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File: 1406211186792.jpg (165.09 KB, 728x1097, maid_with_llama_by_zeroking201…)

No. 62142

The Yukapon and Jnig wannabe, now with a brand new photoshopped image.

Weaboo tube:

No. 62143

File: 1406211225021.jpg (300.78 KB, 1147x655, pedo.jpg)

No. 62144

File: 1406211318497.jpg (113.9 KB, 942x710, abi.jpg)

No. 62145

File: 1406211355137.png (559.14 KB, 584x727, 1376824144435.png)

No. 62146

Another bland as fuck girl trying to become an aidoru…

No. 62147

Abi-pop is pretty fuckable tbf.

No. 62148

Her face is just so fucking bland to me.
Like it might as well not even exist, it doesn't stand out in the least in a good -or- bad way. Epitome of generic white weeaboo.
She's also kind of a two-faced person and lied a lot about being popular in Japan, from what I've heard.

No. 62149

File: 1406214206284.jpg (53.37 KB, 400x494, tumblr_n6drqvNz3Z1qd9evyo1_400…)

Yeah but, nice tits.

No. 62150

shes so fake and annoying.from what ive heard shes a huge self promoter and most of the people who met her irl dislike her because shes super annoying irl and often craves attention.shes just another ~*kawaii akibahara aidoru in japan, aspiring aidoru, eternally 13 year old desu desu*~ wannabee. so unoriginal

No. 62151

I'm dying! Why is she licking Akira's ass all of a sudden?

No. 62152

She wants a randoseru, and to fill Yuka's kawaii Akiba idol shoes obviously.
Spoiler: She never will

No. 62153

Abi is obviously craving fame.I can't stand these type of persons.Will ride anyone's dick to get famous.

No. 62154

curves are nice but her legs..NOPE.NOPE.NOPE. They're fucking huge ew

No. 62155

you have some serious issues if you think her legs are huge.

No. 62156

I think Abi has some serious overeating issues. Her legs look so unproportional to the rest of her body. Idk I just think she's gotten so BIG

No. 62157

I hate this girl because she is annoying as fuck. She's egotistical and who in the fuck makes like 5 fan sites dedicated to themselves? She reminds me of that Yuuhi Takoyaki bitch from a PULL forum thread.

No. 62158

I used to like her because I didn't know shit about her, just was a cute blog to follow, but this was the picture that caused me to stop. when I first saw it on my dash it was
"oh, how cute, a stupid face but its cute"
then I woke up, there it was again, then I ate lunch, there it was again, then I had dinner and came back to tumblr, there it was again. (a sick day so I was on a lot)

she's been reblogging this picture from herself as an obnxoious promo three times a day every day for weeks, she still reblogs it probably.

it was enough, that is crazy level of self promo that makes me want to bash her head in with a baseballbatt

No. 62159

Too fat to be cute. Why don't these lolcows realize this?

No. 62160

agree.she's full of herself.i have no proof that she created those fanpages by herself but it's quite obvious. abusing emojis, same writing style etc

No. 62161

File: 1406524581765.jpeg (41.5 KB, 447x447, 6MDhfYIz.jpeg)

tbh i think she's trying to be the next jnigri. obviously trying to attract horny geeks. her "fans" are either 40year old jap pedos like jrcach or a few of her friends

No. 62162

File: 1406525171277.png (548.14 KB, 841x450, 4.png)

She's pretty ugly without makeup,circle lenses and all those filters

No. 62163

so this is how this ex scene queen,supa kawaii yukapon wannabee really look like. IMO she has a very masculine face and an awkward mouth. how old is she anyway? her tumblr days ~*forever 17yo*~ so that means she must be at least 20?

No. 62164

confessionbear:she's fat

No. 62165

File: 1406545138629.gif (494.35 KB, 500x226, tumblr_md31kyJN3I1qdbzk6.gif)

No. 62166

reminds me of jnigri b4 she became a sex doll

No. 62167

19 I think.

No. 62168

No way,I thought she was in her mid 20s o.o

No. 62169

File: 1406645885270.jpg (51.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdsdsdult.jpg)

No. 62170


No. 62171

http://xabiipopx-fans.tumblr.com/ obvious self promo is obvious

No. 62172

almost all of the post are just reblogged from her own tumblr lol

No. 62173

File: 1406657671948.jpg (323.43 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n09wtrG7jY1qd9evyo1_128…)

She cosplayed as Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo No Jikan, just like Yuka did. Truly a Yukapon wannabe.
BTW if you've read the manga or watched the anime, the implications are pretty obvious.

No. 62174

File: 1406659580723.jpg (140.38 KB, 450x360, original.jpg)

atleast yuka could kind of pull of that loli look.

No. 62175

File: 1406661919518.png (968.34 KB, 753x572, abi makup.png)

to be fair, Abi's make up has gotten a lot better though

No. 62176

at least yuka had a cute face. abbie's face is hella masculine and her boobs and ass are too big for that loli look.

No. 62177

I just looked up the manga it's from, holy shit it's full blown lol icon, is that even legal?

No. 62178

Wearing a randoseru as adult isn't that uncommon even in the japanese jfashion scene, they are very sturdy and fit quite a lot.

No. 62179

File: 1406685302538.jpg (82.38 KB, 360x480, dcj4u8.jpg)

Then you probably don't look much at jfashion blogs and streetsnaps, there are even own adult sized ones for sale.

No. 62180

Wait,AbiPop is that girl who did a lot of self promo on 4chan,warosu and staminarose?

No. 62181

https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/7381832 yeah she's known as a self promoter on /cgl/.

No. 62182

File: 1406699571971.png (53.35 KB, 1551x352, ff.png)

lol Abi pls staph

No. 62183

File: 1406699699954.png (42.24 KB, 760x144, fsdf.png)

aaaaaand another self post.
she's done like 2 "cosplays" lol

No. 62184

>Abi would have better suited the chick with the glasses and big tits (Mimi Usa), but maybe she looked "too old"
More like she actually isn't familiar with the series and was just hopping on a bandwagon lol

No. 62185

LMAO!How is she even "perfect" ? So nowadays fried hair, raccoon eyes and loads of photoshop is considered "perfect"?

No. 62186

It's the easy way for ugly girls to become popular. JNig did it but she upped it by getting big fake porn star tits.

No. 62187

File: 1406700128343.png (24.98 KB, 227x702, dsfds.png)

she's a full weeb.

No. 62188

The weeb is strong in this one Second-Hand Embarassment

No. 62189

yeaah i hate how people call her "the best cosplayer".it's an insult to professional cosplayers.

No. 62190

File: 1406700576316.png (683.44 KB, 834x466, sdf.png)

she always looks kinda sweaty; blushed without filters

No. 62191

File: 1406700644581.png (602.32 KB, 842x465, sdf.png)

No. 62192

LOOOOL She looks soo much like Jnig in this one

No. 62193

Dat make up

No. 62194

Good lord… This sounds like the profile of a 12 year old weeaboo.

No. 62195

her account's description says she's ~*eternally 17y.o*~ (and that was long time ago) so that must mean she's much older than 17.. like, i was at my weeaboo phase at age 14 but she's an adult

No. 62196

ew that's so annoying why do some people even like her? that's so fake and annoying

No. 62197

File: 1406701692913.gif (6.85 MB, 600x338, 103875-chris-tucker-facepalm-g…)

she asked people to donate her

No. 62198

File: 1406701777382.png (5.23 KB, 755x137, fds.png)

From her ask.fm
"I'm not sure about my weight" means "I'm fat and I'm too ashamed to tell you " lol

No. 62199


~*Oniichans,help me to become akiba aidoru kudasai desu nee, and donate me some money so can take a trip to glorious nippon land so japanese people can get glorify me DESUUU ! chu chu <333 10000 % LOVE*~

No. 62200

Goodness Gracious….. is she retarded?

No. 62201

No. 62202

makes me wanna kill myself

No. 62203

oh my god is that how people see me when i tell them i like anime? D:

No. 62204

This video gave me cancer

No. 62205

I think she's older. Aaaaanyway it's painful to read per bio

No. 62206

File: 1407078906591.jpg (17.22 KB, 536x288, femaletroubleedie3.jpg)

Abi in 30 years

No. 62207

I hate people like that.

No. 62208

File: 1407212279005.gif (185.26 KB, 338x450, tumblr_n8xdv1hPjo1qd9evyo1_400…)


No. 62209

She is seriously becoming the next JNigri

No. 62210

That personality…..

No. 62211

I don't like abipop for a few reasons. She's a legitimately nice person however she abuses the term "akiba" and doesn't know shit about anything that she cosplays. It's terrible and it just confirms stereotypes about girls being fake nerds.

No. 62212

No. 62213

File: 1407418473560.png (106.64 KB, 1454x700, fc.png)

I don't like her cox she's a self promoter
she often selfposts on /cgl/ and other sites…she created herself many fake "fan accounts". i think that's why lots of people seem to dislike her.
and yeah basically she's a typical fake "nerdy gurl" constantly showing her cleavage. it's really disappointing

No. 62214

Many comments written by Abi

No. 62215

Eugh. Those boobs. She's seriously trying to become the new Jnig isn't she? I liked her FB months ago and now it's just like "look how big my boobies are! teeheee~" every cosplay post. I get having naturally big boobs and them being obvious under clothing but this is getting into jnig territory.

No. 62216

i really dislike abipop because she's extremely fake and annoying and because for this >>62213 she self posts a looot
it's so obvious duh

No. 62217

She even does same cosplays as Jnig

No. 62218

Those comments are real.

No. 62219

Abipop isn't a bitch she's just a weeb. Yukapon and Keeki are bitches but Abi is just one of those girls who pretends to like something for attention. She doesn't like or know akihabara idols which is why she says she's a fan of Himeko Sakuragawa and I garuntee she's never read the manga for Kodomo no Jikan and barely plays games. Abipop is just like 75% of girls who cosplay, they couldn't give two shits about the media and solely for attention.

No. 62220

File: 1407440058304.png (37.58 KB, 500x382, no.png)

No. 62221

File: 1407440192934.png (69.39 KB, 591x894, sort by best.png)

So are these

No. 62222

how do you know? she already created numerous fake fan accounts for herself so those comments saying ~*omg she's my idol, she's da best!! i'm her biggest fan1!1" seem fishy

No. 62223

gotta love those people calling her weeaboo and fake because it's true.

No. 62224

Not to mention they always spawn at once.
It's weird how they all show up at the same time and then disappear too.

No. 62225

ROFL! These comments are great. I also think that it's very possible Abi wrote those "nice" comments. Like 95% of them. No one could ever possibly like that fake scene queen THAT much.

No. 62226

so idol
much celebrity
very talented

No. 62227

File: 1407440807566.png (18.61 KB, 652x258, 1.png)

It's funny because I've heard completely different stories from ppl who have actually met her irl. Most of them said she's full weeb, desperately seeks for everyone's (photographer's ,cameramen's) attention, acts like a mentally disabled adult screaming random jap words making that high pitched voice etc.

No. 62228

If only she didn't self promote so obviously I'd give her the benefit of the doubt but now..I just can't stand girls like her. Screams attention whore

No. 62229

Not sure if those people are weebs like her or just retarded.

No. 62230

Omg she wants to be an guravure idol… It says on her tumblr in her obnoxious weeby intro thing.

No. 62231

File: 1407450081638.jpg (166.75 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

What… What fame and she isn't famous. People are scared to talk to her cause she is annoying

No. 62232

File: 1407450310787.jpg (74.94 KB, 1136x212, image.jpg)

Holy crap. Okay she is NOT HOT to become a gravure idol. Her Japanese sucks as well and she can't work there cause its hard to get a job as a non-Japanese person. She is so annoying and weeby its making my head hurt and serious second hand embarrassment

No. 62233

Jesus Christ, the weeb is strong in this one. On one hand, I do not want to give her any attention because this is how worthless people become famous. On the other, I enjoy laughing about her here.

No. 62234

what's abi's occupation?

No. 62235

I don't think Abipop is a bad person but WHY CAN'T SHE ACT NORMAL!!??

No. 62236

How much do you want to bet she's already gone down the Yuka route and is making pee videos for old Japanese men in exchange for kawaii clothes?

No. 62237

File: 1407494132091.jpg (1.34 MB, 2772x1692, bundle_original.jpg)

lold at "I lots tons of weight"
IMO she's gained tons of weight since last year
what an attention whore

No. 62238

What a typical weeaboo. My eyes are bleeding

No. 62239

omgf and this is coming from an adult.so much cringe

No. 62240

Nothing wrong with gaining or losing weight but its more so the unrealistic "dreams" she has of becoming an idol etc. japan isn't as glorified as these weebs make it out to be ans she is just a typical girl who is uneducated and still farting around and just
Goes online and lies to get the attention she needs/wants… I understand she is not confident with herself but a lot less people would judge her if she just acted more realistic and responsible

No. 62241

I just can't take people like her seriously. She makes such a clown of herself

No. 62242

Its sad cause somewhere it said her prints sell out quickly but she has so many left on her store. She is so fuggo

No. 62243

That girl is Kelsey, to be fair she has a little more talent than abi.

No. 62244

Great at dancing, and has a lovely personality,her single is fun; but her live performances are awful. Still love her though :)

No. 62245

Tbf anyone has more talent than this dumb girl

No. 62246

File: 1407524080625.jpg (11.76 KB, 147x200, image.jpg)

Lol this drawing

No. 62247

File: 1407524144120.jpg (10.58 KB, 225x225, image.jpg)

Holy shit its fucking gross. She fucking spreads her disgustingness like a fucking cancer

No. 62248

File: 1407525162492.jpg (394.81 KB, 1054x1661, image.jpg)

Sadly its only people like this who think shes hot

No. 62249

yeah sure..tits and ass are hot but her personality is boring imo. her fans only want to fuck her or at least see her titties. she's plain stupid

No. 62250

Isn't she the weeb who was scene before

No. 62251

Yes. Either way she sucks

No. 62252

Yeah. Her do you wanna build a snowman was cringe

No. 62253

her what?

No. 62254

On her youtube. She sings "Frozen"'s do you want to build a snowman… And its horrible

No. 62255

Omg why did I watch it… She's so annoying and dumb

No. 62256

I want to go through my computer screen and slap her so bad.She looks so disguisting in that video.Everything in that video is fake and cringe worthy

No. 62257

You are so brave to watch that xD
It is so fake and horrible. she can't sing. Like no she can't and she is out of tune

No. 62258

File: 1407526637416.png (181.68 KB, 435x466, brazzers.png)

I think I did a good job tbh.

No. 62259

Not to mention that acting..It's so disguisting.

No. 62260

ROFL you're doing it right!

No. 62261

File: 1407526758373.jpg (14.68 KB, 241x209, 1.jpg)

you're my hero.
thank you.

No. 62262

Her fanboys gonna love this

No. 62263

You guys never disappoint me

No. 62264

is it still there? I can't find it

No. 62265

It should be :/?

No. 62266

No. 62267

Alright, thanks (How many youtube channels does she have jfc)

No. 62268

File: 1407529699650.jpg (84.38 KB, 640x766, image.jpg)


No. 62269

No prob and i know. She has like a billion youtube accounts like 3 different tumblrs and who knows what else

No. 62270

wow..she's becoming jnigri. she did ask people for stuff too. that's so lame

No. 62271

I guess she sent that ask to herself so she could just throw that amazon wishlist link?

No. 62272

That bitch is getting on my nerves.

No. 62273


Yeah probably. She is such a selfish person. She is like jnig and she idolizes her too >.>
Yeah. She is starting to show off her tits more to get views since shes not talented

No. 62274

why the fuck people like her even have any "fans"?

No. 62275

File: 1407530283059.jpg (162.64 KB, 640x974, image.jpg)

And another possible self post

No. 62276

Sound slike something only Abi could say.

No. 62277

omg she's such a whore, it's obvious she's craving for gifts.

No. 62278


No. 62279

"You can send a package".. Yeah, I'll send her a package full of shit and set it on fire

No. 62280

I hate her more and more every day.

No. 62281

That's so annoying Im gonna puke

No. 62282

Lol so do i. She is so weeb

No. 62283

I was wondering has anyone met her irl? Or know what she is like or heard of what she is like?

No. 62284

ask other weebs lol

No. 62285

File: 1407530959245.png (153.94 KB, 1280x232, tumblr_n7nz5rwWWv1tf86ago1_128…)

No. 62286

I genuinely believe she's fake irl as well as her internet persona

No. 62287

weeaboo stories

No. 62288

File: 1407531032401.jpg (51.83 KB, 640x663, image.jpg)

Omg. Attention whore

No. 62289

Weeaboo stories?

No. 62290


No. 62291

No. 62292

Wow. such . a .CUNT!
NOW I understand why everyone hates her. Holy shit, dat bitch

No. 62293

File: 1407531189042.jpg (114.49 KB, 640x981, image.jpg)

Found this gem. What a stupid bitch

No. 62294

Wat..like.. who cares what's her clothing size??

No. 62295

Thanks :)
Haha if there is a story about her i would laugh xD

No. 62296

Yeah no one but abi does cause she wants to show off her tits

No. 62297

Lol xD yeah she wants ppl to buy her shit

No. 62298

She is not even actual weeb, because she doesn't seem to actually be into anime, manga or other weeb things. She just does it for attention, like Kiki and Jnig.
Her "OMG I luv SUPER SONICO~ xDD" act is so annoying. Because Super Sonico is basically a mascot character without any personality, just huge tits. If she was actual "~anime and manga~" fan, you'd expect her to like characters other than mascot characters which are basically fap material.

No. 62299


Lol who asks half of these things

No. 62300

Omg she's so fucking pure. Abi is just too fuckin innocent for gravure modeling because that shit is for sluts and Abi has too much self respect!!~~ >>62208

No. 62301

you must be kidding me. she's the biggest weeb i've ever seen.

No. 62302

But she's a Kyary wannabee and speaks in that broken japanese…

No. 62303

a weeb out of attention, not out of interest.

just how jnig is a "video gae nerd xD" out of attention, not out of actual interest in video games.

No. 62304

she's finished college? so how old is she?

No. 62305

I agree with you. What that anon said basically described what a weeb is xD

No. 62306

she's full weeb and now a "fake nerdy gurllll" jnigri wannnabee.

No. 62307


No. 62308

No. 62309

No she doesn't. She wants to be one. She has been saying she wants to do it.

No. 62310

Whats with her self posting all the time? Its pretty obvious its her with all her emotes and writing style

No. 62311

File: 1407531815900.jpg (11.26 KB, 225x225, r.jpg)

Know the difference.
To me she's a typical weeaboo. 10/10 matches

No. 62312

I was thinking exactly the same. That writing style..it's obvious

No. 62313

File: 1407531893489.jpg (157 KB, 1011x603, ssd.JPG)

She is apparently friends with some popular youtubbers like this dude


Also what's with her and making million social media accounts?

No. 62314

you forgot about all those fake fan accounts. well damn she must have lots of time on her hands

No. 62315

Meh. Weeb or not she still sucks.
I think she is and she had said shes weeb so :/
But i think she sucks up to these people so she gets more popular. She is probably two faced

No. 62316

File: 1407532065081.jpg (33.58 KB, 233x368, image.jpg)

Omg. She looks horrid back then and now

No. 62317

yea because she seems to be so desperate for attention

No. 62318

File: 1407532180149.jpg (105.36 KB, 640x812, image.jpg)

Lol duh. I used to do image editing and you always like ALWAYS photoshop people to look better.

No. 62319

File: 1407532280518.jpg (20.04 KB, 409x390, Capture.JPG)

I think she looked cute as a kid.

But nowadays…

No. 62320

File: 1407532363807.jpg (10.67 KB, 159x200, image.jpg)

Looks like this

No. 62321

File: 1407532503435.jpg (24.74 KB, 640x157, image.jpg)

So fake.

No. 62322

File: 1407533534073.jpg (195.21 KB, 800x1155, kodomo-no-jikan-4099765.jpg)

My favourite anime is pandering to pedophiles ~tee hee~


pic related, source material of abbie's favourite anime

No. 62323

I love that frame of Kuro and Rin pressing up on each other naked and Rin pulling up her underwear while Abi tries to act cute about it all like "B-But it's a ~little bit bad~ so uhh some people might look at it very strangely".
Comedy gold.

No. 62324

Can this girl get anymore attention seeking

No. 62325

Tits in one frame, flat in the next. Mango anatomy.

No. 62326

"there's nothing wrong with it!" elementary girl.. trying to get with her presumably 30+yr old teacher.. in a sexual way. YEAH NOTHING WRONG THERE LOL. Fucking sick man. Sorry, I just hate people who try to find things like that cute and funny and try to make it sound like a good thing. It's basically child porn under the guise of "lol so kawaii desu loli animuu!!"

No. 62327

Kodomo no Jikan Abridged Episode 1 - Pedo Teacher…: http://youtu.be/tLlgkmwZxM4

I died.

No. 62328

the reason people like her is her bewbs. come on abi, don't pretend like you have an actual personality people are interested in

No. 62329

File: 1407586061017.jpg (159.79 KB, 640x976, image.jpg)

This isn't attention seeking at all… rolls eyes

No. 62330

What a dumbass. Seriously hate girls like this

No. 62331

what.a.WHORE!!This screams attention seeker

No. 62332

File: 1407608193148.jpg (76.88 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

I was watching her make up tutorial and she is not good at all. Plus who would request for her to do any

No. 62333

Omg, why is she putting white eyeliner under her eyebrow?

No. 62334

I know. She said "i wouldn't recommend it" but i was like DONT DO IT. At least use shadow or a highlighter

No. 62335

File: 1407609199698.jpg (100.55 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

Calm down on the white eyeliner

No. 62336

She seriously drew her eyebags in white.. not aegyo sal, but literally down her cheeks at 1:50

No. 62337

And painting her foundation on, oh lord. Why did she not put that on before her eye make-up. I know this is two years old, but she was 17, not a 12yo who has just discovered make-up.

No. 62338

Yeah. She like cakes her whole face with that white pencil liner. Even anime characters dont look like that

No. 62339

The comments of that video. Its all like "great makeup abi!" Her fans dont know ANYTHING about makeup.

No. 62340

This looks so fucking greasy…

No. 62341

White eye pencil and white shadow… She looks so bad. I am so embarrassed

No. 62342

ew,that's disguisting :x
looks so trashy and half assed.

No. 62343

is this a recent video?looks so shitty

No. 62344

I dont think so but its bad

No. 62345

nah, it's like, 2 years old.

this video hurt me. all that white eyeliner fuck. it was a fucking mess. her eyes didn't look enlarged even with lenses.

No. 62346

File: 1407704721714.jpg (202.78 KB, 1031x749, 1375132299644.jpg)

Her top five animes are shit. Avatar isn't even an anime.

No. 62347

She said avatar was her favourite anime…? she cant even be a weeb properly

No. 62348

I've never seen anyone as weeb as Abipop

No. 62349

ouran and im@s are actually good. but she has only watched like 8 series anyways: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/xabiipopx

No. 62350

also, aren't idols not meant to have boyfriends? my friend was friends with her personally for a while and she got into a relationship, public on her facebook, then suddenly vanished. i met her once and she told me she was with her friend, but it was in fact her boyfriend. she says she going to japan with her friend, but in fact, she is going with her boyfriend

kind of breaking the rules huh abi

No. 62351

Not saying she's actually an idol btw

No. 62352

No, that rule was only made by the managers of AKB48 but most idol agencies don't give a fuck, there are even married idols with children.

No. 62353

That's not true. At all.

Most idols are forbidden from even taking pictures with guys. Smaller underground groups don't give a shit if they have a boyfriend, they just can't be public aboutt it or they get the boot.

>idols married with children

No. Most idols aren't 40 year old Anisong singers. Your average idol would never be married with children. Anisong people are an exception.

No. 62354

Proof for any of that?

No. 62355

The thing that sets idols apart from pop singers like Kyary or Ayumi or BoA is the very fact that they don't date. It's called Love Ban Law.

No. 62356

Again, proof? I can't find any posts about that besides the oney about AKB48 and the ones about idol agengies selling dates with the idols for $$$$.

No. 62357

No. 62358

That's a gimmick. Idols can't have boyfriends in Japan and this is common knowledge.

No. 62359

Right, that's sure why agencies offer to be their boyfriends in exchange for loads of money and there are billion japanese articles about idols and their boyfriends and no, I am not talking about singers.

No. 62360

Sure is Jrcach in here.

No. 62361

It is common knowledge that everywhere in Japan are used panty vending machines. Does it mean it is the true? No.

No. 62362

Morning Musume and groups of that era were anti-boyfriend. So many girls had to quit because the tabloids photographed them with a bf coming out of a restaurant. I don't know what it's like now because I've paid zero attention for years.

I don't think it's that strange. Until the late 90s it was common for boy bands in the UK to pretend they had no gf even if they were sometimes married. Gay members had to pretend to be straight too.

I think the Spice Girls actually put an end to that. If the girl bands didn't have to pretend to be something else then neither did the boy bands.

No. 62363

don't you remember when that girl from akb shaved her head bald bc she was photographed with a guy or something?

No. 62364

Came to this thread to read drama about this girl. I can't tell if I'm overanalyzing but it feels like there's an anon who keeps samefagging on this thread and other threads with the same typing style. Either that or people type.like this .more than i thought.LOL xD.

No. 62365

You clearly don't know what the word "idol" means. Being more or less "known" on the internet doesn't make you an "idol" . Just saying. I'm so sick and tired of seeing people calling random girls idols.
It's like nowadays anyone can be an "idol".

No. 62366

No. 62367

haro,my name is samefag nice to mee you!

No. 62368

I'm new to this forum,found this and other threads 4 days ago and some ppl have already called me out for being a samefag since I used the same emoji that other anon used. This forum is sure full of paranoid bitches.

No. 62369

omg that video is amazing.so many things i can relate to

No. 62370

Ahem, reason why I said "not saying she's an actual idol" right after I said it

No. 62371

So nothing fancy in her store, but..
the name of that bracelet is too damn funny "Moe loli-kei Kawaii Pastel Stars Fairy-Kei Bracelet"

No. 62372

File: 1408130546796.jpg (18.33 KB, 400x400, jesus.jpg)

6$ for a single plastic bracelet seems a bit much imo.

No. 62373

You can get two bags full of them at ebay for that amount of money.

No. 62374

I used to make those when i was in kindergarten.lol. 6$ is wayy too much

No. 62375

That is horrendous. Who would buy that

No. 62376

File: 1408200270008.jpg (131.15 KB, 640x982, image.jpg)

So fucking attention seeking like wtf? She is really proud of her boobs isnt she

No. 62377

File: 1408218483300.jpg (28.33 KB, 303x318, muh tits.JPG)

She does this on almost every fucking shirt/dress she sells

No. 62378

Dear lord >.> she loves bragging about her tits

No. 62379

Yeah..because talking about your mega titties is so kawaii

No. 62380

Wtf.And I'm like OKAY OKAY WE UNDERSTAND YOU HAVE BIG TITS BITCH! No need to constantly brag about them.

No. 62381

Honestly there are many girls who have bigger tits and a better face than her. She can stfu

No. 62382

Is this girl single… Like who would want to have to deal with this annoying bitch

No. 62383

File: 1408250712182.jpg (91.1 KB, 640x660, image.jpg)

Wow seriously… She like brags so much about her boobs >.> didnt she say to someone she is a 32f?!

No. 62384

imo she's desperately craving horny virgin boys attention

No. 62385

Exactly.EVERYTHING about her is so annoying.Everything

No. 62386

File: 1408330246139.jpg (122.2 KB, 640x1003, image.jpg)

Bragging yet again

No. 62387

Holy fuck… we get it. You have such ~huge~ breasts.
>cue abi giving her b-w-h for the 1232th time

No. 62388

Looking at her photos those can't be her real measurements.

No. 62389

fat cows have big tits

No. 62390

I think her bust is waaay larger than 86cm.

No. 62391

File: 1408345493796.jpg (28.91 KB, 656x420, aa.JPG)

No. 62392

oh my god who gives a fuck.. shes so desperate for attention. who gives a fuck!!

No. 62393

What if I told her that your measurements don't have to be exactly the same as characters your cosplay. Just make sure you're not fat when cosplay sexy chicks or have bigger tits when you cosplay busty chicks. It doesn't make any fucking difference in photos. God can't she just stop talking about hew fucking tits?

No. 62394

LOL true.She only has big boobs because she's fat.

No. 62395


No. 62396

how did she come to the conclusion of being almost exact size as super sonico with that is what i can't understand. super sonico is really skinny with pair of big boobs, abi pop is fat, which is why she has big boobs.

maybe she should try super pochaco

No. 62397

Abi is like OC. Always harping on and on about how big her tits are and how her measurements are so tiny teehee~ and how slender she is. Except Abi isn't pretending to be 90lbs.

No. 62398

bhaha, true!these bitches have some serious daddy issues, always bragging about their tits

No. 62399

she's not single
(i'm an inside source ;D lmao)

No. 62400

Gotta love the ones that are all like "Omg I have huuuuge boobs but wish I was flat >____< big boobs suck I wanna be a loli desudesu by the way I have big boobs did I mention I have big boobs?"

God. They need to shut the fuck up.

No. 62401

Someone linked this thread to her.


No. 62402

it's pretty obvious she doesn't even really watch anime. http://ask.fm/abigailm28/answer/116608723488 henneko and hentai ouji to warawanai neko are the same fucking series.

No. 62403

Most of the questions she answers are the ones you can generate yourself by clicking a button. She's not that popular. Only 1/6 were actual questions asked by "real" people.

No. 62404

Ahahaha, fail.

No. 62405

these "animes" are shit. has she never heard of shingeki no kyojin or fullmetal alchemist? with an actual plot and all…

No. 62406

Haha true!I think it's pretty obvious.

No. 62407

"reading this dose make me laugh because 100% is wrong"

No. 62408

shingeki no kyojin is shit

No. 62409

well compared to those lame animes it's a masterpiece

No. 62410

Omg those asks praising her ass for every little shit..

No. 62411

>shingeki no kyojin or fullmetal alchemist
>worth watching
Please go

No. 62412

oh please tell me more about how worth watching Yuru Yuri or Hanamaru Kindergarten are. lol.

No. 62413

I like how she pretends not to care about this thread.

No. 62414

Well she knows everything being said here is 100% true

No. 62415

yuru yuri is best stfu

No. 62416

indeed.she's so butthurt but pretends she doesn't care

No. 62417

She loves Kirino. And Kirino a shit. A SHIT.
Literally everyone knows that.

No. 62418

Oh, fuck off with your entry-level shit taste.

No. 62419

Hahaha she soooo cares what people are saying about her

No. 62420

Do you get all your anime from Netflix you casual?

No. 62421

File: 1408803536882.png (120.32 KB, 311x386, tac.png)


Too bad it's not bullshit baby watch night

No. 62422

>attack on plebian
>full pleb alchemist

No. 62423

oh god that FORTY MINUTE video of her 'performance' with Kelsey. Two ugly weaboos without a shred of talent between them.

No. 62424

I sense a sour puss.. jeez, they're having fun, who cares.

No. 62425

>objecting to this one post
>in this long thread
>on this board

Everyone's a 'sour puss' here, grandma.

No. 62426

I'm going to enjoy Kelsey getting humiliated on the X Factor. What an idiot for agreeing to go on, of course they were going to mock her!

No. 62427

I know right! Probably since she is a huge weeb

No. 62428

Details? Didn't know she was on X Factor.

No. 62429

The show hasn't actually aired yet, but I can't wait.

No. 62430

I guess she failed on X factor?

No. 62431

me too.i think she forgot that xfactor isn't youtube full of retards

No. 62432

It's gonna be gold

No. 62433

I kinda felt bad for her, but then I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPaOPzTKKTI
She probably made a fool of herself on her own

No. 62434

Omg she cant sing

No. 62435

Oh lawd, I remember trying to browse the nearby stalls and we had to stop and what all the noise was. Had a good giggle watching her for a while. The nicest any of us could muster was "Well, at least she's going for it".

No. 62436

I can't even watch this with the sound off without getting annoyed, her makeup is so asymmetrical and wonky.

No. 62437

Watch out, the Tumblr police'll be after you for that ~ableism~

No. 62438

Was she that bad 0.0

No. 62439

Did you watch that video?!

No. 62440

Yeah just watched it. She can not sing. I can see why the people on x factor told her she cant. Just cause they scout you it doesnt mean you're good or talented. They also look for eccentric or interesting people and also horrible people to keep the views up

No. 62441

I don't think that shows anything that well, I mean she isn't really even singing, just.. talking? rapping? Idk. Also she looks exhausted from the dancing, it's hard to sing and dance at the same time.

Are there any other videos where she sings something? Someone else's song, perhaps? Maybe it shows better there, but I'm not completely convinced she's talentless, just a weeb.

No. 62442

Except she is trying to sing, not just talking/rapping, eg: the 'never gonna get with me tonIGHT' line.

Watch from 3:10 or so, the video is cringe as fuck:

As a Kpoop fan, her cover of Come Back Home was PAINFUL too.

No. 62443

This isn't too bad.
She's not a terrible singer when she's not trying so hard to be kawaii desu, but since she supposedly tried to sing K-Pop on X Factor and couldn't even hear herself, though, she probably sounded like shit.

No. 62444

File: 1408991174345.png (119 KB, 816x597, Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 19.2…)

Sally, you here? Don't hold back lol

No. 62445

okay what the fuck…this is so cringeworthy

No. 62446


No. 62447

Did you listen to her Falling In Love too? It's not quite as bad, but dat baby voice for CL's raps… HELL NO!

No. 62448

Dear lord. Kelsey and abi are so weeb

No. 62449

ngl, she was bloody awful at HJ which was a shame as I expected her to be decent.

No. 62450

Dear lord Abi is a fat whale

No. 62451

File: 1409090917474.png (36.67 KB, 612x211, Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 23.0…)

Same lame defence as every other person with 'haters'.

>implying this is the only thing we do

No. 62452

File: 1409139466847.jpg (156.17 KB, 640x893, image.jpg)

Wtf… She has guys like this buy her stuff?? He seems a bit creeper ish

No. 62453

cry me a riveer kelsey!!
you failed.get over yourself.

No. 62454

She's probably asking people to buy her stuff.What a whore

No. 62455

Why does she use "ww" when writing in English? I thought it me was a japanese internet slang.

No. 62456

because she's a weeb,duh

No. 62457

How typical….

No. 62458

Yeah >.> this guy buys her and other weebs stuff

No. 62459

I wonder if she sends him pics of her fat boobies.

No. 62460

She probably does if she brags about her tits so much

No. 62461

File: 1409170518793.png (53.04 KB, 546x254, 스크린샷 2014-08-27 오후 9.11.05.png)

Kelsey's just endlessly publishing brown nosing compliments. I'm not a victim but give me attention anyway~

>misusing the term Koreaboo

Since when has it had other meanings?

No. 62462


I don't normally follow SJW stuff but that first paragraph is pretty on point.

No. 62463

Wow she told her how it is

No. 62464


No. 62465


wao i love super sonco

No. 62466

Probably sends him pictures of her boobs asking if her titties aren't too big HA.

No. 62467

Ooooh i can't wait to see her performance. its gonna be gold

No. 62468

OMG I love that girl..The truth hurts, Kelsey,doesn't it?

No. 62469

wtf is up with that blogs url. how is that okay??

No. 62470

It seems the blog is made by some SJW Korean guy.
He might be right about Kelsey's case, but all of his other posts remind me of Proud Asian bullshit from /cgl/

No. 62471

Mfw when Koreaboo friend keeps reblogging stuff from this guy.

No. 62472

I dont think her tits are big :/

No. 62473

He's kinda hot but can he fuckin chill. Like wtf

No. 62474

He looks like a woman and bitches about irrelevant stuff on his tumblr 24/7.
At first I was convinced it was a FtM tranny.

No. 62475

Also what is with South Koreans being biggest SJWs when it comes to Asian people?

No. 62476

They eat dogs and are superficial but its weird because they hate other asian countries and love america. They need to reevaluate their priorities. I think its just the "mess with any asian country and mess with all of us but we can mess with them if we want" sorta like how its considered racist to ask an asian what kind of asian he is

No. 62477

File: 1409230849773.jpg (52.86 KB, 503x309, pogg.JPG)

Also his cocksuckers send him asks about "boo hoo why are white people so mean to you :(( so racissst" and yet you see shit like this.

No. 62478

So "sjw" and racist are no longer mutually exclusive?

No. 62479


He's disgusting whoa

No. 62480

The funny thing is he actually looks a little bit white.
Without context, I'd assume he's just some Koreaboo.
>inb4 he turns out to be half-white and hates his white parent or something cliche and retarded like that

No. 62481

File: 1409245536446.jpg (26.06 KB, 489x189, k.JPG)

He is half japanese half korean
He used to live in the US for 4-5 years.

He is on his blog nonstop and spews hate for whites nonstop.

No. 62482

srsly i thought he was one of those tumblr girls who pretends they're a guy and are all dark n shit. anyone who has seen them knows what i'm talkin bout.

No. 62483

he was angered once bc a picture of a whit girl in a bathing suit came up on his dash (reccomended) and he proceeded to call her names for some reason??? idek.


No. 62484

Because Koreans love to play victim.

People with victim complexes then always end up being SJW types.

No. 62485

the asian fetishization has me dead.
what the fuck does she have to do with Asians????????????

No. 62486

They are massively xenophobic/racist. They only get upset about racism if it's directed at them.

No. 62487

Abbie needs to diet pronto.
Kelsey needs another 5 years of singing lessons until she realises she's never going to make it.
The Korean guy is amazing and I hope he makes more posts on aidoru wannabes.

No. 62488

idk what his problem is. that's just some random white girl a bathing suit and he mad.

No. 62489

he doesn't even look korean tbh

No. 62490

He is openly racist and very rude against anyone white but when some weeaboo says "I LOVE ASIANS!!!" he screams about racism and oppression.

No. 62491

She's pretty attractive, I think he's just gay. Lmao,
>>#white tears
>>#asian fetishization
>>You being white offends me

No. 62492

Its sad an anime character made her want to go into gravure

No. 62493

ugh the autistic double standard. hate that shit.

No. 62494

This dumb bitch put up some new ugly clothes in her store and is still bragging about her tits. she needs to stfu

No. 62495

Where's that? This stupid 2 accounts for everything makes it a pain to find anything.

No. 62496

No. 62497

File: 1410123941265.png (26.66 KB, 720x133, Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 22.0…)

Ok so who was this? Ha. She's so dumb she doesn't even understand when people are making fun of her.

No. 62498

I think she is just trying to play it off nice.
After all she is trying to be a kawaii aidoru perfect waifu!

No. 62499

Lol what a dumb bitch. Her boobs arent that big what a needy cunt

No. 62500


No. 62501

by "quite the opposite" does she mean she LOST weight?

um, if so abi you boobs would be smaller than before anyway. she acts like they're magically separate from her body or something. the main reason why her boobs were as big as they were was bc she was a fatty.

No. 62502

I just discovered her and OMG she is an annoying bitch. Her and elizabunnii omfg

No. 62503

File: 1410537298378.jpg (93.44 KB, 640x894, image.jpg)

Lol she had an ark music factory page

No. 62504

File: 1410538774920.png (169.91 KB, 580x738, flavors.png)

Bitch has two wishlist links and a donate button. Talk about shameless.

No. 62505

My only thing is that people that have no talent and have donate buttons, like nigga I could see if you were an artist, musician, writer any of that and have one. But these no talents twits all have them.

No. 62506

How desperate is she

No. 62507

I can't freakin get it… Just like when keekihime made a tutorial how to sent her presents or venus angelic begged for money. wtf, just get a job

No. 62508

She probably thinks she is too moe to work

No. 62509

To be fair, Keeki only made one because people asked her because it was short before her birthday.

No. 62510

They're way too fucking lazy and arrogant for that. Jobs are for plebs.

No. 62511

As nice as elizabunnii is, she does a lot of small things that irk me. She's so hesitant about giving links out to clothes she reviews that aren't sponsored.
Why would you review clothes so other people can see their quality if you're not giving out links so people can buy them?

No. 62512

When she does reviews she usually adds links, but not on just coord photos. I feel like it'd get annoying to have people asking where you got everything every time you post a picture, you know?

No. 62513

Jesus this girl Abi is so annoying. She boasts and lies ALL THE TIME. her tits arent that big i have seen them in person. She just is a try hard to try to get nerd dicks.

No. 62514

Yep, plenty of us seen her at Expos etc so why she goes on like she's hot shit I have no idea.

Had a good laugh watching her and Kelsey making a fool of themselves at Kyary.

No. 62515

Honestly she is pretty unattractive. She looks like a fish kinda

No. 62516

Abi has a fake eye? What the hell happened?

No. 62517

Er, I mean Kelsey.

No. 62518

She had a cancer in her eye as a kid and they had to remove it before it spread, now she has a fake one

No. 62519

Ugh she is so annoying. She thinks she can sing and dance and speak Japanese well… She can't her japanese sucks

No. 62520

Oh man, it looks like something a 5 year old would be proud of:
Not to mention she ought to be laying off the cake if she wants to be an aidoru.

No. 62521

the bitch has the mentality of a 5 year old child.

No. 62522

Looks yummy to me

No. 62523

File: 1411072890345.png (58.55 KB, 511x667, eliza.png)

That's understandable but when I saw this it kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
She usually posts things like "Oh it looks silly on me~ I don't look nice" and I know she doesn't feel happy with herself but the way she constantly posts about it gets a little annoying imo

No. 62524

What a bitchy response what the hell

No. 62525


Isn't she a bit too ugly to also have a rude personality

No. 62526

LOL. She is so hideous oh my god. Plus she is such a bitch if she is trying to fish for compliments she can shut up and why won't she show links to what she found/clothes? Cause she doesn't have any since she is full of bs and is wanting people to kiss her ass

No. 62527

What a rabbit toothed bitch..

No. 62528

her complete lack of chin reminds me of ed from ed edd and eddy. does she maybe have micrognathism?
i would be annoyed too if everyone was always hounding me for links to clothes but god why would you respond like that
never go full retard

No. 62529

lol wat

Can't believe that other girl apologised too.

No. 62530

What a bitch.
Also, she has boobs but they are not as big as she claims… they just normal boobs bitch, you're chubby.

No. 62531


Wow Elizabunnii is fucking ugly but she treats people like that? Psh no wonder shes hideous.

No. 62532

File: 1411818352986.jpg (76.18 KB, 456x480, kimonotime.jpg)

Has Kimonotime aired on the X Factor yet?

No. 62533

I don't think so. Is that possible that x-factor didn't want to show her part because of the video she made?

No. 62534

X-factor doesn't watch her videos
They must air her humiliating performance. oh, it's gonna be GOLD. Can't wait

No. 62535

What a creepy picture

No. 62536


Hmmm I think they've already finished with the casting bit already.
Looks like they're not gonna air her.

No. 62537

She will not be shown on the X Factor. It is already at the bootcamp stage, she didn't get that far so…

No. 62538

Her store moemoekyun is so stupid. Abi is such a bitch she is the most two-faced girl i know

No. 62539

i couldn't agree with you more

No. 62540

Apparently Abi won a trip to Japan?

No. 62541

It's so cute how happy she is, she's taking kelsey with her aw :')

No. 62542

Yeah i saw that.

I thought that was sweet
But reading how she reacted to thingns and her heart melted when the women told her she looks like a living manga made me cringe

No. 62543

I hate how Kelsey and Abbie ride every bandwagon. The idol bandwagon for example when it's very obvious they're super uneducated about that thing. I wouldn't be surprised if they think KPP is an idol. It's obviously Abbie never watches the anime or plays the game she cosplays and the only idols she knows are Himeko Sakuragawa and Mami Morinaga. Kelsey has always been rawr^_^!!harajukurandom so I doubt she knows anything really. Abbie is just a scene queen who hopped on the kawaii Aidoru bandwagon and it's so obvious.

No. 62544

Yeah.She reminds me of Jnig. Just another fake nerdy gurl that neckbeards are attracted to

No. 62545

Jesus she's so fake…..

No. 62546


No. 62547

File: 1412415076506.jpg (65.94 KB, 720x960, 10616304_548615098617445_90011…)

Jesus christ, this 'stage outfit' is even worse than Beckii's. At least put some heels on or something.

No. 62548

This looks so shitty.She isn't 12 anymore

No. 62549

The hell is that? She looks so bad.
Also Yeah Abi is a dumbass. She thinks she is a weeb or aidoru but she is just a dumb cunt. She isnt even scene or anything just trash
Plus she wants to become a gravure idol probably cause her favourite anime character sonico is one. She needs to shoot herself

No. 62550

No. 62551

Well, at least she changed the shoes…? That's about all that improved, since there really is no way to save that cheapo trashbag outfit.

No. 62552

I found kelsey's mermaid tutorial to be shit.

No. 62553

Isnt she friends with jason who has raped girls

No. 62554

The one with the disgusting hair? Yeah, there are allegations against him now: http://www.channel4.com/news/second-youtube-star-accused-of-sexual-assault-by-fans

No. 62555

Oh god he always gave me the creeps.
His hair is god awful. I hope he gets in shit.
I also dont like abi cause she is so two faced and jumps in on any band wagon

No. 62556

Is it just me or are her tits getting bigger

No. 62557

Maybe she is stuffing them now too?

No. 62558

File: 1413069324125.png (497.74 KB, 1079x597, Screenshot_2014-10-11-16-01-04…)

I was looking for Abi's videos on YouTube (unpopular opinion, I sort of like Abi?) and found this video of a guy who bought one of her prints?
Is this her demographic?

No. 62559

Oh dear god, he is older than my dad. This makes me depressed - I wonder how she feels about all these weird old men buying her prints.

No. 62560

File: 1413070609257.jpg (28.59 KB, 616x952, 1011293_186638641500868_828840…)

She probably doesn't care - she loves any attention.
Pic related, it's the typical guy who compliments her on FB.

No. 62561

Also took a look at YT videos and guess what? Liam Spooner left her a happy birthday message! All you fellow Britfags out there love him too, right?

No. 62562

fucking disgusting!

No. 62563

Holy shit ew thats actually so gross.

No. 62564

File: 1413521973942.png (65.03 KB, 350x178, lolcow.png)


No. 62565

LOL thats actually so funny

No. 62566


No. 62567

Not related to abi pop but on fb people liked this cosplayer named tori yummai and my god is her poison ivy and moon moxxi cosplay horrid. Her xerneas is bad too

No. 62568

Why dont you make a bad cosplay thread or post it to the aidoru thread

No. 62569

She is so obsessed with Kota

No. 62570

i just googled
…jesus, her cosplays are so shitty….

No. 62571

Abi? Explain plz

No. 62572

Yeah its so bad. I googled her too and its really bad idk how she has 10,000+ likes

No. 62573


She likes almost every Kota fan page on fb Kotakoti Overdose, Kontrakoti, all the fake kotas. and likes everything all the pages post

No. 62574

For going on abut her huge boobs so much, they aren't that much bigger than mine. (Apparently there is 8cm difference between us)

Does this mean I should whip out my boobs and cake my face in makeup, upload overly edited pictures and speak in an annoying voice too if I want lotsof brainless followers?

No. 62575

Late to the party but if she's been saying she has a 94cm bust and is a 36F (I believe that's what you said) then it's a lie.
I'm 96cms and only a 32DD.
There's no way she could be an F cup at 94cm unless she is squeezing the measuring tape around herself.
She's lying about one of the measurements.

No. 62576

she could be wearing the wrong bra, a lot of women do that. i don't think her underbust is actually 36 inches, that seems a little too big. i was wearing a 34D for years even though my bust measurement is literally 34 inches.

i just looked up what 94cm would be in inches and she's definitely wearing the wrong bra because it's 37 inches. if her waist is actually around 27 inches/70cm as she says here >>62391 i'm assuming her band would most likely be 30 inches, maybe 32. she's be a 30g/32f, which isn't even the sister size for 36f.

i don't even know what to think anymore, a lot of these girls aren't sure whether they want to be cute and petite or sexy and curvy. either she's lying in the measurement, which may not be the case since she wants people to buy her clothes, or her bra size, or just wearing a massive bra and stuffing like orange does.

No. 62577

Her measurements really don't add up…
She must have a severe curve from her waist to her hip area. I do really doubt she's telling the truth about her bust and is actually a UK size 10. An F cup couldn't fit into a size 10 so I'm putting it down to her actually lying about her bra size and that's shes actually a 10.

No. 62578

Sorry I'm new to the forum and im not 100% sure how to respond to a particular message.

No. 62579

She's probably lying about both. I reckon she's a smaller busted 12, at least. This girl's way too big to ever be an idol etc.

I'm feeling nice this one time, so just click the 'No. 40274' (for example) on the post. In future, you're on your own. Google about imageboards.

No. 62580

Yes, she is bigger than me and I am a 10. She is a similar build to my sister who is a 12/14

No. 62581

She can't be a 12-14 if Kelsey is a 6-8 in the UK Abi has to be what she says? 8 or a 10?

No. 62582

Hmm, I would say a 10/12

No. 62583

Good lord,they look so stupid. Please keep in mind that Kelsey and Abi are in their early 20s

No. 62584

To be fair, they're not exactly wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Why did they film this in a stairwell? This looks like the ones at the Hyper Japan venue too, surely they could have got a more ~kawaii~ background there.

No. 62585

Oh fuck I'm cringing so hard. Wow. There's people walking by too. Please no.

No. 62586

Why do weebs always use that godawful song for dancing videos?

No. 62587

i don't see what being in their early 20s has to do with doing these dances….what about that idol group dempagumi.inc? i think only one of them is a teenager. people can do whatever the fuck they want.

but they do look stupd af because of how shittly they danced it. plus they're fugly.

No. 62588

why are people praising them in the comments even though the dance was bad?

No. 62589


Elizabunnii can come across as really rude in her comments to the point it's uncalled for. I used to think she was really kind & sweet, but not anymore. She's just very vain, fishes for compliments by constantly putting her body image down or herself down in general in J-fashion outfit posts and boasts about her latest expensive buys or planned trips with her boyfriend.

No. 62590

I like how one of the comments says that they are in sync. They really aren't most of the time. People are so fucking stupid.

No. 62591

File: 1422008477907.png (17.04 KB, 802x252, dafuq.png)

No. 62592

File: 1422122498077.png (10.16 KB, 776x226, aahsdjks.png)

If that's self post I'm laughing because that same account posted about Himezawa

No. 62593

Bhahaha I think it's Abi. She's a fake ass backstabbing bitch. How come that person says such nice things about Abi (who is a complete weeb) but talks shit about Himezawa?

No. 62594

Either a person trying to make people think she's Abi… or actually Abi. Probably the latter, since she certainly doesn't come off as a smart one.

No. 62595

File: 1422198279927.png (46.52 KB, 786x678, wtf.png)

Why does that person always has to bring up her? Please Abi,stop.

No. 62596

No. 62597

File: 1422198491075.png (18.91 KB, 839x342, wat.png)

Why is she trying so hard to convince people that the girl is copying Abi? Like who fucking cares..?

No. 62598

File: 1422198615212.png (29.12 KB, 810x396, abistaph.png)

>wish she would be herself and not ME

Abi pls

No. 62599


Obviously Abi, also those alpaca emoticons she uses

No. 62600

But Abi herself copied her whole "aidoru persona" from Yukapon basically lmao

No. 62601

PULL admins should check Maccala's IP adress. I guarantee it's Abi.

No. 62602

Abi is a JNig wannabee #1 so it's funny how she thinks she's so ~unique~ and everyone tries to be like her.

No. 62603

You guys could just ask Espur or some other mod to check her IP.

No. 62604

PULL mod Kaninchen here. Maccala isn't from the UK.

No. 62605

Maccala is so retarded. She thinks the girl is copying abi just because she did sonico cosplay.abi didn't invite the character

No. 62606


but abi cosplayed sonico because JNigri did it , right?

No. 62607

I thinks she's trying to become a "famous cosplayer" like Jnig.
>fried hair
>pretends to be a nerdy gurl but knows nothing about games/anime/jap culture
>can't speak japanese
>that cheap ' hehehe LOOK AT MA BEWBS,they're so huge!1' attitude

No. 62608

File: 1422382118056.png (180.05 KB, 800x600, hyper_b.png)

Damn she looks so old

No. 62609


>I'm studying Japanese! はじめまして!

kill yourself

No. 62610

Have any of you seen the way she talks on her maid cafe profile/page on facebook? I can't remember what the exact name of it is, but christ, if you think this stuff is weeby…

No. 62611

To be fair, maid cafes in general are weeby. Western ones anyway. Not white knighting haha.

No. 62612

Maids of england

No. 62613

that bitch insulted my flat chest

No. 62614

Jesus christ

No. 62615

Why would you wanna embarrass yourself like that?
Does she not see herself?

No. 62616

>touches her shirt

No. 62617

Her parents must be so proud…

No. 62618

Wtf how

No. 62619

Her face is so fucking scary. I can't look at it for too long.

No. 62620

she is so retarded

No. 62621

i feel similarly. when i was watching the video i couldn't stop seeing dylan klebold (one of the columbine killers).

she would look a lot better i she trimmed/got rid of those bangs, changed her eye makeup, plumped up her lips, and changed the angle. the bangs/makeup/angle combo make her eyes look so damn tiny and her thin lips and the angle too make her chin look massive.

also, i was a little disturbed by her fixing the shorts at the crotch, it looks really trashy and gross imo especially for someone who's supposed to be a kawaii, innocent aidoru.

No. 62622

goddamn yukapon tryhard

No. 62623

I can't look at her, holy shit, her face reminds me of a witch.

No. 62624

File: 1422478691880.jpg (26.83 KB, 284x253, image.jpg)

No. 62625

Why has god has forsaken us?

No. 62626

christ almighty, as much as i hate yuka's guts at least she was kind of cute when she did this shit. this is margaret-palermo-dancing-in-a-swimsuit level of cringe.

No. 62627

Is that "Glad You're A Lolicon"?
This is cringey as fuck, but I don't know why. Yuka and some other girls can pull this shit off and look sort of cute, but when this girl does it's just embarrassing and autismal for some reason. It's not like she's fat or anything, so why?
>Kokonoe Rin figurine
I just can't deal with this shit

No. 62628

>tfw no one will get this reference

No. 62629

>no one will get the reference to an extremely popular horror game based off a successful short story

No. 62630

It's because her face isn't mega cute to begin with but the angle she chose to shoot the video at really just made it worse. She looks ugly and too old to be doing it though I think she was still a teenager at the time of that video. (might be wrong)

No. 62631

>>62142 Its Abipop's birthday today - hope y'all bought her something from her Amazon Wishlist !

No. 62632

god damn pikmins are so fucking cute

No. 62633

she was an adult when she made this shit

No. 62634

she bashed flat chests to boost her self-esteem
i just deleted her after

No. 62635

woops this was meant to be a reply to >>62618

No. 62636


She's not exactly large at all, why she would bash small chests when she herself is petite? That's just sad.

No. 62637

She was 17/18…maybe its because I'm old now but you're a teenager until you're 20 as far as I'm concerned. It's still incredibly creepy and unattractive though.

No. 62638


She's not exactly small either, so….?

No. 62639

idk, she's always talking about how small her measurements are and how ~mahoosive~ clothes are on her.

No. 62640

18 is an adult and 17 is extremely close to being an adult so for me she was an adult (maybe thats because im just much younger than her)
but I think she was older than this because it's been years that she pretends to be eternally 17 desu
and yeah, it's really creepy

No. 62641

Video was posted in June 2013. She's 20 now. So she was at the oldest, 18. 18 is legally an adult but, again, I'm older, and I personally just can't view 18 year olds as adults on the same level as people in their 20s, even looking back on myself at that age. It's an age that seems like two completely different things depending on what side of it you're on. From my POV, anything ending in "teen" is a teenager.

It really doesn't matter though. I'm not trying to WK. My initial point was that regardless of how old she actually was, if she were 15 or 21, she LOOKED too old to be pulling off the kawaii loli act and the angle she chose to shoot her close-ups in didn't help, so it came off creepy and weird rather than somewhat cute like some other aidoru.

No. 62642

it's funny she's dancing a song about having a flat chest and looking younger than her age.

No. 62643

That kawaii loli look doesn't fit her, tbh it never did

No. 62644

i agree, a lot of people think it's an age thing, but i know of women older than her who can pull off cutesy, youthful styles better. she doesn't look old, she looks her age, but she just does't have youthful features.

No. 62645

She's not fat but she hasn't got that tiny idol figure either. Not to mention her face. She just hasn't got the look at all.

No. 62646

The way she's putting on that tiny loli voice is so cringey.

No. 62647

This girl looks so old. She's definitely going down the JNig route but somehow aging even worse than JNig is. Hahaha

No. 62648

even the youtube url of the vid says "no"

No. 62649

File: 1423032517465.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1408733495243.gif)

damn weeaboos

No. 62650

>advertise yourself as girl from england on your stream
>dont act even remotly like you are from england
>say harro instead of hello

also as soon as she started dancing i had to stop the video

No. 62651

i may throw up

No. 62652

w h y

No. 62653

File: 1425961358324.png (6.97 KB, 1632x75, lol abi.png)

lol abi tagged one of her vids as jessica nigri

No. 62654

>blonde, hot cosplay, jessica nigri
top kek

No. 62655

File: 1426170025121.png (361.2 KB, 637x371, abi.png)

her chin is fucking tragic

No. 62656

I'm embarrassed by just watching this video.

No. 62657

>Young sluts constantly looking up to JNig for cosplay
This is end of my generation of cosplay. Sheesh.

No. 62658

she can't help her appearance its her personality that sucks

No. 62659

Lets not forget that she is taking Kimonotime to Japan with her ,free of charge

No. 62660

One of the worst kpop dance covers ever. Lazy, no rhythm, no sincere enthusiasm. Also lack of animal paws and that angle does no favours. I thought she was a professional.

No. 62661

her face is fucking ugly and very masculine. nobody who isn't some of her creepy old fanboys will find her hot.

No. 62662

FUCK I HATE THIS GIRL SO MUCH i met her a while back at a small con and she had no one to hang around with she had like one friend with her and then a bunch of greasy weebs fawning at her feet. she was round the back doing her crappy dances and she just gave off this stuck up, snobby attitude

No. 62663

Shes ugly too

No. 62664


I've seen her several times at cons in the UK along with Kimonotime, they really do come across as full of themselves in person.

No. 62665

And it's ridiculous given that when they perform there's few real fans in the crowd, other than their circle of friends.

Well done Abi, you got some guys perving on you online though? You sure got one up on Kelsey.

No. 62666

Is it just me or does Abi's voice sound really fake in her newest video? Like even more so than usual.

No. 62667

I actually thought the same thing, like shy is she using this high pitched voice now?
It's obnoxious.
Also is her picture different than the others? (since she didn't want to show it on camera…)

No. 62668


No. 62669

I can't tell if her voice and mannerisms are because she is excited or because she is trying to be cute.

No. 62670

she looked terribad here wow

No. 62671

Her teeth are disgusting…. she's been wearing braces for how long, like 3 years?
That bitch needs to find another ortho

No. 62672

so fake i wanna puke

No. 62673


Can anyone translate this? What does it say?

No. 62674

めろめろ is メロメロ which means "madly in love" and it says Abipop in the middle, with めろん (short for めろめろ) and then "chu" = "kiss"

No. 62675

And the first one says "これからよろしくね" which can be translated at "I'm looking forward to working with you" or just "Let's keep in touch/stay friends"

No. 62676

all she does in that video is humblebrag lol

No. 62677

The only thing that really annoyed me was the constant flailing of her arms through out the entire video.

No. 62678

File: 1431895513731.png (518.39 KB, 412x626, abikota.png)

>When dreams become reality ♡
>When I was in Japan i went to Maidreamin and did their “Moe Change” IT WAS SO CUTE AND AAA x3
>They kept calling me a “Moe Dakota rose” xD
>I found that highly amusing ww~ えへへへ( ∩´ω`*∩)♡

No. 62679

She talks like I did back in middle school

No. 62680

Is anyone going to mention her "kawaii laifu" vlogs that she's been filming in Japan with Kelsey over the last week. The latest one that came out today was especially hilarious. I cringed so hard when they started dancing in that cafe and were boasting about all their "gifts"… I feel sorry for anyone who ran into them

No. 62681

i am shamelessly jealous of them tbh.

No. 62682

her voice throughout the whole video grated my nerves holy shit

>"Ohmergawwwwwwd so ci-yuuuuuute!"

No. 62683

i know this is an old post but this is the demographic of aidorus. their fans are old men and ocasionally some weeab.
girls that want to become idols in japan all have daddy issues

No. 62684

the guy from >>62143 went to the maid cafe with them

No. 62685

she looks so fucking old and her lips are so thin she looks like a grandma

No. 62686

so her dream is to be a maid in akihabara and acts like a retarded 12 years old girl and speak in a childish way to please old men?
this girl has some fucking issues

No. 62687

Is it just my imagination or are there other people on the trip with them besides kelsi? Like the girl with the colorful shirt in both maid cafes and someone dancing with her and kelsi.

No. 62688

There is at least one other girl (you can see her holding the bunny Abi got at the UFO catcher around 5:30) and there is someone else (there are 4 meals at the maid cafe), probably >>62143

No. 62689

Im watching her other videos I think the other girl is cherry? Also I recognize the name himezawa but idk…Im so jelly of that harajuku video though. ;;

No. 62690

It really is…Been cosplaying since 2001 and it's been a painful decline.

No. 62691

File: 1431921606376.png (602.89 KB, 838x454, ew.png)

Her mouth is awful.

No. 62692

JFC! It's time for you to grow up Abi.

No. 62693

ikr </3

No. 62694

Is it just me or are her eyes so far apart? She looks like a fish/ really ugly

No. 62695

JFC! Didnt she wear braces too? Damn her teeth are so bad. She is actually so hideous The way she acts is so cringy (I am Japanese and the way she is acting is so embarrassing. Only the weird people act like that)

No. 62696

She has braces in that pic, anon.

No. 62697

lmao any time i see a "japanese person" (or anyone really) be like "that's not how japanese people act!!! i know because i went to japan!!" i roll my eyes.

they aren't trying to be japanese, they're trying to be anime characters. i don't think they care about blending in with society.

when is she getting her braces off? i feel like they've been on for way longer than normal…

No. 62698

The way she acts is just cringey in any country lol

No. 62699

File: 1432340530148.jpg (59.16 KB, 500x405, tumblr_matg0mPZYT1qd9evyo1_500…)

her tumblr is so cringy
why do they all buy those japanese children's backpacks? where will you wear it? they are crazy expensive from what ive seen.

No. 62700

File: 1432340570080.jpg (99.6 KB, 500x667, tumblr_me1ni3gH1f1qd9evyo1_500…)


No. 62701

File: 1432340617287.jpg (162.68 KB, 500x693, tumblr_lzx9ngfed51qd9evyo1_500…)

abi's kawaii art

No. 62702

File: 1432340661372.jpg (40.86 KB, 453x604, tumblr_m00kv51kU81rpwnvto1_500…)

more super kawaii art
starring yuka

No. 62703

File: 1432340706734.jpg (90.28 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n0frv8eVmN1qd9evyo1_500…)

she also bought a body-pillow

No. 62704

File: 1432341194866.jpg (43.08 KB, 636x424, vdnxazbwaksfdbwwmog8.jpg)

Because they last a lifetime and cost about $30 on Taobao anyways. The design is based on dutch military backpacks anyways and quite popular with adults.

No. 62705

File: 1432341355708.jpg (199.09 KB, 791x598, 5849620803fce991709ee31be8230d…)

but in this case i think its because she wants to be a loli
pic related
why do so many cows want to be a loli?

No. 62706

because it's cute and trendy for girl weebs.

No. 62707

File: 1432341658217.jpg (96.59 KB, 500x667, tumblr_lrtvu9mTWL1qd9evyo1_500…)


No. 62708

all these photos are very old.

No. 62709

Fucking disgusting. Japanese people will mock her lmao

No. 62710


No. 62711

>my waifu
sooooo original

No. 62712

Remember she won an alpaca on what I think Was supposed to be a "random" draw for some store on Facebook.. Total fix for advertisement Imo. And she already has a ridiculous amount of the things.

No. 62713

kmn her entire ask.fm is literally her sending herself anons that kiss up to her nonexistent ass, same with her tumblr.

Nobody cares, Abi

pls stop

No. 62714

I sent her an ask basically telling her to stop trying to be japanese and that faking it isn't cute and she wouldn't publish it lol
I bet she gets a shitload of asks confronting her about the various examples of how annoying she is found here and ignores them and then sends herself more ~kawaiii~~anons~

No. 62715

That's exactly what I was thinking!

No. 62716

Oh thank god I'm not alone then. I like to tell myself I'm being too judgemental but then people like Abi or PT come along and I don't think I am!!

No. 62717

How funny. She doesn't respond to the anon calling her out then somehow gets a bunch of anons at once a mere hour later asking about haters.

I wonder who could possibly be sending those anons.

No. 62718

File: 1432837664132.jpg (50.41 KB, 400x400, image.jpg)

She looks horrible there… Also her face is especially manly here

No. 62719

No. 62720

This sounds like a parody but unfortunately it isn't

No. 62721

Someone's voice really wouldn't change THAT much when singing, right?

No. 62722

It is possible for a voice like this to go from this to this. >>62719

She's just trying her hardest to sing in a very high voice

No. 62723

File: 1432972374641.png (387.48 KB, 398x398, 4689454556.PNG)

she's totally salvageable she just desperately needs some lip fillers

No. 62724

still ew

No. 62725

this is not an improvement.

No. 62726

Agreed. Her eyes are too far apart and she looks like a fish

No. 62727

Why does she have a page where you literally give her money so she can cosplay? Such scum

No. 62728

Because like her or not, she's reached a point where she has enough followers and fans where she can do that.

I can't help but think it's a sad jelly when people make comments like this, as if they wouldn't do the same thing with that amount of followers. I'd be trying to milk it for all it's worth. Don't act like you're above it, lol. Cosplay is expensive and fun. If you could do it for free or have it mostly paid for you probably would.

No. 62729

>everyone has the same morals
go away, abi

No. 62730

I wouldn't actually because i don't cosplay and I have better things to do. Its not my cup of tea and asking for money for something like cosplaying is sad.
So no, not everyone is like you and think the way you or abi does.
Nice try Abi ;)

No. 62731

please kill yourself

No. 62732

Just watched her "daily vlogs" in Japan; it was so cringy, her and her friend (Kelsey?) are so fucking loud in public and omfg, her voice… dat fucking fake high pitched voice when she speaks japanese

No. 62733


Should have seen them at the KyaryPamyuPamyu concert last year and at anime cons since then, they have to make themselves known everywhere they go like they're some sort of celebrities.

No. 62734


I have a few randoserus from when i was a kid. They're sturdy and stylish, yes, but they're not comfortable at all. If it's even slightly warm out your back will get all sweaty, and in general its unpleasant to basically have a hard leather box strapped tightly to your upper back.

No. 62735

Don't even compare FMA to that tumblr shit.

No. 62736

I'm dreading for going to Hyper Japan because of her. The amount of cringe when she meets dempagumi.inc will be horrible.

No. 62737

god, she gives me a huge erection

No. 62738

abi, stop

No. 62739

post a video of you fapping to her pictures

No. 62740

This. Make sure to print a photo of her and then cum on it, too.

No. 62741

you ladies are really dirty

No. 62742

Saw her in person and yeah. All photoshop, no looks. The braces added to her nastiness

No. 62743

Any pics?

No. 62744

I browsed her instagram tagged pictures, she always seems to do poses which covers her chin lol

No. 62745

Yeah, even from a distance at the Dempagumi show she looked like crap. Really unfortunate balance of facial features.

No. 62746

She's also claiming to be a big wota when she didn't even know any calls nor dance moves and refused to move when the japanese guys rushed the front during solo parts.

No. 62747

So Abi has body dysmorphic disorder apparently. God knows if it's legitimately diagnosed, it's probably one of those "I didn't go to the doctors but I know I have it!" tumblr things again. It's hard to take anyone seriously on there when they're like this. If being on youtube etc makes it worse then why make yourself a big thing, why not try to get help like with counselling or something. http://abi-pop.tumblr.com/post/124054947890/you-have-bdd

No. 62748

I get criticizing her for making fake accounts and doing some stupid weeb shit but holy fuck some of you are so mean about her appearance like give the girl a break. she's not fat, she's fine. if she's lying about her measurements or trying to hide it like can you fucking blame her?

No. 62749

lol. something about this just screams attention seeking bullshit to me. She's fine. Cute even. And i'm pretty sure she knows it if she's actually selling photos of her self..

No. 62750


Might be strange coincidence, but last night she watched 3 videos on bdd after each other, according to my YouTube activity list (which I only just found out existed).

Could be a self ask after finding out about this lesser known ed, or an actual problem idk.

No. 62751

File: 1436887185015.jpg (158.76 KB, 764x736, Sans titre 1.jpg)

It can be possible. I mean, her face is fucking weird imo. Her eyes are too far apart, non-existent lips,odd jaw/chin…

(is she wearing makeup here? she looks creepy as fuck)

No. 62752

File: 1436887535409.png (112.19 KB, 626x333, lol.png)


She watches these and then… Disney pin opening vids

No. 62753

So she watches a few videos about it, only to then get back to her usual cringey interests and now knows she has a disorder. Oh Abi…
The thing is it isn't even that she's just randomly claiming to have some illness that's annoying, it's how she worded it:
"I never talked about it before, But I found out a friend of mine has it too and I finally got to talk to someone who is into the same things as me who has it. I have it really REALLY badly.. and I don’t want help" So she has it "REALLY badly" but doesn't want help? Also if she's "never talked about it before" and she's not posted anything about it before either then how would someone know she had it. It's a self ask by the looks of it, she probably just wanted everyone to know that she has it. God knows why, attention? Pity? Because she doesn't want help, but she's still keen to let everyone know how bad it is. Maybe I'm over analysing things here, but I kind of like her annoying weeaboo blogs and as an ex fan if she really is dealing with these issues she should get help…

No. 62754

She reblogged one thing about it a few minutes before that post. Probably still a self post though, unless she has some really keen fans

No. 62755


I really wish people would not self diagnose themselves. If it's really bad, then get the damn help. It's free on the NHS here in England and there are people out there struggling to live their lives with this disorder who don't have such an opportunity to get the help they desperately need. She's full of shit.

No. 62756

>I have it really REALLY badly.. and I don’t want help
lol wat. Even if I try really hard to be sympathetic I just can't get my head around this?

>God knows why, attention? Pity?

To join the Tumblr ~~muh mental illness~~ club. Depression and anxiety is so overplayed these days and she wants to be extra special.

No. 62757


If it was that severe she wouldn't be making Youtube videos or selling cosplay prints of herself to fans. It really is nothing but a bandwagon hop to gain more attention.

No. 62758

I was pretty close to her during the concerts and she was doing a lot of the moves, but towards the front it was pretty cramped so she might have just been squashed in. She looked nice in person, but I think her shoops make her look bad in comparison.

No. 62759

Abi, Kelsey, Nooderella, Beckii, all of them are just the same, extreme weebs desperate for attention and efame.

No. 62760

who cares? they made it further than most who tried.

No. 62761

I really like beckii tbh.

No. 62762

Not everyone who has BDD completely withdraws from society and never shows their face to the world. In fact I would argue that quite a lot of them end up building up online personalities full of photoshop etc because it makes them feel better.

No. 62763

me too. she's pretty sane I think and seems mature and smart. I like that she speaks out about things she believes in, actually has a brain, and doesn't only obsess over japanese shit

No. 62764

her and Tenleid have the same face sometimes..

No. 62765

wow, really? Beckii is boring as fuck now. Her body is pretty nice thro

No. 62766

No. 62767


Is she fucking serious? She just told thousands of her followers that she has BDD yet doesn't want to "admit it" to an actual doctor? Fucking what…

No. 62768

I was even closer than you and I can confirm that she did not participate in the calls or the wotagei. She hadn't clearly rehearsed any of the moves because she kept looking around at everyone else to see what to do next.
Also as >>62746 mentioned she refused to get out of the way when her oshi wasn't singing. And to make things worse she didn't even know who her oshi was.

No. 62769

I was only there for one day, so I didn't see her that much, probably why I thought she was pretty active.
>And to make things worse she didn't even know who her oshi was.
Wait, deets?

No. 62770

she was talking to someone next to her pretty loud and I heard her say that she bought the red Mirin seifuku only because she liked red, but she didn't seem to know a lot about the members and liked Eitaso only because she sounded cute.

No. 62771

Classic weeb behaviour.

Which concert days were other anons talking about by the way?
I saw her on the Sunday, by which point you'd think she'd know what she was doing.

No. 62772

I noticed her at the Saturday one too, but she was pretty far off to the left with KimonoTime and other Brit weebs.
I think it was them who also screamed really loudly before Otsukare Summer because they thought that Denpagumi were going to throw their towels at the crowd or something? It was really irrelevant and it irked some wotas including me.

No. 62773


She and KimonoTime literally took over the front at both KyaryPamyuPamyu concerts I've attended in the past couple of years with their obnoxious attention seeking selves. I can only hope the next time she has a concert they're shoved to the back and can't see shit.

No. 62774

No. 62775

File: 1437852280804.jpg (19.21 KB, 736x460, big_thumb_a7c05bf4c27eec65db26…)

>that girl dressed up as rin from kodomo jikan (pedobait anime, pic related)
>that "moe" water on the menu
>those fake high pitched voices
>that song before they eat
>"loli loli, pika pika!!"
>that everything
it this video of people ascending into hell?

No. 62776

of course she would make a dance cover of this song
of course she would

No. 62777

lol cringeeeee

No. 62778

Oh fuck, this is the worst.
Have all my fucking cringe.
>Soy milku

No. 62779

>"loli loli, pika pika!!"

No. 62780

christ, I had to pause then mute un-mute and mute again to finish the whole thing.

No. 62781

Yeah this is cringey but why is this in the Abi poop thread

No. 62782

abi was the maid serving her.

No. 62783

godamnit. I hate this world

No. 62784

How much ketchup did they put on that poor bit of food… That high pitched voice she put on only made it harder to watch

No. 62785

okay but that's how much they usually put tho

No. 62786

I can understand all the old creepy guys who visit maid cafes that get off on being called master and are just after the maids poontang, but why does every female weeb have an obsession with maid cafes? They are so fucking creepy.

No. 62787

..where is her maid uniform!?

No. 62788

File: 1437926075884.jpg (114.85 KB, 614x1014, tumblr_nq9mpucGbf1qd9evyo1_128…)

where are her huge tits here

No. 62789

Because they're super cute. It's similar to Renaissance festivals: Nobody expects the performers to act that way in real life, but it's immersive and fun to watch them in character and provides a pleasant experience. The performers enjoy projecting their character and doing their best for the experience

No. 62790

>i have mental illness
boohoo poor abi
your "mental illness" must make you sooo special

No. 62791

I wanna kill myself

No. 62792

i think that day it was just a general cosplay day for their anniversary or something.

she's lost weight.

No. 62793

Uh she actually looks way cuter wtf. She should never go back to that blonde hair imouto shit.

No. 62794

To me, it actually looks like she gained weight (atleast in her legs). Though she always wears skirts and her legs look smaller in them, so maybe that's why.

No. 62795

cmon… wtf so irritating

No. 62796

yeah she doesnt look like she lost weight

and even if she did with how huge they were in her other pictures, she probably would have still had larger boobs than this

confirmed for padding

No. 62797

i can't tolerate her laugh oh god.
and is it me or is her voice getting higher?

No. 62798

File: 1438534184117.png (1.1 MB, 989x763, Sin título.png)

Late to the party, but yes it's him. He's wearing the same cap and glasses.

No. 62799

I see this dude with almost every weeaboo "idol" who visits Japan…could it be jrcock?

No. 62800

Damn, he looks creepy as fuck. So he is the "friend" that Abi and Kelsey met at the maid cafe?! wtf is wrong with these girls srsly…

No. 62801

File: 1438538040733.jpg (87.92 KB, 960x719, 10347064_588085897962749_70793…)

They were together in her first japan trip too.

No. 62802

wouldn't be surprised if he buys her tons of stuff and thats the only reason they hang out

No. 62803

No, he seems to know so many kawaii aidoru people in japan.

No. 62804

if this was a British guy of the same age they'd be creeped out to fuck by him.. or maybe they wouldn't. I don't understand at all.

No. 62805

It pisses me off because it mocks people who truly have mental illnesses

No. 62806

Because they're adorable and you get served by cute maids so why not? Believe it or not, not everyone that goes to maid cafes are otaku nor get sexual satisfaction from them.

No. 62807

Did she gave up wanting to be an aidoru?
what a fake bitch

No. 62808

>that glob of boogers

No. 62809

File: 1438556835215.jpg (464.21 KB, 600x600, 1402181390842.jpg)

Fuck you anon, I nearly threw up.

No. 62810

Er yeah, but that doesn't diminish the general use of them though.

No. 62811

People still see it as cute and innocent.
You can think it's creepy but tons of people disagree. Maids are cute and the café is cute too. I don't know why you're surprised some girls like maid cafés?

No. 62812

File: 1438591207604.jpg (178.68 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

~late to the party~ When I went to watch Dempagumi Inc at Hyper Japan she was literally pushing to the front… Like squashing her shoulders in… Then at the end of the concert I saw a group photo being taken (that I avoided) and when I saw it on her Twitter she's slap bang in the middle like "GIVE ME ATTENTION" so irritating…

No. 62813

guy in the back could get it

No. 62814

One of the Japanese guys was the father of one of the dempamembers. It was really frustrating to negotiate with her to make room so he could be at the fromt for a certain part of the gig

No. 62815

And the photo wasn't even bad, the way she tweeted it and not giving credit to where she lifted the pic from was shitty.

No. 62816

You're over 20.. It's time for you to grow up Abi

No. 62817

What is a middle-aged man doing with teenagers?

No. 62818

dreaming of the day when they agree to a foursome

No. 62819

Abi has the meatiest of jaws

No. 62820

Which is why she always tries to cover her jaw in photos taken by other people. Since she can't photoshop them lol

No. 62821

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. I watched some of abi's japan videos and thats all i could think about. his name is maxmoefoe

No. 62822

jrcach thinks abi is ugly tho

No. 62823

That doesn't mean he wouldn't want to fuck with her (or to fuck her)

No. 62824

her room tour makes me cringe, it looks like a little girls' room (which is probably part of her loli pedo fantasy) lol but could you take a relatively normal guy back to a room that looked like that providing he's not Jrcock????? Does she have a real job or is she a full time 'aidoru'??? She makes me cringe vomit just ew

No. 62825

the one thing she has going for her is that she does work and I'm guessing pretty hard to have saved enough for the sheer amount of shit she bought in japan.

No. 62826

File: 1438623875685.jpg (100.41 KB, 960x960, 10805647_605865382851467_47901…)


Smells like Sugar Daddy.

Here: >>62143

No. 62827

he's just a genuine wota whose way too nice tbh. he's sent crap ton of crap to people like ally and sally
if you want japan shit he'll help you out

abi just wants him to be a sugar daddy

No. 62828

File: 1438700188948.jpg (161.39 KB, 960x960, 11742894_699052553532749_85557…)

isn't this the guy who ugly bitch aidoru wannabee Hayley hung out with in Japan?

No. 62829

That omelette rice looked disgraceful. My mom would hang them.

No. 62830

he hasn't figured out she's got nudes everywhere yet

No. 62831

nude?? links

No. 62832

File: 1439327790155.png (643.61 KB, 1690x1130, um.png)

Abi bitching with someone on FB. Do her and Venus not like each other? Is Abi just leeching off her fame?

No. 62833

Pretty sure Abi's jealous because her disgusting face and crappy outfits have never been shown in a TF street snap lmao

No. 62834

I think Abi is jealous because she's uglier and fatter and doesn't live in Japan. Though I hate both Venus and Abi equally.

No. 62835

Only true connection other than what the other anons said would be: Abi is friends with Kelsy, Kelsy was bitches at by Venus for no known reason really and called terrible names, and I guess she has sortof connection with Beckii which makes her know especially that Venus is/was a shitty person along with her mom.
Besides, those who know of Venus from long ago knows she's shit with all that cyberbullying, shit talking, and blocking she did back then.

For example, when you have a friend who was treated badly by someone, and you and your friend distance yourself from that person and laugh at them because you KNOW they're shitty? Sorry, not good at explaining. Hope you got my point.
Oh, and her mom used to push her daughter into everything, so knowing that reputation, I would laugh too.

No. 62836

I knew this girl was childish but goddamn.

No. 62837


Someone is seriously salty lol. She roamed that area no end of times when she visited Japan as well. I dislike VenusAngelic as much as the next person, but Abi is literally almost the same. A desperate Weeb who wants to live the moe life.

No. 62838

not like she's wrong tho. or whoever posted that.

she WAS snapped by juunyan i believe.

No. 62839

File: 1439790947750.jpg (118.09 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 62840

God she looks like 40 years old

No. 62841


No. 62842

She looks like she's about to punch someone.

No. 62843

File: 1439822608709.jpg (135.08 KB, 280x390, SNN1014B_280_729670a.jpg)

No. 62844

Kek, dat obese grandma face.

No. 62845

File: 1440027068109.jpg (113.59 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_ntbn6cFsto1qfaayao1_128…)

well this is unfortunate of all of them

No. 62846


I'll continue to say this, whoever wars this kawaii shit out in public never looks good,, It always ends up looking try-hard/tacky and over the top. It's always people who never suit it too.

God help all of them

No. 62847


dont be snide

No. 62848


Four obnoxious Weeb Youtube personalities together as one, all from th UK. That IS unfortunate.

No. 62849

Kelsey is such a good try hard weeb example

No. 62850

At least she is cute

No. 62851

Seriously? Kelsey is ugly too, both in face and body.

No. 62852

I can't quite decide if I find kelsey or Abi most obnoxious..I suppose abi doesnt put out shit music at least. I'm fairly neutral about beckii.

Can anyone acually pull that look off? I always think it looks so cute in their perfectly lit and posed videos/pictures

No. 62853


I've seen them at two of the UK KyaryPamyuPamyu concerts in cosplay and they're both just as bad. It's all 'look at us, look at us' and they somehow always manage to get to the front near the stage, it's like people just let them waltz through the crowd once inside the venue.

No. 62854

ah well i suppose if you try hard enough you will get to the front… i don't imagine KPP fans are very vicious about being at the very front either
but please do tell more about the way they act. obvs costume attention whoring ensues everytime but i want to know more about the reactions they get from people

No. 62855

File: 1440111580427.jpg (133.8 KB, 500x667, weebtrio.jpg)


They do have fans that lurk around them like bees to a hive, plus they're loud. If photographers are around they have to make it known they're there to get shit tons of photos taken, especially if they're the official KPP ones from Japan.

No. 62856

>when himezawa is the cute one


No. 62857

Well I find her cute compared to her "friends"

No. 62858

confirmed for shit tastes.
Kirino is one of the worst anime characters.
I bet she says kirino is her waifu only because shes an imouto.

No. 62859

i agree with this

No. 62860

>Venus from long ago knows she's shit with all that cyberbullying, shit talking, and blocking she did back then.
except it's her mother who did all of this things.
Venus never cyberbullied anyone lol

No. 62861

No. 62862

is that ann? they all look ugly

No. 62863

I think abi is the cute one even if they all look ugly

No. 62864

I honestly don't want to believe that Margeret did all of it. Fine, I'll say both Venus and Margo are shit, and were both doing shit.

Venus is cute, but she's cute shit.

No. 62865

Is that Annchirisu at the far right?

No. 62866

it is.
i cant stand her

No. 62867

OT but me neither. This weeb really thinks that she's special (video related)

No. 62868

wtf does abi do all day? What a waste of space

No. 62869

annchirisu is absolutely lovely…

No. 62870

She works in thorntons I believe so at least she's got a job unlike Beckii (and kelsey?) Its one thing I can sort of respect about her

No. 62871


She's lucky her job allows her to go on at least two trips to Japan and to have so many weekends off to go to these cons and other events she appears at. Most retail places would say no or give you a limit.

No. 62872


the video is terrible but I kind of like this and I thought that ponponpon ripoff before this was shit

No. 62873

Shes a cringe-worthy weeaboo who thinks shes superior than kelsey, abi and venus because shes asian

No. 62874


I don't know what's worse, White girl weebs or Asian weebs from other Asian countries that aren't Japan.

No. 62875

godamn it I took a second watch and it's kind of growing on me.

No. 62876

WTF, this is awful.
And it's time to retire that Kawaii cheerleading outfit/Kawaii glasses combo already, jesus.

No. 62877


This isn't too bad, song-wise. Also, she looks really good in that purple wig/make-up/outfit. She should make that her normal style.

No. 62878

File: 1440195649288.jpg (40.19 KB, 819x408, dfd.jpg)

No. 62879

that was so unflattering

No. 62880

there are lots of weird faces in that video

No. 62881

i think asian weebs because asian weebs think they cannot be weeaboos and they think theyre better than whine weebs.
even white weebs arent that delusional

No. 62882

holy shit her hands are disgusting!

No. 62883

I always thought Annchirisu was a huge Xiaorishu wannabee.(Not saying that I'm a fan of Xiao tho)

I don't understandwhy people find her funny tbh

No. 62884

File: 1440260347545.gif (1.41 MB, 248x200, giphy.gif)

What a waste of time

No. 62885

White weebs think they're better than black weebs, Asian weebs think they're better than white weebs. I'm basing the former around how white weebs chose to support jrcrotch even though he said all sorts of racist shit about black girls and defended him with stuff like "Oh he's not being racist, he's just being honest :/".
Not sure who black weebs think they're better than. Maybe each other.
Weebs are usually awful people tbh

No. 62886

Asian weebs think they're better than all weebs
Black weebs think they're better than white weebs
And white weebs think they're better than each other

No. 62887

How long does it take you to find something to nitpick? These type of comments are retarded.

No. 62888

The comment you replied to made more sense , stop being butthurt.

No. 62889

i think Kelsey is better to Abi, but she's trying to hard to be an aidoru in Japan, but at least she is doing something i think ?

While Abi is just copying the way Kelsey does her things and like that "Sugar Daddy", she is trying to milk everything she can from both of them

Abi is trying to expose herself more hanging with Kelsey
In one of the Disney videos you can see Kelsey making "ugh" expressions when Abi is making that loli kawaii desu ne voice that everybody hates, just dont tell her because is her friend

Also, i think most of the comment making OT at the first post , talking about Himezawa, etc, were from Abi just to stop talking about her

It seems Abi is so fake that she could be talking shit about everyone and make them look worse, just to make people stop talking about herself

No. 62890

I saw her at the EGX convention. Holy shit. She is so weird, awkward and her eyes are pretty far apart. Also, she is nowhere near that big breasted as she said she is. She is pretty small.

No. 62891

She was at the kyary pamyu pamyu concert and she's so obnoxious

No. 62892

She's claiming to people on fb that Kyary recognised her from twitter. Bitch please. Why would she have any reason to remember your irrelevant ass?

No. 62893

Wow…That's just pathetic

No. 62894

How is she always trying to brag about being ~curvy~ when she is built like a fucking rectangle? Her calves look like tree trunks.

No. 62895


OMG..is she trying to take a shit?

No. 62896

abi tweeted Kyary of the pink bunny hat she made the day before she met her, and Kyary replied
so it would make sense for her to recognise her and her face


No. 62897

I wouldn't be surprised actually. consider how obnoxious and attention seeking she is

No. 62898

Hello abi

No. 62899

Good attempt tho

No. 62900

complains she wants healthier skin… stop caking yourself in make up and putting harmful chemicals on your skin that are disguised as "miracle workers"

No. 62901

Am I the only one who thinks she's cuter without bangs?

No. 62902

she makes such weird ass facial expressions and her chin is huge as fuck kek

No. 62903

"KAWAII HARAJUKU MAKE-UP" kek, what ? This makeup is plain as fuck

She would look cute with lip injections and chin surgery

No. 62904

Not everyone wants to go the extreme route of facial surgery…

No. 62905

i feel like if she had normal lips her chin wouldnt look as big

No. 62906

thats not really harajuku style makeup at all. Its more like day makeup….. Her eyeshadows suck. She needs a blending brush and i dont get when people just put on white eyeshadow all over their eyelid and not blend the colours together.

No. 62907

She also has a manly face. She needs makeup but needs to learn how to apply it on better.

No. 62908

File: 1445370055679.png (216 KB, 454x294, Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.40…)

she looked kinda cuter bare faced… i never noticed but she does look damn old with all that makeup

(besides the wonky eye but girl cant help it)

No. 62909

I think it's because she puts too much powder after applying her bb cream.
Her skin is great imo, she doesn't need that much makeup

No. 62910

Seems like a vore fet portrait or something because proportion & composition makes it look like the dick is tiny and girl is huge.

No. 62911

Totally spot on. Yutanpo is a just a nice middle aged idol aficionado, he's even nice to nobodies like me. He's not JRCAch, although they've definitely encountered each other since a source of drama on the latter's blog quite some time ago was centered around him trying to defend Yutanpo from some sort of perceived slight (Yutanpo didn't care actually, seemed a bit embarrassed really, but JRCAch likes to get mad).

On Nico he's a practitioner of a form of virtual wota known as danmaku where colorful text splashes across the screen like fireworks. He's pretty common to cafes in Akiba too from what I know, most of the girls probably just think of him as a sort of quirky dad figure (he's got a highschool age son, so such a thing is about right).

I know it's hard for westerners to grasp the concept of idol fans, but a significant portion of them don't really have a sexual attraction to them. It's more like a fatherly attraction, which still sounds a bit weird, but by and large it's harmless.

No. 62912

The initial mix was mediocre (check the lyric video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFps9rYUC1o ), but once Leslie Wai got on board with the production it definitely got catchier, even if it is still fairly generic. I actually enjoy this one, and I really didn't want to.

No. 62913

damn, you're right. You'd think she'd wear less to keep up with her stupid "kawaii" image.

No. 62914

File: 1445595896987.jpg (35.45 KB, 518x175, abipoop.jpg)


No. 62915

All the blurring around her legs and waist and boobs, ohmygod, indeed. Not to mention her ponytail. Why is it just sticking straight out like that?!

No. 62916

Oh, please, as if her derma wouldn't know her age??? ffs

No. 62917

Yeah suuuuuure

No. 62918

File: 1445602999970.jpg (87.07 KB, 710x519, poopingface.jpg)

(¯`•._) ❤Kawaii pooping face❤ (¯`•._)

btw I wonder if she's secretly jealous of Kelsey…

No. 62919

Kek, reminds me of Berry

No. 62920

Kelsey's eye creeps the shit out of me

No. 62921

sry but they're cute af

No. 62922

I don't think she's the cutest but this must be shooped. surely?

No. 62923

Yeah I think they look cute here. But it's pretty obvious she's really trying hard to be cute, while kelsey just gives a normal human smile.

No. 62924

File: 1445630372385.gif (579.23 KB, 275x153, 1442897078585.gif)

No. 62925

Kelsey is cute, Abi just looks retarded.

No. 62926

It's the face she makes

No. 62927

I don't know what to feel about Abi or Kelsey, I think they have the potential to pull off the cutesy idol type, but then they seem so obnoxious.

One year I was at Hyper Japan and there was a booth to get pictures with models like Ayumi Seto. Directly next to this pop-up booth, they decided to stand and wait around for people to take pictures with them unofficially. I usually wouldn't mind that sorta stuff, but it did seem a bit rude to be doing it directly next to there.

No. 62928

File: 1445914487119.jpg (13.38 KB, 540x296, 1444963890834.jpg)

why can't these girls say a lie that's actually believable?
seventeen, i would understand being mistaked for (even though knowing her obsession with being young would probably make me think otherwise)
but she just HAS to say that she looks like a child, and adult being mistaken for a teenager isn't all that out-there. But no normal adult gets mistaken for a young child, unless you have progeria or something..
i mean, if you lie, make it somewhat believable, holy shit

No. 62929

File: 1446085827894.jpg (291.67 KB, 1200x1600, image.jpg)

Agreed. This bitch is in crazy denial.

No. 62930

Holy shit!

No. 62931

Thanks, anon. This helps a lot. I think I'll bury my treasure in her eye bags. Keep it a secret and I'll give you a cut. :D

No. 62932

holy fuck she is busted. that's so tragic.

No. 62933

File: 1446370145437.png (164.69 KB, 400x400, Kawai.png)

No. 62934

Ewww… those fucking eye bags

No. 62935


Well her dreams of being just like Nigri are well on their way as that's how she looks up close in unshooped photos as well. A ragged & haggard hot mess in too much makeup.

No. 62936

I doubt that she looks like this everyday, to be fair. My under eyes can get that bad sometimes from dehydration, crying, allergies etc. or a horrible nights sleep. I'm sure more people would notice if she really looked like this every day. When I get this way I just wear sunglasses so people don't see.. because it really is shocking.

No. 62937

File: 1446838388497.jpg (207.92 KB, 1857x411, kek.jpg)

for some reason, this girl is weirdly obsessed with abi (pic related)

No. 62938

his name is yoshi and he's actually really nice to aspiring idols! at one point i actually entertained the idea of trying to be an idol and he would always retweet me and send me kind messages and motivation!

No. 62939

off topic, but did kyary really say those things to abi or did she make it up?

No. 62940

i got to meet kyary at her 2014 tour and she's super meek and quiet so i'm pretty certain that is made up as fuck

No. 62941

After the 2014 concert in London, Kyary looked exhausted and Abi as well as Kelsey were some of the desperate rude fans waiting outside for her as she left the venue to get autographs & photos when she definitely. They're all up on Kyary's ass in order to get their face plastered around social media.

No. 62942


*Definitely looked too tired & anxious to deal with people. Sorry forgot to add.

No. 62943

Are you sure it was them? Because I remember I wanted to get a photo with Kelsey outside but I chickened out and they left before Kyary came outside.

No. 62944

Does anyone else think Abipop may be biologically male? And his parents raised him as a girl?

She just looks like a man who got hormone blockers right before puberty, or maybe even castrated.

No. 62945

Wtf no, she is a just a normal lass. In real life she looks like a typical average British girl - The internet really does fuck with peoples perceptions of 'normal'

No. 62946

Look at her face in the videos. This is not about normal or not, this is about her face looking like a prepubescent male.

No. 62947

So, am I the only one who sees male features in her?

No. 62948

No. 62949

hahahaha i don't think so
never heard of shitty genetics?

No. 62950

No. i see it too.

No. 73363

she keeps hiding her face/jaw. I feel kinda bad for her. she actually looks quite cute imo.


No. 74774

I hide my ugly jaw too. I feel her pain.

No. 76944

Nowadays her hair looks quite nice. How the fuck did she go from gross fried scene kid hair to hair that actually looks soft and tame?!

No. 77712

Probably did a treatment and actually started taking care of it. Mine used to be fried from my emo stage as well.

No. 77720

File: 1451937131880.png (1.4 MB, 1079x1240, Screenshot_2016-01-04-20-50-29…)

It still looks like shit kek

No. 78276

File: 1452117802227.jpg (18.08 KB, 200x266, 24767_pic210712020705500b1d41b…)

It just looks kinda frizzy in this tbh.

Pic is her old hair

No. 86046

No. 86071

This is absolutely awful..

No. 86078

This is so depressing. He's the other guy that tagged along with max in their first trip to Japan right? So wait who's the new boyfriend? This is really insightful on Abi's true character.

No. 86081

Yeah that's definitely him alright, and like >>62350 said over a year ago, she said she was going with "friends"

No. 86085

kinda ot
my bf has no pics with me either and we've been together for 2 years he refuses to post anything about me and when i met his friends he never introduced me as his gf.. i brushed it off but now after reading that im second guessing his motives he literally does not have one picture with me

i feel really bad for that guy and i watched abis japan vlog when it first came out i had no clue that was her bf i dont get how someone can hide their relationship for that long

No. 86086

Wooow so hes Abi's ex? What a manipulative whore, fuck her he can get a hotter girl whos not fat and ugly.

No. 86087

dump him anon!

No. 86089

Okay anon i'm going to tell you what you need to hear. It's not looking good for you based on your description. However, you do need to consider the person's specific habits and behaviour. For example, my boyfriend doesn't have any pictures of us. That being said, he doesn't have any pictures of himself whatsoever. It wouldn't make sense to expect him to have pictures of us unless he had tons of solo pics or pics with friends. On the other hand, his friends know me and he calls me his girlfriend when speaking to them. His family also knows me as his girlfriend.

Social media isn't necessarily the best indicator. Some people tend to be more private and less prone to sharing online. Buuuut if it doesn't feel right you should probably leave him. If he seems to be keeping you from his friends/family and you generally feel left out of his usual activities he may very well be using you. If he's not proud of your relationship it may be because he's using you for comfort/sex or keeping his options open for another girl when the opportunity presents itself. Seems like you may have some reflection to do.

No. 86092

his ex before me had pics with him and he had one pic with her everyone knew they were dating but now he has not one pic of himself up anymore and neither do i
his family knows me of course i come over everyday but i feel like this is weird if he could do it with some other girl why not with me? and im not even allowed to take a pic that will just be for myself and not for social media i guess im looking too into it but if a friend says can i see a pic of your bf i have none…. lol he says he's changed and not the same person before he wanted to flaunt everything he did and now he's reserved
thanks for your response anon and my grammar sucks i know sorry

No. 86093

Have you ever talked to him about it? If you do talk to him about it, mention the other girl and say you dont want people to think that your basically his fuck buddy, and make him take you seriously, if this fails i think you should dump him and find a better guy that appreciates you more.

No. 86094

no one knows about us he has like one friend now and lives with his parents that one friend he has knows im his gf bc he told him i told him i just want at least one pic of us together and he just always refuses
i told him its not fair that he took pics before and he always says stop brining up the past but i just want one pic of us not even for social media i dont get the big deal i even have a film camera and he still refused lol

No. 86099

I really think you should break up with him anon, maybe he will have a change of heart, if not your better off, thats a huge Red Flag.. Like doesnt he see a future with you? What if you guys were to get married? No pics allowed? geez

No. 86105

That poor guy.. Damn.. He'll find better definitely because Abi is a shit weeaboo. I was wondering why she never showed him in the video.

No. 86113

lmao he said he wants to marry me but we wont even be able to take wedding photos

No. 86117

bring that up to him.

No. 86121

i should anon

No. 86171

Best of luck anon

No. 86229

Tbh I don't know how much of this is actually true. Wouldn't be the first bitter ex to shit talk. But a lot of it seems to fit. who had any idea she even had a boyfriend? and I totally believe the "image" thing LOL fucking hell abi. You are not and will never be a kawaii idoru. You're just an average, chubby white weeaboo.

No. 86932

Well considering he's not a complete stranger to us. We've seen him in videos in the past and yet we didn't know he was her boyfriend. That already means he's telling the truth.

I never had any reason to dislike Abi but I just can't respect someone who played their s/o for years like that.

No. 87198


I felt ill reading this as I've been with someone who did a similar thing years ago. What a horrible, shallow and selfish person she actually is.

No. 87205

Now her personality matches her looks

No. 87523

Y'all are so quick to jump on and believe things.

How does that 'already mean he's telling the truth'??? I've had so many people who I would vaguely call friends come out of the wood works and try to claim I was horrible as soon as I was getting anywhere?

see also: Nicole Arbour

It's REAL damn easy to turn on someone for a little spot light or to specifically ruin them if you feel wronged.

No. 87566

step 1: Was he her boyfriend? Yes confirmed.

step 2: We're we previously aware he was her boyfriend? Nope

All he's claiming is that she hid their relationship away for the sake of her followers. We are her followers. She hid their relationship from us. Therefore he's telling the truth. What are you confused about?

No. 87628

he's claiming he was hidden from friends and the such as well. LOTS of people hide S/Os from the publics (Markiplier etc)

Sure he wasnt said to the public but he's claiming emotional abuse etc.?? I dont get how not publicizing their significant other makes someone a terrible person

No. 87736

File: 1454211957458.jpg (46.02 KB, 640x640, 10440628_10205310040250261_786…)

the only pictures they have together is group ones from japan

No. 87811

Hi Abi, youre a terrible person, i hope you will feel the pain he felt when you used him for his money and attention when you wouldnt even tell people you were dating.

No. 87812

Thats so fucking sad..

No. 87922

Someone should send the Twitter story to her current boyfriend, he needs to escape while he can.

No. 87926

And figuring it's jake_matthews93 on Instagram after looking through Abi'a pics, her ex mentions this guy began flirting with her from the group of friends she always wanted to hang out with (Beckii Cruel, Noodlerella etc) and sure enough he has a pic of himself with that group. So basically Abi didn't want to disclose she had a low key profile boyfriend that wasn't in the little YouTube/cosplay efame clique she desperately wanted to be part of to stroke her own ego. She's a cunt.

No. 87929

File: 1454269175221.jpeg (216.76 KB, 750x1080, image.jpeg)

Yup, it's him..

No. 87930

Oh she'll definitely use him as he's friends with Jessica Nigri and her posse when she's down in London for MCM Expo.

No. 87963

what a shit human being, I followed Abi for a few years since i went through the uguu desu thing in my early teens, she even followed me on twitter.
But this is a shitty thing to do to someone, i've been through being hidden then replaced days after the official break up. Claiming emotional abuse may be a bit much but we don't know the whole story.

Abi - Jniggers doesn't want to be your friend stop climbing into that shitty friend circle.

No. 87981

What makes this guy so popular with all the e-famers to begin with?

No. 87984

As someone who has known abit for almost 4 years, can confirm she's a manipulative bitch like this. When I first started talking to her she never mentioned her bf or anything like that. We would play League a lot, talk on skype, and eventually I was like "fuck it" and asked her out, she said she had no bf, then the next day she's like "I kinda do have a bf, but not really" I was like, "wtf, you're either dating or not, is this some kind of friends with benefits thing?" And then she goes on this diatribe about how their relationship never works, and I even go visit with her and shit. Skipped class so she could cry to me about how hard life is and bullshit. Turns out she only wanted to talk to me because she thought she could mooch free shit off of me, fuck this whore she's part of the epidemic of gold digging whores in this world, and I wish I could buy her ex a drink because he deserves one for putting up with her bullshit for so long.

No. 87989

holy shit, i hope this is true.
you got any proof that you do know her personally?

No. 87999

I have pictures of us together from when I visited her, I'm also friends with her and Kelsey on facebook/twitter/tumblr/etc. I have letters and stuff written to me from her and shit.

No. 88001

I would post them, but for right now I don't wanna out myself on the internet lol.

No. 88017

It's not just being hidden, she outright tells people at first she's not dating someone. And then all of the sudden now there's an official annoucement plus a shitton of pics of the new bf, and she's done that to the poor guy for over 3 years, I really feel for this guy, I'm glad I dodged a bullet with her.

No. 88031

nono I dont want you to post em' dumb thing to ask, i mean any chat logs or anything you can keep your privacy?

No. 88071

Connections my friend, connections. The only reason why Abi Cunt is even seeing him because he's one step closer to increasing her thirsty for attention level.

No. 88146

File: 1454309514252.png (24.81 KB, 602x602, Untitled.png)

No. 88162

How she types makes me want to gag.

No. 88169

I wannu killu mai selfu desu nee~

No. 88181

Holy shit you weren't kidding. She actually uses you guys for money/gifts. I'm obviously skeptical when men claim all women in their lives are mooching whores but you have provided solid proof anon. Well wishes to you and her ex (mainly him) for being dragged through the mud. I can't believe the ego on this girl. I'll never understand how some girls were raised to think and/or decided upon themselves it's okay to use and abuse friend circles and potential dating partners for their materialistic gain. Gaining popularity as a result of your entourage can sometimes be a happy accident but there's nothing accidental about gifts falling into her lap and having such a blatant princess complex.

No. 88185

lmao I can't even judge her for all the thirsty betas who are stupid enough to buy her shit.

awful person though and the biggest weeb

No. 88234

I'd love to see her current new boyfriend dump her arse if he knew this shit she's capable of.

No. 88273

>>88146 well i always wondered why she got so many gifts,not only just on christmas or her birthday,I feel sorry for the people she is fooling just to get figs of her "waifu" and other expensive shit.

No. 88307

Thanks for delivering anon, this shit is fucked up.

No. 88327

It's really disturbing how girls who behave like this literally never feel guilty about their actions either. Apparently all she does is whine about her "shitty life", it's far from shitty when you take advantage of overly nice fanboys for free shit. Manipulative little bitch.

No. 88333

Well in my case it was a long while before i became comfortable before sending her anything. But I went in thinking she was single and the whole "senpai" act she put up sucked me in. She can be very manipulative under that "uguu kawaii princess desunee" facade she puts up.

No. 88338

You dodged a great bullet anon. I wish her fans weren't so blind to that persona of hers so they could stop sending her gifts.

No. 88487

Yeah, I gtfo as fast as possible with that.

Also for added lulz, she's actually quite a pervert despite that "im so innocent loli uwu" shit she puts up.

Bought her a hentai game, shared some hentai videos and talked about her boobs a lot, and she's a pervert lolicon as in she finds the lewd side od lolicon attractive, like Kodomo no Jikan shit.

No. 88505

omg kek
share more pls

No. 88506

File: 1454376897793.jpg (35.52 KB, 620x413, gatsbyleo.jpg)


Please tell me you have screenshots of these conversations you had with her or more stories to tell.

No. 88531

File: 1454383146776.png (184.24 KB, 1957x976, 67567567576.png)

I figured with formatting I'd mark where I was replying. So theres a post about the hentai game I bought for her, there's a post where she randomly brought up panties and another about a kirino figureine she was drooling about.

Normally I'm the type of person that's able to let things go, but I found out she was only talking to me and being friendly and shit because she thought she could score stuff from me, which really pisses me off. So if I could prevent another person from falling into the same trap I did it's all worth. Like I said, I really feel for her ex, because for the longest time she would talk to me about lewd stuff or be really flirty and I didn't even know she was taken because she outright lied about it. And yeah, I tried to get with her, she gave me the impression there was a chance and me being sucked into it took the bait. Do I look back and regret wasting my time? Not really because I feel like I learned a lot from how stupidly blind I fell for it. Was it cringey half the time? Yep, sure was. I feel like I was able to break out of it in once piece, and dodged a helluva bullet.

And for those wanting to hear more of my interactions with her in person. I met her in person once, and we went out. She was really hyperactive, it was cute honestly, and she was dressed pretty nicely. Like she was dressed up, but not all "moe uwu loli me" except the randoseru she was sporting. Like I said she's a pervert when you get to know her, and has a sailor's mouth. Nothing wrong with that to me, but it's definitely different from the "im so moe innocent and delicate, please love me" persona she displays. We spent the day together, she went home, I wanted to push for something more but I had this inkling at the back of my head to not do it, like spidey senses, and I'm glad I listened. The next like year and a half/2 years I fell into the trap. And she never admitted she was dating her ex until I found a post of his saying he was celebrating an anniversary with her, which then led to the "surprise I was lying to you" deal. I then devolved my interest with her to just a friend level, then after I found out she was just using me (and who knows how many other fans who didn't know about her bf) I just cut her off completely.

Oh and btw just an example of her manipulation, when we went out I was being overly generous by my standards, offering to get her something small at the store, like pointing out something that she might like that was relatively cheap, and she goes into the whole "omg no you don't have to buy me anything senpai blush but there is that thing I really like" points to more expensive item
Which puts me into the position of either saying "no" and looking like a dick or just murdering my pride and getting it for her. Obviously I fell for the former like the idiot I was at the time.

I don't want to get into too much more, im pretty sure if she saw this she'll know who it is and the last thing I want is a legion of her white knights trying to bitch at me.

No. 88553

File: 1454385851070.png (56.45 KB, 222x241, 1453228777902.png)

>except the randoseru she was sporting.
datss retarded

No. 88554

that was the only cringe factor there when i met her appearance wise. She was wearing like a normal nice dress thing, like actual date clothes lol.

No. 88561

File: 1454386830651.jpg (58.61 KB, 506x759, kirino.jpg)

I'm not that guy, just an autist. In case anyone was wondering which Kirino she was talking about, I'm pretty sure it was this one from the description.

It sold for 42,000 yen new. Yes. About $350. Plus shipping from Japan, so another $50 minimum. She was trying to score a $400 figurine of her waifu off this guy.

No. 88610

Jesus it's like she WANTS to be kirino with her act and how she tries to get shit from people(/guys)… wow. Simply disgusting.

No. 88614

Personally I never got the impression she was hiding anything. Its not like her tumblr and wish list haven't been full of loli shit, boon mouse mats w/e Maybe not the the extent you're talking about but it all seemed obvious. hiding your kink is hardly a persona.

No. 88683

I think most guys pick their waifu based on their ideal girlfriend but most girls pick their waifu based on who they want to be like. She's definitely trying to pull the hentai otaku imouto who appears innocent on the outside.

I never got the vibe that she was using guys for things other than that older Japanese man who seems to support a lot of wannabe aidoru, so whatever, and having a wishlist…again, whatever. But I mean it always seemed kind obvious to me that the whole imouto thing was a persona, probably to lure in oniichan. She hasn't really attempted to start a career or get a real job or anything like some of her friends (thinking mostly of Kelsey here). She's kinda hoping for cosfame or being supported by some guy or both and that much has been clear.

No. 88712

File: 1454430628825.png (708.23 KB, 630x714, poorshawn.PNG)

I feel so sorry for these guys , they probably think they can get into her panties if they buy her such expensive gifts.
She is probably flirting with all those guys too ,just so they drool after her and send her more and more.

No. 88768

I just don't understand why anyone would want her? She looks like an actual man? Like proper rough British man

No. 88774

File: 1454440270617.jpg (64.16 KB, 500x281, image.jpg)

No. 88786

Thanks for sharing Anon, also you're not the one who should be ashamed for asking her out/liking her. It should be her. She fucked you over and by the looks of it she would have kept doing it unless you told her to fuck off.
Good on you man, You seem like a decent guy, plenty more people out there that aren't fucking weebs like this specimen.

No. 88806

I take it 'Shawn' is another potential fuck friend she'll begin flirting with while she's with the new bf in hopes of new weeb gifts.

No. 88819

File: 1454444848940.png (39 KB, 757x162, really.png)

lurking her wish list -

just, really?

Am i the only one that uses my wish list for myself so my basket doesn't get full of random stuff? inb4 someone actually buys her that shit.

No. 88823

The nerve of that "pls pls pls :3". She has a fucking cafe job yet acts like she's poor.

No. 88879

My wish list is public. It's full of things I will either save up for eventually, or just really want but too expensive. Yet I don't expect anyone to buy anything for me and I certainly do not leave notes like that on the items.

Holy crap does she really think someone is actually going to buy that for her?

No. 88882

The fuck is it with these girls into lolicon anyway. Is it some projecting ageplay shit? I can't believe they're actual pedos attracted to real children.. to me in some ways its worse than a real pedophile.. Well, not worse, but to me its just so fucked up how they're essentially glamorising child abuse just because its not real and kawaii~

No. 88893

I honestly feel no shame in admitting that I liked her, fell for her and fell into her trap. Yeah at some points I had those cringe moments when speaking with her and as I look back it was just all the game she played and I got sucked in. And yeah as I kept up contact with her things began to unravel bit by bit, but I think the defining moment when I was able to pull out was when she sprung the boyfriend. That sparked off the thought of "Wow, she's willing to hide this for so long, and willing to do things or talk about things with me while having a boyfriend, who knows what else she can hide about herself?"

With that in mind I was able to slowly break off contact with her, and I honestly do agree with some of the other anons about her not having any goals other than being taken care of by milking her e-fame as long as possible.

No. 88911

Someone bought her a 40k yen anime figure so….

No. 88948

File: 1454465763734.jpeg (589.28 KB, 1353x2423, image.jpeg)


Kelsey is onto you, my friend.

No. 88959

But at no point did I demand that Abi should like me because I got her stuff. I got her stuff because she gave me the impression she liked me, then when I thought I liked her back, I suddenly find out she's had a boyfriend the whole time. Later I found out she only wanted to talk to me so she could get stuff. By that time I had already shut her out and moved on. I never lashed out at her nor did anything to spite her until just recently outting my experience with Abi following the reveal how bad her ex got treated. Maybe Kelsey is getting shit from some guys or something, i dunno, I barely talked to the girl when I talked with Abi.

No. 88971

They were stupid enough to buy her weeaboo ass the shit though. Wtf do people expect?

No. 88984

I mean she got people to buy her shit without taking off her clothes. Kudos to her lol

No. 88995

I actually met her once or so.
When I saw she was trying to win a new japan contest, I felt like she wasn't really fair. At first I thought she was nice,
but reading about his ex boyfriend that made me really change my mind about her.

I must admit that I gave one of my manga's away to her, but we never talked much (despite that she regonized me?)

No. 89007

File: 1454480112263.png (825.67 KB, 1076x715, Screenshot-4_25_2015-7_39_21-P…)

As much as I like Kelsey, this is a completely different situation so she's wrong. Abi obviously drags guys along for her wild ride, never admitting she has a boyfriend(keeping it a secret) and then buttering them up/flirting/getting affectionate in hopes for gifts in return. She knows exactly what she's doing and it leave a horrible taste in my mouth because I actually started to like Abi :\

No. 89024

BTW the guy who bought her stuff. How old are you?

No. 89027

Early 20's, not some old fart lol

No. 89029

Urgh, she's awful. Sorry that she did that to you, dude.

I knew that lot loved to read about themselves, I bet they post too.

No. 89135

That's how I feel too anon.

No. 89154

Yeah, I always kinda liked Abi (she's cringey but for some reason I still cheered her on) but now I feel completely different. I like Kelsey and I also kinda feel like she was probably led to believe that that guy was making Abi uncomfortable, rather than facing that her friend uses guys for stuff.

No. 89534

Same with me, Anon.
I liked Abi, not going to lie when she followed me on twitter a while back it kinda made my day because she seemed like a nice person to get to know.

After seeing/hearing this at cons and lurking here I truly want nothing to do with her, I've always found her cringey but for some reason looked past it. Now It's impossible for me to cringe at 90% of the shit she does. This situation has set it over the top.

No. 91144

File: 1455111013371.gif (255.86 KB, 350x197, giphy.gif)

/pt/ material here. This thread should be moved

No. 91146

Abi slut

No. 91986

Betting the new boyfriend bought her the secondhand Prada skirt she's bragging about everywhere. Let's see how many more expensive things she gets during their relationship.

No. 92544

File: 1455400059266.png (37.95 KB, 540x283, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 21.4…)

Think she probably meant to post the first message as anonymous…

No. 92563

what in the actual fuck

No. 92564


No. 92598

What a pathetic cunt LOL.

No. 92601

This actually makes me sad because you'd have to feel really alone to do this shit

No. 92618

Obviously her boyfriend, neckbeards or IRL friends don't give her enough attention.

No. 92646

Well, she treated the guy that actually cared alot for her like complete and utter shit, so i guess it's karma

No. 92647

Well, she treated the guy that actually cared alot for her like complete and utter shit, so i guess it's karma

No. 92756

File: 1455424570365.gif (2.43 MB, 640x360, 1453424808783.gif)


No. 92900

Has anyone confronted her about the self posting? I'd love to see what her excuse is.

No. 92903

Also curious

I think the anon that predicted her becoming pt-tier is now correct lol

No. 92936

Let's all ask her and watch as she plays the "bullied or hacked" card when replying lol.

No. 92947

She replied. Why am I not surprised by her excuse or inner circle getting involved. Go away Noodlerella.

No. 92953

caps pls

No. 92959

notice that every ask she answers ends with '<3'

seems like she has a habit of sending herself asks, all the asks are complimenting her or well wishes in the exact same way as her birthday ask

and the fact that she's playing 100% innocent and confused goes to show that this is something she wants to continue to conceal rather than a one time accident

No. 92970

File: 1455475380785.png (54.56 KB, 694x334, whythefuckyoulyin.png)


lol this bitch.

No. 92992

Oh dear god.

No. 92993

But its not even an ask, maybe someone was on her account and left her a message by leaving a post - who is kirino? just trying to pick this apart

No. 93004

Why would she delete it though?

No. 93005

File: 1455481887642.png (498.08 KB, 900x1289, kirino_oriemo_render_by_eclair…)

I'm assuming she's talking about Kirino from Oreimo since she's so obsessed with her and the show.

No. 93008

Along with loli and incest shit. Charming really.

No. 93012

You don't even need an account to ask anonymously on Tumblr and I highly doubt someone was on her account like a friend or her boyfriend as they can just post as themselves. So it had to been her.

No. 93021

Sorry, i dont buy that Abipoop

No. 93027


I felt so sorry for her ex after reading on there how she posts lots of pics of herself with the new BF on Snapchat according to a 'fan', tho it's more likely herself boasting about it. All this time she wouldn't acknowledge her ex, but now shows off the new one like a prized fucking chicken jesus christ.

No. 93226

File: 1455539435527.jpg (75.23 KB, 640x960, kek.jpg)

No. 93229

File: 1455540178421.png (17.26 KB, 496x221, ss.png)

Somehow I had her on Facebook and got cleaned out, think it's because if this thread?

No. 93234

idk this was already like 10 days ago

it could perhaps be due to the guy that spilled her golddigging ways earlier in the thread but it seems like she kept a lot of people that were not her close friends, I mean she needs to keep her betas close

No. 93235

(con) so I doubt she's THAT paranoid

No. 93237

My bad for not posting sooner, it skipped my mind until i found this thread again. I assumed it was about the guy earlier that sparked her to do that

No. 93259

So cringey. Just admit it, rather than making a crap attempt to cover it up that convinces no-one.

No. 93311

The 145 others who liked that status must be well far up her arse.

No. 93513

yeah, she blocked me on fb too

No. 93604

blocked as in blocked? you must have done something pretty specific to piss her off

No. 93765


Probably wasn't beta enough to brainwash with her kawaii desu ne innocent aidoru bollocks.

No. 93916

I posted the reveal, im guessing her exodus spurred from this thread.

No. 94407

I hate that she won't have to answer for or worry about any consequences in relation to the mistreatment and embarrassment of her ex boyfriend or fucking sending herself asks or generally being a scheming little shit bragging about her bra size and expecting boys to purchase her amazon wish list and an idol career in japan

mark my words she would quickly relish the opportunity to use and abuse a jap guy to get her way in japan

No. 94441

Thats what urks me too, anon. Its such a fucking shame her ex went through all the shit and she is just "uguu sugoi desu ~~" and all her betas continue to buy her shit.
I sincerely feel for her ex, i've been through similar stuff and it fucking sucks.
I'm suprised she hasn't mentioned anything on any social medias - Kelsey posted (>>88948
which may or may not be on her behalf)

No. 94578

this bitch has popped up in my dreams for TWO NIGHTS NOW!!!!!!!

No. 94585

Hi all!
I know, it sounds strange but, can you help me doing her psychological profile? Is it possible? It's like an experiment i like doing to people who seems to have a complex

No. 94586

No. 94589

Does it really sound so strange?

No. 94603

you're scaring me anon

No. 94704

Are you trying to evaluate the brainwashing effects of Anime? Or what? She's a typical product of media brainwashing. I don't get what you are trying to collect? Because somehow it seems like you just want an excuse to get more information about her than what is posted here.

No. 94705


Personally I think it's strange. You should elaborate why you want to do this anon, so people don't quickly stamp you as a weirdo.

No. 94710

Wow, do you react so bad to unusual questions? You see unusual hobbies (like psychology) as a problem (mine of course)? I care about the complex, not about her

No. 94728

learn to fucking reply you autistic twat. and this isn't some kind of anthropology research club, go read a fucking weeb-impact thesis.

No. 94743

I didn't think my comment might seem a taunt or similar, i'm sorry, i haven't used the best words

No. 94982

fuck off dawkins

No. 96544

seems like you gotta do this project on your own anon, not much help to be expected here

No. 104724

just to let you guys know this behaviour is nothing new at all. she used to contact me back when she was new on youtube (maybe this was 2010 or so?) and akira (or maybe it was some other japanese guy at that point) was her sugar daddy and buying her stuff.

She used the same fake interest in me to help her with her video editing or whatever. most of this was public and I started getting passive aggressive private messages from one of her sugar daddies trying to scare me off, haha.

The youtube messages got changed over to a new system at some point so I think the old ones got wiped.

No. 105012

Did a bit of research on abi's new boyfriend he seems to be in the same friend group as jnig

Abi has been trying to get jnig's attention for years, you think this is just abi making her way through people to try and become BFFs with Jessica?

No. 105066

Could be. Or she could actually genuinely like the guy?

From what I have heard, she does actually like him. Maybe, just maybe, she isn't using him like you all seem so desperate to believe

No. 105067

yes read the thread


No. 105167

Hey abislut

No. 105481

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to claim I am Abi just because I said something relatively in defense of her.

It's actually because I know someone who is friends with her. She told me that Abi actually really likes the guy. But whatever, think I'm Abi all you want if that makes you feel better. It's only the second person you have accused me of being on here.

Anyway… if Abi is just using the guy to get close to Nigri, it will become clear once she actually meets her. As far as I know they have so far never met.

No. 105510

No. 105528

I dont care if she actually likes him, i hope hes cheating on her with nigri, and he probably would if he had the chance, mmm that sweet karma

No. 105533

They met when Nigri last came to mcm. You can see her in the vlogs of Nigri hanging out in London before the con.

No. 105561

Okay well… shows how much attention to on I pay to her videos.
It's hard for me to watch her shit. The whole cutesy acting makes me cringe

No. 106732

The only reason she posts endlessly about her new boyfriend is because he has connections with people like Nigri, hosts gaming events and has tons of friends in the convention scene. If he didn't have any of this I doubt she'd show him off like a trophy, just like she did with her guy-next-door type ex boyfriend who was hidden away because he was too boring in her eyes.

No. 106745

pls link

No. 107186

I still feel so fucking bad for her Ex.

No. 107194

Same anon, same. I find it repulsive her friendship circle know of this and just choose to ignore it. Any decent friend would let her know how much of a cunt she was in all honesty but no. YouTube weebs gotta stick together.

No. 107338

File: 1458387039120.png (551.29 KB, 861x526, Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.2…)

No point in linking Nigri's video when this is the only time you see her.

But she's also in Lyocoro's one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xUYnsnyoC4

No. 107339

File: 1458387673684.png (886.36 KB, 591x593, tragicsquad.png)

Couldn't find a more annoying self absorbed 'squad'. Beckii Cruel still trying to be relevant in the Weeb scene as always.

No. 107360

Noodlerella isn't so bad. She is cute and her videos are alright.

No. 107362


Fair point and corrected, Noodlerella she's the only one I can tolerate out of this group. Her videos aren't cringey and she's got some decent talent. Plus she's really nice IRL. God knows how she became friends with this lot.

No. 107368

Kelsey is nice too when she's not complaining that cons (like MCM) aren't letting her in for free or covering her costs when she voluntarily signs up to perform there. Her ego is massive but as long as she's not talking her 'career' she's lovely.

No. 107375

Agree, I like Noodlerella the most out of of the group, at least she's funny in her videos and have some talent in impressions.

No. 107427

I laughed so much, much more than I hoped

No. 108834

am i the only one who just cringes at Noodlrella?
Might be just because she's friends with a girl called Riiri-chan. Probably snow material but i dont think many know of her.

No. 108871


I saw Noodlerella once briefly while tagging along with a friend who wanted to go to the Nintendo meet at MCM in 2014. She was Hyrule Warriors Zelda I believe and was really quiet. She just stood there awkwardly and didn't get involved with any of the group photo shoots or mingle, baring in mind there was about 50 or more cosplayers there.

Noodle only got talking when a lone fangirl of hers noticed her, asked her to sign something and then she shortly left. She gave off the impression that because the eyes weren't on her like they are in her usual MCM posse, she gave up trying to be the center of attention amongst everyone at the meet.

No. 108873

Just sounds kinda awkward to me, i'm kinda like that when i go to League of Legends meet ups alone. I just dont know who to talk to or where to go. I've never met her but her videos make me cringe so hard, and again that friendship with RiiRi-Chan(senpai) just makes me feel a bit weird of her.
She does seem like a genuine nice person though.

No. 108875


For someone who's a Youtube personality and meets fans who are essentially strangers all the time, I didn't expect her to act so strange, but it was nice she made the fangirl's day that afternoon. Having said that, RiiRi-Chan is a typical Twitch gamer gurl which doesn't help the cringe, and she's also friends with Kelly Jean.

Now they're all friends with the subject of this thread, Abi. How the fuck I do not know lol.

No. 109866

>>>/snow/109864 discussion is steering away from abi so put your uk wannabes rants here.

No. 110820

sorry for bringing this up but, the first commenter seems to be kelsey ? When did they become friends ?

This made me sad tbh.
Sage because irrelevance.

No. 110879

Have you been living under a rock? They've been bum buddies for fucking FOREVER.

No. 124811

File: 1461710963624.jpg (293.68 KB, 957x1277, IMG_20160426_184453.jpg)

Is it me… Or does Abi look annoyed here?…. And pretty cringey

No. 124818

She's the only one actually dressed appropriately for a premiere imo. Looks so strange without braces though.

No. 125002

Whoa, what's up with her nose? She looks like such a dude here

No. 125072

Wow, i've always thought that she was the ugliest in the group tbh but this pic is just so terrible…

No. 125538

Kelsey has a nice bod, dem legs hnnngg
But yeah abi you look like a man just fix yourself

No. 126633

File: 1462136415834.png (1.58 MB, 1280x1872, abi_troll_face.png)

I can only imagine she's making this face if any of her love-sick fans are expecting any reciprocation for their feelings. Especially this loser.

No. 157777

your all the biggest faggots ever its soooooo fucking sad lmao

No. 157779

Hello Abi and Friends.

No. 157801

Long dead thread suddenly revived. Abi must be feeling as though some one else has taken her spotlight and needs to make herself topical again

No. 157802

File: 1469112264781.png (978.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-21-15-40-34…)

Those wrinkley eyes.
Oba-chan Kawaii is the new trend!

No. 157810

Becky looks cute here

No. 157817

Omg this is the bitch that tried to use her press pass to get a go on a ddr machine at HJ when security said no one was to go on anything during the break. I was wondering who this girl was until I saw this thread.

"B-but we're press!"

No. 157824

if shes so insecure over her chin why wont she get chin shaving. its not that bad honestly and you recover pretty fast

No. 157826

Hush Tia

No. 157832

Haha are you fucking serious? That made me realise it's the only reason why she gets into cons for free, by milking what little efame she has to get guest passes. Like she's entitled to everything.

No. 157868

because she doesnt live in korea plus doesn't want to invest in it???

No. 157872

you don't have to live in Korea for plastic surgery you know. Fuck off Whiteknight.

No. 157917

I mean…. She's clearly super self conscious about it, she needs to stop spending her money on weeb shit and just get her damn jaw shaved. You do know that plastic surgeons exist outside of South Korea, right?

No. 158178

yeah, I don't think thorntons is bad pay for an unskilled job. she could pay up surgery easily or save for a few years. I dont her parents ask her for much.. and her beta Fans" and boyfriend will still buy her weeb shit for her.

she must have her reasons though so theres no point speculating

No. 221384

y'all, abi just put a picture of her ass on her snapchat story, this girl is getting more and more thirsty

No. 221385

File: 1482664242072.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-25-12-08-55…)

No. 221979


No. 226769

As if she needs padding lol she's chubby af

No. 226770

Apparently she's going to Japan with Kelsey again soon?

Poor Japanese people, they have to suffer those two weebs again.

No. 229319

File: 1483826039711.png (19.58 KB, 441x135, ohabi.PNG)

lookin for attention on youtube comment section, lol

No. 229321

File: 1483826100710.jpg (85.37 KB, 720x960, saiandkou.jpg)

here's the cosplay btw

No. 246044

Ugh this thread is just full of girls bitching about her big tits.. I came got some real drama not this crap!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 246073

LOL huge tits? Where?!

No. 250314

Not saying she had them just saying that all people ever seem to bitch about with her is her busy size :/

No. 261707

Used to be friends with her, she deleted me off Facebook because I wasn't playing along with her mind games.
She's a manipulative bitch who has her head so far up her ass she can see her own tonsils.
Avoid at all costs.

No. 261714

Mind games? Please explain or post caps

No. 261724

She was trying to get me to buy shit for her. Every time I told her I didn't have any money or whatever she would disappear for a few days then come up again asking for something else or to promote her or some shit, then immediately after before I even respond say "also how've you been doing?" trying to keep me pegged as a friend to her. She would literally beg me abd say she'd do anything for it if I said no. It took me way too long to realise what she was doing

No. 261735

Didn't this bitch go to Japan with Maxmoefoe two years ago?

No. 261736

yes she did

No. 313103

Isn't maxmoefoe live in Australia? How did she get to know him? I'm surprised max knows her.

No. 313184

Abi's manipulation tactics knows no borders

No. 313791

they were in the same kinda circle a few years back
I don't remember exactly how though

No. 341810

Is her current bf Shawn (from her latest vlogs) the same Shawn that bought her the $500 Kirino statue?

No. 342294

his name is Jake

No. 358346

I've personally met her, she seemed pretty chill though a bit cringy. I still would though :)

No. 358356

File: 1500826736336.jpg (62.67 KB, 474x362, 20170714_151212.jpg)

No. 359657

Why is Abi's meido name "keiki" Cake in Japanese is pronounced Keehki. It would've been much cuter if she just made her name "Cake". Why do these Uk weebs who can't speak Japanese use Japanese all the time?

No. 362470

Why would you think her boyfriend is Shawn?

No. 362478

That's how it's anglicised. You don't write sensei 'sensee' either.

No. 362533

Abi's oldest videos are golden.

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