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File: 1541476781209.png (347.59 KB, 480x854, 1541473683808.png)

No. 727345

Previous thread >>637911

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with ex-boyfriend Adam Putsey.

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina simply because the latter is more likable

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka very often

- Tried to get her threads shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Claims he was abusive and racist after he dumped her.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

-Tried to sell nudes and get a sugar daddy despite having a boyfriend.

-Posted on her Twitter about how she would be happy if Amina died

-Claimed to have "tea" on Amina after being outed on Amina's Facebook for all the shit she's done to her.

-Former friend outed Micky's cheating to her current ex-boyfriend.

-Riding on the digital artist bamdwagon with trash artwork.

-Trying to sell her grotestue nudes again, including old ones, and settles for a way lower price than asked

-Currently trying really hard to prove shes bisexual despite constantly talking only about dick

-The constant photoshopping is getting more extreme, to Raychiel or almost Berry levels

Social Media






Menhera blog:

Main blog:

NFSW blog:
uwubondage-chan.tumblr.com deleted

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive

*Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 727347

Previous thread >>685895

Sorry meant to change that.

No. 727363

File: 1541479215367.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x2560, 18-11-05-23-39-56-991_deco.jpg)

Big fail to who ever made the thread for not using one of these pictures

No. 727364

File: 1541479345659.jpeg (828.71 KB, 3464x3464, 05FC5FD1-A69C-4FE3-903E-C7646C…)


Deadass. I thought there was an agreement to use those screencaps from her tutorial video?

No. 727407

Can you both shut the fuck up the thread pic is literally the most pointless thing to whine about. If you wanted it as that you should've made the thread yourself, otherwise it doesn't matter what the thread pic is.

No. 727463

File: 1541511221215.jpg (163.46 KB, 1065x579, Screenshot_20181106-083218_Sam…)


Here she goes with that bullshit again. I highly doubt this guy exists and that any of what she said is true. She really needs to stop trying to make up a false life and be honest for once in her miserable life.

No. 727464

Her eyes are so small.

No. 727488

Okay, OP. Thread pics are one of the first things a new user sees when it comes to drama, so maybe use one of the photos of what she ACTUALLY looks like instead of one of her ~uwu kawaii~ photoshopped ones.

No. 727490

Is it possible to remake the thread with this photo?

No. 727492


Okay, edgelord

No. 727554

That's not the OP. Also, the pic used isn't shooped. She legit has a man face irl. All that aside, the focus should be on what she's posting not the thread pic.

No. 727557

File: 1541524497551.jpg (186.09 KB, 1077x1391, Screenshot_20181106-083725_Sam…)

She wouldn't feel that way uf she actually took the time to exercise.

No. 727559

File: 1541525007367.jpg (469.91 KB, 796x1587, Screenshot_20181105-001703_Sam…)

I really wish Micky would stop pushing her shitty art.

No. 727561

File: 1541525076519.jpg (489.41 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20181105-021055_Sam…)

internetslutclub retweeting it her mess didn't help matters either.

No. 727566

i know artist alley isn't exactly the Louvre and is a common place for starting artists

but did micky seriously have a booth at artists alley in youma? or did she just go to the alley and is wording shit confusingly?

No. 727568

File: 1541525560939.jpg (142.88 KB, 1079x716, Screenshot_20181106-122807_Twi…)

What girl is copying this time? Because she definitely wasn't into Math rock at any point. Pic related.

She's doing that confusing wording shit again. For the most part, Youmacon has a quality artist alley, if she did have a both it would be laughable in comparison to whatever high quality artist they would have put her beside. Though I'm sure she's gonna try and get a booth next con since her "art senpai" gassed her up.

No. 727597

Definitely copying someone. How do you ~forget~ what kind of music you love and suddenly want to discover more? Also how does one move from shitty weeb music like vocaloid to math rock so instantly lmao

No. 727614

Exactly! It sounds like a load of bulllshit. I can't wait to find out what girl she's copying.

No. 727625

No. There is no way in hell she would sell enough to cover a booth fee. She’s saying being there as in walking around.

No. 727637

File: 1541533521152.jpeg (444.19 KB, 750x829, 7D9DDBB9-5CAE-4D6D-B95A-45E145…)

Imagine getting a shitty tattoo for an internet phase

No. 727644

Any black girl raised in a strictly religious background who still lives with her parents is not getting a fucking pentagram tattoo, lmao. And even if she were to do such a thing, she's certainly not telling the whole internet about it.
I'm pissed that she takes all these real, shitty life experiences and exaggerates the fuck out of everything in her own life so she can make "woe is me" stories.

No. 727645


I remember when scene and emo was in fashion - it was 2007 and I wanted to dye my long hair red, jack skellington tattoo and get snake bites. My mother stopped me and I thank her everyday lol(blogging)

No. 727653

bitch thinks she looks like Rihanna

No. 727660

lmfao internetslutclub/jenny is a shit talker and hates dolly mattel yet can somehow stand micky??? I dont get it stop deluding her shitty art with even shittier anatomy ur better than that lol

No. 727686

File: 1541538803732.jpeg (913.84 KB, 1125x1509, 0373B209-C6B0-490F-9035-FBF6A1…)

……a quick google search will change their mind lmao

No. 727705

No need for that, that's obviously a self-ask

No. 727721

These self asks are getting really fucking annoying. Micky, it's obvious and it makes you look pathetic.

No. 727765

File: 1541550891404.jpg (69.69 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20181106-193237_Sam…)


Micky we all know that's a big ass load of bullshit. You're not gay or bi, you're straight

No. 727766

File: 1541550970288.jpg (72.13 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20181106-193315_Sam…)


She has yet to do anything that remotely proves she's anything but straight.

No. 727768

Not even OP, just know you're both stupid as fuck for whining over thread pics lmao

No. 727771

We’ve moved on from the thread pics fuck off anon

No. 727774

File: 1541553250467.jpeg (296.41 KB, 1242x491, DE421712-0E81-4837-8289-E705EB…)

Careful guys, Micky has… Bobby pins…

No. 727777

Threatening to fight the imaginary people supposedly after her at an anime convention and eventually ending up behind bars is SOO kawaii~! Seriously what demographic is she trying to appeal to?

Also what's she gonna do with a bobby pin…lose it in her fat rolls? lmao

No. 727781

It’s so cringe worthy when she is like “pull up” and then talks about her fucking weapons. We know u probably hit like baby bop but take the asswhooping with some dignity.

No. 727783

Couldnt she be reported to the con for carrying weapons? She's stupid to talk about it publicly

No. 727785

Yes, she can be reported. You're not supposed to have weapons inside that building in general. She only makes it worse for others.

No. 727793


How intimidating lmao. Micky wants someone to fight her at a con with security and staff. Nice and not ghetto at all, oh and she also has a knife for insult to injury. Totally not a Walmart $10 oil color shit blade either. Totes. We’re scared, Micky pls

No. 727794


Said strap on hasn’t been washed if she has EVER fucked another woman with it. I doubt it, but if she did she didn’t wash it more than likely. This is the same ham that regifted a used boxless hand massager.

No. 727803

The thing is that none of us even want to fight her lol. We just like watching her flounder around and look pathetic. She's so obsessed with fighting and beating all of us because she knows she doesn't have any other way to actually "win" against people who call her out on her shit.
Not that she could, we still remember Taylor.

No. 727818

>we still remember Taylor

She really forgot about that. Taylor approached her, ready to fight and Micky kept looking away and pretending like she wasn't there. It was fucking embarrassing. Hell, that one girl she accused of catfishing as her even came to her and asked where and when they could fight. Yet, Micky didn't say anything of substance in repsonse. She's all bark (barely) and no bite.

No. 727843

Funny how she acted like she didn’t care if she got jumped and kept saying she wanted to die anyway but now she was “readdyyyy” to fight. Really bitch.

No. 727863

File: 1541571704669.jpg (71.72 KB, 1080x2094, 44516115_309369302991796_92288…)

Another shitty drawing coming soon.

No. 727877

wtf showering everyday is not good for your skin

No. 727879

Wew, I almost took the bait.


No. 727945

Did you mean hair? You should be washing your body daily or at least every other day if your body type is not really oily and stinky. Micky definitely should be bathing everyday.

No. 727974

don't start with this shit again

No. 727975

File: 1541601715207.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 728025

File: 1541609750640.jpg (366.81 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20181107-115442_Sam…)


She says all that, but ignores the fact she stays reblogging lolicon and ddlg shit.

No. 728147

That same group made the “lolikon de yokatta” aka GLAD YOURE A PEDO song about a girl happy her bf liked little girls.

No. 728154

That same group made the “lolikon de yokatta” aka GLAD YOURE A PEDO song about a girl happy her bf liked little girls.

No. 728442

File: 1541641711787.jpg (98.45 KB, 1080x686, Screenshot_20181107-204444_Sam…)


If she was so content with her job, she wouldn't be begging for shit.

No. 728446

The hands on this are so triggering. They’re contorted and holding objects the wrong way.

No. 728451

File: 1541642490911.jpg (837.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181107-210122_Ins…)

Shes getting her first tattoo. Cant wait to see the shitty work. Theres no way micky actually put research into finding a talented tattoo artist

No. 728458


If it's this guy, it might come out decent. Which would be interesting since she barely takes the time to research anything else.

No. 728461

File: 1541643290199.jpg (101.41 KB, 1075x515, Screenshot_20181107-211432_Sam…)

Hell no. Micky is a fucking punk.

No. 728462

File: 1541643370412.jpeg (124.21 KB, 1157x650, AC8779B3-ECBB-4541-A0B9-70F966…)

She didn't lol, she drove all the way out to fucking Westland (like 30 minutes from where she is) to go to this sus place. I've traveled a long way to get tattoos from respectable artists, but this is a strip mall shop whose quality you can get anywhere. My guess is some trashy friend of hers have her the suggestion and she just went with it.
She said she's either getting a pentagram or a knife or some shit lmao, I can't wait. I love when cows make permanent bad decisions.

No. 728463

I'm doubtful, unless she's getting a portrait or neo-trad piece, which it doesn't seem like it given her style? But who knows.

No. 728464

File: 1541643661549.jpeg (77.55 KB, 550x960, C2724856-8FC2-4B0B-BF30-C1A399…)

Jesus Christ. It gets worse.

No. 728465

File: 1541643692165.jpeg (94.6 KB, 540x960, D03004F2-24BB-46A2-A804-98C456…)

What the fuuuuuckkkk

No. 728466

File: 1541643751794.jpeg (111.81 KB, 540x960, 241897E2-810D-476D-B509-4C3C96…)

This looks terrible, WHAT is the knife design supposed to even be lmao

No. 728470

Oh no, these are dogshit. At least they're small? That's the only ""good"" thing I have to say.

No. 728472

holy FUCK that's a bloody tattoo, it already looks infected through those shit filters and must look worse in person (the darkened part looks bloody). when me and my friends got tattoos they never looked THIS bloody or shitty, the place really must be shady.

hopefully i'm wrong and we can get a good look of it without the hundred kaweewee filters. but i'm probably hoping for too much.

No. 728482

I'm trying to figure out wtf is in that knife design as well. Looks awful

No. 728488

Looks like a stick poke tattoo.

No. 728490

It kinda looks like it's supposed to be stitches? Or possibly tombstones? Whatever it is it looks like trash.

No. 728498

They are way to small and look stupid. Why get a knife tattoo the size of your pinky finger? Real intimidating Micky. She went with the cheap shop and still couldn’t afford a decent sized tattoo.

No. 728505

I think you're right that it's supposed to have tombstones in it? I don't think it's bloody, I think it just had shitty shading. You can already see how wonky the lines are too lol.

No. 728673


Micky and the predicted $20 tattoo lol

She definitely went to someone’s basement for this or she had to go to a one star shop for this mess.

No. 728674


That tattoo is the equivalent of teenagers cutting themselves a pentagram back in the ol’ Emo days. She’s so weak.

No. 728692

File: 1541689599533.jpg (401.99 KB, 1080x947, Screenshot_20181108-100445_Sam…)


They've got a decently high rating and for the most part their work looks clean. So I'm not sure why hers looks so cheap. Might be what she used as a reference for the tattoo.

No. 728695


That’s true. It just looks incredibly cheap and wonky lol

No. 728700


the placement of this one has to be the worst, honestly. its not just that it's small, its off center on her thigh, and just randomly placed AND small.

No. 728709


It’s more of a shitty filler tattoo if she had tattoos to begin with. The kind you get when you have a sleeve, etc. This is small, awkward and cheap for no reason in a bad place. The pentagram one is extremely tacky and regrettable when she gets an adult mind but at least it’s in a sensible place. She should’ve got that tacky knife on her ankle or something idk when she wants to get a bigger piece -if she wants to- she’s gonna have that hideous thing to ruin anything else she wants.

Now Micky looks like trailer park Walmart street trash.

No. 728720

Has anyone read articles about when internet stalking becomes real life stalking? Have you ever been on every news station in a MAJOR city for being a missing person? I may be lucky to be alive but for a purpose. Don't set these girls up for hurt and pain. Does it make you and your poor self esteem feel better to hurt people? If you know all this and aren't defaming harassing then wouldn't you have to have stalked her? Let me get it… ex-bf got mad at this poor girl? Laws against revenge. Some people are posting underage girls. Interpol.

No. 728725

am i having a stroke

No. 728736

Are you off your meds this morning anon?

No. 728749

go back to reddit faggot

No. 728763

File: 1541702175953.jpg (95.06 KB, 1080x2094, 44689929_1874079286032586_7232…)

The jokes on her since this doesn't make her nudes any less accessible. If she really didn't want them passed around she should kept them private. And not post to 4chan of all places.

No. 728910

File: 1541717288776.jpg (121.19 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20181108-173757_Sam…)

No. 728923


You willingly took a service job that doesn’t pay minimum wage. No redeeming resume but a server at Olga’s and a failed anime cafe. You don’t deserve more money lol but she can work at McDonalds tho, her real love and dream job

No. 728966

Micky's sister just bumped an old thread kek

No. 728975

>I also wanna start camming too
Micky is way too lazy to put in even the minimum amount of work to get a decent enough following to make money camming. This is gonna be some dolly mattel tier tire fire

No. 728978

Jfc, y'all motherfuckers are literally obsessed. It's pathetic

No. 728979

It's hilarious, how retarded can she be?

No. 728981

Do you have anything better to do? Like does your life revolve around hating Micky? How does she effect you at the end of the day? Jfc.

No. 728985

learn how to write before trying to act tough on an anon imageboard, it's "affect" you retarded cunt. also don't namefag

No. 728986

you done?

No. 728988

Go back to Micky's echo chamber and continue to lick her smelly ass. We don't need you here.

No. 728995

File: 1541727353644.jpg (445.48 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20181108-203120_Sam…)

Btw, your sister is pretty fucking pathetic for attacking someone's appearance despite saying she's above that kind of thing and also looking pretty fucking ugly herself without all the filters, heavy makeup and camera tricks. Especially since she decided to attack someone who she claims is severely mentally ill. Y'all are shit human beings.

No. 728997

File: 1541727622006.jpg (384.1 KB, 810x2055, Screenshot_20181108-203817_Ins…)

Micky has her friends spamming the girl's Instagram comments with hateful shit.

No. 728999

they are all fat black ugly weebs, the audacity lol

No. 729024

Micky: I'm trying to be positive and nice and I'm above all the haters I don't have time for that ish
gets one negative comment
Micky: Look at this ugly fat slob here's her username she said something mean to me don't come at me like that UwU

No. 729025

mickys eyes dont even wanna play together and shes blasting some chick lmfao shit is wild.

No. 729027

Micky's idiot sister posted in the other thread calling her "this girl" like they're strangers while being stupid enough to put in her actual email address. Apple doesn't fall far, etc etc

No. 729033


That girl she’s trying to get roasted is actually relatively attractive. Micky and stinky followers are incredibly mad that this girl, despite mean things said, actually looks decent and doesn’t have to lighten her skin or shoop her nose to Michael Jackson proportions like Micky does.

No. 729034

File: 1541730526973.jpg (52.06 KB, 640x1315, FB_IMG_1541722154474.jpg)

No. 729035

Y'all like Kyle's dad from south park. Pathetic.

No. 729037

File: 1541730709685.gif (1.63 MB, 320x240, tenor (2).gif)

No. 729038

I've said once, I'll say it again. Go back to Micky's echo chamber and continue to lick her smelly ass.

No. 729040

I find it hilarious how your mind's are so made up when you haven't spent any time with her. It's fascinating as well.

You need to hate her. You'll look for any and all reasons to hate her. This is a behavior I'm still trying to understand because that time and energy would be much better spent doing literally anything else.

No. 729041

It's also funny that you seem to think that you know more than a the girl who grew up with her and actually loves with her. You're judging her based on past actions; you're calling her a liar when she said she was pit into a mental hospital after a suicide attempt (of which I witnessed);and you're just acting like children. This appears to be a form of psychological projection

No. 729042

whats it like to defend some nasty ass, skin lightening, moldy vibe usin, 50 cent tattoo box havin, wendy williams proportioned, fake ass weeb ass, mile wide stare throwin, musty smellin sexless ethot anyway?

No. 729045

A good chunk of people know her, very well and have experienced her bullshit firsthand. Maybe instead of having your head shoved up her ass you could actually take the time to look at what's been posted in the threads. She has multiple threads for a good reason.

No. 729049

And I know whoever tried to block me was upset because I'm humanizing her; and as I said before, you need to hare her. Humanizing her would make her on your level, so to speak, and you'd start feeling guilty for treating a fellow human like trash; but that would actually show itself as anger first.

You compare her and I to animals, but it's really all of you who are acting like animals.

No. 729050

Miss us with that bullshit. She hasn't changed at all. Nor has she been telling the truth about the shit she's done. She's not remotely loving considering she's on record saying she would be happy if someone she bullied would die and then sending her lackeys, you included, to harass some severely mentally ill woman instead of ignoring her or attempting to get her some help. So fuck off with this mess of a post, you ban evading shit.

No. 729051



Okay this is definitely a WK that thinks Micky shits gold and is now using her choice words.

This is all content she’s provided. So blame the host.

No. 729055

Bitch, please. Micky has done nothing but be a shitty, abusive girlfriend and a punkass bully all these years. Again, these threads have evidence and the people who post know her, and she isn't some misunderstood, innocent angel. She a piece of shit who will lie constantly to avoid facing the facts about who she really is. You're the same way too. Both of y'all need to fuck off.

No. 729056

This has to be another whiteknight, Dani didn't sage in the other thread and used her email.

No. 729058

Wow, can't handle the truth, huh? Lol

No. 729059


No ones dumb enough to show Micky any vulnerability. That’s how you become the following:

1. A projection of Micky’s jealousy, oh and for bonus points when she wishes death on you she gets wet. Totally the victim here, you know.
2. A rapist- oh and you’ll probably rape your child like she’s implied in the last thread all because a guy bought her French fries at 16.
3. A racist because of a bad break up, then she’ll just copy your ex girlfriend who’s lightyears attractive than you, then that 3rd point relates back to the 1st point.

You catch my drift?

No. 729062

How autistic do you have to be to pretend to be your sister whiteknighting you, Micky?

No. 729064

Lmaooo!!! Idk what's funnier; that you think Micky is that extra or that you believe what people say in the captions of the screenshots. Just lazy puddles of cock Roach jizz; all of you.

No. 729065

File: 1541732171081.jpg (170.35 KB, 1079x675, Screenshot_20181108-215320_Twi…)

Take your own fucking advice Micky, for the love of fucking god.

You've been lying and ban evading the whole time. Fuck off.

No. 729066

File: 1541732221649.jpeg (2.11 MB, 4032x1960, 0C4AE606-CF59-4A19-A31C-E7CB95…)

God if you need to be reminded of what Micky looks like under those layers of makeup and filters, you just need to look at her sister.

No. 729067

Ok, "Danielle". You can play stupid all you want, everyone else can see through the bullshit.

No. 729068

Jistba bunch of jealous stalkers who can't get laid. Y'all either want to fuck my sister, or be her because so many people want her. Y'all have no lives just like the girl who's been stalking my sister for 6 fucking years.

No. 729069

Nah this what she looks like >>727363

No. 729070

Alright then, Dani, please go eat a tub of lard. It turns you on anyway.

No. 729071

File: 1541732365962.gif (144.48 KB, 340x340, 105.gif)

yr sister cant get laid either, her vibe dont even want her based on the mold sis

No. 729073

Nobody wants or wants to be Micky. The girl has herpes, a shit job, is a bully, barely has any real friends, and is hated by the majority of her local community. There's nothing to envy. Her life is trash.

No. 729074

File: 1541732487108.png (189.38 KB, 1440x1028, Screenshot_2018-11-08-21-01-06…)

No. 729076

>so many people want her

…to shut her mouth? To stop being an online bully? To take a shower? To get off the damn internet for once in her life?

I hope this is just a bad troll, no one could possibly be this stupid.

No. 729078

Odk if I are this clear already; but if you fuck with Micky, you fuck with me. I'm a lot crazier than her; even she's afraid of what happens when I snap completely. And y'all are pussies who don't have it in you to confront us in person.

No. 729079

File: 1541732636711.png (769.21 KB, 1437x1086, Screenshot_2018-11-08-21-03-55…)

Demisexual lesbians rise up

No. 729080

ya go crazy on a buffet maybe, but show us ur crazy side hamley quinn

No. 729081

File: 1541732684676.png (583.83 KB, 771x554, Screen Shot 11.png)

i found this on her tumblr…yikes

No. 729082


We’re so scared. Micky couldn’t even meet up with Taylor. We’re certainly shooketh over internet words in your parents house because you and your sister are lazy and can’t get real jobs at your age. Yes. Please. Runneth up.

No. 729084

This some dumb shit you would hear from a 13 yr old edgelord, not a grown ass woman. Sit the fuck down.

No. 729085


>resting bitch face

They’re both ugly and make excuses lmao

No. 729086

Can't show you my crazy side through a screen, can I? Also love how you don't think a person can change in 6 years; like learning is impossible.

No. 729087

smoothest fuckin lookin klingon, bitch where ur ridges

No. 729088

Again, you sound like a 13 yr old edgelord. Gone with that bullshit. Also, had Micky changed at all she wouldn't still be trying to fuck with Amina and adding to the list of girls she bullied. She's learned nothing other than how to be even more unbearable as a human scumbag.

No. 729090

File: 1541732980308.png (98.04 KB, 541x302, Screen Shot 10.png)

"my father is a complete asshole"
looks like he was trying to prevent the both of you two from looking like complete whales

No. 729092

Tfw you hate yourself so much that you have to hate someone else.

No. 729093

Imagine sticking up for a smelly, attention whore hypocrite who uses her blackness only when its kewl!!1! and trendy yet lightens the hell out of her skin and goes out of her way to harass other black women. You both need to grow up. I'm tired of seeing her thinly veiled bullying SJW trash posted everywhere in black girl inspo pages.

No. 729094

File: 1541733101275.png (979.09 KB, 1440x1853, Screenshot_2018-11-08-21-11-32…)

Welp, Dani confirmed. She's changing her DeviantArt bio KEK

No. 729095

I'd like to know how many you guys are getting of on these insults.

No. 729096

>satanic atheist

wtf, this makes absolutely no sense.

No. 729097

You mean like how Micky hates Amina or any other girl doing better than her? Or how she hates her exes and lies about how they treated her while neglecting to mention how she constantly cheated on them? Or how she'll turn and hate a friend if they associate with someone she doesn't like? Yeah, I can't relate to that. I'm not shitty human being, so that shit is foreign to me.

No. 729098

thats like saying straight -lesbian
which micky is most likely is


No. 729099

File: 1541733297502.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1986, 941FF4F0-C102-4F0F-B5C7-BFAB92…)

This is the filth Micky and her sister live in.

No. 729100

It's amazing to watch people talk about shit they know absolutely nothing about. I haven't used deviant art in years but getting back to it. Felt it needed an update after 3-4 years.

No. 729102

you guys post it on social media, so we know

No. 729103

No. 729104

File: 1541733422487.png (1.18 MB, 1169x1772, Screenshot_2018-11-08-18-37-51…)

TFW you update right after somebody takes a screenshot of your profile.
Dani, we all know you're just as retarded as your sister.

No. 729105

what else u sweatin to change boo besides yall nasty ass surroundings?? you aint have a job but u live like hoarders. clean yr room lmao

No. 729106

I find it hilarious how y'all are making claims about Micky hating this girl when: 1.) You haven't posted any proof yet you love posting pics. 2.) People catfish as her all the fucking time. So how do you know that these girls aren't catfishing to make her Micky look bad? Someone accused me of being Micky earlier.

No. 729108

oooo, we're SOOO scared. didn't micky run away from a fight at youmacon after talking shit online? she's a pussy lmao

No. 729109

Bitch, read the fucking threads. That's what they're here for, to be read. Dumbass.

No. 729111

Dehumanizing us really makes you rock hard doesn't it? Your hate for us fuels you, doesn't it?

I also find it hilarious how no one knows a damn thing about actual psychology.

No. 729112

how tf so u get overweight enough that ur body said nah fuck it lets put fat on yr forehead? girl try bangs n ur sis needs to too

No. 729113

You sound like one of those sixteen year olds who got an old copy of the DSM and now acts like they're Hannibal fucking Lecter lol

"No one here knows a damn thing about psychology" bitch lmao you can try to diagnose us all day, the fact is your sister is a nasty person and we're not projecting for holding her accountable.

No. 729114

Whiteknighting your shitty ass sister isn't going to change the facts. Especially since a good chunk of evidence of her shit behavior are in these threads. Which you seem to not what to read, despite "wanting evidence".

No. 729115

File: 1541734023793.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 13.94 KB, 259x194, A23D3C79-6AE0-49CB-A7E1-50DF26…)

Here’s a fat fetish pic for you

No. 729118

it's like when micky went on and on about the """tea""" she supp had on amina when SHE got called out on facebook. "tea" we absolutely never even got a glimpse of, because it was bullshit and didn't exist. she's a trash-talker but in the end, she doesn't ammount to anything.

No. 729119

File: 1541734074733.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.03 KB, 540x405, 70F10142-6AD1-48D8-86AC-7B37C1…)

No. 729121

The FACT is that y'all don't know a damn thing about bipolar disorder or PTSD from a personal perspective or a scientific perspective. Might as well have told John McCain's doctors how to treat his cancer

No. 729122

File: 1541734423308.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 987x1350, E3969DA6-524B-44F7-923B-94DC25…)

Whale chan

No. 729124

I don't understand why everyone's wasting their time talking to this broad.

She's full of shit, and a whiny, half-witted cow just like her precious sister.

No. 729125

Ignoring how some asshole leaked her nudes in the first place 👌 you tried tho.

No. 729127

what do u know, give us ur wisdom from ur throne of trash

No. 729129

oh, sweet jesus. some things you just can't unsee…

No. 729130

slow night at work lmao

No. 729131

you do know your giving anons milk. your complaining about people being on these threads yet here you are spreading the fire


No. 729133

oh what the goddamn fuck
the middle pic is some nasty shit

No. 729134

File: 1541734621193.jpeg (763.21 KB, 3131x3131, D167B3FC-F95A-47A4-BC49-7487A5…)

Micky needs to get her and her sister some black castor oil and stop braiding her own hair so fucking tight and ratchet.

No. 729136

Ignoring that ur sis has been leaking her own nudes since she was underage lol

No. 729137

just report the posts, i've been doing it. hopefully mods will ban her soon.

No. 729139



No. 729140

You do know your sister posted her own nudes, right? On 4chan? She used to make threads dedicated to it. They're hardly "leaked", she posted these herself.

No. 729141


Those splotchy dark marks makes her look diseased. How sexy.

No. 729142

She got requested to post "sharpie in ass", which is classic on 4chan but Micky's such a fucking idiot she didn't get it.

No. 729144

she's on the other threads too

here the previous one
>> 637911

No. 729146

File: 1541734838539.jpg (48.71 KB, 959x482, e4d3S1T.jpg)

don't cut yourself on all that edge, buckroo

No. 729147

No. 729148

She posted those on 4chan for people to download and use as they please. Try again.

No. 729149


So how did you feel about your mom letting Micky fuck college age grown ass men while she was 15 years old? She was oh~so abused and raped for French fries and snuggles uwu

No. 729150

I'd like to recap on what someone said.
They said they don't understand why people like my sister; a lot of you agree.
Here's my question:
Why do you care? How does other people's opinions about someone who isn't even you affect you in any way? I'm aware of her problems; I grew up with this girl and we still live together. So who knows better than me that she's trying to change and get her sgit together? Who knows better than the person who sees and interacts with her everyday? But as I said before, you need to hate her. You've been looking to justify the way you treat her the entire time I've been talking to you all. Y'all are the real animals.

No. 729151

jesus, you're really sperging out here.
Sperg-Chan 2: Electric Boogaloo

No. 729153

Hold on, why are you getting mad at my sister and not the college guy? Last I checked, no one held a gun to his head

No. 729154

people like talking about dumb bitches when they're on break it's not that deep, just go man jesus

No. 729155

People also like not getting their nided leaked and being nled for it.

No. 729158

Nah, your momma should have fucking stepped in. That shit falls on the parent and your mother failed terribly.

Read. The. Threads. She's not trying to change at all. You're stupid for falling for that bullshit. She got you out here looking like a whole dumbass right now. Sperging for what? Bitch won't change.

No. 729159

Is that the same guy Amina tried to warn Micky about which caused Micky to bully and harass Amina for years out of jealousy, or was that a different one? I can't remember.

No. 729160


Yeah, you still live together as 20-somethings being dirty losers who milk your abusive daddy for rent free living because two of you together can’t afford a two bedroom apartment where you can host dirty bog parties and share STD flavored chapstick in your own pot to piss in. Until then, you’re both losers. No ones running up on your mommy and daddy’s property. But get your own and dish out those tougg guy threats lol

No. 729161

Her nudes were never leaked. She posted her shit on 4chan knowingly. She really has you looking extra fucking dumb right now.

No. 729162

her nudes are all over google if you search

"micky martydom"

or "micky martydom nudes"

her posting openly on fetlife and reposted on nsfw sites like motherless or hamster

No. 729163

Most likely the one Amina tried warning her about.

No. 729164

What exactly is accomplished from stalking my sostrand talking shit about her? Why do you need to dehumanize someone to feel better about yourself? Especially since y'all judging her from shit she did years ago and she's bipolar. Like y'all don't even know the behavior patterns of someone with BD nor are you aware that there ate 2 different types of BD.

No. 729166


Your mom gave consent for a teenager to fuck a grown ass man, a grown ass man who Micky was warned about by Amina but her jealousy and envy caused her to out Amina’s advice, but literally she decided to cry rape and abuse after the fact. We all know he’s a piece of shit, but your sister isn’t a victim here. Your mom’s a victimizer for letting Micky fucking an adult. You mooch off her living situation and she allowed your sister to be abused, allegedly. Focus your rage towards your own family and project these protective feelings on your sister to make better choices.

No. 729168

being bipolar is no excuse to have a shitty & toxic problematic mind online and towards others

No. 729172

Yeah except Micky's still outright posting shit wishing Amina would die while also talking about getting off to her. Even if Micky actually does have bipolar, it's no excuse for being a shitty person.

No. 729173

File: 1541735549067.gif (451.6 KB, 500x272, tumblr_m807vbIK9u1qzvrpk.gif)

and the bitch just kept on and on and on and on

No. 729175


Dont use BP as an excuse. A person is greater than their mental illness, but Micky’s literally a loser who happens to have BP. Don’t try and save your sister for being a loser

No. 729176

Her BD is treated with anti-psychotocs. It's BD plus PTSD; would you honestly hold an unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic accountable for their actions?

No. 729177


You and your sister have a weird definition of stalking if she’s publicly giving content. None of her social media is private and is open access, then she gets caught giving shade and talking shit in someone else’s statuses that’s also public. Everything’s public. Her nudes are public and her posts are public. It doesn’t take much to find milk especially when she’s directly giving milk to be ironic. Face it, your sister loves these threads in a sadistic way and she can’t help herself and gives us milk on purposes sometimes. Your sister is an attention whore so let her get her attention?

No. 729178

Girl she's not fucking bipolar. Fuck outta here. She only uses that as an excuse to get away with being a shitty human being.

No. 729179

hate to bring up on amina in the threads
but since she went on japan TV

micky formed a hate group against her back in Detroit
and accursed her of leaking her underage nudes, when firstly, why was micky sending them out anyways?

its sorta her fault
even if she reported to the police, she still held accountable for sending them out

especially to older men who are now shit talking about micky on facebook "jail bait thot" "biggest hoe in the city"

No. 729180


No but I would hold a medicated person with BP accountable for doxxing and bullying others because she felt like it to be edgy and intimidating. PTSD my ass. Being told to clean your room is not PTSD.

No. 729181

Unmedicated? Bitch she has medicine and doesn't fucking take it. She just uses it for shitty "aesthetic" menhera gifs.

No. 729182

I consider it stalking if yiubjave to check her shot regularly 😒😒😒 especially since it won't kill you to not look at her social media. I bet it's part your routine; hating on her like this. You get off on the dehumanizing.

No. 729185

Nigga your sister is bullying people and openly wishing they would die. Get on her about her bullshit. Not us calling this shit out.

No. 729186


Okay does your sister, under your logic, stalk others when she revenge posts and then wishes death on Amina after almost what, two years or so of no talking? Her lynch mob mentality and attempts to dig up dirt for revenge posts for her annual circle jerk isn’t stalking but her providing milk on purposes and for attention seeking purposes is stalking.


No. 729187

jeez, we get it, you read a text post on tumblr, learnt a new fancy word for your monkey retard vocabulary and now you wanna take it on a ride using it in all your conversations. your sister literally calls HERSELF a cumdump and a bimbo and whatever, whiteknighting her like this only makes her more of a target.

No. 729188

All throughout middle school and high school Micky was showing signs of bipolar disorder. I told my mom that there wasn't any other explanation for it, but she wouldn't believe me. The problems started 10 years ago; around when puberty started, and she just started taking meds last year.

No. 729190

…yes? People with mental illnesses who commit crimes get convicted all the time. It's not an excuse.
Not to mention your sister doesn't even take the meds she's prescribed, she's openly admitted to not using them except for gifs of her spitting them out lol.

No. 729191

I love how people are unaware of the insanity plee lmao 😂😂😂

No. 729192


Didn’t your sister literally dress up as a sex cow for Halloween or was that an attention seeking grab and fake purchase for our amusement and to try and jump on the Dojacat trend? Lmaooo

So how the fuck do we stalk her yet she directly provides milk. Get your sister together

No. 729193

Don't lie to us. We're not stupid like Micky's lackeys. We know you're spouting bullshit right now.

No. 729194


So your mother instead of listening to a plausiable-yet allegedly accurate-armchair diagnosis of BP decided to just let your sister get fucked illegally at McDonalds.


No. 729197

You still get locked up, you dumbfuck.

No. 729198


Ten years ago…..

Bitch, your sister is 21. Come on, now

No. 729199

File: 1541736515729.gif (2.45 MB, 470x508, tumblr_pe1u52Jax81tzbme4_500[1…)

Your sister knows what's right and wrong, obviously. She just does what she wants anyway because people like you tell her she can. That's why she also used to claim to have NPD.

No. 729200

In love how when I explain shit, y'all still look for reasons tonjate her. Y'all legitimately NEED to hate her.


No. 729201


We don’t NEED to. We definitely disdain her.

No. 729202

Your increasing spelling errors are a giveaway for how salty you're getting. You should probably take a break.

No. 729203

she can't write anon. she's illiterate like her monkey sister

No. 729204

Anybody who goes out of their way to bully and abuse other gets automatic hate from me. I also don't like people who constantly lie about shit. She brings it on herself. If she was a genuinely good person, there likely wouldn't be any threads on her and we wouldn't dislike her.

No. 729205

buh she dindu nuffin

No. 729206

its so funny how micky cries about her underage picture & being anti pedophillia / ddlg

but yet she reblogs underage loli shit on tumblr
and her sister reblog fat fetish & beastiality furry porn

No. 729207

Considering I'm writing with the letters backwards because my IP was blocked, I think I'm doing petty good with spelling.

No. 729209


Maybe you should just, idk, just shut the fuck up if your IP is banned and you can’t spell?

No. 729210

And the fact that you keep looking for reasons to hate her proves that you NEED to hate her.

No. 729211

File: 1541737439769.jpg (556.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181108-232414_Chr…)

Feels like I'm writing in Russian lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 729212

Bullshit. We know you're mad.

Right? Shit is crazy.

No. 729213

"Anyone who goes out of their way to bully someone" saying that while on a thread dedicated to bullying my sister lmaooo

No. 729214

remember they are special ed
micky took special ed

No. 729215

File: 1541737579831.jpg (13.71 KB, 640x296, FB_IMG_1541737099381.jpg)

Nobody has to look. She puts it all out there for everyone to see. Pic related is a big example. Nobody was cool with that shit.

No. 729216

Nobody is bullying her. You can't bully a bully, you fucking idiot.

No. 729225

She hasn't done anything to any of you; you're bullying her and you're trying(and failing) to justifying your behavior, and for whatever reason you need to hate my sister. You're still trying to justify your actions on a page dedicated to bashing her. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

No. 729226

And you're not even giving examples of her apparent bullying. You're posting screen shots that only show half the fuckig story.

No. 729227

Y'all don't have social loves; do you? Lol

No. 729228


Uhhhh the Amina screenshot. Explain for your musty sister how it’s half the story lmao

No. 729229

so? micky made lolcow threads too
ex: recently she made armina thread

No. 729231


You know what’s funny? When Micky accuses those who hate her of having no lives it’s ironic. It’s actually people who work normal jobs, friends and typically live on their own accords and function with mental illnesses who have common sense to just not like Micky at all, while Micky doesn’t have a social life. Hanging out with her crusty friend Emi and you encouraging your non-rhythm, twerkless sister at a GAY BAR isn’t a social life and working at Olga’s isn’t slaying the h8erz. She’s the loser. I’m sorry

No. 729232


No. 729233

I find it hilarious how y'all are incapable of posting links to anything other than other threads from this site.

No. 729234

The anime community around Detroit MI, hates your sister dumbass

dudes said "she sent nudes to the whole city"

No. 729235

No, an asshole leaked her nudes, dumbfuck, and people are jealous of her huge anime looking titties.

No. 729236

That's what it's always been about, really. People being jealous of her body for one reason or another.

No. 729238


Here’s Micky’s life in a week.

The nutshell:

>Showers two-three times a week, soaks in her own filth twice a week, sink baths in between non-shower days. She more than likely sink baths alternative more than she actually gets in a tub but I digress

>can’t cook real chicken so she Doordash’s Wendy’s or other fast food
>Bong rips and spends a good chunk of the day laying caked in make up for selfies and photoshop for bought likes. Uses what little tip money she has into buying bots for social media
>Makes up crazy scenarios for cool points on social media when realistically she barely gets out of bed
>seethes that she’s constantly guilty that she’ll never be better than or prettier as
>cynical crush on SoundCloud rappers and all around problematic guys
>works for $3 an hour with tips but wastes time begging for money to spend on Aliexpress and Wish
>greasing and slithering at some musty concert with Emi but she still begs for donations for poor spending habits

Then she goes to bed with a malicious agenda for lolz and omg moments of the week so she can start a little controversy for herself because she has nothing else going on. Not school, not a car or a real job.

Where is the life and the time she has to not be a cunt rag?

No. 729239

Nobody is jealous of her body. She has legitimately nothing going for her.

Either read the previous threads or fuck off.

Stop being dumb. >>729215

No. 729243

I'm not sure why you're telling me about her life when I LIVE WITH HER!!!

No. 729244

File: 1541739010376.jpg (27.44 KB, 500x396, SRS.jpg)

> anime looking titties
> micky
MFW this bitch thinks micky's saggy udders are in any shape of form comparable to 2D anime tits

No. 729245

you loving fatties, of course you would say that.

correction: she leaked them
her areolas are pancakes w/ small nips, so no thank you


being huge doesn't automatically means cute or attractive

No. 729247

File: 1541739086755.gif (1.83 MB, 500x280, giphy (2).gif)


No. 729248

Or or or…. Y'all could find legit hobbies and stop bullying and hating in my sister for no justifiable reason.

No. 729249

You're on that bullshit. Just like she is, that's why you're getting torn apart here.

No. 729250

i got a incest feeling while reading that
…who would look at their sisters photos and compliment it, especially on social media

No. 729251

Nigga tell that shit to your miserable ass sister and then go find a mirror and tell that to your miserable ass self.

No. 729252

File: 1541739196216.png (Spoiler Image, 217.19 KB, 1440x1438, 1458024862711[1].png)

She leaked her own nudes idiot. There's literally links in the first thread of her Tumblr where she was posting those ass pictures.

I promise I'm not jealous of Micky's flat, speckly ass lol. I've seen her in real life. She's not anything to be impressed by.

No. 729254

bitch get off the internet

No. 729255

that ass looks dusty

No. 729257

both of yall still living with your claim "abusive" parents
in ya 20s

move on already

No. 729258

getting pentagram tattoos while living with "strict mormon parents" LMAOOOOOO

No. 729259

File: 1541739592388.gif (994.5 KB, 500x252, 02e.gif)

I'm done for today. Hateful ass motherfuckers have redefined the phrase "ignorance is bliss" especially since my I found a way to by pass the IP block. Y'all need to hate my sister; you're just struggle yo find reasons to. And I love how you tried to bash her for dragging that one girl who stalked Micky for 6 years.

No. 729260

Just like those who executed Galileo; your minds are made up. You don't care if what you believe is the truth orbotr; all you care about justifying your hatred of a girl who's had a rough life.

No. 729262

go back to tumblr, normiefag

No. 729263

Fucking finally. After 3 hours. And you said we need to find something productive to do.

No. 729265

go back to tumblr, normiefag

No. 729267

Just like those who executed Galileo; your minds are made up. You don't care if what you believe is the truth orbotr; all you care about justifying your hatred of a girl who's had a rough life.

No. 729268

Just like those who executed Galileo; your minds are made up. You don't care if what you believe is the truth orbotr; all you care about justifying your hatred of a girl who's had a rough life.

No. 729270

I thought you were done?

No. 729272

Bitch I might be. Might not be.

No. 729273

you know what, you're right about that dani, i kind of have to give you credit here.

yeah, hiding your goblin face under layers and layers of photoshop in each and every picture must be rough.

No. 729275

Watching your father choke out your sister and hit your mom all your life is pretty rough. And it's just makeup, sweetie. It's an art form.

No. 729278

"it's just make up"

No. 729280

File: 1541740411877.png (185.69 KB, 326x583, Screen Shot.png)

take this on your way out

No. 729281

File: 1541740442853.png (208.26 KB, 288x503, Screen Shots.png)

No. 729283

Do you two just sit up all day in your filthy houses coming up with new lies to make people on the internet feel bad for you? We all know if your father abused you and your mother, Micky would be talking about it every chance she got.

No. 729284

She never had a "rough life". Stop making up shit for her.

More bullshit again. If any that was remotely true, CPS would have taken y'all out of there without question. Again, stop making up shit for your sister.

She went out of her way to get other to harass a genuinely and severely mentally ill woman. Micky could have ignored her but no, she thought dragging her and sending people after her was a-ok. Same way she did Amina. Same way she her exes. Micky's actions never change. She always somehow a poor victim in a situation. Even it's very obvious that's not the case.

No. 729285

I'm not sure exactly what these pics are for. They still don't justify anything that you're doing; they just show you're obsessed with her.

No. 729286

How do you know she didn't have a rough life?

No. 729287

U asked why, we're showing you

No. 729288

it proves that she leaks her own nude lol

No. 729289

You don't know shit about behavioral psychology or BD nor did you grow up with an unmedicated bipolar parent.

No. 729290

so being bipolar is a excuse for "abuse"?????

No. 729291

How do you know she started selling pics AFTER the first ones were leaked. I still remember the day she found out that happened. She's under 18 in a lot of those pics.

No. 729293

her fault
she sent them out to dudes in the city
and lied about being over 18

they found out she was lying "jail bait"

No. 729296



No. 729298

Don't you have furry porn to be fapping to? Why are you and Micky so desperate for attention and validation from us/the internet? Also, anons here have linked to 4chan threads where she posted her own nudes, (I'm sure someone posted the link earlier in this thread) and claimed those same nudes were leaked.

No. 729300

There's a difference between "justification" and "explanation"and you're judging her based on shit she did when she was I'm grade school. If it bothers you that much then the most you can do is not forgive her; there's no such thing as a time machine.

An ummedicated bipolar person can get off with an insanity plea just like a schizophrenic, and, again, she takes anti psychotics. Y'all hating just to hate.

No. 729301

None of the nudes that been seen were leaked. She's been posting them to 4chan for years now. The posted are from a year or two ago.

No. 729302

File: 1541741203721.gif (3.31 MB, 1280x720, gillpanda-gill-spank-animation…)

No. 729303

"If you don't want nudes leaked, don't send them"

"Cover yourself if you don't wanna be raped"

😒😒😒 same old shit

No. 729304

Dani I swear you announced you were done a half hour ago KEK

No. 729307

are you seriously comparing self nudity (consent from the picture taker)


rape??????!!!! wtf

No. 729308

I changed my mind. I'm currently testing a theory.

No. 729309

She doesn't take her meds. She admitted that on her blogs and ig. She just plays with the medicine for pics.

She can and would still get locked up. Pleading insanity doesn't mean you get a lush life. She'll get fucked up by actual crazy people.

You keep choosing to ignore her recent tweet of her wishing death on someone and her post from tonight knowingly harassing someone with an actual mental illness. But go off, I fucking guess.

No. 729311

If we were only criticizing her based off things she did in grade school, she wouldn't have 11 threads. She has been doing dumb shit before and after she turned 18.

And if her nudes were leaked, then how the hell did they get leaked? Did someone she was dating/fucking take her nudes, and pretended to be her on 4chan?

No. 729312

Bitch. Don't ever again compare saying not to post nudes to telling someone not to get raped. That shit is not equal.

No. 729313

Considering that you don't think my sister's BD is comparable to psychosis, desoite that they take ant- motherfucking-psychotics, then yes. Especially since she didn't consent to the leaks and she was actually raped. I know a a lot of y'all are Brett Kavanaughs tho.

No. 729314

Well you could leave my sister alone but y'all choose not to so…

No. 729316

go home fatty chan

No. 729318

"If her nodes were leaked, how did they get leaked"

Is that a trick question or are you genuinely that lazy how do you think they got leaked? People were legit trading her nudes.

No. 729321

just leave. no ones going to listen to you because we all know you're wrong. go find a feeder mommy if you're so desperate for attention and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 729322

I don't think anyone is holding a gun to your heads and marking you stay on this tread and be hateful towards my sister.

No. 729323

She was not raped. That was another bullshit story she came up with because she didn't like the guy she was fucking at the time. Also, she doesn't have BD or whatever the fuck lie y'all running with. If it was that fucking bad she would be low functioning and stuck in a mental health facility to be properly monitored. But go ahead and lie again.

Tell your sister to leave people alone. She stay starting shit but can't finish shit. Acting like she from the hood is going to get her fucked up.

No. 729324

The same could be said to your dumbass. Nobody is telling you to stay and make an ass out of yourself for the sake of your snake ass sister.

No. 729325

It's not leaked if she posts them publicly. If she didn't want them to be posted everywhere, she could have kept them to herself.

No. 729326

Then just ignore me. Idk why y'all haven't been doing it sooner.

And just as Galileo's persecutors believed he was wring about the earth, you believe I'm wrong about my sister despite the fact that I've been with her since the moment she popped out of our mom's clown hole. The fact that I'm able to get up under your skin so much shows that I'm humanizing her; the very opposite thing you've been doing on this thread.

No. 729327

You're not "humanizing" her, you're just making an ass out of yourself. It's clear you don't know shit. Yet, you come here and stupidly defend her. No wonder she's such a shit person. You and her mom coddle this dumbshit.

No. 729328

I'm not saying that she hasn't posted nudes herself; I'm saying that what made her start was someone who leaked her nudes in the first place.

No. 729329

Who are trying to convince; me or yourself? And I'm still trying to figure out how y'all think you know her based off screen shots and nudes. How many of y'all have actually spent time with her in person?

No. 729330

No, she was the posting them from the beginning. Nobody was leaking shit. She posted them. She only decided to start saying that they were leaked because she wanted people to hate who she hated. That's how she operates.

No. 729332

How exactly do you know she was posting them from the beginning?

No. 729333

You clearly know shit all about your sister. Again, a good chunk of the local community hates her and rightfully shit on her when she gets brought up in conversations.

No. 729334

Are you gonna answer my question or keep dodging?

No. 729335

A quick trip to the archives could give you the answer your looking for. That's how we found out she was cheating. She was looking for sex on /soc/ and at one point Fetlife.

No. 729336

Like I'm waiting for a direct answer amd I'm these situations I I rarely get one; if at all.

No. 729338

Nobody is dodging, dummy. You just don't to want to read. All the time you wasted here could been spent getting the answers you're looking for.

No. 729340

We keep telling you to read the threads. Like I'm pretty sure spoonfeeding is against the fucking rules. Hell you can't even reply properly.

No. 729341

Y'all didn't have a problem with screen shots earlier, but notlw you do? Had no problem looking up my shit and everything but now when I ask for proof of this behavior from my sister, it's nowhere to be found

No. 729342

You know what? Maybe Micky's parents are crazy. Imagine the type of insane you would have to be to raise a obese, filthy, delusional monster like Micky, and a equally as delusional zoophile like Danielle. Whew.

No. 729343

File: 1541743071004.png (508.77 KB, 740x422, ss.png)

No. 729346

So you just blatantly gonna ignore >>729215

Yeah, you on that bullshit. You don't want proof.

No. 729348

File: 1541743212228.gif (3.86 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

holy shit wtf is going on

No. 729349

I have read the thread; y'all seem to forget that we live together and y'all are acting like ex's never lied before.

And you still don't know shit about what's going on with her psychologically. Just looking for reasons to hate 🤷🏽 the sooner you admit it, the sooner we can move forward.

No. 729350

I really wouldn't consider that shit bait. She honestly wanted to whiteknight.

No. 729352

There's ten threads. You did not read them at all. You're sister is just a liar, not crazy. Just like you're stupid as fuck not some high level intellectual.

No. 729353

Y'all need some casts fos those broken arms? The reaching y'all doing is incredible.

No. 729354

I know one of her exes personally. I know what kind of a monster she was to be dating lol. And we know for a fact she was cheating, like someone said while she was with Adam she was posting on /soc/ and Fetlife looking for a sugar daddy. She's not a nice person.

No. 729355

Nobody has to reach. Your sister provides us with enough milk. You're just too dumb to realize you're being played.

No. 729356

And Adam turned out to be racist and trying to convinced all of us that there's no such thing as institutionalozed racism. I kinda believe her over him. Idk how hard it is to take screen shots of this proof since you have no problem finding my shit so…. Where's it at?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 729357

>he wuz raciss cuz he din buhlieve tumblr sjw shit

Ok, sure. Lol

No. 729358

Alright, I'm officially done for the night. I'll be back to defend my sister when I wake up tho 😊

No. 729359

Your dumbass sister literally made a sign with a time stamp on 4Chan when she posted her nudes. To avoid accountability, she blamed it on someone else.

Your sister loves playing the victim, and that’s all she’ll ever be if she doesn’t change her ways. She’s 21. It’s time for her to get her shit together.

No. 729360

There's eleven threads full of screenshots. We're not going to spoonfeed you. Read them yourself. And learn how to properly reply while you're at it.

No. 729362

You can just as easily read the previous threads. They're literally linked at the top of the thread. I know your dumb, but come on. It's not that hard. Especially if you want evidence so badly.

No. 729363

So you can argue the same shit over and over? Ok, see you later.

No. 729365

Is it just impossible for y'all to screenshot this shit you're talking about or are you just lazy and hateful.

I mean arguments aside, that just seems like the easiest way to prove what you're saying. You don't even need words.

No. 729366

We don't care lol. We've all been through the threads already. It wouldn't hurt for you to take some time to read them. You sound like the lazy one. Again, apple doesn't fall far blah blah blah.

No. 729367

Nigga. Just click the link at the top of the thread and read. Nobody's about to screenshot 11 full threads for your lazy, dumb ass.

No. 729368

Not even 5 minutes later, and your already back.

No. 729369

You have access to google and people have literally posted screens in this thread of your sister posting her own nudes.

If this your attempt at trolling, you’re doing a piss poor job.

No. 729370

no wonder your dad strict

No. 729373

I'm not seeing anything other than y'all criticizing my sister for shitbthay happened years ago and her being unhappy with people treating her the way y'all treating her now. Like what do y'all even want from her?

No. 729374

So you literally don’t see the screenshot of your sister posting her nudes on 4chan?

No. 729377

I mean don't expect y'all to post the whole story anyways; just the parts that make her look bad. And she's in the house so Ican confront her if heeded.

No. 729378

Go to sleep, Danielle.

No. 729379

I saw screen shots that didn't deserve the reaction they got nor dis they suggest any of the atrocities that you claim she's done

No. 729382

Personally, I am waiting for you Dani to get all tough and psycho like you promised. So far you've only insulted your sister when trying to defend her.

So until later? Where you might finally step it up?

No. 729383

I'd actually like to point out something that people with NPD can feel empathy rarely; psychopaths can't feel emapty and NPD is a step below it. Just a little fact.

No. 729384

You mean like the one where she says she wants Amina to die? or the one where she attacks a girl and sends her friends/followers after her, despite being so ~uwu positive~ (Which happened yesterday/today btw).
Funny, since Micky says she's a empath.

No. 729385

I'm literally just seeing people criticizing her comments and selfies in the pettiest of ways.

No. 729386

The reason why your sister posting her nudes on 4chan got the reaction they did is because she tried to blame Amina for doing it. She tried to victimize herself instead of owning up to her mistake.

When it comes to your sister, she’s never the one who’s done wrong; it’s always someone or something else that’s the issue.

I’m pretty sure your sister wouldn’t have this many threads if she just owned up to her shit and made an effort to change herself. However, she won’t because you and your family enable her bullshit.

No. 729388

But can you prove it? Because lying isn't a new concept.

No. 729389

It’s literally proof here. Your sister time stamped the picture when she posted her nudes.

Stop being a dumbass and a poor excuse of a troll.

No. 729390

People keep telling you to look at the previous threads but you don't want that because it destroys your whole narrative. You don't want evidence, otherwise you would not have hesitated to look at the other threads. You just trying to get your unwarranted ego stroked.

No. 729392

Why are you pretending like you didn't see the screenshots we posted

No. 729393

Here's the thing. You aren't special and even though you're entertaining, at the end of the day we don't care whether you believe us or not, so we're not going to spoonfeed you every single screenshot of every single shitty thing your shitty sister has done. We know the proof is in the threads you refuse to look at - you do too. If you don't want to look for yourself, it's because you know there's shit in there you don't want to see because it would disrupt your narrative. You aren't the first family member of a lolcow to come here, and you act just like every other one.

No. 729394

I'm not talking about the lude pics she sends now. We found out about her nudes getting leaked in the internet in 2013; when she was still a minor. I remember clearly because I remember her screaming after finding out. Whoever leaked those nudes is the asshole who made her say "fuck it"

Still trying to understand how y'all got all this energy to screen shot literally everything else but concerte proof of Micky being mean to this girl or cheating.

No. 729395

You haven't spoon fed me a damn thing, lol, perhaps it is my fault for not going into more detail, but at the same time. I was under the impression that y'all actually know Micky.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 729398

Girl, she had been posting those nudes back then too. Hell, she more then likely "leaked" her own shit. That's just how shitty she is. Even shittier was her placing the blame on someone else. It's also shitty she's got you in here looking dumb. But can't say I feel too bad for you, all things considered.

No. 729399

File: 1541747064081.jpg (66.43 KB, 635x341, 1490118961844[1].jpg)

She was on Fetlife and /soc/ looking for sugar daddies while she was dating Adam. She was active on this profile while she had a boyfriend. I don't know what more proof your dumbass wants.

As for proof of her being mean to Amina? Are you fucking serious? There's years of it. I'm not going to dig it all up because you're too lazy to.

No. 729400

It's funny you posted >>729260 but that's exactly what you're doing. We keep giving you proof and telling you where too find it, but you keep ignoring it and asking where the proof is. I'm convinced you realized you have been brainwashed by Micky, and now you're too embarrassed to admit you were stupid for coming here.

No. 729403

You're not showing me a damn thing; you're not showing me anything with dates on them, like that cropped to Hell screenshot, that back up what you're accusing; you're hating just to to hate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 729404

If you went back to the thread it was posted in, you would find more screenshots with dates and times showing when she was active, at the same time of her posting "my boyfriend is just SoooOOOOoooOOO great UwU" on Twitter. Look for yourself you lazy twat.

No. 729405

Wouldn't it just have been easier to just post a pic with a fucking date? You act like I'm asking you build a fully functioning rocket for NASA(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 729407

Stop evading your ban.

No. 729409

what a chickenhead. im leaving then has one other thing to say

No. 729478

File: 1541768788183.jpg (283.12 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20181109-080534_Sam…)

She really thought what she was doing was trolling. Sure, ok. Lol

Honestly though, wish the mods were more on it when it came to her ban evading.

No. 729481

Okay so we have demisexual lesbian Dani who's sexually attracted to her own cow sister? Imagine my shock.

No. 729482

File: 1541769533288.jpeg (326.06 KB, 1242x746, AFDA0EA0-61DB-45E4-A97E-14537D…)

"She has to take anti-psychotics" ok

No. 729484

you can't convince me that this isn't a man's ass

No. 729486

File: 1541769987455.jpeg (150.02 KB, 994x1116, D969F827-ACC1-4B8C-ACE2-5AA96C…)

This is so cringe. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The mom and her daughters are psychotic cows.

No. 729487

It's still pathetic how she used a fake ass mental illness as an excuse to smoke weed. Instead of just being honest and saying she likes to do it recreationally.

No. 729493

They're moreso fucktarded than crazy. Especially the mom since she was just a-ok with an underage Micky bringing grown men into her house. Any smart mother would have stopped that shit. Her sister Danielle is at fault too, for stupidly backing Micky's shit as well. The only person with some form of intelligence is the dad and they demonize him for it. Man should have pulled out and dipped eons ago.

No. 729494

…. why do people like her delude themselves into thinking it’s good for them. Cannabis can induce psychosis and if someone has a history of shit like that she shouldn’t be smoking.

No. 729498

That's because she isn't actually mentally ill. All she does is self diagnosis via wikipedia articles. There's no real substance behind what she says. That's why she was a-ok with her and her "friends" fucking with that genuinely mentally ill girl.

No. 729499

File: 1541771521442.jpg (113.29 KB, 1080x952, Screenshot_20181109-085125_Sam…)

She's still mad she was completely wrong about her sister. Hilarious.

No. 729500

File: 1541771757025.jpg (865.01 KB, 1920x2560, 18-11-09-08-55-09-793_deco.jpg)

I'm not surprised Micky doesn't get that the tweet was meant as appreciative. All she does is use men for money and treat them like shit.

No. 729503

Says Micky who falls in love with any dude that buys her snacks and/or weed kek

No. 729514


mickey "buy me gas station snacks uwu" is really saying that the bar is low? i'm done

No. 729528

bitch got fingered in a McDonald's talking bout the bar is low…

No. 729536


Micky sucks dick at the mall and gets fingered in mcDonalds. She can really chill the fuck out.

No. 729577

>insanity plea
Retard detected. Insanity plea means someone didn’t know right or wrong when they did their crime. Someone who snapped so far gone. Bipolar isn’t under the insanity plea. Bipolar people, depressed people etc get convicted all the time and are responsible for their actions whether they are mentally ill or not. You’re truly as dumb as your sister.

No. 729579

made worse by the fact that she spelled it "plee"

No. 729621

File: 1541793960262.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 735.gif)

I can't believe this bitch compared Musty Micky™ to Galileo.

No. 729672

File: 1541798722675.jpg (40.67 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_20181109-162503_Sam…)


She would be just as bad as Momokun. Hell, maybe even worse.

No. 729728

Rough life??? Bitch how

No. 729732

eating all the mcdonalds you want and blowing all your cash on aliexpress cosplays and anime conventions must be really rough.

No. 729743

You can't use weed as treatment for psychosis. Weed literally caused one of my friends into psychosis. Micky shut the hell up with "all muh mental illnesses"

No. 729801

File: 1541817642145.jpg (174.89 KB, 1076x933, Screenshot_20181109-214101_Sam…)

No. 729853

File: 1541822862548.jpg (152.42 KB, 1200x1800, 45794999_10155937468571167_686…)

They both look a fucking mess. Also, peep Micky sucking in her gut. Lol

No. 729868

File: 1541824927108.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x2560, 18-11-09-23-42-02-885_deco.jpg)

Had to make this edit.

No. 729873

I'm not trying to be edgy but seriously if I was either of them I'd probably kill myself

No. 729876

Girl, your stomach sticks out just as far as your ass. Calm down.

No. 729881

Seriously wtf is up with Micky's ass? there's a literal crater on the left cheek, how does she have the confidence to walk out like that

No. 729884


imagine being so insecure you have to insult everyone else at a rave, when you don't even know these people

No. 729886

The comment was from the Yung Bae concert, but I put them together for the sake of hilarity. Though, from what I saw of her at Youmacon, it's highly likely she felt the same way. Despite being a solid 5.

No. 729898

File: 1541829256890.jpg (123.17 KB, 1076x911, Screenshot_20181110-005421_Sam…)

She's still giving out that bullshit height too.

No. 729911

File: 1541831545025.jpeg (380.92 KB, 1241x1929, 5CDB9893-A760-4DD0-8623-6E51DC…)

Yeah, they both have an unwarranted amount of self confidence.

No. 729912

File: 1541831591663.jpeg (358.15 KB, 1200x1800, 670BA176-6F84-4FF8-8D59-341AA6…)

Also how could you not post this gem, anon?

No. 729913

File: 1541831633887.jpeg (396.07 KB, 1800x1200, 374E9DD7-F356-44C7-86CB-5D734B…)

No. 729914




No. 729918

Samefag but… She's really not wearing any panties. Her bra strap show through but there's no panty lines… That rank ass pussy was just OUT, Jesus Christ

No. 729920

File: 1541832094003.jpeg (429.96 KB, 1200x1800, 108B6E83-C191-4E80-B6D2-A1C254…)

No. 729921

File: 1541832210687.jpeg (349.61 KB, 1200x1800, 783F3509-232F-460A-BA5D-32B3DD…)

No. 729924

I can smell this pic

No. 729925

File: 1541832647005.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.36 KB, 430x385, 77E52F0E-EE10-4722-89E4-CBE857…)

No. 729931

I don't know how I missed this, but omfg is it hilarious as all fuck. She looks hella insecure.

No. 729945

File: 1541839103115.jpg (553.75 KB, 810x1920, Screenshot_20181110-033726_Sam…)


I feel like she made the prices so low because her shit is all stretched out and smelly.

No. 729971

I have a ton of money. I’m tempted to waste a little to see how bad it is

No. 729972

File: 1541847161172.jpg (36.58 KB, 467x960, 45992122_1604636089683221_8823…)

Ugh, I wouldn't even do it for the lol anon. She's legit trying to get rid of her nasty stained clothing.

No. 729981

File: 1541849424411.png (371.42 KB, 568x563, Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 6.30…)


No. 729984

Someone come get your man and tell him to exfoliate his ass

No. 729989

File: 1541850782835.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3840x2880, A335A5C7-58D3-48AE-8DBE-03B718…)

She's the epitome of the selfie vs tagged photo meme.

No. 730003

Ugh even the hairpin is dirty

No. 730005

Anyone with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders knows not to smoke cannabis. Mickey's stupid enough to think it's a street drug for just ~getting high and sleeping~but it's still a psychedelic.

No. 730027

>I dOn'T lIgHtEn My SkIn!!!

No. 730034

File: 1541867999208.jpeg (191.47 KB, 1242x325, CA7630ED-A650-45C0-A0C8-D9C25B…)

Someone's upset her unfiltered ass has been exposed

No. 730038

She had to wear the bra otherwise her tits would be down at her belly button, she probably smelt like tuna melt chan

No. 730039


She’s salty she’s been exposed with HD photography to get every clogged pore, hyperpigmentation on her ass and her real nose.

Maybe if Micky didn’t try to, idk, bully someone a few days ago for how they looked she wouldn’t be dragged like this. The human speech is a hilariously nice touch.

No. 730054

You're right anon, she just bullied a mentally ill woman in front of all her followers and specifically made fun of how she looked, but when it's Micky's ACTUAL looks get revealed she cries "I'm only human, I'm allowed to be imperfect!!"

No. 730055

File: 1541871046199.jpg (531.08 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20181110-122500_Sam…)


She goes into some bullshit about it being the app and lighting but I use that same app and remain the same color as I am irl. So I'm 100% sure that first gif is deliberately lightened.

Exactly. Micky can always dish it out but can never take it when it's thrown back in her face.

No. 730056

File: 1541871160544.jpg (694.44 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20181110-122446_Sam…)

Second half of her answer.

No. 730130

>I hate being a pasty bitch
FUCKING WHERE? All her photos are edited to fuck and back with meitu,snow and whatever else she can grab with her musty fingers. How can sit on a throne of over edited photos that drop from 1080p to 360p through all your filters making you look like a straight up ghost caught on film and talk about some "I hate lookin' pasty, omg dark skint kaweewee thugg is my brand uwu"
Never seen somebody state such bold faced ass lies when their entire online presence is centered on her selfies and tacky reposts/blogs.

No. 730179

File: 1541888832735.jpg (579.34 KB, 1920x2560, 18-11-10-17-24-41-409_deco.jpg)

It's one thing to not want kids yourself, but it's a whole other disrespectful thing to assume someone who's pregnant would want to kill the baby. They could be happy as fuck and want to spread the good news. Her friend's comment isn't cute or funny either. God, Micky is fucking vile.

No. 730197


Micky’s immediate violent reaction to jealousy. Lmao. She can’t let someone else be happy.

No. 730216

lmfao her cooch is rotted from her herpes shes just salty she can't ever have kids of her own

No. 730260

This is disgusting who jokes like this

No. 730268

This is not even funny. this is freakin in such bad taste.

No. 730269

What is going on with her lips here?

No. 730280

She's made nasty comments about pregnancy ever since Amina spoke out about her miscarriage.

No. 730294

A failed attempt to look sexy ?

No. 730302

File: 1541908227706.jpeg (364.05 KB, 1511x2015, 8AB59A33-6BF3-41D6-8DFD-BDBE9F…)

That little tiny fucking tattoo smack dab on her thigh lmao, I can't. And ofc she's not going to properly take care of it.

No. 730309

I wish someone would teach her how to fucking dress. She looks stupid as fuck.

No. 730330

She overlines her cupid's bow - it's one of those things that can look decent in certain pictures but in real life looks ridiculous. Just like the rest of her.

No. 730561

She’s really huge to have such a tiny tattoo.

No. 730564

I soooo lowkey want Micky to get some huge weeby pastel color piece from a back alley shop that will look absolute shit on her black skin kek

No. 730565

Hey guys, let's look on the bright side. At least now that she got that tiny pos tattoo she'll stop holding up her skirt in the middle like a child with autism holding their pee

No. 730580

File: 1541970501398.jpg (772.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181111-160326_Gal…)

Note the caption on this lmao. Shes getting pissed at her parents for taking care of her disgusting dirty laundry because she clearly never does it. I'm a lot younger than micky and my overprotective mother would never, because I keep up on it myself. I dont even understand how they would know what was dirty or not. Guess what they say about her not liking the smell of clean laundry is true.

No. 730583

Her parents were way too nice to try disinfect wash that shit. Others would toss her dirty smelly clothing right into the trash bin

No. 730615

Instead we get this super sexy side skirt lift instead cause there's nothing more kawaii than an infected knife with unwashed thigh highs

No. 730621

Her clothes probably smell like piss, period, musty ass pits and underboob. I feel sorry her parents have to even smell that. More so her dad than her mom though.

I wonder if she know the proper technique for keep that shit looking decent. Or if she just scrubs it normally and slaps neosporin on it.

No. 730625

Does she just not own any clothes that aren't stained??

No. 730629

File: 1541975448262.jpg (31.75 KB, 600x678, 423-sad-computer.jpg)

>I hate being a pasty bitch lololol

>haha guys I really don't want to be light skinned, I would never try to make myself look paler than I actually am since I'm totally not a self-hating black woman

No. 730639

i'd bet my college tuition money all her t-shirts have permanent sweat stains

No. 730659

>I feel sorry her parents have to even smell that. More so her dad than her mom though.

Her sister seems as musty as Micky so the bad smell inside the home might be even worse than we could imagine

No. 730693

File: 1541982471802.jpg (788.18 KB, 810x2161, Screenshot_20181111-192553_Sam…)

I'm certain that those queen talked about her goofy ass outfit after the show. She looks dumb as hell.

No. 730767

micky they were nice to you because they felt bad for you

No. 730778

I can't believe she wore this in public. Poor thing.

No. 730794

File: 1541995577279.jpg (146.97 KB, 1080x738, Screenshot_20181111-230247_Twi…)

Her standards continue to fall, somehow.

No. 730798


funny how she keeps saying she's a "lesbian uwu" but keeps trying to suck guys' dicks who probably want nothing to do with her anyway

pick one, mucky

No. 730800

Legit, like, okay, it’s one things to be a sexworker and lesbian but have male clients because that’s… work and you don’t have to be into them. At least she should say she’s bi, romantically into women, sexually into both/men? Like… It’s something I realized myself. Stop lying to yourself, it’s okay to like dick.

No. 730828

File: 1542001279579.jpg (133.18 KB, 1074x429, Screenshot_20181112-003934_Sam…)


So now she can't decide between being fat or not? Because when we point it out, suddenly she's not fat.

No. 730835

nta but wishing death on someone who insulted you doesn't mean you're devoid of love and sympathy lol, who are you kidding? you just find this fun.

No. 730837

She hasnt exercised a day in her life

No. 730852

nta but Micky shouldn't spout off about being positive and wholesome and then immediately turn around and say "i wish this person was dead" while sending her followers after someone who slighted her.

No. 730997

File: 1542047544851.jpg (239.56 KB, 1079x1028, Screenshot_20181112-133157_Twi…)

Micky is a fucking idiot.

No. 731076

If you were a likeable person you wouldnt have to put effort into getting people to like you or be inconvenienced by that effort.

No. 731100

File: 1542060894992.jpg (251.14 KB, 1054x1310, SmartSelect_20181112-171419_Tw…)

Puking at the thought of that sweaty unbathed bush

No. 731121

Animal control better be on mf standby.

No. 731149

Over for who…? Is her heart bush on full display at all times? Also just shave it or leave it, don't fucking make pictures with your pubic hair, mickey. It ain't cute.

No. 731183

File: 1542069431954.jpeg (70 KB, 540x960, A9C0BD8F-C226-4659-99B8-989895…)

Her new selfie

No. 731215

"i DoN't LiGtHeN mY sKiNtOnE!"

No. 731227

this girl cute shame she doesn't exist

No. 731264

>she doesn't exist
oof, that's something Micky can't come to terms with.

No. 731265

her sis is kinda cute actually, she must be really jealous lol

No. 731272

seems like a selfpost. hmm

No. 731275

I really meant her body, there's a nice amount of weight on her lower half and Micky is shaped like an apple with stick legs. I can barely see her face anyways.

No. 731282

File: 1542079531196.jpg (136.82 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20181112-222413_Twi…)

Once again Micky shows us her little to zero understanding of mental illnesses.

Nah they both have linebacker bodies.

No. 731296

Bitch leave lmao Micky put a leash on yo damn sister

No. 731300

File: 1542081238959.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3131x3131, 48AE3E83-042A-460E-8FEB-19C304…)


The only way I’ll defend Dani is by comparison. She’s the better of the two.

No. 731309

ok hun

No. 731314

I thought she was bipolar?

No. 731362

File: 1542087933509.jpeg (1.54 MB, 2880x3840, 0C76EB7B-CC3B-4955-BD56-50F03A…)

She was live for a while. I don't know how you can post this >>731183 and then show your real face within the same day like what do you expect?

No. 731376

god, that haircut/wig isn't fitting at all.

No. 731380

Next time she goes live, if anyone can record it please do. Also, wtf is going on with her wig? Why would she cut it like that.

No. 731385

File: 1542090088496.jpg (134.91 KB, 960x1280, 026c897ca9b056dcc1f89ac3836858…)

It's her attempt at a hime cut, but you have to be really cute in able to pull it off. It also helps if it's, you know, actually even…

No. 731400

File: 1542095199954.jpg (1.61 MB, 804x3039, Screenshot_20181113-024611_Sam…)

No. 731406

File: 1542097493986.jpg (225.93 KB, 977x960, tumblr_pi4cbwFizK1tzbme4_1280.…)

No. 731407

File: 1542097534117.jpg (226.04 KB, 975x960, tumblr_pi4cbxfLqy1tzbme4_1280.…)

No. 731408

File: 1542097575211.jpg (233.42 KB, 960x960, tumblr_pi4cbvfro91tzbme4_1280.…)

No. 731432

Fuck what was she thinking? >>731385 Is a cute girl, and she still can't pull this hairstyle off.

No. 731466

why is it so SATURATED

No. 731627

File: 1542140042360.jpg (186.18 KB, 1280x1058, IMG_20181113_150806.jpg)

I really dont think she even has lost any weight. Compare these to this pic. She actually looks bigger, especially in the arms. Her arms look much fatter and her legs look just as fat as before

No. 731700

File: 1542145248028.jpg (324.16 KB, 1073x809, Screenshot_20181113-163920_Sam…)

Yet, it's a-ok for her to do that exact thing to girls and guys? Ok, sure. Whatever.

No. 731740

Another case of her own advice she won’t take

No. 731917

File: 1542182873571.jpg (54.4 KB, 540x960, youmacon.jpg)

Late on the topic of youmacon, but I crossed paths with her a few times while there. Didn't really get any candids beyond this one as it would have been too obvious and she was vaguely aware of me.

She looked a mess, mostly the ratty wig and cheap costuming, but ngl Emi was really jarring in person. At one point she was wearing what looked like an AP replica along with filthy pink/white striped stockings and equally filthy furry pink slides. I wouldn't doubt she keeps Emi around to make herself look better because it definitely seems to have that effect in person.

Beyond that the only notable interaction I experienced was in relation to this dude that was chatting me up at the con who was a plug. Micky and Emi were sitting outside the rave by themselves along the wall, and he excused himself to go talk to her. He was only over there for a minute before making a face and hurrying back over. When I asked what that was about he said he asked if they were buying, but they said they didn't have money and brought up sexwork. I sort of laughed it off and asked if he knew them, and he said he was friends with Micky's ex, Anthony, and that she has a reputation. Was a really weird interaction on all ends.

No. 731984

She’ll fuck anyone for drugs now. Tragic. A new low even for Micky.

No. 732043

Who was the plug? *ce?

No. 732049

What were they trying to buy?

No. 732184

Looks like a drag queen

No. 732266

File: 1542244423460.jpg (654.46 KB, 1076x1840, Screenshot_20181114-201327_Sam…)

35 to 40 for her shitty art? She's kidding right? This can't be a serious post.

No. 732328

>furry feeder anime lover
How many times can one take the L

No. 732351


Jfc those hands

No. 732374

Imagine being dumb enough to shell out money for that kind of work. I've seen far better artist charge less. If I'm paying $35 to $40 for an art commission, it has to be good quality work. Not that bullshit Micky is trying to sell.

No. 732380

get outta here 12

No. 732388

File: 1542260331969.jpeg (158.97 KB, 1068x1345, 8574F7B9-FCD4-426E-A592-066ECB…)

No. 732389

File: 1542260378287.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1550, CF0D93D7-6498-4B4C-A47F-CAF9CC…)

No. 732390

File: 1542260413683.jpeg (67.34 KB, 540x960, EE0370EB-B98E-4562-8E42-396853…)

No. 732391

File: 1542260526546.jpeg (62.38 KB, 540x960, 8F5905B6-D11B-4D83-9732-7DA007…)

She’s like Momo, hikes up her underwear to her ribs to try to give the illusion she has hips.

No. 732396

When he first went over to talk to her I thought like, oh shit, he knows her, what if he's another "glasses-kun" situation or something, but his reaction to whatever they said was a very animated "nope". He seemed genuinely bewildered. I didn't expect them to straight up bring up sexwork on the spot though.

I don't really want to out him because he seemed genuinely nice, but you seem familiar enough to know the answer on your own.

Not sure what he offered them tbh, might have just been weed though.

Excuse me if I missed something, 12? Is this referring to someone in particular?

$35-$40? Her work is barely $15 tier. I feel like $10-$15 would be more reasonable.

No. 732398

12 is a nickname (slang?) for the police lol. Anon is just making a joke.

No. 732400

Oh wow, I'm dumb. Thanks anon.

No. 732428

She deleted the post. Wonder if she realized that no one was gonna pay for her shitty art, or got mad when no one commissioned her as fast as she wanted.

No. 732430

Forgot to sage, my bad.

No. 732435

Did she tag the girl from the reference photo? Maybe they asked her to take it down.

No. 732468

File: 1542278438799.jpg (712.63 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20181115-054014_Sam…)

Here we go again. Micky says all of this despite not having any edges herself. Nobody should be taking advice about edges from a bitch that has none.

No. 732469

I've yet to see her wear a single lace front that doesn't look like it's floating off her head

She probably bought one of those cheap knockoff brands that doesn't lay flat for a wig grip

No. 732533

every picture of emi confirms more and more that micky keeps her around to look better by comparison. emi's face has more chins than a chinese phonebook,

No. 732616

File: 1542304791668.png (41.45 KB, 531x531, m1.PNG)

turns out she deleted it cause of this lol.

No. 732620

File: 1542304880168.png (31.77 KB, 514x390, m2.PNG)

apparently quality doesn't matter anymore guys, supply and demand does.

No. 732621

the fucking nerve. being a beginner, knowing you're a beginner, admitting you're a beginner and getting so butthurt nobody wants to overpay for your beginner art that you delete the post and refuse to do comissions. you can't be both a beginner AND have taken multiple art classes/have been doing art "for years". either you know how to do art or you don't. be coherent, micky.

No. 732652


Her art is literally not worth a dollar. She’s deluded herself into thinking she’s an artist. She’s just a cow with a drawing tablet. Big deal. Lol. No one literally has to ask her for $10 fan art with disproportionate hands, overly large breasts and no shading. Good artists with a portfolio at least are humble to offer $20 head shot art, $40- or so whole body art. This bitch really isn’t worth a penny for what a 13-year old can draw in less time for free.

No. 732657

File: 1542310385846.jpg (249.78 KB, 1080x982, Screenshot_20181115-141605_Sam…)


It's sad she can't take the honesty. She needs a reality check.

Exactly. She clearly a beginner and it shows very much in her art. The fact she acting like people being honest with her about, are "hating" is very telling about how deluded she is when it comes to her skills.

No. 732670

Micky stop being a little bitch, your art is bad. There are middle schoolers on deviantart with more skill.

No. 732686

The amount butthurt almost the size of her gut

No. 732687

File: 1542312524217.jpg (286.44 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20181115-150911_Sam…)

No. 732688

File: 1542312566034.jpg (155.27 KB, 1071x1022, Screenshot_20181115-151003_Sam…)

No. 732689

File: 1542312604746.jpg (156.87 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20181115-151045_Sam…)

No. 732690

File: 1542312661388.jpg (285.1 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20181115-151131_Sam…)

No. 732693

File: 1542312783184.jpg (338.96 KB, 1073x1296, Screenshot_20181115-151315_Sam…)

No. 732699

File: 1542314077718.jpg (149.38 KB, 1077x804, Screenshot_20181115-153345_Sam…)


This isn't how this work. Pricing is based on quality. A beginner should be charging around 10 to 15. No more than that. Once you inmprove. You can charge more. She seems to be ignoring this because she want ass pats for her trash art.

No. 732700

File: 1542314149381.jpg (124.91 KB, 1080x665, Screenshot_20181115-153625_Sam…)

No. 732701

File: 1542314259956.jpg (509.3 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20181115-153712_Sam…)


This honestly proves that Micky has no ability to mentally grow at all. She is mentally stunted. That's sad.

No. 732703

File: 1542314466552.jpg (234.73 KB, 1078x973, Screenshot_20181115-154107_Sam…)


Shit like this is why she'll never improve as an artist or a person in general.

No. 732707

Is she implying that this >>732266 took her 4-6 hours to draw?

If she took the time to stop sperging out and listen to what anons have to say. She would be smart to take $15 commission to get paid to practice until her skill level improved enough to even think of charging $40. She's delusional.

No. 732708

Micky, artists charging $7-8/hr have a higher skill level and are able to do much higher quality work much faster than you can. That's why they charge the price they do. It takes you 4-6 hours to do a shitty, anatomically incorrect, poorly colored doodle while they can do a fully colored and shaded portrait in that time. That doesn't mean you charge as much as they do. She has to be retarded to not understand that.

No. 732730

That anon on tumblr is a retard and you can tell they're underage and haven't worked a day in their entire life. Sitting at home OPENLY charging for commissions to do something you love and willing to draw for money doesn't equate to someone working a real job outside the house doing hard labor for bullshit pay and dealing with people. Also minimum wage is different everywhere and 5 dollars isn't far from the usual cut.

No. 732740

OH MY FUCKING GOD, the anon literally gave her constructive criticism every beginner artist on the face of the earth gets and she has the fucking audacity to act like it's a personal attack and whine, this is why you're a loser micky. grow tf up and take some decent critique.

No. 732765

> I don’t think my old art is garbage

I’ve read before that experts tend to underestimate their skill and amateurs over inflate their skills. Seems true

No. 732777

File: 1542319953400.jpg (169.7 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_20181115-171225_Sam…)

No. 732780

File: 1542320181124.jpg (113.07 KB, 1078x718, Screenshot_20181115-171639_Sam…)

No. 732879

File: 1542327804243.jpg (171.03 KB, 1075x861, Screenshot_20181115-192400_Sam…)

No. 732883

File: 1542328042332.jpg (110.29 KB, 1077x686, Screenshot_20181115-192640_Sam…)

No. 732889

Ugh. I’ve paid several people for their art, the highest price I’ve paid was 75$. Fucking good quality art. Hers only worth 10$ and she might be stealing pictures to draw on. It’s not because she’s “famous” so she can allow herself to sell between 35-40$. I wanna bounce that head against a wall. And all these ppl encouraging her on Tumblr… Unbelievable.

No. 732916

To be fair people are told to generally charge at least minimum wage per hour which Micky was right about at least. The thing is why would you pay that much for some shitty art when you could buy good art instead?

It's like a seamstress charging $20 per hr for a pillowcase they make in 3 hrs, then some random shmuck comes along and thinks they can charge the SAME $20 per hr rate for a pillowcase with uneven stitching, random holes and unfinished hot glue seams that takes them 5 hrs to make. Sure it's a "fair rate" but who the fuck would buy that? And why the fuck would you try to sell that when you could work or do something people would actually pay you for? Micky is delusional.

No. 732918

Yeah, I can understand that. But why not doing something like that… Headshot: 5$, torso: 10$ and full body: 15$ ?

No. 732977

File: 1542337756904.jpg (142.07 KB, 1063x821, Screenshot_20181115-220842_Sam…)

No. 732979

File: 1542337849833.jpg (77.44 KB, 1074x649, Screenshot_20181115-220947_Sam…)

No. 732992


Because Micky thinks she’s a prime steak at Outback and she’s really a microwaveable pre-made Dollar Tree cheeseburger. The kind that comes in a box and that tastes like acid

No. 733003

File: 1542342823658.png (1.6 MB, 1356x1049, IGcommissions.png)

Again, she's super delusional. If she was smart she'd search a few of the art commission related tags on IG and base her prices off that. A simple search of a few of the tags straight up shows that artists among her skill level or even better are charging far less than her estimated $30-$40.

No. 733016

Honestly, a few of these people seem like they're undercharging for what they're offering.

No. 733025

they're super undercharging tbh

No. 733028

File: 1542345626377.png (25.66 KB, 564x325, kik.png)

Micky insinuating she's been selling her shopped nudes on kik?

Also, she set her nickname on FB as "Thickie Moon". Cringe.

Nah, I'd agree there, a few definitely are. They might be undercharging to generate a follower base though. There are other examples closer to her skill level and around the same general price range, but honestly, it seems like there's an over saturation of mediocre artists offering cheap as dirt commissions on IG as a whole. I didn't see any posts on any of the three different tags I checked that were at her skill level that were higher than $15 a colored full body.

No. 733031

Oh absolutely. Micky is just too entitled to start at a fitting price point.

No. 733055

oh okay now i get the context

No. 733080

Lmfao wow

I say let her charge whatever the fuck she wants
And let her watch all of n o b o d y purchase her art. Maybe then she'll understand the value of a dollar

Or not, maybe she'll just bitch

All the following comments are pretty tame tbh, this is a great way to show her awful personality

No. 733101

File: 1542360674517.jpg (307.26 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20181116-043107_Sam…)

No. 733103

Whadda cunt lmao, as if that anon sent others to agitate her futher

No. 733106

21 years old and crying because tumblr anons think her shitty MS paint art is overpriced. Just wait until she has to pay rent and actually provide for herself.

No. 733107

This just goes to show she really does know better and straight up refuses to become a better person. Instead she just wallows in a pile of musty old plushies, in her filthy ass room at her parent's house, walls covered in the same old anime posters and doodles from middle school, smoking cheap weed she paid for from her less than minimum wage job at Olga's kitchen. Absolute kawaii queen.

She's right though, there are a ton of girls out there just like her. Her "follower count" has been her literal only bragging point and yet here she is actively driving them away.

No. 733124

fucking wow

what a huge cunt

she flat-out says she knows what the mature thing is to do, and she goes out of her way to not only NOT do it, but to broadcast it to everyone like the whiny piss baby she knows she is

>I won't forgive you for making me doubt myself and almost making me cry

I'm fucking dying, especially when you back up and remember that this is all about commission prices girl shut the fuck up. You charged too much, I don't care if you're going to for the "minimum wage" bs, because a more skilled artist would have been able to create that doodle in less than an hour. You are simply not producing enough for the $40 price, because you are not skilled.
Go work more hours at your waitress job if you want those sweet minimum wage hours.

Otherwise listen to the critique that was given to you. It's not even mean, just honest. Not everyone has to fucking enable you, that's not how you grow. Have fun being a whiny piss baby forever in your retarded echo chamber.

No. 733150

File: 1542368553825.png (5.74 KB, 275x29, micky.png)

You'd think if she was so broken over people telling her her prices are bad she wouldn't be so worried about who is following her.

I wonder how Micky plans on being an artist and making money off it, when she has a "break down" over someone telling her she needs to price her art according to quality. Does she realize that not everyone is going to kiss her ass when it comes to art? Or that when she does commissions there will be people asking for a lower price no matter how much they cost? How will she even handle people ACTUALLY critiquing her art, if she can't handle this? Get over yourself Micky.

No. 733202

File: 1542379020751.png (6.6 KB, 537x139, micky.png)

Oops, didn't realize pic was so small.

No. 733332

She probably thinks this kind of behavior is cute when it's not and immature af, and only her echo chamber is gonna coddle her fat weeb ass. Mucky needs to dial back the confidence and learn to be fucking humble

No. 733370

File: 1542401305526.jpg (182.13 KB, 1076x872, Screenshot_20181116-154653_Sam…)


Nothing but facts here. She's 21 but acting like she's a pissy 6 year old. It's extremely embarrassing and only furthers the idea that she's special needs to some degree. Any normal ass adult would have handle that way better and took it as a sign to do better.

No. 733416

File: 1542406003383.jpg (732.3 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20181116-170700_Sam…)

No. 733440

Matty em the fakeboi who stalks others styles? Makes sense

No. 733443

i don’t know why she’s even butthurt and still acting like people are harrassing her like sis,,,,just delete the asks or ignore them and dont answer at all ndndkdk this is sad and shows how unreasonable her special needs ass is

No. 733563

File: 1542435232926.jpg (66.65 KB, 1080x2094, 44652140_2037739812916004_5476…)

She posted this on her IG stories. So she knows she's acting like that and think it's cute or some shit.

No. 733582

Matty will accept/add anyone. He just wants a hugbox and for people to swoon over him. Which Micky will do because she goes for "skinny white boy aesthetic"

No. 733599

File: 1542444197131.jpg (205.77 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20181117-034056_Twi…)

Not like it'll matter at all since she's still going to edit her face to hell and back.

No. 733727

File: 1542472807813.png (21.33 KB, 535x291, A.PNG)

Is this Micky's way of admitting she thinks its cute to act like this? She exposes herself.

No. 733742

Definitely looks that way. She's gonna have a bad time adjusting to real adulthood once she hits her mid-20s.

No. 733783

File: 1542484227818.jpg (343.9 KB, 810x1877, Screenshot_20181117-144846_Sam…)


Micky, just let it go. Your art is too shitty to be selling at such a high price.

No. 733785

No. 733788

File: 1542485362679.jpg (208.5 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20181117-150728_Sam…)

They're coddling here in the replies. She's not gonna improve at all like this. I hope they are fully aware of that.

No. 733790

File: 1542485647548.jpg (239.57 KB, 1078x876, Screenshot_20181117-151102_Sam…)

More coddling. She's definitely just milking this for asspats.

No. 733791

File: 1542485795033.jpg (130.18 KB, 1075x761, Screenshot_20181117-151149_Sam…)

No. 733792

File: 1542485818923.jpg (171.14 KB, 1078x872, Screenshot_20181117-151220_Sam…)

No. 733794

File: 1542485885162.jpg (158.2 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20181117-151251_Sam…)

No. 733801

File: 1542487666790.jpg (88.47 KB, 1071x649, Screenshot_20181117-154502_Sam…)

No. 733808

if she's "not doing commissions not doing commissions" why is she still bringing it up days later jnfdnkfdkf her autism is showing

No. 733815

don't insult actual autists, this bitch is just dumb

No. 733826

How much does she weigh?

No. 733839

Marc was that pedo lookin' dude from like 3/4 years ago right?
How the fuck is she still going on about this. When will she stop whining.

No. 733966

>I lobe your art and I'd honestly commission you if I had the money
there, right there

If she were to actually open commissions, that is what all her comments would be. The people who follow her don't have money because they're fucking children. They're just like her.

As if it wasn't clear enough that she just wants validation after being bullied by mean anons uwu
she isn't going to drop this anytime soon

No. 733969

she has a child's mentality. she doesn't want to keep practicing to improve her art and reach a level of quality where it's "good enough to sell". she wants to keep doing exactly what she's doing now and have people praise her and coddle her for it. if you really wanted people to lick your ass over your art you'd make an effort, micky.

No. 733983

File: 1542513547130.png (207.6 KB, 324x470, FF0F4B0A-B433-4AD3-88F2-4C8C10…)

Girl, just fucking drop it. Log out of the app. Go outside. Go to a cafe, have a cup of tea, read a nice book.

It’s really not that deep.

No. 733997

File: 1542515251967.jpg (431.1 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20181117-232356_Sam…)

No. 733999

File: 1542515420387.jpg (107.11 KB, 1073x690, Screenshot_20181117-232920_Sam…)

No. 734015

File: 1542516496724.gif (1.03 MB, 244x244, tenor (9).gif)

>They have no idea what I have to endure

No. 734069

lmao seems more like she's the one who STAYS BOTHERED by visiting her own threads

No. 734106

Looking forward to seeing any of these asspatters actually pay Micky those prices to make shitty doodles for them.

No. 734155

Someones been lurking hardcore kek. Grow a brain mucky and fix your life instead of spasming about all the haters to your group of ass lickers

No. 734162

File: 1542548174895.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

No one is forcing you to keep anon asks enabled. No one is forcing you to share every boring, intimate detail of your life with thousands of strangers across multiple platforms. You're so desperate for validation from others without having any real talent(s) that you won't do the smart thing and nuke social media and make new, private accounts to interact with your friends. And you're too stubborn and lazy to make genuine changes to become a good person so people won't have reasons to call you out all the time.

No. 734782

File: 1542647398124.jpg (390.72 KB, 1073x1070, Screenshot_20181119-120800_Sam…)


I can't believe she's still bringing this shit up. She could have just as easily done that without announcing it to her followers.

No. 734795


Hm. Did Micky take down her page? It keeps redirecting to nothing.

No. 734798

it appears so
but she probably deactivated her acc.
not sure if tumblr can do that like instagram

No. 734815

Yep, she deactivated. I wonder why.

No. 734818

tumblr is mass deleting so did dolly and grimygurl a pop poster

No. 734820

So, it's a tumblrgate? Alot of cows use tumblr, this will be so milky

No. 734899

Curious as to why she hasn't really mentioned it yet
She posted some generic "I'm sad :(" thing on Twitter but I figure it'd get a bigger response than that

Oh wait, didn't she say she only had like 1k followers or something?

No. 734940

It was 10k but still nothing to brag about

No. 734942

File: 1542665747281.png (326.34 KB, 640x1136, 82A86AC7-0B4E-49AB-B403-A9229E…)

She posted this

No. 734943

Omfg lmao! I'm rolling

No. 734960


only 10.5? kek

No. 734965

Between this and Dolly freaking out I’m having a fucking field day. Let’s hope she gives off and quits tumblr for good.

No. 734969

what's that micky? I can't hear you over all this delicious schadenfreude I'm enjoying rn

No. 734977

She acts like she was posting worthwhile shit and not just being generally cringy and annoying.

No. 734978

File: 1542669626905.jpg (84.73 KB, 1080x2094, 45298697_351356425421179_44922…)

Somebody please record this shit for us. Please. I need a good laugh.

No. 735021

Tumblr is deactivating a bunch of NSFW blogs

No. 735043

To her, it’s as good as 100k. With her account gone I’m just waiting for her meltdown

No. 735139

File: 1542698649928.jpg (478.88 KB, 1059x1621, Screenshot_20181120-020710_Sam…)

Jesus christ, she looks terrible.

No. 735142

Could a kind anon please take one for the team and post some clips?

No. 735158

good fucking grief it's almost two hours long

No. 735169

Unless someone else wants to do it, does anyone know where I could try to upload the live stream? I would try dropbox, but I'm pretty sure you have to buy extra space on there, and the live is 2 hours so….

Also, I thought people were exaggerating when they said she has a gay man voice holy fuck. I thought she would have put on a obnoxious high-pitched loli voice tbh.

No. 735178

File: 1542705421128.jpg (860.98 KB, 1061x1728, Screenshot_20181120-041529_Tum…)

No. 735211

Just google a free service that lets you upload videos online. Not hard.

No. 735232

File: 1542724605665.png (413.43 KB, 413x641, &..PNG)

Here's the livestream. 2 hours of pure nonsense.


It's too long to sit through and watch, but it seems like its just Micky and some other girl somehow relating someone saying girls of all skin tones can wear alternative / pastel goth fashion to systematic racism. At the end Micky, of course, talks about how she "started" the kawaii black girls movement.

No. 735242

>The file doesn’t exist
Was it deleted?

No. 735247

My bad! I'm an idiot and didn't realize I needed to generate a link to be able to share it

Use this link instead

No. 735279

Thanks for sharing! How many people were watching?

No. 735289

First time hearing her talk and like does anyone think she lowkey sounds like a dude

No. 735298

which jessica is she referring to in the video about their drama

No. 735309

File: 1542735282240.jpg (598.27 KB, 1073x1943, Screenshot_20181120-122328_Sam…)


And it's been mentioned before. Honestly not surprising considering how manly her face looks. The linebacker body doesn't help either.

No. 735321

File: 1542736075871.png (59.52 KB, 555x415, Micky j.PNG)

This girl

I wasn't watching the live when it was airing, but I think at some point around the end she says somewhere around 50-70 people were watching.

Also, Micky got a new job. I hope she finally will be able to actually buy herself necessities.

No. 735343

Did she say what place?

No. 735351

File: 1542737945707.png (154.92 KB, 668x348, Screen Shot 2018.png)

came to conclusion that micky tumblr account was probably deleted because she reblogs lolicon and ddlg shit
tumblr did a mass deletion on nsfw and spam blogs

No. 735352

"im not ddlg or NSFW UwU">>735351

No. 735387

File: 1542740386778.png (154.9 KB, 472x281, 99.png)

She looks a fucking mess, even worse than Emi. No surprise that she's into scat. Her boyfriend looks like Titanic Sinclair, too.
Are all Micky's friends and acquaintances a mess?

No. 735397

File: 1542741873255.png (12.25 KB, 537x183, .2.PNG)

Nah. Wasn't she doing job interviews at a mall a while ago though?

No. 735410

Nah she deadass does. Not even saying this to clown her or anything like that. She really sounds like a man.

No. 735426

She sounds like tyler the creator

No. 735467

Fucking KEK

No. 735484

Please don't insult Tyler like that. He don't deserve that.

No. 735642

File: 1542780569930.jpg (571.23 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20181120-205853_Sam…)

She needs actual help

No. 735690

File: 1542790063600.jpg (889.23 KB, 1080x2094, Screenshot_20181121-004700_Sam…)

Ew, it's so filthy there. Why would she even post this shit? It's not cute.

No. 735698

That's Emi's room, they're both trash people literally.

No. 735712

Why does she keep saying she created the Kawaii black girl movement? All she did was repost other people’s content.

No. 735727

Honestly Emi's room looks cleaner than Micky's.

No. 735766

It doesn’t take much. A actual pigsty itself would have less germs than Muckys room.

No. 735847

Probably because she started the Facebook page and thought that constituted as her starting a movement. Even though the community existed long before she even gave a slight fuck about j-fashion.

No. 735848

File: 1542822002670.jpg (339.75 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20181121-051534_Sam…)

They look so ridiculous.

No. 735849

File: 1542822041118.jpg (643.4 KB, 1075x2097, Screenshot_20181121-051403_Sam…)

Also she's looking more manly than before.

No. 735867

She looks like a dude.

No. 735870

I thought that was her stomach fat, but no those are her tits. Mickey, please invest in a few decent bras.

No. 735881

waardenburg syndrome?

No. 735917

Why did she think those big ass rhinestones under her eyes looked good

No. 735926

She’s so huge.

No. 735970

File: 1542839304191.jpg (577.09 KB, 809x1390, Screenshot_20181121-172608_Sam…)

She keeps looking more and more manly as the days go by. I'm super confused.

No. 736020

File: 1542845815334.png (17.78 KB, 533x207, oh.PNG)

Who does she thinks she's fooling? If she actually did have orbiters she would be trying to brag about it any chance she gets.

No. 736035

More proud begging. Shameless

No. 736236

File: 1542894932435.jpg (535.84 KB, 810x2196, Screenshot_20181122-085216_Tum…)


Can't wait for her to turn around and shit on this person when they inevitably leave her because she's cheating or gives them herpes. Seems like an ongoing trend.

No. 736239

File: 1542895505977.jpg (34.69 KB, 540x960, 46331496_1608626285950868_7515…)

>You dress in a way I can say is unique
>You've created a style all your own because it speaks to you as an individual
>You show yourself and exactly who you are outwardly and unapologetically

Lmao, men are so stupid. This is basically "you dress like a mentally retarded slut and I can't wait to treat you like one".

No. 736271

who is this guy lol who talks like this

No. 736274

why do i have the feeling this is faked

No. 736315

This sounds like the kind of bullshit guys say to girls just so they can hit it and quit it.

No. 736333

It probably is. Doesnt she send herself asks too?

No. 736340

I think some of the recent manliness has to do with her trynna shoop herself some cheek bones / jaw. Her shoops in general are getting (even) worse tbh.

No. 736342


it could be real but she self sends a good portion of her anons and text convos are stupidly easy to fake. also if it is self sent i'll never understand why cows don't try to at least change the typing style, i don't know a single adult man who types like that lmao

No. 736394

File: 1542916218040.jpg (670 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20181122-144600_Sam…)

No. 736406

File: 1542917196713.jpeg (201.83 KB, 640x886, 423DDE04-A1B7-4FCC-8FFE-E3A01F…)

I found this on a drama post where micky called out some girl, maybe this is the poor dude?
He looks crusty af.

No. 736414

Post what Micky said

No. 736444

It's not him. He has a whole girlfriend. He's just one those "black woman is god" pro-black dudes.

No. 736461

We all know she hates black guys too

No. 736474


No. 736535

File: 1542929513701.jpeg (346.52 KB, 640x896, F4F249F9-A11C-4AE6-90C9-FEECE0…)

Couldn’t find the original post, this was just a post commenting on what had happened and wasn’t too milky or irrelevant to the thread.
It’s public on fb if you wanna look for it.

No. 736678

File: 1542950372132.jpeg (282.81 KB, 1242x612, 8AFF6B8A-533A-49C9-801E-B8C23D…)


No. 736679

So Micky herself

No. 736681


Micky's hateful and manipulative online as well. Lol Did she forget she recently had her "friends" dogpile a mentally ill girl off of social media. Or that she openly made fun of Amina this year? Or that she made fun of that Kass girl before that? Or even before that when she had everyone attacking and accusing some random girl of catfishing as her even though that was a lie? Or how she constantly shits on her exes and lie about how they're racists? I can go on.

No. 736684

Sorry for derailing but this girl looks like she smacked her face against a Sugarpill palette a couple times and called it a day.

No. 736687

I can't find this for some reason. Link?

No. 736759


It’s a guaranteed fact that Micky will always attack women who are better than her in any way possible. That’s why she hangs around DUFF’s like Emi lmao

No. 736771

there's also proof on these very threads in this very year of 2018 that she said she hoped amina died/killed herself. so much for uwu positivity

No. 736992

File: 1543015332626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 855.52 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20181123-150907_Sam…)

Not even close.

No. 736996

File: 1543015586521.jpg (92.41 KB, 1073x601, Screenshot_20181123-182316_Sam…)

So basically she's been walking around in dirty clothes up until this point. Holy fucking hell.

No. 737003

it doesn't surprise me at all that she's using that munchie spoons bullshit for fucking pity points.

No. 737015

File: 1543018196721.jpg (132.36 KB, 776x1248, unnamed.jpg)

i tried my best chief

No. 737018

10/10 best anon

No. 737021

Still too curvy lol

No. 737103

Kek way more accurate, gj anon. but it needs saggier udders and more fat rolls. Also probably just a completely different face.

No. 737156


I despise that term in general, but how in the world can you have “spoons” if you don’t have a chronic/inflammatory/ect illness? Or any illnesses at all? Is it just another thing that tumblr kids with self-diagnosed mental disorders appropriated?

No. 737158

File: 1543044908871.jpg (79.29 KB, 1079x329, Screenshot_20181124-023326_Sam…)


Yet she decided to stick her nose in some created drama and also made her own with the commission thing. Then made another tumblr. A true dumbass.

No. 737166

File: 1543048694033.jpeg (696.62 KB, 776x1248, 24A9CBB2-88AD-4E09-AF51-5FABAC…)

I wanted to try my hand at it as well.
I always wanted to try and see if I could create accurate “fan art” or her, but I’m not sure if anybody would want to see it. I think that her reposting various pictures with the captions “it’s literally me!” Is her attempt at hinting that she wants fan art or something.

No. 737178

Closer…but it’s still missing something.

No. 737185

File: 1543051961587.jpeg (740 KB, 776x1248, CF2528F7-87CA-4F1A-AE8D-FCE325…)

Fixed it.

No. 737241

Maybe if you exercised Micky, you could gain some semblance of a waist like that.

No. 737357

Personally, I don’t think she would. Mucky has more of an apple shape about her, judging by how much weight she carried around her midsection compared to, say, her legs. If she lost weight, she’d probably just end up having the same body as Delandra. No waist and rectangular shaped.

No. 737497

File: 1543097399101.jpg (64.02 KB, 1074x374, Screenshot_20181124-170729_Sam…)

Micky, that's not how it works.

No. 737533

File: 1543100726707.png (14.18 KB, 533x192, questionable.PNG)

This has to be fake. I would be celebrating if I found out Micky was no longer handling other people's food.

No. 737619

File: 1543106233477.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3131x3131, 7711960B-1FCF-4EB8-8417-BF2708…)



No. 737622

The drawing needs a more manly face

No. 737713

File: 1543115402452.jpg (529.13 KB, 809x2058, Screenshot_20181124-220636_Twi…)

Unsurprisingly, Micky went out of her way to retweet this series of misinformation. She and friends are gonna end up in some real hot water soon enough.

No. 737738


>incels reporting you

Lol. Nothing against sex work but how these cows are audacious and lazy for money. Thankfully Micky never has to worry about not reporting extra income because she’ll never be taken seriously as an adult artist. Her catfish made money which is baffling because you need attraction and talent unless it’s some weird obesity fetish sub genre but even then, she’s not hot enough to ever worry about giving advice and making money

No. 737779

The hashtag “uguu” is the icing on the cake

No. 738093

File: 1543178068788.jpg (536.09 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20181125-153231_Sam…)

Micky, you overuse all of these. Fuck off.

No. 738105

File: 1543179011101.jpg (166.62 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20181125-143515_Twi…)

No. 738116

>fucking your weed man and not getting the whole bag free

Goddamn this girl's a git. Fucking for weed is bottom tier shit, normally it only costs $10/gram anyway. How broke is she trying to brag about being?

No. 738126

yeah she banged him for about $7

No. 738149

Bragging about fucking a guy for drugs. What a class act.

No. 738154

File: 1543186156792.jpg (309.86 KB, 1073x1298, SmartSelect_20181125-174844_Tw…)

Top kek

No. 738167

This post in line with this one >>731917 (at the end) is so funny to me. I guess we know that was definitely true now. Shes sleeping with random "plugs" for drugs lmaooooo, and apparently not even free drugs. Shes just getting a discount. I'm dead. That's a whole new low even for her

No. 738169

it's a sad existence when you're exchanging sex for drugs and you're not even pretty enough for FREE drugs, you get a fucking discount.

No. 738186


not even cute enough for free pot, holy shit micky.

No. 738190

File: 1543190708560.jpg (33.82 KB, 1080x262, Screenshot_20181125-190351_Sam…)


I hope whoever made the mistake of approaching her romantically finds someone way better.

No. 738240

File: 1543195378700.jpg (531.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181125-201743_Twi…)

>when their friend needs money
I guess even this "plug" shes fucking is a broke loser. I dont know why she thought it would be a good idea to even try and boast about this pathetic shit. It's all honestly digsuting and shows how desperate she must be for sex

No. 738245

Cute girls don’t post publicly on social media about fucking people for drugs

No. 738247

File: 1543195738489.jpg (355.87 KB, 1073x1279, SmartSelect_20181125-202520_Tw…)

I didnt see this posted yet either. That whole diet thing lasted long. Also, theres got to be a serious issue with your body if you can just put on weight that fast from just some soda?

No. 738251

bitch probably drank a whole 2 liter and just feels bloated, she can't have gained weight that quickly, you're correct.

No. 738276


That’s definitely her nice way of saying they’re broke af. Small business my ass. What trash are they pushing that they can’t even risk giving it for free?

No. 738277

File: 1543199997495.jpg (159.68 KB, 1080x724, Screenshot_20181125-212923_Twi…)

Nothing about this is cute or funny. Micky, get some actual help.

No. 738289

Bitch if you really have such an addiction to soda it makes you fat just drink diet. It’s not that hard.

You shouldn’t be drinking soda in the first place because it rots your teeth.

No. 738290

This just proves she never lost any fat just water weight. If you cut out junk food and sugar you’ll loose a little weight quickly but it’s only water. Once she started eating sugar and salt again her body immediately gained it all back. So she probably didn’t stick to it for longer than a few weeks. If she had lost any fat it would take longer to gain back.

No. 738294


It’s okay Micky. You never had a chance, but if you did we all know you’d make him cheat on his gf because you’re just that insecure and disgusting.

Oh well

No. 738295

That's so pathetic, not even a free weed, just extra LOL, I get extra for being a good customer, she fucked a whole dude and gets a lil extra. Wow Micky, that is literally nothing to brag about, it's pathetic lol

No. 738312

I get whole ounces for $150 from my plug for not being a thot, not asking for fronts and never showing up unannounced. She fucked a guy for a $7 price drop. That's not a discount, that's giving away free pussy and him taking some off the price out of regret.

No. 738316

hate to break it to you but diet soda is just as bad for you.

No. 738321


Agreed. Lol. Soda in general is bad for you, there is no cheating on a diet with soda.

I don’t think a soda a few times can hurt that badly, but if you’re only strictly drinking soda that’s pretty bad for you. Micky has no self control or actual diet plan to lose weight so she’s complaining about losing water and air. She actually needs to go to a gym, not be reminded a million times to drink water from her bedside

No. 738421

File: 1543236142353.jpg (65.16 KB, 1080x371, Screenshot_20181126-073810_Sam…)


>I have so many friends but I feel so lonely

That's the thing though, Micky. You don't have a bunch of friends. If we're being real, the amount of friends you actually have can be counted on one hand. If that. Everyone else is legit just a random who follows you. Judging by the way you treat people though, I'm not surprised people don't think to be friends with you. You're a shitty person who honestly deserves to lonely and miserable.

No. 738522

i see we're pushing through with this "favorite person" bullshit tumblr flakes seem to pull all the time. ot but i've seen this before on tumblr, it's a bpd-related thing, and mostly a crutch to be horribly manipulative/abusive to a person of your choosing (you pick a "friend" of yours as a fp and then when said fp doesn't pay attention to them for ANY reason, be it studying or working or doing literally anything else bc you can't be paying 100% attention to a single person all the time, they throw a fit and vaguepost and gaslight the shit outta this poor person)

No. 738562

File: 1543258562852.jpg (629.64 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20181126-135344_Sam…)

Another man-face selfie featuring her rolls and beer gut.

No. 738569

As a bpdfag, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to tell someone they're your FP, and you definitely shouldn't seek to make someone your FP. As you said, it just leads to obsessively clingy behaviour, and the fact that Micky is whining about not having one just proves she's lying (like we didn't know that already). People just become your FP by showing you any sort of attention. She's the type of person that is content to wallow in her mental illness because she thinks it substitutes not having any type of personality.

No. 738571

File: 1543259252887.jpg (56.88 KB, 437x631, IMG_4207.JPG)

Im all for working angles etc but god damn do these cows even once try to check how they look up close, or do they always stay 100% zoomed out, shoop around & throw some filters on like YAAS UWU CUTE!, I would be so fucking embarassed smh

No. 738577

Ok this one for sure I can definitely say this looks like a man in drag. How do her fans not see her inconsistent shooping

No. 738618


as another bpdfag i thought this dumb "FP" shit was over with and no longer trendy on tumblr. it promotes a horrible and harmful symptom of borderline personality disorder that isn't even recognized by therapists /blogpost

No. 738717

That’s probably how she got herpes. Nothing of it is cute Mickey

No. 738803

File: 1543279770169.jpg (55.65 KB, 809x468, Screenshot_20181126-194732_Sam…)

Anybody know what places would make the mistake of hiring her?

No. 738804

File: 1543279810325.jpg (301.26 KB, 1080x2078, Screenshot_20181126-194805_Sam…)

No. 738808

Is this really what she gets excited about? Being able to wear a niche fashion at a (likely retail or other lowly) job?

Shouldn't she be excited about the skills she'll learn, moreover getting paid and having work experience? Like, there's a life outside of work to wear whatever you want. Seems immature to put this stuff at the forefront.

No. 738810

following into Pixielocks' cow trail by getting a job at Claire's and wearing horrible weeb fashion while at it, i see

No. 738827

So not Claire's, but something on that level


No. 738838

I want to say Justice, but I doubt it. The only other place I can think of is Forever21. And if that's the case, I feel bad for the other employees. Everyone usually dresses really well and are quite attractive. Maybe they needed to fulfill their uggo quota.

No. 738839

Im loosing my shit if shes working at Hot Topic raking in musty edgelord dicc by the pounds, would possibly be the funniest ark I could imagine for her.
her sti's and work related drama would be so on brand w/ her blog.

No. 738843

Nah, that's not the place. She already worked there and got fired for incident exposure. Iirc, she kept wearing skirts that were too short and flashing everyone when she bent over.

No. 738847

I doubt it’s F21. It’s an unspoken “rule” within that company to only hire sales people who are at least a little above average in terms of looks, and basically people who don’t dress like dipshits. If she showed up to the interview dressed how she normally is, they’d probably put her application in the shredder as soon as her bepimpled ass turned the corner.

No. 738858

>my dream part time job

No. 738904


i work at a f21 and while they mainly hire above average individuals, they'll sprinkle in some uggos.

They tend not to last long. F21 would probably tolerate her weird ass style as "different ", some of the shit they sell there is just tacky.

No. 738912

That's crazy because Emi somehow managed to work their and she's visually worse than Micky.

I'm not even shocked she said that. She's not really going places.

No. 738920

Emi works at F21 lmaooo

My guess is it may be at HiHi in Royal Oak? It's a weeb shop she's mentioned a couple times recently, but I'm not sure. It's definitely retail somewhere, but I'd assume it's not F21 or Emi would have said something.

No. 738924

Now that you mention it, HiHi sounds like it. Though, don't forget, there's also Nior Leather right down the street. Which I know for sure wouldn't care about having someone like Micky work there.

No. 738925

Isn't it Holiday season? I think a lot of stores let their standards slip while they're looking for extra help.

No. 738982

Tbh this is very true. All the uggos and slobs can get hired during seasonal.

No. 739069

File: 1543320515130.jpg (115.02 KB, 1080x686, Screenshot_20181127-070802_Sam…)

No. 739073

File: 1543320786820.jpg (103.4 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_20181127-071151_Sam…)

She needs to chill with this bullshit.

No. 739074

1000% yes, i used to hire these positions. there are stores that will let people's family members come on without interviews depending on how desperate they are.

No. 739083

Isn't she too big even for 4L or 5L? Literally all her clothes don't fit properly

No. 739089

Here she goes again calling other people peasants as if she wasn’t just bragging about fucking for a $5 discount on weed.

No. 739281

File: 1543349615408.jpg (365.21 KB, 1080x1151, Screenshot_20181127-151144_Sam…)


Micky's back to making bullshit posts for sympathy follows and ass pats once again. This bitch is so desperate for e-fame it's pathetic.

No. 739306

Micky was acting so tough in that live she did about her friend, and now this? How can she not see how inconsistent she is

No. 739336


Micky doesn’t love herself still. Lol. She used to swear years ago she was mixed with Asian, now she’s admitting she lied halfway. Micky’s derpy shoops of being pale light skin with blue eyes and a slender nose doesn’t help her “self love” case at all.

Micky jumps from “nigger bitches” to hating while people to dragging dark skin black girls about wigs and weaves. Nice. She’s not racist at all to begin with, but the whambulance is called because systematically, someone doesn’t agree with her and she has a temperament- as usual.

No. 739396

> "i used to hate myself for being black"
> took me years to learn to love being black

such love, much melanin, durr hurr

No. 739481

File: 1543365095514.jpg (64.05 KB, 1080x325, Screenshot_20181127-192204_Sam…)


Here we go with this kin bullshit again. She can't even get succubus behavior right. They only feel lust, and that's towards sucking the life force out of their victims. Not some dumbass shoujo anime bullshit.

No. 739519

File: 1543369169602.jpg (106.61 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20181127-203808_Sam…)

I find it pretty creepy how obsessed she is with talking and joking about abortions and shit.

No. 739533

File: 1543371496696.jpg (659.86 KB, 1439x1633, Screenshot_20181127-211611_Fac…)

Lol where's Mickey's expose tho

No. 739540

KEK I bet Micky is rolling around throwing a fit on her dirty floor over this. Too bad she’ll never be fashionable or unique enough to have an episode of her own.

No. 739545


I bet Micky’s ugly ass is seething and trying to plan the next big mental breakdown as we speak.

No. 739546


It’s ironic because Micky should’ve been an abortion. Wishful thinking so she’s projecting that onto other, better potential lives because she’ll never know what it’s like to love or be loved because she’s a druggy who fucks for discounts and 99 cent slushies in a dirty bedroom. Quintessential basement dweller fat guy with no friends but the internet- but oop, Micky already has fucked that kind of guy. Sad.

No. 739559

File: 1543374311602.jpg (242.14 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20181127-220032_Sam…)

She's already starting up her bullshit.

Micky doesn't give two fucks about the alt community, because if she did, she would have known there are plenty of black girls in it. But they aren't looking for fame or internet asspats. They're just enjoying the shit they love and not trying to make themselves look like a victim every five seconds like her and her friends do. People like Micky really spit in the face of those who've been a part of the community for years, hell, decades. Thank fuck this has her pissy. She deserves it.

No. 739562

This girl is a racist but seeing Micky call her out for being problematic is funny

No. 739585


Boo hoo, whore. Poor Mickers. The world is oh-so-cruel to animals.

No. 739596

Two years? She got fired from Olga's before and just went back earlier this year. I guess maybe two years altogether?

I guess this confirms her offering sex for drugs at youmacon. kek.

Any receipts on this anon?

So she quit her job for a seasonal part-time position just because she can wear her knock off alibaba clothes to work? yikes.

No. 739598


Micky’s weak minded. Holy shit. She’s not the change she wants to see, she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing but nonetheless she’s among the sheep.

I know there wasn’t a lot or damn near any Kawaii black girls way back when, but it wasn’t impossible. Micky was just a self hating, hard R-using racist with no fashion sense and would never be a Kawaii icon for black girls.

She has to learn how to dress first, then she can be a hater. Lmao. Jessica is cringe to me, but she obviously speaks to a lot of people in a way Micky can never be clever enough to do.

Just because Micky claims to be the Muffin king doesn’t mean shit- she never started the Kawaii Black Girl movement and she stagnates and maligns alt black girls about having bad wigs or if they’re cuter than her she cuts them down desperately. She’s in no way an authority of positivity for black girls who aren’t the stereotypical ghetto ratchet norm these days. Micky can fuck all the way off with this corner store soap box pity party.

No. 739604

File: 1543378553051.jpeg (742.99 KB, 3131x3131, B044486F-65FB-4BC7-89D1-C47B16…)


>UnItL sEnIoR YeAr

In special ed**

No. 739607

File: 1543379465002.jpg (229.43 KB, 1077x1547, Screenshot_20181127-232641_Sam…)

From the comments. If Barcroft does make a video on her, it should be about toxic she is as a person. Not the lie about her being some kind of beacon of light for black girls in alt fashion. She poisoned the well and caused strife for one of the better girls who were apart of that community. They shouldn't to any degree sing her fucking praises. She does not deserve that shit.

No. 739609

i doubt they would. This bitch problematic posts & nudes is all over google if they were to search her her up

No. 739610

I actually want this to happen.
imagine them filming her messy room and seeing a moldy dildo

No. 739619


>Jess has like no followers

Jess’ fashion is relatable and actually looks more organized and stylized for profit than micky’s bot farm followers and her Aliexpress purchases that takes 4 weeks to a month or 2 to ship out so she can boast on IG to fake followers, druggies and DUFFs. Jesus Christ her fake friends are encouraging in the worst way.

No. 739626


Exactly. Does Micky actually want more exposure. She’s an easy Google search away from humiliation, further more. All deserved, of course.

No. 739643

File: 1543383043490.jpg (830.38 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20181128-002056_Sam…)

She does this shit like clockwork. Holy shit. Edited to all hell too.

No. 739647

this is the worst one so far. literally looks like a shitty anime character.

No. 739664

Lmao, Micky doesn't deserve shit. She chooses to look like the most basic, backera Tumblr weeb pissbaby. Her echo chamber has deluded her into thinking she has any style or substance when its the exact opposite considering she works crap hours to afford crap clothing that won't even fit her smelly ass.

No. 739686

File: 1543393508186.jpg (110.28 KB, 1079x443, Screenshot_20181128-032402_Sam…)

Again with her spewing more bullshit. Micky has always been the one doing super toxic shit to others.

No. 739690

She shooped her face so much in this and shopped her right arm then tried to cover it with a blur kek

There’s no self awareness at all. What about all the times she wronged others & then attacked them publicly. Sent her fans to harass then? I would respect her a tiny smol bit more if she would drop the victim complex & admit that she wronged others too and caused a lot of negativity herself. And not out of retaliation for being ~boolied~ excuse, but no she has to pretend she’s “letting go of the grudges I have against my boolies” “full of positivity” “detoxing the negativity”

No. 739697

i get where she's coming form because the alt ommunity doesn't have a lot of black people in it at first glance, but if micky was actually interested in alt fashion, she would've gotten in to it anyway but instead she's just inerested in being some quirky girl with no real personality or style of her own

No. 739746

Kek her eyes are so far apart and so small.

No. 739755

File: 1543408826118.jpg (1.74 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20181128_073832340.j…)


No. 739771

she is absolutely bugging with this shit. left looks like bluesssatan drawing.

No. 739779

Christ almighty. This shit is intense. She’s turning into Kotex with how well she’s able to morph herself

No. 739789


sage for ot but does anybody know what app she usin’ because i’ve used snow/meitu and never have been able to shoop my face to this unrecognizable of levels; all the filters just smooth my skin and wash me out.

like damn bitch how you morphing that potato face into some semblance of cute ? i’m not trying to reach her levels but like i want the cute sparkly eye effect

No. 739796

try "beautycam", it shrinks your jaw and brightens/enlarges your eyes if you play around with the beauty settings

No. 739797

I reckon she uses a combination of meitu, beauty cam and facetune

No. 739818

File: 1543422272439.jpg (54.94 KB, 521x495, 1443681357323.jpg)

i remember when we were calling pic related out for being shooped lmao. why do cows always go extra hard on shooping the more theyre exposed is it an insecurity thing.

No. 739835

Nothing about this dumpster fire even resembles Lolita. I don't like Micky either, mind, but this girl looks even worse than Emi.

No. 739846

No. 739860

And once again, Micky's hate shines through.

That mess of a 'lolita', how many times has she openly harassed her and wished her death loudly and vocally versus Amina?

If that woman really did shatter your self esteem, how come she hasn't been on your shitlist? Anima warned you about a man and she gets stalker for life but one woman supposedly said something legit bad and you don't say a peep?


No. 739918


Because while Amina had juice, she’s a has been in Japan. This Jess girl might have the juice to actually get Micky dragged online if she tried to even sneak diss her like she does other girls. Micky’s WK’s can’t save her if there’s a community bigger than Micky.

Let’s not forget Micky got dragged on a Lolita shitpost for taking shit and promptly deleted all her responses because she’s not bigger or better than the Lolita community.

She’s scared now.

No. 739920


Yeah she looks like she showers in dumpster juice, as does Emi, but maybe they meet up at the same garbage can. I don’t know. But I will say that they’re all collectively ugly and it’s funny seeing Micky panic.

No. 739938

She's legit using Snow and Line. I kmow it's Snow because how strong the fucking eyebrow filter is looking. The jaw also looks like a product of snow. It's really hilarious.

No. 739962

File: 1543435972787.jpg (2.27 MB, 2560x2560, 18-11-28-15-07-34-274_deco.jpg)

Here's an example just to show what I mean. It's highly likely that she just takes a regular selfie. Then she alters her face and makeup in Snow She saves it, then goes to the Snow filters and puts some obnoxious color adjusting shit on top. Then she goes to Line and adds another filter, some dumb stickers, and either a frame, some weird collage border, or both. That's it. It's not hard to replicate, as long as long as you put everything at damn near max.

No. 739969

File: 1543436540154.jpg (341.13 KB, 1076x972, Screenshot_20181128-151954_Sam…)

She's continuing her search for more asspats and pity points

No. 739971

File: 1543436669699.jpg (117.39 KB, 1077x460, Screenshot_20181128-152040_Sam…)

It really pisses me off that she's making it seem like she wasn't the number one source for most drama that occurred. A good chunk of it has been posted in threads too. I guess it's the only way for her to get any form of pity.

No. 739989


Sure, Jan. You still didn’t invent the Kawaii Black Girl movement. Lol

No. 740000

File: 1543438943249.jpg (349.88 KB, 1080x1997, Screenshot_20181128-160023_Sam…)

Here we go again. They just don't learn, do they?

No. 740008

>be a good role model

No. 740020


Post up or shut the fuck up then, Micky. Damn. Even when she’s actually challenged to do something instead of keyboard thugging she gets scared.

No. 740025

File: 1543441304182.jpg (412.33 KB, 808x2432, Screenshot_20181128-163559_Sam…)

Thanks for letting us know you're lurking here, Izzabell. Also nice to know you'll willingly side with a girl who's bullied people and has been open about hoping one of her victims die, just for her amusement. Also, Micky's page was fucking trash and she herself was, and still is, in no position to be running such a page. She's also not the pioneer for this shit. Pages like that existed before, ya'll just were too far up your own asses to care.

No. 740027

>”Good role model”

Maybe stop photoshopping your pictures so much, for a start. How can she even talk about being a good role model when she shoops her pictures to hell and back?

No. 740035

pages like that existed before but bc micky and company weren't the ones who started them, they don't exist! micky needs to feel sooper speshul all the time by claiming ownership of a movement that likely preceeds her.

No. 740043

it's unreal how far up her own ass she is.

No. 740051

>Nobody makes any documentaries about me uwu

LITERALLY WHAT HAS MICKY DONE??? She thinks she's so entitled just cause she started a fucking facebook group while wearing tacky uncoordinated outfits that make her look deranged af. The delusion is high lmao

No. 740113

Izzabell actively lurks here, posts in other threads and mentions it on her twitter. She’s a cow herself and needs her own thread at this point

No. 740229

File: 1543462045720.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3840x2880, 478DE18D-95DB-4B81-954F-DB32FD…)

Seriously this is just a drawing at this point, who edits their picture into a different fucking dimension and honestly thinks "yes, people will think I look like this"?

Also she untagged herself from those Younacon rave photos lol

No. 740254


Those beady, far part, soulless eyes.

That shoop to bring her eyes together, larger and full of life.

Delusional vs actuality.

No. 740257

File: 1543465462484.jpg (1.51 MB, 2560x1920, 18-11-28-23-22-05-030_deco.jpg)

>"I don't make my skin lighter! I swear!!"

No. 740296

Well in that case, we need the next thread pic to be from that rave!

No. 740300

nah she doesn't deserve a thread she's basically begging for one at this point by siding with mickey she just wants to get featured and live out her fantasy of internet relevancy lmaooo

No. 740302

the difference in how wide her nose is here in comparison to her latest shooped pic…she tried it!

No. 740399


But what makes her eyes so small and so far apart, only person I've seen with eyes so off is Stef but that's because he was born with a disease,and the shoop is a completely different person, she loves herself but still creates a entire new.person?

Micky, stop fooling yourself. Take a fucking bath.

No. 740401

Write sage in the email field to sage.
It's not a disease (clue: You can catch a disease). It's a disorder you're born with. She does kinda look like she has it, probably undiagnosed.

No. 740419

How does Micky's asshole taste, Izabell?

Jfc the suck-assery of these comments. For what?

Why does Micky think she's the first person to start a public forum for black women in alt fashion? I should link her to some 2006 Livejournal pages.

No. 740546

Slightly ot, but how does she get her fake lashes to fit her eyes? I’ve been wondering that for a while. I know that you’re supposed to trim the band in accordance to your eye shape/size but her eyes are so small she must be cutting off around half the strip.

No. 740547

Slightly ot, but how does she get her fake lashes to fit her eyes? I’ve been wondering that for a while. I know that you’re supposed to trim the band in accordance to your eye shape/size but her eyes are so small she must be cutting off around half the strip.

No. 740548

Slightly ot, but how does she get her fake lashes to fit her eyes? I’ve been wondering that for a while. I know that you’re supposed to trim the band in accordance to your eye shape/size but her eyes are so small she must be cutting off around half the strip.

No. 740595

She saves by only having to buy one eyelash and cut it in half.

No. 740601

Slightly ot, but how does she get her fake lashes to fit her eyes? I’ve been wondering that for a while. I know that you’re supposed to trim the band in accordance to your eye shape/size but her eyes are so small she must be cutting off around half the strip.

No. 740910

File: 1543537135450.jpg (113.8 KB, 1078x669, Screenshot_20181129-191726_Twi…)

This girl is extra pathetic. I can only imagine what she's charging for them. I bet it's the same as her commission prices. Lol

No. 740913

File: 1543537207423.jpg (404.5 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20181129_191648.jpg)

She also posted another super edited selfie. Micky is damn near hitting Raychiel levels of ridiculous with these.

No. 740915

Her boobs are…long and flar…

No. 740962

what is with that lipstick? also why can't she figure out how to fix her wig yet? it looks terrible.

No. 740971

I noticed she always goes with the “oily nose in her selfies, it’s so fucking weird. To me, it’s almost like if she was sweaty h24

No. 740975

File: 1543541851329.jpeg (104.74 KB, 720x1280, 738C9EA9-B80F-4A80-9E21-004071…)

She also posted this. I get the Melanie Martinez vibe more and more…

No. 741114

It’s so edited I can’t even tell it is Micky

No. 741133

Probably a little bit of a reach, but tbh something about her recent photos have me thinking she's trying to look like Nyane Lebajoa.

No. 741158

I was thinking the same thing

No. 741196

File: 1543576764710.jpeg (27.12 KB, 400x400, e650c766ef838b5a4a018f5fd80633…)

She might as well be a guest on catfish at this point. This looks nothing like her.
I can't get over how big she made her eyes and put them closer together. It's like.she knows she looks like Sid's fat cousin

No. 741209

File: 1543578517604.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x2560, 18-11-30-06-40-38-705_deco.jpg)


She's really abusing those filters. The pic on the right is from the vid in the link. About six seconds in, she raises her arm by her face and it makes the filters go away and the difference is kind of drastic.

No. 741215

File: 1543579821017.gif (405.86 KB, 368x560, tumblr_pizo6c0Uu71uctaot_2_1.g…)

Here's a gif of it.

No. 741219

Tinfoil, in addition to the filters Micky is taking a page out of the momo-kun playbook and using face tape. The difference between this video and every single one of her live videos is ridiculous.

No. 741222

what app is this?

No. 741226

She's using a mix of Snow and Line. Mostly Snow.

No. 741227

It's just Snow. Facebook live doesn't have those same filters, so she can't edit her face. That said, I'm not sure why she does that knowing damn well she's going to post lives or attend cons.

No. 741317

File: 1543596692052.jpeg (662.66 KB, 3464x3464, ADD7E2D7-C93E-4C91-822B-AF5C46…)

It does it again around 13 seconds in and you can see the difference in her jaw a little better.
I agree with >>741219
Looks like she’s using face tape to force a v line.

Also is this bitch really too stupid to properly lipsing 2 sentences? She always looks autistic when she does it like she’s only heard the song once.

No. 741342

Lmao the intense warping of her jaw. Wouldn't be cringey, girls use filters all the time but god she's warped herself into a different person at this point.

No. 741347

File: 1543600636502.jpeg (54.25 KB, 640x406, 0BCF750B-66DD-4F82-93E2-777899…)

She’s talking about the app boomoji and calling other people “you’re all ugly”. Lol

No. 741428

File: 1543610345149.jpg (196.18 KB, 1080x676, 20181130_153827.jpg)

I hope this is fake otherwise this nigga gonna need a STD test

No. 741432

When it comes to shit like this, she's likely telling the truth. So, who ever did that definitely needs to get tested.

No. 741454

File: 1543612262455.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1031, 86C1081C-4A59-4253-AD1D-407AD9…)

It's not fake, it's just Emi lololol

No. 741458

File: 1543612511632.jpg (186.64 KB, 1077x873, Screenshot_20181130-161238_Sam…)


So Micky is just gonna continue to straight up deny something she stupidly revealed herself, huh? Wow. Let's hope she doesn't spread that shit to anyone else.

Emi and her boyfriend should go get tested.

No. 741459

File: 1543612690554.png (860.92 KB, 640x1136, CDE141E9-0C42-4952-A568-CECDA2…)


No. 741461

File: 1543612848126.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, F42CE5B2-2DEB-43ED-9BD6-4A9066…)

If you like the dress so much, the simple solution is to just loose weight.

No. 741465

File: 1543613344209.jpg (511.68 KB, 809x1645, Screenshot_20181130-162714_Sam…)

No. 741467

File: 1543613456578.jpg (144.37 KB, 1078x506, Screenshot_20181130-162958_Sam…)

I never thought I'd see the day someone would whiteknight someone's fucking STD. Holy shit.

No. 741468

the wire is exposed…

No. 741469

"we all have std" uwu

No. 741479

Its too much work for her not to eat burger king every day and snack on garbage every minute.

No. 741485

Now she's claiming that's the code they use for their patients. Bulllshit. Especially since people who knew her personally had outed her about that prior to the hospital paper she posted. Lol

No. 741487

My sick mind had to force me to visualize it after reading this and I threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 741490

File: 1543614914536.jpg (510.61 KB, 1076x1887, Screenshot_20181130-162251_Twi…)

God she's cringy.

No. 741491

File: 1543615135460.jpg (526.81 KB, 810x2983, Screenshot_20181130-161711_Sam…)

She really needs to just stop trying to speak on shut like this because all she ever does is force her thoughts down people's throats.

No. 741494

> i'm so alt u guise i haz tattoos nd piercingsss
jfc this basic bitch, everyone has that shit nowadays. normies get tats and piercings all the fucking time, it hasn't been a quirky yoonique thing since the 80's/90's. tattoo buttholes on your eyes if you want but you're still a moldy-dildo-using-ass bitch with no personality.

No. 741497


the indexing of all the stuff she was wearing and had on her person remind me of when my grandma went to a rehabilitation center.

after i got out of the psych ward myself, i didn't get anything like this with my release forms. Wonder why she didn't post the papers with her diagnosis.

No. 741498

File: 1543615569082.jpeg (497.86 KB, 1125x1363, ED739EAB-A8BF-42BF-8CF9-67E016…)

She retweeted this like an hour ago and decided to rip it off on FB. Girl doesn’t have a single original thought in her fat ass head.

No. 741499

micky, who fucks her dealer for free weed, who brags about getting drunk and going to bed at 4 am, who has an STD, who doesn't shower regularly and uses moldy dildos, is really out her tryna police others on what's "good" for the body.

if these cows had as much of a brain as they've got shameless nerve they'd all be PhD's by now.

No. 741501

Let’s not forget she has to set 100 different reminders on her phone just so she can remember to drink water everyday.

No. 741508

File: 1543617130268.jpg (89.94 KB, 1080x2094, 46039849_575072096266063_71825…)

This is not flattering in any way and I'm sure why she posted this.

No. 741516

wtf is this? how do you equate not wanting to take birth control with dating your drug dealer?

micky has such a weird hang up about pregnancy, is she infertile or something? or i guess just jealous that no guy would ever wanna make that kinda commitment to her

No. 741517

Why did she draw fake freckles and put glitter on her chin? She didn't draw freckles all over her face or anything, so they just look like a bunch of blackheads.

No. 741530


Did she draw her bottom lashes? It looks tacky af

No. 741532

File: 1543620161503.jpg (236.16 KB, 1080x1142, Screenshot_20181130-182150_Sam…)


God damn her followers are dumb as fuck. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them have STIs or some shit.

No. 741533

File: 1543620303541.jpg (107.71 KB, 1080x2094, 45608467_130721147919587_18896…)

Yes, and it's embarrassing.

No. 741538

Not even trying to lie about getting tested? Shes so fucking gross I bet she never even has been…

No. 741544

>Literally everyone has herpes
Where tf have these bitches been that every person they know has a strain of herpes? Motherfuckers are into some nasty shit or don't know how t be safe

No. 741547

1. There is no cure for herpes. And 2. No one has outted her yet because it would mean outting themselves in the process. Is there any other logical explanation for HSV on a document like that? Serious question.

No. 741551


She’s gonna look dumb as fuck when she has to wipe her eye and have black bags because she forgot she has those hideous drawn on bottom lashes.

No. 741558

80% of people have hsv-1, it's pretty common

No. 741570

I'm aware mate, I'm talking more about the 2nd kind that Micky and that kiss ass anon most likely have.

No. 741628

>every person has herpes simplex virus

….I truly cannot relate but I also get partners checked (and myself) because I would rather wait to bust a nut than get fucking herpes.
How is this bitch so adamant about shit like not getting pregnant (which is understandable) but while dragging women whom some have actually had serious side effects from birth control which is an issue for women full stop. Yet things like herpes shes gonna sit there and dodge,weave, skkrt her way out of like we don't know her grimy ass got ALL kinds odd shit going on down under her ebay skirt.

No. 741631

herpes like mouth ulcers anon its not an std

No. 741633

i lol at micky being so openly ignorant. whine and bitch all you want but it's a fact the pill is not for everybody, it can have serious side effects and take a huge toll on your physical and mental health sometimes. even if you can handle it the first month it can make you feel crazy and wiped out while your body adjusts to the hormonal change.

and this whole "i'd rather pump myself full of hormones than have a baby" shtick only highlights how irresponsible n ignorant she is and what a terrible example she sets for her "followers". micky, condoms are a thing that exists, is an effective bc method and pose no side effects (unless ur allergic to latex? i guess?). if you can't handle the pill you can still use condoms, it still prevents you from pregnancy. not everyone can subject themselves to permanent or long-run bc. you'd think a worn-out slut like her would know, but i guess now we know where those STD's came from.

No. 741676

p sure she only mentioned it because there was a popular tweet about the same thing but then yeah people told her why they can't take bc and she's like but have you used the patch its ok for me??? goddamn shit monkey

No. 741740

File: 1543639716810.jpg (171.32 KB, 1080x2094, 45714879_500688917109687_10721…)

Look who checked the thread. Lol

No. 741742

I guess she doesn't realize salopettes are meant to fit loose. Also imagine having an incredibly common lucky pack dress that sells for nothing, everyone and their mother owns, in the worst/cheapest colorway, as your dream dress. Kinda sad

No. 741757

LMAO not even free weed, a $5 discount.

No. 741761

Micky is tacky af but to be honest black cotton candy shop JSK (not salopette) is cute, Lord knows Micky will find away to make this look fucking ugly though, even moreso than it already kinda is

No. 741915

File: 1543681919967.jpg (48.55 KB, 1080x357, Screenshot_20181201-112941_Sam…)


Call a spade a spade, Micky. You're a bully. The shit you do is bullying.

No. 741931

As if Micky herself wasn’t caught posting anonymously on here. She also sends anons to herself constantly to kiss her own ass.

No. 741949

Ugliest dream dress. Theres way better dresses out there that are drram worthy. Holy shit she has shit taste and is tacky as fuck. She has no idea what looks good. Says everything about the way she dresses usually.

No. 742165

Hsv1 CAN be transmitted from mouth to genitals, just saying. It’s just a lot less common.

No. 742349

File: 1543735929216.jpg (57.77 KB, 1080x297, Screenshot_20181202-015633_Sam…)

No. 742395

File: 1543754712870.gif (2.49 MB, 378x640, tumblr_pj3p47HdM11tzbme4_500.g…)

No. 742470

God damn, why does she always have such a bad attitude and always unhappy or bitching about something? ~So kawaii~

No. 742501

What happened to ~*~SPREADING POSITIVITY UWU~*~? I swear she changes her tune by the hour

No. 742505

File: 1543777102776.jpeg (77.25 KB, 750x431, 07999992-7ACB-48CE-A3CB-498032…)


No. 742524


You can barely dye synthetic wigs lmao. She’s a liar, per usual. Besides, just link the damn wig and step by step explain how you got your wig the way you did instead of being a jealous, insecure hater hiding your $5 box dye secrets like you’re an almighty cow for having low grade human hair shedding out of your damn head. Only IF it was even human hair.

No. 742542

Isn't Micky the same person who would always complain about other girls not sharing where they get their clothes/makeup? This is funny.
Compare this to >>740975. She exposes herself.

No. 742627

File: 1543790184179.png (3.3 MB, 1797x1797, instasize_181202173516.png)

…it actually looks like a different person

No. 742647

File: 1543792141119.png (75.32 KB, 515x428, sigh.PNG)


Again, this is the same person who complains when girls don't want to share where they get their makeup/clothes. How would that anon have known what to search up to find her wig? It doesn't even look like the one she has.

No. 742649

File: 1543792191934.png (266.03 KB, 710x536, wig.PNG)

No. 742661

File: 1543792841671.jpg (245.9 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20181202-181729_Sam…)

No. 742664

>tldr u can get 2 kno me by stalking me

who…who says this stuff at her age? and then wonders why she has no friends or can't keep a man? just have a REAL conversation with a person and get to know them through that. that's what NORMAL people do, they don't just tell others "teehee check my social media and get to kno me thru that". excuse me but who the fuck do you think you are?

No. 742666

Did he ask for your life story bitch, damn?

I noticed this is something micky and himeka have in common, giving long answers to short questions.

No. 742667

>put in effort to find it
>first search result on Amazon

Which is it, mucky?

No. 742669

>i cant go on a date with you because i photoshop myself so much you wouldn't recognize me

No. 742680

Lmao you're not lying

No. 742698

File: 1543797457483.jpg (269.88 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20181202-193650_Sam…)

No. 742701

i hope this bitch chokes on cum and dies, nothing of value would be lost to this world.

No. 742702

Why would she dye an already pink wig a different pink? Shes clearly bullshiting lmao. That's why >>742649 doesnt look anything like her wig

No. 742778

File: 1543808110640.gif (412.33 KB, 200x200, CCB0AA2A-F437-4DAE-AC67-60162F…)

Maybe because you have to get to know people by… idk talking to them and responding like a regular person? Wtf does she expect. That’s how most relationships start. Getting to know one another? Her logic???? Where is it? But she’s probs just saying all this Bc she knows she’s actually ugly as fuck and shoops everything to hell and back and wouldn’t wanna be caught dead looking like she actually looks like in front of him. This is why I can’t stand this bitch.

No. 742781

It‘s not shitty editing at all. She looks better with it. Does anyone know what she is using?

No. 742795

it is possible she used fabric dyes to color it, although I doubt that’s what she did.

It’s definitely more than likely that she’s lying. At the most she probably uses temporary spray on hair color to give the wig the black roots. She just doesn’t want to share what wig it is because she doesn’t want to expose herself for wearing cheap ass synthetic aliexpress/wish/eBay hair. She’s usually very eager to share what beauty and clothing items she uses and where she gets them. Don’t you find it odd that she isn’t the same way about her hair? She almost never mentions anything about it unless it’s those hideous braids she likes to wear because she gets a pass on using synthetic cheap shit.

No. 742816

File: 1543814226514.jpg (73.34 KB, 1080x363, Screenshot_20181203-001142_Sam…)

What the hell is she even going on about? She spends a good chunk of her money at the three places she listed.

The wig is on the listing, you have to click the option for color. That side, I do notice that she says little to nothing about her shitty wigs. I definitely feel like she doesn't say shit because she doesn't want people to know it's a cheap, shitty wig.

No. 742839

Bold of you to assume she can afford any of those luxury brands. It is bad knock offs from AliExpress or NOTHING!

No. 742852

> buys most wig stuff from Amazon

> doesn’t own anything from DollsKill, only cheap AliExpress knock offs.

Other people: “Boycott DollsKill because they are a generally shitty brand”

Micky “L0L S0 w0Ke fAm iF U d0Nt sH0p aT D0lLzKiLL uR a PEASANT. 0nLy N0RMIES sHoP on AmAz0n uwu POSITIVITYYYY!”

No. 742875

File: 1543826641046.jpg (318.42 KB, 1080x1217, Screenshot_20181203-034304_Sam…)


Who are these people she's mentioning? It sounds like a load of utter bullshit.

No. 742880

File: 1543827264930.jpg (166.71 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20181203-035134_Sam…)


This is bullshit. You can easily use the slider on the filter to get rid of the face warping. The shit she uses is the face editing feature which stays on unless you reset the silders yourself.

No. 742902

That part oooooo lawd

No. 742911

That friend is Jessica >>735321 she rants about her here >>735232.

No. 742944

It is very shitty if she can't even be consistent as she shoops herself into a different person. She has no idea how to edit herself and she's using basic app effects to warp her whole face. It looks like shit.

No. 742976

So what app tho

No. 742980

Learn to sage and read. Fucking retard.

No. 743003

I honest to god refuse to believe she got that Jessica chick to where she's at now, especially since she mentions that the person posted about her on lolcow. Then again, she could be fabricating some shit to make herself look better. Yet, I feel like she's trying to shade someone else. Whose the other person she mentions though?

No. 743007

Errr, you didn‘t answer me. You just said basic app.

No. 743010

The other person probably doesn't exist. If they did Micky would have blasted her online. Also, her and Jessica have two different styles from what I've seen (Micky is "kawaii" and Jessica is "scary") so not really sure how much Micky could have helped her develop her style.

No. 743013

Nayrt but it’s Snow. Just like it was mentioned in the post 4 posts up from yours. >>742880

No. 743020


It’s ironic because Micky can’t help herself and she has no style, so how did she help anyone?

No. 743035

Go figure. I had a feeling she was lying for clout.

Exactly. She can barely dress herself and do her makeup without looking like a hot mess. So I really doubt she helped anyone with any kind of makeup or fashion advice.

No. 743045

File: 1543860446534.png (974.93 KB, 1144x806, BEGONE_THOT.png)

mickyfags on suicide watch

No. 743050

She won’t be affected. It’s only banning posts with nudity not entire blogs. She doesn’t post much nsfw content anyway but she won’t be able to sell her nudes anymore. (Not that they were selling to begin with)

No. 743082

Micky insists that anyone who disagrees with her or outright dislikes her is one of the people posting about her here.

But there's no way she was sending that girl links or helping her with style lmao, she can hardly dress herself. She pulls all her pants up to her boobs and gives herself a crotch bulge, she's not a fashion icon. Not to mention on Facebook she's constantly asking people to give her links or help her find shit. She has no right to be snooty about where she buys her shit quality clothing.

No. 743204

it still wouldn’t explain how the wig is a completely different shade. And like anon said, it doesn’t make sense to dye a pink wig pink.

No. 743237

I don't understand why she's defending dollskill knowing dam well she can't fit into any of their clothes or never wears any in her pictures KEK

No. 743246

I don't know much about wigs so correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem that crazy for Micky to dye the wig a different pink. The original was a light color, so it would have been fine to dye (if that even is the same wig). I'm also not sure if Micky is bright enough to think to get a more obvious color like blonde.

No. 743257

Don't forget she edits the saturation of her pics and vids. Also, it's likely she poorly tried to do an ombre with some clothes dye. She also cut her wig, further fucking it up.

No. 743259


We’re giving Micky too much credit like it’s not synthetic lmao. She just ultra saturated her wigs in her pictures.

No. 743261

It's not hard to dye synthetic hair, so she can do it, but poorly because she isn't very bright. But there is some color difference in the original and what she did.

No. 743325

File: 1543889129757.jpg (74.59 KB, 1080x2094, 45430644_386604448749281_90141…)

Micky is only interesting because of the drama she puts herself in. Outside of that she's nothing more than a carbon copy. Iirc, wasn't she initially copying Amina? If barcroft did a video on her it'd be more like an exposé than some kiss ass shit.

No. 743329

File: 1543889414523.jpg (123.77 KB, 1080x2094, 47127810_2097728990290747_1509…)

I also wish she stopped saying she created that hashtag and movement. They both existed long before she decided to muddy the waters with her bullshit. Even now she's making it look bad with this whiny bullshit. She's also making it clear that she only cares to be alt for the sake of attention and not for the sake of freedom of self expression regardless of attention. If her asslickers were smart, they'd drop her for showing how shit she really is.

No. 743331

File: 1543889460759.jpg (155.57 KB, 1080x2094, 45798716_827237250942090_15292…)

Here's more bullshit from her IG stories.

No. 743333

File: 1543889531983.jpg (115.77 KB, 1080x2094, 46427686_2213503748863687_7211…)

Biggest fucking lie ever. She just knows that her reputation proceeds her and that nobody with common sense would truly waste their time on her over there.

No. 743355

File: 1543891351848.jpg (2.55 MB, 2560x2560, 18-12-03-21-39-51-835_deco.jpg)

Also, it's not like Barcroft hasn't featured POC and WOC before. Honestly, the people in this collage are far more inspiring than lazy, whiny, photoshopping, drama starting Micky and her friends. Pic related.

No. 743361


The read, Chile. The receipts don’t lie.

The same way they’re trying to expose Jessica, you can very much so easily expose Micky as well. Even worse than Jessica imo. Micky has too much milk for her own good.


Micky’s a colorist who has done nothing for black women. Lmao. She’s revoked for photoshopping blue contacts, white skin and bullying black women for their hair. If anyone’s the bigger racist, it’s Micky.

No. 743371

Exactly! Micky has openly bullied WOC for years. Even wishing death on one of them. It's a shame people still decide to associate with her and her ilk.

No. 743394

File: 1543894528848.jpg (224.36 KB, 1077x910, Screenshot_20181203-222705_Twi…)

But I bet if someone tried to do the same to her, she'd be absolutely pissed and make them seem like the asshole in the situation.

No. 743466

File: 1543906415487.jpg (272.14 KB, 1067x1596, Screenshot_20181204-015307_Twi…)

Ah, lying for retweets. How pathetic.

No. 743592

So she’s acting like Vivi Miekayo, Udoli and the black weeb community pre-2014 didn’t exist before her? She has such an ego

No. 743792

File: 1543964134487.jpg (124.36 KB, 1080x2094, 46709360_579875825778517_74797…)

She actually managed to put together a decent outfit for once. If she did this more often, I don't think I would mind that she claims to be the leader of the kawaii black girls movement.

No. 743796

haha ok mickys friend whoever the fuck you are

No. 743802

No her friend by any stretch of the imagination. She usually has shitty outfits, but this one is obviously better by a longshot. I honestly was expecting to see something along the lines of >>730302.

No. 743805

It could definitely use some work, but I think this is as good as we're gonna get with Micky. Wish she would stop wearing that fucking skirt though. The color is so ugly.

No. 743811

still looks a fucking mess

No. 743820

I seriously wonder how long this new job is gonna last. And is she at least making more at this one than her waitressing gig?

No. 743821

That's a bit of a reach. If the bag was switched to something more plain, the outfit would be ok.

No. 743824

"i dyed this hair myself"

No. 743825

I have that same skirt, the color looks cuter in person, but it's definitely not fit for Micky. She's wearing it backwards.

It might be seasonal, so not long. Especially if she can't perform well.

No. 744034

File: 1543990962157.jpg (47.31 KB, 1077x539, Screenshot_20181205-011927_Sam…)

No. 744036

You’re fucking kidding right? That sweater lakes her look more like a granny than she already does.

No. 744038

File: 1543991497061.jpg (116.24 KB, 1080x2094, 45430643_269193500616803_81616…)

She can't be serious right now. She's nothing like that at all. People really need to stop lying to her ass.

No. 744051

This dumb bitch really has her skirt on backwards. The button is supposed to be on the side or in the back. She’s like a toddler who can’t properly dress themselves without assistance.

No. 744059

She probably did that cause she's too fat to put it on any other way. Lol

No. 744061

File: 1543996110065.jpg (389.17 KB, 718x1232, 20181205_034706.jpg)

No. 744069


10/10, anon

No. 744173

File: 1544023866143.jpg (157.33 KB, 1068x606, Screenshot_20181205-102908_Twi…)

We get it Micky, you're not like other girls. You're super unique because you don't want dumb kids. Now shut the fuck up about it already.

No. 744175

as if she'd even be able to raise a kid–or find someone sad enough to knock her up.

No. 744177

this is just as insufferable as 80% of r/childfree posters

No. 744186


OUCH. So edgy of Micky, as an intellectual, to be so brave and be child free.

No. 744188

>you, a fucking normie: i could see having a child in the future maybe
>micky, an intellectual: LOL babies? the planet is dying! abortionss lol get a vacuum cleaner right hahah

No. 744201


I would love to be a 21-year old equivalent of a 11-year old man child and not dress appropriately and still hate my vegetables.

Her scrambled eggs is bitter that she won’t find anyone decent to have a child with. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about Micky’s special Ed spawns reproducing.

No. 744387

File: 1544051426228.jpg (204.03 KB, 720x1229, tumblr_pja9excMgH1tzbme4_1280.…)

No. 744397

Why none of her friends have said anything about her ugly stickers ? FFS

No. 744399

Her editing quality is worse than Berry's. It's definitely the worst I've seen on this whole site. Whatever she's using looks super fake and tacky….girl you don't want your editing to be obvious.
And I'm not even talking about the sparkles on her face and the stickers surrounding her.

No. 744403

File: 1544053367831.jpeg (79.42 KB, 475x475, D0569920-0666-4ABE-BEC3-388304…)

Also her finger doesn’t make any sense

No. 744409

File: 1544054412566.jpg (508.62 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20181205-181742_Twi…)

More of her being annoying about this.

She uses Snow to edit her face and Line for the stickers.

No. 744428

Is Micky unaware the planet is not going to be destroyed in the 70-odd years a baby lives? Why is she so pressed about baby shit all of a sudden?

No. 744433

more like she dressed like a teen who's mom is letting her dress herself the way she wants for the first time.

No. 744456


Micky suddenly cares about the planet and abortion yet could not care less about her hygiene and the trash dick she sucks for discounted drugs.

No. 744470

I'm not asking what she uses. I'm saying she needs to stop using what she's using. At least other cows put effort into keeping the image's quality meanwhile Micky makes her photos look like she has 5 different snapchat filters toppled over each other on an Android phone and THEN went over it with meitu, snow and line. She looks so ugly and harsh.

No. 744483

File: 1544064566672.jpeg (204.37 KB, 720x1280, D15A2587-6A56-4A40-8359-B3263C…)

Well at least she got the pathetic and disgusting part right.

No. 744503

Gotta have those degrading words in a swirly font for that kawaii baddie aesthetic to show off how edgy she is. She's so cringe it's pathetic

No. 744508

You can really see how uneven her piercings are here. I wonder why she never photoshops it to look good.

No. 744531

File: 1544069758149.jpg (186.22 KB, 1080x778, Screenshot_20181205-231323_Twi…)

She says all of this, but we've only ever hear about her sucking, fucking, and dating men. Even when it comes to Emi her claims about them doing shit is pretty much bullshit because they act distance towards each other irl. It makes it clear it's just a fucking front to seem cool.

No. 744543


It’s not the fact that Micky’s a whore who emotionally abuses, disregards, and disposes every guy she fucks and has literally no female friends of value that she isn’t abusing yet to further manipulate that she’s so cool and not a normie because she’s bisexual, a proud ho and an enigma of a person to seem more depth and interpersonal than she actually is.

IMO if Micky’s remotely bisexually curious, whatever. But to call herself and Emi Gay Gods is laughable and disgusting. Her own disgusting behavior towards the gay community is apart of why I’ll never believe she’s Bi. Not even close

No. 744557

Did she just make her arm so skinny or is that a trick she’s using ??

No. 744606

Definitely photoshop. Her arm is too skinny compared to her body for it to just be fat girl tricks. The bottom of her arm is also kinda wobbly. Compare her arm in that pic to >>737619 and >>729913.

No. 744621

File: 1544083523650.jpg (53.4 KB, 1070x299, Screenshot_20181206-030358_Sam…)


She's keeps trying to make it seem like she's bipolar and shit, but she's just making it more obvious she doesn't. Micky, this kind of shit isn't cute, drop it.

No. 744633

Wasn't she.. just talking about how she doesn't have an FP?

she's so goddamn transparent

No. 744704

File: 1544107717511.jpg (678.81 KB, 810x1920, 20181206_094705.jpg)

Still out here pretending to have an ass

No. 744706

those granny panties really get my groove on, micky /s

No. 744712

She probably just picked whatever musty white boy she’s crushing on at the moment.

No. 744713

I can smell this pic

No. 744757

This is so gross. I cant imagine what in between her thighs smells like.

No. 744768

She needs to wear some fucking undies that fit. That's why she thinks she has an ass. Probably smells like 3 day old sweat

No. 744769

Wtf is on her legs below her flat ass cheeks? It doesn't make much sense for that to be a shadow and it doesnt look right either

No. 744773

looks like really oddly coloured pantyhose.

No. 744801

File: 1544123392377.jpeg (19.62 KB, 500x613, 9676145_fpx.jpeg)

It's most likely control top compression pantyhose

No. 744812

yup. looks like a match.

No. 744838

Why would she post this, this pic ain't nowhere near sexy or anything. It's like she took this picture in a dimlit discount store to check to see if her panty hose had any holes back there

No. 744922

File: 1544137986144.jpg (163.97 KB, 1080x760, Screenshot_20181206-181141_Sam…)

No. 744924

“Takes inspiration from multiple people”
You mean you steal their looks, Micky.
Only when you steal them you look like a dollar store version of them

No. 745025

Lmao her look is basically restricted to stuff she can find in an XXL/photoshop. Stop sending yourself flattering anon asks, bitch.

No. 745065


"You'll never be me and that's just facts" wow, way to be a bitch to a follower, if she didn't sent the ask to herself… but she probably did

No. 745133

File: 1544166682396.jpg (274.78 KB, 1075x1114, Screenshot_20181207-021016_Twi…)

Here we go with this dumb bullshit again.

No. 745196

Her boobs sag so low that it actually makes her look flat chested

No. 745212

Holy shit, anon.

No. 745244

> you'll never be me

No. 745436

File: 1544226465440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.78 KB, 1920x990, IMG_20181207_165158.jpg)

Ew why does she think this is flattering at all?

No. 745437

File: 1544226843030.jpg (818.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181207-185217_Ins…)

It's about fucking time jesus christ

No. 745453

how the hell does she have rolls of fat on her chest??

No. 745474

File: 1544232222910.jpg (79.4 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20181207-202150_Sam…)

No. 745475

File: 1544232307236.jpg (96.65 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20181207-202429_Sam…)

No. 745476

File: 1544232442668.jpg (99.28 KB, 1072x691, Screenshot_20181207-202603_Sam…)

No. 745507

cause shes fat?

thats rough buddy

No. 745566

File: 1544243495729.jpg (582.55 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20181207-232924_Sam…)


Honestly, I feel zero sympathy for her. She's generally shitty, so honestly, she deserves to feel like trash. Maybe it'll eventually humble her enough that she'll stop being so shitty.

No. 745742

Isn't she just switching to a basic retail job? She's going to be disappointed if she thinks the customers will be any nicer, management will be better, and her coworkers won't be flaky.

Isn't it only seasonal? What does she plan to do after the season is over and they drop her?

Can't wait to see these atrocious box braids.

No. 745836

holy shit, they really break down the moment they don't get asspats for anything they do/don't get their way.

also, fucking lmfao "express myself with less judgement". micky, you're what, 21? for god's sake, you're not there to express yourself, you're there to do your job and represent a company that has an image to keep up. you're getting paid to do your job, not dress like a retarded toddler. if you were a normal fucking person you'd leave the altfash for your life outside of work, but because you're such a loser, have no friends and have so little excuse/reason to leave the house when you're not working your shitty retail dead-end job then you think it's okay to parade your unwashed asscrack at work in full aliexpress gear and expect nobody to react negatively to your stench/your terrible fashion sense, if we can even call it that. "express myself freely with less judgement" bitch you stink

No. 745977

>his roomate was being super shitty and wouldn't let me come over

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she was a shitty guest last time

No. 746030

File: 1544322897724.jpg (2.39 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

No. 746335

File: 1544373824840.jpg (690.6 KB, 1064x1336, Screenshot_20181209-114101_Sam…)

Ah, more goofy looking edits. For someone who claims to love herself so much, she sure does love to hide under cakey makeup and heavy editing alot.

That's a blatant ass trap. The first dude who falls for that shit is going to be called a rapist the next day. She ain't slick.