

No. 268907

yeah the trope of a bitter old woman who seethes over the flawless pure young girl was in every fairy tale. and who wrote most of these stories? men of course

No. 268920


I used to lap this type of shit up where the fem love interest is unhinged and kinda creepy with her affections. But it's such a turn off to know that it's more so a fantasy of men for cute women to pursue them without doing anything kek. It's especially obvious when they perform moidy shit that the male protagonist "doesn't want".

I hate this bullshit so much. I like submissive men and I naively thought the boom in popularity of femdom would be a good thing but instead now it's just considered progressive to want to have a bangmaid who makes life decisions for you.

No. 276591

File: 1676704833126.jpeg (265.28 KB, 1300x1296, Fd56afa4ba0.jpeg)

media portray female monsters/creatures like this piss me off

No. 276602

File: 1676709487771.jpg (193.2 KB, 900x1163, 5d1.jpg)

Agree also picrel

No. 276694

I don't get this trope, why Asian women specifically? Couldn't they give dyed streaks to any other "cool" woman?

No. 285014

File: 1679644156054.png (3.46 KB, 773x55, what the fuck.png)

I hate this fucking shit so much.

No. 285030

File: 1679646679562.png (58.51 KB, 1490x2580, Lola-Bunny-Tune-Squad-space-ja…)

I hate when they give animals human boobs. They relay shit animal biology to kids only to satisfy the fetish of the creator.

No. 285128

How moids view women vs themselves in a nutshell. Bleak.

No. 285176

Writers in general have no idea how smart people, especially smart people in STEM, act. On some level I don't know if they even know what it means to be smart. They love having characters just knowing a lot of things and saying jargon all the time. That's not intelligence, that's being knowledgeable. Or the smart character is some emotionless asshole who can somehow calculate shit in their head, when not even the best people at mental math can do physics equations in their head. And if a character is the designated 'smart guy' and a side character, they will never get any significant character development, or it will only be cliche "I'm so lonely because I'm so smart." If they're the main character, you get a Steven Moffat show.

Female smart characters get extra shit because writers are torn between the urge to make their dumbass cold computer genius character and the urge to turn every woman into a sex trope. So the smart woman will either be super feminine and hot, or androgynous but wishes she were feminine and girly. Not even eccentric genius female characters can escape from the curse of having to be hot. And that's when they let the women be proper geniuses, because if there's a woman smart character and a man smart character, the woman will have gotten there either through sheer effort or idiot savant manic dream girl bullshit, but the man will be the perfect combo of hardworking and intuitive. "Female genius" is basically most writer's double weakpoint, if you can't write a woman well or a male genius well, it's gonna be shit show.

No. 285179

I like how intelligence is approached in 1001 nights. It's not just knowledge, but also wit and most of all, managing to find solutions for unusual problems. And that's exactly what intelligence is, ability to find solutions.
It's lauded as a virtue for both men and women (moreso women) throughout the book, and many stories feature a commoner girl passing a test of wit by which she impresses the Shah who then marries her. Even the overarching story of Sharazade is along the same lines.
But there's also a story about a smart man having to accept stupid people around him, and returning to his stupid wife and stupid parents after trying to get away from the idiocy.

No. 285182

Imma reverse this

No. 285259

I freaking hate it when they portray female researchers as sexy. This is some delusion only a virgin male high schooler could come up with.

No. 288755

File: 1681128752158.jpg (241.33 KB, 1902x1200, Daisy.jpg)

I'm not sure if there's a name for this trope, but I've noticed it in many sci-fi and action TV series. It typically involves a side character, usually female, starts off as tech support (hacker, scientist, etc.) , without any fighting ability. but then suddenly, after a season or two, they receive vague "training" either off-screen or for on-screen for an episode or two, and become a master martial artist or marksman capable of taking down multiple grown men. This has happened in series like Agents of Shield, Bones, Arrow, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and probably others that I can't recall.

No. 288772

File: 1681136166236.png (113.79 KB, 1449x560, Fitz and Simmons.png)

I watch the various NCIS shows whenever I'm over at my parents house for dinner
>every show they do this
>on NCIS the computer forensic expert McGee starts off as a stuttering nerd, has since become a commander leading missions
>on NCIS Los Angeles the support staff girl Nell went from a 5 foot tall voice over an earwig to being a full on field agent taking out 6 foot tall men
>on NCIS New Orleans the forensic lab guy Sebastian goes from a coke bottle glasses lab geek to REACT team trained field agent doing undercover work

Of all the shows I watched, the most disappointing to me was with Agents of Shield. In that show, two lab geek characters(fitz and simmons) suddenly became expert combat spies without any prior setup or explanation.

No. 288787

It’s the inability to imagine that you can be powerful and influential or necessary without being physically strong. It ends up undervaluing the training required to become an actual warrior by making it seem like anyone can become a battle hardened soldier in just a year. I’m a shrimp, I want to get stronger but I know people like me are never gonna be the most badass battlers just because we took night classes at the shooting range

No. 288789

but you can still train to be a small powerhouse(but it will would require years of training)

No. 290064

Really hated trope: GNC male (femboy, trap, actual troon, doesn't matter really) character being described/portrayed as "prettier than girls" and the actual female characters are either in awe of or seething with jealousy over his beauty as if he's "better at being a girl" because he's "prettier".

No. 290066

Yeah that's just another scrote fantasy.

No. 290067

Kek do you come from the discussion on the anime thread too?

No. 290068

Long ago I thought it was more of a shojo manga trope, and the girls were always in love with this type of characters, like Yuki in Fruits Basket.

No. 290069

I absolutely hate this trope too and even more, I hate the autistic terminally online tranny takeaway of these characters existing in media means they aren't easily clockable poorly dressed freaks irl

No. 290072

>circular arguments and opinionated bitching

No. 290100

yeah its a shoujo/josei manga trope too. Maybe not in the same manner as scrote media, but its definitely how >>290064 describes

No. 290106

Happenes in a lot pf fujo media as well.

No. 290142

It exists in both types of media, but I think it's obvious that they're executed different and the "prettier than girls" trope is used for different reasons in both.

No. 290173

Happenes in a lot pf fujo media as well.

No. 290729

File: 1681901753207.jpeg (218.51 KB, 2048x1707, 2A41E1F0-9863-4803-B2DE-7D52EE…)

No. 290742

Zootopia where you can't even be sure which groups are the predators supposed to be and which groups are the preys supposed to be but either interpretation has terrible implications.

No. 290744

Another dishonorable mention is any media that uses some kind of sentient non-humans (robots, fantasy creatures, aliens etc) as a metaphor for certain human races/ethnicities but regular humans still exist in that universe.

No. 290745

I think there was a comic that covered this topic well, I read it years ago and I think it was about bears of the same species, but there are visible physical differences between them.

No. 290747

That sounds more reasonable, but anything that portrays different races/ethnicities as completely different species is bound to come across as tone deaf at best and dogwhistle-y at worst, even more so if certain species are natural predators and others are natural prey.

No. 290753

That's how I feel with shit like the X-men, I'm not particularly more dangerous or retarded than average because I'm not white, the LGB isn't either, yet various types of discriminations are compared to… people who could commit mass murders by pure accident because of their weird superpowers that they can't always control? Ok lol.

No. 290759

File: 1681911598083.jpg (409.73 KB, 976x1492, literally causes cancer.jpg)

The issue with mutants as a general prejudice allegory is that when you have an entire group of people that can destroy cities or kill thousands without even trying, equality goes out the window because of the basic fact they aren't equal.
The best example I can give is this: imagine we live in a world where now people are just naturally born with knives and guns as part of their bodies. 1% of the population now has weapon hands. Some have BB Gun hands, some have Kitchen Knife hands, some have AK-47 hands and there's even a 1% of that 1% that is born with Nuclear Missiles for hands. That's basically the issue of Mutants in most x-men comics.

No. 290761

This is where True Blood stopped working as a metaphor for gay people.
That show went out of its way to show that vampires were dangerous, vindictive, murderous, and arrogant as fuck. Some of the "good" vampires would literally kidnap humans to drain them over time. But then the show had this belief that anyone who had a problem with vampires was a total redneck.

No. 290764

Hey sis, District 9 was an amazing movie

No. 290815

File: 1681932807257.png (443.68 KB, 979x1491, giantsize_cover.png)

It's a bit complicated, the basic idea is that the original X-Men comics were heavily inspired by(some might say ripped off) from the Doom Patrol series which in turn was influenced by The Fantastic Four. What set these comics apart was not their portrayal of characters as isolated outcasts, but their focus on humanizing heroes, with characters often experiencing personal conflicts and dilemmas. Although Doom Patrol had a more eccentric and surreal feel compared to The Fantastic Four. The original X-Men shamelessly borrowed from Doom Patrol. Magneto lacked backstory and was a generic villain leading a team called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It wasn't until the mid-70s, with the introduction of the all-new, all-different X-Men, that the comics truly became diverse. The new team included characters from different ethnicities like Storm (an African woman), Nightcrawler (German), Wolverine (Canadian), and Colossus (a controversial character from the Soviet Union portrayed in a positive light). The OG characters, Jean Grey and Cyclops, were also part of the team. making X-Men the most multicultural comic cast of its time and attracting a diverse fanbase. During this era, allegories about racism and bigotry started being mixed into X-Men stories.

No. 290896

I hate how in all the books I've read, the women who are attracted to other women are always bisexual. and there's nothing wrong with bisexual women, but why do they ALWAYS have to be bi, and why does it always have to mention they're bi? even in ones where the romance is central to the plot it's like that, sometimes I'll get 2/3 through a book thinking a character is lesbian and then it will mention she's bi. similarly, male characters who aren't straight are always gay. I've literally never seen a bisexual male character. not that I care about bisexual male representation, but it would be an interesting love triangle to read for once. I recently read the starless sea, which I loved, but the male main character is gay and his best friend is a bisexual woman, who I thought was gay for most of the book then it randomly lets us know she was bi. I just don't get it. it somehow almost feels misogynistic, like people believing women's sexuality is fluid or malleable or whatever.

No. 290901

Robots in particular are specially egregious, any writer that uses robots as an allegory for immigrants and includes a mandatory "redneck is a meanie to robot and yells at it about stealing muh jobs" scene should probably shoot themselves.
Comparing immigration to automatization is utterly retarded and you can just tell the writer thinks they're being so fucking clever and subtle.

No. 290906

>like people believing women's sexuality is fluid or malleable or whatever.
men, yes. men love the idea of a woman who they can have easy threesomes with, basically.

No. 290920

I hate when not even the supposed "lesbians" are exempted from sleeping with men (and actually shown on screen) for some dumbass convoluted plot reason. The worst one is "lesbian couple needs a child" so one of them if not both just go straight (no pun intended) to fucking some man, no sperm donation, no IVF, not even the turkey baster, just actual hetero sex. You'll never see a supposed openly gay male character sleeping with a woman because "he needs biological children", every time a gay male character is shown having sex with women it's while he's supposed to be closeted and the audience is supposed to feel bad for him.

No. 293680

File: 1683043082850.jpg (60.34 KB, 590x548, T41Xuwt4ykMLtXJAW7HLvS--HKrxd.…)

>plucky heroine falls for the brooding handsome secondary villain and tries to redeem him
why is this shitty trope so popular?

No. 293689

because evil is sexy

No. 293704

For some reason I can't stand the whole Pygmalion archetype anymore depending on the stories and settings. The more time passes the less I like it, probably because I understand more and more how technology and IA actually works. You're trying to make me that a robot with a kawaii waifu body and face and voice is going to develop and actual personality and "human soul" despite not knowing what the human condition is and what it feels like to be an actual human? Fuck that shit. It worked very well in Gummn because Gally is a cyborg, not a robot, so she's just a human being with crazy scifi enhancements who has amnesia, I loved the twist in NGE when I watched it as a kid, but anyone trying to make me believe Aigis from Persona 3 isn't a gimmicky character is dead wrong. I read the summary for the IA movie with that little kid and Jude Law and while it seems interesting and the end of the day, who gives a shit? If you create a character like that in your story, you try to make me sympathize with it because "he/she wants to be a real human uwu" and that character never worries about being severely injured or dead because it can be repaired or have its conscience uploaded in the cloud and downloaded in another robot body or some shit I simply will not care. I think my opinion is kind of related to when we talked about when real minorities are represented by mascot looking animals, robots or super powered beings earlier.

No. 359897

File: 1709479190678.png (881.71 KB, 800x1077, 7RXsxEC.png)

I'm curious, are there any movies that feature the usual big (usually dumb) muscle guy and a smaller, smarter leader, but the smarter one being a woman? I could swear I remember a few movies that had this arrangement(usually the bad guys)

No. 359903

Yzma and Kronk come to mind? Although Yzma is not small, more like skelly, compared to buff Kronk.

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