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No. 289276

previous thread >>>/g/193846

the anticipated second containment thread for the irl husbandofags is here! sperg freely about your trash men here and don't forget to have fun

No. 289278

File: 1663780313441.gif (89.01 KB, 233x213, steve.gif)

No. 289280

File: 1663780743942.gif (543.49 KB, 400x400, 05542A3E-718D-413A-BB2A-082D0A…)

stevefag did you ever use the relic of mid-late 00s greatness known as blingee??

No. 289283

No. 289295

File: 1663783619525.jpeg (45.46 KB, 456x453, c7a6644a170a9e82ace6004bc1fb5c…)


No. 289297

Chinese Ezra saga!

No. 289301

File: 1663783987907.jpeg (37.99 KB, 500x481, 5add6b84dd1e317113b88129f6837a…)

to bless the new irlhusbando thread

No. 289303

Medieval ezra dis time hmm

No. 289305

i wish he'd kidnapped me instead

No. 289307

File: 1663784581823.jpeg (56.7 KB, 564x564, 89dc2782bc2c5031c03a5a2ab34987…)

No. 289308

Do any of the ezrafags know what he's doing rn

No. 289311

File: 1663784991915.png (99.9 KB, 1720x566, Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 19.28…)

in this article he said:
>> "Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” the statement says. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

No. 289319

That's nice, he's probably in a mental hospital, maybe he'll make popsicle stick dolls of the flash

No. 289326

i hope that he is getting help

No. 289334

File: 1663790366309.jpeg (113.23 KB, 1024x706, 72D2F055-2D96-4AC6-9D79-3D3963…)

It was great fun. the apex of tacky 00s profile graphics and the base of all the fun of modern phone apps like picsart. that kind of graphic is coming back into fashion again too

dc is still going to release the flash, they've spent too much money to let it go to waste

really tempted to photoshop THE TALENT to say something vulgar, maybe THE WHORE, but I shall abstain

No. 289336

Im glad it's coming back into fashion I love the shinies big glitter fuckoff shiny big sparkles please

No. 289353

File: 1663792953294.jpg (87.4 KB, 691x1080, peakperformance.jpg)

he is just so perfect in The Mummy, both his acting and his looks

No. 289360

File: 1663794512838.gif (1.15 MB, 202x360, bdda8c30d96b0449616d07d8f0aa0a…)

carreyfag, i hope you are doing well.

No. 289363

File: 1663794884691.png (92.79 KB, 1323x255, Screenshot (243).png)

I must've written this in a previous life

No. 289381

File: 1663797112919.jpeg (449.79 KB, 1125x753, CB652399-6236-4872-88DE-2D1C54…)

if you don’t collect everything related to your irl husbando you’re NGMI

No. 289384

File: 1663798511785.jpg (674.57 KB, 1920x1080, worldrenownedscottishhobo.jpg)

I tend to stick to the streams where I think he looks the most attractive. If he's wearing a hoodie or the beard's coming in full force I am clicking on that shit fast as hell. He's been keeping me sane during this rough patch. Thanks, Limmy ♥

No. 289394

File: 1663801421741.png (443.96 KB, 750x497, D04292B6-C46F-4C8D-969C-609784…)

where is the discord server btw, i need to sperg about my husbando with a bunch of nonnies who won’t reprimand me for my taste (because of their choice of husbandos)

No. 289395

KEK I LOVE THIS EDIT NONNA. I would also love a discord chat for the irl husbando anons!

No. 289439

File: 1663817183156.jpeg (110.79 KB, 1024x986, E41ECA94-D43D-48CF-8067-511B50…)

I'd like portions of the 00s-10s back without some of the toxicity of the era

as a song I listened to once said "somewhere between ecstasy and suicide". I want to be a happy woman and I'm not rn? but was I ever happy?

No. 289463

File: 1663824508860.png (529.81 KB, 640x800, B7A4A648-3F20-47EB-924A-74AA9F…)

my other true husbando next to john
Carreyanon, have you seen this insane conspiracy post about Jim being a serial killer on reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/ti9557/i_copied_and_pasted_this_archived_blog_post_about/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

I think you would get a laugh out of it

No. 289552

File: 1663860847603.jpeg (31.83 KB, 319x306, 7CACC76D-4CDB-4B64-9E4F-2EDB1F…)

I've seen it. a little farferched for my tinfoil taste, although creative. Not doubting he has done some very bad things but I don't think The Number 23 is a biopic

No. 289558

File: 1663861879200.jpg (729.79 KB, 1556x1080, Screenshot_20220905-160429_You…)

Yesterday I wanted to off myself but then I watched a bit of Limmy's Show this morning before work and I'm happy as can be. At this point I'm starting to think I genuinely am unhinged and I might be going psychologically crazy because the hold that this man has over me is fucking insane.

No. 289574

File: 1663865557983.png (269.22 KB, 396x561, sexy.png)

slurps the sweat from his hair like its a straw mmmm vegetable soup!

No. 289576

who is thisssss

No. 289587

File: 1663869563104.jpg (235.52 KB, 953x953, 1663850036111180.jpg)

No. 289595

File: 1663872299343.jpeg (46.07 KB, 500x341, 13EF3043-1E0D-45C5-AFEF-8F90B7…)

what’s your thoughts on him ?

No. 289692

File: 1663898949968.jpg (58.99 KB, 564x564, loml.jpg)

if it's not him then i don't want em
i've read our birthcharts and now im convinced he's the love of my life sry not sry

No. 289693

So is this jimin or jungcook

No. 289725

File: 1663908910498.jpg (8.11 KB, 201x251, padilla.jpg)

I cannot lie Anthony Padilla is gorgeous af, even in his emo Smosh days he was fine

No. 289727

File: 1663909640111.jpg (60.09 KB, 672x372, NothingMore-10-1-672x372.jpg)

Samefag Jonny Hawkins from the band Nothing More is also gorgeous AF and has a great singing voice

No. 289790

File: 1663942993191.gif (5.07 MB, 360x202, steve gets rejected.gif)


No. 289825

it's J-boy

No. 289838

File: 1663954720450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.24 KB, 622x728, brettt.jpg)

At this point I know it's weird but I don't give a shit. Manifesting a tattooed bf in my future 1/10 as adorable

No. 289847

this tiny picture kek

No. 290022

File: 1664029397637.gif (526.56 KB, 353x500, poor thing.gif)


No. 290067

Who is this cutie?

No. 290334

File: 1664152290174.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 268x180, f7a3bd674488ee1cb4ae1481298be0…)


No. 290528

Too lazy to attach a pic but I'm so fucking depressed that I will never meet my husbando, that I'll most likely never meet him. Fuck. I am genuinely considering manifestation (manifesting a moid very similar to my husbando to come into my life) or fucking "shifting" or whatever. I'm half-joking but honestly I am so in love with him it drives me crazy. How do I cope nonnas. The moids around me do not measure up even the slightest bit. I know I'm definitely idolizing. That's pretty lame of me, because I know my husbando is just a regular person.
I just love him so much it makes me insane kek.

No. 290532

I feel you. Although on one hand I'm a little relieved that I can never meet my husbando because he'd probably disappoint me too. Do you think that if you guys were to meet in real that you would be compatible? What part of him are you really attracted to? Maybe there are things you can do to at least feel a little closer to him?

No. 290536

Too embarrassed to post my husbando's face. But I just realized something. He's a musician, and when I sing along to his songs, it's like we're doing a duet.

No. 290547

Ayrt, I do think that we would be compatible, at the very least if we had ever gotten together it'd be a pretty solid relationship for a while. Of course that's just what I assume and what I think, based on how I perceive him. It might not even be true. My main problem is that he's quite a bit older than me and I'm not really his ideal type of woman (I'm skinny and flat as hell both ways) (but that also makes this parasocial crush feel very safe) and he lives in a different country. It's hard to fantasize about him because it feels like we're soulmates (I know it sounds crazy kek and it fucking IS lmao) but we missed each other by more than a few miles. It honestly kicks my ass that I'll never at least run into someone so similar to me, I'll never have a conversation with him, I'll never be able to tell him how much he has helped me. I'm really attracted to his mind and his wit. I think that if he wasn't as witty or smart then I probably wouldn't be as attracted to him, though I do find him physically attractive. His mind sort of elevates his looks for me. And as for feeling closer to him, I keep one of his books with me wherever I am, be it in bed or in the car or in my purse out and about.

No. 290566

We'd either be soulmates or we'd kill one another. There's too much instability. I figure there is no telling which it would be at any given moment so now I do not want him near me

No. 290577

Aw anon that's cute. I know what you mean about feeling frustrated you might not run into anyone like him. I often feel the same way about how I don't think I could meet anyone similar to my parasocial crush, but then I think I'd be so disappointed and disillusioned if things didn't work out. That's really nice that you carry his books around with you. That sense of longing can really suck, but I think it's admirable how much you love him.

Lol nona I'm glad you're prioritizing your safety. I wouldn't want your husbando to kill you.

No. 290755

File: 1664302149824.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.44 KB, 750x670, 4F8341DF-C915-4A53-B0D1-FA331C…)

>sent this letter to his brother when he was 40 years old
Why do I find this kind of autistic behavior so endearing

No. 290767

Is this from Bundy?

No. 290771

No. 290786

File: 1664306628534.gif (10.17 MB, 638x526, limmy-bobbi.gif)

It's like I fall more in love with him with each passing day. This is definitely not normal! Tbh I get withdrawals from his streams/show when I'm at work. The only thing keeping me steady throughout the day is looking forward to going home and watching him stream/his show. The worst part is that I don't even think my Limmy autism has peaked yet.

No. 290846

i don't want to end up dead but i also fret my manifestations may succeed for all the wrong reasons. god help me for changing my mind

No. 290848

Anon if you're manifesting anything you should be super specific with what you want! Sorry to any husbando nonnies that don't believe in manifestation or care for the topic but I can't have my fellow nonas feeling down and doubtful.

No. 290849


No. 291006

Theodore Roosevelt

No. 291231

No. 291752

File: 1664632556301.jpg (16.38 KB, 518x300, E-gHjz_VIAAw3lE.jpg)

must be ovulating. i want mads mikkelsen sexually again

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