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No. 203003

last thread got lost in the /m/assacre >>182721.
Post all forms of media centering women and their relationship with each other. Spam images, movies, music, books, manga/anime, games, etc, that:
>Inspires you to connect with another woman.
>Highlights the unique struggles of female social dynamics.
>Features feel good girl gang shenanigans!

Some anons on here, including me, grew up under-socialized with our sex, and/or suffered trauma by women. So we may have trouble forming female relationship as an adult. Through media, let us heal, romanticize and examine all aspects of woman-to-woman friendship, sisterhood, bonds, and solidarity ♥

This thread focuses on the platonic or familial, but romantic subtext/ambiguity is fine.

No. 203006

File: 1651487206604.gif (1.96 MB, 500x200, ovIQVkb.gif)

some tv shows about a group of female friends:
>Insecure on HBO
>The Bold Type
>Hello, My Twenties
>Run The World on starz
>Tokyo Tarareba Musume

No. 203062

File: 1651510410689.jpg (568.76 KB, 1920x1080, derry-girls.jpg)

Derry Girls is so comforting to watch. I'm not Irish, but I love the dynamics between the girls. Now, I'm really excited because in looking for an image, I found out season 3 has started airing!

No. 203063

I love Derry Girls!

No. 203071

File: 1651514511583.jpeg (826.38 KB, 1652x1500, 90F9FEA5-6AE4-45F2-907C-B1A5AB…)

I freaking love Girlfriends. It's incredibly funny and the characters feel very human. I even like the main male character because he has every ridiculous moid trait scaled up to 10 for laughs. If you like sitcoms please give it a watch!

No. 203076

File: 1651515377820.jpg (19.63 KB, 320x258, original.jpg)

I'm here to bring up weeb shit. I really liked Tohru, Saki and Arisa's friendship in Fruits Basket, I wish it was more prominent but the story focuses on the Soma family drama after some point so yeah… The girls in Jellyfish Princess also gave me a similar vibe but I only read the beginning of the manga and watched the anime. I should keep reading this one.

I always like Nana and Hachi's relationship in Nana, when I was reading it in middle and high school. But I recently started rereading this as a late 20s woman and now they give me a very different impression. I know the story tries to make you understand how Nana is so codependent and how Hachi's decisions means she spends less time with Nana but I thought it was some melodramatic scenes. Now I think their relationship is a bit more fucked up. Their lives would have been easier if they finally got some common sense and decided to date kek but that's another debate and Hachi is too retarded to date anyone anyway.

No. 203313

This gif reminds me how bad And Just Like That ended up being and I cringe. Girls, you can't believe how much I loved SATC.

No. 203557

I have such great memories of Girlfriends! Ty, I think I'm gonna rewatch now.

Lol, I'm sure we're all in the same boat. But tbh I still smiled when Samantha texted her in the end. I love so many things about how SATC portrayed their friendships, but I really love Samantha so much as an adult. Everyone talks about how funny and out there she is, but today I'm really struck by how she clearly gets the importance of female friendship when I rewatch. Men are for fun for her, but women are the people she depends on for the real meat of life. I love how 100% capable she is helping clean up the carnage of the wedding in the movie, that's the kind of friend I aspire to be to the women in my life

No. 203588

File: 1651649053927.jpg (474.38 KB, 1069x1500, MV5BYjY2Njc3ZjUtMjk5ZS00YWZhLT…)

Did anyone watch PEN15? How was it? I wanted to check it out because the main characters look so much like myself and my bff during middle school. I just found out they ended the series due to COVID so I'm kinda bummed, was hoping to get into a long running series

No. 203591

I thought it was fun, it definitely had some moments I could relate to kek

No. 203592

It is painfully relatable but be prepared for cringing at your former 12 year old self

No. 203594

It's definitely not perfect and the characters are a bit messy but I thought Dollface was cute, the primary plot of the show being about what happens when you neglect your female friendships to focus on a scrote. The scrote dumps the mc and she tries to reconnect with her friend and herself

No. 203607

i cant watch it because of this clip i saw from the show, where the asian girl starts crying and says something like "why is being japanese good on her but not on me?". just thinking about it makes me cry as i am asian as well and have had the same meltdown on multiple occasions… idk how i would handle the scene with context. it looks like a good show

No. 203609

I love Samantha as well, thats why AJLT breaking their friendship over money issues was so disrespectful, as if Carrie wasn't the one with constant money problems and guilt tripping of her friends over landing her money. Samantha was the one who payed for Carrie at manicure salons and basically everywhere she took her. I knew Kim wasn't coming back but I was still worried they would get rid of Sam with cancer return or something like this. At the end, looking at what we got, maybe killing her off wasn't the worst option.

No. 203620

File: 1651661076519.gif (876.23 KB, 245x253, 5c417f60c9695a64ad3b2ac515ac3c…)

I love Samantha so much, she is the best character in SATC! I'm kind of happy she wasn't really in AJLT though since it sucked so bad kek

No. 203628

File: 1651663794366.jpg (112.93 KB, 900x598, wYp7p_3f.jpg)

I recently watched 30 Made ni to Urusakute and really enjoyed it (unfortunately don't know if there is a version with english subtitles), it's a drama about a friend group of 29 year old women in Tokyo

No. 205953

File: 1652530182257.gif (1.82 MB, 245x286, VrbgQcP.gif)

It's a romcom but the friendship in gentlemen prefer blondes is cute

No. 205965

File: 1652537370318.jpeg (30.67 KB, 640x360, 91ec2686209ce4d587533535e7b164…)

No. 206018

File: 1652552076905.gif (1.25 MB, 245x136, BMS6.gif)

Heavenly Creatures is so good. Intense romance/friendship between two girls leads to death. Based on a true story.

No. 206019

File: 1652552258370.gif (1.11 MB, 480x246, giphy.gif)

Broad City is a great depiction of how friendship can change over time, in a positive way. People act like it's a super cringey show now, but it's hilarious and cute.

No. 206020

File: 1652552340231.jpg (692.13 KB, 1920x1208, thumb-1920-757398.jpg)


No. 206021

Obsessed with this true crime story. Highly recommend the 'Anne Perry and the murder of the century' book. Gives so much context to the case as well as details to the girls' lives.
My dream would be to go to Christchurch and request access to Pauline's diary

No. 206022

Ohh, thank you for the rec.

No. 208567

File: 1653306662800.jpg (211.76 KB, 844x850, 1kkjqjz.jpg)

I saw this go viral and it made me nostalgic. I have some issues with totally spies but the friendship between the 3 main characters is not one of them. I miss girl power cartoons like winx or w.i.t.c.h. because they always focused on female friendships.

No. 208577

Yes I'm glad to see another Haibane Renmei fan. This show is so comfy to watch. The ideal life

No. 209033

File: 1653511365699.jpg (105.66 KB, 736x1104, ny2gV4o.jpg)

If you like musicals, it's about a spice girls expy trying to have a comeback

No. 209045

File: 1653519148958.jpg (94.78 KB, 2000x1125, mls.jpg)

my little sister! very lovely film about the dynamics between a family of sisters

No. 209046

our* little sister oops

No. 209310

Looks like british sex and the city

No. 209322

omg this looks like so much fun!

No. 209507

It does look cute but I'm kind of tired of the trope of 'young women being codependent in a childish way and the less mature one is unwilling to let go, which causes drama'
I want to see other stories about young women lol

No. 210435

File: 1654000132891.jpg (180.48 KB, 593x825, ganggang.jpg)

No. 210437

File: 1654000821870.jpeg (40.61 KB, 400x400, e6add94c67a53aafd0f98a7d226d6c…)

K-On! It's an adorable show and I only recently found out (through here) that scrotes like it or whatever? Tbh I only caught a glimpse of that discussion and moved on because I hate having my parade shit on. It's a cute fucking show. I would had loved having a friend group like that in school but instead of music we'd be an art group and instead of tea and cake we'd have coffee.

No. 210450

Yes! K-On is probably one of my favourite shows ever, I hate how scrotes obsess over it but if you ignore that (since the fandom isn't at its peak it's very easy) it's just heart warming. I love the girls friendship, some episodes in theory sounds boring but when watching the way they all interact and bounce off each other's personalities is unbeat imo. No matter what, this is my go to show when I'm feeling sad, watching it you can't help but feel included in whatever they're doing. If you don't mind anime definitely watch it, I can't verbalise the goodness this show is, I've never had a single complaint when getting someone to watch K-On. Sorry to sperg about it kek it holds a lot for me

No. 210480

File: 1654014007746.png (2.09 MB, 1000x1437, k-on SHUFFLE.png)

It did have one or two moments of a small fanservice, but other than that its an incredibly lovely show. I loved the way it ended so much, their last song was beautiful. I do wish the creator didn't make College 4koma, because it was shit. No wonder they didn't make it into an anime. The author also created another manga under the same setting recently, you might want to check it out.
>K-On! Shuffle takes place in a different high school than the original, but is also about the activities of a band club. In Shuffle, main character Murasaki is inspired to take up the drums after seeing “a certain band” from Sakuragaoka High School play at a school festival.

No. 210483

File: 1654014803218.gif (970.08 KB, 500x281, EagerTastyGangesdolphin-size_r…)

i was thinking about winx club earlier, it went downhill after it was sold to nickelodeon and the live action version is kind of shit but the original cartoon was truly something special to me. just seeing a bunch of girl fairies being badass, saving the day and using technology was so cool to see!! the transformations were always so pretty as well. my friends and i would pretend to be the fairies when we were younger, i was always musa!

No. 210537

File: 1654025136656.jpg (102.79 KB, 534x800, original.jpg)

Well, we cannot forget about the other magical girl series from Italy

No. 210545

there has truly been nothing like it since. i used to have the comic book

No. 210560

You can read all the comics for free online, nonnie! There was a website that compiled them and translated all of it…can't remember now though, you can read them online still on another website.

No. 210568

K-on is so adorable and wholesome. I really like what it stands for and the music is fun and catchy as well. I loved that it only focused on the girls and no men were involved.

No. 213178

I wanted to watch this but I heard there was a sex scene between the girls which is creepy when they're both minors and the director is a scrote. Would definitely ruin the entire movie for me.

No. 213185

File: 1654827351354.jpg (780.37 KB, 1319x960, adf.jpg)

recs for more like these?

No. 232990

I hope this can fill the sex and the city shaped hole in my life. And just like that season 2 needs to come back soon despite all it's faults.

Is anyone watching She-hulk. Trailer made it look similar to sex and the city (friendship + work drama) with the cape bs. I want to check it out

No. 233468

File: 1661394703485.jpg (79.88 KB, 800x450, the-mane-6.jpg)

Cute and wholesome with valuable lessons

No. 242523

File: 1664190290730.gif (1.39 MB, 540x400, Ql8lrwq.gif)

Do Revenge is a fun female friendship movie. The bonus is that it's directed by a woman.
If you like 90s/00s teen movies like Jawbreaker, Cruel Intentions and Mean girls watch this

No. 242529

I tried watching this and made it up to the point where the blonde girl said, "I knew I liked girls…but I hadn't told anyone I was queer yet".

Fuck, I'm not gay, but why won't people say the word lesbian? Plus I thought it was unfunny up to that point. I turned it off and watched Cruel Intentions

No. 242812

File: 1664264381853.jpg (439.53 KB, 960x1440, p13708319_p_v8_aa.jpg)

90s Sailor Moon! But if you don't want to watch 200 anime episodes, the Sailor Moon R movie highlights their friendship so well

No. 243272

File: 1664387287161.gif (3.7 MB, 444x250, barbie.gif)

Most Barbie movies

No. 279635

A series about a reunion for an all-girls school getting stranded on an island

No. 351139

File: 1706180938081.jpeg (153.31 KB, 733x1000, 1705616667435.jpeg)

No. 351186

File: 1706191566563.jpg (1.54 MB, 2796x2520, 1649965435787.jpg)

No. 351190

File: 1706192394817.jpg (127.77 KB, 708x1000, hacks.jpg)

I really liked the dynamic in Hacks. Hostile boss and mouthy assistant, one being an aged entertainment legend and the other a young aspiring comedy writer. I actually found myself getting emotional as the friendship and mutual professional encouragement developed between them. I believe a new season is coming out soon.

No. 351193

Jean Smart is so fabulous. I haven't heard of this show, added to my list, thanks nona.

No. 351250

File: 1706217266183.png (6.65 MB, 3438x1444, cis hetero men.png)

she actually says "I knew I liked girls…but I hadn't told anyone yet." She uses the word queer a little later in the scene in a different sentence. the other girl says "crunchy granola lesbian" in that scene too (or she starts to say it but it dies on her tongue awkwardly because I guess she thought that was too rude).
I'm watching this right now and I'm enjoying it. Picrel was a good bit, they nailed the male-feminist scumbag character for him. So far the friendship developing between the mains had been sweet.

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