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File: 1545959524679.jpeg (238.81 KB, 1040x1536, mickey t nose.jpeg)

No. 48245

-Ridiculous photoshopper extraordinaire
-Genuinely believes she looks exactly like her shoops
-Anachan who suddenly 'refuses' to speak about astronomical weight loss, but can't stop drawing attention to it
-Claims rare illness caused it after admitting to dieting
-WKs herself on reddit
-'Deactivated' IG and privatized FB after getting called out on here, 4chan and reddit

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/mickey.m.johnson.7
IG: @Thequeenofdeer

No. 48246

File: 1545959562060.jpeg (672.77 KB, 1242x1976, doesn't photoshp.jpeg)

'doesn't photoshop

No. 48247

File: 1545959608824.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1852, photoshpo.jpeg)

No. 48248

File: 1545959665361.png (700.6 KB, 800x1099, 1C30DC00-8E72-450E-8E80-744F27…)

Image dump incoming

No. 48249

File: 1545959708819.jpeg (399.45 KB, 1144x1738, mickey extreme shoop.jpeg)

No. 48250

File: 1545959763905.jpeg (87.05 KB, 323x508, AC03126B-766A-4E35-A736-4CF8BF…)

No. 48251

File: 1545959785264.png (1023.98 KB, 830x1222, mickey diet.png)

Mickey's 'diet'

No. 48252

File: 1545959794324.jpeg (625.62 KB, 2048x2048, F17EC6E0-336A-42BE-BD2E-03D43B…)

No. 48253

File: 1545959837752.jpg (182.98 KB, 527x602, mals.jpg)

But now she's ~super sick~ kek

No. 48254

File: 1545959886836.jpeg (579.22 KB, 2048x2048, mickey t 6.jpeg)

No. 48255

File: 1545959893675.jpeg (713.86 KB, 1101x1135, 076DFEF0-D5D3-4772-B229-9A5D88…)

Totally just angles and contour guys

No. 48256

File: 1545960013127.png (16.07 KB, 531x222, Mickey t 2.png)

No. 48257

File: 1545960113723.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1518, reddit1.jpeg)


Totally "not Mickey". Nothing to see here

No. 48258

File: 1545960156492.jpeg (175.27 KB, 1125x722, reddit2.jpeg)

No. 48259

File: 1545960186696.jpeg (38.2 KB, 187x275, 0066232F-81C1-4F88-AD5A-91A821…)

>makes a post about her weightloss
>posts before and after pics
>”hey everyone look how much weight I’ve lost I’m so inspirational!!1!”
>freaks out and makes a post telling people not to ask her about it anymore lol

No. 48260

File: 1545960235122.jpeg (836.31 KB, 1242x3183, no makeup.jpeg)

No makeup guise! This is all me!

No. 48261

File: 1545960287224.jpeg (177.19 KB, 749x1009, real nose.jpeg)

No. 48262

File: 1545960373538.jpeg (634.59 KB, 2048x2048, MIckey t 4.jpeg)

No. 48263

File: 1545960482287.png (4.85 MB, 1242x2208, BB7B7F18-9B3B-46C2-AF1C-809855…)

Wavy ass bricks

No. 48264


On top of that, she humblebrags about her extra small shirt size in every live video. Typical anachan behavior

No. 48265

File: 1545960806480.jpeg (941.1 KB, 1125x1488, A564D51E-5BFC-4FCE-BB29-777D38…)

What size is my shirt? Oh yeah it’s extra small, you know it’s just so big on me. I’m so small and precious. Don’t ask about my weight though, I’ll get triggered. :((

No. 48266


She was first discussed in the Ridiculous Photoshoppers thread >>>/snow/720482

No. 48267

Her head is really blurred/soft focus but even the shit behind her is in hd lmao this idiot

No. 48268

File: 1545961278446.jpeg (667.29 KB, 1125x1105, 9C194A05-FE50-4805-969D-602370…)

No. 48269

Why would you not include her ridiculous shoops in the OP pic?

No. 48270


>Begs for Mickey thread for days

>Complains about OP pic when anon finally makes one

No. 48271

She is quickly becoming my fave cow. The shoops are crazy and delusional af.

No. 48272

Should have added that she used to self post her own lewds on unichan too

No. 48273


Her IG is still up. It's not gone.

No. 48274

File: 1545963314744.jpeg (46.27 KB, 1080x1047, 05285AD4-22B2-4B11-9B2F-C86B1F…)

Her artwork lol

No. 48275

She's definitely lurking. I clicked it and while i was looking at a photo it timed out. I refreshed and the entire page was gone.

No. 48276

She’ll be back. They always do this to make people feel bad for them and come back a few days later saying, “I’m stronger now!!1! No one can bring me down!!” Kek

No. 48277

God dammit Mickey, please stop. I actually, truly feel bad for you. I don’t know if you were hurt in some way or if you spiraled into this hole of photoshop and lies because of something negative that happened to you in the past, but whatever it was, you really need help. You can redeem yourself! Your art is nice, and without photoshop, you’re really not ugly, your makeup skills are cool. But this situation will never get better if you continue to do things like photoshop, lie and attack people. This is sad.

No. 48278

Attack people?

No. 48279

File: 1545964223074.jpeg (639.01 KB, 2048x2048, 5510A7AF-5CD8-44E7-BDA0-26DB4B…)


No. 48280


Of course she casually says the N word because why wouldn't she

No. 48281

File: 1545964378737.png (861.98 KB, 750x1334, 64EE84BB-0D36-4D21-B2D0-66560B…)

By attacking people, I mean doing things like this. If you’re lurking, Mickey, think about how much it must have hurt when people made fun of you about your weight. Doing this makes you look callous and cruel. But then you make drawings like >>48274 ?? Why is it ok for you to make fun of people’s appearances, but as soon as someone says anything about you, they’re just a hater?

No. 48282


I recognize the girl she's speaking to from the petty girls' group chat. Was Mickey seriously in that chat?

No. 48283


Ok but all this looks ancient??? Her pfp was still when she was obese

No. 48284

File: 1545964755850.jpg (265.33 KB, 720x978, 18-12-27-18-39-11-782_deco.jpg)

Considering it only took her 8 months to become 'not obese' that doesnt say much. Pic related

No. 48285

File: 1545964859466.png (271.53 KB, 802x352, 48f4f106f78aa29d2e9fa3d54ece2f…)

Funny, considering what her facebook banner says. She seems like a very nasty, bitter person.

No. 48286

Does it matter if it’s “ancient” or not if she’s still acting the way she’s acting?

No. 48287

File: 1545965012552.png (453.46 KB, 783x531, mikey.png)

Not milk but why are all of her facebook featured photos of her at cafes drinking black coffee?

No. 48288

File: 1545965197238.jpeg (393.79 KB, 640x1136, D5B89BEB-36D9-409C-9929-9CBD42…)

Probably aesthetic reasons.

Also what the fuck is going on with her arm in this picture? Is that a side effect of bad editing?

No. 48289

I love how the pictures also have handfuls of tacky looking empty splenda packets intentionally left in the shots but I'm sure her MALS makes her do that

No. 48290

I think that's excess stretched out skin, like you can see it at her thighs in some pics. Looks extremely shooped though.

No. 48291

File: 1545965575815.png (2.38 MB, 1440x2323, Screenshot_2018-12-27-20-51-24…)

Her makeup is so dirty, she looks like a burn victim in this photo

No. 48292

It's going to be very unfortunate for her huge tattoos if she ever gets that tragic looking saggy skin removed. Maybe she should have considered that before starting her splenda and black coffee diet

No. 48293

File: 1545965975851.jpeg (75.03 KB, 400x534, E1DDB343-B6D2-4A26-BB7E-7FB90B…)

it’s been really fun watching this all develop the past few days if only she could take her floppy skin wings and fly away from all her problems

Popped over to her DA, is this supposed to be a self portrait? She kinda reminds me of Vicky with the “she can only draw her photoshopped face”/versions of it

No. 48294

File: 1545966380373.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1643, 98D38C7C-38C0-4347-8035-978295…)

I’m getting massive aly_realrecover vibes from this girl.

Pissing myself. She’s loving this attention. If she actually wanted this to stop she’d lay low, but instead she gives us this.

No. 48295

There's more foundation in this picture than in a construction sight. There's more highlighter in this picture than on a med student's textbooks during finals. Who is this bitch trying to fool? I almost feel bad because she's clearly delusional.

She's just an insanely insecure fattie on the inside, still. She may have lost weight, but she's still that obese girl on the "before" pictures. She's pathetic.

Loose skin from weight loss, nonny. She looks downright scary on that picture though.

Shame. She's not an ugly girl at all, but she seems rotten on the inside - or at the very least, very broken.

No. 48296

I apologise for same-fagging but does this bitch put on lipstick blindfolded? I hate this "trend" of just drawing a circle around your lips and calling it a day. It looks awful. Stop.

I mean, she probably believes she looks like this (minus thiccness since she shoops herself into an ana-chan). The BDD is strong with this one.

No. 48297

I love that the reflection of her left wrist in the mirror shows how far she elongated trying to slim it out.

No. 48298

I’m gagging so hard at the thought of putting that many Splendas in black coffee how does she drink that?

No. 48299

This is stupid tho. Am one of mickey's real life friends. Shes been sick for awhile. I have frequented this and PULL and you're so quick to call someone a snowflake, when you're acting like snowflakes yourself. Type of females to get butthurt and then block only to screenshot like you won something. #staytriggered

No. 48300

Here comes mickeys white knights

No. 48301


Nah. I just watch this board.

No. 48302

I said this in the last thread but I’m pretty sure she had gastric bypass just by seeing the excessive Splenda and excessive skin. Sugar is a huge no with GP, it causes something called dumping which is dangerous and painful. Because they’re still fatties and never learned to eat right they end up addicted to artificial sweeteners. Except those aren’t any better really.

I very much doubt she has MALS. I think she binges in fats and sugars regularly and goes to the emergency room from the problems that arise.

No. 48303

You're right, she needs a PULL thread too! Great idea anon

No. 48304


What does it matter though? What if she had? You're shitting on her because you're jealous of her looks and accusing her of photoshop because she's popular. How much are you going to reach to redeem aby self esteem you claim to have?

No. 48305


Lol. Like you frequent pull. To the pasture.

No. 48306

You know what, I think the white knights are right. We should really be more sympathetic towards a girl who’s obviously really sick with a bad case of the liquify tool. Symptoms apparently include using the n-word inappropriately, cracking jokes about Kate Spade’s suicide, ana-baiting, and lying about her shooped looks in order to make herself appear superior.

Having a physical, or even a mental, illness does not excuse lies and shitty behavior.

No. 48307

Sage your shit retard. No one's jealous of her looks, she looks like a ventriloquist's dummy

No. 48308


Proof she baits. You got it? Or you still reaching. Two people here going back to back.

No. 48309


Do you need a google entry of what jealousy means, because you're green as fuck.

No. 48310


There is no doubt in my Mind that Mickey is sick, and I feel bad for her for that. It’s obvious she’s struggling with low self confidence, but as one of her friends, wouldn’t you take a minute to tell her that the way she’s behaving towards people is shitty, and try to help her find a way to deal with her mental health issues?

No. 48311

What RECENT shitty behavior can you even prove?
Even if she said shit in the past I've never seen anything even remotely bad come from her since then.

No. 48312


The funny thing about social media is we all say stupid shit. Its not until people take notice of you that anyone cares. If she didnt have the followers she did, you wouldn't care.

No. 48313

I literally do not understand how people don’t see the photoshop. I literally. Do not. Understand. We can go back and forth about whether Mickey’s a shitty person or not, but that photoshop part is not up for debate.

Please, WKs, please be lying about not seeing it because you’re her friends. I could respect that I guess. You’re defending her character or something. But if you actually do not see the photoshop, you are either literally blind and using an assistive software to type your posts, or you have the IQ of a bag of gravel. I weep for humanity if it’s the latter.

Nobody here is jealous of a face that does not exist outside of an image editing app.

No. 48314

File: 1545969094994.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1600x1197, ED771B68-20F9-447E-AC46-7C5F7E…)

Help her with her mental health. She obviously needs help, or else she would be photoshopping herself. You can’t tell me that she really looks like that when this is how she looks in her livestreams. We’re not attacking her looks (at least most of us aren’t, yes, there are some people nitpicking her post-weight loss stuff) we’re pointing out obvious inconsistencies in what she says is the truth. She needs to become more comfortable in the way she really looks.

No. 48315

I hit a nerve so she must have had BP/sleeve if she’s wking herself this hard kek . She’ll be fat again in a year like all bariatric failures.

No. 48316


I use snow and facetune and no one cares. Not a single person. Why? I dont have a follower fanbase online. Suddenly, someone else does and they use the same app and you loose your fucking mind. Who gives a shit.

No. 48317


You're quite obsessed with her perspective of her body when it has no relevance to you.

No. 48318

This is the worst attempt at integration I have ever seen
0/10 time to log off Mikayla

No. 48319

Guys stop feeding the WK/mickey and report the comments and stop flooding this shit

No. 48320


Who tf is mikayla? Lmao

No. 48321


Report the person commenting because they dont agree with you. Snowflake asf

No. 48322

You’re quite obsessed with me being obsessed when it doesn’t have anything to do with you

No. 48323

Learn to chan fatty

No. 48324


Im fat and proud, insecurities must make you real pretty. Thats why its all anon, because none of you have balls to use your pictures and name.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 48325

Oh you make fun aspergers too. Cute. How edgy you are(pure autism)

No. 48326

I know, thats why I said fatty and not skinny.

No. 48327

Farmers, stop replying, let the mods take care of this. All that’s going to happen is the thread getting filled with shit.

No. 48328


uwu? What are you, a teenager? Ew.

No. 48329


Judging from that response you're not and that's just sad that you never outgrew being a catty teen. Sucks to suck

No. 48330

I read somewhere that major changes in weight, specifically after major weight loss or weight gain, can mess up your hormones and cause mental health problems. I’m curious if that happened to her, possibly.

No. 48331

I think that it's more likely that after blowing up online for her weight loss comparison photos she let it get to her head and starting extreme shooping to get more attention

No. 48332

File: 1545972420051.jpeg (327.95 KB, 1800x1800, EB67E31E-464B-4FE3-9E5E-A56751…)

Ah yes, it’s just make up guise

No. 48333

If that picture is photoshopped, at least it’s more believable than what she’s doing know. It just looks like a smoother version of herself, like what a lot of Instagram are usually post.

No. 48334

All that photoshop and she still can't blend her extensions properly. I can't unsee the clumpiness and color difference now

No. 48335

y'all really need to leave mikey the hell alone. this is flat up bullying and doxxing at this point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 48336

Doxxing isn't a thing, and damn, the WKs in this thread rival all the ones in Amina's threads.

No. 48337

Doesn’t she wear a wig pulled back instead of extensions? I thought it was mentioned back in the photoshop thread

No. 48338

File: 1545974492403.png (12.13 KB, 680x195, mikey.PNG)

pretty sure doxxing is a real thing. and i'm pretty sure y'all went out of your way to find her real name. and it's obvious that this is with malicious intent.

No. 48339

I mean, have you guys ever thought that she used to edit her nose crease out?

No. 48340

At least sage your posts if you have nothing to contribute.

No. 48341

Imagine all the fucks that I do not give. I've met Mikey IRL and she's one of a kind. She looks just like how she looks in her live videos. What a shame that you guys are jealous of her.

No. 48342

File: 1545974940485.jpg (36.75 KB, 540x960, 1545890042198.jpg)

Ah yes, of course. Clearly there is no makeup on her nose and it's all ~natural~

She posted her facebook herself on her own instagram. People finding it and posting it here is not doxing

No. 48343

it’s either a pathetic wk being purposely obtuse or Mickey just trying to try to defend her fake face

both are likely and neither are convincing lol


yeah she may look like she does in her live videos. too bad she looks like a cracked out granny, saggy skin & bingo wings included, and not like the qt anime elf she imagines herself to be.

No. 48344

Doxxing isn't a thing, it's spelt doxing/dox. Posting someone's real name isn't doxing them, are you autistic?

No. 48345

File: 1545975291021.png (1022.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-12-28-00-33-40…)

Lol not hard to figure out her real name.

No. 48346

No one is saying she doesn't look like her live videos. They're saying she doesn't look like her photos

No. 48347

The issue with you is that you would be the type of person to dog on fat people and then put them down when you bully them to the point that they lose weight. Any person who loses around 200 pounds will have excess skin.

No. 48348

And where was that picture screened from? Her mom's Facebook. You literally went out of your way to track down her mother. That is borderline stalkerish and fucking creepy, dude.

No. 48349

Stop clogging every single thing u get posted on as a “long time friend” or “I knew this girl for years”

We all know it’s you and it’s quite sad.

Also commenting #fakenews in the reddit posts calling you out has to be the stupidest thing you’ve ever done .. you know besides showing your tities in random chans

No. 48350

You’re complaining about this thread yet at the same time you’re not saging your posts so it keeps on getting bumped for everyone to see.

No. 48351

File: 1545975613984.png (1.49 MB, 970x1377, totallynotphotoshop.png)

No. 48352

I also do believe this website has rules about repetitive nitpicking and posting family/friends of the cow in question. All of which I've seen done to Mikey.

No. 48353

Nobody ever posted her friends or family.

No. 48354

Imagine there being such a thing as camera angles. I M A G I N E

No. 48355

Why do people photoshop themselves to look WORSE. She just looks dirty here (and in most photos) and she looks like a damn Who from whoville.

No. 48356

File: 1545975776989.png (213.13 KB, 494x365, tumblr_m2eb19QYOJ1qzjdbbo1_500…)

I'll say it again. If you see this >>48262 and feel even a little jealous or bad about yourself, you are a fool. Might as well be jealous of pic related and lose self confidence whenever you see Final Fantasy or DOA characters, too. I've seen Second Life characters that look more realistic and passable than this woman's Photoshop jobs.
No one here is jealous of her (I hope). The level of delusion is just off the charts. She really is a white Raychiel, and I'm just waiting for the hilarity when someone wants to interview her, or takes photos with her IRL and deprives her of editing rights.

No. 48357

Sourcing a photo of her that she is tagged in and which is readily available on her facebook is not the same as posting about her friends and family.

No. 48358

This. No one has posted her family or doxed her. And you keep bumping the thread to the top of snow when you don't sage, thus giving it more attention.

No. 48359

oof haha so glad i woke up and got on here to see this

No. 48360

no one posted the cow’s family, just a screenshotted pic from a social media account

why are cows always so dramatic abt people finding dirt on family’s public accounts? maybe you shouldn’t shop yourself so hard that you freak out at the thought of people finding your real face so easily

No. 48361

y'all only go against people not saging when they are defending the cow in question ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 48362

Camera angles do not shave half your jaw off, make your chin pointy, make your eyes 5x bigger, and make your nose shorter. Nor does makeup. Camera angles can very, very slightly change your face, not to the extent that her’s is changing. You’re reaching really, really hard, and it’s embarrassing.

No. 48363

You're working against your own goal of making us leave her alone. The more you bump a thread, the more it gets sent to the front page.
More of us evil Lolcow bullies will see this thread, click on it, have a laugh at your BFF's horrible shoops, then read your posts and say "Loool some loser is trying so hard to defend her".
Source: It's how I ended up in this thread

No. 48364

Yes because camera angles make your eyes larger your face/jaw/chin smaller, your nose smaller, and backgrounds warp around your waist, legs and arms. Clearly it's just the ~camera angles~

No one would give a shit about her photoshopping if she would just admit to it.

No. 48365

File: 1545976237874.png (254.2 KB, 500x376, 9107A853-5453-468D-8467-FADF16…)

Stop posting “as a friend” and using emojis here

Did the gastric bypass also cut the blood flow to your brain?

The more you comment here the more we will see this thread.

This isn’t reddit when you can hide behind mods.


>maybe she posts a lot about being “a friend” because no one else but twelvies that believe her shoop would defend her

Your ex posted about meeting you IRL on reddit and how disappointing it was

No. 48366

I can't see this WK being anyone else but Mikayla, like who goes this hard for some random instathot who shoops herself into a tattooed blonde alien baby?

No. 48367

> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
lel oh jeeze

No. 48368

This. Honestly I don’t give a single fuck if >>48361 bumps this thread because it doesn’t bother me. I can scroll around it. But if you want the thread to die and for people to stop talking about Mickey, you’re doing it wrong.

No. 48369

Mickey you have your mom in your tagged photos and your friends have you tagged in pics. Whats obsessive is how bothered by any criticism you get whether its lolcow,reddit, or randos on FB. Like half of your fb posts are you just complaining about people calling you out for your look. Youre not a sweet owo deer queen BB doll. Youre an obsessive delusional chick with clear body issues that puts down other girls. Its no secret you lurk here. Get help.

No. 48370

File: 1545976528565.png (5.05 MB, 1242x2208, 1545960482287.png)

It's just the camera angles warping everything, right?

No. 48371

Here’s proof she created different accounts to defend herself on r/instareality

No. 48372

Im actually on that reddit and another instagram vs reality reddit right now where she’s featured. I looked at the posts of her and it was odd how many of the people coming to her defense have accounts only very recently made…

No. 48373

File: 1545976887949.png (Spoiler Image, 503.54 KB, 386x829, Screenshot_2018-12-15-17-17-22…)

No. 48374

Okay, first off, I didn't know what saging exactly was as I am from Reddit.

If you saw pictures of me before I lost 60 pounds and after I lost 60 pounds, learned how to take a proper picture, got a better camera, etc. you'd be singing a different tune.

Also, I'm literally not Mikey. LMAO. This is actually fucking hilarious that you guys think so. She has 4k Facebook friends who actually enjoy having her on their feed. I sure as hell do. She's like a real life Bratz doll and is GORGEOUS.

No. 48375

File: 1545977166738.png (Spoiler Image, 780.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-12-25-10-25-11…)

No. 48376

>If you saw pictures of me before I lost 60 pounds and after I lost 60 pounds, learned how to take a proper picture, got a better camera, etc. you'd be singing a different tune.
>Also, I'm literally not Mikey. LMAO.

No. 48377

File: 1545977303417.jpeg (27.22 KB, 184x184, 08E8A8C2-7AFD-429F-9441-4113DE…)


>She's like a real life Bratz doll and is GORGEOUS.

I kek’d so hard I almost choked on all the milk. Nobody cares if you’re Mickey or not, it’s just hilarious that you believe all of the lies she’s feeding you.

No. 48378

Mikey lost 200.

No. 48379

Seriously. "Real life"? No. "Bratz doll"? Yes, that's what happens when you combine heavy self-hatred and photo editing apps.

No. 48380

>She's like a real life Bratz doll and is GORGEOUS.

holy shit..please tell me you're not above 18 years old because that would be extremely unfortunate lmao. This comment is rivaling some of the mentally ill kpop cows jfc.

No. 48381

I stg most of you sound like jealous whiny girls who are offended that Mikey stole their boyfriend. Good thing she privated all of her stuff so you no longer are getting new material.

No. 48382


>Misspells name twice even though it's in this thread dozens of times because "look how NOT Mickey I am!"

Top kek

No. 48383

if you arent mickey theres no way in hell you're not someone she sent here to defend her because no one else can be THIS pathetic…

No. 48384

Imagine having auto-correct on your phone.

No. 48385

lol and turns to high school level taunts just like a certain cow

pls stop mikayla this is embarrassing

No. 48386

She didn't send me. I came here on my own accord.
I think she's gorgeous, I strive to look like her and be as skinny as she is tbh. She's literally my idol and I dream of commissioning her artwork.

My biggest issue with this is that Lolcow used to be used to dog on SHITTY people, not someone you just may not like because you think they shop their stuff.

This is beyond pathetic at this point. Wonder how y'all would feel if someone posted you here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 48387



Look, she may be gorgeous IRL. I think she’s cute without the extreme shoop. Yes, there are people nitpicking her loose skin. Most of us here aren’t about that life, and I think that’s not cool of those people to do it.

What we all definitely have a problem with, however, is that she lies about photoshop. We have a problem with the fact that she has definitely lied about how much makeup she wears and what editing she does.

The fact that she photoshops isn’t up for debate. We all know she does it, and anyone who denies the shoop is actually delusional. And you know what? We would not care if she photoshops herself into a literal alien with green skin as long as she doesn’t try to convince people that it’s her natural, unedited face. That is the issue we have. The more she and her friends and fans deny it, the more ridiculous it gets, and the more we’re going to push back against it.

No. 48388

> I strive to look like her and be as skinny as she is tbh.

you sound like you're gonna be posted here in a year or so if you are half as retarded as she is tbh so i guess you'll know what its like for yourself and not have to resort to defending other people who will use you as a lackey/slave to do her bidding but otherwise want nothing to do with your ass

No. 48389

File: 1545978365721.jpeg (104.45 KB, 600x800, e3446a96bfa6ea9f195a58cd685e79…)

>most of you sound like jealous whiny girls
>I strive to look like her
>She's literally my idol
Anon, I have some other #goals and #inspo for you.

No. 48390

This is like the sequel to Vicki Shingles first thread, all that's missing is wk-anon (who's totally not Mickey btw, we're just jelly h8urs) to pretend to be several different people.

No. 48391

File: 1545978537832.png (571.69 KB, 602x530, oo.png)

>My biggest issue with this is that Lolcow used to be used to dog on SHITTY people
How would you know that? You didn't even know what saging was until 20 minutes ago.
>not someone you just may not like because you think they shop their stuff.
So, this is what humans look like to you?

No. 48392

When you report back to her, make sure you tell her to grow the fuck up and face conflict head on instead of hiding behind her photoshop and followers. It’s really sad that you strive to be like someone who may be cute on the outside but is really a cold, callous person who denies their shitty past and refuses to be honest with people. Find yourself a better role model and maybe stay off this board.

No. 48393

How do you know how LC used to be if you just came from Reddit and didn't even know how to sage?

More realistic than Mikayla, imo

No. 48394

you're being much too generous anon

her inspo is clearly dr seuss characters

No. 48395

Her Fans must be mentally retarded, when they fall for this Photoshop disaster. She looks horrendous

No. 48396

File: 1545980735293.jpeg (78.64 KB, 480x480, 36B6684B-B551-4E8B-8147-C61E38…)

so grateful to the wk for keeping this entertaining

No. 48397

her fingers are terrifying

No. 48398

File: 1545981080141.jpeg (87.77 KB, 480x480, 12ED70B0-C6FB-4187-A2E7-0352DF…)

what is going on here

No. 48399

Jesus anon nitpick. its obviously just a silly halloween costume pic.

No. 48400

File: 1545982029992.jpeg (28.52 KB, 275x275, 3545C7CA-6BE0-4DBD-B24D-272147…)

Love how she blurred her gut away and left the rest of her dress ribbed and the stomach completely smooth

No. 48401

File: 1545982233238.jpeg (93.74 KB, 480x480, 7E4D96BF-A770-4B76-9826-BD32F1…)

I couldn’t help myself.

At this point it’s not even surprising. It won’t be long until she starts photoshopping all different parts of her body, even her fingers. She reminds me of a mashup of Dakota and Kiki- shoops hardcore like kooter, lashes out at people who call her out on it like Kiki.

No. 48402

what a refreshing glass of milk in the morning kek

No. 48403

Did anyone save her live stream videos from Facebook?

No. 48404

Everyone can tell you are posting about yourself. The only thing you're achieving by pretending to be another person is making yourself look even more ridiculous than your photoshopped alien faces.
I encourage you to keep going though, I enjoy the free entertainment.

No. 48405

I can literally prove that I'm NOT Mickey. Just a friend of her's. It's pathetic that you guys have bullied her to the point that she cried on a livestream. Websites like this have been the cause of 3 suicides.

Can't ya just mind your own business? It's her life - not yours.

No. 48406

Oh probably because literally every other thread is about majorly shitty people, not a person with body dysmorphia who wants to become her best self.

No. 48407

You realise with all the obsessive, creepy tier WKing you're doing you're only making the situation worse for her, right?

No. 48408

bitch if jeffree star can turn into lord voldemort with makeup and get away with it, mickey can be the best deer she wants to be. makeup is an art.

No. 48409

Again, I can prove that I'm not Mickey.

No. 48410

You know why people like you are on forums like this? Because you have no better use of your time, probably can't get real dick/pussy, so you sit there and want to be validated by other bullies and post ~cows~. Imagine having nothing to do. Imagine not having any real friends like you do. Can't fucking relate because Mickey is one of my ACTUAL friends and I'll continue to defend my friend.

But hey, at least I'm saging now.

No. 48411

Makeup does not shrink your head or face structure. How stupid are you? Not to mention, JS used special effects prosthetics to turn into voldemort. This White knighting is honestly getting embarrassing.

No. 48412

Maybe you should stop replying? Let's see what you really look like? Probably a fat old beta male in his basement jerking off to girls like Momokun while simultaneously posting them because you secretly hate yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 48413

File: 1545991691695.gif (519.54 KB, 379x235, milk.gif)

for real. i didn't give a single fuck about this girl until her WK started sperging all over the thread. please keep the delicious milk flowing you crazy crazy autist

No. 48414

Imagine thinking there was only one person defending Mickey.

No. 48415

Pls go you weird bitch, you've been WKing for hours. If I were Mickey, I'd be more afraid of my weird ass stans than randos on a gossip site.

This sperg is too salty to be a simple WK. Micks, dat you?

No. 48416

> wants to become her best self
> photoshops her photos to hell and back


No. 48417

The original WKer was banned earlier, you can see that if you over over their number.
Mickey is my friend. I'm doing this because I deeply care about her and her wellbeing. She actually has an illness and everyone on here is poking fun at it, at her loose skin, etc.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 48418

Normal people do not log into the internet to cry on live stream because of strangers on the internet, not even other cows who have had worse about them exposed here. This bitch needs a therapist, to dump her enabler WKs and to get off the internet
This thread is a goldmine now though so there's that.

No. 48419

File: 1545994616441.png (54.73 KB, 200x120, uGdukQd.png)

>New boring thread
>Created a few hours ago
>169 posts

Is this some kind of wannabe Vicky?

No. 48420

This thread was made because she kept getting posted about in some badly shooped costhot thread (well I think it was about costhots originally, then became badly shopped instahoes central) I think one of the WKs is her, the other one seems to be a friend from Facebook. (i still think one of them is her tho) I do think she's Vicky's daughter, though. And no one can prove me wrong.

Anon, was she diagnosed with BDD? You claim to be her friend, but your other posts read like you're only her friend from Facebook, not in real life. Few anons made fun of her loose skin (if they even did, that is. The loose skin posts from the last thread had people speculating if she was self-harming or people saying she used to be a "fattychan" and is now anorexic), the majority of us haven't. This thread is only here because of your friend's embarrassing online behavior. Instead of enabling her, how about trying to get her some help? I mean, she's crying on live because people saw what she actually looks like. Seems enabling her has made everything worse.

No. 48421

If you truly care about her, you would be advising her to seek professional help for her BDD. All you're doing so far is drawing more attention to her thread.

No. 48422

Your originality. 11/10

I've been waiting ages for this thread. We all knew Mickey would sperg out over this. Really feels like a new Vicky. Thank u for the milk.

No. 48423

I truly feel bad for her because without photoshop she really is pretty. It’s disheartening to know she is so insecure with her appearance that she feels the need to photoshop herself so garishly.

No. 48424

except she's really average looking

No. 48425

>Mickey lies about shoop, makes fun of suicide and autism, likes to say the n word
>we point it out
>WK: how dare you attack someone on the Internet like this!!
>also wk: you're obese! Youre a sad lonely male! You have no friends! You're so sad and lonely! Etc etc

I am so old and tired

No. 48426

File: 1546011134740.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, A63278DE-6B25-47C3-93D3-888121…)

You literally just said that “at least I’m saging now”, “I just came from reddit and didn’t know how to sage” while responding to a post, that was in response to those posts you claim ~aren’t yours~ and you’re repeating the same verbatim shit as (your) other posts when you didn’t sage and got red texted by mods. You are so fucking embarrassing. Holy shit.

Not only are you not actually responding to all the evidence, but you’re lying about her not doing/saying/knowing certain things, a lot. And got super defensive about the gastric surgery. You sound like the retard trying to WK her on reddit and 4chan.

And by the way, you fucking retard, this is an all female site.

First were ~sooo jealous~ of some girl that looks nothing like she actually does and has a shitty personality, try’s to make her followers feel bad, and is rude to others, shopping the shit out of her face and body, while WKing herself all over reddit. (Who wouldn’t want to be like that?! We should just throw away our advanced college degrees and stable jobs to LARP as a who from whoville on IG and spend hours covering up our shit to not get caught, bc were so jealous kekekekekekek x10)

Then we’re ~beta males jerking off in the basement~ who just want to fuck her and are ~obsessively stalking~ her.

We can post whatever the fuck we want on our own site, she makes all these photos and her full name, all of this shit, very publicly available. Stop pretending like you’re newfag ass knows anything about our site bc you scrolled through the /pt/ catalog. This is literally the whole point of the site. You know nothing about this place if you don’t know why she’s posted here. She isn’t special or ~totes innocent deer who didn’t do nuffin wrong and doesnt belong with the other cows who are actually shitty~ She is shitty as well. She is a cow. She is just like the other cows posted here. Not that hard to understand. This isn’t even her thread. She’s nothing on this site but a tiny, warped, blimp on the radar. She isn’t some special cow who everyone is constantly ~obsessed~ with. What an ego lol. This is a gossip forum, not a asskissing hugbox. And btw you’re mixing our site with others in you’re ~you drove 3 people to commit soduku~ claims.

We can all tell which posts are yours, all of us. Thanks for bumping the thread and showing hundreds of more anons this thread, who would’ve never seen it in the first place. The free 2% milk you’ve provided is phenomenal, thanks! Can’t wait until you get a thread here.

I’m just waiting for mods to come in and track the IP address and reveal all the posts. $10 that it’s coming from the same state as mickey.

No. 48427

i feel blessed for waking up to this fresh milk

No. 48428

Ah yes, a neck that's naturally 1/2 the size it should be. Beautiful.

No. 48429

Mods please ban and expose Mickey/“her friend”. I need the milk.

No. 48430

2018 is coming to a great end, chug up anons

No. 48431

Well, go tell your friend (if you're really not Mickey) that you just fucked everything up and just gave us free milk today and that her thread is much more active thanks to you and her WKs. Sure she's gonna be so thankful and happy.
Wow, with friends like these…

No. 48432

I’m so sad I fell asleep last night and missed even more milk. Every fucking time somebody is posted on this board and gets called out for photoshop, some rando wk comes in and spergs up the thread with “Y-You’re just jelly of how booteeful she is!!!1! I know her in real life and she’s a perfect gorgeous elf goddess!”, while at the same time completely ignoring the anons talking about their shitty behavior that goes past photoshopping. It happened with Dakota, it happened with Taylor, it happened in the cothot thread, and now it’s happening with Mickey. The carousel goes round and round, but this milk is delicious.

All of this, 100%.

No. 48433

Most people who have lost a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time have body dysmorphia. It's usually developed after weight loss and causes the person to only see their past self. This is a psychological fact. It may not be true for everyone who loses weight, but it has a HIGH likelihood of happening.

She did not have gastric bypass to lose weight as someone mentioned in the last thread. She lost weight quickly with low carb, high protein, low fat. Similar to the keto diet, I presume.

Since this is an all female site, then you women are most definitely jealous of her. You grab the worst blurred screenshots from low-quality live videos. A person doesn't look the in a screenshot from a video as they do from a planned photo. She still looks like the same person. Must be nice to bash someone anonymously. I couldn't imagine what kind of cows you people are.

And she's admitted to using highlighter on her nose. She doesn't contour.

And also, not even bumping this as it has been saged.(Ban evading )

No. 48434

>she still looks like the same person
No, no she doesn't. Not even a little bit. She clearly photoshops herself to look like a ~kawaii deer elf anime goddess~. Her shoops look like an uncanny anime figure, not even remotely like her real, non-anime, human face. The photographic evidence is all in front of you to see.
Just compare the nose to eye ratio in any of her edited photos. In them her nose tip is a third of the size of her eyes, and her eyes are edited to be larger than they should be. Unless you have drastic plastic surgery or are voldemort, that ratio doesn't naturally happen.
This unnatural ratio isn't present in her unedited photos either AKA it doesn't resemble her real face. Her nose tip and eyes are roughly the same size, which is normal.
I could also talk about the pencil neck, absent jaw, or wiggly doors, but those are already obvious.
You cannot argue that it's her natural face or that it looks like her face because it very obviously does not. No human could physically be proportioned in the way she shoops herself. Nobody is jealous of her doctored anime face because it. isn't. real. She might as well be posting drawings of herself because her photos have no bearing on reality.
The only way you could not see this is if you are 1. blind 2. severely mentally impaired, or 3. being purposefully obtuse because you're WK'ing for yourself or as a "friend".

No. 48435

>She's like a real life Bratz doll and is GORGEOUS.
new banner material

No. 48436

>she doesn't contour
Lmfao what hill are you trying to die on? She cakes on makeup and abuses Photoshop like a child

No. 48437

File: 1546031400492.jpg (692.12 KB, 867x1400, IMG_20181228_1.jpg)

"you are female therefore must be jealous!!" girl…

Also the thing about highlights is they show shoop way more clearly. Look at all the angles going on in her hair

No. 48438

File: 1546031874621.jpeg (20.14 KB, 672x280, 37FECB0E-7757-4884-A6E3-CECFA0…)

Here anon, I got you a gift because you obviously have the worst fucking eyesight of anybody on this board. There are literally comparison pictures all over this thread of her photoshopped face vs her not photoshopped face, and you still adamantly believe it’s not photoshopped. Or are you just in serious denial?

Also, the red text on that post suggests that there’s at least one person continuously whiteknighting on this board so I doubt it’s just Mickey’s “legions of adoring fans” that continue to post.

No. 48439

File: 1546032692962.jpeg (292.16 KB, 1233x2039, 0945BF31-0643-441A-A65D-ECE92B…)

She doesn’t contour her upturned nose with a line..???

No. 48440

File: 1546033902713.jpg (94.71 KB, 1080x1350, 46652086_324773154920054_55734…)

the amount of shooping that goes on is unreal. if i actually met someone who looked like this in real life, i'd think she was one of those creepy-looking plastic surgery addicts

No. 48441

Clock the curved magazines on the magazine rack and the weird pixel-y effect between her legs. I wonder if she actually uses photoshop or just meitu like most of the cows.

Please someone make this a banner.

No. 48442

Why does her leg look bruised?

No. 48443

I’ve known of Mickey for quite a while now and if she really did lose the weight then I’m proud of her.

No. 48444

She obviously uses snow.

No. 48445

Why do all these cows have to photoshop pics of themselves behind straight lines? It's fucking hilarious, they'll never learn.

No. 48446

File: 1546038669299.jpg (19.9 KB, 567x540, Kawaibratzdesu.jpg)

Yes, the look of our dreams.

No. 48447

File: 1546039149217.jpeg (151.89 KB, 640x1049, E54DD6B0-5E79-4719-A447-7A2AA6…)

Really Mickey? Why are you charging as much as you are for commissions when you’re next to unknown? There are artists 10 times as popular as you are who are charging these prices, and their commission slots are always full.

No. 48448

I’m the anon who originally posted screenshots from her livestream, and even I think this is a nitpick.
Art is still a labor and she can set whatever prices she see’s fit, 10$-50$ a few hours of dedication and creation is not a lot.

Stick to her crass, cringey personlity and lies, her art is probably the only worthwhile thing she has going for her, at least she does something.

No. 48449

>Since this is an all female site, then you women are are most definitely jealous of her.
Wow, that sounds pretty sexist to me. A woman can’t dislike a person’s behavior for a list of rational reasons? It must be because of them hormones and jealousy? Women clearly can’t have opinions unless it’s motivated by feels? Are we all on our periods here? Why not let the men handle this one?
Give me a fucking break.
>Must be nice to bash someone anonymously
Can we please implement a policy here on lolcow where anyone who employs some kind of “say it with your faces and names you cowards” rhetoric immediately gets their IP displayed? If you’re so bothered by our anonymity, why not show us your name and face yourself?

THIS! I keep saying this. Hey, friends of Mickey, the fact that she edits her images is not up for debate. It is just not. She edits badly, and even if you’re too dumb to be able to see it, we’re not. Maybe she’s gorgeous IRL, but she definitely doesn’t look exactly like her photos.

Literally half their problems could be solved by just finding a solid background, or one busy and irregular enough that shoops get hidden.


No. 48450

As an artist, I disagree. Most artists set their commission prices at the rate they receive commissions and how in demand their commissions are. You wouldn’t see a brand new on the scene artist charging $100 for a digital print, while for an artist that’s fairly popular, you would see them charging that price, or even more. Her art isn’t terrible, but she should be starting a little lower and then slowly raising her prices to meet the demand. It’s a labor, but it doesn’t necessarily make it worth the price she’s charging.

No. 48451

File: 1546040025854.jpeg (341.44 KB, 1242x1527, CE10B1F4-2B03-4DD3-A52A-D3D74F…)

Even shooped her hospital pics
If I saw someone IRL with wavy arms I’d contact center for disease control.

No. 48452

She says in the post that most commissions are on the lower end, I think it’s within reason that something extravagantly detailed could end up being 100$
Not trying to argue with you because I get what you’re saying, but she has rich parents and not much to show for herself so I’m sure she’s not actually getting 100$ out of people on the regular anyway.

No. 48453


I agree with all of this kinda. On the one hand, she can charge whatever she wants. Nobody’s forced to buy her art, and while I do agree that $100 is a lot of money, it’s not so unreasonable if she puts a lot of effort and detail into the product. She’s unlikely to get a lot of customers at that price given that her work isn’t in high demand, but she really can charge what she wants, and if she makes $100 on one piece, good for her.

On the other hand, I think it depends what the quality of the art is and how honest she is about it. If she’s charging $100 for a “complicated” piece and it’s really simple and not at all what the commissioner asked for, then we can get into a discussion of her art prices.

No. 48454

That makes sense, I understand where you’re coming from. I suppose I was thinking of the artists that are very, very skilled, but even they, when they’re new on the scene, don’t charge that much for their commissions because, hey, they’re new. I could understand it being $100 if there were multiple, full body characters, full color.

That’s terrifying

No. 48455

this is actually kinda cool for halloween or something lol

not as an everyday lewk tho

No. 48456

yo how do none of her followers notice that her hands are bigger than her head?? lmao she literally shoops half her jaw off and forgets to edit the rest of her proportions. a regular vicky shingles.

No. 48457

I don't think the prices are unreasonable, but why is she charging less for traditional than for digital?? It should be the other way around, digital is cheaper because it doesn't require you to buy/use physical materials.

No. 48458

She’s not very smart to begin with to not properly edit herself (and to believe that everyone will believe the edits in the first place), and her followers are even less smart to believe are really looks the way she edits herself.

No. 48459

Look at how the string from her sweater follows the curve of her leg lmao

No. 48460

File: 1546047554731.jpeg (30.86 KB, 320x320, 9EEEA8D5-A3DE-4AB7-8268-FE5D55…)

i think you guys are waaay nitpicking what she’s charging for art. I’ve seen lots of people charge around what she is for about the same skill level. general rule of thumb, charge whatever you think your art is worth and adjust if you find you’re getting too many or not enough buyers for your liking. from the looks of it her deviantart isnt even active anyway.

No. 48461

Clearly it's ~all natural~ anon. Can't you see she's a real life Bratz doll and GORGEOUS

No. 48462

It’s not about skill level. It’s about how new you are to the art scene and how popular your commissions are.

No. 48463

Forget the string WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER KNEE!
“She doesn’t photoshop she’s an all natural bratz doll!” Ok, then get her to a hospital asap because there is something seriously wrong with that joint.

No. 48464

File: 1546048059578.jpeg (17.5 KB, 201x251, E39510AF-E20C-4F44-AC73-75CA04…)

No. 48465


Ok, sorry, I don’t think her art is worth anything. But what the fuck, “It’s not about the skill level”? Fucking Luna Slater has been selling her art for years, doesn’t mean that it’s worth anything. Because she has no fucking skill.

This is such a silly arguement anyway, because there is actual milk w/this bitch.

No. 48466

I’m the one who brought up the commission prices and while I don’t agree, the one thing I do agree on is that it’s not milky and I derailed a bit. Sorry about that

It’s sad that she shoops her hospital photos too. You’d think she wouldn’t want to post pics like that at all, since dealing with medical issues is a personal thing.

No. 48467

I'm pretty sure she only shopped her hospital pics because surely, no one would Photoshop pics of themselves in the hospital, right? Kinda like how Winona Hayashi (whatever her name was) shooped her mom's corpse to look more like the liquified and whitened version of herself she posted online.

No. 48468

her fingers freak me the hell out in almost every pic i see of her more than her face does

No. 48469

File: 1546059377671.jpeg (30.78 KB, 320x320, 74CDCF4B-A229-4DA1-94D3-F2C553…)

her necklace looks weird, like it’s floating kinda? why does she feel the need to shoop so heavily, this would look better without it

No. 48470

Looks like she slept in her makeup. Her lips look blurry and shopped, I'm sure this pic would be so much more flattering without the makeup and shopping. Kinda sad.

No. 48471

File: 1546059924640.jpg (158.1 KB, 663x1024, FTF_Print_TheLittleMermaid_201…)

I feel as if she's trying to emulate and literally BE a J. Scott Campbell drawing. All of his cheesecake-y girls have the same pinched faces with ski slope upturned noses and tend to have freckle clusters. It's a very dated aesthetic.

No. 48472

You’re not wrong. I can’t believe I didn’t notice sooner.

No. 48473

When I first saw this image I thought it was an IMVU avatar

No. 48474


Those features look beautiful naturally, but she overwhelmingly goes to an extent of looking like an alien.

No. 48475

File: 1546061142593.jpeg (84.33 KB, 960x480, AD124A1E-D21E-4E44-97DC-3BBDFB…)

This comment proves she doesn’t even change her tone lmao
“I’ve known her for a ___ “ is all she can say when wk herself because she actually doesn’t have anyone lmao

No. 48476

File: 1546066678514.png (265.1 KB, 833x278, gorgeous!.png)


i'm no photoshop expert but i am loving this thread and i couldn't resist trying my hand at this. what a beautiful disaster

No. 48477

Oh my god, you’re an angel anon, it’s great. Can we please use this as a new banner?

No. 48478

Great job anon. I think you can submit it somewhere in meta if it doesn't get picked up in here.

No. 48479



Banner thread >>>/meta/962

No. 48480

She got a lot of shit from her followers for modeling this sweater for Dahvie Vanity

No. 48481

File: 1546106169433.jpeg (83.25 KB, 640x640, 88890550-5FBA-4FC0-9A9C-AB9FF9…)

No. 48482

Vicky Shingles lost sister? Both look plump and average in RL and shooping themselves to those…creatures. they even look alike

No. 48483

this one seens like a nitpick. wavy hair can just do that after being straightened.

No. 48484


Why? Never heard of them

No. 48485

File: 1546112607402.jpeg (364.46 KB, 1242x1047, FA59B74B-DFC1-45D4-A7F7-06A757…)

Dahvie Vanity is a pedo and overall awful person. Seems like Mickey deleted all criticism except this

No. 48486

The least Mickey could have done would have been to make a statement or something saying she does not support Dahvie and then explained her reasoning for continuing to wear the sweater instead of not being able to handle criticism and deleting comments.

No. 48487

This girl is such an insufferable narcissist. I feel like we truly are watching the birth of the new Vicky Shingles, now I'm just waiting for the sperg about either being an award winning intellectual or maybe some sperg about being the next Da Vinci.

No. 48488

File: 1546118871801.jpeg (124.71 KB, 612x612, D60CC632-B500-49BF-8621-8AAC16…)

It doesn’t get pixelated though, and it sure doesn’t fall that neatly into perfect wavy highlights. Plus the rest of the image is shooped to hell.

You lucky duck. On top of being a pedophile and one of the ugliest souls on the planet, he’s also one of the ugliest faces on the planet (pic). His image in all iterations makes Mickey’s alien shoops look amazing. Also don’t listen to his music. You will regret it.

This is the weakest-ass excuse for apathy that I’ve ever seen. You either support him or you don’t. There’s just no way to casually not care about pedophilia.

Does she have a publicly-known PO box? Not asking for the sake of doxxing (if so, don’t share it here), but if the answer is no then she’d have to have known beforehand that stuff would be sent her way. She’d have had to give consent and an address, so she knew what she was doing associating herself with Dahvie.

No. 48489

Tf is it though with chicks and making their chins super fucking ridiculously pointy. No one human has a chin that looks like that. I get secondhand embarrassment when they try to claim the Doritos chin is real.

No. 48490

Do you have any idea how hair works? Wavy hair anon here, when I straighten my hair, in an hour it doesn’t become a warped mess. She photoshopped herself in this picture (obviously), and anon was pointing out that it screwed up her hair.

No. 48491

File: 1546124966551.jpeg (279.94 KB, 1242x1623, 956AEEB5-E86D-4D61-871E-9C7FC2…)

She doesn’t have a known PO Box. She posted that dahvie follows her on Instagram and has her phone number (that post was deleted).
She didn’t seem to like him a year ago but I guess that changed when she was given free shit.

No. 48492

Can you imagine announcing Dahvie Vanity follows you because you think it’s a big deal?
> “Omg guyz this 34 year old washed-up crusty scene pedophile knows who I am!! He follows me and I’m wearing his sweatshirt!!”

No. 48493

Dude I thought the milk was over, this shit just keeps getting worse
Dahvie vanity is one of the most disgusting things to ever happen to the internet, when I was a teenager on MySpace he used to try to PM me and all my underage friends…
It’s crazy that it’s been so long and he still spends all his time looking at girls on the internet.
And of course this insufferable bitch would be like “it’s just a sweater~ it’s so cute idc about the brand~ idc that he raped and preyed upon SEVERAL underage (some as young as 12) girls~”
Fuck you, you privileged cunt, stand for something in your life, how vapid can you possibly be?

No. 48494

Does it bothers anyone else that she tries to pull off the half wig as her real hair??

No. 48495

Nitpick. Most people who wear wigs or hairpieces don't go out of their way to point out that they're wearing one. I haven't seen her try to claim her hair was all natural

No. 48496

Instead of calling everything a nitpick, why not contribute some conversation to the thread? Bring up a different topic or something.

Personally it doesn’t bother me, since there’s a lot of people who do that. What bothers me is that she’s so bad at trying to pull it off. Whenever she wears a wig, it looks sloppy. Imo extensions are usually easier to pull off as real hair than wigs.

No. 48497

lol band guys especially in the uWu im so scene and goth scene will follow literally anyone they think will give them promotion/pussy

they dont care how old you are

No. 48498

i have a list of bands that would do this to me and people i knew who were very obviously between 13 and 16 years old and i cant wait until they are all exposed but it seems it hasnt done much to his image outside of forums like this

No. 48499

Ohhh… Greeeeat… insert smile grimace here
>famous-ish person follows her
>omg now he’s my fave please spoon feed me more attention so all his fans will be jealous and follow me
She’s one of those people.

Hard agree. Maybe five years ago someone could be excused for not knowing or not believing that Dahvie’s a pedophile, but there’s no excuse for it now. Sorry you had to deal with his creepy ass, anon.

No. 48500

On the contrary, I think he might finally get taken down, or at least there’s a higher chance now. More news coverage, this time outside the emo/scene community. His merch got dropped from several stores, so no amount of photoshopped idiots promoting him will give him revenue that way. You cannot buy the product if there is no product to buy.


There is literally no way that Mickey doesn’t know about his crimes now.

No. 48501

i hope youre right! karma has come for most of the bands in the form of their bands breaking up/literally not getting anywhere but actually seeing them arrested and held accountable especially if they actually acted on the messages they were sending out would be sweet

No. 48502

File: 1546133832249.jpeg (160.64 KB, 640x1013, D0821B12-5B0F-48F4-82F5-91DA09…)

I’m sure she knows. The first two top results that appear when you google “Dahvie Vanity” are articles about his sexual assault accusations. There’s no way that there’s almost anybody who doesn’t know. Mickey just seems like the kind of shitty human being that would support someone regardless of the things they’ve done. And yes, Mickey, wearing the marketed clothing of a person who’s done the things Dahvie has done is supporting him. Would you wear a shirt with a swastika on it because “Omg the shirt is so cute guyz and someone just like sent it to me!!”

inb4 “You’re all jealous because someone famous is following her”

No. 48503

File: 1546134274530.jpeg (66.4 KB, 1129x443, CFFB773F-A51D-43A6-AA8C-75314B…)

Here’s a comment from this >>48491
she’s always known he’s shit

No. 48504

Oh ffs
She either has no morals, pretends not to have morals, or has no clue what “morals” even are.

>“omg guise stop bugging me i know the kkk is evil and all but my head is cold and they were cool enough to send me this really neat white hood”

No. 48505

I thought the same thing. I haven't checked her DA to look for examples but based on the pricing she's obviously not confident in her actual drawing skills or she'd be charging similar or higher rates for traditional. Working digitally is MUCH MUCH more forgiving when fixing proportions and colors, you can't ctrl+z or warp your sketch on paper without starting over. It's easier to hide mistakes, trace and add background effects that can be painstaking and incredibly time consuming to produce traditionally. It's not surprising that a photoshop qween places a premium on photoshop art.

No. 48506


Is this the only time she has mentioned having MALS?

No. 48507

First time I heard of it. First she was open about her weight loss saying it was a struck protein-rich diet, then talking about her weight loss was too personal and she didn’t want to talk about it, now she has MALS. Clearly she had a serious ed and refuses to be open about it. But the rapid weight loss and photoshopped self esteem screams ed so

No. 48508

This is her second time mentioning that disorder specifically, but in the past she would imply that her weight loss was due to 'my illness' and not say what the illness was. Now she's jumped from 'vague illness' accompanied by hospital photos and ignored comments asking why she's in the ER, to 'surprise it's MALS'

No. 48509

She needs to make up her damn mind. Either she’s against a guy who’s a rapist/pedophile/All around piece of shit human being, or has going to support him by wearing his fucking branded merch.

I don’t want to armchair about her having an ed or not, but isn’t it hard to lose that much weight in such a short period of time without fasting, skipping meals and starving yourself? There are people who were as big as she was, eating healthy and working out for a year and they’re still bigger than she is now. Granted, she could be photoshopping her body, but it’s still odd. I’m not a nutritionist so I don’t know.

No. 48510

Did anyone save her videos? She deleted her accounts so quickly

No. 48511

Yes its typically very hard if she lost it in that short amount of time. Eating literally ANYTHING while starving yourself can cause bloating and weight gain, so she'd have to have been steadily starving and subsisting on the very least amount of nutrients possible. The only time ive seen people lose that much weight so fast without surgery has been people on extreme diets like some keto or vegan ones. And even that doesnt make the weight just melt off like that for awhile. Granted she was bigger, and the more obese you are the faster you can lose weight. But still shes skinny even for a typical non obese person. To the point where people question whether or not shes ana when they look at her. So Id say its either that she had surgery and possibly lipo as well, or she starved herself hardcore for a long period of time, which could create a plethora of problems.

No. 48512

I really don’t find her ugly on the left besides her lips looking kinda retarded
Her shops just come off as bargain bin valeria lukyanova
Do people really think that’s real? Kek

No. 48513

What's her new IG name?

No. 48514


If she does have MALS and had surgery to correct it, she should be able to resume a healthy diet and regain weight. If she does not she will raise red flags for ED with her doctors. At that point she could go munchie to cover for ED. If she is restricting she could have caused GP and a host of other GI disorders. She did not mention being sick until she was thin.

How long ago were her surgery pics? We need to be better about dating caps and timelines for cows who DFE.

No. 48515

I don't think she has a new IG, her current one is just temporarily disabled. She will be back.

No. 48516

Is this from her most recent video upload?

No. 48517


People care because she's claiming it's her real face when it's not.

No. 48518

What even is the design on the sweatshirt? Can't tell in the pic.

No. 48519

File: 1546210470686.jpeg (177.33 KB, 750x1093, 719ECEBD-E0C4-4F35-B0EB-87A14C…)

Found it.

Wow that’s one ugly sweatshirt. Mickey has no morals and no style to boot.

No. 48520

File: 1546223400509.png (499.72 KB, 602x530, notphotoshopped.png)

She doesn't shoop guys!! She looks like this in person!!!! You guys are just jealous!!!!!

No. 48521

Tbh she's saying she only cares about warmth but I'm pretty sure she had links to their store etc on her insta- the shop link was dead so I Googled it and got an article saying it was removed cus he's a pedo etc.
Like you can pretend you got sent a shirt and you're just wearing it cus it was free all you want but when you have their band page tagged and the link to their merch in your bio then yeah, that's definitely supporting them

No. 48522

File: 1546273269161.jpeg (36.12 KB, 310x365, 1D1F2E59-B13B-4B03-9A84-352212…)

I have a naturally upturned nose! N0 CoNtOuR gUiSe!!!

No. 48523

That's a straight nose that potentially even has a mild bump in the middle lol (hard to be sure with the low light tho)

No. 48524

This is not a human face. It's not even worth nitpicking this BDD hoe because anyone with eyes can tell this is 110% fantasy

No. 48525

File: 1546308506211.jpeg (50.68 KB, 240x180, 4828DD2F-3AA7-4EC5-A722-B63F21…)

Literally all I can think of when I see her pics.

No. 48526

I just dont understand why she feels the need to claim her nose and lips are natural? You could tell in her old pics her nose sloped down and even had a bump and was a lot bigger. Her lips were just small/medium but she still says it's just how she naturally looks? WHAT

No. 48527

File: 1546321958376.jpeg (586.65 KB, 2048x2048, C70A4E22-5D7C-49D4-8F83-C9CEBC…)

Was feeling curious what she would look like with normal makeup.

No. 48528

She actually looks cuter without all that caked on makeup and shooping, I hope she looks similar to this IRL

No. 48529

Sage for OT but rathergood was legendary, good shout anon kek

No. 48530

Sag ing or useless shit but I don't understand her wks.
WK: omg why do u care if mickey photoshops?!
Why do you care if it gets pointed out?

No. 48531

Also, he act that she looks like her artwork is almost like a Freudian slip image wise. She practically gave herself away that she photoshops

No. 48532

She shoops her eyes to look so damn freaky. She has very nice eyes naturally, I don't know why she wears makeup and shoops them to look like they cover 2/3 of her face. This ain't anime, irl it just looks spoopy.

No. 48533

File: 1546434349937.jpeg (145.14 KB, 750x837, D7BDD1D0-A9C1-49C2-B81E-066346…)

Idk how she can say she doesn’t shoop herself, wtf is going with her shoulder and her choker looks like it’s going down from the left like what?? I hope this was purposeful but if not, smdh.

No. 48534

Oh she def shops but her shoulder might not be. There's actually a bone there that's only visible on extremely underweight people. When I first saw someone with it like that in person I was so grossed out

No. 48535

Her "natural nose crease" looks so dirty

I think it's more the weird semi transparent part than the shape

No. 48536

her hands are different sizes lmao

No. 48537

If you look at any of her body photos she always pushes her shoulders in with the liquify tool, they’re not THAT broad naturally, but clearly her BDD doesn’t think it’s ”smol” enough

No. 48538

This one in particular is from her sweatshirt. If you zoom you can see that the way it’s wrinkled and blends into the background makes her shoulder look wonky.

No. 48539

Sage for blogpost, but all shoop aside this picture just makes my face feel itchy. Giant fake-ass eyelashes and giant dumb novelty glasses and the hair in her face and the 10 pounds of makeup she's no doubt wearing? How could that possibly be comfortable?

No. 48540

File: 1546450946310.jpeg (89.45 KB, 750x1334, C1A04FF3-AC3A-428F-B6B6-42E86B…)

Her hands are warped here! If you look closely you can see she dragged the toll down her fingers cause there’s a blur line all through them

No. 48541

I used to be a fan of this girl until realized that she only ever responds complete ass kissing leg humpers. That and her " I dOnT PHoToShOp" posts she flooded her fb and Insta with.

No. 48542

File: 1546489792806.jpg (27.91 KB, 474x474, 20f7ed82afd9f39802e6fea9f25a83…)

The insane way she overlines her lips and over highlights/contours her nose just looks like when you've been blowing your nose a ton and your whole nose/lip area is just a snotty inflammed mess.

No. 48543

Same. I think she's pretty but she denies so many things and tries to claim as herself really was off putting.

No. 48544

File: 1546650931724.png (186.44 KB, 350x296, 009su9f.png)

This is probably really nitpicky but seriously, how many splenda's does a person need for one expresso shot of coffee?

No. 48545

Holy shit. at this point its more splenda than coffee

No. 48546

she has a hardcore sweet tooth. she eats an entire cake atleast once a week

No. 48547

Great way to ruin an espresso. Splenda is gross.
At first i thought the reason she used so much Splenda was because of the alleged ed, but I looked it up and Splenda apparently fucks up your metabolism, making it harder for you to maintain/lose weight.

No. 48548

also think its very likely that she has an actually disability causing her to weight so little. yes she most likely did diet to a certain degree but at one point her health took a massive drop, causing a massive drop in her weight. even anorexia cant cause someone to loose that much without someone realizing.

also alot of the "wavy arm" Photoshop nitpics arent photoshops if nothing around her arm is waving. when your that underweight your skin contours around skin and muscle causing the illusion of disfiguration

No. 48549

And also people who were formerly obese and have gastric bypass end up hooked on sweeteners

No. 48550

or just formerly obese, you just get used to using it to replace the extra sugar you want to cut
same goes for diet pop too
sage for shitpost

No. 48551


This has been discussed. She has claimed to have MALS but not until well after she had lost a lot of weight through D & E.

No. 48552

I'm laughing. They're so prominently featured too like using splenda is something to boast about. No wonder she got fat if prior the to weightloss she was drinking an espresso with like 9 sugars kek

No. 48553

Mickey, is that you? Or just one of your "friends" again?

No. 48554

File: 1546728568646.jpeg (150.29 KB, 750x1227, BDB02346-75D1-41EC-83FA-63EE52…)

Her nose is def not upturned

There’s a transparent part on her shoulder where you can see was smudged up, idk how this person keeps WK it, you can clearly see on her left shoulder

Literally thinking the same thing kek

No. 48555

File: 1546728922294.jpeg (153.71 KB, 750x1233, 642D861D-A2FA-4C9A-8FAC-D4C814…)

Her nose is just so muddy
I D0Nt C0nour my N0se!!
Listen to me!!! Cause you deff can’t tell I have

No. 48556

she reminds me of when aly (alys real recovery or w/e shes called now) was spoopy so much like its all I can see

No. 48557

If we’re all talking about the same transparent part I think that’s actually the shadow from her shirt, which then blends into the background. That said, yeah, that photo’s still shooped to hell. Yes, there is a bone there that’s visible if you have a lower weight, but not it would not look like that, nor would it be that pointy and wavy

No. 48558


Not to mention how bad splenda is for you. You're better off just using regular sugar at that point. The truvia in the photo would be fine if she were just using that because it's stevia, but noooo gotta use 92739237 packs of splenda.

also I never understood why so many people in the "ED community" use splenda as a meal replacement, because it makes it harder to lose weight

No. 48559

She looks very pretty in this picture - actually human, and much, much better than in all those ridiculous shooped-to-hell photos.

No. 48560

Technically it doesn’t prevent you from losing weight on its own. Everything people say about aspartame freezing your fat cells and slowing metabolism has never been scientifically proven. It’s not “good for you” in any way, but it’s not harmful provided you’re consuming it in reasonable quantities.

That said, consuming artificial sweeteners can make you crave the sweet taste more and you can develop a psychological dependence on it, making you more likely to crave other sugary stuff which are high in calories. If someone can’t live without soda but wants to lose weight, Diet Coke can help, but it’s hella not the most efficient way to hit a goal weight.

No. 48561


While we're sitting here typing out all of the technical stuff about artificial sweeteners, Ana-chan's everywhere just see a label that says "diet" or "0 calorie" and that's the reason why they go for them :D

No. 48562

I agree. Without photoshop she has kind of this gothic, alternative beauty. I don’t think she’s the most gorgeous woman alive, but she’s def not ugly. She could be very attractive if she just relied on her natural looks and quit photoshop.

No. 48563

File: 1546814650951.gif (557.99 KB, 245x207, 0c41345fc6fdafe86429f34d3b9ae0…)

No. 48564

Also after Gastric surgery sugar is a huge no so they often use sugar replacements.

No. 48565

Isn't that an abortion?

No. 48566

Diet and exercise

No. 48567

No. 48568

File: 1546892300409.jpg (582.48 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_20190107-131357_Fac…)

Here we go

No. 48569

a few weeks back she posted a vid of herself talking and looked like her shooped face. how does she achieve this? angles or adobe after affects?

No. 48570

File: 1546895726233.png (107.06 KB, 291x272, uht876ib.png)

I'm starting to think she's actually retarded. Can shoop themselves so fucking much, not even try to hide it but yet claims "ya'll bitchz r jelly, im natural". No, either stop wearing or posing around things that warp and distort when you photoshop yourself or just fucking stop photoshopping. It's pretty fucking easy
You mean this video? >>48375 the one where she looks almost human despite having 40 pounds of makeup, lashes, extensions, potato quality camera and shitty lighting? Yeah she doesn't look like her shoops IRL so I dunno what you're talking about

No. 48571

File: 1546902671997.jpg (624.92 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20190107-160853_Fac…)

"I dOnT eDiT mY pHoToS"
ok micks so instead you just smack yourself in the eye and nose with a puff covered in dirt?

No. 48572

Suzuya doeant have eyebrows (like L from deathnote) I guess this is her artistic choice? cuz she looks nothing like the character.

No. 48573

She's just a real life bratz doll, anon.

No. 48574

Idk which video you mean but snow let's you record a video with your edited face

No. 48575

File: 1546909138888.jpeg (346.15 KB, 1800x1800, 459C9FDA-8684-438F-9A86-EDE4C8…)

I tried to facetune her with normal sized eyes and her normal nose. Look at the difference. No one can look like the left even with extreme makeup. She’s delusional.

No. 48576

File: 1546909363029.jpg (637.52 KB, 1600x1200, pt2019_01_07_19_00_35.jpg)

Yeah homegirl hardcore photoshops.
Side note: I really like we old makeup

No. 48577


No. 48578

this is just degrees of photoshopping, she doesn't have an upturned nose or superhuman sized eyes either

No. 48579

File: 1546912831147.png (620.88 KB, 750x538, Untitled.png)

I was thinking of this one. I had no idea a shitty phone app could reach this level of fuckery. Technology is fucked man.

No. 48580

File: 1546914236582.jpg (154.08 KB, 1062x1593, d505fe5bf86976cfcfbbff3425ed04…)

I mean this girl is ridiculous but thats the most autistic nitpick I've ever heard. Suzuya does have eyebrows, theyre just small, but literally almost every suzuya cosplayer has eyebrows because who cares.>>48572

No. 48581

Then maybe she could do small gray eyebrows like the character in question.

No. 48582

File: 1546919635473.png (439.91 KB, 395x554, 9e8a2d02392a26b340da02a76882a6…)

Totally not photoshopped.

No. 48583

File: 1546919700275.png (770.38 KB, 470x563, f55cca13e63777f7b225ed9f67bb51…)

No. 48584

File: 1546919774386.png (520.65 KB, 420x565, 5bd2b23aa58f023efc19f827aa20de…)

yaoi hands

No. 48585

File: 1546919826963.png (560.17 KB, 462x521, 94062d0e1e64908ca4e729aeedf8eb…)

No. 48586

that poor old door is being sucked into her photoshop vortex.

No. 48587

Oh my God what the fuck am I looking at? She looks like a scarecrow

No. 48588

Looking at her literally makes me feel nauseated, even with shoop she's still hideous.

No. 48589

they built those houses so wonky back in the day

No. 48590

Where did her top lip go? You can't just hide something like that lmao, guess she didn't bother with the shoop since it doesn't suit the character

No. 48591

her hand is bigger than her face, how the fuck does she post this thinking this is normal?

No. 48592


It's a shame that her self-imaged is so warped that this looks normal enough to post to her

No. 48593

oof..she looks so sick in all these recent pictures

go back and look because almost all her pictures have her hand and fingers looking abnormally large in comparison to the rest of her body
it freaks me out they even look like..literal animal claws in some

No. 48594

File: 1546987942456.jpg (40.08 KB, 500x382, fe334eaaa47bcdc86633055b8fb9bc…)

I can't fucken believe she shooped herself into IRL yaoi. Fucked up profile and hands and all.

No. 48595

WHYYYY would she edit her hand bigger????? I thought her image was to be a "kawaii anime doll" so wouldn't small hands match that aesthetic more?

No. 48596

File: 1546993662829.jpg (665.72 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20190108-172637_Fac…)

"not my usual makeup style"
Oh please

also yaoi hands in full effect here

No. 48597

she didn't, her hands look bigger because she's edited her face and head to be so much smaller so it just gives that illusion

No. 48598

beautyplus lets you edit your features heavily and record video, pretty certain this is what she uses from the looks of it

No. 48599

She uses Snow. She has posted photos on her FB with the snow logo on the corner and have mentioned using it in the comments of her old IG photos.

No. 48600

Her hand is so much more HD than her face lol. I guess she's saying her photos are "grainy" to excuse how editing ruins the picture quality

No. 48601

>pics turned out grainy because I did different makeup!!

No. 48602

I think she's saying she's not happy with the photos because 1.) they're grainy and 2.) they're weird looking because of the makeup style. Two separate reasons.

No. 48603

Lol the bathroom wall corner on the right to make her seem like she has a tiny waist and a big ass

No. 48604

That right hip

No. 48605

Love the thicc meaty hand in comparison to how she shoops in >>48585 to look anachan. Surprised she didn’t liquify the shit out of that bloated hand.

No. 48606

File: 1547057287153.jpg (67.99 KB, 720x704, _20190109_180328.JPG)

Her nose looks bigger than usual here (and def not upturned??). At least be consistent if you're gonna pretend you're not shooped

No. 48607


New to this cow. She looks like she is trying to shoop herself into Amour Hilton.

No. 48608

File: 1547061409222.png (315.28 KB, 659x1766, tumblr.png)

Not huge milk in any way, but I searched "Thequeenofdeer" of tumblr to see if anything was there, and the only thing that came up with this pro-ana blogger defending her in anonymous asks. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the first ask was sent by Mickey herself, given her history.

I sent her an anon question just asking if she was friends with Mickey IRL (in a totally neutral way, no mention of shooping or eds or accusations or anything) since she says:
>she looks nearly the exact same in video and live stream
and I'm pretty sure she just ignored the question since she has posted multiple things/other anon questions since then and has not answered mine. It's not a hill worth dying on, so I wouldn't blame her for not responding. I was just curious if there were any actual (aka not Mickey whiteknighting herself on reddit) people claiming she looked the same in person.

I also find it interesting that this blogger says she's been friends with Mickey for 3 years, but she specifically won't follow "fat" people so I doubt she ever followed Mickey when she was bigger or would have any real idea of her weight-loss progression enough to be so confident that it's MALS and not eds. (Also kek she won't follow "fat" people because they're "unhealthy", but follows Mickey even though she believes her weight loss is due to her severe illness. But that's a whole 'nother issue.)

No. 48609

File: 1547061662612.jpeg (928.87 KB, 958x1226, A7FAC511-54A7-4C81-93E5-FF8AE8…)

When you lighten the photo you can see everything lmao

No. 48610

That’s Dae or (Dae Umeko/ Dae yumeko ) she has a thread on PULL.

she was in the petty girls group chat with Mickey. They mass bullied tons of girls and screenshots of the chat got leaked.

No. 48611

sage for somewhat ot, but fuck she looks like a high school girl going through puberty (and not in a good way) i would shoop too.

No. 48612

File: 1547065931892.png (179.02 KB, 867x778, mals.png)

Oh, interesting, I had no idea. Thanks for the info anon!

My other question would be….what exactly is Mickey claiming as her timeline for her weight loss/MALs? MALs is such a specific/rare disease to claim, it seems wild that she would lie about that (not like a spoonie/munchausen disease or something). Apparently MALs only really affects young skinny women, and in >>48251 she says she lost weight with d&e. The super obvious question is why would she be in an eds group chat and best buds with pro-ana bloggers if her extreme weight loss was caused by disease and not eds? Not a medical-chan but just a cursory google makes it seem like MALs is pretty easy to fix/treat once diagnosed.

So is her timeline supposed to be:
>bigger gal
>lose a ton of weight through d&e
>now a skinny gal/at a healthy weight
>oh no, now that I'm skinny I'm affected by MALs! :(((
>now an ana-chan level gal (because of MALs not eds)
>spend a ton of time in the hospital because of chronic pain caused by MALs according to ana-chan friend of 3 years
>don't have minimally invasive surgery to fix problem despite years(?) of suffering :'(

Is this how MALs works? MALs is diagnosed through process of elimination, so I would assume that when it says
>MALS occurs most often in thin, younger women.
that means it occurs in women who are already skinny who are suddenly experiencing unhealthy/unwanted weight loss due to extreme stomach pain preventing eating. Considering it's rarity I would take the weight of the person as a sign pointing to the faint possibility of it, not as a side effect of healthy weight loss. I just can't imagine someone who wanted to lose a ton of weight being suddenly genetically predisposed to a disease that makes that weight loss easier. If diseases worked like that then wouldn't the answer be to just put some of the weight back on, since it wasn't a problem when she was bigger?

No idea though, I could be totally wrong.

No. 48613

File: 1547067871329.jpeg (241.2 KB, 1040x1536, D33C126C-3DB7-4EF2-9B49-B1BC8A…)

Dumping more

No. 48614

File: 1547067918115.jpeg (234.24 KB, 1536x1040, 95EA5909-7810-4288-AFD6-619F45…)

She wears hipster glasses to hide her nose IRL

No. 48615

File: 1547067975726.jpeg (313.62 KB, 1242x2084, BA2CB74C-2535-4DBD-8439-2E92B3…)

Those overlined lips lmao

No. 48616

File: 1547068086299.jpeg (601.54 KB, 1242x1514, 93063C9E-5C81-40BC-8468-04B3D5…)

Spot the sh00p

No. 48617

File: 1547072317756.jpg (244.43 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20190109-151309__01…)

For the people who keep asking what editing she uses. It literally says snow in her new video

No. 48618

Oh shit, it’s probably good that you screencapped that. How long before she deletes because she thinks people will call her on her bullshit for using snow?

No. 48619

Nice catch anon. She's almost eugenia Cooney level of anorexia denial

No. 48620

Man. I know this was posted earlier in the thread but the larger version of the pic just makes it even more baffling. I can't make sense of anything that's going on in this pic. The longer I look at it the more ridiculous it becomes.

No. 48621

File: 1547085429179.jpg (294.22 KB, 1536x2048, 1.jpg)

Am I crazy or did she shoop her mom's face too to look more like her "face"? Something about the nose here just looks off compared to Pic #2.

(Also for what it's worth she posted these pics on her facebook fan page, I didn't seek out her mom in any way)

No. 48622

File: 1547085537189.jpg (144.86 KB, 960x838, 2.jpg)

Pic #2. It's funny because you can 100% see the features of Mickey's unshooped face on her mother.

No. 48623

Does any of her makeup actually help make her nose look smaller or eyes bigger or balance her face? I have a similar nose and fat looking face except at a very low weight

No. 48624

MALS can affect anyone; the high prevalence in thin women is because aversion to eating is the most common side effect, which then leads to extreme weight loss. But it can occur in anyone, at any weight.

So it could have been the cause of her weight loss. However, if someone is having pain so severe for eight months that it causes them to lose 250 lbs (which I still don't believe, she would have to burn about 4000 calories every single day for eight months straight,) they would likely go see a doctor immediately or 20 lbs in at the latest - because side effects like that could be something a lot more serious, like pancreatic or stomach cancer.

Which maybe she did. But in order to diagnose MALS they usually do a EGD to rule out any stomach issues like GERD, a HIDA scan of the gallbladder to see if there's any issues with gallstones, crystals, or delayed bile ejection. Probably a full abdominal ultrasound to be safe too. If all of those are fine, then a doctor might say, "yeah you may have MALS," which from there they don't go straight to the ligament release surgery; first they'll probably do a celiac plexus block where they inject shit (alcohol, steroids, painkillers, etc.) into those nerves in order to kill them. You get that treatment a couple of times and if it helps your symptoms then you had MALS and now you don't!

TLDR; maybe she has it, but considering her involvement in ED communities and the fact that she's not getting treated for it, it's unlikely.

Also, expect to see MALS as an up-and-coming munchie disease, since like gastroparesis it's a great excuse to hide your eating disorder.

No. 48625


No. 48626

There's is nothing to dislike about her natural nose. It's perfectly cute. Why does she have to pretend it's some naturally upturned ski-slope cartoon nose?

No. 48627

Not only that but imo she’s beautiful without photoshop, but her nose isn’t anime enough without it.

No. 48628

I agree. If the two pictures on the left aren't photoshopped, she looks kind of like Taylor Swift. I don't know why she doesn't just own that.

No. 48629

File: 1547089803300.png (884.88 KB, 592x580, 3647634d27ba0ba9b3beec90cfafd0…)

I thought the same thing. Especially in this photo, it really looks like she edited her mom's features as well.

No. 48630

i mean… yall can clown me but i genuinely think shes adorable unphotoshopped. like if i saw her in person i would definitely think shes pretty. her shoops just make her look dumpy in comparison. i guess the low self esteem she had while she was fat never went away after the weight loss and now she just chases another standard of beauty, except this one is unrealistic and by the looks of her shoops begging for an eating disorder.

No. 48631

File: 1547099567177.jpg (78.81 KB, 868x960, Mick.jpg)

Her mom posted unshooped photos of her months ago

No. 48632

File: 1547099588171.jpg (45.24 KB, 539x960, Mickey.jpg)

No. 48633

she looks like a kid unshoop'd lol.

No. 48634

what is going on with her legs in this pic?

No. 48635

File: 1547112572197.png (73.62 KB, 237x186, 25319c77a68e245439d5eb1ff08c2d…)


her hideously overdrawn lips aside, the way she overdraws her eyeliner/shadow/lashes makes it look like she has a constant eye infection

No. 48636

Kek she looks like a fucking marionette

No. 48637

File: 1547123495422.png (223.96 KB, 500x326, e6f308G.png)

she's definitely going for the "kotakoti" eye makeup look. it looks cute in some lighting/angles but always looks so bad in real life. (mickey has taken it to an extreme though)

No. 48638

does anyone have any more info about the "petty girls group chat"? i would be curious to hear about more stories & see the screenshots

No. 48639

What do you think - if she had the money for plastic surgery procedures, would she end up cutting herself up to become like the creature she shoopes herself into, like real life Barbie doll Valeria or real life anime girl Anastasya did?

No. 48640

Mickeys make up 100% looks terrible irl. Even in heavily smoothed photos you can tell its caked on, rough around the edges and looks dirty. I can't imagine how horrible she looks in the flesh

No. 48641

No. 48642

File: 1547138312606.jpeg (128.98 KB, 634x961, ABD4EAF5-23F2-45F7-ADAF-483977…)

I personally think she looks really pretty without photoshop. I don’t understand why she makes herself to look the way she does with the excessive makeup and photoshop. She looks like Valeria Lukyanova.

No. 48643

Sage for OT, but I wonder what crazy Val is up to these days

No. 48644

She most likely has a lot of loose skin on her body after losing a lot of weight so abruptly

No. 48645

Yeah, I’d say a mix of Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson

No. 48646

I kind of admire that she doesn’t hide her loose skin. She could easily cover it up with pants but she kind of just lets it be and none of her fans seem to mind.

Now if only she’d share that kind of body positivity to her face and stop photoshopping herself out of reality.

No. 48647

Agreed. For the crap that people gave her for it in this thread, she wears it proud and doesn’t seem to care. I just don’t understand how she can be so comfortable showing her loose skin, but then photoshop herself to hell and back.

No. 48648

Why do ana chan's look like old ladies?

No. 48649

I’ve seen a lot of posts over the ages of girls who have actually done horrible shit besides anons not finding them attractive

But really, not seeing anything here like stealing from charity, being mean to other girls, etc

It’s just people alleging she’s lying about an illness she has with no ACTUAL proof she’s lying about it and speculation that she’s shopped her pics regardless of there being fb live video of her (with more speculation she uses some super fancy editing software on fb live)

Am I missing something here?

No. 48650

get back to photoshopping your mom jeez

No. 48651

your dignity

No. 48652


It's obvious from these pics that she's been photoshopping herself thinner. We see wavy tiles around her legs upthread and blurry shoulders
She's really not as spoopy as she wants her followers to think- Shooping yourself even thinner than you actually are and making it seem like you lost an even more unghastly amount of weight in a short amount of time than you actually did to get attention is fucked up

No. 48653

Kek at snow being fancy

No. 48654

File: 1547229384031.jpg (367.11 KB, 999x1280, 19-01-11-16-22-48-214_deco.jpg)

Sorry to samefag but this is terrible. She has a dent

No. 48655

Nobody thinks she edits her FB lives, she looks like shit in them?
Completely different from her photos.
I implore you to watch one of the videos yourself so that you can see what her personality is like and hear all the dumb shit she has to say, which is what turned people against her, not her stupid edits.

No. 48656

Christ. I would never have noticed that because I’m too distracted by how absurd she shooped her lips to be.

No. 48657

her legs have dents in them… Are you sure theyre not shooped?

No. 48658

It looks more like loose skin to me. She lost a significant amount of weight. There were pics posted of her unshooped legs and they are really bad. Could also be a tattoo? judging from >>48345

No. 48659

File: 1547260539081.jpg (45.66 KB, 610x960, live1.jpg)


This live was not edited and nobody said it was, she genuinely looks like a completely different person, has different features and is a lying cow. SNOW isn't a 'fancy editing app' you dunce it's free and extremely popular

No. 48660

File: 1547260624652.jpg (53.91 KB, 678x960, live2.jpg)


She looks like shit.
Sage for samefaggery

No. 48661

I’m almost positive those aren’t debts on the leg in front, just a tattoo on the back of her calve.

Snow is what she uses, maybe even a combination of Snow+Meitu. It’s not a fancy software, it’s free on most phones, and it’s what 99.9% of cows use when photoshopping themselves, or making videos of themselves.

No. 48662

Maybe it's a problem on my end but 90% of these images won't load. Disappointing, the petty girls chat is so milky

No. 48663

Same anon. And there's nothing in Dae's lolcow thread.

No. 48664

Yeah, was gonna say this too, it's a weird optical illusion from calf tattoo(s?)

No. 48665

File: 1547367021717.png (657.14 KB, 958x612, ss.png)

Just for reference. Does this weight loss timeline make sense? Honest question, I really don't know.

Also her hip/thigh/calf shoop is real weird in this.

No. 48666

I agree.

And I say this because among the posts where I feel lurk legitimate points (some shoops are truly ridiculous and she does seem insecure), the majority are anons who are saying extremely jealous things that reek of resentment over a fat woman turning her image around in a relatively short time.
Just goes to show it's a damned if you do or don't situation. Imagine losing weight that obviously dogged your self-esteem for years only for people to turn around at your goal and proclaim you should've stayed obese because of the loose skin and sag. Or delegitimizing how you did it because the length of time wasn't long enough. Or how dare your confidence not be up to snuff after years of being told you're unattractive?

The actual crime is that she feels she needs those ridiculous beauty apps in the first place.
I haven't had to hide a toxic thread on /snow/ in quite some time, yet congratulations.

No. 48667

File: 1547372394546.gif (899.76 KB, 341x330, bye.gif)

>I haven't had to hide a toxic thread on /snow/ in quite some time, yet congratulations.
lmao ok, see ya

No. 48668

Literally nobody gives a shit and no one here is jealous of a photoshop disaster. See ya

From what I’ve seen, it usually takes a lot longer for people to lose that amount of weight in such a short period of time. A friend of mine had gastric bypass surgery a little over a year ago and it still steadily losing weight at a healthy pace, and is fairly bigger than her. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t say for sure, this is only speculation, but it could possibly be a combination of gastric bypass and an eating disorder.

No. 48669

God that heater behind her doesn't connect at all. Why do people shoop themselves in front of straight lines

No. 48670

the leg spreading lmfao

No. 48671

File: 1547407264041.png (652.75 KB, 464x569, Untitled.png)

not really contributing anything but i just found this thread and i wonder how weird it is to be dating someone who does… this. like does her bf just not look at her insta and know she shoops to shit? is it strange for him? does he not care? she must spend a ton of time doing it, so…

No. 48672


>Claims to lurk /snow

>Pulls the "YeR aLl JeAlOuS bItChEs!" card

At least you learned how to sage this time around

No. 48673

I was looking through her insta last night and on pics of them from a long time ago she tagged him in the comments, but when you click on the username the insta no longer exists. I mean, I don’t think it’s anything crazy to leave insta, but most people just posting/checking it, not delete it completely. I wonder what he must think of her crazy shoop face, especially because like other anons say she is actually pretty, but not a weird alien anime character. Why isn’t that just good enough?

No. 48674

Anybody else find it hilarious that all the girls that participated in the petty girls chat now have headers on their profiles denying that they were apart of it? Give yourself way much?

No. 48675

File: 1547438791983.jpeg (224.92 KB, 1242x1229, 4199EF23-A341-44EF-AE0E-486040…)

Top kek muh sidez

I wonder about this all the time. They’ll go out of their way to pose on backgrounds that are littered with straight lines and bricks, then shoop themselves to death, warp all the lines, then wonder why they get called out.

Thanks for saging this time, C- on pretending to be one of us, don’t let the door hit your photoshopped ass on the way out.

No. 48676

I thought, unusually for lolcow maybe, most anons were pretty nice to her saying she looks better without the app and that the shoops just make her look weird.

No. 48677

That's exactly right, anon. But the fact that mickey lacks any sort major reasoning skills makes pointing out photoshopping = jealousy.

No. 48678

File: 1547449683321.jpg (28.04 KB, 214x242, 4571.jpg)

>Imagine losing weight that obviously dogged your self-esteem for years only for people to turn around at your goal and proclaim you should've stayed obese because of the loose skin and sag.

Even funnier cause like >>48676 said pretty much everyone in this thread has said she looks better without shoop and that it's admirable that she doesn't shoop out her loose skin. I think you're mistaking us for your other bullies, Mickey. We're the nice ones!

No. 48679

Idk why youd use one of her fat photos when the joke here is her real life bratz doll anime shoop face. Low blow anon

No. 48680

this isn't a hug box, nobody would care about her real face if there wasn't such a stark difference in what's presented

No. 48681

File: 1547477647432.png (434.54 KB, 733x538, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.50…)

No, I agree with >>48679. I feel the same way about the OP pic, her previous photos have nothing to do with what makes her so milky. She looks great/normal in her old pics. The milk isn't "she looks nothing like her old "fat" pics!!" because yeah duh of course she doesn't she lost a shitton of weight. The milk is in "current real face vs current shoop face". It's not that she doesn't look like her old pics, it's that she doesn't look like a any human being could look in her current pics.

Also kek those tags
bitch what? it's winter

No. 48682

The whole point is that she literally shoops her facial features off. No one is saying her fat pictures are ugly. Its ironic bc she shits on other females for not being able to replicate her facial features, calls them jealous constantly, calls other girls ugly, and makes her followers feel bad for not having a “teeny tiny ski sloped nose” animu eyes and big ass lips when she doesn’t even have those features herself (ie: >>48256)

It wasn’t posted bc she was fat in that picture, it was posted to show the difference between what features then and now.

If a newer pic had been used, it wouldn’t make any sense, because none of them actually show her real facial features. Almost every serial photoshopper has the same in their threads, if you think that’s a low blow then you haven’t been here long.

I think the OP should’ve been the collage side-by-side with a newer sh00ped photo of her to show the difference.

>The milk is in "current real face vs current shoop face"

I agree and that’s the whole point of posting her old “fat pics”. Anons don’t post her old “fat pics” bc they think her being fat is milky. It isn’t. And good for her for getting healthier. But those pics are milky bc you can see her real facial features. Yeah, people look different when they lose weight, but in no world does losing weight change your entire nose bridge or make your eyes 5x bigger.

She’s not just milky bc “no human can possibly look like that”, but that she herself doesn’t actually look like that. Pointing out her sh00ps is milky of course, but if you have nothing to compare them to or old pics to see what her face really looks like, then it kindof falls short.

No. 48683

Her blurry fluffy jawline on an otherwise non blurry photo, honestly. I just don't understand how she thinks we'd believe she doesn't edit her pictures? Beyond the silly proportions, no camera produces different levels of picture quality in one image

Using her old pics as a comparison I get, but this image isnt doing that. It's sarcastically calling her beautiful alongside an unflattering picture that isn't relevant to now; it reads as though we're mocking her old photos/natural face rather than her ridiculous editing

No. 48684

You guys keep saying shes a bad person but I've followed her for awhile and never saw anything controversial. All the milk posted about her actual posts are from when she was fat aka 2-3 years ago. Prove she calls people ugly.

No. 48685

Idk if the comment is still there but I did see someone reply to the picture of her thighs where she tried to edit the sagging skin and made a comment like they would've rather stayed fat.
Regardless of what the majority is being said, it isn't wrong to point out when farmers say fucked shit like that.
So you can stop being smug.
>inb4 we're all samefag and "hi _____!"

No. 48686

Omg farmers on an anon board are mean someone call the cyber police and lock this thread

No. 48687

File: 1547503668039.png (894.37 KB, 750x1334, 124633568952.png)

No. 48688

The farmer was right, she looks absolutely disgusting now. Go moralfag somewhere else.

No. 48689

File: 1547514746665.jpg (97.48 KB, 660x720, 1778953.jpg)

>it isn't wrong to point out when farmers say fucked shit like that.
Except there's nothing to point out, because nobody here ever said that? I've been following this thread from day one and just did a word search on "rather", "stayed", "fat", and "obese" individually, read every single comment those words were in for context, and I can't find a single instance of anyone saying anything even remotely close to that.

>So you can stop being smug.

Show me proof that someone here said that and I won't be. Because otherwise you can't convince me that both you and >>48666 aren't Mickey speaking from personal experience. No one here said that so it must be something she sees said about her elsewhere.

No. 48690

Yeah you tell us all real good because of one farmer's comment that may or may not even exist.

No. 48691

File: 1547518655338.jpeg (123.6 KB, 913x850, A114BCF8-07A6-4C5F-B930-E1F4CB…)

This. Every time a cow gets a negative comment, they either come here and blame us or post on their socials that it’s ~da hate forums who are obsessed wit me!!1~

When in reality, the comment was never posted here, and the only reason they jump to blame us only, and I mean ONLY, happens when the cow lurks their own thread so much that they instantly translate any hate on any platform to be from the anons on their thread. Mickeys been here since the bad photoshopping thread, it’s obvious. The anons chastising and moral gagging are sus af. We have threads where cows are called fat, disgusting, whales on the daily, but suddenly “farmers” are outraged about this thread having an old picture posted of her and a random comment on a different site? Plz these “farmers” are so bad at integrating, and before all these new saged moralfag posts, the WK was saying the same thing unsaged until anons kept telling them to sage their bs, then the same comments, but saged now.

No. 48692

I don’t know how I’d feel dating someone who shoops that hardcore.

But he looks pretty basic and is probably just happy he has a relatively attractive woman to give him pussy so

No. 48693

File: 1547604205093.jpeg (294.89 KB, 1125x709, 7D99221A-44C6-425E-8357-4681DE…)

Lol and today she’s literally posting their marriage plans
He’s toootally~ supportive and okay with her online fake persona double life she has to live because she spent her entire youth scarfing down ho-ho’s and drawing the women she wished she could be
Totally normal

Who’s going to pay for that wedding, mickey? Not your man’s minimum wage job, but I’m sure mom and pop will come through just like they did for all your tattoos, schooling, and weight loss surgery !!
That you’ve done absolutely nothing with but make a mockery of yourself

No. 48694

File: 1547668215267.png (20.93 KB, 499x227, okay micks.png)


Awww, look how much she's totes ~*unphased*~ by this thread to have to include your comment in the screenshot she uploaded with this status!

It's like whenever she feels like she's not getting enough attention she decides to just grab a screenshot or two from this thread to post and beg for some pity points

No. 48695

>i dont care about it
>i check it every morning

No. 48696

I wonder how many people come here from her facebook ready to wk and change their mind after reading through the thread and realizing their ~epic deer kween uwu~ is a fraud kek

No. 48697

doesn't mickey photoshop like that one insta model anastasiya kvitko? very "dolly" features but end up looking nothing like they do irl

No. 48698

The fact that She's even giving the time of day makes her even lulzy-we. A true cow just cant stay out of drama, even when its about her.

No. 48699

She’s full of shit, half the anons type the same way, it’s how we weed out the non-farmers. Every cow thinks it’s one (of the many) people they’ve done dirty to that is seeking vengeance on them by posting on their thread. Either because they can’t believe so many people dislike them, or they’re desperately pointing fingers at people they’ve personally wronged bc they know they deserve it.

Lmfao at her checking this slow ass thread thinking it’s her own “party”. The ego on this one. This is a slow thread that has 1/100th the amount of posts as a normal thread, people post this shit while they have free time on the toilet, no one actually cares about her faux alien head. So cute, like she actually thinks she’s important.

No. 48700

Did she delete this? I don't see it on her facebook anywhere. Did she really post caps from the thread??

Are we sure her last name isn't Ostrenga? I can't wait until we get a nice piece of art under all of her posts.

No. 48701

File: 1547688394888.jpeg (564.29 KB, 1125x822, 1545750780140.jpeg)

i just dont understand why she thinks people are jealous? we know what you look like, people dislike you because you act like a special snowflake and deny photoshop

No. 48702

It's probably the only public defense she can muster without acknowledging how she has intentionally deceived her followers by pretending she doesn't make extreme edits to her facial features. Getting away from social media would do her a lot of good because living a life revolved around an impossible image of herself can only be bad for her mental state.

No. 48703

LOL god I wish I could use emojis
I’ve posted in this thread 3 times, that’s so rich.
I think it’s just the fact that you’re a really unpalatable, compulsive liar, Mikayla.
If multiple people seem venomous and juiced up about you it’s probably because everyone has known someone like you at some point and you’re all the same, I’m not being venomous I’m just telling it like it is since you don’t have the ability to.
I’m sure it sucks that only other fatties and ugly girls who want to look like you (just share your filter apps and makeup with them damn!! God forbid though, right? Are you intimidated by the idea?) eat up all your bullshit on Facebook, but it’s, again, because everyone else sees through you.

I hope every morning while you sit there smoking cigarettes despite being ~so sick~ and triggering yourself reading this thread, you remind yourself that /all/ you ever had to do was be honest, and not be a cunt.

No. 48704

She didn't delete it. The little icon next to the timestamp indicates it's "Friends Only"

No. 48705

Kek, so >>48694 is her fb friend? I wanna see what caps she posted, why even post it here if you're not gonna show what she picked out!

No. 48706

File: 1547776493015.png (162.7 KB, 333x667, this is how it'd look.png)

Because I posted from Desktop rather than mobile, I replied to the person that she posted the screenshot of.

Attached is how it would look if I included the screenshot since I'm using Chrome lol

No. 48707

File: 1547778829842.jpg (110.22 KB, 720x788, _20190118_022715.JPG)

Her mouth is a wiggly line. I don't even need to zoom to see that it's a fucking roller coaster track lmao

No. 48708

I think she actually is just full shooping now since she's being called out on it so long, probably said fuck it because this is even worse than her most editing lmao
Also, she shrinks her head SO much look at her hands what the fuck lol mickey you're getting even sloppier with your editing

No. 48709


Its funny cuz she has tiny ass eyes compared to her ig pics

No. 48710

File: 1547780104129.jpg (145.26 KB, 288x334, 49948244_2210452982309295_4807…)

her nose is 3x longer, bigger, and she even has a bump on it + the tip of her nose doesn't slope up either

No. 48711

File: 1547780430365.png (1.08 MB, 720x788, wtf is this.png)


What the fuck is this black thing on her hand? Is that just profoundly fucked up editing or is she wearing a headset?

No. 48712

File: 1547780633813.jpg (169.28 KB, 251x336, sampuckett.jpg.jpg)

this pic is also when she was relatively thin, her face looks HUGE you could actually mistake her for sam puckett(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 48713

File: 1547780759399.jpg (38.91 KB, 141x138, 666.jpg)

No. 48714

She kinda looks like scarlett johansson a bit here

No. 48715

File: 1547781438447.png (847.45 KB, 1132x540, 34573.png)

hand difference to her face just shows how much she actually shrinks her face and jaw.

No. 48716

I think it's a camera remote to take photos

No. 48717

File: 1547786829553.jpg (75.23 KB, 960x960, 18765576_220974181750639_51094…)

I don't know if this has been posted but she has another FB account.


No. 48718

File: 1547789586305.gif (2.15 MB, 480x244, tumblr_om1l4rgtyt1ql0s37o1_500…)

honestly the best nicole kidman cosplay I've seen

No. 48719

The shoop makes her hands look like boiled chicken feet

No. 48720

I literally thought the exact same thing

No. 48721

File: 1547797082343.png (1.31 MB, 1000x750, 4faces.png)

at the very least she needs to pick a face and stick with it (I tried to group her 4 main "face" styles)

No. 48722

yikes this is worse than kooters alien edits

No. 48723

She looks so nice here, it’s a shame she warps her photos to look like a diseased ferret :/(:/)

No. 48724

File: 1547822246488.png (713.78 KB, 1204x636, nermxllii0621.png)

No. 48725

It baffles me how she's not an ugly girl. She'd be cute if she wasn't such a lying, delusional, conceited idiot. I don't understand why she turns herself into this ridiculous, uncanny valley creature. Gross. She needs help.

No. 48726

File: 1547852297545.jpg (846.82 KB, 1080x1920, 20190118_165647.jpg)

Modifying your eyes to the point you destroy the image quality and blasted out your eye veins is "just makeup"?…

No. 48727

I don’t even know why she wants people to think she looks like >>48701 when unshooped she looks SO MUCH BETTER. Like seriously, I’d love to look like her real self. Mickey is fucking nuts, like certifiable.

No. 48728

comparing both side by side is actually hilarious

No. 48729

File: 1547856205543.jpg (1.5 MB, 2560x1920, 19-01-18-19-02-30-723_deco.jpg)

It's so awful. It's killing me inside. Lol

No. 48730

With as much as she shoops you think she'd do something with her teeth

No. 48731

File: 1547858780292.png (425.17 KB, 350x567, 87ceefb162f737ba5dedbaf1da9a0b…)

What a mess

No. 48732

the last thing you see before you die

No. 48733

Her right eye is terrifying, it looks like melting plastic. Is she visually impaired or is she just delusional? I can't see any sane person looking at that picture and thinking "this looks good, this looks believable, I'm going to post this". Talk about body dysmorphia.

She looks the same guyseeee. It's true, I've seen her in real life, we're like best friends, she looks THE EXACT SAME. PLEASE BELIEVE ME.

Thanks for the nightmares.

No. 48734

File: 1547859866554.jpg (59.97 KB, 540x960, vOjXt8.jpg)

is she cosplaying as Dahvie Vanity here? because if so she nailed it! nice job mickey

No. 48735

that second photo is actually her real face recently from a live stream. The first is some older selfie from her older abandoned fb.unless you meant to reply to something else.

No. 48736

I want to make an anatomical drawing of what her skull would have to look like for this to be her real face. No human has these proportions.

No. 48737

File: 1547863982213.jpg (1.04 MB, 2160x960, skulllolz.jpg)

I did a quick shop job to show what her skull would have to look like for these to be her real proportions kek

No. 48738

Kawaii anime skull! This would be interesting done to any of the BDD Instagram "models" too

No. 48739

File: 1547901746679.jpg (725.15 KB, 1080x1858, 20190119_063842.jpg)

she started a whole lolcow wannabe thread of her own where her and her delusional friends are wrecking Momo. She thinks somehow she isn't in the exact same category!! She definitely lost it and needs a serious internet intervention.

No. 48740

Love to see all her wk's run their "don't be cruel for no reason!!!" shit now

No. 48741

WOW. this is why she has a thread here for anyone still questioning

No. 48742

she sure is one to talk. her and momo are on the same level. although at least momo doesn’t photoshop/beautycam herself even half as much as mickey. tbh that even makes her a little more authentic. what an insecure cow

No. 48743

ok but tbf doesn't everyone hate momokun

No. 48744


I seriously wonder sometimes if this girl has been a fellow farmer, or even better a Pulltard. A lot of cows have been outed for using these sites to trash other cows or even self-post. I also dunno why but whenever someone comes out with the living doll theme, I just always assume they're involved in these sites. Like they're always petty snotty girls who either over shoop or get PS ( ie Sayathefox). They also always seem to know of the thread literally hours after it's been made ( if not sooner/ immediately )

No. 48745

Oh, most definitely. There's no way she wasn't if she was part of that "petty girls" group.

tbf I don't think anyone was legitimately questioning this thread, it was just Mickey whiteknighting herself by talking about how ~cruel~ everyone in this thread was

No. 48746

File: 1547913231349.webm (7.25 MB, 640x480, mcdonalds.webm)

Also for archive's sake, here's Mickey "I live a very positive life on social media uwu" Deer

No. 48747

Is she going to start copying Wylona Hayashi now?

No. 48748

Aaaaand - it’s gone. What a surprise.

No. 48749

File: 1547920233609.png (1.54 MB, 837x1795, mcd.png)

Nah it's still up, it's just from a couple of weeks ago. Which when I went to check made me realize her insane timeline of interaction with this thread. There's NO WAY she wasn't either already lurking or obsessively googling herself to find the thread she was mentioned in in the time she did.

>12/13: 2 pics of Mickey posted, neither of which mention her by name (other than showing her fb name in the screenshot) in "Ridiculous Photoshoppers" thread >>720482
>12/14: First whiteknight of Mickey: "ok i went thru her IG and honestly, she looks amazing with her weight loss, its really admirable. she does seem to shoop but i wouldnt say her real face is HEAPS different."
>12/14: First time she was actually mentioned by name and her insta/facebook was linked
>12/16: Mickey posts >>48746 vid specifically citing "multiple chan threads" in her video description
>12/18: Mickey whiteknights herself on Reddit >>48257
>12/23: Mickey posts a sob story about how she has to go on hiatus because "people overstepping my personal boundaries and targeting my family, my partner, and close irl friends I have to take a break from social media."
>12/25: Mickey posts on insta again, not going on hiatus in any way
>12/27: Separate thread for Mickey is created, she was only ever mentioned in the "Ridiculous Photoshoppers" thread before.
>1/10: PULL thread for Mickey is created

I know OP says:
>'Deactivated' IG and privatized FB after getting called out on here, 4chan and reddit
But I couldn't find any mention chan threads other than this one and the "Ridiculous Photoshoppers" one, and that one Reddit post where she wk'd herself. I only searched by her names tho, not pics, so maybe they are out there and I missed them.

No. 48750

It’s weird we now have 2 cows connected to Unichan. This girl used to have a thing with pedophile/stalker Cecil from there.

No. 48751

look at what she did to her teeth god damn
she looks like a bratz doll which is good and all, like cool chill aesthetic but whyyyyy do you have to pretend you actually look this way?
If she just made it like an art type thing i would be more accepting but she's trying to scam people into believing a human naturally looks like this? girl please

No. 48752

Oh god no not cecil. If she had a thing for cecil, then she’s more of a cow than I originally thought. The man is literally insufferable to the core.

No. 48753

Nice work anon, must’ve been a bitch to type out. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right. Self victimizing herself again for attention.

No. 48754


Mickey: Why is everyone being so ran mean to me? Bullying should stop omg

Also Mickey: Bullies multpile other people.

No. 48755


No. 48756

As someone who doesn’t typically read /snow/ this thread has been very interesting to lurk, mostly because of the cow’s dramatic reactions and obvious self posting. To those that have gathered info and posted receipts I thank you. Good stuff. I see this cow flourishing in the future.

No. 48757

File: 1547965055207.jpg (193.27 KB, 597x495, Screenshot_2019-01-20-01-07-42…)

I like how this was posted right after the momo post. How long is she gonna keep talking about this thread. I wonder when the last time she took her choker off was.

No. 48758

On reddit she got posted in r/instagramreality several times

No. 48759

File: 1547968825008.jpg (796.09 KB, 1090x868, ftpwUTy.jpg)

>expression is important
unless ur fat
>feeling like you have a place to share your organic unfiltered thoughts is important
unless your organic unfiltered thoughts are about me then you CAN'T share them

she's honestly kiki 2.0

kek, and she didn't even cite reddit as one of her millions of harassers….so who the fuck is she talking about?

No. 48760

>It’s weird we now have 2 cows connected to Unichan. This girl used to have a thing with pedophile/stalker Cecil from there.

Nasty. That guy is so gross.

No. 48761

lmao if you pause this right at the beginning you can see how OTT she overlines her top lip.
It looks like a pubescent boy's peach fuzz mustache.

No. 48762

Some of y'all spend far too much time putting people down, which probably does mean you are actually jealous or you wouldn't relish it so much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 48763

90% of people in this thread are saying she's actually really pretty and just expressing their confusion at her ridiculous shoops and the fact that she lies about them. Critisizing her strange life choices =/= putting her down, but go off I guess.

No. 48764

Yeah I'm super jealous of mickey being so self obsessed that she's gotta bump her own thread. What a person to aspire to kek

No. 48765

File: 1548257854316.jpg (410.67 KB, 810x1440, 20190123_093139.jpg)

the newest from her, she insists she doesn't have any eating disorder but this type of fracture is very common with them. What do we know

No. 48766

Man that's sad. Mickey's body image issues are really hurting her.

No. 48767

When this thread started, I honestly hated Mickey for her dishonesty and her shit attitude. Now I just feel bad for her. It’s obvious she has some sort of issue, be it mentally or just a severe lack of confidence, and the way she lashes out at people must be caused by that somehow. Armchairing isn’t good, I know, but I think >>48765
might be right. She must have some sort of eating disorder. I hope she gets better soon, and gains enough confidence to stop photoshopping and be comfortable in her own skin.

No. 48768

She's such a weird combination of bravery and then just complete fuckup. That loose skin she has looks awful, and yet she clearly doesn't give too many fucks because she wears clothing that shows it and uploads images where you can see it. No way most people would be comfy with that. On the other hand, she shoops her face, which is honestly fine, into this insane alien freakshow. She's really weird.

Is all this just another way for her eating disorder or bdd to express itself? The not caring about the skin is puzzling though. Unless she does really care and showing it off is like Ash the lich queen showing off her skele? It's super confusing to me.

No. 48769

File: 1548287370940.png (802.33 KB, 800x1106, Screenshot_2019-01-23-15-43-38…)

Her ten year pic is a pic of Trisha.

No. 48770

File: 1548287412584.png (119.85 KB, 800x386, Screenshot_2019-01-23-15-46-15…)

No. 48771

You post before and afters all of the fucking time practically yelling “look at all the weight I lost teeheeee” and you get upset when people ask you how? Just tell them you’re an anachan Mickey it’s not hard to see.

Not going to lie when I first came across her before and after I was amazed too bc I thought she looked great, but her attitude around it puzzles tf out of me. She’s such a cry baby. She literally wants ass pats for forcing herself to develop an eating disorder.

No. 48772

She was posted on reddit again and the comments on it are pretty funny. I also agree, it looks like she enjoys bragging about how much weight she lost but gets "triggered" when people ask her about her weight loss.

No. 48773

Screen shots? Or even quotes? "she posted and people replied" isn't milk

No. 48774

I'll never understand why some people refuse to post caps on a fucking imageboard lol

No. 48775

This is from 2016. When she was a bit bigger, but she looks completely different.(don't post peoples kids.)

No. 48776

It happens in virtually every thread now and it's so frustrating and useless. I think both times Reddit was mentioned in this thread no one even linked it, let alone capped anything useful.

No. 48777

File: 1548903506267.png (Spoiler Image, 513.84 KB, 750x583, 418aad203d5e8389af648276cb1596…)

Update on our deer queen. Sage for no milk

No. 48778

File: 1548958338398.jpg (210.9 KB, 1080x1000, 22636926_305822699903214_81497…)

Found some higher resolution unshooped photos of Mickey before her weight loss. I know a few of these have been posted before in lower resolution. Just adding to the thread for posterity.


No. 48779

File: 1548958369783.jpg (249.91 KB, 1080x717, 13166687_518660001678567_97467…)


No. 48780

apparently she fell on some ice, jesus christ.

No. 48781

File: 1548958546129.jpg (209.52 KB, 960x960, 12080649_1626054670980428_1638…)


No. 48782

File: 1548958647541.jpg (166.22 KB, 1080x1041, 12826151_569686089876476_16229…)


No. 48783

File: 1549191905844.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1531, 77394FD6-09D5-47CC-9F37-36B929…)

I’m fucking cackling right now. what’s up with this lazy pencil neck photoshop?

No. 48784

She's so pretty unshooped, why would she ever think this >>48783 nightmare alien looks better?

Also I know she's wearing heels in this, but she seems pretty tall considering how hard she's pushing the so smol uwu bullshit

No. 48785

Her nose is so straight and not upturned/ski sloped at all kek
and the lips are so small compared to her shoops.

Her eyeliner is also pretty sad here.

No. 48786

The shoop is so bad because she has to do it with her left hand now since her right one is in a cast

No. 48787

File: 1549693913058.png (652.87 KB, 720x960, thequeenofdeer.png)

No. 48788

File: 1549694562300.jpg (15.35 KB, 284x102, xMR4DN.jpg)

tags she uses on her pics make me cringe

No. 48789

No one is here for past fat mickey at least sage your lack of milk

My personal tinfoil is every time this thread is bumped after a few days of nothing with something completely pointless it's mickey lol.

No. 48790

File: 1549743926344.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1544, 7DD2F8E4-69B0-4E7F-A405-E1C379…)

All the time spent editing this picture she didn’t once notice how shit her hair extensions look

No. 48791

you can see the door in the background warping. god those extensions look like dog fur.
also how does she think those lips look good? they look like her lips are consistently wet and sticky. like what if someone wants to hug her tightly or something? i'd worry about getting lip gloss or whatever all over the other person.

No. 48792

File: 1549752012857.jpeg (45.05 KB, 480x651, C17B0583-11C1-4A69-9D3D-178BD9…)

This looks like she put a wig on top of her real hair without using a wig cap.

No. 48793

File: 1549798539812.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1955, B435BC69-C353-4645-8495-1E67D7…)

Who wants to bet this page is ran by Mickey.

No. 48794

rofl what is the context behind this photo?

No. 48795


That's because it's a half wig.

Her hair always looks awful.

No. 48796

Not to say she looks normal now (she def doesn't) but it seems like she's getting less extreme with her editing? Maybe I'm just blind

No. 48797

Her eye makeup is so ott it looks uncanny, so even without as much shoop she still looks surreal

No. 48798

File: 1549902114167.jpeg (902.27 KB, 1125x1785, 13749917-84AB-40F3-BAE4-194754…)

I think she’s just inconsistent with her shoops. She posted this the other day.

No. 48799

It would be hard to put in extensions with one broken arm, js

No. 48800

Lmfao the placement of her extensions has nothing to do with it. It’s 3 shades lighter than her hair and not cut to blend with her natural length at all. But nice try wk.

No. 48801

They were also just as bad before she broke her arm but wk's love to forget that shit

No. 48802

File: 1549976817623.png (599.44 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20190212-130421~2.p…)


No. 48803

File: 1549976854415.png (191.12 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20190212-130535~2.p…)

2/2 she's so artistic

No. 48804

I know this is said all the time but it really creeps me out looking at her photoshopped face and also just the way she puts on makeup like it's not enjoyable to look at. like no one looks like this, it's not a human face and her spoopy frame is just the icing on the cake

No. 48805

Why does every social media nutter pretend that social media is an important part of their ~personal growth journey~ instead of an easy way to get cheap and empty validation? It's so embarrassing. Just be honest with yourself.

No. 48806

She looks so good her imo what is up with her porcelain doll shoop fixation?

No. 48807

whenever someone comes to say how shes pretty I always think its her or a fan lol

No. 48808

Same lol. Not to say without shoop she looks bad but it's just so suspect after she/her wk invaded, esp cus you never see that kind of shit on lolcow

No. 48809

File: 1550050811239.png (1.03 MB, 1024x768, 559A5F05-5BA8-47C9-9728-1D78CB…)

No. 48810

File: 1550194533856.png (456.78 KB, 870x575, 6516c89f1c016f53aa1e46fd9ff35a…)

100% not edited. Seems like Mickey is white knighting herself on Reddit again.

No. 48811

When your face moves out of focus from the snow filter and shows what you actually look like

No. 48812

File: 1550205397946.jpg (351.6 KB, 629x593, helpher.jpg)

No. 48813

File: 1550206304324.jpg (455.28 KB, 637x588, VljzPu.jpg)

for reference.

No. 48814


the way she overlines her lips. jfc.

i'd love to see an actual bare-faced candid of her post-weightloss.

i honestly don't know if i agree with people calling her unshopped face beautiful because it's so caked.

No. 48815

File: 1550228286688.jpg (218.18 KB, 896x406, lol.jpg)

what happened to the positive uwu <3 facade she's trying to portray?

No. 48816

"It's 100% not Photoshop guys!!!!! It's snow" kek

No. 48817

File: 1550238381647.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20190215-134514~2.p…)

No one's head is that shape

No. 48818

All that editing and she couldn't be bothered to fix the hairline on her wig. Maybe she left it so she can point to that and say "see it's not photoshopped, why wouldn't I have fixed the wig?"

No. 48819

File: 1550250816565.jpg (235.68 KB, 491x409, 665447.jpg)

guess what pops up when you google up mickey deer lmao

No. 48820

Maybe you already know this and used a computer you don’t browse LC on but in case you didn’t I’m pretty sure google uses all the info it stores about you to alter what pops up first, so if you frequent this thread and googled her name on the same device that would explain PULL popping up first.

No. 48821

File: 1550291291592.png (267.24 KB, 814x600, 3d6599f8a634d7e4135cbd03771e1e…)

No one has a vendetta against you because of your makeup Mickey, it's because you constantly deny photoshopping your photos, your shitty personality and white knighting yourself. It's embarrassing.

No. 48822

Old account.

No. 48823

career??? lmao what? is she saying being facebook famous is her fuckin career?

No. 48824

Her make up always looks like shit anyway. Like it's really messy and dirty and very poorly done literally no one cares about it

No. 48825

File: 1550347350366.jpg (228.99 KB, 776x981, 20190216_134519.jpg)


its hilarious where she mentions keeping nasty thoughts to yourself, she should practice what she preaches considering that horrific public group bashing on Momo.

just examples of people she's constantly writing off the moment they disagree with her and the kind of comments she's constantly deleting (at time of posting i can't even find the photoshop call out anymore) she's so delusional that it's borderline scary. these were comments on that same instagram post

No. 48826

Guys I still think she's really cute and I'm jealous… Help(no1curr)

No. 48827

Fails to mention she used to pretend that her hair extensions were her real hair. Is she now gonna claim her photoshopping her pics to hell and back is ~art~ and making her followers feel bad for not being able to imitate her facetune/snow app ~skills~ is just her “expressing herself”?

No. 48828

I agree she looks whack as hell but i think that her 'tiny' neck there is like 60% her hair being in the way of her neck

No. 48829

In those photos her mum tagged her in she looks so beautiful. Like honestly she’s really pretty and there’s nothing wrong with her natural self. So why does she photoshop herself alien and lie to say that’s really her? She must have some severe bdd. A lot of the ugly girls who photoshop themselves would die to look like how she looks naturally so why does she make herself look like a deformed bratz doll with dirty makeup. What’s going on in her head to make herself think the nasty shit she posts on Instagram looks good.

No. 48830

just open meitu and go crazy with the slim tool and you too can look like mikayla lol

No. 48831


being fat and the mentality that can come with it is with a lot of these girls for life regardless of however low their weight gets. this girl is an extreme case of it.

No. 48832

File: 1550757888992.png (2.23 MB, 2440x800, 3890.png)

why? lol

No. 48833

The wonders nose contour and OwO-eye-makeup+lashes can do in insane. Of course she uses Photoshop in her instagram photos but you can achieve a similar look with enough makeup done right. You can create a smol-button-nose effect, and big-anime-eyes effect.

No. 48834

yeah no, you cannot look like >>48247 >>48248 without photoshop and just make up.

If you have a large nose, no amount of contour will give you a button nose. If you have certain eye shapes, no amount of makeup techniques will give you bobble anime eyes. I'm sorry but it's just not realistic, not to mention you would look horrifying in person. You would look like you have dirt on your face and that a small child did your makeup.

The only way to achieve a similar look is with similar photoshop technique.

No. 48835

File: 1551245650666.jpg (163.78 KB, 418x736, Screenshot_1.jpg)

This picture pains me to look at, it's so blurry.

That's one thing I never understood, like she clearly has the money for makeup/hair/clothes ect, so her phone camera cant be THAT bad, but we all know it's from the photoshopping.

No. 48836

File: 1551245716345.gif (11.25 MB, 600x750, ezgif-2-899e6146219e.gif)


Recent video she put on insta

No. 48837

I was coming to this thread to mention the same thing…. I don’t want to nitpick but why are her pictures all 0.5mp?? Is it to hide all the shoop lines? kek

No. 48838

It's 2019, high resolution cameras are the standard, yet we have people like this producing 2004 digital camera-quality photos for some reason

No. 48839

Still doesn't look like her shoops.
I have a feeling she used face trackers on this vid to help make her nose look smaller, thus the minimal movements. Plus the overdrawn lips, she thinks we can't see where her real lip ends.
Which is crazy stupid bc her natural lips are fine.

No. 48840

LOL she definitely used some video editor to change her face and hair. Just look at the blinds on the right behind her when she moves - they are warped and move back into space at the end of the loop.

I swear this cow is like Dakota reborn back from her after effects YouTube video tutorial days. I wonder if she thinks she dreaming about being a super kawaii model in glorious Nippon too kek

No. 48841

True. If you zoom in to the locks on the door, you see that solid metal wiggle…

No. 48842

File: 1551310660295.gif (11.63 MB, 600x750, 28995A25-AE63-468A-AE9E-7465AA…)

Samefag but if you slow it down you can tell it’s edited for sure

No. 48843

Definitely edited, but it still doesn't look like her photos

No. 48844

The cringiest part is I wonder how long it took her to do that vid and her not realize the door is completely warped, lol

No. 48845

lmao, you can literally see it liquefying behind her head when she moves to the side in the gif. amazing. also why are her hands so fucking huge?

No. 48846


She must be so mad that she still has fat girl face when she smiles, kek.

No. 48847

File: 1551464242755.jpeg (233.7 KB, 1242x693, A3896885-97F0-4162-8CCD-EF149B…)

Is this the first time she’s admitted she wears a wig?

No. 48848

She does still have a moon face, it makes me wonder if she’s bulimic

No. 48849

I’m pretty sure it’s just loose skin from losing so much weight, unfortunately. It really ages her

No. 48850

She wouldn't be ugly if she wasn't such a lying little shit, but she has such an ugly smile, those miniature horse teeth are awful but the worst part are her ridiculously over-lined lips. If she got therapy for her fat girl syndrome, worked on her trash personality and stopped wearing circus clown makeup, she could be like… a 6 if you look past the saggy skin.

Shit, this might be it, I wrote my comment before reading this one and she does have a fat girl face when she smiles, top kek

No. 48851

File: 1551619907951.jpeg (322.54 KB, 1239x1312, B1E7233C-9E13-4CC9-A906-71C70D…)

At least she didn’t shoop out her fupa? I would love see her sagged skin in all its glory, kek

No. 48852

She's edited everything else though

No. 48853

File: 1551681237606.jpg (721.64 KB, 1080x1587, 20190303_233254.jpg)

real life cartoon girl guys

No. 48854

Sad she still has such severe body image issues even after losing so much weight. Maybe one day she'll learn it's okay to not look like a barbie or cartoon. Honestly, it's fine if she has a belly or extra skin if she can just be healthy and accept having a normal real body.

No. 48855

her pinched, warped waist shocks me every time i see it, wow.
Also wiggly legs down by the toilet

No. 48856

She would look better if she wore clothes that fit. That skirt needs a size up.

No. 48857

File: 1552045177482.jpg (628.6 KB, 1080x1226, 20190308_053733.jpg)

oh look a photo she didn't take or have the opportunity to edit and her eyes look completely normal size lol… actually even quite small.

No. 48858


How did that even pass as a license/passport picture, she's got so much makeup on she looks like a blow up doll with foetal alcohol syndrome

No. 48859

The lines are oddly warped around her mouth and nose, basically all over her damnm face. She edited this photo too bruh

No. 48860

God is this girl dumb? she blocked out the Illinois part but the word Illinois is tiled in gray throughout the whole temp ID. Also like other anon said, the lines around her lips are blurred as well

No. 48861

>wobbly corner
>wobbly toilet paper (?) next to her waist

I’m screaming.

No. 48862

She actually removed the video from insta, that's hilarious lmao guess she couldn't defend the warping doors

No. 48863

File: 1552505370585.jpeg (106.23 KB, 768x960, 486E3F66-8686-4D88-8874-6ED475…)

Part of her “Easter photoshoot”..

No. 48864

File: 1552519026047.jpeg (94.88 KB, 768x960, C6E1BCCA-5E03-48A5-9E3E-9636EB…)

It’s 2019, why her photo quality always so fuckin bad, it feels like I’m watching Japanese pr0n.

Can you please invest in a camera over 0.002MP???

No. 48865

Her face is literally photoshopped into a cartoon. She doesn’t even look like her “self” in this.

No. 48866

File: 1552551783178.jpg (2.48 MB, 3060x2080, palemanwoom.jpg)

This is the worst one yet, it looks like it was made by a drunk person. Peep that loose skin on her arm she's been trying to make integrate with the rest of her arm tissue. It must be gnarly in person.

No. 48867

The arm shoop from her trying to hide her saggy skin kek. I guess she's not so confident about it after all. Also, she made her nose about 10x smaller than she already does. Why aren't people in her life encouraging her to get therapy? This is not normal.

No. 48868

File: 1552959291113.jpg (115.21 KB, 1152x1586, FB_IMG_1552958931425.jpg)

with all the time she spends editing her photos youd think she would fix her fucking stray hair and eyes lmao

No. 48869

File: 1552964759696.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2869x2357, F0AB2562-AB07-49FC-8020-9424A6…)

She’s really trying to play it off like she didn’t know how to edit her picture hahaha

No. 48870

That person edited more than the eye colour KEK

No. 48871

File: 1553110801544.jpg (70.82 KB, 633x960, 54525037_2300651729956086_2525…)

jesus what an actual wreck

No. 48872

nitpick but why do her eyelashes always look so damn crusty and dusty? ik a lot of people with eyelash extensions (who don’t do them at home like retards) and wear makeup, and they never look like they just had fifteen pounds of eyeshadow fallout resting on their lashes

No. 48873

I love that she made her lips bigger, really shows how overlined they are

No. 48874

This is maybe one of the worst edited pictures of her I've ever seen.

Extra wavey hair around her face, showing where she edited it smaller (face) Esp around her cheek and chin
You can see where she tried to pull the hair in, so that the facial editing looked less, but made her hair look blurry in that process.
She quite literally bent her nose.
Overdrawn lips, you can clearly see where her actual top lip is.
Also she edited her lips to be fuller, but couldn't be arsed to hide where her real lip starts.
Then yeah, the usual eye editing whateves

No. 48875

She literally looks like she's got pink eye lmao

No. 48876

These fucking comments are ridiculous, this is the most narcisstic set of comments I’ve ever read. I know you guys are probably going to keep what your doing no matter what anyone says, if anyone has to do self reflecting I’m pretty sure it’s a lot of you who have nothing better to done than criticize and scream “wHiTes KnIgHts” at every person who has a logical comment to post LOL it’s really pathetic of the Origbal poster and all the followers of talking shit on this girl. Congratulations you’ve wasted more of your life, and just got more attention in an attempt trying to crack some code about another person’s life. Maybe through out this process you’ll realize how unproductive posting shit like this is and realize how your words can affect someone. Though I’m pretty sure you’re used to trying to bring people down no matter what there views are. I’m not giving people any excuse to be called out for racial and fucked up things in their posts, that’s definitely not okay, but what you’re all doing is horrible as hell.(white knighting)

No. 48877

lol get off the internet if a gossip board offends you. Have you seen 4Chan? Or Reddit? KEK

No. 48878

Yeah, calling out this problematic IG chick for shooping her photos to hell and back, then laughing at her for denying she shoops is sooo horrible. Lmao maybe you should get a life yourself instead of being offended that there are sites on the internet to gossip and lul at cringe and dumb people who think they're really uwu special. It is WKing when people go out of their way to sperge on a particular Cows thread about how mean the people are. Sometimes it's even self posting Cows kek

No. 48879

File: 1553630160072.gif (462.91 KB, 500x272, z15WdTy.gif)

No. 48880

File: 1553778344181.jpeg (191.68 KB, 750x1094, F5D5600B-96FA-470A-A1B1-C732F0…)

Totally unedited normal face shape. Putting on mascara also makes my eyes 1/3rd of my face

No. 48881

that overlining looks like she has a red mustache

No. 48882

File: 1553783024784.jpg (79.56 KB, 600x288, kek.jpg)

she looks like a badly-sculpted skyrim waifu
her jaggy polygons are showing

No. 48883

Jesus Christ the amount of snow app warping on those lips and nose is insane. You can see all the stretching and warping the app does on her lip lines. Does she just use snow app now instead of a mirror and thinks she actually looks like that irl? The shoops have gotten even worse than before.

No. 48884

she has to be fucking with us at this point. this is so far off the scale of normal even she has to notice it through her mountain of insecurities.

she looks crosseyed when the pic is zoomed out. she starved herself retarded

No. 48885

>the Origbal poster and all the followers of talking shit on this girl

Followers? This isn’t instagram wtf lel

>you’ve wasted more of your life, and just got more attention

It’s an anonymous site, so who is supposedly receiving this “attention”?

>inb4 views for the site!!!1

Mickey is a small cow with ONE slow ass thread on this massive site with cows w/ 20 times the amount of followers and 50 threads for each. That’s cute that you think youre so important. Also very hypocritical since Mickey has literally posted the SAME THINGS and WORSE about other girls on 4chan/reddit/pettygirlchat. Was she not wasting her life and being horrible then?

I guess your too much of a wHiTeKnIgHt to call her out on the same thing, but have no problem sperging out on us for the exact same “offense”. That’s why. If you can’t take the heat then get the fuck out of the kitchen.

No. 48886

Double post but the latest snow app update shows that you can now make vids over 5 min now so I guess she’ll start making longer videos saying “look it’s not shooped!” Also noticed she crops the video clips every time so when her head goes too close to the top edge of the camera it doesn’t start glitching at the top of her hair, you can see the glitching in older ones at the top but I’m assuming she caught on and now crops that portion out. Her big mistakes are using backgrounds with lines and continuously putting her hand in front of her face which delays the warping.

No. 48887

File: 1553805923345.jpeg (93.84 KB, 1210x711, 60FF8D96-0526-4C73-982D-9C4120…)

>”Botched is an American reality television series that premiered on E! on June 24, 2014. It follows doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they "remedy extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong."”

No. 48888

This pic of her makes me dizzy to look at kek all the warping and weird lines

No. 48889


Girl this means that people who dont know you think you look awful. Top kek

No. 48890

as if botched producers don't know what a shop looks like? is she for real? this trend of girls looking for attention by saying mean shit to themselves for asspats needs to end.

No. 48891

File: 1553889302097.png (145.45 KB, 640x1136, 3B71C05D-19E1-411D-8243-C92759…)

She’s thriving irl and that’s why she has so much time to cry about meanies on the internet and shop her pics to hell and back lmao

What I wanna know is where are her pics getting shared besides here?

No. 48892

Does anyone know why she always calls her boyfriend "the boy"?

Why not just call him by his name or say "my boyfriend"

No. 48893


Her pic was shared to a tag group called 'That's it, I'm facetune shaming' on fb and the group tore her to shreds

No. 48894


No. 48895

Caring in the first place that a random person on the internet is photoshopping their selfies is so God damn retarded. I get that it's your guys' hobby, but seriously? Why not just watch YouTube or something and not harass people?(Whiteknight)

No. 48896

Thanks for your inputs but can you sage if you're not going to add anything to this?

No. 48897

None of us are harassing her, we're just discussing her. If she has an issue with us specifically, that's on her. It's against the rules to cowtip so any person who harasses her personally responsible.

No. 48898

File: 1553925285685.jpeg (230.56 KB, 1124x1118, FAB6A632-4CC3-4284-AA46-86254B…)


No. 48899

File: 1553925380469.jpeg (206.53 KB, 1124x1236, F10F87AD-30FD-4E8D-9D84-056607…)


No. 48900

File: 1553925471671.jpeg (260.38 KB, 1124x1184, 690C4C3F-D462-4492-91D1-4C752A…)


No. 48901

File: 1553925596391.jpeg (227.05 KB, 1124x1590, D7A47003-AADB-4B75-B8F8-E3A889…)


No. 48902

File: 1553930186710.jpg (23.8 KB, 540x960, 1551245650666.jpg)

Someone pointed this out, her whole right eye is wavy even her lashes, contacts and actual eye shape. Still denies editing pictures though lmao let's not talk about the lip liner christ

No. 48903


Saged, but I want in on this group - is it secret?

No. 48904

File: 1553944422881.jpg (107.48 KB, 1088x1934, mikkkk.jpg)

The warping in this photo is wack.

No. 48905

Does she live in a fucking funhouse lmao how does she look at the background and think "Wow no one will tell! It looks totally normal!".

No. 48906

is the privacy of this group set to secret or something because I can't find it

No. 48907

i think so, it must be a big group though, because i've seen randoms talk about it

No. 48908

It’s a private group but you can search for the tag and request to join by answers a few questions

No. 48909

File: 1554010168875.jpeg (167.73 KB, 640x1136, 88B3BFF4-A840-4023-8F80-F56A51…)

Sage for no milk and possible nitpick but does anyone else think this is a selfie? It looks like one of her shoulders is higher and closer to the camera, like when you stick your arm out to take a selfie. Not to mention the angle is odd and it’s only from the chest up. And it’s posed lmao.

Poor “boy”

Careful on the moscato, Mikayla, don’t want to end up like Shayna

No. 48910

Shit I misread, I thought she said the boy TOOK the pic.

Still cringe tho. Sorry for dry milk

No. 48911

If you ever wondered what Mickey's makeup looks like in real life, it's just as expected. Actually terrifying.

No. 48912

File: 1554038333790.jpg (480.34 KB, 472x582, 54525037_2300651729956086_2525…)

No. 48913

I couldn't imagine myself dating her, like no way am I gonna attempt to hug or kiss her with all that makeup on. She looks like she smells strongly powdery.
Also check that 1 centimeter hover hand.(no1curr)

No. 48914

File: 1554245319757.jpg (68.89 KB, 1199x638, IMG_20190402_164146.jpg)

No new milk but I saw this photo on Twitter and it instantly reminded me of Mickey

No. 48915

File: 1554848844016.jpg (74.89 KB, 641x960, 56828125_2331250956896163_8595…)

No. 48916

File: 1554848895181.jpg (8.45 KB, 151x151, 47690602_767253363650054_50412…)

No. 48917

oof, makeup and edit looks terrible

No. 48918

File: 1554876505771.png (1.23 MB, 1128x862, wtfmick.png)

so double post but i'm looking closer and just what the fuck is that? what the fuck mickey?

No. 48919

Her entire wall is being sucked into her face like it's a black hole. None of those ornaments are straight

Disturbingly accurate

No. 48920

File: 1554911399488.jpeg (193.6 KB, 749x1108, C6194A21-ECAC-4096-B495-F9E995…)

this girl can’t go one day without telling a lie

No. 48921

She's blatantly wearing circle lenses? Does she think we are all visually impaired?

No. 48922

She tries to pass her animu alien face as real..

No. 48923

I love how the stretchy 90s tattoo necklace bends off at a right angle.

totally normal, no editing here

No. 48924

File: 1554930545331.jpeg (651.63 KB, 1242x1061, 4D8692EE-3721-4D48-B233-BEB303…)

Why does she have lashes drawn going up the side all the way past where her eye starts????? Is it part of the big eye illusion?

Also my tinfoil is that her top lashes look crusty and weird because she wears like 2 or 3 pairs of falsies glued on top of each other.

No. 48925

it's not really tinfoil, you can see the lash stacking. I bet they get filthy…

No. 48926

File: 1554957424958.png (1.32 MB, 712x1276, mdeer.png)

Without circle lenses.

No. 48927

man her lazy eye is tripping me out lol

No. 48928

File: 1555013072459.jpg (27.24 KB, 525x140, lmao.jpg)

No. 48929

File: 1555013240614.png (342.01 KB, 780x427, what.png)

No. 48930

you're right mickey you're just backwoods trailer trash who draws on fake features and photoshops to hell to emulate the plastic surgery you'll never be able to afford which is about a million times more pathetic

No. 48931

File: 1555015192379.jpg (19.79 KB, 253x244, lolcow.jpg)

"BItCh i WIsH I HaD OnE"

No. 48932

She looks good here I have no idea why she shoops herself.

No. 48933

I guess she'd rather look like a chipmunk Scarlett Johansson than accept her real face

No. 48934

Legit curious how she photoshops her toucan nose

No. 48935

Wtf she actually looks like a badass here
Why she do the dirt face thing

No. 48936

Her plastic surgeon is the Snow app.

That's what annoys me about this weirdo. She actually looks pretty in that picture imo, but somehow she wants to convince people she naturally looks like an anime fanart abomination made by an 11 year old. Her body image is SO FUCKED.

No. 48937

She needs to stop posting "proof"
in her edits she looks like a baby in make up but in the proof she looks like a regular girl caked on with make up

No. 48938

File: 1555729437145.jpg (65.75 KB, 422x736, mick.jpg)

No. 48939

File: 1555729463016.jpg (41.41 KB, 420x752, mick2.jpg)

before she deletes video

No. 48940

File: 1555729590998.jpg (9.22 KB, 87x80, mouf.jpg)

No. 48941

File: 1555730494385.webm (3.19 MB, 640x800, fakenose.webm)

No. 48942

File: 1555731212065.jpg (331.84 KB, 494x537, kawaiii.jpg)

No. 48943

Those bottom lashes, girl…

No. 48944

Sage for no milk.
If she didn’t lie about photoshop and had a better personality, I could follow her. Not that anyone cares.
I mean, if she was honest about the photoshop and was doing it like an art project, it could be cool.
But kek, how do people believe this is her real face?(no1curr)

No. 48945

File: 1555767976423.png (783.1 KB, 882x676, oh.png)

Never realized she edited her forehead/hairline to be so short.

No. 48946

File: 1555803505012.jpg (287.47 KB, 375x632, keknose.jpg)

mickeys "upturned" nose isnt so upturned

No. 48947

File: 1556334506590.jpg (64.52 KB, 680x960, 58372760_2357422067612385_1545…)

….the curvature of her nose looks like it's made of playdoh and she molded it to go to the left

No. 48948

Im laughing at how small her head looks compared to her shoulder

No. 48949

File: 1556338172247.jpg (365.46 KB, 936x960, 57588171_2354336574587601_7754…)

I don't know how to photoshop but I thought I'd try my hand at removing the horrendous overlining she had in one of her recent pics. It's a small thing and obv the rest of the pic is still shooped but I think it looks so much better.

No. 48950

imagine seeing this critter in real life, it would be frightening

No. 48951


I want to douse her in micellar water whenever I see her claymation face.

No. 48952

File: 1556463058047.png (115.18 KB, 301x326, ohmy.png)

No. 48953

File: 1556512663554.jpg (52.73 KB, 830x960, lmfao where did the door go.jp…)

The door behind her completely disappeared, amazing

No. 48954

Oof. Sorry, anon – I'm pretty sure that's just a little vent.

No. 48955

File: 1556532743501.jpg (85.54 KB, 913x882, 19-04-29-11-10-55-274_deco.jpg)

There's a chunk missing from her jaw

No. 48956

File: 1556587551480.png (1.86 MB, 1771x2048, 522275451.png)

That's quite a chunk missing

No. 48957

She doesnt even look like she has eyes, just furry caterpillars or maybe some sort of spider

No. 48958

File: 1556605237927.png (665.81 KB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_20190430-071849~2.p…)

She says she reposted because she was worried it was too suggestive, but I see that jaw correction Mickey

No. 48959


further down where >>48956 circled you can see some white behind her like she warped the door in or tried to erase it completely (but i might be nitpicking here my bad)

No. 48960

It’s because she always pushes her shoulders in, it’s in every body shot of hers, scroll further up it’s pretty much her go-to to look even smaller lol.
Also L O L what a compulsive liar about the “suggestive” thing, good catch with the screen caps, anon

No. 48961

No. 48962

File: 1556678571545.png (451.37 KB, 637x607, Screen Shot 5.png)

I'm surprised it took this long. Though I will say, this is another post that got popular but…I don't think that's Mickey on the top? It doesn't even look like her real pics, it looks like a totally different girl – or am I crazy? Easy mistake to make considering she shoops her face to an inhuman one, but that one doesn't look like her

No. 48963

I agree, pretty sure top pic isn't Mickey. I think she said it herself on fb a while ago too.

No. 48964

File: 1556686616735.jpg (319.33 KB, 1080x1228, 20190430_215538.jpg)

Looks like we were both wrong lmfao

No. 48965

Why does it shrink behind her then. There's a little bit of white whatever it is beside her. Probably where she pulled it in.

No. 48966

Not only that but the lie is the fact that she FIXED A MISSING SQUARE OF HER JAW and made up an entire caption about some intern debate she had about ~being too suggestive~
What an absolute loon. And her shoulders are still pushed in, canvas or not?

No. 48967

I'm laughing at the counter warping near her chin area

No. 48968

File: 1556914714572.jpg (265.08 KB, 540x419, I8NGmi.jpg)

no filter guys

No. 48969

File: 1556936570709.jpg (202.93 KB, 1079x1247, Screenshot_20190503-192046_Fac…)

I dont get why anyone would 1) have a dream about Egoraptor or 2) want to share that with her fRiEnDs OnLy

No. 48970

Yikes…doesn't she have a boyfriend? My bf would legit feel like shit if I told him something like that

No. 48971

File: 1556938009733.jpg (131.44 KB, 540x960, lolcow.jpg)

what the actual fuck does she keep doing to her eyes

No. 48972

idk who egoraptor is but I looked him up and he looks very similar to her boyfriend, so this was just a convoluted way of her announcing she thinks her bf is hot

No. 48973

arin hanson of game grumps. she better watch out, katie might start calling her a mini me along with susie.

No. 48974

She recently "adopted" a wild bunny.

Does she know it has to get checked over by a vet for diseases and such?

She's been touching it non-stop

No. 48975

the fuck could she possibly be doing to help it? it’s so destructive and shitty to keep a native wild species without proper knowledge on how to care for them and mickey definitely ain’t no fuckin expert. she needs to surrender the rabbit to a wildlife reserve if she actually cares about it.

but who am i kidding. she doesn’t care about the wellbeing of the rabbit or how fucking terrified it no doubt is, or how complex their diets are that change throughout the year, or if it has underlying conditions… she just wants cute pictures for facebook. fuck you mickey

No. 48976


From looking at her stories and posts what I can tell is that she “found” two baby wild rabbits and “adopted” them, one of which subsequently died because wild rabbits are notoriously difficult to hand rear. You should never just take baby animals you find, chances are the mother is just out getting food and they are not abandoned. She never specified how she knew they were abandoned, so it seems like she really did just take some baby rabbits she found in the wild because she felt like it and wanted cute baby rabbit photos. It makes me furious.

No. 48977

There were people in the comments of her Instagram telling her to wash her hands any time she would touch the rabbit and she would go "No it's all good I only use my fingernails!"

No. 48978

File: 1556999621806.jpeg (269.23 KB, 827x1289, A9AFAEA2-405D-4791-8AE2-B84BDA…)

New post and all I can say is WHAT THE FUCK.
How does she even think she looks “kawaii” as her tags suggest?
The editing is so, so bad.
I can’t believe how long I’ve followed her and haven’t noticed nor paid attention, now it’s all I CAN SEE

No. 48979

FUCK. mickey WHY. this is the most important time of year to leave the rabbits A L O N E. they weren’t abandoned, i guarantee it. she just fucking cradle robbed two babies from their best defence system.

i hope this bitch lurks here.
you just killed a creature for internet points.
all it would’ve taken was one fucking google search to know she should’ve left them alone.

holy shit i’m mad.

No. 48980

and all the boys are smoking menthols
girls are getting back rubs
i will drift to u if u make urself shake fast enough

fuck mimi what happened

still have those arizona bags you got me tbh(what)

No. 48981

I feel like there's more of a story behind this and I want to know

No. 48982

This picture genuinely makes me nauseated. Her terrible eye makeup/shoop looks like a fucking House Centipede. (I'd include a pic for comparison, but you can google them for yourselves if you're lucky enough to not have ever seen one)

Mickey, we know you lurk here. If you're going to put all that time and effort into shooping your face, I'm begging you, make it slightly less horrifying.

No. 48983

Does this girl have a lazy eye, or is it just her sloppy ‘shooping?

No. 48984


I think it’s to do with how she draws big eyes on her face - as a result, her actual pupils and irises are in the wrong place for the new ‘eyes’ she’s created and from some angles it makes her look like one eye is always looking at her nose.

No. 48985

File: 1557113037778.jpg (187.45 KB, 540x488, 1556938009733_mh1557112911816.…)

I did a lazy removal of her giant ass bottom lashes, and the exaggerated makeup she does to make her eyes appear bigger. But due to the way she edits, her eyes look all fucked up lol.

No. 48986

The first bit is a line from a Fall Out Boy song. Probably just drunk-posting.

No. 48987

File: 1557217408936.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20190507-092305~2.p…)

Her nose is getting ridiculous

No. 48988

I'm not saying this as a joke but those fingers legit creep me out bad yikes

No. 48989

lmao the way the finger is fat then goes behind the wig and comes out into a skinny alien finger. triple-jointed my dudes.

No. 48990

Can she breathe with that thing?

No. 48991

Those fingers are actually hilarious. The BDD really jumps out with these girls, you can tell they are intently focused on editing some parts and pay no attention to others.

No. 48992

File: 1557441874268.png (892.44 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20190509-234224~2.p…)

Nice wiggly cabinet Mickey. Her make up really makes her look dirty idk

No. 48993

concentrating on finger length more this time I see

No. 48994

File: 1557609765771.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20190511-222217~2.p…)

Her clown make up really looks crazy here. Wtf is happening

No. 48995

Oh god she looks so filthy. Those fucking eyelashes look like mashed up spiders that been hot glued to her eyelids.

No. 48996

File: 1557703097839.png (361.28 KB, 425x714, lmao.jpg.png)

…who is this?

No. 48997

File: 1557704447443.png (304.85 KB, 396x700, oldmick.png)

she looks so much like her old self here. its crazy how much she changes the shape of her nose to be upturned when her nose is very straight + the shortening of her nose and face and making her eyes massive

No. 48998

like oh my god its so bad

No. 48999

File: 1557732065088.jpg (678.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190510-231530_Ins…)

I'm scared…

No. 49000

What really bothered me about this is it was a lip sync video and she only knew about 3 of the words. Like… What
Willing to bet it's still snow tho, just not so much

What even happened here

No. 49001

File: 1557744556911.jpg (229.25 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190513_204543.jpg)


She's absolutely still using an app, even if the filter is turned down or its a video, beauty apps have come pretty far. You can edit your face pretty drastically with sliders and the app will track your face and keep them even when you talk and move around. A lot of the time the only thing that will stop the app from working is you covering most of your face. The one i screenshotted is called beautycam.

No. 49002

Forgot to sage my bullshit, sorry

No. 49003

File: 1557758456531.jpg (685.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190510-231539_Ins…)

This was from her live IG story, here is another screenshot.

No. 49004

File: 1557766908621.gif (1.08 MB, 268x175, ewdavid.gif)

God, I can't stop staring at this mess - what IS this? What is going on with her lip/teeth/mouth shoop? Did she warp her teeth with her shoop? She's literally trying to do the "uwu" face

That bird is also confusing in general as well. It looks real but what the fuck. I know she's trying to be "uwu snow white animals just flock to me" but did she really get some random dirtyass bird to perch perfectly still on her finger for 20 mins while she tried to get her perfect selfie?

The fucking sweatpants get me….kek. Whats the point of ordering a whole shitty cosplay if you can't even be bothered to put the whole thing on for a picture? Also isn't she a hairdresser? All shooping aside, she couldn't take 30 seconds to make that wig look less like it was put on directly out of a bag? Yikes

Yeah, every once in a while she accidentally lets echos of her real face in. Which I think just makes it even worse, because she's a perfectly fine looking girl without the insane shoop

No. 49005

File: 1557776807974.jpg (72.74 KB, 1080x810, whtathefck.jpg)

jesus what…why and what actually this has to be the worst one yet

No. 49006


No nose EVER looks like that. Not even in anime or on dolls. That's a nose that couldn't even be surgically made. How is this girl so persistent in her delusions?

No. 49007

File: 1557814679837.png (112.59 KB, 500x615, me-body-dysmorphia-u-look-like…)

Jesus, is this a joke? Literally no difference between this and >>48520
Having a real human being in the pic next to her just makes it look even worse

No. 49008

File: 1557822095800.png (836.55 KB, 1059x1317, Screenshot_20190513-225056~2.p…)


No. 49009

File: 1557822154337.png (182.63 KB, 1070x1217, Screenshot_20190513-225114~2.p…)

I have so much to say but I'm speechless at the same time

No. 49010

Good lord

No. 49011

she's like Vic with pretending the blatantly false eyelashes are real lol

No. 49012

Don't forget the incredibly unrealistic nose freckles.
Also I feel like saying "haha my lip colour stained my lip" is a lot less grim than telling us it's irritated, like what

No. 49013

I really don't mind anything about this chick, her shoops and style, except for those eyelashes. I mind them a lot. They make me anxious. They make me think of keratoconjuctivitis and tarantulas.

No. 49014

Enlarged her eyes to filth, her nose has 3 different angles going on and her top lip enlarged as you can see one side of her lips looks bulged. Her paragraph about this picture just proves how delusional she is. Also, can she stop about how her makeup is an art form and she's just expressing herself because it's the biggest eyeroll ever.

No. 49015

her chubby cheeks and normal sized nose and normal sized eyes are actually CUTE AF. I don't care if she wants to do the crazy makeup, whatever, but the photoshop is just…..no
Idk why but taking it into another realm of unrealistic goals is just unhealthy. And she seems really vain and conceited, like she just stares in the mirror all day fixing any imperfections or coming up with ways she can look better. Her face is constantly changing. What will happen when she gets a real following and fanbase and young women starve themselves or go under the knife just to look like something that isn't real?

No. 49016

File: 1557871080548.jpg (125.06 KB, 1079x550, Screenshot_20190514-145710_Fac…)

lmao she's lurking hard

No. 49017

you know that old 'if your hand is bigger than your face then you have cancer' game that kids play? Mickey's probably terminal

No. 49018

oh that red lip is clearly from sucking on a bottle cap

No. 49019

Her lip is always red cuz she over lines and abuses her lip cupper

No. 49020

>Guys in the background whistling and waiting for her to turn around again so they can see the freaky looking girl

No. 49021

I don't understand this girl. She's kind of cute and goes out, into the real world, where everyone can see how she looks like. It's not like she only lives online, so why does she care so much about shooping every single picture?

No. 49022

I recently learnt you can get lice in false eyelashes and honestly hers look like the perfect living conditions. If nothing else, they're definitely rammed with bacteria

No. 49023

File: 1557938379588.jpeg (185.12 KB, 750x1088, FEFDBC32-3F34-4490-AEE9-0A69EF…)

seriously what is WRONG with this girl. why would you pose like this in front of ur toilet and then post it to the internet ???

No. 49024

File: 1557938871654.jpg (312.85 KB, 750x1088, 19-05-15-17-47-24-445_deco.jpg)

Idek what she's shooping here but the matching wiggly lines of her phone charger and shirt are hilarious

No. 49025

It never fails to amaze me, what she chooses to shoop. She goes crazy with her face and her fingers, and yet doesn't bother to smooth the texture on her thigh? Why? Every time I look at her pictures my head starts to hurt from trying to figure out what the hell she's doing, lol.

No. 49026

File: 1557945034865.jpg (495.32 KB, 1080x1837, 20190515_142940.jpg)

Saw this in the Acen tag, I had no idea she was going. I'm sort of curious to see her, it'd be wild to see her irl.

No. 49027

>junko makeup test
>looks just the same as always
i guess she's referring to her nose having turned into a literal beacon??

No. 49028

Jesus Christ her shadow looks completely different to the outline of her body

No. 49029

File: 1557957288284.jpg (717.31 KB, 1585x1920, 19-05-15-22-48-25-513_deco.jpg)

Her skirt is she even trying anymore?? She looks like she's intentionally taken the smudge tool to this

No. 49030

Her face looks like jigsaw here

No. 49031

Holy shit, did she take this picture on a Razr phone 10 years ago? Genuinely, how could anyone excuse this in 2019? This is a nightmare.

No. 49032

Such a great crossplay of Annabelle and Junko!

No. 49033

i fucking audibly gasped. this looks like a spooky kota shoop.

No. 49034

File: 1557966229923.jpeg (88.36 KB, 465x599, F4D08D20-B11C-46DF-BCB5-05FC50…)

She looks like one of Kota’s old paintings, kek.

No. 49035


Exactly this.

all of her photos always are blurry as fuck, when it's clear that she doesn't have an awful phone.

No. 49036

I guess that’s what happens when you run it through like 20 editing apps idk

No. 49037

Notice the photo of her hands are clear and normal looking, yet her body pics look like they're taken on a 2003 webcam. It'd be the multiple editing apps she uses ruining the quality.

This photo is genuinely terrifying >>49029
Please can her boyfriend buy her a new phone stat. She clearly can't even see what she's doing with these edits because this looks like a haunted puppet from a horror movie.

No. 49038

File: 1558113946337.png (418.85 KB, 600x685, 352A53CB-0686-4C84-94C6-A9936B…)

She doesn't look like she's trying for kooter shoops at all, looks like an irl version of a tearzah character what with the eyes and the ridiculous hair. Tell me you can't see this? I bet you she has tons of her shit saved and references it on the daily.

No. 49039

ah fuck that's why she felt so familiar but i could never place it, thanks anon

No. 49040

lol I'm actually glad someone else does see it this was driving me crazy for a while haha

No. 49041

I saw her in passing at ACen earlier and girl's got a definite goiter. If I see her again I'll maybe try getting a picture. She's horrifying in person, surprising no one.

No. 49042

What did she look like? Pls do take picture

No. 49043

The best way to describe it is her chin kinda melts into her neck, and she's got a much longer face than her shoops obviously. Her makeup looked super caked on, was definitely her. She was cosplaying Touka(?) from MHA. Can't believe she has the nerve to go to a con knowing her followers are going to see though her bullshit lol.
If I come across her again tomorrow I'll try to sneakily get a pic.

No. 49044

Very interesting, I would feel bad if she wasnt such a lying narcissist. Did you get to see her nose at all?

No. 49045

Honestly she'd look pretty normal/cute if she wouldn't cake her makeup so bad. Girl had a solid half inch of over lining her lips. Her nose looked like an average white girl nose to me, but I only caught a glimpse. Was more taken aback by her terrible makeup.

No. 49046

does she look bigger irl? i feel like she's gained weight recently.

No. 49047

Tbh just say you want a picture of her cosplay

No. 49048

I'll definitely be checking the ACEN, Togahimiko, and related tags on Instagram. I have no doubts someone will ask her to take a pic.

No. 49049

Definitely bigger. She's actually pretty tall too.

That's the plan, but I don't wanna start shit with her if she gets suspicious lol

No. 49050

File: 1558208493223.jpeg (20.46 KB, 202x300, F9348A46-6604-4E9E-825B-AFD2EF…)

What I see when I look at this pic:

No. 49051

File: 1558216448104.jpg (219.99 KB, 1536x2048, mickmk k.jpg)

No. 49052

Nice anon! I saw her again earlier but couldn't grab a pic. She's at least 5'7" and maybe 150-160 lbs? She photoshops her body as much as her face.

No. 49053

Hey this is random but you're really cool looking lol and pretty. But omg, Mickey looks….so fucking weird. Definitely like a ventriloquist's dummy, or a evil possessed porcelain doll from a horror movie, or like a wax figure lol. Her face is way chubbier than she lets on? This whole time I thought she was scarily skinny and on the brink of death….She's actually normal sized lol

No. 49054

This isn't me, I found the photo from her friend who commented on one of her Facebook photos they were going to ACEN as well.

No. 49055

Yeeah I could tell from this pic >>49023 that she's still fat. The saggy titties, the neck photoshop where she tried to bring down her fat shoulders but the collar stayed attached, the lumpy legs, and her left arm folding that way. Her short neck is a dead giveaway for being a fatty.

No. 49056

File: 1558220576840.jpg (1.31 MB, 2560x1920, 19-05-18-19-02-31-233_deco.jpg)


No. 49057

Okay, I've got to say it - I feel like her normal face is actually really nice??? And I know her makeup is really over the top, but I kind of admire her confidence to keep doing it, especially out in public. It gives me some old gyaru vibes. I wish Mickey didn't feel the need to photoshop herself so much, or could at least be up front with shooping just being part of her image. Like I said, she's confident with her makeup, but she's clearly masking some other massive insecurity, and it's too bad because I feel like it's probably unwarranted.

No. 49058


No. 49059

girl, where do you see a normal face? all i see is dirty ass makeup lol. tbh she looks exactly how she did in her old facebook she hasn't updated in over a year, maybe a little chunkier but it might be the wig and choker combo.

No. 49060

File: 1558223663848.png (830.39 KB, 1008x528, 1545978537832.png)

you guys remember the first pic she took and how she said her ringlight made her look like that and kept denying any sort of editing well im cackling

No. 49061

I can't imagine how insane that makeup must look irl like it looks terrible on her fake doll face, but on a real face it looks just so much worse

No. 49062

Also, I saw that tagged picture of her on Fb, Mickey being delusional as always and blaming the lighting at con for looking "bad". No, that's what you look like to people everyday they see you. You're just so used to being editing your face you don't even recognize yourself / neither would most of the people who follow you.

No. 49063

I guess Mickey wasn't lying when she said she didn't get any surgery done. She still looks like this just with even worse makeup.
Her eye makeup is just emphasizing how small her eyes actually are. It looks so bad irl. Also cute liner stache.

No. 49064

Can someone edit out the makeup so we can see what Mickey really looks like considering >>49008 isn't really her, lol.

No. 49065

File: 1558228921504.jpg (129.18 KB, 1080x1350, 1558220576840.jpg)

oh mny godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

No. 49066

was going through the acen2019 hashtag and saw this and wasn't sure it was mick or not until I saw her thigh tattoo she edits her body soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and face i'm actually so shocked

No. 49067

look like she ate mickey

No. 49068

>I lost 150 pounds in 6 months by eating 1200 calories and exercising 40 minutes a day at least 5 times a week!
I knew it was a crock of shit when her 'before' picture featured circa 2011 hipster mermaid red hair. Looks like she gained weight since her blonde hair era tho. Yikes how embarrassing.

No. 49069

Her boyfriend literally looks the same and Mickey is actually unrecognizable. I can't imagine constantly denying editing your photos and lying to have something like this happen. I'm sure she didn't think anyone would find her pics, and the pics she does post on insta or fb will be heavily altered as per usual.
>>49043 you were not lying when you said her chin melts into her neck, her eyes look so droopy do to the shitty makeup she looks so dumpy it's shocking.

No. 49070

yikes is that really her? looks like a whole different person

No. 49071

File: 1558240432576.png (1.83 MB, 1308x1332, how.png)

Honestly how does she edit her pictures? How is it possible to look like 2 different people

No. 49072

Is she gaining the weight back?

No. 49073

And this is why you don't photoshop your own pics to hell and back kids

No. 49074

So hard to tell, her body pics on insta were recent but the picture at Acen makes her look a solid 40lb+ heavier.

No. 49075

Also, her chin and cheeks don't lie so probably

No. 49076

File: 1558241844350.png (961.72 KB, 796x1036, mick.png)

No. 49077

I don't think she ever lost it to the extent we saw tbh. You can see here >>48255
that her arm is wiggly and that going by the shadow it's meaty. But even then… she's gained for sure. She isn't 230lbs anymore but she looks a solid 160lbs. I think it was easy for her to hide her big shoulders under the huge hair. But the fat girl shoulders did not lie the second she put it up >>48999

No. 49078

File: 1558242676410.jpg (770.5 KB, 1585x1920, 19-05-19-01-06-32-635_deco.jpg)

No. 49079

File: 1558242701524.jpg (411.18 KB, 1057x1280, 19-05-19-01-10-44-638_deco.jpg)

No. 49080

omg is it bad that I laughed and thought this was the REAL unedited version?

No. 49081

File: 1558250601280.png (1.88 MB, 1264x1584, mickey.png)

do you think if I tag her on instagram she'll like my fanart?(dont try to cowtip or ask anons should you.)

No. 49082

I think her shoops look about 105lb whereas irl she looks between 126lb-135lb, more on the lower end. No way is she 160lbs. She's just a normal weight pretty girl.

I actually am more impressed with her shoops now as we've all been focusing on the eyes and hands when it was everything. She's got some skills.

No. 49083

Like this shoop on the left is a piece of art, it's actually pretty well done when you realise she isn't acually 5ft2 and 105lbs. Makes me more confident I could get instafamous via shoops if I wanted to. People want to believe that irl anime characters exist. They think being a pretty girl is not enough. There's nothing wrong with irl mickey in any way. Other than denying she shoops she has made it clear these are art projects to her. I'm actually cool with this while thing. I don't think she really believes she looks like her shoops irl, it's kinda some concerted trolling effort where she became her digital art character (the kawaii deer girl) and tbh people do like it and are interested in it. I'm not sure how she can progress with it other than trolling people on Insta and Fb, though.

No. 49084

i dare u(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 49085

it depends on her height. if she's 5'4 or under she looks easily 165+ lbs in those con pictures

No. 49086

>I actually am more impressed with her shoops now as we've all been focusing on the eyes and hands when it was everything.
Nah I think a lot of us knew she wasn't that thin. Anons have even pointed out how warped everything around her body looks. Especially her waist and legs and arms. But I do know a lot of us thought it was just her editing out the sagging skin, which honestly I suspect she probably exaggerated in her photos to make it seem more convincing she was so skinny. Looking at her photos again I don't doubt she's been accentuating her shoulder and collar bones.

No. 49087

File: 1558282320906.jpg (643.18 KB, 1080x1350, 1558228921504_mh1558282284556.…)

Turned up the brightness cause I couldn't see shit lol.

No. 49088

File: 1558285337765.jpeg (197.98 KB, 637x727, F597E0E8-A1ED-4946-85BB-B222C9…)

Another full-body photo where you can see her actual nose size and more realistic body proportions

No. 49089

her face is SO different here… damn

No. 49090

So did she never lose as much weight as she claimed, or did she gain it back? im legit shocked lol. I knew she was shopping but not to that extent i thought it was mostly just her face getting the blur tools.

No. 49091

File: 1558286359583.jpg (131.21 KB, 1152x2048, mickkk.jpg)

She just posted this on Facebook and oh my God the difference

No. 49092

This actually makes it really funny that she was talking about how her makeup was cultivated to "suit her features". IRL, it looks a mess.

No. 49093

Honestly like…theres nothing wrong with this. She still lost weight and it would be a lot more respectable(and believable) if she just posted pictures without all the shops. I actually feel bad for her now because shes either clearly mentally unwell to believe her shops are realistic, or so insecure that she has warped herself into a cartoon character online because she hates that she looks like an average girl.

No. 49094

I believe she lost the weight and then gained a bit of it back. I remember those pics from her mom's facebook and she looked quite skinny there

No. 49095

Considering >>48345, I think she's gaining it back.

No. 49096

Most people who lose a lot of weight in a short time do gain it back, so its not really surprising. She should just embrace it and try to stay healthy rather than shopping herself unrealistically and ignoring the problem. Smh I dont know what else to say.

No. 49097

The person who shared this photo either deleted it or changed the privacy to friends only. Mickey is definitely aware of this thread kek

No. 49098

Holy shit I can't believe this is her yikes shes actually a butterface. >>49091 she looks nothing I repeat nothing like this the difference is insane she's actually messed lol

No. 49099

This is two different people wtf I couldn't even recognise this as Mickey

No. 49100

She gives me pixyteri vibes. Her face looks so bloated old and tired trying to cosplay something meant to be cute.

No. 49101

Compare her thighs in this pic to >>49087 ; they’ve definitely been shaved down.

No. 49102

I think it might just be the way she's standing or her body position. The person that originally posted the photo seems to be someone that doesn't know her– just a random convention-goer. She seems to be a fairly normal weight, and it's sad she feels the need to present herself as underweight/really thin on her social media.

Her face editing is just crazy. Her nose goes from normal to this tiny pixie-like thing. Her eyes get insanely larger– way past what makeup can do. I think she's got so many people telling her that she looks great in these online photos that she's somehow mentally started believing that she actually looks like this IRL, and that she's editing the photos much like how an artist would edit for color correction. Like some version of body/facial dysmorphia.

No. 49103

i hate how she says she's just trying to live her life and that she's not hurting anyone with all these photos. girl. mickey, if you're reading this, please know that you're contributing in your own way to the unrealistic beauty standards social media already sets for women. i feel bad for all the young and impressionable fans you have, who think that you just naturally look like an anime character (based on all the "makeup-free" photos you've posted) and that your look is totally just makeup and does not at all involve photo-editing apps.

No. 49104

Why does she look so dirty?

No. 49105

people who cake on 600 products on their face daily tend to look nasty

No. 49106

This is why I don't like mickey. Her makeup free photos and selfis and preach of self love has always been to make herself look better and never a genuime message to her fans. Mickey is so average looking in person but from her proof vidoes she really thinks she looks that way and tries to make her following think that since shes so self absorbed. Youre talking about a girl who said she messaged her closest friends asking if she should post her makeup free picture. She craves and needs validation online since she cant get it irl. No wonder micky is so secretive, she looks nothing like her online persona.

No. 49107

did she delete her insta?

No. 49108

No. 49109

File: 1558301219864.jpg (100.22 KB, 1080x1350, 33786333_1092275580925800_4793…)

I'm starting to think she was ana at one point, but then started to eat again and slowly gain weight. However her ana brain doesn't want to admit it so she started to shoop her body in addition to her face.
God, I hope she gets help

pic is from june 2018

No. 49110

that shoulder looks so shooped

No. 49111

She definitely lost weight by starving and when she started eating like normal she started gaining rapidly.

No. 49112

File: 1558301613684.jpg (62.2 KB, 1080x1350, 59440416_1565956746870521_1379…)

honestly dont know what to believe at this point when she looks like this >>49087 and has shopped herself to the extent of pic related, theres no telling how long shes actually been gaining weight back

as far as im concerned, the majority of her instagram is so heavily shopped both face AND body wise, that she hasnt looked like her pictures the whole time this thread has been here

No. 49113

Does this also mean she facetunes the hell out of her live videos too? i havent watched them but i heard shes done some. How did she manage that?

No. 49114

Think mickeys going to address all of this in a long fb/insta post about people "projecting their insecurities on her" and being "jealous"? >>49088 nobody will ever be jealous of you mickey, maybe time to think of new material because the only one projecting insecurity is you in all of your edited pictures.

No. 49115

Think mickeys going to address all of this in a long fb/insta post about people "projecting their insecurities on her" and being "jealous"? >>49088 nobody will ever be jealous of you mickey, maybe time to think of new material because the only one projecting insecurity is you in all of your edited pictures.

No. 49116

There's a lot of apps out there that can facetune videos, one notably is SNOW. The live videos aren't facetuned and people do notice she looks different. I've noticed whenever someone points that out an obiter responds "She's BEAUTIFUL"

No. 49117

I always knew she shooped her neck but the extent of it is crazy. She creates a neck from literally nothing. Her head is almost sitting on her shoulders.

No. 49118

When was the last time she did a Live? Pretty sure it's been a while and she just gained back some weight

No. 49119

mte what kind of professional photoshop queen

if i were a ~fan~ i wouldnt know whether to feel let down and manipulated, or inspired as hell that she has managed to portray herself as a completely different person

No. 49120

I love how you can see where she liquefied the picture because the wall lines bulb out.

No. 49121

I'm most amazed by the arms, comparing >>49112 to >>49065. I don't know jack shit about how to photoshop or notice photoshop so it seems like sorcery to me.

No. 49122

Moving thread due to the subject matching /w/ more.

No. 49144

Same, it's interesting she's still posting pictures like >>49091 to her instagram and fb I'd be so mortified after if I were her but she's just that delusional. Yikes

No. 49146

Same, it's interesting she's still posting pictures like >>49091 to her instagram and fb I'd be so mortified after if I were her but she's just that delusional. Yikes

No. 49148

File: 1558315971044.png (1.11 MB, 1032x1616, 2019-05-19 21.31.25.png)

No. 49152

Someone commented on this photo with this picture >>49091 not sure if someone over here attempted to cowtip (don't do that) but Mickey deleted the comment. She really doesn't want people to see how she actually looks.

No. 49157

That's what I don't understand. Shes going to get more followers, is her goal to become famous or a model out of looking nothing like herself? I know a lot of girls do it but she's taken it to a whole nother level.

No. 49159

File: 1558320867092.png (783.14 KB, 796x759, 2019-05-19 22.52.55.png)

This is still fucking me up

No. 49160

the fact that shes probably been photoshopping literal bones into her pictures just makes me really sad
thats still ana chan tier behavior even if she isnt stick thin in reality

No. 49161

Also didn't notice, wtf is around her mouth? Is that from blurring it?

No. 49164

She should just get rhinoplasty and lip fillers. She cant make her eyes physically larger so that's as good as it gets, unless she'd want to do very dangerous jaw surgery…

No. 49173

In light of these pictures, the "dOn'T aSk Me AbOuT mY wEiGhT lOsS"
screeching is kind of funny

No. 49189

god, this is literally one of the worst cases i've ever seen, i feel bad for her

No. 49198

It has to be a "social experiment" of some sorts. Come on, I refuse to believe anyone is this deluded

No. 49212

oh come on now, i get it if she's the delusional one, but at this point anyone who ACTUALLY, seriously believes the look on the left is legit and/or genuinely achievable by someone in real life is straight up retarded. we know it's shoop, her fans oughta know it's shoop too…right?

No. 49214

considering there are people that think fecal matter and that bean girl or whatever dont shop their pictures, id say this question is giving too many people the benefit of the doubt

No. 49215

File: 1558370564612.jpg (1.3 MB, 1332x1920, 19-05-20-12-39-52-025_deco.jpg)

Found in the Acen tags

No. 49216

wait…her hands actually really do look like chicken claws in real life wtf thats the one thing i actually thought she was for SURE shopping, kek
what a twist

No. 49217

The star bracelet doesn't help it either lol and the fact her acrylics look like they're glued onto the middle of her nail
She honestly looks like the average person who lives around here

No. 49225

I think the picture was removed from his instagram? Is Mickey going to every person who uploaded a picture of her and asking them to take it down?

No. 49226

It's not deleted, it's in the most recent photoset.

No. 49229

Honestly I admire her confidence to just show up to the con with a completely different (but still cute) face. I wish more people gave as few fucks as she obviously does.

No. 49231

File: 1558379893661.jpg (530.54 KB, 1080x1080, zero fucks given.jpg)

No. 49237

The funniest thing about all of this is how plain jane she is in person but tags all her instagram pictures with "real life doll" when she's a 5. Not ugly in person but you wouldn't ever take a second glance at her.

No. 49238

I think she’s gorgeous normally and doesn’t need that editing. I get putting people down but in her case, calling out these differences in a negative context doesn’t help.

I hope one day you can love how you look Mickey. You cant be something you’re not but you can embrace what you have and enhance that through showing your personality points.

Eating disorders are a real thing. Just like BDD is a serious mental issue. She can be shitty and shit talking is fine but geese, give the girl a break.

No. 49239

why's there always someone in here talking about how pretty she is

No. 49241

sage your retarded WKing, nobody cares that you think she's pretty and it's not a post worth bumping the thread for

No. 49242

Sorry but no lol. Mickey puts down tons of other girls by showing her heavily altered photos of herself, pictures with no makeup (when she clearly has on) and always denying her editing. There are many impressionable girls who also deal with bdd and eating disorders that think Mickey's look is achievable by starving themselves or surgery. Mickey was also part of the petty girls group chat and made fun of other girls. She's only putting on an act for her fanbase but you can tell she's extremely narcissistic. She has no genuine personality.

No. 49243

Also picture on the left looks like she was sedated and is about to drool on herself any second. Actually emotionless and soulless face lmao

No. 49253

I'd reckon that this is on par with what Vicky Shingles does, just in a skelly flavor instead of an IMVU one. Though as
>>49229 mentioned Mickey seems strangely confident going to a place where she will inevitably be photographed, whereas Vic's a serial camera-dodger

No. 49275

File: 1558397133201.png (479.52 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20190521-010522~2.p…)

Tinfoil she's just sad we found her real face

No. 49294

lel this is a trisha paytas tier defense

No. 49303

I mean I get that completely.
I suffer from BDD personally and this doesn’t affect me but I can’t help but feel some things said are just petty about her body. She obviously has mental issues.

I guess go after her for her actions of course and read her on that, but not just her body when she’s obviously struggling with her mental image.

Her actions are deplorable with others involved but when people target her appearance outside of the makeup, it just feels too rough for me.

Also, I did sage and if it didn’t apply oh well.

I’m not saying she’s a good person in the slightest but attacking her for her REAL appearance is a low blow for me personally. She obviously edits these pictures for a reason.

The girl needs psychological help.

No. 49304

>but attacking her for her REAL appearance is a low blow for me personally
welcome to lolcow

No. 49305

jesus christ

No. 49322

She doesn't HAVE an eating disorder, she lost weight with a gastric band that her mother paid for.

No. 49844

she photoshops herself into a literal skeleton with literal protruding collar and shoulder bones that dont actually exist, and wasnt she bragging about not being able to eat/only drinking coffee and tea? theres definitely some sort of issue with food there

No. 49877

>wasnt she bragging about not being able to eat/only drinking coffee and tea? theres definitely some sort of issue with food there
The only issue is the body that debunks that LIE about never eating lmfao. She's just a wannarexic fatty. She obviously eats. Most people who get gastric bypass surgery gain because they go back to the same eating habits.

No. 49899


She doesn't have the skill to shoop in bones. the collar bones in recent pictures are just from pushing them out in selfies. She's bonier in her old pics because she definitely was skinnier and now she just won't admit to herself that she's getting chubby again so the facetuning has gotten even worse.

No. 49919

She looks good at her weight considering she's tall, I wouldn't consider her fat but it was shocking how much thinner she edits her body.

No. 49920

She looks good at her weight considering she's tall, I wouldn't consider her fat but it was shocking how much thinner she edits her body.

No. 49924

Her Insta bio should be:

🌸 I’m just a deer whose only goal is to make people think I really am a skinny, naturally big-eyed, naturally small-nosed doll in real life, and if other women feel bad, it’s their fault for not having the genetics to look like me 🌸

I am still cracking up about how she once posted that her look is based off her features, and unfortunately, she “can’t change ur genes, bud”

No. 49926

Yeah that comment really rubbed me the wrong way which instantly made her come off as extremely unlikeable to me. It's so hard to feel bad for her when she's lied so much about editing and has even been catty to other girls, but she's also not sane at all to believe she looks like her online self.

No. 49931

She’s not tall. I saw her at acen and she was shorter than me & im 5”5

No. 49941

All the people in this picture must be smol then. I thought she looks about 5'7" in these.

No. 49957

I walked right next to her at ACen twice, and she's around 5'6" or 5'7".

No. 49968

she probably needs all that time to edit herself in all of the “incredible pics”

No. 49975

File: 1558562911507.jpeg (150.74 KB, 633x720, 49B8148D-5BCB-4D83-866F-CAB05F…)

I got curious and wondered how she would edit one of the tagged photos. Fun fact: this took me 10 minutes. Apps used: Snow and LINE Camera. I took the eye enlargement to 100 percent in Snow lmao, made her nose freakishly small, totally changed her face shape, and made her body thinner (though I think she tries for skinnier)

I guess my point is ANYONE can do this. I have a few selfies/pictures I’ve messed around with on Snow, but I’ve NEVER posted them because it feels WAY too much like lying. With things like Snapchat, filters are way more obvious, but it’s crazy how subtle (if you don’t make super dramatic changes) Snow can be.

No. 50029


re her height: there's a fair heel on both of the shoes she wore.

No. 50111

File: 1558638155097.jpg (121.79 KB, 553x960, delusional.jpg)

"I got the opportunity to be photographed by so many talented people and even got to do a clip of a sassy Junko hair flip with a videographer! Im so excited to show all these great con pics to you guys! It was the most incredible weekend of my life and i walked away from the con feeling incredibly uplifted and confident!!!"

I can't wait for the video to be released and she links it to nobody because she can't give herself a dorito chin and slenderman-esque fingers

No. 50116

the way the building in the background is bending around her head is killing me

No. 50117

File: 1558640682637.jpeg (226 KB, 750x1092, D84A9578-845B-4226-9C93-EA9EC5…)

i think it might be the photoshop?

No. 50122

She has to be trolling at this point..like…come on. Does she think we’re that retarded that we don’t know the picture quality is fucked because she edits the living fuck out of it lol? These pictures of her real face and body are a goldmine, thank you anons.

No. 50136

This is a cute shoop, but she forgot to resize the body parts around the hair. We have one small shoulder and boob and one medium sized shoulder and boob.

No. 50147

File: 1558654739788.png (645.02 KB, 507x754, mickda.PNG)

more photos

No. 50171

File: 1558663206888.png (3.29 MB, 1461x824, mickdadick.PNG)

Another new photo

No. 50172

File: 1558663303688.png (14.76 KB, 346x194, ohk.PNG)

The caption

No. 50173

File: 1558663352763.jpg (392.76 KB, 1152x2048, mickieeee.jpg)

>Cheers 2 Despair

No. 50177

File: 1558663890450.gif (493.62 KB, 450x800, deer.gif)

Sorry for samefagging, but I made a gif comparing two of the photos in this set and you can see the Photoshop.

No. 50524

File: 1558666475394.jpeg (238.52 KB, 640x908, 959EF871-D202-401A-9AD6-08012C…)

i… i can’t

“iM tHE OnlY OnE WHo KnoWs MY BEST liGHTiNg And anGLeS“

notice how she fails to credit the photographer

No. 50525

Lmao oops just noticed other people already posted

No. 50528

she really thinks her fans are fucking retarded holy shit
whats sad is that most of them probably are

No. 50529

what mental illness is this? like she knows she doesn't look anything like this cus it's a picture she edited…herself

No. 50532

File: 1558670185819.jpg (477.14 KB, 941x1147, Screenshot_20190524-115614_Sam…)


No. 50535

Is the red around her actual lip awful makeup application or photoshop? It looks terrible.

No. 50538


couldn't be bothered to edit out the dry skin between her eyebrows. yuck.

No. 50539

Do you think she might've left it in so people would think the photo is unedited?

No. 50543


How in the world can she put that on her face and go out ? It's already vile in pictures, seeing her IRL must be so jarring.

No. 50550

really dont understand what shes attempting with her lips…

No. 50559

She overlines her cupid’s bow, and it looks a mess. I get it’s “aesthetic”, but it doesn’t look good and reminds me of lip fillers gone bad or the lips of people who have had too much plastic surgery. While the overlining is real, I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes her lips bigger in photoshop/something similar

No. 50564

File: 1558716093655.jpeg (40.6 KB, 590x331, F0708809-5263-457E-BDF1-A79C69…)

this is the aesthetic she’s going for (picture from Pinterest)

No. 50565

She added to her bio lmao
“Be kind, be happy, be humble”

Ain’t nothing kind to other girls about setting unrealistic beauty standards and posting edited “makeup-free” pictures, ain’t nothing happy about not accepting your real face, and certainly nothing humble about going “my makeup is specific to my features I can’t change ur genetics so sorry you can’t look like me!!!” Mickey, you don’t even look like online you

No. 50601

File: 1558738368551.jpeg (214.84 KB, 640x848, ADF302BE-1370-42DB-A8E7-DBD1C3…)

I think we touched a nerve

Anyway, while some people have probably gone too far in criticizing her to the point of “bullying”, the heart of all the criticism is: Mickey, you EDIT your pictures WITHOUT OWNING UP TO IT. If you say, “These pictures are edited for aesthetic. My eyes aren’t this big, and my nose is bigger than this, believe it or not. I’m also not this skinny”, then I would have all the respect for that. Because it’s HONEST. There’s already SO MUCH dishonesty and fakery on Instagram that some actual honesty would be refreshingly wholesome. But no, you’re basically going to keep lying for the selfish validation of online strangers going, “WOW SO PRETTY”

No. 50634

Theres an IG out there with comparison photos from this forum and I'm pretty sure she saw it. Thequeenofdeer1. So now shes got someone posting proof on "her" platform, probs why she needed to say something. Seems like its what she has to tell herself to keep the fantasy going. She sure does love her echo chamber… I wonder how she will edit the Junko video from the photographer.

No. 50635

File: 1558752057240.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20190524-203947.png)

No. 50643

Who wears makeup while doing a mask wtf…

No. 50644

er, she's not wearing makeup thats her natural face

No. 50645

I wish I naturally had massive gigantic spider leg lashes

No. 50647

It's not make up, she has extensions and never takes them off - which is why they are always so crusty and gross. Plus she strecthed them and and her eyes in editing so, yea she probably isn't wearing any make up.

No. 50652

File: 1558763847671.jpeg (800.92 KB, 2048x2048, F258D820-E562-4605-9641-8B4C30…)


She literally deleted it and reposted it with the lines blurred behind her lol. Wowzers.

No. 50654

File: 1558764725979.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, C514F350-0FAE-4771-82AF-644A7B…)

What’s with the PULLtard tier sperging about bullying? People are being mean on lolcow? Oh no, call the police! I have no sympathy for this porker. I think she looks fine unedited, but she wouldn’t be roasted and wouldn’t look like such a fugly dumpy ball of dough if she didn’t butcher herself on Snow and FaceTune. She’s painfully average, no one would bat an eye at her appearance if she wasn’t so fucking deranged and didn’t turn herself into a horribly creepy real life rendition of the worst stylized anime ever created. Besides, she’s so fucking conceited when it comes to the monstrosity of a face she creates, sometimes I wonder if she’s insane to the point she actually thinks she looks like her pictures. She has more than once humble bragged about her ~uwu natural features~ and her weight loss. She has more than once put other people down - including being in a catty ass group like another anon mentioned - so again, I have zero sympathy for her dumbass.

No. 50657

>>50654 Thank you for saying this, I was honestly starting to wonder if the thread hasn't been invaded by pull/reddit.

I'll be honest, to me her natural face is shocking. I've been following the thread since the beginning and I always figured she probably naturally looks like those OP pics with the red hair, but skinnier.
But it's not even the case? Her natural nose is so much bigger, she looks chunky all over and her eyes are so small you can't even see they're blue (IF they are)
Is she ugly? No. Is she a disgusting ugly attention seeker? Yes.

No. 50668

Oh ffs did she edit herself even more too? Kek her chin looks even smaller now

No. 50669

I'm being pedantic, but y'all ain't gonna find moisture in a charcoal peel

No. 50671

Her eyes look like two large black insects on her face, especially when her lashes obscure her actual eyes

Also don’t lash extensions fall out eventually? She makes them sound like they’re so permanent that there’s absolutely no way she can get a picture with them off

No. 50675

If edited is natural, sure, that’s her natural face

No. 50691

those aren't extensions, they're falsies.

No. 50712

She’s mentioned that they’re lash extensions that she apparently maintains herself, as opposed to what people normally do, which is go to an actual professional to get them touched up. Tbh they definitely look way more like falsies that she just keeps on for multiple days

No. 50714

nta, but clearly we cant believe anything she says so thats not proof of anything lol

No. 50718

File: 1558802555916.jpeg (258.76 KB, 1125x1365, D484B4EC-D7A3-437C-911B-567336…)

Her face is definitely shocking, specially since she’s gained some weight back. The thing is, I really don’t think she’d look this way if she hadn’t created this lie around herself and her appearance. She’d just look like a regular girl, but in comparison to her edited/skinnier pictures, she looks very doughy.

I’m inclined to believe her, not because she said so, but because in that “no makeup” picture she posted, it genuinely looks like she glued a soaked dead skunk to her eyeballs. They look like the most disgustingly patchy at home lash extensions. I could see her having lice on those horrific things.
> pic related

No. 50763

When you have naturally light hair like she does, you probably can't see her natural lashes. Most likely she doesn't have any at all. Like her hair seems to be falling out or thinning too. Which is why she wore extensions for years. Same with the lashes, I think they all fell out. So now shes attached to what shes got left.(emoji)

No. 50765

I wonder who the videographer is. What’s annoying me about her being so excited about the “photographer pictures” is that she hasn’t credited them at all. When someone takes the time to take photos of your cosplay, it’s courteous to actually give credit.

No. 50784

I feel like the originals are probably in the cons tagged photos? That's a whole ordeal tho

No. 50908

Sorry really new here, but I spotted Mickey deer in a YouTube video, she shows up around 4:55

No. 50910

File: 1558902827275.jpg (416.24 KB, 1017x892, 20190526_142146.jpg)

Heres a screenshot of her as well. It's honestly crazy seeing how much she shoops her body

No. 50915

There is no way she can be happy trying to be a tiny anime fairy when this is what she has to look at in the mirror every day IRL, probably can't stand to really look at herself without filters anymore. She should delete all social media and try living as the normal-sized, normal-looking white woman she is and see how it feels because it would be a lot better for her mental health than focusing her life around this fake virtual dollface moderu thing.

No. 50922

File: 1558906056836.jpg (562.93 KB, 1080x1080, mickey.jpg)

Different anon here. This cameraman took video of everyone from quite a low unflattering angle, but there is still such a difference from her shoops to this.

No. 50924

>even got to do a clip of a sassy Junko hair flip with a videographer!

This was definitely this
and I would link it to nobody too if I were her. Everyone looks bad in his clips imo.

No. 50925

Looks like she gained all the weight back lol

No. 50928

File: 1558907771848.gif (3.88 MB, 550x550, 439F2E35-538D-4DCE-B117-0396B7…)


No. 50932

hahah just chucking it back

No. 50936

Man she's gotta stop shooping her chin because now her actual chin just looks twice as big.
She posted this photo on Instagram too and said it was the original KEK

No. 50937

rofl what the fuck is that? it looks like the pigtail weighs 10 pounds and she's scared of it falling off. She's so robotic

No. 50940

Oh my goddd. I wonder how she’s going to shop this LOL.

No. 50942

The overlined lips really does her no good in non-selfie settings and i knew it was gonna be clownish but this is harsh
This wouldnt even be that jarring if now for the lips…i keep thinking of Juggalettes.

No. 50950

oh my god……………………………… im speechless

No. 50952

I really wish she'd come to her senses and stop doing her makeup like that. It really looks terrible in person and just accentuates how small her eyes are. As for her lips nobody looks good overlining half an inch over their lip. This is so so so sad. She's not ugly in the slightest but she's so self absorbed, conceited and delusional that it makes me wonder if I should feel bad for her or if she actually needs help.

No. 50953

I'm just stunned how much bigger she actually is? Like she really shoops herself to be a third of the size

I feel the same way about her nose. I'm so used to the tiny ridiculous Voldemort nose she gives herself that seeing her actual nose makes her look like snuffkin by comparison

Sassy indeed. She looks like she's hoisting a heavy rope onto her shoulder

No. 50957

File: 1558914612610.jpg (436.17 KB, 1017x892, 19-05-27-00-47-59-589_deco.jpg)

I tried to make this a Mickey shoop kek. Left the shoulder under her hair unedited for that authentic Mickey feel

No. 50972

she's stiff as a mutha fucka. Her other arm is just dangling there and she's barely moving her body big yikes

No. 50974

File: 1558920797180.jpeg (71.84 KB, 750x835, 0565C990-1EF1-4C00-932C-0EA1A7…)

look how small her natural lips are, oof. Does she think her lips look like they do in her shoops? It amazes me that she goes out in public with her lips looking like she had a 1yr old put her stick on.

No. 50978

Her nose shoops are the worst. They’re especially infuriating because people often comment on what a “cute nose” she has and a couple times have asked if she’s had surgery, and she says something to the effect of “NOPE it’s my natural nose uwu”

No. 50979

File: 1558929697865.jpeg (657.16 KB, 1920x2560, 6434ABD3-5292-4E44-B8A8-AF57CC…)

Watch her excuse this as BaD AnGLeS. Chin issue aside, the best possible angle will not give you dramatically huge eyes and drastically reduce your nose size

No. 50983

File: 1558930314921.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1920, 19-05-27-00-10-13-656_deco.jpg)

No. 50984

File: 1558930350500.jpg (1.13 MB, 2560x1920, 19-05-27-00-08-35-624_deco.jpg)

No. 50985

File: 1558930386253.jpg (1.15 MB, 2560x1920, 19-05-27-00-08-03-662_deco.jpg)

No. 50986

oof, put like that the difference is actually jarring yet she has the balls to say what a good pic it was and how confident it made her feel as if she hadn't edited it.

No. 51007

Seeing her in movement shocked me again. I can't wrap my head around how much she actually shoops. I feel like she's been hiding the extremes she goes to for so long.. and I've been fooled

No. 51015

We all knew she shooped a lot but jesus, I assumed she probably just looked like the 'bad' photos in OP pic - normal but fairly cute. I don't know if it's the awful makeup or weight gain that makes her look so different but it's an insane difference.

No. 51022

File: 1558962381550.gif (5.2 MB, 500x439, SureMickey.gif)

I did something for comparison & fiddeled a bit with photoshop. Man, my edit isn't even as extreme as hers, and I'm in shock.

No. 51023

She would look relatively similar if she was even anywhere near the bodyweight that she shoops herself at. This is just straight up catfishing BS though.

No. 51028

File: 1558966377805.jpg (636.15 KB, 1644x1762, makeup.jpg)

The problem is her horrendous makeup to be honest it maybe is great for editing and liquifying your face.

But no one would look good irl with this makeup. It doesn't enlarge her eyes they look even smaller through that. The overdrawn lips also do her not good and she looks like she doesn't have a defined form in them. Like a kid who had spaghetti and its red around their mouths.

And I guess she is tall so Id say her figure could look really nice with fitting clothes.. it saddens me that by obsessing over her looks and trying to look like a cartoon she doesn't realize how unflattering it is…

No. 51029

It's not her weight gain at all, it's 100% the awful makeup.

Compare to >>48250 and >>48251. She was fatter in those pics, but infinitely cuter. She had flattering makeup in them, compared to the smudged dirty clown mess she has on now.

No. 51030

seeing this is shocking. i thought for sure she was definitely a current ana-chan, just fucking with her face, kooter style. but she's getting heavy again. that's a big girl.

was she ever not heavy