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File: 1599747345622.jpg (131.77 KB, 1080x1080, 117576569_2769071236701911_316…)

No. 107580

No. 107584

File: 1599748968926.jpg (41.53 KB, 768x1024, fc067146160ed3ba9fe17655a1cab1…)

new thread means more bad art to post here

No. 107586

File: 1599749590351.jpeg (144.12 KB, 2048x1536, 3E3C4E94-D1B3-425B-A3F3-9521D9…)

No. 107592

This is the most confusing and unreadable drawing I've ever seen

No. 107599

File: 1599750853929.jpeg (779.94 KB, 960x1280, 6B6B5CEF-E5CD-45D2-B228-EA93D0…)

Yeah. What makes it worse is that is supposed to be a “redesign” of this. It still looks bad but at least it’s cleaner and easier to look at compared to the newer one.

No. 107600

Oof I can tell the OP pic had their heart in the right place, but giving the ATLA team touched up instagram filter skin looks so uncanny. Not the worst art I've ever seen, just unfortunate shading

No. 107601


This one is leagues better than the redesign, what the hell.

No. 107604

File: 1599752169319.jpg (54.92 KB, 1080x1295, 118972088_235666614518839_3012…)

No. 107606

File: 1599752658420.jpg (147.99 KB, 1080x1350, 119086237_804907246946030_7589…)

Lol that head tho

No. 107608

File: 1599752942646.jpg (172.87 KB, 1080x1080, 109276791_322555848914426_8544…)

>>107600 OP here, the artist seems to have a bad case of same face syndrome, not to mention that the male characters look more like women. Pic related is a good example of this

No. 107609

Okay but why does Scooby look like Snoop Dogg

No. 107610

A stupid nitpick but toph's face is annoying me because she is blind and crossing her eyes like that for a funny pic, she wouldn't know that!

No. 107613

File: 1599753831072.gif (25.98 KB, 220x164, tenor (4).gif)

No. 107620

isn't he a dog? seems normal to me

No. 107622

I can't tell if you're joking

No. 107643

whyyyy! why are you cursing us with this picture! their art shall keep haunting me

No. 107645

File: 1599774349673.png (730.83 KB, 571x574, z.png)

No. 107648

File: 1599776049268.png (389.89 KB, 1280x1467, b93f1298-fee7-4d6d-a835-f72c26…)

She's only 12…

No. 107649

File: 1599776177059.png (467.25 KB, 1106x1920, 12448547-b620-4281-a856-d9d0ac…)

No. 107651

File: 1599777125665.jpeg (339.56 KB, 750x745, D8368B8F-D32F-47A1-B296-BBE268…)

Her closed eyes look like boobs

No. 107652

I came here to post this too kek

How the fuck does this have 4.3k likes?

No. 107667

File: 1599798269884.png (1.25 MB, 2000x3000, l.png)

James from Team Rocket caught syphilis and we're watching his nose rot off his face in real time.

No. 107668

for a sec i thought that was a hyojin drawing lmao

No. 107669

man the phase between being able to draw better than average so you start to drastically shift away from the anime style you undoubtedly started drawing in, but don't know how to draw in any other style properly so you just try to draw as un-anime as possible, creates the worst looking drawings.

No. 107670

File: 1599804348892.jpg (211.15 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_bb2c2227ed14eedc277e3ff…)

No. 107671

great minds think alike anon lol.

i can't stand any of her art but something about this one just immediately made me feel it needed to be posted here. there's just so much wrong.

No. 107676


Lmfao the artist is a popular JoJo comic artist…her style is just unholy sometimes

No. 107684

>>107645 I follow this artist and I have to admit, the stylized art style and the realistic shading and rendering look horrible together. Reminds me of that uncanny drawing of Apple Jack from MLP that was posted in the previous fhread

No. 107686

left panel got tits for eyes

No. 107690

File: 1599829305630.jpg (336.72 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20200820_121948.jpg)

I thought that was a snout but it's her lips…

No. 107695

scooby looks like a poop. I feel bad for saying this, i dont like shitting on artists and avoid this thread. but he looks like doodoo ruh roh poopy

No. 107697

wwhat!! I thought that was a fursona

No. 107699

File: 1599832989139.jpeg (26.98 KB, 300x285, 5E1A5CF1-1D81-4BB6-A7EF-2BBC21…)

No. 107701

2 drawings in one:
>girl reading a book
>fursona reading a book

No. 107711

I thought it was K.K. Slider with some obscure album art

No. 107713

File: 1599844569914.jpg (705.81 KB, 1920x2560, dia-jahnee-20180730-122758.jpg)

No. 107718

she looks less like pepper ann and more like a sexy peggy hill

No. 107723

I thought this was the mom from rugrats

No. 107732

File: 1599862978376.jpg (96.79 KB, 1024x796, e1b8a84372b22dcb0a3fae0e144a38…)

I honestly don't understand how this got featured on art and OCs amino, it's literally a colored mess

No. 107733

>scooby looks like a poop
>i dont like shitting on artists and avoid this thread
lmao did you make that pun in the second quote on purpose

No. 107734

File: 1599864179456.jpg (72.32 KB, 1024x900, 03f14c1f3c1495bfb74af4af7d58aa…)

No. 107735

File: 1599864478563.jpg (31.91 KB, 795x1024, dfdfd7e693ac72893cf4a116944caf…)

No. 107755

File: 1599885224468.png (482.77 KB, 592x365, 391e1a54dd8baa524ae60d016a4530…)

No. 107756

File: 1599885253710.jpg (221.65 KB, 675x1200, EhDLPmzWkAIasLx.jpg)

No. 107778

Vendetta? These are not amazing but definitely not bad or hideous either.

No. 107781

File: 1599916933736.jpeg (60.27 KB, 960x859, 06967B72-155F-4D56-850E-36BE56…)

Velma though

No. 107795

File: 1599925179112.png (348.08 KB, 812x591, oso san stannie work.png)

sophomore high school, 462 followers(vendetta)

No. 107798

Why do you care about a sophomore on high school

No. 107799

just saying that shes almost done with high school and she still draws like this

No. 107803

File: 1599931687843.png (3.14 MB, 2048x2027, Screenshot_20200912-132324.png)

this person's account has so many shittily done tattoos

No. 107804


A sophomore has just started high school. I don't really see a kid's amateur drawings as being bad/hideous if they're clearly a beginner. Complain to your high school friends, vendetta-chan.

No. 107806

Sorry, vendetta-chan, but posting the art of a girl from your school is retarded, maybe try to learn a skill instead of trying to throw that girl under the bus.

No. 107818

That's kind of like the girl version of how Steve-O got all those shitty tattoos on him.
Is it dumb that I think that's kind of funny?

No. 107847

This is tragic and hilarious at the same time. What goes through people’s minds when they do this?

(dat ass tho)

No. 107851

Lol it hasn't even been a week since the thread was created and we already have a vendetta poster

No. 107879

File: 1599988157283.jpg (51.17 KB, 900x900, meloncollie.jpg)


No. 107919

File: 1600040123066.jpeg (649.44 KB, 1449x2048, 0C263DB4-1AA5-4F91-A822-898CB8…)

This exaggerated-ugliness Tumblr style needs to die already.

No. 107920

at least they made Gori as a white woman? we all know what would of happened if the artist didn’t.

No. 107921

The girls representing the hamsters are doing the forbidden salute.

No. 107927


I like this tbh, it's appealing in a weird way

No. 107931

nah idk the artists. i guess art is subjective but IMO these are terrible

No. 107938

That was the first thing I noticed, too kek

No. 107939

File: 1600071761881.jpg (232.34 KB, 1448x2048, 119162825_3613912491987551_698…)

No. 107940

File: 1600072017038.png (442.69 KB, 480x532, bananarama.PNG)

Holy fuck, that face

No. 107958

File: 1600094015975.jpg (56.49 KB, 1024x1024, a3b2f94646cb519ac5267ec44e4a8d…)

Paw hand. Also what is even going on with the arm

No. 107987


why give them animal ears if they have human ears? it’s cute, but that little detail bugs the shit out of me,

No. 107996

File: 1600121733821.jpg (266.57 KB, 1404x1252, e4f63758-33cf-4a60-a752-082e49…)

24 years old,autistic and ships herself with that villain from cyber chase

No. 107998

File: 1600121830646.jpg (236.39 KB, 1362x914, eab9057d-4c25-4372-a880-a5b35b…)

Did I mention that she's a damn furwanker too?lmao what is this

No. 108000

>>107998 big Ed is that you?

No. 108001

File: 1600122452549.jpg (199.52 KB, 1158x910, f845d3ea-9b84-449e-bb88-27dcdb…)

More trash coming this way

No. 108002

File: 1600122987765.jpg (428.64 KB, 2048x2012, 2bd923d1-6cb1-4976-8171-c51552…)

Ships bart with bob

No. 108003

the artist is black so she could've gotten away with it by saying she envisioned gori as a strong black woman kek

this is so bizarre. quite possibly more bizarre than that woman who ships herself with Louis XVI.

No. 108004

File: 1600125071363.png (855.3 KB, 2048x2400, 72d236a2-baeb-4b4c-b554-b61f07…)

No. 108007

>>108004 this drawing radiates big Tumblr energy and I don't like it

No. 108008

File: 1600126592886.png (1.01 MB, 2048x3072, 4323929e-2d08-47d1-899e-ab34ab…)

No. 108009

File: 1600126615705.jpg (920.39 KB, 2048x2793, a633005e-048a-4081-800e-3b4740…)


No. 108010

Ronalds fallen on hard times

No. 108011

File: 1600127042406.png (377.94 KB, 1288x1873, 5e40e347-e158-4dc5-a607-b2cd82…)

I'm not too familiar with pokemon but this new pokemon is ugly as shit and looks like the green goblin and bigfoot had a baby
Of course you have artists getting horny for it

No. 108014

Oh my god is that the same artist that thirsted over the Spyro jester boss

No. 108017

Lmao I saw this person on TikTok before, they’re obsessed with the Pokémon Grimmsnarl and that’s their Grimmsnarl OC they’re in love with. The TikTok comments were pretty ruthless, I eventually had to scroll away because the secondhand embarrassment and autism was too much to handle.

No. 108021

File: 1600130885381.png (176.84 KB, 756x882, 74020755_p0.png)

Still less bizarre than the woman who is madly in love with that obscure boss from the first Spyro game.
The self-shipping/fictosexual community is full of these weirdos, maybe a thread on them would be worth it.

No. 108022

Close except
they have a hard-on for an extremely ugly pokemon with a shitty design rather than that jester boss from Spyro

No. 108023

File: 1600131175896.png (592.59 KB, 1717x3072, 6741ab33-5838-47a9-8581-8a19ef…)

But wait there's more

No. 108024

File: 1600131647970.gif (153.67 KB, 220x171, tenor.gif)

>>108023 gross. judging by the woman's appearance, I'm assuming they're a tumblrtard

No. 108025

Ntayrt, but surprisingly, no. She's pretty much a backwoods hillbilly

No. 108026

>Non binary
>Self shipper
>27 years old
Very correct,she even has a fucking body pillow of it lmaooo

No. 108027

>>108026 lmao. You don't mind posting a picture of the body pillow here, I want to see the horror that awaits

No. 108028

No. 108029

I'd love to see a thread on them. They're so fucking weird.

No. 108033

true, but iv seen black artist be canceled on twitter before relating to something similar. i’m not sure if they’d be able to get out unscathed. kek

No. 108034

there’s a thread on kiwifarms.

No. 108037

File: 1600154457000.jpeg (786.01 KB, 1242x927, 95946DA3-3EF8-4026-9201-DC4E47…)

idk if it's just me… but the weird gooey eyes and mouth contrasted with the flatness of the rest of the character makes it look like they pasted on live action features, annoying orange-style.

No. 108038


who is this person, anon? I wanna laugh too

No. 108039

I want to draw like this but also not

No. 108040

Well it seems like it is pasted on the original anime screencap, no? I definitely don't hate this, there's something appealing about little nuances in the color, whoever the artist is they're on a good path to do something great.

No. 108045

No. 108046

No. 108047

I wish they'd drawn the whole picture instead of just the face. It would've looked much more cohesive. Who is the artist though?

No. 108048

@aju.iice on instagram

No. 108049

File: 1600160141555.png (358.13 KB, 700x711, dudee.PNG)

this isn't…right. this artist is almost out of high school yet refuses to improve at all

No. 108053

Are you 15?
Stop bitching about your personal vendetta with this girl and go find yourself a hobby.

No. 108068

File: 1600179400405.jpeg (255.7 KB, 1125x1710, FC63D183-D8EC-472D-B22A-6BE49F…)

Her TikTok is @amarithenb:

Picrel is her Grimmsnarl OC dakimakura kek

No. 108069

File: 1600181749537.jpg (145.57 KB, 1005x1200, Eg2vR6AXgAEqouZ.jpg)

Searched this person up for myself and this one has to be my favorite

No. 108070

File: 1600183471687.jpg (483.29 KB, 1536x2048, af8724f8-2ccd-477d-96cc-77a30e…)

No. 108073


this took eight years off my life

No. 108074

File: 1600185595206.jpg (395.05 KB, 1729x2048, a88710d6-5fe6-4e98-9791-35efdb…)

No. 108075

File: 1600185681702.png (494.33 KB, 2048x902, e8f5871f-940b-4bfa-8647-86e44e…)

No. 108076

File: 1600185767787.jpg (285.48 KB, 1638x2048, a10bcea6-7a3a-4665-98b5-9a0926…)

No. 108077

File: 1600185831446.jpg (209.39 KB, 1536x2048, 114cf735-533a-4e8e-8f4c-5efe53…)

The next rcdart

No. 108078

File: 1600186017054.jpg (Spoiler Image, 738.05 KB, 1378x2039, dd91ba00-631a-4c18-affa-ecce84…)


No. 108079

Did you forget what thread you were in, moron?

No. 108080

nobody cares about some boring ass newbie art. fuck off

No. 108086

File: 1600191041533.jpeg (322.8 KB, 1750x2048, EWyqoCMWAAUTls2.jpeg)

I wasn't even TAYRT but ok retard

anyways, back to posting shitty art instead of whining about it like some fat ugly autist

No. 108087

colors aren't great but this is fine?

No. 108095

Looks like the artist drew a boy but slapped a girl’s face on it. And it has way too much detail compared to the rest of the drawing

No. 108096

File: 1600204959425.png (2.92 MB, 2048x1948, cc0ffffd-9140-4aa3-9e67-91c8f1…)

No. 108099

This is half decent but the damn colors don't go together at all!

No. 108109

I can't be too mean to this, it reminds me of when I first started learning to render

No. 108127

okay… did you just called me daddy???

No. 108134

File: 1600234175263.jpg (55.61 KB, 736x736, 56470ecd2af30d6f41d184a6c26c30…)

No. 108142

baby arm
and the shoulders looked super fucked, I initially thought the back one had a mile long shoulder

No. 108146

shut the fuck up please

why are you going into a thread based on other people's opinions of art and telling them they're wrong? I'm so sick of you "umm.. actually I like this/this isn't bad, I've seen worse" anons because no one fucking cares, go post in /m/ if you love certain artworks so much instead of shitting up this already stupid thread with your dumb interjections.

No. 108147

this is /m/

No. 108148

as in make a THREAD about it, do you really need to be spoonfed? Since there's already one, here >>84226 anons can instead talk about good art instead!

No. 108150

>i thought the back one had a mile long shoulder

fucking same

No. 108161

IDK what anon you were, nobody cares about boring newbie art. Post notable shitty art or fuck off whichever anon you are lmfao

No. 108167

File: 1600268686016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.71 KB, 540x699, y-tho.jpg)

I'm so sorry, but I saw this on tumblr and immediately remembered this thread.

No. 108170

File: 1600269889262.png (376.63 KB, 462x333, 76C5F665-0971-4534-BECC-ADF449…)

My guy out here lookin like pork butts n taters

No. 108172

It never not hilarious when artists try to celebrate blackness or w/e and it ends up looking racist as fuck.

No. 108173

File: 1600271861724.jpg (120.1 KB, 1024x1024, 3c1694df-6576-4714-8af7-4ac82f…)

Down syndrome zuko

No. 108174

I can't help but feel that the artist fetishizes black people's palms, look at how prominently featured they are.

No. 108185

File: 1600281053380.jpg (438.62 KB, 1484x1308, Eh2WoJjXgAEI_u6.jpg)

The Fictosexual community is deserving of its own thread if it doesn't have one already tbh.

Pic related is from a cow I've been following for years who is convinced they're dating Reimu Hakurei and Steve from Minecraft among others (and at one point had a porn blog dedicated to the latter). The cat thing is their fursona/self-insert. They're also an avid pedo defender and self-identified lolicon who talks about wanting to taste little anime girls' spit and mucus and smell their hair. Degeneracy off the scale.

No. 108189

Oh man, I miss this girl. She was so wild, I haven’t thought about her in ages.

He looks like a violent spud

No. 108192

File: 1600285334503.png (1.23 MB, 2048x2560, 6abc9b05-84b6-47a9-b749-e3b17d…)

No. 108193

File: 1600285456055.png (1.33 MB, 2013x2048, fc7faac3-7952-4cd1-aec7-892d6c…)


No. 108195

at least the art looks pretty cute though…

No. 108196

File: 1600286459106.jpg (195.49 KB, 1080x1350, 119455818_785834508908380_6262…)

The head looks like it's about to fall off lmao

No. 108197

File: 1600287065436.jpg (81.01 KB, 1080x1350, 118993917_819356228602999_2198…)

an adult drew this kek

No. 108199

File: 1600288868362.png (933.28 KB, 1536x2048, 3e847e64-b1d4-4c02-80ad-e17b27…)

No. 108200

File: 1600289072315.png (Spoiler Image, 975.64 KB, 1536x2048, 8107ba85-adeb-4a70-9255-7abcf0…)


No. 108204

Tbf the character this is based on is wearing a top too small for her breasts as part of her in-game quest

No. 108218

File: 1600299541720.png (1.27 MB, 2047x1687, 1c4361f0-6e2e-429f-a0fa-f5d9ca…)

I'm going to vomit

No. 108221

File: 1600301164984.png (1.66 MB, 2048x2048, 599e3e00-9553-4506-ba8d-613bf8…)

No. 108226

File: 1600306800125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.66 KB, 1280x1280, professional-artist.jpg)


Oh Jesus, this IS the same person. I knew I recognized that style. She must be trying to reinvent herself to escape the drama, but it's painfully obvious that she'll always be the same hypersexual drama whore. Search for "manda tee" on KF, btw. I authored the original ED article on her way back in 2012. I finally got caught up on her drama a few months back, and holy shit. It's honestly sad how far she's fallen. Have you guys made a thread for her yet?

Sorry for OT. Have some unrelated autist's furry art (picrel). She's over 30 but literally never improves. Her art actually used to be somewhat decent, but I noticed a sharp drop in quality after a few years. Personally I blame the weed (she's openly a stoner, not unlike Amanda). It's kinda sad, tbh.

No. 108234

File: 1600309715207.png (1.72 MB, 1334x750, 4FBF4A83-1372-4A6B-9A57-F656BF…)

No. 108238

this made me super nostalgic for the early-mid 2000s art that I would frequently see where people would draw on paper, then scanned and coloured it on ms paint with all the default colours, and accidentally saved as a .jpg after spending hours on it because that's exactly what happened here

No. 108239

This is the first time I've heard the term fictosexual, I would be interested in a thread cause it sounds like it's a delusional community with potential milk.I don't know anyone like that, but the thread should include >>108069 for sure.

No. 108256

File: 1600333419344.jpeg (190.95 KB, 600x720, FFD5CA59-227D-4ACA-84D4-6A8D76…)

No. 108258

File: 1600334553920.png (538.42 KB, 521x370, 31e2e4b2e355a828a8818916247a28…)

I was looking at sailor moon prints on redbubble and came across this, it's supposed to be sailor uranus and neptune

No. 108262

what exactly is wrong here?

No. 108263

it's really pretty to me

No. 108272

Fictosexual is a very Tumblr term, it's mostly used by girls/fakebois because they don't want to be lumped with those gross male waifuists (despite being literally the same thing). I guess there is also some kind of MOGAI angle because of the -sexual suffix, aka straight girls calling themselves gay for wanting to fuck anime boys.

No. 108290

File: 1600354796176.jpeg (531.91 KB, 2500x1679, 94FEFBA6-CA72-42E3-8D5E-3EE776…)

the desaturation helps, actually. usually when i see anything HH related i feel like i'm looking at one of those collages that emulate what you see when you have a stroke

No. 108293

Looks like they’re surrounded by piss and shit

No. 108296

it always pisses me off because these designs could of been so much better if they were just reformed a bit.
some if not most of these designs must be tedious to animate.

No. 108332

File: 1600372039733.jpg (368.86 KB, 2048x2048, 889f6261-f593-4362-bb64-271aa6…)

The eyes creep me out

No. 108333

File: 1600372328758.jpg (173.23 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200827-154343_Med…)

No. 108334



No. 108335

is this a selfpost? Sure, it's poorly drawn, but it isn't hideous, it just looks like beginner art

No. 108337

>>108332 imagine waking up and that's the first thing you see

No. 108340

this seems traced, idk how else someone would manage drawing a somewhat proportional body only to make the face look like botched plastic surgery. is it supposed to be gender swapped snow white?

No. 108347

File: 1600380270831.jpg (86.08 KB, 1068x1068, 119738591_653258545587039_8642…)


No. 108350

It looks like a week-old corpse

What’s with the woman in the background lol

No. 108352

is one of them supposed to be cry?

No. 108364

no, dream. the other two are Georgenotfound and snapmap, theyre like 2020 minecraft players with a similar fanbase to skydoesminecraft and deadlox from back in like 2012.

No. 108368

File: 1600401655927.png (730.74 KB, 778x461, yikes.png)

Megan Weller should just stop fillng skechbooks with stickers and mandala like drawings and do some studies cuz girl what the hell is this. I don't know where to even begin she said the body of the girl on the right looked pretty good to her lmao

No. 108369

ahh ok i see it now. tiny mask on head just auto makes me think of cry

No. 108379

File: 1600424562054.png (294.32 KB, 636x633, fish-2.png)

>>108347 headass

No. 108387

File: 1600434663652.png (265.27 KB, 443x599, 443px-Thehellisthis.png)

No. 108390

File: 1600437055684.jpg (607.68 KB, 2048x2048, EVvg30CX0AEBfSW.jpg)

the coloring looks decent, but it's the characters' faces that are bad

No. 108392

File: 1600437324336.jpg (157.59 KB, 1120x1426, 23197_Apps-That-Turn-Photos-In…)

I feel like this drawing is kinda self-contradictory cause it's basically saying flat-chested, non-white, hairy women can't be sexual/hot.
This style looks like vector art, or like those apps that turn photos into "art"

No. 108394

these all look like they just traced promotional photos of the actors

No. 108402

This one is a troll art iirc

No. 108412

there seriously needs to be a rule at the top of the hideous art threads that states "If it looks like an eight year old did it, don't post it." because more often than not a 8 year old probably did draw it. sage bc noncontributing.

No. 108428

File: 1600477523354.jpg (220.18 KB, 1040x1844, 8b5f6da7-23b5-4772-ac6f-942763…)

Artist is a she who has a trad wife,bimbo,hypnosis fetish

No. 108438

File: 1600489421017.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.86 KB, 554x890, 78FD6823-8233-4183-92DD-717D33…)

No. 108440

so post the heinous, poorly drawn shit instead of boring crap like this. it's an imageboard.

No. 108441

never tought i'd see saiouma here
this one has gotta be done as a joke right?

No. 108456

File: 1600511334538.jpg (588.13 KB, 1080x1051, 20200919_121633.jpg)

that's whelosome and also funny stupid

author of pic attached is 23 years old. I would also laugh at her 1k followers but she's following 2 x more and there's 50 likes at best

No. 108460

It's clearly traced. What's the point of doing this challange if u can't even draw by your own

No. 108468

File: 1600525893917.jpg (152.78 KB, 720x825, Screenshot_20200919-102507~2.j…)

No. 108479

is this billie eyelash

No. 108485

File: 1600536762691.png (Spoiler Image, 418.75 KB, 518x505, E3C33D4C-15AE-4B02-80ED-A9B97C…)

what is it with pedos and having a really sketchy chickenscratch artstyle? reminds me of bronzecatworld, maybe he started it. i see the appeal of a more messy style but now i just associate it with those freaks and i cant enjoy it.

No. 108501

Anon, I guffaw at your clever pun

Fucking gross, I wish I didn’t unspoiler that

No. 108513

File: 1600572342400.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.42 KB, 1960x2048, EhfWBEBUMAEwqy0.jpeg)

Maybe I'm nitpicking a bit but goddamn femboy art is so fucking ugly to me

No. 108517

Yeah, it always just looks very unnatural and unappealing. Just draw a girl with a flat chest ffs

No. 108534

File: 1600597817984.jpg (382.53 KB, 1080x1080, 20200919_231746.jpg)

Maybe it just my taste but it looks unappealing to me

No. 108535

cursed image. If you want to add random bandages and wounds at least place the bandage properly. The sticky part is right over his wound… it's gonna get all infected and gluey… it's not the worst part of it all but I can't get over it. Make sure to practice proper hygiene anons

No. 108537

Lmao. Lemme guess, u found this from kpop amino, didnt ya?

No. 108540

From random asian guy to a mixed guy who’s got no idea of how to put bandaids on those random wounds he’s got.
Remember: kawaii hurtcore aesthetics don’t mix well with realism when you don’t even know how to take care of yourself.

No. 108543

wtf did the artist do to him? one on the right looks like a fucking vietnam vet

No. 108544

On instagram, actually! The author did few more but i didn't bother saving them kek (actually, I don't even know if it was their, or if they just posted it)

No. 108546

>>108534 oh man, they made him look wet and slimy

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