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File: 1542805391944.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 1537805383228.png)

No. 735750

Lola is a 19 year old girl from London who gained popularity by being involved in a public vendetta against ex boyfriend Brer Ruthven (54)

She has the potential to be quite milky if not for her constant sperging and namefagging on the old thread.

- Constantly changes her story and deletes posts.
- Threatens suicide and posts suicide notes on social media every few days.
- Livestreamed 'suicide attempt'.
- Coke addict
- Anachan
- Claims that ex was trying to groom underaged girls online
- At the peak of the drama and attention announces that her Etsy shop is coming soon.
- Hosts a meet up for "anyone who wants to meet me" as though she's famous.
- Constantly scams friends and fans under the premise she has 'nowhere to live' and is about to run out of money
- Went to L.A, said she was 'moving there' permanently and came back to London a week later, never to mention the man she went to live with again.
- Now in Tampa, FL. Supposedly permanently, living with an as of yet unidentified man.
- Posts constant pics of a slave collar trying to gain edgy points

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lola.tyrrell.77
Instagram 1: https://www.instagram.com/lolatyrrell/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/safebylola/
Petition: https://www.change.org/p/metropolitan-police-first-time-domestic-abuse-offenders
Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/helpsupportmyrecovery

No. 735753

Excellent choice of picture, anon.
>Brer gave Lola a sock. Lola's a free nut!

>- Claims that ex was trying to groom underaged girls online
She's nuts, but that's not outlandish. He did get with her when she was a teen, and he already a geezer.

No. 735759

No. 735760

My Story: Part Two

Published on Nov 16, 2018

No. 735762

File: 1542809165078.jpg (4.83 KB, 290x290, tong-kun.jpg)

OK so that's a nice OP and great picture choice … but you missed something.

Who was there for us when the milk was thin? Who did we hold aloft as a symbol of her craziness and ridiculous storytelling? Who made us laugh and cry and come together in that shitshow of a first thread?

No. 735777

This seems to be the same video she's already posted in the past. Why does she keep re-uploading it? How is it "Part Two"?

No. 735781

The way she talks is so fucking irritating. Shit personality aside, it’s no wonder everyone gets sick of her.

No. 735790


My Story: Part One

Published on Sep 19, 2018

No. 735813

>Claims that ex was trying to groom underaged girls online

Any 54-year-old man "dating" a 19-year-old teen is most definitely grooming teens online for when she gets too old.

No. 736000

while it is morally wrong and fucked up for a 50 odd year old man to be dating and being interested in teens there’s no evidence of him being interested in UNDERAGE girls, we constantly hear about young teens wanting ‘sugar daddies’ and lola is one of them as we’ve seen by those findom and seeking sugar daddy accounts. what he’s doing doesn’t sit right with me but he it’s not like he groomed lola and other girls if they’re actively seeking that kind of man. it’s not illegal to be interested in younger girls no matter how wrong it may seem

No. 736186

I wonder how her ‘friends’ she left behind in London feel, now especially that she’s apparently never coming back to England.

No. 736192

Why the fuck are you defending an elderly guy dating barely legal teen girls? He's clearly a nonce and you're an absolute creep for trying to blame the girls who are barely adults in this situation (and in lola's case obviously quite mentally ill as well) instead of the clearly predatory rich old man who happens to date people who are only just legally out of childhood. I s2g I find the one random pedo lover in these threads more annoying than Lola herself posting.

No. 736198

File: 1542885882274.jpg (711.37 KB, 1076x833, Screenshot_20181122-212330_Ins…)

Pic of the two 'friends' she is with in Florida masters house anon requested last thread.

No. 736211


For a second I thought she was hanging her sunglasses off her collar ring…

No. 736216

Strange, I would have sworn that I have already heard that audio from "Part Two" somewhere else, that's why it seemed like a re-upload. But I don't have the patience to go through her "artsy" Youtube content.

No. 736219

This looks like some sort of collage made in Photoshop. The lighting is different and the background for the girl on the right looks like it doesn't fit.
Any chance of finding out who these girls are? Wouldn't be surprised if she was making it up (that they're there with her), for some reason. The girl on the right has quite a distinctive tattoo in Russian.

No. 736230

Calm down. Pedos go after kids, not teens. That's ephebophiles which is something different. Hardly much better but different. Then there are guys like Brer, who are just creepy, not -phile anything. Despite the loaded language you use, she's an adult so it's just regular 'ewww' and not OMG GROOMING PEDO. And even then, since we are once again talking about consenting adults, who the fuck cares if we think it is creepy anyway?
I s2g I find you spilling your spaghetti about this on the regular more annoying than the newfags who shit it up.

so now she's part of a harem. this is gonna go well.

No. 736231


No it’s likely that she’s just edited her face and not the other girls faces

No. 736255

nayrt but
>pretending that there is a significant difference in maturity between a 16/17-year-old (i.e. underage) and a 19-year-old
>pretending that it being legal means it's not predatory

No. 736298

the girl on the left is @_boston and on the right is @_.antonya, both are on instagram

No. 736318

Sure but it ain’t illegal. Stop pretending like her ex mindwashed her into dating him. The whole point of being 18 is that one is regarded to be not retarded thus responsible for their choices. Brer isn’t even the first wrinkly gray dick she’s taken. Bitch always talks about muh *~older men~* and shit. It’s not her fault to get “abused” but it’s her fault she’s a mentally stunted womanchild who refuses to learn about healthy relationships. Lola only wants edge points for pretending to be the most manic pixie dream girl to ever exist by purposefully chasing old fucked up men. Fuck outta here with that tumblr bullshit.

No. 736343

>The whole point of being 18 is that one is regarded to be not retarded thus responsible for their choices.

Different anon, but when I look at my own behavior at 18, I have to say that I still did plenty of retarded things that I wouldn't do nowadays, simply because I lacked life experience. Some old fart going for such young girls (30+ year age difference) is certainly not a coincidence. He does it because he knows he'll be able to get away with a lot of stuff that older women wouldn't allow him to do.

Also, Lola is obviously mentally unstable, that can't be denied. She's an adult, so she can make the decisions she makes, of course, but we can comment that we find these old guys she hangs out with shitty too.

No. 736351

18 year olds are widely considered to be completely retarded, anon. If you haven't noticed that then you have to be underage or close to it yourself.

No. 736362

Give me a break, saying that a 54-year-old man going after teenage girls is predatory is considered "tumblr shit" now? But I get it anon, you've just turned 18 and think you're a mature adult, we've all been there. Lola's behaviour is still flakey all the same, but that doesn't mean that the dudes that date her are somehow absolved from being gross fucks.

No. 736600

Agreed with the above comments. Just because you're "legal" doesn't make you suddenly mature, Lola is great evidence of that.

No. 736632

first anon that said about brer not being a full fledged nonce on this new thread
i’m not at all defending his behaviour i still think it’s wrong idk why you’re getting so aggy, there is a huge maturity difference BUT. all i’m saying is grooming is where an older person seeks to befriend and manipulate a child into having sex with them. lola seeker him, like she does on the sugar daddy sites, all i’m saying is she’s actively looking for men interested in younger girls, she knows exactly what kind of men she’s going for, old men don’t just approach her and she’s so uwu fucked up that she falls for abusers because of her manic lolita persona, she knows they’ll treat her like a child and buy her thinks and treat her like she’s a child, she wants a fucking daddy and no surprise considering her blatant daddy issues, yeah the guys are fucked up but i’m not talking about the men’s issues here, i’m talking about lola’s.

No. 736719

I don't have the image but ages ago she posted a pic of her as a little child with her very young looking mum and a man in his 50's. It was implied this was her family so perhaps her mother was a young girl married to an older guy and she's just recreating her childhood. She has her mum on Facebook and she is the same kind of tragic art hoe that Lola tries to be. Her mum only looks late 30's.

No. 736756



No. 736970

Lola no longer follows Robert on Instagram and he doesn’t follow her back anymore??? Could this be a sign that she’s probably coming to London much sooner than we thought?

No. 738360

No. 738361


No. 738362

This is Lola's mum now

No. 738363

No. 738369

how does the mother look so different? her facial structure literally looks so different here, like, her cheekbones

No. 738372

Don't post family members. Read the rules.

No. 739173

I heard that the police have dropped the charges against Brer. Anyone able to confirm this?

No. 739456


No. 739459

Still confused as to how she constitutes as being a 'model'. The pink hair makes her look like the lovechild of the lazytown girl and lord farquaad. She's got his jaw, anyhow. The black, side-swept hair looks good with her strong jaw.

But damn, Brer just looks like an old raisin. How'd you do it Lola? Did you put a paper bag on him or something?

No. 739713

File: 1543401770911.jpg (53.88 KB, 1740x646, 2775a_2.jpg)

I heard that Brer possesses the finest tongs in the land. Anyone able to confirm this?

No. 739988

His tongs are, cough, long and hard.

So I hear.

No. 740591

Turns out that this is true! - confirmed by Hendon Magistrates Court.

I wonder how Lola will attempt to spin this…

No. 741234

Oh my… And I was looking forward to the court drama.

No. 742554

File: 1543782172797.jpeg (241.86 KB, 1125x1133, 41E7B228-F84B-4F9D-A437-28F6DA…)

where’s the collar?

No. 742565


Where is the rest of her nose?

No. 742575


She has used the Liquify filter in photoshop to turn herself into a Bratz doll.

Idk who she thinks she's fooling, we know she doesn't look like that and so does she.

No. 742594

her pinky and ring fingers are really fucked up bc of the shop

No. 742608

File: 1543788413003.png (206.21 KB, 324x527, QuickScreencapture_20181202-22…)


No. 742631

Collars still on - check next photo

No. 742636

I know Lola personally, and she cannot take the collar off at all

No. 742692

Learn to sage. And I’m sure you do, Lola.

No. 742693

Found Lola’s Askfm from when she was younger, the question about modelling and anorexia is yikes.

Ask: https://ask.fm/LolaTyrrell/best
Archive: http://archive.is/wx9ZS

No. 742727

proof or gtfo

No. 742731

File: 1543800534956.png (76.05 KB, 1072x687, QuickScreencapture_20181203-01…)

She must have always been an attention seeker

No. 742732

File: 1543800687961.png (853.82 KB, 1080x1167, QuickScreencapture_20181203-01…)

She reposted the selfie with less fucked up hands. I'm guessing she browses here then

No. 742739

she literally posts here

No. 742744

File: 1543802863762.jpg (85.29 KB, 1500x1500, 1542641905590.jpg)


Yeah? No, already debunked in the last thread:

This appears to be her collar. No mention of it being a shock device.


This collar was made in polished surface handmade finished stainless steel with an O-Ring at the front.The collar secures with a small hex screw that is integrated into the locking tab on the side opposite of the hinge. The collar locks when the hex screw is screwed into a small grove on the lower portion of the locking tab, thereby preventing the collar from opening. Please be extremely careful when closing the collar. The hinge has the potential to pinch as you are closing the collar. Actual internal diameter may vary by ~2mm (smaller or larger), as these are made by hand. If you are unsure on the size, we recommend ordering the larger of the two sizes. We are a manufactory of stainless steel and titanium jewekry,more than 95% items on sell produced by ourself,if you have other demand please don't hesitated to contact us.We will try our best to offer you 100% satiafaction.When we received a hopefully feedback with your purchase from you,we shall do the same for you.If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please let us know first (don't submit dispute on AliExpress.com) we shall do the utmost to solve problem.

No. 742745


A bunch of her old accounts were posted in >>735759. Happy digging before she DFE!

No. 742908

I still don't understand why she alters her photos so much, but then she also streams on Instagram where everyone can see how she actually looks. What's the point?

No. 742920

So that picture and link doesn't prove she can't take it off, just that she's not the one with the key

No. 742989

First off, sage yourself. Second, get a paperclip and you can open it, dumbass.

No. 743027

Anyone know if she’s still in the US? Also, what has she been posting lately? Bitch is private

No. 743264


The listing proves that the collar can be removed, thus debunking >>742636.

No. 743531

Why are you so invested in the discussion about the stupid collar? Even the tong discussion was more interesting than arguing about her fake BDSM persona.

No. 743869

File: 1543971172831.jpeg (389.72 KB, 1151x1945, 263BAF51-A26A-4E2A-986F-C83209…)

Alright lola?

No. 743884

Holy fuck. Did she post this?

No. 743886

Oh god it would be a dream to have a Lola-Dasha crossover as we gather to watch them ruin each other

No. 743912

honestly i'm starting to think she's doing this on purpose because she thinks it's arty to shop the fuck out of her face until she resembles an alien.
no one in their right mind would look at pic related and think it's ok to post (or believable in the slightest)

No. 743913

honestly i'm starting to think she's doing this on purpose because she thinks it's arty to shop the fuck out of her face until she resembles an alien.
no one in their right mind would look at pic related and think it's ok to post (or believable in the slightest)

No. 744142

Sorry to have to report this but the case at Hendon for the 11th regarding her allegations against creepy Brer has indeed been cancelled. The prosecution has dropped the case (a call to London Magistrates will tell you the same) which indicates that her conduct in posting about Ruthven (and the tongs, we can't forget the tongs) has likely resulted in the case being dropped. Looney attention seeking and habitual lying does not go down well with a jury. So the case has been dropped by the Crown rather than her deciding to drop the case herself because she wants to stay in the USA as a house pet for some equally creepy old fuck. Shame for Brer as he'll have the allegations of abuse over his head for the rest of his days with no way of clearing his name. But accusing someone of assault and then fucking the case up by your own looney behaviour is so Lola!

No. 744145

holy shit i completely ignored the fact she only got media attention because of fucking tongs. this whole time i've been following this thread was because she's a wannabe artsy fartsy girl. fucking tons. #savethetongs

No. 744165

File: 1544021601826.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, E9EBDE8B-536F-4392-8FB8-33839B…)

she’s taken the collar off btw, and the story before this was captioned “freedom”

No. 744221

File: 1544031284588.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 7F9DBC3A-2F94-49A3-A216-94D42B…)

It appears Lola is leaving Florida now with her new American ‘best friend’

No. 744230

my bad, didn’t see the ask link

sorry friend

No. 744238

File: 1544034333113.png (950.57 KB, 750x1334, C247D9DC-7966-4E84-80CD-1F23FD…)

41 lol

(this is old btw someone sent me it)

No. 744241


I'm glad someone started to dig. She is definitely well on her way to cow status having so many accounts and attempts at reinventing herself.

No. 744243

>'Florida has been a fucking nightmare'
She's spent the whole time pissing around in a pool with her new BFF. Doesn't exactly sound like a nightmare to me

No. 744311

File: 1544041753728.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 60E7F88E-7F92-40A8-BD0F-10B51B…)


No. 744351

Coming to Chiraq so shs can get shot I hope

No. 744495

Has anyone noticed that she's gained like 25 pounds in the last 6 months?

No. 744568

She’s on the cusp of anorexia, anon.

But I wonder if weight gain is influencing her alien shoops.

No. 744578

Don't say those things, anon. If Lola is lurking here, my advice is to explore one of the hidden treasures located in the city. Where some of your nicer outfits, especially if you have a designer handbag show it off. Then head on over to Englewood (sounds like bougie London neighborhood, no?) West Garfield Park! If West coast is the best coast, then…well). It's also named after a president that isn't Lincoln! It's truly a rare find in the Windy City.

Enjoy Chicago, Lola. And remember: stay west of Damen.

No. 744641

File: 1544089463660.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, D8A933A2-E530-4D5C-AC81-FBD817…)

Back in la again..

No. 744657

I'm not feeling particularly sorry for Brer - he himself admits to getting turned on by beating young girls in the conversation that was posted in the previous thread and is preying on those very young girls on purpose. He's a creep. But I'm sad that the court case got dropped, as it could have provided a nice drama at least. Considering Lola's stupid behaviour, it should have probably been expected though.

No. 745265

reminder that kinks or sadism during sex isn’t the same as abuse, it’s VERY common and consensual :)

No. 745283

Do you honestly think it went to court if the abuse was consensual

No. 745295

an old-ass man preying on young girls who are emotionally weak and are easily led isn't consensual when these girls are too young and too retarded/emotionally damaged, to make their own decisions. it's predatory and disgusting. this piece of shit is way worse than this stupid girl. 18/19 year olds are literally like, no different, neurologically, from 17 yos. these men get off on abusing barely legal girls because they know they're easily broken and led.

No. 745454

These old men are getting the short end of the deal. They get a psycho girl actively seeking someone to engage in BDSM, and then she accuses them of engaging in BDSM. What's she doing with a Russian prostitute? Is she doing that now?

No. 745510

File: 1544236423841.jpg (59.93 KB, 692x383, next.jpg)

These old men know what they want, a psycho girl barely of age that they can manipulate and fuck. They 100% know better. Blub blub I got done for beating my teen fucktoy, blub blub.

No. 745515

went to court and dropped lmaooo spanking during sex isnt the same as abuse and i don’t think anyone claimed it was, just saying brer didn’t say he was a fuckin woman beater just that his and lola’s relationship was centered around bdsm, which is what lola is looking for in these old creeps and why she’ll never escape this abuse cycle she’s got herself locked into because she’s basically seeking old men who will fulfil her fucked up needs

No. 745517

Sure it’s fucked up that old men and creeps like Brer are into younger girls, but no one manipulated lola into getting with him, she’s searching for men like that, she’s not some poor helpless girl who was gaslighted and groomed into being with an older man, clearly something in her fucked up little childhood has caused extreme daddy issues and wants exactly that, a daddy, a sugardaddy someone she can just be a helpless little child around and all she has to worry about is her ‘locked’ collar and how many designer outfits she’ll get

No. 745611

On her story 'does anyone want to know what happened in Florida' with two answers 'yes expose the psycho' or 'no, karma's a bitch'. Along with a picture of the collar and the text 'so glad I'm not in Florida anymore'. I take it things didn't work out with her sugar daddy. I wonder how long she'll stay in America for

No. 745652

File: 1544249244771.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 0B2BCE7B-C319-481D-A4E3-BDDDED…)


No. 745706

Agreed. Kink-shaming, my ass. I doubt these girls really know anything about BDSM to make informed decisions in the first place. And creeps like Brer are often claiming they are into BDSM, but it's just a way for them to enjoy their power trip and abuse girls freely without repercussions. I doubt he cares much about the BDSM scene, educates himself about the topic or knows how to actually be a proper dom.

No. 745707

Oh god, here we go again…

No. 745712

File: 1544264788723.jpeg (341.36 KB, 1818x1818, 1537453714113-2.jpeg)

He said himself that he "likes girls who want to be beaten or degraded". See the screencap (this was posted in the previous thread). The white messages are from Brer. So yes, we can assume he actually gets off on beating girls, it's not just slight spanking or being a little bit rough during sex. And yes, we have doubts that he actually knows what he's doing beyond "I get turned on by this and young vulnerable girls are more likely to fulfil my fantasies because of lack of life experience and being more easily manipulated".

No. 745713

The court case wasn't about bsdm, it was about stalking - throwing her on the street naked

No. 745850

We aren't all talking about the court case though, but about Brer's personality in general. Also, comments about kink-shaming in the context of talking about this creepster are stupid as fuck. Go back to Tumblr with that bullshit.

No. 746313

surprised people are still defending lola after all the lies she put out, no doubt this florida scandal will start another rampage over some old man she decided was rich enough to pay for her snowflake dream girl lifestyle that went sour, also read through the other thread if you’re going to make uninformed comments, she wasn’t ‘thrown out into he street naked’ it was a balcony and it was a row over some fuckin fancy ass tongs this whole thing is just a giant meme and i’m enjoying milking this for all it’s worth, we all knew the court case would get dropped or not reach a verdict, lola is way too much of a cow

No. 746326

File: 1544372971303.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, 2BD94F63-4A76-47DE-A6EE-A6726D…)

… I wonder what this will be

No. 746327

File: 1544373010260.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, C464AB27-97C5-43D3-8A69-161B00…)

No. 746330

She's milking the fuck out of this whole situation (pun intended)

No. 746347

Didn't Lola run off to Los Angeles 2 months ago to live with a sugar daddy there? What happened with him? She only lasted a week with him. Looks like she lasted three weeks with this last one. I wonder what story she's going to make up now?

No. 746348

I wonder if the
>sick mofo
Is one of these last two guys and not Brer. She is a whirlwind of self-created drama.

No. 746359

If she's back in California with yet another sugar daddy, is he going to be the 4th sick mofo in the last 60 days? LOL. I think everyone who doesn't want to put up with her crap must, by definition, in her own mind, be a sick mofo.

No. 746403

It’s almost like bouncing from one sugar daddy to another isn’t the way to a happy life

No. 746405


This is about what happened in Florida?

No. 746446

File: 1544387775370.jpeg (244.05 KB, 1242x1870, AA0971AC-EE30-4AF8-8E55-96DE1C…)

No. 746448

File: 1544387801623.jpeg (384.83 KB, 1242x1878, E25D42FF-8121-4B61-AA04-8435ED…)

definitely living the high life….

No. 746452

File: 1544387912096.jpeg (538.7 KB, 1242x1580, 8669FA12-F77B-46B4-843A-613D5B…)

i wonder what horrific tale she’ll spin out of this, classic disturbed gold digger who accuses when things go tits up

No. 746469

If she leaves this new sugardaddy in Cali, that will be four sugardaddies in 6 weeks kicking her out. What is she doing to them?

No. 746470

Clearly life in Florida was rough. All she did was get free stuff, drink, and take pics of herself and her fake-lock collar.(sage)

No. 746478

Lola has always lied, it’s why I stopped being friends with her. Heard of her asking two girls to go to Thailand with her and one of them was 15, the girl was still in school and apparently social services took her out of school because Lola was involved in sex trafficking? I saw someone mention about sex trafficking before and wondered if it was about that? I understand that she’s been through a lot and her mum is a bit mental but she doesn’t care about others and she will bring other girls into danger without giving a fuck(baiting)

No. 746484

>>746478 can you expand anymore on that?

No. 746485

On which part? The sex trafficking?

No. 746522

No. 746581

Here we go again with the international sex trafficking ring but no proof.

No. 746922

She's deleted all traces of the other girl they were there with, the one with short hair in the 'my moms' pic, as well as the picture of her waiting in the airport for the other other girl from last week.
I wonder what's going on…

No. 746964

Where’s this explanation she promised she would share on her story “tomorrow”, which was a couple of days ago now.

No. 747052

File: 1544477470358.jpg (43.24 KB, 960x540, 31952925_10160367724985290_820…)

Brer's Facebook still has pictures of Lola up, and here's one of them performing together. It seems odd that she didn't include this in that weird video of their relationship she made. If anyone can find the video of this…

No. 747053

File: 1544477632347.png (770.62 KB, 1049x1195, QuickScreencapture_20181210-21…)

She's still on his featured photos

No. 747237

File: 1544492169415.jpeg (162.25 KB, 750x873, 6E4C3189-EB46-45FA-ADF9-2B6B9C…)

No. 747238

File: 1544492191115.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, FD2C0DA7-8995-426A-877E-0A0CFF…)

No. 747239

she has edited her nose so wonky it’s funny

No. 747247

But whyyyyyy does her hair always look like a wig idgi

No. 747391

She's obviously got quite thick hair and when she gets it cut (or cuts it herself, because she probably does) she needs layers put in or a bit of thinning. She doesn't, so it just looks like a helmet.

No. 747397

Love how she reshapes her features, but keeps the sadgrl eyebags for extra sad bbydoll/manic pixie dream girl effect.

No. 747398

Love how she reshapes her features, but keeps the sadgrl eyebags for extra sad bbydoll/manic pixie dream girl effect.

No. 747429

She's having trouble thinking up a suitably outrageous and ludicrous sob story that doesn't make her look like the psycho.

No. 747431

we'll be here all month then

No. 747436

File: 1544534652130.png (281.53 KB, 800x821, Screenshot_2018-12-11-05-22-03…)

His band's Instagram looks to have been set up by Lola.


No. 747460

File: 1544541491911.jpg (59.11 KB, 1080x625, IMG_20181211_151623.jpg)

The account follows her thriving independent business account too.

No. 747500

I don't think it's a video, it's just a photo.

Looking through this guy's fb just now I was overwhelmed by the disgusting upper class ways of sad pricks (and their ridiculous names).

That gig looks amazing. Just look at the crowds. Oh, and his music is shit. These two are a good match. Both I'd pour petrol onto if they were already on fire.

No. 747535

File: 1544551980366.png (11.25 MB, 1242x2208, 9F9E4A5C-603E-45EE-81A8-2E8C01…)

No. 747846

can't wait for this. gonna be so fkn funny

No. 747847

This should be interesting if she goes through with it. Lola's life seems to be a series of trainwrecks or bots of hysteria; she has a lot of unrealized cow potential.

No. 747988


Is the inclusion of "chode" in the band name intentional

No. 748162

File: 1544643648779.png (359.83 KB, 1080x1223, QuickScreencapture_20181212-19…)

The girl that Lola was there with seems hasn't posted anything negative about her stay. Both of them still have photos of the pool and stuff up

No. 748272

I don't think a whirlwind is a good thing

No. 748304


Cannot unsee.

No. 748836

She left that friend in Tampa while she flew off to LA. #factsonly

No. 749068

File: 1544785674788.jpeg (199.14 KB, 750x1159, B175ADF1-7633-4D01-8C86-1FDE41…)

interesting. I wonder why Lola keeps delaying telling everyone what happened in Florida

No. 749084

I can’t wait till Lola finally runs out of money and ends up back in London lonely since she’s lost all of her friends back home.

No. 749086

that lilleynicole girl used to comment on her live streams constantly i’m sure of it.. if they knew eachother before then who was there first? how did they both end up together? maybe we’ll find out in this so called video

No. 749087

File: 1544791030623.jpeg (290.38 KB, 1242x1205, 3EADD173-F42C-48E2-954E-E32262…)

Looks like this one was there before them both, practically lives there? She doesn’t seem to be joining the negative hype so i wonder what’s going on there

No. 749223

The clients will have to get sick of her and stop paying first. Judging by the Tampa situation this won't take very long.

No. 749249

File: 1544822957983.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, B342A52D-C523-4467-9B56-E7FC02…)

I wonder why she is delaying the video being uploaded.. again. I guess she’s brainstorming her next crazy story.

No. 749416

On the live stream she said she got that girl a ticket to fly out from England

No. 749453

A lot of anons don't seem to have realised Lola is just as predatory as the men she gets with. That's why the court case against Brer got dropped; she never actually wanted him busted, she just wanted to extort him. It'll be the same thing here. She isn't putting up the video because there is no video. She wants Florida guy to pay up or she'll smear shit on him.

No. 749481

On the live stream she said she got that girl a ticket to fly out from England

No. 749482

Lmao anon she might be shitty but you cannot claim shes more predatory than the 40+ man who was fucking the under 20 something at the time kek

No. 749486

so she runs that international sex trafficking and tong smuggling ring right?

no teenager has a patch on a middle aged man, cognitively. brer deserves the consequences of where he sticks his dick.

No. 749507

You sound like one of those pedos who says that they couldn't help raping a kid because "she was being flirtatious"

No. 749522


NTAYRT, but get out of here with your paedo strawman. Lola has full agency.

No. 749662

Neither Lola or Beer is the victim. They're both shitty, manipulative people.

No. 749731

Lola didn't buy the girl a ticket back to london. She abandoned the girl in Tampa to chase a new sugardaddy in LA… And the Tampa guy paid to send her home. I met her. She was nice. Can't figure out why she didn't call Lola out for leaving her in a strange city the way she did. We girls should stick together more. But we don't.

No. 749740

>mentally ill teen
she's not a kid, no…

No. 749783

File: 1544935650948.jpeg (122.63 KB, 640x1136, F1C5E364-50CA-4B3F-B244-B817F3…)

Lily’s IG is not private at all… a few shots of Lola on her travel stories, and she can’t keep her hands off her stupid “permanent” collar.

No. 749804

Why is reading comprehension so hard for you spergs?
Did I say he didn't deserve consequences? No. Did I say it was an equal playing field? No. And teenager? What?

have you ever considered therapy for what happened to you or you just gonna keep projecting?

I pointed out Loal's side of the behaviour because there's a few stans in here that wanna cry about how she is much victim, poor lost girl, etc and that's clearly bullshit and gives her a pass for being a cunt.

No. 749912

File: 1544981932390.jpeg (362.91 KB, 1242x1873, 78C5D7C8-C1D7-4FC9-B9A4-4378E6…)

love a poet

No. 749935

File: 1544983293910.png (1.12 MB, 1046x1085, QuickScreencapture_20181216-18…)

My sleep paralysis demon greeting me every night at 4am

No. 749937

File: 1544983433687.png (628.21 KB, 1080x1224, QuickScreencapture_20181216-18…)

I found where she used to 'model' for. She did a couple of photos for this online brand

No. 749981

She never modelled for them. She just bought the clothes, took pictures and they reposted a picture once

No. 749990

This one will be called "Blue" then.

No. 750000

Her face is so fucking sh00ped here
Who she tryna fool

No. 750019

I see her hair's still looking like a wig or some kind of weird helmet. And she's still pretending to be some kind of big bad bitch, even though her entire existence depends on Internet attention and money from sugar daddies. Nice.

No. 750045

File: 1544999964337.jpg (82.63 KB, 720x864, mia.jpg)


>pretending to be some kind of big bad bitch

No. 750177

I'm not one to post on these things so this will be my first and last post :-)

I'm Lily, Lola's friend, I met her in May/June this year. I moved to London after a suicide attempt for better healthcare; so after seeing her missing posters on Twitter I made it my goal to try to help after being in a similar situation myself.

So after a couple failed searches I get in contact with her childhood friends who arrange for all of us to meet - and we did just that and we had a lot of fun, but she was incredibly depressed and it was obvious that she felt hopeless, I really like to think my visit helped her even if it was a little bit.

After this we kept in contact through messages and phone calls, and in the end of November I found myself in a bad place mentally and as soon as I told her she phoned me up and organized for me to fly out and to see her.

I can't really explain what happened out there, but I had so much fun with Lola and she honestly has helped me so much when I'm feeling low.

She was not at fault for what happened out there, let me make that clear.

Firstly she didn't abandon me in Florida, my ticket was already booked home - she left a couple days before me but not before buying me an airbnb, Uber and giving me spending money for food.

I'm just glad she's in a safe place now.

I hope that clears up misunderstandings ✌️(not your first post, but hopefully your last. gtfo)

No. 750181

Is this Lola self-posting again as someone else?

>I can't really explain what happened out there

Ehm… what?

Yeah, she sounds like a great friend, flying you into a situation that you yourself "can't explain" (probably because the guy ended up demanding sexual favors and it was traumatic for you, right?), and exploiting the mental health issues you mention having. Yeah, she truly sounds like the best friend ever.

No. 750184


Gtfo Lola with your shitty self post!

No. 750196

If I read this chain correctly, Lola left you in Florida while she went off to LA to go chase a new sugar daddy. I really don't see any other way of explaining this.

Aren't you mad about this? I sure would be.

No. 750204


‘she left a couple days before me but not before buying me an airbnb, Uber and giving me spending money for food‘

well, i for one would certainly like to know why me and others who lent her money when she was ‘in need’ and starving on her little cusp of anorexia, haven’t gotten any money back, she seems like SUCH a generous and giving person, helping other troubled teens join in her destructive and cow behaviour while stealing off people!!! wow

No. 750241

>I can't really explain what happened out there
>hope this clears things up

gtfo Lola

No. 750302

So you really think you’ll just type any name in the name field and everyone will believe you you really are that person?
Proof or gtfo

No. 750331


if you’re really that close to lola and actually a decent human being why don’t you tell her to stop flying vulnerable girls out in dangerous situations and tell her to use the money to pay back people who tried to help her? you’re no better than her if you’re letting her spend other people’s money on you, and you actually believed she’d keep you safe.

No. 750338

Isn’t her name spelled Lilley?

No. 750359

well spotted

No. 750544

So does the redtext confirm that this was actually Lola self-posting once again? If so, then that's truly pathetic at this point. The fact that she feels the need to make up these friends that have something positive to say about her is very telling. Now I'm wondering what the truth actually is.

No. 750617

Strange, I thought Lola would at least know how her friends name is spelled

No. 750796

lola and her friend she met in america; ._.antonya no longer follow each other on instagram. i wonder if her american friends are starting to notice the real lola yet.

No. 750867

File: 1545183867745.png (900.57 KB, 1074x1519, QuickScreencapture_20181219-01…)

That dirty house. I doubt this guy's a millionaire

No. 750873


Is her new aesthetic creepy basement vibes? First the slave collar…

No. 751000

Hey Lola, how does it feel to be a literal prostitute?

No. 751044

lol when lola first went missing and would do live streams, lilley and this other girl were just some random viewers who believed her empty suicide threats. they went to see lola with one of her childhood mates. i think they went to tate modern or something. thought the name lilley sounded familiar…

No. 751150

I said the same thing!! I definitely remember lilleys name as one of the ones commenting on here streams and during that weird meet-up she did

No. 751151

I said the same thing!! I definitely remember lilleys name as one of the ones commenting on here streams and during that weird meet-up she did >>751044

No. 751153

I said the same thing!! I definitely remember lilleys name as one of the ones commenting on here streams and during that weird meet-up she did

No. 751163

Lola is definitely a very immature, lost, sad, little girl who uses other people for her personal gain. She doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but herself and she proves it on a daily basis. Such a high maintenance diva who just wants to get paid to lounge around and color pictures.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751180

Nina is a hooker

No. 751181

A Russian hooker

No. 751182


No. 751218

Lola is live now spilling deets

No. 751220

Her Instagram is still private. Someone pls record!

No. 751254

Lola stated in her instagram live that the man she was staying with in Florida was called “Robert Guidry” or something like that

No. 751267

lola also stated in her live video that she got kicked out of the house in florida by that man.
lola and her friend antonia have fallen out apparently because she was horrible towards her and lola’s new friend in la..
she also met her new friend from la on tinder.. and mentioned how she’s ‘minted’

i wonder how long till this friendship dramatically falls apart.

No. 751269

File: 1545257703408.jpeg (81.55 KB, 750x248, 0E440241-1EB1-4DE7-B62C-62DBDB…)

So the man Lola stayed with in Florida is a lodger….

No. 751270

File: 1545257777467.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, 4A747D5C-0B3D-4C9F-8C01-1A165C…)

Will try to cap live later but here's the rundown:

>florida man is 55 and polyamorous, Lola was there with two other girls

>collar was put on her as soon as she arrived 'without asking' and she was under the impression there was no key, he said he'd have to remove it with a saw.
>one of the other girls had been wearing it previously and showed Lola where the key was
>She said he was abusive, didn't provide any explanation as to why she went there other than that they met on a dating site
>now with a friend who's 'loaded'
>antonya had to leave because she was 'being mean' to Lola and the other girl

Antonya just posted this on instagram in direct reference to Lola

No. 751273

I only tangentially follow this cow, but why is it that she keeps getting herself into these stupid situations? How does she even meet these older, predatory dudes? She seems really stupid, especially if she doesn't learn anything from it.

No. 751288

odds are the stories she’s telling are fake, anon. brer was half-believable, now this shit topped on to it (plus the fact that she seems to brag about these things happening) definitely makes it seem like the dumb bitch is lying.

No. 751289

she meets these creepy old men because she’s on sugar daddy and dating sites looking for creepy old men because they’ll give her money, knowing they’re creepy old men but apparently that doesn’t phase her until it all goes sour

No. 751297

I wonder if Antonya has read this thread yet lmao

No. 751305

lolas a fucking idiot but what autist made that roast beef comment. fucking hell

No. 751309

Antonia/nina was just a ‘sugar baby’. Lola met Robert on a sugar daddy website and went to the house in Florida a couple weeks after Antonia had been there. Robert was emotionally abusive but not physically. Lola knew about the key on her ‘collar’ but chose not to take it off herself. Antonia and Lola got kicked out because Robert couldn’t keep his stories straight, talked badly about the girls in the house behind their back, and would also lie about what to expect when other girls would come to the house. Causing a lot of confusion, drama and mistrust towards Robert. The way he treats girls he ‘supports’ is repulsive. But nobody was forced to do anything they didn’t want to do. Antonia had a ‘collar’ on in a couple of her pictures but it seems she had it taken off, so it seems Lola is just very naive. She seemed more than willing to get physical with him the first night of being at the house in Florida. Either she doesn’t know how to make her own decisions or she’s more provacative than she let’s on.

No. 751311

learn how to post. So much namefagging in this thread I s2g

No. 751545

Yeah, she's certainly lying about a lot of stuff, but the main point that she keeps "dating" these old guys seems to be true.

No. 751546

JFC, is this Lola again? From where do you have all this detailed information?

No. 751569

Most people that come in to contact with Lola find out about this thread

No. 751711

Lola’s on live now, nothing interesting as of yet

No. 751842

Did anything milky happen at all?

I wonder who decided to drop the case against B. I hope she didn’t convince him to pay her off so she’d drop it or something. It’s not like she would have won. She fucked herself over from the very start.

No. 751859

Didn't she fly to Florida to be a pet girl instead of sticking around for the hearing? The dismissal read like the charges were dropped when she didn't show up.

No. 751864

I wonder what actually happened between Antonya and Lola……..

No. 751865

valuable post

No. 751871

>The dismissal read like the charges were dropped when she didn't show up.

Where did you find the dismissal? U.S. fag here, so no idea how to navigate U.K. law.

No. 751888

Charges dropped becuz didn’t want to go back to the Uk just for the hearing. Being in the US was more important maybe?

No. 751934

She didn't want to go back to the UK for the hearing because her whole story was BS. That's why she left the UK in the first place….to not have to testify and get called out for it. She told us.

There's nothing in the US for her. She's already alienated everyone here that she's met and all that actually tried to be her friend here. She's a real POS, deep down, and needs to be flushed back to the UK. Sorry GB, you can have her back.

No. 752040

I don't think the case was dropped simply because she didn't show up, as the first confirmation of the case being dropped is from 29th of November:
and the scheduled date of her hearing was 11th of December.
She probably could've cancelled/dropped the charges, of course, if she already knew she's going to be in Florida at that time.

No. 752102


Sure thing, 'anon'. Made such a huge deal out of it, stalked the cunt and hinged her whole identity on it … then just decides wearing a collar for some old perv is more important. Totally sounds right.

No. 752133

wait so how is lola a "model" if shes like 5'3? all agencies require you to be 5'8+ yet shes all "oh im signed to storm models blah blah blah"

No. 752135

on the first thread when someone had contacted the court directly they stated it was dropped by the police or the court not by lola, possibly to do with her witness tampering and stalking?

No. 752170

>how is she a model

She's not.

No. 752237

Why does Lola keep putting on that dumb american accent. It’s sooooooo embarrassing

No. 752550


hi gavin anthony

No. 752661

The police and CPS have to consider whether there's a "reasonable prospect of conviction". Even if you ignore her pathological dishonesty, Brer had a pretty good defence.

After he asked her to get out of his house, which she refused to do, she became a trespasser, and he was entitled to use reasonable force to remove her from the premises.

No. 752667

Except he supposedly (according to his words) only put her on his balcony and didn't kick her out.

No. 752887

that was also in the original police report, as brer lived on a higher floor and not on the ground floor so it would be hard to lichee into the street straight from his apartment unless she flew

No. 753265

It’s a wee bit weird that Lola hasn’t been on Instagram today.. I wonder if she’s been deported back to the UK yet

No. 754334

File: 1545860937096.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20181226-214704.png)

The K.K. Slider brows are back

No. 754336

File: 1545861148000.jpeg (356.15 KB, 1242x1901, 39D04239-89A6-4139-A641-1FF604…)


No. 754337

File: 1545861180998.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2208, 2DECF73A-3F0C-447B-9689-BA7EDF…)

so she’s with SOMEONE

No. 754338

File: 1545861239350.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2208, AB3CF1B5-9CCD-404D-8138-4B62A5…)

it’s almost comical, we all know she’s not doing this on her own money, wonder who’s jag that is 🤔🤔

No. 754348

Lola reuploaded this with her eyebrow half cropped.

Since you're here, Lola:
- Go back to the UK. Up North somewhere, you can't afford London. - If you didn't complete sixth form you may be eligible for free or subsidised education. Look in to it.
- Get yourself on a waiting list for therapy.
-Get a job. Leeching off creepy old men is dangerous and unsustainable. If it comes to it get a job as a chugger. You clearly have at least some short term charm, you'd probably be ok at it if you put in the effort.

No. 754358

No. Not up North. We don't want her.

No. 754360

No. Not up North. We don't want her.

No. 754407

Brer and Lola follow each other on Instagram again. But he’s soooo abusive, guys.

Is this what the cusp of anorexia looks like?

No. 754425

>Brer and Lola follow each other on Instagram again

We all know that she only wants him for his tongs.

No. 754427

wow well he must be very hurt about the Tongs Case as well. let me guess, posting volume will go down in this thread until they fall out again.

No. 754443

File: 1545886581515.jpeg (32.25 KB, 370x242, BE094189-5393-45DC-A22F-7D4DF2…)

No. 754516

She’s staying with a sugar daddy who has another girl staying there as well. She’s ovbiously leeching off of other men’s money. She has no talents or skills so what else can she do? She’s following Brer again because she admits that her Bipolar disabilities and how she “takes care of it” makes her a horrible toxic person and she’s in the wrong. It won’t be long until she’s alone.

No. 754526

Lol. it’s actually hilarious how she was warning everyone about Brer, making petitions and etc, and now they are following each other again on insta.
i can’t breathe

No. 754533

She’s a sex slave to this sadist couple(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 754557


can y'all post caps this is an image board

No. 754563

can you learn to sage, to post evidence and also to conceal your vendetta a little better? thx

No. 754577

she looks like tina from bobs burgers

No. 754585

She looks like Bert from Sesame street wearing a hair helmet

No. 754744

File: 1545946346561.jpeg (224.51 KB, 750x1191, 2228F2C4-8180-4ED8-B81C-3059DA…)

Is she ok

No. 756089

File: 1546128581824.jpeg (353.72 KB, 1242x1057, 863CBF62-CDC4-4223-AAF9-ED875B…)

defo on drugs

No. 756090

File: 1546128605842.jpeg (212.07 KB, 1242x1083, 37123855-D98C-473C-870E-B63304…)

edgy teen lord gets high and philosophical

No. 756281

i'll try to get caps but this is a re-worded tweet/tumblr post that i've seen before and she's plagiarised

No. 756284

sounds like something from a goddamn cult tbh

No. 756330

File: 1546188865624.png (11.49 MB, 1242x2208, 3FE80701-300D-4489-A4D2-C95068…)

Lola is pregnant.

No. 756332


who's the daddy, the warp tool? get outta here

No. 756333


who's the daddy, the warp tool? get outta here

No. 756334


who's the daddy, the warp tool? get outta here

No. 756344

Did anyone get caps of the shit porn script she posted on IG the other day?

No. 756397

Lol no she’s not.

No. 756409

File: 1546202217483.png (2.37 MB, 1242x2208, E4C2A2C5-514C-4FC3-A6BF-EEBE0C…)


No. 756417

either that or her new sugar daddy is Jaden Smith

No. 756451

File: 1546206913020.png (7.12 MB, 1242x2208, BDB376A4-9A04-48EF-966A-EDCF24…)

well this is the original or fb, defo not anorexic anymore

No. 756459

>>756451 you mean on the ~cusp of anorexia anon

No. 756520

What do we think 2019 has in store for Lola? I think either green card marriage to some gross old dude, back in London with Brer, or in prison.

No. 756788


That's more oTo than Scientology.

Is she recreating Peaches Geldof's infamous LA trip?

No. 756996


she’s clearly recovered from her eating disorder or is in the process of recovering. I don’t like her butttt don’t comment on her weight

No. 757072

>the "occult" is just historical books and tools
No, they're almost entirely New Age religious texts that steal the most superficial elements from true religious traditions in order to achieve the exact opposite of what the teachings in those traditions are intended to do (i.e. help somebody abolish the sense of "self" in favor of the Unseen Seer, First Cause, Prime Mover, etc.)
>a deep understanding of who you are
There's no serious religious tradition, including the esoteric ones, that advocates for this. This is cult-tier self-help nonsense.
>then you're not keeping up with the frequencies which are being vacuumed upward from the dark age
Damn she must have just taken a ton of research chemicals or something. This is completely meaningless
>if you're still dragging around the dead weight of ego and physical mortality
This directly contradicts everything she said about the self
>the world will only get more and more out of control and manic
No, it'll just stay the same as it was before; most people in recorded history at the very least did not seriously study in a religious tradition, but they lived stable, albeit tough lives.
>We want you to come with us so we are all back together
There's no serious esoteric doctrine that would say that "we" (?) aren't "together" to begin with. The whole point is understanding that there is no real separation from the Whole. The idea of "we" and "self" is a demiurgic, Brahman, individual, etc. principle.

Sage for extreme religious/perennialist spergery but this shit drives me nuts.
"Clearly"? Since when was it clear that she has an eating disorder and is recovering from one?

No. 757315

I promise, I am not trying to be mean here,ye in my very short time of knowing this girl, she has gone from being amongst ruling class, to being amongst upper-class, to being amongst middle class, and I'm not sure that there is any class left for her to go except straight to the bottom. She might even be there already. Do any of us know?.

I have watched this girl completely implode in her own angsty bad decision-making, leaving a mess of a trail of people who tried to do right by her only feeling that she has done wrong. In fact, she has consistently done wrong. If I could wish her anything for the new year, it would be self-reflection. It's not a good thing that all of us sit here and comment while we watch a girl turn to nothing, even if it is her own fault.

No. 757343

is no one gonna comment on the fact she literally said she’s baked, so clearly doing some kind of drug

No. 757352

It’s pretty well known that she smokes weed sometimes, or atleast I thought it was

No. 757418

File: 1546377931716.jpeg (119.19 KB, 1242x694, F4273454-BA63-43E6-92F6-1829F8…)

because lola definitely knows when not to drag something out for attention and shut up

No. 757446

Does this girl think she is being smart? She simply sounds stupid.
I don't think she was even trying to make any sense, feels like she was just putting words together without any actual thought in mind.

No. 757683


lol "ruling class"? Who?

No. 758405

You've been nominated in the Lolcow Awards 2018! Go here to vote: >>>/meta/8011

No. 758582

I will buy everyone premium tongs if she wins the award, anons word

No. 759575

Anyone else notice how Lola barely posts anymore? bit odd …(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 760366

Does anyone here have access to Lola’s private instagram? I wonder if she’s posting more on there now hmm

No. 760410

Why you so obsessed with me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 760467

File: 1546886367621.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, 8393EB99-836D-47A6-8D61-A59270…)

Saw this today and thought it was Lola for a second but this chick is actually pretty LOL

No. 760633

Why are you so obsessed with your thread Lola?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 761316

Only insecure people worry about what others have to say about them.

No. 761399

File: 1547019528299.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 426.37 KB, 1125x1515, ACA834B4-9B85-4E28-AEF0-1B7484…)

I can say don’t trust this girl. I came across her through someone I know following her. I saw her suicide notes and she even wrote how she begged A&E staff to section her (that’s not at all how sectioning works which really annoyed me, begging to be sectioned shows you ain’t sectionable lol) anyway my friend bought something from her haus of tyrell page, paid and never got the item, messaged her about it and stuff and yeah she got conned)

No. 761425

>How do you do fellow anons, I'm anonymous just like you

No. 761740

There are some big Facebook groups (one being called STRAB I think) which people basically call out scammers in with similar situations like that (that’s if you want to bring attention to it and call her out.) you’d also probably need to have screenshots of the messages and things… Just a thought.

No. 762536


No. 764890

Within the last week she's been in Las Vegas. Which is rather pointless when you're 19 years old as the gaming laws only allow for play from being 21 onwards.

Regardless her rich girlfriend is likely treating her.

This thread is sadly quiet in recent days. :-(

No. 764891

It's an imageboard so unless you're going to show caps, this isn't interesting.

No. 764937

File: 1547479164496.jpeg (448.78 KB, 1242x1975, F0CEAF96-4F21-4F38-9046-B2E54C…)

No. 764967

gripping stuff

No. 764984

What rich girlfriend? More like a rich sugar daddy.

No. 765056

Just jumped on FB and checked myself in at several expensive resorts in Dubai. Got anything else?

No. 765110

What kind of tongs are at the Belaggio salad bar, please report.

No. 766101

It was a couple of days ago now so I can’t ss but she posted a video onto her insta story of her and her “girlfriend” (or whatever they are) posing, I was suprised to see she’s still with her. Thought she’d have moved onto the next one by now.

Was there a follow up on her scamming someone?

No. 766825

File: 1547634348088.jpeg (559.46 KB, 1237x1791, ABF93CAD-42D9-4733-B9C6-C17397…)

new york now! also lola if ur reading this, that lipstick is ghastly, that is most certainly not a look(nitpick)

No. 766873


Being mean doesn't really add any milk here, tbf. I think it's really cute personally but the internet don't give a shit.

No. 766876

honey have you seen the shade in regards to the beret? she needs a darker shade i mean ‍♀️ just an observation, and if you think that’s being mean have you been reading this thread at all(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 766904

Sperging about someone's lipstick color is certainly non-milk, it's stupid nitpicking.

No. 767181

i think it was more of an add one, the original point of that submission is the fact she’s in new york, just a side comment

No. 767215


This picture isn't really anything to go by in regards to her location. A caption isn't proof.

No. 767451

What do y’all think her life will be like when she dries up? She’s getting pretty close (see: her terrible selfies, her lack of anything meaningful) and she’s… not really good at anything other than leeching off other people. What happens a year from now when she’s used up and spat out?

No. 767512

File: 1547797771365.jpeg (182.47 KB, 750x1213, 91A5899C-F78A-48E6-9E3B-5A113E…)

Surprise, surprise.(sage)

No. 767585

amazing post, anon

No. 767987

funnily enough, i’m pretty sure it’s been close to 90 days since she left the UK which would mean her visa is nearly over… wonder what these few days will end up being

No. 769597

File: 1548116062616.jpeg (381.29 KB, 1242x1932, 9923B5B9-3138-448B-B856-E8297A…)

No. 771614

lola should be on 90 day fiance with her sugar daddy(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 771761

Loooool, though that brings no milk it did make me laugh so thx anon

No. 772208

She’s trying to get a green card so obviously she’s gonna be tricking a gullible push over to marry her and use him till she doesn’t need him(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 772220

This is an imageboard, post caps.

No. 774002

um i requested her ex on insta like 2 months ago and now I noticed then she has been watching my insta stories. kind of creeped out. Is this like normal? had any of you the same experience?(cowtipping)

No. 774095

The amount of retardation coming from some of the anons in this thread is migraine inducing.

No. 774132

Lola has been watching my stories too, still won’t accept me though.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 774133


anon, you don't need to put your email in the email field or give your posts a subject . . . please put sage in the email field like i have done if you have nothing new to contribute


god it hurts

No. 774137

That's creepy

No. 774333


Oh get over yourself, you message board kids have your head so far up your ass. Acting like you're intelligent and everyone else is so 'oh god it hurtzzzzz'
Get your own lives eh?
No new shit, yet she's lurking a lot of people who just simple looked at her private account, that they never got access to. And for intelligence sake… lets also talk about the fact that Lola will not be getting a Green Card like she claims. Those processes can take years, and other visa like marriage can take 9-12 months. They include interviews to verify her story and authenticity. She won't be coming back here any time soon, unless she's just visiting. So let's just discredit that all now, eh?


That is pretty creepy huh? Because normal people wouldn't be lurking and watching that hard. But hey, apparently that's no new thing for this board….. coughs(infighting)

No. 774356

discredit what? no evidence has been shown about the green card. show it, or stop claiming it.

No. 774367

Why so desperate to keep the thread alive?

No. 774954

File: 1549270454795.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 109.4 KB, 750x1334, BB0F54BD-154B-4620-822A-162179…)

Just posted

No. 774958

File: 1549273375018.jpeg (468.66 KB, 1125x2436, D805196F-0FAA-4878-85F8-A744CF…)

his whole account rn is whack

and she’s following him again???

No. 774987

if it turns out they’re seeing eachother again after all this that’s the biggest turn of the fucking century they almost deserve eachother

No. 774996

I really thought this thread had died, but then BAM… she never fails to surprise me- I wonder what this will all amount to, if anything.

No. 774997

this thread IS dead. it’s literally just you same group of weirdos posting in it.

No. 775007

lol I agree, it's irregular niche milk but Lola def seems to be a cow

No. 775045

I definitely, mistakenly thought Brer was smarter than this.

Lola is absolute scum.

No. 775064

No fool like an old fool

No. 775085

File: 1549319627551.png (2.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190204-222707.png)

Oh Jesus. Gross. These two creeps deserve each other.

No. 775098

what’s the bet she’ll be using that sock to wipe her tears when brer breaks up with her in a few weeks time?

No. 775100

kek, 100%.

The best part is that she’s already cried wolf so many times, “disappeared,” whined about muh abuse and then went back to her “abuser,” and very publicly threatened suicide multiple times just because she didn’t get her way. Inevitably Brer will break up with her or do something she doesn’t like, and inevitably she’ll try to pull the same shit, but this time no one will believe her.

No. 775101

No one cares about you anymore lola stop bumping your own thread over nothing

No. 775105

The thread is full of weirdos who don't seem to understand board culture, but Lola is probably one of the more interesting cows currently active. She's a parasitic, art-stealing, lying, histrionic, stalking, delusional, emotionally-unstable grifter who hops from extreme situation to extreme situation and is constantly on the verge of a crisis. She has almost every trait of a good cow rolled into one.
I wonder how long it'll last before shit hits the fan again. Jesus Christ, imagine what life must be like for someone with the decision-making skills of either of them.

No. 775162

Are you fucking kidding me? This is a joke…. right? After all that shit, they must have severe autism to get back together.

Are we on punk’d? Where’s Ashton?

No. 775167

Brer whined too, honey. Teen girls who like rough sex then cry abuse, blub blub.

The samefags are bigger cows, frankly. It's basically a soap opera.

No. 775743

>It's basically a soap opera.
That's the beauty of it. Most of the active cows on this board just post shitty shoops to instagram, say dumb self-important shit from time to time, and/or make bad content. Not only does Lola do all of the above, she's also a classic grifter, which you don't see very often. I don't see how somebody couldn't be entertained by her trainwreck of a life.

No. 775754

Lola’s been stalking my stories too. But unlike >>774002 and >>774132 I have never interacted with her.

I’d take it as a huge red flag if my ex were silently lurking my friends’ social media.

No. 776191

File: 1549641563708.jpg (86.37 KB, 960x960, 50940355_827420980937679_58006…)

look at those brows im in tears rn

No. 776192

File: 1549641671445.jpg (71.13 KB, 802x802, 50586665_823069081372869_88734…)

also those thunder thighs… definitely not on the cusp of anorexia anymore

No. 776210

Thunder thighs? What the fuck. Legs flatten when you rest on them

No. 776224

I agree with the above anon, you’re defo nitpicking… atleast try be a little more creative

No. 776435

File: 1549737502177.jpeg (379.09 KB, 1125x1036, BF37F317-1268-4124-977D-218FE8…)


No. 776689

What’s this from?

No. 776691

NTA but https://twitter.com/lucyyhurst/status/1063506645584670720

It was posted in November 2018, so I’m not sure why it’s just being posted here now. Wonder if she ever got what she ordered or a refund.

No. 776842

The link states the tweet has been deleted now hmm, I also wonder what became of that situation

No. 776876

Having ''Anon'' in the name field once isnt namefagging. The mod team are a bunch of newfags and its painful to watch them throwing terms around when they clearly dont know what they mean. Lurk moar or shut up ffs.

No. 776882

Ya the mods have been pretty annoying on most threads around here lately.

No. 776896

… it's literally namefagging, you fucking autist. If you're going to bitch and whine, try to get it right, 'oldfag'.

No. 776980

Lurk more or stfu ffs.

No. 778226

nta but it's not a matter of lurking
literally putting anything in the name field is namefagging
it's really not that hard

No. 778392



No. 778393



No. 778461

File: 1550246659133.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190215-160344.png)

No. 778522

Is that Brer on a the picture with Lola?

No. 778759

hard to tell since he has a hat on

No. 778999


No. 779039

ITT: thirsty 40-year-old soccer moms and jealous catty teenagers shaking hands over Lola milk

No. 779055

>ITT: thirsty 40-year-old soccer moms and jealous catty teenagers.

No. 779120

>ITT: thirsty 40-year-old soccer moms and jealous catty teenagers plus the occasional necro from Lola.

No. 779488

No new milk however it’s just struck me that Lola put on her story when first arriving back in England that she was only here for “a few days” or something along those lines. Definitely exceeded that, I’m now wondering if she’ll ever actually go back.

No. 779489

^^ Apologies, I put the sage in the wrong section

No. 779871

visa was for 90d

No. 780137

incredible milk, anon. yes a tourist visa is 90 days.

No. 780186

It wasn’t meant to be milk, it was answering anon’s question. That’s why it was saged, ya mongo.

No. 784962

I’m guessing that she’s become formally irrelevant now?

No. 791336

She’s back with Brer

No. 791369


No. 791485

anon scroll up, they were posted together a month ago

this thread is so fucking retarded

No. 802426

Ana chan detected

No. 805274

Lola went to tampa for this guy she was talking to online and as soon as he got off the plane he put that dog collar on her and wouldnt let her take it off. There were other girls living at the house at the time with her hense the photo of her and the two girls in tampa.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 805307

File: 1557589446216.jpg (168.29 KB, 900x900, milk.jpg)

this is antiquated milk anon. we know.

No. 807192

Okay well did you know the guy kicked everyone in the house out for no reason so they were all stuck on the street hence why she went to california with those girls. He literally kicked everyone out, she found the key to the collar and took it off then left after an argument.

No. 807194

yes. do you know how to scroll up? >>744165

No. 807549

File: 1558012041216.png (4.25 MB, 1125x2001, ADC5C5E5-4EB7-40C0-BD4F-01846F…)

Looks like she needs money, selling all her (smaller) clothes

No. 814770

Is Lola and Brer still together? I've been talking to him for like a week trying to get info on him(Cowtipping)

No. 815505

i can 100% confirm that lola is with brer again, what the fuck. she tried to send him to jail, placed a restraining order against him, went to the us and said she was gonna stay, got abused by her two glucose guardians in the us, now with brer again, this shit show is a roller coaster bye

No. 815552

just read thru all this shit… wow this IS a soap opera

No. 815967

ive requested lola on instagram like 10 times, i dmed her asking why she wouldn't accept me, said "if you can't figure it out you're stupid, i know you're name" (yes she spelled it wrong) then blocked me after saying i should be put on a leash because im a nasty piece of work and that i have a boyfriend(???) she dmed me or had a friend dm me from an inactive account saying "Get ur own man! Stop hitting on other girls boyfriends!!" confirming that lola is with brer, i dmed lola on 5 other accounts and she blocked me on all, i'm making a video to her telling her off and i'm gonna snap some tongs at the end(Ban evasion)

No. 816122

maybe stop being a creepy stalker, anon.

No. 816127

the milk is coming from inside the thread!

No. 817253

im starting to think this was a publicity stunt like, from each perspective, why would lola get back together with a man who she was "trying to protect other vulnerable girls" from because he's a "dangerous man" and she got headlines about him and got a restraining order blah blah blah, and why would brer get together with her after she ruined his name and his families name, is he not scared of it happening again?? this is so fucking stupid

No. 817254


No. 817309

mental illness for one and the other probably doesn't really give a shit because lol 'headlines' that no-one cared about five minutes later. it's not that deep.

No. 817337

yeah but think of his son who's like 30 people will be like "yoo ur dads the one that had a falling out with his 19 year old girlfriend over tongs lmao"

No. 817338

Lola was racist to me when I tried to DM her(newfaggotry; cowtipping)

No. 831109

File: 1562140465581.jpeg (108 KB, 640x640, 097C2DF3-7155-45B5-B38F-D01BA0…)

No. 831313

Stalker much?

No. 831870

bring milk or just let your thread die 'anon'

No. 838911

when was that photo taken

No. 838929

Could this thread just be quarantined?

No. 838942

it's certainly diseased

No. 839883

Lola’s present address for the benefit of the many people she owes money to is in one of the flats at [REDACTED :3c]

There’s five tiny flats at that address so take your pick as to which one it might be.

The entrance to all of the flats is via the blue door to the right of the grocery shop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 839994

What the hell is wrong with you, also no one cares here

No. 840047

Chances are high it's the cow herself. Every time this thread dies, some bullshit like this comes along. She got busted posting here a lot during the first thread.

No. 840390

2 weeks ago

No. 849884

soooo lola is giving people her address?? interesting(necro)

No. 851657

tbh, I'm actually happy for her and this thread is boring as hell now…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 851904

It’s a years anniversary today since Lola went missing and left that suicidal note in some Cafè in London…

No. 852163

Does she ever post anything to her instagram? I tried to get in but she didn't accept me, guess she's not very keen on new people following her. I'd really like to know what's she's doing now, somehow she's a kinda interesting cow although the milk has been super dry for a while now

No. 852761

I requested her like ten times and she declined every one. Then dmed me and claimed I was trying to steal Br*r from her. Lmao keep those wrinkly balls, I don't want them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 852763

Does everyone know about this? It's Brer's youtube video from two weeks ago and Lola is standing there like a dumbass doing nothing(use the embed field)

No. 852865


No. 853425


No. 853435

I get the feeling this is either Lola herself laughing at the mess she is or this thread is full of idiot stans. Boring af.

Okay, anyone else following/trying to follow her?

No. 853604

hahahhahahahahhahhahaha(ban evasion)

No. 853793

How am I a stalker? It's on youtube for everyone to see

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