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File: 1588358583524.png (290.27 KB, 640x360, kelsey-ellison-singing-1509019…)

No. 90591

Spill the milk over the finest weeb trash the UK has to offer.

Post about anyone who fits the bill, just remember- this is an image board, post caps.

No. 90592

File: 1588358685206.jpg (407.18 KB, 1079x620, Screenshot_20200501-194459_Twi…)

how do you accidentally fuck up your bangs this badly

No. 90598

She looks like Holly Conrad…

No. 90622

>video includes lofi beats
what, did I miss something?

No. 90705

File: 1588413340988.jpg (327.75 KB, 1080x972, 20200502_105327.jpg)

all you do is sit at home and play video games, you never work or earn money, and your boyfriend is sick with the coronavirus…but somehow your life is always just soooo hard? imagine making every situation all about you…

No. 90709

There's something off about her partner having Coronavirus. She had a meltdown about her eating disorder, then set her Twitter to private, then out of nowhere says he's had the virus while she's directly in contact with him. I hardly doubt they've entered self isolation together with how she carries on & it doesn't sound like he's been tested or at a hospital either.

He's probably having symptoms of the virus and that's it. She's so full of shit.

No. 90859

File: 1588498198960.png (53.96 KB, 723x380, riiri.png)

Riiri is still being the same terrible person as always.

No. 90863

The entitlement is off the charts. Who is the "everyone" she is "looking after" exactly?!

No. 90868

There is no everyone. Her partner gets the virus "apparently" and she throws a hissy fit because the world doesn't revolve around her for once. Life is so hard when you get to be at home all day playing video games, woe is me.

No. 90894

Indeed. And she only has one Switch for herself.

No. 90952

File: 1588546512125.jpg (670.45 KB, 1080x1689, 20200503_235432.jpg)

> he has the virus and she is supposedly looking after him

> but she is going walking outside instead of being in quarantine for 14 days like you are meant to if someone in your household gets symptoms

No. 90958

He also went for a walk recently according to his Twitter and claimed to feel awful. For all they know she could be carrying the virus herself. Inconsiderate fucking idiots. What part of quarantine do they not understand?

No. 90970

And this is why the U.K. has one of the largest death counts.

No. 90974

Betting anything now if she's called out on this she'll claim it's "haters" giving her grief and she'll milk her chronic health card for pity points.

No. 91014

she's deleted all her tweets from the last 2 weeks including all the ones where she talks about her boyfriend being sick…do we smell BS ladd?

No. 91015

pretty sure it was made up for pity points since people are getting tired of her MUH LIFE SO HARD AM SO SICK U GUYZ meltdowns.

No. 91024

They're still there, well for me at least, fortunately for her there's screenshots of it all. What an idiot.

No. 91029

File: 1588596719498.png (2.87 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200504-134950.png)

She's still going outside. The ignorance is outstanding. Thanks for putting innocent people at risk twat.

No. 91174

her boyfriend also thinks it's ok to go outside and walk around DESPITE HAVING THE VIRUS

No. 91175

File: 1588694588694.jpg (194.17 KB, 1080x645, 20200505_142441.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 91176

>>91175 is there a way to report people like this to the police?

No. 91191

Someone in my area caught the virus and the entire household has had to isolate because of it due to the chance of them being in contact with the infected relative.

These morons think they're invincible and it's infuriating.

No. 91219


I know this girl, she's a friend of a friend. Do a lot of other anons know her too?

No. 91327

not personally

No. 91328

Is this the girl who thinks her life is a Taylor Swift song?

No. 91331

Pretty much.

No. 91415

File: 1588770447883.png (40.48 KB, 596x390, wot.png)

Took the words right out of his mouth. What an incredibly selfish arsehole.

No. 91424

What a cunt.

No. 91463

if Katy is an unwell as she says she is from anorexia then wouldnt he be more worried about infecting her and potentially her becoming dangerously ill?

No. 91467

If he thinks he's invincible then he probably thinks the same about her. Ignorance at its finest.

No. 91838

She's a friend of a friend of mine as well, I love seeing the shit she posts but my friend would hate it if I told her what I really thought of her. Everyone has to be ~so sensitive~ with their wording around her.

No. 91861

drinking game: take a shot every time she mentions Stephen on Twitter

No. 91862

File: 1588948825994.jpg (115.75 KB, 1080x407, 20200508_154054.jpg)

sO FraGiLe

No. 91863

File: 1588949011072.jpg (459.5 KB, 1080x1208, 20200508_154333.jpg)

Kelsey is still trying to skinwalk any celebrity from the same race as her…

No. 91864

File: 1588949052342.jpg (360.97 KB, 1080x1115, 20200508_154322.jpg)

…and trying to go viral again at any possible opportunity.

No. 91868

File: 1588949641301.jpg (257.98 KB, 1079x849, Screenshot_20200508-155425_Twi…)

did anything actually come of this in the end?

No. 91870

off topic but I feel like Abi has totally moved away from the JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN IDOLSSS scene and is trying to get more attention through the gaming/D&D and cosplay scene now shes aging…while Becki and Connie have just dropped off the map completely.

No. 91878

I think her family adopted a pet cat, which she announced so I assume it was that.

You'd be in A&E for alcohol poisoning in no time.

No. 91904

File: 1588961092046.jpg (602.99 KB, 1071x1122, Screenshot_20200508-190441_Ins…)

why are people from the UK so busted-looking smh

No. 91919

I vehemently disagree with this. This style just attracts Uggos in general. But cheeky sparkles isn’t British and she’s way uglier than any of those girls

No. 91924

who tf is that?

No. 91939

nobody is impressed by you

No. 91940

fix your crooked teeth first white pasty bitch and come back

No. 91960

funny you say this because cheeky sparkles is from the province British Columbia in Canada, I want you to take a gander as to where most white residents from said province trace their heritage back to kek

No. 92129

File: 1589029420879.jpg (185.33 KB, 1079x684, Screenshot_20200509-140338_Twi…)

I'm laughing so fucking hard right now.

No. 92130

Didn't she live in an assisted living type facility for years because of her eating disorder? she's had plenty of time being 'cared for'

No. 92135

One of the thousands reasons why she wants to marry him because she's extremely clingy.

No. 92180

the irony is that she calls this a "healthy" relationship and says her old boyfriend was so toxic etc…but it seems like she has a toxic attitude of clinging onto and idolising her partner, calling them their soulmate and "so hot" when they are a normal, not very attractive person who would be unlikely to ever get a girlfriend if they didnt meet her.

No. 92189

Does anyone know what caused katys friend Eeveeemmy to just disappear from the internet? They met up and made japan vids together that are still up but emmy has otherwise tried to wipe all traces of herself from social media.

She was my fave illness faking cow and I see people on Katys insta are still asking where emmy went and if she's ok but Katy ignores anyone asking. I feel like Eeveeemmy had a meltdown at some point and I missed it?

No. 92391

Classic Kelsey on her Instagram. Moan about being "infantalized" and talked to like a kid.

Yet Kelsey constantly posts things about being accepted for auditions for roles of 13-16 years old, and is always going on about not looking her age - which is 28, not that she ever acknowledges that publicly.

She'll be moaning about people asking for Dancing Hermione soon even though she's posted about that herself.

No. 93056

File: 1589360895500.jpg (380.32 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20200513-100841_Twi…)

all you do is spend money though.

No. 93058

File: 1589360935686.jpg (348.14 KB, 1079x985, Screenshot_20200513-100805_Twi…)

case in point.

No. 93059

File: 1589361027635.jpg (516.26 KB, 1079x1325, Screenshot_20200513-101100_Ins…)

who else finds this bitch annoying as fuck?

No. 93060


Is that Mikan? I don’t know much about her except that she’s known for being rude to her friends and passing it off as “British humor”.
She definitely bothers me after I’ve seen screenshots of her basically treat instagram brands like shit and feels entitled to free items just because of her follower count. That behavior definitely makes me think she would be rude to anyone in a customer service type job

No. 93083

She's annoying and self entitled as fuck. Once she split from her previous Japanese boyfriend she was on to the next within months & now they live together, along with dropping out of fashion school. Another visa scrounger in Japan.

No. 93093

What's the timeline between her getting a new bf and them moving in together? I watched her up to about 3 months ago and I wasn't even aware of a bf last time I watched. Now they're living together and he's in half of her recent vids?

Funny that her latest 'big sister Mikan' vid is basically her telling girls that they should enjoy being single, that they don't need to rush into relationships.. can't help but see an irony in that. She seems a little too full-on whenever she finds a guy.

No. 93096

about two months

No. 93111

as someone who has lived in a super tiny studio flat i get why she'd jump at the chance to live in a 2 bed place for more or less the same price as she paid for the studio, but 2 months together is odd and very rushed. When i saw she was moving in with him my first thought was when they break up and the video titled "living with my EX-bf" containing ~advice~ on how to be best friend with your ex, just like her previous bf was her best friend when they broke up and still made vids, she still went to his parents house for meals etc and now all of a sudden he's gone from all vids now she has a new piece.

No. 93115


and tho i really gave mikan a chance at being an okay youtuber, i just can't make myself watch her content anymore. the constant unnecessary body pics followed by "sorry im so thin uwu", and the "uugh i dont like this particular subject about myself but i will make a video and 25 insta stories about it"

never was particularly good at fashion either. just bragging about it and tagging bunka school anywhere she can, no good results from it, basically weeb wear. her japanese friends have 100% more of a sophisticated sense of fashion, like something i would wear. mikan always looks cheap and dresses like a kindergarten.

just another small face looking weeb thinking living in japan and making aesthetically pleasing vids is a personality.

No. 93119

File: 1589389023459.jpeg (77.42 KB, 284x500, 604E2968-E085-4437-A0D3-4E2665…)

I wonder what Mikan thinks of Venus making an onlyfans account lmao. The girl who Mikan used to be friends with, Tsuruko on ig, has a boyfriend who constantly comments under Venus’ posts about onlyfans, making hentai references about it and posted a story joking about buying it. God, Mikan and her friends/ex friends are so fucking weird.

No. 93132

yikes this guy looks like trash. looks like your typical japan foreigner who does the humiliating yamanote line loop on halloween day or new years eve while being loud and drinking 9% lemon sours and throwing the empty can on the floor.

No. 93146

Seems pretty unproblematic recently. Watched her YouTube videos and her and her boyfriend have been staying in and going out alone now and then for Instagram photos for each other [he also has an Instagram and posts model-esque photos - he's kind of good looking]. Haven't gotten an entitled vibe off her, but I think that just usually comes with the public figure and having nice things attitude, so people confused that with bragging and being entitled all the time. She doesn't demand things and is kind of mouse. She will call people out on bullshit though, but that's not exactly a bitch attitude.

No. 93147

Why is this guy a fucking creep? She can't hold her friends accountable for the shit they do and especially guys. This isn't Mikan's issue.

No. 93148

File: 1589391727961.jpg (768.5 KB, 1079x1903, Screenshot_20200513-184212_Ins…)

shes not even that thin smh shes just a petite build

No. 93149

She's very annoying and I feel like her energy in her videos is turned up to 200% just to seem 'quirky'. I watcher her recent closet cleaning video and its one of her best, it doesn't feel forced and the energy isn't up to 200. Her Instagram story is the worst, I worry she doesn't have a private life as literally everything is posted on her story. As for the visa, I don't know how much she earns monthly but perhaps its self-sponsored?

No. 93151

I think she tags clothing in her posts when she gets it from places. I don't know if that is because she got them for free or she was given money compensation for tagging them per like. No one ever knows what is happening with visas and this goes for all cows because it's always speculation. I'm not even going to try to argue whether she has a real one or fake one, but Japan and other countries have been very good about kicking people out without valid visas due to the Covid issue all over the world. She would've been pushed out already and I don't see her boyfriend letting that happen. Pretty sure its valid.

No. 93162

naah she thin. doesn't need to be so humble uwu about it tho. basically posts a fashion model kinda of pic everyday. u don't see other fashion models on insta saying theyre sorry for looking thin.

No. 93163

I do anon, it’s her stupid ‘English’ accent and ‘English humour’. No one I personally know talks like that, and that much banter would get a slap in the face. I think she has an annoying smug looking face but that’s just nitpicking.
That being said she is just your run of the mill yellow fever weeb, she’s getting attention lately for her gaijin hunter boyfriend, who is a narcissist apparently.

No. 93164

Of course its most likely valid. I have knowledge of Japanese visas personally, if it wasn't valid with the amount she posts I'm sure she would have been kicked out, especially since she's just moved to a new apartment. But if you are self employed with an income of around $2500 per month, you can self sponsor. Mikan has some connections in Japan, I'm sure she can find someone who can back her up if she was going down the self sponsored route.

No. 93168

She's probably one of the only decent looking girls still in japan from the whole dolly lifestyle kick from the mid 2000s. I honestly don't think her style is bad and is usually age-appropriate and still cute. I started watching her thepast 7 months and haven't seen much milk. Although I would be invested in new milk if there is any, but overall she seems to not do to much and sticks to her small group, small sponsors, or her boyfriend. I'm pretty interesting her new content like anon was mentioning her closet clean out. She's explaining how life is currently there too which is getting her a lot of views for people curious about covid in other countries.

No. 93171

Really need to stop looking for visa flaws. Bitching about it won't make a cow lose the opportunity of getting one or whatever. Makes the thread sound so boring too.

No. 93173

why is he so fucking thirsty too? eww being his gf id run

No. 93174

You know, not every interracial couple has to be because of fetishization. He is from a gentrified country and she is British. The likelihood of her ending up in a relationship like that is incredibly high even when breaking up with her previous boyfriend for why she moved there. She seems to have a lot more in common with this new guys anyway.

No. 93184

Didnt her new boyfriend cheat on his now ex with Mikan in the first place? I'm sure it was mentioned somewhere in another thread here or on Instagram. No wonder they have more in common, trash attracts trash.

No. 93188

I get that anon, I was just stating what has been said about them both is all.

No. 93192

That seems like such a shitty thing to bring up though and speculate about and it happens to anyone who isn't dating same race. Look at Yumi and people demanding she only wants a half white baby because she's obsessed with it. Its fucking petty.

No. 93195

Again, I get it! I am repeating what I have already read.
I’m not implying anything, I can’t be the only one who has seen this?

No. 93276

File: 1589438546722.jpg (720.12 KB, 1071x1071, 20200514_074145.jpg)

a lot of it comes down to angles. Shes pretty normal for her small frame and height.

No. 93277

yeah she knows hes trash, he is using her for clout and she is using him to stay in Japan now she quit Bunka.

No. 93278

File: 1589438699415.jpg (833.55 KB, 1079x1091, Screenshot_20200514-074504_Ins…)

she relies on heels a lot to, without them she looks kind of stumpy.

No. 93279

Without the she looks like any girl with flat shoes, stumpy. Lol. Everyone gets shortened legs without heels unless they already have a huge height advantage.

No. 93283

Why do I feel like Mikan is in this thread defending herself? She already admitted in videos that she reads what forums and sites say about her lmao

No. 93285

idk. she looks thin enough to be able to insert a sweater inside her skirt and not look round? not sure if this is a common feeling. it might be her mesurements that help. for instance im not fat at all but my waist~breast ratio is pretty balanced so depending on angles and clothes especially i look plump in the waist area.(blogging)

No. 93286

She looks kind of skinny fat. Look at the legs. No definition at all. And I don't think she has abs like she mentionned. Might be just the way she poses in some of her more stomach revealing photos.

No. 93289

She is the average underweight skinny where when you sit down you always have that tiny bit of ripplage. I've never seen her full on have a belly though for a prolonged period of time anymore than normal bloating.

No. 93311

File: 1589453605759.jpg (904.26 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_20200514-114855_Ins…)

seconding this. she doesnt show off her stomach much and where she does shes clearly sucking in. her upper thighs have no definition and store fat like any regular non-atheletic person.

No. 93312

it's easy to see from how tight her Jeans are.

No. 93314

File: 1589453820146.jpg (475.52 KB, 1170x1403, 20200514_115610.jpg)

No. 93315

I feel like its one of the few outfits from her that I actually like, even though boots are brighter than everything else.

No. 93384

File: 1589489171343.jpg (19.55 KB, 340x360, EXrTP6GWoAENU0X.jpg)

how do you feel about Connie's new egirl look?
I think she's trying way too hard to go against her old pink look

No. 93388

yeah there's loads of screenshots from his ex on pull lol he's trash

No. 93396

She has always seemed insincere in each of her phases.

No. 93399

I also think she moved in way too fast, but Hirokazu wasn't in videos anymore because he moved to America or something

No. 93405

Are you serious with this level of wking?
>She doesn't demand things
Has on multiple occasions posted her paypal
>not a bitch attitude
Trashed her "best friend" so bad on camera to make herself look better, the friend no longer wants anything to do with her.
Sorry not sorry she's a straight up cunt.

No. 93410

I have seen only the pink phase. Have you any pictures from before that look?

No. 93429

nta but do you have the video? or is it gone? I want to see what she said

idk how mikan has so much of a following (aside from being a jvlogger I guess), her IG photos are meh and she's flatout ugly in her videos. Something about her mouth seems so creepy

No. 93572

>Haven't gotten an entitled vibe off her
I only caught up with her vids today and it annoys me that she always feels the need to mention how her parents aren't paying her bills for her. She mentioned it alot when I used to watch her last year and the first vid I watched today she of course says it again. She mentions it so often that I do think she comes off as secretly bitter about it. Like girl.. most 22 year olds are paying for their own expenses. She frames it as being so unusual.

Her comment section is then full of (I assume quite young) viewers patting her on the back for basic adulting like paying rent. Strange that she can quit school and plan to just move in with a guy, stay home all day and take an indefinite 'mental health break' and maybe get some cats for company.. and yet she's getting mad props for her adulting. I know she deoesn't come from a well-off family but she seems to expect praise for reaching basic adult milestones and her younger viewers sure give her that praise in droves.

No. 93584

File: 1589570740238.jpeg (25.09 KB, 281x500, received_1428564483860751.thum…)

Wouldn't be surprising if she did. She had a fit online when she found out her family wasn't funding her Japan trip.

No. 93798

File: 1589648593483.jpg (317.88 KB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20200516-180129_Twi…)

this pose could not be less flattering.

No. 93822

Mikan is a privileged English girl. Pretty sure she was sent lots of help from her parents. I understand why she'd denied it tho. Her yt channel glorifies how she had nothing and yet was able to be successful in Japan. And yet here she is quitting bunka, not that she was worthy of it, and moving in with a potential visa-san.

No. 93829

glorifies self-worth* is better i think. She never said she had nothing to start with come to think of it.

No. 93841

File: 1589658121243.jpg (163.03 KB, 332x500, 1552949765868.thumb.jpg.ad2492…)

And she's been a thot in the past, so pretty sure simp money helped too.

No. 93842

The best part of this was that she fully admitted she did it because she was lazy and didn't want to work retail, yet somehow it failed to stick and cause any drama. It was all posted here too but it's been a year, so I'll link:


No. 93843

If it fails with her new Visa meal ticket she could always go back to what she knows best. Maybe even team up with Weenus for collab as a last resort.

No. 93855

File: 1589663076695.png (620.34 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_2020-05-16-13-58-31…)

No. 93860

Hi mikan
jk but do u think sayo is the only person that dislikes mikan and mr duck face or what?

No. 93872

The fact that you think this whole thing is your gross visabf's ex kinda gives away who you are.

No. 93890

Sorry to disappoint but one of those posts was mine and I ain’t froggers ex.

I don’t know anyone but Mikan who would feel the need to come in and make a fuss after the sex work screenshot. Try again lol.

No. 93900

Mikan really had the nerve to claim she has an entertainment visa when she's really going down the marriage visa route like every other trashy weeb…

No. 93902

>>93405 here. Pretty obviously not that guy's ex you stupid cunt. Also nice job not saging your raging autism.

No. 93905

File: 1589675198022.png (160 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_2020-05-16-17-23-49…)

No. 93908

Nope I'm from LV tee hee, love to mess around here and on Pull.

No. 93909

obvious samefag is obvious

No. 93910

No. 93929


wew, that apology on pull from mikan when she was sex working

>didn't like my muuum

>i was unhappy and depresseduwu
>didn't want to work at mcdo
>i was surrounded by sexworkers guysss

what a flake. also, spoiled normal teenage girl's attitude "life isn't made for me i wanna be creative" kind of bs. What is up with that stupid argument coming from those weebs??

No. 93979


Mikan and fuckboy, lurk harder

having a vendetta against someone who's proven with screencaps that they did nothing but politely warn you about your boyfriend being a gaijin hunting sleaze is really petty

No. 93982

What's funny is she clearly lurks and posts when her sex worker history is mentioned, yet her username she STILL uses is attached to it and her real first name. Imagine being that stupid. You can't hide who you are Mikan.

No. 93986

Just to clarify, I was the anon for post >>93060 and only that post. Funny how someone thinks just because multiple people dislike Mikan that it’s all one person

No. 93987

Apparently it's impossible for more than one person to dislike her self absorbed ass so it seems. Who knew?

No. 94080

we all know who lol.

plenty of people have been turned off mikan now that we have a 24/7 stream of her unfiltered obnoxious personality and unemployed ass showing off her clout-chasing frog face future visa husbando. also she straight up just abandoned ALL her bunka friends when they were supposedly suuuuch a girl gang besties4life and how even one of them was her best friend who she could tell everything to.

this girl treats people like a disposable catalogue and while it's been speculated for ages it's confirmed now. according to her her followers are her best friends now, aka people who will infinitely blow smoke up her ass despite her ignoring them once she's no longer actively attention seeking.

frogface is also well aware that every time he does something for her she'll advertise him to all her followers. he's a known serial cheater who uses white girls as accesory piece. this man is DESPERATE. he was on her livestreams obsessively trying to get her to notice him and now he got exactly what he wants lol. she's so pathetic.

No. 94192

wait how do u know she abandoned her friends? did she tell it in one of her videos? could be because of social distance thing

No. 94193

She stopped posting about them long before she "officially" quit Bunks. Even when she was spamming photos of her real JaPAnEsE friends she never really made an appearance on their accounts. Funny how when it was brought up on pull she suddenly decided to talk about them.

No. 94274

The tinfoil is strong. Sure, sayo is extremely cringe at times (eg. us actual goths reeeeee), but if it were her, wouldn't she be going off about Yasu's ass and not Mikan? Kek.

No. 94371

File: 1589828080911.png (134.78 KB, 364x200, 2020-05-17 17.02.15.png)

I don't understand why she's so obsessed with her ex. Are you supposed to move on with your life? Not stalking him and talking about him. Kinda creepy how Sayo wouldn't stop being obsession over him. Girl he left you, move on. Be happy with your friends and the right guy will come when the time is right.

No. 94372

>wouldn't she be going off about Yasu's ass and not Mikan? Kek.

Right, she acts like if Mikan stole her boyfriend when it was him that ghosted her

No. 94384

obvious samefag for these two and i'm guessing frogger. but anyway.

mikan has repeatedly broadcast to all of her insta followers how ~toxic~ yasu's ex was and how she's soooOOoOoO glad he got out of that, and yet sayo has proof that he sent her lovey-dovey marriage messages and called himself her boyfriend (proving they were in a relationship) and just ghosted her without a second though when mikan got in the picture. actually BEFORE he'd even ghosted sayo, he sent stuff about 'not having anyone to go on a date with' to mikan as obvious bait. this man is horrible and y'all wanna talk about sayo being the bad one here?

No. 94385

Can't tell if this is a troll or if Mikan actually thinks this post isn't obviously her lmfao.

No. 94394

>and y'all wanna talk about sayo being the bad one here?

Nobody isn't talking about Sayo being bad here. Just curious on why she's still stalking him. A normal girl will move on from her awful ex boyfriend and try again when it's time, not stalking him and his new girlfriend.

No. 94396

Since Mikan and her boyfriend are making up lies about her, she showed up on PULL to share her side of the story

Stalking where?

No. 94404

Obvious Mikan wking herself is obvious.

No. 94415

>she showed up on PULL to share her side of the story

Exactly, stalking. Let karma get them and Sayo needs to let go and move on. Unless she needs more Pullknights to comfort her.

No. 94416

File: 1589837066368.jpg (932.92 KB, 948x1842, 20180604_142459-1.jpg)

Nope, not her or the boy who ghosted his ex. Try again ;)( ;))

No. 94421

File: 1589840293579.jpeg (327.24 KB, 1242x1347, FE3FF33B-2C48-4FE0-8125-1F54EC…)

How’s it stalking when her ex was flirting with mikan while being in a relationship with sayo and she just let mikan know then exposed froggy face on pull cuz Mikan was like “MUH bf’s EXGF was a psycho and manipulative!!” While frogman cheated on her kek.
Do u even know what stalking is lmfao, this is either froggerman, mikan 50 shades of diff skintones or the only friend yasu has that whiteknighted him(@ekuboikko)

No. 94422

File: 1589840378949.png (80.26 KB, 281x500, 91962EE2-2904-463F-83C4-81731D…)

Yasu telling mikan he wishes he had a date while he was dating sayo

No. 94423

File: 1589840467883.jpeg (773.67 KB, 1242x1983, A89EBC81-3C3B-4F24-8944-31BFCD…)

this sounds like a very manipulative person for sure /s

No. 94427

She literally showed up to share her side of the story since you decided to publicly shout that Yasu had a manipulative ex. She has a right to defend herself Mikan..

No. 94432

I await the day Mikan gets cheated on and treated like shit by him, because these types never change. They're playing the happy loved up couple in their little apartment for now, it'll spiral downhill soon enough. Imagine disregarding the advice given by his exes because you're that thirsty for some Japanese dick and want to look cool on Instagram.

No. 94438

All Sayo did was share her side with proof, unlike what hypocritical Vina did when she posted that story about Sayo being toxic with zero proof. There were tons of obvious holes in the story which were evident just by reading through it, didn't even have to dig to find the lies. Also, who is the ex-girlfriend who was constantly commenting on her ex-boyfriends instagram and mentioning him months after they broke up? It was so obvious Vina wasn't over him, there's an obsessive ex-gf here but it's not Sayo.

No. 94443

>"the boy who ghosted his ex"
>literally called him by his name and opened editor to make a meme

Vina….you can't possibly be this daft as to believe anyone would wk you and your clout chaser on LOLCOW lmao?

Like. Literally every single person here can tell it's her calling Sayo, a nobody, a psycho stalker who is obsessed with Frogface, another nobody with even less of a following willing to defend him. Is she so blinded by her yellow fever that she thinks she can wk herself and pull it off? Lol.

No. 94453


Oi Frog face Or penis nose. Nobody cares about you or your vendetta against your ex on here.

No. 94471

if only somebody could show the immigration visa office all of these 'fake a relationship for clout' receipts, then she couldnt get her """"""entertainment""""" visa.
vina you need to reevaluate your life in a serious way.

No. 94479

She's for sure been asked how she got an 'entertainment' visa with zero qualifications, but just happened to skip that question in her q&a. Just fess up and say you're marrying to stay in magical nipponland Vina.

No. 94491

ya dude, that's so funny, true comedy gold.

Vina learn to sage your shit.

No. 94495



Am I the only one that noticed how old this image is? When you take a picture, your phone saves it as the day you took it.

No. 94496

It's the level of delusional sperging I would expect from a newfag tbh. Pretty sure it's Yasu, although it's obvious where Vina has selfposted as well.

No. 94498

is that girl in the picture meant to be yasu's ex? if so, it just proves yasu plucked that picture out of his cameraroll back when they were dating and is posting in this thread with vina. couple goals ugh!1!

vina's been getting trash talked here for a solid week and on pull for months, but only after anons brought up details of their obvious marriage visa scam to be did her clout chasing visa manlet swoop in to his OWN defense and selfpost.

No. 94509

don't cowtip or meddle with the milk. just let it unfold. we don't really know what's happening with her visa anyway

No. 94517

tf is this?

No. 94520

Girl, you are the most cringe person I have ever seen on PULL. You act like a petty chuunibyou idiot who is still not over her ex. Get help.

No one is going to praise you for hating some random snowflake, only insecure-chans on PULL do that.

No. 94522

Can't the mods tell us where the IP address of the wk's are from? I feel like I've seen it on other threads.

No. 94524

doxxing is against the rules

No. 94525

I think anon means if the mods can confirm the location of the IP addresses being close to where yasu/mikan live, not to post the ip adress itself

No. 94528

Wking yourself and hating on Sayo, lurk harder
Honestly, you sound like a schoolgirl with a vendetta

No. 94532

IDK the names of either of them, but I thought I was replying to the girl who keeps spregging about her ex on PULLs british-chans thread. Either way idc

No. 94537

That is exactly what I mean. I think that's how they found out Emzotic was posting in the pettuber threads.

No. 94539

How is that stalking? Mikan publicly gaslit her, called her a manipulative psycho and that they "never actually dated" when there's proof Mikan was the side chick, and she's also not over Hiro and comments on his shit all the time, Mikan and frogman need to grow up

No. 94558

Saw on the pull thread, some pulltards are coming here trying to stink up this thread with how much they hate Mikan. So what?go back to pull and blog about how much you’ll be better in Japan than her. Milan’s annoying but not milky enough to start shit.

No. 94560

lol tf? pull users aren’t the only ppl who can see through this dumb bitch’s shit

No. 94562

Wow, you don’t like her bf congrats. You femcels come here are bring up her every time without milk. Go and vendetta and cow tip on pull.

No. 94565

easiest way to derail mikan's pull thread is to post her filter lightened images and the pullfags will sperg pages of worthless content about how she's a self-hating poc. project much?

No. 94569

File: 1589908316437.jpeg (28.25 KB, 320x313, 00824019-AB2C-44C7-94ED-94B476…)

Lol! Saw em reeing it up in the comments about how mikan needs her own thread here. If the girl was worth posting about she’ll get a thread. But she’s boring.

No. 94571

For fuck's sake sage your samefagging

No. 94576

All three of them, Vina, Yasu, and Sayo are cows in their own exceptional way. They're perfect for each other. Sit back and let the milk flow. PULLtards, contain yourselves and stop Hi Cow-ing like a dumbass.

No. 94577

File: 1589910997350.jpg (811.15 KB, 1079x1402, Screenshot_20200519-185606_Twi…)

her proportions are so weird? like her head is to big for her body and shes just straight up and down? not like a regular skinny or underweight person but her bone structure is really odd.

No. 94579

Something interesting about this photo, given the filename, it likely came from someone living in Japan.

No. 94587

She's had a ED for a long time anon, what do you expect? Those with one never look proportional.

No. 94601

I think if you have it as a child it affects how your bones develop so your proportions will always look off.

Wanting to be skinny as a teenager can have life long negative effects sadly. Not worth it to be noticed.

No. 94644

You lot need to get a life. Nobody cares who's on proportion apart from you.

No. 94645

You lot seem really unhappy and try to make others as unhappy with themselves as you are.
Only losers would sit online acting all concerned about the proportions of others.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 94646

What are femcels? People in the USA all seem to hate each other, and give nasty names to each other.
Especially the men and women. USA women tell men they're disgusting if not mutilated as a baby for non medical reasons, and many of the men are angry and spend too much time online doing things like making videos saying they don't want women, but instead of leaving women alone, they spend their time in the comments of those videos trying to make women feel bad and promoting abuse.

No. 94647

ppl still use aol nowadays huh

No. 94648

oof u tell em sis, gottem

No. 94723

surprised vina even has fans to defend her drew monson looking squidward ass girl is boring as fuck

No. 94725

Girl has zero personality besides exploiting a relationship for her weeb teenage fanbase, there's nothing interesting about her lol

No. 94732

she doesn't lol. people have been happily dragging mikan in this thread until someone brought up how yasu is a clout chasing cheater who's just using vina while vina looks to get her marriage visa. i guess that hit too close to home, and now they're both in here samefagging, wk'ing, and trying to derail by accusing everyone of being sayo or a pulltard. the whole "no one cares no one cares ugh so obsessed talk about someone else" is classic selfposting.

you can tell vina has been ranting to her close friends about the thread because a british newfag also came in to her defense lol >>94644 >>94646 >>94645

the biggest indicator that vina and yasu are selfposting is that…. they're both nobodies lol. vina is not a beloved celebrity with dedicated fans who will whiteknight on lolcow just because she gets views on her dollskill hauls.

besides, no one is even hating. just pointing out the obvious MILK that is her bf being a weirdo cheater and vina dropping out of school to make yasu her visa husband. how does that make ANYONE angry other than the two people we're talking about lol.

No. 94733

ALSO vina has publicly whiteknighted herself in the past. and she went on a rant on ig that she hates being called a bitch for defending herself and not taking criticism because she's a ~real person~ and gets her feelings hurt and lashes out. literally nothing about her personality or previous actions indicates that she isn't the one spamming this thread having a tantrum and playing wk.

No. 94739

Samefagging much? Go back to PULL you retards. Always fucking up the threads

No. 94740

Only person who rages against these valid points for orange's obvious self posting is you you dumb whore

No. 94741

Been thinking pull wants LC’s validation, pretty cringe. Not gonna wk for that soy milk girl like y’all do over there. If you wanna discuss something cringe about Milkan all means go ahead.

No. 94743


na hun she just looks like someone stretched a 12 year old boy.

No. 94744

Mirror angle? Not sure. Usually mirrors warp bodies to look weird af.

No. 94750

>you can tell vina has been ranting to her close friends about the thread because a british newfag also came in to her defense
The British newfag is some literal older woman named Suzanne from London. I mean, if anyone can confirm Vina has connections with some delulu woman who posts videos about crop circles and UFOs, do post proof.

No. 94757

If we tinfoil she could've just used a random woman's email. Unless we're to believe an older woman into UFO's gives a shit about kawaii weeb Mikan Mandarin's reputation on lolcow. Simply Kenna/cozykitsune made a separate IG account to whiteknight herself in English she attempted to make sound broken. She also claimed she was an older woman with children. Common theme mayhaps.

Why do these flakes try to sound like 2004 4chaners every time they try to sound like a farmer? It's always some kek, retard, sperg, autist, fag, painfully forced unnatural combo in a single reply. Protip: less is more.

At this point her and her simp's relentless selfposting is what's entertaining. She big mad.

No. 94758

File: 1589965672744.jpg (1.57 MB, 2560x1920, 20-05-20-05-05-12-560_deco.jpg)

personally i still haven't gotten over the time someone pointed out she looked like fred

No. 94760

File: 1589967687096.png (214.97 KB, 281x500, 817CEF7A-0D41-4DCB-9E16-2CBCF0…)

Someone in the ex j vlogger thread posted her shitty school project. I had some good laughs with that. Mikan boring! If her weeb fans wanna see her try on some ugly weeb clothes so? Her last few videos was a my japanese bf pandering. Lame af.

No. 94763

This makes Pixielocks look skilled, phew.

No. 94767

lmaoo vina really thought drawing shoujo manga would get her through bunka

No. 94769

i just cant wait until she breaks up with that weirdo and comes crying saying she was a victim uwu

No. 94770

File: 1589973038522.jpg (251.68 KB, 1080x1351, 1573475169099.jpg)

Frogu is lucky he landed himself her Fred form. It's baffling how she has such a shitty personality. No shade to people who get surgery, I just can't comprehend where the mean girl persona comes from. Maybe it's stereotypical of me but most of the people I know with insecurities are at least nice. Ngl though her nose isn't my cup of tea but whoever did it props to them.

No. 94772

yo so im coming back from lurking in PULL they think mikan is sockpuppeting here to stir up drama


No. 94773

Oh goy jk, I like her ps now it fits her face. Ps shouldn’t be over done, like something that subtle to bring out the true beauty.

No. 94774

File: 1589973586523.jpg (473.31 KB, 1080x1491, 20200520_121811.jpg)

who is this girl and why does she look like a badly made up copy of Lupokku

No. 94775

File: 1589973666181.jpg (476.27 KB, 1080x1219, 20200520_122147.jpg)

No. 94776

Pull was on before trying to dox someone the suspected was Mikan. I get that some users there come here but don’t bring the drama unless it’s milky.

No. 94777

File: 1589973739469.jpg (703.65 KB, 1080x1740, 20200520_122235.jpg)

but you're soooooo careful with
your money, right? (that you dont even earn)

No. 94778

Yikes look that that make up.

No. 94779

uh, idk, i like this look. she looks more like a middle eastern beauty. even the nose. she looks less like a weeb is what am saying i guess.

No. 94784

>true beauty
Pick one

No. 94788

Why are all of these posts wking Mikan refusing to sage?
She could be. She's done it in the past and she has no qualms whatsoever with shitting on other people to elevate herself

No. 94789

cuz they’re just her or other idiots pretending to be regular lc users but they don’t know how to post other than say stupid shit like “milky” and “pulltards”

No. 94791

That's a helluva honker! And if you zoom in close it looks like she's got a herpes sore healing on her lower left lip. That plus the cleft chin makes her look like a homeless tranny.

No. 94793

whose is this? they look unfortunate.

No. 94794

50 pounds sterling..just to add it to the plush pile and maybe get two instagram pics from it

No. 94795

frog's friend (not gf)

No. 94797

File: 1589978925710.jpg (607.44 KB, 1080x1199, 20200520_134919.jpg)

No. 94798

File: 1589978973228.jpg (716.77 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20200520-134905_Ins…)

"you can copy but dont make it to obvious"

No. 94799

lol, she loses points for copying but gain 1 point for not shopping into oblivion like Hannah.

No. 94801


>When you try to blend in on lolcow but your posts are just a nonsense string of words

No. 94804

File: 1589979947563.jpg (766.58 KB, 1079x1488, Screenshot_20200520-140616_Ins…)

maybe she should lel those bags are nasty.

No. 94805

Did not expect her to come from Liverpool of all places

No. 94811

Where did Lupokku even go? Her last post was in 2018.

No. 94814

she had a NOSE JOB??? christ no wonder her nose looks so bizarre. oh god how has this all slipped by her self-reliant boss girl come up stories about saving money lmfao is she gonna say she got it saving up mcdonald's money?

now it also makes sense why she's never shared old pictures of herself, despite how much she loves to talk about her looks specifically in high school. lmfao.

No. 94816

My cousin had it and she demanded to be released from hospital eventually she got home, but when the doctor phoned, he guessed she was in the Town, he called the Gardai ( Irish Police) They told ger she is to stay home, after that she had to go back to hospital. She is 19 and a bit stupid.

No. 94821

File: 1589983333720.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200520-095157.png)

So after her failed lolcow tantrums she posts these on her story. The hours match up to her wk posts around here >>94558 and her being sad to see we kept on talking about her.

>No way around this

Probs bc there's no one she can rant to about what she's done here to feel better.


No. 94822

File: 1589983460283.png (569.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200520-095209.png)

I would've thought it was just her being depressed, but the implications of anger make sense considering what she's said is her reaction to being criticized. Doubt she had an actual talk with Yasu about her growing status as a flake and not just an unproblematic kawaii kween tho.


No. 94824

File: 1589983601853.png (2.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200520-095214.png)

I'd also expect her to share a lovey dovey response from Yasu if she really did just have the kawaii blues and talked to him about her depression. But evidently she's keeping this to herself and relying on herself to feel better.


No. 94829

'japanese bf UwUing' pandering again. >>93584 her raging about not getting her mom's money anymore. lol lots of cows complain about their family's abandoning their 'dreams'to be a weirdo.

No. 94831

100% Vina has been reading here and moaned to her few remaining friends, and they they came here to protect their uwu smol qween. So much wking and attempts to derail from talking about her, just makes me want to look into Vina even more you idiots.

No. 94832

>>94804 no way how do you face toon everything but the eye bags, wanna see the before pics lol.

No. 94840

Katy and her bf are in their 20z / 30s so they have zero excuse. They're just self centred idiots.

No. 94841

File: 1589987375009.jpg (255.45 KB, 1079x999, Screenshot_20200520-160850_Twi…)

the irony that he is retweeting this kind of thing when he and his girlfriend put other peoples lives at risk because they just couldn't bear to stay inside for a fortnight like everyone else who tests positive…

No. 94844

>So much wking and attempts to derail from talking about her, just makes me want to look into Vina even more you idiots.

Right? This happens every time with so many flakes on this entire forum, and a lot of us have been in different threads to see it play out while it's revealed every single time to be the person the thread is about. But Vina is so blinded in her raging butthurt she failed to have any self awareness even though her cunty fake self is a farmer and a PULL lurker. She's also so self absorbed she'd think anyone would believe her fans care enough about her to whiteknight when she answers maximum 12 questions on her ~big sis Mikan~ videos, like that means anything compared to the 100k+ followers she has.

And these girls are just living vicariously through her. She's skinny, dresses nice, and was living the weeb dream for 2 years. If anything there's a fundamental sense of jealousy that would make them happy to see not even big sis Mikan could achieve their weeb dream of, specifically, going to fashion college and getting a legitimate job. There's no genuine love, and certainly not enough to defend Yasu and hate on his ex. Seriously, who would give a fuck about either of them on this website. Fuck's sake.

Congrats, Fred. Eat your pizza and keep trying to derail the thread with random girls on your Instagram explore page. Also sage your shit.

No. 94853

is this lupokku selfposting?
the hen_x chick looks like more of a woman than a snow-filtered koreaboo.
would have thought it was the other way around when it came to skinwalking, like taylor one-upping dakota kek.

No. 94854

No, this person >>94416 is from California. It's a WK, not Vina or him

No. 94856

Nope that's frogger's friend. The one who dumped everyone that didn't take his side in the split with his ex.

No. 94864

File: 1589995704391.jpg (4.05 MB, 5312x2988, 20180604_142459.jpg)

Don't think he knows anyone in California and goes to school there. Unless he did in the past. Found the photo.

No. 94865

Bro, stop with the tinfoil

No. 94869

He speaks English and there's a huge Japanese population in California, so it's pretty likely actually. It must be where he got a sense of humor relatable enough to Vina. Vina literally put on a completely fake cutesy wholesome persona just to get along with her peers in Japan to match their humor, because we know she's actually just an edgelord cunt and she'll have a hard time finding someone to get her who lived in Japan their whole life. Even a foreign exchange student kind of deal is possible.

Bottom line is amount of VPN use, derailing, or framing will outweigh the sheer logic that says no one cares enough to whiteknight Vina and Yasu to the extent that it has been in this thread, and with the poor attempts at sounding like a farmer - it's Vina and Yasu. And she's currently depressed she made it worse.

She didn't even have milk in the first place. We just called her boyfriend ugly and guessed her entertainment visa story was bullshit because she was gearing for a marriage visa like every other lazy weeb in Japan. Wow, activate the Mikan defense squad, this is the worst thing ever said on lolcow! In what world dude.

No. 94872

your picture came out sideways, what happens when you're posting directly from your cameraroll. "found" my ass. the filename proves it's a picture taken from your own damn phone.

this has to be yasu. i can't believe that vina would be this stupid, and fail to sage therefore bump this thread lmfao. mess!

No. 94874

tbh gaijin hunter yasu’s english is pretty shit based on screenshots of that freak’s messages so it’s even sadder that it’s prob only vina defending herself here lel

No. 94881

File: 1589999435231.jpg (619.1 KB, 997x988, l&lhawaiianbbq.jpg)

Not defending them but do they really have L & L Hawaiian BBQ in Japan? Thought it was only in the States.

No. 94893

File: 1590002774806.jpg (611.41 KB, 1074x1082, Screenshot_20200520-202628_Ins…)

one of the most self centred and entitled pricks in the UK comm.

No. 94903


Looks like there are two locations in Japan: one in Kawasaki and one in Tokyo.

No. 94908

Two of those places don't have drive thrus. On the the cup it says drive thru.

No. 94909

My bad it's says drive inn lmao.

No. 94918

buying pointless things because you have no real hobbies is not a personality trait.

No. 94942

Who is this? Her hair is very good if it's real.

No. 94948

vina's persistent introduction of random nobodies into this thread to try and derail from the conversation on her is fucking killing me lmao

No. 94957

Wish Vina's vids were as interesting as her lolcow activity cause that e girl look was boring and bare minimum

No. 94975

Vina could be trying to get her shitty life back on track, but nah that's way more work than wking herself in the most comedic way possible

No. 94980

vina learn to fucking sage your shit you idiot

No. 94982

I smell a vendetta.
>This girl wears kawaii style clothing and looks like Hannah she must be copying guys!1! Let me post her repeatedly even though she's not particularly milky~

No. 95039

What are you even basing this on, they have absolutely zero drama or milk

No. 95040

Does Kelsey only have two outfits? That 80s top and some new top that her and Rain where from a brand deal?

No. 95045

File: 1590057394145.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1735, 20200521_113704.jpg)

"I dont eat u guizzz'

No. 95046

not op but they hang out with Caspian and co who are all annoying af.

No. 95048

File: 1590057585483.jpg (536.46 KB, 1079x1441, Screenshot_20200521-113905_Twi…)

it's amazing what facetune and LINE camera can do!

No. 95051

"stop asking how i have abs it makes me feel rlly bad :((((("

No. 95052

However she looks without it, it's got to be better than this

No. 95063

So much editing going on here it's ridiculous.

No. 95066

File: 1590070501518.jpg (642.77 KB, 1079x1342, Screenshot_20200521-151449_Ins…)

I'm dying lol the difference is mad.

No. 95067

File: 1590070522864.jpg (599.25 KB, 1068x1292, Screenshot_20200521-151520_Ins…)

No. 95070

File: 1590072542393.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200521-104554.png)

We talk about Vina never showing her face because it'd be revealing she had a nose job and now she's gonna post high school pics of herself for the first time lmaoooo. Can she make it more obvious she lurks?

No. 95071

a.. nose job? but her nose is so big and hook-like.
Nothing wrong with having a big nose, but you’d think if she were getting nose surgery she’d pick a small and cute button nose to go with her ~kawaii~ fashion aesthetic

No. 95075

She's had the nose job for years and even talked about it on PULL, basically got rid of the hook.

No. 95082

Kek, I think it was a bit more extreme than just that >>94770

No. 95083

File: 1590080664901.jpg (426.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180914-193950_Ins…)

Wxcept the nose job didn't get rid of the hook, her septum is still long as shit and her nose is also SEVERELY sloped now. although it definitely looks…better, it's still unfortunate. Never seen a nose job that I liked though so maybe I'm biased.

No. 95084

I never thought I'd say this but bring back her old nose…

No. 95089

I dont even think her nose is the problem, its the face she pulls in every picture. Her mouth always looks unsettling

No. 95097

Her nose and her chin wanna touch eachother

No. 95113

File: 1590090264170.png (61.19 KB, 507x145, E6B04C3A-1934-4D39-86A3-DABFAE…)

Mikan is so wholesome and loves and appreciates her followers hehe

No. 95115

File: 1590090304685.png (210.34 KB, 432x500, FDBCF58E-C741-4772-90F1-42E5D0…)

Chinese guys are too boring for her unlike Japanese men

No. 95117

File: 1590090497464.jpeg (686.53 KB, 1242x1351, 4F5FB7ED-5D58-4B0E-882E-849C27…)

Getting free stuff is sooo hard and tiring

No. 95124

Yikes I didn’t think she was that bad but how entitled can one person be? Millions of people can’t afford the stuff you get for free Mikan, show the slightest bit of happiness Jesus Christ

No. 95145

Vina idk exactly how dense you are, but those pics are just regular teen clothes. Not even remotely scene/emo or whatever you claimed to be. You can't still expect us to believe you 'dropped out' and weren't kicked out when you can't differentiate basic fashion styles? Getting away with wearing cheap tacky outfits because you have a skinny body doesn't mean you're into fashion.

No. 95147

how does this bitch still have fans? she gets complimented and literally lashes back because it implied colorism which she literally does, her skin color is so fucking different in every photo. quit the 'light soft picture' bullshit, stop whitewashing and projecting on the few fans who like you

No. 95192

File: 1590113790906.jpg (1.42 MB, 2560x1920, 20-05-21-19-14-26-853_deco.jpg)

who wore it better?(Nitpicking)

No. 95223

File: 1590140820852.jpg (111.43 KB, 1079x340, Screenshot_20200522-104728_Twi…)

because your whole personality is made up of buying things.

No. 95225

She's so materialistic and throws her dole money at all sorts of expensive shit, it's actually just sad at this point.

No. 95230

there is no fixing that beak

No. 95234

File: 1590153026179.jpg (2.08 MB, 2560x1920, 20-05-22-14-10-56-908_deco.jpg)

cannot unsee.

No. 95235

File: 1590153285390.jpg (2.08 MB, 2560x1920, 20-05-22-14-15-01-582_deco.jpg)

that facetune though.

No. 95239

why do so many people photoshop themselves so much in selfies then upload non-shopped photos of them in the next breath…nobody's fooled guys.

No. 95240

File: 1590156950122.jpg (389.7 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20200522-151558_Twi…)

No surprise to see Kelsey jumping on the tiktok trend in her quest to go viral again…

No. 95244

Fans =/= followers. She has a lot of followers who live vicariously through her because she was a skinny kawaii fashion student with Japanese friends. But now that she gave that up those same followers have turned on her because she ruined their fantasy, and all they're left with is a lazy future visa spouse like every other weeb in Japan.

She thinks all her followers give a shit about her as a person, but it's obvious that her whiteknighting herself means her fundamentally envious followers are happy to see her fail. She's an entitled cunt and without the life her followers wanted to live out they're left with her horrendous personality as she lays the foundation of her spouse visa. With a weirdo who will likely divorce her when a white weeb shows up with a bigger platform to advertise him on. Not that she gives a shit because she's using him in the exact same way.

They don't act like a couple. They act like two cringeheads performing for an audience. Already Frogface has gotten bored of the simp act since she's run out of oh-so affectionate displays from him for her to show off.

No. 95252

And so begins the countdown until Vina magically decides to post another subpar favor as the model of perfect affection

No. 95316

Some of my friends are friends with her…. Aren't they the ones that run that Fairy Kei meets in London?

No. 95377

yeah, she organises the meets and then spends her whole time screaming at any passers by who are interested in what's happening.. or has a meltdown and has to leave. The last event was meant to be a fairy kei convention and was basically a group of people crammed into a room in a church hall with some fabric draped around for a 'photo area's.

No. 95378

File: 1590216910824.jpg (724.6 KB, 1078x1354, 20200523_075543.jpg)

their in the same group as this mess

No. 95383

It's like she stuck in the living doll phase and never left. The fairy kei group are trash, nothing but self absorbed twats who think they're special for dressing up like rainbows.

No. 95393

File: 1590226710343.jpg (666.06 KB, 1079x797, Screenshot_20200523-103908_Ins…)

the clown crew

No. 95428

File: 1590244942139.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200523-103734.png)

>And so begins the countdown until Vina magically decides to post another subpar favor as the model of perfect affection

LMAOOOOOOO. She straight up obsessively reads this thread and is likely the samefag who never sages posting different bloggers without milk so we can stop talking about this cow. At this point her lurking, whiteknighting, and samefagging has won her the title.


No. 95430

File: 1590245000289.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200523-103740.png)



No. 95445

That is literally some shitty grocery store carnations that will live a week or two at most kek.

No. 95447

Yes Vina, we all wish our boyfriends would love bomb us too /s

No. 95455

i remember seeing one of my friend share posts from a meet a while ago, she wanted me to go check it out but it isn't my cup of tea.

No. 95457

oh Fifi, that does make sense that they're friends. wasn't she on that hooked on the look video from a few years ago?

No. 95489

Honestly she looked better before the nose job, it was more proportional. Now she looks like a pterodactyl.

No. 95595

yeah yeah vina, keep posting all these gestures which normal boyfriends do. we already know you're a boring fuck and you're trying to show off your japanese visa to your weeb fans, trying to make us think otherwise is hilarious.

No. 95600

Vina you're such a desperate pushover. As much as I want to see Vina end this beyond shitty joke of a relationship to teach frogface a lesson, it's probably not gonna happen(samefag)

No. 95663

Why is this turning to a Vina thread, shes not even in the UK anymore

No. 95712

File: 1590343573445.jpg (214.07 KB, 1080x760, 20200524_190627.jpg)

people are dying, Kim.

No. 95724

Because PULLfags are delusional and have a hate boner for her for some unknown reason. She's unlikable but I don't get why anons keep bringing back that stale ass boring milk

No. 95737

>I don't get why anons keep bringing back that stale ass boring milk

Because making fun of random girls' makeup and photoshopping counts as milk? Vina is an insufferable cunt who came onto this thread to selfpost and whiteknight herself, which only made the attention on her increase. If Kelsey's eyeball is more interesting than a known flake lurking and selfposting and openly having tantrums on the thread, feel free to continue your conversation. No one's stopping you.

No. 95766

Hate boner sure, but skimming the pull thread the reasons are pretty clear. This girl just needs to get the fuck off social media imo, she's obviously just soaking in the attention of weeby teenagers and hopping on whatever Japanese dick she can because she has zero self-esteem.

No. 95817

Are you that one anon from the PULL thread here who was constantly WKing Vina? PULL's insufferable, but not as insufferable as Vina's fangirls.

No. 95826

File: 1590385777583.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200525-014106.png)

>black and red cardigan
>peach dress with white bedazzled belt

genuinely shocking she was ever in fashion school when she has 0 sense of color coordination. all of her outfits have been like this. i cringe at the way she matches different articles of clothing. knowing her shoujo sketches and youzimi bootlegs are what made up her projects makes me wonder if she quit or was kicked out.

re: her entertainment visa, how possible actually is that? she's making frogface such an integral part of all her new videos i'm wondering if the marriage visa really is the route she's going for because omg it's totemo true love he proposed we didn't make this a calculated decision at all!!1

No. 95844

Vina has zero qualifications, zero relevant work experience and basically no dedicated following. No matter how hard I squint I can't see any way Japan would want her, without proof her visa claim is a joke. Did Vina even research what an entertainment visa actually is before claiming she had one? Surely if she actually got a company to sponsor her, she would be shoving it down all of our throats.

I wonder what visa she's actually on now

No. 95862

I swear pull users are completely contaminating this board this a whole, I don't get why they don't see most of us probably don't give a shit about Mikan or even like her but accusing random anons who disagree with your nitpicks are probably not sockpuppets.
They sound extremely paranoid.

No. 95864

she really can't shut up about her eye, jesus christ

No. 95873

I get why some people would appeal from this outfit but ya, definitely not fasion school level stuff.

I think her outfits are too normal looking for art school tbh. Like, "i got this top from some cheap harajuku kawaii shop" is the kinda feeling I get from her clothes. Still immature maybe. Anyone who's been shopping for clothes in Japan will understand how boring she actually dresses.

No. 95874

Thank God someone else thinks this. It's very obvious these are PULLtards because they keep nitpicking a certain way most anons here wouldn't.

No. 95877

Stop this cringe whiteknight, literally all the other uk weebs posted in this thread are constantly nitpicked and irrelevant as fk, who gives a shit about kelsey beckii or abipop nowadays? Literally no one, they have 0 milk too
Mikan is an interesting topic bc she’s going to end up committing visa fraud just like all the other weebs going to japan and marrying for the visa and it’s obvious, she doesn’t have enough online presence/fame to be on an entertainment visa, she’s not signed by an agency, she doesn’t model, she doesn’t do tourist videos(though with covid-19 it’s understandable) she doesn’t have good fashion sense and all she can do is copy bestdressed currently at an attempt to branch out of her shit 2012 weeb-style, so what is she left with? All she can do to stay is marry Yasu who HAS been proven to be a douchebag and anyone with a working brain can see hes a giant redflag, her content was literally fine until she started shoving that frogface on every single thing she posts, her daily life is “Yasu this yasu that” when all of her followers followed her for her life as a student and fashion sense even tho it’s shit, the weeb stuff suited her better and there was a bit more originality. She’s taking a turn for a worse and it’s obvious, if u don’t want to discuss it then suit yourself but I don’t see why try to stop people discussing about her when every other thread of girls (for example Venus) is also full of nitpicking and stale milk but people keep going until something big happens. But if u are more interested in commenting about kelseys dead shit movie or eye and beckii and abipop doing uhhh..what are they even doing nowadays kek then go ahead

No. 95880

Where is this gatekeeping coming from? It's a public board, just post whatever you want?

No. 95881

Is her phonecase fanart of froggy and her…? I think I remember seeing this couple drawing on her ig but can't find it

No. 95882

File: 1590404820839.jpg (198.28 KB, 720x1133, Screenshot_20200525_130654.jpg)

No. 95884

nitpick her appearence and embarassing relationship posts all you want but constantly bringing up shit like >>95115 just makes it look desperate. who tf cares about old milk that wasn't even that interesting in the first place?

I mean, I don't disagree, anon

as if lmao, not everyone who is annoyed at PULL bs is a WK

No. 95886

screen background pic of you&bf→ actually cute. Mainly you're the only one that sees it unless someone checks your phone.

displaying pic of you&bf on phone case where it's super viewable→ idk i feel like that's kinda cringy. anyone else or?

No. 95887

not at all. Its just a drawing.

No. 95889

tf are you dumbasses always mad about PULL this PULL that for

vina is a dumb bitch who deserves to be talked about LOL if you want to post about kelsey’s glass eye or random UK weebs nobody even knows go ahead but stop trying to police how ppl use this thread already

No. 95890

I never said that was the case anon, in fact I'm active in the PULL thread kek. Sure they've clearly invaded, and yes it is annoying. But no, it is still not as annoying as Vina.

No. 95891

idk anon, i personally think there's not much difference between both at all

kek it's a picture anon, but it's so edited it might as well be a drawing

No. 95930

it’s an ugly purikura pic so it’s understandable that it’d be mistaken for a drawing

No. 95931

PULL just has a big hate boner, this thread is garbage now. It’s fun to point and laugh from time to time, but when you nitpicking anything and everything it’s annoyingly dumb.

No. 95939

You say that and yet you keep bumping the fucking thread with your not-saging autism to sperg about PULL, yeah this thread was definitely not full of nitpicking before and not dead as fuck, Mikan is a cow in the making and you’re trying to cover that quite miserably with your pull-craze blame lmao

No. 95959

you sound like you got banned from PULL or something. shut the fuck up with your whining and learn to sage your useless shit or actually post someone else worth talking about if this thread is so garbage you retard

No. 95970

So she has a purikura of her and Yasu as her phonecase? I thought she just talked about him too much in her stories but Wtf that's next level, in my entire life I've never seen couples do that shit
Grorious nippon dick is one hell of a drug to her

No. 95997

yes there's more to nitpick with Mikan but she just deserve a thread all for herself rather than in a UK thread

I agree anons, at first i was okay about it but this is getting too much (even the PULL thread is much better than whatever the fuck these people are doing)

No. 95998

I would bring up some more interesting people but i don't want to start drama(newfag)

No. 96000

>on a literal drama board
>doesn't want to start drama

why are you even here

No. 96001


No. 96022

I'm here to lurk and see if any of my friends or people who are mutual with my friends appear on here. The last thing i'd want to see is my friends ranting or sharing posts about them being mentioned on here

No. 96039

FFS LEARN TO SAGE OR FUCK OFF you contribute absolutely nothing to this thread yet you keep bumping it with the most pointless posts stfu already

No. 96126

who are your friends lol and why are you even posting if you're not gonna give us deets

No. 96179

hi mikan. mad you're not over your own ex so you're stirring shit with someone who was abused by your newest visa ticket, how low(hi cow)

No. 96181

anon… you sound ridiculous, purikura on phonecases was a trend sometime ago, I would argue her twinning is a lot more cringy

I don't think she has enough content for a thread though, it would just die

No. 96238

Yeah idk about her having a thread yet. But I've never seen a flake who self posts get their shit together

No. 96267

It's very sad that after Hana Kimura took her own life that influencers like Mikan still have to constantly endure so much cyberbullying from self-hating losers like chocobunny who are jealous of her romantic relationships and obsess over her skin colour.

No. 96272

There's definitely a lot of milk to come with her visa situation and how she's going to keep up the lie that she was approved for an entertainment visa. There should be a place to discuss that without the hassle of actually joining PULL.

No. 96283

Are you comparing this to what Hana went through? Hana was actually victimized by the poison that is reality TV, she did absolutely nothing wrong. People were sending a completely innocent person death threats that were way too severe over a fabricated scene. Vina is purposely putting herself out there behind the excuse that she can't humble herself to work a regular job or study, as well as needing to stay in Japan for some unknown reason. She's hypocritical, lies to her followers and is purposely being a bad influence. I agree a lot of comments harassing Vina take it too far. but most people are just criticizing her poor choices. People as problematic as Vina shouldn't be influencers.

No. 96300

you’re a moron for comparing people talking shit about a dumb weeb on an anon forum to thousands of fans of a tv show harassing a celeb online LOL you dumbasses defending vina have no critical thinking whatsoever making offensive comparisons like this

fuck off and don’t use someone’s death as part of your shitty agenda crying about wah you guys are so mean to my skinny problematic queen! at least you finally learned to sage kek

No. 96309

Disgusting. Vina, if chocobunny's words hit you that hard huh? If it bothers you so much why not say so on pull? Cause then you have to admit to self posting and doing urself cause no fans will. Congrats on learning to finally fucking sage.

No. 96310

Do you actually think a single person here is jealous? That's hilarious

Also are you just going to ignore Vina snapping at a fan who complimented her saying that her natural skin colour was beautiful? Alright then

No. 96319

I agree, I still think she's pretty boring but coming here to wk herself, she's probably going to get worse.

This is vina right? I can't imagine a follower being so butthurt that they would single someone out

No. 96329

Nobody is jealous of some friendless Squidward-faced weeb who is insecure about her natural skintone (i.e. not paper white), exclusively wears bargain bin Taobao shit from Yesstyle, has a gaijin-chasing fuccboi as her only ticket to staying in her beloved Nippon and, on top of all of that, barks at oblivious fools who actually like her.

No. 96331

Nobody is jealous of you squidward or your fugly boyfriend fuck off from this thread cause your so fucking boring and annoying go and fuck the froggy to get that visa Freddo.

No. 96333

Vina is an absolute idiot I swear to god. No wonder she failed college.

No. 96334

Vina I'm pretty sure no one cares enough to actually direct any comments towards you, all of your ig comments are positive. You're choosing to go out of your way to go on public boards to read what's being said about you. This is completely different to celebs like Hana who actually got DMs and direct comments telling them to stop existing.

No. 96341

File: 1590569748365.png (291.26 KB, 994x1693, Screenshot_20200527-035500(1).…)

I swear to God, this has to be some sort of troll trying to stir up random shit. No one is this retarded.
Anyways, chocobunny replied.

No. 96349

Why are you trying to create some kind of rift between PULL and lolcow to cover up Vina’s shitty behaviour?
Assuming you’re a troll because Vina couldn’t possibly this stupid to selfpost here continually and compare themselves to someone who committed suicide…

No. 96355

mikan is the self-hating loser who photoshops herself and steals other girl's boyfriends, who'd be jealous of that?

No. 96358

>steals other girl's boyfriends
Oh you poor soul. Yasu went to Vina, he knows exactly what he was doing. Besides, Sayo admits Yasu was a jackass, she didn't deserve him.

No. 96361

Pretty sure she knew he was dating Sayo, and now she's claiming they never dated and that Sayo is a manipulative psychopath, Yasu's friend ekuboikku seems like just as much of a piece of shit too

No. 96362

This doesn’t make sense. Yasu knew what he was doing, Sayo knows he is a jackass but she didn’t deserve him?
Someone who didn’t do anything doesn’t deserve a 2 timing gaijin hunter narc?
Jfc what is this pointless wking

No. 96385

Stop WKing this idiot. Both Yasu, Mikan, and Sayo are the cow trio.

No. 96392

This thread is a big yikes, the back forth is stupid. this a thread about UK weebs and Mikan doesn’t live in the UK.

No. 96418

anon, I disagree with the dumb comparison made but you could also argue that Hana also willingly put herself out there to reality TV which in japan is known for their crazy antics over minor shit.

chocobunny is PULL user??? honestly this sounds less like the cow herself and more like an angry stan with personal beef with this person

No. 96422

I never said that just willingly putting yourself out there was the problem? I meant there's a difference between putting yourself out there and not doing anything wrong, and putting yourself out there and doing stupid shit all the time like Vina. The anon who made the comparison sounds like Vina herself, so it was directed to her that if she can't handle it when her relevance is nowhere near Hana's, stop putting herself out there on the internet.

No. 96437

I don't see how Sayo is a cow. She got cheated on by the frog, had Vina lie on her to cover up the fact that Vina deliberately pursued someone who was already in a relationship, came to defend herself from Vina's lies, and then basically went away. I checked that thread. She hasn't even posted in a while.

No. 96440

this sentence makes literally zero sense? you can keep trying but just know you're failing pretty badly, wking these clowns.

No. 96451

She knew Yasu had a girlfriend. It was evident from the post she made to slander Sayo to her audience. She's a cunt same as Yasu.

No. 96465

sayo is a cow not because of her issues with yasu, but the shit she spews. she's one of the real goths! unlike mikan who wore black once, sayo got salty as fuck when mikan talked about goth fashion for like 2 seconds.

No. 96472

What are you on because this is some hilariously delusional bullshit. Yeah this sayo girl can be cringe, but literally all she did was provide claims backed up with evidence about the shitbag named yasu. She commented once about the goth outfit, and your delusional as fuck mind twisted it to meaning salty as fuck? where? Do you wanna tell us what other problems you have with sayo because I can guarantee they're as groundless and deranged as you are.

Do you wanna know what salty as fuck actually means? Vina trashing sayo with zero evidence by posting a made up fanfiction on her story which was full of so many obvious lies about sayo being an abusive and toxic ex. Vina's done so much dumb fucking shit it's ridiculous and you're trying to shift sayo into the spotlight when she's a nobody who's barely relevant? Whether you're a troll or vina, gtfo of here.

No. 96473

lmao, I literally have no words as to how much of a moron you are.

No. 96543

File: 1590679948737.jpg (415.17 KB, 1067x1334, Screenshot_20200528-163226_Twi…)

you've done jpop dances at conventions in the last few years though???

No. 96545

File: 1590680331674.jpg (116.18 KB, 1080x397, Screenshot_20200528-163901_Twi…)

you literally went for a walk outside WHILE HAVING THE VIRUS?? Nobody's forgotten that you giant tool.

No. 96546

File: 1590680435412.jpg (583.42 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20200528-164110_Ins…)

does a day go by when you don't waste the taxpayer's money?(samefagging)

No. 96561

She'll be moaning about people asking for Dancing Hermione next despite resurrecting her if the price is right for drag events etc.

No. 96682

She already does.
I don't know how many times she's said "last dancing hermione forever!!!" and then gone on to post more a few months or so later.

No. 96693

Is she on the dole, living off the bfs money, Or both?

No. 96741

Right on queue she’s posted another dancing Hermione video parodying chromatica

No. 96743

jesus christ she's so predictable.
Couldn't she have at least posted the video tomorrow or something? Posting it today seems tone-deaf to say the least.

No. 96780

Couldn't even make this up if you tried, so predictable.

No. 96806

File: 1590798423646.jpg (123.42 KB, 1079x1476, _20200530_012625.JPG)

Looks like Kelsey's ego has tripled in size because Lady Gaga responded to her video. No doubt she'll milk this for the next few months like the parasite she is.

No. 96821

This is uk weebs, right? The world doesn't revolve around america, it's not tone-deaf for a woman who lives nowhere near America's life to go on

No. 96828

People get retweeted by (or have basic online interaction) with celebrities all the time. Naturally if you are doing something related to them they’ll take notice because they want to show fans they care. But you can bet Kelsey will be panning it like she’s “gone viral”.

No. 96923

File: 1590824736285.jpg (599.27 KB, 1080x1313, 20200530_084433.jpg)

> gets dumped for art theft and starts their own ugly as sin brand.

why do so many weebs who cant draw for shit make art brands?

No. 96925

File: 1590824887479.jpg (502.75 KB, 1061x1281, Screenshot_20200530-084742_Ins…)

like what in the fresh hell

No. 96927

File: 1590826233502.jpg (265.3 KB, 1067x1437, Screenshot_20200530-091105_Twi…)

laughing so hard right now

No. 96933

File: 1590828622393.jpg (244.72 KB, 1079x790, Screenshot_20200530-095014_Twi…)

~~ sooOo skinNy U GuYzzZ ~~

No. 96934

Cope harder fattychan

No. 96951

lol I'm underweight but go off

No. 96953

But but Lady Gaga liked it so that's okay it got removed for copyright infringement. Kelsey is probably seething.

No. 98481

Art theft? Was she dating that other fake boy who made princely pastels or whateverthefuck that brand is?

No. 98866

Oh look, Kelsey has uploaded another Dancing Hermione video despite the fact she shouted down people asking for Dancing Hermione before.

No. 99424

File: 1591712797058.jpg (286.99 KB, 1079x1043, Screenshot_20200609-152609_Twi…)


No. 99425

> constantly posts body-checking photos

> gets offended when someone notices her being underweight

No. 99503

What harsh criticism of I were her I would just kms /s
What this anon said >>99425

No. 99546

It's so cringe and retarded to make your weight your entire personality or the only thing to brag about. Gee, girl, are you that boring?

No. 99611


tbh she is. she has no job, no friends, no hobbies beyond spending her money on pointless shit..

No. 99620

File: 1591782000787.jpg (517.71 KB, 1080x1051, 20200610_104030.jpg)

you cant make this shit up.

she has literally 0 shame, spending disability benefits on plastic junk.

No. 99621

File: 1591782132046.jpg (702.6 KB, 1079x1560, Screenshot_20200610-104300_Ins…)

her entire YouTube is just her showing off the newest dumb shit she bought lmao

No. 101517

Does anyone actually know why Connie has become and edge lord now?

No. 105842

Riiri went full onlyfans I noticed. Anyone actually see the fully topless pics she supposedly did? Any good?(thirst)

No. 105945

What is with the UK lot being Jillian skinwalkers?

No. 105946

Most people in the UK are fat and ugly with no taste and Jill is also fat and ugly with no taste

No. 106214

judging by the teaser pics on twitter her cheap boob job shows. Her nipples look comically tiny and are to high up, as well as the huge scar. Sad really.

No. 106767

Not seen any useless hauls from anyone lately maybe they’ve stopped buying plastic

No. 107303

File: 1596037885883.jpg (382.27 KB, 1079x1303, Screenshot_20200729-165113_Twi…)

too busy making poorly-sewn Lazy Oaf ripoffs

No. 107304

File: 1596038032806.jpg (383.92 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20200729-165137_Twi…)

No. 107337

ngl they’re better than the recent LO stuff

No. 107581

At least she's making stuff and selling it. Not like Miss Pixie launching a 'brand' that exists of her sharing crappy sketches of stuff she is thinking of making at some point. And maybe some pins made in China.

No. 108369

they all seem to be launching brands now(necro)

No. 109632

File: 1597862005784.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2230, 20200819_193106.png)

nitpicky, but I just looked at beckii's new instagram post and Abi is PILING the weight on

No. 109636

What does Beckii even do these days? Her IG looks like she's just a regular girl, yet every pic looks staged like a photoshoot & she's always going new places and stuff.

No. 109637

definitely nitpicking, unless she was seriously underweight before this she isn't even fat, she was way bigger back when she started.

No. 109641

Nah, she's definitely chunky. Wasn't worth bumping the thread for though, it is a nitpick.

No. 109657

That’s basically it. She just makes money from ads because she still has a following, it’s kind of boring. Kelsey and Abi are definitely more milky

No. 109680

has anyone else noticed that Beckii, connie, kelsey and the rest of them keep meeting up in large groups during a pandemic and now some of them are flying to italy.

No. 109689

Beckii founded an influencer marketing agency or something like that with two people she worked with at the PR agency she worked at before. It's called Pepper Studio and seems to be doing alright, she was hired for speaking engagements before COVID.

No. 109701

She should have stuck with the photoshop painting thing. At least it was something different. She’s slender enough to look good in vintage clothes but really needs to learn how to pose her face.

No. 109714

So what?
No idea about UK but in Germany everything of that is allowed, even parties up to 150 people

No. 109725

It's not allowed in the UK. They should be following UK guidelines who gives a fuck about what Germany are doing kek

No. 109781

Does Abi have any other outfits? Swear she wears that pink top all the time.

No. 109816

Beckii and co wouldn't exist without posting nonsense on the internet so they'd rather die or infect many Italians than lose any followers.

No. 110565

File: 1598662724357.jpeg (Spoiler Image,163.83 KB, 828x1204, 9F6D81F8-18A5-4020-865D-BC14F6…)

From Elizabunnii’s onlyfans, kek.
It’s the same pictures of her doughy body in different lingerie, or humping her teddy bear.
Max likes she ever gets is 13, which seems like pretty low engagement for pedo pandering.

No. 110566

File: 1598662750845.jpeg (Spoiler Image,201.05 KB, 828x1462, 28361B83-3F34-4B55-961F-7075CE…)

No. 110574

weebs and japs love that doughy look though

No. 110644

Is she humping the bears butt??

No. 110830

anyone have her old CGL idol stuff, links to the threads?

No. 110839

She looks a bit like pixielocks.

No. 110926

Haven’t been able to find the old threads unfortunately

No. 111968

File: 1599813983473.jpg (417.42 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20200911-094711_Ins…)

No. 111969

File: 1599814044797.jpg (280.92 KB, 1080x1668, 20200911_093905.jpg)

imagine spending money producing a design that is grammatically wrong and looks stupid, then ignoring native speakers who tell you its wrong and offensive.

No. 111970

File: 1599814089639.jpg (404.17 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20200911-094911_Ins…)

No. 111972

"Good night to the moon" sounds fucking stupid even in English, It's gonna look like some mistranslated shit.
>Japanese people: yeah this is dumb
>Her: uhhhhh well I like it so???

Appropriation, the screencap

No. 111973

Also afaik hiragana is essentially like spelling out a word where the kanji doesn't exist for it, pretty sure there will be kanji for words about nightime, moon, she fucked up. It probably reads like

Go - od n -ight Moo - to - th- e

Especially using Google translate which is famous for fucking things up and over-simplifying

No. 111975

what a great cow crossover

No. 111988

File: 1599826940276.jpeg (531.4 KB, 750x629, 78AB0C1A-D76F-4C19-B05B-4CE1DF…)


The Goodnight Moon book has been translated into Japanese - if she was so desperate to use the phrase she could have used this translation which would probably be more accurate than Google translate.

No. 112016

she's deleted the original post now so obviously knows she fucked up.

also imagine relying on Katie for grammar I'm howling.

No. 112063


I'm not seeing what's wrong. The translated Goodbye Moon book says "oyasuminasai otsukisama" and the shirt says "oyasuminasai tsuki". I don't know much Japanese so could someone explain it to me?

oyasumi is frequently spelled with hiragana

No. 112070


its too blunt and literal - it reads like "goodnight. month' there's nothing to indicate you're addressing the moon, no suffix etc

the worst thing isn't the grammar, its how poorly she dealt with criticism and advice from native Japanese speakers and basically said "sorry if you're offended but too bad I'm not changing it"

No. 112071

File: 1599901134536.jpg (632.49 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20200912-095651_Ins…)

what did you expect from someone whose drawings look like a toddler's…

No. 112072

her excuse was they had a "limited amount of space" on the earrings.

girl pick a shorter phrase that makes actual sense then??

No. 112106

Oh my god she is still around? This girl has been a cow before cows even existed.

No. 112125

File: 1599943161997.jpg (749.17 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20200912-214025_Ins…)

very much so

No. 112237

File: 1600041464414.jpeg (224.99 KB, 1400x1050, 75F30481-A4E1-4DC1-80A3-E2AB17…)

This woman is such a whiney hambeast with a punchable face. She looks like a 40 year old woman dressed like a 14 year old girl trying to fit in with a fat bulimia face. She should just give it up already, her brand is tacky and outdated.

No. 112456

File: 1600175266877.jpeg (248.83 KB, 828x1183, D51EDD8D-9B3E-4317-BD40-2A796D…)

Kelsey has decided she’s anti-Harry Potter now, but of course she has to make it all about herself and what she’s done

No. 112457

File: 1600175369729.jpeg (196.76 KB, 822x805, FB14DC02-01CB-42AB-A4DC-DCA0AD…)

Shes sperged against some random people about being transphobic too but the hilarious part is that she thinks this is so hard for her because shes THE Harry Potter girl!

No. 112458

Imagine being an adult nearing 30 and being this invested in a series written for children authored by someone who has seemed batshit insane/desperate for publicity of any kind for years now. And then trying to use whatever dumb shit the author has said to humblebrag about your five minutes of fame

No. 112459

"defend real peoples lives"

Does she seriously think shes some noble activist saving lives or actually fighting for anything by declaring she does not like a childrens book anymore?

No. 112523

I give her a month before she a. Talks about dancing Hermione, b. talks about one of her fan films or c. Creates HP content but “it’s ok because I’m reclaiming the fandom and defending trans lives”

No. 112541

This. Shes very dramatic, you'd think jk rowling was committing actual genocide and that kelsey co-wrote the books the way shes going on. Would love to see what she would have to say to the transpeople supporting JK right now.

No. 112599

Dancing hermione was annoying, her facial expressions in that video were annoying and she’s desperate for validation on the internet. When will these cows get a real job?

No. 112601

God the Photoshop is getting worse. No wonder she doesn't reach very high on OF and her subscription fees are so cheap it's actually embarrassing & comes across as desperate. I'll give it a year before she's back living in Japan being a hoe like all the other white kawaii uwu girls who want to live that weeb fantasy.

No. 112603

File: 1600295961989.jpeg (105.68 KB, 828x543, 7B931EF8-E833-4883-9C60-6595C6…)

Give it another few days, the PS5 hogwarts game has her angry again.

No. 112605

This bitch milked her Dancing Hermione gimic all during when Rowling was first being called out for her TERF opinions and tagged her in shit all of the time. Who she trying to fool…she'll hop on any train for validation.

No. 113094

Yep, at that time she blew up my DMs because she saw I implied Rowling made terfy tweets even though I'd never spoken to her. She was super defensive and accused the screenshots of the tweets as being edited, lol.
I didn't have the energy to keep engaging after sending a cap but she was warned by multiple people already what did she expect….

No. 113121

if you lost the DM's or she deleted them, email notifications keep a record of everything she sent you if you had them on.

But you will lose your side of the converstaion

No. 113249

File: 1600674999190.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.52 KB, 808x981, 83A9B901-9E5F-4242-B76A-69272A…)

Her ahegao are the best/worst

No. 113251

File: 1600675434694.png (Spoiler Image,2.78 MB, 828x1792, 5D541DBB-122E-435E-A1D4-131697…)

The least edited picture she’s probably put

No. 113404

she looks like she got caught mid-sneeze lmao

No. 122680

File: 1606480796918.jpeg (176.07 KB, 663x1050, Eny_lH5XEAE8N9h.jpeg)

Apparently one of his victims exposed this manwhore @enjaplays. Anyone got some got some more milk on this guy?

No. 122710

literally who

No. 123086

File: 1606607217872.jpg (3.77 MB, 3048x4164, En8FC5dWEAI0zN_.jpg)


i knew he was a cheater in a prev relationship (that he started with a girl who was underage at the time) but not the extent and that he'd managed to spin so many plates for so long. i'm almost impressed.

No. 123089

who is his girlfriend, is she also a cosplayer? also that girl said she was 17 at the time so not technically underage (but still incredibly creepy if he was in his 20s)

No. 123090

sammefag, his gf is (or was) this girl https://twitter.com/Tsupodesu

No. 123093

File: 1606608594167.jpg (177.18 KB, 774x1080, cover_09_shop.jpg)

he's done WCS and other international comps, and crops up as a judge/guest as well

No. 123095

File: 1606608951433.png (58.02 KB, 622x528, ej.PNG)

samefag again (cos I can't sleep), apparently 50+ women have come out and said in the past 10 years he's slept with them/led them on/manipulated them somehow. as >>123086 said, genuinely slightly impressed by that.

No. 123100

has he assaulted anyone or was it a pump and dump situation where some girls got offended by it?
He's really uggo so idk how he managed to get that many girls to even speak to him, so thats basically confirmed some sort of manipulation lol.

No. 123103

Scrolling through, it doesn't look like anyone's claiming he's assaulted them, just that he preyed on women a lot younger than him and led them to believe they were in an exclusive relationship with him when they weren't/pretending his long term live-in gf was just a friend/stringing on women for months on end. he seems like an abusive piece of shit but players gonna play, a lot of cosplay men are like that, no evidence of sexual assault or rape or anything on those lines.

(also I note on the twitter screenshots xenadd used the phrase individuals rather than women/girls/whatever, I can't see any evidence that he was leading men on or anything)

No. 123107

we're still getting people posting new info today, i think we'll see more before this blows over

that being said, i don't think we'll really see any worse than him potentially fucking a 15 year old, actual sexual assault doesn't seem the m/o

No. 123109

File: 1606613754130.png (22.4 KB, 601x230, ej1.PNG)

the 15 year old being his long term gf, Tsupodesu? In the attached screenshot xenadd alludes to potentially more underage victims

No. 123316

It's always the popular cosplayers that are creeps
I also wonder how this guy was able to manipulate so many women

No. 123385

He is a master level gaslighter, and came across as the perfect, caring, attentive committed boyfriend all the while feeding each of these girls lies about each other to keep them apart.

All of the girls he targeted were vulnerable in some way (young, lonely, low-self esteem, mental health issues, history of abusive relationships etc.)

He had 12+ years of practice to hone his predator skills, he only got better at luring these girls with time

No. 123444

I’ve known the guy for a decade now and honestly he’s uggo and pretty boring… I mean, look at that lame Loki… I’ve always thought he was gay and he was only dating weebs to cover up.

So the real question is: how did he manage to get so many girls to fall for him, including girls as Aigue-Marine…

No. 123459

File: 1606770446968.jpeg (821.92 KB, 828x1309, 63E4C6C9-ACB0-4190-B133-6706D0…)

Is no one going to mention the woman who’s married to Yu-Gi-Oh! Antagonist: Seto Kaiba?

No. 123462

Wow, she really does fucking love Seto Kaiba. Can't tell if it's a full Snapewives situation or just really intense roleplay, but it seems more harmless and kinda sad then full weeb trash to me.

I'll gladly stand corrected if she shouts at other girls for trying to steal her Kaiba-kun though.

No. 123466

File: 1606771685935.jpeg (281.19 KB, 828x710, C41CB7F1-214E-4623-9026-D73086…)

Does this count anon?

I think she is or was a big cosplayer and the face for Hyper Japan for a while?

No. 123469

I've not heard her name before but there's so much shoop on her photos I wouldn't recognise her regardless

No. 123472

who gives a shit. Weebs do this all the time.

No. 123491

Wasn’t his current girlfriend the cosplayer Lisa Marie?

No. 123518

I thought he was gay too!
This. It's really sad to see this come to light. I was in a low place when he spoke to me, so I held on to any sort of affection. Its so gross he targets vulnerable people.

No. 123793

do you have any stories about him?

No. 123806

Yeah, I never actually physically met him in person, however, he would constantly ask for me to meet him alone in London. I would avoid this and say to meet at a con, but he would brush it off and continue asking. He also would go on about how he's the most successful UK cosplayer and knows all different people in the videogame industry.

No. 128151

Seeing as this is UK based weebs, there's a weeb artist named Ohayou! who is just ridiculous at running a business. She frequents UK cons most of the time but because of Covid-19 she's been doing mostly online orders.

She had customers waiting over a YEAR AND HALF for Kickstarter ita bags that look like birds that she started up and kept letting people down. UK based customers get their packages later than they should and she claims she's "overwhelmed" all of the time. She always begins new projects all while being unable to commit to ones that are backdated.

Then she acts like the victim on Twitter with passive aggressive posts when people call her out for her extremely poor time keeping, lack of communication & wanting refunds.

Like get your shit together. If you can't run your own business and meet deadlines while crying about how life is so "hard" and people are so "mean" because you're just one person running everything then maybe you shouldn't be self employed. There's no excuse for it.

No. 128614

This. Another artist who made animal crossing bags is the same. But Ohayou is by far the worst I've seen in the UK scene.

No. 128763

I used to love Mikan's Instagram posts and seeing her different outfits, but all she does now is spam her cringy as fuck tiktoks she forces her bf to make with her in her story/posts. It's annoying as fuck. She seems to think she's so popular on there because she gaining followers rapidly when tiktok is the easiest shit-stained social media to gain a decent following on with the amount of spambots / users.

No. 128766

I never liked her, but I just checked her page and she really is posting all these vain, irritating tiktoks to Instagram. Hey, genius idea but maybe people go to tiktok if they want to see this generic, low effort, overly filtered content.

No. 128829

I remember seeing those bags on Ohayou's page, I'm glad i didn't go for it. I have only been to their booth once at MCM and only brought a pin.

No. 129191

I got one of the leftover b grade bags and it came within 3 days, I guess I got super lucky.

No. 129940

Wow it's really weird seeing her name pop up here. She's in my circle of friends but we're not close, she's in a discord and complains about her house being full of bags constantly. The reason her 2019 bird itabags are late is because as soon as the Kickstarter ended she splashed out on a lavish trip to Japan. Ended up in debt because she bought too much weeb crap and still hadn't bought the bags from the supplier until months later.

No. 129941

File: 1609558569689.png (644.15 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20210102-032720~2.p…)

No. 129942

File: 1609558667533.png (124.58 KB, 1080x952, Screenshot_20210102-032849~2.p…)

No. 130015

I only just got my bag mid last month after chasing her up. Every email I had back from her was super vague like her saying it would ship 'very soon' and then a few weeks later I would have to chase her up again. It was so stressful and I will never buy from her again. Hearing about the Japan trip is just an extra kick in the teeth

No. 130028

File: 1609595557112.png (109.83 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20201203-232220~2.p…)

On Twitter she acts like she's working round the clock exhausted packing Kickstarter rewards day after day, but on discord it's a different story I can promise you lmao. She bitches about her customers and is always on world of warcraft, playing for 5-9 hours a day I'm not even kidding.

Girl what are you doing? You made £100k on a Kickstarter the least you can do is get your ass off a game and ship to your devoted fans. She is in her late twenties and has been running Ohayou for years, it's not like she's new and dumb. It's all just pure laziness and entitlement.

No. 130064

wow, sounds like she is due for some negative, HONEST customer feedback reviews so that people can warn others not to buy shit from her anymore.

No. 130261

File: 1609687617661.jpeg (204.32 KB, 750x651, B6FFE11F-9D5F-4AE8-B044-2A05E7…)

She can’t pack her bird bags for the paying customers she’s lying to because she’s busy trying to become an e-thot. As soon as someone exposed her she gave up on that too, I’m surprised she didn’t delete all the evidence like she did with her failed Rival Idols Kickstarter that she expected people to pledge for even though she’d done 0 work on it.

No. 130262

File: 1609687774984.jpeg (362.07 KB, 750x749, 49DFA4F5-FC3C-466D-BF51-0C479A…)

Another lie, she didn’t draw a winner because the post didn’t get any attention. She never does commissions she’s said she’ll do because she can’t be bothered so I don’t know why this would be any different.

No. 130267

Letting people down yet again, what a surprise. Ohayou really is something else. She's apparently 'nearly done' sending out the bird bag kickstarters but I don't believe her for a second. The Kickstarter ended September 2019 for crying out loud

No. 130592

File: 1609890692247.jpeg (363.17 KB, 1600x1067, 1560353201206.jpeg)

Are there any other candid pictures of mikan close up? i'm really curious how she looks like behind all those instafilters.
Also, how long are these girls going to last in Japan once their youth/looks stop being relevant? They can't be the kawaii fashionplay dolls forever and will have to get a real job at one point, or so i think

No. 130594

File: 1609892005789.jpeg (122.33 KB, 899x1599, WhatsApp Image 2021-01-06 at 0…)

She posted this picture a week ago

No. 130602

That nosejob is tragic

No. 130624

Oh people have been talking about their negative experiences, but when she finds out about it, she decides to play victim & claim she's not at fault. Hopefully in time when her business is Googled it'll come up with posts from here. Ohayou can't accept any criticism at all. She firmly believes she's doing a perfect job.

Sort your shit out and stay off World of Warcraft.

No. 130671

mikan the toucan

nose was better before the job

No. 130689

File: 1609931673299.jpeg (195.78 KB, 1195x912, C6FCED2E-513C-4070-89A6-41DD90…)

It’s like the surgeon rotated her nose

No. 130706

Idk anon, I think on insta Mikan looks about the same as she does here, it's not 2010 anymore, everyone is using filters. I don't follow her too closely but it's not like every girl who gets into these gigs is useless and crazy like Venus or Kota, I don't think it's far fetched to imagine they just follow a career in fashion after they stop being relevant as models themselves.

Becoming irrelevant with age is a huge risk/career-destroying when all you have to offer is a pretty face for people to fawn over, being a fashion blogger can lead you somewhere

No. 130708

>everyone is using filters.

Spoken like a true catfish.

No. 130757

Good luck demanding that the entire fashion/cinema/media in general industry to drop the editing and show all their models' bare, unedited faces. Might as well go on a crusade against make-up too while you're at it. Follow your dreams, my dear sperg

No. 130760

>Calling a five word post a "sperg"
>Comparing this creature to actual models >>130592

u ok anon?

No. 130762

File: 1609982180659.png (1.75 MB, 1440x1082, Spot the difference.png)

No. 130769

Not that much editing goes into real media like these instagram shapeshifters anon

No. 130788

Autism is not measured by word count. And yes, they are comparable, not because she's on the same level of beauty or fame as high fashion models but because they are on the same fucking line of work, and therefore have similar practices

True, but in my personal opinion that makes instagram shapeshifters a little less damaging, the editing being more extreme makes it easier to spot. The editions tend to follow a pattern too, so you can adjust perception accordingly and predict what their facial features will look like sans filter - this is my first time in this thread and first time seeing her outside of instagram and the unedited candid didn't surprise me in the slightest. Venus' real face never did either. All these apps tend towards a specific kawaii sameface.

IMO 'real models' are a lot more pernicious, the editing is higher quality and retains realism even when it's extensive. Much easier to be persuaded that it's actually possible for human beings to look that good and you just happen to be fuggo

No. 130796

I don't know much about Mikan, is she actually considered pretty or has she ever gotten any work as a model in Japan? She just looks so harsh, adult and birdlike compared to a lot of the westerners who "make it" there. I think she'd look a lot better if she didn't dress in a kawaii style, she's got a much more mature face and would look better in streetwear or something.

No. 130816

>harsh, adult and birdlike

I'm cackling anon, especially after scrolling past that anon's >>130788
spiel where she again compares Instagram snow-edited thottery to actually skilled models and actresses

No. 130819

File: 1610022407041.jpg (1.7 MB, 1142x1581, Head_of_a_toothless_man.jpg)

The nose job really just made her lips look thinner and her chin seem more underbitey in a weird elderly kind of way?

No. 130879

I honestly think the most important thing about her is that she's skinny and she can pull the doll look off.
Facial features wise….she's quite lacking.

No. 131010

>autism is not measured by word count
Actually, yes, yes it is.

No. 131922

File: 1610471523914.jpeg (135.16 KB, 828x998, 0EB505FA-F547-4B12-B6EF-B08D16…)

Apparently Kelsey caught COVID.

No. 131928

That's what she gets for dancing in public without a mask.

No. 131929

File: 1610472051973.jpg (602.72 KB, 1440x1641, Screenshot_20210112-171757.jpg)

this looks horrible. she used to look so nice can this edgy phase just end please

No. 131937

File: 1610475646826.jpg (151.98 KB, 490x700, tumblr_lqlwk87A2X1qih6xgo1_500…)

Giving lurch a run for his money

No. 131942

She does not have the face for this edgy Instagram goth look. She looks like a druggie

No. 131959

Damn, that is scary indeed.

No. 132304

I feel like she's going through this hardcore goth-phase because she had to practically dedicate her entire persona around pink / disney / anime for her younger audience, but I completely agree. It doesn't suit her one bit. She just comes off as a bitchy chav who would bully others in school.

No. 132309

holy fuck i didn't realize who she was until you said that why is she doing this??

No. 132558


yeah like don't get me wrong I'm sure it's frustrating to be continually associated with the youtube channel you had as a teenager but I struggle to sympathise when she wasn't exactly held at gunpoint and forced to infantilise herself, and she literally wrote a book series inspired by disney princesses and anime so her desperate attempts to move away from all of it just feels fake - and if it isn't fake then it's her own fault for maintaining a fake cutesy image all over the internet for the entirety of her twenties

No. 132715

File: 1610767175536.jpg (522.39 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20210115-221757_Ins…)

She really whitens her skintone now.
She was crying how mean the internet is on her recent video

No. 132717

File: 1610769356864.jpeg (55.32 KB, 640x595, 2B163441-5C96-4613-815E-C9E674…)

Gimme a call

No. 132767

Kelsey is so god damn ugly and the hair style isn‘t making it any better.

No. 133328

I fucking hate that americans, aspergers and ESLs can't tell that mikans "voice" and "accent" are a fucking carefully practised Hermione impression. This bitch is not even from the uk

No. 134056

>This bitch is not even from the uk
wait where is she even from?

No. 134062

She's Swedish.

No. 134103

Shouldn't eslfags be the first ones to notice? It's way too over the top except when she says numbers or certain names, that's how you can kinda easily spot a fake accent. T. Esl faggotrino

No. 134135

What race is kelsey?

No. 134189

File: 1611488533577.jpeg (357.57 KB, 640x796, 9591C1AD-FEE4-4348-8585-148DEB…)

Hey guys, did you know I have one eye? I don’t think I’ve mentioned I have one eye? Because I do. Have one eye that is.

No. 134262

I smell that the annoying orange wants donations to buy a new pc since she made a twitch account(learn2sage)

No. 134269

at least sage your dumb mikan nitpicks, anon

is this supposed to be a cosplay?

No. 134300

Nayrt but I wouldn't call it a nitpick cause it means that Mikan is scamming again.But I do agree that it should have been saged.

No. 134419


I can’t wait for all of her efforts to try to get herself out there as Lila Bard to be shattered when someone else is cast whenever the filming for the book adaptations begin. She things she’s so entitled to the role just because she has short black hair and one eye and you just know she’ll kick up a fuss about how she’s perfect for the role and it’s unbelievable that any else else would be picked. The closest she’ll get if this fan project with her partner lol.

No. 134543

Completely true, you can read Kelsey like a book, and a very bad one at that.

On another note - did anynoe see when she had Covid, she put a story up about taste & smell etc, and had to put a "trigger warning" because she was trying a bit of Jack Daniels… come on, she's nearer 30 than 20 now, all part of the perpetual kid mentality that weebs seem to live for. AbiPop is the same.

No. 134566


The covid saga was such a bore. You could tell she was dying to get it for content. I’d have had more respect for her if she had just gotten on with it instead of making 30 stories each day about how she feels “so unwell” (but well enough to post online) and how she couldn’t taste or smell.

Also I wouldn’t class a photoshoot as essential travel during a national lockdown. Why has she left the country to go to Ukraine when in Britain we are at our absolute worst with the pandemic? Just because she’s negative now doesn’t mean she can’t carry a different strain back. A photoshoot can wait.

No. 134775

It is extremely irresponsible to fly to another country for a shoot. Especially coming from a country which has a new strain of the virus and is currently in a crisis. I wonder what she is shooting for her to be allowed to travel, I believe the U.K. needs a valid reason to travel outside of the country.

No. 134794


>is this supposed to be a cosplay?
Abipop told her to watch Back Sails and now she won't shut the fuck up about it either. The kids LOVE the gay pirate look.


No. 135724

File: 1612163233233.jpg (699.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210201-180558.jpg)

>you can't be depressed, you're so pretty
Press X to doubt

No. 135725

The idea she is getting better mental health care in Japan than in the UK is a joke. Japan, the country where people have mental breakdowns on the street while others just walk by. Japan, the country famous for people committing notalive when they lose their jobs. She's so full of shit.

No. 135795

That bird nosed drop out really said Japan has better mental health care? Bitch PLEASEEEEE.

No. 135800

>you’re too pretty
She wishes lmao not with that nose honey

I’d only think she got a better therapist is jp when it’s a private non-Japanese one. Like an American therapist having their practice there

No. 135804

>laughs in skyrocketing suicide rates
fucking rofl, japan is a hellscape of mental illness and mental health over there is nonexistant. nice cope, mikan

No. 135814

So does Mikan have reverse BDD or something, because I don’t understsnd how she’s so gassed up on her appearance when she looks like a falcon wearing a wig.

No. 135988

Why would she use that example when there are supposedly many others..? Because this one seems incredibly hard to believe, so it makes me wonder if any of those supposed situations are even real.

No. 136315

Mikan's vid regarding her mental illness, anyone watched it yet? I'm eating and gonna need some background noise
>adhd meds illegal in Japan
WTF i never knew this, seems like a nightmare to have such problems there if medication isn't available,anyone know more about this topic?

No. 136361

Yeah, ADHD meds are stimulants and are considered illegal drugs, you can't even bring them in if you're a tourist and its legally prescribed. Like others mentioned above mental healthcare in Japan isn't great, so you either find a non medicated way to help ADHD or just deal with it.

No. 136482

File: 1612455527814.jpg (12.28 KB, 256x256, profileIcon_rq1zzxatv0i31.jpg)

Ohayouclothing is now trying to sell lewds on the side. So now instead of working on her business and trying to secretly make it as a vtuber, she's doing this. She looks like an old man or turtle with downs syndrome in this pic kek

No. 136486

Not surprised as British people are super inbred.

No. 136487

You can bring them in, there's just rules for which type. Vyvanse and Concerta are allowed with a limit to a certain amount or a month's dose, and for more with a specific medical dose. For Adderall and some others they are completely disallowed though. Adderall is one of the worst ADHD meds anyway though, slow release ones tend to be better for most people anyway.

No. 136490

like anon above said, vyvanse recently was legalized again and adults are able to take it again. concerta has been available for a while. i do think it would be hard to get prescribed anything other than concerta in japan because most practitioners seem to think ADHD only affects children. she could import it i guess.

No. 136512

looks like a grandma without her dentures in

No. 136721

She's a narc, plain and simple. Being a narc is widely under diagnosed.

No. 137019

Saged for ot but British people have been pillaged and invaded since time immemorial. If anything they're genetically diverse.
t. Historyfag

No. 137046

Mikan dropped out of school right? Is she studying anywhere now? What is she doing for long term income?

No. 137048

Pretty sure she’s married to that Yasu guy and mainly doing YouTube on the side while he provides for everything else. There is no way she can stay in japan after quitting school.

No. 137050

I saw she's been made a Twitch partner so maybe she wants to make some income off of that?
But still, so weird not to go to school , especially in Japan where you need a degree. This isn't something she'll be able to do forever, I always wonder what will happen to these girls long term, at one point you'll stop being young and need to plan for the future, it's not pink sakura petals forever.
Are there any cows/weeb girls who actually got a proper job while in Japan? Or are all of them stuck on YT/twitch/social media.

No. 137052

She only went to a Japanese language school and quit half way through with fashion college. It’s not like she went to university in japan. But that will still limit her ability to get a job outside weebland eventually. Tho I assume she has a spouse visa thanks to Yasu, she could potentially do any job without a degree as long as the company is willing to hire. Many of them don’t think much further than maybe 5 years in the future.

No. 137067

who is this?

No. 137183

Looks like Mikan is having a breakdown on her latest video. Reminds me of venus's bath video phase

No. 137242

I don’t know who ever told Kelsey she can sing but she’s bloody awful. Her Instagram stories of her attempting a Miley Cyrus song, my ears are stinging

No. 137310

File: 1612839936546.png (665.35 KB, 640x1136, F7B465C3-F938-4246-93DF-EB8881…)

First time posting here since Kelsey had covid.

No. 137315

First time replying since Kelsey had covid

No. 137341

File: 1612865263989.png (661.06 KB, 640x1136, 4A6C99E2-8B14-4EEA-A825-949AC2…)

Can’t wait for Kelsey to go roller skating again since she had covid

No. 137868

File: 1613124697680.jpg (254.09 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20210212-101145_Twi…)

No. 137891

File: 1613128655774.jpg (598.5 KB, 1080x1473, 20210212_221704.jpg)


Is this related to the attached image?

No. 137910

She's upset about the lewd photo being posted but it was public domain. See here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CosplayLewd/comments/ctx8gg/laffey_by_koinu_kuri_i_just_started_taking_photos/

1 year ago, not 3

No. 137915

can you say 'overreaction'…

No. 137919

File: 1613135342531.png (171.99 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_20210212-130419~2.p…)


I guess ohayouclothing forgot she already told everyone on discord she owes £47k

No. 138031

File: 1613188813168.jpeg (163.03 KB, 750x598, 6298D032-EC96-464A-962A-CA57DC…)

> can’t possibly give refund
> gets mortgage

No. 138100

File: 1613227654023.png (537.42 KB, 2048x875, Screenshot_20210213-144241.png)

The unprofessionalism is embarassing.

It looks like the helpfulness on Twitter doesn't happen behind the scenes.
Pic related, yet another person's order she screwed up. Instead of sending out a replacement back in November like she said she would on Twitter, she's now ignoring emails from the girl and sending back blanks.

No. 138101

File: 1613227686676.jpeg (78.55 KB, 884x2048, EtvbgNxUYAETUdf.jpeg)

No. 138757

File: 1613651712845.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, A76BB008-3374-4A81-BEE4-53BAFA…)

Connie’s style recently is very…. interesting

No. 138811

I used to really root for Connie but now she gives me secondhand embarrassment. She seemed like the most “sorted” of the g4laxy girls but by some bizarre twist of fate, Beckii’s ended up being the down to earth one with a stable career who uses social media for fun.

I think Connie’s accident really did a number on her sanity

No. 138906


If any anons here read the final book I'd love to see a tl;dr. can imagine she's added edgy plot devices to go with her new persona

No. 138996

nitpick but if shes gonna keep her hair dark she can at least fill her eyebrows with a same coloured eyebrow pencil or even tint them. The lighter/bleached brows really dont suit her at all.

No. 139006

she looks mentally ill

No. 139067

File: 1613900196061.jpeg (156.98 KB, 828x1025, 8955776F-16C3-4A43-873D-CBDAFC…)

Can’t stop laughing at the pic Mikan chose to model her necklace collab whatever

The first pic is of an actual model posing with nice lighting then bam passport photo Mikan with all the flyaways

If you’re gonna charge 60$ for a generic necklace you’re gonna have to sell the image with it, and passport kei ain’t it

No. 139073

So I don't follow this cow. Why does her face look so weird? Shoop, surgery or was she born like that?

No. 139074

Lurk more. Its Mikan Mandarin, she had a botched nose job.

No. 139075

File: 1613912993669.jpg (122.13 KB, 1080x825, 20210221_130752.jpg)

my shitty tiktok videos aren't giving me enough validation!! give me attention!!

No. 139076

File: 1613913058563.jpg (229.9 KB, 1080x1033, 20210221_130816.jpg)

OK but youre doing this every goddamm week though

No. 139086

File: 1613931767438.png (594.31 KB, 828x1025, mikan.png)

That nosejob was really wasted on her. They really should have shortened her nose, she looks like a fucking :^] emote in every photo and her lipstick shape doesn't help. Even if the nose job had been more effective her underbite would still make her look weird.
She looked worse before >>94770, but they didn't shorten her nose enough.

No. 139104


It really is a bad nose job. Maybe she could change it again?

Both her and her boyfriend are kinda ugly.

No. 139109

honestly looks like she got a second nosejob (tip refinement?) because her nose used to like slope down over her top lip even after she got the bridge shaved down

No. 139125

That's a shoop anon, I just wanted to show what it would look like if she got it done right (though I kinda made it too short)

No. 139131

File: 1613949548805.png (781.21 KB, 828x1025, mikan.png)

It's mostly just her garish highlight and overlined cupid's bow making her look particularly odd. Although from an objective standpoint her tip could stand to be shortened, I don't think a shorter tip suits her, and it make her philtrum look Who-ish. Nose tips are particularly difficult to get right with surgery anyway, so she's just better off learning how to apply makeup better. Sage for non-milk.

No. 139138

The edit looks so much better

No. 139151

Does Mikan have a job? I have looked through the thread but can't seem to find out what the fuck she does all day except dress up and make tiktok videos. She's an adult. She must have bills to pay that can't be paid in contact lenses or lolitakawaiishoes

No. 139152

samefag but I revisited her IG after a long time and she just seems to have gotten cringier and more desperate for attention

No. 139158

Because she is.

No. 139170

holy shit im retarded, sorry. she looks much better with your edit, idk what >>139131 is smoking

No. 139171

She literally moved there for school, and dropped out because it was to hard. She stays at home all day living off her boyfriend working. Poor guy, she's a lazy leech now…It will be hilarious as Mikan ages. Her boyfriend I'm sure will get fed up with her lazy ass and get rid of her eventually
and upgrade to a cute Japanese girl. I'm sure his family doesn't want him to marry a foreigner either.

No. 139174

Her boyfriend is half anyways. I doubt his parents care in any way. But I’m pretty sure they are already married. There is no way she can get a visa for making YouTube and TikTok videos. She’s way too inconsistent with her YouTube channel to fully support herself.

No. 139188

File: 1613981709439.jpg (107.4 KB, 991x605, Mikan.JPG)

I swear all she does is shop online for new outfits and spend loads of money on coffee and thrift store dates with her 'friends' (gifting them expensive shit too), as seen in Tokidoki Traveller's vlogs. I have no idea how she affords it because her videos get like 30k views each. If her parents had enough to throw her in Japanese fashion school they're probably paying her way alongside her poor boyfriend.

No. 139202

File: 1613991891489.png (737.43 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20210218-020432.png)

why is mikan always sperging about muh ethnicity now? she used to tell everyone she was swedish or british. Now she is exhausted that people think she's white - when she lightens and filters everything to look white? Girl doesn't have a thick enough skin to be on the internet, let alone making content. I've never seen anyone "come at" Mikan for being white.

I always wonder what people who are so in love with their own face do when they age or encounter physical difficulties. Everyone has to deal with it, but imagine being this narcissistic and then suffering some real tragedy. Must be weird.

No. 139203

File: 1613992267364.png (823.96 KB, 1080x1991, Screenshot_20210218-020451.png)

yeah sure all those bad Muricans

Mikan, your Japanese has only improved because of your boyfriends. It's not nearly good enough nor are you good enough to have a large international following. Have you considered not stereotyping a large portion of your fanbase, seeing as you don't want to be stereotyped or racially profiled?

Maybe it's my pet peeve when all the shit on the Internet is attributed to Americans. With all the filters and makeup and accent and surgery and japanese fetish and god knows what else, it is unlikely for Americans to get "angry" you won't call yourself Arab. You don't fit their stereotype of an Arab. Most don't know a lot about Kurds (but that's a worldwide thing), so no one is demanding you identify as Arab.

Except maybe Arabs? They might be invested.

Go get an education, Mikan.

No. 139204

File: 1613992748773.jpg (81.03 KB, 640x1280, 100058500997_22215.jpg)

before we were a couple

oh, you mean, when he was still dating someone else (or in the process of ghosting her), and you guys were flirting all over IG? Evidence of that dates back to November at least. Stay classy.

Here's an adult tip: don't post captions like this when your relationship began under shady circumstances. You're not the first to have a relationship end and a new one start the way yours did. You are kind of stupid for slandering his ex and also taking advantage of your ex up until the last possible moment. But when the internet knows some of the dirty laundry, best not to remind everyone of it with captions like these.

No. 139218

She looks very northern middle eastern (Iraq, Syria) to me when she doesn’t lighten and filter her skin with beauty apps. She doesn’t look white at all, you can tell she is middle eastern. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) She does have “ethnic” features and northern middle eastern people on average are not that brown. Does she really believe she is white passing because she is not? Does she want to be mistaken for white or something?

No. 139229

honestly no it doesnt, it looks like someone with FAS

No. 139238

does anyone else think the kawaii fashion style doesn't really suit mikan? imo it looks the best on people with softer, rounder features. She has really pretty angular features that are just lost in the "ugguu so kawaii" clothes.

No. 139243

File: 1614020109670.png (31.55 KB, 618x301, ok.PNG)

nta, sage for no contribution

No. 139245

Say FAS one more time anon, I fucking dare your PULL ass

No. 139261

Why is she so frustrated about people not seeing her as having "ethnic enough" features, when she goes out of her way to hide them? She perms her naturally curly hair, washes her skin out with filters and make-up and obviously got a nosejob to shave off one of her most prominent "ethnic" features. I don't think she looks white by any means, but why is she so pressed about this when she herself goes out of her way to hide her explicitly "non-white features"? Also sorry for the weird wording.

No. 139267

she looks like ben shapiros tradthot sister

No. 139316

She wishes

No. 139636

File: 1614409090279.png (934.34 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210227-065617.png)

Why is Mikan such a dick?
Obviously the person was trying to help

Mikan was complaining that she had no energy recently

No. 139639

because people who complain about stuff like that publicly never want an easy, practical answer to their problems. iron deficiency isn't uwu enough, it's gotta be catatonia or narcolepsy or whatever else makes her sound like she's actually suffering. munchie mikan when

No. 139648

Telling people to take random supplements is retarded. You can literally kill yourself via heart and liver damage from iron and vit D overload.

No. 139653

Most women are low in iron anyways. Some more so than others. Many doctors don’t actually test for your ferritin levels and you have to specifically request it during blood examination. There are different ways of testing for iron deficiency. But taking a low dose of both iron and vitamin d isn’t gonna kill you instantly

No. 139655

Have Kelsey and her partner broken up? Could have sworn they lived together and now she’s talking on Instagram stories about how she’s moving out today and “did it all on her own”?

No. 139659

I believe rain has gone back to the USA for ‘visa reasons’

No. 139660

nice try, the person didn't tell her to take anything. It was merely a suggestion of what could be wrong. There wasn't any medical advice.

No. 139707

You’re supposed to take one supplement tablet a day not down a whole bottle

No. 139893

is Mikan still secretly doing sexual work? She made a comment recently to someone who said "oh you might make me simp for you." She wrote "oh, I might have to" or something like that. ik ik image board, will try to locate it.

it seemed off to me, and there are other comments like that sprinkled around

No. 139949

File: 1614652941882.jpeg (101.41 KB, 832x828, A6677E66-CB8E-4F41-A16F-7C0490…)

does Mikan look sick to you guys or is it just her new style of heavy e-girl makeup? the wig is not doing her any favors either, i just was legitimately scared seeing the frame of her face when it switched on my screen

No. 139950


looks like a troon

No. 139957

idk if it's poor contouring but it looks she has a beard. the lip tint is not helping too, what a mess.

No. 139974

I have no fucking clue how people can think she's a fashion it-girl. She beats herself ugly and choses the most unflattering false eyelashes. That lip tint makes her look like she has bleeding lips. The wig is ugly af and doesn't suit her face shape at all. What a mess.

No. 139981

It’s the makeup. Her middle eastern features don’t go well with heavy makeup. Or shall I say white passing features kek? She would look better with lighter makeup and blush instead of contour.

No. 140014

I actually don't hate Mikan, but the gay guy in one of her recent videos pissed me off, he didn't even listen to what she was saying half the time. I tried to watch a couple of his videos and it was just editing overload and dumb memes.

No. 140017

To me it looks like she's using a foundation too light for her skintone

No. 140021

Can we talk about how TINY her bangs are? Also the outdated gradient lip is doing her no favor. It’s not a good look for paperthin lips

No. 140029

File: 1614703831772.png (329.62 KB, 1170x1378, Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 16.49…)

He used to be talked about on PULL a lot, you might be able to find it in KF's PULL archives. The main thing I remember about him is he ignored his now ex-best friend when she got molested at one of his drag shows

No. 140034

She has thin lips and really shouldn't wear bright colors. I know you're free to wear what u want blabla but it doesn't fit her,neither does heavy makeup. The lashes are ok imo
Her face does look a bit sickly,but probably because she doesn't have any fat on it

No. 140074

a lot of people with olive skin tones have trouble with pastels and yellows. Very easy to look sallow. She never looks healthy to me but she's an adult, that's her issue.

No. 140630

Just want to say, she most likely FAILED Bunka, not dropped out. It makes no sense to extend language school just to stay in Japan longer for no good reason, then go on and on about how fashion school is your dream, getting money from your mom, only to drop out while having no other valid way of staying in Japan, a country you fetishize AND tell everyone how you still love sewing. If you loved it, why "drop" out? Her excuse was "foreigners will never find a job" which is complete bs and something she would have known prior to committing. Add in her horrible purple dress design, she definitely failed Bunka and got the boot. She lies about pretty much everything, this being no exception.

Likely family + leeching off Yasu + passive income off YT for all her old videos + donations(she has a paypal link in ALL her videos) and some have speculated she never stopped doing sex work once she got to Japan, given that her language tutoring ads resembled sex ads.

No. 140631

I see she's jumping on the POC self-victimization/discrimination trend. Rich coming from a girl who got a nose job to remove her most "ethnic" feature and never disclosed so to her audience and who edits her dark skin 20 shades lighter and goes off on people in her comments when they're surprised she's brown all of a sudden in the rare instances she only SLIGHTLY white-washes, as well as attributing everything to "Americans.". I stopped following her because she was so insufferable, nice to see she's still being her insufferable, vile self. What a cunt for using her ethnicity/race card NOW to score discrimination points since it's trendy, when this entire time she seemed ashamed of her ethnicity and even admit she wished she was white. Maybe stop white-washing, getting plastic surgery, straightening your curly hair and shooping the hell out of your ugly mug and people won't think you're white (not that she actually looks white in candids). Not to mention, she didn't even live/grow up in the middle east and never had to face any of the turmoil going on in those countries. She's lived a rather privileged life.

For all she knows, that person could work in the medical field. No one said take pills without question. Dumb bitch.

No. 140703

lmao anyone know why Kelsey’s Twitter account is suspended?

No. 140711

What type of sex ads? This is an interesting tinfoil

No. 140726

Her English lesson ads all had photos of her dressed up “cutely” and the prices per hour were way higher than someone not a professional teacher should have been charging. Coupled with the language used in the reviews left by old Japanese men it sounded more like you were paying to spend time with her than actually learn anything.

No. 140741

>9 hours ago

No. 140772

No. 140793

It was discussed in her PULL thread so if anyone has it archived that’s where you’ll find it.

No. 140863

I have the archives and am going through them rn. Do you know approximately around which date this was discussed or if it was early or later on in the thread?

No. 140950

nta but with Mikan, first there was an old thot account where she was a sugar baby or something, from pre-nosejob and pre-japan iirc. mikan then responded to the pull thread to deny/explain the account and basically say nobody really interacted with her/it wasn't a thing. Much later on, recently but before dating frogface iirc she had an "english lessons" account with high prices and unprofessional, kawaii pictures of herself on it. So probably posted in 2019 or early 2020. I think it was after "quitting" bunka if that helps the timeline.

No. 141034

>dropped out
Sure Mikan, whatever helps you sleep at night.

>money i worked so hard to earn

Posting shitty subpar YT videos is not "hard-work." God, these internet influencers are the worst. Conveniently left out her sex work, donations and questionable "tutor ads". Is taking pics of your ass hard work, too now? Not to mention all the free shit she gets. Very hard indeed.

>muh mental healthhh

Nice to see she still fervently lurks lolcow. Still the same two-faced bitch as back in her facebook days.

No. 141039

File: 1615565719556.png (212.86 KB, 281x500, 80a6b6180c02b7796be18e39109f70…)

I'll just put the language lessons ones here. Everyone knows about her thot account already and there's at least one or two pics on lolcow of that.

pic 1 from https://archive.ph/iml9o (archived from https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/9314-mikanmandarin/?page=79 )

No. 141040

File: 1615565774979.png (75.59 KB, 281x500, 5281091b9821a22b897212c2d6adbb…)

No. 141042

File: 1615566004037.jpg (32.2 KB, 322x500, 9980771edea9291e3de267435aec05…)

"she didn't only have an account on flamingo but also on another site where she charged between 2,500 yen to 4000 yen"

same link as above

I've tutored at her age before. Never in a million years would it be appropriate to charge that much without any college degree or qualification. The pictures are shockingly unprofessional and the whole thing feels scammy.

No. 141043

$25-$40 an hour sounds reasonable for a freelance tutor to mes someone who's done tutoring before. most tutoring centred charge about that much for an hour and give only a small cut to the tutor

No. 141044

*me as

No. 141046

Site is still live https://hello-sensei.com/%E5%85%88%E7%94%9F%E3%83%97%E3%83%AD%E3%83%95%E3%82%A3%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AB/25745
I checked, and 2500 yen is just per person for a lesson with 2 students (I guess for two kids or a couple). Trial lesson is 3000. Normal lesson 4000.

Message from Dr. Vina
I will do my very best to teach you English to the best of my ability! I will not only be your teacher but also your friend, you can count on me !!

Tutor-anon, 4000 yen/hr is considered a medium-high price for tutoring a very specialized language (a dead one…) with a master's degree on a college campus. I will allow some inflation for Tokyo prices, but who pays a woman with ONLY a high school education 4000 yen an hour just for conversation? She isn't even really a native speaker, given that her first language was Swedish.

No. 141048

Only men study with her. I'm skimming, don't see a single female account that posted a review

Here she charges 5000 yen.

No. 141090

true, it is expensive for someone who doesn't have a degree. but isn't that waaay too low for escorting? even in smaller towns escorts charge like $300+ an hour, though maybe it's different in Japan

No. 141129

yeah, I don:t know if I believe she is truly doing sex work. It's still weird, but so were those $20 shout-outs she sold on IG. Who bought those?

I could see her selling her socks and underwear, personally. She seems like someone who would.

No. 141161

Mikan is so fucking ugly, fake and unoriginal. Fuck you Mikan, the only reason you're in Japan is because you're a manipulative cunt

No. 141163

If she’s charging 4000-5000 yen per hour without a bachelors degree or native level English she either thinks too highly of herself or she caters to mainly male students who dream of dating her someday. This hourly price is usually set for qualified native English speakers or teachers who teach English to toddlers.
My friend did the same back in the day and she charged 10.000 yen per hour to male “students”. These “classes” are obviously not actual English lessons, hopeless Japanese male book cute foreigners to practice their broken English and flirt with them. The whole things is very similar to platonic sugar dating. My friend was a lot more conventionally pretty in her prime tho.

No. 141170

Sage for sperg but does it annoy anyone else these j-vloggers like mikan that only ever speak english in japan? it's so ignorant and annoying imo, if i was japanese and i came across a girl in public filming everything speaking english extremely loudly and annoyingly i'd be pissed tbh

No. 141209

I mean if she’s just explaining things in the video then I’d understand but I know what you mean. Aside from Mimei I think none of them understands Japanese.

No. 141230

>if i was japanese and i came across a girl in public filming everything speaking english extremely loudly and annoyingly i'd be pissed tbh
Uhh, what? So you'd be pissed if you heard a foreigner speaking a foreign language in your country? Would a Japanese person filming in Japanese bother you, or are you just a weeb demanding extra respect for glorious nippon? Being loud and annoying is bad but nobody sane would care about the language someone speaks in when they're vlogging.

No. 141233

But she can speak Japanese pretty well so…

No. 141306

And wow what a queen she learned the basics of a language to larp off of. Idek who you’re taking about but this applies to everyone in this thread.

No. 141322

Am I missing something? 5000yen is only £33 and that’s a perfectly reasonable price for a hour language lesson, I used to pay £35 per hour to learn French and didn’t think that was pricey, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would do sexual favours for as little as £33

No. 141326

tutor-chan here again, that's what I was trying to say, I used to tutor French and the learning centre would charge $25CAD for a half hour so those aren't crazy prices. Though it's not impossible it's a front for dates but the others on the site charge around the same. Mikan's uggo and annoyinf so idk why anyone would pay her so much to flirt with

No. 141334

The conversation has been about Mikan so anon meant her in the comment. Try reading more carefully before you post.

No. 141364

You guys have some degree besides a high school diploma right? Mikan has no qualifications at all. Other tutors on that site have actual experience and college degrees. They also don't post tee-hee look at my weeb clothes pics as introductions.

Whatever you believe about the price, Mikan was trying to entice men to book with her. No women out of 25 reviews. That says a lot.

No. 141365

File: 1615798068522.jpeg (42.98 KB, 520x520, 69723_25745_76507.jpeg)

for gods sake, she's advertising with this pic

No. 141367

Again you’re missing the point, why would she charge as little as £33 if she was doing sex work disguised as language lessons? Mikan is vein so it doesn’t surprise me that she would post pics like this to show off how “pretty and petite she looks

No. 141369

That’s probably why she was charging a cheap price because she doesn’t have a teaching qualification, anyone who is qualified to teach would charge a hell of a lot more, plus it’s so common for foreigners in Japan to make money through teaching English because it’s easy money especially when you’re just starting out

No. 141379

I agreed with an anon earlier that I didn't think it was sex work. Someone else then mentioned it could just be kind of "fake" but platonic language lessons where JP losers flirt in broken English. I think that sounds very likely. Japan is a place where you can rent a friend, after all.

Some people go to that site to find a real tutor. Others probably see it as a way to spend time with a young woman.

Mikan charges the same or even more as people with real qualifications on these sites. Just browse.

No. 141384

is she wearing bloomers or something under that denim skirt? weird

No. 141431

Anon it’s not sex work disguised as English tutoring. It’s more like platonic sugar dates with male students who can subtly flirt in a coffee shop with you. ¥4000 to ¥5000 is normal for this type of lesson if she doesn’t shut them off completely. Wages in Japan are slightly lower than west, ¥5000 per hour is definitely for qualified teachers if it’s a legit lesson.

No. 141432

Sorry for double post but I forgot to add that platonic sugar dates do not involve sex, they meet in a cafe or restaurant. It’s not exactly sex work.

No. 141460

Sugar dating, even if just platonic, still falls under sex work

No. 141491

Sex work has to involve some type of sexual thing doesn’t it? So how exactly does that class as sex work? if it’s platonic than no it’s not sex work anon

No. 141508

is this PULL now i can't believe someone has to explain this

No. 141521

Nta but sure explain

No. 141542

that sex work isn't the same as the "English Lesson" that is essentially rent a friend hustle that mikan's doing, sex work in england was one thing but sex work in japan could get you deported and she's in a relationship now. the tinfoil is boring guys move on

No. 141564

Connie's new video.
she basically gave up youtube and everything to make a music career.
she swears throughout the entire video and her voice seems fake?
I feel like she's trying harder to be this person than she ever did with Nooderella

No. 141565

File: 1615933647227.png (1.69 MB, 1787x714, merch.png)

they even have merch coming?
I'm guessing Connie is funding all of this with her book money?

No. 141604

Yep, I completely agree, no issue with swearing and if used right it can help get a point across. But she just seemed to want to say fuck as much as possible to prove a point.
I understand that she's grown up and not the person she use to be. But it does seem she's trying too hard to be the complete opposite.

No. 141610

Glad it wasn't just me that thought this - nothing wrong with swearing at all but it all felt forced and staged just to fit in with the "edgy" persona. The fake voice started when she started referring to herself as a "wry-der"

No. 141611

You don't need any money to sell merch if it's all outsourced and made to order via Teespring etc. Very much doubt she's put any money into it whatsoever.

No. 141612

I grow weary of Connie’s existential crises

No. 141614

Looking like Plastic and Proud with those lip injections. I think it has been pretty obvious for a while she's been prepping for a music career, interesting choice to look like an online sex worker though. I thought music artists were supposed to look unique, she looked more unique with her previous image.

No. 141619

"G4laxy" love their lip fillers!
I don't get the craze, people look far better without them.

No. 141661

I've noticed that a lot of girls who make being kawaii their central personality trait often go alt when they hit their mid-20's. I think it stems from a need to completely reinvent themselves due to extreme quarter life crisis, but not understanding that aesthetic doesn't have to be your entire identity- so they go for alt because it's a complete 180 and they feel it's a more "mature" identity.

No. 141662

God that shirt Connie is wearing is peak cringe

No. 141871

Connie's band's first MV, thoughts?

It was way worse than I expected. I thought the song would at least be guilty pleasure territory, as I actually did enjoy Connie's two other songs (which it would appear she recently deleted), but it was god awful. It feels beyond inauthentic, and really hammers in the vibe another farmer mentioned that Connie is clearly really trying to force herself to be this edgy dark person.

The MV is pure cringe. Not even the "fun to watch" kind of cringe, like I got serious secondhand embarrassment from it. It's completely pointless. Just some gay teasing and weird 2deep4u imagery with an unclear meaning. And don't even get me started on those awful cheap costume dresses.

No. 141924

why is the background music so insanely loud? I could only listen to a minute before I just gave up because the background music so loud. You can barely hear them singing. The font they use for their logo looks like something a kid making their first website in the early 2000s would have used.

I really actually kind of liked that one song she put out, Heart Eater, it's a shame she deleted those just to focus on whatever this shit is. Honestly, I unironically liked her old content. I liked her impressions and her Disney content. I genuinely wonder if the effects of her accident had way more of an affect on her than the people around her realize. She's seemed very depressed, confused, and unstable since that happened.

No. 141928

it feels like they're trying to fit in a certain aesthetic but they have to force it so it looks so fake and cringey. It's really awful.

No. 141950

>I genuinely wonder if the effects of her accident had way more of an affect on her than the people around her realize. She's seemed very depressed, confused, and unstable since that happened.
I think this is probably the case. It is very common to go through an identity crisis after a traumatic event. Sometimes reinventing yourself is a healthy way to cope, but in Connie's case it seems very forced and unnatural. Also, I have always suspected Connie has depression issues in general. She's said a few things in passing that have raised my eyebrow, and it's not a secret that there's a huge correlation between people who deep dive strongly into kawaii or alt aesthetics and depression. She's done it with both now.

No. 141954

this whole thing is such a mess. mixed terribly. music is louder than the singing. Connie and Adele's voice don't mesh well together at all.
the only good thing about it is Adele's voice.
She has a softness that works well

No. 141956

Connie really shouldn't collab with Adele IMO, she's too much better of a singer than her and it makes the songs they do together awkward. I remember one collab they did of that song Speechless from the new Aladdin and it really stuck out out me how much better of a singer Adele is than Connie. Don't get me wrong, Connie has a really pretty singing voice, but Adele is on another level and doesn't compliment her voice, just totally outshines it.

No. 142125

File: 1616429553519.png (890.56 KB, 1070x578, actress.png)

does anyone else find it hilarious that Connie and Adele hired an actress instead of asking Kelsey to play the girl in their video

No. 142210

That's because Kelsey is a shit actress and has a bonk eye. I've been watching her for so many years and can never get over how her singing never got good, and her dancing is sharp and unpleasant to watch. Sage because nobody gives a fuck what I think

No. 142705

I don't like Kelsey either, but I really wish people wouldn't use her eye against her. There are legitimate things to criticize her for, but losing her eye to cancer as a child is not one of them.

I wonder if Connie and Kelsey had a falling out or if one of them is subtly distancing themselves from the other. They never interact on social media anymore nor do they have anything in common now that Connie is rich (at least by UK standards) and has forsaken her kawaii past.

No. 142776

>There are legitimate things to criticize her for, but losing her eye to cancer as a child is not one of them.
As much as I completely agree with you, it's just one of those things on this website. To farmers, even regular things that would generally be acceptable or unnoticed on any woman you spot in the street becomes ugly or unacceptable on a cow. I wouldn't expect any change.

No. 142777

File: 1616875626128.jpg (32.64 KB, 600x450, full.jpg)

the whole time I was watching this pre-mv "explanation" all I could think of was this pair

No. 142778


I'm genuinely unironically upset that she's deleted all her old videos and made her vlogs private. It's upsetting that she feels that ashamed of her whole youtube career.

No. 142782

This new era seems ironically far more cringey than the Disney cute singing and impressions era. Like which are you gonna look back on in shame at aged 50?

No. 142785

sage because it's potentially uninteresting but I noticed riiri didn't wish connie a happy birthday on twitter or share her music video promo tweet. guess their friendship is long dead too.

No. 142793

What are you even going on about? Her eye is a legitimate problem when it comes to her trying to get acting roles. Kelsey herself has said MANY times she gets depressed because she knows it prevents her from getting roles. Nobody in this thread was just randomly making fun of her eye because it's "just one of those things on this website." You sound insanely high and mighty.

All anyone's done is point out that she has a messed up eye and wouldn't make a good main actress for a music video. Unfortunately, Hollywood has very high standards for female beauty.

No. 142837

kek, I was writing some stupid response to this but as it turns out I'm just a retard who completely misinterpreted the situation. You're right though, I sounded like such a snobby cunt in that reply. I was responding as if the anon was personally offended by it.

No. 142845

File: 1616959161524.jpeg (265.52 KB, 1536x1503, 6C4F43C9-167C-4F8A-BEAD-F1AB70…)

Sage for off topic, but why doesn’t Mikan have her own board at this point? Like, she only got famous because she was friends with Weenus and all the other bs Dakota rose skin walkers, is skinny, likes Japan and that’s literally it? Like what does she offer to Japanese society? Seriously what? Someone tell me because I’ve had about enough of these fucking Asian fetishists who only do YouTube videos with titles like “ MY JAPANESE FRIENDS” “ MY JAPANESE BOYFRIEND” “LOOK AT THE WEIRD LITTLE JAPANESE PEOPLES PANTY VENDING MACHINE” like, she’s just making content for westerners and it really seems like she doesn’t give a shit about the place she is lucky enough to stay at. I literally can’t stand her haha! I just want to see influencers who actually care about the country to be given a spotlight instead of these girls.

No. 142861

>she doesn’t give a shit about the place she is lucky enough to stay at.
autistic weeb jp glorification lol

No. 142896

The fact that she hasn't applied any of her skills that she learned in bunka to her youtube videos really shows how much she "loves fashion". Some people sew dresses or make videos shitting on historically accurate fashion desing in movies and even though she minimally has these skills she instead makes 1000+ videos about going out or making food or mediocre clothes matching.
Ths other anon was right, she really chose the easy way out because it was "tooo hard!!!" I still cannot comprehend how she is able to have such a life boring life going out to cafes and doing nothing else.
if the next video is gonna bunka related this proves that she reads this thread

No. 142906

I agree! But the reason could be that she mindlessly stalks this thread and used to have a sockpuppet account on PULL to whiteknight herself.

No. 142930

Threads have certainly been made for less milky individuals, I don't see why not. Looking through this thread, she's mentioned more than anyone else so I think its deserved she gets one.

No. 143071


I mean considering all the actual qualified English teachers being snubbed for Athletes is pretty upsetting anon haha! Spergy or not princess Mikan is just going to age into a walking stick bug, parading as an English teacher wi5 a HS education. Smdh

No. 143595

I'm for it

Dumb q: she always seemed to be copyinn anzu a bit. Did she name herself something similar to anzu on purpose? Yes, I know they are both just fruit names. But all the other similarities…

No. 143938

She reminds me of a middle school age girl who is trying to "grow up" by abandoning what she deems "childish" (ie princessy shit) in favor of edgy shit to better fit in with the alt kids who smoke cigarettes they stole from their parents outside of malls.

No. 143994

File: 1617707343495.png (2.63 MB, 3268x980, Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 13.07…)

No. 143995

the heather sparkles effect

No. 144356

i just came across this girl and she’s unbearable.

did you know she has one eye. cause she won’t let you fuckin forget.

No. 144404

She did it by hopping on someone else’s creation and using money from that fan base.
I’ll be impressed when she creates something original that people like.

No. 144496

File: 1617964636557.jpeg (558.59 KB, 828x1375, F9B0FB7A-0E9B-415F-BEDF-097C6A…)


Don’t know if this is the result of lurking but the video seems completely unrelated to the caption

No. 144606

Judging by the comments on it, a lot of people are fed up of her making half of her content about it. I get that she feels more comfortable about it now, but as someone who also has a disability (although I lost mine in an accident, not cancer) it feels a bit cheap to push it on people and trying to make herself different or edgy because of it

No. 145209

she spoke up about tiktok and insta taking down her content talking about her glass eye which is fair.

but now her identity has become “girl with one eye” she seems to think it makes her mysterious and sexy when the reality is she’s half blind with no depth perception and a permanent lazy eye.

it could have been interesting and endearing but she had to latch onto it and run it into the ground like she does with anything that has her name attached online.

No. 145980

File: 1618846661570.png (10.22 KB, 487x69, addy.png)

has anyone been following addychansenpai today? she's been going on a rant for hours about how one bag she got didn't turn out 100% perfect and all of her followers are spamming the creator now

No. 145981

File: 1618846963528.png (474.59 KB, 496x808, addy2.png)

she's so goddamn spoilt and throws a hissy fit about a £40 bag which can be easily fixed with a hairdryer…

No. 146261

i had to stop following her cause her content was always “i dress different and people treat me different BUT I DONT CARE”

No. 146764

How the fuck did Beckii get on the Forbes under 30 list? Is it literally paid for? She and a coworker were listed for their HR company, but the studio has 562 followers.

No. 146766

File: 1619243162950.jpg (781.16 KB, 1080x3450, abcdefg.jpg)

samefag, forgot this was an imageboard

No. 147090

Looking online it's more like Forbes 300 under 30. As they divide individuals into 10 categories.
She's under media and marketing, she also shares her title with her business partner. And that's just for Europe.
I guess it's still impressive, but it's also not a guarantee of success for her business.

No. 148138

and only 139 on twitter. the whole ordeal is just confusing imo

No. 149598

i will proudly take my fucking ban for this. you bitches are hysterical and its obvious people on this site have LOVED using the pretend virus to get mad over nothing and create powdered milk. its hilarious to see for the past year people screaming about people- omg going OUTSIDE- when literally nothing is happening and everything has been a lie, who the fuck would trust that scrote bill gates or that kike fauci anyway?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 149599

still should fix that fuckin' honker of a beak.

No. 150118

Get that shit out of here incel. Go argue your warped American views elsewhere. This wasn’t people just “going outside”, it was them bending the law that was in place in a country you’re not in lmao.

No. 156292

File: 1623966653165.jpeg (397.62 KB, 1170x1934, 568ABFF0-7291-400D-BCEE-684652…)

Did you guys see that Addychansenpai posted graphic pictures of what is clearly a self inflicted injury… to her audience of mostly kids?? Like wtf

No. 156325

jesus she's gotten ugly. first time i've seen her face in years and oh my. Pennywise lookinass

No. 156329


She even did a story being like “haha menhera fashion on point” posing with the injury (bandaged up). How is that appropriate? Oh cool lemme just quickly glorify being injured for the aESTHEtIC lmao

She also actually showed the wound and I’m sorry, it’s gotta be an incident of self harm. It’s so obvious????

No. 156552

Addy comes across as a total narcissist. Totally unbearable.

No. 157918

File: 1625006269293.jpg (516.32 KB, 960x1319, MYXJ_20210629153512010_save.jp…)

Why is every kawaii weeb in the UK like this
take some of the money you get from sponsorships and put it towards fixing your teeth instead of hoarding more shit

No. 157995

japanese people also have fucked up teeth uwu this only makes them true nihonjin!!!!

No. 159959

File: 1625950487577.jpg (241.91 KB, 1440x1797, E5TA_J-WQAUg2hv.jpg)

Kelsey is being insufferable now with the Lila Bard obsession and trying as hard as possible to get cast as her in the movie.
she tried to start the #KelseyforLila hashtag and is now putting pressure on the casting directors to hire someone with a disability…someone like her of course.
it's going to be so funny when someone else gets cast instead of her

No. 160001

Yeah, I can see why Kelsey is fighting for equality for disability in the acting industry, but this is kind of shoving it down ppl's throats. This trailer that came out for it looks very good, but Kelsey still needs to improve on her acting especially her accent. She may fit the character of Lila Bard physically, but if you act like a wooden plank, they're not gonna cast her.

No. 160137

but anon. this wooden plank has one eye!!!

No. 163888

File: 1627149590838.jpg (54.04 KB, 1028x313, coni.JPG)

Connie is a they/them lesbian now, apparently.

No. 163889

Sexuality as aesthetic for her new transparently fake edgy image

No. 164098

her overwhelmigly fragile sense of identity strikes again kek

No. 166352

WTF is her pretentious accent about?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 166956

I think I liked Connie better in her pink phase, she didn't seem as wannabe as she is now. Her "new image" is just cringe. Plus, she really is a poor singer.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 167132

I'm starting to think that she is a narc. Didn't Kelsey work a bit in the industry before, doesn't she know how things are working? Disabled people are unreliable visually and work wise, this is why they're rarely casted, much easier for everyone on set to "fake it". I don't know any casting directors who would value disabilaty accuracy over performance, unless they have an agenda.
>the stories haven't been told right
A nobody disabled actor has no say when it comes to the scenario, wtf is she on.

No. 167148

disabled actors are only consistently hired to play war victims or zombies. amputees and junk.

also she honestly thinks she could get hired to play a leading role. even people with years of theatre experience will get one line if they’re lucky in a minor scene in a movie.

not so sound like that woman from big brother but who is she?? i’ve only seen her instagram which i unfollowed because she’s an insufferable cyclops.

No. 167192

umi needs to be stopped

No. 167193

File: 1628719533586.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1538, 1578967530544.jpeg)

this crazy bitch needs to be stopped she needs to stop cancelling Japanese people BAHAHA

No. 167603

does anybody have saved copies of connie's old vlogs (the mundane ones where she was just finishing uni and hanging with her flatmates etc)? the only vids in her noodlerella graveyard are her japan/disney vlogs. sounds lame as shit but her more boring vlogs were genuinely some of my comfort watches

No. 167641

While Umi is a cow in all the definition, she doesn’t belong here because she’s American, retard. Sage your old milk.

No. 167703

Oh my fucking god, I don't know how Kelsey can act like she's such hot shit and have such little skill at acting… Absolutely no self awareness, as you said she's aware in the industry so how can her skull be so thick?
I guess "embracing" her disability (by showcasing it in every single post on social media) has yielded more attention than relying on her mediocre skills alone ever did.

No. 169147

Good to see Kelsey has brought Dancing Hermione back on TikTok even though she's definitely not bringing Dancing Hermione back so stop asking.

No. 169164

File: 1629807041947.jpeg (142.06 KB, 1080x1289, D1A88D8E-E2CB-42FD-87BA-1BF188…)

Has anyone been following Addy BEGGING for birthday gifts everyday on her instagram stories under the guise of "PeOpLE KeeP asKinG mE sO hEReS mY wISHLisT foR mY bIRthDAY…nO oBLiGatioN" -its SO transparent.
Shes now added a ko-fi so people can help her keep "creating content" in which she has just bought 2 new cosplay dresses, even though almost everything under her pics are listed as 'gifted' and certainly doesn't seem to need any help to buy more clothes.
From looking at the immature sounding comments she gets, It seems that the majority of her followers are very young, so she's literally asking kids to buy her gifts and give her money to buy new clothes.
If I was her- I would not feel comfortable doing that!

No. 169402

i had to unfollow her since her ENTIRE premise is just uwu im so quirky & need attention, good to see she's still on the same e-begging shit

No. 169462

Speaking of Addy, has anyone else noticed how her like/follow ratio makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for someone with almost 100k followers? Most people with that follower count rake in around 30-40k likes per post, but Addy is lucky if she gets 4k for one picture. I have suspicions that she’s bought most of her following, if not all of it. It just doesn’t add up. And if she did buy her following then It means her entire career as an ‘influencer’ is built on nothing but lies. I feel pretty sad for all of the brands collabing with her under the belief that they’ll make loads of sales through her. The only legit fans she has are mostly minors, and I doubt they can afford anything she promotes with their weekly allowance.

No. 174412

drawling through this confusing mess of a video in her new fake voice about internet mindfulness and splicing it with footage of her unwashed and contradicting herself?

No. 174445

jesus her vocal fry and demeanor are completely insufferable. why she thinks she's in a position to give anybody advice about literally anything is beyond me. what is the point of even posting this at all if you're just back pedaling on everything you say?

No. 174746

I think it's great how she talks about how everything content creators do is planned. That even a video that appears unscripted will be scripted and heavily edited.
And all this is in a video she's trying to make out is a unscripted mess that she disagreed with straight after filming so decided to do interludes between each point.
Seems to me that the video was always designed to be this "edgy" look how cool and real I am.

No. 175386

I don’t care about the topic of this thread, I don’t know who these people are, I don’t browse this website frequently, I only came here today out of boredom.

But people like that Ice bitch need to be shot and have their bodies discarded in a random ditch, they are nothing but normalfag leaches on human society whining about cultural appropriation.(go be bored somewhere else)

No. 175387

No. 175487

Connie goes back to film critiques. I think shes trying to be Lindsay Ellis here. The way shes talking… the way the cameras positioned so she has to look up. The corner setting… the drink…

Also, she has the nerve go point out fake vocal fry in this movie but LITERALLY SPEAKS WITH A FAKE VOCAL FRY NOW. Her voice was very unnverving in this video.

No. 175498

I like how her new "sincere" persona is just blatantly copying certain mannerisms, behaviours and styles from others just as before.

No. 175553

>They managed to put vocal fry in vibratooo…
I just skipped to a random part and holy shit you aren't lying. It's like this weird mix of a british valley girl that just sounds so off. Complete with the stereotypical "dry, cynical, and self aware" reviewer humor.

No. 176145

Right? Also love how her "authentic self" is just…another heavily curated aesthetic, albeit one that's the opposite of her last. "I'm not REALLY into pink and writing princess stories! I'm into black and writing horror stories!" This is a grown woman. It's sad, tbh. She phases in and out of trends like a teenager.

No. 176191

yeah this whole thing was a very poorly veiled effort to push Kelsey into the spotlight, unfortunately there is one major problem with the whole idea - Kelsey can't act.

No. 176618

I’m honestly amazed that no one in this thread has mentioned Nintendo.grl from TikTok yet…(this is an imageboard. Post screencaps )

No. 176623

if you have milk and screencaps then post it.

No. 176718

File: 1634025648439.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1810, E7BF1AAE-3367-4BD0-B41E-7F4F98…)

I don’t like Kelsey but she has a nice ass(sage your shit)

No. 176720

thats where most of her content comes out

No. 176734

Kelsey ass is the only thing good about her, I’m surprised she hasn’t used it for views like she does with everything else(sage your shit)

No. 177014

File: 1634218160056.jpg (429.71 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20211014-142813_Twi…)

why own a business if you can't run it responsibly ffs

No. 177925

File: 1634793906978.png (1.77 MB, 2560x1570, Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 4.21…)

Too bad she is shy about it


No. 177926

File: 1634793940169.png (1.64 MB, 906x1598, Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 4.16…)

Just like Abi and her "cleavage" lol(samefagging)

No. 178240

Duh, can't add more than one image per post.

No. 178254

That's what sage is for.

No. 178337

To be fair abi did have boobs when she was a chunky scene kid, some older videos and photos still kicking around show that, since she lost weight though rip tiddies. She’s pretty flat now lmao.

No. 178454

You hear that, Abi? Bring back the hecking, chonker mommy milkers.

No. 178503

What does Abi even do to make money? Does she have a job? Seems to be living in the same bedroom she has all her life, at home…(sage)

No. 178705

File: 1635194771133.png (136.03 KB, 1114x1026, Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 7.45…)

No. 178788

$94 (£68) a month won't get you very far unless I'm missing something…?

No. 178789

sage for blogpost but to me abipop will always be the wannabe idol who got bullied off stage at MCM by Homestucks of all people kek

No. 178827

File: 1635270146122.png (369.24 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20211026-183817~2.p…)

This person is waiting on an order they placed 10 months ago, and Ohayou is giving a snippy response lmao.

Every time she decides she can't be bothered sending people their orders, she brings out the mental health sob story like clockwork and guilts anyone who asks for their items

No. 178828

File: 1635270303597.jpg (785.7 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoCollage_1635270277322.jpg)

More people being ignored. Maybe get a real job?

No. 178832

Wait, when did this happen??

No. 178833

2013, I think it was May Expo? You can probably find it on YouTube

No. 178834

Looks like Abi is the only one of the "G4laxy Girls" who kept the pink, girly, Disney aesthetic.

No. 178851

No, you're right.

Looks like Abi lost her $100 dollar patron, Jared too.

No. 178895

File: 1635303631336.jpeg (865.2 KB, 1920x2560, C8F2073A-8A13-4B5A-9D3F-2EAC86…)

She hasn’t done a lot of these things. The last time she streamed was 3 years ago, she quietly gave up the dancing/aidoru shtick, nor has she really blogged either.
Also completely off topic but abipop has a weird obsessive fan that’s blatantly racist, but it’s just funny to see him commenting on every one of her pictures on IG or Twitter.

No. 178928

Ahhh Jared! Often found in the comment sections on Noodlerella & Kelsey content back in the day… I guess even he couldn't justify the $100 a month for nothing.

No. 178929

It might have been October 2012. Can't find anything on youtube though, it's not like she was gonna upload that herself kek

No. 178932

File: 1635318955302.png (10.82 KB, 1280x85, 122222222.png)

Oops sorry anon looks like you were right. I was getting confused with the Vanellope cosplayer who hosted on the outside stage during one of the '13 cons. The homestucks took over the grass for a few years so I guess it was an easy mistake to make. I just remember all of them ignoring the poor girl who trying to get the audience's attention.

No. 178939

Did Abi or Kelsey go to London comic con last week?

No. 178942

Abi did, Kelsey didn't.

No. 178945

Think she worked at Disneyland Paris for a bit, costumed maybe but no clue about now. Maybe Covid put a stop to it

No. 178961

Yeah that was only for a year or so.
Idk what she does for a job now but shes in the dnd and LARPing community now.

Also, out of everyone i feel like she attracts the weirdest older men liking her content. Im sure she doesnt care because she hopes one of them will turn into a new Jared.

No. 179016

>i feel like she attracts the weirdest older men liking her content
Pretty sure thats deliberate. Wasnt there a thread here years ago about an older guy doing this but it was revealed she was encouraging it and then pretending to be creeped out by it?

No. 179024

File: 1635394202916.jpg (52.73 KB, 640x562, IMG_0039.JPG)

No. 179419

Yeah i think that was the Jared guy

No. 179453

File: 1635598578406.png (912.67 KB, 554x984, booba.png)

No. 179455

I vaguely remember Beckii making a video on this guy years back, he's a major stalker and actually thinks these uk weebs are his girlfriends. I remember checking his instagram and he did really creepy edits of them, that was back in their idoru wannabe days so holy shit if he's kept going for over five years. No idea why she won't block him

No. 180322

File: 1636026080814.png (677.67 KB, 2048x1868, Screenshot_20211104-113740.png)

Ohayou trying to get sympathy about her Kickstarter that received £100,000 funding.

Failing to talk about the fact that after the KS she immediately booked a trip to Japan and spent all the money she was supposed to spend on bags, and ended up shipping them 1.5 years late.

but everyone feel sorry for her guys!!! muh mental health!

No. 180326

i don’t know how kickstarter works but can people take legal action. they’ve paid for a promised product and gotten either ignored or “i’m stwessed” as a response.

it’s a weak excuse too. just because you’re self employed doesn’t mean every time you’re slightly tired is a mental health day. not to sound lille a boomer but she needs to buck up and do her damn job.

No. 181027

I remember this happened with Stami Studios too. They did a hugely successful Kickstarter for an every day Ita bag, then when people got the bags, they were falling apart and didn’t look anything like the advertised prototype. Then Stami started deleting comments on their IG & blocking people who complained about it. Only influencers like Addychansenpai who complained publicly got refunds. There’s still loads of angry comments about it on the Kickstarter page. Lots of people asking for refunds and not getting them. At that point KS should step in really

No. 183847

File: 1637480404376.png (1.07 MB, 2296x1596, 6497F384-62A1-4C3B-8B0C-AB9253…)

One of Ohayou’s friends on the UK con scene has also been found out to be scamming customers or not sending out orders for half a year or more at a time on orders, even premade ones and only sending them out when begged on social media when not replied to on emails. KitsuneSpl is a cat ear and collar maker who is desperately trying to rise to internet notoriety by sending ears out to streamers like Corpse Husband and his cronies.

No. 183852

File: 1637482473596.png (2.24 MB, 1224x4296, A0CE1E8A-DC8F-48AA-8E84-07E84B…)

Some girl confronted her on Twitter with a collection of screenshots from customers who are still to receive orders from months ago. I don’t think ‘Oh their emails went to spam’ is a viable excuse especially when she should be checking the business email spam for customer emails that have been directed there by mistake. That and the invoices alone should be enough to know she has outstanding orders to complete which are months behind.
Yet another e-girl seller who uses other weebs for their quick buck and instead of buying packaging and postage or materials instead spends it on cons, anime figures or gaming PC upgrades.

No. 183885

File: 1637501952616.jpeg (316.97 KB, 750x955, 947BA963-C7F9-45E4-95B8-B17029…)

Ohayous partner needing to step in cause she’s still failing to do her job.

No. 183886

File: 1637501977698.jpeg (298.46 KB, 750x859, DEED9FDD-E3D8-40F4-8A60-3C8A35…)

No. 183887

File: 1637502004071.jpeg (316.13 KB, 750x886, 07C52881-9586-4D8A-8E4B-A871EF…)

She should not be running a business.

No. 183893

So many businesses take more orders than they can handle due to greed, it inevitably goes exactly this way.
Often I see sellers actually have the items sitting there but they are too overwhelmed uwu to actually send them out, or they weren't ever made, or they were in stock but sent to someone else.
Managing a business isn't easy but people just jump in, take on too much and enjoy the money while leaving people hanging.

No. 183911

File: 1637514485930.png (2.14 MB, 1673x2048, Screenshot_20211121-170713.png)

Lmao well she updated her furry ear page just within the last few days (see screenshot) so this is yet another lie to cover up her laziness and disregard for customers.

What is meant by "everything that happened"? iirc she tried to run 2 Kickstarters at the same time (animal ita bags on one account, Genshin Impact pins on another) and KS cancelled her projects and banned her for breaking the rules. And we're supposed to feel sorry for her for that…?

If she's too depressed to answer emails or update her social media, how can anyone trust they're going to get their ita bags sent out to them "next year" lol? Is she just going to pretend she didn't take 1.5 years to send out those bird ita bags and instead spent the money on a trip to Japan.

Stop making stupid ears, refund people and reply to your loyal customers

No. 183914

This is absolutely shocking. Wow. She should not have a platform at all. I swear the furry ear community are always like this! Selling overpriced sparkledog ears and never sending them.

No surprises she is friends with Ohayou. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 183916

"we having a fresh start with our emails"

Translation: we can't be bothered to answer any of the current emails waiting for a response, and will only be responding to people who email from now on(learn2sage)

No. 184049

I see that despite vowing to never bring her back for the 2nd/3rd/4th time, Kelsey has started doing Dancing Hermione videos on TikTok because she posted one and it got a few hundred thousand views.(sage)

No. 184560

File: 1637891573353.png (204.87 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20211126-014648~3.p…)

KitsuneSpl the scammer is taking a leaf out of Ohayouclothing's book it seems.

Kemonobelle is Ohayou's alt account.

No. 184561

File: 1637891641573.png (175.31 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20211126-014721~2.p…)

This girl has so many issues she really shouldn't be on the internet at all at this point

No. 184577

File: 1637908206001.jpeg (538.3 KB, 1284x1584, E6FBB950-46B5-49A7-B431-E1F7CB…)

Can’t ship paid orders but is going to be selling her old clothes and other unwanted weeb belongings. Makes sense. Bet buyers won’t see those items arrive for half a year or more either. The pity party posts lately to try justify doing bad business and angry customers is just a joke.

No. 184595

File: 1637928142054.jpeg (308.05 KB, 750x1089, 57A993F6-B817-4ABC-A0B9-2E953C…)

Paranoid!! She said her ‘’’stalker’’’ made this account to harass her but it’s not even tweeted anything

Ohayou sent her followers to report-spam someone that probably just liked the name spelt properly without the weeberu

Is her big life event she can’t spoil a breakdown can someone tell her ‘’’partner’’’ she’s going nuts or are they imagined too

No. 184601

she's only letting particular followers of hers reply so the people she's scammed can't comment

No. 184603

Absolutely off her rocker. If you look at the @kemonobelle twitter it's just some weeb who likes an anime called kemono friends or something.

They're private now, probably because they kept getting tagged in Ohayou's unhinged tweets. Imagine trying to bully some kid off twitter because you want their handle lol

No. 184623

>some weeb makes an empty account with no Tweets and a similar weeby username
>This person: harassment!!! pls report!! Bulli!!

No. 184972

File: 1638194611577.png (545.8 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20211129-140046~2.p…)

Ohayou/"Belle" has clearly read this thread because she's now photoshopping screenshots to prove the @kemonobelle twitter is totes harassing her!!!1

No. 184973

File: 1638194644599.png (795.93 KB, 2048x2008, Screenshot_20211129-140101.png)

No. 185026

File: 1638225460521.jpeg (447.29 KB, 1284x2094, F8BF21A0-4A59-47DA-A0E2-D36E87…)

It’s all kicking off on Twitter with yet another user making a long thread about Kitsune’s scamming antics with many others joining in to tell their bad experiences. Her and Ohayou make quite a pair. The thread and peoples responses are vast but they all stem from this user in the screenshots posts. Kits and her boyfriends (NeoTokyo) awful self pitying excuses are just shameful. When the only person voicing their opposing voice to all the angry customers is your partner, you know it’s time to give up and get a real job that’s less demanding.

No. 185028

File: 1638227582145.jpeg (562.61 KB, 1284x2265, 32B8E874-C7F5-4B51-9255-B08551…)

Like for like business model and customer service wise. Must give them both comfort to know there is another like theirselves doing the same awful tactics. It must make them feel less bad about theirselves to blow smoke up each other’s asses.

No. 185030

This doesn’t explain why couldn’t she have hired a customer service person with the massive amount of Kickstarter money instead of spending it all on a Japan trip?

No. 185048

Simple, her and kits alike with the fact they both want to reap rewards instantly than actually putting in the hard graft to fufill peoples orders or respond to customers. Using the ‘mental health’ card is not a valid excuse to run off to Japan with peoples money or conventions around the country buying useless tat. They strike me as the kind who refuse to get a normal day job as it’s too stressful on their mental health. As if solely running your own business isn’t more stressful? Plus they made it more stressful than it should be by just accepting any orders when they all ready have a heavy work load they aren’t really touching out of sheer greed and delight at lots of instant upfront money. Using I’m so smol little and innocent, woe poor fragile me to evade scamming accusations is frustrating angry customers further, only their young followers are buying that not actual grown adults and they’re to ones who actually have disposable income to spend on stores like theirselves.

No. 185079

take that paranoia and do something with your life. send people what they’re owed, step up and run your business. stop making new fuckibg kickstarters if you can’t deliver the previous bags.

at this point people should be expecting more than just a bag but partial refunds. it’s been over a year and she has not only failed to deliver but failed to respond. not counting the uwu so stwessed twitter updates.

No. 185080

>i hope you never - struggle with your mental health.

Funny because if she just owned up and sent out the stuff her stress would go away.

Also people like this who cry like their mental health is the worst piss me off. I get recovery is hard but indulging is pathetic.especially when she goes to trips and events but says it’s for mental health.

sadder than the preteens in comic-con groups begging for handouts “because con is my therapy but i can’t afford train/hotel/food/tickets/cosplay”.

No. 185096

File: 1638300099341.png (811.06 KB, 679x844, nekoxbelle.png)

While Ohayouclothing / Ohayou / Chrissy / Kemonobelle / Kemonoberu was on Twitter crying about being depressed and refusing to answer customer emails and give refunds, she was at MCM London comic con cosplaying with friends.

She had her boyfriend answer her emails and run her twitter as she was unable to (read: lazy), however she was able to spend a weekend cosplaying and having fun in london.

btw I know her in real life through mutual friends, she's totally entitled and up her own arse, bosses her boyfriend around and talks shit about her customers. Not only did she spend the bird itabag KS money on a trip to japan, but she gloated about it. publicly though she was blaming covid for the 2 year delay and bringing out the 'muh mental health' card again… honestly she's gross.

Her new insta is nekoxbelle.

No. 185098

File: 1638300777840.png (136.91 KB, 1134x984, kits1.png)

@KitsuneSpl the scammer posted an apology full of lies, excuses and guilt-tripping on 29th Nov (1/3)

No. 185099

File: 1638300814878.png (162.02 KB, 1092x816, kits2.png)

No. 185101

File: 1638301064920.png (31.5 KB, 1092x189, kits3.png)


TL;DR guys stop being so meeeeeeean, she had to take peoples money and not deliver what was promised (aka scam people) because she needed to pay rent and food uwu have a heart! the audacity of these grown ass women acting like this istg.

she had covid! feel sorry for her!

she's also lying out of her ass about replying to her emails. you can find hundreds of disgruntled users on twitter when you just do a quick search of her name, let alone find screenshots ITT.

No. 185108

File: 1638304077645.jpeg (339.66 KB, 1284x1082, 7CD9961F-C9D8-4B2D-BC6A-12EF7B…)

The only tweet she defended was someone pointing out she can pay for all these expensive Vtuber models and rigging and twitch layouts. Her excuse being that her first model was a Christmas present but that doesn’t explain the brand new model she’s just had completed and the rigging for it. Her views are around 500 or less a stream and she only has 2k subscribers, no way has her Twitch earnings which will be next to nothing cover the cost of her commissions.

No. 185109

File: 1638304394040.jpeg (468.01 KB, 1284x2674, FB95254F-580A-4CDE-BD8E-ECF020…)

Her newest model was showcased by the rigger as being in the high detail margin and is also whole body rigged. Which on the rigging artists price list as $750.

No. 185110

File: 1638304547278.jpeg (241.12 KB, 1284x1197, 3F171790-A063-4A35-8A80-6A7EC1…)

It also has multiple extra expressions and animations in which the costs for such are below. She’s spent a ridiculous amount of money on this model. You can’t cry being poor and struggling to pay rent when you spend all your customers money on a ‘hobby for the weekends’.

No. 185114

File: 1638305358291.jpeg (428.36 KB, 1284x2487, BBB12F0E-C09C-4060-86F2-36FF70…)

And then we have the cost for the initial art work for the model itself which is $1800+
The fact she’s spent AT LEAST $2550 on a avatar for her twitch streams when she has barely any viewers or income from it at all is beyond a joke, especially then to use being poor as an excuse to not send people their packages. Add on top of that, all her commissioned stream graphics and Twitch emotes and her always buying new anime figures and the new gaming PC this year with the giant expensive monitor, the comic con trips and cosplays. Evidently it’s just a straight up lie she made all that money from twitch as even her 24hr debut stream for her new model was abysmal and hardly reached any goals and had to be cut short. This just reeks pure greed and deception, I’m sick and tired of seeing people like Chrissy and her get away with ripping people off constantly.

No. 185115

Damn she looks about 50 in that picture. The sheer audacity of these women is just baffling. They just need to take theirselves offline and get jobs where people aren’t relying on them for paid goods. Even failing that, being on benefits would hurt less people through their scamming behavior.

No. 185117

File: 1638306827740.png (693.94 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20211130-210718~2.p…)


Ohayou chimping out on main

No. 185119

File: 1638306852003.png (352.12 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20211130-210728~3.p…)

No. 185120

File: 1638306927201.png (351.69 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20211130-210755~2.p…)


Why do these women get upset when anyone holds them accountable?

No. 185122

If she was so deep in shit financially why would you spend a load of money to go Japan. Who travels if they’re in self claimed financial trouble. If it isn’t the consequence of her own actions. People don’t want to see her running a business still as her ethics and treatment of customers or shall I say utter disregard of them means she’ll never be trustworthy and also doesn’t deserve peoples hard earned cash. There are so many other kind and reliable creatives out there.

No. 185123

So which is it? Did she make a loss on the Kickstarter? Or did she make enough to put a down payment on a house?

Because earlier this year she was denying she's in financial difficulty and bragging about getting a mortgage.

which is it lmao? Are you just poor when you want pity points for being a shit business?

No. 185124

Oh shit past her has really dropped herself in it. Can’t worm her way out of that one without admitting to being a lying piece of trash which further proves she’s unreliable as fuck.

No. 185125


This is BEYOND unprofessional. Is she fucking crazy?

No. 185126

Generally when someone is actually clinically depressed, they aren't going to want to do their hobbies, or even have the energy to shower and put on makeup. Guess she's only too depressed to work lol.

So embarassing to be whining on your business account.

No. 185128

She does realize she’s bringing attention to her bad antics right? Literally bringing people to look at this thread which will consequently make more people aware and not support her. Yes she’s got a lot of ass kissing going off in her Twitter replies on her posts but there are much more unsupporting people reading those tweets behind the scenes. To do this on her stores account is just childish and makes her look unhinged.

No. 185130

You’re right, nonnie. As soon as she posted the thread on twitter I came searching for it and found all the complaints. I got my bag but holy shit I wouldn’t buy from her again

No. 185131

Nice art mocking actually depressed people when you got called out.

No. 185132

Gonna throw in that this ain't it though. Not every single clinically depressed person shows it the same way. You don't have to be stinkin' and in bed to wanna die.

No. 185133

File: 1638311887725.png (2.03 MB, 1407x2048, Screenshot_20211130-223605.png)

she's barely getting any support on her unhinged lolcow thread so she's now resorting to a giveaway to get people on her side lmaoooooo

No. 185134

File: 1638312246144.png (574.12 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20211130-223543~2.p…)

>>Ages ago they screenshotted me saying I was £40k in debt. It was a credit card bill. Which I paid. With my money. :)

Then why do you keep saying you made a loss from your £100k Kickstarter, when clearly you had £40k lying around? That's not… making a loss???

She just keeps doubling down on her lies and making herself look unprofessional.

She's now trying to bury all this under a giveaway so when you search her name it's full of ass-kissing. The funny thing is this is all her own doing

No. 185136

I almost bought one of their bird ita bags some months back, but I'm glad I didn't, seeing as customers haven't even received an e-mail, let alone the actual bag.

No. 185138

Imagine being one of the people who never received their product sitting at home watching her give some away for free lmao this woman is not cut out for business

No. 185143

File: 1638317994861.jpeg (363.17 KB, 2048x2048, 1A3B0565-BC70-405D-856D-5746B1…)

In 2019-2020 an account called cotswoldblonde on eBay was selling fake designer handbags and clothing. My friend saw a listing for a Chanel purse last year and suspected it was fake. She went to a forum to confirm it. The fake purse ended up selling for over 1,000£ to some unsuspecting person.

Fast forward to now, my friend and I are in a group chat of artists and I sent a link to the bird itabag to them. My friend couldn't see it because she'd blocked the eBay user last year… and then it clicked.

TLDR; ohayouclothing regularly sold fake designer goods on eBay and thought no-one would notice. I just thought this was funny lol

No. 185148

are you sure that's not someone reselling their own bird bag, or even a knock off? It looks like they're only selling one of them.

No. 185149

Check the listing. They're selling multiples in each color of the bag. It's super likely to be her

No. 185150


This is either her or someone who bought a large batch of these bags to sell themselves. Second seems highly unlikely

No. 185157

File: 1638327251201.png (281.39 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20211201-025149~4.p…)

It's her alright.
Check the link here:

No. 185158

File: 1638327273269.png (889.06 KB, 1080x2120, Screenshot_20211201-025156~2.p…)

No. 185229

does she not realise publicly losing her shit like this just makes her look even less professional and even more unhinged? I bought from her multiple times without issue but seeing how badly she's handled things lately I don't think I'll support her again.

No. 185230

doing fun stuff to help lift your mood isn't wrong.

ignoring people for months then turning on them when they express that you're being unprofessional is very wrong.

tldr: grow up and either run a business or accept that you aren't capable because of your health being that bad, and don't. your mental health is your responsibility.

No. 185231

File: 1638373313960.jpg (165.42 KB, 2048x829, PhotoCollage_1638372916163~2.j…)

I also want to add that someone on twitter pointed out that while she was ignoring everyone on main and saying she was depressed - she was selling on Etsy under a new username.

You can still enjoy yourself (cosplay, cons, whatever) while being depressed, ok. But running away from your responsibilities, ignoring customers and withholding refunds… and opening a whole new shop?! That doesn't sit right with me.

She's so shady. I bought a bird bag in the Kickstarter and never received it. Never got a refund either. God knows what happened but people need to know about her.

No. 185346

Guess my bag will never arrive if this is the amount of maturity she has

No. 185365

File: 1638453587608.jpg (1.75 MB, 2560x1920, 1610114907495.jpg)

some more unprofessionalism from the artist salt thread.

No. 185366

File: 1638453621298.png (92.12 KB, 1080x386, 1610115051075.png)

why does she talk like a baby when she is a 29 year old woman?

No. 185367

File: 1638453650640.png (527.48 KB, 1080x1590, 1611333105336.png)

No. 185372

i’m tired of feeling anything for her.

running a business is hard. quit or take a business plan. ask some friends to come round, buy some pizza and pack orders. just do something other than crying online

No. 185378

Wow. How fucking inept. This isn't a burden the people have placed upon you, YOU decided to open a kickstarter/shop, then fuck off/ignore responsibility, and now you're crying that customers are upset. Welcome to running a business, you have to actually run it for it to work.

No. 185458

from what you guys have said, these people actually trusted this one random girl with their money and she fucked things up cuz of "depression" and covid delays. At least people are getting their orders from what it looks like which is better than what 90% of other kick-starters do. kinda cringe youre being this obsessive over her ngl.(sage)

No. 185470

Of course fuck ups can happen, mental health shit happens. The issue she is guilt tripping her buyers into not chasing her up. She is almost 30 and running a business, there's a level of professionalism you're going to expect even when things go wrong that she didn't deliver. She's been proven to be scamming fake bags before this, she's going off to cosplay conventions between sad emoji posting to her own customers for why they don't have their products, she's a scammer who's abusing mental health reasons to be a lazy unprofessional manipulator

No. 185486

hi Chrissie(hi cow)

No. 185498

File: 1638539887019.jpg (1.45 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20211203-075710_Ins…)

But Connie Glynn has received lip filler

No. 185596

She looks nothing like she used to, there must be a specific person she's skinwalking here

No. 185602

File: 1638580723915.png (625.06 KB, 1223x1899, Screenshot_20211204-011449~2.p…)

Ohayou Chrissy called out on more of her lies once again. I can't be sure but this is probably somebody wanting a refund. She seems to ignore those people hardest, in the hopes that they go away.

No. 185840

Her lips were fine before. So confused as to why she did that.

No. 185867

Stami Studios?
More liek Scammy Studios

No. 185965

File: 1638792829402.png (288.05 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20211206-120912~2.p…)

"currently caught up with all emails" yet still has tons of customers on twitter waiting for a reply since October. She's a compulsive liar.

No. 186180

File: 1638896871327.jpg (561.13 KB, 2048x3072, PhotoCollage_1638896675568~2.j…)

More of the same, most recently 2hr ago. She gets caught out in her lies and disrespect of customers every day, what's new. This will be my last post on her until she spergs out again.

No. 186710


I mean, her Tweet was on the 29th Nov saying she was caught up. These tweets seem to be all after that date? So feels like you are just reaching.

I backed the Itabag kickstarter and got my bag just fine. Also noticed the post about reporting the twitter account that was using her header and dp. I saw the account at the time she posted, it was copying her and then changed everything when it got called out. So someone is bsing hard in here, just food for thought.

No. 186830

If you actually read the replies in the screenshots, 2 of those 3 people have been waiting for emails since September (3 months ago), another is chasing up on Pigeon hoodies and socks which Ohayou took money for back in March (9 months ago). Does that sound like good customer service to you? Find it sus you're defending her.

Those 3 screenshots are a drop in the ocean compared to all those on twitter who've complained about Chrissy's terrible customer service. Just scroll up thread and there are tons of screenshots of unhappy customers who have had their money taken from them for "pre-orders" and then have been ignored by Chrissy for months. She only replies when people reply to her on twitter because she gets anxious over how bad it makes her look.

Glad you got your bird itabag but plenty of people haven't despite paying for them back in 2019 lmao.
She recently took money for animal itabag pre-orders, saying they'll be sent out in March 2022. Mark my words, she'll be full of BS excuses and back to guilt tripping about ~muh mental health~ and they won't get sent out until Christmas 2022.

No. 187581


Lmao, oops. I was just looking at the time stamps, I didn't bother reading all the replies on Twitter.

Couple of them said they had been emailing her paypal address and not the business support address.

Like, don't get it twisted. Playing the mental health isn't an excuse unless it's real legit, so I aint looking to defend, but same time someone trying to do something and best their depress is good effort.

Just somethings said here have not added up, so I'm just taking it all with a little salt, you feel me?

Ehh, we'll see. Tbh a global pandemic do be like that, I wasn't surprised my bag was delayed. I've waited way longer for other nightstands and they weren't in a pandemic lmao
I emailed a couple of times about it, got a reply a few days later each time. So it was comfy here.

No. 187810


This overacting is so cringe. Is she really trying to get a film part with this pinned on her twitter? Any casting agent would run a mile

No. 187855

She's so embarassing oh my god

No. 189427

File: 1640015046202.jpg (408.35 KB, 720x1065, Screenshot_20211220-154211_Ins…)

god they look so bad from the side too. typical british tacky trout pout

No. 191094

File: 1640883737141.jpg (211.69 KB, 1080x658, Screenshot_20211230-170136_Twi…)


No. 191115

Hahahaha. Watch her drag this out until September. Bet she goes on another trip to Japan with the money again. Such a scammer, I can't believe she hasn't been cancelled yet.

No. 191116

Don't know if this counts, but what about the guy who got surgery to look like some kpop star.

I'm 90% sure he was from the UK

No. 191127

File: 1640896479957.jpg (93.96 KB, 1200x630, 73967004.jpg)

Olli London? Yeah he got loads of PS to look like Jimin from BTS but actually looks nothing like him lmao

No. 191331

File: 1641037831877.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3785.PNG)

Is Abipop going down the same Alt-gurl path as Connie?

No. 191346

>pink collar
>killstar pentagram top/dress

This fashion is already so dated and embarrassing

No. 191381

Feels like shes still trying to pander to the pedos who used to follow her.

No. 191393

No. 193693

Commented on Ohayou’s post about replying to emails and she blocked me :)(cowtipping idiot :) )

No. 193730

Cowtipping lol wot, this was ages ago before I even knew about this(ban evasion)

No. 193878

File: 1642593714941.png (316.07 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20220119-115734~2.p…)

Ohayouclothing (Chrissy) has decided to close the business.


No. 193879

File: 1642593737643.png (338.24 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20220119-115753~2.p…)

No. 193880

File: 1642593842601.png (113.24 KB, 1080x512, Screenshot_20220119-115809~2.p…)

No. 193884

how long do y'all think it'll be before she pops back up under a different name

No. 193886

File: 1642595648699.jpg (1.27 MB, 2560x2048, PhotoCollage_1642595485097.jpg)

Well she already has her new Kemonobelle website and an Etsy.

She's very carefully calling Kemonobelle her "side/hobby account" to try and get away with treating her Ohayou customers like shit. She is selling as Kemonobelle and replying to those customers as she is actively selling on those sites… buuuuut ohayou customers can be treated like shit I guess.

No. 193914

Good, she lost all credibility and reliability. Someone who ignores emails for weeks is not professional enough to run a business. If I did that in my job I'd be fired a long time ago lmao.

No. 193915

someone should be spreading this on Twitter tbh.

No. 193916

or has a stock clearance sale where nobody ever gets their stuff and she dissappears.

Honestly don't think people will be seeing the fluffy ita bags for a long time, if ever.

No. 193917

Might fuck about and order something just to see what happens(newfag)

No. 193940

Best to look out for her new "hobby" at UK conventions as well as that's where a big chunk of her income originally came from before it became big online. Shady bitch…

No. 193966

As much as I'd hate for any farmer to get their money stolen by this bitch, I am curious as to how this clearance sale will go. Make sure to send an order inquiry and see how long it takes to get a reply, I'm guessing 4 weeks or never

No. 194071

File: 1642685164901.png (115.01 KB, 1080x504, Screenshot_20220120-132414~2.p…)

More customer complaints coming out on twitter..

No. 194080

The bags that took nearly 2 years to be shipped out? What a surprise.

No. 194190

Not that there haven't been valid problems with this brand, but a heavily used item breaking a whole year after receiving it is not a valid complaint, maybe if it broke in the first week or two but a year is fairly normal for bags.

No. 194218

Mine broke after a month or so, used it a few times, wasn’t arsed to chase up a refund(sage)

No. 194224

Are you joking? I've had faux leather bags last me for over 10 years costing £15 from H&M. It's not normal to expect a £50 bag to break after just one year of use nonnie

No. 194323

Are you rich or something? Bags should last for years

No. 194604

Ohayou said stock would be back up “today or tomorrow” four days ago. No new stock has gone up.

No. 194649

What goes through these girls heads to want to appeal to these men? I'm gagging just watching this beast

No. 194674

Pound and dollar signs.

No. 194834

File: 1643063719243.png (905.59 KB, 1080x2024, Screenshot_20220124-223335~2.p…)

She's busy focusing on her new store to keep to her word, nonnie.

Most useless business owner ever. It's only a matter of time before her new "kemonobelle" shop gets a bunch of complaints about not receiving ears.

No. 195047

File: 1643211342918.png (4.67 MB, 828x1792, 0E6DBF26-2CE9-4A34-A903-751236…)

posting on her story while ignoring tweets and comments is just piss poor at this point

No. 195052

>disgusting badly cut nails

No. 195149

ow the edge

Has she seriously got a needle sticking straight out of a pair of ears? What happens if someone stabbed themselves on it? Would she be liable?

No. 195425

It's obviously a rounded off fake needle anon.

No. 195461

these are just cheap aliexpress bases anyway.
it's called a blunt needle but it's still a medical needle and can injure you.

No. 195476

A new UK cow to add to the list.

Some 40 year old furry named Arkyfox who regularly has a bootleg Aliexpress special craft table at many UK comic cons got kicked out of a disability charity called Strongbones for apparently exposing children to her public humiliation pie kink while cosplaying as a clown at one of their fundraising events. She denied everything even though the charity have solid evidence so she's not allowed to volunteer with them again. She claims whoever reported her did her a "favour" and she's living her best life since it happened.

Now she's a ABDL nanny while regularly working at a NSFW nursery and is constantly travelling to kink events around the country and claims that's her "secret job" on Fetlife while having a public Twitter profile for anyone to find.


She doesn't work, claims she 'can't work' due to having juvenile arthritis & gets disability benefits despite proving otherwise with her constant boasting about her wonderful life.

She is obessed with Michael Jackson stans on Twitter under her Be_More_Fox persona and posts alot about narcissism, claiming she has "haters" despite clearly being one herself who constantly self inflicts drama.

She has a history of scamming during her fursuit commission making days and left a bride without a bouquet on her wedding day out of spite in one case.


She thinks she's a successful stand up comedian because she got to perform with Russell Howard for "Joke For Scope" back in 2018 and milks her z-list fame every chance she gets.


Every so often she'll post about how she's lost friends and then wonders why it keeps happening, all when she's attaching herself like a leech to new unsuspecting victims who'll fall for her ways.

No. 195843

this is an imageboard

No. 195851

File: 1643676712848.jpeg (Spoiler Image,423.87 KB, 1536x2048, FBd4zAzWUAAYdE0.jpeg)

Cheers for the reminder anon.

No. 195856


No. 195904

Is this definitely a woman?

No. 195931

Well ABDL is mentioned so that's a warning in itself. If you're aware of the kink that is.

Definitely anon, but I can see why you're questioning it.(sage)

No. 196499

File: 1644179250033.jpg (238.22 KB, 1080x627, Screenshot_20220206-202654_Twi…)


No. 196501

File: 1644179355124.jpg (104.73 KB, 1080x578, Screenshot_20220206-202707_Twi…)

No. 196503

File: 1644179631532.jpg (241.97 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20220206-203332_Twi…)

No. 196519

this was actually resolved tho if you read the thread

No. 196528

Something being resolved only after a year+ , several emails and the account being tagged publicly?

YEAH! Totally not still gross and negligent at ALL!

No. 196531

make a collage next time, unsaged screenshot spamming is annoying

No. 196561

It's so embarassing. Ohayou always tweets that she's "up to date with [her] emails now!" And in the comments there's always like 3 people being like "you didn't reply to mine" and she tells them all to send another email lol.

You only get a reply or a refund if you tweet her because she hates the bad publicity lmao. Such a narcissist.

No. 196562

Obligatory "hi Chrissy!"

Having to send multiple emails and being ignored for 2 years because a company never sent you something you paid for is ok to you? This woman should not be running a business.

I wonder how many people are left without their orders still waiting for a reply to their email? Going to twitter is the only way to get ohayou off her ass it seems

No. 196563

File: 1644248523863.png (481.78 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20220207-153926~2.p…)

No. 196564

File: 1644248844739.png (450.38 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20220207-153940~2.p…)

No. 196566

File: 1644250296293.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x3643, PhotoCollage_1644250196630.jpg)

This person hasn't received something they paid for in 2019 and are blocked on Twitter. Yikes.

No. 196603


Let's put in perspective how awful Ohayou is. Back in 2019 I ordered several presents for a friend, which were pins from US artists and a few pins from her. I thought hers would arrive the fastest as you do being UK based.

The US pins arrived in under a week and hers took over 2-3 fucking weeks with no update via email a all. How does that even work? That was the final straw and it's speaks volumes for her character. Scamming condescending cunt who has no idea on how to run a business and always plays victim when she's called out.

No. 196671

File: 1644330058241.jpg (439.26 KB, 1080x1353, Screenshot_20220208-141918_Twi…)

are you fucking kidding? you don't have time to reply to people but you have time to sell more stuff people will never receive. and you can't even go through your email beyond a week?

No. 196681

I'm shocked to read this about Ohayou. I'm an artist and I've met Chrissy at cons and spoke with her on a number of occasions. I'm shocked to see that she's such a compulsive liar and scammer, especially as it was only last year (or the year before) that she touted herself a holier-than-thou artist who would regularly throw others under the bus on twitter whom she deemed unethical for tracing and the like. A lot of the artists she targeted had tiny followings (~500) and would get harassed to no end. I thought it was good at the time but now I know she's a scammer herself? Gross.

Lying constantly, falling over her own lies. Scamming. Blocking people who ask for refunds. It's just all about the money with her and it's insulting that she uses mental health to excuse herself and play the victim. And hey - if you have the time to start up two new businesses you can answer some fucking emails for Ohayou, Chrissy.

She wanted it kept quiet but fuck it - she not only has her new Kemonobelle business (sorry, "hobby / side account") but she's also started a new t-shirt business called Darling Despair. darlingxdespair on Twitter, darlingdespair.com. She's too depressed to run Ohayou any more and can't answer emails, but she's not depressed enough to run the new Kemonobelle Etsy and a whole new t-shirt shop. Will she claim Darling Despair is just a hobby/side account too when angry customers get ignored for another 2 weeks?

I cannot support her any further and I will be telling other artist friends to check this thread. Just wow…

No. 196694

The whole thing reminds me of the otaq situation with Courtney. Only Courtney disappeared off the face of the earth but they have also gotten away with everything. They both took money and never delivered product, both ignoring emails and both blaming 'muh mental health'.
I can really see Chrissy doing the exact same, it feels like its only a matter of time before she also abandons all her projects and disappears with everyone's money.

No. 196708

She’s starting ANOTHER BUSINESS?! After the monumental fuck up of Ohayou? Jesus fucking christ

No. 196709

File: 1644345412575.png (450.85 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20220208-161104~2.p…)

Yep this is her. ow the edge

No. 196710

I remember that! I'd talk about it more but iirc Ota-Q was based in the US right?.. don't want to shit up the UK thread too much but the parallels are crazy similar to Ohayou.

>emails rarely replied to

>owner using mental health to excuse poor customer service
>owner pretending they're working soOo hard 25/7 when they're actually sat on their asses doing nothing
>orders never showing up
>refund/cancellation requests ignored

Hilariously Ota-Q posted on her Instagram that nobody could have a refund since she donated all the money to BLM. She said it so randomly and then just disappeared LOL

No. 196711

Imagine being so involved with another artists business you threaten to drag her to the con scene. As someone in the traders scene I'll be sure to let everyone know you think your some sort of holier than thou artist.

Its none of our business wtf chrissys doing in the con scene and unless your a customer who's not received their shit maybe concentrate on your own business. Uk artists have a nice community between eachother, try not to ruin it.

No. 196712

File: 1644345911044.png (133.56 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20220208-184410~2.p…)

Her website is an absolute joke lmao

No. 196722

>Uk artists have a nice community between eachother, try not to ruin it.

Weird take. It's scammers like Ohayou that ruin the UK art community - not those of us who point out bad behaviour.

If someone pays Ohayou for a product and never receives it, it makes them think twice about buying from an independent artist again. If they don't receive something from Ohayou's Kickstarter, they are less likely to use Kickstarter to support another artist in the future.

One bad experience with one artist can affect the reputation of the entire community.

I'm not "dragging her to the con scene" I am warning my honest, hard-working friends to stay away and avoid association. Lbr, she dragged herself.

No. 196737

Sounds like you just like to gossip anon.

No. 196751

Imagine defending ohayou lmao gtfo, uk con scene is toxic as fuck

No. 196755

Oh piss off. Dragging Ohayou and getting her blacklisted from conventions would be a step in the right direction. One less cunt to deal with in the artist scene here. She's not wanted and it's clear she has no idea on how to run a "business" without milking her mental health while riding the pity me train all the way to victimland.

Fuck her.

No. 196768

File: 1644363108930.png (110.11 KB, 500x640, when-you-realize-that-your-act…)

>>196755(sage your shit)

No. 196778

Queen of shooting the messenger, you don't think letting people know about a proven scammer is a kind and useful thing to do for your community? Sitting back and watching friends get scammed sounds like the better option to you?

No. 196781

>> running round all the con artists telling on nonnie for being mean to Chrissy when most of them know she’s untrustworthy already
( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝)( ( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝))

No. 196818

The whole community knows to stay away from her a at this stage, we all know what she did to blupotion.

No. 196819

what did she do to blupotion?

No. 196820

Chrissy's ex bf dumped her at a convention to ask Blupotion out. iirc BP did trace a few things but the level of Chrissy's sperging was insane, it was obviously fuelled with wanting revenge. The Blupotion tracing drama was all over artist Twitter in 2019, she got banned and has been MIA since

No. 196821

I'm pretty sure Ohayou asked others to report Blu to conventions to get her black listed as well

No. 196823

If only there wasn't a tracing issue. That alone probably satisfied Ohayou enough knowing that could permanently damage Blu's rep in the artist alley like the petty vindictive twat she is. Without a doubt she's a narc and they do enjoy a smear campaign.

And now the tables of turned. Hopefully we never see her again at any UK cons. I recall she was in regular attendance at MCM Comic Con in London for a while before the pandemic hit. She's literally dug her own grave.(sage)

No. 196825

I don't know where she'd find the audacity to show her face at a convention at this point, since she's conned so many people. At a con if someone asks her where their order is from the last 1-3 years is she just gonna say "sorry I thought I was all up to date with my emails ;; send another one"?

No. 196826

This. Some of the art the 'trace patrol' said was traced was a reach. Pretty obvious she had a deeper meaning to her hate brigade.(learn2sage)

No. 196828

Not really. Art thieves/tracers will often if not always change a few things about the art to attempt to hide their tracks. I think ohayou is scum but blupotion was also.

The same way we dont need scammers who try to grift we dont need people shitting out merch because they dont mind tracing from official artwork. Blu also actively tried blocking as many people as possible as to not get called out after trying to get away with it.

I think people really need to realize at this point 'the cow of my cow is usually also gonna end up being a cow.'

No. 196863

Meanwhile, people are in the replies saying they've not had a response months later…

No. 196864

File: 1644433879213.jpg (251.67 KB, 1052x751, Screenshot_20220209-190550_Twi…)

dropped pic

No. 196880

File: 1644437848723.jpg (160.08 KB, 1062x1241, bemoretwat.jpg)


Well well a cow defending another fellow cow in the wild. Be_more_fox had problems with Ohayou in 2020 over those bird bags, made a lengthy post about everything and now is truly up her arse like they're besties.


Pretty rich coming from someone who sells bootleg & stolen artwork 'crafts' from China at cons and has a history of being a scamming cunt in the UK furry community for doing the exact same as Chrissy.

No. 197017

File: 1644520609472.jpg (348.26 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20220210-191624_Twi…)

Oh yeah, that's why you're closing the shop, not because you're lazy af.

No. 197022

"I know that's not professional".

Nothing about your business skills is professional Chrissy. I love how condescending she sounds and she has the absolute audacity to say customers need to continously chase up with her as she "forgets".

Holy shit this bitch.

No. 197047

>I'm trying to sweep all this under the rug, but feel free to send me another e-mail I can ignore.

She can use the "mental health" crutch all she wants, but there's customers out there that aren't going to let her scam them in silence. Also, how is she going to claim that she knows she's unprofessional, then turn around and try and open more shops?

No. 197059

>”sometimes I forget or mess up”

That’s what you’d say when a package slipped under your couch and wasn’t posted. This is things not being sent out consistently.

Make a spreadsheet, write on a post it. Plenty of online creators have “mental health” issues so they take a day off. touch grass. then go back to work.

sage for sperging but she’s even telling on herself by straight up admitting uwu mento helth can’t send things out. i kind of hope that one person does take her to small claims.

No. 197437

File: 1644857700433.jpeg (28.74 KB, 320x298, 9120FF3F-47CF-42AC-8D0E-8AA4BE…)

Chrissy / OhayouClothing trying to give people epileptic fits now? unlabelled sUPER e d g y glitch effect on all the merch images that immediately resulted in dizziness though the nausea might be from knowing she’s opening another shop while being so lazy with the designs https://darlingdespair.com/

No. 197482

File: 1644893241493.png (1.01 MB, 1366x2048, Screenshot_20220215-023712.png)

I love how Chrissy is trying to keep Darling Despair secret from her Ohayou followers. On the "closing Ohayou" pinned tweet (pic attached) loads of replies are asking her if she's got anything new planned which she's conveniently ignoring.

She's been saying she's having to close Ohayou due to her mental health making her unable to run a business properly then goes ahead and opens a new business hahahaha I can't with this bitch

inb4 she never sends out those animal itabags and pockets the money from pre-orders

Also for someone so obsessed with ~originality~ it's funny how she's just ripping off omocat with the creepy cute girl thing. The glitchy headache inducing graphics on the site are obviously inspired by danganronpa / doki doki literature club too.

No. 197483

File: 1644893341102.jpeg (543.17 KB, 1551x789, FLKvVzXXoAY_vN_.jpeg)

No. 197484

File: 1644893655723.png (1.81 MB, 2048x1650, Screenshot_20220215-025204.png)

Imagine uploading this to twitter and thinking it's good.

I remember when Ohayou used to be good (before the bird bag kickstarter clusterfuck) but wow she really is lazy with her art these days

No. 197504

File: 1644909154157.jpeg (928.84 KB, 828x1252, B5D9BF4E-5F59-4B04-BBDA-BAF445…)

Still has Ohayou customers to sort out, said she needed to have kemonobelle open to get money for Ohayou, yet has the funds to stock her new business. ok

No. 197514

File: 1644927170822.png (1016.74 KB, 1080x1435, Screenshot_20220215-120750~2.p…)

She's spending the pre-order money from August that she got for the animal itabags, that she has delayed until April. The bird itabags were dragged out for 2 years as she spent the pre-order money on a trip to Japan and a bunch of weeb shit, and couldn't afford to buy the stock until a year after the KS.

wouldn't be surprised if this project is dragged on until August, 1 year after pre-orders, or more.

No. 197609

File: 1645005713580.jpg (738.81 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20220215-204109_Twi…)

maybe because all you ever do is fish for validation and have public breakdowns every time you don't get enough likes?

No. 197620

Anyone who has to retweet themselves to bring attention to a post which then doesn't get attention again are a tragic kind of insecure.

No. 197635

File: 1645025698303.jpg (161.39 KB, 1080x537, Screenshot_20220216-153407_Twi…)

Seriously retweeting posts begging for asspats is…Next level…

No. 197660

File: 1645037090077.jpg (100.44 KB, 1080x317, Screenshot_20220216-184406_Twi…)


So tired of every boring white girl jumping on the 'autistic' trend smh

No. 197682


No. 197726

File: 1645068038584.jpg (133.22 KB, 720x695, Screenshot_20220212-170129_Twi…)

connie changed her twitter to an account for just her "book" updates. the band phase didn't work out I guess kek

No. 197779

File: 1645111288734.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2006, 592DD9A1-02C2-4849-8112-34F97A…)


Shes toned down the edgy band look too and seems to now be going for cozy book reader vibes. Does this girl even know what she actually likes? She’s had identity crisis written all over her even before she broke her leg.

No. 197788

She's really speedrunning aesthetics now. Sad to be a fully grown adult and have zero clue who you actually are.

No. 197800

File: 1645124160382.png (3.95 MB, 1440x1892, identity crisis.png)

She's going through identities so fast you don't even need to scroll to see the last one on her Instagram. Are you an edgy goth or a sweater-wearing spectacled librarian? Who knows!

No. 197902

File: 1645206685447.jpg (109.14 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_20220218-174715_Twi…)

the problem is that you still owe people thousands of dollars of stock you dumb bitch

No. 197904

File: 1645206826910.jpg (197.53 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20220218-175235_Twi…)

literally a comment on this post, you can't even reply to emails but you can do a new job? get out.

No. 197905

File: 1645207078254.jpg (836.47 KB, 1079x1451, Screenshot_20220218-175714_Twi…)

Elizabunni got thicc and seems to be over her "sexy" persona

No. 198013

File: 1645256396609.jpeg (Spoiler Image,576.56 KB, 828x1087, 2A4BE777-1B90-4881-8060-E4A6F1…)

What are you talking about, she was just whoring herself out and drawing herself a new jaw earlier.

No. 198025

From what i’ve seen, she only suicide baits and tries to fish for compliments, girl needs to leave social media bc that’s embarrasing.

No. 198051

File: 1645290427193.jpg (232.82 KB, 1080x896, Screenshot_20220219-170302_Twi…)

Right on time anon!

We get it, you gained weight and you hate it. Get therapy and stop fishing, relying on other people to validate you isn't going to make you recover.

No. 198052

File: 1645290536727.jpg (138.2 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20220219-170744_Twi…)

Her bf must feel horrible, imagine having a gf who behaves like that.

No. 198064

Oh she has a boyfriend? I thought she was single because of all the ”boohoo i’m so alone, npbody loves me” tweets.

No. 198127

Yep, and she even Asian-fished him!

No. 198128

File: 1645345170734.jpg (361.05 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20220220-081831_Twi…)

WowwW HoW AwFuL for YoU

No. 198132

Does she have a job or anything? Wondering how she affords all her weeb shit.

No. 198174

File: 1645386210439.jpg (317.94 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20220220-193739_Fac…)

Why do people with like 2k followers think they are e-famous?

No. 198199

She’s probably on UC she doesn’t seem stable enough currently to withhold a job and her past inpatient stays and multiple physical and mental health diagnosis’s probably means she is on PIP as well. I assume her partner works full time but all speculation.

No. 198200

Classic manipulative skills at work there, especially with how she blatantly 'suicide baits". Clearly the boyfriend is a doormat who falls for her tactics all the time. People who do this shit are scum.

No. 198259

File: 1645462676919.jpg (157.03 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20220221-165641_Twi…)

No. 198260

I mean…

No. 198261

File: 1645462975265.jpg (571.65 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20220221-165730_Ins…)