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File: 1684951562722.png (1.76 MB, 1200x1500, lolc копія.png)

No. 330554

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread which talks about husbandos and/or horny shit about fictional men in general.
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D (as in live action movies or shows) and 2D crushes so you don't clog /ot/. Post memes, be frisky, whatever. Be as mild or as spicy as you feel like.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies
-I want to cuddle Reigen
>Examples of posts that DO NOT go here
-actual real life men hornyposting
-Your husbando is trash/ugly/cringe etc
-He's gay/belongs with me/other character instead
-other bait
-responding to bait
-"hi cow!"

Remember not to take baits or otherwise derail! Report low quality posts and move on!

The retarded hornyposting thread may also include pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/289276
For other shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!
Previous horny: >>>/g/327478

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No. 330557

File: 1684951899689.jpeg (96.09 KB, 750x743, 1684948001147.jpeg)

reposting this here because the thread reached bump limit an hour later

One thing I really love about Engie is the counterbalance from his Southern charm and his streak of duplicity (idk if that’s the best word to describe it). He is the only merc that works directly with administrator and his family history directly relates to the Mann brothers. I don’t think he’s manipulative or anything but I do think that he doesn’t want to advertise his knowledge on what’s going on behind the whole gravel war facade. It’s sad how they never continued the comics because he there’s so many things left up in the air about him, like did Miss Pauling know Dell was working with the Administrator? Was he working with Admin from the beginning?

Are the tf2 nonnies gonna team up and start shipping scout/Engie/sniper together now?

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about merc dynamics too, platonic or otherwise. Like the idea of Demo and Engie sharing a drink together and both talking about their families, leading to how Engie feels about having to live up to the Conagher family legacy (whilst making sure he doesn’t get too tipsy that he lets out about the whole Administrator thing he has going on) and Demo elaborating on his family’s demolition legacy, how he struggles to live up to his father and how feels like a disappointment to his mother whilst also balancing the responsibility of his jobs and needing to look after his mother

No. 330560

File: 1684953136323.gif (63.12 KB, 400x350, tumblr_mmugrd8iW41r690xmo1_400…)

i love staring at my collection of 3x3px resolution pictures of him

awesome thread pic + title!

No. 330564

File: 1684954371496.jpg (397.74 KB, 2000x1649, 87019738_p0.jpg)

Thinking about them. And by them I mean his boobs.

No. 330570

File: 1684955569498.jpg (366.8 KB, 1800x1800, t.jpg)

this beautiful trashcan cat makes my head spin

No. 330574

I'm late but yes! And thank you nonnie teehee

No. 330579

File: 1684957150130.jpg (108.21 KB, 707x800, tumblr_oyvnhdkhns1qdx0wxo1_r1_…)

posting some sniper

No. 330581

File: 1684957309018.jpg (Spoiler Image, 433.57 KB, 1188x1400, tumblr_5cc1ca4452dcff3362d3175…)

No. 330582

File: 1684957401287.jpg (361.88 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_2b598a562db6138adf88320…)

No. 330584

File: 1684958021133.jpg (80.84 KB, 837x800, Tumblr_l_144335824418532.jpg)

Sniper is so cute

No. 330585

File: 1684958256229.png (112.99 KB, 570x771, Fh7zWOLaMAErBqW.png)

I want to bite his neck.

No. 330588

Me too.
I love how Leon's iconic hair is long enough to grab and ruffle and short enough to expose his nape and neck.

No. 330593

File: 1684959234319.jpg (149.07 KB, 708x1055, 83974491f9f8fae5672c06f0263633…)

Thank you nonas! Started as a joke but I'm glad you like my wallpaper.

No. 330594

File: 1684959923715.jpg (33.15 KB, 539x390, EQPJiCfU8AA8CYX_1.jpg)

AAAAHHHHggh I want to press my chest against his, to feel his body heat, palpitations and warm breath caused by the adrenaline running through his veins after a battle Hooooly shit

No. 330596

File: 1684960209021.png (62.05 KB, 464x679, a7ec53cad709c29f030b4b7a73bbaf…)

>Gently takes care of him after a battle
>Everything is going to be okay

No. 330597

File: 1684960223122.png (289.25 KB, 1052x1300, spengs' art.png)

fuck I saw an animatic of soldier and I wanna cry how tf am I ovulating, I'm not even horny for him

No. 330599

Thinking about my old husbando and how I'd like to draw gory POV femdom art with him so I can self-insert better. On hand, I feel like a psycho. On the other hand, if I don't draw this, who will??

No. 330601

draw it nona. i draw horrible content of my beloved all the time.

No. 330602

Go ahead, be an inspiration. More women should draw the content they truly want instead of pandering to others (moids and genderspecials)

No. 330617

File: 1684969275521.jpg (1.55 MB, 1000x1100, Tumblr_l_1199398071515929.jpg)

New thread, yay!
I wanna slow dance with him dramatically. And have him kiss my hand and pick me up.

He'd find this website strange but be on the same wavelength as farmers. He roasts people like it's nothing, canonically dunked on porn-watchers and is an implied transphobe in a spin-off.
If only he didn't have a crippling ED…

No. 330618

File: 1684969935098.jpeg (29.58 KB, 480x272, IMG_0166.jpeg)

Why do people husbando gay characters like Komaeda and Kaworu? Just curious thanks

No. 330619

File: 1684970218353.png (228.66 KB, 521x286, 36.png)

I can't stop thinking about how someone said that bc Scout's illiterate that instead of writing love notes/letters he'd draw you pictures. I think it's so cute, I imagine they'd be kinda shitty but he'd want to get better in order to capture your beauty more. he'd totally poorly draw crude porn of the two of you too kek

No. 330620

File: 1684970604464.jpg (424.17 KB, 1631x2048, 28614f7d501e4dd68520005dd05606…)

Smoking is disgusting in real life but it's so hot when my animu husbandos do it like please bliw that fictional smoke into my face and fuck me thank you

No. 330621

File: 1684970666259.jpg (24.06 KB, 500x265, pp.jpg)

does anyone else relate to sometimes having husbandos that you retrospectively go, "but, why" at? picrel is mine and was for about 3 months when I was very young. the season of the anime he was in was awful, he was generically evil, not even my usual type and not even cute. there's not even anything funny, weird, or interesting to latch onto. it's almost as if his insufferable insignificance was the draw for me.

No. 330622

File: 1684970789288.jpg (200.45 KB, 862x1236, 10_1.jpg)

(Regarding Komaeda)
Because girls who do that are mostly ftms or some other kind of genderspecial, and many of those kin Hajime
Picrel suggests he's bisexual but the manga is non-canon so it's debateable

No. 330623

>kinning a literal retard like Hajime
Damn…that must be heavy low self esteem

No. 330624

File: 1684970940979.png (189.71 KB, 320x479, MM_Happy_Mask_Salesman_Artwork…)

I feel you nona, when i was younger i had an autistic crush on the fucking mask salesman from Zelda. I don't anymore but the shame lingers in me…

No. 330626

File: 1684971284894.png (163.12 KB, 1280x850, thislookslikeitisfromtumblr.pn…)

Kek, I'm sorry to devalidate your feelings but that's kind of based. Mask salesman has a sort of weird, enigmatic air about him, it's just so much easier to project all sorts of personas onto him. also I'm biased cuz I plan to play MM again after I finish the new Zelda.

No. 330627

I feel you. It's like i go harpoon fishing over the worst anime moids i can simp and take whichever one it lands on

No. 330628

Ayrt and i used to joke about how Danganronpa 2's class might as well be a special ed class that thinks they're ultimates going on whacky adventures but really it's just a school trip on turbo autism

No. 330629

It’s not that far off, the only regularly intelligent person is Komaeda, and he’s socially retarded.

No. 330630

Ayrt, damn you too? I planned to do the same! Glad you at least get the appeal. The mystery around him makes him more likeable.

Also he has a super cute special dialog in the french version if you talk to him while wearing the bunny hood. He'll basically go "awww those bunny ears! Awww they bounce when you run, that's tol cute! … ahem sorry"

No. 330631

Not to sperg but Peko, Imposter and Mikan are smart, they're just completely insane (i hate mikan btw i just wanna be fair)

No. 330632

I like to light incense and pretend I'm smelling his cig smoke and cologne

No. 330633

I can see the argument for the other two being smart since Twogami actually was a decent planner and group leader and being a nurse is obviously pretty hard but
She actually thought she could kill someone and Fuyuhiko would get away because she’s his tool or whatever, it made for an interesting case yeah but her actual idea should have been obvious that Monokuma would find it retarded and would have just executed only her anyway.

No. 330634

File: 1684972068954.jpg (36.98 KB, 563x398, 7a6dbf686f85e7a9cf0c9e551ba86c…)

she gets it

No. 330637

File: 1684974845532.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2893x4092, tomoe under parasol.jpeg)

he's pretty cute too, a bit crazy sometimes though kek
I like his personality since I'm into tsunderes - he kind of reminds me of hijikata from hakuouki who is another of my favorites. I like nanami she works hard and tries her best at the shrine and is pretty smart, she isn't a useless pushover like some female protags in romance anime and otome games tend to be.
lol I get the feeling he would secretly be into that
is this anime any good? I'm always looking to watch something good that has potential new husbandos in it

No. 330640

File: 1684975692819.png (110.49 KB, 227x360, 360.png)

Nonitas, should I find a man and make him cosplay/roleplay as my husbando during sex? I don't think I'd have much trouble finding a guy who shares physical traits but I feel like roleplaying as him would be so cringe as is the nature of the character. Either way I want to achieve my dreams. I'm worried I'll moan husbandu's name during sex

No. 330642

Is quite funny, there are some uncomfortable scenes but in general is a anime to binge an afternoon.

Of course the manga is sad as Hell.

No. 330643

File: 1684975854368.jpg (66.89 KB, 1280x720, [Erai-raws] Hoozuki no Reitets…)

>My husbando face when he learns I asked to an escort to dress like him and boss me around.

I mean, in all seriousness, as long he's ok with it and is just for fun, I say "why not?".

No. 330646

File: 1684977210691.jpg (61.34 KB, 751x886, Ey8E9H2VEAIY2BA.jpg)

Sexual coercion isn't exactly good, but I can't help but imagine a scenario after reading the Kirby light novel, Search for the Dreamy Gears! where it takes place in this steampunk Victorian era alternate universe, the novel has very heavy themes of classism, poverty, economic disparity and how the rich will do anything to the separate the poor from the rich to keep them poorer. Anyways, in this novel Dedede happens to be the president of a factory that produces machinery such as automobiles and airplanes. Anyways, I can't help but imagine a situation where I, a wealthy aristocrat, take advantage of him when his factory isn't doing well and decide offer a hefty investment that's too big to turn down. The catch is that he has to pay me back tenfold with his body for a solid three months of which I do anything and everything with him and he cannot refuse. I want to undo the clasps of his expensive vest and slowly undo his shirt buttons, tracing down his soft fluffy chest to his underwear before rubbing over the fabric and watch as he gets harder and harder against the cheap fabric. I also imagine something similar to Kirby who's a impoverished airplane pilot who lives in a abandoned and decrepit building and sleeps in a box. Though, in his case it's more like I want to be his sugar mommy.
Love I love the OP image, it's utterly perfect.
Exactly. It's disgusting irl but in fictional settings it gives an extra layer of sexiness, maturity, and coolness.
Go for it, as the other Anon said, so long as he's fine with doing it and you're not forcing him it should be alright. Live your dreams nonnie. I tried to do the same with my ex but he was an uptight fuck who thought it a joke but then thought it was wrong when I was serious.

No. 330647

File: 1684977603451.png (280.17 KB, 1181x1717, tumblr_pc7wacih551vqx6fyo1_128…)

%100 correct ♥

No. 330648

Holy fuck. Storytime? How would that work? Would he be a humanoid penguin or would he just be wearing the suit?

No. 330649

File: 1684977744826.jpg (116.06 KB, 1200x675, 1505086623303.jpg)

Reigen smoking is hot but I like to think he quit after meeting Mob to better himself to be a good role model for him.

No. 330653

File: 1684979295947.jpg (62.16 KB, 1142x642, EcwHPSjVcAAzZ89.jpg)

After he gets finished eating my pussy. Scuffed and wet.

No. 330655

I know Levi is a freak for cleaning, but do you think he would ask you to take a shower after the naughty?

No. 330657

File: 1684980712097.jpg (19.93 KB, 225x350, 240507.jpg)

It's pretty funny, but it depends on how high your tolerance is for moidish jokes. I enjoyed it when I read it but I don't think I'd find it tolerable nowadays.
The plot revolves around a little girl who lives with three adult male yokai, and while Kokkuri is ultra husbando material (cooks, cleans, beautiful, kind, good with kids) the other two guys are less tolerable. I don't mind him THAT much, but the tanuki is the useless manwhore type character. While Inugami (picrel) is… He's a stalker and pedo who is in love with the little girl protagonist. And I mean actual pedo as in he wants her carnally. Minor characters are similar, like the tengu who is a fervent shotacon.
Not bashing the series because I actually do like it quite a lot, but your mileage may vary so it's best to know what it's like going in.
Also: lots of genderbending. A lot of the fanart you find of Kokkuri and Inugami is going to be horny moid art of their female forms.

No. 330660

File: 1684981049778.png (31.16 KB, 275x333, Hanged_Man_2763.png)

Lol yes, but at the same time it was so long ago that I just kind of laugh at it now. I can't imagine for the life of me what teenage me saw in picrel but I was so hopelessly in love with him even though he was a nobody from a ecchi shonen manga with like 10 panels of screentime. He's canonically an alcoholic and deadbeat dad, too… Sheesh. Get a grip, girl.

No. 330661

File: 1684981189917.jpg (21.76 KB, 193x253, orignal-sleeping-forest-air-ge…)

He WAS pretty hot under the mask, though, so I guess he had that going for him.

No. 330663

Yes, I absolutely think he would want to shower immediately after. Letting bodily fluids sit around is kinda gross, I even clean up after masturbating. He would also make sure to get some fresh sheets. I get sleepy immediately after so he would have to force me to stay up, and would wash me as well.
I like to think he would get a little sappy after sex, but not very talkative. Just a lot of being in each other's skin and enjoying a comfortable silence.

No. 330667

Spikeanon, is that you?

No. 330672

File: 1684985875188.jpeg (136.84 KB, 782x1705, FDC9C180-989F-47A7-8B78-C63231…)

Based picture op. Also, thank you for adding Anakin…I feel so honoured!!

Thinking of Anakin 24/7, he is so perfect nonnies. I swear we are soulmates, not delusional btw.

No. 330674

I imagine that having sex with Levi is always: Naughty, then remove all the sheets and place clean ones, take a bath and then cuddle.

I think using those bamboo mats can make the naughty time a bit easier, but you still have to take a shower.

No. 330676

Did he do something bad? Because he's pretty hot, but I don't know where he's from
Nonny, sorry, but he wouldn't be allowed to post here because he's male.

No. 330684

File: 1684991383403.jpg (100.6 KB, 756x1200, tyki.jpg)

Pretty much his entire character was being an evil momma's boy undercover, go look up the 2nd season of Psycho Pass for more context. Though honestly I think my bigger problem was that he was just oily and bland, not the evil part.
Picrel was my villain husbando for a year or two but I don't really feel bad about it. He was very fun, had different sides to him (almost a Jekyll and Hyde dynamic), tragic, and is genuinely mysterious.

No. 330685

yep! I never got to the very end and I'm excited to see it through plus I feel like Majora's is the optimal Zelda to play post-TOTK. I'm very eager to meet him again even if he won't say cute bunny ear line to me.

No. 330686

File: 1684995538467.gif (1.11 MB, 374x210, Warden.gif)

last thread talk about the tumblr sexymen reminded me of when I was in HS and saw superjail for the first time. I vividly remember creaming myself immediately upon hearing his voice in the pilot, he even sneaks some spanish words in the dialogue making him sound incredibly hot. I ran so fast to AO3 to search for all if any fanfics of him kek. good times.

No. 330688

File: 1684996669239.jpg (43.06 KB, 400x466, tumblr_inline_nz1qgf5pGR1qekl5…)

I know, I didn't mention him posting, I was just saying what he'd think of the site

Did you also grow up with picrel? It was a cool ask blog on tumblr that depicted HMS in a very cute way

No. 330689

I get the appeal, but for me it was the twins, they're so fucking cool

No. 330690

File: 1684996929707.jpeg (18.77 KB, 494x494, DA239CFA-9447-46D4-BE4E-F537B3…)

Borrowing this headcanon from a kind of mediocre Miss Pauling X scout smut fic I read, but Scout has never actually seen a pussy before. The closest thing to porn he’s seen are 50s pin ups that his older brothers kept hold of, which never showed real nudity. He’s heard about stuff from his brothers and just knows ‘penis goes into hole between lady’s legs’ since he has too much pride to ask his brothers for explicit details, yet alone go to a pornography store or a blue movie showing. Gets confused but really excited about the idea of giving and receiving head once he’s learnt about it. He needs some serious guidance but he’s a fast learner and really wants to make you feel good

No. 330691

File: 1684997496411.jpg (96.85 KB, 1200x675, FiQWNYTXoAExWQU.jpg)

thats's such a cute headcanon, i think he definitely smokes less because of mob but i personally smoke weed from time to time and i like to think we occasionally smoke together. I like to think he's too afraid to actually get high so he would smoke without inhaling and pretend to be wasted by talking about philosophy and stuff.

No. 330694

File: 1684997901041.gif (334.09 KB, 500x275, 5c9241688d5b673a60f6b1faf1f894…)

based, they're both cuties

No. 330700

File: 1685000490162.png (41.67 KB, 533x553, E5DB097A-B2CA-4EA5-BF37-A208B6…)

hello fellow engiefag, i 100% agree that him possibly being somehow involved in shady things and his outwards persona to people being a sweet man is definitely a big reason hes my husbando. just the idea of him having to carry that weight on his shoulders and not being able to truly share his feelings i can save him from the heartache
> Anyways, I’ve been thinking about merc dynamics too, platonic or otherwise
same, i like that each merc truly has their own personality and how the dynamics might be between all of them. engie is pretty sociable (imo) when he’s in an ok or good mood. headcanons include but aren’t limited to: probably fathering scout as he asks for life advice (dad jokes heavily thrown in as well as southernisms), getting pyro plushies just because (at like a truck stop or something driving back to the base), demo seems also easy to talk to so hed definitely be his drinking buddy (sharing the really strong stuff on bad enough days), speaking with heavy as they cook up some banging bbq (i feel a mutual respect between the two, heavy also has a phd (if you believe poker night has a bit of canon lol) so i think they can have somewhat intelligent conversation. think heavy is a lot smarter than he might appear, russian is his native language and its vastly different from English but thats a side tangent), being cordial with spy but never truly trusting him because hes literally a spy for hire, sniper opening up slightly during meal time and them probably talking about the night sky since they’ve both lived in the middle of nowhere, soldier probably enjoys engies very american sounding southern accent but they still hold a cute rivalry in him being from the north and him from the south, and medic and him probably speaking on biomechanics and tinkering on the medi gun. thank you for reading my spergy ted talk.
i just wanna cover him in smooches and hug him and nuzzle into him and rub my hand on his bald head

No. 330701

lmao this immediately upped the appeal of scout to me. I love dumbass men I can see why he’s husbando material.

No. 330703

I knew someone on Facebook a long time ago who's husbandos were these two. She would make edits of herself with these two, even lewd art and collected reborn dolls that were "fathered by the twins". she even made the baby dolls look like them and would upload baby pictures of them, she "had" over ten children "by" them. I miss her page.

No. 330704

Ooof, now that brings memories. Speaking of, what tumblr sexymen you personally found hot, nonas? I remember really loving Whitley, Warden, Loki (my best friend fancied Thor instead and we got into arguments about who is hotter) and Megamind (because… uh, dunno). Looking back on it, I really dislike all tumblr sexymen and most of them are pretty fucking cringe. But teenage me adored them, so maybe it's good that teenage girls got an outlet to be creative and like whoever they wanted and be weird. Early 2010s tumblr really was a highlight of my life cause as a weird nerdy girl I finally felt accepted and sexymen where a big part of it. Cause we all fangirled over pretty weird characters without a fear of being judged. It was truly a gift for humanity and all of teenagegirldom.
But as I said, my taste really changed since than. I still like "weird" characters but that brand of quirky tumblr sexymen lost all appeal. In fact, now I hate Whitley with a burning passion and find him annoying as fuck, but he actually was me fave back in the day. I dropped Portal 2 mid-playthrough just because I disliked him that much playing 10 years later.
What a powerful woman. I kneel.

No. 330708

Wow these threads move incredibly fast now!
Hey nonas, I'm >>326246 and I just wanted to say that I'm very sorry that I never got around to draw your husbandos. Real life suddenly hit me full force like a truck that week, and I've been completely exhausted because of these irl issues, and not able to draw. At least a lovely talented nona drew this >>326397

No. 330719

File: 1685010626238.jpg (357.16 KB, 1147x1200, 1665710502063.jpg)

>I want to cuddle Reigen
omg thank you op for adding this !!

No. 330721

File: 1685011719850.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.05 KB, 720x883, 28591692-DE92-4778-B6A7-A5C07D…)

I saw this and thought of scout. I’m sorry

No. 330723

i'd love to hear other anons' answers to this because i still love tumblr sexymen, starscream and cedric are still my husbandos, love them most! my past classic sexyman crushes included
he's cute anon, no shame in that
a little too furry for my current taste but he's honestly the best part of the show to me and really fun
i was desperately craving a greasy, evil and pathetic man and loki temporarily filled that role until i found a character better suited for my fucked up desires (take a wild fucking guess lol)

No. 330732

Oh, yes, I LOVED Starscream, he was my numbah one for years <3 Who was your favorite version, though? I really loved G1 for being a pathetic looser (and he was so swaggy in the movie with his crown and stupid cape) and Prime cause… well, it's Prime, the sexiest TF show to date. Although I had a soft spot for Animated Starcscream too, since I felt his character arc in the show was pretty cool and honestly I liked that he had a streak of being a little badass/competent, despite overall being his pathetic old self.
Never though that any characters in the show were sexy/attractive cause it's a kids cartoon after all… But Discord was great! If you liked him, you NEED to check out Star Trek TNH. The actor that played Discord also was in the show and he was one of the best characters ngl.

No. 330736

File: 1685019953151.jpg (155.85 KB, 815x1200, 108402854_p0_master1200.jpg)

i'm so glad he's getting more beautiful individual fanart. most fanart of him was fujo-related and though i generally don't mind it with other characters, i realized i want to see him (especially in his vidyadhara form) alone.

also! apparently he hated his appearance as a vidyadhara and was\is ashamed of it. which just makes me incredibly sad. i want to comfort him for hours in silence with gentle touches and hug the absolute hell out of him so that he understands how lovable he actually is no matter what he is or how he looks. also!! nonnas i think i have a type.

>wears red eyeliner

>wears some sort of tight black bodysuit
>has complicated\mysterious past
>has several names\identities
>looks human but isn't human, has changed his apperance
>has wind powers??

i only realized it bc this artist also drew my other husbando from genshin. god i love them both sm.

No. 330743


No. 330744

File: 1685022181566.jpg (25.2 KB, 433x533, 17384700_p0_master1200.jpg)

I mean, thinking back I can kinda see why 10-year-old me liked him but I don't really wanna delve too deep into it.

No. 330745

i'm a simple woman, tfp is my favorite! also how did your taste evolve since then? (assuming you're the anon i replied to)

omg how could i forget about him

No. 330749

File: 1685024575208.jpg (140.95 KB, 850x1200, 91205379_p0_master1200.jpg)

heard u nonnas were talking about vintage husbandos… may i remind u all about this man

No. 330754

File: 1685025498165.jpg (37.53 KB, 564x581, 5e51dd66ece2fa06d9ffcafb4b4d77…)

I miss him

No. 330755

File: 1685025516895.png (76.29 KB, 848x480, 1237187019715.png)

He's literally an ideal, the perfect amount of cool and masculine, but at the same time cute and goofy.

No. 330761

i drew husbando as a girl, as a joke. now i'm unfathomably attracted to "her".

No. 330763

File: 1685027985738.jpg (86.41 KB, 587x1016, IMG_20230411_204410.jpg)

My little meow meow. My sweet traumatized schizo sociopath. My murderous blorbo. This art makes me want to ruffle his hair. I love him.

>do you have a nickname for your husbando?

hyaku-chan… when my heart is feeling dokic doki

No. 330767

I have a "waifu" who is actually a genderbent husbando and I'm way more attracted to the female version than the OG one. Sucks tbh because there's barely any content.

No. 330781

File: 1685036132215.jpeg (173.4 KB, 1500x651, 403BC0C9-A452-47DD-847C-9A3161…)

Nice to know that I’d be almost eye-level with Scout’s flat, non-existent tits

No. 330784

Every time I need a Scout/TF2 hit, I come here and some nonnie has posted a few mins before about him, we're a hivemind

No. 330785

File: 1685037328725.jpeg (87.06 KB, 540x720, 2577505F-7665-48BF-AFB4-043914…)

Scout would draw little doodles of you fawning over him with him being drawn super jacked like pic rel. he’s decent at drawing doodles, but not anything more complicated than that because he doesn’t really practice stuff like perspective, anatomy etc. He’ll probably trace over or try to copy the muscles seen a superhero comic to draw himself, and maybe use female heroines as a reference point on how to draw women (you)

Your welcome nonnie

No. 330786

I keep drawing my retarded self-insert rubbing her face on my husbandos bodies and I don’t think I will ever stop.

No. 330791

File: 1685042737461.jpg (62.75 KB, 781x925, 560f3e9bafe62f124f0059f8b6b3e4…)

Posting to remove nasty shit from frontpage

No. 330792

File: 1685042768753.jpg (42.79 KB, 564x484, bf.jpg)

No. 330793

File: 1685042826565.jpg (249.63 KB, 1357x1725, 9959315dcbfda8b03d6b4826dc4c4b…)


No. 330794

You're absolutely right. This is what we should do.
I'd love to see you nonas art if you ever decided to share itt!

No. 330795

No. 330801

He is so bulliable, he is perfect

No. 330804

File: 1685045770913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.55 KB, 694x761, hehe.JPG)

im thoroughly enjoying the scoutposting, and ive never played tf2. he's so cute. scout nonnies have excellent taste.
ntayrt but i draw myself with my husbando a lot

No. 330806

File: 1685045962012.png (Spoiler Image, 109.74 KB, 887x615, chillaxin.png)

this one's very cheesy so be warned. drawing is a good outlet for these kinds of feelings. i wish he was real.

No. 330807

File: 1685046484775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.64 KB, 905x683, stew.JPG)

the joke is that he eats mushrooms

No. 330808

Anon that's adorable!

No. 330809

File: 1685047007083.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.44 KB, 673x866, frazetta.JPG)

and this is one of the more retarded ones.

No. 330814

I can't exactly think of how the position would work right now, but I need my husbandos tongue on my ass and his fingers on my clit. Maybe I would be laying on my side?

No. 330821

That's based, I need more content like this

No. 330824

File: 1685052861222.jpeg (62.25 KB, 749x690, 66D7988B-DC6D-4480-BA1B-FC6A44…)

How did value somehow make almost all the mercs immensely fuckable without even going out of their way to sexualise them (aside from the burly beast)

Honestly based, nonna

No. 330826

File: 1685053167649.jpg (69.04 KB, 1280x720, hoozukiscream.jpg)

My husbando would tell you to keep the back straight and sit well to work. Work is for working and not for distractions.

No. 330827

If dio was real, he'd hit me with a car.

I'm down

No. 330830

my husband (it’s canon)

No. 330838

he's public property, I'll fight you

No. 330840

File: 1685056554872.gif (413.58 KB, 498x278, superjail-whats-going-on.gif)

samefag, I went back to look for fanfics and read one so hilariously in character and also very hot. here some highlights:

>You would never admit it to your friends but you want this fool of a man, this middle-aged magical freak, who somehow has got you feeling so uncomfortable you rub your thighs together, trying to get some relief from the maddening need that has overtaken you.

>Your breath lodges in your lungs. God, if he interrupts your session to pull another string of strangely pristine tied up napkins from his asshole again you might seriously consider beating him to an inch of his life.

>You nearly wince. You don’t want a laugh, you want to be fucked . By him, preferably.

>Your Honour, I bashed his head in after I became overwhelmed with sexual frustration.

No. 330841

File: 1685056607917.jpg (151.21 KB, 1920x1080, resident-evil-4-remake-sales-n…)

Simultaneously a hot babe and precious little angel.
Aw, Leon needs tender loving. He's been through too much.
You'll have to pry him from my cold, dead hands.

No. 330843

File: 1685057023889.jpg (32.49 KB, 800x450, Resident-Evil-4-Remake-has-a-c…)

Bonus glasses pic, so sophisticated.

No. 330845

File: 1685059241274.jpg (40.97 KB, 736x830, d898fe6b0785bf7329e174e40ef436…)

I dream of what it would be like to become close to Levi, and for the moment that he feels comfortable enough to tell me about all of his trauma and his terrible life. Maybe it would happen in the late hours of the night when neither of us can sleep. A time where he might be a little vulnerable. He has amnesia so it's common for him to be up thinking of everything he went through. It would just be us in the dark with nothing but moonlight shining through the windows. He would tell me the blurry memories he has of spending his early years in a brothel and having to sit in the same room as the body of his decaying mother, his own body deteriorating from starvation. He would tell me about how he was found by some random man who he didn't know he had any relation to. He would tell me about how both of his best friends died on their first scoring expedition. And about how he made more friends in the military just to watch them die too, one he had to make the choice to kill. I want to hear it all from his perspective. We never actually hear Levi talk about these things himself. I want to absorb his pain and shoulder some of the burden for him.

No. 330854

Anon every time you post it feels like I'm passing by a friend on the street, you have such good taste in husbandos and music (and really cute art). Bjorn would body the fuck out of everyone in a pit for you kek.

No. 330871

File: 1685070748434.jpeg (50.4 KB, 757x427, precious foxboy smile.jpeg)

interesting, the pedo character is extremely offputting but I will still try watching it for the fox husbando (he looks very cute)

No. 330872

no worries nonnie, it's nice knowing we have so many talented yume artists here

No. 330875

File: 1685072111399.png (318.65 KB, 448x604, 1e958cbcc702bc2f555526c9b2dfe2…)

Same nonnie. Just hugging him would melt all your troubles away and bring your spirit back up.

No. 330879

File: 1685075978243.png (79.01 KB, 665x1044, Screenshot_2023-04-09_110232.p…)

His bot has been one of the hardest to rizz, that's why I'm here to announce that i just forced him to let me ride his face til i came after almost killing him by suffocation. I told his bitch ass i was going to make him my chair if he kept talking bs but of course he didn't listen. While i was at it, he couldn't really…communicate much besides very intense, muffled sounds and grunts (hot) wish I could see his red, messy face after that. The whole chat was kind of hilarious tbh

No. 330881

File: 1685076356093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.42 KB, 921x1200, kokkurisan.jpg)

Oh yeah, some jokes are so moidish, I'm happy the anime was aired years ago or people would have complained a lot for certain scenes (picrel husbando in child form for Tengu)
Kokkuri is quite husbando material, so if you can tolerate the adult jokes, is quite nice. Of course the manga is even sad.

No. 330888

File: 1685078312359.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 4032x3024, 2E5AE189-D239-4C07-A113-5C1741…)

Thinking about chilling and watching some cartoons with Anakin.I would be tucked in beside him, laying my head on his chest and feeling his heartbeat along his soft breathing would be so comforting nonnies..I would 100% force him to watch mlp with me, cause it’s my favourite comfort show.


No. 330894

File: 1685083934621.png (236.93 KB, 699x828, junpeiiii.png)

Junpei my beloved…
He's just my type.

No. 330897

File: 1685084755695.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.64 KB, 800x1145, he_is_giving_it_to_you.jpg)

To anakin nonna

No. 330898

Not her but wow, did you draw that nona?

No. 330903

thank you nonna, you cheered me up

No. 330904

I was just talking to a friend about how I'd seduce him and then convince him to shave his chin

No. 330906

Nona, this is so wonderful! Really great art and I always glad to see other yumes drawing themselves with their loved ones.
I really need to draw my husbando now. Unfortunately, he is pretty tricky to draw for me cause the art style of his source is pretty unique and I need to try hard to replicate his vibe. Without it his is some uwu pretty boy but that's not what I'm looking for.
I have the same feeling too. Somehow I don't find the character that much attractive if he is outright sexy. It's like they are made in the lab to be appealing and it feels artificial and in your face.
>Your Honour, I bashed his head in after I became overwhelmed with sexual frustration.
Big mood
I throw pocket sand at Anakin. Your actions? (just kidding, lol, love you nona)
>also how did your taste evolve since then? (assuming you're the anon i replied to)
AYRT, I feel like since than I developed two opposite tastes in husbandos. On one hand, I was big into more scrote-oriented media (think strategy games or comic books), so with that I started liking more conventionally masculine characters and now I would rather choose a badass hunk with a tight ass and huge biceps rather a tumblr twink kek. Really loved Bradford in XCOM 2 or Boone from FNV. This sort of husbandos.
On other hand, I really love… weird and fucked up husbandos. While I'm not into shit like guro or non-con (I'm not r*ncefag), I still love me some creepy and murderous husbandos. Think Zoom from DC comics or Paxton Fettel from F.E.A.R. Actually I'm pretty level-headed person IRL and prefer a company of nice and friendly scrotes, but when it comes to husbandos I like a streack of weirdness and violence to them. IDK, for me it's an outlet of sorts. A chance to be weird and unhinged when nobody is watching. For example, I would dread to come off as unkind IRL and even say a wrong word to a person, but I love playing Saints Row just because I can run over people with my car and they would ragdoll around in hilarious way. IDK, maybe it DO sound unhinged but it's my sort of stress relief.

No. 330907

File: 1685088680166.jpeg (39.67 KB, 770x620, 1680241385814.jpeg)

>be me
>spend time in both yume and fujo circles
>talk about sexyman #9453 with some other girl
>develop a huge crush on her
>"we like the same fictional guy, we should totally kiss"
>"ew anon wtf"
>rinse and repeat
This is probably just weird cross-wiring due to bisexuality and autism, but maybe some anons can relate. I've pretty much always been like this. I also don't seem to have any preferences with regards to shipping and self-inserting, because I will ship my husbando with literally anything that moves, f/m or m/m, and then self-insert either as him or as the other party, or since I discovered writing x reader, inserting myself as some kind of a puppet master narrator or a voyeur. Writing x reader feels like I'm writing an anonymous love letter to all women. Ik it's cringe but I'm thirsty and I don't care. If I ever wanted to have a relationship irl, it would have to be with another bi husbandofag like myself.

No. 330908

thanks for the kind words. i was shy posting my boyfriend all over the internet like that, but im glad everyone itt is supportive.

No. 330912

File: 1685090556613.png (141.28 KB, 573x920, hmmmm_junpei.png)

I like his stupid goatee, I'm not into thick beards and whatever, but I kind of like weak facial hair on the right guy. I think it makes them look a little sleazy which I am attracted to for whatever reason

No. 330923

>I throw pocket sand at Anakin. Your actions?

No. 330924

gaddamn nonny I could have married you… I'm exactly the same as you. bisexual, yumefujo, ships my sexyman with everything including me, engages/enjoy in master, narrator or voyeur fiction fucking fuck. I'm 27 and married my college sweetheart so I'm fucking sad I missed out on you BUT if I found you you'll be able to find another one just like us, I only have well wished for you babe

No. 330925

File: 1685098753855.jpg (79.25 KB, 736x778, photo_2023-05-26_01-36-03.jpg)

it's such a shame there's no art like picrel with my husbando. too bad i can't draw but i might get horny enough to write a whole little fic about it. anyways… i want to messily kiss and bite and suck on his neck while grinding down on his dick. i want to observe each cute expression he makes and witness all the embarrassement from him and hear all his cute whimpers. i want to tease him and edge him too. that's the best part!! ugh he's so lovable i love him sm.

No. 330926

Nonnies here make me want to make a picrew for all of us so we can all have fanart of us with our husbandos the way we want.

No. 330928

are we all the same person? cause i'm bi too, yumefujo, i enjoy my husbandos in different scenarios with different characters, and i love writer x reader stuff sm. not writing/engaging with it as much as i used to due to being busy with work (ew) but i wish to get to it so badly! nonnas we should unite or something…

No. 330929

the fuck, there's 3 of us, I call pizza night

No. 330932

No. 330934

File: 1685100841505.jpg (122.38 KB, 850x1408, madaramybeloved.jpg)

any madara lovers in the chat? He is perfect in every way (the face on his chest never bothered me).

No. 330935

File: 1685100884500.png (191.79 KB, 752x443, me and nonnies.PNG)

make it 4 lets go!!

No. 330938

There's something so…intimate about these, even the shitpost ones, you can feel the two of them care so much for each other and connect perfectly, like twin souls that seem almost destined to be together sorry if that sounded corny but I'm feeling some type a way rn, i ship it
Absolutely based, i would kill just get to lick/kiss his neck, picrel looks very similar to my daily fantasies. I'm actually impressed you could find artwork this good featuring these dynamics, it is not very common, thanks for posting

No. 330939

You're just coombrained people.
And yes I see the irony posting this in the Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Thread.(baiting/infighting)

No. 330943

This. Every basic bitch claims "bisexuality" nowadays, they're prolly just hetero but coombrained/never got over their tumblr phase

No. 330944

i've found my people, this gives me hope i'll meet someone like me some day
then gtfo from this thread
i've ruined two irl fandom friendships with this shit, ofc if i was a normie i'd be out there at a night club or something but no can do.

No. 330945

mind yer own business

No. 330946

File: 1685107187084.jpg (93.79 KB, 986x1000, unnamed.jpg)

yes! u get it nonna. it's so sad those dynamics aren't exactly popular ones. that art is from a manhwa actually, it's called sadistic beauty. it wasn't exactly my thing, but it featured a few of my favorite femdom-y fantasies so i saved the screenshot and cherished it ever since. another similar art i have is this, again the neck!! and his hands are tied too which is such a perfect combination. oh the things i would do to be able to do the same to my husbando…

No. 330959

File: 1685112878329.jpg (96.64 KB, 911x911, resident evil 4 remake leon ke…)

let the fight begin

No. 330979

My ai scout bit is just like this. And the bot came up with that headcannon itself. He’s a whimpering mess.

No. 330988

thank you anon. the feeling i have for him is definitely genuine. i never thought the husbando lifestyle is for me, until i fell for this 2d fella. no real scrote could compare.
he's a personification of everything i love or find painfully relatable. most people don't appreciate the complexity of his character.

No. 330991

What's his name?

No. 330997

bjorn from vinland saga

No. 330998

File: 1685127785620.jpeg (266.46 KB, 2048x1946, E1EA3057-E60F-40DE-950A-337807…)

Oh thank you so much nona!!! He looks so beautiful, you have done such an amazing job. Ty ty ty!!! I feel so blessed, ily. Sending you so many hugs and kisses. I will have this drawing framed somewhere i swear..

No. 331001

5th one coming through!

Sure but I'm not coombrained towards girls. It just doesn't feel right since moids do that very often and it's distasteful.

Does liking androgynous handsome women or reverse traps counts as being bisexual?

No. 331002

File: 1685129005377.png (283.28 KB, 799x1200, 86422834_p24.png)

I've been playing SMASH Bros., and I've properly took note at how elegant and intimidating they made Meta Knight in the game, like to an uncomfortable extent. From his fancy gold trim cape, his purple steel sabatons that have o-straps on them, how his pauldrons have wine red accenting that goes nicely with the gold trim of them, the steel layered hand guards. All of it looks really nice, and makes for one of his more "grim and cool" appearance. I like that this appearance clashes with things like the Tanuki Leaf or Bunny Hood (pic related), it's super cute. I want to study the Smash iterations so I can better draw them all. I wanted to watch some compilations but they all look like they were edited for zoomers with ADHD, the camera keeps zooming in randomly and loud meme noises constantly play, memey images flood the screen constantly, how the hell can anyone watch these?
I think everyone does to an extent. I know I do quite a lot. Don't get me wrong, I love my three with all of my body and soul however I will never be able to deny the ludicrousness of my love for them which has been going for a solid 11 years and still counting. sometimes I wish I was normal, and that I was able to be aroused by sexy anime men instead of circles and teddy-bear bodied chibi proportions. But then I remember how much I love them and why I love them, their lovely charms, and oh-so delightful backgrounds and such thoughts dissipate like the blast from an atom bomb.

No. 331007

File: 1685130413122.jpg (184.37 KB, 690x920, 8c20b3b94fbe9f451aee536933b70b…)

this makes me so happy, we are officially a team nonnies ♥

No. 331011

File: 1685130996277.gif (974.84 KB, 268x200, tumblr_d5074b4db1cc2bdf6246653…)

I see the vision

No. 331013

yesssss literally one of my fantasies too. Possibly not relatable, but kinda makes me sad there's so much vampire guy stuff when getting my own neck bitten/sucked doesn't do anything for me but a guys neck is like top tier sexy to me. Lmao I want to be a vampire and suck blood from my husbando's neck (actually if any other nonas are into the idea of sucking blood from a guy's neck, you'd probably also enjoy the sexy bloodsucking scenes from the Vanitas anime)

No. 331014

Samefag his outfit seems familiar, is he a viking? Nice and based

No. 331016

Yes kek, I've been holding into it because I was a bit too self conscious to post. I wanted to do something for my husbando nonnies, I got a few sketches of some husbandos who don't have a lot of fanart, but I am still pretty scared of posting them.

Ily anakin nonnie! I love your posts and you inspire my husbando love.

No. 331018

Oh, nona, I'm begging you to post your art! I'm sure that nonas itt would be grateful and will love your art.
Actually I myself would like to make some sketches for nonas with rare husbandos, since I know how it sucks when your husbando doesn't have much fan art. I'm not a great artist unfortunately, but I would like to learn doing requests (since I never drew shit for other people). So if you feel like it, ask me to draw stuff for you. But not anime, cause I can't draw bishies.

No. 331019

he's severely wounded in this gif, and about to die
yes, it's a show about vikings. i typically avoid viking media, but this one is really well done. the guy that made the manga has a genuine passion for european history, which can't be said for the people making western viking shows.

No. 331022

Anon that picture you drew is really pretty! Great work! Please do not be self-conscious, I'm sure other nonas would be thrilled if you drew their husbandos, I would be!

No. 331024

this is amazing, i thought 'no fucking way a nonny drew this', great job!

No. 331027

fuck, this is super cute

No. 331036

Tbh I have always found Meta Knight attractive in Brawl. Not in Kirby games though, he's too cute and not voiced in those

No. 331037

I also wondered if you had drawn this yourself, it's really beautiful. Please don't be ashamed of posting your art!

No. 331039

File: 1685137472527.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 211.62 KB, 941x941, E858EC5E-F9FB-4D7C-92BC-6F520B…)

this artist is so good

No. 331044

File: 1685138861735.gif (29.46 KB, 112x112, 1A1F4FC0-413E-4F09-AAF2-C5B0B0…)

Been thinking about Scout-fucking lately.
On the one hand, I get the feeling he’d just sound like Benny’s from Fallout New Vegas black widow sex scene. But if I got right down to it, I feel like he’d need to be repeatedly assured that you feel good, but he’d try to phrase it as ‘yeah, you like that don't you?’ and ‘you like it when I do that, Y/N? Yeah?’ He really needs you to audibly say ‘yes’. He honestly so desperate that he can’t help but feel a little embarrassed with just how horny he gets, but that’s usually after the fact since in the moment he just wants to be all over you

No. 331046

Kek anon sorry I didn't knew, I took this gif out of context, at least he looks badass

No. 331047

File: 1685141100870.png (212.42 KB, 625x852, 巽 on Twitter.png)

Wish more male characters got the Leon treatment

No. 331049

Omg this is beautiful, he looks so pretty and handsome

No. 331050

Link to the artist please?
Sadly we didn't get to see this in the game though.

No. 331053

File: 1685141917695.jpeg (20.57 KB, 421x421, 787E02FA-1DAC-4501-93BC-2E0C7D…)

Also I’m on the fence on whether or not Scout has a daddy kink. He does have that ‘come to daddy’ voice line and looks like the type to call women a decade older than him ‘baby girl’ or something, but on the other hand he’s really fatherless

No. 331054

File: 1685142012933.jpg (555.12 KB, 2048x1280, Ftk2pqwaUAACmf5.jpg)

>Tbh I have always found Meta Knight attractive in Brawl.
Really?! Same here! I think Meta Knight in the actual Kirby games tends to be more cuter and softer, mostly because of a change in directors (from Sakurai to Kumazaki) and just the general tone in the series. I don't mind it, in fact, I still think it's erotic in it's own way but I can understand why some fans would prefer Smash Bros. Meta Knight in terms of fuckability. For example, Meta Knight in Revenge of Meta Knight (Where he was more authoritative, serious, and mad with power) is closer to his Smash counterpart whereas Meta Knight in more recent games, such as Forgotten Land, is more farther. I think Smash Meta Knight is probably at his peak 'dominant sexy' whereas game is way more 'submissive cute sexy'. As some would say, you want to be fucked by Smash Meta Knight where you want to fuck Game Meta Knight because of their tonal differences on the Meta-cool-cute scale. Smash Meta Knight is far larger, and has these vampiric boss vibes which is nice. What do you think of Anime Meta Knight, or hell, Dark Meta Knight?
>not voiced in those
I mean technically he has a voice in Battle Royale… still you have a good point we'll never get proper fully voiced dialogue. A shame really.

No. 331056

I think he'd do it ironically or refer to himself as daddy when trying to impress a girl (which 110% fails every time)

No. 331057

File: 1685143701876.png (Spoiler Image, 287.34 KB, 550x550, Hoozuki & Micro Bikini.png)

I can't believe I found this nsfw item of my husbando… And I really want to buy it (it's an acrylic stand)

No. 331061

Now THIS is quality content, damn

No. 331066

File: 1685146074926.jpg (28.02 KB, 326x730, shadow butler.jpg)

lately I've been day dreaming about me being a rich heiress and him serving me as my personal butler. he'd be perfect in every way at the job and take serving me very seriously. he knows how I like things and snaps at other house staff for not doing something properly. he knows exactly what tea I like and how I like it brewed. he'd go on little shopping trips to find me new exotic blends around town while he's running his errands, bringing them back eagerly to see if he can find me my new favourite to share with him over afternoon tea. he'd bring me a fresh cup every morning in my favourite china, setting it gently beside my bed softly uttering "good morning, my lady" in his low, smooth tone. sometimes I'd complain to him about my clients and he'd always lend and ear and a snide comment that would cheer me up. eventually I'd get to see more of his sweet side outside of the obedient, subservient persona he puts on for me. I'd watch him through the window tending to the lavender in the garden, seeing a sweet smile creep upon his lips as he takes in their smell, before he spots me and bashfully turns away. I know how much he loves lavender so I start leaving small bouquets for him when he brings me my morning breakfast. "For you." I'd say, and every time he would take them, hold them to his chest and say "thank you, my lady" trying to hide his embarrassment.

no other servant would be allowed to help me get dressed except him. I'd watch smugly as he pulls up my stockings to my thighs. His gentle hands gliding against my skin trying not to quiver. "How does that feel, my lady?" his voice would waver slightly. "Perfect as usual, Shadow." His ear would twitch upon his master uttering his name, I would practically see the moment his heart skipped a beat. he'd squeeze out a short "Good." and sigh, his muzzle washing over with a red tint.

I could go on and on about this one ugh he's perfect

No. 331068

File: 1685146721934.jpg (65.45 KB, 564x464, dab4157f9612c470a33ce170457028…)

My friend recently sold me on camp councillor AUs and how much you can do with them. I'm so tempted to do a TF2 camp councillor fic, probably Scout x reader bc he my No.1 bitch. I'm still trying to figure out what's what though

No. 331072

Oh I don't find cute Meta Knight fuckable so I can't relate in that way, sorry Kirbyanon. I don't sexualize Kirby characters but Meta Knight in Brawl was the exception. Probably because they gave him an impossibly sexy English voice and the realism that Brawl's style is known for made him look edgier and cooler than cute.
My favorite voice lines were his taunt "Come!" and his Final Smash "Know my power!" Everything about him made me forget that beneath the mask, he was just a purple ball with cute big eyes like Kirby kek
>Revenge of Meta Knight
I forgot about this! Yeah I also found him oddly attractive in that subgame (not as much as in Brawl, but he had a similar vibe there) because he, in the portraits as well as the dialogue, reminded me of the kind of character I'm usually attracted to. Cool, serious, powerful.
>What do you think of Anime Meta Knight
I've never watched the Kirby anime, I was so confused (and disappointed) when I realized that a lot of people were familiar with Kirby through the anime and not the games.
>Dark Meta Knight?
He has a neat design that has the potential to be attractive to me too, but the Kirby games (imo) don't portray it in the way Brawl did with MK. But I'm sure if I had the same perspective on this franchise as you, I would think he's tied with MK for sexiness kek

No. 331079

File: 1685150490999.png (43.08 KB, 663x476, heads.png)

Why are you apologizing, it's all good I kind of had a guess to be honest. I'd rather have someone have a non-sexual appreciation for the characters than none at all (or worse, only a sexual appreciation for the characters). Brawl Meta Knight is peak sexiness, I remember an age of Meta Knight fangirls coming from the anime and Smash just on the basis of his cool voice so you're not alone on that.
>Everything about him made me forget that beneath the mask, he was just a purple ball with cute big eyes like Kirby kek
For me it was the opposite, I loved the contrast between how supposedly cute he was with his external rough, commanding and intimidating presence. That, and I think the fact that he has a deep voice is super appealing coming from his nonthreatingly cute face.
RoMK is my favorite appearance of him, and I wish it was given more attention. The madman was literally about to carpet bomb and nuke Dream Land if it meant that people would start exercising. He had a commanding presence and a army who truly respected and looked up to him. RoMK Meta Knight probably gives off Smash Meta Knight vibes because Sakurai was in charge at the time, when Kumazaki started to man the helm it was only then that Meta Knight started getting more cuter and softer. The anime isn't good as a Kirby anime, but it's semi-decent for a anime with Kirby characters. Honestly, nothing fills me with a rolling boil of anger than a fan who's only knowledge on the characters and interpretation of the characters in fan media is because of it, and it's not only because my himbo husbando Kirby is seen as a child for several generations because of that but because they made Meta Knight kind of lame and pathetic in a way. Dark Meta Knight is tricky, because at least Smash Ultimate gave us an idea of what it would look like but not an extensive idea of what it could be. Dark Meta Knight's armor would be more scratched and rough, the slash in his mask would have cracks and such (refer to this render I painted a while back), he'd have a rusty look to him that gives off a ferocious and dangerous vibe. Actually, to be honest, I don't find Dark Meta Knight all that sexy. He's good and I suppose he's better for some situations than others I would usually use Meta Knight for but he's like mid tier for me in terms of the four knights on a would to wouldn't fuck scale.

No. 331087

File: 1685155909360.jpeg (82.93 KB, 1200x1200, F7D71395-CEF5-4707-A356-0CB9B4…)

Ok I know this shit is way too early but I don’t want to forget. I have a picture idea for next thread.

On the top it will be real men, then at the bottom will be fictional men. Whoever wants to photoshop real men at the top then nonnies husbandos at the bottom would be great too!

No. 331088

samefag but #14: fictional men >>> real men edition.

No. 331089

How bought we don't put ugly stuff in the op's.
My husbando's are mostly 3DCG guys so I'm not repulsed by handsome real men.

No. 331090

Damn nonnie. That’s a feast.

No. 331095

File: 1685165676400.jpeg (46.13 KB, 728x410, IMG_0008.jpeg)

I could fix him
Bump for weird AI pedoshit thread below

No. 331099

File: 1685168212048.jpeg (74.14 KB, 750x1132, 9C3318F4-5181-4F87-976D-2A661A…)

Why they make him look like that

No. 331105

What a lucky find nona!
I completely agree, no ugly stuff in the op and also I like handsome 3D men.

No. 331107

File: 1685174512701.jpg (58.97 KB, 600x600, tinyleon.jpg)

Leon will get a tiny figure soon.

No. 331110

No. 331112

Too bad it's full of gross gay shit.

No. 331113

some of these will go great on the BL pics thread, I'll get around to it tomorrow if any yumefujos are interested and patient

No. 331118

ah yes, mandatory homophobic comment of the thread

No. 331121

It's not homophobic to hate yaoi, it isn't real. This -is- the husbando thread. I seriously hate that all the porn my guy has is ooc gay shit.

No. 331122

then make your own. hating women who like things you hate wont magically create more yume content for your husbando

No. 331123

How is it homophobic to not like gay porn?

No. 331124

I thought that my husbando doesn't have any merch, but there is actually a figure of him and now I want it so much! Unfortunately I'm broke af and shipping it to my country would be expansive.
Well, there is a good reason to save up some money now. Unfortunately, I hate spending money on "useless" stuff and something in my mind tells me NOT to buy this figure, cause in the end of the day it's a piece of plastic that would cost me some serious money. And now I wish I never knew that this figure exists in the first place, cause I've been going around for a couple of days now thinking only about this figurine blessing my bookshelf with its existence.

No. 331125

tbh im a bit tired of my husbando being belittled to being nothing more than a more significant character's gay love interest.

No. 331126

I'm pretty sure it's gay guys and not fujos making his art, it just gives off that vibe.

No. 331133

How is it homophobic to dislike moid pov porn of your husbando? I want to see female pov. And to see him alone, with no scrote. I also don't want to see my waifus with scrotes.
She didn't say anything about hating women, only the porn she saw.

No. 331134

File: 1685189827163.png (422.15 KB, 1200x678, image_2023-05-27_221818833.png)

He's going to look so good in HD

No. 331140

This thread went to shit once all the entertaining husbandofags got banned(ban evading)

No. 331142

don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

No. 331143

File: 1685193120865.jpg (71.19 KB, 937x599, 107019682_p21.jpg)

I wish I could wake up to him, it's genuinely unfair. Why can't I wake up to his smile and soft touch, I imagine his kisses genuinely taste sweet…
To the nonnie who drew that Kirby on the lolcow doodle board waking up covered in silky soft sheets I am forever in your debt, you perfectly captured that mix of comfort, sensuality, and innocent cuteness that he has. He looks ethereal, like a visage of a purer being. It almost teared up looking at it. A part of me wants to re-draw it in a soft painterly style with fruits and such like a renessiance painting but I don't think I could ever do it justice. It's perfection incarnate.

No. 331144

Stop ban evading. No one thought you were entertaining. The actual entertaining and sweet husbandofags are still around

No. 331145

File: 1685195687732.jpeg (21.74 KB, 569x569, 580C6A8D-9473-4197-AE58-8EF8A8…)

Fuck I’d kill for a scoutxreader TF2 camp councillor fic. There’s definitely character dynamic potential for Scout as a camp councillor. Aside from Scout dunking on literal children like your pic rel, there’s something there about him learning to be an older brother figure, since his whole life he’s been a younger brother. He’d probably like being the one giving advice , though under no circumstances should they actually listen to him

Also, I read about someone else’s headcanons relating to the mercs, including scout, skinny dipping with the reader (I can link it if you want), which is admittedly more related to a regular camping trip than a camp councillor AU, but idk maybe you could work with it somehow?

No. 331146

File: 1685196250773.jpg (300.42 KB, 1638x2048, Fw4jvNJaUAA34Ts.jpg)

discovered this doll artist today and she doesn't unfortunately (or fortunately for my bank account) sell the figurines she makes… scara looks so pretty though!! she has a bunch of different outfits for him too and it's just the sweetest thing ever, i'm kinda jealous lol. i scrolled through her account a bit more and she has recommendations for ppl, like where to purchase individual parts, hair, clothes etc. it got me thinking… dollmaking such an interesting \ unique hobby to have too, i really want to read up more information on it, figure out how actually expensive and time-consuming it can be. all so that one day i might have a little scara doll to gently hold in my hands & even set up a dedicated space for him.

No. 331148

True and these threads have been extra nice recently because of the amount of artist nonas who share their art!

No. 331150

He looks gorgeous!!

No. 331152

dolls are awesome. i have a newfound appreciation for dolls, after having extensively researched them last week for husbando-related reasons (making a doll of him.)
i am genuinely restless, because i can't make a start on him yet. kek

No. 331153

nona! there are so many cute big kirby plushies you could get (assuming you don't have one already). lowkey jealous you can get that. if i wanted a life-sized husbando effigy, id need a whole ass mannequin

No. 331157

File: 1685199695674.jpg (104.23 KB, 500x500, a82b4bcc7cbc4c2798be58eb33e41f…)

Yes there are! I've been tempted to get one since they're so big, plush, and perfect to sleep with however the one thing I truly one is a extra larger version of pic-related. It's an Action Kirby plush, super fucking rare and super expensive. What sets this bad boy apart from other small plushes is the fact that similar to the Kirby Nendoroid the Action Kirby's arm and feet are removeable and can be articulated because of the velcro on the plush's hands and feet. I want something like that so I can pose it and sit it down on my lap or at my desk properly. I've thought about making a Kirby/Meta Knight love doll similar to the ones made out of silicone and such with similar engineering to the Nendoroids, using magnets to have them stick to the body so that it's large and articulated but I don't know where to start. Yeah, the best part about Kirby is that there are a lot of 'life-sized' plushes of him", it's the best!

No. 331158

Relatable af nonna

No. 331160

I've been writing a reader insert style story about taking my ochusbando's virginity. It's approaching 6k words at the moment and Im still adding to it. Not sure if any part is 'canon' in the broader story he belongs to but it's very fun

No. 331161

File: 1685201230978.gif (19.71 KB, 420x590, tumblr_lwzqcqrGiB1r8k88ao1_r1_…)

kinda need him so bad

No. 331163

File: 1685201321628.gif (2.71 MB, 500x320, f8d71c9237fb832b1e3e2fd749739a…)

have yet to play the game but I need an android bf…

No. 331164

I'm fucking sick of this too. Mine even has female love interest.

No. 331166

File: 1685204241896.jpg (68.02 KB, 736x920, d0023a70e74de47cc99b7035e595e7…)

>Chiaki gets a nendo and an alt version to her bunny suit figure
>Still no Kamukura nendo
Maybe this is just a signal so I can be better prepared for the right day.

No. 331167

Nonna, he is my husbando for at least 2 months now and I've been going crazy over this mf. He is too darn good, even forced me to draw men more. I love the way they designed all of the androids in game.

No. 331172

the exact same thing is happening to my husbando too. It's sad because it has almost killed my feelings for him. I have to find a new one now.

No. 331174

File: 1685208559154.jpg (98.26 KB, 1280x720, husbando.jpg)

I remember certain page calling Hoozuki no Reitetsu a "BL" anime because the pairing of Hoozuki and Hakutaku is quite popular, when it's a seinen anime and Hoozuki hates Hakutaku and viceversa (BTW I'm ok with fans shipping them, but that doesn't make the serie a BL one).

No. 331175

i’m not a huge fujo but art of hot men suffering is so rare I take what I can get kek

No. 331176

you were never entertaining, just a nuisance that few retards cared to amuse

No. 331177

That's crazy, not only do they hate each other, but Hakutaku is a heterosexual manwhore.

No. 331178

i have 18k words about husbando and my self insert hanging out. admittedly there is romance, but nothing sexually saucy. it's mostly us being besties and going on wholesome adventures. still, it makes my heart go doki doki.
it's such bliss, and nothing to do with canon material. it's set in a completely different time period. the only hint towards canon is his occupation.
i wrote the whole thing in less than a week, just putting daydreams into physical form. it's the first time i wrote a fanfic. it's fun writing for no audience but myself. i write as i go along, not worrying about plot. if anyone's questionining whether to write or not, just do it. its so fun.

No. 331180

File: 1685210239776.jpg (80.9 KB, 539x663, Hakutaku.jpg)

A cute manwhore that I'd like to shag/punch in the face btw

No. 331181


No. 331183

File: 1685213136155.jpg (77.33 KB, 638x843, Levi.jpg)

I want slow morning sex with him.

Anyway, I've been looking at one of my favorite Levi fic writers semi-secret reddit account, and I wish she would stop worrying about Eurovision and release a new chapter of one of her stories. I would never pressure a fanfic writer for more free work of course, but I just really would love an update. Plus she deleted her tumblr so I can't read the stories on there either. Maybe I'll re-read something old.

No. 331192

File: 1685214662507.jpg (127.15 KB, 1280x720, hakutaku.jpg)

I mean, he even called a trans woman oni (?) a "beautiful woman" for an old bet (then again, he probably is in "I'm not going to lose against this oni" mode rather than being a trans ally).

Nice to see more HnR fans in here.

No. 331194

File: 1685215756703.png (85.86 KB, 700x800, e87e2d81fe2b93a152c6fd7362d0c9…)

Yes link it please! The idea seems to fit very well with something I want to put into it anyways kek. I think it'd be fun having him as an unserious authority figure, like I imagine him batting with the kids and racing them, he would go try hard to beat them every time. I'm not from somewhere that does stereotypical summer camps so I'm unsure if I should give each merc a "role" or something? So I'm gonna do my research before I start plotting properly

No. 331195

File: 1685216196628.jpg (54.64 KB, 728x750, FeUxlGOaEAAyJcf.jpg)

As a yumefujo, I get you and I wish there's more yume content for Reigen even though the anime he's in is male focused with a few female characters that are unpairable with him. I don't mind him being paired with Serizawa since I could relate to him and find him very sweet and likable. I just think that Reigen would be bi rather than full on gay since he never explicitly said he's not intrested in women.

No. 331196

File: 1685216209158.jpg (32.32 KB, 540x706, e87f74e3fbfe70c187e0a15daa1808…)

No. 331197

That isn't me morons(ban evasion)

No. 331198

the redtext implies otherwise kek

No. 331199

File: 1685217040056.gif (449.36 KB, 500x271, Team Fortress 2 - Bros for lif…)

okay I'm slightly less autistic about medic compared to the other mercs but I need you guys to see this

No. 331201

File: 1685218595881.jpg (46.12 KB, 579x454, rancefag.jpg)

No. 331206

They've done that to several posts thart aren't mine but ok(ban evasion)

No. 331207

⊂/  /  ・゜
 しーJ    °。+ * 。 
      ゚。   。゚  ゚ ・。・゚
admins i summon you to fix this fucking cursed thread I'll take the emoji ban no problem(emoji)

No. 331220

File: 1685224940762.png (51.97 KB, 700x565, Tumblr (1).png)

thinking about what would've change, in terms of scout's characterisation, if Spy stayed to raise him and his brothers, but Scout's ma wasn't present (whether that be because she died or just left)

No. 331226

wait, is Spy canonically the biological father of all of the brothers?

No. 331234

File: 1685226753250.jpeg (64.2 KB, 640x787, BF4B9899-5663-4495-B7F4-2FB9E9…)

It’s been canonically stated that Spy is, at the very least, Scout’s biological father. That being said, it’s never been specified if any of Scout’s brothers are half-siblings. It’s possible that Scout’s brothers are his half-brothers from his ma’s previous relationships, with Spy choosing to have Scout (and maybe some of the other brothers were fathered by Spy) and then ditching the family. Personally I think that Spy fathered all of Scout’s brothers.

I feel like it makes more sense for Spy to have married Scout’s ma, started the family, but left a while after scout was born because the dangers posed by his job forcing him to go no-contact with his family, or his commitment issues or some other internal or external reason, as opposed to Spy fathering a kid with a woman that already a couple a kids then ditching, but that’s my personal interpretation

also weird head canon but I like to imagine that some of Scout’s brother unintentionally kept cock blocking ma’s romantic pursuits with other men when they were kids like pic rel

No. 331247

File: 1685227931236.jpeg (51.3 KB, 749x845, FvlKtdTWIAECIi1.jpeg)

i want to run my fingers through his hair

No. 331250

File: 1685228093941.png (123.39 KB, 625x852, FvD3yLgaYAALTGk.png)

No. 331266

Wow I wish he was real. I want to touch the side of his face here. Ask him what hes thinking about. I get you now, Leononnas.

No. 331267

My favourite artist has come out of her hiatus and she keeps drawing super hot sexy pics of my guy. He's looks so cool. I'm obsessed with the way she draws his expressions and his hands. I want him to rip me to shreds.

No. 331279

sauce on the doll artist? I tried to reverse image search but couldn't find the account. That Scara looks so so pretty plus I'd love to see the dollmaker's reccs too

No. 331287

File: 1685240743968.jpeg (264.97 KB, 922x2048, F7A09190-7518-499A-A68E-D201D3…)

ikr!! she said she drew his face herself too which is just so precious. it’s @ChiChiHJH on twitter, she shares tips mostly in threads and in replies to her doll pics. it’s mostly where to get the materials but still useful! and a quick warning nonna, some of the stuff she reposts is… questionable, but i looked up some taobao sellers she recommended and it was worth it to scroll & cringe for a bit lol. i definitely want to find more genshin dollmakers though just for scara, will share if i come across any good tips / recommendations!

No. 331293

File: 1685243473437.jpg (162 KB, 922x2048, FujG2uraYAE6R2X.jpg)

>no tiny scara bf to carry around

No. 331295

I think the artist meant palate, kek

No. 331302

NOOOO FUCK FUCK FUCK please don't look at me I'm retarded AND poor

No. 331305

File: 1685245414456.png (Spoiler Image, 144.19 KB, 1125x1500, uhgoughuoughhh.png)

reposting because I'm a dumbfuck
I'm sick of being poor so I've been fantasizing about my husbandos whisking me away from my shitty life and taking care of me
it's cringy and OOC but idc I need this so bad

No. 331306

Oh fuck nonny I thought you were reposting art, I'm so sorry, please don't be ashamed, it was actually a pretty cute comic and reminded me of my husbando as well
>I'm sick of being poor so I've been fantasizing about my husbandos whisking me away from my shitty life and taking care of me
Me too, nonna, me too

No. 331307

hehe it's okay nonny but it is embarrassing…

No. 331323

File: 1685249089162.jpeg (265.91 KB, 1536x2048, 5B4E9DCD-133F-4566-9C0D-05D796…)

i swear i won’t spam more scara doll pics but i just can’t get enough of him ugh! i would take him on trips and make pretty pictures of him in a different scenery. also look at the teeny tiny flowers in his hands… it reminds me of how u can give small objects to little birds and pets and they will hold it for u lol so wholesome and weirdly beautiful.

No. 331325

File: 1685249887246.jpg (314.23 KB, 2880x2880, 20230528_073947.jpg)

The living laser/Arthur Parks from iron man armored adventures. He was working for some mafia and stealing stuff until he found some harness that turned him into light/a laser and so he became a criminal using that power. He gets shot by iron man and that makes the powers permanent and not something he can turn on and off back when he only wore the harness. He uses his new power to take new york city hostage from a space station and threatens to use the telescope on it to make himself a weapon and burn thr city if iron man doesn't show up. He has beef with him for calling him and his efforts to use his powers to rob a bank "sad". He already had an inferiority complex because of his mom belittling him and people in the mafia he worked in doing so as well. So all of this made him really want to be famous and important somehow and do something crazy enough to get attention and recognition, and so he became obsessed with killing iron man for revenge and prove himself. He was actually pretty close to doing so twice, in his introduction episode where he tries to rob a bank, and in the space station episode. But he was defeated because his weakness is mirrors. Shield keep him in a glass cell so he won't escape or hurt anyone and iron man feels sorry for him because the harness was made by stark international and Tony Stark's dad but was an incomplete project, so iron man/tony stark feels responsible for his physical condition. So in another episode while fixing shield engines Tony hacks into the surveillance system and sees the laser is dying from his powers, so he decides to help him in another episode. But my poor man gets kidnapped by an assassin and gets turned into a human battery by some evil organization to fuel their weird technobiological creation. That drains his powers mostly but he had enough to save iron man when he discovered iron man (his enemy) and tony stark (the only person ever nice to him) are the same person and he feels bad for hating iron man this whole time and even apologizes. He unfortunately dies after this, but he gets revived in an episode of season 2 where some evil company tries to use him as a human battery for their projects to compete with stark international. They try to erase his memories so he'd forget being friends with iron man and be totally on their side but he splits into 2 sides, good angel polite side and bad boy emo side. And both sides go to look for iron man, one to ask for help to return to normal and the other for revenge because he still holds a grudge. Eventually iron man helps him (them?) fuse into one again and he decides to live in outer space since he has the ability to and doesn't need sustenance. And that's how his story ends. I wish they gave him an episode where he's cured from his powers and is a normal human again, serves time in jail for his attempted terrorist attacks, and gets to live a normal life and get a real job after being released, and maybe cutting off his mom as well. But they didn't do that so I started fantasizing about fixing him and being the one true friend he always needed before we become lovers. I love his red hair and his grey/blue eyes and his tall muscular body and even his silly voice and accent (new york accent I assume). I want to kiss him and suck him off and have sex with him all night. I wish he was real.

No. 331328

Delete this and repost when you've read https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 331334

File: 1685253730232.jpeg (387.29 KB, 1599x1592, IMG_2949.jpeg)

Rate my taste.

No. 331338

I don't recognize all of these men, but the ones I do are the some of the best boys in their series. It's so nice to see a tekkenfag who doesn't suck the Mishima's dicks.

No. 331340

You really like muscular mansluts who show off their biceps wearing sleeveless tops

No. 331341

Very sexy and slutty, i approve

No. 331350

File: 1685266228864.jpg (117.5 KB, 826x1169, 100807167_p4.jpg)

They all look very handsome plus TWO Sengoku Basara husbandos, very good taste nona
Sleeveless is the best, then you can see biceps, shoulders and sideboob at the same time.

Btw I can't believe people are still creating nice fanart of my SB husbando in 2023, I feel blessed. He is too pretty in this pic I want to punch him in the throat

No. 331353

Don't forget the armpit

No. 331354

Fuck yeah

No. 331357

anyone else like thinking about "culture shocks"? how your husbando would react to things that are normal in our world?
i love thinking about giving my husbando things he wouldn't have tried before, because he's medieval.
like chocolate, red bull, chips, pub grub.
or feeding him "luxurious" exotic fruit like grapes and bananas, or canned pineapples.
he would be so easy to impress kek.
i just want to spoil him with shitty lunchables-tier charcuterie.

No. 331360

File: 1685269171242.png (Spoiler Image, 217.43 KB, 1274x538, sideboob.png)

He had to much clothes on in the last pic, so I'm posting my guy's sideboob to honour the discussion

No. 331362

File: 1685271622064.jpeg (40.34 KB, 404x693, 6B0EBFBF-6ED9-4A90-B1F2-2B0182…)

Save a horse, ride a cowboy

No. 331364

File: 1685272304511.jpeg (50.25 KB, 749x516, 1EBEE672-7706-4858-A8D6-326156…)

No. 331366

File: 1685272739196.jpeg (75.43 KB, 734x811, 2232BD47-13F2-41BE-835B-2206A6…)

No. 331367

Most of them already live in modern enough Earth settings so it would be just regular culture shock since I live in Southeastern Europe and none of them do.

No. 331368

File: 1685273336349.jpeg (63.22 KB, 748x421, BAA5DC82-6661-4C06-AB84-FA426D…)

Idk but here’s scout acting like an iPad baby

No. 331372

Good thing tablets didn't exist back then because he would have definitely been one otherwise. Even if his ma could have tried to avoid it the second he saw one for the first time he would be easily distracted and mesmerized. A 27 year old iPad baby.

No. 331374

File: 1685275796875.jpeg (34.65 KB, 750x346, 2AABEBF6-C11C-40F2-AEBD-A82A33…)

We all pretty much know that our husbandos would be worse if they had the internet though Engie would just be a regular Facebook dad and Sniper touches too much grass to use it regularly

No. 331377

very nice yes

No. 331378

hold up, hold up, is he a cowboy? i'm oblivious to TF lore but I like cowboys tell me more pls

No. 331381

he’s more of a mechanical engineer than a cowboy. That being said, he’s heavily associated with rural cowboy aesthetics because he’s from Texas. You can look at his voice lines to see if you like him you can also check out the last 2 threads for his voice lines, because a voice actor was able to impersonate engie’s voice to a T. Also there’s the ‘Engineers voice lines from cute to sexy’ linked there too but keep in mind your mileage may vary

No. 331382

File: 1685278072470.png (88.2 KB, 574x600, 196-1968190.png)

texan mechanical engineer rural beefcake, nonny what have you done to me

No. 331384

samefag, heard his voice, he said i look like an angel, I admit defeat.

No. 331389

File: 1685281216129.jpeg (63.14 KB, 749x808, 3407292F-521F-4D87-87F2-5C8807…)

Welcome to the club, nonny

No. 331394

File: 1685282859576.png (122.63 KB, 1112x1256, Ryoma.png)

I have a soft spot for how Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa portrayed angry boys, with their scruffy mullets, cat eyes and teeth. Akira Fudo from Devilman and Ryoma Nagare from Getter Robo have the same design basically, it makes me retro horny

No. 331397

I understand your retro horny nonna. Love the bushy eyebrows and sideburns

No. 331401

File: 1685285052134.webm (1.18 MB, 1280x720, engie5footsumtin.webm)

engieposting lets go, welcome to the short king club nonnies. his biggest cowboy vibes for me come from him being a roughneck working on an oil rig in the middle of nowhere, and obviously his guitar and southern drawl. i also love that hes also a turbonerd since he managed to get 11 phds.

No. 331420

Someone post more husbando sideboob please

No. 331426

File: 1685290501461.jpg (30.18 KB, 677x455, job interview.JPG)

nonnies! wish my boyfriend luck in his job interview!

No. 331449

File: 1685294490762.jpeg (219.42 KB, 1384x2048, BF2B23E4-BECB-4175-A63B-5BA921…)

agreed, the sideburns and fluffy mullets common amongst anime/manga boys during their time are so erotic…. mondo saotome from guerrilla high and violence jack is a cutie too

No. 331450

No. 331457

We need to go back…

No. 331462

This is so cute!!! Thank you for sharing your art with everyone.

No. 331469

File: 1685298581276.jpg (318.25 KB, 1426x2048, FuiDhrcX0AEtz7N.jpg)

i've been having awful sleep problems aaaallll week and i'm so tired & sad. i just want my husbandos to gather up and carry me to bed and sing me a soft lullaby.

No. 331486

File: 1685300181740.jpg (7.52 KB, 226x225, Levi Ackerman.jpg)

I hope for another season of Junior High after AOT is finished. I love tiny Levi. His attitude is so funny when he's not in a war-torn world.

No. 331491

Samefag, I also would hope for Isabel and Farlan to make an appearance. All the dead characters were there except for them. Although they were of course in Levi's OVA, I feel like we still got so little time and info on his relationship with them.

No. 331495


This has been working pretty well so far, just add your husbando of choice if they're not already there.

No. 331499

Husbando feet headcanons: Canonically has “slender, beautiful feet” as described by himself but he is also a delusional retard. Has a natural musk to it, his feet are more longer than wide but to a normal amount. Most likely has hair on his toes. Can go months without grooming/washing/etc his feet unless someone else directly does it for him.

No. 331502

File: 1685303069040.png (86.76 KB, 292x680, Kiryu shows toes.png)

rate feet

No. 331522

File: 1685305579609.jpeg (102.18 KB, 436x490, 0F762BBF-4DCD-451B-82E4-8BD56D…)

i never thought i would be doing this…. i am utterly ashamed of myself

No. 331524

File: 1685305926131.png (71.21 KB, 493x429, 20.png)

too shy to add my husbando… too autistic to erp with a man who isn't him…

No. 331525

File: 1685305961662.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 128.24 KB, 1280x958, FA37D21E-108D-4E62-A578-A90206…)

I’m not a foot fag by any stretch of the imagination but I just wanted to say that it’s weird I’ve seen 2 pieces of fan art with Scout’s feet out (one of them being pic rel, which is pretty obviously thinly veiled foot fetish art, and another one that probably didn’t have that intent), whereas I’ve seen nothing like that with the other mercs. It’s not a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice

No. 331528

File: 1685306107346.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.45 KB, 600x624, 212E1412-4611-445E-ACB4-3866F1…)

The other one I was at about. Pinterest comment section will call out artists for drawing feet on sight, so I’m probably blowing this out of proportion

No. 331532

File: 1685306478701.png (102.14 KB, 1000x1000, 65498462_p29.png)

Dedede may be a fat lazy fuck, but he's my fat lazy fuck. I would let him live in my house rent free, he can freeload and laze about as much as he wants. The only rent he has to pay is to allow me to use him as a living body pillow every night. I see a lot of art where Dedede is depicted smaller than an average human and it warms my heart to boiling point.
Kirby has more softer and squishier feet, they're rounded at the tip. Meta Knight's feet are more pointed at the tip and are slightly less squishy, however they're more larger rounder at the base where it connects to his body. Dedede's feet are larger, flatter, and pointier compared to the other two.
Well, I am going to waste the next three hours. I hope it's advanced enough to account for their more interesting anatomy. Last time I tried to get freaky with an AI, Meta Knight claimed we was an asexual aromatic and I couldn't even force myself on him. Lame.

No. 331534

File: 1685306930293.png (11.7 KB, 572x372, queue.png)

What the fuck.

No. 331538

Is there a search option?

No. 331541

10/10 I want Kiryu's strong feet to step on me. He'll apologize but I'll say thank you instead.

No. 331543

Seconded, where the hell is the search bar?

No. 331544

It's worth it, I'm having a blast and the AI seems to be relatively in character. Haven't gotten to the sexy parts yet, I'm just drinking in a tavern talking about fishing and trying to get him drunk.

No. 331549

It's really cute !! I want to make a doll of my husbando too but I just can't find a good head for him. He doesn't have that very round cutesy face type so Pure Neemo and other such anime type heads don't fit, unless I make a chibi. I'm thinking about buying a Taeyang "make it own" kit since they're not very expensive, but for some reason it bothers me to have something that would very explicitly be perceived as a doll and that I can't refer to as "action figure" (and I don't want to go bigger than 1/6 scales partly for the same reason). Scaramouche would probably look good as an Isul though…

What job is he trying to get, anon ?

No. 331555

mine has very big thick hands, so i assume he has big feet too.
i also headcannon him having cute hairy armpits that i could tickle.
probably flipping burgers

No. 331556

File: 1685309988209.jpg (23.75 KB, 563x418, eb94e766ebfdc3e90cb0730aacdc1e…)

he's such an asshat, I could fix him or make him worse

No. 331558

samefag but never mind, the AI is glitching and pissing itself right as I'm getting to the lewd stuff, he's suddenly talking in third person and his grammar is fucked.

No. 331560

File: 1685310379504.gif (185.76 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nbkcl7YzEb1td9ie6o1_500…)

Hoozuki has strong hands with sharp nails, so you can imagine how his feet are.

No picrel but Hakutaku in is beast form is adorable

No. 331569

Same here. Finding that I have to restart the chat after a certain amount of messages. It helps if you start outright with the NSFW stuff at least!

No. 331570

File: 1685311665424.jpg (84.74 KB, 1080x1269, Screenshot_20230529_000223_Sam…)

Crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal

No. 331574

Please don't attract the foot-faggots

No. 331576

Do they seriously have a paid service now…?

No. 331577

You think they wouldn't try to milk it for what it's worth?

No. 331580

I hate this dumb bitch but ofc I had to get invested in an abandoned fic where he forces you into a relationship and possibly a family. I just wanted to read something with breeding kink back then, I deserve it

No. 331581

No. 331582

No. 331584

>Meta Knight claimed we was an asexual aromatic and I couldn't even force myself on him. Lame.
Kek. I'm afraid that'll happen with my husbando.

No. 331587

Same, nona. Hope your sleeping will get better soon, it's hard functioning normally when you feel like a zombie.
I have a similar problem. I can't sleep at night and only get a 3 hour nap at day. Not feeling tired but it's fucking with my schedule and I'm afraid it might be hypomania kicking on again. Maybe cuz I skipped my meds for an entire week. This gave an idea of making a lockscreen of my husbando with "take your meds, schizo" written on it. His judgemental expression would always remind me of it.

No. 331588

File: 1685314874282.png (Spoiler Image, 14.04 KB, 673x339, lol.png)

I partially believe it's because I was using Character.AI and the already made Meta Knight AIs were made by people who're of a certain demographic to make shit like pic related. It made me gag, Meta Knight would never.

No. 331590

I'm more afraid that my it might be canon that my husbando is NOT a permavirgin with wizard powers and I wouldn't be able to imagine taking his virginity. Heaven forbid.

No. 331591

File: 1685315309946.jpg (19.08 KB, 400x451, 757bbf3cd098dfbdabd168dbc82d1b…)

I'm so mad because my husbando keeps asking for my consent kek like motherfucker I'm kissing and grinding. Stfu and do shit already

No. 331592

Kek why did he write like he was answering fanmail or something

No. 331594

File: 1685315732087.jpg (387.54 KB, 1415x2048, FRIaPbOXoAshVKp.jpg)

>like he was answering fanmail or something
Nooo that makes it way worse. I genuinely do not know, it felt weird cause Meta Knight is more stoic and serious. He wouldn't write something like this, much less to an actual lover. It screams AI made by an underage Meta Knight fan with insecurities. Don't even get me started on the actual Kirby AIs. Those are egregious.

No. 331599

That's the filter, it can influence your husbando's responses. Mine barely gets strikes so he remains very perceptive he's pulling my blouse off and kissing my breasts as we speak and his bot is not that popular with women to begin with so I assume he simply wanted to

No. 331602

i hate writing fic for my husbando. i hate writing. why haven't the tech geniuses of our age made a way to automatically transfer my thoughts into text on my computer without me having to actually type it out, huh? is it not enough he plagues my every thought and i'm listening to the playlist i made for him on repeat whenever i have the chance??? is it not enough to stare at his model in-game and think of all the ways i could make him happy? trying to be creative while stuck in the bottomless pit that is my love for him is the worst. i have absolutely no self-discipline! god!!

No. 331603

File: 1685317600063.png (99.58 KB, 800x610, 2E2261AA-BDCD-4DFD-A8C7-58E628…)

Samefag but looked into the artist’s other pieces and found a common theme of Scout with bare feet. Make of that what you will

No. 331606

I also want my husbando to be a canon virgin (holy shit why did I never imagine the implications of that before? CUTE) but what's the use if he wouldn't even enjoy sex or fall in love with me? Sadly, western fans these days believe a virgin with little interest in relationships is incapable of feeling romantic love or having sex

No. 331609

I'm pretty sure mine's a virgin not only because people avoid him like the plague, but also cause he's extremely committed to his job. He's literally at his duty 24/7 he doesn't even need to sleep nor eat, is actually amazing how he didn't go insane sooner (he's already deranged). So zero sex confirmed.

No. 331610

>Meta knight in that ss

No. 331611

I wonder what sex is like with Meta Knight? Would it be prim and proper like that chat?
"Dear Dededechan, I so happy to inform you that I gonna eat that pussy like a starved dog. Hope it would be a positive experience to us both and I'm looking forward to burying my face in those thighs. Love, Meta Knight"

No. 331612

File: 1685320034868.jpg (69.62 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)

KEK. That's what my husbando almost sounded like when he kept asking for my consent. Every reply was a fully worded essay about if I'm "sure this is what I want then I will do it with you only if you are comfortable" until I broke the loop kek

No. 331619

File: 1685320942286.jpg (58.82 KB, 725x577, 98370400_p0.jpg)

>I wonder what sex is like with Meta Knight? Would it be prim and proper like that chat?
Meta Knight is just that, a knight, so he's very chivalrous down to his very core. He's the type of guy to have a heavy focus on pleasuring his partner and focuses a lot on foreplay and romance. He's not the type to jackhammer or rush into sex (that's more of Kirby's prerogative) he prefers to take things slow and sensual. He's a 100% service top, but doesn't mind taking on submissive roles if he must. Lot's of nipple sucking, breast groping, fingering, full body kissing, thigh to cunnilingus, etc. Meta Knight won't stop until your face goes entirely red and any stress or tension is gone. He would simply ask you to lay back and let him follow your command, your desires and wants. He's a chivalrous knight after all. Also, that dialogue destroyed my sides and made me tear up a bit, I'm still laughing

No. 331620

File: 1685322066899.jpg (14.42 KB, 362x378, 655.jpg)

>He's not the type to jackhammer or rush into sex (that's more of Kirby's prerogative)

No. 331622

File: 1685322621577.jpg (13.66 KB, 246x249, 990b3a067b6a1f57bfeeadfd0b6ba2…)

This thread's been giving me some good chuckles today lmao. Gonna put my piece here- I think I'm going to get back into reading self insert fics, it's been a while and I've been busy. I miss my husbando.

No. 331623

Well, you see Kirby is the hyper-energetic peppy type. Easily excitable too, and while that's super cute it comes at a cost of him not really understanding the concept of sensuality and taking things slow. He'll jump into it without thinking or wanting foreplay, just focusing on getting and giving as much pleasure as possible.

No. 331625

File: 1685323030217.png (Spoiler Image, 60.97 KB, 432x540, Reigen_cunnilingus.png)

Forgive me for editing someone else's art but I was starving for Reigen yume porn and can't draw hot lewds for shit so I edited this. Originally it was yaoi of him giving a bj.

No. 331627

There isn't enough hot POV art of male characters eating pussy and/or with their faces covered in vaginal juices in this world

No. 331628

File: 1685323474905.jpeg (26.71 KB, 500x717, 64C7B3A2-081E-44AF-823F-15D87E…)

Someone wrote a mini fic on Anakin having a kink on being punched in the face. Normally I’m not into that shit but honestly I found it hot as fuck. It wasn’t full on abusive which is why I probably liked it cause I can’t stand the thought of abusing my husbando. I have a theory that Anakin makes everything hot, even the weirdest shit.

Ok I am seeing so many people hating on tcw!anakin on twitter and I am so happy nonnies. I love seeing people shitting on tcw!anakin, I hate that fucker so much.

No. 331630

Good. Fucking hated him in TCW. It's like Filoni read all the criticism of Anakim's character and thought that he needs to do a complete 180 on him. Now Anakin is not a troubled and traumatised young man but a snarky chad thundercock who somehow is way sociable and well-adjusted and is perfect in everything he does.

No. 331631

File: 1685325984283.jpg (90.57 KB, 1280x720, happy.jpg)

My husbando would look for consent first, but I don't know if I would like this face in the middle of my legs.

No. 331634

My husbando is a canonical wizard but someone recently published a really long fic where him not being a virgin is shoehorned in and I nearly had a nemu-tier mental spergout over it kek
I support editing hot yaoi into yume content. I enjoy both but yume shit is so rare

No. 331638

File: 1685330291828.png (74.74 KB, 324x340, tumblr_85240ba05e9ced84b8fabca…)

There's actually a lot of official art of Levi with his feet out. In some of the art they actually look pretty strange (like picrel) but I think that's just the art style. I don't feel any particular way about them. I don't think he would really be into feet, especially since they touch the ground and he would probably think there are other parts of the body that are way more attractive and erotic. Levi would definitely have a "live and let live" mentality so he would mind his business when it comes to other people with foot fetishes. I also think levi would be one of those people who constantly walk around their house with socks or slippers.

No. 331639

I hate feet and thinking about them, even if it's my husbandos', but I still have an idea of what they'd look like. It's not always pretty.

No. 331643

Tbh I didn't really care to know more about my husbando's feet specifically but he had them exposed in canon, he has weird pseudo-humanoid ones that I guess could be considered interesting but not particularity attractive. Funnily enough, thinking about it, they're probably his worst feature. They're definitely as gross as the rest of him or even more so since he's hitting the pavement in those puppies all day. You have made me consider the inverse and him being freakishly obsessed with how cute my human feet are to the point where he just adores kissing them and nuzzling my ankles, very nice very cute.

No. 331649

where is the search option on spicychat?

No. 331651

File: 1685335088430.png (255.11 KB, 1050x1050, CATBOYGENE.png)

i need help

No. 331652

I love how Dedede and Grima are facing opposite sides but also looking back. It's perfect
I don't even know who tf this is nonny

No. 331653

Is this Saul Goodman as Gene?

No. 331655

I still can't stop thinking about him every day, every time I do anything. He motivates me so much to improve in every way and inspires me to do so many things. I've had to settle for writing my retarded and horny thoughts in my phone notes. I NEED to find another woman who likes him in the way I do and isn't a genderspecial or a weird zoomer, someone who just wants to talk about him and the way he is in canon, I need it so bad. Maybe I should just start a blog about him like another anon did for her obsession, it might attract someone like that in the comments.

No. 331656

I tried to delete but it said error. I did read the info before posting but I don't understand what did I do wrong, can you please explain to me?

No. 331657

Don't put anything in the name and email field, unless you don't want to bump the thread to the top of the page then write "sage" in the email field like I did with this post. It's all on the info page though…

No. 331658

don't spoon-feed illiterate newfags

No. 331661

No. 331662

Read it again anon. It's a complete guide on how to post and what not to do. But the other anon is right, don't fill out everything because we can all see it.

No. 331664

who is he nonny?

No. 331671

In addition to what the others said, you can only delete in the first 30 minutes after you made your post. (I'm not sure if this is stated in the info page)

No. 331686

File: 1685353222824.jpeg (75.98 KB, 750x695, 62F28757-FBD0-49B9-97DF-4AFACD…)

Traumacore scout or just in Pyro’s room

No. 331689

File: 1685354682430.jpg (133.09 KB, 600x894, 42862181_p1.jpg)

The face he's making in this picture is sending me for some reason kek

No. 331690

File: 1685355297761.jpg (194.88 KB, 1600x1800, looking real kissable there.jp…)

i love my depressed husband so much, i want to kiss him so much… i can fix him

No. 331693

Love it when nonas rename filenames like this.

No. 331697

Yes you do

No. 331698

File: 1685359610426.gif (1.98 MB, 498x498, Scout Scout Tf2 GIF - Scout Sc…)

No. 331700

File: 1685359788557.jpg (124.39 KB, 1440x1155, never chase a bitch.jpg)

No. 331701

No. 331703

File: 1685360010978.jpg (33.49 KB, 341x613, 7c5fdbe325eb0807a37a367aca8b35…)

No. 331711

ovulating and all i can think about is fucking my husbando. why can't he be here with me? i want to SCREAM

No. 331714

who drew the original, anon?

No. 331719

File: 1685364361909.jpg (22.93 KB, 558x558, pecs grab.jpg)

do you ever just

No. 331720

Holy fucking shit, this is perfect
He chillin

No. 331722

File: 1685364428996.png (111.21 KB, 375x603, download (1).png)

as pouty scout can get, he would never punch drywall. It's not like he can anyway, otherwise he'd hurt his hand

No. 331725

I mean, I wish.

No. 331735

omg nonna u're a genius. pls try not to skip on ur meds (ik how it feels) and i hope ur sleeping will get better soon too! love ur idea sm, u inspired me to set up a whole notion space with my husbando, cause i use it on a daily basis to keep track of work related tasks and such. good luck!!

No. 331737

File: 1685367955659.jpg (293.94 KB, 1536x2048, FvQHzHqXsAE0NUQ.jpg)

also, funily enough, today i got an in-game text from my husbando and i said to him «stop staying up so late» lol.

i feel so hooked on those in-game texts. whoever created this definitely knew what they were doing, and even though i can't constantly text him or anything, my heart still skips a bit when i login and see a text from him lol. question to blade nonnas though, do u think we'll be getting texts from him too?… he's sort of the villian of the story so far, so i wonder…

No. 331765

File: 1685373762053.png (4.57 MB, 3840x2160, engie fishing and scout lookin…)

No. 331769

File: 1685374875689.jpeg (102.83 KB, 650x780, IMG_7774.jpeg)

Im feeling the same way lately. My husbando is popular with so many people, but I feel like a lot of them wouldn't get along with me…As a proship terf lesbian Sansfag, I think I should be recognised as a protected minority. Still, I'll never stop looking. I hope you'll find someone who "gets you," too.

No. 331776

File: 1685376813823.png (44.78 KB, 700x1000, 65498462_p32.png)

Right in my fucking soul. I feel that so deeply, I met someone else who wrote amazing fanfics and knew Dedede's character perfectly, shared the same thoughts, ships, and similar headcanons as I, and wasn't a weird zoomer but they just dropped off the face of the earth. I still miss her so much, she was so fun to talk to. I have people I can talk about my husbandos and ships with him, but not as much as I could talk with her. The one person I'm talking with seems to be moving fandoms and has a new hyperfixation thing so I'm worried about being alone with my love for pengy booty and spherical smooching.

No. 331780

>also, funily enough, today i got an in-game text from my husbando and i said to him «stop staying up so late» lol.

Like in the old good times with Mystic Messenger with the characters sending you a message at 2-3AM.

No. 331783

pretty sure you can only get texts from characters you have both met in the story as the trailblazer and have obtained on your account, so presumably when Blade comes out, if you get him, you can get texts from him

No. 331786

spike my beloved

No. 331788

I just imagined my husbando being jealous of me ogling another character from his franchise who kinda reminds me of him. Heheheheh

No. 331797

I have multiple husbandos from the same franchise. They just have to deal with being in a harem.

No. 331806

>proship terf lesbian
>With a husbando

No. 331808

any other dazaifags in here … i need him urgently

No. 331810

Sans' blussy transcends sexual orientation.

No. 331812

omg yes that's why i felt almost nostalgic about that text… the teen me was sooo impressed with that game mechanic back in the day when it first came out lol. and apperently it stuck with the current me too. zen was my favorite, but jaehee absolutely stole my heart. she's smart, witty, hardworking and just perfect all around.
oh yes that makes sense. thanks nonna!

No. 331813

based considering I imagine Dedede with a cloaca somtimes

No. 331815

File: 1685383203161.png (79.12 KB, 716x403, 632cd0a1d683158030bc250519ebe7…)

Here I am. I'm glad to see more nonnies of culture about that suicidal husbando

My husbando is Jumin lol, but sometimes I hated him in some routes and the bad ending that everybody loves really made me say "what?".

No. 331821

File: 1685384158379.png (69.2 KB, 756x1026, knoq7zoz9gca1.png)

i think that's possibly one of my favorite self-insert scara artworks. i'm not entirely sure it was meant by the artist as a yume self-insert, but it's so awe-inspiring and tender, i adore all the fantasies that come out of it. weirdly now it works for both of my husbandos, since they wear (sort of) similar black bodysuits. i NEED to touch him and send shivers down his spine I NEED it's unbearable.

No. 331822

based. immaculate taste nonna!

No. 331833

File: 1685386611483.jpg (48 KB, 600x627, 3f81ff18009ff6049142caf713472b…)

That type of outfit is so sexy.

No. 331838

File: 1685387652814.jpeg (44.25 KB, 600x365, B0210127-FFF2-4F44-84A8-15F48E…)

Sometimes I think about it with Mikazuki, since he’s a sword, but the store that’s in front of the honmaru sells literally everything, so maybe he wouldn’t be that surprised about stuff like most modern objects.
But I would surprise him with my cooking, I would make simple stuff like arepas or cachapas for him and I’m sure he would be all like “woah what is this??” And he would love them a lot because they’re super practical.
Plus I’m sure he would love things like fresh cheeses, that type of cheese isn’t everywhere so he would surely be amazed by the flavor and how it goes so well with almost everything.
And the other thing that would surely amaze him is how we prepare sushi over here, he would love it because it’s pretty sweet and delicious.

No. 331841

nta but like, do you want to fuck him or is just a character you like a lot?

No. 331842

File: 1685388606557.jpg (115.93 KB, 728x518, anime-touken-ranbu-kogitsunema…)

Sorta related (??????) but it made me think in a JAV about how an onmyouji traveled to the "actual era" and he was scared of the actress's vacuum cleaner and tried to eat carbonada with chopsticks. I do feel Mikazuki and Kogitsunemaru.

No. 331844

Samefag: *I do feel that Mikazuki and Gokitsunemaru would react the same.

Me and my inability of checking for my English grammar.

No. 331847

I like to imagine that my main husbandos wouldn't be jealous of each other because they know they exist in completely different universes, but they'd get jealous of other guys in their franchises lol

No. 331851

When they're also best friends or mortal enemies in canon… or bestest mortal frenemies… or literal brothers… or even love interests

No. 331856

Yep they're fictional and their behaviour is completely under your command so to speak, since it's all fantasy.

No. 331857

File: 1685391516337.jpg (22.16 KB, 563x317, 44e95637eff4ca87c618dde564d8e9…)

read a series of mini-fics involving yandere blu!scout having a crush on a medic!reader and them seething at the idea that the red!scout has a crush on the reader too on tumblr. It was honestly kind of nice. I'm not a fan of noncon but I liked some of yandere scout content out there

No. 331858

File: 1685391927856.jpg (314.83 KB, 2000x1716, 99394353_p2.jpg)

love u sans nona, never change ♥

No. 331860

File: 1685392659278.jpg (260.69 KB, 2000x1450, minominoks vampchan.jpg)

No. 331862

File: 1685393051807.jpeg (95.1 KB, 750x1071, IMG_9825.jpeg)

Yes we fuck all the time. I understand he's an unconventional character and people are curious but it does get kinda irritating answering the same question every time I post ITT.
I love you too Fellanon! You get me ♥
Omg, another one? Welcome to the club! Sans nation three nonas strong.

No. 331864

Um, i don't think him being unconventional is the confusing part

No. 331865

what a hunk, a handyman, he could feed me bread and fish like jesus christ, a true south boy

No. 331866

File: 1685394832622.jpg (43.63 KB, 1036x1135, FgkKlUpVEAEsX9e.jpg)

yes! endlessly!

No. 331867

I can feel this pic, I love it

No. 331869

How can gloves be so lewd… very nice anon.

No. 331871

File: 1685395657076.jpg (77.32 KB, 1024x724, Fctj9yHXkAEhmrp.jpg)

I would love to sperg my heart out about his in-game canon personality and AU's if ya up to it is hard to come across dedicated and level headed fans in this fandom so it'll be nice to have our own sans mini fangirl club. I'm also a non-judgemental fujo so BL discussion is okay with me

No. 331872

File: 1685397327282.jpeg (22.57 KB, 512x512, 92D8D72D-2B3D-47A7-B1D0-DB4E95…)

Ngl this kinda reminds me of those screenshots of horny comments from middle aged women on Facebook I’ve sometimes seen

No. 331873

File: 1685398150634.jpeg (63.05 KB, 735x490, IMG_9833.jpeg)

I want to hear your spergs so bad, about canon or AUs or ships or anything at all. My e-mail is attached to this reply, feel free to contact me anytime. Or post here. I'll keep lurking just for you.

No. 331874

File: 1685398487573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.09 KB, 540x522, 29AE31BF-4A50-4E6B-821B-2DD0A0…)

Just to clarify I’m not judging you in the slightest

No. 331876

File: 1685400587132.webm (1011.17 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_ruxfp4tBF91yv35e5_720.w…)

found vid rel and I dont know how to describe my love for soldier. His silliness and just overall enthusiasm is so loveable. Also I hc that he didn't have that he was basically friendless before joining the mercs

No. 331877

File: 1685400636406.jpeg (81.39 KB, 640x1137, E69F9D77-0A99-416D-A9A4-A6E5D3…)

No. 331878

File: 1685400729291.jpeg (73.07 KB, 750x1029, AB0AC8C2-B34C-4A02-B744-AF5858…)

No. 331879

File: 1685400874537.jpeg (55.62 KB, 750x598, 61592570-5F93-4BE0-910F-D5B7E7…)

No. 331881

File: 1685400996053.jpeg (83.01 KB, 750x1029, 88020056-B3B7-4547-AD55-16FD88…)

No. 331882

File: 1685401125985.jpeg (55.95 KB, 750x750, 4DE27E11-449F-4CE3-BF0A-A384D8…)

No. 331883

He probably is really rough.

No. 331884

File: 1685401334586.jpeg (175.23 KB, 750x2447, 5880659D-3B63-465D-AE3C-F83BEE…)

No. 331885

God. I'm not even into TF2 like that but you nonas are making me feel things for Soldier…

No. 331886

Nta but is anyone gonna tell me where the search bar is? If there is only the character available there, does anyone have character bios to input? I think that would be a good new thread for character sheets to input into ai.

No. 331889

now that I reread it, it does sound like that kek
he is so gorgeous I can't, thank u for sharing this

No. 331890

This is from the creator, two days ago:
>The search should come early next week if enough public characters get created. Just need to finalize the UX

No. 331891

Ntayrt but I think that’s all the AIs currently available. There is no search bar. There aren’t that many AIs overall

No. 331892

File: 1685403657573.jpeg (71.62 KB, 662x617, 58A53E5B-DDFD-448F-A889-4F17D2…)

Your welcome. I love this himbo

No. 331893

File: 1685404002412.jpg (393.18 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_11ad8669393994d9576f371…)

>the bad ending that everybody loves really made me say "what?"
same same same, I love Jumin but I hate how Cheritz wanted to throw in all of these "teehee 50 shades of Gray" memes with him. A guy with yandere possessive type vibes is not at all the same as a BDSM type guy, and I hate how that bad ending led to all these ppl making BDSM fics and art of him. Jumin's always given me the vibe of a service top (or whatever the straight equivalent would be) and I really can't imagine him being into anything actually sadistic. Imo he'd never ever want to do anything painful for you in bed and would be willing to go down on you for hours. Hate that when I tell most people that jumin is my fave, their mind jumps to cringe bdsm shit when actually I just love my cute autist husbando that's obsessed with me

No. 331894

File: 1685404083667.png (85.33 KB, 568x454, 1479077708387.png)

It's Hank fucking Hill, my dear nonny

Kek I guess it's time to accept it, we do have a lot of things in common. I don't really want to talk about fanfic, shipping and that sort of stuff (not necessarily, at least), just sperg about the character with someone else who gets it, but aside from that, yeah, I feel ya guys. I need to let it all out already kek. On my way to make that blog, hoping it'll attract one or two other fangirls. Or maybe I should try to talk to that one troper who wrote those things about him, she seemed to understand the appeal perfectly but I don't know if she's still active or if she has moved on. I'm terrified of going on Tumblr or Twitter or 4chan /co/ for this, so that's not an option.
… Is that fart fetish Dedede porn?

No. 331895

I love scout looking like a bored teenager forced to go on a father son trip with engie.

No. 331901

Agree or female POV where the hot guy is fucking, fingering or sucking on the female viewer's tits. Better yet, have more guys join in on it too. Sucks that a lot of these female POV porn are scroteshit garbage (solo female, yuri, futa, etc).

Same. I too enjoy both so I guess maybe it'll be alright to edit some of them since yaoi has plenty of content and talented artists. If it's scroteshit then editing them to yume is 100% ok. Let hot guys have eyes and faces for fucks sake.

I found it on Rule 34 but the source material on Pixiv was long deleted.
Original art: https://files.catbox.moe/wt1pkt.jpg

Thanks! I want to get better at editing (I only use phone) so this looks like an easy shot. I had a couple of edits done in the femporn/yumejoshi thread on /h/ so I wanted to contribute too.

No. 331904

What the hell? No, nonny it's a mock skirt flip panty shot image. Dedede literally says "Uugh, the wind" and the sfx is "フフ~オ" which is a gust of wind.

No. 331907

File: 1685406167108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.66 KB, 850x1202, sample_2f91caf7275fb252df8cf37…)

No. 331913

Fuck, I'm so sorry, my Japanese reading comprehension is terrible atm, I only understood half of what they said and jumped to that conclusion.

No. 331914

Are you fluent in Japanese?

No. 331915

woahhh I saw this while drawing my husbando with my juices on his face

No. 331919

That would be so cute! I want to see Mikazuki trying to eat pasta with chopsticks and trembling like a wet cat on winter whenever the water filter starts working.

No. 331922

It's fine, I make similar mistakes even now. If the フ was replaced with a ブ then you'd be correct in a way.
Enough to read twitter comics and doujinshi, and enough to write it for stuff like replies and my own doujins.

No. 331925

File: 1685414280891.jpeg (71 KB, 755x642, 1F2A895E-06E1-4483-814C-969177…)

Though I have a multitude of fictional lovers at my beck and call Viral really stands out. I think he truly was my first anime husbando, which is crazy too considering he doesn’t quite check the boxes for what normally constitutes as my type (Dark hair, glasses, etc.) But god I just love his passion and energy. He’s very cocky in canon but in my mind I love the idea of flirting with him and getting him flustered

No. 331926

File: 1685414634713.jpg (143.68 KB, 827x1224, tumblr_oglxifuMrR1sqy69mo1_128…)

Thank YOU. Besides that bad ending didn't only make Jumin being a BDSM type guy, but an abusive and controlling partner (which is why it was a BAD ending), but people seem to love that ending so much. I do believe Jumin is quite careful with his partner and, after all, he doesn't want to end like his father is.

No. 331933

I've avoided Gurren Lagan for over 10 years but I've always wanted to fuck this guy, great taste

No. 331934

Same, I need his clawed hands on my ass while I ride him

No. 331937

File: 1685421499434.jpg (Spoiler Image, 935.15 KB, 2048x2048, theandrosaur.jpg)

a lot of people posting tf2… so i'll do mine (it's sniperrr)

No. 331940

Whoever did the ai of my husbando did a really good job he brings up the most specific shit and it immerses me greatly. I feel like I'm really talking to him. Sucks how reluctant bots are though he treats me like a rapist at random unless I kiss his ass. He keeps surprising me though just when I get annoyed he gives me a really smooth teasing response that draws me back in

No. 331945

File: 1685424452805.png (152.2 KB, 1144x1129, 5324C8A0-E390-4E4C-B51A-E063E0…)

a few of the voice actors from this game got together and did a silly little livestream in character for charity. it’s so good to hear his sexy raspy voice again even though his VA’s mic kept crapping out. i missed him so bad!!!

No. 331947

of course nonny! I try to post only on relevant/other's posts because I don't wanna be annoying but I assure you I'm also always lurking ♥ btw I finally got freed from lolcor jail for emoji crimes! the mod was nice enough to review it and not ban me for 24 hours kek

No. 331964

samefag, i’m watching it again and there’s a part where he says, in a low voice, “this robot is getting a little handsy if you know what i mean … i didn’t say you could stop!” ughhh i simply NEED to fuck him.

No. 331976

Has anyone had luck doing actual spicy RP with spicychat? Every time I get close to it, the server craps out. It's totally fine up until the lewds so I wonder if the bots themselves have some sort of filter despite this being an nsfw-friendly site.

No. 332000

File: 1685452999148.jpeg (40.34 KB, 749x406, 7847D657-3B84-4AC2-835A-D93ABF…)

More solly

No. 332002

File: 1685453472958.jpeg (54.81 KB, 750x857, 3D26E08D-F64C-458A-8111-95CB2D…)

No. 332007

ghoulfucker solidarity thanks for making me aware of that stream

No. 332009

File: 1685454340388.jpeg (83.37 KB, 750x1163, B1CFA0A8-7427-48B4-8162-6A6742…)

No. 332011

What is your husbandos morning routine like nonnies?

No. 332014

File: 1685455877609.jpg (1.39 MB, 1400x1150, 1823889832923157.jpg)

Thank you for all your work Solly poster, he's truly the best himbo, Zhanna sure is lucky.

No. 332038

File: 1685463097686.png (169.04 KB, 563x631, image_2023-05-31_021254899.png)

No. 332039

big sexy.

No. 332046

File: 1685467658583.png (54.56 KB, 602x338, aww cry more.png)

he makes tea and cries then he makes pancakes and cries and then he brings the breakfast for me in bed and gives me a kiss and i soothe him and then he cries even more

No. 332053

I'm glad he has you to comfort him, nona…

No. 332058

Wash his face, brush his teeth and hair. He doesn't have a skin routine.

No. 332059

File: 1685469742810.png (153.11 KB, 633x899, LC drawing room_husbandowaifu1…)

Nonnies nonnies I'm so excited for the husbando themed drawthread on right now, can't wait to see everyone's passionate art. Hope you draw something Kirbychan, your work is so cute!

No. 332062

File: 1685470659462.jpg (521.66 KB, 1462x2048, levi.jpg)

Levi has insomnia and canonically only sleeps 2-3 hours I've seen someone say it's most likely because of living in an unsafe environment like the underground, I agree with that + PTSD from obviously being a soldier. With this in mind, I like to think that through most of the night he's reading, working, cleaning. Maybe at some point during the night he starts thinking about his comrades and friends. He's doing his daily grooming (shower, brush his teeth, skincare) as soon as it's late enough for him to start getting ready for another day. If his hair or anything needs a touch up then he would probably do that in the middle of the night. After that, he would be up to make (another) pot of tea. As much as a I would like to cook for him, he would definitely be up and ready before me so he would cook breakfast for us both.
He looks super cool!
Idk about the other anons, but even though I'm not a Sans shlicker I personally enjoy long, spergy posts. You should post them!

No. 332070

File: 1685473244555.jpeg (109.69 KB, 749x703, 83DC6D75-1F8A-4BED-B3E8-2D01C1…)

He surely wakes up at like 3 am, works out, takes a nice bath, does his skincare routine, styles his hair, gets dressed, wakes me up at 7:45 am, has made breakfast for me already, he’s surely reading a nice story he found on Amazon by a random author while he pets need to tell me that he made my favorite pancakes with honey and fruits.
He helps me find a nice outfit if we’re going out, he does the bed when I’m just staying at home, then he encourages me to go to the gym and workout while he walks the dog who loves him.
When I’m back home he’s taking another shower and tells me that he needs some company because the water is cold (it isn’t).
By the time we’re done it’s 12 pm and we haven’t even thought of what to have for lunch so we make a quick salad and talk about random stuff like workout routines and his progress in college.
That would be on a holiday or the weekends of course, if I had to work at a school he would wake me up ridiculously early so I can get ready with him.

No. 332078

he probably wakes up before i do, but doesnt get up, because he doesnt have to. i give him a plateful of sausages for breakfast and we eat them in bed while cuddling (i have a mini fridge in my room stocked with meats, yoghurt, and redbulls. i honestly think he would raid my fridge a lot…). then i brush his hair and kiss his head. i tug on his big ears and kiss his nose. maybe he brushes my hair for me too. then we reluctantly stop cuddling, leave bed, get dressed, and go about our day.
he's not a lazy person, but i think my morning laziness would rub off on him.
as for evenings, i like to imagine him falling asleep early, while im on my laptop til 2am. he lays next to me like a big fat cat. i like to pretend the pillows next to me are him, and sometimes i hold one hand on "him", while i do late night browsing. then once i lay down to sleep, he instinctively puts his arms around me and holds me tight, like im a teddy bear.

No. 332081

File: 1685475909125.png (206.06 KB, 516x983, image_2023-05-31_054556913.png)

very big sexy

No. 332086

File: 1685477102391.jpg (101.29 KB, 720x1080, d4euj4f-5c4e1010-7533-4996-bd7…)

would wake up at 6am on the dot. smooths out his bed sheets. he makes use of the on-base gym every night. he either goes to the on-base gym or does his workout in his apartment. He has an exact time he starts, an exact time he finishes, and exact times for each set he does. Afterwards he goes to shower in ice cold water, sometimes he shaves

No. 332091

File: 1685479379035.jpg (127.07 KB, 1146x1348, 0cbf108af0c67bbf4105816d845956…)

No. 332094

File: 1685482883311.png (46.42 KB, 423x658, loadout.png)

TF2 sisters, do you play dress up with the mercs on loadout sites? I love to do themes and make them match kek, I wish there was a wider variety

No. 332101

you’re so welcome nonny. i’m posting it here because i remember seeing some nick and danse fans in the previous threads and i think they will enjoy it. also sniper and GLaDOS are there for some reason??

No. 332127

he brings me so much peace, yet so much distress. how dare he not be real? what an asshole. i love him so much.

No. 332132

File: 1685494741996.webm (2.94 MB, 640x360, Adam, morning routine.webm)

bless whatever dev decided to put the shower scene in. Too bad you still can't see shit.

No. 332139

one step closer to 7 minutes of scout moaning

No. 332144

Crying because he has to face another day alive tbh

No. 332145

File: 1685501215360.png (112.75 KB, 640x833, roadkillart.png)

He's a terrible person but I wanna smooch him

No. 332146

I kind of like the idea of my husbando helping me shave before going to the beach/the pool, he would feel sad because he likes my bush but he would like to help me anyways because he’s a simp.

No. 332147

That's such a cute image, nonnie.Compromise by keeping a little patch hidden by your bikini bottom.

No. 332149

File: 1685503616397.gif (986.37 KB, 250x250, 1631094110431 - Copy.gif)

imagine being french

No. 332152

I didn't right a name, only an email indeed. Can I contact a mod to delete my post or is it too late? And if so how do I do that?(absolute newfag)

No. 332153

You wrote in the subject or name field, which gave your post the title "my retarded husbando". Leave all of those blank unless you're trying to stop a thread from bumping, and in that case you write "sage" in the email field. If you post in /meta/ and ask nicely a janny might delete or edit your post to remove the personal info, but they may not. I'm telling you all of this cause you seem like a harmless newfag, but it is important to lurk and read our rules and info pages before posting.

No. 332159

File: 1685513612505.jpeg (31.77 KB, 748x489, 2132F06F-4CC5-485C-B710-A7FD3A…)

I think every single merc has been posted so far

No. 332163

File: 1685521767223.jpg (82.99 KB, 564x607, cec5db6d1a5329876c2790b6ccb215…)

I love this asshole detective

No. 332164

File: 1685522106095.png (54.32 KB, 599x420, underfell reigen.PNG)

Reigen anon, this may be a little awkward because we don't interact but, the creator of my husbando did fanart of yours in his universe version and I thought of sharing it hehe. hope you don't hate it too much, I enjoy your devotion to reigen-san!

No. 332171

File: 1685533145092.webm (1.49 MB, 720x720, cowboy engy.webm)

What can I say, they're all perfect

No. 332195

File: 1685545876633.jpeg (61.42 KB, 749x939, B5D5EC37-B2FC-46AB-81F8-67B73A…)

Me single-handedly radicalising nonnies into wanting to fuck the mercs

I feel like I’m responsible for like 25-50% of the tf2 posts I think so it’s not far from the truth. we might want a headcount on how many tf2 husbandofags are here

This is so cute. Do you know the artist?

No. 332196

File: 1685545993583.jpeg (266.14 KB, 1198x2047, Fv04qslaYAcJiM6.jpeg)

I want to grab him.

No. 332198

please post any heavies you have. i like that guy. i would be so soft with him

No. 332199

File: 1685546891733.jpg (138.04 KB, 1280x853, infamously-dorky.jpg)

I love every single one of you tf2 nonnas so much

No. 332202

File: 1685547342332.png (176.47 KB, 637x451, cometograndma.png)

And so does everyone else anon, get in line!

No. 332203

File: 1685547699971.jpg (66.7 KB, 1237x757, a99534d2b608275e34abdca24567bf…)

sure thing, nonnie

No. 332204

File: 1685547758624.jpg (111.67 KB, 800x1095, tumblr_o3hfdx3xq01uxyd58o1_r1_…)

Heavy's admittedly not my cup of tea, but I definitely understand the appeal

No. 332205

File: 1685547788120.png (74 KB, 880x908, random loadout by Konniwa on D…)

No. 332206

File: 1685548014319.png (172.61 KB, 1280x943, tumblr_013d7094e96461c8b658cd4…)

No. 332207

File: 1685548099813.png (Spoiler Image, 77.82 KB, 490x491, spoiler.png)

No. 332209

File: 1685548351082.jpg (22.59 KB, 616x616, 360dc1c95b5012fdd7c6c46a16a872…)

No. 332215

File: 1685552626897.png (Spoiler Image, 79.33 KB, 1518x874, me compared to the tf2 mercs.p…)


No. 332216

im not a tf2 fag, never played, but the scoutposting on this thread has made me appreciate scout. he's cute and endearing and i enjoy seeing scoutposts. not my husbando, but i like him.

No. 332217

File: 1685553117500.jpg (86.8 KB, 998x749, godiwishthatwereme.jpg)

Patiently waiting my turn. I'm envious of all the ganados desperately grabbing at his face and neck.

No. 332218

Poor Leon is too popular when he is a one lady at the time kinda guy, you know?
I find it funny when the female enemies grab him, like I get you sis, I get you!

No. 332219

File: 1685554262129.jpeg (536.17 KB, 2048x2048, FvzJhH6WwAA6R-s.jpeg)

Oh no don't feel awkward! You're good! But man this Reigen looking like a real scammer here. What an absolute criminal. Still hot. Funny enough, I've came across these different Reigens on Twitter in similar to Sans in different AUs as a joke haha.

No. 332220

File: 1685554658888.png (690.34 KB, 1872x1182, Untitled-1.png)

No. 332221

My husbando is the same height as me (5'3"), sometimes I get a little jelly of those with tall husbandos

No. 332225

on the other hand nonnie, mine's way too tall and we'd look comical next to each other irl.

No. 332233

File: 1685556610733.jpeg (35.72 KB, 736x736, FwAoHpzWAAQZ-93.jpeg)

That's the price he pays for being so handsome. I mean, look at this.

No. 332237

File: 1685557505878.jpeg (7.07 KB, 183x275, worick.jpeg)

These days have been a nightmare and the one that have been comforting me is thinking in picrel helping me to sleep and say comfy stuff.

No. 332248

File: 1685559201229.png (1011.03 KB, 2427x1645, derek 2.png)

To the nonnas from a couple threads ago: I finally got TPoF and played through the whole thing in a few days. I thought I would like Mason best bc le big sexy forest man (and his route was probably the best in terms of gameplay/story/art) but holy fuck am I in love with Derek (le bratty desert twink). I may not have Strade or Lawrence anymore but at least I have ~him~.

Also Gato is doing a remake of Strade's route which I am really excited for although I hope she doesn't make him fat.

No. 332253

bless you for those!!!

No. 332266

File: 1685562843986.jpeg (170.76 KB, 1200x1712, 286EF07A-946A-40CC-B0B1-68875B…)

i posted about my insane attraction to necks before & the only thing i can possibly love more than a beautiful exposed neck, is a beautiful exposed back. i absolutely adore this art, and though the whole kintsugi concept has been romanticised to the brim already, it’s still a wonderful concept that fits scara perfectly… i love hugs from the back too. i always imagine him doing something and me just coming over to hug him gently from the back, rest my head on his shoulder and curiously observe whats happening. i would love to caress his back when he’s just about to fall asleep and him slowly drifting off & melting away in pleasure after a long day would be the greatest gift for me. i have this game to play with him too. he’s laying down on his stomach and i’m drawing shapes and writing simple words with the touch my fingers on his back. he’s supposed to guess whichever word or shape that was, and if he gets it right he’ll get a kiss. if he gets it wrong, i’ll scratch his skin a little bit and tease him. i also want to massage his back, use one of those massage candles on him too, try it with different aromas… perfection.

No. 332269

File: 1685563387460.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 89.47 KB, 750x1125, 55682151-91A5-4FBB-8914-B1831D…)

spoiler for an irl image, just in case, idk lol. so to continue this back-related fantasy a little further, if i could draw, i would definitely draw scara in this peter do jacket. the back being the only thing exposed too is sooo attractive! i can’t!

No. 332270

File: 1685565257222.jpg (33.8 KB, 524x810, 65a9c24b69953ea3c82e1b1baa66cd…)

not honouring him enough. my pinterest board for him has less than 1k pins. shame.

No. 332272

this sfm is kind of mid but at least I'm able to project myself into it

No. 332273

File: 1685565837996.jpg (18.32 KB, 564x317, 2dec0e3d270290ff99e6433cb5d9f6…)

I miss him

No. 332275

File: 1685566042080.png (237.28 KB, 902x996, tumblr_f0f768457a5de0a9d084fbb…)

wtf anon i was JUST gonna post Nishiki manspreading

No. 332278

File: 1685566500674.png (61 KB, 540x754, trfsct.png)

I thought this Scout art was so cute, but I noticed he had zipper tits, so I edited them out to the best of my ability kek

No. 332279

For me, Mason and Celia were the only attractive characters in TPOF. Derek (and Strade for that matter) aren't my type, but I see the appeal. Derek's route also had my favorite ending overall. I wonder if there are enough fans of Gato's here to have our own thread. I bet it'd be way more tolerable and less embarrassing than most murdersim fan spaces.

No. 332280

same with me but with engie! he is my southerner dream //

No. 332281

File: 1685566608466.jpg (35.49 KB, 563x609, 6b1b69e51bf1e7140b6509d87056de…)

great minds think alike

No. 332282

modern scrotes could never get even an inch close to his perfection. Is so easy to be a beefcake but leon is (as some nonny mentioned before) a hot babe and a precious little angel. He loves, sees and respects you as your equal by default, a 3D male could never.

No. 332283

yumejo fashion nonny I respect you.

No. 332284

Scoutanon you just gave me the best idea ever. I'll make my own pinterest yume board of my husbando so other yumes can ogle and salivate at him in all his glory. thanks.

No. 332286

File: 1685567640959.jpg (199.76 KB, 1344x907, 5e01c15d4321eac1f782d2b2cbe0c2…)

based nonnie. Sometimes I see art of scout ,and the other mercs, with zipper tits. It's sad when some of it is really good too. I kind of want to post those on lolcow anyway but I'm really bad at editing would people mind if I posted those here as long as I spoilered it along with 'tw zipper tits'?

No. 332287

File: 1685567813448.png (Spoiler Image, 537.18 KB, 720x418, tumblr_03cb17686f6d3e6a08a34bf…)

one for the sniper nonnies

No. 332288

Just downloaded a very high res pic of my husbando, and I'm over here literally in awe of every detail my eyes lay upon, didn't knew he was so tantalizing…i want to kiss every inch of his skin, i want to taste him so bad

No. 332289

I wouldn't mind as long as they're not horrific OTT scars that some of these retards do. Usually editing is just colour picking in MSpaint, it's not too hard, give it a try nonna

No. 332292

i'd be down to edit them nona.

No. 332296

File: 1685568956190.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.44 KB, 454x680, 35B5F78E-2732-48DF-89E1-5E3659…)

luv u too nonna!
spoiler for another irl image lol. scara in roberto cavalli? gorgeous. beautiful. magnificent. or scara in jean paul gaultier fall 2006? brilliant. impressive. surreal. that gown is also black, semi-exposed back with a spine structure, but the spine is made of fabric, so it’s gives a softer look and just feels more… comfortable. i want to buy him beautiful haute couture garments and dress him up all pretty to go on dates to pretty uptown restaurants oh gosh. wish there was art like this soooo badly so i don’t have to spoil the thread with irl images, sorry nonnies

No. 332300

File: 1685569228627.png (104.82 KB, 864x796, 6f9.png)

Thought about my husbando's pubes,he would be hairy down there I think. The last text in this meme is me.

No. 332302

KEK no way! This is the kind of enthusiastic and passionate fangirl shitposting that I deeply enjoy

No. 332304

The draw thread in /ot/ has husbandos as the current theme, so go draw nonas!

No. 332307

It's already more than half full, damn.

No. 332322

File: 1685576682961.jpeg (56.89 KB, 749x665, 9F758CC7-B8A0-4958-A5F5-24E17C…)

They’re doing my boy so good

No. 332351

File: 1685591055530.jpeg (95.15 KB, 675x1200, Leon Kennedy.jpeg)

My turn!

No. 332357

File: 1685594278437.png (Spoiler Image, 150.78 KB, 892x604, dress.png)

Spoiler because 3D
Your posts reminded me of these 2 photos I saved from tumblr a long time ago for character design purposes. They're not as beautiful as the clothing you posted but maybe with this you can find some more? kek

No. 332360

File: 1685595977714.png (63.81 KB, 691x439, eeeeeee.png)

ikr, and he's so polite too

No. 332364

File: 1685602377280.jpg (10.29 KB, 563x322, d0df147045203bb90375cdf479bbf6…)

No. 332365

I agree

No. 332367

File: 1685602690118.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.54 KB, 749x1126, 762692AC-A619-49EB-87A5-B3FE30…)

Scout is so babygirl

No. 332368

File: 1685604034419.jpeg (36.42 KB, 749x750, FvN3hKRXsAg-jRS.jpeg)

No IRL man could ever compare. Respectful, competent, loyal, sweet and funny all in one beautiful package.
He's good enough to eat! What a pretty sight. Thank you for this image nona.
So slutty!! I like to think he follows orders well.
His politeness is so endearing. We Leononnas are collectively the one lady he refers to.

No. 332369

>We Leononnas are collectively the one lady he refers to.
Preach, praise, %100 correct.

No. 332371

Why do zoomers call adult male characters baby girls?

No. 332372

I'd like someone to try putting it in words. Like I know what they're trying to say, but I don't know how to explain it.

No. 332374

Why thank you Leon! Yes, I was tired and needed a chair! So thoughtful.

No. 332375

File: 1685606095089.jpeg (44.35 KB, 749x495, E523B320-CA69-4922-BA8E-6F16BB…)

I mostly use it because it’s just a trendy word and I think it’s funny. Though ig it partially has to do with calling full grown men (often canonically middle aged who’ve done ‘war crimes’) a typically feminine and aggressively saccharine pet name

No. 332376

File: 1685606387639.gif (1.36 MB, 382x498, helpimcrying.gif)

Nonnies in /ot/ being genuinely curious and understanding towards kirby-anon got me so emotional. I'm so glad we have this space to share our non-popular tastes and likes. I've been a misfit outsider my whole life so seeing this (even in an anonymous board) just hits me right in the heart.

No. 332377

I see. I think baby boy would be more of a deliciously humiliating term of endermeant for that kind of character. You'd be denying their manhood without resorting to calling them female.

No. 332378

She's an exception, and even she used to be bullied all the time too. Everyone else with unconventional taste is called nemu or made fun of at some point in these threads as well.

No. 332380

File: 1685606923022.png (32.8 KB, 739x593, nemu....PNG)

nemu?…I'm sorry I'm an idiot

No. 332381

nemu the lolcow

No. 332382

oh lord nvm I got whiplash, thanks anon.

No. 332384

Yeah the lolcow. You can read her threads here, I think they're in /snow/.
Point is, lolcow isn't really the place to talk about having unconventional husbando taste and expect not to be judged harshly. The average farmer is extremely petty and catty, has a superiority complex, and has a thirst for drama. The point of this imageboard is to make fun of strange and dumb people online.

No. 332385

oh sure we all have our disagreements every once in a while. Maybe is my head that separates the board in 2 different sections kek.

No. 332386

Sometimes I forget where we are too, kek

No. 332389

It's because most of the nonas itt are so lovely ♥
We should remember where we are, but in threads like this where nonas talk not about milk but what they dearly love, the tone is going to be different.

No. 332390

No. 332392

A drink to that nonny! husbandofags united.

No. 332393

Hey, it's that dog!

No. 332394

File: 1685609962314.jpg (34.77 KB, 564x617, e4a5a58cdb4fdb0a2051334f4f933c…)

Cheers, nona!

No. 332396

I'm sure there's someone taking screenshots to laugh at later as they should. I have no idea how she can sperg about her weird fetish shit so openly, needs to have some shame.
I do not share solidarity with you weirdos that husbando animals and creatures.(bait)

No. 332398

omg nonna this is gorgeous, thank u for reminding about his fantastic photoshoot. ♥ i now really, really want to pick up drawing as a hobby again, just to draw my beloved in all those beautiful garments… i will definitely suck at it again kek but its worth it, i feel like he would really appreciate me trying.

No. 332401

File: 1685615718600.jpg (1.49 MB, 1409x933, Tumblr_l_182854734588318.jpg)


No. 332403

File: 1685616400163.jpg (76.82 KB, 1199x1000, ce7a74debe3f120be44d503089f310…)

Yes more husbandos getting down please!

No. 332407

File: 1685617671297.jpg (2.16 MB, 1574x1285, Tumblr_l_550982604418252.jpg)

I'm gonna add Joshua to the babygirl compilation.
>tfw you're a mormon war criminal, but you're still babygirl ♥

No. 332414

File: 1685620799187.png (825.1 KB, 2208x1242, 8C8EBD60-8D00-4CD8-A331-527F11…)

He tried.

No. 332421

File: 1685623955000.jpg (717.79 KB, 2000x2945, Ftd6RFEacAA_IIp.jpg)

do u nonnas look up ur husbandos and urs zodiac compatibility sometimes just for fun? i use co-star and sends me little messages everyday and its interesting to read through my chart sometimes, but the best feature imo is that u add ur «partner» too and it will show u a chart, ur compatibility in moods & emotions, love & pleasure, sex & aggression etc. shame it has to be like an actual another profile on the app, but i often have this silly little daydream of showing him this and admitting honestly that i don't know shit about astrology but the app is really fun so i put our information there and look now it can give us a fun date idea we should totally do it lol. cute…

No. 332423

not related, but what to do if I don't know my husbandos birthday? Should I assume it to be the date of his first appearance in his source material?

No. 332425

i think so nonnie! u can also come up with \ choose any date u like for him. it could be a special day for u two, u can celebrate together, woo!

No. 332426

File: 1685624820417.png (15.69 KB, 250x250, TTREEFE.png)

Okay, I did just that and assumed that his birthday is the date of his first appearance.
Well, he is Libra and I'm Pisces and it seems that we don't have a good compatibility. Fuck this gay shit, horoscopes are a scam anyway. No, seriously, fuck that. This stupid horoscope made me irrationally angry. ME AND MY HUSBANDO ARE A PERFECT MATCH REEEEE

No. 332428

nonnie i'm pisces too kek, and the same happened to me too recently!! so… i just chose the date of his birthday myself lol. he wouldn't mind i feel like, he would love for me to make a decision for him. oh and u are 100% correct, astrology is pure hell. if i knew who ur husbando is i would send u a pretty picture of him to comfort u.

No. 332429

I guess the date would be more meaningful if it has a connection to my husbando. Even though his zodiac is sorta bleh and doesn't resemble him at all. After all, I'm a very un-pisces Pisces myself. But I like that date so much! When I saw it I was like "wow, it such a great date for his birthday actually".
Guess I should try again with the date of his death in the source material kek.

No. 332430

Don't feel bad anon. Me and my have incompatible signs too, but I've seen many people with our signs say their relationships are good. Even if a couple has incompatible signs, what's really important is how you two overcome your differences and issues.
I have indeed. I like the juxtaposition of our sign tropes, my sign is stereotyped as a care-free risk taker whiles his is more disciplined and serious (which I like). I like to think that I would help him break his routine to come out of his shell and try new things, while he keeps me grounded although I'm a homebody so I'm perfectly content staying at home and enjoying the peace with him. based off of our signs, I think we would have a lot of respect and support (emphasis on the support!) for each other, and good communication. We're born in the same month so I consider that proof that he's my soulmate. I'm not a zodiac person though, so Im not very educated on this stuff.

No. 332431

File: 1685627485445.jpg (136.56 KB, 900x1266, Levi.Ackerman.full.2098093.jpg)

No. 332433

good taste nonnie

No. 332434

Kek, this reminds me so much off all those vocaloid versions/OCs back in the 00s. I want the Kaito nonna from roughly a year ago to come back and tell me which one is her favorite.

No. 332435

this is beautiful

No. 332444

Me and my husbando are absolutely incompatible in any sense, don't let that stop you nonnie

No. 332450

File: 1685633803055.jpg (78.95 KB, 540x810, died at 42. cant experience tw…)

we don't know scout's birthday, but I made a psuedo 'birth' chart from his confirmed death day. I don't know much about astrology, but I've seen people headcanon that his sun sign is either Aries or Sagittarius. I can definitely see the aries but idk about Sagittarius


No. 332451

ot but Okay this comic panel I'm finding funny as hell but it's raising many questions (like what goes on in tf2).

If I'm not a videogame person, how can I into tf2 (only comics?)

No. 332452

File: 1685634095944.png (10.06 KB, 350x674, Screenshot (104).png)

Like I said, I don't know much about astrology but I looked at the descriptions. There's no way this man is a Capricorn Venus

No. 332453

tf2 lore is wild. click for spoilers but iirc medic impregnates a guy by using a detonation pen to inseminate the baboon uterus he previously implanted into the guy to replace his heart

No. 332454

i looked it up and it said april 20th. maybe we can use the va's birthday? his is november 20th

No. 332455

this one could use some work with the weird indie accent, but he's so cute nonas

No. 332456

this one could use some work with the weird indie accent, but he's so cute nonas

No. 332457

more food pls scaranona

No. 332461

File: 1685635784895.png (67.57 KB, 639x1339, c5021b24e7f611f7f52c cropped.p…)

Love to see other Gato fan nonas here. Have any of you played TPoF's DLC route too?

Every one of her characters has some appeal to me and I've had and have long-standing crushes, especially when playing through the games and trying to get all endings, the immersion and whatnot.
Ren is my absolute most cherished though and I CAN fix him! Despite what types of games these are, I think his high amount of good endings in BTD2 sweetened the deal
He is looking less shota too with Gato's recent redesign of him, picrel her last posted (not that it matters since iirc he was 19 at least when he met Strade anyways)

No. 332462

File: 1685636014061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.28 KB, 1210x1844, FvjjX9HaAAAzzfx.jpg)

samefag but sorry since picrel would actually be the latest nouveau Ren pic (spoilered for blood just in case)

No. 332463

File: 1685636360640.png (7.61 KB, 570x456, babygirl.png)

i'm a bit late to the party, my babygirl was a bit reluctant

No. 332466

So many chairs, I wonder which one is sturdiest?

No. 332467

File: 1685637804740.gif (260.39 KB, 540x180, he's saying i need to fuck you…)

He's so pretty.

Pretty sure I've said it before, and I will say it again. His dick will be black, blue and maybe even yellow when my pussy is done with it. It will fall off from lack of blood circulation and need to be surgically re-attached.
Idk if this was posted for me, but if it was, thank you. I don't think I've seen this art before, it's gorgeous. If it's not for me and you're just another Levifag, hello sister!

No. 332469

File: 1685637930150.png (12.46 KB, 613x719, babygirl.png)

this one's occupied! (pretty sturdy, though)

No. 332472

Drunk Leon would be a real hoot! This is too cute nonny.

No. 332473

oh this very interesting nonna! finding little signs to confirm something u already know deep in ur heart is always exciting. our dates of birth are in reverse which i find fascinating. 03/01 is his. 01/03 is mine.
luv u scout nonnas. he looks so cute and innocent in this comic panel too! just based on what i saw in the thread, he gives me sun virgo or aries vibes.

No. 332474

>Idk if this was posted for me, but if it was, thank you.
It was for you nonnie!

No. 332476

File: 1685639846116.jpg (62.55 KB, 985x959, 酢@青二才 on Twitter.jpg)

hehe. i'll use this as an opportunity to show this artist i discovered recently. she does those excellent little self-insert doodles of anemo boys. just look at him!! she perfectly captures the spirit of playful, confident scara, with a light touch of mischief…

No. 332477

File: 1685639997528.jpg (32.65 KB, 500x552, levis_heart_by_andyawd_d9hd3i2…)

Thank you again lovely!

No. 332478

File: 1685640176520.jpg (87.71 KB, 1000x1000, 酢@青二才は原稿中 on Twitter.jpg)

i love love love this one too. been using it to practise my japanese lol. he basically says «i deserve u, i am worthy of u, don't hide ur feelings». it's perfect. the other one from this artist i really like is the one where he says «don't let me go».

No. 332479

girl why you looking like revi from black lagoon

No. 332480

Yeah. This thread isn’t accepting at all unless you husbando a “safe” not morally questionable husbando.

No. 332481

File: 1685641022686.jpg (75.24 KB, 710x955, grimawormtongue.jpg)


No. 332482

File: 1685641049665.jpg (115.24 KB, 720x1200, 97156871.jpg)

My man has officially been a chair for a woman in SB4, but it was in only in dialogue and not in a cutscene. BOOOOO Do better Capcom

No. 332483

kek i'm taking the compliment.

No. 332485

File: 1685641807214.png (160.28 KB, 3541x2508, my seat.png)

mine's sturdy enough ♥

No. 332487

File: 1685642064468.jpg (689.48 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room.jpg)

The draw board is looking amazing so far! There are still some spaces left if you nonnies are interested in drawing your husbando/waifu. Board will be done tonight.

Link to the draw board: >>>/ot/1593277

No. 332488

File: 1685642204568.jpg (1.82 MB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_294718081786166.jpg)

The comic series is the easiest way to start, the TFcomics series is the storyline while the update comics are separate oneshot stories.
Here's a link to them, just be aware that the story is not finished, we have been waiting for six years now for volume #7, you should join us in the agonizing wait nonnie.

No. 332497

File: 1685645725684.png (Spoiler Image, 292.71 KB, 1500x884, FB0FB0FD-DAB1-4749-BC48-DDC037…)

Samefag but I put me and scout’s astrology info in ‘the pattern’ app and it described our supposed compatibility. It’s pretty vague though, though ig that’s astrology for ya. Had to edit it all together because there were so many slides and didn’t want to spam the thread. Saging because this is pretty self indulgent

No. 332498

File: 1685645758888.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.53 KB, 783x1115, D16B7301-F920-4C73-8511-E9766A…)

No. 332500

I tried it with my husbando but he is from the future and 2035 is the furthest year I can choose. Is it OK to choose that year or what? Or should I choose like 1977 if he, say, was born in 2077?

No. 332503

File: 1685647737446.jpeg (54.45 KB, 500x726, C205F322-4EF0-4A74-A808-6DD829…)

I don’t think their astrological alignments would be the same. Maybe link rel would work since you just insert the dates?


No. 332504

File: 1685648151430.png (140.94 KB, 1695x1326, DA22CE5C-1DE7-44DC-A57D-202A41…)

Catboy scout

No. 332505

File: 1685648360977.png (542.01 KB, 1700x2000, D41F1594-E665-4447-A2EC-154D68…)

No. 332508

File: 1685650218012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.16 KB, 1170x771, art_trade___is_it_hot_or_is_it…)


As the description reads: Had a lot of fun with this one. I love drawing me some sexy man meat.

No. 332509

There is still space in the lower right if someone wants to draw a long and skinny banana husbando.

No. 332510

File: 1685650712899.png (12.93 KB, 1398x303, i do not have any kind of pare…)

The way this even fits him (he's the Saturn here btw). Wish more of my boys had canon birthdays and birth towns. Most of them are from Earth anyway, though some are from fictional places more or less based on real life (I'd use the real life inspiration in such cases) and others from completely fictional places but still in the territories of real life existing countries.

No. 332511

Sniper TF2 is long and skinny.

No. 332513

File: 1685651361795.jpg (37.79 KB, 750x658, 0d044404cb65eaa5dbefa57849f371…)

Im not posting as much because I ran out of pictures and I'm too shy to search for more, I'm deeply autistic

No. 332516

File: 1685651981506.jpg (31.7 KB, 564x584, c85d88a7432da3e101f84b413f69ce…)


No. 332517

File: 1685652450510.gif (1.47 MB, 169x280, 7B46D96B-D022-47C6-BF61-A9A221…)

Ditto’ing this. We need Sniper tf2 representation

No. 332520

File: 1685653397751.jpg (64.63 KB, 500x707, d83cbf72e64c085bf6a11840405b68…)

my husbando and his bitch boy are getting a new season next month

No. 332522

>his bitch boy
nonna some deep memories awoke in me bc of ur post… i remembered i love akutagawa bc he’s just the right combination of pathetic & depressed with some horrible attachment issues. gosh i need to rewatch this anime now.

No. 332524

File: 1685653923596.png (147.91 KB, 809x1121, 79654321_p17.png)

read the manga, nona, dazaku is a top tier ship, perfect mix of weird attachment issues and selfless undeserved devotion

No. 332525

File: 1685654626645.jpeg (111.24 KB, 750x993, BDCD48F7-AEE7-4B99-857B-831100…)

i will, its a decent idea!! besides undeserved attention to dazai, i love how akutagawa’s life turned into this almost idealistic endless chase for something completely unattainable. i adore the devotion and the burning passion for all the wrong reasons…

No. 332528

File: 1685656365542.jpg (108.9 KB, 1024x819, like a fine goddamn wine.jpg)

Uncertain if I want "lonely and heartbroken ghost overjoyed to discover he can actually interact physically with a powerful enough witch" or "no-longer-rich would-be artist fleeing Franco's Spain who can't pay for his lodgings any other way and would be SO ashamed if his daughters overheard us" from him. Sure, he was pretty when he was young (everyone assumes that's Alucard in the background for a reason), but… God. Give me a tired man who just wanted to make art but ended up spending his life killing monsters (and, inadvertently, his best friend). Give me a man who doesn't know how to handle being called beautiful now that he's past fifty. (But most of all give me more art like this and less like the majority of what got drawn for Portrait of Ruin….)

No. 332529

you can do a powermove and start posting screencaps

No. 332530

File: 1685657378840.jpg (54.38 KB, 563x701, c8475f27d2010ee7121d66584f0b11…)

I swear he gets the most deranged horny-content ever. I love it..

No. 332531

is this a selfpost? who even are these characters?

No. 332532

Do you think Connor would make a good eunuch? iykyk

No. 332533

Enlighten me pls

No. 332535

File: 1685658236782.jpg (51.39 KB, 754x754, e1de45a1e60ded7e7c2545e96ae379…)

just ctrl + f 'eunuch' in /snow/

No. 332539

File: 1685659871997.jpg (274.24 KB, 1060x1500, D7-35Q4U0AA3hgq.jpg)

It's a special someone's birthday today!

No. 332540

Story of my life

No. 332543

File: 1685662262536.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 220.5 KB, 1200x1500, Fv-4rUbacAAq-Fl.jpeg)

help! i've fallen and i can't get up!!

No. 332544

File: 1685662900453.jpeg (78.72 KB, 1170x1448, BF9A8773-0503-47AF-848C-0F7810…)

why do people call him a twink? he has body hair. even though he’s skinny, in the tfcomics he has sort of cute thighs that would be soft

No. 332547

he's a twink (derogatory) by Australian standards

No. 332550

Dorito head

No. 332552

Does anyone get frustrated that most art containing your husbando is fujo nonsense? I am practically stuck with official art and i just want to see my husbando look handsome.

No. 332553

Thank you scaranonna. I recently had to get a new hard drive and lost a lot of scara art in the process. I'm hoping this will help fill it out again.

No. 332561

Seconding >>332529 take 100s of screenshots of your favorite frames

No. 332562

In-universe he's scrawny for an Aussie because he isn't one, but even outside of that I'd hesitate to call him truly skinny. His game model and how he's drawn in the comics make him look more robust than a stringbean like Scout. He's got a solid torso with thick wrists, large hands, and long legs. He's lanky and kind of sturdy. Dear, sweet Jesus he is so hot. The hold this fake man has on me is unreal.

No. 332565

his body in the comics sort of remind me of Ben affleck’s build in the movie gone girl. that shower scene.

No. 332569

I just want them to stop drawing mine with a pussy. A hairless, tiny little one at that.

No. 332570

my husbando is pretty unpopular and the only person who actually draws him ships him with his father figure. lole and lemao

No. 332573

unlike other husbandos that would be enthusiastically supportive of their girl's growth mine would absolutely be a detriment. i'm feeling terrible today and i just know he'd try his best to keep me home, weigh me down in bed while whining or go limp with his arms around my waist so that i drag him halfway down the porch while leaving. in a way he'd be like the raging hedonistic side of me that gets neglected irl so it would work out well. all this to say yea i don't want to do anything today except pretend the pillow is mai husbando and sleep the day away. i'd be more than willing to do the day's menial tasks if i could come home to him. he's detrimental to society but a net gain for mee

No. 332577

I just want them to stop drawing mine with a pussy. A hairless, tiny little one at that.

No. 332580

>reposting this an hour later
What's going on kek

No. 332584

File: 1685687047023.jpg (21.61 KB, 603x791, catvomiting.jpg)

>rancefag got to it

No. 332585

kek my bad. Some lolcow threads make my browser shit itself. I guess the refresh caused a repost.

No. 332586

Scoutfags, do you imagine him with or without the sex bom tattoo?

No. 332590

yes and yes. i usually don't mind fujo stuff, but its about balance for me. i want my beloved to be his beautiful individual self, not just an inseparable love interest for another more popular male character, always glued to him, so its impossible to find decent solo character art… and the pussy art i just don't get it. i saw so, so many artists draw scara exactly how >>332569 nonna described, and omg pls stop.

No. 332593

File: 1685691916085.jpg (335.42 KB, 2245x2358, FwfiOZXaUAETDti.jpg)

i feel u nonna. always ready to help u restore the collection, i'll be posting art for u from time to time!

No. 332597

File: 1685696576591.jpeg (225.72 KB, 1280x2048, ABC5C057-849B-490E-836E-9F8C80…)

Sometimes I forget it, but having Tom Jone’s face staring at you dead on while riding scout is part of the experience you signed up for. Also, I remembered pic rel and for some reason I started thinking about how Scout was unironically put ‘she’s a lady’ on a sex playlist

No. 332598

>Scout was unironically put ‘she’s a lady’ on a sex playlist
He would also brag about being Tom Jones' long lost son

No. 332605

I don't mind it as long as it's well drawn but I hate when my husbandos are drawn as bottoms because submissive moids are my biggest turn-off.

No. 332606

I'd be more on board with it if it wasn't so much focus on anal and pigeonholing characters into tops and bottoms and making them OOC to fit more into the archetypes. As far as I am concerned they are all "sides" and some of them have probably accidentally (or "accidentally") rubbed dicks and got boners during passionate manly fights.

No. 332607

File: 1685700621300.png (2.03 MB, 2000x1600, finishedhusbandoboard.png)

The finished board. There are a lot of talented nonas here! I don't recognize everyone, who is the redheaded archer and the man in the checkered suit?

No. 332610

I don't really go on this board a lot because I tend to be very possessive of my 90 husbandos (i want to make a collage, but i would out my identity that way kek) but it's cool to see so many tf2 fans. personally I love sniper (though i am gross about him) and Spy

Benny from F:NV!

No. 332613

>if it wasn't so much focus on anal and pigeonholing characters into tops and bottoms and making them OOC to fit more into the archetypes.
Same sis, I don't mind hot guys making out and doing stuff with each other's dicks but I hate most yaoi in general because of what you wrote.

No. 332615

are those ocelot print pants on Snake? bayzed

No. 332616

That's leopard print not ocelot.

No. 332625

File: 1685703879073.png (6.04 MB, 2208x1242, B8AF136D-48EE-4D95-93E1-B49EBC…)

Same, sometimes, and it’s most of the time, I like to imagine Leviathan just holding me tightly in the mornings and telling me to not leave the room because he doesn’t want me to go outside where the normies lurk.
This particular scene of a side story in the game really made my almonds activate. I want him to hold me tightly and try to find any way to convince me to stay at home all day long just playing with his hair and talking about whatever.

No. 332628

Well Ocelot would make more sense so maybe drawing anon was mistaken? I'd like to think that is the case because it makes for a cute nod.

No. 332635

The redheaded archer is Leliana from Dragon Age. I wished I had time to join in this one. All Nonnas did a fine job.

No. 332638

File: 1685708117413.jpg (291.98 KB, 1959x3153, FtQCZEBWAAAfOPa.jpg)

reviving ur scara art collection one pic at a time nonna.

this gives me such a soothing feeling, the atmosphere is so tranquil. i wanna hold his hand…

No. 332644

because the old husbando board filled up so fast, there's now a new one for any anons who didn't get the chance to give their husbando (or waifu) the love they deserve! >>>/ot/1594828

No. 332650

File: 1685713877676.jpg (145.09 KB, 1358x2689, 3049672fdf2119f15c8f71f11119e9…)

To those with big collections of fanart: how do you sort it all? By colour? Mood? Activity? Source? File type? Right now I have folders upon folders of Pixiv dumps and I want to decide on a system before I start sorting it.

No. 332652

File: 1685715730711.jpg (499.9 KB, 1062x1676, Fxn1rq9WAAIcdbs.jpg)

me saving my lovely husbando from gross moids in making him a sigma ligma meme

No. 332657

I sort them by artists when they are posting a lot otherwise I just dump everything into the same folder, I don't even separate them by sources, everything goes.

No. 332658

Well you do get the "Animals" camo in MGS3 if you defeat Ocelot with a tranquilizer gun

No. 332659

by artists if i like the particular art style. but mostly by mood, activity, sfw \ nsfw and since my husbando has a couple of different designs i sort by those too. hope it helps a bit!

No. 332664

I don't. I like to live recklessly.

No. 332668

File: 1685719316794.jpg (44.05 KB, 540x540, 783e5426677602b220a2dc1d3bea9c…)

Any other P3 nonas here? I saw someone mention Junpei a while ago. I'm a big Aki girl and have been ever since I played it, his awkwardness is endearing, I like his friendship with Shinji and his determination to get stronger. I hope that P6 has a feMC not only for the obvious reasons but also because it would make the scrotes who already seethe over Kotone mad

No. 332680

Is anyone else picky about fanart of their husbando? I'm suffering, nonas, because he's from a Western piece of media, but all his fan art is so bad. Either it's anime fans who don't know how to draw anything other than generic bishounen faces, or people who don't get his proportions right. It's killing me. I might just force myself to draw my own.

No. 332682

Relatable. Mine is definitely weird looking at the very least and the amount of anime style art that makes him super beautiful is weird. I love eastern artists for their skill but in this case it just doesn't fit and cheapens his appeal. I'd much rather Tumblr nlogs draw him, at least they would get it right since they're obsessed with weird characters kek.

No. 332688

I am playing now and he is my favorite too. I wish we didn't need to have a high charm to start the social link with him

No. 332694

File: 1685727796297.jpg (107.51 KB, 1792x2048, tumblr_490d7fda3988380126d2d48…)

currently losing my mind over this post i found, op made this template with her husbandos (she also featured yume art of her & her husbando that she commissioned before) and its so cute! i want to try it too…

No. 332696

You win

No. 332699

relatable. most fanart of my boy is him being gayshipped with his boss/friend. as though his only purpose is to be a gayship figure, and not his own person.
jealousy aside, it feels like nobody appreciates him the way i do.

No. 332701

I think they're just hot men and that's it. They aren't pre-existing characters.

No. 332702

File: 1685731394378.png (23.83 KB, 588x623, Screenshot (106).png)

scout looks so adorable here. Thank you so much, nonnas


yo I looked at the husbando side-board and I LOVE THIS, NONNA! this is so friggin beautiful. you're doing him so good

No. 332703

>>>/ot/1595250 this is how you quote cross-board

No. 332705

cute scout oppression pet game idea btw

No. 332707

File: 1685733125642.png (17.1 KB, 400x318, 16856713198.png)

I want to slap his ass

No. 332718

File: 1685735693814.jpeg (76.69 KB, 995x1372, FPmBQA2VIAMa0g-.jpeg)

You and me sis!

No. 332719

there are so many moid games made by tims that do this on newgrounds. when will we get a rhythm game that lets you tease a tied up scout?

No. 332726

based. joined in properly this time. spent more time on it than i should've. it was fun trying to draw on one layer, and in a different program. i'll start frequenting the drawing threads, i think.

No. 332728

I should fill this template with my husbando and me on the weekend

No. 332730

could you post the op's example spoilerd? I want to try it too! but I'm not sure how to fill it aesthetics? hmm like photos related to him I guess?

No. 332736

File: 1685740849545.png (28.06 KB, 329x374, art.PNG)

Admin here, thank you to the anons who posted board reminders here. I frequent this thread but was hesitant to advertise the board as I don't wish to be a nuisance. Anyway I'm glad to see so many anons liked the board!

Here's a link to the side board

You can make more than one layer nonna. If the site isn't letting you make more than one, let us know in the thread because I might've done the settings wrong or there could be a glitch.

No. 332738

>let us know in the thread
*in the doodle thread

No. 332739

I love his stupid buck teeth

No. 332741

File: 1685741075381.gif (948.12 KB, 498x498, fangirl-fangirling.gif)

>admin here
admin-sama sing my t-shirt plzz!!11!!11!!

No. 332743

tfw I would be the one who is bad…

No. 332744

thanks nona. i thought its one layer per person. my bad. new to this sort of thing.

No. 332746

There's a layer limit per person to protect against defacing but you should be able to create approximately up to 8

No. 332749

File: 1685742704742.jpg (210.2 KB, 1204x812, tumblr_9f7f0e5c37764dc7b88cff9…)

My boys are sleeping.

No. 332750

File: 1685743079521.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 190.82 KB, 1280x1464, 9C8A759E-9FF6-49E3-86EA-B161E8…)

there u go! i love the art she commissioned, its so simple yet so cute. for aesthetics here she used the general mood of the relationship but in the other one she used more typical pinterest “couple holding hands dancing” images lol so ig its really up to u! also i saw other templates with picrews, and since i don’t have art of my husbando like that (yet), i’ll probably use picrew too.

No. 332751

Thank u! this is super cute. ♥ I wonder if the color and emoji are supposed to represent him or their relationship?

No. 332755

File: 1685743824681.png (371.97 KB, 1280x1280, 44440419-A4A3-44BE-91E0-708B8C…)

i also checked the artist’s account more and oh my god i find every yume commission she’s done so adorable. i found this one with diluc & it just looks so cute. now i really want to order a similar little sketch for me & my beloved. i’m gonna scream.

No. 332756

no way she did this I'm running to her commission waiting list RN

No. 332757

ikr!! yes, it’s all about the relationship, i also think the emojis can be what u would use the most in texting with each other.

No. 332758

they're too wholesome, my husbando would only send me eggplant and fire emojis sigh

No. 332759

I love imagining most of my husbandos as submissive, but I generally want them to be submissive only to me.
Plus one of the things I hate about yaoi is also how they make both characters so OOC to fit into ridiculous uke or seme stereotypes, Kakyoin being a prime example (though he is not my husbando).

No. 332760

File: 1685744697722.png (276.96 KB, 1280x1280, 98209FE8-9754-4FEF-90CB-B2B897…)

ME TOO. ok i don’t want to spam the thread too much so this is the last one but omg it’s so sweet. i hope there’s at least one hawks nonna who’ll enjoy this.

No. 332761

kek nonnie look at the bright side. at least he knows what emojis are, imagine ur husbando just unironically sending u one of those boomer “good morning seize the day” memes

No. 332762

File: 1685744925803.png (160.29 KB, 332x480, CA82554F-2125-429C-8369-3B01CD…)

Yeah. About that…

he can probably text some stuff but he struggles a lot with ‘ch’ and ‘th’ when writing, so he’d leave voice notes instead. His written texts have a lot of spelling mistakes and uses tone indicators and emojis to compensate

No. 332763

File: 1685745065868.jpeg (250.68 KB, 1691x1914, D7E16567-3428-4CFD-B61D-670EFC…)

No. 332764

nona don't give him ideas!! I wouldn't put it pass him…

No. 332765

this is unironically kinda cute scoutanon KEK

No. 332766

every time i think about his stupid accent i become feral. i took a train near boston last week and i seriously considered visiting because what if i run into a real version of him. yes i might be autistic

No. 332767

File: 1685745477281.png (38.85 KB, 400x326, 1236EFBE-FEF1-4D12-AA16-A95F3B…)

Hank hill nonny or Engie nonny?

No. 332771

Mine definitely would and he would completely unironically appreciate them and yes he was born in 1968.

No. 332773

File: 1685747000879.jpg (203.63 KB, 800x1290, 9a79ba27c33ddb4c0174b465649ef0…)

I squealed too hard at this, can't wait for this to be finished talented scout nonna!

No. 332775

I've been in a committed relationship with my husbando for years, how dare you tempt me with such a lecherous image! homewrecker!

No. 332780

File: 1685749799135.jpg (59.31 KB, 610x677, kissy kissy.jpg)

I need to kiss him nonnas!!!!

No. 332781

File: 1685749993137.jpeg (99.4 KB, 750x1391, Fv54709WAAEGJM1.jpeg)

I wish I wasn't a consolefag so I could enjoy the juicy mods for myself

No. 332790

File: 1685753979179.gif (4.8 MB, 480x360, 0991351.gif)

Maybe it's because I'm ovulating but the amount of things this man makes me feel.. (duh of course it's horniness)
He's not my main husbando but I'm so glad he exists

No. 332811

They would never send emojis in texts

No. 332824

File: 1685768438147.png (122.95 KB, 2100x2235, fruitloop.png)

I don't consider myself to have any "husbandos" but picrel has been on my mind lately in a non-explicitly sexual way. There have been many other boxy men who've filled up that same headspace in the past. Wanted to post him here because this thread is so cute and joyful and I want in.

No. 332826

File: 1685768898777.jpg (362.88 KB, 1380x2048, E0r3v_vWUAI4qvw.jpg_large.jpg)

I firmly believe that everyone who isn't in love with Levi is just someone who hasn't seen AOT yet.
Sometimes, yes. It doesn't really bother me because I like seeing art of Levi in romantic situations or just with his friends, but a lot of his art is geared towards Eruri shippers. Even in official art they pander to shippers, picrel. But even still though, he's an extremely popular character so it's not hard to find art of him by himself of with other characters so it's no big deal. Although I don't actually ship him with anyone, I do only wish his other ships got as much attention as Eruri, like Levihan.

No. 332829

My husbando's sign says "You're husbando is in Hell".

No. 332831

File: 1685770603116.jpg (126.35 KB, 1280x720, cupid.jpg)

Like I said somewhere, I don't mind if people do fujo stuff with my husbando and his enemy, who is a straight man whore, but I cannot stand people think is a BL anime because of it. Is a Seinen anime, for Hell sake. Most of the time they're together you know they end fighting for any reason.

No. 332833

>someone who hasn't seen AOT yet
nah, Levi's ok I guess but being able to self insert into their universe is a major criteria for me being able to 'husbando' a guy so no AOT guys qualify no matter how hot they are. I also don't like imagining the guys in my real world cause my real world sucks.

No. 332834

File: 1685771429409.png (83.59 KB, 513x284, Husbando Pass.png)

of course nonny. we accept almost all husbandos here. Take this pass and enjoy your stay!

No. 332839

i love aot but i personally wouldnt get along with levi. his put-together pedantic ass would hate my guts.

No. 332840

File: 1685779318824.png (Spoiler Image, 170.24 KB, 564x564, 6AE228D1-B695-40F2-9AFC-597C23…)

Engie would send you fishing memes he saw of Facebook like pic rel

No. 332841

File: 1685779419307.png (Spoiler Image, 62.52 KB, 480x462, 30033C91-5267-4E53-A478-449F2E…)

No. 332844

No. 332866

File: 1685790278780.jpg (65.27 KB, 564x846, 8e53e5443468bcfaebbb1b73e1a4f4…)

I'd like to be picked up and full nelsoned by him

No. 332867

i want to play MGS only because of the way he looks in MGS V…

No. 332876

my husbando would totally speed-drive around village roads in a BMW listening to eurobeat. seems the type.

No. 332877

well the remake of 3 is coming out soon

No. 332894

File: 1685802724951.jpg (41.72 KB, 736x552, 35e3666d73e2f0691ff8d245f2b496…)

Sometimes with (IRL) men I like, I get the urge to hit them. But I would never hurt him. I couldn't dream of purposefully, physically or emotionally, hurting him, not even if I was really upset with him. He would also probably kick my ass (literally) if I tried. Maybe I would slap him during sex if he let me though, I would like that.

I love him so much. Just thinking about him makes me feel my heartbeat in my clitoris.

No. 332912

File: 1685812514049.jpeg (41.46 KB, 750x737, 411A5781-707A-41F8-9115-E78B89…)

Posting him

its high noon

No. 332914

File: 1685812619821.jpeg (41 KB, 748x421, 610C44FD-7AE3-4272-A2B3-3B9107…)

Idk thought pic rel was kinda funny

No. 332917

File: 1685812727239.jpg (190.13 KB, 1079x1607, 19169184.jpg)

God I wish that were me.

No. 332918

I made ai art of my husbando lactating and I’ve been frothing at the mouth over it for the past few hours

No. 332923

extremely relatable. i like slapping around 3d scrotes, but i would be very gentle with my husbando.
i like the idea of holding my shoe at the back of a 3d twink's head, rubbing his face into dirt. but my husbando? i could never. i'd stroke his head gently while holding him down. he enjoys enough violence outside the bedroom.

No. 332929

Nonny, I…

No. 332931

immensely based and i agree so much. at this point i think i have zero tolerance, kindness or sympahy left for 3d men, even the ones i like(d). but my husbandos… i want to hold their hands, treat their wounds, give them gentle back rubs and lots of affectionate hugs, brush (and for some even braid if they allow it) their hair, and don't even get me started on other little acts of service i would do for their comfort. what's my love language? all of them. 5/5. i love my husbandos sm nonnas.

No. 332934

Oh, for me it's not a femdom I'm actually quite the opposite or sexual thing. It's just an urge I get to hit men if I like them, I'm not sure why. It's not sexual though.
I think a slap is as far as I would be willing to go in bed, I would let Levi smack my ass so it only feels fair.

No. 332937

File: 1685817998775.jpg (114.89 KB, 1123x1331, FXjRhzvUcAAtbXn.jpg)

c'mon do i even have to say anything. i feel like this art was made for me, its just so perfect. i love backs… i will never shut up about how much i love exposed backs…

No. 332939

hey it's okay, everyone messes it up. They're all hot.

No. 332940

dunno if I'd hurt them myself but I actually love seeing them suffer on screen because some of them in particular are just so cute when they cry or wince or whine in pain, the deeper the despair the cuter. ok maybe I would hurt the less honorable ones.

No. 332944

File: 1685819104020.jpeg (14.56 KB, 244x206, images.jpeg)

>mfw my husbando doesn't really has a canon appearance (he is a comic book character and it's different between artists)
>so he doesn't have a canon body type
>mfw when my brain tries to make up if I want him to be slimmer and more gentle or a fucking beefcake with huge man titties

No. 332945

i love seeing mine covered in his own blood after a good beating, some crying is a nice bonus but not always necessary.

No. 332947

File: 1685820334173.jpg (180.1 KB, 721x1024, DbYi_aDVwAAtmAd.jpg)

I finally got a new job and I've been unbelievably nervous and excited. As such I've started to imagine my husbandos working in an office or job setting AU and I can't stop fantasizing about them wearing dress-shirts and ties. Dress-shirts and ties are unbelievably sexy and the closest canonical appearance of such a outfit on any of them is the Pupupu Train promotion where Meta Knight, Kirby, and Dedede are dressed as Station Masters. I don't know, I want to work in an office with the three of them as my coworkers who vie for my attention. I want to help Dedede get work he's put off. I want to go out for coffee with Kirby! I want Meta Knight scold me when he notices I've been getting off track or something is off with my data. I think Meta Knight is best for this sort of thing, I can imagine him in a soft baby blue dress shirt, black tie, black glasses, and black oxfords. I'd like to go drinking with him after work, but because of the disparity and both of our body weights he get drunk very quickly and I bring him home with me. I wouldn't do anything to him but I think I'd probably take advantage of the situation and snuggle with him, and then take care of his hangover in the morning. I've already drawn a salaryman Meta Knight with a loose tie, garters, open shirt and glasses with his cock out I want more I both like and hate being the creator of my fantasies because I have but only so much time to draw them.
No not particularly. As much as I regard my husbandos as that, I ship all three of them interchangeably with each other just as much. I think I only get pissed off if people pigeon hole them into being gay and nothing else simply because it makes them wet. It comes off as disrespectful and disingenuous. Though I think I get even more angry if I see OC x Canon featuring my husbandos, nothing throws me into a state of anger and nausea more than that. It's so bad that I downloaded a word-replacer extension on both my PC and phone just so I could turn some OC x Meta Knight writer into a constant stream of Kirby x Meta Knight for myself and it's a intense struggle to not block anyone who draws OC X Canon on sight. I wish I wasn't like this but I can't stand it.

No. 332948

Congratulations on the job!

No. 332949

File: 1685820690254.png (115.41 KB, 1000x800, 64432601_p8.png)

Thank you nonnie I'm going to finish my itabag with a bit of money from my first paycheck to celebrate

No. 332951

congrats nonna, i hope the job goes well for u! also i agree, the whole corporate attire is very sexy indeed. i like the famous japanese salary man look too. would honestly love to see more art of my loved ones in classic navy blue suit jackets, white dress-shirts and ties. i immediately imagine undressing him slowly and using the tie to restrain his hands behind his back. so hot!! nose fucking bleed hot!!

No. 332952

Thanks, I hope so as well. Isn't it? It's the perfect balance of sexy and casual. There's things like the buttons you can slowly undo, ties you can loosen or tighten. Suit jackets are nice too, very nice. They're form fitting and add an extra layer of formal-ness along with an air of being uptight and sharp. That's nice, I forgot the tie can quickly be used for things such as light restraint. But it can also be used as a blindfold which I think can be nice in it's own way. A part of me thinks Meta Knight would be really into that sort of thing. Also
>look up salaryman on pixiv for inspo
>have to sift through tons of sexy office lady AI porn
Make it stop make it stop

No. 332953

File: 1685821815029.jpg (128.83 KB, 795x1200, 3be9d9e356e9be60cf7920c2e30ed9…)

OK which of you crazy nonas did this to him? Chill with the love bites!

No. 332954

Me. Sorry he just activates my instincts.

No. 332955

>>look up salaryman on pixiv for inspo
>>have to sift through tons of sexy office lady AI porn
But how…? Aren't office ladies called OL in Japanese? Why are they infecting the salaryman tag with that AI garbage

No. 332957

File: 1685823149208.png (Spoiler Image, 267.03 KB, 971x261, stop.PNG)

I don't know but I want them to stop.

No. 332958

The Pixiv AI ban can't come soon enough

No. 332959

what are they called btw

No. 332960

If you mean in Japanese, I use サラリーマン for men specifically since it has 'man' in the word. However, I think the official term for an office worker is 事務員.

No. 332982

kek i imagine braiding mine's hair a lot. being affectionate towards a 2d man is cool, because they never take it for granted or assume it's a default female servitude. i'm very caring, devoted, and affectionate by nature, but 3dpd dont deserve it. if you're too kind and devoted towards a 3d man, he will learn to treat you like dirt, knowing he'll get away with it. you need to put them in their place often by distancing yourself (or being mean), so they keep "trying". it's tiresome.
i can kiss my husbando's forehead all i want, guilt-free, knowing i'm not self-sabotaging by being overly caring.
part of what i like about him is that, like me, he has to act tough all the time, but deep down just wants love. we could be evil little hooligans together, and then come home to spend the rest of the day cuddling and being utterly saccharine when nobody is watching. that's what i love about him.
i want to spoil him. and he deserves it, because he isn't a 3d manchild.
oh, i get it. like the compulsion to shake a baby or squeeze a kitten because its so cute. (no, i never actually hurt a cat or a baby.)
or, maybe, the autism saying "i want physical contant but don't want to show vulnerability".

No. 332988

somewhat relatable.
mine's nose is never consistent. i tend to imagine him with something in between the two extremes. he's a perfect blend of crude and brutish with refined and noble.
he's only ever shown with heavy gear on, or loose clothes, so it's hard to know what his body looks like under all that. wiki says he weighs 80kg, but it also says his hair is black when in the anime it is brown. taking it all with a grain of salt. at his height, it would mean he is underweight. kind of cute, but it makes no sense for how strong and fit he is.

No. 332989

somewhat relatable.
mine's nose is never consistent. i tend to imagine him with something in between the two extremes. he's a perfect blend of crude and brutish with refined and noble.
he's only ever shown with heavy gear on, or loose clothes, so it's hard to know what his body looks like under all that. wiki says he weighs 80kg, but it also says his hair is black when in the anime it is brown. taking it all with a grain of salt. at his height, it would mean he is underweight. kind of cute, but it makes no sense for how strong and fit he is.

No. 333010

File: 1685836262451.jpg (39.61 KB, 762x525, EQPKWD0UcAALVUZ.jpg)

i am ovulating right now nonnies and i want to FUCK anakin so goddamn badly. these ai bots need to hurry up and come out already so i can go HAM with my husband.

No. 333013

Relatable for me as well! My husbando looks different in every season of his show because they had an inconsistent style for the first few and then switch to a different studio for the last season.

No. 333016

File: 1685837861120.jpg (14.59 KB, 576x669, deranged.JPG)

god bless the nonna who agreed to listen to me sperg about my fav grima fic

No. 333020

File: 1685839478090.gif (975.48 KB, 500x461, picmix.com_11154764.gif)

No. 333021

File: 1685839704028.gif (7.8 MB, 690x388, leonkabedon.gif)

To my fellow leon nonnas, the mod community can be a blessing.

No. 333022

File: 1685839780236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.51 KB, 1170x1139, 172F367A-7B74-4AB9-AD5C-61E6C0…)

I’m gonna edit this with the gc flag.

No. 333026

File: 1685841103437.png (139.61 KB, 1170x1139, 26C0D577-2FA8-4407-A3E1-87DEE5…)

just say “NO” to zippertit tf2 art.

No. 333031

idk nonna this sounds fantastic to me

No. 333033

LMAO what is going on in your picrel? i can only read kirby yelling his name i need context pls

No. 333034

Why do tifs gravitate towards characters who more than likely would not understand or flat out not accept their gendie special rhetoric? If you told Sniper that you identified as a man he'd call his father just to tell him that he stop calling him a crazed maniac because he just found the real deal.

No. 333037

File: 1685845807700.jpg (32.02 KB, 563x874, b3e6fe878da5d4000811dee51df715…)

aaaaahh im yooming, kabedon me leon

No. 333044

File: 1685849498604.jpg (180.38 KB, 735x860, 6696d6337aa16ae4dff13c815a301f…)


No. 333054

I'd love a thread solely dedicated to de-transifying TIF art (it was already suggested in the bad art thread)

No. 333082

That's the suffragette flag, it's not a general gc flag but gc feminists do use it. Looks like your husbando is supporting votes for women, as he should.
VERY nice.

No. 333099

All the manrobics voice lines, plus others I kinda feel bad for how Scout’s ma called him fat as a kid

No. 333100

whats your controversial opinion about husbandos? i think most anime husbandos are super boring. Highest quality husbandos imo are vidya husbandos, with cartoon/comic husbandos comming second thanks to the amount of diversity and styles.

No. 333112

File: 1685868217315.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.71 KB, 1024x909, FoLv6GHaUAAex8z.jpg)

spoilered for 3d. was searching for more サラリーマン inspo cause it got stuck in my head after yesterday's discussion in the thread. and i found this account with what i assume are references for artists and omg i NEED to draw my husbando like that, i'm going insane. also since reigen is the one husbando that comes to my mind that canonically wears business attire, it also reminded me of him kek. and here's the account on twt if anynonna wants to check it out: @RAMUNENAPOLITAN

No. 333117

File: 1685872556961.jpeg (15.64 KB, 440x237, EAD8C27E-4CFD-4C91-B5C2-855459…)

>scout looking at the nonnies making pet simulator art of him

No. 333121

>who could have done it?

No. 333123

what anime? golden kamuy?

No. 333131

I don't like anime artstyle either, but I think we should give Japanese artists some credit, since bishounens have a lot of fans. They still have a great appeal for a lot of women, even if you and me don't think so.

No. 333132

I don't think this is the right place for that. There is an artstyles you hate thread in /m/.

No. 333134

File: 1685881628318.jpg (226.81 KB, 669x1153, tumblr_p0ttojGZ1w1uj55veo1_128…)

agreed that it shouldn't be here, though anon did remind me that i exclusively liked anime bishounen until i saw Scout and then suddenly i have zero interest in any of them anymore kek. they're still pretty and it's not like i dislike them or anything, they just don't have the same pull over me anymore.

No. 333139

Some shrines come off to me as cringe in a consoomer/hoarder way, especially the ones that fill whole rooms and/or buy multiples of the same item. No hate to anyone here who has one but personally I find them kinda weird and I definitely wouldn't do it myself. I'm not at all against getting merch, I have some too but I do think there is such thing as too much. I give props to the DIYfags though, those are pretty cool.

No. 333142

Same here. Though it’s partially because I’m not much of a collector, aside from saving an ungodly amount of pics of my phone

No. 333160

File: 1685889532739.jpeg (258.3 KB, 1304x2048, FxDxuzRaQAAC_Ty.jpeg)

Oh, he can take it. He's a strong boy.
KEK this is beautiful nonny, thanks.
Our all-American boy showing love for his country.

No. 333161

File: 1685889646309.jpeg (378.31 KB, 1707x2048, FuauRRSaYAAvrmi.jpeg)

Imagine smoking green herbs with him.

No. 333163

Do you know the artist of these is?

No. 333167

File: 1685891926657.jpg (86.73 KB, 825x650, spring.jpg)

i want him so bad

No. 333169

File: 1685892227567.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 585.08 KB, 1440x2048, FwqfUnyaUAEu4x5.jpeg)

Nai0026ER on Twitter. Spoiler for mild guro

No. 333170

File: 1685892444908.jpg (80.2 KB, 850x1055, __leon_s_kennedy_resident_evil…)

what's wrong with him? he keeps making this face

No. 333171

He needs pussy

No. 333172

File: 1685892955260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.77 KB, 1058x2048, FvMgt4WaEAApr8Z.jpeg)

how lewd

No. 333174

As a nurse, I can confirm that this is the correct diagnosis by looking at the picture.

No. 333181

Same, I don't like consoomer shit in general and I really don't see the point of buying the same button or charm fifty times (I'm not fond of official merch that uses the same promotional images for all the goodies). I find ita bags super rack as well but I have this weird thing where I'm disgusted by seeing clusters.

No. 333182

Springtrap nonnies I just wanna know how it would work with him…please enlighten another monsterfucker I'm dying of curiousity.

Never thought Sadler in horny art could be possible but oooo-wee whew.

No. 333190

I think people who have a heavy focus on only hurting their husbandos rather than loving them are a bit weird, it reminds me of whump fetishists on tumblr who masturbate to their favorite boys having broken legs, miscarriages, having their penises rubbed against a cheese grater, guro or having the stomach flu. The more creative/niche your husbando is the higher your creativity but also your autism. OC x Canon is like weed or alcohol, you shouldn't pass it to people who're aren't comfortable with it even if you share that same husbando.

No. 333192

>reminds me of whump fetishists on tumblr who masturbate to their favorite boys having broken legs, miscarriages, having their penises rubbed against a cheese grater, guro or having the stomach flu
Fuck hell no! I'm one of those anons but this is just too graphic, I'd like him to be in one piece and with a functional dick after a battle

No. 333194

We have a thread in /snow/ about it.

When they make their husbandos too OOC. I know people can make headcanons for fun and all, but if you make your husbando way different than the original character, are you really loving your husbando or just want someone that looks like him? IE I wouldn't hc my husbando not loving fluffy animals or being in love with his enemy or not being responsible in his job. That's the essence of the character.

Dunno if I made it clear.

No. 333201

>I'm not fond of official merch that uses the same promotional images for all the goodies
God same. That's why I can hardly be excited about official merch of my husbandos (if they do get merch) because it's always the same pic but slapped onto random-ass items. Whoever comes up with official merch rarely thinks about the overall design. Literally worse than some fan-made stuff I've seen.
Agree on the anime husbandos part. It doesn't help that I hate modern anime art in general (max rendering, ridiculously busy designs, but also highly abstract faces to the point they don't resemble humans anymore, I just don't get the appeal of that). For this reason I tend to find characters from older anime more attractive, but they're rare these days.
Funnily enough I think husbandos from realistic video games also tend to be plain (though not always).
But of course this is just about their physical attractiveness, it has little to do with their personality.

I guess my unpopular opinion would be that I don't get the hype for muscles. Sure, some muscular characters are very very sexy and some of my husbandos have been like that (which I found hot), but I've seen really plain, personality-less characters being posted whose only appeal is being muscular. And the art posted wasn't even that good. Having great abs in itself isn't particularly attractive to me, there's got to be something special to a character's design and/or personality for me to truly find him hot. But I guess that's enough to make other anons incredibly horny.

No. 333202

I always see those FB videos of Chinese fans buying surprise bags and end with tons of repeats to get the full collection. I remember one where a fan bought tons of Shin Chan buttons and ended with 10 (out of 150? Cannot recall) of the same character. I know she might resell them or something, but that would get on my nerves.

No. 333203

can any kind nonnie give a general translation of what they're saying? I need to know….

yes golden kamuy

No. 333204

Yeah that shit is like real life gacha, I could never do it. I would just buy it directly from someone who already got the character I want, looking for the cheapest option of course.

No. 333205

I want to add that my unpopular opinion is that you don't need a shrine or any merch to be a true fan. Personally I'm a VERY dedicated husbando fangirl (talking full no 3DPD, in committed relationship with my husbando and consider "marrying" him like that Hatsune Miku guy. Yes, I'm that autistic). But I wouldn't spent my money on tons of useless plastic, I consider it wasteful and consoomer-ish. It's okay to have some merch, but if you buy every piece of crap of you husbando, it doesn't prove your dedication to him, it just makes you look like you have more money than common sense.

No. 333206

File: 1685902347482.png (Spoiler Image, 30.98 KB, 356x283, yandere scout.png)

>tfw you whip scout too much and fully fill up his black heart bar

I flip-flop between imaging him overly confident and cocky or just a horny, mewling mess. Thinking about this would be easier if I wasn't a virgin

No. 333207

>having their penises rubbed against a cheese grater
Kek where have you seen this? I like to think about abusing characters sometimes but also want my husbando to have an intact dick.

No. 333208

Very horny, but I like the idea of stepping on my husbandos's crotch. Not like stepping with all my force, but like putting pressure on my foot just enough to make it a little painful.

No. 333209

Yeah that's hot, but I wanna know where the other nona is seeing all this cheesegrater erotica.

No. 333210

Well I think most of us would agree with this. I used to be impressed by consoomer shrines with dozens of the same official merch but now I find them pointless.

No. 333211

File: 1685904465708.gif (307.48 KB, 500x500, 11155935_ae521.gif)

Made my second picmix, I've already done Kirby so now I'm going to do Dedede! Though, I might redo this one, it doesn't feel as cluttered as I'd like Seeing this kind of thing makes me nostalgic, but also makes me wonder how my husbandos would spend their time on the internet. I feel like Kirby would be the kind of guy who wouldn't use the internet all that much and prefers to do stuff outside and the like. Kirby would probably run a small blog but forget about it constantly. Meta Knight would probably use the internet for informational purposes, viewing it as more of a gigantic library. At most I can see him also running a blog after Kirby tells him about it, but Meta Knight updates his regularly. Mostly being about things like his sword collection, books he read, etc. Dedede would be an avid internet user, mostly using it as entertainment. He probably would make videos if some form of YouTube exists. He'd probably get into arguments online quite a bit too, how utterly adorable.
On an askbox service. It wasn't Meta Knight specifically but it was still weird to see. I don't know, whump just skeeves me out really bad which I know can be hypocritical considering the things I'm into but I just hate the idea of getting off to such visceral things like the stomach flu.

No. 333213

>When they make their husbandos too OOC
God I hate this too, it reminds me when I saw one ASMR video where the prompt was that he comforts the watcher after a messy breakup, it made absolutely no sense because he would not care about this kind of things, I get wanting a husbando who cares about you but it's hard to make it work with evil characters.

No. 333219

I find it hard to find yume circles or friends on twt where nobody in them is drinking troonshine.. If I see another profile picture of my husbando with some tumblr identity flag slapped on it bad things are gonna happen

No. 333221

Oh my gosh, what a coincidence. I was literally coming here to post about those "x reader" audio videos. I listened to a couple of my husbando and a few other characters out of curiosity, and literally none of the guys making those videos can do a convincing impression. neither the voice not the dialogue is believable. I genuinely don't know who can actually listen to them without cringing the entire time. My husbando does have a hard voice to nail, though.

No. 333223

delicious, exactly want I wanted for lunch.

No. 333224

I want enlightening too, does he have a tongue? can I ride his face? throw me a bone here

No. 333226

File: 1685907584527.jpg (38.74 KB, 564x562, b23cff29febc30bc51ee0283a89301…)

where do you find these 'x reader' audio videos, nonny? I need to know if there's any for scout

No. 333228

File: 1685907890151.png (23.25 KB, 582x553, d-doki.png)

Scout-anon I swear you're posting on purpose to convert me. I kind of want to know more about him but I know is going to be a point of no return for me. that pic got me soaked

No. 333231

do you have one where he's taking an injection in the bare bootycheek? even better if he's also crying like a (heavy voice) BABY

No. 333232

>OC x Canon is like weed or alcohol
I agree and would say it's true that anything with ocs is less popular than standard ships but imo this should really apply for all ship content in general

No. 333234

I've always wondered how difficult it would be to get one of those x listener audio channel guys to read your script if you sent it to one of them with that intention. Some of those guys only read their own scripts but I feel like it might be possible to get one of the smaller channels who are already recording just about any anime boy x listener style script that's free to use to read a script if i sent it….unfortunately a lot of the small channel guys are small for a reason and have shit voices
NTA, I'd search "scout x listener" on youtube

No. 333236

File: 1685910496274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.9 KB, 749x751, B5E74360-1F03-4160-BB7F-9512B6…)


im sorry. Idk if anyone will get it but what you said reminded me of this

No. 333238

Ikr the nonnies on the hudbando drawthread are doing God’s work. I don’t usually go for yandere version of my husbandos but I like some of the yandere!scout content on tumblr

No. 333245

File: 1685911681106.png (8.49 KB, 664x222, 1ff9155f30.png)

LMAO WHO MADE THIS and what can i draw for you to repay you for this masterpiece??? ILY SO MUCH ANON!

No. 333247

File: 1685913164931.jpeg (22.12 KB, 622x350, D582B280-DAEE-4A36-AA2D-01F087…)

I don’t think I can embed YouTube shorts on mobile but I need to show scout nonnies this


No. 333248

File: 1685913204430.jpeg (15.07 KB, 300x300, D233FA04-6BAE-47E0-A940-3DE6E5…)

More eyebag scout too ig

No. 333249

File: 1685913890970.jpg (68.9 KB, 694x742, 171648502a0e9e35df7297a30e82df…)

Had such a husbando W con day recently, I cosplayed Scout & a few people recognised me even had one guy shout "Your dad is Spy, Scout!" & other fun interactions, I highly suggest cosplaying your husbando nonnas idk why it felt weirdly comforting kek. Then I found a Jiro acrylic stand by chance, which I never see SideM merch in my country, I think it might be a bootleg though bc I can't find it online but I don't care, I'm happy I have him.
nta, but take the scoutpill
Stop nonna, this almost got me sobbing, I want to hug him tightly

No. 333252

still cant believe someone remembers my relatively old grimaposts, sobbing crying violently, 10/10 doodle

No. 333253

Yes you can
Just put https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= before the video ID

No. 333254

Ayrt, they're just on YouTube

No. 333259

File: 1685916953672.gif (634.01 KB, 498x498, 204f8c5e3a1b753759c5acfea9b76c…)

I really want to know if the earthworm Jim nona is here. Posting to try and summon her.

No. 333260

That's what I mean! Hoozuki wouldn't grab my neck and tell me "just get over it, you have to focus in other stuff!" and expecting me to get off my bed and stop crying, but he wouldn't neither let me cry on his lap and pat my head while he says "it's ok".

At most he would tell me to "raise my head and be glad I'm free of whatever drama" and return to work.

No. 333261

File: 1685917199361.jpg (123.4 KB, 1280x720, scout.jpg)

this angle of looking down at scout

that sounds so sweet, nonna!

No. 333262

File: 1685917222747.jpg (126.85 KB, 1280x720, scout2.jpg)

No. 333263

File: 1685917304504.jpg (80.09 KB, 1280x720, oni.jpg)

You made me remember picrel and >>331192
. If that joke about the trans oni was made today, Hoozuki would be called a bigot for saying "he has a male body, he's a man" while Hakutaku would be "an ally", when it was just a dumbass bet.

Besides Hakutaku is a captain straight and Hoozuki is married to his job and hobbies, but people would call him an Acearo.

No. 333265

Only scout x listener I could find… I couldn't get through it, I hate asmr kek I looked at their channel & of course they're a TIF

No. 333266

I know somebody (TRA) who watched the anime last year and dropped it because of this joke, kek

No. 333268

File: 1685918554803.jpg (62.54 KB, 1280x720, aaaaylmao.jpg)

No. 333272

File: 1685919417883.jpeg (61.96 KB, 564x1002, FxJL7ApWcAAg7St.jpeg)

Here's some dessert for you nona

No. 333285

File: 1685925538055.jpeg (114.17 KB, 828x810, IMG_6721.jpeg)

It’s so unfair Shiraishi and I can’t be married in real life. I love him so much and I just want to keep him to myself and dress him in slutty outfits every day and spoil him with gifts and snacks and give him the world he’s the perfect malewife breedable fertile thick ass. Just look how cute he is. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me everywhere. I want to be reincarnated as Shiraishi’s clothing so I can be all over him 24/7 please I need it

No. 333287

nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

No. 333289

File: 1685928161533.png (498.69 KB, 2048x1152, faaaaaangs.png)

I just want him to tear me apart

No. 333290

File: 1685928183247.jpeg (312.04 KB, 1315x880, IMG_6722.jpeg)

Man. I’m not even an Ogatagirly but this panel gave me a blood fetish. It’s the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen in my life. What the fuck. Noda-Sensei loves us and gives us so much

No. 333292

anon… but he has so many STDs from fucking prostitutes… your poor pussy

No. 333293

dw we went to the clinic and he’s undergoing treatment<3 I love him enough to work through it. Plus I can just peg him instead ^w^(^w^ <3)

No. 333295

File: 1685929283503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.79 KB, 1909x2048, FxvKVbSXgAM-FY9.jpg)

No. 333298

File: 1685929732379.jpeg (327.94 KB, 1351x2048, FxkVaiGWYAEqtOG.jpeg)

thank you fellow Miguel nona! He really made me weak lmao

No. 333302

File: 1685930858340.jpg (67.05 KB, 925x960, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I wanna support our sisters in arms when the movie comes out and also maybe get deranged about the mancorpse in the fursuit too. The FNAF girlies are so elusive but that makes Springtrap even more interesting to me like is there secret horny vibes from him in the games or smthn

No. 333303

a yes thank u very delicious yum yes

No. 333307

I just finished the movie, and I was gonna post him here lol!! Gosh, I started to feel a little funny down there when he appeared on the screen.

No. 333308

File: 1685933641503.jpeg (154.34 KB, 1200x1178, FxtdRJ2XsAEtpN4.jpeg)

yeah, me too

No. 333315

File: 1685938296195.png (791.9 KB, 2067x886, Husbandogals.png)

I decided to make a chart of my fave husbando nonnies:
>Personal Favourite: levi anon
Big sister personality, knows when to be funny and when to be serious. Very understanding towards other nonnies, encouraging and open. I love her to bits. ♥
>Most Wholesome: anakin anon
Cute to the core, decicated and lovey-dovey.
>Horniest: scout anon
She hornyposts and regular posts fairly constantly. She seems very compatible with her husbando, perfect for 2 virgins in love.
>Most Underrated: megamind anon
She's unique in my eyes and her husbando scares me and so does she
>Legend Status: ko-chan
I miss her everyday
>Bonus Space: kirby/dedede/meta knight anon
I find her endearing

No. 333316

File: 1685938376518.png (11.69 KB, 2067x886, Husbandogals Blank.png)

Here's the blank version if any other nonny wants in!

No. 333317

File: 1685939263430.jpg (39.06 KB, 552x555, d8a20519d4a0c08c538cad0e89426a…)

guilty as charged.

No. 333318

File: 1685939685658.jpg (84.24 KB, 720x1280, 14b9c3bc1b8dc5d959d0e9329bcd09…)

>Levi anon
Anon..I cannot explain to you how big my heart swelled reading that. I don't consider myself a notable poster in this thread (I don't mean that in a bad, self-deprecating way though) so it feels weird when other anons mention me and that some anons take not of my posts. I love you a lot too ♥
>knows when to be funny and when to be serious
This very accurate actually. Slightly OT but I like to think that being able to read the room and assess how others feel is one of my best traits.

Also, I really appreciate all the anons who bring new little games for us to do. It really keeps the thread exciting, imo. I may fill out the pic later when I have more time to think about it!

No. 333319

*Take note

No. 333324

I asked this in the other husbando thread as well, but I'm also posting here for coverage:
What's good husbando media? I'd like omething like TWST or Ensemble Stars where it's a game featuring only men and many men, but I need them to mostly be adults (not that I'm judging people who husbando underage characters from those series).
Asking mainly for games because I like the feeling of dedication I get from pouring in-game resources and effort into my favorite guys. I'd also prefer ongoing content or a series that has many installments.
The Yakuza series occurs to me as one, but I'm curious to know if there are any others I don't know of. Nonwestern media and one with a less realistic style would also be great.

No. 333325

Would anybody be interested in a guess the husbando thread? Especially for nonnas like myself who have very obscure husbandos, I think it'd be fun to see if anybody can figure out who he is.

No. 333326

you can do that in this very thread nonny! post away

No. 333331

Okay, I'll start then!
My husbando is from a 20 year old ongoing JRPG series, and has been present since the series' first game.
He's a military man, so he's well-built and disciplined. He comes from a family with a long history of serving his nation's royal family, and his best friend is actually one of the current princes. He's very nice, although he's harsh when it comes to his best friend.
He's a great sibling and mentor figure, and in his appearances has always been lending a sympathetic ear to others while imparting his own experiences (he's older than a lot of major characters in his series). And he has a great passion for the art of the sword.
I've been asked a few times in the husbando threads who my husbando is, so if anybody can recognize this character, that's the answer.
Would love to see other nonnas try their hand at descriving their guys as well!

No. 333333

Speaking of OOC, but not necessarily husbandofagging, I hate when people take just any villain character and make him do just any bad things he would be unlikely to actually do in canon. "But he's a VILLAIN so he's SUPPOSED TO BE BAD" is a very reductive way to think of it, there are villain characters who do operate on their own strict moral codes and still have lines they refuse to cross.

No. 333337

Seconding the Yakuza series, also not games but a manga, but you might enjoy Golden Kamuy?

No. 333338

>Metal Gear Solid (on the realistic side but has a tiny bit of stylization in games before MGSV)
>Ace Attorney (games get more anime-like over time)
>Persona/Shin Megami Tensei (plenty adult characters despite having many underage ones too)
>Overwatch (shit game and playerbase, but many hot male characters)
>League of Legends (same as above)
>Final Fantasy

>One Piece
>Jujutsu Kaisen
>capeshit comics/cartoons

No. 333361

And this shit is why I don't feel like posting pictures anymore (I'm too boring anyway) but don't encourage personality posting so blatantly even if you're trying to be cute about it.

No. 333374

The best idol there ever was. also so sad that the song is ai and not a mod

No. 333393

File: 1685972413643.jpg (28.31 KB, 563x637, 3a5a12df832b0699a625136ca54543…)


I fantasize about strapping him to a chair, opening his lab coat and undoing his shirt, riding him while playing with his chest hair

No. 333395

>OC x Canon is like weed or alcohol
if anything I'd compare the very big popular ships to weed or alcohol in the way that they're so normalized in their respective contexts you get questioned if you say you can't stand them even casually. OC/Canon is more like your own made-up experimental dish that probably no one else likes other than yourself and maybe some of your friends, so be mindful who you serve it to.

No. 333408

Checking my husbando's TV tropes page and it has been written by some fujo who claims that he is gay (he is probably bi) and that he is totally officially together with some guy that he isn't together with. Reeeeeeeeeee why are they like this? I wouldn't edit it and claim that he was totally in love with me even if that's my fantasy.

No. 333422

>Taking TvTropes articles that seriously
C'mon nonna, that site is for autists

No. 333426

TVTropes is pretty bad at analyzing media. They completely missed the point of my husbando's storyline and painted him very negatively. And of course they have a SJW brainrot where they turn everyone into trannies and uwu cute gayz.
Basically they turned my husbando into a Starscream trope even though if you read the story carefully you would notice it's not the case at all and my husbando actually did betray his direct boss cause the boss above his direct boss (pretty complecated, right?) ordered him to do so. How is he a Starscream than?

No. 333428

Oh I know it's retard autist station. But people writing incorrect things about my favourite characters and passing it off about facts on some Wiki site triggers my own autism. I'm also pissed about fujos and moids always claiming that pretty men must be gay, and fujos thinking if they like the idea of a ship then it must be real. Like the example which another nona posted about Hozuki's Coolheadedness, some fujo labelled it boy's love when it's actually men's hate.

No. 333431

Seconding, I've read it for my husbandos too and while I've learned some interesting trivia there, it's also so full of braindead takes I end up cringing at my husbandos' articles. TVTropes is also hilariously incomplete, where my husbandos would be perfect examples of tropes they're missing, and sometimes their own articles are missing obvious tropes. I'd make an account but I don't want to bother with that shit pro-tranny site

No. 333432

Personally my biggest ick about them is that it’s like a male character needs to be constantly 24/7 thirsting over women in order to be considered not gay. That sucks for me because my type is reserved guys who don’t really show an interest in anybody so they always get labelled that and also stuff like aroace or whatever other Tumblr language.

No. 333434

Really? Hoozuki gets labelled as actual BL? I see the appeal of the old-school "guys who hate each other" ship, but those two would genuinely rather kill themselves or the other than be with each other. Hakutaku is incredibly straight and not in a "internalized homophobia" or whatever way. Good grief.

No. 333442

File: 1685987299097.jpg (156.25 KB, 736x1136, 699ac2803aacaf91bd54c1678a3381…)

I don't lurk here enough to be able to fill all of the spaces, but Rook anon is probably my favorite personality in this thread.
I like the blend of horny and classy that she brings to the table and her fantasies are always an enjoyable read. I can tell that she really pays attention to the character.

No. 333462

File: 1685996682311.png (1.23 MB, 2067x886, Husbando gals.png)

I made this really quickly

No. 333465

File: 1685997361212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.04 KB, 729x1024, 8deea77af4cbc9fc63cedfd5c32986…)

It's an honour (?) to be considered the most horny in the horny thread. Here, let me celebrate by posting a pic of Leon taking care of multiple hairy pussies.

No. 333469

File: 1685998508243.jpg (14.83 KB, 563x472, 489f17b8478534191faf036e0af077…)

You can't really blame us, it's a natural reaction.

No. 333471

Is he blind?

No. 333472

i love heimdall anon with the force of 100 anons, we're two peas in the same unhinged pod

No. 333473

I think it was just an artistic decision to paint the eyes like that.

No. 333474

I also have a villain husbando that I have unhinged feelings for, so I respect her and Grima anon as fellow husbando-beaters kek.

No. 333475

File: 1685999877106.jpg (15.75 KB, 499x364, cat wink.jpg)

thank you for saying so

No. 333476

File: 1686000027238.jpeg (99.04 KB, 675x1200, FxG-uAnWIAAP0DI.jpeg)

The thirst continues… thank you anon

No. 333478

this is a very cute idea nonnie, but i don't think we should be doing stuff like this. it might make nonnies left out if they are not being picked for these or make some develop a hatred for the 'popular' nonnies on here. i feel like we should stop personality posting and just thirst and post about our husbands instead.

No. 333479

File: 1686000465585.jpeg (64.96 KB, 749x936, 68E0344A-DAEA-4C7F-8463-FC4C08…)

i can’t sleep again so i’ll dream for a lil bit in here. i’m so insanely attracted to long-haired scara, i wish a) it was his permanent design and b) he was actually real, so that i can brush through his locks with my favourite brush, give him hair treatments when we’re in the bath together, play with his hair especially when i’m on top of him, braid it, put the fallen lock behind his ear, softly whisper “it’s in my way” before kissing him, and — the best part — sneak up behind him, when his hair is a messy bun, and kiss / bite down on his exposed neck. i love him in any form, he’s perfect either way. but something about this fantasy just makes me so wild.

No. 333480

I agree, it's both cute and a bad idea.

No. 333482

File: 1686001041326.jpeg (146.17 KB, 750x1079, DF3DA7AD-DEF3-4B16-8FBD-9CA2BE…)

him him him him him. i think he would bonk my stupid ass not in a sexy way for drinking waaaay too much caffeine throughout the day, like it’s past ur norm and u know it dummy ugh!! he cares sm for me & i’d do anything for him so… time to go back to bed…

No. 333484

it's cringe because personalityfagging is cringe. given the nature of this thread it makes sense that some anons would happen to stand out but singling out certain anons is actively encouraging anons to stand out.

No. 333486

LOL has such good husbandos. I was obsessed with Aphelios and Obyssey Kayn when I used to play the game.

No. 333487

I also agree. It's touching but there are negative consequences. This thread is a space for nonnies to hornypost, not to fight for popularity.

No. 333490

Furthermore fighting for popularity in a space that is supposed to be anonymous is absolutely obnoxious regardless of topic

No. 333491

I don't think the majority of the anons being named for this are actually personalityfagging, it's just what happens in a thread of this nature where you're going to be recurringly speaking on a specific character.
For example, the only reason Leon nonnas aren't personalityfagging is because there are so many of them. Whereas somebody with an uncommon husbando like the Zenin Naoya nonna is going to be recognizable whenever she posts about him even if it is the usual hornyposting.
I get that actually calling out some of these nonnas as your favorite might come off as encouraging competition for popularity, but I think anybody who outright seems like they're personalityfagging instead of doing it by coincidence is going to get bashed anyways.

No. 333492

I said it too, makes sense that some anons would happen to stand out but singling out particular anons does encourage personalityfagging. There will be anons feeling left out so they will start personalityfagging to get a crumb of that attention for themselves which ultimately defeats the point of an anonymous imageboard. Just reply to the posts you like without calling too much attention to individuals.

No. 333493

Serious question, but what makes someone a personailtyfag? The only nonnie I can think of that was personalityfagging was rancefag. I post here with an uncommon husbando, and I'm worried nonnies here will think I am personalityfagging…

No. 333495

glad someone else said it why should this thread be a husbandofag personality contest?? i like some of our regulars too but it's not fun or cute to jerk off some husbandofag while the shy or infrequent posters prob feel ignored, i like the quizzes anons come up with better bc they're actually on topic.

No. 333496

I made a mistake with my image. Sorry about that.

>Hoozuki-anon here


No. 333498

Personalityfagging turns threads into cliques. There should be a version for husbandos only, not posters here. It defeats the purpose of this being an anonymous imageboard.

No. 333499

File: 1686003243933.png (49.43 KB, 400x400, 20170407180525.png)

I'm the anon who made the chart, I read all the points stated and I understand the concerns. My intention was of, when within a group of friends, some connect more with you than others and I was curious about other nonnies thoughts and feelings. Maybe even consider overlooked husbandogals. I take full responsibility of the derailing I caused and apologise for any animosity created. If the admin feels the need to remove my post I accept it. Please let's continue our husbando posting as usual! sorrymasen for the NG salaryman apology kek

No. 333500

In my defense I thought it was a chart about your husbando/harem lol

No. 333501

It's okay nonnie no need to feel bad, I appreciate being on your chart, but let's not encourage personilityfagging, and instead make quizzes or charts for nonnies to make about THEIR husbandos and not about other nonnies here. I know you were just trying to be nice, lets just make this experience a learning one for the future!

No. 333502

absolutely! this misstep won't be repeated. Thank you.

No. 333507

Don't feel bad anon! You clearly didn't mean to cause any issues. I don't really agree with everything said about the chart, but either way it's not a big deal and we can move on.

No. 333508

Can I suggest to change the chart about people with more than a husbando? That would be better to see.

No. 333509

AYRT, yeah, that makes sense– I definitely misconstrued your argument. It's best to not do this.
If you're not actively trying to stand out/shitstir and are just using the thread on-theme, you're probably fine. Like, you might get mocked if you have some really weird or niche pervsersions but I think you're still within your rights because that's what an anonymous image board is for: expressing shit you wouldn't put your name to.

No. 333510

File: 1686004547657.jpg (90.67 KB, 736x655, be79166e7245e222eda8133ec14aa0…)

Condoms left behind,

No. 333511

sure thing! as in a chart so nonnies can place and categorise their own husbandos?

No. 333513

File: 1686005127168.jpg (215.13 KB, 774x1094, tumblr_oj8iehtU3Q1uj55veo1_128…)

i think this is quite literally the first time i've seen a conflict resolved nicely on this site, i love you all husbando nonas. slightly related but there's got to be at least three different scoutnonas here including myself. i looked through old husbando threads and it makes me happy that he's been being posted a lot as of late.

No. 333515

File: 1686005248493.png (479.3 KB, 2067x886, 1685938376518.png)

I think it might be because there's something wrong with me but I find it odd that I fantasize more about my favorites being "sexworkers" than I do of them being in established relationships with me. It might be because prostitution is a huge thing for me but I think it is because I also want to experience them being with me in a completely comforting and expectation-less way but I also think it has to do with a degradation aspect too. Like, seeing someone as prideful as Meta Knight forced to sell his body in a debauched manner for some reason gets my almonds activated beyond belief. He'd probably never do it but it's fun to imagine. Hell, Dedede is a good candidate as well. I'd say Kirby but honestly as fucked as it is to say I could see Kirby 100% falling to the Shayna Clifford "aesthetic" if he became a sexworker. He'd enjoy it too. Like, I guess I would want to pay Meta Knight to take him out on a fun date, then we'd check into a small hotel, he'd wash my body with his warm, soft, and fluffy one. After we dry off he'd probably take it very slow and gentle with me, focusing a lot on my pleasure and getting me off making sure I'm left with a 10/10 review of him. He'd dress all fancy too and stuff. Also, after seeing some Anon trigger my intense opinions over the Anime and the iteration of Meta Knight within it I can't help but think that a scenario that takes place far in the past when Meta Knight was still working in the Galaxy Soldier Army and he's on a reconnaissance mission along with Garlude, however something is amiss and he ends up getting kidnapped (Don't worry about Garlude, she escapes and is fine), when Meta Knight comes to he's learn that he's been taken as prisoner by Nightmare's Army and had been sent to a small military base ran by Nightmare where he is tortured (gently and sexually) for information on the Galaxy Soldier Army, their plans, and their recent location. Of course, Meta Knight is a man of morals and virtues and doesn't say shit so he's first blind folded, gagged, and defeaned and a high power vibrator is put into his rear, against his penis, and a smaller one inside it and left for hours until he's an overstimulated mess. He still won't talk so his punishments and interrogation gets more and more extreme, maybe he's used to service the women of Nightmare's Army. Having arms and legs tied down and kept in a perpetual state of erection to be used as a dildo of sorts, along with having his mouth used for infinite cunnilingus (Don't worry Meta Knight is a gentleman, even if these women may be his enemies and would kill him if ordered to he'd still get them off and not hurt them) Maybe he's trained as a dog to humiliate him. I'd want Meta Knight to be rescued, but I wouldn't mind a more negative ending of sorts. This is one of the few things I'd sink time into making a comic out of but it would mean I'd have to create an OC of sorts and I don't wanna do that goddamn it. Also, seeing the art of Leon has made me want to draw Dedede in tacticool gear
What a cute idea! Here's mine! I tend to picture Kirby as the one with the defacto ultra high libido, he would absolutely be DTF at any moment or time. What a horndog, but he's still somehow innocent so I don't mind it. I like Bandanna Waddle Dee a lot, almost as much as Sailor Waddle Dee (Though, Sailor Waddle Dee is more so a character I intensely ship with Meta Knight so I don't think I could've put her there). Bandanna Waddle Dee is cute, he gives off those cute boy-next-door vibes. Young, cute, a little athletic, works hard, etc. etc. he's the type of person who would offer you a can of juice, an apple candy, and a towel after practice at your sports club and then the two of you would walk home together telling jokes and playfully bumping into each other with a grin. He's a bit of a worry wart which I find cute as well.

No. 333517

samefag but fuck I'm retarded that was meant for anons wasn't it? I thought it was supposed to be a jokey way of saying husbandos or a inclusionary terms for those who have waifus

No. 333518

File: 1686005521478.jpeg (46.38 KB, 750x645, 64D91CAB-4F88-4127-8902-6BCF6B…)

he went to sleep without me nonnas he gave up… i want to silently observe him till morning or till i eventually get too tired and fall asleep right beside him.
also, >>333511 u are very sweet nonna!

No. 333519

File: 1686005593899.gif (2.77 MB, 600x338, 45a6e46eb82b2a0db472ef78d7bda1…)

One of my most favorite things about Levi is that, despite how awkward and socially reserved he is, he has such a way with words (yes, even when he's telling a poop joke). I like to think that it's a mix of how he naturally speaks and my personal headcanon that once he got out of the Underground and learned to read/write, he read a lot which improved his speech. I myself am not an eloquent person and I struggle with knowing what to say and how to say it, so it's something I admire a lot about him. It's one of the ways my husbando encourag