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File: 1524429918022.jpg (54.86 KB, 540x960, 30708542_2053027244712275_2067…)

No. 562452

Current phase: Gay

Facebook (currently deleted but may come back) https://www.facebook.com/abby.brown.900

Some background:
>Known for radically shifting "phases" often involving scene or emo aesthetics.
>Is extremely religious and homophobic
>Posts embarrassingly bad raps online including ones where she uses the n word
>Has a nasty boyfriend who she breaks up with and gets back together with every so often
>Gets large ugly tattoos to match each phase and then gets them removed when she moves on
>Live at home with her parents who seem to not be bothered by her
>Popular theory that she shops specifically from the clearance section at Hot Topic
>Current phase is Melanie Martinez, may or may not be into ddlg
>Posted a video of herself riding out of Walmart on a children's bike while dressed like a baby

New milk:
-Lil xan phase
-Got a butchered face tattoo
-Broke up with Willie. Did facebook live of him being arrested
-Came out as gay
-Got a girlfriend with 2 days. She's homeless and has gone to prison multiple times
-Deleted her facebook after someone pretended to be her as a joke.

No. 562457

It wasn't a joke. She did it with the intent of causing her to have a breakdown. Bad OP for a few reasons, IMO.

No. 562460

The person also formally worked with handicapped people according to the last thread

No. 562461

before this entire thread gets derailed by some other batshit crazy chick, can someone please make another thread for the cows from her facebook group?

No. 562465

File: 1524430491387.png (6.83 KB, 283x148, handicapped.PNG)

Yes. Fail to see how a batshit cow who formerly worked with the handicapped, who should know better, admitting her intent to cause serious harm is 'a joke'.

No. 562468

File: 1524430563672.jpeg (115.94 KB, 540x960, 07BB1373-FDA7-45CD-9FF4-E26183…)

This OP sounds like it was written by Kyle Smith.

Kyle is a ween who tried to troll Abby by dressing up as Abby and posting a picture pretending to be her on that weird Facebook Abby Brown Fan Cult page. She justified her weak attempt at trolling by saying she was trying to initiate a “Liquid Abby” saga, a la Chris Chan. (And proved to all of us how laughably new she is to the internet in general by acting as if knowing who Chris Chan is was a big deal.)

She posted a long justification for her actions in the previous thread and somehow managed to make herself sound even more pathetic than if she had just left it alone. She’s an overweight, malformed ween who picks on Abby and deliberately tries to tip the cow for her own 15 seconds of fame, once again proving that fat ugly chicks will do anything for attention.

Your OP sucks anon, and glosses over most of the important stuff that happened in the previous thread, like her face tattoo.

No. 562469

Get out of my brain I was just thinking this myself.

No. 562470

maybe y'all should make a new thread before the 1200 mark

No. 562471

Thank god everyone seems to agree with this. Such a lackluster and overall shit OP.

No. 562473

File: 1524430830302.jpeg (55.63 KB, 539x960, 0EA284D7-47D7-49DD-8580-1207F5…)

No. 562477

File: 1524430910127.jpg (3.05 MB, 2417x3076, 20180422_150916.jpg)

No. 562479

Yeah I was finishing one up but this one beat me to it

No. 562480

Maybe dumbasses shouldn’t make the thread when they aren’t qualified.

No. 562481


you got make that shit at 1100 or this happens

No. 562482

Do you still have yours? Would it be in bad taste to move threads?

No. 562484

Post the one you were working on so we can use that one plz

No. 562485

File: 1524431098895.jpeg (178.8 KB, 1280x720, 0CD905A2-BB2A-41F8-AC11-CA1902…)

No. 562487

I got kicked within 5 minutes from the “Abby brown fan cult” page for suggesting people don’t drive her off facebook again when she comes back. that whole group is an autistic hugbox

No. 562489

Some background:
>Known for radically shifting
"phases" often involving scene or emo aesthetics.
>Is extremely religious and homophobic
>Posts embarrassingly bad raps online including ones where she uses the n word
>Has a nasty boyfriend who she breaks up with and gets back together with every so often, currently dating "only girlie girls"
>Gets large ugly tattoos to match each phase and then gets them removed when she moves on
>Live at home with her parents who seem to not be bothered by her
>Popular theory that she shops specifically from the clearance section at Hot Topic
>sells them on poshmark when she's done
>Posted a video of herself riding out of Walmart on a children's bike while dressed like a baby

>Got a huge crybaby tattoo, ended Melanie Martinez phase two days later
>enter Lil Xan phase and a brand new face tat
>stick and poked her own face, had it gone over again in a shop
>broke up with gross boyfriend Willie , dated another boy for two days, got back with gross boyfriend willie. broke up for good when the cops dragged him away, livestreamed it on facebook
>announced she is now gay, but still into lol xan
>declares she only wants to date girlie girls
>dated homeless jailbird girl she liked in middle school for one day
>broke up when her parents wouldn't let her in the house and she had a bunch of warrants for stealing
>has been wearing the same two Lil Xan hoodies for about a month now
>facebook weens chased her off by posting stupid memes of her and pictures of themselves dressed like her in a desire to kick off a "Liquid Abby" saga
>got herself post blocked from fb
>weens show up in lolcow threads, are fat and just as poorly dressed and beg to be doxed

No. 562493

Yeah I got caught up with IRL, figured I had a minute lmao

No. 562499

also said they wanted her to go on an 'absolute bender' (e.g., a mental breakdown). i think the 'extremely homophobic' thing is a little dated. she's getting better, and it's not at all uncommon for religious kids, esp impressionable, quasi-borderline intellectually disabled, to just parrot what their parents tell them. she's not as bad now, and she really wasn't that bad in the beginning tbqh. the only ones that think her homoophobia was soOooOo criminal are tumblr gendersmoothie rainbow background possible fujoshit ballbags like kyle (so, basically everyone in the fb group).

No. 562508

lmao I just saved this to use in the fan club autist thread

No. 562512

This thread is a mess from the start. The only replies about Abby are in defense of a cow, otherwise it's all about other people.

No. 562518

how does one join this cult

please, for the third time, can you post a screenshot of the bender quote

yeah i think this thread got taken over by facebook normies tbh

No. 562521

It’s right here

No. 562532

Abby's more of a snowflake than a cow.

No. 562536

it's not showing up in search, so i'm assuming it's a hidden group

No. 562537

They just switched it to secrete

No. 562539

This thread has turned into shitting on Kyle etc because she drove Abby off facebook

No. 562540

File: 1524433306430.png (407.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180421-225921.png)

No. 562542

File: 1524433327826.png (334.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180421-225913.png)

No. 562544

It wasn't before, iirc. They're hiding everything because they know they're horrible and didn't get the asspats they thought they'd get from us.

No. 562553

File: 1524433709816.jpg (85.1 KB, 1036x256, Screenshot_20180422-154744.jpg)

Yup within the last hr

No. 562561

Imagine trying to make fun of Abby Brown and looking 300x worse than Abby ever has. Lmao fat bitches have issues.

No. 562593

There is now a thread to talk about the fan club

No. 562609

whats the link

No. 562612

No. 562616

well no shit. this fugly pig bitch ran abby off so there's no milk to post about. we might as well shit on the cunt who scared her off for ruining the milk.

her idea was retarded. the metal gear chris saga only lasted because he's autistic. abby isn't and she would know anyone trying to start that with her wasn't worth actually fighting with. not to mention kiwi had a board where they turned on liquid and his girlfriend because they kept trolling chris and raised his suspicions, and they turned out to be giant cows themselves. if anything chris should be a lesson that cowtipping ruins everything and cows are better left to be themselves because they're plenty milky.

No. 562637

Abby gives so much milk constantly, easily the best cow yet fucking retards tip her and ruin it for all of us. Someone please doxx that cunt kyle

No. 562643

as much as she deserves to be shit on for it i think doxxing is against the rules. anyway come join us over here. >>>/snow/562569

No. 562789

Just caught up with everything. Kyle is a grade-A cunt. I love Abby, I hope she's back soon.

Also can you imagine being so fucking embarrassing and lame that you mention Chris-chan/try to bully someone with your PERSONAL facebook account?

No. 563318

These last threads reek of samefagging.

Abby wasn’t even that interesting to begin with and her threads were slow as fuck even during her most “exciting” days.

No. 563415

Fr fr. Who has the snapchat

No. 563584

Someone sent Abby makeup remover cleansing wipes, and gum in the mail. As well as a ton of other make up.

No. 563598


where did you get this info? cmon anon this is an imageboard, lets see some milk

No. 563628


Her snapchat public story.


No. 563707

if you add her, it’s visible. i used a throwaway snap to do so. i’m kind of scared to take screen shots or screen record bc i don’t wanna get blocked and miss out on her milk

No. 563720

aw she’s so happy in the video to receive it too. She says something along the lines of “thank you for the makeup wipes cause I really needed them”

this just makes me more bitter towards those fucking idiots from Facebook

No. 563813


No. 563822

Honestly good for her. She’s more passive with bullshit than I’m ever going to be about anything and it says a lot about her as a person. I truly feel like she’s growing from this whole stupid experience. Regardless, I can’t wait for more xanarchy

No. 563879

i’m actually p proud of her for this tbh

No. 563896

baby steps. i hope she'll spend some time on youtube watching tutorials to learn how to do her makeup better. i know she probably likes it that way though.

No. 563918

i’m honestly so proud of her for this. at this point, the girls who cowtip and run the facebook groups are more milkier than she is. abby is the only cow i can say i’m genuinely rooting for

No. 564002

>This video has been removed by the user.
Can someone summarise the content?

No. 564009

She basically admitted that in the past she went through phases that were fairly cringey to watch and it was the result of her being bipolar. She said she found new meds that help a lot and that shes done going through phases and thats shes finally accepted who she is and came out of the closet. The reason she deleted her facebook despite having 17k followers is because she basically doesn't to keep giving fuel to her hate groups.

No. 564096

Abby says she is done with phases every time she starts a new one. Each new phase becomes her "true identity".

No. 564103

File: 1524550064217.png (668.33 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180424-020623.png)

She is done with all social media. And just want to live her best life.

No. 564108

that facebook group is pure cancer. ruined all of it for everyone and made her feel like shit about herself over nothing. she might not be back.

No. 564113

Wow they literally just ruined my favorite cow. Abby is actually a good person and I adore her, and it's great that shes quitting the internet. She really does deserve to get better, but yeah that facebook group needs to be shut down.

No. 564115

If I had a nickle for every time she threatened to stay away from social media.
She will be back. I hope no idiot steps up to tip her this time.

No. 564119

File: 1524551363698.jpg (80.18 KB, 720x960, realabby.jpg)


Who is the REAL Abby?

No. 564174

This thread is now being passed around on Facebook. Apparently we're incels.

Shout out to you modern scene queens on Facebook who wanted to show off how cool you are by trolling Abby, she posted on snap that she's going offline forever.

No. 564194

I think we should keep their thread alive in honour of how they fucked up.

No. 564199

kek i would say i can't believe they're this stupid but seeing their pictures i totally believe it.

No. 564204

Lmaooooo, how does any of this make us incels? They're the walking tunglr abortions trying to be cool despite posting embarrassing 'avant garde' memes on their fbs all day and huffing spray paint at their shitty cashier jobs in Shamokin, Pennsylvania

No. 564217

I cant believe that Kyle ruined it for everyone what an absolute cunt. I love abby i feel like shes just lost. I hope she comes back but this time feels different

No. 564249


Lol, whose huffing paint?

No. 564251

Your huffing paint. Unless you mean who is huffing paint? The answer, still you.

No. 564255


lmao i think they think we're all dudes

No. 564257

They also think there are thousands of us. How do u do fellow farmers I too enjoy teh shitpost my names Megan I mean anon

No. 564258

I wish y’all would read the fucking rules. So much newfagging in Abby threads.

No. 564259


I thought you meant one of her trolls on the cult posting group that was ruining the page. That's all. If so that is hilarious.

No. 564261


>>564249 is obviously a fb fag but idk u were the admin and the only legit farmer apparently

No. 564264

I was just laughing about the whose/who's because either way they are huffing paint but I'm pretty sure they are from fb and mad anon knows everyone in that county is a huffer

No. 564265


Never was an admin, just an observer. Most of the people I the Abby groups are fb fags with just as much milk as Abby. Yet act like they're better. The hypocrisy is real.

No. 564267

Abby is blowing up all her condoms as balloons now that she is out. and playing with them with her girlie friends.

No. 564269

That's why they have their own thread already

No. 564270

Lern 2 sage retard

No. 564364


The person saying "your sniffing paint" before correcting "whose" was arguably more hilarious.

No. 564370


You don't say?

No. 564479

File: 1524594371132.jpg (60.13 KB, 540x960, IMG_8035.JPG)


No. 564483


lrn2scroll: >>564103

No. 564490


that was the joke you fuckin spongebrain

No. 564856


she seems like a good person but yeah. really lost, trying to find who she is best. i feel bad for her, she doesn't deserve tipping : ///

No. 565830

Get a new reaction image

No. 566325

What are the chances of Abby coming back? It might sound hypocritical to come to this site to say so but I was really supporting her. Yes she was milky but I wanted to see her do well, her livestreams were charming.

Shame some lowlife cows had to step in and ruin everything. I hope she comes back.

No. 566436

I hope so too. I'm honestly surprised she's stayed away this long. I've been keeping up with her for about 8 months and the longest 'break' I've seen her take from social media is a day or so. Maybe her meds are finally stable and she really wants to turn over a new leaf.

No. 566472

File: 1524773374140.jpg (98.81 KB, 540x960, IMG_8099.JPG)

No. 566473

Hopefully she can get the help she needs.

No. 566575


is that a pic of lil peep's dead body on that shirt… with a peep plushie?

No. 566593

File: 1524781573808.jpg (296.16 KB, 870x1278, IMG_8116.JPG)

No. 566600

i think this is just fortuitous timing. she was already well into the gay thing because of her xan thing.

no that's his album cover. he's alive in the photo.

No. 566643


Does fit pretty well with the "Abby's phases are whatever's currently on clearance at Hot Topic" though.

No. 566723

So, so outraged. They sound really fucking GOMI tbh. I'm outraged! Therefore my shitty posts bashing her on Facebook are a matter of public service!

No. 566767


Gay merch is on sale to capitalize on upcoming pride celebrations in May and June.

No. 566771

this. it's not a scandal. they're going to sell better for upcoming prides than they would any other time of year. the flashy gays, newly out baby gays, and tacky allies are going to buy up what they can. same thing as disney releasing their pride mickey ears and target carrying pride merch for the next few months. gay is on trend.

No. 566858


"i showed my husband and he was also outraged! he called her a slut! we both laughed!" – every GOMI poster ever

No. 567615


No. 567620

Samefag, both new vids. Ugh, look who is back tho.

No. 567623

Lil xan merch is all listed on Poshmark now. I wonder how long until the gay merch goes up.

No. 567630

omg emo abby 4eva

No. 567668

Wow being a lesbian was probably her shortest phase yet. I'm really digging the emo style to be honest, but seeing her back with that disgusting disease ridden Will is disheartening. Any idea what that ''music'' that they're listening to is?

No. 567690

lmao that saying she was over with phases was just another phase.

No. 567700

Does anybody else think Will has put Abby up to picking a phase to go after wildly to gather more YouTube viewers?

He's always been big on the money she could earn. He had her make that GoFundMe, nonstop told her to sell merch and pushed constantly for her to make YT content. He always told her how she could make so much cash from it in her live videos etc.

Something makes me feel that this isn't a "real" Abby phase. This is her trying to become a cash cow.

No. 567743

File: 1524890321524.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5751.PNG)

She's back on Facebook. With one friend so far - Hog boy of course.

No. 567744

She looks like a middle aged woman dressed up as a teenager for Halloween.

No. 567769

I mean goth was her best look but emo is more angsty teenager type shit. I hope she using her goth styling at least somewhat because it was one of her only flattering periods.

No. 567776

Looks like she ran out of phases and is recycling out ones. Or trying to become the female version of hog boss.

No. 567796

Did she ever have an actual emo phase though, or just scene and goth? It was always Will who was the emo one. Those saying how proud they are that she came out and that she is accepting her true self will be eating their words when they realise being gay was a phase.

No. 567815


she had a phase where should or pretended to be an emo boy. But yes, they will be eating their words once they realize its just a part of the plan.

No. 567840


Hanging out with Emo Shrek doesn't mean she doesn't like girls too. Bisexuals exist. Abby has no plan, her life is moving from one interest to throw herself into head first to the next within a handful of weeks. Just another day in Abby's life.

No. 567846

He really doesn't like it though. That's why her going back to him is significant.

Oh, and that police thing about them staying away from each other.

No. 567860

She swapped back to an emo style while she was gone? I think this might not be a phase, maybe emo is true Abby. Glad to see her back.

No. 567919

Am I the only one that I think this is all fake?

The new fb profile is way too corny, with that ~emo life~ background, and the videos might as well be recycled from her emo phase. I don't sincerely think it's her.

No. 567963

She has the "Kat" face tattoo in this new video, though, so no– they aren't recycled.

No. 567997

she reminds me of Mel from Flight of the Conchords so much in this vid, especially the voice

No. 568031

What I wana knkw , is how Hogg Boss reeled her back in , during the time she was offline . They never had a restraining order in place so by saying the cops said they couldn't talk to eachother was just " saying the cops said that". It wasn't like ruled by a judge or anything . It seems like emo Abby 'could' possibly be the real Abby but who actually fucking knows ? Either way she's always going to be lusting after for a chick so willies lil uncut hoggy isn't going to CUT IT for her for long HAW HAW HAWWW. Atleast she's back and the milketh floweth againnnnn!!!!

No. 568032

Cash cow is her next phase because she can't find a real job anymore due to her face tattoo. I bet she regrets that tattoo so much now that she's over lil xan.

No. 568040

That face tat though . I'm sure she says says she doesn't regret it lol

No. 568062

Anon my sides

No. 568065

Oh no, Abby…

No. 568069

Oh god, this has to be an act right? She seemed so self aware of her phases before, theres no way she would do this to herself again? It must be Will, that douche is so manipulative he probably just wants his e-famous gf back so he brag.

No. 568074


It could be a way of coping with hitting a low point in life. The whole Will thing then losing her supply of online attention via getting Zucced, maybe?

No. 568075

i think she realizes that phase changes and cringe content mean more views, ie more money. and leaving fb for what, 4 days, made people go nuts to wait for her return.

No. 568078

I am pretty disappointed that the phase is an old/unoriginal one though. I was hoping for a fresh one to blow minds. Maybe this is just another transitional phase.

No. 568088

whyyyyyyy abby why are you doing thisssss

at least try a new phase. punk, mori girl, kawaii, classic, like emos been done, go big or go home

No. 568090

abby: it’s not a phase this is who i am!

narrator: it was a phase, this is not who she is.

No. 568093


Maybe the wokeness was a phase too. We are witnessing her regression. 1 step forward, 5 back.

No. 568108

Maybe just maybe …. ABBY BROWN IS … a phase .

No. 568140

I'm totally on board with the theory that the new phase is "cash cow" thanks to Hog Boss's genius plan to make them cig money.

It just makes sense.

No. 568156

It has to be just because these new videos are just completely unlike Abby. She never in the past just shit out videos hi lighting her new obsession like this before, it feels like she's just farming for that youtube ad money. Either that or Hog Boss just completely enables all the worst parts of Abby's mental illness.

No. 568161

You rite . Hog boss has to be back to managaing Abby and her mental
Illnesses for his own rewards .

No. 568167

File: 1524939422627.jpeg (395.73 KB, 750x849, E5F7F6D6-4D46-4BC2-ADCB-0B1500…)

The modern face of viral marketing

No. 568168

Disgusting lol

No. 568179

How does he even see out of those crusted over, disease ridden things he calls eyeballs? Half of his pictures he legit looks like he has pinkeye

No. 568205

File: 1524942646986.png (1.54 MB, 1440x1820, 20180428_150709.png)

I give it a day before she is back with him. Its sad that she is so self aware of the phases, but only after she's done with one. Its sad to see her doing this again. But the attention of a cash cow never stops. I bet her parents are thrilled bosshog is back.

I can see her LGBT therapist helped!

No. 568224

Oh , she already is back with him ! She posted a Snapchat of her riding in his car last night listening to some awful screamo music and her singing along with him in the background . I snapchatted her back and she said they were riding to go get some Taco Bell.

Boss Hogg forever looks like her waits six days to let the sleep dust crust over his eyes and then wipes it off . Rinse then repeats every so often . Imagine the smell coming off of his rancid ass .

No. 568239

She looks 50 years old in this pic, dear god she needs to a new routine for removing her makeup. Something that doesn't involve wiping her eyeliner off on dirty pajama pants.

No. 568241


Like , dating back with him? I knew she was hanging out. Just wasn't sure if she is done being gay.


Sad part is, a fan sent her things to remove her makeup. Doesn't look like she's using it.

No. 568278

On Her new YouTube video this Bitch just said " I wish my grass was emo so that my lawn would cut itself bwahahaha ".

Abby is reaching hard y'all.

No. 568280

Yeah I saw that . Some one sent her a whole shit load of cool stuff . That was really nice of whatever kind soul sent her all that shit . Abby certainly
Doesn't deserve a fan that kind hearted .

No. 568283

File: 1524948566294.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3591.PNG)

Cool knucks, bruh .

No. 568289

Shes trying way to hard, this has to just be for attention. This bitch claimed to have been over phases and even found the right medication to help her.

No. 568603

They kinda look related there

No. 568619

File: 1524966704186.png (102.58 KB, 750x1004, IMG_5763.PNG)

New YT video starts with her saying "waking up in my car" next to Boss Hog. Go Kathy Brown for not letting him back in her house again. I hope she sticks to her guns this time.

No. 568636

She's vlogging now, definitely trying to be a youtuber. But why an emo vlogger? If she wanted views, she could have copy pasted the look/attitude from tons of basic bitch famous vloggers. It must be Hog Boy, disgusting.

No. 568695

The new FB is officially deleted it seems. That was fast.

Maybe she's realizing she has more popularity aka more possible views if she reactivates her old page instead.

No. 568730

fuck i wanted to see a lana or a die antwoord phase

No. 568746


Kathy is a sweetheart tbh

No. 568747

Her new videos are incredibly cringy. She and boss hog act like they're teenagers in public who just got their curfew changed to 9pm.

No. 568791

How do her parents act like everything is so NORMAL?

No. 568793

Why is she kissing him? I thought she had a girlfriend?

No. 568934


She dated a girl for like 24 hrs. Being gay was just another infamous phase, duh.

No. 569061

Abby what are you doing? This doesn't seem like her at all and she's back with Willie. The part where she grabs her dad and forces him into the camera to say a line is so painful.

No. 569115

I don't get that part . She awknkwledged her phases , said " I am not my phases ". But now she's back to talking with Boss Hogg again and she's back doing the same crazy ass shit she became so famous for doing .

Also her new Facebook got zucced already .

No. 569147

Her moms seems so fine with everything . Her dad seemed kinda like bitch get this fucking camera out of my face . Are we doing this shit AGAINNNN? Lol

No. 569368

This video was horrifying.

No. 569409


That's so unsanitary.

No. 569419

OT but do people still find snake bites attractive in this day and age, whoever still does them/has them has to be out of their mind imo

No. 569433

did she seriously do that without even wiping off her makeup

No. 569452


honestly even if she's so unsanitary, she's got some courage. I could never pierce my self even if I were stupid enough to actually DIY it instead of going to a piercer.

No. 569463

She's back on instagram guys

No. 569471

No. 569474


What is her new one?

Because "therealxabby" still has nothing on it.

No. 569489

Poor zero..

No. 569491

No. 569496

File: 1525044857308.png (1.98 MB, 1440x1768, 20180429_192940.png)

Emo zero.

No. 569499

File: 1525044947160.png (728.99 KB, 670x936, 2487923474.png)

Thatb is a fair bit of blood there and, unfortunately, we know she probably didn't clean them out very well. It needs to be sanitized after. God this is going to get infected. Why do you do this to yourself, Abby? This is real physical damage. She's lucky the face tattoo didn't get infected, she keeps pushing her luck.

No. 569558

File: 1525046997457.jpg (451.16 KB, 703x1179, Screenshot_20180430-010925.jpg)

And just like that lil xan phase is done and sold lmfao

No. 569594


Who in their right mind is going to buy the grills she had in her mouth.

No. 569678

she probably bought it used so she thinks someone else will too

No. 569725

She's gone completely off the deep end ever since she got back with crusty Willy. It's like her most normal phases have been when she wasn't with him, and the worst are when she's with that abusive, manipulative, asshole. I adore Abby, and was really hoping she was going to turn a new leaf lately, but damn she's gone back to her old ways so fast.

No. 569999

Did y'all notice how crusty her lip was when she was piercing it though ?

No. 570003

This is gross and what not but Abbey is fucking hardcore. She just sits there slowly pushing a blunt as fuck needle through her own flesh without flinching and plays around with the freshly pierced area. Is this her self harm?

No. 570007

File: 1525092011933.jpg (40.66 KB, 640x537, IMG_0728.JPG)

If your definition of hardcore is piercing your lip without crying then you are a cow yourself, every emo/scene/alt kid has in some way experimented with it the same way they play with diy hair styles.
Jfc the abby thread is nothing but new fags and kids, I have never seen a thread with more white knights and ass lickers since Lainey and her gay husbands patreon start up.

No. 570014

Did she have makeup on her face /lips too?

No. 570037

She could be on drugs?

No. 570049

That's not hardcore, that's retarded. She'll be lucky if all that happens is a chipped tooth, more likely it'll be horribly infected and mouth infections are no fucking joke

No. 570177

Um this is definitely not normal. I've been an emo/scene/alt kid back in high school and never once tried to pierce myself because I'm not an idiot. Gotten them at parlors, sure. Not sitting in my room, with a blunt needle, old make up on my face, definitely not sanitized hands, doing it myself. This is very self destructive behaviour, even if she isn't aware that it is. I seriously hope it doesn't get infected.

No. 570188

maybe this emo self-destructive phase she's going through is because of pig boy. she thinks she can't do any better than him so she's back with him but it's conflicting with what she really wants so she's just self-destructing. she has so much wrong with her she needs extensive therapy. i wouldn't worry too much about her piercings. she did her own face tat before getting it touched up too and i'm sure it was under the same bacterial breeding ground circumstances.

No. 570422

if ya'll remember he pierced her own lip before as well as her WRIST this is all a fucking sham. she's an idiot and is doing this all to get people talking.

No. 571270

At least this is a semi-recycled phase so she has clothes and wears more than one hoodie.

No. 571294

Abby's new therapist has apparently confirmed that she doesn't have BPD, doesn't believe she has bipolar either, and has diagnosed her with PTSD from being bullied.

No. 571353

I have to say, I'm glad she found a LGBT+ friendly therapist who is actually letting her talk through her feelings. This could be really good for her. But will he help her with these phases? Because that's her biggest issue - her identity.

No. 571511

She's uploaded a new video called " Abby brown died"

No. 571527

File: 1525227413362.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180501-221352.png)


I can't even comprehend why this was made..

No. 571565

I’m glad she’s getting help. Maybe will see small changes?

No. 571566

This is not the first time shes seen a therapist and got ''help''. She claimed to have found meds that worked for her when she was being gay, and now look where shes ended up.

No. 571605

she sounds like her nose is all stuffed up when she talks.. like she got sinus issues or something

No. 571726

As disgusting as Willie is I think that part of her going back to him is regressing. She is dressing in her old style and they act like emo teenagers together.

No. 571737

Homegirl has commitment, with that level of cold determination who knows what she could be capable of if she actually could keep a cohesive decision for more then a hot minute?

If the therapist hasn't told her to break up with Will within their first meeting then we already know they're garbage

No. 571769

Always did my own piercings when I was younger and they never got infected. Used proper brand new piercing needles though.

No. 571775

She's literally deleting all the negative comments about her gay phase, and about will on insta. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY GUYS. Too funny

No. 571779

I don't know if he manipulates her or enables her. Or how he dealt with her big gay meltdown but then again he could have been in on that since he doesn't seem to care what his image is as long as he gets attention.

No. 571862

Imagine what it must be like to live a day , even a minute in her mind .

No. 571879

No. 571908

File: 1525282042657.png (15.34 KB, 580x91, abby.png)

Lmao what. Comorbidity is very much a thing and if it's her therapist telling her that, she needs to get a better fucking therapist.

No. 571921


Pretty sure that isn't actually Anny, and just someone making fun of her.

No. 571922


No. 571979

does she really think you can’t have more than one mental illness? yeah she def needs a new therapist if that’s what he told her

No. 572000

Her new therapist says that she has neither bipolar or bpd, and just ptsd from being bullied. Which is completely not believable, ptsd doesn't give someone an identity crisis and cause them to latch onto new personalities every few weeks.

No. 572012

it also takes more than, what, 2 sessions to diagnose any of those disorders. so it kinda sounds like a shit THERAPIST (not psychologist or psychiatrist)

No. 572037

Let’s not start armchair diagnosing anyone, it’s as cringey and embarrassing as Abby herself.

Also, lol at the anons jumping down the throat of this therapist she’s seen once or twice. You’re really going to 1. take everything she says as gospel, and 2. make your own judgement based on that, after one session? Go off I guess but your assumptions there are even more baseless than hers considering none of us are in the therapist’s office with her.

this thread reeks heavily of the Abby facebook groups.

No. 572058

File: 1525294703624.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3634.PNG)

She's coloring Boss Hoggs hair .

Looks good , Bruhhh

No. 572069

Where was this??

No. 572071

Wow I didn't think it was even possible for him to look more unattractive. Can this man even open his crusty ass eyes anymore?

No. 572163

In the new video referencing Boss Hog's hair she just dyed…

"He still has to straighten it, but we're homeless. Together we are."

Kathy finally did stick to her guns on being anti-Will. Maybe this is what she needs to realize he's a loser… maybe. There's no way she'll stay homeless long.

No. 572166

Oh fuck was that said in the video ? He cut it off mid sentence so I didn't get much and the quality of the video was pretty shit .

No. 572167

Oh my god she actually chose Crusty Willy over having a home? This girl has reached new levels of stupid.

No. 572248

Is this because Willy isn't allowed in her house? Why else would they be washing hair in a river, Willy doesn't seem to understand how to wash his hair either

No. 572253


Probably because he has never showered.

No. 572255

If they're homeless now what about her dog? Isn't he too old for life on the streets? I assume Abby's parents don't want Willy around but doesn't Willy have a home they can go to instead? I have so many questions.

No. 572271

I'm guessing her parents know she's a phase-master and this too shall pass. She won't live out of her car very long, and Willie will dive back into drugs (if he hasn't yet) and irritate her soon enough.

It's refreshing to not see her being coddled though, honestly. I really thought Mama Brown couldn't bear to see poor Abby struggling from her poor decisions.

No. 572372

New phase: car-dwelling digital nomad

No. 572389

Wow. They are seriously both so retarded they don’t know how to find a truck stop with a public shower? It astonishes me, the things some people don’t even think to google.

No. 572393

I don't think she really is homeless. She posted a video 10 hours ago and she was home with Zero getting packages.

No. 572394

Ok, that’s pretty hilarious. But god, boss hog really is a terrible influence. His mere presence seems to make her lose about 30 IQ points.

No. 572399

She made so much drama acting like she was gonna quit the internet for good and now shes back lying and crying about being homeless for attention. Shes sinking to new lows now.

No. 572401

I wonder if the idea developed from her ex “gf” who was living in her car during the brief time they “dated”

No. 572417

Agree. Him being there is helping with the bad desision choices

No. 572490


Her phases usually morph from seemingly random life experiences. Next phase is gonna be Hobo Chic.

No. 572504


i'm calling crust punk right now

No. 572523

It’s not on the Hot Topic sales rack.

No. 572576

A while ago someone posted Your Heart is a Muscle on her FB and she said she liked it. This is possible

No. 572638

File: 1525354354991.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5795.PNG)

Another video saying she's waking up in her car with Willie.

I think she's considering "homeless" to mean that she's not allowed to sleep inside her parents house with Boss Hog. I'm betting she's parked in the driveway and doing everything but sleeping inside.

No. 572641

it fucks me off that she says shes homeless when she clearly isnt. being homeless is so much fucking harder than not being able to sleep in your bed.

No. 572643

that clearly isnt her but its fucking gold

No. 572739

She reactivated her old/main FB page. I knew she would eventually to try to up her view count on YT.

She's still trying to become a Cash Cow, so she says she won't be posting videos anymore on FB like before.

No. 572745

She probably realized that she'll never be able to get a job with that face tat, and the only thing that shes good at in life is doing dumb shit on the internet for attention.

No. 572815

She's not homeless she clarified on stream earlier that they only take turns sleeping in each others cars bc willie isn't allowed in her house and she's not allowed in his.

No. 572829

File: 1525375796308.png (194.26 KB, 1038x546, Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 2.29…)

So overjoyed that Abby is back… but look what I found while rummaging thru her fb.

No. 572855


I'm sure she's well aware of that image. It was posted to her multiple times before she deactivated.

No. 572916

Soooooooooo do you guys fucking like Abby brown or nah because I'm getting mixed feelings(learn to integrate)

No. 572975

Most people like her and wish the best for her, the original thread was made because people were interested in her many phases and ever changing style and the entire life she'd construct around it. It all went to shit when a facebook group who had malicious intentions came to her attention. Said facebook users then came and made an ass of themselves here whilst trying to become famous themselves. So yeah, most people like her bar a handful of idiots who are jealous of her 'fame'

No. 572996


Dont like her in the least. Here the entertain of cash cow.

No. 573032

i'm indifferent towards her. like she seems nice enough but shes a walking contradiction. if she wasnt so high and mighty and actually acted like an adult i wouldnt hate her

No. 573037

ithink i hate her cause she doesnt have to grow up. she gets to just sit o her computer all day

No. 573067

I get the overwhelming feeling that there are many Facebook fags in this thread posing as farmers

No. 573073

dear anon, it sort of looks like you're talking to yourself.

No. 573076

Definitely, all the unsaged poorly spelled shit and white knighting/self promotion is a bit of a giveaway.

No. 573129

Jesus I just hid all the saged posts and you're right, it's painfully obvious.

No. 573142

Also, most farmers like Abby and are almost enthralled with her…many would even say that she's their favorite cow, but lately it seems like lots of people (from facebook) are in here shitting on her out of pure hatred like they were in the fb group. Now by all means, this is lolcow and I don't mean to wk, but a lot of these comments in this particular thread have me side eyeing these "farmers" here. Abby is basically harmless so these "farmers" who are foaming at the mouth at the chance to shit on her and REEEE about her gay phase have me skeptical as hell, some of these comments are very reminiscent of the Abby group echo chamber and I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle is still in here I've got the feeling she's the one who made that twitter.

No. 573153

She's just never grown up and her parents have babied her because they're just so glad to have her. Maybe sleeping in the car with Boss Hog Willie will give her a little glimpse of reality. Mainly for her own good, I don't think it's been good for her that she's been so sheltered. So she's just reliving what most of us do when we're 13-16 over and over stuck in this loop because she expects someone to hand her the answer to her identity confusion. I do wish her the best, she's not a bad person she just has some issues and deals with her anger like a child would which makes for a pretty toxic relationship.

No. 573157

Still not understanding what any of that has to do with the invasion of Facebook fags and continued harassment, like that fake Twitter for example

No. 573158

Was replying to the bit about if/why people like Abby. What is there to say about the invasion other than that it happened? They're not good at covering their tracks so it's pretty obvious what is Kyle and her friends.

No. 573167

Guess it's officially summer now

I didn't see Homeless Abby coming, ngl. You would think after she saw that girl actually living in her car she wouldn't be about it but I guess the allure of Willy's stench dick is just too strong? Or is it that she is allowed to park in the driveway and still use everything? If the Browns told her to kick rocks though, it'd last til the cops show up to take him away again

Pretty sure Kyle made this thread, she probably made the twitter so they could use screen names this time. Calf evolution in progress!

Abby is okay as far as cows go, I mean I wish most cows would just get it together but if they could, they wouldn't be cows to begin with. Abby doesn't necessarily deserve all that though, it's not like she is tuna or anything. Her thread wasn't even that mean til FB showed up here and I think even that was because someone directed them here the fucking ween

No. 573322

This thread has had people accusing others of being from facebook for both liking Abby and for shitting on her.

No. 573409

I don't think Abby ever had BPD. If I had a million dollars and I had to place a bet on which personality disorder Abby has, I'd put it all on Histrionic. She fits every symptom to a T.

No. 573438

js c-ptsd manifests in a very similar manner to bpd so idk but it may be comorbid ptsd

No. 573503

File: 1525434811974.jpg (83.95 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1525434491516.jpg)

No. 573639

File: 1525450376529.jpg (103.12 KB, 539x960, IMG_5815.JPG)

Oh my.

No. 573640

ptsd from what though? What has she experienced that has been bad enough to cause ptsd? I know it was just a first glance diagnosis but if she really has it there doesn't seem to have been much that would cause it unless her relationship with hog daddy was way worse than it seemed

No. 573658


People haven't been beaten or murdered for being gay?.. Really. I guess people haven't been beaten and murdered because of their race either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 573660

She says she has ptsd from being bullied, which makes sense considering the state that she goes out in public in. Her entire neighborhood must know about her inane phases, hell she rode a children's tricycle around the store dressed as Melanie Martinez while Boss Hogg filmed.

No. 573693

How can this dude be so fucking unlikable? i wish someone would beat his crusty face in.

No. 573702

It looks like somebodys already beat his face in quite a few times. His eyes are always so swollen that he can't even open them most of the time.

No. 573708

File: 1525455880139.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180504-134344.png)

Made her mom go emo swimming with her since hog boss was busy. I can't imagine the amount of uncomfortable it has to be when filming her. Kathy is such trooper.

No. 573725


what the fuck is his problem, ever heard of hate crimes?

No. 573794

Gays aren't executed in some part of the Middle East, or beaten up sometimes in Western Countries.
And Willie isn't a fugly fatty with swollen pink eyes. Shameful propaganda!

No. 573852

He refuses to feel ashamed of his pretty green eyes! He’s never once burned a cross or hung a black person in a noose! He’s so not racist!

No. 573872

I hear legend that he once actually fully opened his eyes, and turned the only human who has seen past the crust covered caverns, to solid toenail cheese.

No. 573883

He hates all gays because he wants to fuck a lesbian.

No. 573908

I snorted at that,thank you.

No. 573975

File: 1525478012810.png (1.14 MB, 898x596, hogboy.png)

A wild hog boss in it's natural habitat of the worlds most famous discount store, Walmart. If you look closely you can see an emo Abby leering in the distance studying her prey for the upcoming hunt, that will most likely last 2 years.

No. 574031


They are always in Walmart. They remind me so much of teenagers it’s hard to believe they are in their 20’s

No. 574059

God he's so unattractive. He looks like Sean Astin with Downs Syndrome. Seriously, she could do so much better.

No. 574065

I think a lot of Abby's hate beliefs come from Boss Hog. He has pushed his "Christianity" on her numerous times over the years and made it very clear how gay is wrong.

And now gay people are pretending to be victimized. Between that and him seemingly pushing Abby to become his cash cow, I dislike him more every day.

No. 574105

It's not just Boss Hog though, it's also her adopted parents. They're crazy religious and constantly push those beliefs on her as well. It's probably the only reason they tolerate her phases, they'd rather she be completely bat shit insane than gay.

No. 574111


Abby said in a past live video that her parents aren't extremely religious though and weren't big influencers for her religion-blamed hate, so I don't know if I believe that they're a huge part of it or not. She claimed it was from that whole hospital experience, and then Willie showed his true colors on numerous occasions too.

No. 574146

File: 1525495446120.png (174.57 KB, 1440x2447, 20180505_004215.png)

Looks like boss hog did something wrong already.

No. 574148


what's this in response to?

No. 574150

Wow what a fucking surprise. Watch them just break up for a few days before getting back together again. It's a never ending cycle.

No. 574160


Nothing. She deleted her comment already.

No. 574161

File: 1525496115901.png (146.59 KB, 1440x905, 20180505_005356.png)

Read that wrong. Here.

No. 574163


i love that SHE told him to grow up hahaha

No. 574167


Hypocrisy at its finest.

No. 574315

File: 1525522023320.png (125.45 KB, 500x675, D84A06F0-9259-464B-813A-CC2523…)

>hog boy fully opening his eyes once
I refuse to believe that! It’s impossible!

No. 574324

It's been said many times by Abby and others that it was her nurse when she was in after a suicide attempt that was extremely religious and basically told her she was going to hell for how she was feeling and her sexuality so she converted and Boss Hog just fuelled that fire.

No. 574360


She even had a cute boyfriend but no, gotta leave him for Shrek. I wish he was just a phase too, but he seems to be the only thing that's always there.

No. 574488

Oh my god I know him, and just realized I have about 30 mutual friends with Abby.

No. 574845

File: 1525578377987.png (422.04 KB, 720x1024, 20180505_234420.png)

Same exact picture posted to their cancerous group around the same time. So more proof there is cancer infiltrating this thread

No. 574847

It's probably Kyle. "They" definitely post here as well as on that facebook group. >>562569

No. 574849

File: 1525579173542.png (124.25 KB, 720x934, 20180505_235643.png)

Facebook cancer that lurks and posts in this thread pt 2

No. 574850

File: 1525579189832.png (641.27 KB, 720x1199, 20180505_235714.png)

No. 574852

Funny how that nickname is suddenly being used over there now

No. 574856

File: 1525580126349.png (217.97 KB, 720x1217, 20180506_001426.png)

Upon further investigation, I'm convinced jo is not (one of the many) lurking here but Bianca is. I've been suspicious of her possibly lurking here and this just sets it in stone for me. Here's her comment under Jo's post

No. 574862

File: 1525580822571.png (131.76 KB, 720x579, 20180506_002531.png)


Not only did Bianca post this to Facebook too but she's also parroting what other people said I'm the comments of her Facebook post

No. 574872

File: 1525582931883.png (412.4 KB, 720x937, 20180506_010107.png)

What kind of creature is This?

No. 574876

File: 1525583428952.png (95.84 KB, 720x532, 20180506_003743.png)

She's double posting. Funny how 8 days ago she was posting in the fb group about monetization and YouTube content while there was also someone in this thread posting about it too at the same time. Wow what a coincidence

No. 574877

i kekd anon. yikes

No. 574906

her face is really unfortunate

No. 574923

why does she look like she has progeria?

No. 574979

talk about getting hit with an ugly stick, that stick straight up disrespected her ass.

can these fucking retards fuck off back to facebook where they belong?

No. 574989

No. 575091

File: 1525622605692.png (1.52 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180506-115908.png)

She gave her mom an emo makeover…

Imagine bring her dad and filmimg/watching your daughter doing this to your wife..

No. 575092


No. 575101


the mere fact that she’s having fun with her mother should be enough reason to cheer her on. like myself and many other anons have been saying, shit like this makes you look like a derelict facebook user that’s wandered out of their designated zone.

No. 575119

hmmm, gotta disagree with you anon. If the circumstances were different, maybe. but the fact that her parents are extremely enabling and are part of the reason why she's the way she is ……. it's not as endearing as you want it to be.

No. 575123

I gotta disagree with you
I think it's adorable. A lot of people don't have good relationships with their parents, she's clearly very comfortable being herself around them and they support her through her identity crisis issues

No. 575139

same, she's not a teenager and still hanging around someone she posted about being abusive and claimed they couldn't contact each other or whatever b/c the cops were called that one time.

No. 575164

Hard disagree. This whole situation she’s in is extremely sad. The enabling, overbearing parents, manipulative partner, juvenile world view, the Facebook platform, it’s all detrimental. We’re watching a ticking time bomb and this recent development of her trying to monetize her unhealthy lifestyle via YouTube with a “therapist” feeding into it as well only furthers my concern for her being. This isn’t a good thing.

No. 575168

jesus christ, relax. i’m talking about the video in question, not her entire life story. you’re overreacting. all i’m saying is that it’s nice that she’s speaking to and spending time with and having fun with her parents. it’s not the sign of end times, anon.

No. 575185

Some of y'all need to take a chill pill. Abby isn't hurting anyone. She's eccentric and clearly has some arrested development but at the end of the day she's pretty harmless, and much better than most of the cows on here. Who cares if she's immature and goes through phases? It's not like she's somebody's mother or out here scamming people. Not everyone is going to be some mature, perfect adult with their shit together. Yea its obvious Abby has some issues but it really could be a lot worse. At least she has true unconditional love and support from her parents even at her worst, something a lot of people can't say they have these days. Unclench your pussies and enjoy the show. Do I wish Abby the best and hope she figures herself out one day? Of course but I'm not going to sit here and try to change her, that's not my place and she needs to work through that on her own time.

No. 575302

a million times this

No. 575313

I love how literally every single person who trashes her on facebook is way uglier and more embarrassing than her.

No. 575407

there is a line between supportive and enabling…her parents passed that line long ago.
I know you're like desperate to see the light in the crazy that is abby brown, but you gotta see the reality kek.

A cute moment having fun with her mother would be grabbing ice cream together and sharing a laugh, or doing a craft together or something …. but turning your mom "emo" while your dad films is rather unsettling - especially when you realize this chicks in her mid 20s.

No. 575417

Her parents have given up on trying to help her. They're just playing along with her phases to make her happy nowadays.

No. 575418

Abby isn't harming anybody and her eccentric ways don't have any affect on my life so I'm going to reiterate the fact that you need to chill out. You are the one who's obsessing over the "negative" which isn't even that bad. Most people in their early to late 20s don't know who they are and have identity issues, Abby is just more upfront about trying to figure herself out. Chill and stop sperging. I guarantee you she won't be like this in 10 years when she has a better idea of who she really is as a person. Let the girl live ffs she's not hurting anybody and even though I wouldn't choose to live my life like she does personally, I really enjoy watching her try out so many phases. Say what you will. But most people in her age group would love to try new phases while theyre still relatively young but don't have the guts or resources to do so. Why you care so goddamned much is beyond me lmao

No. 575452

Some of you anons sound salty as hell. Mad that your birth parents aren't as loving as her adoptive parents? Kek. In case you have never had a close relationship with yours, I'll let you in on a little secret, every loving parent does things that their kids like but they personally have no interest in to spend quality time and bond with their kids…even when they're kids grow to be adults. Some of you wanna stay pressed about Abby and her indecisiveness but as someone who is probably a decade older than her I can say that nobody knows who the fuck they are in their 20s.

No. 575455


No. 575623

All of you need to shut the fuck up and go hug your mommies

No. 575652


oh come on. playing emo dress up is having a laugh. my mom and i sometimes go clothes shopping or glasses shopping and try on fashions that don't suit us at all to have a laugh. it's not like abby is forcing her mom to get a face tattoo or anything.

No. 575868

yall quit fighting and watch this

No. 575895


This is just a little bit too much. The time and effort that went into this wasn't worth it.

No. 576010

this girl is probably more of a cow than abby for this cringe-worthy video tbh

No. 576014

This video is just pathetic on every level.

No. 576035


I am not a fan of Abby. But this video is downright trashy and has no tact. What kind of free time did she have to sit and film a video with multiple wigs and make up. Let alone record audio and make up her own song about Abby. she is probably a part of the Facebook groups. But this is a new level of having no self respect.. Let's hope that's not her real name on that YouTube channel. Or she'll be getting hell soon.

No. 576036

This is new levels of pathetic.

No. 576044

File: 1525723173748.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180507-155633.png)

In other news. Abby stuffed zero in a bag and took him to hottopic. The bag is pretty big, but I still don't feel this is right.

No. 576060

I keep seeing Tuna slater in Abby groups bashing her and it’s pretty rich coming from a filthy heroine addict who constantly begs and scams people for money

No. 576063

You see the fear in his eyes

No. 576065

This is exactly what people mean when they say the people who make fun of her are more embarrassing than Abby herself

No. 576093


Couldn't agree more. This proves it.

No. 576557

File: 1525757259781.jpg (140.5 KB, 539x792, IMG_8458.JPG)

No. 576630

File: 1525770480403.png (2.58 MB, 1080x1326, IMG_20180508_100228.png)

Hog daddy has his fucking instagram handle tattooed on his arm. Blurred the face because it genuinely makes my feel sick and no one needs that rosacea and acne ridden pug face in their life. Also apparently they're both trying to 'move on', how long do you give it before they're living in a box together again? I say a week max

No. 576633

I feel like he smells sour and yeasty. Also Abby made a great job of that dye if that's after she did it when they were homeless. They've had so much drama and bullshit in that relationship and it's only been two years. I thought they'd been together way longer by the legacy of fuckery but nah they're just both insane.

No. 576637

post caps anon

No. 576934


It's his motto.

"Where there's a Will, there's a way."

See what he did there? kek

No. 576952


He's trying way too hard to be like the band Attila. And their vocalist Fronzack.

No. 577358

Do we know how old she was when she was adopted? She could have gone through something traumatic with her bio family or in foster care.

No. 577368

No. 577371

Her left piercing is just dangling in comparison to the right christ that at home stunt was atleast deserving of a mirror so she could hit right. She even adjusts ir several times cause she knows herself its fucked up,

No. 577389

she was given to the browns after her birth and was officially adopted at 3 months

No. 577394


Adopted children suffer from abandonment issues very likely, even if they are given to adoption right after birth. It can cause some issues later in life because it takes a lot to process

No. 577443

I wonder if it's it possible that she grew up without knowing she was adopted?

No. 577495

File: 1525890197437.png (1.15 MB, 1440x1530, 20180509_142152.png)

Hog boss low key posting pictures of him and Abby. Guess the scene girl from dollar general didn't work out.

No. 577497

File: 1525890419290.png (199.16 KB, 1440x1298, 20180509_142538.png)

Emo bois only guyz.

Waiting for her to start using "rawrr xD"

No. 577526

Who wants to be like Attila lmao
Only Willie

No. 577542

File: 1525895550020.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2123, 20180509_154746.png)

The amount of uneven her piercings are make me uncomfortable.

No. 577554

Pig Boss definitely reawakened her internalized homophobia.

No. 577610

File: 1525900920613.png (327.63 KB, 1570x937, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 22.1…)

No. 577618

which site is this from.

No. 577620

Oh god shes just looking for a replacement WIlly.

No. 577626


Looks like vampirefreaks.com

No. 577627

File: 1525901445538.png (155.22 KB, 1440x906, 20180509_172923.png)


She certainly is.

No. 577634

It is yeah, sorry I didn't include it, it's like stepping in to 2007.

No. 577639

> I'm picky af
>dates Pork boy, a random girl she met in high school, a guy she found when looking for a rebound from x2, sleeps in a car, washes her hair in a river, is banned from her boyfriends house so she just sleeps wherever she stops, lets the worst specimen of manhood ever made fuck her and fight with her in her parents house

Yeah, so picky Abby you're nearly a saint.

No. 577715

coming out and accepting same sex attraction is a process after growing up thinking marrying the opposite sex is your only option. i don't think that's all pig boss, it's also abby making sense of things and coming to terms.

ben savage

No. 577740

haven’t seen an emo kid in years. She would have better luck finding a punk kid than emo

No. 577754

This honestly makes me sad. I hope her new therapist can convince her to be single for a bit and take some time away from crazy relationships.

No. 577849

File: 1525918871308.png (357.84 KB, 750x1334, F3919D36-990F-43A3-A35D-E77CC8…)

Willie is live-streaming right now and I don’t think he’s handling the break up well. He’s legitimately so fucked up his friends think he’s gonna die.

No. 577851

Is there any way you could record this for us, anon? Or just take more screen caps? I’m intrigued, but I don’t use Facebook so I can’t watch the stream.

No. 577858

File: 1525919740351.png (919.15 KB, 1136x640, 8A6271D2-C97D-4ABF-B638-0DC65C…)

samefag, I made an account to watch it and his profile is public so I didn’t have to add him. He looks like he’s about to nod the fuck out.

No. 577865

Abby deleted all of her videos on YouTube.

No. 577873

Her Facebook just deactivated too.

No. 577888

File: 1525921840825.png (733.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5862.PNG)

Wow… that video was eerie to watch. He was nodding out the entire time and couldn't open his eyes. It ended abruptly in the middle of passing out.

No. 577890

File: 1525921875403.png (563.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5864.PNG)

No. 577892

This worries me. New phase incoming? What's everyone's predictions this time around?

No. 577895

I want to see a Juggalette phase.

No. 577900

She'll get back with hog boy, obviously. His latest stint was obviously a cry for attention. As for phases, I'm guessing some variation of punk, cyber punk if she still wants to be goth-ish, crust punk if she wants to keep being "homeless."

No. 577940

No. 577950

try not to embarrass yourself >>562684

No. 577958


There was a popular post on Instagram about her. She probably deactivated again because of the "attention".

She also started to follow hog boss on Instagram again about 3 hours ago.

No. 577969

Unless I blinked and missed it, I believe she hasn't had a weeb phase? I'd love to see that.

No. 578058


Is he manipulating her with sad drug overdoses to win her back? Does she secretly enjoy their unhealthy (understatement) dynamic?

No. 578120


She is still using Instagram and Snapchat.

No. 578202

What’s her new Snapchat? I have her added on her scampercerulli one but she hasn’t been active on that since her gay phase.

No. 578217

File: 1525973414174.png (2.23 MB, 1440x1950, 20180510_132842.png)


She's literally turning into hog boss.

No. 578294

No Abby do not go to his level

No. 578430

Abby is the biggest piece of shit human ive ever had to meet she's fake af and judgmental lies about everything. Fuck that little bitch she should just leave all social media for good(learn to integrate)

No. 578502

interesting. go on.

No. 578524

>>578502 how much time ya got?

No. 578530


it's not like this thread is going anywhere

No. 578544

Well for starters type her name on fb search. Someone made her a drawing and she was completely unappreciative of it, a comment on a persons post said she smoked a cats ashes along with some other downright disgusting stuff. She said she was 19 but I've seen a few that said she was around 30. Flipping from one style to another is more of poser thing to Do, so she can't really call herself emo. And no emo I know has ever called themself emo. of course there's the she's racist and homophobic stuff of her.

No. 578553

Aakkii smoked her cats ashes, not Abby wtf. Learn how to use this site, you don’t fill in the Name field

No. 578557

Heck you mean name field? I just saw that drawing thing on Facebook.

No. 578559

I see. My bad

No. 578569

How the fuck do you confuse Abby for Aakkii? Abby is totally harmless, just essentric as fuck. Aakkii literally abused her cat to the point it died then smoked his ashes on livestream.

No. 578586

well then fuck her. I don't even know who aakkii is. I just seen it on Facebook post and it didn't say aakkii that's why I thought abby my bad. I'd call abby more attention seeking than anything. I just happened to see her a few days ago walking and that made me remember my experience with her.

No. 578779

File: 1526006662521.png (600.9 KB, 1440x1270, 20180510_224225.png)

At least she gave an explanation this time. She'll be back, as always.

No. 578808

Couldn’t stay away that long

No. 579101

File: 1526019508583.jpg (100.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3811.JPG)

Here's the insta post about her. The account has about 50k followers.


No. 579179


There was another one going around too. It was made about 2 days ago. But damn.

Funny how she deletes her Facebook and not instagram, when the bullying was on Instagram.

No. 579227

She musta deleted her pof too.

No. 579236

I feel like Abby would be the type to thrive on Musical.ly lmao

No. 579250

what is the joke?

No. 579281

It’s a video of her rapping

No. 579291

She still has her VF and has been guided to Ginpop by some users, I don't know if she has one and I don't really know what it is but here's her VF https://vampirefreaks.com/EmoFreak_AbbyBrown

No. 579344

she kept her insa cause noone can comment on her shit

No. 579345

it funny she said she was bullied cause she wasnt. she was being an asshole and people were calling her out. shes fucking redic

No. 579347

is that even her?

No. 579358

Newfriends, kindly learn to integrate, and for the love of god SAGE YOUR SHIT. Thank you! https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 579379

Stop mini modding you autist

No. 579380

Apparently, she hasn't been super active but has acted like herself thus far

No. 579402

Thank you! these newfags don't seem to get how it works and just start posting without thought.

She'll definitely be back because her numbers are highest on facebook.

No. 579404

She’s posting pictures of willie and calling him babe on insta. Has she gone back to bosshog?

No. 579412

caps please

No. 579413

Already? Is that their quickest ditch and reconcile yet?

No. 579514

File: 1526061468219.jpeg (294.07 KB, 1024x1820, E5F0EE9F-09D8-4EB9-AA14-C6257A…)

No. 579515

File: 1526061492063.jpeg (388.79 KB, 1183x2102, 50865DF5-AFA2-4130-8433-0FAAB2…)

No. 579516

File: 1526061552548.jpeg (247.87 KB, 1024x1820, 8D219B11-6C3E-44AA-9733-31902C…)

Just her tagged in his weird video. I’m sure she was recording. Also if youre on insta, he’s got a weird pee stain in this video

No. 579529


They've broken up since this. This is old news.

No. 579583


She made it so only people SHE follows can comment. She was getting teased there too originally.

No. 579585

Yeah they broke up and now he’s in a massive downward spiral. Honestly people at least try to pretend you’re not from Facebook.

No. 579589

I feel so bad for the people who shop and work at the Walmart they frequent.

No. 579625

They were posted like a week ago. Sorry I missed the end of the last thread Jesus Christ.

No. 579628

I can tell you’re from the Abby facebook groups. No, you hoard of fat juggalette soccer moms, you’re not “calling her out.” You pretend to be nice to this girl to milk screenshots out of her for your weird hugbox groups, you’re a thousand times more invasive than anything or anyone posted in this thread. If you’re going to drag your cancer into this thread then at least learn to disguise yourself better.

No. 579629


If you want to contribute then read the threads. These threads keep pretty up to date so frankly there is no excuse for posting things 11 days old. Learn to integrate and sage your shit or go back to facebook.

No. 579636


are all correct. the obvious Facebook users in this thread have got to go. the report button probably gets used in this thread at an alarming rate.

posts like these:

are completely ruining any good potential the thread has for true criticism, turning it into another Facebook group where posting old milk and saying things like “I would fight Abby I hate that dumb bitch!” are perfectly accepted and encouraged.

if you are here from facebook, please read the site rules. we can all tell you’re not an integrated user of this site and you’re shitting it up for all of us. not to mini-mod but i’ve reported so many things in this thread, half of it by now is clearly not farmers.

No. 579697

Speaking of facebook Imma make an Abby meme page lol.(Ok cya)

No. 579742



plz go

No. 579803

Of course she did, you Facebook autists decided to actively target her instead of just appreciating the milk that Abby provides freely. This milk is sour because y’all irritated the cow..

No. 580017

So you claim that it's for criticisms? Well here's how life works if you're gonna critique someone you should have a source for your view wether it be personal dealings with her or yes even Facebook its called back-up your claim. Otherwise you're just saying stuff with little to no evidence on why people should believe you. One minute y'all be shit talking her the next defending her. Just saying which is it(autism)

No. 580383

We aren’t talking shit. We’re observing. Think of it more like sports commentary.

No. 580536

Check her new YouTube vid . She wasn't gone for long .

No. 580544

I miss the rapping

No. 580547

File: 1526154875872.jpg (129.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

No. 580639

She clearly can't stay off social media. She's currently in some weird cycle of deleting and reactivating accounts over and over.

And now that Pigboy isn't using her as a cash cow, he's trying to become one himself which is even more painful to watch. Come on Abby, we're waiting on the FB live tell-all where you spill how he put you up to this "emo" YT phase.

No. 580768

The distortion on the audio of her trying to scream is hilarious. You're not hard core. Stop trying bro.(emoji use)

No. 580811

surprise surprise they're posting videos together again.


No. 580866

File: 1526173413054.jpg (241.23 KB, 876x960, IMG_8584.JPG)

No. 580887

Zero seems happier

No. 580962

Of course they are, they literally can't stay away from each other longer than a few days. They're both probably the only two people who can put up with each other's personalities. God that ''very hot models" line feels so forced, like she doesn't even like the way he looks lol

No. 580972


Love how she only goes to go back with will when she wants to go out to a store.

No. 580980

How else is she gonna buy clothes for her new phases? It's not like she can get a job anymore since she got that face tattoo, and selling her old clothes probably doesn't bring that much money in.

No. 580987

I feel like the emo phase is a vague attempt to cover her face tattoo. She always has her hair all the way over it.

No. 581006

i wanna know why she isnt using that tattoo concealer she said she got before she quit her job

No. 581007


Because buying fake hair extensions and covering it is easier than trying to blend concealer. At least for Abby.

No. 581042

so much easier..

No. 581046

Looks like her Instagram is gone.

No. 581104


Thanks mom and dad!

No. 581216

She just announced on her snapchat that she’s reactivating her Facebook now.

No. 581231

It's still so difficult for me to not see this as performance art. She's so far past the point of post-irony it's satirical. Her phases are all mockeries of shitty youth subcultures of the 2000s; DDLG, Soundcloud rappers, Fake gay kids, and now 2006-era scenemo.
I think the most interesting aspect of her current phase is that it's over a decade past its expiration date. Emo was already falling out of fashion when she was in high school. And yet, she weirdly is able to encapsulate like, such an absurd representation of emo that there's no other way she could be anything but parody.
Like the edit here:
This looks exactly like it was made on the family's desktop computer using MS Paint, and then uploaded to an album on Photobucket named "rAnDuM pIcS oF mE XDD". Honestly all she needs are some Blingee stickers.

I mean, on a realistic level I understand she's a mentally ill girl in a toxic relationship who has become the internet's freakshow. But at the same time, if she came out as an incredibly elaborate troll, I wouldn't be totally surprised.

No. 581268

Totally get what you mean and it'd be amazing if there was that much depth to it but frankly she's too dumb academically and socially to think about it that much, being mentally ill aside. She just goes with things she saw growing up and has some kind of nostalgia for because of that. She thinks she knows it and can do it well because she has seen others dress like that growing up. In theory yeah that'd work and that's why she looks like a carbon copy of Scotty Vanity but there's nothing deeper than that and no ability to construct outfits herself. Sage for blogposting and tinfoiling

No. 581271

idk how many times this has to be said on this thread: it was a melanie martinez phase not a DDLG phase. she copied everything melanie did down to a T - and melanie wasn’t/isn’t openly into DDLG either so there’d be no reason for abby to be. melanie’s interest in childlike aesthetics was apart of her crybaby character, she didn’t dress like that in every day settings. abby just took it way too far and started wearing pacifiers in public, because this is abby we’re talking about.

No. 581277

calm down, booster seat. melanie martinez is the poster girl for degenerates who are into dd/lg. there’s a very obvious association between the two. besides, anon is just speculating anyway

No. 581323

listen i can’t stand melanie martinez or anything about her, i just think if we’re going to start spewing these wild theories about her different phases, we should at least get them right. i genuinely don’t think abby looks too far into her obsessions in that sense - if melanie martinez never came out about that stuff, i don’t think abby would adapt it as apart of her personality, because that would involve developing her own personality trait as opposed to just copy + pasting her idol’s traits onto herself.

No. 581409

so abby has been on and off facebook and has ptsd from bullying but still does things that have gotten her the negative feedback all these years, shes asking for it. she thinks shes so high and mighty but has little regard for any constructive criticism or help people try to give her. shes so stuck in her own little world, its sad and frustrating shes able to keep getting away with it

No. 582022

>shes asking for it
>so high and mighty
okay, facebook. calm down.

No. 582262


Then stop trying to help/control her, and just observe the weird and wonderful world that is Abby Brown.

No. 582518

Abby messaged me flipping out because will did a live answering questions to naturally every one asked him all sorts of crusty shit , and I asked for him Snapchat so we can see more of his stupid antics . And she's slipped the fuck out because it's disrespectful to ask for her exs Snapchat(newfaggotry)

No. 582519

great job now if she ever finds this thread she'll know who you are and block you, retard.

No. 582521

File: 1526312144856.png (30.72 KB, 672x268, Screenshot (226).png)

No. 582552


if i was trying to help/control her i would have sent that to her, but that would be useless. its just my opinion

this is an internet thread to talk about abby you guys are so nit picky about what is said on here, why? its like no body can say anything for conversation here unless you deem it 'good enough'

No. 582581

Have you missed all the posts that are clearly from people who have no idea how to use this imageboard? We have countless bored Facebook weirdos in here masquerading as informed users. Of course that gets nitpicked. We’re trying to observe the cow, not whine about her abusing the gay community!!1!1 or “make conversation.” This isn’t like a forum or a Facebook group, it’s called an imageboard because you’re meant to post milky screenshots/videos. Sage for off-topic but several anons have noticed this problem, that’s why you see a lot of visible warns/bans in this thread.

No. 582605

boo hoo

No. 582683

Her mom apparently accidentally threw away abbhs access card.

So Abby took it among herself to act like a 13 year old and throw away her moms table shaped like a pig..

No. 582710

Don't see why it's such a big deal if people follow Abby or will . They both feed off eachother any ways . They are both dumpster fires and go back and forth every week any how . So what's it matter that every one follows him too ? He's a cow all on his own . Or a crusty hog . I can't be too sure .

No. 582797

screen cap?

stop bumping the thread

No. 582805

File: 1526332039409.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-05-14-14-06-08…)

UH, guys. Is this real? Dear God, I think she's gonna have a downward spiral really quick if she's having a baby.

No. 582809

Oh my god. If this is real, I feel extremely sorry for that baby

No. 582813

File: 1526332317006.png (2.51 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-05-14-14-12-00…)

Side note; I'm the anon who just posted the ultrasound, I've been on these boards just lurking for like 2 years now so forgive me if I didn't post that as I should. I'm on mobile and I've never really understood how to post and sage and all that. (Hence me never posting till now.) I'm also not sure if that's actually her Instagram because she keeps deleting and remaking them and I'm not sure if it's a troll pretending to be her, because they're posting weird edited images like this, as well.

No. 582826

This is definitely fake. Abby would never post an edited photo that doesn't flatter herself.

No. 582839


It's fake. That's not her Instagram. if you search the actual Instagram there are pictures making fun of her.

No. 582842

She made a cringy screamo song using her own hate comments. Emo kids aren't allowed to sing, only scream i guess.

No. 582846

No. 582885

I mean it's a good fake since she did have an abortion, but that's also pretty callous.

No. 582886

At least she's saving money through having not been able to sell this shit successfully from the last time

No. 582928

Someone in her life really needs to guide her in to another relationship if she's desperate. She goes a few days without Porky but then gets sad and desperate and goes back to what she knows. She's in the right place on VF if she's looking for emo relic's, and they're all just as insane as her. I wish her the best with that, but I really hope she breaks the Dick pig cycle

No. 583029

She had friends for a few days a month or so ago. I wonder what happened to them, they seemed a more positive influence on her but weren't around for long.

No. 583051

File: 1526344085276.jpg (31.29 KB, 539x960, 32464448_1423757694395448_5538…)

No. 583065

I don't know why her mom tolerates this bullshit.

No. 583066

That's probably the most Abby thing ever; "I had friends for a couple of days, it was cool" the only thing she's ever kept around was Zero and that's because she can't really ditch him so easily

No. 583097


we all gotta start somewhere!
https://lolcow.farm/info will teach you about board functions, saging etc
https://lolcow.farm/rules will teach you the rules

No. 583099

File: 1526347142647.png (100.11 KB, 750x1334, 241E5709-6B8A-4B26-83F6-AC4047…)

Instagram is confirmed fake by Abby herself.

No. 583145

Shes completely right, she is actually prettier and more interesting than all those cows on facebook who insult her everyday.

No. 583165

Sure jan
You're probably the same loser who made the fake Twitter. You Facebook freaks will stop at nothing to keep harassing her. Y'all are so desperate for attention you can't just sit back and enjoy the natural milk flow. Pathetic. Abby is plenty milky on her own she doesn't need to be tormented into hiding again

No. 583222

Someone is faking her on Facebook and commenting on her posts. Its people like this who are tipping the cow and are the reason that the milk is going to be lost.

No. 583314


Always fucking facebook, every time. People like them scared off pt and they're gonna scare off Abby too, look how many times Sarah reinvented her brand of crazy and blocked and deleted shit before completely leaving; there are only so many evolutions left for Abby before she totally flounces.What they do on facebook is bullying, she can see them and knows the name of the people talking shit about her. Here it's faceless words that really don't mean much and most of us would never wish harm on her whereas people like Kyle just want to poke the bear to see what it does then cry when it runs away or attacks them. Sorry, frustrated rant over.

No. 583645

It actually pisses me off that people are so awful to her. Maybe I’m an outlier but I started following her on Facebook because I genuinely like her. She’s interesting and I want to see her do well and get better. Yeah she looks stupid and makes bad decisions but she’s got issues. I want to see her evolve and get better, and move past her abusive relationship. Unlike these Facebook fags who seem to want to push things until she leaves or spirals into a dangerous place. Leave her be, watching her figure herself out without intervention is entertaining enough.

No. 583800

She made a cover of "this is Halloween" to fit her emo lifestyle. Can't do a cover with out throwing a 'scream' in there nowadays.

No. 584185

It pisses me off too. Not in the same boat as I don't really have any opinions on her but she is terribly interesting to watch and her innocence and genuine drive to make herself happy reminded me of pt. She and I are the same age so seeing how different her life is to my mundane day to day was kinda cathartic and reminded me of my myspace days. I'm sure she has that affect for a lot of people. I do wish her the best and I hope she grows up a bit. Sage for no1curr

No. 584575

new tat?

No. 584589


Which one?

No. 584734

File: 1526473262941.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5933.PNG)

Here we go again.

No. 584735

File: 1526473324886.png (345.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5935.PNG)

No. 584802

File: 1526479081958.jpg (121.15 KB, 960x1280, FB_IMG_1526478937910.jpg)

That didn't last long.

I'm waiting for her parentds to set up security cameras to catch hog boss and xabby in the act.

No. 584865

on the back of her hand, looks like a screamo band logo

No. 584905

Hadn't noticed that before, It's a Motionless in White tattoo. Gonna try and get a screenshot

No. 584907

File: 1526485857145.jpg (59.72 KB, 639x691, 32416508_1263658900430964_3636…)

You can see it here, don't know if it's new or not, maybe why she's been keeping her gloves on?

No. 584927


The motionless in whites old band logo. She got this last summer. Stick to the program kiddos.

No. 584946

Not even 18 hours ago she was saying if you follow Will to unfollow her. Someone needs to get her away from him.

No. 586214

She's back with the boss hog. Go figure. I'm sure her therapist is thrilled at the same time they're still getting paid off of daddy's insurance.

No. 586899

File: 1526602564913.jpeg (447.52 KB, 1200x1783, 5F809808-6BE2-479F-9DAB-AFA65F…)

No. 586921


They're becoming one person.

No. 586952

I hope they just fucking stay together to save other people from their shit

No. 586975

that makeup could look almost cute if she just learned to blend

No. 586988

File: 1526610016160.jpg (28.04 KB, 355x355, 517be1-KkPL._SY355_.jpg)


>asymmetrical crooked lip piercings

Their eyes look like [pic related]

No. 586999

They're both 10 years too late to be dressing like that

No. 587464

File: 1526664044130.gif (1.35 MB, 472x266, 4B7A6F04-39E7-4B5A-BCC2-8E6480…)

I agree tbh. I can’t think of any other people that could handle their personalities as they can with each other. Though when she dated Robbie, I really did think there’d be a change, but I guess her real self couldn’t be contained for long.
I’m still banking on this >>581231
She reminds me of this very passionate IRL parody of the MySpace era emos/scene queens, a parody of kaka herself, if she put more effort into it. I’d pay to see her do a rendition of kota and kaka.

I think the FBfags are realizing they suck at integrating (and were not taking it), so they’ve fucked slightly back off to their mothership, and that’s why we’re seeing more alt Abby accounts, more mean comments, and somewhere most likely a new Facebook group for Abby has probably popped up.

Good for us, but bad bad for the future milk, if the FBfags keep it up she’ll either sperg out and shut down or start filtering/privating/posting less the delicious, whole milk she generously and publicly provides, to a trickle of 2%. Either way they’re going to fuck everything up, again.

No. 587960

Seriously this video was made for a joke between friends then some fucker steals it and tried to out me
call me a cow all you want but that aint my youtube channel or my name and you fuckers wont find my content for a thread(no one cares)

No. 587974

No one cares

No. 587987

You see, the thing about a joke is that it has to be funny in order to work. Best to stick to the facebook groups where you can circle jerk and wish you were Abby.

No. 588002

I really hope she doesn't go the way of the Queen. Her innocence yet slightly malicious outbursts are kinda similar and I live in hope

No. 588067

Quite the ego there. No-one's planning to make a thread on you.

No. 588073

god this is embarrassing

No. 588303


lmao this video was posted nearly 2 weeks ago and we've basically forgot about it until you brought it up. nice work ya dumb cow

No. 588438

It's proof that the people who make fun of Abby are even cringier and more maladjusted than she is.

No. 588462

https://www.facebook.com/abby.brown.900/videos/1267363540060500/ This is the cringiest one yet. Wasn't sure how to get the facebook video on but it's a must watch

No. 588471



No. 588535

>>583029 no Abby will just cut them out even if they are nice to her. Like she's judmental and acts high and mighty when really she's a pos. Example say she meets someone and they have a car one piece of garbage she'll go off on them and block them. Your shoes dont match guess what she blocks you, make her a picture thats a blocking, got a tattoo with actual meaning and oh you better believe she'll block you. She's a shallow human being.
and quite honestly cancer personified. Put that cow out pasture. gotta find Better milk sources(newfaggotry)

No. 588602

File: 1526756353322.jpg (146.95 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1526756190650.jpg)

The poses she does makes me uncomfortable… This isn't sexy or seductive at all.

No. 588636

Where does she get this shit out of so quickly? Or is it left over? Or does Hot Topic just have everything under the sun and I've somehow not noticed that?

No. 588703

File: 1526762397710.png (1.35 MB, 999x1136, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 21.3…)

No. 588754

wonder if she did it herself just to have an excuse to push merch so she can get funds for future fashion purchases. which one of her many phases would she put on a shirt? would there be abby and willie shirts you could change when they break up and then get back together?

why do i kind of want this to happen, just to see how bad it would be.

No. 588764

Someone called her out and she did say her writing doesn't look like that but who knows. She is working on it, she's making a logo

No. 588766

File: 1526768841148.png (506.07 KB, 958x849, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 23.2…)

Girl doesn't even hide the extension, just fucks it in there and calls it a day

No. 588790

File: 1526772003626.png (296.52 KB, 994x957, Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 00.1…)

Some girl joked about it and they jumped down her throat as always

No. 588793

I know she was trying to prove that it wasn't her but it actually looks like it could have been if she was trying to cover up the fact it was her. Also pig daddy seems to be back on Heroin as he's lost weight especially around his face and we all know he's not the type to diet.

No. 588830

she's my favourite trainwreck

No. 588832

ngl she looks cute here

No. 588836

please go back to facebook and stop trying to demonize this poor, naive girl on here. it won't work here because we aren't all hypocritical cows like yourselves. she isn't evil just because she's a mess.

No. 588852

File: 1526775722172.png (219.2 KB, 996x749, Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 01.2…)

She's such a stereotype, and she seems to love it. I love it.

No. 588854

She also doesn't quite get how weddings work, but I'm not surprised

No. 588873

We often speak about how easily influenced she is, this is a great example. She's never given a fuck about the Monarchy of a foreign country but she watches it and all of a sudden she wants to marry Hog Boss

No. 588958

File: 1526782538449.png (424.1 KB, 750x1334, 26FE350B-01C0-45D2-B6A3-F0E537…)

Her being upset over the test being negative would imply she’s active trying to get pregnant, right? Ehhh…

No. 588966

File: 1526783085470.jpg (35.55 KB, 536x219, preg2.jpg)

No. 588971

theres people in the hate groups saying they'll honest to god call cps on her if shes pregnant. like calm the fuck down people, she has a clean home, food in her fridge.. yeah shes dumb as fuck and irrisponcible but thats fucking low trying to rip her child away from her. fuck you guys i will fuckin out you if you do that shit

No. 588977

That is so so sad. I've known many mothers who are a bit grimy and not the smartest etc, but their children turned out well adjusted and had jobs. Some people on the internet are just too ready to try destroy peoples real lives.

No. 589021

>guys, who did this??!?
The person who took the pic, quite obviously.

No. 589023

sounds like fun… except for Will being there.

No. 589025

expose any facebook cows here: >>>/snow/562569

No. 589050

i'm reaching here but the hearts do look similar.

No. 589255

It’s not hard to change how you write something so I mean she could have wrote it

No. 589304

Probably guilt over the abortion she regrets

No. 589337

File: 1526833528107.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5989.PNG)

Cash cow mode is officially activated. She is selling this cheap Walmart iron on shirt to the "highest bidder". Someone jokingly offered $100+ so she's going to go list it in Poshmark for that now. She really thinks someone will pay that.

No. 589340

Her merch is '2008 Forever' backwards so you can only see it in the mirror apparently.

No. 589344

File: 1526833927054.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5991.PNG)

No. 589345

File: 1526834014683.png (3.51 MB, 1536x2048, 0726CCB3-56BE-47A4-A8D1-085A25…)

No. 589348

Why is it all backwards or is that just the photo?

No. 589368

she had it printed backwards. she called it 'selfie mode' for pictures. but its fucking with my eyes so bad cause the E is the wrong way

No. 589371

File: 1526835492994.png (362.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5992.PNG)

Trying FB sales since clearly it didn't sell on Poshmark… and she lowered her price but it's still not reasonable.

No. 589395

This is literally just hog boss pushing Abby into being a cash cow.

No. 589398

File: 1526837512853.png (292.28 KB, 995x1141, Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 18.3…)

True colours maybe? I don't know, she flips personality so often but she's really going in on a girl who asked why it was such bad quality

No. 589399

Samefag but the "They're making me" is because someone told her she doesn't have to be mean and insult people who are just asking questions, so apparently everything is everyone elses fault

No. 589400

Everything is always facebook/willies/her parents fault. Abby literally can't do anything wrong in Abby's world.

No. 589401

File: 1526837898149.png (117.47 KB, 1004x458, Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 18.3…)

Reckon it's a manic phase right now?

No. 589404

>"I want others to love themselves like I love me"
>Changes personality every 2 minutes, style every few weeks, life story every few months, literally suicidal and sexually confused
>Any time someone does anything other than kiss her ass she tells them to kill themselves and freaks out

Yeah, so loving and caring Abby, such a positive influential martyr.

No. 589424

She just posted that she's feeling manic and didn't take her meds last night.

No. 589427

Would y'all go back to Facebook please where you came from and belong? You keep calling her a cash cow but I don't think you know what that word means lol. Where is the milk at?

No. 589438

File: 1526839554283.png (160.29 KB, 1440x872, 20180520_140409.png)

No. 589490

File: 1526842432556.png (176.4 KB, 1440x925, 20180520_145058.png)

I don't think she understands that's not how it works…

Her ego just keep setting as big as willies nose.

No. 589493

> Handling being bullied like a champ

Because developing severe narcissism, a poor sense of self, suicidal tendencies and attention seeking extremes then blaming bullying is totally handling it

No. 589546


god Abby pls
what was that a few posts ago that your therapist told you not to overshare on Facebook?

No. 590335

Is Abby's next phase a school shooter?

No. 590466

File: 1526936420130.jpg (98.66 KB, 638x960, FB_IMG_1526936329572.jpg)

The amount she over saturated her hair when editing this picture makes it look so fake. .

No. 590594

File: 1526944580306.png (215.1 KB, 1440x1357, 20180521_191429.png)

The cringe

No. 590602

She literally only wears To write love on her arms merch now, I guess you'd call it merch I dunno but it's a bit cringe that her mental health is atrocious yet she's promoting that all holier than thou

No. 590638

File: 1526948531041.jpeg (178.12 KB, 750x749, DE8F45FE-DE01-4FC8-81CB-019ACE…)

She has a job interview tomorrow. I can see her going to it dressed like this. When she had her scene phase she wore her rat nest scene wig and 2005 style clothes piercings and all to the interview and she wonders why she didn’t get the job. When you’re 24 and you can’t even get a minimum wage job that’s pretty damn sad.

No. 590663

She's been SO conceited lately, she was bragging about how hot she is in that post. I didn't think she could get more obnoxious but here we are

No. 590739

It's 2018. I can't believe TWLOHA, checkerboard print, and this hairstyle are still a thing.

No. 590752

How does she cope with having those shitty tattoos from past phases when she sells off and otherwise destroys all evidence of said phases?

No. 590763

She tries so hard to hide that crybaby tattoo that she got. Literally got it and hated it so much that she jumped phases the day after.
They are in Abby Brown's world.

No. 590767

tbh she lost weight and does look good beyond her terrible styling

No. 590773

which is why it's so confusing that she keeps going back to wilbur because he's a fat ugly piece of shit and she's just a piece of shit.

No. 590823

I'm trying to figure out if she is legit retarded. This is something a 14 year old write unironically, not a 20 something year old. She has to be slow.

No. 591038

They found a time machine and went back ten years. That's all that makes sense at this point.

Retarded question but has she ever tried applying to Hot Topic? She'd probably get an employee discount and could blow her whole paycheck outside of the clearance section for once.

No. 591130

According to her she already worked there for two years a couple years ago. I don’t know how true that is though and if she did she probably got fired or just stopped showing up.

No. 591132


She said she worked there for 2 years already.

No. 591136

File: 1527006445258.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2279, 20180522_122551.png)

I really hope she takes her piercings out, as well as the hair bow, and skull top. She won't get many jobs looking like that.

No. 591143

GOD anon, did you ever consider that the interview may be at hot topic?

No. 591148

File: 1527007330932.png (335.09 KB, 1440x2016, 20180522_124030.png)


She said it wasn't, but nice try. 👌

No. 591264

Well damn where would be perfect for her?

No. 591309


The only place I can thing of that would allow her hair and tattoos would be Walmart, tattoo shop, hair salon, or some local store that's family owned who wouldn't care about modifications.

No. 591380

Man she is looking worse than usual, I've been busy and not paying attention but wooow

FYE maybe? Fits the 2008 theme, shitty hair and piercings a must have, all the terrible cds your paycheck can afford..

No. 591432

Or maybe Sally’s. Discount hair dye for every phase.

No. 591453


okay but she looks adorable here what the heck

No. 591478


Not job appropriate though.

No. 591595

File: 1527041573816.jpeg (99.87 KB, 720x960, 88A29B59-F067-406F-8DB2-C6DDCF…)

I’ve noticed she keeps writing her name in red text on all her photos lately. Does she think someone will steal her pictures and catfish using them? I think a catfish would use someone hotter and not someone so damn cringey who dresses like they’re 15

No. 591599


Has a job interview and decides to dye her hair bright red before it. Not a very smart move at all on her behalf. She legit doesn’t have a brain.

No. 591619

It was definitely some mall store, since she said it's not hot topic I'm gonna go with Spencer's or Claire's. Maybe Torrid or Blackheart if her mall has them.

No. 591655


No. 591657

She looks like a clown. How is it even emo to have bright red hair and bright red makeup? I smell a phase change coming on.

No. 591662

I hope she reverts back to being a scene queen.

No. 591665

>looks like a clown
>phase change coming

Oh no ICP

No. 591717

No. 591821

Chipotle also lets you have all of these things but I can’t imagine her working in food service

No. 591867

what would she do at a tattoo shop lol. they don't pay people just to hang out and considering her diy face tattoo and shitty lip piercings, no one respectable would have her do anything at a shop except leave.

she claims to have been to cosmetology school, forget if she has her license, why doesn't she try to get a salon job?

No. 591878

Suppose, I've seen some really shady scummy tattoo parlours. Wouldn't be all that surprised if she's being taken on as an apprentice in a hair shop or something

No. 591991

ever since kyle smith tried to steal her identity shes been putting her name on everything

No. 592051

File: 1527097934545.png (2.15 MB, 1440x1704, 20180523_134710.png)

You don't say.

No. 592061

She's made another song. It's extra cringehttps://www.facebook.com/abby.brown.900/posts/1269926756470845 Willie's response? "Rawr, you're so talented baby"

No. 592099

She's gonna get so many wrinkles from the faces she pulls constantly

No. 592113


She’s already going down the road towards wrinkles with the way she never ever takes off her make up before bed.

No. 592116

Makes my skin crawl thinking about how that feels.

No. 592160

File: 1527105571168.png (158.3 KB, 1440x1172, 20180523_155742.png)


What makes it worse, that pink eye shadow/eyeliner she has been using.. It is just cheap dollar store LIP LINER. Not to mention her and hog share it.

No. 592261

File: 1527111735617.png (378.42 KB, 500x530, 發-he-screams-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)

No. 592283

Hello pink eye

No. 592346


Quite literally.
You can tell they're wearing the same shade of eyeliner (lip gloss). So sharing, and not washing it off. I'm waiting for the infection that the lip piercings didn't give us.

No. 592364

File: 1527119310552.jpg (26.85 KB, 720x703, FB_IMG_1527119122489.jpg)

Will looks pretty rough without the makeup.

No. 592382

kek, if I wasn't so inept with photoshop I'd add his hair to this

No. 592586

As a cosmetologist, you actually have to look at least halfway decent to work in a salon. Even somewhere crappy like Supercuts. Tattoos and piercings are fine but you have to look professional and put together or they won’t even bother calling you in for an interview. With the way she’s been dressing, I’m sure any salon would throw her resumé into the trash.

No. 592639

Lyrics courtesy of KF.

"Kissed By The Emo Angel"

yes i am an emo kid
i no longer cut my wrists
pulled myself together

my insides are real emo
i will tell you this:
i've been this way long before
i learned what emo even is

walking down the halls at school
i was always teased
i'd come home and cry and scream
not fight back raise a fist

i didn't have a friend
no one to assist
my parents didn't understand
saw a therapist

then i learned what emo was
and it was simply bliss
i knew what my soul looked like
not what my insides did (?)

i took scissors to my hair
i lighter hair dye razor blades damn (????)
found a piece of who i am
by the emo angel i was kissed

No. 592733

Thank you so much for finding a way to embed this, it was posted earlier but it needs to be here

No. 592817

File: 1527176632463.png (2.4 MB, 1048x1733, IMG_20180524_163958.png)

Scene phase 2.0 imminent? She's wearing things not strictly considered emo again

No. 592849

Shes literally just recycling old phases nowadays. Also look at those legs, and her cheeks, shes gained weight recently, probably from her new meds that are obviously not working.

No. 592863


She keeps posing like a stupid scene kid on MySpace in 2005

No. 592902


That, or she's just recycling the dress from her gay phase.

She actually looks like she's at a healthy weight though.

No. 592919


Ronald McDonald phase

No. 592933

She has a Hello Kitty bracelet on too, so she hasn't rid herself of all evidence of past phases and seems to be using them all combined at the moment. Maybe she's becoming a real person? I don't know

No. 592938


Abby, a real person? Nahhh. I wonder what's going to happen when she turns 26 and can't be on mommy and daddy's insurance anymore. With no full time Job without benefits she won't be able to pay for her meds and therapy.

No. 592953

Jesus i hope her parents help her beyond 26 with mental health care because god knows she needs it.

No. 592954


I'm sure they will. She is their little angel. But they'll be paying out of pocket for all expenses of she doesn't get insurance. Let's see how long that lasts.

No. 593043

File: 1527200839764.jpg (174.85 KB, 303x960, 20180524_182044.jpg)

Oh god, no… Why

I feel like this is a look into the future. Once she realizes she can't get a steady job, she will be left with prostitution.

Imagine being her parent and taking this picture of her. How proud can you feel?

No. 593097

File: 1527206026555.jpg (229.04 KB, 750x1500, 1527205909245.jpg)

Someone tell me what's going on here.

No. 593126

"I'm the world's most famous Emo hooker and there's nothing you can do about it MOM" With hog daddy as her pimp, she'll dress him up in a zebra print suit and top hat with them crusty fucking eyes every time

No. 593170

She buys the shoes for emo reasons and they don’t even fit. Because emo

No. 593192


drake/ovo phase?

No. 593337

She looks like a 40 year old crack addict in this picture.

No. 593407

File: 1527227107167.jpeg (277.62 KB, 638x960, C255128F-B784-4B62-A4C7-595167…)

Did she take this picture down? I can’t find it

Recycled scene phase incoming. That big stupid bow from her Melanie Martinez phase making a come back. The bow, pants, and pose are the scene phase creeping slowly

No. 593422

she has a really cute figure. why does she do this to herself? poor thing. she really needs a real friend. she has serious psychological issues coupled with probably visual acuity issues, but at least she isn't a raging narcissist. she def doesn't think she's pretty but she could be if she took care of herself. sad.

No. 593474


She still has this one up. She took down the other picture in those pants where she was doing that dumb hand duckface thing.

No. 593482

This has got to be the most punchable face in the entirety of this hellhole of a website.

No. 593489

get the fuck back to facebook, faggot

No. 593513


She thinks she's gorgeous and so much better than you.

No. 593519

really doesn't seem that bad. she just seems hyperdefensive after the whole kyle fiasco.

No. 593540

She's such a wonderful poet.
Glad to know her dog is better than a tissue.
Kind of sad when your dog is your only friend.

No. 593558

Just follow her social media, she does talk about how amazing she is quite often

No. 593563

Omg so you mean Abby doesn't totally hate herself and want to die? Omg what a bitch!! Lmao go back to Facebook you fucking retard lol
Abby thinking positively about herself isn't milk

No. 593574

> isn't a raging narcissist
>is shown to be a raging narcissist

Do you realise how challenged you sound when you prove you can't read?

No. 593600

Is it me or she’s losing weight rather consistently

No. 593630

I thought it seemed like she had gained some weight since her lil xabby phase.

No. 593700

Ntayrt, but it seems kinda obvious to me that she is just parroting faux-egotistical sentiments because that’s what people do on the internet. She doesn’t know how to handle anything without mimicking someone, and talking about how you’re the hottest and the best is what “famous” people do on the internet when others get hateful. Saying grandiose shit isn’t the same thing as being a narcissist, and she’s bipolar, so she’s bound to spout grandiose nonsense from time to time, regardless.

No. 593782

File: 1527275402263.png (647.84 KB, 637x690, ab2.PNG)

newfag/lurker here and long time lurker on fb. the fb trolls really think they are clever.

No. 593785

File: 1527275462311.png (803.4 KB, 812x684, ab.PNG)

full size

No. 593789

Theres a separate thread for the fangroup cows >>562569
That said Abby looks nothing like that lol. Why are the people dedicated to hating her even bigger cows than she is?

No. 593793


thanks! I'll go post this there too.

Just yesterday one of the admins in one of the hate groups posted photos of abby and then a rant because abby is skinnier than her and about how it's just not fair. …eyeroll… like bitch, go to a gym. wtf.

No. 594096

Wait, do you mean to say that typing hate messages on facebook using a keyboard isn't enough of an exercise?

No. 594173

Song for ending self harm

No. 594176

exactly this. she's very impressionable. she's essentially a child. when she is vulnerable and isn't trying as hard to be efamous/liked, she's fairly normal and sweet. i just see this as part of her being hyperdefensive, that she now feels in order to be famous she needs to toughen up online and emulate more successful efamous people.

like, why even make something this nasty? her boobs aren't even saggy, nor does she even have a stomach. this just isn't accurate at all. she's not a mean enough person to deserve this much vitriolic shit.

No. 594292

This thread is so boring. There isn't even any good milk, just lots of dumbasses from Facebook frothing at the mouth for a chance to shit on Abby because they hate themselves and see Abby as a vulnerable target.
I can tell a few real farmers come around seldomly but this thread in particular is nothing more than an Abby Brown Facebook group circle jerk . It's not even fun to lurk in this thread anymore

No. 594299

She's posting on facebook about having lost almost 30lbs since september, which is good and I'm happy for her, but she says it's only because of her meds… Which is… Sad to say the least.

No. 595046

Agreed. Every week or so I'll come back hoping for more milk but I'm always disappointed.

No. 595305

I find it funny how she calls herself an emo “kid”. Bitch, you’re 24. Knock it off with that “Emo kid xD” b.s. so much cringe

No. 595318

Chemical imbalance can be a major contributor to overeating, when the body tries to use food/eating to balance whacked out neurotransmitters. Honestly, get over it. She’s healthier. Only ana-chans give this much of a fuck about “willpower.”

No. 595845

File: 1527511472631.jpg (112.4 KB, 721x960, 33714972_1272919849504869_2417…)

she took the bottom ones out too, hasn't it been less than a month since she put them in? they're going to close up fucking fast if she doesnt put them back in

No. 595944

File: 1527524394385.png (169.04 KB, 750x1334, 25A11419-585D-41B1-8E58-6B217F…)

Nope, she’s trying to keep it classy.
She better be careful, she pierced them super high up, way higher than angelbites should be. And they look super red and angry, way more than a new piercing should be. She’s asking for a really dangerous infection if she doesn’t take them out right away.

No. 595993

24 is young though, who cares if she still going through cringy phases? Its not that serious so why are you so triggered by it? Her phases are what makes her an interesting individual. Majority of people in their 20s go through cringe phases, maybe not to her extent, but nobody knows who they are in their 20s. You act like she's supposed to have it all figured out at 24. Lmao hell when I was in my early 20s I thought I was some granola hippy who loved festivals and shit. You do realize people are still developing mentally and physically at her age? Shes not even done growing up.

No. 596368

I can’t tell if she did this herself or got a bad piercing job.

No. 596374

She did it herself, of course.

No. 596382

really hate that shit like this is allowed on YouTube.

anyway, once again no gloves, probably used the same needle for both holes, starts the first one the wrong way and ugh, just get an infection already. also lol at her classy comment b/c this right here is far fucking from it.

No. 596390

exactly this, anon

No. 596402


She didn't think ahead. And she probably used externally threaded studs. The piercing can be made from the outside and a pin taper inserted into the end of the needle which couples to internally threaded jewelry.

No. 596408

In the video she posted she had trouble getting the needle though so she pushed it partway through the top, then pulled it out and went the rest of the way through the bottom, and wiped all the blood off with her grimy hands. I’m actually pretty impressed, she didn’t even wince. I didn’t see her unpackage the needle though so I really hope that’s not the same one she used for her snake bites.

No. 596854

It probably was the same needle she used for her snake bites. Shes pretty unhygenic, she literally just washes her foundation off with soapy water, and in one of her older facebook lives she woke up and just wiped her eyeliner and shadow off with a pair of pajamas. Her skin honestly looks amazing for how little she cares for it.

No. 597190

File: 1527641731342.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3345x2509, 7A5CE661-E163-40D2-81F3-1C34FC…)

Looks like we’re in a new phase guys. Scene queen is back, and she’s much better at it this time around. Also notice, the awful face tattoo is covered up.

No. 597196

File: 1527641815196.jpeg (161.13 KB, 739x739, 692C5881-BAEE-4957-814C-C0FC33…)

There’s also some recycled Nightmare Kid and Cry Baby gear thrown in there for good measure.

No. 597209

Her makeup would actually be cute if she learned how to blend it.

No. 597231

God I fucking love this crazy girl.
I feel like I'm taking a trip down memory lane watching her revive this phase

No. 597259

that poor dog looks like it hates everything about the situation

No. 597280

tbh i like it. she looks so much cuter now. i hope her mental health starts improving as well. she does have the capacity to look cute. hoipe she gets that stupid face tat and chest piece lasered.

No. 597289

This Sally look is ok. It’s cleaner than her older nightmare stuff. She looks better and cleaner each time she’s away from hog boy.

No. 597453


patiently waiting for her to get an infection to get an idea of how unhygienic she is

No. 597574

File: 1527692622913.png (220.16 KB, 750x1334, 8893212C-045D-429B-9518-137D49…)

I hope things will get better for her from here. She looks much better like this and was even able to get her job back.

No. 597624

File: 1527695382107.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.49 KB, 875x463, FB_IMG_1527695296306.jpg)

When people from her fb group think they're being witty and funny, but its really just sad.

No. 597667

She seems fun though. Like it'd be low key fun to hang with her.

No. 597673

would give me an excuse to be a little more eccentric

No. 597701

Dude same. I feel she needs genuine friends in her life and people to block hogfucker out of her life.

No. 597704

Why does Willy have such a feminine ass and thighs in this pic? Honestly that ''drawing'' is grosser than any picture I've seen of the two of them together. Why does the fb group ride such a high horse when they're all more cringey than Abby herself?

No. 597709

I agree. Abby seems like the type to absorb a bit of the personality of whoever she’s spending time with so some good friends could be a good influence on her and make her feel less dependent on Will. She seems genuinely sweet and carefree as well, so I feel like she’d be super fun to let loose with.
This is probably an unpopular opinion, but if you actually speak with Will he’s genuinely a nice dude and I think being away from Abby would be wonders on his mental state as well. He has a problem and needs to be in rehab, and they’re both super codependent and feed off of each other’s negative energy making them both abusive to each other. If they would just let each other go and move on I’m sure they’d both be able to grow up and have healthy relationships with other people.

No. 597735

Lmao all those sad women from Facebook are so jealous of her. They literally lose their fucking minds whenever she makes even the smallest bit of progress. Stay pressed retards . Try all they might, they will never be as interesting or iconic as her.

Samefag. I second this notion

No. 597772

File: 1527706726241.jpeg (53.57 KB, 511x522, 1527641731342.jpeg)

No. 597777

That's fucking horrible, no matter how they feel about her she's a human being and they don't know her at all other than her appearance. She has a clearly strained relationship and it's not like we like him but we don't try and step in to their relationship or bully either of them. Ironic that these kinds of people run groups like "insert thing ruins the party again" while doing this

No. 597792

I totally agree. you can see how toxic they are for each other(fingers crossed to them staying apart)

#team get Abby irl friends

No. 597941


did i miss something? i thought she was still with boss hog? they post back and forth on fb "i love you baby" "i love you too XD rawr"

when did they split again?

No. 597953

Seeing she’s doing EMDR therapy makes me really happy honestly. Shes needed some form of therapy like that

No. 597965

File: 1527719306865.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1086, IMG_20180530_232505.png)

Hate to say it but they look cute here. I think they love each other deeply, but that's the problem. They're obsessed with each other and they're really toxic to each other emotionally. I don't know how I feel about them being together

No. 597966

God those bitches are pathetic, they make Abby 100x more tolerable in comparison because she doesn't deserve to be given grief when she's clearly mentally ill. Hope the therapy helps and she finally gets rid of that ugly piece of shit and finds someone better.

No. 597973

She posted the cutesy part of the Miss You lyrics, but I find it so ironic. The song fits them cause it's about an unhealthy, if not abusive relationship, probably without a happy ending. Wonder if she realizes that or just focuses on the Nightmare Before Christmas reference. I could see her thinking the "don't waste your time on me, you're already a voice inside my head (miss you, miss you)" lyrics are a cute confession.
And yeah, I know the song is rather self-explanatory, but Abby ignores the dark undertones.

No. 597982

The bangs are iffy but she looks a lot cuter with long hair.

I'm actually proud of how proud she is. She's trying to do better and getting results. With how childlike her demeanor can be and how dumb some of the decisions she makes are, it's really easy (for me at least) to forget that she's completely sound and wants to make progress. I still think her and Will are better apart, but I'm always wanting the best for her tbh. She can be naive and ignorant sometimes but I genuinely believe she's a decent person just trying her best.

No. 598091

I too am glad she is getting the help she needs. I hope she continues on doing so. I wish she wasn’t with Will but it’s her choice. Maybe they would benefit from couple counciling?

No. 598142


this is actually a cute look for her, just wish she had more long hair than just the two chunks in front.

No. 598243

I think the problem is that we're literally viewing a relationship between two people with borderline personality disorder.

No. 598399

They seem like they have the potential to be a cute couple, but they both need a lot of individual therapy before either one of them can be in a healthy relationship, with anyone. I have a feeling that if they were both emotionally healthy, they might not even want to be together. They don’t really have a whole lot in common other than some superficial shared interests of the Hot Topic variety, outside of their codependency.

No. 598488

As much as we’re all rooting for Abby I really do not think you all should be doing the same for Will since I don’t think he’s the type to ever change. Like It’s obvious he needs help and therapy for drug addiction/ his mental state but at the end of the day it’s obvious he’s not a good person.

>goes to trump rallies

>is homophobic
>pulled a knife on Abby and hits her
>probably enables her impulsive decisions whenever she goes into a new phase (Abby suddenly started hanging out with Will again when her last bf sad no face tattoo allowed)
>manipulates her back into a relationship whenever they break up and probably only wants to be in a relationship with her because he knows it’ll benefit him for fame, money, whatever else he could want

I wouldn’t even be surprised if he was stealing all of Abby’s clothes/possessions so he could pawn them off later for drug money. Does he even have a job? Her parents most likey know he’s on drugs and that’s probably why he isn’t allowed inside their house, because drug addicts steal whatever they can to support their habit. It seems like Will’s upbringing made him the person he is (which I’m not sure since since it seems like he has a half brother or something linked on his Facebook under the family section who seems to be doing pretty good for himself), not like Abby who was allowed to express herself but had things happen in her life that scared her into having contradictory views because she’s gullible and a people pleaser. Yeah Will could get help but people like him usually don’t especially when he has Abby in his shitty hog-grasp free to manipulate and ruin so I think it’s best to not wish will to get better but for him to fuck off. I’m not gonna continue shitting on Will because this is an Abby thread but I just wanted to put it out there: Just because they’re taking couple photos where they look cute really doesn’t mean anything and at the end of the day he’s bringing Abby down and she’ll never be at her full potential with him

No. 599048

i think its more of narcissistic personality disorder

No. 599086

Sounds right for both of them

No. 599309

You Facebook nerds keep saying this to justify your a-logging, but it makes literally no sense. Do you even understand what NPD looks like? Pls stop.

No. 599618

They have killed this thread without a doubt. It's dead as a doornail but they just refuse to let it go, constantly trying to necro the thread with no milk. I dont understand why the admins won't get a handle on this thread.

No. 599850

File: 1527907489185.png (304.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6201.PNG)

Scrolling through comments and this pops up. She's comparing her mental imbalance to being a cancer patient.

No. 599861

File: 1527908367992.jpg (137.71 KB, 644x1024, 934e653e959a33e390a7a077fcfb9e…)

I think that she's trying to explain that her mental illness is an actual illness. The brain is apart of the body. Mental health and physical health are two sides of the same coin. She's surrounded by ignorant douche bags that constantly breath down her neck and laugh at her suffering.

No. 599911

Oh my god, please go back to facebook, your groups are unbanned, just stay there.

No. 600071

I'm not from Facebook. This thread has turned into a bunch of idiots from FB vs. a bunch of better-than-thou farmers trying their hardest to prove they're better. Come on guys.

No. 600116

No. 600117

I don't see any farmers in here trying to prove they're better. What I do see is farmers getting annoyed by coming to this thread and seeing a bunch of obvious Facebook tards in a circle jerk ruining the thread with no milk. The Facebook losers feel how out of place and unwanted they are here, it's not our fault they feel inferior, that's a problem they can fix themselves by sticking to their stomping grounds on Facebook. It's obvious we don't share the same point of view so they are really wasting their time here. The more they throw tantrums about Abby, the more they make her likeable and tolerable in comparison by farmers. Sorry it sucks to suck lmao

No. 600121

Lmao I can't believe one of you Abby group retards actually took the time to write a stale, pointless article and then came to lolcow to post it. You being jealous that Abby gets more attention than you isn't milk. This is what I mean when I say you fucking losers from Facebook killed the thread and keep trying to necro it because you have some sick twisted obsession with this girl. How pathetic that all of these grown women (and a few men) from that fb group hate themselves so much they have the uncontrollable urge to sperg out and have such a raging vendetta boner for a random harmless girl who dared to March to the sound of her own drum. You think Abby has problems? Honey y'all should really practice having self awareness and take a good look in the mirror.

No. 600147

Then sage your shit when you’re posting from Facebook and making retarded comments like “Abby is claiming to be like a cancer patient zomg!!!!11!”

No. 600195

This is complete garbage, and the worst part is that you can tell the author thinks they’re smart. So many words on fame, commodity, and identity, without having a basic grasp on what any of those things actually are. This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel so, so bad for undergraduate professors - it physically hurts to think about how much of this garbage they have to read and give passing grades.

No. 600271

You should see that person's other articles kek

No. 600441

the new sonny & cher

No. 600443

File: 1527984805870.png (48.39 KB, 455x455, 4f5.png)

Do they feel no shame?

No. 600603

probably not. should they?

No. 600847

Abby's lookin kinda thicc in this good for her

No. 600983

She is, She's always had a good shape. Her skin looks better, she's looking like she's lost a little weight , in therapy and gaining a healthier relationship with herself; she's doing WAY better and I'm really hopeful for her.

No. 601030

File: 1528053671464.png (36.72 KB, 1206x403, abbybrown1.png)

Seems she has lost weight! Proud of her. Now if she could just lose that piece of lard next to her…

No. 601756

He actually has good screamo vocals

No. 601774

File: 1528130003135.jpg (37.31 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1528129742143.jpg)

People from her fb group keep trying to tip the cow.. Spamming all of her posts with this screenshot.

Abby made a post (deleted it of course),stating there was a fake account going around of her posting mean things being said.

There has been fakes accounts of Abby before, so it might not be her. From the comments the way Abby talked doesn't seem like her. I've never seen her use 'smh'.

It could easily be her trying to grab attention too. Either way, they need to stop tipping.

No. 601820

File: 1528133755171.png (52.82 KB, 418x333, ab3.PNG)

I was just coming here to post this.

fb folks need to stop.
Although the admins of one group are doing some hardcore PI work to figure out if it is her or not.

There is also this:
SS might be shitty- but they now have her mother involved in this stupid shit.

No. 601825

god i NEED to be apart of those groups. i was up till 3 am reading all of this shit and i still need MORE

No. 601826

Yeah, i'm pretty surprised.

No. 601829


Just leave her mother out of this. Unless Abby Is manic, doing self harm, or drugs let it be. I'm sure Kathy goes through enough with her.

No. 601831

Youre obv a facebook tard.

Ofc its faked. Jesus christ these groups are so pathetic.

No. 601949

Is someone faking her mothers profiles too? I just think it's really telling of these people that they can't see her happy and they can't see her move on with her life. I do wish she'd just take a break, she is a genuinely good person unlike what Facebook makes her out to be and she needs to focus on herself

No. 601967

abby's melting down on FB live rn

No. 601997

can you blame her? these facebook tards will never fucking stop. no matter what she does, these groups full of fat, uneducated, insecure teen moms are always going to be waiting for her to post something so they can comment on it and try to bring her self-worth down to zero. it’s fucking sad. it’s a thousand times sadder than any of the shit i’ve seen in my three years on lolcow and that’s saying something.

PSA, if you’re here from facebook: do yourself a favour and don’t fucking post here anymore. we all know who you are within half a second and you’re never ever going to fit into the board culture that’s been established here. keep your stupid shit in your groups and don’t post it here again.

No. 602095

Thanks facebook people. You made her deactivate.

No. 602101

God I feel so bad for the poor kid. It seriously is bullying to the level FB take it. Sick fucks are so disappointed in their own life they drag down and rip apart a mentally ill young woman trying to help herself. I hope she takes this time away to really get herself together. I know she's religious and some people think it's bull but I'm keeping her in my prayers.

No. 602121


The ridicule on the KF doesn't help.

No. 602295


No. 602347

have they learned nothing from terryberry?

No. 602391

this breaks my heart. abby is harmless and these fb-ers are being downright cruel to her. as far as i know abby hasn't done anything malicious, why did they make her a target?

No. 602393


they fucking doxxed her. they bragged about it in one of those fb groups. they sent that latest screenshot to giant eagle, along with ss from years ago.
one girl went so far as to go on abbys youtube and comment a bunch of malicious shit, like hoping she gets cancer and sepsis. and again, bragged about it in that fucking gross ass group.
why are these people so proud to be so fucking disgusting to someone who is clearly and admittedly mentally ill?

No. 602398

i don't understand why everyone on fb is so horrible to Abby, she doesnt do anything to hurt anyone. Yes she posts some shitty raps and some cringey photos.

I wonder what phase she's going to come back as after this deactivation

No. 602413

Poor girl can't catch a fucking break. She literally just came back from hiding not too long ago just to deactivate again .

No. 602597

yeah i saw that shit too. wtf is wrong with these fucking people? don't doxx her. shes got the mentality of a child. she works at a fucking grocery store, its not like she has some important job. these fucking fb groups take it too far.


No. 602605

they think that using the word fag is more than enough to verbally assault someone. they dont care that shes from a religious background, or with an abusive pos who thinks the same way and probably pushes it on her.

No. 602927

why are you cows drooling over abby in here lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602931

you guys are honestly so shit at trying to infiltrate and pretend you're one of us. you don't even know what a 'cow' is. fuck off.

No. 602941

i mean i'm not gonna lie and say she doesn't strike me as cringey, but she also seems super well meaning. it's a shame because aside from her boyfriend and her parents it doesn't seem like she has much going for her other than social media so hopefully fb trolls will lay off her at some point.

No. 602956

i've been frequenting /cgl/ since 2011 and i've never seen this level of white knight faggotry in my life. i'm aware of what a cow is, it's not some super secret code.

No. 602961

saying abby is pretty tame in comparison to the rest of the flakes on /snow/ and doesn't deserve the hatred of 5000 huffers that work part time as Family Dollar cashiers with dreams of Bushwick living, let alone actual cows, doesn't make us cows, so congratulations, you just misuse terms like a dipshit in an attempt to insult farmers despite allegedly browsing /cgl/ since 2011. not a great look, either way.

No. 602964

People are more inclined to wk Abby because nothing she does really harms anyone other than herself. She appears to have an okay (albeit codependent) relationship with her parents and care about them, yeah dressing them up in goth/emo clothes is cringe, but at least it's not abusive? she's clearly severely mentally ill but she goes to therapy, takes her meds, and seems to want to get better. She's not a drug addict even though Boss Hog is, nor does she appear to abuse her meds when she easily could. She doesn't even scam people to buy her phase shit. Of course we laugh at her antics but she's not nearly as hateful as other cows here.

No. 602987


agreed. if she seemed malicious or had the mentality of someone over 14 i'd probably want to tear her to shreds, but i feel weirdly protective of her because she clearly isn't equipped to deal with shit (like her boyfriend or that chick she dated for 30 seconds who clearly was using her)

No. 602993


I think you missed the live stream where her boyfriend screaming into the camera that she hits her parents. She didn't deny it at all. Also in the live stream from her recent meltdown she got mad at her mother and told her she was smoking in their nice home in an act of spite. That sounds abusive to me.

No. 602999


yeah i did miss the one with boss hog saying she hits her parents, but honestly if i was getting doxxed or possibly having fake screenshots made of me, i'd probably go smoke in the house too…cause again she -doesn't- strike me as someone who is well. maybe her parents enable her, maybe her birth mother did drugs while pregnant, idk, but she seems borderline disabled even outside the depression stuff.

No. 603000

Oh well let's all pile back onto that bitch. Thanks facebook!!

Her parents are obviously helping her get treatment and are prepared to tolerate what's happened. If they don't see those things as the end of the world, why should we?

No. 603006


You're welcome.

having a mental illness is an excuse to hit others now? Abuse is abuse. Hitting your family is abusive. Hitting your boyfriend is abusive (which she admitted to also doing). You can spin it however your sympathetic mind wants if it makes you feel more comfortable with that behavior. She needs to get her shit together and stop abusing people the few people she has left.

No. 603010


i mean, the point of being mentally ill typically means that someone behaves or thinks or feels outside of what is deemed neurotypical, which would include possibly poor impulse control (such as tattooing one's own face or hitting people) or not actually understanding right from wrong.

No. 603018

If a person is bipolar they tend to lash out, sometimes physically. It's part of the disorder for some sufferers. They also often throw stuff when experiencing bipolar rage.

No. 603026


My main point is that she is abusive to her family and her boyfriend. You can label it with any excuse you find on google for mental illness. She's still abusive.

No. 603040

Pick one.

No. 603047

I wish farmhands would put this thread on autosage for a week or so, I feel like that would drastically reduce the Facebook faggotry. Seems easier than having to constantly deal with reports and hand out bans, only for them to come back later. Or at least give longer bans. Abby’s posting is quite enjoyable to follow, and her thread was pretty fun before fb showed up. Now it’s a garbage fire.

No. 603052

Done. I'd suggest everyone in this thread read the rules and learn to integrate better during this time of sage.

No. 603058

Good idea, thanks farmhand! Pretty curious to see if this helps any.

No. 603071

She has BPD and bipolar, and she takes responsibility for it as best as she can. She takes her meds, and stays in therapy when she has the insight, which is actually pretty impressive, considering that BD fucks with your self-assessment, and BPD distorts your thinking. She’s trying, which is more than can be said for most cows. Plus, the facebook autists are so cruel that i think a lot of people get white knighty
obviously its not an excuse, and its never okay to hit someone, but there is a HUGE difference between an abuser and a very ill person who can be provoked to the point of lashing out physically. “Abuse is abuse” is a fucking retarded meaningless circular thing to say. Your black and white thinking is really juvenile.

No. 603072

Thank you based farmhand

No. 603084

brilliant, thankyou anon and farmhand.

No. 603311

she has said she doesnt have bpd, and that its bipolar and ptsd.

No. 603383

Misdiagnoses and missed diagnoses happen all the time, and trauma is the core of BPD. There is a lot of Co morbidity with PTSD and BPD, then there are her identity issues, black and white thinking, clinging to toxic relationships, being toxic in a relationship, needing to always be in a relationship, hx of self harm, splitting on people…I could go on.

No. 603468

the facebookers are so fucking dumb. not only have the tipped the cow and dried up the source of milk for abby, but they're now cannabalising and sending witch hunts out on their own group members because of this site hahaha YESSS. But if any of you are in that group and wanna stay there i suggest you lay low for a while or type in a different way than normal since they just dragged a girl because her wording matched with something they saw here.

saged this even though we are on auto sage because its a dumb post. just wanted to warn the double agents so we can continue to be such if abby ever comes back.

No. 603502

Yeah, I saw that, too. I'm glad they are turning on each other. I've taken screens from those groups and posted them, it's not that big of a deal. The screen shots are all public content anyway. If they didn't want it posted, they shouldn't of commented on anything. I can't imagine a life where being an admin of a shitposting Facebook group is the most important thing I have going for myself. Pathetic. That Liv Rose chick is gross. All that makeup and she still can't hide the fact that she's fat and hideous.

No. 603507

I agree, not to armchair (but I'm going to), I think it's BPD as well. She shows so many of the signs. I think she needs to go to DBT therapy or maybe even intensive outpatient DBT therapy. Not just once in a while to do EMDR.

No. 603948

One year of DBT would do her wonders, if she stuck with it. I think she really could though, especially since her parents are so supportive (even to a fault). I want Abby to glow up and start living her best life just to spite Facebook as much as for her own good, tbh.

No. 604862

>DBT therapy

dialectical behavioural therapy therapy

No. 606569

Hope she keeps going to sessions. It won’t help if she stops gong

No. 612303

They're the type of people who think it's ok to physically assault people who don't share their political views. So I'm not surprised they think it's ok to harass and attack, stalk and try to ruin the life of a mentally ill young woman with a heroin addict boyfriend and parents just trying to help her the only way they know how through letting her express herself through her clothing. That's really what it boils down to. We started this thread to keep track of her fucking fashion and what she was in to because it changed a lot and was interesting. It devolved in to discussing her mental state which was a valid comment but it came from people who were worried about her hurting herself as she seemed to be manic nearly constantly. It's really fucking sad honestly what it's come to with facebook.

No. 614057

do we know if shes fine? any news on any social media? even maybe from the pig? im getting worried

No. 614314

on his lives people ask but he doesnt give any detail except that she's ok and not using any social media. shes still on messenger from what i've seen. also its possible the ss that made her ghost were from a fake profile. i havent seen anything definitive but there is a active fake profile that matches the pfp on the comment. it was stated that possible they posted the comments then deactivated for about a week

No. 617156


She's still posting new items on her poshmark, she's fine.

No. 618996

I am feeling so much suspense around Abby's return and her next phase.

No. 619066

is she selling her scene/sally phase yet?

No. 619095


It's all Hello Kitty and generic alternatrash.

No. 620903

File: 1529935135820.png (3.65 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6454.PNG)

She's back! I hope some of the trolls have died off.

No. 620942

File: 1529937325619.png (Spoiler Image,3.08 MB, 750x1334, 31191699-D465-454E-BD6D-14AB58…)

Whoever guessed ICP for next phase please collect your prize

No. 620944


Those eyebrows..

No. 620949

Was ICP playing in the background or is this based on hair/makeup?

No. 620966

Nah it seems more like an evolved emo phase. She’s posting motionless in white lyrics

No. 620982

the caption… I hope she won't get back with Will

No. 620999


Oh my God, it's a deathrock/perhaps rivethead phase. Wait, didn't she already cycle through this one already?

No. 621083


I. Fucking. Knew. It!

Other anons called me crazy but I fucking knew she had a dormant Juggalette streak somewhere deep within herself. This is only the beginning. Juggalos are very rare in my neck of the woods so getting to watch one in action is very exciting.

No. 621154

File: 1529950694353.jpg (526.99 KB, 2000x1000, o-INSANE-CLOWN-POSSE-facebook.…)


Its not really juggalo.. She looks more goth/indie goth/rocker to me.

In case you didn't know what a juggalo looks like.

No. 621162

Honestly I LOVE this style on her, her hair looks great like that. Definitely seems tradgoth/deathrock inspired

No. 621168

Hell yeah the goth is back! Goth has been my favorite phase of hers. It works for her.

No. 621175

lmao anon… everyone knows what a juggalo looks like. a lot of female juggalos (juggalettes) don’t wear any facepaint at all. it’s a bit of a mixed bag from what i’ve gleaned over the internet in the past few years.

definitely not “indie” though, don’t know where the hell you got that from.

No. 621365

File: 1529965588988.jpeg (436.88 KB, 960x960, E29A098B-9B3F-47F5-B141-61DC39…)

Honestly she seems like she’s doing really really good. I hope she can stick with it, also even though her eyebrow is half gone this is not a terrible picture. I hope she can handle social media and not fall off again. WE WANT TO SEE YOU GROW AND BLOSSOM ABBY

No. 621376

this picture made me smile. I hope she stays in a goth type phase and away from the Grease mountain

No. 621387

I actually like this photo a lot. Anon is right about the eyebrow being rubbed off. She needs waterproof makeup. But this is a fun picture and good outfit on her.

No. 621396

she looks so skinny, comparatively. she looks great! the photo actually looks professional. awesome. good on her.

No. 621399

damn those boots though (new rocks are crazy $$$$)

No. 621448

Ones that long and that style aren't crazy expensive, they can be like $70-90ish. She looks great like that though, Kreepsville666 really suits her personality

No. 621449

also samefag; not saying ALL are that price, just saying they can be reasonable depending where you get them and if you get them secondhand or not as they last forever. Mine have been on the go for decades and haven't died

No. 621457

Facebook-chan, you only out yourself with your juggalo obsession. We know you're one yourself >>562684

No. 621459

I'm living for this cheapass coffin. Also she seems to look her best in Goth mode. Go Abby!

No. 621644

my new rocks cost an arm and a leg i want your source ;)(emoji use)

No. 621934

sorry to disappoint, but i don’t have a facebook account. i’m just fascinated by icp fan culture because they don’t really exist here

No. 622018

There’s a lot where I live. Trust me, they’re generally more of a hillbilly/people of walmart-looking crowd than goth. I’m thinking this new phase is more cyberpunk.

No. 622261

Abby's live on Facebook right now. I'm not able to watch at the moment but I thought I'd let you guys know in case you want to.

No. 622283

Yoooo isn't the hambeast admin of the Abby fb group, jade (and her bf) juggalos??? I remember us roasting her for it in the other thread. It's probably her up in here being a nuisance

No. 623572

While she was offline she had a heart to heart with her mom who suggested, "Why don't you just be you?"

"That's not a bad idea!"

She went with the deathhawk cause she's liked them since she was four years old.

No. 625151

I honestly hope this is all true and that she sticks with this. She seems more bubbly in a sincere way.

Also why would she not have this talk with her mom before or maybe they have who knows, but I'm happy for her.

No. 626193

She's apparently a satanist now.

No. 626208

Please show us a screencap, dear anon.

No. 626215

File: 1530436367095.png (29.21 KB, 531x341, Capture (1).PNG)

Nicked from KF.

No. 626216

File: 1530436392281.png (1.4 MB, 1070x704, Capture1.PNG)

No. 626218

File: 1530436477018.jpg (76.1 KB, 443x960, gR2rd26.jpg)

No. 626226

Well, good for her, I guess lol

No. 626228

NOW someone please show Papa Emeritus to her, Emeritus Daddy will be the new Bone Daddy lmao

No. 626245

I thought this was a retarded idea the first time, but now it is the only thing in the world that I want.

No. 626263

So basically she's manic? She seemed very hyper in >>623572

No. 627238

i wonder if this is the phase that finally puts her parents over the edge. they are very christian, aren’t they?

No. 627695

They’re not hyperchristian, and this is a recycled phase, anyway.

No. 627807

File: 1530620518745.png (183.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6535.PNG)

Here is where Will re-enters the picture. Ugh, I hope not this time around.

No. 628140

File: 1530653291092.png (160.84 KB, 750x1334, 18E800EC-EE56-4012-BB6A-BE9C4B…)

You will be disappointed.

No. 628198

File: 1530657698999.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180703-154145.png)


No. 628203

File: 1530658412227.gif (375.62 KB, 244x186, 325E4901-345A-4ACE-B327-C518C6…)

NnnnnnnnooooooooOOOOOOO goddammit!

No. 628211


She straight up looks like she's on meth..

No. 628223

Not even surprising anymore. I'm just excited to see her parents reaction to being a devil worshiper.

No. 628226

Fuck i gave up during her gay phase. I'm not even a part of the community but that's some dumbass shit. And she's on e now? Great. She has 0 accountability and it's getting to the point where she's self destructing. Shame.

No. 628227

I think in the comments someone said "e" just meant an empty tank, but that wouldn't surprise me.

No. 628233

Why would she need $5 to get home from anothe town if she was on ecstasy…think…also don’t kids just take Molly these days? I haven’t heard anyone call it “e” in years. Anyway, Abby’s too broke for a drug habit and if she had one it would be all over social media. I think that’s one area that Abby probably isn’t being totally degnerate.
Kek it’s been said a thousand times in this thread - her parents aren’t like, southern baptists or anything. Abby picked up aggressive Christianity elsewhere (a nurse, apparently). Besides, her parents know better than anyone how meaningless her phases are. I guarantee they’re patting her on the head through this one just like the last.

No. 628240

File: 1530662491802.jpg (38.37 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1530662455457.jpg)

No. 628251

That is the most…uhh…aspirational Bitmoji i have ever seen.

No. 628253

>'Never let you go, and I never did'
Is that the first promise of 'never' or the 4th or 5th 'never' this year thus far?

No. 628276

holy fuck I'm never calling my nose big ever again
he looks like a koala

No. 628300

Abby lacks the experience and foresight to realise that therapy and finding your identity are long processes. Being bipolar she probably can't settle her thoughts for long enough? I did think she looked worryingly hyper in his vid: >>623572 Hope that through all these cycles she keeps up the therapy and keeps breaking it off with Will. Then one day it will stick. Her parents have the patience of saints.

No. 628401

I'm rapid cycling bipolar with psychotic features. I understand everyone is different and bipolar is fucking hell, especially unmedicated. But i think abbey might have bpd as well or was misdiagnosed. They have a lot overlapping symptoms.

No. 628449

"on e" is a term for a empty gas tank and thats all.

No. 628468

are we just going to ignore the huge hickeys on the both of them?

No. 628475

I was hoping we could, but apparently not.

No. 628478

Yeah maybe. There's different kinds of bipolar right? She did seem off in the video, like um sure you're just going to be yourself but here's another new identity and talking a mile a minute. In no way do I believe it's purely from bullying. She has something going on.

No. 628507

The talking fast is classic mania. And she makes spontaneous decisions like hair changes and tattoos.

But correct me if I'm wrong, people wroth bpd have mania too, right? I just haven't seen her depressed. She should get on a mood stabilizer regardless. Lamictal or latuda could do wonders for her

No. 628611

People with BPD do not have mania in the sense that people with bipolar disorder do, but they can display symptoms that mimic it (impulsivity, elevated or agitated mood, sometimes full blown -but transient- psychosis, although that is not by any means common or 100% established as related to BPD).

Yes, there is more than one type of bipolar, not sure what point you’re trying to raise by asking that. You can definitely have both, and >>628401 is right about them having a lot of overlap - they’re commonly mistaken for one another even by professionals. Identity issues aren’t a part of bipolar, but her type of mania isn’t part of BPD. She probably has both, but none of us know because none of us are clinicians evaluating her in a clinical setting.

Can we stop armchairing over this, now? All of these things have been said in this thread, and the previous one, multiple times, and most of these questions are very googleable.

No. 628632

I wasn't trying to raise a point, I'm not that au fait with bipolar types or what people go through with the condition. Anon specifically referred to their bipolar type. Also, Abby does say she's been diagnosed, I'm not assigning bipolar to her.

No. 629010

Anon is right, this has been discussed to death, drop it.

No. 629276

File: 1530782827943.jpg (56.1 KB, 1024x905, abby.jpg)

Sigh, yes. Same with these types of comments surely.

New Youtube up, Abby singing in the car with Will.

No. 629920

do y'all mind if i ask why its ok to call non autistic people autistic for being assholes?

No. 629946

Go back to your Facebook safe space, honey

No. 629950

She was doing so well without him. Guess old habits die hard

No. 629966

its fine i'm just legit curious about that one thing. like we all agree here that giving abby shit is bad because of her mental health, but i just wondered why the use of autistic is different(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 629978

File: 1530851374317.png (181.64 KB, 750x1334, 5C4E03E5-AE40-4BE2-BCF1-587658…)

They’re already broken up again.

No. 629980

welp that was fast

No. 630048

learn 2 imageboard, newfag.

No. 630074

It’s like the universe is trying so hard to help her dodge this bullet and she just keeps loading the gun.

No. 630199

File: 1530888783929.jpg (337.68 KB, 1076x1047, Screenshot_20180706-095120_Fac…)

I wish Abby would just chill by herself. I feel like she's always grabbing on to others to validate herself. Broke up with the hog and is already onto the next. I saved a screenshot from another user of the guy in question I'll post next.

No. 630201

File: 1530888832883.jpg (203.88 KB, 640x975, 20180706_094945.jpg)

Has she ever mentioned him before?

No. 630207

She's very unstable, a little spacey, and impulsive, so I don't see that happening, although it'd be ideal.

Since I know she isn't put together enough to go it alone, I'm so hoping for him to be the prince charming that distracts her enough to forget about Willy

No. 630333

After doing some online digging, looks like he has a baby with someone else. So he probably won't be sweeping Abby off her feet. But even if he could be a level headed person she could talk to and relate with her enough to get her away from hog boss that would be great.(read the usage info)

No. 630480

Do not post photos of children.

No. 630494

File: 1530918703930.png (105.18 KB, 1070x292, 20180706_161044.png)

I can't watch it right now but Abby just went live with this and I'm kind of concerned.

No. 630498

He’s fine. He threatend suicide or left a suicide note for her or something stupid but he was literally on live at the same time as her dickingvaround Walmart with his friend. He just wants her attention

No. 630557

lol how did i already know he was going to be emo

No. 630583

i can't be the only person worried the new/old psych ward dude is just gonna try to use her for .05 seconds of internet fame yeah?

No. 630595

File: 1530927892272.jpg (704.8 KB, 1080x1498, 20180706_204112.jpg)


I can't see that. He has almost no friends on his Facebook page, and I mean, he has 19 friends BESIDES Abby. Anything's possible though. Why did he choose to put it out there for everyone to see vs just sending her a private message? It'll be interesting to see what happens between the two.

No. 630781


Possibly because Abby rarely looks at all her messages or responds to them as she gets so many. He may have messaged her already to get no response.

No. 630993


He did send her a private message. It was Abby who put it out there.

No. 631078

No he didn’t, he commented on her status. An anon even posted a screenshot here >>630201

No. 633223

File: 1531249374229.png (162.68 KB, 750x1334, BA565393-83DA-4F9A-84D3-47BE0D…)

Poor bastard didn’t even last two hours after meeting her in person.

No. 633227

File: 1531249582367.jpeg (1010.28 KB, 2896x2896, 3DFF6A93-AA71-4E6E-B518-6E6E45…)

No. 633229

well i have whiplash now

No. 633230

oh god she didn't even spell his name right when publicly rejecting him.

No. 633231


Do you think it’s because he no longer looks emo enough for her astetic?(read the rules & usage info)

No. 633351

good, they look cute together. admittedly, he'd look less like a hick if he still had an 'emo' style. hope this really does keep her mind off willie, even if she did just humiliate him a little, it wasn't done purposefully, i'm sure.

i get it when you're still emotionally attached to one guy and you spend time with another and sometimes it just makes you feel more lonely, etc. hopefully their long convos made her less alone enough to realize she's not missing much by letting willie go

No. 633424

File: 1531263598820.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 2AE804FE-328E-486F-B653-3163C0…)

He didn’t.

No. 633428

that's incredibly disappointing

No. 633435

Abby just stop. What are you doing. You can do better than that Shrek-looking Wilbur. Yeah love is someone you need to call the cops on.

No. 633459

File: 1531266607543.png (1.74 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3851.PNG)

Poor bastard

No. 633521

File: 1531273067837.png (150.63 KB, 1440x956, 20180710_213625.png)


No. 633522

File: 1531273146579.jpg (770.77 KB, 1080x1844, 20180710_202730.jpg)

His friends count jumped over the course of the day from 20 to 227. And he just put her phone number on Facebook!

No. 633523

File: 1531273232323.jpg (207.26 KB, 720x1280, 20180710_203119.jpg)

And I also picked this up from another user before Abby deleted it.

No. 633526

i fucking knew that kid was using her for likes. so gross.

No. 633527

Well that's a right psycho if you ask me.

No. 633529

File: 1531273782417.jpeg (151.63 KB, 540x960, AC4916CD-C1FA-4AB4-BE76-8BADD6…)

This is Abby’s screenshot, I didn’t censor it. But damn Jaden takes no shit, guys.

No. 633534

She kind of asked for it.

Flirted with him, met up with him. Claims she didn't sleep with him and he's lying. But in her post caption clearly says 'to the boy who slept with me'.

She can't even keep her stories straight anymore. Just asking for a pity party.

No. 633535

ew he's disgusting. he'd be another willie anyways, possibly worse. good call then, abby

No. 633537

Huh I wonder why he was in the psych ward.

No. 633538

that was really mature of abby, and a very nice message, and he goes and shits on her progress. what a trashbag.

no, she didn't. flirting with him and sleeping with him or not, he knew they weren't in a committed relationship and had to have known she was still emotionally attached to will. you don't humiliate a girl that was intimate with you just because you got rejected, especially when you know she's not all there. he sounds borderline worse than willie tbh

ew he's fucking disgusting. he'd be another willie anyways, possibly worse. good call then, abby

No. 633539


You don't 100% know she rejected him. Or if they even asked to go out. She could be using him for a quick fuck. She herself said she is "the queen of casual sex". Its obvious intentions were not clear on both sides and very poorly communicated.

No. 633540

he said she rejected him here >>633459
so what if intentions were not clear? this isn't how a decent person responds to rejection. he's clearly the guilty party here. you sound like a fb fag already tbqh

No. 633547

she was talking about a different dude irt to the boy she slept with, who wasn't jaden. plus sleeping with someone doesn't equal asking to be doxxed

No. 633807

File: 1531322075725.jpg (43.49 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1531322042874.jpg)

Didn't see anybody post this that I know of, but she doesn't look that bad in this pic…its just the eyebrows that piss me off.

No. 633833

File: 1531324990935.jpg (92.42 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1531320355194.jpg)

She's quite literally turning into Abby Brown.

No. 633834

File: 1531325019498.jpg (85.81 KB, 410x375, 20180711_120057.jpg)

No. 633835

they look genderswapped in this pic for some reason.

No. 633843

is that self tanner gone wrong or did she get jaundice? it's not a great look but i feel bad bagging on her after that douche posted her number.

No. 633850

File: 1531326762079.jpg (199.12 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1531326655944.jpg)

Recycling old picture poses.

No. 633866

Wait wait. Why is he skin yellow and greying?

No. 633940

Girl look how orange you fucking look

No. 634190

Gyaru phase incoming.

Mom! Help me take another coffin pic!

No. 634566

File: 1531420018490.jpg (1.05 MB, 810x3031, 20180712_132535.jpg)

Abby got fired and is trying to turn it around on other people instead of understanding life is hard and sometimes you just have to suck it up.

No. 634653

I don’t know, the way she described it does sound fucked up. And the first message she sent was mature imo

No. 634657

File: 1531427130654.jpg (58.27 KB, 538x269, 36982987_1045525305601241_4957…)

Someone track down this video

No. 635055

acknowledging she is bipolar again. it's better than pretending it's something else.

No. 635251

File: 1531471516234.jpeg (204.26 KB, 605x979, 495AD72C-7FDA-4AC0-8647-44F30E…)

She has been telling people that Will is abusive to her. Of course this was a false allegation. I feel bad for her mother. Imagine adopting a child and raising them the best you can only for them to beat you up when they’re having a bad time.

No. 635252

File: 1531471659343.jpeg (211.16 KB, 990x925, 1395DC1F-9171-42C0-A324-3A6F96…)

No. 635255

Despite this new development they still both sound abusiveto each other tbh. We don't know whether Willie hitting her/pulling the knife was out of self protection or not (though I doubt we ever will). Also the thing with him broadcasting to the entire world that he was going to off himself immediately after she broke up with him for the umpteen zillionth time was emotional blackmail, end of. Not to mention that it's always seemed like Willie wants Abby to be the person HE wants her to be. Real bad vibes in that relationship even before all the stories of who hit who came out.

Basically, they both sound like shitty people and need help and to not be around each other.

No. 635295

Wow a parent beating scumbag cow.

No. 635299

>> "so don't fuck with me"
God I feel like this is fake so she can sound tough. She's such a liar I can't tell anymore.

No. 635305

She's bipolar and is having trouble controlling herself right now. it's not an excuse but I don't think she lets fly on the people close to her for fun. here treatment isn't stable by the sounds of it.

No. 635330

She constantly talks about therapy but if she’s bipolar she NEEDS to be on meds. Maybe that’s why it seems like nothing is changing with her

No. 635340


She claims she's on 3 different medications already for her bipolar.

No. 635350

Didn't she change up meds recently (in her gay phase)? See >>571294, >>574862 and >>564009 from a few months ago.

No. 635356

god i wish she’d stop telling facebook these things. it only makes the private group weirdos amp up their autism and it doesn’t help her move past it. she’s in therapy, she should keep those kinds of topics relegated to spaces like her therapist’s office for everyone’s sake. i can see one of the facebook group cows trying to call the cops or a-log even more extensively than they already do over stuff like this

No. 635371

So we have an edgelord phase now.

But in all honesty, even if what shes saying isn't true I feel bad for her mom that she'd boast about this.

No. 635403


speaking of facebook groups, anyone here have any ss? I left all the groups when she left the internet, and now I can't find them because they always have such obscure names.

Just curious as to how they are taking this 'new and improved' abby.

No. 635455


Check the KF thread.

No. 635579

File: 1531508006396.png (679.73 KB, 597x599, hoggsnap.png)

Will and Abby got matching Friday 13th tattoos. Here's Hogg's one, can't find an up close picture of abby's.

No. 635592


Jeeeze that’s a badly done tattoo. I guess it was one of those Friday the 13th cheap flash tattoos most shops do for Friday the 13th

No. 635986

Abby vlogs giving herself a buzz cut.

No. 635987

Mental illness is one helluva drug.

No. 636018

Umm her lewds have been leaked but they're censored

No. 636080


>cosmetology license

>uneven cut despite using a guard
>doesn't measure
>smears on bleach and dye using hands

No. 636295

This is an imageboard. Post caps, newfag.

No. 636470

this feels like performance art.

No. 636494

File: 1531609174523.jpeg (328.72 KB, 1262x1800, image.jpeg)

britney WHO?

No. 636703

File: 1531624377281.jpg (91.05 KB, 720x960, 37024792_1317899818340205_4522…)

posted with the caption "My therapist and I decided to take a break on reprocessing emdr work until I get the Wellbutrin out of my system. So today he did a creative story writing thing with me just to get my mind off stuff. So here’s my silly story. I’m Andy and William Berkebile is Winona. 😆"

No. 636744

Okay i know people with bd on ssris WHILE ALSO ON mood stabilizers. But who the fuck would put someone wroth bd on wellbutrin? I was on it to quit smoking and went fucking insane, even while on lamictal and latuda. No wonder abbey is manic as fuck.

No. 636783

sage for blogging but I know someone whose bd was diagnosed when wellbutrin sent them into a manic episode too severe to ignore. What were her doctors thinking? Glad she’s getting off that. Not being medicated might be an improvement.

No. 637046

File: 1531667211389.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2109, 20180715_110409.png)

Please do not breed.

No. 637085

Y’all this was my immediate what the fuck?! too.

EMDR and Wellbutrin are perhaps the most retarded possible responses to her symptom profile. She needs evidence based therapy and meds that won’t make her worse. A year of DBT and the right meds would change this girl’s life.

No. 637086

File: 1531669418715.jpg (79.29 KB, 539x960, 12MjQ8P.jpg)

Nicked from KF.

No. 637088

File: 1531669446671.jpg (68.39 KB, 725x960, y4lduO4.jpg)

No. 637089

File: 1531669473383.jpg (66.34 KB, 602x960, tcReS0t.jpg)

No. 637115

I can’t be fucked to deal with KFs’ autism. Is there any actual proof of this, or?

No. 637203

File: 1531673968070.png (240.58 KB, 509x593, wok6fOg.png)


The same kiwi posted this candid of Abby at work last week.

No. 637236

If this person actually went out with her, why would he have to take creepshots of her from the parking lot of her job? This sounds like some facebook autist nonsense, to me. I’m not even sure how this is supposed to be evidence of those claims….

The amount of fuckery and cowtipping that goes on with the people who follow her drama makes it impossible to believe 99% of what they claim.

No. 637242

File: 1531675023049.jpeg (394.41 KB, 2048x1536, B3DF31E6-AB2D-446E-A4AC-171248…)

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t hate this hair concept, and would love an Annie Lennox phase.

No. 637248


The person who went out with her is not reputed to be the person who took >>637203.

No. 637271

Sorry if I missed this in the threads, but how did Abby come to be known, given that she seems to be primarily on Facebook? I mean, she's an absolute fucking trainwreck, but isn't it really difficult to find cows on the platform outside of the people you personally know?

No. 637331

no. all her posts are public. screenshots of her selfies were shared on a bunch of meme pages, this is also how a lot of other fb cows get known. when i still used facebook i’d see accounts like hers all the time, there’s tons of messy people out there who don’t care about how many strangers they’re exposing themselves to. these people have all had mini scandals within their own little audiences, abby’s was her homophobic comments. another girl named aakkii cera was in a very similar position but unlike abby, she was a giant malignant tumour who didn’t care about who she hurt, and that culminated in her smoking her cat’s ashes after it apparently died from neglect. there’s tons of these cows that also have hidden dedicated facebook groups full of weird fat mid-20s housemoms from the midwest who dissect their every move, just like the ones for abby.

TL;DR facebook = lolcow for normies, most of the action is hidden away from the surface but some of the shit always floats to the top. sage for offtopic but i hope i shed some light on this for you

No. 637350

She's been posted on other drama sites for awhile. One group I'm in had been posting about her for about a year before her lolcow thread was made.

No. 637470


If you got to browntown emo, a video of hog is posted during one of abbys lives that he admits it. He says "why don't you tell them about the std you have too".

No. 637553


i nicked these (and all my Abby content) from the super secretive facebook group. not sure who took either of them at this point. shit on the facebook group is so hard to keep track of because they have to nest everything to avoid the zucc.

the people on there (and on KF) are autists sure, but Shrek did mention that Abby gave a guy an std on that one dramatic facebook live that ended with her calling the cops on him.

No. 637602

That doesn’t make this specific account true, though? Who even is this guy, and who is he talking to?

No. 638093

new rap, careful the volume its not pleasant.

No. 638168

wonder who was recording this. also, is she only wearing that shirt with nothing under it? like she's inside so it's not really a big deal, i just didn't need to see that much abby butt.

No. 638205

my guess is gary.

No. 639608

File: 1531872367122.jpg (92.1 KB, 329x598, 20180717_200211.jpg)

That foundation

No. 639620

Her posture is bugging me out. She's too young to have a neck hump like she does in this video.

No. 639625

File: 1531873010154.png (2.3 MB, 1440x1777, 20180717_201158.png)

No. 639626

File: 1531873055956.png (2.36 MB, 1440x1764, 20180717_201225.png)

Xabby in the wild.

No. 639627

File: 1531873085369.png (2.1 MB, 1440x1800, 20180717_201252.png)

No. 639632

File: 1531873352725.png (1.33 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180717-201822.png)

"Will the real Slim Abby please stand up".

Sad because she doesn't even know her real self.

No. 639845

She’s has a large chest, she probably can’t help it.

No. 639902

Good on her mom for suggesting she get an abortion because of her violent tendencies, Abby sounds super high risk for postpartum psychosis

No. 639924


Looks like some mad scoliosis.

No. 639979

Inclined to agree. If her mom really wanted to help her out though, she’d make it a condition of living at home that Abby gets with a GOOD treatment team (not these idiots doing EMDR and Wellbutrin with her), and remains in treatment while following their directions regarding medication and lifestyle. She admits that she drops out of treatment when she’s feeling well, which is common for bipolar so I’m not judging, but it’s one area where her parents could be doing her more of a solid by laying down some rules.

No. 640081

idiots is right. bipolar people are not supposed to take antidepressants. it causes mania. i work in a mental health clinic and have seen it happen first hand because a patient was lying to us and covering their symptoms. but once that mania hit it was very clear what the deal was.
i rather her smoke her lungs out than to continue on her manic cycle.

No. 640120

this might be one of her worst looks ever. while i'm all for coordinating hair and makeup, she's just doing giant eyeshadow circles, no liner or mascara. the foundation lips don't help either. maybe she doesn't want to try to do better but i feel like this is a downgrade from some of her other makeup looks.

No. 640161

I have no idea what is inspiring this look, and wasn’t she doing deathrock last week? Any clues on what this is about? She seems tocycle through phases extra quickly when she’s sick - she had another nightmare before Christmas mini-phase recently as well.

No. 640314

File: 1531943447737.png (11.96 KB, 521x187, IqpAu84.png)


She buzzed off her hair because it was full of glue from the death hawk. She dyed it orange cause it's her favorite color. But then [pic related].

No. 640318

No. 640321

File: 1531943536716.png (283.83 KB, 513x557, KHiszoT.png)

No. 640325

File: 1531943645999.png (965.12 KB, 558x695, Capture (1).PNG)

No. 640330

File: 1531943828777.png (919.72 KB, 520x834, Capture1 (1).PNG)

No. 640333

File: 1531943858894.jpeg (86.05 KB, 750x582, 98C3C419-CF6E-4AE7-B558-702E7E…)

No. 640337

File: 1531943966866.jpeg (111.93 KB, 750x570, 71194F7C-C37F-424D-A72A-E3B126…)

No. 640365


I'm convinced she's getting the "smear eyeshadow nothing else" look from Will

She looks sick. Like some shit you'd see in the pro-ana thread. Aw Jesus….gross.

No. 640371

I don’t know about this situation, but I’ve done a lot of promotion work for touring bands and there are often paid tiers for meet & greet-type things. Photos are often extra. I can’t be bothered to look up this band’s current tour options for fans, but if anyone else was interested in, it could explain. I find it a lot more plausible than “they’re scared of her.” Warped Tour & Hot Topic bands have fan bases that are chock full of creepy fangirls like Abby. They’re fairly used to it.

No. 640503


gotta love that tacky killstar swimsuit and bag

No. 640535

Posts like this should be saged.

No. 640602

I've been told that bands at warped tour don't do photos at meet and greets because it takes too long. So usually people try to get pictures with band members at other times throughout the day.

No. 640768

That makes perfect sense.

I get that it’s Warped Tour, so wearing a small amount of tacky clothing is to be expected, but there’s still something particularly “how is this even an outfit, in Abby’s mind?” about this look.

No. 640884

File: 1531981108562.png (902.19 KB, 526x802, Capture2.PNG)

No. 641189

File: 1532020785226.png (303.73 KB, 405x678, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2.PNG)

so abby posted a status asking for a meme harvest of her and hogg. someone posted this photo (saging because it's been posted here already) and she responded to it. pt 1 of 2

No. 641192

File: 1532020816682.png (130.33 KB, 433x664, aaaaaaaaa1.PNG)

She dropped names lol

No. 641224

Poor thing is a mess, but as that person said, at least she's honest.

No. 641572

File: 1532041887927.png (3.3 MB, 1440x2438, 20180719_190812.png)

Wonder if she's done with the whole 'I worship Satan' thing already. Or if she's just doing this to be edgy.

No. 641661

Kek anon there’s an upside down cross on her forehead. We’re still in heavy Motionless In White phase. Can’t say it’s a great look, but it’s less grating than religious Abby.

She really has lost quite a bit of weight, if she wasn’t slightly demented she could be really cute.

No. 641701



No. 642121

oFFiCiaL ViDeO yO!

No. 642123

File: 1532070341768.jpg (79.54 KB, 960x712, bqRORpb.jpg)

Milk from the other farms.

No. 642124

File: 1532070374973.jpg (68.1 KB, 799x960, AI3mbN4.jpg)

No. 642125

File: 1532070410540.jpg (77.39 KB, 603x960, 27VMRyt.jpg)

No. 642126

File: 1532070439478.jpg (100.4 KB, 844x960, 9gdeHrc.jpg)

No. 642127

File: 1532070486524.jpg (62.55 KB, 540x960, WI8Rah4.jpg)

No. 642128

File: 1532070510417.jpg (65.01 KB, 540x960, lMmGeZT.jpg)

No. 642154


lol abby's not an ~sjw~

No. 642174


The comments are so low tier. Quite a few people name her and concisely describe her. Now that her name is in the thread more people will hate watch her. Are her haters milking her, or is she milking her haters?


No. 642192

File: 1532079115317.png (1.28 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-07-20-02-05-46…)


>I'm here to be myself

As inspired by her oh so deep heart to heart with her mom >>623572 three weeks ago.

No. 642194

File: 1532079386455.png (1.14 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-07-20-02-05-20…)

That sunburn.

No. 642197

File: 1532079450570.png (1.28 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-07-20-02-08-21…)

No. 642198

File: 1532079558631.png (1.28 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-07-20-02-18-51…)

No. 642199

File: 1532079621796.png (1.25 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-07-20-02-20-59…)

No. 642202

File: 1532079824776.png (53.03 KB, 175x180, Screenshot_2018-07-20-02-18-51…)

No. 642229

Goth grandpa plus freckles trying to be pretty makeup tutorial

No. 642230

File: 1532087095135.png (696.21 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-07-20-04-39-57…)


She did her lips twice, and they looked the same the second time around.

No. 642234

File: 1532087292343.png (39.8 KB, 168x187, Screenshot_2018-07-20-04-39-57…)


Girl, what is you doing?

No. 642236

File: 1532088120866.png (997.57 KB, 800x1155, Screenshot_2018-07-20-04-56-54…)

She's selling a grip of Hello Kitty and Nightmare. I never thought I'd see her part with that Sally dress. Bonus for the buyer: Hogg has squeezed himself into it, too!


No. 642240

File: 1532089167493.jpg (34.59 KB, 375x500, 18519950_10209226091234804_276…)


>We will no longer live like Jack and Sally

No. 642245

File: 1532090250394.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.46 KB, 750x1194, D36BA454-B7F0-4F3D-A9CC-E32F14…)

No. 642595

File: 1532117484992.jpg (51.64 KB, 640x960, 37410022_1323754061088114_2615…)

cant even bother to hide the nasty dildo

No. 643074

looks like a hairbrush handle to me. learn to sage.

No. 643104

I knew he was overweight but this is just nauseating.
He has the same skin folds as the pale man in pans labyrinth.

No. 643211

No. 643236

File: 1532178888668.gif (2.31 MB, 236x208, 1526623521590.gif)

No. 643430

kek it plays the same exact clip of her doing her lips, she didnt do them twice

No. 643434

>why dont i look like my parents

No. 643644

File: 1532210628871.png (341.05 KB, 1440x2449, 20180721_180053.png)

Looks like she dumped will because she wants a girl again, but is still going over to his house.

No. 644035

File: 1532257264395.jpg (35.54 KB, 306x423, F2012111616174759967201152.jpg)


lol he looks like pic related

No. 644544

File: 1532303877919.png (942.15 KB, 1440x2075, 20180722_195120.png)

Abby getting her bio mom wrapped up in her internet fame bullshit.

Also sad she hasn't talked to her since Abby and Robbie went to visit.

No. 644545

File: 1532303911640.png (804.4 KB, 1440x2043, 20180722_195148.png)

No. 644787

How is this Abby's fault? it's the facebook stalkers.

Also please learn to post: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 644790

Video title: My pain. My story.

No. 644825

RIP catman autist

No. 644875

This was sad to watch. Abby isn't a bad person, just mentally ill which she even admits. She really doesn't deserve the facebook fag shit. What she says in this video and how she is processing everything from her life makes me think this is the start to HOPEFULLY bettering herself and becoming more of a normal adult. Like, if she continues in this direction at least. But hog boy is definitely detrimental to that and him being in the bg of this video is disappointing.

No. 644925

File: 1532335798533.jpg (115.75 KB, 673x960, IMG_20180723_041641.jpg)

No. 644927

File: 1532336008222.jpg (115.18 KB, 581x960, IMG_20180723_041433.jpg)


Did she delete and repost, omitting "Thanks for leaving me again mom" and cropping out her reply?

No. 644928

No. 644934

The only positive I could see there is he gave her space of her own to tell that, didn't control or disrupt it.

No. 644951

Abby is such a dramatic figure, how can ones life be so turbulent

No. 644965

I think stuff like this shows she is a really smart and articulate person, and she seems nice honestly. I do like her. She's just dealt with a lot of bullshit and doesn't know how to handle it or take care of her mental health.

No. 644971


Ya she did. I got the screencap before that happened.

No. 645063

>>644971 >>644927
Fuck off, Facebook. Y’all are absolutely terrible.

No. 645067

File: 1532356190916.png (1.19 MB, 1440x1424, 20180723_102648.png)

No. 645113

Yeah no she has every right to be pissed. Plus you have these fb fags who make everything 10x worse for her for no reason. Like stay tf out of her private life don't harass her birthing-unit when she is trying to get along with her.

These fucks wont even be happy when shes dead, they'll still try to find some fault in how she'll off herself.

No. 645145

if anything, the facebookers would probably celebrate her suicide. their only end goal is apparently to make sure abby can never post anything online again without a huge audience picking it apart and contacting her family over it.

No. 645148


People messaging any of her family is downright low. But at the same time. She wants to be a meme, she wants to be internet famous. This is what happens when you're a celeb, musician, actor, etc. If you do something to make people dislike you when you're at the "fame" status, people are going to do everything in their power to ruin you.

She knows how many people hate her. As well as tagged her family's full name in multiple things. With the way she pisses off the internet this is something that unavoidable sadly.

No. 645243

>got adopted
>normal kid, in gifted classes, 127 IQ
>turned 11, had a best friend also called Abby
>touched each other, "normal kids shit"
>friend told everyone Abby molested her, everyone called her a dyke, got bullied out of school
>(she used to think that maybe she actually did do something wrong but everyone told her she didn't)
>used to come from school screaming, crying, completely fucked up, parents didn't understand
>new school
>acted as dumb as possible so she wouldn't be the weird nerdy girl, role model: Paris Hilton
>felt broken, alone, fights at home, took everything out on her mom
>a boy introduced her to emo, started cutting herself, obsessed with the boy, first kiss and love, really happy
>broke up after 2 weeks, then prankcalled her all summer telling her how fat and stupid she was
>hospitalized for cutting herself
>16, found bio-mom, hurt by her having another child which she kept
>got back to school she got bullied out of
>senior year, stopped taking meds bc it made her fat
>taken out of school by an ambulance
>didn't go to her high school graduation bc she was in a psych ward
>went to college
>lost her mind again
>got committed a couple hours away from her house, miserable
>got out, found out she couldn't go back to school
>went to get her cosmetology license instead
>2 suicide attempts in 2 months (year 2013)
>(Will at 6:50 casually strolls by)
>woman at the hospital after attemp #1 her to accept Jesus as her savior and stop liking girls
>so she did
>attempt #2: totaled her car on purpose
>got a job at Hot Topic
>"i was trying to be anybody but me" hence the phases, "i hated myself"
>stopped cutting June 2016 and got a friend request from Willie
>"i rubbed my darkness off on him"
>Feb 2017: had an abortion, doesn't regret it but it was the hardest thing she ever had to do
>had to have it bc she was on lithium and zyprexa (doesn't take these now bc it made her fat)
>more phases, more hating herself
>"finally kinda dropped it", got glasses
>the pain made her stronger, proud of herself
>everything happens for a reason
>"you say it's my own faul for being so personal online but it's actually a really huge coping skill"

No. 645255

Stop justifying your bullshit, facebook autist.

No. 645717

>But at the same time.
Yeah, fuck right off with your justifications for bullying her. She is not a celebrity or a meme, yes she tries to be social and have fun online with the people who follow her, a basic human desire for social relations, but that should be punished, right? You fb fucks disgust me.

No. 645920

File: 1532431012643.png (322.18 KB, 435x611, IkpkXjB.png)

In the past 24 hours she's gone from

No. 645921

File: 1532431105460.jpg (109.24 KB, 753x960, IMG_20180724_063304.jpg)

No. 646062

File: 1532450369751.jpeg (60.01 KB, 497x373, 9D9F7608-E238-4422-BBD2-9E1D1F…)

No. 646096

Did the circlejerk of retards get their group banned from facebook again or something?

No. 646104

File: 1532454009445.jpg (70.97 KB, 1080x888, FB_IMG_1532453720845.jpg)

Welp there it is

No. 646130


How do you mean?

No. 646132

File: 1532456392501.png (40.06 KB, 511x304, upload_2018-7-24_15-11-19.png)

Nicked from KF.

No. 646133

File: 1532456417030.png (59.43 KB, 416x432, upload_2018-7-24_15-15-58.png)

No. 646134

File: 1532456446322.png (279.58 KB, 463x550, upload_2018-7-24_15-18-28.png)

No. 646361

Finally. It’s ridiculous that it has taken this long. I hope she gets some genuine therapy now - ideally DBT, though she probably isn’t ready to properly commit to that. I just hope the therapist doesn’t double down on more bullshit EMDR when what Abby really needs is a basic education on appropriate interpersonal relationships and emotional self-regulation.

No. 646691

File: 1532503808101.jpg (60.38 KB, 750x656, kePQI8S.jpg)

She dyed Zero, too.

No. 646787

Her Cry Baby tattoo is for the baby she aborted.

She admits being manic when she tattooed her face herself.

She wants to be covered in ink.

No. 647572

>wants to be covered in ink
Abby, no.
I wish she'd get treatment and stabilised first.

No. 647939

Fake boi phase incoming

No. 647995

File: 1532617015882.jpg (176 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20180724-204752.jpg)


Associated pic dump from KF.

No. 647996

File: 1532617060657.jpg (589.01 KB, 1066x1579, Screenshot_20180725-003552.jpg)

No. 647997

File: 1532617109655.jpg (421.46 KB, 1067x1068, SmartSelect_20180725-204359_Ch…)

No. 647998

File: 1532617217988.jpg (233.98 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20180725-204426_Chr…)

Oh, honey, no.

No. 647999

File: 1532617248477.jpg (66.3 KB, 960x752, ZZdv6He.jpg)

No. 648000

File: 1532617305429.png (1.01 MB, 1125x2436, 3A1AB51A-39D2-4763-97E3-4170C5…)

No. 648003

I was literally thinking I should check on Abby bc it’s been a while and this thread pops up and hits me with THIS

No. 648005

When will Abby enter a totally-basic-normal-girl-with-starbucks-frappucino phase?

No. 648050

small waste… like little turds

No. 648060

I guess Abby really is becoming a dude with these insane unrealistic standards

No. 648135

could just be going for that butch look.

No. 648138

File: 1532625084231.jpg (40.52 KB, 960x596, 37837601_1331359063660947_1229…)

She's actually pretty cute with her makeup & eyebrows done right?

No. 648164


she's not sexy or drop-dead gorgeous but she has an interesting, animated face and (i don't know how much of it is angles and photoshop but) i find her body shape really attractive for what it is? she'd certainly not fare well as a "typical" normie hot but she has the quirky-cute looks to pull alternative-offbeat styles well. she also seems like she'd be friendly when she's not off her rocker and attitude can make a lot of difference. just needs to drop the insane makeup, unhinged expressions and destructive choices and get a serious handle on her mental health.

No. 648210


surely this is bait

No. 648708

File: 1532688858732.png (120.85 KB, 675x700, 96536533.png)

No. 648709

File: 1532688882015.png (75.97 KB, 630x562, 934232232.png)

No. 648710

File: 1532688899376.jpg (43.79 KB, 539x960, 9624562424.jpg)

No. 648715

long-time lurk/newfag, can we get a bosshog thread? much milk to be had in that pasture.

No. 648732

Just use this thread. If he ends up having enough milk, he’ll get his own then.

No. 648782

File: 1532703399174.jpg (25.13 KB, 750x466, FB_IMG_1532605603833.jpg)

No. 648790

File: 1532704036275.jpg (84.33 KB, 720x960, 37661388_2034196476632447_4732…)


After they split up he went on a road trip with his friends. KF is compiling the deets on them.