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File: 1487905073098.jpg (16.97 KB, 300x300, mrcreepypasta-image.jpg)

No. 256829

Last year I backed a project by a youtuber that I used to respect named Mr.CreepyPasta, aka Spike Edmond. The project was a Creepypasta themed comic book to be written by himself and another horror author, Vincent V. Cava. They raised over $25k for the project, campaign completed June 2016. Since then, most, if not all backers have recieved nothing they were promised. MCP posts no updates on Kickstarter to update on why the rewards are not their, then snaps at people on his Twitter when asked when they are coming. Every single time he has been asked on Twitter, he responds that "the hardcovers are printing". It takes a year to print hardcovers? I find that hard to believe. And in the mean time, he's managed to release not one..but TWO of his "own" paperback books through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. I say his "own", because he didn't even write any of the stories in his two books. He's taken stories from other authors, slapped his name and image on the front of the book, and is selling them for profit. Another scam. All while his comic book supporters sit here waiting on their $25k investment to be rewarded. If the printing is taking so long, you would think that maybe he'd use some of that $25k to hire another printer that could get the job done, since so many people are waiting, right? Nah. Instead he's taken numerous friviously trips (that he flaunts on Twitter and instagram) to Vegas and Disneyworld with his new wife. Who, coincidentally, he asked his viewers for money for to buy a ring to propose with. Even though he makes thousands of dollars a month on youtube. (If you want proof, he admits to it in his Draw my Wife video). I was bothered by that when it happened, but I loved his content. Now, looking back. I don't know why I supported him at that point.

So here we are. A youtuber who scams his viewers out of thousands of dollars to pay for his personal vacations, his engagement rings, and funding for his other scam projects. ("His" books.)


This is the project. You can see by the comments on it that people are getting angrier by the day.

After losing my patience, I've done my share of research to see if there are other cow like actives that he's pulled in the past… I was able to pull up quite a bit. He knocked up a fangirl while engaged to his (now) wife and paid for her to get an abortion.. she posted screenshots and receipts on Tumblr after the incident. His wife seems mildly cow-y too. She's a landwhale who sells sharpie'd over funko pops as "custom products" for $40-70 dollars on etsy. I guess the couple that scams together, uses fans money to fund engagement ring and knocking up a fangir– I mean.. stays together.

Youtube: www.youtube.com/mrcreepypasta

No. 256830

>Creepypasta themed comic book

No. 256833

File: 1487905898984.jpg (118.7 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20170223_210544.jpg)

This is his wife. I forgot to mention that she "cosplays" MCP's favorite characters because they all have big tiddies and she thinks that her whale tiddies match that body type. We're talking MooMoo level fat. At least MooMoo can SOMEWHAT do makeup. This Elvira made me want to die. Maybe I should have made a separate thread about her because God damn my salt is strong from being scammed out of my money and she's a landmine (and land whale) of shitty etsy and cosplay content.

Also, as stated in his Draw my wife video, she's also a fan girl who moved cross country to be closer to him. That's not fucking creepy at all. Also, he married a fucking fangirl who moved cross country to be closer to him… between her and the fangirl he knocked up… I'm sensing a pattern. Here's the Draw My wife vid: https://youtu.be/ITaTRL6hVek

No. 256844

thats what you get for backing such a stupid project

No. 256846

I tried watching a few of his videos but his voice is so annoying especially when hes trying to act he cant voice act for shit.

No. 256863

are you 13

No. 256866

>MCP posts no updates on Kickstarter to update on why the rewards are not their
>the rewards are not their

you have to be 18 to be on this forum

No. 256868

gonna need to see the receipts of the cheating story. that's really fucked

No. 256901

File: 1487923553660.png (1.26 MB, 1151x1824, 20170224_015918.png)

This was the fangirl who got knocked up. Her username was MrCreepyPastasWhore and then eventually changed to MrCreepyPastasKitten.. to enigmaticfelinexoxo or something. When I first stumbled across the allegations when looking for stuff about MCP's past scams, I thought she was just a delusional fangirl. But she had photographic recipes of them together. I can't bring the ones from her tumblr (that showed her naked in his bed, pics with him shortly after) up on my phone right now for some reason. But I have this one (bottom right picture is a collage from a trip I guess they made to meet up in April, right before he proposed to his now wife and asked fans for money for a ring). I'll post the screencap of the pic she posted on Instagram of the two of them from the tumblr set. (The only sfw ones. I guess she didn't want the nsfw on her insta)

No. 256903

File: 1487923684462.png (1.46 MB, 1151x1825, 20170224_015951.png)

The SFW photos that she leaked after he broke it off, I think. Most of her captions had something to do with "never have sex with youtubers" or something of that nature. I get the feeling she wasn't the most stable.

No. 256906

File: 1487924379384.png (797.6 KB, 1151x1814, 20170224_021822.png)

from the archive of the tumblr in the bio

No. 256920


Man some of the users on this thread are
pure cancer.

This seemed like a cool project actually Vincent V. Cava is a ubiquitous horror short story author it's disappointing that the projects going off the rails because of unknown reasons yet this fag is pocketing the money while vacationing with his incidentally hambeast gf kek.

No. 256975

Sage for no contribution but I'm not surprised to find out this whiny-voiced ass hole is a cow.

No. 256996

Sage for no real contribution and a somewhat bloggy post, but damn. As someone who listens to most other scary story narrators (Lazy Masquerade, Be Busta, Corpse Husband, Urmaker, Unit 522, Blue Spooky, Joey's Nightmare etc) that I enjoy listening to on a daily basis, first off, I'm shocked to hear that some of these guys have fan girls, especially sycophants ready to sleep with them. Basically what they do is just read other people's work (which is totally respectable, but technically the only real talent there is their speaking/narrating skills) so how on Earth does someone like this have "groupies"?! At least go after someone with maybe some sort of impressive skill? Again, not trying to discredit story tellers, but that's news to me.

Secondly, I only listened to this dude a few times but never even considered subscribing. His voice is god awful, he stumbles over words and is not very engaging to listen to. He also, unlike other narrators, seemed so eager to jump the gun and do a face reveal, which seemed pretty vain to me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even Corpse Husband who has a large devoted fanbase hasn't done an official face reveal yet. So what gives? Maybe I knew something was off about this dude, his subscriber to quality of content ratio is pretty perplexing to me, but I'm not surprised it's mostly made up from teeny boppers that probably searched "creepypasta" and he was fortunate enough to have his name pop up.

But honestly, I'm glad to see this thread and hope it picks up some more traction. If the scamming shit is true, he needs to be held responsible. Has no one taken the initiative to make a petition? Or lead an angry mob? What an arrogant loser. I hope some drama channel picks up this story to the point he pays back every cent. I'd love to see how that unfolds!

/rant sorry guys


No. 257110

He actually did his face reveal right before this fangirl started putting his face everywhere and putting him on blast. So maybe he was trying to beat her to it? (There are a bunch of videos of him doing his face reveal on Youtube at a convention)

No. 258712

I used to be a fan of V. Cava until this fiasco. I actually stumbled across this thread from googling "Mr.Creepypasta Kickstarter" to see if anyone else had spoken out about this situation. I'm also one of the backers. I don't use Twitter, and neither MCP nor V.Cava have updated the Kickstarter page since November… other Kickstarter users have been providing links to TWITTER updates in the comments section of the campaign. Simply unprofessional and off-putting.

No. 559136

here are some files of MrCreepypasta and one of his writers talking about misusing youtube like giving false license numbers and fake flags


i think theres gonna be trouble

No. 559341


No. 559446

they dont edit any of their own audio so i would assume a lot of volunteer fans have a lot of files from them

No. 559579

>OP says girl said MCP paid for her to have an abortion
>posts caps of her saying she miscarried
Wtf is wrong with you, you dumb cunt?

No. 559669

This man understands that women never lie.

No. 560434

Or just knows the difference between an abortion and a miscarriage.

No. 560597

She isn't going to fuck you Anon.

No. 562012

Holy shit

No. 562396

Mr. Creepypasta that you? come off anon if it is?

No. 563703

Let me break it down for you, since apparently you're retarded
>OP says that the girl he cheated with said she had an abortion that he paid for
>OP is asked to provide caps of girl saying this
>OP provides caps of girl saying she miscarried

You're seriously calling people MCP and whiteknights for pointing out that OP straight up got that part wrong when the evidence is right fucking there?

No. 563743

This man knows that women never lie.

No. 564179

File: 1524557712477.png (60.93 KB, 583x346, screenshot.png)

According to her social media posts, she went in for an abortion and found out she had already miscarried. A lot of her posts and social media accounts have had their names changed or have since been deleted; but you can still find them if you look a little.

No. 564181

File: 1524557824404.png (563.56 KB, 929x595, screenshot_3.png)

also lol that Vincent Vena Cava himself liked all these photos

No. 564182

File: 1524557865428.png (206.13 KB, 580x482, screenshot_1.png)

whoops wrong order

No. 564183

File: 1524557912826.png (7.53 KB, 261x47, screenshot_2.png)

No. 564266

Where in any of these caps does she say that? There is no mention of it. Did you maybe post the wrong file by accident?

No. 564721

No, not the wrong files. As stated before, she's deleted a lot of the posts and social media accounts around the time this thread started. There are probably still caps out there somewhere, but these pictures are from her changed Twitter handle.

No. 565048

File: 1524644052060.png (322.07 KB, 470x704, MCP_SIDECHICK_MARCH2015_0.png)

Okay, about to dump some more sauce on the abortion/miscarriage thing. This chick changed her username like 3 times and I had to use an archiving site to find most of this stuff because she's delete a lot of these accounts.

During the time this was going on, her username fluctuates from EnigmaKitten, MCPSKittenXOXO, and TheEnigmaticFeline. (Most recently it appears to be ProxySummers and prior to that HarleyKnox and SpaceShotx10k)

No. 565049

File: 1524644120407.png (335.83 KB, 468x657, MCP_SIDECHICK_MARCH2015_1.png)

Circled in the previous appears to be the mask visible in >>564181

No. 565050

File: 1524644155083.png (239.26 KB, 472x596, MCP_SIDECHICK_MARCH2015_2.png)

Sauce on the "Never Have Sex with Youtubers" claim

No. 565051

File: 1524644210247.png (303.5 KB, 454x670, MCP_SIDECHICK_MARCH2015_3.png)

This is all Wayback Machine could find for March 2015

No. 565052

File: 1524644250203.png (83.84 KB, 467x384, MCP_SIDECHICK_MARCH2015.png)

Oops nevermind, forgot one.

No. 565054

File: 1524644357845.png (155.18 KB, 480x346, MCP_SIDECHICK_APRIL2015.png)

This is from her Twitter "EnigmaFeline", found via a tag on her Instagram

I assume that in >>565052 she's referring to MCP's Fiance/Wife who frequently travels with him to cons

No. 565055

File: 1524644503122.png (73.07 KB, 310x327, MCP_SIDECHICK_MAY2015.png)

Sorry, meant EnigmaKitten. Damn this bitch had a lot of usernames.

So enters May 2015 - the start of the pregnancy debacle. 2-3 months after attending a convention MCP's wife did not attend and snapping pics in his hotel room.

No. 565056

File: 1524644555694.png (97.96 KB, 473x399, MCP_SIDECHICK_MAY2015_1.png)

And now her handle is mcpskittenxoxo. Jesus.

No. 565058

File: 1524644728300.png (114.35 KB, 478x414, MCP_SIDECHICK_MAY2015_2.png)


I believe the post in this image is where the Abortion versus Miscarriage understand comes from. These vagueposts certainly imply that terminating the pregnancy was a decision.

One that she appears to have been coerced by another person to make. I think it's safe to assume that the other person is probably the alleged father.

No. 565060

File: 1524644914023.png (142.73 KB, 494x481, MCP_SIDECHICK_MAY2015_3.png)

And this is the final post I could find before the post in this image >>256906

So, the story still appears to be "impregnated by MCP + implied forced/coerced abortion + but then she miscarried the baby so it doesn't matter"

These >>564179 fit the timeline of happening right AFTER the abortion/miscarriage/whatever it was.

No. 565061

And this is the last tidbit that I'll leave you with… I spent the last 24 hours looking this stuff up because I love me some good milk.

To quote the OP:
So here we are. A youtuber who scams his viewers out of thousands of dollars to pay for his personal vacations, his engagement rings, and funding for his other scam projects. ("His" books.)

Sauce on that is here

He did, in fact, beg for donations to pay for his wife's engagement ring. From what I can tell, he never came through on any of the "giving back" that he promised to do for the donors. Surprise.

No. 565062

File: 1524645106637.png (361.25 KB, 1482x987, MCP_GOFUNDME_ENGAGEMENTRING.pn…)

Dropped my sage oops

Also here's a screencap for anyone who doesn't want to go to the link.

No. 565065

>The ring does cost more than the gofund me limit The ring itself is $1899, but let me explain. I've had some tax trouble in the past, this is the honest answer there, so my credit isn't the best right now. Otherwise I would have the entire cost of the ring financed and make the monthly payments but I can't. I need to place about 900$ down on the ring and I can finance the rest. That would be ideal. Now don't worry if I don't hit $900. Anything that gets donated here will goto this ring. No matter how large or small. It might just take me a bit longer to pull money off our living budget so I can make the purchase.

"I don't want to save up money to buy this engagement ring like every other person on the face of the planet so instead I'm going to abuse my public influence to scam the money out of literal children using a sob story."

No. 568594

File: 1524965195854.png (381.53 KB, 777x601, screenshot.PNG)

Sooooo tl;dr… this fangirl of his he started chatting up while dating someone else moved to his city and he essentially cheated on that girlfriend with his now-wife. He asked fans to pay for a ring… for his side chick… turned fiance… that he was also cheating on with ANOTHER side chick that he knocked up.

Holy fucking shit. Why would you admit to that IN your gofundme description?

No. 568598

File: 1524965342185.png (312.92 KB, 761x558, screenshot_1.PNG)

like, you're admitting to flirting with a fan while dating someone else.. and now asking for people to pay for a ring for her.. WHILE you're other side ho is pregnant with your kid and/or just lost your kid? i'm shook.

No. 568679

I get youtubers dating their fans it happens all the fucking time BUT for him to have the balls to ask fans to pay for a ring to give to his sidechick turn fiance while having another sidechick whos pregnate with child?!
How are people still supporting him for starters and who were the dumbasses who doanated to him for this bullshit?

No. 568788

File: 1524974609019.png (858.3 KB, 1184x456, SCREEN_01.PNG)

19 people, apparently

No. 568794

so I guess this dude's "type" is plain looking white fan girls with shitty makeup and thin stringy hair?

No. 568898

File: 1524980650569.png (1.99 MB, 1845x729, MCPPATREON1.PNG)

Two things. One, why the fuck is his fat ass wife in his header? Is she part of the MrCreepyPasta channel in some way? From what I understand, she's just a fangirl he married.
Two, why the fuck are 173 people still pledged to him when he posts less than once a month to Patreon?

No. 568899

File: 1524980770878.png (117.27 KB, 1325x757, MCPPATREON.PNG)

Last post was 3/5/18. Almost two months ago. Before that, 2/22. And that was a public post. Then before THAT, 12/23/2017. And so on, and so on…

No. 570892

No. 571013

That certainly seems like confirmation. Poor girl.

So, if I'm getting this timeline right… he knocked this girl up before getting married? I wonder if the wife was aware of what was happening at all at the time? Surely, she must be now.

No. 571261

Fangirls probably aren't the most judgmental lovers.

No. 571545

I wonder what his fiance is gonna think about this?
Fuck i wanna know what mrcreepypasta thinks about this?

No. 571567

You won't find out. He and his pals have a plan to never speak about any problems and hope their fans don't care.

No. 571593

That would only make him look more sus is he planning on pulling a Doug Walker and waiting to speak when the drama is dying down? That so stupid if he does

No. 571613

I'm telling you that Mr CP and Vincent will not speak about this at all. That's how they handle everything.

No. 572086

MCP and his wife changed their Facebook pictures and names and VVC removed his entirely just in case anyone doubted they'd only hide.

No. 573868

live reading for those who are too busy or can't be fucked to read the doc

No. 576241

So I'm not sure if this thread is gaining traction BECAUSE of the recent Channel Awesome style doc that was released or vice versa… but this vid came across my feed earlier. Looks like milk is a-coming.

No. 576453

Its probably because of the doc and the fact MCP is being a silent on it, But it look like yeah more milk is comming .

No. 576458

This guy is always at San Japan

No. 576554

has anyone made san japan aware of these allegations? mcp posted today he's a guest at phx comic con soon too; seems like they should know? idk it just seems like he shouldn't be allowed around young impressionable people.. specifically female fans

No. 576558

Wish I had it saved, but there's a pic of this chick with his mask between her tits. Gold man

No. 576901

Apparently that video was taken down overnight. Looks like mcp might actually be in damage control mode.

No. 577014

They probaby did but seeing but they probaby don't give a shit or either he is trying his hardest for the people who run the con to not find out.
Also seeing how this doc didn't blew up like the CA one i doubt he would be pulled either way.

No. 577016

It wasn't taken down he put it on private because some new shit came out

No. 577097

oh my fucking god so… mcps wife is a cuck, he still fucks fans and got one pregnant, and they low key manipulated the fuck out of this dude so he'd change the story and they don't have to address it publically. got it.

No. 577098

File: 1525823859898.png (22.81 KB, 288x532, 24HOURS.PNG)

lmao mcp's socialblade since the first video was released

No. 577158

>Call the miscarrage into question by saying it probably wasn't his
>Ingore all the sex stuf because it happen years ago guys
>people don't work for free so it was ok for him to take from kickstarter

its more but the vid is kind garbage to me

No. 577160

All i would say is to the people defending MCP better be careul
I mean he can prove you wrong and we find out he done even more shaddy shit

No. 577180

yeah this whole thing reeks of "I was guilted/threatened into changing my story"

Why would you make a "correction" video, but not keep the original video up for integrity? Now it just seems like a one sided defense of MCP

What the fuck kind of rationalization is "yeah he was sexually active with this fan whilst abusing his position of power; but it's cool now because his wife eventually came to terms with it."

>It's all personal issues we shouldn't talk about

Uh, when FAN'S money and FAN'S bodies are the ones being abused… pretty sure it's no longer "just personal"

No. 577209

It stop being "personal" when he made that kickstarter and go fund me page
I wouldn't be suprised if MCP got a hold of him before hand and told him bullshit so he'd make a vid in his favor

No. 577221

Welp it looks like HoodoHoodlum was threaten.

No. 577275

this video just says someone "got to him".. which, it's obvious that they did.. likely mcp and crew trying to do damage control

No. 577522

Hmmm now both videos are down but mcp and crew have yet to make any kind of statement. The "silence them from the shadows" technique is really fucking gross honestly. People are apparently getting contacted by "friends" of mcp. How fucking skeevy

No. 577614

I would call him being silence onthe issue fucking dumb. It didn't work for Doug Walker its not gonna work for him.
Of course MCP and Co are trying to reach out to people who had or are planning to make vid on the document MCP is going to try his hardest not to look bad even though he made himself look bad.

No. 577623

vid just goes over hodohoodlum vid and call him out on his bullshit vid

No. 577632

I really hate that hoodlum and another youtuber teased that they "gotten new info" yet doesn't say what the fuck it is.

No. 577688

He is friends with the con chair,Dave. So sadly nothing can be done. Once Dave has his mind set no one can change it.

No. 577756

their "info" was one of mcp's friends saying "uhhh that shit is personal and his wife doesn't care so it's fine"

No. 577758

File: 1525911824426.png (21.33 KB, 575x122, 32169636_10213807459054067_735…)

soooo this is on one of the videos from someone with "new evidence" who was approached by someone from MCP's side

So… confirmation that he DID spend thousands of dollars of KICKSTARTER money on his wedding; but didn't have enough money for new printers, a decent motion comic, or to ensure that backers got their rewards on time. okay.

No. 577760

Maybe contact the con chairman then? I'm in the tx con scene and I usually see a ton of youtube guests at that con every year… why would they need MCP?

No. 577768

File: 1525912196019.jpg (132.53 KB, 2048x442, DcySBgXX0AA-8cu.jpg)

hopefully this is readable

Yeah… MCP's mods are threatening people for talking about the document. That seems really gross and sketchy. Especially since no public statements have been made and MCP, VVC, and Old Man Murphy have just been blocking people, deleting comments, and keeping silent on the issue.

No. 577776

No. 577783

and that helps his case how? like wtf did she expect this to "clear his name" either way hes scam people into paying for his engagement ring and fucking wedding
None of the seem like they are gonna comment on the situation untill in blows over. fuck let hope some more deets come out that will force them into saying something

No. 578298

and she put her vid on private too. On her twitter she claim she wasnt threaten but i don't buy it.

No. 578308

Dave is the con chairman.

No. 578333

Yeah, I got that. Maybe contacting him would be a good idea? He may be more interested in the well being of his convention than in having a shitlord as a guest

No. 578469

I say let him go but let the fans ask him the question on the Creepyleaks. Maybe we'd get a responce if its at a con and someone tapes it.

No. 579751

No. 580689

let me just say the whole document has been handel poorly by both sides.
Slimebeast is kinda acting like a ass to those who dissagree with him and the document he put out and the other side is just dismissing the document because the issue is years old. I kinda hope this all blows over because the way it was handled was bad

No. 580828

who the fuck cares about that, honestly? "Let's forget about the bad things bad people are doing because I don't like the person who pointed out the bad things are happening". What the FUCK kind of logic is that?

And have you not been paying attention to the OTHER side of the argument? the "pro-MCP" side has literally resorted to responding to ANY argument on twitter with "hot dog" or just straight up defending this shitty behavior because it's "not that bad". Who the fuck would defend this kind of shit? there is LITERAL AUDIO EVIDENCE that they're admitting guilt, and yet people are still like "weeelll…. it MIGHT just be rumors". Christ.

No. 580943

Calm the fuck down anon i never dismissed the document i just said both sides are acting poorly to the point its not even about the document anymore. It might as well blow over because both sides are just hurling insults which is pushing the doc into the background.

No. 581056

It literally shouldn't blow over. That's the whole point. If it blows over, then MCP and company get exactly what they wanted. Bad people getting away with their bad shit is exactly what happens when people overlook arguments because of WHO is making them.

I can agree that I don't think that either side is handling it with tact… but for fucks' sake, MCP's side hasn't even defended itself. The only people defending them are fans and wannabe youtubers who think they're gonna get in with MCP if they support him. There have been NO public statements from ANY of the people in the document. And there won't be if it just "blows over".

No. 581142

as if creepy leaks involves slime's twitter and youtube comments

how hard will you try to make that stick

No. 581143


> Do something wrong.

> Hide it for years.
> Oh shit it came out!!!
> It's years old now so it doesn't matter.

Yeah no fuck that.

No. 581269

Oh dang. I listen to these at work. Lolcow never fails to call out people I have heard of, but do not care enough to actually look into.

No. 581763

Look into OldManMurphy76 on Twitter. He gives out milk like no other. Someone said his wife was fat and he posted a picture of her. He'll take any bait.

No. 581883

he protected his twitter today lmao

but he's narcissistic enough to probably accept anyone who requests to follow him

No. 582728

No. 584615

god what a cunt

I know he wasn't mentioned in the OP but this dude seems like a whole separate lolcow on his own

No. 585163

who slimebeast?

No. 585164

No. 585613

no, wellheyproductions/oldmanmurphy

No. 585811

>goes on to twitter
>check the creepyleak tags
>see boths sides are having a meme war
>leaves twitter
what has this devolved into?

No. 585839

all 3 of the dudes in the document made a short skit mocking the whole document as an "official statement" at the end of the most recent MCP video. What fucking tools. The sheer douchebag levels on MCP and co's side is just absolutely disgusting.

No. 586752

Old man murphy gave (sort of ) a statement but any word about MCP or Vincent
and that skit they did was cringy at best.

No. 586815

"I talked to someone" "They used things out of context". Ok.

No. 586822

File: 1526598777398.gif (Spoiler Image, 16.61 MB, 600x337, ezgif-2-28a595e2b2.gif)

>>586815(spoiler nsfw images)

No. 586867

holy spoiler needed batman. that's the dick pick oldmanmurphy sent to kitten, right?

No. 586871

Yeah, bitch films like she got cerebral palsy. Someone I guess ripped it from her blog

No. 586915

what a typical and sad old white man penis

how does he fucking deny this shit and/or how do people believe him?

No. 586991

They're famous enough to think they can get away with anything but not famous enough for people to care so they're kind of right.

No. 587784

I dunno, man. WellHeyProductions/Oldmanmurphy and Vena Cava are hardly "famous". Especially WHP. He gets under 500 views on each video he makes and has a net loss of subscribers every single day according to socialblade. And I've literally NEVER heard of Vena Cava except for in conjunction with MCP. MCP is the only one with any sort of real following and the other two just seem to be orbiters.

No. 587906

they're not famous
even if they are known in the Creepypasta Comm they aren't that damn famous. The only people who think they are are 12 year olds who don't know any better.

No. 588089

Famous enough to think they can get away with anything because they're close with MrCreepypasta.

Not famous enough for people to care because they are low traffic lackeys.

No. 588223

I guess I'll concede that they're "infamous" more than famous. Honestly, I would imagine a lot of people only knew who mcp was before this creepyleaks thing

No. 588745

I'd move the camera around too to show it's not faked.

No. 588941

That's a good point, actually

No. 589796

File: 1526857349499.jpg (90.61 KB, 1104x464, Ddmq10KU0AAR8kY (1).jpg)

I'm friends with his dumpy ass wife on facebook and these two cunts are in Vegas AGAIN right now while simultaneously BOTH begging for money on Ko-Fi. Holy shit.

No. 589809

if anybody gives him any money after the known hes a scammer and reading the creepyleaks document deserves to have their money taken by him. If they wanna be dumbasses let them.

No. 589810

He has a fucking patreon why the fuck does he need a ko-fi? how greedy can he be?

No. 589959

That's the problem. Not enough people are seeing the document because they're just blocking anyone who mentions it and pretending it doesn't exist.

No. 589960

I'm guessing the frequent trips to Vegas have something to do with why he needs so much money

No. 589974

Maybe he’s a gambler

No. 590043

I'm friends with his wife on Facebook too and I can confirm that she hasn't worked for the couple of years I've been friends on fb with her. But they are ALWAYS posting about eating fancy places, him buying her expensive shit, them taking trips all over, etc. And she literally just plays the sims all day. ALL day. She has something like 4000+ hours on the sims and regularly brags about it. It's less likely that he's a gambler than that she just fucking drains him of money.

No. 590396

Is she Disabled? Mentally or physcally? Is she pregnate by him? because those are the only reason i can excuse her being home all day other than that why doesn't she get a Job?

No. 590407

It's probably that she has low self esteem and will do wifey shit for him while she allows him to fuck fans.

No. 590448

Onision syndrome.

No. 590633

I mean, she's obese. And isn't active. So maybe she's physically disabled? Or mentally. In every "live action" skit he's ever used her in she seems slow as fuck.
This is most likely the case. He prob keeps her around because she lets him do whatever he wants but he still gets a "wife" so he doesn't have to deal with the fact he'd be a complete loser without a relationship and likely will never find a DECENT woman that would want him.

No. 590676

File: 1526951753179.png (1.4 MB, 945x667, vegasagain.PNG)

she was tagged in his vegas pic from today. god damn she looks downy as fuck. no wonder she lets him fuck fans

No. 590700

do they have a open marriage? if not theres no reall reason for her to keep being cucked by mcp fans

No. 590756

As others have said in this thread… she's not really a prize, herself. He buys her tons of shit, takes her on expensive vacations, and she never has to work. It's like when wives of wealthy businessmen stay with their husbands even though they're definitely fucking their secretaries. It's the money. Plus, per MCP himself, she was a fangirl. She prob just likes being the fangirl he wifed up. Not him as a person.

No. 591726

fucking woof

No. 593132

File: 1527209641664.jpg (386.23 KB, 715x954, 20180524_195335.jpg)

Who the fuck thinks this person is attractive enough to actively follow them around and fuck them? Fucking gross.

No. 593247

Not to be too vulgar but either his dick game is good or he gives good head other wise he looks like a example of a Texan fuckboy just without a cowboy hat

No. 593433

If you think that's what the standard Texan fuckboy looks like then I have excellent news… it's not. 99% of other Texan fuckboys are exceedingly more attractive.

No. 593435

is he filipino or something? a lot of weebs will go after any flavor of asian, even if it’s a shitty one.

otherwise it’s just “famous” youtuber groupies.

No. 594024

According to a few of his instagram posts, Chinese and Black.

idk to me he just looks like the personified version of the UMAD meme face

No. 594592

well theres your part Asian
Care to link those post.

No. 594620

Not that anon. But He's literally said "I'm black and Chinese" in like all of his answering asks/streams he used to do. The vids are still up on his channel.

No. 594722

yeah and he posts photos of his parents fairly regularly to social media. his mom is a tiny old asian lady and his dad legit looks like bill cosby

No. 594729

File: 1527379220801.png (697.83 KB, 616x731, woof.PNG)

So the fangirl he fucked was fit and not terrible looking.. a 6/10 at least.. and had decent cosplays. And he chose to wife up this 2/10 landwhale instead? if dude is getting fangirl tail from 6's and up… why settle for a dollar store plus size knockoff version?

No. 594730

that fucking above knee cankle fat though

No. 594849

Because 6/10 or even 10/10 tend to be bitches (not that hes in any position to talk about being a bitch) but they tend to be more high maintenance than those who are a 2/10 mostly because those girls have low self esteem and are easy to get way with fuckboy bullshit.

No. 594877

File: 1527393318452.png (37 KB, 613x283, hahaholyshit.PNG)

lmfao so someone pulled the fire alarm during the MrCreepyPasta panel at Phx Comic Con and the whole convention had to be evacuated

No. 594879

if some chucklefuck did this because of the creepyleaks thing or because of MCP in general and it ties back to mcp the repercussions are gonna be glorious. he'll never be asked to another con again

No. 594880

File: 1527393450066.png (40.77 KB, 585x255, firealarm.PNG)

under investigation

No. 594881

or is it possible he had one of his lackeys pull it to avoid the possibility of someone bringing up creepyleaks during the panel? WellHeyProductions AND Vena Cava are both there at the con with him

No. 594886

That seem more likely and if it the case i wouldn't be surprised.

No. 595015

Y’all are really reaching, AZ native and this is the 3rd year in a row it’s been pulled in the con area.
The con is a shit show, there was an apprehended shooter last year.

No. 595045

I agree that it seems unlikely that someone pulled the alarm BECAUSE of his panel, but I do find it HILARIOUS that his ONE important panel was cut short before it could even happen. I'd like to think karma is a thing.

No. 597164

File: 1527640143419.jpg (38.06 KB, 960x640, 33923863_1677740072334061_2172…)

tagged pics of them from Phx comic con

the more I look at it, the worse they get

No. 597165

File: 1527640203449.jpg (58.37 KB, 960x640, 33939722_1677740089000726_5261…)

yknow, the more i look at his face… the more i realize why he settled for that hambeast.

he's probably self aware that once his fame runs out, trailer park tina here is the only girl he's gonna get

No. 597167

File: 1527640399515.jpg (105.84 KB, 960x960, 33995714_636783449992216_85749…)

by FAR, Murphy has to be the most disgusting human being I've had to look at out of that entire group. Christ.

No. 598239

Murphy is the poster child for spousal abuse.

No. 598248

I thought that was baylee jae for a second

No. 598256


That how not to become a alcoholic or a example of stranger danger

No. 598268

I'll give BJ some credit. She's not THAT fat yet.

No. 598337

File: 1527750144528.jpg (56.64 KB, 356x595, Dc88cDUX0AAJ3d.jpg)

Well I mean.. he did admit to beating his wife on tumblr.

No. 598338

File: 1527750526681.jpg (56.97 KB, 601x479, DdD-j29W0AAy7eV.jpg)

Snagged this from Slimebeast's twitter.

What the fuck kind of backwards fucking logic..? Do you think OMM KNOWS that he's lying… or do you think he might just be crazy?

No. 598895

He knows he's lying and he knows people know he's lying. He also knows no one will ever do anything about it.

No. 598917

But seriously, I don't get a "untouchable" vibe from him. I get a straight up insane vibe. Like a JoySparklesBS vibe.

No. 599976

He's every small child who knows he can say whatever he wants to the other kids because his daddy is the boss. MCP is his daddy.

No. 600532

File: 1527991076864.jpeg (108.29 KB, 720x1217, received_10213975102845057.jpe…)

So… can we just talk about how this is a paid advertisement. He is getting paid for this. It's not some nice gesture, but he's framing it as a humanitarian effort and not tagging it with #ad per the social media paid advertising guidelines…

No. 600582

So report it?

No. 600600


I did. But one report will most likely not do shit and will certainly not keep the conversation going.

No. 604428

Did anybody ask him about the #creepyleaks doc at the con?

No. 604757

Why do that when you can get your photo taken with him?

No. 604914

File: 1528435412678.jpg (114.55 KB, 720x995, IMG_20180608_001851.jpg)

Not sure if anyone has been keeping up with it or not. But there is now a Twitter account (@Creepy_Leaks) that is regularly posting info. It's already been blocked by MCP and WHP and it's apparently struck quite a nerve with them because they've made 2 fake accounts to respond to the Creepy_Leaks account. It seems to be getting to WellHey the most though, because yesterday he made a post saying it was time for an "official statement" and then today he posted this bullshit. His levels of 2edgy and are off the fucking charts.

No. 605017

He has a pedo face.

No. 605812

Oops! Daddy's dick fell out. Isn't that silly? You're so silly for looking.

No. 606212


Why the fuck did he set it up like that? Also how fucking petty is he?

No. 606390

Seriously, every time he posts something I just imagine him sweating and VISIBLY trying to look unbothered as he metaphorically digs his own grave deeper and deeper.

No. 614874

Metokur is on the SCP problem. Maybe this will lead into the Creepyleaks document.

No. 615069

How? As far as i know The SCP problem has no relation to the creepy leaks document unless someone tries to pull the same shit they are doing to the scp on the creepypasta site maybe but i doubt Metokur is going to even address #creepyleaks

No. 615319

What do you mean how? He is aware of the Creepypasta community and has been told by people about the document. Therefore maybe it will lead into it. It's not likely but maybe.

No. 615399

File: 1529450024324.jpg (39.01 KB, 575x398, MM.JPG)

well don't hold your breath Metokur already put out a list on what vids he making also people send him shit all the time to make vid on but he doesn't do it.

No. 615493

Notice the SCP video isn't on there. Fight the possibility if you want but it's still possible.

No. 616647

File: 1529575845392.jpg (310.52 KB, 720x1274, Screenshot_20180621-011751_Twi…)


No. 617413

K Banning wrote that horrible Jeff the Killer reboot. It's even worse than the original because the original is at least unintentionally funny. His reboot character is on MCP's header banner for his YouTube page.

No. 617446

who the fuck ask for a creepypasta con?

No. 617851

the wikia staff are making it. they like to self promote and promote each other so they will just use it to show their work and try to meet any big guests they can get

No. 619256

So I have a big one
I was friends with the girl he got knocked up. She was wildly in love with him. I was best friends with her when they were banging. I remember her always texting me how she felt about him and my god it was sad. I always told her that it was a bad idea

He used jeanna as a sex toy. He did not care about her feelings at fucking all. It was sad..

Also to make it better. I was dating/still am dating an ex boyfriend of one of his friends. Him and his friends absolutely hate me. My boyfriends ex hates me. My boyfriend tells me she’s a grudge filled hate machine.
Well they found out I made a fake profile to see his ex’s accounts cause she was talking about being suicidal and I was like “oh shit we caused this.” I also did a shit thing and saved pictures of his ex to show him how downhill she was going physically and how I felt bad about it. I’ll admit that.

They found out. Got ahold of other youtubers they knew. Started to mock me online everywhere. They hacked all my emails, my social media accounts. They saw my bookmarks and I had some lolcow bookmarks of Suzy from the GameGrumps, Anisa Jo whoever is dating idubbbz. They found out and told them. They all started making fun of me on their twitters. My boyfriend and I were amazed at how shitty the Game Grumps, other youtubers, their mainly their friend Stamper and all their army of fans are. They copied notes I had in my iCloud. Mimicked twitter statuses I had. They made accounts in my name and pretended to be me. They got my boyfriends family involved and his friends. They are the ones that set up the freaking me out part in the house I believe, we will get to that. They all want us to break up because they started some pretty nasty and untrue rumors about me and his mom just generally doesn’t like me because I am disabled and doesn’t think I’m good enough. Luckily my boyfriend knows me better than everyone else and isn’t a dumbass that believes rumors online. They had more people involved. I know they did, but shits exhausting. They also mocked my boyfriend online as well and I know that the only way that they would know some of the things they said would be if his ex told them or if his ex got ahold of his family.

They set up stuff in the house that played voices to make me think that I was hallucinating, but I recorded it because I know I wasn’t going crazy and it’s a good way to make sure you’re not hallucinating. I also am positive they have a microphone set up to record conversations that I have in my house, because they literally will write word for word what I say on their social media’s pretending like they wrote it. I got sent to the hospital because of this and they got the hospital on it. I was abused by the hospital staff. They were mocking me for things I had in my iCloud account, my emails, my facebooks, mocked me for what I looked like, mocked me for abuse that I went through in my past. They physically pulled at my arms and lied about what my condition was. The nurses and PSAs especially, but I can’t say shit because they’ll just say I was mentally ill. But I still have the recording from my house.

The day this all happened they blocked me from their social medias.

I didn’t get to screenshot any of this because Stampers shit got taken down. They deleted everything while I was in the hospital or everything was so vulgar that it got taken down by moderators. You also can’t record in the hospital so they used that to their advantage.

I tried hanging myself twice after being abused by my boyfriends family, friends, and the hospital. They continue to harass me still.

TL;DR this sounds impossible I know.

Him and his friends are assholes according to my boyfriend along with other youtubers that act like they are big into “suicide prevention” And helping people with mental illnesses but they bully people and legit will go to any length to harass and try to get people to kill themselves. This goes for the youtubers and all the shitty people at the hospital that believed all the fake rumors that were spread.

No. 619264

This is my first time writing on one of these, I’ve been lurking for awhile so I don’t know how to reply or really how to write. So I’m sorry if my words are jumbled up.

My boyfriend knew these guys for years and knows these guys are assholes. Just trust me. It wasn’t just them. It was also my bfs family and friends, but still. The whole scare they set up for me had to do with a scary movie character talking to me in the house and you know they are obsessed with anything horror related. Messing with someone’s reality and making them seem like they are mentally ill by trying to make them seem like they are in a horror film and shit. They did a lot more than this, but that’s just too much too explain.

No. 619267


Ok Anon i'll bite. I have a few question though
1. >Jenna
is that your friend real name?
2.Do you have any text messages save to prove your claim?
3.was your bf included in the #creepyleaks document? if not can he verify any claims made in the document?

No. 619285

It’s Jeanna
Do you want her full name?
I know the full names of everyone apart of his friends group mostly.

I can get a text from my boyfriend saying that he heard the voices playing in the house too. I just have to wait for a reply.

I rather not say who we are because I don’t want to start a huge shit fest ya know? If they see this.

No. 619290

No i don't want her full name
if you can get the text from your bf to confirm then that should be enough

No. 619291

Also what was the creepyleaks document?

Could you show me it and I’ll try verifying anything I know.

No. 619292

if you don't feel like reading it someone on yt read the whole thing just search creepy leaks on yt

No. 619324

The wellheyproductions bullying people is absolutely true. Hey dragged Jeanna on tumblr and got other narrators involved and other friends involved. He has a wife and kids it was gross.
I believe the comment he made about how it’s good to know people have his back that have wronged him will get what they deserve was about me after what they did. Because that was around the same time that it happened and I kept tabs on the creepy pasta community and in the hospital and online they were talking about how I was getting what I deserved and how it was my karma for stalking people. That’s why they also hacked my accounts to show that it was an invasion of privacy because I made a fake profile to follow them and acted like a fan. Lmao. I was a fan before they started treating Jeanna like crap though. I didn’t have a problem with too many of them. I just wanted to watch if they did anymore shitty things to her, or others, and wanted to see if my bfs ex was as depressed as she said she was because I felt like it was my fault and obsessed over it. I knew I couldn’t follow them with my real account.

I know. It sounds nuts. I’m also waiting on a reply from my boyfriend. I’m sorry it’s taking so long. He’s at work.

No. 619337

Don't worry about it anon take your time
ok in the creepleak doc it mention MCP got a fan pregnant while with his wife then gf at the time you wouldn't know if she miscarried or he ask her to terminate the baby would you?

No. 619339

File: 1529790064971.jpeg (341.97 KB, 1125x2436, E0A5D87C-7FE0-47F8-B192-B94E47…)


Okay this is what I got so far. I don’t have proof that it was them, but all I have is my word that I’m more than positive they had something to do with what happened to me because of all the references that were being made when I was being mocked in the hospital and the horror movie stunt that was pulled.

They are acting like nothing at all happened to me. Stamper and the other youtubers didn’t say my name on any of their social media’s they just mocked me, but it was obvious it was about me.

No. 619346

I think she told me she was told to get an abortion, but then I saw the miscarriage thing and I’m not sure what actually happened. I know she was extremely hurt over it.

No. 619401

Wait are we not talking about Jeanna, but another girl? Because if so I don’t know about any other girls from what I remember.

No. 619403

can either you or your bf confirm what slimbeast wrote in the document was true because it got hard to believe him once he went back and forth with mcp defenders

No. 619428

No a different girl he got prenate

No. 619435

I don’t have any messages between me and Jeanna because we had a hardcore falling out afterwards, she changed after it all happened, and don’t have the phone I used to text her with that I had. This all happened back in 2014 I believe.

I also don’t know slimbeast, but after what he did to Jeanna. I believe him. My boyfriend and I don’t know anything about any other issues between anyone else. My boyfriend has just told me that him and his group does in fact treat people horribly and are terribly arrogant because they got big egos because their YouTube fame and they used that to their advantage to get what they want.

No. 619436

I don’t know of any other girls that he has gotten pregnant. I’m sorry. Just of Jeanna.

No. 619443

My boyfriend doesn’t know I’m telling any of you guys any of this and I feel like he would be pissed, but I am pissed for obvious reasons. I’m trying not to tell him straight up what I’m needing the texts for.

No. 619444

where you contacted by anybody from mcp party for you to post in this thread?

No. 619456

Oh not at all. I promise. I’m just a really upset grill that got horribly horribly fucked with that knows that what happened to Jeanna is real and I’m glad that other stuff is being found out as well. It makes me happy to see this. I’m just sad they get away with treating people so badly and using people. I’m surprised I never saw it before because I would have said something sooner.

No. 619458

Wait I meant everything with Jeanna and him happened in 2014-2015 I think. I’ve known her since 2012. I believe she might still be on my Facebook.

No. 619555

slimebeast didn't write the parts you're talking about. a lot of this looks like samefagging.

No. 619559

we need links to your interactions with the youtubers you're talking about or links to them talking about you. i'm gonna be honest this all smells like bait to get people to talk about claims then say it was easy to mislead them.

No. 619575

Could you tell me what samefagging is? I am just here to confirm that what happened to Jeanna is true. I don’t know about the rest of it.

No. 619579

A samefag is someone posting as two or more different people in the same thread.

These two posts read like you're asking and answering.


No. 619583




No. 619588

I know this smells like bait and I absolutely hate that they are pulling it this way to make it seem like they aren’t doing anything. Do you know how frustrated that makes me? I went through hell and I can’t do shit about it.

The reason I don’t have anything from the youtubers is because I upgraded my iPhone to a newer one and it had all my screenshots that didn’t carry over. Stampers account also got taken down because of him being to offensive and his was the main one that started the online rampage. This all happened back in February - now. My accounts also continued to get hacked and nothing I had was safe.

I haven’t checked on any of their stuff on social media lately, but I’ve had people harass me irl because of what was put online about me.

No. 619591

Oh no, I’m just new to this and don’t know how to reply. If it seems like I’m replying to the wrong people I’m sorry. I also started using a VPN after they hacked into my accounts to try to stop them if that’s been changing the number thingies around.

No. 619593

How about a link to the Game Grumps mocking you on Twitter? Just telling us what to look for would help.

No. 619595

No anon i was the one who ask that question i was legit curious

No. 619600

I guess both of you wrote slimbeast without the e within moments by coincidence. The universe is a funny place.

No. 619601

Most of the stuff was them replying back to stamper which was deleted when his account got terminated, but the whole keto diet thing that started around that time that they were all talking about was because his mom on Twitter was mocking me on Twitter for my instagram posts. I messaged one of their friends asking them if they could stop. They told me that I needed to get professional help and said I was gross and continued to mock me. I deleted my Twitter after they continued to mock me. My boyfriend was referencing all that in the text I showed you guys. They also made fun of what I looked like, how much I weighed, and just superficial bullshit. I really wish the account and the dates were still up so you guys could go back and read it all.

No. 619606

Uh… anon? It's entirely possible that the first person made a typo and the second person genuinely doesn't know that "Slimbeast" was incorrect.

No. 619607

If you read the posts you will see she says she believes him. If she didn't know who he was she wouldn't know what believing him meant.

No. 619610

It is funny. I wish I could get ahold of this slim dude and have a conversation with him. I know my story is one that is a reach and most people won’t believe me, but I went through hell. I’m diagnosed with PTSD and I cry almost everyday because of what happened to me and how they doxxed me. Even getting my boyfriends friend and family in on it is what’s even crazier to me. I trusted them big time.

So many people were involved. I sound like a conspiracy theorist and I fucking know it. I know I sound batshit insane. That’s what they were trying to do to me when they all set up the voices in my house and started mocking me online. They were trying to play it off like I was going psycho.

No. 619612

Are you joking? >>619435 was posted two posts after >>619403 - and then the "Jeanna's Friend" anon never mentions Slimebeast by name again. You are reaching.

No. 619613

I’m the one that said I believed slimbeast. Is he the one that wrote the creepy leak? Because I thought that was the guy you were referring too.

No. 619617

His name is all over it. I'm sorry but this all seems really fake.

No. 619618

anon, his name is Slimebeast not Slimbeast. >>619403 misquoted his username.

No. 619620

Only one part of the document is credited to Slimebeast as the AUTHOR. There are several other people involved. One who is likely Jeanna herself. It sounds like she would hang on to screenshots that long. Also, there's a gif of the video SHE made of WellHey's dick pic further up the thread. Who the fuck else would have that video or think to make a gif of it?

No. 619621

How did they get in your house and how did they set up the voices? What were the voices recorded on? How were they played? Did they loop? Did you find the players? Show us a photo of them. Mostly how did they get in your house?

No. 619623

I skimmed through the leak. I said I believed him because of what my boyfriend said about how he treats people. I believe anything at this point.

No. 619624

his name appears five times in a small document

No. 619625

Sorry. It automatically autocorrects slimebeasts name.

No. 619626

How is slimbeast a word?

No. 619627

Stop arguing and let her answer this.

How did they get in your house and how did they set up the voices? What were the voices recorded on? How were they played? Did they loop? Did you find the players? Show us a photo of them. Mostly how did they get in your house?

No. 619628

If you type something that isn't a real word wrong ONE time then it's automatically saved as the "correct" way to spell that word for most autocorrect programs.

No. 619630

Who is Stamper?

No. 619631

Another YouTuber.

No. 619634


>Slimebeast didn't write the parts you're talking about

>Slimebeast is all over the document

pick a hill to die on

No. 619635

Is this person still an active part of MCP's group?

No. 619637

I believe that my boyfriends family and friends stole a key that I had left out in my living room because it went missing for awhile. The voices happened on February and the same day I heard them I got sent to the hospital because I had a mental break down because my boyfriends family was treating me like shit that day, I came home, I started hearing the voices, started recording on my phone, but I was crying so much that they forced me to go into the hospital and I believe while I was in the hospital for a couple days being treated like shit they took whatever devices out while I was gone. They had plenty of time to do it too because my boyfriend is at work all day for hours.

The text I showed is of my boyfriend confirming I have the voice recording. Recordings are a good way of making sure you aren’t hallucinating.

They were playing noises like fire sounds when fires are being lit, they played “Freddy’s going to get you.” Which is what I got on my phone. I didn’t get everything because I didn’t know what was going on at first and I was so disorientated.

No. 619640

Having your name on parts of the document and writing the entire document are different things. Are you functionally retarded?

He wrote page one and is named there. Page two is a series of links that also go to his content. For about thirty pages others speak. The last five pages are his. I count that as having his name all over it while still not writing the parts others wrote.

No. 619641

She's saying the Game Grumps also attacked her. Stamper is with them.

No. 619642

yo okay so a lot of this sounds super wonky

but WellHeyProductions goes out of his way to remind people that he was accused of being a stalker quite a bit. which, appears to be his MO when he is ACTUALLY guilty of something

No. 619644

It's definitely not real and anon needs mental assistance.

No. 619645

Ah. I see. I guess my confusion is where Stamper and MCP are connected? MCP isn't affiliated with the Game Grumps as far as I'm aware.

No. 619648

I mean… they know the name of the girl MCP knocked up. I looked into it. Her name IS Jeanna W. That isn't common knowledge from what I can tell.

So while a lot of this might be the ramblings of an unstable person.. it obvious holds enough weight that some of the details check out.

No. 619652

Stamper had some of the narrators followed on Twitter from what I remembered. I’m more than positive that after I pissed them off they got ahold of each other and set this up. >>619644 I know this sounds fake and I sound retarded. I also got mental assistance and all I got was psychiatric abuse.

Is there a way I can send the voice recording? But honestly that might not even prove anything to you guys either.

No. 619655

No. 619656

File: 1529813072525.png (265.53 KB, 520x527, Capture.PNG)

I don't know what the rules are here about full names so here you go.

No. 619660

So someone from your boyfriend's family was a guest in your home, stole a key, came back later to set up tapes to play the sounds of fire and of FNAF sound effects, this put you in a psychiatric hospital, and while you were there they went back in and took out all the players.

Do I have that straight?

No. 619661

I think she meant like Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy, anon.

No. 619663

I believe it was nightmare on elm street too. Because after I got out they kept mentioning Freddy Krueger on purpose to upset me.

No. 619664

Makes more sense with the quote. The connection between FNAF and Creepypasta confused the issue.

No. 619666

Can you upload the audio to http://vocaroo.com ?

No. 619667

Well, I assumed Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy because you know… he was burned alive… and fire and/or burning alive is a re-occuring theme in that franchise.

No. 619668

Yeah I thought it was more related to FNAF too, but the fire related stuff was on purpose and I think had a theme. Also that archive thing isn’t working. I’m also very nervous about it because I say my boyfriends name in it and I don’t want that getting out if you understand that.

No. 619669

This just makes me realize more and more that FNAF is full of tropes and cliches since those themes are present there too.

No. 619671

How is it not working?

No. 619672

Click the domain name, not the [Archived Copy] part.

No. 619675

Is it possible to record up until that point, then stop and then restart after you've said his name… or do you say it repeatedly?

No. 619677

I’m on my phone. It’s not loading. But I also remembered I say my boyfriend name in the recording because you hear me freaking out over it and calling his name. I don’t want people to identify who I am on here since they have already been fucking with me in real life.

No. 619678

Just copy http://vocaroo.com and put it in the browser bar. If you click a link here it doesn't work unless you take off the anony.link part

No. 619680

Basically I already checked to see what your name was in the text image. You didn't blank it out enough. There's no real point in hiding names at this point.

No. 619681

You mentioned that they have you blocked on all social media. Is Twitter one of those? Do you mind taking a screenshot of who all has you blocked on there?

No. 619683

Uh… I'm the photo posting anon. Not the recording anon. The girl in the photo is Jeanna; the girl MCP knocked up. I posted the image to confirm recording anon was telling the truth about the knocked up girl's name.

No. 619688

The text message screenshot poster and the anon talking about having the audio recording aren't the same person?

No. 619692

My bad, you're right. They are the same. I thought you were referring to my post here >>619656

No. 619695

I checked to see how I blocked it out and the exposure so unless you know who I am I don’t think you could see what my name was.

Also I just got my boyfriend to text me saying that the “Freddy’s going to get you.” Recording is real. If that helps.

I just really don’t want my name on here.

No. 619699

It's very easy to see your name in the screen shot. I'd suggest deleting the post if you don't want other people to figure it out. I could easily tell you your name right now but I won't since you don't want it posted.

No. 619700

Please post the audio. Just stop when the name is said. Even two seconds of the sound is fine.

No. 619703

That's understandable anon. Listen, I'm not going to lie, a lot of this does sound like you might have some pre-existing mental health issues that colored some of the details with paranoia. However, at the core, paranoia is RARELY caused by nothing. I imagine, if nothing else, these people were largely shitty to you due to your involvement with your current boyfriend and then likely patronized you the way that most of them are doing now with the CreepyLeaks situation.

It's well documented that WHP, MCP, and crew handle people they don't like by snickering behind BLOCK buttons and then religiously checking the blocked person's social media to vaguepost about it passive aggressively.

I believe that the meat and potatoes about what you're saying, the part about them blocking and harassing you because you angered one of their little gang. is true. And I think that the way that they handle the people that they have problems with likely exacerbated previously existing mental illness and/or anxiety that you were dealing with.

No. 619705

If you don’t mind me asking. How can I delete the post? I really did think I blocked it out enough. I thought you couldn’t delete stuff after 30 minutes. I read the rules before posting as best as I could.

No. 619706

Check the check mark in the upper left corner and then click delete, anon.

No. 619711

Look at your post.

No. 619713

It’s not letting me delete the one I made 7 hours ago.

No. 619716

Who are you talking to?

No. 619717

Don't worry about it. Honestly, even if someone does post your first name here; it would be impossible to connect that back to you unless it's a crazy unique first name.

No. 619719

comedy gold

No. 619723

I’m glad you at least believe that. I’m not going to lie. I am afraid of everything now after what they did to me in my house and hospital. I know I can’t make you believe all that. But it’s true. I am paranoid about random things outside and can’t go out alone anymore because I don’t know who to trust.

No. 619726

Can you explain a bit more about who is involved other than your boyfriend's family? How did MCP and the Game Grumps with Stamper become involved? Are there any other YouTubers involved?

No. 619733

I thought I explained it with the bigger post I made a couple hours ago and some other comments I made earlier too.

No. 619735

You explained it just fine, anon. Are you still having trouble uploading the audio?

No. 619736

I'm not sure I understand it and was hoping for a more direct timeline and explanation.

What I got from your post is that you were dating someone. His ex is friends with MCP, and hates you, so now MCP and his friends hate you. Is that correct?

You say MCP and his friends hacked your emails and found that you read lolcow threads. They then told the Game Grumps and iDubbz that you read lolcow threads? Is that correct?

Then all of these people together started attacking you. MCP's people because he knows your boyfriend's ex. Game Grumps and Stamper and one of the Game Grumps' mother because you read lolcow threads?

If I got that wrong, you can see why I asked to have it explained again.

No. 619750

Yeah the audio is being weird, but imma be straight up with you cheif I just read what archive. Is was and I don’t think I want the recording on there.

I believe it was a combination of all of them that got into my accounts. I noticed stamper and stampers mom making fun of my first. Then noticed MCP friends blocked me or made their stuff private. Then I noticed the GG going along with stamper and their other YouTube crew. I’m more than positive MCP and my boyfriends ex girlfriend had something to do with stuff that happened in real life because his ex, MCP, their friends would be the only one that knew were we lived and she’s obsessed with fire and horror movies. They also love horror movies so it just makes sense to me that they would pull this after me pissing them off after what I did. But I mean, I didn’t hack into any accounts like they did. I just saw their social media which was public. The only thing I did was make a fake profile to follow them. They just wanted to one up me when it comes to the stalking aspect. They took it to irl terms.

In the hospital they referenced stuff from online that only I would have known since I had it saved in my browser on my computer and pictures in my phone. They said it was karma that I was getting harassed because I think I had saved pictures from lolcow on my phone, I had bookmarks of lolcow threads, and I think they were salty about it because y’all ruthless on here and probably thought I had something to do with writing some of the things down on there.

No. 619753

Out of this list, who do you think hacked you?
> MrCreepypasta
> The Game Grumps
> Stamper
> iDubbz

When did all of this happen exactly? MCP privating his account and so on.

No. 619755

Please show a screenshot that you are blocked by MCP or the Game Grumps.

No. 619759

So you are saying that MCP, the Game Grumps, Stamper, and iDubbz all got together to orchestrate hacking you? I'm trying to make absolutely sure I understand this.

No. 619760

Shit is it not letting me delete because of the VPN?

No. 619767

I’m not too sure if it was them specifically. They may have had others help them do the dirty work. I saw devices that weren’t mine logged into my accounts and different IP addresses as well. I’m assuming it was them because of what they were doing with the mocking online and what they know of me. I know for sure that they were mocking me, that my stuff got hacked the same time they started doing it.

No. 619769

It didn’t let me edit or delete my post even though it was before 30 minutes were up. What the fuck.

No. 619773

So would you agree that it's more likely that if they were involved in this, that it was likely more behind-the-scenes and pulling the strings than actually doing it themselves?

No. 619777

Can we just acknowledge the Game Grumps didn't have someone hacked because they looked at lolcow threads, please?

No. 619779

Like I stated in response to hacked-anon earlier in the thread…

I feel strongly that hacked-anon might have some pre-existing mental health related issues… but at the heart of the story, a lot of the details regarding the way that MCP and WHP have been shown to deal with people that they (and their clique) don't like match up with the story. There are allegations of WHP being a stalker in the past and there is clear evidence that they are notorious for being quick to block others and then spy on them and vaguepost with their "crew" afterwards.

I get the strong impression that hacked-anon did, in fact, get in bad with MCP and WHP; likely due to their association with Jeanna (the knocked up fangirl). However, I believe that the following aftermath was probably less dramatic than hacked-anon remembers and after some time skewed through the lenses of mental illness.

I IMAGINE that someone with say… schizophrenia… would probably see the behind-the-scenes vagueposting bullshit that the MCP/WHP gang is known for and it would HEAVILY influence their paranoia.

No. 619782

Did your boyfriend's ex happen to be one of MCP's page moderators by any chance?

No. 619785

No he wasn’t a moderator. He never liked Spike. He always thought he was a douche.

No. 619788

Your boyfriend's ex, not your boyfriend himself.

No. 619790

Oh I’m sorry. My bad. I’m not too sure. My boyfriend never told me that.

No. 619791

Was her handle Ms. Sinister or did/does she go by Rose?

No. 619792

Let me rewrite this.

I don’t have schizo, I’m do have mental disorders bipolar 1 with BPD and PTSD. psychosis is what they were trying to do to me. People with mental disorders get abused and people purposely trigger psychosis in people with bipolar 1. I won’t lie, but I showed and talked about what happened to me with my therapist and psychiatrist. They told me that what happened was real, but it did in fact cause paranoia because of what they did now I can’t trust anyone. They called it over sensitivity. I’m jumpy at everything now

They told me that when you have PTSD and extremely traumatic experiences, for example my past abuse and then this recent abuse it can make you extremely sensitive and paranoid you will be hurt again. So I won’t disagree with you when you say I’m paranoid.(blogposting)

No. 619796

No. I don’t know who that is. I’ve never heard of Ms. Sinister. I won’t say their names on here if you don’t mind. I’ve already said a lot and kinda regret it, because they might attack me more now.

I’m actually afraid they may physically hurt me. It’s terrifying.

No. 619798

no worries anon

just trying to put pieces together to get the bigger picture on who all is involved. some people are not above the things that you claim that they did to you, so it's good to rule out who might be responsible

No. 619801

I know and I’m sorry I cant give you guys more info. My mind has been fried ever since this happened and I appreciate you guys so much for listening to me. All I have is what I personally saw from the most part and what my boyfriend knows. It sucks to be discredited just because you have a disorder. That’s what they took advantage of. That no one would believe me because I had these disorders and that I would be discredited because of that.

It was a complete low blow. I’ve never had any psychosis episode like this. Never heard voices before, had delusions, of hallucinations like this. So it was a very terrifying experience.

No. 622056

Anyone psyched for the Creepypasta Convention in 2020?

No. 622399

Let's be honest. There's a 5% chance of it actually happening, and if it DOES actually happen.. it'll be another DashCon/TanaCon.

MCP's youtube channel has been tanking ever since he revealed his face. His numbers never recovered. And CreepsMcPasta, CreepyPastaJr, CorpseHusband, MrNightmare, and others are rapidly growing in size and popularity while MCP is left begging for money. If you'll notice, pretty much none of the other channels are begging for money or shilling with ko-fi, patreon, brand deals, etc as badly as MCP.

None of the successful narrators/writes/etc will go anywhere NEAR that convention now that it's saturated with MrCreepyFailure and his toxic clique.

This convention doomed itself from the get-go by thinking MCP was a good figure to involve themselves with.

No. 623368

The one thing they aren't doing is thinking.

No. 623379

guarantee no one's going to remember or give a shit by the time that year rolls around lol

No. 623393

No one gives a shit now. They're going to be surprised when it turns out all the narrators that are saying they're interested have no intention to pay to attend.

No. 623869


I feel strongly that the "con organizers" don't understand the inner workings of how conventions work or how expensive they are. I've worked guest relations and most seasoned guests, even self represented, are smart enough to require a minimum of a $1000 appearance fee… paid up front. 2x-5x that if they're represented by a company like POC Booking.

Only people who have never been a guest or featured panelist won't know they are being ripped off when this con asks them to be a guest or host panels for free as a "volunteer".

No. 625068

Don't go too far thinking the convention planners are just ignorant. They know all about everything in this thread. They want MCP's audience more than they care about getting attached to thieves and liars. It looks like a calculated choice to me.

No. 628162

OldManMurphy76 has gone on a blocking spree. Check to see if you're blocked on Twitter and if you aren't then you just aren't cool enough.

No. 628505

So has MCP and VVC. I hope they know that isn't a good look lmao

No. 629156

Anyone recognize the voice in this video?


No. 629620

From what I've seen of "Murph" (as she called him) and MCP's group of brainwashed friendfans… I'd venture a guess that it's xxAutumnIvyxx, her wife TwinSkeletons, or JoseiKage.

I'd also venture a guess the reason they kept cutting out is because they were probably having WHP and co listening in on the discord call so they kept having to hit Push to Talk to keep the peanut gallery from being heard.

And I'd venture a guess that the reason they wouldn't join Slimebeast's discord is because they had to make a new account to not be found out and didn't want to risk their account being somehow screened on his discord.

These bitches think they're slick but they and the people they defend are actually just badly behaved morons.

No. 629640

Jee I wonder why all the fans who rabidly stick up for him are female.

No. 629997

Does Slime have to register as a sex offender now? That poor girl was raped.

No. 634528

She did sound like she was on push to talk and waited for someone to tell her how to answer. Now that Xylonex from /r/NoSleep is involved it stinks of him using his wife like a shield.

No. 634582

who Xylonex or old man Murphy?
does his wife have a illness or something?

No. 639762

No. 640727

Slime has been making mysterious tweets about something big coming up. Does anyone know what's going on?

No. 641332

So are you Murphy or BlackPasta?

No. 643028


No. 643046

hey dipshit we don't use names here

No. 643089

I think this was the monday thing. Early. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXpvKV_miN8

No. 643130

So Vincent Vena Cava is the best about keeping all of his shit talking behind the scenes instead of vagueposting like WellHeyProductions or subtweeting like MrCreepyPasta. But god damn this is audio leak #2, and this one is even more damning than the first.

He (and another member of the CreepyPasta Convention) talking SERIOUSLY about committing ACTUAL murder against the dude who keeps bringing their stuff to the public.

This dude is cancelled.

No. 643952

The convention is cancelled.

No. 644346

I can buy and sell this site cowbitch fuck you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 644556

lmao as he gets banned

Also >>643952 damn about time. that slimebeast dude released like 6 new videos of leaked audio and had a livestream with one of the original staff members of the con (prior to MrCuntPasta, VincuntVenaCava, and OldManCunty taking over everything and fucking it up) and holy shit they're all fuckin done for. that K Baning Kellum dude sounds like a complete asstool too. Thank god this fell through.

No. 647232

Murphy and VVC are annoying. They just want to suck MCP's fame dick.

I have some info ya'll probably need.

I've known MCP for 12 years.

The kitten girl was obsessed with MCP and wanted him for herself. MCP said "I'm proposing to (wife) soon". She claimed she was pregnant almost immediately after that. MCP was gonna pay child support and even throw hundreds of dollars at her if she wanted to get an abortion, which he probably wanted but was not forcing on her at all. She's a grown ass woman.

I was actually the one who said "don't give that bitch a dime until she gives proof she's pregnant". Oops, that probably gives me away. Oh well, Ya'll gotta know MCP is a lot of things but he's not a rapist/abuser/ect. The sexcapades are consensual.

Literally the next day she sends pics of her at some random hospital, but never sends any documents with her name and the reason for her hospital visit. She just claims she had a miscarriage the day after MCP asks for proof.

Honestly, a $1 pregnancy test with her face would've been enough. He told her that.

The girl just wanted MCP so he wouldn't marry his now wife. She was never pregnant.

I get MCP's a dumb fuck sometimes, but this kitten girl was also a crazy fuck. #

No. 647420

I'd say Murphy and VVC go way past annoying at this point. VVC is making death threats and Murphy is sending grotesque physical packages to family and neighbors of people involved in exposing them.

MCP stealing money from fans and having consensual sex with fans just proves he's irresponsible and untrustworthy when it comes to manipulating his primarily young fanbase (which is concerning, yes). His "abuse" is an abuse of power, certainly. But I don't think anyone has called him a rapist.

The other two, however… should be careful. They're treading a very thin line that can very easily in jail time. I don't think they realize how easy everything is to tie back to them - especially with audio and physical evidence.

No. 648675

File: 1532679798498.jpeg (426.9 KB, 1242x2146, 75F43440-C91B-4D81-A948-43A0A6…)

I don’t think this has been posted yet
But I was on a site for an upcoming con, that’s a few blocks from my place
Looking up guest speakers
And guess who was on the list
Freakn MCP
MCP is on the guest list at OTAKON
Why?! Nobody cares about him, like literally who would even show up to see him?

No. 648676

File: 1532679810563.jpeg (214.6 KB, 1242x2144, F5196447-4346-487F-B08A-DF0F6F…)

No. 648677

Doublepost but kek at them mentioning his kickstarters

No. 650087

"Has moved into VA Voice Acting"

>VA Voice Acting

>Voice Acting Acting

What a fucking nonce

No. 650327

Natasha, is that you?

No. 650339

File: 1532879978892.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 946.73 KB, 2576x1932, BBB60B3E-4054-426D-9BA7-4D03C9…)

Miscarriage happened late April and early May. They got engaged in December of 2015. Troll harder.

No. 650462

5/10-5/12 if we want to be exact

No. 650730

who the fuck is natasha

No. 650732


So are you like.. the miscarriage girl? Thought your tat of mcps signature was on your hip not your arm?

No. 650733

Yeah, it is…

No. 650750

Sorry, the context of the pic makes it look like a shoulder next to a face. Not a hip and an arm.

I see that it's a hip now.

No. 650752

What post are you supposed to be responding to? I think you meant to respond to >>647232 not >>647420

No. 650755

Yeah, sorry about that.

No. 651512

So do you have any more info you want to share? It seems like a lot of people have been wanting you to comment on the situation since MCP, Murphy, and VVC won't.

No. 667885

File: 1534635816175.png (91.09 KB, 588x350, shurch.PNG)

this cunt begs for money from patreon and kofi but can't be fucking bothered to send his kickstarter rewards on time, make quality rewards for his backers, or even fucking SPELL CHECK HIS FUCKING VIDEO TITLES…. I'm speechless.

No. 667886

File: 1534635882820.jpg (29.08 KB, 581x207, commencted.jpg)

and this one was posted yesterday. two videos in a row misspelled. also who the FUCK thinks it's "hick up" not HICCUP

No. 881155

>>881143 you cunt actually necroed for a question mark?

No. 1834785

Hi its me the GORE GOD himself PlaguedMoth from youtube! Sorry to necro a thread but I love corpses so whatever.

I am actually the anon who started this thread all the way back 2017.

If anyone here has any new information on any of the people mentioned in this thread please let me know. I want to make a series about chomos in the youtube horror community.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1834799

File: 1685084597658.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

Fuck off moid take this shitty bait somewhere else.pedomoth can go horde cp and gore videos on the premise of documenting the only god he is being the god of white trash. Looking forward to the day the feds arrest him

No. 1834836

Plague is fighting That Creepy Reading, not CreepsMcPasta, you fat retard

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