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No. 156424

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
> What spin-off would you like to see?
> What is your favorite book + movie?
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Feel free to discuss any and all other things HP related.

No. 156433

File: 1629265246217.jpg (25.49 KB, 386x480, gilderoy gently massaging damn…)

I'm the loser house.
Haven't read all the books yet so I can't say which one is my favorite. I only had 1, 2, 3 and 5.
My favorite movie is the chamber of secrets, the prisoner of azkaban is also cool.
I have a doll of gilderoy lockhart and also ron so I guess they are my favorites.. I don't know why I like lockhart.. I don't remember how he was in the book.
I don't like ginny, she is very boring and annoying and I'll never understand why she and harry got together. Awful pairing, 0 chemistry, I hate it.
My least favorite movie was the half blood prince.
Didn't read the cursed child, don't even know what's that about.
I had the fantastical beasts book that was, well about the beasts and I like the one that were once humans that were turned into beasts by other witches and they're stuck forever in that form because they killed the witches that could undo the spell or something like that, idk, been years since I read it but I remember that and the mat beast that eats people, which made me afraid of my pillow for a while after reading it.
The movies kinda sucks and I didn't get what the hell was going on. Didn't ezra miller character die?

No. 156440

Everything outside of the core 7 novels has been fucking terrible. Somebody stop JK

No. 156443

> What Hogwarts house are you?
Recently accepted that I'm a Hufflepuff, even though I wanted Ravenclaw
> Which character is your favorite?
Fred and George.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
Umbridge is obviously the most hateable, Snape was not redeemed for bullying innocent kids in my eyes either
> Who is your favorite professor?
Based McGonagall and Hagrid if he counts
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
Haven't seen or read Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts is ok but I barely think of it as HP related
> What spin-off would you like to see?
A Marauder era series!! Full length, no detail spared.
> What is your favorite book + movie?
4-6 for both
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Book 7 for both

God please just give me a full length, high budget HBO tier tv series covering every moment of the books. Alternatively an animated series. And an MMO! A proper desktop game has so much potential. I think HP is way underutilized as a franchise considering how hugely popular it is, they could do so much more with it.

JK has fully redeemed herself by terfing out, don't speak ill of the queen.

No. 156450

File: 1629280318171.jpg (823.37 KB, 799x1100, Kornacki_Headmaster.jpg)

Thanks for starting the thread anon!

Love HP, Fantastic Beasts was terrible and I haven't seen any other spin-offs.
Our terven queen has also redeemed herself by writing the Cormoran Strike books, completely unrelated to HP but very good.

No. 156454

I really liked the idea of the Fantastic Beast movies, exploring the wizarding world during the 20s, but the actual plot sucks also JK doesn't manage to get the american society as well as she does the british. I wish she would let other authors explore story the wizarding world, while still having controll over the overall world building.

No. 156455

I don't even ship Ron/Hermione but I detest David Yates for not only aggressively imposing his Harmony bias in the 5th, 6th, and 7th installments but also assassinating Ron's character the way he did, turning him into a useless asshole. It felt so unfair, especially when he is literally Harry's first friend.

On another note, the threadpic illustrations are gorgeous but man do they make terrible book covers. Those can't be real editions???

No. 156456

this might sound insane but i would love like a hbo miniseries for harry potter where like each season is one book and everything gets covered really well. it's not that i want every little detail in there but i would love for the breathing room mini series provide to just settle into the tone and aesthetic of the story without having to jump straight into plot elements. if they ever did this (or remade the movies, which knowing hollywood is very likely) the two biggest things i would want changed are: 1. cast actual 20 year olds to play harry's parents. it would actually make it so much more impactful in the final movie when harry uses the resurrection stone and he's faced with his parents and they're barely older than he is. second change is that voldemort needs to die like a normal person. i get that they wanted the moment to be ~cinematic~ but i think it would drive home the overall theme and storyline a lot better if once he is killed his body just drops to the ground. also no ron character assassination too.
personally i dont care for the cursed child or fantastic beasts. i think either harry's generation or the marauder's era are the most compelling for audiences and i could just eat up any and all content related to that. obviously might be some problems with like child labour laws and having the same cast signed on for like 7 years to produce 7 seasons but a girl can dream.

the best movie and my favourite hands down is the prisoner of azkaban. beautiful aesthetics, perfect shift in tone and just overall a great viewing experience. worst movie would probably have to be the half blood prince. it spent too long on the rom-com element and not enough time setting up the plot and lore for the deathly hallows.

No. 156459


>God please just give me a full length, high budget HBO tier tv series covering every moment of the books. Alternatively an animated series. And an MMO! A proper desktop game has so much potential. I think HP is way underutilized as a franchise considering how hugely popular it is, they could do so much more with it.

I absolutely agree, I've always thought the HP series should be turned into a show with all the details and scenes from the books the movies missed out on, and it could be a way to represent certain characters better, like Ron or Ginny. I think if they got it right it would be even bigger than the movies were, but I kinda get why nobody has really gone through with the idea yet, since it's such a massive and daunting task, to surpass the films everyone grew up with

No. 156460

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
Hagrid. I would trust him with my life
> Which character do you dislike the most?
Cho Chang, she struck me as very dull. I find most of the characters compelling even if I don't necessarily like them as people, but there's nothing compelling about a character written only as 'the love interest' imo.
> Who is your favorite professor?
I'd love to have Lupin or Flitwick if it's in terms of who you'd actually like as a teacher.
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
I had that Fantastic Beasts book they released for comic relief, with all of Ron & Harry's notes in, I thought that was nice!
> What spin-off would you like to see?
It'd be great if they released more in-universe spell books! Any of the transfiguration spell books would be interesting (and handy for OC making, haha). Also, any of Lockhart's fake adventures!
> What is your favorite book + movie?
I haven't seen any of the movies! My unpopular Harry Potter opinion is that I only really count the books as true canon, and the films are more or less visual fanfic. If you like them, that's fine, I just don't see them as integral to the HP experience. Anyway, my favourite book is Goblet of Fire
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
I can't decide. I'm not as fond of 5-7 because I only had 1-4 as a child, so I know the first four basically off by heart and the last few have less of a personal connection for me.

No. 156465

There was talk of a HBO series earlier this year. Is this still happening?
How come you haven't seen the movies?

No. 156468

> What Hogwarts house are you?
Hufflepuff which I don't mind because I value being loyal and hard working a lot. The common room for Hufflepuff looks like a hobbit house which I really love to!
> Which character is your favorite?
Probably Ron and second place is Luna.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
Snape he was such a bully and treated the kids horrible even making fun of Hermione's teeth when she was 13. He's a dick and should never have been a teacher.
> Who is your favorite professor?
McGonagall because she's such a badass and has some savage lines in the books
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs?
(Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
The first Fantastic Beasts was okay the second was horrible, Cursed child was literally cursed kek.
> What spin-off would you like to see?
Oh I'm not sure tbh maybe about the Hogwarts founders?
> What is your favorite book + movie?
My fave book is the 4th and my fave movie is the 3th.
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Book 2 has a very boring first part imo, I think that the second movie i also disliked the most. The 7th movie had a lot of boring parts especially all the camping.

One thing I'm still very sad about is the pottermore website, I remember that it used to be a very cool almost point and click adventure game for free! But then they removed everything and it was made a boring blog.

Same tho, i hate how much they butchered Ron's character in the movie and how they made Hermione so boring. It also doesn't help that when I read the books as a kid Ron was my favorite character and I related alot with him.

It doesn't sound insane at all, I love the idea of a harry potter series that follows the book more closely!

No. 156471

File: 1629294439381.jpg (69.53 KB, 804x767, 565432.jpg)

> What Hogwarts house are you?
11 yo me was a huge nerd so i probably would've ended up in Ravenclaw.msot tests i've taken give me Slytherin now tho
> Which character is your favorite?
McGonagall, i stanned her from the start. also love the Malfoy family
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
McG 4 lyfe
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
i read CC and it was total trash, haven't touched anything else since
> What spin-off would you like to see?
none lol. the 7 novels are all I need. everything after book 7 was uniformly terrible.
> What is your favorite book + movie?
unpopular opinion buyt my fave book is HBP.
i don't really care for the movies
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
i con't really hate any of the books, but i'd say DH because of the insane plot contrivances and tahe fact that harry's dumbass and the narrative stick up for dumbledore even adfter learning he sux

I've always liked the profs and the parents' generation more than the kids ngl

No. 156477

I have seen the Philosopher's Stone, but I was very small and all I remember is Quirrell's face being turned to stone and shattering and being very in awe of that. In general though, I have a really low tolerance for child acting & I prefer books to movies in general, so they were never going to be my thing.
More about the Hogwarts founders would be amazing!

No. 156481

i feel like if they made a #darkacademia mauraders era tv show or whatever they would never make remus/sirius canon. but it would probably generate nuclear level discourse and fandom drama and accusations of queer bait. it would be funny to witness at least. i wonder if the current hatred for jk rowling in woke leftist spaces would falter under the weight of a new harry potter series

No. 156482

You are not missing much, the movies suck. I hope the HBO tv series harnesses the story potential and doesn't cut out most of what made HP great

No. 156484

Now imagine if the movies were like this

No. 156485

Kek that would be amazing

Maybe I'm too paranoid and dumb but I wonder if there won't be insufferable woke shit in the series, seems like every new media aimed to young people is infested with it now

No. 156486

I wonder how hard they could go with the Sirius & James bullying plotlines without alienating the audience. There'd probably be scenes of Remus trying to talk them down and eventual redemption, but it'd be interesting to see the response either way! I also wonder if they'd try to make Peter sympathetic or just go fully insufferable sniveling coward the whole way through.

No. 156488

> What Hogwarts house are you?
Ravenclaw, borderline Slytherin
> Which character is your favorite?
Dumbledore. Maybe not exactly my fave characters, but I also find Black family fascinating.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
It's not that I dislike her, but Hermione is way overhyped. Same with Snape.
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
I avoid anything outside the canon core books. Didn't read, didn't watch, no regrets.
> What spin-off would you like to see?
Maybe something about first war with Voldemort or WW2 Wizarding World, but without Fantastic Beasts bullshit. No Marauders Era, how many stories about teenagers at school can you watch?
> What is your favorite book + movie?
Prisoner of Azkaban, but GoF was also fun. I despise the movies, but I guess 5, since it had really great visuals (prophecy room and the battle at the Ministry were the best of all HP movies).
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Book 6, mostly because I was never a shipper and I got bored by teenage romance. Movie 6 was also shit, but 8 was somehow worse.

No. 156493

> What Hogwarts house are you?

> Which character is your favorite?

Ron and early Sirius Black

> Which character do you dislike the most?

I disliked Molly Weasley after she bought into Hermione being some kind of a floozy

> Who is your favorite professor?

Remus Lupin

> What is your favorite book + movie?

Azkaban + Philosophers stone

> What is your least favorite book + movie?

The last one

No. 156505

Why did Molly not get a job once Ginny started going to Hogwarts? If the Weasleys are so poor why did that bitch not get a job? Also it’s so annoying that her useless husband Arthur never accepted any promotions from the ministry because he loved his uwu muggle studies so much. I think they are awful parents for seemingly keeping their family in poverty and letting their children get bullied and looked down upon by their classmates. Poor Ron didn’t even have his own wand for the first couple years at Hogwarts and we all know how important it is for wizards to have a wand that is their own, not a hand me down. It pisses me off those parents piss me off so much.

No. 156507

Yes it's super weird, Molly is a witch and could do whatever the fuck she wanted, yet she stays at home and does what? The dishes?

Speaking of gender role shit, I hate the changes they made in the movie based on GoF. Putting Hermione in a tight pink dress despite the book version sounding more like some medieval princess look, making all the Durmstrang students male and all the Beauxbatons students girls doing simpering dances. It's so rushed too.

No. 156513

Molly so neglected Ginny while clucking at her brothers that she ended up being groomed by fucking Voldemort. Think about it.
anyway I have read a wonderful fanfiction consisting of Ginny's conversations with Riddle and her slipping sanity, it's one of the best portrayals of no-contact grooming I've seen. Ask me about it if you want

No. 156518

I've always hated the Weasley parents, they are so irresponsible, one is an incompetent autistically obsessed with muggle toys and the other is the cliché overbearing mom who practices unfair favoritism (the way she treats Ron is awful). Does contraception even exist in the wizarding world?

No. 156529

I fucking hate Draco/Harry shippers. I get that people love rival ships or whatever but I just could never get over what a complete piece of dog shit Draco was. And Harry fucking hated him he was completely valid for sectrumsempraing him. I’m pretty sure Draco was ready to crucio him.

No. 156536

The more I think about the Weasley parents the weirder they get. Though at this point in her life, it might have been hard for Rowling to imagine a better family situation.
I do like how the adult characters in the order of the Phoenix are all imperfect, although Lupin's moping made me like him less towards the end.
I don't get that ship at all. Draco did his best to try to ruin Harry's life. Is Harry supposed to have postive feelings for him after all that? No way.

No. 156537

>I just could never get over what a complete piece of dog shit Draco was.
That is the whole appeal, seeing how the writer manages to redeem him AND somehow turn it into a relationship. The more difficult and hard to imagine a couple is, the more character development and emotional complexity the writer has to include. I'd never read a short Harry/Draco fic because they need a long, slow build story of working out their issues and any good one will explicitly deal with Malfoy being a piece of shit and the two of them loathing each other. It's not like they just ignore all the shit that happened in canon.

No. 156540

Sure there must be contraceptives and even abortion. I mean, Draco doesn't have any siblings. I'm not buying that Lucius and Narcissa didn't fuck before or after Draco.

No. 156549

> What Hogwarts house are you?
Gryffindor. I'd love to have a lot of fun and be adventurous in Hogwarts.
> Which character is your favorite?
Luna, Sirius, McGonagall. I quite like movie Harry, he's so goofy and says dumb shit all the time. Book Oliver Wood is fun too.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
Movie Ginny is like a stale bread. I don't like Voldemort, he's such a weak non-scary villain imo.
> Who is your favorite professor?
McGonagall, Mrs Hooch.
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
First Fantastic Beasts was cute, second one was horrible, they butchered Queenie's character. Cursed Child is terrible.
Not official spin off but I love Very Potter Musicals.
I love the first three games on PC.
> What spin-off would you like to see?
> What is your favorite book + movie?
Movies 1-2, they are childish but feel the most magical to me, really make me feel stuff.
Books 1-4.
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Last book and the last two movies. So dark I can't see shit.

No. 156550

File: 1629317530906.jpg (239.33 KB, 1291x1304, gc uk conference attendees.jpg)

which characters do you think would be the biggest terfs and why?

No. 156553

pretty sure hermione is a based radfem

No. 156556

Maybe Lucius and Narcissa were old, and Draco was their last egg & sperm. Would explain why he's so retarded

No. 156557

kek the filename.
Hermione of course. Remember when she called out Trelawney's woo by using logic. McG would tolerate no bullshit either. But the biggest terf is the staircase in the Gryffindor tower that turns into a slide if boys try to walk up into the girl's room.

No. 156558

Even though Rowling paired her up with some rando scrote in the end, Luna totally seems like the hippie lesbian commune type

No. 156559

>↑ The first date, 1972, is when Narcissa turned 17 and was eligible for marriage; the second date, September 1979, is nine months before Draco's borth, at which point she had to be married to Lucius.
Too lazy to look more into this, but it doesn't seem so. Lucius was born on 1953 or 1954. He's only a year or two older than Narcissa.

No. 156561

i thought the whole point was that molly really wanted a daughter so they just kept having kids until she got one

No. 156562

I'm sure they did, kek.

I remember reading somewhere that Malfoys always limit themselves to only one child, but that doesn't make sense if the kid dies suddenly and they need a spare one, so I'm pretty sure it was some fanfic.

No. 156564

link pls

No. 156565

No. 156583

WTF i hate the weasleys now.

Alan Rickman was a great actor wasted on a shitty character. Snape wasn't a poor tormented soul, he was a fucking incel straight out of wizard /pol/.

No. 156609

Based opinions, anon. Fuck, I want the resurrection scene with Harry's parents as the right age now too. I want breathing room soooo badly too–I feel like what makes the books really special is their portrayal of life at Hogwarts. Like, I love the mysteries and action and all that, but so much of what I love about the series is just spending time with these kids as they grow up. Their school lives have so much texture and warmth.

Totally agree wrt Voldemort needing to actually just fucking die too, that disintegration shit ruined the moment. I also really didn't like Bellatrix's death–I'm not someone who usually notices issues with CGI, but it looked really cheap to me, and it undercut the really raw fact that Molly straight up murders her and doesn't regret it.

PoA is 100% the best. I get people's issues with what it cut, but fuck, it's the only one that FEELS like the books to me. I remember seeing the first scene for the first time so clearly, because I sat there knowing "holy shit this rules" IMMEDIATELY. Harry in his shitty little bedroom, messing with his shitty family! Cuaron just really fucking got the dangerous charm of the series, and how every corner of it has all these vibrant and bizarre details. The wizard reading A Brief History of Time in the Leaky Cauldron, the Dursleys being the family with the TV blaring total crap all the time, that wild ending shot, that adorable scene of the boys in the dorm goofing around with the candy–it's just got the perfect balance of ragged, weird whimsy. Every time it's on TV, I end up dreaming of how fucking amazing the movies could have been if he'd stayed on.

No. 156610

File: 1629342530925.jpg (50.76 KB, 584x523, tumblr_mo1nge2pjk1rjlljro1_128…)

Anyone else remember Makani's art? I was never really into the Malfoys, but if anyone could have gotten me to give a shit about them, it would have been her.

No. 156633

hermione probably is one. she's not in the pic but mcgonagall would definitely be the biggest terf

No. 156635

>that wild ending
I never got what the fuck was going on with the final shot and what it went for. I still don't tbh. I do agree that PoA was one of the few okay Potter movies.

No. 156637

Yes, she is supposed to dote on Ginny as she is her longed for only daughter, and ignore Ron more because he is yet another son.
Completely agree about how PoA is the only of the movies that captures the books spirit.
Can someone remind me, what is the final shot of?

No. 156643

File: 1629357756578.jpg (180.68 KB, 795x676, hpmalfoysgood.jpg)

God yes, her art was so cute.

No. 156645

File: 1629359866944.jpg (41.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Can someone remind me, what is the final shot of?
This is litteraly how the movie ends, he gets the super fast broom as present from Sirius and then flys away. It's been a while since I read the book but I believe Harry in the book got the broom from Sirius like a while back.

No. 156651

I feel like the first two movies are still the best at capturing the atmosphere of the books, the comfiness and the wonderment of discovering the wizarding world with Harry. The books get darker so if course it couldn't stay that way, but I think PoA went in this direction a bit too brutally, the colors are too drab and I hate that Cuaron started the trend of the characters wearing normie clothing more often than wizard's (remember that ugly sweater Hermione wears on all the promo pics and posters?). The Yates's movies are trash imo, for some reason they feel super american (and I'm not even from the UK or US) and everybody gets noticeably retarded, they made me hate the HP franchise lmao.

Yes, he gets it around the book's midpoint after breaking his first broom, but he can't use it yet as it must be tested to see if it's not cursed, and he uneventfully gets it back a short while later.

No. 156657

Agree with PoA being the best, captured the atmosphere of the book perfectly and it had the right amount of darkness. But I also enjoyed the film adaptations of the first two books. Onward from The Goblet of Fire, the films lost their charm for me and I couldn't even put my finger on why exactly

No. 156658

While I love PoA and think it's a great movie, detail that I dislike about it is how they had the whole cast in casual clothes all the time. And very ugly and bland casual clothes. I understand the need for normal clothing even though it goes against the canon of wizards not understanding muggle clothes but it lost a lot of magic to me. Felt like they were barely wearing their robes. And unpopular opinion but I don't like Gary Oldman as Sirius.
I think the first two movies also captured the first two books very well. They had a lot of good design choices and set the aesthetic for the whole series (houses symbols, castle layout, quidditch field and the magical balls, character designs, robes, things like chocolate frogs, amazing music themes and so on).
I wish we got to see other house's common rooms.

No. 156659

Got slytherin on that official test, might have been a ravenclaw tho.
Loved HP, but fantastic beasts just seemed all wrong to me so I kinda hated it? But I really can't put my finger on why. Maybe I'm just an adult now and not a child like for most of the books, but I feel like that isn't it, I still love the HP books.

On the Weasley parents topic, I think they make perfect sense in a "whimsical wizard fairytale" way that the books started out going with, but later the books became a bit too "realistic" which made the silly and comical character traits seem more out of place and neglectful than I think was intended.

One of my biggest pet peeves about the movies is they stopped using the hogwarts robes almost completely after the first few movies, and the robes really tied the atmosphere together for me.

No. 156661

Same, I also wanted to love Fantastic Beasts but it just didn't have the same atmosphere as the main movies

No. 156674

>I understand the need for normal clothing
Why were the muggle clothes necessary? Was it for relatability or so the actors were more comfortable? That aspect was horrible.
>I don't like Gary Oldman as Sirius.
Agree 100%, even post-Azkaban Sirius should look like a hot rock star (something like Hiddleston in Only Lovers Left Alive) and not whatever Oldman was.
>it just didn't have the same atmosphere as the main movies
What atmosphere do you mean, anon? I think >>156651 described the issue with the atmosphere of the movies perfectly. Only the first two keep the comfy book atmosphere, the rest is a clusterfuck in that regard (maybe excluding PoA).
Personally, I really enjoyed the first Fantastic Beasts movie (the second was… confusing). I felt like it did better job of telling a story compared to most HP movies specifically because it was written for a screen and not hastily adapted from a book. I have zero problem with people disliking it though, I just disagree with all the original 8 HP movies having the same vibe.

No. 156684

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I love the vibe of the Half Blood Prince movie. It has a ambiance that none of the other movies had but maybe I’m crazy? I hate a lot of changes and things they decided to focus on (all the teenage relationship BS, burning down the burrow, etc). But the little speech Dumbledore gives the first night of the school year about how Tom Riddle was a normal student at one point just like everyone else idk I really loved that scene for some reason. I really loved the cave scene with Harry and Dumbledore as well it looked so much like how I hoped it would. I LOVED slughorn the actor and writing for him were perfect (still super bitter we didn’t see Slughorn duel Voldemort in the last movie). Halfblood prince is my comfort movie I could seriously just watch it 10 times in a row.

No. 156685

I can’t stand Remus. I don’t get the hype. I think he was a horrible friend to Sirius and also it was extremely retarded of him to fight in the final battle when he just had a baby.

No. 156687

Don't really care about him but I have no idea why Sirius and Lupin was such a popular ship and why later fans were claiming Rowling was queerbaiting with them and she was a hypocrite not to pair them up. Granted, I was into HP way before I knew what yaoi was and thus didn't see things with shipping lenses, but I still think this ship is random.

No. 156689

I never understood either. James/Sirius and even James/Remus make more sense than Sirius/Remus.
I’m bias though because I used to be (still am) a huge huge James/Sirius nutter.

No. 156690

Weird opinion, but I half-agree with you: I never found Lupin all that interesting until he showed his ass in DH. I don't think he's a monster or anything, but I think Rowling did something really interesting in having the beloved teacher figure panic and indulge this massive moment of weakness when he tries to run off with the trio in DH (and, you could argue, when he puts himself in a battle he knew would probably kill him later on). I think it can be read a lot of ways, even really sympathetically–dude's had a really hard fucking life, and maybe wants it over. But I just think it's a really interesting portrait of how war can really fuck people up, and how much Harry's had to grow up crazy fast.

Related possibly unpopular opinion: I think a ton of shit people criticize as bad writing in HP is just Rowling being really honest about how crappy people can be to each other, even if they're otherwise good. The Weasley parents love their kids fiercely, and are also capable of being selfish towards them. Snape is a giant vindictive asshole who also did some really brave things. The Hogwarts houses aren't a perfectly transcendent system, they're fundamentally shaped by the fact that one dude defined his house, in large part, totally explicitly, by wizard racism.

It's really fucking weird to me in particular when people act like Rowling is unfair to the Slytherins. One of the biggest themes of the entire series is "people with entrenched power fuck things up"–the whole point is that the Slytherins have never actually cared about being just ambitious and cunning, but about blood status above all. The entire house and their whole little world of purebloodedness is all built to protect their obviously huge power in the wizarding world. They're not the benighted goth kids of the HP universe, they're the jillionaire prep school assholes who go to Harvard, become senators, and do a million favors for their other megarich friends. The wizarding world is magical and amazing and all that, but pretty early on, it's clearly also a reflection of our own world, and similarly affected by shitty human bias. I always think of religious schools where I grew up (in a southern US state) when I think of Slytherin–someone who's not familiar with their history might look at them and just think, oh, okay, some people want their faith to be that much a part of their kid's life, that's their cultural thing, ok. But in fact, a shitton of them popped up after schools were integrated. They're not called "Avoid Sending Your Kids To A School With Black Kids Academy," but that's baked-in, and it's still part of the culture, even if a lot of those schools have changed in the decades since. I think everything wrt Slytherin is a fantastic portrait of that kind of thing.

No. 156692

Same, Sirius being so hung up on James, living with him for a period of time and so on is really lending more credence to that ship than Remus/Sirius, and I'm not even a fujo.

Also the fact that Sirius played that prank on Snape without any regard of what would happen to Remus if he accidentally killed Snape is pretty awful in itself and further seals the deal about no high school S/R romance (they were about 16 at the time). There's also the Secret Keeper shit and Remus believing Sirius was a traitor all this time.

No. 156694

I loved the hbp prince and I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I like how it feels more slice of life-y than others? The vibe in that movie was really good, it had like a very high casual/funny tone and a really low sad/disturbing point so it was an interesting mix. That part somehow stuck with me and I watched all of the parts since the 3rd one in the cinema

I definitely agree with yates movies being american though, I felt it too and I'm an eastern yuro.

No. 156699

Which house would you say is the most gay? The gaymost if you will?

No. 156700

agreed with everything. oldman was totally wrong for sirius.
the casual clothes ruin the whole mafgical vibes. there's this awesome castle and lovely magical things all over and then the kids walk around in ugly sweaters. costume designers could have had so much fun with wizard clothing too.

No. 156707

I agree that they are overhyped. I think the ship had some appeal in the Marauders era, they had a nice dynamic - the nerdy proper kid being convinced to do adventurous stuff and break the rules with his outgoing handsome friend, having friendly banter and so on. The thing is, HP doesn't really have many good ships and even canon relationships are a bit bland to the point of people just making up a bit more interesting headcanons about the characters. But JKR definitely never meant for them to be together, that's ridiculous.

No. 156714

A problem with the casting in the movies is that many of the adults simply are too old for the roles. Snape, McG, Sirius etc should be younger. Someone wrote about the big difference between book McG and the movie version and I agree, I prefer the book version. She seems both more caring and more badass, as well as younger with dark hair. Smith is still cool though.

No. 156717

File: 1629391398483.jpg (2.86 MB, 1782x1188, wp-content.jpg)

Has anyone been to the studio tour in London? How was it? Also interested if anons has been to other guided tours of filming locations.

No. 156739

Out of HP movies 4-8, this was certainely the best one. I wish that it didn't mess up many plot points, though. Still enjoyable compared to everything else.

No. 156753

How was Remus a bad friend to Sirius? He could have felt like he was on the outskirts of the group a bit as a teenager, Sirius and James were the inseparable ones after all. And as for fighting the final battle, Tonks was there too.

No. 156786

Oh, I love how you put that. I really do see her as both more caring AND harsher/more badass in the books, somehow, and it's great. Smith's age doesn't bother me toooo much but yeah, I picture McG as more like…a woman in her 50s, I'd say? Middle-aged for sure, but not yet old.

No. 156809

File: 1629441920380.jpeg (65.76 KB, 640x480, 953F905C-65C1-4981-B1D4-E113C7…)

did anyone here play the harry potter ea games.. i think they were made for pc playstation etc. i played the second and third one on pc and i have to say they are still my favourite video games (which admittedly isn’t saying much because they’re the only ones i’ve played aside from lego harry potter for the nintendo ds)
the soundtrack in particular for the second game is so lovely and nostalgic. unfortunately i tried playing the later games on the pc but i suspect they are better calibrated for the playstation so they were a bit hard to play on the pc and i don’t really want to learn how to use the playstation controller lol.
so much nostalgia, i love the shitty graphics and i wish they remade them. unlocking secrets at hogwarts and just exploring was the best

No. 156812

The first two harry potter games for the ps1 were some of the first games I played as a child. They're far from perfect but I love them. I love how weirdly scary and lonely it feels to explore the castle, some places would trigger these spooky sound effects when you passed them which freaked me out as a child. Obviously it feels lonely due to the consoles limitations but it created a perfect atmosphere that I love in vidya.
The empty enchanted knight armor that would follow you and slowly get faster and faster is still one of the scariest things I experienced in video games even though I played a lot of horror games kek
They looked funny and I know people like to make fun of the face textures but they're something special to me, and I replayed them recently and I still love them so it's not just nostalgia. Also, I love how they had some of the book stuff thrown in that wasn't there in the movies, like peeves, nearly headless nick's birthday party, some stores in diagon alley etc.
And yes, the soundtrack was really good too.

No. 156819

File: 1629448726706.jpg (129.78 KB, 640x908, HPQWC.jpg)

I love the first three games on pc, I didn't have any console.
The PC games don't feel lonely or scary, just really comfy to me. Loved collecting the beans and finding secret places. I was obsessed with hippogryf flying in the third one and I loved how you could shapeshift into an animal with that one spell.
I also have a fond memory of a less known game, Quidditch World Cup. I remember I had smallpox when I was a kid and to keep myself from scratching, I just put all my concentration into the game. There's the Hogwarts teams on the typical Quidditch field but after you finish those, you could play with foreign teams on themed nordic/asian/australian etc fields. I completed everything that I could, played every team, collected every card. It was so much fun, even though it's probably mostly nostalgia talking.

No. 156830

File: 1629462417203.jpg (42.21 KB, 900x350, Harry-Potter-and-the-Order-of-…)

I played them all, my favourite one has to be OOTP. It's kinda open world, you can wander around the castle/outside and do whatever you want. I have fond memories of dueling random npcs, I think HBP was also good but I don't really remember
I'm super excited about Hogwarts TERF Legacy to come out

No. 156840

Oh, I've always wanted to play the HBP one! Maybe I can play it as a warm-up before
>Hogwarts TERF Legacy
I agree with everyone who loved the platformers. While they were simple and really could use a better budget, they had real heart for blatant cash-grab games. I loved walking through Hogwarts so much! The music was truly magical. It's so nostalgic to listen to it now.
I had the displeasure of playing a GBC game based on one of the early movies that was trying to be a JRPG and failing miserably.

No. 156841

I remember finding out about the bootleg HP NES game and as much as I find those kind of things amusing, it's a nightmare fuel to me

No. 156843

File: 1629469526053.jpg (430.79 KB, 1644x1500, 22812038561.jpg)

I miss this Harry Potter art/aesthetic

No. 156858

I played all of them but the new/last ones for pc (5th was the last one I played I think) and the quidditch one.
I love the fist one for ps.
There's a certain vibe to it, idk how to put it, it's just really cool and I wish they would make a game with similar vibe but that you can create your own character. Idk anything about the new game though, I hope it's good.
The first game on ps had so many creepy moments imo, that armor following you around was the part I was most scared, also that creepy lava forest lmao. Nothing really scary happens there but I was nervous for some reason when I first played that part.
Running against Peeves was so hard too, I hated it.
I like that CallMeKevin plays all the hp games even the bad ones and cheap knockoffs.

Kinda vent: I almost always have my enjoyment of a vid drop when people have to put a disclaimer at the end when talking about hp 'oh btw I'm not a terf and jk is a evil witch' like, stfu. (Not really about this vid but many channels I simply unsubscribed because of that crap). I came to expect men doing it, so I just get mildly annoyed and don't watch anything by them ever again, but it really breaks my heart when women do it.

No. 156860

File: 1629473903915.jpg (89.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>wizard /pol/
Kek to be fair, he always played these Claude Frollo tier roles because he was one of the rare actor who could pull it off. If I remember correctly JK Rowling wanted him specifically for Snape,but I always thought he was too old for the role.

Terf queen is one stupid fucking cunt, she could have milked the whole franchise so much more with tv shows/movies/books depicting the Marauders' school years or even Dumbledore child and teenhood. Instead we got a lazy fanfic play, alongside Flamboyant Yeast that sends us 10 years back in time with its shitty special effects and awful writting. The fact that the short amateur film "severus snape and the marauders" is way better than the 2 current FBs movies is sad as fuck too

No. 156869

Wtf, Snape looks like that in that fanfilm? This is how I picture Tom Rid in My Immortal to look like, even Alan Rickman pulled off that former greasy nerdy vibe.

No. 156870

>My Immortal
Ah…good times, good times.

No. 156874

I played the first two as a kid on my PS1 and they felt like horror games to me at the time but I loved them nevertheless kek. Super atmospheric with a great soundtrack
I love Kevin too!!

No. 156876

File: 1629484227722.jpeg (362.44 KB, 2000x1608, 5186.jpeg)

Useless trivia: Mary GrandPré, the illustrator who did all the book covers initially declined the assignment due to her schedule, but later she was convinced by Scholastic Press. GrandPré says, "By the time I was working on Book 3, we knew we were dealing with something very special."

No. 156878

The Order of The Phoenix had the most beautiful cover imo. Which cover was your favorite, farmers?

No. 156881

Are those Dumbledore's glasses hanging on the fence in the Grimmauld Place illustration? Pretty cool detail if so.

No. 156883

File: 1629486983594.jpg (51.48 KB, 502x502, harry-potter-and-the-prisoner-…)

Must be, they look like the ones he wears in the films.
I really like these minimalist ones by Clare Melinsky.

No. 156884

Oh, I wasn't sure if Mary GrandPre was also responsible for all those calendar illustrations. Good to know!
I bet she's happy she didn't miss out on illustrating HP. She made the right decision, like the one publisher that decided to give HP a shot.
I think I liked the Goblet of Fire and Half-blooded Prince covers the best.

No. 156885

File: 1629487708683.jpg (358 KB, 1500x1195, mary-grandpre-limited-edition-…)

I haven't been checking out her Hp art before. This looks so cozy.

No. 156888

File: 1629488915674.jpg (52.76 KB, 400x580, 1e8bd0bf6d340b667f2279de53322b…)

I just realized that the art that I remember from my childhood has been done by someone else (Mark Braught). Here are some examples:
This picture of potions class has really stayed with me through the years!
Mary GrandPre's illustrations are super nice, though.

No. 156889

File: 1629489044999.jpg (479.16 KB, 500x665, Mark-Braught-Home-HarryCastsAS…)

been confused my whole damn life wtf is going on with Harry's legs here

No. 156895

File: 1629490935190.jpg (3.38 MB, 1100x5750, pt2021_08_20_22_14_49.jpg)

We had these kind of goofy but charming map illustrations inside the hard covers of the book. I really liked them as a child.
The first book also had a different illustration from the foreign ones. It came in a few versions because the illustrator made some mistakes (like drawing a tophat instead of the witch hat). The first editions are ridiculously expensive collector items now.

No. 156899

It looks like he has dwarfism

No. 156900

These are so cute my god

No. 156910

File: 1629496208842.jpg (50.67 KB, 600x600, 28-flight-of-the-prince.jpg)

I wasn't super into GrandPre's work when I was a kid because I had a giant crush on Harry and wanted the characters to look like cute anime boys but as an adult, I'm so, so charmed by it. I love how her work in the earlier books is a little more weird and abstracted, and her use of color is amazing. Also, I hated her Snape when I was a kid, but now I think Snape with a greasy goatee might be genius

No. 156913

File: 1629496468439.jpg (179.89 KB, 798x696, sorting-hat-mary-grandpre.jpg)

Mary GrandPre's lesser-known HP work dump incomin'

No. 156914

File: 1629496554208.jpg (37.42 KB, 320x482, malfoy-manor-mary-grandpre.jpg)

No. 156915

File: 1629496727055.jpg (194.7 KB, 1200x960, rescue-of-sirus-mary-grandpre.…)

GrandPre Sirius could get it

No. 156917

GrandPre knew how Sirius was supposed to look, contrary to whoever was responsible for casting Gary Oldman

No. 156922

On one hand I wish I could read those books for the first time again, but on the other I'm happy I did when I was a kid. That sense of wonder and lack of cynicism will never come back.

No. 156929

I used to have this as a puzzle, so nostalgic

No. 156945

Reading it as a kid as it was being published was definitely the best, I still remember the sheer hype of book/movie releases. I'd read non-stop the day a book came out and go to midnight or pre-release screenings with friends, no way I'd love it so much if I didn't connect it with good times in my childhood.

No. 156951

File: 1629513157810.jpg (97.25 KB, 610x810, sxr.jpg)

What are your favorite ships? And what ones don't you like?

No. 156954

File: 1629513909281.png (877.21 KB, 1280x1148, tumblr_piis32DA4I1uj948co1_r1_…)

I know a lot of people don't like it, but tbh I really have always liked Ginny/Harry. It's shit in the movies, but I like the edge of meanness she has in the books and I actually kind of love the doofy chest monster thing. Also Cursed Child was shit, but I do love pro athlete Ginny and her does-all-the-cooking war hero husband as a concept

No. 156955

File: 1629514584136.png (280.5 KB, 500x708, 86822235-6889-43A6-A619-5F5E1F…)

Luna x Ginny is super cute to me. The first time I ever seen lesbians in a fanfic was for this pairing so it has a special pace in my heart.

No. 157104

File: 1629625793872.jpg (69.38 KB, 800x566, ohsoj7EYo21viwkuxo1_1280.jpg)

Snape x Sirius in underrated.
Tbh I like every HP ships apart from the weird pedo ones. That Snape x Harry famous fanfic still haunts me

No. 157165

Who's your favourite obscure HP character?
I wish we saw more of Ludo Bagman!

No. 157166

I always liked Lucius x Snape. The bratty pretty boy Lucius with silver blonde hair and the dark brooding Snape would be super hot together. Also remember that scene in the first HP movie where Snape does the kabedon to Quirrell? Super hot.

No. 157167

I just want to know what the fuck Lupin was doing after book 3. I’m kind of bitter he didn’t reach out to Harry AT ALL in that time. Also, the fact he didn’t even as much as write to Harry after Sirius died really stung. I know Lupin was really going through it with his werewolf stuff but it made me really change my mind about him.

No. 157169

oh lord which one, the tea one?
i feel like theres a lot of freedom to be had with hp shipping. all the characters are kind of versatile and…i dont know how to say it, they have a kind of blandness which means you can adapt them to fit with other people and other situations really easily. for this reason i never really feel strongly attached to any hp ship but im open minded enough to try giving almost all of them a chance

No. 157171

i know this is harry potter shipping and not that serious but that's so shallow lol

No. 157189

Snape/Sirius has a lot of potential, but fuck if the fics aren't shit. I'm shocked that such a big fandom, from the book that taught an entire generation to read, lacks decent fics. At least on ao3 the selection is so poor.

The tea series is overrated as fuck. Snape/Harry is shit in general for how fucking dull the fics are. Appalling, a problematic ship with lots of potential, and all the fics thread the same fucking paths and points, go into disgusting ooc, or degenerate into the most boring BSDM/ABO/kinkshit porn imaginable.

No. 157192

File: 1629691046136.jpg (525.37 KB, 1667x827, 343.jpg)

i know lot of people don't like them but i love the finnish covers the characters look so fun and kooky. i especially like prizoner of azkaban and goblet of fire covers, and order of the phoenix gets special mention for giving harry zits hahaha

No. 157194

File: 1629691395044.jpg (39.05 KB, 402x650, 342.jpg)

also lockhart looks fucking hilarious here

No. 157195

I played HBP and it was pretty much a dream come true for me at the time. I’m sure I’d have some issues with it now if I played it again but I really loved roaming the castle and potions class.

No. 157202

These covers alone put me off from reading Harry Potter as a kid, they're hideous. I have no idea what they were thinking.

No. 157207

Jesus is this some kind of Finnish humor I don't get? I don't recognize any of the characters on the cover of OotP, who's that toad like dude behind Harry? Also Lockhart looks like a troon there, how oddly prophetic.

No. 157212

Just why? You could scare children with these noses.
Anon do you know who everyone is on the third cover, it looks like two Harry's?

No. 157224

nta but my vote goes for Grawp (Hagrid's brother)

No. 157225

again nta, after long thinking (if it's harry, why no zits?) i realized it's james tossing around snape

No. 157226

Pretty sure it's supposed to be Umbridge as she is described as toad like + the hair bow. Ngl I had to give it a good thinking because at first I thought it was a weird visual metaphor for puberty or something my fucking sides
Yes it was the tea one. Couldn't finish it because it was shitty and slow paced. Also Snape didn't feel like Snape most of the time, it's as if the author had forgotten how he was actually acting after writting for too long (but I feel like that's a problem with most fanfics))

No. 157232

these look terrifying lmao

No. 157233

Oh yes, that must be him! I wonder if the other person is young Sirius because of the black dog ears (?)
I can't get over how weird these are. What is the artist called?

No. 157235

File: 1629717144077.jpg (1.95 MB, 966x4485, harry-potter-covers-around-the…)

Out of curiosity I checked out how HP book covers look like around the world and the Japanese ones looks so atmospheric. Also love the Korean ones. Hate the minimalist covers, minimalism is so overused nowadays

No. 157237

File: 1629717308926.jpg (194.93 KB, 759x1200, EXFxPVFU0AEEMMe.jpg)

Interesting how the Danish went for the 70/80s horror-fantasy aesthetic

No. 157239

I've read it's Umbridge after I decided it's Grawp, literally lost my shit
also can't deal with Smug German Harry, The Epic Trolle

No. 157240

It's like German Harry is taking selfies in front if each cover's scene.

No. 157241

File: 1629717898321.jpeg (374.7 KB, 878x1280, 8725AF44-9DA5-44B6-A931-D467B7…)

That Japanese edition has some books split into two, so there are a couple more covers not included in that chart.

No. 157242

File: 1629718283866.jpeg (289.96 KB, 671x1022, C236E18C-19D1-48B4-806E-C77893…)

No. 157244

I've always hated the french ones, they are so boring, drab and not enticing at all for young children to read. Also for some reasons in the first editions the translator decided to remove entire paragraphs of text for no apparent reason, I remember reading the original English text and sometimes thinking "wait this moment was not in the translation".

No. 157245

I can't decide if I like the Dutch covers or not lol. They are atmospheric and leave a lot to the imagination but the illustrator was definitely lazier than in the other versions kek
haha right
Yeah, the French version seems really uninspired

No. 157246

These are so pretty…is it common for Japanese books to include the English title as well?

No. 157247

i loved them as a child seeing that cover of prozoner of azkaban in a bookstore is what was my introduction to harry potter and i immediately wanted to have them all

No. 157251

Extremely late response but I have and it’s amazing and worth visiting for sure.

No. 157252

File: 1629722828576.jpg (943.18 KB, 1536x2048, dobby.jpg)

mika launis

also here's finnish dobby

No. 157253

oh my god i love him

No. 157254

Since everyone usually talks about what they hated about the movies or the things they would change/make better, how about sharing some scenes or moments that you loved and thought were really well done?

Personally, the graveyard scene and when Harry returns back with Cedric's body in Goblet Of Fire will always stick with me. I remember watching it on TV as a kid and being like "holy shit, this took a really dark turn". It was the pivotal moment in the series where things were mostly light-heated and cheerful before, then JKR really upped the stakes. I think they captured the gravity of the situation very well, Voldemort coming back and Harry being tortured at the gravestone, then having to battle him, and seeing the spirits of his parents like UGH I get so emotional thinking about it. Not to mention poor Harry crying over Cedric's body then his father wailing with grief and Dumbledore is trying to console them. God this scene traumatised me as a kid but it was so well acted, the graphics were great, everything was done perfectly. I have some issues with the Goblet Of Fire movie (even tho it's one of my favourite Harry Potter movies overall) but they knocked it out of the park in this particular scene.

No. 157271

>What are your favorite ships?
Unpopular opinion, but I really like Krum/Hermione. That first-relationship goofiness they exude makes this ship very endearing to me. I also remember shipping Neville/Luna some 10 years ago, but after my most recent re-read I realized Harry/Luna and Ginny/Luna both have more chemistry.
>And what ones don't you like?
I really don't like any ship involving Draco.
I'm also iffy towards the endgame ships. Honestly I would have just dropped the romance aspect from the books altogether, leave things vague and let fans tear each other apart over shipping wars, but JKR just HAD to have all the mains paired up and settled down in the epilogue.

No. 157286

That's a pretty amazing Dobby, ngl.
I really dislike how he looks in the movies.

No. 157293

Gotta love how most editions have the same climatic scenes for PoA and HBP as their covers but nobody can agree for OotP, which I can hardly fault them given how fucking boring the book is (I prefer the Russian one).

No. 157297

I agree with you, Goblet Of Fire did some stupid things like make all the durmstrang students male and beauxbatons female but the scene where Harry gets out of the maze with Cedrics dead body always gets me. Especially when the happy march music starts, everyone is cheering and then everyone stops because they realise Cedric is dead.
One small thing I liked about the order of the phoenix movie was that during the battle at the end Sirius said 'nice one James' to Harry. I think it really shows how much Sirius sees Harry as his dad and while it was mentioned in the books by Molly that Sirius should stop seeing Harry as James I thought it was a nice touch in the movie.

Ok people are gonna shame me for this but i do ship Harry and Tom, but like young hot Tom. Not ugly old snake person Tom. It's because when I read the books as a teen, young vodlemort really did it for me, like I know that when he was young he was also super evil and a horrible person but I can't help it. Anyway you're all allowed to shame me now kek.

I'm also gonna be a hypocrite and say i don't really like any of the ships where characters have a huge age difference, especially teacher/students relationship. I also think that Draco is a super whiny and annoying character and if i were to ship him with any character i would make him super ooc.

No. 157300

File: 1629749939807.png (236.72 KB, 541x624, 2zrzpkxpood11.png)

HBP is my fav book and movie, but holy shit was I disappointed that they didn't include the Pensieve memories depicting the Gaunt family. I love Merope Gaunt, I remember crying as a child when I read about her and the love potion event

Also kinda random but am I the only one who think that Dumbledore's sister Ariana got sexually abused by the teen muggles when she was a child?

No. 157301

Pls send me 00's shitty slash videos. Especially snarry and drarry cringe. I love them all
WTF no, what is that mouth. Even a Furby looks more like a house elf than whatever that thing is. That mouth is a nightmare fuel
>Also kinda random but am I the only one who think that Dumbledore's sister Ariana got sexually abused by the teen muggles when she was a child?
Agree with that interpretation, though I will not be surprised if the third Fantastic Animals movie will debunk that (on purpose, of course)

No. 157304

I guess I should start with a treasure a farmer introduced me to some time ago. I'm forever in your debt, kind nona!

No. 157305

I can't believe this is real, thank you for sharing this

No. 157307

Of course she will

No. 157310

From the bottom of my heart, thank you

No. 157313

i liked sirius calling harry james too, and i think it's a moment that would have made even more sense with a younger actor for sirius, because he was just out of school when he ended up in prison and didn't have chance to grow into a proper adult.

No. 157314

File: 1629753798625.jpg (153.36 KB, 834x708, d11l47b-12767ba9-246f-4770-b6f…)

i don't have any videos but i loved all the crack ship art, here's a koenta dump

No. 157315

My fucking sides even the first secs of this one with the screamer tier Snape face edit had me. Ariel's Snarry Cinematic Universe™ is a blessing

No. 157316

File: 1629753833158.jpg (257.93 KB, 250x1264, d5i4ce-03d3b19b-358b-4b4f-8fd8…)

No. 157317

File: 1629753950246.png (1.61 MB, 720x4700, d150cc5-203313af-5347-4847-823…)

No. 157318

File: 1629754074040.jpg (506.12 KB, 1024x649, dz9jmt-419c336a-aa10-4f50-9a95…)

No. 157319

File: 1629754513379.png (Spoiler Image,272.96 KB, 864x921, 1597765310276.png)

and i don't probably have to say who this is but deviantart harry potter fandom was the reason i became aware of mpreg

No. 157320

I just found out I share nationality with Ariel and I've never been more proud!
This video is really intense and dramatic, love the portrayed story LMFAO

No. 157321

Wasn't that comic made by a deviantart cow that was obsessed with snape and tranny nagas?

No. 157322

File: 1629757392215.jpg (229.83 KB, 553x800, PotterRelay26.jpg)

This was my favorite HP fancomic as a kid lmao
The artist (the better one, that I am pretty sure was japanese) actually made me consider shipping LupinxSnape, something that I'd never thought about before (RemusxSirius will always be my favorite ship)

It's pretty fucking stupid, but I'm glad I've found it again kek

No. 157324

We have the same crackhead humour anon

No. 157326

Do you have any recs? I need more!

No. 157327

File: 1629760265509.png (1.6 MB, 1280x1461, Emily-Severus-The-Snapes-sever…)

found this cursed fanart
I hate the art style, reminds me of "your boyfriend" game

No. 157328

fuck, i remember this girl.

No. 157339

oh, her. she ships herself with king Louis XVI of France, too. yes, the fat mf that got his head chopped off.

snapesnogger, and yes that comic is hers

early-2000s HP fandom was bonkers. legendary. unrivalled

No. 157340

Why is Snape so detailed while everyone else has those fucked up anime faces

No. 157359

Since the thread went full retard I present you this cursed Dobby&Hagrid fanfiction. It is haunting lmao

No. 157363

What are your opinions on A Very Potter Musical?
I never saw it during the 2000s but I still enjoyed it recently. The humor is kinda old now but I like some of the characters. What's funny is that to me this parody of Ron feels more like the book Ron than the movie one did. Maybe because this one is actually Harry's best friend kek

No. 157368

File: 1629805873925.jpg (58.78 KB, 383x516, harry-potter-och-hemligheterna…)

honestly love it, Umbridge might offend troons nowadays though kek

On the topic of covers the swedish ones have to be my favorites. They look so detailed on epic.

No. 157369

File: 1629806493851.jpg (40.79 KB, 386x500, listor.jpg)

I am proud of Sweden's covers after seeing the Finnish ones,kek
This one looks badass.

No. 157370

That is soo cool… The black text is a huge mistake, what were they thinking?

No. 157371

Watched it for the first time last year and I really enjoyed it, sure the humour might feel a bit dated (especially Draco being XD quirky XDDDD) but otherwise it was nice. I remember really enjoying Lucius

No. 157376

File: 1629809528349.jpg (29.81 KB, 400x464, EU38zq2WkAIpiDd.jpg)

Samefag but I remember finding out at 12 that some names were changed in the French version and feeling absolutely miserable about it bc I felt like I missed out kek. The translation for the first book was so incredibly sloppy, I guess it was because they didn't expect it to be such a worldwide phenomenon. Haven't read nor watched French versions since then. The most notable ones are:
>Tom Marvolo Riddle: Tom Elvis Jedusor
>Severus Snape: Severus Rogue
>Dolores Umbridge: Dolores Ombrage
>Argus Filch: Argus Rusard
>Draco Malfoy: Drago Malfoy (useless translation there)
>Neville Longbottom: Neville Longdubat
>Lavender Brown: Lavende Brown
>Oliver Wood: Olivier Dubois
Also Malfoy used to be pronounced Mal foi before the first movie came out

No. 157387

IIRC the names were changed in French to keep puns, kind of like how the characters have different names in Pokemon or Ace Attorney in foreign translations compared to the original Japanese games. I saw another anons saying some paragraphs were straight up removed in the first translation of the first novel, this makes me really curious because I only read the French translation of the novels.

No. 157402

Yep the Swedish ones look super cool
Afaik the names were all changed in most of the translated languages. Snape's name in the Hungarian one was Piton, like the snake
>The translation for the first book was so incredibly sloppy
lmao why are the French so lazy when it comes to both the book covers and the translation

No. 157405

Thanks for posting this Anon, it's always fun to learn about localizations. And don't worry, French wasn't the only language that mishandled translations. I grew up reading the first Italian edition, and for some unfathomable reason someone decided to translate both mudblood and half-blood as simply "half-blood", probably thinking the difference wouldn't be relevant going forward.
Later editions used a revised translation and the original names for the characters, but most people still use the localized ones since they're the ones they went with in the dub. Some of my favorites:
>Minerva McGonagall: Minerva McGranit (granite)
>Severus Snape: Severus Piton (python)
>Albus Dumbledore: Albus Silente (silent/secretive)
>Neville Longbottom: Neville Paciock (plump/kind-hearted)
>Gilderoy Lockhart: Gilderoy Allock (air-headed)

No. 157412

They mainly edited out some long descriptions that ruined the flow and didn't translate well in French, they ended up removing a few interresting/funny things by mistake though
>Literally Severus Snek
I'm dying, McGranit got me good too. Kinda sad that they changed Dumbledore's name though

No. 157421

Well, I guess it's time to read everything again in English this time. Reading the missing praragraphs pissed me off even mlre than learning that Fire Emblem Fates would have a shit ton of dialogs removed or rewritten because it was too violent or too gay, I feel like I've been tricked for the past 15 years.

No. 157429


There is a whole list of names and places that where changed in the dutch translation. Some of it I understand but there are a few that are very different.
As example Minerva McGonagall was changed to Minerva Anderling. I wasn't sure why he chose Anderling but I looked it up and its supposed to be a pun on anders(different) and because she teaches transfiguration and can turn into a cat he thought it was a good name?
He also changed Dumbledore to Perkamentus (perkament = parchment), Cedric Diggory to Carlo Kannewasser(kannen = jugs so his lastname sounds like jug washer). Some of his choices are super weird but i guess because Harry Potter starts as a childeren book they thought it was a good idea to change all the britisch sounding names to be more dutch?

No. 157430

File: 1629817292658.jpeg (507.34 KB, 3000x1980, 860747DE-61BD-4B2D-B222-6B516D…)

> What Hogwarts house are you?
I’m Ravenclaw.
> Which character is your favorite?
Hedwig because owls have been my favourite animal since I was small. Wasn’t cool of JK to kill her off like wtf.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
Ron Weasley
> Who is your favorite professor?
Mad eye Moody because we share the same name lol.
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
They’re shit kek.
> What spin-off would you like to see?
I’d want to see a different wizarding school and the stories told there.
> What is your favorite book + movie?
Mine is the goblet of fire.
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Probably the half blood prince

No. 157433

i've been planning to re-read the books and re-watch the movies for like ten years, but i never got around, so idk how legit my answers are. also i study literature so everyone around me is a potterhead.

> What Hogwarts house are you?

slytherin and apparently it's very notable (was at a party once and everyone got up to help the host prepare our food and i said 'alright i'm gonna stay seated since everyone is helping already and ten people in a tiny kitchen makes no sense' and a girl replied 'ur a slytherin, aren't you')
> Which character is your favorite?
i was kinda obsessed with cedric back in the day lol i thought he was so cute… also draco because basic teenage girl taste.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
umbridge, also lockhart but i find him hilarious in retrospect
> Who is your favorite professor?
lupin, mcg
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
i never watched/read them
> What spin-off would you like to see?
no idea
> What is your favorite book + movie?
chamber of secrets
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
i remember that it took me years to finally read order of phoenix

also, are any germans itt? what are your thoughts on coldmirror's contribution to german hp culture? i have to admit that listening to her hp podcast last year during the first lockdown rekindled my love for hp.

No. 157442

ah, did the cedric death really kill you inside?

No. 157444

kek i think i liked him because he died, it somehow added to his appeal for me

No. 157447

File: 1629825595083.jpg (13.6 KB, 225x300, s-l300 (1).jpg)

according to what I've read and seen, it's actually silver. I think it's a bad photo, or a factory error (the way the word "Harry" looks points to a weird photo, though)

No. 157450

Oliver Wood was changed to the french word of wood just because of that one sentence where Harry thought he would get beaten up by McGonagall for riding a broom without permission. So changing a character's name just to keep what barely qualifies as a pun is
apparently important, but cutting entire chunks of text is okay. I was never a fan of translating names for the sake of puns, even when I didn't speak English I thought it was stupid for killing immersion. The only one that is acceptable is Tom Riddle to keep the anagram.

No. 157456

I found a list of all the names changed in the Norwegian version. Nothing was changed in the Swedish version, btw.
Ron Weasley – Ronny Wiltersen

Hermione Granger – Hermine Grang

Ginny Weasley – Gulla Wiltersen

Cedric Diggory – Fredrik Djervell

Neville Longbottom – Nilus Langballe

Draco Malfoy – Draco Malfang

Luna Lovegood – Lulla Lunekjær

Fred och George Weasley – Fred och Frank Wiltersen

Sirius Black – Sirius Svaart

Dudley Dursley – Dudleif Dumling

James Potter – Jakob Potter

Lily Potter – Lilly Potter

Dobby – Noldus

Albus Dumbledore – Albus Humlesnurr

Professor Flitwick – Professor Pirrevimp

Hagrid – Gygrid

Madame Poppy Pomfrey – Madam Pussi Pomfrit

Severus Snape – Severus Slur

Langballe (long balls) sounds very dirty to me, idk what Norwegians think.

No. 157457

Oh and Quidditch is Rumpeldunk kek

No. 157459

Seeing all the bizzaro translations makes me appreciate the Polish one even more. No names were changed unless they were important (tbh I cannot remember any except for translating Sirius Black into Syriusz Czarny, but that was only in the first volume when the kinks haven't been worked out). The magical terms, places etc. were translated A+ in my opinion, to the point I didn't want to read in English at first. Our translator left I AM VOLDEMORT and other stuff like this alone and provided notes explaining WTF was going on. He was based AF.
I'm surprised to hear that translators from countries that probably had been translating from English en masse (there was a notorious shortage of English to Polish translators at the end of the XXth century, which resulted in some low effort translations by newbies - mostly of trashy Harlequin books, but probably not only those) were making mistakes like confusing Snape with snake.
My parents were making fun of Frenchfags back in the late 90's for obsessively changing character names to something French lmfao. They could not talk about American TV shows with our French family cause nobody knew which character was being talked about, with Johns being turned into Jean Pauls and the like. Absolutely retarded
>Severus Slur
Trigger warning: the s-word (Sn*pe)

No. 157460

If anyone cares, here's a nice article about the translation

No. 157461

oh god i love rumpeldunk, thank you for sharing this.

here's a list of name changes in the german version: https://harry-potter.fandom.com/de/wiki/Original-Namen_von_Personencharakteren_der_Harry_Potter_B%C3%BCcher

the biggest one is hermione to hermine however. her name was basically pronounced hair-meen-eh.

No. 157472

Snape isn't literally called Severus Snek but he might as well be, changing it wasn't a mistake but a deliberate choice. Translating names is dumb for stuff meant for general audiences, but HP's first book is a children's story full of pun names, it makes sense different languages would try to keep them in to highlight the goofy tone of the entire thing. Now taking away entire chunks of the book, THAT'S what I call a bad translation

No. 157474

>changing it wasn't a mistake but a deliberate choice
a poor choice, since his name isn't literally a snake

No. 157479

File: 1629839353185.jpg (50.76 KB, 630x700, Harry.Potter.full.707601.jpg)

Lol, I remember Rowling complaining about Italian translation of Dumbledore.
Polish translation of HP was surprisingly solid, no translated surnames except for Fudge to keep Hagrid's pun in the first book and for some reason Draco was changed into Dracon, with "Draco" being treated as less formal, kinda. Since book 5 I read HP in English, I probably missed other kinks in Polish version.

Man, I love insane HP fanart.

No. 157481

i'm so happy to find international harry potter discussion, it never occurred to me to look up how things were translated, it's all so interesting!
>her name was basically pronounced hair-meen-eh.
i'm sure krum will appreciate it kek

No. 157491

in finnish some of the names were translated for pun reasons but some were just really random, like oliver wood was still oliver wood even though there was a joke about his name but slughorn became kuhnusarvio because ?? it means sluggish horn

anyway, finnish translations:

>Sirius Black = Sirius Musta (musta = black)

>Severus Snape - Severus Kalkaros (kalkaro = rattlesnake)
>Minerva McGonagall = Minerva McGarmiwa (joke being about the refernce to the horrible poet who was called McGonagall, karmiva = horrible/scary)
>Griphook = Lujahaka ("stronghook/hasp")
>Kreacher = Oljo (olio = creature)
>Luna Lovegood = Luna Lovekiva (Luna Lovenice)
>Alastor/Mad-eye Moody = Alastor/Villisilmä Vauhkomieli (Alastor Ravingmind, wild mind, villisilmä = wild eye)
>Kingsley Shacklebolt = Kingsley Kahlesalpa (Kahlesalpa = Shacklebolt)
>Peter Pettigrew = Peter Piskuilan (piskuinen = small)
>Filius Flitwick = Filius Lipetit (i think the joke is about someone escaping/running away "lähteä lipettiin" since flit means that i guess)
>Quirrell = Orave (orava= squirrel)
>Sybill Trelawney = Sibylla Punurmio
>Igor Karkaroff = Irkoroff because it was too close to Kalkaros
>Crouch = Kyyry (kyyristyä = crouching)
>Tom Marcolo Riddle = Tom Lomen Valedro
>Rufus Scrimgeour = Rufus Rymistyr (Rufus Rumble)
>Dolores Umbridge = Dolores Pimento (pimento = darkness)
>Rita Skeeter = Rita Luodiko (luoti = bullet, luodikko ) rifle)

No. 157505

based takes, anon. Krum/Hermione makes me so nostalgic, it's such a sweet little fantasy, but without feeling ridiculous? Like, I loved it like a lot of girls probably loved it, for the "ohhh what if the hot athlete star liked me for my deep soul," but genuinely, it felt grounded and real to me. It makes Krum such a more real character.

Looove Harry/Luna. I just really buy Harry being so fed up with the shit the world has put on him that he ends up being very into Luna's bonkers shit

No. 157506

I was so mad about the lack of Merope too! Fuck, I loved everything about those scenes, and I believe the same thing about Ariana. I was really drawn to both of those characters when I was younger, and their place in the narrative. I wouldn't have articulated it this way then, but so much of it was like…I was so drawn to the fact that these two insanely important, world-shaping characters, Voldemort and Dumbledore, were shaped by the hideous abuse these women/girls in their lives suffered. It's hard to put it into words, but it's not that I liked the depiction of sexual abuse on its own, it's that the books paid attention to this kind of stuff at all, when it's usually hushed up. I might be projecting a little, given what we know about JKR's past and her feminist beliefs now, but it really mattered to me to that these books were full of different kinds of women, and that terrible things done to girls had repercussions, even shitty ones. They happened, and it mattered. I just really gravitated to the fact that these crimes took up space in the story, and got attention. Aghhh I'm getting really into my feelings now, but it meant a lot that that was in the same books as like, McGonagall and Hermione and the all-women quidditch team. And I love that Dumbledore stressed compassion for Merope to Harry.

No. 157507

Holy shit anon, you unlocked parts of my brain I'd forgotten were there with this post.

No. 157508

I haven't thought about AVPM since it came out, wow. But looking at it now, Darren Criss is still hot and that girl who plays Malfoy is still funny, I'm pretty amazed at how solid this still is

No. 157526

Damn some translators were really hellbent on making that Snape=Snake connection. Is Snape even a punny name? In french they went with Rogue, which means arrogant, at least they didn't call him Severus Sornette or something. For some reason they didn't translate Slughorn's name despite several characters noticing how weird it sounds iirc, I guess at this point it wasn't a "silly children book" anymore and french funny names were thankfully irrelevant.

No. 157533

As a child, I loved that HP didn't treat a reader like an idiot with (obviousl and over the top) punny names. I never liked that.
Has Rowling ever confirmed that Snape was supposed to evoke 'snake'? I thin she took his last name from a teacher she hated? I think if someone wants to translate Snape, it should also be changed into sthg that makes you think of snake, but isn't exactly the word. Severe Snake is an absolutely retarded name.

No. 157537

Tracing farmer-chan

No. 157541

i always thought that part of it was about making the names sound more wizardly, that wizards would have these kinda silly last names that mean things like how we have last names that mean different things, that's why i guess in finnish translation people with more common names were left untranslated.

No. 157549

File: 1629909562924.png (1022.18 KB, 1000x750, 5900fc7bdd0895d77a8b4644.png)

This thread is so comfy!
Which HP beastie is your fave anons? Mine is Crookshanks, what a good kitty, I want one!

No. 157561

All the HP critters are adorable, but Hedwig is the best for me. Speaking of which…
Her senseless death in the books made me so mad, the movies did the right thing in giving her a more dignified demise at least.

>it felt grounded and real to me. It makes Krum such a more real character.
True. When I first read the book I assumed Krum was gonna be just a dumb jock since he's introduced as the youngest, most popular Seeker in the World Cup, but at the end of the day he's just an average looking, kinda socially awkward guy who doesn't really know how to handle his sudden fame. It makes perfect sense to me he'd fall for the book-smart, assertive girl. I'm kinda bummed the only other time we saw him outside of GoF he was being a bitter loser at Fleur and Bill's wedding.

No. 157565

Hermione MAJORLY fucked up by breaking up with Krum (?) and getting together with Ron. I bet even Rowling agrees, since she said that pairing was a mistake LMFAO

No. 157572

I wanted Ron and Hermione to be together since the beginning back then, but I also found Krum/Hermione very cute, I wouldn't have minded it if Krum/Hermione was canon the entire time and didn't break up.

No. 157591

File: 1629923000117.jpg (111.15 KB, 639x502, tumblr_19e9b5a5c755e8c349c645d…)


No. 157593

Nah, she idolized a dumb scrote with no nose.

No. 157599

Nobody is perfect, even Andrea Dworkin had a scrote

No. 157600

I like Krum/Hermione, it feels like a really wholesome pairing, but it's really hard to find decent fanfics with it.

Yeah, she was an incredibly skilled witch, even the narration admits so, but there's literally nothing about gender roles in HP, Bella wasn't the only female Death Eater, and what's worst she was madly in love with a disgusting self-hating moid who lost to a woman, a fucking teenage boy and an old scheming fag time and time again, and this is a fucking embarassing take.

No. 157603

I love Krum/Hermione too and I've always felt it was a missed romance opportunity. It also fits thematically better than any other pairing, as Krum was the champion of Durmstrang and being paired off with Hermion, a mudblood, would have supported the anti-prejudice theme of the series. Also, Ron fucking sucks.

No. 157604

Kek, what a incredibly dumb take.
>superior in intelligence, capability and skill
She was Voldie's favorite follower for her blind devotion, not because she was the best of Death Eathers (who was, Snape?). And honestly, she might be a good witch (or not, because she was beaten by fucking Molly ffs, who only uses her wand to stir soup), but she was dumb and fucking unstable.
And what gender roles did she broke? She was trad as fuck.

lol @ considering a pickme a feminist icon, specially if you consider the play canon (please don't)

No. 157607

File: 1629929077313.jpg (227.01 KB, 713x547, ancient vaguely gay art.jpg)

Does anyone else vaguely remember the complete shitstorm that went down when JKR paired Remus up with Tonks in HBP? I was never a Remus/Sirius shipper or a Remus/Tonks shipper but I can remember a lot of the R/S fans going apeshit and saying stuff like Remus was still 100% gay (bi guys don't exist) and he'd been pressured into a relationship with Tonks by the Weasleys during that last HBP scene where Bill is in the hospital. That was the main dumb take I remember but of course there were others, another I remember was that he was with Tonks because she could change her appearance and he got her to morph into Sirius when they had sex. Then fast forward like 8 years and that Remus Pottermore bio comes out and the R/S fans lose it again because JKR says Remus being a werewolf is a metaphor for AIDs but doesn't make him gay/make R/S post-book canon (because it's woke to assume all gay guys have AIDs or something, never mind what that would mean for Greyback biting Remus when he was a kid). If the Fictionalley forums were still up I'm sure I could dig up some hilarious bullshit about all this but afaik they aren't. Remus/Sirius isn't a bad pairing in my mind but I'll always kind of view the shippers as wanky entitled idiots because that's how they always seemed to be when HP was huge.

No. 157614

does anyone remember noticing this little scene while watching the film because i didn't and wtf is this lol

i remember, though tonks and remus is dumb ship it came out of nowhere. it felt really forced, if they had interracted more then it would have been better i guess.

also ginny and harry had potential to be better because they could have bonded so much more over both experiencing being possessed by voldemort and getting closer to each other that way. it would have been interesting to see them talk about it just two of them together.

No. 157616

>not because she was the best of Death Eathers (who was, Snape?)
Pretty sure Barty Crouch had the best track record, but barely anyone remembers him, kek.

No. 157620

> What Hogwarts house are you?
Ravenclaw but sometimes I get Slytherin.
> Which character is your favorite?
Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley,
> Which character do you dislike the most?
Ron Weasely. I have never gotten over him being an absolute git towards Harry for being infamous.
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
I watched the first one but not the second. I’m not really interested in the American storyline. The Cursed Child is fanfiction and I don’t see it as canon.
> What spin-off would you like to see?
Either something dealing with the first war against Voldemort or maybe a new conflict involving the kids of the OG trio,
> What is your favorite book + movie?
The Halfblood Prince (movie) and Order of the Phoenix (book).
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
None! However I wish that the movies didn’t cut out half of the content from the books. I feel like they lost a lot of the magic or intrigue they held by reducing the movies to under two hours. They should’ve went full LOTR and released a 4 hour director’s cut.

No. 157637

Tbh, when I think about Krum's PoV of the series, it makes Krum/Hermione seem like such a missed opportunity. He's got this sudden, terrifying fame, the Durmstrang head guy (whose name I can't remember) shamelessly uses him, he's thrust into the tournament….and then there's this brilliant girl in the library. And they go to the ball, and he falls for her so much he invites her to visit him, and even though she says no, they exchange letters. That's the shit of capital-r Romance there, oh my GOD how you could write Krum pining the fuck away for the cranky nerd girl in Hogwarts. Fuck, I think I'm seriously talking myself into loving this ship

No. 157638

Oh my god, thank you for remining me about Voldemort voguing. I noticed this the first time I watched ootp and felt so insane for bringing it up to people who didn't notice it. It's SUCH A WEIRD SHOT

No. 157668

File: 1629963818717.jpg (264.93 KB, 1214x1620, Clemence-as-Fleur-Delacour-HP-…)

I hope I don't come off as too much of a dick but I think the girl who plays Fleur is way too ugly to play her. She's supposed to be 1/4 veela, a super beautiful magical feminine being, and everyone keeps calling her beautiful but in the movies she's literally the ugliest out of all girls. She really doesn't feel believable to me and I feel bad for judging her, but good looks is basically Fleur's one key trait and I can't get over it.

No. 157670

I wouldn’t call her ugly (she’s pretty in Goblet of Fire), but she’s not supermodel stunning and the hair and makeup/costuming in Deathly Hallows definitely didn’t help.

No. 157671

I lost faith in JKR the day she tried to convince me that a girl as smart as Hermione would dump the hot foreign sports star for a scabby ginger who acts like he can barely stand her. Pickmeism is literally a mental illness.

No. 157673

I've always felt all the endgame pairings in HP were stupid, it's the same with Naruto, the authors can't write romance and thus pair up all the main characters with each other as soon as they turn 18 and call it a day. Harry/Ginny in particular baffled me as she was always just kinda there (and unpopular opinion but Harry doesn't have much personality to begin with). I must say though that I was never a shipper to begin with, the characters could have all ended up single it would have been the same for me lol.

No. 157689

Yeah it definitely was a mistake. I love Ron and Hermione as characters, but together they make very little sense. Also can't we have just one series where a group of females and males don't get together romantically? Isn't being best friends and fighting to the death for each other time and time again enough?

No. 157733

I recall Rowling saying in an interview that she regrets her final pairings and she just kinda stuck with what she intended originally. Not sure why she finished with couples even she didn't like that much.
And I honestly don't get why the movies had so many harry/hermione scenes while barely any hermione/ron or harry/ginny ones. If I was only judging by the movies, Harry and Hermione were absolutely in love, holding each others hands all the time, hugging, watching sunset together, always sharing an understanding moment, always brightening up around each other. Hermione and Ron didn't have any chemistry, no romantic scenes together and only argued. If they were gonna push this pairing so much they could've changed it so that in the movies they end up together lol

I remember being super disappointed by her when I was a kid. I always imagined they'd do some effects to make her hair shiny and flowing, or do something like they did with elves in LOTR (that soft glowing filter over them).
The actress is pretty imo but she's not the otherworldly beautiful type she was said to be. I think that if they changed her styling a lot it could work though. The actress that plays Luna with her styling is better Fleur than this Fleur is.

No. 157801

No. 157818

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
Remus, Narcissa and Luna. Remus was one of my first fictional crushes.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
Umbridge, I guess? She's a great villain though, and I don't usually use the word "great" to describe Harry Potter stuff
> Who is your favorite professor?
Remus. Not only because I found him hot. I think he's a cool character. too!
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
I only read the first one, Tales of Beedle the Bard, when I was a kid. It was okay, but I loved it a lot as a lonely child
> What spin-off would you like to see?
I'm not very interested in them. I haven't cared about the series in a long time. I recently got a Luna doll though, it makes me incredibly happy-
> What is your favorite book + movie?
Prisoner of Azkaban is both my favorite book and movie
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Least favorite book is the chamber of secrets. Least favorite movie is all of them minus Prisoner of Azkaban.

No. 157840

It gets even better when you factor in the language barrier too, with them both learning to understand each other better by actively improving their communication. I really they had potential to be the best romance in the series.

No. 157842

that's what I'm saying, she's not the ugliest girl on earth or anything but I honestly think ANY other girl in the movies would have played her better. Luna is cute and has an "other wordly" quality to her that Fleur should have had but didn't. Hermione is supposed to be very plain/nerdy looking but even she is miles ahead in feminine beauty. Ginny, Cho, the Patil girls - I think they all look WAY cuter and more feminine than her.
This Fleur just has very mannish features like a thick brow bone and deep set eyes, big nose and sharp wide jawline. And people act like she's superhumanly beautiful? I can't buy it no matter how much I try.

And on the Harry/Hermione topic I agree that it would have made sense for them to end up together, but I have to say I actually REALLY like having a really close male/female friendship portrayed like this and it NOT ending up in romance. We basically never get that in any media ever, we need to see more of this. There are still lots of people who think men and women can't possibly be "just" friends. I just wish they would have given Hermione/Ron and Harry/Ginny more romance too.

No. 157852

I'd agree about them showing a friendship but they did things that m/f or even same sex friends normally won't really do. I think screenwriters overdid it a bit. If they did it the way Rowling wrote them it would be a nice portrayal of a close friendship.
I don't that often hold hands with my friends or share a silent romantic moment while watching a sunset, don't spontaneously ballroom dance with them and so on. It would make sense if she was also at least a bit intimate with Ron. Usually at the end of the movie you have Harry and Hermione standing together sharing a moment while the credits roll and Ron is just sat somewhere near them.

No. 157855

i wish they had kept this scene, it actually looks like they enjoy spending time together

No. 157869

It's the result of Hermione being the director's favorite and demoting Ron from best friend to comic relief. Even if it wasn't the director's goal, it's hard not to ship Harry and Hermione when they're the ones who get all the meaningful scenes, while Ron is just there third-wheeling or being dumb all the time. The movies' trio dynamic ruins the relationships between Ron/Hermione and Ron/Harry in one fell swoop, and is one of the biggest reasons I was never that fond of the movies.

No. 157883

Oh my god, true. You might be spurring me to write my first HP fic in like, 10 years lol

No. 157955

Ladies, are we really pretending a super famous 18 year old quidditch start wouldn't be fucking broombunnies left and right? And who ends up marrying the first guy they made out with at 14? Ron and Hermione were obviously endgame from the first book in a classic enemies to friends to lovers slow burn.

No. 158290

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
Hard to say… probably Dumbledore.
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
Firenze the centaur
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
Fantastic Beasts is bad but Cursed Child is far worse. The plot is fanfic tier, though I kinda like Scorpius. Something about how lame he is appeals to me.
> What spin-off would you like to see?
Non-perilous time period, set in Europe, unremarkable protagonist who isn't from any of the big families, focus on the world building and maybe interpersonal drama. We know a bunch about childhood as a wizard thanks to the existing canon so maybe an adult cast out of school instead. Hogwarts is also cool, maybe a story told from the teachers' perspective.
> What is your favorite book + movie?
Chamber of Secrets and Half-Blood Prince are my favorite books. I don't like any of the movies, seen each only once.
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Bookwise Goblet of Fire but not by a huge margin. It's just the least appealing to me, I don't like tournaments. I almost walked out of the last movie because of the way they handled the battle.

Endgame as far as school romance goes, sure. It's pathetic that the main cast all married their first loves though.

No. 158327

File: 1630429311585.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1552x2160, 474BA447-D8B3-4D0C-BFB0-81EAAD…)

Anyone else super excited for this?

No. 158330

It's gonna probs sucks since it's being dvped by Avalanche
>Finger crossed for it to be actually alright
>Finger crossed for it to make you select male or female gender in the character creation screen
them not adding a third option after JKR terf gate would unironically be a based move

No. 158345

I fear they are gonna go the "Select style" way like they did in Animal Crossing or the Demon's Souls' remake, this is unfortunately the new standard with American games and translations.

No. 158778

File: 1630690506228.png (779.73 KB, 1200x1300, d3gcw5s-1876edd0-6f11-44ed-910…)

>Tracing farmer-chan
>B. Why is Emily and their children drawn in anime style while Snape is drawn more realistic?
>At first these two are some kind of people from two totally different worlds and I wanted to make that even more clearer in my drawings. But in the end they should harmonize together, despite how different they are by personalities. I'm aware that not everybody shares my opinion that they match good together, but that is in this case, sorry to say that, not important to me. I like the way they look together and I draw Emily&Snape mostly for me and my friend and not to please others. In the end it's just purely a matter of taste.
I love this crazy bitch, her content is the best. She's like a wholesome Nemu lmfao
I feel like I'm the only farmer who enjoys Snape greatly (in different ways and for different reasons), but I'm not gonna argue with anyone disliking him since women have all the right to scoff at problematic male characters w/ redemption arcs. Very happy to have a Snape doll and I used to have him as my fb avatar years ago (as a joke on some similarities that I share with him)

No. 158779

They said that there will be a way to pick "pronouns" which is retarded

No. 158808

Based, she knows what she wants to draw and doesn't try to pander to people to get more likes. I wish more were like her

No. 158829

This is the dumbest take I've ever seen
She literally worshipped Voldemort

No. 158849

File: 1630701572234.jpg (60.73 KB, 538x950, a98cd51564069d49a11fcd77a6f1a2…)

No. 158916

Agreed. In what world is a mentally deluded woman who worships the most evil man for his power and does his every bidding blindly without question (without receiving as much as his gratitude for it) a feminist icon? She's a huge loser simp tbh.

No. 160114

File: 1631452499554.webm (2.56 MB, 706x614, 1631426436230.webm)

What do you think of the new mobile games? This one looks very qt (harry potter magic awakened)

No. 160115

File: 1631452558293.jpg (1.27 MB, 3838x1743, 1631338527803.jpg)

No. 160118

Is it out? Have you played it?

No. 160119

There's a beta test in china apparently, there's videos on youtube

No. 161223

It looks so cute I hope it will get a global release soon. I hope it won't be as shit as hogwarts mystery, it for sure already has a better art style. Did anyone here play hogwarts mystery? I stopped playing like a year ago, even after hacking the game and giving myself unlimited stamina it was still such a bore to play. I first thought it was the long waiting time between quests and the stamina thing being an issue but really it's just badly written and it looks ugly imo

No. 161268

My biggest fear is that will be a money drain like Hogwarts Mystery. So what if the game has a cute artwork if it constantly pesters you to spend, spend, spend? And that's probably inevitable for a ~free to play~ smartphone game

No. 161315

File: 1632280632745.jpg (491.83 KB, 988x1394, 1583365741044.jpg)

NTA but yeah, there is no way this new one isn't just a money sink like all mobile games are. Our only hope is that PC game they're working on.

No. 161327

I realize how ridiculous it is to reply to this a month later but child me is irritated all over again about >Svaart
Double A in norwegian is Å, which makes the name make no sense, just name him Svart, Høverstad din idiot, you do this shit for a living!!

No. 161343

Since you are here now Norway anon, what does Langballe translate to in Norwegian because in Swedish it sounds like Longdick?

No. 161356

i'm glad us swedes got the untranslated names, i'm so sorry for all norwegians having to read the books with those dumb names

No. 161591

File: 1632437769621.png (1.47 MB, 822x720, umbridge.png)

My gf just got me into Harry Potter. So far we've watched all the movies together, and we're slowly going through the audiobooks. My favorite part of the movies was Umbridge's office at Hogwarts. I would die to have a bunch of moving kitten pics hanging up in my room, wtf. My gf told me Rowling only gives cats to evil people in her books, but idc it was fucking adorable

No. 161604

File: 1632442593921.jpg (85.48 KB, 585x585, the most evil character.jpg)

>JK only gives cats to evil people
So Hermione is evil now? And McGonagall is what, part evil?

No. 161613

which audiobook narrator do you have?

No. 161676

Yeah, they all have opposed The Dark Lord

No. 161727

Jim Dale!

No. 169634

File: 1636726653613.jpg (33.85 KB, 256x384, harry_potter_sorcerer_stone_ma…)

they're showing the 1st movie in 4k in my local cinema in two weeks! i'm so excited, nonnas. i bet i'll cry.

No. 169637

Hope you have fun nonnita!

No. 169689

I have such nice memories about dressing up for midnight premieres with my cousins and I loved theorizing with my friends before the last book came out. I was 11 when I read the first book and was 17 when the last one came out so it was nice to feel like I "grew up" with the characters in a way.

No. 169749

File: 1636800967930.jpg (90.75 KB, 680x680, FD7p4ijWQAAK-7Z.jpg)

No. 169785

File: 1636817839843.jpg (1.59 MB, 2560x2560, A15gneVyO9L.jpg)

thank you!!

i was 7 or 8 years old when i got into hp and when book 4 was released, but my mom never took me to the midnight releases, which i'm forever mad about. one of my school friends had her entire family obsess over harry potter, but they only bought one copy so the book had five bookmarks (parents + three kids) in it and it was passed around multiple times every day. sounds exhausting but also very cute.

also picrel, do any of you own the minalima illustrated books? there are two out right now and i want them so bad, but apparently it takes a year for them to release and i'm worried they'll stop releasing at some point and then i'll have an unfinished collection. i'll post more pics because the illustrations are so beautiful.

No. 169786

File: 1636817955233.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x2048, A188HDjeybL.jpg)

No. 169788

File: 1636818155183.jpg (1.63 MB, 2560x2048, A1Z8ckQxp8L.jpg)

No. 169789

File: 1636818490063.jpg (1022.44 KB, 2560x2048, 91PejdtTrDL.jpg)

No. 169796

>the book had five bookmarks (parents + three kids) in it and it was passed around multiple times every day.
Man that would've been a bloodbath in my family, once those books got into my hands on release day I wouldn't let go of them until I finished

No. 169870

That screenplay is a fucking disaster so I don't want it to get made into a movie at all tbh. I'd like a Hogwarts prequel about pre-Voldemort times or something in the future after Harry and co are dead/irrelevant. I just don't think anything relating to the "dynasties" of the original series can work.

This is one of the cooler prints of this series, I'll maybe get it.

No. 169927

File: 1636912712195.jpg (180.64 KB, 981x1015, kek.jpg)

I truly hope this meme was made unironically, I just love the idea of there being a group of die hard Trump Supporter Potterheads

No. 169930

Whoa, these are so gorgeous. Do they plan on doing the whole series?

No. 169941

File: 1636917316675.jpg (1.85 MB, 3921x2941, 6ceejdvkdak71.jpg)

i think/hope so! the 1st book was released last year and the 2nd one a month ago. minalima also did illustrations for other hp/fantastic beasts stuff, as well as picrel. i plan on getting some of their classics, since i'm very picky with physical copies of books and these are just so beautiful and i'd love to have them in my shelf.

i actually caved last night and ordered my copies!

No. 169945

They're beautiful, I need to get them too.
I would rather there was a tv-series of the original HP story, so the plot could be covered more slowly, in detail.

No. 169949

there will be, I believe HBO bought rights to it

No. 171686

File: 1638026360314.jpg (53.43 KB, 500x499, ff21dad48d22f605a0709e3e7c0fb6…)

i've been re-reading all books for the past few weeks and i just finished the 3rd one last night. not surprised that i cried again at the end. it's weird, i loved these books as a kid/teenager, but i feel that i can only grasp and appreciate them properly as an adult. also i never cared about the marauders, but now the bond between james, sirius and remus makes me cry. when sirius and remus hugged, i had to put down my ereader and take a break because i was so happy for them to be back together. not even in a shippy way even though i don't mind kek also i know snape isn't evil but god, he pisses me off!!! annoying oily haired bitch.

No. 171687

I fucking hate those 4 smug cunts and your picrel reminded me of that, sorry

No. 171688

>but i feel that i can only grasp and appreciate them properly as an adult.
I re-read the books for the first time as an adult last year and felt the same.
The imperfect adults, accepting death…I appreciate them much more now.
>he pisses me off!!! annoying oily haired bitch

No. 171695

ayrt, if i knew them irl i'd hate them too, i think. i'd probably roll my eyes at their antics and call them cringe.

i've experienced this a handful of times this year. re-reading stuff i liked as a kid/young teenager and realizing that i appreciate the books in question much more now. i guess sometimes childhood faves do hold up.

No. 171700

File: 1638037137003.jpg (15.34 KB, 262x380, Fantastic_beasts.jpg)

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs?
The only valid one is the little Fantastic Beasts book you get at the scholastic book fair (pic related)

No. 171710

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
Snape and Hermione
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
Don't care
> What spin-off would you like to see?
A story about someone getting obsessed with what they see inside the mirror of erised and descending into madness
> What is your favorite book + movie?
Prisoner of Azkaban
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Deathly Hallows because of all the Romione bullshit

No. 171711

Voldemort is such a boring, cliche villain. Umbridge was much more impactful than him

No. 171731

true. voldemort is like Generic Evil Overlord #23, he doesn't even have an interesting backstory or complex motives beyond "power mwahaha"
umbridge is a much more effecive villain because everuone knows an umbridge irl.
and she's much more representative of the issues that plague wizarding society (and will continue to long after voldy is defeated).

No. 171835

Could the series be reworked to have Umbridge or a Umbridge-like character as the main villain?
A bureaucrat villain meddling with the education system in a way that actively harms the students to enforce government control. That's so much more thematically coherent for a series that's set in a school for the most part.

No. 171890

File: 1638137824416.gif (704.56 KB, 220x220, umbridge-dolores.gif)

Everyone hates Umbridge but I love her as a villain, the movie one especially. The actress that played her was a delight to watch, she was so playful with her role.
Voldemort was never scary or interesting to me, maybe in the first book/movie but after that he was mostly comical and a meme.

No. 176130

Hope this fits here. This trailer has a weird feeling to me because of all the JKR drama, what do other nonas think? Are the cast being hypocritical or were they just pretending to "cancel" her to avoid the mob themselves?

No. 176136

I know that the actor for Hagrid was openly supportive of JKR and thought she did nothing wrong. The younger cast are just bound to be more progressive, especially Emma, so I don't doubt they are genuine in their support for troons

No. 176140

If they were really woke wouldn't it show more integrity if they refused to appear on a special which JKR will undoubtedly be making money from?

No. 176152

I think Ralph Fiennes said the way people were treating her was shit too (someone mentioned it, didn't see it for myself). Must be the young ones needing to be popular for their career still.

No. 176180

Also Ginny's actor maybe was pro JKR.

No. 176184

File: 1640770778926.jpg (64.33 KB, 1200x800, bce8da8181c9b2e70e330dcaddcb63…)

Wasn't Tom Felton supportive at first, but then backpedaled?

No. 176186

jeez that's an excessive amount of sun damage for his age

No. 176199

I don't know if she ever commented on the drama, but the actress who played Luna has continued to speak positively about JKR (she wrote JKR a letter while hospitalized for severe anorexia as a child, and again later as a teen when she was thinking about pursuing acting, both times JKR wrote her a long letter back encouraging her, even though they'd never met).

No. 176202

File: 1640787187947.jpg (620.02 KB, 1080x3169, ZomboDroid 29122021150740.jpg)

She has. I am weirded out that she wasn't hunted down for being a terf sympathiser or something with how milquetoast her take was. It seems great only in comparison to all the other actors thrashing JKR.
>she hasn't completely lost her humanity
honestly what the fuck

No. 176212

I think the worst one was the stage actress who played Hermione in the cursed child, Rowling defended her casting to no ends and always tried to support her
and you want she did when this whole cancellation shit happened, she called her a "transphobic white feminist"

Seriously you'd expect them to be somewhat grateful

No. 176220

Damn, he looks like he's in his 50s

No. 176221

File: 1640798983080.jpg (72.64 KB, 700x700, 20f92a85182bc2acd3849ab61ee7aa…)

isn't he super into fishing? maybe he never uses sunscreen when he's with the fishies.

No. 176223

He also tried to surf for a while. Between the caustic Malfoy bleach causing his hair to peace out and the sun kicking his ass, he's just not having an easy ride.

No. 176225

He plays a lot of golf too and apparently collapsed recently on a course. So maybe his health isn't the best either. I get the feeling he probably drinks a lot.

No. 176292

File: 1640839138462.jpg (95.81 KB, 545x927, LM.jpg)

Can we all agree right now that Lucius Malfoy was probably the best looking guy in Harry Potter, I mean the men in Harry Potter are all hideous as fuck

No. 176293


No. 176319

giving lucius long hair was the only good thing the films did

No. 176320

File: 1640853342923.jpg (93.36 KB, 640x482, matthew-lewis.jpg)

I guess matthew lewis grew up to be decent looking, but yeah none of the male actors were particularly good looking

No. 176324

I remember being in love with like half the cast of harry potter when I was a teenager. I was in love with gary oldman and I also thought lucius malfoy was hot, but now that you mention it, I can't remember who else was in it that was hot. so yeah, you're probably right

No. 176336

Robert Pattinson? Though he was in only one movie

No. 176348

File: 1640871899326.jpg (136 KB, 1920x1080, 731051.jpg)

I was never into him in the earlier movies, but after he has his fall from grace, I find him ridiculously hot. This whole scene in DH where he's unshaven and sad … I have no idea why I find him so hot here, but I really do.

No. 176369

File: 1640883260211.jpg (46.94 KB, 800x477, dd.jpg)

I had a crush on Fred&George but I wouldn't consider them good looking
Oliver was kinda cute
Nothing beats Lucius Malfoy tho, the only hot character for sure

ew, he looks slimy
Idk there's something repulsive in him, I liked him better when he was fat and clumsy

No. 176381

File: 1640887367793.jpg (19.98 KB, 240x320, harry-potter-jason-isaacs_240.…)

Yeah in the early films he was just prancy and stuck up but near the end he stars to look more rugged and he had a look that I'd describe as dirty handsome

No. 176382

that actor is also in Event Horizon and he basically looks like that picture but with a buzz cut

No. 176400

File: 1640891639723.gif (1.11 MB, 320x180, E9IW.gif)

holy shit event horizon gave me nightmares
Watch peter pan (2003) if you want the same raggedy lucious vibes, I love that movie
sorry for the off topic, I'm going to horny prison no need to ban me

No. 176416

Dirty handsome is completely it. I think I find him and Tobias Menzies hot for the same reasons, lol.

No. 176428

File: 1640901847705.jpg (13.91 KB, 300x315, md31042611017.jpg)

The earlier discussion on the book covers reminded me of how at least one of my hardbacks had fan letters printed in the sleeve or on the extra pages that would otherwise be blank. I remember writing my own letter, imagining that it might magically send to JK Rowling (perhaps like Tom Riddle's diary).

No. 176434

File: 1640903890720.jpg (304.02 KB, 824x1120, ancient marauders art.jpg)

Random question: do you admit to being an HP fan irl still? And how do most people react if/when you do? The marauders era was always the most fun for me as a fujo but I never talked about that much off the internet. I remember when fanfics about Sirius/Remus/James threesomes were popular kek.

No. 176462

i have a winter hat that's harry potter themed, but sometimes people don't even recognize it as hp merch because it's not the usual symbol (house emblem, hogwarts emblem, death eather symbol, deathly hallows symbol). but when they do, they usually react positively and say that they like it. i think no one really cares about upholding some weird 'jkr is evil!!' mantra outside of social media - even when i'm in woke circles like at uni. outside of that i don't have any hp merch so it's not obvious that i like it, but if someone were to ask me directly, i'd just say yes.

No. 176470

what is the symbol?

No. 176478

luna's spectrespecs!

No. 176516

File: 1640940867026.jpg (568.14 KB, 1125x1125, P0.jpg)

I own the slytherin quidditch jumper and people react positively. I think people in my country genuinely don't care about JKR drama. Most women my age are HP fans as well

No. 176518

Oh ye, also my niece became a big fan after her school teacher made her class read the first book. It's good to see that no one irl gives a shit kek

No. 176519

That's a nice jumper nona. I have the scarf, I've gotten positive comments on it and it can also look completely normal if you hide the symbol.

No. 176596

Is anyone gonna watch the new HP thing on HBO? Is it actually new content or is it just the cast being nostalgic because if it’s the latter than YAWN.

No. 176627

It's just a reunion of course. They'll spend time tearing up, pretending they're family etc. Personally not watching because I don't need to look at them reminiscing while they pretend that the woman who made them all doesn't exist.

No. 176640

Yeah, it just feels hollow without JK. Spiteful. I only like the actors that didn't throw her under the buss, and can't stand looking at the main 3.

No. 176658

basically the older ones who like can actually act, unlike the younger ones but agreed just how fucking rude. No one went this hard for stephen king and his definite creepy ass when IT was coming out but I mean he's a man so why would they

No. 176663

Younger ones that are more popular, like the main trio, need to toe the line of the media to continue getting gigs. Imo, I think they spew shit they don't think so they don't get blacklisted/shit on social media, which could effect their very public career. Some of the younger actors were not so quick to throw her under the buss though (ginny, luna, felton maybe). Not sure about the others (other than based fiennes and coltranne).

No. 176685

I find Emma's mannerisms to be so annoying nowadays. I used to love her as a teen, then the franchise ended and she got other roles where she was more than terrible at. I also remember the 2014 UN ambassador thing, it was really tone deaf of her rich, successfull ass to take that stand imo. She is the one that disappointed me the most and I find it a bit unfair how she was given so many opportunities afterwards compared to the others, she defo was the directors' favourite and it shows so much

No. 176686

so many moids worshipped her

No. 176687

It's funny how trannies and leftists are boycotting it solely because JK made Harry Potter, because clearly the franchise is now inherently evil to them, and we are boycotting it BECAUSE it doesn't have JK in it to appease them. Genuinely wonder what the viewings are gonna be with that

No. 176688

Yes, so many scrotes told me she was their childhood crush. I wish Emma would open up and speak about adult fans and directors creepy obsession with her instead of doing her usual performative feminism bs. But maybe it's her way to cope, idk. Her success came out of male obsession, the amount of porn that scrotes drew of her while she was still underage is weird and disgusting

No. 176691

File: 1641031316295.jpg (91 KB, 340x225, MV5BMTcyOGE3NDktMjYwOC00MWIwLT…)

sadly, she played a smarty/stuck up school girl in the mid-2000 which is a recipe for disaster and attracts filthy moids. You don't even have to look at HP cosplay porn or hentai to notice it, just look at the way she was constantly sexualized even in parodies

No. 176692

it's sad how moids start with an innocent crush as kids and then as they hit puberty they turn into creepy coomers

No. 176693

I've always found her insufferable even in Harry Potter, though I guess her "acting" fit the role of Hermione as it was written for the films (not book Hermione). Then she continued doing the same shit in The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Bling Ring (worst fucking role ever, I wanted to deck her because of how annoying her "acting" was). I guess she was bearable in The Little Women, but I never personally pictured her as Meg… IDK, I'm not gonna say she should stop acting if she enjoys it, but I wouldn't miss it. Maybe at least take some acting classes for professionals?
Never planning to see that movie, but was she her regular self in The Circle?

No. 176704

this is so cute, anon. i'm sure your letter would have been appreciated if it had somehow made its way there!

No. 176706

Idk about The Circle, but I wouldn't trust her performance when it comes to thrillers. I watched Regression and her performance was insanely shit, the plot twist was already predictable in the first place but her acting completely ruined it by making the twist outcome obvious.

No. 176710

i caught the end of the reunion and maybe i’m just a heartless person but i couldn’t take all the tears (mainly from emma) seriously. idk. they just kept going on about how they are a family (even though they don’t see each other according to rupert grint kek) and it was just extremely boring. if any anons watched it from the beginning please let me know your thoughts. i also thought it was so fucking stupid that they included past interviews with jk rowling and let certain actors (like robbie coltrane) give their thanks to her but didn’t invite her to participate for a fresh interview. it was complete virtue signaling BS.

No. 176711

emma was my first celebrity crush. when i first read harry potter at like aged 10 i was immediately in love. i liked her so much i convinced my teacher to let me write an essay about her in grade 5 (the assignment was to write a biography of an important historical figure lol). somehow that involved me saving hundreds of photos of her onto my family’s pc. it’s sad that she’s not a good actor but i still have fond memories of her and the harry potter films (she was an adult by the time i discovered harry potter jsyk)

No. 176712

sometimes i wish they would remake the harry potter series into a television series on hbo or something. they would have the chance to make everything perfect but i also think the movies have their own charm that would be hard to beat

No. 176713

There was period in the 2010's where it seemed like she was in every big budget Emmy bait flick, she was being pushed hard despite her acting skill never being up to the course
The Circle is probably the best example, she seemed so out of place and just lacking compared to the Veteran actors she was worth it
Emma Watson is always just Emma Watson, she can't play another character

No. 176726

The circle was trash. I wonder if it had a different actress it could be a little better. Felt like she only had 1 emotion, 1 reaction to everything.
Oh yeah, same. I feel like hp is perfect for tv. It can go for so many seasons (television loves that) and add the details the movies left out, buy I'm always afraid they gonna ruin it shoving gender crap and weird virtue signaling that makes no sense and shouldn't be there in the first place only to calm down the vocal "fans", people that wouldn't even waste their time watching it.

No. 176728

I agree that it would work well but i'm more worried about the psychological effects on child stars. As proven again and again it's not good to be raised in this industry

No. 176730

oh yeah and hearing that dan radcliffe was often drunk on set whilst filming the deathly hallows really solidified that feeling for me. no doubt if they remade harry potter (either film or tv i feel like it’s going to happen eventually) the cast will go through the stranger things kids experience.
no doubt most normie people wouldn’t care for virtue signaling and wokeness but i also think there’s a large portion of the fanbase who are hardcore shippers or y/ns for certain characters like draco who would much prefer only the later books be adapted

No. 176732

>I'm always afraid they gonna ruin it shoving gender crap
kek, remember this scene in the 4th book with the care for magical creatures substitute teacher who brought a unicorn and told the boys to stay back because unicorns prefer girls and women? they'd probably leave out that line, but i know the troons would love the hashtag validation by having a troon student pet the unicorn.

No. 176734

I refuse to watch any series with child characters cause In the back of mind I'll always know something fucked up is happening behind the scenes, plus fucked up adults who will stalk and harass the actors and most likely going to make erotica about them
an animated HP adaption would be awesome though

No. 176738

Gross. I'd rather watch an interview with queen JK.

No. 176750

I like JKR and her terfdom but my biggest turnoff is her weird fanatical love for Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is one of my personal most hated moid celebs of recent history and seeing her basically try to defend him on many occasions makes me disappointed in her. Especially when she’s been a victim of abuse herself it’s so strange to me. I don’t want to get into the whole “is Johnny an abuser or not” debate but just in the fact alone that he defended Roman Polanski, loves Damien Echols and is besties with Marilyn Manson says all I need to know about that sick moid. It’s like I have 80% love and respect for her for being outspoken when it comes to troons and creating one of my favorite series of all time, and 20% upset feelings for defending that awful man.

No. 176762

I'm not going to watch the reunion, but reviews I've read repeat the point that it's overwhelmingly saccharine and that skipping out on Rowling was a mistake because she's the only one with anything really interesting or new to say about her own creation.

I thought this was funny from the Wall Street Journal:
>"What's all wrong is the tone of relentless self-congratulation maintained throughout the nearly two-hour show, the actors' stroking of each other's egos and the inflated sense of importance everyone gives the movies."
>"There are faux-intimate interviews with its directors and actors; a salute to the remarkable number of cast members who have died since the first film was released in 2001; and reminiscences by the kids… who still seem to exist in a bubble."
>"Among the people who didn't make it to the reunion are Maggie Smith and Julie Walters (Minerva McGonagall and Molly Weasley). But one can't imagine either of those esteemed actresses putting up with this much rubbish."

No. 176765

File: 1641063507299.png (465.65 KB, 540x606, Marilyn-Manson.png)

JK rowling is a well meaning liberal woman, I don't expect her to be "based" on every aspect
regarding Marilyn Manson, she was a fan of his music and sent those flowers a year ago when he hadn't been outed as an abuser

No. 176766

Michael Gambon, Dumbledore himself didn't appear
as well as the actor who played Lupin, Professor Slughorn, Mad Eye Moody and Warwick Davis

No. 176785

>Damien Echols
OT but I need milk on this scrote so bad. All I know is that he got out of the prison and wrote like 3 books, including one about ~the incredible power of twu luv~
No offense but I don't know why would anyone expect anything else, honestly. It's not new Harry Potter content, it's new HP cast content. Fuck that

No. 176791

Jason Isaacs apparently came up with Lucius' look himself. Great actor choice overall, Lucius is one of my fave characters nowadays. I also liked his relationship with Narcissa in the books, like the moment when she holds his hand when he has to give up his wand to Voldy. It's really nice how Rowling managed to make even some villains more complex.

I like Gary Oldman and Sirius is one of my faves as well, but all Marauders (and Lily) were miscast and way too old in the movies, imo.

No. 176794

>I also liked his relationship with Narcissa in the books, like the moment when she holds his hand when he has to give up his wand to Voldy
I dont remember this moment, what did it signify nona? I assume their love for each other despite the whole death eater business, but Im guessing here

No. 176795

It was at the beginning of the 7th book, when Voldy holds a meeting in Malfoy Manor and Death Eaters are about to hunt for Harry when he leaves Dursleys' house. Voldy demands Lucius to lend him his wand (because he can't use his against Harry due to twin cores). Lucius is hesitating and then Narcissa holds his hand under the table.

No. 176809

They did it for their careers and because it was expected. That's not to say they secretly agree with JKR, they could very well think she's an evil terf, but also who knows what they really think kek. Basically what >>176663 said.

No. 176813

Dystopian Deep Dives and Roberta Glass are podcasters who are not tra's who talk about Damien Echols sometimes.

No. 176818

ugh i loved event horizon. i love scary shit ever since i was a little kid, idk i just like getting super scared and grossed out by a movie for excitement, but i don't want to look like a serial killer moid for my taste in films.

No. 178784

When HBO dropped the Hogwarts Return doc or whatever it was they also dropped some weird HP trivia show. Did anyone watch it?

No. 178878

I watched it and it was weird

No. 178902

Pete Davidson is randomly on it but Helen Mirren is too. Strange lineup. I had fun watching an episode with my boyfriend. I was mad he knew more answers than me, they were surprisingly tricky questions

No. 179276

>all Marauders (and Lily) were miscast and way too old in the movies
Speaking of miscast, I still think that Bonnie Wright makes a bad Ginny Weasley. Ginny is supposed to be beautiful, to the point that even Zabini finds her pretty. Bonnie is far from ugly, but she has that "girl next door" beauty that doesn't fit with book Ginny. Also, like other nonas mentioned, they didn't even try when it comes to Fleur kek.

No. 179279

I kind of liked Fleur in the 4th movie only, but she really should've had longer hair like in the books. When I watched it as a kid I did perceive her as beautiful, only in the later parts did she just start looking regular to me.

No. 179287

i think i read somewhere that jkr REALLY wanted alan rickman as snape but since he was already so old, they had to change the ages of sirius and lupin as well because snape and the rest were the same age… i think it works for lupin since he's also described as having wrinkles and gray hair and looking generally unwell, but i recently read the 3rd book again and how it describes sirius as super handsome. meanwhile i find movie sirius pretty unfuckable, not just because he looks so ratty and unwashed. also james looks like a nerd and someone who would be given wedgies all the time, i can never take him seriously as that supposedly sooo charming and cool guy that the books try to portray him as.

No. 179290

Aging up the characters is not a bad thing imo, I always thought the Marauders' generation was a bit young for their feats, especially Lily and James living like borderline fundies right out of school. Lupin looks older because of the werewolf transformations and Sirius because of wizard Guantanamo.

No. 179291

File: 1642159559539.jpg (74.89 KB, 836x717, dfdfdf.jpg)

How do you think Voldemort would have turned out if Tom Sr. decided to stay with Merope and been a loving father to Tom jr. ?

No. 179294

Probably still fucked. Isn't the book implying that he is evil because he was born from his mother raping Tom Sr?

No. 179296

It's barely implied, it's straight up said that Voldemort doesn't have the "power of love", unlike Harry, because his mother raped his father.

No. 179299

File: 1642162711391.jpg (685.19 KB, 649x935, d4c3izu-79f3c6da-515e-4e8f-945…)

He has mummy issues because pure blood mom died while giving birth, searched for dad, and found out he was a lame muggle. I love Merope, absolute femcel witch

No. 179302

File: 1642164468343.jpg (91.44 KB, 784x1024, sdcx.jpg)

They don't outright say it was rape but I believe it was stated that beings from love potions(like Voldemort) are incapable of feeling love themselves, which means canonically there have been love potion date rape cases
I don't know if they included this in the films but it was a plot point in the books, Voldemort spent years believing it was his father that was the wizard and his mother the muggle, he believed his mother was some weak mundane muggle woman and that his father was some pure blood wizard who had his was way with Merope and his entire world view was shattered when it was the opposite

also ironically enough it was cause of his hated father that he came back to life, his followers used what was left of Tom Sr's body to make the potion that resurrected him
anyway he was kind of an asshole but didn't deserve to be date raped for over a year

No. 179309

I always disliked how they had harry so early and while fighting in a war.

No. 179369

it absolutely was rape, it's like hypnotising someone so they will fuck you (doesn't work irl, I know). And I think Riddle fucked off asap as soon as the potion stopped working.
I need to look up quote on that power of love thing

No. 179376

It was even more tragic then that, Merope stopped giving him the love potion hoping he'd fall in love with her for real and stay with her but instead he immediately left and she was already pregnant with his kid
she didn't even know him really, he was just the rich good looking guy who she had a crush on and viewed as a knight in shinning armor to save her from her crappy life

No. 179482

File: 1642262880635.jpg (128.74 KB, 594x457, 111.jpg)

technically speaking he did unintentionally end up saving her, its strongly implied without intervention Merope would have been forced to marry and have kids with her own brother to keep the bloodline "pure", however Merope's brother and father ended up getting arrested by the Ministry of Magic when her brother used magic to assault Tom Snr. cause he was jealous of him, Tom was tall, handsome and had a natural aristocratic look that attracted women(witches and muggles born) and so her brother and father's arrested ended up saving her life

so he did end up being her savior indirectly

No. 179632

I like her as a character but the hate people have her for her is insane, like people really fucking hate her

I do understand why, one is not likely gonna encounter a Voldemort like figure IRL but most people will meet plenty of Umbridge's, petty and mean teachers or bosses who like having authority over everyone and may even be subtly racist

No. 182479

File: 1643561763128.jpg (235.23 KB, 500x686, size500_prints_KazuK_HPOrderof…)

what's everyone's favorite and least favorite hp book?

i started re-reading the entire series sometime last year and i'm now at chapter 4 of book 5. i remember getting the book for christmas when i was 11 because it had just been released and i was so bored and annoyed because i found the first chapter(s) so dull and boring. i didn't touch it for two years until the 6th book was about to be released and then i read the whole thing within a month and i actually found it enjoyable.

i also remember really liking lupin and hating tonks because 13 year old me had a crush on lupin, kek.

No. 182485

I had the same experience wih book 5. I felt that the wangst and drama with Mr Wesley's close call with death is reaching parody levels. When I went back to read the book a few years later, I enjoyed it because I knew what to expect (and I have developed a taste for angst and edge).
>i also remember really liking lupin and hating tonks because 13 year old me had a crush on lupin, kek.
At least you weren't a fujo seething about Tonks getting in between their OTP. I hated that Lupin treated her like shit, I'm not gonna pretend that was a well-written relationship. Unless Rowling meant for it to be absolutely fucking toxic

No. 182488

I think Rowling just doesn't know how to write romantic relationships and threw spaghetti at the wall, not that there's anything wrong with that, it wasn't the focus of the story anyway.

No. 182489

>At least you weren't a fujo seething about Tonks getting in between their OTP.
kek the funniest thing is that i was! i was some weird mix between fujo and yumejo, on the one hand i shipped all the guys with each other, on the other hand i was also madly in love with all the guy parties involved. like yeah i wanted to see harry and draco kiss, but i also wanted to be harry's and draco's gf. looking back, my teenage years were exhausting as fuck. glad i grew out of that.

No. 182498

yeah this.
i don't think i liked any of the pairings bc none of them have any chemistry whatever. i would've respected it more if the kids decided to lay off the relationships until after they left school since, yknow, they're still recovering from a war and all, and as for tonks/remus i really think it would've worked better as a one time thing that the both of them regretted as opposed to any actual relationship. idk why but that pairing in particular came across as kind of gross to me in the books anyway and it made no sense whatsoever

No. 182499

I'm reading through all the books for the first time now finally, when I was younger I only read to part 3 around two times before stopping and doing it again. Anyway I'm at the end of book 6 now.
So far, my favorite is book 4. The whodunnit plot was gripping and after watching the movies so many times I appreciated how different it was simply because it felt like a new experience. I'm not sure which book is my least favorite yet, but I have to say even though I found book 5 and 6 really interesting I feel like the kids can never catch a break so they both get tiring at certain points.
Unrelated but I have to share it somewhere, I had a nsfw dream involving Snape last night even though I never liked him as a character. In fact, in the books he's a lot more annoying than in the movies kek.

No. 182571

>not that there's anything wrong with that, it wasn't the focus of the story anyway
I mean there was, it was making word count higher and wasting everyone's time. I disagree that a poorly written part is fine just because it's not the focus of a story. Editors do too, at least with authors that aren't cash cows

No. 182594

I remember the Lupin/Sirius fujos on livejournal and some of the forums I went on posting theories that Lupin got with Tonks because she was a metamorphmagus and could transform into Sirius during sex yes really

No. 182613

I think this is a weirdly uncharitable take, tbh, and I think that Rowling knew exactly what she was doing wrt Tonks/Lupin. I don't think we're supposed to find most of their scenes super romantic or w/e, except the scene in HBP that reveals she's in love with him – every further moment featuring them seems like a really purposeful portrait of how much war fucks things up. Like, maybe they could have been happy in another time, maybe they even are far beyond Harry's PoV, but the point is that the situation is so awful that it makes even a decent enough guy like Lupin who has become newly responsible for Tonks and their kid do something as selfish and shitty as try to run away. Tbh I think the scene where Lupin tries to fuck off is one of the best in DH, it brings the situation home in such a brutal way

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