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File: 1527426858243.jpg (133.36 KB, 1000x600, 024534842.jpg)

No. 9044

Post QR codes and dream codes, trade items or even villagers if any of yours are moving out, or just talk about your favorite villagers, memories with the series, and anything else related to animal crossing! ♡

No. 9045

File: 1527427482128.jpg (40.5 KB, 400x240, tumblr_oorruvSmSt1tvspvio1_400…)

To kick things off, does anyone have a spare T-rex tail? I've been missing it for months, I'll trade any of the sanrio furniture for it.

No. 9046

i haven't played NL in a while but maybe i will if there's enough people ITT wanting to bum around.

i just want a new game to be announced!

No. 9047

File: 1527427963194.gif (168.13 KB, 500x384, 099809R3NNF.gif)

I remember being so disappointed when I played NL for the first time, but I can't remember why. The game is very good and I've tried going back to WW, it didn't age well at all.
Sadly my little cousin deleted my town so I haven't played in a loooong time, this thread might motivated me to start all over again tho.

I think I liked WW better because it had a lot more different dialogues.

No. 9048

NL feels kind of rushed, and i think treehouse has been going down in quality more recently, but that's just me.

No. 9049

I want my bedroom irl to look like that

No. 9050

File: 1527429430749.png (181.37 KB, 497x494, Aurora_NewLeaf_Official.png)


>i just want a new game to be announced!

With E3 just being around the corner, do you guys think that it will be announced?

I mean around this time you get tons of rumors popping up here and there about various games being announced by Nintendo but AC is kind of a thing that many, many people are super certain of that 2018 will be the year that Animal Crossing is coming to the Switch. Thoughts?

No. 9051

I have literally been praying for an announcement for months now. Bought a switch for it (played other games in the meantime of course but I'm convinced AC is coming our way).

I have a really long commute to work and all I want is to relax and build a cute town!

So yeah, very confident we will get a switch AC - it's the perfect platform for it and it's been over 5 years since NL.

No. 9052

File: 1527433733592.jpg (60.22 KB, 550x366, (16).jpg)

>it's been over 5 years since NL.

fuck man

No. 9053

File: 1527435606800.png (37.78 KB, 540x309, 2008716_0.png)

honestly if a switch animal crossing gets announced i will drop the money to buy the console. new leaf was the final push that finally made me buy a 3ds. of course i'll wait to see what the new ac is like but it will for sure push me to buying a switch

No. 9054

File: 1527435978072.png (146.65 KB, 400x240, tumblr_ogaotbl0Ts1qeg6edo1_400…)

Me too, it's one of the only games I want one for. BOTW looks great and being able to play gamecube games on a portable console will be neat, but all I really care about is animal crossing.

If nintendo E3 is just smash, metroid, and yoshi i'm gonna kms

No. 9055

File: 1527436404684.gif (73.83 KB, 250x350, 84be8241193e71d1fd7fff157aab45…)

hopefully nintendo will be smart enough to realize people will drop some cash for a new AC game. new leaf was fantastic in my opinion and building up improvements on it will be so great. i realllllyyy hope the next AC will let you have more control over buildings….like having an unlock list for public works projects rather than having neighbors suggest them to you because that rng sucks so bad. i also want the ability to decide where your neighbors build their houses because ive had too many areas ruined by some asshole wolf moving in right where i had a garden or where i planned to place a public works project

No. 9056

>ive had too many areas ruined by some asshole wolf moving in right where i had a garden or where i planned to place a public works project
Seriously. I'm usually against cheating, but I ended up using a save editor to move those dickhole villagers' houses out of my way. I've had so many villagers move directly in front of my bridges, completely blocking the paths.

Also, fuck rocks

No. 9057

NL actually fixed that after the welcome amiibo update. any patterns on the ground are recognized by the game so no one moves in on them or anything anymore. so now if you have spaces you want to reserve, just put cute decorative gardens in that area!

No. 9058

File: 1527439167982.png (271.08 KB, 500x300, tumblr_opjlp75N1Z1vyzjcso1_500…)

Do natural paths count as patterns? My path is just dirt from me running on it, like pic related

No. 9059

I sort of want to get Home Designer, but it feels like it might end up being an impulse purchase (like 3DS Nintendogs, Mario Kart, etc). Plus I don't see copies with the amiibo reader included anymore, which is part of the appeal, especially with the Welcome Amiibo update in NL.

>i think treehouse has been going down in quality more recently
Do you mean how so many of the conversations in CF and NL were just about food, when WW was more diverse? (Not sure about the original Gamecube one, since it's one I haven't played) I might be mixing this up, but apparently Treehouse took a lot of liberties in localizing WW, when the original JP version had a shit ton of food conversations.

I'm reaching, but I feel like the backlash against localizations with massive changes is a reason why they've (likely) stuck to the Japanese script for recent titles. Hopefully the Switch game departs from the current trend…

No. 9060

I'm honestly still upset there was no main game on Wii U. I got a Wii U specifically for the New Animal Crossing, only to be given a mediocre party game. I'm glad we got Pocket Camp as a little setback, but I'm ready for a console release.

I recently tried getting back into City Folk, that game wasn't that great either. I hated how there was no Gamecube controller support.

New Leaf is still entertaining, but the charm died down for me after a couple months since I already had a bunch of stuff unlocked.

No. 9061

city folk aged baaaaadddd. to me revisiting the gc game and wild world is still fun, but whenever i replay city folk i only end up playing for 15 minutes before i get sick of it. i dont know, the graphics just look so weird in that game looking back.

No. 9062

I hate the crafting feature in Pocket Camp so much. I hope it doesn't return for AC Switch. PC in general sort of sucks. I hope AC Switch is more New Leaf and less PC

No. 9063

File: 1527462687834.jpg (1.34 MB, 2854x1752, 20180527181103.jpg)

I could never get into CF as a kid. Making custom designs wasn't fun, fishing/catching bugs felt weird, and talking to the animals was the worst in the series. I remember having an insanely hard time making money too, the wiimote made everything even more inconvenient.

Also, Coco is moving away from my town in NL on the 4th. Does anyone want her?

No. 9064

Ooh your natural pattern looks nice, I was never really a big fan of placing down paths, as much as I thought they looked cute it was always just a hassle to make sure it fit the season and look nice

No. 9065

Oh that's not mine, I just saw it on tumblr and thought it was cute kek. Mine is the post above yours, you can kinda see it. Dream code is 4C00-0041-0351 if you want to check them out.

I could never get into patterns either, even though natural paths are just as tedious. The patterns look janky when you have diagonal bridges

No. 9066

File: 1527511121363.png (501.3 KB, 800x480, 3221114851_2_14_B3jczl4r.png)

I'm so excited for AC on the switch, but I wonder how we can share patterns now since the switch doesn't have a camera to scan QR codes

No. 9067

Ahh anon this outfit is so cute!! Do you have any other QR codes you could share?

No. 9068

what are those logs?? I think I've never seen theses before?

No. 9069

it's bamboo axed down after being grown for a day

No. 9070

File: 1527555372655.png (449.04 KB, 803x482, gyaru vest.png)

I have been playing new leaf on off for like a year, in fact i got a 3ds (which is also the 1st console I've ever owned) for my previous birthday just for acnl and pokemon haha. On one hand I'm excited for a possible switch game on the other mega salty because spending money on frivolous stuff makes me feel guilty and it took me like 4 years to finally buy a 3ds lol

Anyways! I'm quite found of making clothes because I like pixel art and the limitations make it even more fun. Pic is jap schoolgirl inspired vest I made for villagers (looked real nice on Annalise before she decided to change into some uggo crap)

No. 9071

The price of sanrio amiibo cards rn is fucking terrible.
Why didn't you release them in america nintendo?

Same, I need to save money tho

No. 9072

If you're looking to get the Furniture sets, I got them from a seller on Etsy for under 5$. I'll send the link if u want

No. 9073

wow, that's a rip off. reminds me of the people who sell shiny pokemon/legendaries/6IV dittos. you could edit your save and get them for free.

hell, if anyone wants any special furniture hmu

No. 9074

or if you don't mind pirating buying from someone else to do it, get some ntag215 cards from amazon and get any amiibo animal crossing character you want.


But anyways, I really hope a new animal crossing comes out for switch and is announced at E3 this year. I just want new features and everything already!!!

No. 9075

You can just trade with other users in game. Some people are still giving away the sets for free

No. 9076

Gahh i wish i could hack my town but i have to buy Ocarina Of Time in order to be able to use Homebrew now.
Why did I wait so longgggg

No. 9077

If I'm remembering correctly, you need powersaves for the oot exploit too. Might just want to buy ssb or see if you can use one of the methods that don't require spending money.

No. 9078

No AC in E3… I'm so disappointed. I was so sure they'd announce it too…

No. 9079

File: 1528826262356.jpg (11.59 KB, 307x164, DfgWI3dXcAAXW9f.jpg)



No. 9080

Disappointed but I'm not surprised. I'll still have a little hope until the end of the year.

No. 9081

If any of you guys play pocket camp you can add me with ID 0588 2957 958
I'll water your flowers and give you kudos

No. 9082

File: 1536879435883.jpg (66.13 KB, 600x572, AN.JPG)

No. 9083

I'm still squirting. What the fuck took them so long tho?

No. 9084

fucking FINALLY.

No. 9085

No. 9086

what. i wish i knew this sooner lol. i stopped playing about a year ago because i was getting frustrated doing villager resets all the time. please tell me they updated villager dialogues too.

No. 35310

Here it is!

No. 35311

File: 1560275681864.jpeg (103.57 KB, 1211x709, D8y6nKBUwAArOSG.jpeg)

We've got the release date too, had to be delayed so they can work on it more. A little upset about that, but if it means a better game then I'll be patient.

No. 35313

I'm so fucking hyped. The delay sucks but I've been waiting years for this and I can wait a few more months.
I'm so excited about the crafting system, seems like a lot of people are complaining about it but I've been wanting a crafting system in AC for a while and I think it could really spice up the gameplay. Can't wait to see more footage of the game!

No. 35314

Treehouse gameplay

No. 35318

I can finally make the beach house of my dreams. I feel like there won't be any more qr code outfits which makes me kinda sad. excited for the game overall

No. 35320

File: 1560283940350.png (116.76 KB, 213x228, 1557872985482.png)

I want it now, Nintendo. Man, I almost feel like throwing a tantrum like a tiny child because of the delay. This is for the best, though.

No. 35321

still a little frustrated that i dont know whether there will be an ac switch bundle or not! I've been waiting to buy the switch so i really hope they announce one soon if there is one

No. 35325


The last time they announced a special switch bundle, they did it right away when they did a bigger presentation on the related game. I think when the switch smash bundle was announced it was done at last year's E3 when it was mainly about Smash, so if there would be a AC bundle to come, they would've announced it by now - in my opinion.

But I also hope that there will be one or at least some Joy-Cons because if there is something I hate about the Switch it's the lack of cool designs like we never got a Zelda one. I want the same kind of variety as the 3DS(XL) had.

No. 35338

Hate to be negative about this but this looks like animal crossing with all the life sucked out of it. The instagram filter look on it looks like an eyesore and the minecraft mechanic is way out of place. If I wanna play minecraft or stardew valley, I will. Hope it's not as bad as city folk.

No. 35347

I agree. I couldn't stand pocket camp because of the annoying crafting mechanic (and the microtransactions). I am just not really looking forward to this as much as I want to. I thought the "island package" was some sort of DLC, not the actual game. I hope we still have a river at least?

No. 35359

Not sure how I feel about crafting, just yet. Being able to craft furniture might make the decoration/housing aspect of the game more satisfying, but the tedium of it (especially if the real-time aspect means waiting days for resources to replenish) might not be worth it. I'm trusting the development team, though, after they gave us Splatoon 1/2.

There's rivers prominent in the trailer.

No. 35454

File: 1560357864614.jpg (91.38 KB, 1024x576, D80Ow4MWsAAe6NV.jpg)

Current Mood

No. 36384

I personally just wanted more customization and a lot more work on the personalities of the villagers. Maybe each villager having their own specific dialog rather than just personality types, for instance. More events, more collections and maybe a better way of showing them. Maybe some kind of shop mechanic where you run your own store. Stuff like that.

Crafting doesn't do anything for me. It's a negative even.

The variety in foliage looks amazing however and I'm looking forward to decorating outdoors as well as indoors. Grinding for bells then spending them to unlock shops then grinding more for each clunky town upgrade etc sucked for me so I won't miss any of that if they exclude that shit from the new title entirely.

I love overgrown looking towns and I hacked the fuck out of mine to get the layout and feel I wanted out of it in ACNL. This new game looks like it will let me achieve that nice lush look without hacks and I'm into that! Animal Crossing has always been about escapism and relaxation for me so if the crafting system isn't too obnoxious I'll probably still enjoy the new title.

No. 36437

i don't get people bitching about the crafting aspect, the entire game is collecting and selling shit, the crafting just cuts out the middle man, like collecting 3 pieces of wood to craft something, rather than having to sell 3 fish. i personally like the idea of not relying on expensive beetles to decorate my town/house. and i'm especially excited about being able to just make tools! plus it looks like you can just buy stuff outright from nook anyway but we'll see.

the annoying stuff about pocket camp is that there's no more game there. the crafting is annoying because of how limited it is to push the microtransactions. but either way, i think the demo was just super limited since the devs didn't want to really show much.

No. 36438

>thinks the only way to get money is selling beetles.
No one wants the crafting, dude. This shit needs to go, there's plenty of other games for people who want to craft. It's a huge timewaster, not a replacement for making money.

No. 36501

I think the real issue was that the beetle->money->furniture loop itself is also just really boring. Crafting isn't going to be less boring.

I said it earlier but I really think the new game should have introduced more minigames in the form of "jobs" to the game. ACNL had that cute cafe and I liked getting even that tiny bit of minigamey interaction between my character and the NPCs. A more robust system where you can run a store, work as a barista, design clothes or homes, etc. would be amazing. Animal Crossing is about decorating, experiencing the comfy seasons, and interacting with the cute animals.

Crafting is a step in the right direction as opposed to the old bell loop but I think a job system would have made it far better.

No. 36504

I agree. While I don’t agree with additional crafting elements - that’s half of the reason why I stopped playing PC - I realized through PC that I wanted more mini games to break up the monotony. I can understand the logic behind it though.

No. 36630

>The only AC game I ever played was new leaf

No. 36636

C'mon, anon. They played pocket camp too! :^)

No. 36647

>gatekeeping a game for 5 year olds

No. 37187

God, the more I watch videos about the new game the more impatient I get about it. The fact that you can customize and craft really so much really gets me. I also get the impression that you can make a much bigger progress from the beginning to create your own town, so it really depends on yourself how much time you invest into it. Also the fact that you can tell villagers where they can move is just such a wonderful thing! I'm so excited about the shops that you can built in your town, so can basically built your own shopping mile on this island or even a small town with everybody included fuck yeah.

The fact that we have to wait around 9 months for this game to be delivered is kind of like we all expecting it like our own child lol

I'm just really excited.


No. 37188

File: 1561286838358.jpg (659.21 KB, 1452x997, mood.jpg)

No. 37189

It's so cute, god I want it now. I understand why, but I'm sad it got delayed. I need something to brighten my mood these days desperately these days.

No. 37316

no one liked being nooks work horse and you know it.

No. 37334

Hmm the colors feel a bit dull. Kinda wish they'd use a more vibrant PPE set up.

No. 37463

Stop bitching and use a cheat code then like everyone else did.

No. 37551

>bypasses mechanics
>still defends the mechanics she didnt even like

No. 37564

I recently started playing New Leaf again on a modded 3DS and have been using cheats to make cute/themed towns. It's so relaxing and I love filling my town up with villagers of my choice.

No. 37575

File: 1561434805669.png (488.29 KB, 1216x652, my-image.png)

this was discussed in the unpopular opinions thread a long time ago and i started thinking about it again so i made a tier list. you can make your own with this: https://tiermaker.com/create/ac-villager-species-131254 (there are some villagers of the same species because i couldn't pick just one representative)

cats are still objectively the best

No. 37651

In the new one I really hope they give the player the option to pick who moves in. I get the idea that some villagers would never get love if they weren't forced on the player but like… maybe don't make ugly and annoying villagers then? Each villager has someone that likes them at the end of the day anyway.

No. 37688

File: 1561489664587.png (162.06 KB, 355x599, -Lobo_-_Animal_Crossing_New_Le…)

Which villager do you share a birthday with?

For me it's Lobo.

No. 37692

File: 1561490584534.png (88.8 KB, 720x1118, Screenshot_2019-06-25-21-21-48…)

I am so happy

No. 37725

File: 1561501488286.png (158.67 KB, 306x599, 4A12BCB0-AC25-4017-883D-693619…)

Chief! I was actually unaware even though he’s one of my favs.

No. 37732

File: 1561504928237.png (776.28 KB, 640x1136, acbday.png)


No. 37747

File: 1561511435237.png (114.66 KB, 230x322, Amiibo_122_Lucha.png)


No. 37748

File: 1561511870230.png (195.89 KB, 437x526, Bertha_NewLeaf_Official.png)

Bertha omg why

No. 37760

File: 1561526954208.png (143.16 KB, 331x538, Lucky_-_Animal_Crossing_New_Le…)

I'd kill for Lucky OML

I remember resetting my town several times just for him.

No. 37774

File: 1561554159993.jpeg (2.53 MB, 3264x2448, 619C9D8F-CA93-4BDE-8554-DC580D…)

Me too, anon!

No. 37813

File: 1561572236170.png (60.44 KB, 140x300, stefan.png)


Stinky lol

No. 38063

File: 1561704281159.jpg (9.3 KB, 167x234, latest-1.jpg)

Astrid the snooty kangaroo. I remember she was in my New Leaf town on my birthday. I really hope in this new game we can celebrate with more villagers/ get new rewards for our birthdays.

No. 38065

Your should automatically get the villagers that shares your birthday in your town imo

No. 38820

Please no mine is an ugly hippo

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