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File: 1542624949794.png (535.56 KB, 565x649, 2018-11-19 21_49_34-skin care …)

No. 101084

Talk about skin stuff here. Old thread is at 1200+ posts.
Last thread: >>45776

Anyone have any experience with rosacea? I'm wondering if I have it. I'm fair skinned and have always flushed easily, but the last couple years I flush very intensely and my cheeks always feel like they're burning, and recently it's been getting even more painful. I'm on a 4 month waiting list for a derm even with a referral and not sure how to cope in the meantime.

No. 101147

Are there any good skincare fixes for prominent nasolabial folds or am I stuck with them until I work up the money and courage for botox?

No. 101168

jesus christ one more time I read about nasolabial folds here, I an hero
It's mostly genetic and won't magically disappear, unless you have shitty skincare. Improve it and they may stop being so prominent; use better moisturizers, incorporate stuff like hialuronic acid, aloe gel and oils into your skincare, don't drink alcohol, drink more water, get enough sleep, don't tan. When I started paying more attention to my routine, my skin improved overall - along with my folds.
If this doesn't help, try to work on your self-image rather than getting botox, coz it's rarely enough and you'll find something else

No. 101203

I honestly DON'T think there is anything wrong with nasolabial folds. Everyone on this site is obsessed with it, the folds are normal and everyone would look weird without them

No. 101207

no one on the site seems to get that everyone has them while smiling. every one. some women get them when they're not smiling, and they usually look fine unless their cheeks are saggy and they just look like jowls.

No. 101208

I felt at home on lolcow when i didn’t need to look up what nasolabial folds were since I obsessed over having them as a teenager lmao

Any other anons on accutane right now? I just started my 2nd course yesterday.

No. 101211

I mean, even at that point, it's fine. It's just what happens with age. It would be cool if we could focus on skincare for this thread. For the most part, things like jowls & nasolabial folds are more suited for the plastic surgery or body image threads.

No. 101212

File: 1542788555727.jpg (57.32 KB, 510x768, BRIDGETTE_BARDOT023_1500_l.jpg)

Since somebody named Brigitte Bardot as an example for nasolabial folds… Even the most beautiful women of the world don't look completely smooth without retouching.

No. 101213

File: 1542788629567.jpg (145.39 KB, 768x1152, 2826959_BRIGITTE_BARDOT_Sex_Sy…)

No. 101218

Any other anons deal with eczma on their eyelids? I use hydrocortizone once a week which works nicely but leaves the skin feeling a bit scaly and red still. What do you use if you have dry skin? Do you wear makeup on your eyes at all? Any brands or ingredients you have found cause flare ups?

No. 101220

I'm on my second course of Accutane too! Tbh I love Accutane, it's a miracle how good my skin looks right now. I just hope that this time it sticks, last time I had good skin for like a year and a half after finishing the course and then the acne came back.

No. 101232

I recently read somewhere that CBD oils could help with rosacea, does anyone here have any experiences with that?

No. 101245

What kind of thing would you recommend for hormonal acne, anons? I've tried spearmint tea, maca, saw palmetto, zinc and DIM in various combinations and haven't seen any change to my skin with any of them. Currently trying evening primrose oil but I haven't been taking it long enough to know if it's making any difference. I don't have much hope though, since none of the other things that are supposedly great for hormonal acne helped.

Has anything worked well for you that I could try? I don't care if it's expensive or tastes disgusting.

No. 101246

Birth control cleared up like 70% of it, but I still break out every month :/
A derm/doctor could possibly help you out since it's hormonal

No. 101249

I did go see a derm but they recommended an incredibly expensive salicylic acid regime. I would be willing to pay that much if it would work, but I already tried salicylic acid for myself and know all it does is make my skin dry, with no improvement to my acne. Derm wouldn't even let me try blue light therapy or anything else without doing six months of his stupid salicylic acid stuff first, and I knew I'd just be spending hundreds of dollars on something that wouldn't work so I peaced out.

No. 101251

anon, if it's hormonal then there's no other solution that getting your hormones right. Don't buy expensive shit for the skin because your problem isn't exactly your skin, you know.
Birth control is a good cheat way to go around it. Did you have the actual tests what hormones are fucking you up? Check this shit and then get on your meds or change your diet accordingly

No. 101252

I've been on 2 different birth control pills (Yaz and Diane45) and sadly neither of them had any effect on my acne. I was on Yaz for 7 months and now have been on Diane45 for 6.

I'm not 100% sure it's hormonal but suspect it is because it gets worse on my period every month. Like I always have acne, but every time my period hits I get even more. I think I'll take your advice and ask for a hormone test. Do I just tell my doctor that, that I want them tested? Or is there a specific test I should be requesting?

No. 101257

File: 1542834855308.jpeg (50.12 KB, 480x542, 07176B47-C29D-480E-967C-D48699…)

How long have you been on your 2nd course anon? I’m so happy it’s working for you!
My first course didn’t work out because I was having a weeklong tension headache and the derm ordered me to stop. I’m paranoid of headaches now and hope I will be able to finish this time. Have you had any bad/persistent headaches, or headaches in general?

No. 101444

I have a huge painful pimple on my jaw (it's that time of the month) but it's under the skin so I can't pop it…but I can feel it rolling around under my finger and it hurts a lot. Is there anything I can do to relieve it or bring it to head or something? I know you're not supposed to pop pimples like that but it's like pulsating.

No. 101464

What are your experiences with tretinoin?

No. 101509

hot and cold compresses

No. 101513

File: 1543288391621.jpg (47.33 KB, 288x216, VAL51601.JPG)

I've used Retin-A (tretinoin) 0.025% cream for the past 5+ years. I love it. I went through the initial "purge" and peeling process so long ago I barely remember it tbh. My skin looks really nice when I drink enough water kek

No. 101514

I heard retin a makes your pores big? Is that true?

No. 101518

Ita & I've never heard that. I don't know if it's true. I use it all over my face and I've only ever noticed the pores on the apples of my cheeks if that helps at all? I'm pretty sure they're normal.

No. 101538

I deadass thought this was J.K. Rowling at first

No. 101836

File: 1543625065004.jpg (77.32 KB, 1000x1000, 61iAJRC3JGL._SL1000_.jpg)

Just wanted to say that if you're looking for an awesome retinol cream Elizavecca Milky Piggy is potent af. I can't even use it more than three times a week, but the results are so fantastic that I don't think I need to. It's also only $16.50 on Amazon so it's not too expensive either. It's really gooey and thick so only use a little or be prepared to feel like you're in a bukkake vid lol. Lasts a super long time because of that though.

No. 101859

Did you drink enough water? Tensions headaches is usually because you're frowning without realising or sitting/sleeping wrong. My tension headaches(from adhd meds) got so bad that I had to get it checked by a neurologist who gave me some VERY strong painkillers I wasn't comfortable with. Tried out botox because I had fine lines from raising my eyebrows too much and my headaches disappeared. I can highly recommend it

No. 101869

My skin seems to reject every product I put on it. I've used different face soaps prescribed by different derms, and they all broke me out to the point that right now I only wash my face with water (and micellar water if I was wearing makeup, the only one that doesn't break me out) and put on a moisturizer for sensitive skin (but not on my cheeks, jaw and chin, because it would break me out too). Now my face is completely clean, not a single pimple in sight. So I either do skincare and get acne, or do the less-than-minimal and get clear skin.
Anyone faced the same problem?

No. 101870

I fail to see how that is a problem

No. 101875

I have similar skin like yours except it's still riddled with acne and any product I tried only made it worse. I wish I had skin exactly like yours though, less to worry about.

No. 101884

It's because my skin has other issues even without acne (it's somehow really oily and dry at the same time, hyperpigmentation/scars from past pimples taking forever to fade away, sebaceous filaments in certain areas, sometimes closed comedones) so I'd like to do proper skincare, BHA/AHA, scrubs, masks and all that jazz to get rid of the other imperfections. Should've explained myself better, sorry

No. 101893

do you put tretinoin in the eye bags?

No. 101899

NTA but I don't, it typically migrates under your eyes naturally depending on where you put it and I don't want to over do it

No. 101914

How long do you use these products before giving up? Sometimes it takes weeks for skin to adjust to a new routine. Try using products that are for sensitive skin only, too.

No. 101922

I love this brand! One of the best face masks I’ve used was by them. Did you buy the retinol cream on Amazon?

No. 102015

I’m the same way, I stopped wearing anything on my face but mascara and just use warm water and I dont get any breakouts anymore.

No. 102216

So I've been using The Ordinary's 2% Retinoid Emulsion serum for about 2 weeks, paired with Cerave's moisturiser to combat dryness, and it's breaking me out something fierce. I know that retinoid purges can happen when you have acne so at first it didn't bother me and I assumed it'd pass, but now I'm getting painful cystic breakouts on areas on my face (and neck!) I don't even normally get acne in. I haven't even been putting the serum on my neck at all and I'm still getting cystic zits there.

Is this normal purging or am I having a bad reaction to the serum?

No. 102217

maybe cerave's the culprit? i know it's supposed to be good for sensitive acne prone skin but it broke me out something bad and i had to drop it :-(

No. 102218

It could be the culprit, I only started using it recently when I saw my regular moisturiser wasn't strong enough to deal with retinoid dryness, and I do use it on my neck. Is there another moisturiser you would recommend?

No. 102235

I have a question about retinol. I've heard there's a "purge" phase, but I've actually never had acne on my face. When I was a teenager, I would break out exclusively on my lower back, but it's been at least 6-7 years since I've had a pimple there. So, will I still get a little bit of acne when I start using retinol or no?

No. 102240

NTAYRT but I recommend Vanicream moisturizers. They have very simple and gentle formulas so they're less likely to break you out. I started Differin a little while ago and I've barely had any dryness or flaking while using Vanicream. Also, I usually mix it with squalane oil, I'd highly recommend finding a good moisturizing oil to help with the dryness if you don't already have one.

No. 102272

ayrt, currently I use bioderma hydrabio gel creme (and layer hempseed oil on top for the night) but I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative as it's like 12 quid for 40ml. I have been using this combo for 6 months or so and it has been really good for me, I have sensitive mixed skin for the ref! argan oil works fine too and is easier to come-by, I usually switch back to that when winter kicks in.

No. 102273

actually maybe consider just layering oil on top of your normal tried and true moisturiser? unless it is very gel-like bc then there's a risk of it pilling up

No. 102310

Depends anon, you “purge” pimples that were under the skin all of a sudden because it increases cell turnover speed, so if you have acne most likely, this is why its often prescribed with bp and/or an anti biotic

No. 102376

A mix of personal stress, change to cold weather, and hormonal bullshit seems to have given me acne and eczema or dry skin at the same time.
Fml, what should I do? I have plenty skincare products including prescription, I just want some guidance. I'm going to try going easier on my skin except for problem spots and maybe just wash my face and spot treat only.

No. 102377

Sage for samefag but I started using it many years ago and didn't find I broke out more. It just irritated my skin badly. It differs person to person, but I hear more about irritation than acne in that phase.

No. 102505

Any sunscreen recs? I'm currently using Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish but I find it too drying and I'm not digging the essential oils it has. Is there anything better with a matte finish? I've heard good things about Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk.

No. 102507

Shisedo was good

No. 102524

File: 1544306873760.gif (1012 KB, 500x375, 42521.gif)

My skin used to be perfect. I never got pimples except for the occasional period pimple. It was neither dry or oily, just perfect.

Last summer something changed. I got bangs and my forehead got a shit ton of pimples which is probably from the bangs. What I don't get is why my whole face suddenly got oily at the same time. My nose literally is soaked in oil after being outside for an hour?! I've got red splotches on my cheeks and tiny pimples all over my cheeks and forehead.

Does anyone know what might have triggered this skin change and what to do about it? I want my perfect skin back ;_;

No. 102536

How old are you? If you always had perfect skin then you probably weren't that dedicated to skin care because you don't needed it. Go to a dermatologist because you might suffer from bacteria that cause acne. Ask for skin care advise and wash your hair daily if you want to keep your bangs. Otherwise let them grow out.

No. 102567

I don't agree, definitely don't wash your hair daily if you don' need to.
There's a chance it may be the shampoo and because of bangs it gets to your face; never let it stream down your face. Wash and rinse with your head down, so there's no contact hair-product.

To be frank though, there may be no specific reason for your skin to become worse. It happens often, especially in early and mid twenties. People even get full-blown cystic acne out of a sudden, after having perfect skin in their teens.
Just invest in some solid skincare and try to manage the damage from there. If good skincare won't help, then it's hormonal and you should check it out with your gyno/derma.

No. 102573

I'm considering buying a cream that contains mucin to use for the night. I have very fair skin and noticed that some parts of my face are more reddish than others, which doesn't look good. I would like my skin tone to be more even. I've read that the snail mucin should help with that, plus also reduce wrinkles. Does anyone have experience with these creams and what brand and particular cream do you recommend? I also have pretty sensitive skin, so the less ingredients the better (and I personally want to avoid stuff such as parabens in my creams).

No. 102609

you go through a slight hormone change in your mid 20s. around the time i turned 25, my cystic acne settled down more than usual and focused itself more around my jaw rather than my forehead and nose. i've had bangs a majority of my life and still do, so bangs might not be the issue.
like other anon said, it might be your shampoo as well as a hormone change.

No. 102618

Can my regular doctor prescribe a retinoid or will I have to go to a derm for that? I now have little wrinkles around my mouth and I'm freaking the fuck out.

No. 102624

Regular dr can prescribe it but if it's for anti aging it is unlikely that they will give you the script and insurance won't cover it. You'll probably need to get the script from a derm, I just buy mine online though.

No. 102633

You can buy prescription strength online?

No. 102832

Is it normal for skin to feel a little tacky after skincare? Not oily, or sticky just.. A bit tacky-ish.

No. 102836

Does anyone have a favorite hand moisturizer ? I wash my hands alot at work and in the winter I get this annoying rash on the top of my hands from wearing gloves, washing, and the cold it's bugging the crap out of me.

No. 102837

File: 1544591296013.jpg (71.89 KB, 900x900, 900.jpg)

I use this one, I get eczema on my hands sometimes and this works well. You can also slather Vaseline on your hands and night and wear old socks over your hands, which seals in the moisture. Hope this helps.

No. 102839

any other anons have psoriasis?
i have it very badly on my feet. used to be in my crotch area as well, but thankfully that's been gone for over 5 years.
my feet get blistery, but the blisters are deep and really itchy at times. also my toenails are ruined. my nail bed is bent due to psoriasis, so the nails only grow thicker rather than longer. it looks like i have constant athletes foot. i've managed to save one toenail, but i don't know how. i think it was from the one time i did a foot bath in diluted apple cider vinegar. the nail grows longer, but it happens extremely slowly, which i'm glad about lol.

No. 102847

YES. foot, toenails and all! my last flare up was a few years ago and one of my nail beds on my big toe is half the length it used to be, so i have some thick, short toenails that are weird and rough. i will try the vinegar soak to see if it works.

No. 102856

Best lotions for KP? I'm using the CeraVe Rough and Bumpy stuff but it's doing absolutely nothing. Been using it for a month and no change.

No. 102900

eucerin or excipial with 10% urea is good but doesn't smell pleasant.
I put it on wet skin after showering.
head and shoulders shampoo on dry skin for 10min also helps. And buffy by lush sometimes. And don't shower too hot.

No. 103064

Is it bad enough so that you'd qualify for some medication? A relative of mine got Stelara and it completely cured the psoriasis. He had the deformed finger and toenails as well, and they turned back to normal.

No. 103315

File: 1544909582462.jpg (724.6 KB, 1282x1288, 20181215_153220.jpg)

Anyone use this stuff? Have you gotten any results?

No. 103316

File: 1544909735823.jpg (69.65 KB, 612x612, 530038_10151135157849014_14686…)

I have some lighter smile lines, similar to the before picture here. I'm 26, so I know it's probably normal to start having signs of aging, but I'm freaking out. I don't have the money for actual fillers right now.

No. 103319

Maybe try a combination of Etude House moistfull collagen series and Nature Republic snail solution products

No. 103320

people buy loreal?

No. 103323

Thanks for the recs!

It was on a list of recommended products I found… Kek Did I mention that I'm desperate?

No. 103326

File: 1544915383409.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 587.46 KB, 2048x1365, gross.jpeg)

Is there any way to deal with blackheads and whiteheads?

I can't think of anything that I'm doing to cause them. I only wear makeup on my lips, lashes, and eyebrows. I cleanse and moisturize with non-comedogenic stuff. I change my pillow cases religiously. I've had big patches of them on my forehead and cheeks before I even hit puberty. All of my skin is super dry and if I don't use eucerin intensive repair every day my entire body will be overcome with KP and ingrown hairs. Is there a pill or something that I should be taking to make my skin calm down?

No. 103341

get a retin-a prescription

No. 103383

oh fuck what a triggering image, my hands are trembling with the urge to squeeze that shit

No. 103682

Update: I've been using it morning and night every day and there really is a difference. The lines are a lot less noticeable. Even the ones under my eyes, which I've had for a long time and wasn't even really as worried about getting rid of as the ones next to my mouth. Idk if it's just wish full thinking on my part because I want this to work so badly or if it really does work extremely well. It was pretty cheap at the store, so you don't really have anything to lose by trying it if you're as desperate as I was to do something about any light wrinkling you may have. I should've taken before and after photos. Sorry, anons.

No. 103689

lmao that different lighting.

moisturizers don't get rid of wrinkles. it's a temporary effect. get on retin-a.

No. 103774

File: 1545415114279.jpeg (227.54 KB, 1242x1883, 337F9A39-028B-4060-B0BF-396A89…)

Does anyone have any reccomendations for textured skin? Maybe my foundation just sucks (it shouldn’t, it’s good quality) but I’ve been working really hard on my skin, been using curology with good results and not touching/picking/ etc and my texture looks somewhat better but when I take a photo with makeup I feel like it’s disgustingly highlighted almost. I know acids are usually the solution, but I don’t want to layer too much on and irritate my skin. My curology mix is pictured.

No. 103796

>tfw still have acne
>tfw getting wrinkles
why did I buy into the "don't worry once you become an adult you won't get acne" meme? I'd take wrinkles over acne any day, but both? wtf?

No. 103822

Check out Skyroad exfoliating mitts for KP, they are on Amazon. Someone in the last thread recommended them and they've pretty much cured me of bumps. I use the yellow and blue ones, maybe 3-4 times a week on my upper/outer thighs and arms - towards the end of a hot shower. It's seriously like a night and day difference now, just wish I had discovered it when I was much younger lol.

No. 103881

Can I use azelaic acid in the morning + tretinoin at night? Is there any reason I shouldn't? Both have worked well for my acne.

No. 103889

I would advise using azelaic acid one day, tretinoin the other. Both on the same day may too strong on the skin, but I'm basing it on my experiences and everyone's skin is different so here's that. You can try, but you're risking a painful irritation so maybe do it on the weekend or something, so you'll have a day at home to wait for he tomato face to pass

No. 103941

File: 1545621600712.jpg (61.03 KB, 1235x139, lol.jpg)

Notice fo those with eczema:

I had it for years. All over, specially my hands. after years of trial and error, I found out that the pic related ingredients were the common denominator. They're banned in some countries bc of the harsh effects on skin. Theyre usually in all beauty products; shampoo, soaps and lotions. I have recommendations for products without them, if anyone needs.

No. 103955

File: 1545664241841.jpeg (16.44 KB, 640x390, C007BC07-8186-416D-87C3-1C1635…)

I have this weird problem, I don't know anybody else who has it and I can't seem to find anything on the internet.
Basically, after I move my forehead (frown, emote with my eyebrows) or nasolabial area (smile)… they get red. The longer I do any movement with those areas, the redder they become, and they end up getting even creased (full on creases like the left picture in >>103316, even deeper sometimes). The creases/folds and redness fade away after some minutes, but it's fucking weird and I try to keep my face as neutral as possible to avoid getting this phenomenon in public.
I hate it. Tried to google it, but I could only find some people experiencing the same after having used Accutane. I've never used Accutane though, I have oily skin and I moisturize twice a day.
Is botox/filler the only solution? I want to be able to emote though… I just want to be able to frown, smile and laugh for minutes without looking weird

No. 103961

wait, i'm confused about your problem. the redness could be rosacea but the wrinkles and fine lines could be reduced, and at least prevented, with retin-a and sunscreen.

No. 103965

The wrinkles only form after I smile/move my forehead for 10+ seconds, I don't have them usually. I always use sunscreen. Based on what I've read (the people having this issue after Accutane) I think my skin is somehow oily and dry at the same time, and incredibly sensitive.
Will ask my derm for retin-a

No. 103966

that's normal, anon. even among children…lol

No. 103970

Red, deep creases that stay for even 5 minutes after (not during, that is normal) smiling/laughing/frowning? I don't see them

No. 103972

File: 1545681683783.jpg (149.21 KB, 500x379, B7Ikc1O.jpg)

Samefag, I've found something in case someone else has the issue in pic related (not me, saved from reddit) and needs the info I'm gonna drop it here.
I've been told to try retin-a, drink at least 70 oz of water daily, and use a more powerful moisturizer (I've been advised with the Etude House Collagen one). Let's see what happens!

No. 103981

Thanks, I'll try that. Actually, I've been off tretinoin for a while, so would it be best to apply it every two days? Just until my skin gets acclimated.

No. 103992

cerave in the tub is the best moisturizer. make sure you apply while your skin is still wet.

No. 104004

I pick my skin and because I get shit sleep, have high stress and don't eat a lot of food my skin has trouble healing. It becomes like a raised, scarrish piece of skin for awhile that is hard to cover with makeup. It really sucks and is affecting my life (as in i no longer leave the house). How do i help it heal faster besides the obvious? When i pick I'm almost dissociated so i know stop picking is the most obvious, but it's also the hardest to recognize when I'm in the act of doing it because hours will just pass and then i come to and i have destroyed myself…

No. 104010

you need a mental health professional

No. 104108

File: 1545935803070.jpg (101.88 KB, 900x537, a113.jpg)

These look and sound more like dehydration issues and natural lines everyone one gets after emoting than actual sagging. Like anons have suggested use moisturiser retin-a and drink a lot more water, water helps mine disappear and plump up the next day if I haven't been drinking enough. Also try a micro needle pen or roller to build more collagen in the area.

Anons please don't get fillers for Nasolabial folds. It never works and ends up adding too much volume to your lower face which makes you look older. Fillers also draw water as they are hyaluronic acid based, this makes your face unnaturally swollen and start to sag as you stretch the pocket, then you'll need to keep adding more and more filler. Many doctors refuse to inject the nasolabial area for this reason. Try radio frequency if you want to do a non invasive treatment.

There have been studies that when people look at your face to guess your age they look at whether you have a lot of volume in your lower face, ie mouth and jowl area, not your wrinkles, if there is a lot of volume there then you look older, the last thing you want to be doing is adding more volume in the lower face area because fillers cause swelling.

No. 104110

File: 1545937027420.jpg (131.68 KB, 600x417, cosrx-pimple-patch-inline2.jpg)

I have the same problem on my forehead. Try covering the areas with these cosrx patches it helps it to heal and reminds me to stop when I feel the patches there.

No. 104125

Does anyone else suffer very badly from ingrown hairs or have a good reliable solution to them? My problem is mainly pubes, but I also have 'strawberry legs' and my skin just seems to react badly to hair removal in general.

I have very pale skin and lots of thick dark hair, so I think the two just don't get along. If I ever shave my bikini line, I inevitably end up with huge cysty/boilish ingrowns that don't have a head and can't be removed. I have had one of them for like 3 years at this point. It sometimes weeps and scabs but it has never gone away- I have shaved maybe 4 times in the past 3 years and it is driving me crazy.

No. 104129

I struggle with the same problem. Aquafor has saved my life. It works within hours.

No. 104130

I used to have strawberry legs but I started using an italy towel, red stridex pads every other day, dry brushing my skin and layering coconut oil under aveeno daily moisturiser and they went away. Made my legs so smooth. I think the red stridex pads helped the most. Also use a mens shaver with 3 blades for the legs and bikini line, I find they get a closer shave than the female ones.

For the bikini line I find shaving sideways and coconut oil straight after helps but patch test first.

No. 104151

do NOT dry brush your skin. Use salicylic acid and moisturize with eucerin intensive repair lotion right after you've rinsed your legs while they're still wet.

No. 104162

Can anyone give a suggestion for a moisturizer for the face that is for dry skin but won't make you greasy? Also less than $20 for about a months worse or more though ideally cheaper.

Also unrelated but the area between my eyebrows, under my forehead almost always looks red and hideous. Does anyone know why it might be that way? I don't have redness really anywhere else.

No. 104163

I use nivea pure and natural day cream which moisturizes but dries into my skin pretty nicely, is cheap, and hasn't caused a breakout. Although if you're a greasy person it will happen regardless in my experience. Even when my skin is dry as the desert I'm oily within 6 hours.

Everyone has different skin though!

No. 104169

cerave in the tub, and maybe eczema?

No. 104179

please don't recommend nivea to anyone ever again… let's leave this shit in the past where it belongs. People think it's good for dry skin because it's mostly paraffinum which fakes the smooth effect. Paraffinum isn't inherently bad but it's basically all nivea is, also nivea has Aluminum Stearate which stays and accumulates in your body. It's harmful, increases the likelihood of breast cancer and Alzheimer and more. Please avoid any Aluminum in your creams girls

No. 104188

Thanks for the advice! I'm drinking 1 l of water daily but I'll drink more. I'd hate to become addicted to fillers.

No. 104194

File: 1546012825375.png (42.37 KB, 454x376, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.5…)

Wondering if anyone here has tried Curology?

Asking because I'm 20 and up until about a month ago, I hadn't had any issues with acne since I was 16. Then I started breaking out something fierce on my forehead. I had 3 cystic pimples that have lessened (but not totally gone away) and then just other general zits there. They all mainly start an inch above my eyebrows and then stop about half an inch from my hairline. I have had blunt bangs for about 4 years but have recently decided to grow them out, and so I'm wondering if that could have anything to do with the persistent breakout?

I used Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser when I was on my period, as I always do, and it usually kills the breakout. It didn't this time. Now that my period is over, I've gone back to using African Black Soap and CeraVe PM moisturizer at night. In the morning I'll cleanse with Glossier's Milk Jelly cleanser and moisturize with CeraVe's AM moisturizer.

However, nothing is changing and so I've decided to give Curology a try. The bottle has not arrived yet. There's no tretinoin in my trial formula from them but I figure they'll add it for the next bottle if I ask.

No. 104195

Plus it has fragrance too, which you don't want on your face

No. 104200

hey! i tried curology, but i quit bc too expensive lol. i liked it! i might have been a bit sensitive to the niamacide in my formula, but you can customize it.

i recommend to not use african black soap, it can be too harsh, but it's great for the body.
some good, gentle cleansers are simple moisturizing face wash, vanicream face wash, cerave sa, and bliss makeup melt cleanser (which is a dupe for glossier!)

also, the culprit might be your shampoo or conditioner! especially if it has coconut oil in it, or silicon. maybe try free and clear/ vanicream brand?

also, to every1 in this thread, not to sound like a shill, but i LOVE!!!
chagrin valley soap!!!!!! gr8 stuff!!!!!!! its great because i'm allergic to several preservatives. its like lush, but cheap, family owned and better quality. also, not full of lavender oil, peppermint and coconut for you sensitive gals.

also check out r/skincareaddiction and r/asianbeauty.

No. 104213

Nayrt but kill me, I'm broke and busy and genuinely thought the nivea was doing good for me, my face is soft and looks good and hasn't broken out in weeks. Fml

No. 104216

But the ingredient list for that specific product doesn't include any aluminum or paraffinum.
Unless I'm missing it, I'm no chemist and it may be under another name or something.

No. 104254

nta but most of those ingredients are pefumes or alcohols, it also contains some stuff that's likely neurotoxic


No. 104305

Is it possible to contract athlete's foot by having wet feet from the snow seeping into your boots?
I haven't been anywhere where contact with other feet could occur, but my toes are itchy and red and the bottoms of my feet are shedding skin. This is all I can see it being.
Also scratched them like a dumbass before knowing what it was, will I have it everywhere on my body now? I'm currently using an antifungal cream on my feet (nystatin) but should I pick up some sort of pill to treat my entire body?

kms I try to stay so clean but this happens.

No. 104321

that sounds farfetched tbh. it might be contact dermatitis rather than athletes foot.

No. 104341

Could you possibly have minor frostbite?

No. 104342

Could you possibly have minor frostbite?

No. 104343


i agree with >>104321 this happens to me when my feet get wet or sweaty in socks and sounds like your symptoms.

No. 104346

Can that take affect 3 days after contact to the allergen/irritant? I agree now after panicking it does seem pretty out there that it could be Tinea since I've had many a wet feet over the years and never gotten a bad itch. My mother did suggest I may have an allergy to the glue used in my cheap-o new boots that dissolved a bit when they leaked.

Either that or psoriasis, which I'm also prone to and get around this time of year but always jump to something worse. I thought it was scabies last year kek.

It was actually 3 days before my symptoms, so I don't think so (luckily).

No. 104356

Does anyone have any tips to lighting the inner thigh area? The bendy area where it kind of connects to the groin is the area I mean.

No. 104358

it's not the classic nivea though, it's some aloe vera series which consists of completely different stuff.
Still, a lot of problematic ingredients. Alcohol Denat. is something to avoid in your creams, and it's very high on third place. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is highly comedogenic. Same with Dicaprylyl Ether, you can't go more comedogenic than that. It has a lot of ingredients that create occlusion, which is nice for the winter but along with the comedogenic ingredients it's bound to cause some acne.
And it has not only Parfum, which can be irritating for some people, but 2 other fragrance ingredients.
+ what >>104254
has said.

Better just avoid nivea altogether.

No. 104360

Based skincare master anons, what moisturizer would you recommend that doesn't cause acne or kill you?

No. 104362

that really depends on your skin type, tbh. i'm heavily into korean skincare, here are some of my fave moisturizers:

- dr. jart ceramidin moisture cream
- benton snail bee steam cream
- mizon hyaluronic acid ultra suboon cream

No. 104378

I'm really digging CeraVe moisturizing lotion. It's the EU version so I think it's a bit different from the US formulation.
I also really like Meishoku Ceracolla Perfect Gel. I only use it at night time, but when I wake up my face feels really soft. It's a Japanese moisturizer.

No. 104513

I've been dealing with very persistent acne for almost two years now. I don't know if it's a product I'm using, or if it's a hormonal thing, or something else. Is there a "best" way to figure this out?

I've heard to just go back to cleanser, toner, and moisturizer but I'm not sure if those products might be breaking me out.

Right now I'm using:
- Micellar water (cleanser)
- Witch hazel (toner)
- Stridex pads
- Cosrx Natural BHA Returning A-Sol (at night)
- The Ordinary 10% Lactic Acid HA (at night)
- Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion (moisturizer)

For reference, I have oily skin. I break out on my forehead, sides of my face, and now on my nose just this month. It seems like I break out worse around ovulation but I honestly think I'm always breaking out and probably just looking for some sort of explanation.

I wash my pillow cases & sheets constantly, always clean my phone, never touch my face, etc. If you couldn't already tell, I'm seriously so fucking stressed constantly trying to fix my skin. Is there any advice that anyone can offer? I can't take hormonal BC pills due to other medications that I have to take.

No. 104516

I see one big oopsie - using micellar water as cleanser. So you basically don't wash your face, which can be a big factor to breaking out.
Micellar water is for removing makeup. It's not a cleanser! Don't believe what producents write on the label, it's outdated as hell. It can't work as a lone cleanser. If you don't wash it off with a proper cleansing product, all the dirt collected by the micelles stays on your face. If you have a lot of pimples, you're just spreading the bacteria and all the bad stuff everywhere on your face.

If it doesn't help, if you'll still have a constant severe acne, you need to go to the dermatologist and get meds. Even the best skincare won't help in some cases.

No. 104518

Happy New year everyone!

I have just found a place to buy The Ordinary in my country and I'm so excited, but I can't determine what I should actually get. I've tried diligently reading up on it all and still can't really figure out what my routine should be. I have giant pores and combo skin, and am 22 but having wrinkles around my eyes. I get bad acne on my chin but that is all, the rest of my t zone gets fairly oily. Can anyone advise?

No. 104519

File: 1546349517405.jpg (161.97 KB, 794x882, Screenshot_20190101-125414_Duc…)

Has anyone tried the Physiogel AI Anti-irritation Calming Cream? I've been trying to look for a good moisturiser and wanted to purchase Oilatum repair cream but apparently they discontinued producing it. Now I've found this product with very similar ingredients.

No. 104536

Just wanted to leave this here in case it helps anyone:

Benzoylperoxide (the stronger 100 mg/g kind) just got rid of all my persistent acne over the last few months. I can't believe I'm actually going into 2019 acne free lmfao. The side effects are shit but 100% worth it.

No. 104885

I decided I'm going to get out in the sun more this year, I have a vitamin D deficiency so it'll be beneficial.

My question is how do I tan safely? I haven't been tanned in over 5 years. During my childhood and early teen years I never had sunburn, so I don't burn easily. I don't want to end up looking trashy and don't want to harm my skin.

My skin right now is very pale and I've begun to see why people think I am depressed or sick so it's kinda a downer. I know people will make the "pale is beautiful" argument but in my case I don't think it's true.

No. 104887

you can't tan safely. there are other ways to get vitamin D

No. 104888

There are vitamin D pills, but have fun getting wrinkly and aging badly because you don't like the way pale skin looks.

No. 104892

Everybody ages Anon, no need to be insecure about as something as small as wrinkles when they're bound to happen. There's a thing called overdoing it and I don't want to go over that boundary.

I accepted being pale when I was more of a hermit. The paleness of my skin is not healthy looking at all. I've started making changes. I want to embrace change and not fear it so much. I hope you can as well.

As a side note, my doctor has me taking Vitamin D and has advised me to get outside more as it'll help she said.

Anyone with experience on tanning I'd still love the help. I know tanning isn't 100% good for you but I don't want to overdo it.

No. 104897


I used to intentionally tan when I was a teenager (Stopped when I was 18, 22 now and I have been religiously wearing sun screen and avoiding prolonged contact w sun) and I recently had to have several potentially cancerous moles removed. Tbh I don't think being tan is worth the risk of cancer, it was very scary. Just use a fake tan or something. I get Mystic spray tans, there are other brands of studio spray tans or you can get at home ones like Vita Liberata or St. Tropez. It's fine to spend time in the sun but you need to wear sun screen

No. 104905

but you don't want actual advice anyway. you want an anon to say what you want to hear.

No. 104910

I suspect I have fungal acne after ta king antibiotics, has anyone else dealt with this? What home remedies do you have to combat it to tide me over before I see my derm?

No. 104915

>not wanting to look like a shriveled prune means your insecure
You're going to be insecure when you look like shit for destroying your skin, more like. Don't come here for advice if you can't handle the truth.

No. 104935

Okay, so I’ll give you dangerous advice. I live in an area that gets very little sun outside of the summer, so once summer hits I’ll lay outside in the sun for 20 minute increments a few times. I still use sunscreen because you’ll still tan even with a sunscreen. I also wear sunglasses, eyes are fragile.

Yes, purposefully tanning is dangerous and bad for your skin. So is eating junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking, and wearing products with too much fragrance in it. There’s a risk to everything we do, but it’s up to you to decide if being tan is worth that risk. Going outside in the summer for any period of time puts you at risk for a tan, sunscreen or not. The only way to completely avoid it would be to wear a hat, long sleeves, and a parasol every time you go out, which I’m sure some pale-chans on here do but it’s not realistic.

No. 104952

I don't get why anons are hating on anons who want to tan. I rather go outside and live life than stay inside and obsess over the ~paleness~ of my skin.

No. 104955

File: 1546721446922.jpg (136.55 KB, 1166x613, Sun-damage-Chest-PL.jpg)

The point of staying inside isn't being pale, it's avoiding cancer and, if you're vain like me, wrinkles and sunspots. So many older white women have the most ugly speckled skin from being the sun, not an attractive healthy looking tan.

No. 104959

i live in a high asian populated area and every woman is either wearing a huge hat or using a parasol. it's not really that impractical it just has to do with what you value. those ladies also don't go hiking or bike or do summer sports activities. and in most proper asian countries, girls who want to be pale go to great lengths, but then they're usually trying to be stereotypically feminine. probably why a lot of tomboys or more active characters in asian media have darker skin…

No. 104965

That’s cool for you living in an Asian majority area, but most people don’t live in areas where behavior is the norm. I’ve also seen advice given on lolcow in other skincare threads to avoid going outside at all and even putting special film on windows to block out UV rays. I’m with anon >>104952, living your life stuck inside because you’re afraid of wrinkles is a waste.

No. 104966

File: 1546727318210.jpg (238.32 KB, 1467x1467, skin-cancer-selfie-before-afte…)


Do you think that skin cancer is a meme or something lol? It's fine to spend time outside in the sun, but laying out just to get a tan is stupid, and increases your risk of skin cancer.

From the CDC:
>A tan does not indicate good health. A tan is your skin’s response to injury, because skin cells signal that they have been hurt by UV rays by producing more pigment. Any change in skin color after UV exposure (whether it is a tan or a burn) is a sign of injury, not health. Over time, too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancers including melanoma (the deadliest type of skin cancer), basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. UV exposure can also cause cataracts and cancers of the eye (ocular melanoma). Every time you tan, you increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

I don't think ending up like pic related is worth it, honestly. Just use fake tan if you want to be tan so badly

No. 104968

2/3 people get skin cancer in my country, so no I'm not going to sit around outside to ~live my life~ or whatever you life laugh love bitches think getting burnt to a crisp means.

No. 104971

lmao i don't. i'm perfectly fine going to picnics and the beach under the shade of an umbrella using sunblock. most of us who want to protect our skin, simply want to preserve our health, and aren't crazy anons obsessed with being pale. i'm not going to purposely tan, and will make sure not to be in the sun too long but it's not "wasting my life away".

No. 104985


first of all, i am not the anon who asked about tanning and i said nothing about pale skin being sickly or an indicator of health. all i did was give anon advice about tanning, that it can happen even if you wear sunscreen and if she wants to do it, then its her prerogative.

the only reason i brought up doing outside activities was because of what >>104959 said about the ladies in her area not going hiking, or biking or doing summer sports due to the fear of tanning.

>It's fine to spend time outside in the sun, but laying out just to get a tan is stupid, and increases your risk of skin cancer.

What is the difference between saying you're going to wear some sunscreen and spend some time outside to read/walk/run/swim and just saying you're going to go outside and spent time in the sun? do you think you don't tan if you're doing something else or something? its the same risk whether you're going outside to lay in the sun and do nothing or if you're going outside to do chores.

No. 104987

File: 1546748035257.jpg (68.33 KB, 940x627, 3d031dfaee24ee7e75f964ee7b53c5…)

Fellow aus anon? But yes, fuck risking melanoma just to give the illusion of health. I'd rather actually being healthy, this slogan is stuck in my head forever from the ad campaign kek.

No. 104992

if you're still getting a tan with SPF on, you're not applying it properly or not using a strong enough one. SPF stops/slows the process of tanning. im literally white as snow even though i spend a lot of time outside walking/gardening because i thoroughly apply and reapply SPF. (and yes, i'm capable of tanning because i used to do it years ago before i knew just how bad it was.)

No. 104993

File: 1546760015331.jpg (198.28 KB, 875x1500, 91LJ9xI875L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

It's so crazy to me that tanning beds and tanning in general is promoted so heavily where I live. We need this public safety campaign. A popular, local tanning salon where I live made a Facebook post and did the paid sponsor thing to have it shown on everyone's timeline. I commented some facts about the extremely negative effects of tanning/tanning beds just as an FYI for anyone thinking about doing it and they instantly deleted my comment and blocked me. Almost every woman I know tans yearly at a salon and they all use shit like pic related.

No. 105003

I had a bout of cystic acne last month and I accidentally scratched a zit that was on the tip of my nose. It wound up becoming a cut and healed after a couple weeks, but now the tip of my nose is red like a tumblr drawing. Is there something I could use that would minimize the redness?

No. 105005

Aloe vera gel, fresh ideally! And try tea tree oil, but path trst it first as some people react badly to it.

No. 105008

I told a girl that uses a tanning bed at least weekly that she's risking getting skin cancer. She left me on seen and continues her "best stress reliever, best thing on earth" routine. Smh

No. 105015

File: 1546791636481.jpg (330.76 KB, 1080x1137, 20190106_102021.jpg)

Hope she thinks surgery and chemo are relaxing too.

No. 105016

Jesus I came back to a fire. You guys are implying I'm going to slather myself in gasoline and throw myself in a fire. Somehow tanning or getting outside even for some color = no absolute possible way to care for it and becomes a raisin instantly.

I'm out and won't be returning to this thread, I thank the anon that actually understood me and didn't act like I was going to hell for MY choice.

No. 105017

I have friends who use tanning beds regularly and I just don't understand it. They're otherwise pretty intelligent but they either don't understand or don't care about how damaging it can be. Just get some good quality self-tanner or get a decent spray tan.

No. 105020

good fuck off with your shit choices. you're the one ITT who's acting like people who don't tan are crazy.

No. 105021

good fuck off with your shit choices. you're the one ITT who's acting like people who don't tan are crazy.

No. 105022

No one in this thread has said that about people who don’t want to tan?

There isn’t a single sunscreen that blocks out 100% of the sun so it’s impossible to avoid exposure to UVA and UVB. You’re going to get damage and sun exposure anyway, even with religious applications.

No. 105025

Lotrimin applied nightly for a week. Mix it with your night cream

No. 105028

File: 1546799398111.jpg (8.53 KB, 260x194, 75643657463545.jpg)

Not sure if this is 100% the right thread but I'm gonna ask this here anyway.

I'm naturally very pale, near alabaster skincolor. I've always hated it because I get a lot of negative comments on it (Did you not leave your room this summer, you look like a corpse/sickly pale, girl get a tan etc.) I don't really tan in the sun. A few years ago I got so fed up with it that I spend a few days in a row extremely irresponsible tanning: no sunscreen, lots tanning oil, sunbathing when the sun was at it's highest etc. I got the tiniest bit of a tan that year. I did something similiar the next year again.

I extremely regret tanning that irresponsibly, not just for health reasons and pre-mature skin aging but also because now 2-3ish years later, the tan is still there. It's like some parts have become permanently darker. I can tell the skin on my upper arms, shoulders, and mid-thigh to feet is darker than the parts that didn't get much/any sun exposure. Albeit it's still very light and anyone else might not even notice, I notice it and it bothers me endlessly.

How do I go back to my original skincolor? I dislike my pale ass skin but at least having an even skin color everywhere is better than this patchy mess.

No. 105029

File: 1546799512909.jpg (47.4 KB, 728x546, aid1293106-v4-728px-Reduce-Wri…)

Can someone spoon feed to me what kind of moisturizer or repairing oils I should use with my retin-a 0.025% cream? Been using it for years but idk what else I should be doing to preserve my skin or lessen any negative effects the retin-a might bring. There are so many different opinions online I am overwhelmed!

No. 105031

File: 1546799899352.jpg (26.51 KB, 453x679, 71Vg8MiS8pL._SY679_.jpg)

>105029 samefag
This is the moisturizer I use on my face now. I love it bc it feels like water and absorbs nicely without being greasy. Don't know dick about skincare so I'm worried it may not be good for me despite how well it seems to work. I use Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser as a face wash.

No. 105032

moisturize (cerave in the tub is the best) and let it soak in for 20 mins before applying retin-a

No. 105042

It’s kind of strange to approach someone just to tell them that. I wouldn’t tell a person they are going to rot their teeth if they bought a soda, it’s up to them to decide what they want to do with themselves

No. 105059

File: 1546822910577.jpeg (139.25 KB, 1029x797, 1_lvEDywxZaPYctl1-f3MKrA.jpeg)

Does anyone here use Vitamin C serums like pictured? I have been for a few months now, between toner and moisturize, and I haven't really noticed any difference. I was hoping it would help with a couple hyperpigmentation spots.. but nah. I've tried 3 different ones, sigh.

I am starting to think I would need like a laser treatment, anyone have any experience with that? I've never had any cosmetic procedure and I feel like I would be so embarrassed going in. I'm already kinda self conscious about it, which in itself makes me feel vain and ashamed.

No. 105217

Is there a particular ingredient in Cerave that is beneficial?

Can you do acid exfoliants with retin-a?

Ty anon!

No. 105226

Ceramides and no fragrance and other bullshit ingredients.

Not at the same time, no. Do actives in the morning or alternate night routines.

No. 105233

Anon why don’t you try a mild glycolic essence? Don’t go full on 10% peel or you’ll burn but you can try a brightening essence?

I use Caudalie’s Brightening Essence lotion every other day at night. It’s gentle, and it makes your skin tighter and brighter. I had a really bad stress related breakout and it’s the only thing that won’t irritate my skin that’s fading my hyperpigmentation. Wear sunscreen of course during the day, and don’t mix it with anything else like retrinol or a stronger acid.

No. 105238

Thank you skinpai

No. 105243

>Wear sunscreen of course during the day
Because of the Caudalie’s Brightening Essence lotion or do you mean in general?

Not that anon, btw.

No. 105244

nta but you should always wear sunscreen

No. 105253


Sorry for not clarifying, but yes and just in general since I know sometimes people forget. Glycolic acid may increase sensitivity to the sun, there’s some conflicting research but I prefer to err on the side of caution.

No. 105259

Thank you, based anon!

No. 105323

In the topic of sunscreens,
I can't use them since they break me out so badly that every time I have to battle fucked up skin for months. I don't know what possible ingredient causes the acne in sunscreens, do any of you suncreen-anons know what to look for, what to avoid? Or do you have any recommendations, something very light and not comedogenic?

No. 105437

yo girl hit me with those reccs. I've had eczema worse than ever for about a month and looking for solutions.

No. 105499

File: 1547151674465.jpg (1.67 MB, 2102x1932, rudolph.jpg)

i got this mask from lush, rudolph, and it did wonders for my acne, but apparently it was just a seasonal product. they make similar ones, like the cupcake mask, but i'm allergic to peppermint so i gotta make my own. anyways.

the orange oil in this - can i just get normal orange essential oil at the store and mix it in my own masks?

No. 105500

might as well put fruitopia on your face

No. 105516

How do I stop biting my nails and picking scabs on my scalp so that they never heal? These are both longterm habits of mine and I rarely even notice that I'm doing them or when I do I give in.

No. 105517

you need therapy. i did that and it turned out i have OCD.

No. 105526


Howdy anon! I'd recommend using products with kaolin or bentonite clay. Those are the ingredients that do the heavy lifting, personally, I'm not a huge lush fan, they put too much filler and random stuff in it. I would try out bentonite clay (cheap on amazon) mixed with apple cider vinegar. I also personally like Origins Clear Improvement mask, and Majestic Pure Dead Sea mud mask. Best of luck!

Also, might as well shill Differin while I'm here. I love Differin! It made a big difference for me!

No. 105531

Have you already tried retinol or even a scar gel? Those may help, although most of the hyperpigmentation I've dealt with is from scarring, so idk if that matters in my recommendations. I've heard rosehip oil can help too but that's vitamin C so…
I just started using vit C serum and my skin does already look better, but last night I did like a skin care meganight where I did a mask as well so it could've been that. Will have to see how it goes long term.

No. 105548

Do those charcoal masks you let dry on your face then pull off work well on black heads?

This sucks, I've never had a problem with black heads before and now there is a colony on my chin.

No. 105562

File: 1547218105035.jpg (103.88 KB, 400x400, img_3454.jpg)

Anyone tried Muddy Body masks before? Here are the ingredients of the detox one. I wanted at some point to do my own using this pic, but gave up because I had to make purchases from multiple places and it seemed tedious… So I just continued with my Clinique clay mask.

No. 105576

pull off "masks" are not good for your skin. use chemical exfoliation like salicylic acid instead.

No. 105580

don't do them anon, they make your pores more prominent in long run by wearing them out which in turn will make sebucous filaments/blackheads more prominent too
try bha exfoliant instead, Paula's choices 2% bha liquid honestly changed my life

No. 105625

Ty for the information!

No. 105637

File: 1547268195445.png (426.06 KB, 1708x834, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 10.4…)

What about mud masks? how good are they or damaging?

Would I still damage my skin even if I use the charcoal mask every once and a while?

What could I use in replace of a charcoal mask? in regards to masks?

The charcoal mask to the left is what I have and am using currently

No. 105643

no, charcoal is a meme. there's no science behind it.

i recommend bentonite clay like the aztec healing clay

No. 105658

charcoal is not a meme, what?, but honestly I doubt it works well in masks, there's probably not too much of it/it's not "clean", if you really want to use it just make it yourself. I find it very good for scalp.

As anon above said, clays. Bentonite, kaolin, green, ghassoul, whatever will be fine, try them out and find the best one for your skin. Just don't buy anything in tubes etc, buy "raw" clay to prepare at home yourself. There's no better stuff.

No. 105667

I use just pure argan oil and recommend it greatly. It's not comedogenic, doesn't cause irritation and moisturizes the skill really well. I use it for the night only. For the day, I use CeRaVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion, also recommended.

No. 105683

File: 1547309647602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.98 KB, 811x960, IMG_20190112_101012.jpg)

Yeah, I disagree. I make my own basic charcoal masks (not pull off, just rinse) and they suck oil out of my pores like nothing else. I use probably once a week and follow normal cleansing daily.

No. 105687

post the links to the studies then

No. 106035

I have super dry, sensitive skin, and every cleanser I try breaks me out horribly (with brands ranging from Neutrogena to Lancome). As of right now, I only use water to wash my face then use a moisturizer afterwards. I still get some acne sometimes, but should I be using a cleanser? Is it bad to not use a cleanser?

No. 106036

water is a cleanser itself. some people don't need anything else, so if it works for you, it works for you.

No. 106037

new products require a period for your skin to get used to them and settle down, so many may break you out at first. but if they still break you out after 2-4 weeks of use then maybe you're just too sensitive for cleanser. like the other anon said, water and moisturizer is fine if you're not having issues otherwise.

No. 106038

you should find out what ingredient you're reacting to regardless

No. 106041

I was curious about this because I've heard we need to wash our face with some sort of cleaner regardless because of pollution, dirt, dead skin etc. But honestly just water works for me too, and most cleansers dry my skin out.

No. 106045

Try not to use cleansers with high pH, find something acidic.

No. 106046

Have you tried cold cream cleanser or authentic african black soap?

No. 106048

it's kind of supposed to, then you use stuff after to rehydrate it.

No. 106051


You might like micellar water. They’re designed for sensitive skin.

I have atopic skin and this doesn’t irritate. Get a good one from places like Avene or Bioderma.

Also, if your skin is dry don’t use foaming cleansers. You need to focus on milk, cream, or balm cleansers. Don’t exfoliate too much, and don’t use hot water to rinse your face. I would also look for unscented products and formulas which repair your skin.

No. 106209

Wanna help me add on to my routine? I started from zero, so it's really basic right now.

>FAB facial cleanser

>Thayer's Witch Hazel
>Cerave PM (1 pump in AM, 2 in PM)

Sunscreen goes on when I go out, but that's not often. Pillowcases get changed every couple days after flipping. Tried a salicylic acid spot treatment but ditched it. Skin feels a lot better than when I wasn't doing anything, but I'm still dealing with acne on my lower part of my face, and I'd like to eventually start with wrinkle prevention. Can't get anything prescription-based right now, but I have a sephora nearby if I need anything better than drugstore-quality.

No. 106211

the only for certain proven thing to prevent wrinkles (except for sunscreen) is tretinoin which requires a prescription.

i would use a salicylic acid cleanser like cerave renewing sa cleanser once a day. if you have persistent acne along your jaw line i would recommend getting your hormone levels checked out as well.

No. 106219


I have super sensitive skin that breaks
out with most products. I would suggest trying out Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser! The first time I used this cleanser my face became clear in under a week, probably because the cleanser is specifically formulated to have little to no irritants. I highly recommend it.

No. 106244

Does jojoba oil works for oily skin and acne? I've read some people saying it gave them more acne and some people saying it was really good for them. If I want to use it, how should I apply it?

No. 106245

Would suggest patch testing it, so if you do break out it wouldn't be your entire face.

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