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File: 1530373884698.jpg (62.55 KB, 1080x1350, 29418161_798718913631710_82977…)

No. 625557

The 6th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


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No. 625560

Let's read wiki!

No. 625679

At least it wasn't another skillshare video.

No. 625782

At least we don't need to see dead expression girls or cringy hot guy drawings

No. 626059

Our expectations is getting real low lol
I really hate the color scheme of those buttons. Background is too busy and colors clash

No. 626205

that double chin picture is making me uncomfortable…

No. 626374

File: 1530460533072.jpg (357.97 KB, 1048x1048, 2018-07-01 16.55.01.jpg)

The what now?

No. 626377

File: 1530460756872.jpg (190.23 KB, 1059x839, 2018-07-01 16.58.51.jpg)

No. 627073

she's becoming self-aware.

No. 627107

Yes baylee your art videos are boring.

No. 627224


People in the comments are being very honest about her content. Nobody is really interested in her art content and she's been losing steam for a while.

I actually wonder what might revitalize her channel, since she's been at this for such a long time now.

No. 627595

File: 1530590078198.jpeg (217.55 KB, 750x759, F90AB76B-7351-44DA-AB6F-AE2931…)

I’m glad people are being honest with her. Her content now is more a crafty channel than an illustration channel

No. 627816

>I never make finished full color art unless it's for a video.

therein lies the problem, maybe? not doing finished art outside of making it for video content says to me, at least, that she isn't particularly passionate or keen on doing it, unless there's the incentive of a video w/views or money attached.

could be why it may feel rushed to her viewers, because it's more like an obligation to put out an art video rather than "I had fun doing this and wanted to take the time to share/help".

No. 627979

From her past vlogs, it looked like she does all the planning/artwork/editing within 2 days (roughly). So it feels like she is rushing to get it up and scheduled for the Saturday.

No idea if she still does that as I don't watch her vlogs anymore.

No. 628728

Omg did she actually said that? She should know if you are not practicing behind the scene your art is going to get stagnant. Every artist I follow have a ART GOAL and seeing their journey is what makes them interesting and special. Just putting art and your voice again and again is boring

No. 628801

File: 1530729981304.png (387.48 KB, 596x631, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 19.4…)

Its not really the ways she edits or films (minus the green screen thing) its the content I find boring.

No. 628806

She is doing a copic speed paint of Link but will it be the same thing with different shots like picking up a marker etc as she mentions in this vlog?

No. 630334

I took a look of that link picture on twitch and it's pretty meh and full of blue

No. 630926

Skillshare Saturday!
Heres the new improved video.

No. 630927

File: 1530976617645.png (3.49 MB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 16.1…)

No. 630928

File: 1530976637301.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 16.1…)

No. 630939

When she said that the sky doens not have to be perfectly blended and you can be fast AND lazy…

I like the first part with the sketched leaves althought the colors are kinda muddy, but the Link drawing is the same lame shit over again.
The editing style is definately better

No. 630950

Link's face looks so bad and something a kid would do. Also the book shit was so cringy.

No. 631057

Her viewership seems to have dropped. I remember her videos hitting millions of views regularly, now she’s lucky if she hits 100k. What’s weirds is she’s hitting a million subscribers very soon …?

No. 631058

Skillshare sponsoring her is going to be useless soon, most of her audience already knows about it so I doubt she’s reaching new people.

No. 631189

idk that seems fair, maybe a little low but not alarming. Jazza has almost 3M subs with his videos that are much more baity and he gets around 300-400k views on his regular stuff.

No. 631198

Isn't 100k pretty average for her views? Her diy shit gets around million views while some of her videos get like. 20k views. But it looks like her views are getting pretty stale.

No. 631285

Saged just in case (kinda new to the site) but it looks like she changed part of the title: "From Derp Face to Cute" to "Trying a New Editing Style…"

No. 631524

I watched the video as soon as it came out. Enjoyed the editing, but the content is still boring as fuck.

No. 631621

Does anyone remember when Baylee posted that art resolutions video and she said that she wanted to post videos on ig? She first said that she could even show a little doodle but then she said no because it would be extra content. That just shows how lazy she is. She really doesn't bother to draw anything unless it's for a video.

No. 632001

Even that seems rare these days, since I don't really count crafts as drawing. It's frustrating since she complains that her views are dropping, asks for "advice" from her audience, and then either never does it or does it for a little bit and falls off the wagon. I just have this feeling that if YouTube shut down she would be up ships creek since she seems to rely off of it for the bulk of her income.

No. 632932

Asking for advice is lazy as well. Study other youtubers and make decisions yourself don't come asking for advice that you will not even stick to. EditING can be changed but the overall art quality is lacking. It's like putting a shiny bell on a trash

No. 633200

Exactly! What bothers me is that she asks her audience what they want to see and either does it for a little bit or out right doesn't do it at all. Also, the poor quality of her artwork could be fixed if she would actually PRACTICE and spend more time on the pieces, since she loves to rush things.

No. 633800

hoarder strikes again.

No. 633830

Oh look, more crap to add to her hoard! But Jesus she's trying hard to be quirky lol

No. 633862

More shit that she will never use. And oh god the forced quirk makes me gringe so bad it's so fake.

No. 633930

>'start a new series where I take you to an art store and hunt for new art supplies…'

Oh wow!

No. 633933

File: 1531336788470.png (97.8 KB, 632x340, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 20.1…)

No. 633936


condensed version
"i'm a lazy twat'

No. 633945


> 'I would have to make these my main Saturday videos..'

It's almost like she limits herself in doing art so it can be the main Saturday video as most of her subs are not at school etc on that day.

No. 633946

But she’s only making one piece per week (and not always), is a second quick doodle too much to ask?

No. 634019


she's trying to figure out the best way to do bare minimum so she can have more videos up for the views/revenue. She wants max return for minimum effort. She should just turn into a regular vlogger without the art angle if it fuckin pains her so much to do more than 1 piece per vid/week at this point.

No. 634020

File: 1531346729161.png (89.95 KB, 585x497, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 23.0…)

Will she like this one more than vidicon?

No. 634023


No. 635042

That daiso video was cringe, she tries way too hard to be out there and quirky. It’s not cute Baylee. What was the point of that video. I doubt she’ll touch anything she bought for an art video.

No. 635072

File: 1531447911907.png (3.54 MB, 1334x750, 42AA3122-CEC7-41F9-9868-C1B3C9…)

Remember this fail haha! I can’t with the eyes…

No. 635148

I think Baylee stopped producing as much content because people were becoming more vocal with how she was producing shit. However, rather than practice or make a backlog of actually interesting art, she did nothin'. I have a feeling she lurks here lol

No. 635149

*part of the reason

No. 635150

They're just dust collectors at this point. She's never going to use the larger papers for art because she LAZEE and can't be bothered to try lol

No. 635155

Oh yeah! No doubt she lurks here.
I just find it weird how someone who has an art channel rarely ever draws. Now it’s mainly a crafty channel. If she does draw it’s a ridiculous subject…. like the (insert character) and making them a hot guy. Idk how she can be happy being a try hard oddball.

No. 635156

File: 1531455991129.png (38.8 KB, 300x250, D6194EA6-6C00-42C2-B411-835338…)

Take note Baylee….

No. 635610

Lazee never sticks to her shit remember when she said she would post to instagram more often? Or how she wanted to do like 12 oil paintings? Or 12 digital pieces? I'm sure that she won't release that colouring book either.

No. 635614

She promises things she either has no intention on following through on or can't realistically finish. It would almost be better if she didn't make these goals because she doesn't make the effort to reach the minimum, like, she hasn't even completed or started one oil painting.

No. 635760

Papa Dali is not impressed with this cow

No. 636193

Any opinions on this shit? God I hate how she thinks these are good.

No. 636197

Isn't it against youtube's rules to sexualize cartoon characters? That fucking thing is creepy not cute at all.

No. 636221


her thing of 'wanting it to look creepy' really sums up the basic problem with Baylee which is that she has NO TASTE WHATSOEVER. it's not just how hard she works, how skilled she is, etc - she has terrible terrible taste in everything. you can tell by the kinds of things she talks of as being 'pretty' in general - all the horrible disney shirts, Thomas Kinkade, etc.

she could become as skilled as anyone but she'll carry on making dreadful pictures because she likes things that look bad.

why anyone else buys her stuff is a whole other mystery.

No. 636236

Of course, sherk.
I can't even find these funny.
Jeez. Imagine the oil painting she could be doing instead of this. Even if it's just small test pieces.

No. 636243

Are these just the same thing? Draw a buff guy's body and change the head and background etc to fit whatever character makes a funny meme!

No. 636250

This series is an abomination and just needs to end. Pick your fucking audience Baylee. It is overdone and really stupid. Have no idea how people like the theme of these videos, I mean the first one was funny but every other video is this theme. She’s out of ideas. The princessify series was way better…. and didn’t shrek already turn into a hot guy in the second movie? Lol

No. 636287

Baylee’s art has always been meh, but this year it’s the worst it’s ever been. The only piece that was decent was the redo of mama raichu. These hot guy videos are ridiculous and the joke is stale now. Like yeah turn an “ugly” character into a hot guy. Woop dee do… it’s just questionable why she would post these considering her audience is mostly preteen age…. also her mentioning googling “bear daddy” and “naked guy with a towel” brought up some horrific things,,, like no shit Baylee. Her mentioning that is going to give kids incentive to google it. She is not a professional. How big name companies like Copic or her book company can promote her is beyond me.

No. 636288


You know what they say, there's no accounting for taste. And there are a LOT of people that do not have it, so she definitely has a market.

No. 636294

File: 1531591435069.png (3.56 MB, 1334x750, 2E46EFA8-4761-468A-AD73-C5EAA5…)

Lord, her anatomy is so bad. It looks like so stiff, and the muscles aren’t even right.

No. 636379


That's actually terrifying.
What is with art youtubers lately skirting the NSFW line when their main audience is minors, only for them to go "tee hee so scandalous" like, who is this even for?

No. 636395

It looks like a 12 year old kid drew it to make their art teacher gasp and the teacher did because it's so bad

No. 637450

the head size compared to everything else

No. 637685

She so clearly has no idea what she’s doing look at that anatomy!

No. 638231

2,446 comments and I'm having a hard time finding any that are negative or have some criticism. She must really monitor her comments or have a lot of words marked as spam. I guess no one would make those comments as her subs would defend her.

No. 638357

Why does Baylee price her convention merch and prints so cheap? Is she afraid people won’t buy them if they’re a standard price?

No. 638457


Probably that and she knows she can sell a bunch if she makes a bunch. minimum effort and undercutting other artists.

No. 638954

Her artist alley is so boring and low effort. Most people have key chains or stickers along with buttons and prints. But she can't even bother with those.

No. 639033

I started tabling last year and watched a bunch of artist alley related videos beforehand and I was so confused as to why Baylee was so popular when her art is so bad and middle school tier. I remember in one of her videos she had a box full of art supplies she was giving away for free to lure people to her table and to me it made no sense because the stuff was new and worth more than her prints would bring in so it was almost as if she was bribing people to buy one of her prints by offering them free supplies from one of her many needless shopping binges, just so she could say she made a bunch at the con or something. It was weird.

No. 639676

Reuploaded as she swapped out some music.

No. 639820

Why did she do that???

No. 639879

Maybe the video got demonetized

No. 639914

yeah, because we all know baylee absolutely NEEDS that ad cash. what other reason does she have for making any of her art nowadays? even the meme/“lolz so weird!!!11” factor doesn’t seem to be so amusing to her that she would do these pieces without putting them on youtube. however it is the only thing she can think of as appealing to her audience, considering how unimaginative, stale, lifeless, and rushed her other “creative visions” are. it’s honestly kind of sad, considering that she gave up vet school to go learn animation iirc.

(for the record, it’s not that i see animation as being worth less compared to vet school by any means. it’s the fact that had she become a veterinarian rather than a short time animator who eventually became a cash hungry youtuber, she might still be making decent money while helping animals and being able to tell people she has an actual job. not to mention whatever benefits she could have gotten from that instead of being “self-employed”, though i live in the states and know nothing about how that works in canada so i could be wrong somehow.)

No. 640145

Baylee said that she wanted to do that draw this in your style thing. I wonder who's art she's going to ruin?

No. 640391

I've not watched her vlogs for a while now but it looks like she brings up her sub count going down around the time she was raising money for the cat shelter, people are going to outgrow your content or get bored regardless if she is doing something nice like that.

> Is my sherk video making people unsubscribe?

Looks like she more bothered about numbers now.

No. 640407

She unlisted the live stream of her at the kennels because she thinks it making her loose subs because she does charity work.

I think it's stupid that she has it hidden away so she can hit a milestone. Someone could click on it and check out that cat shelter's website and may donate/adopt but she's hidden it instead. Don't be ashamed in raising money for a cause.

No. 640432

Of course she is, she's so out of touch with reality/what her subs want. There's nothing interesting about the art she creates, she's only drawing these "hot guys" for shock value. Also I think her snotty, know-it-all attitude is starting to drive people away.

No. 640438

Lol that doesn't make sense, I doubt people would unsub over her doing a good deed. What she doesn't want to own up to is that her laziness and bitchiness is driving her subs away. She has a habit of asking her subs what they want, they tell her, she doesn't like what they have to say so she either ignores them or says she'll do it but doesn't, and then gets butthurt because her subs are leaving. Get your head out of your ass Baylee and actually LISTEN to what your subs want!

No. 640460

If she's going to listen to her subs I'll be surprised. She always has said that she does what she wants.

No. 640477


Apologies if my grammar and what not is terrible there, due to pain meds. I just can't get my head around that she would unlist something nice she did because of fear of losing subs but will parade around that hot guy series!

No. 640480

I don't get it either, because like the other anon had mentioned the point of the stream was to help animals and by taking down the stream people are less likely to donate/know about the charity, but then again a lot of the choices she makes seem a bit silly/weird to me, such as the art block video and dropping her animation job.

No. 640536

File: 1531958948879.jpeg (110.03 KB, 750x347, AA95E515-A134-4DD7-9E8D-59D995…)


No. 640548

Idk why she is mentioning the numbers and subscriber count in her vlogs, does she really think her supporters want to know that they’re only a number in her mind!? Gawd I can’t take this woman child. Talk about first world problems, all she cares about is hitting that million. At this point I don’t believe she deserves it tbh. She is not humble and sees herself as this public figure that’s semi celebrity, I’m happy she’s being knocked don’t a peg and people are starting to become disinterested in her art channel content. Some people would only dream of being where she is at, yet she complains about it. All the problems with her channel are HER, she is creating the crappy content. She shouldn’t be surprised her sub count is falling. Who want to watch a speedpaint of a “sexy” shrek. It gets old. She tries wayyy too hard to be like a living meme in her videos, even more so now. The over the top wannabe cringe is just ridiculous. There is a big difference in her videos from when she was hitting millions of view counts to now. Her content is fucking lazy! Less art, more crafts blahhhh

No. 640553

File: 1531959563164.jpeg (28.45 KB, 750x168, DD44DDC1-4498-43A6-9EFE-3E4B08…)

I agree with this persons statement aha!

No. 640557

Preach! All she cares about is money and it's rubbing people the wrong way. Honestly, it was bothering me for awhile when I was still subscribed to her because that was around the time I noticed a shift in her online persona/personality. I'm almost starting to think she was parading around a fake personality and that the "happy sweet Baylee" was fake.

No. 640723

I can see this theory being a reality, she’s so vastly different than before that it could possibly be her trying to change her personality/persona for more viewership. The cringy nerd meme persona is ANNOYING! people can say, oh don’t be mean to Baylee. But it is true. She’s annoying people away lol

No. 640799

File: 1531975052039.jpeg (414.44 KB, 750x851, D0D8BC3C-398B-4715-A71D-8D626B…)

She’s doing the ‘Draw this in your style’ meme

No. 640800

The pose has no flow and is stiff…

No. 640803

it looks like her shoulder is broken, why is she both moving her arm up and head down to the walky-talky?

No. 640808

Ugh this Slugie-copy style is so stiff and bland

No. 640959

Baylee complains that she hasn't hit 1mil but she hasn't said how grateful she is for the people who do support her. She's just taking her subs as granted.

No. 640974

how can she expect to gain viewership when she doesn't put out content?

No. 641248

THIS. she’s an ungrateful spoiled brat. There are youtubers who thank their subscribers almost every video, I’ve never heard Baylee mention subscribers once. She thinks she got to where she is on her own, idk I just feel like she is not a humble person at all.

No. 641249

I mean never mentioning her subscribers in a way of being grateful and humbled they follow her. She’s too obsessed with numbers

No. 641309

What I can't stand is how she talks down to them, like when people were bringing up how her video quality was going down around Christmas and she published a video bitching about the comments. It seemed like she was trying to punish her subs by taking away a "fun" video for not praising her enough.

No. 641466

Even the fucking try guys have said that they are grateful for the people who support them. Baylee can't acknowledge the people who support her she talks down on them sees them as number and let her mods treat them like shit.

No. 641480

Ah yes, her shitty mods! I can't stand them, she treats her mods (who are fucking bullies btw) better than she treats her subs. After that last YouTube art livestream she had I was so done with her. Honestly, I hope her channel fails big time, she doesn't appreciate what she has.

No. 641517

I kinda wish we could get her stuff demonetized

No. 641623

I’m sure you can flag that shrek video for “sexual content” haha! Just so wrong to sexualize a kids movie ugh

No. 641629

Couldn't we flag all of her hot guy vids then?

No. 642448


It's not that serious.

No. 642463

She did not swatch all the materials for daiso video
That video was really bad

No. 642467

Agreed, she doesn't put in the effort to make her videos have substance. She could have spent that time practicing/working on some actual art

No. 642493

That video was like a long bad vlog. It doesn't have any substance on it exactly for gushing over pink and "bebe"
Tell us about the quality the pricing,… Im not gonna bother writing cause she won't do it

No. 642497

I'm not too sure how Canada prices dollar store items since I know they have high taxes, but from my understanding Daiso is supposed to be a Japanese dollar store. But I would have appreciated if she went more in depth about the quality.

No. 642510

Yeah there are lots of things to go through and make interesting topics even with the price. But laziness strikes again.
I'm now wondering if this is not laziness, what if she REALLY thinks this is good? I just got vidro recommendation on follow me around on Walmart and in her vlogs, those types of videos are popular. So maybe she's just doing the same thing thinkin that's what ppl want?

No. 642511

That's probably the case, given that she scripted the art block video and through it was top notch quality (and we all know how that ended lol). I do wonder though if her standards that literally that low tho

No. 642518

I think her standards are low. Somebody before mentioned how she has poor taste of clothings(Disney clothes and that horrendous dress she wore on con). And that got me thinking that she does have some very childish taste and thinking ability

No. 642582

Oh Jesus her fashion sense is nonexistent. Like, I can understand having a few casual disney pieces (some of their shirts make for nice pjs) but the style of clothes and colors she chooses do not flatter her body. That pink dress she wears makes her look bigger and washed out. Something I also noticed is that she always wears leggings or tights with dresses/skirts which is probably not helping the overall look (it gives a more infantile appearance and is something I would expect a toddler or child to wear)

No. 642726

Baylee’s videos are her just trying to keep up with other youtubers trends, like follow me around videos, draw this in my style, oh gosh remember that Mukbang fail video, she’s trying to cash in anyway she can… for the least amount of effort as possible.

No. 642750

It's obvious that she doesn't care about art anymore and just wants to get money.

No. 642997

Ew that's pretty greasy ngl like I understand needing a break due to burnout and other responsibilities but she's not being transparent with her audience

No. 643027

I kinda think she's in the beginning stages of becoming left behind as one of those washed up youtubers that used to be popular.

No. 643075

Yeah, I think she was joking about it on one of her recent vlogs but I could see that becoming a reality in the near future. You can only market skillshare so many times before people start going else where lol

No. 643095

Speaking of taste she has no eyes for art too.
I saw her opening art book videos and all she can talk about is how pretty the book itself is. There was no oh I love the line work, the color,lighting…. anything related to art. Except she kept talking about how good quality paper is or how pretty the ribbon is …

No. 643096

I remember all of those books she bought for the sketchbook slam and haven't seen her touch them since. It's like those people/instagram folk who only want things because of a e s t h e t i c s rather than functionality or longevity.

No. 643313

Here newest video is eh, her new style is so bad and lazy….just the same face with the lack of emotions.

No. 643366

Wtf was that eating montage. I think she knows she's getting unattractive so she makes herself extra gross so she can just say haha I'm so quirky making my face look bad

No. 643378

From the description - Use #LookBayleeJae to show me how you drew MY character, and use #DrawThisBayleeJae to show me YOUR character that you want me to draw!

No. 643379

As a marker artist the way she uses copics makes my blood boil. She keeps adding color on top of color on top of color until it gets all muddy and gross. The whole point of markers is to get smooth vibrant seemless blends that pop out once printed. She uses markers as if they're watercolour or colored pencils. Sorry for the rant. I'm just tired of "artists" like her who don't even understand the medium they claim to be a pro at.

No. 643382

File: 1532195748131.png (70.55 KB, 171x181, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 18.5…)

No. 643383

I wonder if she'll only stick to female characters for her #DrawThisBayleeJae choices.

No. 643398

That's when I turned the video off. That doesn't look like anything like the original

No. 643407

The way she draws eyes are so creepy, the nose is potato shaped, and the skin looks super muddy. I know this has been mentioned many times before but I don't understand why people say her strong suit is color. She finds new ways to turn what should be clean blends into gunky, pukey messes.

No. 643409

It's funny because pretty much doesn't use the different mediums she has to their fullest potential. Like with the watercolor pieces, they look patchy and lack depth.

No. 643594

I actually like how she drew more in this video, some effort was put in. What a rarity!

No. 643724

File: 1532216477884.png (2.45 MB, 1334x750, CA649D72-1969-45CA-BD45-A21F79…)

GAHH, I hate the dopey ears she does….

No. 643734

File: 1532217030197.jpeg (88.04 KB, 1280x720, 82B0D81E-6A9C-4305-B5FA-0CFC16…)

Those type of ears look familiar…

No. 643898

Ngl she did put a lot of efforts in this video.

No. 644193

>B-but I give my characters lips so they're nothing alike!!!

While I'm not the biggest fan of Sluggie's style I still think it's shitty that Baylee is outright copying it and not creating something new. I understand taking inspiration, but they're too similar and it shows laziness

No. 644251

Baylee just put all the shit on sluggie's style to make it look like hers

No. 644339

And surprise it doesn't look good!
Also anyone watching blog is she using her ipad? Don't tell me it's discarded somewhere collecting dust…..

No. 644540

New vlog is Up…

No. 644564

File: 1532305298790.gif (3.08 MB, 640x320, why.gif)

why did she put this in the video? It's disgusting, nobody wants to see your massive double chin Baylee

No. 644566

I wonder if that #lookbayleejae is making her realise how shit she is at art? I checked it and saw some good versions of that banana riding.

No. 644567

The way she eats it is like if she’s a baby learning to eat solids for the first time, she really is a child inside….

No. 644568

That smoothie clip was so disgusting agh!!

No. 644621

Back at two vids a week, then? Hope she’s doing it because she’s enjoying drawing more lately instead of pure sub hunt, honestly.

No. 644640

I think she's just trying to get more subs

No. 644644

Lol yeah, she’s just trying to hit that million. It’s all she has her mind on. Ugh

No. 644845

Sweet Lawd put that double chin away! Also, why does she eat like a toddler?

No. 644906

im so confused can someone explain why she suddenly changed her style? I havent watched her in ages and im so confused lmaoo

No. 644967

I know this is petty and stupid but I cannot bear the way she refers to her horrible copies of pokemon and disney shit as 'the art' and 'my art'. lady you copy pictures of zelda characters and put them on badges. art my arse.
also disney and nintendo and whoever are massive corporations and who cares about them but making all your money from copying their copyrighted characters while also calling yourself an artist strikes me as massively lame nonetheless

No. 644975

I just despise how "Art" can be interchanged with "collectible" nowadays. Stickers, enamel pins, keychains… what's the fuckin point if you can barely see the image? Does anyone frame prints, anymore?

Every youtube artist makes their shit at a 4inch by 6 inch size, damaging the hell out of their wrists trying to work so small, and then the finished product isn't even visible from a few feet away.

No. 644976

I'm calling it right now, if Baylee's channel keeps losing subs, she gets pregnant and becomes a momtuber. It's always the adult children having children.

No. 645170

From what I remember, she was supposedly tried of her previous style and wanted to trying something new/iconic/copying. This translates into "wahhh people are so mean how dare they say the anatomy is wrong!11!! I'll make a new/copy cartoon style so they can't roast me lol" I'm waiting for someone to mention her copying Sluggie just to see her reeee

No. 645172

Wasn't she trying to use her having children as a threat to those asking her to step up her game? I hate how she treats her subs and talks to them like they're stupid.

No. 645181

Another vlog. Geez how many times does she subject people to watch her make buttons…. she’s even live-streaming right now…. pressing buttons….

No. 645192

Does anyone have a link, archive, or mirror of Baylee's art block doesnt exist video? old but someone was asking about it

No. 645223

Didn't she want to make a button asmr too? She just wants to make people watch that shit,it's boring as hell.

No. 645242

I think the drama went down before she had a thread, I don't know if someone did because she deleted it without warning. But if someone does, it would be nice of them to post it for the lolz

No. 645262


to be fair, I liked her 'pressing buttons' and 'preparing for a con' footage for background noise when I was cleaning my room. I'm probably one of the few people that enjoy it.

No. 645687

just from glancing at the thumbnail for that video, wtf is up with those buttons. the only pokemon that looks sort of cutesy is pikachu. bulbasaur and charmander look fucking depressed and bland as shit like they were made by some offbrand company (or some womanchild with no artistic ability)

No. 645922

Eh tbh they just look like generic "cute chibi" pokemon renditions. It's pretty basic and at least one booth sells a design similar to them at every major con.

I mean at least she knows what sells for once… but could she get anymore basic lmao

No. 646071

I hate those pin designs. Everything looks bland and hard to read

No. 646129

moar merch ordered at the last minute.

No. 646168

Video not available and I can't see any tweets about it.

No. 646174

File: 1532458132629.png (328.7 KB, 621x818, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 19.4…)

No, you don't need this.

No. 646177

Your avatar is showing

No. 646178

File: 1532458458667.png (39.85 KB, 563x151, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 19.5…)


No. 646179

No. 646194

thanks anon. Did she reupload it? It was live when I posted.

No. 646227

I'm not familiar with this girl at all but I'm sure I've seen her art floating around Twitter. I've definitely seen that first challenge sketch (which I like) but that second one…

(Also not familiar with Copics since I don't use markers so idk if her method is really the best)

No. 646254

Thanks for spotting it before it was too late.
I forget they are in different places depending on the app or desktop.

No. 646307

File: 1532465199990.png (3.61 MB, 1334x750, 5498B0A6-5554-41DA-B39E-11E92B…)

Your daily view of her chin zits Hahahaha yuck

No. 646350

I'm not even sorry that pink hair looks like absolute dog shit, it makes her look so washed out.

No. 646397

*washed up

No. 646458

My sides halp

No. 646525

With that hair color, she needs to do her makeup everyday to look decent. Doesn’t do her any favors…. she’d look better with purple I think

No. 646679

Why did she reupload the vlog today?

I like her hair…

No. 646729

Am I the only one who hates the way baylee acts about the missing cat? She makes it look like the owner doesn't care about that cat because he didn't get a trap and shit. He didn't even know what that trap is and he is working out of home so he doesn't have as much time to look for the cat like baylee who just sits around at home all day. I can see her using the cat as an excuse like the sketchbook slam

No. 646732

She almost got kiki killed too this is what happens when you don't train your cats

No. 646847

On twitter when she joke tweets about it. A devil emoji because she set a trap and something about sending the owner a ransom note. It's nice that she is trying to help the cat but come on.

I can already see it in one of her upcoming videos, ranting about other owners and how she knows best. She could help educate others about traps etc.

No. 647335

File: 1532559750092.jpeg (610.54 KB, 1512x2000, Di474PaU4AEr8o6.jpg-large.jpeg)

>Content producer

No. 647365

The quality of her content is questionable

No. 647417

How did this happen? Was she the only "artist" for miles?

No. 647568

I missed that, what happened?
The only thing I like about BJ is her cats, they are quite cute.

No. 647704

They might be talking about that time she thought one of them was still in the washer/washing machine or dryer and she turned it on and panicked when she couldn't see one of the cats around a few minutes later, luckily none of the cats was inside.

No. 647747

Or how Kiki fell off the top of her desk the other day onto a huge sheet of glass shattering it into pieces

No. 647924

She seriously needs to train her cats she shouldn't let them on her desk after Kiki fell down to that glass.

No. 648011

What vlog is this?

No. 648059

the one with the cage in the thumbnail I believe.

No. 648073

What boggles my mind is how Baylee feels she's an authority figure when it comes to animals/animal care when she does shit like this. Thank God she never became a vet, I wouldn't trust her my pets.

No. 648105

I can't believe I used to be a fan of her, when she acts like like such a child, along with causing her cats to get injured.

No. 648107

If she was a vet I'm sure that she would've been fired by now.

No. 648109

Same, at first she just seemed like a nice lady who was struggling like the rest of us but now she's a pompous asshole. I'm at the point where I can't wait for her channel to loose popularity, she doesn't appreciate the massive following she has and is only in this gig for the money and e-fame. Disgusting

No. 648110

Didn't she get accepted into vet school? I remember that being one of the reasons she started wanting to pursue something different.

No. 648120

She didn't she gave up on it and went to art school

No. 648129

I honestly think that her not finishing the vet thing is what started this habit of not completing what she starts.

No. 648137

This is silly. She completed art school. If she started dropping everything back then she wouldn’t have a degree by now. It’s really sad though that she gave up on one of her dream jobs to pursue art; and now she’s not into art anymore. It looks like it’s a burden to her, and she keep insisting she’s a YouTuber and not an artist. She WANTED to be an artist though?

No. 648159

Sage for OT but referring to the tweet she made about that dress, why would she spend potentially hundreds of dollars ( from the picture it looked high quality) on something she'd only wear to go grocery shopping?

No. 648168

It was a joke

No. 648171

My bad

No. 648184

Animation is a great skill to have but she would rather draw and colour in generic girls with markers instead. Nothing wrong with that but having all that knowledge and skill set to be pushed a side for speed paint YouTube videos.

Does she even have an interest in animation anymore, outside of Disney, video games and Pokemon?

No. 648192

I’m done. After seeing her being so careless with Kiki and Midna I’m thoroughly disgusted. I don’t care what she does with her own life but I’m sick to death of her being careless with her cats.

No. 648212

File: 1532631983920.png (55.38 KB, 611x286, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 20.0…)

You still ain't funny.
> r/woooosh

No. 648225

She should've gotten rid of that glass forever ago something like that is a risk to pets

No. 648237

To her she could care less, it’s like “lol lol oh my! beebee broke something. Don’t start with me, I know the risks of letting the cats on my desk” what’s it gonna take, Kiki hurting herself. I get it that cats can’t be trained easily like dogs and people let them jump on things, but not around breakables or potentially dangerous areas like the stove, kitchen counters. Those cats nine lives are in jeopardy. Eek

No. 648244

I'm honestly surprised that her cats have survived for so long.

No. 648255

File: 1532637194782.jpeg (189.69 KB, 605x653, 85236B38-7B1B-4223-9146-5A405C…)

Why does she make these stupid faces….?

No. 648271

ugly girls do this to be quirky and make themselves look like they're only ugly on purpose.

little do they know that cute people still look cute when they do this, just dumb.

No. 648303

Does she think this is all a joke? Her poor grasp on age appropriate content, 'quirkiness', inability to save money on things she'll actually use (aka buying a house), does she see it all as a way to get attention?

No. 649122

For the anon who mentioned baylee's obsession with wearing tights and leggins with dresses. Didn't she say that she has vitiligo on her legs? She migt be self concious about her legs because of that and doesn't want to show them or she's just stuck in 2007.

No. 649161

How should you wear your dresses if it’s too cold for bare legs?

No. 649162

File: 1532738829395.jpg (321.83 KB, 1076x805, 2018-07-28 01.40.19.jpg)

So this is her thing now.
I hope she is not just trying to target a certain audience now to help her subs grow.

Also how many buttons is she making!?! she complained that she ended up with leftovers rusting away in a cupboard.

No. 649193

She wore blacm leggings under her dress even when it was hot. I always wear tights close to my skintone under dresses or skirts if it's cold and I have to wear a dress.

No. 649464

She's making new buttons for money probably

No. 649548

No. 649565

File: 1532795602268.png (63.34 KB, 509x152, stupor.PNG)


seriously, a girl with a giant banana between her legs?

stay classy baylee

also enjoyable typo on this fan's tweet

No. 649576

New to Baylee threads. Anyone have a link to the others?
Anyway, oh my god. This is the first video of hers I've seen in a year or two. The rest of the characters are fine I guess, but the first one she drew is so fucking terrible. She took all the uniqueness out of the character's face, and it wasn't just a 'stylistic choice.' I just don't get how she could fuck up the interpretation so badly. Even if it's the characters face, the type of face it had wasn't a stylistic take on how the artist generally draws faces. Also, the body. I'm gonna guess it was supposed to have a masculine body rather than tumblrina hairy legs shit. Though, I'm not sure myself, so that's probably nitpicking.
I'm gonna guess she suffers from some same-face syndrome by looking at her style. maybe she couldnt even draw a new type of 'face, despite it being a simple 2 dots and a line

No. 649609

there are typically links in the first post to the old threads.

No. 649665

File: 1532804870270.png (2.31 MB, 1334x750, 3C4603C1-35EC-40B4-BA2F-E2D9F6…)

Of course she would pick the cringiest character to draw of all…

No. 649693

I actually LOVE that her two latest videos have been more drawing, multiple drawings in one video make it more fun. The crafty videos she would do before are just boring….

No. 649724

Picks ones that are all kids/girls.
It would be nice to see her get out of her comfort zone.
Like drawing a male who isn't Link.

No. 649727

>'Its draw this in your style.'
>'I need to make it my style.'

She still could have designed a cool mask but whatever.

No. 649741

Haven't seen any of her videos in half a year but this newer style of her's feels like a way to avoid improving on her anatomy. It's veeery doll like.
I kind of wish she kept the simplicity of the mask.

No. 649794

I wish she would draw more guys that aren't that hot guy shit.

No. 649804

Or Link.
That and I wish she experimented with her poses. It's all girls either standing, sitting or floating, facing the camera or with a slight tilt in their body. The last drawing in profile view I found on her Instagram was from 2015. It just gets boring.

No. 649877

It really stuck me how stagnant her art has gotten in this video. She never makes any attempts to change up the faces/poses. The first one was wearing a mask, but she gives it the same boring face as all her other art?

Plus the last character she did was WAY better by the original artist…

No. 649882

The legs on the last one looked wonky. She could try doing more different backgrounds poses and body types. She could also try different colouring ways

No. 649959

File: 1532831831445.jpeg (156.31 KB, 750x491, A5E40DBC-FB4B-4F51-ABCC-71709E…)

No. 650052

I feel like Baylee is finally starting to realize she needs to step up a little bit. From her most previous vlogs and art videos she seems more motivated and wanting to do more. As for her style its similar to the other artist but I do see differences (the bad anatomy ). Kiki falling off the desk into some glass was an accident and could have been avoided stuff like that happens to everyone including you people (probably). I see her potential and I can see her trying to get to it. I also think she has found these threads as she has started to change things. She is working out all the time now and going for walks and getting on the elliptical and stuff. I can also see where she's coming from wanting to get 1,000,000 subscribers, if I was her that would be a big push for me to make good content. Also we should stop comparing her to Jazza, Jazza has very good art but most of his views come from clickbait titles and thumbnails. She has currently been talking about changing the amount of dedication she puts into her art videos and how she films, edits, and makes them. Anyway that's my two cents, while she still has a lot of bad qualitys I can see her trying to fix them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650075

^ hi baylee(Hi, (cow))

No. 650111

hello baylee. done pretending you're someone else?

No. 650231

> but most of his views come from clickbait titles and thumbnails.
I'm pretty sure Baylee has used clickbait titles and thumbnails just like everyone else on Youtube.

No. 650293

Jazza has full fledged tutorials going over animation & specific programs, Baylee, I can guarantee that’s where he’s getting his views and followers from, not his clickbait. he might be just as full of himself but at least he can teach well (and sing!)

No. 650358


Jazza is getting views and subscribers because he can teach well and makes good content. While his art doesn't appeal to me he is very entertaining to watch unlike you Baylee.

No. 650467

File: 1532891944366.png (42.07 KB, 184x168, ww.PNG)

Sage for blog post but does everyone else here watch the BJ vlogs because they yearn for a life where they can just sit around and make shitty art instead of having a real world job/responsibilities? I assume that's kind of the appeal of all vlogs, but as someone who is always strapped for money and does art on the side, it's kind of cathartic to watch someone have the easy/fun life you wish you could

>feels bad man

No. 650722

My problem with her is she doesn't need these threads to improve. Many of her fans have been giving and pointing out similar criticism for years. I found her through her marker reviews and started watching her vlogs from that. I stoped because she always has some snappy come back or excuse to her mistakes and it gets tiring hearing her complain about people pointing them out and her completely ignoring the details WHILE giving attention to it. If you actually don't care just stfu.

Imo her biggest hurdle is she's boring af. Jazza has clickbait and dumb challenges but he actually has the art skills to make them interesting. Then you look at Baylee and she has the most basic b ideas without interesting art to make her videos worth watching. There is nothing anyone above her juvenile level would find interesting in her drawing videos. She doesn't seem to understand that it's not what she's drawing that's the issue but her skill level. Headshots of a random girl can be nice speedpaints if the artstyle is interesting - it makes me want to see the process and perhaps learn new techniques. I look at her thumbnails and know anyone with basic art experience can probably tell how she drew it. She's bare bones - bottom of the barrel. Changing your basic style to another basic one isn't going to change that.
It's why her audience is majority children, their parents, or beginner artists. That and her focus on Disney, Spongebob, G rated video games etc.
Unless she can speed up her progress she should just embrace the children's artist label. It'll be easy to get 1mil from them, at least, and will give her an excuse to not improve.

No. 650742

Lmao seriously, nothing we're saying in these threads is shit people haven't been saying for years

No. 650763

You pretty much summed up why people have turned towards this thread. Her snotty attitude is infuriating considering her skill level and lack of creativity. She literally has to ape someone else's style because she's too lazy to work on her fundamentals and build her own unique style. We've said this before, but she both loves and hates having a young audiences. Loves it because children are easy to manipulate into buying merch and other garbage, hates it because when she wants to post anatomically challenged lewds the parents get upset. She's a pathetic excuse for an artist and Youtuber.

No. 650876

File: 1532935705470.jpeg (181.34 KB, 750x980, 61BFB15C-0ED8-44B2-BBB4-D5F215…)

Okkkkk Baylee…..

No. 650878

Conceded much lol

No. 651291

Maybe this has been answered before and I just missed it, but what does her husband do? I was just watching the vlog where she bought a $750 Elliptical out of nowhere….is the really making that much from Twitch and Youtube? Or is she mostly supported by her husband?

No. 651293

I don't think she ever shared that in the vlogs anon. Also please sage your post, just type "sage" in the email field

No. 651295

I think at the point she was buying the elliptical she was raking in more views consistently. I don't mean to tinfoil, but I think the main reason she's even uploading at this point is because her lack of posting has possibly done some damage to her income. Also, as for her husband, it sounds like he works on office job.

No. 651307

File: 1532980608999.jpg (61.47 KB, 425x282, yt.jpg)

Hmm, interesting. I mean, she's got so many crazy expensive art supplies and buys so much random shit in her vlogs I just have to wonder. It seems like she sells a good bit at cons and stuff too, but would she even break even for travel and stuff for that if she's not a guest? I don't know enough about youtube or twitch monetization, any idea how much income she would be getting from that? I just find it all fascinating.

Yeah, I'm sage-ing this one because of nonsense questions, but why would that need to be sage-d? I was asking directly about her and her videos?

No. 651312

Also there is the issue of taxes. I remember in one of her vlogs she had mentioned that she owed A LOT in taxes and had to resort to a payment plan since she did not have enough in savings. I'm curious as to how this would change if her youtube earnings start to decline.

No. 651337

File: 1532982372556.jpeg (115.45 KB, 750x511, 308BE480-F859-4E44-8ECB-06CEBF…)

I’m sure She’s secretly hoping Christian is Bi so she can join in on that…..

No. 651339

New Vlog, she went camping in the states…

No. 651360

Remember everyone she doesn't use click bait!

No. 651480

Man she's trying really really hard to get people to watch her silly/boring vlogs it's almost sad.

No. 652046

File: 1533049045843.jpg (81.14 KB, 859x1024, 9cadafb856645c0b0f954572a01445…)

Her fans draw better than her.

No. 652050

holy shit that's really cute.
Is this a remake of Baylee's art? Can somebody post the original?

No. 652054

File: 1533049744414.png (686.72 KB, 633x887, 871E6926-1B75-4A9B-A382-83767B…)

It’s really similar to this fan art that was in the Pixie thread. So someone has to be tracing/copying off of someone else

No. 652058

It was a remake for #drawthisinyourstyle but I can't find the original

No. 652089

How is it “really similar”? They’re just cute animuh girls riding on objects. It’s like the most common thing ever and tons of people drew that thing before, tons will do it after. Plus it was based over BJ’s original picture, that is the girl riding the banana.
Don’t read too much into it, it’s just a case of overused posing/concept.

No. 652141

File: 1533056374854.png (4.14 MB, 1190x1503, original.PNG)

here's her original.

No. 652165

dat pig nose tho

No. 652181

Her face looks so squished

No. 652358

I hate her noses! They’re like potatoes!

No. 652410

No matter what style she (steals) works with, they all maintain that ugly pig potato noes.

No. 653686

there’s absolutely no vibrancy to this piece…is it just me or are the colors muddy as well? i don’t know how she does this now, i swear some of her older pieces had more life (in terms of color) in them than 90% of what she makes now. that, and there are so many other copic artists who can achieve beautiful bright and/or muted tones without muddying up the colors with varied techniques. how can baylee call herself a copic master if she can’t even blend the colors well? (and if this actually isn’t a copic piece, then that may be an even worse indication of her coloring ability honestly.)

No. 653691

I started noticing the muddiness around the time she started using "different colors" for shadows and highlights. While this is not a bad thing inherently, it seems whatever colors she's using do NOT mesh well at all and seem to suck the life out of the main colors she's using. It also doesn't help that the actual drawings themselves lack life.

No. 653899

File: 1533161340550.jpeg (208.4 KB, 750x633, D6F08808-40C5-4350-B665-445122…)

She’s so desperate for subscribers to reach that million! It’s so damn annoying. She’s hella thirsty….

No. 653928

When she adds the darker colour/shadow, she goes almost on the entire surface and blends a lot. It's too blended, like she's afraid to not make the drawing too sharp or something

No. 653937

Now that you bring that up, that is a constant trend with her drawings. Like, there can be no harsh contrast and strong variation of value. I don't know if she's afraid to not blend out all of her edges or what.

No. 654021

My main problem with her vlogs is how stressful it is just listening to her long-winded rambling about what she wants to do. Why does she overcomplicate scheduling? Then, she'll blab about her many time restraints… I end up getting frustrated and disappointed because she hardly ever follows through with any of the tediously planned bologna she just spent ten minutes spewing about.

No. 654043

File: 1533167331680.png (270.61 KB, 581x380, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 00.4…)

I hope some of them go towards a giveaway but someone said in replies "…you can rubber band the same colors together to create a three tip marker" which she told them to remember this tweet when the Saturday video is up.

Just don't put them in a blender again please.

No. 654354

I will say I don't think Jazza is a good artist. He can animate but his style is really offputting, and all his non-animation styled women are supermodels with the same face, and his dudes are all muscular and stony faced… not interesting.

No. 654355

I don't get this? Is she trying to ask if her video was good or something? This makes no sense baylee.

No. 654631

Sage things like this pls.
IMO Jazza is a good artist, but he isn't amazing and unique due to the things you have listed. But out of all the "mainstream" artubers, Jazza is the nicest. He seems like a genuine nice guy. Definitely better than Baylee by fucking lightyears.

No. 654717

As well as the muddiness mentioned, I think you've hit the nail on the head. Her blending to death of everything really makes all her pieces look incredibly flat and dull. I follow a couple of copic artists on IG and their work looks like perfection compared to Baylee's. I think it's because they're way more intentional and bold with their choices. Baylee's work almost looks like she trying for a watercolour appearance, but feels more comfortable with the copics.

No. 655081

Which artists? I look for someone competent with copics. Thanks!

No. 655086

In the stream she just said she can lick her own nipple. And presented (thru a T-shirt)… oh dear

No. 655251


I know Baylee does some pretty cringy shit, but that is just ew, especially since kids what her streams

No. 655375

>she's just stuck in 2007.
Of all the stupid insults. People wear tights in 2018. Jesus.
She just needs a shit ton of fashion help/advice. And to dress for her body not the body she wishes she has

No. 655392

Different anon here. Check Reyhansartwork and minmonsta on instagram. They're both really good with copics and have completely different styles.

No. 655854


Baylee pillow shades everything.

No. 655862

If i'm quite honest i've only seen three of his videos and in one of them he was 'fixing' the beast from the live action movie. Based on his avatar and background I didn't expect much but the result was quite good imo. I concluded he is a good artist - definitely has a basic grasp of fundamentals to be able to quickly draw detailed images from the imagination - but he's also what I would call basic. Not near the level of Baylee but enough that he doesn't really show much personality in his style or unique techniques - I'm not a fan of his digital coloring but he's way better than Holly or Baylee.

No. 655915

This is old but I remember watching baylee's panel about making money as an artist. She basically said that other jobs are boring unless it's art. Maybe they are for her but there are people who enjoy teaching or being a doctor. She seriously has a bad attitude.

No. 655997

I follow actionhankbeard and Levitso on instagram. Their styles are very different to each other, but I think they have the bold, sharp look I like from copics.

No. 656064

I remember that and it's infuriating as all hell. There are some pretty amazing jobs out there that involve helping people, like going into the fire service or being a paramedic, her scope must be pretty minimal to think that any job that's not art related is boring lol

No. 656265

File: 1533360008769.jpeg (45.17 KB, 400x400, FF0A0F32-EEA4-4831-BBEA-845911…)

new to this thread so unsure if this has already been discussed, but she is a guest at anirevo this weekend. No way in hell am I going to her panels, but it blew my mind when I saw her name as a featured guest.

No. 656423


No. 656425

File: 1533396668811.png (544.81 KB, 840x475, Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 16.3…)

No. 656437

it's ugly as always. same potato face, same muddy colors, same stiff pose.

No. 656438

The only thing that looks closeish to baylee is the hair colour

No. 656440

The nose doesn't even fit on the face at all it looks like she forgot to draw the nose and half assed the placement at the last minute.

No. 656454

the nose is the only thing that's accurate lol.

No. 656462

I honestly cant imagine being proud of this shit.

No. 656467

The nose it's too close to the mouth, it's like falling into her mouth

No. 656486

Storytime: I swallowed my own nose (emotional)

No. 656516

Why are the colors muddy? I think this time the colors are fine. The pose is a different story.

No. 656528

To me that magical girl lazee looks like a villain in bright clothes maybe it's the bitch brows and that stupid face.

No. 656560

Limpest and saddest hair I have ever seen. She should try to do SOMETHING to it, letting it hang like that makes her look even worse.

No. 656570

File: 1533412634962.png (346.11 KB, 563x437, Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 2.56…)

Why must she make these ugly faces? WHY?
She isn't cute, she's ugly ffs..

No. 656572

She’s trying to be Quirky Relatable….

It’s annoying baylee!!!

No. 656574

Class A Narcissist. Baylee is in love with herself… Why draw herself!?

No. 656611

im late but you're right, my monitors just shit

No. 656621

in her defense, a lot of ppl draw themselves (whether it’s realistic portraits or something more for fun like their pokemon trainer persona, witch persona, etc). that’s not necessarily narcissism.

No. 656660

The teal clashes af

No. 656704

The lipstick with her bright pibk hair doesn't help her. It brings out the red tones in her face. I also just don't like how she applied it

No. 656710

File: 1533421992624.png (1.55 MB, 1334x750, D21C5E09-EB6D-4707-9C11-549652…)

Can’t she ever keep her cat off the damn workspace and out of frame….

No. 656715

Self portraits are fairly common between artists. I just don't get why she made the drawing nothing like her if it was supposed to be her. Making smaller lips and changing the nose a bit would've made it look more like her.

No. 656732


why the fuck is her hair so god damn flat and limp

No. 656774

the pose in the final drawing looks like it was positioned with pipe cleaners

No. 656777

I think she did a full face of makeup for this vid just so that she wouldn’t get comments about the drawing being a “prettier” or more idealized version of herself. but it still looks nothing like her in the details; it’s just her usual sameface potato nose girl except it happens to have red lipstick, eyelashes, and pink hair like her. literally anyone else i’ve seen do these persona type things actually makes an effort to make the character look like them. then again, these people are also decent artists who don’t draw the same ugly things over and over again so.

No. 656793

File: 1533430012801.jpeg (110.14 KB, 661x749, 72F3F9FF-4208-44CD-AF4B-6FBC1A…)

Looks absolutely nothing like her….

No. 656795

The nose looks like collapsed belly button

No. 656813

I think the way she colored the hair is kinda cute. The outfit she created is just a straight up clashing mess.

No. 656816

Jesus where is her chin?! This seems to be a trend for Baylee where she either squishes the face and doesn't leave room for a chin or she places the mouth too low to be somewhat believable. Also, that outfit is a chaotic mess, the teal does not mesh well with the dark red at all (also what are those water wing puffs on her selves lol). But I will say this, Baylee did get one thing correct about her face and it's those ugly ass microbladed eyebrows that make her look like a Disney villain.

No. 656843

I agree, it kind of gives off a cute older anime vibe, to me at least. What in the world are those tube arms though? It also looks like she’s sitting down in mid-air.

No. 656966

If the face was fixed itd be a real nice drawing

No. 657126

two left legs
pipe cleaner arms
bizarre and unfortunate red knickers with a darker blob on the crotch - eww
limbs that are only vaguely attached to the body and not in any way that resembles human limbs

I mean I hate all of it, but.

No. 657246

At least she's consistent(emojis)

No. 657248

Because she's fried it to hell and back

No. 657474

Why doesn't she try drawing somethign different for once? I swear to god her content is so boring and repetetive.

No. 657523

Baylee really fell for the "I'm going to add EVERYTHING I like to this costume" school of shitty design. Jesus christ what a mess.

Has she ever made a comment about sharing a similar name to a tranny porn star?

No. 657814

She has mentioned it in past blogs and streams. Went on about different the spelling and hopefully no kid stumbles on to it depending on how they spell the name.

No. 657902

Torianne/Juicy Ink is good with markers, and Eric Canete is pretty epic with them

No. 658053

File: 1533582892863.jpeg (294.1 KB, 750x604, 5DFB47B6-F768-4CC7-8C94-B50A69…)

She hit a million guys……. eyeroll….

No. 658057

File: 1533583035942.jpeg (104.04 KB, 750x769, AAA801F7-E202-436E-A4F5-E274E7…)

Oh yeah Baylee…. now you thank your fucking subscribers. All she cares about is numbers

No. 658065

I hope she does a giveaway or something on her channel.

No. 658069

The hair shines look really nice, but the way she put them don't line up at all? The giant one should continue onto the other side, not having a tiny shine on the end lol.

No. 658088


Maybe she can shut up about it now.


This is straight up a knock off betty-spaghetti doll.

No. 658229


How do people know its Baylee?

No. 658261

Baylee only wanted to hit 1million since like forever. I can't believe people have actually subscribed to that cow.

No. 658399

File: 1533603735403.jpeg (175.17 KB, 970x545, 40C4B003-867D-4A91-B914-CB20FF…)

am I the only one who sees the resemblance of this drawing to Star Vs The Forces of Evil?

No. 658401

Besides the skirt of the dress and baylee's style, I don't.

No. 658497

is she ever going to post a new vlog? What is she even focusing on, all her channels are basically dead.

No. 658498

Why post at all now that's she reach 1 MILLION SUBS LOL OMG?! I think that now that's she finally reached it she's either going to complete stop posting or keep it so few and far between that people forget about her.

No. 658521

Ani Revo was this weekend so there's probably gonna be a backlog of vlogs from that

No. 658584

I was at AR all weekend and saw her. It was so surreal seeing my first person from lolcow irl. I didnt approach her but the first time I saw her she was at her table talking to a camera she was holding. So expect some sort of AR vlog I guess.

Also I only ever saw 2 people carrying around her prints that they bought. One waluigi and one of that botw scene.. I wonder if she'll claim she sold ~so much guiz~

No. 658608

File: 1533638628842.png (71.15 KB, 578x220, Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.4…)


No. 658617

Doesn't Baylee mostly sell buttons? Maybe her prints did poorly at the con and people only bought some buttons.

No. 659015

No. 659072

What does she look like in person? I know that the camera can often distort how a person looks, but is she really as ugly in person as she is on camera?

No. 659077

Because people somehow want oversaturated, poorly done animal crossing buttons?

No. 659207

What happened to that doodle domain channel? LOL

No. 659270

i think she quit doing it right around the time that we guessed she would bc of all of the “hate” (re: constructive criticism) the channel was getting lmao.

No. 659293

Had a feeling it was going to happen, I never really understood the reason for having three channels to begin with.

No. 659314

Random as hell but what was all that drama about her and a Copic chart, and is it still posted on Youtube? I think someone mentioned that she ripped up a chart she worked on. Sorry if there's a search feature here, I'm incredibly new.

No. 659318

Another youtuber, the creator the hex chart, had gone after her since Baylee did not properly credit her. Baylee ripped it up on a Twitch stream and acted like a total child about it, I think she even made a vlog about feeling "betrayed." ngl it was pretty cringey

No. 659398

File: 1533723105046.jpeg (336.7 KB, 750x1005, 0EF023CD-DAD9-488F-8428-0FBD46…)


No. 659399

Baylee NEVER sticks to her “plans” or “goals”, she wastes hours planning things out on vlogs and contemplating back and forth about goals, but can never finish anything. She hasn’t done one painting this year and never used that dang saw. All she does is press buttons now, her livestreams are hella boring….

No. 659410

She blames conventions for not doing any paintings like come on girl stop with the excuses. She could easily make a painting we know that she has time for it but she's just too lazy to make one.

No. 659511

I wonder if Mark even watches a lot of her videos lol.

No. 659540

Probably not, something I've noticed is that most of the "big" art tubers seem to just comment on videos or tweet stuff to either get brownie points or to possibly get more followers. I have a hard time seeing any interactions between these sacks of shit as anything more than a business move.

No. 659698

I feel the same way now, and it sucks bc when I was younger, I really looked up to a lot of these people and thought the art community on youtube was awesome! But nope, though there are some art tubers I still watch and enjoy (and who interact with art tubers), they’re few and far between. The irony is that the ones I enjoy most are usually those who have to work another job and do art in their free time/as a side job, and thus don’t have much time to focus on developing the social media and marketing side of things (especially if they want to keep improving and making more art). Therefore, they usually have way lower subscriber and follower counts than the big art tubers. Sorry for the blog post; I just hate how the system works.

No. 659784

I agree with enjoying people who work and do art more. I liked baylee much better when she still had a job.

No. 659827

Yeah, it feels that once they have youtube as their main source of income both the art and their personas go down the drain. I wonder if because they have so much more free time and don't have to interact with people irl that it effects their love of creating?

No. 659833

> A ROUGH START - AniRevo Day 1
Looks like she got given a smaller table from the comments.

No. 659904

I've never understood how it takes some of these people so long to set up at a con. Sure, 40 minutes isn't ideal, but it normally takes me around an hour solo.

No. 660031

I cant think of a better person to do a 'creating online content' panel, Baylee finessed 1M followers with shit art. Hell, I'd take her advice too.

No. 660329

LMAO u right tho

No. 660645

Day 2 of the ani revo thing
that panel looks awkward
also re yesterday's one, a THOUSAND DOLLARS in ONE DAY selling shitty badges with other people's characters on them. fml

No. 660665

She tells people to use instagram yet she hardly uses it herself. She really didn't do anything to gain popularity besides start out at the right time lol.

No. 660859

File: 1533857583488.png (142.18 KB, 614x581, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 00.3…)

I thought she would at least do a video/giveway on her channel as not everyone can watch her twitch all day.

No. 660902

She'll probably still post something. Probably some like 40 second video with one thank you and how to enter.

No. 661107

So I went to Barnes and noble, was looking at art books and Baylee’s was there. How on earth did this book get published? She offers nothing new, it’s all advice you can find on google or Pinterest. And they explain things better than Baylee does in the book. Her explanations are so vague that it hurts to know young artists are buying it. I flipped through it and didn’t learn anything new from it. It should’ve been focused on copics only, it’s so jumbled with every art medium. I’d give it a half star out of 5 lol

No. 661110

File: 1533880027532.jpeg (517.09 KB, 1536x2048, 9FBFE62C-6A8C-418B-A6B3-49FE42…)

No. 661111

I've never seen her book in person and I go to Barnes and Noble pretty often. But I've seen the inside of it and like you was not impressed. Also, she was giving some pretty bad advice about brushes and how "the rulez don't matter lol" even though some mediums are super destructive for non mixed media brushes (like mixing watercolor brushes with oil paints) I think she mentioned in a vlog that she wouldn't do a book deal with Impact again due to money reason SHOCKER

No. 661112

File: 1533880115161.jpeg (693.53 KB, 1850x2048, 31B13759-C392-4189-9A7A-B61166…)

I can’t with these explanations haha

No. 661140

wow she has no idea how to draw men. this looks like a little boy in a fake moustache or a fakeboi

No. 661751

File: 1533942837139.png (3.25 MB, 1334x750, 10E46080-00FC-44FA-8624-721A53…)

Everyone looks so bored at her panel… hahaha

No. 661760

File: 1533943310577.jpeg (282.54 KB, 902x750, A1D1B1BD-EC3D-4945-9F10-4527DD…)

The art she’s demonstrating looks awful. Color scheme is just… bad

No. 661762

File: 1533943415621.jpeg (130.47 KB, 956x748, 32758AA2-3BF7-413F-8192-D31682…)

No. 661783

There isn't a lot of people there, I'm actually surprised considering her sub count. I do wonder how many of them she bought lol

No. 661786

Let it be known that Baylee sucks ass at picking colors that are pleasing the eye of the general populace. That green looks like vomit next to that blue purple and the yellow being blended into that puke green looks more like a mistake than it being an intentional choice. Baylee, since you frequent this thread, pull your ugly af head outta your ass and learn to pick cohesive color schemes

No. 661834

Wow, did she pick the markers at random or something?

No. 661836

How long was the panel?

Couldn't she be bothered to draw a new drawing for it?

No. 661837

File: 1533950558269.png (351.59 KB, 601x555, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 02.2…)

Maybe mute your mic or something!

No. 661851

I think she said in one of her anirevo vlogs that she was coloring it like a 3 marker challenge because at her last coloring panel or whatever (I wasn't fully paying attention) she brought like almost or all of her copic collection.

No. 661869

File: 1533955373612.png (594.74 KB, 878x517, kiki.png)

Uhhhhh have we talked about how she's selling buttons of her cat's fur for $5 a set yet? Bitch what the fuck

No. 661927

>>661869 i cant be the only one who thinks that looks like pubes

No. 661942

God, at least put the hairs into a cool pattern

No. 661990

man every time i get recommended one of her videos and have to see that smug bucktooth icon i wanna punch shit

No. 661996

this. ffs she could have shaped it like a little cat or something.

No. 662016

This actually looks gross, I know people who make little necklaces and things with their own pets' hair, but why would anyone buy this?

No. 662025

To be fair I'm not sure how she would even do that. Pretty sure she just dropped a bunch of car fur in her button press to see if it would work. She didn't seem to mention them again in any of the con stuff so maybe she realized they looked like pubes and didn't actually try to sell them?

Idk, it's from her most recent con prep vlog, she said something like
>There are people who would actually buy this! Hehehe I probably would if there were pets I watched a lot online!

No. 662038

Uh this is fucking disgusting. Are we supposed to be impressed by her candidness or something?

No. 662065

Seriously, Baylee…. all people have bowel movements, what makes you think people are interested in yours… fucking nasty.

She has no shame, her gross out humor is supposed to make her relatable and oh so funny, but it comes across to me as sleazy and gross.

No. 662075

Looking at her con vlogs she's a terrible seller, constantly has her camera out or is looking at other stuff, in her time lapse you can see so many people walk by and she never looks up to say hello or acknowledge them. I doubt she'd sell anything if it wasn't for people who know her off YT.

No. 662127

Disney girl crazy levels are right up there with horse girls- and Baylee is definitely crazy and DEFINITELY a Disney girl. It's fucking wild, she acts like an overgrown toddler.

No. 662154

How about a Disney girl on a Disney style horse

No. 662179

lmao i remember when the ytac posted their zodiac pieces and i saw all the ones in my sub box and was like “wow, these are so beautiful!” then i made the mistake of checking out baylee’s…yiiiikes. that might actually be the worst case of her art looking mediocre/ugly compared to the other artists in that collective.

No. 662225

File: 1534008179419.png (399.64 KB, 687x445, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 18.2…)

> clickbait

Also her 24 hour stream is live right now.

No. 662232

This is her one million subs video then.
She has not actually drawn a million of them and just tells her story about youtube.

No. 662269

I'm probably reading too deep into it, but I feel like this is a spin on Kasey's 1000 ants video for her 100k special (who also didn't use a clickbait title).

No. 662315

Why does she have to have her ugly, salmon face in every thumbnail?

No. 662458

Her giveaway is mostly cheap things and her art. The copic are nice and the lightbox if you dont have one but everything else is just heh

No. 662479

Her mentioning her "poo emergency" on Twitter was fucking disgusting. WHY does she think people want to know about that!? Like imagine announcing your diarrhea to thousands of people on the internet

No. 662495

Agreed, that's pretty disgusting. What makes it worse is that she seemingly takes pride in her bowel movements, which is on another level of repugnant

No. 662539

File: 1534041187121.jpeg (210.63 KB, 1749x1080, 803F8F5E-3FD8-4AF1-B3FE-A77C8C…)

Baylee in that thumbnail lol

No. 662544

Is Baylee really that socially inept that she thinks her sharts are "quirky?" I really do think that her leaving the studio has done a number on her ability to understand what is fucking disgusting and what is actually funny.

No. 662574

I thought the exact same thing, and I don't think it's the first time that she's copied Kasey's ideas. I'm not particularly a fan of Kasey, but she was the first person I saw make a video saying she'll redraw the images of her followers' art (as opposed to the other way around). And then Baylee did it a week later or something. Kasey has less followers currently, but I think her growth rate is much faster than Baylee's right now.

No. 662584

Baylee has a history of copying other people's ideas. She did this before with LavenderTowne and got very defensive about it. She goes where the clickbait is lol

No. 662608

File: 1534054046394.jpg (127.09 KB, 1020x1275, shady.jpg)

Has anyone else seen this? Waffles drew it for Baylee but it just feels shady to me.

No. 662609

Who all is in ytac anyway?

No. 662612

My sides. Waffles you're doing the lords work

No. 662615

This is hilarious. Not sure it's meant to be shade though, since ~quirky XD~ is Baylee's whole shitck.

No. 662637

Even if it’s not directly shading baylee, it’s still great at giving us a laugh. (maybe bc it shows just how dumb her quirky shtick looks on her) Also, I haven’t looked at Waffles’s work in a long ass time, but she seems to have improved a ton. Good for her.

No. 662638

File: 1534060053389.jpeg (530.76 KB, 1659x2048, 333D85E1-EF0D-4B94-9625-50A1F8…)

Bubble buddy as a hot guy…… ………. …………

No. 662639

would be pree accurate if she didn’t give lazee’s hair actual volume and curls

No. 662641

File: 1534060239853.jpeg (514.65 KB, 750x1004, 79CFA66B-3D35-48D7-B6C2-7610CB…)

Seriously… that’s her $3000 stream reward…?

No. 662643

It was funny once, Baylee.

No. 662644

Amazing how she’s ahead of all these artists with actual ORIGINAL ideas. How is she ahead of more talented artists? Jazz’s grew exponentially, but he doesn’t do only art.

No. 662645

I’m pretty sure her next drawing will be pikachu as a hot guy….

No. 662647

Not to tinfoil but you have to wonder if she's bought some of her subs. Her usual schtick of QUIRKINESS can only appeal to people for so long

No. 662648

I personally thinks it almost borders on flattering to Baylee - her real hair is flat and she is in no way shape or form an hourglass body type. Though, I'm not sure Baylee is even aware of that second part based on her magical girl drawing and he way she dresses.
I do wonder how much interaction with Baylee from other artists is just because of her follower count?

No. 662652

The primary force on YT is little kids, which is why people like Jake Paul and his brother are so famous. Sadly, skill has nothing to do with gettings subs, but being able to be somewhat entertaining, which she does do decently. I certainly remember being dumb as fuck at 12/13 and probably would have gone "tehee butts xD" at that Bubble Buddy drawing.

No. 662653

and just to add, she may have hit 1M subs but looking at her socialblade her channel is already past its peak growth. She mostly stays afloat by being aware of trends and hopping on whatever other people are doing that takes off.

No. 662677

Please no.
This series is like something you would have posted on deviant art and then be embarrassed by it a few years down the line.

No. 662701

>>662645 - Please no @ Pikachu as a hot guy.

No. 662828

As bad as her art can be, the fact that this is her second charity live stream and she raises a great amount for animals is pretty nice. She might be childish sometimes but she at least puts some of her energy into helping rather than drawing guys with abs.

No. 662873

Please yes. Minions would work too. Or Bugs-Bunny.
What am I saying, I cringe while writing this. Did Baylee not cringe drawing the bubble guy?

No. 663274

For me, the hot guy series just elicits a mental faceplalm more than anything else. Baylee, your audience is primarily under 13 years, don't bombard them with what you'd see in a Calvin Klein ad, for God's sake.

No. 663374

she could have at least made it look like bubbles, but instead she uses some radioactive green and purple nickolodeon slime colors? Drawing a bubble person would be difficult even for a decent artist, but of course baylee doesn’t care about making a good looking piece. She just cares about what’s amusing/what will sell, and I guess she thought the “pun” was just too good to resist. (on a side note, I have never met anyone above the age of maybe 7 who loves spongebob anywhere close to how much she does.)

No. 663660

Not sure if it's just the perspective but Holy shit look those giant man hands.
Waffles is a fucking queen lmao

No. 663824

I do think it was supposed to be the perspective.

No. 663830

I’m glad the kitties are getting money, thanks Baylee. Glad she’s using that popularity for something bigger than herself.

No. 663997

File: 1534210400598.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg)

She says something like this again in her "1M Subs Reaction, Stream Prep & Whatnot" vlog like having the counter up and being afraid she was going to miss it because she had the "emergency poos". So disgusting. In one of her recent convention vlogs she shows meeting various fans who stop by her table and they're literally all just children or tweens probably buying her shit with their parents' money. Obviously they relate to her because she acts like a child herself.

No. 664004

Sry samefag, but in this vlog she also talks about picking up the glass that her cat shattered (uploaded today). Didn't that happen weeks ago or am I crazy? Did she just let the broken glass sit there for that long?

No. 664024

Intentional or not, the perspective is unflattering. If waffles didn’t do this to shade Baylee she should be embarrassed, the whole thing looks rushed and the dark shading on the bottom is weird. Waffles might have improved her rendering skills but that’s not the direction she needs to improve imo

No. 664025

Oh gee I just love hearing about her sharts again

No. 664032

What confuses me is how her home always seems so messy yet she makes a big ta do about how much she cleans. Like how can two adults and two cats make this much of a mess? But her leaving that glass was is freaking irresponsible especially since she was all over social media dragging her neighbor for not looking for his pet. I honestly can't with this girl anymore, if she and her husband are that sloppy they need to hire a housekeeper or something.

No. 664033

Don't we all lol but what's really cringy is how she never grew out of the lol so random "quirky" humor that popular in 2012. Not only is her fashion stunted in the children's section but so has her ability to understand social ques.

No. 664150

One thing that bugs the crap out of me that I haven't seen many people talk about is that stupid Stitch sounding voice she uses when talking to the cats

No. 664153

Again?! She needs to see a doctor. Shitting yourself regularly isn't normal or cute.

No. 664273

So does she ever like… practice drawing? other than during the sketchbook slam challenge I have never seen her just practice drawing poses or figures or experiment with color palettes and shading. She always just goes straight into a big finished piece. It's probably why she works so slowly

No. 664279

I think it's pretty clear that she only draws if it's for a video or for merch etc. Even the sketchbook slam challenge was only for content and she didn't shut up about it for months.

No. 664401

new vlog

No. 664460

File: 1534271667303.png (457.74 KB, 627x626, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 19.3…)

she retweeted this.

No. 665376

new video… god the colors look so wrong and muddy. the other "hot " guy drawings she did at least look like they had some amount of effort? this looks so rushed ugh…. at least no skillshare today am i right lads

No. 665494

I’m SO tired of this HOT guy series….. seems people are liking it, wonder when it’s going to get stale for them. She could be drawing more elaborate pieces but she sticks to inferior crap. Guess the “sketchbook slam taught her nothing

No. 665524


finally the death of Doodle Domain, after what, five videos? and then this two 'art' videos a week thing will last about six weeks, probably.

No. 665734

Does Baylee ever do charity for human causes?

No. 665877

It’s not an issue.

No. 666002

I don’t think so, but like the other anon says, that’s a purely subjective thing. There’s no real point in arguing over whether she should donate to kittens in shelters or homeless people or kids in need or what have you.

No. 666122

Kitten shelters & rescues need all the help they can get, good for her for donating, can't hate on that.

No. 666125

Is this supposed to be Baylee as one of her "hot guys"?

No. 666803

Why does that matter… What the hell

No. 666929

So tired of her talking about making buttons…. omg that’s all her streams are now…. buttons, buttons, buttons

No. 666930

Oh god that bugs the shit outta me… BEEEBEE…

No. 667021

let's face it tho, most pet owners talk to their animals with a dumb silly voice

No. 667218

File: 1534538697598.jpeg (334.35 KB, 900x750, E2F72652-88F6-4873-9FDF-A12196…)

No. 667222

File: 1534538853663.jpeg (94.34 KB, 804x750, 6EFDF220-4EDA-431A-B34B-34FDF5…)

Why is she so proud of her triple chin…. I mean that’s fine but she’s always making the dumbest faces

No. 667224

She probably does that during sex ahahaha

No. 667238

She’s trying to be ethan from H3H3

No. 667285

Is she seriously at another con? Or is that a mall? Time to buy everything at the Disney store,huh, Baylee?

No. 667306

lol anyone who thinks they don't sound completely ridiculous while talking to their pets is delusional.

No. 667311

Can you all learn to sage instead of bumping this thread when literally nothing is happening? Thanks

No. 667659

33 minutes of her reacting to her old animations.

Moved onto a Wix sponsor now but she shouldn't be all like 'I can't believe I'm putting this on the internet!'

No. 667662

File: 1534606713807.png (305.31 KB, 614x383, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 16.3…)

No. 667842

Couldn’t even watch 5 minutes it was very boring. Why doesn’t she do an oil painting or something. She hasn’t done one this year!

No. 667843

I like Lisa Frank, but spongebob? That’s such an odd mix

No. 667918

just saw bunny wearing this too
hot topic just throws random shit together now its like a ripoff of a random chinese store rip off

whats next? toy story but all the characters are bts?

No. 668169

File: 1534666962962.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, 684E24E1-34DE-4C03-B053-A9E581…)

She looks like she’s in her late 40s in this pic.

No. 668183

I didn't realize her last name was Neubeker.

Other than that this was more boring than I expected, and way too long. She should just have showed their demo reels, but I guess that'd be less watchtime.

No. 668191


I don't know, part of me can't believe she threw an actual party with her irl friends for reaching 1M.

I get it's a big milestone but it seems really weird and stupid to me?

No. 668196

i guess to her it seems like a big deal for all of the “work” she’s put into it, but it’s weird to me too. the best i can think to compare it to is celebrating something at your workplace, except bc you’re self-employed and don’t actually have coworkers, you just invite your friends so they can marvel at your success/fame.

No. 668231

They threw it for her. In a vlog she said it’s weird but since she doesn’t do it for herself it’s ok

No. 668269

Is she wearing yellow lipstick?

No. 668282


I don't know;I wouldn't be surprised if she just claims that because she knows people will think it's weird?

Either way, it seems a bit silly and she should really refrain from wearing 'gold lipstick, especially with that hair!

No. 668538

File: 1534721206343.jpeg (504.8 KB, 750x694, CB7B83DD-E11D-4CAA-AFB0-7589A8…)

They were wearing gold lipstick lol

No. 668555

yea i have no doubt she did it and just said other people did it.

No. 668720

I don't think it's weird tbh. Doesn't seem different from inviting your friends for drinks because you got a promotion.

No. 668774

Yeah this doesn't seem that weird to me either, her internet presence is basically her job.

No. 668932

She and her friends watch her videos together (in one of her vlogs they cast her spider video to the TV and were watching it) so it doesn't seem that weird to me her Internet career seems to be most of her personality and a big presence in her relationships.
Christian even mentioned her twitch streams in their wedding vows eugh

No. 669222

Mentioning her streams in their actual wedding vows. Wow… Just wow

No. 669266

who cares what they said in their vows? they're personal and for the couple. you guys are nitpicking this dried up cow hardcore.

No. 669390

does anyone else think Baylee and Draw with Waffles have the exact same personality and way of speaking..

No. 669424

Agree with this. It's just a lot of reaching and "hurr, so cringy!! xD" at this point.

No. 669679

…really poor fit here, yikes

No. 670051

I mentioned it as an example of her Internet career being a massive part of her personality and her relationships therefore her having this subscriber milestone party doesn't seem strange at all rather than making a random unrelated jab at her

You're right about the vows being personal and anyone else's thoughts are irrelevant to them but as a viewer it's still cringey and tacky to hear

No. 670071

i think it’s bc we view her whole internet career as cringey and not really deserving of its fame, so the fact that it’s such a big part of her life and other relationships is what makes them seem “shallow”, i guess u could say. Although that shows how much she loves it I guess. I don’t doubt that she enjoys art to some degree, but it really has become apparent that the YouTube lifestyle is what she truly enjoys.

No. 670137

I don't really dislike Baylee, I just wish she was better at what she does. It'd be cool if she took some courses or went to a life drawing class or even just took her sketchbook to a zoo or park. I know a lot of young kids look up to her and the best kind of artistic role model is one who never stops learning. Unfortunately she seems really complacent and I doubt most of her younger viewers possess the attention span to actually try to learn with her, and the ones that do are probably following better artists, lol.

No. 670255

Damn throughout the entire thing her animations were so stiff, there was hardly any flow that seemed natural

No. 670322

she really is the Andrew Dobson/Tom Preston of the YouTube Art community.

Hopelessly lazy, completely complacent and unwilling to put in even the tiniest bit of effort to improve her technical ability as well as being completely unable to stand any sort of critique or advice.

Just as Dobbles will always be content with his number 2 pencil and his photoshop fill bucket, she will always be content with her muddy copic colouring, her stiff lifeless ugly style(s) and her limited range of subject matter.

If you haven't seen ForeverPandering's Sins of A Complacent Artist I really recommed it to all artists it is a true lesson on how NOT to handle online popularity as an artist and a lot of the issues are so very relevant to Baylee (all except for the political strawman stuff which Baylee is not guilty of)

No. 670560

This looks like something else lol

No. 670635

oh boy

No. 670752

"heckin borker"????? in 2018??? yikes

No. 671143

There's something so gross about seeing someone use such nice traditional 'aesthetic' materials to create such ugly basic cartoon doodles

Also how can you draw that many 'different faces' and they all still look identical. Yikes.

No. 671253

the way she talks is so cringy…

No. 671592

the faces look so shit i cant deal with this

No. 671637

I've never seen her use ink before, why did she buy the entire set of colored inks?

No. 671758

File: 1535071511845.jpeg (218.69 KB, 750x697, DD9DF9CD-7D46-4AD0-933C-810B9F…)

Too bad, so sad…. ahahaha

No. 671927

Disney fan girls are the worst.

No. 672285


Christ the tickets for that are $2,500 just for the ticket. you have to add on flights and hotels etc presumably. I know she did this last time as well, so she really does have a LOT of spare cash. Her family mush be well off and/or her husband must have a very high salary, either that or selling ugly badges with copied fan art on them somehow allows you to drop six or seven grand on a three day holiday. not including all the overpriced crappy merchandise she'll come back with

No. 672448

Every single one of those faces; potato nose, mug handle ears and side-eye.

No. 672614

im just lost for words at how she can be so bad at drawing faces after doing art for as long as she has

No. 672668

she actually seemed to be improving at one point but then just totally regressed. its really sad.

No. 672760

What the hell is up with those ears? I don't remember her drawing them like that before.

No. 672772

Now that she has found her "style", she stopped trying altogether and only draws that one face.

No. 672801

lol shes going to forget how to draw other types of faces

No. 672913

as if she ever knew

No. 672986

>>670560 it's too bad that she's regressed so hard because I used to really like her as a beginner artist. All of those faces are identical, and you cant blame style because many people can draw different faces and make them actually LOOK different but within the same style.

No. 672994

Well. This was painful to watch

No. 673000

man, she's such a dried up, boring cow, now. I feel like she's peaked.

No. 673002


what the hell is that thing?

No. 673012

She'll do anything to avoid those oil paintings, huh?

No. 673055

I don't mean to sound like a sperg but this shit has been bothering me since I grew out of watching her. I cannot stand the sound of her fucking voice and salmon face, her lack of motivation to improve is frustrating because she has all of the time/money in the world to practice and evolve away from those ugly af potato faces, her color choices are almost as bad as Holly BRown's, and her hoarding of art supplies that she never touches is painful to look at. I honestly can't wait for her channel to fail and for the adpocolyps to finally effect her the way it has everyone else, because omg she might actually have to budget like the rest of us and not be able to go to Disney every other month. Also, she doesn't appreciate her subscribers and talks to them like shit, therefore she doesn't deserve those 1 million subscribers. Anyways, can't wait to watch her shitty world fall apart.

No. 673156

what keeps bothering me is her complaining about how long it takes her to do these drawings, to me it just sounds like she just wants to get this over with, as if it's a nuisance to her

No. 673175

File: 1535229404552.png (433.92 KB, 760x440, Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 21.3…)

Okay then.

No. 673365

She has the dumbest video ideas now. Pretty sure kids are going to flock to this video and are gonna accidentally click on the risqué hot guy videos. This is what we mean about her not picking video ideas meant for her audience.

No. 673395


You just said everything I think about her and her boring channel. People like artbykarenehaley can’t even get enough money from their channel to have a working computer, yet Baylee makes enough to vacation to Disney three or more times a year. It sucks good artists on YT or freelancers can’t make the living Baylee does. Baylee is not that great.

No. 673397

She just got fucking lucky…… really freaking lucky

No. 673401

File: 1535245402527.jpeg (133.86 KB, 784x750, 0C9C852B-CEE1-4B22-ACD7-FDA8BC…)

I don’t even know what to think about this…. lol

No. 673485

Was she ever really that much of a cow? She's a mediocre "artist" with a platform, those are a dime a dozen thanks to social media

No. 673561


I wasn't around for all her threads, but at the very least she's an easy target. A YouTuber who played at being an artist and happened to be there at the right place at the right time on yt. Her stuff never was too terribly interesting, only that she seemed to enjoy art and be more genuine than she does now, after all the fame.

But aside from an inflated ego, mediocre art and boring videos she's just a little cringe, not necessarily cow material like say Holly…

No. 673620

Thanks for introducing me to karenhaley, decent art and a chill voice

sage 4 no contribute

No. 673710

karen has a decent number of subs still (22k), some art youtubers with decent skills can't even break 10k :|

No. 673749

I honestly think her animations are pretty good. I wish she had actually talked about the animation instead of just saying "oh my god it's so bad" over and over again though.

If she were to do more animation I think it could pull in more views and make current subscribers less bored with her content. Even if it's just cutesy pixel art. She never will though, since she can't sell animations at cons.

No. 673760

She could have done something really interesting with this idea. The play doh has so much texture and I could see doing a van gogh style painting with it, mixing the colors together on the canvas. Instead she just tried to do the same blocky cartoony style in a different medium. boring.

No. 674113

it was annoying how she was complaining throughout the whole voice over about how long it took like??

No. 674137

File: 1535340068365.jpeg (290.53 KB, 654x707, F99353B8-86BF-4185-B584-4710E2…)

Those eyebrows look so weird tho, why are there 2 dark patches at the beginning of them lol

No. 674143

The dark patches are her real eyebrow hairs and the rest is the microblading.

No. 674157

I've always been confused by the color, I knew she got microblading but did she go back and get it redone in pink when she changed her hair color?

No. 674183


If you don't get them touched up they continue to fade at a faster rate than any other type of tattoo.

No. 674264

File: 1535360848823.jpg (76.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm not sure which is better

No. 674273

Unpopular opinion but I think she looks way better with the microbladed brows. She's gotta maintain them though cause they're starting to look pretty faded.

No. 674284

You have no fucking clue how pixel art works do you? God how can you be so jeallus of her if you don't even know anything about art.
Anyways her animations weren't good at all. And she knows that, don't act like anybody wants to see shitty 3D animation on a Copic based artist.

No. 674314

Here's the thing most of the animation in the video was her old student work (???) I look back at some of the work I did as a student and think its terrible.

She could do something with those skills she has but it would probably take too long with all the twitch streams etc.

No. 674354

Dude chill out, not everybody majors in animation and unless you study and work in it most people can't recognize the same mistakes as someone who has learned the same basic material.

Her animation work is decent for someone at a beginner level but there are a lot of mistakes that would not allow her to get hired at any professional animation studios.

All of her animations are stiff and hold no weight at all which was especially apparent in her flour sack and ball with legs classic animation.

The part where the guy was walking up the steps was actually pretty good but everything else felt robotic and uncanny. Her story boards and frame positions were pretty bad too with loads of tangents and centering stuff right in the middle which teachers try to steer you away from since it makes the scene look less cinematic and boring.

It's passable for a first year but anything else would mean she wasn't paying attention to what her teachers were trying to explain.

I'm surprised she stopped working on animation, if she had kept at it for a few more years and really hunkered down on learning why and how certain things worked she could have actually gotten into a decent studio and could have worked her way up to Disney if she worked hard enough and knew the right people.

No. 674366

>really hunkered down on learning why and how certain things worked she could have actually gotten into a decent studio and could have worked her way up to Disney
That's the issue though. You have to work a lot, and everyone wants to work at the big studios so it's quite competitive.

I always get the impression Baylee likes being an artist, or being a creative professional, but only the "fun" parts, not the hard work it takes to build your skills, or actually producing art, hence why she's so slow (lack of practice), and always complaining about how much work an illustration was. It's the same with other YT artists like RaeDizzle or ChloeRose, they get off being an ~artiste~, but are unaware of the quality of their own work compared to their peers in the real world.

No. 674920

File: 1535453417759.png (5.45 MB, 2208x1242, 2B83D5A2-9F34-4698-854D-038F16…)

>literally looks like shit on a canvas

No. 675407

She posted a bunch of pics on Instagram of her holding the Golden play button and managed to cut her finger on it (and of course because it's baylee, she had to take a picture of her gross open cut as well).

This is probably like the sketchbook slam all over again she's probably not gonna shut up about her million for weeks on end. Even though her contemporaries have long past that mark.

No. 675568

File: 1535553687320.png (704.61 KB, 954x535, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 15.4…)

No. 675569

Would you not put something like that in a frame right away before photographing it in your garden?

No. 675587

A dedicated video to the infamous gold play button…. wonder how long it’ll take to get to 2 million….. hopefully she fizzles out by then.

No. 675592

ten THOUSAND likes

see this is why I still like this thread, despite people saying she's not enough of a cow. I just need to know that there are some people that recognise her drawings for the shite they are. when every video or ig post of hers is full of children going 'OMG you are so TALENTED' and people will buy any piece of paper she's scribbled on for $200, it gets dispiriting pretty quickly. i need to vent sometimes is all

No. 675657

Whoa, she got that pretty quickly, I always heard people taking weeks to get their play buttons.

The next one is 10M though, so that definitely won't happen.

No. 675764

File: 1535571659330.jpeg (164.73 KB, 987x749, B6E751B6-FB5D-4186-8602-D7A477…)

Always with the stupid faces….

No. 675782

File: 1535572828585.png (3.07 MB, 1334x750, 3CE326EE-BBBA-4779-A8FF-6609ED…)

This overly quirky wannabe creeper face is just uncomfortable. But maybe that’s what she want you to feel…. I can’t…..

No. 675783

File: 1535572871659.jpeg (542.68 KB, 820x750, 7310A87B-E84A-41EE-9B24-A6BAF0…)

No. 675812

>>675783 god. i understand having some pictures with the ugly faces, but does she have to do it for every one? that last one would look nice if she just smiled for once. also that shirt is really ugly.

No. 676160

jfc that expression just screams, “greed!!” i know it’s more so meant to be silly, but it’s a lil freaky. that’s probably the same expression she makes when she spends thousands of dollars on limited edition dolls and toys.

No. 676310

File: 1535640649300.png (511 KB, 635x385, bayl.PNG)

watching an old vlog of hers because youtube hates me, and happened to hit pause here. she looks like one of her characters, now I know why she does noses like she does

No. 676416

She’s making a fursona…..haha

No. 676508

I still watch her videos just so I can keep up with how bad she's doing, and she better not fuckin' make a "fursona".

No. 676510

It can't actually go it a frame, it's a huge chunk of metal

No. 676565

With sharp edges??
She could make one with that saw of hers, I guess.

No. 676569

Wow, she actually doesn't look terrible here. How old is this?

No. 676570

She made one… like why. Next month she will have a tail, and start meowing at Christian. Maybe being in her house all day has given her hay fever and this is just the beginning of it.

No. 676908

No. 677139

Her thumbnails are increasingly disgusting. When will she learn that pulling a dumb face isn't ~quirky~ and instead just makes her look retarded/ugly as sin?

No. 677240

No. 677439

110% agree, I'm here for the same reasons

No. 677668

File: 1535776820187.jpg (263.67 KB, 1071x1855, IMG_20180901_143750.jpg)

jesus CHRIST why would you post this on the Internet?

but also she's talking on twitter about how she missed a flight, had to buy new tickets where she could only get business class but boasting about all the "free" stuff she's getting in the lounge..? solid baylee logic.

No. 677687

I don't think she'll stop making faces anytime soon, it's her ~brand~ now. Her pre-teen audience will think it's funny and ""quirky"".

Also flying business class is nice, so might as well make the best of your fuck-up? Don't really see anything wrong with that.

No. 677703

if someone told me this was a pic of an elderly woman who just went through several rounds of plastic surgery on her face and got a cheap halloween wig just to try to look younger, i’d believe them.

No. 677736

Damn, she got fat, haven’t watched her for a while….

No. 677737

Where is she flying to?

No. 677744

I think it's less about being quirky and more because she's trying to "own" her perceived ugliness. people who think they are ugly will pull faces and shit so at best people think "oh they're just making a face" without passing judgement on their actual appearance, or at worst they hope they don't come off as being confident because society expects ugly people to be insecure and accused them of being delusional of they aren't. (source: I'm ugly lol)

that said I don't think bailey is ugly. yeah she's overweight and makes shitty style choices but in normal pictures she has a cute face. she should stop trying so hard.

No. 677803

it's only from July 2017!

No. 677824

File: 1535809391212.png (275.35 KB, 578x397, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 14.3…)

> 'The furry video"

Didn't she have some sort of animal she related to in her really old vlogs that she was too embarrassed to share, I think its in one of the older threads but it shows how times have changed.

It already feels like she made this furry video for the views.

No. 677943

> I Tried Drawing FURRIES

Look she's hamming this up!

No. 677952

Exposing yiff to her young audience, I can’t …..

No. 677957

She’s actually drawing something different than a girl for once. She mentioned in the video she has vitiligo, didn’t know that.

No. 677968

Makes me think of when I was 12 and I would hide my characters' hands behind their back so I would'nt have to draw them… The pose itself isn't so bad but the arms' position makes it so weird. The anatomy is bad too.

No. 677988

eh, it's actually kinda cute? I think seeing something that isn't a potato nosed girl for once is refreshing.

No. 678037

i mean, if you have been a furry for long time time you know there is something inherently sexual about it (but im glad she separated it for the kids… tho, showing the yiff subreddit was…kinda weird)

but it was funny how she was kinda walking on eggshells (like ''i dont want to talk in behalf of them!'') like, we aint a protected minority

No. 678344

For someone who hasn't drawn furries/anthropomorphic animals… this isn't bad at all?! Especially for a first try, it's better than expected.
This is a very weird thought, especially in regards to Baylee. But she actually has… potential to be a furry artist?! After years of drawing bizarre Disney faces, this may actually be her calling.
At least, drawing different animals characters will give her art a little more variety. But it's just funny to think that her quality would get better once she draws furries.

No. 678411

and as someone whos drawn quite a few, her first furry was really good she just needs to become a furry

No. 680051

I just really love how she showed more respect towards, and care about the feelings of, the furry community than she did the black people complaining about her stupid little mascot doll.

No. 680208

>>680051 im sorry, im not up to date on the other threads. what's the controversy with her mascot?

No. 680353

Her dad gave her a doll that looked like a golliwog, or stereotype of a black person. She didn't pay attention or simply didn't care about the backlash, until she decided to paint it brown, to make it less offensive. That didn't work either, and the doll has been removed from recent videos

No. 680649

How did I miss it all together?! Never seen that doll. She got backlash for receiving a stereotypical doll tho :/?

No. 680780

This is was the doll, she called her Judy

No. 680784

she very easily could have not showed it. I've got a youtube channel and have easily not shown 95% of my possessions on it.

No. 680876

I remember when she painted her doll for the makeover and was upset in a vlog that it didn’t go over well, and was sad she ruined the present her dad gave her lol

No. 681077

Oh god!

No. 681399

i mean, it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t realize the meaning behind the doll when she originally got it and turned it into a “meme”, but…trying to paint it brown after people tell her about the issue?? Really?? at least she decided not to show it anymore, which is what she should’ve done in the first place rather than trying to make it less offensive somehow.

No. 681485

File: 1536159170618.png (279.75 KB, 619x767, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 15.5…)

Spooky click bait vlog coming soon.

No. 682051

Oh joy…

No. 684106

her life must not be very interesting if she gets this worked up over a weird voicemail.

No. 684884

Holy shit, how did you know??1!!!111!

No. 685462

wow who would've thought

No. 685543

I like the way the time is circled in the thumbnail. Its like no one has ever been a bit scared by noises etc at that time of night.

No. 686227

Does she ever eat anything healthy? All those friend monochromatic meals in the vlogs make me sad.

No. 686703

Customizing dolls now….

No. 686706

she looks 20 years older in this thumbnail that she usually does, damn.

No. 686786

Why did she have to buy, like, 5 dolls when she said she was only going to use like one or two of the dolls that she bought??

No. 687148

to “collect” them, i’d assume, otherwise known as sitting them eternally on one of her many shelves filled with super expensive figurines and toys whose only purpose is for her to gaze over them every once in a while and feel filled with gratification for her hoarding.

also, is it just me, or is she making a lot of haul videos recently? i can’t believe she said that she wanted to make a series of vids where she goes out, buys some random art supplies, and then makes something with it before. A couple vids is alright, but we know she’ll never use that many supplies outside of the vids since she doesn’t even try out or learn to use the nice stuff she has now! (like the professional grade watercolors) She doesn’t have any passion for learning more about art; she just likes to have pretty books and supplies to look at and make her feel like she’s a “real” artist.

No. 687189

They can go in her toy room or something. Does she even bother with that room anymore?

No. 687447

File: 1536867802419.png (376 KB, 614x477, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 20.4…)

No. 688068

this is gonna be such a trainwreck

No. 688620

at least she was honest about it going to be not good like most doll faceup videos on YT are really good and done by much more skilled artists

No. 689017

Be Prepared….

No. 689023

WTF? she couldn't even boil some clean hot water she had to use nasty old kureig water really? Couldn't find an easier way there? So she didn't have any of the real supplies that she needed to do this, didn't look into getting any of the cheaper alternatives (and there are many she only had to look up a list or watch one of the face-up youtubers they all pretty much have an expensive prof. quality list and a cheaper start off list) and the doll looks like a cheap chinese factory made barbie now because of it.

that faceup is horrible, legit horrible I've seen so much better from other dolling newbies this is sad, why does she half ass everything?

No. 689026

Most of her video is her saying she could not be bothered doing this or that, was too much work, takes too much time etc. like does Baylee think these dolls are made in 2 days!? She can’t be bothered to put even a weeks worth of work into one project for better results….

No. 689030

File: 1537048202714.jpeg (342.9 KB, 750x750, 338074B8-9FB0-434A-9D1F-EACEC4…)

Those hands creep me out, she painted them to look like gloves haha

No. 689054

Imagine what she could do if she didn't rush everything over 2- 3 days.

No. 689067


If she'd have at least used MSC she could have done the hair properly as it is the doll isn't even sealed so if its knocked by one of the cats and comes into any contact with water its ruined. MSC and watercolour pencils are the most basic supplies for doll face ups. I can't believe how ugly it is for how long it took her. She put such little effort into researching the basics like making a pattern and supplies and it's not like the information isn't everywhere.

No. 689087

Honestly, it looks tacky more than anything else. Like dollar store cheap. The eyes don't appear to be even, and none of it looks finished, particularly the clothes.

No. 689090

Are you joking, when I first did a face up (EAH doll was on sale dont judge me i had the tools already) it took me 3hours to crank it out and it didn't come out even half as patchy, shaky and overall sloppy? Her lines are as harsh and insecure as teens in arts classes. It's so difficult to watch someone who has surrounded herself with art for so many years, is a grown woman and still make things you find on the etsy page of a 47yr old woman going through a mid life crisis thinking art would be her independent source of income.
Seriously though, how can you fuck up painting over a dolls face thats so 3 dimensional. You have ALL the guidelines, you would only have to be so utter shit at using your supplies for this to be the outcome.

No. 689097

She didn't even bother with the hair
She just glued the yarn and moved on
it looks nothing like her drawing, it's just puffy all over

No. 689154

at least the color scheme for the outfit on the doll clashes less than the original picture.

No. 689298

She can’t style her own hair much less a dolls lmao

No. 689299

She kept complaining she can’t paint small details, uhh get a pair of reading glasses and a smaller brush… damn this girl doesn’t try does she…

No. 689303

Her hair would match the dolls perfectly if it wasn't for the fact that it has more volume then hers

No. 689452

Came back to this thread after a year because I saw baylee’s doll video in my recommended. Wow she really hasn’t changed.
She’s so damn lazy and clearly just wants content, most of the OOAK doll community puts so much effort into dolls because they’re passionate about it.
She’s clearly just seen a couple of videos and needed it for content

No. 689453

The doll's hair also isn't long as it is in the drawing either. Like it wouldn't have been THAT difficult for her to cut longer strands of yarn…

No. 689457

that would’ve taken effort

No. 689576

The length of the yarn doesn't really matter, after you start brushing it, you will reveal how long the strands "inside the yarn" actually are. It is possible to get it longer, but you cannot comb to style the hair then. Mozekyto had a tutorial how to make longer yarn wig but all of her yarn wigs have the same length because of this reason.
It rubbed me the wrong way that she didn't shout-out anyone who customs dolls. Like with the yarn wig thing with mozekyto…

No. 689621

Why did she use a doll thats so much darker if it supy to he her

No. 689825

i mean if you watch the haul video, u see she gets like four different dolls and settles on that one cuz it was the easiest one to do

No. 689832

seriously, if she took the time to research and practice more and get MSC, like that would make so much of a difference. I do doll faceups for fun too and like, this is incredibly basic for a first faceup, but MSC makes a ton of difference and that's why everyone in doll faceups swears by it. Like the whining about watercolor pencils not working is WHY you get it, there's no other equivalent to it in the NA market, that's why her doll's face was so shiny.

seriously like, she keeps rushing things and rushing things doesnt lead to good work. This is very much one of those "well it's trending so i should hop on this" things

No. 689876

same. Doll community on YT shouts out each other a lot, its just trashy that she just mentions those tutorials exist instead of like linking to them or bringing up actual GOOD artists as influence. Then again, if she mentioned good art her viewers might realize she's pretty boring and stale

No. 689946

So I rewatched it to see what reasons she gave for not getting everything and it's literally 'i could not be bother." How can you have that little respect for that art form. As well its so annoying and irrating that she can't put any effort. If i was a hard core fan I would feel offended she couldn't put effort into shopping. The thing she does very often. What little respect for both the art and her audience.

No. 689948

What I don't get is that testors dullcote is like $6 a can at michaels. SHE WAS AT MICHAELS. She could have used that instead of MSC! Also I don't understand why she blew so much money on strings of beads she didn't even use, but couldn't be bothered to spend $10 on some cheap water colour pencils. And the big star on that staff is a lumpy dented mess, she didn't even try to make it remotely even.

No. 690026

It pisses me off that she picked up a ton of dolls that looked LITERALLY nothing like her. Not that it would be easy to find one but damn there is NO resemblance and its MEANT to be her

No. 690039

she chose a really tan and skinny doll lmao i thought it was black at first

No. 690341

File: 1537210012208.jpeg (94.76 KB, 793x677, F6820312-D527-4BC8-90C6-09242A…)

Her hair looks like plastered plastic here, not digging the hairstyle either

No. 690504

she spent all that time removing the paint off of the head just to paint the exact same face just worse………………

No. 690682

This is just sad. That face has less personality than most factory painted dolls. Not to mention you can see how sloppy the paint job is without even having to zoom in, and the outfit is so sloppy, my ten year old sister has made better. Just tragic in every way.

No. 690791

she ages like 10 yrs just from putting her hair up lmao

No. 691223

There’s no dolls of her body type. What was she supposed to choose?

The stitches drive me crazy.

No. 691230

A lot of doll customisers find ways to add to the body…..
if baylee was going for accuracy she would’ve done those techniques but she’s just lazy

No. 691237

Am I the only one who got quite irritated at the fact that baylee bought so many dolls even thought she only needed one?
I understand they are second hand but it’s such a waste when they’re there for kids who can’t afford new toys and baylee stuffs them in a box somewhere never to be touched again

No. 691488

tbh i see a lot of doll customizers buy used dolls for stuff. But it does bother me that she buys them but then like, probably wont ever work on another doll in the future

No. 691579

Barbie has a "chubby" Fashionista doll, which is not as thick as BJ, but better than the weirdass proportions of the MonsterHigh/whatever she picked dolls

No. 691581


She can figure it out, an easy way would be to bulk the doll up with a type of clay. But don't claim its your own lookalike doll from your lookalike character when it doesn't at all resemble anything about you.

No. 691611

are these kinds of dolls really expensive? i assumed they wouldn’t be that pricey, and even if they were, baylee just throws money at dolls and toys all the time anyways. i’m a bit surprised she chose to buy second-hand. where did she buy them from/how is she taking toys from a place where kids who can’t afford new ones go to get toys?

No. 691684

i think if you watch the haul video, you can see the price tags on the ones she gets secondhand and they're like 7$ each. A brand new MH doll is like 14-20$ USD so it's more like 20-25 CAD

No. 691712

Fashion dolls can be pretty pricey depending on where you get them, how new/in demand a specific sculpt is and whether the doll is sold on its own or in a playset. Barbies, Monster High, and Ever After High dolls can easily be up to $20 or more, sometimes in the $50-$100 range for new in box collector/ likited edition Barbies.
That said, if you're not picky and are just using the doll for faceups you can find decent quality dolls for $5 new and as low as .50 used.
I don't think it's a big deal to buy used dolls but I think the general rule is to go for dolls that need a little work, like ones that have been drawn on, are missing parts or have had unfortunate haircuts. Most of the people I watch who do toy collecting or faceups leave the stuff that's in good condition for little girls to buy rather than snatching them up.

No. 691857



No. 691859

File: 1537369582748.jpeg (380 KB, 694x750, 81EE1489-0B10-4B3A-B76D-4FC7D9…)

No. 691889

baylee once again posting challenges instead of improving her art

No. 691964

When your content is getting so boring you have to restore to doing more challenges but this time using 'witch fingers!' jeez.

No. 691997

holy shit, is this not the same thing rae did but instead of long nails its these plastic disasters?

No. 692090

why doesnt she just give up and do a craft/DIY channel already, her art is shit and she knows it

No. 692520

exactly!! i wish she did that years ago instead of acting like she has any knowledge to bring to the art community. at this point, she should donate or give away some of her supplies that aren’t copics bc there’s no way she’ll ever use them. like the watercolor paints she has no idea how to use, the oil paints she’ll never use again, maybe some of her art books she looks at once just to see all the pretty pictures and never reads the actual info in them?

No. 692587

I haven't been actively watching Baylee for awhile and wow the decline is plain as day. Her videos completely lack the passion that her old ones had and it's both sad and infuriating to watch. Baylee is another prime example of how her wealth and ego turned her into a lazy bitch.

No. 692961

File: 1537477332173.png (57.45 KB, 616x306, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 21.5…)

I'm sure she has also trashed things without knowing more information about it.

No. 692963

File: 1537477350832.png (325.83 KB, 617x510, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 22.0…)

No. 694193

Her craft channel is so boring….

No. 694196

btw what happened to # drawthisbayleejae …or her plans to do oil paintings ? …

No. 694223

she legit looks fucking pregnant

No. 694233

Usually I don't have a problem with her cats on her desk, but all that cat hair around the sticky mat made me cringe

No. 694234

I've seen two other youtube artists get or use one of these. I hope she is making stickers etc to sell and not just for what's trending in the community atm.

No. 694290

Hope she actually uses this $269 device….

No. 694292

She started Keto again, so we will see her not looking as pregnant soon haha

No. 694296

Literally just a video to show off. There was really no point to uploading this as a video. She herself said it was a disaster. Anything to get more ad revenue smh

No. 694315

keto's shit, why do everyone of these cows insist on weird trend/crash diets all the time? Just stop eating shit and drink some water, go for a walk, eat a damn banana

does she do it for attention I wonder? because they know in a week she will give up but at least all her fans cheered her on right?

No. 694323

She would be better off cutting the alcohol, sweets, extra starch, and keeping a regular exercise routine. What has always confused me is why she doesn't bother with a gym membership, she has enough money and being in an environment that promotes health would force her to take it more serious. I can't with some of these YTbers who complain about not having enough time to take care of themselves, like bitch some of us have even less time that ya'll and still find a moment to go for a walk.

No. 694352

Keto has turned into the method that fat people try and cheat the system with, because clearly they care about their health and not the comments about them looking like lard

No. 694415

I want a cricut too, so I get the appeal, but I hate bj, she doesn't have two shots together.

thanks for the laughs anon, some good dry truths in there XD

No. 694453


God, she's turning into Grav3yardgirl.

No. 694635

Crash diets are appealing to people who aren't really dedicated to make permanent changes in their diet. She might really want to lose weight, but she doesn't want to to give up her lifestyle for good. So she's trying a "miracle diet" so she can show the world that's she's trying to be healthier, maybe lose a couple pounds etc. Then when it doesn't work out and she gains the weight back she can just say the diet didn't work for her and go back to her comfort zone.

No. 695444

I wish she would contour and put on fake lashes or try and make her lashes thicker with her mascara… Baylee's eyes are already so bulgy and with her non-existent eyelashes and thick eyeliner it makes her look really gross.

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