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File: 1530373884698.jpg (62.55 KB, 1080x1350, 29418161_798718913631710_82977…)

No. 625557

The 6th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


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No. 625560

Let's read wiki!

No. 625679

At least it wasn't another skillshare video.

No. 625782

At least we don't need to see dead expression girls or cringy hot guy drawings

No. 626059

Our expectations is getting real low lol
I really hate the color scheme of those buttons. Background is too busy and colors clash

No. 626205

that double chin picture is making me uncomfortable…

No. 626374

File: 1530460533072.jpg (357.97 KB, 1048x1048, 2018-07-01 16.55.01.jpg)

The what now?

No. 626377

File: 1530460756872.jpg (190.23 KB, 1059x839, 2018-07-01 16.58.51.jpg)

No. 627073

she's becoming self-aware.

No. 627107

Yes baylee your art videos are boring.

No. 627224


People in the comments are being very honest about her content. Nobody is really interested in her art content and she's been losing steam for a while.

I actually wonder what might revitalize her channel, since she's been at this for such a long time now.

No. 627595

File: 1530590078198.jpeg (217.55 KB, 750x759, F90AB76B-7351-44DA-AB6F-AE2931…)

I’m glad people are being honest with her. Her content now is more a crafty channel than an illustration channel

No. 627816

>I never make finished full color art unless it's for a video.

therein lies the problem, maybe? not doing finished art outside of making it for video content says to me, at least, that she isn't particularly passionate or keen on doing it, unless there's the incentive of a video w/views or money attached.

could be why it may feel rushed to her viewers, because it's more like an obligation to put out an art video rather than "I had fun doing this and wanted to take the time to share/help".

No. 627979

From her past vlogs, it looked like she does all the planning/artwork/editing within 2 days (roughly). So it feels like she is rushing to get it up and scheduled for the Saturday.

No idea if she still does that as I don't watch her vlogs anymore.

No. 628728

Omg did she actually said that? She should know if you are not practicing behind the scene your art is going to get stagnant. Every artist I follow have a ART GOAL and seeing their journey is what makes them interesting and special. Just putting art and your voice again and again is boring

No. 628801

File: 1530729981304.png (387.48 KB, 596x631, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 19.4…)

Its not really the ways she edits or films (minus the green screen thing) its the content I find boring.

No. 628806

She is doing a copic speed paint of Link but will it be the same thing with different shots like picking up a marker etc as she mentions in this vlog?

No. 630334

I took a look of that link picture on twitch and it's pretty meh and full of blue

No. 630926

Skillshare Saturday!
Heres the new improved video.

No. 630927

File: 1530976617645.png (3.49 MB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 16.1…)

No. 630928

File: 1530976637301.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 16.1…)

No. 630939

When she said that the sky doens not have to be perfectly blended and you can be fast AND lazy…

I like the first part with the sketched leaves althought the colors are kinda muddy, but the Link drawing is the same lame shit over again.
The editing style is definately better

No. 630950

Link's face looks so bad and something a kid would do. Also the book shit was so cringy.

No. 631057

Her viewership seems to have dropped. I remember her videos hitting millions of views regularly, now she’s lucky if she hits 100k. What’s weirds is she’s hitting a million subscribers very soon …?

No. 631058

Skillshare sponsoring her is going to be useless soon, most of her audience already knows about it so I doubt she’s reaching new people.

No. 631189

idk that seems fair, maybe a little low but not alarming. Jazza has almost 3M subs with his videos that are much more baity and he gets around 300-400k views on his regular stuff.

No. 631198

Isn't 100k pretty average for her views? Her diy shit gets around million views while some of her videos get like. 20k views. But it looks like her views are getting pretty stale.

No. 631285

Saged just in case (kinda new to the site) but it looks like she changed part of the title: "From Derp Face to Cute" to "Trying a New Editing Style…"

No. 631524

I watched the video as soon as it came out. Enjoyed the editing, but the content is still boring as fuck.

No. 631621

Does anyone remember when Baylee posted that art resolutions video and she said that she wanted to post videos on ig? She first said that she could even show a little doodle but then she said no because it would be extra content. That just shows how lazy she is. She really doesn't bother to draw anything unless it's for a video.

No. 632001

Even that seems rare these days, since I don't really count crafts as drawing. It's frustrating since she complains that her views are dropping, asks for "advice" from her audience, and then either never does it or does it for a little bit and falls off the wagon. I just have this feeling that if YouTube shut down she would be up ships creek since she seems to rely off of it for the bulk of her income.

No. 632932

Asking for advice is lazy as well. Study other youtubers and make decisions yourself don't come asking for advice that you will not even stick to. EditING can be changed but the overall art quality is lacking. It's like putting a shiny bell on a trash

No. 633200

Exactly! What bothers me is that she asks her audience what they want to see and either does it for a little bit or out right doesn't do it at all. Also, the poor quality of her artwork could be fixed if she would actually PRACTICE and spend more time on the pieces, since she loves to rush things.

No. 633800

hoarder strikes again.

No. 633830

Oh look, more crap to add to her hoard! But Jesus she's trying hard to be quirky lol

No. 633862

More shit that she will never use. And oh god the forced quirk makes me gringe so bad it's so fake.

No. 633930

>'start a new series where I take you to an art store and hunt for new art supplies…'

Oh wow!

No. 633933

File: 1531336788470.png (97.8 KB, 632x340, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 20.1…)

No. 633936


condensed version
"i'm a lazy twat'

No. 633945


> 'I would have to make these my main Saturday videos..'

It's almost like she limits herself in doing art so it can be the main Saturday video as most of her subs are not at school etc on that day.

No. 633946

But she’s only making one piece per week (and not always), is a second quick doodle too much to ask?

No. 634019


she's trying to figure out the best way to do bare minimum so she can have more videos up for the views/revenue. She wants max return for minimum effort. She should just turn into a regular vlogger without the art angle if it fuckin pains her so much to do more than 1 piece per vid/week at this point.

No. 634020

File: 1531346729161.png (89.95 KB, 585x497, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 23.0…)

Will she like this one more than vidicon?

No. 634023


No. 635042

That daiso video was cringe, she tries way too hard to be out there and quirky. It’s not cute Baylee. What was the point of that video. I doubt she’ll touch anything she bought for an art video.

No. 635072

File: 1531447911907.png (3.54 MB, 1334x750, 42AA3122-CEC7-41F9-9868-C1B3C9…)

Remember this fail haha! I can’t with the eyes…

No. 635148

I think Baylee stopped producing as much content because people were becoming more vocal with how she was producing shit. However, rather than practice or make a backlog of actually interesting art, she did nothin'. I have a feeling she lurks here lol

No. 635149

*part of the reason

No. 635150

They're just dust collectors at this point. She's never going to use the larger papers for art because she LAZEE and can't be bothered to try lol

No. 635155

Oh yeah! No doubt she lurks here.
I just find it weird how someone who has an art channel rarely ever draws. Now it’s mainly a crafty channel. If she does draw it’s a ridiculous subject…. like the (insert character) and making them a hot guy. Idk how she can be happy being a try hard oddball.

No. 635156

File: 1531455991129.png (38.8 KB, 300x250, D6194EA6-6C00-42C2-B411-835338…)

Take note Baylee….

No. 635610

Lazee never sticks to her shit remember when she said she would post to instagram more often? Or how she wanted to do like 12 oil paintings? Or 12 digital pieces? I'm sure that she won't release that colouring book either.

No. 635614

She promises things she either has no intention on following through on or can't realistically finish. It would almost be better if she didn't make these goals because she doesn't make the effort to reach the minimum, like, she hasn't even completed or started one oil painting.

No. 635760

Papa Dali is not impressed with this cow

No. 636193

Any opinions on this shit? God I hate how she thinks these are good.

No. 636197

Isn't it against youtube's rules to sexualize cartoon characters? That fucking thing is creepy not cute at all.

No. 636221


her thing of 'wanting it to look creepy' really sums up the basic problem with Baylee which is that she has NO TASTE WHATSOEVER. it's not just how hard she works, how skilled she is, etc - she has terrible terrible taste in everything. you can tell by the kinds of things she talks of as being 'pretty' in general - all the horrible disney shirts, Thomas Kinkade, etc.

she could become as skilled as anyone but she'll carry on making dreadful pictures because she likes things that look bad.

why anyone else buys her stuff is a whole other mystery.

No. 636236

Of course, sherk.
I can't even find these funny.
Jeez. Imagine the oil painting she could be doing instead of this. Even if it's just small test pieces.

No. 636243

Are these just the same thing? Draw a buff guy's body and change the head and background etc to fit whatever character makes a funny meme!

No. 636250

This series is an abomination and just needs to end. Pick your fucking audience Baylee. It is overdone and really stupid. Have no idea how people like the theme of these videos, I mean the first one was funny but every other video is this theme. She’s out of ideas. The princessify series was way better…. and didn’t shrek already turn into a hot guy in the second movie? Lol

No. 636287

Baylee’s art has always been meh, but this year it’s the worst it’s ever been. The only piece that was decent was the redo of mama raichu. These hot guy videos are ridiculous and the joke is stale now. Like yeah turn an “ugly” character into a hot guy. Woop dee do… it’s just questionable why she would post these considering her audience is mostly preteen age…. also her mentioning googling “bear daddy” and “naked guy with a towel” brought up some horrific things,,, like no shit Baylee. Her mentioning that is going to give kids incentive to google it. She is not a professional. How big name companies like Copic or her book company can promote her is beyond me.

No. 636288


You know what they say, there's no accounting for taste. And there are a LOT of people that do not have it, so she definitely has a market.

No. 636294

File: 1531591435069.png (3.56 MB, 1334x750, 2E46EFA8-4761-468A-AD73-C5EAA5…)

Lord, her anatomy is so bad. It looks like so stiff, and the muscles aren’t even right.

No. 636379


That's actually terrifying.
What is with art youtubers lately skirting the NSFW line when their main audience is minors, only for them to go "tee hee so scandalous" like, who is this even for?

No. 636395

It looks like a 12 year old kid drew it to make their art teacher gasp and the teacher did because it's so bad

No. 637450

the head size compared to everything else

No. 637685

She so clearly has no idea what she’s doing look at that anatomy!

No. 638231

2,446 comments and I'm having a hard time finding any that are negative or have some criticism. She must really monitor her comments or have a lot of words marked as spam. I guess no one would make those comments as her subs would defend her.

No. 638357

Why does Baylee price her convention merch and prints so cheap? Is she afraid people won’t buy them if they’re a standard price?

No. 638457


Probably that and she knows she can sell a bunch if she makes a bunch. minimum effort and undercutting other artists.

No. 638954

Her artist alley is so boring and low effort. Most people have key chains or stickers along with buttons and prints. But she can't even bother with those.

No. 639033

I started tabling last year and watched a bunch of artist alley related videos beforehand and I was so confused as to why Baylee was so popular when her art is so bad and middle school tier. I remember in one of her videos she had a box full of art supplies she was giving away for free to lure people to her table and to me it made no sense because the stuff was new and worth more than her prints would bring in so it was almost as if she was bribing people to buy one of her prints by offering them free supplies from one of her many needless shopping binges, just so she could say she made a bunch at the con or something. It was weird.

No. 639676

Reuploaded as she swapped out some music.

No. 639820

Why did she do that???

No. 639879

Maybe the video got demonetized

No. 639914

yeah, because we all know baylee absolutely NEEDS that ad cash. what other reason does she have for making any of her art nowadays? even the meme/“lolz so weird!!!11” factor doesn’t seem to be so amusing to her that she would do these pieces without putting them on youtube. however it is the only thing she can think of as appealing to her audience, considering how unimaginative, stale, lifeless, and rushed her other “creative visions” are. it’s honestly kind of sad, considering that she gave up vet school to go learn animation iirc.

(for the record, it’s not that i see animation as being worth less compared to vet school by any means. it’s the fact that had she become a veterinarian rather than a short time animator who eventually became a cash hungry youtuber, she might still be making decent money while helping animals and being able to tell people she has an actual job. not to mention whatever benefits she could have gotten from that instead of being “self-employed”, though i live in the states and know nothing about how that works in canada so i could be wrong somehow.)

No. 640145

Baylee said that she wanted to do that draw this in your style thing. I wonder who's art she's going to ruin?

No. 640391

I've not watched her vlogs for a while now but it looks like she brings up her sub count going down around the time she was raising money for the cat shelter, people are going to outgrow your content or get bored regardless if she is doing something nice like that.

> Is my sherk video making people unsubscribe?

Looks like she more bothered about numbers now.

No. 640407

She unlisted the live stream of her at the kennels because she thinks it making her loose subs because she does charity work.

I think it's stupid that she has it hidden away so she can hit a milestone. Someone could click on it and check out that cat shelter's website and may donate/adopt but she's hidden it instead. Don't be ashamed in raising money for a cause.

No. 640432

Of course she is, she's so out of touch with reality/what her subs want. There's nothing interesting about the art she creates, she's only drawing these "hot guys" for shock value. Also I think her snotty, know-it-all attitude is starting to drive people away.

No. 640438

Lol that doesn't make sense, I doubt people would unsub over her doing a good deed. What she doesn't want to own up to is that her laziness and bitchiness is driving her subs away. She has a habit of asking her subs what they want, they tell her, she doesn't like what they have to say so she either ignores them or says she'll do it but doesn't, and then gets butthurt because her subs are leaving. Get your head out of your ass Baylee and actually LISTEN to what your subs want!

No. 640460

If she's going to listen to her subs I'll be surprised. She always has said that she does what she wants.

No. 640477


Apologies if my grammar and what not is terrible there, due to pain meds. I just can't get my head around that she would unlist something nice she did because of fear of losing subs but will parade around that hot guy series!

No. 640480

I don't get it either, because like the other anon had mentioned the point of the stream was to help animals and by taking down the stream people are less likely to donate/know about the charity, but then again a lot of the choices she makes seem a bit silly/weird to me, such as the art block video and dropping her animation job.

No. 640536

File: 1531958948879.jpeg (110.03 KB, 750x347, AA95E515-A134-4DD7-9E8D-59D995…)


No. 640548

Idk why she is mentioning the numbers and subscriber count in her vlogs, does she really think her supporters want to know that they’re only a number in her mind!? Gawd I can’t take this woman child. Talk about first world problems, all she cares about is hitting that million. At this point I don’t believe she deserves it tbh. She is not humble and sees herself as this public figure that’s semi celebrity, I’m happy she’s being knocked don’t a peg and people are starting to become disinterested in her art channel content. Some people would only dream of being where she is at, yet she complains about it. All the problems with her channel are HER, she is creating the crappy content. She shouldn’t be surprised her sub count is falling. Who want to watch a speedpaint of a “sexy” shrek. It gets old. She tries wayyy too hard to be like a living meme in her videos, even more so now. The over the top wannabe cringe is just ridiculous. There is a big difference in her videos from when she was hitting millions of view counts to now. Her content is fucking lazy! Less art, more crafts blahhhh

No. 640553

File: 1531959563164.jpeg (28.45 KB, 750x168, DD44DDC1-4498-43A6-9EFE-3E4B08…)

I agree with this persons statement aha!

No. 640557

Preach! All she cares about is money and it's rubbing people the wrong way. Honestly, it was bothering me for awhile when I was still subscribed to her because that was around the time I noticed a shift in her online persona/personality. I'm almost starting to think she was parading around a fake personality and that the "happy sweet Baylee" was fake.

No. 640723

I can see this theory being a reality, she’s so vastly different than before that it could possibly be her trying to change her personality/persona for more viewership. The cringy nerd meme persona is ANNOYING! people can say, oh don’t be mean to Baylee. But it is true. She’s annoying people away lol

No. 640799

File: 1531975052039.jpeg (414.44 KB, 750x851, D0D8BC3C-398B-4715-A71D-8D626B…)

She’s doing the ‘Draw this in your style’ meme

No. 640800

The pose has no flow and is stiff…

No. 640803

it looks like her shoulder is broken, why is she both moving her arm up and head down to the walky-talky?

No. 640808

Ugh this Slugie-copy style is so stiff and bland

No. 640959

Baylee complains that she hasn't hit 1mil but she hasn't said how grateful she is for the people who do support her. She's just taking her subs as granted.

No. 640974

how can she expect to gain viewership when she doesn't put out content?

No. 641248

THIS. she’s an ungrateful spoiled brat. There are youtubers who thank their subscribers almost every video, I’ve never heard Baylee mention subscribers once. She thinks she got to where she is on her own, idk I just feel like she is not a humble person at all.

No. 641249

I mean never mentioning her subscribers in a way of being grateful and humbled they follow her. She’s too obsessed with numbers

No. 641309

What I can't stand is how she talks down to them, like when people were bringing up how her video quality was going down around Christmas and she published a video bitching about the comments. It seemed like she was trying to punish her subs by taking away a "fun" video for not praising her enough.

No. 641466

Even the fucking try guys have said that they are grateful for the people who support them. Baylee can't acknowledge the people who support her she talks down on them sees them as number and let her mods treat them like shit.

No. 641480

Ah yes, her shitty mods! I can't stand them, she treats her mods (who are fucking bullies btw) better than she treats her subs. After that last YouTube art livestream she had I was so done with her. Honestly, I hope her channel fails big time, she doesn't appreciate what she has.

No. 641517

I kinda wish we could get her stuff demonetized

No. 641623

I’m sure you can flag that shrek video for “sexual content” haha! Just so wrong to sexualize a kids movie ugh

No. 641629

Couldn't we flag all of her hot guy vids then?

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