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No. 1148

Previous thread >>>/b/21625

No. 1149

>us bros

No. 1150

The fact he added in toothbrushes means it's gotta be satire, right?

No. 1151

At this point I see all these as trolling and nothing else.
Like, they know they will get a reaction so I'd rather just laugh along with them.
I mean that statement is just so ridiculous, how could you take it seriously and get mad at it?

No. 1152

>Keep your biological needs in another place cuz it triggers me
Nope. It's okay for men to sexualize women as much as possible but once a woman is on her period, she's disgusting. fuck off.

No. 1153

Actually, it's Us Bros. Capital letters because Bros deserve the best.

No. 1154


No. 1155

sometimes I think it'd be nice to be in a relationship and then I remember how intimidating men are and how much they expect all the time and I think fuck that. doesn't help so many of them are disloyal too. need a girlfriend instead i think

No. 1156

Don' women cheat more than men?

No. 1157

idk but I think they only counted women in hetero relationships, so I hope it's different for women in relationships w other women

No. 1158

Men are just slightly more interactive sex toys tbh.

No. 1159

I'm so relieved there are women on here who hold a similar level of disdain for the male gender as a whole.

No. 1160

File: 1451771716655.png (127.79 KB, 465x256, 8gthbjnk4.png)

No. 1161

This whole comment could be flipped around and aimed at the guy writing it but I bet he'd flip the fuck out if a white girl said this shit to him.

No. 1162

I highly, highly doubt that. I think almost every man cheats, women are just more likely to excuse it. But a man will leave a woman the moment she cheats.

No. 1163

Woman are not any better in that aspect.
Also society double standards don't help too much about it.
As a lesbian I assure you, many of the woman I have dated have been actually cheating on their gf's with me or later cheated on me.

No. 1164

I don't hate men really but I hate how self-important they are. Even the shy awkward men are like that. Maybe it's just me but I always feel like they're speaking over me, they're very dismissive of women unless they want sex. It's the little things that add up and I just don't like being around them much.
I used to think I was paranoid but many studies back this up too. Like the one where men think women make up the majority of a crowd even though they were actually 30%. Etc

No. 1165

>I used to think I was paranoid but many studies back this up too. Like the one where men think women make up the majority of a crowd even though they were actually 30%

Isn't that showing they pay more attention to the women there than the men? Did you mean it the other way round or am I just dumb?

No. 1166

I might be wrong but I think anon might have actually put crowd instead of conversation? I vaguely remember a study about conversation and who speaks the most.

No. 1167

Yes sorry it was a study in class!

No. 1168

It was about how much people percieve themselves and others in their demographic to have spoken, vs how much they actually spoke. Women's estimates were slightly more realistic, where as men thought that women dominated the conversation when they contributed as little as 30%. I don't actually know how they measured the "Amount" Spoken in the study though.

No. 1169

File: 1451789770829.jpg (53.17 KB, 670x440, men.jpg)

>Men are not individuals, they are all 100.00% identical clones of Charlie Sheen
>They all act the same, think the same, hold the same exact values
>Every. Single. Last. one of them

No. 1170

Don't try to reasonate with them dear, it's useless.
Oh how I hate political lesbians.

No. 1171


No. 1172

men cheat more
The Ashley Madison hack revealed that most of the users were male.
>The 2006 American General Social Survey found that nearly twice as many married men as women admitted to having had sexual relations with someone other than their spouse.

No. 1173


Here's a good write up about that study:
Pretty depressing to read.

No. 1174

File: 1451796901424.png (17.15 KB, 461x129, 0eff050e257896d263104808e76f9f…)

I truly believe most men would fuck kids if they knew they could get away with it. They would happily rape women, as well.

No. 1175

Of course they would. They fucked children and raped women all throughout history. The last fifty years or so are an anomaly.

No. 1176

same shit's happening in /r9k/ in reverse, maybe you could go champion for rights there as well

No. 1177


I would have sex with a girl who was 15 and biologically matured. I don't mean just when they have their period. Don't tell me you've never seen a young woman and later discovered they were like 16 and then you're utterly shocked.

I understand the law and making the age limit 18 and that makes sense to me. But I don't understand why people think it is so morally reprehensible to be attracted to a girl who has all the assets a little earlier than others.

No. 1178

It isn't wrong, but it is wrong to act on it or make her feel sexualized for something beyond her control.
And while a 15 year old isn't pre pubescent, she is still going through puberty and not an adult yet biologically even if she can reproduce. So she isn't mature mentally or physically yet.

No. 1179

So you understand the law and why it exists, but you would still have sex with a teenager because she has big tits? Figures.

No. 1180

>ashley madison hack
Ashley Madison also frequently advertise on porn sites, so no surprise there
>nearly twice as many married men as women admitted to having had sexual relations

Come on, anon

No. 1181


I understand that the law is there to protect young and impressionable girls from dangerous shit.

I know that in my case, if I chose to do it, I would not manipulate them or intentionally do them any mental/physical harm.

I am obviously not above the law and also not at all willing to go to prison so I wouldn't do it. But if I knew there was 100% certainty that I wouldn't get caught I don't see the harm in having sex with her, I had sex with a girl when I was 15 and she was 15 then and she seems totally fine to me, what's the difference if she has sex with me now that I'm 22?

No. 1182

>Responding to penis posters
Shame on you

No. 1183


No. 1184

Of course men cheat more. We live in a society that basically encourages men to cheat and even highfives them when they are successful. They're scum.

No. 1185

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1186

I can't even remember how young I was when I first noticed men checking me out. 13? I was being hit on before high school. And I'm not one of those girls who look mature for their age either.

My sister's 13 now and I'm always worrying about her now that kids have Snapchat and all this shit.

No. 1187


(Thanks for the great read anon!)


This is an interesting read too, have any of you had any experiences like this?

No. 1188


Flip the genders and this is word for word what the people on /r9k/, /r/TheRedPill and all the other 'Manosphere'-spaces believe. This belief, even when toned down, is extremely prevalent in society as well. 'It's impossible to say what a woman wants, not even a woman.' sound familiar to you?

No. 1189

What's your point? /r9k/, TRP, and the "manosphere" are retarded and awful. Most people who are aware of them mock them mercilessly.

Just because they say stupid shit doesn't somehow mean it's sensible to say stupid shit that happens to be the inverse of what they're saying.

No. 1190

At 22 what do you have in common with a 15 year old? You're gonna think she's mentally mature? I guarantee you you will convince yourself that she somehow looks older, acts older, and you somehow didn't encourage/manipulate her.

No. 1191

Same. I didn't grow up fast either. Super late bloomer too. I started noticing when I was 11. When I was thirteen and got my period, my aunt told me to be careful not to let my dad sleep in the same bed as me cause now I could become pregnant. Guess if he was molesting me before puberty, it didn't really matter.

No. 1192

It's easy to influence people under 18.

No. 1193

This guy has 2 million subscribers. Men actually watch and follow his shit videos.

No. 1194


They're all fake as shit though and the men watching them are idiots for falling for this scam.

No. 1195


You're acting like a 15 year old having sex with an adult is automatically a detrimental experience.

Private parts touch, the end.

Where is the damage?

No. 1196


It is always emotionally detrimental to a degree because children are raised to respect adults and adhere to their authority and suddenly you have one pursuing you as a sexual item in an attempt to quite literally get inside of your body. It's fucking fucked.

I was pursued by a paedo as a kid who assaulted me repeatedly and who I'm sure would have attempted to rape me had he not been caught molesting a clients baby whilst on a kitchen fitting job and yes it must DEFINITELY fucks you up.

I didn't understand it all why this man who'd previously been a respectable family figure was suddenly doing these things to me.
I felt embarrassed and ashamed because I believed it was surely my fault and that I was leading him astray.
I began showering multiple times a day because I felt continuously dirty but didn't understand why, my mind was too immature to connect the events, and then I developed alopecia from the stress of it all and began losing my hair.
I ended up with massive behavioural problems and issues with authority and would act out in class and scream at teachers and me just getting up and walking out of class was a regular occurrence.

The lasting effects ruined my entire highschool experience and college life, I left with zero certifications from both, even English and Numeracy, and I still have problems with my anger today so don't try to talk shit about subjects you will never understand you degenerate paedo.

No. 1197

Non-consensual sex fucks everyone up regardless of the age differences involved you tard. "Children" pursue adults of their own volition all the time. Children have sex with each other before the AOC, (which is also different in every country - how can they all simultaneously be right?) and it miraculously doesn't fuck them up.

Your experience, though fucked up, is not what's being discussed. Your massive tl;r post is largely irrelevant except for showcasing how people vehement about this are just fucked up and projecting their own issues onto everyone else.

No. 1198

Children pursue adults all the time? U wot m8?

No. 1199

"Children" anon. Whether or not they're legally defined as children depends entirely on the country in question.Students pursue their teachers all the time, I even knew someone who had an affair with their stepdad that they started by essentially blackmailing him.

No. 1200

Dear men, if you can't stop talking about how much you want to stuff your dicks into children, go make your own thread on /r9k/ or go to the robot containment thread. This is the MISANDRY thread.

Thank you.

No. 1201

After they're molested children…act out. They mimic the behaviors they were taught by the degenerates with other adults. Not every adult deserves not to have a bullet lodged deeply in their skull.

No. 1202

And children are stupid and aren't capable of making decisions while thinking of the consequences, literally, they haven't developed that part of their brain up until age 17. Kids have stupid ideas all the time and you shouldn't let them act those out or excuse those who let them do it. It does fuck them up, they often end up with a bad self image, more bad behavior and a personality disorder.

No. 1203

All this shows is that men have to go online to try and get sex. Women can get it whenever they want and have no need for such a service

No. 1204

There are plenty of <18 girls who want to have sex with older guys and especially teachers

No. 1205

The men in this thread trying to rationalise their paedophile lust is making me feel sick.

No. 1206

Delusion. Keep thinking women are just cheating whores if that makes you feel better but don't to be pretend Mr. Perfectly R. LogicMaster when at every opportunity you ignore evidence that contradicts your unsubstantiated assertions of the evil females.

No. 1207

It's called the "Teacher Crush Community" and to be honest, it's kinda adorable to watch

No. 1208

I can only speak for myself, but when I was 16 I literally didn't care for anyone under 30 because i wanted someone experienced and not some young fuckboy who still got his ass licked by his mom

No. 1209

As a former 16 year old girl, I experienced the complete opposite of this. My friends, classmates, and I all dated people in our age group.

There were rumors about a super creepy teacher who would hit on students all the time though. He was a joke. He wad quite handsome, but he just oozed sleeze. None of the girls liked him. One of my friend's dads was a teacher at the same school, and he warned us to be careful around Mr Creepy. The guy had a horrible reputation because of the endless rumors about him (which I believe, BTW). He had endless access to teen girls, hit on them all the time, showed up to after prom parties (multiple years in a row), make inappropriate jokes, etc, and no one took the bait.

No. 1210

Ikr! Like the "adorable" "Teacher Crush Community"? Give me a fucking break.

No. 1211

This is why men shouldn't be allowed to work with children. They've proven they don't deserve the privilege.

No. 1212

I don't know what you're trying to say. But if you're trying to suggest that kids having sex is okay, because they were previously molested and just acting out, then…oooh boy.

One child being previously victimized does not justify them victimizing someone else.

No. 1213

What? No, fuck you.

No. 1214

That's a load of bullshit and you know it. The age of consent is completely arbitrary, it's not based on any evidence at all, and different in every country. Tons of places let sixteen year olds drive, own guns, vote, move out and live on their own. People only give a shit when it's an older man and a younger woman as well, people could not give less of a shit when it's the other way round.

No. 1215


does this ugly nigger really think anyone cares about him

No. 1216

What I love about guys who argue things like this, is that they try to frame it in a "logical" light (if a 16 year old can drive a car, then why can't I fuck them?)

No. 1217

Firstly, not even a guy, which you know is more likely on this website anon. Secondly AOC is sixteen in my country, so I could go and fuck one if I was so inclined. Everyone I know lost their virginity before they were eighteen 'cause that's standard in my country, and none of them have suffered detrimental effects from it.

No. 1218


Do you think if a young male student had sex with a teacher that it would fuck them up?

No. 1219


You're talking about molestation. I'm talking about consensual sex.

No. 1220


>and none of them have suffered detrimental effects from it

That's an extremely broad statement.
Nobody in your country, not a single person in the history of existence, no-one has experienced detrimental effects from sleeping with an adult whilst under eighteen?

Care to provide stats for that?


There's no such thing as an adult having "consensual sex" with a child.
If it's with a child then it's automatically not consensual. End of, paedo.

No. 1221


This is what you get when you try and have a discussion about ethics with women. Fucking kek, stay naive lass.

No. 1222

Can you not read?

>Everyone I know lost their virginity before they were eighteen

>Everyone I know

I don't know everyone in the country you dumbass, nor did I even imply that I do.

No. 1223


Nice for exposing your shitposting outside of the designated neckbeard thread.

Enjoy your ban, kidfucker.

No. 1224

Hellweek is over and /b/ is for shitposting.

No. 1225

Why do you get so worked up for not being able to fuck a 16 year old? Is it because no women near your age will fuck you? Women your age aren't drinking the cool aid & the 16 year old doesn't know shit.
Let a kid be a kid and don't try to rush them into growing up. Sure their hormones got them ripe and ready, but what anon said about consequences and shit.

No. 1226

What is ethical about being a kid fucker?

No. 1227


See this is the counter-argument and it's misrepresenting what I'm trying to say. I've already said that I understand why the law states that an adult can't have sex with a minor, it makes perfect sense.

I'm not getting worked up. I will live until the end of my days and not have sex with a minor and be fine about it.

But I don't think it's inherently immoral for an adult to have sex with or be attracted to a teenage girl. There's a lot about teenage girls, purely physically, that would obviously draw the attention of a man's eye. If a man manipulates a young woman to have sex with him then I guess it's wrong but what is courtship if not that? When an adult male courts an adult woman he has to convince her to have sex with him. I grew up in a big and sexually active high school and I promise you those girls were not the fragile things you make them out to be, they would happily spurn the advances of an adult male if they didn't want him.

We actually had a case where one PE teacher had to tell the Principal how uncomfortable he was because girls would make pretty blatant attempts at flirting with him. This isn't me saying "TEENAGE GIRLS ARE HORNY AS FUCK" it's obvious in this case they were just being silly and over-stepping the boundaries, but it's pretty clear they were sexually attracted to the teacher and outside of the teacher-student dynamic, if this man was not a care giver/educator/role-model, this man and those teenage girls having sex would have been 100% consensual and I do not think it would have scarred or damaged them.

No. 1228

>If a man manipulates a young woman to have sex with him then I guess it's wrong but what is courtship if not that?

This is how men actually think.

No. 1229

>children behave like, basically children, even while developing sexually and emotionally.
>it's okay to take advantage of that.

Are these your points?

No. 1230

I know right? Holy fuck. I pursue someone because I think they are interesting and our personalities mesh and they're physically and mentally attractive. I'm never trying to convince them to pick me. Being yourself has been known to work on women, go figure. It's obvious your goal is to find someone to get to fuck you and not a real relationship.

No. 1231

that got cut off, but fuckit anyway.

Just because a child can't control themselves, they still have a child brain. What you're advocating is to just take advantage of that fact.

There is no need for adult males to get involved in these relationships at all. Just because you seen an advantage doesn't mean you have to take it.

Leave it for the teens to work out with each other.

No. 1232


If you wanna reduce my statement to your bias then fine we can say those were my points. Let's take a look at the consequences (keep in mind I said that I only have no problem with it in the case that the male is not a role-model/educator/caretaker) The two have sex, a penis enters a vagina, life goes on. Where are the consequences?

No. 1233


If I had sex with a woman teacher when I was in high school I can promise you I would have been 100% okay and still okay now.

No. 1234


This is how men have to think, it's how all men think and how they have always thought. No man is himself around any girl he wants to be with, it's all just courting you.

No. 1235

>Leave it for the teens to work out with each other.
Aside the legal definition what's the difference between a seventeen year old having sex with an eighteen year old the day before their birthday, and the day after? Oh yeah, nothing. Because age of consent is based on fucking nothing and if it were, males should have a higher age, not females, because compared to females they're developmentally delayed retards. Teenage boys are fucking retarded and aren't "Adults" in the biological sense until they're 21.

No. 1236

Age of consent has to be defined somewhere. Let the seventeen year old wait a day, they won't die.

No. 1237

No, that's how all basement dwellers think. I'm glad my bf is a well adjusted man.

No. 1238

Well it's sixteen in my country and in most states in the US anyway, it means nothing and people don't get massively fucked up because they had sex before it like all the anons itt are trying to claim.

No. 1239


That's because men are incapable of complex thought you walking penis.

No. 1240

Speak for yourself? The reason it exists is because a lot of people DO get fucked up, but clearly a horny 22 year old knows better than decades of child abuse survivors lulz

No. 1241

So what you're saying is that women are guilty of rape by dint of having sex with retards, who legally cannot consent? Good to know.

No. 1242

Exactly. Like dude sounds like a grooming pedo.
You're saying that you're basically trying to convince a 16 year old to have sex with you, that's grooming.
Anyway, I'm not here to try and convince some basement dwelling cuck about my perspective as a female. It's a waste of time to try and convince someone who is unwilling to listen to the rule and not the exception.

No. 1243

No, it exists to appease people like you. If it were actually to protect people it would be the same in every country and the majority of the populace in countries with low age of consent laws would be fucked up beyond all recognition. It's an often repeated fact that Nordic countries are veritable paradises, but they have some of the lowest age of consent laws outside Japan.

No. 1244


Could you BE any thicker? That's what this whole argument is about.

Molestation and sex consensual sex between adults and teens is not the same thing and the repercussions are vastly different.

Of course this is beyond you but try to exercise a little thought okay lassy?

No. 1245

How would they be fucked up beyond all recognition?

No. 1246

You know there are at least three different anons arguing against you, right? Maybe anonymous imageboards aren't for you if you struggle so hard to follow conversational threads.

No. 1247

Not the same anon retard. And you somehow have a clue as to how many people are with you…on an anon board…ok

No. 1248

Lol not the same anon as what? I didn't make any references to any other posts in my post. There's this thing called paying attention to people's typing styles and looking at the post times.

No. 1249

>You know there are at least three different anons arguing against you, right


>Not the same anon retard. And you somehow have a clue as to how many people are with you…on an anon board…ok


>Lol not the same anon as what?

this is why i love anon sites tbh

No. 1250

If you say this:
>I understand that the law is there to protect young and impressionable girls from dangerous shit.

How can you even argue against it?

No. 1251


>It's a waste of time to try and convince someone who is unwilling to listen to the rule and not the exception.

Way to miss the point of the whole argument. The rule is flawed and based off of fragile morality and it people are convinced to follow it vehemently, not taking into account the factors of considerable substance that argue against it.

No. 1252

Not the same one anon you think you are arguing with. For a wizard thread follower, fuck it, your exhaustingly full of shit.

No. 1253


Because not everyone over 18 who has sex with someone under 18 is dangerous or has malicious intentions.

I support the law but don't consider it 100% a part of my moral code.

No. 1254

Can we listen to this anon >>55880 and ignore this sick fuck? Pretty tired of reading your shit in this thread.

No. 1255

I wasn't arguing with any other anon in the thread. My post addressed your post and your post alone. It wasn't a continuation of an argument. It was a standalone post.

No. 1256

Can this thread please return to misandry? I always see woman hate threads on /r9k/ and they have a million screencaps to prove how horrible "roasties" are and I wanna see the kekworthy shit femanons save to fuel their hate.

No. 1257

I don't go into those cancer sites because I tried one and it was an instant migraine. What's a roastie?

No. 1258


Robots are under the impression that having a previous sexual partner will wear out a woman's vagina and that their labia will become loose and resemble roast beef.

No. 1259


It's a known fact that men develop sexually at a much younger age than women so don't try to pull that shit kidfucker.

No. 1260

This. There are plenty of women in their late teens and early twenties, so why is that not good enough for them? Why do they feel entitled to have the 14/15 year olds as well? Ick.

No. 1261

Lol no it's not girls start puberty at 11, 12, 13. It's of medical significance if a girl hasn't undergone menarche by fifteen. One of the reasons teenage boys are so stupid and do so badly at school compared to girls is because they develop much later. Girls massively outstrip boys academically in every field until university age because it takes boys that much longer to actually grow into functioning adults.

No. 1262


Hahahahaha way to be consistent

No. 1263

Because the 14/15 year olds are still dumb enough to fall for their shit. For many men, it's the only chance they have at getting laid. Plus, they love to fantasize about breaking hymens.

By the time a woman turns 18 she's already usually wise to how manipulative men are, given that at that point, she's likely already endured 5+ years of men trying to trick her into sleeping with them.

No. 1264


Teenage girls are pure and tight

No. 1265


East Asian Studies major here.
The national age of consent in Japan is 13 according to the penal code, but each prefecture retains its own individual age of consent, which is 16 in every single one barring Tokyo where it is 17 and prosecutable for an adult to attempt relations.

In not one prefecture is 13 years of age the legal age of consent.
Eat a dick kidfucker.

No. 1266

No. 1267

As usual, robots are only permitted to post in this thread and the robot containment thread. At least as long as they aren't spamming or being extremely obnoxious and aggressive.

No. 1268


This lel, but apparently the same logic doesn't apply to their dicks i.e. that they would become long and thin following repeated masturbation, despite the fact that the muscular walls of the vagina are considerably more powerful then the penis.

The penis can actually technically be fractured, but the vaginal walls are capable of clamping down so hard that they forbid the passage of even a matchstick.

And they say we're the weak ones lel

No. 1269

Okay, so Japan's age of consent isn't the lowest and the Nordic countries actually have the lowest out of developed countries and are some of the happiest countries in the world. Your post made my argument better. Thanks.

No. 1270

the stupidity of that is astounding. Meanwhile they sit their with their dick full of cheese. Imagine the smell.

No. 1271


Never said I was one, I lurk plenty of boards /r9k/ being an occasional stop off for lafs.

No. 1272


Why do we even keep a containment thread if not to isolate bullshit posts like this then.

Men have never been disallowed from posting but they WERE disbarred from repeated postings of this nature in OUR threads on OUR board.

Men just can't let us have anything to ourselves, they have to come and stick their ugly fucking faces and mangled genitalia into all our shit and then claim that it's women that ruin everything.

This is a very bad desicion and I oppose it wholly.
Hellweek 2.0. when.
I bet this fucking Farmhand is a man.

No. 1273


Just lynch men, any time a femanon posts on /r9k/ they're told to gtfo just do the same??

No. 1274

>tfw began this entire derailment
>tfw female

You can really tell this board is populated by a /cgl/ exodus. It's absolutely impossible for you guys to ignore shit you don't like.

No. 1275


Except you're wrong.
I said that men develop sexually at an earlier age, however it is true that women do develop physically at a faster rate.


Just because a girl has breasts or menstruates it does not mean they are mentally prepared for sexual activity.

No. 1276

Why are robots even allowed to post in here? Literally, most of the posts in the misandry thread are by men arguing about their right to fuck kids. This is the natural result of letting robots post.

No. 1277

I know, Jesus.
I'm disgusted by men and live in fear of them and that results in hate that I can't help but feel, no matter how stupid it may seem to hate an entire gender. Asking my bf his opinion on what "all men" apparently think according to >>55949
His lack of agreement with said cuck is reassuring.

No. 1278

Sexuality is controlled by hormones which are a physical component of the human body, puberty is literally the process by which the body (including the brain, which is where your mind lives, remember?) gets ready for sex. Nothing that happens inside a human isn't physical.

No. 1279



Just FYI Switzerland is number one and their AoC is 16 between TEENAGERS.

No. 1280

>implying this thread would have had any activity if there wasn't currently a debate going

If the thread being derailed is such a problem why not ignore shit posters and re-rail the thread?

No. 1281

No, just that if having sex under the arbitrary age of eighteen fucked people up so badly the nation would barely be functioning. But what do you know? Most of them are fine.

No. 1282

I'm fucking trying for one. And the same shitty debate is fucking annoying and sick. Go to pornhub where you can wank to your ideal woman.

No. 1283

File: 1451874296921.png (86.67 KB, 500x324, tumblr_inline_nm50k0dNfe1t6dmd…)

I feel the same way about men. I don't hate them but I definitely don't trust them as 99% of them turn out to be shit. The robots in this thread just make a stronger case for hating them outright, plus if you lurk 4chan or any male-dominated communities in general you start to realize that this is really how they all think.

No. 1284

>If the thread being derailed is such a problem why not ignore shit posters and re-rail the thread?

Two things you have to know about /cgl/ posters anon;
1. They will ALWAYS take the opportunity to post about their weight/height/etc statistics if given the opportunity
2. They cannot ignore things they don't like, even if they acknowledge in their posts arguing against them that it's bait purely designed to derail the thread.

No. 1285


Answer this >>55960

No. 1286


Hahaha as if he'd tell you the truth

No. 1287

Lmao, you're a sad individual. Maybe one day you'll find someone besides your mommy that loves you.

No. 1288

File: 1451874531348.png (36.92 KB, 495x577, tumblr_mjpy40WTY21r6r3nto1_500…)

No. 1289


Yeah my gf :^)

No. 1290

File: 1451874551505.png (40.22 KB, 496x527, tumblr_mjpy40WTY21r6r3nto2_500…)


No. 1291

File: 1451874580246.png (34.09 KB, 497x435, tumblr_mjpy40WTY21r6r3nto3_500…)


No. 1292

I meant a human being, not a waifu pillow.

No. 1293

File: 1451874727373.jpeg (22.66 KB, 300x150, image.jpeg)


No. 1294

You tell me anon, I'm not the one claiming it messes up people so badly we need laws which completely ignore any component of consent involved, or that a day difference in age actually makes a difference as to whether a person is emotionally mature enough to handle sex. All I'm saying is, if it messed people up that badly how would any society with laws lower than eighteen function when so much of it's populace would be fucked up from it, as anon claims is the result of having sex with someone older than you.

No. 1295


Same. I was about 13/14 when I first started wearing more teenager clothes. The first time I wore tight jeans that showed off my new curves on my hips, my neanderthal brother-in-law eyed me off and was gaping at me. It made me feel really uncomfortable. Yes, I had just gone through puberty, but that it was then that I knew I'd only be seen as a female, instead of a person. It made me feel icky for him to look at me that way.

No. 1296


Reminds me of the first time I experienced being sexualised.

In the village I used to live in in Scotland there was a small river running through it that I and the other local kids would frequently swim in, sometimes even in Autumn.

I was 11 and I had to yet to develop breasts nor did I require a crop top underneath my shirt - entirely flat as a board.
I remember being in the river one day with a bunch of other kids, all boys, and at one moment laughing at how my shirt kept billowing up under the water.
At that 2 of the boys immediately dived under the water in an attempt to "sneak a peak".
These were boys I'd previously considered my friends who I'd wrestle with and with whom I'd build stick huts in the woods with, but in that moment they made me feel something I'd never been made to feel before in my life. I felt dirty.

I guess this is what being objectified means.

No. 1297


>this one time horny little boys looked at me ;_;

Wow you have truly suffered, could not imagine your pain

No. 1298

I know that feel, it's not nice. I remember when I was around that age my guy friends teased me and asked me to nod with my mouth open, I was slow and didn't realize they were making fun of me for looking like I was giving a blowjob.

It was obviously a huge joke for them but it fucking sucks to be a young kid and be conscious that you're already being looked at like a piece of meat.

No. 1299

I hate the fact that you felt dirty over their gross behavior

No. 1300


Can tell you're a man because only a man would be so desperate for sexual attention that they consider being objectified as a sexual item by people who're supposed to be their friends as a positive.

Men truly are pathetic, wretched creatures.
Now back to your cave faggot.

No. 1301


It's not a positive it's just nothing, it's little boys getting little boy erections when they look at little girls who they are now discovering look awfully good to them for some reason. The end, you're not a victim.

No. 1302


You are an idiot. This is just one of the FIRST experiences that women have gone through in their lives of being objectified.

No. 1303

File: 1451884950573.jpeg (100.54 KB, 750x914, image.jpeg)


No. 1304

We do that to our guy friends too. Don't take a joke so personally.

No. 1305


You see, anon, when we describe experiences like this, doesn't it lend a bit of proof against the whole "teen girls want the D (particularly from adults) all the time; age of consent is bullshit"???

These mouthy robots like to be all "hurrdurr it sucks that you felt gross when guys made sexual comments to you. Get over it. That's life ", so they can clearly read and understand that women are describing shit they don't like, but at the same time they'll be like "age of consent is completely arbitrary! What's so traumatic? Penis goes in vagina. Simple logic says that isn't bad."

Like…maybe it IS a bad thing when teenagers and children are sexualized? You clearly read how it made anons feel anxious and insecure. Former/current teenage girls are explaining to you how sexualization made them feel like shit. Perhaps age of consent laws are also there in part to protect the mental well-being of minors? If sexual teasing as a child can create feeling of anxiety and shame, imagine how a child could feel after they were groomed for sex.

No. 1306

What a fucking shock

No. 1307

The opposite. I'm trying to say that kids acting out are precisely due to previous molestations. Obviously there are exceptions but there is a reason that this is cause for extreme alarm for child psychologists, therapists, doctors etc.

No. 1308

You really think someone who thinks like that is going to go "yeah, you know. Maybe it is wrong." over a few posts on the internet? No. They're probably going to think it's a minority that think this way.

No. 1309

File: 1451926352650.png (195.05 KB, 1053x765, 1451243760538.png)


No. 1310

translation: it is easier for me to digest my lack of success with women if i pretend it is all the fault of the boogeyman (Chad) instead of examining what makes me undesirable as a partner

No. 1311

i guess i just find it so hard to believe that guys like this think that they could be getting with endless teenagers if it wasn't for those dastardly laws! i always wonder if they truly believe that teenagers will want to date them in the first place, if age of consent laws didn't exist. As if that was the ONLY obstacle.

No. 1312


I already know what it is, I'm ugly simple as that.

No. 1313

I doubt it is as simple as you just being 'ugly.' You probably don't recognize that beyond just being physically unattractive, the most unattractive thing about you is your revolting personality. Women will absolutely date ugly, but kind and good men. Men that don't feel entitled to sex and relationships because they listened to a girl complain about her ex. Or bought her a gift. These men don't believe in 'the friend zone'.

But the assumption that because a man is ugly he must automatically be good is ridiculous. Ugly men are just as likely to be misogynistic wastes of space like your dear 'Chads' and I'd argue MORE LIKELY to be this way because 99% of men seem to feel some extreme entitlement to women, and Chads can just use their charm to achieve this end, while ugly men cannot. It breeds resentment.

No. 1314

Wow you really are scum.

No. 1315

File: 1451939020143.jpg (252.36 KB, 640x417, 1373441941869.jpg)


>Women will absolutely date ugly, but kind and good men

No. 1316

File: 1451939420091.jpg (92.13 KB, 350x350, ugly-guy-hot-wife_brave2_7468.…)

>implying this trope isn't reinforced from old fairy tales to modern day pop culture
>what is beauty and the beast
>what is the majority of dom coms

Why isn't the reverse as prevalent? Hm?

No. 1317


Because one is a fantasy other is reality.

No. 1318

Women dating ugly men is fantasy but men dating ugly women is reality? Fucking kek.

No. 1319

File: 1451941348020.jpg (58.39 KB, 677x960, 1394896493034.jpg)

>I'm disgusted by men and live in fear of them and that results in hate that I can't help but feel, no matter how stupid it may seem to hate an entire gender.
>my bf

No. 1320


Once every full moon at least 5 male babies are born to this planets that aren't complete wankers like the rest of their gender, and these are the ones we date.

No. 1321

Let me guess, the women who marry ugly men only do it for their sweet, sweet beta resources, right?

No. 1322


Never seen the opposite of it. They just pop a kid and stop paying attention to the poor guy.

No. 1323

So every marriage between an "ugly" man (attraction is completely subjective) and a woman is one where she is only leeching off of him for his money?

No. 1324

It's true though.

No. 1325

If by kids you mean like 16 year olds then yes

No. 1326

>that picture

My sister was in one of those relationships. Her boyfriend was a fat ass, had thinning hair with a big bald spot in the back, had a disgusting white man's mudslime beard, had a severe case of caveman brow, had a high school education and could barely pay his rent. I couldn't see what she saw in him until he came over for a family gathering and he had her giggling up a storm the entire time. Ugly as sin, but he was a pretty nice guy. Until he cheated on her.

No. 1327

What? I'm not even saying that as a bad thing against women. It's just a fact that women are generally the gatekeepers to sex and decide who gets it. Men don't and some try to seek women out online

This isn't misogynistic in the slightest

No. 1328

That's right. Just ignore her friend's Dad who warned them about one lone creep

No. 1329

Fucking disgusting, but not surprising in the least how piggish these men are.

No. 1330

File: 1451949371174.jpg (8.38 KB, 170x250, 1362555883553.jpg)

>Women will absolutely date ugly, but kind and good men
Not to say some won't, but being ugly definitely puts you at a huge disadvantage in terms of dating women. Probably disqualifies you from 9/10 potential partners

Not to say being an unattractive female is a walk in the park either

No. 1331

Best post.

No. 1332

Looks are completely subjective though.

And they only go so far. I would never date a guy just because he is hot. His personality, interests, passions, humor, strengths, and weaknesses play a way bigger role for me. Compatibility is more important for a relationship, in my eyes.

No. 1333

And that's exactly why I fuck him and not some loser like you. Good men are hard to find but I believe they can exist. Maybe if you left your moms basement you could find a different perspective than your echo chamber.

No. 1334

>Looks are completely subjective though.
To some extent, but there are definitely universally attractive features for both genders. For men a strong jawline, height, facial symmetry, etc. These attractive features often are what cause you to notice the other person and then begin talking to them which is how you know whether you're compatible or not in the first place. So yes, I would still saying being unattractive is a pretty huge disadvantage.

Bit of a tangent, but I don't understand a lot of the butthurt from robots here because the "Stacy" girls are shallow bitches just as their male "Chad" counterparts. Why any robot would want anything to do with someone who only values looks and has a shitty personality is beyond me. The screencaps I see being used to justify misogyny (and misandry in this thread) are the high school douchebags you wanted to avoid and shouldn't base any sort of stereotype off of them.

Reading this thread for many robots hopefully gives them a mirror to realize how stupid their versions of these threads are

No. 1335

Omg no one want to hear about how badly you want to fuck 16 year olds. Give it a fucking rest.

No. 1336

So if any female, including old grandmas and 12 year olds, came up and said to you "fuck me" you would?

No. 1337

Where are you even getting this from? What's so hard to understand that women generally decide who has sex, and don't need to go sign up for some bullshit site to get laid?

Of course I wouldn't fuck any woman if she came up and asked me

No. 1338

You are absolutely right, that's what normal people look for… When it comes to a relationship. All these cucks can't get over is the fact that they can't fuck anyone on a whim. Learn some social skills and you too can talk to another human being.

No. 1339

Of course there are conventionally attractive features in any population. But you know it is an extreme exaggeration to say that women won't truly love ugly men, and will just settle for them for "resources".

Individual differences exist. Someone you find ugly, I could find totally hot.

No. 1340

Then what is your reasoning for women being on these sites that these men are joining too? Fucking looking for a knitting circle?

No. 1341

Weren't you all just saying the reason the majority of people on the cheating site were men because they cheat more? Sure there are women on there, but it was by the vast majority men. This isn't proof that men cheat more, but it just shows women don't need to use shady websites to find someone who wants to fuck them

No. 1342

I guess it is just easier to think there is a global conspiracy against ugly men for their ~resources than it is to work on self improvement

No. 1343

So men don't decide if they have sex? They just scoop up whatever scraps Women™ decide to give them?

No. 1344

File: 1451951119130.jpg (3.37 KB, 146x147, 1411084655132.jpg)

If a woman was to lay in the street naked with her legs open most men would walk by, but she would be guaranteed to have some guy come over and fuck her. This isn't the case for men

Just go on the Craigslist personals section if you want to see another example of this. It's just a bunch of lonely middle aged men begging for women to fuck them. A woman can just turn on her sex appeal at work or wherever else she is and seduce just about any single guy if she wanted to

Hell, I'm single and if any of my other single female coworkers (with a few exceptions) started flirting with me, or straight up wanted me to have sex with her I would. Now imagine if I just went and started flirting with/asked to have sex with a random female coworker? I'd get slapped across the face

No. 1345

>If a woman was to lay in the street naked with her legs open most men would walk by, but she would be guaranteed to have some guy come over and fuck her.
>This isn't the case for men
>any girl can get sex!!!!
>men can't

You're an idiot.

No. 1346

Explain how I'm wrong in this? It even kind of feeds into your whole men are sex crazed animals meme

No. 1347

So basically you're desperate as fuck

No. 1348

So why would a female coworker even bother flirting if she just has to ask any man? Can you not see it's possible that she may actually like him? As opposed to how a woman may feel when men come up to us with their shit flirting and immediately expect sex from us. Can you not see how years and years of being objectified and only really noticed when you want to fuck makes us feel repulsed by men pursuing us like that? You are so fucking dense.

No. 1349

>equates flirting with outright asking for sex

and that's why you get slapped
I'm on the higher end of the rating scale and even if I went straight up to a random stranger like 'wanna bang' then I'd fully expect to be shut down.
the only difference is that men wouldn't hit you for it, I guess?

No. 1350

I am too and I've been turned down, by an ugly guy too. Fuck me man.

No. 1351

This leaves me a bit confused? Are men sex crazed animals who want to have sex with everything with a vagina from 10-90 or do they routinely turn women down for sex? Get your misandry memes straight
Is that all you took from that? Women are generally the gatekeepers to sex. I don't know how you can go about denying this. It's not misogynistic, it's just a fact
>So why would a female coworker even bother flirting if she just has to ask any man? Can you not see it's possible that she may actually like him?
Yes if she likes a coworker she can easily get him. My analogy doesn't rely on a random coworker
Reread my comment and note the "or" and the "/"
I'm not equating the two.
If you're as attractive as you say you are then you'd probably have a pretty good chance at getting laid just by asking tbh.
Note how I'm not making any sweeping generalizations and am making sure to say "Most" and "generally"
If you went up and down main street asking guys to fuck then you'd have much better luck than if a similarly attractive man did. Most guys will say no, but there are plenty who would say yes

No. 1352

Well, if you outright as a coworker for sex, of course you would get in trouble, because that is extremely inappropriate in the workplace. Looking for sex at work isn't a good idea for anyone.

The fact that you even said that men would walk by the woman in your hypothetical shows that they can choose who they have sex with. Are you saying you are so desperate that you would fuck the woman in your hypothetical? What about a toothless granny?

No. 1353

File: 1451951970710.gif (9.78 MB, 320x240, 1417315795854.gif)

> if any of my other single female coworkers started flirting with me
>or straight up wanted me to have sex with her

Flirting =/= asking to have sex.

No. 1354

Yes most men would walk by, but there are also many who would not which can't be the same for women. I can't say even the sluttiest of women would pick up a gay laying naked in the street
You literally quoted me saying "or"

No. 1355

This is why I don't smile at men or hold eye contact while in conversation, or hug for too long, or even stare in their direction. Anything and everything is considered flirting/you wanting to be porked by them.

No. 1356

I love it
>women are the gatekeepers of sex! I can't even ask a coworker to fuck me, but women can just flirt willy-nilly, keeping their gates and such.

No. 1357

Perhaps there are more risk factors with casual sex for women, than for men?

No. 1358

>Reread my comment and note the "or"
>I'm not equating the two.

You are though. Reread your sentence. You make it sound like flirting is the same as asking for sex.

No. 1359

Many woman would say no because that's dangerous as fuck. I can't even walk outside at night and past a man without fearing that I'm going to get penetrated and my brains bashed in. Woman want to have sex as much as men do, we're just not about to die for it.

No. 1360

There are. Not to mention we are the ones that get pregnant and stuck while a guy can have a one night stand, delete you and move on.

No. 1361


No. 1362

Ikr, like I guess I could fuck anyone who vaguely showed interest in me, but I also don't want to be found dead in a ditch and masturbation exists so…no

No. 1363

>I can't even walk outside at night and past a man without fearing that I'm going to get penetrated and my brains bashed in.

This. Men are scary. I know this doesn't relate to the topic of casual sex, but walking home at night is terrifying. I had to walk home recently and go down a long road with only a couple light posts. There was a man walking down the same street and I crossed it before we could pass each other. He ended up stopping, turned his head and started cussing me out, calling me a cunt and said other things I couldn't understand. I was terrified that he was going to run across the street. I don't know if I offended him by crossing before we could be in arms reach with one another or what, but it's a scary situation being alone on the road with a stranger and having him yell at you.

Before robots rush in with
>wehweh women are dangerous too!

Yes, but the chances of a woman doing this to a man are significantly lower than a man doing it to a woman.

No. 1364

I does and doesn't relate. i ended up making out with someone at a bar. Next thing I know, I'm being lead down a corridor where I couldn't tell which was the entry door (like those trap doors I guess?). Thank god my friend opened it and found me at the point where I was like hell no and dude was trying to grab my titties.
My only one night stand was supposed to be with my current bf. He was actually shocked that I decided to go home with a stranger, warned me about being murdered and shit. Even men know how disgusting their gender is.

No. 1365

File: 1451953735189.png (65.42 KB, 211x202, 1397276938394.png)


No. 1366

If you can't trust a man as you pass by him, how can you trust a man that's "courting" you as the robots say?
You definitely offended him. I had a gangster looking dude say hi to me at a bus stop, I said hi. He then told me that I was nice and not like those other stuck up bitches that don't say anything. All I could think was "no shit!!! Stand in my shoes and you wouldn't even make a peep near a man." I didn't say shit and he ended up sitting next to me on the bus, rapping his shit to me. I was so scared he'd follow me off, luckily he didn't.

No. 1367


No. 1368

I'm beginning to know how femanons feel arguing in the women hate threads on /r9k/

This ties into the whole argument I'm making
I don't see it, but I was saying if they were flirting OR if they were just being blunt and asking for sex.
Not arguing against this but
>I can't even walk outside at night and past a man without fearing that I'm going to get penetrated and my brains bashed in
This is a bit much. How do live your life being paranoid and afraid of 50% of the population?
I'll admit this is something I'll never be able to comprehend as a man. I live in a shitty area and went out for a walk at 2am last night and didn't worry about anything. Granted I had a knife on me, but I may as well have left it home. I felt fine
A female friend of mine was walking through a park and had some gangster thug looking black guy go up to her and say she had a big ass and showed a picture of his dick to her on the phone and said he'd pay her $20 to suck him off behind this one building. Anyways she just said no of course not, and he kept following her raising the price and she started crying and ended up running into a store and told the owners not to let him in.

She dresses very conservatively so I was surprised this happened to her of all people. She practically dresses like a Sunday school teacher.

Really woke me up to this since I thought street harassment was a meme tbh. It seems to be mostly blacks at least.

No. 1369

>She dresses very conservatively so I was surprised this happened to her of all people.
>Wow! She wasn't even dressing like a slut and some guy bothered her! I thought that only happens if you wear revealing clothing!

No. 1370

Is >>56222 really delusional if you yourself lamented that you'd be slapped if you asked a woman for sex, but women can flirt with their coworkers? Like…flirting doesn't mean you want to fuck someone, and a lot of guys take basic politeness as an invitation. Ask any barista, I guarantee they will have at least one story about a guy who got creepy after taking her on-the-job politeness too seriously.

No. 1371

>and did I mention the guy was black? Because he was. He was a black.

No. 1372

It's just facts, you seem to live in a delusional world, aka the www. Only now in my adult life have I had gfs & we talk and realize we all have similar shitty experiences with men, to varying degrees.

No. 1373

I think it's a problem especially in the nerdy/loser/whatever counter culture you want to call it. Fags with no concept of social mores think women being nice = wants to fuck, and when they don't they're "bitches and whores." Go figure.

No. 1374

I'm a tomboy. I'm always wearing a long sleeved top and pants unless I'm going to a club/bar/event that I want to wear a nice dress/skirt to. That being said I have almost been raped a number of times. I've been flashed several times as a child. I've been hit by a man. I've been stalked. I don't do shit to provoke men. I think it's completely rational to be afraid of men.

No. 1375

>I'll admit this is something I'll never be able to comprehend as a man.
>I felt fine

Of course you felt fine. Is it really that difficult to comprehend why women are afraid of walking alone at night? Think about being a woman and having a stranger who is - most likely - large in stature and stronger than you are come up to you or talk to you at night. You don't know if he's going to assault you, shoot you, or what. Even if you have a knife, he can overpower you and take it from you. If you have pepper spray, it can just blow back in your face or not even phase him. If you use force, he'll more than likely get even more angry and more aggressive.

You don't know if you're unlucky and the prey of a dangerous guy that night. It's scary and not all that uncommon.

No. 1376

I bet that's probably why many of these same guys will get all "but why doesn't she want to date me? I was so NICE!"

Like, "nice" is the baseline.

No. 1377

To be fair, it seems to be a pattern.

No. 1378

>Ask any barista, I guarantee they will have at least one story about a guy who got creepy after taking her on-the-job politeness too seriously.
Well that also has alcohol involved to be fair. But yes, many men (myself included), have a problem with that. Not going to lie about that. I get attached really easily because I'm lonely
See video. You are more likely to get harassed if you wear revealing clothing. Not saying it's right or they deserve it, but it's the truth
Sorry to hear but
>I think it's completely rational to be afraid of men.
Is a bit much. I think it's fair to be wary of anyone if you're all alone and much smaller than the other person and you're alone.

No. 1379

>Haha if I tell people it's the black men they'll never suspect me to be a creep, even though I'm whining about not being able to randomly ask women for sex.

No. 1380

Baristas make coffee anon, they don't work behind bars even in spite of the name. there's no alcohol involved.

No. 1381

See the video >>56248
Really watch any of these videos and it seems to hold true
>even though I'm whining about not being able to randomly ask women for sex.
When was I whining? I was just explaining social norms
Welp. Nevermind then my mistake

No. 1382

protip: dont date anyone from /mu/ unless you want an elitist controlling dickhead who posts about your music taste online to strangers, complaining how pleb it is

No. 1383

Its the unpredictability that makes those situations scary, too. I had guys throw a bottle at me from a moving car, because I (a woman walking alone at night) didn't want a ride. How do you think I feel now when a car full of guys pulls up beside me?

No. 1384

tbf guys have a lot more reason to be afraid walking around at night, they're the majority of violent crime victims. The fact they're not afraid is more likely down to stupidity or hubris. How afraid you feel isn't indicative of the actual amount of danger you're in.

No. 1385

If alcohol makes you creepy and overly attached, stop drinking alcohol around people. They shouldn't have to put up with your shit just because you're lonely.

No. 1386

I feel like there's a good story in this
Mind sharing?

No. 1387

Baristas work in coffee shops. They don't serve alcohol. But if they did, it doesn't really matter. It is really sad that you are so lonley that you will get inappropriately attached to whichever woman is being paid to serve you drinks.

No. 1388

>You are more likely to get harassed if you wear revealing clothing. Not saying it's right or they deserve it, but it's the truth
>implying women in the middle east are never raped because of burqa and niqabs
Fucking simpleton.

No. 1389

My dad was a drunk asshole so I don't drink. I also know it wouldn't be good for me since I'm not very social already and drinking my problems away would just make things worse

No. 1390

Much less likely to be fair
Also watch the video and notice the different in treatment

No. 1391

But women are also afraid of sexual assault. And frequently when they report it, the fact that they were a woman walking at night is often used by others to disprove her claim ("well what do you expect, walking alone at night?")

No. 1392

Well I feel more safe than a woman because if someone was to try something on me I'd have a much better chance at fending them off than the average woman would. Not saying I'm some MMA fighter, but I'm not a small guy whereas if a man was to try robbing or doing much worse things to a woman she'd be defenseless without pepper spray or something of that nature

No. 1393

This is stupid because of the western perspective of Muslims and middle eastern people. They get shit for being extremists and terrorists. Of course no one wants to fuck with that.

No. 1394

File: 1451955751944.png (5.49 KB, 387x429, 1451029742104.png)

I think Arab and Persian women can be quite pretty

No. 1395

Yeah, you just don't know what the "correct" response is. If you're blunt, you get harassed for being a bitch. If you're polite, you're seen as flirting.

No. 1396


Expanding on this: The idea that rape/sexual harassment is some 'uncontrollable' 'urge' that men have is discarded when you consider how often it is used to threaten women. Women are regularly threatened with sexual assault/rape when they do things men don't agree with. I'm sure the majority of women in this thread have had a man send her a rape threat online. Rape and sexual assault are control tactics.


Do you have proof of this? Show me stats proving your statement. And before you try, do you seriously think middle eastern women, in a culture where honor killings are still a very real thing, and where very very very recently they tried to pass a law that rape victims should marry their rapists, actually reliably report these incidents?

No. 1397

Then how do you explain creepy shit that has happened to me while I was walking down the street, in the Canadian winter, in a full winter coat?

No. 1398

Just because you're afraid of something, doesn't mean it's likely to happen though. It's sensible to be afraid of being assaulted and take precautions against it, but the vast, vast majority of sexual assaults and rapes are premeditated and done by someone who personally knows the victim. Which in a way, is much more terrifying.


The best defence is running away, regardless of your sex. The first thing you ever learn in any self defence class is to run away at the fist opportunity. Men do not do this on the whole, they try and fight, and they often lose. The fact you think you "Have a chance" is what's going to get you stabbed.

Even aside that, just statistically speaking, the more encounters you have the more likely you are to not walk away from one.

No. 1399

I've seen this before, but how is left ~revealing~? She's wearing pants, a t-shirt that covers any cleavage and a small cardigan. Sorry, I don't know what they're called. It's not like she waltzed down the street in a skirt and revealing shirt. Is dressing to fit your frame considered "revealing" now?

Also, sorry but most people in the west don't want a muslim woman like that.

No. 1400

And men aren't so controlled by their other natural urges. Do these robots just piss themselves in the middle of class? Do they shit themselves at the dinner table? Because if not, then they clearly have the abilities to keep their natural urges in control in social situations.

No. 1401


I didn't say they were ugly. It's just that in the west they are getting a bad rap for the shit terrorists do and nobody wants to join allahs troop and be disowned by their family and on some fbi list.

No. 1402

Top kek anon

No. 1403

I was thinking this. She's pretty covered up. You can barely see any skin.

No. 1404

I've had something similar happen. I was walking home at night and a truck full of guys threw a water bottle full of ice at me and drove off calling me a bitch. At least it didn't hit me. I've never had anything like that happen to me before.

No. 1405

I understand that it makes it unlikely to happen, but that's why I don't trust any man besides my father and bf. And I take precautions while I'm within the presence of any man. That's what it's like to be a female, you don't know which one of these fucks will do it so you always have to stay aware.

No. 1406

do you think that 16 y/o with the huge tits is even emotionally stable/mature yet? you'll never have the experience of being physically mature and having guys catcall you/hit on you/make moves on you and either go with it out of fear or reveal your age and be the one who feels guilty instead of the man

No. 1407

Those aren't the ASSets he's talking about anon.

No. 1408

File: 1451956468257.png (2.04 MB, 1200x1358, 1451929926958.png)

Wish we could all just get along, why does it have to be like this ;_;

No. 1409

Because men are shit.

No. 1410

File: 1451956616200.gif (920.49 KB, 245x254, 1394493651615.gif)


No. 1411

>no response to this from robot-kun

No. 1412

Because waaaah women are all bitches and whores who want chad. what's wrong with rape??? it's just sex. it's natural.

This is what men ACTUALLY believe.

No. 1413

He hasn't told me if he shits himself either

No. 1414

Clearly he has uncontrollably loosed his bowels at his computer and is having to clean it up before replying. Be patient.

No. 1415

File: 1451957124441.gif (871.4 KB, 245x230, 1420143275791.gif)

Stop it, anon!

No. 1416

Omg can't you tell? It's cause you can clearly see she has tits and hips, and if we could see from behind, an ass. That's why they've solved this issue in the Middle East with burqas

No. 1417

I was eating and I'm not a robot
>Women are regularly threatened with sexual assault/rape when they do things men don't agree with
Wut. Can you please provide a real world example of this?
>I'm sure the majority of women in this thread have had a man send her a rape threat online. Rape and sexual assault are control tactics.
I'm a guy and I've received dozens of replies and messages threatening to rape, dismember, and kill me. This means nothing
With that comment I wasn't saying I'm safer because I'd try to go Rambo on some guy, but mostly that I'm less of an easy target because of my size compared to that of a woman
To be fair she's not showing much skin, but she is wearing clothes that really hug her curves
Do you think as seen as a girl turns 18 she's somehow more emotionally mature and stable than she was the previous day?
I like to think I've been pretty polite
Good posts

No. 1418

men and women are inherently different in the brain, its been scientifically proven

No. 1419

File: 1451957365806.jpg (296.09 KB, 1334x694, 1434227729644-1.jpg)

Obligatory meme post

No. 1420

>To be fair she's not showing much skin, but she is wearing clothes that really hug her curves

So the solution is all women wear loose clothing? You heard it here, ladies. Don't wear clothes that fit your body!

No. 1421

What is your point about her wearing clothes that properly fit her and are not baggy? Is she asking for lewd comments/attention?

No. 1422

>Women are regularly threatened with sexual assault/rape when they do things men don't agree with
>Wut. Can you please provide a real world example of this?

Are you fucking daft?

No. 1423


Robot, you literally followed your statement about how you want a real world example of men sending rape threats with an example of how you yourself have received rape threats.

Are you always so oblivious?

No. 1424

And I'm sure it's other guys that are threatening you with rape.

No. 1425

Apparently. She's wearing clothes that fit her frame, so she must be asking for men to comment on her body!

No. 1426

I can't imagine an actual case of this
>"Debby, go get my bookbag or I'm going to rape you"
>Samantha, work overtime or I'm going to violate you"
She's a curvy lady and was wearing clothes that complimented that. I'm not saying she is asking to be harassed or anything. She was dressing to impress and she impressed quite a few people evidently
Yes? I'm just pointing out that I wouldn't count many threats online as legitimate harassment

No. 1427

File: 1451957677996.jpeg (33.2 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

imo, a 17 y/o and an 18/19 year old having sex? fine, since they're about the same maturity level (high school, just out of high school) but if a guy who was in his sophmore year of college, where he already started somewhat maturing and being exposed to the "real world" tried to fuck some girl who was still a teenager, that's fucked up and wrong, since that girl is still easily manipulated due to her not maturing yet
the 17/18 thing when it comes to AoC is arbitrary, yes, but there's a clear limit. you cant just put a 16 and a 20 together at all
and why do penisposters even use the 17:18 argument in these types of discussion anyways?

No. 1428

I don't think 18 is the golden age, if anything, I would push for extending adolescence.

No. 1429

>you cant just put a 16 and a 20 together at all
I wouldn't want a 16 year old partner, but this is biologically pretty fucking natural and was more than the norm less than a century ago. Hell my grandma was 14 and married my 19 year old grandpa and they were fine
Can you expand on that?

No. 1430

Lmao, that's cause we've had fucking sexual harassment classes wash over and we're lucky to be in a generation that has that be commonplace and a law. But don't get it fucked up, we still experience it, it's just subversive.

No. 1431

No, nothing in >>56272 is a meme. If men can't help themselves when it comes to their natural sexual urges, then why aren't they also controlled by their other biological urges?

No. 1432

Has to be a troll.
>Dressed to impress
>White shirt, cardigan, leggings and sneakers
AKA typical 'going to the grocery store to get tampons' kinda outfit.

You are unabashedly ignorant and it's no wonder women in real life are repulsed by you.

No. 1433

>I'm not saying she asked for it, but she clearly got the attention she was after

No. 1434

I just don't believe that being 18 means full maturation. Especially in the world we live in today. It's not like we have to live like some of our grandparents who had fucking kids at 14 and could get jobs and hold down the fort with a shit job and no education.

No. 1435

honestly that's just me venting, I've been on /mu/ for quite some time and I've hated the way they can just treat women like items to be gained and lost
all they do is obsess over female artists and hop onto the next one when the old one isnt trendy anymore, post about how "oh i broke up with my gf, music for dis feel?" like we even fucking care, post about what their wacky/silly things their girlfriends do in an attempt to feel intellectually superior and generally act like "nice" guys like they arent the exact same as the "chad" they hate
its full of fucking robots i tell you what

No. 1436

Right? My fucking sides are going off.

No. 1437

>If men can't help themselves when it comes to their natural sexual urges
Who is actually implying this? I hear this argument more from feminists than anyone else
I was baiting a bit there I'll admit tbh
She is pretty beautiful though
My going to the grocery store wear is sweatpants and hoodie
So do you think AoC should be raised or something? I don't disagree with your post

No. 1438

>I can't imagine an actual case of this
>"Debby, go get my bookbag or I'm going to rape you"
>Samantha, work overtime or I'm going to violate you"

Not like that. For example, if a stranger asks you out, you decline and he responds accordingly.

No. 1439

If this is all the work of the same anon, then he admitted that he gets attached to women in the service industry when they are nice to him, is upset by the fact that he can't just ask his coworkers for sex, and thinks a T-shirt is dressing to impress. I bet he's the kind of guy who thinks he's the star of his own movie: any interaction with a woman is a potential romance plot.

No. 1440


>Wut. Can you please provide a real world example of this?

If you're a woman in this thread that has ever personally been threatened with rape via a male in their lifetime please respond to this post with "me" or something to that effect.

I'll start. Me.

No. 1441


No. 1442

Music dudes are some of the fucking worst. They're like the vidya gamurrz who try and make you prove your music/nerd cred by asking you offensive questions. I had an asshat see my purse with a band logo on it, and actually asked me "can you even list any of the songs in that album" like fuck you, do you do that to men you see? No? Fuck you with a pike. I don't have to prove shit to you because believe it or not I don't value your opinion just because you have a meatstick.

End rant.

No. 1443

>See video. You are more likely to get harassed if you wear revealing clothing.
>gets asked how this is revealing
>responds it's hugging her frame
>women tell him how retarded this is
>I-I was baiting, g-girls!

What was your point of posting that video then? How is her attire revealing?

No. 1444

AoC for?

No. 1445


Also, can I add this for robot anon to read:
Is an Instagram put together by a violinist of all the revolting messages she has received over 10 years. I don't see any women sending her threatening/creepy messages….

Also, I'll add this for robot anon:
Where women gamers submit messages they have received from males.

No. 1446



No. 1447

>"Do you want to go out with me"
>"No, maybe another time"
>"I'm going to rape the fuck out of you Anna"
I just don't see it
>If this is all the work of the same anon, then he admitted that he gets attached to women in the service industry
Was talking about women in general. I don't get out much so any interaction is nice
>is upset by the fact that he can't just ask his coworkers for sex
I hope you are aware of how you're misinterpreting my analogy there. I was simply explaining social norms that men would have much less success asking a coworker for sex
>I bet he's the kind of guy who thinks he's the star of his own movie: any interaction with a woman is a potential romance plot.
I'm a guy and so have I. Can you provide a real world example of these threats? Not online shitposts
Kpop general is pretty great
I was just saying dressing very conservatively will cause you to get less attention

No. 1448


Me. More times than I can count.

No. 1449

>a century ago
times have changed, women are less submissive then they were in the last century, and women are now expected to take care/control of themselves and other people at around age 18-20 rather than 14-16. that's why 16 and pregnant exists, because the idea of a woman being able to have those sort of consequences happen to her at such a young age is shocking, unlike in the 1800's or the 20's
also men used to get away with a lot more shit than they get to now without being shamed/criticised by other people or society (cheating on their spouses, domestic abuse for some examples)

No. 1450

Holy shit, I remember this type. My ex best friend was one. Just because I was a kid listening to the blues (which he didn't) made him go off asking me why do I really know about it…like calm the fuck down you elitist shit.

No. 1451

>I just don't see it

Because this is something men do to women.

No. 1452

>Can you provide a real world example of these threats?
Go back up the thread where women were talking about having shit THROWN AT THEM FROM CARS because they said no to men. You are a fucking moron to the nth degree.

No. 1453

File: 1451958539386.png (236.79 KB, 1048x750, 1449918079299.png)

I feel like this image is relevant to a lot of this discussion

No. 1454


Follow the comments and replies further up and you'll see that the topic came up after you posted that video. It came up after you started insisting that revealing clothing makes it more likely to be sexually harassed. As if men couldn't help but harass a woman in "revealing" clothing (or a fucking T-shirt, apparently). As if, if it weren't for the clothing (or T-shirt), tempting men's sexual urges, women wouldn't get harassed.

So what I'm asking is, if you are also so controlled by your other biological urges, with the right cues (ex: see T-shirt, cat call woman; feel a tingle, and piss yourself)

No. 1455

>kpop general is pretty great
opinion immediately discarded
you are genuinely continuing to make mu a worse place, even with your shitty containment thread
go back to objectifying celebrities from foreign countries and jacking it to hi res pics of ming-jyun park whatever in shorts you freak

No. 1456


No. 1457

How old are you robot?

No. 1458


No. 1459

when the fuck did robots start invading our spaces

No. 1460

The mental Olympics men do for this argument must be exhausting.
>Women gets raped
DON'T WEAR TIGHT CLOTHES YOU WHORE asking for it etc etc etc
>do you shit yourself because you can't hold it?

which is it?

No. 1461

File: 1451958794581.jpg (1.84 KB, 125x89, 1444224413466s.jpg)

First off I'm not a robot
I'm 21 turning 22 in July
You're all invited to my party btw
This is a misandry thread and the robot thread was put on autosage so eh. Just felt like I'd try to convince you all that hating 50% of the population because internet memes is pretty dumb

No. 1462

>I'm a guy and so have I. Can you provide a real world example of these threats? Not online shitposts

Not that anon, but for example I was grocery shopping and a guy followed me out to the parking lot, trying to talk to me and eventually asked me out. I responded "I'm sorry, I already have a boyfriend." I don't, but wanted to make it clear that the answer was no. He got mad, called me a whore and that he's going to rape me if he sees me again before getting in his car and driving off.

No. 1463

>DON'T WEAR TIGHT CLOTHES YOU WHORE asking for it etc etc etc
I've never heard anyone say this in my life

No. 1464

I literally had a customer at a coffee shop leave me a love poem inside an envelope decorated in magazine clippings once. It had a picture of a girl with her eyes crossed out right in the middle. I was honestly terrified.

No. 1465

This robot in particular seems to be excessively lonely and may just be enjoying socializing with women outside his own gene pool for the first time since he dropped out of high school.


You want to convince us that hating men is dumb? Go convince robots that hating women is dumb first. go on. we'll wait.

No. 1466


idk but according to our worthless farmhands robot shitposting outside of the containment that is now A-okay.

And men like to complain that it's women that invade their sekrit penis-camps.

No. 1467

>I was just saying dressing very conservatively will cause you to get less attention

No, you weren't. You said

>You are more likely to get harassed if you wear revealing clothing.

She's not wearing anything revealing.

No. 1468

Yeah, and for a reason that's beyond not fucking them/being Chad lovers.

No. 1469

I love reading posts like these because it's really just sour grapes if you think about it. All men are "Chads" internally, posters like these just resent the ones that have the guts to be one externally too.

No. 1470

>You want to convince us that hating men is dumb? Go convince robots that hating women is dumb first. go on. we'll wait.
I've tried this plenty of times and it's just as fruitless as here. It really is like looking into a mirror and I hope you all realize that
>This robot in particular seems to be excessively lonely and may just be enjoying socializing with women outside his own gene pool for the first time since he dropped out of high school.
I didn't drop out of high school first off. I also just enjoy any sort of conversation
Certainly more revealing than a burqa was my point.

No. 1471

Then you live under a rock

>A man was acquitted of rape today after a jury agreed his victim could not have been sexually assaulted while wearing skinny jeans.

Nicholas Gonzales, 23, told a court in Australia that sex with the 24-year-old woman was consensual, despite her claim he had ripped off her size six skinny jeans before the attack.
The Sydney jury sent a note to the judge during the trial asking for more information about 'how exactly Nick took off her jeans'.
The note from a jury member added: 'I doubt those kind of jeans can be removed without any sort of collaboration.'
The not guilty finding follows two other courts - in Seoul and Italy - dealing with the question of whether a woman wearing the tight-fitting jeans can be raped.


No. 1472

What is your experience with women?
I personally base my negative feelings about men on the plethora of negative life experiences that range from strangers, family, and friends.

No. 1473

What if I told you that women who wear burquas also get raped?

No. 1474

>Leaving out the number of neurons in a whale's brain
>It's higher than men and women's

Whoa how convenient they simply missed that fact

No. 1475

This is disgusting. How I wish we had evolved into humans with teeth in our vaginas.

No. 1476

>because of internet memes


No. 1477

>'I doubt those kind of jeans can be removed without any sort of collaboration.'
Pretty valid point tbh
Well first off I don't have negative feelings towards women despite you all trying to paint me that way. I have had zero female friends and have never socialized with any outside of work and being put in groups for school. Men aren't much better for me. I'm pretty autism
It's a meme post
Regardless having enough hate in your heart for something like 3.5 billion people on Earth seems kind of draining

No. 1478

Was that a misandry meme or????

No. 1479

This. I hate men because of real violence they have done to me. Not because they laughed at me when I asked them out for prom or turned me down for a Chad or because they wouldn't fuck me (opposite, actually) like robots hate women for. They hate women for completely petty reasons, and all because women refused to stroke their delicate egos. Lots of women hate men because they brutalize them and then shift the blame to the brutalized woman instead of their own disgusting self.

No. 1480

File: 1451959278193.jpg (13.93 KB, 255x187, 1443640210686.jpg)

So women should wear burqas if they don't want to be cat called?

I have a question. Are you a Muslim, robot?

No. 1481

It's interesting how the people in this thread are using identical logic to lonely robots.

No. 1482

>>'I doubt those kind of jeans can be removed without any sort of collaboration.'
>Pretty valid point tbh

You're disgusting.

No. 1483

I don't expend my energy actively hating them everyday. I actively remain alert against them though. If something happens, I'd come and vent here.

No. 1484

>women list real-life experiences on why they hate/are afraid of men
>just memes guys don't be silly

Go back to your r9k thread, you cuck.

No. 1485

Really this. They complain about how stupid /r9k/ is about women but they do the exact same here
I'm pretty nonreligious, but I have Muslim family members

No. 1486

Since you admit that you have no experience with women, then why do you think any of your pet theories have more truth in them than the actual experiences of real women?

No. 1487

Same, I don't actively hate men everyday. But I don't expend any energy coddling them and being nice to them because they feel like they deserve it. I tell them "no" with no apologies or reasons. They aren't worth the effort. I don't do their grunt work so they can get the credit. If that makes me a feminazi cunt witch warrior bitch, okay. I can deal with that.

No. 1488

Seriously. Fuck this guy.

No. 1489

False rape charges are pretty fucking common
What types of theories? If anything I give women more the benefit of the doubt. I assume they're pretty nice

No. 1490

except we're venting about the shit we've experienced with men/shitposts we've seen from men online like in OPs pic, not decrying the entire gender. same goes for robots who are doing the same thing but w the genders reversed and more aggro than us. not saying youre a robot, just pointing that out

No. 1491

>the best evidence she can find is a dubious case from literally almost 20 years ago

No. 1492

So I'm assuming you've never been with a woman in any capacity. You have no experience with them then, so you couldn't rationally have shit against them. We are telling you, since we were children, we've had experiences with men that are extremely negative and frequent, that they scare us, so we feel valid in our feelings. Especially when this shit keeps happening to us.

No. 1493

Ikr. Does he know what a meme even is?

>guys threw a bottle at me from a car

>well meme'd, my friend

No. 1494

Because he's a male, anon.


If by 'pretty fucking common' you mean about TWO percent.

So you care more about the 2% of men who get falsely accused than the 98% of women who aren't lying? Human garbage.

No. 1495

File: 1451959676138.gif (1.68 MB, 250x187, Moe-Walks-to-Rejects-Side-The-…)


No. 1496

I like how our robot friend asks for real life examples of women being threatened with rape, an example is provided and he ignores it and responds to everything with meme meme meme, etc.

No. 1497

Seems most of your fellow posters hate all men
Most women seem perfectly fine with men. You just seem needlessly upset at a whole group of people for no reason

No. 1498

File: 1451959696342.png (93.55 KB, 592x1884, kek.png)

No. 1499

I'm not wasting more than 2 seconds of my time doing the leg work for you. It's common as fuck, do the work yourself, but you won't, because men want women to do everything for them.

No. 1500

>Because he's a male, anon.
Good post
>You just have to believe me anon

No. 1501

The entire post is filled with your theories! You have been shitposting about why all of are wrong all day!

No. 1502

File: 1451959788817.jpg (26.85 KB, 272x248, 1446225609140.jpg)

This has to be fake
No one is this gullible

No. 1503

>The entire post is filled with your theories!
I've agreed with you all on many points already. I'm just trying to argue against hating an entire gender

No. 1504


Men are whenever the prospect of clunge becomes all too real.

No. 1505

Why can robots only understand the world through theories and memes? Why is this a thing with undesirable men in general?

No. 1506

People have been giving tons of sources in this thread and the robot anon mysteriously ignores them all because they inconvenience his retarded arguments.

How about from now on robot anon supports all HIS completely fabricated-from-his-ass arguments with well researched journal articles. We'll wait.

No. 1507

>implying im the exception from these so called man haters
funny how you immediately cool your jets once a woman says not all men are complete slimy pigs sometimes

No. 1508

File: 1451959938530.png (93.05 KB, 500x422, REEEEE.png)

>doesn't believe women are threatened with rape irl
>thinks women hate men because kek memes!
>I-I'm not religious b-but my family are Muslims


No. 1509


Y'know he'll ignore this post too right.

No. 1510

Because farmhands are lazy fatasses.

We could've had an actual misandry general but we have a debate thread instead

No. 1511

>conveniently ignores the study showing how low false rape statics are.

Typical male.

No. 1512

I wouldn't do such a thing
Memes are cool and I've been told I'm cute
Like what sources?
Someone provided a rape case article from 1999 and a fake rape stat page
Well I hope you stop being that way
I'm not Arab
I looked at it

No. 1513

Being cautious around men isn't hating an entire gender.

And sure. You haven't presented any theories. By the goodness of your heart, you're just trying to keep us femanons from hating "all men".

No. 1514

i never have been that way, i dont hate men every day of my life, nor am I a NEET
its just funny that you immediately go quiet when someone says that, like youve finally found the "normal, rational" girl in this thread that you'd love to interact with

don't respond to this fuck. he keeps shitposting and adding nothing but fodder to the argument

No. 1515

>most women
>doesn't have any experience with women

GTFO. We all talk and think you're all idiots, some more bearable than others. We've told you that we are more disgusted with men. Fucking read.

No. 1516

>By the goodness of your heart, you're just trying to keep us femanons from hating "all men".
Nah I'm just trying to understand this twisted thinking while also laughing at how similar you all are to the robot boogeymen you hate
I am trying to be nice and polite to everyone itt

No. 1517

>I have no experience with women, but let me explain how the world works to a group of women. You've been brainwashes by the memes!

No. 1518

because robots are disguting NEETS and over there they rate eachother by how high their income is for sitting around like jackasses at home

No. 1519

I'm still waiting for you to comment on this. Funny how you ignore certain posts.



>Can you provide a real world example of these threats? Not online shitposts

>post about rape thread irl
>no response to this

No. 1520



No. 1521

>I am trying to be nice

No, you're not. Get the fuck out already. Go to your r9k board.

No. 1522

Seems like random occurences that shouldn't be used to hate a whole gender. I've had certain women be shit to me but I don't hate everyone with a vagina
You're the ones who seem to be needlessly hostile tbh

No. 1523

What is a random occurrence?

No. 1524

>"random occurances"…andddd I'm done

No. 1525

>I'm not Arab

Muslims are all equally shit who pray to a pedophile warmonger whether they're white or brown.

No. 1526

I fucked that up, but what I meant was that I now believe this robot is just a troll

No. 1527


Men are incapable of empathy for women, stop wasting your time. Men benefit as a whole when they pretend rape don't real, all the studies in the world can't convince them.

No. 1528

Sorry, no.
A girl being shit to you isn't the same as being threatened/raped/sexually assaulted just because you reserve the right to reject a man.

No. 1529

File: 1451960625618.jpg (43.24 KB, 465x360, anonymous-was-a-woman.jpg)

This whole thread is


by one lonely sad robot.

I'm just going to ignore the male shitposter now. Let's get back to our misandry.

No. 1530

>Seems like random occurences that shouldn't be used to hate a whole gender.

No one said that experience was what made women hate men, you fucking retard. It was a response to you not believing women are regularly threatened with sexual assault/rape when they do things men don't agree with.

>Wut. Can you please provide a real world example of this?

No. 1531

>random occurence
>random occurence
>random occurence

No. 1532

Sorry, anon. Meant to quote >>56405

No. 1533

File: 1451960953574.png (374.42 KB, 341x795, double-standards.png)

No. 1534

Random people being shit who happen to be men
I'm nonreligious but if you look at Mohammed from a historical perspective he was none of those things
>Men are incapable of empathy for women, stop wasting your time
I really hope you all lurk misogyny threads on /r9k/ and note that you're all being exactly the same
How so?

No. 1535

You fucking hypocrites.

You complain about sexism and prejudice, and here you are doing just that.

All of you. Get a fucking life. Get laid.

No. 1536

>It was a response to you not believing women are regularly threatened with sexual assault/rape when they do things men don't agree with.
This doesn't happen

No. 1537


No. 1538


No. 1539

File: 1451961077940.png (351.08 KB, 720x1280, image.png)

an example of /mu/'s creepy fad obsession with women
posts like this were commonplace for lorde in 2013, now its all about "muh waifu annie clark/lavren/grimes"

No. 1540

Nice retort
Sure convinced me

No. 1541


No. 1542

Meme post.

No. 1543

Quality posts

No. 1544

All I'm doing is bitching on an imageboard, same as you. Unlike men I don't go out beating, raping and killing the opposite gender or creating communities advising others to do so.

No. 1545


No. 1546

We've confirmed that the guy posting in this thread for the past few hours is indeed a robot, despite his denial, and that he posted a thread on /r9k/ to try to get them to raid this thread.

I'm not going to link the /r9k/ thread, and I ask that no one else posts it, either.

Nothing he posted here was ban-worthy in any way, but trying to start a raid is against the rules.

>Do not make any threats or harmful actions towards the website itself, including attempts at "reporting", flooding, raiding, DDoSing, or getting the site shut down. This also includes attempts to get other people to help with those things.

Note that men and robots, even robots who don't identify as robots, are still permitted to post in this thread as long as they don't spam and aren't extremely obnoxious. Just don't call for other people or websites to help you start a brigade or raid.

No. 1547

File: 1451961206699.png (3.19 KB, 327x316, 1450464114880.png)

>Unlike men I don't go out beating, raping and killing the opposite gender or creating communities advising others to do so.
Holy hell I'm laughing(trying to start a raid)

No. 1548

>A girl being shit to you isn't the same as being threatened/raped/sexually assaulted just because you reserve the right to reject a man.
>How so?

>i don't want to date you

>stop staring at me, anon
>waaaaaah this is worse than being threatened with rape waaaaaaah

No. 1549

>and that he posted a thread on /r9k/ to try to get them to raid this thread.
I actually didn't but okay

No. 1550


No. 1551


No. 1552

>We've confirmed that the guy posting in this thread for the past few hours is indeed a robot, despite his denial, and that he posted a thread on /r9k/ to try to get them to raid this thread.

Hahahaha what?(lolcow user who tried to instigate a raid from /r9k/)

No. 1553

>ad hominem


No. 1554

You did.

Also I accidentally quoted the wrong rule in >>56430. Refresh to see the correct rule.

No. 1555

Lol fucking glorious. Poor little limpdick

No. 1556


No. 1557

>Continuing the argument after he said he was Muslim
Mudslimes don't even understand what is and isn't rape, let alone that it's wrong.

No. 1558

This isn't exclusive to Muslim men unfortunately.

No. 1559


Farmhand can we have "meme" put on the posts of all robots who come in here, and especially the male robot shit poster in here now? Pls.

No. 1560


No. 1561

File: 1451961515146.png (127.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 1562

I actually didn't
My guess (assuming not false flag) is this >>56418

No. 1563

File: 1451961589153.jpg (27.46 KB, 540x306, rihanna-bless.jpg)

No. 1564


No. 1565

File: 1451961666522.jpg (51.74 KB, 500x375, andrea-dwokin.jpg)

No. 1566

I don't like being told I did things that I didn't actually do

No. 1567


No. 1568

Given the wording of the op's comment on the /r9k/ thread my guess is one of you made it

Very mature

No. 1569


No. 1570

File: 1451961757757.jpg (79.25 KB, 1024x1207, question.jpg)

Question for you all.

What is your general gripe with men? Simply put; what brought you to hate men so much?

Did any of you have bad experiences with men? Because it seems to me that whenever a man makes a bad point or says something mean, you blame it not on him but on men in general. ALL MEN.

How is it possible to love someone with this mindset? You seem to be attacking all perceived men in this thread by using personal attacks and telling them they will never get laid, as if you think that only respectful men deserve your respect and love. And I'd agree with this normally, but if all men are, as you say, worthless, then why would YOU want to be with a man in general? If sex is truly the be-all-end-all you make it out to be to attack men, then why do you seem so obstinant to the idea of different sexes?

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I think you are all just using information you've heard to validate your own bitterness. You're no better than those fags over at /r9k/.

No. 1571

Because it was perfectly logical for them to argue that my bf of 4 years was lying to me. Cause they would know. Acting like they know shit about women, pretending to have a gf. That's pathetic.

No. 1572

File: 1451961796531.png (464.8 KB, 515x515, otakus-rekt.png)

No. 1573

Don't bother arguing with them. They'll just create a thread on 4chan and then blame you for it to shut you up

No. 1574


No. 1575

Or spam you with meme
Great debate tactics

No. 1576


No. 1577

>Did any of you have bad experiences with men? Because it seems to me that whenever a man makes a bad point or says something mean, you blame it not on him but on men in general. ALL MEN.

Read the fucking board. This has been covered many, many times.

No. 1578


No. 1579

File: 1451961884153.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, 1440351571735.png)


No. 1580

This was supposed to be a misandry general thread and instead it's turned into a playground for male shitposting.

Why does Admin and the Farmhands do this to us? Don't men have enough spaces online as it is?

It's anybody else in favour of abandonning this shitfest and just starting a new thread?
The old one got bogged down with useless male shitposters too and yet the moderation does nothing about it.

No. 1581

>this one time a guy was mean to me so i hate all men now ;-;

No. 1582

The >muh dick part always makes me fucking lol

No. 1583


No. 1584

I love idols and this moment was awesome. Idol wota scare the shit out of me.

No. 1585

This. Why not just get rid of the autosage on the r9k thread and let them have their safe space there?

No. 1586

Omg, the femanazis don't want robot shit posts, how absurd.

No. 1587

Epic meme

No. 1588

we tend to put men in plural because the individual men who do this to us tend to pop up in different forms in our lives
if anything robot types are more hung up over their one particular ex and then label all women as cunts

No. 1589

Meme……….Meme meme meme.

No. 1590

To the non-robots in this thread: Please don't go to /r9k/ and bump their thread. That'll only bring more of them here.

No. 1591

File: 1451962102031.gif (1.12 MB, 480x360, 1.gif)

No. 1592

Did you make it? Be honest. Because I didn't

No. 1593

File: 1451962126377.gif (1.94 MB, 480x360, 2.gif)

No. 1594

File: 1451962138799.gif (1.43 MB, 480x360, 3.gif)

No. 1595

File: 1451962148690.gif (1.58 MB, 480x360, 4.gif)

No. 1596

File: 1451962157759.gif (1.49 MB, 480x360, 5.gif)

No. 1597

Literally my ex right now. He's so creepy. He moved into my moms house while I was living there and dating my current bf. And he's still trying to make me jealous. Creep.

No. 1598

File: 1451962165927.gif (1.51 MB, 480x360, 6.gif)

No. 1599

File: 1451962177277.gif (1.63 MB, 480x360, 7.gif)

No. 1600

File: 1451962185272.gif (1.61 MB, 480x360, 8.gif)

No. 1601

>tumblr gifs

No. 1602


No. 1603

gerda lerner will purge this thread of unholiness

No. 1604

File: 1451962331987.gif (16.49 KB, 205x274, Nice_05.gif)

This is a nice board.

Although you guys are garbage when it comes to banter.

No. 1605


No. 1606


No. 1607


Farmhand a lot of us are getting frustrated over how every time we attempt to have a legitimate discussion it inevitably gets invaded by worthless penis-bearers with their fallacies and echo-fotresses.

You keep stipulating that these posters have yet to have broken any rules, but why do we even have the containment thread if not to discourage posts such as what is occurring in this thread?

I'm getting increasingly frustrated by the increasing male presence on this board and your inaction in relation to it.
Is it that you're also a man and so feel sympathy for him and so deign it that his voice "ought to be heard"? Seriously, what the fuck gives?

No. 1608

File: 1451962494239.jpg (51.36 KB, 640x596, keks.jpg)

No. 1609

File: 1451962562621.gif (2.35 MB, 480x270, robots.gif)

Thanks for the raid, you tendy craving fuck.


This should be in the tumblr thread.

No. 1610

File: 1451962652621.jpg (243.5 KB, 540x585, robots.jpg)


No. 1611

File: 1451962893001.jpg (84.12 KB, 538x584, rich-women.jpg)

No. 1612

If any female wants a great guy to talk to. I'm here and I'm single.

No. 1613


No. 1614

Nice dubs. But what do you mean by MEME?

No. 1615


No. 1616

The lolcows posted here are, shockingly, not works of fiction or falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.

BTW does this website allow repetitive content to be posted?

No. 1617


No. 1618

The abuse I have experienced at the hands of a majority of women is not petty. Eat shit, roastie. If I were a violent person, you'd be the type of woman I'd brutalize.(thank mr rodger)

No. 1619

This thread personifies entitlement.

I guarantee none of you people have ever been raped, maligned, or truly objectified. A man fancying you is not "objectification", fyi.

If you're all truly angry, then why do you act so goddamn smug? You act this way because you have the right to. Because you can, essentially.

No. 1620

Can you fucking explain what you mean by that?
I'm new in this website.

No. 1621

Meme meme meme!

No. 1622



Also Meme



No. 1623

>waaah! waaaah! Sally didn't go out with me!
>bwuhbwuh this isn't petty bwuh mummy gimme my tendies

No. 1624

File: 1451963710117.png (307.19 KB, 1079x763, never swipe right to a ginger.…)

Watching men fail at flirting is as amusing as watching animals do tricks at the circus.

No. 1625

And here we have another thread destroyed by men who aren't even native to the site and continue to make it an unpleasant and inhospitable place for its actual users.

gg mods.

No. 1626

Oh I get it now.

No. 1627

This robot thread personifies entitlement.

I guarantee none of you people have ever been raped, maligned, or truly objectified. A woman denying you is not "a bitch", fyi.

If you're all truly angry, then why do you act so goddamn smug? You act this way because you have the right to. Because you can, essentially.

No. 1628

Yeah, read that post again.

I never made any evidence of a woman denying me, not did I call you a "bitch".

It seems the only arguments against me you can make are generalizations based on absolutely nothing I said. I'm sorry you have to live such a lonely, bitter life.

No. 1629


No. 1630

How do you make italics?
[em]test[/em](make better posts)

No. 1631

I always thought it was retarded that women complain about being percieved as sexual objects.

You exist physically, therefore you are an object

You are fully equipped and actively seek sex, therefore you are sexual

You are a sexual object.

No. 1632

File: 1451964081073.jpg (5.75 KB, 264x191, 6a00e553644f9d883401538e487435…)

>womens' response to cyberbullying is attempting to defend themselves by saying "meme"

So their defenses are THIS flimsy, even online. No wonder it's so easy to rape 'em.(thank mr rodger)

No. 1633

Shitting in your front yard was also a the norm a century ago but ok.

No. 1634

I always thought it was retarded that men complain about being percieved as human meat.

You exist physically, therefore you are an object

You are fully equipped and actively seek war, therefore you are war fodder

You are human meat.

No. 1635






No. 1636

I am human and i am made of meat among other things, therefore i am partially human meat. Can women admit the same logic?

No. 1637

>Boooohooooo a man was oggling my cleavage that I purposely put on display
>Muh privilege

No. 1638

Don't even try.

The people in this thread aren't women. They're whiny internet people. Even if they are, let's not stoop to their level by lumping them into the category of "all women."

Most women are sane people who would agree with us in this thread, I guarantee. The only people who would really agree with these…things that make up the majority are lonely, sad, desperate white boys.

No. 1639

File: 1451964744591.webm (278.28 KB, 854x480, robots.webm)

No. 1640

>women's history didn't exist
women confirmed for literally making up their own history kek

No. 1641

I can't wait for either the alt right or the muslims to take power and bring back the real patriarchy. We should never have let you sluts vote.(>>>/haram9k/)

No. 1642

File: 1451967487616.jpg (62.1 KB, 850x400, y6mj.jpg)

No. 1643

Yawn, you robots are so boring. Your bait is boring.

No. 1644

I call that a win.

No. 1645

To people sending in reports: many robots in this thread were banned in the last 2 hours. We're not ignoring reports.

But once more, there's no problem with robots posting in this thread just to talk or provide an opposing an view. It's only when 100% of someone's posts are something like:



that you can't exactly have a real discussion.

No. 1646

Lol imagine if they put this much effort into improving their personalities as they do shit posting ridiculous memes

No. 1647


No. 1648

Since mods are active here can I ask why the robot thread is in autosage?>>54387

No. 1649

No. 1650

Men and women are at the two extremes of the spectrum when it comes to attention, especially lonely men. Robots are usually lonely and can't understand why someone following you around and not going away when you ask them to politely is fucking annoying.

I'm no white knight, but I know for certain that if I was a petite woman and a 6'5 nigger kept following me around I would be scared as fuck. But for that matter, so would a manlet.

I will never have to deal with being a young woman and having tons of unwanted male attention, but I get where you guys are coming from.

No. 1651

Makes sense

No. 1652

File: 1451970019061.jpg (319.85 KB, 750x1334, women1.jpg)

Reading this thread pretty has pretty much proven that the women here spurt around their opinions based on their precious feelings "I was raped when i was 7! this is why uneducated opinion". Its actually pretty funny how ignorant these landwhales are.

Pic related its average female internet poster.

No. 1653

but she's right

imagine if you were being raped anon. would you call it "sex" afterwords?

No. 1654

Read the first reply. Its unconsensual sex or sexual assault. Either way its a sexual act. The sex part is what make it different from regular assault.

No. 1655

definitively, you're right; but I don't think I'd get raped and say "yea I was unconsentually sexed". I can imagine how someone would want to separate the two, seeing as sex is suppose to be enjoyable whereas rape isn't.

I mean, there are a lot of girls who get "raped" and don't go through any trauma, depending on how bad, or, potentially good, it was; but to the individual I could understand having a need to not consider rape as 'just' unconsentual sex.

No. 1656

If you want to define it, but the word for that definition is rape.

No. 1657

Why is this thread being singled out? Why can't they just be kept in the containment thread?

No. 1658

>why do lonely guys want to be around women

No. 1659


No. 1660

>Why is this thread being singled out?
Would you rather the robots shitpost all over site, it's not like this thread contributed to any reasonable discussion anyway.
Who would've thought that crackpots circle-jerking would've attracted other crackpots with a contrary opinion.
I'm honestly just waiting for robotic wives to come out, it's a lot less hassle and everyone wins.

No. 1661

Except they can just by a real doll rn

No. 1662

File: 1451974187452.png (115.21 KB, 1476x289, ss (2016-01-05 at 01.09.26).pn…)

No. 1663


I support the right of males and females to dump damaged goods if they want to. It can be a hassle and you should only put up with it if you're truly in love and willing.

No. 1664


No. 1665

>actually taking these shitposts seriously

No. 1666


Wut? You're not doing anyone any favours if you're staying with them out of guilt.

No. 1667

Come on, man. Agreeing with the OP in the screenshot who called a 13 year old rape victim damaged goods?

gr8 b8 tho

No. 1668

Source for this?

No. 1669

It's because the admins can see that a lot of the posts ITT are normal users shitposting and baiting. I started the first derailment, and from my post history it's pretty fucking obvious to the admin/farmhands that I'm not a robot.

Keep crying that you're being invaded by robots and nothing will happen, because it's normal users taking opportunity of the fact the posters on here cannot ignore bait to have laffs.

No. 1670

Exactly. Everyone here is incapable of just ignoring shit that they don't like. They have to whine like babies to admin-sama~~ and farmhand to delete and ban everyone who disagrees with them. It's pathetic.

No. 1671

>legitimate discussion

No. 1672

We are having some immigration problems in finland, and racist "all black people are monkeys, white finland 4ever waah waah" men are very concerned about white women and their safety, while wishing rape on any woman who doesn't think black people should all be murdered, or who otherwise disagrees with them. Now they have started a campaign called Soldiers of Odin, and they patrol the streets wanting to protect white women from non-white men, WHILE wishing rape on us on the internet. It is scary as fuck.

One female blogger made a blog post about a big store that has blue toys for boys and pink toys for girls, and she wrote how ridiculous that is. She got multiple death and rape threats. It really isn't that uncommon to receive those from men who don't agree with you. It's scary to be a woman with opinions nowadays.

No. 1673

>while wishing rape on any woman who doesn't think black people should all be murdered
I somehow doubt this is a common notion held by them

And why are you making fun of people who think Finland should remain Finnish and not an African colony?

No. 1674


She's not making fun of them she's criticising extremists.

>I somehow doubt this is a common notion held by them

Oh look it's a man. Get the fuck out.

No. 1675

I never understood this objection. If someone speaks the language and is a good, tax-paying citizen, why does it matter where they're from?

And for those who inevitability aren't good citizens, the issue then is dealing with those specific people. No need to take it out on all Africans as collateral damage.

No. 1676

>my bf is not like all the other mean boys!

No. 1677

You sound bitter as hell. Maybe if you loosened up you could get a man to stick around.

No. 1678

Isn't Admin senpai a man though? Even if he's gay, he's still a man.

No. 1679

They have thrown molotov's in the reception centers of asylum seekers several times, and have burned town to-be reception centers, and cheer each others on for doing so. Also many of them wish to, for example, shoot every one of them. When a woman says that it's kind of scary and weird to want to shoot somebody because they're black or muslim, they tell her that she'll change her mind once one of the hair arms rapes her. They even want our president's wife to get raped (anally and by multiple people, preferably) because the president said that throwing molotov coctails at people is crazy. So yes, it is a common notion.

No. 1680

It's funny because these extremist groups are literally acting just as badly as they accuse non-whites of acting.
Not long until they start raping women in order to "demonstrate what those evil muslims and black animals would do to you!!!!!".

No. 1681

You're the one generalising half of humanity.

No. 1682

>If someone speaks the language and is a good, tax-paying citizen, why does it matter where they're from?

Cultural differences. These people come from a place where in their mind it's okay to rape women and treat them like shit.

No. 1683


No. 1684

>We are having some immigration problems in finland, and racist "all black people are monkeys, white finland 4ever waah waah" men are very concerned about white women and their safety

As another anon said, what's wrong with people in Finland wanting their country to remain Finnish? Not just in Finland, but the whole situation with swarms of men coming from the middle east and Africa is a scary one. They're causing trouble and raping the native women. Nothing wrong with being concerned.

>while wishing rape on any woman who doesn't think black people should all be murdered, or who otherwise disagrees with them.

I doubt all of them think this way, but I do see where you're coming from. I do see a lot of "gotta protect these women! but if they do like blacks then fuck them". Probably not the best example, but /pol/ does this shit a lot. I've seen threads where men are saying their white women are being raped and then others respond with

>well, she probably likes niggers so she asked for it…

>good, they should be raped for wanting them in their country

>Now they have started a campaign called Soldiers of Odin, and they patrol the streets wanting to protect white women from non-white men

What's wrong with that? Again, a lot of women are getting raped and assaulted by these men. If they're patrolling the streets and see a biracial couple holding hands and attack them for it, then that's a problem. If they're patrolling the streets and see a guy who is clearly bothering her, what's the problem?

No. 1685

There's nothing wrong with wanting finland to stay finnish, but there is much wrong with people being complete racist morons and doing harm to people based on their skin color. Also, we have a lot of non-white people here who are finnish. Finland will never be full white, and i don't really see a problem with that.

The patrols are fucking scary, and most of the members have been sentenced for violence and theft. I don't trust skin head men who feel the need to play police and frighten innocent people. Even the police is against these patrols. Our population is more afraid of the patrols than the immigrants. Also, most members are part of the group that has vile rape fantasies of leftist women. It's only bad if it's an immigrant who does harm to OUR PRETY BLOND ARYAN WIMMENS! I fucking despise these entitled crazies

No. 1686

Obviously not all of them. If someone actually has that belief, sure, don't let them in or deport them if they say they have no qualms with rape. But you're just making assumptions. Not every African region is a tribal wasteland circa 1400.

No. 1687

>There's nothing wrong with wanting finland to stay finnish
>we have a lot of non-white people here who are finnish. Finland will never be full white, and i don't really see a problem with that.

No. 1688


tumblr is invading

No. 1689


Listen skin colour is NOT the problem. I'm not saying that non-whites aren't the problem but it's usually non-whites who hold retarded savage views but that's due entirely to CULTURE.

I support keeping Finland Finnish and that means rejecting a fuck tonne of refugees but how can you support lynching fellow countrymen who truly believe in the integrity of the nation yet are not white, there's no benefit to that.

No. 1690

So you dont see a problem with the native Finns being a minority in their own country as long as the nonwhite immigrants dont rape and kill?

No country or people are obligated to try to import the entire third world.

No. 1691

First, they're not going to be a minority in their own country, no matter how much fear-mongering. If that really starts to happen, and I doubt it, just close the borders when it's on the brink. And if large numbers of them refuse to assimilate to the culture, deal with that issue as it arises. Blocking people from entering a country based on hypotheticals, future long-term fears, or the behavior of some bad apples among them isn't rational.

>"But it's more than just a few bad apples!"

Then prove it.

No. 1692

>native finns being a minority in their own country
Well, sami people are a minority, but I'm pretty sure you don't really care about that. Us other natives are alive and well, thank you very much.

Also, if we close our borders, we will be in a big trouble. We don't want to start being friends with russia, and if we close our borders, that's pretty much our only option, because the west won't deal with us anymore. I, for one, don't want to start hunting bears for a living because of some racist buttfucks only want white men to rape and kill. We have had immigration to finland for some time now, and most of the immigrants have settled down just fine. Some have learned our culture maybe too well, because every couple of years one of them starts waving an axe or a knife around while drunk. Usually it's the native men who do that.

tl;dr men suck, whether they are white or black or brown or whatever, there's no denying that.

No. 1693

You're a fucking retard for thinking we have actual racist problems. The racists are an extremely small minority and no refugee ever got beaten up by them, but plenty of Finnish women have gotten raped and the street violence has been on a steep rise for months now, all thanks to the refugees flooding in. The "rape-wishers" area couple of mentally insane people who stick to whining on the internet. I'm more afraid of getting raped by a Iraqi than a Finn, and statistics support my fear. All of the sudden rapes by a stranger in a public place are committed by people with an immigrant/refugee background.


The molotov thing happened only once and it didn't even go off, and the burning down of the refugee shelter was started by a cigarette carelessly discarded BY A REFUGEE HIMSELF. It's not a fucking common notion, stop talking out of your ass.


>Patrols are scary
I wonder how many people they have beaten up, robbed or raped? Yeah, none. How about the refugees? Yeah, a lot. The patrols are just sad men who do nothing but try to act intimidating.

No. 1694

I'm sure non-Finnish speaking war refugees will pull this country out of its misery! Of course they're not going to be a burden on the system and will start contributing in just a few years, and the government doesn't have to do stupid trick programs to employ them with wages paid by the tax money. They're just the same as foreign trade or immigrants moving in to work here! etc.

I welcome Asians, Russians, Estonians, other western immigrants etc. since they always actually try to integrate or at least keep their act clean, and they offer great cases of positive immigration experiences that you can use as examples to support immigration. But how the hell can someone in all seriousness claim that the country will go down the drain if we don't let every damn middle-eastern and African refugee in?

And fuck the Sami too, they're one of the most racist bastards who desperately try to claim to be the "native people of Finland" when archaeological findings support the fact that they arrived to Finland after the other finno-ugric tribes who now make up for the majority of the natives. Yet they get special rights to the land in the north, their own parliament, their own media and whatever they could ask for. And they still practice apartheid-like racial politics.

No. 1695

unfortunately. getting with an ugly, morally deficient, annoying pushover will afford you more opportunities and even respect in life than just working hard as a single female.

No. 1696

On Monday (January 4), someone posted a thread on /r9k/ with a link to this thread.

An archive of the /r9k/ thread: https://desustorage.org/r9k/thread/25500023

>There's a girl's only image board filled with femanons who are arguing with me in a male hate thread. It's so easy to bait them

>lolcow ( dot ) farm / b / res/ 55626 ( dot ) html

Staff incorrectly assumed it was the male poster debating others in the thread ( >>56339 ) who posted the /r9k/ thread, and not just because of the nature of the post. Unfortunately, our assumption was based on invalid information, and we banned him at >>56430.

After further investigation, we discovered that this person did not make the /r9k/ thread. It was actually a long-time lolcow.farm user, who was very active in this thread, and actively arguing with the male user.

A few (not all) of their posts:



As a result, a raid from /r9k/ occurred for about 4 hours. A number of robots who otherwise wouldn't have found the site began shitting up this thread and other threads. Some posts were deleted, and 5 of them were permabanned. It created a major hassle for staff. While it's pretty likely that threads like these will be linked on /r9k/, I did not think I'd have to worry about our own users cross-posting threads there. To make matters worse, I also believe the male user really wasn't even a /r9k/ user, though of course, one can never be entirely sure. They were unbanned once I confirmed they did not post the /r9k/ thread.

When I asked the lolcow user why they linked this thread on /r9k/, they said they did it because they thought it would be funny, and they wanted to "stir the pot" and have more people to argue with in here. They said they impersonated the male user in this thread when posting the /r9k/ thread to have a plausible thread OP (i.e. /r9k/ would expect a robot telling his fellow robots about a male hate thread). I do not think they had any malicious motives, and they likely did not intend to get the male poster they were talking to banned (even though that was the result), but it was still very stupid.

I did not permanently ban them, but I banned them for what I feel is an appropriate length.

I ask everyone to please not link lolcow on /r9k/, but especially not like this. And to the user who was incorrectly banned: I apologize for the mistake.

No. 1697

This is so embarrassing

No. 1698

File: 1452279891273.png (212.48 KB, 599x346, B7rtMsNCQAEcJrN.png)


ahhaahahhahahaahh this fucking thread

No. 1699

File: 1452352259229.jpg (42.63 KB, 233x233, 1448145346228.jpg)

false flagging your own thread to feed your victimhood.

Calling them a mirrored image of /r9k/ would be a compliment this is much more pathetic.

No. 1700

File: 1452367233640.gif (494.77 KB, 450x257, 1421521325955.gif)

I fucking hate our userbase sometimes.

No. 1701

I guess this is why we can't have nice things.

No. 1702

Sorry, I know this is probably a bad time for this, butt…..

No. 1703

why do we keep these threads tho.

they have been proved to only generate butthurt and attract robots.

No. 1704

File: 1455141419909.jpg (24.48 KB, 636x382, okcgraph.jpg)

No. 1705

Daily reminder that scum like you are the reason men have no respect for women and value you for nothing but pussy. You are terrible and unlovable, traitorous, promiscuous bitches and you deserve nothing but the shit you get.
t. a man who was stupid enough to get involved with you(necromancy)

No. 1706

File: 1455142842816.png (569.54 KB, 1102x1100, image.png)


No. 1707

File: 1455143332102.gif (365.46 KB, 500x317, mad.gif)


No. 1708

>Goo-goo, gaa-gaa! Baby want attention, Mama! Look at me, Mama!

No. 1709

File: 1455143962879.png (56.52 KB, 749x459, crimerates.png)

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1710

Ugh I had a bad experience with men last Friday
I was walking back to the bus stop to go home around 9pm when I passed by a group of 10-12 guys mostly in their 20s. I hear some of them calling out to me. I ignored them at first and kept walking. They kept calling out. I waved over my shoulder to be polite. One of them caught up with me. He called me "little girl" which really creeped me out. He asked me where I was going, if I had a boyfriend, and if I needed money. I told him no and sprinted away. I was actually very scared I was going to be hurt by them. I don't know of I was being paranoid, this was some misguided attempt at being nice, or my nervousness was justified.

No. 1711

Jesus fucking christ.

Why do so few girls know the truth about the porn industry?

No. 1712

What is "the truth?"?

No. 1713

That it's empowering to women?

No. 1714

Oh you

No. 1715

I've heard self proclaimed feminists irl say this. It's not just on Tumblr

No. 1716


No. 1717

File: 1455186168815.jpg (114.08 KB, 768x1024, me.jpg)


No. 1718

What a crappy attempt at trolling.

No. 1719

what even is that

No. 1720

The worst attempt I've seen so far tbh

No. 1721

No. 1722

File: 1455587832839.jpg (333.25 KB, 1028x1513, joke.jpg)

It's an obvious attempt at a joke you dumbass, albeit not a good one at that either.

The mod is also a dumbass

No. 1723

They're from r9k and every one of their posts was some variation of "SOON RAPE WILL BE LEGAL". Obviously they weren't serious, but they were pitifully attempting to raid.

No. 1724

No women on the Internet.

No. 1725

I'm 100% serious when I say that I think the world would be better with little to no men. Scientists have already proved that with modern medical technologies, we don't really need men anymore to reproduce because we can fuse an egg with a diploid cell from another human
I'm in full favor of lifting bans on human cloning to pursue this new avenue

No. 1726

It's not all men, it's men as a class, men in a collective sense
Men are socialized to be violent, to be misogynistic, etc
Men's socialization benefits them, so many of them do not with to address this issue

No. 1727

and you know what he probably got laid doing it because women are fucking morons who can't do the only thing they were told not to, fuck a guy.

No. 1728

If women weren't constantly trying to manipulate us with makeup and coyness then we could communicate on equal terms.

No. 1729

this bears further discussion. Childhood is just an institution that has been socially constructed. I would say it barley exist and now he have a majority of our life spent in adolescence.

No. 1730

Because the 14/15 year olds aren't bitter destroyed women. They are still capable of love in its purest form and haven't learned to manipulate men using sex.

No. 1731

I bet you still wear those clothes and get mad if you don't get looks anymore.

No. 1732

Lbr most of you robots want a virginal young girl because if she has no sexual experience, then she won't have any former lovers to compare you to. It is a symptom of insecurity.

No. 1733

>makeup and coyness

Ohhh you sweet little baby.

No. 1734

I wonder if women actually try to figure out why guys don't stay with them and don't just come up with another superficial fix for it(boob job or something).

No. 1735

The only people that feel entitled to a relationship are women. You walk around fucking a bunch of randos barely knowing them and get mad when they walk away. You want to know something about women, they treat you like garbage up until they figure out they like you, then they're mad at you for not immediately whisking them away to get married when they decide they do. How a man feels about it doesn't matter you don't exist only her feeling exist. If you're a man you're either a creep or a coward in woman's mind based on how she feels about you. I hate HATE you entitled fucks.

No. 1736

they date uggos while fucking chad.

No. 1737

What the fuck do you consider entitlement to women?

I saying hello to you and not being treated like rapey MCrapo entitlement to you.

No. 1738

>>101159 Sounds like someone's salty that they leer at women and wonder why they get rejected.

Learn to be a man and stop being a whiny faggot.

No. 1739

Describe to me a non-wanker

Your boyfriend the man you love has been rejected before you by a scores of women. He is a wanker to them, a creep, a loser, and a wimp. How does that make you feel?

No. 1740

>wahhhhh! Wahhhhh! Pay attention to me, Mommy! I need my ba-ba! Baby is thirsty!

No. 1741

The fact that men have invented everything and women have done jack shit proves otherwise.

No. 1742

someone needs to post the slut hate tinder thread screengrabs. I wept for my gender.

No. 1743

I'm not the anon you're replying to, but who cares about the people who rejected him in the past? Like, why would anyone give a fuck what those people think?

No. 1744

You think you're good at flirting because men are extremely accommodating. Women tend to inflate how good they are are socializing especially with the opposite sex. You don't realize how much men have to tiptoe around you snowflakes while being extremely accepting of how you behave. Women don't generally care about men's comfort or entertainment, we are just expected to handle whatever shit is thrown at us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1745

You're a whore slut.

No. 1746

Women don't give clear signs though especially if they really like you.

No. 1747

Women think saying hi to them is creepy if it isn't in some context they find appropriate aka women are snowflakes.

No. 1748

women are poser who only have their pussies to offer.

No. 1749

I think its women who have autism because they take this stuff literally.

No. 1750

It's not his fault he's scared of the sinful temptresses and their face powder!

No. 1751

>wonder why they got rejected
The weird ones never realise they're weird.

No. 1752

>bumping a 4 month old thread to samefag this hard

No. 1753

wow how pathetic

No. 1754


No. 1755

No. 1756

Wow, this is the first time I see this thread. Gross guys kidnapping a misandry thread, kek. No surprise. And explaining their fucking pedologic! No surprise again. Not all men are shitty but the vast majority is utter shit.

No. 1757

I was really looking forward to reading this thread until I realized it has been derailed by, surprise, surprise, men. Why do they have to ruin everything? Also, I really hate how some women (assuming it wasn't all men pretending) throw the most ridiculous insults such as: "if you hate men you must be bitter and ugly xD" honestly, it's quite the opposite, the more interactions I have with them, the more I can't stand them. While there are horrible women out there, nothing is more scary than an entitled man, especially those that think highly of themselves.

No. 1758

File: 1483384967242.jpg (493.32 KB, 3264x2448, 677675.jpg)

>implying there aren't plenty of women, especially teachers, who prey on middle/high school guys

You sure love to generalize an entire gender, don't you?

No. 1759

In my case, the more interactions I have with men, the more I just can't stand black guys or mexicans. Fucking bullshit the way many of them act on the street. So then it leaves me feeling racist thanks to the PC Police.

No. 1760

16-18 year old girls are perfectly fine to feel attracted to

No. 1761

Robot pls. "plenty of" in a population of 3.5 billion hardly means anything.

Pedophilic/hebephilic men though, it's in their biological imperative. But keep pretending it's a generalization.

If you're 16-18, maybe.

No. 1762

>I just can't stand black guys or mexicans.
>So then it leaves me feeling racist thanks to the PC Police.
it should make you feel racist because it is racist

No. 1763

No. 1764

so what

No. 1765

What's wrong with being racist?

No. 1766

if you don't think anything's wrong with being racist then why would you care about feeling racist

No. 1767

Because feeling racist is a Jewish plot.

No. 1768

File: 1483546860703.jpg (82.69 KB, 481x648, onlythedeadcanknowpeacefromthi…)

>revealing clothing

>pants, shirt, sweater


No. 1769

i have immediately lost all sympathy for cows seeing how racist you all are

if you don't want men to be sexist how about you don't be racist

No. 1770

File: 1483546940488.jpg (974.05 KB, 2000x2000, 1465836532346.jpg)



No. 1771

Women are attracted to hot 16-18 year olds

Wasn't there some 12 year old on the show Shameless they were all getting wet over?

No. 1772

File: 1483685936152.jpg (38.86 KB, 564x550, 1468128330819.jpg)

This thread made me think. I'm a 'virgin'. It's hard to come to a consensus about what virgin really means. Some people say it only counts when you penetrate. Others say oral counts. I say fuck all that shit and be a good friend. Sound beta? I give zero fucks.

The penis is a third actor. When you say 'That guy is thinking with his dick', you're on the right track. That guy is actually doing no thinking. His dick is thinking. If you've met a penis before, you'll know it reacts without input from him. It has a mind of its own.

Throughout a guy's life, he gets erections whenever his dick wants to have an erection. If he avoids having an orgasm long enough, he gets so horny it's distracting. He has no control over it.

He learns to control this behavior via wanking or blowing a load in/on her, turning around, and sleeping. This is a bad idea. He needs to learn how to make love rather than dump his orgasm and leave. This is old news to you women.

Personally, I strive to understand how to make love above everything else. When I have wank sessions, I try to hold in my jizm as long as possible. Currently, my record is 10 minutes, which is the standard according to The Joy of Sex (1972). I want to be able to hold it long enough to outlast my partner.

I'd make a good boyfriend. Welp, the search continues.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1773

File: 1483688373144.gif (226.86 KB, 600x600, 729.gif)

>enjoys being a beta virgin
>can only last 10 mins
>"you women"

This is the most pathetic thing I've ever read and the saddest attempt at "please pay attention to me" ever. Nobody gives a shit, you retard.

No. 1774

The second hand embarrassement I got from reading that is almost painful.

No. 1775

File: 1483738714195.png (388.31 KB, 576x1024, 1453730603804.png)

Hello I am a frequent poster at r/incels and r9k. I am 20 years old and single and am looking for a gf

My only qualifications are you don't be fat.

Please feel free to contact me at my email [Email redacted by Admin](pls no bully aol)


No. 1776

I've been not having sympathy for these idiots. They are white and asian gworls after all

No. 1777

shut up nigger

No. 3847

ITT: Frustrated cat ladies who couldn't get Chad to cheat on his girlfriend

No. 3848

it's like teasing someone just to blueball them, you don't go start the engine in a car and don't drive it

No. 4005

File: 1496639679257.jpg (189.66 KB, 720x1130, male feminist.jpg)

I'm severely disappointed that this thread was moved to /sty/. What the fuck is with this new admin?

No. 4006

I thought this was going to be a thread where we could talk about hating men. WTF happened?

No. 4031

It's genuinely pretty hard to stop looking at porn. You may believe sexual desire is distributed independently of biological sex, but at least for me it's very difficult. From firsthand experience, cocaine is easier to quit than pornography. It seems strange for anybody to say porn is good, though.

Male attention whoring, trolling, and defensiveness.

No. 4417


No. 5162


No. 5182

File: 1603235219398.png (68.19 KB, 744x597, 1685484987.png)

No. 5183

File: 1603235503915.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, dc8b0e3acb5efacebb5f51392ade9f…)

No. 5186

Does anyone else hate men? I hate male body smell so much. No matter how much Axe they ingest, you can still smell it. Disgusting.

No. 5190

Idk what porn you're looking at. Most of it has crap cinematography, average actors, dumb lines, and the only appeal of looking at it is if you're already turned on.

No. 5194

>wahhhh manhate is a newfag thing it didn't exist in the olden days!!!!!
>literally a misandry thread created in january 2016 with hundreds of replies

No. 5196

This is already 2.0, first thread from 2015 hit limit >>>/ot/21625
Male made thread crying about misandry, got ridiculed by everyone >>>/ot/37179
2015 thread shows consensus dislike of sexwork and knowledge that legalization does not work >>>/ot/8230
There are more fragmented threads with similar sentiments. But yeah suuure it’s the sudden invasion of evil tumblr/reddit feminists, and not grievances against the male breed is a female condition.

No. 5200

B-but anon, it was all just recent reddit migration!

No. 5205

the brainless faggot pickme users who constantly sob and whine about "radfems ruining the board" literally just don't like reality or truth or actual fact based discussions and they're the ones actually ruining lolcow, it's just the truth at this point. like god fucking forbid there's a thread in the OFF TOPIC BOARD that talks about how shitty men usually overall are kek. poor men :((( such uwu victims, and radfems so totally ruin every thread ever with essays of ~~feminist rhetoric~~ somehow even though in the last like solid 6 months there's been almost no radfem posts in almost any singular thread on lolcow, unless you count complaining about men as being a big spooky toxic radical feminist

No. 5206

I think this was the first formal "misandry general".
Even before that, I remember there were anons who talked about not liking men in passing, which is probably why even the OP of this linked thread is basically a venting post, rather than some sort of feminist boogeyman invasion.
But sure, everyone is just Reddit. The true essence of Lolcow is being angry at people for not liking trannies, and not wanting people to discuss pregnancy or having female anatomy because that's "Karen" behavior, I guess. What a sad state.

No. 5208

You sound autistic

No. 5209

The people trying to revision the history into "we were accepting of men before and manhate is a recent thing from a few years ago" and demanding men to be allowed are pretty transparent with their intentions I must say. I've been using Lolcow since 2015 and there has never been a welcome scrotes sentiment going on, users here have always been anti-male. God the original fucking male admin banned male posters. We most likely have men posting all the time but they're courteous enough not to talk about their dicks so it's really a non-issue.

So what do they have to gain from allowing men to be posting, banning the word "troon" and handing out bans for pinkpill discussion? I think anyone can put 1 and 1 together. It's a fucked up thing to claim it's all because "o-otherwise w-we'll attract stupid reddit radfems!!". Also note that they always bring up the retarded black and white point about how "lolcow is misogynist to begin with because we shit talk female cows" like the userbase was a monolith and like the PP people were the ones sperging about Momokun's tit vein, and as for the other cow issues I'm pretty sure you can be a feminist and still call a woman out for outright criminal and immoral behavior. The "you can't be a feminist if you criticize women" is literally the gotcha incels try to pull when a feminist-identified woman considers the attention whores painting with their period blood for shock value or something crazy.

No. 5210

no i sound right

No. 5211

I am so pleased you guys have found yourselves at home here in /sty/, this is exactly where you belong

No. 5212

Thanks for your concern but this place is an upgrade from /ot/, like a fucking mansion with marble floors and shit

No. 5213

File: 1603371184220.png (2.23 MB, 1170x873, styisfortherealones.PNG)

No. 5215

>sperg about pinkpillers
>still follow them everywhere and seethe even more
If a new site gets made, and it goes through a succession of admins like Lolcow has had, I'm sure you faggots will be there bitching at the admin that it was ackshually never a radfem site and that males/trannies shouldn't be banned, lmao. You're that obsessed.

No. 5221

>lolcow is misogynist to begin with because we shit talk female cows
Gaslighting clown shit seeing that we unironically had more male threads then than we do now. Farmers shittalked in general and specific about robots, 4chan groomers, coomers and racists. Until newfags started only wanting to talk about Instagram hoes, users of male threads went to KF instead. The revisionism is real.

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