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File: 1524740441145.jpeg (340.19 KB, 720x1280, cc.jpeg)

No. 566126

The confetti club are fans of the legendary milky Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks. The fans are almost as milky as the cow herself; the facebook group is full of speshul snowflakes, transtrenders, landwhales and munchies.

-The Party Kei facebook group was cowtipped and had an epic meltdown, which resulted in all of the groups closing.
-The confetti club advises members to not post to the board in order to try and stop the drama, but a few people do anyway and get doxxed.
-Skin walker Eliza plans a trip to stalk Jill, get a shitty tattoo just like Jill by the same artist. Gets called out for it and has a melt down. Leaves and rejoins group multiple times.
-Jill's bff Courtney creates a group just for party kei. Jill is made admin
-The confetti club facebook group is once again shut down due to lolcow
-Thread is full of Jill's retarded followers trying to get in on the action to seem ~edgy
-Bonnie, an autistic land whale, exposes the group to porn, and gets banned.
-Eliza organises a fundraiser to get Jill a Betsey Johnson purse for her bday. Is yet to be opened by Jill

Some recent milk:
-Several edgy rogue members have been posting here only to get doxxed. One member, Autumn, even went into hiding after claiming she didn't give a fuck that she was exposed. Her meltdown was epic.

-Lizzy (an old admin) changes name to newt so she can be a fake boi. She's morbidly obese, but still chooses to wear crops tops. Cries about being misgendered constantly.

-Sofia Mehlitz set up a go fuck me due to the fact her 'parents were kicking her out for being queer.' She's a nobinary snowflake. Her story was mostly lies, but people donated anyway and submitted her story to the Ellen show. Her parents found out about the go fuck me, forced her to take it down and are apparently actually kicking her out for real now.

-The confetti club then made a no go fuck me rule after Sofia was exposed.

-a UK Kawaii group was created, which is run by CJ. CJ is a retarded landhwale, who defends Melanie Martinez because she totes isn't a rapist because she doesn't have a penis. THese are her exact words. The group consists of only her posting.

-The very expensive gift that was sent to Jill for her bday by the confetti club is opened and Jill is obviously indifferent to it. It's clear she'll never use any of the items.

confetti club main page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/confetticlubgroup/

Party Kei group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1918591201805008/

Party Kei UK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1917292265199105/

Confetti club clinic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/confetticlinic/[

Uk Kawaii (super milky)

No. 566130

old thread: >>>/snow/566129
first thread: >>>/snow/503624

No. 566194

File: 1524747931162.jpg (532.63 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20180426-140420.jpg)

No. 566196

File: 1524747960811.jpg (32.51 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1524747853541.jpg)

>>566194 what a look

No. 566216


lmao. why is she acting like braiding your hair to make it curly is some obscure style trick only a few people do?

No. 566219

Looks like she attended Jill's School of Hair Care

No. 566227

She's so copying Jill's way of speaking

No. 566236

The best part of this all is that her social media links are the best thing that comes up when googling her name. I'm glad future employers will be able to see what a speshul snowflake she is

No. 566239

File: 1524753609302.jpg (292.58 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20180426-153711.jpg)

Why would you dye your hair when youre job searching? Unless she's going down the jill route of being a parasite

No. 566241


you can always rock a wig imo

No. 566281

she should definitely try jill's current pink/purple/green/blue hair, that's a stylish look that anyone and everyone can pull off

No. 566283

>Next Post: Guys I can't find a job, why are people so judgemental!? Is it because I'm autistic?

No. 566289

I fucking kek'd

No. 566306

Not whiteknighting, but some people actually don’t employ you if you’re autistic. At least that’s what’s happened to me a few times. I’ve been fired before because I’m autistic.

No. 566347

that's called illegal, anon, it probably wasn't because of that. being bad at your job because of autism doesn't mean you're getting fired because of it.

No. 566368

like illegal things never happen

No. 566383

File: 1524766381316.jpg (554.48 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20180426-191014.jpg)

Daily newt post

No. 566384

File: 1524766442955.jpg (95.08 KB, 1080x510, Screenshot_20180426-191137.jpg)

The comments on the post are gold. Another fake boi called herself a think

No. 566385

File: 1524766470703.jpg (57.03 KB, 960x720, FB_IMG_1524766251316.jpg)

But she looks like this (the one in the middle) fucking kek

No. 566386

>crop top

It's literally a shirt that she's too fat for

No. 566387

I don't understand how wearing pants that cut into you that much is comfortable.

No. 566388

File: 1524766643011.jpg (57.73 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1524766599959.jpg)

>>566385 such a twink fucking kek

No. 566391

File: 1524766728226.jpg (763.65 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180426-191557.jpg)

>>566385 also I found this on her profile and it's amusing how she only got one pledge even tho each pledge is supposed to act like a bday gift

No. 566407

No, I was doing working at a school and they phoned me up on the fourth day of being employed and said “we have to let you go because we have too many young children to cater for rather than a worker with special needs”.
I don’t know how else to interpret that.(blogposting)

No. 566409

you are being very autistic right now by not saging your offtopic whining, i'd fire you too

No. 566413

Sorry, dropped my sage. I promise I meant to sage,I’ll shut up now

No. 566416

Turns out I had been writing sage in the wrong box. Damn it
I’m so so sorry

No. 566424

and you’re being a jerk and causing infighting rather than maybe admitting that bad things can actually happen to autistic people in ways that are out of their control.

so stop so we can get back to the ridiculous cc(derailing)

No. 566440

File: 1524770810453.jpg (79.66 KB, 810x1440, FB_IMG_1524770753537.jpg)

This girl has more forehead wrinkles than Jill

No. 566442

she looks just enough like Jill - except for the verboten black - that I kinda think we've been graced with an image of Jill a decade from now.

No. 566449

well no shit, i was just telling anon it was illegal, but it turns out it was just that idiot who got fired from her teaching job and another job for crying during work on the work floor.

No. 566458

the sped helmet is a nice touch

No. 566469

This girl gets posted to cgl a lot. She is total mess and post pictures of her ‘fairy kei’ furry outfit.

No. 566470

Who was that? Not the same anon as you think..

No. 566482

File: 1524774235001.jpg (818.14 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20180426-212305.jpg)

No. 566483

File: 1524774291933.jpg (72.51 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1524774274427.jpg)

No. 566486

File: 1524774439616.jpg (62.37 KB, 931x941, FB_IMG_1524774374854.jpg)

No. 566487

File: 1524774454915.jpg (39.44 KB, 541x960, FB_IMG_1524774386582.jpg)

No. 566489

File: 1524774505418.jpg (757.92 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20180426-212645.jpg)

Here's all of her social media if you want to laugh more at her

No. 566648

File: 1524784307482.jpg (38.32 KB, 601x601, da da da da da da da da ita.jp…)

I have so many pastel/girly clothes and accessories from my highschool days. This thread really makes me want to put it all up on ebay and see if I can overcharge for everything by putting Confetti Club and Party Kei in the item titles. The only issue would be that the clothes are all size S

No. 566656

There's a kawaii sales groups fucking go for it kek a lot of these kids have too much money and too little sense

No. 566664

>the clothes are all size S

Hehe, that's cute. As if that'll stop them from trying to stuff themselves in the clothes. History shows these girls don't give a fuck about a proper fit.

No. 566666

>Facebook sales
Yuck. Guess I'll have to create a new profile to advertise my stuff.

No. 566753

They probably ban any clothes or post that even say "small" for being too triggering.

No. 566856

I know right. I saw a girl mention today that someones outfit was unflattering for someones body type and they called her out for being negative and fat shaming. The girl never even called the person fat. She just gave fashion advice.

No. 566861

i blame at least some of this spoiled, sheltered snowflake bullshit on (what I've heard about) schools now.

no one loses. everyone's coddled and has their hands held. there's no bloody challenging or pushing students lest their feelings be hurt, or they might suck at something. Feelings matter more than biology, reality and facts.

It's just so fucked up, and this generation coming up is going to be the most useless, ineffectual generation yet.

No. 566865

Now now grandma, calm down. Don't you have some kids to shout at for standing in your lawn?

No. 566872

IT has turned into some kind of echo chamber

No. 566892

Jill's internet fan club of autistic misfits does not mean there's a coddling problem in schools. If anything, education is becoming more competitive. Life in general is more competitive. And besides, it's not like high schools teach teenagers how to dress maturely.

That's why we get people like Jill & company, adults in the cruel world with no jobs or accomplishments, congregating around alternative fashions for friends, attention, and validation. It doesn't take a sociologist to see why they want their safe space.

No. 566909

if i had a yard, believe you me, i'd gladly be that old coot.

No. 566916

samefag - sorry.

have dress codes fallen by the wayside, or something?

my ageing ass got sent home way too many times for my skirt/dress being too short. looking too outlandish. wearing tops with words mocking christianty… that's what everyone and their grandma look like now, though.

it's been a long ass time since i was in school, so I guess this is a partial derail, and for the I apologize.

No. 566918

File: 1524804673533.jpg (825.5 KB, 1319x1202, Screenshot (211)_LI.jpg)

its like this group is a competition to see who can be the least employable

No. 566921

i almost like what she's doing with her eyes in this - the concept of pink and yellow lids and eyelashes and blue eyeliner could look good in a magazine or something. but with everything else, and wearing it as regular daytime makeup? hell no

No. 566925

on the plus side, work clothing guidelines etc. are getting more and more lenient depending on the place, so body mods aren't quite the hindrance they used to be.

them coupled with being super special and delicate, awful personalities and these towering senses of entitlement, however, will probably be a lifelong burden that most of them will never acknowledge or work on.

No. 566926

File: 1524805237857.jpg (61.1 KB, 576x768, DbJ8QNUW0AAcOdv.jpg)

Got my new look ready in time for summer! Looking cute as heck and feeling hot af cue a million obnoxious emjois (they/them) Jill pls notice

No. 566927

I mean, to be honest, that would be extremely easy to cover with light makeup, anon. Those stretched nostril piercings however…

No. 566941


Heading down the Skye Purdon path, I see.

No. 566960

And this thread isn't?

No. 567041

File: 1524830674791.jpg (40.44 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1524830632495.jpg)

I know this is styled after Romana but fuck it looks bad

No. 567044

Try selling on depop

Or what kind of brands are you selling? I might be interested

No. 567049

File: 1524831994159.jpg (352.71 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180427-132515.jpg)

No. 567050

What's wrong with her other than she's fat?

No. 567052

File: 1524832195716.jpg (404.29 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20180427-132828.jpg)

That edit

No. 567053

File: 1524832212801.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180427-132859.png)

No. 567054

>>567050 it's because all these normies tag their outfits as #jfashion #partykei whilst looking plain af. It's just amusing. Plus she's fat and ugly.

No. 567058

apparently, the fundraiser stopped. She probably spent those 365$ on lazy oaf lmao


No. 567062

Did you even read the thread description? Her parents found out and forced her to close it. They are apparently kicking her out for real as soon as she graduates form high school.

No. 567066

File: 1524833762735.jpg (346.89 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20180427-135423.jpg)

What is it with confetti club members and their inability to work? I bet this person had a Jill meltdown over hair or something just as trivial.

No. 567067

File: 1524833889385.jpg (260.88 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20180427-135719.jpg)

No. 567071


This shit pisses me off so much. "uwu it's okay to quit every job because they didn't treat you like the special snowflake you are!!"

Self care isn't just bath bombs and new clothes and naps. Sometimes self care is getting the fuck over yourself and going to a job even if you hate it and doing what you're supposed to do even though you don't want to because you're an ADULT and the world doesn't have to fucking coddle you all the time

No. 567072

File: 1524834430591.jpg (501.18 KB, 1079x1540, Screenshot_20180427-140633.jpg)

Imagine being so fragile that you can't even take advice on your outfit

No. 567073

Checked her out on ig and…she likes "daddy/little play stuff" accounts..Oh my.

No. 567075

>>567071 exactly! What kind of parents just let their children be parasites? They don't even get new jobs before quitting their current ones. What's going to happen when mummy and daddy no longer pay for everything?

No. 567077

File: 1524834828843.jpeg (206.06 KB, 750x846, 502B115B-A222-40B8-8CCE-11E789…)

No. 567079


No. 567083

her face looks like a toddler in 2015???

No. 567113

I wanted to be mad at this, but I think that unsolicited concrit is kinda shitty. If it's built into the group rules that concrit is allowed unless otherwise stated, then yeah, you can't bitch when you get some light concrit. But the CC has no such rules, and unless someone is asking for it, it comes across as a bit rude to presume that just because someone posted a picture of an outfit, that means they obviously want help "fixing" it. We can for sure laugh about them here, though.

No. 567211

File: 1524847923633.jpg (359.32 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20180427-175114.jpg)

I can't wait for her to find out about lolcow kek

No. 567218

Anon, those kinds of rules are the worst. I remember when lolita groups started doing that. Like fuck off, no one has any business being in any fashion if they have to make rules to not hurt peoples fee-fees.

No. 567221

I agree. When you post a selfie, you do it to share how you look, not for advice. And on some level all these girls know they look awful, but sacrifice looking good to look unique. So it's not like the advice would ever be used.

But I do understand the people who want to offer advice because it's so god damn bad.

I think she looks fine. No ugly cum lipstick, t-shirt with leggings, and pastel shoes and some "kawaii" bracelets that don't make her look mentally deranged. I'd take basic bitch over the outfit horrors in this thread any day. Only big problem is being that fat with a choker and of course the dumbass pixeelocks merchandise.

No. 567222

>unsolicited concrit is kinda shitty.

get the fuck out, getting triggered by people trying to tell you that you look like fucking shit is pathetic. fashion groups aren't your friends. i don't care if it's in the rules, i just think you personally are probably too thin-skinned for this site, go back to fucking C.C

No. 567226

there's a difference between posting a selfie and going 'here's me look at my #fairy kei outfit that is so kawaii and good!' lack of concrit and the types of fragile people like in CC are why jfashion in the US is such a clusterfuck of shit.

No. 567232

Sssssh. Not that anon, but calm down. Anon was just saying that CC is that kind of group. It's a fashion group to be your friend. It contains really fat, insecure girls who dress ugly to get attention. CC is like the Special Olympics of fashion.

Jfashion in the US is a clusterfuck because people who usually dress in it are greasy weeboos who can't master Western fashion or local fashion even.

I mean is CC an actual fashion group? I think it's pretty clear there's nothing constructive or creative about it. There's no care, there's no understanding of coordinates, structured outfits or design theory.

No. 567244

File: 1524850208443.jpg (502.33 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20180427-182921.jpg)

Newt has decided to colour her eyebrows and jfc

No. 567277


you're aware that you're just talking about people wearing clothes, right?

No. 567291

File: 1524853376882.jpg (10.09 KB, 275x183, 1428666906798.jpg)

She looks like the candid version of fetus-chan
And it's not a compliment

No. 567405

Didn't think the confetti cunts could get more coddled. True friends wouldn't let you walk outside like a deranged rainby toddler. All this support shit makes me wanna vomit

No. 567416

Sofia deleted her tweets about her parents finding our about her go fuck me kek someone has been cowtipped

No. 567632

File: 1524879821134.png (493.14 KB, 506x658, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 8.37…)

No. 567645

File: 1524880963614.jpeg (533.26 KB, 1242x1773, 72A8031C-DFED-45A0-9A93-99D685…)


No. 567647

confetti cucks get out.

No. 567648

File: 1524881115903.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1846, 00CDC469-20E1-44D4-AA2D-E240AF…)

not surprised these people are into ddlg

No. 567651

these people treat the group like their friends, ugh.

No. 567659

Bathroom pose

No. 567716

at least it matches?

No. 567719

So this is Lizzy? I actually didn't know that until now. wtf happened, she was kinda cute beforehand and now she has a name that sounds like it's not even for a real person.

No. 567723

>you're being a jerk
This is why the CC shouldn't be posting here: Actually autistic.

No. 567728

I hate this shit with fashion sub cultures now. Everything is a twist on the fashion (i.e. Goth mixed with pastel) that they literally pull a "muh style" when it looks like shit.
"This is my unique style, it's one fashion mixed with another uwu"

No. 567729

I was gonna say, I knew I had seen this same look before. Literally none of these girls have an original bone in their body, down to their fucking life-altering face tattoos lmao.

No. 567731

If this was on an asian lady, no one would bat a fucking eye.
I kind of wish it WAS on an asian lady.

No. 567737

>"So many of us struggle to express and share ourselves openly, and have been negatively targeted because of it."
I get that some groups have no-concrit rules. but I just don't understand how anyone who wears some sort of alternative fashion can still be such a baby about it.
When you dress differently you /know/ you're going to get shit for it sometimes, you have to accept it. It can be scary and uncomfortable but if you aren't ready to face it, just wear a shirt and jeans and blend in. You don't HAVE to wear your weird clothes if you can't stand the thought of getting some weird looks or comments. You have to have thick skin if you want to stand out that badly.

No. 567745

saged for possibly OT but an old coworker of mine wore alternative fashion down to red hair and flame dots for eyebrows but when she came to work, she had on a black wig and drew on normal eyebrows. It's not that hard to do, honestly. You shouldn't feel the need to "express yourself" at your job, as shitty as that sounds, because it's a distraction to yourself and a distraction to others.

No. 567747

Anon I'm begging you, please post the fairy kei furry outfit if you're able to find it

No. 567754

really depends on the workplace, though. some people are lucky enough to be employed somewheres that they can dress (more or less) as they normally would.

that being said, people who take advantage of said leniency and refuse to tone down at all and be respectful tend to ruin it for everyone else.

thinking you should be allowed to show up at any and all jobs looking like an '00s candy raver/8 year old girl, and throw a bloody tantrum because you were asked to tone it down? completely out of line. the CC really have no idea how the world actually works.

No. 567767

I swear, these full grown adults still want to work at Hot Topic and Claire's.

No. 567795

File: 1524895504245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.59 KB, 958x960, supa supa kawaii.jpg)

No. 567812

thank you god bless

No. 567816

Just when you think you'd seen everything.

No. 567855

Third person wasn’t me, but ok

No. 567867

The girl who I believe triggered this post said something about how she thought the shorts didnt fit the outfit. She then complemented the hair. And everyone started calling her fat shaming and started saying how her opinion hurts there feels and is unsafe. The girl apologised and they still went in on here. Before I could get SS the comments were deleted.

No. 567891

still autistic as fuck though.

No. 567912

File: 1524916511802.jpg (654.94 KB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_20180428-125436.jpg)

No. 567913

File: 1524916540610.jpg (40.73 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1524916467733.jpg)

Metallic fupa

No. 567915

Aside from being fat, that outfit isn't actually that bad. It's just unflattering for her shape.

No. 567916

File: 1524916903923.jpg (713.62 KB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20180428-130127.jpg)

No. 567917

File: 1524916950397.jpg (67.27 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1524916871950.jpg)

>>567916 that's a man surely

No. 567918

File: 1524916964943.jpg (86.54 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1524916862631.jpg)

No. 567930

You have got to be fucking kidding me. I applaud whoever attempted to give fashion advice to these deranged idiots jfc

No. 567933

Really shitty attempt at Hatsune Miku lmao

No. 567942

>>567917 can we discuss her hand tattoos holy shit

No. 567946

Definitely a tattoo done in the 90s,
as this man is at least 36 years old.

No. 567965

File: 1524920649941.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1689, 20180428_140354.png)

No. 567966

No. 567990

>Buck Wildstar
Yeah. Seems legit.

No. 568018

I haven't seen her post since it got deleted though. I hope they didn't kick her. She has been giving hair advice and all. And she seems sincere. That's the first thing.

No. 568127

This is what I imagine Brittany would look like if he transitioned. Btw how is our good ole Brittany? Did the confetticucks ever get him kicked out?

No. 568154

>>568127 he's still in the group but is posting less

No. 568252

I know, at least it’s in my medical records not just online..
I’m autistic and I’ll own it Thankyou very much.

No. 568254

File: 1524946462932.jpg (527.21 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20180428-211319.jpg)

As if she needs more junk

No. 568276

File: 1524948227494.jpg (619.29 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20180428-214258.jpg)

Found in #partykei what is that hair

No. 568290

It’s cutie honey on steroids

No. 568349

How does she think the cc cares about handmade things let alone actually spend the time to learn how to make anything themselves? One of them wanted to sell her horrible five minute drawings, the rest complain about needing money because they're gay and disabled while wearing copy cat lazy oaf outfits. That being said I can't wait to see what kind of shit box they send if they do it.

No. 568384

Pretty sure this is the same girl that bought a doremi doll just to brag and tag Jill. Of course Jill ignored her ass lmao, though I wouldn't be surprise if that's because she's genuinely annoyed some cc members have merch/toys she doesn't own.

No. 568486

File: 1524959747334.png (353.04 KB, 962x528, Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 4.53…)

No. 568489

Dude wtf

No. 568509

just stop

No. 568510

Don't respond. They want responses. Wait for a mod to ban them and continue on with CC discussion until then.

No. 568519

>invisible but awful but totally invisible disease. Also disabled

How do people live like this?

No. 568526

I like how she had to throw in "technically disabled" because she knows no one would believe that she has an actual disability in any way.

No. 568529

Someone ban the confetti cunt furry. Don't need freak losers clogging the thread

No. 568551

People like this are the reason why groups with minors need rules. But CC is all about including everyone even if they might be a pedo or sick freaks

No. 568587

The group is about accepting everyone unless they're a conservative or think differently than you.

No. 568588

If only an admin patrolled the post as much as the confetti cunts, we wouldn't be seeing this shit.

No. 568589

report and ignore. all they wants attention and the thread derailed.

No. 568632

It’s better than the constant infighting on the main Jill thread. At least this was just trolling… I hope lol.

I agree with y’all, especially because of the time some of those confetti members admitted here that they weren’t comfortable with Brittany being in the group but didn’t want to speak up in fear of being branded transphobic. Y’all know you are allowed to voice if you’re uncomfortable, right? Just don’t do it publicly because then it turns into a witch hunt. But a few of y’all could get together and message the mods with a united front.

Honestly if it were me in that group I wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone over 30 (male or female) being in that group with minors in it. It’s creepy. But I know how to cohesively dress so I wouldn’t be in that group to begin with lmao.

No. 568669

It sounds like you literally have to gossip your way to getting someone removed, which is genuinely worse than just publicly outing them or reporting your discomfort to an admin.

What a bunch of actually petty fucks.

I know someone who actually reported something being uncomfortable in the last group and got blocked because of it (getting specific would out them) but the logic behind it all was kinda sad and scary. The group is running on some weird playground where everyone who could be a predator is invited because they know how to shop at Claire's and know that you can't shame them as their trans/other-kin/nonbinary bullshit has to be valid.

No. 568774

Troll is probablly in the CC

No. 568887

why the fuck can't farmhands or admin delete all the spam posts, ugh.

I'm assuming it was the green haired tranny

No. 569050

Looking at this thread is there anyone with decent fashion in this group? They seem to clash their silhouettes and colours.

No. 569071

Short answer: no
Long answer: Hell no

No. 569077

okay, absolutely none of that is true about sofia. it's really rude to say that stuff especially when they are in a tough situation and being kicke dout for real.

No. 569085

You’re joking right

No. 569086

File: 1525007073723.png (809.69 KB, 923x649, Sofiaytitabag.png)

Go back to the CC. Sofia is just a special snowflake using trendy gender shit to get sympathy from people in that community because she doesn't want to grow up.
She even said it herself that it was clear her parents didn't want her living there after age 18, that's fucking normal.
You can't cry child abuse when you're a legal adult.
Not to mention that she set herself up to be kicked out. She told the internet that her parents were abusive for not accepting her even though that isn't abuse and that actually got her kicked out.

Grow up, you can't coast through life on a Go Fund Me, she needs to go find a job.

No. 569089

You’re as bad as any confetticuck. No one gives a shit about your irl autism.

No. 569091

Oh for fucks sake grow a fucking brain. What do you gain from defending another delusional spoiled brat in the cc club? If she's being kicked out for real, I say it serves her right. What kinda shit kid bitches about her parents financially funding her lifestyle and creates problems just for the hell of it.

No. 569096

Can we take a moment?
I just found her Youtube channel and she's a skin walker also. Jill did this exact dance, also.

Not to mention she made a video 2 weeks ago and it doesn't look like she's having a hard time buying accessories or LIVING.

No. 569101

File: 1525008301766.png (625.9 KB, 753x1010, Screenshot (213).png)

No. 569102

File: 1525008354689.png (1.27 MB, 1235x1255, Screenshot (214).png)

No. 569103

File: 1525008514516.jpg (108.96 KB, 690x960, ven-3604-3-zoom.jpg)

I'm wondering if she wore this also.

No. 569117

You’re as bad as anyone else here, grow a cock and suck it.

No. 569124

Damn you’re insecure.

No. 569127

I'm convinced that the CC keep starting the infighting here. You don't belong here, fuck off.

No. 569132

Lmao I’ve been here for years. Autism should get out.

No. 569150

You’re damn right I’m insecure, but I need drama in my life so fuck it

No. 569152

I wish Chris Chan would join the confetti club already.

No. 569156

Why do people even use autism as a joke anyway? I don’t really find it funny, just not my kind of humour. Like I don’t find it distasteful of offensive, I just don’t get kicks out of making fun of autism.(no1curr)

No. 569157

Sofia is like, definitely SO abused that she's totally not allowed to have a really cushy, cute birthday ~slumbie party~ uwu!! Trust me, Sofia's definitely in dangerous care, you guys!

No. 569170

File: 1525017930980.gif (641.1 KB, 380x213, tumblr_noiuso5mHU1uo1fdoo1_400…)

>I'm a living lesbian flag
What has this world come to?

No. 569184

This genuinely makes me fucking ill. Maybe I'm over-reacting but… She has fucking everything. She's a spoiled brat in the worst way. What a disgusting, dramatic person. I genuinely hope she goes homeless and sees a life where her parents don't buy her the world because her parents have been WAY too kind.

No. 569186

But you won't without Daddy's card.

No. 569188

I am also waiting for this anon

No. 569206

All I see is rectum lips. That and the wig is so damn thin and so far pulled back you can see the wig cap through it.

No. 569210

there's like, two people but they never post. I'm not sure if they're even in the group anymore because its just embarrassing.

No. 569231

well, at least this #bioqueen copied kimchi's look instead of trixie like they all do.

No. 569247

>Y’all know you are allowed to voice if you’re uncomfortable, right

anytime anyone voices anything against anyone who may be trans, despite the reason, these tumblr types get all defensive and assume it's cause they're trans. you could even go into it saying 'i don't like brittany cause she's older' and they'll still accuse you of being transphobic.

No. 569282

File: 1525029882791.jpg (461.75 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20180429-202354.jpg)

No. 569283

File: 1525029905920.jpg (166.58 KB, 1080x1608, FB_IMG_1525029826781.jpg)

No. 569286

File: 1525030053075.jpg (573.42 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20180429-202639.jpg)

No. 569287

File: 1525030106676.jpg (110.21 KB, 1080x462, Screenshot_20180429-202705.jpg)

>>569286 when lgbt doesn't make you feel special enough kek gotta be the most marginalised special snowflake

No. 569289

This has to be a troll.

No. 569291

Yeah okay, a seventh grader totally has the mental capacity and self-awareness to know if they're asexual. God damn.

No. 569293

and somehow they do have the mental capacity to decide they're trans and start taking life altering drugs…

ain't life grand.

the confetti club is like, a condensed version of the world's current insanity.

No. 569294

GSRM was coined by a pedophile who invented the term to specifically include pedophiles, zoophiles, and kinksters. Gross.

No. 569320

Somehow if that person knew it they would still probably be ok with it because ‘inclusive to all’

No. 569326

I swear they know this shit and are trolling. %100.

No. 569333

What a heartening thought. But I think you're giving them way too much credit.

No. 569336

Gross. Honestly I don't trust anybody who doesn't call it LGBT. If you say MOGAI or GSRM I'm going to assume you're a 14 year old who got told this was more inclusive by a 30 year old straight cis person who wanted to be included to feel special.

No. 569342

Absolutely nothing she wears or owns is jfashion. You have the style sense of a fucking 5 year old child, how do you look in the mirror and think cute

No. 569351

File: 1525036292289.jpg (139.84 KB, 1686x1686, FB_IMG_1525035882335.jpg)

That haircut

No. 569355

File: 1525036415658.jpg (614.88 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20180429-221305.jpg)

No. 569356

File: 1525036428610.jpg (27.53 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525036375930.jpg)

No. 569357

File: 1525036440929.jpg (474.63 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180429-221241.jpg)

No. 569359

File: 1525036571109.jpg (30.77 KB, 484x860, FB_IMG_1525036481963.jpg)

Why do so many confetti club members use walking sticks? It surely can't just be because of weight? Do they think it's cool to use one so they can be ~chronically disabled?

No. 569362

File: 1525036969653.jpg (183.32 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20180429-222157.jpg)

I think Sofia left the confetti club?

No. 569363

File: 1525037034469.jpg (452.66 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20180429-222319.jpg)

She's made her Twitter private fucking kek

No. 569365

Pretty much. That and wheelchairs are everyday munchie accessories.

No. 569366

File: 1525037199146.jpg (28.22 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20180429-222539.jpg)

Shes left the party kei group too

No. 569369

File: 1525037807087.jpg (496.19 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180429-223509.jpg)

Sofia lives in the town Jill is moving to? Do you think she started the go fuck me to get Jill's attention? I mean she did donate 50 bucks. Is Sofia really the new Eliza who's going to try and hang with Jill irl??

No. 569370

File: 1525037831055.png (74 KB, 1177x259, sofiatheythem.png)

Speaking of Sofia, she just uploaded, but I also noticed this when finding her channel.

No. 569373

Her Insta is still public (which is sofiamehlitz)

No. 569375

we already knew she hadn't been thrown out, but here's solid proof

No. 569377

>>569373 forgive me, it's sofia.mehlitz

No. 569379

Gender is fleeting, Anon, she changed genders in the minute it took her to type it out. Stop trying to oppress them, Anon

/sarcasm just in case anyone reads this seriously

No. 569382

I love
>DM for inquiries
Like anyone is making business enquiries (as implied) to someone with 322 followers

No. 569385

>>569382 also why are your pronouns in your business bio ffs you're a 'photographer' why does that have to do with your special snowflake status

No. 569388

The weird thing about party kei is nobody knows what it is, so ten years from now when they bring out the "embarrassing fashion from the past" photos nobody will have any idea why they are dressed like this

This girl is really pretty aside from the haircut/fashion

No. 569392

This makes me sad bc I own that dress.

No. 569399

asexuality is not a sexuality, also 9 year olds don't have sexualities (on account of it being illegal for them to have sex, duh). Kids should be banned from the internet until they're 16

Fitting she chose a pedo's term and is talking about children's sexualities.

These people are a mess

No. 569402

The dress is fine, it's the accessories and the person in them that's a little strange

No. 569415

People in 7th grade are 12 or 13 and can definitely know if they're queer or not.

No. 569427

You can know, but you shouldn't/can't have a sexuality per se as you are not supposed to be having sex

Which makes an asexual sexuality more funny because a not having sex sexuality e.g. asexual is completely normal for that age.

The biggest issue is choosing a sexuality when you are a child, and -if at all, a child is attracted to children aka their age group, or nobody because they haven't hit puberty yet….
That is COMPLETELY different to fucking a 200lb man, issues of pregnancy, working, childcare, and everything else that comes into play in adulthood. A child cannot determine their sexuality as they lack the required information and insight, aside from the legal aspects of child sex

Sage for sperging

No. 569451

File: 1525043354185.png (1.6 MB, 1718x1218, Sofiamakeupcost.png)

For anyone wondering the cost of being a minority.

No. 569483

Someone break down the cost of her outfits, I'm so curious.

No. 569488

File: 1525044523982.png (47.99 KB, 1172x666, 0 comments.png)

No. 569519

File: 1525045572119.jpg (368.76 KB, 1165x654, sofialol.jpg)

>>569483 I made this very quickly but

No. 569520

And she has nothing better to do than to scam people.

No. 569527

>>569513 we're simply posting the truth. You made up lies about being abused and living in an unsafe house which was kicking you out. You did this for attention and to scam people. You're the one posting shit fucking kek

No. 569535

File: 1525045991366.jpg (214.83 KB, 1237x320, sofialol2.jpg)

she's Canadian too which means hella import on her lazy oaf junk.

No. 569539

I'm gonna say it:
I think Sofia is officially worse than Jillian or Bonnie or NEWT.

No. 569541

nahhh the others are worse for sure

No. 569542

she's made her sofia.mehlitz account private kek

No. 569544

she probably knows we are here kek. maybe we should stop

No. 569552

Saged for slightly OT but I loath people who beg for money online. I run a business online and people irl automatically assume it's scammy shit like what Sofia does. It's sickening. And she probably won't ever apologize or own up to it.

Shit, I just watched one of her videos where she flat out said her family chooses not to talk about her sexuality so there's no conflict, so Sofia clearly made her own conflict and then cried about it online.

No. 569555

File: 1525046888310.jpg (1.3 MB, 1165x2716, sofiameme.jpg)

This is nowhere near as good as the thread pic but Sofia Mehlitz is the new Joanne the Scammer kek

No. 569566

File: 1525047369596.jpg (437.75 KB, 792x1404, sofiayt.jpg)

In her sewing room video she states that her parents redid her entire sewing room (note she has a sewing room so fucking deprived and abused) and they purchased her a ton of gifts.

No. 569568

No. 569571

File: 1525047554418.jpg (218.97 KB, 847x475, sewingroom.jpg)

>>569568 although the caps make it seem like it's just a part of her room. It's actually the basement. |Her parents must hate her so much to give her an extra room for herself, no wonder she is so desperate for a fresh start. I can't imagine the horror that is Sofia Mehlitz's life.

No. 569576

20 dollars for a makeup sponge? Wtf?

No. 569581

>tfw you're a eurofag and Jill+this one using a basement as a normal room seems crazy to you

Is using a basement for anything beyond storage a common/well-regarded thing? Or is it considered a little weird?

No. 569583

People convert them into rooms often

No. 569586

Depends on your kind of basement here but I know plenty of people who live in the basement.
Americans also turn them into game rooms and lounge/bar rooms here

No. 569670

It all depends whether your basement is "finished" or not. A finished basement has carpeting, proper walls, separate rooms etc, so you can have bedrooms, lounging space, whatever you want there. It also apparently depends on the type of ground that you build your house on. But an "unfinished" basement is basically a cellar that you use for storage or you just put your laundry washer and dryer in. It really depends on your type of house and how rich you are tbh. To answer your question tho: both are normal, neither are weird.

No. 569671

File: 1525053431479.jpeg (132.34 KB, 640x1011, CF27B36F-9B3A-4165-805C-BF7E4B…)

I spent a long time analyzing Sofia’s mom’s Facebook before making the thread picture. I found NO evidence that her or her family is financially struggling, nor any evidence that her family is “kicking her out for being openly queer and having mental health issues”. I found the exact opposite.
>As other anons have pointed out, she has her own sewing room at her parents house.
>Her mom let her have a sleepover and limo ride for her birthday.
>Her mom travelled to Italy with Sofia’s sister recently, and a lot of her mom’s vacation posts say things along the lines of “We love you sofia! Wish you were here! Miss you!”
>Her mom drives Sofia to and from work when she can. She even congratulated her on getting a job.
>Her mom bought Sofia tickets to see a drag queen. Surely someone who is allegedly violently “queerphobic” wouldn’t do that?
>Her family funds Sofia’s side hobbies/other things, such as therapy, dance classes (pic related), soccer, etc.
These are just a couple things I’ve seen JUST from her mom’s Facebook that really highlights how loving and supportive her family is. People who have experienced real trauma from abusive families who have ACTUALLY been kicked out and hurt deserve the Go Fund Me money. I actually feel bad for her mom, her own daughter tried to slander her to make a quick buck on the Internet. I hope Sofia reads this thread and realizes how lucky and ungrateful she is.

No. 569676

Are you really implying that people who dress in alt fashion in Japan don't insult the fuck out of each other too?

No. 569811

Killed me

No. 569855

File: 1525071676112.png (783.8 KB, 1221x690, transtrenders.png)

I saw these recently and immediately thought of the confetti cult members, particularly newt. If it doesn't hit the nail right on the fucking head…

No. 569953

That's beautiful

Thanks Anons. Basements are converted into flats sometimes in the city, but stand-alone houses have no basement so it's hard to picture. I lived in a basement flat before and the issues are: damp, damage from floors above, shitty view (just a stairway rather than the street). I will try and readjust my views thusly

No. 570006

No, I said Asian. As in still in America but Asian.

No. 570008

That kinda shows you how spoiled she is.
The only thing she said was "Problematic" about her family was that they deleted a post of hers that sounded like she was trying to start a fight over her sexuality and that her parents think people shouldn't announce their sexuality to everyone.

She felt the need to come out ONLINE, which kinda makes me feel like she just wants to be minority, even saying that she joined the LGBT club/safe space at her school and later was Asexual. It almost feels like she "turned queer" to fit in and considering how often teens now say being straight and cis is gross, I'm betting that's the case.

No. 570041

File: 1525094902125.jpg (83.56 KB, 768x960, 31488120_985039234997965_37773…)

No. 570048

I guess it's safe to say she's never kissed anyone.

No. 570051

I legit thought her hair was a butthole.

No. 570059

If its an actual beauty blender those things can be expensive. You can get knockoff ones for pretty cheep though.

No. 570072

also most of that stuff on th is over a year old. you can't go off of that kek

No. 570080

You definitely can even looking at her birthday video from like, 2 months ago. Giant room, giant TV, Mac book, lots of shit pointing to an above middle class lifestyle.

No. 570104

I'm not defending Sofia, she's obviously not a good person. But it looks like her parents just don't care about her and trying to pay off.
Buyings things and gentle words on social media don't exclude emotional and physical abuse. Parents can insult and beat their children on regular way and then buy a new thing to apologise. Material things aren't everything what children need. They need support, respect and love.

No. 570108

>>570104 you're not wrong anon, but if sofia was actually experiencing abuse she would have milked in on the go fund me. All she said about them was that they were transphobic ect, rather than actual abuse. Plus if she was really that scared of them, she wouldn't have made the go fuck me so public using her full legal name ect. A person who was actually being abused would have covered their tracks in order to protect themselves. She's just a whiny brat that is upset that her parents don't accept her made up gender.

No. 570116

okay most people who experience physical or verbal abuse don't boast about it online. I doubt Sofia would either. probs why she said they were transphobic instead

No. 570117

File: 1525101379459.png (165.01 KB, 750x967, 1524109646923.png)

She definitely has said her parents are supportive of everything she does aside from the sexuality thing. She's said in her videos she has good parents. It's very unlikely she's being beat or berated, especially by what she posts and how it's worded. If anything, it's like this:
>sofia wants to go out when it's late or go to a dangerous place and per parents say no.
>Sofia says she wishes she could runaway at age 18
>Sofia states in the Go Fund Me "At age 18, they have clearly expressed that I must leave my home and they will no longer be supporting me"
>Sofia states in a video about her sexuality that her parents don't talk about her sexuality because it's clearly an issue to them, which is not abuse.

What this all adds up to is this: Her parents have said to her
"You're 18, we do not support you openly expressing your sexuality to the world, please act a little more conservative or find a new place to live now that you are a legal adult"
Which is very normal "my house, my rules" parenting.

She, being spoiled by her parents her whole life, padded the story with over exaggerations so that strangers online would sympathize and donate money to her when all she needs is a job and possibly a roommate.

No. 570122

>>570116 sofia is an attention whore so she deffo would boast about it in order to take her scam further

No. 570140


B-but how exactly do you express being an asexual queen non binary person to the point that it's blatantly obvious and offensive to your parents, I mean I get how being a naturist at home could be contentious or being overtly sexual with a partner in front of your parents would be a problem but this I just don't understand??

No. 570195

I think she's in a relationship

No. 570200

sorry about your yellow fever, anon but not everyone thinks that asians are free of criticism. the girl looks like a clown stripper. an asian girl would also look like a clown stripper. dressing like the token bait in king of the nerds is not a good look for anyone.

No. 570202

Not that anon but this girl screams spoiled white middle class girl gets told NO for the first time to me. Jill would probably scream abuse too if her mom told her to get a job if she wants a townhouse.

No. 570233

That's literally not what I'm saying you moron.

No. 570234

Actually I'm pretty sure her mom told her to get a job and she got two part time jobs. Jill isn't THIS whiny.

No. 570238

i read what you said, you think no one would car if the girl was an asian girl, but people would, get over it. the girl in the pic is actually cute but her outfit is fucking atrocious.

No. 570243

she does have a job. I'm sure other cc ppl are way more whiney

No. 570244

she does have a job. I'm sure other cc ppl are way more whiney

No. 570249

So being asexual she’s not having sex with this partner and her parents have such a problem with this that they’re kicking her out…? Sounds legit.

No. 570256

uh do u even know the definition of asexuality kek(derailing)

No. 570260

The definition of asexuality is: straight person wants to feel special so they pretend to have a nonexistent sexuality for lgbt points. Not wanting to have sex is fine but it's not a sexuality kek(derailing)

No. 570262

Just to get this out of the way…

Asexuality: the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity. It may be considered the lack of a sexual orientation, or one of the variations thereof, alongside heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality.

queer: Originally pejorative for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as a self-affirming umbrella term.

Nonbinary: not relating to, composed of, or involving just two things.
i.e. not identifying as either gender.(derailing)

No. 570264

No point in doing this. It's going to fall on deaf ears. People here are extremely queerphobic and transphobic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 570266

The loudest trans people aren't even trans so I get not liking them.

No. 570267

>>570264 we're against fake bois, transtrenders and special snowflakes. There's a difference.

No. 570301

Exactly this. I support trans and nonbinay people that do have real disphoria and just want to fit in and feel better in their bodies. Fakebois and fakegurls can go fuck off, they fake it to look the most special and outrageous, then yell 'transphobic'! at anything.

I'm so fucking tired of people who are straight calling themselves asexual for pity points. Being gay was something shameful while growing up for many people because we weren't fucking accepted. Now everyone wants to be LGBT to be hip and cool. I do believe asexuals exist but in most cases it's just people pretending. Same with the whole "bisexuality is a spectrum" bullshit. Yes you can like men more than women and whatever. But if you only like women for something so superficial as boobs and not actually want to date them, boohoo, you're fucking straight.

No. 570433

This is what is so terribly disgusting about these girls. Real abuse victims suffer and have to work so hard to escape their situations. But mommy and daddy won't let baby doand say whatever she wants on the internet for her own protection and they cry abuse. Its revolting.

A bit ban happy, isnt it? Where was this with the boring ass sex worker talks and the richfag/poorfag infighting…

No. 570519

Nose gauge? Gross. This looks so bad

No. 570532

She is not being abused nor are her parents homophobic her mom just got her tickets to a drag queen show. The drag queen is openly gay as well.

No. 571078

File: 1525196245175.png (302.86 KB, 369x563, Capture.PNG)

No. 571079

File: 1525196269250.png (128.53 KB, 479x374, Untitled.png)

No. 571091

This made me kek so hard, but at the same time I feel mean for doing so

No. 571174

File: 1525203835179.png (923.72 KB, 594x597, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 2.42…)

No. 571194

Is it wrong that I really want that skirt?

No. 571201


it's not wrong if you're a 5 year old girl

No. 571211

I would consider this J-fashion

No. 571212

It's outdated j-fashion but…

No. 571216

No. 571222

It's not that bad.
Why are there so many people who don't post any milk, just random pics?

No. 571225

File: 1525206861671.jpg (576.39 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_20180501-213344.jpg)

How is this #partykei

No. 571268

Gross. Why do people take photos like this and put them on the internet?

No. 571277

what could be more kawaii party kei than trailer trash summer chic, a spare tire and a fucking colostomy bag?

So cuteeee!!

No. 571280

Looks like they tagged it wrong. Should be #slob clothes nothing “party kei” about this. Just some sweaty pyjamas and a pouch

No. 571316

Self posts mostly, I'm sure. I've noticed it too.

No. 571320

File: 1525213492209.jpg (235.75 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20180501-232413.jpg)

I bet their next post is a go fuck me

No. 571330

I actually thought that backpack or whatever was fat hanging out.

No. 571334

i think its a waste bag for some kind of illness. but i might be wrong. if it is its kinda gross

No. 571345

pretty sure it's a colostomy bag. one of my neighbours walks around with hers hanging out every goddamn day.

No. 571397

if they put had cute hair I would like this

No. 571398

shit forgot to sage sorry

No. 571454

Why do none of these people have jobs? How do they function?

No. 571462

I guess I'm not quite sure what makes you think she doesn't have a job. You can't afford an apartment with one income in most places in the US.

No. 571484

I don't understand why she'd consider strangers on an online community just because they dress similarly. Wouldn't it be better to get someone you know in real life and have seen their living habits and shit?

No. 571763

This is now unlisted. Sofia either lurks or is ashamed of her dance.

No. 571770

We already know she lurks. She has posted about us. Aswell as making all of her social media private.

No. 571812

File: 1525268723700.jpg (511.81 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20180502-144427.jpg)

Please can some save and repost this video I'm too retarded to know how do that but omg this is milky af

No. 571814

File: 1525268739486.jpg (532.3 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20180502-144348.jpg)

No. 571815

File: 1525268755404.jpg (538.46 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20180502-144417.jpg)

No. 571819

What part of this is art? Even if she drew the peach, hearts and record button, they look so generic that they could be facebook stickers and an Emoji.
I read this bottom to top and was on board until I saw the picture of her with a hoola hoop.

That's not art, that sperging.

No. 571821

Saged for kinda OT
It's pretty normal to look for roommates online. When Bronies were a thing and guys were getting kicked out for being fags, they'd all room together.

I would assume living with a CC member would be really stressful cause they're all dirty and lazy.

No. 571845

lol i'm sure jennifer or britney or whatever that pedo's name is would love to move in with any of these girls!

No. 571913

File: 1525282760152.jpg (422.75 KB, 1942x1951, FB_IMG_1525282715112.jpg)

Newt is now not going only by make pronouns kek

No. 571943

Well at least her tits aren't hanging out today.

No. 571954

What a colorful girl.

No. 571964

Emoji/social media styled images and some generic "twerk song" when you're hooping isn't artistic. You can do "self expression" art all you want, that and your interests aren't important to anyone but yourself. I'm sick of this snowflake art from people like the cc who don't work hard to be actual artists and would rather cry on social media about not being like everyone else despite not showing anything creative or original. Too busy needing to be "validated" every time someone doesn't like something you do.

No. 571973

this outfit is basic af and kind of 2010-ish, but I think it WOULD be okay… if this girl washed her hair. her face and hair make the whole picture look greasy.

how does she consider this j-fashion or looking male. she just looks like a 4-yo girl who just found her mother's make up stash. yuck

No. 572039

What could make this outfit not basic? lmao

Why did she have to post this on snapchat?

No. 572054

File: 1525294397450.jpg (830.04 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_20180502-215104.jpg)

Snapchat filters are the ultimate cat fish accessory

No. 572055

File: 1525294436666.jpg (72.84 KB, 1079x1072, FB_IMG_1525294343135.jpg)

>>572054…this is what she really looks like. That's an unfortunate face shape.

No. 572065

(Minus the rainbow hair) She wouldn't look half bad if she wasn't so fucking fat. Why are they all so fucking fat!?

No. 572070

Jesus that moon face.

No. 572073

I saw this in the EGL tags too and thought it's so attentionwhore-y

No. 572095

File: 1525297073175.jpg (214.63 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20180502-223631.jpg)

I see so many posts like this like and I just think they're super cringey like clearly you're lying to yourself

No. 572113

If you notice, CC members like to either repeat something over and over or point out all their flaws and basically "fake it 'till you make it".
It's something people on Tumblr do often to convince themselves and others that they aren't ugly.

No. 572324

i actually kinda like this

EXCEPT for that hair wtf ew

No. 572332


She must be new. I saw that too and thought it was a cute idea but there is no way in hell any of those lazy slobs would actually lift a finger to make something decent.

No. 572400

Imagine if someone who was actually attractive did this, kek.

No. 572447

File: 1525329123413.jpeg (227.82 KB, 640x712, 88C8BFA8-E1D1-4F96-91FD-F80D1B…)

No. 572616

File: 1525350951174.jpg (469.53 KB, 1080x1484, Screenshot_20180503-133521.jpg)

Ty for making doxxing easier xo

No. 572627

This was not a good idea ashleigh.
Don't blame us if someone in the groups starts complaining of harassment.

No. 572652


If only humans had two hands..

No. 572653

File: 1525355989044.jpg (276.3 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20180503-145828.jpg)

It's one thing to be a pathetic whiney snowflake when you're a teenager, but imagine staying the same whilst being a mother jfc

No. 572654

File: 1525356012824.jpg (587.21 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20180503-145756.jpg)

>>572653 the start of the post if y'all want to read the whole thing

No. 572656

File: 1525356127721.jpg (399.55 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20180503-150151.jpg)

I'm speechless

No. 572657

File: 1525356273594.jpg (877.62 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20180503-150415.jpg)

When ever a filter can't save you

No. 572659

File: 1525356435501.jpg (701.1 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20180503-150654.jpg)

Her fupa looks like it's going to burst her trousers

No. 572660

File: 1525356448542.jpg (476.12 KB, 1076x1493, Screenshot_20180503-150641.jpg)

No. 572668

File: 1525357369977.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20180503-152217.jpg)


No. 572669

File: 1525357473193.jpg (101.33 KB, 982x995, FB_IMG_1525357411150.jpg)

No. 572670

File: 1525357489005.jpg (59.47 KB, 575x575, FB_IMG_1525357419405.jpg)

No. 572746

What's probably the worst thing is that likely no one has said anything to her and she's making us events that aren't happening because of her anxiety.
It's really irrational and pathetic to call people toxic because of YOUR insecurities and assumptions.

No. 572824

File: 1525375069021.jpg (697.74 KB, 1080x1518, Screenshot_20180503-201719.jpg)

No. 572828

Take note, Newt and all the other tit-slingin' "ftm trans" CC members. This person is presenting male.

No. 572912

Wow he actually looks male. That's amazing.


OT but shipping on Mandarake is like, $20 and will take forever though they are genuinely over priced. People just buy shit Jill's interested in to get Jill to respond, yet they all have financial problems… Hmmmm…

No. 573114

File: 1525391290738.jpg (107.41 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1525391242453.jpg)

Incoming photo dump of all of the fake bois that replied to this post

No. 573116

File: 1525391304566.jpg (83.11 KB, 768x960, FB_IMG_1525391234896.jpg)

No. 573117

File: 1525391321085.jpg (83.11 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1525391222001.jpg)

No. 573118

File: 1525391350484.jpg (93.82 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1525391122097.jpg)

>>573117 our fake fake boi

No. 573120

File: 1525391381798.jpg (174.16 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1525391214791.jpg)


No. 573122

File: 1525391410303.jpg (104.61 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1525391182059.jpg)

No. 573123

File: 1525391422718.jpg (81.62 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1525391194250.jpg)

No. 573126

File: 1525391437102.jpg (60.79 KB, 722x960, FB_IMG_1525391188112.jpg)

No. 573127

File: 1525391458807.jpg (69.45 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1525391206015.jpg)

No. 573128

File: 1525391477106.jpg (14.36 KB, 270x479, FB_IMG_1525391151674.jpg)

No. 573137

That whole thread is so unfortunate. Nearly every single one of the people posting there look like women. Like, clearly defined tits, crazy amounts of eye makeup, bangs, skirts/dresses, the whole shebang. You know, shit that would be an actual trans man's dysphoric nightmare.

No. 573144

An outfit that's actually not terrible, such a rare occurrence in the confetti cult. I'd ditch the pink scrunchie and phone case, but I can look and not vomit on site.

No. 573159

File: 1525393339769.png (104.39 KB, 494x543, 2d6891f9be00e583634aa2d89edd83…)

Non-human alters guys! I've fucking seen it all now!

No. 573161

Whatever the fuck that is…….

No. 573162

>>573159 imagine needing that much attention

No. 573164

>>573161 it's dissociative identity disorder. it's a very popular self diagnosis to have on tumblr.

No. 573171

File: 1525393896901.jpg (565.17 KB, 1080x1848, 20180504_013043.jpg)

It all makes sense

No. 573174

File: 1525393984937.jpg (376.02 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180504-013223.jpg)

>>573171 it seems like this is a fake account so she can role play her fake boi system fantasy. She has like 20 friends.

No. 573185

File: 1525394367428.gif (781.12 KB, 272x320, e94eo.gif)

Being this idiotic… I'm so tired of people diagnosing themselves to appear special

No. 573241

never heard of dissociative identity disorder where you have alter egos that are like transgender non-binary alien dragons and shit? rat shit bro

No. 573245

so… is this from a trans fb group, my friend? because this is not publicly visible?

No. 573252

It's from the same post as the rest of these pictures.

No. 573343

Untreated autism is a nightmare

No. 573379

It's not even that they're fat, it's that they're all ugly and built like fridges. I have like 3 overweight friends that carry their weight in an attractive way, hips tits ass thighs and just small belly pouches. Most of these girls look like they're carrying sacks of jello on their bellies and tits, fucking disgusting. If I were fat in such an unattractive way I think I'd do whatever it takes to not be an ugly sack.

No. 573396

File: 1525414558965.png (96.2 KB, 750x1069, IMG_2084.PNG)

I'm gonna keep it real with you Baily you look like Jose Jalepeño on a stick and calling this a hairstyle is a far reach

No. 573539

Girl going to a water park
Weeb raver girl with a style so out of date it's nuts. In fact, I think this girl has a youtube where she does awful makeup tutorials.
Girl with #90's A E S T H E T I C
Dyke lesbian
Could be a faggy boy but nail polish and flower shirt.
"This shirt emphasizes my tits but I'm a valid boy."
Harajuku sewage
Re-i from Ergo Proxy
A tumblr stereotype

No. 573703

File: 1525455597220.jpg (111.01 KB, 1265x1440, FB_IMG_1525455559882.jpg)

That fringe

No. 573709

File: 1525455889897.jpg (632.84 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20180504-184427.jpg)

No. 573712

File: 1525456058354.jpg (68.54 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525456053602.jpg)

No. 573720

File: 1525456739747.jpg (466.49 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20180504-185727.jpg)

The confetti club is so retarded obviously they got charged for customs

No. 573721


No. 573724

52.80 isn't even a huge amount of money for figures from Japan??

Also, i guess they're taking on the new trend of showing off how much they spend like their idol Jill. Sad.

No. 573748

That's the "Magical Homeless Girl" look.

No. 573751

File: 1525459598370.jpg (750.3 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20180504-194612.jpg)

No. 573755

File: 1525459684128.jpg (391.65 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20180504-194754.jpg)

No. 573806

For that price I’m pretty sure they’re bootlegs.

No. 573821

This is nightmare fuel

No. 573944


She looks like a napoleon dynamite character lmao

Please tell me these are fake halloween teeth

No. 573962

i have a weird hangup about bad teeth and those fucking trigger me

can i sue the confetti club for emotional distress?

No. 574094

No. They're UFO catcher prizes. They're like $20 each to buy.

No. 574135

idk about how popular the precure ones are but normally qposkets go for 800 yen each on mandarake/other preowned sites, paying 52$ for something from an ebay seller sounds sketchy especially when it doesnt look like they took any actual pictures of them

No. 574139

I meant $20 marked up on eBay, not somewhere based in Japan.

There's a listing on eBay right now for both figures for just over $40. That includes shipping and is what I'd usually expect when you can avoid a shopping service or Japanese site.

No. 574225

She probably impulse bought the figures because Jill had the same ones and she had to copy her. Bet she never thought about price and was too focused on being like Jill

No. 574245

Doesn’t this girl know that you get charged customs in the hi if your package costs more than £135? Stupid girl.

No. 574246

Uk not hi

No. 574397

File: 1525534692831.jpg (279.84 KB, 1079x977, Screenshot_20180505-163708.jpg)

Actual statistics from the mods

No. 574398

File: 1525534730481.jpg (277.22 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_20180505-163841.jpg)

No. 574399

File: 1525534801821.jpg (49.59 KB, 739x714, FB_IMG_1525534802822.jpg)

No. 574401

File: 1525534839591.jpg (187.92 KB, 1148x2048, FB_IMG_1525534836894.jpg)

No. 574402

File: 1525534852186.jpg (124 KB, 936x1664, FB_IMG_1525534840194.jpg)

No. 574403

File: 1525534881686.jpg (112.65 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1525534883769.jpg)

No. 574405

File: 1525534983898.jpg (204.61 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20180505-164236.jpg)

Maybe if you weren't such a fragile snowflake, you wouldn't have lost your job

No. 574408

File: 1525535399610.jpg (244.51 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1525535266518.jpg)

>>572824 more fake bois

No. 574409

File: 1525535423857.jpg (36.91 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1525535277795.jpg)

No. 574410

File: 1525535438491.jpg (68.78 KB, 626x960, FB_IMG_1525535300055.jpg)

No. 574411

File: 1525535453386.jpg (37.87 KB, 592x740, FB_IMG_1525535307066.jpg)

No. 574412

File: 1525535468205.jpg (39.27 KB, 538x960, FB_IMG_1525535334452.jpg)

No. 574413

File: 1525535479663.jpg (73.88 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525535339884.jpg)

No. 574414

File: 1525535492791.jpg (251.72 KB, 1085x2015, FB_IMG_1525535348976.jpg)

No. 574423

What percentage do you think are self diagnosed?

No. 574438



jk but it's probably a high ass number, most likely more than half of them.

No. 574484

I actually dig this one a lot. It's not really Harajuku fashion, but it has its own place as a fashion.
This one isn't bad either. It's a nicely put together outfit and neatly done hair. Most people in CC look like they don't shower but this isn't one.
This is one that looks like they don't shower.
Your "style" is non existent.
I'm starting to feel like pink hair on white people just looks like shit. It's makes them look so dirty.
Why the long face?

No. 574485

Oh wow how did I miss this mess?
Yeah this one's a solid no. Just awful. Fucked teeth, roots, Pants all the wait up to your tits…

No. 574524

File: 1525548622384.jpg (720.07 KB, 1076x1576, Screenshot_20180505-202914.jpg)

Another fucking post

No. 574525

File: 1525548639564.jpg (57.91 KB, 664x1280, FB_IMG_1525548564951.jpg)

No. 574526

>>574410 she was posted because she claims to be a boi, not because of her fashion

No. 574637

I don´t know how to react to those pictures they I´m shook jfc

No. 574645

File: 1525557658709.jpg (414.38 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20180505-230009.jpg)

No. 574649

File: 1525557909049.jpg (60.1 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525557770628.jpg)

All of these were taken from a selfie thread kek

No. 574650

File: 1525557925057.jpg (77.44 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1525557727087.jpg)

No. 574652

File: 1525557939736.jpg (63.32 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525557759372.jpg)

No. 574653

File: 1525557954169.jpg (39.82 KB, 508x960, FB_IMG_1525557818634.jpg)

No. 574656

File: 1525557968099.jpg (142.68 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1525557856071.jpg)

No. 574659

File: 1525558192491.jpg (544.22 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20180505-230748.jpg)

Sofia made her Twitter public again. She also changed her bio from magical girl to magical bring kek

No. 574664

File: 1525558389492.jpg (549.36 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180505-231239.jpg)

Her Insta is public again

No. 574667

File: 1525558549967.jpg (313.32 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180505-231524.jpg)

And she's back in the confetti club

No. 574671

Don't blame the color, pink looks good on everyone if they find the right shade. Confetti club members are just dirty

No. 574691

still trying to get behind the fact they all seem to think they wear jfashion when nobody of them has a connection to either of them jfc

No. 574790

don't post fucking jumpscares, anon.
Wtf is wrong with is person? They're really unnerving to look at…

No. 574791

Honestly I would do this and laughing at how horrible they look will cheer me up :)

No. 574803

Do I even need to say what's wrong with this one?
She looks constipated.
She looks so flat, I'm surprised this isn't a bad drawing.
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Absolute tranny.

Two things about this picture:
1. Sofia lurks and probably adds content here. That change isn't subtle. Called you on your fake identity bullshit, Sophie.
2. She just wanted to move out because Jillian is, not because her parents are any kind of abusive. She's a skin walker, as we all know, but this is a new level of stupid and awful. Eliza 2.0.

No. 574963

i feel like i can smell her breath through this picture

No. 575204

How are so many cc members so delusional about their looks? Do the have a weird body dysmorphia that makes them look cute and ~kawaii~ in there head? It's just beyond belief sometimes they all they can't see just how crazy they look, it will always blow me away lmao

Just an FYI but… no1 currs about your opinion. You don't need to keep posting your personal analysis on every photo dump.

No. 575214

File: 1525633860628.jpg (385.87 KB, 1067x1415, Screenshot_20180506-200930.jpg)

More fake boi shit

No. 575215

File: 1525633884394.jpg (110.52 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1525633799787.jpg)

>>575214 totally trying to pass

No. 575265

File: 1525637065930.png (894.25 KB, 491x836, Capture.PNG)

Is Claire the new skinwalker?

No. 575278

>>575265 jill isn't a Lolita…so no. This smells of vendetta posting.

No. 575282

File: 1525637880344.jpg (416.45 KB, 1037x1062, Screenshot_20180506-211711.jpg)

This is the owner of uk kawaii confetti club (the one who said Melanie isn't a rapist because she doesn't have a dick) what the fuck is that gem

No. 575283

>Jill was a lolita
>bright yellow hair
>magical girl
>stupid internet-y lingo and overuse of emoji

Parallels are easily drawn to Jill

No. 575297


She's probably the best looking one I've seen posted so far. Which isn't saying much because most of them look like actual dumpster fires.

No. 575298

the panromantic asexual tattoo holy shit, enjoy having that when you're 30

No. 575334

File: 1525642434978.jpg (124.93 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20180506-223322.jpg)


No. 575379

File: 1525645986657.jpg (121.72 KB, 1080x673, Screenshot_20180506-233202.jpg)


No. 575381

File: 1525646013350.jpg (19.05 KB, 413x413, FB_IMG_1525645957141.jpg)

>>575379…definitely happened

No. 575382

>cartoon character

What's not to believe? She looks like a toon, I'm sure 'magical girl' was a followup to play it off as a compliment. Or maybe she's magically unfortunate looking. Who knows.

No. 575439

File: 1525651977583.jpg (447.07 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180507-011230.jpg)

Fucking hell

No. 575459

File: 1525652878919.jpg (795.22 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20180507-012735.jpg)

Ita mess

No. 575460

File: 1525652894745.jpg (95.76 KB, 960x720, FB_IMG_1525652849154.jpg)

No. 575499

File: 1525657753642.jpg (334.41 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20180507-024843.jpg)

No. 575501

File: 1525657774388.jpg (56.89 KB, 876x876, FB_IMG_1525657688513.jpg)

No. 575502

File: 1525657793347.jpg (40.02 KB, 718x718, FB_IMG_1525657704427.jpg)

>>575501 it has a child too

No. 575503

File: 1525657823085.jpg (103.26 KB, 1080x478, Screenshot_20180507-024751.jpg)

>>575499 the most confetti club members answer ever

No. 575505

File: 1525657877312.jpg (115.32 KB, 1080x540, Screenshot_20180507-025103.jpg)

No. 575507

File: 1525658018166.gif (594.73 KB, 400x300, 5641646515641.gif)

No. 575510

>>575503 fake boi with no dysphoria classic snowflake

No. 575511

File: 1525658108725.jpg (32.99 KB, 840x840, FB_IMG_1525657916222.jpg)

No. 575512

File: 1525658127517.jpg (40.89 KB, 638x480, FB_IMG_1525658024718.jpg)

No. 575513

File: 1525658146360.jpg (47.14 KB, 640x639, FB_IMG_1525657987577.jpg)

No. 575514

File: 1525658270174.jpg (38.82 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1525658245106.jpg)

>>575513 bonus pic of her fat fingers whoever put a ring on that is obviously a feeder

No. 575524

I hate seeing people wretch too small rings over their fingers, she's gonna have to use butter or soap to get that shit off

No. 575529

Lmao this would be Suzy if her snowflake style was updated 10 years. Still so boring.

No. 575557

I think that's just how these people talk, I'm sure even Jill got her mannerisms from someone more successful also.

No. 575562

By definition, you cannot be trans without dyphoria. You're making up being transgender for attention.

No. 575596

Do not post family members unless they are directly involved in drama.

No. 575628

…How old is this person? Because this is a new level of autism. It's like these people can't function outside the CC. It's really sad

No. 575630

You call them a confused snowflake.

her face makes me physically ill. There's way too much going on

Poor child..

No. 575915

That’s not even from the Confetti Club group..

No. 575994

This looks aweful I think it’s a man?

No. 576031

File: 1525722260730.jpg (51.69 KB, 960x624, 31959112_10214217336860374_213…)

No. 576032

File: 1525722292875.jpg (66.72 KB, 561x960, 32089549_10214217337700395_635…)

>>576031 things started kicking off

No. 576033

File: 1525722348749.png (475.91 KB, 575x960, 31961216_10214217314219808_316…)

I can't wait to see the end result

No. 576264

File: 1525739192202.png (30.91 KB, 620x198, confetti clinic.PNG)

How much do you want to bet she's self-diagnosed?

No. 576267

File: 1525739333293.png (45.53 KB, 1275x231, wikipedia is a valid source.PN…)

Just went to look up what this is and she copy-pasted the definition from wikipedia lmao

No. 576272

PDs are hard work to overcome, and you can never really truly overcome them. Manage would be a better word to use, but she's almost definitely a self dxer. I would assume that the first step to take in managing her PD would be to stop looking for approval on social media, such as posting in groups…
oh wait, too late.

No. 576276

>"labels don't matter"

No. 576277

File: 1525739663854.png (48.13 KB, 617x300, more confetti clinic.PNG)

Dropped pic

No. 576328

we call it a fakeboi who just wants to feel special

No. 576340

it's called a bisexual who likes girls more than men lmao not all bisexuals are 50/50. if she wants a stupid word for it to make herself feel special she'll be short on people willing to entertain her fuckery.

No. 576356

It is called being bisexual. What does this stupid snowflake bitch want to be called?

No. 576372

She now needs a special word just for her own sexuality. This bitch just will latch on to anything that will make her stand out

No. 576401

File: 1525747220449.jpeg (205.26 KB, 750x1011, 25744A42-8C2A-4405-80D7-2C8D5A…)

No. 576404

File: 1525747272640.jpeg (188.23 KB, 750x933, 199CBDF0-1F2D-4161-83FF-5672F7…)

No. 576412

maybe instead of whining about your awful step-mother, you should consider taking her advice? Cuz… she's right, ya dumb bitch.

No. 576437

how do you FORGET a petticoat? just say you dont have one or dont mention it at all. no need to lie.

No. 576445

Doesn't Jill have a tattoo just like that with her cat in the heart?

No. 576446

>Heavy inspiration drawn from Pixie's tattoo

No. 576556

Shit like this shows the maturity of the group in general. Lazy and weird on purpose. They're so fucking entitled.

No. 576603

File: 1525764764317.jpeg (368.24 KB, 1536x1449, DF387D40-DF3B-40B8-8637-63A04E…)

No. 576664

File: 1525779673264.jpeg (119.97 KB, 1080x952, 485483C8-4CFC-4326-B1B6-39BB0A…)

Why do they all have that sweater?

No. 576672

That is legit what my parents told me as a teen. It's solid advance. Nothing is handed to you as a person, but i keep forgetting this generation makes Go fund me for literally everything. ugh

No. 576673

Because they're all unoriginal clones of each other and Jill

No. 576739

That's not The Shirt™, if you're referring to the Forever 21 rainby stripey monstrosity.

No. 576816

Their idea of 'toxic' is advice about growing up. We all have to work or help out in some way, shape, or form. Carry your weight and please don't start a go fund me

No. 576892

File: 1525806100186.png (133.31 KB, 720x848, 31958510_10214224147110626_172…)


No. 576930

File: 1525808227864.jpg (59.4 KB, 720x960, 32116173_10214224345995598_503…)

those brows

No. 577038


the cows in these threads do a lot of dumb shit to get jill's attention. buying from lazy oaf, dressing up like her, dressing up AS her, copying her haircuts and haircolors, those stupid rainbow sweaters and shirts etc etc

but i really do think the worst thing is pretending to like pretty cure. like it really is that bad. but whenever jill talks about it on her videos she acts like she's the most special person on the world for liking it. so its no surprise the skinwalkers would fall for it and try to be as speciul as her but… not fucking pretty cure cosplaying. god,so pathetic.


>i want a word for 90% lesbian but like…

stopped reading right there. the word is bisexual. g'night.

thank you eliza, its good to know you're just as much as an attention whore as ever. also how much you want to bet that eliza is pretending to be a lesbian just because jill was a fake lesbian too. like they both can't even pretend it for more than a month. i blame tumblr/twitter and the shitty "OMG I'M SO GAY #relatable" memes lol.

No. 577062

Not just the brows, the entire face and bad makeup

No. 577065

None of the comments are like that. They're all supportive.

No. 577263

the discord is a goldmine right now, there's a "tw-list" channel where it's declared, among other things, that members are not allowed to post about sunflowers, pickled onions and octopi

No. 577321

that was already talked about in the other thread, you're late to the party

No. 577340

She used to have pixielocks listed under her related channels but it seems like she deleted it since the dye job…

So yes.

No. 577359

File: 1525869405781.jpeg (210.41 KB, 750x993, 6C2D0DA0-2F2C-473E-9354-564F4B…)

The confetti cult seem to be bullied 90% more then normal people that wear j-fashion. They’re clearly all irritating regardless of the fashion and are just blaiming being “”””super kawaii”””” for their reason for being bullied. It’s has nothing to do with the fact they’re the human equivalent of a painful migraine.

No. 577376

File: 1525872980603.png (203.9 KB, 720x1165, 20180509_143556.png)

>>576892 how predictable

No. 577392

File: 1525874783147.png (137.61 KB, 1080x1094, Screenshot_20180509-100203_edi…)

It's not awful compared to what we've seen in the past, but it's certainly not a well coordinated outfit. Like maybe try forming a style that's not sad and grow a fucking pair, rather than crying on the internet on how you're being soooo bullied!!!!11111!!!!!

No. 577444

Is everyone in cc in middle school? People are going to shit on you no matter what, deal with it instead of needing validation from people who also can't deal with their own lives.

No. 577459

Dead giveaway that these comments only ever happen on the internet, she's gotta word things ambiguously so it can seem like she's bullied irl.
If she admitted these things were said online only, people would tell her to take ownership and block/delete the comments or stop going to the gossip sites where she's talked about. Then, she wouldn't get to play it up as a victim.

You know if a kid, a soccer mom, or an actual person came up to her in real life and said "STOP WEARING J FASHION FAT CUPCAKE" her post would be way more detailed about the outrage. Problem is, her outfit is honestly so underwhelming and unnoteworthy that I doubt any normie notices or cares. She seems like one of those people who's visible only on the internet and only because she cries for attention like this so much.

No. 577615


I've known this person for quite a long time and she's actually a lovely human being. What she's saying about being bullied/made fun of for dressing differently is actually true. A lot of people over here are really narrow minded and being into a different kind of style and not wearing casual clothes is unfortunately still a reason for others to look down on the people who choose to wear alternative fashion.

No. 577625

if that's true, it's still on her to either learn to deal with it, because no matter where one lives, yr gonna get shit if you look different.

OR if she just can't handle it - change her look. can't control what other people will say, and she's not at school all day every day, so what's stopping her from dressing how she wants outside of school if it's that much of a big deal for her?

yeah, yeah, bullies suck. everyone knows that. but if you can't cope with them when you deliberately make yourself look weird, you probably shouldn't be painting an arrow on your back.

No. 577633

I personally think people shouldn't wear that kinda shit in school anyway. If all these confetti fags get bullied because of how they look, why not save their education and dress appropriately?

Then again, I wouldn't doubt a lot of us on this thread had an emo phase and never would have stopped wearing it just because of bullies or education, so judging their actions when we wouldn't have done that is hypocritical.

Hopefully she lets her school educate her and not the CC.

No. 577643

>>577633 I fail to believe that the confetti club has the right mentality to deal with education anyway? They cant handle criticism, even if it is constructive.They can't handle competition because it hurts their feelings. They cry abuse when they're told nothing is going to be handed to them. Plus, they're all lazy af.

No. 577660

File: 1525905324753.png (500.26 KB, 720x1000, 20180509_233251.png)

I honestly believe people in the group lie about what they find in thrift stores

No. 577663

File: 1525905482841.png (380 KB, 720x878, 20180509_233658.png)

Freshly dyed? R u sure

No. 577664

File: 1525905496215.jpg (50.82 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1525905428678.jpg)

No. 577666

>freshly died
>need to fade

No. 577668

File: 1525905652497.gif (1.23 MB, 350x298, headroll.gif)

I wish Jillian would address this one day. I get that some content creators don't want to believe a good majority of their community acts in a toxic way, but she's influencing people and she herself barely knows how the world works.

Just like MLP was a safe space for beta males who were into anime or furry shit, Pixielocks the character seems to be a safe space for these people who are feminists, nonbinary, attention seekers, itas, etc… They really want to be her when in fact Jillian is a depressed and privileged weaboo who was fortunate enough to acquire a lot cute stuff for her backgrounds to gain a following based on her "aesthetic" and "good vibes" alone. It's also almost like they think because they didn't see Jillian working at so many places, that shit should be handed to them when I don't think that was the case with Jill.

No. 577670

sounds like a selfpost lmao

No. 577671

I could believe most of that stuff minus the amiibos, unless Gamestop and Toys R Us donated the last of their AC amiibos.

The rest of that stuff is actual dog shit tho.

No. 577673

>>577671 i cba to go back through old posts but previous posts include lazy oaf and bodyline ect

No. 577675

By thrift haul did they just rummage through their closet and pretend their old shit was just "found by chance"?
The stuff these girls do for attention.

No. 577705

They do that. I’ve seen girls post on their facebooks favorite vintage items then I see a post CC that is the same picture

No. 577723

File: 1525910030397.jpg (84.15 KB, 720x1296, FB_IMG_1525910028871.jpg)

No. 577795

Sebastian looks like he wants to fucking die. And that dress looks like vomit.

No. 577799

She types like a 13 year old, only instead of lol it's hehe which is worse. Why can't there be one Confetti Cult member that acts their age

No. 578090

Well, she said dyed, not bleached. Probably had a really shoddy dye that didn't stay in the the non-damaged hair. Bleach damaged hair soaks in anything wet like crazy. Had that happen before.

No. 578125

File: 1525964102451.jpeg (75.13 KB, 750x289, 813B126B-0385-4EF7-9F0B-EDEE4B…)

Jesus Christ

No. 578130

The amibos literally have a reduced Target price tag on kek

No. 578146

Target closed in Canada so if she’s Canadian it could be a donation

No. 578162

File: 1525968267818.png (67.32 KB, 720x536, 20180510_170358.png)

Fucking hell

No. 578164

Whhhhy are they so damn infantile

No. 578199

File: 1525971379027.jpg (44.79 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525971369007.jpg)

No. 578200

File: 1525971455212.png (603.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180510-175719.png)

How is underlying everything even helpful? How do you know what's important?

No. 578204

Bit pointless and inappropriate but I guess that’s the CC as a whole

No. 578270

The confetti cunts hurt my soul. From the neck up it looks normal and nice, then you get past that and it's a fucking beach shirt tied up around a granny romper that looks like it was taken from a dumpster at Goodwill, and then to finish the look fuzzy slippers for a spa day. All these people are so clueless about fashion its sad.

No. 578304

And yet age play is not triggering

No. 578348

File: 1525984072171.jpg (34.65 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1525984053010.jpg)

No. 578574

is this one a dude, or…?

No. 578599

That red tag on the amiibos literally says Goodwill. It looks exactly like a Goodwill tag. The Goodwills near me put red tags on the stuff that they buy from Target. Literally every Goodwill within 15 miles of me buys clearance stuff from Target dirt cheap and sells it and excludes them from sales and tag deals.

If this girl thrifts to flip, I wouldn't be surprised that she found all that stuff. These people go to multiple thrift stores a day and spend hours in there. I did it as a hobby briefly but it took too much energy and time.

No. 578734

That sticker on her face looks like ringworm

No. 578781

without a doubt a goodwill sticker.

No. 578786


Oh my gosh, these people will never survive in the real world.

No. 578797

The beret and glasses look cute tbh. I think even that yellow jumpsuit would have been passable if it was on its own but why would you add a blue shirt, pink scarf and green sandals that all look 15 years old??

No. 578827

Considering the specific 90s theme it's likely some of that is from eBay (like what are the chances of finding a Lion King lunchbox and that hellish blue thing in the middle I recognize from the 90s?)

Also everything looks in decent condition. I'm sure it's possible but like why randomly get rid of 90s toys in 2018

No. 578863

File: 1526010019183.jpeg (293.95 KB, 750x1168, AE5FE51D-2B44-4046-A51C-0AA576…)

So many fake boys

No. 578867

File: 1526010163873.jpeg (192.7 KB, 750x1009, 47DE83A4-DEF1-40C0-BBC2-F44B17…)

No. 578874

File: 1526010289323.jpeg (388.71 KB, 750x1201, 807F4745-2251-4E36-94E2-2ACCD6…)


No. 578876

File: 1526010306324.jpeg (276.99 KB, 750x861, 11B7A1BC-9B09-4926-A09A-933571…)


No. 578888

Wow having to work with people you don't like? My goodness, however did she survive! Kek these people seriously don't understand the real world. Sometimes you have to work with people you absolutely hate, people who make your life hell, and you just have to push through it. Do they always need to be so coddled by the world?

No. 578936

At least the CC member had a job, oh wait they quit

No. 579314

>>578888 i hate how everyone always says it's BAD FOR MY MENTAL HEALTH!Z!! Maybe you need to work on yourself, since you clearly have issues rather than blame the job.

No. 579364

File: 1526052504181.png (227.73 KB, 497x479, Capture.PNG)

This is sad as hell, but why post it to CC? What would these autists have to contribute? Of course it's full of comments saying to post it in the Clinic because it's too triggering

No. 579365

File: 1526052538610.png (10.45 KB, 495x120, Capture2.PNG)

Leave it to Eliza to make this about how it affects her

No. 579372

How TF is this triggering to them??? Unless they've also gone through a miscarriage or something similar then that's reasonable, but how does this affect her ass

No. 579375

I don't really get why they posted it in CC either but Eliza is so damn insensitive.

No. 579377

File: 1526053930815.png (42.97 KB, 495x444, Capture.PNG)

Damn, some of these girls are awful people. At least the commenters are pointing that out.

No. 579381

File: 1526054221518.png (168.34 KB, 372x529, Capture.PNG)

How long till this one gets brigaded by insensitive tumblrites asking for trigger warnings?

Also what's with the influx of dead kid stories??

No. 579387

Jfc how are these girls so sensitive. I come from a very abusive home, the thought of my biological parents makes my stomach sink and gives me anxiety. But you don't see me getting triggered by I dunno leaving my house? Do you know how many Mother's Day advertisements there are in stores right now?? Really can't escape it, these women are adults (at least 80% of them are) why haven't they learned to cope with shit properly?

No. 579392

File: 1526054789059.png (31.36 KB, 750x181, IMG_2167.PNG)

Not long Sabrina is already on it

No. 579394

File: 1526054835927.png (161.44 KB, 374x485, Capture.PNG)

The Sabrina girl swoops in to tell her to gtfo. Not even any small words of condolences.

No. 579396

File: 1526054948666.png (14.99 KB, 361x181, Capture.PNG)

>"In my head it didn't sound harsh!!1!"
That's cold comfort to a woman who just miscarried.

No. 579419

File: 1526056727030.png (112.64 KB, 992x450, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 1.38…)

Why would you not just use a pattern for both? Or at least make one with a pattern first?

No. 579423

File: 1526057089176.png (340.14 KB, 720x1042, 20180511_174439.png)

No. 579424

File: 1526057107622.jpg (44.09 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1526057050039.jpg)

No. 579428

File: 1526057272316.png (400.7 KB, 720x595, 20180511_174747.png)


No. 579445

>Alexis Destiny

No. 579449

File: 1526058374820.png (62.9 KB, 717x376, 20180511_180538.png)

Apparently the confetti club is being extra vile today kek

No. 579519

>makeup took me three hours
>three hours


No. 579527

"really really triggering"

to whom, though? other people who miscarried? i don't get the point of this. ignoring that it happened or not talking about it won't bring your kid back. there is no world where this could be "triggering" unless you're suffering from a delusional view where you're living like it never occurred.

No. 579577

i do not understand this. i can do my makeup in 10 fucking minutes. even when i do something super fancy it takes maybe an hour tops.

No. 579581

>t. someone who doesn't even understand the basic concept of a trigger

No. 579621

I understand why some CC members are upset about this. Miscarriages are really sad, I’ve known people who have had miscarriages and it’s really heartbreaking for them. Plus, we’ve (by we I mean both lolcow and CC) seen plenty of posts saying that posts like this (posts that can be potentially “triggering” by their standards, which this girl clearly knew her post likely qualified as not being appropriate) belong in the Confetti Clinic. And clearly this girl knew it wasn’t a good idea to post this. Also, miscarriages are surprisingly common so it’s likely some of these girls have gone through miscarriages. Being reminded of their miscarriages near Mother’s Day is understandabley upsetting.

some of y’all are probably gonna try and fight me but I’m just saying I can see both sides of this. They should have let the mods handle it though, instead of making a whole post, since it’s not their decision to decide what goes where.

No. 579644

I agree anon. I think most people (except for >>579527) agree that this shouldn't have been posted in the main group and that the topic of miscarriages is actually something that can be triggering to people. The shitty thing is people completely disregarding the feelings of the posters because "muh triggers!1"

Imo, the feelings of the poster who recently miscarried are kind of more important than the feelings of random people on facebook who might be triggered by her post. For example, Eliza saying "take this down, it's really really triggering" screams "my feelings are more important than yours" and that's just not an acceptable way to behave.

No. 579714

It's really sad that most girls on that page have no friends to talk to, nor can they talk to their family because 'no one understands' them, so they find this place online with similar people yet every time a person wants to vent about their issues, they get shot down and get silenced. They basically created a space for depressed people to pretend to be happy. No surprise all this is the result of something that came from Pixielocks.

No. 579730

oh fuck off. life is full of shitty things happening. women miscarry all the time. other women talking about their experiences will not going to give you war flashbacks and if it makes you that uncomfortable then go away

No. 579739

>makeup took 3 hours

I need to know how that's even possible…

No. 579748

other women talking about miscarriages when you're not expecting it to come up can definitely give reminders of something that can be really traumatic for someone depending on exactly what their situation was. it was handled badly by people calling it triggering but posting it in the regular cc group is still weird and unnecessary. it seems like the kind of group these girls go to to avoid literally anything about reality so it's weird when one of them reads the tone and decides to post about their dead kid.

No. 579778

File: 1526074904466.jpg (35.17 KB, 486x960, FB_IMG_1526074865808.jpg)

No. 579904

Are you guys seriously defending someone posting Attention Whore Text Images flippantly talking about miscarriages in a goofy fashion group for teenagers pretending to be slumber party children? I'd tell her to gtfo real quick, posting shit like that is nothing but backing people into real uncomfortable corners and manipulating them.

No. 580057

I'm waiting for someone to say "My mother was abusive and these posts about Mother's day trigger me"

No. 580072

Dare you too

No. 580090

I wish I was THAT eager to be removed.(namefagging)

No. 580092

You might want to stop using the name field, newfriend.

No. 580107

No. 580210

Because it shows that you’re new and can’t integrate and people will not take you seriously. We are all anon here, just stay anon

No. 580233

File: 1526129735101.png (145.8 KB, 720x1011, 20180512_135534.png)

No. 580235

File: 1526129799186.jpg (29.05 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1526129802129.jpg)

No. 580237

File: 1526129964757.png (200.28 KB, 720x1142, 20180512_135817.png)

No. 580239

File: 1526129978270.png (171.12 KB, 720x1147, 20180512_135904.png)

No. 580326

Fucking hell. Walmart weeb garbage can't see how shit they look and wanna pretend they're getting negative attention for being "kawaii". People like this should not be allowed to flock together.

No. 580353

This. I've been wearing jfashion for years and can count the number of negative reactions I've gotten from people on one hand. Most people think it's cute or interesting.

No. 580408

it's not even just that. she's saying her friends and family are giving her negative reactions. how sad is that.

i am glad to see >>580239 though. miss "don't cut yourself on my edge" got told off.

No. 580534

5 bucks says this uppity bitch looked like straight up trailer trash. Where does she get her smugness from considering she said her own outfit could've used improvement lmao

No. 580551

File: 1526155090149.png (82.45 KB, 720x637, 20180512_205742.png)

No. 580610

File: 1526157814489.png (458.86 KB, 720x1114, 20180512_214326.png)

No. 580612

File: 1526157881719.png (1003.12 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_2018-05-12-13-43-12…)

No. 580626

File: 1526159081543.jpg (31.31 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1526159065108.jpg)

No. 580627

File: 1526159095509.jpg (36.01 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1526159070405.jpg)

No. 580636

File: 1526159742766.jpeg (97.89 KB, 1080x1080, FD4FE536-957F-46D6-9B9E-018ED4…)


No. 580641


I'm someone who sometimes wears pastel vomit "kawaii" clothes and if someone ever says anything to me about it, it's almost always a compliment with the occasional polite "what's the occasion". These cows pretending that it's bright colors that cause people to laugh is so sad. No sweaty people are acting like this toward you because you look like a pastel car fire. But this might also be because I live in a large city and these girls tend to live in bumfuck nowhere.
idk sage for blogposting

No. 580679

File: 1526162647162.png (323.86 KB, 720x1213, 20180512_230342.png)

So much attention seeking

No. 580771

why would she take video of houses burning down?? why not do something to help?

No. 580803

She's not an 8 but she looks well put together and the makeup isn't that bad. Especially compared to the rest of the club

No. 580937

this is the most party-kei outfit posted yet. it actually looks like something jill would wear not really a complement, but ya know

No. 580946

I'm seriously wondering if she's somebody's mother, the hair is giving me major middle age woman with 2 kids vibes.

No. 581038

She miscarried 7 years ago. That hardly counts as "recent".

No. 581055

File: 1526187353378.png (201.44 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_2018-05-12-21-54-34…)

No. 581057

I know it’s incredibly fake, but it gave me a good laugh lmao.

No. 581063

Same girl mentioned here >>579449

No. 581074

she coulda been believable if she hadn't claimed she spat on her. so close, but so far.

No. 581314

Whaa??? Burning houses are extremely dangerous. Leave it to the professionals, they know what to look for because some things can explode because of pressure+heat.
I can't find her FB, can you check if she's even in canada lmao

No. 581330

are you kidding? do you really think I meant she should have helped with the fucking fire?

I've lived in two buildings that have had bad fires, and there's no shortage of people that could use a shoulder to cry on or even just some water.

as for the other, the bitch is full of shit, but there is this thing called 'taking a trip'.

No. 581365

File: 1526231366517.jpg (59.78 KB, 716x960, FB_IMG_1526231262302.jpg)

Found in a selfie thread

No. 581366

File: 1526231382461.jpg (98.38 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1526231273251.jpg)

No. 581368

File: 1526231428962.jpg (34.69 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1526231435794.jpg)

>>581365 the terf bangs

No. 581370

File: 1526231471850.jpg (33.12 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1526231474540.jpg)

>>581368 more terrible bangs

No. 581373

File: 1526231507657.jpg (51.95 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1526231513330.jpg)

>>581365 those teeth yikes

No. 581374

File: 1526231552551.jpg (63.97 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1526231558972.jpg)

>>581365 speshul

No. 581378


I live in a bumfuck town in a small province and can confirm that dressing a bit "out there" cute does not get you insults and side-eyes. Okay, maybe a side-eye but I've never experienced that.

These girls just dress like autistic clowns on acid.

No. 581381

File: 1526231916896.png (275.04 KB, 720x1136, 20180513_181754.png)

What is it with the confetti club and munchie behaviour? 15 illnesses? Surejan.gif

No. 581385

File: 1526232044087.png (626.61 KB, 720x985, 20180513_182042.png)

>>581381 what the fuck do you meaning coming out just stop

No. 581388

File: 1526232137937.png (575.66 KB, 720x1154, 20180513_182215.png)

>>581385 new milk queen

No. 581390

File: 1526232209627.png (694.63 KB, 720x1231, 20180513_182333.png)

No. 581396

File: 1526232423006.png (636.36 KB, 720x1229, 20180513_182543.png)

>>581390 a go fuck me for an assistance dog seems totally legit

No. 581401

File: 1526232554978.png (123.69 KB, 720x840, 20180513_182921.png)

No. 581408

if she's nearly dying every other week then why does she need to "come out" about using a cane to her family?

No. 581411


I feel bad for her family and anyone that has to put up with such a self absorbed special snowflake.

No. 581415

Wow amazing before and after makeup incredible

No. 581418


What?? What the hell is wrong with these people?? How are they so painfully willfully stupid?? How was it EVER a secret that a cane was being used ESPECIALLY the part about her loved ones NOT KNOWING??

No. 581466

Jfc these angles, she looks like a downie. And the "coming out" with the cane thing…did she not need a cane around her family? So how did she get around?

No. 581472

File: 1526236589795.png (456.55 KB, 720x1205, 20180513_193621.png)

No. 581476

File: 1526236730435.png (983.75 KB, 720x1014, 20180513_193840.png)

Found in #partykei

No. 581483


oh, of course.

No. 581494

File: 1526238067073.png (200.07 KB, 750x1134, IMG_2230.PNG)

So many CC members change their names to traditionally Asian names. Why? Are we supposed to believe this white girl from the Netherlands was named Misaki by her white parents??

No. 581499

File: 1526238523129.png (388.99 KB, 711x1152, 20180513_200721.png)

>>581494 I've noticed that a lot

No. 581500

File: 1526238536476.png (96.41 KB, 720x1110, 20180513_200821.png)

No. 581503

File: 1526238725604.jpeg (172.54 KB, 749x1088, A8462C55-31AD-49DB-A6F1-BDD48D…)

All the ddlg people are into PK

No. 581504

File: 1526238738479.jpeg (226.23 KB, 750x1020, 466069F8-6C47-4DDC-815B-A16689…)

No. 581508

File: 1526238861920.png (110.53 KB, 750x783, IMG_2231.PNG)

Does anyone else think Eliza is lying about going to therapy? Or lying about her therapy experiences? She's said some weird things but this one really stuck out to me. As someone who is in the process of getting their masters for clinical psych…it's unethical to try and force a patient to report, as she's implying. Therapy is supposed to be a safe space that doesn't force victims to do anything that would put them through more trauma.

No. 581515

>>581508 Eliza lies about everything. I bet she's like the rest of the confetti cunt that labels anything they disagree with as 'abuse.'

No. 581516

She has her real name on her profile too, it doesn't seem like she is hiding it. Just being a weeb. /sage for stalking and not providing milk

No. 581539

Aside from the bad hair this is pretty cute and normal compared to rainbow vomit mess. It’s color cordnaited and works well together

No. 581540

The more attention for her the better. She will use any method to get noticed

No. 581822

She's cute, hoping she's not stupid though.

No. 581927

>part japanese
>have japanese name from my grandma
>not on my birth certificate, but she always called me that
>name isn't common
>too embarrassed to put it on my fb even though it holds special meaning thanks to fucking weebs

serious fuck weebs who do this shit. all these fucking gross cunts who use like two first names or some crap and fetishize japanese names for some reason. it's gross.

No. 581956

What a bunch of fucking degenerates. 'Coming out' to family for using a cane; just admit you're a boring bitch with nothing really going on kek.

No. 581990

This is gross why they allow this is just stupid

No. 582012

I think this has been a general weeb thing. I think it's happened since weeaboos on the internet have been a thing.

No. 582104

Admin was right but the OP confirmed that the J-Fashion community is immature like that, why else would she suggest making fun of someone with such confidence?

Sock dreams, bam. I just looked up plus sized socks and it was the first thing.

Women do this shit often. They back away so men or people more "responsible" can help. The immaturity of these Confetti fags. "Can't ruin my pastel Wal-Mart coord!"

Sophia said something similar. I guess coming out to a social media is a whole new thing now, which is stupid.

Literally just a fatter Jill.

They Advertised DDLG in the first party kei group. They will deny it, but a DDLG group was a suggested group.

I think Eliza's lying about the assault, honestly, or I think she's padding the "assaults".

No. 582120

File: 1526270279081.png (21.37 KB, 496x216, 9897.png)

why are these kids in relationships if they dont even have backbones

No. 582134

Dump the boyfriend. Who tf puts up with someone who cries when asked to do chores?

No. 582195

Has already reported someone for abuse and also has 2 more exs that also abused her?

If she were in therapy you'd think she would be speaking with her therapist about her fears and anxiety and not asking randoms on Facebook.

No. 582202

This is beyond sad

No. 582276

Straight up manipulation. My boyfriends a lazy fucker and more often than not I'm getting angry with him to make him grudgingly do shit, but if he cried to get out of it and make me feel bad.. Or was just that pathetic in general. I'd dump his ass.

No. 582291

Ok, maybe I'm a monster but I keked so hard at this mental image.
> Babe, can you do the dishes pls?
> Waaa! How dare you? Chores are a big no-no for me, you awful abuser.

No. 582301

Sounds like her boyfriend needs some major therapy
Crying when asked to do chores is not normal behaviour, no matter how many “issues” you have.

No. 582411

File: 1526303673121.png (282.56 KB, 720x855, 20180514_141317.png)

Tracey is still in the confetti club?! If you don't read the Jill thread, jill basically got with her long term crush and then tore the friendship group apart. They're not following each other on social media or anything.

No. 582473

If your grandmother is the one who called you that nickname why would you put it on your Facebook anyways? If you put a name as your fb name that isn’t your name you DO look weebish, that’s kinda how it works

No. 582535

File: 1526312847003.png (250.92 KB, 496x381, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 4.46…)

why are the CC inept at everything?

No. 582537

File: 1526313064699.gif (892.83 KB, 401x251, ezgif-4-779d1641af.gif)

No. 582608

>Women do this shit often. They back away so men or people more "responsible" can help.
Are you unaware you're on an imageboard mostly made of women?

So she has to do all the chores, maintain the house and yard, pay for all the house hold items… What the actual fuck. I'd pity her if she wasn't just enabling such a douche.

No. 582669

File: 1526321103489.png (277.55 KB, 500x343, ya30bKX.png)

No. 582994

I had the same mental image anon, oh my god. I wonder if her heart attacks put her to sleep.

No. 583062

I am a woman and I still mean what I said. Every car crash I've seen or fire I've seen, the women back away so the men will help.

She's cuter than Jill.

Not that it's been said a hundred times prior but this isn't normal behavior. Either make him the breadwinner, justifying all that work, or throw him the fuck out.

No. 583160

Hi Tracey(read the rules & usage info)

No. 583192

Tracey can barely construct a proper sentence. That isn't her.

No. 583948

File: 1526416670900.jpeg (186.1 KB, 750x917, 421602CA-119A-42FB-BB0F-326F36…)

No o e needs to know this Bella. She then went on cgl to defend herself saying it’s because of her autism(wrong thread)

No. 583949

>>583948 post all of the caps you have, anon!

No. 583956

File: 1526417006104.jpeg (248.45 KB, 750x960, 64AD7C5F-F533-4CD4-9DA3-90D9BF…)

bella continues to be stupid

No. 583958

File: 1526417167492.jpeg (227.15 KB, 750x1231, 6860CF22-3A39-4C3D-930E-1B98EE…)

Lastly she is the victim of all the worlds hate. And she loves it. You cannot blame your autism on your own stupidity. And her shitting her pants is not part of autism she is functioning enough to know better. I’m guessing she is just lazy and forgets to go or stomach problems

No. 583962

File: 1526417763814.jpeg (333.27 KB, 750x1205, C521225F-A278-4A1C-81A3-C28886…)

And she came back for more

No. 583964

File: 1526417780568.jpeg (259.73 KB, 750x1038, 15348787-5174-422B-80E6-A67ADD…)


No. 583965

File: 1526417797993.jpeg (156.88 KB, 750x779, BF41B24D-723A-42D7-8853-C32685…)


No. 583973

wow. clueless and whiny. an attractive look on anyone.

No. 583975

>>583965 >>>/snow/541670 someone made a thread for her kek but it's now locked

No. 583976

>>583975 if you google her name it's on the first page. I'm so glad that future employers are going to see it.

No. 584004

File: 1526419733124.png (356.7 KB, 720x1013, 20180515_222834.png)

No. 584006

File: 1526419747861.jpg (88.41 KB, 720x1226, FB_IMG_1526419723188.jpg)

No. 584008

>But it didn't have a swim bottom at all?! What am I supposed to do if I dive and it slips off?!

I don't know. Wear your own swim bottoms, perhaps?

No. 584012

File: 1526419975376.png (417.25 KB, 717x1157, 20180515_223239.png)

>>584004 they have a go fuck me aswell classic confetti cunt member

No. 584018

This is OLD tea but still relevant, I guess?

BELLA! Fucking stop! You spent a good month or so being productive. Stop embarrassing yourself.

This is actually very similar to Chris Chan. He really does try to say Autism is why people dislike him or why he does things weird, but Bella and Chris are clearly high functioning, so it makes no sense why they'd do this unless they wanted to.

Best way to avoid being harassed or called out by people on Lolcow? Don't come back. Just live normally. Lay low. Plenty people have been called out on here and they have the sense to not come back.

Why are some people THIS retarded?

No. 584069

I know it’s old but she recently went on and on about it yet again online. She trying to stay the centre of attention, I suppose

No. 584072

i for real thought this was egorapter.

also ffs this isn't a swim bottom. if you're not wearing it aesthetically you wear it like scuba gear. i've been watching a youtuber do the mermaid swimming class and it's super hard.

No. 584138

Have you ever been so bored that you'll literally ruin your own reputation? It's kind of bad when people from Lolcow are giving her advice.

No. 584321

This is a man? Or fakeboy?

No. 584323

What makes it worse is she isn’t listening to it

No. 584353

weird. every time i've been near an incident like this men have backed away and rubbernecked just as much as women, if not more.
plus, if there's multiple people already helping it can sometimes be better to hang around and wait to see if you can do something later on. It's annoying if for example there's a single person in trouble and 10 people all crowd around them practically suffocating them just so they can tell themselves they're being helpful.

and ironically "quitting" is what everyone told her to do but she acts like it goes against it. it seems like she has a predetermined idea of what she thinks people are going to tell her, and then blurts out a response to that instead of listening to what people are actually telling her.

No. 584397

Wait am i reading this wrong?
It sounds like her aunt is offering to lend money(?) but wants to see a finance sheet first. For some reason the op thinks she can't give that because her car got repossessed? I don't understand.

No. 584503

Why don’t any of these people get jobs? ?

No. 584605

This had nothing to do with the confetti club.
She left the confetti club.
Wtf is you doin vendetta chan? Move it to the Lolita thread you Fuckwit!

No. 584613

Oh my actual fucking god, stop bringing this shit up! It’s not funny anymore.

No. 584636

Don't get the car thing either but maybe she rather wants those muns instead of letting her aunt help because that meant she had to admit always buying crap PK shit and getting told to waste so much money.

No. 584680

Bamboozled again

No. 584683

Get rekt FamYouBronies don’t have shit on thisass

No. 584754


Please ban for bringing irrelevant trash into the thread.

No. 584805

I already reported them

No. 584816

No one cares about this. Nice try Fuelling the flames my dude.

No. 584820

Get your facts in order and stop talking out your ass

No. 584821

You are so wrong on so many levels it’s sad

No. 584823

Wow. You must be Gleaming with beauty

No. 584825

Have you ever had this amount of low self esteem?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 585314

File: 1526505556312.png (358.97 KB, 720x1067, 20180516_221906.png)

I found it amusing that her online name is romance grooms

No. 585392

So, is she proposing after the show? Either way, public proposals are usually cringe.

No. 585791

public proposals at a jacksepticeye event is even more cringe, just have it in a park or something god

No. 586050

File: 1526564074995.png (42.2 KB, 720x265, 20180517_143400.png)

Oh boohoo cry me a river

No. 586098

File: 1526566727593.png (252.59 KB, 800x450, B84FBF34-9C20-424F-A306-727728…)

No. 586100

Or just loose some weight

No. 586176

File: 1526570103004.png (58.28 KB, 717x448, 20180517_161426.png)

Regretting a tattoo in a highly visible place? Never.

No. 586227

File: 1526573938039.png (568.54 KB, 720x1033, 20180517_171840.png)

Is she even trying to pass at this point or

No. 586229

File: 1526574042945.png (79.48 KB, 720x543, 20180517_172033.png)


No. 586245

Kek I was just about to post this. Savannah, you have to be pretty or thin or a combination of the two to make it in social media. You are neither. Please, lose some weight or learn some serious makeup skills before you delve into anything social media related.

No. 586249

>>586245 or rich like Jill

No. 586262

Jill was thin when she started out. Jill 100% would have not gained traction when she started out back in Lolita if she was just another weeb fat white girl dressing Lolita. But I agree that the money is what keeps her following at this point.

No. 586283

Why do you need to quit your job tho? Do both

No. 586396

For real though! You need to still have money to live off of, not to mention money for equipment and software. Jumping into the YouTube game without thinking is a terrible idea. The vast majority of YouTubers never get past the hobby level and still have regular jobs. Do these people not think through anything?

No. 586562

How the fuck is a heavy curtains worth of fabric and a cardigan gonna keep you cool? This looks like total trash. It's straight up granny clothes.

How sad is your life that your dream, since you were apparently ten, was to be a lazy unboxing youtuber?

No. 586567

arizona grandmother kei uwu

No. 586886

File: 1526602056823.jpeg (516.34 KB, 1204x1807, 83E1E39C-8799-4AAB-AC7B-D7A901…)

No. 586890

JSE has a Q&A session for VIPs before the show. $10 says she tries to get JSE in on it.

No. 586928

Her face is going to hurt the outfits more than her hair. How do you look like that and think you look good in a pastel rainbow "kawaii" style?

No. 587087

File: 1526618256683.png (753.06 KB, 795x829, normal1.png)

Crude, I know, but she could be so cute without all that shit on.

No. 587279

File: 1526651187426.png (15.89 KB, 495x251, Capture.PNG)

The mods in the group are actual, literal trash at their job. I thought this was a "kid safe" group??

Also, let's just be clear that the whole point of this post is "teehee I know a hentai word" and nothing more.

No. 587406

File: 1526659815491.jpg (52.28 KB, 720x1072, FB_IMG_1526659819594.jpg)

No. 587410

File: 1526659928422.png (61.79 KB, 720x475, 20180518_171138.png)

This thread is going to be interesting to watch.

No. 587416

Why is everyone in the group so maladjusted

No. 587417

File: 1526660073595.png (142.54 KB, 720x997, 20180518_171326.png)

No. 587423

Cover. Your. GUT.

It's literally like she pulls her shirt up over her fupa for photos.

No. 587431

Bitch is nothing special, just learn how to do shit like everyone else and not spam on the internet about how you're so insecure just do shit goddamn. The Confetti Cult is just a giant trash fire collective jfc.

No. 587433

File: 1526661825152.png (19.25 KB, 472x83, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.4…)

No. 587437

Not sure what's funny? Unless it's misspelling literature, which I can excuse because it seems like English is not their first language.

No. 587446

>how do you look like that and still think you can look good period?

No. 587750

>I want to dress cute but I don’t know how
Buy some cute clothes and wear them.

>I don’t know how to do makeup

Watch some fucking YouTube tutorials and learn like everyone else.

>I’m afraid of what people will think of me

Then wearing any kind of alternative fashion is not for you. No matter how polished or put together you look, other people will still think you look weird. Either get over it and wear what you want, or don’t.

Why do people act like this stuff is so hard? Getting started in whatever fashion is as simple as buying the clothes and wearing them. At least with Lolita I can kind of understand because newbies may not know where to shop, but it’s also not that hard to join the groups and lurk or just use fucking Google.

No. 587794


It's still amazing to me what an absolute skinwalker this girl is

No. 587823

File: 1526679372634.png (203.58 KB, 720x1228, 20180518_223536.png)

An entire post just to humble brag

No. 587825

File: 1526679390154.png (182.8 KB, 720x1204, 20180518_223558.png)

No. 587843

>Video posted two hours ago.
>This comment posted 2 hours ago.
> less than 50 views.

Possibly the most obvious self post ever.

No. 587856

Fucking yuck. Half the things in the beginning almost sound word for world like Jillian's in her video.

I wouldn't necessarily say that considering the bell stem on youtube. They probably have them on notifs.

No. 587959

File: 1526691004427.png (72.84 KB, 720x511, 20180519_015015.png)

No. 587973

Dude don't play with the merchandise like that. Buy or leave the shop attendants are probably annoyed af with you.

No. 588091

Clothing looks like it’s about to fall off

No. 588321

Oh you're right. I feel bad for posting that now.

No. 588414

File: 1526743491817.png (387.9 KB, 720x752, 20180519_162300.png)

Sofia commented this on Jill's latest video. She's fucking vile. She begs and scams the internet for money because it's so urgent and she's so poor. But she has enough money to blindly support Jill?

No. 588472

I will never, ever understand why these people think having 'i'll put your name in the description/veerrry end of the video!'

even more confusing is why, unless they have a channel/whatever to promote, and even further assuming she'd be arsed to include link, anyone thinks spending $5-$10 or more a month is money well spent.

I wish I had money to piss away like that.

No. 588480

the fact that most of her fans are younger than her, students, 'disabled' etc., makes this all the more tacky and self-absorbed.

get a fucking job.

No. 588522

File: 1526751718125.png (62.38 KB, 695x496, 20180519_184126.png)

Why do they need help with every little thing jfc

No. 588531

Any person I've ever supported on Patron I've done purely because I believe the 'content' the produce is of great quality. For instance a YouTuber I support makes 40 min videos that are well produced and many of them involve him having to travel to a certain location to film them.

Jill, however, is making very low effort videos that are very run of the mill in every single way. The money people are pledging is going to fund her lifestyle, buying crappy clothes and children's toys. It's just a glorified way for fangirls to give gifts and try to get attention from Jill.
She even says she's doing good right now and doesn't need the money, yet she doesn't mind taking money from her fans who are all impressionable children and lonely sick people. What a cunt…

No. 588587

because they have no original thoughts of their own. even with their ~super unique and kawaii~ clothes they can't even coordinate without copying one another

No. 588593

all of these posts are 1/2 humble bragging 1/2 sheep mentality. they want everyone to know how uwu kawaii they are, and want people to ooh and aah, but they also want people to tell them if it's dumb.

No. 588631

put them on your effing clothes like they are supposed to be ffs

No. 588720

File: 1526763786873.png (507.49 KB, 720x1005, 20180519_220306.png)


No. 588905

Just make an itabag, but make sure all your pins are #MahoShoujo so Jillian will like and share it.
No original thought at all. Isn't the whole point of fashion like this to have some originality or uniqueness?

No. 589190

File: 1526815078943.png (70.63 KB, 687x535, 20180520_121637.png)

No. 589192

File: 1526815457466.png (400.88 KB, 720x900, 20180520_122417.png)

No. 589223

Imagine being this far up Jill's ass

No. 589305

File: 1526830319439.png (165.45 KB, 720x793, 20180520_163134.png)

No. 589309

File: 1526830745671.png (110.91 KB, 720x650, 20180520_163446.png)

>>587410 so many munchies

No. 589314

File: 1526831106768.png (89.5 KB, 720x541, 20180520_164433.png)

>>587410 why do these cows think opening an etsy constitutes as a full time job?

No. 589316

File: 1526831216599.png (31.1 KB, 627x207, 20180520_164711.png)

No. 589323

Because running a successful store whether online or brick and mortar is a full time job. Are they going to be at that point anytime soon? Hell no, but it doesn't make it less of a real job. A store owner is a store owner.

No. 589328

What does completing a course mean? Does she mean she complete two classes or what?

I don't think she is a munchie. After spending a lot of time on similar communities there are a lot of chronically ill people online who say they have too much depression/anxiety to work.

I agree

No. 589341

File: 1526833776057.png (83.62 KB, 720x829, 20180520_172936.png)

Her fans are delusional

No. 589642

File: 1526850425684.png (138.67 KB, 720x861, 20180520_220653.png)

I'm surprised she hasn't been banned yet for triggering all of the fatties

No. 589647


she should absolutely get banned for posting dangerous pro ana videos on the site. doesn't matter if jill truly had an ED or not, this is not appropiate for a club of clueless insecure teenage girls who still have no personality of their own. underweight or not, jill should know… hell, jill should have a video warning her fans about these type of shit. that is not cool at all. go to myproana with that "858 calories but its all i need in the day i swear <3". i'm fucking 5'0 and even i can't live on 858 calories for the day.

are the comments milky already?


>After spending a lot of time on similar communities there are a lot of chronically ill people online who say they have too much depression/anxiety to work.

>actually believing this pink haired retards pretending to have too much anxiety to bag groceries

No. 589669

Why does this person feel the need to even upload something like that? Energy drinks and a cheap burrito. The whole reason of those videos is to show preferably healthier meal ideas, not show off how little you can eat to a bunch of young girls who are easily influenced.

No. 589670


heres a hooktube version that won't give skelly any views or money. if anyone was that curious. its all garbage food and zero-calories drinks, as if anyone is suprised.

she's ugly and doesn't seem underweight whatsoever, just wannarexic bait. skip, its just some generic tumblr bitch making a fake deep vlog, as expected. lying about how often she does this too probably or hiding other shit she's eating. hopefully she grows out of this phase and learns ED is a serious thing one day.


No. 589681

File: 1526852038452.png (465.5 KB, 655x368, rfgyhuolpñ.PNG)


because its what ana communities are all about. this is what they tell you to eat. unhealthy shit but "as long as you don't go over 1000 calories!!". and praising coke zero all fucking day. maybe some rice cakes too while you're at it. its all shit.

she's one of those people who have nice collarbones no matter what. but the rest of her body isn't skelly. she seems fine to me. skinnier than jill but not skelly jill either. sad thing is if she keeps looking for validation in ana communities she's going to keep losing weight till its all bones and nothing else.

No. 589690

File: 1526852499241.jpg (79.14 KB, 721x720, 7e99311b-6cf5-4d78-8121-d20a31…)


compare that to her profile pic where she's sucking the fuck out of herself and trying so hard to pose in a way that makes her look skinnier

>rainbow party kei sweater

>her tags say "Boi uwu"
>faking serious mental illness
she's the confetti club starter pack. she's already deleting everything so it doesn't matter.

No. 589717

She can flaunt her collarbones all she wants, but that doesn’t get rid of her chub arms, legs, and boobs. She even tries to hunch and bend over in >>589690 to hide her chest and arms. Her body is skinnyfat but not ana like she thinks. And energy drinks, soda, popsicles, and burritos aren’t going to help her on her ~weight loss journey~.

No. 589795

File: 1526857335652.png (597.97 KB, 640x1136, CEB6D1FF-5175-4AD4-915E-29AD81…)


No. 589799

File: 1526857479492.png (380.69 KB, 640x1136, EA029FB9-38E0-4E83-B501-A92E1C…)

Yea because real transgender people love writing that

No. 589859

OT but wtf is all that dirt on her lens? So distracting, at least clean your camera before filming a whole vlog ffs

No. 589978

Transgender boi has girl name and girl twice on public profile. Sad

No. 590037

No doubting if she ever catches wind of this she'll change everything but she also has she/her as her fb pronouns.

No. 590038

File: 1526884655565.png (34.25 KB, 1205x675, 858.png)


Why do I feel like I'm having to test my eyes?

Nothing about that video was aesthetic at all, btw. It looked like she was trying to make a Princess Mei type video but it's crappy and boring.

No. 590122

Erm, Anon, no offence, but this girl isn't skinny in any way. She's a fucking chubby ana-chan wannabe. What a joke.

No. 590229

File: 1526915430800.png (201.28 KB, 714x1120, 20180521_152719.png)

>>589309 deffo a munchie

No. 590231

File: 1526915612328.png (48.2 KB, 720x299, 20180521_161321.png)

This was on a fun facts about you thread w h y

No. 590235

File: 1526915747557.png (51.35 KB, 720x320, 20180521_161533.png)

>>590231 this reminds me of Jill's video when her mum humble brags about Jill's reading abilities

No. 590238

>works at Hot Topic

Every time.

No. 590244

>lady bits
um isn't that transphobic UwU

No. 590245

File: 1526917532429.png (125.87 KB, 720x783, 20180521_164446.png)

Imagine bragging about being almost retarded

No. 590254

>oversharing in confetti club group
>almost retarded
you don't need to be so generous anon

No. 590280

Definitely a munchie, how convenient that this disease is associated with EDS and POTS.

No. 590477

File: 1526937195020.png (918.23 KB, 720x1223, 20180521_221240.png)

What a caption

No. 590478

File: 1526937276509.png (761.86 KB, 720x894, 20180521_221431.png)

Found in #partykei

No. 590519

why can't these fuckers just have normal people names for once

No. 590527


this is a fun look if you're going to a rave or a similar nighttime event with a lot of blacklights and ONLY IF. it would look so jarring and ridiculous in a mundane environment in broad daylight.

No. 590611

So did they fat shame you or not?
Even in Disneyland, they have to make up an issue.

No. 590672

File: 1526951558759.png (138.45 KB, 720x978, 20180522_021209.png)

Why can't any of them manage to keep a job ffs

No. 590678

Bc they’re taking inspo from Jill.

No. 590783

I'm waiting on the story too. Don't leave us hanging, you fool. I wanna read their sad excuse of "disney fatshaming me". She ain't even looking that fat compared to others from the CC tbh. Smh.

No. 590807

Guess they should have continued their studies, since the retardation presented later in life.

No. 590810

File: 1526961635826.jpeg (734.07 KB, 1242x1795, D1691CD9-AE04-430A-9EFA-B62037…)

No. 590811

File: 1526961681115.jpeg (785.23 KB, 1242x1797, 0E14C869-10A6-41A6-9068-A9C247…)

No. 590906

I am fucking hollering

No. 591054

Hey, maybe she's trying to teach the group how to shower.

No. 591057

I think it's called confirmation bias. They see what Jillian has done as being successful, but they don't see the people who've followed her steps and have failed.
It's kinda sad cause only children are swayed that easily.

No. 591375

This stupid bitch still doesn't get it, but i'm so glad other people called her out.

No. 591444

judgemental bitch. She doesn't need to talk about women constantly… or at all, to be attracted to them.

She doesn't need to ever make her dating profiles to include looking for women as well as men to be bi.

She doesn't need to have ever dated, had sex with, been in love with or ever even be sexually and/or romantically involved with a woman to be bi.

All she has to do is say she is and how dare you invalidate her screamingly obvious hetero - or, homosexuality.

No. 591468

oh fuck me. i somehow posted this in the wrong thread and took too long to notice; now I can't delete it.

can a mod delete it, or is this stuck here?

No. 591761

File: 1527060257296.png (85.44 KB, 720x598, 20180523_081901.png)

No. 591763

File: 1527060421009.png (373.98 KB, 720x752, 20180523_082021.png)

That tiny ring forced onto her sausage finger kek

No. 591804


pretty ring, looks really painful though

No. 591814

Was this misfire aimed at the Kelly thread? lmao

No. 591886

How? It's people constantly bragging while also beating themselves up and pretending to be shit that doesn't exist.
The CC will make you a delusional, easily triggered SJW.

No. 591946

i tried and i failed. but yeah, i really, really don't like Kelly.

and i mean, her and Jill were brown nosing each other for a while there, so… she could be almost an honourary confetti cub cow.

No. 591981

File: 1527094068738.png (49.31 KB, 720x466, 20180523_174726.png)

This is going to be Jill in a few months

No. 591987

File: 1527094288481.png (31.61 KB, 654x274, 20180523_175001.png)

obviously sexism is a real issue but I bet this cow went to school looking like a complete mess and got made fun of by some boys and obvs that sexist

No. 592000


you know sometimes i see some girls dressing weird get posted in lolcow and think "if that same outfit was on some cute japanese girl with circle lenses… at least one anon would be eating that shit up". but the confetti clubs looks are so fucking bad that its kinda special.

like no one could make that look good. those outfits couldn't be salvaged by anyone, bitches really blind. it's impressive how ugly the shit they put together is.



>please like this post and comment compliments to cure my fake depression

whenever they keep things vague like that its 100% because they're actually not going through something worth giving a shit about but want attention anyway

No. 592106


No. 592109

make sure to set aside time for self care uwu take a bath drink some tea rewatch your fave pixielocks vids~ if you procrastinate too much and run out of time it's okay bby you're trying ur best <3 so proud of you!

No. 592121

File: 1527102839896.png (78.38 KB, 616x545, 20180523_201342.png)

>>590811 fucking hell

No. 592122

File: 1527102906434.png (84.86 KB, 648x603, 20180523_201517.png)

No. 592132

File: 1527103415145.png (196.24 KB, 720x1147, 20180523_202224.png)

No. 592134

File: 1527103475754.png (428.31 KB, 720x1220, 20180523_202337.png)

>>592132 the same person boo hoo I'm so super depressed all I can't brush my hair but I can travel the world and keep up an aesthetic Insta. Why do they always fake issues for attention?

No. 592135

File: 1527103603689.png (493.98 KB, 720x845, 20180523_202612.png)

>>592134 I have such horrible body issues, yet I dress like this give me validation pls

No. 592147

Even though it's a joke I still want to punch someone.

No. 592159

File: 1527105543249.png (86.97 KB, 750x833, IMG_2405.PNG)

Jfc this girl edits herself to hell and back 1/2

No. 592162

File: 1527105589054.png (85.75 KB, 750x872, IMG_2406.PNG)

No. 592167

File: 1527106153272.png (184.13 KB, 720x1135, 20180523_210911.png)

No. 592173

File: 1527106311275.jpg (67.47 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1527106301426.jpg)

They're all so melodramatic

No. 592175

File: 1527106327771.jpg (63.25 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1527106305478.jpg)

No. 592181


did they seriously see someone else got attention by posting "i'm sad and anxious uwu dae" so they went and posted a variation of the same shit? fucking hell


>"weird" clothes help with my dissasociation

>tryhard quirky rambling

why do they ALL fucking pretend to have mental illness. shut the fuck up and finish high school.

No. 592187

> Its me again with the belittling grandma…

For some reason this identifier made me die laughing

No. 592188


Dear god. There are plenty of ways to dress colorfully without looking like a goddamn deranged clown. Why do they act like wearing this shit is the only way to show their ~true personality~ as if they're 13 year olds forced to wear school uniforms?

No. 592191

File: 1527107358827.png (88.41 KB, 720x913, 20180523_212859.png)

You don't have an eating disorder Eliza you fat fuck

No. 592199

Eliza stop asking for diet advice from children and go to a fucking dietician or therapist

No. 592201

what extreme da fuck, losing 100g?

No. 592210

File: 1527108507603.jpg (82.63 KB, 720x960, 1523063993421.jpg)


eliza you gained 80 POUNDS in a year!! EIGHTY!!! you are as far away as possible from an anorexic! self diagnosing ED's do not make them real!

guys i think she's doing this because jill posted about battling with EDs a few days ago. she must have seen it. absolutely pathetic skinwalking behavior. pretty sure jill talked about not wanting to relapse too so she had to include it to get her attention. oh god eliza is one of those fatties that thinks calorie deficit for a day means starving yourself to death. literally delusion. also ignoring calories because it triggers you is exactly why you're not losing weight you dumb bitch. even jill must have rolled her eyes to this shit.

No. 592220

File: 1527109242950.jpg (514.76 KB, 1080x1557, 1526587720912.jpg)


this is from may 17 in the afternoon. guess what jill posted in her personal facebook on may 17? she posted a DM of her telling Megan she helped her with her ED and with relapsing. eliza is friends with jill in her personal facebook btw.

No. 592228

not the first time Jill spoke about her recovery. She made an entire Video about it and apparently she ~*inspired*~ the club since it´s the new fashion to have an ED. Pathetic little confetti pack.

No. 592238


the fact this thot posted her wannarexia video on jill's page even after jill had spoken about battling with anorexia and bulimia multiple times and had so recentley talked about how hard it is again… god i hate them. she was begging them to tell her she had an ED. they really want to copy her mental illness too tf.

No. 592286

File: 1527113487358.jpg (40.53 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527113475032.jpg)

Found in a tattoo thread

No. 592291


i can't wait for the day one of this faggots gets a jill vessey tattoo.


and then she won't even link the fan or call it by its name.

No. 592341

This sounds exactly, almost word for word, like what Venus said in her weightloss surgery vid. Not eating for two days is not an issue Eliza.

No. 592395

Coloring books causing anger and anxiety. What

No. 592398

Those belly rolls

No. 592454


I think this is a quote from a song from Rent

No. 592756

File: 1527169625411.png (411.63 KB, 720x959, 20180524_144223.png)

No. 592757

File: 1527169649994.png (960.5 KB, 720x1243, 20180524_144508.png)

>>592756 …profile is full of selfies

No. 592758

Maybe she has anxiety taking pictures with other people because they look 10x better next to her.

No. 592814

File: 1527176396053.png (72.87 KB, 720x474, 20180524_163956.png)

No. 592853

She'd be a cute girl if she found clothes that fit her and grew out her hair and dyed it a different color.

No. 592855

Correction, everybody there is an ass kisser and a sheep.

No. 592889

I get what she means. "adult" coouring books are extremely intricate and my anxious ass just feels as though I'm running it, or the page is too much work to attempt.

but I'm not having mental breakdowns over it and posting online either generally speaking.

sage for blog

No. 592925

File: 1527187584233.png (62.56 KB, 720x414, 20180524_194511.png)

Holy fuck imagine being able to not pass GCSE foundation maths

No. 592964

Eh, I passed ordinary level by the skin of my teeth. This is a bit of a lousy thing to judge someone on. i had undiagnosed discalculia, but someone being shit at maths doesn't really correlate directly with the rest of their shitty behaviour(blogposting)

No. 592983

those fucking hippies

No. 593253

They even allow creepy old men in the group!

No. 593348

I think you mean 'sensitive little girls.' with 5 o'clock shadow. Which is totally feminine and kawaii.

No. 593432

I hate that all of them use those retarded typing quirks that should have died out with Tumblr in 2015.
> ;;;

I just hope some of them are just doing it to be ironic/self-deprecate a little. The thought of people writing like that unironically makes me want to kms.

No. 593476

The only reason you sit your gcse maths that many times is not studying. Lots of people fail and get it the second time, but by the fifth you probably just have to admit you’re not trying

No. 593504

File: 1527248407442.png (107.04 KB, 720x999, 20180525_123957.png)

Guess who made their account private kek

No. 593507

File: 1527248536572.png (550.27 KB, 720x1016, 20180525_124133.png)

>>593504 she's still being a munchie in the confetti cult tho

No. 593509

File: 1527248574062.jpg (26.75 KB, 672x960, FB_IMG_1527248475408.jpg)

No. 593527

File: 1527250689805.png (339.85 KB, 720x1040, 20180525_131807.png)

She's back

No. 593528

File: 1527250876796.png (253.82 KB, 718x633, 20180525_132045.png)

Then why go by a girls name?

No. 593541

File: 1527252784481.jpg (66.61 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527252772999.jpg)

No. 593542

File: 1527252799438.jpg (42.31 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527252777213.jpg)

No. 593543

File: 1527252815694.jpg (48.85 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527252780485.jpg)

No. 593554

damn and i thought jill's eyebrows were horrible. this is just a monstrosity.

No. 593693

Oh lord, she has zero upper lip

No. 593695

These people are so fucking pathetic. If you want to dress how you want, do it, but don't expect every single person you meet to praise you. If you're this thin skinned, then alt fashion isn't for you, honey

No. 593762

File: 1527273797300.png (1.12 MB, 720x959, 20180525_194313.png)

No. 593767

File: 1527274001997.jpg (26.84 KB, 720x405, FB_IMG_1527274012625.jpg)

No. 593779

You sure this isn’t an actual child who found glitter glue and rubbed it all over their face?

No. 593790

File: 1527276176947.png (958.91 KB, 720x1006, 20180525_202231.png)

>>593779 they're definitely an adult (posting a child because it's not their face)

No. 593871

File: 1527283713971.jpg (41.92 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1527283701024.jpg)

Eliza pre being a land whale what a shame

No. 593872

File: 1527283734047.jpg (71.45 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527283686389.jpg)

No. 593908

That's depressing, she was so cute

No. 593911

>>593908 someone needs to make before and after posters for the next thread pic

No. 593921

File: 1527285384274.jpg (29.74 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1527285382348.jpg)

No. 593936

File: 1527286658766.png (4.02 MB, 4248x2216, CC uniform.png)

Reposted from the last thread but holy shit, she's actually wearing the first uniform almost exactly. Sheep.

What fucking year is it? They dress like it's 2007. Graver looking shit that way WAY out of style.

Wtf she's really cute. Why did she have to try and copy Jillian? She looks horrible now.

No. 594049

She looks like an overgrown baby. This haircut is a mistake. All of her fashion is a mistake

No. 594054

File: 1527297272586.jpg (76.01 KB, 720x960, 1523063964272.jpg)


oh my god she was actually beautiful i'm so sad. the other "pre party kei" examples posted are still kinda ugly to me but… eliza, the most annoying of them all, was a straight up lesbian cutie. i can't believe this shit. she fucking ruined herself entirely. eliza actually used to be above jill's league, and now she's a forever obese cuck who is never going to be noticed by that uggo. man i hate this.

No. 594073

eliza has cee lo green arms

No. 594106

Well at least we know she isn’t gay for cool points

No. 594197

HOLY SKIN WALKER. Literally, can't even get through it but when she starts talking about those shoes, I swear she's got to be rewatching Jill's vids several times over and taking notes because when she starts talking about the shoes, it was literally Jill's words. From the 1:20 "hehe" to the yellow teeth. but seriously at 1:40 to 1:49 that's literally word for word something Jill has said. Even the rhythm of her words.

No. 594215

Watch the rest of her videos, she tries to be Jill.

No. 594255

File: 1527328576724.jpeg (125.88 KB, 640x640, 2B86CA12-E362-4569-8937-B7E9BE…)

What are you guys talking about? Do you know anything about disordered eating? It’s possible for people “recovering” from restrictive disorders to gain weight and swing in the other direction because they don’t understand healthy eating habits or moderation. I’ve also known recovering anorexics who became obsessed with fitness and working out, they became super muscular.

I’m not saying she does or ever had an eating disorder. But the fact she gained so much so quickly does speak to a fucked up relationship with food.

No. 594476

Holy shit she even sounds like…like Jill? The voice is only slightly off but the way she pauses when she talks and the TONE she uses when she speaks? What the fuck.

No. 594498

File: 1527358462380.png (356.67 KB, 720x704, 20180526_191420.png)

No. 594500

File: 1527358868835.png (78.84 KB, 718x538, 20180526_192020.png)

Not particularly milky but just a reminder that Sofia will soon officially be kicked out of her parents house. I can't wait for the next chapter in this cows life.

No. 594580

4:07 she even does a very Jill "sassy" thing. And obviously the yellow hair. She's probably the most interesting skinwalker to me. She's even like the wild and crazy aunt that would be opposite to Jill's version lel

No. 594739

She reminds me of Lolly if anyone remembers her
90s adults dressing as children thing+kawaii= confetti club

No. 594743

I think Instagram/SM as a whole has a part to play with all these terrible lewks.
Actually beautiful people do their hair, makeup, clothes like the people in CC, to get attention online (it works). Those actually attractive people look good wearing anything, but the bright colours and styles stand out so people copy.

People are used to being influenced by fashion trends in magazines and stores and maybe looking sorta good. The internet introduces unvetted trends that only look good on certain people, this ends up being seen by a lot of people who correlate the popularity and admiration with the fashion when that isn't the case.
Confetti Club and all the trend following types are the result

No. 594762

I only liked maybe 1 thing out the entire video. It’s all so cheap looking. And that varsity like jacket is s satin nightmare, what makes it worse the image is printed on the satin. I hate to imagine the amount of wasted money on all this cheap clothing.

No. 594776

God her fucking voice, it makes me want to punch her and the copycat language doesn't help ugh. These girls are pathetic.

No. 594964


don't armchair, we can't know if she had a real ED or not. so making fun off her looks and weight gain is not off grounds now. she's ugly as fuck and completely let herself go. posting other recovering people with ED still does not prove Eliza had one and the fact you're whiteknighting her is sad. we don't know anon.

No. 595016

I don't think they were whiteknighting anon. Everyone on here has armchaired a CC member one time or another, normally to say they don't have an illness, which is more believable than if they did.

I think they were being informative and giving a different perspective.
Don't get triggered about that.

No. 595267

File: 1527446001121.jpg (45.39 KB, 620x1280, FB_IMG_1527445920147.jpg)

No. 595277

File: 1527447483515.jpg (83.24 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527447458752.jpg)

Why are they all obsessed with peeps

No. 595296

if I had a daughter older than like, 8 or so, with a room like this? I'd feel like I failed somewhere along the way.

No. 595338

Because Jill is obsessed with peeps.

No. 595342

think of how much money was wasted on all of that magical girl stuff too. nothing wrong with spending money on useless shit you like but these girls are always complaining about being poor when they have this stuff

No. 595352

I’m not whiteknighting her, I don’t even know who she is outside the pictures mocking her weight. But sayin someone can’t have had an eating disorder because they’re fat is silly.
>I’m not saying she does or ever had an eating disorder
Review what I actually said. I don’t know if she does or doesn’t but anon’s logic is flawed. I didn’t say making fun of her weight is off limits, you’re projecting. I said it’s possible she did or does have a disorder. And the fact she’s fat doesn’t disprove her saying she’s in recovery. That’s all.

No. 595393

their magical girl collection is actually pretty impressive if its all authentic, though the kids bedsheet and other decor looks like a little kids room

No. 595613

I'm impressed and somewhat jealous of the wands however, I think her room looking childish is probably because it may be her childhood room. Like, she likely still lives with her parents.

No. 595628

She got the crazy eyes

No. 595803

>>595352 if you don't know who she is, lurk harder. Hee not having an eating disorder isn't just because of her weight. Eliza is a total cow.

No. 596008

File: 1527531315662.png (77.95 KB, 720x506, 20180528_191424.png)

This bitch is really going all out to skin walk.

No. 596013

why would she not just go to someone appropriate at her school to find this out?

Why do these people go out of their way to act as helpless, stupid and desperate for any kind of attention as possible?
Is this type of person becoming more common, or is it just that the internet is making it easier and easier for like to find like?

No. 596031

File: 1527533287761.png (32.88 KB, 688x341, 20180528_194804.png)

The clinic is so milky

No. 596150

File: 1527543587458.png (991.07 KB, 720x1020, 20180528_223955.png)

No. 596178

Who was the long-term crush?

No. 596180

>>596178 Lucas. He's in a lot of her insta photos.

No. 596183

>feels bad

No. 596186

Is this confirmed? He doesn't seem like Jillybean's type.

No. 596188

>>596186 someone from jill's life confirmed on her thread, but there's no evidence beside their word. They didn't offer any verification to their identity. So there's a chance it's not real, but Tracey and Jill are confirmed not friends anymore.

No. 596399

Jill did go to his NYE party for sure, and she was going to upload a vlog from there, but after the fact, she decided not to. Probably a combination of all the underage drinking and that she spent the night with him.

No. 596715


>i'm going from Engineering to Art/Sciences

i literally cannot imagine making a more retarded decision. and i'm no fucking stem lord. but any idiot should know that this sounds terrible. the fact that people are supporting this shit too… she's gonna regret that. a lot


we know what anorexia is. we also know eliza is an attention seeeker and nothing else. lurk harder. don't believe any confetti club sob story like ever.

No. 596719

>>596713 there's a strong possibility that she's going to the same college as jill too, as she lives near the college.

No. 597235

Am I the only one who can't find the latest Jill thread? Did it get deleted?

No. 597245

it's on Autosage, so you'll need to dig/search for it.

No. 597339

File: 1527661914302.png (54.95 KB, 720x454, 20180530_073152.png)

Gotta remind everyone she's gay

No. 597345

File: 1527662694848.png (365.04 KB, 720x1045, 20180530_074504.png)

No. 597347

File: 1527662755396.png (63.8 KB, 671x470, 20180530_074441.png)

>>597345 the confetti cult has too much money

No. 597477

File: 1527683213930.jpg (77.31 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1527683210112.jpg)

No. 597531

File: 1527688415429.jpeg (192.7 KB, 640x1003, D9D85458-B10F-4570-A850-4F4CC5…)

Eliza keeps gaining more and more weight.

No. 597540

I can't tell, but is this a half-wig or is that fried mess her actual hair?

No. 597662


damn that shit needs a spoiler or something, fucking hair gore i'm triggered. girl cut it out

No. 597754

File: 1527705502823.jpg (30.62 KB, 720x480, FB_IMG_1527705468072.jpg)

Jill has got her minions trying to thrift flip

No. 597757

I'm baffled by her proportions. She looks like a Roz from Monsters Inc trying to be kawaii.

No. 597760

File: 1527705775491.jpg (38.71 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527705702242.jpg)

This person looks like the younger and thinner version of Newt

No. 597762

File: 1527705857005.jpg (48.09 KB, 720x967, FB_IMG_1527705862908.jpg)

From an outfit thread

No. 597763

File: 1527705963776.jpg (72.72 KB, 720x1279, FB_IMG_1527705967607.jpg)

No. 597764

File: 1527706038982.jpg (64.53 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1527706056764.jpg)

No. 597786

File: 1527707835697.jpeg (565.21 KB, 750x1068, 9C1FC780-C7A6-4A99-97E8-1F5791…)

Ontop of getting child support as an adult (assuming because her parents want her to focus on school as opposed to balancing school + work? I hope so) she expects her mom to pay her rent you really can’t make this shit up

No. 597788

>>597786 obvs anon, if ypur parents aren't paying for your own townhouse then it's totes absue and neglect!!!

No. 597799

File: 1527708684904.png (130.52 KB, 720x866, 20180530_203102.png)

>>597786 at least people are talking sense in the comments

No. 597811

she looks like stefon in an ikea

No. 597889

File: 1527715303921.png (137.72 KB, 720x830, 20180530_222105.png)

'I don't want therapy' o k

No. 597956

WTF this looks like a tree in a dress how id this a human

No. 597963

Fight the fear and step on the spider

No. 597967

You can still have a magical girl collection, but have an adult looking room. That's where i draw the line. SO much of their shit is from the actual children's section and that's creepy territory there.

wtf, so much for those ugly ass bags..

All those cheap ass clothes look like they're from H&M or forever 21

No. 597986

this is a cursed image, holy shit.

No. 597988

File: 1527721124137.jpg (35.76 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1527721033008.jpg)

>>597754 this is what she normally looks like

No. 597990

File: 1527721145220.jpg (53.87 KB, 528x960, FB_IMG_1527721107564.jpg)

No. 597992

File: 1527721166437.jpg (39.47 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1527721049872.jpg)

No. 598003

I'm normally a fan of less than traditional beauty, or flawed beauty, whatever. But this broad's a fat fucking gremlin.

No. 598084

holy crap her proportions are weird

it's like the top and bottom halves belong to different people

No. 598259

File: 1527739512362.png (14.79 KB, 482x146, Capture.PNG)

Proof that most of the CC is just thirsty for efame?

No. 598289

lmao… perfect photo to catfish annoying guys. that'll turn off any man right away. saged

No. 598391


bruh… this bitch is so ugly i kinda feel bad. a lot of the times these ugly hoes can be fixed wit a new haircut or some jeans. but this bitch needs to fix like 30 different things and some of the things wrong can't be fixed. truly, bless her heart

No. 598456

File: 1527773868378.jpg (53.85 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527773847896.jpg)

No. 598458

File: 1527773929596.jpg (38.22 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527773946704.jpg)

That parting..

No. 598459

File: 1527774011778.jpg (45.3 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527774014291.jpg)

Her septum is so shallow

No. 598462

This reminds me of that 'photoshoot' that lonbon lobster girl did

No. 598512

File: 1527782600649.png (102.26 KB, 720x637, 20180531_170301.png)

No. 598513

File: 1527782753876.png (94.85 KB, 720x691, 20180531_170532.png)

I'd be depressed if Eliza was my daughter too

No. 598551

I wonder what she talks about i therapy since she posts every thought she has to cc.

No. 598601

well, at least the shirt and pants match /optimistic

No. 598683

File: 1527794072066.png (63.78 KB, 720x480, 20180531_201412.png)

imagine changing your style just because you started watching jill fucking skinwalkers

No. 598685

File: 1527794230425.png (603.43 KB, 720x1029, 20180531_201715.png)

'Manly' o k

No. 598729

Obviously going for that dad bod'

No. 598749

the atmosphere is this picture is seriously creeping me out

No. 598754


No. 598760

Is it just me or is Newt getting fatter, I'm ready for the episode of "My 600 pound life"

No. 598793

At least Newt binded this time. Almost passes (not really)

No. 598847

File: 1527804658044.png (73.68 KB, 720x495, 20180531_231014.png)

So many people want to follow in Jill's footsteps and it's sad

No. 598865

This kind of shit is depressing. I have bad social anxiety too but (in my experience) the number one thing to help is putting yourself out there and getting used to being around people. If you just resign yourself to staying at home all the time it gets harder to deal.

No. 598979

File: 1527814983108.png (687.99 KB, 473x590, Capture.PNG)

You know, I don't hate this outfit (minus the ridiculous witch hat and the boots). The colors are cohesive, the collar on the shirt is cute, and I like the way she tucked in the shirt. None of it works to flatter her body type, but it's an improvement.

No. 598995

File: 1527816568476.png (30.27 KB, 495x278, Capture.PNG)

This is so confusing. She posts a selfie, gets asked a strange question, then gets traumatized from the responses she gets? Like, literally terrified. Imagine the conversation with her therapist. "Someone asked me a somewhat out-of-the-blue question on the internet, I answered, and then people responded! I might die"

No. 598997

File: 1527816642599.png (380.79 KB, 397x483, Capture.PNG)

Selfie in question

No. 598998

File: 1527816708613.png (45.59 KB, 459x513, Capture.PNG)

No. 599001

File: 1527817360047.png (641.97 KB, 497x538, Capture.PNG)

Of course the confetti club loves this. And of course she's too big for it.

No. 599003

That's a literal costume. Why. I wish I could slap some style into them, jesus.

No. 599038


Unfortunately for her, they only offer it in two sizes. Unless she has some mad skill to sew two of these together doubtful she shouldn't expect to fit it.

In my humble opinion I think Party City is missing a huge opportunity for not offering bigger sizes. Many gay people at Pride are fat.

No. 599082

This looks so bad. No wonder they love it

No. 599194

Her reply was stupid but why was Debbie asking anyway

imagine the therapist having to respond to this dumb shit

No. 599298

'Mom said it's my turn on the XBOX'

No. 599327

File: 1527847727910.gif (271.42 KB, 240x135, ScratchyPleasantDuiker-max-1mb…)

No. 599335

File: 1527849368155.png (29.46 KB, 460x231, 20180601_113412.png)

No. 599336

File: 1527849389797.png (86.88 KB, 720x527, 20180601_113458.png)

No. 599337

File: 1527849410035.png (56.8 KB, 720x396, 20180601_113608.png)

No. 599339

File: 1527849539230.png (67.47 KB, 720x543, 20180601_113904.png)

Th unemployment rate is astonishing

No. 599341

File: 1527849704510.png (195.38 KB, 720x1199, 20180601_114137.png)

It's so frustrating seeing all of these people being unable to help themselves because they're so retarded

No. 599343

File: 1527849872088.png (139.67 KB, 720x1078, 20180601_114450.png)


No. 599347

File: 1527850253418.png (380.36 KB, 720x1117, 20180601_115013.png)

I don't understand how anyone can look at Jill's hair and wish they had the same

No. 599348

File: 1527850271456.jpg (68.16 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527850228934.jpg)

No. 599349

File: 1527850289491.jpg (45.23 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527850231372.jpg)

No. 599352

File: 1527850705744.png (751.01 KB, 716x1109, 20180601_115813.png)

More lying about thrift store finds

No. 599359

File: 1527851558207.jpg (24.3 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1527851576769.jpg)

No. 599366

No. 599424


In these blown-out photos and with that hairstyle, the color doesn't actually look that bad. Yet. As we know from ol' Jillybean, it's the upkeep that these girls can't handle.

No. 599425

Seriously. Just stand up for yourself, dammit. That's literally all it takes. When you're getting blamed for things you didn't do, SAY THAT. If you feel like you're being worked to the bone, SAY THAT. There were comments on the posts telling her exactly that, and I'm sure she didn't pay attention to any of them.

Unfortunately, the only way to get ahead in the workforce is to be a bit selfish, brazen, and outspoken. Otherwise (unless you work somewhere exceptionally nice), you will be exploited for all they can get out of you for as little as they can pay you. You have to actively ask for things like higher pay, a more manageable workload, etc. It doesn't just get handed to you if you look upset enough.

No. 599430

File: 1527861367473.jpeg (531.27 KB, 750x730, 2D0339CB-CCD2-4446-85E1-F56884…)

is it fair to suggest her as the headlining cow for next thread’s OP

No. 599431

Other than being weird looking, I don't think she's too big a cow. She hasn't said much in the way of embarrassing things, and her outfits, while bad, aren't as bad as others imo.

No. 599448

>>599431 agreed. She's ugly but not milky. Right now I'm thinking a Sofia mehlitz 2.0 as she's still being milky af. We've got all of her clothing pricing being broke down, as well as her switching majors to skin walk. Her meltdown is also epic.

No. 599458

File: 1527864076154.png (24.91 KB, 493x235, Capture.PNG)

Hooooly shit. Imagine being so fragile and entitled.

No. 599470

Is it just me, or has the CC and the clinic been getting worse lately? By worse, I mean the posts are getting whinier, less constructive, and less interesting. People seem to be reveling in the everyone's-a-victim, no-personal-responsibility-here mentality of these groups, and it's starting to greatly affect them. Back in the original CC groups that imploded, there were posts with at least some individuality and thought put into them. They were still garbage outfits and weird selfies, but it was a whole lot less of what the CC is now: five people sharing the same video, everyone wearing the same shirt, the same couple questions asked over and over, and almost zero visible mod/admin presence.

The clinic is especially bad now. How many posts a day are there like "omg someone looked at me weird in public desu, I don't think I should wear these clothes anymore, should I tell me therapist?" or "my parents don't accept that I'm queer/trans/wearing rainby vomit/won't get a job/refuse to learn to drive and that's abuse??? here's a link to my gofundme"? And almost ZERO of the comments say anything to challenge that at all.

It's a strange thing to witness. All of these young, impressionable girls come into a group where they're encouraged to "be themselves" which is inherently appealing, and I can see why there is such rapid growth happening. But then it turns out that you can't actually be yourself in these groups, because if you're not actively contributing to the hugbox, you're being mean, or ableist, or triggering, or any other epithet they can think of to dismiss viewpoints contrary to their own. So these girls are molded into exact copies of each other, and it just grows and grows. The main CC group now has 2100 confetti clones. Will it reach 5000? 10,000?

What do you think the ultimate conclusion of these groups will be? What's the shelf-life for a community this echo-chambery?

No. 599481

File: 1527866285757.png (539.58 KB, 865x493, oof.PNG)

No. 599494

Tbh Jill and the CC make me hate everything rainbow related in terms of clothing. The shirt (and also the abthing suit Jill wears in her instagram post) I thought of as at least kinda cute to wear as a quirk or something but now it was tainted and I fear people gonna think I'm one of the CC tards.

No. 599495

No. 599498

There are so few of them, anon. Don't let them warp your perceptions of cute. Just because they wear it doesn't automatically make it bad. Wear it better than them. It's not hard.

No. 599515

>>599505 are you trying to out yourself or?

No. 599517

I imagine some shit show drama fest will happen eventually and the whole thing will get shutdown. And I'm not surprised it's gotten whinier, the entire group is based around incessant griping about normal things in life, but label it as abuse. I mean the people on there are kinda bottom tier folks, that's probably how they'll be for the rest of their life.

No. 599526

The CC discord is pretty dry with occasional bitching in either the nsfw or vent channels. Gives me a good laugh once in a while seeing how stupid some people in there are.. and how easily triggered most are.

No. 599534

Watch an admin delete you for literally time stamping when you were added. Retard.

No. 599548

No. Just don't go cowtip and make this thread go into autosage.

No. 599575

File: 1527878576538.png (804.3 KB, 795x880, 20180601_194239.png)

Found in #partykei

No. 599576

File: 1527878725377.png (1019.07 KB, 720x1092, 20180601_194535.png)

That fried hair

No. 599639

File: 1527886497375.png (143.73 KB, 720x1060, 20180601_215424.png)


No. 599659

File: 1527889633086.jpg (30.3 KB, 312x652, FB_IMG_1527889639140.jpg)

No. 599791

File: 1527901256306.png (45.04 KB, 490x542, 98798709.png)

No. 599820


i might be in the minority here and thats okay but i dont see anything terribly wrong with this. a pet is a pet and its kind of dickish for the husband to be so insensitive to his wifes upset for the poor health of the animal imo, and also its only $25

No. 599831

yeah, i think this is one of the very few times one of these confetti club members has an actual, legitimate issue. Her husband sounds like a complete and utter cretin.

No. 599843

That's utterly miserable, it's like it's something straight out of a gritty fifties biopic. If the confetti children can keep giving handouts to middle class teenage space princes, they should at least pony up £25 for this.

This could look less horrifying if she just had some volume in her hair, a simple pale tee and some make-up but the confetti fuckers just keep lying and circlejerking to each other

No. 599849

also not to mention the fact that the husband doesnt want to help pay for the daycare like df is this not your child also like he sounds like an absolute nightmare of a person/situation (in the long term)

No. 599896

idk it seems like it could be reasonable to me. one person on one wage is paying for rent, food, needs for not only himself, but also his wife and kid. i doubt he has the money for daycare on top of that.

No. 599918

Yeah she should try and do a go fund me for the 25 dollars and then leave her husband. He sounds like a complete asshole.

No. 599980

"work is physically and emotionally draining"
yes… it is… that's why it's called work… it's not supposed to be really really fun and easy… it requires spending energy and effort… it requires…….. work………………

No. 600004

Late, but this person looks like two people standing on top of eachother. I don't trust like that.

No. 600040


Wrong pic?

No. 600041

File: 1527935133640.png (290.31 KB, 720x1114, 20180602_110236.png)

No. 600042

File: 1527935181599.jpg (43.4 KB, 640x1136, FB_IMG_1527933762373.jpg)

>>600041 they're so sensitive

No. 600044

File: 1527935263147.jpg (96.1 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1527935287479.jpg)


No. 600045

maybe remove your icon next time lmao

No. 600046

I think they're reposting the screenshot that the girl posted

No. 600048

>>600045 it's a repost

No. 600049

File: 1527936805632.jpg (44.45 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1527936825086.jpg)

No. 600050

ah, sorry, i jumped to conclusions

No. 600065

same here, I have social anxiety and work in customer service. It helped me so much (I still have ppl though lmao)

No. 600068

I think that might be a bot she's getting upset at.

No. 600201

is anyone having problems finding jillian's thread? it's completely disappeared for me for the past few weeks. can someone send me a link?

No. 600207

>>600201 it's on auto sage. Just Google thread 25.

No. 600210

File: 15279