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No. 220538

#4 >>186704
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General anime discussion thread, wow, look at her go! edition

No. 220540

What's hot this week:
>Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer got released, looks like shit
>S2 of Made in Abyss started airing, there's still torture and piss
Sounds like the next big thing will be the Chainsaw Man adaptation, with a release date still as unclear as it was one year ago…

No. 220541

The threadpic didn't load on the catalog so I thought someone was spamming gore again while using a legit thread name, I was so relieved when the image started to move lol.

No. 220708

Does anyone have recs for a good SOL anime but the protags are in their 20s/30s, I’ve watched Love is hard for an otaku, the working girl animes from PA works, and some others I can’t remember right now

No. 220712

My senpai is annoying

No. 220715

Omg loved Gokusen, thank you nonna for reminding me, I've gotta do a rewatch soon! Did you ever check out Janome no Me from the same mangaka? Wish I could find a decent scan somewhere, also My Senpai is annoying is on my list, I keep on getting it confused with that one fugly anime with that ugliest waifu bait who looks like a boy, the one with grey hair and a denim mini skit, gag

No. 220720

space brothers

No. 220789

What happened to the Walpurgis movie? They announced it almost a year ago and absolutely nothing after.
I hope they don't pull the same shit the Yuri on Ice did, MOVIE NEVER EVER

No. 220806

File: 1657543298119.jpg (75.52 KB, 1334x750, MV5BYmEwYjUxODUtZTlkMS00ODQ2LW…)

halfway through watching The Ancient Magus Bride. I'm really enjoying it so far! The OST is so good

No. 221032

File: 1657602076305.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2022-06-13-02h28m04s41…)

I finished it last month, I loved it too! Can't wait for more new episodes. The manga is still ongoing.
Also I can't believe that it's shonen, that's such bullshit kek, I thought it was shojo.

No. 221299

File: 1657670448666.jpg (94.8 KB, 960x540, Shadows-House-02-28.jpg)

Anyone watching Shadows House? The MC is very annoying and frustrating, but I'm glad I stuck it out to finish season 1 because I like some of the other characters and it seems like there is good potential in the story/world.

No. 221356

I read the manga and Emilyko is based

No. 221365

Is she? I haven't read it yet but I found her really annoying the first half of season 1. sometimes I feel like she doesn't think of kate enough but i guess the power of friendship does require socializing with others kek

No. 221366

I adore Emilyko (and Kate too) but I feel like the anime doesn't really bring their preciousness across well. Idk. The anime just pissed me off.

No. 221367

Excited for Tomo-chan anime. Can’t wait to see my waifu Gundou. As always, I will not engage with any retardation about gendershit.

No. 221369

it seemed fine but it's missing something the manga has, I dropped it.
I heard the anime altered the plot at the end of season 1 and then pretended they didn't when season 2 started because they realized it messed with the mystery plot? not sure it that's right.

No. 222134

File: 1657895936791.png (816.03 KB, 1920x1080, vlc_JnYfEzMNqu.png)

I might be blinded by nostalgia, but does anyone else miss some of the edge of anime from a decade ago? Nowadays you either get full blown low budget suffering wank or no edge at all. I am aware how much sexism and shitty fanservice was always present in anime, but at least the plots felt less serious than today's LN garbage and were more fun.

There's still great stuff in the last decade, like Kekkai Sensen, 3Gatsu no Lion, Osomatsu-san, Mob Psycho etc. but I miss the campy plotlines in mainstream anime. Maybe I am biased but stuff like Death Note and even Hellsing had big female fanbases because the male characters were interesting, stuff by female authors like FMA, Kuroshitsuji, D. Gray Man, Pandora Hearts all had a bit darker plotlines and attractive male characters. Compare that to stuff like Re:Zero, Overlord, Tanya the Evil etc.

No. 222163

>Re:Zero, Overlord, Tanya the Evil
They're all very campy anime
That does sound like nostalgia

No. 222170

All of those are bland dude-pandering self-insert fantasies though.

No. 222174

Exactly like classic 2000s anime Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. Now really isn't worse

No. 222202

>Re:Zero, Overlord, Tanya the Evil etc.
Those are all edgy moid Isekaishit (though I don't know how bad Tanya the Evil really is but the fanbase is disgusting). Most isekai is garbage and everyone's trying to copy each other's success by reproducing the exact same tropes and not getting inspiration from elsewhere.

>exactly like
False, those aren't haremshit, edgy nor are the protagonists loser self-inserts, they're their own characters, and overall just have really diverse and interesting casts that go on fun adventures, and the stories are more creative than "I got reincarnated in a fantasy world, am overpowered and have a harem of girls who lust after me for no reason". It's a completely different feel. There's also newer super-popular shonen line AoT, MHA and KnY, even JoJo (which you can't really call same-y like isekai crap is) got a proper anime adaptation in 2012 and so far has been more popular than ever before, although that one is originally from the 80s. Maybe MHA could be called a self-insert fantasy but your average popular shonenshit isn't like your average isekaishit. Isekai is just particularly bad, imo. Also NTA but I feel like there's less experimentation in anime nowadays. Especially when it comes to anime for female audiences which I think? is almost non-existent these days except for a few sequels of popular older series.

No. 222227

>"I got reincarnated in a Dragon Quest inspired world"
fify, it's always based on Dragon Quest.

No. 222244

Have you even read those series? What kind of mf is self inserting as Luffy? Battle manga has it's flaws but they are completely different to the sort of issues self insert isekai haremshit has, they have far more strong points, and are aimed at totally different demographics. Women can actually enjoy that stuff instead of pretending to enjoy it for cool perverted weeb girl points.

No. 222278

if you're missing edge from a decade ago i think it's probably nostalgia or some kind of affection for those particular series, yeah. I wouldn't consider 2010-2020 a particularly edgy or fun era in anime…not bad or anything either.

but I don't even recognize like three titles you listed (kekkai who, tanya what?? lol) so I'm probably just old and out of touch

No. 222279

File: 1657947612445.png (286.38 KB, 640x480, Shizuka Fujiyama.png)

excellent taste
Fujiyama-sensei was my favorite side character

No. 222303

File: 1657958458142.gif (1.77 MB, 500x270, proxy-image.gif)

Any 90s-early 10s gothic non coomerish anime recs? I hate modern art styles that are popular rn so I'd like something older
By gothic I mean either the atmosphere or character designs
Already seen Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, Ergo Proxy, Rozen Maiden (which I hated for the weird incest stuff and lolified characters), Vampire Knight (which I also hated for the incest stuff but enjoyed everything else because of husbandos)

No. 222321

File: 1657961673247.jpeg (94.85 KB, 568x416, 5C13FA7D-DC9A-4923-958D-15DDCC…)

It came out in 2005, so idk if that’s old enough for you, but Trinity Blood is really my favorite anime featuring vampires. It’s beautiful.

No. 222329

>What kind of mf is self inserting as Luffy?
People that aren't losers and nerds, which is why all three of these anime were popular with normies, unlike isekai which are targeted at losers and nerds, like you said
>Women can actually enjoy that stuff instead of pretending to enjoy it
I mean, I don't think I'm pretending to enjoy more the psychology of the Re:Zero characters than the absolute wasteland of the mental state of the One Piece pervertedly designed female characters, where the most beautiful woman in the world falls completely in love with the MC, which is something at least on par with Overlord, not better. Tanya doesn't even have a harem, the MC is literally a little girl. Do you think I have been brainwashed by scrotes because I don't think these 2 isekai (not Overlord it sucked) are worse than 3 anime which all had at least one secondary character whose design was having a big cleavage and huge breasts and where women are always eventually weaker than the MC? Are you sure you're not thinking this just because some of these are older than the others?

No. 222364

agree! the opening theme still pops into my head occasionally and I watched it 15 years ago lol

No. 222366

File: 1657986416319.jpg (198.24 KB, 1024x768, Enma.Ai.full.848776.jpg)

Hell Girl has a goth vibe, moody design but japanese not victorian

No. 222369

We’ll, that’s because it’s a banger by one of the most popular VKei bands.

No. 222396

>Tanya doesn't even have a harem, the MC is literally a little girl
Isn't the MC an adult man who got isekai-ed into the body of a little girl? I remember reading that way back and it immediately killed any interest I might have had in ever watching it.

No. 222404

File: 1657998620249.jpeg (861.37 KB, 1170x1647, 6E4955D6-6C5B-42BB-835A-E55766…)

No. 222413

Nta but I tried it recently and that immediately put me off the story kek, and I'm someone who can find some enjoyment in some isekaishit

No. 222419

Isn't that how reincarnation is supposed to work?

No. 222422

Don't defend pedo scrote fantasy desu

No. 222430

Yes. Why specifically an adult man into the body of a "loli", though? Same as Mushoku Tensei, why does the protagonist there have to be a pedophile reincarnated into the body of a little boy? Both of those are targeted at men. The only good isekai is targeted at women lmao

No. 222439

Shiki, I wasn’t going to call it goth but the OP has some big goth energy

No. 222440

You know that not even the authors themselves are aware of that since they only copy each other, and at this point it's just a generic "videogame fantasy" setting, only vaguely inspired by Dragon Quest.

No. 222443

It is 100% possible to read OP or Naturo or w/e and forget or ignore the big titty characters or the non-event 'love interests' Luffy will never fuck. It is 100% impossible to read Re:zero as a woman with self respect and be okay with the existence of fucking main waifu doormat existing only to serve MC Rem

No. 222444

facts lmao

No. 222447

I know that and it pisses me off. Same shit with so called otome isekai made by people who don't even know what otome games are, and who absolutely never heard of the Angelique series.

No. 222448

File: 1658009659024.jpg (94.26 KB, 1280x720, ozakibloodyface.jpg)

I love Shiki sfm, I didn't recommend it because anon seems fussy about art styles and Shiki's is atrocious (the hairstyles lmao). But my favourite vampire anime for sure.

No. 222459

File: 1658013272026.jpg (248.32 KB, 637x900, sns.jpg)

Unlike isekaishit, shounen can be appealing to women because it has attractive male characters and homoerotic friendships. Isekai is the bottom of the barrel.

No. 222462

The way reincarnation works is that you have no memory of your previous lives. Distinctly remember being an adult man, using the body of a loli, to live out his betacuck power fantasy, is a scrote fetish.

No. 222464

>It is 100% impossible to read Re:zero as a woman with self respect and be okay with the existence of fucking main waifu doormat existing only to serve MC Rem
Nta but it absolutely is lol Re:Zero is not a good example of the point you're trying to make, which I mostly agree with

No. 222465

>ITT: arguing which male power fantasy is more feminist to watch
Just shut up and support things actually made for women instead. Too many weebs, especially western ones, solely consume whatever is popular among scrotes

No. 222466

The original post was just arguing that anime used to be better about 15 years ago and in reality, coomer isekaishit didn't exist then. Isekai (for moids at least) is objectively worse than the average battle shonenshit for many reasons that aren't just "women can't enjoy it unlike shonen". Thus, anime has only gotten worse on average thanks to the existence and popularity of isekaishit.

No. 222472

File: 1658017366102.jpg (230.14 KB, 680x1004, 44ff7dfb559863987190613e98aa3e…)

What to you guys think of The Vision of Escaflowne which just a HD version of flower of escaflowne with more scences it is one of the first transmigration anime that I seen and I was very surprised when that genre became as popular as it is now.
Magic Knight Rayearth, Fushigi Yugi, The Twelve Kingdoms, Kyou Kara Maou! are some anime that I remember watching as I was really interested in the genre at the time, I heard about Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi however I never watched so I can't say they were as good as rest

No. 222473

samefag I forgot about Now and Then, Here and There another anime that I heard about but never watched

No. 222480

File: 1658018818466.jpg (206.42 KB, 691x890, ba60cfc18c6aa68c67ddc2464fa7f4…)

I love Twelve Kingdoms so much, I wish it was finished. I was so invested in the characters.

No. 222485

idk, shiki certainly has a "look" but it's not that bad is it? maybe i just like it. watched it when it came out and I still think about the tractor scene like once a month.

No. 222494

File: 1658021488665.jpg (921.46 KB, 1024x1850, 1456602310415.jpg)

I just thought the character designs were terrible, particularly for horror. The overall style is okay and the horror imagery was serviceable though.

No. 222518

I absolutely can't wait to torrent it and watch it. I still haven't watched many mecha series although I liked Gundam so far, and admittedly don't really watch enough isekai to be able to give my own criticism of that genre, but I'm so fucking happy that Sunrise decided to make a mecha anime for girls, and the reviews I've read of it have all been very positive.
.Hack is another older isekai anime that gets a lot of praise and some describe as "SAO but good". I haven't watch that one either.

No. 222537

Anon, the anime/manga/novels you cited don't target the same demographics AT ALL, don't compare them to re:zero and similar. Recent series because older isekai series that targetted a female audience and are part of the actual fantasy genre with distinct settings have nothing to do with the generic "Dragon Quest otaku gets killed by truck-kun and is reincarnated in a generic JRPG inspired setting, and all the girls want his dick, please laugh when the characters reference stats and HP". Slayers was a much better parody of this shit, it wasn't an isekai and it started in 1989.

No. 222540

I highly recommend it if you like Narutaru or Bokurano. Bleak as fuck anime about children dealing with death and violence (it is a war drama in an fantasy world). It's really good. The only thing that low-key irked me was an abortion plot point, but it made sense in regard to the message the story was trying to send.
NATHAT is one of those forgotten gems of anime that more people should see. They won't, because it's a legitimate story and not a tropey coomershit.

No. 222548

>which just a HD version of flower of escaflowne with more scences
I really don't understand what you mean, I tried googling that name and there's only two mentions of "Flower(s) of Escaflowne" on the entire net, your post, a reddit post, and some YouTube video

No. 222553

NTA but probably autocorrect gone wrong kek

No. 222555

the hair was kinda buckwild lol

No. 222629

File: 1658084443783.jpeg (45.01 KB, 739x415, images - 2022-07-17T135901.702…)

Has anyone read the novels and knows who is more likely to win? I really liked season 1 but it feels like she's gonna choose the blonde one, which is probably the most boring option. I really want Catarina to end up with Maria since my first option basically gave up kek

No. 222695

I haven't watched any of the newer transmigration anime and stayed away from them as like you said male centric and the fact that I saw the discussion of the anime of a man transmigrating to the body of a little boy and rapes everyone. Just hands off the genre and just stick to reading villainess manwha and rewatching oldies.
Honestly I only ever picked up Escaflowne because it was a mecha anime and ended up really liking the transmigration element because of the show itself. I would recommend watching next Rayearth since its a magical girl transmigration mecha anime and thank you for recommanding .Hack! Kinda suprised that I never heard about it before.
I always forget about NATHAT because of the long title. However I plan on watching it along with Bokurano when i have the time.
I thought the older version of Escaflowne was titled The flower of Escaflowne which I assumed was a region thing or copyright like Case Closed, also known as Detective Conan. Either that I just read it wrong and just remember it that way

No. 222827

Biscuit hammer animation looks as old as the manga

No. 222844

You reminded me that Kyou Kara Maou exists, I wanted to see it when I was a teenager but never did for some reason? I started it after reading your post, ty anon.

No. 223570

File: 1658394042700.jpg (3.65 MB, 2000x2708, 1656909128010.jpg)

What a funny list

No. 223599

Wow this has a bunch of anime I watched as a kid/teen
>Galaxy Angel
I tried watching it again not too long ago and the first season feels so LOL SO RANDOM EKS DEE that I couldn't continue watching it after the second episode even though I love the outfits of Mint and Vanilla. Maybe I should give it a try another day, and skip the first season or something like that.

No. 223693

File: 1658431681641.jpg (611.08 KB, 1920x1080, Sheesta.jpg)

I don't care that it's shonenshit, I'm (re)watching Black Clover so I can finally watch the eps I never got to. I'm enjoying it and Yami is hot. Also I love the old nun, picrel.

No. 223713

Huh, I don't see Free! on the list despite it being super popular back in 2013?

No. 223721

It was popular but it wasn't very highly rated. If you sort this list by score, it was only the 13th best rated anime of just summer 2013, even though it was 3rd in terms of popularity:

No. 223765

Who do you think predominantly posts on 5ch sis

No. 223770

NTA but it's kinda weird how there's some shoujo and even josei anime on there, and even SAO, an objectively mediocre anime, is on fucking 9th place, but Free! is completely absent despite being more than just fanservice for women. I wonder if butthurt moids left it out of purpose (or gave it low ratings on purpose).

No. 223772

idk how it was on 5ch but at least the moids on 4ch at the time absolutely hated Free! with a passion and saw it as the downfall of Kyoani/anime. I was surprised it wasn't on the chart too, but if 5ch is mostly men they probably actively hated or avoided it.

No. 223820

File: 1658472362844.gif (1.12 MB, 464x368, smacksmack.gif)

Also where the fuck is Hetalia which was a HUGE thing back then. A moid definitely made this chart with all the obscure moeshit and scroteshit anime on here.

No. 223828

I miss Hetalia…

No. 223835

Again, even if a show is very popular it doesn't necessarily mean it's highly rated
>A moid definitely made this chart
This is the results of a poll, the gender of the author of the chart has 0 influence on it

No. 223849

but the gender ratio of the user base does kek

No. 223850

>even if a show is very popular it doesn't necessarily mean it's highly rated
Correct. Objectively speaking, Hetalia isn't very good.
>the gender of the author of the chart has 0 influence on it
That's right, but also, that imageboard is probably overwhemingly male. If something for women/with a large female fanbase doesn't appeal to males too at least a little bit (like some shoujo anime do) it's not gonna make it on their top 30 because female votes are probably not enough.

No. 223869

Objectively speaking, Hetalia is awful
>t. former fan

No. 224075

File: 1658595764829.jpeg (72.67 KB, 828x632, naruto.jpeg)

they couldn't stop talking about free and they watched every episode, I don't care what they say they thought of it they loved it lol

No. 224080

>they watched every single episode
Kek, is that true?

No. 224166

i actually enjoyed the tatami galaxy.

No. 224167

File: 1658626150424.jpg (90.15 KB, 1280x720, [Fureta7] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 0…)

Has anyone watched this, by the way? I wanted to get into it (because I adore Utena + Saranzanmai, and it's an Ikuni anime) but it was fucking awful. The fanservice was way over the top – I usually don't care about fanservice, but here it was just TOO much – and the plot was just…nonsense.

No. 224169

I wanted to watch it until I actually read the summary recently and realized the female lead is another manic pixie dream girl. What did you like about it?

No. 224170

welll the show is less "cute girl teaches me how to live uwu" and more "holy shit, maybe rotting in my room for the rest of my life isn't such a good idea after all". the girl doesn't hold his hand, or slowly guide him back into society (he does that himself), she's solely a plot device that kick-starts the reason for him wanting to give life a try – and even then, she's not the entire reason. and i get that might be bad but it's not her story, it's his. plus there are lots of characters that exist to do one singular thing in show, male and female.

anyway that's partially why i liked it, as a person who was doing the same thing – sitting in my room all day, and not bothering to actually live my life.

kind of ot but there's also night is short, walk on girl which is a lot like the tatami galaxy except the mc is female. it's a movie, too. you may enjoy that (and if you like it, you can give ttg a try, because they share similar themes),

No. 224171

The female lead is the MC’s dream girl but she’s not a manic pixie type character. I really enjoyed watching Tatami Galaxy when it aired, and I saw The Night is Short at a movie theater (and the lead girl is far more manic pixie in that than Tatami Galaxy). They’re both worth watching

No. 224172

File: 1658629711089.png (423.84 KB, 1280x720, bear shock.png)

gau! gau!

No. 224180

File: 1658631523932.jpg (80.81 KB, 1280x720, [Fureta7] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 0…)

the bear noises and this entire sequence will be stuck in my head forever

No. 224183

yesss. I don't remember the story at all but I know I enjoyed watching it a lot.

gau gau

No. 224184

OK, I'll watch it, thank you. From how you're describing it, it reminds me of Welcome to the NHK and I loved that one despite the male protagonist and despite Misaki (though she was alright, imo), precisely because I related a lot to Satou, so I might love Tatami Galaxy too. I saw both in a woman's anime 3x3 and I imagined that'd be the case

>the lead girl is far more manic pixie in that than Tatami Galaxy
How's that possible when she's the protagonist? Damn I thought she was gonna be like a gender-flipped version of the Tatami Galaxy guy

No. 224185

>and the plot was just…nonsense.
I disagree, having seen it twice I feel like the plot is very straightforward. It's just abstract ala Ikuhara. The fanservice is a bit much though, but considering the story is literally about homosexuality and homophobia, it is at least tolerable for me.

No. 224190

File: 1658634578528.jpg (209.86 KB, 640x960, ab1cfd4bb331cf0a11449ad4cac415…)

Did anyone watch Birdie Wing? How is it?

No. 224191

Nta, but the love interest in the tatami galaxy isn't at all a mpdg, her personality is serious and down to earth and she doesn't follow the mc around, if anything at moments she faded away a bit too much for my taste and anon was right to call her a plot device, but I guess that's not too much of a problem if you view it as a come of age rather than a love story. Side note, I haven't watched walk on girl yet but I felt like the western(?) trailer for it made her seem more like a mpdg and it put me off a bit.

No. 224192


No. 224193

Vs this

No. 224200

the lead girl in night is short is definitely zany but it isn't without purpose, and she's not like, a mere prop for her male counterpart. definitely just give it a try lmao

No. 224246

Please tell me there’s an upcoming show to be excited about, something, anything, because what’s coming out right now is pathetic
I’m watching yurei deco and kami kuzu and thats it

No. 224262

I'm hype for:
>Chainsaw Man
>Cyberpunk Edgerunners
Might be cool but not much hope:

No. 224289

Mob Psycho s3

No. 224324

>cgi everywhere
it's useless

No. 224387

You really thought these weak ass criticisms were going to be enough to cool my passion?

No. 224390

when I watch this I feel like someone who worked on Ghost in the Shell SAC was in charge…

I wonder if Fujimoto had any creative control of the anime. I bet he would be annoying because he clearly has a lot of opinions about film and how to shoot things lol

No. 224589

Yurei Deco is really starting to come into its own but my gosh does it make me cringe. "I love AI" makes my teeth literally hurt

No. 224678

File: 1658849408117.jpeg (132.89 KB, 1280x720, Yurei Deco.jpeg)

I'm not going to hate on this because I haven't seen it and I liked the music in the trailer, but it looks kinda tumblr adventuretime

No. 224732

It's more like the Black Mirror episode Nosedive

No. 224792

Natsume's Book of Friends makes me cry I'm glad I am home alone I'm just letting it flow. I love a monster of the week story combined with a lonely character learning to open up similarly to march comes in like a lion or slow start. Also I love Nyanko-sensei

No. 224837

It's just not very fun or interesting so far imo.

No. 225118

Its watchable which is better than most shit this season

No. 225166

nona i love csm too but cgi devil is going a little too crazy in that trailer

No. 225168

The majority of the main animation was in 2D, which makes it miles above what we got with dorohedoro. It could of course get much worse in the final product but it's not enough to worry me so far

No. 225304

>find old OVA about an idol superheroine that fights mechs
>sounds interesting
>as soon as it starts the first gag is guy accidentally dropping a cd he was renting, exposing to others that he was renting porn (immediate bad omen)
>it's about group of (all male) (full grown adults) government agents recruiting a superstrong high school girl to become a superheroine and for some reason also an idol, fuckin hell if I understood that shit
>pervy undertones at the beginning
>not even that overt but I spend the rest of the run time completely disgusted just by the concept

I saw this immediately after Galaxy Fräulein Yuna (which I actually enjoyed) and I was so disappointed. I've seen anime and manga with way worse stuff (this was genuinely tame for anime standards) but this one actually reminded me of the amount of pedophile idol fans so I just couldn't shake of the disgust like usual. Although a single shot on the intro and some lines that don't lead to anything give me the feeling there might have been piss kink shit in the original manga.
I'm the type of person that likes to do the least ammount of research about stuff I want to watch. Sometimes it feels nice to feel more surprised at the plot, other times it comes to bite me in the ass.

No. 225400

I fucking hate made in abyss, i hate the pedophilia, i hate the torture porn, i hate the suffering of small children
but god damn if its not incredibly beautiful and fascinating

No. 225402

My sentiments exactly, nonnie.

No. 225420

made in abyss is a horror series miscategorized as fantasy adventure

No. 225508

Sorry that happened to you, sometimes it's also difficult to tell whether an anime is going to have pervert shit or not because it's so normal no one will ever mention it (especially scrotes, who are the target audience). I've been tricked like this but with Irresponsible Captain Tylor, and I can't even call it terrible because it really isn't, but the pervy and harem shit, although tame compared to what you see nowadays, really ruined a lot of it for me, among other issues I had with it. I was so disappointed, I had high expectations for it because it was presented to me as a clever parody of sci-fi anime and especially LoGH, one of my favorite anime, but they forgot to mention those little details that annoyed me to no end. So I'm stuck in this weird limbo where I don't fully like it but don't fully hate it either.
>I'm the type of person that likes to do the least ammount of research about stuff I want to watch
Same. I'll watch anything that seems to have themes that I like and has a good reputation, but sometimes these things happen and it's not easy to tell before you watch because like I said, no one will mention it since it's considered normal and people either don't notice or aren't bothered by it.
Sometimes looking at the source (if it's an adaptation), or the creators' other work, helps you guess what to expect.

No. 225574

File: 1659145751146.jpg (239.37 KB, 1256x489, MIA Analysis.jpg)


I read MiA until it was too disgusting for me to continue, I think this /a/ post sums up the series pretty well.

No. 225577

100% agree. that's why I think it's a horror story.

No. 225582

Sums it up quite well. I like the world building and unfortunately must now find out what’s at the bottom, thus torturing myself.

No. 225597

I'm going to watch NGE, is there anything interesting about the anime, its history, or production I would benefit from knowing beforehand? I don't watch much anime.

No. 225607

uh it's been a while since I watched it but from what I remember / if you are like me, you'll want to watch End of Evangelion immediately after the TV show. It's a movie but actually it's the end of the show (last two episodes redone / alternate ending / complimentary ending / replacement ending/ whatever people want to call it) and it contains some of the "iconic" scenes you might have seen screenshots of before.

other than that have fun. maybe a nona who has seen it more than twice can tell you more.

No. 225613

There is a lot of production lore, interviews with the stuff/Ammo are interesting. i wish I could tell you more but nothing comes to my mind that doesn't come into spoiler territory.
Oh yeah: ignore the Rebuilds unless you like pandering otaku trash with nothing that made the original series good (or redeemed it).
Maybe don't watch on Netflix, the translation has been botched in at least one example.
Don't worry about the sci-fi lore and Bible references too much, just enjoy the ride

No. 225622

Hideaki Anno is extremely bad at managing an animation team's budget and time, so most of his series start well but mid-way the animation becomes very cheap and episodes start reusing footage. It happened with Gunbuster (one of the preview episodes was a carton saying "Sorry we didn't manage to make anything"), it happened with Kare Kano (a romance anime with about 3 entire episodes worth of flashbacks and recaps), and it happened with NGE too, so if the episodes become suddenly very abstract it's not entirely because that's how the writers wanted to tell the story
I recommend watching the Andromeda Strain (1971) movie before watching NGE, it's a little known fact but there are several references to it in Evangelion
You can watch the Rebuilds if you liked FLCL/Diebuster, they're directed by the same guy. There's a certain departure in tone, as Kazuya Tsurumaki is more into over the top action than teenagers screaming and crying, but if you're into things like one single robot fighting a thousand millions other robots with explosions they're worth a watch

No. 225624

File: 1659174557578.png (441.48 KB, 640x480, 3WLgq.png)

No. 225626

>it isn't hard to sit through and painful to remember, it's a fun, enjoyable story about children going on an adventure
But MiA is hard to sit through and painful to remember. Finding it a fun and enjoyable story is completely missing the point of it and shows that the screencap's OP understood nothing about the author's message

No. 225652

I remember starting to watch it back when it aired for the nice concept and worldbuilding but immediately got suspicious of the off-putting way the children were drawn and portrayed. Seemingly innocent scenes at first glance but weird camera angles, choice of focus and so on. Subtle but recognizable. Fucking dropped it immediately after learning about what goes on later in the story and the way its depicted. Absolutely disgusting and pretty sure the author is a paedo, shock value my ass

No. 225653

Better also like underage anime girls shoving their vags at you, as well as ass shots in the middle of what is supposed to be a dramatic scene. Yes, sadly the original NGE also had fanservice, but it was nothing compared to shit going on in Rebuilds. Also, at least it contributed to the narrative (even if the same ideas could have been expressed in a different way), instead of detracting from it.

No. 225665

Sorry but I'm way past the point where I could find ass shots in anime shocking or even notable

No. 225667

I remember watching the first episodes because everyone was saying how good the worldbuilding was. Got a bit weirded out in the first or second episode where the children start talking about genitals. Dropped it as soon as I saw the scene where a teacher punishes the main child character by tieing her up bondage style. I later learned that the manga focuses heavily on child violence and there's a scene where a little boy gets tortured by having some machine attached to his genitals. I still can't believe so many people were able to ignore the pedophilia oozing out of that rancid show.

No. 225671

I think they're trying to say that's the false package it's wrapped up in, not literally how it feels to watch it if you are sane, but I don't know.

No. 225685

NGE is one of those shows you either love or hate. As other nonas said please watch the original series and ignore the rebuilds. NGE is my favourite anime but the rebuilds were meh, if I had watched them first I'd never gotten interested in the universe at all.
Also be prepared to (probably) hate every character. Especially he main char is annoying as fuck but that's I suppose that was the creators' intention

No. 225709

It's not even about shocking, just trashy and ruining whatever narrative that clusterfuck is trying to have

No. 225721

houseki no kuni. they're literally rocks and they're built like toothpicks.

I would say shin sekai yori but everyone freaks out about the gay kissing episode (even though it has a plot purpose). shame because it's literally the only thing that could be considered fanservice in the whole show and the show is really good.

No. 225774

File: 1659268089425.jpg (3.7 MB, 1216x11850, no life loser.jpg)

Here you go anon, I've watched a lot of animes and had nothing to do.
You might want to start with shoujo anime like Chihayafuru, Natsume Yuujinchou, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Kimi ni Todoke.

No. 225775

Haibane Renmei

No. 225830

Golden Kamui is a good one. It has fanservice but not the normal kind since it's all muscular men and the fanservice is a gag lol (I wish the anime spent more time on the historical references, it kinda breezes by them unlike the manga)

No. 226051

File: 1659376081160.png (645.81 KB, 801x649, E4p6xNyVgAQ1BVD.png)

>462 shows watched

No. 226072

any recommendations for comfy nostalgic (bittersweet?) anime similar to samurai champloo? I watched it for the first time recently and loved it

No. 226075

File: 1659386127325.jpeg (320.74 KB, 750x967, Michiko_&_Hatchin.jpeg)

Michiko To Hatchin

No. 226097

Nonnies what do you think about the Cyberpunk trailer? My brother enjoyed the game and is super into the cyberpunk aesthetic and wants to watch this with me, mind you, this is the first anime he will ever watch and fuck I hope they don't add fanservice but knowing kill la kill… I might have to prepare for some awkward moments

the mc looks kinda lame though, I want a hot cyberchad not a fucking re:zero copypasta

No. 226114

I actually haven't watched anime in a few years, but I might watch this. I loved the aesthetics of the game, but I didn't like how the main plot ended up. The MC does look super lame though.

No. 226139

first time I watched a trailer for that I got mildly annoyed & closed the tab. it gave me deja vu and I wondered if they had copied scenes from more famous anime or movies, but I have no idea if they did. not for me I guess.

No. 226151

File: 1659403719335.jpg (86.77 KB, 679x455, Sora-yori-mo-Tooi-Basho-wallpa…)

For old time japan vibes, Dororo and for something more modern day, A Place Further than the Universe

No. 226154

File: 1659403948361.gif (2.12 MB, 498x280, mp100-mob.gif)

Mob Psycho 100, Mars Red, Odd Taxi (one of the best things I have ever seen and not just in anime but media as a whole) and Keep Your hands of Eizouken!

No. 226155

>Keep Your hands of Eizouken!
Seconding. I really liked this one.

No. 226156

oh i love mob psycho so much

No. 226158

me too
i can't wait for the new season!

No. 226163

Eizouken season 2 never

No. 226165

Absolutely based nonna. There are a few offputting moments in it, but overall its so unique and enjoyable, and imo has one of the best endings in anime. It's bittersweet but the message is so powerful, very much "its about the journey, not the destination" in every way. Also based for having a female director for an anime original series with two female protags and multiple black women. I can't think of any other anime truly like it.

No. 226240

God, 4.0 or whatever it's called was awful. Not even in an EoE way or anything controversial, it was just a boring, bad send-off that wasted a good chunk of time trying to make Gendo sympathetic. To waste crucial screentime on explaining why he's a deadbeat dad out of nowhere (read: unironic incel vibes, insufferable teenage intellectual type who latched onto Yui as the first girl to show him normal compassion; this movie made him look even worse) followed by an unforgiveably stiff CGI sequence that looks worse than an MMD skit really soured me on the movie as a standalone entry. For it to be the send-off for the NGE cast? I don't even care enough anymore to hate it.

No. 226243

>shin sekai yori
Based taste. I don't think an anime has ever hurt me so much, and no other anime ever will hurt me as much.

No. 226244

Late reply, but if you haven't started yet, going in blind doesn't hurt. You might not like it the first time around, I really didn't and didn't understand how people say they watched NGE as a kid and loved it. I felt like I was dragging my feet through it. All I knew was that they frequently had budget issues, so I would always laugh at scenes that seemed to prove that point.

Rewatched it 5 years later and truly love it now. It's a hell of a ride of a show. Those 'budget scenes' added to the atmosphere of the show in a way I couldn't appreciate the first time I watched it. I hope you'll enjoy it, but if you hate it and think it's shit I also understand kek.

No. 226251

always wonder how you types get into anime. those aren't real kids lmao, how is it "pedophilia"

No. 226257

Nonas, don't reply to this bait.

No. 226259

File: 1659459351536.jpg (102.46 KB, 1000x600, Inu-oh-2.jpg)

Has anyone watched Inu-Oh? It doesn't seem to be in the totally legal websites I usually watch anime on, there is a talk of it sort of, maybe, who knows, bein shown on cinema theatres in my region and I wonder if it would be worth watching it on cinema (even tho I never go to it), it'll also supposedly be in some streaming service but everything is vague.

No. 226260

I liked Kensuke in 4.0, he was one of the few characters who weren't trashed by the Rebuilds… Until he started lecturing Shinji on how you HAVE TO forgive your parents, even if they abused you and murdered like there is no tomorrow. I don't know if Japan is still that backwards or if it's Anno glorifying Gendo now that he is a father too, but fuck that shit. It's just ridiculous, Gendo isn't just a neglectful, emotionally abusive parent… He would gladly Hitler his way to Yui cause he's that amoral and deranged. The EoE chomp from his wife for neglecting their son is all that he deserved.
I totally forgot about that sketched animation depicting Gendo's teenagehood. Weirdly enough, I think it was my favorite thing in that whole mess. I have related to that Gendo, yet at the same time I agree that he had incel vibes. You know how women and men adore the same book for vastly different reasons? Yeah… The best thing about 3.0+1.0 definitely was One Last Kiss and the new version of Beautiful World.

No. 226326

ayrt I've had this on my watchlist forever so maybe it's time I finally get around to starting it
dororo looks like something I'd enjoy
does a place further than the universe have any fanservice/scrote pandering?

No. 226327

File: 1659483630150.gif (2 MB, 540x295, f3d.gif)

>does a place further than the universe have any fanservice/scrote pandering?
Just some minor boobage but nothing major or for men really, also Mononoke (picrel) would be really good, it's got an amazing art style and very sweet and sad at parts

No. 226330

File: 1659483866742.png (137.15 KB, 500x662, mon.png)

That is one of my favorite anime ever for the message and art.

No. 226333

Claymore, basically female oriented Berserk. The last episodes fall pray to the same shit many anime adaptations do though.

No. 226336

They're both products of the early 2000s so it doesn't surprise me. I don't remember Claire being sexualised anywhere near the level of Lucy/Nyu if that's any help.

No. 226337

Oh totally I agree with that, just remember being like yeeesh can I get a violent girl action without tits flopping out when they fight? Just once? Just one time?
Chainsawman if you read it is not too fanservicey and to give away the end.
Main Character is essentially just a tool for women and he enjoys that, main villain is a very competent girl boss with no empathy. Best girl is the doggirl, the one that acts like a puppy lol.

No. 226338

too much straight-shota pandering in the Claymore anime

at least he grew up in the manga

No. 226339

Samefag although I recall Helsing potentially being worse for coomerism, that or the first episodes groping/rape scenes really stuck with me.

No. 226342

Now that you mention it I remember some retarded love subplot with the 12 year old. Like the incest in Vampire Knight and Elfen Lied totally unnecessary and distracting.

No. 226343

No I totally get it! The scene that stuck with me was Seras Victoria watching her mum being brutally raped from the closet as a child, not so much the fact some old scrote vampire touched her boobie and got what was coming to him. It's pretty insane the amount of 2edgey5me shit unfortunately sprinkled in some of our favourites. As a character I really like Alucard too, especially with the loyalty he displays to Integra not even considering her gender as a factor.

No. 226345

Edge delivers the best dark truths I find.
>the loyalty he displays to Integra not even considering her gender as a factor.
A man who knows his place.

No. 226347

>can I get a violent girl action without tits flopping out when they fight
I know right? sometimes I just overlook it, doesn't do anything for me anyway.

I remember liking the witchblade anime even though it was titstistits, some part of the plot was sad but my memory is failing me. cross ange was also very good in spite of the sexual violence and the absolutely fucking bizarre plot twists. I thought Daphne in the Brilliant Blue was going to be garbage when I saw the outfits but it became one of my favorite shows.

No. 226348

he treats the police girl like shit though + she's used as a fanservice b8 vehicle. that's what turned me off of it personally
plus there didn't seem to be any solidarity between any of them women

No. 226354

>>at least he grew up in the manga
>If you mean in chainsaw
She meant Claymore.

No. 226655

Can anyone make sense of what's actually going on in Summer Time Rendering? I hate that they devote so much time to autistically explaining how shadow copies of objects work and the different rules they have but the plot and characters are all over the place in a way that makes it all so difficult to care about. I've stuck with it this long because the premise really interested me, but it's such a clusterfuck

No. 226676

I've been curious about it as Masaaki Yuasa has been posting weird gif animations of this character for a while, on twitter. I honestly didn't know what they were from and was too lazy to look into it, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it now!

No. 226684

Sorry for off-topic, but why tf were these deleted? was that also the tranny?

No. 226694

yes it was the tranny, he was using his typical troon lingo like
etc in the deleted posts

No. 227452

Just got reminded that bakuman exists. Day ruined

No. 227483

File: 1659744741579.jpg (664.51 KB, 1600x1200, Shin.Shirayukihime.Densetsu.Pr…)

I watched Pretear some months ago (I think an anon recommended it). I tought it was a cute show and the idea of it was neat, but it felt jarring to me how the first half feels so easy going and happy-go-lucky but then after midway through exactly when the princess of disaster appears and scares Himeno shitless it immediately flips and becomes so dramatic and the stakes become super high so quick and Himeno having evangelion-lite identity crisis kek.
I think maybe it's just because it's such a short series so there wasn't really much space to let the show breathe but the tone just has such a perfect cutoff. I don't think I recall any other show feeling like this to me.

No. 227690

More like Witcher

No. 227691

Second CSM trailer got released, could it be… good…?

No. 227700

I know nothing about making links looks nice, but this is an interesting article. It honestly never occured to me that a lot of older anime seem better and ARE better because of the layouts/ backgrounds/ immersion. Western animation industry probably suffers some of the same problems as well. Parts of the article discussing the expectations of anime to be perfect sakuga and always consistent, reminds me a bit of Black Clover episode 63. 90% the comments under it were trashing the "shitty animation". Just because they tried out a different style, or even maybe had less budget, people lost their shit. It looked cool as hell though, and one of the best fight scenes and episode animation, moids are just retarded.

No. 227702

IDK anything about this story, but Power sounds very obnoxious. I can't stand those quirky loud retarded type of characters.

No. 227704

makima should sound older!! I don't know why but I don't like her having a soft voice

I feel the same way about her and I like the story. I think she's supposed to be annoying though so it never bothered me. her voice is annoying here but it's basically what I was imagining when I read it

No. 227705

File: 1659803341566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.09 KB, 1080x1080, img_1_1659669643833.jpg)


I've seen people say they're afraid that when the anime comes out, the fanbase will become "toxic" as if it isn't already the most obnoxious, coomer-infested fan base right now.

It's funny people are still calling BNHA the worst anime fan base when they've mostly been quiet aside from the recent manga update

No. 227712

File: 1659806249522.jpg (12.62 KB, 250x240, fsrjqnisadla.jpg)

I think the funniest part about CSM becoming mainstream is that half of its 'fanbase' are people who never read the manga. I remember they were screeching like crazy at 'muh spoilers' when they barricaded reddit and discord.
Lately I've been thinking over how much the CSM will get messed up even more than it was by it's fandom, considering that everyone's they/them mutual is suddenly a Makimafag. I don't want them to ruin my Quanxi, but I bet they will.

No. 227755

man that 3D cg animation instantly makes me not wanna watch any anime that uses a lot of it
I know some people don't mind it but for me it ruins the anime and makes it look cheap, rushed, and low effort

No. 227756

File: 1659819585506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.76 KB, 827x997, FB_IMG_1659801594574[1].jpg)

There's a lot of people who don't like her voice, but imo the character isn't supposed to feel rough or old, just soft and inviting (at least at the start). I think it'll sound better in the actual anime, when the VA will change tone in the appropriate moments
Pic related will surely change your mind

No. 227773

Yes. Sometimes people like things that you don't. Get over it.

No. 227777

>pseudo-Japanese troomer

No. 227788

Wake me up when Angel Devil shows up.

No. 227792

The state of anime. They really just voice over yet another coombait literal slide show and weebs eat it up.

No. 227799

I know the term gets used a lot these days for characters it doesn't always apply to, but she is a complete manic pixie (or vampire) dream girl character

No. 227805

I hate this trend of shallow waifu-of-the-season anime.

No. 227834

it's a typical thing in anime but i do hate that they gave makima a light, cutesy little girl voice. women can be soft-sounding without also sounding prepubescent.
so annoying.

No. 227864

>inserts trannies in his works
>loves femdom
>chooses a FC as a self-insert
This bevahior screams incel-to-troon pipeline to me

No. 227876

I don't usually like using the term, but have you tried touching grass lately?

No. 227880

Oh no! Does it hurt knowing your dudebro manga was written by an edgelord with troon tendencies?

No. 227890

Can you fuck off? Anime is filled with all sorts of degenerate shit, nobody cares if the latest flavor of the month is also degen bait, it's nothing new and nobody wants to argue about it.

No. 227904

I’ve been subtly posting BL in the threads on /a/ to trick moids into reading yaoi. That’s all.

No. 227910

I think the animation looks pretty good and I am looking forward to it, I have never really interacted with the fanbase luckily but I thought the manga was pretty good, I only remember one slightly degen scene, and idc what you nonnas say but I like all the female characters.
Aki better not have that fucking crimson chin throughout it though

No. 227912

The thing is that Denji is a total loser and it starts out with him just wanting to get laid so that can put people off a bit. The story really grows a lot from there and the female characters are written well imo. Yeah, they're a little waifu-y but they all have their own fleshed out personalities and stories. The only degen scene I can think of is the one with Power, but to me that just makes them both look like awkward losers.

No. 227917

>The thing is that Denji is a total loser and it starts out with him just wanting to get laid so that can put people off a bit
Literally every series made for men in existence

No. 227923

Frankly when you start using terms like "pseudo-japanese" it may be time to wonder if the development of your psyche is going down the right path

No. 227924

Oh no, I've been so mean to your trooncel manga oh noooo.
The most offputting thing is the manga being written by Fire Punch's author, which is heavily praised by the inceloids on /a/. You know a manga is overrated garbage when moids are overpraising it.

No. 228223

wait, who's his self insert?

i fucking love her!!! and her gfs

No. 228228

Wtf is pseudo Japanese tho?

No. 228230

In one of his short stories, he picked two female characters who are supposed to represent parts of himself (they even bear parts of his name, Fujimoto). So yeah, I have the nasty feeling he's gonna pull a Wachowski some day (trooning pit because of a fetish in fiction), but this is Japan so probably not.

No. 228232

oh ok. I thought he was gonna be like "i'm just like makima fr" which would have been extremely funny

No. 228236

nah there are multiple degen scenes in the manga. the one with power you mention, the one with the older drunk lady, stuff with makima… one of the reasons that made me drop the series kek

No. 228448

how scrotey/fanservicey is great teacher onizuka? the description makes it seem like it's about some creepy moid going after high school girls but reading through individual episode summaries it doesn't seem like that at all

No. 228453

It's kinda like Denji from CSM with their original goal being motivated by the horny Onizuka wanted to become a teacher to get his schoolgirl wife (he's also very bold about it and is a proud perv)

No. 228473

so like some scrotery but not overwhelming? I guess I'll give it a chance and watch a few episodes

No. 228481

If you see GTO as a story where an unconventional teacher breaks the communication barrier between teachers and students by being unnecessarily edgy then why not, but keep in mind some of the sexual humor is gross and uncalled for. Like that scene where a middle-aged schoolgirl threw her panties at him and promised him her virginity for breaking a wall so her parents would interact more often, or how he still took creepshots of one of his students while she was about to be gangraped by a mob wanting her father's money.

No. 228482

CSM is straight garbage written by a moid, why are you guys defending it? every female character in that series looks straight out of a femdomfag coomer wet dream

No. 228492

ew ok on second thought maybe I won't watch it, did he at least save the girl from the mob?

No. 228496

She can't answer that because the term only made sense to her when she was still in her manic phase
Contrary to popular belief Makima isn't the sole woman in the series

No. 228513

Yeah and iirc he didn't get fired since her parents were greateful.

No. 228521

Are you trying to see how many buzzwords you can fit in one paragraph or something?

No. 228598

Nta but cope and seethe

No. 228619

You first. How dare people like a series that you don't, right? Why do you care?

No. 228636

chainsaw man isn't even an anime yet, take your shit to the manga thread or shut up until the anime is actually out

No. 229149

This started because anon said she's excited for the anime, which fits this thread. The other nonnie decided to be a sperg and start infighting about it, though.

No. 229558

File: 1660241298397.jpg (129.94 KB, 405x464, IMG_20220723_185013.jpg)

I really don't have patience for shounen anime anymore. Yesterday I tried to watch an older shounen, blue exorcist and it's literally unwatchable for me. I know we like to shit on "cute girls doing cute things" anime because they're usually for incel scrotes, but holy crap none of them have the same obnoxious amount of perverted content that I've seen in some shounen series. Even in series that are generally very tame like demon slayer you get freaks like zenitsu who ruin the mood. And of course, not to mention the annoying pairings shoved in your face.
This is why I tend to watch series with a female (or male) full cast, they tend to do a better job at developing the characters and their relationships and even if something pervy happens it doesn't bother me as much because there are no horny moids in the background.

No. 229657

Yeah I probably couldn't finish Blue Exorcist if I watched it today.

No. 229685

It is a 7/10 manga overrated by coomers
It will be a 7/10 anime overrated by coomers
Simple as

No. 229695

I feel that

No. 229713

Wasn't Blue Exorcist made by a woman? I hate that female artists' talent has to be wasted on scroteshit like that because it's what sells

No. 229719

File: 1660264638017.png (323.68 KB, 377x598, 1579324652805.png)

Ok so we can all agree that Makima and Power sound horrible… but Aki sounds hot af A+ casting there.

No. 229787

File: 1660279207002.jpg (347.08 KB, 490x730, b60.jpg)

Didn't read the novels but I assumed she'd end up with the butler from S2. He didn't feel like picrel or kaichou-kun, whatever his name was again.

No. 229867

File: 1660290881222.jpg (628.14 KB, 1200x967, IMG_20220712_163333.jpg)

Yeah it's common for shounen to be written by women, maybe that's why a lot of the perverted jokes are so exaggerated and "out in your face", because they're trying to mimic scrote humour. It's not good anyway, and these days I don't pay much attention to the gender of the mangaka, and focus more on the content inside

No. 229870

I recall that the creator actually was disgusted at western fans for 'simping' over Makima, because he wrote her as an evil character who is not supposed to be liked.

No. 229925

Are you sure about this? I don't know anything about CSM but she is an anime girl, seems really retarded to me that the author would expect readers to dislike her. I'm sure she has tons of fans in Japan as well.

No. 229943

kek you sure he wasn't trolling? makima was created for the coomer audience, why would anyone care if she's evil

No. 229973

I saw that happen a long time ago, not sure if I can find it anymore. Possibly from his twitter ? But he at least really felt uneasy over the whole 'bark' meme from westerns, he didn't like it.

No. 229989

I am legit so fucking tired of male power-fantasy isekaishit. you can't even talk about the awful tropes that keep popping up in the genre ("""kind""" slave masters, 20282802020 year old lolis, obvious pedobait, the blatant inceloid shit going on) without some weeb moids going: "oh hurr durr durr ish naht reel wha arr yu sho twiggered by ink on paper?? those girls LIKED being shwaves so it's all wight for them to remain hish undeage shwaves hurr durr". a lot of this shitty tropes can be found with popular shows like The Rising of the Shield Hero, Redo of Healer, Mushoku Tensei, (Slave) Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World and so much more

and even if you do ignore the ~~problematic~~ themes that the genre usually has, a lot of the shows still sucks ass courtesy of have how repetitive the plots are. (truck-kun murders protag-kun and protag-kun reincarnates in generic JRPG fantasyland #1029829201 where he meets harem girl #1yadayadayada)

I know a lot of nonnies in the thread had already expressed how doghsit the genre is but i needed to personally get this out of my system 'cause i know if i went to MAL or AniTube I'll get dunk on by weeb moids who are fans of shows I wrote above.

No. 229990

What's funny is that this genre often parodies JRPGs but many of the most influential and/or successful ones have very different aesthetics and vibes, besides Dragon Quest. Pokemon and SMT are urban fantasies taking place in our world, most mainline FF have a steampunk, cyberpunk or futurist look and setting, even the ones taking place in a medieval Europe like setting don't look that stereotypical, Xeno-games are straight up scifi… And even old anime were better at parodying them, like Slayers for example.

No. 230002

it's horrible and isekai with original ideas simply don't sell

No. 230006

NTA, Makima spends 3/4 of the manga seducing Denji, she’s constantly portrayed as the uwu domme gf, she’s forced into empathetic situations (when she cries during the movie) and all her scenes have her ass or boobs showing or behaving highly sexual. You can tell me whatever you want but I wil never ever believe she wasn’t written for femdom fanservice as waifu material.

No. 230012

well you're not a moid, so you don't see her from a moid pov

No. 230013

I mean my point was that people will like her regardless of what she did because she is an anime character. All attractive anime characters have fans and it is retarded to expect people to dislike them based on their actions. If you want that, make them ugly.

No. 230014

I recommend legit farmers to stop talking about Makima until the troon is dealt with. You never know when it's him talking to himself, until he namefags or mentions his actual sex/his femdom fetish

No. 230016

>not a moid
that's literally the schizo tranny, anon. he spams grell/niche husbando pics to try and fit in. he very much does see her from a male pov.

No. 230021

File: 1660316686715.jpg (247.04 KB, 640x960, b06a81b50b4a26a0b8caeb750c371d…)

Unpopular opinion but I think Power's is perfect. She's supposed to be annoying and grating so it makes sense her voice would be kek. But yes we can all agree on Makima at least and Aki sounds so sexy I'm glad they did my husbando justice. Overall I'm excited!


Picrel is the only valid isekai anime.

No. 230023

How do we know it's a tranny? Will report from now on.

No. 230027

Would not be surprised because of the Grell thing. Not the anon from earlier but on a few image board sites there’s a weirdo with a tranny and piss fetish that always posts about Grell or Berg from Gatchaman Crowds.

No. 230028

Doing the thing in /ot/ too. The way he is unable to discern the nuances of using husbando pics on female imageboard kek women even the autistic ones are built different from a man.

No. 230031

Clocked behavior

No. 230033

What the hell are you sperging about?

No. 230037

You can go check the meta thread because he spams it nonstop with nonsensical posts like this. Has the same weird fixation on "fitting in" with us and how "good" he is at it that all trannies do, says things like "meds now" a lot, weird youtube music links, vigorous samefagging, unhinged typing style, vitriol towards the mods and admin, vitriol towards fujoshis, defending anime coomershit, etc. etc. Don't reply to him at all. Report and ignore.

No. 230046

Have you been living under a rock these past couple weeks? I mean, I don't blame you, this troon and the other moid spammers are annoying as fuck.
He literally namefagged earlier, I'm surprised you didn't notice. Here's a list of other things that help identify him easily: >>>/meta/39572
He's been posting everywhere non-stop and he's always obvious as fuck

No. 230068

File: 1660328505813.jpg (54.26 KB, 600x747, okumuratwins.jpg)

Even though shounen written by women, like Ao No Exorcist and Noragami, also have pervert " humor " and stupid character designs, I noticed that the writing of the female characters is much better than the average shounen written by men, so I can give those stories a pass and enjoy them. Not to mention the male characters are cute.
Sounds like bullshit. Why would Fujimoto feel offended that people are attracted to Makima, when that's the type of women he's into in the first place? He gave an interview a while ago talking about his ideal type, and he said he likes though women and that he wants them to be on a higher pedestal than men.

No. 230122

File: 1660338922319.gif (208.17 KB, 128x128, 834076931481403402.gif)

>video became private
It's happening! They're erasing all traces of Makima's VA and re-recording all of her lines!

No. 230128

It was just a lie/shitpost made by chainsawfags

No. 230163

File: 1660350674480.jpeg (35.14 KB, 1350x675, link-clic-season-2.jpeg)

On episode 4 of this, bf's lil sister recommending it and I am obsessed. I also love Qiao Quito a bunch. Thanks for listening

No. 230165

What is this? What did you like about it? Looks interesting

No. 230170

File: 1660351563372.jpeg (833.1 KB, 4093x2894, 9ACC16AB-BD9C-48C9-8CFC-D82766…)

Chinese manga turned anime called Link Click. It's about people being able to solve things via going into the pictures. The black hair one goes into the picture and taking picture of the photographer, while the white hair commands him what to do so he doesn't alter the future or past by doing. The main girl is the landlord and takes in people's request.
I like the idea, and how it isn't coomer. The art and animation is pretty cool, and I am starting episode 4, so it's not cool things happening yet. Another to bump pornposter.

No. 230174

Thanks, that sounds really fun, I might watch it. I've been wanting to watch some donghua but I hadn't found any that caught my attention. It looks like its target audience is women with the nonsexualized girl and the two hot boys

No. 230189

I watched the first ep but it didn't really hook me, does it get better? I got the impression it's episodic and I'm not a big fan of that.

No. 230201

File: 1660360257307.jpeg (1.1 MB, 4584x2500, 1JJBbm3ogFwV3y276ThX0HYwSiMG0n…)

If you like vampires I'd recommend Vanitas for husbandos.

No. 230209

Sorry for sperging, but this pic reminded me that I hate modern digital anime art. I mean actual animation/promo pictures for anime. I hate the way they do shading now with those shitty gradients and horrible airbrush for highlights. It's so cheap looking.
These guys' designs are ok though, it's just the art style and shading that I hate.

No. 230218

same. before I expanded the image I thought it was a picture of figurines on a generic sparkle background.

No. 230242

File: 1660371757553.jpg (2.26 MB, 3103x4357, Ao.no.Exorcist.full.1340906.jp…)

No wonder I liked Ao No Exorcist so much back in the days despite typical fanservice popping out every now and then. I was way too invested in the character development and romance parts lol (it always felt like "will they or will they not").
I agree so much nonnie, i could never point out what rubs me the wrong way in these types of artworks now.

No. 230264

ah yes, blue exorcist, the series known for great female characters lmao
you guys are a lost cause

No. 230275

I only watched the anime when it came out - when I was an early pickme teen back then mind you, and I can't remember a single decent female character. The bros were cute that's my memory of the show.

No. 230393

It is… kinda? 3-4-5 connects then episode 1-10-11 also connects? I just finished 5 so I cannot tell you much! Although, I see what you mean

No. 230420

File: 1660405869921.jpg (209.69 KB, 1200x933, EZ_-2OtU4AA0Pp_.jpg)

The manga has gorgeous artwork but the Bones adaption looks like ass, mainly the color choices. If you could slap a gentle sepia filter over it to harmonize the colors, it would probably look great.

No. 230423

I started the manga long ago and I'm considering buying the volumes little by little. Is Pandora Hearts also good? I've heard that the Pandora Hearts anime is shorter than the manga and when I read the first volume long ago I had a hard time following what was going on.

No. 230426

I haven't read it in a long time, but I prefer Vanitas because the characters are all adults and the story is more level-headed. Pandora is more childish all around I think. It's certainly worth a read though. Author is cursed though, the Pandora adaption's story got messed up, and the Vanitas adaption had Bones ruin the color design. The OP and ED are also bad. The seiyuu and background art redeem it though.

No. 230431

Back when it was airing there was barely any good anime, nonna. Especially if you needed overseas translation.

No. 230461

Dropped it because of the insufferable Yato wannabe dude

No. 230464

>t. never read the manga

No. 232791

File: 1661197059407.jpg (190.7 KB, 424x600, 120324l[1].jpg)

Is Lycoris Recoil any good? It's popular right now but it looks a lot like waifu bait

No. 232804

I watched one ep and it was just the unoriginal "highschool girls being badass" trope. The show also kills a lot of bad guys at the beginning but then the MC doesn't want to kill anyone, only knocks them out. Very lame.
It's probably popular because of the yuri bait.

No. 232868

The first couple of episodes were good but it's been dragging the last two weeks. Like the other anon said is mainly popular because of the yuribait

No. 232891

File: 1661249458619.jpg (112.97 KB, 800x1200, MV5BNmU5ZDc0YzUtZjhmNi00ZWY4LW…)

is Nadia worth watching or is it just another typical'classic' aka retro coomer shit

No. 232897

Loved this series as a kid, if you're gonna watch the dub the main kids french accent is very bad lol

No. 233013

late but having trannies in your work doesn't signal supporting them. in that specific case (you must be referring to fire punch) it felt more to me that he wanted to depict body/existential horror than like, a tranny.

No. 233023

Are you guys excited for Panty&Stocking S2?

No. 233032

shonen is a genre for 12 y/o boys…of course it's going to be perverted and stupid. congrats, you've grown out of media for literal children

No. 233034

mildly. i'll have to rewatch the series to get truly hype (and i dunno if i'll even enjoy it as much as i once did, as a dumbass teen) but yeah

No. 233037


i am old and depressed now so no

No. 233047

>media for literal children
Nonna that's the problem.

Also NTA but sometimes media that is technically aimed at kids can be nice as something that you can completely shut of your brain to watch. Near constant pervy shit not only ruins the mood, but it's also generally dreadful to become aware that a country's whole teenage boy content is filled with "being a pervert/sexual harrasser is funny and quirky!"

No. 233066

File: 1661302501121.jpg (97.54 KB, 542x630, 0704400020612_p0_v1_s1200x630[…)

Almost 10 years of waiting and it's finally getting here, of course I'm going to watch it!

No. 233336

As long as they keep the same director it'll be good, otherwise it could just turn up into the later seasons of FLCL

No. 233403

Does anyone else keep mistaking my dress up darling cosplays for kuroneko at first glance, or is that just me?

No. 233414

File: 1661377831424.jpg (45.15 KB, 1136x640, JP8XurFE_rQ-su-c.jpg)

MHA fans are another breed, it's so fucking funny, and the artist being 100% serious is the cherry on top

No. 233423

File: 1661379899644.jpg (24.31 KB, 512x465, 4.jpg)

I'm like 99% sure it'll be the same director, he's the co-founder of Trigger and since that's the studio making it instead of Gainax it wouldn't be crazy to presume so. I know he's very passionate about the show & has wanted to bring it back for ages, the OG staff who worked on it (now at trigger) have never stopped creating episode ideas so I think it'll be very inline with the first season

No. 234089

File: 1661617178760.jpg (208.19 KB, 640x360, 745f0b56077da82cefdf4d7f95870f…)

Don't watch, you may think it's going somewhere but it's a bait. I've never been so disapointed thinking of the potential but you'll only find shit rushed ending.

No. 234223

File: 1661645191025.jpg (75.1 KB, 736x981, ad99c6a1b0f07884a0b71ae02a14e0…)

Nonnies I am watching Inuyasha again after never really finishing it as a kid and it's just as good and cute as I remember. I actually find it pretty funny as well, I haven't laughed at anime in years.

No. 234229

Ugh I love inuyasha, it’s genuinely so funny and underrated

No. 234239


No. 234298

Damn and i thought i was a heavyweight at 325 shows watched

No. 234810

File: 1661847810281.jpg (246.02 KB, 640x960, MV5BMjUxMzE4ZDctODNjMS00MzIwLT…)

Why do fans of Steins;Gate get so defensive when you say you don't like it or find it overappreciated? There have been a few times when I've been asked for my opinion on it and I say I didn't care for it and they immediately go into defensive mode. I know most people get like that when it comes to their favorite show, but the way Steins;Gate fans do it is so…pretentious? I guess? Like it's hard to at least get to a point of "let's just agree to disagree" because they get so weird about it.

No. 235690

File: 1662135832469.jpg (324.31 KB, 1064x1596, MV5BNzRmNGUyYWItY2EyOS00YTVjLT…)

I watched Girls und Panzer out of curiosity half expecting it to have gross coomer shit in it, and it really is just about ww2 tanks, ww2 tanks tactics and good sportsmanship

No. 235694

My favorite part about that show are the floating city ships I always loved that. I haven't thought about this show in years

No. 235712

File: 1662146535959.jpg (534.53 KB, 1920x1080, ooaraicarrier[1].jpg)

It's strange how cheerful and optimistic the GuP world is given it's a hypermilitaristic society. I guess that's what happens when moids aren't allowed in the army

No. 235725

I feel like Steins;Gate is a lot of peoples first anime, and I used to get like that with only Inuyasha, too lol.

No. 235747

I wonder how many shows I would have NOT watched if dropped everything as early as I do now. I am above 1400 last time I checked which is quite shocking. I don't watch live action though and socializing is too much work for me, saves a lot of time. And Taiga + Anilist make it so easy to follow stuff.
I miss Manglobe originals so much. A shame they never sold, I bet they would be way more successful nowadays with streaming numbers counting and everything.
The last years were kinda weak imo, like back then 2008-2010 (for me). Spring 2021 was fucking awesome though but other than that I usually only really like one or two series per season.

No. 235982

nta but i have 491 animes watched and i'm not tracking the ones i dropped like 3 episodes in. if i did, i'd probably have like double the amount of that.

i suddenly stopped enjoying anime almost a year ago and now i find it incredibly cringe. i really like older stuff, like arina tanemura or clamp or the original sailor moon or ojamajo doremi… but i can't stand shounen shit, coomer shit, husbando shit, etc. the last thing i was hyped about was jjk, but i just can't bring myself to care anymore. i like it better this way because seeing weebs in public always makes me cringe (fsr everyone in this city LOVES naruto?!) but i still feel a bit sad because i feel like a huge part of what made me "me" is gone now.

i read a fuckton of books now, though.

No. 236164

File: 1662314846689.jpg (1.64 MB, 2125x1627, Kaguya-sama.wa.Kokurasetai.ful…)

I just finished watching Kaguya Love is War and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I just needed something mindless and light-hearted to watch when I came home from work, but I got so invested that I teared up at the end of the second and third season because of how sweet I thought their dynamic was lol.

For most of these shounen-oriented romance stories I find it hard to want the main couple to end up together because I don't care for the male lead (and honestly I don't feel strongly for a lot shoujo male leads either), but Shirogane is really endearing and he puts so much effort into trying to make Kaguya happy that I did really want them to end up together. And he also doesn't seem like a generic, spineless self-insert character. I don't think it's objectively an amazing show so I get it if other nonas don't care for it. Just wanted to sperg a little since I just finished it and was pleasantly surprised by how invested I was. I think their dynamic is lovely- how Shirogane worked so hard and became an impressive person because of Kaguya and Kaguya opened up and started enjoying her life more because of Shirogane. It made me so emotional.

No. 236216

Yeah no if I counted every dropped show and ones I never finished but want to I'd be in the 1000s as well.
I can stand less and less anime nowadays. In the 2010s I used to watch like 15-20 per season. Nowadays I'm lucky if I get to watch 5 per season. Idk if it's just me but they feel less interesting and I don't have time to waste on things I don't like too much.
I still have a mountain of old shows I need to watch tho.

No. 236496

Recommend me some animes with a female protagonist that doesn't involve romance or the romance is very minimal.

No. 236509

>literally any idol shit or cgdct anime
>Nami yo, kiite kure, Minare suddenly finds herself working part time during the late night segment of a radio show.
>Kageki Shoujo, about the 100th class of the Takarazuka venue's school. Got discussed quite a bit upthread (or was it the thread before this one?)
>Maiko-sanchi no makanai-san, Kiyo isn't fit for the Maiko lifestyle but ends up being their housekeeper.
>Binbougami ga, Ichika has too much luck in her life, so goddess of calamity Momiji comes to take it from her. Coomer warning.
>Hanyou no Yashahime, the unloved Inuyasha sequel, but I liked it lol.
>Dame x Prince Anime Caravan, Ani has to help signing a peace treaty between several neighboring countries. Is surrounded by males, nothing romantic ever happens though.
>Jigoku Shoujo, Enma Ai, hell girl, carries out death wishes for people who call her.
>Ani ni tsukeru kusuri wa nai, short anime about the shenanigans of two siblings, a younger sister and an older brother, and their friends. There's some crushing, but nothing happens so far.
>Jouran, Sawa is set on seeking revenge on the people who killed her entire family.
>Doreiku, play a game against a fellow SCM carrier and make them listen to your every wish for the next 24 hours. Eia wants to test her people reading skills and slowly gets entangled in the story of all the other carriers. Coomer warning, and not the comedy kind.
>Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy, Hijiri changes schools and ends up befriending an entire chuunibyou troupe. Based on the vocaloid song. Some implied crushes in the last episode, but nothing happens.
>Shadow House, dolls working as servants and faces for shadow people, slowly uncovering the mysteries of the house they're living in.
>Coppelion, three girls have to set out and explore destroyed cities. Watched it just after it aired, so it's been about a decade, but I don't remember any romance.
>Rozen Maiden, depending on whether you see Shinku or Jun as protagonist. Seven dolls have to fight each other to become the ultimate doll.

No. 236529

No/almost no romance, minimal fanservice: Nichijou, Girlish Number, Gatchaman Crowds, Shirobako, Hanayamata, Carole&Tuesday, Sakura Quest, Lain, any idol series

Some romance, some fanservice: Michiko to Hatchin, Top Wo Nerae Gunbuster/Diebuster (it's definitely coomerish but I enjoyed the story and characters a lot)

MC is technically a woman but the plot follows a bunch of side characters: Paranoia Agent

No. 236532

asobi asobase if you like comedies
girls und panzer
girls last tour
samurai champloo (kinda? three protags but only one is a woman)
madoka magica
gabriel dropout, k-on, most moe/slice of life animes with an all female main cast

No. 236565

I saw AMB S2 announcement yesterday hype

I know this is probably going to get some hate but anyone else watch Bastard if nothing else for the nostalgia of older manga/anime? It makes me feel the same way I do whenever I rewatch Escaflowne.

No. 236573

These are not exactly what you were asking for but we seem to have similar taste and another nonna already mentioned Trinity Blood and I can't really think of any other gothic anime. So I will add Witch Hunter Robin, xxxHolic, Darker than Black, Ghost in the Shell and Deadman Wonderland maybe. Honorable mention goes to Noblesse but the manwha was so much better and it's a lot newer than the others. Definitely all have good dark elements if you enjoy that.

Because those types think they are deep intellectual beings for being S;G fans kek. May have been a first anime for quite a few too. I watched it and never got the hype. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't mind blowing for me like it seemed to be for others.

Even if I find an anime or two a season that interests me I struggle to keep current and maybe binge it when it's done instead vs younger me who would be waiting for new eps to drop weekly and watched like half the season's offerings.

I would be so curious what all is on other nonna's old backlog to watch.
Mine is all over the map
Intial D
Magic Knight Rayearth
Super Gals
Panty and Stocky (Before the new season)
Original Sailor Moon series that come after the main one
Code Geass
Vampire Princess Miyu

off the top of my head

No. 236587

dude samurai champloo is a bad one because Fuu straight out SUCKS. She literally does nothing and helps in no way at all. Also she doesn't have a personality.
Cowboy Bebop is a billion times better and Faye is a badass

No. 236621

Did you watch past the first five episodes? She's also like 15, the other two are 19-20, and they're all useless assholes in their own way, but by the end of the series Fuu saves the other two guys (mostly Mugen) a number of times.

No. 236655

File: 1662483020254.png (317.97 KB, 1185x666, episode-4-fuu-prepares-to-roll…)

She throws a mean dice though

No. 236658

In addition to all of the above:
Kino no Tabi, Shigofumi, Seirei no Moribito, Haibane Renmei, Azumanga Daioh, Hibike Euphonium, Yuru Camp, Psycho Pass and Boogiepop Phantom

No. 236740

personally I liked fuu, she was able to bring these two unruly samurai who hated each other together on this long adventure to find someone who she wasn't even sure existed and never gave up no matter how bad things got or how annoying her traveling companions were - and she's saved the guys a few times and was always trying to get money so they could afford food
sure she's far from being a great female protag but is decent overall imo

No. 236940

File: 1662564060704.png (2.64 MB, 958x1343, eyes.PNG)

Just remembered that this anime exists. I was watching it on youtube back in the days of 3 part anime videos kek. Literally as I was got to the last two episodes, youtube started cracking down on anime on the platform and I never finished it.

No. 236948

I love and hate the old anime experience of only being able to watch like half of an anime on youtube because either the creator stopped uploading or youtube took them down. I watched the first few episodes of tales of symphonia like.. 10 times over.

No. 236966

I'd recommend Tweeny Witches, Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing, The Promised Neverland (the author mentioned Norman being in love with Emma or something, but it's unimportant to the plot so I don't think it counts), most moeshit really if you're into to that genre like Is the order a rabbit?.

No. 236968

Something, Sound! Euphonium too.

No. 236980

what's the name?

No. 236993

Why rec Fam, it is not good at all compared to the original.

No. 236994

File: 1662582055661.jpg (96.29 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_pbjmncwGdl1s4tn5…)

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

No. 237024

I bought a dvd boxset of this on impulse because it was like $20 at a music store called banana records or something a million years ago. I hated it!! lmao

No. 237025

Gatchaman Crowds is so good

No. 237094

Damn, I loved this show. I think it was my first not-really-mainstream anime. None of my friends had ever heard of it.

No. 237113

Really?! I loved it so much, I wanted to know what the fuck was up with the blade children! I think a few years ago I skimmed the last episode but the anime ends on a cliffhanger or something so you don't find out shit kek. I want to watch it anyway though, then read the manga to find out what the fuck is going on. I read the whole plot on wiki but it's confusing because I just don't have any context of what's going on anymore. Supposedly there's "blatant displays of sex" in the manga? lmao what. Also went to look up the people who did the ending because I like the song and found out an interesting note that the band disbanded because one of the members was convicted of rape… huh.

Wow was it really not mainstream? I kind of believe it but I felt like at the time it was popular. I can't believe it's 20 years old now.

No. 237119

It fills me with nostalgic joy but yeah it sucks ass hahaha. I still love the ending though.

No. 237122

Kek I remember watching this show because they used to play it on the Funimation channel. I must have been around 10ish (actually maybe even younger), but I was obsessed with this show and Black Cat because I was ridiculously attracted to the MCs of both of those shows. I have no idea why.

No. 237124

File: 1662602834902.jpg (19.13 KB, 400x300, eec97a71897b6bd82fcebfc11249ee…)

I never watched Black Cat but my sister did and she loooved it. I actually watched Spiral because of her too kek.

I didn't have hots for Narumi but Eyes??? Was in love with that edgy motherfucker.

No. 237128

The plot of the manga got weird towards the end, but at least it somewhat cleared up the ever-looming "What are the Blade Children?" question the anime hand-waved at the end. And I was looking up the ending song the other day too, and was totally surprised about Hysteric Blue's disbanding

It's so nice to see Spiral love itt I went into a nostalgia trip recently. Kanone was one of my first husbndos

No. 237257

oh shit i remember this one, i liked the girl with grey hair and pigtails. on the other hand the mc's brother wife used to annoy me

No. 237388

same, there were several seasons in recent years where I didn't watch a single new show. But there are countless older anime I still want to watch so I'm almost relieved when a new season is completely irrelevant to me.
Gotta admit that I was never up to date in my whole weeb life and only started acknowledging current trends (more or less) after following some costhot threads on here kek usually I'm 1-3 years late to the party

No. 237760

File: 1662780403122.jpg (80.3 KB, 608x519, nutbladder.jpg)

anyone like slow anime like Hidamari Sketch?

No. 237810

Anyone else getting real tired of modern anime nowadays? I mean look at the current shit airing and about to be aired–isekaishit, haremshit, or moeshit, plus there's an onslaught of self-insert MCs x Wish Fulfilment Girl of the Month Archetype (Gyaru! Bully! Cosplayer! Teaser! Jesus I can't stand this genre, that and the fact there's no female equivalent of it) Like what the fuck? The only decent anime that are worth watching this year is To Your Eternity, Kakegurui Twin and maybe Spy X Family (just finished it recently it was alright, but honestly pretty overrated).

Anime nowadays seems to be too intent to pandering to their nasty consoomer otaku base. Honestly the only anime I'm intent on watching now are the oldies from the 2000's. Damn I'm really aching to go back to the anime era where the "Big 3" were still a thing, ugh.

What are your favorite oldie animes nonnies? Or those that you think deserve more attention but never went mainstream?

No. 237811

As long as it's not too moe moe kawaii desu I'm down for it.

No. 237813

>Anyone else getting real tired of modern anime nowadays?
Absolutely. But most anime fans cope with it saying that trash anime also existed back in the day or that anime isn't getting worse and further removed from realism each decade.

No. 237815

File: 1662798285972.jpg (139.64 KB, 425x600, 127107l.jpg)

Yes. I have been watching anime non-stop from 2008 until 2017, that's when i got done with anime industry altogether. The fact that everyone is just chasing trends and copying the same thing on another is just sad, but hey, normies and coomers eat that shit up (cough cough KOBAYASHI).
I honestly don't mind Spy X Family, but that's all because I've been reading the manga beforehand for a few years. I am so bored of the current souless anime trends that I will probably only watch the upcoming Eternal Boys anime, and only for lulz, after all they are pushing the idol trend too (and the only idol anime which i enjoyed was Im@s), it's about middle-aged men who will become idols.

No. 237828

>middle aged
Yeah sure, they really look like it, kek.

No. 237830

Anime became shit when it hit the mainstream, I blame Darling in the Franxx, Zero Two was so big that even normiest of the normies (fuckign kim kardashian) were posting about her, studios realized that they can just make shitty anime with shitty plot as long as it has The Waifu Of The Season it will sell well and go viral online and sell lots of merch.

No. 237831

Yeah. The vibe hasn't been the same sense.

No. 237832

Princess Tutu is amazing.

No. 237834

>Anime became shit when it hit the mainstream, I blame Darling in the Franxx
KEK anime became mainstream way before that.

No. 237836

Honestly, to me the tipping point was when SAO became popular. I know SAO hate is kind of beating a dead horse (ngl Alicization looks cool besides the rape trope it used–again), but let's be real here this was the show broke the waterways to so many isekais plaguing the streams.

The waifubait shit with Zero Two is true too. Moiderino weebs will latch onto to any female character they can waifufy on before the new girl shows up and then they repeat the process. It was Tohru then Ralphtalia, Marin then Yor, and with Chainsaw Man coming up either Mamima or Power next.

No. 237838

Yeah, but we have more streaming sites and talking about anime is generally "cooler"/normie now, before the medium still had that lingering reputation of "schoolgirl tentacle rape porn". Plus, with the pandemic and normies bored out their mind they have to watch SOMETHING to kill the time.

No. 237839

Samefagging, meant Makima.

No. 237840

Are you doing this post every month

No. 237844

Im not saying anime became mainstream with DITF I’m just saying it made the waifu of the season shit much much bigger than it was

No. 237845

I think maybe it became shit when crunchyroll started streaming and also got monetized

No. 237848

File: 1662803091107.jpg (100.17 KB, 736x1170, 145b681b5c913491a9195aa4afde1f…)

God i fucking hate this pickme anime. I am so happy the hype of it is over. People who praise it should neck themselves and watch an actual romance anime.

No. 237850

>Damn I'm really aching to go back to the anime era where the "Big 3" were still a thing, ugh.
I'm weirdly nostalgic for the big 3 lately even though I was never that into them back in the day. I'm rewatching One Piece (not that I finished it before) but it's the kai version that cuts out all the filler. I also downloaded Naruto without filler to watch if I ever finish OP.

I just don't care for recent popular battle manga much less popular series in general, couldn't get into JJK or Chainsaw Man and BNHA only held my attention for a little while. But I still felt the urge to watch a long, fun, turn your brain off series I can get invested in.

No. 237851

Not if you lived in a small area.

No. 237855

Used to be you had to wake up early to quietly watch sailor moon at 6am on Saturday mornings (2 inches from the screen at the lowest volume possible so as not to wake anyone else up.) Now it’s on every dang ol iPad and doohickey

No. 237856

File: 1662810188021.jpg (4.53 MB, 4922x6797, 384994.jpg)

Personally I haven't been watching anime much the past few years, mostly just reading manga. I even went back to the shows that catapulted me into weebdom like soul eater and I couldn't really watch it as an adult because there was too much fanservice kek. Even so, I really loved the distinct style soul eater has compared to other shows aimed at kids/teens today.
I think the anime industry feels less diverse in terms of content and themes nowadays, and there's less hidden gems per season. There's also a big drop in quality when it comes to production, compositing and so on. I remember this article detailing it well.

No. 237866

Agreed. My best friend and me have used pre-SAO and post-SAO as a divider for years now because we've noticed the exact same thing lol.

No. 237876

i thought yuri on ice and its massive popularity at the time of its airing would cause a massive shift and open the market to more female oriented anime lmao i was so naive. they just doubled down on moid pandering anime with high production value and poorly done sports series

No. 237892

File: 1662826537548.jpg (154.18 KB, 450x600, 1420331516727.jpg)

>getting real tired of modern anime
>To Your Eternity, Kakegurui Twin and maybe Spy X Family are worth watching
Wut? TYE and Spyfam are probably some of the best representatives of the low effort generic anime that gets made nowadays. TYE is very painfully poorly written cringy shonen anime and SpyFam is literally souless MacDonald's tier anime where even its own author admits it. I haven't watched Kakegurui Twin but I assume it's the same as the 1st season; entertaining and definitely higher effort but still fanservicy and tropy.

No. 237897

File: 1662827845421.jpg (1.56 MB, 2475x3059, 350058.jpg)

Isn't kakegurui full of weird coomer shit? I watched the first episode and dropped it because everyone was orgasming while playing rock paper scissors.

I don't think I was invested in a single anime this year, Sonny Boy and Odd Taxi were the only ones I liked last year. What I'd really like to see more of is shojo or josei that isn't just romance or some kind of a idol/sports anime.

No. 237913

Spy fam anime turned Anya into a baby instead of a slightly goofy psychic child, I thought it was weird. And now she’s babybrained in the manga too.
Feels like just military/breeder propaganda now

No. 237946

File: 1662841438449.jpg (37 KB, 350x490, hidamari-sketch-x-hoshimittsu-…)

It's cute girls going to art school with ume-sensei's (madoka's) cute art, with old Shaft style cutaways and humor. It's not an anime you can speed run either. I hope you like it.

No. 237953

Anya IS a 4 year old retard tho

No. 237996

File: 1662853035627.png (606.25 KB, 1440x810, 5dhvd4nupuh21.png)

Kakegurui is coomer yeah, but I personally like it due to its unhinged overdramaticness lmao. That, and the facial expressions.

No. 238003

what are some really depressing anime that make you feel kinda awful after watching them? something like wolfs rain

No. 238012


No. 238013

Grave of the Fireflies. Shit broke me.

No. 238019

I mean Japan's birth rate is declining so… not too far-fetched.

No. 238135

For sure but the story used to be told from her perspective in fully formed thoughts and sentences. She basically grunts and coos now

No. 238485

Shounen were just as dumb as isekai shows when I was growing up, except I was also young and dumb so it fit my taste back then. Nowadays I just don't have the patience or the pure ability to be amazed by explosive animation, so even something like Demon Slayer is just meh.
I've been watching the Made in Abyss adaptation even though I've already read this arc in manga form (yeah, pedo scrote mangaka, but at least it does deliver on the body horror and brutality of the setting), and will probably check out the Witch Hat Atelier adaptation, absolutely nothing interested me just based on description or trailer in the last 4-5 seasons.

No. 238593

There's some nice sequels next season and some female target shows that seem promising. Are you not interested in any?

No. 238623

>baby yoda can make people have kids
Seriously? I have no hope for normies lol.

No. 238634

File: 1663066282277.jpg (478.2 KB, 2500x1406, a790b89b342585a615365c3c3dba99…)

Won't have a chance to watch this probably until next week but I'm looking forward anons' opinions on Edgerunner!

No. 238643

I'll watch the Mob Psycho sequel, but I don't really see anything all that promising based on anichart.net info.

No. 238747

>some female target shows that seem promising
NTA but which ones are those??

No. 238800

Have you tried Golden Kamuy? If not, I think you'd like it if you liked MiA. The fights can get pretty crude and there's a lot of Ainu infodump which is my favorite part.
The DIY anime has a nice artstyle and it could be interesting if they focus on actually doing the DIYs.
Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai has rakugo stuff wich is pretty unique for anime so might be cool, although visually it doesn't look too nice.
I also never saw the original Urusei Yatsura and I was a huge Inuyasha fan back in the day so here's hoping it's nice.

Kokyuu no Karasu looks very promising, and it's an adaptation from an actual novel.
Mushikaburi-hime looks very cute and with good budget. I'm not even a huge shojo romance fan, but some anime in this category have been some of the most enjoyable and memorable things I've seen, so my hopes are high.
And Cool Doji Danshi, I read a bit of this back when it was just drawings on twitter and I thought it was very cute and funny. Author is nice as well. The premise was thay they're guys who look cool but accidentally do dumb things in public. My forgetful ADD brain relates a lot.

No. 238851

Does someone need to have prior knowledge from the Cyberpunk game to understand this or nah?

No. 239026

No thank you lol.

No. 239036

>Kokyuu no Karasu
Hey, I've read about this one! I found it while doing some research on anime and manga that appeals to women (outside of shoujo and josei). The director is a woman, which is, to say the least, pretty rare in anime. She has also worked on Gintama, her name is Chizuru Miyawaki.
Cool Doji Danshi sounds like the Cute Boys Doing Cute Things I would enjoy.

No. 239040

Nah, if you've played the game you'll have the bonus fun of recognizing the locations you've visited in the game and some songs too I think but that's it

No. 239061

File: 1663152556011.jpg (441.6 KB, 1011x1500, MV5BNDUyYTEzY2UtMzE2ZC00NjdjLT…)

I binged it. Great animation, great story, great rhythm, good contender for best anime of the year, certainly one of the best cyberpunk animes, and the goriest Trigger made yet. There's a lot of low-cost parts that aren't much more than still images, but the action scenes are worth it. I haven't played the game so I occasionally alt tabbed to check what some slang term or brand name was, but basically you can watch it blind

No. 239128

I've never read or watched Golden Kamuy, anons here are a bit… weird about it. I might give it a chance.

No. 239147

I tried to read Golden Kamuy (bc everyone seems to like it) but it was extremely boring.

No. 239163

wait, trigger animated it??? its on my watch list now. im a big trigger and shaft fangirl

No. 239178

I don't watch or really like anime, but this one was great. They really did a great job. If you like the anime I really recommend the game.

No. 239299

As soon as I upgrade my PC I'll get it…
It's also one of the most serious Trigger anime as you can't go full whacky with the setting, but they still managed to put in some really ridiculous car chase scenes (just like in Panty & Stocking, since it's the same director). You'll also notice that two characters really look like Lio and Galo from Promare, and there's another one who is very similar to Gamagori from KLK

No. 240292

5 eps into cyberpunk haven't seen a male nipple in sight but seeing pov cowgirl and female nipples every 10 mins

No. 240293

MC is also designed like a boring fag compared to Lucy and Rebecca, Trigger can definitely do better

No. 240300

You'll get your beefcake

No. 240304

Did you finish it nona? Liked it? So far it's been decent, not blown me away or anything

No. 240360

I think it's worth it to watch it to the end yes

No. 240804

File: 1663727579115.jpg (72.88 KB, 563x560, e83c9009454f9706ba8f484c9d409e…)

I don't dislike Madoka, but I feel like I enjoy it more as an art study than a series. I'd like to watch more media with a similar style, or just that it looks unique and pretty with weird symbolic stuff. I read Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and it was quite fun, it's from the same animation studio so it's already on my watchlist. Does anyone have any recomendations?

No. 240807

File: 1663729773733.gif (995.73 KB, 500x273, inucurry15.gif)

>Does anyone have any recomendations?
What are you exactly looking for? Look out for anything by genkidan inu curry

No. 240811

File: 1663731619353.jpg (282.08 KB, 1920x1080, ab89d55335c7de80da8f0838781cfc…)

Anything weird and artsy would do, I want to see more experimental looking animation and such. The gif you posted looks pretty good, I can't stop looking at it…

No. 240854

dunno if these are what you're looking for but mononoke (series not the ghibli movie) and ping pong the animation

No. 240877

File: 1663754589715.jpeg (656.52 KB, 2082x1457, C8506590-37AC-4A65-AE93-8DCDFE…)

Not an anime, but I think Bibliomania is something you’d enjoy a lot Nona

No. 240923

File: 1663767870385.jpeg (364.86 KB, 828x953, 3ED3CA02-7A86-440F-94FB-18D7F1…)

Sorry for the tumblr post, but saw this about Mob’s English voice actor being booted from his role for just asking crunchy roll if they wanted to have a conversation about negotiating a union contract. It was not about being paid more, but just having union protection. (Reigen’s VA though, has been on the show since season 1 even though he has abusive allegations toward him)

No. 240924

So glad I'm a subsonly fag.

No. 240932

File: 1663769737687.gif (1.03 MB, 540x300, 694f6b26bbea6d285c341c7bd599ad…)

I think the first place to look into are other anime directed by Shinbo, which includes Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei and a bunch of other Shaft suff, some of them are pretty scrotey tho, just so you know. Shinbo has a pretty unique style and I think the closest director to him would be Masaaki Yuasa (Ping Pong, Tatami Galaxy), tho they are still pretty different. I've heard that the Kaguya-sama wants to be confessed to borrowed some elements of Shinbo style, but I'm not sure cause I am not watching Kaguya-sama wants to be confessed to. Speaking of artsy stuff that isn't necessatily alike, Tenshi no Tamago (picrel) is oniric, barely has any dialogue, relies heavily on the visual to tell the story and one of the authors is Yoshitaka Amano. To a certain degree, Robot Carnival. I'll shill the Bride of Deimos ova even tho it's not that out there, because it is pretty and well directed. There is a anime movie called Belladonna of Sadness that has been in my watch list for a while now, but it for sure is artsy.

No. 240933

Imagine subscribing to the evil that is crunchyroll.

No. 240938

Imagine caring about dubs. But jokes aside, it's so strange to me that you can get fired an replaced so easily in the US for anything at all.

No. 240944

Makes me really sad, the Mob Psycho dub is really good and it’s 90% because of the two main VAs. Guess I’ll be sticking to the sub this season…

No. 240964

What do you guys think of TTGL? I'm a couple of episodes in and Kamina is honestly annoying as fuck

No. 240978

Imo the main interest is the exaggerated animation, the story just gets sillier and sillier. In any case I suggest watching until at least episode 8

No. 240980

It's fine for what it is. It has a lot of exaggerated infantile fanservice humor, but when I rewatched it as an older woman it just made me see Kamina as a teen/kid keeping it together and playing macho for Simon and it made him less annoying.

No. 240992

I love it. imo it's better on the rewatch than it is the first time around. And yeah, watch until at least ep 8 before you decide to drop or not.

No. 241001

This wrapped itself up so nicely what a great read

No. 241020

File: 1663787063579.jpg (226.7 KB, 1783x1003, mpv0001-[MTBB] Kamisama Hajime…)

I love shoujo anime sisters. It's been so long since there's been a good shoujo romance anime. I hope next season's Mushikaburi-hime is good.

No. 241021

I don't watch much shoujo but I've heard good things about loving yamada at lvl 999 which is getting an anime soon so I'm looking forward to that one

No. 241128

File: 1663812204948.jpeg (48.75 KB, 360x426, AA4A1C4A-9EEE-4F38-98B6-0E22C8…)

I actually liked Cyberpunk Edgerunners, sure it had a bunch of nudity and whatnot but it isn't treated as some
>uhwaaaaaahhh I've never seen a naked woman in my entire life!!! nosebleeds every 5 seconds and gropes women
Nobody seems to care about it, the main character is a bit awkward at first with it but he doesn't make a big deal afterwards.
The story is quite awesome, I loved all of the characters, for such a short series (only 10 episodes) you really get to sympathize with all of them.
I particularly liked Rebecca, she looks a bit like your basic manic pixie girlfriend with the whole running around in basically underwear thing, but she's nice and to me she was the only character that had some common sense.

No. 241134

Belladonna of sadness maybe

No. 241187

I finished this yesterday and I can't believe people like this exist. Animation aside, it was so unmemorable. Story and character wise nothing about it is remarkable. I'm very salty now.

No. 241203

You can tell it was written by europeans because it doesn't have any anime trope fanservice for weebs. Even Rebecca as you say, she looks like a trope but ends up being more than that. I appreciated a lot that Lucy and David were in a relatively normal relationship, just from the trailers it seemed like yet another "boy has a crush on a cold and distanced girl that doesn't care", it would be pretty annoying; but since we got to avoid that the story could focus on more cyberpunk themes. Some people I've discussed the show with complained about episode 6 not fitting the rest because it had a bit of a different pace and focus on a different character but it was essential with setting up the main subject that eventually caught up with David as well; and even though there's not that much said about Maine before, I was really touched by what happened.
tl;dr I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, and it ended up being one of the best animes I saw latest years

No. 241211

I kinda hated how docile and sad Lucy became after her initial first appearance.

No. 241215

Agreed. Shit was truly mediocre.

No. 241411

Is it really worth watching?

I always feel a bit iffy when animes gets overhyped and I tried to watch a minute of it but got bored. Maybe it's because its not the kind of anime I watch, i'm not really into sci-fi mecha animes.

No. 241458

The game sucks ass, do not fucking buy it.

No. 241476

File: 1663913086716.jpg (80.02 KB, 563x682, 3b131ca29019018b0ca198e8c6206c…)

>Panty and Stocking getting a second season
>Trigun getting a prequel
>Urasei Yatsura getting a reboot
C-can I also have a continuation for Katekyo Hitman Reborn? I need to see the last 2 sagas animated.

No. 241481

Not really. It's a story you've seen before, and the characters do not accomplish anything throughout the show so it felt very pointless to watch. If the first couple minutes bore you, forget about it. It only gets worse.

No. 241524

It's definitely overhyped. Not an awful show but nothing worth urgently watching either. By the end I ended up only liking the setting and style of the show, but if you're not into sci-fi type of settings then Idk if you'll even be able to enjoy that aspect.

No. 241572

Game is pretty amazing, I thought it was definitely better than the anime

No. 241605

As the most popular and shilled category of anime, shonen is considered to represent the standard of what anime in general is like, so of course retards, and especially moids, forget that other kinds of anime (with well-written women or non-existent fanservice) exist.

No. 241643

File: 1663952912037.png (24.03 KB, 707x413, Hd7aMnM.png)

No. 241733

File: 1663970118173.jpg (1.87 MB, 3200x1845, adolescence_of_utena.jpg)

I finished Utena a few months ago and since then I’ve been trying to find something to fill in the void. I still listen to the duel themes. Ikuhara’s other stuff is good too but I didn’t find myself completely enraptured with the narrative like I did with Utena. It was really fun trying to piece things together by myself using the smallest details before everything fell into place. Is there an old-timey shoujo out there that might be able to fill in that hole? Doesn’t even have to be shoujo tbh I’m open to anything

No. 241749

A fool and her money are soon parted, anon. Bet you pre-ordered it too.

No. 241751

Aim for the Ace? That or Oniisama E, I read the manga first so I fell in love with that.

No. 241753

Are you serious? Isn't the manga ending with tsunayoshi being the same loser as he was at the beginning?

No. 241756

If the Trigun prequel is anything to go by, no, you don't want a continuation of your favorite anime. It'll just end up getting bastardized.

No. 241868

NTA but you know it's been patched right? Ten years from now everyone will have forgotten about the awful start and the "promises" and it'll be hailed as a cult classic, just like The Witcher 3

No. 241873

It's fine if you didn't like it, many people did though.

No. 241954

File: 1664047900113.jpeg (47.04 KB, 359x450, 303835DC-F998-47E6-9508-9D2A1C…)

Is Bastard worth watching/reading? The MC is husbando material but it seems exploitive and scrote-y.

No. 241958

I didn't talk about dropped shows, I finished 1400 anime. I mean I am following seasonal anime since 2003 (if there were fansubs) and short OVA and movies are part of the list so 1000+ isn't as extreme as it sounds, I only watch maybe two live action movies per decade.
If I would be in 2003 with my current mindset I would only finish half of them though. I barely dropped shows during my first 5-6 years and even later there were too many series I gave a chance until I finally realised that bad shows never ever get good no matter what.

Even if a bad show has a good twist it never works because the rest of the show is bad. Good ideas aren't enough, they need good writing to work.

> In the 2010s I used to watch like 15-20 per season. Nowadays I'm lucky if I get to watch 5 per season.

Same here. It's easier to skip 90%+ of the anime nowadays since most of them are coomer/waifu shit, male or female harem shit, battle shounen or soulless multimedia projects. Even most anime that pretend to be something else belong to one of these categories.

I watched basically all old stuff I wanted to watch too though but there are endless games, manga, VNs and such that I could spend my time with so I rather do that. I might even drop a show after the second-last episode. Sometimes something feels okay and it's only near the end that it starts to drag or reveal that the solution will be generic, so I drop it. Every dropped episode of a lame series are 20 minutes I could use to play a game or book I actually enjoy.

No. 241959

Anon, I've read the manga long ago and I really hope this is sarcasm. He's hot but he's only fuckable.

No. 241961

Not any of those anons but I've been trying to get myself into the mindset of "if I'm not REALLY enjoying this show, then I should drop it and use that time to watch/play something else". I'm suuper bad at dropping stuff my autism wont let me but lately I've been training myself to fix it. I know there's just so much out there that I'd like and haven't experienced so I need to keep reminding myself of that

No. 241962

I am glad so many people including male longtime 4channers say that because it proves I am not imagining things or getting old. Even the bad series from the old days felt less like mass-produced shit as the majority nowadays. Most series feel like they were written by algorithms that try to generate something otaku will waste their money on.
Some people complain about Netflix but honestly Netflix is a little ray of hope in the dark because they try to choose shows they deem more mainstream. So you get a way more mixed bunch. Just look at Edgerunners, AIKO, Great Pretender and Crybaby and compare it to the stuff Crunchyroll and JP TV air.

I especially hate when I see something vaguely interesting (like an anime in the meiji era or a crime show) only to realise that the plot and setting are just the frame to give the series a gimmick and the essence is just waifu pandering shit again. Like you have a woman with gun series but turns out the woman looks too young and is such a mary sue and hyped (with accidental fanservice and yuri baiting) she is clearly written to make coomers buy her figures and tickets for the VA events.

- Madlax (you might like it if you like Noir)
- Michiko to Hatchin
- Madoka
- Dennou Coil
- Ergo Proxy
- Kino no Tabi (the first anime)
- TECHNICALLY .hack//SIGN but be aware that the MC is a girl that plays a male character
- Ga Rei Zero
- Houseki no Kuni
- Claymore
- Kyousougiga

There are lots of others but I don't want to list too much.

No. 241963

I have the opposite problem, I'm obsessed with not wasting time haha. If something is not 10/10 I drop it.

No. 241964

NTA but “husbando material” is used to refer to an attractive character, not a suitable spouse kek

No. 241974

Considering how popular Edgerunners is this sounds like a mainstream shitpost but I have to agree that it's probably the best anime of 2022 so far.

Is it really that fucking hard to write a realistic romance and characters that behave in a way that is suitable for their age? Edgerunners did it right, but I rarely see this in other series. I fucking hate romances most of the time but it was actually done well here, there is no will-they-won't-they, no stupid insecurities and blushing the characters kiss, have casual sex and behave like adults or old teens as it should be and all that is part of a great story full of action, tragedy and classism/super corps fucking up other people's lives.

It's a great series, but aside from the high budget and awesome music it's nothing other shouldn't be able to do, and yet it's never done. It's frustrating. There are so few series that try to win you over with a good story and good characters instead of cheap pandering.

At least 2021 was kinda good (give Nomad, Ousama Ranking and Odd Taxi a chance if you hate modern anime) and I like Summertime Rendering and look forward to Golden Kamuy and Mob Psycho next season.

No. 241982

Kuuchuu Buranko

No. 242021

>nothing other shouldn't be able to do, and yet it's never done
It was made by europeans, for the western audience first and foremost; Trigger was just commissioned to take care of the visual part of it because 1) the main creator is a major weeb 2) cyberpunk is a genre that's been done best in anime. Ofc japanese creators targeting their own audience won't write stories like this

No. 242032

File: 1664061412430.jpg (23.96 KB, 266x375, Black_Rock_Shooter_cover.jpg)

any weebs still frustrated that black rock shooter never got a good adaptation? the OVA was meh and the anime had a lot of flaws. i know it was just a song with corny designs but i was obsessed with it when I was a baby weeb on dA kek

No. 242034

Same. I must admit that I did enjoy all of the anime and manga it had though. But yeah they were never popular and things were missing.
I am a huge fan of Huke and those designs in particular so I wish they could get something big for once. Most anime designs are too colorful and cheery for my taste, I prefer moody characters and dark colors and BRS has great potential for an interesting world building.
The spring anime season was so bad that BRS was one of the two series I enjoyed the most anyway, though.

No. 242045

I hated it. Boring in the start, boring in the middle and finished dumb.

No. 242149

Oh no wonder I didn't like it. So it's supposed to be more western friendly and be void of the usual anime tropes. Yeah this is not for me, I don't really want to see anime characters act like real people.

No. 242279

I saw it was the background visual at a recent crypto nerd convention and I don't think I can separate it in my mind from that type of person now lol I'm sorry I'm sure it's fine

No. 242315

Kek you're not wrong to associate them anon

No. 242363

why isn't there ANYTHING good to watch anymore? like nothing. i looked through all the synopsis for things airing this summer season and NONE appealed to me
is it just me? like everything is garbage and soulless. also everything looks so cheap nowadays, idk if its some advancement in animation or trend/style but its all so ugly and coomer-ish.

No. 242364

Utena is totally in a league of its own in terms of narrative. I wish Be-Papas would get back together and create something new, as expansive and unique as Utena.

No. 242378

recession hitting all sectors

No. 242384

That doesn't mean it's good.

No. 242404

The fact that they disbanded right after RGU is such a fucking shame. Could've worked on something new together.

No. 242405

I genuinely think Ikuhara works better in a team. obv he prefers to work on his own and do his own thing, but I feel its too his detriment oftentimes.
I liked Penguindrum a lot, but the rest of his work on his own is just subpar for me.

No. 242461

i feel this, anon. i just stopped watching new anime at this point, but I developed a liking for older stuff from when I was in elementary school. rn I'm watching doremi.

No. 242465

every anime is about keeping the coomer fanbase entertained nowadays. anime studios only make anime that will generate the most porn cause dudebros watch anime solely based on their favorite hentai tropes (big tiddy goth gf, milf, succubus slut, popular blonde girl, shy girl with a dirty mind etc)

No. 242473

i mean the thing is, it was like that in the 2000s too with those horrible harems shows. but i feel like at least then there was some room for something interesting to watch. now its just every single garbage light novel and gacha game, isekai adaption x100.

and if its not that, its these garbage Shinkai-ripoff boy meets girl romance movies that have overtaken the industry. it's really insane.

No. 242477

i hate makoto shinkai and his overrated movies so much

No. 242479

i feel like his movies are one movie but with a different artstyle. how can people like his stuff, it's all the same concept…

No. 242484

Your Name was okay, pretty much baby's first anime movie and the plot twist was dumb but I didn't hate it, 5 centimeters/second was so stupid though, dude not being able to get over his middle school crush is not a dramatic or romantic story.

No. 242530

No. 242536

I'm inclined to disagree because I love his excessive surreal presentation (apparently he was mostly in charge of the Adolescence film) but the fact that my utmost favorite is still Utena and his other stuff besides Penguindrum doesn't have that same magic has me agreeing with you. You could argue to that Yurikuma and Sarazanmai were a result of having too little episodes though.

Maybe he just lost his touch or ran out of stories to tell.

No. 242547

It's simply your opinion, not an objective fact.

No. 242566

I enjoyed Your Name but only because 5cm/sec put the bar on the fucking ground for me. People had been raving about it for so long so when I finally watched it and finished it, it was like "that's it??" I didn't understand why it was so hyped up. The really pretty visuals didn't do anything for me in 5cm/sec, it couldn't save it from the shit ass excuse for a plot. Your Name was medicore but at least had a little more substance to it imo. I watched Weathering With You too and it was just the same amount of Ok as Your Name. Nothing will ever suck as bad as 5cm/sec though.

No. 242571

Still waiting for season 2 of CCS: Clearl Card. It’s been five years, man. Hurry tf up!

No. 242584

Had a blast with Edgerunners and the Chainsaw man anime is coming in two weeks so I personally feel okay with the current situation

No. 242598

>meme hype shows

No. 242633

I don't speak buzzwords

No. 242681

There are like two series or so per season that avoid anime tropes that by now are all boring me to tears and aren't isekai/idol/whateverothercoomershit either.
But yeah. I usually go through the chart and narrow my choices down to six of which I will then ignore three after I have seen the first screenshots that reveal that they are either soulless or stealthy waifu shit.

No. 242689

I actually love Your Name but I was so put off of his stuff for a long time because tumblr hyped up Garden of Words for its visuals for so long but never talked about how it was a student teacher foot fetish movie. It was pretty but so fucking bad it lowkey makes me angry remembering it.

No. 242694

File: 1664236724638.png (541.72 KB, 704x776, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 16.5…)

I haven't looked through seasonal in the last year. all anyone talks about is chainsaw man and edgerunner but is there anything else? I did a quick scan and just got bummed this is only one episode

No. 242696

File: 1664236863119.png (589.38 KB, 712x798, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 16.5…)

wait oh my god they made an anime based on that book? lmao it's probably going to be bad but I'll definitely watch it

No. 242700

What the fuck is this even

No. 242706

File: 1664237654439.jpeg (73.37 KB, 960x731, E3hRb92WEAgqq7K.jpeg)

someone who normally draws educational animal illustrations (Satoshi Kawasaki if you want to look him up) did a book called "the shell of a turtle is a human's rib" that was meant to illustrate animal anatomy by applying it to humans – for educational purposes – and it went viral because it looks super fucked up

No. 242709

File: 1664238242884.jpeg (892.28 KB, 2120x3000, FdJs3MBaMAIOP2X.jpeg)

>>242706 samefag to add there's no story in the original book it's just a book of illustrations. no idea what they're trying to do with the anime, the plot sounds insane. it looks pretty ugly but I love stupid shit so I'll wait and see

No. 242720

Spy x Family

No. 242735

I am going to keep watching that but I was a little let down by the first cour

No. 242820

File: 1664266969699.jpg (275.86 KB, 1280x1269, 1280.jpg)

Imo the best anime of the year so far is Honzuki, but that is a sequel. My second favorite was Dance Dance Danseur.
Summertime Rendering is entertaining. Nothing amazing but fun, gave me something to watch on a weak season.

Other things that were nice but I didn't have enough time for them:
Kumichou Musume
Paripi Koumei

For next season >>238800, and I will also be watching Mob Psycho and Poputepipikku, gonna try the new Gundam as well but with no hopes.
Also the movies won't be available for us right away, but Kimi wo Aishita Hitori no Boku e / Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e are related and apparently the story changes depending on which you watch first, so that might be cool.

No. 242849

File: 1664273692603.png (6 MB, 4515x6742, kplg6vrg66o61.png)

I've watched weird anime before, I know you have to suspend your disbelief but everything about uma musume is so fucking bizarre because it's based on so many questionable irl things. First of all, they're an all female race (because coomers) based on REAL racing horses with the same birthdays (many of them being stallions, so they're genderbending real horses), some of them owned by actual yakuzas?? Second of all, the problem with ethics, the premise of horse girls who are born just to race for entertaining humans is so fucking weird to me. They're also idols on top of that because why not. Third, I don't like how the series is promoting horse racing (and betting at the same time), I think anyone who is familiar with this sport knows it's basically animal abuse and how easy it is for the horses to injure themselves and you know what happens with an injured horse right? The wordbuilding of the series is also bottom of the barrel.
Anyway I think it would be fine as a generic moe coomer series, but it's genuinely nonsensical

No. 242852

Samefag I forgot to add but the very first thing that happens in the first episode is the protagonist's future trainer basically perving on her and then later in the series this is seen as harmless comedy because the girls can beat him up therefore he's not a threat. How is this extremely popular in japan it's beyond me

No. 242862

The owners banned making porn/doujins of this series so its based

No. 242865

You can blame Kancolle for this. Although with Kancolle it's harmless since it's just ships. Aren't the horses they are based on actually alive right now? What happens to the character if one of them dies?

No. 242867

Ah right based yakuza banning porn, who cares if they're promoting gambling and something as vile as horse racing and betting on it.
Some of the horses are already dead, old names from the 90s and racing horses have a very short lifespan anyway….

No. 242869

Are you a horse girl

No. 242871

?? are you moid obsessed with uma musume?

No. 242872

>this shitty franchise promotes animal cruelty, gambling and is used by yakuza for money laundering
>"yeah but said yakuza banned porn so it's based"
you can't be fucking serious

No. 242876

nta but she's right

No. 242879

Honestly anon I don't know what you want us to do about the yakuza. Stop pearl clutching over umamusu of all things, you haven't seen actual coomer moebait if this gets you worked up.

No. 242914

the fact that they're idols fits perfectly because horse racing is about as ethical as the idol industry to be perfectly honest

No. 242927


I like her design, I wish she was a character in some anime that is oriented towards female audiences like about women's friendship or something.
I absolutely refuse to watch moid trash she is in, what a waste of a pretty character design.

No. 242936

The manga has been taking a turn lately and has been more about girls helping each other with their cosplay hobby (but it’s not a total 180 or anything)

No. 242938

I like Gold Ship because she looks like she could beat up my dad

No. 242939

Horse racing is one of the rare permitted ways of gambling in Japan and tons of jp moids are into it so it does not surprise me they made an anime about it

No. 242940

Gold Ship is so beautiful. She got me into it.

No. 242961

Goldship is pretty cool I agree, most "husbando-like" waifu I've seen recently. Too bad she's stuck in a shit series

No. 242989

File: 1664307480705.jpg (368.01 KB, 1500x2222, Cyberpunk-Edgerunners-S1-Poste…)

Saw the first 4 episodes of Edgerunner, no wonder it's so popular. It's a generic anime for normies, so I don't know what I expected from it. The Netflix subtitles are trash. The only thing I am enjoying is the animation by TRIGGER, artstyle, and colors. Sex scenes are a nothingburger, just added here for 'ZOMG QUIRKY' points. Characters swear left and right for the same reason, feels like the story is written by a teenager who watched a few of the seasonal anime and combined it with 'cyberpunk setting' as an excuse. Honestly, every time I saw people on Discord mention cyberpunk they would instantly talk about 'sex scenes, as if it's a shocking factor, when it isn't.

No. 242994

In their defense people seem to be starved of anime that just tell a story with a beginning and an end, some action and no idols and isekai or endless shounen tropes. It's the same reason for why they liked spy x family even though it was nothing special and seemed like a generic spy comedy anime with slow ass plot from the 90s or early 00s but with better look and animation.
2022 in general is weak as hell so far. I enjoyed a bunch of series in 2021 a lot so I thought it stay that way but nah. At least the upcoming season looks a bit better again. Not a huge fan of Tiger and Bunny II either, sadly. I waited long for this and it's not bad, but the first half of the first series was just so much stronger than the dragging twin plot right now imo.

No. 242995

love trigger art but why does she have a fivehead here kek

No. 242998

>don't know what I expected from it
I was expecting something like Promare which is why I haven't watched it.

No. 243002

librarian fantasy stories are kind of good, I might check it out. is this one hiding a weird fetish or something? the last one I tried had an older woman / straight shota slant

No. 243013

Yeah it's very overhyped generic shit. Notice how everyone who loves it uses bottom of the barrel seasonalshit to compare it with which is why they think it's something revolutionary. Really tells you the type of audience this is for.

No. 243019

Everyone who hyped it around me are the same people who watch only other popular seasonal crap or say that its their first (or one of the first) anime. Don't get me wrong, i love TRIGGER studio, but this one is just lame. It looks like it was just made for consumers who watch everything that is popular. (Or coomers) Probably should have known because its made by netflix, and the sole fact over how bad the english subtitles are says something. They are literally the worst subtitles ive seen, some sentences don't even match up, making you think they were taken from a different anime. You don't even have to be studying Japanese in order to see that they are replacing some sentences with a different meaning. And if anyone will come wk, I did not pick the "dub" subtitles, not that I think there would be much difference between them.

No. 243024

>Sex scenes are a nothingburger, just added here for 'ZOMG QUIRKY' points
There are no sex scenes in Edgerunner

No. 243026

English version is actually the "proper" one as it's respectful to game's lingo and lore, japanese is simplified and more generic

No. 243027

What series are you referring to nona?

No. 243028

>the first few minutes of the first episode is porn
>they keep throwing the same porn scene again and make sure to show that an old guy jerking off to it
>they keep showing the same background characters having e-sex with their sex toys in a broad daylight twice
Still not an excuse.

No. 243030

Samefag, i know the difference between using in game words and translators literally replacing a basic sentence with a different one.

No. 243036

Magus of the Library (manga, not an anime). it was more of a vibe than anything explicit but it was there, like you could tell the artist drew straight shota doujins on the side or something. I might be wrong about it, only read a few chapters.

No. 243043

File: 1664312934970.jpg (1.6 MB, 1200x1687, WVd6mZR.jpg)

>sentimental journey
i just started watching this show, it's really cute i like it a lot. i like the episodic format & focus on one girl and their story. also like how their first loves aren't really involved at all and are just kind of placeholders for the girl's character development

episodic anime is so underrated imo

No. 243045

File: 1664313120193.jpg (131.32 KB, 560x800, R52GAzJ.jpg)

my other favorite episodic series is Master Keaton. no one ever talks about this one even though its by Urasawa. but the topics/mysteries in every episode are so interesting you can tell he researched a lot about european history for it. i love how there's lots so much focus on archaeology

No. 243046

>the first few minutes of the first episode is porn
They aren't, it's a guy with cyberpsychosis killing cops
>keep throwing the same porn scene again
Yeah it's 5 seconds to show the guy is slimy, shown maybe twice? over the whole series
>sex toys
Yeah it's 2 seconds to show the guy is slimy
It's alright if you want to clutch pearls but don't straight up make up things

No. 243055

Nta but she didn't make up anything

No. 243060

File: 1664314168101.png (73.1 KB, 450x213, Screenshot 2022-09-27 232749.p…)

There is zero otaku pandering or fetish shit in the anime. Honzuki is genuinely one of the best shows that has aired in years.
The first part is more about the little girl wanting to make books/become a librarian, and the latter seasons focus more on the social inequalities that exist and hardships that she has to face while living in their world as someone of lower social status, all to reach her goal of becoming a librarian.

The subs jesus christ. Why were they so fucking bad? Specially the ones during the phone conversations.

No. 243095

I'm just trying to explain that it's the japanese translation that is bastardized so you're wrong calling the english one bad. It's translated from english to japanese, not the other way around.

No. 243110

It's just a joke anon

No. 243126

wow that girl really goes through a lot of hairstyles in just one anime

No. 243138

File: 1664344490252.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.49 KB, 825x441, netflix cyberpunk edgerunners.…)

Nonny, why are you trying to argue with me over my own opinion of an anime? It's stupid and i did not make shit up, maybe you've got a short memory and I apologize if you do. It's okay to have different opinions over things, you know? Don't be like a moid, you should probably get some fresh air.
Had to google for 'muh proof' and looking now they have two different porn scenes in the first episode, cool i guess if you are into that.

No. 243160

Gosick, definitely

No. 243163

Hol up, you're telling me the dub is the original script?
Oh wow, so then it's not that the subs are bad, it's that the dialogue is trash? Because the japanese dialogue was perfectly normal. Fucking normies, how do they stomach this garbage?
I actually thought the phone dialogue was written by Trigger, and that they were trying to recreate americanized speech or something and failing miserably.

No. 243164

Yeah, got creepy vibes from that nonny.

No. 243179

>I actually thought the phone dialogue was written by Trigger, and that they were trying to recreate americanized speech or something and failing miserably.
Nah, the game is written like this too; maybe somewhat less obnoxious because I don't remember cringing as much but yeah.

No. 243259

But I said I was alright with you hating the 5 seconds porn scene. However saying that the first few minutes of the first episode is porn is a straight up lie, which you cannot deny
I don't like lies

No. 243271

The artstyle looks weird

No. 243289

you must have 'tism

No. 243343


No. 243346

>It's translated from english to japanese, not the other way around.
I’m actually scandalized, this is wild to hear.

No. 243950

watching this

No. 243953

Airing this season?

No. 243957

It's gonna be released on Netflix at the end of this month

No. 243963

How dare that wizard tell her to give up games, chocolate and cats!

No. 243984

I worry about anon's taste sometimes. Since it was being hyped here I decided to give Edgerunners a chance. It was so shit. I couldn't make it past the first episode. 20 minutes in felt like I had been watching for an hour. Every part of it was a trope. I guess if you've never watched anything cyberpunk or sci-fi before in your life it could be interesting? But it felt like it was just checking all the boxes to fit into that genre. The main character was not likeable at all and boring. It was like they cut out everything that makes trigger fun to watch. The random porn they forced in was really unnecessary too.

I would like to thank the anons recommending Mononoke though! We started watching that instead and it was really great, it instantly drew me in. We've almost finished it and I know it will be an anime I rewatch again in the future!

No. 243987

Yeah nonny, its literally a cliche anime that checks out all of the boxes, but triggers artstyle and cyberpunk setting sells it. Finished it but it turned out to be a snoozefest.

No. 243988

There's a scrote or two that like to hang around here, so I'd take any rec (except the proven classics) with a grain of salt.

No. 243999

File: 1664641918446.jpg (144.59 KB, 696x988, tHkX8yr.jpg)

anyone watching the new tatami galaxy show? is it any good?
im still confused how it relates to the main story

No. 244011

Given how fast the Genshit threads move I guess we do have a bunch of zoomer anons with very bland taste.

No. 244042

I watched a bit and it's pretty much the same as the first anime. Not really in the mood for it right now tho.

No. 244043

>episodic anime is so underrated imo
Yeah. It's only bad if the writer is bad. Like with everything. I loved Mushishi, Space Dandy, Bebob and Outlaw Star (not entire episodic, but mostly) and stuff like Casshern Sins but almost nobody appreciates these series now because they nope out if they hear it's episodical.
You can do things with this format other series can't have. Like for Keaton you would have to focus on one single artefact and make the whole story about it or turn it into longer arcs. Most of that isn't necessary, with episodical formats you can tell a whole concluded story with one episode and thematize a different culture and artefact next week, it's nice and comfy.

No. 244045

Personally I like both Edgerunners and Mononoke. I am glad the latter is getting a new release IIRC.
But yeah I still would say that Edgerunners is overhyped. To me it was enjoyable but eventually not different from many action-heavy anime from the 90s and early 00s. I wish there were more action series that aren't battle shounen.
I hate Genshit but you would be surprised (and I was surprised too) how many 30+yo men are playing this. I have a bunch of friends that usually never touch moe shit that started playing this all of a sudden. I never understood the hype. Even tried it, but the designs look all the same to me, the graphic is worse than even that of indie games nowadays and the story might maybe be a bit better than usual gacha shit but that isn't a high bar, it's still bad.
I genuinely believe the reason for why it's so popular is just that most people cannot focus on real games anymore.

No. 244056

File: 1664658713393.png (400.05 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Pop Team Epic S2 …)

Anyone watch the new Pop Team Epic yet? I think it started out pretty strong, but so did the first season and then they began to lose steam around the middle.
Also does anyone care if I post who this week's VAs were? Because I didn't expect Aya Hirano and Minori Chihara to be in this. It made the little baby weeb in me happy.

No. 244067

It's been so long I don't remember what the fuck the toku thing was about. I usually like the male va version better but this one was kinda meh.

No. 244219

I loved Cyberpunk 2077 and thought that Edgerunners was inferior to it under any possible criteria, so it was so weird for me to see the anime being so overhyped while doing what the game did 100 times better before while being shat on so hard. Even the OST is just radio songs from the game. I guess it's because it was made by Trigger.
Regardless of that, I thought the anime was okay, especially liked the visual aspect. It was stylish, sometimes reminded me of FLCL. But story, characters and emotional aspect, sadly I didn't find very compelling (especially compared to the game).

No. 244266

File: 1664729195040.jpg (1.54 MB, 2000x3576, iPDq3UB.jpg)

apparently the new gundam anime is a utena clone.
also, i just found out okouchi is writing this (i.e. code geass writer) so i expect it to get pretty batshit

No. 244272

File: 1664731518012.png (1.75 MB, 1920x1080, koukyuu-no-karasu.png)

Has anybody else watched this? I thought it would be trashy but the first episode was surprisingly decent imo. Seems like it won't have any romance which might be good or bad depending on how you like it.

No. 244278

Triggerfags are some of the most loud and irritating faggots in the whole community

No. 244280

Utena clone, in a good way? Or do you mean like a LITERAL ctl c + ctl v as the pic suggest?
I just finished the first episode and it was great! I think I would've preferred a slow blooming romance as well but the mysteries and setting are interesting enough so far so I think it'll be fine.

No. 244282

>Utena clone, in a good way?
I think more of an homage, but apparently the structure of the first episode is very similar to Utena, people are already going crazy about the yuri overtones. The main writer also wrote the novelization of Utena, which doesn't mean much IMO but clearly he is familiar with the show. However no one directly related to Be-Papas is involved in the production.

No. 244301

I wish it had the look, sense of mystery and the characters of Utena.

No. 244386

I didn't even particularly love 86 but I want a season 2 for some reason

No. 244410

I liked it a lot

slave soldiers on the frontlines in an emotionally devastating war is a lot better than the usual military propaganda, not to sound like an sjw lol

No. 244543

There's nothing "SJW" about that nonnie. And yeah a premise like that is way better, than, for example the otaku circlejerk that is GATE.

No. 244580

this edited video was better than the actual anime. funny how it ignores the 2nd act and hides his ugly overdone body. god i hate her retarded bottom half they couldve just done a full body suit or one with the high top thigh area cut out.

No. 244587

I agree so much nonny, i was excited for her full design just to see over how stupid it looks because of the bottom part. I get what theh tried to do here but it just looks tacky.

No. 244599

2nd half David was repulsive. From cute boy to gorilla.

No. 244647

I was surprised how good it was. And not even talking about the visual directing that one of the best I have seen in years. But the story itself even. It started clunky and I thought it would be too naive and soft for my taste, but then the the Lena's naivety was addressed by the anime itself, the 86 called her out and then everything went to shit (for them, not regarding the writing).
Readers said the second part would be way weaker but I just loved it from the start till the end and the end was strong IMO. It's a female author IIRC, which I didn't know. I always expected Lena to become the annoying waifu service at first but in the end she was really just a character who tried her best and she grew a lot, mentally.
Oh yeah. I hate when I say I wish for more anime that deal with * and people reply, "hey! THIS anime does this! It's also complex and great exciting shit with awesome characters" and then you click it and it's always some damned isekai or reverse isekai with harem antics and otaku/gamer jokes.

No. 244653

86 is a sleeper hit

like you said it starts out a little clunky but it keeps delivering with the character/plot progression not being shitty and not veering into the usual pitfalls

No. 244711

I might give it a watch, I must admit I ignored it because I found the artstyle to be extremely generic and boring

No. 244713

Is this the first female protagonist in Gundam? If so it's a shame that they can't come up with something good and original for girl protagonists, they have to rip off a classic.

No. 244740

Homage is not really a rip off, it's been a while since I've seen Utena but - at least so far - it doesn't seem like a lazy copy

No. 244742

seriously I don’t get it either. Trigger make good visuals aside from the typical coomery but the story was kind of boring wich is a shame because cyberpunk offers so many ideas. I liked that they implemented cyberpsychosis and killed off the mc though But still doesn’t make it less mediocre. I guess such a show stands out because we get flooded with so much absolutely worthless crap nowadays, the standards are just low.
I watched everything of Edgerunners and was like duh.. that’s it? While it technically had the basics checked the characters felt super flat to me and I feel a lot of screentime was wasted on long repetitive action shots. It felt like a showcase or pilot project to see how successful it is with the target audience because there was so much pandering. Wish they would have elaborated on the side characters more instead so they felt less like props for the mc.
yeah don’t worry anon not liking any propaganda is just normal and common sense.

No. 244753

I guess you're right, it's just a homage. I just hope this new series has good writing and good original ideas.

Depicting the horrors of war or being anti-war is not a "SJW" thing…

No. 244831

File: 1664919094423.jpg (12.17 KB, 299x168, images.jpg)

I've started watching Witch from Mercury and question to fellow anime enjoyers, is there any other Gundam series worth watching?

No. 244832

File: 1664919229567.jpg (1.69 MB, 2800x3402, yqu9levf9fs41.jpg)

My boyfriend is a gundam autist and he recommends Blood Orphan (I've only started watching Witch from Mercury as well)
There's also that 4chan guide you can probably take with a grain of salt

No. 244839

Gundam autist sounds like a trustworthy source in this case, I'll start with this one! When you said 4chan I've expected to see some heavy biases in descriptions but seems like whoever made it, limited the pros and cons lists to bare general descriptors which is great, so thank you nonna

No. 244842

I've tried watching the original and the one with Camile and they were so boring and autistic. I also like Blood Orphan because it was just a normal anime but with robots.

No. 244847

I personally love G Gundam. It's both self-aware about its absurdity and played completely straight. There is nothing quite like it and I love its honesty.
Also the love story is very statisfying. Very good example of male tsundere.

No. 244857

Did you watch the whole OG series or just the movies? I did the latter and loved it so much

No. 244878

Gundam 00, nonnie.
IBO is good too, and if you like bishounens, Gundam Wing. If you like depressing shit, Gundam Victory is your choice. Personally my choices would be Turn A Gundam and Gundam 00.
Might I add that all of those I said plus Witch from Mercury are "spin offs", i.e they don't follow the Universal Century timeline (which is related to the 1979, original series). I recommend you watch those and only watch the UC timeline series/movies if you get interested in Gundam.

No. 244880

I wouldn't recommend SEED/SEED Destiny because I find Kira and his Gary Stu antics insufferable. There is some fanservice in the remaster too which kinda soured my opinion in the series.
Ah, I forgot to asd that you can watch the anime for free on their Gundaminfo youtube channel, but you have to be aware they air them for a limited period of time and not all series are up, you can read about it on the Gundaminfo site

No. 244933

whenever I think of this show I hear Lt Ramius screaming "FAHHHR" (fire) in the english dub. they should have just let the english voice actor say it normally instead of matching the mouth shape… every episode she would be speaking firmly and authoritatively in unaccented american english until she said the word fire and then she was suddenly from the southern end of the Appalachian mountain range or something – took me right out of it lol

No. 244958

Thank you nonnies!
Both Gundam 00 and Turn A Gundam have "excellent mobile suits designs" according to the list other anon posted, which is definitely a good selling point for me, so knowing you recommend them for the stories, then I'm definitely in.
I like anything that's self aware so G Gundam sounds great but seems like i'll be best off watching it after few others so I can fully appreciate about said self awareness, definitely putting on my list.
I've seen the youtube channel has a few older series but it seems random which ones, I'll look into it more, thanks for the site recommendation!

No. 245026

File: 1664988820732.jpg (115.12 KB, 1280x720, eJpL7qm.jpg)

Any anime reccs with a fall/halloween vibe? Can be comfy, or with a creepy vibe, just anything that you think would suit this season

No. 245052

Boogiepop Phantom comes to mind

No. 245094

Ghost Hound.
Also idk if it counts but I was terrified by Mayoiga before they revealed what the monster was, because they would never show it. But after the reveal I dropped it kek.

No. 245119


it's been a long time since I watched it but I remember it being an eerie and sweet odd zombie romance. I liked the hydrangea visuals a lot

No. 245121

oh also Shiki (2010) for a spooky watch

yes their hair is crazy, it's a good show though!! lol

No. 245200

File: 1665036559294.jpg (273.77 KB, 1199x811, FeTNCfQUoAArFFA.jpg)

Episode 1 is out and I love it!

No. 245220

The new OP sucks but the rest seems good so far, if a bit watered down. Reigen in top form as usual. Interesting that dubs are simultaneously being released at the same time as the sub I wonder how long that will keep up for

No. 245262

File: 1665069910082.jpg (279.06 KB, 1200x1707, D3uALzhUcAAXbIp.jpg)

You gotta watch Turn A Gundam, it's the best Tomino Gundam imo. And I loved 79 and Zeta.

No. 245273

I think the visuals are great, the song just isn’t as catchy as the first two seasons.

No. 245319

I thought /a/nons were just kidding but people actually got invested in David and Lucy's love story and ended up distraught about David dying/their parting, I thought it was just exaggerated humor. It was just too short for me to care tbh and a little predictable. What do you guys think?

No. 245329

Pretty cute first episode. I can't wait to see them animate the last couple of arcs, they're some of my favorites in the manga!

No. 245398

>tfw you see someone shilling waifubait coomershit anime series then you click on their profile and it's a japanese woman dressed in kawaii pink from head to toes, with bows, flowers and butterflies

No. 245544

File: 1665178082322.jpg (398.15 KB, 1920x1080, mpv0001-[ASW] Do It Yourself!!…)

The DIY show was very nice, seems like an ambitious project. It's worth watching for the animation alone; pretty and colorful with a cute flat artstyle. Some characters could be better, but I will forgive it since it seems they will actually focus on the DIYs. Apparently it's partially funded by an actual tool manufacturer.

No. 245561

is there product placement for the tool company?

No. 245607

Turn A is the most different from other Gundam entries but I feel like it hits harder when you've gotten through the UC timeline series.

No. 245715

File: 1665247029057.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, akiba.png)

Anyone watched Akiba Maid War? I'm surprised that it wasn't chocked full of fan service, I'm really hoping it doesn't take a turn into that. Despite the animation being a little simple I'm excited for the rest

No. 245869

Who else is watching blue lock? Really strong first episode, I think this is gonna be a new favorite. Super excited about it

No. 245887

I’m not usually into sports anime so I didn’t watch that. But sometimes they’re really good so I’m curious why this one is exciting specifically?

No. 245893

because in this case it's more of a survival game, with higher stakes involved. like fantasy football

No. 245897

File: 1665339055195.png (839.23 KB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Blue Lock - 01 [10…)

Of course I am

No. 245899

File: 1665339202995.jpg (483.78 KB, 1920x1080, mpv0001-[ASW] Bocchi the Rock!…)

Nonnies I really recommend Bocchi the Rock. It almost went completely under my radar but so far it's probably my favorite of the season. The MC is extremely relatable and the dialogue was very funny.

I watched a clip but the animation looked really bad. I have a personal hatred for football, I don't know if I could tolerate it.

No. 245901

Yeah I really enjoyed it, thought it was gonna be quite boring & simple but was really surprised by it's quality and humour

No. 245910

made in abyss has amazing wordbuilding but i'm sorry to say, the writer is very obviously a pedo. while the setting itself is indeed very cool, it's something he clearly uses as fetish fuel. this series makes me feel more icky than typical lolishit, the girl being naked multiple times, the way they just casually talk about that robot boy's wee wee, like how can people just gloss over all this unnecessary disturbing content?? it's not even "subtle", it's very fucking blatant and it makes me uncomfortable

No. 245919


some people do miss it until it's pointed out but yeah it's pretty out in the open. much talk of the creator being a deranged pedo. deleted my comment that said people enjoy it like a horror franchise because that seems too charitable; there are those who consume it knowingly to be shocked and horrified but the child sufferporn is too in your face to enjoy as a regular adventure series in my opinion and no amount of creative worldbuilding can override that aspect.

No. 245923

It's toned down a lot in the anime to be fair to most watchers. It's much easier to skip past it when it takes up like 2 seconds of dialogue in the anime's runtime compared to there just being a drawing of a very young girl groping herself in the middle of a page. I'll read it to the end online if the mangaka doesn't get jailed for CP on his computer before then, but I'd never give him money.

No. 245928

Frankly in the anime it's outweighed by his furry fetish. Every time someone gets close to Nanachi they have to pet her and say how good she smells

No. 245930

I got a Perfect Blue bluray for $9 today!! I’m hyped to watch it tonight!!

No. 245939

Have fun, nonnie! Perfect Blue is a masterpiece and one of my favorite movies of all time.

No. 246028

I’m gonna be honest, after all the mangaka who were literally jailed for being a pedo. The people who are openly lolifags are probably the least problematic.

I still get so sad toriko and Rurouni kenshin is ruined to me because the author was a disgusting scrote

No. 246043

I actually found it easier to ignore in the manga, since you can just not read the dialogue and skip the page. Like I didn't even remember half of the pedo scenes that showed up in the anime.

No. 246069

>The people who are openly lolifags are probably the least problematic
Why? Considering how junior idol is legal in Japan, I'm sure these bastards are looking at pictures of real little girls as reference for their disgusting drawings.

No. 246070

>after all the mangaka who were literally jailed for being a pedo. The people who are openly lolifags are probably the least problematic.
The devil is in your mind and he’s got you white-knighting lolifags lol
I know what you mean though, the ones who hide it are scarier

No. 246071

I honestly feel bad for the yuri fans watching gundam, I predict suletta will end up with the femboy instead…

No. 246105


What did the Toriko author do exactly? I searched him up and found nothing.

No. 246117

he paid lots of money to a 16 year old to have sex with her and got arrested iirc
here is an article about what happened although it doesn't mention much about his arrest/sentencing

No. 246195

oh no i didnt meant to wk, but you're right the devil is giving me brain worms. i cant trust any male creator at this point lol

No. 246311

I hope she will end up with neither! Actually seeing this outcome as the most likely one, having these two implied "romances" just hanging, unresolved by the end

No. 246375

why did no one tell me there was an abusive boyfriend in the first episode of Witch from Mercury and his name is Cruel Jerk lmao

No. 246391

File: 1665510520934.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.59 KB, 1920x1080, Chainsaw Man.jpg)

First Chainsaw Man ep got released
It's great!

No. 246392

Chainsaw man is basic scrote anime.

No. 246395

wait for it to be shilled constantly for the next 6 months

No. 246396

Ugh I thought it was shilled enough. It’s going to be like Spy X family where it’s everywhere.

No. 246401

File: 1665510947356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.26 KB, 1200x675, FezUSGwaAAEsi3l[1].jpg)

Those were extremely quick responses, were you waiting for me to post?

No. 246404

Reiwa no Di Gi Charat is actually pretty good they have the og vas back and I like the art a nice little snack

No. 246412

File: 1665512108791.webm (Spoiler Image, 644.46 KB, 1280x720, dancedance.webm)

i found it pretty underwhelming. denji's va honestly sucks, lines that were supposed to be emotional or energetic had a flat delivery. the zombie fight was not that great animation wise
the OP was visually nice, i loved it, but the music is soooo bad, like wtf

No. 246426

thought this would happen based on the trailer (everything was too shiny) and did not get hyped

No. 246434

In truth I liked everything except about 20 seconds or so of bad CGI, and the OST is just okay. Due to the high quality of some scenes I'm expecting to have some nice surprises later in the season, but I doubt it'll be the best anime of the year

No. 246482

>denji's va honestly sucks
Nonny, thank you, I was seeing people praise the voice acting, and it was making me feel crazy because I hated it so much. And it wasn't just Denji's VA for me personally, child Denji was even worse, the yakuza wasn't that good, and even the zombie devil felt flat to me. You have a child literally scared of dying, why the fuck is the voice acting so flat there? People talk about Makima's voice and I've even seen theories that the va was forced into the cast by sony music to advertise her idol career but she was the only one that I thought had decent voice acting.

>OP music

It felt really underwhelming, but what annoyed me more was that I felt it could have been good if they had just worked a bit more on that song to give it some actual energy.

Another thing is that I feel there were moments where the animation was done smoothly but really would had looked better if they had done it snappier. This is kind of a nebulous criticism, but I think a lot of things generally you could see the production value was there, but it was just missing energy, you know?
Also, lot of people talk about the CGI but for me it was…tolerable inb4 it gets way worse in the later episodes. The shitty voice acting messed the immersion way more for me.

No. 246505

True. I'm enjoying the shitposting surrounding it though.
Nah even jpn fans think Makima and Denji's VAs are trash. Especially the latter. Right now the western fanbase is cockgobbling anything and everything related to CSM like NPCs so I wouldn't take their praises seriously.

No. 246625

>makima VA
I thought she sounded way too young, like a teenager, but chalked it up to not really knowing how old she was supposed to be in the first place

No. 246632

File: 1665557828040.png (2.12 MB, 1582x884, Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 23.5…)

I had a big problem with 1st-season golden kamuy's music because it was so generic and did not add to the atmosphere (took away from it if anything) but I didn't hate it enough to stop watching. the same thing has happened here, canned music making the story seem flat instead of emphasizing it. in CSM it's also really loud compared to the dialogue, which is just a poor decision on their part.

by the way, golden kamuy is airing again and best boys are back

No. 246982

File: 1665620197696.jpg (136.4 KB, 984x1200, 20221013_021413.jpg)

MAPPA Have removed the Yuri On Ice movie from their planned tab on a website. No surprises honestly, I don't think people even remember YOI now and it's been way too long since the announcement.

No. 247000

File: 1665622300069.jpg (1.34 MB, 665x3219, 1484064478939.jpg)

It's unbelievable how hard they fumbled the bag. That shit sold tonnes and the people involved were genuinely passionate about the series, HOW did they let everyone forget about it and leave the movie in development hell?? You'd think someone higher up who enjoys money and success would have been pushing them to finish it but no, I choose to believe it's the anti fujo old men in charge sabotaging it from within.

No. 247003

I've never even watched YOI but it saddens me to hear this news.

>I choose to believe it's the anti fujo old men in charge sabotaging it from within.
That's what I was thinking too. How else would you explain that they decided to cancel a fujo money-printing franchise? There used to be more quality anime for girls and women in the past, now we're seeing a trend where practically everything has to be isekai, ecchi "romcom" or shonen shit aimed at moids because the scrote producers know that women will have no choice but to consume that garbage too.

No. 247004

>because the scrote producers know that women will have no choice but to consume that garbage too.
This is why I pretty much completely dropped anime as a medium all together, the industry clearly has no interest in making shows for women anymore.

No. 247027

>How else would you explain that they decided to cancel a fujo money-printing franchise?
The only charitable explanation I can think of is that the writers and directors have very high standards for quality and won't let it be released unless they get the best animation and a perfect story. So maybe there's production or budget issues or they just want to take their time. But that's very optimistic.

No. 247048

I didn't read the manga so I don't get the hype. First episode was generic, the 3d is really meh but at least generally it seems to be getting better compared to the berserk CLANGS.

No. 247053

the anime is really highlighting the ways in which it was a generic shonen manga. I don't think the beginning is interesting in general though. I dropped the manga at the first chainsawman scene and didn't go back to it for months, there's no real hook in the story and chainsawman form is stupid looking. (honestly I didn't pick it up again until I saw fanart of Quanxi and the fiends.)

No. 247124

yes!! I love the old newspaper look from the opening and the animations and quality look good so far. Maybe the gk thread can rise from its grave when the next episode airs. It would be fun to watch it together. I still wish the first seasons would get a remake one day, the quality really isn’t that good which is a shame for such an outstanding series. Still watchable ofc but yeah.
I never got into it because it looks like a typical battle shonen but it gets recommended to me all the time as if its something special, must be the hype. or am I wrong and there is something interesting to it? the moment I saw it has a horny teenage guy as a MC I lost every interest in checking it out.

No. 247126

File: 1665656837028.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.22 MB, 540x304, tumblr_d01a021d6a3c2d47bc09aef…)

The ending for season 3 is so beautiful and perfect. I like that it's a throwback to the first ending with Reigen and now we get to see Mob's. I couldn't help but feel emotional and proud of him.

No. 247134

No what? I genuinely watched YoI for the skating scenes. Was excited to see a high budget movie. This sucks.
Kek at this pic though

No. 247142

>Maybe the gk thread can rise from its grave when the next episode airs.
Lmao anon the thread is not dead, just taking a nap. I'll wake it up later

No. 247194

This latest episode was pretty slow, and it was pretty slow in the manga too, but seeing this ED was such a delight! What a beautiful callback to season 1.

No. 247206

I honestly expected them to put more money into the fighting scenes, given that it's a huge shounen cashcow, but the fighting action was very underwhelming. Chainsawman himself always was a shitty design, but at least it worked with the kind of stylistically shit art
>the moment I saw it has a horny teenage guy as a MC I lost every interest in checking it out.
The horniness makes most sense for this protag than in most shounen where it's purely fanservice, to underline how much of a pathetic and lonely and immature kid he is. The thing with this whole manga is if the humor isn't something that entertains you, there's really nothing of substance here.

No. 247217

It’s like he’s not even horny he just thinks he’s supposed to be. That’s the redeeming quality. The manga was full of tropes but it’s like the characters also know they’re tropes which breaks the 4th wall a little. Not to put it on a pedestal or anything. The anime hasn’t shown that yet, it’s looks like a flashy shonen cashcow which is also not wrong.

No. 247225

>I choose to believe it's the anti fujo old men in charge sabotaging it from within.
I agree. The one huge Mappa IP that has a female director (only one other series has been directed by a woman at Mappa) and female writer that publicly said that their series was trying to be censored during production had their follow up work end up in development hell? Very suspicious.

No. 247272

I was away for a week and couldn't watch anything, how come nobody is talking about the second half of Tiger & Bunny II? Was it that underwhelming? I expected some big discussions even considering the large hiatus before season two, but even /a/ only had a single living thread it seems.
I wasn't even too impressed by the first half, though it wasn't bad either. I want to believe that the second part will be great. I admit I kinda moved on myself and are more attached to other series these days (two of them are even airing right now) so maybe that's just what has happened with everybody else. Wish this had aired earlier.
Six (seven? eight? I forgot how many) years and this is getting more ridiculous with every new info we get or don't get for a year. Not long and I will genuinely start to believe this is some sabotage from within. How can every trash that can be considered just slightly successful get a movie or sequel within a year or two these days but nobody but the director and some selected few ever cared to milk the cow with YoI?
It was one of those series even non-fujos enjoyed due to the sports parts and the variety of characters.
Now that you two are saying this I am starting to think shizo enough to believe that the absence of a love interest might have been the actual reason for why the movie was planned to be a prequel, without MC. I would watch and surely enjoy a movie about the past of Victor, but in general it was a bit of a letdown because we know the past, even if we haven't seen the details. The strong cast and their future as professional skaters was begging for a sequel.

No. 247273

I'm honestly nervous to watch the new T&B, I haven't heard much from people whove watched it either which just adds to it. I wsd a big fan back in the day but it's been a long time since I've watched so I want to rewatch everything before seeing the new season, but I'm scared of being let down by it after all this time so I keep putting it off.

No. 247274

Yeah same here. The fact that nobody talks about it worries me. I cannot imagine there to be an iconic scene fans love a lot if nobody posts it. The worst case would be that it's forgettable with an end that is bad but not bad enough to even screech about it.

No. 247290

Not just normie shonenfags but also real figure skaters were hyping up the anime. I never seen YOI but knew it caused a huge impact on the anime scene.

No. 247313

File: 1665737459174.jpg (29.76 KB, 512x343, 508508441.jpg)

I was a HUGE fan of the first T&B but when I started watching the 2nd season I've realized that in 10 years I've actually outgrew the premise, maybe there's a lot of people like me? Younger anime fans not caring because it's a series from before their time, and OG fans outgrowing it?
Also now as an adult woman I have zero patience left for any loli pandering so seeing the new character definitely did not help

No. 247316

I watched the first 2 episodes of season 2 and got lazy and stopped recently. So far it feels like more of the same stuff and I also wonder if I outgrew it or if I just have less patience with watching tv shows in general. I'll give it a try later.

No. 247322

Similar here. IMO the problem is that there was simply nothing left to say past s1. At best it could have needed an OVA that expands on the relationships. S1 Yuri was a great antagonist who was the logical pendant to the idealistic heroes and the Ouroboros plot was a great addition that complemented the series. Both issues were resolved well at the end so the only thing left is to either bring villains back or invent new ones.
The first is lame but obviously what most sequels do and the latter is generic, because it's basically just "another case" they solve but one that takes two cours instead of one or two episodes and unlike Yuri's actions it isn't directly connected to the theme of superheroes and the question about how to deal with criminals which gives it way less of an impact.

I haven't finished the second part yet though. But so far the villains just feel like the typical psycho kids and I miss an engaging subplot and interesting character development. I also think that a few of the old heroes should have been transferred if they intended to add four(?) new ones. Too many characters, and I agree the loli in particular doesn't add anything meaningful to the story. I wish there was more focus on the mains instead.

No. 247374

>or am I wrong and there is something interesting to it?
It ends up taking unexpected directions and has interesting visuals

No. 247385

Anybody else felt a much bleaker and serious vibe from the CSM anime than from the manga?
I think it felt like that to me because of a mix of the desaturated colors, the slow animation/action and the flat shitty voice acting, but I'm not even sure if this was an intentional decision or not. It makes me worry about the series because dark humour was a major part of the manga, and trying to make CSM into a completely unironically serious drama is just taking the 90% of the soul away from it.
Ex: the cigarette scene

No. 247408

File: 1665774197429.jpg (694.99 KB, 1040x1400, Nagi_no_Asu_Kara_Anime_promo.j…)

has anyone watched this? is it just romance with a love quadruple?

No. 247411

Yes. The animation is pretty, though.

No. 247419

It's one of the very few romance series I liked. It's not just romance though, it has drama and fantasy as well and it's pretty comfy when there isn't serious plot going on.

No. 247453

File: 1665784138091.jpg (305.6 KB, 1200x1058, Re-Main.jpg)

remember this 2021 flop? male director, female love interest, shit story. this is your mappa now

No. 247457

>bleaker and serious vibe
Denji is doing a big lebowski reference in the opening

No. 247474

That's also why I can't tell if it's actually on purpose or if it's just a bunch of different things accidentally converging and messing up the feel of it for me.
As far as I know they might have just asked Fujimoto to say some movies he liked and then slapped whatever random movies he said onto the op.
Or maybe I'm just too paranoid because of how underwhelming it felt to me.

I'm just hoping that at the least Power's energy will fix it a bit.

No. 247593

i liked minato more than your average sports anime protagonist, even if he wasn't all that different though

No. 247640

I just binged this and part 1 felt so much better than part 2 which kind of dredged along. I was hoping the annoying new girl would die and she didnt, damn. I would've rather had a princess around their age 14-17 for the 2nd antagonist than some entitled 10 year old with a squeaky va. Hell, she couldve been into him so it would be like a love story gone wrong. Also it seems like such a shame to keep the pink haired childhood crush around when we couldve kept daiya around for anju. It didnt feel like she had much personality other than staying alive, follow orders, have anime blushing freak outs, and then get into shopping. Also, part 1 from what I remember had better consistent art than part 2.

No. 247641

File: 1665841003171.jpeg (423.48 KB, 1444x2048, 741FF466-EAB4-42DD-8B1B-B030AA…)

I unironically love Made in Abyss. fucking kill me nonnas, i know that the story centers around insane female centered cruelty and blatant lolicon/shotacon fetishism. And yet I look past it for the beautiful insane world building, the mystery and the great music. I'm so desensitized to violence and graphic stuff because i grew up lurking 4chan, that ididnt even realize the insanity of it all till I had the map of the abyss hanging on my wall.
Fucking kill me and every scrote that enjoys it as well.

No. 247643

Just realized recently MiA was heavily inspired by Dante's Inferno, which explains the general suffering and the different levels

No. 247646

File: 1665842824674.png (866.66 KB, 898x860, FYXuKucaMAALl6I.png)

Liking dark shit is fine, I wish there were more genuine exploration series like MiA. It's also one of the very few series with kids where I not only like the style (the designs themselves aren't sexualised, they are cute for once) but see the point of the MCs being children. Usually kids break my immersion because I cannot take a series with 12yo mecha pilots or chosen ones seriously, but here them being kids emphasizes the threatening environment they are diving into.
That said I also agree about Dante's Inferno. It's a fantastic read btw., Dante' Inferno is self-insertion done right.

Less related, but Tsukushi writes awesome adult characters too.

No. 247649

I agree that the worldbuilding is great and the writer's strongest point but even if I ignore the excessive pedopandering and other weird fetishes like furryshit, piss etc I think the characters are extremely bland. Ozen and bondrewd were cool, but riko is extremely dumb and doesn't develop at all, reg is a blank slate self-insert of the viewer, nothing about lyza interests me in the least and even though nanachi is more likable I couldn't care less for her friend mitty (and the series expected me to cry over her lol). The pacing of the series is also incredibly sluggish, it wouldn't be a problem if riko and reg were actually interesting characters but they're not

No. 247650

Don't beat yourself up anon you obviously like it for different reasons the morbidly obese subhuman creating it and moid readers like it for

No. 247654

The beginning is a bit cringe but I think it’s worth a watch. Nice concept, music, and animation

No. 247657

This was the last anime from that studio I was invested in.
Think Appare Ranman could have been great if it was two cours though. Instead it was the aquarium series that got two, which would have worked better as one cour IMO.

No. 247671

it's absolutely tragic that the loli suffering piss fetish series got good production. the anime industry is evil.

No. 247686

I feel you nonna. I watched the first season of Made in Abyss and was really interested in the music and world even though I was weirded out by parts of it and didn't understand why they were included. So then I decided to read the manga and I became so disgusted with the source material that now the entire thing just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I hope the author of this show never completes it and falls off the face of the planet.

No. 247748

Hard agree and I couldnt give a shit for some hole in the grounds levels of suffering. It's like a creator who sets up a goth death filled world just to make big titty goth anime gfs but instead its pedo suffer lite porn. There's better material out there to watch and read.

No. 247770

File: 1665877957414.jpg (207.21 KB, 640x960, MV5BYTNlMWFmYjQtM2E2ZC00ZDEwLW…)

I was going to shit on you nonna before I realized the same can be said about one of my favorite series as well.

I understand what it's like to like more than what scrotes tend to like in a series. I love Monogatari for its animation, music, fights, and absurdism, but I tend to forget regular people just view it as lolibait trash.

The worst part is, is they're right. Deeper meaning aside, these anime are made just for lolicons who like a little more plot with their fetishes.

No. 247785

Agreed on part 1 being better than part 2, I think we're in the minority for this though. Part 2 was such a slog with Shin just swimming in his depression every episode + the annoying rat you mentioned. However the last 2 episodes of part 2 were great and made the drawn out cour worth it imo, good stuff. Supposedly these are the weakest parts of the story according to LNfags so I do wish they would continue the anime.

No. 247834

I just finished it as well and I agree with both of you. Honestly I do think this anime/ln falls into quite a few tropes I'm not a fan of.
The setting is interesting on the first glance, but it seems like the war ethics and conflicts mostly remain on the sidelines in favor of "we have to defeat this ai occupied by a person close to one of the main characters". It gets too battle shonen-y with the lack of emotional depth when it portrays "I have no reason to fight anymore" brooding and "the MC actually comes from an elite fighting clan" shit. Maybe my expectations were too high.
Plus since there's clearly a focus on the fights and the frontline, the problem with having a faceless enemy is you literally have to give it a face for the fights to not be boring and meaningless. Imo if the faceless AI enemy got less attention and instead we had the focus on everything else that's happening because of it, it would've been better. This way it feels a bit juvenile, despite it apparently being rated R-17.

No. 247877

You're right nonnie. I'm not a mangafag and now that I begrudgingly finished season two I'm probably not coming back to this anime anymore. I still think the first season was really good, but the second season was such a slog, the furry/abused loli thing has been done for the third time now, and nobody is advancing in any way, character wise or setting wise. So boring and it feels like wasted potential. The pedo shit definitely doesn't help either kek

No. 247926

part of chainsaw man's main charm was the simple plot and the style and flash, the
anime fans that are starting to flock to it with there annoying scrote takes with it as well. it some what spoils the enjoyment i have with the series, a bit.

No. 248024

Wazu is the most morally grey character with so much mystery shrouded around him. I love him and his twisted ways.

No. 248026

that's why you should simply not care what scrotes say and enjoy your anime and manga by yourself for yourself. like the monogatari and mia nonnies that enjoy it for their own reasons

No. 248125

Just watched the first episode of the Urusei Yatsura remake (haven’t seen the original). I was super surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I don’t usually like romcoms and the moid protag seems boring so far, but Lum is really cute. The op is also really catchy. Hopefully it continues to stay cute

No. 248153

If you watch the old series you should watch the BBC dub. It’s great and what I watched as a kid.

No. 248164

don't watch a lot of shoujo or romance anime in general and recently just watched kimi ni todoke and loved it due to the characters plus the female friendship aspect, and the sort of comedy and slice of life elements
I didn't care for any of the moid characters much and when I tried to find anime similar to it, all the recommendations were for romance ones
what lighthearted anime can I watch that fits this without a heavy focus on romance? like something slice of life/comedy with likeable female characters/female friendship and not a lot of coomer stuff or scrote pandering

No. 248167

File: 1666052145245.gif (859.55 KB, 500x257, 51D0DDB2-4DCB-4668-B15C-D7C781…)

Not a lot of character development, mostly lolsorandom comedy, the main girls have a cute friendship
>Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
More romance focused than you might like but it is truly very funny. A completely inoffensive and cute show
>Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
Haven't seen personally but I've heard good things, sounds up your alley
>Little Witch Academia
The original movies/OVAs were cute and funny! Don't know about the series though, I've heard that one panders more to moids

No. 248218

They toned down Ataru it seems, at least in this first episode, but he's fucking insufferable 98% of the time. Honestly, its a show worth watching for the whacky storylines. They just did whatever the hell they wanted, retold Japanese folklore, did sci-fi stuff, time traveled, etc.

No. 248228

You might like Watamote and Aggretsuko in addition to what the other person said

No. 248229

I didn't know it was already out, I should give it a try. I only really know Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikoku from what I watched on tv in middle and high school.

No. 248234

Lum is super cute. I love that she seems to be a super girly girl.
I also love how the series is making moids seethe for not pandering to them as much as the old anime did.

No. 248290

File: 1666101111551.jpg (63.73 KB, 550x446, 7627d227adc6fb5fb6662ebfb9d82d…)

The moebob-ness of K-On! might be off putting but K-On is really one of my favorite sol animes. Just a bunch of highschool girls who start a band and doing fun things.

No. 248292

I will say a lot of scrotes like k-on too but as a female viewer I enjoyed it a lot and when I found my best friend, it was one of the series we bonded over and we rewatched it and later cosplayed it with each other so it's super special in my heart lol.

No. 248299

NTA but scrotes will like most innocent media and sexualize the women in it because they're perverted minds cannot enjoy anything that involves women without turning it into something sexual. Anyway the fact that a lot of fans are male doesn't necessarily mean that it's sexualized for them, sometimes it's just the fanbase that does it themselves.

No. 248316

there is nothing wrong with moe, what happened is that perverted fetishistic moids stole the concept from women's media and sexualized it. but i think as a woman, it's pretty normal to enjoy moe

No. 248378

lol me too. I usually don't like romcoms either, but it helps that this show has charme and the MCs are at least better than what we usually get nowadays. Lum is energetic and fun instead of being another moe ughuu~ and the MC is, well, a person and not another insecure shit, I think he can be funny sometimes. I rather have playboys like Gene Starwind as MCs for comedy heavy shows than bystanders with a name to allow otaku to self-insert.

I am a bit (but shouldn't be) surprised that a lot of people seem to dislike the remake. It's surely retro, but honestly there are a few things about 80s-earl 00s anime that I prefer over modern styles. And dear god am I tired of the meta shit and nerd MCs so many modern series have in an attempt to be relatable to the fandom. I was an anime fan all my life, read fics and draw fan comics, but I don't like series about anime fans. It's also cringe to see how the hobby always defines their entire personality. I love anime and have a crush on some characters too, but I don't walk around screaming anime slogans or tell my coworkers about this.

But speaking of surprises, this season has a lot: I enjoy Bojji the Rock and Do it Yourself even though I usually get bored by Girls' school club series as well as K-ONlike music shows. And I usually like Gundam, but not this one even though most seem to feel the opposite. In general it's a pretty good season so far.

No. 248388

>it helps that this show has charme and the MCs are at least better than what we usually get nowadays
That's because Rumiko Takahashi is a trendsetter and an icon, what we get nowadays is made by otaku who mindlessly copy the series they like.

No. 248403

Yeah, otaku never seem to have any kind of experience or knowledge about anybody or anything outside of their narrow comfort zone of manga/LNs they read and games they play. Stories are about conveying ideas and feelings the writers has and you cannot regurgitate the exact same shit again and again, it will be devoid of meaning and a soul.

Like I noticed that talented modern mangaka are often people that don't read manga. Ousama Ranking was a breath of fresh air IMO and the mangaka wanted to be a children's book author and he is inspired by fairy tales and history, not manga. Noda who created the popular series Golden Kamuy barely reads manga either, he is inspired by movies. The mangaka of Chainsaw Man and Fire Punch is the same. If all someone consumes are harem LNs he will never create anything but another generic knock-off of an amalgamation of LN series that were never even good to begin with.
The best inspiration for characters are real people as well. But for that they have to know other people first or at least follow the news or read some history to get ideas.

No. 248421

Sorry to say that, but isn't moe a concept that scrotes came up with?

No. 248439

If iirc, what is now moe originated when animmanga girls' media like Creamy Mami and Cardcaptor Sakura unintentionally started to gain an older male fanbase (kinda like bronies), why? Because they thought the girl characters were cute and whom they wanted to be their surrogate little sister/daughter or whatever (but, moids being moids, it eventually evolved to this pseudosexual lust for said cute girl characters–also kinda like bronies). The ani industry saw this fanbase, and–knowing that it would be lucrative–started making moe media targeted towards said male fanbase.

No. 248481

I honestly wish moe hadn't killed the shoujo artstyle.

No. 248555

tbh I think K-on is one of the best of the moe genre because it was directed by a woman. It was one of the biggest influences of the "cgdct" genre and so many that followed were gross and inferior because it was just horny men making them without drawing from any of the real experiences and friendships that K-on may have had.

No. 248590

the concept itself might not have been called moe at the time, but the exact style of cute girls was seen in older shoujo and kiddie anime. like >>248439 said, it's pretty much what happened to bronies, since mlp was designed for girls

No. 248611

I'm not well-versed in Lum lore but how is the new adaptation making moids seethe exactly? I'm curious.

No. 248644

IIRC it went more like: adult males started to realize that they found the child protagonists in shoujo and the girl characters in other anime and manga (like Miyazaki movies) cute, but not just in a platonic way, it was pedophilic from the start even if it wasn't sexually explicit at first. They called the feeling that they felt when looking at those girls "moe", which in most cases isn't as innocent as some scrotes claim, they don't see those girls as just "daughters" or "little sisters", they also feel sexual attraction because as we all know, moids are disgusting degenerates. Anyway, then they started to seek more "moe" little girl characters in previous anime and manga works they had missed, and when they ran out of characters to obsess over/lust after, they started to create their own expies of popular moe characters for their doujin lolicon zines. It's also worth noting here that moe/bishoujo/lolicon art style (at some point those terms were interchangeable) is a combination of Tezuka style and shoujo manga style but sexualized. Then some scrotes kickstarted the "lolicon boom" at Comiket to spite the fujoshi who, at the time, were the majority at said event, with the release of a very sexually explicit lolicon magazine, and the rest is history.
Oh and some people in the industry were lolicons back then, maybe they infiltrated it or they were already established and then turned into lolicons, but either way, they started to subtly insert references to their degen subculture and paved the way for more moe/lolishit in anime, in addition to it being lucrative.

No. 248650

it amuses that the same thing kinda happened in the west, but with furries instead lmao anthro characters for kids > degenerates slowly gaining a fetish for it

No. 248781

File: 1666214029652.jpeg (92.76 KB, 523x375, 2CCF3260-6E2C-41B1-BFE9-F88398…)

This movie is adorable, even if you didn't watch all of Ojamajo Doremi, it's seriously nice. It's basically about relationships, focusing obviously more on friendship, it's worth the watch.

No. 248795

File: 1666216396001.jpg (142.09 KB, 750x1057, MV5BZjkyNWE0NWUtNmRmMi00YjhlLW…)

is this the 2020 movie that follows the three adult women?

I loved that show when I was a kid, got reminded of it recently in the witch thread

No. 248811

Yeah! It's really cute, I just managed to watch it today.

No. 248917

thanks anon these all seem like great recommendations, I think I'll really enjoy nichijou and keep your hands off eizouken in particular
isn't there lots of moid pandering in watamote? or is that only in the manga? I've seen a few episodes of aggretsuko and liked it so maybe I'll pick it back up
watched this awhile ago and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it
aw that sounds fun nona I'm glad you have such fond memories of it
have you seen lucky star? I have that on my watchlist but now I'm wondering is it more similar to k-on or is it one of the gross inferior scrote-y ones?

No. 248929

>lots of moid pandering in watamote
hm… not really? is there? it has changed so much since it started I might have to go back and watch the anime because I can't even remember it. as I remember it the comedy in the beginning relies on dirty jokes from the main + those same jokes falling flat with classmates because she's socially retarded and spends too much time playing eroge games (so if you thing cringe is funny it's great but my friend literally couldn't watch it, too much 2nd hand embarrassment). the main character is a female horndog but she's a loner dork so it's really all posturing / cringe value. the manga took a turn and is like fully a female friendship slice of life with yuri leanings these days but the anime doesn't really get that far.

No. 248986

>have you seen lucky star? I have that on my watchlist but now I'm wondering is it more similar to k-on or is it one of the gross inferior scrote-y ones?
ayrt I actually rewatched Lucky Star not long ago and I would say it's pretty similar to K-on and isn't super fanservicey. At worst there are discussions of lolicon (Konata's dad being a lolicon is kinda a running joke) and Konata makes some weird sus comments about the other girls, particularly Miyuki, but about 90% of the show is just the girls having mundane conversations and Konata making references to otaku culture. It's kind of dated and franky boring at times, but it has a lot of relatable moments for nerds and the animation is really nice. I appreciate it more for nostalgia these days but of the moe genre it's definitely on the less offensive side, most of the fanservice is just the girls being adorkable and not sexual. Also Lucky Channel is iconic.

No. 249010

Lots are genuinely mad because the new anime didn't show nipples like the old anime did. They're also complaining about how it's pandering to zoomers instead of their old crusty asses.

No. 249027

Most seems just to be the generic shitposting coming from 1. people that were fans back then when they were 10 that cannot understand that their standards have changed 20 years later and 2. newfags that think all old anime are cringe because they aren't edgy isekai or moe ughuu~ harems.

No. 249031

That movie was such a bold move but I loved it.
I wish there were more movies that seriously thematized people growing up and how an adult's life forces you to leave your beloved fantasy worlds behind. At least to some degree. I am the worst kind of escapist myself but I cannot get into actual escapism shows I rather watch a series about escapism and relate to this and observe how other people/characters deal with it.

No. 249033

Sounds lame

No. 249039

If you're 10 years old, it's lame.

No. 249040

Eh, simply cannot relate I think. To share the same wish isn't enough for me, they also need to be in a somewhat similar situation than me. The emotional situation I mean, they can be aliens in a war, but I must be able to relate to some of their issues.
Isekai MCs have maybe the same dream I have "escape reality, quit your shitty jobs and be free and become a hero", but then they get handed everything they want on a silver platter just five minutes into the series and the rest of the story isn't about that wish anymore but about how they rule their kingdom now and which harem member they choose.

No. 249126

File: 1666291895912.png (324.6 KB, 423x475, 21.png)

Is Ataru fucking gay? Why does he dislike Lum so much. It hurts to see her get rejected like this.

No. 249130

Finally another person that watches that anime. I spent days watching that anime and it ended up giving me nausea and headaches from the annoying ass JP dub having the characters constantly screeching and the flashing colors and dumb shit happening constantly. He’s constantly insufferable and borderline abusive towards Lum, how I know this show was made by a woman was the fact that in every episode his stupid ass got his karma fast and everyone knows he’s a loser which always gave me relief. He’s clearly not a fag as his main characteristic is nearly raping every girl he sees on the straight but there is genuinely something wrong with him, I feel like the writers were trying to warn us about men or something

No. 249133

You're telling me this fag never starts liking her back? That's so sad, she's so happy around him. I can't help but want them to get together since she likes him.

No. 249143

Ataru is the biggest tsundere in anime. He does start liking her back, he's just a stubborn ass about it and thinks admitting he loves her is bad for his image or something. At first he wasn't going to end up with Lum either, Tadahashi wanted him to end up with Shinobu, but her editors convinced her he had to end up with Lum. So it takes a while for the writing to change to reflect that.

Lolcow's being difficult about timestampping but go to 2:45.

No. 249155

I respect rumiko takahashi but I absolutely cannot stand the way she writes her characters, like for me they're way too unlikable. She popularized/prototyped two of the worst anime tropes, the tsundere one (and her tsundere characters are extremely violent too) and the harem one with ranma. I don't think she's a bad writer by any means, it's just that I find her shows unwatchable. The fact that the guy in urusei yatsura is some sort of weird moid rapist is not helping at all

No. 249159

Didn’t get that far because it became too irritating to watch especially with Lum’s flying baby cousin and his annoying voice but like anon said >>249143 that’s what happened. They had no compatibility or chemistry even through an enemies to lovers situation, honestly the best parts of the show was when it showed Lum actually having a life outside of her stalker obsession with Ataru or when every one in the town constantly bullied him kek. I personally liked the dynamic between Lum and that other guy that could have been a potential love interest I think his name is Mendou? I had to search this up Otherwise the show is chaotic and dated, it has a common problem that anime still has where it’s weirdly progressive for its time but still finds sexual harassment towards their own female characters hilarious. Every male character is borderline rapey. Seriously is like every EA male like this? EA anons please confirm thnks

No. 249160

I think she hit her best mark when it came to Inuyasha, the male love interest is way more tolerable and actually has a reason for being an asshole. Ataru is a lazy rapey teenager that even his own parents do not like. Something about urusei yatsura tells me that it was satirizing Japanese life at that time because everyone who lived in the same town as Ataru was equally as obnoxious as him

No. 249162

She made me love tsundere thanks to Ranma 1/2 kek but I can see where you're coming from. People tried to copy her and did it so badly it gets annoying at times. The shit happening in Ranma 1/2 is on the same level of absurdity and violence as Tom & Jerry and that wouldn't work in more serious stories, and yet here we are now. I really should start Urusei Yatsura.

No. 249165

Why would you create a cute alien wife for the MC and then NOT have them end up togeter? That would've been absolutely crazy.

No. 249181

Himejoshi pulling up to the thread
Can anyone recommend light hearted yuri? Need to see some lesbos simple as.

No. 249186

File: 1666302967251.jpg (95.77 KB, 1200x675, Kase-san_and_Morning_Glories.j…)

There's a lesbian media thread with some recs but I'll give you a short list of the ones you might wanna check out for cute lesbians.
>Bloom Into You
>If My Favorite Idol Made it to Budokan I Would Die
>Adachi and Shimamura
>Sweet Blue Flowers (haven't personally seen it myself but another lesbian friend likes it)
>Yuru Yuri (it can be scroteish at times, mileage may vary)
Also for ones that aren't actually yuri but still have strong, cute shipbait
>Hibike Euphonium (don't read the light novels)
>Love Lab
>Hidamari Sketch (heavily implied lesbian side couple)
>Anne Happy (lesbian side character)
tbh manga is a much better medium for yuri lately, I'm personally really into Usui Shio's works right now.

No. 249188

Ah bless you nonna. What a yuri harvest these past years has provided us with. I can’t wait to get into this ♥

No. 249194

You want to know what's even crazier, anon? Lum was only supposed to appear in a few chapters. She wasn't even going to be a main character but the editors were smart enough to know a cute alien wife was a thousand times more interesting than a boring human.

No. 249224

Oh btw if you like amanchu (cosy feeling anime with classical music, and the beauty of seasons/nature) you would definitely like super cub. It's wholesome, soothing, has yuri undertones, and the characters of the girls are actually believable.

No. 249244

Agreed. I mostly watch it for the weird scenarios the characters get involved in, plus the influence it had on an indie comic I've long read, Ninja High School. NHS actually has a tolerable male main character though, unlike Ataru.

No. 249283

Who the fuck is Tadahashi

No. 249375

I like Hibike but it's all bait. I hate that reina and kumiko basically confess to each other yet reina still can't stop thirsting for the teacher?! Yeah he's hot but it's fucking weird and also rubs me the wrong way because Taki adored his wife so why would he get over her by going after a highschooler?

No. 249377

I like the new UY so far but back in the old days I stopped watching all of her shows but Inuyashi quite soon because they dragged too much for my taste and yeah, the tropes were often boring too after a while.

Inuyasha worked for me because the general vibe was darker, the world more interesting and I am sucker for adult, pretty and tragic antagonists like Kikyo and I loved Sess as well.

And please someone help me forget the shit that is the recent sequel. I want to erase all memory of that shit forever.

No. 249501

ah ok I just assumed there was since 4chan scrotes are obsessed with it but it sounds decent, I'll add it to the list
the dad being a lolicon is kinda gross but other than that it sounds fine, it's one of those animes that people regard as a "classic" so I feel like I'm missing out on something if I don't watch it kek

No. 249503

File: 1666407990161.jpg (8.47 KB, 224x224, 25285.jpg)

Can anybody explain to me why the magical girl genre has died?

It was as natural as endless battle shounen back in the old days. That stuff aired in almost every damn country. Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Kaitou Jeanne, Cutie Honey, Prétear, CCS, and so on. Even Rayearth and such were technically magical girl shows mixed with other genres. Why did it get so rare? What kind of anime do younger teen girls watch nowadays? I miss it.

It was the perfect mix of light-hearted semi-episodical parts and darker or tragic events that happened later together with a bunch of unexpected twists. And I like the savior mentality. I enjoy MCs that just punch the antagonist as much as everybody else, but I need diversity. Sometimes I just need a series like Sailor Moon where the lead character cries for her lonely enemy instead of having fun shooting a hole into their head.

Plus, they were always pretty. Magical girl was the main genre people associated with anime together when I was a teen, maybe even more than battle shounen. I don't understand how such a popular genre can just vanish.

No. 249504

>spends too much time playing eroge games
Nonny "eroge" literally means "erotic games" so you're saying "erotic game games" kek.
But seriously, what she plays are BL games, not just any eroge like the ones otaku anime girls made to pander to moids usually play. That moment is so funny if you know which games it's a parody of
Moids only love Watamote because "muh loser femcel NEET pervert loli waifu!!" Even though Tomoko is one of the few loser otaku girls in anime who are truly relatable to otaku girls and not just a gender flipped version of a male otaku made for the male gaze.

No. 249523

File: 1666414681028.jpeg (173.12 KB, 1280x720, ACF29BB1-D46A-4608-A866-867424…)

>the magical girl genre has died
Except it hasn’t
I mean we have approximately a million precure titles now
It sure has transformed (ha), just like it did when tokusatsu style mahou shojo became prevalent. Maybe after Madoka. I honestly don’t think it introduced something new, more like showing same old things, but in more grotesque way. And in more lesbian way. Which is why we now have more yuributa coomer magical girl shows than any others
So now you have sterile kid shows - precure, coomer stuff - marchen madhen, flip flappers, ilya, shows, that are coomer at heart, but more on the edgy madokesque side - yuuki yuuna, brs
I think teen girls are into idols now, and it’s much more realistic for a japanese teen girl to become an idol than a magical girl, lol. But you still will have cute costumes and “friendship is magic” narrative. For cute costumes and magic they has otome isekai.
The best mahou shojo anime we had in years, imo, is Wonder Egg Priority, because it is absolutely 100% was made for teen girls. People might say it’s not mahou shojo, but it is!

No. 249532

Light-hearted mainstream magical girl anime except for like Precure (mainstream in Japan I guess) is so rare now because anime for female audiences in general is dead, imo, and that's also why the magical girl has been appropriated by coomer moids and why shounenshit and isekaishit are now the only thing that's mainstream. Also I don't like counting stuff like Cutie Honey in this group of mahou shoujo anime because it's scrote shit (even if women can like it, it's literally shounen and has coomer fanservice)

No. 249542

>The best mahou shojo anime we had in years, imo, is Wonder Egg Priority
You reminded me of how much of a flop that anime was. All style over substance, and the ending was a rushed info-dump. I really wanted to like it, at least it made a point of the tif character being female KEK

No. 249544

Everything is isekai these days. It feels like just this year where isekai is ever so slightly loosening its grip on the industry, and only because things like Edgerunners and Chainsaw Man are getting popular.

No. 249546

>Tomoko is one of the few loser otaku girls in anime who are truly relatable to otaku girls and not just a gender flipped version of a male otaku made for the male gaze.
And that's why Watamote is based. Though at first it hurt to recognize my stupid NLOG self in Tomoko – I was the same around her age.

No. 249568

>The best mahou shojo anime we had in years, imo, is Wonder Egg Priority
The genre really is in dire straits then

No. 249616

I think it's like cowboy movies: one or several works deconstruct the genre, creators run out of ideas because of how formulaic the genre is, and they then move on to other types of stories or accept to keep doing more of the same. Something like battle shonen will last forever because you can easily change the characters or the setting (Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are all extremely different in that regard), while magical girls and cowboys are stuck in one setting and in one time period only

No. 249629

magical girls and battle shounen are exactly the same thing. Luffy? pirate witch going on witch adventures to get more magic fruit power. Naruto? fox-possessed orphan witch in a city of witch clans. Bleach? shinigami witch fighting evil spirits.

as for setting, what time period are magical girls stuck in?

actually can I please have an old timey maho story where she has to keep her identity a secret because if she doesn't the villagers will burn her at the stake lol. or shrine maidens in 500ad who have a cute mascot mountain god they protect from other monsters.

No. 249631

>expecting creativity from anime writers and producers

No. 249645

Speaking of wild west shit I wouldn't complain about more wild west shit. Even if it's just the spirit. A bunch of old scifi like Outlaw Star and Bebop have this wild west atmosphere, same with Golden Kamuy. Every entry for this type of genre if you can call it like that was great so far.
Doesn't help that superpowers mostly bore me. I even like shounen as long as it abstains from using super powers. Vinland Saga part 1 was shounen for example and Golden Kamuy could as well be a shounen if the historic autism was weaker (and without the fanservice, not that I would want it without it but still). Wild west series are cool because people are just fighting with guns and maybe some sci-fi tools but there is no MC channeling his chosen one super power or anything.

No. 249650

frontier survivalism stories are great in every time period. whatever fantastic grand adventure they're having it's really grounding and makes the characters feel more real when everything else takes a momentary backseat because they have to focus on getting food or shelter for a whole episode so they don't literally die (real shit.)

No. 249653

I never considered the teacher a threat watching the anime, for obvious reasons. The character who actually annoyed me is Shuuichi. He and Kumiko have no chemistry at all.
>magical girls are stuck in one setting and in one time period only
That's not true. Witch characters and series like Black Rock Shooter are considered magical girl.

No. 249673

everyone overhyped csm like crazy so it's funny to see that the series is kinda flopping in japan kek it's too gritty and sexual for normies who love toddler series like spyxfamily and kimetsu and has too much waifu pandering to appeal to shounen fujos

No. 249680

>too much waifu pandering to appeal to shounen fujos
says who? aki x angel ftw

No. 249683

fujos will find a way don't you worry

No. 249687

Despite the straightforward sounding name I don't think "magical girl" can be defined as any anime where the protagonist is a girl who can do magic aka a witch. Take for instance series like Slayers, Read or Die, Little Witch Academia, or the movie Kiki's Delivery Service. Would you consider them all belonging to the magical girl genre, since they fit the definition? The answer is actually hard to answer, as all of these are considered magical girl or not depending on several websites. I checked with Wikipedia, TvTropes and MyAnimeList, and only the Mahou Shoujo Fandom wiki classifies all of these as magical girl. The definition is even more muddled by the fact that Kill la Kill, an anime with no magic, is accepted by 3 out of 4 as magical girl, and that Revolutionary Girl Utena is also a magical girl anime when Utena doesn't use any magic at all, while Serial Experiments Lain, which has a teenager gaining magic-like powers through technology, isn't classified as magical girl
To me the definition of "magical girl" would then be any anime where a teenager girl in a high school setting in modern Japan undergoes a transformation, or powers up, to defeat an episodic villain. The creators are aware of that fact, this is why they are getting less and less interested in the mahou shoujo genre, as it is too restrictive

No. 249691

There are literally only two episodes out, how is it flopping?

No. 249692

Precure is doing fine. I don’t think it’s a dead genre.

I think it just has to have a henshin scene and it has to be marketed to girls. That’s it.

No. 249714

Yeah it's funny as hell seeing the shills go on damage control after volume 12 bombed, karma has a way

No. 249730

That so? Well, I've been enjoying it quite a bit

No. 249739

>it has to be marketed to girls
In that case, most modern magical girl shows aren't part of the genre, then…

No. 249744

magical girl is a coming of age story, so you should have a regular life and magic life, so Kiki and Slayers won't do, but KlK and Utena - ok
and that's why WEP is The modern mahou shojo, telling you
yes, too bad it was cursed with production hell, rip

No. 249774

now that you mention it, Go Nagai kind of invented magical girl with Cutie Honey which was definitely not marketed to little girls. I think of sailor moon/precure/princess tutu/doremi type stuff when I think of mahou shoujou so I "feel" like it has to be for girls but maybe it really doesn't.

what anime are the even making for younger girls these days?

No. 249813

Both of you got it wrong. It's "mahou shoujo".

No. 249862

No. 249970

>Would you consider them all belonging to the magical girl genre, since they fit the definition?
Yes. The magical girl genre was created because of the success of the Bewitched series in Japan. Literally all witches are magical girls.

No. 250005

I think it's okay so far, not great but not bad either. I certainly expected a bigger hype explosion with the start of the anime, but maybe that's just because the types of webwide hypes for specific anime series are over, with fans being scattered over a billion different social media places and private discords. We will never get hypes like those of Code Geass back.

No. 250007

It's a bit about context and less the actual meaning of the term nowadays similar to modern isekai. Rayearth is an isekai as well but if someone uses that term they clearly mean a different type of series. Magical Girl usually refers not necessarily to girls with magical power alone but transforming girls, usually girls that are, or assumed to be, normal girls until an event happens that gifts them with some magical powers they can access if they transform if they use this to fight evil spirits/monsters/some enemy. It's a bit like a deal with the devil but more seemingly child friendly.

No. 250097

File: 1666598950581.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 546.67 KB, 2048x1152, EpCEgq3XIAUnxuC.jpeg)

No. 250116

>try to download tsurune
>no good torrent on nyaa with enough seeders
Guys what website has good quality uploads? I'm surprised that a kyoani show doesn't have that many seeders tbh

No. 250152

Have you tried torrenting it? A lot of times a nyaa torrent is shown as being half-dead on nyaa itself, with 3 leechers and 0-2 seeders, but after I click the magnet it maybe takes 10 minutes but then suddenly downloads fast as fuck.

No. 250166

Yeah I tried two different ones and both stalled so I gave up…

No. 250200

AkiAngel feels like it was just there for blatant pandering to fujo readers and I fucking fell for it. CSM is mid to me but I fucking love AkiAngel, kill me.

No. 250231

File: 1666642536009.jpeg (415.75 KB, 1680x2507, kirinouh.jpeg)

Hurry up and release Walpurgis no Kaiten, when is it going to happen come onnn

No. 250233

It's been almost 8 years they've been "working" on it, we're not getting it anon

No. 250253

File: 1666644401319.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, i want to believe.jpeg)

I still have hope

No. 250287

i need a new anime to watch with cute anime boys to obsess over

No. 250289


No. 250296

Keep it Cool Guys/Cool Danshi

No. 250428

File: 1666698343697.jpg (257.38 KB, 978x1167, 1665754331864.jpg)

i want to hear about your unpopular anime opinions
what high rated/hyped series do you hate? and what low rated/"trashy" series do you love?

No. 250441

hetalia dub>hetalia sub
I know the accents are problematic but at least the jokes are funny in the dub

No. 250443

You should be embarrassed of yourself, jesus christ…

No. 250446

File: 1666717157979.jpg (95.31 KB, 595x842, a09fb038026de53363237558caaa07…)

Powerpuff Girls Z was fun and I'm tired of people saying it sucked
Also the Chimera Ant of HxH arc sucks and made me give up, even the anime's accelerated pacing couldn't save it

No. 250449

>Chimera Ant of HxH arc sucks and made me give up
same nonnie

No. 250452

I didn’t even know there were people that disliked ppgz. I did see it a long time ago, but I have really fond memories of it. I liked their designs so much, and how they portrayed mojo jojo and the gangreen gang.

No. 250453

why? I'm not defending the racist accents that was 100% a stupid move on funimations part and there are also some extremely gross jokes in the earlier seasons.
But otherwise I jsut prefer the dub. The sub is building up to a punchline while the dub prefers to put in as many jokes as possible and deliver them quickly. I just prefer that type of comedy

No. 250456

>Also the Chimera Ant of HxH arc sucks
You're right, it was really boring imo. Also Meruem was a weird mix of frieza and cell from dragon ball and he felt so out of place kek

No. 250457

mocking european accents doesn't make one racist though

No. 250462

Yeah I don't think Madoka was that good either, it wasn't bad for sure but it doesn't deserve the masterpiece title and it's often on the list of anime to recommend to normies, which I completely disagree with.
Also every tearjerker shit like 5 centimeters/second, Your Lie in April or Koe no Katachi, they tend to piss me off more than make me cry.

No. 250463

For a while all I saw were people complaining it wasn't like the original show. Like yeah, that's the point, it's a spinoff/alternate universe, not the OG show dubbed.
Idiots think anything ridiculously depressing is more artistic or whatever. I like Madoka but I definitely don't think it's without flaws or for everyone. But when Magia Record came out I hated it, the pacing was awful and everything was deliberately made more bleak and awful for retards who get off to teenagers suffering.

No. 250464

in the mid of watching violet evergarden and let's just say i'm not impressed with it, despite the gorgeous animation

No. 250465

I actually dropped it on episode 1 or 2, I found it pretty boring, and something about that doll (?) concept rubbed me the wrong way. I already forgot what it was exactly but it didn't sit well with me.

No. 250466

I guess it's an unpopular opinion in this thread, but I thought wotakoi was cute. Nothing extraordinary, but cute nonetheless.

No. 250467

I don't care about that. I'm trash and fake French and British accent I my guilty pleasure (am also European) I was referring to Japan and China

No. 250470

File: 1666722746960.jpg (252.4 KB, 874x626, 100064623_p0_master1200.jpg)

DropKick on My Devil is the funniest anime created in the past 5 years

No. 250475

It's the epitome of style over substance, I dropped it quickly too because the animation was so overblown over nothing, it was exhausting to watch. I thought the characters' problems were kinda dumb, like that girl whose feelings were not reciprocated, it was framed like some kind of tragedy.

No. 250491

what's funny is how seriously they treat the trivial stuff but then it's kind of glossed over that the MC is a former child-soldier with permanent emotional issues, body blown to bits, out of her depth leading a normal life in a world where the war is over and her entire existence prior to this was for fighting. Not to mention the extreme attachment to her handler/father/lover figure which is supposed to be sweet but honestly he sucks and is a liar.

No. 250492

File: 1666726557629.jpg (38.28 KB, 680x383, 49e.jpg)


in this house we believe in jashin-chan supremacy

No. 250502

The dub is just not funny. It's like it tried too hard to be edgy and offensive for the sake of comedy but it failed hard. I'll forever hate the dub because it attracted the worst fans and made the online fandom unbearable pretty fast though.

No. 250520

Most "comfy girls do comfy shit with minor interpersonal drama in their friendgroup" series are a waste of lifetime even if they're devoid of scrote pandering.
Bungo Stray Dogs actually gets worse as it goes on and adds dozens of uninteresting characters, although it was never that great in the first place.
I'm not sure anything I do like is actually considered very low rated, but there are some awful or trashy shows that I absolutely love the opening songs of.

No. 250542

I think Shinsekai Yori is the best anime of the last 2-3 decades which is sort of a strong opinion to hold and seems to bother people (especially those that got filtered) but I mean it. It's not exactly low rated or anything, I don't think it's a crazy favorite to have. The story is different, the visuals are good, the moral questions are complicated, Squealer did nothing wrong etc.

I also think Jojo should have never introduced Stands, bring back the ripple!! It was still a fun series when the change happened but stands are incredibly lame.

No. 250546

It's the modern Clannad or Air lol

No. 250566

I loved the Rebellion movie.

No. 250568

i agree that bsd gets worse. for me i started getting pretty bored when the focus shifted massively to dazai and chuuya, bc it felt forced and pandering imo. & i like bsd but something about the premise is just… i always found it a bit weird that they have all these characters, but story-wise they dont really go for anything new. i guess it feels limited to me compared to other series

No. 250570

I agree with you. I hate dubs with an autistic passion but the hetalia dub is hilarious.

No. 250578

Not sure how well liked moe is here but I since it's generally popular: I could never get into it, unless it's one of the few plot heavy ones, if series as Madoka should count as moe because of the style. Even Lucky Star and Azumanga bored me. Same with almost all school club series. The humor is just nothing for me, I never cared about school and cute things don't make me feel anything.
Recent unpopular opinion is that I don't like SxF even though I absolutely get why it's popular and even think it's an objectively good series. Just nothing for me, or not anymore. Same with Yaiba. Though it was the characters I had a problem with there.

Counter examples of shit I love: I am a fan of Bee Train originals, especially Madlax, .hack//Sign and Avenger. Sign had some popularity despite that most call it boring, but I have never seen anybody else liking Avenger lol. And only two or three people (if 4chan anons count) that liked Madlax.

Soukou no Strain, This Ugly yet Beautiful World and Interlude three other series that I love but have never seen anybody else saying anything positive about. Never saw anybody talking about SnS in the first place and Interlude only because I googled two reviews afterwards.

No. 250582

>Bungo Stray Dogs actually gets worse as it goes on and adds dozens of uninteresting characters, although it was never that great in the first place.
Glad I am not the only one, I enjoyed s1 a lot but sometimes I wonder if I am just dumb because every following season was harder to get into, partly because I completely lost track of who is who and what their respective conflicts were, partly because it later had too many badass scenes and grinning keikau doori guys that simply did not work for me anymore. At some point I had trouble telling their personalities apart as well, half of the cast seemed to fall into the super smart and badass category.
I also do like some of the designs a lot, but with so many male characters that look like super models it would help if some of them had a slightly different body type and face. Not a bad show IMO but it lost me at some point (s3? not sure anymore).

No. 250585

I don't really hate them but I think code geass and neon genesis evangelion are both very mediocre and way too overhyped, they're not that deep and to me both seem like poorly written pseudointellectual drivel with almost no likable characters
also I've tried watching dragon ball/dbz and the art style is so ugly and I don't care for any of the characters so I can never make it past a few episodes - I never can understand why so many people like it aside from nostalgia factor

No. 250586

File: 1666749578969.jpeg (198.49 KB, 1920x1080, accomplished revolutionary lea…)

>no likable characters

No. 250587

Based DBZ disliker

No. 250589

>art style is so ugly
that's an objective fact

No. 250596

>neon genesis evangelion
I think it's overhyped too. It feels like Gundam 79 meets Devilman. I'm not saying it's bad to take inspiration from other stuff but often I se NGE get praised for being the first anime to do X and then X had already been done in another anime or manga.
I like the cinematography and animation though(even though I'm not too fond of the artstyle) it's a shame that the creators where too busy jerking off when making it

No. 250600

(ntayrt) absolutely agree, the marketing team works overtime it's so overhyped, and EOE/remakes take themselves so damn seriously. TV show was almost normal but also took itself pretty seriously at parts. I liked it but to be real it's a cartoon for teenagers.

No. 250632

The best, most watchable anime are for babies. Magical girl like Tokyo Mew/Sailor moon, cartoon animes like Pokemon and Beyblade. Stuff like that. I could be biased, I grew up with it but I feel like if I want anything mature or with deeper themes, the manga is always more readable, than the anime is watchable.
I don't count young teen anime's like Naruto and One piece.

Also, genre wise, horror is the best anime genre. Next to comedy.

No. 250633

Sameanon sorry but when I say young teen anime, I mean mostly for boys not girls. Anime targeted towards women is always better than male targeted.

No. 250646

This makes so much sense it’s scary. Are you me? lol

No. 250680

I dropped it early too

No. 250682

File: 1666781587268.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, priorities.png)

Idk about "deep" but I recently finished CG and it was entertaining as fuck and it gave me that "homygod I love anime" feeling when I first discovered anime as a kid which is weird because I had never seen it before last month.

No. 250695

I've never seen someone in my long history of weebdom call code geass deep. It was ridiculous and over the top which is what made it fun.
Evangelion wise, my favourite thing about it isn't even the "symbolism" or children suffering, I love it for portraying adults in a not completely flat way which is almost unheard of in anime that has a main teenage cast

No. 250718

Is MP100 really as good as everyone touts it to be? Or is it just overhyped bs? I remember when One Punch Man was airing, everyone seemed to be pissing themselves over it but I found it incredibly boring and one dimensional and loathed it. I'm the type of person who's usually easily swayed by popular anime too and generally like everything but OPM was ass.

No. 250720

It's fun. Loveable cast. Definitely give it a shot. OPM is trash, most people were cooming over the sakuga which admittedly is phenomenal in S1. But BONES' Mob is gorgeous too

No. 250722

File: 1666797049128.jpg (41.96 KB, 704x396, shrine-visit.jpg)

Does anyone know which anime has a scene at a shrine where two characters (I think a couple, or just a male and female character) go up to pray, and they're confused about the order of steps until a couple behind them tells them what they should do?

No. 250745

It's much better than opm. Although I liked the first season of opm it gets old really fast. Mp is pretty fun and has really loveable characters as other nonnie mentioned. Although if you don't like comedy you probably won't like it.

No. 250756

File: 1666806493169.jpg (1.99 MB, 4530x6400, ghost sweeper mikami.jpg)

just remembered ghost sweeper mikami existed

comfy episodic hijinks. lots of the stupid tropes and gags anime is knows for but if you know that going in and want to laugh at it it's great

No. 250757

File: 1666806545056.gif (2.44 MB, 498x280, ghost-sweeper-mikami.gif)

really think they were just having fun when they made this show

No. 250759

I know what scene you're talking about and I'm thinking either Acchi Kocchi or Lovely Complex, but I'm not too sure on either front.

No. 250760


No. 250763


100% agree that mp100 is far better than OPM imo. It's a really sweet story with well-written characters, and the animation is beautiful. It still has ONE's humor if that's a deal-breaker, but it's much more heartfelt and serious than OPM.

No. 250777

it's really good, especially the second season

No. 250785

File: 1666813192278.gif (2.66 MB, 640x506, 2-1a81c3aabf.gif)

At first I dropped it because of the art style but then picked it back up last year and it became one of my favorite anime if not flawless. The characters, animation, humor, battle scenes, heartfelt/fun moments, it's all well done. Plus no scroteshit fanservice like in most shounen/battle anime so I'd be comfortable watching it with other people. Dub is great too though Season 3 if kinda iffy since the original voice actors got recasted which sucks. Honestly MP100 is better than OPM but some shounenfags would disagree because they can't wrap their head around character depth and development without seeing tits or fights every now and then from getting bored.

No. 250786

Time to tell us what ever in the heck that is

No. 250789

speaking of mob, there is some cheating drama with takahiro sakurai (reigen's va) and people want him to lose all of his roles which is fucking ridiculous to me! yes i hate cheaters as much as everyone else, but can we not link personal issues with their job? i know nobuhiko okamoto is also a cheater but i love his voice acting

No. 250790

lol it's just a random scene from Ghost Sweeper Mikami, I was trying to emphasize that the show is fun even though it's episodic and full of tropes

No. 250797

Inspired by >>250790, might be a self-own but I prefer episodic anime to series with a continuous plot line by far. Baccano with its twelve episodes took me two or three months to watch while I binged Jigoku Shoujo and Higu for example at a pace of one season per night.

No. 250799

File: 1666814839242.gif (579.95 KB, 498x252, shugo-chara-amu.gif)

Honestly nonny, I agree. Anime for kids seems to be a lot more soulful than the current mainstream one nowadays. I am always ready to rewatch the good old Shugo Chara over whatever crap is popular right now. I really miss some good shojo anime written by women.

No. 250806

File: 1666816398538.gif (7.59 MB, 672x378, 2D686EE7-5AB4-4978-A9C8-8EA344…)

It’s genuinely really good. Also I don’t get people who don’t like the art style like >>250785, I find it really endearing. Also the incorporation of different animation techniques is really fun, never thought I’d see oil on glass animation and sand animation regularly used in a shounen anime. The whole season 2 OP is basically an homage to animation forms too (I remember zoetrope, moire, and traditional painted cel in it off the top of my head).

No. 250809

>oil on glass animation and sand animation
What is that?

No. 250811

nta but the show employs a lot of interesting traditional art techniques that they blend with the animation, the most prominent being rotoscoping some scenes or moments with oil paint on glass. The ending animation for the first and third season are animated entirely in this art style and its really neat to see in motion.

No. 250812

File: 1666817960398.gif (1.95 MB, 540x300, B0EBAACA-7709-4E95-A2D7-D72E60…)

I guess it’s more commonly called paint on glass. You paint a scene with oil paints (or another slow-drying paint) on a sheet of glass and manipulate the paints bit by bit to create the individual animation frames. Sand animation is basically the same thing except with loose sand against a backlight.

No. 250813

File: 1666818078019.jpeg (126.92 KB, 600x851, B9083638-273B-41C5-AEA7-D4BA9C…)

I hated Gurren Lagann. Took me like 10 times to finish the anime glad Nia peaced out at the end because Simon doesn’t deserve her. Same with Code Geass that was a clusterfuck.

No. 250814

Ohh I remember watching this for the first time and wondering how the hell they drew it since they'd have to be super accurate about every frame. The team must be having a shitload of fun working on Mob if they were willing to put in so much effort for 3 seasons. I wonder what they'll do after S3 is over.

No. 250815

I've attempted TTGL like 3 times and never managed to make it past the 5th episode, and I have pretty decent patience for trash shows. That is just one show I will never get the hype for

No. 250817

Similar story here but I gave up after two tries

No. 250818

I liked the first half of the show, but found the second half so boring and useless I just put the episodes on my phone to have some background noise while doing housework.

No. 250821

I remember watching this for the first time and realizing that voltron got a bit too inspired kek (allura is basically nia 2.0) it had some hype moments though, like episode 8 but other than that it's too BOMBASTIC for me. I can see why it's considered a classic though

No. 250825

>Also I don’t get people who don’t like the art style like >>250785
It was probably because I was so used to the generic mainstream anime art style back when I was a young teen around the same time when MP100 anime came out but later came to appreciate and love it as I got older. It's unique, expressive and goes so well with the humor to the fight scenes. Same goes for JoJo.

No. 250827

>Even Lucky Star bored me
I thought it was pretty much a (moderately) popular opinion to find Lucky Star boring as hell
I only watched 2 episodes many years ago but I remember a lot of one ep was them just talking about how to eat certain foods and I found it painfully boring

No. 250863

Im so happy right now, my boyfriend and i are about to rewatch mob psycho from the first season all the way through heavy breathing im ready.

No. 250865

Hope you two enjoy it!

No. 250901

I think it's an universal opinion that the first four episodes of Lucky Star ate painfully boring, they later fired Yamakan and brought a new writing team and it became a more decent SoL show

No. 250938

It tries too hard to be emotional
Same. I think that if the movie didn't exist, I wouldn't care about the Madoka series as much as I do.

No. 250941

>manic pixie dream girl x loser self-insert male
>outdated humor
>violent girl jokes
>sexual harassment jokes
Is there a real reason for Urusei Yatsura's popularity, other than the fact that it popularized the worst tropes in romcom? I watched the first two episodes and I don't understand how anyone can enjoy it, unless you're a kid watching your first anime

No. 250945

File: 1666884430701.jpg (63.78 KB, 800x667, FfyXOBEX0AM7pVX.jpg)

Thank you nonnies! I just finished the first episode and I did already notice some amazing animation (I saw some of the oil on glass). It was a big of a slog for me to get through but the ending with the picture and ghost send off really warmed my heart kek. I remember when MP100 first came out people were talking a lot about the ED animation and I still remember it and have frequently thought about it all this time, but I didn't know they incorporated so much beautiful animation into the actual show itself. I think it might take me a while to get into, but I have high hopes for it.

Also I want to know why everyone loves Reigen so much lol. I don't hate him but I don't exactly understand the appeal and why people sexy-fy him so much.

No. 250947

The female characters from CSM are cool, I like their designs. It's sad that they're stuck in a story with a coomer MC/fandom

No. 250948

These tropes were just what was popular for a long time same as other dull stuff like isekai stereotypes.
I was never a fan, Ranma and all that already bored me as a young teen. I watched a few old shows I liked the manga of ages ago and was surprised how much the violent heroine trope annoyed me now. Never liked this or sexual harassment jokes, but I didn't pay it much attention back then, now it felt pretty cringe especially because the reactions are always the same and it's just a lot of shouting and screaming.

Think I was already tired of this by 2006 when Shana came. Holy hell how much I hated that URUSAI URUSAI meme that was suddenly everywhere and every anime had to put their personal tsundere Shana clone into the show.

What's pissing me off nowadays are soulless mains. Now the male MCs aren't horny asses anymore but insecure idiots. It isn't that hard to write proper characters. I remember that Gene Starwind was a playboy too that got slapped, but it worked because the characters at least felt like people instead of tropes.

No. 250950

Reigen needs a bit of time to grow on most people. He is an irredeemable con-man which you will notice the hard way later in the show but that makes him likeable.
He isn't evil, he has a heart, but he desires to be special, to make money and to gain prestige and he thinks it's okay to get this if it's built on lies as long as the one working for him seems to be okay with this. He isn't entirely wrong, Mob doesn't mind much but he is still lying to him nonetheless because Mob is easy to fall for it. And once someone considers you something you are not, something better, it's hard to tell them the truth.

I think it's this mix between cocky behavior that makes oneself feel better and trouble with admitting the own short-comings that him either relatable to many or at least enjoyable to watch.

No. 250961

idk i personally find reigen to be very entertaining, he's one of those pathetic asshole characters who aren't meant to be taken seriously at first but he's actually very well written. he has some iconic scenes too

No. 250963

>Now the male MCs aren't horny asses
Lucky us that's exactly what the csm MC is. Can't believe anons here could stomach that kek

No. 250971

I'm glad you're enjoying it! It starts off a little slow, but stick with it, it's worth it. And as someone who read the manga as well, Reigen took a long time to grow on me too. Like >>250950 said, he's a piece of shit conman that's manipulating a kid. The show takes awhile to dip it's toes into his motivations and address his issues, but it's done exceptionally well and it made me really appreciate his character more. The anime makes him a lot prettier too, which I assume helps his popularity kek

No. 250976

to be fair ONE simply can't draw that why everyone looks butt ugly in the manga. people don't mention that the girl mob has a crush on also got a complete redesign

No. 250977

Watching it for Lum. She is super cute and likable.

No. 250982

Personally I prefer Mob over Reigen. I want to root for him so much and seeing him navigate life as a learning teen just melts my heart. I think a lot of people either want to fuck Reigen or find him easy to meme since he plays the comic relief role, but I don't meme much and I don't feel attracted to him so… Mob for me!

No. 251035

File: 1666916179111.jpg (167.99 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Urusei Yatsura (2…)

anyone watching lum no invader? lum's cute, so i'm enjoying it, but the rape joke in episode two was a little uhh…outdated kek. also it's 100% a dumb moid romcom but lum's really cute so i'm just bearing it

No. 251041

It feels good finally having a shounen MC who does NOT want to be the biggest/best/superhero. Mob is a good boy who just want to have a normal, honorable life. That makes him very different from the spineless MCs many anime have as well.

How ironic that the one of the most normal, down-to-earth MCs feels unique for the very reason of being normal.

No. 251042

>anyone watching lum no invader?
literally just look two posts above you

No. 251048

I really love MP100 and Reigen is by far my least favorite of the show, but I've still come to love him. He's an interesting person but I also don't understand the hype at all lmfao. My favorite characters are Ritsu and Mob and I love a lot of the stories of the background characters and how they develop the themes of the series.

No. 251050

File: 1666920952489.jpg (534.29 KB, 1920x1080, [Zafkiel] Urusei Yatsura (2022…)

Its definitely moid as fuck, even if it was written by a woman. All I can think is that these two deserve better than these scrotes they have crushes on.

No. 251075

File: 1666937586218.jpeg (312.25 KB, 2048x1323, FFi7s33WUAgkqnb.jpeg)

>Also I want to know why everyone loves Reigen so much lol.
I am one of those people.

No. 251102

i'd like him more if he was worse

No. 251150

>even if it was written by a woman
oh wow that's surprising. apparently she wrote inuyasha too?
in a way though i guess it makes sense; someone mentioned it earlier but it's not like the mc is glorified for being a perverted loser (no guy really is, they're always getting the piss taken out of them) and – so far – the women aren't degraded or made out to be moeblobs.

No. 251156

File: 1666980107599.jpeg (693.14 KB, 1606x2000, takahashi.jpeg)

Rumiko Takahashi is a legend, Urusei Yatsura was her first big commercially successful work. She had created many many successful manga and it has made her rich.

No. 251158

Rumi my queen
Succeeded a thousand times over in the most misogynistic industry in the most misogynistic country
I'm as old as dirt so I may never partake in another manga, but I will forever attribute my confidence and perseverance to her
Living legend, a queen among men

No. 251159

File: 1666980684033.jpg (67.28 KB, 425x528, m1x6v34yig031.jpg)

Just finished episode of 5 MP100. I'm really enjoying Mob's relationship with the Muscle Improvement Club, it's really cute kek.

I really like Mob as a character too. I realize that he's similar to Saitama, in the sense that he's OP and also because of his very "well ok" attitude, but he's much more likable than Saitama and I'm actually curious about how much power he truly holds. One major thing that put me off OPM was that Saitama always won and we always knew he'd win so it took the fun out of things, and something people would bring up was "well aren't you curious how he got his powers? it's obviously not from just his routine" but I was like… no I don't care kek.

In his fight with Teru I wanted him to show off how much more powerful he was, but by the end of it, I was very glad he tried his best to continue sticking to his own morals and didn't want to use his powers at all.

No. 251163

to be fair, the series is entirely outdated, it's from 1978, and japanese 1978 no less

No. 251166

My cute adorable son

No. 251189

Not saying the comedy was good but I think that open horniness that gets comedically punished by the girls is IMO still better than the faked innocence modern fanservice anime have where the girls don't care about boys but the camera zooms onto their tits and asses regardless, "coincidentally" makes them reveal their pantsus while they jump around with friends or give them suggestive scenes that are normal actions in-universe, like when a girl is lifting something heavy and starts moaning, with the matching expressions to suggest something sexual and the camera zooms into her face to give the audience fanservice without actual fanservice.

It's so dishonest and it makes you feel like a voyeur if you try to watch it. And the whole intention behind it is creepy, like there isn't even a male love interest anymore that the girls like, they are just having fun with something else while they are sexualised without knowing it. I never understood this purity bullshit. In old anime it was at least usually a situation where the girl actually wanted the boy and the issue was just that he acts like an ass sometimes so she slaps him for it. Still weird fanservice maybe, but at least not as bad as the other example.

No. 251190

I always think of that episode when I am eating a 7Days croissant

No. 251192

you're so right, violent obnoxious tsundere characters who plagued the 2000s and 90s anime industry were sooo much better

No. 251193

I swear you all defend the most ridiculous series, first it was csm because "it's actually deep" and now invader lum because it was written by rumiko, then shit on other series with similar themes like dress up darling

No. 251195

Unpopular opinion regarding anime in general but I genuinely think anime has gotten worse and I especially hate how the majority of the voice acting has degenerated from trying to sound like normal people but with a little drama (or a little comedy), to stupid, exaggerated, unnatural, overdramatic, infantilized, obnoxious, shrill noises that make me wanna kill myself from how cringeworthy they are every time I hear them, especially female character's voices which at one point in the history of anime used to sound like actual normal women but now they all sound completely detached from reality. Most bishie voices are also embarrassing but not nearly as much as girl voices. Also everything looks so artificial and plastic now due to the use of computers in the process of animation, save for a few series that have a nice style that's not ruined by this.

No. 251202

File: 1666992258860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 427.01 KB, 827x1300, 93e5b66752efa4d74abf04d1883484…)

My Dress Up Darling was ass, but I agree that chainsaw man is garbage. Fujimoto's works are so convoluted and people are so pretentious over them. Fire Punch was a mess, but some people act like it's the peak of literature, just like how they're doing with Chainsaw Man.

Fire Punch started with an interesting concept, but I swear Fujimoto just doesn't know how to plot out his stories or how to plan an ending. It seems like he just wrote it to feed his incest fetish, and it wasn't even conveyed in an interesting way. The ending to Fire Punch was disappointing garbage, so I don't have much hope for the ending of Chainsaw Man either. He should've ended it after the first part before he has the chance to ruin it now by dragging it on too long.

Plus he's just a creep who LARPs as a little girl on his Twitter.

No. 251204

I my defense I don't consider Urusei Yatsura as bad as some make it out to be but don't really like it either but I know it. Never tried Dress up Darling because I knew it wouldn't be for me so I cannot defend it in case that the criticism here might be too harsh.

Very neutral about CSM so far. Don't really like how the anime looks and unsurprisingly so far it feels like just another battle shounen with slightly better characters to me but nothing else.

No. 251205

CSM isn't bad, the characters are interesting and quite refreshing, but it's not a masterpiece either. Fujimoto's latest oneshots are pretty good though, I loved Look Back (cried in all 3 times i've read it) and Goodbye Eri. Maybe he should just stick to short stories.

No. 251206

>he's just a creep who LARPs as a little girl on his Twitter
Caps? I know he has a very blatant femdom fetish but this is new to me.

No. 251207

I wouldn't wonder if the short stories were what he actually wanted to make but CSM the thing that he needs to do to earn money.
Maybe now that he has a name he will be able to draw a less mainstreamy ongoing series once CSM ends.

No. 251210

Dress Up Darling wishes it could be 1/10th as visually interesting as old Urusei Yatsura.

No. 251221

File: 1666995362278.png (153.66 KB, 1360x749, fujimoto.png)

Sorry for my really bad cropping skills. It isn't really fetishistic, but I think it's funny how his fans say he's age-regressing. I think it's just him being weird as per usual.

Are his short stories good? I didn't pick them up because I didn't like fire punch and chainsaw man was falling off for me. I'm not trying to be a negative nancy about chainsaw man, but I really don't have as much hope for it as I started with.

No. 251225

I shit on them all
Simple as

No. 251226

>crying at fujimotoshit
I liked Look Back too but have some standards sis

No. 251256

nonnie i have clinical depression
let me be please

No. 251344

Ok sorry nonnie you enjoy what you like

No. 251438

File: 1667072619920.jpg (131.64 KB, 460x670, brigadoon-marin-and-melan.jpg)

>what low rated/"trashy" series do you love?
maybe I should have posted this in guilty pleasure thread
So this one has:
-cutesy art style
-naked 13 year old girls (it literally had 1 episode fighting monster of the week in public bathhouse)
-13 year old girls suffering
-eventual romantic relationship between 13 year old girl and >100 year old android male
I still like it. The opening song was pretty good, its ost was somewhat unique compared to general animes and I enjoyed the interaction between 2 main characters

No. 251459

It's a shame because this design is very cute and the art style is nice but you can tell this was made with lolicons in mind

No. 251460

So now that were are some weeks in what anime of this season are you watching if you watch anything at all?

I watch and enjoy Koukyuu no Karasu, Mob Psycho s3, Do it Yourself and Bocchi the Rock.
Still unsure what to think of CSM so far but it's not bad and I think it will get better later.
Tried to watch Gundam but children in political settings don't really work for me and I prefer lesbians when they are a bit more mature. Or maybe the kids are supposed to be 17 or something, I forgot. They look and feel like 11 to me.

No. 251473

How's Koukyuu no Karasu, nonny?

No. 251500

i mean, weeb anons aren't a monolith. plenty of people visit this thread

No. 251571

Am a fan of these three, will be watching through: Golden Kamuy
Mob Psycho
Fumetsu no Anata e

I'm hatewatching Spy x Family because I liked the manga and the anime destroyed it

Watched episode 1 and episode 0 of the Witch from Mercury. I think it's nice but I have this feeling those will be the most fun episodes of the series and the show will not actually get into anything really interesting or deep (Gundam standalone syndrome) and I don't like formulaic competitions or space fluff that much but I'll keep watching and hope for the best.

I watched episode one of Urusei Yatsura just to see if they phoned in the remake animation like sailor moon but they didn't! It was totally watchable animation quality. Pretty, even. If I wanted to see it I would have watched the old one though, I'm not actually gonna watch this.

Saw the first ep of CSM. It's bad.

Waiting for >>242696 with bated breath.

No. 251598

NTA but I liked Goodbye Eri, it was an interesting story about what a movie director (and a mangaka) want you to see. Fujimoto's works are however much more enjoyable if you get a good cinematic culture beforehand, as while there are a lot of obvious references to movies, there are others that can be easily missed

No. 251654

File: 1667165519143.jpg (89.22 KB, 500x494, 61b7V0TvdwL._SY580_.jpg)

Idolish7, the best worst idol show I've ever watched. It's so dramatic, and I love that the main conflict centers around that the mc has asthma. It is so charming and stupid.

No. 251665

>I'm hatewatching Spy x Family because I liked the manga and the anime destroyed it

No. 251669

File: 1667175766939.jpg (15.12 KB, 827x465, 252199.jpg)

It's a more or less episodical series about mysteries and intrigues happening in and around the royal court of a fictive kingdom heavily based on ancient China. The main character is the so called Raven Consort, a woman living in the inner palace that uses a special ability she has to talk to ghosts and help solving said mysteries.
It probably sounds more supernatural than it is. It deals with ghosts, lingering grief and MCs past but feels surprisingly down-to-earth and it's calming imo.

No. 251785

File: 1667222040208.jpg (31.7 KB, 448x252, AAAABfwpHk9jVDH7f4hGK59Kb2xsvm…)

I'm enjoying Romantic Killer so far, great guilty pleasure anime. I admit I fast forwarded a couple of the scenes with pic related. It's my world I can do what I want. Fuck that yellow thing. Nails on a chalkboard

No. 251791

Why is it guilty pleasure

No. 251794

The vibe is weird, the anime feels amateurish. Lots of references that feel more like ripoffs and the humor falls flat a lot. It reminds me of a fucking manhwa or something. And yet I watch

No. 251796

Ooh, that's disappointing. I'm still gonna watch it though, because there's not a lot of anime like that aimed at women.

No. 252028

Nonnies I'm bored, share with me popular anime character archetypes you despise and explain why.

I'll start first–I fucking hate the "Christmas Cake" trope so much, of an """"older"""" woman (i.e. not in the 15-17 age bracket) fretting over being the le old maid and the "I've gotta get married!1!1!1!" attitude. And I think the reason I hate it so much is because it's obvious insecure moid projecting, there are literal studies out there that show single women being happier than single men/men becoming violent 'cause they didn't get a GF (inceloids) you see women do this shit? No, you don't–the "a woman can't be happy unless she has a hubby uwuwuw" is nothing but a projection because it's men that need women (domestic work, emotional labor, sex) not other way around. It reminds me of the way China treats their ""leftover"" women. And I'm sick that it's still a trope and got pissed when that yuribait gun show had one as a character.

The other archetype I hate is the Kawaii NEET/Otaku (Kirino, Umaru). I was always bothered by this type of character, it reeks of "she just like me fr" energy.

Lastly is the imouto. Self-explanatory.

No. 252030

Wtf was that bit about poop? Christ is he into scat or something?

No. 252034

Childhood friend/osananajimi love innterest. Unrealistic, but also when the protagonist is a male the childhood friend (girl) is a massive pickme/doormat/plot device/useless for everything other than making the protagonist look better. The protag is rarely deserving of her life too. And on that note, I also despise shounen protagonists.

No. 252035

The whole christmas cake thing is very cultural, the fact that I'm 28 and still single is seen as super weird in my culture and my parents are now begging me to find a husband, I've heard it's the same shit in all of Asia as well.

No. 252040

Besides the christmas cake trope i also hate when they're only in their 20s but act as if they're 40-something women with 5 kids, ara ara-ing everyone and being so much more mature than everyone else in the cast
I hate when boob size is proportional to height, petite girls are usually flat and tall girls are always stacked
Playboy/fuckboy/pussy hound characters, worst type of real scrote but now in anime format!
Over the top tsundere characters, all of them. Also if they're violent just for the sake of it like kagura from fruits basket, who is probably one of the most unlikable characters I've seen in any series

No. 252048

File: 1667309017090.png (268.9 KB, 699x377, annoyingbitch.png)

Can't stand
>the current trend of manic pixie dream girls like Marin
>i agree wbout the 'christmas cake trope', it's so dumb. seeing SxF Yor be all forcefully troubled for not being married is downright retarded, really thinking this anime was made not only because the manga creator wanted quick cash but also because the birthrate in japan is extremely low
>tsunderes, the only ones that are 'okay' are with an actual backstory like Asuka from NGE, but let's be real, the only time tsunderes are used is when they are nothing but 'uguu cute romantic interest'
>forced female rivarly because they happen to both like the mc (eg Go-Toubun Miku girl is both an insufferable tsundere and a petty bitch who stayed salty even at the very end of the manga. I feel so bad for the mangaka because both anime adaptations are complete SHIT, i have never seen two companies adapt manga so poorly, it's insane. The only reason why it blew up was because of how pretty it looked.)
>ara-ara crap

No. 252055

I REALLY FUCKING HATE IT when in a fantasy shoujo the average female protag turns out to be a reincarnation/descendent of the male lead's former lover from ages ago, literally the worst cliche you can come up with and ruins whatever relationship they had until that point. Some shitty advanced soulmate trope cause of course the supernatural yokai whatever immortal man couldn't fall in love with a simple regular girl, she has to be somehow related to someone he loved in the past. I don't understand why everyone thinks this is the most romantic trope ever

No. 252063

Will stick with Bocchi, Cool danshi, golden kamuy, Mob, DIY, Koukyuu no Karasu, book princess, pop team epic, and Urusei Yatsura. Waiting for my guilty pleasure Kancolle to air.
I'll keep watching CSM. I don't think it's good at all but it's entertaining like Shingeki. Had to drop Gundam tho, I just couldn't care enough to bother with the rest of the episodes.

No. 252064

Im glad I'm not the only one who absolutely despises this trope. Something about it just disgusts me and I hate that the girl in the past is never developed as a character or given a reason why the guy loved her. I will avoid anything with this type of bullshit in it

No. 252065

I haven't watched Inuyasha in forever, but wasn't it kind of like this? Like Kagome and Kikyo shared the same soul or something? Idk I just remember thinking Inuyasha was kind of retarded when I watched it again a couple years ago

No. 252067

Besides the christmas cake and manic pixie dream girls, I hate when the second love interest gets a consolation prize relationship at the end of the story. Also, kuuderes. Tsunderes are annoying, but Kuuderes gotta be the scrotiest personality type out there. They're often used to be sexualized because they don't feel embarassed about it since they're stoic. The only good kuudere I've ever seen in anime is Kousaka Reina.
I don't like it either. I feel like the love between characters is false and opportunistic if one of them is only interested in the other because it reminds him/her of someone else.

No. 252091

If anything it should be the male who's a reincarnation of the protagonist's crush, not the other way around, turning the male into the object and the female protagonist into the subject. Maybe that way the audience would actually think about it and realize the implications.

No. 252095

Otaku/Shut-in trope but not with girls, guys instead. Like Idia from Twisted Wonderland. Shit is so overdone and those characters only even have one repetitive gag.

Also when
>can't cook
>but has no idea her food is shit and no one tells her
is a personality trait and gag for a character, like Shion from Tensura. I guess Yor would fit in that too even though she's aware.

No. 252098

I feel like I'm missing something about the reincarnation love interest trope. How does it make the woman less of her own person? Aren't they usually both reincarnated, like in Sailor Moon? Is the man immortal in a lot of the stories or something?
Probably just not a discussion for me since I can't think of any series except Inuyasha where the guy wasn't also reincarnated, but I'm curious.

No. 252099

>I feel like the love between characters is false and opportunistic
that's so funny because reincarnation is supposed to make it seem more pure and true because they have a soul-bond across lifetimes or something lol

No. 252100

File: 1667329421756.png (2.1 MB, 1064x1596, aecaf8e756e9a76c46e132ee010c68…)

Answering this >>251460 too but I'm watching I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss. It's not a great anime, it's blatant wish fulfillment and you can tell it's made on the cheaper side, but it's cute and I like how Aileen doesn't take shit from anyone, but especially moids.

No. 252101

File: 1667329531150.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, 1667325012106177.png)

>episode with plenty of power screentime
>actually good episode

her VA is perfect, her flashbacks were beautiful and the ED was the cutest thing ever

No. 252102

It's lazy writing, that's what it is. It feels shallow because they were "fated" from the beginning to fall in love, it didn't just naturally happen

No. 252128

God, that title is so fucking cliche it's giving me second hand embarrassment
I wish this type of protagonist existed more outside of this weird super generic niche

No. 252129

>I like how Aileen doesn't take shit from anyone, but especially moids.
that's literally every female protagonist from the past 10 yrs…?

No. 252133

And most anime in the last 10 years features male protagonists and simpering, bland female love interests as their main heroines. Your point?

No. 252135

Maybe stop watching shitty harems and isekai

No. 252145

Dude something like 75% of anime from the last 5 years has been shitty isekais. Not watching them doesn't change that they flooded the market to the point where seeing strong female protagonists come back again isn't a breath of fresh air.
I didn't even realize this was a genre before seeing ads for this one. I agree the villainess genre being a thing is kind of weird, but at least it's a form of isekai for women in the sea of garbage moid-pandering ones.

No. 252147

I can only think of Inuyasha and Kamisama Hajimemashita. Personally I don't mind, I think it's just a "safe" way to add a fake love triangle for drama.

No. 252156

File: 1667334093815.jpg (458.1 KB, 1029x1237, nagatoro.jpg)

I don't know what character trope is this, but it's vomit inducing

No. 252169

This character is literally the "she bullies me because she wants me" cope.

No. 252173

Seems like every episode is going to be better than the first one, there's practically no CGI now

No. 252176

>there's practically no CGI now
I don’t trust MAPPA because YoI had so much cgi skating

No. 252179

File: 1667341469105.gif (1.96 MB, 540x292, kiki.gif)

I only watch child-friendly animations nowadays, they have the best content. My animanga experience is much better now that I've stopped forcing myself to put up with stories aimed at men just because they're popular or because "I have to finish what I started. I just have no patience to deal with the sexist and pedophile crap in mainstream animes anymore. I never watch isekai, harem or romance for men, and shounen stories rarely interest me. There's a lot of bad stories out there, but sometimes great things like Eizouken, Witch Hat Atelier and Ousama Ranking come out.

No. 252191

Honestly the only good parts were when she relentlessly bullied the moid.

No. 252193

>she actually watched that dumpster fire
you guys are scaring me

No. 252194

I watched worse animes, nonnie… Like My Pick Me Darling and Shield Incel

No. 252196

Honestly I think I hate most stereotypes, especially the generic -deres, because they are all like the same person with a new skin and you can predict most of their actions before you see them simply by knowing whether they are a tsun or an ara ara mom and so on. But I fully agree with you. I hate these types you mentioned and their reason for existence.

The annoying thing about the otaku girls is that guys that are into them will screech how women with hobbies or nerdy, unmarried NEET women do not exist IRL when reality is full of them but they behave like humans and not moe blobs so they will never notice or go all "NOT LIKE THIS!" because they are cool, neutral or tomboyish instead of the moe ughuu that will fall in love with you if you vaguely share her hobby.

Speaking of tomboys, a related trope I absolutely hate is how every woman that remotely looks or behaves like a boy (and everything is "boyish" by anime standards, like being optimistic+athletic or liking horror movies) or dresses/pretends to be a guy HAS to reveal later that she is actually very "girly" and/or desiring to marry and become a mother. Plus points if they have issues with others seeing them as boyish because god beware someone doesn't act like a haremette.

It's soo annoying, because it's such an obvious sign for a pathetic insecure author and audience who are incapable of desiring or liking any woman that isn't a potentially devote cute housewaifu and the tomboy aspect is only written in to spicy that up because turns out, your genki soccer girl is ACTUALLY a secretly a deredere waifu that loves you too! Like all the other girls.

No. 252203

I must admit that after almost dropping it after episode 1 I actually enjoy it a lot right now. The women are surely better than the girls in your average anime (especially most shounen) and the chemistries in general are fun to watch.
I find it very funny that male isekai wish-fulfillment stories center around the MC becoming the hero while the female versions are about women reincarnating to become villains.

No. 252223

For anybody interested that might have not heard about this movie before, Princess Arete is currently legally available for free on youtube.

>"Princess Arete", the 1st movie directed by Sunao Katabuchi (Mai Mai Miracle, In this corner of the world) in 2001 at Studio 4°C, is available for free (limited time) on Youtube w/ english subs

It seems it's not available for certain countries like the UK, not sure if youtube unblockers would help here. It's available where I live.

No. 252224

File: 1667347993051.png (89.01 KB, 920x800, png-transparent-yuno-gasai-ani…)

Almost as if lady villains are more fun, compelling, and interesting than the generic love interests that are common in isekai. Women's wish fulfillment is about being independent and free to take action (notice how most villainess isekai are about breaking free of a script), while men want everything handed to them, including an uwu submissive waifu.
My trash take about this dere types is that Yuno Gasai is an actual interesting yandere done right. She comes from a fucked up home environment, accidentally killed her parents, and is so affection starved she clings onto the first person to give her any kindness and then she had to kill a dozen people to survive. But like everything she's been copied to death by worse writers who don't understand what made her work and now we have dozens of moeblobs whose psychosis is supposed to be cute and endearing and it's ruined the trope.

No. 252230

File: 1667349075896.jpg (129.08 KB, 640x452, love-live-sip.jpg)

I can't believe that the same studio which created the OG Gundam and Cowboy Bebop delivers such shitty moeblob uguu idol anime with same face syndrome. The only thing that I appreciated a little was the cgi, but that gimmick got old fast. I don't understand how moids love that so much and the Nico Nico Nii meme is awful.

No. 252231

>while men want everything handed to them, including an uwu submissive waifu
Yeah this is what bores me so much. I have wishes too, but they are rarely as materialistic and those that are (like meet/befriend my anime husbando) I do not implement into fiction or daydreams like that. It's boring. If anything it should happen in the course of the story or at the end of the journey or anything that isn't "Hey I am here, thanks for the husbando and kingdom!" and I especially do not want it to be caused by outside circumstances. I don't want someone to befriend or love me because I am rich now or shit like that. I dunno why slowburns with comrades that turn to lovers is such an unpopular genre.

Plus breaking out from a script is at least a plot. What male isekai do is skipping the story and jumping right to the happy end. "Congratulations, you died and are happy now!" Quite a weird message if you think about it lol

No. 252238

the first gen of lovelive girls are pure girlpower and there is only one male in the entire series(the mcs dad).

No. 252239

genre is: beta men who get no bitches

No. 252240

File: 1667349992108.jpg (126.7 KB, 554x595, DUU_AAoW4AUhHhe.jpg)

>I can't believe that the same studio which created the OG Gundam and Cowboy Bebop delivers such shitty moeblob uguu idol anime with same face syndrome.
It makes me sad whenever I see all these studios, talented directors or mangaka getting into this shit because it prints money. Manglobe passionately created great originals like Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy or Michiko to Hatchin but alas, they sold like shit and nobody in Japan seemed to care so they stopped and never did something like that again and rather adapted awful ecchi comedies.

I also hate that someone who has the talent to create a story like Me and the Devil Blues will dedicate the rest of his life and talent to the worst types of coomer manga. He should have at least finished Devil Blues already (started this in 2003) instead of starting the next mega tits series. Oh great, another great artist doing another shitty ecchi. We didn't have enough of these!

No. 252245

I hate this whole genre and it seems to flood the anime industry right now.

"Weird/nerdy/idol classmate that falls in love with me, the spineless idiot". I guess it got too hard imagining overpowered half-goddesses loving the self-insert MC so they toned it down to special classmates and half of them behave like pure assholes.

No. 252256

Nona I will give some slack to MAPPA's CGI in YoI because rotoscoping and animating ice skating routines can be hard

No. 252270

The faces she makes are so retarded, I can't stand the way the faggot mangaka draws her

No. 252274

I just don't get why it has to be otome parodies, it would be just fine without the ~otome game villainess~ shit. Are they so lazy that they can't write a normal fantasy world without relying on boring video game tropes and referencial humor? Even just dropping the concept of "villainess" would improve these series (I'm so tired of seeing that word on every fucking title in the genre)

No. 252303

File: 1667359949922.jpg (24.61 KB, 489x362, Screenshot 2022-11-01 202723.j…)

Lmao, same… I feel ashamed to like it but it's such a guilty pleasure of mine. Back then I didn't mind the lolicon shit but I'm sure I'd find it weird now. At least I can still enjoy my sentient android husbando

No. 252324

The villainess genre has the blandest, most generic "husbandos" i've ever seen, too much focus on the girl to the point it comes across as moid pandering sorry kek just like moids want quirky waifus who carry the plot, i also want quirky husbandos who carry the plot. I don't watch anime for othe reason

No. 252342

i read an editor interview recently and they rationalize people are currently sick of their lives and want escapism, so easy garbage manga it is

No. 252381

File: 1667390059502.png (116.31 KB, 512x720, 900Honoka.png)

I got really into the franchise because I played the mobile game, but the original Love Live (µ's) really isn't special at all and is overhyped. I see people saying how much it has changed their lives and encouraged them in their darkest moment but I don't see how, they are all one dimensional trope girls. At least it gets better each generation (Superstars is so beautiful) but they keep doing the same mistakes. Honestly the rush you get for owning SR/UR cards makes you attached to them and the quality is good but that's it, the story in all media (anime/game/novels) is really bad.

No. 252388

>At least it gets better each generation
LL has never been as soulful as it was during µ's era. Niji was only slightly better than Aqours because it was different from the usual.

No. 252390

Not that anon but I am too. That stuff just doesn't work for me and I wouldn't even want bland k-pop guys with colorful hair in my husbando harem.

No. 252395

I agree with the male characters being bland as fuck. They're so generic, there doesn't seem to be anything that truly makes them stand out from other similar characters that are part of the same archetype, just like in all those manga/manhwa. It doesn't help that the art and animation is so bad that everyone looks like shitty paper cutouts and even more generic and indistinguishable from other such characters.

I still would like to watch them all just to compare, and to see for myself if they're really that bad or boring. Starting with HameFura (which got a lot of moid fans due to the yuribait and the protagonist being cute, so you might be right about the girl getting moid gaze focus)

It's funny how they try and fail to create appealing male characters (if they're even trying) but most women still prefer to obsess over characters from anything that isn't this genre (because they're actually well-written and have more iconic designs)

No. 252398

I think that if you're only interested in female protagonists the villainess genre is worth a try although apparently from what i've heard the tropes used are very repetitive, but if you're looking for fun husbandos it's gonna be a waste of time. I know some villainess/princess/reincarnated as the daughter of a villain isekai manhwas have a ton of dumb court intrigue too

No. 252399

File: 1667395076884.jpg (108.09 KB, 720x540, e52a187a-781f-4ae6-9b7e-9973a1…)

Admittedly, Love Live IS a generic 'cute girls doing cute things' K-on copy, but the very beginning of it was nice. I still remember the first time I watched their Snow Halation music video on YouTube. I like the fact how it's creators previous work is a shoujo ai anime Strawberry Panic, but Love Live anime