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No. 178060

Discuss anything skincare related!
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No. 178063

Dae feel like Vitamin C serums dry out their skin?

No. 178096

Reposting in new thread:

So I just realized I've started getting some black? Dirt in my open nose pores. I just started using a new moisturizer with spf ( I've never used sunblock on the daily on my face before, except at the beach and that was super low like 2. Now it's 30spf). Do you guys think this is why I'm getting these black heads? I've never gotten them before and I don't know how to get rid of them

No. 178102

Could be the sunscreen. Is it chemical or mineral?
I get blackheads anyway and my favorite method to get rid of them is benzoyl peroxide for a few hours (or as long as your skin can handle). It can be pretty irritating so have something at hand to soothe your skin in case it makes your skin angry (eg. Aloe vera).

No. 178137

reposting from old thread. Someone mentioned waxing would help but anyone know how to fix the pseudostache look. Would skin lightening or something help? Also about blackheads
do you have a specific brand you buy for benzoyl peroxide. I have had blackheads for forever and believed the would never go away, so this is news to me.

No. 178142

nta but you should be able to find peroxide OTC, the pharmacy will help you out. personally i think regular exfoliation and salicylic acid work better, but when it's about nose blackheads/filaments it really depends so you may wanna figure out what suits you better!
about the pseudostache there are hair lightening creams, or use one of those tiny razors and just shave it off
good luck anon(s)!

No. 178143

Thanks anon, will look for peroxide and salicylic acid and see which works. The thing with pseduostache is even after hair removal I have just a dark shadow and idk why.

No. 178144

is it pigmentation, or just like a mini five-o-clock shadow? laser/IPL for the latter

No. 178145

I think it might be pigmentation. Also for IPL has anyone here tried those ones they sell online and can do at home?

No. 178224

Anyone have some good tips for treating burns? I’ve accidentally burned my hand/arm while cooking a few times and it usually leaves a scar. I burned my wrist a few days ago (accidentally grazed a hot pan) and it looks terrible. I always wash it with cold water and use aloe, but it still takes forever to heal and scars anyway. My skin seems to be pretty thin and scars easily. Am I just fucked anons?

No. 178227

Not sure if it actually does anything, but my mom always puts toothpaste on burns.

No. 178228

Aquaphor healing ointment is recommended for this kind of thing, it's an occlusive that creates a "moist wound environment": it keeps the tissue hydrated and accelerates the healing process, which minimizes potential discolouration from scarring.

No. 178236

I use acne.org's gel since I also am cursed with fungal acne and it's fungal safe. Otherwise any benzoyl peroxide 2.5% should do the job (higher concentrations are redundant).
But like other anon said, also try salicylic acid since all skin is unique! I use that as well for my other acne issues. BP just personally works best on my blackheads.

No. 178241

Thanks anon. Do the products have instructions I can follow? Or is there a better way to use them?

No. 178326

Help me ladies. I have a bunch of whiteheads on my cheeks and some blackheads all over my face. I have mild acne and quite dry skin (except for nose and forehead). My face is full of scars and discolouration already so I don’t wanna use things to make the acne worse. I just want to have clean skin. What should I do? I have absolutely no idea about skincare.

No. 178334

Toothpaste on burns actually does more harm than good from what I’ve read. My mom does it as well, but besides the initial cooling effect, it doesn’t help heal or minimize scaring.

I’m getting some of this now, thanks anon!

No. 178340

I'll add to that real quick as I'm very clumsy in the kitchen and get burns relatively often - the aquaphor ointment recommendation is a+ and I recommend it too, be especially generous in the days after the burn happened; what is super important too is spending as much time as you possibly can on cooling the burn spot down IMMEDIATELY after you get it. Cold water, cold compress, depending on severity of a burn applied for even hours right after it happened. The way you treat the wound in the first minutes has a lot of influence on how well it will heal later.

No. 178366

Any advice on treating the scar after it’s mostly healed? Unfortunately I didn’t spend much time treating the burn after I got it so I’m sure it’s going to scar. Someone also accidentally popped the blister the next day trying to give me a hug (fml).

No. 178367

Does anyone have a slight LACK of pigmentation above their lip like a weird white skin stache? It’s really obvious when I work out and it doesn’t get red like the rest of my face and looks funny. Is there any reason why that happens/if it can be fixed?

No. 178388

2 questions. I used to really pick my acne on my cheeks until about a year ago, whats the best cream/oil to tone down the scars?

Secondly, ever time I shave my puss, I STILL get razor burns and it gets all red and bumpy. I've tried all the solutions, a good razor, shaving cream, post shaving cream etc. (also no I will not go for a wax etc)

No. 178394

Maybe it's melasma?

No. 178395

Can I layer my sunscreens? My moisturizer has sunscreen in it and it's physical one, while the new spf I bought ( biore) is chemical. This is my second day of layering them ( put th e moisturizer with spf in the morning and then the biore one a couple of hours later)

No. 178398

I think biore has enough alcohol in it to dry down nicely!

No. 178406

What should I use after I finished my 1% Retinol serum by the Ordinary? I thought I'd switch to a stronger percentage but I can't find one. Should I just repurchase and keep using it?

No. 178407

File: 1617872067326.png (1.07 MB, 591x1280, 272939_79967_1280_720_89110.pn…)

>whats the best cream/oil to tone down the scars?
have you tried products with azelaic acid or vitamin c serums?
>razor burns and it gets all red and bumpy
Do you have any experience with picrel type of razor and using it while showering? I usually do a combo of putting a shaving gel for sensitive skin, then using this type of razor, then immediately cold water on the shaved area and after all shower is done, some kind of antiseptic cream, like bepanthen, tends to get me the best results.

No. 178411

Does rose water actually has any benefits at all?

No. 178433

Do you exfoliate before+after shaving?

No. 178437

Rose water on its own doesn't really produce anything other than a pleasant scent. Some rose water formulas contain glycerin, and the glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture into the skin. Rose water is nice in that it feels refreshing, its kind of like thermal spring water sprays. If you're looking for a product that will transform the quality of your skin in a particular way then there are more effective options to explore. It really comes down to the skin concerns you want to target.

No. 178439

NTA but those plastic razors dull so quickly and just irritate you further.
Get a safety razor and some natural hair conditioner. Aloe vera gel afterwards. Your vag will thank you.

Don't use anything heavily scented, it will irritate your skin further.

No. 178459

This. Also don't use bepanthen on your fanny. It's a barrier cream and not antiseptic. It is breathable but can cause irritation bumps on some people's skin and cause ingrowns. Just use aloe vera gel.

No. 178474

File: 1617908996677.jpg (70.25 KB, 1200x1200, rohto-melano-cc-serums-melano-…)

I'm retarded and accidentally made a whole new thread about this lol but I just got this. i've never used a vitamin c before… and idk how to incorporate this into my routine. I have a couple of post acne marks I want to fade that's why I bought it. I usually alternate between a BHA and retinoid every night, and then moisturizer.. so idk where I'm supposed to fit this in. help pls

No. 178488

Where do u buy this?

No. 178490

in the morning before sunscreen

No. 178550

so after moisturizer but before sunscreen? do u use it as a spot treatment or just put it all over your face? the consistency really throws me off… it's so watery

I got it from Chuusi but there are other k/j beauty sites that stock it, like yesstyle

No. 178571

You should always apply products in the order of their consistency: liquids -> creams. So it should go before the moisturizer

No. 178667

Can someone recommend me a rich nighttime moisturizer? My skin freak isfreaking out from the retinol and is unusually dry and flaky nowadays

No. 178669

File: 1617998980319.jpg (98.43 KB, 800x761, cerave-moisturizing-cream.jpg)

this so much, saved me like no other cream before

No. 178671

Ignore the typo, I was having a stroke
Thanks! I'll check it out

No. 178691

File: 1618004813066.jpg (12.4 KB, 350x350, s2215945-main-zoom.jpg)

I would advise against the cerave, personally it didn't do anything for me except break my normal non-acne prone skin out. I'd recommend picrel, it is my fav nighttime cream

No. 178710

nivea in the tin if you can handle fragrance

No. 178713

File: 1618010315492.gif (687.01 KB, 500x235, 38954923.gif)

Okay nonnies, I'm going to try to stop touching my face for two weeks. I like to say that my mask is breaking me out, but in reality I make it even worse by picking and touching.

No. 178717

I wanted to try this but it's like ten times the price of the Cerave

No. 178724

it's worth it though and lasts quite a long time. it's really thick so you don't need much

No. 178933

I used to have really persistent chin acne which now is mostly gone - I wash my face with salicylic acid soap then with activated charcoal soap, and I started using The Ordinary stuff. I use buffet and natural moisturizing factors in the morning, and retinol and the same moisturizer in the evening. In the evening I also put a lot of V55 max salicylic acid cream just on my chin. Also my diet is mostly low carb, and the only dairy I have lately is double cream and a little bit of cheese. Which one do you think is actually the reason for the improvement? I'm really not sure and I don't want to mess it up somehow lol.

Also I just started using The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2%, would this help with fading dark spots?

No. 178948

File: 1618143439537.jpg (69.19 KB, 640x640, 13793c2e52238da3a6f0b0611ad2ac…)

anons how can i get long lasting faux freckles besides getting them tattooed? i really really want freckles i tried everything these past 2 years including traditional indian henna(did not work on me at all it wouldnt stick and it washed away immediately and color was off), brow tint(worked better than henna but would barely last a day) and l'oreals magic root cover up hair dye spray(it looked the best but going into sun with hair dye searing into my face makes me break out). I just want to know how girls like beabadoobee do it bcuz it doesnt look like a tattoo(im only posting this on this thread cuz 1-i dont want to do it with an eyeshadow 2-i couldnt find the makeup thread)

No. 178949

I would gladly give you mine

No. 178950

i'd take it in a heartbeat, full face of freckles lindsay lohan style is my dream its so attractive

No. 178952

That girl's freckles look terrible. Why would you do them in such a fake looking straight strip across your face? Her eyebrows are also tragic but that's besides the point.

No. 178959

oh no i dont want them in that position i just wanted to give an example, there are no pictures of her without the freckles yet they're so obviously fake (eventhough she denies it and insists on saying they're real lmao) so it must be something semi permanent cuz 1-it doesnt look like eyeshadow 2-she cant be doing freckles with eyeshadow every single morning 3-position of her freckles change every now and then so it cant be a tattoo either

No. 178980

having one grandparents on each side with 25% ginger DNA.
It might look cute but having to wear sunscreen and wearing a hat and long dress all summer isn't fun.

No. 178994

No not really, whats the best method of exfoliation for that area?

No. 178998

File: 1618159451868.jpg (12.32 KB, 474x304, exfoliation glove 2020.jpg)

nta but when I shave that area I exfoliate like my life depends on it because I dread the itch and ingrowns I used to get before I began exfoliating. I use one of those gloves made of a kind of scratchy material, like picrel. I wet it in warm water and then give the entire area I'm going to shave a really good scrub, avoiding the inner labia area. you don't have to be so rough it hurts though. after I've shaved I hop in the shower, grab my glove again add some soap suds and give the whole area another scrub. it's the simplest and cheapest method, you can get a set of those gloves for like £1. I use the partner glove to exfoliate my armpits before shaving.

No. 179013

I use the exact thing that above anon does. It's very convenient, and I scrub in circular motions.

Also slightly ot, the skin on my legs always trap my leg hair (not ingrowns, just a very very thin layer of skin for some reason) and the glove cures that completely.

No. 179028

Nta but do the suds burn? My skin is hella sensitive and anything applied after shaving is a nightmare. Do i need to change my razor or method of shaving?

No. 179033

yes yes yes, change the razor. If it burns, it means you're shaving while your skin is dry (always wet your skin with water or conditioner or soap, whatever) and/or your razor is dull. Don't press too hard into the skin, and lightly shave with the grain.

No. 179038


is there ever an instance where against the grain is ok if done right? with the grain leaves me looking like a strawberry :(. or am i shaving wrong?

bless you anons. didn't have a mom to teach me basic shit so /g/ is a godsend.

No. 179049

Are you sure you're equating the term to the right direction? I'd google to make sure. If your razor is sharp/new and you make sure to stretch the wet skin with your fingers, then it really wouldn't matter too much which direction you go because the razor should be just about touching the skin, not pushing into it to cause nicks

No. 179069

Does anyone use micellar water as a toner?

No. 179075

If anyone else is confused about how retinol and tretinoin compare to each other in terms of strength: I did some digging and found that 1% retinol is essentially equivalent to a prescription retinoid product that contains 0.02% tretinoin

No. 179125

no anon what are you talking about lol. it's a makeup remover

No. 179133

depends on the formula and stability of the retinol product as well, a 1% retinol product that's in a dropper bottle or jar can become weaker over time as it degrades

No. 179151

File: 1618251030064.jpg (139.08 KB, 1228x1280, Acne_Pimple_Master_Patch-01__7…)

These are wonderful. I have gone through packs of these since I first found out about them. If you get like smaller pimples with puss inside tmi these really help in drawing it out and also protecting it from bacterial and stuff.

No. 179155

nta but I do recommend mederma if you need to fade any scarring after it heals

No. 179263

Should I expect purging when switching from retinol to tretinoin?

No. 179278

File: 1618312426024.png (166.54 KB, 393x387, Screenshot_2021-04-13 Hanhoo B…)

Yes these are fucking great, they also absorb oil from your pores. For USfags you can get picrel cheap at walmart, and they also make larger patches to cover an entire area of skin. Don't buy the overpriced Hero Cosmetics brand at target.

No. 179285

I bought these last month and I loved it

No. 179361

I posted a similar question about the effects of going from a cosmetic retinol product to tretinoin in the last thread, I ended up finding this really in-depth guide by lab muffin that should answer all of your questions. The tl;dr is that there's no way to know until you begin the treatment, but you can take precautionary measures to mitigate the possibility of irritation.

No. 179376

I went on generic yaz and pretty much all my jawline breakouts stopped. If I knew it would be this easy I would have sought BC way sooner. Adapalene and AHAs have been taking care of any remaining issues along with only using powder foundation bc liquid always caused mild irritation.

My last problem is I have broken capillaries on my face and idk if it's possible to get rid of those or how much it would cost.

No. 179378

File: 1618351153595.jpg (10.49 KB, 480x440, 1582217354-philips-lumea-prest…)

Idk if I should invest in an at-home ipl machine. The Phillips one has lots of posts recommending it but I can't tell the shills from actual reviewers on reddit and YT

No. 179382

I have the exact device at home and if you are consistent with it, it really works but I’ve been extremely lazy these days and should do it again…. takes time tho to see the results hence needing to stay consistent.

No. 179421

I have the same struggle, anon. They’re ALL over my face and chest. No idea what to do about them.

No. 179460


I have it and I second >>179382, it totally works and I am a hairy beast. But you HAVE to be consistent, otherwise the hair will come back. I need to get back to it before the summer…

No. 179467

I have this and it really does work but you have to keep using it, it took about 3-4 times for my leg hair to disappear.

The darker your hair the better it works, my bikini line only took a couple of times.

No. 179547

ooh this has me curious. I have hirsutism/hormonal imbalance so I grow dark, thick hairs on my chin and also have sideburns. to the anons who have this, did you try other methods like going to someone for electrolysis? is this at home electrolysis?

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