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No. 733496

Previous thread >>>/ot/15930

A thread for Weebs of the West who create art and music INSPIRED by Japanese culture.
Like true snowflakes they are all special and unique, which is why they all imitate each others' fried hair, obnoxious pastel fashion, and identify as nonbinary, panromantic, etc. These creatures are commonly found selling at, or skulking around anime conventions / artist alleys.

Notable cows amongst their ranks include:

AKA Tiffany Liao
- Artist turned entrepreneur, queen of the western weeb fashion scene
- Art has regressed considerably over the years, she now depends other artists to draw for her clothing line
- Incredibly socially awkward and lazy
- Created a kickstarter for indie game “OMORI” over 4 years ago which amassed $250K in funds but has has yet to release the game. Backer rewards are nowhere to be seen and updates come once in a blue moon
- anon ex worker >>309121 revealed many reasons as to why the game isn't progressing (see: lack of focus, no motivation, hatred all around)

Social Media

Cute Hospital
AKA Audrey Mai
- Artist whose persona revolves around hospitals because she was admitted to one for ED but lied about it being a disease to collect donations
- Was dropped by Punimelt, Shawn Wasabi, and other weebs for being a lazy and two-faced. Now hangs out with a new group of weeb musicians
- Tweets out positivity and mental health advice despite being unstable and extremely vindictive. On her other twitter accounts she regularly spergs about Punimelt and her ex-friends
- Mooches off her parents who pay for her outfits, travel, living expenses, printing services, convention expenses, etc but claims they’re ABUSIVE for not picking her up from the airport and telling her to dress properly
- Claims to be bi/pan but has never dated a girl and is currently dating a hetero cis man who goes by "they/them"
- Claims to love being Vietnamese but tries extremely hard to be Japanese by dressing in J-fashion, going to Japan, and editing her pics to look cuter and paler
- Finally as a job after years of sitting on her ass but 3 weeks in takes a month off to go to Japan
- Found the last thread and is lurking relentlessly now

Social Media
Main Twitter: https://twitter.com/cute_hospital/
Side Twitter: https://twitter.com/dreamyhospital/
Curious Cat: https://curiouscat.me/cutehospital/

AKA Michy Soong
- Artist who draws cutesy pastel artwork and makes apparel
- Presents herself as sweet and innocent but is actually a drama-hungry bully and sociopath
- Serial dater and verbally abuses her partners
- Self-diagnosed with autism to justify her shitty behavior
- Friendship with Cute Hospital ended after Cute Hospital was caught telling someone that Punimelt was lying about having autism
- Was involved in a love triangle with Cute Hospital and mushbuh

Social Media
Main Twitter: https://twitter.com/punimelt/
Side Twitter: https://twitter.com/hamhamichy/

Slime Girls
AKA Pedro Silva
- Mexican electronic/chiptune musician based in LA who works on OMORI
- Notorious for his yellow fever, regularly prowls Artist Alleys looking for new Asian artists to “collab” with
- Dated a line of Asian artists and assaulted a mentally ill ex-girlfriend
- Goes by “they/them” and blames his male appearance for people finding him creepy
- Rejected by Punimelt but is still obsessed with her

Social Media
Main Twitter: https://twitter.com/slimegirls/
Side Twitter: https://twitter.com/tragicallyshojo/

AKA Emily Shaw
- Artist who works on OMORI and makes apparel & her own indie game
- Sabotaging OMORI from the inside in the hopes that her game will look better
- Incriminated in leaked private chats where she talked shit about other artists constantly while being sweet to them in public
- Claimed that she was framed and apologized to the people affected only to continue talking shit about them privately a day later
- Threw her table partner’s merchandise at a convention, gloated about it on private twitter
- Extremely bitter about her gf accomplishing more than her and talks shit about her too

Social Media

Ghostspacess / Fangrrrlz
- Artist who makes apparel and comics, collabed with Omocat.
- Used to run Fangrrlz, a joint project with @genniieeee that fell apart because they had a falling out and genie did all the work
- Got dragged on twitter for gloating about cheating her way into and through Sheridan College’s art department by having her friend and ex do her assignments
- Makes fun of her exes for being ugly and her slaves when she depends on them for everything: money, being her printing press, taking care of her apartment, helping her at conventions, etc
- Another who goes by “they/them” like her ex Slime Girls

Social Media

Kiraku Synthboy
- Electronic musician who moved to Japan
- Essentially a softboy in female form
- Part of the current Cute Hospital band of weeb friends
- Came in last thread to whiteknight

Social Media

- White boy from Australia now living in Tokyo who runs an "independent music label" called Waifu Wednesdays
- Part of the current Cute Hospital band of weeb friends
- As his name suggests, loves hentai and is all around cringey

Social Media

Special Mention
Pictured on the top left of OP is another one of Cute Hospital's friends "Eddie" who is allegedly another pedo with yellow fever. Honestly, Audrey's entire friend group are worthy to be mentioned in this thread.

The cows listed are all related to each other in one way or another, but posts calling attention to other weebcows is welcome.

No. 733500

OP here, didn't mean to link a random comment on /snow/ in the OP to provide receipts on the OMORI work environment. If new readers would like to read up on that do help yourselves to the link to the Omocat thread in /ot/.

No. 733505


Another correction: Ems did not simply "throw" her table partner's merchandise, she completely THREW OUT the merchandise, which is obviously a lot worse.

No. 733506

File: 1542426849976.png (13.34 KB, 577x117, elusive partner.png)

Fucking bless, OP.

>Claims to be bi/pan but has never dated a girl and is currently dating a hetero cis man who goes by "they/them"

It's been slightly touched upon last thread, but does this partner of hers even exist what with how vague she's been about them.

No. 733507

File: 1542426940206.jpg (59.5 KB, 545x327, 1542075668468.jpg)

Big thank you to the anons last thread who graced us with accurate portraiture of Cute Hospital/Audrey and Slime Girls/Pedro.

No. 733508

Thank you sooooo much,ive been waiting for these doods to get exposed

No. 733509

File: 1542426987860.png (96.85 KB, 1087x700, 1542343297158.png)

No. 733512

File: 1542427484906.png (248.58 KB, 370x343, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 8.02…)

Judging by how he responded to her "i love my partner uwu" tweet how he's been together with her in many of the Japan pics, I believe it might be this ogre who goes by kotu https://twitter.com/korewakotu . It's incredible how all these genderconfused weeb musicians look exactly the same.

No. 733513

File: 1542427516372.png (755.38 KB, 917x558, plate.png)

Why did cunt hospital sell a beginner's art class-looking plate for $50. And who's the retard that bought it

No. 733515

what is it about liking anime and being ugly that leads to every single one of these losers having wispy mexifros, glasses, beard stumps, tacky clothes, and gender issues. it's like soy comes in one flavor now

No. 733517


he's also the korewahentai asshole, right? Yikes, that fucking handle. Hentai dude and slime girls both look like this faggot I knew who majored and graduated in Japanese Studies, only chilled with the Japanese international students and other greasy bitch boys exactly like him, and had surprise, an Asian gf who was possibly not Japanese.

No. 733519

File: 1542427992730.png (506.83 KB, 593x583, yikes.png)

that white eyeliner tho

No. 733520

File: 1542428158414.png (2.57 MB, 1440x1569, Screenshot_2018-11-15-08-10-25…)

I honestly can't believe Pedro composed the soundtrack to Ooblets.
Also, I looked up his username and I'm 80% sure he deactivated his tragicallyshoujo Tumblr today. Is there a way to confirm this?

No. 733521

Nah that's a different guy, korewakotu is his own mess. Kotu and Hentai Dude aka Lachlan are best friends but since all of these flakes are so special and unique they even share the same style of username.

No. 733523

damn is this Audrey??? What the fuck, she actually used to look like a cute Vietnamese girl. Even though she's still a tryhard weeb in these photos she looks a lot better with her natural skin tone and without filters blowing her out.

No. 733525

wow. knowing pedro it's extremely sad to know that this is probably the nicest thing he's ever done for anyone. he doesn't contribute to any of his friends lives in a meaningful way and only crawls out of his bedroom to say hi once a year at a convention before crawling back in.
and kek at the tacky omocat sweater, he's been sucking up to her for a long time.

No. 733527

File: 1542429085982.png (33.16 KB, 666x125, might as well call them trash.…)

Cute Hospital/Audrey on her relationship with Punimelt as of late.

Good summaries anon.

CH/Audrey also takes money for commissions/pre orders form her shop and never fulfills them. She constantly calls herself gay or says things she does is SO GAY despite being cis. (But now she is playing up some they/thems as well to try to get away with being offensive.) Shawn Wasabi also paid for her to sit on her ass playing maple story for months after she moved to LA and after she left she would make call out posts about how abusive and toxic he was for not giving her back her portion of the deposit, despite her owing him much more. Her parents still pay for her food, living essentials, expensive UC Berkeley tuition, shop supplies, and hospital bills when she feels like she is not getting enough attention, plus take her on trips like to Mexico a few months ago. Her family is wealthy but she would constantly tweet about needing donations or asking people to buy her things (sadly they have been deleted so no caps, but she used to do it all the time).

Slime Girls/Pedro dated a girl named Amara for a while who is white, but she tries to look as Japanese as possible. She was a cosplayer, dyed her hair pink/purple and did typical weeb style makeup. I don't know a lot about their break up but it was apparently ugly.

Also as for Eddie, he has a history of grooming tiny underaged looking girls, often in their low twenties (he is in his late 30s, maybe even 40s by now), especially ones with colored hair who like jfashion/games/music.

No. 733529

Lovely thread, OP. Good job on the info. Hopefully Audrey wanders on over to this thread too. It's a shame the site went down before she could ~fire back~ at the haters.

No. 733531

File: 1542429398892.png (854.41 KB, 585x870, hmergh.png)

This is from the other thread but have a more recent candid. Her bitterness really took a toll it on her looks, it seems.

No. 733532

File: 1542429680442.png (29.21 KB, 568x304, 1.png)

She didn't post the alleged hate message, but whoever is doing that, could you fucking stop.

Does Audrey not realize that people aren't hating her for no reason, but because she's the ~toxic~ piece of shit, too? For one, lying about having a chronic illness and getting pity money out of it.

No. 733534

Cowtippers are the worst. But she not only posted both of her reactions to the messages in public, but she also came in here to defend herself instead of ignore it. People were moving on to Pedro, and she brought it back to her. Really stupid mistake on her part, she should just not respond.
But knowing her, she's just going to use it to get everyone to baby her. Hell, the second hate message is probably made up.

No. 733535

Tinfoil but do you think Audrey sent the anon hate to herself for sympathy points?

No. 733536

Most likely. Look at the last hate message she got. A dozen asspatting responses and a hell of a lot more attention than she's gotten lately. It's just like she's ~sick~ again.

No. 733537

File: 1542430134878.png (15.12 KB, 569x152, 2.png)


I wouldn't put it past her if she did lie because otherwise, she'd post this hate message, wouldn't she? Look at this, she's describing the message but where is the actual message lol

No. 733539

This so much. She alluded to a terrible "disease" and said her heart was so weak it could stop any time and kept hinting that she was going to die.

Gobbled up tons of donations during this time of course. Now that they dried up, she rants about it actually being an ED and it is all her mother's fault.

She has no shame. It's interesting because she was fairly overweight during both (all three?) hospital stays too.

No. 733541

Literally, the first "hate message" she published was almost word for word what an anon in the last thread wrote. It's almost like Audrey is trying to save her ass and cowtipping herself.

No. 733542

>but she also came in here to defend herself instead of ignore it

An anon speculated it could've been Pedro whiteknighting her or Kiraku Synthboy, but it could also very well be Audrey herself. If so, then it contrasts greatly to her overall tone on her main.

No. 733552

File: 1542431182590.png (1.37 MB, 1439x1936, Screenshot_2018-11-16-23-02-28…)

Vintage milk, but Pedro once publically asked Omocat for feet pics

No. 733557

some milk about ems as someone who's had the misfortune of rooming with her at several cons due to mutual artist friends. it's really funny her dear protagonist brand and online persona is so cutesy when she's like… this

she has verbal diarrhea around anyone she's seen more than once for some reason so sorry for the tldr


>has parents around poverty line
>makes more than her own parents but continues to mooch off them and refuses to pay her own living expenses
>claims her parents won't "allow" her to be independent and uses this as an excuse to not buy her own food, pay for her own clothes or supplies, learn how to drive, or literally anything
>refuses to get a job or put more than the bare minimum into her classes
>blames her parents for everything
>parents continue to pay for everything despite not having money, do her laundry, clean her room, buy her food, pay for extra schooling costs, drive her to and from school and to and from cons
>ems has the balls to complain when they can't treat her to more than fast food
>ems continues to waste her money on weeb shit (lolita, pokemon stuff, videogames) and on eating out
>splurged on a huge vacation to the UK recently while her parents still barely manage to pay the bills
>her parents mail her merchandise for her, she's stated repeatedly she doesn't understand how to mail things at post offices and doesn't want to learn
>despite being rolling in dough, refuses to pay back money she's borrowed or pay for gas (despite also getting her friends to drive her around)….
>….UNLESS you're an artist with connections or a decent follower count. if you're not an artist she treats you like shit. once while with one of her own friends from the con she mocked a non-artist friend to her face in our room while the "bigger" artists were out, non-artist pretended to be fine but had to lock herself in the bathroom and cry. pretended to be an absolute angel when the others returned

>has literally no sense of hygiene, has been seen multiple times sleep in her clothes and wear them for multiple days straight without showering without thinking this is disgusting

>will go without showering for multiple days even during cons
>her hair looks that flat because it's literally greasy
>her friends told me had a literal meltdown and said she was being "put down" for being "mentally ill" when she was asked to take clean up her space once it was overflowing with garbage and literally molding
>hangs out with people just as greasy as her, apparently they also sperg out when asked to clean anything and get free rides from their parents

>hates doing any kind of work at all

>brags about how she's gotten other people to do essentially every piece of her "game" that exists so far
>doesn't pay for their work
>hates doing merchandise and hates having to cater to other people's tastes (which is the definition of business)
>omocat offered her a job on omori on a whim and ems hates having to do work on the game, avoids doing it
>wants to get onto the team of the latest flavor of the month game (hiveswap, undertale, delta rune) but as a director, does not actually want to do any work on these games
>tried to get into hiveswap by sucking up to people on the team but has been outed for shitting on them (there was a big thing about her trying to fuck up james roach's rep or something and he found out about it, but i don't know the details myself)

also tangent but:

>has said repeatedly she thinks her customer base has such bad taste in ships and fandoms it makes her wish they'd "die" but she can "tolerate them" so long as they give her money

>this is weird as fuck but she says she wishes people would die constantly?? she said once she doesn't think some people inherently don't have value in being alive except "maybe" to support people higher up in the pecking order like her. apparently she got into deep shit with several artists because they found out (they got caps apparently) she'd say the same about them while pretending to be their friends and she confessed to all of it, i remember revolocities (from the previous thread) was one of them

that's everything i can think of. she's confessed to all of the above before in various in-person "apology letters" to artists (only ever artists) she's fucked up relationships with but always twists it around to make it sound like she's the victim. i remember in one idk why she brought it up but she had some really bullshit reason for letting her parents eat fast food while getting friends to drive her around to eat out at overpriced restaurants almost daily?? she's just incredibly selfish from my experience

No. 733561

Sounds gross, anon. Her parents sound like enablers tho. Hopefully you don't have to room with her again. Any way you can post screenshots of these apology letters for posterity?

No. 733562

nah the apology letters are almost all physical, though i think one or two were emails. the artists in question never posted caps or pictures of the actual letters, but described some of the contents, which is all i know of them

No. 733568


the second message does sound made up and given she stretches the truth for pity points i wouldn't put it past her. actually posting it would've given her double pity points compared to just saying she got one lol

No. 733575

Thanks for more info on cute hospital, I had no idea she was this bratty.

Regarding Pedro & Amara,
Their relationship was seriously a shit show. Amara was always a weeb with an inferiority complex re: Asian girls so it obviously didn’t help being with Pedro who was starting to cosy up to Omocat and other Asian art girls. Pedro was hyperfixated on being friends with ARTISTS (still is tbh) and since Amara wasn’t creative like them she started to spiral into her. She also didnt have a job at the time so Pedro was helping her out by letting her stay with him but the place they lived together was shared with several other roommates (including cloverandsealife) and was always a fucking mess. The house was basically full of mentally ill people who got on each others’ nerves, so Amara got more and more depressed. Once Pedro quickly grew tired of her depressive moods he started treating her coldly and mean, which became a feedback loop of Amara getting worse as he became more fed up with her. Both of them got more depressed and resentful of each other until one day Amara got so angry with him during a fight that she pushed him and he responded by slapping her head so hard she fell down. They broke up soon after that.

I haven’t seen Amara in years but I hope she’s in a better place…. Pedro on the other hand has only gone downhill from then. He’s doing better in terms of his career but is CLEARLY still depressed and hates himself but refuses to seek therapy or change despite broadcasting how woke he is for recognizing the injustice of the gender binary. He’s as skin deep as they come.

No. 733577

spiral into her insecurities* sorry.

No. 733589

Honestly, it was probably Kiraku Synthboy whiteknighting Audrey since I don’t think Pedro associates with Audrey much at all anymore due to his allegiance to Punimelt/Michy. Audrey really dislikes Pedro herself - she’s bitched about him privately but on the surface and to outsiders they seem like “friends”.

No. 733590

Cute hospital locked her rant twitter account and purged all of her followers except "close friends" lol.

No. 733592

nnnnooooo gdi I swear if this was the cowtipper’s fault. inb4 we end up with caps from her now private twitter anyway though, once the new perfect wholesome friendships implode

No. 733601


Thanks for the milk, anon. I don't know much about slime girls/Pedro Silva, but my interest is piqued. You also mentioned clover and sea life, and I've heard of that name before. I have no clue if this applies, but it ties into clover and sea life a bit? There's a cringy con-based local maid cafe named Cafe Peko Peko that advertised for clover and sea life, but it was mainly for a shitty idol group called Kira Kira Pop (more like, a bunch of landwhale weeb girls singing off key covers). There was a party event that took place at a lounge, and watching the vlog of that whole thing was embarrassing as shit. You could tell the whole place probably smelled like shit and it had a bunch of socially awkward weebs in one place trying to recreate club life.

I think I saw clover and sea life in a vlog thanking everyone for inviting her or whatever. It could've been someone else, but I swear the FIRST time I knew of c&s is through a flyer at a con lmfao. Is there any milk on her? Or just another fried-hair weeb musician.

No. 733611

she doesn’t even look /terrible/ here but it’s the fact that it looks COMPLETELY different from her constructed soft girl selfies, even with a filter on. She’s insecurity and narcissism in equal parts.

No. 733633

File: 1542449103587.png (598.24 KB, 1440x1768, Screenshot_2018-11-17-04-03-01…)

We're getting "investigated" ladies!

No. 733637

I’m surprised W.T Snacks and Beck Attack aren’t mentioned since they apparently do a lot of tours.

No. 733649

Oh shit Beck Attack. I remember her most recent trip to Japan she freaked out over seeing Japanese people wearing fashionable clothes… which is what you'd normally see in Japan… because Japanese people live there.

No. 733684

File: 1542463453189.jpg (91.89 KB, 960x960, clooo.jpg)

W.T. Snacks and Beck Attack were advertised at that same con KEK.
Jami is pretty much their token trans friend. I know she used to be extremely active online in 2012-2015 when everyone wanted to be an Anamanaguchi clone/groupie. Now she just usually stays on the down low online and makes halfassed music.

A couple fried haired weebs to look into are part of the Galaxy Swim Team music label.

I was wondering how Pedro is able to be so open with his degeneracy and I took a look at both of his parents' Facebooks, they shill his Patreon all the time and are super liberal. He has a brother who does guitar work for him too, so basically his entire family revolves around Pedro's success of being a weeb musician with yellow fever.

No. 733697


So Audrey is trying to sic her followers like dogs. Honestly, I didn't know much about her other than what I've seen for a short amount of time on her main and whatever was posted on this thread and prior, but now she REALLY proves she's a fucking brat.

Hey "detectives", while you're at it, your nurse angel exploited a nonexistent illness when it's actually an ED for donation money, she owes shittons of people their commissions and goods, and she backstabbed punibitch and told people about her self-diagnosed Aspergers. You're disposable like the rest of the "toxic" people she's dropped.

No. 733711

File: 1542470660255.jpg (97.97 KB, 960x960, maxoo.jpg)

Do you guys remember earlier this year when Maxo's girlfriend set up a GoFundMe to fund her ED treatment? She was asking for $30k too KEK.


No. 733975

god, the more I find out about ems the more disgusted I feel. When she talked to me about the chat leaks she spun it like she was the one being unfairly treated, that she was the only one who had to take the fall for others. Now that you mention it, her parents really do everything for her while she took pride in how she went to the UK against their wishes for her not to miss school. I feel so bad for them.

No. 734126

File: 1542537921860.jpg (20.66 KB, 400x400, uchCoeIk_400x400.jpg)

I noticed capsule corner features a lot of the artists in this group. Who runs it ive always wondered?

No. 734130

File: 1542539103719.png (2.05 MB, 1587x1922, 2.png)

Remember when Mushbuh tried to sell these shirts at AX this year and then was surprised to get a D&C before the con even opened…

No. 734137

her attitude about the leaks was so stupid lol people got angry at her for things she did say but she can't defend anything she said because it was legit nasty so she tries to deflect the issue with excuses to fuel her victim complex as if people can't think she's shitty for being shitty. if there's one thing ems is good at it's making herself look like she's not REALLY to blame for anything apparently.

No. 734148

File: 1542545295790.jpg (39.55 KB, 767x767, edie.jpg)

The domain is registered by Edward Xu.
Basically some guy who never grew out of his emo phase and now thinks he's trans because he still wears makeup.

No. 734163

WT snacks, now that's a blast from the past if I ever heard one.
I'm surprised he's actually trying to make his shitty music and didn't just grow up. Or is that to be expected if you were deeply involved with 4chan?

No. 734189

Why on earth would you make an awful shirt like that and try and sell it at a con? Like was she expecting to get a away with it lmao Is mush really that stupid?

No. 734199

I think Mushbuh is a dude. Someone last thread called him a soyboy lmfao and he's the one Michy (punimelt) is dating right now. He's a fucking idiot if he thought he get away with it.

No. 734206

File: 1542551927358.png (534.74 KB, 586x419, 1.png)


Capsule Corner looks tacky as shit. I keep seeing it on Twitter and it's pathetic they're trying to recreate gacha machines.


Pic related this is what that reminds me of.

No. 734210

File: 1542552633654.png (456.19 KB, 1010x604, mushbuh's store.png)

I realized mushbuh wasn't listed in OP. Any milk on this guy? His store looks.. mediocre at best. Who would buy any of these especially the chicken nuggets keychain.

No. 734234

File: 1542557413076.png (2.72 MB, 1200x1314, mini.png)

anon, do you need glasses? kek
here's some milk

also, i've seen a few of these cows interlacing with the animecore community. minipete collabed with mushbuh and there's one guy who i can't remember at the moment who has a Mayura profile picture.

by the way what's up with Danika Harrod, I see her name show up a bunch.

No. 734237

File: 1542558933654.png (509.28 KB, 893x526, dauraugon.PNG)

Dauragon is another weeb artist. Pedro's Steam profile pic is of this same girl.
What ever happened to janemai? Her art was so mediocre.

No. 734291

wait, this is the same WT Snacks?

that's fucking wild, I only know about him through 4chan

No. 734321

File: 1542570049264.png (643.03 KB, 609x621, 1.png)

Mushbuh also sold this bootleg charm at AX

No. 734335


I wouldn't wanna be caught dead carrying this around. How embarrassing. It looks like he's trying to follow his gf's footsteps making stuff except he has no real artistic skills to put on the table. Hell, even Audrey's mediocre art project looking plate looks better than mushbuh's stuff in general.

No. 734341

File: 1542572563361.png (733.87 KB, 579x675, SOYSOY.PNG)

I honestly cannot believe people actually shill for some flavored soy milk.

No. 734352

What's supposed to be the joke here? If I saw someone carrying this around I'd be confused and probably assume they're 3edgy5me.

No. 734356

that's not him

No. 734377

I don’t have that much milk on him but mushbuh/Julian had a flirty thing going on with Cute Hospital/Audrey but never decided to commit and Audrey got suuuper jealous that he was always closer with Punimelt/Michy, Audrey’s ex-BFF. Julian is similar to Michy in how they’re both awkward people who don’t really know how to socialize and react badly to criticism. Neither of them know how to handle being called out for being emotionally retarded or mean so both of them have lashed out hard at the friends and partners who have tried.

To be honest I’m almost as tired of the edgy weeb shit as I am the ironic, absurdist humor of these soy boys. Where one tries to be overly constructed cuteness or subversive cuteness the other tries to be as low quality as possible to be funny. It always ends up looking like a stupid inside joke to normal people.

No. 734395

File: 1542579671122.jpeg (608.67 KB, 750x738, 14ED9152-08AC-4D55-8332-F64182…)

lmao capsule corner.
from this pic alone you can see how amateur they are: only one or two are relatively successful designers and the rest are storyboarders or other removed art jobs because it’s just Edie’s friend group shilling their own shit instead of being properly curated for high quality merch.

No. 734407

File: 1542580027486.jpeg (457.79 KB, 750x940, 43A274ED-46F5-4460-94C0-E02C51…)

one of the artists involved in this sad group is Amanda Huynh and all she draws is girls with long black hair with shit-tier anatomy

No. 734410

File: 1542580196951.jpeg (613.44 KB, 750x819, 852DACB1-CD3F-41E6-B2B7-2CB73E…)

not to mention this play dough garbage from gabbyness who was mentioned last thread for being the worse half of Uchuu Summer.

btw it’s hilarious that a Korean girl and white girl banded together to make a brand with a Japanese name

No. 734414

File: 1542580371123.png (314.58 KB, 1120x252, 555499.PNG)

you must live a sad life if you paid $555 for this shit.

No. 734427

File: 1542581426254.png (812.55 KB, 766x766, fas?.png)

Thanks a lot to whoever cowtipped. Now we can't laugh at her spergs anymore.
>although it's pretty clear the friend/fan who tipped her off is a farmer, better watch your back Audrey

No. 734433


I feel bad for anyone who received the shittier prizes. The one in the top middle is the only decent prize.


This looks like fucking garbage. I hate artists that think having a minimalist style is good just to shield their lack of skill. Idk if gabbyness' twatter icon is supposed to be her, but I was surprised not surprised to find out she was a greasy white girl from her instagram photos since someone here mentioned she had yellow fever. She made herself look ~POC~ in her icon.

No. 734435

yeah that's definitely her, it's got the same buttchin indent as her. trying to brownface herself.
majority of her liked tweets are seeping with white guilt. kek gabby, no one cares except you and your other white friends.

No. 734436


Let's see who she pisses off next kek. She tried to get some of her fans to investigate this and the previous thread, but she'd be shooting herself in the foot if she linked the thread at all. Since you're lurking Audrey, tell me, what's that gonna prove? That you're a lying womanbaby who scammed people of their money because you lied about having heart failure? That those whiteknights aren't any less disposable as the rest?

This girl's future isn't looking bright if she doesn't establish any realistic goals or prioritize. Maybe stop blowing your money traveling to Japan to blow even more money on brand shit and start paying rent instead.

No. 734443

How do you guys feel about meyoco's stuff? The concept of her art looks nice and her pins are cute, but she bitches a lot on her Twitter. They can be valid points, but it doesn't look professional to sperg about some rude customer that she probably won't even meet again.


lmfao I hate when artists severely overprice their art and get mad when someone tells them the quality doesn't match the price they set. Putting it to perspective, the artist doesn't owe you anything, but do they not realize competition exists no matter how fake they are with other weeb artists they're affiliated with?

No. 734455

I followed her briefly but had to stop. Her stuff is too same-y. And while have a consistent and recognizable style is good, its boring when you do the same subject matter over and over and over again. Got tired of seeing "___" object filled with liquid

No. 734501


julian is extremely autistic. it's very obvious if you spend any time with him irl and that makes his follower trying to imitate him even more cringey

No. 734585

I wish they’d just rebrand to something korean

No. 734606

I feel like this happens with a lot of big name artists. They get popular through a cool idea and then proceed to draw the same thing over and over again because it's the only thing they know how to do. And yet their fans still continue to eat it up

No. 734623

"i wish kawakubo would rebrand comme des garcons to something japanese"

No. 734636

does anyone know what happened between pedro and thymiine/grace? it seems shes completely removed from that circle now and not very active online.

No. 734645

>comparing these weeb embarrassments to an actual successful brand/designer

No. 734681

Lmao commes is trash too, same with super dry

Using another cultures language as a crutch of your fashion line is lame, don’t be stupid

No. 734700

Shockingly it is, I just checked his Twitter and he's apparently a DJ who wants to go to Japan to play his shitty video game music.
It's just so weird seeing his face again lol. I remember he had quite a bit of drama himself, but what 4chan personality didn't back then (moot, xenon, cracky, lolichan, manofwax or whatever the fuck he was called were all fucked).

No. 734719

She's still active just not around Pedro anymore, mostly drawing, streaming, and doing keto recipes. She's still friends with Pedro's parents on Facebook and they like her stuff so the breakup probably wasn't that bad. I'm curious what exactly happened too since everyone in this circle do something dramatic.

No. 734766

My point is that "Korean people should stay in their lane and only make things that I consider sufficiently Korean" is a ridiculous but depressingly common position that people here seem to hold.

No. 734993

o o f so this is why Audrey needs filters, she looks fucking rough. If you can’t find yourself cute without SNOW you should just stop before you delude yourself into thinking you are cute.

Kawakubo is guilty of it too, but it’s more about using your own culture and experience for an authentic product. Kawakubo’s designs are uniquely hers and not just French copies despite the brand name; Uchuu Summer and OMOCAT just rip off Japanese artists and wear their skin. They’re taobao at brand prices, it’s just insulting.

No. 734997

meyocco is boring. their style was cute the first three times, now it’s quickly become uninspired and lazy.

fun fact: meyocco found out that ghostspacess actually tried to report her to a publisher or gallery curator (can’t remember which) for plagiarizing the work of maruti-bitamin, lmao

No. 735001

oh shit did meyocco actually plagirize? or was ghost just salty

No. 735031

File: 1542680060377.png (57.96 KB, 577x609, mean anons.png)

Aaaand it's back to her spergs. Audrey, can you point out what anyone is lying about because as far as the threads were concerned, the ~mean anons~ were just recapping the shit you post on your fucking Twatter or your past online conduct.

"I'm ready to become more powerful" you mean sitting on your ass at home doing nothing and blowing more money off on brand? Your outlook isn't too great.

No. 735034

>more material to create stuff

yes please draw more dogshit-quality run of the mill pastel comics about how your 22 year old lazy bitch ass is being ~cyberbullied~. we love a good laugh kek

No. 735048

Free press for us! Thanks for the shout-out Audrey. I bet some of your followers are eager to see what you've done since more than half of them love partaking in drama.
We should keep a check on her follower count for each sperg she does. Some of them are bound to end up on here.

No. 735066

idgi like she's in japan with her bf but she has to take the time and make a pity party for herself. if i was her i'd ignore it and enjoy my vacation. all this shows is that she loves drama

No. 735114

File: 1542693398960.png (10.59 KB, 553x79, sogeyyy.PNG)

Audrey, you're extremely straight

No. 735127

Some of their work is very similar so I wouldn't be surprised if she was 'inspired', but I doubt she actually plagiarized. There are so many maruti-bitamin copycats out there that I feel bad for her tbh

No. 735173

>own culture

These are fairly meaningless concepts. Culture is mostly just a set of myths that persist because they have some kind of utility (like marketability, for example) and the idea that certain people have ownership of certain myths is pretty dumb. Just because someone has Italian heritage doesn't make them magically more capable of performing Verdi than anyone else.

It's also worth noting that the modern concept of countries having ownership of some sort of unique national culture is completely ahistorical. For example, Roman myths were obviously heavily influenced by the Greeks, but the entire Indian subcontinent is a giant inbred of inbred web of myths as well. The idea that Japanese culture is a silo that is completely separate from Korean culture is absurd whether you consider centuries ago or today.

Lastly, it's just presumptuous and essentialist to say that because someone is Korean (or whatever other mildly exoticized ethnic group) they should have some kind of ~meaningful connection~ to their "own culture" and expect this in the works they create.

No. 735181

File: 1542706600341.png (224.34 KB, 700x906, f6590dee3P0VZ.png)

let's see, which cows did audrey draw on this page that she's not friends with anymore

No. 735217

that's just, like, your opinion, man.

No. 735224

I agree with some of the sentiments, but I think we can still recognize cases where someone is just fetishizing and appropriating disrespectfully. They're not people who are freely embracing other cultures and taking the time to learn about them because they don't recognize cultural boundaries, they clearly want to draw those cultural boundaries but they want to be on the other side of them so they can be "better" than other edgy nerd artists, and they want to fetishize people based on their race.

I don't knock every artist that draws inspiration from a culture other than their "own", but I think most of the people in this thread are tacky and gross.

No. 735261

do you guys know about viibean? her art is boring but she cheated on her ex boyfriend for pedro (lol) last year. she also homewrecked puccanoodles and animoose right after her own breakup.

No. 735270

HAH, I've seen her around but had no idea about the drama surrounding her. I was also kinda curious why puccanoodles seemed to vent a lot more on her twitter lately even though before she mostly just posted her art. Can you post more details?

No. 735274

I'm not gonna lie, I actually really like his stuff. I wear the og snacks/treats sweater all the time

No. 735275

File: 1542731610376.png (967.01 KB, 637x747, slothhospital.png)

No. 735311


Didn't she post in the actual omocat thread?

No. 735315

Wasn’t it clarified in the omocat threat in /ot/ that the guy ruined his own relationship and tried to get with vii but she friendzoned him hard? Then punimelt and cutehospital made vague tweets about vii being a home wrecker

If she did cheat on her ex for pedro though that would be fucked up, since he took her in when she ran away from her parents and then accused him of being abusive.

No. 735420

this smells like a post from someone in the inner circle trying to stir drama
she already clarified in the omocat thread. i'm inclined to believe her more because she's never had drama until interacting with omocat's mess of a clique

No. 735462

lol this really smells like a vendetta-chan. it’s already been confirmed that animoose was the own homewrecker of his relationship, and whatever you think of viibean her art is actually decent and not weeby compared to the others mentioned in these threads.

I’m curious about the cheating claim but if her ex was abusive to her then it’s not a surprise she’d fall for someone else. too bad it was pedro tho, she clearly doesnt know how to pick em

No. 735485

I honestly don't believe her, she's just trying to cover her ass. It's very suspicious she came in not even a day after her name first got mentioned in the thread. We all know she lurks trying not to be the center of drama.
We obviously know Puni and Audrey like to stir drama as well and like to blow things out of proportion to take the focus away from themselves acting like retards.

Vii possibly did cheat on her ex with Pedro. Puni and Audrey were probably jealous of the fact Pedro got with her instead of them. Remember, they were in a love triangle with mushbuh, so no doubt they were trying to do this with Pedro.

Also, why Pedro of all people? He's unfortunately one of the more popular weebs in this group. He's got ties to Japanese brands compared to mushbuh and his soyboy brand.

No. 735493

iirc vii drew a picture of him and her together where they were on the phone together and she was crying, so maybe he was just there at the right time

No. 735500

iirc an anon claiming to be her friend said they tipped her off to the thread. Could be sockpuppeting, but who knows.

Lurking is a lot less milky than spreading untrue rumors about your “friend” homewrecking tbh, the whole situation reflected most poorly on punimelt and cutehospital besides the obvious scumbag boyfriend

No. 735505

LOL Audrey and Pedro??? Pedro is at the bottom of her list of people to ever be with. Puni was never interested in him either, stop reaching.

As to why Pedro, he can be charming and friendly when you first meet him. But know him for a while ans you realize he’s got issues and is crazy repressed. His outward greasiness has certainly kept me away ever since I first saw him but I can understand how he manages to draw in girls.

No. 735605

sage for no contribution but I cant get over this thread pic, the centrepiece of Tiffany’s mug surrounded by her calves is fantastic

No. 735610

File: 1542770519001.jpg (19.97 KB, 464x212, W1zk4ZF.jpg)


Holy shit it would be great to see her release a shitty comic that looks like Love Hospital about how she's being ~cyberbullied~. It's so fucking embarrassing to see people around their 20s still thinking they can be bullied on the internet.

No. 735623

File: 1542774382653.png (240.17 KB, 623x530, SYeSx4Q.png)

does nick robinson fit in this cateogry?

soft soy boy working for feminist polygon turned out to be power abusing asshole who manipulated and lied to girls to get dates

its fucked up but im so glad his apartment caught on fire, the scummy fuck

No. 735633

>im so glad his apartment caught on fire
holy shit thank god.
he was mentioned in the past thread for being similar to pedro. he left the internet after the scandal and quietly came back hanging around two asian girls.

No. 735675

I feel like this might get me in trouble but I don't know or really care who all these people are, I'm mainly confused about this omocat fashion line. I know the girl had some scam with a game and I'm wondering does she scam with the fashion line too or something? Because a friend tried to order something and never got it and there are a couple others on twitter saying the same thing, but they're currently getting buried under the hype for the ddlc collab which I'm guessing is some other retard weeb game or something right

No. 735678

Knowing Tiffany she probably underprinted or is withholding stock to make it seem items sold out/are more popular than they actually are.

She also prioritizes projects that get her more exposure (pokemon, miku, ddlc) even if it means her loyal customers have to wait (she does not care)

No. 735688

File: 1542789934668.png (518.44 KB, 1176x1579, yikes.png)

But why…? Whole thing has me so confused because it was something from the line she had just released, all the collabs with other artists which I thought was pretty recent. When I looked around, most of the complaints were also people not getting their orders from that latest line before this new one announced today. That's pretty fucked up.

Actually, just decided to search "omocat order" and found posts that dated back to summer even. So I guess maybe 60 or 70% of people who order actually get their orders while everyone else gets fucked and ends up having to refund or settling with nothing at all. If only people made as big a deal over this as they do over that dumb game, then maybe less people would fall into her fashion line trap

No. 735691

If that's the same Eddie that works with the Galaxxxy brand, I'm a bit surprised to see him being vaguely mentioned as I've met him a few times at AX. He seemed…normal to me at least. I do know that him and Kiraku are good friends though. Now that girl is questionable.

No. 735694

Yep, that's the same Eddie

No. 735728

wow never expected to see people I know pop up in these threads….yikes

No. 735735


sage if there's nothing to contribute anon. unless you know these people personally and are willing to share if it doesn't threaten your anonymity

No. 735737

oops sorry I'm a lurker. My interactions with the people I know posted on here have all been pretty pleasant but I'm not in their inner circles. I was just surprised to see them here tbh

I'll go back to lurking

No. 735742

If any of them work for omocat can you ask them why so many people never get their orders, thanks

No. 735743

the one thing I feel like I can say about these types of people is that they only really seem to care about you if you're successful or popular otherwise you get snub…. even if you're their peers

No. 735744

naw the people I know don't work for omocat, sorry.

No. 735842

I'm not sure he fits in this thread, but I'd be interested in a thread on indie games/games journalism flakes in general. There was also someone who posted asking about Mina from Worst Girl Games in the last thread so at least one other person is interested. All the drama I know about is old though and focused around a few people, so I'm not the best person to start it but I'd contribute what I can.

>his apartment caught on fire

Thank god.

No. 736093

ol Nick isn’t really relevant here but I know Pedro is friends with him, if anyone needed more reason to judge his character lol

No. 736094

File: 1542855555481.jpeg (276.46 KB, 750x945, 4A88A749-1B57-4B92-BDC7-C81EF0…)

>vii bean’s art

No. 736134

I don’t mean to wk but a sketch of a meme isn’t really indictivite of someone’s art skill

No. 736135

I don’t mean to wk but a sketch of a meme isn’t really indictivite of someone’s art skill

No. 736137

File: 1542863615144.png (1.53 MB, 763x1200, 2144352.png)

….anon you're using a doodle that looks like it was drawn on a phone to drag this girl
i had to look her up and imo her twitter media shows that she's a competent artist with professional experience so idg where the claims about her art being bad are coming from, unless it really is vendetta-chans with no real milk

No. 736164

Besides the omocat crew backstabbing her the only negative thing I know about her is that she takes art too seriously sometimes.

For example she gives people unsolicited critiques and it’s ended some friendships. I think it’s because she wasn’t able to enroll into art school because of her family so she overcompensates by making art her life. Now that she’s finally enrolled maybe she’s chilled out(grats to her tbh)

No. 736172

What else exactly is bad with Omocat? My friend is obsessed with her and she's always rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 736188

What else do you need? She has an unpleasant personality, has shit unoriginal art, fetishizes the hell out of Japan, is a scam artist, liar, lazy, greedy, and surrounds herself with similar if not worse people.
The only reason she had a whole thread over in /ot/ is because her cringe brand is too popular for its own good; now it turns out she and her whole band of weeaboo losers are assholes too.

No. 736191

File: 1542880833805.png (2.21 MB, 1191x829, hm.png)

kek, Audrey having stickers of herself to decorate her own laptop, what a narcissist good to see the big sticker of her kept that big Vietnamese honker tho
Also interesting that there's a sticker made by punibitch still on her laptop, I thought she purged all of that shit but I guess she'll do anything for an aesthetic

No. 736229

File: 1542893808607.png (349.57 KB, 1427x1544, Screenshot_2018-11-22-07-28-33…)

>pan / demi
Of course. This is why Audrey is calling herself SO GHEY while still only dating men
KEK literally who calls her that and I'm unsurpised she'd use kanji for that one "nickname". She definitely made that up herself.
And then there's the Meyers Briggs and horoscopes to make up for the lack of her own personality.

No. 736245

File: 1542896863186.png (156.17 KB, 700x906, 069dcb7bdQdjC.png)


Wow that's not cringy and weeby at all. Is she just that retarded to not realize how fucking stupid the nickname is. I've known plenty of girls like her who were super fucking feminine as shit but would throw in they/them pronouns to seem queer uwu when they only date cis men. Similarly, they would claim they're bi/pan and shout biphobia if you point out they only date men.

Audrey please, shut the fuck up, you're extremely straight and not fooling anyone. Why not just be happy about your straight female status instead of racking up oppreshun points. pic related because bitch seems to be the typical twitter weeaboo fujoshit who probably thinks she's gay for liking yaoi

No. 736247

It's both surprising and disappointing that CH doesn't have any equally two-faced friends (yet) to leak her possible spergs on her new dreamyhospital account. Or they're just too afraid since it's narrowed down to 22 followers.

No. 736249

File: 1542897668691.png (434.85 KB, 593x588, milkbbi.png)

I remembered being a Tumblrfag who bought a few things from Milkbbi and then eventually realized how crappy minimalist the designs are.

Not within the omocat circle but still a western weeb

No. 736251

File: 1542897760470.jpg (489.03 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20181122_084104.jpg)

No. 736252

File: 1542897810539.jpg (579.34 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20181122_084235.jpg)

No. 736282

Thats actually only half the sticker from their collab, the punimelt logo is either cut off or covered lol

No. 736294

Rich kid with rich parents help fund art school(which she doesn’t take seriously and drops out) then rich parents pay for her weeb brand and she becomes richer

No. 736303

Wtf does she have no pants on in the first three panels? Is this a metaphor for being at the gynecologist and her disassociating from the experience in the third panel? Or am I just overthinking a retarded comic

No. 736306

Audrey deleted this tweet.
Hi Audrey! How's Thanksgiving going?

No. 736355

22 followers makes it easy to find anyone who betrays but tbh I think this current group of friends genuinely like her, at least for now. Just give it a few months and we’ll see leaks. There’s also the fact she got tipped off to the thread by a friend who is a farmer so once she pisses off them, we’re sure to get more milk.

No. 736360

File: 1542913374366.jpeg (408.6 KB, 2048x2048, 774330E3-89A7-4E0C-A52E-809C5E…)

g r e a s e

yes youre overthinking, she just hates wearing pants in general. it’s her thing to have her legs and ass exposed when she goes out too, despite being ~asexual~

No. 736373

File: 1542914052079.jpeg (189.3 KB, 800x600, 424EBF66-A2EE-4402-9153-868348…)

She actually graduated but probably never took art school seriously. For instance, while most students put a lot of effort displaying their work for their graduation show, all she really did was hang up a bunch of her clothes designs and called it a day. There’s probably a very good reason why her alma mater doesn’t showcase her work despite being successful and it’s probably because her parents basically bought her success.

No. 736376


This was really insightful. The Doki Doki Literature Club collab with OMOCAT caught my attention on Facebook but I got intrigued by this thread after seeing comments about the unreleased game, and that's changed my mind now. Sounds like a complete cunt.

No. 736398

I couldn’t believe she just traced the sprites for the DDLC collaboration…

No. 736413

Omo needs to be called out for her shit more, it seems because she's got this popular kawaii eye candy brand and does these quirky collabs ie DDLC she gets away with alot more than people think.

No. 736452

File: 1542922863818.jpg (339.99 KB, 2048x1024, clean02-doki_doki.jpg)

Oh god this ain't even an exaggeration. Is this technically legal? Or did she just only pick the colors. Whatever Omo did, it doesn't stand out as her work.

No. 736459

Imagine tracing and still butchering the lines that badly

No. 736463

it honestly looks like she used the default pen tool in InDesign

No. 736481

And weebs actually buy this shit?

No. 736488

File: 1542925618713.jpg (81.08 KB, 760x1111, GOOD_tshirt_garment_14bd0f7c-e…)


One of the few reasons why Tiffany's brand got popular is because it pandered to the weeaboo retards on Tumblr way back. Once the Omocat brand gained its status through western means, no one really questioned the quality because as long as it's associated with the brand, who cares. Though, it seems like most of her customers are shut-ins who can't seem to process that people taking pics of themselves wearing a Pretty Boy sweater isn't the same as someone wearing it out in public. Like what someone said last thread, if I saw someone wear that in public, I'd cringe.


You call this a collaboration, Tiffany? I'm sure DDLC's meme fandom was hoping to see these characters in your style rather than badly tracing over. But her art's quality has dipped down.

No. 736491

More so, is this an official collab with Team Salvato the developers of DDLC? This is some lazy traced deviantArt tier shit.

No. 736583

yikes her laziness really knows no bounds, this looks like dog shit. I rest easier knowing that even as she makes bank off of stupid blind weeaboos it's objectively true that her art has gone down the shitter and she'll never be a legitimate artist no matter how much money she makes.

No. 736680

Audrey is single-handedly the worst friend I've ever had. Not worth the headache to get deep into it considering she'll rip into anyone who "hurts her" (is honest) but I will say you are all 100% on point with this.

No. 736693

Can you give a bit more info about what it is like being friends with her? She seems super toxic, vindictive, and dare I say abusive. She also seems like she thinks she should be famous or coddled or something and she is entitled to people taking care of her and paying her way, and if they don't she villainizes them.

Anything general you can touch on that won't give yourself away?

No. 736696

post caps or gtfo back to lurking

No. 736727

File: 1542965484571.png (10.34 KB, 347x103, lol.png)


anon sage your posts if there's nothing new to add to the thread or just don't post at all if you're unwilling to share since you said it's

>Not worth the headache

She gives off this impression of trying too hard to follow punimelt's steps, or at least the toxic Omocat ring because the stuff on her store isn't even great to begin with, and it seems like the only reason why someone bought her overpriced plate is solely because she was associated with the popular artists.

pic related but Audrey, no one asked for "healing" from a vindictive, nasty girl. It may be hard to believe, but not everyone who is shitting on you have terrible lives. we're just laughing at the disposition of a fat fucking womanchild stuck on the internet and going nowhere in life

No. 736745

What did this Pedro guy even do to make you guys hate him so much besides be Mexican and like Asian girlsÉ

No. 736752

he abused one of his girlfriends, anon. he's known to be a creep and prey on women to hook up with.

No. 736799

AFAIK, WT and Eddie stay out of drama, I've never heard anything bad about them. Beck's a tumblr girl, bit of a cow, but they're surprisingly stable together. A lot of people they're friends with are fucking insane and worth looking into tho, just saying. Like Aubrey. Lmao.

No. 736818

I don’t hate him and I don’t actually hate anyone in this thread in particular. I could give less of a shit about anime stuff. These people though, especially Pedro, are so pathetic and drama-ridden that it’s hilarious. Pedro is a hairy-ass man with a perpetual five o’ clock shadow trying to look uwu soft and who whines about his special snowflake they/xir/it/anime gender identity while acting like a typical male creep with yellow fever. He’s only a few steps and a diaper fetish away from becoming another Shmorky.

No. 736910

What is up with whiteknights coming in here and saying people must ~hate~ the group to be talking about them? It's happened like three times now. Sure some of the posts smell like vendetta, probably from someone close to them, but most people are just enjoying the drama.

No. 736954

File: 1543009309152.jpeg (84.82 KB, 747x571, 9B1F60DC-3B04-4F3B-B144-F2DC3A…)

There was a time where Tiffany constantly posted about “how drunk I am gaiz”

No. 736976

lmfao no one hates him for being Mexican? Read the OP anon, he's worth being discussed especially seeing as multiple people in these threads have had direct experience with him and his creepiness. It's good for women - especially Asian women - in the art community to be aware of predators like him.

No. 736979

to be fair she's still a drunk. she turns up to cons and her own events drunk because she's that bored and unwilling to engage with her customers

No. 736987

anon it's sus that you're trying to pass off as if you don't know pedro and yet here you are on lolcow either a newfag or a dumbass or both. yellow fever looks fucking ugly on anyone and no one hated him for being mexican. lurk more


pedro reminds me of those socially awkward flamboyant guys that you see at cons who randomly approach you, poke at your arm to be funny/cute bc they somehow think being at a con grants them permission to make physical contact, and then you think maybe it's all harmless until later on they're actually horny creeps.

No. 736988

File: 1543014487477.jpg (216.34 KB, 578x743, evolved empath.jpg)

Audrey's answer to an anon, who lets be real is probably Audrey sending herself weirdly specific questions that pat her ass at the same time. Highlighted the most kek-worthy parts.

She keeps going on about how she's matured and has no grudge against her old friends but here she is again, bringing up Julian AKA mushbuh because she is still extremely assmad he ditched her for punimelt and didn't want to date her

No. 736990


Close to death before? The fuck? Didn't she even admit it herself that it was an ED and someone else confirmed that she was really just starving herself because she knew she was fat? Her responses are so drawn out and unhelpful, like she's trying to make it about her and not the supposed struggling anon.

the first step towards her being mature is developing self awareness and stop trying to keep up a healing front. believe it or not plenty of people have the same mindset as her, loving to help others, but she's no expert on mental health

No. 736995

Audrey doesn't genuinely love to help people, she loves feeling like she's smart with wisdom to bestow.
Once you spend enough time with her as a friend you quickly realize what she really loves is being a victim and tearing into people for the pettiest shit ever. Then justifies her bitchiness by saying that she's suuuch a good person who helps everyone uwu

No. 737051

>i still feel others' suffering strongly

LMAO coming from a girl who can't stop talking shit about other people for things that are entirely her fault

Did you feel Shawn's suffering Audrey? What about Michy's? She wouldn't have had to swap out an entire group of friends for the dollar store version if she actually knew how to empathize but all she does is blame blame blame.

No. 737052

LOL Audrey has reached peak exceptional individual.
as someone who used to send herself anons on Tumblr back in the day, she's definitely sending these questions to herself.
i doubt any of her followers see her as "worldly" and just wants to sound unique because her parents pay for each of her 3 vacations a year.

No. 737068


yikes i feel sorry for her, but not because we're laughing at her. a 22/23 year old but mentally stuck as a 15 year old weeb with a narcissist view about herself and easily making enemies. as somebody who used to have a lack of social skills, it's potentially damaging if she doesn't shape up and be a little bit more self aware. combined with slacking off in school + her parents paying for her tuition money, rent, japan vacations and a bunch of other shit, it's really pathetic, especially again, she's 22/23 (according to an anon). LOL most people that age have made progress in life, such as actually graduating from college and being more independent. Too bad Audrey can't even handle when her parents refuse pick her up from the airport.

No. 737135

wtsnacks is in debt to number of people for $500+

his partner beckattack has stolen cash from people at cons and tried to pin it on other people, creating drama

please stop being bad at life

No. 737137

he doesnt make music comrade

No. 737191

File: 1543056267739.png (121.17 KB, 700x906, 5c43fbe25naKF.png)

imagine if some incel made a comic about how watching lesbian porn saves his life lmfao
So gross.
This thread made me remember I read the Love Hospital comic a long time ago. I just reread it and I am not surprised to find out that the author is a cunt. It's so vain and self-indulgent. I expected a full-blown (even if contained in episodes of sorts) story of going to hospital and recovering, not those barely illustrated rants. She should leave the comic to herself and maybe show it just to her few uwu friends that might care. It does not shine light on an experience suffering from ED or hospitalization, it's super self-centered and hollow. The rants are so uwu and emo that I want to smack the author on her head.

Sage for an useless rant.

No. 737193

Lmfao this is 2006 MySpace tier edgy. Audrey probably finished rewatching Evangelion for the 5th time and thought this was 3deep5me

No. 737207


That's a good point lol. Only that she gets away with it because she plays off as a cute girl (too far to compare but it's similar to nemu's mindset in the "i'm a cute girl so it's ok" way). I've known weeaboo Viet girls who were similar to her and think it's cute to secretly love yaoi when they're in their 20s. it only makes them look like they haven't grown out of middle school. fujoshits are the worst tbh

yeah her love hospital comic is pretty amateur, more typed text than illustrations and practically barren. Of course twitter woke weeaboos would eat it up and donate to her

No. 737324

tbh I do not mind women into yaoi even if I am not interested whatsoever, just don't be cringy about it and especially DON'T do the 'fapping to drawings of gay men having sex saves my anorexic life everyday hehehe (lewd face)'

No. 737504

File: 1543098241715.png (11.31 KB, 574x101, what.png)

I'm being retarded but is she saying we're repressed or she is. There's nothing wrong with liking BL it's just that when you're an adult and you gush about it like a weeb middle schooler and think it's a "sin u//w//u" then there's something wrong. It's even more stupid when she jokes about it being the cure to her faked ED. Newsflash aud, yaoi isn't a realistic portrayal of gay people and you're not gay for liking yaoi. In fact, the targeted demographic for yaoi are fujos like her.

sage for rant

No. 737508

File: 1543098504495.png (13.88 KB, 359x171, 1.png)

Can someone confirm if this is Google translated or does she actually have some knowledge of Japanese.

No. 737512


Sounded like lyrics (even the spacing), so I googled to check and it's lyrics. To this emoish song.

No. 737522

i bed audrey walked into don quijote and this was playing over the speakers and she was like "omg so deeep! i can totes relate"

No. 737559

Translator’s note: this sperg means “don’t make me question me and my friends’ superficial hardon for Japanese culture!!!” in English.

Audrey, people don’t laugh at idiots licking icy lamp poles because they’re repressed or jealous. It’s the same thing watching you narcissistic pastel losers.

No. 737607

File: 1543105041492.jpeg (178.2 KB, 750x471, 65766724-9D4D-4737-819D-8ECF78…)

>omggg Japanese people say “Sam!” in their kawaii accent when they see my Tuxedo Sam bag! UWAAAA VALIDATING DESU NE ;W;

No. 737642

File: 1543108584044.png (17.13 KB, 582x186, I'M JAPANESE.PNG)

oh god is Beck actually Japanese? she sounds exactly like one of those weebs who pretend they're Japanese to make their yellow fever "ok". And of course it's the Japanese side of the family who abandons you. The natural thing to do is to be a weeb.

No. 737647

File: 1543108820889.png (31.07 KB, 598x283, NO.PNG)

No. 737660

This has to be a joke, but he is a scientologist so he's obviously insane. Just checked and he's is white as can be. His dad is Canadien and his mom is Swedish and Norwegian.

No. 737664

Who are you talking about? Beck is a female.

No. 737670

LMFAO ANON not the artist Beck. We mean Beck Attack.

No. 737672

holy shit i'm so fucking dumb. I saw this on the front page and thought this was the celebrity thread. I hate myself lmao

No. 737674

I tried to submit a question to her CC but she locked out anons haha. I survived cancer and there's nothing more frustrating to me to see her go on about ~~coming back from the brink of death~~ when really she had an ED and was hospitalized for that. I first followed her art a while back and always thought her zine about being in the hospital was a bit much, and it blew my mind to find out she wasn't even sick.

No. 737679


I know this is lolcow but genuine congrats that you survived, and sending good energy to you too, anon. Hearing about stuff like this makes me more grateful about life and it fucking sucks to see liars like her monetize off an illness she didn't even suffer through. She's so narcissistic she needs to make it into an aesthetic and make herself seem "worldly". She talks like any other Tumblrtard attempting to be cutesy.

No. 737681

>that happened

If it really did though I doubt anyone actually recognized her less so than they just liked her bag.

Uh but what does she mean by 'validating'? That they.. like your bag and they're Japanese..??

No. 737682

welp, i stand corrected. she's half japanese.

No. 737695

I feel so bad for her, usually haafus
>look like a regular Asian person
>ridiculous good looking
And somehow she’s below average and only white looking, rip

No. 737698

Her sister has more Asian features than her and she's not a big fucking weeb. She's into punk shit and Steven Universe. Guess Beck needed to accommodate for it in the worst way.

No. 737699


I roll my eyes at hafus that look white and act like this because it always comes off as them trying to score those sweet oppression points while exploiting the Asian side of them. Kind of like The Anime Man, I guess.

No. 737764

File: 1543121498393.jpeg (414.93 KB, 1583x2048, 8705C0B6-A3B7-4629-80AB-93D64C…)

I didn’t know anything about this sub culture until today and goddamn nothing is more cringy than trying to be a baby fashion. The punimelt girl is the only one who can pull it off because she looks like a literal child but everyone else is yikes.

They aren’t bad looking but they choose the worst clothes for their bodies

No. 737910


What the fuck are those overalls.

Even Harajuku fashion is viewed as strange in Japan, which none of these losers seem to realize. As some other anon said there's a difference between what you see online and what others see when you go out in public.

Though I'll be honest, it's less tacky when they wear from actual Harajuku brands than straightup western ripoffs made by Tumblr/Twitter artists that think Japan is all about creepy otaku subcultures (shota, fujoshi)

No. 737914

File: 1543152093352.png (28.21 KB, 583x246, jump.PNG)

tinfoiling but i think beck is aware we're talking about her. her tweets skip from this year to mid 2016 in all my searches.

No. 737962

File: 1543159609503.gif (1.41 MB, 500x280, tumblr_inline_pih5x4T9qe1u8yxp…)

I backed Virgo vs the Zodiac by Moonana and was so let down by the delay. I mean, who would have guessed that learning an entire new engine would take time, huh?

No. 737968

File: 1543160884365.png (18.99 KB, 584x254, 1min.PNG)

>literally who
This smells like a selfpost since the last time besides a minute ago Moonana updated her Twitter was 2 weeks ago.

No. 737999


This has no relevance to the thread gtfo selfpost-chan.

No. 738072

File: 1543174094503.jpeg (843.57 KB, 750x956, 7FCF10CE-BA05-49EC-885D-A5DBBE…)

Fuck this comic honestly, it was drivel from start to finish. Every feeling or experience was barely explored in an interesting way and completely disconnected from the next… it’s literally a bawling baby in comic form: no logic, no direction, just self-pity and tears. And then pages of narcissistic “look how much people love me! Look at all the nice things they say about me! I’m so great uwu”

On the bright side this makes me very excited for the inevitable part 2 weeaboo boogaloo where Audrey moans about being cyberbullied, comes to the exact same epiphany that ~my friends keep me strong~, and loses those friends within a year. It’s going to be so hilariously bad.

No. 738076

and all her reactions in this comment are a bunch of AAAAAAAAAAAs and //////////////s

Why is this group so obsessed with LINE? They all have Twitter and Facebook so it's not difficult to message each other from there.
Like, I get the stickers on LINE and all that, but those cost money. At this point they could all just make Discord groups and upload their own stickers for free.

No. 738080

Tbf line,kaokao, etc are being pushed to western audiences (see: New York’s permanent like store) so it’s not weird/weeby

But yes I agree this comic that everyone recommended “love hospital” is more of blog posts than an actual cohesive comic with story.

No. 738152


Lol tbh I'm excited for part 2 as well. It's funny that she thought people were gonna come after her or something. Sure, there's some dumbfucks that would take their time and energy to do something creepy since it's the internet (not to mention the idiot that cowtipped), so I guess it's justified she locked her rant twitter. Then again, everything she posted was made public.

No one was invested in your life, Audrey, but go ahead and make the cyberbully comic about how everyone is repressed and jealous. It gives us more to laugh at.

No. 738432

Nothing to contribute but I hope I get to see those ems chat logs one day. It got hyped up too much from the omocat thread and I need it.

No. 738488

Unfortunately I don’t have caps but I did see them in person on my friends phone and can confirm they exist lmao

No. 739120

Dammit, Audrey posted her Zepeto avatar, but deleted them who knows when. Probably because it's for Koreaboos and not Tru Weebs like her

No. 739175

lol calm down anon, she probably deleted it because of the location tracking rumors

No. 739375


I think Audrey is a pampered weeaboo brat as much as the next person, anon, but you're really going for scraps at this point. She knows we're talking about her, so she's gonna keep her Twitter locked until god knows when. Whoever cowtipped is the fucking worst lol.

No. 739634

File: 1543381603839.jpeg (188.07 KB, 750x432, 58235C71-9F0F-4D01-B847-954A6C…)

[canned laughter]

No. 739660

iirc ems sent people after the exfriends who released the caps to harass those people into taking them down. the caps existed but i'm hoping people saved them before some of the ops deleted them.

No. 739707

File: 1543400462550.png (67.78 KB, 595x406, nickrob.PNG)

Cow crossover with Nick "Send Nudes" Robinson

No. 739721

File: 1543403282728.jpg (82.22 KB, 766x766, nick.jpg)

isn't he friends w/ omocat too?

No. 739730

I wouldn't doubt it. Omo probably doesn't care about him being a creep, the other guys she's friends with are all the same.

No. 739788

Why is Audrey still friends with him when he put the moves on some of her close friends … abuse sympathetizer vibes coming off this one

No. 740262

Because she clings to anyone with some degree of online presence, even the cancelled ones. She took a lot of pride in being friends with Shawn Wasabi until he started getting sick of her lol

No. 740268

File: 1543467097642.png (168.13 KB, 1440x580, Screenshot_2018-11-28-22-50-00…)

Audrey deleted her reply to Nick Robinson and I'm pretty sure retweeted this as she was doing so KEK

No. 740359

How long has Audrey been in Japan? Hasn't it been weeks? How the fuck can she keep her job when she left for weeks, only 3 weeks into starting her job?

No. 740410

She just finished her trip, she's flying back right now.

No. 740732

Not really milk I guess but we didn't focus too much on punimelt except when talking about her fallout with Audrey. Looking through her twitter I wouldn't have guessed she was a terrible person seeing how she speaks in a cutesy and more subtle way compared to Audrey's fake woke uwuspeak and also runs a successful business.

Someone last thread asked if she had ASPD but another anon mistook it as Aspergers. I think anon meant antisocial personality disorder. I hope this isn't armchairing but does punimelt actually have any evidence of conduct issues other than being a bully? Like pulling an ems and destroying shit or.

No. 740743


I'm in shock that she can afford a fucking month-long vacation to Japan to just shop let alone three times a year. I mean we already know she's a rich bitch but just how rich

No. 740923

she says she's coming back next year, but we all know that means 4 months from now

No. 741235

iirc irl omocat brushed off the things he did as "thoughtless mistakes" and doesn't think much of it, so yeah they're friends

No. 741691

I dont think shes as psycho as ems. irl she’s relatively polite and wellbehaved but in private i heard she’s pretty bad to her friends and bfs. if she got called out for being mean and exploiting ppl she would immediately victimize herself and use her innocent persona to frame others as the mean ones overreacting to her “jokes”. she knows she’s a small cute asian girl and uses it to her advantage 100%

No. 741694

File: 1543636146735.jpeg (203.45 KB, 750x423, 0F92FC48-7745-45D0-AFDF-1FB544…)

lol this RT.

proves to me that Audrey’s parents definitely shitted on her about holidaying in japan. rn shes probably crying on her private about how they dont understand how her holiday 3 weeks into a new job was super necessary selfcare TnT

No. 741697

File: 1543636520691.png (204.85 KB, 1293x650, Screenshot_2018-11-30-19-32-50…)

I don't think I've seen Audrey's depop profile pic shared on this thread yet. Extreme meitu

No. 741698

File: 1543636644727.png (436.59 KB, 1440x1687, Screenshot_2018-11-30-21-56-49…)

KEK fucking called it

No. 742032

File: 1543697810200.jpeg (181.71 KB, 750x441, C4E28B4C-5B40-4ABA-B322-48A2CF…)

lol when did Audrey become a they/them as well

No. 742037

for a while, that's the whole reason why she flaunts around the QPOC label while only dating men

No. 742054


Well she at least knows how to upkeep a business by not sperging like a retard on Twitter, I'll give her that. Doesn't erase the fuck ugly in terms of personality and physically because I mean look at that face in the OP pic lol.


How fucking rich is this girl even to afford another expensive trip after a short amount of time?? Her parents aren't gonna yeet her out of the house since Asian parents tend to be more lenient about letting their adult children live with them even if they're old enough to get their own place or uh, do something with their life instead of slacking on their parents' tuition money. Sometimes it's for a good reason, but it seems like in Aud's case, she's just fucking lazy

And Audrey always had the "they" in her description, but like what other anons said before, it's so she can upkeep her horseshit 'qpoc' label to hide the fact that she's a straight girl who probably never bats an eye at another girl despite being pan.

No. 742057


woops by good reason I meant having to live with their parents. Times are tough and shit but it's different when you're not trying. She even sucks at running a store lol

No. 742078

She also stole a lot of money with her "store" aka goscamme on indiegogo. In early 2017 she sold $1800 worth of preorders for a collab comic/keychains she was going to make with puniment but since they had a falling out she just kept all the money and never sent anything.

However she was probably never going to send them anyway since the falling out was about a year later.

No. 742084

File: 1543702560497.png (53.29 KB, 735x519, cutecute.PNG)

So is any of this true, she moved out of her parents' at one point?
She was also charging $12 for 1 1/2 inch charms lol

No. 742085

File: 1543702596336.png (479.55 KB, 695x942, vvvvv.png)

always gotta be the poor victim

No. 742118


I'm sorry what? Audrey, there is such a thing called financial aid, and a part-time job which isn't impossible and in fact quite easy to balance along with studies if it's a job on campus. Financial aid covers for tuition and housing, a part-time job covers groceries. maybe that'd motivate her to stop sitting on her fat ass dicking around in school. If anon was telling the truth about how she's living in with her parents and then she makes a sob story like this, that's fucked.

It's dumb to get mad on the internet, but I knew people who were genuinely in fear of where they'd end up living within the next year and some had to apply for financial aid since their parents lost their home.

She wouldn't know hard work and adversity if it smacked her upside the head lmfao

No. 742334

To be fair if her parents are rich it would be hard for her to get financial aid unless she files as a dependent away from her parents(which takes a lot of work and most people don’t know it’s an option)

No. 742338

She is living in with her parents. They paid for her 100% until she got her part time jobs barely a month ago. And she is already boasting on twitter that her parents are going to take her to Vietnam after they are done paying her pricey UC Berkeley tuition- I mean, when she is done with her BA- in-between breaths of her mom being soooo abusive that her heart might fail uwu.

No. 742359

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed Audrey is a lot more vocal about loving being Vietnamese and listening to V-pop ever since we brought up how hard she tries to be Japanese kek

No. 742403

File: 1543756303773.png (6.36 KB, 707x68, NIVKROM.PNG)

KEK look who donated to Audrey's indiegogo

No. 742429


Then maybe she shouldn't fuck around in school on her parents' funds for her tuition otherwise. Maybe don't take what you have for granted and lie on the internet about your parents abusing you? They'd probably be a bit proud of her if she demonstrates that even if she's living off on their funds, that she's working hard and is at least grateful she doesn't have to take out loans. Or if she's not gonna pay rent, at least shop for her own damn groceries lmfao.

No. 742591

File: 1543786271111.png (110.66 KB, 605x443, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 1.27…)

>I'm a piece of shit but I just have to keep living and being in contact with girls I've abused and hurt bc there's nothing else I can do

Pedro's faux-intellectualism strikes again

No. 742593

File: 1543786722411.jpeg (238.45 KB, 2000x1200, salepromofinal november18.jpeg)

she looks really diff in candids haha look at this one

No. 742595

um sorry wrong pic how do you delete posts

No. 742596

File: 1543786801442.png (68.49 KB, 645x729, wojak.png)

pedro right now

No. 742654

You didn’t read my post, financial aid is granted on the basis of your dependents income. If she is in the middle of higher class FA will not give her money to let her go to school unless she legally declares separation from her family - which would then put her in lower class

No. 742704

uhhh so you posted punimelt's shop promo by accident…..? the filename too seems weirdly specific, this is…. sus

No. 742706

I imagine this is pedro every time he sits down to tweet about gender

No. 742708


Yeah that's what I thought, too. I'm sure not everyone in this thread would agree who is a lolcow or who isn't listed in the OP pic, but this IS pretty suspect, anon. Also you didn't delete it like you said


He probably feigns being nonbinary not just to gain access to being a creep to Asian girls, but look at that dude and his fried af hair.

No. 742710


samefagging + tinfoil but I wouldn't be surprised if >742593 was posted by punimelt herself or at least a fan.

No. 742714

Puni you fucking potato you had 30 minutes to delete your post, I even posted instructions for you how to for a couple minutes KEK

No. 742715

Could be. Or it could be someone wanting you to think that.

Why would a fan save a random sale promo image? And if it was Puni, why would she have candids of Audrey in the same folder as store promotional images? I guess she could be that bad at file organization but… Maybe I'm overthinking it?

It's suspicious in quite a few ways, that's for sure.

No. 742716

File: 1543798554970.png (204.19 KB, 584x526, punimelt twitter.png)


Given the fact that the file name is extremely specific + it's the same exact promotional picture that Michy herself posted on her Twitter, it's possible. Not to mention anon seems like a newfag and implying in their speech that they used to be close to Audrey.

Michy, you could've at least lurked the fuck more before posting and making an ass out of yourself. How's it going bullying your friends?

No. 742718

Or maybe by Audrey herself?
Kek someone is definitely trying to manipulate people here

No. 742726


I highly fucking doubt that Audrey in all of her "nurse angel uwu" narcissism and locking her rant Twitter to further avoid negative attention would post something to make herself look even more bad.

But I guess who cares whoever that anon was. Clearly they're too retarded to where they somehow made a mistake posting a promo pic rather than a candid of Audrey. They probably realized they fucked up after even posting at all

No. 742736

If you save the Twitter file of this pic, is it smaller than the one shared here? That will give it away.

No. 742752

it depends, sometimes the image will do .jpg:large

it's the same image but whether or not it's someone trying to make fake milk or actually michy i cant say for sure

No. 742954

LOL wow. Well, if the IP is from Canada or California, that would confirm if one of them posted.

I just downloaded all 3 files from twitter, instagram, and tumblr, and their file names are:




So it is either someone who wanted to keep the image and specifically renamed it "salepromofinal november18.jpeg" (which is highly unlikely), it is punimelt, or it is someone intentionally trying to throw her under the bus. (And considering how vindictive Audrey is, that IS entirely possible, or it could be someone else who does not like her.)

No. 743370

File: 1543893160224.png (30.6 KB, 566x327, ch.png)

She's probably still lurking and if she is, these tweets seem kind of influenced about what's being discussed here lately. You're right, Audrey, some people can't afford to obtain a 4-year degree, and some people have disabilities which hinders their progress.

Except your rich parents are funding your education and you don't have a disability. You had a part-time job but no, within a short amount of time you fucked off to Japan for a month.

No. 743434

Jesus she is so full of herself. She just bought a ton of shit in Japan too, including designer shoes that cost over $200. Her parents take her on fancy trips, funded all of her expenses until recently where they stopped paying for her food, she grew up in a rich neighborhood and always had nice clothes and attended one of the most expensive schools in California paid 100% for her, she didn't even need to take out a loan. She never, ever had to support herself. Even when she moved out for a few months, she lived off of her roommates and didn't get a job. (Only to slander them after leaving that they were SO HORRIBLE uwu.)

She is the last person who should be tweeting stuff like this because she could never fathom what it is like to actually support/fend for herself. She is a leech and a womanchild who has never struggled to survive. Her "disease" is proof of that- an eating disorder due to being too fat because her parents provide for her, being bored, and wanting a lot of attention? Gross.

No. 743455

File: 1543904057428.png (17.31 KB, 564x150, GLHALF.PNG)

this bich don't know how to cook food? or she just salty she has to use her own money for necessities?4

also this tweet got me rolling. she's digging herself an even bigger hole.
aud, you can't even keep a job and you still get to go on vacation multiple times a year and buy designer shit like other anons have been saying this whole time.

No. 743497


A bit nitpicky of me but you know, I can't understand why she doesn't just buy normal people shoes instead of blowing $150-$200/month on Japanese brand shit like.. what's it called? Tokyo Boppers? I guess her coords just wouldn't be kawaii enough if it isn't Japanese.

>they stopped paying for her food

Damn, she must think they hate her or something for doing this when in reality, this is like most college students that live on their own or hell, responsible adults in general. She's 22/23, right? And what the hell kind of reaction did she expect from her roommates if all she apparently did was play Maple Story and not pay her rent?

gdi I guess there's more to her than what I saw based off of following her on Twitter for a small amount of time, but she really did give off whiny vibes and seemed off like the whole Asian fetish incident where she sperged for a good 3 days about it and then boasting about being a manipulative bitch back then (though I guess she still is one LOL especially since she's proud of that memory). I swear I've known some Viet chicks that are so petty and fake and boast about being total cunts back when they were in middle school and then they go, "uwu I changed I swear!!! I'm on a journey to becoming my best self!" as if it's cute.

No. 744573

File: 1544075838544.png (170.37 KB, 1440x772, Screenshot_2018-12-05-23-55-58…)

Audrey is the biggest hypocrite in this group, her liked tweets are like she's living a double life

No. 745418

File: 1544224100649.jpg (363.52 KB, 1199x1031, Dt1utvdUwAAovi1.jpg)

Omocat just dropped the DDLC collection and yikes, did she draw the designs? Because they look like unfinished traced sketches.

No. 745431

the anatomy is SOOOO amateurish i can bet omocat drew this herself. omocat probably sweated a bucket to draw monika kneeling in the first 4 sweaters lol
from the EXTREME stiffness of arms/shoulders she draws it seems like she references those stupid wooden posing dolls tbh

No. 745468

File: 1544231354687.gif (272.24 KB, 484x350, PRESS-START.gif)


The skinny animu anatomy only worked in the original style ingame. The anatomy on these apparel bugs the hell out of me. It only further proves that Tiffany's art quality severely dipped down because just compare the horseshit in this new collection to her old art.

The Omocat brand should've died with Tumblr long ago lmfao.

No. 745471

i'm 100% sure tiffany only draws when she's making something for the omocat brand now. this collection seriously looks like doodles of weaboo middle schooler. selling these with the price she's offering should be a CRIME

if this is really her best she should know she can't draw for shit and it isn't really her forte as much as graphic design

No. 745473


Tbh in retrospect, Omocat's art was only good in terms of Tumblr quality. The whole minimalist pastel low-quality aesthetic the "FLCL was a good anime and you must possess high intelligence to understand NGE" weeb part of that site went for, the brand pandered to that and as time passed by and most people grew out of Tumblr (or just flocked to Twitter while still rotting in their own shit irl), it didn't age so well. It only got popular because it pandered to that crowd.

sage for rambling.

No. 745487

godddd the color scheme for the second sweater in particular is so ugly. reminds me of the fucking super mario 64 title with pastel sprinkled on top.

her old art wasnt particularly great either but it had more heart and concept than the cute ~bUT fUcKEd uP~ anime girl busts she draws now. at least the eye searing glitch shit she does in her art now isn't in gif format like her old art, shit was close to epilepsy inducing.

No. 745493

File: 1544234261052.png (104.46 KB, 1382x1004, 500 hours in mspaint.png)

without even looking at her art I doodled a joke copy and I'm a bit shocked at how easy it is. think this would sell on a shirt?

No. 745505

/golf clap

No. 745513

Give it glitch effects and you're set $45 MINIMUM

No. 745519

rofl this is a really good copy too. her art really is unoriginal and simple (in a bad way.)

No. 745527

File: 1544239961638.jpg (62.15 KB, 700x700, 33c5cc9b306d2143bc74a889bb694f…)

not to white knight but he only put this up in his sample sale, I think he realised it was too simplistic. Nice reach though.

I don't think Justin fits in with this breed of internet artist really, he's more focused on milkbbi being an actual brand than getting into spats and collabing with flavour of the month to stay relevant. It is funny as he was one of the first to use 90's/early 2000's iconography influences and suddenly alot of these artists have similar items/styles. It's clear alot alot of people saw his success and decided they wanted a slice of the pie.

No. 745554

That's one thing I liked about Justin, he took a lot of inspiration from older media, but almost everything he's done has been original. Even got his own little mascot.
I know Daniel's done some fanart, but he's not really milkbbi. These people wish they could be this professional.
And the thing about Justin, he mostly stays at home, enjoying his life with his boyfriend. No need to cow around and act like a retard unlike this weeb group.
Don't they live in Colombia or something too? They don't even have to live in Japan and they're fine with it.
Only thing that's irked me are some of the people he's collabed with, mainly mushbuh.

No. 745570

They both seem very content to do their own thing, I think Justin is having a style change too.

The closest thing to a group is their in the works collab project minisuper, but it’s in very early stages. None of the artists here are on the project m but that could change in future. I know they were once part of heychickadee but it seems their primarily focused on pusheen now.

No. 745648

File: 1544249074018.jpg (168.97 KB, 1000x1460, SURPRISE_G_1500x1500.jpg)

I like how this isn't even far from the truth about her designs. You got her chibi-ish style like right down to the ears in one doodle. All that is missing is adding eyefucking glitches to hide the fact that it's a doodle, slapping a high price on it, and you're good.


Anon, Justin wasn't even further discussed in the thread save for one post on this thread and a few posts on the previous one. I saw the sample sale, and it was still a sale lol.

No. 745666

File: 1544250118885.jpg (571.45 KB, 1000x1460, DSC0495-7_1500x1500.jpg)


Even Tiffany's more "detailed and serious" designs don't look so great. It has a really amateur anime style with the overly detailed eyes on an otherwise poorly drawn character. Just look at Meiko's anatomy here. Her head is pretty big compared to her body, and the most detailed thing are her eyes.

It even kind of looks like the ugly glitches were added to just hide the lack of skill and the totally valid excuse is to fit the Vocaloid aesthetic. Seriously who the fuck would wear any of these shirts in public?

No. 745669

File: 1544250416030.jpg (70.86 KB, 1000x1460, miku_front_c4fd5770-40f3-40d1-…)

Lmao make this into $15 enamel pins, anon.

No. 745687

File: 1544254818967.jpeg (505.54 KB, 2048x2048, 1138557F-ABA6-4FCD-B883-958E25…)

Does lowkeygeeks fit here? Shit tier “clothing” brand that got called out by fakku this summer for tracing pics. They are also insanely behind on orders all the time and continue to make new product that they can’t deliver on.

No. 745714

did fakku call them out? didnt see it anywhere

but yeah i've heard of the tracing but ive only see peoplenwear it irl like once

No. 745752

File: 1544278454942.jpeg (838.76 KB, 1242x1750, 02A03C20-F6CD-4A65-93A3-55A5A0…)

It was the owner of fakku, not directly the official fakku account.

No. 745852

File: 1544297143872.jpg (890.06 KB, 1075x1014, tracingissupereffective.jpg)

Ah, yes. They're part of this huge traced anime car decal and accessories community on Instagram. They often have small events to show off their sticker plastered Honda Civics.

No. 745880

File: 1544302302554.png (173.33 KB, 473x600, 64783758439543.png)

Oooh, that response from him is interesting. Makes me wonder if the "collab" LKG did with Fakku was actually just them stealing the character designs to sell.

I can't remember when they posted that on their IG since it was deleted ages ago, but the twitter post was in May.

No. 745883

File: 1544302653810.jpg (126.26 KB, 778x1200, 7548395389534.jpg)

and the LKG IG post itself, showing they said that FAKKU would be selling the items as well "at a later date".

No. 745939

Ugh, I hate those stupid anime car decal turned anime tshirt brands. Senpai Squad, Low Key Geeks, iiii clothing, etc. ; they're all art thieves and trace like crazy hoping people won't notice.

No. 745940

File: 1544312449321.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1242x1942, 5E821667-AADF-49AD-B80B-1F96D5…)

Speaking of ripping people off with stolen designs, what about this brand? They sell shit like this for almost $50. Weebs really are idiots if they’re out here buying Aliexpress tier shit like this for triple the price.

No. 745966

>suckered apparel
accurate name lmao

No. 745992

Who are the people behind the AliExpress resale / traced art shops? Any milk on them?

No. 746044

File: 1544325512818.jpg (741.43 KB, 1440x1646, 20181208_191649.jpg)

Lmao on the topic of LowkeyGeeks - they're trying really hard to slowly rebrand after the tracing exposé. They're quietly getting """models""" who are still desperate enough to work with them to form a “Lowkey Community“. Look it up on Instagram. I don't know what the point is because their shit sucks and has no direction. The owners are a dirty couple who think they didn't do anything wrong and it was all part of a hustle. I honestly hope they crash and burn, I feel like they got let off too easily.

Just looking at these designs they were forced to draw without their tracing crutches proves they're talentless hacks.

No. 746076

File: 1544329372036.jpeg (485.13 KB, 1242x1487, 72059C24-3135-4CB3-B89A-E88123…)

I’m honestly shocked this bitch turned a shitty 5 minute sketch into a shirt shes charging 30+ dollars on. I mean, look at the hands and the perspective theres no way she spent more than 10 minutes on this, at this point for me she couldn’t step any lower, no dignity whatsoever. It looks so bad anyone stupid enough to sink 30 dollars in this deserves to be scammed out of that money for an ugly t shirt.

No. 746182

At this point I drop anything omocat comes into contact with, ddlc vocaloid and shelter are dead to me

No. 746268


I can't fathom how anyone would look at this shirt and think it's good. Maybe I just dislike these type of shirts that have a simplistic design over a solid white fabric (which could get easily stained and would be a bitch to clean off while preserving the design. Fuck spending $30 on that).


DDLC was actually a pretty good game itself until a bunch of fuck ugly incels started touching it and the fandom grew. Salvato probably agreed to collab with Omocat since the brand is popular and it gains notice. That's probably the same reason why anyone would want to collab with a comparably untalented artist.

No. 746272

File: 1544365976685.png (684.83 KB, 557x566, zellfae and audrey.png)

An anon mentioned Audrey was friends with someone named Zellfae, and she has an Instagram. Found some unedited pictures of Audrey and holy fuck, she does look huge just from this pic. SNOW does some wonders.

No. 746318

File: 1544371534730.png (731.64 KB, 596x543, zellaud.PNG)

honestly she should just own up the the chubbiness instead of pretending she's so smol

No. 746336

File: 1544374130943.jpeg (230.94 KB, 750x1065, 292AF0B6-903B-425B-B5E7-6BB133…)

Looks like ppl are catching on. But of course her tumblr weebs will defend her running off with the omori money 1/2

No. 746337

File: 1544374158461.jpeg (227.88 KB, 750x1089, 674EB3C5-B2E2-4364-8388-3FE583…)

No. 746344

oh god pom's avatar art style is honestly a huge warning of what they're going to reply. i'm not surprised.

No. 746363

very unrelated, but it turns out that mushbuh did work on the new emamouse album. is anything known about ema? are they milky? how are they related to fucking mushbuh?


No. 746365

not sure but his album art gives me tosh/bronzecatworld vibes

No. 746671

I recently got followed on IG by Supereffective.us and found out that all these art theft decal shops have the same printer that enables them to vector screenshots and Pixiv art to sell. The printer is Shwainc/Offset and they have small events to trade decals and sell anime steering wheel covers to idiot teens.

No. 747009

seriously >>733507 is the closest to the truth of how she looks without filters

No. 747145

File: 1544483657545.jpg (100.59 KB, 1080x621, pic1.jpg)

I don't know if I am right here but since this ~artists style is kinda anime inspired, I am going to post here.

Her name is Jackie Files and her username on instagram is 'theweepywillow'. Link is here: https://www.instagram.com/theweepywillow/?hl=de

At first sight she doesn't seem to be that milky but if you look at her website, she uploaded her resume in which she states that she's a graduate of Calarts. And she was a trainee at South Park. Yeah right. Her graphics and animations are very bad and at a middle school level. I have a feeling that she is lying about her resume but what do I know, maybe art schools in the US aren't that hard to get in and literally everybody gets accepted. What do you think? Is she telling the truth? Oh btw we found her through Taylor R who hired her to do an intro for her Vlogmas.

No. 747149

File: 1544483713252.jpg (61.6 KB, 644x741, resume.jpg)

No. 747151

File: 1544483866386.png (86.81 KB, 215x275, instafeed.png)

her insta feed

No. 747155

every calarts animation student has to make a film every year, including graduation thesis. she does seem to have done this and you can watch them here: https://vimeo.com/jackiefiles
it's not easy making animated shorts just to fake your calarts degree. i think she is a real alumna of calarts. i know her art looks super unskilled but you know, every institution gotta have the bottom 10%.

No. 747162

also i don't doubt that she worked at the south park studio because animation industry in LA is very personal connection based, and calarts student have ridiculous amount of alumni working in the field already. calarts students get jobs ridiculously easy lol i've seen a bunch of students not even graudating because they land a storyboard job in cartoon network or nickelodeon while in school.
also, south park's art style doesn't demand much skill to be honest lol i don't think that would have been problem

No. 747168

I don't think her art is that bad, just extremely calarts. I agree her animation is pretty mediocre but it says she's a storyboard artist, so I don't think she actually has to animate

No. 747171

thx I didn't know about that. I am just shocked that someone like her got into an art school at all. I've seen some Calarts sketchbooks and they were very good. Some of them didn't even make it like Ariel Song and in comparison to Jackie she is impressive.

in her resume you can read she actually has a bachelor of fine arts in character animation which is strange and sad if you look at her so called animations

No. 747243

her animation is simple, her style can be debated - but i dont think its that bad at all

and its pretty believable she worked at south park, their studio uses flash and copy/paste asset files. you dont need a high skill level to do that lmao

No. 747292

I was about to suggest you take this to the artist salt thread in /ot/ but it seems you already have. This artist is unremarkable though, smells like vendetta or selfpost.

No. 747567

They were sperging about the artist in the Taylor R thread too, obsessed anon is clearly trying to use us as a personal army to hate on them lmao

No. 747774

File: 1544578173509.png (19.23 KB, 581x217, cuutehospi.PNG)

…okay back to the weebs.
Audrey is complaining about student loans despite being able to vacation to glorious Nippon 3 times a year.

No. 747798

Imagine UC Berkeley reading this shit and taking back her acceptance letter

No. 747822

File: 1544582014644.png (13.07 KB, 570x121, 0.png)

Just from this tweet you can tell she's same old her, especially since it's been like what, less than a month since she got further discussed on the previous thread? I don't think she's "inactive" on her main Twitter moreso than keeping a low profile because people are finally catching onto her lying and scamming. Though I'm probably wrong since I don't care to check on this dumb cunt often.

No. 747830


By people I mean the anons on lolcow, not really people on Twitter since they're all a bunch of sheeps that have a similar aesthetic to her and also type like retards.

No. 747848

File: 1544586334178.png (463.51 KB, 496x695, my-lesbian-experience-with-lon…)

It's funny how she keeps repeating that she's "grown stronger" or a variation of it >>735031

Also I know it's an unfair comparison to make, but damn. Audrey's love hospital comics look so inauthentic and bad after having read pic related. Nagata Kabi writes about much of the same mental health struggles as Audrey and draws it in similarly pink cuteness, except it's leagues smarter and actually relatable. There's no doubt she's read it but still. She should take notes.

No. 747865

Wow. Her parents are paying her tuition 100%. She tries so hard to be relatable but she is just a fat privileged womanchild.

No. 747874

lol I'd like to see her try. I'm seriously looking forward to Audrey's "My Fat Pansexual Nonbinary Weeaboo Experience with Cyberbullies"

No. 747937

i mean audrey's comic is 1 page per chapter, she's going to take this as a compliment

No. 747956

Late but I cannot find the proper way to explain how much I hate this page.
It's…perverted I guess in a sense?? Way of viewing herself and how she expects everyone to speak to her. It's like she's treated her friends like sockpuppets or something like that because how are you her friend if you aren't praising her over simply breathing??
I don't understand how a person with issues like she claims, makes pages of people who most likely aren't either real or ACTUALLY saying this, saying she's the best human that ever lived

No. 748463

File: 1544691067153.png (132.21 KB, 700x1082, muh momento.png)

She definitely comes across as incredibly full of herself. Her works are mainly humble bragging about how HARDD uwu her life is but she has soo much support from friends so she is clearly so important and this tragic suffering creature who everyone loves. You can see how she treats a lot of people on social media- she does have this way of shaping how people interact with her in a very particular way and if they don't or cross her, she spergs until the cows come home.

She is one of those people who is just never happy, never stops complaining, and expects the world to bend over backwards so she can get everything she wants and be loved by all with zero effort. If you get in her way of this, she drags you until the end of time because how dare you make poor sweet innocent Audrey cry.

Her self-importance leaks all over the place in her giant text spergs in her "books", too:
>memento of my life
>after my death

Because oh yes, you were totally on your death bed and not going through a half baked ED, Audrey. She fluffed up the entire issue which is how she gained a bit of popularity in the first place, then keeps reaching for more to be relatable about/amplifying muh struggles, even though she is extremely privileged and well off.

I do wonder who broke up with who in her fallout with Punimelt though. She seems to drop people left and right, but it must be pretty telling if someone drops her first.

No. 748483

File: 1544694448236.png (229.9 KB, 700x1082, 37971a1505465114f283701848.png)

I noticed she has a second comic she worked on, and it's just as you expected, pretty lackluster and barren. This page in particular made me roll my eyes so hard, though because… she doesn't really go out so often, right? Unless it's with weeb friends, to weeb events, and I guess Japan?

This page just comes off as a spoiled brat trying to do "daring" shit like smoking cigarettes to get attention/get back at her parents and peers but then she coughs on the first draw.

Audrey, I've seen people who actually emotionally rely on shit like fucking meth, so cigarettes don't even begin. If you want attention so bad up your ante lmao

No. 748487


Yeah Love Hospital isn't even in the league with Nagata Kabi, anon. As other anon said, she only has like a page or few pages per chapter (as if she gave up along the way of making this "comic" and it's pretty apparent), and it reeks of shallowness and narcissism rather than any quality or meaning.


Lmao me too, except My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is the real life accounts of a woman actually struggling. Meanwhile, Audrey is just a spoiled womanbaby slapping on labels for oppresshun points and acting like a shitty teenager rather than an adult. Looking at >>746272 it's actually kind of gross when you realize she's like 23 and still acts like this.

No. 748594

Most of her comics are lackluster. This page in particular is like some random bit in a comic where the artist needs to fill in some space to make the page look finished. That's all Audrey's work is just fluff shit.

No. 748753

good god I wrote prose like this when I was eleven. eleven.

No. 748756

I’m in their circle. Puni was the one who dropped her after finding out Audrey told mushbuh that puni was lying about her autism claims. In true Audrey fashion she couldn’t resist talking shit when presented the opportunity, even when it was about her <3 Best Friend <3

No. 748818


Thanks for the clarification anon. I really hope they don't know who you are lmfao. Audrey was kind of sending investigators around the time when she became more relevant in discussion previous thread. Probably to witch hunt.

No. 749305

i like how everyone on this thread hates audrey with the force of thouand suns because audrey is what y'all would have become if you all actually succeeded at getting internet popularity.
not saying audrey's behavior is fine but y'all wretched af lol

No. 749318


Lmao anon, do you know where you are? Judging by the fact that you didn't sage your retarded wking, gonna just assume you're a newfag or you probably didn't even read the whole thread because p sure nobody here wants to be her. Internet popularity doesn't mean shit, and we're all here to just laugh at her and the other tacky weebs

No. 749332

>y'all wretched af lol
lmao go back to PULL retard we like laughing at audrey because she's a spoiled brat who thinks she's poor and uwu such a victim

No. 749337

>implying that Audrey is considerably popular

For a pastel uwu artist she’s only got a fraction of the followers that punimelt, omocat, or birries have. The only reason she got noticed at all was because she rode on punimelt’s coattails and is quickly fading into irrelevance now that she’s been exiled from that friend group.

No one here is jealous. People hate her because she’s pissed off so many people in her life that for one reason or another they or stories of her have made their way here. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, anon

No. 749340

File: 1544835875461.jpeg (130.63 KB, 750x273, 16886792-EC90-4393-A718-E45113…)

Audrey the self-love guru patting herself on the back again for bestowing wisdom to her followers

No. 749350


Right? When I followed her for a tiny bit, I only knew her because I also used to follow punimelt and she retweeted something from Audrey. Audrey didn't truly have a career to begin with. She was really just affiliated with the weeb brand friend group which could explain why some cuck would purchase her ugly plate otherwise she's a nobody.

>>749305 This is a hate site, anon, and no one here is jealous of her. We all have lives but we talk shit as a leisure.

No. 749661

What about all that money she stole from doing "pre-orders"?

No. 750418

File: 1545089292143.jpeg (39.31 KB, 640x629, 68CB1F3C-A673-4EE0-AC83-46254F…)

>get invited to Pedro’s family christmas party again
>go for free food and drinks
>gossip with other friends there about how he’s been exposed online
>he’s sitting a couple of feet away w/no idea that his friends don’t respect him anymore

No. 750420

Did you really have to repost this just to attach an image?
It sounds like you all are in the right company.

No. 750536

Anon do you have any more details? How many people attended this party? How rich are Pedro's parents? Keep the milk coming

No. 750794

because they're unorganized and don't have enough people doing actual work

No. 750838

Are they all just super fucking wealthy trust fund babies or something? Have any of them had to actually work a day in their lives?

No. 750922


Anon if you're planning to share milk you might want to be careful in case you'll give away who you are especially if your mutual friends are aware of the thread. I'll say though it's a ballsy move on your part lol.

No. 750938

Pedro’s family isn’t rich like Tiffany’s, they’re pretty average. tbh it’s only Tiffany and Audrey out of this group that come from wealthy families
Pedro’s parents house is kinda small so the party was crowded but it was mostly because of family members and relatives. Some anon a while ago mentioned Pedro only has friends that he sees once a year at anime cons and that basically describes the ppl he invited besides his roommates…
It was a whatever party, nothing interesting happened other than us chatting about how we could somehow bail out of our relationships with Pedro haha

tbh I want to share specific experiences my friends had with him but it’ll definitely give them away so I can’t unfortunately
all I’m gonna say is that he’s about as emotionally braindead as Tiffany and selfish as hell

dw anon, none of us give a fuck about Pedro so nobody’s gonna rat me out for being here. We’re all friendly to him too so he’ll have no idea who I am. I could be anyone haha so if he tried investigating he’d only expose himself, plus we’re all gonna play dumb

No. 750942

Doublepost but I actually like Pedro’s parents, they’re really nice and considerate unlike their son
But I think Pedro ended up the way he is because they were too hands off with him and let him do whatever he wanted, so oops

No. 750992

File: 1545204543813.jpg (236.55 KB, 1200x800, wowslimegirls.jpg)

everybody to the right of this photo of Pedro playing piano: i wish i was at home playing video games

No. 751043


Holy fuck all of that stuff belongs to him? It looks expensive as hell. That's pretty unfortunate whenever there's saint parents whose kids turn out demonic and shitty. And a creep.

No. 751179

hahahaha yep by listening to Pedro display his um… talents we get rewarded with his parents’ tamales so we politely endure

This isnt that expensive, the piano is dinky and belongs to his parents and the rest is standard for a musician or band
Pedro doesnt make that much money lol weeb music and indie game pay only get you so far

No. 752474

File: 1545462366047.jpeg (311.93 KB, 571x778, 5F6A915C-B97D-4492-AD3B-D224A7…)

saw this post on twitter and choked at how accurate it is for the weeb musician crowd

No. 753281

Lmao I knew a guy during my first year of university who fits this description (majored in Japanese Studies), except he wasn't as ugly and unfortunate looking as Pedro was and seeing how he actually had an Asian gf, probably had more charisma too. Still a fucking weeb.

>weeb music and indie game pay only get you so far

I swear over aged weebs try too hard to separate themselves from the ~normies uwu~ and then they end up being unsuccessful and degenerate.

No. 753644

File: 1545688119035.png (129.43 KB, 1440x627, Screenshot_2018-12-24-15-43-08…)

Oh Audrey…

No. 753676


Saw that a little bit ago. Yeah Audrey it's not like you start trying to "change" once word is out that you're fake and unstable and had always been this way.

No. 753830

Is viibean dating Overwatch League LA Gladiator’s player Bischu? I knew she drew his icon but she showed up on stream and was surprised

No. 753853

Seems like it, iirc they dressed up for halloween in a pair costume. Who cares tho

No. 753889

Not saying it’s a bad thing, Whoever she’s dating now is an improvement over Pedro

No. 753918

did she cheat to date bischu like she did on pedro and the guy before him though? lol

No. 753976

It's been established multiple times that she didn't homewreck or cheat on pedro (wasn't it punimelt and cutehospital who spread that rumor?)

but seeing how this was brought up again I wouldn't be surprised if whoever is trying to meme this claim into existence is from the circle of snakes this thread is about lmao

No. 753988

actually she cheated on her ex from australia for pedro.

No. 754008

personally I can’t comprehend why anyone would cheat for /pedro/ of all people but maybe that’s why they didn’t date for long. can’t imagine her regret if true lol

btw remember to sage your posts

No. 754028

As far as Overwatch League players go Bischu is considered one of the cutest and sweetest so yea huge upgrade.

Didn’t someone mention a while back that her ex was abusive or something? I don’t condone cheating but as someone who was in an abusive relationship I can’t really blame her for wanting out. Gotta wonder how desperate she was to have chosen Pedro though.

No. 754079

File: 1545793423754.jpg (96.5 KB, 843x633, Dlzo_HJU0AAbelA.jpg)

honestly rooting for them, they make a cute ass couple

i bet audrey, puni, and the others that falsely accused her of being a homewrecker are kicking themselves in the face cus they're dating talentless fucking weirdos

No. 754111

her ex before pedro was not abusive. she said it was based on attraction.

No. 754121

when and to whom did she say this? the reasons why or if she cheated need more evidence if I'm to believe any one claim tbh

but considering it was cutehospital and punimelt - girls who have a record of being lying fakes - that spread the debunked homewrecker rumor about her to begin with, I'll call bluff

No. 754126

Really? They look so normal it's almost boring. Like, the guy isn't remarkable and neither is she. This girl escaped a group of toxic weeaboo losers and got a happy ending I guess, who cares.

This thread needs fresh milk honestly. Audrey needs to hurry up with her uwu strong angel nurse fighting cyberbullies uwu comic so I can laugh at something

No. 754137

The timeline is more like this:
-living in AUS with her abusive ex
-visits USA to check out schools, gets closer to the omocat gang
-starts developing crush on pedro and breaks up with ex
-one of omocat's friend's boyfriend had a crush on vii and tried to cheat on his gf with vii
-vii friendzoned him and he found a diff girl to cheat on
-cheater guy admits to gf that he cheated and vii was one of the girls he wanted to cheat on her with
-everyone, even pedro, gangs up on vii even though she didnt do anything wrong and banish her from friend group

and now - happy ending with this overwatch dude

No. 754182

File: 1545822797004.png (563.57 KB, 1440x2222, Screenshot_2018-12-26-00-48-50…)

It's funny Audrey says shit like this while actively trying to ruin relationships and create drama

No. 754263

As someone who is friends with her friends, the timeline is more like this:
-living in AUS and gets together with guy who already had a gf but he breaks up with her for vii.
-visits USA for fanime and starts developing crush on pedro. she cheats with him then breaks up with aus bf when she returns home.
-goes back to AUS, breaks up with pedro bc ldr wasnt working out.
-worked in AUS and dated another guy from work.
-comes back to US for school
-one of omocat's friend's boyfriend had a crush on vii and tried to cheat on his gf with vii
-vii friendzoned him
-gf finds out abt cheater flirting with vii.
-the main person who was upset was the cheater’s gf bc she thought she was close to vii and was hurt when vii didnt let her know this was all going on.

and now - happy ending with this overwatch dude

No. 754293


She really just wants to hear herself speak (read herself type?). Her preaching lacks substance. It looks like she deleted these tweets but she went on about medication and therapy as if she knew what she was talking about and as someone who knew people who had it rough in terms of mental health, it's fucking insulting Audrey has to make it her aesthetic and act like a self-love guru.

Audrey you're not a therapist lmfao. At this rate with your horrendous personality, maybe you shouldn't consider preaching about mental health, especially since advice-giving is forbidden when it comes to therapy and mental health. But on the other hand, hurry up and release your cyberbullying comic already.

No. 754315

File: 1545858883631.jpeg (519.79 KB, 957x1277, 99F4B8B4-F14E-4EA7-9EAD-D62F32…)

Thanks for the correction, I was trying to make the timeline from receipts posted in the last thread. Everyone from the group seems kind of fucked.

A different tangent but I feel like vii is a better and more low key Audrey? both love to praise their friendgroups by drawing art, subsequently they have public falling outs with said friends. Audrey is more vocal about it though

No. 754316

Huh this info sounds like you’re friends with the girls that threw her under the bus. I know vii personally - some details here are still wrong but it’s kind of close.
-she didnt get together w her 1st bf until he was single
-when she started falling for pedro she wanted to break up with her bf but she didnt want to mess up his studies for finals
-she didn’t date pedro until after she went home to Aus
-she didn’t date anyone from work but a guy in Aus had a crush on her too
-cheater crushes on her during her 2nd visit to LA to visit pedro
-vii and the gf were only acquaintances, they never once talked 1-1 and IRL they only met by chance

… and there’s a giant elephant in the room that didnt make it into any of these discussions as to why her relationship with pedro and the weeaboo snakes was this messy lol it makes punimelt look REALLY fucking bad

No. 754320

yeah audrey if a homeless person just cheers up and loves themselves they’ll find a job and get a house. fate and magic are real!

No. 754345

hmmm audrey backstabbed and vii was backstabbed by the same group of friends sure but they're too different to say one is better than the other tbh?

anon you can't just say there's a giant elephant and not provide the milk. I am dying to know just how worse punimelt can be

No. 754346


She wouldn't know adversity if it hits her in the face. It's easier to sit behind a computer and type it all out to feed into an online persona to compensate for the fact that she's a lazy and two-faced person.

No. 754350

Man it must be nice being a qt girl living the shoujo life, meanwhile most romances in the artist community are lesbians roleplaying yaoi

No. 754362

File: 1545865447401.png (871.23 KB, 847x1547, KawaiTemplate.png)


Second this. I'd like to hear just how evil punibitch can really be. Crazy how she can effectively keep up with a cutesy persona but then all of this shit is happening behind the scenes + her history of abusing her boyfriends and others close to her.

pic related since Michy reminds me of Kawai Miki from Koe no Katachi because she uses her outer appearance and platform to seem cute and innocent (and uses it to her full advantage) but then she's really a cruel monster.

No. 755012

you're talking about punimelt's secret hate chatroom about pedro right. i'm surprised no one brought it up either.

No. 755039

I do want to know what happened with puni and Justin Chan, they made so much couple art of each other and now they don’t even mention each other at all

No. 755056

Wait what lmao weren't they friends?

No. 755108

punimelt had a secret group chat dedicated to tearing pedro apart. vii got added before she knew any of them (besides pedro) and was told not to say anything. but vii told pedro about the chat out of guilt then broke up with him. she cut ties with punimelt and the others after that. the funny thing is that pedro stood by the people who fucked him over while they all collectively turned on vii for bailing on them. but he eats up her innocent act because he's obsessed with her.

all of that led to the false rumors about vii homewrecking. cuz she didnt have access punimelt even used her bf's twitter to spy on vii's private twitter lol. the bitch is a psycho.

No. 755114

It still looks like they make friendly jabs at each other on Twitter, just not as often

No. 755129

wow. these girls really are the worst. I almost feel bad for Pedro having 'friends' that keep turning on him, like the ones that talk shit about him in this thread. It's either Stockholm or his Asian artist fetish keeping him from doing something about it

No. 755161


What the fuck is this girl's damage lmao. Good for vii to remove herself from that circle of friends. I would say I feel almost sorry for Pedro too but I have zero tolerance for creeps with yellow fever.

By the way, earlier didn't an anon came here to further spread the rumor that vii was homewrecking? Tinfoil but could it either be punitwat herself or her lackeys? I seriously hope people catch onto her abusive and two-faced behavior and it fucks up her career lol

No. 755709

Yeah it really feels like they're hellbent on getting the rumor to stick despite the fact that nobody here really thinks Vii is lolcow worthy. It comes off as sad tbh.

No. 755767

sounds like they got triggered seeing themselves get outed as narcissistic nutcases and had to drag her down too

if you can share it, who else was in the chat or part of the smear campaign? we know punimelt and cutehospital are obviously rotten but there's more of them right?

i wonder if she believes in karma too seeing as how it's all coming back to her now

No. 756200

File: 1546140236595.jpg (212.47 KB, 690x1040, 8.jpg)


This page in particular is basically Audrey. Michy in the OP pic really does look like Kawai. Funny thing is, she's also the most hated character.

No. 756204


Delicious milk lmao. Also I searched punimelt on Youtube and found this. Now I see what anons here meant when they say Michy is awkward irl. Her behavior really contrasts her online persona for sure.

No. 756232

File: 1546143978910.jpg (25.31 KB, 486x458, Dk09V_9U4AAdWoW.jpg)

I thought jane mai and cute hospital were the same person this entire time wtf lmao

No. 756289

File: 1546163379065.png (19.38 KB, 506x78, 594069.png)

Japan is sooo magical so Audrey's going to move there in 2 years lmfao. typical weeb delusion

No. 756290

File: 1546163501580.jpg (54.81 KB, 344x227, punimiki.jpg)

besides not actually being a qt anime girl the resemblance is uncanny

No. 756299

File: 1546174245656.png (288.57 KB, 1440x1631, Screenshot_2018-12-29-11-27-37…)

I noticed Audrey replied to a Meishi Smile tweet about some foreigners harassing natives in Japan for YouTube pranks.
I wonder if Audrey saw this tweet and that's why she's kissing up to him so he won't "realize"

No. 756305


Can anyone confirm the difficulty of obtaining a visa after possessing a college degree? Where did Audrey get this info? And anyways, I have a feeling she doesn't know Japanese as well as she thinks since she fucking gave herself the nickname ~byouin-chan~ like what.

No. 756319

File: 1546185630870.png (63.96 KB, 587x248, but i love jfashion and anime.…)

….interesting tweets coming from Garrett "Meishi Smile" Yim, a Chinese guy who makes music under a name referencing a very specific part of Japanese culture he has no authentic experience of, but okay.

anyway pic attached is from the tweet thread he RTed, everything it questions is Audrey and her weeaboo expat friends in a nutshell.

No. 756362


Typical projection. Audrey probably wouldn't survive in Japan or at least she'd struggle. Japan isn't all about Akihabara or shopping districts. I'd like to see her spergs when she lives there and realizes Japan isn't like one of her animes and complains when her parents get further frustrated with her.

No. 756381

Wow. I've spoken to her at least five or six times at cons and this is the most I've ever heard her speak. I always felt super nervous around her like there was something wrong with me because she never seemed comfortable when I tried to talk to her, but I guess she's just always like this.

No. 756450

You need a bachelors degree to get a working visa in most countries. There are ways around it, but they’re usually exceptions and not the norm.

No. 756484


Can't imagine it being the norm because in that case, obtaining a visa to reside in Japan would be way easier.

No. 756703

idk about whether degrees help but japan is hard as fuck to move to if you're not already part japanese. even if you're fluent in the language, which audrey is not. they have one of the most strict immigration policies in the world and if you're a foreigner there's little chance you'd get a job better than english teacher or familymart employee

No. 756844

File: 1546271700403.png (150.33 KB, 1440x723, Screenshot_2018-12-30-17-14-22…)

Lmao I didn't even realize Meishi wasn't even Japanese. W E W way to be a hypocrite.

More choice tweets from Audrey's likes

No. 756867

I feel like puni actually as Aspergers? She seems socially inept and she said she was a slacker growing up/would only play games and not socialize

No. 756978

Wouldn’t that be autism too? Whatever she’s got that video of her twitching and talking makes me uncomfortable

No. 757146

Asperger's is social, autism is sensory/processing. They're often limited together because some of the "symptoms" are similar but if anything Asperger's is a more specific subcategory under the autism spectrum

No. 757159

Autism/Asperger’s isn’t simply just being socially awkward and introverted. There are often elements of developmental regression and sensory processing issues too. Also, the Asperger’s label was long removed from the DSMV and it’s basically just high-functioning autism now. Unless she actually gets diagnosed by a professional, it’s all meaningless speculation on our end and her just self-diagnosing.

No. 757196

She better not be using autism as an excuse for abusing friends and partners and creating drama. No autistic person I know is as destructive as her.

No. 757201

File: 1546331701872.png (1 MB, 1440x1338, Screenshot_2019-01-01-02-31-59…)

I noticed Gwiz, one of Pedro's musician buddies is performing at MAGfest with WT Snacks.
He trooned out big time. He recently went to 4chan to try to complain about being misgendered at some Wendy's and it ended up turning on him.

No. 757224

>He recently went to 4chan to try to complain about being misgendered at some Wendy's and it ended up turning on him.
Link to thread?

No. 757229

No. 757237

I wonder why so many musicians associated with the weeaboo gamer nerd scene are 1) men and 2) trans and nonbinary? Why are there so few cis women?

No. 757239

>actually going on 4chan claiming you pass just because fake tits

my sides

No. 757242

the autogynephilia is strong with this one. he just wants to be the manic pixie dream gæmer grill he could never get as betaboi

No. 757252

File: 1546352321855.png (165.22 KB, 802x1082, how_4chan_ruined_society.png)

it's a generation of men raised on 4chan, coddled by their mommies because they're social autists and reacting to the feminist movement in hopes of being coddled by libfems as well. they grew up fapping to futanari and playing nintendo and watching anime, but instead of turning into /pol/tards, they troon out. i made a handy flow chart. (i think i'll post it in the gender critical thread as well.)

No. 757255

Literally, half his girl tweets are about being a Gamer Girl. "Cute gamer boys flock to me"

No. 757259

also, clock him getting DD implants recently. these autogyns couldn't be anymore transparent.

No. 757264

File: 1546354857449.png (129.38 KB, 1440x540, Screenshot_2019-01-01-09-00-36…)

The denial KEK

No. 757272

hilarious replies. Thanks for the link, anon

>some girls have big noses!!1

>but not penises

hahaha, great stuff.

No. 757273

Pathetic. Is he a guest at MAGfest or just a gross attendee?

No. 757305

File: 1546362938447.png (89.81 KB, 640x704, IMG_4611.PNG)

I will never get over how 4chinnychin has more caped tranny crusaders than LC.
Brings me joy but remember to post actual images on an image board. "Gwiz" basically replied to every single post, but atleast one trip code using tranny claimed OP was just larping as the prounoun receipt man(im almost inclined to believe it cause OP fucked up the name like 4 times, but tbh weeb trannies not keeping their stories straight has become an actual co-morbid trait to the trans* label)

No. 757309

Imagine being an overworked, underpaid employee at Wendys and some tranny motherfucker tries to call you out for making a dumb error on their receipt. They need to shut up.

No. 757548

File: 1546389925457.jpg (209.19 KB, 1200x1200, Du_Uij9X0AIS_YF.jpg)

He's a guest

No. 757847

MAGfest is turning into the new GDQ

No. 758958

File: 1546600593824.jpeg (444.62 KB, 750x1112, BFA48531-0B84-4325-B541-80BFEC…)

I know ghostspacess was a part of it. They’re actually the most unstable one of this lot lol the cheating thru art school thing is a basic intro to their entire personality

No. 759480

File: 1546679624502.jpeg (212.67 KB, 750x1334, CE39A51A-5EA0-4B39-89F7-896EBD…)

Howdy y’all!!
It’s me, GWIZ! ‍♀️
I heard I had some fans on here so I figured I’d come say hi and clear up some things.

-The Wendy’s event is real and happened as I described on twitter. I do kinda regret taking it to twitter cause when corporate eventually reached out they were real nice about everything
-That archived 4chan thread however isn’t me. In fact like some of the other people in that thread pointed out- OP got the story wrong lol
I go by Alyssa. It’s literally in the tweets but OP kept referring to me as Ashley.
-That thread is especially funny to me for one big reason- I know I don’t pass.
Anyone who knows me knows that’s an insecurity of mine and I think it’s hilarious how OP really believed I thought I pass.

Anyway it’s 4am here rn but I’d be happy to take a timestamp pic tomorrow if y’all dont believe me.
And just to make sure there’s no imposters in this thread, I won’t post again without a timestamped pic

Anyway thanks for the nickname Wendy’s-Chan. Some people on 4chan have started referring to me as that and I kinda want to make it my tripcode name.(male)

No. 759486

Males aren't allowed on this website. Fuck you and your uwu girldick, creep. Leave.

No. 759497

>-That thread is especially funny to me for one big reason- I know I don’t pass.
So why attack the clerk? How would she know you're a tranny?

No. 759501

>Girl emoji

No. 759521


Gtfo tranny-kun

No. 759523

File: 1546691178385.webm (2.19 MB, 360x640, mdnascD8iZ0sDJS_.webm)

~not a fetish UwU~

No. 759532

Holy shit that fucking wink and tongue sticking out. AGP radar is off the charts.

No. 759653

Because he's lying about thinking he doesn't pass and is pulling the whole "joke's on you I was only pretending to be retarded" thing and this is tranny damage control.

No. 759660

File: 1546714659526.png (281.39 KB, 1440x983, Screenshot_2019-01-01-18-50-02…)

This is the most fucking hilarious part of the 4chan thread. You literally think you're a girl, Garland. No amount of implants, peace signs, saying the word "girl" is gonna make you into one. Male for life.

No. 759828

what manga is this? and whats the story behind these panels??

No. 759947

The series is koe no katachi, girl acts disgustingly sweet and innocent and pins blame on others as soon as people try to critique her. It eventually backfires because everyone knows she’s obviously fake

No. 760029

File: 1546787373237.png (579.08 KB, 1440x2243, Screenshot_2019-01-06-08-59-38…)

Aud deleted her last interaction with Nick "send nudes" Robinson so I'm adding a link to this post so it'll archive.

No. 760068

Oh my god I recoiled so hard my fucking skeleton left my body.
You can see in his eyes how much he wants to fuck himself.
So fucking gross. What's the difference between what this freak is doing and putting on a silicon "woman" suit?

No. 760284

She is a hungry hungry hippo for those soft boys huh

No. 760649

I'm literally so confused about this friendship, isn't one of audrey's irl friends who she drew in her comic abused by nick? snakey clout chasing

No. 760856

audrey doesn't care about her friends she'll befriend anybody if it means more recognition

No. 762159

Why… Are clothes covered in Asanagi ahegao faces a thing. The guy hates women and draws doujinshi of characters being raped by orcs or brutally murdered and this is teehee~ quirky~ in the community

No. 762175

This. John K. Pe-Ta overalls would at least be funny, this is just disturbing.

No. 762565

File: 1547177162162.png (90.23 KB, 258x284, hospitalchan.png)

seems like Audrey got triggered over us making fun of her old byouin-chan nickname so she now goes by the totally-not-cringey-at-all "kyuuto"

No. 762642

The details are the same about the orcs etc, but I believe the artist might be Fishine and not Asanagi. Although I know for the doujinshi its a group that works on it, so is Asanagi in that group?

Anyways I always associated that style with Fishine, looking at Asanagis pixiv doesnt really look in that style

>sage for art sperging

No. 762644

The details are the same about the orcs etc, but I believe the artist might be Fishine and not Asanagi. Although I know for the doujinshi its a group that works on it, so is Asanagi in that group?

Anyways I always associated that style with Fishine, looking at Asanagis pixiv doesnt really look in that style

>sage for art sperging

No. 763129

File: 1547266633976.png (1.09 MB, 1440x1759, Screenshot_2019-01-11-22-14-27…)

So WT Snacks left his backpack on the train like a dumbass and he apparently had over $1000 worth of items in it, including a MacBook and Nintendo Switch. Of course the natural thing to do is to make a GoFundMe page for the stolen items. WT Snacks cannot possibly survive without a Nintendo Switch. They even made it past the targeted donation amount.

No. 763228

Jesus christ the entitlement. Making others pay for something that is entirely this dumbasses fault is insulting. But they’re also dumbasses for donating.

No. 763242

You're right lol, I didn't look at it long and just associated it with Asanagi because I've seen shirts with his art before.

I wonder how many people actually know the source and what happens in it. This made me think how I haven't seen any for male characters and made me realise omocat would have totally jumped on that train if she wasn't criticized for her shota stuff.

No. 763243

File: 1547298195948.jpg (630.58 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190112_135800.jpg)

I'm actually surprised Tiffany hasn't sold full on ahegao shirts yet, seems like her thing.

No. 763244

File: 1547299075531.png (22.57 KB, 740x338, jesuss.PNG)

Beck originally had the GoFundMe at $1000 and then she raised it to $1500 "not out of greed"..

No. 763597

what the fuck could you even have in a bag that makes it cost $1500 to replace and why would you not be more careful with something that valuable? i'm surprised they're not dead with how reckless that is.

No. 763665

>not out of greed
This makes no sense.
>I didn't expect you guys to give so much, so I thought - Why not ask for even more? :^) It's not out of greed, though! Love you guys, we'll keep you updated

No. 763693

File: 1547393975699.png (24.19 KB, 729x344, mons.PNG)

apparently WT Snacks was able to store all of this in his Gameboy backpack on the way to a funeral.

No. 763703

Why are they giving retail value for any of these things? Maybe it would be relevant if any of these items were purchased within the past six months, but I'm fairly certain all of those items were bought years ago. Shouldn't they be using "used" or "refurbished" prices instead of retail?
If you 3k+ of valuable goods with you, wouldn't you fucking glue your backpack on you and never let it out of your sight?

No. 763729

File: 1547398740503.png (84.67 KB, 601x740, butold.PNG)

apparently he can't because he's "old". i think it's funny his own girlfriend is trying to scold him via twitter

No. 763740

The best part isnthat it wasn't reported stolen, they don't know that it was taken. They just forgot it and assumed it was gone, opened the GoFundMe and upped the goal qhen they met it. This is a scam, plain and simple. Nobody loses 3K worth of shit at once and doesn't file a report.

No. 763746

If your memory was going, wouldn't you be trying even harder to make sure you had everything with you, because you might not remember? Why is he making excuses instead of recognizing he has a problem?
I just seriously fail to understand any of this.
What's more likely, is that snacks is a spoiled, lazy manchild who has no real understanding of working hard and valuing your own money/possessions. How much of this stuff did he actually buy, and how much of it was gifted?
Like, what normal working person "forgets" a backpack worth 3-4 months of rent?
These people seem so fucking clueless and out of touch. Aubrey is exactly the same as well; goes on expensive as fuck vacations and schools but complains about the ones supporting her and what she doesn't have in life.

No. 763747

File: 1547403316599.png (60.36 KB, 586x544, tfwscam.PNG)

apparently they filed a report that almost ended in #420, but who knows the truth. beck also made a joke about people donating $69 so i bet he's playing along. also, who the fuck still thinks those number are hilarious? they're children still.

no doubt he's gonna get everything replace right away and even if it does end up being found, they're keeping the money. or if he even lost anything in the first place. no one knows except for them.

No. 763819

File: 1547415224995.jpg (109.13 KB, 810x601, IMG_20190113_223050.jpg)

So they got over $2300 in donations (original goal was $1000 and then $1500) and they are still whining.

Most people, once they lose their shit, don't have people give them free money so be grateful at least you fucks.

No. 763844

oh fuck off. i lost my wall days before the holidays and i didnt start a go fund me for the bs after to get ids back.

No. 763875

I like how both of them just basically shared the go fund me, complained about money, raised the goal price, and didn't even say thank you. They're off in their world like nothing happened.

No. 763897

people are insane for donating. fuck these begging thieves

No. 764935

File: 1547479006383.png (537.73 KB, 1440x2252, Screenshot_2019-01-14-09-12-44…)

Anybody got any milk on Criisalys? Puni recently responded to one of her tweets and Pedro's interacted with her before

No. 764936

File: 1547479041770.png (83.88 KB, 1440x353, Screenshot_2019-01-14-09-13-56…)

Samefag, saw this tweet too lol

No. 764966

This is so funny, people are more eager to donate to a dumbass who wasn’t paying attention vs a cosplayer with an obsessed stalker who torched their car lmao

No. 764971

She's friends with some sketchy people. I have no doubt she's sketchy herself.

No. 764972

> a cosplayer with an obsessed stalker who torched their car

No. 765027

File: 1547494570060.jpeg (62.07 KB, 640x797, F96DB3D0-C2DB-4A3F-AD44-30108B…)

No milk but I’m tired of how many of these shit-tier artists make a career from using aEsThETiC as a crutch for amateur drawing skill. Cover stiff incorrect anatomy up with Reeboks and pastel and sweets uwu!

No. 765047

I feel like the upper leg is attached to the sweet below rather than her hips/body.
Can't artists just take photos of themselves in these basic positions to guide themselves?

No. 765108

A cosplayer this weekend at the con ala got her car and several other cars torched because she rejected a crazed stalker who wouldn’t date him

No. 765111

A lot of these artists trace directly from fashion photos. They just forget to adjust to their animuwu proportions.

No. 766154

to be fair most of punimelt's friends didn't know how evil she was. and pedro interacts with any soft anime artist with lots of followers

No. 766196

File: 1547548334915.png (705.43 KB, 590x828, laptop.PNG)

KEK of course

No. 766241

How do these fucks get so much money so easily without doing anything??

No. 766245

They hang out with a bunch of spoiled autistic weebs

No. 766264

I know an anon said they filed a missing/stolen report, but how do you prove something of yours was actually stolen?
How do we know he actually lost any of that shit? Wouldn't it be convenient to just, I don't know, lie about losing your shitty/broken laptop so you could get a brand new one?
Also lol at "friends". I'm sure he hasn't even talked to 80% of the people that donated.

No. 766278

File: 1547570299222.png (2.32 MB, 1440x1951, Screenshot_2019-01-15-10-37-02…)

WT conveniently has a photo of his old laptop with all the most recent stickers. No doubt they're lying, it just got outdated.

No. 766291

Is this dude for real? Asks for money to replace shit he LEFT, buys a BRAND NEW grossly overpriced macbook and then takes a fucking selfie with it on a plane to Japan.
"Not out of greed" my ass.

No. 766300

This is the grin of someone who can’t believe what they just got away with.

No. 766304

This is the grin of someone who can’t believe what they just got away with.

No. 766324

Fundraiser is still up and some cucks are still donating wow

No. 766429

Not talking about punimelt or pedro. I'm talking about irl people.

No. 766452

this post was so full of hipster privilege i gagged

he deserved to lose all that shit and to learn a lesson - not get rewarded with brand new shit a trip to japan wtf sheeple

No. 766895

Gabriela is really boring tbh, she has 0 personality. Her bf is crazy tho, he basically tells her what to draw and is in charge of her "brand"

No. 766944

God pedro….Dude, I knew him when he was dating Thymine. he was so horrible to her. That asian fetish is true as gold. Dunno if you want some milk.

No. 766973

Please offer some milk anon

No. 767005

Thymine and Pedro was like 4 years ago? That milk been dry honey. She outed him for taking advantage of her before he blew up. Getting free art from her, and weeb gifts, she would spend money just to Amtrak up there to see him. Almost every weekend/month. Send him packages. She even linked him up with some of her musician friends. He milked her dry for the most part.

Guess what? he dumped her out of the blue. And still had the nerve to ask if they can still be friends.
Thymine was only with him for like a year. It sucks cause some of her friends pretty much stopped talking to her because of him.

Homie has a type.

No. 767199

were you closer to grace more than pedro? is there a reason why she's still friends with pedro's parents or are they just super nice like other anons that know him. sucks their kid is a creep.

No. 767286

wow it doesn't surprise me at all that she's boring, just look at her art

No. 767386

You must know her irl to know her real name. Yeah, I was close to Grace around that time. I moved out of State for a bit and we lost touch. She's just really well-mannered.His parents are traditional Hispanic they love all mannered kids. They just have a shit son. From my understanding, Pedro never told his parents what really went down. The parents know nothing.Nor really get into his shit tbh.

I do feel Pedro like Asians that are "out there" And could be why he dumped Grace.she just isn't as "flashy" or filled with drama like everyone else. She keeps to herself. Besides using her for connections, and art. She just likes to live lowkey. And we ALL know Pedro isn't low-key.

The worst part a guy Grace is friends with, the green haired space dude mentioned that Pedro hated that Grace wasn't as sexual or into certain thing and guilt-tripped her into sex most of the time. And hated how "chubby" she was. Which makes sense why she tried to diet when they were together.

Yeah. fuck that guy. He's a fucking creep.

No. 767395

I don't know her irl, but we've been mutuals for a really long time. God, fuck Pedro. Jaimie sounds like he's got a lot of dirt on this group kek.

No. 767443


He has so much dirt on so many in that run in that circle. He was kind of the the “therapist” for awhile. Everyone kind of came to him telling him so much shit. So yeah, very true in a sense. But he likes the clout of being a mutual. I mean, he’s in every fucking picture. Sooooo……..

No. 767462

File: 1547791474027.png (74.51 KB, 1067x571, pedros ideal gf.png)

Poor Grace. Ive seen all his relationships and dude allll of them follow the same pattern:

lonely loser gets desperate > seeks out artsy girl (preferably Asian) via anime con scene > uses her for art, sex, clout and gives nothing in return > gets bored then treats her like shit for wanting attention > breaks up > begs to stay friends and tells others that he was the misunderstood victim!!1

Rinse and repeat.

No. 767465


are you guys talking about cloverandsealife?

No. 767475

>pic related
I had a weeb artist gf, it was a fucking nightmare.
Anime generally doesn't attract mentally-sane people, reason why I don't like being around people with that hobby anymore

No. 767493

Yes!!! That’s his type!!!

No. 767495

Yes. That guy knows everyone.

No. 767497

File: 1547795818668.gif (1.79 MB, 500x201, tumblr_nipp0rXHHz1thc0yto8_500…)

lmao that pic is almost pedro's ideal gf

his IDEAL gf = omocat's clout, punimelt's child like appearance, always down to fuck, never stands up to him, low maintenance Cool Girl uwu

No. 767498

Lol!! Yes!!!!

No. 767702

I'd love to hear some dirt on the group. There's a lot of randos in the clique who are literal nobodies with yellow fever, yet everyone knows them and thinks they're cool

No. 767778

File: 1547842030873.png (94.99 KB, 1440x545, Screenshot_2019-01-18-14-05-38…)

What the fuck, unexpected milk. Milkbbi broke up with his boyfriend?!

No. 767784

That’s so sad he doesn’t deserve that… hope he finds someone better soon

No. 767799

I thought Jaimie was a girl? Hm. They seemed really sweet when I met all of them and hung out with them a few years ago (around 2012/2013?) after a show. Grace was there too! I still have the drawing she made of me. Jaimie and Grace were really nice but Pedro seemed off in his own world. Sad to hear he was treated her like shit. Super Soul Brothers was there and boy they're a whole different fucking story. I don't know enough about the drama to provide any milk but they were fucking weird.
Going back to Pedro, I remember two years ago, I visited an ex of mine in LA and went to a chip show where Slime Girls was playing. My ex who is into the local music scene but not at all into the chip/weeb scene told me he's met and heard stuff about Pedro before and that Pedro is super pretentious. It was so weird to me that he knew of him but I guess word goes around when you have enough drama.

No. 767944

Jamie is a guy. Who has with yellow fever as well. Dunno if he's still with that Korean girl. Grace is a sweetheart. But she's smart for not getting involved with anyone. She doesn't need this. Her art is whatever, but she's always been down to earth.

No. 767952

Not really. Some of them aren't much to talk about. Like Jaime. He's just there. Still unpopular.

No. 767959

Is Grace even Japanese?

No. 767989

Her last name is Voong so I assume shes Vietnamese.

No. 768168

No. Most of these yellow fever creeps can't end up with a Japanese girl so they'll take a weeby non-Japanese East Asian girl instead. They usually end up being shitty towards her.

No. 768287

Yeah, she’s Viet. Her Japanese isn’t even good. Back when I was closeer to her when Pedro was around, she was N3-N4 level. Dunno about now.

No. 768316

WTF that sucks they seemed like a happy couple. I guess this sort of thing happens all the time though.

No. 769046

File: 1548037095937.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2261, Screenshot_2019-01-20-20-15-26…)

Looks like MILKBBI is part of the new Capsule Corner installment. I have a feeling we're going to see some milk from him now that he's back in the US and single.

No. 769141

File: 1548054165551.png (808.33 KB, 960x536, uh lmao.png)

if anyone wants some cringe audrey is hosting a weeb party and it's very sad


No. 769160

this is what constitutes as a party to these social rejects? jesus christ. this is just a bunch of freak weirdos shambling awkwardly in badly lit room to garbage music.

No. 769185

Lol didn't some anons awhile ago WK Justin and tried to find reasons to prove why he wasn't a cow? His art looks like shit, plain and simple. MS Paint scribbles, simplistic shit to pass of as muh style and aesthetic.


Looks about right. I've seen vlogs of weeb parties that look similar to this screenshot, and it's always filled with a bunch of people who are obviously shut-ins. Neon lights, "Japan-inspired indie music" that sounds like anything off of Soundcloud you'd find these days, and of course the social rejects.

No. 769188

File: 1548064985499.png (14.72 KB, 574x197, 1.png)

It's been mentioned here many times that Audrey scammed people of their money through her online shop. This tweet was perplexing.

No. 769189

i hope so, her art is so basic.

No. 769233

I was one of the WKs, this was before I knew he broke up with his BF. Seems like this breakup will bring something out of him.

No. 769236

File: 1548078538912.jpg (379.15 KB, 2048x1514, IMG_20190121_074749.jpg)

Audrey's party looked boring as shit lol people barely tweeted about it, just admired the views

No. 769255

But even for its cheapest tier, big cartel keeps records of all sales (even when you temporarily close shop), and also offers shipping tracking and inventory tracking on the cheapest tier so she'd have to be a real dumbass to pay for all that but still keep a shitty system on her own computer that doesn't work and can be lost so easily.

No. 769777

File: 1548150963348.jpeg (80.96 KB, 800x857, 48742C0A-BB73-4CB2-B6B1-6A2F22…)

Audrey needs attention and asskissers to survive so this flop of a kakkoi underground live music paaty probably kills her inside lmfao

No. 770204

is there a separate Nick thread? I'm pretty sure he's hanging out with a new hot Asian IG girl and I want the damn milk!!!!

No. 770205

fuck, forgot to sage. sorry!

No. 770220

no but you can always make a Nick Robinson thread yourself anon

No. 770223

don't listen to >>770220 just post about him here

No. 770225

File: 1548215214411.jpg (386.75 KB, 1325x2048, Dw7PMv_VAAA7K5r.jpg)

yo Pedro got kicked from participating in the Capsule Corner lunar new year show because he got reported by the other artists for being a yellow fever creep K E K

No. 770227

There’s not enough milk to make a separate thread. Especially since the receipts are deleted or now hidden behind locked twitters

Go ahead and post here

No. 770241

File: 1548217048344.png (554.3 KB, 1440x1732, Screenshot_2019-01-22-22-15-52…)

God bless the USA.

Also speaking of Nick Robinson, I saw one of his tweets appearing in Daniel, MILKBBI's ex's likes.

No. 770318

LMAO UR KIDDINGGG wow 2019 is truly looking bright

No. 770321

File: 1548231218542.png (619.35 KB, 938x601, cgGlfv1.png)

related to that party audrey hosted, she had a short stint as a "dj" at fanime a few years ago

neet (pic related) hosted a secret fanime after party with a bunch of other people. just a lot of sweaty weebs in a dark warehouse

her name wasn't even on the event stuff iirc, but she played music with shopboybb (pedro lookalike on the right)

this was before all of the fallout, so shawn wasabi was there, as well as nick robinson

No. 770322

File: 1548231771780.png (633.27 KB, 527x568, hospi.PNG)

this is a photo aud was tagged in from august. look at all those bruises. or are those birthmarks?

No. 770325

I’m tripping over this photo, idg how she looks both average-sized yet fat at the same time. it’s like looking at an animation smear

No. 770695

I’ll sage because it’s only tangentially related to the thread.

he’s been hanging out with this girl Annie. she’s @zh11i on IG and @waif0000 on Twitter. she talks pretty regularly about a crush that I’m pretty sure is him, which is…embarrassing. creepy messages to kids aside, he is also well-known to have cheated on his gf (the Crunchyroll social media chick).

moral of the story is avoid weebs

No. 770969

I’ve hung out with Nick in person and lol if I had a dime for every time Nick was flirting/fucking with some asian chick I’d have a million dollars.

No. 771018

Lol ooffff

Kind of rooting for her and nick to go out so she can be used/abused and become nicks next “crazy ex” excuse

No. 771020

File: 1548310185415.jpeg (246.48 KB, 750x1103, 83C06E16-887C-4D0E-911B-0ACBFF…)

Defending her mans

No. 771090

it’s extremely funny that Nick had the best, easiest gig of all time and had to ruin it by being so horny for lolitas that there are still mountains of shit his many former industry friends have yet to disclose regarding his behavior

No. 771239

File: 1548361654582.png (617.27 KB, 1440x2429, Screenshot_2019-01-24-05-10-08…)

I'm interested in knowing what's so defend-worthy about Nick? There's better guys out there without their reputations ruined.

No. 771252

time to put up my dukes and defend the guy who openly has a Fakku account from accusations of being a horny creep

No. 771323

She’s a dumb attention seeking weeb thot, her username is literally waifu. They go well together.

No. 771378

Yeah, she follows some other weeb thots who also pander to yellow fever creeps.

No. 771619

No, this is real milk. I can back this up. Few of the artists complained about him. And yes, the creep factor/yellow fever was enough to get his ass the boot. Isnt his exgf in this show?

No. 771627

Yeah she is. But I think like two other artists have had issues with him. I think they're participating in this show as well. Pedro is doesn't know what personal space is. He makes sexually suggestive jokes. Talks about hentai/porn like it's no big deal. This motherfucker is infamous in the weeb art circle. I mean who hasn't dealt with pedro in one for or another.

No. 771906

File: 1548473426307.jpg (238.36 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20190125_212950.jpg)

Holy FUCK did Audrey Photoshop herself a new neck?!

No. 771991

Yeah he wouldnt be a recurring topic here if he wasnt actually a creepy cringey dbag. If there are any of his friends who have seen this thread and think it’s fake then ask yourselves why he has such a shit reputation, seriously

No. 772346

File: 1548565918149.jpg (67.01 KB, 620x330, image.jpg)

those circle lenses make her eyes look like these mfs

No. 772788

Moved to >>>/w/8303.

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