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No. 186704

Discuss anime here while /m/ is still kill

No. 186706

AOT S4 spoilers Levi should have died when he got hit by the thunder spear idc. I know he's popular but both he and Erwin are absolutely Gary Stus. Ackermanns are strong, but not immortal. Kenny died from less.

No. 186721

I vibe with the op pic

No. 186743

same. i like it a lot

No. 187092

File: 1646434386393.jpg (211.71 KB, 640x960, MV5BOGVhMTljOTktNzNkOS00NTI2LT…)

This is like eva but with a plot

No. 187106

You meant to post the manga, right?

No. 187170

Not in the anime thread

No. 187363

Is the manga better?

No. 187366

I partially disagree as Eva has plot, i like both
yes, its uncensored and has plot as it was supposed to be

No. 187372

They have very different plot lines because the director didn’t like the direction of the manga. It actually caused a little shitstorm back in the day because the mangaka complained on his blog about it.
>"In closing, I have to post what I don't want to post: the director of the animated version of Bokurano dislikes the original manga. From here on out, you can't expect the animated version to expand on what you might find appealing in the original. So, fans of the original, please do not watch the anime.

No. 188149

yeah, the director wasn't prepared to give us the tragic shitstorm that we deserved. The opening (and maybe the ending song too) is the only thing that the anime truly brings to the table. Haven't listened to it in years, but still get shivers when thinking about it

No. 188226

Well Bokurano didn't have an ending so impacted by budget cuts and so controversial they had to make a movie called "The End of Bokurano"
I should probably go read the Bokurano manga then…

No. 188253

File: 1646860688041.gif (33.04 KB, 112x112, 1640234963333.gif)

I fell in love with this fucking anime so much that I downloaded the OST in FLAC format last night, and I'm so stupidly excited about it that I saved it for today, even though it's only the OP and ED themes and some background music. I can't help it, I just love LotGH on so many levels, and the OP/ED songs are just one of them.
The first and third endings still make me tear up, especially when I sing along.
Anyway, I still need to watch the Gaiden series, but I'm hesitant to torrent them because it'll be a quite a few more gigabytes and I'm running out of space.

No. 188270

File: 1646863809239.jpg (285.98 KB, 1600x896, blue period.jpg)

I get that it's a slice of life but I feel like they could've gotten more creative with the shots. The manga had really powerful panels and I feel like they didn't give them justice.

The mangaka seemed to be really happy about it though, so in the end I'm happy it was made at all. She even went as far as to draw the voice actors with the characters they voiced and drawing promos for each ep.

No. 188671

File: 1646990074323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 527.21 KB, 2560x1440, goodboybojji.jpg)

Only two episodes of Ousama Ranking left! I love the artstyle so much and the latest episode has some really good animation. I'm kind of stressed out to see how this wraps up, the last scene of the episode with Miranjo and the Demon was so unsettling.

No. 188698

I fucking called it Sabikui Bisco is No. 6 dorohedorized i called it

No. 188713

Tried to watch the first episode and dropped it halfway through because the character models were so stiff and every girl had huge titties (with ultra revealing clothes.) Even the guy’s ill sister was showing off cleavage in her pajamas? It’s scrote shit, no surprise.

No. 189014

File: 1647133235886.png (190.36 KB, 368x257, 78904583045.png)

I'm so upset this season is ending it's one of my favorite anime now for sure. The fight between Bojji and Bosse was really cool, I love how they showed him in his true body so you got a scope of his power and heft. It felt like something from God of War or Attack on Titan with the grand scale of it all. And yes, I'm so curious about Miranjo's relationship with the demon. It was just eating and then smashing and then eating souls in the end? Creepy as hell. It seems like it was also more innocent at one point though.

No. 189045

I saw a lot "manga better" comments while watching but as an anime only I really liked it and delivered what it needed to do imo

No. 189091

File: 1647196125323.jpg (248.99 KB, 1280x912, mkr.jpg)

90s CLAMP 5ever

No. 189127

File: 1647210467434.png (728.86 KB, 523x589, 6549085403356.png)

I miss Rayearth. I'm probably just old but I feel like recent shows just don't do shoujo the same anymore. Umi was my fave

No. 189151

What are CLAMP doing nowadays

No. 189152

Isn't this a tranny manga

No. 189154

File: 1647221390214.jpg (482.9 KB, 895x1200, Shidou.Hikaru.full.5387.jpg)

No…I know what you mean. Saint Tail, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Cardcaptor Sakura, Nurse Angel Ririka, Sailor Moon, Utena…just don't make em like that anymore. Pretty Cure is…pretty boring. They like don't even make magical girl shows besides that anymore. Gotta stuff it up with plenty of coomer isekai instead lol

Clef or Ascot for Umi nonna?

No. 189157

No. 189162

I don't understand this sentence

No. 189163

File: 1647226036178.jpg (617.14 KB, 925x1200, Magic.Knight.Rayearth.full.544…)

It's Clef for me haha! Lucky Hikaru, she doesn't even have to choose

No. 189189

File: 1647237996071.png (599.02 KB, 497x496, 5843097534072.png)

I was the person you originally responded too, Clef for me as well! How could you sneak in >>189157 nona

I'm glad someone else feels the nostalgia. I agree a lot of recent shoujo seems shallow or else goes off the deep end trying to make teenagers too edgy. Fushigi Yuugi was one of my favorites that I think rode the line pretty well. Speaking of romantic options, I don't think anyone beat Miaka. Kind of telling that a lot of the more recently popular shows are just remakes of the classics (Sailor Moon Crystal, Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card). Kageki Shoujo was great though, I really hope they get to continue the series. I'm confounded it was originally published in a seinen magazine

No. 189219

Why am i even watching Salaryman Club its so stupid.

No. 189220

I ask myself that about anime constantly.

No. 189224

I had no idea what that anime is so I just looked it up and the character designer is Yasuda. To this day I have no idea why this guy get work, his art is awful. I'll never forgive him for working on the Devil Survivor games.

No. 189233

the synopsis is okay. we have so much sports anime with teens, I want more adult main characters. But I can never get through the second episode. I don't know why.

No. 189234

it has fujo stuff… oddly enough? the blue haired guy likes the mc, it's canon

No. 189239

I wish they could finish X so I could move on with my life. This manga is way older than my youngest sister and she can vote now.

No. 189240

the blue haired guy looks like every anime tranny character fags are into, yeah it’s fucking scrote shit, even the “”fujo”” pandering

No. 189243

File: 1647260519001.jpg (34.18 KB, 512x384, zfdghjk.jpg)

Back then, shojo manga were more diverse. You'd have a lot of different genres and vibes and protagonists in shojo magazines, but nowadays that's not the case anymore. If Black Butler and Vanitas no Cartes started in the 90s they would have been published in shojo magazines for example. Literally the only guys I know who like Black Butler are turbo gay guys who are into shojo to begin with. I bet if you showed some parts of X to teenage western weebs like action scenes or the scene when Kotori gets dismembered and Fuuma loses his shit they'd tell you it's an edgy shonen manga and not a shojo manga.

Last time I looked up what shojo manga were popular it was all just a bunch of romcom with love triangles between high school classmates, not sports manga or anime, not magical girls, not urban fantasy with action like X, Angel Sanctuary, anything by Saki Hiwatari, etc. (I wouldn't be surprised if Megaten as a whole influenced a shit ton of shojo manga back then), and they're barely adapted into anime or drama like before. If there are adapted it's just one short season of an anime that serves as a long ad for the manga. Maybe you'll get a shitty Angelique inspired isekai sometimes and that's it. If I'm wrong and missed some interesting recent manga, please tell me.

No. 189250

>not magical girls, not urban fantasy with action like X, Angel Sanctuary,
god damn, I miss all of this - especially edgy series like X and Angel Sanctuary
>Saki Hiwatari
Only heard of Please Save My Earth, is it good or should I start somewhere else? Maybe this is the content I've been looking for

No. 189294

I only read Mirai no Utena from her the story is very similar to Persona 1's snow queen route and Persona 3, I wouldn't even be surprised if the Atlus devs read it and Ii recommend it if you like weird supernatural stories but I haven't found scans anywhere online. I read it because it's published in French and I managed to find it very long ago at the library and I got the books on Vinted not too long ago even if they're not in a very good state. I've read summaries of her other manga and I'm guessing her other series have similar themes. As for please save my earth I've heard it's good but I've been too lazy to read it. I'll try to someday.

>I miss all of this - especially edgy series

Me too. Now what do we have? Black Butler is very slow nowadays because Toboso is working on a Disney mobage so she's focusing on that, Vanitas no Carte seems good but I need to see what the recent chapters are like because it's been a while and it's less edgy than the series we mentioned so far, I haven't read Toilet bound Hanako-ken but it gives me a similar vibe to Black Butler and Mentantei Loki just from the art and summary. As I said, they're published as shonen manga. Is there anything that can fit in this category that's still ongoing?

No. 189296

File: 1647284438028.jpg (1.48 MB, 1766x2250, tumblr_9dc4170720b8370b2f09dba…)

Ha, it is canon after all! Ahh I was thinking of Fushigi Yuugi as well. Obviously Tamahome is canon but mmm that Tasuki I must say! Yes, Kageki was good but started to fall flat toward the end for me personally. I felt the characterization was not fully dimensional.
Very true. Happy to see Makino posted I think she's one of the best shoujo protags of all time. Indeed, wow… I mean I guess Madoka is 11 years old at this point but people really lost it over the head chomp. Even back then it drove me nuts to see people spouting "this is the first dark mahou shoujo ever!!"

I certainly know of nothing nowadays that matches up.
My fave older show which is overlooked or perhaps just too unknown (despite being on streaming services) is Shamanic Princess. That it's basically forgotten is really puzzling. The animation, voice acting, art designs, music, and story are all amazing.

No. 189322

Didn't know there were people who actually played Persona 1, I'm impressed

No. 189331

I played the beginning of the PSP game, got sick of the battle song and stopped playing 3 hours in because I was more interested in P2IS at the time and my backlog was huge. Maybe I should get back to it someday.

No. 189334

I knew it! No one ever finishes it lol

No. 189339

Anon, a bunch of American millenials played the PS1 game with the horrible localization and completed what was left of the actual game, so don't say that. Joking aside, I know about the snow queen quest because I wanted to see how to unlock it and it's way too complicated. And I've seen people saying that P3 is a very direct sequel of that route for spoiler reasons but we're going off-topic right now.

Anyway, the whole "normal pretty boy who likes video games and his normal classmates in a Japanese city have to deal with demons and a magic tower that fuses with their high school at some point" isn't exclusive to Persona and iirc Mirai no Utena was released before P1. I remember the mangaka giving her opinions on NGE and Escaflowne in her notes while these anime were on-going so it's kinda old now, and she shat all over the last two episodes of NGE. She was also saying she'd like to play a JRPG where you collect hot guys instead of monsters of weapons while opening treasure chests because she was playing Angelique, I need to kind that one.

No. 189360

>tfw got into Persona long enough ago that I bought copies of Revelations and Eternal Punishment before they cost a gorillion dollars
One of my older friends in high school even rented Revelations from a blockbuster when he was a kid, the scene where Nate’s butler died terrified the shit out of him

No. 189364

File: 1647292985990.jpg (57.6 KB, 450x450, 1477164285220.jpg)

I'm Europoor so I downloaded P1 and P2IS on the Vita BUT I have the official French translation of the P2 manga that was released in early 2000s, and the translator notes are pretty funny. It's basically "hey guys, this manga is based on a video game that isn't released in Europe, and the previous game of the series isn't translated either, and the mainline games aren't translated either, and the PS1 is region locked but they're fun games! Hopefully we'll get Persona games in French someday too!" and now in 2022 we have like 4 megaten games translated in French. Shout out to Katsuya for appearing as a cameo when the rest of the characters showing up are original characters.

No. 189369

File: 1647293838019.jpeg (56.9 KB, 225x336, 9FA06C38-AFCC-499A-A2A9-2AEFBE…)

>hey guys, this manga is based on a video game that isn't released in Europe, and the previous game of the series isn't translated either, and the mainline games aren't translated either
Lmao, in the US a similar thing happened with Tokyopop publishing the sequel manga to SMT IF. It’s an ugly manga from the nineties and there were no translations of the game at the time, but they wanted to jump on the gravy train after Persona 3 did so well

No. 189386

I tried playing Persona 1 last year and I don't think I even reached a single boss. Its humor and dialogue irritated me somewhat so that didn't help

Thanks I guess I'm reading Mirai no Utena now. Looks good and the author sounds cool.

No. 189397

File: 1647301726752.jpg (41.88 KB, 512x384, f0d88550c4f3fe17136bf9f1b26139…)

Has anyone else seen Jubei-chan 1 and/or 2? I watched 2 because 1 is fucking impossible to find for some reason. There were things I really liked and other things I disliked about it. The fight scenes were super over the top but in a cool way and there was some novelty in the show not dragging out the obvious that Freesia was clearly the Spade eyepatch wielder and the dramatic irony that held, plus the bizarre comedy was fun, but there were parts that bugged me like the blatant male pandering fanservice when Freesia would manipulate Jubei. I wish I could find 1 and watch it, it apparently leaned more into the wacky parody angle than 2 did.

No. 189522

Idc i liked it it was fun

No. 190336

Ummm how old was daida

No. 191432

File: 1647984243038.jpg (261.58 KB, 1000x1448, MV5BODllMGEyMTYtNDBhMy00ZDBlLT…)

Fujos hyped T&B up for me but I honestly found S1 really boring. I like Barnaby's style at least. What do you guys think of it?

No. 191434

I watched T&B while it was airing and what was fun was the various shitty theories we were making up between each episode. Still can't believe that girl who shitposted about Maverick's mole being behind everything on LJ was right.

No. 191487

File: 1648000803756.jpg (126.62 KB, 789x1200, Higurashi_no_Naku_Koro_ni_Gou_…)

I finally decided to watch Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni: Gou. I'm on episode 2 and so far it looks, feels and sounds fairly amateurish, both in phasing and development. The abrupt cuts in audio to make it "serious" or "creep" only accomplishes a high schooler quality. The long paused stares also don't give any sense of creepiness or malevolence, it looks kinda autistic. The character design is also very horrendous (in my humble opinion), I don't mind that they were made by the prolific lolicon Poyoyon Rock, but it just doesn't capture nor it channels the Higurashi spirit very well at all. Hopefully it gets better throughout the rest of it, I'm only in the second episode after all.

No. 191512

Never mind, I continued and it just got worse…

No. 191517

SotsuGou is one of the worst animes I've ever seen. This shit could've easily ended in one season if it didn't have so many pointless recapitulations. The rest of the main characters become irrelevant. The gore is so exaggerated and has no context behind it in order to create cheap shock value. This anime is garbage made to sell merchandise.

No. 191529

File: 1648016575609.jpeg (30.17 KB, 791x435, o7AZP6X.jpeg)

If you think Gou's bad, just wait until Sotsu if you even get there kek. Most of the fandom hated it so you're not alone.

No. 191658

Dear jesus… was it because of budget limitations or the director was just beyond retarded? maybe their entire budget went into paying Poyoyon's lolicon ass and his ugly character design.

No. 191953

File: 1648167208411.png (1.09 MB, 720x1155, 4455532.png)

I hope it's done well, I really like this manga

No. 191957

oh god imagine the fans, Idk how but this new gen of anime fans I see irl and online are some of the most autistic creatures ever..but I'm fucking hyped tho seriously!

No. 191961

This is really exciting, also hoping it turns out well

No. 191967

I just want to hear the Alien’s voice.

No. 191968

Garbage manga by a garbage author, hopefully the anime reflects that properly

No. 191969

I wanted to ask, isn't this the same author as the oyausmi pon pon manga?

No. 191987

I don’t want the twitter zoomers to latch onto this series
retarded take
it is

No. 191998

File: 1648182079803.png (747.13 KB, 1075x599, 904583057843.png)

Did anyone else finish watching? The last two episodes especially 22 were upsetting wtf. Seriously picrel, what in the hell happened? I need to rant about it.

I do not understand Daida marrying Miranjo at all. She was a creepy haunted mirror that directed him from behind the scenes to bring about the destruction of his kingdom, killed a bunch of people, would've killed him or at least trapped his soul forever, nearly caused the death of many others including his own mother and brother, and was also romantically involved with his father. Hey ho though spirit of forgiveness, let's bring her back to life and propose! I don't care if Daida is now an angel and Bosse asked him to look after her, it's insanely messed up to just welcome her at the drop of a hat. If the show wants to redeem her fine, but a slight amount of caution would've been great. Not, y'know, immediately deciding you're obsessed with her and making her the queen of the entire kingdom. I'm so weirded out by how happy everyone was with the proposal, the Guard Captain was the only person with any sense.

Then there's Bosse. Hoo boy. I was waiting this whole time for Bosse's complex backstory to be revealed but it turns out, nope. He really was a head empty retard who wanted to be the strongest man in the world. That's it. That was his whole aim in life damn the consequences. Not only that, but he lets a much younger woman support his aims and makes a literal deal with a devil to achieve it. No shit it doesn't feel satisfying, he basically used a cheat code. Miranjo was an idiot to fall for him and sacrifice her demon pal's sanity to fulfill his wish, but I can sort of forgive her for being a terrified child who trauma-bonded to the only person who cared for her. Bosse though has zero exuse. He's a narcissistic adult man who knowingly created and sacrificed his two children to 1) get stronk and 2) stay alive to be with his child lover. Bravo. For a show that mostly has complex, multifaceted characters, Bosse really stands out as an unrelenting piece of shit.

I am okay with the ending and where things are heading with Bojji and Kage. I'm also still interested in Ouken/the three brothers, but if I never see Daida and that group again I'll be just fine with that. Things went off the rails so abruptly and it was really jarring.

No. 192059

Mark my words it's going to be a pseudo intellectual tranny magnet.

No. 192065

Never thought about it that way but you're right. I wonder what happened that made shoujo turn into an overly sweet, infantilizing genre that's only about a girl falling in love or being cute like the target audience was a bunch of toddlers.

No. 192324

Because they are

No. 192358

File: 1648316813382.jpg (Spoiler Image, 399.14 KB, 2048x2048, 20220326_184443.jpg)

This is official art lol
I don't know why my (female) friend was obsessed with this anime last season.

No. 192360

I mean, the manga goes nowhere for a long while and it’s slow as fuck in a boring way, just like how punpun was.

No. 192361

Saw a clip of this 15 year old character straddling the scrote MC while she's in a really revealing cosplay and the lights go out as he tries to get her off of him by grabbing her (exposed) waist and she shrieks in a really moany voice. I fucking hate this anime REEEEE FUCK THIS SCROTE SHIT. Saw a popular cosplayer (locally at least) sperg about how men are trash and scrotey and then turn around and cosplay this scrote shit unironically, I genuinely cannot understate how much I hate this series kek.

No. 192362

I didn't watch or read it but the girl is giving me major pickme vibes, it looks cringy as fuck too.

No. 192364

series written by a pickme for moids and pickmes
try to prove me wrong

No. 192366

File: 1648320766337.jpg (544.96 KB, 1080x1742, IMG_20220318_174551.jpg)

I can't. It really is for pick-mes, kek.

No. 192367

This series is a joke. Pure unadulterated garbage. The epitome of male romcom retardedness. The female lead just happens to be a quirky girl whose weeb interests align with the average failed male otaku's taste (eroge/coomer characters) and even before she falls for the self-insert she's the "dense" type who sees zero problem sitting in his bedroom in a bikini while he touches her all over "for cosplay". It has a "wholesome" episode by the beach but we obviously can't have wholesomeness without some panty shots of the wind blowing her skirt around. She, of course, doesn't even notice. Later in the show she brings him to a love hotel "for cosplay" like its NBD lol y'know she's a totally cool and chill girl who can make jokes about keeping condoms in their wallets for good luck lolol and neither of them realize how weird it is for her to sit on his lap while she poses for cosplay pictures until he pops a boner. She, of course, doesn't notice his growing boner right underneath her. Oh and she had totally zero interest in guys before MCkun btw her popular friend group were just, ugh, way too different from her.

It's so comically bad I feel like I'm being thrown back into the early 2000s with how many archaic tropes it has, except it's trying to present them as a wholesome, pure, budding relationship instead of just doubling down on how retarded some of the situations are and making it comedy. Lol. Lmao. My eyes take a weekly trip to the back of my skull when I read comments about how wholesome the failed males watching it think this anime is.

Supposedly a woman wrote this manga. I would say it's hard to believe because there's a reference in there about an 'adult' loli character's "bald vagina" but nip women are brainwashed doormats so it's not too impossible. Moids use that excuse to convince themselves that this series has a female audience to cope with the fact that it's just another pathetic desperate male romcom.

No. 192369

she's a turbostacy who rejects hot guys and falls for a literal who, i can't understand how that would be appealing to women

No. 192376

Now you're making me want to see that train wreck myself to laugh at it with all of you.

>It's so comically bad I feel like I'm being thrown back into the early 2000s with how many archaic tropes it has,

From what you're saying, at least manga from the 2000s were more original for their time and created or popularized tropes instead of copypasting them, so I guess there's also that. From what I've seen, people getting into this manga and anime seem to be zoomers too young to remember Love Hina or shit like that so anything recent seems original to them.

No. 192380

A girl being obsessed over a female eroge character is so unrealistic, even for anime standards. At least make it an anime boy.

No. 192381

The anime industry gave us multiple stories that downplay rape (oh boy, remember valvrave which seemed super childish like a morning mecha show by sunrise?) and also women like Mari Okada who wrote a girl walking in on her crush fapping to women getting raped on trains (because he's a train autist KEK) and she still stays in love with him and it's played as normal.

No. 192383

>It's so comically bad I feel like I'm being thrown back into the early 2000s with how many archaic tropes it has, except it's trying to present them as a wholesome, pure, budding relationship instead of just doubling down on how retarded some of the situations are and making it comedy.
Literally my exact thoughts about this series. Go off my love, burn it to the ground. I have nothing but pure hatred for this piece of shit of an incel wish fulfilment romcom and seeing someone tear into it is like breathing fresh air. I know so many pickmes who self-insert into the main girl and sperg over how pure and wholesome the main character guy is and how their relationship is #goals for female weebs, when the fuck did this needlessly sexualized garbage become anything else than coomer male fantasies? Unironically makes me want to a-log so bad I can't stand it. Fuck this fucking series.

>Supposedly a woman wrote this manga.

As far as I know the gender of the author isn't public, or at least there's no confirmation on the gender or any personal information to begin with. So it might as well be a moid faking being a woman to seem more credible and interesting.

No. 192384

B-but then how will she be my perfect naive manic pixie dream girl who fell into my lap

No. 192391

The fuck? Explain

No. 192392

File: 1648328682487.jpg (607.23 KB, 1054x1448, EPdS-nKXUAAFH2N.jpg)

>I know so many pickmes who self-insert into the main girl and sperg over how pure and wholesome the main character guy is
Anon who made the post that started this discussion here, and I find it funny how my friend who also self-inserts as the girl wants to stay single and is very critical of men. She does have a very submissive and pick-me taste in romances though, so weird. I prefer something like Dorohedoro which was written by a woman.

No. 192396

It's been a few years since I read and dropped the manga, it got turned into an anime meanwhile. It's one of those "scandalous" coming of age stories about girls and how they find out about sex, one girl cybers all the time and is addicted to it and stuff like that iirc. The main character has a childhood friend who she crushes on, but she also sees him a bit like a brother because he's so childish and also seems to have a thing for trains. One day they are both home alone, and since they're childhood friends she brings him some dinner but finds out he is fapping to train assault porn that's popular in japan, like women getting raped on a public train. I remember anons on 4chan losing their shit in the manga thread when they realized even his porn needs to have trains in some form. Then mc is shocked and hurt because she never saw him like that, yadda yadda.

No. 192407

I wish there were more manga like Dorohedoro with no romance or just vaguely implied.

No. 192409

What's the name of this mega-pickme? I think I've seen her on Twitter before while I was looking for some femporn source (maybe it was one of those shitty adult otome games that MangaGamer released in the west, or a manga)
I remember her being excited and amazed at the existence of anime porn for women. Yet she chooses to keep consuming hentai that she forced herself to like and to keep pandering to coomer scrotes. Pathetic and sad

No. 192414

I don't remember but she's married to that manchild Gigguk (he already had coomerish opinions 10 years ago, now he got worse). We briefly discussed her sad content in the dumbass shit thread recently, she shows ntr porn to her mom. The western anime "community" is a trainwreck and I wish we had a living thread for them, but I wouldn't be able to contribute much since I stick to japanese sources, kek.

No. 192424

File: 1648332873666.jpg (682.61 KB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_2022-03-26-23-12-01…)

Meanwhile a scrote writing the most popular animation blog-

No. 192467

I'm watching Boogiepop Phantom and I'm at episode 7 and so far, the last episode is my favorite. I was attracted to this show because of the trailer – which turned out to be Boogiepop and Others' trailer, not Boogiepop Phantom – which seemed to be a creepy thriller about fear of passage of time, consequences of escapism, gender melancholia, and fatal – if not paralyzing – nostalgia. It was this sentence: "When a girl is at her most beautiful, Boogiepop comes to take her, so she won't grow any more unattractive." It sets (or seemed to, at least) set femininity and female youth as transient non-place that is posited as an ideal window of perfection. A short window that is already tinged bitter by the inevitability of its own demise, and the hidden consequences of what happens when you cash in far too much for your own good.

Later I found out I was watching a different anime, but the overall themes (so far) aren't straying from my initial expectations. It doesn't seem to zero in on femininity or female adolescence as inevitably tragic, but it does borrow a component of that grief: the inability to adapt to change, to the passage of time, to your childhood spots being razed down and built on again, and again, and again, and your favorite restaurants being ran out of business, and your mother's hands. Especially your mother's hands. One of the quotes I think about often goes talks about how Adam and Eve's fall from Eden was a must for progress, but it was also a loss. In this sense, progress is hopelessly bound around loss, and the two around time. There is a paralyzing horror that digs a crate out of your bones and leaves you brittle, so brittle. That is what I believe this show is about, right until now. It's about copes.

The reason, though, that this is my favorite episode is because it surveyed motherhood. I am uninterested portrayals of motherhood in anime. They're always shallow, if they're generous enough to be so, kek; most of the time they're just really cheesy plot devices. Right at the beginning of the episode, we're introduced to an expecting future mother, who seems to be quite self-driven. She does things on her own terms, including motherhood: she doesn't have a husband, she wants a natural birth, and when, later in the episode, she is told her pregnancy is dangerous, she refuses to give up her baby. Because she does life on her own terms, and, as a mother, she wants "live life to the fullest". There's another mother in the episode, too, the mother of this episode's school girl protagonist. She works hard to afford college for her kid. Until one day, she gets too tired of being a mother, and has an affair with a coworker, and is later caught by her daughter. This is where the trouble is: the distinction between mother and Sexual Needs Haver, between mother and woman. For her daughter, this is a clear distinction; her mother cannot be a fully-developed human being; she's a mother. Not a person. This isn't some revelation, mind you; this is just teenage narcissism – the daughter is unable to see her mother out of the role she has strictly designated for her, she is unable to see her floating free from the role she has in relation to her. She can only see her in relation to her. She can not view her mother independently. Which is where this line comes: "My pregnancy has me that, unlike men, women have two different faces. Her face as a mother and her face as a woman. Like with plants. There are flowers and there are leaves. A leaf tries to absorb as much sun and nutrition as it can, while a flower simply looks as beautiful as it can. The flower is a woman's face, while a leaf is a mother's." I personally disagree with the way this is worded, because it makes it seem like this identity struggle is inherent and not synthetic (if that's the right word…? I think it's native, but not inherent). I think this little speech is what makes Shizue (the daughter) really understand the struggle of this incoherence. The ending is sad, I guess, but I really liked it. I wondered for a while how this episode (titled Mother's Day, by the way) fit into the bigger picture. It seemed clear: at the beginning, Shizue's friend visits her mom and tells her that the town is haunted by the past, and the notebooks she gives her to her helps her to move on. The butterfly memories give her the final push forward. She doesn't succumb to memories as escapism. It's the first semi-OK ending of the series. Will probably have more to think about it after I finish the series.

No. 192521

This anime is absolutely horrid and I knew 100% what types of anime fans would latch onto it. It's so disappointing that the author is a woman. I absolutely hate this trend of wholesome ecchi, I don't know what else to call it. The mc is so pure and cute and definitely not perverted at all while the female love interest is a horny harlot and they get into all sorts of pervy hijinks together. It's all so tiresome and I hate how people legitimately call it cute and wholesome. Nothing about this is pure or romantic at all.

No. 192523

File: 1648369814927.png (346.04 KB, 768x432, ezgif-4-15ca89bba5.png)

I finished yesterday and I completely agree with you. Frankly the whole second half of the show when they return back to the kingdom and people start randomly dying and getting resurrected three times an episode is where I lost my interest in the plot, and didn't understand the point of it. I wish the whole deal with the devil aspect was explored a lot more, and I got the impression that neither Miranjo nor Bosse feel a lot of regret about what they did. Daida marrying Miranjo comes across as such bullshit to me because he's basically just continuing the cycle and repeating his fathers mistake. What's the point of that? It seems like Miranjo is cursed with being moral support for Bosse and his spawn kek.

I'm also way more interested in the three brothers. I really love Hilling and I wish her relationship with Bosse was more defined, she should be way more angry, disappointed, betrayed, any of these. I feel like there were a lot of loose ends. Bojjis ending makes sense though, at least.

No. 192526

This video makes me want to watch it

No. 192527

nta its a terrible animu full of fanservice. if you are into 'haha horny funny' and nothing but boobs and 'teehee, the character had a sex dream about her' shit you are free to watch it.

No. 192528

I wish studios would just stop producing dumb shounen isekais

No. 192532

sorry anon i meant to NOT watch it kek
Im baffled at how many women are loving this anime in the comments

No. 192533

And because the male MC is so "wholesome" and "innocent" all the pervy shit gets excused because it's just a series of hilarious coincidinks, why, he's just taking this beautiful, big tittied, half-naked girl's measurements for a costume. It's so pure and adorable that the horny, sexy main girl obsesses over ecchi games and cosplays the characters, making the shy main MC so embarrassed! Oh now he walked in on another girl changing from her wet clothes butt naked, hate when that happens tee hee! Now they're having a photoshoot at a love hotel while the guy has an erection from the girl sitting half naked on his lap, oh no!

Like the other anon said it's just every bad 2000's ecchi trope but framed as something to be considered cute instead of eye-roll worthy male fanservice. The girl is a BPD-chan using the autistic MC for her own gain and somehow falling instantly in love with this guy for no other reason than he.. exists I guess. The MC on the other hand is as interesting as a dead fish but because he isn't a complete asshole (as he doesn't have enough personality to be one) that's apparently enough to consider him perfect husbando material. I wouldn't be so mad if this stupid anime was just something male incels dreaming of a qt cosplay gf liked but instead it's shilled as the quintessential portrayal of cosplay and how Marin is so #relatable by being the ultimate pornsick Cool Girl unbothered by male bullshit. Fuck "My Dress Up Darling", I refuse to believe that the author is female until there's solid proof.

No. 192534

Sounds like I should have paid more attention when I watched it, the only thing I remember from the show is the music theme (toryanse)

No. 192535

period nonny. Why does it have so many female fans? Wtf

No. 192537

File: 1648377882527.png (532.46 KB, 610x626, unknown.png)

Exactly, it makes me seethe so hard. You described it perfectly. I love that there's at least 3 of us here absolutely raging at this anime kek
Anime fans are really getting more and more braindead.

As for the female author, I remember finding her twitter and she posts a lot of pics of her cats and pictures where you can see her hands which leads me to believe it's a woman. At least behind the twitter account.

No. 192541

Surprised but not shocked at all, Japanese women tend to consider being an aloof, hypersexual cool girl based and liberating which in their cultural context makes sense to a degree, but as for myself it's just a romcom sexualizing a hobby that's already turned into softcore porn. I see plenty of women self-inserting into Marin because they dream of being the sexy IRL anime girlboss simped for by males but then again those people have terminal pickme tendencies and/or want to date a cute, obedient, fairly attractive moid that worships the ground they walk on and has tolerance for their emotional instability like the male MC does in this garbage fire.

No. 192546

We have another one of those coming up, nonnies! See if I was a teenage girl I'd love this shit because finally I'd see a confident girl I can relate to, but that viewpoint ignores how it's entirely created for the male fantasy of having a based mommy gf and the girl is together with some doormat beneath her level.

Anyway, I haven't watched anime since 2018,did I miss anything fun? I planned on watching Eizouken and To your Eternity

No. 192548

So it's like Otomen but for braindead moids, where instead of the two love interests having a set personality and funny moments you have the fanservice girl being the focus and the main guy being as bland as possible? I swear to god recent anime romcoms feel like rehashed plots taken from normal, enjoyable shojo manga, with more fanservice and way less originality. None of this feel genuine, it's like publishing companies ask mangaka and writers to come up with the most boring shit ever, and then anime studio pick the top 5% of most boring, cliche LN and manga to adapt.

No. 192554

i recommend megalobox and megalobox nomad.

i saw the trailer too. she acts like an ideal gf for scrotes who likes the dommy mommy trend too, a bit tone down though. The title's cringe and the dude's an annoying bland piece of wet paint. At least the male side character looks like gary from pokemon, idk why that's a pro though.

also another one. i hate that the female love interest is drawn as a 'loli'.

No. 192558

>anime about "cute, introverted and calm teenage girl" comes out
>the teenage girl actually acts like an annoying retard, not even in a cute or funny way
Every single time.

No. 192560

This artstyle usually means the mangaka is shit at drawing, the amount of times I've seen such artstyle in 4komas is insane.

No. 192564

Nonny check out Sora Yori Tooi Basho one of the BEST animes/pieces of media I’ve ever seen with realistic teenage girls and one of the most bittersweet endings I’ve ever seen

No. 192608

I like Inio's art style. Is this story also about the " deep " male philosophy like Oyasumi Punpun?
I think I just didn't pay enough attention, but I find Miranjo's story confusing. I was disappointed that her story with the devil didn't have more focus after all the build up in the opening, and I didn't really get the relationship between her and Bosse. Were they really in love? If so, that's creepy. And why didn't Bosse just married Miranjo instead of having two wives? Also, her redemption can't even be really called that. She got rewarded without doing anything to deserve it, besides having a sad past, which is a cheap attempt to make the viewer sympathize with villains.

No. 192615

Oh god, I would have loved this too at a young enough age for the same reasons. Jesus, I hate how like…confusingly condescending this kind of shit is. Sage for blogpost, but I used to know so many nerd dudes who really prided themselves on liking ~dominant female characters~ like this and being into women who played vidya and other nerd shit, but after a while you realize it's all just mommydommy shit and totally one-way. Like they want a gf who plays fighting games and makes ahegao jokes and their gfs work overtime to be Cool Based Nerd GF Who Looooooves Hentai MILFs, but you can fucking bet he's not bothering to learn about like, idk, Monster High customization/bl/otome/arcane boy band fandom lore/other nerd shit only women like. And now this kind of thing is fucking unescapable in anime, and it feels like there's no good shoujo counterweight to balance it out.

No. 192620

Shojo manga don't get adaptations as often as they used to like one or two decades ago, that's why manga are better. And even then I don't know if there are any good recent shojo that aren't just high school romcoms, so these days I just reread old classics.

No. 192622

> males but then again those people have terminal pickme tendencies and/or want to date a cute, obedient, fairly attractive moid that worships the ground they walk on and has tolerance for their emotional instability like the male MC does
How is that a bad thing? If you date a moid then he should worship you anyway

No. 192623

With Oyasumi Punpun at least it was unapologetically an angry male story told by an angry male detailing the male mindset in many characters but there's something that really disturbs me about male mangakas previously known for masculine stories switching over to creating series about little girls talking like adult men while still being infantile in a cutesy, condescending way.

I was shocked to realize that the two main girls were supposed to be almost adults, compared to how appropriately mature the high schoolers looked like in OPP Asano really took a dirty lolicon dip. Also this is one of the most boring fucking mangas I've ever read, OPP was a drag at times but at least it kept my interest up enough to see what happens next. Definitely tranny fuel with the lolis, dystopian landscape and big machines going boom boom.

No. 192624

File: 1648409103260.jpg (4.86 MB, 3108x4342, IMG_20210828_121042.jpg)

>Is this story also about the " deep " male philosophy like Oyasumi Punpun?
Not really, it's one of his most lighthearted works. I really loved the atmosphere of college aged girls hanging out coupled with the uncertainty of the world ending, I started reading it during the pandemic and it felt really relatable. I know people call his stuff scrotey but I have a soft spot for Inio so I'm biased. Still dedede is probably his least scrotey work.

No. 192634

My main gripe is how bishounen designs died out, no wonder everyone in Japan is swapping to mobile games like mahoyaku that still use those kinds of designs.

No. 192639

Where's picrel from?

No. 192646

these type of series that focus entirely on the female love interest will always be moid gaze by default
the male lead is always a literal who doormat, be it with marin the hypersexualized 15 yr old cosplayer or this new "girlboss" gf or the old school violent tsundere

No. 192647

Fantasizing about it is one thing but life doesn't work like in the animoos, you're setting yourself up for a disaster by pursuing a relationship dynamic like that. The "cute, obedient moid" will first of all grow a big head for getting a girlfriend, then resent you for being a crazy overemotional bitch exploiting his labor, ends up cheating on you at every given chance and then dumps you after he has secured a new girlfriend. I can't take any "boring nerdy boy meeting a kooky manic pixie dream girl who changes his life" couple seriously because of this.

No. 192649

>has tolerance for their emotional instability like the male MC does in this garbage fire.
haven't seen this anime, how is the girl emotionally unstable?

No. 192658

Nowadays popular shoujo/josei manga always get live action adaptations, for example the legend Yumi Tamura's new popular manga that's outselling most shit nowadays has an ongoing drama but no anime in sight. I guess they want to attract normie women who don't go near otaku stuff usually but it's at the cost of otaku women not getting frequent/good anime adaptations. I just wish I was seeing more stuff for us that got the resources and care that dogshit like pedo-tensei gets.

No. 192660


No. 192661

It's incredible how many times you'll find the characters in his stories yapping on and on with the most shallow, fake-deep philosophical takes. I can't imagine anyone genuinely liking his dogshit writing unless they're a preteen discovering nihilism or questioning life for the first time. It's almost insulting that someone who clearly failed to fully develop his depressed moidbrain past age 15 is allowed to produce several manga. Character art is ugly as sin on top of all that.

No. 192663

Moids will cheat anyway. Whats the point of dating moids who arent obedient?

No. 192666

I have an older cousin who is married to an obedient man, I should support her but I absolutely can't stand her cause she's a horrible nasty person. I guess that's how she tamed him, or maybe he was just a soyboy from the start

No. 192667

Agree, the amount of inane rambling every character does for pages and pages is exhausting to read. Oyasumi Punpun's length could've been cut to third of what it was if all the unnecessary joker speeches were removed or at least condensed to only a few sentences. They're so pretentious he makes Hideaki Anno look like an artistic genius. I wonder how they're turning DeDeDe into an anime when it's just nonsensical dialogue with barely anything else happening.

No. 192669

File: 1648426341506.jpeg (49.77 KB, 401x248, 46446CCB-4F1F-414C-8CAE-9D5361…)

> I wonder how they're turning DeDeDe into an anime when it's just nonsensical dialogue with barely anything else happening.
Fucking this, I guess they will only adapt when the twin tails’ girl spergs about
>Watching YouTubers to be able to go to sleep
>When she tells best friend to try and suck their teacher’s nipples
>that one time she said something about masturbation
To give some “bruh we live in a society (trademark)” moments to the soybois who will sperg about the anime but that never touched the manga.
And then they will show us the alien glitching with their sick ass animation skills, maybe glitch his voice a bit, the alien ship, maybe the cute little aliens for some “uwu moe” mascots to sell merch of I don’t mind though the aliens are cute
And maybe, only maybe, they may show us the fat woman who tries scam people with the aliens as another “bruh we live in a society (trademark)” moment.
Right, I forgot about the forgettable tranny, they will push the tranny down our throats, I can feel it in my bones.
I think that the ideal would be if they cut the filler and make sure to show only the interesting plot relevant shit about the aliens and twin tails girl, but I’m sure it will be mostly filler.

No. 192704

god please make it stop

No. 192710

oh, good point nona. I always forget about live action. I'm happy it's out there, and I get the decision….but man, as someone who specifically loves animation as a medium, this sucks. That Tamura series you mention – is that that Do Not Say Mystery thing? Shit, good for her.

No. 192711

100% this. I've never liked Punpun, but he's a great artist and I can like….get why it exists, even if it's a thing I'm tired of. But I find the "swapped dudes in for widdle lolis" thing so gross. It's such a bizarre thing, b/c they sort of have the appearance of depth – I think if you don't know much about manga/anime, you can see them talking about sex or being gross and be like "oh okay female characters who aren't moeblobs/princesses, cool," but in reality it's like….it's like another variation of dommymommy shit. There's so much anime that presents the ideal woman as being a straight horny nerd dude in a hot woman (or loli's) body. But of course men, and mtfs who are convinced they're women because they relate to "women" created by men for men, love it. I feel like I liked this shit when I was younger mostly b/c I'd never read avant-garde manga by women before.

>And maybe, only maybe, they may show us the fat woman who tries scam people with the aliens as another “bruh we live in a society (trademark)” moment.

Lmfao nona, thank you for making me realize this is one of the things I've always hated about his work w/o being able to articulate it

No. 192712

what the fuck is this why does she look 5 and he’s drawn like a grown ass man

No. 192720

>I wonder how they're turning DeDeDe into an anime when it's just nonsensical dialogue with barely anything else happening
I enjoy Asano manga (because it's fun to me, not life-changing like what >>192661 is saying), but couldn't get into this one. Thanks for explaining why.
Bandwagonning since OP knows a lot about josei. Is there any recent stuff like In The Clothes Named Fat, Helter Skelter, maybe Pięta or Blue (pretty sure I forgot about something significant)? I mean dark and more "realistic". A female Punpun would be awesome kek (and imagine that would be actually hard hitting). When I'm looking up "best new josei lists", almost everything is shoujo-like romance with unrealistic characters. Definitely not what I'm interested in.

No. 192732

I posted this initially but I've never read anything else of his and began reading this before I even knew of this other works. Like another nonnie mentioned I really like the backdrop of the spaceship looming over everything and the dynamic between the girls. Kek I even forgot about the tranny.

No. 192735

I got it from his artbook ctrl+T so I'm not sure where exactly it's from. Sadly I don't have access to it right now so I can't look up the source.

No. 192746

I didn't mention live action because I hate Japanese dramas, most of them look like shit and the actors aren't very good. I'm having flashback of my friends in high school trying to make me watch the Hana Kimi drama now kek

No. 192747

An anon said it's a sign that the artist isn't very competent, I wouldn't be surprised if the original manga had even more simplified designs. I notice this with more and more recent stuff, you'll have a character who looks younger than they are or they're a manlet ot a womanlet but they're drawn like chibi characters because the artist isn't skilled.

No. 192788

File: 1648464945438.png (864.62 KB, 1370x2048, 690a025e-9796-4c61-ae9d-47efc7…)

I really liked the Shikimori manga, mainly because the mc is so handsome, and their relationship was really wholesome&realistic (no ecchi!). But just from watching the trailer I can tell the anime is gonna be hot garbage. For comparison, one of the random first pages from the manga. Guy gets almost as much page time as the girl plus he is drawn with great care. MC in trailer looks nothing like in the manga (purple hair? really? his face looks like it's melting). If they didn't bother to animate him properly for the trailer, I can't imagine it'll be any better in the actual anime.

As for recs from some series 2019-2022:
>Ascendance of Bookworm
>Kemono Jihen
>The Case Files of Jeweler Richard

No. 192791

Damn, he went from cutesy bishonen to generic 2010s anime self-insert real quick then. These days anime adaptations are just long half-assed ads so it's almost always to just skip them and read the original manga.

No. 192796

Oh he looks a lot cuter in the manga.
>Ascendance of Bookworm
Aghhhh I've been meaning to get around to this one for almost a year now. Are you suggesting the LN or is the anime good to go? I will absolutely start this as soon as I finish my final exam this year.

No. 192805

Not technically new, but it was just announced that Kyoko Okazaki's River's Edge has finally been licensed.

No. 192832

Holy shit FINALLY! One of my fav manga of all time, Hope Tokyo Girls Bravo is next!

No. 192905

Ngl male!mc being pretty is what made me look forward to the adaption when I first heard about it some months ago lmao

No. 192928

I know, right? I think that's literally what I said when I heard the news, lol. And oh man, here's hoping. I think there are a few committed Okazaki fans in licensing companies, and I'm praying they keep getting to bring her work over!

No. 192961

The name makes me laugh, but anyone planning to watch Dance Dance Danseur?
>Dance Dance Danseur tells the story of Junpei Murao, a young man who discovers a love for ballet as a child who forgoes his own aspirations following the death of his father, choosing instead to become more “masculine” and pursue Jeet Kune Do. When a new transfer student named Miyako discovers Junpei’s hidden affinity for ballet, she invites him to her mother’s studio and offers to teach and perform alongside him.
I liked Yuri on Ice a lot so if the dancing is animated decently and the characters are cute it could be a fun one.

No. 192966

Holy shit again a George Asakura manga getting an anime adaption?! I have a love/hate relationship with her work, love the art and some stories but I remember rolling my eyes so hard at some of her stories like in the Love Letter manga where some girl was happy and thought it was cute about getting assaulted sexually and physically by a freaky ass scrote smh. But yes I'm watching! Please let this be the shoujo renaissance the girlies need and deserve

No. 193003

Yup, ballroom e youkoso made me want more dance-related anime.

No. 193042

File: 1648539811835.jpg (30.29 KB, 960x500, 580943095743.jpg)

Funny thing about mentioning YoI, I didn't realize at first but it's being released by the same studio (MAPPA)!
Oh dear, I haven't read any of her manga so that's disturbing to hear kek. I like her art style though and hopefully this one will just focus on the dancing and the characters supporting each other instead of questionable "romance" scenes. I hope there will be lots of the silver-haired guy though, he's cute.
Thanks anon, I had not heard of that series! Going to check it out in the meantime.

No. 193055

you'll likely be shock with length of their necks in the beginning. but overall it's a fine anime. I also suggest reading Dancing in the Evening Lull With My Ribbon by Kurokawa Yumi if you're interested in rhythmic gymnastics.

No. 193086

File: 1648554601051.webm (2.51 MB, 1280x720, 1648538279207.webm)

Gundam finally has a female MC!
Eat shit Tomino, you daddy issues riddled sex pest.

No. 193091

While I can't say that SP is necessarily good, I've never seen a series that felt quite like it so it's one of my favorites too. I bring it up on /a/ every once in a while but no luck finding anyone else who likes it

No. 193101

gundam is a waifu series now?

No. 193108

Fuck off, it was more of a waifu series when Tomino wrote his fap fantasies about Sayla decades ago

No. 193123

Quick rundown? I've read about Tomino having some dumb takes in the past (but as far as I know, nothing exceptionally bad), I assume he's not directing/writing this show? I'm not too familiar with Gundam

No. 193127

File: 1648572043712.png (278.22 KB, 540x712, Screenshot_2022-03-29-10-38-45…)

Kek nevermind, this is some prime scrotery
I'd still like a quick rundown though

No. 193132

File: 1648572505806.png (856.4 KB, 1192x559, 1648541490358.png)

Oh boy, there's a TON of shit. Look at his life around the time he started working on gundam and his bitterness that a woman he liked decided to marry another man. Also his mommy issues in his writing, especially about Char.

No. 193133

Wow female MC with actual practical clothes on?

No. 193150

What the fuck did I just read? Literally the first thing I see while going on /m/ today is this? Is this a sign that I should avoid Gundam?

No. 193153

Imho: watch it if you want to see cute guys suffering in war and having mental breakdowns. Gundam doesn't pull punches and some installments are really well written.

The women in gundam surprisingly have personalities (though the original series is pretty trash), but Tomino's logic is basically that men are expandable and women serve to preserve the species and life, so they can't be soldiers and are too emotional. Gundam had a lot of perverted shit (naked sayla poster in the 80s that sold out…) but the series themselves sexualize the male characters as well and beat them up. Oldfags will be mad at me suggesting this, but watch gundam thunderbolt or the first origin movie as a start, they are well animated and short, give you a good intro.

No. 193170

File: 1648579853316.jpg (44.68 KB, 565x407, 1613297613858.jpg)

So I can just ignore the director's(?) perversion because it's too subtle in the actual series then? I mean, I could do that but I don't think I'll be able to take pic related seriously anymore.

No. 193175

The old stuff from 40 years ago can be annoyingly frustrating to watch, but newer gundam stuff isn't just Tomino and the franchise has a huuuuge amount of female fans. Ignore the moids and take the content for your own enjoyment. If you don't mind out of context spoilers, watch vid related for some laughs

No. 193177

File: 1648580717541.png (1.22 MB, 1440x1080, vlcsnap-2021-12-13-02h02m58s09…)

NTA and I'm a Gundam n00b but I started with the original movie trilogy (the original series but condensed). I didn't notice any perverted shit except for that one scene where Mirai (iirc) is seen topless, but I'm aware that there are more scenes of that sort in the TV series.
The female characters aren't as important as the male ones so you'll notice that right away, although they're still there I guess? I don't think it was that bad, especially for such an old anime, but it was still frustrating. I liked Mirai tho

No. 193182

Yeah, I watched the full TV series and I wouldn't recommend it to someone new because the plots are so outdated and it's a weird mix of episodic toy commercial and how a young boy is plagued by the terrors of war. Zeta Gundam is plagued by wonderful lines such as "she betrayed them because she's a woman" but it also kick every male character who whines and won't grow the fuck up.

No. 193430

I think you're being overdramatic, calm down with the doomposting and spend less time online anon.

No. 193637

File: 1648730240337.jpg (33.91 KB, 452x512, 860012286.jpg)

What are your favourite tragic anime? I'm looking for more recs.
For me it's:
>Kaiba (2009)
>Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt
>Banana Fish
>the hard hitting episodes of Natsume Yuujinchou
>Hotarubi no Mori e

It's important to separate edgewank with gore from emotional tragedy though, I do prefer catharsis and healing.

No. 193837

I like Emma: a victorian romance

No. 194064

File: 1648857673505.jpg (21.94 KB, 320x240, britneybreaktheice_l1.jpg)

Does anyone have recs for anime similar to Britney's Break the Ice music video in either aesthetic/story? I know the big ones like Ergo Proxy or Science Railgun as an older weeb but I'm always down for obscure series especially!

No. 194069

File: 1648858709765.jpg (68.21 KB, 265x374, GreatPretenderKY.jpg)

Finally got around to watching great pretenders. I loved it. This is the first time I've been invested in an anime in like 10 years.

No. 194092

Princess Tutu all the way!

No. 194104

File: 1648866937424.jpg (119.27 KB, 770x429, Sabagebu.jpg)

This show was to funny for its own good. I'm surprised troons haven't latched onto it.

No. 194123

File: 1648874179138.jpg (99.21 KB, 850x954, animesher.com_manga-michiko-to…)

Not wholly tragic, I think I'd call it bittersweet, but Michiko to Hatchin. The storylines that are outright tragedies are gutting, but in such a good way.

No. 194127

File: 1648877084114.png (241.26 KB, 620x477, 47853095804385.png)

It's one of the most popular shows so you probably already know about it, but her vibe reminds me of Julia from Cowboy Bebop. Ghost in the Shell is another "badass lady in futuristic world" series. She's also giving a bit of Angel from Big O.

No. 194193

Love all 3 and excellent choices nonna!

No. 194439

Just watched arslan senki it was worthwhile

No. 194453

Does anyone have a good slice of life rec that’s been subbed into French? Also careful scrolling everyone gore in m rn

No. 194710

File: 1649094371049.jpg (276.4 KB, 1060x1500, MV5BZjAzMGI4NWYtNWNmOS00YzM0LW…)

As gory as it is, this is surprisingly one of the animes with the least amount of male fanservice I've ever watched. Just pretty samurais killing ugly samurais

No. 194803

File: 1649114516124.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1746x2284, A8DDCC14-B978-4492-94C2-657F5A…)

tried watching card captors. it was pitched to me as an anime that was developed by a group of women (CLAMP) and it is artistically a very cute and well written show but some of the reoccurring themes bother me greatly.
these are mild spoilers for episodes in the series so
>sakura has a crush on her older brother’s friend/boyfriend
cute, handled well. her little boy counterpart also has a crush on him. not bothered by this but it sets a future precedent for age gaps in the series
>sakuras dad was a high school teacher who married + impregnated his student
sakura’s dad is presented as a handsome, well liked man. he is called out on the abusive nature of their relationship by sakura’s mom’s friend but this plotline ends in forgiveness on all sides. it’s also noted that sakura’s late mother’s family does NOT fuck with the dad.
>fellow elementary student has a crush on their teacher
the girl makes comments about the male teacher being similar to her father and brings him sweets and such during the school day in occasional episodes… kinda weird but he doesn’t play into it soooo i’d say it’s handled pretty normally.

this is the one that got me though
>sakuras older brother is groomed by his middle school teacher and they have an intimate relationship until she moves overseas
i was like… no. this anime doesn’t know what it is or what it’s doing. she moves back home and becomes a mentor for sakura, no backlash or mention of her molesting one of the main side characters of the series. the anime plays it off like ~they understand each other because magic~ but the context of a little girl having a crush on her teacher/older friend is entirely different than a middle school boy meeting up with his fucking teacher after school to ‘profess their love’ for months… the kicker is when she goes back overseas initially, she doesn’t say anything to break it off with him until the night before she leaves. the brother is freshly a couple years out from his mom dying.
big ass waste of time imo

No. 194844

File: 1649133610902.jpg (212.49 KB, 525x1814, boooog.jpg)

I just finished Boogiepop Phantom and I love it and I recommend it to everyone here. A lot of anime from the early 2000s are about escapism and being unable to truly and meaningfully face reality and change, but I think Boogiepop is one of the best. Picrel is what the author wrote on his book (it's based on a book), and it sums the themes so well: evolution as change, dealing with past, and dealing with the passage of time. I keep thinking about the scenes where they're rebuilding the city – "as you get older, things change" – and think back to spots that I often frequented a few years back that I no longer recognize now.

No. 194845

Honestly I would probably feel similar to you but I was 9 when I started the series so it's the best

No. 194848

>sakuras dad was a high school teacher who married + impregnated his student
This never sat right with me and felt weird even as a kid when I didn't fully get it. To say they dealt with her dad being a pedophile and the predatorial nature of a high school teacher seducing his 16-year-old child bride is way too generous. They really just brushed it off as 'well it was a bad thing but in the end he was a good husband so it's fine.' It's been a long time since I watched or read this series but I believe it wasn't even the age gap and power imbalance that were presented as the worst aspect, but the fact that Nadeshiko's cousin was "jealous" of their relationship. Way to ignore the massively messed up dynamics they chose to include.

No. 194851

>pretty samurais killing ugly samurais
Kek you've got me intrigued

No. 194854

File: 1649135941521.png (801.1 KB, 1027x606, 147329483902742.png)

You've got me hooked on this nonny and I've been watching over the past few days. For the most part I like it. The female characters are good especially Chinatsu and Chizuru. Tatara's whimpy personality is really annoying but at least the other characters tend to boss him around a lot and call him out on his whining. I was also caught off guard by the frequent fan service. It's not the worst out there but somehow I've managed to avoid it in many of the recent shows I've watched so seeing continual shots like picrel and the boys getting nosebleeds all the time is annoying especially when it deals with high school age characters. Nothing new for anime though I guess.

No. 194858

Oh girl, the Rika (girl with a crush on a teacher) plot has been censored in the anime. The teacher proposes to her and they are engaged… and it's portrayed in the "love is love, age is just a number" way. And Sakura comments on how Rika is so mature for her age. Barf

No. 194863

wish it has s2 too. but i did hear it has a game but im not interested in playing.

i wanted about to warn about the fanservice, as foggy my memories about it. some, maybe more, were only included in the show. idk why they ramp it up in the anime when the manga was very mellow about it but i guess its to attract new fans. if that's how they're going for considering the equal number of female and male characters in the show.

No. 194895

File: 1649154966230.png (538.13 KB, 640x1014, CCF_000006.png)

wanted to post a pic, but got distracted by work. IDK wtf Clamp was thinking, really hope they were retarded and not actively trying to groom little girls to be victims of pedophiles. The result could have been the same either way… I cannot believe this manga is celebrated and even got published in my country

No. 194898

pretty sure this was just projection on their part and not an attempt to groom little girls, wanting to hook up with your hot teacher is unfortunately a common fantasy for teens

No. 194900

CLAMP is all about how love knows no obstacle, for better or worse. They should have depicted this as some kind of intergenerational friendship instead but they love being edgy and subversive. At least in their manga it's never explicit (except Fuuma licking Kamui's face will sexily telling him he'll stab him or some shit) so you can pretend it's just not there, and I found the thing in Marmelade Boy worse somehow.

No. 194901

You need to chill. Remember this is ultimately fiction. Also in the year it was published shoujo was filled with all sort of tropes that you might not like today, but they are not mean to be taken seriously.

No. 194902

I agree. In Fruits Basket there are several couples with age gaps and Tohru's parents met when the dad became the mom's substitute teacher in middle school (they hooked up later though) and iirc Natsuki Takaya said in an interview or in one of the manga's short comment that she likes age gaps and older men so I guess that's the appeal.

No. 194907

fruits basket is like the tradwife fantasy anime and that's why i hate it

No. 194930

>not an attempt to groom little girls
Yeah, them being retarded is a more valid option - still kinda disturbing.
>You need to chill
Could have stopped reading right there, kek.
I think that part of CCS was majorly fucked up, especially with sHe'S sO mAtUrE bullshit.
>Remember this is ultimately fiction
It's a fiction for children, depicting a pedophilic relationship as sweet and wholesome. That's worse than in an adult media (IDGAF about ~problematic~ otome or BL) since children are more affected by it. It can be actually dangerous. The Rika plot is worse than a high school teacher dating and marrying his own student, which irked the other anon.
I'm a big fan of old Clamp, but not really of CCS. Beyond the fucked up relationships, it's just boring. Would take MKR over it any time.

No. 194934

Speaking of, when will we get an ending for X? Is Kamui still waiting to get fucking stabbed? I
Has Fuuma finished his sentence yet?

No. 194943

Never, I think the editorial dispute really soured them on the series, and I wouldn't even be surprised if they had forgotten it existed given their tendency of randomly dropping their mangas (did they finish that Lawful Drug spin-off, Kobato or that late 2000s manga about spirits in Tokyo that nobody cared about?).

No. 194945

I thought Kobato was over, but I only read the first 2 volumes iirc when it got released in my country. CLAMP is too obsessed with Shaolan/Sakura and need to move on. I'm legit starting to dislike CCS just for that despite it being one of the first manga I've ever read when I was like 6 years old.

No. 194947

Ew another popular scroteshit coomer anime like Komi-san, Nagatoro-san, Uzaki-chan, Dragon Maid, etc. Tell your friend to get better taste. It's so pathetic and disappointing to see girls consuming and being brainwashed with scrote coomer shit even if it's supposed to be "wholesome".

No. 194958

I fucking hate this new brand of """wholesome""" ecchi scroteshit, also with the cutesy shōjo-like art style, are they trying to attract a female audience? Unfortunately it seems like it's working kek
Also, I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I've read that the pedophilic bishōjo style was literally copied from the shōjo style that female mangaka created many decades ago, just sexualized for scrote audiences.

No. 194987

What I wouldn't give for X ending. I reread it every two years or so. I love TB too.
does anyone know similar weeb content?
Kobato is over

No. 194995

File: 1649183080767.png (338.12 KB, 683x615, 90384793279425.png)

>i wanted about to warn about the fanservice, as foggy my memories about it.
No worries! Yeah, it definitely feels out of place considering the treatment of the women is positive otherwise. Some aspects that stood out are how Chinatsu bluntly calls out the male-centric judging of dance, the fact Tatara doesn't get to break up Shizuru/Hyodo as a pair but understands they're way above his level, and the way he respects his partners and doesn't want to "dominate" them as the lead. Overall the pacing is really good and everyone except the unrepetent assholes like Kugimiya is nice. I also just realized the mangaka is a woman so not surprising there's a strong focus on the female characters' side of things and the struggles they face.

No. 194998

It's fiction for teenage girls, it's not like you're seeing this in shows for actual little girls like Precure.
And those same teenage girls are reading "problematic" otome and BL so you should definitely care if it worries you in CCS.
But at the end of the day it's fiction and a side couple in a manga isn't what's going to groom a girl into dating an older dude.

No. 195001

CCS was for little girls and preteens, not for teenage girls though.

No. 195015

I was planning on watching CCS over the summer with my sister, I'm excited to start it but I'm glad you gave this heads-up. You reminded me about my recent Gakuen Alice reread that I did and I wanted to throw my device out of the window whenever it tried to portray the MC's mom's relationship with her husband (teacher and first met her when she was like 11 lmfao) as tragic TRUE LOVE and AGE DOESN'T MATTER because I CAN'T CONTROL WHAT MY HEART WANTS! Like jesus christ. Why is this shit all over media aimed at girls?

No. 195016

The new or old one?

No. 195019

>it's fiction and a side couple in a manga isn't what's going to groom a girl into dating an older dude.
Uh casually displaying relationships like that definitely normalizes it in your head as you're growing up. Why do you think the vast majority of age gap relationships have an older man? If you think media (fiction or not) doesn't affect your perception, even if its just a side couple, then you're mistaken.

No. 195021

>unrepetent assholes like Kugimiya
Kek okay I'll stop blog posting but I feel like a jerk now that I'm almost finished and it's been revealed Kugimiya was suicidal and had massive social anxiety and really adored his father replacement ojiisan teacher. Love that everyone is so realistic and multifaceted though!

No. 195032

>And those same teenage girls are reading "problematic" otome and BL so you should definitely care if it worries you in CCS.
Not my fault if you don't see a difference between a grooming material addressed to children (as CCS is) and content for older teenagers/adults that unsupervised kids can access, at the very best (better ban anything that is more offensive than an episode of Teletubbies!). Media is often being used by pedos to romanticise and normalize pedophilia to their victims (beyond what >>195019 said). If lolicon porn has been used by them, then CCS is even better, since it's so "innocent", cloyingly sweet and presents damaging age gap relationships as something that true love triumphs over.
In my opinion normalizing pedophilia has no place anywhere, but especially not children's media, for many reasons including children learning more from it than adults do. Tell a regular person about a comic for little girls where a 10 year old is dating her 30 years old teacher and see how they react, lol.
just for the record, I don't support pedo and pedo glorifying content in other media, if it wasnt clear – children shouldn't be presented as sexual objects, ever
I'm gonna refrain from further replying since everything's been said from my side.

No. 195038

File: 1649194674183.jpeg (173.7 KB, 640x917, file.jpeg)

For the anons who were looking for shoujo/josei adaptations, My Happy Marriage anime was announced. I think this one is a shoujo and originally a LN. Composer is the same as VEG so there's the music to look forward to.

PV is here https://youtu.be/_8JKDloLAhw

No. 195042

I wasn't involved in this discussion but great response anon. It took me until my late 20s to see what was wrong with the frequent presentation of age gap relationships in media, particularly when the female isn't only younger but an actual child. I wish I hadn't needed to experience the dynamic in real life to finally get it, and beforehand I absolutely thought it was fine partly because girl-centric shows like this normalized it and presented the adult men as supposedly more mature then boys my age and kind, protective partners with no ill intent.

No. 195079

lmao, the name says it all I guess

I'd say it's even worse in Japanese media since it took them a while to stop portraying child-adult romantic relationships as normal or good, when it wasn't that common/didn't exist anymore in contemporary Western media. Japanese women have kinda fucked up tastes in romance (see also: the majority of Japanese otome games).

No. 195098

>Japanese women have kinda fucked up tastes in romance (see also: the majority of Japanese otome games).
True (and sorry for going a bit ot but I find it interesting) but it seems like every country has its own version of messed up romantic media. I remember looking at a study that found when western romance novels were localized for Japan, they would often add a female best friend for the female lead and emphasized the role of platonic relationships more as opposed to the individualistic, "it's us against the world fuck my old friends and family" approach a lot of the western books had. I wish that was more common here as I've seen so many women abandon female friends immediately after they get into a relationship. Not saying that never happens in Japan, but they are definitely a more communal society and it's nice to hear that female friendships are still (sometimes) shown as important.

No. 195113

File: 1649215065025.jpeg (56.08 KB, 852x480, 08E90938-05D6-40C3-AE01-2DF374…)

Does anyone have recs for animes that the characters are cute but not in that typical moe shit way, like the vibe I’m thinking of is Taiyo Matsumoto\Sciencesaru where they do look cute but I can’t ever imagine coomers going wild for it like they would for say Dragon Maid or some similar seasonal anime. ’ve seen Barakamon and the other ones like it (udon and sweetness and lightning)

No. 195202

I'm so hyped, idk why I don't even like it so much but the covers always give me life tho, btw does anyone know a place I can read chp 18+ that isn't in Indonesian, thank u

No. 195203

File: 1649252532056.jpeg (236.83 KB, 1175x1763, images - 2022-04-06T163552.512…)

Just saw Belle. I thought it was so stupid and didn't even look that great. I feel robbed of my two hours, I don't understand how everyone parades this movie like it is so emotional when it was so barebones.

No. 195208

Tell me more, I'm curious. I just know it's directed by that furry director.

No. 195217

one of the things i liked is that there's no romance subplot. i'm not demonizing if there's any later on in the story but i'm glad we get to see the characters becoming friends. before i watched the show i dreaded a rush romance between every dance pair shown. it's one of the annoying things in pair-related sports, fans and even judges romanticizing the pair to an extent sending death threats to either of them for having a romantic interest for someone who isn't their dance partner. it happened in pair-skating.

it didn't help that there are movies out there that solidify that stereotype.

No. 195232


Things I didn't like are very spoiler-y so read if you don't care about it.

It is literally metaverse beauty and the beast for weebs. The metaverse in the movie looks ugly as fuck, only the girl's and the dragon-boy's designs are kind of okay. There is no appeal of that metaverse VR world, there are no rules estabhlished, people just pop in and out for no reason and… Float? No one ever talks about what people do in the VR World. There are also no company/admin presence even when users's safety is threatened. It also has that "shy girl sings and blows up overnight and becomes super popular" trope. The VR world uses CG animation which just adds to its ugliness, the main villain/Gaston is horribly generic and uninteresting (also ugly). Plus they can just log off, but no one fucking logs off and instead have these boring fights. This would be kinda based if movie's main idea was "just turn off your computer if you're getting cyber-bullied" but it wasn't it.

In the end, the dragon dude/The Beast Belle hangs out in the VR world turns out to be an abused kid and Belle wants to help him in real life. So she just changes cities to confront an abusive adult man as a highschool girl. But there were multiple adults and also strong male friends around when she takes the decision to go, yet no one objects or asks to go with her despite seeing that the man was clearly vilolent which was fucking dumb.

So in the end it wasn't pretty enough to be just a pretty spectacle that was about nothing, and it doesn't have a good strong plot to stand on. It was just fluff for shy girls to self-insert to but it wasn't even a good self-insert scenario. My fault for expecting a good anime movie when Satoshi Kon is dead.

No. 195236

Nta but isn't it what people did in Second Life? I haven't seen the movie, I didn't even know what it was about until your post, sorry if I'm derailing.

No. 195264

Absolutely, I was so worried the focus was going to be on Tatara chasing after Shizuku and trying to become her partner. It not only would've been unrealistic since he's so inexperienced but annoying since Shizuku clearly feels Hyodo pushes her to improve more than anyone else. Tatara admiring them and simply wanting to compete on the same floor was so respectful and wholesome. This show also has some of the most genuine growth I've seen in characters. Tatara's lack of self confidence and cowardice really bothered me at the beginning (love Chinatsu calling that out) but he becomes much more mature and able to stand up for himself by the end. The same with Chinatsu who was always amazing but learned to trust others rather than feeling she needs to face things alone. I may have also cried when it was shown that Akira wasn't just a vindictive bitch but has a massive crush on Chinatsu and only continued dancing to try and keep her attention. I felt the story was really mature overall despite the showrunners messing with the source material and throwing in boob shots every other episode. Hope it gets a S2!

No. 195265

Nta and I haven't seen the movie, but that sounds like a weird mix of Summer Wars, that Digimon movie and Paprika

No. 195269

File: 1649269650399.png (696.57 KB, 971x666, 1809438294320472.png)

It's a movie and a sad one at that, but Princess Kaguya is really beautiful and cute without sexualization. I'd also recommend Houseki no Kuni. I can see how the show might attract genderspecials because it's about a bunch of sexless (but female presenting) personified gems, but I don't engage with the fanbase and that's not the show's focus at all. The mix of 2D and 3D animation is unique but I think it grows on you and the story is engaging.

No. 195270

File: 1649269938089.png (362.43 KB, 525x291, 90843274320756.png)

Tatami Galaxy is a good one as well. Striking art style. The story is weird and a bit dense/philosophical, intentionally repetitive, but could be your thing.

No. 195292

File: 1649273110201.png (682.97 KB, 893x962, 1646958716618.png)

I don't know why this show gets so much hate?

I watched it with my husband while it was airing and it was my favorite show of the season after King's Ranking. Marin is adorable and I love that Gojo is an actual character and not a self insert. I feel like some of you guys are just passing judgement without even watching it.

No. 195296

Some anons have clearly watched it and disliked the fanservice, sexist tropes, cheesy humor, sexualization of the female lead and catering towards the very average male lead as in >>192367
I mean the entire premise is about a 15-year-old child cosplaying characters from porn games. You're allowed to enjoy it but I don't think it's that difficult to understand why most women here don't.

No. 195298

Nonny I love all your recs but sadly have already watched them but wow did land of the lustrous have the most autistic overlap between them and steven universese fans definitely because of the gem relation kek. Happy you ignore those freaks and do you instead

>porn games
I'm sorry what, I knew it was regular gross "wholesome" shit and I saw some of the faces/poses they drew a kid in but porn games even? jfc

No. 195299

out of curiousity, are those stated to be eroge? a lot of galge have an all ages version. still icky, but I'm wondering if they used the argument

No. 195305

>Marin is adorable
She's just a manic pixie dream girl and I find her incredibly obnoxious, barging her way into everything.

No. 195306

>Gojo is an actual character and not a self insert
Point and laugh everyone

No. 195309

Sorry nonnies, yes they're not just galge they are explicitly eroge. Here is the mc doing "research" by watching one of the scenes

No. 195310

File: 1649276887044.png (160.94 KB, 840x583, 9032178937625.png)

Some extra highlights from the Wiki. I don't think there's any way to explain away the title "The Young Ladies of the Humiliation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2"

No. 195320

File: 1649277769139.png (602.42 KB, 685x389, 7904382483256.png)

>sadly have already watched them
Well shoot, sorry nona. I should've seen the Steven Universe link coming but seriously, I've been very happily in my own bubble ever since deciding to avoid fandoms. Have you seen that maiko anime (Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san) that came out recently? I haven't watched it myself yet but I remember some people here saying it was sweet and relaxing.

No. 195342

Katanagatari is a tragedy in the classic sense, as all characters in it are bound to follow the plans of their ancestors, despite the losses and suffering they incur

No. 195366

At least he's handsome and has an actual skill he worked for. That's more than can be said for other self insert characters.

No. 195368

Nonnies criticising My Dress Up Darling talking about how much they want shojo/otome to get adapted makes me want to gag. Not because I like Dress Up Pick me, but because shojo and otome are shit genres and not any better than your average shonen.

No. 195369

>has an actual skill he worked for
Whiiich is barely addressed, given attention or developed properly in the show… yeah sounds like a great 'character'
>stock plain-looking dark-haired loner, just TALL this time
Lol, lmao

No. 195375

File: 1649290823744.png (Spoiler Image, 575.42 KB, 954x530, 6894032840237.png)

What annoys me is how the retard behind this probably thought they were being sooo clever.
>gais you don't understand it's the GIRL who is a huge otaku and luuuvs porno, the man is just an uwu innocent who likes pure hina dolls and was pushed by this powerful sexually liberated girl to make erotic outfits
It's tale as old as time of the coolgirl/nlog with boring protag. I know the writer is supposedly a woman but I find that really hard to believe. She's either a massive pickme or scrote desperately attempting to validate his fetish
I dislike the majority of shoujo as well, how do you know which of the anons here fall into both camps? Still, at least the average shoujo anime isn't showing ball gags and parts of anal toys

No. 195377

File: 1649291654571.jpg (668.79 KB, 1920x1080, 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwDILtqhk-X…)

Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness is about a musician that moves back home when his dad gets sick. In his absence, his parents took in a young girl as an apprentice at their traditional sweets shop. This show has great art and is set up for a healing dynamic
The Executioner and Her Way of Life is a funny new anime this season. Japanese keep getting summoned to another world and the mc has a divine duty to kill them. I like that the mc of an isekai is an other worldly inhabitant, but there is also a mystery.
Ya Boy Kongming is a fish out of water with an ancient Chinese general reincarnated in modern Japan, the mc girl is cute, it drags a bit near the middle but the ending of the first episode is awesome. It's lighthearted.
Aharen Is Indecipherable is slice of life about a guy that sits next to an autistic tiny classmate that can't act normal. It's low quality slice of life but funny.
BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls' Story is a sports anime about a couple of girl golfers that earn money with underground bets and disguises. (Eve, the Rainbow Barette, a fierce and determined player), and her friend (Lily, who is bubbly but skilled) help underprivileged children with their winnings (yes really). The subtitle quality kind of suck
Healer Girl is a new anime about girls that live at a place where they train to heal people with their voices (really). It's slow paced but fun and they have cool hair. Pic related is their master with sake
But my biggest pick of the season I know will be Spy x Family because I love the manga, which makes me laugh out loud just reading it. What do you guys think about spring so far

No. 195378

Has anyone watched Thermae Romae yet? Looks hilarious

No. 195385

I loved the musical vibe Healer Girl had in the first episode. I'm fucking hyped for SxF too even though I really hate Loid's voice casting.

No. 195387

>>stock plain-looking dark-haired loner, just TALL this time
NTA but he's actually kinda cute unlike most scrote self-inserts for this kind of series. The show is still garbage though

No. 195390

File: 1649296272021.jpg (208.38 KB, 540x688, tumblr_b0c119eea5e515b981ff385…)

Shoujo is leagues better than shounen what are you smoking

No. 195395

The old one! The one made in 2000. I'd like to watch the new one sometime in the future, but the old one is so good I don't want to even taint it with any sorts of associated media.

No. 195407

nta but the director has made belle, summer wars and that digimon movie too. so in a way he's reusing the storyline.

No. 195415

File: 1649306717503.jpg (12.07 KB, 480x360, 043589.jpg)

speaking of digimon movie, does anyone know of an anime that has a similar style/animation? I've just always really liked it.

No. 195416

I always felt Tsuritama had a similar animation style, just a bit more modern version of it

No. 195417

oh no the my dress up darling pickmes found this thread

No. 195418

File: 1649308074892.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.53 MB, 518x292, ezgif-2-5d06ade997.gif)

in the manga i didnt think the ecchi parts were that bad, but the anime does too much. I know sex sells etc but god so many animes have been ruined because they had to add an teehee boobies shot(Josee)

Anyways gif related is gross and really didnt need to be animated for a mainstream anime

No. 195428

File: 1649311338342.png (2.45 MB, 1500x2000, deupruo-efd244ad-20f7-441f-833…)

Why did they make her 15? that's all that runs through my head when i see this shit, it has 0 narrative purpose besides the authors fetish or latent pedophilia. girl what the fuck

anyways, I know this is manga but has anyone read Choujin X here? what are your thoughts, if so?
I liked the 1st chapter, though chapters 2-5 are kinda a slog before it gets the baseball arc, which i like. it's only gotten better since.

No. 195429

dennu coil
summer wars

No. 195432

EWWWWWW whyyyyyyyyy

No. 195433

>Plus they can just log off, but no one fucking logs off and instead have these boring fights.
kek lolcow incarnate

No. 195434

>My fault for expecting a good anime movie when Satoshi Kon is dead.
Ooof, I felt this.
The moment I saw the trailer I knew people would parade it around like the greatest shit. But I just was never interested.

No. 195435

i really hope so as well. following the manga online is confusing considering many sites arrange the chapters differently. iirc, the chapters are arranged by heats, idk if that's the correct word tho i forgot, it's the many times a group of ballroom pairs, or by pair alone, have to dance per competition.

but i guess the story is arranged chronologically, from what i experienced when i read the manga years ago. it's the chapter title that's confusing everyone.

No. 195437

File: 1649313409701.png (436.17 KB, 881x492, dressup-1.png)

Anon the characters could be as nice as possible, which they're not, the girl is obviously portrayed as a horny mature for her age 15 year old girl but in a ~wholesome~ way, but the way the camera treats the female character makes everything clear. Don't play dense like the hoards of braindead coomer anime fans that somehow see this show as cute. Even my bf that has a higher tolerance for fanservice because hes a scrote couldn't stop laughing at the cringy fanservice in the first episode, it was really hard to watch.
The author truly could have made the characters college aged, it would have made much more sense. The fanservice would be more tolerable too. But she had to pander to pedos. Boring.

It's true that the main male character has some "personality", but that's the only thing I can give props for. Even then he's a boring retard who spent half the first episode feeling emasculated and crying and whining for having a unique hobby and a really positive and cool male role model.

No. 195438

File: 1649313484834.jpg (231.86 KB, 1710x900, Ouran-Highschool-Club.jpg)

At least most shoujo/otome doesn't have disgusting unnecessary fanservice of female characters like in most shounen series.

Agree with this. Though I feel that the shoujo/otome genre has always been overshadowed by shounen and sometimes get made into shit.

No. 195442

The fact that this shit was recommended to me by a (pickme) friend as "fun and wholesome". So cheap and gross, I hate this shit so much.

No. 195444

File: 1649314466407.jpg (37.81 KB, 500x500, e3a.jpg)

No. 195452

>he's a boring retard who spent half the first episode feeling emasculated and crying and whining for having a unique hobby
This is at this moment that I thought the manga was retarded, people say he has a "childhood trauma" when it was just one kid girl telling him he was weird for liking dolls, like come on, even Naruto got systematically bullied and he got over it better than this schmuck.

No. 195453

No. 195454


No. 195458

>great anime
Pick one

No. 195469

File: 1649317518089.jpg (89.16 KB, 742x767, 8007lf8nd9131.jpg)

>the shit anon probably is defending vs the kind of anime fanservice I actually want

No. 195471

I've watched like 500 tv anime and off the top of my head the only single one that had fanservice and was good was Noragami. And I actually do not mind fanservice.

No. 195472

Speaking of fanservice, weathering with you was such a pretty movie and animated so well, but it was completely ruined towards the end because they wanted to show off a 12 year old's tits in a love hotel. Like fucking what? why? mUh JaPAnEsE CulTuRe?? Fuck off

No. 195476

I don't care about fanservice, at this point I'm desensitized, what annoys me is people selling this show as cute and wholesome uwu while it's another bland wish fulfilment fantasy for loser otakus and their nlog girlfriends.

No. 195479


No. 195480

>at least gojo has a personality
subaru from re zero? kazuma from konosuba? it's not uncommon for moid pandering shows to have fleshed out mcs. the point is just to make them relatable enough (aka straight underdogs with a bland design instead of a super handsome bishie). also i think we have enough shows about an undesirable guy getting a manic pixie dream gf, why does the opposite never happens? undesirable average girl meets a manic pixie dream bf?

No. 195490

File: 1649325343312.jpeg (17.29 KB, 252x192, BC65A05D-E39D-434B-8C5E-57315C…)

No. 195493

>being this mad that everyone disagrees with you
At least you still have your husband to watch his litcherully me ecchi anime with

No. 195525

Fucking kek

No. 195572

File: 1649354780695.gif (568.3 KB, 447x250, galax.gif)

No need to apologize nonny at all!! Thanks for the rec, I have that on my to watch list this summer alongside some new series that are coming out rn!


I know the newest digimon films that came out have a similar style as Tsuritama actually, first nonny and I rec from Kenji Nakamura (the director for Tsuritama and also the digimon film as A.Director Gatchaman Crowds and also C - Control, a bit dumb at times both of them but I really enjoyed Crowds in particular, the main protag was cute to me with her stationary addiction. I'm still looking for an online world as cute as Galax (picrel)

No. 195573

File: 1649355002204.jpg (452.56 KB, 1667x938, free005.jpg)

Fanservice is good if the males are the only ones being sexualized.


No. 195621

I think I've gotten to a point where I can only enjoy anime based on stories written by women. Even stuff that isn't specifically targeted at women like Mushishi, Dorohedoro and Fullmetal Alchemist are just so much better than the stuff I've seen from scrotes, not sure if it's just the relative lack of fanservice or the better developed female characters. Hell, even when the cast is all-male it still seems like women write them better.

No. 195661

File: 1649376168412.png (379.53 KB, 956x535, niceangle.png)

Free had some top tier male fanservice. Worth the character melodrama and melting S3 faces imo, I wish more fujobait shows took note.

No. 195675

Free was peak golden era fujo tv and i miss it so much. So sad that a disgusting moid went into Kyoani studio and murdered a bunch of people, mainly women.

No. 195683

I really hate how the "man of culture as well" meme started in 4chan as a way to identify people with actual good taste in anime, and now I even hear it irl when people discuss not even hentai anymore but fucking football

No. 195685

>Hell, even when the cast is all-male it still seems like women write them better.
It's not just you, women really do write characters and character interactions better, including males.

No. 195687

Unfortunately the animation industry is so filled with men pretending they're A: not pedophiles and B: straight, that fanservice like in Free! will never happen again.

No. 195690

did he do it because of Free?

No. 195692

NTA, I've read about this and it seems that he thought the studio had plagiarized a story he submitted to a contest that KyoAni had held before. He believed this because of a single scene in an anime about archery (that afaik was based on a novel) where the main boys bought some cheap meat.

No. 195702

>thought the studio had plagiarized a story he submitted to a contest that KyoAni had held before.
Fucking hell, I hate schizos so much, I don’t get how can someone think that their ideas are ~sooo younique!~ that even actually relevant/popular people wants to use them.

No. 195711

File: 1649398932202.jpg (574.61 KB, 1609x2121, b43cd422588b12abfe009cd43ad899…)

Same nona, and the same is starting to apply to reading books. Women can just write characters better and their works are usually less masturbatory, I don't even mean in a sexual sense, just that men obviously sniff their farts way too often and you can feel it when you read and watch stuff made by them kek.

No. 195759

File: 1649407093023.jpg (38.97 KB, 721x420, 1530867733_00479cc6050d09ca0fc…)

This anime was so boring but imagine if there were no male main characters and no tranny shit. These ladies deserve better

No. 195783

I’m watching deaimon and paripi koumei
The kongming one is fucking stupid but oh well maybe they’ll shave him at some poit

No. 195791

I checked what was going on with the tranny but from what I understand the dyke is the ultimate handmaiden and essentially did a 190° on her appearance and personality for a man she loves this is so sad kek. What was the logic behind that, "I'm defying gender norms too to help you agains't the bullies uwu"?

No. 195797

Isn't that supposed to be the tiger & bunny spinoff? Sounds like garbage, can you elaborate on the tranny shit?

No. 195800

File: 1649423172813.jpg (285.22 KB, 1024x572, Screen-Shot-2019-05-10-at-11.5…)

Yeah I didn't get it either it was really sad, probably men who wrote that wish a girl would care that much about them that she would stay with them through their delusion. But I'm glad that at least later she is with the robot lady. Oh and also the main character's brother is a crossdresser and the main character also crossdresses at one point and uwu I don't care about gender, it's so ridicolous I would believe some western wokies made it but I guess there are some in japan too, seeing how they're obsessed with crossdressing
It's boring don't watch it.

No. 195804

not surprised considering tiger and bunny was kinda built around western-ish influences/ideals with their characters. huang pao lin was a tomboy that hated the girly gifts from her parents which she feels guilty about but ends up cutting her hair short and wears more boy clothes in the movie. nathan seymour was a gay man and had his own arc in the movie about it as well. not to say it's a trans-issue but the anime and a bit of the movie 'tackles' gender expression.

so trans stuff is the next step, at least that's what they think.

No. 195812

I know this is an old post, but thank you for bringing up valvrave, because that rape scene was downplayed so much and it made me stop watching the series. It was so uncomfortable and disgusting. It didnt even need to exist because it came out of nowhere and then everyone just ignored the main male character like it never happened. i fucking hate japanese men. And that spoiler sounds like nightmare fuel. no wonder they have low birth rate.
I'm so sad that many mangas i like will never end, like X and Nana.

No. 195813

Like the other anon said, it was a very short part of an anime that he thought was stolen from him. He literally stalked this studio out and kill the employees inside by setting fire to all their exits. It was revealed how their building basically had no windows or safety exits. A lot of this could have been prevented. it's all horrible. A lot of women died… I dont think KyoAni can ever recover from that. I hate scrotes so much. Japan is full of them.

No. 195860

File: 1649434234073.png (385.29 KB, 587x613, 4.PNG)

>can you elaborate on the tranny shit?
I haven't watching it one but but this should explain it

No. 195913

Is this a fucking joke, Japan?

No. 195925

love how japanese troons always look hyper masculine KEK

No. 195951

File: 1649453421693.png (610.27 KB, 910x500, 380489320487329.png)

It's on my list nonny, it's such a random and goofy premise I need to see it. I love how autistic the Japanese get about such niche areas of interest. Also their willingness to shit on themselves for the sake of humor that would get you canceled in most other countries.

No. 195958

>people say he has a "childhood trauma" when it was just one kid girl telling him he was weird
The fact this is literally what most scrotes consider "trauma" when women who have been abused, beaten, raped and mentally degraded sometimes for years yet still prioritize other people is top tier irony. Flashback to my adult ex whining about how a girl laughing at him in primary school has stuck with him for decades while he repeatedly negged me, criticized my every decision and threw in some physical abuse in the hopes of making me his slave. Males would not last one day in our lives.

No. 196223

Spotted the fujo!

No. 196281

>why does the opposite never happens? undesirable average girl meets a manic pixie dream bf?
have you never heard of shoujo?

No. 196289

nta but most shoujo bfs aren't really manic pixie types

No. 196292

Spotted the scrote!

No. 196294

Late but imho the 2012 original is superior to the version that just got released on Netflix. The 2012 anime follows the manga much more closely and is a straightforward goofy comedy, while the newer Netflix anime tries to give the main character a tragic backstory in a really hamfisted way.

No. 196295

how many manic pixie dream bfs you've seen in shoujo? most of the time they're tsundere or angsty, they need to be healed by mc

No. 196309

Absolute retard.

No. 196321

I've read thousands of different shoujo and none of them have that "manic pixie dream" bf. I can probably think of three ones. But none of them fully convey that archetype of an extremely hot guy coming in to solve all your troubles and fix your life, all while being "cool" and "special".
>My Androgynous Boyfriend
>Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

No. 196330

Doesn't the guy in that one have a shit ton of personal/family problems and is a crossdresser?

No. 196331

shoujo nowadays seems to focus more on normies dating and relationship drama, i guess that's why they all get a live action adaptation. which is fine, i mean a lot of girls, especially non-otakus enjoy that but when you look at how self-indulgent incel pandering media is it makes me seethe a bit. like why is there no isekai where a depressed female neet goes on an adventure with a bunch of super hot guys totally out of her league? why in so many drama anime movies the girl is the one who is always cheerful and brightens the male lead's day?

No. 196333

> like why is there no isekai where a depressed female neet goes on an adventure with a bunch of super hot guys totally out of her league?
At this point for this you'd either need to look into older anime, manga or novels (like the 12 kingdoms, Escaflowne, Magic Knight Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, maybe Inuyasha but I never read that one, etc.) or you'd need to be the change you want to see and write a story like that yourself. It's a shame.

No. 196334

nodame cantabile is an example i can think of where the girl is a mess, could be considered a neet in personality though. and it was a popular romance years ago.

honestly, same. but i guess even in fiction girls are too hard on themselves that they couldn't read stories where the female character is less than what they think is beautiful or acceptable. in a way theyre still indulging themselves with hot guys in isekai, it's just that they're inserting into the fantasy with a girl they dream of being.

my reasoning could still be applied in incel isekai stories but men, irl and fiction, can act like trash and still faced less scrutiny than a women doing the same both irl and fiction.

but honestly, i think a depressed female neet in a isekai story would be popular. it's a relatable self-indulgent feeling. someone just has to publish themselves than bother doing it professionally.

No. 196339

Yeah, the guy has a bunch of personal problems and he crossdresses, but at the very least he is more attractive than female mc (very rare) and he attempts to help her out and bring excitement into her life.

None of these shows you mentioned have average or ugly girls, fem mcs are all excpetional and far more capable than the moids surrounding them.

Yeah I agree 100%. I wish it was more self-indulgent, in most shoujo it's the girl working hard to make the relationship better, and she is always very cute.
Maybe you'd enjoy Yona or Prince Freya though, female mcs are obviously not average neets, but they are at least surrounded by many hot men who treat them like literal queens lol. Definitely more self-indulgent than typical normie tsundere guy and hard working girl couple. Also, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun has a male mc who is very cheerful and kinda crazy, while the girl is the one who keeps distance from others.

No. 196340

we also need more old school shoujo like sailor moon, shugo chara and tokyo mew mew but it feels like it's impossible to do a magical girl show these days without pandering to scrotes

No. 196343

NAYRT, but damn, as a wannabe writer, I would happily write such a story if I knew what I was doing.

No. 196352

I listed these ones because they fit the whole "normal girl goes to another world to live adventures and meet new characters", and I wasn't actually trying to list anything that fit your description 100% because I can't think of anything at all right now. btw Hitomi from Escaflowne looks plain as fuck but that's just my opinion, and she's not particularly capable compared to the other characters who are actually able to physically defend themselves. Yoko isn't really described as particularly good looking in the 12 kingdoms novels either iirc but it's been so long since I read them. She was just described as looking strange because of her black hair turning red very fast and people thinking she died her hair and was a sukeban because of it. Keiki was described as hot as fuck everytime he showed up, and the rat boy was also described as cute whenever he took his human form.

No. 196353

>without pandering to scrotes
Samefagging, I feel like if studios want to make magical girls anime only for girls they'll either make cutesy kid shows like Precure or they'll maybe create remakes or sequels of older shows and manga. Boeibu isn't really recent anymore and is about magical boys but it didn't pander to men because it was made for older female fans, especially fujoshi and there's no female character in it so I'm not sure that would appeal to the average magical girl fan who doesn't want to watch a parody. No idea how the second season is though.

No. 196356

That reminds me of how I watched through most of Vividred Operation when I was like 12/13 because I thought it was a normal magical girl show.

No. 196362

male spotted

Also shojo protags are usually pretty and have good, bright and cheerful personalities, despite being kiiiinda bland or generic with brown hair or w/e. They're always much prettier and have much better personalities than male protagonists in haremshit. They're normal and average people, not utter failures. I think that just shows how low the bar is for Japanese males in general, and how women are always expected to emotionally fix males, even in female-oriented media.

No. 196372

women in media are often supposed to take the caregiver role (regardless of their personality be it gentle or tsundere), reminds me of how in avatar katara assumed the mom role despite being the younger sibling. doesn't help that a lot of real women have the "i can fix him" harmful mindset so they project on these characters even more

No. 196373

File: 1649612495940.jpg (462.77 KB, 1800x2560, 7KoNENtVd8Ic.jpg)

>undesirable average girl meets a manic pixie dream bf
Not anime but I've been reading this manga called Busu ni Hanataba wo or A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl that features a plain-looking low self-esteem girl with a nice attractive guy having interest for her. Would love for this to get an anime adaptation honestly.

Scrotes don't watch or care about shoujo/otome/reverse harem.

Most shoujos if not all have desirable female mcs that are cute, pretty and likeable. Also noticed how shoujos/female-oriented romance anime don't have much fanservice or aren't that sexual like guys being shirtless for a couple of minutes compared to scrote romcom anime where you get boob/panty shots or sexual tension between the male mc and girl for being super close and touchy, pretty much softcore. Male ecchi anime with female mc when?

No. 196376

You got me, anon. I'm totally a man for not finding Tohru, Yui, Futaba or Erika incredible interesting characters worth of dating the men who are supposed the hottest shit around
>They're always much prettier and have much better personalities than male protagonists in haremshit. They're normal and average people, not utter failures
Being mediocre, but allegedly interesting enough is part of the self-insert fantasy too
This trend is old and dead, and it happened with romance aimed at men too. Or do you think tsunshit love stories aren't supposed to be self-insert fantasies too?

No. 196383

>like sailor moon, shugo chara and tokyo mew mew
Sadly authors are too busy trying to write edgy stories in an attempt to rip off Madoka

No. 196388

Kou has a personality of wooden plank compared to Futaba lol.

No. 196406

File: 1649620847122.gif (7.18 MB, 1280x720, C933B64E-17F6-43CE-8C8F-F59B65…)

What’s a good food anime that will make me seriously hungry that anyone recs? I’ve seen polar bear cafe and currently watching Deiamon, weebs on reddit trying to get me hooked on code geass like nope for what I’ve seen

No. 196420

File: 1649625224266.png (1.09 MB, 1796x788, abfaug.png)

Seconding A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl, love the main couple and the fact that the male lead tries to get know her and her interests instead of the other way around. Even though the female lead caught feelings first, we get to see him fall for her. She has a love rival at first but the rival slowly realises that the ml wouldn't have romantic feelings for her, only platonic ones and that she shouldn't focus on letting the guy she likes only see the positive side of herself and not the negative one. The story mostly focuses on the main couple and character growth of the both of them however they do show the growth of the side characters too and their love life. The love rival becomes genuine friends with the fl and makes an effort to make it up to her after all the help she received from fl

No. 196423

>Madoka ripoffs
Seriously when will this trend die? I like Madoka but god it was the worst thing that could've happened to the magical girl genre. Tempted to write something that looks grimdark and edgy but actually is full of hope and friendship to spite this dumb trend that refuses to die

No. 196477

I heard Food wars is okay. And that red headed faggot from Fate is in a cooking series too.

No. 196521

File: 1649646964357.jpg (68.09 KB, 420x520, 125127.jpg)

Yumeiro Patissiere! Pretty cute and enjoyable shoujo sweets/dessert anime with a bit of magic.

No. 196548

File: 1649661169762.png (522.74 KB, 460x652, FB876600-CAE8-4723-B4AA-4B48F4…)

Cant believe it took me so long to clock the scrote, recommending us this shit. I am a disgrace and will report

No. 196550

come on anon. it could also be a pickme

No. 196552

First episode was nice I liked it. I also like the weird "huge doe eyes" (more than usual I mean) chara design

No. 196569

the more i look at the accounts of japanese female weebs i'm guessing an erotic "female oriented" isekai would be like a bunch of hot guys sexualizing a very hot female neet that comes to their world (bonus if she's wearing skimpy clothes for no reason like pic related >>196548
), one shirtless scene and some random fujobait on the side. it feels like japanese female weebs come in 2 flavours, either fujo or the type who projects on coomerbait characters

No. 196729

File: 1649708766329.jpg (233.11 KB, 1540x1080, Oishinbo - Episode 9.jpg)

Thanks nonna! I checked out food wars but while the food looked nice, the characters were ehhhh, maybe if I was 14 I be into it

Oh SHIT! This was the fucking jam for me when I was a kid, adding to my anime planet page to rewatch when I have the chance, thanks nonny!

Also all this thinking about food made me remember oisinbo, did anyone ever watch or read it? Honestly really repetitive at times but can't deny the passion about food, too bad the jp gov had to be such dicks about that nuclear disaster and it's been on hiatus forever now

No. 196730

File: 1649708906738.jpeg (200.24 KB, 898x1280, 7C79B386-1B23-4DCD-B15D-80918A…)

You reminded me of this one. Has some cute foods and all of the fairies are named after spices.

No. 196731

It’s an ecchi, so no, it’s not okay.

No. 196733

File: 1649709311613.gif (Spoiler Image, 823.87 KB, 320x180, FB3ED497-2CDC-4DEF-B0EF-5E5C54…)

Pic related happens at least a few times per episode when characters have a “foodgasm.”

No. 196743

File: 1649713699121.jpg (77.07 KB, 720x480, save me lollipop.jpg)

omg the pita 10 vibes from this, I have the faintest memory of the opening, adding to my to watch list rn!

Oh lord
But yeah girl I saw that was like well I'm not a horny ass teen boy, this is really not for me, but it makes sense why so many coomers on reddit were sperging about how amazing this was

Btw anyone remember save me lollipop, main chick was retarded but it's a mid 2000s shoujo unfourntley that comes with the territory, the show (and manga) itself was so cute + good food!!

No. 196790

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is by the same mangaka as Pita Ten and DiGi Charat! I loved all her stuff as a kid.

No. 196799

Thank you for reminding me of that manga/anime. My friend was obsessed with mangas during this time period. When I went to her house, she always wanted me to read manga with her. She liked Ichi.

No. 196833

How's the second season of Tiger and Bunny? Please no spoilers, I just want to know if I should get a Netflix subscription for it or not.

No. 196840

Just torrent it nonna, never pay for Netflix.

No. 196849


No. 196867

Is picrel in a chapter? I can't remember that scene

No. 197271

File: 1649948702518.jpg (172.18 KB, 1140x792, DQ-g_NVwAA8u7Y-1140x792.jpg)

watched this years ago but i guess i stopped almost at the end. i forgot the reason why. it's an okay romance, iirc, i think someone working in the anime was either arrested or got a lot of backlash for something. i read some headline that s2 will premiere this july.

i'll likely watch it again.

No. 197273

I think the author was some extreme nationalist on his private twitter or something like that, if I'm not confusing it with some other series. I remember it being cute too, watched it in a single sitting just before new years some years ago.

No. 197274

Picrelated anime is one of the best romantic anime's I've seen over the past years, not counting Nozaki-kun anime. It's really worth the watch, unlike fanservice-only crap anime industry is producing now.

No. 197275

Couldnt watch it, the characters were so plasticky and anime-like. Especially the male LI. The main characters passing each other IRL for no reason despite knowing each other online wasn't believable (MMOs aren't pokemon go) and the kind of "coincidence" that is shit as it only helps the writer be lazy.
It had a lot of promise, but typical anime writing killed all of it. I really liked the plot idea and the heroine, so I was disappointed.

No. 197439

File: 1649983840666.gif (1.7 MB, 640x360, 8dca501076d780154a5a7185f25f54…)

So I'm trying to watch Hellsing ultimate and I cannot stand what they did to Victoria. She was actually likable in the older version but this is just ridiculous. And who's fucking idea was it to take the impactful scene where she gets turned into a vampire and turn it into more goofy ass fan service? Please tell me it gets better after the first episode…

No. 197444

unfortunately it does not get better and she is played for laughs/fanservice at many other times in the anime. this is one of my hangups about ultimate but i only watched hellsing for shits and giggles (and integra) so it didn't bother me as much as if i was trying to watch it seriously.

No. 197849

What about this one?

No. 199285

>"hey maybe i should rewatch lucky star"
>remember that konata's dad was a lolicon and they were trying to brush it off as a comedic thing
so fucking weird

No. 199327

Koukyuu no Karasu PV

No. 199330

This looks like it could be fun.

No. 199349

File: 1650566917788.jpg (104.18 KB, 850x876, __ange_and_princess_princess_p…)

What are your favorite anime designs?
CP below please be careful

No. 199357

File: 1650567526952.gif (2.42 MB, 479x270, foodwars.gif)

I personally like Food Wars! The food in the show looks genuinely delicious. I think the foodgasm parts are hilarious though, they happen to both men and women in the show and it's played for laughs with how over-the-top it is.

No. 199486

>top-left personification of pissing, shitting and cumming

No. 199489

SpyxFamily is def a favorite this season. Looking forward to "The Executioner's way of life" and "Ya Boi Kangming" they look fun and low on fan service. I tried to watch dress up darling because my male friend really gassed it up but he also liked Highschool DxD so you know I didnt get my hopes up. I found it grossss I asked him why the main character was 15 and he goes "Well she turns 16 near the end so whatever,really she doesn't look 15 at all." Just made me kinda sigh,why bother. The anime community is really bad about critiquing the medium but they get really excited and are more than able to critique western media without screeching. Another thing that annoys me is the "Dont dare be a woman and have an issue with how women are potrayed in anime!" mentality as well. Even other women enforce it for some reason. I think the anime community is more of the reason I keep anime at an arms length rather than the shows themselves. Western animation community just feels like it has a more solid middle ground TBH.
Like this video is so aggressive for no reason because of a really simple critique and of course this person has a Dress up Darling video on their channel with not a hint of criticism for the show at all. It can be frustrating.

No. 199625

I wanna get into mecha, is Macross worth watching or is it too scrotey?

No. 199649

File: 1650672511323.jpeg (67.09 KB, 1200x630, FCE909EF-FC4C-4244-878C-F6FB4E…)

I know what nonnas would say, but I just finished Jobless Reincarnation S2 and I cried like a little bitch. It is honestly too good, story and characters and voice acting.
I know it has fanservice and also the main character starts off as a pervert, but he’s also a kid for real and he’s a sweetheart. I grew attached to him and cherish watching every character grow up, and cry with them in the darkest moments. Both funny and heartwarming, but almost really dark sometimes.
I can’t wait for S3.

No. 199679

I like Macross a lot. The original SDF Macross and Macross Plus are very good and not overly fanservice-y. I remember Frontier having quite a few female fans, there are some cute male characters too. I haven’t seen Delta yet. If you like older animation, the original show is a lot of fun and definitely worth watching. Each series has great music, entertaining battles, and (usually) well-written characters/romance.

No. 199703

Lmao this is one of the most disgusting deadbrain scrote shows I have ever seen. How did you not drop it after it showed multiple girls masturbating, the husband cheating on his pregnant wife with the maid, getting the maid pregnant, and then making the wife keep the cheating whore in the house and raise their kids together.
The MC being a perverted creep in the body of a little kid who does all sort of weird inappropriate things for "comedy" was awful. He is super unlikable.
I am normally not fazed by anything in anime, but I could not keep watching this disgusting shit.

No. 199706

My Dress Up Darling has such gorgeous character animation, but I still don't feel like watching because just by the way coomers talk about it I know that it's all about fanservice. I wish talent and money went into projects with actual meaning instead of shows with potential coomer merch sales.

No. 199707

What the fuck is wrong with anime these days.
It makes me think of how I used to love soul eater when I was 12, but when I tried rewatching it this year I couldn't stomach the constant fanservice every 3 minutes, no matter how charming the anime was. Maybe that nonita is also 12 kek

No. 199715

A stupid fucking male I started talking to has been trying to get me to watch these scrotey ass anime with him I feel like I could roll my eyes all the way down my ass.

No. 199721

>I wish talent and money went into projects with actual meaning
Well if that was the case there would be nothing but good shows and then you wouldn't feel that special joy you feel when you find a decent show after waddling through an ocean of mediocre ones

No. 199724

Nta but I skipped those parts and blacked them out in my head. If you put those gross parts aside, the world building, fight scenes, and story are really good. Or at least, good for the isekai genre. Most isekais are pumped out with shit plot and shit animation, so mushoku really stood out.

No. 199725

Nah, I am simply not scared of sexuality and can laugh off most things. Also, I am not a superficial maiden.

No. 199726

>there would be nothing but good shows
I fail to see the problem. There'll always be mediocre and bad shows, I just wish money and talent wasn't wasted on fanservice bait, when those already make bank with meh animation.

No. 199731

>I wish talent and money went into projects with actual meaning instead of shows with potential coomer merch sales.
Everything is about money, unfortunately. There are plenty of manga with good stories that don't have excessive fanservice but when they get popular and start selling well it's because they're popular with Japanese normies who won't by crazy expensive blu-rays for long anime and expensive merchandises besides maybe some pins and keychains. You all need to understand that while a bunch of manga get adapted into anime, manga and anime don't have the same target audiences most of the time unless they're very mainstream.

No. 199733

There's a difference between "not being scared of sexuality" and not wanting to see retarded fetish shit. Also "superficial maiden", what kind of pickmeisha shit is that?

No. 199747

Just checked the wiki for this and one of the love interests is also related to the mc (second cousin), this seems like such a shitty scrote typical fantasy harem show.

No. 199748

I really wanted to give it a chance precisely because of the animation, but most of the characters were such a joke. Not one of them were likable when I dropped it.

Being disgusted by the poor and overly sexualized portrayal of characters in a "serious" high budget show does not make you "afraid of sexuality". What a dumb scrote thing to say. If I'm watching something that's supposed to be serious I don't want to see people masturbating on screen. That's just weird and tasteless.

One of the anime I have had the most fun with is actually Ladies vs Butlers, and it's ecchi. But it's fun because it's a silly romcom with comically exaggerated fanservice that doesn't take itself seriously. Unlike Mushoku, which wants you to believe a little kid sniffing girls' panties is good writing.

No. 199765

you're either a scrote or a retarded pickme. either way, fuck off.

No. 199854

I like the character design. I won't waste my time with haremshit, though.

No. 199877

I just realized that Ergo Proxy is the same as Blade Runner Doomer Man Modern Version. Except that Ergo Proxy isn’t as well as made, but it’s the same plot: “chosen one” character discovers he’s isn’t the main character, much less the Chosen One. He’s an NPC! And his life is utterly meaningless.

No. 199894

Macross isn’t bad, and it has idols and a big focus on music if you’re into that. There’s also Escaflowne and Magic Knight Rayearth if you want to watch mecha anime with shoujo elements

No. 199897

I don’t think that’s what makes it good, either way, nor I asked you to think it was good. I liked it, never felt it was weird or too much and that’s about it. I am tired of reading that every other anime is “pickmeish” or “coomer shit”.
You don’t like it, fine, if you think it’s gross from the first few episodes or wiki descriptions that’s good for you, I guess? Just let other people enjoy their “tasteless shit” instead of ranting of how much you hate seeing a boob or a person masturbating, kek.
It is also weird to diss on every other shit unLess it is not your very specific stuff then go and shill anime that are equally as bad just because it panders to your tastes.

No. 199898

>let people enjoy things
Wrong website

No. 199899

What the fuck is the point of posting this shit on an imageboard then? You ONLY want everybody to pat you on the back for liking an anime and give you nice comments?
If you post an opinion online you will obviously find people who disagree. Why the fuck are you mad at that? Shit makes no sense. Just shut the fuck up then.

No. 199904

are you lost anon

No. 199921

Damn, are you the My Dress up Pickme from a few weeks ago? Of course people are going to laugh at your shitty coomer tastes.

No. 199930

The protagonist is a fucking 30-something pedophile in a little boy's body and you're supposed to "sympathize" with him kek fuck off

No. 199961

>hurr durr let people enjoy things
how about you let people dislike things, chill out

No. 199964

File: 1650767071675.jpg (42.64 KB, 494x366, 1613364596792.jpg)

You're brainwashed thinking that "lolz random anime girl titties go boing boing!!~" is totally ok which is not. It's annoying, cringe, tasteless and scrotey; so overdone and completely unnecessary to the point where it doesn't deserve its praise, recognition and popularity. I'd immediately drop it. Go watch better anime.

No. 199969

My sister, 31 years of age, made me watch an episode of Dress up Darling, only I couldn't get past three minutes. In the first episode in like the very first scene the male main character is clearly way too obsessed with those dolls. Plus the moment they are in school this fucking blonde girl for some stupid reason slow motion flies through the air and lands on his desk and starts licking his arm because he got a boo-boo. Absolutely disgusting and ashamed of my sister. She is definitely a pick-me but she thinks she isn't. Of course it wasn't her idea to get into the anime, it was her boyfriend's idea. She even started uwu-ing the main character's name, presumably like how the girl in the anime does it. Despicable. Made me absolutely disappointed in her that day.

No. 199979

>31 year old sister
Rip. Internet/pick-me brainrot really does infect anyone.

No. 199985

That anime is absolute cancer and it doesn't surprise me at all it got as big as it did.

No. 200004

File: 1650786835458.jpg (62.42 KB, 1024x576, rudy1-1024x576.jpg)

What do you mean, this is peak comedy.

No. 200005

File: 1650787070198.gif (1.44 MB, 640x358, roxy-roxy-mushoku-tensei.gif)

If you can't enjoy this you must be some kind of insecure puritan scared of sex obviously.

No. 200010

>the gif
>with that post
are you fucking serious right now

No. 200012

No, she isn't actually serious

No. 200020

I refuse to watch this anime but even the way she masturbates is scrotey. Who masturbates whilst sitting down on their knees? Have any of the animators seen a woman masturbated before outside of porn?

No. 200027

Something about My dress up darling triggers a burning hate deep inside me. Maybe it's because the female protagonist is so ridiculously sexualized despite being 15 years old and people acting like a generic ecchi romance anime is better and woker than it actually is because the male love interest is "nice" i.e. not a straight out rapist or an abuser. If it was just another flash in the pan seasonal anime that never made it anywhere I wouldn't give it the time of my day but people really hype up this garbage about, again, a 15-year old girl literally playing porn games and dressing up as the characters in them while being the subject of cheap sex jokes all thorough the series. The only people who like this shit are unapologetic pickmes or losers who wish they were the sexy underage female protagonist dressing up as a succubus and a hentai game character.

No. 200032

I didn't even realize the show was about her cosplaying hentai stereotypes, I thought it was just normal cosplay. It's worse than I thought.

No. 200042

There's literally a scene in which she's at a Love hotel cosplaying as a half-naked succubus character sitting on top of the male love interest's dick while he gets an erection. I seriously can't believe this series was written by a woman but I guess I'm just a femcel afraid of sex for not getting turned on by this shit.

No. 200048

File: 1650808681613.png (223.13 KB, 624x734, 1575988568124.png)

Holy shit these are so fucking cringe and disgusting. How can anyone say that these anime are great and enjoyable with this hentai/ecchi dogshit unless you're a moid with porn addiction. I just want to obliterate every horny scrote anime out of existence and make anime great again.

No. 200054

Another current show that seems to have an interesting plot and nice animation but weird intrusive fanservice is Summertime Render. MC's design is so visually pleasing too. But a couple minutes in you have him accidentally pushing his face into tits and then you get a panty shot.
Very awkward in a show that's a high budget murder mystery.

No. 200072

yeah it looks extremely awkward
you're not "sexually liberated" enough

No. 200081

>I guess I'm just a femcel afraid of sex for not getting turned on by this shit.
Of course not anon you aren't. You're normal. Everyone else is fucking braindamaged by coom addiction. Don't pay attention to them, they don't think they have a problem just like an alcoholic.

No. 200082

Which shows are you talking about anon?

No. 200084

Cringe and looks like child abuse

No. 200085

Don't listen to those people, they probably think tokyo ghoul is super mature and cool (it's the worst shit I've ever seen, wasted potential). As long as something is well written everyone can enjoy. I thought you were going to say something like Akazukin Chacha or whatever (video related, it's cute)
Also don't ever bother talking to normie anime fans, not worth it, they don't know shit.

No. 200086

Samefag, also, imagine roasting someone's tastes just because they like something like this (better than oversexualized garbage)

No. 200095

File: 1650823097403.jpeg (149.26 KB, 985x738, 998A8548-8D12-4DCA-8643-DFD80E…)

Fucking based nonny! Love the Princess Tutu fandom still going strong in 2022! You should check out Pretear also when you’re done with the series, it’s a great companion to it

No. 200099

It's funny because Princess Tutu has so many high-brow references hidden in it that most of them are completely lost on "little kids" (and on regular viewers). Like Edel's theme that's an adaptation of a part of the Coppélia ballet, which features an automaton girl, or the fact that all 24 episodes are each centered around a specific ballet with subtle references to it, which is a higher number of ballets that the vast majority of people could even name. Princess Tutu is more intellectual that any existing western series, whose only resort in order to look "mature" is to have multiple sex scenes in them

No. 200100

Princess tutu is great and I need to rewatch it. I watched it when I was 16 or so, I think a lot of stuff flew over my head and I remember the ending being very bittersweet.

No. 200115

I watched it when I was 24 and a lot of stuff flew over my head. To recognize everything in it one ought to watch about 40 hours of ballet (with librettos) and memorize the most famous air of each, which would make you a ballet expert by the time you're done
I should give it a rewatch too…

No. 200116

ntayrt nonna but do you have a list of ballets (besides the most famous ones of course,) that you rec to check out? I might do this, also does anyone have a series that they think (besides Pretear) really matches the vibe of Princess Tutu (I have like Utena, PMMM, Penguindrum etc recommended already to me, thanks!)

No. 200120

Here's the list:
Each title of Princess Tutu episode is the name of a different ballet!

Some animes that could match the sort-of dreamlike atmosphere of Princess Tutu/Utena would be Kaiba, Shigofumi, Serial Experiments Lain, Mononoke, Haibane Renmei, Boogiepop Phantom, Mushishi or Kino no Tabi
Perhaps you could even check the other animes Kunihiko Ikuhara did, he was the creator of both Penguindrum and Utena (but those are the only two I've watched of him)

No. 200124

tyty nonna!!

No. 200128

Kek, see the question is, why does it have to be a perverted pedophile in a boy's body? Why do we have to see anime girls masturbating or being raped on-screen? These things only make the story worse, they don't improve it in any way, especially considering that it's anime and has that typical moe art style and that typical annoying and weirdly sexual voice acting. It can only be explained as "scrotes really think degenerate protagonist #35778329844 is peak comedy" and "scrotes need their regular dose of pornographic scenes and objectification of women to enjoy any creative work".
Trying to excuse that shit, and blaming other women of being "puritans" for pointing these things out and not wanting anything to do with this kind of anime, is beyond pathetic. If you (not you nonnies, but the poster from earlier) want to watch this shit and just ignore all the gross unnecessary garbage, go ahead, but don't try to act like it's not there for a reason.

Literally all this trash does is appeal to male coomers. It's not even subtle about it. Why the fuck do pickmes try so hard to defend it? lmao I can't believe this one >>199489 actually used it as an example of a male-oriented series that has tried and succeeded in appealing to a female audience too. What did it do different, exactly? (btw her analyses of some of those female characters is wrong, for example Android 18)


You should've told that friend that their little sister is based and has excellent taste tbh

No. 200130

File: 1650832541392.jpg (35.45 KB, 474x418, bc582a18e9742cb5b3a9fd0ae0dfe3…)

>What did it do different, exactly?
Kind of nothing. It was just in the right place at the right time. Or more like the current climate of coomerism, sex "empowerment" and teens sexualising themselves more than ever helped in birthing this anime and making it so appealing to the current masses. It perfectly appeals to lonely female weebs that want to fit in with the edgy coomer boys. I'd know as sadly I think I would have fit the stereotype a decade ago. I think that type of female weeb used to be more rare outside of 4chan, but nowadays it really leaked everywhere online and all weeby girls want to be the perverted egirl that enjoys eroge, owns a few coomer figurines and an ahegao hoodie.

It's kind of like pic related except make the main female character even more male gazey. Whereas Tomoko was literally a horny pathetic weeb with at least some typical female weeby interests (which are there to poke fun of her or make her seem repulsive) Marin is not only an ultra stacy with a perfect body but she's also into coomer stuff that perfectly appeals to men.

No. 200133

tomoko is the only anime female weeb i've seen that had an actual female weeb taste. why is that every female weeb in anime is obsessed with eroges and moid games, instead of otome, BL or you know anything shipping and husbando simping related since that's what most female fandoms revolve around

No. 200137

This, I was about to say the same thing about Tomoko, I do actually relate to her a lot so I don't think it's fair to put her in that pic. But then again, plenty of scrotes and trannies like her…

No. 200138

Maybe because Tomoko was written by an actual female weeb, I'm not really sure. My dressup darling may have been written by a woman, but I don't think what she had in mind was a realistic depiction of a nerdy girl. Maybe she really was shooting for the ultimate male fantasy to score points with the coomers. It worked kek.
And girls that want to appeal to men can easily claim her as their favourite character now as Marin isn't into any of the gross girly stuff.

No. 200140

Also why is the Kuragehime protag there

No. 200162

I agree, it did nothing different. Not a damn thing. It's every 90's/00's ecchi harem trope regurgitated with nothing new to offer. From what I've seen everyone just somehow got memed into believing that the male lead is peak progressive male performance for "breaking gender stereotypes because he's a man into sewing and dolls and not perving on Marin".

The portrayal of female otaku in anime is atrocious to begin with, if they're not pickmes into male coomershit they're portrayed as fujoyumes but somehow made obsessed with 3DPD real life men. Everything comes back to being appealing to men.

No. 200222

Wait the guy from dress up darling doesn’t turn out to be a transwoman?

No. 200224

Right? Kuragehime is a josei, and that context changes things hugely.

No. 200231

I watched the first season and the worldbuilding and production is wasted on such a dogshit wish fulfilment MC. I don't judge nonas who enjoy it and can ignore the faggot because the story was shaping up to be really well thought-out and interesting, but I personally couldn't stand that retarded fucking pathetic MC who gets his fantasies handed to him on a golden plate. Reincarnating into a little boy and then fucking your same-aged girlfriends doesn't make you any less of a subhuman obese hikkipedo when you have all your pathetic memories from your past life. It would be one thing if he took the chance to reform and not act like a sick fuck in the show but that wasn't the case, he was rewarded instead. Sugita (his adult-self VA) having so many monologues made it hard to ignore that aspect.

No. 200242

File: 1650854908873.jpg (267.66 KB, 1600x1200, wp5916206.jpg)

GOOD. Now force him to watch Ouran Highschool Host Club, Yuri!!! On Ice and Free!.

No. 200245

shit taste

No. 200250


No. 200262

Kek not every woman has the same awful taste as you. And telling someone to watch these garbage tier animes only middle schoolers enjoy when they mentioned watching actually good anime like Princess Tutu is retard behavior. Cope.

No. 200268

NTA but she's right. Except for maybe YOI none of those anime are anywhere near as good as Princess Tutu.

No. 200274

At least they're far better than shitty scrote anime like My Dress-Up Darling or Maid Dragon. I only pointed those ones specifically because they're popular, praised and loved mostly from girls and women. Something that's not scrote-oriented and pretty much the opposite of it. Because fuck scrote anime and it's praise and popularity. Like if a tasteless moid ever suggests me shitty scrote anime with fanservice of female characters I'd shove anime with sexy men down their throats. Also I'd agree that Princess Tutu is way better than what's been suggested.

No. 200275

File: 1650864566168.png (1.09 MB, 1200x1059, Wow..._she_is_LITERALLY_me!.pn…)

I fixed it

No. 200276

No. 200282

Bump don't scroll illegal shit below

No. 200283

File: 1650868193255.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1080, vlcsnap-2022-04-23-03h15m01s98…)

Thanks nonnies. I heard there was a lolicon reference so I thought it'd be worse, but now I'm really interested.

I've been watching Gundam the 08th MS Team again, after not liking it much initially. The animation is amazing, but that's about the only positive thing that stands out to me so far. The only negative thing is, of course, the pervyness, but thankfully it's not that annoying.
After this I'll probably watch Gundam Wing and then Iron-Blooded Orphans, which is the series I initially wanted to get into Gundam for.

No. 200290

KEK spot on

No. 200297

I’m the Macross anon, it’s been so long since I’ve watched it, but 08th MS Team was my favorite Gundam. I remember really enjoying the more grounded aspect of it, ie not just “mechas in space” and more ground combat/strategy. I hope you wind up liking it anon. The fanservice shit is mostly unfortunately obligatory in most shonen anime, but hopefully you still enjoy the series overall. I also recommend Gunbuster if you haven’t seen it, it’s super short (8 episodes I think) and has great female characters (there is some Gainex fanservice but I still think it’s a great show with a super emotional ending). Enjoy your classic mecha anime nonnie!

No. 200303

Dress Up Darling is a shitty anime with two boring protags. I watch a lot of anime and I've finished a lot of bad stuff but I dropped it at episode 4. Marin is just so insufferable. I don't even mind perfect 'waifu' characters but there's just something about her. I think it's specifically that she has zero flaws. Even popular waifus like Zero Two or Komi or whoever else have SOME sort of negative trait. Marin has literally zero. Not only is she beautiful, popular, outgoing, and completely understanding, she's also a weeb coomer with a sexy body who wants to wear sexy outfits based on hentai characters. Her only flaw is that she's oblivious to how horny she's making the MC. Glad she's flavor of the month and will be gone soon enough, though.

No. 200326

File: 1650887504358.png (1.37 MB, 1512x1512, jujutsu.png)

I just watched Jujutsu Kaisen and honestly I thought it was pretty mid? maybe I have a bias against shounen because I don't normally watch it but I just found that after the 3rd episode it went downhill.
It seems everyone is shilling the female characters saying how amazing they are, but honestly I thought they were disappointing, other then Maki Zenin and maybe Nobara none of them were really interesting compared to their male counterparts, because literally all the men were interesting in some way whereas the rest of the girls were, so boring.
Also pic related, the cursed energy waffling was so boring and stupid, maybe I'm nit-picking idk

No. 200383

I kind of napped through every episode after 5th when I was watching it weekly kek

No. 200431

>lolicon reference
There is, but it's so subtle I personally didn't notice it when I watched it (only found out about it in that one lolicon article)

No. 200451

>yuri on ice
Ewwwww. I don't get faghag fujocucks, the only use of BL is torturing, objectifying and humiliating men why do you want to watch guys being platonic? Especially with yuri being such a self-insert for fatties, kek.

No. 200467

File: 1650912847909.png (215 KB, 492x374, 784093284032609.png)

Huh? I'm nta and not a fujo but I enjoyed yoi because it was an entertaining show about hot guys ice skating. The animation was nice and the romance was a cute part of it but not overbearing. It had a similar feel to western romcoms except between two guys so there was less of the annoying sexist tropes. I guess women aren't allowed to enjoy fluffy romantic series and should just go straight to bdsm porn?

No. 200488

>It had a similar feel to western romcoms except between two guys so there was less of the annoying sexist tropes.
Ah yes, because the solution to avoid sexism is to consume content of gay men and ignore women exist.

I like lgb romance stories, but the way some women latch onto gays is pathetic. You don't see the level of worship fujo ships get for other pairings, psycho yurifags are very few and contained to fandoms like love live and other people are just into one character as their husbando/waifu, but with gay pairings you have fujos worshipping the pair like they're in love but not worthy of the relationship.

No. 200499

God not this shit again, sorry someone headcanoned your husbando as gay

No. 200503

File: 1650916303705.gif (2.72 MB, 500x248, AggravatingSneakyAnnelida-size…)

I recommend Nouzaki-kun anime and Ouran High school host club. Especially Ouran, it's still the best romcom reverse harem imo.

No. 200504

>the solution to avoid sexism is to consume content of gay men and ignore women exist.
I mean no, I would love it if there were less sexist m/f relationships in media but I feel like this doesn't have to be a mutually exclusive thing. I am able to enjoy representations of gay relationships because I enjoy romance in general without the need to self insert.
>I like lgb romance stories, but the way some women latch onto gays is pathetic.
How do you know the anon you responded to is one of these? She was just listing shows where the male characters are shown as attractive and desirable, one of which is a reverse harem. You're building some strawmen here based on a very benign post

No. 200511

kek at the image, the mangaka really suffers from Togashi-syndrome with his overly complicated ability explanations, although the art is better than late Hunter X Hunter. I completely agree on the girls being overrated, especially since Nobara doesn't do much after what the anime already covered and currently is basically out of the story. I was surprised when Nobara's character won popularity polls for female character charts, I don't really see it.

No. 200516

Anime is for gays

No. 200517

I recently reread OHSHC recently and it still holds up today, it was really funny

No. 200523

NTA but I've tried reading it and I just can't stand the male cast. They're insufferable rich moids. Maybe my sense of humor is just incompatible with the humor in this series.

No. 200529

File: 1650919714481.jpeg (25.71 KB, 578x396, 320ED7B2-2B04-4313-8577-EB4C25…)

I just know she would beat up the girl from SPYXFAMILY without even blinking

No. 200531

File: 1650919959427.jpg (82.74 KB, 576x431, 58549038589342.jpg)

Nah you're not alone nona, I enjoyed the show as a teen but looking at it now there is a decent amount of sexism I missed as a kid. The guys may be cute but they're still scrotes. I think a lot of former fans especially see the scene when Haruhi tries to help some girls being harassed and is then scolded/abused for putting herself at risk (ep 8 in the anime) as gross.

No. 200534

Sorry but Anya is zoomer's Yotsuba

No. 200539

You're absolutely right anon, this anime has not done anything different. Pickmes have always watched ecchi and hentai shit for scrotes in an attempt to fit in. Although they could also have watched that kind of anime because they think it's "popular" and therefore they "should" watch it, without even considering that it's popular with males since it's aimed at horny teenage/young adult males, and that anime isn't perverted fap material for scrotes by default (or at least, it doesn't have to be). I remember how all the female weebs in middle school (even fujos) were obsessed with Highschool of the Dead. They wanted me to watch it, but thankfully I never wasted my time with it.

No. 200540

Lol shut up bitch. It's just cute/hot. We got a whole genre made entirely by women and solely for women where men's opinions have no weight at all and here you are bitching like a cunt.

No. 200542

you are right and you should say it

No. 200549

>Ikuhara trooning out
Please say sike

No. 200550

>Kunihiko Ikuhara trooning out
For fuck's sake.

>Ah yes, because the solution to avoid sexism is to consume content of gay men and ignore women exist.
BL was created as a way to cope with social trauma suffered by Japanese women, it's honestly not surprising that BL is often just an extension of misogyny, in some ways.

No. 200552

I'm honestly not surprised. I like some of his series but a man trying to relate to women's experiences that hard while also fetishizing them (and he absolutely did, no matter how "woke" some of his messages were) is bound to troon out at some point

No. 200554

He apparently didn't troon out. He just changed his name to Bonsoir Ikuhara as an April Fools joke but due to timezones it was still March 31st in the states which was some sort of a transgender visibility day so a tranny editor on Anime News Network headcanoned that as him coming out as trans. Ikuhara was pretty quick to correct that the timing was completely unintentional.

God anon, you got me good you nasty fucker

No. 200556

It's not true, jfc trannies spread things so easily and people believe it.

No. 200558

Honestly given his obsession with lesbians I would not be surprised if he trooned out one day.

No. 200567

File: 1650925546560.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2022-04-25-04h12m41s67…)

I started watching Kuragehime last night (I've only watched the first 2 episodes) and I fucking love the female cast. They are based as fuck. God please, I want more anime and manga with female characters like them.
But why did it have to have a male crosdressing and invading a space that is exclusively for women as the main love interest? That was kind of off-putting.

No. 200569

File: 1650925938680.jpg (65.89 KB, 1280x720, [tlacatlc6] Kuragehime 01v2 (B…)

>the main premise of the plot is offputting
Come on anon, did you not google the show? He's not a tranny and it's not a SJW thing, he's cute enough that it's ok. Of course the girls are the most based though.

No. 200571

I was disappointed with this show due to the focus on romance in general. The crossdressing guy is a self-absorbed slut and his brother is way too old for Tsukimi/doesn't even recognize her when she's not dolled up even though she looks exactly the same but with glasses. Reminds me of those 90s romantic comedies where the girl goes from "hideous" to "gorgeous" all by pulling her hair out of a ponytail and removing her glasses. Hated that the focus was mostly on the retarded love triangle instead of the women.

No. 200572

>Come on anon, did you not google the show?
Unironically no, I didn't, I've just seen it get praise from other women on imageboards and searched for a torrent on Nyaa. In spite of that, it still looks entertaining, so I'll keep watching.
Damn, that sounds disappointing as fuck, and yes, it was also disappointing to realize that this is going to be yet another josei series that is entirely focused on the romance. What a shame, it looked like it had potential.

No. 200573

File: 1650926559042.jpeg (436.53 KB, 1125x816, EEE41ECE-D65A-4BF5-A673-7DD5E7…)

nonnas do you have any fairy tale like anime recs like princess tutu

No. 200579

Not any of those anons but I love starting shows blind lmao I almost never read blurbs

No. 200580

File: 1650928083360.jpg (58.26 KB, 736x736, 8d597885617b53d1c504f4716d5bce…)

Have any nonnies watched Fena: Pirate Princess? I thought there'd be more pirate badassery, and wasn't expecting romance, but the men are hot and the animation is nice so I binged it kek

No. 200587

AYRT and same, that's what I did in this case

No. 200588

File: 1650929788303.png (200.67 KB, 661x457, 54398504385403.png)

Sad to hear the heroine isn't more active buuut

No. 200594

>buzzwords being repeated several times in only one phrase
I almost had a stroke reading this shit

No. 200595

Using this logic Togashi is likely to troon out because of his obsession with traps

No. 200602

I find it funny that troons having so many damn different visibility days is already starting shenanigans lmao

No. 200609

Basically she's sick and tired of seeing straight male-oriented anime being loved, popular, praised and recommended. Rather, she would have that done to female-oriented anime instead and give moids a taste of our own medicine.

No. 200610

>give moids a taste of our own medicine.
Did you just admit to being a male? kek

No. 200615

No I meant give moids a taste of female-oriented anime like sexy anime men or bl. They would be disgusted like how we see their's so it's fair.

No. 200624

File: 1650942650039.jpg (538.76 KB, 1536x2048, DAyJqf5UwAAoYR5.jpg)

You should check out the manga, anon. Romance is still present, but it's waaaaaay longer and the focus is on the fashion line. There are some great characters who didn't make it into the anime especially – picrel is Nisha, who iirc supplies fabric and is amazing.

No. 200635

I started to watch spyxfamily (I know I know, late to the party) and it was so disappointing to see that Yor was another autistic waifu. I thought it would be something ala Mr&Mrs Smith, or at least would have some sexual tension between two smart adults but of course Japan cant have that. No wonder their fertility rates keep hitting new lows, scrotes can't deal with any 2D woman with a brain

No. 200646

Finally someone said it

No. 200648

File: 1650952070626.jpg (947.85 KB, 1513x1200, Akagami.no.Shirayukihime.full.…)

Akagami no Shirayukihime is very fairy tale-esque, though much lighter than Princess Tutu. If that dark but feminine tone is what you like then something like Madoka or Utena is better.

No. 200653

there's a reason why that series is mostly popular with japanese moids not women. from yor being a virgin autistic waifu who has a siscon brother (what shounen doesn't have good old incest) to anya being a meme loli shipped with another 5 yr old

No. 200654

yor is voiced by saori hayami and i noticed that seiyuu has literally no range, no matter what character she voices all i'm hearing is shinobu

No. 200668

File: 1650962894435.png (1.2 MB, 1440x1080, vlcsnap-2022-04-25-03h25m10s57…)

Thanks, nonny, I've noticed that fanservice in old mecha isn't that bad and in fact most of it is tolerable. I will probably watch Gunbuster hopefully it's as good as you say but the main female cast's outfits really leave a bad impression, kek

Also this guy was hot I love this anime's art style a lot

A friend just recommended this anime to me, and I was actually thinking of giving it a chance.

No. 200678

I love Mayaya she is my favorite. The old guy and the crossdresser really ruined it for me, I couldn't keep reading if I had to suffer through them to get to the parts I liked.

No. 200685

File: 1650967324936.gif (3.95 MB, 498x498, maria-holic.gif)

Holy shit, just remembered that Maria Holic was a thing
>Maria†Holic revolves around a high school girl named Kanako Miyamae, who due to a childhood incident is scared of boys and breaks out in hives if a boy touches her. During her second year of high school, she enrolls in an all-girls school hoping to find a female romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate, Mariya Shidō, turns out to be a sadistic cross-dressing boy.

No. 200693

Sounds like something a rapey tranny would come up with

No. 200702

The entire point of that scene is that Haruhi didn't have the ability to even defend herself. All she did was create a bigger problem. She's like 5 foot nothing and tried to challenge two grown men by herself, she had no common sense, that's what Kyoya was communicating to her. I concede the scene was cringe but so is Haruhi

No. 200730

Remembered? It was heavily discussed in the transwashing thread.
Surprisingly the mangaka was a woman.

No. 200750

I went blind into that anime, and I had to turn it off because I was so pissed there was a man and I just wanted lesbians kek

No. 200768

any of you nonnies have recs for good lesbian romance anime? i'm reluctant to just go for what i find on google because it's likely what a coomer thinks is good. i also like a good drama if that helps, but honestly i'll take anything.

No. 200777

File: 1650992600541.jpg (408.28 KB, 1200x1800, EmrtMZDXYAA0DTy.jpeg.jpg)

Utena is still one of the best of all time imo. A lot of it may be hard to follow on the first watch because it's very abstract and metaphorical, but it's definitely dramatic, to put it lightly. Has some of the most complex female characters in anime.

Akuma no Riddle is also pretty fun but it's more like an edgy survival show with some lesbians thrown in rather than the romance as focus.

Bloom Into You, Aoi Hana, and Kase-san are well done slice of life teen romance, but if you're looking for adult characters as the focus I'd rec looking more into manga. There are quite a few manga with adult lesbian characters being published these days, but none of them have been adapted yet.

No. 200778

File: 1650992964390.jpg (75.51 KB, 1200x679, EUEMA1eUEAAEYKM.jpg)

OH I will add though that Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu is a cute series with adult characters. It's about a woman whose in love with an unpopular idol girl. Unfortunately the romance doesn't go very far in the anime but it's pretty cute and funny and has a lot of focus/comedy around modern fan cultures.

No. 200786

File: 1650993961709.jpg (214.26 KB, 820x775, 804-8043029_besoslove-1960-sti…)

thank you so much! i'm adding those to my list. i love abstract and metaphorical, or stuff that makes you think, so that sounds right up my alley.

No. 200805

Utena isn't that difficult to watch, one can always focus on the plot and characters rather than metaphors, symbols and allegories

No. 200808

Yeah but that staircase sequence gets harder and harder to sit through

Nooo Pino is nice!

No. 200811

I was going to watch it with my friend. Is it good? I heard mixed things about the ending that kind of put me off.

No. 200827

File: 1650997755823.png (576.96 KB, 731x723, EnijBioWEAUKV5X.png)

Tbf on my first watch I liked it but found it mostly confusing. On my second watch I took the time to read more into all the metaphors and basically had a spiritual experience and it became one of my favorite anime ever. Maybe I'm just slow but it is a pretty dense series, but the more you dig into it the more you get out of it imo. Just wanted to give nonna a heads up on the type of show it is.

No. 200843

I don't browse every thread on broken /m/, you just gotta accept we're a big china brain sharing one braincell kek
I remembered it because a famous lesbo anime blogger from my country was a huge fan of it. No idea why, esp considering MariaHolic is the representation of what lesbians dread

No. 200866

File: 1651003150200.jpg (60.5 KB, 834x591, C8tDp2lUMAExMu6.jpg)

This series is so cute and the androgynous/handsome/tomboy girl x cute flustered girl is my favorite dynamic. Though I kinda wished it was a full on anime series instead of an OVA.

No. 200869

ew. kase-San was made by a pedo into middle school girls and is a typical moeshit anime

No. 200876

Lol ok some of you guys need to loosen up. There is nothing weird or gross in the OVA.

No. 200917

That's not Dragon Maid

No. 200950


No. 201010

So you're triggered by "typical moeshit" but not by Utena full of incest?

bitch please

No. 201031

Who cares about fictional incest

No. 201033

i thought kase san was not only extremely cliche, but also kind of male gaze-y. It’s written by a man

No. 201037

File: 1651023208901.gif (7.31 MB, 540x355, tumblr_f60297016c1d78e9934514e…)

I… yes? Even if you personally interpret Utena herself as bi or whatever, it's a series about two girls who fall in love. It also has Juri who is unmistakably lesbian. Actual spoilers but teenage girls being raped by a man twice their age does not make them bi, if that's what you are implying. I also would argue that any interest Utena may have had in Touga was because she thought he may have been the prince from her past rather than actual attraction, and of course, Akio was manipulating them both since day one. And I think it's pretty apparent that Anthy only ever loved Utena, the only other kinds of love she may have ever felt in her life was for her brother before he started absuing her, and Chuchu, neither of which I would say were romantic lmao.

People always love to nitpick when yuri series get brought up but then never rec anything better.

No. 201065

I enjoyed it, and I liked the ending personally. I saw some comments saying the ending was rushed but I liked that about it, it felt fitting. I wouldn't say I'm a super critical person though so take my opinion lightly haha

No. 201080

Incest isn't portrayed in Utena in a positive way, you dumbass. Also beyond one example (which are characters straight out of mythology) I would argue it isn't incest at all, but unhealthy emotions that the characters need to grow out of… And the main incestual pair is in an abusive relationship

No. 201383

I haven't even watched the movie so I can't say more, but in the anime Utena was completely hetero. And she wasn't raped, come on. She was clearly enjoying it.
Yes, Juri was lesbian but that's all.
I had a different impression, that yellow hoe wanted to fuck her brother to the end and and they didn't bother making it disgusting. What's even the point of making her into incest in the first place?

Idk, but this anime just disgusts me, it has strong male vibes, maybe because of incest.

No. 201419

File: 1651070831722.jpg (225.7 KB, 1431x1080, STOPSTOPSTOP.jpg)

See, people like you are why I say Utena is hard to understand… you misunderstood everything so hard I want to think you're baiting but I love talking about Utena so I'll break down your post.

>in the anime Utena was completely hetero.

Do you also think that every time Anthy smiles she's being genuine? People lie in this anime, not only to others but themselves. Sure, she calls herself hetero, but when ultimately given the choice of Touga, Akio, or Anthy, she not only chooses Anthy every time but risks her life and her wellbeing, all to save and protect Anthy in the end, abandoning the social role as the "princess" to do so. The original reason she even wanted to become a prince was to save Anthy the way Dios saved her. Utena as a character is rather headstrong and innocent and has a hard time changing her view on things, especially if she sees herself as right. She's a teen girl who has a one track mind in a show written in the 90's, maybe try reading between the lines a bit in the scenes where she says that and you'll see her trying to convince herself it's true.

>She was clearly enjoying it.

First of all, I fucking hate you personally. Second of all, this is what was going through her head when it happened. Yes, clearly her begging for it to stop is her enjoying it! She also spends the entire time talking about what to make her and Anthy for dinner tomorrow, avoiding eye contact and looking sad, trying to distract from whats happening. Third of all, she was literally groomed since she was in elementary school. Her parents died and while she was vulnerable a grown man said "hehe don't be sad, let's get married, have this ring" and then had sex with her while she was a student at his own school. Akio is the villain here. You aren't supposed to be rooting for this. Utena and Anthy were raped.

No. 201426

Nanami didn't want to fuck her brother, the fuck? Did you not see the scene where Touga forces himself onto her because that's what he thinks she wants and is trying to manipulate her, and she freaks the fuck out and is disgusted and heartbroken he'd do something like that?

No. 201428

File: 1651071376409.jpg (174.7 KB, 1439x1080, nanami traumatized.jpg)

>that yellow hoe wanted to fuck her brother to the end and and they didn't bother making it disgusting.
There's an interview with Ikuhara where he talks about how he thinks incest is emblematic of people who have very small views of the world. They only think they love their family members because they don't have the life experience or desire to step outside of what they know, so they cling to the people who were born closest to them. Nanami is also someone you aren't supposed to be rooting for. She's abusive, she kills animals, she takes advantage of people, and she thinks she's in love with her brother because she's naive and has a small view of the world.

She doesn't actually stay like this until the end though, because she's fucking traumatized at seeing Akio rape Anthy and being shown what the reality of incest is.

No. 201434

Please share your based lesbian anime preferences so we can see what you consider nonhetero and nonproblematic, anon.

No. 201517

Honestly, I feel Utena liked Anthy as a friend to the end (in the anime). But that's how I see it.
>clearly her begging for it to stop
>avoiding eye contact and looking sad
I had different feeling, she was enjoying it, she was just shy.
>You aren't supposed to be rooting for this.
I'm not rooting for this ,but they should show that what happened was in fact rape. Not her talking about fucking meal.
And her waiting to be a prince doesn't equal being a lesbian. You can love someone like a friend and procect them. We can see that in countless anime.
In anime there isn't even single situation that would show that Utena is into women. It's hard to call this anime "lesbian" just because Juri is in it.
At this point, I don't know if we've watched the same anime.
Well, even if that is the case, they handled this incest situation very badly.
There are no "based" lesbian anime. Better or worse but nothing "based".
It would be nice to have one. Normal about relationship between women. Without incest of course.

No. 201520

samefag but
>Nanami didn't want to fuck her brother, the fuck?
She literally want to fuck her brother through whole anime. Yes, she didn't say it up front, but her behavior was obvious.

No. 201626

Listen, I have some beef with Utena, but you are basically criticizing the anime for following the principles of "show, don't tell" and not being a PSA. She's talking about her meal so she can focus on something mundane instead of the scarier feelings going through her. The STOP STOP STOP is there on purpose. Literally everything in the anime communicates that Akio is a dangerous predator. The moment Nanami is scarred by the reality of Anthy's situation. Anthy's cold stare when Utena catches them. The way he sets up the entire End of the World system for his own ends. The way he destroys his fiancee's life. The explicit things he says about seeing all women as rose brides, aka being there for his use. He's literally compared to Satan. This is like saying Romeo and Juliet isn't about the pointlessness of blood feuds because it focuses on a teen romance.

No. 201669

I honestly can't understand how that anon lacks any understanding of subtlety, details and communication through media. It's a very zoomer-esque way to approach things by looking at something and taking everything at face value judging by the portrayed subject matter, not how it's portrayed.

No. 201675

File: 1651130985592.jpg (420.31 KB, 1480x720, 5Cnz0Fp.jpg)

I honestly refuse to believe you are a girl. I watched all of MT and even read some web novel (years and years ago). The world building in the series is very weak and superficial (Bookworm this season has much more deeper and more vast world building than MT). Characters are all shallow and besdies MC don't seem like real people at all. Conflict is drawn out. But what makes the series really insufferable is that it's 100% a pedophile's power fantasy and it's reflected in every way in the series loud and clear. To start off, MC recorded his preteen niece and was masturbating feverishly to her even in the middle of his parents' funeral. All throughout the series he keeps leering at children, fantasizing about them, they cut some stuff for anime but still left scenes like the Roxy one, beast children, Eris (which Rudeus said he fell in love with as a nearly 40 yo man when she was 10). And the kicker is he is always basically rewarded for his sexual preferences and grooming, because he gets to fuck the kids he is into throughout the series. All of MT resolves around sexuality in some way, the emotional climaxes are all centered on it (with only exception being MC reuninting with his dad, but even that was one-sided and poorly executed). On top of it, you kept calling MC a kid. But he is NOT a kid, he doesn't think like one, we even get a different old guy narrator for his thoughts to highlight that he is very much an adult in a kids body, taking advantage of the situation. In most isekai MC, even if born into a different body, takes over the new body's voice because it's implied that despite having their memories they still have a "child's mind", and besause of that their past self has been altered. But that's not the case with Rudeus, so when you are watching him leering at children and narrating in old guy's voice, how do you not get physically repulsed? This series is so vile, and the fact that it got top notch voice actors and amazing animation is fucking embarrassing. It is the most blatant pedo pandering in mainstream media I've seen recently. The fact that scrotes are praising this show every chance they get is worrying, because it has such a lackluster plot and shallow world building, and the only well-explored aspect of it is sexuality.
Personally, shitty ass isekai shows with overpowered MC are my guilty pleasure, I love Overlord and other silly anime like it, so I would be MT's target audience. But it's not just a fun harmless fantasy show, it's straight up pedophile's fantasy, and because it's packaged so nicely it's all more sinister.

No. 201685

Jesus christ. I really like some anime but honestly if it would prevent vile shit like this being made I'd say all of it should just be nuked

No. 201692

Thank you nonna for doing your part in enlightening male kind with your based taste.

No. 201719

To add to the worldbuilding stuff people keep praising, it's all so shallow! People living in the villages Rudeus visits don't seem like real people, more like caricatures. There were some good moments like Roxy's village and her being unable to understand them, but otherwise it's the same boring shit rich humans bad blah blah. And I also thought those different communities don't seem that different at all, sure we explore sexual side of things, but what about mundane stuff like food they eat, music they listen to, how they like to spend their afternoons, what deities they believe in etc. There's clear lack of thought put into that in favour of more sexual moments. On the surface someone might say "wow, there's so much stuff to Mushoku Tensei's world-building, amazing, so different from other isekai" but the world doesn't seem lived-in at all! Bookworm for example takes place in one city, but that one city has been explored to the absolute fullest, we feel like we know every street, every person, what they eat, how they think, how they interact with each other regardless of mc. Even magic has been approached in realistic way instead of "omg! Genuis GOAT MC can cast magic without incarnation" like in MT lol. If you like kinda emotional world-building (idk how else to call it, basically focusing on emotional side of things instead of culture etc.) then again, Slime Isekai is way better than Mushoku Tensei. It's a simple fantasy world with basic races, but the interaction they have with each other are amazing. It has some fanservice and it doesn't shy away from mild sexual stuff, but it's not the absolute center of every character, more like a natural side of them that gives them additional depth.

No. 201762

File: 1651144480373.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 5.png)

Had to drop Deaimon because they involved a guy who started to crossdress because "girl is easy mode uwu".

No. 201777

anyone gonna watch the cool vampire lesbian anime coming in may?

No. 201778

this shit's so pretty!!!
some good animation this summer seems like

No. 201832

Absolutely based

No. 201838

Yess! I saw this too and it looks pretty good, I hope the story's nice as well.

No. 201851

Gross. Moids really think low wage, constant harassment and not being taken seriously is somehow easy mode.

No. 201882

>And her waiting to be a prince doesn't equal being a lesbian. You can love someone like a friend and procect them. We can see that in countless anime.
>In anime there isn't even single situation that would show that Utena is into women.
Holy shit how can you miss the point this badly? this has to be bait, or else actual retardation

That's because all they value is sex and their whole lives revolve around it, to the point that they kill themselves or commit mass shootings because of it, despite having so many advantages on things that actually matter, and living in a world literally made for men.

No. 201909

Nanami didn't want to fuck Touga at all, in the end. She was so horrified when she saw Akio and Anthy that she has warned Utena about them. I remember a scene where Touga seems to come onto Nanami and she rejects him. She realised that she wanted the protective brother back and not to fuck him.
I second you, especially on the topic of Utena's rape. The way she blabbs on about food and Anthy (the person they are both betraying - not really in Utena's case)… it's anything but her enjoying her first time with a pedo.

No. 201937

File: 1651178154764.gif (42.34 KB, 220x365, kongming.gif)

Is anyone watching Paripi Koumei, love it! And I was rewatching Beck so I'm digging all the music in my media rn
But I also just wonder does anyone know just exactly how did anime/manga blow tf up that I see Naruto shirts now at Abercrombie? Like I know social media and weebs finally getting a chance to mingle like that played a part probably, but like really how did it get so big? I'm glad though most people's taste is mediocre and just run of the mill shonen/seasonal shit but I still don't care much for this new generation of weebs really and how absolutely degenerate (publicly) but also morally superior they act

No. 201939

Sigh, if you can't take this anime at "face value" but you should "read between the lines" then it's open to interpretations.
How I look on it is my interpretation, you don't have guarantee that your conclusion is right either. Because there is no "right" or "wrong".
For me whole anime was bleak, scrote-ish and very grotesque. They handled rape and incest very badly. The only good thing is Juri and her situation, it was actually intereting.

If all that have that "deep" meaning then what deep and groundbreaking meaning is behind Nanami turning into a fucking cow?
I feel like you are looking for a "deep" meaning in things that don't have it. It's like making something "deeper" than it is.

This whole anime was cringe and left bad after taste.

You bitches can't even have one opinion on things. One anon says she didn't want to fuck him and the others say otherwise.
It looks like you have a hard time interpreting this anime kek. Maybe try to read between the lines anons?
Maybe this scene where she watches her brother take a shower while red faced and panting will help you. You need her to say that she wants to fuck him to finally understand?

And if you need 90% of viewers look for extra "meaning" online that's quite embarrassing. I remeber every person who said that I had to look up for "meaning" online, because they had hard time "understanding" it. Well, seems like no one gets that shit anime kek.

Deal with it.

>tfw you watch lesbian anime and you get incest

No. 201941

Literally every gen z anime list is Attack on titan, Demon slayer and whatever flavor of the week issekai.

No. 201942

Anime streaming platforms have spent millions marketing the fuck out of it. So much so that people stopped believing it was a weird fringe hobby. There's not much more to it than that. Zoomers in particular are easy targets for social media marketing because they are relatively new consumers and the vast majority of their entertainment takes place on social media. Pump a load of money into social media marketing and you're bound to get them hooked on whatever it is you're shilling. That's why they all like mainstream shows too because those are the ones those streaming platforms are pushing. Why spend money marketing more obscure shows when the mainstream stuff performs better in driving subscriptions?

No. 201949

File: 1651180397012.png (134.47 KB, 1016x436, ba82G8T[1].png)

Nerd culture started becoming, if not mainstream, at least socially acceptable around the year 2008, when The Dark Knight became the #1 movie at the box office, Iron Man became the first PG-13 Marvel movie that didn't suck, FB and twitter started getting a lot of users, Wikipedia got its maximum growth of articles and Steam became a real store

No. 201956

No, but only because the animation style is ugly to me.

No. 201960

Maybe in most of the United States, but I can promise you I was still being bullied for liking nerd shit then. Of course, the deep southern states have always been like 10 to 50 years behind the rest of the country in everything.

No. 201961

>Bitches at anons for being brainlets for not seeing the "glorification of incest" and how utena is totes not a real lesbian
>Gets btfo'd
The irony

No. 201976

Looks really forgettable and the MC's whiny voice is annoying as fuck

No. 202036

Maybe in gringoland big cities, definitely not a thing where I live until 2014.

No. 202037

Lame opinion

No. 202063

AYRT reporting back.
I wasn't liking it that much, although it was alright, but the last episode really took me by surprise, it was great and I even teared up. I think, overall, I enjoyed it.
I also watched Miller's Report (skipped most of the reused footage kek) and it made me appreciate the series more.

No. 202067

if this has been posted in the thread already then forgive my dumbassery but what's that one fairly recent anime with four teenage-ish boys that also has good animation and is set near the ocean? one of them has red hair, another has glasses and a newsboyish hat, and i don't remember what the other two look like.

No. 202074

I'm pretty sure the shower scene happened before Nanami ended up being traumatised by the reality of incest and realised it's not really what she wants. Did you miss the ending where she acts like a normal sister and not an incest freak?
My interpretation is that she was confused about her feelings for her brother and maybe she thought that she wants to be his #1 princess (see how it ties into 'all girls are rose brides'?), but in the end it wasn't what she was looking for.

No. 202079

File: 1651220853195.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1050, Tsuritama.full.1439892.jpg)


No. 202081

I hate how anime is often seen as great escapism for male weebs but as a girl it actually made me more insecure. I maybe wouldn't mind it so much if it was just a coomer male thing but it sucks that a lot of female creators also share the same tastes in depicting female characters as 10/10 goddesses. At this point there's no difference between a manga written by a man and one written by a woman. People don't want to believe "my dress up darling" was actually written by a woman but it makes sense, more than half of the hentai artists in japan are in fact women. Nekopara is also created by a woman and it's straight up garbage, i was actually a big fan of her art when i was a kid but that was before she went full coomerbait

No. 202084

>Nekopara is also created by a woman
What, an actual real woman?
I don't get why female artist draw hentai crap when they could draw epic yume stuff instead.

No. 202085

File: 1651224381294.jpg (100 KB, 423x600, Sayori.600.309015.jpg)

Yes, most of her older drawings were rather tame and lolita-themed, with the focus on the cute clothes so it was kinda obvious at the time she's a female artist but she probably realized coomers are rich

No. 202087

Where did you find out that My Dress Up Darling was written by a woman? The author seems to have a masculine name, unless it's actually a pen name, of course.

No. 202088

Btw the creator of nekopara is also married and i think she has kids too? She should be in her 30s or 40s if i remember right the timeline

No. 202091

>it sucks that a lot of female creators also share the same tastes in depicting female characters as 10/10 goddesses.
Fully agree. The girls in even female written anime/manga are super beautiful, sexualized and malegaze-y and I just don't get the point. Women are already expected to perform at peak beauty in every form of media, I wish there were more variety and they would have other redeeming qualities than their conventionally good looks, waifu ranking and how they perform femininity. I guess these women grow up reading malewritten garbage and learn how to depict female characters from those works instead of doing something that wasn't an ultrastacey power fantasy proudly flaunting her perfection. There should be more female characters that were allowed to be similar to male characters with their flaws and all. It's no wonder why so many women end up self-inserting more into the male characters, they're allowed to be much more relatable.

No. 202097

Also the girlboss trend of giving them gorilla strength to prove how capable and superior they are instead of using something more relatable to the average woman like intelligence and wits

No. 202101

File: 1651229684978.jpg (75.21 KB, 474x671, downloadfile.jpg)

This, I remember loving her illustrations back in 2008ish and I remember seeing them a lot in RP/anime discussions back then lol
I always thought they were super cute. But now her art is super scrotey it's unreal. My theory is women don't really draw in a scrotey way naturally, they learn through the years.

I just really hate how much she had to change. Her early illustrations were cute and calming, they always had an ethereal feel to them and I always started imagining cool stuff whenever I looked at them. All the charm is gone and it feels plastic and empty now. Coom is a fucking disease. It always ruins the charm of anything it touches. I don't blame any nonny who might still like her art but you gotta agree it just doesn't hit the same.

No. 202103

File: 1651229879774.jpg (62.23 KB, 474x672, downloadfile-1.jpg)

Samefag, her art was SO cool ugh. I would definitely still buy an artbook from her but only if it has her old art in it

No. 202104

>coom is a fucking disease
oh boy just looking at sakimichan's art…. i've never seen bigger downfall

No. 202105

I am deeply confused because I remember even 13 years ago she would make lewd doujins about Vanilla and Chocola, including other lewd arts with TouHou girls, etc. It's always been that way.

No. 202107

Her art was so pretty.

No. 202108

I thought they were fanmade.

No. 202113

File: 1651230801276.jpg (59.71 KB, 640x480, images-1.jpg)

If she did, then I'm sure as hell I never came across it. I only saw the pretty non sexualized art. If she did so back then, then at least she still had some semblance of taste. Come on look at this pic. It was my shit back then (I actually saw someone calling it the first nekopara illustration ever? Back then it wasn't called that and you could tell they were just some cute OCs she had)

No. 202115

I find it hard to believe that all of her fans were men?? This kind of lolita art is more appealing to girls so going full galge was a choice for sure

No. 202121

File: 1651231525705.gif (395.76 KB, 400x398, 750628404_1710371.gif)

Her art definitely got more blushy blushy and sexualized over the years. This one is still cute for example, I just don't want to post her more recent art because fuck that scrotey shit. I mean, sure, women can like scrotey shit too but her art clearly downgraded from being pretty to just being pretty for the sake of coom. I think it all started when her games came out. I think she at first just wanted to make a game about her characters working at a maid cafe or something similar. Scrotes hands and the scrote gaze ruined it all.

No. 202122

File: 1651231618099.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.75 KB, 404x498, images-3.jpg)

Ok, now compare that one to this one. God it's so fucking bad. They are also wearing the same clothes, just now more skimpy. She actively corrupted her own art.

No. 202124

File: 1651231723069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.67 KB, 464x660, images-4.jpg)

This seriously looks like shit. There's nothing more wrong and disgusting than taking something women love and making it pander to men. It's vile.

No. 202125

I particularly hate this picture, they look like speds being forced to do porn for people with sped fetish.

No. 202128

to be fair men are not to be blamed here since no one forced her to pander to coomers. she could have done illustrations for shoujo magazines instead

No. 202129

I would understand it if at least these women were lesbians but most of them are very straight, married with men like imagine a straight male weeb drawing BL and hot guys

No. 202136

>to be fair men are not to be blamed here
Men are always to be blamed no matter what.

No. 202147

Look at her twitter, it's a woman https://twitter.com/fukudashin1

No. 202152

Japanese women are (surprise!) the ones most negatively affected by their stupid porn culture.

No. 202155

File: 1651238601565.png (1.44 MB, 1000x863, Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 15-05…)

Oniisama e…
Dear nonita, I'm not into shoujo or romantic stuff in general but i absolutely loved it. The animation is gorgeous and it's obvious that it was written by a woman.
Not sure how to write this without spoiling it, but the end may be a tad disappointing. If you like drama though (which I assume you do since we're on lolcor) you'll enjoy it.

No. 202156

I think marin's acrylic nails are the biggest giveaway kek

No. 202161

True. It's sad to see them give in though, I wish they could peak en masse.

No. 202166

Same, I wish it would radicalize them instead like South Korean feminists.

No. 202168

yes, this was it! thanks nonnie

No. 202169

This is the best anime to watch when you’re waiting for summer to start

No. 202178

What do you mean by "10/10 goddesses"? If you're lamenting the fact that female anime characters tend to be boring and one dimensional, and rarely ever grow through complex, humanistic struggles, then I totally understand and share your pain. If you mean you wish they weren't drawn super stylised and cute, and would prefer if they had more flawed appearances, then I'd have to say I disagree. I don't mind them being unrealistically perfect looking. Like yes I'm also insecure and anime definitely contributed to that when I was a kid, but at the end of the day it's a cartoon. It's supposed to be out-of-this-world pretty.
Of course I don't want to put words in your mouth either, so if that's not what you meant I'm sorry to have assumed.

No. 202180

>It's supposed to be out-of-this-world pretty.
Yet most if not all of the male main characters are plain or stupid as hell because they allow the male audience to self-insert without making them feel insecure. But there are very little plain girl MCs, and if they are then they act stereotypically cute, have ridiculous glow-up later in the story or have some kind of super power that makes them too unrelatable. Most mainstream anime is made for moids, when they're made for women they get shit on and they usually involve pretty men.

No. 202184

NTA but the main problem is the lack of variety. Almost all female characters are supposedly beautiful and perfect in every way, their only "flaw" might be that they're a crybaby, modest, naive or coy which is rather seen as a virtue when it comes to female stereotypes. There's a stark difference between the portrayal of female and male main characters and it speaks volumes of societal expectations of both genders, men are allowed to accept themselves as flawed beings while women have to constantly idolize and emulate an unrealistic goal.

No. 202186

That's a good point. There are tons of popular shows with a male protagonist whose only traits are "stupid" or "pervert". I can't think of any girl equivalents aside from harem extras who never end up with the lead, and even then characters like that are always oversexed male fantasies. I have a better idea of what you're saying now. I also wish there was more anime by women, for women, about women.

No. 202189

SF to say yes I have noticed that and it's a travesty. That's kind of what I was getting at when I said it's troubling how the women are written to be shallow and boring. Thank you for offering your perspective, especially this part
>men are allowed to accept themselves as flawed beings while women have to constantly idolize and emulate an unrealistic goal.
Seeing it written out like that helps me better understand what the other anon was saying, too.

No. 202213

Tsuritama is such a fun, chill anime.

No. 202239

I know we already spoke about this series but the Summertime Rendering anime looks really high quality. I swear to god the mangaka must've taken it up the ass from producers COUNTLESS times to a) avoid having his flop manga cancelled, b) have it shilled as the face of mangaplus (before sxf/kaiju8 existed) despite flopping and c) receive a high quality anime and bought by disney+
The fuck is going on?

No. 202260

wasn't the manga popular with the higher ups? no wonder they decided to shill it then

No. 202282

I don’t get why you’re all so worked up about My Dress Up Tard. It’s not worse than any of the other shit out there. By the way you were all pearl clutching over it I thought the 15 year old girl was being groomed by a 35 year old hikki. Just another dumb anime.

No. 202289

Imagine feeling insecure over a drawing lmao

No. 202302

Classic. I need to rewatch this in the summer.

No. 202304

It's just because it's recent and pretty popular right now. I just thought it was stupid. Its fans are a bigger issue than the anime itself.

No. 202319

for me even if a work is gross or scroteish, it doesn’t bother me so much if it was made by a woman. I think it still comes from a very different place, and in my experience the most scroteish manga made by a woman will still afford more humanity and complexity to their female characters than a regular manga made by a man. I wonder if maybe putting lots of weird sex stuff is also something requested by their editors/publishers, and they have no choice if they want to keep drawing manga…

No. 202346

Ehhh I half agree and half disagree. Sometimes, women can incorporate too much scrotey shit and it becomes unbearable. Otherwise I have pretty similar opinions to you nonny.

No. 202376

Towards what?

No. 202383

And it's not that good too. It has a great start, but it gets really boring and uninspired later on. No wonder it didn't take off.

No. 202392

see this kind of mentality it's what leads moids to think it's okay to make their works scrote-ish. i've seen plenty of moids say that hentai is okay because women are "also into it"

No. 202393

File: 1651307211186.jpg (19.33 KB, 500x378, 3900ec840dff6bab74d8933e0e55c5…)

10/10 anime, I recommend manga AFTER it since it's so breezy and doesn't allow you to feel the weight of things happening. It has that classic shoujo art thoughand some small plot differences.
We love to see bpd queen Mariko being a misandrist.

No. 202395

This. I don't forgive women for drawing scrotey shit at all because it's just giving validation to men who want to add their own disgusting twist to it. I don't excuse women drawing nasty lolicon porn just because they're women, they're feeding it to degenerate men just so they can say "See, this femoid lets me enjoy rape porn of catgirl loli cervixes being penetrated so I shouldn't feel bad!!". Similar to how moids try to push rape jokes and misogynist stereotyping as acceptable behavior because shoeonhead said she doesn't mind. I can give her some leeway because she's probably been brainwashed by moidy porn brainrot and can be cured unlike a man would be but still doesn't make it any better.

No. 202397

>moids being misoginystic creeps
“But really it’s OTHER WOMEN’S fault!”

No. 202401

Kek sorry but a woman drawing coomer moidshit doesn't get a pass for validating scrote degeneracy. She's influenced by men and their demands for sure but I'm not going to just act like she's an innocent baby when she's providing them with supply.

No. 202410

I'm playing a bl game created by women for women (or that's how their company is advertised) and there was a weird ass discussion about how women with big boobs make better mothers… shit that even a depraved galge wouldn't include

No. 202412

It could be also the other editors and writers

No. 202414

nahh it's just one writer, she just has a weird obsession with big boobs and trannies there is a scene where an intersex girl was hooking up with an aiden

No. 202415

it's an indie game

No. 202416

File: 1651320738350.jpeg (189 KB, 1000x1500, C42B23AB-34FD-46AD-8949-BD90D6…)

Finished watching this, and I liked it. I can go without the 3 seconds of nakedness

No. 202417

Sapphire isn't an aiden, but a MTF

No. 202418

isn't she ftm? she wants to be treated as a boy, not as a girl and said uran had sex with her "as a man"

No. 202419

and she's first introduced as a daughter but then she claims to be a boy and her chest is always covered

No. 202421

Sometimes women contribute to scrotal porn brainrot so much that they become somewhat of a scrotette or scrotina themselves

No. 202422

File: 1651321947809.jpg (24.74 KB, 474x355, downloadfile-1.jpg)

This Nekopara talk reminds me a bit of how a friend of mine pointed out how so many eroge are so girly and juvenile and cutesy and how It's meant to likely make the male viewer feel immersed into ""girl world"". So my theory here is that it's also meant to bait women because it's obviously also appealing to us but then we get groomed by the porny content in those things. So then you have those weird girls with collections full of cutesy hentai figures.

No. 202424

I 100% agree with this. I remember being 9 and searching for cute anime girls and at the time i had no idea most of results were from moid pandering media, I actually couldn't even imagine boys liking that! I thought boys only liked rough action stuff and sexy semi-naked chicks, not moe girls with frilly skirts

No. 202426

But then why would Uran use the strap-on? That's "being treated as a woman" for me. Idk. Kurosawa's brain. You gotta check the artbook for that I guess.

No. 202429

that scene was overall very weird anyway, but i interpreted it as uran seeing sapphire as a "man" and having sex with her the same way she does with other men (by pegging them). sapphire's character is most likely a reference to tezuka's princess knight, a girl named sapphire who was raised as a prince

No. 202430

anyway fix your tranny fetish kurosawa

No. 202431

First, why are you posting without quoting the posts you're replying to
Second, are you guys talking about that one "enby" Japanese artist who made Club Suicide and draws TL manga with tall big-dicked men?

No. 202439

her name is kurosawa rinko

No. 202449

File: 1651333970177.jpg (155.95 KB, 1280x729, 20220405_003135.jpg)

No that's another artist. This is Kurosawa Rinko.

No. 202451

I see the reference now nonna. For some reason I interpreted this whole plot as Sapphire's mom trooning her son to be a girl and Sapphire insisting she's a boy kek. This game really scrambles your brain hard.

No. 202469

This mentality. Men going 'women are okay with it. why are you so stuck up?' and use it excuse rape jokes and sexism because pick mes are fine with it.

No. 202497

Is the author of club suicide insufferable? I truly loved the one route that has been translated

No. 202520

That's so true. I excused older japanese female creators aka 90's 00's creators who got their start in doujin circles. But there's no reason for modern women to continue making products for men exclusively.

No. 202530

I personally don't mind if coomer shit exists. I mean this is anime, it's escapism for lowest kind of people. It becoming a bit more mainstream lately doesn't change that. And I also enjoy my own kind of fujo coomer stuff, so I wouldn't want that to stop existing.
It does bother me if coomer anime like Mushoku Tensei or Dress up Darling get popular tho because that means more shows like them will be made and I'll have less things to enjoy.

No. 202531

kek anon I love these terms

No. 202536

>It does bother me if coomer anime like Mushoku Tensei or Dress up Darling get popular tho because that means more shows like them will be made and I'll have less things to enjoy.
Well nonnie that's basically the problem that's being brought up in multiple posts already. Stories that would make a great media experience without unnecessary sexualization and coomer brainrot never get an audience because shit like Mushoku Tensei or Dress up Darling gets all the money and resources that could go into creating something better. The coomerpandering has gotten so bad that it's not an occasional meme anime per season but instead half of the roster, not only that but it's also being shilled in series that don't need it and are degraded for having it added. Like if an anime like Madoka Magica or Tamako Market was made in 2022 it would probably have a horny masturbation scene and a ton of gratuitous panty/ass shots and tit jiggles. You can see it in the new promotional artwork released for older anime series, they always up the sexualization to ridiculous levels.

No. 202541

>But there's no reason for modern women to continue making products for men exclusively
Well, degeneracy is bigger than ever. It's what sells.
Ecchi and hentai killed the japanese animation industry, it's contributing to porn addiction and misoginy.

No. 202554

I checked out the top airing anime on mal and 70% of it was isekai crap. The only popular shows are spy x family (which is the average shounen of the season), the sequels for kaguya-sama and tate no yuusha and maybe tomodachi game. If women are the biggest market for merchandise, why keep churning out isekai and bad romcoms? I doubt those no name shows will get any bluray sales

No. 202565

Adapting shitty isekai light novels is cheap and easy since they don't have a whole manga to replicate and LNs are filled with vague garbage in between sexual scenes.

No. 202567

>Ecchi and hentai killed the japanese animation industry
But it was there from the start

No. 202573

Has anyone tried 3D Kanojo? Is it good or nah?

No. 202588

It bored me to death, somehow male!MC managed to be even more pathetic than your average haremshit MC. I watched the last three episodes on double speed to get it over with bc I didn't suffer through the first nine episodes to put it into my dropped list. Obv didn't watch S2. I don't know why I started watching it when I dropped the manga after three chapters half a year ealier…

No. 202657

Women are the ones mostly buying manga in Japan, and they buy shounen like SpyxFamily, Demon Slayer, Haikyuu. So ofc it's at the top.

No. 202658

spy x family is more popular with young men apparently

No. 202989

File: 1651476369511.jpg (147.91 KB, 1080x1209, sp1.jpg)

I know there's a meme going around how someone on TikTok is being ridiculed for saying that the kid in Spy x Family is sexualized (picrel) but honestly young men watching it creep me the fuck out because I know they're obsessed with the little girl and sexualizing her even when they claim it's just being "wholesome". I probably sound like a schizo but the amount of times male coomers have ruined completely innocent things for me makes it hard to enjoy characters that are little girls but "not normal" like the kid in Spy x Family.

No. 202996

File: 1651478598390.png (143.85 KB, 559x533, Screenshot_1.png)

Don't feel like a schizo anon, you're right. I'm still in an old discord full of former /a/ fags and currently they're on the train of sexualizing the mom. It's only a matter of time till the daughters porn will get posted honestly, it's always like this.

No. 202998

Male normies who only watch mainstream anime usually legit find this kind of anime cute and innocent and don't think about corrupting it. If you see legit otaku into Yotsuba or Spyxfamily though? Run.

No. 202999

Did we watch the same show lol, he never said that being a girl is "easy mode" or whatever… It's still a good show, I'm gonna continue watching it.

No. 203031

Anon, please, I want to enjoy Spy x Family in peace without thinking about the gross coomers destroying it.

No. 203034

I love Dance Dance Danseur. The animation during the ballet scenes is so pretty.

No. 203059

At this point you just gotta accept that rule 34 is a real rule, shrug and move on

No. 203061

NTA but lolicon scrotes should unironically be bullied to roping themselves and not just ignored

No. 203104

You know ddlg pickmes retweet those pics n be like me and daddy uwu

No. 203122

File: 1651520930540.png (410.03 KB, 522x511, 6549080549385304.png)

Are you telling me that some trogylodyte scrotum wanted to lewd motherfucking Bananya?? For real? Men need to be thrown in an acid bath

No. 203125

The most recent episode was difficult to watch. The main character was an approval-seeking little twat while the sweet shy guy got mercilessly bullied, in large part due to the other dude's insecure comments. Not saying it wasn't a realistic portrayal of high school age kids, I just wish there was more dancing and less drama. I don't give a shit about monkeybrain and his dickless friends, I just want to see more actual dancing.

No. 203216

File: 1651529077988.jpg (115.79 KB, 1280x720, 1-3.jpg)

Some of my impressions from 2022 Spring
>Spy x Family
Obviously very good, magical first two episodes especially. Around episode 3 animation quality drops a little, but it's still enjoyable. Manga is a bit better I think, so I'd recommend checking it out first.
>Shield Hero Season 2
I hated Season 1 with loli slave stuff, felt so fucking gross, on top of false rape accusations. Surprisinly, 2nd didn't start as bad as 1st, there's less focus on male lead. He almost disappeared for one ep. There's a girl with adorable character design (green braided hair). Plot leads to nowhere and the series is really boring though.
>Kaguya-sama Season 3
Romantic comedies for men are usually nauseating, but Kaguya isn't so bad. After three seasons of the same jokes repeating over and over again, countless failed confession scenes, very samey formula, it gets tiring. I can't imagine binging this show, it's fine if you watch it weekly.
>Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu
Damn this one… there's always explicit or implied sexual violence in like every episode. A guy isekais into fantasy world as huge skeleton and saves various girls from getting raped or mauled by monsters. Scenes of sexual violence are sooo long, taking up half the episode in one case, and they are especially weird af since the tone of the series is supposed to be so cheerful. Like one second we have "haha funny skeleton man likes food", "haha adorable dog spirit won't leave my side" to scenes of kids getting sex trafficked. Idk who this show is for?
>Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san
This one really doesn't work as anime, simple scenes that were like couple pages long take minutes on end… It's another one of the "10/10 girl with bland guy" romcoms for men, but at the very least I thought the guy was really cute and sweet. I think some nonnies will enjoy it, but only if they are into his character design, which definitely isn't as good as in the manga.
>Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru
Anime about demon lord being reborn as an average villager… Except it's not it at all lol. First half of first episode was pretty good, some fun comedic moments of an awkward ex-demon lord trying to make friends, funny inner monologue, blah blah, but it turns into shit so quick. Somehow all comedy disappears, he gets even more powerful than in his past life, and gets a harem of girls he goes on dates with… Why even bother with that demon lord set up or comedy in the first epsiode???
>Heroine Tarumono! Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto
I loved it, the story follows a village girl moving into a big city and somehow landing a job as a manager of a popular idol team. It's simple and cute, MC has a fun personality and unique character design. Guys are assholes at first but they warm up to each other (and her) slowly, it also helps that MC can stand up for herself and won't take shit from them. It's a cliché story but it's nice to see something made for female audience that's not completely terrible.
>Healer Girl
Sweet and refreshing story with a lot of singing. Some other anon recommended it itt and yeah, it's really good. Top notch animation, voice acting and production quality. It gets better as you go and familiarize yourself with the girls, you really start rooting for them. So far we haven't gotten a lot of info on them individually, I guess we are meant to view them as a team, but still I'd like to know more about them, their backstory, etc.
I don't wanna completely shit up the thread so I'll write rest of my impressions later on.

No. 203238

Gonna blab a bit too nonna
I was originally looking forward to the season but now I'm really lukewarm on everything. I read SxF manga so I feel the anime is a little underwhelming tbh the director seems to be taking a more grounded/serious route with the story instead of how lighthearted and comical the manga feels. I just hope it wont affect the school episodes.

Like you said about Kaguya, while still funny, is getting kinda old. Still one of my favorites of the season but I don't feel that excitement starting an episode like I did with season 2. I haven't read Shikimori-san's manga but the anime is so slow-paced I can see what you mean by it probably being better in manga format. I'll have to check it out since I'm enjoying the premise.

Have you watched Anos-sama's anime from last year? It does the OP demon lord in a past life thing much better than the one this season just because it wholly embraces how OP he is kek I found it a fun watch.
Do you watch everything every season?

No. 203239

File: 1651536296295.png (1.82 MB, 1424x1414, file.png)

86 sucked but I still listen to the OST

No. 203243

I immedeatly watched one episode of Healer Girl and one episode of Heroine Tarumono after seeing your post
Heroine Tarumono to me was kinda meh, the girl has that one specific anime voice type that comes of as grating to me and is slightly too genki for my personal taste, and the art at some points can look a bit icky, but I'm actually curious what will happen next so I'll keep watching.
As for Healer Girl, as it started I was a bit afraid the singing would be done in a too tryhard-emotional way but it was actually really cute and I enjoyed it.
Thanks for the recs nonny

No. 203281

>As for Healer Girl, as it started I was a bit afraid the singing would be done in a too tryhard-emotional way
I watched the first episode too and it feels like a show where a bunch of Disney princesses break out into musical numbers to communicate basic thoughts every few minutes kek. It's actually pretty cute and funny though, not annoying. Will keep watching

No. 203296

nothing on this list appeals to me
following popular anime artists means now my tl is clogged with yor fanart, before it was marin now there's another titty waifu of the month

No. 203304

The production quality of Heroine is definitely below average like you pointed out, thankfully it doesn't get much worse, but if you can't get past it I wouldn't continue it tbh. It's cute and all, but the story isn't anything special (like obviously the asshole idol boys warm up to her and fall in love). It's just that I'm in huge shoujo drought, there's barely any anime made for adult/adolescent women. So I lap up anything that's available lmaoo. Down the line there are some fun moments of them exploring their goals (especially track for the MC), what comes with being an idol and drama between different idol groups, but the focus still stays on the MC.
I'm glad you enjoyed Healer Girl though, hopefully you'll find it more fun as you go!

I agree, but episode 4 of SpyxFamily gave me some hope. The comedy was done pretty well, it was way more pronounced than in the previous episodes. That being said, I think the director decided on the "serious" route because manga later on took that direction as well? I've read up to volume 8, and I've notcied that there was a lot more subpar drama and serious action scenes in later volumes instead of funny interactions.
I think you'll enjoy Shikimori's manga much more, there's more focus on the guy, and he looks much better drawn (more detail, dark hair).
Oh yeah I remember that Anos anime, it was enjoyable. I wish more male power fantasy anime embraced the comedy route, it would be more fun for everyone, not just adolescent boys. Have you seen Hataraku Maou-sama? It's kinda similar, but the demon lord mc actually loses all his powers and has to survive based on his personality alone lol.
And yeah I usually watch everything, wbu?

No. 203310

File: 1651573926792.jpg (35.57 KB, 597x600, Amuro.Tooru.600.2412346.jpg)

I'm sorry to hear that nonnie! If you feel like Spy x Family might be for you, but you don't want to start it because of coomer men, I'm happy to report that there's none of that in anime. Yor is an adult too, thankfully. I think maybe you might hopefully enjoy something from this list? I know nothing about your taste, so just based on general assumptions.
>Paripi Koumei
Famous Chinese strategist (Kongming) teleprots in time to modern day Japan. He's charmed by singing of a random girl and decides he is going to make her into a top star lol. It basically treats club scene, music festivals, internet fame, as a huge battle. He implements different strategies he got so famous for to dominate the music industry. All while not losing his personality, sense of style and flair. You don't need extensive history knowledge to enjoy the show, it's just an added bonus for history nerds. There's also nothing creepy or romantic going on between singer and Kongming thankfully.
Episodic slice of life series about a guy coming back to his home town to help with wagashi (Japanese sweets) business. Every episode focuses on a different person and their approach to Japanese tradition. It has really pretty scenes of making wagashi, describing them, etc. Sweet, calming series with amazing production. Also one of the best portrayals of breakup I've ever seen. Unfortunately, one episode has a crossdresser. It's not a trans woman, but a guy who likes to dress up. It didn't seem creepy to me (I remember some anon really didn't like it and it made them drop the series tho so be careful). Personally, I think it comes with territory that we aren't going to relate to every single character of episodic story.
>Dance Dance Danseur
Absolutely insane ballet sequences. It's a very dramatic series with love triangle about ballet. It's kinda annoying at times with the endless conflict between dancers, but the ballet scenes make it so worth it imo. If you were into Yuri on Ice or Bakuten you are going to like it. Also the MASSIVE eyes characters have are so charming lol, character designs look as dramatic and stylish as the anime itself. It's made by Madhouse so animation quality won't drop in later episodes.
>Meitantei Conan: Zero no Nichijou
Anime about side character from Detective Conan. I like Detective Conan but I'm watching it with my friend who's never seen it and she likes it a lot too. It's delightful 12 minutes per ep of fanservice for girls. Especially first episode with him brewing tea, taking care of cafe, and in general being hot as fuck is kino. There are some cases he has to resolve sure, but tbf it's all about him chasing after criminals, putting on his watch, etc. Mindless fun.

No. 203356

Great informative posts! I hope you'll do more

No. 203359

File: 1651597933513.png (854.35 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2022-01-16-03h41m05s58…)

Speaking of seasonal anime, is anyone here watching LotGH: Die Neue These? Have you watched the old OVA series, and if so, how do you think this new adaptation compares to it?

Have you also read the novels? At first, I didn't know it was a direct adaptation of them and that all the "changes" I hated at first were actually there in the source material, and it was the OVA that changed some things. I got over that and started to appreciate the new version more, and them adapting or even expanding upon some parts that were absent in the first anime is amazing, but I still don't like it as much as the OVA.
For instance, the soundtrack is extremely lackluster compared to the OVA's OST. I also don't like the art style that much (not to mention the CGI ships), when there are characters with more realistic faces they don't look that good most of the time I think, and the designs that have more stylized faces, like some of the main characters, i.e. Reinhard, Kircheis and Yang, look like they belong in a different anime (give them a fucking nose! it looks especially ridiculous when they're standing next to another character around their age who has an actual nose kek). Sometimes they come really close to having an "anime muzzle", especially in certain angles. That's just a pet peeve of mine, though. I do really like some of the designs, such as Mittermeyer here (Reuenthal's is atrocious imo), and have to admit the animation really is high quality like so many people say. But it's just my taste…
Something that actually affects the quality, maybe, is the way they chose to make each episode all about one side and alternate between the two sides. It gets boring fast, unlike in the OVA where everything felt more fast-paced with the constant switching between the two in the same episode. But what I really hate is the overly dramatic way everything is portrayed. It's like, they have this weird dramatic way of saying things, use these weird dramatic angles, etc., when in the old anime they talked more or less like normal people discussing politics and war and tactics, and so on, as if it were mundane stuff, which really made the flow of the dialogue and narration feel smooth and the pace relatively fast, and still managed to be exciting, badass, shocking, moving, engaging, serious, and more. It could just be because it was adapted for modern anime audiences but yeah, there's a big difference there, like the new anime tries too hard to make the plot seem smart and serious but it's just excessive, and I feel like not many people talk about it. But maybe that's just me. What do you think?

I have downloaded every episode of this new anime to date, but have only been able to finish the first season. I guess I'm just too attached to the OVA lmao

No. 203397

NTA but watching this now, thank you so much for the recommendation, I am living for it. fucking love mariko

No. 203405

I don’t know, all of the guys that I’ve seen watching this were just fantasizing about beings dads.

No. 203410

I loved the OVA and I'm too scared to watch the new one. What if it ruins everything…

No. 203451

I would love to get the guy I like to watch this and all the other animes others have recommended here but I don't feel like he would be into it. I would like to watch it again in general.

Maybe I should try and convince him

No. 203453

same here anon, I normally keep my anime taste to myself because most people would think its girly and childish compare to the mainstream and shonen animes. either
I was really into this series too when I was a teen as well as boys over flowers and Marmalade Boy

No. 203467

Is he into anime at all? You gotta do milk before meat you know

No. 203475

He is, he got me to watch Dr Stone, Spy x Family and this anime called 86. I also watched some Demon Slayer with him. He's more into logical animes that has an intelligent protagonist though he's also into sci-fi mecha animes and shonen.

Meanwhile I'm more into slice of life, comedy and/or romantic type animes. I tend to avoid sci-fi and mecha animes but I'm willing to watch it with some good friends or a guy I like.

No. 203547

Nothing wrong with girly taste. Shounenshit is aimed for kids too.

No. 203578

File: 1651642286711.jpeg (95.56 KB, 1024x576, luciusmodestus.jpeg)

I fucking loved it, anime of the season for me. Anyone interested in it though NEEDS TO SKIP THE FIRST EPISODE. It isn't canon, it isn't good and it isn't representative of the rest of the show. Just watch from episode 2 onwards. Lucius is adorable and I love weird time travel stuff like this. It is a funny show with mild educational elements and even ends with a (live action) mini tour of Japanese baths and hot springs after each episode. FWIW I recommend the dub, its pretty good. The subject matter does mean there is a lot of nudity (more so than anything else I've seen) but a lot of it is technically hidden by way of camera angles, steam, bubbles and so on so the overall atmosphere isn't sexualized even though it easily could have been. If you want to enjoy it from a fanservice perspective you easily can but the show isn't catered to that. I really hope it gets a season 2 in part because the mangaka very overtly wrote herself in to interact with Lucius towards the story's end and I personally just think it is hilarious that such a niche character type (Ancient Roman bath architect) was this one woman's personal husbando. Oh and it wasn't enough to self insert she married an actual Italian man too, her IRL Lucius. End stage for a Husbandoist.

The BEST THING about the show though is that it has been making me have very relaxing spa themed dreams. I can't afford to go to a spa now IRL but at least I can enjoy them in my dreams thanks to this anime.

No. 203580

I just watched the first episode tonight and I thought it was weird and meandering but I think I'll keep watching, thanks nona. I like ancient Rome a lot and it's refreshing to see it in anime

No. 203581

>the mangaka very overtly wrote herself in to interact with Lucius
>one woman's personal husbando
>married an actual Italian man too,
Oh wtf I didn't know the mangaka was a woman and a husbandofag at that. For sure watching now. Thanks for the review nona.

No. 203612

File: 1651657293651.jpg (232.79 KB, 1000x1161, 20220427_154622.jpg)

Hate you have to learn it this way, but a lot of otaku fujo women are coomer brainrotted as well. Let me just point towards the myriad of yaoi where being penetrated and femininity in general is seen as lowly and the guy says 'oh no I'm being turned into a fucktoy like a girl~' or something like that. Or look at the ton of ABO mpreg porn that spread to Japan as well, I even see fujos draw bestiality (VNs have it at least in weaker form, remember dmmd). It's very rare to find something anime related that's truly by women for women nowadays, most such creators moved to live action and dramas.

I'm just tired because the western anime fandom is full of pick-mes who want to be the cool girl that's fine with objectifying women and using epic loli reaction images, but on the other side of the coin you have twitter woke pick-mes who shit on any kind of femininity, everything has to be enby and the characters are gay babies while you are their caretaker, if you want a good female mc you are a lesbo hetfag. Lolcow would almost be the perfect site, but it has both of those types too.

No. 203615

>It's very rare to find something anime related that's truly by women for women nowadays
yumejos like you always try to paint fujos as misogynistic despite BL being the only genre that is 100% catered to female wishes (and yes aidens are still women no matter how delusional they are) because moids absolutely despise it. just because YOU don't enjoy, doesn't make it less female-centric kek you can take a man to watch a shoujo but trust me none of them want to see fujo works

No. 203616

>Let me just point towards the myriad of yaoi where being penetrated and femininity in general is seen as lowly and the guy says 'oh no I'm being turned into a fucktoy like a girl~' or something like that. Or look at the ton of ABO mpreg porn that spread to Japan as well, I even see fujos draw bestiality (VNs have it at least in weaker form, remember dmmd).
Did you even read the examples I pointed out?

No. 203618

first of all you're talking about very old early 2000s yaoi tropes that aren't even a thing anymore. second, what's the problem with ABO it's just a fantasy for fujos with mpreg/breeding fetish and not all of us like it. also dmmd has NO bestiality and i don't even see how that is relevant to the subject
you can't just single out fujos as being brainrot coomers when i've seen a ton of questionable yumejo porn, a lot of otome games have rape scenes, and don't get me started on the wattpad y/n stories with even stronger misogynistic undertones. that stuff to me is 10x more offensive than a random fuckboy twink getting his ass destroyed

No. 203619

>'oh no I'm being turned into a fucktoy like a girl~' or something like that.
Unless it's a hyperbole, the only gay manga I've seen with such scenes are by men for men. How did you even manage to find those?

No. 203621

Nta but those examples are just retarded fantasies. Believe it or not women can have weird fetishes (like abo shit) and it's fine because they're made by women for women and feature men getting fucked. It's fun to see for women, it's safe and no fujo will actually act out on it. You just don't personally like those subgenres and that's fine, there are other that are far less retarded. Also kek at you calling dmmd bestiality, what the fuck are you talking about? Werewolf-like characters aren't bestiality and I haven't actually seen a woman drawing legit bestiality (guess what, it's because it's a moid thing).

No. 203622

She thinks the trap/shota works where they call assholes "pussies" and the man gets "feminized" by being raped by old men are written and drawn by women. She doesn't know, or wants to blame women for literally every deranged gay comic that exists.

No. 203624

Let me clarify for you: I meant that it's obvious from my post that I read fujo stuff too. I don't know why 4chan and lolcow fujos have this obsession with a yume vs fujo war. They are not old tropes because I still read doujins and fanart with those tropes today, hell, I see some of such stuff referenced on this site as well unless you only read the uwu fluffy gay men coming of age manga.

>what's the problem with ABO it's just a fantasy for fujos with mpreg/breeding fetish

This is like saying, what's wrong with human cattle doujins for moids? It's just a breeding fantasy and not all of them like it.
>dmmd has NO bestiality and i don't even see how that is relevant to the subject
Read my original post again, I said VNs have it in weaker form and that was referring to the ending with trip and virus where a snake gets into Aoba's ass and a Lion licks his anus, you dumbass.
>>203621 see this, again, keyword being a weaker form of beastshit

Open pixiv daily and you'll see such stuff. That's all you need. You'll find Aichi from that card game getting raped by a pig, piss stuff and very weird degenerate fetishes. If you dig deeper and find the artists twitters you'll see that they're women. Twisted Wonderland from modern stuff has plenty of degen shit for example. Do you remember the matsu bubble and the weird ryona/scat with them?

I've been hanging out with fujos for years, on tumblr and in the homo general on /a/ when it still existed, don't try to paint some pure image because you're being defensive kek. To me the ABO and degen fetish type is the same as coomers, just of a different gender. I don't uwu think of the poor men, I am fine with sexualizing and objectifying men, but degen fetishes are the same as coomer shit.
Just go look at twitter fanfics where jp writers call assholes pussies, I don't get on how many levels of delusion you have to be or you just stick to censored R15 western content.

No. 203625

so again why are you singling out fujos? these fetishes still have nothing to do with women so it doesn't matter how degenerate they are

No. 203629

If you actually read my original post >>203612
you'd see that I didn't single out fujos. I said how the coomer pick-mes and fujos are equally annoying. I personally just want content that panders to the female gaze without coomershit tropes taken from content made for men.

No. 203630

>despite BL being the only genre that is 100% catered to female wishes
Yes, it is true that yaoi is an effective moid repellent, but is it that good for women, honestly? What about the women who aren't particularly enthusiastic about guys kissing or fucking each other, should we force ourselves to like it instead of demanding more female-oriented content outside of yaoi? The reason I and the other anon are frustrated is because women who create anime art are mostly either male-pandering coomer artists or fujo artists, and we would like for more female creators to make stuff for women that isn't BL.
Scrotes bully and seethe at all women who like attractive 2D boys, not just fujos btw (they call yumejos "fujos" too). Also, liking shoujo doesn't make you a yumejo, shoujo can be enjoyed by anyone, but something like otome games is exclusively for women and have next to zero appeal for males, I don't know why you people always conflate shoujo anime with yumejo media, you don't even know if that anon is a yumejoshi.

Based post, except for this:
>This is like saying, what's wrong with human cattle doujins for moids? It's just a breeding fantasy and not all of them like it.
ABO is pure fantasy and no man would ever be able to get pregnant, plus it doesn't involve women, there's no way that women can act it out in real life (unless you count trooning out, getting pregnant and pretending to be male). On the other hand, human cattle involves enslaving women and treating them like animals, which definitely happens in real life, and many scrotes fantasize about it. Maybe a better comparison would be ABO and futa shit.

No. 203632

Anyone else slightly dislike Yor from SxF? Maybe it's too early to tell but I dislike how the manga clowns on her for being clueless and not doing housework.

>What about the women who aren't particularly enthusiastic about guys kissing or fucking each other, should we force ourselves to like it instead of demanding more female-oriented content outside of yaoi?
This is my problem with yaoi, it's less about objectifying men and it's more about adoring men's love for each other.

No. 203633

>something like otome games is exclusively for women and have next to zero appeal for males
i know guys who played mystic messenger and scrotes don't have the same amount of disgust towards otome games, trust me. if the story was good enough some nerds would be willing to try it. you can't really create something for women by women that involves women and also be a male repellent unless you choose to depict the female lead as very unattractive (and frankly that never happens with media created by women)

No. 203635

>Based post, except for this:
Yeah, my bad, what I had in mind were those cowgirl doujinshi and fanart that irritate me and they are fantasy monster musume.

No. 203638

I also know a moid who asked me for otome recommendations because he wanted a VN with good plot, so I'm perfectly aware of males invading female-only genres, but the same could be said about yaoi. Gay moids can also like BL, I used to have a male friend in middle school who was gay and to this day is still into that (made by and for women). Also see /blog/, there are some homos there who confess to being male and liking BL VNs (I remember one that talked about liking Shingakkou).

No. 203639

the difference is that gay moids are harmless in comparison to straight moids

No. 203640

The Twisted Wonderland thread on /vg/ mostly consists of moids and I'm sure /y/ is now completely male. You even see some guys on /h/ confess that they read fujo content to experiment and some just go down that route because of futa on male, kek. In my experience they are more offended at stuff from the pinkpilled memes thread and women just being blunt about their opinions than seeing porn. Post a tiktok or twitter screencap with a woman shittalking men and they go crazy from rage.

No. 203641

and if it was an anime about femdom or about women treating men badly what do you think would happen? majority would jerk off like crazy

No. 203643

Gay scrotes are still pretty misogynistic, but that's irrelevant to this discussion
>and if it was an anime about femdom or about women treating men badly what do you think would happen? majority would jerk off like crazy
NTA but I don't know what point you're trying to make here. The point is that scrotes, straight or gay, will infiltrate any female-oriented anime/manga/game genre, so the fact that the straight ones might watch some non-BL anime for women doesn't mean that we shouldn't demand more of it and settle for yaoi.

No. 203644

female oriented media like otome and shoujo gave me 10x more insecurities as a woman rather than bl and typical moid crap like "cute girls doing cute things" and action packed shows

No. 203645

Not everyone is like you nonny

No. 203646

BL shit like this gives me more trauma than any otome and shoujo content

No. 203647

>In my experience they are more offended at stuff from the pinkpilled memes thread and women just being blunt about their opinions
Very true. For scrotes, women having our own non-male approved opinions is the worst.

No. 203648

I don't see how mpreg fetish compares to having self-esteem issues because you'll never be a perfect woman like shoujo/otome protagonists and no one will never love you like that

No. 203650

How are shoujo mcs perfect women? They are usually boring, docile bug eye uwu characters.

No. 203656

>you'll never be a perfect woman like shoujo/otome protagonists and no one will never love you like that
but that literally happens in every kind of media, also how hard is it to comprehend that what made you insecure might not even be noticed by other women, while they felt insecure by something you didn't notice elsewhere? Like this anon said >>203650 she doesn't even think shoujo MCs are perfect,. You happened to notice the way they are drawn, but that's because of the art style, and most girls don't think too much about it and still are capable of relating to those protagonists despite looking nothing like them.
Ok, the generic but pretty shoujo protagonists gave you more insecurities, but there are other women, like some (some) fujos who feel insecure about being women because they idealize homosexual male relationships and see straight relationships and/or women as inferior, and others became insecure because they compared themselves to the female characters in hentai or haremshit that they watched. It's not the same for everyone.

No. 203659

I'm not even a fujo but you are full of shit. I haven't seen the tropes you've mentioned in years, decades. The "I'm turning into a girl" thing is from trap hentai made by men for men not yaoi… All recent yaoi I can think of are wholesome stuff like Sasaki to Miyano or Stranger by the Beach, those are the massively popular titles anyone has heard of.

No. 203660

>All recent yaoi I can think of are wholesome stuff
NTA but the more mainstream and milder shit is far from being the only kind of yaoi that's being produced these days. There's still tonnes of really explicit BL doujinshi and such being released. Also look at that popular yaoi game, that's not wholesome at all.
And she already talked about it here: >>203624
>They are not old tropes because I still read doujins and fanart with those tropes today, hell, I see some of such stuff referenced on this site as well unless you only read the uwu fluffy gay men coming of age manga.

No. 203662

Anon do you only read english localized manga? Don't you remember the scandal with the public toilet Viktor doujinshi?

No. 203663

>you'll never be a perfect woman like shoujo/otome protagonists and no one will never love you like that
That's really sad nonnie, I feel sorry for you.

No. 203664

Cute doc and Thorns

No. 203665

File: 1651673293836.png (879.15 KB, 1195x681, shootem.png)

The one relatable shojo mc.

No. 203666

I'm not a fujo like I've said, I know only about mainstream stuff. My country has two very prolific yaoi publishers and they only come out with the most mild cutesy romance stuff (dozens of relases every month too). I think to know of such degenerate stuff you'd have to REALLY look for it. Meanwhile to find degenerate stuff for men I just need to look at top anime airig rn, full of rape and violence. Maybe instead of shitting yourself over such a small niche audience of women start caring about majority of moids?

??? Bitch what the fuck???

No. 203667

nu carnival is really tame though? yes it's porn of course but it doesn't have any weird fetishes

No. 203668

Where is she from

No. 203670

Kageki Shojo!!

No. 203671

If you're not a fujo then why are you even making that argument? You really don't have to dig hard, I am in several anime fandoms and the twitter algorithm suggests me automatically fanart and posts from artists I don't follow. If you browse Japanese sites and fandom spaces it's even more obvious, and the only way I can filter it is by blocking specific ship names and even then I know some gross guro artists who don't tag their shit and don't go private.
>Maybe instead of shitting yourself over such a small niche audience of women start caring about majority of moids?
This is the same as the argument that instead of censoring the small niche audience of lolicons we should first take care of real children in danger, moids pull that kind of argument all the time. You're obviously not in the community, some anons here are and see that shit all the time.

No. 203672

Not any of those anons but do you really limit yourself to whatever is officially available from publishers? I always thought those types of weebs were just a meme

No. 203673

I know it's not manga, but killing stalking is sold in german and austrian bookstores, it's fully in the open and anyone can pick it up and read it, kek. Also a ton of BL with rape and underaged characters is still mainstream

No. 203674

Yes, but I'm a huge otaku and the sheer volume of degeneracy I witness from males is astounding, meanwhile you argue about very small minority of djs that don't even get translated. How do you know that brutal gore, pig stuff is not drawn by men? You are fighting with imaginary enemies kek. Instead of tearing down other women (I doubt it's even women in most cases…), look at moids that completely dominate mainstream with their degeneracy. And tbh I don't care what some random Japanese girl draws to get off, I know it doesn't influence crimes or harm anyone. Meanwhile moids who get off to drawn children are likely to offend.
The argument you use on the other hand is "b-but what about female rapists!!!" when they are a very small percentage compared to crushing majority of degenerate and dangerous moids. Fuck you.

I'm not a fujo I don't really enjoy yaoi, so yes, I don't go out of my way to search for it.

No. 203677

You are not even seriously discussing when you're not a fujo and don't know shit, you just want to fight anons. Maybe instead telling women to shut up you should be the one to go fight with scrotes.

No. 203681

It pisses me the fuck off cause the anon who started the discussion kept nagging about pickme girls and fujos when the degenerate ones are such a small minority not even worth speaking about. If that degenerate bestiality shit was popular among most fujos we'd see more translated mangas with it.

No. 203682

They are not a small minority if you're in that community though, and you as an outsider are trying to silence anons who complain about their experiences. Just because some of us think some fujos are annoying doesn't mean we suck up to scrotes, I stick to tumblr and twitter and luckily I don't see any scroteshit hentai on my feeds, I avoid 4chan and reddit for such reasons.

No. 203683

>the degenerate ones are such a small minority
Holy kek

No. 203684

I wasn't speaking to every fujo though just to that particular poster who started insulting women for the 20th time in this thread like what the hell is she not getting tired of it. If you look at top 10 new airing anime rn three of them have child slavery (shown in positive light), five have blatant pandering to pedos.

No. 203688

>I think to know of such degenerate stuff you'd have to REALLY look for it
You can literally just google "yaoi read online" and you'll find it easily
Most fujos don't just consume the very few and cutesy/non-explicit BL anime there is, or the BL manga that is allowed to be officially published where they live, they become fujos through exposure to yaoi on the internet

No. 203690

I doubt you are gonna find pig bestiality porn by googling "yaoi manga online" kek.

No. 203699

Again with the fucking bestiality thing? Incest, age gap that borders on shotacon sometimes, rape, gore, etc. are not that rare in yaoi. It's not usually found in more mainstream stuff for obvious reasons, but it doesn't take a lot of digging to find that kind of yaoi porn. Yaoi with actual bestiality might not be that common (even though it definitely exists), but what about all the other gross shit? And again, most fujos don't just consume the mainstream stuff, they look at explicit fanart, write fanfiction and read doujinshi. You're not a fujo so naturally you don't know about it.

No. 203702

Where was I insulting women? Let alone for the 20th time?

No. 203703

Honestly that anon seems like a total newfag from twitter judging by the way she's typing and the topics she's talking about. Anyone who has been to a con or in a local cosplay commu experienced something unpleasant both with fujos and male coomer fans. I had people very openly talking about tentacle fujo porn in my teenage cosplay commu.

No. 203704

rape and shotacon are the only disturbing things there (and frankly most shotacon art i've seen is just shota x older sister or art that is clearly done by gay moids). incest, age gap and gore are common in het fiction too. rape as a fetish is incredibly common in all female-oriented media, not just BL! yes i also hate it, but it's true that a lot of women fantasize about it, unfortunately i had a much older relative who was into that and she was obviously not a fujo
you claim to be a fujo but you seem to hate fujos more than anything else. women are also allowed to be into dark fiction, no boys will be hurt by a gay oviposition kink fic

No. 203707

what are you suggesting nona? all porn done by women from now on should be just cute mc-chan having missionary sex with her husband? cause any kind of gay stuff would bother you

No. 203708

I suggest you lurk more, epic otaku newfag-chan.

No. 203709

stop calling yourself a fujo first cause you're not one

No. 203712

I've been on here for years, but I digrees. I just find it depressing that in the arguably most male coomer ridden art form people still find a way to shit on women. I've been to many cons and I've seen a shitton on loli anime pillows in the open, I had guys tell me to my face that having slave gf would be hot as fuck because they played some visual novel with a girl that's physically disabled due to constant abuse, etc. A harmless fujo reading degenarate yaoi is literally hurting nobody but herself, but guys who are into degenerate shit don't only jack off to 2d. Lots of Japanese lolicons base their art on real children, and many of them offended or have plans of offending or own cp.

In your post, you are not like the other girls who like yaoi and coomer bullshit after all.

Because that's what she wrote about mostly, about bestiality and pig yaoi porn. Shotacon is obviously wrong and degenrate, but 99% of it is drawn for men by men.

No. 203715

File: 1651682282618.jpg (225.37 KB, 1710x900, Madoka-Magica-Main-Cast[1].jpg)

Can we have one week without talking about porn…

If he's too reluctant about Princess Tutu you could get him to watch Madoka Magica first, it's the usual gateway anime for scrotes to get into the magical girl genre

No. 203716

You supposedly claim you are not a fujo but you keep getting so invested in this discussion and whiteknighting, despite the fact you have no idea what media is popular among fujos, anons even linked you examples. Hell, I can go to my feed for the games I play and find you examples of jp female artists who draw pretty bad things, you can do it too if you go on twitter and pixiv so I don't know why you claim it's 99% drawn by men for men, you have no fucking clue.

And you refuse to listen, not all BL media is bad but anons hate the obvious degenerates with trash taste. And just because we dislike those types doesn't mean we think they're worse than men or that moids did nothing wrong. You are fighting imaginary enemies and getting upset that anons are "insulting women" and making links to otaku coomers when someone just said "I don't like this nor this".

No. 203720

I understand finding certain things repulsive, and I'm not trying to tell any fujo they are wrong for finding other women's behaviour cringy, but for god's sake read her original post I was replying to:
Embarrassing, the whole attitude "I'm not like other girls", yea she is so much better because she is not into mpreg or whatever. I don't understand those witch hunts for women and countless posts about pickmes when women are responsible for maybe 1% of degeneracy that's taking taking over anime.

No. 203721

I was saying that shotacon is 99% made by men for men which is true, most shotacon is /ss/ and not yaoi to begin with.

No. 203724

>Because that's what she wrote about mostly, about bestiality and pig yaoi porn.
No. Not at all.
>but a lot of otaku fujo women are coomer brainrotted as well. Let me just point towards the myriad of yaoi where being penetrated and femininity in general is seen as lowly and the guy says 'oh no I'm being turned into a fucktoy like a girl~' or something like that. Or look at the ton of ABO mpreg porn that spread to Japan as well, I even see fujos draw bestiality (VNs have it at least in weaker form, remember dmmd)
She mentioned something else that is more common in yaoi, ABO/mpreg, then said "I even see fujos draw bestiality", which isn't a lie at all, but the bestiality part wasn't the focus of her sentence, the focus was on how many fujos have coomer brainrot like the women who draw scroteshit porn, which, again, isn't a lie. In a later post she said this:
>Open pixiv daily and you'll see such stuff. That's all you need. You'll find Aichi from that card game getting raped by a pig, piss stuff and very weird degenerate fetishes. If you dig deeper and find the artists twitters you'll see that they're women
And again she's not lying, even if such content is niche and not very popular, which she isn't denying, it does exist and it's made by women. But this part is not very important and it's only one of the most extreme examples among all the other kinds of fujo coomerism, you just chose to fixate on this one thing and ignore her actual argument.
Nowhere in her entire post did she say that she hates fujos or that they should stop doing what the do, or that they are just as bad as the moids who draw extreme porn. She's only saying that both pick-me women who draw porn for scrotes and a lot of fujos are coomers, and that she wishes there were more female artists who make stuff for women (unlike the pickmes) but isn't BL, because not all women like or exclusively like BL. We can want something like that and at the same time acknowledge that scrotes will always be worse, but that's not relevant to this discussion so bringing up male degeneracy to defend fujos from a non-existent attack is pointless.

NTA but why does talking about fujoism in an objective manner suddenly mean you're not a fujo, homophobic or a prude even if you consume yaoi regularly? Well sorry for not wanting to see homoerotic art all the fucking time, I guess?

No. 203725

The post you linked is saying the same thing as >>203716 though.

No. 203731

hope you enjoy it!

love to support a queen, love to see a husbandofag winning

PLEASE watch it so we can later make a comfy bath thread to talk about warm baths, bath bombs, bubble bars, and so on.

No. 203733

How is shota disturbing

No. 203735

I'm currently binging it, it has way more old man nudity than I'd like to ever see but it's actually really interesting and I want to bathe in a hot spring now!

No. 203736

this is such a pointless discussion
fujo art with dark themes is kino

No. 203739

File: 1651687381799.jpeg (475.96 KB, 1914x1188, 36731936-1EE5-48C9-A7D1-6C6898…)

Oh if we’re taking baths I have to rec (sadly not an anime but a manga and drama) Furo Girl which is about a girl obsessed with bathing, love the series makes me want to get some citrus in my tub kek

No. 203749

No one said the opposite and that wasn't the point of the discussion.

No. 203768

File: 1651695974446.jpg (529.81 KB, 1496x754, bathingbeauty.jpg)

I think the choice of bathing subjects works to the manga's/show's favor. Bathing is something everyone does, not just hot, young people and this fact motivates Lucius to design baths that are accessible for bathers of all ages. It would be a very different, more limited, and potentially more voyeuristic show if it only featured attractive people as bathers. The show overall does a good job of handling nudity in a non-sexualized, non-voyeuristic way and I would not have anticipated that it was possible to depict the subject matter in that sort of way prior to seeing this.

I hope you have a nice hot spring's dream tonight nona.

added to list

No. 203857


No. 203881

>bath girl
Damn, it’s me. I love baths so much. I usually take around 3 every day.

No. 203923

you're clearly the most experienced person here and we need your thoughts, reviews and rankings of various bathing accoutrements.

No. 203925

I need an anime like AoT (or Avatar the Last Airbender kek) in terms of immersion. Like I need to be sucked in into watching. I need something to distract me. Please recc as you see fit nonnies.

No. 203927

Rose of Versailles or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

No. 203932

File: 1651731508728.gif (536 KB, 540x401, 14354374574564.gif)

Death Note is an obvious suggestion so maybe you've seen it, but AOT and Avatar are entry level too so maybe not? If you want more dark, violent fantasy like AOT there's Fate/Zero and Tokyo Ghoul. Initial D for a totally different tone but it's easily the most addictive series I've seen despite not caring about cars at all. Or if you want to dive into a long ass series that involves so much talking you won't be able to think inbetween the dialogue, LoGH.

No. 203989

Since you like Avatar, have you watched Legend of Korra?

No. 204018

I'm attracted to women and this anime still feels completely targeted at men

No. 204020

Seconding the Fullmetal Alchemist suggestion
Code Geass
Gundam: Thunderbolt movie
Ranking of Kings (seems cutesy but it's a bit brutal and draws you in completely)

No. 204022

hunter x hunter! theres almost 150 episodes and solid worldbuilding. the manga is on haitus currently but i wouldnt worry about it because the point where the anime stops is a very satisfying ending on its own right.

No. 204036

Of course it is, no woman acts like that IRL.

No. 204049

Same, this feels made for men.

No. 204050

Kino no tabi and haibane renmei.

No. 204051

>Or if you want to dive into a long ass series that involves so much talking you won't be able to think inbetween the dialogue, LoGH.
I wasn't sure if I should recommend this one kek
But yeah, I second this suggestion

It didn't exactly ruin it for me, instead I just see it as a completely different series, although comparing the two as I watched DNT was fun. There are people who watched the OVA a long time ago and loved it, and are enjoying this new adaptation too. So if you don't mind the new designs and the new voices (which btw I think they tried to make as similar as possible to the OVA ones in some cases, but with varying degrees of success) you might like it. It's not as bad as I initially thought, that's for sure. If you haven't read the novels it might even get you to read them. The characters are still the same for the most part except for what I mentioned previously, if that's what you're worried about.

No. 204073

Well, my love for Yang Wen Li do warrants at least a look at more footage of him…
Alright, I'll give the first season a try, then if I finish it we'll motivate each other to watch the rest

No. 204082

File: 1651775927984.png (742.84 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2022-01-10-12h58m20s66…)

>Well, my love for Yang Wen Li do warrants at least a look at more footage of him…
Have you watched the Gaiden series yet, nona? I've downloaded it but not watched it, in part because I really miss Yang's original voice actor.
(The other reasons are that I don't like the animation compared to the more classic look in the main series and tha I'm not sure if my favorite character will show up at all.)
>Alright, I'll give the first season a try, then if I finish it we'll motivate each other to watch the rest
It's a deal! By the way, I have skipped season 2 entirely just to watch the episode where a certain someone adopts his dog, and it made me insanely happy how they made that part longer than in the OVA or the novels, so you might enjoy some of the "new" or expanded scenes with Yang. And if you don't like something in the new anime you can always take the OVA as canon, lol. But it's always fun seeing new takes on the same story and characters.
A bit irrelevant, but there are some really nice shots, like this one imo.

No. 204085

Eureka 7 (not the movies though or the sequel) and Dennou Coil

No. 204105

There's another series?
>50 episodes
I'll add it to the pile
>it made me insanely happy how they made that part longer than in the OVA or the novels
So it was you who posted that part of the novel in another thread!

No. 204119

File: 1651795790548.gif (2.11 MB, 228x338, eisthumbsup3.gif)

>There's another series?
Yup, it's based on the Gaiden series of novels, but I don't think those books have been translated. Anyway this series is a bunch of side-stories about events that happened before the main story.
I sure hope you watched the introductory movie to the original OVAs "My Conquest is the Sea of Stars", and the sequel "Overture to a New War" which is a remake of the first two episodes with a lot of new scenes. If you haven't, go watch them right now!
>So it was you who posted that part of the novel in another thread!
Yes that was me haha

No. 204147

I would also rec hunter x hunter, I binge watched all of the old version in 24 hours. Also Kaiba, I had to force myself to watch only one episode per day because it was so interesting.
Oofuri, Natsume Yuujinchou, both very fun to watch and have lots of episodes.
I think re:zero would work if you want some shocking, cheap entertainment ala AoT.

No. 204150

File: 1651820986459.jpg (671.8 KB, 3749x4096, 20220423_065921.jpg)

So what would be some essential girly anime? Please add to my list or suggest what to remove, nonnies. In no particular order some that come to my mind:
>Rose of Versailles
>Oniisama e
>Cardcaptor Sakura
>Sailor Moon
>Natsume Yuujinchou
>Sugar Sugar Rune
>Ouran Host Club
>Fruits Basket
>Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
>Paradise Kiss
>Sukeban Deka

No. 204152

Some of my favorites
>Asobi Asobase
>Fushigi Yuugi
>Glass no Kamen (2005)
>Kageki Shoujo
>Kamisama Hajimemashita
>Little Witch Academia
>Magic Knight Rayearth
>Ore Monogatari
>Princess Tutu

No. 204168

File: 1651830365110.jpg (960.86 KB, 1032x1458, IMG_20220501_104227.jpg)

>this is supposed to be "female gaze" art

No. 204171

Who told you that?

No. 204174

it's created by a female artist and the story is similar to my androgynous boyfriend

No. 204177

File: 1651836481905.png (1.4 MB, 741x1250, Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 13.27…)

looking for cute anime posters to print out and hang up on my wall so please show me your favourites!

No. 204181

File: 1651837972856.jpeg (162.02 KB, 1122x615, Best-Your-Lie-in-April-Charact…)

This anime might have the most blatant example of a manic pixie dream girl I've ever seen, kaori as a character feels too unreal in the context of the story even her tragic death has a fairytale vibe to it, I didn't feel any emotion when it happened. I like how they explored arima's trauma though. The animation and the OSTs are amazing too and much to my surprise there's no sexualization so overall it wasn't a bad anime and not completely waifu-centric… still I feel like they could've done a better job and the drama is too forced at times

No. 204183

Just because it's created by a woman doesn't mean it's drawn with "the female gaze".

No. 204186

Samefag but to add on something more: i don't like how so many anime series try to make the audience sympathize with abusive parents like "yeah she traumatized and beat her son until he bled but she was ill and had her reasons and actually loves him" bullshit. In fact, the whole show excuses abuse cause kaori and tsubaki are also violent with him for muh slapstick comedy

No. 204216

Oh I completely agree. It's just old man overload, especially in the beginning.

I just finished the series! It was fun.
Feeling really sorry for Livia though. Imagine being a Roman woman, very dependant on your husband, and just there to have children basically. But your husband is away for 3 years with the gay emperor, and never makes babies with you despite being married together for many years.

No. 204217

That's a cultural thing. My parents are from two different African countries that shall not be named and they have that exact same crazy mentality. They'll say that beating the fuck out of their kids is for their kids' own good, that it's harmless and that they also went through the same thing, but they all have daddy issues as a result. Their entire generation think this way. I saw a hafu youtuber saying the same thing too about his experience in middle school and how some of their sports coachs in middle and high school also beat the shit out of thzir students

No. 204221

Made in Abyss is pretty cool but you have to be into child torture

No. 204222

Very common in my culture too. When I was 9 one of my classmates had very abusive parents and my dad was like "well they're strict with her to make sure she doesn't take the wrong path". A few years later she was 12 and posting very inappropiate pics… haven't heard about her in years, hope she is doing better at least

No. 204224

File: 1651854297520.jpg (629.76 KB, 1480x2093, angelica-zurawski-180227-the-a…)

No. 204226

>The Ancient Magus' Bride
What do you like about it? I tried watching it but it just gave me weird vibes because of the MC and her relationship with the mage

No. 204248

ntayrt but after reverse googling I found out it's a teens' love or "female-oriented" porn comic. OP is right, this is technically oriented to women, but as every single TL manga it's just your basic hentai but the guy has eyes I guess

No. 204262

This is not the appropriate thread to talk about this since it's technically manga, but why are 90% of TL mangaka so utterly unable to truly draw female gaze? A lot of fanartists on Pixiv and shit are way better at it.
"Oooh dominant sadistic sexy man seduces the MC while she's all blushing with her tits out and half-naked" oh fuck off

No. 204270

File: 1651869453254.webm (2.99 MB, 1280x720, 1651865027113.webm)

Anyone has seen new Dance Dance Danseur episode? The ballet scenes were so captivating I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, and ended up rewatching it right away (and I don't even like ballet). 100% made up for all that cheap drama in 3rd episode.

No. 204291

It's very sad that the only way women can have female gaze art is by consuming BL

No. 204293

File: 1651879638634.gif (647.66 KB, 540x304, b1UKBfs.gif)

Nta but I really love the fairytale atmosphere of the anime since I also love Studio Ghibli films. Though the relationship between Elias and Chise is a little questionable to others since Chise is a teenage fiancee to an ancient demon but I'm a sucker for monster boy x human girl especially if the monster boy is gentle.

No. 204308

Glass Mask looks so good!

No. 204309

I've read a bit of it and it is definitely meant for yumejoshi who like age gap tropes. If you don't think the MC and mage would be cute together you will not enjoy it so in that sense no, it does not get better.

No. 204310

I'm sorry can you tell me the name of this manga, I want to know what exactly is female gazey about this?
god I knew this was going to suck when I see guys into it/Kaori, Idk I kept on thinking it was a weird ass sequel to March Comes in like a Lion, probably the mc with glasses and month names kek

No. 204314

File: 1651886509990.jpeg (54.21 KB, 225x350, BC60508E-EAA8-4E98-9953-A2BA2C…)

It’s great and very underappreciated in the west. It never really got pushed as hard as other shoujo at the time but it’s a huge classic and very famous in Japan. I like how Maya is not the typical ditzy protagonist, she is a bit naive sometimes but that’s because she’s literally a kid at the start of the show. Otherwise she is so hardworking and determined, she’s truly admirable. There are also a lot of cool, serious scenes about acting and getting into a character’s mindset. It’s fascinating. I love the relationship between her and her rival, Ayumi. It starts out antagonistic especially Ayumi towards Maya, but they grow as people and learn to respect one another which is amazing to see between two female characters. Heads up that there is quite a large age gap romance between Maya and her love interest. Fortunately, it is very minimally focused on in the show.

No. 204324

File: 1651890670635.jpg (58.74 KB, 1080x608, michiko_ehatchin.jpg)

Michiko to Hatchin! Both because it focuses on women and because it's directed by one. Sayo Yamamoto gave this great interview before it came out where she said something like, she made it for office women to watch after coming home, putting their feet up, and grabbing a beer. I love that.

No. 204334

File: 1651898734991.png (977.39 KB, 1028x572, 85096404753975984.png)

Just watched it! Yes, we finally got the sort of performance we'd been waiting for after the shitshow that was the last episode. Luou is so cute and it may be a common trope (same scenario with Ballroom e Youkoso) but the "newbie reinvigorates passion of pro" schtick worked well again. I hope we'll get to see more dancing now and it's won't segue into another drama session.

No. 204336

My theory is that since Japan is said to be 20-30 years behind on feminism, mangaka (and r18 otome game artists too) unintentionally play into that "you are your own voyeur" Margaret Atwood quote. If their audience are mostly yumes, it's like they're saying you're this sexy girl with nice assets who is wanted by this hot guy rather than just showing off the hot guy. Idk just my theory

No. 204338

File: 1651901593058.jpg (740.59 KB, 1898x2447, 20220122_201613.jpg)

More like: anons on lolcow have an outdated view on yumejos and the actual female gaze.
>post art where the woman is dominant - ewww, this is coomer art
>post art where the man is dominant - lol typical abusive man shit

No. 204339

In the manga Livia doesn't stay with Lucius. I guess they kept her for the running gag of her failed attempts to seduce him. I mean, it is funny but its too easy to feel sorry for her as well. Or maybe they kept her around so there was a convenient reason for why Lucius rejected that one female bather that was flirting with him. I would disagree with that being needed though, Lucius isn't demonstrated to be lascivious, he actually kind of comes across as a bit shy/prudish. Would it really have been so unbelievable for him to decline sex even if he wasn't married?

If they make a season 2 Livia will need to divorce Lucius so he can get with the Mangaka's self insert.

Either way I'm glad you liked it!

No. 204346

File: 1651906234907.jpg (590.27 KB, 844x1200, 3-n.jpg)

Most shoujo and josei coming out rm has distinctively female gaze art though. Manga comimg out in magazines like Dessert, HanaYume, Lala DX, Zero Sum, Betsucomi, Princess, Feel Young (ignore Usagi Drop), Cocohana and many many more.

I think there's a lot of variety nowadays, there are short guys, handsome tall guys, younger guys, older guys, sweet guys, tsundere guys, beautiful guys, plain guys, etc

No. 204356

IDC what people say about maledom or femdom (or vanilla) yume art, female gaze should be focused on the male and appealing to women that way, not making the woman look better or "juicier". The pic you posted is alright and I'd consider it female gaze, but this shit doesn't even look like the artist tried >>204168 it's almost exactly the same as male gaze in hentai except that guy also appears in the picture and his face is not hidden. That's just not femgaze, sorry.

No. 204358

Is it bad if I'm not into femgaze stuff? I consider myself bi but the male form isn't very appealing for me, "sexy" guy pics gross me out lol. I prefer when the focus is on the woman because I project myself onto her.

No. 204359

But here's the problem, in any sex act two people have to be drawn. And if a woman is included in any way fujos immediately start to bitch how it's not female gaze.

No. 204365

I read the manga. IDK why I thought it's gonna be shoujo, but it wasn't. I think there are panty shots of Kaori in the quirky meet cute of her and the protagonist. You have no idea, how much I've hated this piece of crap series. Everyone claimed it's sOoOoOoOo deep and touching, but it's all cheap melodrama. oh how tragic, the perfect waifu MPDG does so the boring protag can play music again! The worst thing is that Kaori is insufferable, and the series lives and dies on the viewer finding her endearing.

No. 204367

File: 1651915832989.jpg (61.3 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hated it, I only watched the anime because at least I could listen to the music but god the characters were insufferable and the drama was so stupid, it has since become one of my redflag anime.
Also nitpick but I hate how some manga have child characters drawn and it was particularly egregious there, I think they were supposed to be 11 in the flashbacks yet they looked like that, I couldn't take any of these scenes seriously when the characters looked like overgrown toddlers.

No. 204370

male gaze anime porn will have a woman sucking the dick of a random faceless scrote but you can't draw fem gaze porn where the focus isn't on the girl's face and huge tits (why do they even have such big tits when the average japanese woman is petite)? i swear artists don't know how to be creative with angles at all

No. 204371

File: 1651917580975.jpg (141.72 KB, 640x960, MV5BZjk4YzkzYjYtMjBiZS00NWJkLW…)

wish hating on this series was more widespread.
not even sentaro being right up my alley as a husbando could save ut

No. 204375

Would you elaborate, nonnie? I remember it being alright, other than the MC trying to force himself on the main girl, but it wasn't portrayed as something romantic.

No. 204376

Everyone loves big tits and small waists.

No. 204377

Do you even need to ask? You like what you like, and you like women, so it's to be expected.

Like the other anon said, I think the main problem is that the artists don't get creative, and instead just reproduce malegaze visual tropes. The other problem, I think, is that a lot of them are fujos too, and they're used to focusing a lot on the sub, which in most TL manga/yume art translates into female focus.

No. 204378

I think a lot of them are in fact so removed from their own sexuality that they can only enjoy voyeuristic porn and it's true that a lot of women are closeted bisexuals

No. 204379

>they can only enjoy voyeuristic porn
So fujoshi rather than self inserters?

No. 204380

I mean, a lot of them are/were fujos, so…

No. 204386

The problem is that men arent getting sexualised like women are. So women grow up with the idea that sex = hot women and they reproduce the idea in their own erotic work even though it makes zero sense. Even here on the farms you have anons sperging that male bodies are ugly and that nobody wants to see them. Some of them are blackpilled lesbians, but I swear I saw a bi anon say the same while explaining why she likes sexualised women.

No. 204401

File: 1651932425072.jpg (671.1 KB, 1387x2048, 27-o.jpg)

I'm reading the manga, which almost exactly the same as the anime up until a point where…Livia divorced him not only because he was gone for years but because he was impotent. Then he teleports into a japanese fertility festival, gets a boner from a pretty japanese woman and then gets attacked by a ton of old ones. Kek wtf this is wild.
Can you recommend any good mangas from those magazines?

No. 204402

Nip women's brains have completely turned to mush from how much old moids dominate every aspect of their society. They think being the object, even in media aimed at them, is normal.

No. 204403

Isn't this like a super legendary shoujo manga? Never read it myself and apparently it's on hiatus? CMIIW

No. 204404

The soundtrack was top tier. The story was a bit retarded but that's melodrama for you and imo the setting/vibe made up for it.

No. 204406

it seems that feminism is non-existent there

No. 204521

I want to hear more, too

No. 204524

>Sukeban Deka
I love you nonna ♥

No. 204540

You’re correct! It’s one of the longest running shoujo mangas and new chapters have been being published for over 40 years now. I think the mangaka is in her 70s at this point so it’s pretty impressive

No. 204549

if the first woman to give him his mojo back is the mangaka's self insert I'm gonna freak, I need to read this

No. 204550

Oh fuck off, this sort of racism and mass generalization is so lazy and self masturbatory. You both sound male, spend less time on 4chan. There is a very active feminist circle in Japan and even those who may not use the label are well aware of the sexism in their society and not keen on it. Just maybe the sort of women creating shallow uwu romance manga are not the same ones running for political office, writing literature and protesting on the streets.

No. 204687

According to all indexes Japan is the worst first world democracy for gender equality. That very active feminist circle is doing a shit job

No. 204739

File: 1652075868160.gif (1.54 MB, 540x309, 7AAEFCA9-AEE2-4890-85C5-A4AF8E…)

I’ve been rewatching Seraph of the End, I used to be obsessed with it as a high schooler for some reason. Somehow it’s both better and worse than I remembered. Sucks that it will never get another season because the second part flopped bad with the sales.

Mika is a top tier bishie though. We need more blonde bishies with long eyelashes and thigh highs in anime.

No. 204748

Yeah this, judging the entire country by a bunch of nerdy coomer cartoons and saying "japanese women are all worthless handmaidens" based on that is actually retarded.

No. 204775

Nonnies, they have a lot of problems not related to trashy otaku media. There was a scandal just a few years ago at a big uni how female and male students were scored differently at uni exams and they made it harder for female students to graduate. Then we have the general social pressure to be a stay at home mother and take care of the grandparents and children, lots of push by the beauty industry to buy more products (this is bad in the west too, but I have seen some japanese women complain about the amount of ads they were seeing every day), much stricter body weight standards, gynecologist visits being seen as shameful and vaginismus or lack of pleasure basically being a taboo topic, sexism at work, police not taking reports of stalkers seriously (the incident with that idol stabbing where the guy only got 4 years after permanently disfiguring and damaging the nerves of a young singer and she lost her case against the tokyo metropolitan police), also stuff like Okamoto getting a slap on the wrist for cheating on his wife while Runa got fired from all her jobs for cheating on her boyfriend.

No. 204778

File: 1652088567173.jpg (117.38 KB, 801x1024, 20211224_131931.jpg)

I never finished that but Mika was super cute. If you want to see another blonde suffering bishie voiced by Kensho Ono there's Slaine from Aldnoah.
>awful ending
>show has a self insert MC for "uh achually" scrotes
>torture scene
>fluffy puppy boy in love slowly loses hope and goes on a political conquest

No. 204781

File: 1652091555809.png (Spoiler Image, 319.9 KB, 414x462, unknown-8.png)

Apparently the new black rock shooter anime is an insane loli rape baby fest and disney is funding it

Picture is nothing nsfw, just a creepy design of a muscly demon thing

No. 204782

>loli rape baby fest
Please elaborate because wtf

No. 204783

File: 1652092234299.png (17.14 MB, 5760x3240, unknown-9.png)

Apparently there's a robot voiced by sugita who rapes lolis to inject them with nanomachines and turn them into robots. And there's those weird red baby things everywhere.

No. 204789

I will never understand how pedophilia, necrophilia and rape got so mainstream. We really are all going mad.

No. 204796

Don’t they get tired of writing shit like this? Do they reread what they write, at all? Like, imagine having this displayed on a board and being like
>okay, and this is when she asks her if she wants to have sex because she’s bored
>very good, sir
>splendid idea, sir
>wow! I wouldn’t have thought about it that way myself, sir! You’re an absolute genius!
I need to know the kind of copium they huff before drawing, animating and recording all of this. If I was a voice actress I would be disgusted.

No. 204797

File: 1652095642546.webm (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, 1652030413310.webm)

On the bright side I think those might be troll subs, at least I hope so.

No. 204798

Yes? That's the shit sexist scrotes do over there. Retarded anons were literally accusing Japanese women of being doormats complying to the objectification with no feminist activity instead of talking about the men oppressing them and the awful misogyny Japanese women face.

No. 204821

>We need more blonde bishies with long eyelashes and thigh highs in anime.
Seconding this. When I was kid I couldn't understand the appeal of blonde bishounens but these last few years they're my go-to. Perfection.

No. 204823

File: 1652104138213.jpg (45.88 KB, 334x431, 20220427_145418.jpg)

Same. I also have a thing for two-faced bitches that do peace signs or tehepero expressions.

No. 204840

File: 1652112554479.gif (333.71 KB, 245x300, 3D0018E2-C1A4-4FE6-BDD4-FE079A…)

slaine is one of my favorites also. I have recently rewatched the first season of aldnoah zero just for him but I can’t sit through the mess that is the second season one more time lol

The torture scene is just iconic.

No. 204841

File: 1652112604446.jpeg (592.65 KB, 2550x1460, E03cn-QVcAQ_mZf.jpeg)

Cute Eichi cute half Hiiro

No. 204854

File: 1652115069746.jpg (54.94 KB, 500x376, b8261eb519c9d5eae0016e7c8a1155…)

No. 204855

File: 1652115415946.jpeg (276.02 KB, 1447x2039, 1D545D6A-9591-4B4F-9377-4EC710…)

little blonde bitches 4ever!

No. 204877

File: 1652123689109.jpg (1.8 MB, 3068x2160, Alois.Trancy.full.396567.jpg)

Speaking of blonde bitches, when I was a kid I used to be in love with pic rel.

Except there are no scenes with "raping lolis", and subs anon linked are blatant trolling. Yea the series is trash and boring af though. They also butchered character designs, especially my favourite Dead Master. I loved the design made by Huke, she looked scary and dainty at the same time, without being oversexualized like BRS. Meanwhile in the anime she is ugly af and basically naked.

No. 204878

I fucking love Albedo so much.

No. 204888

File: 1652128494296.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1280x720, SPOILER_unknown-1.png)

I'm not gonna post the rape scene webm, go to /a/ for that.

No. 204890

Alois is my favorite blonde bitch.

No. 204891

Not blond(it's gray) and not from an anime.

No. 204895

fuck you he is a blond and genshin is just a playable anime anyway. Let us blond bishie lovers have this one

No. 204913

File: 1652134008772.png (170.54 KB, 500x669, original.png)

It wasn't a loli though, those are grown women. Rape is disgusting and the series is very bad, but there hasn't been any pedo rape as far as ep 5 (I haven't watched 6th episode yet).
And side note, but oh god is /a/ trashy nowadays. 99% of userbase have clearly not even seen 20 shows, and the only dedicated anime fans left are some disgusting pedos. There's almost no discussion of non-mainstream series, it's all just endless tiktok memes or "I want to bang this and this 10 year old looking girl". I wonder if there's any other anime chan that has better discussion?

It's a crime he's not in the manga.

No. 204916

Are those pregnant babies? "People" actually funded this shit, "people" wrote the script for this dogshit and "people" actually drew it? I don't think there are enough insults in existence to cover how genetically handicapped being born a male is.

No. 204920

I need to remember the original black rock shooter because I’m sure as hell there weren’t any moids in that anime. It was all about female friendship.

No. 204921

>I wonder if there's any other anime chan that has better discussion?
Ignoring the fact that almost every altchan has better hobby discussion than 4shit and that this imageboard is the best if you want non-scrote opinions, wapchan is a relatively recent one that is mainly dedicated to retro anime stuff (pre-2000s). You can have good discussion there, although it's a pretty slow site with few regular users. I think they're also considering addding a board for 2000s anime when they get big enough.
>It's a crime he's not in the manga.
NTA but he's not? I had no idea, since I've never read the manga.

No. 204923

The MC is sooo insufferable
Kek, now I'm interested in watching that train wreck

No. 204925

Maybe you could try checking sushigirl.us
I honestly can't tell you personal experience (never gone there much) but I hear it's less chaotic than 4chan

No. 204930

Thanks for recommendation! Honestly, I always thought /a/ was a decent board, I preferred it over older imageboards. It had plenty of fun, insightful and fact-paced discussion, funny inside culture (Accelerator saga), helpful anons that would translate/draw stuff for you, cute singing events, etc. Throughout the years it became kind of my comfort space, esp since I filtered out obvious coomer stuff. But nowadays it's so empty and trashy, idk how or when it changed so much.
And yeah the entire 2nd season with Alois is basically a fanfic, unfortunately he never appears in the manga. Toboso used to post art of him, but that was it.
Ty so much, I haven't been on there in a while!

No. 204938

Can you guys reccomend something like Ergo Proxy, Boogiepop Phantom? Like slightly depressed/gloomy female characters trying to figure out things?

No. 204948

Haibane Renmei and Key the Metal Idol

No. 204968

I watched Hanbei Renmei but not Kay! The Japanese OST is amazing. Never heard of it before.

No. 204979

>It wasn't a loli though, those are grown women.

No. 204988

>And yeah the entire 2nd season with Alois is basically a fanfic, unfortunately he never appears in the manga.
Does that mean that Claude doesn't exist in the manga either? disappointing
Is that imageboard really that good? I thought it had a lot of trannies and lolifags/coomers

No. 204989

Witch Hunter Robin, Shigofumi (the mc is a child though, but it fits if you look past it), Alita, maybe Vampire Princess Miyu (that's more like a lighter version of Boogiepop with monster of the week shoujo story).

What? The show is nasty but there weren't any scenes of child sa.

No. 205002

File: 1652165786705.gif (888.56 KB, 221x201, 1298124514716.gif)

>funny inside culture (Accelerator saga)
How I miss that, in general raildex threads used to be a blast back when season 2 was coming out. It was a shitty anime but the threads were hilarious
I can't stomach /a/ nowadays, it's a pity.

No. 205003

File: 1652165795104.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 1280x720, 1652023051231.webm)

She is 11 according to the wiki

What the hell is this weird argument about "grown ass women", are you a coomer?

No. 205020

Is redo of incel actually popular with japanese women? I've heard the claim several times but never once accompanied by sources.

No. 205023

Yes, it has one of my favorite OPs ever, though I don't remember the plot very well. (I believe it takes a convoluted tech-thriller turn with the movie length last episode.) I just remember it appealing to me as a depressed 19 year old, with the gloomy cyberpunk atmosphere and rainy cityscape. I'll try to remember similar stuff I've seen, haven't kept up with anime much anymore.

No. 205040

Damn, sorry then, that is a scene from an ep I haven't watched yet. And I'm obviously not a coomer (I hate the show), maybe pipe down a little. The ep with child rape scene aired like yesterday, in previous eps there were no scenes with kids.

No. 205041

Nonnie, do you remember when Accelerator fanboy became a mod or something (maybe just posted from multiple IPs) and took over the board because someone argued they could 1 on 1 their precious husbando? Lmaooo

No. 205095

Where have you seen those claims?

No. 205135

Key hits different now that there are vtubers who do basically the same thing as in the show

No. 205240

I gave this show a shot because the sound track is amazing but the show itself isn't very good. It primarily suffers due to the bizarre choice to focus on the less interesting of the two male co-leads. How is the (basically retarded) regular human boy living in human society more interesting than the forcibly turned child soldier living among vampires? Mika is a really compelling character with a lot of potential but he's stuck in a bad show, sidelined in favor of people far less fascinating. Would have been a lot better had it been about Mika. I remember liking Shinoa as well, Shinoa and Mika could have carried the show on their own.

No. 205241

Nta but Shinoa was fine until she got turned into the boring love interest of the extremely stupid MC (Yu). It also reeks of coomer with all the boob-grabbing scene with the other girl and all the "I'm horny and in love with the protagonist, I can't help it but I must resist uwu" shit.
I also fucking hate the whole family talk and Guren stabbing literally everyone in the back while acting like a mysterious guy and everyone being fine with that. The show and manga are plagued by shitty shonen writing, which is a shame because some characters are (or were) interesting.

No. 205266

I just watched the Night Is Short, Walk On Girl and it’s so fucking good. I don’t remember the last I got this high from watching something. It’s funny, well-animated, and has amazing characters. And it really packs in so much in an hour and a half. I could talk about it forever

No. 205522

Any anons fans of mob psycho? Season 3 just got announced and I'm super excited!

No. 205528

Wait, forreal? I never got around to watching the second season even though it became one of my favourites. It's one of the only shows I bought the manga of.

No. 205531

File: 1652371023702.gif (1.84 MB, 245x200, oh shit.gif)

No. 205536

File: 1652373539880.jpg (39.17 KB, 564x564, 316b7c1c1f8684a66022fb8d9700bc…)

LET'S GOOOOOOO! I'm so freacking happy!

No. 205547

File: 1652376242386.jpg (207.58 KB, 1924x1152, wack.jpg)

I just think it's really cute they dropped it on Shige's bday (my fav Taurus bb) I'm so so READY to get wrecked by the broccoli arc, Dimple's last words in the trailer, fucking sobbing yall. Hands down one of the best animes I've ever seen and I'm so glad Bones got it and made it so sakuga (also can't forget their horniness for Reigen kek)

No. 205568

File: 1652380779423.png (911.94 KB, 1182x664, tumblr_pyioshDrFr1yo05kbo1_128…)

Coming Fall 2022, that's so soon. Can't wait to see Reigen again.

No. 205610

File: 1652387729325.jpg (924.82 KB, 1200x878, FSfNmOBVEAEYx36.jpg)

I thought that was a cute detail too lol. I cannot wait for broccoli arc and ???% arc, I know Bones is going to go all out. I'm not sure if there's that much material for a season as long as the first two though.

No. 205720

File: 1652422135017.jpeg (104.32 KB, 828x1074, FSfHSUlUUAEygZj.jpeg)

I'M SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!! I'm currently reading the manga post season 2 and I love this series so much!

No. 205729

Can I please get recommendations for something cute and relaxing to fall asleep to? I keep having nightmares. My live action stuff isn't cutting it right now. Every now and then I'm down for cute (people) doing cute things and it is one of those times, something I don't need a lot of energy to watch.

No. 205753

File: 1652437198870.png (598.62 KB, 847x476, efr.png)

Yuru Camp if you haven't watched it yet! Also Touken Ranbu Hanamaru is really chill.

No. 205792

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (check this one out if you like the old, dreamy backgrounds and character designs), Aria the Animation (some episodes have very little talking and just let you admire the amazing scenery, will make you sleepy for sure lol), Natsume Yuujinchou (can be dramatic at times but otherwise it's also really calming), Flying Witch and Shirokuma Cafe.

No. 205796

File: 1652455511591.jpg (50.86 KB, 370x536, MV5BOWQwMzMyYWUtNTAzMC00Mzk0LT…)

Season 2 when

No. 205797

File: 1652455545112.jpg (90.1 KB, 897x495, tumblr_pwxwuqNnJL1tftaeoo2_128…)

Seconding Hanamaru, I began to watch it when I woke at night with horrible anxiety and wanted something dumb to laugh at. But I ended up unironically enjoying it, I'm a saniwa now.

No. 205808

aria the animation

No. 205833

I haven't watched either but I'm really interested. What's your opinion on Nodame Cantabile and Ristorante Paradiso?

Also funny that Sukeban Deka is a shōjo manga that was created by a man. A rare exception I guess. But does it have a largely female fanbase? I have no idea.

No. 205851

Lmao I hated the plot too, so much stupid drama with the wannabe commie college student and his girlfriend. This mangaka got so lucky from this series and the soundtrack of the anime being as good as it was.

NAYRT but I love Gente and Ristorante Paradiso. Natsume Ono is so good at writing slice of life manga, the characters could literally be staring at paint dry and she’d make it enjoyable to read.

No. 205893

never probably, considering the manga has been over for years and that shojosei anime is sadly dead

No. 205968

File: 1652538541210.jpg (408.27 KB, 1920x1080, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu - Die Neu…)

That's it, I've watched the first season

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The animation team knew that the worst part of the OVA was how it looked, and everything just looks much, much better now, in no small part thanks to 40 years of technological progress. The cities look believable, the backgrounds are refined, there are even some close ups on the food the characters eat, which make the whole universe feel much more alive. Since the sometimes outright weird aspect of the OVA was what kept irking me, I felt much more immersed. I even liked the 3D ships, which are miles above the 50 dots on an animation cel sliding across the screen in the OVA
I think the most important difference was that the OVA treated the story as a documentary, while the new series treat it more like a regular fiction. For instance, the only music the OVA had was monotonous classical music, and the dialogues were much more succinct and to-the-point with very few pauses between each lines, which are characteristic of documentaries, where the focus is on conveying information rather than making something exciting. The introduction dialogue between Kircheis and Oberstein is about 25 seconds longer in DNT, which is an enormous difference considering that it is nearly the same word-for-word: what changes is longer pauses, which is what would occur in a natural dialogue. Both design choices are understandable, albeit to me anime is a worse medium than a book to make a documentary, so I'm glad with the choice made in DNT. It's certainly a bit more dramatic than the OVA (that seizure scene kek), but it's still less dramatic than the average anime, which to me shows it's still true to the spirit of LotGH
In any case I'm down to watch more, are you still willing to watch the rest of DNT?

No. 206392

File: 1652644164328.png (2.99 KB, 163x149, MAL demographic anime.png)

>shojosei anime is sadly dead
Holy shit, you were right. Pic related is the number of anime series on MyAnimeList by demographic. Look at how rarely Josei gets adapted into anime.

kek, basically everything you dislike or like less about the OVA is what makes me like it more than DNT. But you're also totally right I must admit. Like this
>the 3D ships, which are miles above the 50 dots on an animation cel sliding across the screen in the OVA
made me laugh out loud because it's so true.
The way you describe the OVA, as a documentary, is an pretty accurate description, and might be why I prefer the old series as well.
I guess DNT is really made for a whole different audience, which isn't a bad thing at all. Even though I don't like DNT as much, as long as more people find out about LoGH I'm happy, no matter which version. It sucks that Crunchyroll apparently didn't advertise the third season when it came out (iirc they didn't even announce it), they don't seem to be promoting this new series a lot.
>In any case I'm down to watch more, are you still willing to watch the rest of DNT?
I'm glad you liked it so much. I'm still interested in watching seasons 2 and 3 (maybe not right now, but soon), like I said before, it's fun to compare both versions to see what major differences there are, not to mention that I'm dying to know how they'll handle certain scenes. And I can't wait to see how the newcomers will react to other plot twists! That's very fun too.

No. 206399

File: 1652646783102.jpeg (545.56 KB, 1448x2048, EwRV09gVcAAxknt.jpeg)

I watch so much seasonalshit that I barely have time to work through my backlog anymore. I think I need to stay away from new shows for a year or two until I get through a good amount. Did anyone else ever have this problem?

No. 206471

I did. I stopped watching almost any anime for a few years bc I got so burnt out from keeping up with seasonals. I don't know about your reasoning, but personally I think a big part of why I watched so many seasonals was bc my only interaction with other anime fans were my social media mutuals, so I wanted to keep up with the crowd. So glad I deleted my SM kek. Of course I did and still do enjoy some current seasonals, but when I look at my list I just see so much shit I could've gone without watching. And also when I look at my "watching" list, it's way less daunting to see 2 or 3 anime instead of ~20 (although maybe you aren't as retarded as I was and your seasonal count is less). I encourage you to take a break to dig into your backlog though! Missing out on seasonals is worth it.

No. 206472


No. 206490

nonny who is this plz

No. 206508

kek imagine watching all that crap every season, do you love isekai, incel romcoms and shounen that much?

No. 206516

spy x family looks like generic hetshit b8 and i'm so tired of seeing it everywhere. not even good hetshit b8 but rather hetshit b8 for moids and pickme/otome protag syndrome girlies

No. 206517

Please type like a human being

No. 206520

I used to do up to 20 shows a few years ago but after culling certain types of shows by default now I usually range around 10, inbetween my work that still feels like a lot obviously kek but yeah. I’ll try that out after I finish up my shows this season! There’s a bunch on my backlog that I’m looking forward to.
Anotsu from Blade of the Immortal. Great manga, don’t watch the anime.

No. 206521

hello, pickme/otome protag syndrome girlie

No. 206523

Ignore the bait

No. 206524

thank god i'm not the only one who is tired of this series being shilled everywhere

No. 206529

I don't follow seasonal anime unless it's interesting and not super scrotey. I already got a huge list of anime that I wanted to watch and haven't picked up since middle/high school.

No. 206540

Get off your high horse, what are you doing in anime thread if you don't like anime? Sure, most stuff coming out rn is crap, but it's still entertaining. Not any worse than watching trashy stuff on Netflix.

No. 206548

I can't take it seriously because the entire internet has made the female main into a mommy fetish bangmaid and lewded the little girl. It's like the male main was left as the self-insert for men who want to fuck both a "milf" and their daughter.

No. 206557

Seasonal anime is mostly bad lately but every season there's a least one show that is pretty good, so it's always a good idea to keep an eye on what's airing.
Right now there's the 3rd season of Ascendance of a Bookworm, which is one of the best shows I've seen in years, and Dance Dance Danseur. Missing either of those would be incredibly sad.

No. 206567

I saw DDD spoilers and it sounded like retarded melodrama, but I agree that Bookworm is fantastic.

No. 206742

>the entire internet
we're on very different spheres of the web then. what i'm seeing is a lot of women self-inserting into the female lead, gushing over the dull-looking father figure, and people going "what we're not gonna do is SEXUALIZE THIS LITERAL CHILD AAAAH" in reference to the pink-haired girlie

miss when the shows that got wildly popular were actually good. like code geass.

No. 206774

Personally I thought it was shit through the third episode but soldiered through because I wanted to see pretty dancing. In the three episodes since it’s been far less drama mongering and more of the actual performances I wanted to see, and they just introduced a bunch of cute new male dancers so my interest has been reignited kek.

No. 206786

Some nonnies itt are either complete newfags who barely watched any anime or are just looking for outrage, I've personally never seen lewd SxF art (I have no doubt it exists, but if you aren't in any seedy places you ain't going to find it), in fact I've only seen some thirst posts about Loid. In the anime itself they aren't sexualized at all, sure they both have attractive character designs, but nothing vulgar or overexaggerated. I understand why My Dress up Darling was frowned upon, it had entire episode dedicated to "exploring" naked body of 15 yo, and from skipping through some other eps I've