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File: 1519004417793.png (172.99 KB, 338x402, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 8.38…)

No. 507913

The 5th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 507921

>>>/snow/440185 << Old thread

No. 508024

File: 1519008105233.jpeg (171.06 KB, 750x638, 1519002652580.jpeg)

Respost from the last thread.
>it's intentional

No. 508048

>Never improves despite drawing every day
>"I'm trying to nail down a style"
>Is currently drawing in the style of Sloggie

Maybe if she studied actual masters of art rather than other YouTubers she might learn something

No. 508055

She doesn’t deaw everyday though

No. 508056

She doesn't draw everyday, hell she hardly draws at all unless it's for a video.

No. 508057

But it's weird how she draws the mouths so close to the chins.

No. 508075

You could claim it is a stylistic thing, but her drawings are so amateur I think it’s just bad drawing.

No. 508079

Also since her grasp of the fundamentals is so weak, her execution of it doesn't look ascetically pleasing to the eye.

No. 508081

I do wonder though how she'll react to HulloAlice making a video on how copics aren't lightfast. I remember in a previous video from her she had mentioned wanting to make a video on the subject.

No. 508085

She know Copics aren't lightfast, she has mentioned it in one of her videos in the past.
She just doesn't care to take responsibilities.

No. 508092

It’s on purpose that it looks like crap!

No. 508098

That is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

No. 508100

The crocked eye was so annoying and how she ignored everyone telling her to fix it during the sketch phase

No. 508104

Are her videos getting more boring? How is that even possible?

No. 508106

Yep, they've gotten worse, I can't even get half way through before needing a break.

No. 508113


Her ghost one I didn't even get 5 minutes in. Even trying to be scared she's boring af

No. 508114

Why do you even bother anymore

No. 508115

oh myyyy god…these are just excuses

No. 508116

Looking for milk at this point, also it's a like a guide and what not to do if you want to eventually become a professional.

No. 508171

File: 1519016495748.jpeg (381.05 KB, 750x943, DAEA916C-0204-4B52-A9F0-100588…)

No. 508188

So, because Baylee is super sechle, no one can criticize her shitty style? It's more than the style, it's her poor foundation in the fundamentals.

No. 508250


>I'm still new

Bitch you aren't new, you should've stepped your game up ages ago lmfao.

No. 508252

I personally don't like her new 'looking to the side, mug-eared' style. She's trying way too hard to look like sluggie's work but that's where she messed up. I guess she's too lazy to look at more than one artist for influence. I mean she's already too lazy for the damn fundamentals, so no surprise there.

No. 508289

girl you are not new at drawing clothes, faces, ears and everything. Style change does not mean building from 0 to 100, What Baylee lacks is fundamentals, not working out the 'kinks'

No. 508304

anon, she said the style is still new, not herself.

No. 508317

If she wants to coin a new style maybe she should use sketchbooks in the 'right' way to develop it before making finished pieces?

No. 508389

That involves actual work and dedication to the craft.

No. 508406

Baylee is the one person that has the least possible excuse for sucking ass so bad. She has all the time in the world to practice, owns art books that if studied properly can make anyone into masters (that she flipped through once when she bought it, and then left it to rot in the shelf for years), and even owns a cintiq 22HD, the same tablet used by Disney animators and other high professionals, that she never uses and has to make a new years resolution to motivate her to use it.

No. 508509

Yeah that's what pisses a lot of people off. She has all of these really nice materials, hardly uses them and freaks out when people bring up her poor skill level.

No. 508510

That is disgusting. But it goes to show you money doesn’t buy talent or skill.

No. 508513

No kidding, I hope people become more vocal and start calling her out on this. But she'll probably just ban them or sick her audience on them like the cowards she is.

No. 508521

Anyone else annoyed with how she complains her videos take forever to make?

No. 508560

Drunk painting with friends!

No. 508568

She needs safety gear to use her saw, guys!
and she made Toadette the opposite of cute.

No. 508603

jfc all her friends' paintings are so much better than hers

No. 508604

Took her ages to set up the dang saw, now it’s going to take her years to get safety goggles. Progress guys! Lol

No. 508655

Is Baylee’s channel slowly dying? IIRC her videos would get 400k views quickly, now she’s lucky if she gets 40k now….

No. 508695

It's frustrating to watch her store the canvases so poorly. If she took the time to put them away properly, they wouldn't dent like that.

No. 508912

It was so painful to watch. I still wonder how she did that… I mean it’s not like she constantly moves stuff where she stores her canvases, so it’s just her placing them wrong right after buying them…? And I’m surprised she still has them, she bought them something like one year ago now

No. 509020

>What Baylee lacks is fundamentals, not working out the 'kinks'
Exactly. I feel like most, if not all artists go through that awkward phase where they're not quite that serious about art and don't think they need to learn fundamentals, the "boring" part of art. However that's usually when they are in high school and not when they're around 27 living off an art channel, doing art for years

No. 509030

File: 1519088322094.png (44.79 KB, 895x367, bayleesubs.png)

I do feel like her growth has stagnated at a very awkward position. Don't channels normally keep peaking after they get close to 1million? She's been on that 800k position for a long time. Jazza already got to 2million at this point.
You can feel that stagnation if you look at her Monthly Subs stats, especially when you put it besides Jazza's.

No. 509057

I was just thinking… Baylee is oddly childish, right. but at the same time she doesn't seem to mind lewd stuff. And remember how she talked about that cat thing she couldn't quite explain, almost as if she "was" the cat? I don't find it particularly hard to picture her in one of those daddy/little girl BDSM relationships.

I'm probably reaching, but you're welcome for the mental image of her sucking on a binkie.

No. 509069


Don't think it's necessary to theorize about her kinks, anon. It's kind of reachy. just that she's a shit artist with a shit attitude.

No. 509080

Perhaps we should spare people's minds, yes. Pardon me.

No. 509189

This is most likely due to her audience outgrowing her, her livestreams being a shit show where the audience is being treated like garbage, her overall attitude towards are being rather negative, and the lack of posting she's been doing. Either way, it's nice to watch this snarky bitch freak out.

No. 509239

I agree with this. Her videos were pretty good way back in the day when she put in effort but it just consistently got worse. Every time I've seen a livestream of hers I have to block out the chat because it's so frustrating (and because she doesn't bother to even say anything about it).

No. 509241

My big beef with the streams are the mods and how they talk to viewers. They're like little Baylees.

No. 509250

Exactly! They all need to calm the fuck down and actually moderate instead of spamming the chat with shitposting.

No. 509471

Changed her mind and that is a ZKittyZ hat (i'm not from Canada)

Also promo video for the galaxy sweater.

No. 509479

File: 1519143744976.png (39.89 KB, 1314x132, Zrzut ekranu 2018-02-20 o 17.2…)

No. 509484

is she wearing it 'cause of her greasy ass hair?

No. 509496

People are probably also leaving her channel because of how inconsistent she is.

No. 509498

Most likely as she has to continue dying her hair now she doesn't have the excuse of her roots being on camera when she did oil paintings in the past. Is she still doing the traditional painting once a month or something? Watch her count the drunk painting as one. haha.

No. 509506

When she mentioned how much 'easier' it was for google home to search up songs than her typing them in I just… ugh. It just feels incredibly 'woe is me' classic lazy jae.

No. 509508

She's so lazy that typing in a song is apparently "so much effort." She is the definition of a spoiled cosmopolitan brat.

No. 509516

File: 1519146139363.jpg (47.33 KB, 512x561, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

No. 509531

Man, this gets me so frustrated. I can't reiterate how many amazing artists there are out there, and yet here she is, getting featured on copic with her bobble headed, potato nosed art style. I dunno if this is a marketing technique, cause if it is, she certainly doesn't have the view count to support her supposed massive following.

No. 509535

Sorry, but could anyone please tell me who Sloggie is? I can't seem to find them.

No. 509542

This is an older video but I feel it show cases Baylee's copying well.

No. 509555

this is the ugliest shit i have seen in a long time.

No. 509576

5 seconds in & she's already complaining about her arm being tired holding up the camera for that video on her main channel..

No. 509596

It was 3 mins long! Jeez. She could have used a tripod or something but nooo.

No. 509598

But then she wouldn't be able to bitch about it for a couple minutes and get asspats.

No. 509602

Nice to see though that she getting hit with the taxes.

No. 509606

Oh look, another art product that'll get used once and never again.

No. 509609

She bought a 3d pen! The thing all the art channels are doing right now but won't buy the protective gear to use that saw.

No. 509612

Why did she even buy the saw? She only just now assembled it, she could have just got the pieces cut at home depot for cheap.

No. 509616

LMAO! You have to claim your income in Canada… Anything she makes is considered income that she will be taxed on and depending on how much she made last year it could be as much as 50% of her earnings. It will depend on her tax bracket but damn… Why is this girl so damn dumb?

No. 509621

But anon, she's the Lazee Jae, only plebeians that don't have a failing art channel have to pay taxes.

No. 509625

…She can try that with the CRA if she wants. Pretty sure the fines are going to be through the roof tho. GASP! She may have to cut back on her spending!!!!!

No. 509630

She'd probably make a video about how she got "scammed" by the CRA.

No. 509635

…If she is committing fraud, it's a little hard to post videos from prison.

No. 509636

I hope she's not for her own sake. But she needs to wake the fuck up and realise you actually have to pay taxes like a normal fucking adult.

No. 509650

It wouldn't surprise me if she thinks she's above the law, given her past actions and how she handles people.

No. 509656

Me either. Now she was mentioning GST (A sales tax in Canada) but even then. Anything you sell in Canada needs to have sales tax applied to it. Even if it's online sales. The Government wants their cut.

No. 509657

You would think with how much she loves Canada that she would have no problem handing over their cut. But I guess that just shows how greedy she is.

No. 509669

I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand running a business well and doesn't think things thru properly, hence all the impulse buys.

Technically she's self-employed so she should be keeping books on all of her spending for the channels, her convention costs, income from online platforms. All of it.

She might be but she doesn't take me for a person who would keep track of finances very well.

No. 509672

Yeah, I think she hires an accountant for all of her taxes, but it would still be in her best interest to keep track of things and make sure she's not spending more than she can make back. She seems like the type that tries to act smarter than she actually is.

No. 509680

I weep for that poor lost soul who takes on the grievous task of wading through the utter catastrophe that would be her files.

No. 509682

Same because you know she doesn't organize that shit if we to apply how she manages her home.

No. 510081

>muh amazing artists out there
Daily reminder that skill does not equal popularity, there's always that one person who brings this up in one of the art threads.
Art skills and marketing are two different things, ideally you would have both, but sometimes you only have one. That's why there are amazing unknown artists and shitty popular ones.

No. 510096

She only bought the 3D pen cause jazza gets millions of views on them.

No. 510100

Honestly why is Baylee so popular!? She’s boring. Idk why kids like her so much.

No. 510116

Because she is relatable, or at least used to be. Kids don't usually want to watch someone who is amazing at art, they want someone who draws in a way that is achievable to them because their own art skills are generally very beginner-ish. That paired with her generally childish taste makes her interesting to kids.

No. 510139

Click bait, lots and lots of click bait. At least her channels are declining.

No. 510198

How in the hell has Baylee gotten away with not paying taxes on her google/Youtube earnings!? Isn’t Youtube the bulk of her income!?

No. 510201

Is she committing fraud/tax evasion?

No. 510202

I think the CRA hit her pretty hard her first year of self employment and she had to go on a payment plan. I think that she thinks she can get away with not paying what she earns from the cons.

No. 510205

If she has any commonsense, she won't and will pay her share but from what we got from the vlog, it sounds like she's trying to evade paying taxes on what she earned at the cons.

No. 510456

Were going to see her in that galaxy sweater all the time now, cause she has an affiliate link.

No. 510583

changed her mind about what? it's too early to watch baylee help fellow farmers

No. 510612

Art steams are back on twitch, its better because emotes and she can use her google home to ask for a song instead of just pressing a button.

No. 510763

Lol, why is she streaming with an iPad if she has a big ass cintiq on her desk!? I can’t…..

No. 510803

to be fair, her art streams on twitch are way better than the ones on youtube.

No. 510825

No. 510833

I agree. Glad she switched back.

No. 510851

File: 1519243648185.png (1.17 MB, 1334x750, BC4196C4-09F5-4038-ACA5-EBA7D6…)

She’s been streaming for 2 plus hours and barely drew this!

No. 510853

I would lose interest in the first few minutes… yikes

No. 510872


I don't know where any of you are getting this info from. She stayed in her vlogs, I believe when she was buying her car, that she paid her taxes and heavily implied it was in full. She's been paying her taxes, stop making stuff up.

No. 510874

I draw more and better than that when I go into the apple store, and draw on the ipads for like 5 minutes(No1curr)

No. 510876

no one cares.

No. 510883

File: 1519245706804.png (587.45 KB, 1240x602, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.4…)

30 min have past and we only have clothes that require like 5 lines

No. 510887

Is it just me, or does Baylee move super super slow overall? Like, she complains that it takes her forever to clean rooms or to accomplish different tasks, you know, things that shouldn't take a person hours to do?

No. 510889

File: 1519245981663.gif (1.98 MB, 216x150, 1506301675324.gif)

>those stiff, weightless, chicken scratch lines
Why does she continuously decide to be this way

No. 510891

Because her army of fans will rip anyone who dares to question her apart

No. 510899

The less practice you have on something, the more it takes you to do it. If she practiced art at a steady pace she would at least draw better stuff in that time period. But apparently she seems to think that's just because "she's a slow artist" instead of her lack of practice/wanting to improve.

No. 510901

Yes but, isn't it kind of scary that someone feels comfortable enough to be this shitty? I'd expect her to want to get better to please herself, even if people eat up everything she puts out. But maybe her only interest is to be popular, not a decent artist.

No. 510911

That would require her to actually love art, which she might have at one point but I think we can all agree she doesn't have passion for it anymore.

No. 510980

File: 1519253663219.png (494.54 KB, 718x940, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 14.5…)

Pro Artist. Mad Skills. Go buy her book now, or else you'll improve!

Even if your skill isn't up there, how the hell does it take her that long to draw that much

No. 511023

Oh my, that’s sad.

No. 511031

Skill aside,this drawing does not make sense?
Why is link so angry while other characters look content? Why is zepda doing head tilt while others are looking at different angles? Did she even plan this drawing?

No. 511032

Oh wow I am feeling so much secondhand embarrassment… Why does she not want to better herself? She can't claim she's a professional artist if she's shitting out that crap.

No. 511040

File: 1519260599630.gif (8.5 MB, 903x608, 4qtH2Cj.gif)

What the fuck

No. 511041

Is it possible for someone to get worse?

No. 511064

If I got 5 cents for every single mistake I see in this drawing, I'd be rich. It looks like the cover of a how to draw manga book from 2006 that you'd find in a bargain bin at a closing Kmart for like 5 cents.

No. 511065

I've noticed this in all her drawings currently – why does she draw the eye on the turned side of the character so small? I get 3/4 views skew the eye shape a little, but generally both eyes remain at least the same height. Baylee what the fuck??? You're a professional artist that doesn't even know how to draw eyes the same? And all you had to do was put guidelines to match up the bottom and tops – for fuck's sake just flip the canvas!! How can you not notice how wonky the other eye is? How embarrassing.

No. 511070

It looks like a middle schooler's attempt to draw after reading that 5cent book you described

No. 511091

Accurate. I think my 11 year old cousin could draw better than that and she has no experience.

No. 511098

Look MA!! No hands!

No. 511102

File: 1519266369804.jpeg (337.33 KB, 750x700, 1FD5DDCA-1FE9-4618-A0DF-8043CB…)

Isn’t there already a sexy squidward?

No. 511155

man, it sad when an artist loses that love of art. She had so much potential when she had her job…it's the lack of discipline that's really destroying her and being too comfortable in her laziness.
I feel feel pity she's gone stale!

No. 511231

File: 1519280459689.jpeg (645.71 KB, 750x1063, 73A000D0-4C75-4F9A-B135-84DE51…)

Baylee thinks being cringe is cool….

No. 511237

This is the only content of hers that's worth watching

No. 511249

So doodle dungeon is done then? The colouring pages?

Drawing 'edgy' pictures of the Grinch and Squidward seem more important to her now.

No. 511415

Why did she chose that reference picture?? Who draws with one arm crossed like that??

No. 511431

So she could hide his left hand, obviously.

No. 511462

Is it just me, or are the thumbnails getting worse?

No. 511553

She wants to know if Squidward has 4 buttcheeks and she has to get them clicks or whatever.

No. 511555

File: 1519327543923.png (24.72 KB, 767x79, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 19.2…)

Pick an audience Lazyee Jae and leave Milhouse alone!

No. 511568

I agreed. When she had a job there was motivation for her to do better and push herself. Sure her drawings weren't perfect by any means but improvement was there. I also feel she had more fun when it wasn't her main job of being a youtuber.

No. 512004

squidward only has two cheeks, no need to make video on such a dumb subject, lazee jay

No. 512117

Guys, you don't know how happy I am to see these threads. I never understood how someone like Baylee became so popular, I never liked her art. Even when I was a lot younger around her ZkittyZ days I was always astonished by how people would praise everything she did when there were way better artists out there.

For a while it really started to feel like I was the only one who held this opinion of her, everyone else seemed to really like her and her art.

I especially can't stand her coloring skills. It always looks muddy to me and textures never look correct. Her clothing has almost the same exact lighting and texture as the skin and hair, it may as well all be the same plastic material.

And that 'Sexy Squidward' of hers looks less sexy than the one from the original cartoon.

I really think she sets a bad example for young artists who follow her.

No. 512169

This is exactly how I felt when I found this thread. Every comments were so positive when I was like, this is not that great.

No. 512182

I agree so much. Especially with things like >>510980 , it really makes me wonder how she has as many followers as she does and, most of all, how she got published.
Overall, I think a big part of it is who you know, how well you market your products, and how much you push them. Not what you know…apparently.

No. 512324

No kidding, anon! I actually googled for forums on her for awhile until her own thread was made and I finally found myself not thinking that I was not the only one who thought her art was "meh" for the amount of followers. sorry for OT

No. 512517

Other art youtuber tries over art youtubers tutorials ….. Blends her own markers


No. 512519

This is her 'job' and copic just did a spotlight or her….

No. 512520

to be fair, the way Jazza uses copics drives me crazy. He uses the lightest markers to blend his darkest colors. He should probably use a midtone to blend the dark colors, and then a ligth tone to blend the midtone. Anyway, I digress, at least he draws more/better than Baylee

No. 512525

tell me I'm the only one who found this incredibly unfunny.. just seems like a waste

No. 512527

oh man. she chose his april fools video. It wasn't funny the first time, its not funny now. What a waste.

No. 512532


And just think…. her next video is that stupid “sexy” squidward video….

No. 512537

File: 1519402931585.png (1.53 MB, 1334x750, 3377C474-7620-4A4C-9EB3-D5EAC6…)

No. 512541

This video was really stupid and unfunny….
Trying to be cool with shock factor. She could’ve chose any other youtubers tutorial, but she has to ride jazzas coattails for more views lol

No. 512549

“Bailey Jay” face looks like she just bust a nut, probably over new $500 Disney dolls….

No. 512568

Wait I thought she posted on Saturdays?

No. 512574

This is extra content for some reason but they'll be a Saturday video.

No. 512594

She seriously bought a magic bullet just for the Copic blending video…..

No. 512608

Guess she’s pretty sure the income from the video will repay both the blender and the comics, and I can kind of understand that, but… meh

No. 512610

Like, maybe if it was April Fools I could kinda understand making a video like this, but it feels really out of place and not funny.

No. 512614

I think what’s worst is that she’s borrowing jazza’s idea, out of context, for a random extra video.

No. 512615

Now that you bring it up, it does seem pretty disrespectful to ride on his coat tails.

No. 512633

Wow. I was confused a little when I saw you guys talking about the magic bullet and copics… because I didn't think even she'd be dumb enough to literally put her expensive markers in a real blender, but I guess I was wrong.

I really didn't find the video funny at all. I think that was just so wasteful. Even if you have the money to replace them, why disrespect your supplies like that? Besides, imagine all her younger audience who can't even afford half the supplies she has, and she can just chuck hers in a blender. WTF.

No. 512645

Ok, the thing I don't understand is that she is well aware of who Jazza is and she's done a video with him before?! Why the "who's this guy?"
UGH! I'm sorry I am not sitting through this. She actually makes my stress levels rise through her utter stupidity. Sorry for the OT rant. But fuck this chick makes me want to punt something.

No. 512648

The second hand embarrassment is so strong, she was attempting humor and it didn't work.

No. 512758

File: 1519417424979.png (1.72 MB, 1682x838, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 12.2…)

Not even a minute into the video and I'm cringing so hard. I dont get why people follow her. She's not funny, smart, has good art, not relatable anymore, and ect. I recently watcher her old video with the OG eyebrows and it felt a lot calmer and less "GOTTA DO IT FOR THE VIEWS"

No. 512762

File: 1519417535943.png (275.67 KB, 390x390, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 12.2…)


No. 512763

File: 1519417606358.png (984.01 KB, 722x850, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 12.2…)

Last one, sorry.
But again..WHY.

No. 512787

In her new vlog, she mentions she chose the colors she blended, because she got them from Copic this month for free from the article….. ugh eyeroll.

No. 512789

Cause she’s an idiot. I’m not shocked, she resorted to being stupid on camera for a living.

No. 512794

Wonder if this influx of crappy clickbait content is the result of her channels doing poorly. Or she is really this stupid to thinking this is good content.

No. 512795

Don't worry guys
she's self aware shes being cringe
I mean at least this isn't Holly levels of idiocy

No. 512796

File: 1519419004249.jpeg (113.53 KB, 750x370, A8673E18-3926-422D-B67B-B6DA38…)

I think Baylee is more of an abomination than the videos lol

No. 512798

she definitely knows this isn't "quality content" since it isn't her actual video this week.

No. 512799

What she is going to do with the blender now? Trash it?

No. 512800

Mark my words, she’s going to do an “Art and Singing” or “singing my voiceover” video. Since she capitalizing on the trends.

No. 512801

File: 1519419290130.png (688.2 KB, 1060x554, aaaaaaaaaa .png)

me this saturday

No. 512803

No, but her actual art video this week is “squidward as a hot guy” that’s just as bad…

No. 512836

But her dream sponsor! I hope they never work with her again just for treating their product like that. a product they sent her.

No. 512886

Or a Christian does a voice over video like those beauty gurus. ack

No. 512912

I have lost all respect for copic fueling this bloated trash.

No. 512991

>>512633 I feel really terrible for the kids that watch her content. I'm sure they probably would beg their parents to buy them Copics and she just wastes them like that. She could have done a giveaway for a few markers to make some kid's life, but nah, let's just make a video that has a joke that's already been done.

No. 513006

What's the joke?

No. 513007

Baylee is one of those people who thinks they're smarter than they actually are, exhibit a the art block video and how she handled the backlash. She doesn't think through a lot of her decisions before she makes them.

No. 513014

It was an art tutorial where Jazza was teaching how to blend copic markers and instead of actually blending them together, he threw 'em into a real blender as the punch line. Not really that funny

No. 513017

Wait so she just did a reaction video extending his joke?
Sorry for the questions but I have a hard time convincing myself to watch her videos.

No. 513054

Yeah.. basically she followed his joke "tutorial" like these beauty gurus are doing these days where they follow someone else's tutorial, but theirs isn't cringe like hers. Those screenshots before on this thread is pretty much the entire video.

No. 513067

If she wants to be cringy with Jazza, they might as well do a collab reading of that fanfiction someone wrote of them.
Coming to think of it, I'd find it better than what this blender video supposedly was.

No. 513363

No. 513401

She's in the monkey onesie, also, this burned my eyes.

No. 513410

baylee: "I needed to find a really good reference" - and then butcher it completely?

No. 513416

she gave bold and brash a goddamn buldge

No. 513417

Gah, I feel grows after watching this. The more Baylee does this shit the more slimy and greasy she appears.

No. 513426

she looks a bit scary with that lighting in the intro. I can't even watch the whole video.

No. 513427

File: 1519493974455.png (45.56 KB, 295x247, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 17.3…)

No. 513428

I have never been able to watch a full video without getting bored or annoyed. Bleh.

No. 513468

File: 1519496971820.png (63.31 KB, 810x454, Zrzut ekranu 2018-02-24 o 19.2…)

No. 513477

isn’t sexualizing kid cartoon characters against youtube’s guidelines or something?

No. 513479

No idea, more than the pic I was a little taken back by the “four tree trunks… no five tree trunks” joke.

No. 513481

that was an absolute abomination, jeezus.

No. 513537

Honestly, I find this amusing. Reminds me why I used to be subscribed to her.

I understand the criticism behind her hopping audiences, tho. But I wonder if she even realizes that, since the type of childish content she makes just seems genuine to what she likes.
Also, watching A4 Copic pieces is awkward. Feels like they're pushing the medium further than they should coloring in all those backgrounds with them tiny nibs.

No. 513573

I like the " _____ but as a hot guy" idea, what bothers me is her art skills

No. 513582

File: 1519505438512.png (1.04 MB, 738x824, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 12.4…)

wow…He's not really "hot" looking. He looks kind of scary. I must go burn my eyes off now

No. 513629

The irony is that it's probably one of her better drawn bodies…. Which does not say a lot about her artistic skills.

No. 513644

He look like a hunchback… and why the fuck is his neck so thin? I realize it is supposed to be squidworth but the broken anatomy is killing me.
I feel like she’s trying too hard and really reaching with these last couple videos.

No. 513663

Well….at least it's not like a 150$ blender…..

No. 513712

Baylee is an abomination

No. 513776

But if it was an actual hot guy, it would be odd. It's amusing BECAUSE it looks so weird and she's not taking them seriously, or else it would just look thirsty and lewd as hell.

No. 513890

It's creepy because the majority of her audience is children and young teens.

No. 514039

> Don't channels normally keep peaking after they get close to 1million?
This is an old post, but no. YT channels all have a "life cycle" of sorts, depending on how good you are to keep attracting viewers and re-invent your content your audience will lose interest in you and YouTube will stop recommending your videos once they notice that there is no engagement anymore. It's why so many channels that used to be huge just die and barely get any views. Most big channels have clear peaks and then decline, it's happening to Jazza too, he just reached higher at his peak.

No. 514040

Honestly this is significantly funnier than the Grinch one, her whole explanation on the legs? It's a visual shitpost. We've already been over the audience thing but I guess she doesn't care.

No. 514086

I think that's it. YouTube used to be recommended baylee vids all the time. Now I clicked not interested few times and they never show up and recommend other channel. Actually found few good ones. Jazza still popping up tho

No. 514099

I don’t see her ever hitting 2 mill subscribers.. like jazza did. Baylee can’t even get to a million. Her channel has slowed significantly

No. 514107


Same. I give her year or two and she will have to get a real job.

No. 514114

Or in that time she’ll have a baby and turn her channel and vlogs into family life stuff and get a whole new audience

No. 514146

Don't give her ideas..

No. 514372

File: 1519593021779.jpg (29.24 KB, 549x360, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

No. 514481

File: 1519601452198.jpeg (518.69 KB, 750x1053, 849CD571-0964-44D3-86AF-8BEC78…)

She dyed her hair a lighter pink…

No. 514483

Hate those dark patches at the beginning of her eye brows

No. 514663

when i first saw her eyebrows, i thought it was just scabs because she complained about it so much. she should just shave off her real eyebrows to be honest. it would look more cohesive.

No. 515154

Oh look, another boring vlog

No. 515156

Great idea to bleach your whole head to get your roots. Like, she already has very light hair so she should not need to bleach over bleached hair to get it light enough.

No. 515158

File: 1519671197755.png (1.95 MB, 1334x750, 8C2F1785-C999-497B-867F-8FE445…)

She needs a haircut with more shape, it just looks so…blah.

In the vlog she mentioned she’s filming again for doodle dungeon. Thought she forgot about that channel.

No. 515161

Honestly a bob style haircut would be way nicer on her. The no layers, long hair weighs her down.

No. 515162

Her ends were fried! I’m surprised hair wasn’t falling out lol

No. 515352

What bothers me is her ego about hair. Remember when she first changed it to pink and fucked it up? She got pissy with people who were trying to explain what she did wrong. I don't mean to nitpick, I just have a massive problem with her know it all, bratty attitude.

No. 515580

I guess it's a sensitive topic to her since it's so thin.

No. 515626

File: 1519712337808.png (69.01 KB, 578x452, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 22.1…)

Holy crap, I am dead. lol!

No. 515735

File: 1519725670914.png (446.84 KB, 481x607, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.0…)

Baylee's next purchase

No. 515960

Oh em gee guys I did the sketchbook slam challenge lol

No. 515968

It pains me the way she acts like money is no object. Like it's good she doesn't have financial difficulties, but I think it's hard for an audience to relate to her when she's buying something/showing off something she's purchased in literally every vlog.

No. 515971

I don't think people would get on her case as much/have grievances with her about the money if she wasn't so snotty. She likes to rub it in people's faces that she's wealthy.

No. 515982

I don’t think she does. Yes she spends a lot but she’s never saying “oh I’m wealthy and you’re peasants”, neither she goes on shopping sprees and then complains to be a starving artist like holly does

No. 515985

She can't still be talking about Sketchbook Slam in late February!?

No. 516001

There are people who are really into art and sketch every day and then there is Baylee… What a joke.

No. 516028

Why doesn’t she just quit the doodle dungeon channel…. she keeps forgetting about it, then it’s not important

No. 516061

That's a purchase I can get behind to be honest. In fact, I almost commented here some time ago about how she could get a decent Copic case rather than that falling apart one since she likes to shop.

No. 516067

I think she could have found much better case on amazon or made it herself since she has the wood board laying around and the freaking wood cutter.

No. 516096

She bought a crate, not a car. I don't think she flaunts her wealth tbh, she shows big ticket purchases like the iPad or her computer but it's not like she's bragging about how much she paid so I don't think it's an issue.

No. 516098

That thing was 24 bucks, judging by the price on the shelf. Pretty cheap.
Making it herself would take so much more time, in the end it's better to just buy it. I did a quick look through Amazon and a cheaper, prettier one I found would be much smaller.

No. 516931

She’s spent more time on her stream today playing with the Google device than actually drawing! She can’t let a song finish before she’s shouting at google to play the next one

No. 516965

Daily reminder that professional artist Lazee Jae doesn't actually make art.

No. 516966

she literally wants to film a "work station tour" because she doesn't draw.

No. 516985

I really don't like the pastel pink hair, it washes her out.

No. 517007

When she realized she could make money without having to actually improve her art she stopped making it. She is a youtuber, not an artist. She doesn't even draw enough to be considered a hobbyist.

No. 517010

It's frustrating how much her audience babies her and any time someone tries to speak up their attacked.

No. 517026

I agree. It looks like a plastic wig you’d get for Halloween.

No. 517075

She’s seriously debating on making the new Copic case wider just so her cats can lay on it!? I can’t…… she also said she likes her cats to lay on the Copic case so they won’t lay on her art….. um just make them a bed on the side of your desk…. where you aren’t drawing…. I’m a cat owner too and she’s a bit too obsessive over letting them run the roost. Idk if she’s filming, just keep them away from the artwork. It’s hella distracting seeing them walk all over it every 30 seconds in the speedpaint. She probably thinks I’m a bitch saying that but it’s true. Don’t people want to see the art. Not cats walking everywhere. Jazza doesn’t let his son crawl all over his art in the videos. Sorry it’s just annoying. And UNPROFESSIONAL if it’s her job. It doesn’t add QUIRK. It’s ANNOYING

No. 517076

ROFL. And she’s debating keeping her old case just so Kiki can lay on it ahaha

No. 517111

File: 1519857001927.png (990.58 KB, 928x844, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 14.2…)

holy crap, you're right. It looks so fake and wack now

No. 517132

The value of the hair doesn't mesh well with her skin tone. If the roots where darker and the middle of her hair more of a midtone, I think it would look nicer. But then again, she has this thing against going to a hair dresser.

No. 517142

The "wig" effect is most likely also due to the damage she caused. Her hair is so thin and frail that the frizz/volume caused from bleaching makes it look fake.

No. 517176

File: 1519861761509.png (1.09 MB, 1380x758, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 15.4…)

looks so muddy..

No. 517383

baylee with dark brown hair and thin eyebrows. she’s changed so much…

No. 517389

She looks so much better with the brown hair, also, she actually made during this time.

No. 517412

She looks so .. Homely. I don't think she looks great now but she definitely looks less like a child.

No. 517417

Agreed, I think a lot of that goes back to poor lifestyle choices.

No. 517483

Yeah, I know what you mean. She looks more calm and approachable

No. 517502

has anyone noticed that she stopped trying to dress herself over the years? in this vlog she wore a dress, but now she only wears sweatpants.

No. 517503

I noticed that too! I think she was still working at the animation studio at this point, so that might explain why she made an effort to look nicer.

No. 517517

File: 1519887081100.png (229.31 KB, 644x483, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 06.4…)

I might be nitpicking but jeez, its like how she dismissed coco over a frozen short. If the main character isn't female she doesn't care?

No. 517550

She's making a joke about that character in the Wreck It Ralph trailer looking just like baby Moana. Many people have been making jokes and talking about it.

No. 517608

Again Nitpicking knowing that she studied animation etc. Sorry.

No. 517802

The thumbnails keep getting worse.

No. 517804

the sketch here looks like a 'sexy dog ass' that's sweaty for some reason.

No. 517805

>I don't have time to make better art lol
Bitch, this is your JOB, the hell you don't have time.

No. 517842

I couldn't even figure out what that drawing was at first. At this rate drawing, grinch/sponge bob memes will be her thing.

No. 517851

Unpopular opinion I guess but she looks better now imo, she looks like a mom of young children who's very active on pinterest in this. Her current look seems more fitting for someone in their 20s.

No. 517994

her hair looks so damaged in that vlog .. the ends are fried …. also she's getting lazy with her vlogs now too. They're so boring recently

No. 518001

her vlogs have always been boring. i tried watching one from 3 years ago, and it was unbearable.

No. 518049

Same anon, I meant this as in she looked worse before. She looked like a literal child which isn't a compliment for someone her age.

No. 518094

Her streams are even worse. It's like complete silence cuz the game audio is being caught through her speaker instead and then there's like the occasional squeal or heavy breathing she usually does.

No. 518145

it's digital, she has 0 excuse for it to be so muddy

No. 518325

ngl, it's pretty funny

No. 518327

The composition doesn't make sense either, it also probably doesn't help that his expression is pretty wood looking.

No. 518499

In the video while talking about his legs, she said
> There would be 4 tree trunks. Well, 5 tree trunks actually…
It's disgusting coming from her but I laughed.

No. 518500

Samefag, meant to reply to >>518325

No. 518503

Yeah, also considering she mostly panders to an audience of children, it feels a bit out of place. I guess I wish she would just pick an age group and stick with it.

No. 518616

If the main character isn't a PRINCESS she doesn't care

No. 518846

Didn't she use to have a series where she would turn characters into princesses?

No. 518849

It drives me insane how lazy she is, especially since her art channel should be her number one priority.

No. 518951

I know this comment gets tossed around but he literally looks like he's taking a tricky shit

No. 519000

Does she ever wash that sweater? There's like food stains on it. Idk if it's just me (just observing here), but is she getting larger than usual? I haven't watched her vlogs in awhile and woah…. She needs to go out and do some walks or something other than sit on a chair or lay on the sofa all day. She literally did nothing in that vlog besides eat and edit a measly vlog.

No. 519070

> I like the vlogs to be 10 mins long
Yeah to get that ad money! so here's footage of kiki

No. 519089

I skimmed through, and there’s literally like 5 min of footage of Kiki kneading her tit. Like okeeeeee….

No. 519098

Gotta hit that 10 minute mark

No. 519115

So let me get this straight… You guys keep complaining about her being lazy and her vlogs being uneventful and boring, yet you keep watching them and feeding her AdSense while at the same time mumbling about not knowing why she is so popular?

Are you sacrificing your own time so us, the other farmers, can learn about what's going on without going through the torment?

No. 519119

Pretty much. It might be a good idea though to save her cringest/problematic videos and put them on a playlist so we don't feed her adsense. Anyone wanna volunteer?

No. 519232

I'm not a self poster, but I found this while snooping around for some milk. I think the kid makes some good points.

No. 519289

This kid has incredibly valid points and sounds way more intelligent that Baylee could ever hope to be. Good on them!

No. 519311


Right? That kids like 11 and is definitely more mature than baylee herself.

No. 519313

I think a lot of it had to do with her tone of voice. In the original video, Baylee acted like a bitch when people didn't react how she wanted. This kid though maintain a calm voice pretty much throughout the video and didn't resort to cussing to get her point across. Like everyone has said, that's pretty bad when a kid is more mature than an almost 30 year old woman.

No. 519497

I never got the chance to see her original artblock video, but going by what this girl is repeating that Baylee said 'If you really like art and want to get it done, you will - but if you don't, maybe you don't like art as much as you thought you did" is completely hypocritical, or at least it is now.

Baylee barely does art as a hobby anymore, I can't remember the last time she shared a piece that wasn't done purely for a youtube video/merch. I'm not saying thats necessarily bad, but it's very telling. We all see her vlogs, she's never studying how to draw different things or practicing a range of materials just for the joy of it. It's sad and frustrating that she literally had/has all the time in the world & all the tools at her disposal to become a great artist!

adblock is a thing y'know

No. 519535

I only seen the original video once but comparing doing art to cleaning up your house is a bit funny coming from Baylee who leaves boxes and whatever all over her art room floor. Didn't leave her precious markers on the floor for days at one point?

No. 519624

No. 519652

God, she is such a hoarder. She opens a drawer and she can name off like 5 items she doesn’t need or use. There’s thousands of dollars of art supplies that she doesn’t even use. It’s so wasteful.

No. 519666

no drawing this week huh? how unexpected

No. 519697


Crap, I can't watch it. Can someone please summarise this?

No. 519716

when she picked up the scotch tape and said it makes her feel like a true adult … isn't she like 30?

No. 519733

Has art room, but doesn't do art. What else does she do than play games, shop and film cats?

No. 519736

God that thumbnail! I'm sorry but that hair color doesn't suit her art all, it looks like plastic

No. 519738

I can't do it, I can't watch this! The intro was so off putting

No. 519771

love how she completely ignored Judy when she was going through everything else in the drawer she was in

No. 519772

Am I the only one who thinks light hair looks bad on her because her eyes are her weakest feature, and the fact that they're very dark brings a lot of attention into them?
I know some people didn't like her with brown hair, but I thought it really balanced things out.

No. 519774

Justice for Judy

No. 519777

Brings a lot of attention to them when she has light hair* is what I meant

No. 519778

at which timestamp is she? I didn't notice her.

No. 519790

It's been removed. It was a young kid going over the points lazlee jae made in her art block video and how they were basically a bit stupid. I wish I could remember it now.

No. 519798

Wonder if one of Baylee's minions bullied her into taking it down.

No. 519822

The only other platform they post on is Instagram and there's nothing on there about it. Funny how it has suddenly been removed but they did sound smart enough not to get involved in arguing on the internet about it.

No. 519830

Notice how Baylee hasn't stuck to any of her 2018 goals? I have yet to see an oil painting a month.

No. 519844

Doesn’t she get tired of pimping out that Copic case in every other thumbnail!? We get it, you have sooooo many art supplies.

No. 519845

Why does she keep doing these workstation tours, it’s basically the same every year and a repeat video. Lazee Jae doesn’t want to make art, instead she talks about her material items. Oh joy!

No. 519847

Right! Looks like those wigs you get in the bargain bin after Halloween is over.

No. 519850

She won’t ever use that saw of hers lol

No. 519851

Yeah you are right. She goes to shop all the time, but can't grab safety gear at same time.

No. 519856

Can y'all PLEASE SAGE. Write 'sage' in the email line before you post. Don't bump the thread with discussion unless you have new information to post like a video or tweet.

No. 519890

I feel so bad for the owners of that house.. the cats scratching up the wall, on the marble counter top s and cabinets in the kitchen.. you see in the art room tour where her chairs snapped off some of the laminate wood flooring. she treats the house with no respect

No. 519904

That's what a security deposit is for

No. 520020

shouldn't the goal of a security deposit to actually get it back though..? just because she put in a bond doesn't mean she should be letting her cats ruin the house or literally ruining the floors because she spends all day with her ass in a chair and can't get a floor mat for under it.

No. 520063

I meant "that's what a security deposit is for" for the landlord, so they can cover the cat damage and whatever else from the tenants.

No. 520298

Funny how she had to reiterate in her workstation tour video that she allows Kiki near breakables… “ I know the risks, and it doesn’t bother me”

No. 520558

When KiKi starts knocking fraglie stuff over she's only got herself to blame. She probably vlog it and be all like'kiki why? Rude.'

No. 520871

File: 1520220093566.png (483.12 KB, 1174x810, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 19.2…)

Boy that took a long time. You'd think a YouTuber who is popular as her would've reached over a million subs awhile ago

No. 520933

wonder what happens when she has to get a real job (no youtube/twitch isn’t exactly a stable job)
It’s not like she’s even excelling in youtube anymore her sub numbers are so stagnant… she’s only just got to 900k after being on 800k so long
Maybe an actual job would sort out her ego too and give her a limited timeframe so she doesn’t do nothing all day

No. 520974

It's possible Twitch is going to become the next Youtube, tho. So she's not exactly on a bad position having a following there already.
I doubt social media will have a sudden falling out in a near future, they're probably just going to migrate to the next fertile website, and for the looks of it, that seems to be streaming.

No. 521184

It took her the same time to get from 800k to 900k as it took Jazza to get from 1M to 2M lol

No. 521189

Socialblade seems to be projecting that she'll reach 1M in about a year, but I've heard the site tends to over estimate that sort of stuff. Also, if she does something really problematic, I don't see her growing super quickly.

No. 521291

A daily reminder that Baylee never draws

No. 521323

What is the point of this thumbnail? She tied her hair up?

No. 521428

….Did she apply as a professional? Because Anime North is pretty strict for their artist alley tables going to up and coming artists rather than "professionals". Which she is apparently.
And as for wanting to be a guest artist? Try drawing a comic or you know actually draw something more than once a week you self-entitled twat. UGH.

No. 521430

Not even once a week, the shit she's doing on twitch doesn't count either since that hardly qualifies as art.

No. 521573

I can’t stomach the twitch channel. She draws so slow.

No. 521599

It drives me nuts too, and what's even more annoying is how she makes excuses for her slowness, saying "oh, I just like taking my time." It would be different if we got something good out of it, but all of her drawings look like something out of shitty coloring book.

No. 521636

She is just so lazy. I don’t even think she could get a job in animation again I she tried.

No. 521640

I think she mentioned when people were asking if she would go back that she would have to go in a noob again because of her lack of practice and upkeep on her animation knowledge.

No. 521786

Seeing all those art supplies in one place and not being used or at least given away upsets me. Some of those look like they haven't even been touched once.

No. 521789

Based off of what she's said in the past, I think she likes the appearance of the supplies and art rooms rather than actually using the supplies.

No. 521876

File: 1520327075721.png (926.4 KB, 1216x1326, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 01.0…)

No. 521881

why are her vlogs getting mass demonetized anyway? cursing? pissing herself at a concert?

No. 521975

Her old vlogs don't get enough views for Youtube to bother reviewing for monetizing.

No. 522085

She plays pretty safe though. Like the "as a hot guy" series is probably the most risky she has gotten. I'm sure we will be back to Lollipops and Rainbows soon enough.

No. 522088

I guess by problematic I mean one of those "topic videos" or something like the art block video. I do remember her subs visibly dropped after the shit storm YouTube livestreams. Idk, she's opinionated and tactless when it comes to sensitive topics that I think she'll give us the milk soon.

No. 522096

God, she's so fucking annoying! Also, it's satisfying to see her videos get demonetized.

No. 522101

Using the cats as clickbait but remember she ain't worried about getting views etc.

No. 522103

I honestly think she's lying about not being worried about the views, otherwise why bring it up and put so much attention on it?

No. 522215

Eh, I don't know, she tends to be pretty vanilla most of the times. She usually sticks to very PC topics when being opinionated, and when she stirs the pot too much, she backs up, like not showing Judy anymore or deleting the Art Block video.

No. 522248

i’m sorry, can some one explain to me what the “judy” situation was? thank you.

No. 522250

if i remember rightly, baylee has a gollywog called judy and she didn't understand why it was offensive or something.

No. 522287

No. 522296

And when called out for it, she tried making it less offensive by giving it a makeover and painting the skin a lighter shade of brown, and painting a few other things. It didn't work lol

No. 522310

Baylee was stupid for not knowing something was taboo, and some tumblr SJW got pissy because muh offensiveness.

No. 522320

It was a voodoo doll keychain made in Mexico, not an actual golliwog.
Latin American countries don't always have the same reaction to things as americans/europeans do. For example, there isn't really an equivalent to a taboo word like "nigger" despite black slavery existing in latino countries.
I would say her sin here was just being unaware of how things are perceived in her country, not having the doll per se.

No. 523021

The whole Judy thing was a mess.
A very slow and mild drama tbh

It was very weird to see her trying evade that complaint

No. 523246

Well, it seems Baylee has found a way to make a vlog about art boring. Well done, Ms Lazee Jae

No. 523256

I guess she can't be bothered with thumbnails anymore either.

No. 523270

That hair doesn't suit her at all.

No. 523353

Why does she feel the need to vlog so much? She has so much time to draw but instead plays video games or talks about her copic markers every other vlog while video taping every detail of not drawing. You'd think she would be embarrassed about how bare her art channel is. Might as well cash in on simple art even more by going to stick figures and adding audio over it like all those other famous "art" youtubers, but even that would be too much work for her.

No. 523357

Her audience enables her behaviors, I think that's a major problem for her. I think if people where more critical of her, held her to her promises, and if she started losing money on the art channel then it might be a wakeup call.

No. 523405

I know some people make the document your life videos as it encourages them to go out and do things and Baylee lives not to fair from places where she can go and do stuff that she could document in her vlogs. There are other art YouTubers who spend time at a desk but still make interesting weekly or monthly vlogs. Managing to still show work in progress etc and some outings, not their dinners every day.

There is so much she could do but it looks like she stuck in the same pattern now.

No. 523412

File: 1520455878971.png (502.39 KB, 880x504, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 20.4…)

Such interesting content!

No. 523555

File: 1520464280184.png (1.78 MB, 1254x910, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 15.1…)

wow..this took her 5 1/2 hours….I guess this is considered faster than her usual pace, but still slow af

No. 523690

tbh?? i kinda like this piece… it has somewhat of a children's book illustration feel to it.

No. 523705

her hair color is making her forehead look bigger than it already is and it must be stopped.

No. 523764

My main issue with this piece is how muddy the shading is. This is problem with the majority of her work, I wish she would have done a nicer job since the bunnies do kinda look cute

No. 523779

File: 1520485221718.jpg (155.93 KB, 793x732, IMG_20180307_235646.jpg)


I like this one more than the rest of her art, reminds me of stkumachip but not as good

No. 523807

Her newest "inspiration"? Seeing this amazing piece makes hers look like a rushed fan-art..

No. 523808

Yeah, I see it too, I think the main difference is the nice value range and cleanliness with the shading.

No. 523809

Samefag, but also the animals in this illustration look much cuter than Baylee's, surprisingly they look less dead and cuddlier.

No. 524031

Wonderful to see her ripping off this creator. Her version is much shittier but it is still a Style theft.

No. 524078

Baylee, please don't more books. Your pacing is shit.

No. 524089

She can't create anything fully from her own imagination. I wish someone would point that out to her.

No. 524104

Is she not doing the colouring pages anymore??

No. 524107

What I'm really confused about is the oil paintings. She mentioned that she was going to create at least one a month and we haven't seen even one. Gah, she never keeps her word.

No. 524109

She makes too many compromises for her god damn cats. And they're not even safe around all that product, either. Not cute.

No. 524112

Agreed! She freaked out over the essential oils but let's them play with zip ties and stick their paws in watercolor paint which can be toxic. I'm actually glad she didn't go on to be a vet since she's so incompetent with her own pets.

No. 524132

I'm glad someone else noticed the bullshit with her essential oils spiel while she lets them play around toxic watercolors.

No. 524133

I believe the one her cat stepped in was a cadmium yellow, which is pretty toxic. I'm surprised her cats haven't become super sick.

No. 524374

I don't know about anyone else but I'd rather not hear about her bowel movements? Unprofessional and just gross.

No. 524380

Same. Like we get it Baylee. You’re human and you poop… that doesn’t make you quirky… or cute…

No. 524382

I like how Baylee takes the background into consideration and the colors look nice together but overall this gives me a really creepy feel.

There's no interaction between the two bears/bunnies things, they just have a vacant stare looking straight ahead. Almost feel like a creepypasta illustration, almost unnerving

No. 524383

It feels like she's trying to force the "quirkiness" it doesn't feel natural.

No. 524415

Honestly it's nice to see her put some effort into her art, it's the bare minimum she should be doing for how popular she is. It's still severely underskilled for being a "professional" but it's better than her cringy disney and spongebob fanart

No. 524416

I don't really mind hearing about bowel movements

No. 524418

One of the reasons I don't consider these threads to be just a mindless ball of hatred and pettiness is this, despite the fact that the general intent of the thread is to talk shit about someone, a lot of people here have the ability to recognize improvement (even if it's little) rather than just sticking to their original criticism and ignoring anything positive the person does.

No. 524498

My major peeve with her is that it seems she's copying other artists, such as Sluggie and stkumachip. I guess that's what bothers me the most about her latest pieces.

No. 524656

I personally wouldn't hate her art half as much if she had a little originality. Of course it's natural to get inspired from other peoples art but at least incorporate it into your own style.

No. 524664

File: 1520583483093.jpeg (176.61 KB, 749x1009, 8D222C8D-0AB3-41A7-B00A-E3FA7C…)

No. 524665

File: 1520583520777.jpeg (225.89 KB, 750x1027, 6FF19928-C129-4A34-8146-B3B283…)

No. 524667

What a greedy selfish twat she is. I guess family bonding isn’t as important as Disney. She’s so materialistic….

No. 524669

Sage for OT but why do people have conversations on social media? Text each other? Call each other?

No. 524701

Not sure if this has been brought up in the old ones, but if she took the time like she did in the oil painting she would have more decent work. Her oil painting looks decent, at least the center ones do as they have depth to them, although the outer ones look rush. She was actually forced to slow down and not rush unlike most of her work which can be rushed because of the no wait time.

This is my first time posting. I sage it but I wanted to know if this is what consider sage material

No. 524710

ikr, but hey at least everyone can see how shitty she is

No. 524746

same. it is pleasant

No. 524828

Thank you for saving these. I had a feeling she was one of those rich bitches who would drop family for Disney trips, but it's nice to have some hard evidence in the event it needs to be brought up. Like Pants of Shit said, the money has gone to her head.

No. 524847

Damn this girl really does have a hard on for Disneyland doesn’t she?

No. 524857

Yeah, for someone who is supposedly all about family she certainly has a shitty way of showing it. She a prime example of someone who went from being humble to being a brat once money came into the equation

No. 524923

File: 1520625301456.png (1.01 MB, 1012x560, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.5…)

When her fan's coloring looks better and more tolerable

No. 524954

I have no idea what you mean with "the center ones", but her oil paintings usually look even worse than her Copic art.
She doesn't rush all of her Copic drawings, people were even talking about how long she takes to make stuff earlier in the thread. It's not just a matter of not rushing things, she's not gonna make decent art until she takes fundamentals and practice seriously.

And yes you did right with the sage.

No. 525024

> complains about having to keep track of her online receipts.

No. 525027

File: 1520632161068.png (606.59 KB, 873x508, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 21.4…)

She brought something to help her back!?! Like you can try getting away from the desk for a while instead buying braces or whatever!

No. 525177

Wouldn't it help her back by getting up and exercising? I'm fairly certain there are workout to help strengthen you back muscles.

No. 525204

That would mean that Bailey would need to do something. She's always choosing the 'quick fix'.

No. 525227

Lol this is true. I remember at one point she was trying to lose weight but didn't stick with it. Not to completely move this thread away from art, but she could at least try doing some exercises while videos are uploading. Idk, just a thought.

No. 525229

Yeah, I think this is valid criticism. It's one thing to bash people because of their weight, but to say you should be mindful of taking care of your body is the truth. You should really be stretching your muscles and exercising to compensate all the time your body will spend sitting in a chair, a lot of professional artists will tell you that.

I don't watch her vlogs nor am I around her to know if she does exercise, tho, so take this with a grain of salt.

No. 525344

She seems to have given up exercises since the wedding. Just important for her to take care of her body posture. Eek

No. 525346

Getting into an exercise routine would probably help with being able to focus on tasks, which is something she complains about. Maybe instead of gaming every morning during the weekdays, replace a few of them with walks/hikes or gym visits. But God fore bide someone tell her that, she'd probably accuse them of fat shaming her.

No. 525528

They're both copying the "will it blend" video series and this makes me sad. "Will it blend" was an awesome demonstration of what a commercial blender is capable of. Baylee and Jazza are just being edgy and wasting expensive markers.

>figure drawing, face drawing books in her destash
should've maybe held onto those and actually used them idk.

This shit bugs tf out of me but I kind of get it. When you're working a regular office job, a boring 9-5 or whatever, you value your money a bit more. You look at that coloured pencil set in the shop and think "I had to listen to my boss yammer on for x minutes in order to afford this, so goshdarnit i'm gonna use it." But if you're just making $$$ off of youtube or whatever, cos it's a "fun job" (or when welfare queens just buy expensive shit just because, whichever), you probably feel more free to buy things? I've never been in that position tho so I wouldn't know but I see that a lot with both art and beauty yt-ers. Just a hoard.

No. 525559

No. 525575

and considering that opened make up wont be good after x months. Such a waste.

No. 525576

Oh look, another skillshare video! After watching so many of their ads I'm not longer interested in them. Thanks Baylee, you saved me some money.

No. 525629

>>525559 what??? realism is not the only ''respected'' type of art (whatever that means) that she has recieves more positive coments on her more ''realistic'' drawings has all to do with her shitty skills and none to do with that ffs, cartoonist are super well recieved

No. 525630

Sorry if this is a dumb question but is her logo supposed to be of her? It looks nothing like her

No. 525634

It is, she changes the hair color every time she does so in irl. I think we all talked about her shitty avatar in a previous thread.

No. 525738

Lol! Baylee said in one of her livestreams that she prefers the live action beauty and the beast to the original…. like what the hell.

No. 525776

I hate Skillshare. Seeing them sponsor hacks like Baylee Jae doesn’t make me want to try them.

No. 525785

Of course she does, the beast looks as freaky as one of her poor 'drawing (…), but as a hot guy' portraits.

No. 525803

The original that inspires her much! She bought all the merch for the anniversary! she talked about the VHS copy she watched as a kid like it was something that holds a lot of meaning to her. I can't with this girl! I bet she doesn't care for the traditional fairy tale that inspired the Disney films.

No. 525811

>I hate this thing
>I haven't tried it though
Skillshare is ok, I doubt they look deep into the people's content library that they sponsor.

Good thing she hardly ever draws I guess, because being hunched over your tablet/paper and not doing exercise will fuck up your neck and back so bad.

No. 525969

I am a physical therapist and this back contraption is a joke. She needs to get up and walk. Strengthening her core is also a better option.

(1st time. Hope I did this correctly. Apologies if not.)

No. 526069

Anyone can make a class on skillshare. You sign up and can automatically start up a class whether you are skilled enough or not.:/

No. 526446


Skillshare is absolute hot garbage. There's nothing on there that you can't learn elsewhere, for free. Not saying there aren't professionals on there, but, a lot of the courses are just skimming the surface or just poorly made.

Not worth the time or money when youtube has much more in terms of tutorials, tenfold. Most of the people who sponsor it don't even really use it, or they'll use 1 or 2 examples from it just to say that they did and then stop.

No. 527160

This vlog made me feel unclean. Give me the bleach.

No. 527270

it made me wanna vomit.

No. 527284


Do you mind summarizing?

No. 527290

File: 1520881885042.png (340.73 KB, 653x436, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 19.1…)

WHY you gotta be like this?!

No. 527292

The usually boring stuff talks about whatever, blends a drink, makes food and then meets up with Christian and friend for dinner and films Christian and friend reacting to what might be the fanfic that might be the one on Tumblr that was shared on here. That's what I got from 'skimming' the video.

No. 527295

BJ whining about how much money she doesn’t get from book sales and how she will only self publish from now on because of the money. God she’s such a greedy cow.

No. 527300

When does she say that during the video, I skimmed it so I think I missed it?

No. 527305

Her book is garbage… Maybe it doesn't sell well because it is the worst piece of shit art tutorial book to have been printed since Chris Hart cashed in on the anime kids.

Juxtaposes adult imagery with the animation of a Child looking at it.
"Look I'm Funny and edgy"
No, you're making a shitty joke and normalizing the solicitation of porn to minors you dumb fuck.

Sage for bitch rant

No. 527307

THANK YOU! I find the whole perversion of children's media to be pretty disgusting and the way Baylee pushes it makes it feel even greasier. I'll never let her shit influence my kids.

No. 527308

This shit makes me wish she would never have kids.

No. 527313

It is disgusting and needs to stop.
Her viewers are mostly tweens, teens, and CHILDREN.
As a "professional" she should know her demographic. She normally draws "cute" imagery with no sexual content what so ever.
She's going to shoot herself in the foot if this crap continues.

No. 527315

What bothers me about it is that she's doing it for the sake a shock value and click bait, not to promote beauty and pushing herself artistically. She just feels so greasy and nasty, not exactly someone I want influences youths.

No. 527319

I agree wholeheartedly agree. She needs a reality check in the biggest way.
But her entourage (yes including her husband) obviously don't care enough to correct her. She's probably a complete diva without a camera in her face.

No. 527323

It's the cosmopolitan, urbanite culture that drives me up the wall. They promote acting like lewd, greasy adult/children and think it's funny when people don't agree with them. I get that humor can be different depending on where you live, but her shit is pretty explicit and she knows her demographics are mostly children. Like the other anon said, I hope doesn't have kids if this is the shit she's going to pull.

No. 527386

>perversion of children's media
>it's disgusting and needs to stop
Jokes, in my good Christian suburbs? Outrageous!
I wonder what kind of children you guys were, because I clearly remember laughing at that kind of mildly lewd stuff when I was a kid. I understand the preservation of a child's innocence, but her stuff is so mild. The dirtiness of it either goes right through the child's comprehension or they just interpret it in a fairly innocent way, like looking at someone naked and laughing at their butt.

No. 527770

Kind of agree with you. And it's not like it's Holly who has a sketch of a guy giving a bj in her latest book and telling minors to buy em

No. 527819

File: 1520926471276.png (4.42 MB, 2526x1144, Spongebobasses.png)

Thank you.
These anons are acting like she drew straight up porn. Have they not seen Spongebob? Here's some of many times they've shown his ass. He's been fully naked in multiple episodes. No children are being scarred.
I hate to WK Baylee but the grannies clutching their pearls in this thread are so annoying.

No. 527849

Stuff like the SpongeBob memes I don't mind but I just hope she doesn't overuse that darn picture.

No. 527951

First, regardless of who watches her channel the target audience is meant to be older on her art and vlog channels. She used to have a toy channel but she evolved and now she has Doodle Domain for kids.
Secondly, it's hardly porn. She's just having some fun with characters that were never meant to be seen as "sexy" and if you have the right spirit then you'll see the humour. She's not drawing genitals or characters having sex or other lewd scenes; only creating cartoon pinups of weird characters.

Sometimes I get annoyed with some of her vlog content too but I do with most of the YouTubers I watch. My solution is to not tap the like button and change the video that day. If it became a consistent reaction then I'd unsubscribe. I can't imagine what kind of toxicity it takes to create a thread like this one, so filled with hate and jealousy towards another person's success. To take the time to watch her videos and save screen shots or go back in threads for comments so you can come to a thread and express your hate? That's what's pathetic. Why should this person you don't really know, who's success doesn't affect you, take that much time out of your day/ life? I stumbled on this while trying to Google some info about Baylee and these anonymous posters can vent and comisserate but should be able to acknowledge that they're being mean for the sake of it and contributing that much more to the hate in this world. On some level you know this or you'd post under your names and not anonymously.(no1curr)

No. 528016

I did watch Baylee for while and have now unsubbed I'm around her age but not her target audience but here's the downside to putting your life even if its 10 mins a day and your work on the internet not everyone is going to like you just like in real life and in terms of work I would love to see her grow as an artist as you probably can't just do copic drawings forever/complains it takes too long to do this or that etc but it doesn't look like she's willing to grow based how she reacts to feedback and her views on art block. Who knows if she googled and found this but at least it's not in her comment section every day even if she can mark comments like 'your drawing is flat' as spam comments so she doesn't' see them.

TLDR; If you put yourself and your work out there on the internet and gain a large audience expect negative comments.

No. 528023

Just because Baylee has a large following/is rolling in money doesn't mean she's above criticism and critique. Also, given that she has a big mouth, ego, and is judgemental of others, then us bringing up her flaws in both her art and person should be expected. If she's really that sensitive towards being critiqued, then she needs to get off the internet.

No. 528094

Honestly, an anonymous forum for people to vent on is probably a lot better than taking the hate directly to the person.
Baylea has problematic behaviours and practices, which she should be called out on. BUT as soon as anyone says anything in a negative tone (even if it is not negative) her follower's attack and troll that user. How is that right?
SO yes this Thread is full of negative content but it is also filled with constructive criticism that would be beneficial for her(and others) to read. This is also a safe place for people to vent out their frustrations and how problematic she's become.

Saged for a bit of an armchair rant. Also OT.

No. 528114

>audience is meant to be older
Haha. You're a riot. Whether it was 'meant' to be an older audience or not, it is clear to us -and really anyone who's been on her YouTube- that the audience she was going for isn't the audience she has. The reason for this is mostly because of her juvenile looking art style. Older individuals do not use coloring pages nor do they care for them -unless you're one of those people who get one of those 'adult' coloring books, can't stand those- because it's such an adolescent concept we would only really use as children. Her art style keeps changing and fluctuating yes, but it STILL looks like something only a child would care to look at.
The only adults that may watch her stuff either like her personality, know her personally, or they don't have a good eye for professionalism.
She's pushing away her adult audience with her mannerisms and lack of ability to take critique without flipping out and hiding big ol' meany commenters.

Also, do you think you're so cool and valid because you put your name into the name field? Do you really think you're not anonymous anymore because you put PART of your VERY popular name in there? You could be one of a million 'Jen's that live on this planet you dumbshit. Put your full name WITH your last name next time. And how do we know that's even your real name? Coming onto this board like some kind of righteous person that thinks they know more and are better than us. Fuck off.

Sage for engaging with the troll

No. 528256

>safe space
Quit snowflaking, this is a place for us to talk shit

No. 528435

Holy shit, she finally used the saw.

No. 528767

>>528435 who needs all that fucking filament when you havent tried the medium

No. 528829

I can understand wanting to have more colours to pick from, it’s really like buying a 12 pack of crayons and buying additional colours separately because you don’t know which colour you’ll use.
She will probably try it and not using it ever again so it’s a waste, but I can understand having more colours just in case, if they’re not expensive and I can easily afford them.

No. 529027

Daily reminder that Lazee Jae never draws, even when she has all the time in the world.

No. 529164

this might as well be a review video for a fricken cat tent. Such high quality vlog..

No. 529166

If she doesn't have anything interesting to say or has anything of note going on, why vlog it? I would honestly prefer she vlog less and the vlogs be higher quality than this shit.

No. 529323

Most onesies annoy me but god that Twitch onesie….

No. 529505

File: 1521079060208.jpg (175.83 KB, 1071x1110, IMG_20180315_125644.jpg)

this isn't even an artwork she's doing for a video.. she has literally all the time to put effort into it, but she's still dumbing it down so it's less effort.

No. 529506


Why would she feel guilty about putting time into her work? She's so strange wtf.

No. 529547

she didnt even put much time into it lol. I saw the streams, it was mostly being distracted and drawing the same lines over and over

No. 529736

Is she completely ditching that original print? She could go back to it and use it as a learning experience but prefers 'simple colouring' how is she gonna do these oil paintings again if she backs out of doing a digital one?

No. 529820

She plans to sell that print??? Im sorry, tjat link drawing was hideous. Who would buy it?!!

No. 529827

Die hard Lazee Jay stans most likely, any normal person wouldn't look at it twice.

No. 529882

No. 529883

File: 1521131496214.png (41.37 KB, 123x176, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.3…)

3d sculpture

No. 529887

Waste of time attempting to do something out of your comfort zone… okay then.

No. 529893

I swear Baylee is a prime example of what not to do when wanting to improve at art. I wouldn't have as much of an issue with her if she wasn't throwing around the word "professional" when referring to herself, she's a glorified craft mom without the charm.

No. 529922

I don't know if this was brought up on the previous threads, but Baylee and her gang of mods really don't like it when you bring up copics and their lack of lightfastness. On her last YouTube livestream, people were bringing it up and the mods started banning people and bad mouthing them when they tried to tell Baylee about it. Just figured I would bring it up if it hasn't been said already and what you all have to say about it.

No. 529994

Yes we already have in the last thread and sage your shit

No. 530989

No. 530991

Quick summary. She just unboxes the doll, and then talks at the end. Another boring 'vlog'.

No. 531015

Why does she need to buy EVERYTHING. It's so confusing how they get a big house-rarely use most parts of it, and just fill it with so much… stuff?
What the fuck

Thx for the summary. I can't stand her content anymore

No. 531090

I'm just annoyed she opens it on her couch and not a hard surface area where it's safe.
I'd love to have one of those, so it's just nerve wracking to see her be pretty careless

No. 531091

A lot of her carelessness I think comes from her being so well off, she probably feels that if it gets broken it can be easily replaced. Or maybe she's that stupid, idk at this point.

No. 531352

Oh look, another expensive tool that won't be used after this video. Don't you just love watching these shitty video, I mean, I sure do! Only the best from Lazee Jae!

No. 531546

Probably the most effort she has put in for months now

No. 532018

File: 1521411146553.png (1.42 MB, 958x1194, Zrzut ekranu 2018-03-18 o 23.1…)

jesus fucking christ baylee, nobody wants to see this on their feed
and to think a year ago I still enjoyed her vlogs and her videos were mildly entertaining…

(this is from her instagram feed)

No. 532060

Ew! Like other anons have said, I really don't think the light pink hair looks good on her. Also, didn't she mention that she was going to use her instagram for posting art?

No. 532102

She’s oddly proud of that triple chin. Keep thinking your quirky Baylee, it comes off as try hard and gross.

No. 532105

She looks like she hasn’t showered in a week…. always looking greasy AF

No. 532106

She must think her face is a work of art considering how in love with herself she is.

No. 532109

Yeah, she does come off as a narcissist and gets all fired up when people disagree with her. I wish someone of authority would knock her down a few pegs, she needs to be humbled

No. 532129

Yeah, she's trying way too hard to be "relatable" and "quirky." I wish she would spend her time working towards improving her art instead of wasting her time on stupid shit like this.

No. 532185


She has two accounts. I think it's the same user name as her vlog channel.

No. 532289

I know Baylee has problems, and she needs to evaluate her life style, but art is supposed to make you happy, she like they way she's drawling right now. There's no reason to improve you art if you're enjoying where it's at. Give her a little break in the art area because she has made some ok pieces.

No. 532545


She has?

where are they?

No. 532549


The thing is, she doesn't seemean to actually enjoy making art, at least not like she used to. And people who make art, generally enjoy the process of improving and seldom rest on their laurels. she strikes me as someone who no longer actually likes to make art and would rather rest on said laurels and make vlogs all day that have got nothing to do with art.

I think that even in the last thread we discussed that she said she was a youtuber first, and an artist second. she happened to be early to a certain genre, and broke into youtube that way. for all we care she might as well just be a vlogger at this point and drop the pretense of being an art youtuber at all.

No. 532567

She should turn her art channel into crafting since it seems to enjoy that more.

No. 532792

No. 532797

Given that the content of her vlogs is pretty painful to watch, I doubt they will be missed.

No. 532801

I would normally agree with you, anon, but I feel like this only really applies to hobbyists. Even if you're idk Michelangelo level, you can always improve at SOMETHING. Do you have to? No, of course not. But you always can try something new. Where are her promised oil pieces? When was the last time she tried something twice?

Honestly, I'm just salty and jealous that she has so much time to have fun and improve her art but she doesn't use this opportunity. It's a real shame.

I feel like art doesn't make her happy anymore. I haven't seen her doodle anything for herself (not for a video) in MONTHS. The last thing she did only to enjoy was a twitch livestream piece, with the queen of diamonds or whatever she titled it. If I remember correctly, she just wanted to relax on stream and not have to bother editing the video. Was that a little lazy? Yeah. Lazy, but understandable. If it was more enjoyable for her to just stream and not bother editing out all the pauses, that's fine.

I've stopped watching her vlogs a long time ago, but from what I've heard she only really creates art now for youtube videos - and even then, for her last 6 uploads, two were illustrations and one was a crafting video. I may be cherrypicking and I admit that - but she doesn't do as much art as even any other art youtuber. Jazza does VR stuff - but he posts 2 times a week. Kirsty Partridge reuses patreon footage, but she draws SO much more (and granted, realism does take a lot of time so I understand why she does it), Danica Sills creates a new piece for every video and rarely ever does she split something into two. What puts them apart from Baylee is the amount of effort they put into their art. And I'm not stanning for any of them - I don't really enjoy Jazza's style (dem eyes…) and realism is not my cup of tea, but their videos are at least informative or entertaining. You can also tell from their vlogs how much more time they spend focused on their art and marketing - whereas Baylee only really cares about new deliveries or what she's going to buy next.

sage because stupid rant. I'm still salty.

No. 532807

I agree with you anon. Ever since she hit it big on YouTube it's obvious she doesn't enjoy making art anymore. I think another anon had mentioned that she had said on a livestream that she doesn't like making art anymore too. It's kinda sad, but I guess she's an example of what can happen when you don't actively challenge yourself, you become complacent and lazy.

No. 532808

yeah. It really makes me sad, because I used to enjoy her content. Was she as good as everyone else I watched? No, but there was something charming about her being the underdog I guess. Now she just annoys me with her attitude.

No. 532810

fine, she doesn't HAVE to improve. but then she can't complain when people call out the fact that her skills are lacking and she doesn't know the basics of drawing. you can't have it both ways

No. 532811

Yup! I agree.

No. 532825

I think she just needs to step off her pedestal of the legendary Baylee Jae. She's been doing YouTube for around 10 years now and is moving on to new interests but doesn't want to disappoint people who still enjoy her. This translates to a negative attitude when people call her out because she knows they're right. She wants to move on but at the same time she doesn't.

No. 532832

Why doesn't she try weekly vlogs instead the same everyday clips of her cats, dinner and she can post art videos and post like a behind the scenes in vlogs after it been posted. Mix it up a little. She has been doing dailies for 3 years (??) so it must get boring for her if it became boring for me. It feels like she just puts out videos now just to keep the youtube money coming in off the vlogs that do generate income.

No. 532837

She did weeklies for a while but hated it

No. 532966

Lol. She’s getting burnt out from vlogging, for what? She doesn’t put much effort into her vlogs in the first place. It’s always twitch footage or the same boring cat footage. My guess is the vlogs aren’t bringing in as much $, her motivation has been money lately. That’s all she cares about, she doesn’t do art or vlogs for fun anymore. Plus she’s had so many breaks and vacations, more than the average person. Idk with this girl anymore

No. 533069

File: 1521498826779.jpeg (124.15 KB, 710x380, 89047773-2300-4EBA-975D-B36CDF…)

No. 533109

“Work from home”
What is she doing? The only constant thing was vlogging, art pieces don’t take more than one day plus one to edit. She “works” two days a week. At this point I wouldn’t even call it working, really.

No. 533119

She’s getting Lazier and Lazier. She cut holidays and weekends from vlogging. Now she’s cutting out whole weeks from vlogging. AND she vacations to Disney every couple months…. she wants PRIVACY hahaha should’ve thought about that before becoming a Youtuber honey!

No. 533123

She only wants to benefits of being successful YouTuber, not the draw backs. I'm honestly surprised she's lasted this long, you know that if Google and YouTube tanked she would be in rude awakening.

No. 533124

What is she so private about, all she does is bitch, not do art, have drinking parties, and film her cats.

No. 533127

Maybe all the Chinese comments about her weight and lack of artistic skill are finally getting to her lol

No. 533130

She seems more unmotivated with vlogging since all those videos have been demonetized lately, I’m guessing the channel isn’t bringing in as much $ as it used to. She’s such a money hungry ungrateful human. She should just quit vlogging, they suck anyways… and she won’t have to vlog her future kids if she’s so desperate for privacy.

No. 533135

You know she'll mike whatever cash she can get from filming her kids (if she has any). I really don't like thinking so negatively about people, especially if I don't know them well enough in person, but her tone of voice and overall demeanor is just so greasy.

No. 533156

File: 1521503349487.jpeg (414.89 KB, 750x998, F44C8589-E314-4402-A375-83E535…)

No. 533205

She isn't enjoying the 5 days/week schedule by the looks of it. It's repetitive unless she goes to Disney land or midnight launches etc. It's great to document your life but come on now.

No. 533375

>She wants to move on but at the same time she doesn't.

It has nothing to do with her fans. It's because, beyond retail, she's literally unemployable. Think about it: she's spent years not doing sort of professional development, making stupid drunk videos, and coasting on popularity. If she gave up all the money she makes from youtube they'd probably have move into a small apartment or with their parents, sell all her unused crap, and she'd end up working at a grocery store. She's in a real mess and has no one else to blame but herself.

No. 533387


It's not as grave as you might think, the husband probably supports them both and their cats a great deal. She does need to get her ass in gear though, should anything happen with her online income. She seems to do art out of obligation now, rather than because she likes it. Like, everything seems to be a total chore for her…

No. 533423

I figured that he's supporting too but imagine coming home every day to an unemployed baylee who is flopping around in a onesie, whining about all the new toys she can't buy or trips to disney she can't take. I obviously can't speak for her husband but that would make me bitter as hell. She strikes me as a very aimless and empty person. It's bizarre to know her fans envy the life she lives.

No. 533428

I guess it's the idea of being financial set that attracts people, but I could see how her husband would become frustrated. I would honestly rather not be able to go on vacation all the time and maintain a humble outlook on life than become a husk like her.

No. 533550

You mean showcase everything you should do but don't do, miss lazy jae

No. 533561

I’ll be honest, I was extremely envious of Baylee knowing she was financially set with art. It’s hard as a freelancer in the real world to even make enough to buy food. Let alone go to Disney twice a year…. being an artist is hard but to Baylee it’s all about goofing off and not honing your skill. That’s the thing she doesn’t want to do freelance or commissions and doesn’t hold herself to a high standard so she has no one to impress but herself. Can’t understand why she doesn’t care about how she presents herself. I guess I envy her $, not her.

No. 533873

Yeah, I think it's more the money people evny than her. She doesn't have the most honest/nice of personalities (as we've seen from her slip ups in the vlogs) and her outer appearance isn't anything special. I think her greed and flexing has made her into an ugly person, it was easier to look past her flaws when she was still a normal person like the rest of us.

No. 534432

I bet she's slowing down on the uploads because she found the thread. Some people were mentioning it in her comments awhile ago so maybe our grievances are finally starting to bother her.

No. 535254

Idk, to me she comes off pompous and arrogant that if she saw these threads she wouldn’t think twice and still do what she wants. It’s just odd though that she’s been vlogging for years! And has been too personal (ie talking about shitting her pants and such) that all of a sudden she wants more privacy. ? She should give up vlogs, funny how she has everything she could want but maybe inside deep down she’s insecure with herself. Maybe her self defensiveness is a total front…..

No. 535257

File: 1521674108590.png (1.08 MB, 1334x750, FEC6568D-61B2-4453-9CE8-A226FF…)

She looks like Dr. Evil with that cat!

God even her chibis manage to look like shit!

No. 535291

>Maybe her self defensiveness is a total front
it usually is
And I don't think it's about privacy, just about not vlogging on days she feels like shit.

No. 535420

Yeah, I could see that. I think in past vlogs she's mentioned being socially awkward, so that coupled with her overall appearance, not going outside enough, and all her other bullshit would probably start to crack her nice little persona that she's made.

No. 535516

I actually think this is rather cute. She even didn't cheat symmetry by mirroring the image. If this was the main style she drew in, I would hate her a lot less.

No. 535597

I agree it looks fine. Basic and boring with a shitty ditto face, but not ugly or anything. Looks like something you’d find on a pin at like Target or something though, not in artist alley.

No. 535836

I mean, eh. It's not offensive in any way, and tbh this sort of simplistic style sells really well. I've seen worse from her.
It's still not great, don't get me wrong. Just that I'm not mad at her for this one in particular.

No. 535949

File: 1521751457310.jpg (32.76 KB, 578x333, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

You know Baylee, if you didn't spend all your money on dolls and Disney trips, you might be able to afford a home. What I really don't get though is why she doesn't just move else where.

No. 535984

She said they will, eventually; but right now her husband works there and they enjoy the city and everything. Plus they have friends and stuff. I can understand not wanting to move again right now, what I don’t understand is how she never thought about putting away money to actually buy a home.
I mean I have no idea how much she does per month or year, but everyone who looks forward to buy a house one day will save part of their income.

No. 535996

I don't live in Vancouver but I live in an area that is similar so I guess it's my own personal disdain for urban areas/cosmopolitan twits like her.

No. 536003

File: 1521754800875.png (81.66 KB, 594x455, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 21.3…)

Quick and simple work from her now I guess.

How are them oil paintings going? I wonder if she even planned one to do after all this con related work is out the way.

No. 536004

I doubt it and I'm sure she'll make up an excuse once people start asking.

No. 536561

Am i the only one who thinks baylee's sailor moon cat drawings look like pusheen?

No. 536570

It does. Are you surprised? She copies everything and everyone.

No. 536631

That's a little reaching imo, a cat with a blob body is not that unique of a concept.

Something about these drawings is so un-cute, like their faces are somehow unappealing. The proportions are off.

No. 536710

The faces don't really have an expression. The same deadpan face on both cats.

No. 536711

They look more derpy than cute. I think some of that might be due to the lack of body they have, Pusheen is cute because of the tiny head a squishy body.

No. 536718

>That's a little reaching imo

No. 536733

The heads are too small imo. Chibis are usually cute because of the baby appearance, and the give that look it generally involves a big ass head.

No. 536753

Also maybe because the whole pic is tiny, everything looks squished and the thick lines dominate too much.

No. 536771

These look so lackluster and unimaginative. I can get the appeal of simplistic chibis, but these look like something a company would label "magical girl button" and sell it as a knock-off on a shifty looking website. It's definitely not the work of someone who illustrates for a living. They're so generic it hurts.

No. 536803


Honestly I agree. This could be anyone's art. Nothing about her art stands out as distinctly her's, and I never actually got that impression from any of her art at all. It's probably because she apes styles a lot, and never really let herself develop one.

No. 536834

They look like pusheen knockoffs. This style is lazy but is appealing enough to make money at cons, which is the only thing she cares about.

No. 536896

File: 1521843997914.jpeg (454.08 KB, 750x1005, 3C961D51-3A19-4181-96B4-4E5C4E…)

No. 536897

File: 1521844011886.jpeg (168.5 KB, 750x956, 8CCCC952-B6FF-4D76-A5F8-6F0D2E…)

No. 536898

File: 1521844030864.jpeg (317.08 KB, 750x924, 440B5687-C0C0-4091-8991-DBAA49…)

No. 536899

So she’s drinking while off birth control, not preventing a pregnancy? That’s really smart lol.

No. 536900

File: 1521844262423.jpeg (522.66 KB, 750x994, 8E6382D1-A102-408C-9592-78C33D…)

Copying Jazza… AGAIN

No. 536922

The only reason she gets away with it is because lots of cons have artist alleys already filled with people who can't draw, but she knows how to make generic shit people will buy and she said in her con vlogs she sells her buttons for less than other people do.

No. 536996

Cos that sounds like such a great idea… She's not even financially stable. Why plan on having kids?

No. 537015

She could be using condoms until she stops drinking? You've got to come off BC a few months before you want to start trying for a baby because it doesn't just leave your body instantly. Hopefully that's what she's doing.

No. 537116

>She's not even financially stable

No. 537214

Drinking is safe till she does positive test. Stop reaching.

No. 537229

Lol yes because the fetus springs into existence the moment one gets a positive.

No. 537235

No. 537262

I can't picture her as a mom. Seems like she's just going down the "oh well I got married, time to pop out a kid I guess" path.

Trying for a baby doesn't mean that you're definitely pregnant right now, some of you need to relax.

That said I hate "Drunk ____" videos, most people are a lot less funny drunk than they seem to believe.

No. 537263

It still stupid for doing it, because there's still a chance.

No. 537267

There's always a chance you're pregnant if you have sex with a man and neither of you is impotent. Drinking a bottle of wine for a video is not going to do anything this early on.

No. 537274

Anyway if her baby is born with fetal alcohol syndrome its still going to look exactly like her.

No. 537282

Well, good luck with that…
Also if this is the Saturday art video then wow!

No. 537290

If that was the case majority of Italian and French people would have fas. LOL

No. 537291

Way to cross the line, dude.

No. 537354

normally i love drunk drawing videos, but i just don't think baylee is funny?

No. 537359

this is true
how is it crossing the line lmao, it's just an implication that she looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 537419


super nitpicky but i hate how this tweet is worded. "i need something funny and specific to draw!" sounds so demanding and rude to your followers lol

No. 537450

She had a week of not worrying about vlogs and decided to do this a few days ago.

Why is she big on posting snapchat filters now too?

No. 537526

File: 1521924650936.png (1.26 MB, 1334x750, EC772958-1681-4C8C-A367-678223…)

What was that pregnancy montage in the beginning…. like….

The video is not even funny…. she’s just overly trying to be cringe, and wacky….
she had allll week to do a nice illustration and comes up with this lol. But again we should expect that from mrs lazee Jae brazzo

No. 537531

Low key can see her using pregnancy as click bait.
I wonder how Christian feels about that sort of thing or he's not bothered.

No. 537538

She’s never going to be able to raise a child. She can’t even tell her cats to fuck off

No. 537564

It's funny in a "nervous laughter because you see someone do something embarrassing at a bar" type of way.

No. 537575

It’s going to be funny seeing her try to have a fun time at Disneyland with a screaming toddler…. or she might just have the kid stay with Jacob so she can get that Disneyland fix ROFL “ hypothetical thoughts”

No. 537577

If she even still vlogs by then, do you guys think she will quit vlogging? Feels like it’s headed in that direction

No. 537596

This "Lazee Jae" thing you guys keep repeating is as annoying as her, sounds like stuff middle schoolers say

No. 537650


Either that or she transitions into one of those 'mommy vlogs' with a hint of art. Which is terrifying in and of itself.

No. 537823

That would really suit her

No. 537834

I agree with the layzee Jae thing yall sound like four year olds

No. 537902

Seriously, stop attacking one another. Stick to the cow smh.

No. 537939


Agreed - thought this was a thread where you can pretty much say what you want about the cow; not be constantly told to shut up because others don't like what you're saying.

No. 537947

You may think you're more mature/superior for not calling her Layzee Jae, but you're posting on this board too, you know?

No. 537997


Are you guys new? Coming up with dumb nicknames for cows like this is a staple. Kootz, Kaka, Morguerot/Maggot…. If you don't like the culture go somewhere else

No. 538038

I think Lazy Jae is fucking hilarious and if you don’t like gtfo honestlh where do you morons think you are?? Fuck off

No. 538100

For people who spend their times talking shit about others you sure are very fragile when the criticism turns towards you.

This is not a judgment free place. If people don't agree with you, they're going to call you out. Wouldn't it bee too convenient if you had all the right to spill whatever you want about someone because "they're the cow" and no one could disagree with you? This is not a snowflake's safe space.

No. 538113

Stfu no one said it was??? You are free to disagree with opinions all you fucking want incel-chan but you don’t get to tell people they can’t call anyone what the fuck they want read the fucking rules you triggered puss baby

No. 538117

You lost bro?

No. 538124

Would you kindly point us to where exactly it was stated you should stop?
I'm honestly hesitant about being too intense with you because you sound genuinely autistic.

No. 538125

holy fucking fucking shit. shut the fuck up. why are we fighting over this retarded bullshit? i thought we were supposed to be bitching about baylee

No. 538128

It happens sometimes when milk gets slow

No. 538166


I literally never said it was but I'm a bit sick of the fact that we can't bitch about her spending habits or whatever without some baby coming in claiming that we can't talk about it and should stick to only art criticism. I was under the impression that if there's a cow and a thread we can complain about whatever we want about them.

No. 538175

Fucking thank you. If I wanna call her lazy and fat and ugly I’m fucking going to. If you don’t agree state your opinion and move on stop derailing the thread just because someone disagrees with your pretentious take on the use of ‘Lazee Jae’

No. 538176

>bitches about people reprehending irrelevant content in the thread
>thinks others are the babies

Art threads in general seem to behave in a different way than most of the Cow threads, probably because a lot of people who ended up here did so because of art related salt rather than just overall pettiness. The "agreement" to stay in relevant topics comes from people not being as interested in wasting time bothering with the unimportant side of people's lives and just focusing on what we're interested in learning from, which is what no to do as an artist.
Now, this is a thread imposed thing, if the mods aren't telling you to stay art related then there is nothing concrete keeping you from doing it.

No. 538180

One would think Lazee Jae is an infant you carried in your uterus for 9 months based on how personally offended you are that someone didn't like it

Also, daily reminder on how ironic it is to comment on thread derailing while doing it yourself.

No. 538181

I think you're missing the point of this thread.
This isn't an art thread. This isn't a breakdown on "what not to do as an artist".
You should go to a different forum if that's what you were expecting to find here.

No. 538190

Yes, but there was a majority of people here who maintained the idea of keeping the thread relevant at one point in time, despite the general shits and giggles tendency of this forum. The problem is that we have two different groups, one that just wants to come at her personally and the other that wants to talk about art related things.
It's probably best to keep art related subjects to the General Artist thread, then. Baylee is going further away from being able to be considered an artist every day, no reason to keep beating a dead horse.

No. 538395

Fuck, why is everyone turning on each other, isn’t it best to turn your anger towards the fat narcissistic cow of this thread Baylee…

No. 538397

I’ll be honest, I’m more prone to attacking her personally and the way she presents herself, I hate on her art too, but her lack of professionalism with a professional salary just gets me all kinds of angry. Idk how this dumb woman got so popular. She’s too materialistic and only cares about herself, won’t listen to any opinions unless they’re licking her asshole, and generally is just a twat.

No. 538400

For real! She’s a lifeless gamer that does art as a small hobby on the side

No. 538402

File: 1522032024204.jpeg (98.54 KB, 864x748, ECB3CEF2-B622-4C35-A402-57FFC2…)

No. 538431

it’s the kind of life i wish i could live to be honest

No. 538554

This is not an art thread, it's a thread about someone flakey that happens to be an artist. I'm not here for the "hurr, she fat and ugly xD" type comments either but let's not pretend that this board is for legitimate criticism and not just ripping on people you dislike lmao.

No. 538560

I still think that one or two shades darker would have been a prettier colour for her. If you turn the pic in greyscale her skin and hair colour will melt into each other :/
Her game streams make me kinda nervous though. She screams on the top of her lungs for EVERY little stupid thing. I prefer the art streams, they’re more chill and she will raise her voice on special occasions only…

No. 538669

It’s official guys… she’s at the beginning of a mental breakdown

No. 538672

I have a little feeling that she reads here and it affects her LOL

No. 538674

It’s what we all guessed, she wants more privacy to be able to be a slob or be lazy without “judgement” or pressure to be working instead rofl

No. 538677

if she does read this thread, then she’s probably having a fucking field day because we’re all acting like dumbfucks.

No. 538679

After this long of vlogging to the point where it is what you had for dinner and your cats I would expect it to slowly come to a stop.

(I've not watched the video yet as its 21 + mins but I guess it might be stopping?)

No. 538680

I don't know, this doesn't even have anything to do with Baylee but I feel like (and a bunch of YouTubers have said that) daily vlogging is fucking awful. Filming your mundane life every day, or feeling pressure to seem more interesting than you really are, and having people comment on how you live your life. Seems really draining. Also most vlogs are boring anyway.

No. 538683

She’s no longer daily and now only posting whenever she feels like it… at the end she’s like “that’s the beauty of being self employed and making your own schedule!”

No. 538684

She has been on youtube long enough to know about YouTubers like Charles Trippy/Shaytards and what they go through.

No. 538689

Who cares if you start working late into the day!?

No. 538696

She could do art/vlogs videos and move her focus on her art channel and oh the rarely updated doodle dungeon thing remember that? She made herself a 'slave to vlogs' no one else did, go for walks and then start making content, as she is 'her own boss'

No. 538697

She mentioned she’s planning to do art vlogs on her art channel in the future.

No. 538700

She’s wayyyy more self conscious than I thought…

No. 538706

I asked about the oil paintings when she started streaming today cause it was something that has started bothering me for a while now
She said that shes going to start doing one next week … guess time will tell…

No. 538919

For all her big talk, she's a really insecure person. It wouldn't surprise me if she's found this thread, people have commented about it on her videos before. I honestly hope our comments are getting her, she's a materialistic, know-it-all bitch anyways.

No. 539013

Agreed! She needs to be knocked a peg. I’m also wondering if part of it is the vlogs aren’t making as much $ as they used to since they get demonetized lol. I just find it weird that she wants privacy but there’s really nothing for her to be private about, she’s does the same damn thing every day! She said she wants to be lazy without judgement, but by the comments on her videos none of her followers really say anything about that (unless she’s blocking tons of ppl a day, but I doubt that) it’s only this thread that were able to express opinions… so she has to see it. She looked like she was about to cry the whole video.

No. 539016

File: 1522111673782.jpeg (331.13 KB, 750x826, 911E9E91-CFA7-4196-8A8B-C1DC59…)

No. 539097

I think she has found this
thread I found it after looking up "Baylee Jae Fanfic" from that one vlog so maybe she did the same. I'm really glad I found it though because it's opened my eyes to her real self. I subscribed to her about the time she started vloging so I'm a long time fan and it was hard to see her flaws

No. 539099

Also, anyone remember that really nice Singer sewing machine her mom got her for Christmas. Also remember to table and supplies she got. hmmmm I wonder where that is???

No. 539100

I think because she has so much stuff she doesn't appreciate gifts as much. Like other anons have mentioned, she's extremely materialistic and is probably trying to use stuff to fill a void. It's kinda sad, but then against she's done this to herself.

No. 539101

Baylee is just the art version of one of those beauty vloggers who sit on mountains of PR and say everything is their 'favorite' thing. Only, unlike most of them, Baylee isn't attractive, can't actually do art and her fanbase is mostly under fourteen.

No. 539108

Really what I've found is that once she moved into her house she got bad probably Because she realized she had a ton of money

No. 539123

File: 1522122449618.jpeg (128.1 KB, 750x371, 98447A0A-11F0-45C1-A7FF-896861…)

Rofl, her streams are definitely hard work!

No. 539125

How does she make so much money from that “art” channel, her content has gone downhill considerably…. remember that mukbang video hahaha!

No. 539127

You know, I agree that streaming can be draining because you have to entertain people and interact while playing the game. But Baylee barely talks or entertains. Her streams are the most boring thing I've ever watched. It's dead silent unless she squeals or screams for the smallest thing.

No. 539129

Yeah I can agree with that, she barely comments on the gameplay and is always having that google thing play songs so she doesn’t have to talk much. All it is is thanking people for bits or subscribing….

No. 539270

File: 1522141430302.png (498.26 KB, 874x881, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 10.0…)

Why is she retweeting this in March!? Did she even talk about this when it was published?


No. 539338

A fan asked if cutting vlogs she could go back to two videos a week, and she said no because it’s too much work.
Considering it’s HER JOB, it kind of pisses me off. She always rushes her videos, and it’s her job. I’m sorry but screaming at a camera playing games she would still be playing without being filmed can’t be considered working, for me. She doesn’t entertain people, like others said. She just plays video games for five hours five days a week. Cutting two of them out she would have plenty of time to focus on her channel since she is… a youtuber.
I don’t want to wish her bad things but she’s REALLY gotten lazy.

No. 539456

No. 539462

File: 1522170984026.png (81.49 KB, 239x191, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 18.0…)

Matches your hair?!
Yeah, she needs to decide what she wants to do with her art related channels. Do it because you want to do Baylee not because you have too. The doddle domain videos sometimes feel like an easy way to earn more money. Using the algorithms but I could be wrong.

No. 539466

Those sweaters are really cool, but I’d never use her damn affiliate code.

No. 539491

LOL. She’s dropping doodle domain guys…. how did we ever guess it would be a fail….

No. 539493

She's been talking about having kids a lot, I guess it's meant to happen soon. I'm not a mom, but I imagine that streaming for hours will be near impossible for the first few months at least?

No. 539504

I think she will manage to stream for the first year of her child, but then, as the child starts to walk and talk it will become more tricky. Babies can be relatively easy since they just eat, poo and sleep.

No. 539555

I used to watch her vlogs daily but always felt she vlogged herself talking to the camera too much for no reason - she literally thinks out loud TO the camera like that's good content. I have this issue with all vloggers but since she doesn't actually do much but sit at home it really doesn't make sense for her to vlog in the first place - i skip through all of her talking to see if she DID anything. Not even her art related things are interesting anymore.
Good riddance to the vlogs - she should just do what Joy San does and get good clips from the week to combine together if she still wants to do it but is worried about privacy and looking like a slob. Im sure once she has kids her life will at least have something going on that doesn't feel so drawl and monotonous.

No. 539559

Welp, guess I'm outta here once she starts having kids. was here for the art, personally but since she seems to be dwindling on that there isn't much investment anymore. It'd be interesting to see how she tries handling being lazy about her art vids and then trying to juggle a kid I guess but nothing is more boring than a mommy vlog, and I really wish her the best in her endeavors but she's really got to get her act together somehow before even thinking about having kids.

Then again, we're just on the outside looking in, whadda we know.

No. 539588

File: 1522181388224.jpeg (522.87 KB, 750x1200, D8BF1ED0-3F1C-46DC-A24C-E9AC92…)

No. 539629

File: 1522184764327.jpg (14.21 KB, 236x256, 9a845bcca6c0a879b86da2979e6eca…)

No. 539936

File: 1522213099325.jpg (259.74 KB, 1070x1849, IMG_20180328_155736.jpg)

someone's defensive..

No. 539938


Someone's greedy and selfish. But we already knew that.

No. 539939

Lol she's so easily rustled, I'm sure workstation tours will soon be on the chopping block since people are calling her out.

No. 539968

Yeah but sadly I’m on her side here. She can buy whatever she wants and do or not do whatever she wants with such stuff. Sure it’s a waste but it’s not uncommon (sadly) for most youtubers or people in general to accumulate stuff.
If I buy a dress because I feel like it would suit me and then afterwards I realise that the color doesn’t flatter me or that I don’t feel comfortable wearing it, I just won’t use it and it’s nobodys work to tell me I HAVE TO use it.
The only person I’ve seen actually use their stuff a lot is MissKerrieJ.
I use all of my supplies and buy only what is necessary to me so I’m not simpatizing because “OMG guys I do the same, stop” but yes it’s kinda rude to go to somebody and tell them what to do with their money.
We can discuss it here but you’d be pissed If somebody insisted on commenting on what’s left on your plate or everything you waste in your life.
She has any right to feel attacked, she’s not asking people money to buy stuff she doesn’t use (unlike holly), it was her money all along.

No. 539995

Actually with her on this one though, it's wasteful but "I buy it for YouTube" is actually a solid explanation, and what is that person expecting her to say? Somehow I don't think the people complaining about this are all minimalists and only own what they use.

No. 540256

I agree too

No. 540613

I agree on being able to do what you want with your money, but also if you're going to make showing off all the crap you buy a part of your content every few months don't get pissy when people point out how wasteful you're being. That's like someone with a hoarding problem going on the tv show Hoarders then getting mad that people are disgusted with all the junk they have.
Lots of other Youtubers who do workstation tours laugh it off. No need to snap back at your fans for stating the obvious.

No. 540660

What people are commenting on is how she responds to people. It's always really passive aggressive and snotty. I think people would give less damns if she was nicer about it.

No. 541381

>>Someone's greedy and selfish. But we already knew that.
This was not about the defensiveness.
And again, if a total stranger comes and judges you like that, you can be defensive.
I know we’re supposed to have fun but she’s human, NOBODY likes that kind of interaction. And she was doing a workstation tour, not an extensive videos about her art supplies (which is a thing), if she has things, she has things.
What I mean is that’s okay if we talk about this stuff here, and yes she’s incredibly wasteful, but going to her in person and question what she bought and why it’s just plain rude.

No. 541637

One time during her live stream, she was eating egg in a hole. I said I love egg in a whole by mistake and someone asked what that was. in a very annoyed tone she said oh, the spelled in wrong. Then she said it's egg in a hole not egg in a whole, just like Hermione.

No. 541668

What a bitch.

No. 541722

Ngl this actually made me chuckle

No. 541731

wow. what is it it like being a victim of severe bullying?

No. 541806

Lmao, you gotta toughen up anon.

No. 541870

Have y'all actually looked at the other members of the YouTube Artists collective? Now that's something amazing art!

No. 541919


Yeah we have. on the youtube artist thread.

No. 541938

Why is she still a part of it

No. 542297

Why even reply like that. Its a legitimate question. I have no fucking idea what an egg in a hole is.
I tuned in once for stream but I stayed maybe 15/30 max because I got very bored. So anytime I asked why she did something as such a mod was super defensive

No. 542324

Probably the number of subs she has and someone always hands over whatever amount of money for a copic drawing.

No. 542475

No. 542488

Woah, she finally admitted to Copics not being lightfast?!? Not while selling a copic piece ofcourse.

No. 542566

Yet will still charge 200 for copic piece even after admiring they are light fast

No. 542568

but hey, at least she wasn't a bitch in this video and didn't complain TOO much… right?

No. 542580

File: 1522520977739.png (640.66 KB, 864x509, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 19.2…)

The artwork in case you don't want to watch.

No. 542586

I really hate this lazy trend of outlining stuff in white to make it stand out from the background that a lot of YouTube artists do. If it was done once or twice as a deliberate part of the piece like adding a glow to something ethereal or whatever, fine. But they use it as a cheap workaround to not having to worry about values and color choices to make certain parts stand out.

No. 542587

Agreed, also the yellow of the turtle doesn't stand out as much because of the yellow flowers, they all kinda blend into each other. She might have been better off just sticking with the pink flowers.

No. 542593

Or using blue or purple instead to contrast with the yellow. Then it would even have the benefit of being somewhat reminiscent of water too. I doubt she actually takes the time to think this stuff through though.

No. 542602

I wish she would have drawn something other than flowers. Like some coral or water ripples would have been nice.

No. 542670


Definitely! She could do flowers with another animal, like a bird or rabbit or whatever. Tbh I much prefer this than her poor anatomy people. She should do a series of this type.

Redo this one with a different sea-themed background, and then do a bunch more in the same style. Then she can work on color theory, composition, theme, etc. and not dragging her feet on anatomy and perspective.

No. 542717

Again those shitty roses. Why can't she learn to draw something else?

No. 542784

What kinda generic illustration is this? Total lack of inspiration and originality. Looks like some clip art pasted together for some dollar store pillow cover print.

No. 542882

lol, I thought this was from a coloring book and she was just testing the markers

No. 544382

The clutters is driving me nuts. Also, is it just me or has Baylee been getting chubbier?

No. 544399

Yes she has got fatter and pregnancy wont help…

No. 544405

So classy, everyone can see her crack at 4:30.

No. 544438

Her chin is starting to slowly disappear…. I dont get why she doesn't exercise when she has all this time..Like at least go for a walk or use that bike..

No. 544460

she mentioned in her 'thoughts about vlogging' video that she thinks that people will judge her for going for a walk earlier in the day and then work later in the day if you can see its dark outside in her vlogs which is silly. She should look after self. Does she not play that dance game anymore or is that too much to fit in with the twitch streams?

No. 544498

since we’re talking about her weight, does she have a really low metabolism or something? she eats less than i do, but still looks… maybe she eats more off camera?

No. 544501

She eats mostly unhealthy stuff and doesn't move enough. Chips, Timmy's etc.

No. 544507

She lost some weight for her wedding so maybe now that its over she doesn't care too much about losing more weight.

No. 544562

I don't get it either, but I think it might be what she's eating rather than the quantity along with the lack of exercise. Also, alcohol is filled with calories and she seems to have that pretty often.

No. 544738

I think she's using that as a scapegoat so she doesn't have to exercise. I think her audience would want for her to be healthy and take care of herself.

No. 544749

It interesting to see how Baylee has "evolved" over the years. I remember watching her videos when she was still a small channel and didn't like her art much. I guess this is an example of what happens when someone gets "famous" and becomes greedy.

No. 546221

holy shit she wanted to do one oil and digitally painting a month? what the fuck happened to that??

No. 546237

Lazyness happened.

No. 546397

She shouldn't have aimed for one every month, especially with oil painting. Maybe like at least one or two oil paintings for the year (I think oil painting has a long process could be wrong) and now she has pro-create to do digital work so she can spread them throughout the year or is she just gonna use it like her drawing tablet to sketch out her next copic art?

She ditched that link painting really fast so I can't see one painting a month either. Its like she has to rush everything when no one is asking her to do so.

No. 546400

File: 1522875497930.png (104.02 KB, 620x411, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 4.57…)

No. 546403

Get ready to press more buttons and maybe complain about con prep!

No. 546417

well that depends how much you're actually working each month, but with Baylee's case, 1 or 2 paintings with the least amount of effort per year sounds more reasonable lmao

No. 546593

ready for baylee to sell the exact same prints she has been selling for years plus every other piece she’s done since then.
And buttons.

No. 546772

Oh god, I'll have to scope this out if I can get away from my table. So weird, never thought I'd see any of the artists here in person.

No. 547114

As someone who’s also selling at AN I hope I’m not tabling anywhere near her.

No. 547115

Aren't they super strict on people selling fanart? I wonder how that will work for her, since that seems to be one of her better selling stuff?

No. 547284

File: 1522956152783.png (469.39 KB, 1494x873, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 20.2…)

Only copyrighted images but it does say Dinsey and Pixar are not allowed does she sell any of them on buttons?

No. 547528

She literally has done digital art for every single piece of art this year she just hasn't filmed it which was only half the goal

No. 547529

With oil painting it's such a big time investment then you better have an idea that's great and well thought out because you don't wanna waste your time for something you don't love

No. 547530

No she doesn't sell Disney

No. 547542

Practice is never a waste of time. It's better to start something and hate it, than to never start something at all.

No. 547608

>>547528 what are you talking about? a majority of the videos she has uploaded this year has been about traditional art. and the digital pieces she's started have been abandoned.

No. 547707


Respectfully disagree, anon. That’s Holly C’s mentality and look how well that’s going for her. Work smart, not hard. No point wasting paint and time if you don’t have an idea of what you’re learning or what you need to improve on. Smaller practice and understanding of color and composition is sorely needed for these YouTube “stars.” I wouldn’t have someone baylee’s level doing oils, she needs to practice with some charcoal and pencils first to understand a lot of the fundamentals she’s missing.

No. 548477

File: 1523062959641.gif (1.37 MB, 640x360, 0STQndZ.gif)

No. 548597

File: 1523075862274.jpg (324.5 KB, 1072x1816, IMG_20180407_143624.jpg)

baylee really just needs to go to a goddamn hair dresser..

No. 548601

I don't get why she's so against going to the hair dresser. She has enough money to dump on dolls and other crap but apparently can't shell out for someone to make her look decent lol

No. 548609

She really should, although, I think the colour looks fine. She's just proving her lack of basic hair knowledge once again. If it looks dark, it's not going to come out pastel?

No. 548634

“As soon as I opened it I could tell it was a different shade so instead of diluting it or getting in touch with the company I covered my hair in it and now I look like a clown”

No. 548694

exactly. as if you wouldn't do a strand test first if she thought it was different?

No. 548725

I cackled so hard. Precisely, anon

No. 548833

Would it not have "new formula!" on the bottle if they changed it? I know either way she'll blame the product and not the steps she took in making her 'clown hair'.

No. 548835

File: 1523116199361.png (41.11 KB, 583x124, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 16.4…)


No. 548838

File: 1523116335612.png (308.31 KB, 582x382, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 16.5…)

She dyed it again?

No. 548869

No. 548881

Hang on. Isn't this darker pink just the same as the first pink she had? The pale pink is much worse, also

No. 548883

I could never put my finger on what it is about her art that I don't like, but I think it's the poor use of texture. The bottle should have been smooth and reflective, even if it was dirty, There's no texture at all on the rabbits so it looks like they're made of plastic. The lineart isnt even that bad, it just looks shitty when she does a halfassed coloring job and over-blends everything.

Also the clothes hanging on the line look look so weird. There's no folds in any of them and they're all somehow facing the viewer even though that doesn't make sense with the perspective.

No. 548888

You know, I was told a few years ago, that if you dye your hair a lot, it gets damaged. Isn’t Baylee’s hair going to be negatively affected by all that dye?

No. 548898

this drawing offends me

No. 548901

The bleach is what damages your hair, not the dye.

No. 548902

she managed to shove out her YTAC obligation. guess we'll see her next prompt for an actual art video.

No. 548906

I hope she not just using procreate just to sketch drawings like she could do in photoshop or other programs before on her big drawing tablet.

That wasn't thinking outside the 'bottle', she just made the house a bottle so she didn't have to do reflections etc. I'm still waiting for her to not do something safe in her art.

Made the bottle dirty so she didn't have to do the inside!?!

Didn't she have it dark and first and then went a bit lighter?

No. 548913

It looks like the big leafs have six packs.

No. 548917

'World OUTSIDE a bottle'

No. 549084

yeah she took the absolute darkest green and a super light green and yellow and tried to blend them together. That's….not what leaves look like.

No. 549197

Looking at Baylee's piece compared to the other artists in the YTAC is just so…lackluster. Her's is the most bland, boring and least skilled out of the bunch. It's honestly kind of sad at this point. She doesn't even try to leave her comfort zone. She can never do a piece without outlining, it's always gotta be in copics, and she somehow manages to make every one look so stiff. Like how the hell do you manage to give cute bunnies such lifeless expressions?

She takes the easy way out with her art. She made the bottle into some kind of weird stone. It's obvious she didn't want to deal with having to draw any kind of reflection. She NEVER draws any folds or wrinkles in clothing that her characters are wearing. Her colors she uses to blend can be questionable and sometimes it makes everything look muddy. I remember I use to watch Baylee a lot back when she was passionate about art. It's a shame how downhill she's gone.

No. 549212

File: 1523145740319.png (170.85 KB, 324x326, bj.png)

No. 549228

Why doesn’t she use watercolors for pieces like this? It would be much quicker and look a lot nicer with more character. And it’d be light fast… it’s so strange to me, her aversion to traditional media. She’s wasting her time.

No. 549470

If any of you happen to see her, report back any milk pls

No. 549496

…this kinda looks better to me than well she's all put together and looks like a glazed donut. looks better than this >>538402

No. 549518

I wonder if she stopped selling her YTAC pieces because she got called out on copics not being archival? This could have been cute if she'd made it an actual bottle and drew the interior of the house but that's too hard I guess.

No. 549522

Is it only me, but does she look like a man with a pink wig? Like some sort of goblin……Her hair looks frizzled out..

No. 549560

It's just you. Her hair is terribly unflattering, but that's it.

No. 549737

no, anon, no.
don't let her near watercolors. as a watercolorist, her refusing to use ANYTHING besides the waterbrush TRIGGERS me.

//sage for sperg

No. 549776

Yeah probably, maybe an old buyer/s contacted her about the pieces fading within less than a year.

No. 549778

SAME. Waterbrushes are fun for travel, but they're not great for working on serious artworks. Her paintings would look less patchy if she used a larger brush. I think the first YTAC video she used a hog hair brush with her watercolors. That was triggering to watch.

No. 549781

Sorry for the OT, But why was it wrong? Isn’t natural hair suited more for watercolors?

No. 549783

Hog hair is really coarse and rough, that particular hair type is more suited to oil paint. For watercolor, it's preferable to have a brush that can hold a lot of water/pigment, so a softer hair like squirrel or a synthetic hair is better. For beginners though, I think it would be better to just stick with synthetic since they're cheaper and work just fine.

No. 549794


But she can collect and hoard hundreds of expensive brushes and paints if she puts her mind to it. Can’t you see the videos now “best Daniel Smith dupe???” “Fifty dollar brush??” “Palettes: compared!!” “

I’d live

No. 549795

kolinsky sable is also a good choice, albeit it is super expensive.
anon, no. please, no. don't give her ideas.
I'd seriously hurt someone if I saw this.

No. 549796

Ew. Keep her filthy, chunky sausage fingers away from Daniel Smith!

No. 549860

No. 549865

For those who use earphones turn down your sound before 2:55 unless you want to go deaf. holy shit.

No. 549869

Do you think she will get pregnant before year ends?

No. 549874

>>549860 My guess is that the original tub of overtone was expired? Either way if she realized there was a problem immediately she should have done some sort of strand test

No. 549875

Are you meant to put the whole tub of that dye on your head? (I don't dye my hair but it looks that tub is resealable for more than one use maybe)

No. 549876

Not to put on my tinfoil hat or anything, but maybe she did it for vlog material? You know, have some clickbait and something bitch about which equals ass pats.

No. 549879

>>549875 depends on how much hair you have. Better to put more on your head as to avoid patchiness

No. 549882

Oh, she recorded herself crying in the closet but only shown a few seconds of it.

Oh, I see. Well if I didn't feel right about the colour I wouldn't have put the whole tub on my head.

No. 549887

Thats what a strand test is for. Take a small strand and put the dye on that.
She realized almost immediately that the colour was wrong but still puts it all over her head. and than whines about it, overtone might have messed up but its on her for not being cautious

No. 549889

File: 1523219386691.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, AE449816-2016-4520-986F-EE66E5…)


Or dilute with conditioner to prevent said patchiness

Someone with such a pink face shouldn’t have pink hair imo.

Her result looks exactly like the ads for that dye. Idk what she’s complaining about.

No. 549892

File: 1523219454740.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 9223825D-AE83-44B8-8ABC-6E229C…)

Did she just use the daily conditioner last time instead of the deep treatment? This looks more like her last time.

No. 549893

My guess is her original container was either expired or gone bad

No. 549895

File: 1523219587997.png (132.11 KB, 319x280, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 4.32…)

The dye itself looks dry an chunky in the original

No. 549898

File: 1523219723242.png (523.49 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Meh. Dont like how the pastel looks. Or the neon. I feel like it doesnt suit her. I liked the first pink better

No. 549908

She needs to go back to the teal or another cool color. This shade of pink is like…way too similar to her skin tone.

No. 549921

Agreed, her hair is pretty much the same value as her skin. She looked cuter with the teal hair and thinner eyebrows.

No. 549926

I agree. I think she looked great in teal.

No. 549972

File: 1523223664342.png (720.53 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180408-174045.png)

It looks like she's in her late 60s

No. 550169

I can only imagine how fried her hair is after all this dye and bleaching crap she's done.

No. 550171

I've never seen hair that looks like that unless it's incredibly damaged the way it poofs out is just wrong hair shouldn't do that

No. 550172

Her hair looks grows from all the bleaching she's done. Wouldn't deep conditioning help with the fried texture, I don't dye my hair so I'm a bit of a novic?

No. 550176

i think it’s just because her thin hair frizzed out. i never dyed my hair, and it poofs out like that after a shower.

No. 550197

Her hair is already very thin and fine as it is bleaching it every couple months is just slowly going to make it fall out because hair is dead so it doesn't heal

No. 550273

File: 1523248061370.jpeg (124.59 KB, 768x1024, A07A3452-F6FC-4238-A927-DA22B6…)


Her hair is the texture of brushed out yarn :( Baylee whatchu doing

No. 550355


Her forehead is so fuckin huge….

No. 550376

Guys you're being so mean to baylee. She tries really hard and lots of people love her new style. She didn't copy it and she doesn't ignore your comments about you rating her art. She collects toys because they make her happy and she likes them. AND SHE DOES NOT DRAW LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD! She is amazing at drawing!

No. 550408

Ahhh another spineless snowflake…Why are you fucking here then… go praise her on her channel….

No. 550410

anon that was very clearly sarcasm ffs

No. 550578

Thank you jfc can people maybe breath for half a second before sperging down each other’s throats every few posts?

No. 550630

She doesnt even need to bleach it this much! Bleaching the roots and blending it down a little is fine, but she is destroying her hair.

No. 550687

No. 550717

Her hair looks like a plastic Halloween wig, idk just something about the color against her skin tone throws me off….. they just melt together and wash her out.

No. 550723

omg, now I can't unsee it

No. 551186

And there she goes, back to Disney Land again. Expect this time alone I presume or with the other dude. Next vlog after that, Disney haul.

No. 551280

Her hair doesn’t look healthy… I’m honestly scared by how it looks. I’m not even interested in hair styling.

No. 552995

don’t know if this is milk worthy, but i’m watching one of baylee’s streams and she said something like, “it would me take me 6 hours to finish 20 pages for the sketchbook slam challenge, and people were still calling me a slacker! guess i should delete my channel”. she sounded pretty pathetic to be honest

No. 553111

So she is still gonna use the sketchbook slam as an excuse months after. There's a lot of things you can in 6 hours not just mindlessly draw to fill a book.

No. 553141

I attempted the sketchbook slam. The only problem I had was filling 20 pages a day. Still tried to do it regardless. Baylee finished the damn challenge months ago. She needs to go onto something else. Honestly hearing her say it constantly drives me up a wall.

No. 553149


Most people work more than 6 hours a day. Does she not know this? And we all know she did that while watching youtube or netflix.

Also, work smart, not just hard. Doing the same thing over and over isn't going to help you. Her sketches didn't show any progress or understanding of the basics. She needs to take a course on the basics.

No. 553678

not sure if milk, but hey, new vlog

No. 553695

baylee in a stream: i don’t consider us (her fan base) easily offended people.

No. 553704

That glare off her giant forehead…

No. 553780


It pains her so much to draw, like it's a fuckin chore to her at this point. Maybe she should do something different, but either way, it's going to be work.

No. 553793

>>553678 tw for that professor wiskers song OMG

No. 553906

checked twitch, baylees streaming in my time zone for once making buttons. fuck she's so slow to get anything done..

No. 553971

File: 1523581123060.jpeg (42.76 KB, 300x300, C06EC644-46B6-488A-A369-CA0B3A…)

No. 553972

I watched her live-streaming at micheals, she was all butthurt they didn’t carry her book but they had mark crilley’s books lmao

No. 554171

File: 1523593670038.jpg (21.99 KB, 288x288, photo.jpg)


No. 554186

File: 1523595848594.png (84.96 KB, 299x360, forehead.png)

No. 554198

I haven't seen her book at any of the art stores/book stores in my area lol

No. 554273

oh god my sides

No. 554600

Sorry to bring up old news, but I remembered something Baylee did. When BOTW was just released (or coming out), she did a fingerpaint piece of Link. When I checked out her stream, she was using gloves. I honestly was more annoyed than anything, since fingerpainting involves your bare hands, not gloves.
But then again, it’s probably me being an autistic fuckwit.

No. 554603

many paints (that aren't for finger painting) are toxic and really bad to be on your skin for a prolonged period of time

No. 554609

No. 554611

Thank you for clearing that up for me. It bothered me for a long time.

No. 554861

File: 1523660920709.jpeg (475.13 KB, 750x918, 909F9010-4F06-44D4-A0F6-7337F9…)

Did anon draw that or did Baylee? I only ask because it’s her profile pic on her vlog channel

No. 554877

she drew it herself

No. 555406

Fucking why though? Looks as ugly as her hair.

No. 555460

No. 555496

Out of all the words to draw by hand she picks 'your breath stinks' … okay then.

I feel like she is relying on more and more on 'funny memes' to get views now and be cool and different.

No. 555498


No. 555526

She’s really run out of video ideas….. a hand lettering video… really!? There are thousands of those out there. Another ploy to get her minions on Skillshare.

No. 555527

God I’m so sick of Skillshare.

No. 555529

I swear to God all these videos have put me off of skillshare! She literally can be bothered to draw or create anything unless it's for a stupid video like this! Gah! Sorry for the sperging but I am just so sick of her and the sponsored videos.

No. 555533

Literally every video she does now is SPONSORED.They must be paying her the big bucks!

No. 555535

The way she titled it is so stupid! Its like those YouTube videos like "I try getting kicked out of Walmart

No. 555537

She makes me sick, I probably won't care as much if she wasn't such a entitled, bitchy womanchild.

No. 555542

Look at her promoting her copics again

No. 555547

>Using copic markers even for hand lettering
>~quirky~ phrase for her final product
as basic as I expected.

No. 555549

jesus why did she do that

No. 555551

sorry, I was so angry I forgot to sage

No. 555619

No. 555860

anyway, stream started
i would bring the milk mysel but my internet is shit. any volunteers?

No. 555935

On it.

No. 555994

File: 1523771685270.jpeg (903.33 KB, 1010x1176, 4E6044B9-C666-419A-A9BF-59B5AE…)

bootleg jacquelin deleon

No. 556036

Looks stiff and plastic.

No. 556043

Looks like the art for those online dress up doll games

No. 556051


those fucking eyes…

No. 556084

lmao they're so crooked

No. 556695

I honk the worst thing is that she got better with coloring hair. That’s literally the only good thing I can find in her art. Then again, I’ve been wrong before.

No. 556747

the thing i hate most about her book is that her target demographic is obviously young children, yet she still promotes using shitty expensive copics.

No. 556749

I wonder if she resents having a young audience? Like, yeah, they're easily manipulated into buying shit from her, but it's not the same as having professional praise.

No. 556833

she definitely resents it. whenever someone tells her she’s behaving inappropriately, she gets pissy. baylee wants the benefits of having a dumb audience, without the responsibilities.

No. 556889

File: 1523860367547.png (542.48 KB, 879x498, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 07.3…)

Of course she wore the onesie.

No. 556908

lmfao wtf. It's like she crawled out of bed and jumped into the interview.

No. 556915


Wow, she looks like a blob.

No. 556968

iTs forEshOrTeniNg!

No. 557028

Are you fucking kidding me? Why did Twitch allow this? You’re supposed to look presentable at an event like this. Not like a god damn hermit.

No. 557030

That's what happens when you get too fat to feel comfortable in "nice" clothes. Rather wears leggings instead of jeans and so on.

No. 557062

It looks very unprofessional. It's not 'quirky ' it just looks.. weird.
Even beside that her clothes blends exactly with the background making her look like pink floating head

No. 557064

Damn she look ugly here. Her hair looks so limp and lifeless

No. 557138

Jesus she's so greasy

No. 557240

ha just like her drawings

No. 557396

>looks at the creative area of the meetup where you design a fun little emote.
>"ain't nobody got time for that"

No. 557532

She was actually asked to wear it on twitter by the people running the event.

No. 558176

I don’t believe that

No. 558238

File: 1524003903472.png (33.59 KB, 663x125, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 23.2…)

This is the only tweet I could see from them to her. Nothing about the onesie.

No. 558240

File: 1524003926720.png (43.07 KB, 634x162, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 23.2…)

Well, would you look at that!

No. 558249

File: 1524004125667.png (289.98 KB, 634x607, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 23.2…)

I guess they kind of did then maybe this must be way before the interview was booked as the tweet was in February.

No. 558255

It looks like she already picked to wear it (maybe as a joke) and tweeting about it to them and ended up wearing it anyway.

No. 558493

Well the hair dye was weird to begin with. That's quite unlucky.
Also the twitch thing is idk… sure they joked around about it but seeing the result I don't think she should have stuck with that joke

No. 558918

No. 558926

Is she eating that pumpkin because she's on a diet?
The way she cooked the sauce it's way too caloric for a diet meal :\

No. 558929

I don't think she's on a diet anymore.

No. 559273

It's just tomato sauce, turkey, and seasonings. Shouldn't be more than 400 calories for a decent size portion since they're not using real pasta.

No. 559394

> Literally has all the time in the world to improve their art
> Is too busy playing vidya

No. 559419


Why does she make a simple banner sound like so much work? She had to change the font color ~ohhhh~

Updating a banner is honestly such non-work. And isn't the avatar's only change the pink hair?

This was a day's entire work for her.

No. 559438

I remember she used to bitch about how long her art video took to make and as someone who also makes them I'm calling out her bullshit. You can have multiple tasks going at once or use the time that it takes to render the video to practice, sketch up ideas, ect. She is literally the most last art youtuber I've seen in a long time

No. 559612

I don't think the time she spent was really that unrealistic. Seven to eight hours sound pretty reasonable for all that.

No. 559615

Nevermind 10 hours to do that is kinda pushing the "it was a lot of work"

No. 559723

Pls, I've seen what other people can do in that amount of time. She is lazy and ridiculous.

No. 559786

File: 1524118414146.jpg (75.6 KB, 1065x431, IMG_20180419_161235.jpg)

"but why can't I afford to buy a house!?"

No. 559787

Plus broth and a weird dark sauce that I can’t remember. Everything has calories and the salt intake can influence a lot. It’s not just “tomato sauce and seasoning”.

No. 559791

fucking relax man, it’s just pasta. if you want to bitch about her eating habits, then watch her streams where she’s stuffs her fat face with mcdonald’s.

No. 559843

“Relax”? Great advice, take it.
I made that question because I know sauces and salt can fuck up diets, but you saw nothing wrong with drowning your turkey in tomato sauce AND broth AND high calories bottled sauce.
I was replying to the “it’s not caloric” statement, you took it as an attack. Calm the fuck down, I was just wondering if she was fucking her diet or not.
I never make comments on her looks or weight, and don’t like when people do so, but instantly now I’m the one that’s off topic?

No. 559845

Samefag, forgot to add that the reason I was asking was because this squash was one of the dishes she made all the time while she was trying to lose weight. Since she is prone to fast food and really high calories food I wondered if she started making this for the taste only or if she wanted to go back on track and lose weight (since she was all about wanting to go for a walk without being judged and all the crap she stated in her vlog when she decided to not have a schedule), and if the latter was the case, she wasn’t doing herself a favour.
Just like Holly wasn’t being healthy while eating zucchini pasta drenched in cream.
Hope I was clear enough, sorry for the misunderstanding, and again I’m not agitated, I am explaining.

No. 559877

please unclench

No. 559944

Is Disney land THAT Magical place? I can't imagine going to one place more than 3 times.

No. 559946

its not that deep fam

No. 559995

bro, r e l a x.

No. 560060

What I can remember from the last time she went we possibly get to see her complain about some parts of it 3 times and Disney hauls!

No. 560428

File: 1524190070202.png (125.46 KB, 410x634, whatthefuck.PNG)

sorry if this has been posted but I just saw it on her website and it's horrifying. why is the right eye of all of her drawings so fucked up?

No. 560447

Wow right eye is consistently her weak point. It is digitally scanned cant she fix it??

No. 560927

File: 1524252544494.png (48.05 KB, 640x416, ss.png)

Anyone could have seen that coming.

No. 561003

File: 1524262188335.gif (23.55 KB, 356x200, 200_s.gif)

All that drama with the parents giving critique for nothing

No. 561119

Wow. She’s acting like me when I talk to my coworkers about customers. That isn’t a good sign. She should really get off her damn horse.

No. 561128

I really want for audience to finally wake up and see that Baylee doesn't actually care about them or art. She's only in this for the money and has contempt for having a mostly kid fanbase. I have a feeling she's going to explode at some point.

No. 561349

tbh, some of us were critiquing (<<sorry if I messed up on this, not native english speaker) her as well. Those critiques were all valid though. She had no idea what audience she wanted to cater to.

No. 561543

No. 561546

samefag but… wow, she actually started doing work? it probably isn't as much as she shows, but I think this 'vlog every couple of days' isn't as bad of an idea as it seemed.

No. 561592

No. 561599

I hate it. I hate how she colored sakuems drawing. The moon looks fucking green.

No. 561600

Boi her livestreams are boring af, she's not hyper or energetic at all. But these collab videos are funny since it's made obvious how bad her art is in comparison to those who work with her lol

No. 561601

Sweet Jesus, she blends are always so muddy! I don't get why people say she's skilled at coloring, she's not particularly good at selecting color combinations or keeping the colors from becoming muddy. Also, anyone else bothered by how she has to stick her face in the videos, it's distracting af

No. 561604

Here's Sakuems' side of the collab

No. 561608

Lolol sakuems kept sayings baylees art is so simplistic lmfao

No. 561613


Again with her fucking cat.
Sure, just let her fall all over sharp pins.

Absolute shit, but at least she's actually making art. Let's see how long she can keep it up.

No. 561614

I don't have a problem with simplistic art, but Baylee's take on it is done out of laziness. But pff I like how Sakuems deliberately put the moon in there to force Baylee to work with a night scenery.

No. 561616


I can't listen to Sakuems' voice for more than 2 minutes, it's really grating. At least she made an effort though, she made Baylee's half look at least a bit more interesting.

No. 561625

They are selling the originals of the ones they colored. Meaning sakurms is stuck selling the baylee line art one. And baylee gets to sell sakuems, the far superior one.

No. 561640

That radioactive moon and bland muddy colors + her looking like a blob being all ~quirky in the corner. What a mess.

No. 561691

File: 1524346547206.png (3.06 MB, 1898x1102, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 14.3…)


No. 561713

every time she does a collab video it just shows how much she lacks in her art skills compared to her peers. god damn that coloring is muddy

No. 561714

ive been waiting for someone to mention this! the point of the video is focused on the drawing, having her face in the corner is so distracting and takes away the focus on the drawing. im sure she only bought the green screen because she just can't help spending money

No. 561747

Bet sakuems is salty AF because she’s been on yt longer than baylee, that’s close to one million subs, and she’s still relatively low and small.

No. 561749

Most people would be, but I guess the take away is that Baylee is an empty husk that doesn't love art anymore and is trying to fill a void with Disney shit.

No. 561804

File: 1524356325039.png (21.81 KB, 289x98, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.18…)

No. 561805

on baylees listing for the art

No. 561806

That looks awful, holy shit.

No. 561809

i’m probably getting desensitized to baylee’s art, but her line art of jasmine looks pretty good.

her coloring is nasty as shit though.

No. 561813

That's not her line art. I think she just coloured it. (I skipped to the end of the video just to see what it looked like.)

No. 561815

Yeah, she only colored. They both traded line art and Baylee's looks simple af compared to the other girls, lol.

No. 561816

no im not talking about the thing she colored in. i’m talking about the drawing with the hourglass.

No. 561817

Um. Unpopular opinion but Sakuem's lineart is about on par with Baylee's skills. I don't know how you guys are seeing it in any way superior. The anatomy is off, the hands are claws, and the pose is very lifeless.
I will say though that Sakuem's coloring is superior to Baylee's. Theirs is clean and much more aesthetically pleasing–though also coming off as somewhat muddy. I'd actually say that in terms of drawn character, Baylee's lineart is a bit better because she uses her stylistic anatomy to make something more fluid and nice. However in terms of actual conception and design, Sakuem throws her out of the park because at least they tried to make theirs interesting with a landscape for background instead of a simple color or design.

tl;dr Both linearts are equally as bad and I can't say one is better than the other no matter how much I dislike Baylee.

No. 561840

Sakuems anatomy annoys me, sure, but you can tell sakuems puts time and effort into her drawings. Her colors aren't muddy. Her drawings don't look like a step above stick figured. It's not simplistic like baylees, theres details, more movement, etc. shitty anatomy, sure, but there's more to look at than baylees.

No. 561869

Yes exactly. I didn't say it was muddy in it's entirety, but some of the shadows don't blend well with the face and seem somewhat out of place. Looking at it from the prospective of time spent, aspects to look at and enjoyment of craft, yes Sakuems' is better–but nothing further than that. They both have flaws, that can clearly be seen and those flaws make them somewhat equal in technical skill. Time and effort wasn't wasted as they will improve, but not pointing out all the flaws in both works never helped anyone you see. I stand by my comment of equal ability, it's not a bad thing–it means Sakuems has more potential to get better and surpass this equality.
My critique was not meant to be malicious, isn't this ignoring of all flaws other than a few aspects what Baylee's fans did for her? I'm simply pointing out what I see and my mind won't change on the matter.

tl;dr They both have good points and they both have flawed points–one just has more potential than the other, Sakuems.

No. 562054

my question is wtf is she leaning on though. That hand looks like it's floating.

No. 564378

File: 1524586046019.png (272.6 KB, 588x390, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 17.0…)

Does anyone know what she's doing to LABO stuff? I'm trying think of what she is gonna put on there but I can't imagine what.

No. 564481

No. 565278

At least she’s working out again. Hopefully she’ll stick to it.

No. 565401

File: 1524682026823.png (949.53 KB, 969x559, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.4…)


No. 565409

File: 1524682282417.png (394.81 KB, 634x371, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.4…)

from her twitch stream. She gave up on doing that non-chibi link print a few week ago but at least she's doing this.

No. 565630

and it's already looking muddy af. Is she mixing black with the skin color??

No. 566007

File: 1524724596733.jpeg (446.99 KB, 2048x1152, Dbqw6xNUwAEfDVX.jpg-large.jpeg)


No. 566018


No. 566021

aaah what the fuck. these are not the paints for this. airbrush baylee, you fucking idiot

No. 566024

She doesn't understand that she can't just layer these opaque watered down paints over a BLACK canvas especially not some rinky dink 2$ box from a craft store. she already fucks up her colours by not even bothering with any base layers (adding the first strokes of flesh tones doesnt count when you still see the black peek thru under the paint) plus she also can't mix colours to start with so it all just adds up to this disaster.

No. 566044

dont make her buy another art suply

No. 566047

damn those shadows look awful

No. 566082

what is this fucking disaster

No. 566477

Its ok if she messed up cuz she can just buy another one :-|

No. 566478

looks like the illustrations for those bootlegged books. It's so muddy that the braid is being blended in with the hair
Can you guys please sage, if you're not gonna provide any milk. It's not that hard

No. 566496

File: 1524775056481.png (548.22 KB, 606x540, Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.36…)

I'm dying. What is this?

No. 566522

No. 566693

File: 1524786947244.jpg (514.21 KB, 1074x1004, 2018-04-27 00.53.48.jpg)

I had to go look at the actual character in game and woah.

No. 566774

The shadows on her face look so muddy, and honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if she was using black for the shadows.

No. 566886

File: 1524801890765.jpg (158.85 KB, 955x1069, IMG_20180427_140356.jpg)

she said this took her 4 days, every day.

No. 567099

It doesn't even look like a piano anymore!
I can imagine the things that the makers and fans of Zelda could do to make that piano themed without slapping character faces on it. Look at all the puzzles those games have etc.

No. 567312

File: 1524854519301.png (1.13 MB, 1227x1030, Urbosa_Artwork_(Breath_of_the_…)

>>566496 This is the character. Oh god Urbosa. What happened to you?

No. 567340

I am so TIRED of people exaggerating noses to the point that they’re highly remiscent of anti Semitic cartoons

No. 567440


This is such an uninspired piece of artwork. It's basically googling 'breath of the wild' and pasting together the first couple of images. Even if the art itself was done properly, it completely fails to capture the artstyle and charm of that game even though she obviously tried to do just that. Just stick to Disney, this quirky gamer gurl content is tragic.

No. 567480


No. 567588

eugh what a waste of $70 cardboard

No. 567594


She continues to make some of the best colors look so gross…

No. 567684

No. 567821

Does she have nothing else to do..? You'd think that someone with that much free time would take advantage of it. And none of that editing takes a long to edit cuz her vlogs shouldn't take more than an hour to finish editing/rendering as I speak from experience

No. 568043

Here it is!

She bought them just to decorate not actually use them.

No. 568048

What the actual fuck?

No. 568054

>She bought them just to decorate
well what is it but a pack of fuckin cardboard sheets? so fair enough lol

No. 568196


Well the software is actually quite deep, but clearly she isn't able to do something more than play some of the built-in cat noises.

It's pretty obvious she bought it because it's trendy, however it's actually trending due to the creative things people do combining the hardware and software.

No. 568292

I could be nitpicking but she could use some of the wood she cut down to paint these characters instead and now if she wanted to actually play with the piano I guess the paint on the keys would eventually come off after being pressed down so many times.

Her other ideas for the other kits sounded like your general Nintendo fan art ideas - R.C Car is a Mario Kart / House is animal crossing. LABO reminds me of when you're kids and you make something out of a big cardboard box and have your own ideas and it looks like that went over her head, its just Nintendo fan art.

No. 568323

Haha it happened, the cat finally messed something up–too bad it wasn't relatively fixable so she could learn her lesson about keeping her cats away from her workspace. When is she going to finally get to that point? When they do hundreds of dollars in damage? Ruin hours of work? Or when they actually get so sick from consuming the toxic art supplies that they can barely stay alive?

No. 569001

those handheld microphones like hers are pricey, too. Take better care of your shit, Baylee. I mean, I guess it's something that's a drop in the bucket for someone who has spent thousands of dollars on dolls, art supplies she uses all of one time, and monthly trips to Disney World.

No. 571028

Sure, Holly.

No. 571029

File: 1525188192615.png (45.55 KB, 650x286, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 16.2…)

No. 571902

File: 1525281762864.png (159.81 KB, 574x512, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 18.2…)

That's not even a funny joke.

No. 571904


No. 571924

File: 1525283918733.jpg (46.84 KB, 836x423, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

I don't get why she hasn't updated her avatar, she's had the same one for years.

No. 572213

>>571902 what.. what was the joke suposed to be?

No. 572214

>>572213 forgot to sage, sorry

No. 572458

File: 1525331124821.png (52.69 KB, 579x249, Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 08.0…)

I think she intended to do some kind of 'Oh look there's a video going live on my channel, how do I stop it?' joke but just confused a lot of people.

No. 572525


Not anyone else's fault her joke delivery sucks. She never was funny, though so that's on her.

No. 572790

I'm assuming she genuinely just likes it and doesn't want to bother rebrandng all of her channels/social media and changing out her merch. I think that if she's going to stick with her current disney-esque art style she should re-draw her avatar in that style. She could still put a goofy face on it and it would at least fit in with her channel more.

No. 573741

Man she's a little snot, like how dare your audience not understand your shitty jokes.

No. 574385

No. 574425

I could sense the skillshare promotion before even clicking on this video.

No. 574433

Honestly these are some pretty shitty tips. i get that these tips are for "beginners" but baylee makes most of the mistakes she states in the video.

No. 574445

God her art is so lifeless, it feels like every video she puts out is sponsored lol

No. 574449

Typical Baylee, sucking Skillshare’s cock in every video. Can she even be considered a sell out when she wasn’t great to begin with? Haha Tips from a shit artist.

No. 574459

What gets me she has her OWN how to book, Why use something from that but she's gotta get that paid promo.

No. 574558

Damn when she said, “symmetry is boring!” Right at the beginning, it gave me flashbacks to Holly’s video on sameface :/

No. 574700

Okay after months of watching her shitty vlogs and listening to her bitch about how her audience "treats her" I can honestly say that Baylee is a slimy, little bitch. I honestly hope that her art "business" falls flat on its ass that and that she actually has to answer to her shitty behavior. She's an embarrassment, the only reason anyone would actually want to collab with her is for numbers rather than friendship, since she's an asshole. Since Ms. Lazee Jae likes to read this thread, hi Baylee, fame has made you into a entitled, ugly little bitch and know that people only complement you because they want something from you lol

No. 574818

Of course, use your damn book for tips. Baylee, your art looks like mine when I started. That’s an insult.

No. 574823

for those who don't want to watch.

-skillshare plug
-don't worry about symmetry -makes it stiff and boring, draw from angle so you don't have to worry about symmetry, make it less obvious
-randomize the elements in your drawing, variation
-do studies and learn from reference
-don't ink/color on the same page you sketched on
-tell a story
-skillshare plug
-keep form in mind, the volume an object has, the 3d shape
-book plug
-thumbnails, read out of her book
-keep silhouettes in mind
-use straights and curves, represent what you know with a cartoon simple shape
-use composition to guide the viewer's eyes

Not terrible advice, but her examples were poor.

No. 574893

Actually symmetry can work in some circumstances, f*ck all these tips. They aren’t new and are useless coming from a hack like her. Thanks for this, don’t want to give the greedy woman-child anymore views. She’s the definition of the saying “Those who can’t do, teach” a bunch of useless information…. hope she crashes and burns.

No. 575904

Have you noticed baylee and Christian talk nasally sometimes?

You can notice it at 12:14 in this video

No. 575984

Could either be allergies or just their accents, either way her voice is grating to listen to.

No. 576016

I remember this being mentioned a couple threads ago but never ended up watching it until recently, and wow she's awkward. It's obvious that she's not invested in art or even the art community, from what she mentioned in the interview she doesn't interact with other artists much outside of collaborations.

No. 576112

I think she said somewhere that she is youtuber first. I guess she can add twitch streamer before artist too.

No. 577699

File: 1525908359938.png (84.06 KB, 605x357, Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 00.2…)


No. 577703

File: 1525908443443.png (70.57 KB, 573x251, Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 00.2…)

No. 577856

The majority of her audience is under 15. How does she think this is appropriate?

No. 577933


God forbid a 15 yo see a thigh!

No. 577979

It's not just a thigh though, it's obviously sexualized. I was more concerned about her viewers that are preteens or younger, why should they have this content thrust upon them when the rest of her work is very family friendly?

No. 577997


Sexy Squidward is inappropriate for any age.

No. 578013

File: 1525936380016.jpeg (33.63 KB, 360x270, CBD6CA28-3B0E-4584-81B0-8E4202…)

>why should they have this content thrust upon them
It’s not a big deal. Even the show had a plethora of asses.
I don’t get this “but what about the children??” when it comes to Baylee. Nothing she does is that scandalous (or interesting).
I hate when anons are unreasonable and I have to wk a cow, but this is really not a big deal or inappropriate at all. It’s not porn, it’s shitty sponge bob fan art.

No. 578032

To me it feels like something she has done for more views and now sales. It might look a bit strange on her table next to her other prints.

No. 578504

It doesn't really fit in with her other prints, but someone might like it I guess.

No. 578687

Squirdward yeah but crotch-shot Grinch was just tasteless and weird af

No. 579649

File: 1526067320029.jpg (47.86 KB, 611x314, Capture.JPG)

No. 579668

I'm guessing if next week is conversion time then its understandable to maybe not have a video.

You would think with how long she been doing youtube she would be more prepared. She could do a video that could go in depth about being a vendor etc as she'll probably vlog it.

No. 579734

I'm honestly conflicted on her sometimes because she does talk a lot (in other videos, not necessarily this one) about how she's not as talented as other artists who have a smaller following than her. At least she's self aware that her fame is mostly luck and not necessarily due to skill.

Then again, she really makes no effort to improve or challenge herself. I think people would be much less critical if she at least tried new things sometimes and owned up to it when it's not good. But no, it's all just cute girls facing forward from the neck up

No. 581334

File: 1526229145681.png (13.55 KB, 322x170, bayleebutton.PNG)


No. 581461

File: 1526235480564.png (974.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180513-111240.png)

I really can see how this is a compliment. I'd be sad if someone said they prefer my vlogs (which hers are very minimal vlogs) over my art videos

No. 581463

File: 1526235586159.png (765.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180513-110929.png)

As well someone called her out and is directly relates to the other comment. She is very much more an "entertainer" than an artist

No. 581560

I think the commenter means "entertainer" in a bad way, like clown. Cue dramatic farewell.

Baylee is actually right in her comment, there is a structure in any business even if it seems unstructured or fun as art stuff often does. Her art is obviously not "good" enough for that to be a sole source of income hence the web presence, streams etc. Like what point were they tryna make

No. 582823

I can't seem to post this normally, sorry anons

No. 582988

File: 1526341618841.jpg (410.56 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20180514-184337_You…)

No time for artwork either.

No. 583342

I mean, eh. That's a little salty. She does need the exercise and she shouldn't be denied enjoying herself from time to time.
I'm not trying to WK, I just think this is taking it a little to the extreme. Playing games when you should be working? Yeah. But going on a hike after a couple of days of work? I think it's okay.
I watched the vlog and she did get a lot done. Granted, I don't know how long it usually takes to produce this volume of buttons, but… yeah.

No. 583613

Has she ever said why she makes her own buttons and doesn't order them? I wouldn't know which is cheaper but making a large number of them the way she does must take up a lot of time from doing other things.

No. 583682


Probably so that she doesn't have to spend as much money getting them done, although buttons aren't as popular anymore, it's all about enamel pins nowadays, so I dunno how much money she's really saving…plus, buttons were never that expensive to have done…She really IS sacrificing a lot of time at this point.

No. 583860

Well, I hope she doesn't end up with too many buttons rusting in a cupboard again.

No. 584172

File: 1526429359108.jpeg (343.54 KB, 750x770, 723A6536-DB6F-42D3-ABA2-B888CD…)

So far this better than her first raichu art

No. 584222

ok that's cute as fuck. why does she insist on doing muddy, disfigured girls or naked bulky men when she could be banging out cute fluff? She could just get really good at the woodland animal stuff and make that her "thing." When you think Baylee, what do you think? Awkward, stiff, muddy Princesses and fucking buttons.

She needs to rebrand, stat. And I don't mean changing her icon from blonde to pink.

I still don't know why she didn't use spray paint and stencils for the Labo, instead using thick dollar store acrylics.

No. 584283

I actually like this and I hated the first one with a passion. I agree she should stick to cute simple animal art she’s got an actual style for it.

No. 584929

this this this! This is actually super cute. Like I honestly, no-bullshit, no-irony like this.

No. 586511

Wow. This is actually adorable. Baylee can actually draw something cute. Holy fuck!

No. 586842

File: 1526599517622.jpeg (165.9 KB, 1009x542, 2742F61C-DA74-41DA-87CC-0D657A…)

2015 on left

No. 586956

The 2015 one looks kinda frightening. Jesus.

No. 586977

File: 1526608728793.png (343.71 KB, 611x548, womp womp.png)

No. 587001


HA oh my god, priceless.
More people need to be rejecting her.

No. 587069

The 2015 piece is unnerving just like her recent bunnies one, because she doesn't know how to draw round "doll" eyes without making it look lifeless.

There's obviously no emotion shown and they're not interacting (locking eyes) or doing anything in particular. It works in the recent one because the baby's eyes are closed and the style is different with no pupils shown.

Looks like she took some inspiration from Sanrio which isn't bad.

No. 587170

I feel its also because it was a competition targeted at children…

No. 587278

the only thing I'd change personally is the mouth. The smile is cute, but a touch unnerving. If it were smaller, it'd work better. But yeah, the new one is cute.

No. 587432

The replies to that tweet. Jeez, It makes sense in a competition you shouldn't make any profit off your entry and I think Nintendo crackdown on lets players playing newer games without being in their partnership programme. Nintendo ain't gonna let you make some money and win!

No. 588594

File: 1526755944715.png (184.71 KB, 531x346, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 19.5…)


No. 588601

Let this squidward go! Make it a print and move on.

For some reason the youtube embedded isn't working - https://youtu.be/M_Y2UwXXCFk

No. 589174

The screenshot didn't attach but it gets bought up again.

No. 589939

I feel like she is actually trying to do stuff productive for one and is planning stuff out

No. 590241

Im hoping that's from not having to do daily vlogs, frees up some time.

No. 594361

anyone volunteering to watch?

No. 594397

Watching it. Horrible anatomy. She likes that the body is "hot" but not the face because it looks disturbing.

No. 594423

just from the thumbnail I can tell she has no idea how bodies work. She could use some Proko.

No. 594442

The font choice at the end is hideous

No. 594444

samefag, but I started watching it.

She bought the faber castell polychromos. when. why. Baylee, please, use up your prismas.

No. 594458

The heads don't look like they're attached to the bodies. But lol I love how she tries to excuse away the anatomy problems by saying "I HAD A REFERENCE"

No. 594459

I noticed that too.

No. 594463

Is paw hands a thing among youtubers?

No. 594465

paw hands is a thing among people bad at art in general.

No. 594481

File: 1527357143407.jpeg (180.46 KB, 750x638, 99127165-B91E-4386-84E2-97CA64…)


No. 594490

This hot guy series is the worst ever. I can’t even….

Who’s next? Napoleon dynamite? Ugh

No. 594492

Wtf why isn’t the hand relaxed openly on the hip? It looks weird

No. 594523

File: 1527360631583.png (635.77 KB, 532x740, Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 2.50…)

Finished pic, for posterity.

No. 594536

File: 1527362044745.jpg (173.11 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20180526-130736.jpg)

Not shocking. Lazy Jae didnt prepare enough. Its easy to look like your selling out when you only bring such a small amount of prints/buttons with you. If she had half a brain she would have brought a usb with her to get more printed elsewhere .

No. 594565

Yup. She brings like what five prints of each?

No. 594872

She made such an horrendous amount of buttons

No. 594895

where is the light source on this. judging by the hat it’s in front of him yet the front of his forearm is mostly in shadow?

at least she is better at representing musculature than Holly. not saying much but eh

No. 594924

Not to defend Baylee but it's kinda your goal to sell out by the end of a con. You don't want to make too much stock. And I think Baylee's main selling point is her buttons? I certainly wouldn't buy any of her ugly prints, so I bet she doesn't print a lot to begin with.

No. 594927

>I think Baylee's main selling point is her buttons
But why? Patches and pins are in right now anyway

No. 594931

File: 1527400400999.jpeg (117.34 KB, 600x958, B1792629-8A4C-477B-BF9F-0B0C4C…)

She retweeted this

No. 594932

File: 1527400433899.jpeg (81.28 KB, 1200x848, 03973E36-12F5-4BB6-AE5E-061F94…)

And tweeted this with a devil emoji

No. 594934

File: 1527400587404.jpeg (725.44 KB, 1080x566, 360366B1-6EEA-4F8B-98BD-CE1A10…)

Photos with her fans. The flat pink hair does her NO favors

No. 594936

Jesus she got fat.
I didn't know she was that apple-shaped. Jesus.

No. 595101

this makes me so angry and so sad. who is buying this shit. WHO

yes I am jealous as an artist who tries to make original good stuff and wishes I sold more. so sue me

she just copies one reference each time, doesn't she?

No. 595547

to be fair i think the point of her series is to turn ugly characters into generic hunky meatheads because it’s like the antithesis of those characters. it’s boring but i don’t think it’d anything to criticize her about beyond that.

No. 595851


Damn girl, at least tease that up a bit or use some product to add volume. Also what's with that outfit. It's not even that it's ugly by itself, but the combination of every piece…

No. 595885

when i went by, her booth was really crowded. She looked super out of it, too. and she had a lot of original work up for sale; almost no anime fan art. as expect, it was all ugly lol

No. 596448

File: 1527567707691.png (289.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-29-14-21-15…)

anyone know the deal with her super secret trip?

No. 596511

Either family trip or Disneyland?
I'm sure she'll tease it in a vlog or social media post.

No. 596905

Day 1 of Anime North
I can't even watch her vlogs in full anymore when she does the almost like anime squeals.

No. 597018

File: 1527627260386.png (800.06 KB, 1000x839, urbosa.png)

That's not Urbosa, that's her daughter. This is who she was drawing.

No. 597336

cuz they're cheap, anime congoers are usually kids without that much money, and most people who buy buttons namely just buy for the thing on the button, regardless of style. She just has a large variety probably for a couple dollars each so it's pretty much why she's sold so many

No. 597957

File: 1527719135569.jpeg (99.82 KB, 510x604, D44CE9F5-3660-4E1C-BFCF-8BC45F…)

Gah that outfit is hideous. She looks like a creepy doll.

No. 597981

Is that an apron worn as a dress? Yikes looks like a grandma, doing her hair a little more, maybe curling it and teasing it, would do a lot for her and balance out her shape

No. 598025


Did she really wear that as an outfit? Like anon above me says, it looks like an apron she put on. It doesn't match anything else in her outfit and it looks terrible on her. It makes her shape look so weird with where the waistband falls and how it flairs out.

And those black leggings and sandals.. tragic.

No. 598059

I actually don't think it looks horrible.. its a step up from her usual pusheen jumper and way too tight sweat pants.

No. 598405

Not a regular on these threads but I saw her at anime north and she legitimately had the worst/saddest booth in the artists alley.

No. 598408

but she said she sold out of everything?

No. 598437

I actually think she looks pretty cute in that, just replace those sandals.
And yeah, she could work on her hair. So frickin flat.

No. 599559

lmao at the waluigis saying her art is good

No. 599819

Saying it was good only because she was filming them

No. 600017

File: 1527930268099.png (70.78 KB, 1081x382, laborules.png)

I'm late, but it's right there in the rules, right?

(She may have even also broken the "original content" rule tbh since she copied official botw artwork for all the portraits.)

I don't get how all the replies to her tweet are "it's not even in the rules! how dare nintendo!".

No. 600256

She should already know that Nintendo will strike videos unless you are in their partnership program why would they let her make money off this submission and win.

I think the whole point of LABO is building and decorating like you did with cereal boxes or make a fort/den out of a giant box etc when you were a kid and Baylee just used BotW because it's Nintendo.

No. 600858

The youtube embedding doesn't work… again

No. 600945

> Gushing about her hair
> Talking about AniRevo panels and San Japan
> Vagueing about her upcoming trip
> Thinking about doing more US cons with the focus on prints rather than buttons
> Clothing haul
> Earned $4k at Anime North (costs not included)

No. 600948

bless you anon

No. 601008

saaaame. I even went up to her booth to scout her prices (she severely undercharges at cons, which is the reason why she sells out imho) and when I said hello to her she just stared me right in the face and didn't respond.

No. 601062

>earned 4K at anime north
>…an anime convention

I am confused why weebs would want her shit? It’s not anime style at all…

No. 601149

I'm not really familiar with convention stuff. How much does she charge compared to other artists?

No. 601340

I'm actually interested to know this as well. Anyone who went to the con, do you guys have any other booths to compare hers with for prices?

No. 601343

Can you elaborate. Would love more of this in detail. Seemed like a lot of people were at her booth in the vlogs. Her art is mediocre, idk how people want it :/

No. 601408

She has a huge fanbase. If she was a nobody artist she wouldn't have sold as much.

No. 601543

Don’t forget that she has young fans who buy a shit ton of prints with their parents’ money. This young girl bought 8 prints after crying before meeting Baylee. No doubt their main motivation for going in the first place.

In one of her videos she mentioned charging a dollar for old prints because she just wanted to get rid of them. You can’t get lower than that.

No. 601602

I remember her mentioning lowering her prices in a vlog a few months back. I left a polite comment on that video trying to explain to her why that wouldn't just effect her, but would be bad for other sellers. Of course, I don't think she gives a shit about anyone but herself so it likely fell on deaf ears. It bothers me that she is considering applying to US cons. I think she gets in because of her youtube follower count, not because of the quality of her art. So it feels like she would be taking the places of people more deserving of the spots.

No. 601676

>taking the places of people more deserving of the spots

most annoying argument ever

No. 601691

Why not say hello, she has business cards right? She could offer you one and ask how you're enjoying the con so far etc. A potential customer and/or subscriber is right there and she just stared at them!

I hope she still enjoys these cons and being able to interact with her audience outside of twitch etc.

No. 602175

I was mostly interested in her pricing for buttons… she was charging $5 for 9 eeveelution buttons which is insanely low. Most people charge $2 a piece; a popular price point is $2 each or 3 for $5. Most people also charge $15 or so for prints, but i don’t remember what she was charging for those (she was sold out of them by the time i made it to the table).

Plus keeping in mind that this is all in CAD… so if you think of it in USD, it’s even less. She’s really undercharging just to make sales and that hurts both her and everyone else around her.

No. 602181

I'm the one who started the Holly and Baylee threads and I honestly feel kind of bad about it now… not that they've improved as people by any stretch, but I just feel bad

No. 602226

I’m honestly shocked that money hungry Baylee charges hardly anything for her “hard work” maybe she’s just so well off with her google & twitch paychecks that her convention sales are play money to her.

No. 602408

Hey, sorry for the late reply. But AN usually has a pretty high standard of who can sell in the Artists Alley, but sometimes one booth with really bad artists slip through. You could walk through the place and see a bunch of Sakimi-chan style art surrounding her, so her booth stood out both for her bad prints (imo) and her ridiculously ugly banner/logo.

No. 602420

hey anon, do you remember the costs of the prints?

No. 602424

actually, as someone who has sold in AN artist alley before (not this year) it's a full lottery, so you see a bunch of mediocre artists in there every year due to that. This year there was one that drew like they were 12 and still got in. It has nothing to due with art skills or popularity. I've also seen a few popular artists who've been there almost every year not get in this year.

No. 602425

shit, forgot to sage. but, yeah. baylee isnt the only crappy artist in the alley this year. her undercharging tho is super weird considering her following. you'd think shed want to charge more since people are more inclined to buy it?

No. 605068

File: 1528458463464.png (39.76 KB, 595x131, Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.4…)

I hope she doesn't normally only give herself a day to do actual art and editing. Its understandable visiting family but jeez.

No. 605070

Honestly I doubt she usually works this much in one day.

Sidenote,her super secret trip that she couldn't say anything about was to visit family?

No. 605364

She procrastinates and waits till the last second, this isn't the first time she's done this.

Ikr? Does her family even watch her vlogs? Also, am I the only one who was annoyed with how she talks about her dad not having wifi? (sounding a bit spoiled, aren't we Lazee)

No. 605492

File: 1528493676813.jpg (178.16 KB, 1200x675, DfMkz5uVAAAMF7e[1].jpg)

What are ankles

No. 605816

Look MA no feet!

No. 605827

Surrounded by dead-eyed plush animals and dolls.

No. 605898

What the unholy fuck.

No. 606069

She's streaming

No. 606732

I thought she gave up on YouTube live streams as the chat was a mess. Not many people go to her twitch ones anymore?

No. 607026

File: 1528669061379.png (420.69 KB, 592x467, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 23.1…)

Baylee, no!
Also she live streamed instead of recording and editing video.

No. 607034

…..jesus christ why

No. 607102

I was gonna say that was cute until I saw the full view. Oversize shoes and ominous teddies…

No. 607124

File: 1528677534234.png (79.08 KB, 960x540, 3DA26D57-F01D-42A8-8F82-3C1093…)

Nightmare fuel. Reminds me of that stupid creepy pasta about a “negative” Mickey Mouse. I’m sure if you were to tell her it’s creepy as fuck, she’s say that’s intentional

No. 607719

I feel like this was so lazy. Most of her ytac stuff is lazy and looks uglier than the rest of the collective.

No. 608259

Agreed, I'm pretty sure she left this til the last second again and it really shows. Something that's always bothered me about Baylee is that she leaves projects like this til the night before even though she has over two months to work on it.

No. 608462

She once said she can't make videos in advance because she wants to upload it immediately. Very strange habit

No. 608918


still can't post embedded videos, sorry

No. 609091

anyone want to sum up the video?

No. 609272

she shows off a bunch of crap she's bought and how filthy her house is.

No. 610277

>catnip explodes on her couch
>doesnt vacuum it and just covers it with the blanket
excellent job cleaning it up baylee

No. 610279

File: 1528958499661.png (1.02 MB, 727x802, 65896.PNG)

forgot to sage lmao

No. 610289

I've seen that art many times and I've just noicted the hand. Wow. Four fingers and no thumb.

No. 610850

Anyone else notice how in the vlog, she let Kiki eat the tiny plastic pieces from her new phone?

No. 611011

Wow, A+ pet care! Didn't she get all up in a twist because of people using essential oils around their pets?

No. 611048

Don't forget she was studying to be a vet at one point as well.

No. 611338

Yesh, thank God she's not handling other people's pets then!

No. 613127

No. 613134

No. 613337

Another skillshare Saturday!

No. 613421

> 2 minute footage of her cleaning
> talking about cleaning
> undressing ???
> eating
> talking about laundry
> 1 minute of cat footage
> workout aka baylee sweating and being gross on camera

Quality vlog right here.

> Went to school for animation but never tried stopmotion
> Skillshare plug
> footage of her doing the animations while talking over it
> skillshare plug
> end

It didn't really seem like she was having fun doing any of it.

No. 613644

Ever since she stopped working in animation she seems to have been on a downward spiral. It's defiantly noticeable if you look at her older vlogs/art videos. At least with having a side job, there would be less pressure to put out "popular" videos and concentrate on producing art that you're passionate about.

No. 614062

I agree. It seems she just doesn't know what to do anymore, especially since she doesn't really work towards improving her art.

I guess having too much freedom has made her lazy.

No. 614226

File: 1529347174936.jpg (673.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180618-192012_Ins…)

Please…for the love God never wear this lipstick again.