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No. 454756

-sighs- This thread is gonna suck ass but here it is…

A 2edgy4u fat fuck from Boston, Massachusetts who once had high-quality “creepy and funny content” on YouTube with multiple series such as Seriously Strange, Why Would You Put That On The Internet (or something), Twisted Tens and Serial Killer Files. Other series came and went due to laziness or boredom but others stayed the same.

Once the adpocalypse came and somewhat affected his channel, Rob started bitching about earning little to no money on his channel in multiple videos. Soon he uploads less and less over time while the “ muh content is demonetized” spiel remains the same in said videos. His last video was uploaded almost a month ago.

Fans soon realize that Rob is becoming greedy as the days go by when the fatass earns more than enough to get back on YouTube but decides to continue begging (comments on his last video) for more shekels.

So before poor wittle Roberto pulls an Onion on his fans (he already has), this thread shall come to life!

It should be noted that Rob quit his job as a private investigator/detective to pursue the jewtube money-pot. From what I’ve read, he makes $110,000 a month from Patreon (yeah), Youtube and merch.



Social Media:

“Muh Donations!”:

No. 454773

What's the milk here? Just about everyone on YouTube and many other social media platforms e-beg like it's going out of style

No. 454809

But his Patreon is linked right there and only $9k+ a month. Where is the other $101k estimate coming from? I doubt he is selling that much in t-shirts and making that month in ad revenue. Social Blade puts his monthly earnings between $1k and $16k.

e-begging is annoying but I think you're severely overestimating how much he actually makes a month, and not enough for him to deserve an individual thread.

No. 454812

Not enough milk here seeing how this can apply to any Youtuber.

No. 454825

lol he's always seemed like a genuinely nice guy to me, just a bit of a goofus sometimes. it's a tall order to make the types of videos he does without sometimes coming off like an edgelord or under-researched goofy. i don't see how he could ever become like onion as he doesn't have pure nonfunctional narcissism wafting out of his every clogged pore. He actually seems like he realizes other people in the world are conscious beings.

No. 454831

>So before poor wittle Roberto pulls an Onion on his fans (he already has), this thread shall come to life!

This is not milk. Just because it's funny to watch onision sperg all over about losing his youtube money doesn't mean the adpocalypse isn't real and isn't actually unfairly affecting other youtubers. Unlike onision most spooky youtubers being affected cannot actually afford to make their videos anymore, because the cost over time doesn't work out. You can't risk spending two weeks making a video and not get paid for it. It's funny when onision whines about it because the quality of his videos is so low and he shits out five or six a day. and he had a ton of money that he wasted on all kinds of bullshit like teslas and mcmansions.

Rob seems like a good guy and his content is good quality, he also brought a bunch of other spooky youtubers into the spotlight whose content is way better than his.

No. 454841

OT but i've talked to rob before and he is a really nice dude! he talks and listens to his fans and treats them like equals.

this thread seems a bit vendetta-y, he really doesn't have that much milk at all.

No. 454855

His twitter behavior recently has been appalling, I wish he'd tone it down on the palling around with shoeonhead and other 'skeptical' youtubers.

No. 454896

People didn’t mind a thread for him when I asked in the suggestions thread, and I did say it might suck. Overall this is just a “test-thread”, it can be discussed more or abandoned.

I also don’t hate Rob, I too like his content.

He’s also friends with Blaire White.

tbh I first thought it was cool that he was also a Christian (the “having a relationship with God and Jesus” kind) who was also into the dark and macabre side of things but idk if that still holds though.

No. 454897

I feel like he has been a little dramatic recently. Also his old videos are much more entertaining than recent stuff. This is kinda like my Pigss thread (RIP) where the drama is bubbling under the surface but will probably come out later. So I think you may be onto something here but it's something that will happen later.

No. 454932

Yeah I may have overestimated the amount (I believe it actually was between $1-20k) as I thought about making this thread long and hard while forgetting to do the proper research.

No. 454948

sorry for being off-topic but by Pigss do you mean Hailey Wait? A thread on her would be nice

No. 454955

$9k a month is a $100k income per year on patreon alone.
For making youtube videos.
And that's not counting ad monetization and merch he sells.
He lives a very cozy, upper middle class lifestyle for doing next to nothing.

I wish we could have a megathread about greedy Youtube flakes who act like they're on skid row because one video doesn't rake in money. The horror! Heaven forbid they must WORK (re sit in front of their computers and record themselves some more) to produce content.


No. 454964

File: 1514456720952.png (57.84 KB, 238x547, lol.png)

He's got quite a racket here.

>for $150, I will send you a t-shirt that I get mass produced from China

>plus my patreon livestream and a mention in my project credits
>discount on muh merch too, so don't forget to buy and give me more money!!

>$50 a month

>every three months he sends you a shirt
21 people are paying $150 fucking dollars………

No. 454965

That’s it! He HAS more than enough money and sponsors to pump out videos per week and pay his editors/sketch artists who’s work is shown more than Rob himself on camera.

But… the man just wants to crank out “Top 10 scary stuff people do”, sit on his ass and make dat easy dough.

No. 454966

At least Onision gives people what they want…most of the time.

No. 454967

He's like an edgier Buzzfeed. All these "top 10" youtube channels are. Masquerading their opinions as actual content worth people's hard earned cash, and then being entitled enough to complain when they don't receive the exact amount they want.

No. 454970

File: 1514457451976.png (73.17 KB, 249x688, the ride doesnt end.png)

This one is even more of a scam.

>for $225

>I send you a $14-$42 product of your choosing
>plus a signed script and print

Assuming people pick the most expensive merch from the teespring, the $42 hoodie every time, he's making a net profit $183 at worst. And we all know those products aren't worth the prices he's selling for to begin with, so more profit than that.

I don't know whether to be annoyed by these blatant scams, or be annoyed at the people who fuel these frauds.

No. 454971

File: 1514457680811.jpeg (117.95 KB, 640x567, 3D4F58EA-9D18-4359-B8AD-5E710F…)


No. 454974

People paid this man $9.8k in patreon bux this month for this:
>a black screen, 10 minute morse code video to bitch about the youtube demonetization algorithm


Top quality.

No. 454976

And there's still an ad on it. People are sheep.

No. 454977

Also, I’ve tried to look for the comment thread where some fans are realizing that their money’s not being put into good use but I think it got deleted. It was a long ass thread too, about 60+ comments to be precise (about 50/50 excuses and realizations).

I should’ve capped it. :(

The worst part; those same people were happy that they got an ad.

No. 454980

File: 1514459391538.jpeg (300.03 KB, 640x867, 22DB6A42-D9A6-4E06-B620-C92126…)

Is he being anti-Semitic or…?

The context was that he was bitching about Lorde playing in Russia because money and going sjw about it (thought you were neutral Rob!) which lead to this…

No. 454982

I don't think he's being anti semitic, he's clearly making fun of the person because they said "Jewish run company's" are the cause of demonetization.
He's being tongue in cheek to mock that person for thinking Jews are behind everything.

No. 454983

Yet then again he could be not joking. He's being ambiguous on purpose so as not to necessarily drive away the part of his audience who do believe Jews are behind monetization.

No. 454986

File: 1514460280176.jpeg (305.12 KB, 640x900, 79A482D6-261F-475D-892B-15CF00…)

Edgy as fuck!

((End sarcasm))

No. 454987

y i k e s
didn't know about that.
this vid pissed me off and i didn't bother finding out what it was about. i knew it was more of his passive aggression.

i've been subscribed to him for a while, and love horror. he's the only horror or top 10 channel i sub to that started doing this shit, not to mention the fact that he was already shilling for audible in like 90% of his videos before the adpocalypse. the scare tactics he employed about his demonetization woes were so obvious to me and seriously pathetic once people realized it wasn't too big of a deal and that most serious youtubers make a good amount from patreon.
this is far from the first bitchy video he's made.

he tried some boring live action type thing for a serial killer file and it was literally just clips of some paid actor standing around in nature doing nothing relevant to what was being said. shit was odd. the art he'd been having done for videos was (is?) way better and part of the appeal.

it kinda seems like maybe he isn't enjoying it anymore.
but >>454983 I think this is a reach. he said "lol" and "conspiracy" and seems pretty obvious sarcasm to me.

anyway i didn't see the thread suggestion but i do support it. i've wondered if i'd see a thread on him for a while once he started really amping up his pity party.

No. 454998

THANK YOU. God I hate this guy. His content is awful and there are many on yt who do what he does but much better cough Cayleigh Elise cough. I unsubbed once he started that Why Would You Put That on the Internet? series because it was too much cringe to handle.

I always thought him siding with Matthew Santoro over the Nicole Arbour drama was really dodgy. LC didn't exist when that went down,anyone have any juicy deets on that?

No. 455005

Will stop bringing up your shitty vendetta thread all over this board? "This person is a bit dramatic"/"I don't like their content" is not milk, take this shit to PULL.

No. 455013

>Cayleigh Elise
Yeah, I was gonna ask about her… didn’t she used (or still is) to be fuckbuddies with Rob?

She also stopped uploading three weeks ago and has a Patreon.

Supposedly Nicole was abusive to Matt and left mean comments claiming she’s never abused him and called him a little bitch (lol), which was the reason for the breakup.

I’ve seen a Keemstar interview with Rob on the subject a few years ago.
The man is a cow with untapped milk waiting to explode, don’t take from us!

No. 455016

My only issues I have with Rob is the fact that a lot of the info in his videos is incorrect. He needs to do more research sometimes. I will agree that all the bitching he's been doing about $$ lately has really turned me off. Can't stand all these entitled YTers pimping out their patreons these days, especially when the reward is as asinine as "your name in the credits at the end. Y'know, after most people have stopped the video already"

No. 455024

Cayleigh's uploading has slowed significantly and as a fan I'm pretty bummed, although comparing her to Rob isn't quite fair. He pumped out top ten videos while Cayleigh's were consistently 10 - 30 minutes or more in length. She also definitely isn't making nearly as much as he is on Patreon, seeing as her only option is $1 or more and she only has one reward. The quality drop in Rob's content before he quit made me stop paying any attention to his uploads, but I genuinely miss Cayleigh's stuff and hope she's able to get out of her slump.

No. 455037

Okay where's the milk though? So what he's got a ridiculous patreon that some people are stupid enough to pay for, shitty content and some annoying Twitter posts. Him and the rest of youtube are like that are we going to spam snow with milkiest threads of those people too? Still not convinced he deserves a whole thread for something that 99% of youtube personalities do. Is it annoying, you bet your sweet ass it is but is it milky? No, not in the slightest

No. 455039

are we going to spam snow with *milkless threads
Sorry my auto correct is retarded

No. 455080

You guys don't seem to understand what the word "Scam" Means. People are getting what they pay for, unless someone pipes up that they never got their goods it's not a scam. Every single business runs on the model of buying shit in and selling it for a higher price, if someone is too stupid to google something they want, that is their fault.

We don't cover scams, either. This isn't a truth or exposé site. Even if there were a real scam, unless it's funny and milky it doesn't belong here.

It's possibly to have patreon tiers with zero perks and people will still choose to pay content creators they like. It is a choice on behalf of the people paying.

Also worth noting that yeah, on the surface it looks as if all of these youtubers are greedy fucks, but I imagine a lot of them are locked into rent, internet, phone etc contracts and the like that they can't get out of. I don't get how you guys don't understand that most people spend more than half of their income on shit like bills and rent, even when their income is really high. If it suddenly halved overnight you'd be absolutely fucked. Missing payments = bad credit = you are fucked, possibly forever.

I hate to pull out this old chestnut but it basically seems like the beef with this guy is that he makes money easily from stupid people and ya'll are mad you can't do that.

Obvious sarcasm my dude
>I bet the jews did this!
Is an actual meme.

agree. This thread is PULL tier bullshit at best.

No. 455231

I clicked this so fast thinking there was going to be milk.

No. 456091

Okay number one, you're on the /snow/ board, not /pt/. The reason why cows like Jill, Kooter, and Moo are here is precisely because they don't have milk but still do plenty fucked shit that makes everyone's eyes roll.

>people are getting what they pay for
Yet some of his fans are telling him he's not making the content that they're paying for, so no they're not at this point.
>We don't cover scams
Yes, we do. We cover unethical e-celebs all the time trying to sell their overpriced products and services for ludicrous prices and acting like they're god's gift to earth for it.
Just to name two that aren't more than a few pages back:
>Delandra Barbie
And every munchie might as well be considered a scam artist too.
>all of these youtubers are greedy fucks
Because they are. Everyone has bills to pay, but it's called getting a day job. And certainly if he's living in a place where it's necessary to get $9k in donations every month then he's being a greedy ass for trying to live above his means.
>ya'll are mad you can't do that
And everyone who criticizes looks of flakes are secretly jelly, amirite?

BUT–this would be better off in the Youtuber General >>260800 so we don't get newfags pretending to be mods.

No. 456097

Rob has not been neutral for a while now. Im a fan of his work, watched all his videos when I found him last year because its easy to binge and even when I knew all about the case or subject he was covering I watched it and thumbsed-upped it because I appreciated his work.
But he's really been a douche recently, and supporting Israel is gonna put him on the bad end of most of his cool skeptic friends.

No. 456099

Ugh I first heard of this guy from a "wahhh youtube is being mean to HORROR YOUTUBERS" circle jerk on twitter including him and another youtube horror douche "MrCreepyPasta".

Although I would argue while they're both equally douchey.. at least Rob isn't constantly posting about how they're going to put their dick in whatever the theme of the week is. (ala Mrcreepypasta)

In said circlejerk, both of them basically said "boo hoo poor me I'm such a victim pls give me money" and their young new-generation emo kid fans began to throw their allowances at them so they could continue to make their dollar store Jeff the Killer videos.

Every community on YT has it's cows. The "Horror" community on YT has Rob Dyke, MrCreepyPasta, KingSpook, Snuffbomb, and ThatCreepyReading. Some have threads of their own, I believe… but their milk is on par with non-horror cows with offenses ranging from being racist af (ThatCreepyReading) to sleeping with + knocking up fangirl and paying for abortions (MrCreepyPasta). Almost all of them are known for scamming their fans financially as well.

No. 456161

I subbed to him shortly after he abandoned his WWYPTOTI series, and he seemed to have abandoned it for good as I guess the creepy content got him more attention. Which is funny since he sure did try to get attention with all those cleavage thumbnails.
Wait what, is Cayleigh seriously fuckbuddies with him? I know he promoted her (I think she won some contest or something but I could be remembering incorrectly) but didn't think they even knew each other irl.

And yeah I miss her more standard content. When I want a creepy video, I don't always have the interest for something 30-60 minutes long like these subscriber storytimes. But assuming her YT persona is anywhere near genuine, I hope for the best for her and do wish for more content from her as others have said. She's quality while still remaining down to earth, but going MIA is going to make her seem less tangible to her audience.

Rob's been intangible for a long while now, and more than ever since his whole "WAAH YOUTUBE IS TARGETING VIDEOS JUST LIKE THIS ONE" bullshit he plastered onto every fucking video before seemingly giving up completely.

No. 456404

>but their milk is on par with non-horror cows with offenses ranging from being racist af (ThatCreepyReading) to sleeping with + knocking up fangirl and paying for abortions (MrCreepyPasta).
Spill that milk anon

No. 456550

Yeah wtf i never heard about TCR being racist not bout MrcreepyPasta paying for abortion wtf

No. 456651

>is Cayleigh seriously fuckbuddies with him?

Huh, the rare situation where they both could do better.

No. 456783

Fuck this guy, his videos were good until he wanted to be a bootleg pewdiepie and started making videos shitting on "TRIGGERED SJW FEMINISTS LUL XD" and then wondered why he got demonetized.

stick to your spooky shit you fucking dumb ass

No. 456797

He has 2 employees that edit for him too, they could be researchers but 10k a month just isn't enough

No. 456831

That’s what I’ve read about through her fans as soon as I discovered her channel. I usually don’t keep up with these people besides watching their videos (mostly Rob’s) for the last four years.

No. 457187

Kooters doesn't have milk? Yeah, ok.

Besides regular youtuber greedy shit, what fucked up things does Rob do?

No. 457257

Well. he is not forcing his fans to pay for his videos
so i don't see the milk

isn't he raising a baby?

No. 457339

Okay so he complains about not making as much money for his YouTube videos… But as that's his job, it's just like an office worker complaining if they received a cut to their wages.

Any person anywhere would complain if they ended up making less money for the same amount of work. Famous or not.

No milk. As far as I know he hasn't scammed anyone, he actually treats his fans decently and doesn't rip them off.

Pointless thread is pointless.

No. 457382

We’re in /snow/, does it matter much?

No. 457390

File: 1514667875185.jpg (104.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>where's muh milk

No. 457394

white knight go home!!! if you wanna fuck rob that bad then go to his patreon lol

No. 457455

I'm the first anon you quoted. Def not a white knight. Just wanted a new cow to laugh at. Was disappointed.

No. 457702

kooters have milk for other ..many.. reasons
OP, if you hate him that much, find something to talk about
this is boring.

No. 457704

This whole thread sound like it was made by someone who has a personal vendeta against Rob. Prove hes a cow or stfu cus their really no milk here. All of what was stated can be applied to any if not 1/2 of anybody whos big on youtube. Thread is pointless and boring

No. 457850

I'm not OP, I just think you're being excessive and you seem awful insistent on posting in a thread that bores you.

No. 457976

I posted twice (counting this one)
that's barely "excessive" and "awful insistent"(stop)

No. 459434


There was another thread about MCP specifically >>256829 but it lost traction after he was forced to scramble and put out the comic books he was scamming people thousands of dollars for was starting to come to the public eye

i've done some looking into it as well and yeah just a quick glance over this dude's twitter and the vid that was pinned to the front page of his youtube "Draw my Wife" shows he's super shitty. he even confirms in that video that his now-wife is a fangirl he shacked up with and paid for her ring with money he asked his fans for (even though this was before the adpocalypse and he was spending money on 2-3 vacations every month or so FOR said fangirl-turned-wife)

saging for non rob sperg

No. 459503

Ok so what about TCR being "racist af"? Seriously never heard of that before.

No. 460113

File: 1514942349447.jpg (105.88 KB, 480x270, IMG_5270.JPG)

Honestly facts are that he barely post on his channels.
He stopped contributing to his gaming channel, he barely post on his Main channel and when he does it's effortless bs and content he either use Wikipedia for or had fans send info and most of his info is incorrect. He demands to be paid when only person I think should be paid was when there were actual illustrations which he didn't use for long. Before he even got demonetized he wasn't making many videos to begin with. Now he's a trend hopper, washed out dude who quit being a private investigator and sex offender counselor for YouTube. He had 2 jobs he quit FOR YOUTUBE. His Instagram and Twitter is full of "feel bad for me" bs mixed with douche bag behavior. His claims to working on weight loss is clearly untrue considering he looks 2-3x bigger from screenshots from lives streams he does every 2-3 times per year for which he ask for money just to be noticed. Before he did his YouTube based on creepy and horror based things he would upload on ifunny and Imgur a lot of those cringe wannabe meme post. He's 30 years old now and still expects his teen fans nurture him.
Now people can say he's not milky enough but trust and believe he will expose his true nature soon enough.

No. 460125

dont get me wrong he'd always seem like a huge douch bag but his older contant was good he just made a vid today recaping 2017 and it was shit. Most of what was in it was events i already heard and im sure people who didn't live under a rock heard about but he framed it as "events throughout the year you likely never heard about" like tbh he should have kept at least one of his job if he was gonna do a bullshit job with his channel he can't blaim the adpocalypse for him putting little to no effort in his vids. Sorry for the rant but i feel his older shit is better than his new shit.

No. 460138

Yeah his older content is better because he seemed more intent on following a passion or putting effort into gaining a following and views. Many people who start off with intent on getting bigger or making it a career tend to do less effort once they've made it, But even his older content doesn't require payment of 9k a month. He tends to buy unnessasary things like new dogs (German Shepards), horror aesthetic things and many other items that aren't even being put into his content. If he just saved up all this money he was making and is making now he wouldn't have to complain about being demonetized. He had a good 2-3 years and does now besides the occasional video is complain to his horde of teen fans who comment at him calling him daddy about money or a comment someone gave him criticism on or backlash at.

No. 460879

What the actual fuck admins?
stop what? replying to another farmer?

who made all this morons admins, they get triggered with everything(the term is called "infighting")

No. 460894

Instead of fighting with the admins and shitting up a thread that you don't even like in the first place, why don't you go post in a thread that you're actually interested in? Honestly, no one cares if you think he's milky or not. Get over it.

Can we please get back on topic?

No. 461153

There is no topic because he's not even milky at all. I'm tired of seeing people make these threads without first posting in pt to see any interest or source for milk. Just let it die

No. 461229

You seem a little too mad there.
If you don't think he's milky than why even check this thread.
Why do you want it to die so badly you're just contributing to it more with your complaining.

No. 461242

Anyways anyone noticed how obsessed he is with Stranger things?
It's like he wants to be hopper so badly, he quotes him none stop, takes pictures calling himself hopper and mimicking the actors hair style.
I understand he wants to relate to his teen fan base but he's 30.

No. 461286

If anything why not make a threat of all the snowflake in the Horror community and lump him in it
also what the deal with tcr being racist? or mrcreeppasty paying for abortions?

No. 461383

Rob what the fuck?! At least put your damn “commercial” at the END of your video!

No. 461484

Because funny thing is it's known for him to lurk on any thread about him or mentions him and try and pretend to be a fan and call himself hot and shit or applaud his content to the heavens so it's more entertaining to see him make subtweets about anything bad about him when he's caught in threads.

No. 461487

Oh this totally deserves 9k a month.
It's just hilarious to watch him shit post on twitter and complain about YouTube and make the whole Logan Paul situation about him and his monetization issue.

No. 461555

I was subscribed to Rob for a few years for the horror stuff. I began getting second thoughts about him when he added a string of videos on his channel jumping on the anti-SJW/tumblr train almost a year ago.
Dude explained himself with this video, but I somehow doubt this was a matter of "passion" seemed moreso about being another "content creator" shitting out low-effort videos picking on low hanging fruit to get those sweet views and ad-revenue. In this video he claimed he wasn't going to discontinue any of his series, but checking out his channel the last time he made a WWYPTOTI video was about 8 months ago when he started shitting his pants over the adpocalypse.

No. 461560

Wait who lurks? Rob or that Creepypasta guy? Legit didn’t expect that.

You also mean sites like PULL, right and he hasn’t found out about us?

No. 461561

What a pussy.

No. 461937

Rob lurks his threads
On 4chan and other lolcow threads that even mention his name somehow he pops in to pretend he's a chick and calls himself hot and attractive and sexy. I seriously thing he looks up his name just to find if he's been mentioned in anything. He obviously can't handle critics considering he will blast a child on twitter to have his fans call them idiots and attack them.

No. 461939

Yeah he claims a lot of stuff butalways starts slacking. He doesn't post on his gaming channel anymore either. He's been posting more since this thread came up two vids in a week.

No. 462333

>On 4chan and other lolcow threads that even mention his name somehow he pops in to pretend he's a chick and calls himself hot and attractive and sexy.
Whoa! How is this dude not a lolcow? What the hell…?

Little by little he becomes Onion 2.0, just less narc-ish/sociopathic. Geeze

No. 462371

Hmm he posted a video an hour ago. Three vids in a week. Seems like he made them very quickly too considering how poor quality they are compared to old videos.
Hi Rob I see you've been searching your name again. Work more on your videos and quit recycling info that you get from all your horror community buddies.

No. 462411

holy shit that's pathetic. are there any screencaps of this sort of thing? he always did seem to have a super fragile ego.
yeah i'm right there with you in that tinfoil. the only benefit-of-the-doubt explanation that really makes sense would be that he has a backlog from over the holidays.

but if he lurks imageboards for his name, he probably knows about this thread.
newsflash rob: the video in >>461383 has such a horrible and boring thumbnail that my eyes completely skipped over it in my sub feed. i only went back and looked for it after having seen it posted here and not remembering seeing it on youtube (though i still haven't watched the video).

this is probably the 3rd strike of him doing something obnoxious/pathetic to make me lose respect for him. i haven't watched his videos in a while at all and at this rate will just unsub.

No. 462474

There was drama with him a few years back because he said 4chan and 8chan is basically just a realm for murderers, rapist, child porn, etc and got doxxed and attacked by 8chan while 4chan for some reason defended him. Every now and than he will mention 4chan on Twitter out of pettiness. Seems ever since he got checked by 8chan he's been lurking in threads that mention him or will go out of his way to be mentioned somehow and bring attention to himself. This is kind of what got him attention from other youtubers who than made his YouTube blow up and he got a few interviews and articles written about him.

No. 462481

Honestly I've notice Rob only reply to female fans in sweet sentimental tones and follow many female fans.
I wouldn't be surprised if he was taking advantage of his position as a youtuber.
Ever since I read about onion boy and that Vix girl, Rob and his chatter with these chicks on his Instagram comment and twitter reminds me of that persona Oniom puts on. All this talk about suicide, sadness, darkness, and than bragging about how he helped fans through hard times and saved lives with his words is all in all mimicking onion boy, he has to show every righteous act he does on Twitter, has to show off his edginess and don't forget the ladies gotta be that gentleman for them, not like the other guys owo gotta befriend Boogie youtubes #1 "I'm such a nice dude" award winner and Matthew Santoro along with Jenna Marbles and all the other saints of the tube. He basically social climbs and uses his growing status to attract girls who are in sensitive situations just like Onion boy.
Maybe I'm just mad as hell at this because it's disgusting to use depression and other people's sensitive issues to grow bigger and gain sympathy along with female attention and booty calls.

No. 462490

I don’t think his fans will realize that the uploads aren’t just for them, they’re still doing the #KeepYoutubeCreepy hashtag thinking Rob; their dark lord and savior has finally returned to them w/o paying attention to the quality downfall.

Poor imbeciles, the lot of them!

Any caps or archived docs? This is getting interesting! Though I wonder when will Roberto give us a shoutout.

Those girls are older than 18, right??

No. 462492

From looks of it most of the people on Instagram are over 18 but I can't fully go through 610 people but majority are females and few males. I don't think he'd be dumb enough to go after underaged fans when there's plenty of low self esteemed older women in his fan base as well who can travel to him. I tried looking into the previous threads about the whole Rob Dyke thing I think it's was gotten rid of due to the exposure of them looking like big bad bullies so there's only mentions in new thread that have him mentioned about his lurking and self Posting. Nobody really screencapped from what I know due to him being a small youtuber at the time but most people on imgur, ifunny, and anything image board or gossip thread related knows that he self post and lurks. I find it strange that anything that was from the 2015 drama with 4chan and 8chan were lost because it made him get to the status he is today.

No. 462493

Seriously Strange has a Twitter Page now, yeah…


No. 462494

It’s like, he just started lurking in the nick of time after the thread had been made. Wonder how long he’ll start self posting?

No. 462498

Here's a thread about him made last year that went all the way south at the mention of trump supporter.
This strikes me as his typical argumentative behavior I see on Twitter especially on his rants on SJW or Tumblr and use of calling everyone Communist/Commies.
im curious about this Neo Nazi claim though that I saw in that thread.

No. 462505

File: 1515140230764.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5295.PNG)

Rob barely post content that his patreons ask for and he complains about YouTube demonetizing him but he is such a hard working content creator that it takes ages him so much time to make videos with quickly searched google images and nag about his money issues but continues to buy unneeded bullshit like a 3rd generation clay face remodeling of a dead famous gangster, continuously find something to bitch about on Twitter and be high and mighty when it comes to things others do yet never take fault or responsibility for his slacking and only throws out "muh depression I wanna die" when people question him.
Rob you're 30 and used to counsel sex offenders while you sit on Twitter making fun tumblr and anyone who has any sort of views supporting human/LGBT/woman/minorities rights and calling them a bunch of names than playing off as "I have (group I shit on constantly) fans who don't see any issue" as a response when people don't kiss your ass.
He complains why he's not monetized, complains why other youtubers are given more fame and attention when they don't go out of their way to shit on people, they upload every week or even daily, they put time into videos, and they simply don't use sympathy as a way to win them pussy and fame.
Also about the Lorde thing he said on twitter its clear he's a little mad about the money thing and how she didn't cancel her whole tour.
Rob not everyone cancels and delays things none stop like you, business is business and that's why she makes the big money and you have to e-beg and throw the sympathy card out to fans to donate to you.

No. 462520

Since he went on a weight loss journey in 2015 I've notice he gained a lot of weight since I looked in his tags from a livestream in 2017. Maybe it's the angles but he never really shows himself full body without that suit he wears. Black is a very slimming color. I'll post the photos below.

No. 462521

File: 1515141725605.png (248.52 KB, 1341x862, IMG_5296.PNG)

No. 462522

File: 1515141738596.png (356.24 KB, 1536x1589, IMG_5297.PNG)

No. 462523

File: 1515141755512.jpg (75.55 KB, 750x504, IMG_5298.JPG)

From live stream

No. 462524

File: 1515141766557.jpg (78.72 KB, 750x733, IMG_5299.JPG)

No. 462552

holy hell when was this? he's massive.
also i hate that pointy beard of his. idk why another youtuber would want to look like keemstar with the whole gnome look.
rob's not one to talk about anyone being "insufferable as fuck."

No. 462557

Apparently in November are when the live stream photos are from since I collected them from his tagged images and they're 3 days apart so I suppose the 27th? I've wondered why he doesn't show himself in videos or photos below his neck anymore.
Also same about the beard thing I always thought I was weird because I imagined his chin was just a sharp dorito until I saw photos of his beardless.
I see he's turning into a boogie 2.0 instead the Francis character isn't a persona

No. 462563

I just wanna know how all the chicks he's tried to shag feel when they see him in person and he is not what they see on the internet? That's not just a few pounds that's like at an unhealthy balance especially when he blogged his weight loss on a vlogging channel he stopped posting on like a year or two ago and he seemed to have been doing so well. Feel a little sorry for him but he did this to himself. Is this where his Money went into?

No. 462571

The pointy beard is supposed to make him “sinister”-looking (what I think anyway).

He needs to lay off the blue apron meals

No. 462574

File: 1515154865423.jpeg (181.95 KB, 441x587, A43D32A1-D8FF-4305-853F-AFB0D9…)

Current pic

No. 462577

File: 1515155475459.png (1.92 MB, 640x1136, 0EE2EFE0-4617-46EF-A33B-B8A027…)


You can see his chunky arms here, now a single selfie since May or June

No. 462750

So is there any actual milk or are you just going to keep sperging over him being a fatty with a patreon?

No. 462794


No. 462800

Are you gonna provid this milk or are you gonna keep complaining that it's not entertaining enough for you?

No. 462806

File: 1515183102757.png (181.47 KB, 1536x820, IMG_5300.PNG)

Sure Rob it's totally not for your ego and you totally are an amazing human even though you decide to let everyone know about your donating and how you "help all the ladies" with you're kind and compassionate words~
You fat fuck.

No. 462811

File: 1515183351998.png (47.71 KB, 1536x235, IMG_5301.PNG)

Rob is very intent on having a career without having to do hard work.
Watch as he complains Twitch isn't paying him as much as he dEsErVeS

No. 462842

cuz that where all good for nothing yt go to make bank. Rob even on twitch you aren't gonna make bank the problem lies in your fucking CONTENT. not the platform.

No. 462850

There is a thread for Youtubers in general, please discuss Rob there.

No. 462879

Rob himself says he is no longer a youtuber and plasters it on his Twitter and Facebook page he just uploads the occasional videos because patreons request it. Would he still be considered a youtuber?

No. 462987

Please let us keep and continue with his thread, he’s a cow in his own right for a long time. Some of us are starting to realize that.

No. 462989

Is Rob even a decent gamer anyway? I just don’t get that vibe from him at all other than ~mysterious creepy goffick boi~

No. 463003

On his zombie horse channel that he used to play on it was just try hard comedy and sarcasm and yelling and stuff with his friend along with reading "shit pastas" so I don't see twitch working out for him since it will no longer be a realm for him and his kiss ass fans but also other users who will end up trolling his chats

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