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File: 1528573002697.png (508.73 KB, 579x592, asherbeeprime.PNG)

No. 19901

>The return to greatness.. and Instagram!

Old thread

ED page (outdated but still a good history tool)

Ashley Bennett, formerly known as Luvmonkeys (creater of the Poopbrooch) has many aliases along the years:

-Axel Ash
-Lucinda Luke

Her current social media pages are:

She's most famous for her unique 5-minute Etsy rejects, forcing friends to pay for half-assed cosplay commissions, wearing cosplay to restaurants and her work establishment, and drawing and creating graphic yaoi with shota characters, and forcing her hambeast self on anyone cosplaying Dramatical Murder.

>Most notable drama includes:

-Creating a GoFundMe to escape her 'abusive' family

-Exposed for having a fetish account for shota roleplay

-Being kicked out of multiple cosplay communities in Virigina
-Claimed she couldn't take anything but airlines to conventions otherwise her family would put her in the psych ward again, scammed her grandfather and a friend out of paying for said airline ticket

>Claimed to be "nombinary" but afraid of men, despite going after a friend's boyfriend when cosplaying the Labyrinth with him.

>Recent Updates

After having her shota fucker profile exposed Ashley shut down all her social media and went underground changing all of her names.

Recently resurfaced on Instagram and Facebook and has opened up commissions once again for outrageous prices.

No. 19902

File: 1528573073864.jpg (115.26 KB, 655x960, 34134710_233478107427340_91245…)

Her commission information.

No. 19903

File: 1528573252221.png (146.47 KB, 717x1115, lifeboat_by_lucindawayright-dc…)

I forgot she got moved to /pt/ so here's the updated last thread:

and her DeviantArt:

No. 19904

File: 1528573363620.png (722.8 KB, 598x583, ash.PNG)

If anyone knows a way to rip videos from Instagram I can post some she made for pride month.

No. 19905

Just right click, inspect element, and find the .mp4 link.

No. 19906

I am delighted that she is back! This thread was posted on my birthday, too. Thank you, lolcow!

No. 19907

No. 19908

File: 1528574405435.gif (1.24 MB, 303x307, 1528489354274.gif)

>30$ for a party city tier accessory
Oh lordy

No. 19909

File: 1528574448367.png (413.18 KB, 540x960, 32680589_226280268147124_68985…)

She's as clean as ever and still at home.

No. 19910

File: 1528574496417.jpg (100.39 KB, 720x960, 26239305_163841774390974_32439…)

No. 19911

File: 1528574545519.png (732.68 KB, 598x595, sarah.PNG)

No. 19912

File: 1528574648419.png (454.43 KB, 441x537, wig.PNG)

Wonder how much this cost if her accessories are $30-75.

No. 19913

File: 1528574727388.png (666.91 KB, 596x594, makeup.PNG)

No. 19914

File: 1528574927305.png (682.72 KB, 588x592, twitch.PNG)

No. 19915

File: 1528574969867.png (631.05 KB, 593x586, hairstyle.PNG)

From February but yikes..

No. 19916

File: 1528575292533.jpg (157.67 KB, 1197x354, 1496865334975.jpg)

Oldie but here's some of Ashley's famous sayings.

No. 19917

File: 1528575402373.png (145.93 KB, 540x832, 1496893943261.png)

Another gem from the past.

No. 19918

File: 1528578007653.png (876.98 KB, 1017x761, asherbee is back.png)

No. 19919

Looks like her GoFundMe is still up too.

No. 19920

File: 1528582374891.jpg (632.3 KB, 1209x3895, 1508376119842.jpg)

Cap of the milk that caused Ashley to go underground for so long.

She was dumb enough to not only link her shota fetish roleplay page to her Skype but also to her "professional" DeviantArt.

No. 19921

i still cant get over this

No. 19922


Previous thread >>>/pt/391397

No. 19923

File: 1528656290553.png (716.79 KB, 923x590, oh honey no.PNG)

No. 19924

File: 1528656566348.png (517.02 KB, 637x607, this dog.PNG)

No. 19925

oh god i saw that this morning… fuck that warped bias binding… i still haven’t figured how on earth she hasnt learnt to press anything after all her supposed “experience” as a costume designer and artist… just nope!! Also theres much nicer fabric she could have used for that since it’s barely even the right color… my other guess is she used plastic boning and didn’t interline it with coutil which is basic.

No. 19926

>weight loss


No. 19927

No. 19928

Yeah, it looks like shit. Wrinkling bodice = bad foundation. No interlining, no real boning, bad quality satin fabric, etc. Girl needs some hvac cable ties instead of the rigeline crap and some coutil for strength as in interlining layer.

No. 19929

Imagine seeing this and being retarded enough to pay for her to turn whatever wig you'd be getting into a complete rat's nest

No. 19930

>that dress form

Isn't this the dog she used to hate and said it terrorized her?

No. 19931

exactly this… if this cosplay happens the thing i am worrying for most is the makeup tho!

the thing that pisses me off the most in that “comissions” ad thing is thats shes just parroting things other comissioners have written in their ads as usual stuff she has absolutely no fucking clue about…

No. 19932

Yeah, this ad looks so unprofessional. She doesn't specify if wigs come separate, her "examples" are dog shit and don't really show off what you're getting yourself into, she doesn't give a rough estimate of how much she'd be willing to charge for each of her cosplays, she can't even be bothered to break down the costs.

No. 19933

https://downloadgram.com/ to grab videos or pics

https://mp4towebm.online/ to turn a video into a webm then upload it here

No. 19934

File: 1528695751003.jpeg (84.13 KB, 1080x1080, 7141AA75-62C4-4B63-98E0-B67905…)

“Princess Odette”!!!

No. 19935

This is her Youtube, linked on her dA:

She also has a Patreon:
0 patrons, $0 a month. Surprise.

I'm literally so so happy this cow is back in my life, I missed her ridiculous over the top shit.
Repost because I fucked the link up the first time, woops.

No. 19936

what the sloppy fuck is that

No. 19937

File: 1528703817280.png (36.67 KB, 300x100, 1492490884194.png)

dont forget our banner-worthy sperg out

No. 19938

It's bad. She left out crucial information, and included a bunch of shit you usually go over with the commissioner after they approach you. Dumb broad.

No. 19939

It's amazing she's be sewing all this time now, and has still not improved at all.

No. 19940

She truly never changes.
And to think way back when I thought cgl was overreacting to the poopbrooch because I thought it was babby's first cosplay attempt.
This girl is a mess through and through.

No. 19941

File: 1528736438563.png (779.53 KB, 912x592, tissuefabric.PNG)


I don't know much about sewing but should everything she makes be so see through?

No. 19942

Deleted the video link because I didn't know Ashley had made her IG public again.

Her latest video tldr is that she cried during Coco because her grandma died when she ran away to Florida and she didn't get to say goodbye.

She's not wearing her side shave anymore because she found out she's getting grey hair at age 23.

No. 19943

At least the foam head kinda look like her

No. 19944

dem puckered seams. ew. satin is evil, ya'll. it shows every sin.

No. 19945

The skirt isn’t mean to be sheer at all I think… but remember this is Ash’s own unique vision which is far better than the original!!! And she probably just used some shitty cheap tulle again theres much nicer fabric she could have used that stuff looks like old lady curtains.

No. 19946

she could have used something like cotton duchesse satin which has more weight and looks lovely but i doubt she even knows what that is… if she wanted to be really basic she could have made the thing as a spandex tube top and it would probably have been better but no.

No. 19947

No. 19948

ahh i'm so happy she's back! i love this trainwreck

No. 19949

File: 1528932683972.png (811.92 KB, 928x597, odette.PNG)

"odette" more like "o dear"

why is her dress form in the kitchen?

No. 19950

File: 1528936750775.jpeg (201.33 KB, 721x1281, D4219241-FA81-4B70-9F10-03D09B…)

I’m so glad she’s back! I saw her shitabag a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe my eyes lol

No. 19951

She keeps moving this thing around. Is her room really so nasty that she has no choice but to take pics in the kitchen with her SUPER HOMOPHOBIC RACIST ABUSIVE dad in the background? I thought she was so desperate to move out because he was in Charleston fighting with 'the bad guys' in the riots.

No. 19952

>Ita bag for Mink, known shitty rapist

Good thing her trash taste suits her.

No. 19953

just noticed the dreamcatcher thing at the bottom…

No. 19954

File: 1528989757394.png (823.81 KB, 931x594, pattern.PNG)

what could she be making with this wrinkled tracing paper?

No. 19955

File: 1528992369502.jpg (12.95 KB, 350x350, 41Ian0W5jtL._SL500_AC_SS350_.j…)

When I saw the trim on this dress it reminded me of a drawstring trashbag.

No. 19956

File: 1528994270810.png (585.77 KB, 589x588, 7893.PNG)

Why in the hell does she have a headboard decor piece made out of tinfoil and cheap ribbon? It's like a bad Pinterest craft.

No. 19957

i think its safe to say at this point shes beyond help

No. 19958

File: 1529066052050.png (807.61 KB, 597x597, kh.PNG)


apparently it's something kingdom hearts related. does anyone know what character this is supposed to be? i haven't played kingdom hearts

No. 19959


i've played kingdom hearts and i still don't recognize wtf this is supposed to be

No. 19960

I believe it’s the new outfit for the character Kairi

No. 19961

File: 1529069135024.jpg (121.61 KB, 1200x900, DfdL0JBUEAE58R_[1].jpg)

No. 19962

File: 1529111627892.png (743.03 KB, 597x588, 44.PNG)

There's no way this is Kairi. It's not even pink! How is it possible Ash is actually getting worse?

No. 19963

Could be worse, Mink got redemption. It would be more fitting if she liked Virus and Trip instead.

No. 19964

She looks like a knock off Kelly Eden.

No. 19965


great, another thing ruined for me(no one cares)

No. 19966

do you remember when her “therapist” explained to her why she was so drawn to mink and aoba???

No. 19967

File: 1529238191370.png (612.05 KB, 598x589, 65.PNG)

Didn't she make up some crazy story about her "therapist" believing in her alter egos and her mind dragons?

This actually could've been somewhat nice if she didn't ruin it with the eyeliner and the black lipstick and her eyebrows.

No. 19968

File: 1529254204543.jpeg (155.1 KB, 750x934, 4DC57DEE-388F-4B6E-A8CF-9B0111…)

here it is! & yes she also said he told her that she was a genius

No. 19969

What's her insta?

No. 19970


No. 19971

And then it came out that she was never seeing a therapist in the first place. I don’t understand how she has any friends with how often she lies for attention.

No. 19972

File: 1529272714254.jpeg (82.67 KB, 960x960, 7021B1B5-4434-4BC1-979B-835343…)


No. 19973

File: 1529272957814.jpg (45.03 KB, 533x355, spaceballs-barf.jpg)

She's like Barf's cousin.

No. 19974

File: 1529307116859.jpeg (393.94 KB, 1124x1754, A9B54B11-FD15-4BD6-882B-EFB779…)

Odette is “done”, I guess.

No. 19975

File: 1529307303339.jpeg (796.75 KB, 1125x2076, D149DC7A-1046-4172-9AE7-AEAA70…)

The “madewithjoann” tag cracks me up, because she’s clearly fishing for corporate sponsorship. Imagine Asherbee in a Joann’s ad.

Also she’s top results in that tag right now

No. 19976

dat loose thread

No. 19977

It's not loose thread, the seams aren't finished so the fabric is fraying.

No. 19978

This may just be me having seen her look downright awful in hundreds of costumes by now but I sort of like this one? The wig suits her and she'd look decent with some nice feminine makeup that isn't eyeliner done in crayon. The dress is a loss though.

No. 19979

If it weren’t for the pink stripes in her face, this wouldn’t be recognizable as Allura.
She would almost look cute as a Ren Faire elf though.

No. 19980

File: 1529348197331.jpeg (480.25 KB, 1125x1838, 00ADAC09-843F-4B46-AEA8-A04719…)

Kind of old, but I’m still triggered by her Prompto

No. 19981

have u seen the tutorial on her yt?

No. 19982

File: 1529348534147.jpeg (463.77 KB, 1125x1672, 4B11D3C4-DA4E-4F48-8099-585D66…)

No I haven’t. I’d love to learn how to make Prompto pants that look like they have shit smeared on them, though.

No. 19983

here is the magical pants tutorial

sidenote: im curious as to where the whole lucinda thing came from.

No. 19984

Thanks, I hate it.

It’s fascinating to watch her YouTube tutorials and see her process though. Hard to believe that she’s an adult that’s been cosplaying since 2011ish. Her tutorials seem like they’re made by a 15-year-old who’s just teaching herself how to cosplay.

No. 19985

holy shit, how do you fuck up THIS BAD?! There is print out there to buy that looks like Prompto. Or you can airbrush like some cosplayers do.. this is hilariously bad. I missed her crappy cosplays.

No. 19986

why all that bleaching. its unnecessary work. Just paint it or get matching fabric. Ive seen worse promptos tho hes kind of a shitty cosplayer magnet

No. 19987

File: 1529372165425.jpeg (392.3 KB, 1125x1637, A5761CD5-6F46-45F4-8B12-AAA357…)

Was scrolling through her IG and found this. Was this her Sarah wig before she destroyed it? She should have left it alone and worn it daily until her butchered hair grew out, she actually looks pretty.

No. 19988

File: 1529477649161.jpeg (300 KB, 1060x1659, 5FE4C06E-8F30-40C9-AC27-F58E1D…)

What the fuck

No. 19989

No. 19990

Shower curtain grommets and.. I’m not sure if they’re meant to be filled with resin gems or not (if they are, the resin looks like shit), and if not, then the sculpy looking shit she has used looks nasty.
Should have shaped the gems and painted them in sparkly, metallic red nail polish with a few clear coats on top if she wanted to do it quickly and on the cheap.

No. 19991

they look more like shitty cheap blush compacts with glitter painted over the plastic part lol.

No. 19992

File: 1529520084054.jpeg (357.17 KB, 1125x1891, BB4ADD2E-58A4-4A18-8BF3-DA062E…)

>Can’t tell if ween or random IG creep

No. 19993

looks cute. I doubt you could do a better job

No. 19994

is defending ashley really the hill you want to die on?
>also hi ash

No. 19995


Usually I think the "I doubt you could do better!!" argument is stupid, but in this case it's hilarious because most people definitely could do a better job.

No. 19996

>those black wig edges

No. 19997

I’m always so fascinated by her approach to otherwise simple solutions to crafting. She will make pieces out of like 10 random knic knacks that you find at a thrift store, when there are 100 easier ways that can give you a better result….
I can’t say that she isn’t creative, but her mind truly works in such an abstract way…

No. 19998

File: 1529564757181.jpeg (39.78 KB, 384x384, 620208A1-0175-4355-A19D-97B0D8…)

They’re these, but come in various sizes. I only know as I followed a tutorial that it looks like she also followed. But fucked it up so bad.

No. 19999

sure, but they don't look like that. they look like cheap walmart blush that she's put glitter polish on to the plastic window, with blush still inside.

No. 20000

File: 1529611724404.jpeg (439.06 KB, 1125x1713, ACA6B5D3-8CD8-4F4C-9563-5B7742…)

Girl, finish your raw edges before you call it “done”

This actually isn’t too bad for Asherbee though. The wig is too short for Kairi, but at least it’s not entirely butchered.

No. 20001

I think literally anyone here would have to try to do something that bad, and then still not achieve it…

I-It's almost an accomplishment how shitty she still is

No. 20002

File: 1529674276832.png (1012.5 KB, 1428x448, Brooch.png)

I don't know what it is about wigs but she always manages to make the bangs look like she's cut them with hedge clippers in the dark. They sell tools for like $2 to make good bangs, Ash.

You realize people HAVE done better, right? People have been remaking her awful crafts since the days of the Poop Brooch.

No. 20003

don't respond to bait, especially with this shit. neither of these looks good.

No. 20004

Holy shit the quality difference is astounding.

No. 20005

File: 1529756615252.png (564.19 KB, 910x546, 1.PNG)

Looks like Ash has set her sights on a new person to seduce after her DMMD cosplay buddy ditched her when they found out how bad she was. This one is interesting though because despite being a "con daddy" she's definitely female and she's popped up before on Ash's FB in this weird Sombra and Gabriel RP in the comments thing Ash was doing for a while.

No. 20006

File: 1529756752530.png (862.64 KB, 586x576, 2.PNG)

Proof that it's a small world after all, not only has Ash interacted with other cows (like the Kuzco cosplayer from Canada) but even her "con daddy" (front left) is friends with another East Coast cow (front right).

No. 20007

File: 1529756787755.png (743.23 KB, 591x439, 3.PNG)

No. 20008

Is the black guy supposed to be the other blonde twin? Thought he was a bad cloud cosplay for a second

Originally I was dismayed and disgusted by her aoba cosplay, but now I am truly convinced this is indeed the cosplay fandom for her tier of… "skill"…

No. 20009

File: 1529808048884.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-23-22-36-05…)

Asherbee posted some IG stories a few hours ago yelling about musgendering her friends and hurting her family (?). And how at this point she's got "more like die hard fans than haters" because of being "stalked" on her public social media.

If anyone is stalking it's the girl who lurks here constantly enough to know about same day posts about herself. Still getting only 5 hours a week at the laser tag place?

No. 20010

Is it possible to get some caps of her interacting with JF Bibeau? The creepy fucker was my personal lolcow awhile back and this is something I'm dying to see.

No. 20011

File: 1529840626652.jpg (68.86 KB, 720x540, ask and ye shall recieve.jpg)

Not caps but there are photos of them at a Hetalia shoot from back in the day. (sage bc this is some old, old milk. Can post more though if anyone wants.)

No. 20012

>Latvia cosplay
Reminds me of all those godawful Latvia porn drawings she did like the one with the anal beads drawn like they're being pulled out of his dick like the world's worst magic trick.

No. 20013

why does she remind me of michael cera in this pic

No. 20014

Ahh, that is some peak Bibeau, creeping on the yaoi-obsessed underaged girls like it ain't no thang. Thank you Anon, I'd love to see more of this cow collision!

No. 20015


lmao she looks like a hot dog

No. 20016

I probably already know the answer, but is she working or in school? She spends a lot of time dicking around with cosplay every single day. She has what…3, 4, maybe 5 cosplays in progress right now?

No. 20017

She's still working at the same laser tag place she's worked at for the past few years since she was wearing the uniform the other day.

She's claimed to be going to beauty school but it never happened and she's still living at home with her dad she claims is abusive and a white nationalist who was in one of the riots? It was on her gofundme.

Update: She's privated her IG.

No. 20018

File: 1530114073537.jpg (82.15 KB, 720x540, 45654562.jpg)

No. 20019

File: 1530114120824.jpg (68.31 KB, 540x720, 4565232.jpg)

And, of course, our Ash was the one to start this. Classy as always.

No. 20020

File: 1530546887094.png (976.67 KB, 919x596, change.PNG)

No. 20021

File: 1530550066790.png (92.1 KB, 1464x736, witch1.PNG)

apparently ash has been active on her youtube this week, she has uploaded a couple storytime videos. the most recent one is about how it's not a good idea to approach protesters at conventions where she gives the most common sense advice ever.

the other video she uploaded recently has a bit of a back story. apparently a deviantart/youtube user by the name of Chaos55t made a post on her da in April asking for stories about fake witches. ash posted with the most laughably self-important and entirely unbelievable story about a fake witch she knew in high school. Chaos55t featured her story in a video, so Ash made a follow up video because she coincidentally met this fake witch again recently. please sit tight for screenshots. this one is part 1 of 5

No. 20022

File: 1530550088149.png (94.06 KB, 1464x793, witch2.PNG)

No. 20023

File: 1530550101913.png (77.26 KB, 1462x791, witch3.PNG)

No. 20024

File: 1530550115693.png (92.21 KB, 1462x778, witch4.PNG)

No. 20025

File: 1530550134205.png (109.83 KB, 1463x750, witch5.PNG)

No. 20026

and here's the 23 minute video she posted about her recent "encounter" with dizzy

No. 20027


i just finished watching the video and she is literally claiming this christian girl tried to kidnap her in a van to try to convert her, and a dozen people formed a circle around the van to stop it. the story of dizzy from beginning to end is an insane whirlwind of lies, i can't believe anyone would believe this

No. 20028

Did she delete her IG? I can't seem to find it, but I followed her before she want private.

No. 20029


it's still there but private. she has another non-private insta @lucindas_magical_cosplay but it hasn't been updated since march

No. 20030

>itty bitty five foot liberal
hoooooooookay ashley

No. 20031

File: 1530572218714.png (813.51 KB, 594x588, ash1.PNG)

dumping some recent IG posts

No. 20032

File: 1530572242631.png (597.75 KB, 481x597, ash2.PNG)

No. 20033

File: 1530572257289.png (704.96 KB, 596x586, ash3.PNG)

No. 20034

File: 1530572277679.png (547.35 KB, 592x588, ash4.PNG)

No. 20035

File: 1530572294756.png (774.23 KB, 591x587, ash5.PNG)

No. 20036

File: 1530572317176.png (929.57 KB, 594x588, ash6.PNG)

No. 20037

File: 1530572335331.png (835 KB, 579x581, ash7.PNG)

No. 20038

File: 1530572624195.png (715.83 KB, 899x574, ash8.PNG)

No. 20039

File: 1530572649519.jpg (227.97 KB, 648x1023, Queen_Esther_thores_161314316.…)

Found who she's trying to make a dress of.

No. 20040

I'm so fucking offended and I don't know why.

No. 20041

…I went to school with Ashley. We weren’t really in the same circle of friends, but I knew her and literally NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENED. And if “Dizzy” and whoever the fuck tried to kidnap her recently like she alleges, why was there no mention of it on Facebook since this cow loves to wail for attention? At the very least the local news would’ve issued something reporting an attempted kidnapping at the mall, for fucksake. Good fucking lord, I have no doubt our mutual friends are just lurkers to her sad bullshit for shits and giggles.

No. 20042


Ester did nothing to deserve this.

No. 20043

More milk please.

No. 20044

Don't forget at one point she swore she was almost kidnapped by some guy she went on a date with despite claiming to be terrified of men and totes gay.

And that walking by a certain gay club inflamed her third eye and messed up her chakra and that's why she never goes there even though someone she has beef with in the community said she got banned.

She's just a compulsive chuunibyou liar.

No. 20045

>third eye

Oho, I forgot she said that shit! She truly never grows up.

Here's her shitty cuff tutorial she just posted.
>that awkward rotisserie-turning moment at :20

No. 20046

File: 1530673496060.png (114.27 KB, 637x638, no joe.png)

Ashley tries to entice donations. No bites. It's been two months.


No. 20047

What is she trying to make an account for every site she sees other people making:

FB Page
Etsy/Store Envy
Cosplay Amino

Not sure if she has one but wouldn't be surprised if she already did make one; possibly Twitter

I lost count how many of these she made.

No. 20048

Never forget her shota sex fetish list website either.

No. 20049

And don't forget her fanfiction.com

No. 20050

File: 1530910345070.png (777.24 KB, 895x586, luke1.PNG)

She's back to crafting on her bed again and it's worse than ever.

No. 20051

File: 1530910366354.png (715.65 KB, 575x580, luke2.PNG)

No. 20052

File: 1530910388278.png (539.95 KB, 588x583, luke3.PNG)

No. 20053

>all that glue

No. 20054

ash's storytime posted on july 4th.
she says there was a large police/FBI presence in her neighbourhood (including doors kicked down, gunshots fired, and a forensics team), but that they won't release this information to the public? wouldn't a large police presence at least be mentioned in the news?

she says she has the mentality of "if you're gonna do something stupid, you're going to get caught," which is just absolutely true for her in so many ways she doesn't understand.

No. 20055

How does one screw up resin with a mold so badly? She didn’t even trim the excess off it

No. 20056

Well at least she used a mold and didn't try to hand sculpt them like she did with the poop brooch.

No. 20057

Jesus this fatfuck waste of space is terrifying
3edgy5me.jpg but all these fat haes bitches could just drop dead and the world would be better for it

No. 20058

There's a containment thread for you, Anachan.

No. 20059

File: 1531077971035.png (545.07 KB, 606x579, asherbee.PNG)

This is probably the third or fourth time she's redone this costume and she still doesn't know how to use a stencil.

No. 20060

Knowing Ash, it’s still going to be a barely-recognizable mess after the 3rd or 4th time.

Seriously though, she wouldn’t have to “redo” costumes so often if she took her fucking time. She tries to crank out these complex sewing projects over the course of a few weeks, instead of spending a few months carefully crafting it. And she ends up with ill-fitting, messy costume that needs to be completely redone after wearing it once at a convention.

No. 20061

Not to mention half the time she doesn't even wear them. She's always been prone to making costumes that never seen the light of day which is just a waste of materials.

No. 20062

another storytime, a 30 minute run on sentence where she openly admits she was currently eating TWENTY mcnuggets, fries, and a chocolate sundae.

No. 20063

>20 nuggets

I may not believe a thing in any of her stories but I'd sure as hell believe this.

No. 20064

File: 1531189055987.png (19.27 KB, 390x470, 7EA6CD22-3025-4D45-823E-D1BE26…)

No. 20065


Awww she deleted her video.

No. 20066

File: 1531419068728.png (764.53 KB, 598x588, totesgoals.PNG)

lucinda_lukeOk I’m channeling some nice lesbian aesthetic today #lgbt #pride #getonmylevel

Is this the first time she's actually deemed herself a lesbian?

No. 20067

File: 1531419130739.png (632.31 KB, 590x581, straythreads.PNG)

She bought another Arda wig to butcher.

No. 20068

File: 1531419182853.png (758.51 KB, 597x589, hoard.PNG)

Don't know why her parents let her live like this though. Her room always looks like a hoarders.

No. 20069

File: 1531419338489.png (572.14 KB, 589x446, tagged1.PNG)

No. 20070

She’s claimed it for maybe two years by now if I recall back when I had her on Facebook
Her mom is just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to hoarding, so it’s actually not that surprising

No. 20071

She's been looking pretty normal lately

No. 20072


She looks like she did a bad contour on herself.

No. 20073


Where the fuck was this??

No. 20074

>cut across bangs for Aoba

No. 20075

File: 1531513326071.jpg (668.66 KB, 1066x1083, 20180713_162240.jpg)

I'd like to see pictures of this outfit of preggy aoba.

No. 20076

File: 1531515616702.jpeg (1.72 MB, 2880x3840, 7C9082ED-C33B-4D4C-ABF5-F33FDE…)

I don’t understand her eye makeup choice. How does she decide that drawing on an over exaggerated cat-eye with cheap eyeliner pencil looks like Aoba? The way she does it is also hella unflattering and makes her face look rounder.

No. 20077

File: 1531519746103.jpeg (386.03 KB, 1125x1732, CBB8E48B-5560-41DF-B661-4E97EA…)


Also, I wonder if other cosplayers that interact with her know what they’re getting into?

No. 20078

File: 1531520391976.jpeg (36.47 KB, 300x450, 3272B486-DC32-4481-84BA-0112C1…)

Samefag but I just looked up the character, and apparently it’s supposed to be a brooch/accessory thing. She turned it into an entire goddamn chestplate. Girl has no concept of proportions.
…at least maybe it’ll cover up the really fucked up stencil?

No. 20079


My guess is she's probably aiming for some feminity believing that Aoba has half girly make-up. Why she couldn't make him seem more masculine is stupid of her. After all, she loves being a fuck boy asking for it.

No. 20080

>makes costume
>fucks it up
>remakes it
>makes it worse

I wish she'd just learn that it'd be cheaper to just buy the costume rather than waste all her part-time job money on wasting fabric and foam.

No. 20081

How is she going to turn that wig into >>20039 ? Is she going to sew in longer wefts for those side bangs? And I’m scared to see her try to cut all those fluffy, feathery layers.

No. 20082

File: 1531628028972.jpeg (110.35 KB, 540x960, 5A9AF21A-C2FF-4F65-9DB3-003143…)

Pic from her Facebook that wasn’t on her Instagram. How it’s supposed to resemble the neck piece from >>20039 , I don’t know. She looks like a fancy clown.

No. 20083

File: 1531628100200.jpeg (590.16 KB, 1125x1693, EA29C9EA-8F53-4DCF-B6A8-E46D13…)

Apparently she’s doing two versions of Esther. The “veil” had me confused.

No. 20084

File: 1531628383480.jpeg (123.39 KB, 720x960, A5C034EC-EDAD-40A6-A170-E1B6BD…)

I don’t understand why she splurges on Arda wigs for most of her cosplays but went with a $5 eBay wig for Allura

No. 20085

File: 1531628465898.jpeg (542.62 KB, 1125x1770, 865DBD12-F25C-45AC-9FEC-D88950…)

No. 20086

File: 1531628511665.jpeg (530.17 KB, 1125x2055, A4A37E7A-A673-4DCD-8D00-85A474…)

End of Facebook dump. Some wise words from somebody who absolutely cannot take constructive criticism.

No. 20087

This shit is the most confusing aspect of weeb culture to me, tbh.

No. 20088

another disjointed story with plot points that go nowhere and a weird mini-rant about self checkout machines

No. 20089


What was her last video even about?

No. 20090

File: 1531773859101.jpeg (342.07 KB, 1125x1259, 41A49086-313B-45F3-93B0-90A570…)

I’m happy that she didn’t butcher the bangs, but it looks nothing like the character.

No. 20091


i don't remember exactly and didn't watch the whole video because it was like half an hour long, but what i gathered is she was annoyed at someone for really petty reasons, one of them being that the girl had her birthday at panera bread and ash said "for the cost of a small amount of food at panera bread i could get 20 mcnuggets, fries, and a chocolate sundae at mcdonalds. i know because i just bought that and ate it."

No. 20092

And yet she chooses to work a handful of hours at a teenager’s job.

Ash. Get it together. You can’t choose not to work AND complain about being excluded from things because you’re broke.

No. 20093

Of course she’d prefer to gorge herself on trashy, overly processed fast “food” rather than an actual meal at Panera Bread. Hey Ash, since we know you read here, that’s why you’re a fucking whale!

No. 20094

>ignore these people!

As she goes on IG rants about lolcow and cgl.

No. 20095

File: 1532004810846.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1920, 1.PNG)

Incoming IG stories.

No. 20096

File: 1532004855606.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, 2.png)

No. 20097

File: 1532004897886.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, 3.png)

No. 20098

File: 1532004959782.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, 4.png)

No. 20099

In her story right now she’s going on about how she’s chubby. How chubby cosplayers are “sunflowers” and “cinnamon rolls”. How somebody told her that she can’t be chubby and be in the LGBT community, and how she can be “anything under the sun”. She gave this person a “coming to Jesus moment” Then she started talking about the Pastafarian religion, saying that if she wasn’t happy with her current religion, she’d practice that.

Since when does she have a religion? I thought she was pretty anti-religion?

She’s still wearing her Mikazuki cosplay during the rant about chubbiness/lgbt/religion and the seam of the collar is already falling apart. That’s what she gets for sewing everything together with a loose zigzag stitch and not back stitching at the end to secure her stitches.

Also is there a way to save and archive her IG story videos? I’m on mobile and don’t think I can.

No. 20100

File: 1532020241033.jpeg (130.33 KB, 1080x1080, F688EA8B-64D9-423D-9466-E4E224…)

That boobloaf. Those loose threads. That fraying. That puckering. That white fabric that’s so thin it shows the t-shirt under it, and will probably show the bra or tank top under it when she wears it at a con.

Sage for fabric sperging, but she must be using some clearance bin fabric if it’s fraying that badly after she’s already hemmed it. My local bulk fabric store sells what it looks like she’s using for $0.99 per yard, and it frays so badly that you have to either use a french seam or roll over the hem twice, which she didn’t. I get cosplaying on a budget, but I scratch my head at her inconsistency. Instead of consistently buying medium-price (and quality) materials, she splurges on materials some cosplays (Mikazuki’s fabric, at the very least the trim for her fancy Aoba, and that purple Luka dress she never finished) plus buys Arda wigs for cosplays that don’t necessarily need Arda (Prompto is the only thing she’s done with spikes), but then cheaps out on materials for literally everything else.

No. 20101


She actually has money for BOTH AWA and Otakon?? Wtf??

No. 20102

Because she lives rent-free under her parents’ roof, while most people her age have moved out and actually work and live as adults.

No. 20103

NAYRT but even rent-free, I don’t understand how she can afford to make cosplay after cosplay and go to all these conventions when she’s only working 10ish hours a week at a laser tag place. I wonder if she does a lot of panels or volunteers to get comped/free badges? Or if her family pays for her to go to cons (I know her grandparents paid for her plane ticket once)?

Speaking of planes, I’m surprised OP included her grandpa paying for her airline ticket but didn’t include the drama about the airlines losing her luggage.

No. 20104

I had completely forgotten about that. Didn't she buy a completely identical luggage set to the one the airline trashed?

No. 20105

It was either an identical set, or a bigger set with more detachable portions. Either way, it definitely wasn’t something more secure for air travel.

No. 20106

File: 1532287970162.jpeg (348.32 KB, 1125x1617, 2626A693-88DB-4F7E-B54B-122B39…)

It looks like when an elementary schooler decides to play with makeup.

No. 20107

Not a doctor, but can’t food poisoning usually be treated at home, unless it’s really bad? I wonder if she’s the type of person to go to the doctor whenever she doesn’t feel well.

No. 20108

I’ve had food poisoning before and it’s always been 100% treatable at home. There’s just a lot of vomiting and diarrhea, so staying hydrated and resting, waiting it out, is usually the only thing you can do unless there’s a more severe form of it I’ve never had or been aware of.

No. 20109

File: 1532305840179.jpeg (368.07 KB, 1125x1721, 287FC5DC-7DD8-4B96-BA6F-621339…)

I’m going to scream if she cuts Keith’s bangs like she cut Aoba’s

No. 20110

I mean there’s botulism but that’s extremely rare and probably not what she had.
Speculation here, but I’m guessing she either has excellent insurance through her parents (covers everything, no or very low copays) or she doesn’t actually pay her own medical bills? She wouldn’t be going to the doctor for minor shit if she had to pay for it, especially not on minimum wage.

No. 20111

My eeeeeeeeyes!! Now we gotta deal with prego Keith.

No. 20112

god at this point i hope she commits and delivers

No. 20113

File: 1532324184045.jpeg (274.96 KB, 992x1235, D05AE685-D34A-4A7C-8F7E-563DED…)

Ash seems to travel a lot for cons. She can’t drive herself, and nobody wants to give her rides anymore because she’s notorious for cramming peoples cars full of her shit and not giving gas money. So she must either have to take a bus or fly. It makes me wonder how the fuck she affords transportation to all these out-of-state cons.

No. 20114

she probably missed work because of it and needed a dr note to avoid getting written up

No. 20115

she's going to otakon?? i hope i can see her in person for once.

yeah, both otakon and AWA are pricey. It's crazy she can afford so much with a part time job.

Not to mention hotel and ticket prices are not cheap at all.

No. 20116

File: 1532369990932.jpeg (412.86 KB, 1125x1668, 0BCF2243-8AC9-4F06-A1BD-98291E…)

Why is she remaking Sarah again?

No. 20117

Ash has a new video up

No. 20118

One of her cats probably pissed on it again, so many of her costumes have been ruined the same way I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. I’ve had a house full of cats/kittens when I foster and have never had an issue of them peeing on my clothes or furniture, I can’t imagine the smell or state her house is in since she’s mentioned it’s happened more than once and I doubt she or anyone else properly cleans up the mess.

No. 20119

NEVER leave your brushes in water to soak, just like when you dry them you're literally loosening any type of glue in them. You're supposed to soak the fibers (dip the actual brush part in don't sink it into liquid 6/7 way up the handle) then gently brush in a circular motion in your hand or on a silicon surface you can buy etcetc moving the porduct out of the brush itself rinse repeat.
(This might just be me but I have never heard of vinegar in a solution to clean brushes that go on your body. I can see the acidicness being helpful for other media brushes but for skin never and I hope she somehow conditioned the brushes somehow or else they will get coarse once they dry)

No. 20120

I’ve heard people discourage against vinegar for makeup brushes because it fucking stinks. I’ve washed wigs with vinegar before, used maybe 1/2 the amount she’s using in a bigger tub of water, and still hated the way the wig smelled.
Plus it does seem like vinegar could cause skin irritation or react weird with makeup.

No. 20121

I like this map. There should be one every year for every con Ash goes to.

No. 20122

File: 1532496926560.jpeg (371.08 KB, 1125x1658, 427FA8B0-5409-494B-9E3F-84F267…)

Keith’s wig is kinda messy, but she actually did a good job on it compared to her other wigs. I’m actually legitimately proud of her for not blunt-cutting the bangs.

Keep up the good work, Ash. Just get some shapewear for your mpreg tummy and don’t go overboard on makeup, and you’ll have a decent cosplay!

No. 20123

File: 1532531003242.png (436.8 KB, 1080x1920, ig.png)

>staying hydrated
All you ever see is empty soda cans in her room so I don't doubt she made it worst on herself.

She flies. Someone asked her once why she didn't save money and take the bus or train and she said her parents threatened to throw her in the psych ward if she didn't fly. I figure they just don't trust her mental state enough to do anything but a straight plane ride there otherwise she'd get lost or stranded.

In IG updates she posted some questions that no one will ever answer out of fear of being blocked.

No. 20124


Welp her ego is definitely showing considering she lurks the crap out of here due to anon actually saying her wig looks good. So, why else would she ask this question. I say she pretty much gotten worse or just stayed the same as always, whether it'd be her shitty/rushed sewing skills, her bad wig styling, and her terrible caked on make-up. So no Ash, you haven't improved at all.

No. 20125

File: 1532532322310.png (708.29 KB, 595x593, hair.PNG)

I feel like I need to clean just from looking at this. Why would you cut your wig right next to your computer and hanging halfway over the floor?

No. 20126

I’m not even saying that her Keith wig looks great, just better than her usual. But damn, I’m cackling that the story in >>20123 got posted within a day of >>20122 . It definitely seems like she lurks.

On the topic of Keith, I wonder who she ships him with? Is she going to be stalking Lance cosplayers, Shiro cosplayers, or both?

No. 20127

File: 1532538711139.jpeg (1.52 MB, 2880x3526, A6811FE7-5FC9-43A0-A573-D5681D…)

Dropped image. Her usual wig styling:

No. 20128

File: 1532630255335.jpeg (158.25 KB, 720x960, 901B4AE5-7538-412F-8E08-6A1736…)

Ash, for the love of god, PLEASE add some clear straps to this to keep this up. Nobody wants to see that much of your boobs hanging out.

No. 20129

File: 1532630581318.jpeg (99.69 KB, 509x604, 7C686462-3A2A-46D1-B569-A83A13…)

I wish she’d just do this version of Sarah. I’m sick of seeing so much fabric go to waste in her failed attempts to remake Sarah’s ballgown.

No. 20130

From the way the pic is taken it looks like a dress for a dwarf or something lol

No. 20131

this looks like a garbage bag. wtf, learn how to interface for structure.

No. 20132

File: 1532973312685.jpeg (353.37 KB, 1125x1727, DE6E18A9-0CF4-4FB1-926A-F60369…)

No. 20133

Doesn’t look good but it’s not as bad to her usual props. Is ash getting better? I feel like if she actually didn’t rush she might do ok

No. 20134


Don't boost her ego. She might actually think that she is. I will give her this, she needs to stop rushing these projects. Doesn't she understand that Katsucon is months away???!!! She has so much time to make adjustments and using better crafting material. What's the rush to make that crown look like shit?? Pace yourself Ash! Damn!

No. 20135

This is the whole thing that baffles me. She spends a ton on supplies just to quickly shit out a low-effort cosplay that she'll just remake a few months later? I don't know if she does it because they fall apart or because she doesn't like them anymore, but either way, there would be no need to remake them if she just took her time. I'm not sure if it's an instant gratification thing or if she doesn't actually enjoy the process of making things and just wants them done or whatever her problem is, but I die a little bit inside every time I see her latest haul of JoAnn's fabric and know what its fate will be.

No. 20136


It's so flat and looks almost like a mushroom. Why would she think this is good quality??

No. 20137

File: 1533068556448.jpg (634.25 KB, 595x893, chocolate-souffle.jpg)

it's off-center and looks like it fell in on itself, like a collapsed souffle

No. 20138

Did she use yoga matt material for this?? it looks so sunken in.. Wow. I really hope i see this trainwreck in person.

No. 20139

File: 1533104012454.jpg (36.98 KB, 466x466, 91YjOqPEJUL._SX466_.jpg)

It looks like EVA foam flooring. People do use it for armor and stuff but they'll dremel or sand off the texture on the other side.

No. 20140

It’s her birthday today, I wonder what she’ll be up to?

Ash, since I know you lurk your own threads, I genuinely hope you have a nice day today. Also I’d suggest actually saving some of your b-day money instead of spending it all on cosplay and cons.

No. 20141


I couldn't agree with you more anon. She's better off using that money to go on an actual vacation that isn't convention or cosplay related.

No. 20142

File: 1533502830283.png (601.94 KB, 936x601, article.PNG)


No. 20143

File: 1533502902986.png (457.32 KB, 934x601, sarah wig.PNG)

No. 20144

File: 1533503212031.png (469.19 KB, 597x598, sarah wig 2.PNG)


flood detection is making this difficult to post in an efficient way so bear with me

No. 20145

File: 1533503312194.png (439.3 KB, 600x599, sarah wig 3.PNG)

No. 20146

File: 1533503746855.png (446.35 KB, 596x599, sarah wig 4.PNG)


for fucks sake i posted the last one 5 mins ago and its still flood detecting

No. 20147

File: 1533503812862.png (797.52 KB, 599x597, kairi.PNG)

kairi from kingdom hearts

No. 20148

File: 1533503980744.png (839.17 KB, 936x600, persephone.PNG)

persephone from lore olympus

No. 20149

File: 1533504139577.jpg (133.01 KB, 510x510, persephone.jpg)


for reference

No. 20150

File: 1533504268632.png (508.95 KB, 598x600, fangs1.PNG)


No. 20151

File: 1533504338314.png (546.77 KB, 597x598, fangs2.PNG)


in case you ever wanted to see ash's dried out lips, plaque-filled bottom teeth, and tooth gap all in one shot

No. 20152

File: 1533504763126.png (587.05 KB, 597x597, fangs3.PNG)


looks like gauze from the dentist

No. 20153

File: 1533504939208.png (594.31 KB, 597x599, fangs4.PNG)


gauze pt 2

No. 20154

File: 1533505166228.png (807.73 KB, 934x598, mal.PNG)

mal from disney's the descendants

No. 20155

File: 1533505434163.png (708.76 KB, 933x599, mal2.PNG)


mal's jacket

No. 20156

File: 1533505589620.jpg (67.97 KB, 450x562, mal.jpg)


the real mal for reference

No. 20157

File: 1533505671462.png (528.79 KB, 813x600, nerdplus1.PNG)

her sarah dress featured on nerd plus magazine's insta, the magazine she supposedly writes for

No. 20158

File: 1533505819374.png (616.82 KB, 477x599, nerdplus2.PNG)


it's ridiculous how proud of it she is

No. 20159

How does one fuck this up so bad? The real jacket looks pretty difficult to make. So much detail.

Ash's jacket is from Target ( i see the brand) and it looks like she used acrylic and not leather/fabric paints?? it looks so crusty. The colors make no sense on it either.

No. 20160

File: 1533508764117.png (659.39 KB, 479x599, nerdplus3.PNG)



No. 20161

File: 1533508877845.png (732.24 KB, 478x600, nerdplus4.PNG)


more sequins

No. 20162

File: 1533510676826.png (639.31 KB, 479x597, nerdplus5.PNG)

No. 20163

File: 1533513654845.png (608.39 KB, 479x599, nerdplus6.PNG)

No. 20164

Clearly, this is supposed to be Sarah's hair the morning after the party

No. 20165

honestly, it's a trashy goodwill tier disaster, but it's incredibly impressive considering who we're talking about

No. 20166

who the fuck would actually hire her to work on a "legit" cosplay e-mag or actually published mag. Or is this just something that is shittly put together.

No. 20167

she would look so much better if her actual hair was like this.

No. 20168


Apparently people who don't know her all that well. What? Does she think she'll get hired as a guest for cons if she does this??

No. 20169


Those fangs look like shit and it makes her mouth look even worse.

No. 20170

Oof you weren't kidding about the plaque

No. 20171

File: 1533588435603.jpg (91.77 KB, 736x920, 5bce0016354e29fa4d2b78752ee0e6…)


this looks like a brown version of an alaska wig jfc

No. 20172

is this the same girl who would post photos of her TGIF meals on instagram and then complain why she was still fat?

No. 20173

>I always like to think about the background a character comes from before working on a costume

Ash that’s a load of shit and you know it. If you really cared, you’d be making Esther’s ball gown out of something nicer than Joann’s confetti dot fabric, quilting embroidery patches, and $1 wal-mart ribbon.

No. 20174

File: 1533761814494.png (698.1 KB, 934x598, wig stand.PNG)

F R E E   U S 

No. 20175

Wait she doesn't drive does she? Is she going to attempt to haul this huge plywood stand into a carpool?

No. 20176

She doesn’t drive. Hopefully she’s not bringing the stand, just bringing Sarah and Prompto (despite what she says, I think Esther can absolutely travel off the wig stand, it’s not heavily styled) and will sit with the two wig heads on her lap.

But then again, this is Ash we’re talking about. She’s known for not warning her ride about how much she’s bringing, showing up with 6 bags full of her shit, and spending 3 hours trying to cram it into the car. I can absolutely see her trying to bring the wig stand, then baww-ing when it doesn’t fit in the car.

No. 20177

File: 1533930672963.jpeg (956.92 KB, 2880x2339, CEFACF48-F53D-44BF-A7F1-F1BFB0…)

How is her wig that ratty after she’s only had it for a week?

Also who would have thought that wearing a long wig and a leather jacket in 80+ degree weather would be a bad idea?

No. 20178

File: 1533930846538.jpeg (347.54 KB, 1123x1665, E796BB25-EA42-4696-895F-C36665…)

I really hope we get to see full-body pictures of this cosplay. I wonder if she’s fixed the issue of the fabric being see-through.

No. 20179

Did someone else do her makeup? It actually looks pretty nice on her.

No. 20180

She did her makeup. You can always tell because she apparently has never heard of mascara.

No. 20181

File: 1533961778399.jpeg (440.17 KB, 1125x2004, D679EDC4-02A9-44B2-B9F1-2F5587…)

Who the fuck has been requesting a full-body picture outside of this thread? Ash, stop lurking here and enjoy your convention.

No. 20182

y'know, this isn't abhorrent like her other ones but then again, i can't see the details and her make-up/wig doesn't look promising…

No. 20183

For someone so “terrified of men” she seems fine sharing a hotel room with at least 3

No. 20184

I hope to god I can catch a candid tomarrow, lol and it’s not like her horrid makeup selfies are better

No. 20185

File: 1533971582861.jpeg (340.69 KB, 1123x1603, AA2913E5-4021-4A88-99F7-CC0458…)

Why do her eyes look bruised?

No. 20186

Because she's bad at makeup

No. 20187


lol that rats nest on her head oh lord

No. 20188

File: 1534003926432.png (627.52 KB, 480x597, sarah.PNG)

its time

No. 20189

File: 1534004084973.png (695.6 KB, 598x599, sarah 2.PNG)


the wigggg

No. 20190

Why does she insist on such heavy eye makeup for Sarah? One good still from the movie will show her makeup was very minimal and understated in the ballroom scene ffs Ashley

No. 20191

File: 1534030640490.png (780.68 KB, 600x601, mikazuki.PNG)

mikazuki makes an appearance

No. 20192

File: 1534030755002.jpg (491.61 KB, 828x867, Mikazuki.Munechika.full.183424…)


for reference, so you can really see the fine craftsmanship of her wig and the thing hanging around her neck

No. 20193

File: 1534095946137.png (844.92 KB, 601x598, aoba.PNG)

starting the day off with a classic, aoba

No. 20194

File: 1534098878849.png (833.26 KB, 596x596, aoba2.PNG)


she's hanging out in the artist alley if anyone is looking to spot her in the wild

No. 20195

File: 1534120201887.jpg (24.86 KB, 351x347, wtfamireading.jpg)

>I need to hem to petite coat
>the petite coat
>petite coat

No. 20196


Ew I'm glad I'm no longer into Dramatical Murder anymore. She'd be shoving her disgusting smelly self in my space.

No. 20197

I saw a girl in this costume yesterday in the games room and was like "wow, that girl looks exactly like asherbee, how unfortunate" and lo and behold. I shouldn't have stopped following her thread.
I don't have anything milky to report though sorry, she was with some other really fat person and they were shrieking about something obnoxiously. If I had realized it was legit her maybe I would've asked for a pic lol
Also she was sitting on the ground with stuff spread out around her when there were nice tables and chairs like, 5 feet away… sje was right near the doors and the trash cans

No. 20198

I feel so bad for Jiji, everything looks so trash. At least this cosplay is sort of recognizable.

No. 20199

File: 1534177173060.jpg (53.44 KB, 960x1704, QZ3am5P.jpg)

she's uploaded some instagram stories:
>says the good thing about whenever she is tired from con is that her voice is deep enough to "pass"
>she's using they/them pronouns now, been afraid to come out to friends & family about that for awhile (sure jan)
>says she experienced dysphoria while wearing Sarah (which she says everybody LOVED), realized it's because she never wears dresses all day
>someone told her that the dysphoria she's feeling is probably because she's nonbinary and to not be afraid to research & explore that possibility. she also says this person is going to school for this kind of thing. apparently 1 day was all the research & exploration she needs.
>she says she knows she's nonbinary because she was immediately comfortable changing into a masculine cosplay, goes on to admit that might just be because sarah was incredibly heavy to wear
>says she spent 200 hours researching the sarah cosplay before building it, then 200 hours building it
>is really really really really disappointed that nobody recognized her esther cosplay (found here: >>20181 and was supposed to look like: >>20083 so i can't imagine why nobody recognized it…)
>says more people recognized it when she posted pictures on fb/insta and it inspired people to do their own esther/trinity blood cosplays, so now she wants to do a trinity blood cosplay group for an upcoming convention (couldn't understand, costucon? cosplaycon?) and will make it happen no matter what, even if she has to make all the outfits herself
>she says she should have done a trinity blood group cosplay before her hetalia group cosplay, but then goes on to say she wouldn't have had the necessary skills if she did it first

all the stories she posted are uploaded here, the pic in this post is just a gif taken from one of the stories:


No. 20200

File: 1534177234961.png (174.49 KB, 298x200, aoba3.PNG)

she was also tagged in this pic on instagram

No. 20201


Her reasoning doesn't make any sense at all. I mean what do you call tomboys then?? That's basically what she is describing. Stop trying to make yourself out to be someone you're not "Ashley" because you are only making yourself look stuid.

No. 20202

This! Does she seriously think all women are feminine all the time? Some women are, some aren't and some feel much more comfortable in pants/slack than dresses or skirts. Not wanting to wear a dress cosplay doesn't make you non binary. It's so dumb and she's too old to hop onto this tumblr train.

I did see her in person at Otakon while she was in Sarah. It didn't look too horrible in person, but the wig was a total mess.

No. 20203


Exactly! Like why does she need to label herself they/them. Ashley, you're not fooling anyone. You hang out with people who are in the LGBTQ+ community for so long she's convinced that she's something just as special but in a different term that just means the same thing as a tomboy. As a tomboy, I know this feeling. She has no right labeling herself like this. Its fucking wrong and embarrassing.

No. 20204

she uploaded a video about otakon 2018. nothing much worth mentioning beyond the poor grammar, repetitive wording, and shoddy nausea-inducing camerawork, which is funny because at one point in the video she says she likes the photobooth parts of the dbz exhibit because she herself is a photographer & filmographer. this video was boring at best.
the end of her video cuts off randomly mid sentence as well.

No. 20205

I was so proud of her makeup for Esther and Sarah (it was good by Ash standards) and now she’s back to putting glue and crusty yellow foundation over her eyebrows. Why.

No. 20206

File: 1534442914141.png (514.15 KB, 598x606, guess that cosplay.PNG)

guess that cosplay! it's one of two she is making for awa, which is 1 month away

No. 20207

>starting what’s presumably a ball gown 1 month in advance

Why the fuck does she do this to herself? Why can’t she just wear what she already has and work on the project she’s already started (Queen Esther)?

No. 20208

File: 1534740069991.png (266.85 KB, 421x777, story.PNG)

No. 20209

File: 1535598322168.jpeg (567.15 KB, 1125x1942, 1A9C07AC-FC97-4B84-9EE4-ECE8DE…)

Another complex cosplay while she already has several in progress.

Also does anyone know if she’s going to Dragoncon this year?

No. 20210


I doubt it. She would be bragging about it all over her instagram if she was. She is going to AWA. I wonder if she's doing any panels for that con.

No. 20211

File: 1536396888061.png (553.47 KB, 477x600, esther 1.PNG)

she finished her esther dress i guess

No. 20212

File: 1536396916567.png (755.3 KB, 598x596, esther makeup.PNG)

and the makeup is just… what…

No. 20213

>all that red in her waterline

Also, does she ever use false lashes? Because Ester is a cosplay that demands it.

No. 20214


she doesn't even use mascara let alone false lashes

No. 20215

File: 1536689172362.png (692.16 KB, 480x598, esther full.PNG)

here's the full esther dress

No. 20216

File: 1536689208187.png (205.8 KB, 408x768, sure jan.PNG)

apparently she's just getting bombarded with dick pics

No. 20217

Anyone know if her youtube with make up "tutorials" still exists? I can't remember her channel name

No. 20218

it is so low cut I am scared

No. 20219


i don't believe her previous channels exist, but this is her current channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtGEz2_x9lkUdE-CfV2McWw

No. 20220

File: 1537150256132.png (780.01 KB, 601x595, aloy.PNG)

it's amazing how you can tell how bad a cosplay will look just from the jewelry alone. this is supposed to be for aloy from horizon: zero dawn

No. 20221

File: 1537150290836.jpg (116.13 KB, 623x899, aloy.jpg)


what the necklaces are supposed to look like for reference

No. 20222

for some reason it relieves me that her parents' kitchen is clean. i was expecting her to live in one of those confetti club hellholes where the parents are hoarders…

No. 20223

File: 1537512458958.png (831.63 KB, 598x598, deidara.PNG)

deidara from naruto

No. 20224

File: 1537512487637.jpg (21.2 KB, 500x375, deidara.jpg)


super accurate cosplay

No. 20225

File: 1537512521976.png (862.12 KB, 597x599, ok.PNG)

isn't this a white supremacist hand symbol or something

No. 20226

she recently uploaded a video of her drawing if anyone is interested in her "process"

No. 20227

File: 1537512952945.png (813.38 KB, 1024x745, _commission__studying_by_lucin…)


this also reminded me that she has a deviantart that i don't follow too closely, it was linked at the beginning of this thread but she has some truly mindboggling drawings on there if anyone wants to check it out. it's amazing how she just does not improve. https://www.deviantart.com/lucindawayright/

No. 20228


Or this person could be about to flick at her face.

No. 20229

They were at AWA saturday night in that pitiful Aoba wig. The hair wasn't even tucked into the wig all the way and their poor shoes looked like they were going to fall apart.

No. 20230

Aloy is a really complex costume. No idea why she would even attempt it

No. 20231

File: 1537898860086.png (1.11 MB, 714x717, awa.PNG)

there's a lot going on on her instagram right now following awa, too much for me to screenshot and post individually so you can go check out for yourself:
-pics of all SIX of her cosplays from this weekend
-a post with multiple images of her designs & drawings
-in her stories she is letting people ask her questions so if any of you want to take advantage of that, go for it

she also announced she has a twitter now: https://twitter.com/lucinda_luke

No. 20232

File: 1537898960810.jpg (177.98 KB, 800x1100, Dn6FGimXcAI-rL6[1].jpg)

from her twitter. the collar is made with LAMP SHADES

No. 20233

That Prompto wig is just…a mess

No. 20234

The lamp shade thing isn't that terrible, that's actually a pretty creative idea. Those appliques look absolutely terrible though. Why would you paint lace? It looks like someone jabbed at the collar with a bingo marker.

No. 20235


She really needs to stop cosplaying Aoba at this point. She's wearing out her disgusting outfit of his, even if it does look casual. Unless shes going for the Sly Blue look.

No. 20236

yeah this. the effect you want when you tell someone you made something out of an unconventional material is "WHAT?! no way!!! i didn't even notice!"not "oh, well….that explains it"

No. 20237

File: 1538290589730.jpeg (254.36 KB, 749x1179, E4F3778E-0041-4107-823D-F6F0DD…)

Apparently Ash is riding the coattails of Twitter trends now and making up new stories of her being assaulted. Fucking disgusting.

No. 20238

File: 1538290624105.jpeg (195.81 KB, 750x1197, 02230DF7-D8AE-4A77-A384-7073FB…)

Pot meet kettle

No. 20239


Isn't she the one who tried to set up a panel promoting duct tape binding???

No. 20240

Yep, and when called out by friends she promptly blamed the cosplayer whose picture she used rather than owning up to not checking any sources.

No. 20241

That's because a tree fell through the kitchen wall and destroyed a huge chunk of it. Insurance paid for them to get a brand new kitchen and probably new appliances as well.

No. 20242

File: 1538348862868.jpg (57.05 KB, 768x960, 42478656_324288615012955_46522…)

Ashley released more "art"
Pictures incoming

No. 20243

File: 1538348895891.jpg (86.17 KB, 768x960, 42510372_324288645012952_57524…)

The dress is really not very nice…

No. 20244

File: 1538348953440.jpg (121.9 KB, 770x960, 42494994_324288695012947_33005…)

No. 20245

File: 1538348974584.jpg (39.91 KB, 768x960, 42503899_324288728346277_44477…)

No. 20246

File: 1538349028714.jpg (50.33 KB, 768x960, 42575399_324288761679607_68049…)

This is the only one I somewhat like. But the dress looks completely stolen from Frozen.

No. 20247

File: 1538349125339.jpg (91.25 KB, 768x960, 42467773_324288905012926_90936…)

I don't believe for a single second that this isn't traced or copied from an existing image. I'm positive I've seen this exact pose in another picture.

No. 20248

File: 1538349143896.jpg (119.85 KB, 768x960, 42511355_324288795012937_41722…)

No. 20249

File: 1538349156038.jpg (32.04 KB, 768x960, 42539921_324288838346266_67861…)

No. 20250

File: 1538349191596.jpg (69.16 KB, 768x960, 42587224_324288868346263_15299…)

This also looks traced or copied from like Kingdom Hearts or some shit

No. 20251

File: 1538349595628.jpg (86.08 KB, 828x960, 42541464_324091988365951_67737…)

idk if this picture has been posted yet but this is her re-re-re(?)make of the Sarah ballgown

No. 20252

File: 1538349689043.jpg (130.06 KB, 960x960, 42562811_323721708402979_83276…)

Her foundation overall looks decent but she needs to fix her eyebrows. Otherwise unremarkable makeup. She also needs to clean her god damn wig

No. 20253

I think i might be going insane but i actually think she's improving and looking much cuter these days.
Like she has potential.

Too bad she's a nutcase

No. 20254

This and her constant claims to be afraid of men irritates me the most about her because either the con she went to before AWA almost all the people she shared a hotel room with were either men or transmen, and she’s been known to fetishize transmen, and there are multiple witness accounts of her basically sexually harassing the guy who dated that Akane chick she tried to slander a while back. Not to mention the former friends/classmates who’ve come forward with personal experiences with her just being outright inappropriate and disrespectful of personal boundaries. Her complete lack of sense in social situations makes me believe she’s autistic like she claims, but come on, she expects anyone who knows her to believe that shit about the school blaming her for being sexually harassed because she was a “provocative goth?” We’ve seen your pictures from that time, Ash, you never dressed “provocatively,” you’ve always been a fat, unattractive slob.

No. 20255

Moo should commission her.

No. 20256


Ash why are boosting your ego with your attention seeking stories. You're fucking disgusting to go and lie about shit like this. You give people who have been raped before a bad name. JC no wonder you made a Twitter. Only to post things like this and expect people to feel sorry for you.

No. 20257


I actually saw her at Katsu hanging out with a bunch of transmen. Does she really expect she's gonna have us believe shes afraid of all men?? Ash, if your really afraid of men, then you should be worried for those that are about to become one too. And I totally remember her going after Akane's man. Girl needs to go back to a pyschward.

No. 20258

She's also known to steal people's stories and experiences. It wouldn't surprise me if she had people who've opened up to her about their abuse and suicidal stories and for her to claim they're her experiences and stories. I don't know WHY she does this, but I've heard her verbatim tell me a story which happened to another one of our mutual friends.

No. 20259

Same! And it’s SO creepy, she’s literally taking something traumatic and uncomfortable that someone told her in confidence and claiming it happened to her, I don’t get it. It’s one of the reasons I slowly started avoiding her, and when she made her new Facebook I just never bothered to add her. And the thing is so many of her friends KNOW she’s lying, yet no one seems willing to call her out on it.

No. 20260

Yeah, I think the reason no on confronts her is because those people don't stay her friend very long? Like they realize it's manipulative so they do what you did, distance themselves. So I don't think it ever gets back to them and if it does, Ashley will try to make them look like the bad person. Or straight up lie and say she doesn't know what they're talking about.

No. 20261

File: 1538439169278.png (20.77 KB, 997x127, tma.png)

Oh gosh Hi Ashley thank you for taking my advice pictures incoming

No. 20262

File: 1538439222848.jpg (65.55 KB, 768x960, 42867022_326826364759180_19208…)

Her makeup may have not been remarkable before but holy shit that eyeliner.

No. 20263

This. Sage for blog, but I’m friends with a fellow farmer who was helping Ash, even though I warned her she would never change, but she swore up and down Ash was doing way better and that they had become friends. But sure enough as soon as Ash did something to make her uncomfortable and she decided to stop being friends with her, Ash turned their gaming friends against her and apparently now they won’t even play with her anymore. Thankfully she still has me and a few other friends to game with, but I was pissed when she told me she was told they’d stopped talking to her because of Ash because any time I asked about Ash she would say she’s improved. She won’t give me details, she even refused to screencap Ash’s Facebook for me when she was still on there, she just said she’s blocked Ash on everything and is just gonna move on, I’m just angry because she was too nice.

No. 20264


That is so messed up. Man, what a bitch. Makes me wonder what she did to make your friend feel uncomfortable.

No. 20265


She is disgusting for doing that. She could be a writer for all these stories she's making up but instead, she wants people to believe these things are happening to her. Are you serious Ash??? How low can you go?? Apparently so low that you would have to lie about all of your experiences taken from those who had them.

No. 20266

Have you read any of her fanfics, anon? It’s all shota/femboy rape fantasies, that and her obsession with Aoba makes me believe she legitimately fetishizes sexual abuse. She’s absolutely disgusting.

No. 20267


Yeeeeeeah this is why I steer clear of any DMMD dweebs like her. I'm glad I'm not into the fandom anymore.

No. 20268

File: 1538999825174.jpg (569.15 KB, 1069x1208, Screenshot_20181008-075553_Ins…)

It was only a matter of time for her to be into My Hero Academia.

No. 20269

File: 1540317128139.png (1.66 MB, 1367x917, upd1.png)

facebook/insta updates coming

No. 20270

File: 1540317225383.png (857.61 KB, 1366x913, upd2.png)

She spelled Poppin Cookin wrong and idk it bothers me
i also believe she is using the term "making" lightly. She's just putting together already made pieces.

No. 20271

File: 1540317315896.png (1.14 MB, 1368x918, upd3.png)

Don't forget, her parents hate her and are not loving towards her and never consider her feelings and super abusive.

No. 20272

File: 1540317339924.jpg (120.62 KB, 960x960, 43951527_332836657491484_54608…)

Full size image

No. 20273

File: 1540317361531.png (874.33 KB, 1367x913, upd4.png)

No. 20274

File: 1540317438970.png (523.08 KB, 800x1200, red_demon__video_link_in_descr…)

Her newest drawing, colouring in the lines must be so hard.

No. 20275

And the video to go with it, if you want to subject yourself to that.

No. 20276

She always looks so smug.

No. 20277

That dress looks like it’s made out of Symphony broadcloth from Joann’s, what the hell.

No. 20278

File: 1540415209303.jpg (34.47 KB, 400x535, 78891245e9399900423eb724b0699a…)


oh dear

No. 20279

File: 1540502346631.png (42.87 KB, 640x411, yoinks.png)

She is honestly one of the dumbest people to grace this earth

No. 20280

File: 1540521515446.jpg (608.55 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20181025-223706_Ins…)

She needs to stop doing her eyeliner like this for Aoba cause it still looks like shit even if she does improves her make-up better.

No. 20281

File: 1540570951163.jpg (96.39 KB, 960x959, 44831592_338634620245021_52132…)

but you're not gonna post her smug ass picture?
She needs to rest her Aoba cosplay, it'a never looked good, despite the crazy amount of advice people have given her on her "masculine" mwkeup.

No. 20282

She looks like Sonic.

No. 20283


That make-up looks like she bruised her eyes.

No. 20284

File: 1540846704078.png (662.28 KB, 610x902, partygurl.png)

Ashley went to a Halloween party, pics in coming

No. 20285

File: 1540846842308.jpg (104.51 KB, 960x960, 44953647_340127640095719_18782…)

No. 20286

File: 1540846853642.jpg (108.4 KB, 960x960, 44948611_340127750095708_46229…)

No. 20287

File: 1540846876194.jpg (75.98 KB, 640x640, 45097860_340127710095712_18862…)

how attractive

No. 20288

File: 1540846892851.jpg (93.02 KB, 640x640, 45066207_340127816762368_79798…)

No. 20289

File: 1540846905669.jpg (91.03 KB, 640x640, 44916270_340127783429038_76583…)

No. 20290

File: 1540846923534.jpg (157.74 KB, 960x960, 45083873_340127863429030_76135…)

No. 20291

File: 1540846937236.jpg (61.75 KB, 640x640, 44927091_340127670095716_23999…)

No. 20292

File: 1540847074138.png (908.94 KB, 1365x917, bonusno.png)

And some bonus "NOOOOOOOO" content

No. 20293

Lydia Deetz's bangs are a huge part of her look. How did she fuck this up so badly? How?

No. 20294

Her 'beetlejuice' also has incredibly inaccurate makeup.

Is this Beetlejuice reimagined as a fakeboi and Lydia as a fat, lazy slob?

No. 20295


Wonder which con she'll be at for this cosplay. I'm gonna assume Katsucon??

No. 20296

File: 1540889765497.jpeg (41.74 KB, 400x981, 595DDE95-8841-4920-A19B-853ABB…)

So I get what she was aiming for with her outfit, but HOW does she consistently hit so far off the mark EVERY time?! “Last minute” pretty much sums up all her halfassed cosplays, even her Trinity Blood dress was messy and rushed and she’s “remade” ballroom Sarah at least 3 times

No. 20297

I’m happy that she’s going to a party, though. She needs to be more social outside of conventions.

No. 20298

File: 1541373387138.png (1.34 MB, 1367x916, zero.png)

it begins

No. 20299

File: 1541373474958.jpg (81.24 KB, 960x960, 45102748_341055706669579_15391…)

full pic

I'm so mad at the potential that's there. She has great skin, nice face shape. But those fucking eye brows, that fucking hair…

No. 20300

File: 1541373661125.png (872.08 KB, 1317x869, possessed.png)

her halloween makeup

No. 20301

File: 1541373688210.jpg (97.08 KB, 960x960, 45211759_341573803284436_41015…)

full pic
more coming

No. 20302

File: 1541373778812.jpg (94.05 KB, 768x960, 45075592_341576599950823_77840…)

No. 20303

File: 1541373918799.png (533.3 KB, 602x776, upnext.png)

Here's what we can expect soon

No. 20304

She’s managed to do a pretty decent sammyclassicsonicfan cosplay.

No. 20305

I can already envision this. A resin-cast gem that hasn’t had its edges trimmed off hot-glued to a Party City cowboy hat. A limp, ill-fitting jacket made out of Joann’s broadcloth, with puckered seams and fraying sleeves and collar. A blunt-cut wig and flyaway wig hairs. The same makeup as in >>20286 . She’ll take smug selfies in her mirror, wear it at a con for 2 hours, and then throw it in a pile and never touch it again.
Ash, please don’t try to be “first” on this. Take your time finishing your other cosplays for Katsu, and then decide if you still want to cosplay this.

No. 20306

File: 1541545634554.jpeg (260.8 KB, 1124x1304, AC265EFB-9BB2-41CD-B333-746252…)

>A blunt-cut wig with flyaway hairs
>Same makeup (at least same eyeshadow)
I fucking called it

No. 20307

How can she be so bad at makeup when all you need to do is practice? Everything is outside the lines.

No. 20308

Since we know you lurk here, Ash, quit rushing the eyeliner, it looks patchy, uneven, and scribbled on; literally all your projects would look 10x better if you’d just take your time. Secondly, Ashe’s eyeshadow is a soft gray with a bare hint of lilac, just look at closeups of her face and it’s obvious as well as her lipstick being a berry tone and not that awful pink you picked. And speaking of lips, use a lip brush for the edges to get a more precise line because you missed an entire chunk and its extremely obvious. I get it, you wanna jump on the bandwagon and be able to say you did something first, but literally no one gives a fuck how quickly you threw something together when it looks exactly like all you did was rush it. It’s not impressive or admirable, it’s pitiful

No. 20309

File: 1542068285105.png (338.7 KB, 1000x300, 46161679_347737699334713_41942…)

New art by Ashley featuring:
Not human anatomy, not human facial anatomy, not knowing how shading works, and stock background picture!

No. 20310

Giving constructive criticism to somebody so far out on the spectrum they contour using a single line of colour smack dab in the middle of their cheek is more time wasting than commendable tbh, she hasn't changed cause she's not going to. Atleast theres no god awful painted brows this time lmao

No. 20311


What's sad is that she doesn't take showers regularly, which means she hardly washes her hair and after she plucked her eyebrows, they're already at a loss. It's horrid!

No. 20312


What's sad is that she doesn't take showers regularly, which means she hardly washes her hair and after she plucked her eyebrows, they're already at a loss. It's horrid!

No. 20313

File: 1543096429781.jpeg (453.9 KB, 1125x1903, C71D560E-6FD1-4DBE-815B-F7CF33…)

>That workspace is filthy
>Wtf even is this

No. 20314

File: 1543096580305.jpeg (424.74 KB, 1125x1743, 7D928F49-27FD-4BD0-BBCD-618DCE…)

No. 20315

File: 1543461647843.png (36.29 KB, 624x505, envy.png)

No. 20316

File: 1543461867921.png (329.38 KB, 504x649, yeahok.png)

She took a "vote," which I highly doubt, Ashley isn't famous enough or have any active followers that aren't friends or family to actually have anyone vote.

No. 20317

File: 1543461920482.jpg (92.55 KB, 960x960, 46482076_352181778890305_23367…)

Full image, caking her face and STILL, fucking STILL, doesn't know how to use mascara. This is supposed to be a makeup test? It's incomplete.

No. 20318

Why would she be proud of this?? Why tag someone to show this off? never change

No. 20319


How does she not know how to blend her blush.

No. 20320

>sewing machine covered in filth
>cut wig fibers from Ashe mixed with thread and tipped over bottles
>multiple sodas

Damn bitch you work like this?

It's really sad how she clings to this delusion that she's some sort of cosplay idol. By now she doesn't even have the same sort of notoriety she had on /cgl/. She's just fading into obscurity.

No. 20321

File: 1543523970047.jpg (139.1 KB, 1024x1280, blackwatch_patch_for_sale_by_l…)

She's trying to sell this, FOR 15 DOLLARS, which is supposed to be a "SALE". This is covered with animal hair. Wth

No. 20322

File: 1543524084737.jpg (63.26 KB, 1024x1280, dani___video_in_description__b…)

Drawing, colouring in the lines, shading, proportions… Ashley has difficulty with it all!

No. 20323

If you want to listen to here ramble, and be "funny and random xD" for 30 MINUTES for a speed draw. Have fun. I can't.

She got a license. Watch out, Chesterfield. She also says she's moving out of her parents home. Tells kids to make smart and responsible choices… Jesus christ…

She also uses a model for the drawing in >>20322 and she still fucks it up…

No. 20324

File: 1543524488648.jpg (173.51 KB, 1024x1280, _commission__out_for_a_ride_by…)

More bad art… More stealing backgrounds and jesus christ please Ashley take an art course on anatomy or look for something online I just.. I can't.

No. 20325

File: 1543524743319.jpg (223.91 KB, 1024x1280, _commission__reading_by_lucind…)

Okay, she claims this one is a commission…
Whoever bought this, if anyone genuinely did, deserves their money back.
The face, background, use of the clone tool, all of it is unexceptional.

She forgot to colour in the rest of the arm patch! In a product! Someone (allegedly) paid for!

No. 20326

Video accompanying the picture.
She literally uses models, but still fucks up sooo hard.
She also claims she isn't tracing. Pose referencing is looking, and drawing your own. Not putting it in an under layer, and tracing over it. You are tracing. You trace.
It doesn't have to be someone elses model, or art work.
You don't know how to draw a bike? You put it as an underlayer and draw over it.
She also admits to being a tracer when she was a young adult, and now she's an adult and "doesn't" anymore.
She talks about how it makes your art worse, that it doesn't help your skill.
You, Ashley, are a prime example.

No. 20327

File: 1543525142133.jpg (108.23 KB, 1024x1280, commission_for_kat_3_by_lucind…)

Okay I've had my fill of Ashley, I can't handle anymore right now. I'll just leave this pregnant malformed woman here, courtesy of Ashley.

No. 20328


How the fuck is she gonna move out of her parents place?? She doesn't know how to support herself! Let alone pay for all those bill's she's unprepared to have.

No. 20329


I just feel so bad for those 2 roommates(dealing with the smell and mess of her shitty life style)and there's no way she has a significant other otherwise she would be bragging all the time about it.

No. 20330

>moving out
Like she moved out to Florida and her roommates hated her because she expected them to clean up after her and do her laundry?

Her biggest brag of 2018 was doing her own laundry for the first time.

No. 20331

I last saw her thread over a year ago, how does she still draw this horrible? most people who call themselves artists are hugely better after a whole year. For her it doesn't look like a single day has past. The only people I've seen to have this problem are autists like Chris-Chan. Does she have legit developmental issues?

No. 20332


And she's fucking 25 years old! She should've been doing this shit well out of high school.

No. 20333

File: 1543640829063.jpg (413.22 KB, 1045x1817, Screenshot_20181201-000426_Fac…)


Screw that! Why is she selling "Suicine"'s circuit for $75?! Good God Ashley! You shouldn't even be selling shit at that price range!

No. 20334

File: 1543645489716.jpeg (69.03 KB, 250x297, A673C561-DC10-45C0-86BE-04E149…)

No. 20335

she turned 24 just 4 months ago anon..

No. 20336

For all intents and purposes it's the same damn age

No. 20337

File: 1543685671392.png (500.64 KB, 696x764, 78503237-EC52-404D-BB75-6767C4…)

Christ, who would buy this shit for $5 let alone $75? She also said on her cosplay page at one point that this was a commission for somebody…so why is she selling it?

No. 20338

Probably because whoever commissioned it was expecting something that you look at and can actually recognize the character it’s referencing and not whatever the fuck Ash mushed together

No. 20339

File: 1544640283299.jpg (21.12 KB, 522x122, what.JPG)

Old but she eats, sleeps, and breathes shotacon so why the fuck is she shaming someone else?

No. 20340

File: 1545233746476.jpg (392.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181219-092913_Fac…)

Is this Ash? This group has a rule about censoring people that are posted. It looks like her but I'm not sure(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 20341

File: 1545275957986.jpeg (376.29 KB, 1125x1625, 2AA2E29C-C8C0-4930-9E65-F06996…)

I wonder when she got a 3D printer?

I feel like this is going to be like her with resin casting and with her embroidery machine. She buys expensive tools that are capable of producing amazing things, and makes half-assed garbage with them because she refuses to look up tutorials and learn properly.

No. 20342

File: 1547402035732.jpg (493.05 KB, 1048x1552, Screenshot_20190113-125233.jpg)

But don't worry guys, it fits! She's also taking 3D printing commissions.

No. 20343

Forgot she was going to Katsucon. $10 says Aoba makes an appearance and she has to buy a new one because the old one doesn't fit.

No. 20344

So, I have been wondering what happened to Ash, didn't realize she had moved to snow. What a trip it has been catching up.

She used to be drawing a yaoi manga, featuring a mighty Elf seme and a literally simpering (human?) uke, that was pretty entertaining. Has it been abandoned? What a sad turn of events if so.

No. 33166

File: 1549858948811.jpg (886.44 KB, 1564x1564, 20190210_232146.jpg)

Sorry, I kept having to re-upload because my icon was visible.

Ashe doesn't think you credit artists as long as you aren't selling their work.

No. 33225

lmao she's trying to nonchalantly take credit for the print, just like when she traces over "reference" art, but she's just actually tracing and not giving credit

No. 33226

holy shit sage for double posting but she finished her, like, 50th version of the Sarah ball gown and cries over it and says she's going to make a series of videos covering why this cosplay is such a big deal and uh….she hasn't?
And i'm not surprised at all
Made a downloadable version but unsure how to share it better

No. 33285

She has a YouTube video posted where she is LITERALLY tracing over a stolen figure. https://youtu.be/LFVyvF7iYbM
Also BONUS, she tells a fake Vic Lasagna story for internet points.

No. 33317

She’s had to remake it and Serenity so many times because, in her own words and not just skepticism based off her terrible BO, her cats repeatedly pee on her cosplays. I can’t imagine how awful her room must smell since she just tosses the soiled cosplay and considers that “cleaned up.”

No. 36213

File: 1550453737816.jpg (547.69 KB, 1488x2000, asher.jpg)

Spotted at Katsucon over the weekend. Surprised she wasn't Aoba.

No. 36258

Dd she buy this costume?/ because that looks better than anything she'd make

No. 36263

Are you sure about that

No. 36334

From what I saw it looked like she bought a zentai of Sombra (the bodysuit bit) then made the jacket herself and glued fake nails on the zentai. The gun she definitely had to have bought and she had glowing bits on the back she likely bought as well.

No. 36407

She bought a 3d printer, so p sure that the gun was made that way.

No. 36841

Oh my god I saw her at KatsuCon in her new new new Sarah ballgown. I was high as fuck, on the way to the formal and I looked a direction, and suddenly there she was bellowing obnoxiously about something. Loudest person in the hallway full of people. I booked it the fuck out of there. Also she looked no different than how she did in her old Sarahs. Still falling off her shoulders and chest, wig still looking crusty.

No. 36880

Man I am so pissed she made that video about Vic Mignogna. I was there in that elevator, cause I was one of the people staying with her at that con. This just confirms again for me that she is a fucking liar. She didn't say shit to him, did not claim to be gay at the time, and also when we got out of the elevator we were like "Omg that was Vic!" and she talked about how polite and nice he was. Then we went to go meet him and she and everyone else were fangirling about him paying special attention with hugs and kisses. (Bleh, at least two or three of the people in that room were underage.)

No. 37185

Did the little girl she talked about actually experience harassment or was that fabricated, too?

No. 37197

So she released this video talking about Katsucon, saying she is disgusted with the amount of sexual 18+ booths at cons and she's sick of LL (lovelive) cosplays, despite her wanting to do one herself, then something about be hyper aware of some (of people who you don't even know) allergies.
However, the mid-way mark is where the milk starts to flow.
She begins talking about toxicity in this cosplay community.
>In fact, I'm not afraid of calling people out at this point
>I say this because, I used to be…one of those really bad toxic people.
>I will openly admit that, I was. I openly admit that I was a toxic person.
>I was nasty to people who were not my friends, and I was recently quoted on something I'd said when I was 19, which was, "Oh, I want to do this just to spite somebody," or something along those lines.
>And, I guess it also goes into how I was raised, maybe?
>See, my family is not the nicest, they are not the supportive, they are not that nice.
>I can say this openly, because my family is not home and I'm still in the process of moving as well, so…
>I can openly say that a lot of my toxic behaviour has been learned, a lot of toxic behaviour is learned, be it from family, from friends.
>And if friends are ac-, if your family is actively encouraging your toxic and negative behaviour, you have every right to cut them out if they are not benefiting you.
If you know Ashley's history, just how ironic everything she is saying right now. Oof. Like when her grandfather got sick and she was just mad she wouldn't get any money from him.
>If you have friends who are toxic, who are encouraging your behaviour, cut them out.
>You have that choice as to who you put in your life, and what type of behaviour you incorporate into your life.
>You have that choice, while it's gonna suck if it is family, but you have to do what's right for you.
>And that's what I'm doing.

Here's the juiciest piece of irony of all
>But the thing is, another toxic thing though is, don't hold people to something they said, like, 5 or 6 years ago.

Oh like when OC said something about you when you were both about 15, and you didn't find out until five years later? And literally shit all over her and stole her money? How ironic.
>Because opinions may have changed. Options may have changed. Things may have changed.
>Like, I said that when I was 19, and, I'm tol-, I'm almost 25. I'm in my mid 20s at this point.
>I don't have that same mind-set anymore, I'm along the lines of…
>Do what you want, if it pisses off somebody in the process, that sucks for them; they obviously care too much
>That is my mentality; if it pisses somebody else off, they care too much, that's the problem

Holy shit you guys this is excruciating to transcribe.

>Like, I get it, somebody might have hurt you, someone might have hurt you, or might have done something to you…

>And you want…to start shit with them but, that doesn't look good on you and it definitely doesn't look good on the other person.
>Think about it this way, would you want someone to doing that to you?
>If the answer is no, then don't do it. Rule of thumb, treat everyone you want to be treated, essentially, you know Kindergarten, first grade rule, yahda yahda yahda.
>I'm going to get off my soapbox now Cackles

Oh my god my head.

No. 37249

And yet just four months ago she posted a status on Facebook dragging people in the community she hates and laughing about being petty and embracing it. You’re not fooling anyone, Ash, you’re still pathetically jealous of former friends who are happier without you and doing better in their cosplay careers than you are. Be a shame if someone were to send some of those screenshots over to the cosplay “magazine” you work for, I’m sure they wouldn’t like one of their reps publicly behaving in a way that reflects badly on their anti-bullying message…

No. 42006

File: 1553895304929.jpeg (191.18 KB, 749x1202, 5C0E5995-EFBA-4D8A-B188-E939AA…)

Seriously, how many times is she going to remake this damn dress? I’ve yet to see even one attempt look decent, and with her insistence with being non-binary/trans and “so uncomfortable” is dresses, I don’t get her obsession with this costume.

No. 42007

File: 1553895328123.jpeg (258.13 KB, 750x1201, 962A37C2-9C26-4891-8137-DF8D8B…)

*in dresses

No. 43330

File: 1554654239559.jpeg (449.29 KB, 1125x1725, B06C2686-03C6-4F80-B90A-1B37A0…)

This looks so sloppy…why would you even post this?

No. 43351

she's remade it so many times and it still doesn't fit her properly…. Just…how?

No. 45008

File: 1556155244516.jpeg (407.69 KB, 1125x1684, 1CF77303-89DC-4A4A-8486-AE0C7D…)

She’s remaking devil Konoe. I wonder if she’s going to put tape all over her boobs and get harassed by Christian protestors again.

No. 45169

>harassed by Christian protestors
Elaborate? I don’t remember her making this claim when she first made this cosplay

No. 45317

File: 1556323676591.jpeg (231.79 KB, 750x1194, 54AC0148-4854-40B1-BD79-CF1EC2…)

How the fuck are you going to pick a dark blue for Odette’s dress? And for someone who is apparently so ~uncomfortable in feminine clothes~ she sure loves doing characters in dresses/ballgowns

No. 45347


That's cause she feels feminine and other days she feels masculine. Her nonbinary BS is just for kicks. You are literally just called a tomboy. She needs to stop acting like she is gay and saying she was uncomfortable til now to come out of the closet. Was she always like this when she was young?? I doubt she even had these feelings back then.

No. 45639

Around 6:25 she starts telling a story about how she walked by a group of Christian protesters and someone purposefully ripped her skirt and told her that since she was dressed as a demon she’s going to hell. That’s horrible if it actually happened, but it’s Ash so who knows.

No. 45757

100% a lie, Jesus Christ Ash, I went to that con and her skirt was accidentally stepped on. Can’t remember if it was her own feet or a passerby, but that absolutely didn’t happen.

No. 45758

100% a lie, Jesus Christ Ash, I went to that con and her skirt was accidentally stepped on. Can’t remember if it was her own feet or a passerby, but that absolutely didn’t happen.

No. 45920


God ash stop making up stupid stories. You're just making yourself look more dumb.

No. 46509

Guys! She made another video. It's been a long while since she talked about her life update. Does anyone know if she moved out with her GF, she wants to have OTP pics with, yet?


No. 51619

So I'm a little confused by this video. How can she say she's a lesbian if she keeps telling herself she's gender neutral?? She has clearly said she's a girl who likes other girls. If that's the case then you're not gender neutral. You are indeed female. She keeps changing herself just to make herself look cool for the attention. This is the kind of crap I cannot stand with some people.

Granted, some of the things she has said in the video are true to heart but she needs to stop telling lies and constantly post random stories about her sexuality. LIKE WTF IS THIS SHIT????


No. 75578

File: 1576365139792.jpeg (117.08 KB, 750x657, 6F9E7A3B-FA58-453C-815D-1849E9…)

Decided to lurk the VA community pages since it’s been a while since any Ashley drama, and apparently she’s shoving disabled old ladies at cons. Stay trashy, Ash lol

No. 75579

She’s still living with her parents in her garbage hoard of a room, still trash talks and complains about them, and still foreveralone

No. 75623


Well I knew I'd end up on here again at some point for openly hating this cunt. Hi! I'm the one that posted that. Just going to give some background. This was at a JoAnn Fabric store in my aria. I keep forgetting ash, as I knew her, was still alive until she rounded the corner of the trim and ribon isle. And loudly yelled "Excuse me" at my mother and I so she could get to a YaYa Han display. Talking about how she's redoing her sailor Moon cosplay again. To a man (from what I knew I thought she was afriad of men and a lesbian so..?) My mom broke her ankle and is on a support decide so she can still be a bit independent. But it still takes her a moment to move. And Ash wasn't having it. She got in her face and personal space to point, not even get, (as I'm sure she was in there simply for show as she wasn't buying anything) a coslay decorative piece. I was actually blind to who she was at first beacuse I was to focused on making sure my mom didn't fall. We were there looking for trim for a cultural project for my dad. But she knew who I was. And my mom said Ash did a double take and when I noticed it was her. I admit I was rather mean as she was booking it out of the isle. "Oh my god I know her, that's ash! She's still alive? She was such a cunt. Good to see this GS never change". I hope she heard me. I know I'm not flawless but im glad I'll never be ash.

No. 75626

Do you have her new social media or whatever? She was one of my favorite cows and I've missed her

No. 75628


Anon. Looking back at the thread you can find the following

Instagram: Lucinda_Luke // Lucindas_Magical_Cosplay

Tiktok: Lucinda_Luke


Facebook: Lucinda's Magical Cosplay

YouTube: Lucinda WayRight

But she's a master at ditching a name and rebranding herself whenever she's called out. So I wouldn't be surprised to see her scrambling soon.

No. 75651

I instinctively assumed she had changed her name lmao, I'm so happy

No. 75653

File: 1576441119322.jpeg (291.28 KB, 750x1296, 87D14021-945A-49D2-9BB3-9CF2C1…)

No surprise that even with using a 3D printer her props are still messy as shit

No. 75654

File: 1576441331254.jpeg (260.83 KB, 750x1294, 905D6756-A031-4B27-AB4F-D3448B…)

Pardon the photo dump but I went to check out her Insta and fuck she still looks so haggard

No. 75655

File: 1576441360267.jpeg (367.83 KB, 750x1297, 0700B154-CF5B-43AB-A654-45AE73…)

No. 76990

File: 1577662827083.jpeg (350.73 KB, 750x1204, EA3DFD00-A5A2-4A73-8AC5-716E18…)

You would think with all the makeup she buys she would’ve learned to hide her mustache by now

No. 77041

Or learned how to apply it, given she's also done cosplay for a hot minute??

She really does have the facial features of as dude..

No. 77081

Having seen her in person, it’s kind of alarming how much she more resembles a gorilla both physically and with how god awfully LOUD she always is, but I guess that explains why she’s so heavy handed with literally everything she does. Every time she does winged eyeliner it’s thick as fuck and sloppy, her lipstick is always smeared and uneven, I’ve never seen a single photo where her makeup looks even objectively nice. I’d almost feel bad for her if she didn’t have nearly a decade-long record of being an awful and snobby piece of shit to people

No. 77086

Look, you can have a gorilla's body and still learn to sew. She is just lazy. Her costumes look like grandma's plastic curtains with puckered seams. It's stuff out of nightmares.

No. 77490

File: 1578206886959.jpeg (254.64 KB, 750x1200, 14644DE1-D297-4869-A4FE-59659E…)

She’s changed her cosplay handle again, and holy fuck how does someone get such deep, dark undereye bags before 30?!

No. 77496

File: 1578213372182.png (815.15 KB, 927x599, tanjino.png)

there's so much no horror to cap. she's apparently a representative of a plus size cosplay mag

No. 77511

File: 1578228069301.png (832.68 KB, 932x600, ashh.png)

No. 77590


Yikes that's rough. Worst Tanjiro I've seen. The makeup is super fckn cake-y, and she doesn't even know how to blend her contour on her forehead. The only thing she made for Gonpachiro Kamaboko were the Hanafuda earrings and those look awful. They're bent all to hell. She even didn't put on the wig correctly.

You can be plus-sized and cosplay a character who isn't. This isn't about that. She just seems not to put any effort into her cosplays and it definitely shows.

No. 77598

File: 1578269836963.jpg (58.75 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20190810_035201.jpg)

No. 77652


She looks like she never sleeps with bags as bad as those.

No. 77696

Honest to God, she wastes so much money on cosplay that makes her look like a sack of potatoes and then turns around and goes on about how her family is abusive and doesn’t understand her and why the hell doesn’t she get a better job and just move out already?!?

You ever look at someone and can’t help but think ‘you are everything the media thinks is wrong with our generation’? Cause yeah.

No. 77719


Not surprising considering she calls herself a potato all the time. It's so cringy-like. Like how can a 25 year old still be stuck in her teenager days due to the way she acts.

No. 77721


for posterity here's her new tiktok account, which remarkably is at 1.5k followers. she did misspell phoenix though, so… new year, same ash.

No. 77723

File: 1578381896061.png (927.43 KB, 1001x768, fattychanmag.png)

this is the weird plus size magazine she "represents"
the sell pdfs of their mag on storenvy kek

No. 77737


This is so cringeworthy. She rushes her cosplays and her TikToks. Put forth the effort for once!

No. 77900


Why is it when she makes this smile, she looks so creepy like??? Can she at least pose right and geez that wig.

No. 81150

So, news from the lolcow. She's 'moving' into her parents home, taking it over after they move out.

I give it two months before she has roaches and 5 before she's homeless.

No. 81714

Wait, so her parents are moving out? How is trAsh going to pay the bills and mortgage on her own? Unless she’s having friends move in and just going to mooch off them? Watch her STILL bitch about her parents while she turns the rest of that awful trailer into an even worse pigsty.

No. 81720

Chances are after all this time the house is paid off, if I were a parent I wouldn't leave the house in my kid's care if I were still paying on the mortgage. She'll likely just have to keep up with utilities. Either way it's not going to last long.

No. 82084

Utilities, property taxes, HOA fees if applicable…and then there's emergencies, repairs, emergency repairs, food, household consumables, etc. There are a bunch of costs to homeownership that can add up really quickly. Though Ash probably isn't going to put any time/money into making sure the place doesn't fall apart.

No. 87251

Mine are worse than that :( All the women from my Mom's side have them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87800

Sage for non-contribution, but I know you still lurk here “Rose” and I don’t know why you’re suddenly being all chummy with Ashley when you were trashing her only 3 months ago, but you should know she’s never stopped trying to drag your name through the mud. Even now she still calls you an elitist snob and is only trying to piggyback off the fact you’re a smidge more popular in the VA community than she is because you put effort into your stuff, and she’s trying to make herself look better by “forgiving you” for how you treated her. She’s never stopped pretending to be a victim.

No. 89095

File: 1587087468822.jpeg (243.92 KB, 750x1127, 2C823AB8-6320-407B-8A4C-0BD519…)

It somehow always surprises me that she shows such little improvement after so many years. This thing is a complete mess

No. 89308

File: 1587360904454.jpeg (247.97 KB, 750x1119, E7B49BBE-5E61-4BD3-BA59-21527C…)

The freckles literally look like she just has dirt all over her face wtf

No. 89340

Goddamn, if only she had an iron and used a more forgiving fabric. But that would require giving a fuck about learning how to sew correctly. I look forward to more disasters, it's been toooo long.

No. 89773

If you zoomed into the photo you can see really dark facial hair?? Almost stubble like

After going through her Tik tok a bit it seems she has a car and had some drama there some guy named ClapDaddie about being an abuser??

No. 89942


She involves herself in drama that she is not wanted in. Pretty sure whatever she is doing on that app is for clout. It's disgusting really

No. 90092

File: 1587962534152.png (8.72 MB, 1242x2208, 678E615E-783B-453A-8298-44B16F…)

She’s converting her parents master bedroom into a workshop/sewing room for her shitty cosplays… I can’t believe her parents moved out before she did

No. 90093


How is her turning her parents bedroom into a cosplay/workshop/photography studio a surprise to anyone since she wants to be cosfamous.

Apparently her parents trust her well enough to take care of their house. All I see in her future is asking people for help by paying her bills. Taking care of a house is no easy task. She is stupid for taking this risk. She should've stuck with an apartment. She would've saved so much money that way. I hope she realizes that she also has to keep tabs on her grass growing otherwise she could get in trouble for not cutting it.

No. 90163

Clapdaddy is a transchaser like Ashley on TikTok that was recently called out for inappropriate behavior and attempting to groom a lot of underage transboys, and since Ashley surrounds herself with fakebois I’m sure she was just trying to white knight and insert herself into something that doesn’t involve her as usual. She has this grandiose image of herself as a spokesperson of the cosplay community, when really her claim to infamy is that the vast majority of the VA community only know about her because of these threads being spread in various Facebook groups.

No. 90492

File: 1588279056319.jpeg (327.56 KB, 750x1209, 2A7FDE40-B0C3-46D9-8AEE-446770…)

She words this like she ~worked so hard~ when literally all that happened was her parents moved out. I can’t with this fucking spoilt cow

No. 90575


I'm waiting for the day when she needs help paying for her bills. When cons are back, we all know full well she will be going to cons cause it's her only way of "escape" and not give a shit about paying her bills on time.

With how abusive she believes her parents are, they better not be helping her with any bills. If they are, then I'm judging why she thinks her parents are abusive in the first place. She needs to STFU!

No. 90727


She keeps identifying herself as "super gay" and it's so cringy, plus "nonbinary" "lesbian" it's really degrading. I bet she doesn't even know what nonbinary is. The girl needs to stop labeling herself for clout. It's gross!

No. 90777


I wouldn't say they trust her per say, more like if she's not going to leave the they'll leave. I give it a year before she can't afford normal household bills, trashes it and her parents sell the remnants and let her move in with them at their new place.

No. 90792


It's bad enough that she's asking people on TikTok to help her buy shit for the house. Get that shit yourself! Nobody is going to help you be an adult. She should've just moved in with her parents then maybe she wouldn't be wasting her precious con money.

No. 92967

File: 1589329930056.jpeg (261.77 KB, 749x1189, 2FFC9F8C-C928-47A9-9A24-9EE75D…)

Her parents literally haven’t given a fuck how she dresses for years, but of course anything for ~muh oppreshun~ sympathy

No. 92968

File: 1589330061085.jpeg (283.16 KB, 750x1198, 08349A3C-3E66-4BF6-B20B-624A14…)

I was actually a bit surprised that the eyeliner in this wasn’t godawful, but how did she not notice how badly her top lip is smudged and how the faux freckles still look like dirt on her face? Baby steps, I suppose, since the eyeliner is an improvement as far as things with Ashley go

No. 93280


I see she's trying to make a name for herself again in the LGBTQ+ community just to gain clout.

What's even more cringeworthy is that she will constantly say things like "I'm so gay" "I'm so fucking gay for that like omg! UWU" She sounds like a fucking a 12 year old.

No. 93281


Everything is rushed when it comes to her so I'm not that surprised.

No. 94974

This is… I don't even know what the worst thing about this is.

No. 95018


So she found another fandom to ruin. Fantastic

No. 97983

File: 1591210188562.jpeg (122.71 KB, 749x1119, 9CBEF770-11DF-484F-8BC0-DC0F5C…)

Ah yes, gotta join in on the virtue signaling.

No. 98078

lol ofc she's cosplaying the arcana apprentice
the mc of an otome game, so she gets to do ~cute photoshoots where the other characters are all in love with her teehee~
plus there's no canon design or even gender for the character, so no one can point out any inaccuracies in the design and huwt her fee-fees
what a fucking hack

No. 98314

So rather than sharing links for her followers to places to donate or actually HELP, she’s just posting a TikTok lip syncing and a hashtag. Sounds about white, but I don’t know why I’m even slightly shocked when it’s Ashley we’re talking about. She holds similar racist views that her family does, she’s just better at not making it clear online and knows that this kind of grandstanding bullshit in the cosplay community is a good way to make people think you’re not publicly racist. Plenty of us know better, Ashley, because we’ve been around you offline.

No. 98659


I also love the fact that she uses her MC to love other men when she herself is a leabian…

No. 104059

You know, I want to start offering cosplay commissions and I was feeling a bit self-conscious about the quality of my work, but if she can sell commissions anyone can

No. 115037

File: 1601954005946.jpg (609.1 KB, 1079x1526, Screenshot_20201005-230953_Chr…)

Anyone have any details on this? Last I heard from like last year was that her parents basically wrote off her ever leaving so they left her and the house. I wonder if it was foreclosed on or condemned.

No. 115050

What the fuck. She moved in with some random girl she met and now abandoned the house left to her? And.. she's doing cosplay lewds. Shocked but not surprised at all.

No. 115106

I'm so glad she's back but I need more info on what the fuck happened this time, wasn't she living alone
Also how long until her loving partner becomes "abusive" place bets.

No. 115248


Why the fuck is she moving in with someone she hardly even knows?? Even though she was the one that kept saying she never felt more at home when she had the house to herself. Not only that, but apparently she believes she's gonna spend the rest of her life with her cause she got a ring for her birthday?? LOL OK! I feel so bad for that person. Now they gotta deal with her BS. Now she's doing lewds?? Oh god!(emoji use)

No. 115372

File: 1602197555845.jpg (182.59 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20201008-175031_Ins…)

cosplayer of illinois? great. that means she'll be shitting up the cons in my area. thank god for quarantine cancelling everything in the near future

No. 115377


Finally she's away from the east coast.

No. 115973

Oh boy…
Can't wait to run into her

No. 123442

File: 1606767272051.png (Spoiler Image,813.96 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201130-130913.png)

Look who started an onlyfans!!! Are we surprised though?

No. 123730

Why in the world would anyone pay $20 to see her act seductive? That's like watching a cheaper Moomookunt.

No. 123826


I choked! A cheap version of Moomookunt. That's the best thing I heard.

No. 123986


The photos look badly edited and the colors make them look so dingy like. There's no point to pay for a price just to see her saggy boobs.

No. 147262

So she's moving again…

No. 147495

You could at least provide context for those who don’t have access to her socials, anon

No. 157833

Any news?
sage for contribution

No. 158985

File: 1625539006331.png (903.48 KB, 935x600, brhg.PNG)

No. 159053

File: 1625589221987.jpg (57.63 KB, 540x713, julian.jpg)

why, they're indistinguishable! her best cosplay yet

No. 160552

Sage for contribution but apparently she's going to Otakon.(didn’t actually sage)

No. 160975

Not anymore

No. 181330

So I DESPERATELY need your help internet. I fell victim to thinking she was worth hiring for a commission (link to the details of this shit here: https://www.facebook.com/1476030121/posts/10219440080100780/ ) and now that I tried to file a small court claim against her, they cannot fulfill it because I do not have her current address in Midlothian, Virginia.

Please someone help me track down this scammer so that I can get back my total of $700(not your personal army)

No. 181332

Why did you commission her without looking for her work beforehand??

No. 181334

lmfao fuck around and find out, nonnie

No. 181356

Unless someone who knows her current address still lurks here, you’re out $700 and only option left is to spread the word on Instagram, TikTok, etc of the local cosplay scenes. Though I’m not surprised she still can’t sew for shit and yet accepts commissions anyway. Ash has an almost decade-long pattern of only caring about herself, just a pity people who aren’t aware of her history fall for her “uwu muh autism” charade.

No. 181370

> I was out of a job but desperately wanted to FINALLY do this dream cosplay
> She also said "I'm sorry if you're upset with it", which should have been a redflag I ignored
It’d be rude not to laugh

No. 181384

Didn't she move out of VA? Was there a return address on the package?

No. 192761

Since no one wants to share her new Instagram:


No. 265841

File: 1668458094275.png (2.81 MB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20221114-144756.png)

Is it necroing if it's hilarious?

- engaged to a poly cosplayer with comparable makeup skills, cosplayed labyrinth for engagement shoot
- got a tattoo
- selling granny glasses with beads on Etsy
- remaking Sarah again

No. 265964

> - remaking Sarah again
the last bastion of stability in this uncertain world

No. 266353

What’s her tattoo of?

No. 266550

If I had to guess, something Arcana related.

No. 266572

What's her living situation like? Are her and the polyfag gonna take over her parents' house or are they going off on their own?

No. 266591

She is someone who won't keep to herself cause she likes to play the victim a lot. She's mostly active on her TikTok page. I wouldn't be surprised if she talked about her business there.

No. 266662

I don't know if I'm mistaking her for another cow since I haven't really kept up with her since she got dumped on /w/ but, I think when she was still active on FB she was bragging about her parents giving her their house so long as she helped pay it off (despite only having the laser tag wagie job), but I don't know if that ended up being bullshit or had a kernel of truth to it. Mainly just asking if she's still neet'ing it up with her parent, plans on moving in with polyfag, or plans on moving polyfag in with her parents. I'd check her tiktok but, I don't have one and don't really want to go through the trouble of making one if she has it privated.

No. 266676

Well if you do end up making one, just know that her account isn't private. She wants everyone to know about her life just so other bystanders can feel sorry for her. I'm sure she has her tiktok name plastered all over her other social media accounts.

No. 270516

I am not surprised to find something about Ash on her. Meet her briefly in the Arcana phase and even there she always was in some kind of drama or would post about negative stuff happening to her. I remember the cosplay commission someone was talking about some post ago and it's fascinating seeing it from the other person's perspective.

Not gonna lie I would love to have some of her delusional self-worth.
I saw her complain about a commission ( based on those hookah pipe Arcana ones) where a person was interested (how) and she apparently already started to prepare the 3D model pose without talking in detail about price or anything ( she uses the 3d models in clip studio paint and traces over them, I guess it is more common these days, but it feels especially cheap if the person does not know how to do it well eg. Ash).
Anyway, when she finally came to talk payment she was furious to learn that the person's idea wasn't more than 20$ (I don't remember the actual price she wanted but I am pretty sure it was more than 70$)
also pretty sure she traced her sailor moon tarot cards from somewhere, but I wasn't dedicated enough to look into it more.
Last but not least I am flabbergasted by what she wants for her used cosplay. The Asra mask and coat are very sloppy, the symbol on the back of the coat isn't even properly centered. I get that patchwork isn't easy but wow 1200$? 3000$ for Sarah's ballgown (top and bottom only, no wig no underskirt). At least it looks better than the coat but I find it very suspicious that there are no proper pictures of details/ the back. Has the top even boning?
At this point I think I have the wrong job lmao

No. 270622

Post caps bitch, this is an imageboard.

No. 270623

If you arent going to post proof of any of this, don't post at all.

No. 270806

please post caps if you can, these prices are beyond crazy

No. 271097

File: 1670510519304.jpeg (151.73 KB, 1571x784, nmqHqPW.jpeg)


my apologies lol
I am not on the arcana discord anymore, but I ask a friend to grab those screenshots for me. Adding those later if/when I get them
for now have this

No. 271186

File: 1670539916465.png (169.14 KB, 750x1334, 42E685FF-4988-4137-9DB1-12022D…)

I checked the listing for Sarah’s dress and my SIDES! “Made to order” when she never could fit it properly herself, that thing is never gonna sell and ESPECIALLY not at the price tag she’s wanting lmao

No. 271280

You should see the drama she's spewing on her tiktok page. It's public btw. No reason to make an account just to see her drama since she likes to make her problems public. She claims she has a following just cause she has over 10k followers on it. The majority of those followers aren't even there for her shitty cosplays but moreso her drama, which I'm not surprised with since most tiktok watchers like watching videos that has the latest drama. Idk why she calls it a cosplay tiktok when she hardly ever does post cosplay. Most of the time she's ranting about something in her life, which is where most of her likes and followers are coming from. Telling people to donate to her kofi and everything.

No. 271472

Looked at her Etsy. It’s mostly classes with other peoples clip art. It’s stickers on glass. I knew she was lazy but this screams beginner Cricut user.

No. 300087

I follow her on TikTok now where she’s just as strange as she is on here.

No. 300370

What's she been saying??(learn to sage)

No. 300578

Either post the vids or don't bump her dead thread

No. 300580

please post her stuff here, I miss Ash

No. 305537

File: 1691783100855.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 9BCD344E-DDF1-4573-9646-4F88F4…)

So I’m not in the Arcana fandom, but I swear she bitches about this “community” every other week.

No. 305538

File: 1691783170124.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, A60514B2-8EC5-4181-82E3-B94858…)

I’ll SS the rest of her story if anyone is interested, I just think it’s hilarious she cares so much about losing ONE follower.

No. 305565

I’m interested, if it isn’t too late!

No. 305566

Interested as well! Insane to whine about losing a single follower. Most people do not want to see others posting openly about self harm, it can be stupid triggering (and also just annoying) and if she were actually trying she wouldn't be crying about it for attention. I don't blame that person for unfollowing, I would too.

No. 305610

File: 1691862982762.jpeg (128.54 KB, 750x1334, 2625CE37-1B02-4033-B61D-3759C9…)

Ask and you shall receive

No. 305611

File: 1691863043102.jpeg (99.3 KB, 750x1334, 5CF7F874-E27E-420B-9A8A-ABDA1A…)

No. 305612

File: 1691863135788.jpeg (99.66 KB, 750x1334, 3C4EBDB3-6369-40CB-9511-9250BC…)

No. 305613

File: 1691863219339.jpeg (164.28 KB, 750x1334, 6C5809D9-74CB-420B-B1B8-375F3B…)

4/12 (skipped one because it was just the same color page with “TW for the next slide”)

No. 305614

File: 1691863299981.jpeg (111.89 KB, 750x1334, 68C15E7B-C793-4A61-84AA-C32567…)

5/9, sorry for the miscount, I accidentally included the 2 I’d already posted and opted to skip the “TW” one

No. 305615

File: 1691863349823.jpeg (129.1 KB, 750x1334, D05FB5BE-6E25-4156-883C-4377A8…)

No. 305616

File: 1691863453953.jpeg (78.5 KB, 750x1334, E9E516B3-68FA-44B7-9A25-D8BDDD…)

No. 305618

File: 1691863588914.jpeg (86.06 KB, 750x1334, 547B4D75-59BE-475D-AFCA-BE4736…)

No. 305619

File: 1691863627296.jpeg (93.42 KB, 750x1334, 0E0C77D0-B991-4C49-A1A3-543156…)

This one was followed by the one mentioning losing a follower

No. 305657

completely unhinged

No. 305659

Jesus Christ, I'm surprised she only lost one follower. I would definitely unfollow if that came up in someone's stories I was following. No substance, just reiterating the fact that life is soooo hard.

No. 305731

File: 1692028200106.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, E057E27A-1035-4A0F-A404-5C9393…)

I guess her crying for attention worked, we’re back to sloppy makeup and crusty wigs

No. 305812

Did she ever go into detail? I wonder if she has a Twitter where she splurge at.

No. 305826

Not anywhere on her Instagram, and she hasn’t posted on her Twitter since 2021, so if she did talk about it further anywhere else it was probably Facebook and I don’t have access to her new one after she’s made several over the years.

No. 315558

File: 1702890005225.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 5FD4C489-41C4-41BF-B75D-71AEBF…)

Decided to check in on Ashley and it amazes me how after YEARS of mutuals telling her to ignore community “drama” she’s still so easily riled up. Her art has never been worth “stealing” and is as shit as ever, but hats off to whoever still pokes her into these stupid Instagram rants. Her profile is public for any nonnies who want to read the rest, but it’s just empty lolsuit threats with a small “btw free Palestine” thrown in the middle since she thinks she’s an “influencer” and she has to pretend she cares. Still amazes how little she’s changed since her days on /cgl.

No. 315564

Wow, she really hasn't changed at all.

No. 319557

File: 1707860440847.jpg (375.58 KB, 796x1289, 1000017219.jpg)


No. 328742

new account name Ashethephoenixcosplay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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