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File: 1425572289861.jpg (79.75 KB, 612x612, 547724_119445941535367_1988617…)

No. 57554

So, is coffin's wife a doll/fake or not?

Did we ever come to a consensus over this?

No. 57560

Fuck, not this again. She's real, anon. They're both just creepy as fuck. I was way too invested in this shit, please can we let it die.

No. 57563

She's real but she uses a lot of photoshop and they're both crazy and weird.

No. 57565

I refuse to believe there isn't a doll involved.

No. 57574

They're both attention whores and are probably perfect for each other. Poor toilet nigga though.

No. 57578

She's fugly without shooping and likely retarded.

No. 57615

Ok. I still think she's way out of his league though.

And deffo not scottish, I saw the vid where she spoke and she sounded murrican

No. 57618

Um, which video?…she sounds Scottish in all the videos I've seen (proof video, Bayonetta playthroughs)

No. 57624

There still hasn't been proof of them being in a relationship. He could literally post one picture of them hugging/kissing sincerely and it'd all be over.

Yes, she's real, but they clearly are not in love. His doll takes care of that part.

No. 57625


She's fugly when you see her on webcam with him. Her mouth area really is unfortunate and she looks not much like the doll in the selfies.

I think she's massively fucked up and that's how they get on. He referred to her as his wife in that live stream and she didn't say anything. They're probably married and that fugly kid is probably theirs, but there's something really dodgy about the relationship - ie the doll.

No. 57627

OVER AN HOUR of cringe

No. 57633

They're probably just in the scam together, practically every tweet has a link to the 'jaw surgery' funding page.

So much pain every time Graham Linehan retweets Coffin. I used to like him but damn he's dumb when it comes to anything remotely GG-related.

No. 57636

"Help braceface get jaw surgery cause she's fuckin ugly :^)"

Well, that's going to fail miserably.

No. 57638

My theory is she is not in relationship with him but he offered her a part of the money they'll get from that jaw surgery scam. That's why she decided to act like his wife.

Anyway anti-gamergaters and SJWs are fucking retarded for giving this crook their money

No. 57759

If she'd been refused the surgery in the UK (supposing she's from the UK and supposing she needs jaw surgery), then it can't be that bad.

I'd be more concerned about having a breast reduction because those things have got to give her back pain/torn shoulder tendons.

How does gofuckme work? Is it like kickstarter where they don't get the cash unless they meet the goal, or does the cash go into their account immediately? Who the fuck would donate to him?

No. 57766


her tits aren't even that big, she shops the fuck out of them and in the gifs she is literally wearing 2 pushup bras in addition to having pregnancy boobs. which is weird in the first place, even making boob gifs while you're pregnant in addition to her weird slutty 1 day postpartum selfie

No. 57770

>Who the fuck would donate to him
Idiots who think that he's being bullied and hounded by Gamergaters for no reason.

I'm not even pro-GG but I can clearly see there's something off about Coffin and his relationship with his 'wife'.

Half of Peter's 'humor' on YT would be offensive to SJWs if they actually looked into him anyway. They're just retards who follow what they're told by their leaders.

No. 57780

I don't give a fuck about GG either. He's one of life's pitiful repulsive characters. This whole Coffin/doll/Ashleigh thing has given me many lols and was hoping something was going to come to light. Still holding out for it.

No. 57795

I think that is why everyone got bored so quickly. We were all wanting some big discovery and he ended up disappointing. They're both obviously insane but are really nothing different then a Ltd of the other cows we get lately. They kind of remind me of DSP and pandalee only they don't have the fame to back up their egos.

No. 57825

Ugh I remember that. This fraud of a chick has major issues, and that's not counting the fact that she willingly is with the biggest fraud ever.

No. 57939

Yeah, I'm super disappointed that his gf wasn't a doll. It would've been hilarious

No. 58003

No. 58014

Yeah, so disappointing she just turned out to be just another weird low self-esteem chick instead of a doll. I imagine she was bullied at school because of her awkwardness/jacked up teeth, then grew into her looks a bit and started posting her weird boob selfies for validation and then clung to the first guy that gave her attention, ie Peter.

No. 58022

I'm just annoyed that it sent us into cut-throat doll vs. real arguments.

No. 58079

Her boob selfies and justification for them are terrible, especially since it's just padding and shoop.

No. 58096

Wait, last I heard there was no proof that she was his wife?

No. 293499

Autism activate

Heres's the deal, there is a doll involved, you can see the amount of stop frame animation done with a blurry cam that looks like its from 2004. The low res and high noise filters hides shopping. Also the static facial pose, the hand gestures that are identical. The Twitter posts are near identical to Peters as well.

The doll is maybe a representation of the real girl that we see now, but its obvious the real life girl came later.

Perhaps he met her online, or perhaps he sought her out. Likely to complete the online fantasy that this was his wife, the girl is one of the set pieces. Her accent sounds closer to American with a Scottish twinge. So perhaps the story of her being from Scotland is legit.

In youtube videos you of them together there is no real affection or touching, the videos have extremely frequent editing and cuts even between single lines. As you can see in the before and after videos of the real girl, shes had dental surgery obviously, so I can believe that part.

The question is the motive of the girl. She is obviously in on the act, though I'm not sure to what extent. He got her surgery paid for, and she perhaps wants to be a youtube star or celebrity which is why she wanted the dental surgery. Perhaps Peter convinced her this was her opportunity as long as she played along. When Peter talks during the YT video she repeatedly blinks often, indicating she is stressed to some degree.

The pregnancy and baby are all fake, the doll of the baby was put into the baby holster on the realdoll, you can tell because the hand positions on the baby is exactly the same, down to the skin folds on the wrists, apart from a minor rotation of the wrist on the right arm to fool the viewer. Also Peter's photo taking style is completely different to that of the real girl herself. You can tell what is a Peter posed and photoshopped pic almost immediately.

I commend him on being able to fool people with just a realdoll for so long though, but I suppose thats the average IQ for you.

No. 293512

/cow/ pls exit with your autism. Cannot believe you've bumped a dead cow with the real doll theory ya'll still pushing. Tragic

No. 293515

That you Peter? I can't think of anyone else that would reply to a thread less than an hour after 1 year of nothing.

Hitting too close to home?

No. 293578

Probably not, since >>293512 had enough sense to at least sage.

I opened the catalog myself and saw it had been bumped and was hoping something new turned up. But yeah, >>293499
bumping an ancient thread is dumb as fuck. Autist should probably go back to /cow/ because their post reeks of pasta.

No. 300023

By all accounts, Peter is a ding dang hot pocket

No. 300024

Kill yourself

No. 300025

Peter, you don't need to resort to calling yourself names to get attention. Go take care of toiletnigga.

No. 302007

Forget about Peter lets talk about Ashleigh and how she doesn't even look like the same person now.

No. 302008

File: 1475151144759.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-29-08-10-53…)

Dropped my pic

No. 302011

Yeah she does look weirdly different. Like, I'm not sure what happened with her jaw surgery or what but I don't think it alters your face THAT much.

No. 302014

File: 1475154126682.png (1.42 MB, 726x979, niggaru4real.png)

I think everyone pretty much thinks that she just had plastic surgery but called it jaw surgery to get the free money. The entire bottom portion of her face doesn't even look the same anymore. But she still insists on stuffing smashing her tits up as much as possible just to show she's well endowed. Pic related, that shit isn't even normal.

No. 302022

wow im actually kinda creeped out

No. 302025


I'm glad Im not the only one who thinks its weird and she looks different.

No. 302052

She looks like a completely different person. Wtf?

No. 302074

She has a chin now! Huh, that changed her face a lot…also those boobs look pants on head retarded stuffed up that high. Just wear a low cut shirt if you want to show your tits off, jesus

No. 302075

File: 1475185418538.jpg (92.94 KB, 1152x288, many faces of Ash.jpg)

No. 302076

This is plastic surgery worth paying for.

No. 302079

File: 1475186560322.jpg (92.79 KB, 1152x288, Ash2.jpg)

No. 302080

Jaw surgery doesn't change the face this much. I had gotten jaw surgery for cosmetic reasons. It softly changed a few things, what is going on with her face has to be more then jaw surgery. Either way he face looks pretty damn good. Good for her for getting someone to pay for her work. kek

No. 302147

She seems much happier at least

No. 302157

Why is she still married to Peter Coffin?

No. 302182

No. 302191

If she wanted cash she could get someone who actually has it instead of having to beg for it.

No. 302203

On her jaw, it looks like it was elongated, the width have down.

I think she also had a nose job. She also did something to make her eyes look bigger - maybe had some of the hood removed? Maybe cheek implants?

No. 302237

Her eyes are bigger because she's abusing every beautifying snap chat filter there is. But since you pointed it out she does look like she's had a nose job

No. 302241

Is it even safe to surgically alter the shape of the jaw that much?

No. 302272

It looks like she keeps photoshopping the same jawline and smile onto her face in every photo.

She must have had quite a few jaw surgeries to achieve that I'm guessing.

No. 302277


Jesus none of those faces look the same. She definitely uses filters, apps, photoshop, etc. Its not only the shape of her face that has changed but her skin looks smoother? It's uncanny valley shit. I feel like there is more to it but I can't put my finger on it

No. 302314

She's a known abuser of photoshop shrink and bloat tools, wouldn't be surprised if the inconsistency in jaw is due to that.

No. 302322

What a terrible job she did on her boobs, they look copy and pasted on her chest.

No. 302345

Jesus, she doesn't even look the same anymore. She does look a lot better after the surgery but she was still a pretty girl beforehand. I don't get why this woman would settle for a retarded lawn gnome like Peter.


No. 302381

Those hair extensions are so ridiculous. Every basic bitch has hair extensions down to they knees now

No. 302401

I know right? He's cringy and ugly as fuck. I guess she used him for that US Passport but man, the UK isn't that bad. She could have married a brit and not moved to the land of the burger to have an ugly baby with a beta sjw male-feminist.

No. 302458

You can watch her REAL face on video at Peter's YouTube channel. She does abuse of every Snapchat beauty filter she can find. Jaw surgery definitely helped her looks but her teeth remain enormously big, they even buldge out of his chin below the lips, but honestly who wouldn't look better with 16k worth of cosmetic surgery?

Also she's still forever concerned about losing weight and being a "hot gamur waifu", just go read her Twitter @holocronz.

I will grant her that she wasn't never ugly to begin with, but her hypocrite obsession with looking like a pornstar is disgusting.

I bet she remains married to Peter because his beta nature actually helps her impression of being "too much for a guy", she is just anchoring on him.

No. 302463

Yeah, you can see her actual face and her pushup drawn on cleavage here.

Also, her voice is so bland and obnoxious. She has zero personality either. Reading her twitter is like…someone who has 'geek' hobbies and nothing else. And is attempting to be edgy but failing.

No. 302464

Watching this video of her and comparing it to the REACTWORLD REACTION vid, she's forcing her accent so much. She also lost whatever personality she had, reducing her to big boobs and long hair.

No. 302467


The only thing moving on her face is her eyeids and lips. Everything else is stationary. So creepy.

No. 302491

She's been married to him long enough for citizenship and has an anchor baby.

No. 302548

Why does it still sound like she has a mouth full of dicks? before her surgery I figured it was because of it massive overbite which caused her to slurr her speech. But she still talks like that.

No. 302565


I agree, she sounds like she has a bunch of marbles in her mouth. Also something has always bugged me about her accent. I've seen mixed reviews if its real or not.

No. 302577

I can hear a hint of an Aberdonian accent in there, but she gets a lot of the vowels wrong. It's like she's fading in and out with how Aberdonian it gets. Doesn't sound at all like it's mixed with standard American like some people who've moved get either. If anything, it sounds like there's a bit of fake south England going on? It's bizarre. Maybe she tried putting on a London accent back in Tory.

No. 302578

Its not so much the accent, but just HOW she talks, with the weird slurred speech and almost mush-mouth.

No. 302581

It's real, it's just that she never learnt to talk properly so you get this mushed shit.

Her 'tits' are hilarious.

No. 302583

Just saw her twitter, she still has Peter's sockpuppet voice.

No. 302661

Am I the only one who thinks she's REALLY pretty in recent videos? :(

Also, this is probably weird but I like her teeth. They're cute.

No. 302684

She is not unattractive and she was never ugly, is her obnoxious way of presenting herself. she pushes her boobs all the way up but complaints when people sexualize her, she claims to use social media for friends and family but the truth is she just wants to show off whatever detail about herself that make her look a great deal of a woman. she is so committed to having this public image of a geeky mom and a hot gamer wife, everything she does seem too forced, just like her "British" accent.

If she is really happy why bother so much doing that? Every selfie she uploads is completely meaningless and obviously picked after like 500 tries.

No. 302723

I'm loving the jewelry choice. "Oops, can't let people forget I'm a total geek! I'll wear a necklace from that one video game!"

Wow. She's definitely had way too many botox injections. Is she even capable of raising her eyebrows anymore? Or making any kind of expression?

No. 302745

She looks like a very attractive forty-something year old. I think it's her immovable forehead and bleached teeth that are making me perceive her as being so much older than she actually is. She looks like a trophy wife whose husband is keeping her around just long enough for the kids to hit 18 so he won't have to pay child support when he dumps her for a younger woman.

And her tits are hilariously awful, as usual.

Regardless, she's way too hot for Peter. I feel bad for her, because she's obviously super messed up mentally. There's no way she'd settle for him if she loved herself.

No. 303104

Oh wow, I do agree that she looks like she has matured a lot in the face like how you've described.

She obviously has some sort of body dysmorphia, but it's sad, because she's reasonably attractive– far out of Coffin's league.

No. 303111

File: 1475527616144.png (58.2 KB, 513x247, bdd.png)

Actually, she does have BDD and mentioned it on her tumblr a long time ago. She's got BPD too apparently, I'll need to do some more digging for that one.

No. 303114

File: 1475528208791.png (58.03 KB, 514x255, peterisbfiguess.png)

Digging through her archives and I see this. I guess this is about Peter? She seemed so optimistic at the time.

No. 303118

File: 1475528410376.png (22.73 KB, 517x111, 32323454.png)

>Peter Coffin
OK, yeah…

No. 304126

As it was pointed before, it was a seekingarregment.com type of relationship. They met for 5 days for the first time ever, married and mover to US right away.

This is 100% euro-bride stuff.

No. 304127


No. 304292

She's been married for longer than she needs to be to become a citizen.

No. 304329

How long do you have to be married in order to become a US citizen?

No. 304357

Three years I believe. Though the fraud tools guy over at /cow/ would try to look up her history and she had none. No credit, no listings, nothing. The first public records of her didn't pop up until she got her jaw surgery. Who knows what that means though.

No. 304509

Does she even have a job?

I wonder if Peter convinced her to do the pull-out/rhythm method of birth control so he could "accidentally" get her pregnant in the hopes she'd feel forced to stay with him.

No. 304905

The real question is why would a Western European want to move to the US, anyway?

No. 304911

That's what I'd like to know. Everyone I know in Western Europe says as much as they dislike where they live, they'd never want to move to the US. I really wonder why Ashleigh was that desperate to leave the UK. Whatever her situation was, it had to be dire to want to move away at only 19 years old, marry an ugly cringe guy with no money and have an ugly baby with him. Just… Jesus.

No. 305175

No. 305298


Mentally insane mother, no father around, poor living conditions and supposedly her social anxiety wouldn't let her endure college anyway. And most important: no money for her cosmetic sugeries.

No. 305299


Isn't it obvious yet?

No. 305313

File: 1476071005112.jpg (45.06 KB, 187x370, asseigh.jpg)

i don't know, they both seem average too me, nothing special. Any day you find European chicks way hotter than her and most of then didn't had their jaws shaved down.

But being in a boring town in the most obese nation on earth I get how now she may be considered gorgeous and exotic.

No. 305340

Is that a real pic of her? She looks kinda trans compared to her edits.

No. 305349

What the fuck is this picture? Is this the result of no magical filters? That hair color fucking ages her too. This woman…

No. 305351

Her hands look ancient too. SHe's what? 23? 24? Wtf. Girl, use some nivea.

No. 305378

File: 1476104964036.png (631.1 KB, 637x825, 4353452352543.png)

Funny you say that, /cow/boys have been calling her trans for a while now. But she's actually on some strong woman kick and building up muscles. Better than how she used to starve herself before though.

No. 305382

That explains everything, most bored housewives do the fit thing so they have a goal or hobby.

Seems her BDD is still in full effect considering the ridiculous stuffing she does with her boobs.

No. 305416

>she does have BDD and mentioned it on her tumblr

Could just be a tumblr meme.

No. 305473

She looks like a 40-something housewife. Yikes

No. 305565

File: 1476181118792.png (524.49 KB, 583x706, totallynormal.png)

People who don't have BDD don't shoop their pregnancy pics to the point that their waist and neck have the same circumference.

No. 305581

Those pics freak me out every time. I know it's perfectly feasible for a woman to have a tiny baby bump but those women are usually fitness gurus that still have a six pack while pregnant. From the major overstuffing of her breasts here and the 19 weeks photo especially…it's all just so bizarre.

No. 305591

Why would anyone advertise this pretending it's real when all it does is make it look like some serious child endangerment is going on. It looks so underdeveloped it would have serious problems for life if it survived.

No. 305600

File: 1476202404140.jpg (72.45 KB, 490x590, Sarah_Stage_9_month_baby_bump.…)

I just feel that's really fucked up, I wonder if she was using old pictures or shooping?

> pic related, this is what someone with a small bump might look like, still noticeable but not big.

No. 305603

What a retarded bitch. Makes me so pissed people like her aren't prevented from breeding.

No. 305606

kek I remember these pics. Like what the fuck is even happening in them, shoop aside.

No. 305607

File: 1476206312232.jpg (78.49 KB, 960x955, 14322634.jpg)

TN seems to be developing OK, albeit a little odd looking. Someday he'll grow into that head. On a side note, I'm starting to see TN's resemblance to Peter more…poor kid.

No. 305609

Her smile looks like gran's dentures.

No. 305613

Damn, she looks so weirdly different than before ? Is it the tan ? Is this someone else ? That shit is srsly uncanny.

No. 305632

TN does resemble Peter now, but with a bloated head. Feel bad for that kid because of his loserfaggot father that never should have bred.

No. 305641


Yeah I can't figure out why she looks so "off."

No. 305645

Her face almost looks like it's been shopped on.

No. 305647

Horrible. She looks like a super hispanic "milf" robot. It's frightening.

No. 305652

her boobs look ridiculous

No. 305846

File: 1476350553781.png (585.86 KB, 2044x526, Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.21…)


No. 305849

SO. was Ashleigh Kimi this whole time? i vaguely remember Peter saying that Kimi was an asian girl from Scotland and people laughing at him about it… someone once made a good point, if you're going to catfish someone with such dedication why Peter Coffin? an old fugly loser that no woman would have stood being 2 seconds near?

No. 305852


At a quick glance while scrolling down the page I thought this was a pic of Pewdiepie's girlfriend.

No. 305853

I wish I still had the screenshot from her old tumblr where ahe implied Peter wasnt her first bf/ She was on the pill.

So she fucked other guys but never kissed them? What are you Ashleigh a prostitute?

No. 305863

Kimi was totally made up. No sane woman types like that.

No. 305866

File: 1476364757829.png (42.7 KB, 513x190, 5y45376767.png)

It's hard to say really. This, in particular, makes it seem like she was behind Kimi. As to why Peter…I don't know, I recall something about them being a part of the same atheist forum so maybe she got charmed by him there?

No. 305869

>Peter Coffin

No. 305870

I know…but something about him drew her to him. Even if it was a seeking arrangements type of thing a ton of her early posts talk about how in love she is with him and shit. It's obvious she has some pretty low standards but I guess it worked for her.

No. 305872

no. like everything else with Petey, that was a failed attempt at trying to save face for inventing a girlfriend and maintaining that relationship for a whole year. Peter will be spending the rest of his life trying to convince the world he was catfished.

No. 305916

I feel bad for this kid. He looks just like Peter.

No. 305968

Peter kept posting that particular thing to another forum to make it seem that way.

I wouldn't fall for it since he tries so hard to bury the Kimi thing to this day.

No. 306333

what the fuck?! I'm honestly at a loss of words here. What's up with those tits and that waist anyway? She looks like a drawing made by a horny 8th grade boy who has no idea how anatomy works. Someone fucking explain this to me.

Is it just me or does she look like a realdoll in every single picture ever? I'm still waiting for the big reveal that Coffin is just paying some girl to appear in the videos but actually the wife is just a doll and he's the one tweeting on her account.

No. 306346

idk, isn't it a weird coincidence that he fakes a girlfriend who's a decade younger than him, constantly praises him on twitter as the perfect boyfriend, has big tits and small waist, and acts like she's not shallow at all? then after being found out, when Peter is at his lowest, now not only a pathetic loser but also a laughing stock, he just so happens to find a girl that's EXACTLY like that and all too willing to become his girlfriend/wife/have his child?

honestly, maybe she really did have a combination of low self esteem and low standards, became smitten with him from some atheist forum, was too self-conscious to talk to him with her own photos for fear of being rejected, so she chose a much prettier girl's photos, and did everything to make Peter like her. even copying/playing along with his gross, racist humor just to appeal to him? I read somewhere Peter saying that he "badly wanted her to be real", so he willingly took a blind eye to red flags that she was fake. I can see this happening if in fact it was a catfish who spent over a year becoming his perfect dream girl who aside from being the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, shared his nasty humor, also loved him and came to his defence whenever someone mildly insulted him.

No. 306369


Too much of a coincidence, don't you think? Peter had a thing for asians long before fake girlfriend.

They found each other at euro-brides.com or similar, that's the truth.

No. 306370

Besides, she wasn't as good looking as now when they married. She was heavier, had glasses and braces plus the horsemaw. Her tits were bigger though, they've shrink due to weigthloss.

No. 306374

this theory has been posted on 8chans /cow/ by an id confirmed to be peter.

nobodys buying it dollfucker

No. 306389

That and Peter has been posting the same shit here, too. We don't need an ID to know it's his sad shit.

No. 306507

>She was heavier

She was less muscular, but it's not like she was fat or even chubby.

>Her tits were bigger though, they've shrink due to weigthloss.

She never had particularly large tits. Upwards of 90% of her boob mass was padding. She's still doing everything in her power to give herself as much cleavage as possible, but she's no longer trying to make them look cartoonishly huge.

No. 308842

File: 1477500378540.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161026-124413.png)

I insist, she is nothing special even after a 16k surgery. All of her best selfies are just visual tricks and beauty filters, and she knows it.

No. 308850


Lmfao rough year Peter?

No. 308851

Peter looks like her dad.

No. 308857

Ol' Petey's been steadily going downhill since the first major threads got all that attention. All that stress of trying to prove his wife wasn't a doll must've gotten to him.

No. 308866

Hahomygod I thought that was some random dude at first, poor old Pete lol

No. 308892


I don't understand why so many women think it's a hot thing to have a small baby bump..
I mean if your arms are thin and you don't have a chubby face but a big baby bump every fucking moron can tell you're a thin woman.

Do these women not realize that the bump is the baby?

No. 308919

She looks Hella old for her age too though. Neither of them age well.

No. 308920

She does have a bit of a Nicola Sturgeon look about her

No. 315108

If that's not the poster child for fetal alcohol syndrome, I don't know who is.

No. 315839

Lol those bra hamsters speak a thousand words

Flabby bint

No. 318781

File: 1480040777888.png (64.31 KB, 591x636, Untitled so peter coffin other…)

she is not his wife

No. 318789

This is old and receipts were never provided.

No. 318798

I agree, but it's fun to think about.

No. 321335

File: 1480965711322.jpg (58.85 KB, 281x397, 944065_10201301386494478_90766…)

when you forget your tits at home

No. 321336

that body language..

No. 321337

peter looks like an 12-year old in an adult costume

No. 321379

She gives me MTF vibes. Peter's face looks like pubes.

No. 321408


If it weren't for toilet baby I'd agree, her shoulders are tonk.

No. 321412

Poor toiletnigga, he didn't ask for these parents.

No. 321416

This picture gave me an existential crisis holy shit. I don't want to ever want to be in a relationship where this is our body language. Like…what miserable people. It's so sad.

No. 321473

File: 1481025260965.png (250.65 KB, 282x397, posture.png)

She just has a really horrid posture.
Look at how her rotator cuff is pointing forward. She has really tight traps/clavicles and due to it rolls her shoulders forward.

Red lines shows her improper posturing.
Green on how it should be..

No. 321567

That still doesn't account for why she is literally leaning away from pubeface

No. 321621


I think this is a group shot where everyone is leaning towards the middle of the photo that would have been to the left had it not been cropped(see: bits of human next to solitude). I don't think she's leaning away from him but instead they're both leaning towards an angle for a shot.

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